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Full text of "Aischylou Choēphoroi: The Choephoroe of Aeschylus. A New Edition of the Text with Notes ..."

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■^^■■'_ ■<: (X 4 












roauEKi-T FXLLow of teimitt colucgb, causuddz. 



^Ou % ,^Ai^ 








My Luku, 

The permission which you havp given mc, to 
dedicate this volume to your Lordship — while it de- 
mands my Hr-^t aclcnowtedgcmentii as a meralwr of that 
University whidi, bereft as it has been of" two' " nurt^iiig 
Fathers," has great reason to rejoice in your Lordship's 
DO \c6S paternal countenance and protection — affords 
me a welcome opportunity, also* of recording the deep 
respect with w)iich, na a Cambridge man, I have Kwig 
reverenetKl the classic name of Mai.tdy, and with whieh 
I atill regard your Lordship an (I believe) the oldest 
surviving Critic of the School of Parr and PonaoN.' 
—As it affects the general reader, it enables mo indi- 
rectly to divulge your Lonlship's approljatiun of my 
very imperfiet, but certainly wcll-intendcd, endeavours 
to be useful ; and so, to send forth my second publica- 
tion under sanction of an authority, whieh none will re- 
spect more highly than those whom of all others I am 
most anxious 1o conciliate. 

< Dr. WlIIUiu Vaii-Mlblrrt tit RiAhop. •od Dr. Jobn UmLs JntlinMii (Bliliop 
of ill. I>atid'i) the Dena, luulcr iiIkmc beadluGat wcptoM iLa ITuntirattT oT DorluM 
luJ iu ofigla. 



For this, my Lord, I am, as 1 havo reason to be. 
eepeciatly thankful. A prejudice of which in itself I 
complain not, but still at this day, and in its operation, 
a prejudice in our Universities, is so strongly in favour 
of Latin Notes, as almost to prcelnde strit-tly English 
Editors from claiming kindred with those Fathers of 
our British School of Crities and Philoloj^ists of whom 
I certainly call myself a hiinible follower, and by whom 
(beginning with your I^rdiship, as one that ranks not 
least among them) I could wish above all things to have 
such claim allowed. Now, my Lord, although, in op- 
posing myself to the full shock of this feeling, I cannot 
perhaps exiwct much synapathy from your Lordship, or 
from those who with your Lordship have contributed to 
the forniatton of that classical taste and spirit, of which 
it h but the harmless and allowable effervescence — yet 
thus much your Lordship'ii well-known candour will 
believe (and this, once for all, is my answer to object- 
ors), that iny NotcH, such as they arc, are not, as has 
been hastily assumed, lengthy^ because in Euf^Hsh-, but 
contrariwise iit JS/rgh's/t, tecauje from the very plan 
and purjiose of my un<lertaking theif must of necessitt^ 
Ite letigthff. 

\n projecting a new edition ol' the Orcsteati Trilogy 
—"certainly one of the sublimcst poems tliat ever 
Man's imagination soared to, and probably the ripest 
and most finished of all the productions of /Eschyloa*" 
— my design was not merely from MSS. and from Mar- 
ginal Headings to collect the UfxJ&ti meuihni {wefee, and, 
il' possible, put them together witli ucarcr approxima- 

* Jtn Mikffrf. on Uic Dnmnljc An m) UUtMnn of Ibe audtnt (ircda nil 
ntmnm. Lun. h. t>- 3»L Tktulrt tftAt Vrrrtt. od. *. 



tion than had yet been made to their original strength 
and symmetry ; nor was it any [mrt ofiny plan, either 
to attempt a hiank-verse traoslation on wliich any por- 
tiui) of l\ie spirit ofi'^schylus should be expected to 
descend, or so to handle his hallowed remains ilmt, like 
Botnc whose plastic touch has proclaimed their own ex- 
it perception of *' the art unteaohablc, untaught," I 
^inight all but divide men's admiration between his edi- 
tor and himself- 

No ! my main object — thus tar common to mc with 
ic Author of a contemporary publication,' but pur- 
led (as may readily be seen) by a very different track 
-was to contribute what I could to a more accurate 
[nuwledge, notof j^schylus nor of the Greek Drama- 
Uts only, but of the language in which they wrote, 
'ith this view, I deemed it expedient to try to divest 
ly Notes of that severe, scholastic dress by whieli so 
many are scared, who aspire not, as they say, to be 
ritics or philologers, and so very gladly escape from 
effort which they are indisposed to make, by plcad- 
ig an impossibiUty which no one, it must be ownedi 
venture to dispute 1 Nay, my Lord, this is not all. 
lat pithy, Porsonian style of annotation which Kims* 
ley found occasion to abandon, preferring (as I have 
done) to write a running Commentary — or, in his own 
wqrds, " commentarios quos vocant perpetuos"— and 
daiming for himself that license which I t*»o have used 
— " ut occa^ionc diccndi a poets verbis sumta* alia vel 
ejus vel aliorum loca emendare ant cxphcarc eonarcr, 
rcgulas grammatieas novas proponerera aut antiquas 
confirmarem, quiequid vellem denique dicerem, quod 

n« >Vf« 0-M!|fAMi W Camtributmm /mrard, n matr attnrmle litDwMjW iff 
tkt Grrtt Lngmagt, by }. W. DmuUwb. M.A., FeUow at Trin. CoU. Cunb. 




ad hatic artom pertinerei, ncqiic luniis longe a proposito 
abesset"* — is it too much^ I ask, to assert of Porson'e 
editing, that, justly dear as it is to Scholars, it docs 
nothing for the great mass of those who arc troubled 
rather about the construction and interpretation^ than 
about the right reading and right modulation of the text? 
And as regards the c(Ue of our Universities, men who 
are not afraid to think and investigate (or themselves^ 
was no further analysis of Greek words and phrases to 
be attempted, than might be obtained from muttering 
thoste mystic terms — Abslractum pro concretOy Antip- 
tosisy Catackresisy Pleonasmvs and EUt'jms, Schema 
Cohphonium and SiceUcum — which, ^ursna ftmnm 
no doubt, are so many phfAaff' ixsota^om to the unprac- 
tised eye and car ; and which too otlen, it \& to be fear- 
ed, have been made staiki7ig-horsei indeed, to mask a 
precipitate retreat at once from explanation and en- 
quiry ? 

Once more then, my Lord, it seemed expedient, if 
possible, to invite a nearer and more familiar approach 
to what — with all due deference to lios, and Hoogeveen, 
and Viger — a more frequent recurrence to first prin- 
ciples might prove to be less unattainable, and certainly 
less anomalous wh*>n attained, than (if it must be said) 
the very muUiplication ot^ pro re nuhi rules and ex- 
planations has conspired with our own infirmity to m|^o 
the gcience of Greek appear in the eyes of our general 
students. And a convenient point to select for this 
purpose appeared to be that earlier stage of the Middle 
Attic, wherein, though not yet arrived at the full vigour 
of its manhood, as displayed in its after years of Poetry 

' Pnbce to Medea. piAlUbcd a.d. ISlf . 



and Philosophy, of History, and of Oratory, the Greek 
Laii^iuge had so far developed itself, as wpU-nigh to 
have out-|*^rowD every peculiar feature that had marked 
its Epic infancy, ylischylus (as tee now fondly see him 
in bis book) stands, as it were, bettrecn the living and 
the dead portions of his country's literature, and in a 
certain sense may be said to hiij his hand upon them 
both — on the one side, preserving alive both words and 
things which else were waxing old and readjf to vanish 
away ; on ttic other, himself not proof against the con- 
tagion of that decay, on the extreme verge of which, it 
may well be thought a special providence, that he yet 
survives. — Here then, at the feet of /Eschylus, might 
I sit and gather wisdom for those who, with me, would 
[«eek it less from Grammarians and Ktymologists, than 
r^om the first Fathers of Epic and Attic Poetry — not 
unmindful, indeed, of the more immediate province of 
an editor of Greek Plays, yet looking to him through- 
^*lmt as a Teacher rather of Greek, than of mere Drama- 
tic fable, and never rejoicing more in my task, than if 
incidentally I might throw light upon the Greek of the 
New Testament, or point out any true witness that 
Reason has borne to Revelation and to God. For 
thus, not lo the Mosaic only, but to the Moral Law, 
written upon the hearts of Heathen s, might we apply the 
A|)ostIc's expressive metaphor, and say that in every 
age it has been our Schooi-matter (rathc/^ifj unto 

This, my Lord, was my design. How it has been 
fulfilled, time and the test of public opinion will dct«r- 
niine most truly. Of this only I am sure, t}tat, where- 
insoever I have failed, the iault ha« not been because, 
as a writer in tlic Quarterly Review will have it. 



" English is as unfit for Notes, as Latin ia for Lexicc^ 
graphy." ' With one or other, indeed, of these as- 
Bumptions, thus bound to stand or fall together, I might 
do battle here ; Jiiicl with your I^ordship to look on, pre- 
pared (or I mistake the case of Latin Lexicographers) 
to take up the quarrel, if need should so require, the 
smart surooat of my opponent must conceal a knight of 

■ QittiTltrly Rtri9», No. nxni). Art. v. ji. 3m.— The wrtUr, whnnwr be nuy 
tw, ■■ *A tirAvtit utmlr^r of AlH'faylud, anil unong Grecian*, ^Tili rvr ftforot iofut — 
of KlflOHU 1 aad with n<ithcr of Hicfc (irrdilr^Uoitt \t tlic ivnoit Eilitot tt bU in- 
^ned to iiaand. He b<«ni n liitle tou hordlri bowcvor, upua bi* mm cnuiitrjrMini 
■nil ongbt intmunnn justice to hii\c rrmcTinbcrc'l. tliAl to Lnvili* riipcriid BttmlioD 
to what tatf \k. u \)Bmjt (p. 37^). " nilimluiti pana^Fi" in i\w> Nutva, vnnild \m 
tin In* likrJy to " tit* U aRvrly fnlte iniiirMilanor the «>lile" of the Eiigtiita thui 
of ttkC GcmMri (ylilinii mliirJi, onlminblf , ho wiu rrwinriitg. 

IIk hw m iniliKnuit horror, morMnrr, oS vulgar, hy vlitoh il in tinpcil (*• irbM 
he apMii of " Ibe vulfW belief in Kboctt"] be niwi* vnly cammaa Uiikuiikc — the 
Imphcv of «nUiui7 life, iii tliort — htiiii; tu|>tio*r(l cn'cr to mpply fti> (.HiiiiiAlcnt. 
mncli IcH ■ litfrral aiiJ ciiu.'t tuilntitutc. fur tlic uriicliiiil word or idiom rmplojnj by 
kTntic Pwt '. Y«t lloncr (4* Arif /'or/ica. n. 1I2-1R.1 drclRm. much moat 
BOBda drpcoJ upiiii trio il iprnkiiiE : and. detf'M urtlii- unM Ciinimlmii'i iltmtMt 
•fbrtatoddhmneliim. (bePoMirholnng ut noirt'Kt tnthi^hF«tta »f the "nu ralfar 
DumiErWpy" ot Atlim, vu not ke obn Unighl ttMin mognHrnqtie logui, milipit 
ntkurno, biit be vtio itrikiiiK biotv linme (uid ro rpayimrrargt rvr raafrvr) WM 
(liitin|[xii»bcd fri>oi bia IIi|b-n«|[iapn<b«VB*on on tlie HUsct in that (na il boa been 
Mid) lie Mdifr nen at thtffsrt. &tt fiirlb«r oo vv. 1lt>V 'Hfi. of (hi* PInjr. 

Norenbdi^a, the Eililor viiulil iiul br tliaiiirlit tu iltfL-ud a ctrtain Iiurlixiut lr«M- 
latlon of Ag. :A6, (i^t rinot ir u>«vuttp'>^* (olrauf itcuiutv iaiW^ibk iSBoi >#ral>, 
sfaidi— nnvittia^y, h« belioTM— hu been pal forlii by nutliaritr «« wtuilly M* 
tnsidation, aud which (if it W, ■* from tlu- IWirorrr'a Itvic* mlliiiR altf nliuu to it 
it nlt^l •oral to be. (tic iinlc*t and mmt vulnciablp \iciuA ia thv book) it U fbrtu- 
tMli! Ibat a tef wunU at ej|ilauatloii will aufflci; to Kt rishc. 

Thr Kdtlor miut pli-ad ginkr to hntinc in lliti iiistaiur ' ' LilirD mrf r>ii1y uf Ibc 
WDtil" tlrt — on wbkh the RntvBcr «W7pi)— and to bate IcR Uir intinttiUile ten- 
tm* that follow* to " Uk« care of itMlf." Purlbw lliui tliis. be Mlniitt Ihil wtth 
the aR^cnlAfid (npiwHlon of titmiaff or ItatiHnf M« tnS lie Itad nothin!! vbitcv^r 
ti> ilo: luf. be cBJonot tfU how \t tam* into Uji Iwail, antcM indeed he wulhmkiag 
t/ Sufdi. (Ed. T. l^'J. fiiX^ -ui^a kAj»(^, ■i^irirro a-r^Y;), or of that bronitifal 
cboni* in th« Henifca wlufc it It "»iil twiHiimn Itt w/iruifi,' /i i l-rir (». M*)— whieh 
*iinl)r >B« oMr spit AiyxvAov. Tltr (nuuhtion (<ir imraphiiuc, rnttuT, of what 
■Umcl ilrfirt Iraiulnlit'ii ) wliich hr Hiiiild IK)W fiii-t niltiiiiit. niirl wliirli liMf iirrlMp* 
pnTMF bulk tnr tbr potlrr. and (or i1m>< tOrf wliU'h nrnut not be r>Ttv< 
Isohnl, i< : A* teint Hr Sn tuij/.M lit tlmutlifrinp.Jolltit tualitntlr^t, in H^tfiJI ItlJ) 
uf VoiW, vr, wilh lt«arff a|-|ir(iai4| tu titintftfipii-a> Holriu (mut-d^f lf/inif-4<Mn 

Hmt. HvwHcmtbbPUT. r. ti9.), Im th ii*-^ rtUfiuwt ^ Nv^- 



awrc limb and sinew than I takti him for, if in the 
Tery predicaracnt of the hero of our story — fMKtt S» 
SfffffoJi Cb. V. B45 — he did not find reason to re- 
pent him of the adventurous challenge which had en- 
tailed ujion hitn an uneiiual contest ! 

Bat enough — I am more ready even than your Lord- 
ship to cry out — enough of this. In the text that is 
now submitted to the public, are some new reading 
Ithat may possibly interest your Lordship more tlian 
lught else in the boolc. In partieular I would inrito 
lyour attention to vv. 260. 40a-4. 530. G73. 77S. 935. 
1999- 1002. 1022-23. 1031 : where, sparing as I am, 
land ever find frc-h reason to he, in respect of eonjcc- 
[tural emendations, I yet Imd no alternative left me but 
[conjecture, or despair! Among my Notes — which (if 
longer even than / had hoped) are employed, it must 
remembered, on that part of the Trilogy in which 
"all the stirring interest is concentrated'" — my read- 
jCrs, and not least your Lordship, will deplore the dimi- 
nution and disappearance of those rffuiuim (so I must 
henceforth call them) which are distinguished by the 
initial cipher (.S. L.) of an Knglish Prelate, now un- 
happily no more. That classic pen whose earliest, and 
whose latest, annotations were given to ^schylus, bad 
apprised me of my loss (for a loss I mu;.t ever esteem 
)t)4 that that unpublished collection of Notes, which in 
four Plays wa* complete, did not include the Suppliees, 
Bor in the Orestean Trilogj* e.stcnd far beyond tJic first 
and longest portion. At the time of which I speak, some 
months before his decease, the sure hand of Ucath was 
painfully fastening on him — and while I yet lingered 

S<t nr9lr»t/at Grrttt. Vut I. chap- r. ms*. \i. ^ CO. 


over tlic parting rocmorials of hlni which this volume 
contains a great man had served the good-pleasure of 
God unto his generation, and had now JaUen asleep. 


I too, my Lord, have to lamcat the loss of a distin- 
guished contemporary — a man, whom (haud semper er- 
ratfamu^ alirjiitmdo el eligil) the public expectation of 
his age liad marked as one day to succce<l to the chair 
of PoTson, and whose accurate and extensive scholar- 
ship, had he butlived to Tiring out a long-expected edi- 
tion of /Eschylus, would have conferred a lasting benefit, 
not on this age and country only, but on the whole clas- 
sical world. Even yet there is hope of some portion 
at least of this expectation being fulfilled. A posthu- 
mous publication may still make the name of JotiN 
WoBUsvroHTU rank high among the Editors of ^schy- 
lus — and in the general rejoicing, with which its appear- 
ance would be greeted, none would rejoice more truly, 
than he who pays thict imperfect tribute to the memory 
of a departed friend. 

Permit me in conclusion, my Lord, to express my 
very grateful sense of tlie ready and respectful atten- 
tion which, from the day that you first heard of it, the 
present publication has experienced at your Lordship's 
hands. Yoitf best att<^ntion, indeed, to whatever might 
seem likely to serve the cauio of Education, and espe- 
cially that kind of Education which it \a the province 
of our Universities at once to create a demand for, and 
to furnisii the needful supply — is what those, who know 
your Lordship, would naturally and of course expect. 
Tint T mention it here, as not more characteristic of the 
Christian who minds not high things, but condescends 


to Men of low estate, than of the liberal and enlighten- 
ed Scholar, who himself seeks after wisdom in the love 
of it, and holds out the hand of fellowship to all in whom 
be can discern a meetness to be workers with him in 
the same field. I honour the spirit that would thus en- 
large the too contracted pale within which Classical 
Learning has yet been cultivated in this country — and 
with an earnest desire that all those who have the same 
interests at heart, may long rejoice in the light of your 
Lordship's example, and always be animated by a re- 
membrance of your untiring zeal, I humbly take my 
leave, and remain with much esteem, 
My Lord, 
Your Lordship's obliged 

and very faithful Servant, 



October 1, 1840. 


P^e 6. V. 29. delt comma 

T. 31. place the comma after ^Bf 

nige 17. T. 337. iniert ■ comma after Kvrnrafia^t 

V. 361. myif 

Page 18. T. 393. 'Apol 
Page 20. T. 433. fuiX"" 
Page 21. T. 475. Tom 

y. 477. tiovrpw 

Page 23. T. 517. iia^ 
Page 30. T. 741. ^mipiyrpM 
Page 36. tt. 890-91. Mo^ 
Page 38. v. 956. nrrAimitr. 
Page 41. T. 1031. x"^*" 

¥. 1050. ToiW^opoi 

T. 1058, read interrogatiTdir 

Page 138. 1. 12. ipa 
Page 143. L 29. toi4 

1. 31. n. i. 235. 

Page 314. 1. 23. ./}r genuine read generic 
Page 327.1. 1. Byi. 

1. 5. la 70 

1. 8. »)• ta 

1. 9. iiuert after UvtSor, "both witli a*;lor/." 

1. 18. for tkotUd read etm 

Page 359. 1. 3. parcemio 

hge 368. 1. 26 for acre read act. 





xopor AixMAAnriAfiN. 







* " Velim in indiee perBonanim et ante v. 817 (854), et 829 (866), 
pro otiuTijs, quod soli debetur conjectuncTum.,scripsissem'E£a)7(Xof 
e Scliol. T. 842 (880). Itaque ante v. 614 (639). in Rob. recte edi- 
tnm videtur nait." — Klaus, in Addend. 




Orestes jussu Oraculi una cum Pylade Argos to- 
Tersus, tumulum patris sui Agamcmnonis tnTisit ; ubi 
virginutn coDtui Clytsmnestnc ramularum occurrit, quas 
iUa aomnio cxtcrrita, consultis coiijcctonbus, ad pU- 
candos iDane%D]ariti cuu iofcriis iniscrat HU adjunx- 
[erat se soror ojus Electra ; cui Orestes per varia indicia 
linnotescit. Ab lis totam rem edoctus, regias aides ao- 
ccdit, viatorem se fiugcns e l^iucidc Daulicnsem, qui 
obiter mandata accepcraf Orcstis mortem parentibus 
ejus nunciandi, /Kgistliuin, hue ut audiat lubcntcr 
egTCBsum, dercpento intcrficit ; cujus clamore evocata 
Clytiemnestra, et pro vita sua apologia brevi usa, a filio 
BQO interemta est. Hac jintrata csde, maternis foriis 
agitatus Orestes Delphos profugit. 

Secna FabiUa; Argis constituitur : Chorus autem 
'constat ex Vir^nibus cum inferii^ ad tumulum Agar 
memnonis prufcetia. Titulus Tragtrdiae Choephob(E.' 

I " Hoc ftrgwnentum |»oM Blomf. 
ego quoque recepi, mMthitbiiu illo 
quod Grace conKnpwntt i)i>no 
qaiii.v&lcle inclepuiter."— Schoitif. 
• "CHOEmOROEKTiivH po- 
tiuK (junra Clorp^arae, igtiiik tie 
Lolioi etfcrcbiuit Gracarum fnW- 
Inruin titulos mMdctineole*. Ex- 

eni]>Iio »tt Adelph^ Trrrati npod 
Utniiil. l*ni-f. in Ti.Tciit. Adrlpboa 
p. 2. wl. Ki-mw, Camji^orru diiit 
Cicero Vert. v'l. 8. uuoc mMiifc*- 
to Rcribeadura to c. 3. CawpAoiwe 
pro C'aafpAorati : (id. Facxiolati 
Lei. in \-u(x." — Bluoif. 




fiPMH \0ovUy varp^' enonrfvcav tcp apjt 
trarTijp yivov ftot ^vfifiaxo? T alrovfjxi^' 
jJK(i> yap (it Y^}v -r^vSt Ktu Kartpy^opju. 
Tvn^ov d' tV o^tfy T^Sf K7}pV<r<T(0 troTpi 
KXvtiVi oKoixroi •••♦•• * 

Tov BfVTipov Si TOfSf wev&rjir^ptotf 

ri XPVM^ htvtrerai ; nV iroff 17^' on^yvpit 

trreix'H ywcu/cw, if>ap(trty fifXayxifioiy 

Trpewovtra ; voia ^Vfi<l»op^ Trpoattmam ;A^ 10 <:*''*. 

TTOTepa SefWttri Tnjfia irpoaKvpti tnov ; 

yj T<xTpl 79 px^ Ta<rS oretKacrctT rv^w 

XOCLf f^Kpovtra^ vfpTtpoiv pfiXtypturtv %/rf ^'''^**'''^^*j^ 

ovBtv TTOT hAAo" Kai yap HXtKTpav SoKto 

<rrf*x***'» a^fA^i7i' rfjf (pijVt n(y$€i Xvypif \i 


irphrovaav. (5 ZcD, Soy ^ 7ifra<r0at juopof 

nuXaSrjt crraS^uy emro^iiSc, a>s- ay aa^m 








ff^amdJ , 

St alaims: 5* ivyticSK potrKtrcu K€ap- 
V Kti/o(fi0opoi o: v^axTpaTwv /CittA 

•ta^cXiwacfifY irpocrrfpuoi oroAixot TrfVAww aytAcwrotr ' ~ 

mJ^^€ <^^<^«^.<^ t^ji^opatvwsirkrirfiimit. 

rO£0? yap opBoBpt^ <p^Of, /i**-'^*** aw. o. ^f/^ 
Soiuui' optipoucurrtSt iB vTruov kotov m^a*- so 
TTfeoit', wapovvicrov anpoafia 

YVvaiKiiouTiv fu Stofiatrtp ^apvi Tr'nvatv 
KpiToi T€ TtjyS ovuparxov 

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XOH40P01. A wrioiu intcvTUption of the text of tlte OmtCM 
tnlo^'— of whicli it ii n ctiriooB fact that no intiinBtion whaievrr is 
given by Aldua or TunW^bc — occurs in the tlim oldeet Gdd. of /Kiy- 
ehylns, and in tlie MSS. M«d. uid Guelf. ; (extending in the fonncr 
of tlivi^- rn>in nUn wmmpfiinionn v. 1 1 20. and in th« lutlrr from after 
imfUfuar Tpotfiait V. 1 125, ot the AguiicRinon to ti xpht" XnViru ; v. 8 
of the Chuepbora. This wu fint uolicnl bj^ RobortcUo. who per- 
ceived (htit the two P\»y«. bad thiw Ijcvn n-ducrd to cnr, iiul Apprised 
the nadrr of hie loss in the following nurginBl Notp, at paye 148. of 
his cthtioD : " multA dcnuU in fine hujus (ArAMEMSONOS) tnigtedic : 
nun qox eequuntur sunt ex tragtsdia X0H4OP0N, ut potet, cujus qtK>- 
qtie iuittum denderatur." Veltori, kkki aftrr. Kupplinl from the Fki- 
rcnt, and other MS6. what wu wanting to eomplrtc the ARanteni- 
Don ; but llw o|>et)tng of the Choephoroc inu8t stiU ,)invc been a ile*i- 
ilenitim. had not llie humour of AriEtopluuies (Ran. 1 1 19-69.] bap- 
pily extTWietl » |wnion uftlie original, which Bianlej', on the mtggeiu 
tknt of C-tuitcr, wm the 6r*t to rc*tore to its rightful pWc in the Pro- 
logue — to which the HUne Icametl Editor ha« the further merit of 
having contriliuted another important ftagineat pre*er\-ed by iIm 
bchohaet on Pind. Prth. iv. 143. vM miiai' vX^iyMH apfiimt aTxaKr' 

wyhaoi I " Ouii, iriquit, ri» itpwr^ nAfufr t!t ini^r;^ reis firoit tgifprnn 
{trtipan>), UK', i*t 'A^'^m, y'or fr irpwroni/jfc. 'Oiaf^at' tlrt|^}^ti' SXXim 
mtlyt nrr4)i %*<(B«ra |Ii|X«». Kal v<if>* Ai!«rjri9^. — r\iiiuitMK'l»JxV ^p"" 
ttuHmt, Tut itiTtpar W r6ri* wir0^Ttipui». 'Opwmfi ^irl ry 'ATnt^ffWOW. 
Hire ilte. El quibna di«eiinu« Oreslem bvc verba protultMe. e( ad 
Afaueiunoneni direxiaw. Quo fit at plura iDlvrcidiwie auKpiccmui 



qnim Cantero vuusi est, qai princtpiom tJ»g«<li« fere tottun 
Arietophane eooaervatvra c«o»ct, Tribn* enim partilm* cot 
tuG prologtu : Orectea. tumalum accedeiu, Mcrcunum primo invocst i^ 
detn, Mcavicm <lcton<lms mc tumulo intponcns, Agamemnoncin : fai- 
fpwtkoblxis dcmmn Cboro ct Elcctn, retr«c«dit et Pyladcm olloqiu- 

1. EPMH xAIpM. " Oreetcs 'Epitny x^''<"' ntvocsit, ct poftca 
Electra v. 122 (IIG). utpote mii mortui cura erant. Idem et profi- 
watot. Soph. Aj. 631 : koXu ft' &ija nonira'mv 'Ep^v x^""'" *i V* KU4<£(rai. 
Ilor. Od. ]. X. 17 ; 7^f piiu /<cf(s anmax rrponu Sr^iiui. Uadc cidcm 
aateUfS Orei dieitnr. Od. II. xviii. .13." Stanl. 

Ihid. irwTpf* iwmrMvaiv tparif. " De iinperio. Mernmo a patre ejus 
Jove conccsso, intclligrnduin owe irionuJt WvUaurr. locum sic inter* 
prctatue : qvi fmtmiiw agmdo poltttaltn a jMlrf acerplam ertive*. ut 
Sopli. Tnu4i. 617 : 'E^tfiat' rr^rit* wofurniu rt^frip'- ^^ <^' HcrtnHtti. 
UoTfifa cpifnr. jfotatairm a patre tM> tibi ilatttm ; Scholef. ScboU. 
Anstoph. Baa. 1157; Timtrp^ mx/f^K r^t- ^t^tBMtm. 'Hrm yAp 
voS /fiov waffit 'Opt'tmjt ^^tfur, if ri Moff AtSem Xry« trarpM upAr^ row 
'Kptioi' mff S tttl jifMniov 6 'RpH$T 6 «V rarpit lj(tv riv h r^ *^i*f 
fiaaOuiax ftrmtp*!*'- &fav AJ fiirfiv wanp66t¥, trtrrp^pa (lir> irp^ rd <V**Y- 
A^Xor 4* /< TcC, rtrrp^ott toCto nvwrTnit yipat. (Ran. 1 146.) Id nmm- 
rtvnv Kmpcr inest ootio prott^mdi, vel «4Jtem wpivtotuU. qaalem 
polpBtatcni cxcrcent ii qui snjwriore Inco potili «uat ad\'«rHta inTeriorei. 
ut patnmi in clicntn. llac igitur dc cau»a Mcrcuni fitlcm inToot 
Or««te*, qui ductn mofiwaiov 'P.p,taZ in patriiina redicr&t. Falalein igi- 
tur CMC ipinua redJtiira et do^u Mcrcurii siuceptum iiinuil. Infis] 
482 (47ft) : rf yaT, Ant fun imrip' iimrrrtvmti fiaxi*- ^'^ (964) : i i 
nrovnwr riiSt 'H^tot. 1059 (KHo) i <lU' (^rvx^'ft, «ai <r' 

The ambigtitlv noticed by tbe ScbolUst on Ar!«to|)hBnrs— -and il 
must be «dinitti-d tbat oiu- Poet baa not been as careful to 
hiiDwIf o^invt rai»intcrprcUtioo here B9 in v. 964 of this FIn> 
it baa happened, has been one priocipol catuw of the prewn'ntiun of ^ 
the Prolopic. For it is in mbslantiHtion of the rhargv which be 
brio^ apiin&t ^Kschyius — (bat in the opening of his Playa daa^ ijr 
A> rji ^ptfmt Tuf wpajfLartty, Knn. 1 122 — Ifaat Eunpidc« aska, in re- 
ference to the tine wc arc now considering ib. 1139 : oOuw 'Opivr^w 
n9r' M Tf ni]jJ3f \iy*t r^ rot trorpir ntfwnfvr ; and jf^bylui re* 

■ Add T. U9. CoiniMn tlNi A«. 1137. I3G0. Eum. 220. 221. 



plica i oJR StXrt Xrym. tlirfp' o2i-^Euripidca tctt luturaDy inqutm 
winp o^ ri^ 'Epfiiff, ttt 6 irvrijp onitKrro aiirov fitaii^ /■ ywntKnmt 
Xipor SJXoir XaBpeiintt, rnvr' imwnitu' 7<^i| ; to which vCadiylns— it 
most Burclf be by a nusprint. thst in I^dorTs edition it n Dionyims 
— umrers, with a |>ercepUble inilicutiun of being " a Bttlc dashed" : 
■J Sy*' /«;««', uMu rAr *EpiaiVi«v 'iV>^^ j](tf<iwoc fipotr«Tir«' idJ^Xvi', X«}wr 
rfft^ wsTp^tw rafra Wmitiii y^pftt— whidi trambte : No, no! mot Aim 
— {. t. twA m any relation to ftAot "kaSfmuK docs he invoke him, a* 
Soph, Phi). 133, "Epft^t V 4 m'ffrwr MXwi tt^ituitd r^r—^ul the he- 
friatier fffaner'a Merany, in short) »( kyw that he mn»t to addn*» 
» iki word* 'Epf;^ x^*^ ■ ""^ ^ muff /A» pile dear, by BltUinjf tJua 
ia fllamrtj holiU (his off!ce6t/ deiegatlan /nm his/athrr (Ztit Xwrrp). 
KiU<tXov,* Mid he made it rlear — bcx'ond a doubt, he did, to every 
mind which, like that of /fCecliylut, was continaally mmituitia^ upon 
Homer l* to wbo«c interesting deacTi|)ti«i of th« commisnon of 
Henna, under the peculinr title ci ^Eptoinai,* to he the prcscncr 
aod gwde of Priam in his hniardous cmbaMv by night to the tent of 
Ac1ull«s. we may. on the hint that Aristophanea has given u«, make 
boM to trwrc the first conception of the preaent aceite. See II. xxiv. 
331-C')&. nod compwc bdow v. 709, ■• abo Fen. £34-30. 

We may now translate rarpf fwtnrrtiiif Kpan), looking ogi nu* m. or 
^tk, the might af your /other, and uDderataiid this vrilh Mollcr and 

' Compare TlittrTd. k. 61 . /HXttfvr 

U..., WtlMKiAl»8V- lb.L 11. TtK. 

f^MM-U I). 39, SO, Ar.htr. 

• Si« KArn. im. p. M7. E ! Ti rai 
KBAaC hw Ktiwpoi Aiir^Mou, It r4i at- 
tb5 TforriftlKt Tt)iArJi «IfBi fXfyi fir 
'OMt^v h'T^*^" <•■*■»* '• tuxl monuv 
Aritluoih. Han. IMO. M<« V4 4v^' an- 

* 1 1 U * nmwkikle fsct (hat. pxev|M 

here nJBm . i l lo, wlicre it 

lntfccpM« nf ten 

b UMtt Wtk M ta «Mtfa«t taui w • oro- 

SIMOM (U. nn. 360. 4ifl. 4». 679.). 
ifriM omn snlf ia I), it. *2. mu) ■ 
W-fiimi ifa ir ^t onli ibid. 3J, uhI 

(irfyM. I'iii. 323: on which Lui puiacr 

thr i^ciK rditor Liiwi' DbMTTm; *'/^- 
•wr^i,l.r. f/»i*+««i 'ji^ Mfiwawt, (ru 

M\M>*<A4i,&7«*ii flniYrh.Cf .\im1- 

\o%.\jt%.f.v<i'y icfnt- V. m. B^ 

Uu*. Vii(«lii>aulpai luMcimniiiiaoT' 
^•X^i iiksnini^ iBu4>i <io>* mcbr air 
oI«7p k «V' >i^*i «^ J-v^ c ^tv 

CI, fr tifirf. tt y$, /» *a\i«o* '^ 
AiWM.T. III. OM. i>n> Rhrt. Crn, 

xtL m, sx. U. 7S. UyKB. in M<fwnr. 
* . S. Spanhcm. ad Csflim. hniui. In 
Dun. r, H3."— (MOMiriiic irhK^ wU) 
tbe tddrrtn of FUbcr Jot« II. xirr. 334, 
'Epixla. nil yif rr iiAKi«t4 j* ft^rrriu 
irrtr'A^fi I rainfall, not r' fnAMt. ^ 
K* WMApffK, Bi^K'Wt, ml n^»taH-ii.r.K. , 
»m BnaEliifa mkr mishl lie Icnaptnl (a 
Wilwlilutc ftir 'Zmiih 'Er"'*^'> J*IK^> 
alim AuAtn Gaod./rHow. 

XIauBcn, who malica no t t ferfwce lo 
llonifr ■ndeTMavcrrdiffcrml turn to 
the vunis vlif 'E^iulnrw XfiiA^ )(4^nM> 
rfdnt(T> — "irrttui! afpHlm<t Mere»' 
rihim KrrHHiimt tnfnm: MJ VrrPT 5« 
itwnfKw mppHlar\t itffrrwm, ^unl (wa- 
i«n mUit imirniUm"^renarlcs n|KB) 
'E^M^^f : " lll< Kriouiu*. InAnw otilla 

Inscr. I. UO" ; w If tic *trh\al itiF w«cd 
rMbcr Kvia V*, i«rr«, ILhi fnjm ff>, 
MiM»— bikI on thin |>OMri M« Herae on 
llwn, II. suT. 72.!<sidaahu;*^iaJn«t' 

aadn Tptaait' J i W— «v«v*4«. oooha 
fm> Anikol, ral. i1. tf. rr>r.h, %mk. 
rrr, r«) *i3< U^ ^^'- CntiipaK alMi 
n«wwiMriq> 'K'l'mt, lunr. I. p. I074. 



Klauscn' todcnnteapro tempore Mention oraMumplivii, mthcrtban 
with WelUucr and Scholcfield an hertditary and habiliial owopatioo. 
of tlte office, (or uflictv. A* KUu^cn would itrgue from the |>Iura) 
icpdTi)), of Zwr^i ^li/iaxis «, y. 2 : with which compare beiow v. 17- 
It u true Unit Amtoptuu^ca, after Ua^'iti^ eo far put iit a word for 
jGMbylus M to vindicnte the npplicntion of irar/t^, not to jlgamntHoa, 
but to ZtKs. ttrnglOMnY umfic«B his good friimd to his joke : Ran. 
1146-9, «l yi^ wttTp^tHt r«uro Ki'mp-ai y'flot — ofra y £» *Sf irpir 
wwrpit niiSApvxat ; but Uui vttfAi j«st. wbicfa Klaiuen combat* u 
graveljr aa though he tmdcrstood it literally to idlegc " referri hoc 
Tstionc wcrilegta in acpulcris coniinisM, quibus pncHt Mcrcuriua 
inferua utilis, ad ip<tum Jomn," although quite in churactcr with die 
^»rvir«c of AnBtophanet, is ccrtainl3r oHiir wpit Oiiivwnv here ; and 
for the inteqnvtation which, as aecordtng best n-ith the cimtest. we 
hnrc preferred to giA>-c to vatfi^t, there ia abundant ftiilhi>rity from 
i^Khylus. See, for example, below rv. 68. 118. 34'i. '^75. 490. 
473. Ag. j20l. 218. 1244. 1553. £iun. 760. ^m. n!>: and com. 
parr Ag. 1441, K^iror t' Itnt^nyycw... .Kpcirijinir, 89 ali*o, on this coo* 
stnictian of the accusative, the tiotCB on Ag. 3. 225. 378. Matth. 
Gr. Gr. f . 408. 

3. f*M yiifi tit yTP — ] So this line ifl preserved by Thomaa Hagia* 
ter. under the words fftia and taripxoftat : and so the great majority 
of editon have printed it. Klaueeo prefers it, aa it stands in the 
MSS, and Edd. of Anstophonee ; but on the rame principle he should 
havr rct&ined irvit^x"^ in the preceding line, where cvvry ctJitor (with 
Thoin. Mag. also t. oinitFini.) haa preferred the older Atticism, ^ip- 
fioxw >' As regards the interprttntion, there it a peculiarity in the 
line which Ind not neaped the ob»er%-alion of AriMophanea — to whom 
wc owe. in (xnucquencc, both the continuation of the present text, 
and a mott ini>truetive coiiinivnt upon it. Aii rmtif ^fitf «*ira*' i otn^ 
AivxiKoa — Euripide* obJMt«, Ran. 1 154-57 — Jt*. yif, «■ y^r, ^tifvi, «ol 
Koripjpiuu' fcM JU *iti>n(i> /<m r^ Konpjptitat : to whiefa ^Eocfaylua it 

Datrrttihmt «■ Me Bimmi^rt, Gr. Or, i iTi. otik. £. EInul. on Ear. 

III. n. f OLp. 310. MnI.88.] VldMtutvoiinaeptemft. 

* Oa Iheu doubtfol naestifHU oTTn. bulii /t retiaR) Contn iu mw (E- 

nc aflliacra|)liT ')>' Eiut"' kIwIIt *ImJ' ^po TVnuino ncira «t octic* ■» iicceM- 

Wf» hStamt anabr the tutbaritr of the t»t« Ugilur •ti. Pm( bmn locniM, 

acennt* Bbnakr. "UbiiniBijBeiMtrur' vlw wminradhibnl.BWsltviaifcnBBai 

ninti nciooa flni potulu ii la tJi ton- pasmlabdt tnitrwn, u talMebbabldBs 

tari. Nnllam Mc «i)ot(irita(«m htbent w. MB. llSfi. FmI longw YflealM. 

nbci •eri|>tl Mat ixipreiBi, quippeqni •«- <b|TMIian|cuiMrorupanu, tm-nun in Dfin. 

■ianBiB foiHcw /* tribwiM, qno* altea cipto tcniealaniia, (ir ant m-raTl mat 

tonom tt >tMittKlM« mMmk PariAmu iniMd." IVf^«Mto(KiJ.Tfnau.p. Ic 

PrKbt.p.hil. [Csmparv «lw> Mottli. Seeun t. 17, vipviaxai. 


DUde to reply : A&iv fiiv *Xt ygr JvS", vry fur^ natpat' x^f 1^ AX^ 
avft^opat. tX^XtAi' ^fvyw d" JWjp iflrrt r* <hi1 Kttrip}(rTnt t ' Ron. i 1 63- 
5. On tbc peculiar mciuiio^ of the verbs nartifii, ■aWpx'f^'* ^<1 "mi* 
}».se« PoraoD GO Bur.Meii. 101 1 . Eliiulsy on Med. 983.B]oinf. UloM. 
aaTheb.C44; uid compftre Ag. 12M). 1578. 1618. Eum. 462. Th«b. 
993. Soph. C£d, C. GOl. An%. 'MO. DcmtMb. iigsiiut Arwtocrntes. p. 
&36. 32 : *lbI»Tif Korlff, ^iKi-rovra ft* wc fin-Bi /irtrrywiir AXp viiJin trXV 
^ or ^tv^i rif* iStw yif pq^ i^imv* rtt r^" 'j>][^>i <>^ '>*■ &9iroi> mrrrX- 
Ac* <Ir n«bTi}>'. Thom. Mag : utrtfx'l'^*' ^^^^ *'* f^* vv^u". '4^' V '{t^^ 
6ar, *ranA4a*. 

4. Tvp^sv 2' nr' ox^ ^v^] So Ponson. with tbc Miictioa of tbc Ra- 
TcnnaUS, of ArifitophoiieB, first corrected tliercsdmgc^theprmaiu 
editions uf th« Chuvpbonr. ri-fiffeu S" fw txOf ribt yt— a loetrkBl 
corrcctioD of the line, u it stands in four other niBnti8cri|it cofua ot 
the Rome, r. S iw' tx- r^* sTpiVm wrpS, On tbo proper meaaiaK 
olSffiot tee the note oa A^. 1127. Stanley camparea Pen. 647. 4 
^OuK ^Mg)>, ^(w ^(Aw' 4^&a ><V> "i^'v^* ^ '■ wbere tb« ScholiMt : 
ix9or r^p rir ra^ov anXtt, &A r^ ibux^ifMTiiT^fr. Adii Fen. CSS, cXf 

fi. kJimw. iaavvM • • * ] What dcgr«e of imporlance Aristo* 
phanes racanC to attach to the objection— rwv^ inpo* oiCAc Xry«t- 
■Xmr, diMrroi. rvvrb* Sw va^man i Rao. 1 1 7S-4 — nay bMt perbapa 
be estimated by the " broad grin" vith wfaieh (nnfortunatdy for tn) 
he (lismiaaes hi) good huDioared crUiftir upon this the moit vulner* 
able, we nwEt snppocc, annaDg tbe extant Prokigsea df .ili^-iiylus — 

tw4tit*(w>» yikp tXrytv, i /ton^pi ai, oTr *Mt r|ii« X^yomr /(uo-ov^Aa ; 
ibid. II75-fi. Severthdeu, Klauaeti haa well obs«n'ed ; " Akmhtoi 
eat tai£tti perdftcm. >XL«iy simplex amlirc. Ci. Prom. 446, xXiot^r ait 
fn>t>or. Eadrin rationc dictum it'p^r. Vtr3a«-A, Prom. 140." Wel- 
lauer also ttoticvE Kur, Ptucn. lo52, rapi ynp vm^x'"- ^^ avnir.. 
and [an 144£, ri»' aiMn oMna. iSow* : and adds. " Pneterea h. I. ne 
diei qniilem poteat, annon dmvow cum aequentibua, i^iuc desiuit, juo- 
gndom ftit." 

C nXdra^Mr 'bn;^ dp*vrvptoii.] a /ofA o^ hair c^mtMl, or aitowtd 
fa yroir, ia Amwr t/fAr /ancAiu,* compare Hon Sat. II. lii. 35 : aapi. 
entem patetrt borliiun ; luul with thu paiucrc use of tf^mmwHor. which 
according to analog- tbould be arlive (aa we find it bdow v. j31 and 

* " PIm h^M tantoloiia. ri bati)- 
bda iSiMiiU Mt. Tirmnta coQseurit Tot* 

Ut^Uitf. Ct. Km Eahata. Ba. Ortt. 

i.r-U9. »>n." S.L. 


Soph, <Ed. C. 12C3) comparr Ag. 1056. irAov payrnpm. Soph. (EU. 
C. 487. iix*<f^i tIm* Uinir awr^pwr. Dlom&dd compsrci Eur, Boccli. 
494, lipit it iX^'itajiot' ry Au S' airti^ rpi^ ■ b»<I adds, " Eustathitu 
ad tl. B". [p. l(io.] u SUnlfin laudituit, tradit Cnvcoo com«in net 
Tisao. ia luctm rcro tempore totondi»c. lidcm ctiiuii pubcns fii 
erinein di^tunsuiu con?ccrarc eolebant ApoUini mepvrfii^ ct fluvits : * 
(juem morviii inrhuavit TlieMUs. qui comam ex anteriore rspitU parte 
wrtnn ApoUini Di-lio coDsccravit. Statik-uia cdnfert llumcruni U. 
y. 140-51., ct rcctc dintin^mt inter capiUiim ^mn-Tpww, qiunn flumi- 
nibua aut Diu tondelmni, et nryBifritpuiv, quo amicos vits f[ini:tus hooo- 
ralnnt. Idem ot>e«Tvavit, ' Quod nXAmfint vnAifriifiWit /l^rliylci, Eu. 
riptdi nt mifta itnd^iiis, Pliccn, ;12<1.' Idem Talent irfrtfipoi tmifiiu, 
Eur. Sup|>l. 973." Cominrc tdso Soph. Aj . 1 1 7 1 -5 , EJccU. 53. and 
Eur. eicctr. 91. 

8. At^yvfiK. a troKd. or cvneoarx. Hraycli : 'Ofiqyi^it' irXq^, Sj[)i 
ntarfttyi, nriXnim*. Compare Ag. 4, Srrpm' vvHrtpair 4|<ijyi>fNr. EoTr 
Hipp, I ISO, ^M- ^' wrrix' v'^*™"' Vt}^'^*- IIa^^'v^c, Ag. S14. Theb. 
S20. Eur. Ilenuil. 2+0. Here. F. 1983. 

9. ifiapnrw iitXiryx'f^*] " ^opot aputi /IWhylum ubiqac producit 
litcram a : v. 955 (995). Earn. 634. Tbcb. 329. Sobun. fr. 300 ; apod 
Sophoclem iiiterduni rorripit : Tntch. QIC Cf Herodian. wtp\ fuu^. 
)tii. p. 36. \$." Klant. CompucMankonlAir. Hipp. 1*23: Mulfor 
litXiyxif*»K. Pcre. SOI. Suppl. 719. 743. Ci^m. fr. 107. Eur. ThoiD. 
372. Electr. SrS. Rh». 962. xxii. 13. '■«fY)f<rw ftrXoy. 
Xi)tou. Quod tuctue tniticium omnibus notum. Nojitcr frvgiu. cix, /» 
lu^trfx't*'"* vfVXnif. Eur. Ain-st. 429, luXufiKtwitf vnAg* Idem 822, 
/M>d/>trifrX«w ^JTo^f^o^l. ct S4C, &wi(r« rw $i*XaiMr*KX<j» tttpiiw. Jm. 
Sat. iii. 2)3: PuJlati pneerf*. Cetcnun noUnidum primam in voce 
4>iimt bisapadSopbockmcorrlpi.Tnicb. 916, irrpiar^ ffakkovatan 
et Looc. frsgin. iii. (342) 3. vwrcm KuTtitfTciform ffCtnTuw ifOfv. In A^ 
91S. ^li^t mXt^u r^< vni^uniATi' tncerta eet quantita^, sedcs analogria 
debet lui1>en lnwi». Apud Euri|ii(tnn nunc corripttur, mine produci- 
tur. prout ^«ipgf vcI^a^MclcgiturinnouitQativo. Electr. 317. 'iMa^Mtpf 

I <• PoUu g. 3 ; -etp>«iw Zi TiMt it 
rAjrgrtav ititair. If KOTitrir, 4 iirlp rb y^- 
nMM>, **t^iMi 4 0«>.(. Uuarr auton 
tamtiubui oomafa oniiMvran- ■ibfaont 
itlcTM, ratJoQCin imiKiwt ICuibtllil ■■.■<• 
In lltHnrn fortw ;|l. i.iiii. 1U>.] niudo 
InkhtBj'OTi f^i*^f if'-fi^ '^v T*^ 
*'^">^ fi^^snloafiqi' f Jra Ktfptir avrV 
'VXB^ou fvTOfiari. 'Ei»».'uin' SI liiti. 

f i>i£«T«T Td c«Atr (SB<M' rfi^viar yip, 
foiri, iral vvrmiTMJr <m rvv ^r* hoI 
•iiAM-ta rb ^Amu. Kt Pikilnn li«lu». 
liAtln. X'^tll. it. I4a : T4i »i)r t^U >p^ 
Tai lt^|•a.^ rait ■^Taiwti iMiiIinuTV, 

fi«it«nr." Muni. (.'oiAPOrc aUo lie- 



Xinotiut /fn/yru'riH irdfwwff'iv. ibid. 543i iw« *«■, nJr' ■»• »<w«, fawi wir 

10. vpnnvmi, OMjtpinfmu. ** Vocubulum fmra* tuc, tft ct v. 1 £. et 
«2. et Agnu. v. 441 (4ia>. N«c oliae apud Eur. Hd. l-2iO (1204) : 
'AatMvBw, m ivff^ ivopi&f)^ tr^iiMt. Alwrt. 512, ti xi^i>a tax-pa ^^ 

'^n^tff wpivtir :" Stanl. " MajiiM uli<iuiil e&t vpinnp quam eimplex 
fbni. Hoc raw deiiOUt. illud tmtspiammttte. Sni\N irpiffiNxm, OHB- 
tfidlur prvcntere ,- sic laox d« Elcctfft v. 18. ct 24. wptrtt wap^U, CW- 

' 4>KtMr M/ (^n. Nimis crebro neurpavtt hoc veri>um ililsohytas po» in- 

'tetrallB lam brevLa," S. L. 

ibiil. vot^ ^^p^pop^ vpomuaew : Aug), i^'hvt calamUy shall I bring U 
ioaw to, m/iufen it (ri jif^ v. 8.) upon, in my own mind, lu ittpro' 

. dBfiity eaiae f See both h«re, iind for tmt'AaM, v. 13, the note on Ag. 

!!• fTTfui wpurmpci t-t'or]. " irqiM M. G. R. s^fta A. trrafu T. V.t 

quud e vola [•oliup] ooojcctuni TumGbi, qui nonnitri kctionem A. 

novil [DOTcrnt], ortum eMe oidit Ahrene. Ncquc enitn bene did> 

tur lajuus accedtiu tdlbut, vc) prtanu in «dittu. L!biaui(|iic afiud 

«EaetiylurB (Prom. 9)d.Supp|. £62. 79/.) et gophoclon (Ant. 1046.) 

■ficitar KTMfid, ro^tHtura est de lapaa." Kl&iu. Add that Euripidus, 

|altboa|;h in two of hu latnt Plsyi he introduco irrapi in the scooe 

To nrjue in thin^ fallen : and tliat, ae will be seen, in fettle or at 

I kut 1>7 violence) Phrsn. l4fi'2.trrv^iir«>^*fiiipT^iavi*.\h. 1697,'Kr«iM- 

'Jk/mc ti wrn/ui lUAuMuovt n mv; Onft. I I9fi, 'EXa*;c inwfi' i0A» & 

jaTfum., yet in a majoritr of imtanoca tues tlie word in its ordioaiy 

MUM, a fall, Mcfncl. 77. trpit mi nar ip yy wtm^ Hvr^for virtfis ; 

IVotul. 467, iarJ fU tctir&ii Ittatnaiaf' trtatitAttaw -/if 3^ niirjimt. OeCtT. 

575, tnwfumt rt»fi^(HOP : ib, 686, in, tl mAaiv^tit mm p a tfov^fuiF irrmf. 

Ton. (r. vi, 3. «irA&» hi x"^fn irrmtiaiTur nan wir— coin ]>Brc also MrrJnr^ 

^f*, Prwn. IOCS. Ag. 1253 — moA it wiU be plain. I think, that there 

00 tMoenity to abandon the oUiMt and itetx nmhenticated nad- 

littSi nipa : wliich Klnuwn, ncvcrthclcH. was thv fir>t to replace iu 

the text, npovtn'ini — for which Aldiu, and Tuni^bc (agftiti following, 

but not in tlil« inMonco imjirormg' upoo, a bed exemplar), read irp«w- 

ami — 1» interpreted bv llenidiiu*, vpotrtyyii^i -. which in Suidus ako 

■ the cxplanatiun gircn to tbc faoltj' reading npnonvrr. Btomficld 

lOOtiowl Soph. Qiid. T. I -209, I dtwdanr ni>Ti» fr' ^ irpo«<»pcr' 

'' fti) ; eomporisg which wc may trondatc — //iu s^nu mete mti^orttme 

b'fittUn the/amity f UpaaKt'fMl, itpoirTvyx,o^^- nfioirw'init : Stanl. 

It Buy bo wnlh nwntiontng hrre tbni Giiripidc;. on nbosc aulbo- 



rit}-. as WG have socn. the oommoo intcrpTCtBtion of this Hot mainly 
depeadh, once awn trrw^ut iltwlf in that senae of titiMion or accideattj 
which nton;' obvioiifly belong to ir^fui, (vf^pa, or {uwXXi^, Sopli 
(£(i. T. 34. Sw Here. K. 12-28. Simv tiytt^r 8pori)v, ^ifxt rA AfirTf] 
wrApar, t^ iwaivrroi. 

IS. /)r<ici>«4t -rixt; "Ml: nitm fartt conjidam? prontiu nt Ear. 

mAfiv rvxM : Ncutro loco, quod putaverunt Musgr. et Schwciik., ruj^m 
si^ftcarti potest, vennn aUinyam ? hoc aiim aeosu conjuncti'v-us 
jMini non pot«nit. Itn |iotitui explieandiu ctft locos Soph, El. 656. 
iittiKa{uif Ki>(tii ; ubi tamcn n^S con est conjnnctiviu." Wdl. This 
last wittence might aeem to han been intended for the readers of 
BlomGcld'B Oloesnry, m which three distinct moods ftre undoubtedly 
made to accommodate ihcmBClvea. aa they best may, to one unvarj-- 
ing conatniction : '"Bfrfwdw tv^m : Hevtnt amjiriinit? Vid. GloM. 
inAgam.1903. MonlcadEurip. Hi|>p. 828. )n(im!>S4. Soph. E).Cfi3. 

4 ml hoftoftra T'ltiV inttniifiH' Kvpa Kti'itnr ; Confer GloM. ad 937. 
The tnie coti«tru(Miaii uf the optative, which i» Ag. 1 1 99. fiir cx- 

Unplc. W Mv KaXoiiou hvtr^'iiit ioKOt rv^oqi' ui' ; we OaVC tTHtlzlatcd, 

f rjd/ Mfi'ow moMter tkaU I Ik right in calling ker? ia ri mv rt MoXoi^t 
.... TvjfiUfi' im (rou dt'ormr) ; or ni^oip' •li' <iKiXnv<ra ; we the note on Ag, 
fiOS.. ind •onipwre MatUi. Or. Gr. k ^1^. Ob». f 353. S. Oho. I. KoW. 
— and under this head wc must dase \-\-. 30C-!). of this Play. Different 
front this ie the cooslnietion Mid mcaninf^ of the " conjunctirua deli- 
bfntmis" ' here, where we may translate — or mvst I Itaxard a ctmfec- 
ttar fAcrf,* &c. — and below v. 979, n' rw wpotrtinu, ni rixoi fx>^' titmf 
Itiv i Wlmt mutt I call it, a»4p (i.e. eo at at the Mine tiitu toj tuc<ttd 
well in erpresainy myself happUf ? — >e. yXwvtfiai U iv^f t^iuf. Ag. 666. 
— M also V. 837. tmt urnv timiOvr' i^ntfu^ni ; AiMP vtmtt / speak «o U 
to ameceei itt sofiiiff just the tight thing V Hidiop Monk has further 
uoticcd — but without mukiog aity dislinctioii between irwt .... rvywfi* 

' Sk Uk mkc oh Asam. CM. 

• " 'Evauriirar »iSx" • /■muirtt"— 
Sunt. Compare llic note on Asirn. 
USA, tin •»• doiAqr tvTitvi -rvi;^ 
Ai)« I wbew tbe wunU tvxi' Arfyu 
pM|llt pOMMir Iwrr been u ■rrtl rnulcr. 

mmJ/ had b« iIm omrtnutiun (h> mt 
noUlilic of the ktuc) of tbc irhnlc linr 
mrnra oa la (raaiklc i 7 i»o«* ■■»/ trAa^ 
M«mm/ f» ll/in' al d rtitlur*- — n< Iwrr 
too the " nilllfxlive rrlalian" iMstUb. 
Or. Or. { IM.) prtdudta w (ram tniu- 

Udoc: HW/, or tmJIOfttrtflU fa 
sif> ftn^tefurf. Sit. 

On Inc other haoil. wc tdbt hrre re- 
nuk Ibul. in Kur. Iph. A. 9J7-8. 9) 

iKly' ^fr»i, ru\AA St ■ki'Sli Hiy*! TU. 
jwi". lh«r IJ III) ti'xn, iiolx*»"«., where J 

Ihr MMMt fJirwi Ihit «« ou^it nlfacT'l 
to tnuMhiU' II. «( Af< brttrmtml; itAtm] 
niecMiiAi— MS Uufbcr't aplanattemtf J 

■ Knime Mattli. Qf . Gr. f Ma. OhM. 



Jb; and ir£c .... rixm — Eur. Ipli. 1^ 1321. S Aivpa* ir<«r vi tui[mr 
i&oitiaar ru;^a> : Aa^. tnarvrt .' hy vAat strong name must I rail 
jfot, and be right ? that U — u SviiUcr, tvho connect* thia line nilb the 
prcMdin^ remark of the Meaacngcr. mvro •jap ai Savftairti. v. 1318, 
well expUt»« it : " Tlionnli, quuin Nontiutn sequena hoc factum Aiffia 
«I>]H:lIat, non «atu&cit boc : noti putat se Tfri>xir(«Mi [Angl. Auf Ail il], 
i.c, apto et eatis forti nomine illud appcUBMc. Quxrit iffitur, quosun 
fortiori nomine te appelUie licebit, ut coDvenieoler appellem ?"^ 
O atrOKge. iMrf fuutiaf ttnmye .'{ft did btd huno mtof Mrvmytr ttrm 
i9 oppfy to yoM .' whcrctu thr optative vith w in the Himc connection 
would have implied an acquie»ccnc« in the term Sauna, ami atkeil vkal 
ntronyrr Itrm far you eon I kit vjmm ?— i.e. coKtd I Hi vpm . (f / tried f 
or, after xwr <T* (potcutial) kov migki 1 . , ..? would have cxprctaed 
an apparently hopeless wish. M'tntU that I c«il4 hove kit upon astnmyer 
am» fo ^pe you ! See the note oat Ag. CO^. 

Diffrrcnt, i^ain, from iKrtli tlie others b the ate oF thin phntM in 
the indicative mood, below r. 670, Soph. CI. 663 — with which com- 
pare A^. 1 168. Soppl. 57. Soph. (EO.T.7J7. 1471, 1476. Antig;. 1U6. 
EleclT. »t.Biir.Hec.963. Matlh. Gr.Gr.} 653. A. Sec olao the note 
00%-. 405. 

13. ¥tpn*fKiti fu^DiiffUBTt*. for pffifitiMliomt rftkf dead; i.e. for ttie 
purpuse of propitiating the dead ; the dative ftcpreanng the " occasion 
gr object of the action" Malth. Gr. Gr. $ 399. (compare aleo ( 39S. 
L umI b.), and the adjective ttfiripvtt being equivalent to ri<r nfnp*»t 
■eeording to a common license uf «xpr«Miun of which KC exBUiplBS, 
both in Greek and Latin, in the note on Ag. 1-183. raj(*9 Kovjx^apf, 
and compare below w. -Jl. 2.5. 64. Matth. Gr. Gr. | 44C. Oba. 3. c. 
"Kipnfia jMiXiyfiarn, |Macula tivae inferis affenmtur i quod aimilia in 
ndtfm re loqoendi ratio oatendit. Hesycliiua : j($6ina Xovr^, M rmr 
iraipou wm^HpipiMf ifA^ior vV ^'* ^*> *<'^m Xovrfw. Hodcm mwlu 
apud Romanoft vtjtri^ dietv :" tlertn. OW. m ..£fcA. tt Kvr. p. 5G. 
" Similem dntivi nami in Hero<l. i. S7. Thuc. vi. 33. dvmoQBtrat Well. 
Vide Denih. Hvni. 138. De voce cf. Pen. 610. Eum. 107." Klaua. 

la givinff the itat two references — to which lie might have added 
belaw 9. 369. Ag. 1410. Earn. 886. and Eur. Belter, (ed. Chug.) fr. 
jodr, 2— Klauaen has Irulv intimated liow far their rightful serrica 
extend" ; to llie lUaatratton. nnmclj, of tlte word utlKrffia, and not to 
any imanUioriced nnd nnnecewary allentlion of the prencat lesct. And 
it ia atrange tlial nioraficld. who with Schitl?., and (which ia much 
mora aurpriring) with UindorfaUo. boa adopted Blatilcy'a conjecture 

fMt^y/itm. vhuulJ not bavc *i)fa tlitit. if the mere citation of Eum. 

doing, another more cbring innovator might on the same uHlmritpl 
dunge M^m'pott iDto tnjtfiiilyui — iiiaatnuch as it would not hv nmcb more 
vinrcaKMtablc to rcijnirc, that not fuiXty^ra only, but nr^aAu ;>rJu'y- 
fMni. should under oU circoiiiEtances be found iii inffexilile ajipoaitjoo;^ 
with xwir- 

14. 'HXierpar OoKui imixtai, Angl. / /AmA if i» Eifdrti aJvanciMf^ 
" quia puenli actiite [Agam. 649, Cb. $95.] di»ce«eenit Omtes abj 
E3cclni. nnn huo dubitalione sororem nunc agnoscere potuit. DifiM 
vera purlla TC^a omni habitu ' nb niicilli.*. ct hiiud dubic Ur«3ti mmi- 
li» c«t ejus vultue- Excntpin ncmftttix-i (ruiii inRiiitivo post Soma- con- 
gcaait WeU..vdutrrom.436.Thi-b.613. Ag,591." Klaui;. In v. 15. 
imijltiv is wanting in tlic Aldinc edition and the MS. Guclf.. and IVir* 
o&x has ;u])]>liodib plutv with 6p^. which is the reading ako of Bchutx. 
On the other hand, Roburlcllo who. with the Medicean MS., luu pre- 
•crved 0Tfi';^u>, omitn Xvyp^. 

16. & Z4V. l!4i 114 riimirAu c. r. X., " Ex Homcrico illo vidctur adum- 

bratum, II. I*. 331 . 2*v Sva, Ht rMtxrAii, i fU vp&rtfiot cam' «opyr, AmP 

'AXi^iai6{mr. Virg. /En. xi, 78!>. Da, pater, hoc MOffm abaleri dedKW*\ 
amis, Onmipotms. Eur. Pbccn. I3(!7. £o< /mi immiK a9e\^iii>. Noa- 
tcr iahra 48U (4GC) : otrev/iiru ^« bit nptrrot rut- owi' jdjuai*." Staiil. 
Compare Matth. Gr. Gr. § .'>47. 

17. ytvov Bi irvft^^Dt A'Xut- «>ot.] Scfaittx, Ponon. and Itlomlield 
read (ipimxot hcri', n» in v. 2. where there u do variation in tbc cdi- 
tiooa »ab««qu«Qt to St«ulry'« ; but ou account ofthc short »\ liable pre- 
ceding — which in the prpBcnt instance, moreover, it ia of importance 
lo pronounce ^Ivortly. inasTnuch as tlie tntcmiption of tlie liiic aftorj 
nrr^iif would proKot it to the ear, as though it formed part of ths ! 
3nd Iambic foot — Ihavc prirfcm^ willi WvUancr, Schnlcfictd, Din- 
dorf. and Klaiuen, to retain the old reading vv^ipi^oc. IClau«en eom- 
puree with ihin prayer. Suppl. 144, ffiXovmt If aS SiXatmw oyMi' p' /irt- 
KVw ^« Kvpa. Dtomticld, Archikicb. fr. xx i KXv^, A<a£ 'It^war*. 
Kat ftot ai'fitia<i(Ot yovimviiinf 'Ot.nat ytimi, j^api^mi If otianp \a^^taA. 
Sapph. i, 27. vi'< A' a^a ai'iitiaxat tan, and .^tan an quoted by Stiidaa, 

18. M Sf tro^wr fuiAt, Ang). tit order far ne te. or lAat m I t)uy,A 
UttMCfly lacrrlatH—wc tbc note on Ag. ShS, Snw ib. aad compart' 

■ Sm note an Acan- aSK. rfimi ik#A. 



>tt» oonstruclioii &<rT* pafftii^, m noticed in tlic Appendix to 
the .Vgamemnoo p. 390. Witli <rratf«/M» tctro2H«<, fur which 
Aklun uid Tum^ mtil iV wM» (rctuitied only by Weltui«r), whDst 
Rotrart. and the Med. MS. have ixwai&r, liltmificM compare* cbnora- 
da^n, below v. S52. 

19. v^MOT/KM^. pro])«rly. tlie act ol lumiitp ui for shelter (morees- 
{iccinllr rcligioui> t<bcllcr) WmI relief i snpplicuiioH ; 1 Icfjxh : vpovrpoiig' 
U*T*if. CMiui>arr below v. 76. Euia. 718, npttronirvtot aporrponi$ 
'l^Mt. Vers. 2IC, Ao£« U ir/if<oTpomir invrnpitm). !joph. CEd. C. 558, 
irAf ait Jirianii vflotrrftmif ifioi r o^tir. Bur. Iph . T. <j 1 d, A^i ydp rqird* 
iTiimrrpoirvr Ix*). Alcctt. t laG, fttaitoii n xniruv thv$vTotvi npoarpatfah. 
Hersd. lOS, a Aa«> tmiriiU' fwdiuai <^iX<t ^Vwv irftvrpenav. Set alKt DOte 
oa Ajf. 13^$, Hfievrpilmuit. 

90-74. lie Farode, which dow nircccd» the Prolofiuc. uunere 

exactly unto the definition of the Sdio). on Eur. Phwu. 210 : IIi^ 

/tor ti iWi*> ifJUf ;i(«pov (Sodi'Ccrror. f SojuVif o^ r]7 nrufty, oad U not ixt- 

< comisteiit with that of AriMoUe Poet. 12. 7 : Udpoiot fm f npitrq 

prov-idMl we tntvrpret X<'(it, a* Miillcr his suggorted, rmlation, or 
cAmur ; and fupfxuc tlint the ux [KiniaDa or syatcm^, Into whidi it 
will be fceo that the pnavnl Purodc natiimUy resolrci! itvdf, were 
dinuntcd in two wceeaaive rounda of mcaiurcd RtfilaJht by tltc three 
fflea (moi^M) of file d«ep, in whieh the Xaifpapo* adirance trom the 
paUce of llie Alndx to tlte' GutiiX^. whidi tti lhi» Play, wr nmr well 
baiievB willi GcncUi,' n:pr«»cntcd tlic tnab of the murdered Afpi- 
ncnoon — for it ia thus th«t the nne learned Art-hcologirt ander- 
-tfandN tlie words JXov x<V*^> "^ mean, in the firat place, that the 
Parodoe woe Rang by llie C^onu as a united wliolc, rrguUrly dmni 
np b rank and file -, and, secoodly, thnt all the Chorcutir borv^ a pait 
in it. not indeed Hinultaneou»1y. but in ua order of Euccession." Dia. 
m the F.vmem. I. H. 4 IG. p. 72. 

ijtill lliL-re is a pvculituity iit Ibip Ode. t* c«m|a>red with Pantdes 
in geiiGral. which wc ha\-e noticed on Ag. 104., and wliidi MaQcr, 

• "»mJk^." otMcrvm UAUn, "mwm 

I WiJi', wul ncaiM am after, or in a 

.'**'M ■***^ ■/'Mr '/meri- 

■ Jtt*i" Rflniliait, •■ tii lin* ibvint frvfn 

■ mmpartanii nf ,V^.-li S<i|r|il. Tt'tl. Riir. 

lianil. a. I.><1 16. 11.'.. £'~\ Rl- 7\T. 

IpCTa- IW. .nj BU- 

r iMv. diB|lMlbnn ui^ 
wL" ^dlu, >.- 
ttUtt liralaUa «tw>kar (w wU 4 ■ t.l>l> 

(bnn. or m allar- Dim, •* £«)ii. A^ 
pndii. p. 249. 
* f-oe n^^re qf lit Grtti». eA. Do* 

nililHXi, )>. 1*0 1 anil nimfair Kfiilfc*!'* 

r»n'il>ir rniiirt nrvm iliii PUy, "Aib- 

nirmiH'o'ii ^m"' <* ^'^ Riufky nolrv. 

. the nmcileK nlributiDn Mtia* 

liri ■Inoinr EhMt. tbc aoal o( Um 



altbougb lie miikci do frxpreu mention of it, hu yet enabled M to 
aeeount for satnfiictorily. " hi tlioM long series of AnipRStie «y». 
tem*," he mys, " which wc find at the beginning of the Pfrnamt. 
Si^ptmts, and Ayamemnon of .-1^>chylu3, we may pcrhii|N) vcc Uic ori- 
gitiil forni of the Farodos, «tn<;(ly so called ; that i» to i<uy. of the en- 
trance of the Cbonu into the Orchestra drawn up in regular form, by 
nude and file, SubMqucntly. tlic^rand siin)il)city of thc«: lon^ marcfacM 
(which in ./GsehjrltiB mareovcr are oAcn very full of matter) fell ioto 
distBte. In consequence, eitlter aMtiiiTro|itiic: vit* were mixed up witli 
the AnapKstB. us in the Antigone ; or suiwrKidcd thinn entirely [aa 
here] : oud from thia duviatioii &om the old procodure have arisen 
the difficulty and obscurity which now be«>et our conceptions of the 
Pwodos." Diss, on tht Emnn. ib. pp. 70. 71. 

"Die Chorus, wc may odd from Stanley, docs not consist, as Canter 
inailiBed, of Argive virgin*, hu.1 of captive Trojwi women, of whooi 
■noeatleatl were elderly: see lidow w. 66-6S. I6'i. 256. These 
we may presume to have been Cassandra's companions in misTortnne ; 
— compariog Hom. II. U. 226.S, Eur. Kl. 1001-3, whicti Stanley has 
pointed uut — and if, as leenos probable, they were femolei of all agca 
anawcring onto the dcscriptioit given in Eum. 1036, tMit^ Xoj^ot irai- 
6m', yvTOUTM-, nai ar^os irptff^vrfSnc it ia not unreasooable to suppose 
that in the train of Agamcnmon, and of Clytcmaestra(Ag. 877), when 
Hmy made their Inutnphal entry (Ag. 943), into the palace whence 
the Xtiq^cyMt now come forth, the spectators had a glimpse of what 
WH to be the proper Chunu of Clie Second, just as in thi* Play (w. 
1031. 1040.) thry liad a thrilling exhibition of that " weird company" 
(Eum. 406- Gil), which they were afterwards to recognise as the pr»» 
per Chorus of tlic Tliird l^irt of the Trilog)-. See, on tlw distribu- 
lioQ of the fifty persons who composed the entire Tragic Chorus, and 
on the management of what he terms the accttiory Cbonu in each , 
portion of ihc Tr3og)-. MuDer's 5Vn/ Dissfrlation &r. Ac. pp. 47<SS. 

30. iaSrit. Knt, from loXXa, an Homeric verb whtcli Damm derivea 
Arom ft, iiiu, Joitke iVw, J<iX>at. Meaych.. UXXu- irpoiT<>«w. tsUmi* 
fwtfiwop, ('rrntni'. i^rtumv. {oXXoai' ifitUAXcut. Jt*)titiKf, Suidas, miU«' 
/■rti'ra. Compare bcluw ^-\*. 39, 483, From. 659. und Thucyd. v. 77 
(pcsntcd ont by Itlom&eld). tAeaJf <nnaUn«, Klaasen, who retains JjAf, 
the raadtng of Aldus and the >f SS. Med. Cuelf.. bu hazarded an un- 
happj conjecture upon this word: " laXrht videtiir ease substantirun ' 
deai^nanfl idem quod <rvi>iOf, fonoatum ut ^^pnt, omm^^) tmmrrtt, 



SI. jfoAt wpom^tHit. tftlUff furwartt liliationa ; or — that we mar »ot 
ntterly confound it vritli x"^^ Trfimn'itmva. which our Poet doiibtlcs* 
had «otne reaion for not inlroducinj^ in lliis line — libalioti-fi>rH'enH»g 
or etrtytMff ;' i.e., ds the terrua ;[<mi. nnd what I understand here to 
be n in«re |>eri|thnuiK of x'^^P"'- vrouUI at once ctaivcy lo Creciiu) 
i:an,inwlcmn prvcetaioa/QrtkefnryoseofpropitMlii'yiH* DKAD i vilh 
Om aeumffaiimenl, it ie attded, of (what alwBjrs formed a part of this 
oaruBony) (A^nuuro/hint^n/iTji^iiii^ the face and breaat; w. 2'i. 3ti : 
OOmiwrc Thch. 854, a)Aa y^r, i ^Xni, mr* ojpov ipivvrt Ofi^i Rpnrt 
v^ifM* i^po^f irirvXtv, where eee Ulotnf. Glow, and Monk on Eur. 
Hipp. U(>3. 

Vcttori, StonlcT. SchUtz. Ponon, and Blomflcld, huve changed 
Xo^t into x°^r. but there is no uutliority for U>e use of x"H in the 
singular, saTe in the ^nend «en«e of Xim^^ or aiiowi!\ na we find it 
in Hunter. Od. x. SSI . x\. 36 : yn^* X'*<'^ ¥*iMomti. uml in one m>- 
litar^' fragmeiit of Euripidev {h. eiii.) 0«/, rf Mirrmy ^MJIiom, j[«i)v in- 
Xcn^ rt ^ptt, Z*vt tlr' *A<9f( orejurfaptKir vT«py«i( — and henee SCanldy 
and filomfield hicline rather to Casaobona correction x^air. which 
Sdiolefidd ha> ailoptcd — hot on the coniilniclioo of ;(uac irpmrapvtir. 
which in eenae we have endeavoured lo (hftiii^inh frum x°^ npawi^- 
w^vtra, a* dMcHptive mth«r of the dtBjaotcf (perfonaj than of the 
pnnxhig circumUuicvi under whk4i the Chonu comes upon the stage, 
whilst xoat OT x*^ vpoKoiatAt, Angl. ftnvariing of* l^alioiu, would 
hare deelured the ^b/fd of their mission, and »a would have been equi- 
nlent to ;p»9» or x°<>t wfiimtfi^tn«a — »c« IkTmann on Viger. p. 893. 
andon t?o]>h. Aj. lOU, ErfundLon Soph. Trach. G15, and Antig. 7S3. 
Matth. Cr. Cr. if 3'J'2. 42-2. 447. 3. 

Ibid, i^xtifi* «>w «ri«Y-] WeUauer here, na in Agamem. 1318. {vk 
wnfifiinf {^1 (where >ee the note). moM unaccoimlaMy ■lumhlea at 
ffvr. which KfaiuMn alw would acem to ahcltcr only under the doubt- 
fn] authority of hi* own interpretntion of taXnt : " crvry etn. .\mald. 
vvMtpvTv 3:1. tnv nwnf G, A. V, ovjndwry R. mrynvrf T, rui> timf 
oonj. Pauw. lleceptmne qood ad lectioncm M. 0. A. V. ivuxime 
aec«dlt. Quod vocetn vvr nioleatain habet Well, ideoque proponit 
tfny^TMry, ut J)Uod e vesti^is lihrorum apparent, ncqne u^imi stuit hi 
8bri. meqne roolestiiin cm vw, >! rccte iiitelli^lur ioXnir-" — "&(ix*H' 

* tt fw^ ri i, MTarattljr cocuidtrcJ, 
itHiT* fak i«ii>iiirn (rant gy«g^i— iiw, 
■nek n Um EiAdi a^eOin wl^/U 
(Ibr tlMafla) una mm the fnant 

*C«inp«ra I Kinfi x*iL lOi "Ai»4 
whm ht «am« t» tiui pt* of Uik tit<r. b«- 
hoU Ibe wUow •«nMi wm tkcie. ire- 



cmrof (le velitmcnti i)l»nclu. qui wute fcril.' lU ^vrXiJr^ 'Ajc'^i^ 
«.( (lo undi« vchementer volutia. Soph. Pol)*x. fir. 469, 3. l>e i|»D 
more {iltuirtuM prictcr v. 403 (-110) sqq. vide Pers. 10A4. im'pp Sftaatn. 
Soph. Aj. tini , <(iptric^tiKTot i' (V irriproun Joiirnt tuttoivnu. Eriir. IIUEII. 
1351. ririir<^ii Xiwcuviixne •eriitovt x'P^'^- Amlroiu. 1^1 1, <>i^f crvinijMl ' 
\tiplii iXo6»." Klaus. 

Bhnuficld lias itoticnl & later use of the term iivx,*V' An^, Ugit' 
fng&rrd, trom PoQux ii. 149 : i^ix'ifi '>■• ^gv^opi'd, tu p<i- ir(i|>A M*mm-Vi» ' 
f^pfnu. ri U irap' 'AA«'{i2t : on wliich HviiiMerhui*. c>ii Lucinti tuI, i. 
p. !2*20, remarkti. " Comicorum nomina facile pcniDAilcat utrosqnc noa 
■lilt notionc, ijuain fcrat LAKriaoiu, bunc voccru (ulKibuituic. Signific*t ' 
ftntcm apilimamiammcbilitiilf promftluifi. ConijMirv Riir. OreHl. 1S49, 

S3, ^ifiott Ajur/fuiis, vitk biciidy laemUioM i* so Stiuiler woa Um 
fint to rrstoK iIm tnic rciMling of what in the Mediceon MS., from , 
the ticridc'tul »iibt-ti[uti<iti. prolMbly. in the firvl inittftnre uf C Cot O 
in lOlC.^ b qliDU'iiTmi^iTpotr — wlicncc Uic more ecrioiu) cumiptioa 
found ill two OtUer MS^j.. ijntiyia<ra Ya>Yri«iF, which Aldtu fa«« pna(«(l 
just lu he found it. whiUt Robortello itltogctlicr ocDits. and I'nrQi^be 
ehuig!t%ymyiuntimo'/' orf/mit. CumjiarcSuph. Aj. £34, vuXuii iffivyjui 
jCfintt, Eurip, Alidi'oiu. S'iC, tnrapayiia si&fias Srvxait t< Sai 'ofivyfivrft 
fiifvtiiuu. Hesycb, 'A^iry^vif irx>'/u>#>*'. Blomfield notices n uAer—, 
furni. Aiu>)oiit, Thwcr. sxiv. I'i4.. af> oi {nayunt h1«o ttitrrc is aDotheri 
(arm pw^*^* luxl adds: "Quod ad rem attinct. Stanlctua notat a' 
Solono intcr<)icta« fuisse d/u^W Rofrriytmw : imd« in XII. TabuU»i 
Mulieres gemis ne raJuato.* Conf. Vir^. jfln. iv. G73. r/i^mfiua ora 
tOror /rtiuHS, rl periara pvynis. Civcr. Turc. lii . 26, Mulirbm lacav- 
iMHW fownm. £ur. llct. 1080. itapjit r Sr^x" ^wow I'ltSaXA ji^otfc. 

' It U, in l*cl, c>)niira1cnt to tri-woi 
jttifli^ ■{(Jor or i{^wi MfH^Wrwf, (w 
iiil6sotti ii to i[<if soliir OMiAAf, or ««• 
»l« ili fii0dfiir. I wticF Ihi>, kvcuue 
MtfdiiK.Gr.Gr. { IIK, Ob*. 3, «., nM- 
withsanibuc th»t be bad ju» iMforrnv 

Mhtd Xtuitirrlix't' ■rr^nn iaUt Atwifiv 
rfv^v KT. Iiiu vi4 aiaJ« i^^'X"' ''^• 
t^nriitmt to ilh X' VM' cr^rvi : aa in* 
UtpntatiMi «b)A «ii«:)>*, p*rhw, •nit 

tbo praOM ronlPit D>|<U>Dr VtU I ImiI 

wbm ihall tt« ifani snaihcr rumple <if 
nch Ml myaaaioat coatlntction m iImji. 
■Imvlra " DBF )i«t uf the niiapoiind id- 
. JMHfn. ' M lie MT*, *' rvrrra tu the jm. 
Wmiac ■iih«tanriv4', oftd Uw oUier U in- 
Uead of tbr fmiilnv" > 

* " ^ifloit ifiu>uni, Sic Stxil. [a 
KatU. Hi-All>. S.tKuU, Paf*. ^rHMi ' 
^v};«»it .NlHut, InU'iTn. Mh>^( i|itulna ^ 

anil ,£Mh)ilum led tcMalir EvatUllt , 
[1. A', p. IIU, r 31 ; a«l 4 fiMrrt^ ' 
Aiyrrmi, iral A^VTwdr, «al ri fHrvWAiv, ^ 
cofol Ti Ai.T^V>\f> Kol AUnt r ■edit rortt 
ad EniDf niiliu Ki]>esil tt. lit, 12), 123, 
lis.- 8.1,. 

■ Cmnparp note on Af. lilO. wbM«. 
by Ihe ii|nKwiU nibuilutiiiii ofO Tor C, 
8d((>i«if nod hrm nirrniilnl Intn taairfw 
vtr, t» U Miuiil^ tn Ibr ol'irr ivtttioaii- 

iiH{rBtAiH)M*fju(rrrTeln-uralaf¥. Qumkl 
nlmiii tfro ItM fMvrrnl in filMWV ina* 
Unw, diaeimtu nc Vwiutuf •pad Sm- 



Oreat. 9GI. nAiau Xcixov Stn<xa Ati mpaftJtim, td^anfpit^ Snw, mmov r* 

•iS. Srv)[«t ^-tti. " ilmc illud Eur. Suppl. 835, &v£t iariK>Hciini*$9. 
Idem Khcs, 796. tfa^itw •iXmrnrpaifmrat^t^iHf. Elcetr. 147, urJ^iXar 
■fevji* Tf^tmifWitt HfKur." AbrcAch. 

24. V Ivy^lin. TUs corrcctioo of jtuttyfimin, the reading- of »U tlw 
old MSS. nod Edd. px(.-ept TuriM^bc's whicli has ft* wy^iot^-i, is doe to 
Cutter, «nd hu been imivcrsally adopted. Hetycb : '117^' fxai^, 
1^17^. Baifi 'Xtrjfti^t' til roHi^ aalavni; 'liiCti' xficitryiiYti (xpm/yaCn), 
0M, ^xi, Suidru : 'It^f- ^, ^m^. '].'<«■ a^. (^.i. Pmi. 9&n. 
104-2. Sappl. 808. 87J. 875. Soph. Trocb. 7S7, PhU. 75l>. Kur. Hcrarl. 
127, n' A^r' <t7p«r gf /tWiro cnvs^Wiii ; " (Jt nl> oI^hch otfuu^u et o|^«»)hJ, 
aic ab jow jv{« ct iv}^. dc (lun voce rid. Intcrpp. sd llcsydi :" Dlomf. 
Glau. Pen. 2SA. and 291. With Ivy^m tt^*er«t tiap. which the 
Scboluut renden : tpi^)Ma rf fV)>?i^. cotnparc Tlieb. :I44, roMY'y^ 
*Api)i &ivwtnu ^tirtf fipvrap : Ag. 1 639, VXirtOa* mr«i7t<n>v( : 8c^h. AJ. 

638, aov^ntf >rvrvfMi«ti' J9<>(rci,e rtor ^^X^ cniiUaM- ; Atlti^. 1 246, tXwivtW 

Ifl jStfmMfwu : Atr. fr. 1 44, /^d iV '**''«v dti>iar. j 0iiirKcmi : Eiir. Bncch, 
Gl7t ilatini^ If fdiinm- AbreechooiD]mn&Pa.zli., 3 : ^rn^Ar rd Uk< 
pwi firm ffi«l ^m>( {ti'V*** *^ vutcris, 

" Vermn eet do(?bauacus, doehmiam pnroodente anti9p<uto [epitrito 
primo] , wquente dijamW ; qiKxI (irnpler H«atliii «t Rultl«ri nugaa 
moneo." Well. " If ivyftcSi Heath. Vcteub est Antifpast. ^^Mhykufl. 
ubi epitnto ))rimo twccwwrio aubjiciuntur /wirt pedes lambiri. Nc<|tte 
uIIa ett Yuvaliii, uiu quod rariMime (at in Autistroptui)' ultima epiitriti 
lofifrn sol^itur in diia* brcrc*. et lambun puma in tribradiyn." S.I*. 

S5. Xim^AipK V v^Mir^t^nBT XiutUrr. " Scimnti vtstiam, ItHim ptr- 
deMlta, reddit Bl. ac tnonet nunos recte Erdf. ad Soph. Antip. 1009 
(1022), dfSfianfiSiflw fiiUpins n'furroc Ximt. iiiterprctatum csm Xactdre 
Xmt ^Safiiinvif, quod cswl XiM^Mpw i^ffturvf >tiM%t. &c1m). 

Etgii with thcGp gmit siithoritira ngainvt mc I ftlll iiirliDC, a> bos 
been almuly intimalcd on t. 13,. lu Erfurdt'e intcrpntation, nhich 
Imw the Mnctkrn ul«a nf Wclbiu-r and Khuiicn. It i* true that XoaiV 
CTprC MaB B I he act of tnriitg in Pen. l33.^«v/»Mr /rir#irkttit viVg XjiWf : 
Sap|>]. 120, trnXXaift If ifoitnv) ^ivTuxiXh Xuatoni : ib. !N)3, )uuclt ;(iTw*iDt 
f^rfw ov RBTouerHi : but ott the oUier hand, ttot lo uKutum that the 

«Ihb )■ lEn. ili. Af 1 r«im iitU mm- M/i^itrlamt." SoaiL 

av«fM*wrr. M/anH^'MMfniMf^fMi NoaSdtMtfi dediniuuli iMCnim." S. L. 



mcKning o( i^avit. Xanitt here is aiifiicicDtly ileclarcd by tbc qieiege* 
BU liiat rulltnra in v, 27., we hiLvc Pcra. B<iS, uxui> itt' JXyovr XociSir 

Glow. 129)r Eur.Trc)«d.497.TpLi)^(i4*N/ji Tpvx^ftor tiiUvn* xp^*i*^vi^ 
'iMtittfiarax Hesycll., ,\nici\' pa^hf. if^i^^, pai^ij,Tpav)ux,vxiaiui. AiiaMTfM* 
ri nvTB : SutJiU, .\iuci''3a»-n'f«X«>piT*iv(rti(bcr iT'irXtfc)' rd ^^p^vyifm ifia- 
na, insi>i ry 'Ajiiffro^wi (.Acliam. 423.) ; mid Ually, tUe inteqirelntion 
of tbc Schuliont : t6 '^t' «> flj irroXiVfioi Taw i/^aafiartM' wpit roll trvrp- 

S(>. r^ndoj-, (iicutnilly) haw eraekei ot rent ^ Etytn. M. p. 403, 

UtTxiKoi' Xtro^AfpiK v^iT^urraf Xaiu'Stir T^XaSov iV uXycfi. irajtA ri ffKSh 
(Sank Tpuirirr, ^X«>, irttpa-jvyvp ^liCw* ^ flft'Tifjov u^piirTOf f^•Xn^or, vt ][<>(*■ 
IxeiMi. " Ex Amtoptiitnis Plutiv. Ii93. cullaCo cum v. 718. patvt vcr- 
bi ifAi¥ sigoificatio, cirni trejnlu ^oitam /nmyerr. [Angl. to cmrk or 
rai4.i Confer Thcocr. v. HS." Blutiif. ■' Cf. Vnlcrkcn. ad AdoniazuK. 
|t. 37 1 .. <]ai forroam .^olicam «««c pro 9Xi.v docct, sed a poctia Atticts 
receptum," S.I*. 

Ibid. W ItKyfvw, uitder the hand, pressure, or iiifluence of tf^iVfiM ,- 
Me oa thii conatruction of th< dative Mbttb. Gr. Gr. ^ 3U5. Ob«. 
^ 396. Ob>. 3. $ d93. b. 

27. wpiJimpKu imX^iaf,] " Dppositioae addituro vorabulo ioxtf sd de- 
clanuidatn ujiut rativneui : prwuti^rqi mcntionc ponnoruiu, jtun cxbibc- 
lur qui eint ht pnnni." Klnus. Tronsluto : tJte krf«st'ftr»tetiiMtf arrtf 
of ttrfises. struck becaute «f saiienia^ ocfMrmuvt ; compare lieluir w. ' 
47. 73., «ikI flee Matlh. Cr. Gr. f 398. b. Kluiacn prdcm to tup])l^ 
ifMT before rrnrXTr^Vwi*, o/ tu. «t Wt ^fuy, tmitttn with &C. — iritll 
which compare Ag. lt»31, XaifUfrtt x'^g (tapilf iivirrvxii* fr«rX7yfi/»M, 
U aha for iiy(X>J<rrotf, lack-hruykter, Ag. 763., ilri'XtMmi HpovtMm fjia- 
f<ffioai, where «ec the twtv. — " oytXcinrMt, pro voUefieiHOmt ; ut N'ir^g. 
Gmi]^. iii. 5, illaadati Bittiri4i» arat -. ib. iv. 479 ; Mntajnt jtal»t uut- 
maAf'/MUMfa. vEn.xu, fil9: i//^dh/« muratitr. Cf. A. Uell. it. G." S. L. 
With <rruX>iul mirXor nMnpnrc Suppl. 715. cm>X;i«i Xai^i« : Ymt. Ale. 
315, ^Xniv imiXfiAr v*VX»r : ib. 819, ;>(Xaf;]riVX«)fV <rrBX^tf : AiMir. 
148. oToX/i^ rt XP""^ T6>At a-oueiXwi- nWXwv : Troad. 258, irivtir on- 
^ i w K UpoSn vToXfiiiii : Here. F. 526. ankftoUn »i*pau : Hesych -. In^^ti^ 
KptoT^' <m\i«ftiv v^itant. tn^i^iiAt' lfarw)iit, K^fiw. 

29. rvfiit yip SpS6fipi^ i^ifiot.] Thi» trMispoaiUon of the adjective 
ipMft^. whidi ia the Med. MS. and in the editions of Tiim^be and 
Vcttori foUomv ^oSor (liencc cnmipted into ^i^, MS. Gudf. AM. 



and Rob., to suauiti tbe metre), wm first jiropoaed by Healli. nod 
iMa been udoptcil by Fstiw, Scbutz, Pofeoh, UlcimGeld. Dindurf, and 
KIbbko. Another |>UuAibl« ImnsiMwilion, r. ^o&t yAfi ip., ha/a bcca 
propowd by Amald, whioh (sec tlic notei on Ag-. 705. 731. II IS) 
we •boald have preferred to make here, bat that, u KUuscn haa no> 
tked. lipot would tlicrebv be tnadt tbe epithet of ^il|9a(, with the »g- 
niftMtion of penetralinf — as wc ne«ds muit tnnclatc nith Bchutz, 
wbo a]»tl}- enongb <^omi>urce IVom. IS\ , iiinpn t^i^t — a&dnotwitb 
that vhicli the tbnple r^^ alvmyn bean in j^ftchytn*, cUar. dUtinct. 
, penpieuoiu to the ere or cur ; Ln which waac it raoet taitunlly coo- 
'neetB itaelf, in the preM^ikt pasaa^, with IU^m^ irttpAfiaiint. Compare 
Ag'. 343. ripow yip tiff trwofiSpm ttifytut '. ib. 397, nfpnitrw ffip^tMiotw : 
lb. 1025, /pfifMMc Topov : ib. 1 138, Topif Sya* ttvt i<^fniiav i Suppl. 
574, Pp^xy^ Tvpit ff i fiiA>r : »•/>«»■ [ttitim .- E>ir. Ion €95, in>rr;>' t'ft^ 
i-im*M7 rait r^p&t re e^r yrymtrfirmiut) : Rhea. 7 7 , «im Iojup npAe : ib, 
6S6. iMoitrot o* mpSt : Hesvcb : Tap&y n' i^. X&p^' tfrfai,tlf [Angl. 
' a horer} i^i. licpt^l, rpar^, tv^iv^' l^'J^T- ^*lidas : T«p<lr* utxvp^- 
Kei TopMc' Irrxi'p^. Ttntvitc. /ttYiXtupiinutt, irni^c. iiir^i,9wr, — " ^6fiM 
ip6£fifu^. Pollux U. A, 'Odt* ml wa^ii Se^tatiiii ifAmifun ^puof. oEar ip- 
9idp>^ : Soph. (Ed. C. m-J4, Am inirrat &p0iat rnirw ipi&^ Siimimi 
tlai^i^ rpixat. Atque hinc Tox ^i0^, ruma. Soph. (Ed. C. 14C4, 
A V Aqp» ^ifi' l«^X^ cpor^r i^ifioM." Staiil. See Bkanf. Glou. oa 
neb. .560. 

30. UfMir ivn^Mfmnf') Si' uMiptar rotf VfHic fuwTwfiinwf , Sdnl, i 

leompare below v. 910, f c^mi fH»rit oug oMt^tu (^J^av. 'nanahte, 

ybr d (iio'rf ffonse.itttrrjrrrtfr of dreamt, i-^x'!! britlliug Trrmr. nuUday 

tUep the vehicle of the BMyer ickicA Ae breathes. mV4 a aAtkA a/ dtad vf 

aijAl hat fettrfitilf tp«ifn frcn unthia, /ailiog wilh AMiyprcuurc irp«« 

/Aa IVomm't vpartuttiU* — i.e. opon the aputments of Clytemnestni : 

eompan below v. 433, nnd see Blumf. Cbiaa. on Agam. 95, /mx^tftv. 

(A« Mfmor of n bouw or temple, wfatcfa wc can be at no lo« 

there to ap))ly to the rereu or tkriar. from which thv imnginaiy Henne- 

■liard,' Terror, makes htmscir heard, aa nur Poet repreaenta it, in the 

cvy of horror wherewith, we arc more phunly told in r, 531. the mar* 

dcTMB started from b«r ile«]>. Schol : p>,x^*v fXaif* » rwr tv mp- 

twtib U^mw woo^nfioi Ac. 39;— (o which 
I iarikwIOMM Sn^ (Ed- T. 4M. lir 
fcTl^ir^Ara-, Aiid. vwr tutli^nai Or- 
■ab. aicanti^ Tlrniiw— w« Buy ma- 

Lclal* dm oae afpcndaiv << ■ Kiat'a 

court. In the Uervio a^ et Grteco, ma 
■ ItonI or Soatkui<|0, %uiA a* nu Cd- 
(h<u in tht HoitiK of the Atriihe, Ag. 
115.1X1. UeWK the tMMiUrnI ProMMW- 
ptria is l)i« UU, ■econling to wfaifi it 
li Ike ■Rviiai lake of Coawkticc ihK, 



With Krror vwiaf, cxmiparc l)i-luw v. 933, and we Uie notes on Ag. 
3G3, 1173 i wilh (iwjiiiinJKTDr, Thcoct*, xt. 40, (ind xxiv. 3S. nwrit tu^, 
L«t. imtfmpftia Moctf: und with fXocr— ^ur wliieli Aldus nnd two 
USS. have ii^ax*, wliirh IvlaiiBcn tdonc rctaiiM nnd interprets, aiepliu 
tH, onwDi Mil ad. rjdIavU — compttre. in ita a|)i>licatiua to a nprr- 
■MMra/vcice or utUrancc, Soph. Tradi. 824, r& drairftowttw V'* ^' *"* 
Xw0tfrov wpmtMtt 8 r* rX4M(rii.TA. : Antig. 1094, ft^ wA mr oJrAr (rlw 
Tfipfvtoi-) ^(f&ic A irt'hu' Xaitf^ : Eur. Orcst. IC3. I'Aaatr fXimv . . . 

A .\offat : Ht.'2li9,Tf>'iiroHot3iraj>ara;Siri^tAJiottXaftirS\ai!»: Amtoph. 

Flat. 39. ri itfra tfufiOT fXaMv /k r&v ojtpttArttv : whi-re tlio Schcd t 
rpayucimpow oititJttpiaTO. TpaviiavCfnew, U( ^tn*. E^|iuri8ify. CoruiMTc 
ftlso Virg. Aiu. \i. 9S, Tatibos ex adyto diclU Cuiiuvu Sib\Uu Hinrcndu 
etinit iiitibiLji^, iLiitruiiuv retnu{^it : Juv. S»t. ziii. 'i05, umncni Vocem 
uljli dignam tcmplo vcmniquc probarit : and fbr the corutruction of 
ip0imiia as a cognate accurativc. cxiirotaiii^ "the kind and mode of J 
the action" of (X«<:<, nee Mottb. Gr. Gr. § -106. 

32. ' ' rf>il ^)ii^i iiite1%ii, quANi dictum eMCt ndverbialiter irr^o^M i 
Sic Pen. 69G. ir<pi rnpdtt., ct iafni 543 (333). d^i nipSri. n<p/i^(49bv ' 
ru/)^or Ici^tur npud NostnunSoppl. 736." S.I.. "<pi^t — KffAt^i^i 
omue« vcx&\it iiitcrprctes. Sed duplex c»t vocii> ^(•ff^t snuus, tintf 
id yvod term, turn ipse mrfm .- illo kcdsu priori loco, hoc poatenori 

(Uctum est £xtc>Uitur notio tiuioris ; cii etnin ipaum rwrnnium 

eroCBverunt Mxncs. Comma ante «.p'i poMiit Well. «spbcan», nwttt* 
rirea mttam cmtrdit \niHa accmit metat]. At neque divelli potcrat 
■Itcrum ^%if ab oltcru, si hoc dicctidura crat, ncquc de reiwtito li* 
more sermo est hoc loco." Klaue. 

83. fiupis TiTMBv.} Tbis is tbo imding of UlomfiGM, K(4ioli?liold, 
and Diitdorf. whiUt the old Edd. (loctunte willi llie MS8. lurtireeo 
Aipvr trnvui' nnd Hoftv virrAt, which Aldus olcmc has printed in one 
word ffapvamw. Welliiuer and Klaiuen have edited mrvwr, as thou^ll J 
the context neceasorilv' required the anriM, which, witli all defcrmcv' 
to HertDfton who fint siig^sti-d thit. I take Invc to dunbt. oompw- 
iag V. 31 ., wbcTc wc have nrtW. and v. 43. where, when the aorist la 

tknu^ tbo BCiliioa «f frif kthi Jraun*, 
perfcniw Uus divinw'a fwt In Utc |mUm 
CiMifare B tnil)' iattrcKtjnf doRipltqa 

of nnnwvlMt iif the nmnc ktnd of Jww- 
tii: trtik-iiuituih, m me mv hcfc ute 
inn. til Sir WUtrr 8i»il'* l.dc at '7Ml 
Pltlr, tvL U. ch. I. od. 1831. 



required, wc find, imrmnK not vrmiimt uan). Campnrc the note on 
Ag. IMH. (r/norrar oIimu. 

VTah tite picture that these worcb give of the spectral invader of 
Clytemuotni't |irivacy. compare Agnni. 1439, taitiot, St fjiirirMn to- 
fwn ml honour) TuiTaXi'&riffi*'. Pvn. 515. <■ fti/vwliArri 8a!p»f. wt ^ytw 
ffnpit wv9mr (V^Ww Irani tliixru^ yaWi e Suppl. 649| £>• «4t<( 'if 4ofi«r 
f;^ Ar* ifio^uv fuairovra' ^pi« If (^'(V*' Kum. 7'2n, ^iykui xu;>(i r^lf 
6iiiXi9*t — hIhu Jul* xiidii. 7. " BcliukI, My tcrrur pIihII not make thee 
afrkid. aeitlua- shall M}- hand be heavy upon thee." 

35. inSry Tijuov vKif/un. on <hi fOri of thf gwia havr deriared 
' Kwrma/— i. cuwrranKeWor nrcrrirfiVw^ Ay (Afjt*ok,«» the Scholiast 
well uploiiu it : fwvyyuot' «XiAi(, 0f9^p^Tot, rV itri^aaut *yYuint**ii* 
(qryyuT^tvi)' f. at (N Aair fir^iiAtff'^'vtM riff fmmun' : Alld Klatucn. 
" imiyyuat tun, vBihitiia alicDi, obooxiua alicui : Eur. Ilec. 1028, itriyy. 
viulunuiiio alici;0*>3 ailjutus. Itaque hoc I<k»: quurum fitkm 
^■M tmMtr." Blomfield adduces ftom Schneider, Euriji. Hoc. 10:29. 
tA yAp {r*y)«<oi> Hiaa url Aounir «2 ^xfiKitint, oXiffftor i\i8pti» Mueim ; 
HcTodot. V. 71. nwTovt timm'wn ftiv oJ ir^tTuMi • ■• imxyyvovi «>i|' 
AwirM' [Aug] . mirr tht tsturaMce that they tlumid not he put Iq deati] . 
adds, " Hi vales pw'ytmh. emot nihil Don vcri dicere." Compare 
be more fanulinr lue of ifirimrootot in ThucyiUdo, i. I>3. it. 6. 70. 
*ii. 5. -15. 

Ln tUc text, Uicre is the smux luicieat uuthority fur tiax"" ^^i^- ** 
far iXax* in v. 3*i ; yet evi-r^' modcni editor, not cxcc[>tin^ Klautni, 
hu vrith l*um6be and Vettori edited iXatot — as ever;- one nAer Por- 
I baa introdaml the cimjunctivc particle, whidi had been lost in 
^T. 84. 

86. milt yit iwj»dn>] " Unam ugnificari A^amemwna ovdiiniu, 
■ed gravius iDiul atque alliiu dictum qiiain »t Hiiigularem nuineraai 
adliibiUMct. Sic iiu)>h. (Kd. Tyr. 11S4, Mrrif uttpairiiai -pit r' aif>' Siw 

<w de Laio el Joaula dlctiuii putas. tamcn (i» utV Dcccasario ml JoaU' 
Itm Kulam, i^t ad Ijoium solum referenda umt." S. ]«. Compare in 
Ihc wnv plfty VT. 36(i. 1359-61. 13^7., wid«« Arwtot. Rhct. tii. (J: 
Looginufi c. 33 : Mattli. Gr Gr. $ 393. 

fUd. tifpiSv0ia{. (mtfrily. Ktaujen c(n»|iam ir^MfSpywf Ag. 207, 

, adilf ■ "fJfi^ffAu, iiuprubafv nxum ■bitiun, quo inuiti nxinenl. 

iTcB aK opitf, ut nd hoe inleUigotur dalivu* wm^Utt. Sentcnliam vide 

V. 313(310}." Coni]WTC the ctMuplainl of Clytenmeatn'a "pcrturbrd 

upril." Etrni. 1H<1 16 — awl, 4 such cotnpvison m>y Ik aUowrd, the 



Rerdatiou o( St. John, \'i. 10— aUo &hak»p. Huulet. Act l Sc. fi. 
Bad Act iii, Sc. 4. 

38. tixiii^* yrjjMn ttj^*^-] ^ ^t^ Btomfidd, oa the suggestion 
oTEImslcyoDSoph.CEd. C. 836. an(]Mii*.Crit.Cuitab. Vl.p. Hi 
and not without rapport from Wdkucr, who agrees with DiDdoff ^ 
aiu> ia mbntituting ajfapirov far aj^mpKrrw Eur. Phctn, 1757 — ^1 ban 
ventured to make this line more liarmontous in itself, as well u a mors. 
exact coniitfTport to v. 4S : although all the anlhorit)- of MSS. uA , 

EaIiI., aiid of Prom. £45, and A^. 1515., is on the wle of x>Vv 'x^V*"* 
and althoiigh it has been ■henm hy Erfurdt on ^pix. OCA. T. 639., 
sad admitted by Poraon on Eur. Orcnt. C4., thnt tlii- Kccood iylliiblsj 
of avarpomif, which is sAort iii v. 147, in&y liero be made long.^ Set\ 
below V. 48. where every modern editor hiu followed Butler, and 
HormflnD Oltss. Crilt. p. 57. . in chnnging MifiaiTtiv into aiofumr—oa 
which sec Ebislcr on Soph. CEd. T. I9C. 1314.. snd compare Theb 
233 : Bupjil. 143. 153, iii ull of which the eame chauge baa been^ 
nude on aecoamt of the metre. 

l^andatc : Such ia tlie history of the ihtinkhtf offirriny which i 
akf as oa actrler of nit, Earth ! Mother ! the impious Qumt t 
mt forth i eoupve below w. 524-SS. It it not rery clear wt 
tlie words U* Tnia, fjoia, Hhould be imdcrttuod lo be the acttnl rora- 
mencenient of ihc prevcr which ClytGinimtra expects tlte Chonu to 
oBcr oa her behtdf — lu Prom. 568, uX*i/ i« : Supjil. 890, f*a Da. f*a To. 
fiutm ^o^ftat nitirfttin : Eum. 841, olol, Oa ^D— or m a rncrc cxda* 
malion' of the Chonut. who cr^' Out vpon the thought of deprecating 
jaJgniciit, in a case which, they wdl know, udjttitsuf no contpoaition! 
The Scholiiut would tKKta to have token them in tlui hitter acnio^ 
tit ytua' it f^ fV'?- rovm ti 4<i /tiwv ivaiMipiui^rai : but hc lOKljf 

<\ilaA HOB ill>plif*<. <M^d a|)uJ poftia nan 
kcitar." Kuiu. To tliii irr nuy otrUj 
canCdmUr oppotc tbc autluniCT of Bur. 
nam. \Ja7,«etvKUdu tbot*— «»d in 
imcfil, Hwhapa, tfac mmc dlitiitcttnn i* 
W bo HUM fc tl w teii ij^ipeTBi, thtmtitm, 

MHvtaUorwrMMu, B«r.H*c. UO,ai>l, 
Mm. 6», Ion mt), winch MFmana 
■ p p aWM tly inluidnl in nuke brtwivn 
^Mivii, Jitoant, ukI yrwrr^t, at^uairtl- 
ri, a nmitUr frtnul. a Ifrottur. Sm 
Us BOW an Soph. (Ed. T. 302. fix i^' 

l' arnip TTWaWr. Angl. nol m /ar ai lo 
Mt/ al an <rfwara/an<w, or ««7 / tMontd 

[ib. w. U, 396,] qaam fbmta , 
probaMc MDiildl es nomlnUnu i . 
/4njiM#ii. iKe^wto, Pmtf p mo l t. tl 
neu libri ynu^rir, nnod noafonai laa> 
luBi, *cd rKam lixiiiAauu • TMrrdi dtf> 
fcrl. TiwTiliauiaiu'uiM, Ynrr/tMUOr) 
fwJ pal*ti aotei, BKniAoiI: ntule itfy*] 
raMTM ctUiir>i>aMTotdlcunnir." Can*! 
pu« HMvcb- ■ rVvTal' UtAAdI, ■j f ^raU J 

rrrj St MtAf^f. Suiitits : Tmiani' 

* riimrnrr Rlnmr. (llnu. Pniin. 5M : 
" AAru' ^ N. Arrrlt. Tmn, id «tiHn 
A/u^fi IU«t <t tfliit niciBUitetieetia.'^ 



■tnim hia prindplc too fu. when be addii on K^Am yvpo : 9*1 twip 

vMc ^adlihXru^— on wbidi KUuscu wi-|l vlwervo, " fwvf rMf , ut quod 
nihi nftodatsm e*t ; prtet*. quibu* AgtmcnuionU Mfuie* jiUcandn 
fpboUMli] flUItt : j^u ar^parot mu^. ItarovrorvtwntV. B4. [cota- 
fue nrtfarr w. 401 . fiti'.] Metuit clionu nc, «i Aguuenraoni* n- 
Qiain pro Clyteaincstra ioiplorct, iniEn ejus in ac ipsun conflct : itJijtw. 
quia ordcs repareii Don potest : W ya^ crtt. Si bee fvoc niS* ad 4bv 
0CIK )iM>4 retuleri*. de»tniitur omiiift orationi« coancxna."* 

In V. 39. StBnW. after Robortclb and Vcnori. reads I& yotn. >iuo. 
^but a Lu^ majority- of USS. and Edd. support Uie present reading, 
lith wlitofa comiiarc Eur. Hipp, 601, i yua i^h**!*- &• ^- oai., m1 
tWa /ufrrp' 'Eirrua> Ar »* aI trtt^l dporuv (oXotviir. ^fu'kifv (V atiUpi, The 
ramitider of the line, nliich liad bcca gritA-oualy corrupted — p^ftiw 
i^M.n M. rwyMM fuXXtt G. A. R. V. ^Wti T.— Stanley Knt comet- 
ed, by till! Bimpir rmtitatioii of tbe A wtuvh bad been lost before \\, 
and (ihidt. in ihe abapc of « •ujierfluDiui A. niiglit fcevm lo I»rc talent 
rdia^ in r. -tl. wbcrr Stonlcv ogmiii, or rather Pauw woa Utc first to 
TTftd Vi^SuXiir in place of /(j9<i>JLtiv : rotnpjdv tlic nnte on Aff. 139. 
M«fi/ia' (i)To£va: Sebol. Heaych: Mm^Ai- (ttav^mi-. "Dorea ro Ot'**^ 
dinnt fw. Uode ^wroi tenia |)«rf. poM. ex Ejiiduumo. fia>*rrti ex 
EntliTparioae [KujiboriaDe]. et pn^mn particip. c Sopltocle addudt 
lleUadhu apud Photiuin. Bibliotfa. p. 687. d«duc«iM iode nonen tMvvm, 
Mcaliw Platonem Crat. p. 229. Theogn. v. 769. AU rft t^ iiAvAu. 
ri a iimiwH." Rtatil. Curapare nionif. Glosa. Prom. 466. 

4S. W yltp \\rTpow M.rA. Cootcr'a ingciuoua oorrcctiou. XifTpw for 
XvPfir, haa been adopted by every tttcceedinp editor — even Wellaucr, 
wbo in ilia ediliua of /KacbyliM, ljetp«. 18^4. had mritten : "nuhi 
iiuoque vrnun vidctur, M-d rccifwre non Mini auaua," bavin^ ut lcu|i;tli 
dooe it the juatioc of admittinff it into bia lexicon .'f^hyleum. Lip*. 
1830. Compare below r. 63u]. Ag. 963-3. Etoo. C45-8. Soph. El. 
447. ifia p^tMmishmif'ai^n^nToitpirm^fitai; oUlirrir. ib. (i35, 

AvT]^' nofi^ifuma. Xirr^p*a ml friirru rA Si^v^m *<f urwrr^ffw ir$fitrtu^. 
Sc«al>o Sehlennter Lex. N.T. on tbiawonl. whidi occurs in Malt. XX, 

S> jIm SAoW. .\pT«nJ, p. t2 I ««tir, fre«"^wB0w4il«lt»naiit.Jw*. 
'ItfMnrtii A^T^dr. nrriMi mac ttdi^litr : />rrm i lotyp* MaciMe wd dlU», 



43. irnnitCn,' " minimc subetantiviun. at Bumluinl. Synt. p. SO.. 
sc<l xljectivuin, ut rijtwoXit (wojtinXvt, Hen») Softh. Antig. G14. ir«^j 
/upac(K<I.C. Itil.mtfnVSnryEKb. Sii])|iLS8^." Klniu. Compuel 
note on i\s. 60\.wdfmpotf6i. " Ab cxcUnutiotic o'. m. fonnutur rer- 
bum oifti (ApuUuo. Uyifc. du Ativ. f. 539, 'J.) eicut ^w ab &. £>, ct ei- 
milia : vul. Gtou.inThcb. 8. Agnin. 1287. B' 
BOiMi eccundaiio, mUericordia. Idem iere si^ilicst i>''ft>. rctun vox 
lunicn." Uluinf. Ciluss. Cli. 405. Htayi'li : at^vt' irru^tfta. ;ra>MnUlnfl« 

45. ;^om<rTv>«rr, " noiV4iA*to UpTnuiP. ut Prom. Yinct. 799. ipoMot- 
rofuiltXoi VofT^tr ffftoroffnyttt, luudnnte BI. EjiiMlriii fiiriii» c*! Amt- 
rv^if. iXu iitvietu, apud Euir. Cycl. 39(i, r^i ^ncrtT*? AtSutf ii4rytltif. 
ilnd. 60'J, 0^t Tf &t9ffTvyti. Apiul ciuidcin Troad. 1213. Helena di*_, 
citur V fl"»»fv)«i«." S. L. 

48. iriflif . rd irpLv. An^l. f^r /onaer utajetty. i. c, as np 

ftaniv. 49. Uic o^^f mtber thoD the cr/'mnn'on of that fecliuK, wbicb' 
the Scholiatl uiwlcr&tande it to denote ; % «9«ir, ^ m^i 'Aya^'fi*««vt 
«7koi>«I Biiifkot : txHiipare bcltnr vv. 149. C! 2. Ag. 515. 'Kji/tfr, ff>>Xornf- 
piinii JcqpuiMir vVjSut. Rum. 54J, tinmW aiQns ti wporimv. ib. 700, t»i^«4« 
TH r^^ftrcT <r0[icaif atSat- lb. S$5i QoAtvt intStK. Suppl. 776] w -ya 
fhln, Minor at^t. Suph. PIlU. 13S!>, «)rwfUMr'«y«ovZq*iit v^i«rM>0«j3ar. 
^. 68j. iia^X(!t iua^WjMc, trim tt/tt «Mi ov^ar. Eur, Ornt. 1343, A^r 
9tffia. Hipp. 335, iri^t ynp;);ttpd(au)ouH')>rd<'^*'- Alccet. 1000, jitMi A' 
ifMiW n^imr^, vtftvt tfoiipatr. J|>U. A. 6.J3, d iri.^ut <f«>i fuy\(nov% Aya- 
^('/u-atr urd£. " FcT TOC«iii ir4;Siic, MArWofrra rryiairi iittclli^i puto, i|iuua 
hitciL'^ue ucro»anctam ct inviolabilcni habitani. niinimoi tatxpugnM' 
Uki, indomitam, nunqwim jnlua opputptntam, jvojmr/i oirribM iaailcalvm. 
fjusqve mrntfm prwttriityfntrm, nunc tandem defccisec qucritur ChoTM ; 
propter Agtimcnmuiin M'il. <-irtlt-tii limuliu iiitiltiui!. inU-Hcrloribus flo* 
gitiuni hoc impune fcri'iitilms. Hujua vcro rci cuufiara atutim sub)im> 
git i ^tadtirtu Jtt ut. meOiit acil. ^vitqim." llcaiU. 

49. tt iirif ^^rvt »*.)" Pbra^iii biuic -Kwhylo tirjiing odlvtbitam 
me monet Slitnl. Sent«l lanluni ilii cunjuncttnt rvpuritur ut in boc 
loCD. Sept. Th. 26, «■• ita'i tmiiAv Koi ^|M0u> TVfiit liix*> V^<rD)>ii>i'( fyn^ 
Ah ; M(l liaud ubeinulis cat locus iafnv v. 444 (43C) A>* Hruir N' n'lrrr- 
fHMM /iv&or v^vif 'PfMvif fiaa*t. Wkc titx\ pnrtcn^idit Rlitmf." S. L. 

VMrf. J^iiur. Henydi ; A'jfiui'' wu-^, fli|piSirM*>. voXirix^. " Sic noa 

> "M>«t<l>r. Sir. tine ilinMiit. CmI. Vitt. i^iMiI." 
Rub. BJill: AW. Tom, Von M-m.. \%. 1L33. 
V*kut>. 2 1 oun diuiaU. v«i«(vi Rob. 

S. L. Sec tbe note cm 



Anj^icv (Iiriinii», Ihf puMie nrr. Shakep. Hnnilet, Act i. 6c. vi §a thf 
whole ear i^ Denmark it by a /ar^fil procen of my dtalb maity abtaed." 
6. I.. 

md, wipalvor, K. r>V 43^, Atigl. rnvMug its mry ; lu Jm« also ukI 
hi corajMunds mv idiomuticallr uted ; ««« Hern>. on Sopli, El. 144.*). 
Monlt iJH Eur. Mtpp. 7-10.. and compare [•>ir. Iph.T, 781. wipaivt. Ion 
362, wipairt ff Siv <r' artirmpSurtpi- PliiUwt. fr. iv. l.<IXit, £j9tora' ripatvt. 

-(Angl. nuiAe an enJ,fiaUk) Diet. ft. ri, 4, tU S iIhivtovu- dofwr mjwu^i 
v^ vtMtaitB ri roiait. Kluutcn cnmpnres Pind. Pytb. x, 28, m^tWi 

|a)>i> JaxttTon vXttor. llcSTcb : n^Mitei' nri st'pot ^*. xXipoi, iti>un. 

rll(p4unir* V^mtmy, timNrXiipg^, See Mattli. Gr. Vr. ( 496. 1. 

61. <fho|Srm» Aa nc, Aogl. ostH peopte are afrnid — oficdarQ not ifximk 
out (compMV VT. 9a. 103.) : evcTy one crouches under the nurpfttioii 
i4 .'EgMtbat— /«r (it i> »ddcd iu cxiiUiwtioa) pntrwt pntpn-ity. Una 
■mm; mortals ia frofA a god amd mare IhOM a gad i coinparc Thcb. ii'J9, 
■I^mV- ^ '];■•• fuiJ^'^')*' d'oC ot^ai mrnttSin. On this aw of rtr, Me 
MfttUi. Gr. Cr. (487. I., uid compRre ihc cxnmplcs addiu:cd in lUom- 
fickl's Gloeeary ; SchoJ : ^>o3<>r<N 4/ nt' irrX -roi. iminvs ^c0tlnu ^9iy(- 
09001. Ti 3* •vrv;^ir, irf^ — comparp the note on Ag. 1301 ., beUm- v. 
303. Eor. HnrAfl. 351. ^iffilS m rvtrpv^iav lairovff ireapjiiai, BiAr4lfUt- 

Bk^Mtf Tvx*^- ■''• 902. ovxP^ 'n" >^ a^Xi'<rA«i> n^ia* AtoOt. Androoi. 

IS70> jMy&a Y^ Kpuw Tu9f , Xtg^i/t vn'iMtrAH. 

Stanley has propo^nl two wry dillqrent intrrprviation* : " i^tfitirmt 
4«'nr, intvrm^liw, nemo tiinel ; vplnroluu-urriiiniiit ClytemnmtrUD"; 
— in the Utter of which Yie is followed hy WcHiiikt niid Klaoacn, and 
in t)ic funner liy th« Bp. of Livlificid whoK note 1 sahjoin i " SeBsua 
totins l<Mn fid finrm huju« Antixtrophx. ni fWllar, hie e*t. Uta tvra 
migrstttM regia. inej-fni^uahitin. mdomita. iitvirla aatekac. aitrex amitnot^Me 
dvuim pentrinyrnM, Jam mulia eel. Ee^itU auten timtt ? heae scUkel 
retagtrer*. &or inter komiaet Dens r»t el pUafnaai Deiu- I'iadiela autem 
dinMa ttUoa qiiidem eeleriter ia fwr permpiitur ; alii ivrd fnayiidn m 

vtreptuntlo lateitt. qvonnt Hipplkia »era at ccrln tamcn ffemiiutKl, ct 
l|tUKi occuho crcscunt ; alios aulem nor tegitiMtrnipetta; at hoR. <)iiam- 
via in teiwbris hlteant, vindicta (Kvtiw ceritu oryns pcncquitnr, qood 
nBtho 0t Ch'Utmru^ftiv evratunun eaae qienmiu." 
53. paw^ tf t'sitfoont Ai'imt] The olMcaritT, which rota upon the face 
nf UuB p«EN(gr. hiu been uut a liCt3e increnaed by the nany ibadea of 
tttewitng with wliicb the judjE^«nt or the fancy Af intnpretmi hn* in- 
■Ivd it, ill •uch rlfljEzling iivipty as to cmtiarrRM rather itiui afxiM 
tbe eye of the ini|airing tludciit — for whilftl all an: ognx-d as to the 




gcnenl InitU exprctscd, iKe niateKt namely of a Supertaiaidiag and 
jivntging Powrr to ichtch MoAkiud are tvhjtcl, some would limit the 
proposition to the rrrlainty ofajiist retrikuliim bnni/ made in Hkk ; it 
ma/ be sooner or later, in liay-Hrjlu, or at evcm, or in the night .- or (a 
otben prcfrr to understand thcee periods) mctAplioricuUy, m the mon;] 
dOjf, the rvtniny, or th« etost of kmrnan lift ; whilst vtlier*, &S^ii< iicwr-J 
gine tlwt it i» not the mere time, but the niLiure aud rkkIo uf such' 
viutatioD. tliut is thiu £^arativ-cly rcprcsentnl : and tlut not k> muc-b 
Uk ci:rtainty. us the inooncdvaldc ^reabicss of the retribution is eet 
forth, mora oepedaUj in the mention of Eternal Nighl^-to H«nnBtu), 
Wellauer, nnd Klatosen, " theie tlirec" in the id>itenoc of other outho-' 
rity. have agrixd to trumtiilc vi^ utjtarroi — to which the; attach a 
moaning that fulls little, if put thiag, short of the Scrifitural cxpoei* 
don of the Scholiast : oftI riv, alariot 6afan»e. 

Untter thes« ciictmutancM, the Editor — having preiuiMKl that his 
own Tiew of the inaeogc ooincidee vtith the lirat of the uliiivc-tiatiied 
iBtcrprctatiotu, aad that in gcocnd tcnns he would compare it with 
the Parable recorded br St. Mark xiii. 35. — [teems it most expedient ; 
lo mifaiait one ifiiniile vervion of it t(i hia readers, atid to notice Um 
comments of others, oiily so for as tbcy bare contribntcd to it. And 
first uf the text, Aldus. Kubortcllo. a»d Vcttori. with the IISS. Med. 
uikI Ciuelf., rend ti'mw — nliiUt HUat, wliteb i.t the rejidin}^ uf Stiuile)-. 
Blotnfield. Scboleficid, nnd Dindorf. rotto upon the single authority 
of Tuni^be.' wlio in the next line alfo luu ro^t fur (V ^., in itself 
an «nncw*sary correction, but which nt once l>ctroy« n i>uflicietit mo- 
tive for tbo early preference of i'lrap — the presumed nepeMJly, namely. 
of there being an accutalivc after nrxrcciirti. For tbJK, however, no 
greater necessity exists, than in that unular declaration of a (ceacral 
pnnciple t\f^. 2l3,^M)Toif ^lMr*v«t j^ tuaj(pifafnt ni^aiKi waptintatA rfM*- 
rawifUMr. where («e the note, and add to the examples given Ch. 4!i. 
nic fiiv, tintu or k-i/A utme ; i.e. Angl. la tome auea. or tMtaiuxa. Sopb. 
CEd.T. 977. Tid' Sr^ifioiT' itrf^MMQf, ^ r^ r^( '^'XV npir*!, «f>4*OM 4* 
ivrim oUttAt <ra^« ; Angl. teilh whom, or I'a ttAoie eoit, Sic. Compare 
below V. 62. 

" Tax**" ^Mr4<" which WcDaucr anil KlauKn would disjoin by s , 
comOM after diiuv,' 1 agree with Pauw in thinking " indolcin jtietitiM ' 

■CoBpaKllicvaciXioiwbeiowT. 30!. * It U due, perhaiM, lo Ibb iiMtfan- 

alien (with ttin nolitarr ruvplion o( Hcnt ■nd br>t MitltaiticKed rDidini, tO^ 

KlMMn}aUini>cnr>crordto[vailS(«it: aye ■ truwUlion gf K. vlikh KIwiiWi 

— atni. U. A. . Urt*. M. I iiMfr. K. 1 ten tktu •n|>|>llP>) : '■ Bvtittiu mittrtat 

Wan, T. V. juBtitiam, jwtciUtc prouiUcit. Ila Af. 



indicBt gciiaatiui. ct oon eni rcr«muluiii kA tcqucntia ppcciutiui" i and 
AiMf poftij TUX'"' I imdiTrtMid with S«tiutz to cspirsf ncflrly the tune 
thing u Aiuat p^mpnv Eur. Hii<]>. 1 1 7'i, wIkt« ytt Monk's note, uid 
eompare the Scbol. on Amtoph. Achnrn. 687. cpioted Irr Suidu r. 
8«»i8JXifff/w : Til /r nui imyiVu> «irt«ifiv4 {vX«* itvA rnv vtAfflvra n^sur- 

itAt^m '. as with iinvKorti—" h.l. de tntcnto ad percutieudum uiinio ; 
mmtfl, at Brtntmr, tniiuJstiaiie ab liominv in tnndiis aliqncm oppcri- 
cnle. (lurai chrm oliovc tclo pnctcrcuolcm fcriat ;" Schiltz — rrc may 
crita\mn! Ag. S52, 4w' 'A^i^ari^ rtlrovra * -r^av : Of — nnt tn tic 
down par^.' as though it must tKeds denote the descending stroke at 
a fftib (JiimAoii. or ^iirrpwi. notadmta applied to a ptg. or leteh) — 

Suppl. 381, Ti» ir^oSrr vanrvr /irnnrnrd i^'Aam nXpr^rwr fffurrir. it). 
403, Ay^fOriptmt ifuti/t—i' rdd' nrtmnnrfi 2iut frtpopptmift, ¥*iMtw tUortt 
liSuea itir KOKtut. Svia t' iiwd^toH : with whidi cocDpftre ib. S22. irAir d' 
■ViViD ftT^tr roXarrov, and lite note uti A^. Gf<\,'Em^finmr. TnmJate: 
lial th* 8\rifl mt^p ofjuirtier — i.f. luif It had Ix-cn written Au7 rrf|)«^ 
(Kxr^, JuMife, wkote mcefy-potsed balantr. or ifAmp impartial Koord. it 
rmlytiwyedmtkiaditrclioiiorinthat * — iahoveriitiforeTmeTi: imto$ome 
incEitius (()n,>^<'irvMni, A^. C85. 1005.) in the Day? whilst tIttjvJgmnta 
triich ahp asui^ni (rir>j>^Wi. Ag. 'i40. Eum. 888.) lo atktrt* xpring vp 
aft fT a time in ih" taid-uvj tfrrayth (dominion) of Darkaesa : elkeri. 
■guin. Impractiraftlt S'!t/kl arrests — and deliver* thecn up to that Power 
from vFhkJi tbcTv is no v>cd|>c.* Under cover of the Kigbt, it migiit 

SMi Uta tni^frath „iMa¥i Ih. 71t. 

Hrt «ar M timtm ■a^- 

With UiU 

intcriirctstioa of /«•««>■ it wc miglil itill 

iMsifvH, Suph. tjMl. T. i:u>. D. Ilrtl. 

Il Hillb«>«n>, )aowvT(T, fnm thrfiitlav- 

Inc r»««oti vliMi Wvlbiaer )«u t^vttn Inr 
pUcinx if]*- cotnuM brfoni toxiw, thai 
•II (hr hmIh oar rin* of the pMM^ i* 
nut nfipaanl tn ki« : " iwun turn #«n V* 
iwittmi ttror tuniaam tamrnam rri 
i^m>»T'^**« pnemiMB «ant, Tdiiak Uilcm 
nrlu* DomM ezM^fuiadl mMM* dadf- 
aanf i faim qocn pnaHsn T tiwrt G f t aoa* 
aiUif foa uM c«l«n«n «iwc." 
I Campuv, a* illiBtfWite of rti uw, 

^virfii .lonh. tPJ.T. 'j6\.^M^iA-*aXa,i 

tim fi»i : Tncn. H3, Vv air A*"? i^'* 
■*Vi/rv Scjr. fr. *9?. A. A»«T«rj >>) 

jMFaTtn ^IMXil JtOMpil il) VOfWW*- 

Ta^n : Rin-. Iltn. IIG^ aOwn H/rTct 

#«t /■) fffiuipsi ^*>-Vt : HgI- I09P, 1^' 

M> tA* ty^. aol Al./ni Bit* Ifvrft i 
TbiKJd. V. lua, Av^irtii Tt vol M ^aH« 

* Comnne Qrat-iii uL 21 ; Hmt*!)- 
' Compare Ike uotc on A|. }%, vm^ 

* "Hie cC »«<|n«n vmuj Munauin 
AtteultabOD CTFaniol; ijniun nnMlUiU- 
C«d«rrt: raxfin niu uir A>^>i, iinio- 
ikianc* csna anpii iMiFlMt, r*if r if 

Itrtmtjyiim *M^tm )jpav((vun aat fipi^> 

#a; nd hk pcMHa, jnonitiU orMionM m- 
venlane qiK iniiiM rannuM "[^i^- 
Mt, aulifeeto notato in Ipeun vtiUietVi 
<|iu«paiKMrr|)t. powa* iptaa MbattMll ; 
qnoriapctiMMpUcai^l Hcna.oftoL crW. 
y.tar W«|Lu**r. 

* It rniM bM be aoawa lm l Ihu Ih* 
Srholiaat. wMi irlkom m but ill h**' >" 
our lBt*rpr«lativ<i of thi* f — c«. ■"» 
(iTMi tba vwT opqiodi« liim in ibio mn. 

dodillK KBUtMV t_ 4 tt tOi Urqi ^«Ht 



be thought, vengeance muet be imi^raf tinLblt- ; it is tlic ecsson ivberan ] 
no wfirk in iloiie. otid Jujittce vnn iiuw no longer pursue licr »triiait— 
but no ! indistinct tu in ciimpsrivon wati uur Poct'a cuncciitioa of a 
morat Prwi/Jenct, we can alntost funcy vrc licv him prodaiming in the 
bwi^uu^e of the in5])irecl Psaltniat : " Yea, the Daikiieiis n na dtirknca* 
with Tlti'c. but the Night i» a» d««r v the D»y : thr Durkni-»s uid 
light tn Thcc arc hath alike" : Vf. cxjixix. II. " Hoc ^ensu dLr^Mwra* | 
»tf aic dicitur. ul Latinis intempeata jt&x, h. e. Somo inteqjrete, iaiK- 
luwa ! Beii, ut est u|iuiL Macrob. Salunt. i. 3 : j«Jt non iiabrl tempts 
idoneum rclmt gfrmdit." Sdiiltz. 

In V, 5C.lliv MS3. haTc xfWfiC"" "X" •"" '^V)' 'whence thccormpt 
nadinga i^pii-ifai- rtdxt A. fcfUMnioir r ivjia T. icfto^^orr S](1 ^ ■ "JCi ^^^^ 
l)i(' )i)iiuHible rorrectioii of Snjiliinniut. whitfli yet every Klilor uftur 
Scliill/ hiis ytry proptTly omitted, hoth on account of the metre, and 
because it lias all tlic np|>eunuict; of ft nianpniJ glo» inten<icd to >np- 
ply an apposite euh»tantivc to r& S«'— compare Agam. 1451, 1550. 
Ttieb. ^'IH. UmiT^irttv ajc'i^v- With ;ifT. trtiraf fu'vitt compare, in point 
of cxprcf^ion, liclovr v. 1058, fitvot nnjr. Eiini. 832, ciXaivou Kvparos 

Wf-phv fiiirat, SopK, Aut. ^(jO, (imA<U httrav avBtpiv tf lUvot. Tlvch. 1000, 

fuu-i'itc arOi-t, and of meaning, below t. 310, atdr^ ^oc arnfiin(tav. M*- 
rai}y>*at. iittervrnlng. pro])cr1y, bettrem two Unet of bailie, iHlerMfdiatr ; 
Hesych. (na corrected) : Mcmiuu"' ol (V luaxf r6itm -KoXipoivrrt : com- 
parcTTiCb. 197, ayqp ywi rt x«S T<Ti» (MTUi'MJicr. EuT-PhcMi. 1240. 1 361. 
HcTwl.803. "Bflino. Sfvlurio. Efiare*€0. Hvtydx: B^'-n* fiin.mjyaOi. 
itMi3Xi'f(i- tnjftfr. ^(1. mn'ifiriv. a0{«nii : ubi Albert! conjicit. non nine 
(jnuliun vciitiiti« ipccic, formun etae .'Eoticom ni puai, /luo, ut fif/Uos 
pro p6it,i." llloukf. CloM. Ag. I C3. 

S8. 9i* «T|uar' inmfiitff Mr. ;td. r.] fiWnuw a/'fr/mmr o^ bload rfrmA 
*p ly iNorAfT Etirih. an avcagiaff xlalnjlmi ilfrt/titJrltUy — »n with Bloin- 
6dd, Scliolegeld. and Wcllaacr (L«x. .'K*chjl. in v.). nnd apparently 
with the Scholiiut : <IY AIAPI'YAAN. mrX rttv, t>u S«ypiftw, 1 interpret 
ail Ibappi-im' Angl. tnjiul colour*. Mta.i not to bt tetuhett out, and derive 
it from JMppaS^rrat. iuppvUqv, (not, as some baTc edited, baip^viar) ; KC 
Mutth. Cr, Cr. ( 356. b. Bultm. Gr. Gr. ( 1 19, IS. a. and eumpve 
Hatth. Gr.Gr. 4 249.Butlm./rrrjr. Gf^Jt Tei^s. p. 3*23. '-<WAn^^04v 

tfiit^tiimvt iff' a.brut \iniiU6af — Imce 
it miiilil anm Uul tlw vritcr of thu 
Scholiaai IiaJ wit tvoHpil^nl ^^it m 
|Nrt uT llic Iril. iNit nl]u.-r kMJ tai<B 

>>^m to lir a itrb — SAAvvr U 

Yet lu* adili, tcrvoalily tu thni view of 
lite rontcti nhh'ti ire Ihroashoirt liaie 



(bic). KM dijimntfr. li. c, ita ut eoA <liffliiat. Cnior ex itta c«de n 
term hntistu* ila (.•omjiiu'tuit »t, ut rlui nnri ]M»iiI." S. L. Cumpore 
Sujipl. Cai. Ag. 31'^. 784. 786. 1239. Stimiigr-. Iiowfver, u il may 
Mcm, HutppiJim (u U stands in the old edhjons. uid ae Oinduif iiud 
KUiucn have edited) hus been siippo«ed to be \ participle, which Ao> 
fstui (nccurding to Stiwloy) would ilvrive from iiofifntta — on ailjrt- 
iitv, wliich Sdineidcr would olitun troia StuppvAvttr— and n rrrb ; 
whence Welluuvr : " iuifiyviop, quod iiuicir ab oinnibuB i>articipium 
Itaberi. (quale cnim hoc pnrticipium ? et quo pertinel genua neutrum }) 
bihU CHC nisi infinitiMis potest rrrbi itaji^vtaa, quod u lexici* abcet. 
itafipHitr BOajiicatur Lachni. p. 49 ;" and Klaofcn : " iu^vllair dcsh'a- 
turn a iuip^ii', Sia^ifKB. Suat qui >eripterunt l4apfuAar : at incoot- 
uodue est in hoc canuine durior Dgrismus, quum pnrtcrca tnigc>enn< 
tar foraup Doncx et Auicw." — Tiror ^ros, blooi that icUI ^ire blotnl ; 
hlood-theJ that criet /or venycaace /rom tiegrovndj Cvnetuiv, 10. II. 
Tinft" *%fiapit. Sdw) : nee die note on Ag. 7*i, irir^. and with wi'TTyrv 
oi d. (for which Aldus minlcd by one MS. \mA edited xttnjyti/m d.) 
compare Thcb. 736, mil x^onaK^f vis if^'f'n'ytt o^jwi ^inwr. Use 
populari (jundatn nupeTwthtotie intelligeoda sunt, nd nortntn etiam 
Ktntem pr\>[n^ta. quR niiicniiun ex ennguine homiiiie injuete ctpai in 
tcrrani rflam Mmpcr mnncn-. iiec vlui poMe, flngdNit." Sdiiiti. But. 
Icr compares Sbakcp. Macbeth ui, 4 ; " It will have Uood, the^ say. 
Mood will have bhxKl : 9tc." 

In V.58. Aldu«. with the tanetion of two MSS., had edited Ai' oi^uir* 
ianiif. which Robortello changed to 9<* aifui r imofiif, anil to it run- 
tinucd until Ponion mtorcd the true Mtue and nwtrc. On tlie forec 
ot the plural nifuirn, ece the notL-s ou Ag. 1 2G0. 1481 , and compare in 
this PUy TV.47. 275. Soph. Atit. I'Jl. Eur. Orr«t. 1347. Phcm. 1051. 

CO. 8i«^'jK>' iiav*a0artnt. Schtd : a sl««« which hns actually crept 
into the text of the Med. MS. and umrpod thr place nf Hui^ipti tO*> 
attieii in the editions of Aldus and Turti^be. And ibia iuterprvtatiun 
of tlie word, although witliout example in the TmgrdiaD». tnuy per* 
hipa be admitted on the authority wbieh Stanley ha» adduced. " Ad 
VirgiliflDUm illud, ..^n. viii. 64'i : ^vadnyx Dirlvleraut . V'ir el. Ccrnui- 
nos, Voleio Gue1hu» : ' Rudem forma, qua Gra-ci t^iit^iptiv dicunt rt 
Am^jmu-. PIutardiUHdeCnaria necc, ^u^'|»<ti>4* tjht ni"*** ^ riita 
«■! Kt'fioyirt- Eiirip. in Itaech. [73D.] AXw ii hofioKat iu^p^vr avap' 
iypaan. Kt Iilem [74(>.J fiaaatm hi Ai«i^iyM>pr« vafitAt itiiuri. Ideni 
[753-3 v^' •C'^ r* *^ i^u ^t't^fnr. {[pirnfnv ftiii «V i^tnti> nctft, E| tn 



Bttccb. [rJlU.] %x^r ufi0f>a Sinftop^aafMit. Et /Eech. ill Xo^. OimXyr^r 
Snt iuufttfi Tuf urruM' : ubi intrrprc$> ftio^'iMi' tuttnnipdatni . IlurM. 
£)|)od.v. 'JO. PatiM*pulta tntmbraAiffemHtifi.' H«c Cluolliu*." In 
tbt pnaent context, however, and more evpccuJIv io nxuievtion with 
iuikytn — which, tliougb in ivkM prrliatw lata^ Xfydfurav, oor Poet 
would MOD to hftrc intruihtml for the rrry piiqioiw' uf «lcli-niiinitig 
the Bieaiiuig of ha^iptt — it wans better to trniiKlatc it sprfoda <tbi-oa4, 
ptrpfltiiitfa or itiit»fminaleit, so that (it la ikililnl) the mar^errr. nhtaa 
{piilt ia thus frarfiillv tntnnnittcd t(> hu> cli-wrndiuil*, trruks oai and 
abountla n aii maniur of distam — bcconko, ae it were, a ncU of evil 
in hifl bouse, springing op from agv to age, uid innplc enough to in- 
ToWu of/ in its pcnucioiu slrtrauw. Schol : Mtw^fxtnu' tqt «lcni»Tti f4r 

Wc thus mnkc the pmimt {utMa^ parallel, in point of etprcMioii, 
to l^id. P}'lh. xi. 9 1 : or* {tiiiwjtat x^P*-*) *^ 'l^XiHa*' SiA^pu "U- 
Xaov. vjiw^rii' lovra — wticli KIhhsco has aptly quoted, but moat in^t* 
\y tronalatcfl /irojT^iVit lalao.adioinutntl res lolai — noil, in sentiment, to 
Theb. &40, ii*wpa(tv, »W awum natpti^ti' titraia ^xirx, ff<tv)itti i* Mmrrwt 
Aau»u Aufpf «<iv (explained ib. 74!2, «raXai)'n<^ yap kiytt rcapflaffiai' itivtroi- 
*w' iHuMi d* it rpi'nu'fKWr 'ArvUMiiDt f^ Aaiot ffiif «.r.X.) with which 
COBipwre alau Again. 1i;S3-r>7. 1409. 1448. 147I-S. below vr. 10'Ja. 
HM7-49. With iuAy^ .0-7 — Angl. s ikanm^h-^mg affUdiwita tpain- 
/ully-KLvre or pa'm/tilly-eiidiiring riaitat'ton — compnrc below V9. 175. 
6i4. Thvb- 694. Suurafoii Af'yds Ih'ttuuvi ml o^nviamt- ncvXit^yitVoM. Eum. 
334, nivm yiifi 'ttax"* ^<naia Maip' JxiicXttmr tfiitiitii tx'"- iSopli.lYach. 
1064. Phil. 7. &a^/Mf vHfiTDf- Eur. Ion 767. duuavlut ol>«ii. llie com' 
moo reading is inf, but fur roDustancy't^ Hilte. and bcrausc there ap- 
pcam, morccn'iT. to have bcrn an ratiy corruption of this word whidi 
in RoboitcUo'* MS. wm written otr^, 1 hikrc not limtuted with Schittst 

' Sm tlw aolc on A«. H7. 

* &iot4pii, rarrittt in all dirttli'»»t, 
prwMmt. or jmbliMin olnyMit—tiam- 
f*ra Bar, Suj-pl. 3eU, Iiaf^^w irnfiy' 
fwra — ft nwaniof aa Milly Mitalned frofn 

Iwntng MFerml •««>•. Sotib. Tncb. 
as. Bnr. iWrti. lOttr. Orat. 1363. Sup. 
■L 71!k: or. In other wot4a, at jittriiif 
or cmafM r« aiftr. Utc. y». Omt. 
m : M, A«iD ttM of myi fim f UlrTctlr 
Mrm^i or MfM*. u «btauicil that utlicr 
totntjie meaning to nn/irr, whrthcr 
■bUw, a* Find. N«m. til. TV, ilrrodnt. 
lenl&. UeLIO^OffncuteriAnil. Uearrf 

00} BliM. 6O0. WS, Soph. Aj. ail, «teK 

llMSchotiatt ft IJmch. tiM«riiu-iii(,u. 
BtimT«t : altliouKti tlcrmaiiii iiicKiicsrt' 
tiktt (a lmul>t« it joftahilar, kit iltue 
trwjrtmr, u He*l)i •!•» in the tr it. ' ' I>n> 
lime Schol. mniqnn MnniB I'luiw. ha- 
*^nilileniP«mur uM r t imi n ufiia au. II U0 

la Uro atfuMcaK vidaCnrJarM, agiui." 
* ChUacMaepricriphormifbrinitri 
Ibs1c«l^tlit>^d tr«>-*. 6a, uii!>«T*«*»r. 
47. atin*. j3, nlieratheDorkuBWDuU' 
xcciii bi liavc bcvu uu<lt»nirt>nl, onlf be* 
rsuM! it ura> mictiken by siUtevB M«Twa( 
to Stanley Ibr an aMiiBdn. AlM*^- 
nmitiarm t. 14, aa ia T. 39> jwyt^v^ 



Illom&eld, md ScboleRcId to read ^m, u bdow tt. 339. S05. Agun. 
1089. Ac. 

61. 9rnm^'rg(t*(ffiM'^)Mw] Compare Soph. <Ei]. C. I C^MtvlU^ 
r^, Aauit. Jfirt>ov. Matth. Gr. Gr. ( 333. " Adjcctivun vat<dp«rai, 
qtuxl BCT»n priimiriorAlet adomitia M^Snm*. idem e«t m- «<iM^f, co- 
Jiw fflom est npucl Suidain : Ibmtprtot' vai> /try^ov mi Sufwmv. Rc»- 
]iicit Mrtcm Ijexico^phiu locum Cul&mnclii, Frajnn. xlviii. Oi w ml 
'AinJUMni iriin^MR«v ((Xkh« ];wfi« &arft9y«i<<ri. I)^tur )i. 1. irarajm'ni*-^<n>c 
M( Morhi* yniri»»'m»*." S. I^ Comp«rc llc^cb : Ai>v^' H^Aount' 
' (fupcnTiMi'. ^lapici^tarof vXifptit, iimtiittu. ^tapitAt' atnpoXif. di' SX«w 

Alter this line Kmic tinlucky copyist, whose eye lind inadwrtcntly 
wandered back to v. 56. has entiled upon the oh) editions a most 
umncttnin^ rcprtilion of Uie ntirda r*uf 0' uKpatfrot lj(ii tn-^. wlikHt. on 
ibe ni{^p»tton uf llcnnwui. SclitUe uid crcry foccvcdtag editor boa 
jfiected. or at Wet encloMd within brackets — KlRiiMti uIodc introda- 
ID^ fbcm Bfter V. 6&, where see llie note. IlerrDann. indeed, would 
ntflidr fyvtv ako — u B}oinfic-ld, SchoWficld.' tmd Dindorf actunll)- 
han done — but for tliis ucilher reftsua, uur autbonty. has been ftlle^- 
oA; nnr, if /^'«<v wiu tiol tbc ori^na] tormiiwtion of v. 61, i* it ervy 
to kccount for nh&t nil wltnit to h&re been m iLCodi.-Dtal meertion of 
V. 57. after it. 

6S. atftatt i' otn *. f.] " Sdisimi loci jun Schol. rTct« cxplicmit : 
jtumadmodinn UU, f ui virginate* ikalamat fxjitignauil . miimi egi puditi. 
(ism Ittmnn rrparaadi \jmdiHti^ lirmrl rrmnlmm. Ho sangu'mrm mnn*^ ^- 
/■noa nHli valet fstiagwrt ; 8cd in co est offatdendiin), quod quUk 
■dsmt cvrapwniMti porti^ulai! ; tiuare iiod malt Both. *fh* vidctur ii> oTrr 
mwtwmr. tjriTTrl »tI Brqarne r* nrfmtiir. Eodotn inodoirfir«....«<^<ixun- 
paratiaiii inaenlt infra v. 266.(2-19} >qq. rrattcrm mututionc nulla opus 
[«ft, et fhutra Biyom (Ayrirrf Bloinf.J conjecit Steph," Well. 

Both (hciw idirrntinnit hnvr Itoon made fay Bloinficld, bat the reeeiT' 
eiJ text i» well ezphiiied by Schtitz : " L't b. I. n')t^«d /9iaXia dc «jjj. 
AvBffi umrpotiir. nir eadem Sept. Tlieb. 455. dioefaantnr rwAwo iAuXia. 
stHt tbi /r^irncb.l.sV*^* NctDpc quooiam « moR Gnrcomm 
netntni maaralo vir^untconclavia inire licrbat ,<^Ic nuDum enil dubiiim. 
n qaia vt aat datK-oloiu irrupuact. qinn id cxpti^nandi rirf^um dccoris 
«■■•• iwuMt. Itaquc vtT«M' wviu^vA JfiwXia eat Rutecedona pro oonsc- 

'y«tb3liujlMMBJifp.2J,SdboMeU nbi r i>Mrr«f fx*! r^. ombib. Smk 
W' "RMt Arv" OMibo ntaiMwIiin r«iwt>iiov>KttA^<»-iii«aMiriilMvM>. 
Maw, ecteria qiui nlfa infktdHicar. tor, qoan fvpotamtur cMom' 



cjumlc po»iturD. Cictcrum conriructio vcrtonim unicc -rem bvc est : 
offri 7rnr Hict ttyt^Kvv lllvkivr otyarT'. **M. avra. JransWe : Por 

vitfD. or in Ihe rate of, a wm\ rhfioiimj tliein, Ihere h no njiaralim of 
t'ir7im]/rAaMVrx(Vir^nitr)— Knilit K-illlicM^Q thnt <>((rii»to1icpre> 
fem-d tu d^«. iniuiiiiuc.h afl llic cliiusea that follow do not both 0{>|>er- 
tiun unto oJyntTi, and llie single r* suffiritTidy proclnims tlicir perfect 
titnty of Kentiintmt : and hi Wx manner rlvfrf atminff aU in ww Srte- 
turn, &c. — em Matth. (Jr. Gr, f 62G. and Appcnrfix to Notes on the 
A^amemiKin, Not< C. 

momfickl cuiiipiirciii Kitm. (i45. mVtor jUfv Jhf 'Kiimfv. iirn ntvtf IbtMfi 
rdI KiA^ra viAXq fi>ix<"i'i Xyrripiat' uvft/iAr 3' tvillair aiy.' uiuirriMrj Kimr, Ara^ 
Am-^kmi uCrif r^r' irtiorovis : alao Hen'cli ; tlipoc imraiioi, Tiipai' ri t«C 

jHrmii"v ^Zfia. ol Ji« t^k Jul^iKm- avt^ii. Srtph. Aj. 4 12, I'i iri^i nAippoAM^i 

wfhrrr tho Scliul ; irorii/ml <ie AdAocririK' ^iovrtt. (lid. T. 1227. oi^uu 

Catull. Ixxxr. -1, Ecquid tcif. qnttntum lUflcipiu soelcrii ? SuKcipit.Oj 
Gclli. quantum tion ultima TPthvs, Xon graitor Nii-niplianitn abtnt 
Occanm. Butler atkit " mi iion vlalitn cicctirrit nostrntia .'KkcTivI! Uu 
na, ilac6rtli a. 2 -. ll'ill all ynat Neptiau-'g oeran wath thtr Mood clean 
from my haati ^ &C. Kt nu^us in eccna Bobilis^ima Act r. 1 : Utre'i 
the tmei/ of blood stUI : alt tkf pfrfamn of Arebh tclU not ntrrtm tku 
tillk Aaw/." 

S4. r^ Jc^P*}**^ 4>^imf maSi^iMytn, Aiigl. ty mty of cttluuiMf lA* 

ttniM of blood UJKM lll^ hanltn — M if it tuulb«en nriifaitftaiv ;frftm^livM', 

Ihr ffnilt if haait that art tfrflett iri'/A btooit ; the Articli'. rb iiEual, m- 
ntniing dw cxielrocc of it» IVe<ltcalc : ace the nntcs on Ap. fiOl . (!2I . 
Uomparc, in point of expression, A^. 1397, ipewtX^i n'x9. Antrl. a 
bloody matAanee, or IPJ|«N blood hm btm iked; ib. 1305.. where nlfia, 
like ^ivot lient. ilciiote» the *t<i'at or rrim^ of blood, hlood-tfuiltinm ; : 
■bo below vr. 8-i2. 1037. Ar. t-131. aV <Tr<»Tor. ib. 1398, Xoroc V^ 
ttntAm* a'furrot t J frpt'oti <tri'«ror. 

Tlwj oiliest rwidinir of tliw line gives jftnponBtn! , frx«rpl llial AldOB 
bBAxacfiofUir^,aii<lTurn£be:{«i^i»^(<r^: whence rauw, Hrntli, and SchiHx 
liavc edited x*>f">"nr4< Ponon, Blomfidd, Scbokfidd, Dntdoif, nnd 
KlauseD, jitpmiwii. 

65. " In vrrlHB I'mKrai' <Tri)ir oiTendcmnt omnes ; Mccontima Altice 
pro genilj%'u jKiettuni (»«« didt Sdiol., quod nemo intcUigiti iat«r- 
pretes aiitcm alii alitw cntendnnint. Heath, propoauit pa'nust piru*. 
SchUtz. ex llcnnanni emeiidaiioiie drdit XmmuiF ^nft>. Scd Iwc 
omnia firuBtra. Mtbi <|uidcni poii t. 72. (C5.> cxi-idisM: alitjuid vide* 



tor. i|iio fatclo pnrcnlcntta intvlli^ ncqueunt." Well. TIiLi upinion 
— to whicb 1 was (int led, vrhcn considering Hit; whole Purodc (sec 
noU wi vv. :>0-74.). hy aii a priori ex|)iOc-tiiti«n tlmt the epode, if not 
(u Sf^iilz. after Ilcnnaiui. Iiu eodcavourad to make U) rewh^lo 
m(o a third itraphc iind Mtittstroptu.', would at least resolve itself iota 
two dutinct (Kutioiis of aliout ciiusl )<^igtlt with those that Imvc pre- 
wdcd— ^jipenn, under tlie actual circumslanoc* of the line at whMi 
mt have now arrived, so much mure rcoiwmablc than the attempt Id 
force two inoiTcnaive vrorda. aot merely ujmn wltat tliey ver\- proWhly 
wse never int4>iidc^ far, but from a poaittoo in wbicl), for aught w« 
know, thrv muv have been indiKjx-nwibte to the vrnr comtmction 
which all parties i^rce in puiti])^ upon ll»c context, that I hsv« not 
beaitatcd to act upon it. »o fnr as to U-nvc u vucaiit Unc ia which, in 
the ahaeoec of MS. authority, I pnrfiarav nut to suggest btm the Pod 
way hare expressed wlmt he luu binuclf aufBcicntly declared to have 
been lii* mtaoine-. 

Bhimfieldbas edited, after llenth, ^'nv<nr >tirifv, which has the moc^ 
lion bIbo of Scidler ie Vtrt. Dochm. p. L38 : Seholefield. JXaLtmyfidnp', 
the conjeeture of Scaligcr : whilst Klanien. who alone ha.t undertaken 
to iiilcr^mrt the passage as it standi, introduces after it that rejictitioD 
of V. A7, which we have ejected after v. 61., and o))«crve>: "Trans* 
t«lt hue vemitn. quern liltri pnebetit post v. CI ., ibi ineptom. hoicioeo 
aptiniinura. llic eniin est mcdius totiua e)x>di. i-ujus prior parit el 
nuuirrii- ct Kntcntiin n povtcriorc diflert, auM|Uc cxhibet Mrntenttw, ad 
i]uns bene rtfprtur ha-c [ratt 0' unfMvrM *x*' '^]' ^"^ ^ ultimo vem 
numerum, i|ui i|ua» pneludit venui noatro. FacUlime ab hoe medio 
cpodi loco ad medium imrtiv priori^ nliernire poluit hie TemiH, prvacr- 
tim ijiietn <puuEi voearet eo vox fif>Cttr. Metro eo, quod Rrophom 
etaudit, in media epoduutilureliaiui'indarui: Pyth. iii,5.«t 19.cotl: 
ib, iv, 7. elmediua v. 4. Quar hoc lococcrtiuBCtdiatinctiua apparent, 
quia ecrta lege c«rti»que finibua cjuattuor epodi partM dirvmtx •utit." 

66. /^'i «' irAytM- yi/t «.r.X.] TnuisUte : Bat upon me far that fie 
fodt hatt hid the hardtkip iff having my malive citjf bairfffd~-/or/rtm 
Ike home of m^fmihtn l&iy iavf led me iato a ttate c/ MTvitude — tV 1$ 
/vr me, right or ttroitg, to afijvUtee in what imilt ihfm thai errretM- hrJ- 
tkip OUT my life, hoievrrr violemfly ihty com/ltd tftemtrtpes, rej/reniog 
the inward Jit^st o/ bitter feelinyt. Sudi — wbctlicr, to connect the 
fubject nilh tlie predicate, we cupply (reU^ /•' itr^n;, or vimply irip« 
(vv. 940. ^^1). or pi'fiHi (Ag. 1114). in which ca*e Iftai. lliough in 
•thctneM governed by «ii>M^tvy«ai>. may be rappoaei) to form put of 



ibc mititi propoMtiM) — I believe to betlictroc purport of this involred 
sentenCF ; on the nunstniction of whirfi, see by ttll mama Arnold on 
Tliuni). i. i'2.. and oomjMire the otlier [mrnllel pasMgei wbidt be bas 
ndtluocd. Sec also the note on Ag. M 1 3. 

Wilh ovoymi' a/i^i'imAu- — an unwonted exprvvsion. irlticli the tmh- ' 
joined explaoktioa. /« ydp .... inaymi aianv, was doubtless intended ' 
to tie down — mmpnre Pen. 587, Ikmiainrminir AnAyKait. Ag. 1003. fl 
y o*f axlyicf r^irw /npfu'woi Tr;(if». Sopli. Tci*. fr. 518, 4. rovi W Sew- 
Xfioff (v}^ 'tX"' an}"<^(. mtd L-^pcRidly Eiir. lice. 363, owijwp- »tr«* 
*ak!v : nnd wrlb ilfujn'trrnkir. for wliirli tlie tltm; uldnt editiotiS ItSW 
i/t^i TT>i>tr ' (and of which the Scholiast has ^ren tbc fcdUnrii^ oc 
accountable TCrsion : rgv <V Aia^/»ti> iroXnu' d)ntyicfv, 2 (Vt<, wA«fior. 
tt dfltfufiofr^jot Mipmt & KvptwUhit (AikIt. 4(k5). fr hivptipMt yip nIXf«r , 
(irtD- ol *E\Xi)Hr). compurr Thch. 290, riW afuiimtxv *^«>w. Otnua KtA 
/i)f timia. I^'lral : I'rt iueatrnt, iirr ft^. tvrt ti itaprnftia' AoAr, Sfmrar 
Aevm ni Hixata Kol if^tai {aVhta) : wilh which Blomtield aptly eomjMrca 
Aiutoph. Nub. 93, Kq. 256, Plut. 233. Menaiid. ap. Slob. Uii. p. 384 : 
«ni rvv buuMu row t' iiUou inwT&t ^r^r i if<nn(rqf, vpli ti>!Vim> Av AtS 

In what follow*, Hermann, Wellnuer, Scholefietd, and KJauwn agree 
in inlrrprrtin^ nptmrr its ir^'mi. trptVuv ^i or irp^roir' ^im : and to 
the Schobast, lIprroiTii fioi iim sni ^i^iX(J;i(i'ii, (£#rt ravnra' iwar^pijtiat 
Hf Qloy, Ti Twr irpii dim- mnTrfuVwy /muMPUi, luAvaTai^ r^r tor' «Mar 
tbwtfTvy^irif, iral /i*]fii' ^appfifSf rAv itaitinjv itkiu«i>trTj. In tlut cnsc, how- 
ever, it in nnt easy to say what retuftt t)e th« canatmction of dpgiut, on* 
lees with Profewor Sdiolcfidd we atill connect it with v^Morri (Vcm) 
and translate : eom-mll wa* rilit e»H4Uioi>i Iwdart lumj-sfa turn injvftt 
eonam fai violntlo mrn fmmlur ; to wliicli. not i« tncntinn ihat no au- 
thority is given fnr interpreting- Aftx"'^ ^•^^'- /ft'* 9"^ vitmn dirigunt, 
there cxiato a still more Krious objedion on account of the ah««nc« of 
the Article before ^jxt^n-av : mc the note on A^. \Z6-2, and IkIow v. 
848, Klaiisen. indevd. reads d/)xA«/ for which he hw tin- authority 
of AUui and of the MSS. Med. Gudf. -, but, though wc might admit 

ftm mrm aaf. Sed totntn lo^un, qai 
pBno asotcvrior ot* n an<4n mmte ^* 

*tro fnterttttalnii niiin fn-ee ttftnmmm- aiiiiiMtnimpattr- 
nk MTTiTm miki nnJMwuvm Miut- 

terrhmt f*l, »ilimM Mnai frtmfltlf. SI 
(juii pro 2^ wtAuv Diallt mitiecturaia 
mnita ■ra^edi, Jui^vokw [&><*]««» «)• 
ip^hraXar. m*e*»nl*leM a/ttdUratt] BHt , 
ivpucBtbo. Mill nm mota qmoqnna. allf 
•cumib ( vakatii oouunode muI potavt." 
S. U. 

' Kobonrflu'iMS. liad^nii ^Ro- 
bortrilo anil Vctuiri ajtcc u ciUtinK i^ 



Utc conRtrurtion of mWirai with * doulilc aceuMtire,' no one surely cnn 
go with liiia in traiulsting. "ffi^ oett: juum afrtpfrit mens inrismi o- 
cUtim /KT vim imperaitUn ; ^iporOai, aufcnv. aodperc, pnti : oi Xiyow 
wMiv* i^yMOT oCr Si^tiof. Soph. Tntcli. 462." I hove adopted, t)i«f«- 
fore, theioggflatumof Blonifield — wiio.onlibporl. haupmAnndwith 
BaUcr to inaeit ti before irp*inwra. tuid tran>lBtf iarnJ camveniaitrr ori- 
gim Wif meo — aad interprt-t r^t'irorTxi, AqkI. ichai Mrm good tii (Ai 
fjtf» </ SiC., an c<|uivati;nl here to &!«»>»■>, piadta ; although I am un- 
able to confirm this iDtcrprctation by any other authority tkan that 
wlucliIlIonifk-ldliiiP given. Kur. Rm. fr. i. 8tob. GO. p. 384: ioik^yip 
oix vrofr* niXf^f Xf'yfip, tl itrK^Taun nif rp*ir«rra rvy^'^'^' Ucsji^wt 
hat ; I^mwi'' Afu>uii>, fUrfioti, v^fi^ptar, ■^poM*', ^ivroc.— With ^jfWi 
Mrtion/tm (abstract for concrete) oonipare Ag. 1 10. 'EXXtiAw ij^iiicju^- 
^{paHi Twydr. 3). 133. svpirmf r* apx^- S«p(il. 465. ««r* iifi;iiTC >^ 4*''^* 
oirMc X(«t. Eur. Phcen. 973, upxjoit icoi ^rpmrfkinu^. Xcn. Cyrop. vui, 
7. 6, iic£\*vt iH Kit roCc ^iktm «itl r^r niptrvr apx^ : and on the coo- 
■truction jttp ^pojuMm ainoai, vbcTcby (in lliucydidca more especially) 
wt raqr obaerte that the actioa o( the verb is n7prc»ciit(.-d (u proceed- 
ing pari pauu with lliat of tlie accompanying genith'c oi reference 
(AJatlb. Gr. Gr. ( 337. &c.). oompare the note on Ag. 1390. 

In V. 71. ox'f7 editor after V'ettori reads vu^r. vliicli Butler and 
Blomlicld uiorcowr maLc the predicate of the whulc sentence, dt>*jo«ii- 
ing it from ^pn^ orvynr, and truulnliDg ntpoc ion, fuxrbiam eft. 
Tcmiiting, however, as it Ia to read iru^». which Kcniii ntoAt uatundly 
to attadi iladf to «iv>a«, it i» a occtUcM dcjuirtUFc from the united 
antbority o<the MSS. Med. and Gud/., and of the editors Aldiu. 
KobortcUo. and Tumi^be. vr lio all have xiMfiii^- and in defence of *i*ftSu> 
f^am- we may allege Sopb.jVot. 423. irwpnttywAcufir^Aiyyar. I'hil. 
189. wMfMc ait4aiyat. £ur. Tnxul. 1227, vi<^ Mupf<g. Klauaoo re* 
marko — not very intelligibly, wbetlier wi; Ittaik to hi* tran«hitioa oroor 
own — " ouDtiuam per iftp»ru bomiocoi ipeiun doignut |K>eta ; itoqu* 
»er\'Bri IccUoncm V." 

72. &Kfn« d' Uji' tifi^T^, " h. c. chun. occulte. Eur. Svppl. 1 10. ai 
t4» nvvT x'^^^'^* wtffT<t)>». Xry' inMoKi'^ot fmt ml ffx^r )4oi>. How. 
Od. ^'. 114. ^tiAsiauho.ii*fvi' it6tSi^^Aftt»x!iril^Sii^.iFaT^ 

"Sieaim •^M«(rr)tr «t «l «|M'nrfr- 
• tbar ■epuatlm rrrte ■Kcanliir, cnr 
I atlnii cavjoKClM V PonhoaBar. 

■ inn*en «mnt hate k)tia«» thUfH- 
wkn u|HM Ac. tin (IUJ>. <»^|K> 

f/p«rra.boioohMtflrB(Mfr*edi "Qaorf 
l>er«i(/Vfplf-rlquf Inirrprctmiertnal rn- 
OFm fifiti. hir tcitBii* oinnuMi iii r«a4B 
incst. W in mi^io : irllil ml 9f*rrt." 
1^ (iiflber tut A{. l&aO-X. 



V. 153, aitap 6 irt'iMr fv* i^/fniiri fliKftior rtd'i xXnrrai' i. r. X." Stall). 
" Ad niorcm conitn uni f>rAvi luctu opprimuntur. mput vclantittm, al* 
ludi piiint Ahresch. Notam hoc quidein, >ed ob Kpvt^airnt niv^ttrai w- 
ctpio tanqnatn h. 1, non torn gmvitatcm IncTun. snl ncecHitalcm tgiu 
celandi ClvtccDancstrtun rcspici&t ; idquc cocftrniitt cootextus. C»tc> 
nun yEftchylum raoria istius (luem Biipra teligiinua nonnunfiiukin ohwr- 
vantiorem fuiKM, tixXit ducct AnMnjilinnw locua r Blunif. cvllatUM, utn 
Bslsc nun hac de caiua ridi-t Euripidri, Ran. 9\\.nfKtTnjTi^iv yifttwa 

" Venam corruptum putat Pars, ad Eur. Med. 1218.. quia datpvu 
median) longaiu habet ; exceptioncm h. 1. adniitti putai Qmet. ad 
Heraclid, 1 11)0. ; at non i?$t versus, quod tuIjgto putatur, thrnctx-r, »ed 
eod«m metro dccumt. qua v. T,i (GG)." Well. 

J4. wuxyovftiro, ciitled. " na;(tvi(D. Frigort aMriaifo i i:t mtlMpborice 
da/orr ronj/c/o. Heeytrli; na^'^'f"'^'' <u'Hff>KViif. Iloiacr. II.P. lll.raC 
9 ^^fM«u> fiXn^v {■''■i* 'oji^iviTai. Ilea. Opp. 328, r>i y <W;||*'ttHrci>^iXoi> 
frop. Euttalli. p. 10D7. 3G : liaiBnm bi ol iruloiui •^xfi*' X'V*' ^ ^H^f* 
£ffmp ai mXiir, << tdv tVatn'ou, ^fi;iu ru ir^diDii^. di^ ita'i AiXnyii^ 4 *Xn<. 
Eur. Hipp. SOS, Xinry iraxmuAMr*,^ Viwr^^o^ai TUiff i ubi vid. MuuL.*' 

7o. 0/um'i rt-ramt] Suiiiley coinpiircaHom. 0(1. vii. {f^.-mvriixima 
fii at jtfHMl Kara dwfui yvwiucrc- II. xi. &\\, tqrput ut^p. CaUiin. llynuii 
ApoU. 43, MiTTfvritf (ii't'jfa. llercdot. Jv^ft liXtivv. PUutus, trnua AtfnW. 
SnUiut. muUrr enrilla. Sec MutUi. Gr. Or. $ -ISO. 6. 

/ill/. rt^jftOMt : rniV (cmv iiTTf^rridie' *i T%6t\at» vd nord riii' auor. 
Scbgl. lloiVi'li: EL<tf<)(uiv(i' fb^tTDi',«L'(Tx<V'ora. Suidiut; EvAu>o«r*iif'Tif^. 
dirv^uc (Cyrop. viii. 5. 7.)' koUi' ittroii/ ijftirvi Kvpitt Kaii <V oicm (fi-aa 
firi(^8(Ufia n(» ivfii}/Mai*^i'. ctmi" y^ riV tow d/fmt, J^Xtir •Vru- mtdv W 
(hAWa Xo^iiM. " FhotiuB, F.£dqfi«Mivl9lai : fj rJAffAii f wynMrAH. 
Apull. lUiod. i, HGOt TOHTi A( ^—pt^i"' t'Cfi^pon tii\nir liuiJIj., uIm Sohol. 

Etjuuilogits vero p. 39 1 . 'ih, enndeiD locum citanR, inti;T]inrtiitar rimtMif- 
T^" Blomf. Hence the reuaik of Bentlcy. qturtnl by Butler, on this 
laaMge : " Hire BigiiiKciitiu activa Imud vulgo obicr^aU est." Od 
Iho oonotnietion, itifian» ti4,, rumpurc A^. II 3S. Ai'iIjnm ^'Xm>'. ib. 
1I3C, nuXumtnif floTMr. lb. 1409, yrxouur rifvAt XufiuyrlijiuK. below v. 
7-16. Matlh. Gr. Cr.( 344. 

77. yi'rw^] " Ytr>'<7Ati Med., ttd • rapra (vriptum cadotn Rianu." 


Staiil. " I'vrtastie ver\u est iuliiulivus, a lilifurionun impcritU in itn- 
peretiviiin mutnluii." Wdl. Klau)>(.-n aJonc hu ventured, on this 
pmnmptiuu, to rcciill -ftn'a&at — and this reading (AngI . ftltate to bf — 
eqiuvalentto yirtaSi iim. Pcrs. 171.) miglti tKidivlit )>u defended from 
MBtth. Gr. Gr. ( 546, and the exompka ulduccvl there -, but I mther 
folkiw the TCftt of the MSS. and Edd., because it may be doubted whe- 
ther yiin^$t orii^inuted in ii mere correction, and. further, becatuc for 
tiic reaoun ^vcti on v. 17, it kciub dcbindilv that the third foot in 
Itus lioe aliouU be an iambKf. 

19. rd^ a xim-va."} So. after Klauara, I luvc restored what from 

mi iiispoetioTi of the oldest authnritiEs — n'<^ ii Med. cod. Koh. ri^ 
it Gurlf. rvfi3f hi Mnr^. Med. Aid. Rob. — wc may pressmc to ha*c 
bcvn the reading of this line, until by eucce88ivcn]teTatioaf>(Hasgcsled, 
it woald teem, hj vhat follows in v. 83.) it wu tmnirfnnned into that 
ah^pe — rjfi^f x'maa. *,tJX. — in nhidi it now atand* in nil but the two 
firit. and two Uttst. Editions. Ktank'y indeed, nnd niter him Wei- 
Uocr, luid already pTojwpd ratf-f — which feem« i>rcfeniWe to rtywSy. 
if It were but for the sake of that varirty aC which, we see. the Poet 
has nvaiktl bitDwlfin vr, 97, Q9. — but theobnoxtou? At which, nnlna 
wc might be pennittcd to rend xtvvu,' can only be rctaiucit a1 the ex- 
penec of on unusual syniseaia (Matth. Cr. Gr. ^ ,96.), hta been t»citly 
dropped: as in Ferv. 334. Srap ^piiamr /um n>ir' . irarrrpitfrat inKip' *iww 
a bXhAk ijv r.r.X., which Kluusen aptly i:oiiipare». it hn» on the single 
autliority of Tom^be. in the f«K:c of nil the MSi>. and of Aldus and 
RobortcUo. been altered bj- tmry editor after Porwn into u. 

Nov, as in tlie iibm-c paaM^ the A/, which ooght oa no aecount to 
have hem disturbed, serves both to rr^umc the subject In which, after 
tht brief interruption in rv. 32fl-32, the «|icflker would again revert, 
and at«o to mark the afiodaviN after w C pra- ao here aUo it throws an 
emphans on -ni^, both a» tbe cnrTclatire term tog^estcd by the jar- 
riow metition of tijitS* wjwtrrpov^t, and as the Fiiremoet in the group of 
ideiui in(^}u<lc«!, in the icpoiker's mind, under the f^eral detigriation uf 
ratit. Traniifaite : TV tomi. t toy ! ifidltt I am pouriwff over it lUtre 
MOKmiMff iHalioiu. hoK am I to tpntk it kiaJly (propilinte tt) ? huveaa* 
T pmy to my fatttrr I' aad compare the note on .Ap. IS7. Xen. Mem. 
Boer. II. tx. '2: rlwt lun.t^, ft Kpitiif. (>mi( ij rpi^it, um im rmi \i^ 
«B«t irA tA» wpacUmm un/iCmcri ; and Other iitstancea whid) MHltbi» 

•SMGrill(h(onlVtn.2(». EIoniLuii 
r. KInL 413. M«iil>. <ir. Ur. tM. 

;r/fl|r — iiDm|wni Iwknr \-r. 123. IJO. Itfl 
(iiM:rr> irr (iitt mle). 8u Joeia. t. 7 



(Gr. Gt. i 616. 1. 2. 3,) hna girrn of 61 Iwnn^ " used oa\y fur more 
cnipIiKtic dtiN^iition" — under whicli head we may cbiu also lltiicyd. 
V. 103 : iXtt'if M (nQKWcrinjr unto iXnU ]trcceding, u kfx'tai- J)< unto K^'- 
MTur Bopll. (£d. T. 37S-9.) iriir8L*f> trapaici-Su>f oS<fa TM-t fw* <nrd Vt^l 
MnruK x/Ku/ttrom n^rg, x^ ^tf^g, a2 tu^ttXr: aJiuiniMy rendered 
Ilobbce ; Hope! the comfort (t/tiimgrr, lehm tacli utcU at hatt to rpart, 
Iboayh it hurl then, yet il dettroyx them mot. Saa twlov on w. ISI.J 
369. 60?. HOG. 8-JO. "KifAiiiMif xD^-Po'eKT'i^' 'V'riiu; i|Utc c^dor. ic^ 
parentationna linbcaat." S. L. Hcs}xb: Kn^fo*' rui^qr. Suidos; KijAtia' 
TO^i}, tK^ofa : bat KCc below on t. SI 7, n^lo* ''fi'X'^- ^^■i>po^. thingt 
that roMf kiiuUj/ unto ne. tceU'pl fusing, congenial; compare A^. 775. 
fit0pur ir^rM. ib. 1 543. i ^'y>nr tSiftpov. Bu|i{>l. 378t ottf of rM* ij 
rtifffl' onfuM'tu Xtrof . Eur. AJc jt)?, j^aL^ow'cf^jtoHfioXiry.lV. 547>^mv ' 
?f<«Affii»<^fM>*ii:' anil Bee below oo r. 113. 

79. true Kar<vfu;iai vor^i ; Here too I Lace prefcrml with Kluuscn, 
to follow the oldefltauthoritiefi — coAv^fwuMcd. lort u£a;ta> GudT. Aid. 
Rob. — rather tKim with Tumtbc, \'cttori, iwdtrxcry otlier iKicciK»litig 
editor, read Mr(u£*tfuH — whidt luia all the 8]ipe«m>ce of a 
made on account of theprecediiig »««. "At difliut atriuaque ntia;' 
KlnuBcn ably argocft— " nuaimc enim dubttat Electra. quia inrocstuni 
■it patreis, Kd quomeda isrocalura sit [invocalut] : omnino veroduln- 
tat. an qose dictura est sccepta sint fatura. Hanc incraliarem rem 
jurciiuodragTUitK>njuuctivu9«orbili.inaiiicertiorciiifuturuin." Bloio- 
6cl(l, indeed, had not failed to aotice thi« divtioctioD — ultbougli. oddly 
enough, he scvme aut to have drc&iut of upplying it \o the actual cwac 
before bini — " DonnihU differuat wm Kurri^cyuu : et irwc tortt^ttpm ; II- 
lud Augliec cx{>rinian, bmc ahaii I pray ? hoc vcro, haw should I {rutlier 
4aie M)iM, Aow am I or ovght I to\ prey, if I pray ttt all? vid. Dawes. 
M. C. i>. -lOS. cd. Kidd." He lu» also aptly compared with the i 
as it now ataiwU, Sup|)l. 777. n' KtiaAjugea; coi ^{yiapMv'faiiat Jt^MAr' 
nXoH^ri nMCAwMTi'iroir. Bur. Iph. A. 4a4, tUf n ^^ot trfiuc OUfuyni 
rqr '^qr; itm flife^uii' nr ; itoi<i¥ ttnui avfifii^at ; tb. -I-I'i, m^, n ^8^ 
r^poc : Sfi^fuu wiAr ; nnd yet, after uU. he [irvfera xarri^M^uti here, be- 
caane tndy our Poet has written in t. 634, z»u. Ziv. W Xrjx*; «JAi> 
Sf(<»pm ; and in Thcb. 1057> ri itaSit ; ri it d>>» : ti St /t^ttyui -, ODOt- 
pare below t. 123. 

* TbnM nnnii>1c« majr ait&e* tn ufapw 
llmt U te nut nrroMir wtlh WrllnicT 

&!. jCKhfl. in *aT.) to Ktiv aCf^p 
inR, lr«f r.rc«>jn/a/ii«, rrrfuf. TlMMiitc 

ivmsi\ tpfltntaT. UA. w1i#r«>lM<*nMld 
larttftii^in-fot aimtli'nilc iKfrHi^ititi*, 
elarti; Hat Knglifk Mtin-I ivi-< kiitd <tii| 

iisJ/y «ill tie (iMnd Mdiikiit kir nil lu 



80. nAPA «LUU ♦L\Oi] On tliis caiabHshcd form of exprcMing a 
plnatng reciprocity of Rentimait or oScction. ite« Uie note on Ag. 336 : 
■fid with the whole of the present pOMO^ compare Soph. El. 431-58. 
Ew.Hec.5S4-4l.Orest. 112-21. Viig..«n. 77-80. 

81 . rqs //lift (UTTpdc wapa.) " IndignabuDdA hac subjicit ; puis igitur 
ElectruD po«t irifii pouMcn uliquantieper fitc«re." H. L. 

83. rMt itiXaiHMr, thit mijivre — justb^are caSieArAaStKrfitievejftiae 
— of which w« find the ingrcdicntB enumerated in Hoin, Od. xi. 51 8'20, 
d^' diV^ a jifoi)' xfitftfni irutriv irttvtaaw, wfiira lUXufiipif. fMrrmtra Aj 

FerB. fill 'IS. Tbeee several Hhatioiu ixoiu}, we must suppose, caD> 
vtitoted K Mlema cffhiny ix"')) 'o /Ae deoJ; aiul if, as eeenu probable 
from A compuisoa of w. 88. 90, they were (ometinm mixed together 
ra one oonnum vcaKl, nch an offering might not inaptly be termed 
k nVXoMf. See the Sdiotiut on tfau {MUange, ik'Xavw vsv tA iinA>6- 
Itnvw ovn* ■oXoMTi. and the fmgment (juoted on v. 31. x«t* vtivmiw n 
^'pm. Compare also the note on Ag. 9S. 

84. f r»vro^<i»«i t«Cm«iE.T.X.] Translate: OrmuX/M#Mi«(«/afr. 
CcW jHlmw. lu tiie g^Menl aaUtm w: that hk would BECounxiK 

' /Ae mdert of /Vae gariandt — maminf, wtm a kkcomtknck roa thh 
waoNoa rnAT tmzr iiAva doxk, iwd ariTABtt TRsaat-NTO ? 

TmVn ToDirof, i.e. ri dvnJtobmi, which, Wellauer has well obser^'ed, 
" absolute eit poaitum sine objocto" : at the same time tliat lie liaa 
greotljF embarrassed the right coMtructioD of tbc panagc hy tran»lat- 
big : * ' Num /uWatH ntm ,' fwmodbKiAmi mw t*t k«mMibt». rtddert, etc. ? 
In verbi* enim ^aoim rohar jubendi ngnificatio ineat, ut Nepe verbia 
dtccndi :' v. Jaooba, ad Antbol. it. 3. p. SOO. Schei'f. od Thcocr. xxv, 
47." 'Arri9«vMM, as the printing of the text and Eo|;lL»h tran«lation la 
intended lo nhcw, in m omiioat tMifna the eommencement of the form 
of pntvcr (v. 79.) whieh FJectra praponea to employ: eomparc tbc oote 
on Ag. 1373. wnn SKivtm iroi' ih QXii^^twc yitnt. 

" Deiftde ad iaaa/ n," WaOaoer oontinuca, " repetcndnm Ammi" — 

■nd tliis uudoubtedly b a more aatiafactoij- explanation of the eon- 

t^Mllictian, than with EDauseo, who removes the comma.' to connect di- 

< On the pfiTBlUrttT obMvrabla ia dila 
Intonretatkn. MoinR Matth. Or. Or. 


* So Klaiaot tUa trawlKw, nd r^ 
. Biwt* on ifttMwwt: "InAaiUrmn ttt- 
I Hm bitp<i*t>in fnwmm loco pfilnm iU* 

-■UMiMnn nddit Bcntb-SjiiC. F'Ur.* 

* See tbe ute oa Ag. 16. Ilenu. on 

Vim' p. 30G. B. 158. 

* Dmdarf alao Moiu thr romina, noc 
•fler #**f«<ml J, but allrr r#Tj aim hi tb* 
piwMlini)itM. Of thu wo nin« antdi 
•■r wUh WdUaor s " Ilinr liKum dmIc 

RatdkkUSefanb.falpHllaT' uin inter. 
raigll : tUDC Niwi MtiHi* Uo a*t : Xwm 
W WliMii. mortm OMT kmmimiiBt, irf 



vw with ffT#^, and m>kc hta^la» (Ang). an e^ivaUntJ, with anotber 
How luuierslood, the nccuvative afler Ai^r^vnu. In good truth. Iiow- 
CTcr. lh(Tc is no ellipsis vrhatt-VLT : bat, just as ire find in Soph. EL 
14 18, ft yip'Slyto^taff iftev., and Aj. 13l*J, if tov wv AjtrnftvyotXiyu; 
— on which aee the Appendix to Notes on the A^ftmpmnon, Note C. 
p. 380 — »o i» it here it1»o. The speaker, by niesnx of r«, !iibjoin» to 
bcr own previous cxprc:6aon amititmu a few supplementary wordi 
wherpby, inaamneh ns in this particular case the recompence 
be not for b^nvtila but U>t injuries received, nnd therefore could aticf 
be * ooTTCspoaditi^ return of rvit. the propo»nl mention of titc word 
neoMptnae i« as c^cdutJIv (ulthcragh tacitly) negatived, as m» tli* 
tntroduetiOD of the cuitornm' BalutntioD, wapa ^OLi^r ^Ay ywa»Kit itipi, 
tpJkicA, xhe had j)u>t before declared, / iavr not rAr tffrontrry to sajfi 
Mcumjr Bs I do IkeirAy r^c fji^f fiiTrpiW viipa.' Tlina the complete nen* 
tenea obtained from this (Vf^fy^inf, to trit — tec note on Ag. 1 23., nnd 
Appendix Not« C. p. 389. 4. — is Sovnu iWl row muuv tira^ia* ii^v : 
and till*, tlic nnly sen»c in which the term dtn^oirai in npplim))le to tlic 
prevent tnstunce, bctn^ miuiifretly inadmissible' in B form oiprayrrfar 
lie Mwiera of thin xolt^mn olf<-Hng (v. 85.), there remains no other altrr- 
nativetopTopote but that which follow* iii v. 87 — whereas, if with Stan- 
ley, Hermann, and Blomfield.wewrrc to alter then into 7f.w« ahouM 
mnke El«:lm ncyB(>«* in the wlcction of the word am?iev»ni, with an 
rmphaeis in tier apjilicatiun of it which in En^hah we might express bj', 
j/ia or even with a rrtamprnft proportionate to the wrongs they liave cbne. 
It n thus, indeed, thnt tlie Bishop of licbficld, who would read Scfm* yr, 
inttrprets the pwsu^ : " Hffc sic intelligo, at atnAxv^m absolute poai* 
lorn sit : oralioneni sulem ElectTte )>0!it irri<P'} ilnruiu aliqmmiiffper 
abrumpi, ut i<it !<eiii>u» : Am k»cpatius dictm, ul httmiaitm mog tit, vt re' 
triituit pfttcr rocuB tit qui An* ror«a4u' mUrrint — tmnw i(m4**» (7*) ia- 

' Coaipan lU« fbnaal apiKHoticn of 
wliBt w> naj tail Ibe commeut n^t ifr^t 
M*y^ wdta to tlw tait TIAPA «1AK3 
m<AIK02. Willi the OMnUl sswcklion 

. todkalcil lij T< ill V.M6, awl it will Iw fur* 

tbtt vvKlnti In wliU rtlitioa die vrordi 
tw «a««r /rstlor Wff ir ware desixDCd ta 
atMu) to ApTiBMrw— kij. M. in tIts Im- 
gasp! of tke otil i^ruiiiBaruinii. " Ik v«> 
psAMAM roailB," t»i IikIwIcJ under the 
•t«M|BMrdnla(ioBlulhocuntrv1. Tlu 

na» RBsrk applime the wonts At)<^- 
%9t—^etlb. EL Ills, wilh rcfennce I» 
>wi,«adtar*£»*rVd^>an>i, Af. 1312, 

wiu rdhrwe to vi^ #3). pn<Milit«. 

' Hmce the ieinaH( «f dM SdMiliaMiJ 

rAv MmMwr. w^ irirwr. tfti yif, ■ 

whidi lie sMfiM to hs«e iiin>kt4 fhmi die 
ivfioa of tliB Old Attic CobihIt t<; hdf 
luin mi this pinch. 

•Thb— ttoaghnotahMilMd};! 
lililo, iimiviiikIi ■* the ofrrins u i>ot ; 
(<0R)pleriiil— lanat th^HO't rtnoc irnti 
of THAI WfmiwirT^f rri^. AufL (J 
frtsfntditfyOraffrriag, thntfa 

nulNitliieli central ilojpuitioii (eoDip 
Xo4l r«4rwnMT. ;tl) Cjr < ' H W'i * ■« 
■frwOrnMnL 8c« r«.«l. 501. Ml. 



Mwm dignvm melonm qtubiu ipai cum opprcsscnuit :" and to AJinr -yr. ' 

tathn- Umn ii^v rt, beUm^ the translatioa witli whkli IVolessor 

Scholoftcld bnefly divtniMCS thia pru«&|^ : " r« non c*t otiofum. £f 

fafc juidem doaiim. finite — :" where, if with Wellaupr he woold mpply 

I tovMi >fter Ailw t«, for W ... . yniMlnn (mi ravra. mi .... yt, or occs- 

' ifonally mit . . . t«) be should nthcr hsvc written id cil. nempt, or vide- 

tktt, So Schiltx : " dart^nwai ahsolatc positum cleclantar per ae- 

, qoentia Suo-iv r« (acil.) Bavwoi t£v m«Ai> Jn(w." 

BS . riMiTi n«)unwmi>. An||;l. tie aatdert, or ;Mr/y tatdin^ — »cc Malth. 
Cr.Cr. 1 293. andcuropw Arnold on Thucvd. iii.4, IS. -10. 7. — might 
very well have been included witli ivtthaviKtt nndrr tlic i^nend form 
of words cmplc^nl on rarb occaBiaoA. bot lor the BpeciricatioQ lliat 
CdIIotts, of n part only of vrliat it w»» the cu.-Kim to !<<H(I, nht trri^. 
StKilcy, in illuatration of this parlieular, aptly compares Soph. El. 895, 
Eur. Oreat. 1322. Plutarch, Num. p. 74. Lucian. 8eyth.e. 2. OkL 
Tri.t. iii. .1. S2. Tibull. ii.4,48. Sueton. Aug.c. 18. Q.Curtiosx. I.; 
nod udd« : " IIiu coronu ex omnibus fieri fioribus, ct pccuUari quodun 
nomine Jpamt diei, quasi &b tpa, Itrra, ntonet Ctymolo^ns. 'fE/twt' 6 
tni^wot /■ wam>» andiiw, nic liwfft mAoiyutMH. KapA yijtr Tpaw, r^yyv^ 
6 ipa»urp*rot U w'-' ' 

67. ^aiy'ati^t] "Qvuru neque pletatis, et eoniin qui mittaiit. 
mnttin, neque inrocniio ot ^t<rv» in Vat inferii* rite fieri ptifnnt, super- 
eat tenia r^o m tilentio peragende. ita i>t qnsvia aJiena? caeiUs vx- 
piatio tacite pcntgitur (Cf. Cum, 448-50). 8entit vera Elecira sc tftli 
ntlione agcudi minuturam eue honorem patrit, cui exi>pcclandie enut 
prewB a tiUa sacra fercntc : ttaque tmn quacj paitiripeni fore ac mV' 
leriaClytrtniKstne. qucsummaignoniiniapatreni aflcccrit." Kbiuwn. 

VhitA. mvwtf nZ* — Angl.fven«e,a« — compare bdow r. 868. Ag. 1398, 
Avwtp ofr ^mX^i rvxf • *Bd >ee tbe ntitea on Ag. 479. &05. 1396. 
" Aanp «^ oirwXvTo rarqp- qtttmadmeditm inknon feriit patrr ; itifrnt 
iK^ii'i'mi. wnrrp Ariimt JrAX«T* ««r^ : repeteada c(pt Toculo, nt verba 
dkaat quod debcnt." Panw. Compare Iwlow v. 99. X«>o<r & (oi&tr- 
liilif), montfi yhivtt m^ev mtrpur. 

6&. ■)<(*»■)••] " rdrnrac. /f terra akaarptits. HujiitiDOdJ compo«tA 
a yti PoricC cffcruntur, ■jatmat, yvrifeot. yaiUfun, TWfSoK, yo^viiK. ya- 
Kvro* :" BlAinf. GloM. Petfl. K27. Compare below *■. ISC. Ptra. £3], 
ywum ut ttpit. Tfaeb. dSl.viinuw atfia yoiir. 

fi9. tmixf. uAappaff — ] rafn) e|M( rd vap 'ftS^fmatt Mm' «rt to* 

Coat|Wt bclijw r. 406, ffit f* rir rtniUt^Kr. 



AitjKumt otuar oarfKutif^ fivfttanifiuf, pii^avrtt tV nut Tpui&itt ri Arr/M- 
mv, MfunM-rpnmi attx^p^'f '• Sell. Cumpnrv Hcitycli : K^tfoppa. rir j 
jfciplttiHt ^ ri]v iirriai> ixaffaipov ('■> roit irrpoirlau} (tftwuuf)* ^ M ^W 

Staolcv, wttbTumJbe tvho lias edited irAu^Sutowirai obiHm'CB npcA 
thispftsMgt : " MaUm iraWiY tuwCira juti^ qaftm, at Schotiutc*, rf 
vrcf;^. Idem num hi« .^echirlua (jucxl Virgilius, Eclog. viii. 101 : i^er 
<nfr», AnutryUi./oras. rivogue Jlurnti Transguf caput jace. ne [rDther, 
U HcjTic: nee] rcspcTeru: qtue exThcocTitatiuiipsit in Idyll, xxiv. 91 : 
4fM A< crvXXt'fatra Kiwif irvftht <ifi<^ifraXaii> ric pt^jrortt (u ^uiXu iruirar, vnir 
mrn^io ^'poKni. puy66ot it irtrpas vKip oCpuif (T^ (i (Mfffftit Svrftnr' 
TBf" — to which Sdiilte well replies; "Vereiuj ipse doccre potcmt 
Stknl. «r<iX(» cum tiTii'xoi connrrtcfidmn o?»c. Nam ijuod apud Theocr. 
idyll, xxiv. 93, est J^ mVa^ik Jtrrporrot. id apnil Nostruni dicitur (mi- 

X« mfXv liTT/iv^ddaii' ^^fMuiy." Acid to this Soph. <Ed. C. 490. 

itttir' a^pftttiv Hrrpo^ov, which Dlotaficld has &ptl)' adduced, and vrc 
cwnot huitkte to connect with trr<'tx<», not wa^ur only, but — u Stan- 
ley, (in hie torn correcting the Schuliast'it : tii /f$t- hamvva nix^ iv 
TfA^watw i^t^laau^, artlxv traXw c.r.X.], has done — aaxpfi^tnaw Smumr 
•bo. IVanblate : rnuW /, likt out thai hat been tAtvieing out tlic ftfhcft ' 
of luftral offfriagt, go back, after having aitl dawn the tufttel, vitiiM 
ever iookiitg brhinA me? "Ttvxos. \nx quo fcrch«tur libuncntom. 
PurgatiDnis causii cfTcrchatur rae. quo contincbatur ciuia poroi. Cf. 
HfsycJt : iBa^apiiara." KUusra. 

92. ro/ii^aiur. Ang\. hv nyoy ; are in the ute or receipt of; else- 
where, irc practise, or iirc in tAe errrcift of; w below v. 963 . Apy^pna^ 
Ttp^ jft'or iVfitfM*>— all which meuiinge, as ncll m that of entertaiiuMf m» 
epimon or the like, directly' flow from theprimorv f^ram of r^fiat, Hal it 
rteehed t» ioid .- eee Appendix to Note* on the AgnmemnoD, Not< F. 

Afcresdi eomparee Eur. ,^Icm«on fr. xviii, 3, rovt t*tfuC«rrat -w'xmju. 
Pind. Ulhm. ii. 5G. hnrvrpaittua yvftiiw : to which Hlomtield udda Ear. 
El. 234, «v;^ <r>) Mfti'CM' ^AifMrat a6ktut iKi/utv. lutd Hcrodol. i. 143, 
yXwtf<n7i> Af oil r^K ai^y oCroi ptfoiiitaai. Nofti'Cu. like our Cnghsh life, 
it alAO found w n neuter verb : whence Suidaa : No>i^avirw' nwufffian 
jipiirrv - with reference it in probable, to Thucyd. ii. 15, &owtp «« at 


* - Ouwd 1^ T»1«ll Stephaniu, l*>d. 
•ar At *i*fimi edtdH Bmek.— In hue e- 
ttnn Tcniif«#dl|MMcribt»dnn) non Vn- 
protabaliiu Monit Raikiw, ut «<L Br. " 

TaMwnaer. adduced bf Maliln Gr. Lnc 
T.Ofelor. SndsoWiulonutdKiadilc 
Od thi* pMmc*. 

■ BlomfleUmmpuw "thehwDTtlM' ' 
faaiaUaAEninr." Levik n. 11. 8w dn 
ib. i«. 12. 


oir* 'A0iiwmm''ltnttTi imtrCr iwftifstvo'. Cvmpan:ttl»> Eur. Hec. 326, 
*I iMirwf K^rfoftni Ttfiimr TOr (V^Xtir, apa6lm a<^ii>r*>ffV. HcTOuot. IV. 1 17, 
^«rn ■^M'Cotxn 3«vAjc^.. and Ke Araolil on Tbucyd. ti. 4, 10. 36, U. 

94. ri itAfnnii^. Aitgl. Us /ate. or allotteJ portion ; compare below 
w. 349. 460. Ag. I3&i, itSfio^riravrkt «2rA). Prom. 933. ^ fia^w oi 
laipvtftom. Thcb. 2S3. vvw &Xa<« *«Co«fuu ra fi«pfftfi«i>. ib. S81,«C yap ri 
fi&Uar fi^ 4^v}ne t4 ittpvtpat. Tng. 286, 4IXV oOrc roXU rfMvfMir' /p vrr^ 
••w Xa0^¥ AiTtmi nti d ti4 fipfaa Turrpix^ film, ofh'* «V ott]^ nc fiimot 
iKy>* Jirrug f^vftt n fiS^Xot rir wrnpv/iirof )wp«r : Uld AW thff N'ote Oa 
Af. 163$. "SUn]du*iaterpretaturnor«. Sedeitpatitu/ariibmrim. 
S«:bol : eittv minvfi npck ri fuywi/ior." Bloinf. 

96. UTwr or. Ang]. you'll trll it me — implyiDg, as wc mar Icom from 99. l5S..i>]lme—ifyom hmt mytkiny ^Iter tJ^ tiis to 
recoaunend : mc Matth. Gr. Gr. 4 515. (1. 3.7. Scltol: t^i^* tw>> vit' 
ipai AwvrifM XryOfMntf. The words of the Chorus in v. 100. Ehcwlhat 
tbe reference ia to the onawen whtch Electrn htta thu* (or hazarded, in 
reply to her own main quealion, Hote am I to pray, ifiadetd Ijrra^ al nil? 
T. 79, Yet Schul* wonld liavc ua rend wr<p To^i^-a conjecture ft. 
vourably noticed olio bv Stanley — or, in default of that, would wholly 
omit the line, " iioia nihil qnidqaam adhoe attnlerat Eiectra qoiboa 
Chanu mrtint poaaet dicere. ned tantum qutrstionem propoauent" 1 
'VnpnpcW tftttrraw. Buklus : compare Tlieb. 130. iftttj&rmt <mipr*f»im. 
boph. mA. 631 1 )uarnttw vitiftnpor. El. I3€5, t^fiwjm vittfrrijuir rat Mifun 
In gttpirai. 

The B]HTit of the following dialogne i« well expressed by KlaaMU : 
" L»ei Igilur rrligiotina m-erila inyenwe dican ^mJ tmtio. I/ac rrft*. 
gtMe dicas. Prccarf pro umicis ejus in /ifrtfatfo. Qmmam e ntalrit ila 
appelkni ." Primim It, H jtiitjuis jUjislhtim oA*i. Mette tl It? Bat 
id, ymd ondiviMti 91 ne. Ac. Ac." 

100. ^tffyywa.rJk.] Twidatc : VrriafimaaiHlrrrilaitiiimKQnoTi. 
fee fry« ^ervtfntn; Angl. maJtr ivn^nble mention, at jrm pmr, of 
tkote who Kuk him writ; n>T«iv tf^tpotrai. vilA rrfitmce fo-^conipare 
^Ouom Ag. 602. and Matth. Gr. Gr. f 3S7. Bchol : rkt x^it x^^nmi, 
<i^ dyoM nis *l ^^wMvffi r^ ' .Ktaftttu-on fl>}Xarvr<. Suidat : Zt/iri' ra 
■rifim cdi v^Stt&iua : compare below v. 954. Ag. 176, oVXpn atiwvr ^^iv^f, 
ib.500, attifoinSoMoi. Earn. 373, Aofai r MfMt itai iiaX' vtt' alBifi atprml. 
Dothc tnintlatcs <r*)iM, tameta, reUgioais ptnu — co mpa re IVotn . £21 . 
Tbeb. SOO. Earn. 383. 441. 1041. Pen, 363, miMr' /^i^mv* inptw. 
Euro. tO06, v^oytur TM>9' tw6 fftfivfi*.— «nd this, whkb we might per> 
bapa rxprcaa by, Sprai I'a tie /aaymjye «/ Praftr/ar Ac., ia approred 



by Klaiuwn. wtio «<l<l»i "E)ttiviu peodct « ^Myyov: m rorwm raNtnO' 
Ain." Thia. however. wouJd not sufficiently distuiguiih between tli* 
two eppotiie form* of Pnyvr, wbictt the Cbonts recommend* u equally 
holy, Mjoally in cbazacter with k reti^iutu and nrceptable worshipper 
(fC<r>£t7. V. 113.) 

101. rtrac dJ m'rovt >.tX ; IV&nalstc t But whom am t that lo caU 
by tke «^eitatioK <^ ntixNiH ? i.e. mt orrew' i^Aooc, M wc tn«y retotv« 
Tw> ^iXin>, comparing beloitv v. 215, itt Srr' 'OpiartP. rtiS* v' fy& it/mv^ 
mwfiTg*: cuni|wrc aleu Ag. IST.TQvrDMVfrpoirmvinu. lb. 1258. AtAuuirv- 
\ct a TuaV *yi trpoMw^w, and raorc pttrticulojly Ag. 312. ov ^«f 
trpiwnvfiroif, where ^lAwt. which lias bvcn muet needlessly iltered into 
ipiXa>, ix [nrcbely equivalent to riif ^nr. or irt £m 0A,*>, w tlic con< 
test requires it to be ; as KOfiT ax:oiiovavit, id»u, ib. 770, might be re- 
wived into rwv *opr' oirofiovvwv, or itt tapr aitifuivvvt if : tnd irwvTirft 
fiqddfiMf, Soph. C£d. C. 277, into mUi<r9i vuv ^ufAmw, or itt fitiifot 
Surac. Aj. 1114. Sec the nclcs on .Ag.3l2. 770. 1258. 1&72. 

Vftoaiprmiit, literally, menaa to spetik to, accott, hail or yrtft; ttx. 
In addition to the nbove examples, Ag. 231. Soph.Aj. 857. Evr. Hipp, 
99. 793. Tr. 50. Orest. 428. Inc. Rhes. 389. Hence the expreentn 
fiX«K or TU¥ipiX»f irpxTov^'irttf. ah R|)p1icd tatiiityiAg. 312, iawboUj 
Sganttivc — much u wc too ^uniLurly use the word thrirttn in the moat 
genend aense of yivinff namt lo — and »o it moat be nndentood to de- 
DOte in the prcMnt text, to dttignatt by thr title of Friendt. We might, 
therefore, translate : Bvt whom cm I Ihm to yive th- naav o/rjnmstta tof 
altliough in strictiicu mpovrryimo no more mouvs, / mune or «oJV. than 
the simple Mteu (on which we Buttin. LesU. art. 2 1 . ( 20.) meona, I 
adirut or tfeak to ; and Klanscn's n-reion, quoted un v. 96. Qa«ma 
r mostris iia SfptUem ? would fa&ve been more correctly pven QmanoHi'l 
ita appeUem ' c noviris' f 

Compere, however, as illustrative of this easy tranntion from the 
oratio obJi^va to the orelio rtctn, V». Uxxviii. 2€ : oirdc AnxaXtVraraC $>»' 
tlonjii fMv «f oi — Gng. Vers. : He tAall cry imlo Mt (or Pr»yer-book 
VerwoA: Ift ihall call Me), 'Tfaoaart my Father, &c.'; as also Jerain. 
iii. 19. ThoathaitadlMe. 'My Father' — Shaksii. Hamlet, Acti.Se.4; 
" Thiou com'st in luch a que.-<tionable shape. Utat I will spcah to Uiec : 
ril eall thee. •Hamlet". 'Kmg', 'Father". 'Royal Dane" : O, antmr^ 
me." See also the notes on Ag. 667.dO. 

■ Un Ikia a»inniition of it* Prcdicale 0n(*r6mJljlrrMr,clMp.ii., aadnMU 
«<Am> bf the Artkb r£r an MiMktoa. par« the ootM on Ag. Wl. Ml. EM. 



103. wpArontUMnvrfiK—] So 1 prefer to read witli tlie great m^orkf 
oTEditor*, aacteut and modern, roUicr than with BlonificM and hTIaaaea 
recali tbc reading of Atdua. «tT^*-. o» which we Eluuley'ft opimon, u 
I on Soph. Q-Id. T. 1 38. and Eur. Heroel. 144, putlv retracted 
by lumaelf ou FUir. Baccb. 722. aoJ further miacd and corrected by 
HcrmanD on Soph. Tincli. 4& 1 . Set aW DlunkT. on tliiit paseagc and 
ooAg. 609, with the aothoHtic* which he has adduced ; Matth.Gr.Gr. 
f -ISd-ii. Zeun.on Vig.p. 1C6. Kuhiik.onTiin.Lex.p.SS. LezSeguier. 
p. 467. 37 : AtT<Ji>' Za0oir>>jt rvti rou t'tiauriir. mi .\\nrlat frj^ xari 'l^uc* 
pArvrt, nu iraXXot oXAm. AntUtticiri. tn Bckk. Ancod. Gr. L p. 77 : Au- 
ni- Mvl r#v owrov : and the Scholiast on thie posMge : ovovr^v 0qXor«n 
MHitfw ioTtt Aiyiv^w vrvyti. 

KlauKii, indeed, holds that v. 212, o^rir anr' avnl — wliicb liVcIlBiicr. 
M wc abaO pmcutly mc. has most unococaMrilir altered into avtis wt 
tAni — IB decidve in fovour of th« ^uriOa intw ,■ and Iherefore in evccy 
■iiMasce acu npon the authority which he has adduced oa Ag. 1 106, 
dfi^i If »Tit fipiMtt (wlterc thruuK)) mere inadveiteoce 1 hnw penoittcd 
avr«f to fltnnd) : " R«c4i- monuit Bemliaril. Synt. SS7- prooomine a6rir 
decignari primam. secundatD. tcrtiotn pcnunom exclueis onuiibua reli- 
qais ; itaquc •cribeodum eeae aini : ni-rit nro nonniat pro favroc . 
JDcaccundapcrfonavidcC^idepb. 111.; dcprinur. 1244.Ch.^!:2l.£um. 
fiSO," llie truth, however, would rather veem to be, as Hermann sup- 
poa**' ■ " itoniu>. iii>i fnllur. coiitaiihil ((ui* uiro^ initio poetaium. et 
Id hia trafpcorum. hccniia dc prima eceuudiiqae pcrmina dictoin esae : 
tnde pauUutim tnconununesi uaum veDiMe.acpninoinpluruU, nespw 
ctwct ^ftur avTHi-, viiMrairMr dtcere : npud Aristophanein Eq. &06. Lyg. 
1070.. qUK KilitfurtaucapudhunccxstontcxcniplabiyuB pertonanun 
oanmutatuMus, Sic edam Pbiknioo fr. inc. 1 1 . ludc tnagif frequai- 
lari ecrpit. etiom in prosa oratiune, at fere enquisita paaUatim volgaria 
licri Kuleiit"— and as for that familitir use of a^-r^f, Aiq;l. tetf, which 
ficmhardy ba» noticed, although it may Tcr> well follow with reference 
to wtber first or sccoml pervon where (a« in Ag. 11290. Cum. 290, 
Aiistoph. Lya. 4S6.} the lirM or ceoond personal praDoun hac beeo pre. 
vioualy cxprcaaed or understood ; yet, aa often as cither emphaail or 
diatinct acotioD of the person is recfuired. then it bcconice oeceamy 
to introduee «£ least that brtwdcst intiniation of pcraooality which U 
conveyed b)' tlic pronoun oltw,'s ae//.' Henee thegrest ma- 
jority of £dd. liavcavrf), Ag. HOC.Sappl. 60€. and«fT^(As. 12&I. 

< Campan ibn nan cnwral «w of th« (tb* Pnncb •■). Mittli. Gr. Gr. | IK. 
tefcirite jii'nanri jiaiwua rb, Anid. 'ww 2>S> 


1514 : and thou^ in the la»t-itain«d passage, f ov rod* ■/>{at rX^<j^ 
■rfiVdff* XpSpa riy aOr^t iwt>t«>Koirm ^>](ip>—~^n night ondoubtwlly nad 
(as Dtomficld and Klaiucn do) rov ah^i with reference to iri preceding-. 
yet would lliie be u needless a pleoQMu, as in Eni^liaU it would be tft-^ 
any jKwr sf {Tj' hiabatid ; not to mentjon that the prefatory nft' ^i£ai 
(with which compsre in this play v. ?7, yh*w9* rwiA <hVw3<MiAM v^') 
shews that the words n-. &-. r^f ovrirr form port of the Biiccecdinir appo- 
aitioa — a/2«r having killed your ovm husband ifteait hh ttrpuled ^rit, 

In T. 212. which we shall beet tmmJutc, Sel/agairut teffit must fie, 
then, I owi plotting, ovrov follows aMt, the application of which ie nif- 
Aci>Dtly limited by it» nccessar)' construction nitli^x'***W°^**"' *^^ 
■ame principle na in Thcli. 674. (for example) oui Pbet has written 
^pjcown t' Apx"*' ml iu»ai.yvijTif icaait, ixfpif <ri» ix^PV T^irofi>M~~othcr- 
viae after airrit we ahooid bare expected the reflecti^'e oi^oO, as in Ag. 
805. Prom, 762. Soph, Aj. 906. CE<!.T. 1*237. Am. 1174.' Compare 
Boph. Aj. lOiiS. aant ri tttrov oTtpyrm (on which see Hermann's note, 
and M<niliou Eur. Ale. £45.), acKlShuksp. K. Richard III. Act, v. &c. 
3. ; " Richard lovej Richard ; tluit ii<, I am I." 

103. Tit^'. i. c. TO! apa. is the reading of the MS. Guclf.. and liaa 
been restored by Blomficld. Dindorf, aud Klautien. Tlie MS. Med. and 
the Edd. of Aldiu and Itobort. hare r' £/>' — whence Tumibe and Vet- 
tori, and the rest of the Editon, hare edited y ap — . Compare he- 
low V. 212. wl>cre Turniljc and Vetlori ngnin hnve v' '"ipo. and Ro- 
boiti41o r' 4w' "^b^ Aldus, with the MSS. Med. Guclf. nod Rob., 
has T^fM — whence Dindorf and othcn rSfit. See by all meum Monk 
an Eur. Hipp. 443. andElmsley on Enr. Heracl. 269: whence it will 
qipcar. agreeably to Btqihcns' cxphuiatJon of rot (^TrmtiseM the CtveA 
Expkdvf Particle, pp. 49. £0.) that the note of interrogation usually 
printed at t)ic end of tliis line is wholly out of pluee. 

104. dvf^ irv ic.T^.] IHnalate: Do jrav ywrsej/*. nor rAaf ym nm. i 
prtlitnd my meaniitif, advi^t wilA fotrael/, or ctnuider ; and compute tlw I 
•tmUar, though somewhat *lower, succc»si&n indicated by tlie Donba- 1 
nation of a verb and participle by nieaiin of tim. Ang). t/o on fo— on 
which see the note oo Aj;- 97. and Matth. Gr. Or. $ 666. 3. 

The Scholiast has : 2v VKon^wv^ rit vtvyi'i A'tutAw. o6» /ii^r yif 
«f*Tw : which, if wc eomjinre vr. Rl. 93. and Ag. 39, /uiBoitTw iM£, 
pv fuAivt XqSofiai. wc shall attribute rather to the csutiou« pmdrnoa ' 

' Covptic Msitk. Gr. Gr. 1 1*8. Ob».9. 



at tlw Choriu. than (as ScbAU mggtata) to tbctr modest uavriUiog- 
ncfls to name tliemeclvw amon^ the friend* of AgvnMmnon. The spi- 
rit of the remark, boweTer. b as KUnsen haa gives it : Ett id, qmd 
I mrfiriiifi' (V me : anil allhou^ii he haa not very accuratety rendered 
fMfMmwa, qtmm a me audiverit, he optl; enoogh compares /unAowW 
pw Ag. 695, wher« ace the note. 

109. T^ mitm, Aa%\. to tloM company or party. Scbol : rg 

mmdiTfi 4fi^- Hceych : 2r<i<rti ' ^oif , x?P^' nr<'V'>> /pTo'nipu'*' : whicb 
lut word would teem to be couieded with thai dcitigniition of the 
/oni/ff' uf the Chortu wliich Blomfield hu farther noticed Iroin Hnj'cb : 
'YcokAviov' tuv jfo^v T^r vrdirrwc X'f" "' StiiUM. Pbotios : Zroffic' tAx 
•I ^iXtfMMio, aU* avTol «>! imv^ui^urrd (Asgl. (A« paiittaiu.J Compare 
Man V. 444. Jig. lOS2,9TAine mnffXTM, aiid ib. 1 156. KMfi«f Sv#in|MT«t 
tg« gvyyd f w*' 'KpuvM'. Bum. 31 1 , irrdnt a;«i. Suppl. 30, d^MrmcnrXf^ 
ft' Vv^ar ti^pwrvr AtyvtrroYnif. ib. 1035, KtiTfMdot i' oiit ofuXi! fifvftit 

106. «W SvpalAt io6' if at. Angl. albeit— Ot alt tie game, em i/—he 
he airm^, Oo this pectdiar constraction of Sfts — in accordance:, it 
ebould Kcm , with ita pcimary and Uoiocnc sigiuficatioa (ifiAs) at otet. 
nlike, rotlicr thtm in that dmvotive tense yet, nevertMen, of whidl 
Damin bos noticed but one example, Il.zti. 393. Jlrwc 8' ov X^Ara 
X^ifujc (where see Heriie'» note), and in whicb from tbc changed po- 

: ailioa and use of the woni it is easy to sccoont for ita change of ac- 
ceot — Me Mottii. Gr. Gr, $ 366. 3 : and on the propriety at otnittbg 
QiB cominn which Blornfield on Fcra. 300 (295.) would have iiucrtcd 
in Buch casvB bcfurc ifUBf. kc Elmaley on Eur. Med. 1216. and Soph. 
Aj.15. Ma».Cnt.Canlab.I.p.351. 

107. (S rouTv, — ] I do not folly mtdenrtand KlaoKo's remark upon 
thu line : " Comma poet j^vn T. V., eed abeat in G. A., ct eodc Ion- 
gnidam rcddit oratianem : perdnct eaim «a) ad rnr-ra, <]uuro ip«(u etiam 
ebori in htK re aocietas (v. 103.) a«ccptii Ml Electrae." It is a simple 
csBCof^ncfTiMi. Matth-Gr.Gr. $ 634. 3. which we may expUia by np- 
plying. fXcfot. aa if it bad been rf rovr' JXi^t, «al Am otrn ^nara ^V*' 
fOMffi*- He*ych:4^ffwiiv*^p»Mii', diAotfKfi*-, M>tf^rr«rr. Ag. 1 1 J0< ^nfimt 
V «wtrr' t£ »iptyfu&rmw. IVotn. 335. woX>^ y afitiintm rairt wHuat ^ptrtif 
t^ If nntw. Soph. A»t. 7i4, Tmch. 52. Eur. Ion 536. Baecli. 794. 

109, «{.jywT^«Fi7, "/<r<r««M,/)iV/n/iaj^,Cf.<imBinoMMl."43."Scholrf. 
— M Butler also hod explained it : " i^^toAu apud GnecM k%% quod 

Sm Mullct'i DimrttiHim n lit Bmrnadia, L. B. f 21. 


■jind LattQM vvMm prain. C{. Cor. Med. 745, Jiffyav $tt>Ot." In the 
prctent instance, however, and in Eunt. 595. « inatmt f(mf**^ «m m- 
TfiUKTQPur : Ui«l ib. 609i ^{qy«v ii im*/ AwotAor, *t t^ avr ii/tg lam'icran*, 
tiiu word, as Blomtickl had intimated — " i^^ofim , nwm, ■nfajwtftr ; 
qui itgam vd religioaii arcana explic^iat. ffiRtr^ dicebator: iwl. 
Riihakeii.a(lTitna:iLnc.p. 109." — an/iMX-lAuOviiDitsertationaoathr 
EvKtenides. U . D.) has aMy f hevn, is oecd in a technical sense, which 
we may pcrha|M auSiciently express by aprofeMuona] teriu of our own : 
tjpotuuiiMff or /ayiaff doicu lie Ime. Ilcnoc Haych : 'B^irY^an- tpfi^ 
vcttfr. 'Z^fYftt'is' i vtjii Uptiiu' aat AuxrTftuimt' /^yoffMvor. tjuidaa : 'E£f- 
yrrai' oi tow r^fUift roit iywtitinni' vveittKrvorr^s aai itdc(«Kaiv«y mpl w 
aluoffiarot oS tKaarot yftaif)rrat. 'K^iyrira) rptlt fi'vomit «vAf;c^ifOTM, air 
lti)tt* n&iiftta Toit ayti nw iruDoSirtm. Knl of ifjjyoutuwot rh mirpca. 
Said. BDd Ilarpocrat. : '£{in*VT^c '^'Of <1 /(vTut'yM'o* rd iijM. fim ^' ml 

Dtunosth. Sgaiiikt Eu«rgiu p. 1 I SO. Iteiske : 'e*<>34 roi'if !> ir%Xivn)(tw. 
ifXAi* «r raic f jinqTdc. ira tlM^ 9n ft XP^ vwtitr trtpiTwrn* d«M>> 

111. dutocm)*. f Sin^^ftoc] Hchol: cpiTijr. jJ rifuiiptir. XVvru'id*oinrd;ir> 
fM> roS trpttTTiorof, f irj>l (l«»l|t ri^fri^pJui'^u^oiTa. wc JMv*^<JMXcivtvm 
TO? Kiuov. Cotnpaiv Ag. 506, ro^ Htx^^pow Otat fuytO^. ib. 1546t 1 
^fyj*C ttfppav iifn'pnt iurf^ipau. 

113. oirXwr Ti ^fKifovv'.] Angl. gimply fjpraaiitg yimraei/, wor£»g 
it vfirr a empte/aekwn—wt on this Meof n Mattb. Gr, Gr. f 487. 4. 
" Satis patet ad ^pd(<n»n intelligendum esse non Xryu, sed imperaii- 
vttin ^yjw vel Arcv^Dw « v. lOOcl 103." Klaus. Why ool ^idA from 

T. 100? 

1 19. ml raOri f^iimr') Tbi* u the rfriulJnp of A1<luB and 'nin^M, 
natorvd by Wollitucr, Dindorf, and Klau^en, in pbicc of fnoO 'ffni', the 
Tcadmg of ^'cttori and everv- succeeding editor until Ponon who editeil 
#w£imr, in which be has been foDowcd by Blomfield and ScfiokfiGU. 
See, anthiseruHi.Miitlh.Gr. Gr. §S4.p. 99. Bultm. Gr. Gr.p. 115. 

TrnnsUlc : Ami art ihrtf tkinyt tttch as to comv rttiyhiulji to mtfra» 
tlugvii? i.e. as tilings granted to n rdigioue won)hi))pcr, nAcr a holy 
bsliioB. in answ^touiaoceptaUeoftringand to [imyer? Compare' 
Tliurt'd. i. 'in. Til fiiw vCf voXoti roiavm tfyar, xaXtni Zwn imiiTl fftp 
TtiTfUfpiqi Kitrrtivai, Angl. beimg of bucA a Hatatv lltal U icfrr difficvlt to 
tttvilUA one't Mirf of them i) nvry lixk <a complete chain) o/tviJenet i 


iii. 13. nmima tyomt Wiia^amtt flol wrMr irimiiuy, ffo^Ti ftiv rait 
i»aiewt yi-wtu in rlnimt Vjptiov^y, Angl. ^ fiKvl <i imlvrv Ihcl it niw( 
he plain lo thott teho hear them, that kit kavt don* »e nith gavd rroooa ; 
■od more pnrticuUrly compare the use of the term oma. u applied 
Clinic, ii. 52.) to places or thinga profwte ; i.e. (eeeautu oo Ag. Q'i2, 
and Arnold onThucrd. i. 71. '.^.) toplBcesorthin^ofruch aduvoe- 
tCT D« tbat it vrvrc do jirofunaUoi] to toucli or um tlii-m.' 

Wc nuy tfaue svoid the necessity of either with Alireecli, and the 
Sdioliut Tiho writes : «iii r!t rmra dVfir itivM Awv mm Kpuvrai. np- 
poain^ ui aMlijttesit of Aw» tnifM) fur mipi 6*olt, or willi Srhutz more 
resMtubly sapplyinfr some such word as i'(mri'a> to help out tlic wnae ; 
witlurat, lumtvtr, adoiilting with Blomlicld (ou the aulbohty of Schnei- 
dor on Xcn. Anab. p- 313) tliat Awr wApa, emanaJiMg frwi tie yodf, ood 
mpit 6*Sa>, produced by the yod$, arc aheolgtely and entirely equivalent 
expreaaiona. ijee Matth. Gr. Gr. ^ 5&S. 4. a. and § 290. 6. a. a. 

114. «TM( tfow K.r.X.] AogL IF'Ay, how ikotttd it ie olherwiae tfaaa 
a religiotu thing to requite your ranny iPtfA ivii/or nil? Compue 
Prra. 1014. and Euiu.4J5. itm S oS; Siqipt. 918, mc if tAx* ; Prom. 
£69) ir«c f ov K^Ut r^t o/irrpodw'^nw Ktf|r9f ; ib, 759i vmt f ok & f^M- 
IKif) ; and m« the note on Ap. 363. W V ovx* i Tiy <x<V<'*'. Angl. M 
HMwy. i.e, one aMtitoind, or conceivod of, oa «ac^ : sec note on Ag, 
601 . p. ISfi. and Aliddleton m the Grrek Article. Chap. iii. sect. ii. f I . 
'AmiM*i&. KOjeoU : compare Proiu. 223, Kwtmai iroiraii rwrii ft i^iMi' 

<^mt,. Tlieh. 1049, va^r iMxirr KiUKi'iati' arniiui'intTa. Archilochufl {aa 

cpioted by Blomf. oa rroiu.2'21.) ap.Tbeuphil.Bd Aululyc. p. 193. m> 
tt imtvm^ai itiya , rov caiwi n fifiSitra Ikuiwt ibrVfu^ffAu ■aaoif . On tlie 
othtrband, Sopb. (£d. C. 8L4.irp^d< nit ^"Xoft oT iirr(tf>«t/3ii ^fiora. 
ib. 1973, aC2' aiTp^lS'* / cvd«V: 

*' T^p ix^po* irTTifi*i^<r0iu EocoTr. Juxta antiquonim ecutentlBm qui* 
but Qondom lax ChrirtiaiuB caritatia effoJientt. Sic Ovid Heruid. xt. 
917 : D*i, prreor, evemimt hattii»a tala met* f" S.L. Add fronuGt- 
i4iy1ua. Suppl. 376, i^tm fur tXn nit ifiaU nAi7«tfnMt, asd ace tbe note 
on Ag. 513. 

1 15. " VenoA mutilua, i^uawciuam Aid. Turn. Viet. BoUmia Ucvdm 
^[mun babent. Rob. iUtuI in fin« vttsa*, Contrr. pout jfAtrw ponut, 
iralwnte Buttlero. qiiatn rationem t. I. commendare lidetur. Re- 
ccntiores cdd. omncs ab iiutio vcrsum matilam eaae deaignantnt : M 

■ Canpwval>aSii^.lEd.C-. l8S.*vt 

AmoM an TImw- I. ;i. W. '\nrtrt ■ml nt- 
Inw 4«4«abw, or it 0*3«*i*. 



profecto furitius intellifci potest, {]uoinodo primK vrrbk at«u)crc pot(i«- 
rtnt. lACUiiHin prolwbili ra.tione ex. v. 163 (157.) explevit Henn. it 
vtra. tpur. aji. ^tch. p. \i. it» : i^pv^ fti-jurrt* ruv tbw r« nut cifns. 
AioMroi', 'Efifi^ x^*"*' "ni*^^* (^ "■ ■"■ ^■" W«0> " Cw^ X^^)^* Vel 
jwit vel ante hu voces oliquid tlceKse imuiifntam est. Locam ntp- 
plet Hcrntanmii tnnJnrto h\ic ex v. 163. K^in-i tUyum ra* Srm n eol 
citrH, cui fovct Blomficldiiu. DCC, ut vidctur, iajuria i iito cnim Tcrsicu- 
lo &cile carere poseiunus co loco ubi nunc est, et si hac tnasfcratnr, 
erit ad quod v/pu^t ifial referri poflsit, prxgresK) nomine xitpvf ; et ■ 
pmoeflBcrit hie Tcmis. noa Dccessarium est at sequcDfi n noiniae pr 
prio *EfVi^ x^i^* im;lK>et«r. acd bene prwccden: potuit vox trisyl 
qwalii «t AsMMnw." S. L. "Adlacunatn explendiun Henn. conj, 
Awiwotf, quod ciictum eM«t ul SMovmii <V tft&M pnXiw*. 438 (445). Mc- 
liiu ec babcrct u/itj^i'. dictum utTbeli. 119. et 179."' Klauscn — who 
further c}>i«rvM upon x. 1 IS ; " Infero* quum ab homitubua c«rti fi- 
nes diriniant, in omnibus prectbus. quibuslii invocaiitur. opiu est aux*^ 
ilk) Mcrcurii. ciu eoli licet odirc utrainquc ditioncm, cujns mnntis 
fiino eat conjungtrc ea qiuc coQtraiia aunt (Tbcol. £ech. p. 10! . Bqq>] 
Ituque tui» nb On-Htc invocutur, qui patri« nuxilio cgct, initio iTvgcv-' 
dJB aoatne. tarn a Persia b evocanda Dario (Ten. 629.), torn ab Elu- 
tra Sophoclis (v. 1 11 .) in re nostra. Atqiie qiium in omni invocationc 
(is nominibus oppcUuidui sit uDu»quisque dcus, quibus ejus de re, qusa 
jam tncUtur, potcfitas degi^atn est ; praconem earn tNperorvm et im- 
/erontm dicit Elcctra, qiioniam a se ad inferos iierfervndx- »unt prcccs. 
ijnon in/mm vero, quia ad tnanea .AgHinemnonia rcicruntur omnia. 
Merevriua pneco Ag. 473 (496.)" 

1 16. Kifpi^at tjiiA. having me^e proclirmafion, or iTon^ Ibf offiff ^fj 
Herald, for me — so it fFccmis best to intcrprrt tbcitc words, with Kls 
•CD wbo rttnarka: "Wellauerua, comniate post iV«> subUto, baud 
nctt JuBgit in|/>v^t — fini/uiMif, eonwxang Weoa. At nuHqtiam KifMf^ttv 
TwA Mt mciKwjv o/igMfin, el eo. quein attulit iUe, loco Eur. Hec. 148, 

■ It 11 wortli noticing Itera, ■■ traiUng 
tOMinflnn b* andtr the neocwllr irffo«DO* 
tines •etlinc Mida tbc cuucumnt Icati- 
nmr «f ■>>« «■■!'<*> EiU.. that \IAis. Ra- 
botteUo, 'HwnAic. Vctcuri, siiil Contrr 
havf all nl>l«d ftrylff-n) in tliis lint, irkidi 
finiiiis in iIm tnoMliaf ElMlnM v. Ml. 
tbcT iirnn Id Ihic iBteoded tos|i|ilT '<> >hc 
UsMcrof ibcChnru.lnscHveaiiT vliidi 
toowslihif iMt (m Uisf snmoHd) slt«r 
lUs tcnemigfat MpramBM lo bvreci- 
pUned. S(mI«t> <*Iw fini taowUccd 

>i^i«T« (die eormrlion, he trfUw. of Ja- 
cobs) snpfnsul that EtoctnswUenlv Ui- 
t«nu|iud bend/ on SMfaii the luck uC 
hair : — bvt tlnii to turn Iter ndilreMfrMa 
HcrcUTj to tlif Chonu, we nu*t neediL 
ft* WclUnet bat oh»cr<cdt t»T« bsrd Afwii 

' Add Sopli. El. 1 10-1S. « SAff' 'ARov 

'A^ fAfM-'.vtfar'. *>««•«< v*T|>lf 



«7pv#in fitvt nt : ttlla tym deomm tiomSita lyptibi ; id quod bene de* 
cet supplicctn (llec. UG<7). minimc dcum Mcrcoriom." 

Cofoparc. u invoU-iog n limilur cidl upon » f^end and m^uicw- 
Itdged ^wer to pot itst^lf forth in t *pccul and indtvUluo] cue. Tbeb. 
8. lur Z*^t 'AXf^tfripicK itiiwiutt (i.e. Aiftirrjinot) "ymim KoS^Ju* irtflUi. 
ib. 145. ao! a-i>. Ami* ani{, XuMUit iftmv irrpar^ ftauy, whcrt Blomf: 

" ludit in wcundo \Utu>t, <)Uod Hexychitu (v. Afii(r«i-.) rcctc expUctt 
per i^ofhfiot, inpi similu. " Al«o with this intrnnsitire use of «fpumrw, 
/ cry ttlovd, compare bdow V. 1007. Eum. 566, t^fn/om, cipv^. «1 
vTfMTvr KoMiiyaffvi. So^rb. £1. 1 105, ^, t! rir ^j^ivr^ yt istfivwtw 

Tiuu interpreting, what in any caac would »ccm to be tbe moat 
probable mtoration of the teit, 3^^ot 'Ep^. j^. k.v^ : Htlp, term- 
trial Mfrniry, by p*rf(nnni»g thf pert of Hrr^ld far mf ; wc m«y go 
OD with Klaatnt to transUte v. 1 1 7 : «o lAet Ihe deities Mok ihe Earl/i. 

BMd (be goddcH Etvlh kerttif, nay hear my ftmyert ; tlie inliiutive 

vcnnng {Mtitth. Gr. Gr. ( 532. d.) to cxpUin the precitc eOcct or pur- 
\iwr of the praeadic^ propuMtioo, which cxpreiMd at f^culor length, 
we may prcaume, would have been, in plaee of cqp«£ac >)ui(, K^fiv^* tii 
fkM rait yi* Jtpfft iaiitoaiy xXmu JpAt tix^t ■>■ in f- ^- and Ag. 131S. 
imiv* ntf(twvtu> ^ip-. where »cc the note. 

1 18. m ar p i^m* ittfimu emi^riwour] Schol : iw yif ArwME«o»t i thftC 
i» to my, " tlto adjective {nrt^ntvon) contains not n definidon in itself 
balonging to the nibetoutivc (doi'/iAroc), but nn CKtctuion of the idea ' 
contained in the verb (*)lmu-), or it may be considered u the cotupc- 

I quence and elfn-t of the verb :" Matlli. Gr. Gr. 4 446. Obo. 3. lln ia 
CkUed the proleplic use of the adjective. 

" A«f4Br«*> cm. !5tl. A' ^t^orwrM.K. 9' i/tftAnii' -wtrTp^myG.A. war- 
fiifit)>tfliir^¥T.n*rpfi»i'ifiitaratwV. Vulgataro liruxtru ttiettir Wel> 
UaenH, fyfion irarp^ UHtUiannuun drcumscriptioneni mtc conlcn- 
dCM. QuK noaquam invcnitur, niai ubi peculians eet nliqua oculomni 
Tti.' eni nullufl hie locni. Ne porticula ii quidein olio nodo espljcati 
potest." fGaua. On the oilier luind : " Aptissima »diunt mentio. ta 
qnibua recajwTsndis rCB venatur : v. 123." — compare below r. 466. 

1 19. Wcrirui. hrimyt f'M-tA ; tbe middle voice With the aiuac meaning 

' Conrare Hub, &iO. ir^ 0m4« 7*m«- 
vir ir ytntiiv. liho 1. Kn^t, via. 19 : 

frf AfarttM Mtf» lie f^iff wAM 7*y 

wrvmi (JUO mmlM. lb- Ut Ti4t Tito* 

V y^F tttr*»f, &<■ 

< 8M.rM-«xuinilr,tMhi« T.6U,kicalHt> 



10 the active ; lavrhich farm, according to Buttmimn (Irregular Greek 
ytrtf, p. 341), it i» jioctical only, tiot found in Sophocles, aiKlDf i 
oocnrrenro in Euripide*. Cnropiu* belnw v. 406. Prom. 768. if rt'lf 
yt iniiflci ^iprtpo¥ warp&t. Daniucl. tr. 38. 4, f AJ lyiua) ritrtrai QoaraS 
fMjXnn' ri ^ffR^f mI di'oi- Ai;fi^|>ioir. Hom. II. it. 743. 7-13, &c. 

epr^rooi) r' — Schol : 6piyfraaa ij y^ TiV oiripov roll nriovM cnpiniir Ar' 

a^roti Kvtjfia Xaitdovtt. Compojc Etim. 6'39, xv/uiroc MOtfirtf^Mv. Hetveh : 
«t(W Womt /irift/«i/*4 d«iiR, mi to ht or «V tn noAtf, ml ri ynfAfUv 
mltiiin, lb: 'AinV*>»'(<!t'^>"'*'3tCph.)' vrupa, ArfctVfj JroWf, fi4 ynt&rai! 
fii) }yoii«a ci^/iA. Scliol. oti Apull. RIickI. iv. 1492, Btoi 9ai>inn}ut^(t«v- 
0IB- : ci'^u litrl roil xirj^ia, sara cvyuarnpi. The root of ri>fui IM plainly nW, 
and of the ohicr form Kvipi, <ii«'u— on wbich see Buttm. Irrry. Greek 

KInuwn comparu with this paiange. Pen. C2i;, iX)>i x/^nnot diu'^ptc 
iyfvl, r^ n cul 'Kfii^. ^laiXti r' iviprnv. ib. 640, aXXA irf f«« Ta t« mi) 
AXoi x^piaar aytfi/ii^ — wUcb makes it the more eurpiiaing that oeitlicr 
h«, nor any olh«r editor, baa printed raiav here, as m tt. 39. 140. Prom. 
210. Eum.2. 

121. The dillicullicfl whir^h have benet theinteqnvtntionoftliis line 
^-chicfiy, it should ec«in, bcc%u»c in the corrupt fttntc of the com- 
nicncemi-tit of tlitM speech intcrprrtiT* had fititcd to pcrci-ive the ooo- 
nexion betnccn what Elcdrn had called opon llenncs to do for ber 
(y. 1 16.), ttnd nliat she now procr«i» (tiyi) .... \iym) to do for hcr- 
*elf — may W- tccn nt one new by Ihc following note ; '" In vocat 
ppmtnt oScntlGTunt intprpretes. HemldoB emendavit; /(itm^a 
X^pififitti x"^* \\iy», dXii or, vdnp. Both, dvdit : Kai, yg jfiouoa Totrit 
X^pit^i' 0p<ir4i Avy^ miXw at, vartp, Hcmiutnas deniilue Oisa. Cri/(. 
p. 63., ineptum judieans Sportiic Xiyu, illud in ^mir mulari vult, kl- 
iBtb Fsn. S^. Eiirip. Alcot. 100., <iiiihiiit addi pol«st. Pen. 523 : ^ 
rt Mil ^Armr lvp^fi4rm. Scd dativns non cuni Xi'tw, sed cum x^ivami 
jongcndut «>t, et fiporols eadem *ig^ificntioDe odhibituin nt, qua 
loeia ^Twie. <jiuir« nihil niiilnndiini." Well. "Stare tamen pot 
fl(»rot("— observes Blomfield. withont resting its defence on nich 
men Ipst rfi^n/ ae WeDaucr baa advaaoed — " iiempe tbut prius invoca- 
tia, nunc ntortali vitn defuneto tibatioii«4 fiindit. Vix cr»did«rim ffpomir 
in liK-uin ToC <f>6irois iulMtitutum fuiMc" ; iind lhi» explanation— ■)- 
thouf^h the tranxilion, which it nipposra, fnnn e]>cak!tig of the infernal 
d«itie9 to the invocation of AgiimemnM is miffici^ntly dccUrvd by lh« 
vordk «aXiM«ii trorfp' in v. 122..aDd although the roiti-ii^tinii uf llic lilia* 
Ikn aa ofierrd only toclrmurdinorf«J!(ia directly oppoacd to Fcrs. 220. 



Si9. — bat brra acquiesced in by IVofeseor ScboleSeld, and more re- 
lucUntly by the BiiJiop of Ui'liftdd wbo wnlm ; "Stare qnidesn po. 
U-rit hcc Iccdo. u in u» qua? t maceo en ui tdBOS. ntine vero mortnlpg h . e. 
Aganjennontm, patrcra Elect nr, inTacKtum mtc)Ii;;Ew. Scd mihi pne- 
pinccrct [Icnunnni lectio •^Toir. ut mulln minufl jejuna, el nd rem kmgC 
■cconiinodatior ; roonuis enim litutkineB offeni soleiit. mortaltbu* non 
kem. EamiiiK bene con linnnt Hcrni. ezPm. i^O.itinporiixpix''^'' 
Tff TT Hat ^Ara7t x*'"'^'-" 

Upon (he whole, then, I cnnnot heaitate to adopt the ingeniouii «c- 
pUnatioii proposed hy Klaii«en, wbote able comment upon tlus ]»«- 
wgt. the reader iriU forfprc me, if I tranHrribc nt Irni^li. " v. ]2I . 
fiuutnu hoe Mamntiiin homlnibus lu9traU. x'fi**"^ prft[>ri« de nquJL quB 
ante RtwrifieRim hvantttrmanns : Rum. 65tl. Soph. (Ed. T. 340: dem- 
Ue de omni. qua lullemniter Instratur domna ct ^nilin. qunin ci im* 
mittatur [inrnuMum fucrit] tii^tim ab aia desumtum : Eur. Here. P, 
9'i9. Amt. Pne. 961 . Athen. it. A(VJ. Ag. 1057. In rcbiu mortUAnm) 
If (fMv^ dicitur (le aqna ad fores »dium, ab! jacvbxt corpue, pocita, qua 
ee itsperg:ebat qiiis<)uis eubat: Eur. Ale. 100. Tbeophr. Char. c. 16, 
ibiqnc Carauti :, Poll. rtu. 894. Abho^oronino differt nqua ininfeiiM 
rfliisB. 8ed hjceetiamdiciturXetT/N^: Soph. El. 84, 434.,qiue«fldeiii 
Xoiffii ib. 5i. Diodcor. Anlho). Pal. vii. 162. Apparct ex hia aqtoiD 
iOuD purum ct tiutam (\t0iirif vi^att mflf'mti "rrit ttita Pen. 613), 
tpm in his infenisfondcbatur, visain ef*e liwtmrc hominc* fo» qni fcr- 
rnit inferiaa. idf^ue dictam j(ipv}fia. tnuiflUto qnidem vocabnli senia. 
Feodot igitar 3pcftoic non » x*'oi'aii. I'd a x'P*"^*' "' ^- ^^^ '■ ^ ***' )^ 
A 77( twr^li^vwf ^iXlyfiaTo dpvroic irw^iWwr «V<. Dreviiu, addilo hoc 

' dMivo, darignntur idem quod T. S4 : in wiftat ffp^relt (<rr.* Ita v. 46'2 : 
ftanvc fiwivMM ^ftorMV, (Tiv/ir yv* (mortuis) oi AmimUvs pamri vo/nf. 
Bimili rfttionc addittit cat dativtu Pen, 751 : SAmm ^4 nXvr irX««rov 
*^r«1 M-jkif uW^>vfraif yi'ti^frni mv ^Aivnprof fl/xmyi}. N'eque OlioM Mt 
nortalium menlio: hiiemin omnia opera adhibenda eat. ul morloortiBt 
brorem aiba mocilient quia eadem >or» manet ipao*. Idem mortaliura 

jn nort«o« officinm commonorst Soph. Aj, 1380 : Smr xp^ mr ipi^ 
r AaHfiivir trovfir ;9)i»r»i't, ubi niti tuK. quae inter ntroRque istercedit, 
laUo extollrnda ciwt. abraw potsit [poterat] fSpoTwr." Tmulntei 

,_Aut I. at I pour out fVie Ita/uaa Itutralioaf — i.e. whilst tn this aoleroa 

ag 1 perform tAf mortaVt part, u distinguished from that which 

I )uit before been aaoigned to ItmmortaU. nod pour ont time which 

I'mbooc men arc bdd to be pvri^ring streamB — aad compare, an mora 
ap|Kiait« th«u Pen. 751, where h^piir^t ylwrirm ■vii ^M mw tt 'f*^ 



UBOSDto t0 Qotliing mor« tliui yaV. ipit. r. if)8. /w cw£^)w«o)r, Ag. 6*27. 
/v XP^''f '* ^inMf)ft'MirAr()p^r nv^f^wtroi^if. Gur. Onret. 314, (^v fiifvoa^t 
y^, aXXd So^^t ivmi>'> KU^nrur i^paroiiTiv laropKt n rt'yvrnu., Bad bcc the 
note DD Ag. 313> iSfNToTi fipam/t^t yi^ aiif)(y&itfiri4 raXaiKn vnpaiwfrd ffp«- 

VH. <piliov t' 'Opian / ¥ J So I conceire the epnier. orerpowered 
by her feeling, to huvi* intL-rruptcd the sentence wkidi she aftrrwnrds 
CDm))letea iu v. ISO.&c, just at the Nurse returns in v. 743. to tlie 
point from which she hod gituTulotuly wandered ia vr. 733-42 : oom- 
imreRlw Ag. 537- 547. 6"iS. 1074. h is not iiccwMirjMhvreforc. that 
with Wellauer nnd Klausen wc ehonld hold the conjuactive [xuticle iu 
V. 129. (o be tnoisposcd,' on the prineiple indicated by the latter — 
"r« nddlTiim pi van <]ui» utriuKiue sententiae |)(uti conunuiit« c*t, ut 
T.502. 7C6. 971 (o09. 796. 1003.')" — tnaemucb a« Kiroe mirh tcrniin. 
atiQDof V. 133, Qtigbt eceiD to have been intended, as tlial which Bl 
6eld lisir t«rioiixly ]>ropoaea to force apan the author, — mt ivo^ ttt* 

At to the interpretation of the lioc^Vcllaner, who (followed fay 
Scholefidd) places a colon after 'o^(im)v and note of interrogation after 
i6titiu. ha» dropped »o further hint thitn ihiK. Iliat in his LoxiooD 
jEschyleum he quotes thi» puea^ under the verb drairtftu-. r«yaore ; 
t» tlie i^cliuUiut also ha» : irafaiiW QaaiKtivofKn : and so Butler : " Vix 
tuitt e)i)K>C tit tnonereui \-erbum ava^afiw ab ai-i^wai h. 1. dedofenduro 
eue. non nb avaytir, nivii vidcrem virum summum optimc dc ^scbylo 
mentuiii in hui^c rrrorem iapsum i eic cnim rcddit DutbciUit!,/itM tma 
rMffvr dtut Ion palait. Nee tamea diffitnidum e&t id eom conulio fit- 
ciase : pergit eniin. Maintatoa novs sommM etraMs. Credebst furte vir 
doctiswinu* a1i(|uid vitii incsac hoc loco."' 

Kkuscn, on the coiitnu^- (imd. a£ is plain from vv. 124. 1^8., with 
nnch more reason) deriving •Wjo/kv from I'araytai, rethurrr, m it oe^ 
cur* Ag. WT . riv opffaia^ Ts* <p6ifufmv aM*y(i». and IlotD. II. XV. 
ul ojnrycryuir atVii 'Apytif •'■ IniifSorWi ml iroX^A mp iffKi)Varra., agnta 
with Ilindorf in vubjoining (rd) vat tii-o^fup AJ^mk, as though it were 
an Bccuiative " expressing (*te Matlh. Gr. Gr. $ 408.) the kind anil 
mode of the action" of aioUnip&r. whidi he translUcs accordinfrly ; 

■ SMWdlLaBlVen.42. Elaul.nnEnr. 
Hawd. «a. and t^ note on Af-MS, Hi- 

* Tliit t> AM K imUd pMMge. 

* Sucb, tiko. ippain to litn been the 
uldaute cootlcUou uf Uu Imuncd EditDT 

lum Bfiiimal torn Kinrapio. ciri vartia mo- 
dll nicurri lulujit vntii'i.' t>. I>. 

BtooiftcU in-T Pmiir, Hnlth, Sch«l«, 
and licmuun liu «Uiled, ** irHoimrM- 



^niRMtnrnw da viam ^omodo cum in ada reducrnKMS — on intcrpreU* 
tim wliich. it it|i)>var7 to inc. wouM [Mitstruin un lo read, nais dra^vftrv 
4iifMir. See St. lAikc's Gw^h.'! xili. 'J. 4. ActK iv. 21. Ruiii. vtii. iO., 
and uthiT eiuD|>1ea af thix itnpurc Greek coiutructinii DOticvd bj 
Schleuauer hex. N. T. 'O, ij. W, f. IVwieUte : amt Win^- Im-li dear 
OfMte»— WM I i^ing to Nty } AIw ! Adw thall xr mlor« liim fo 4m 
Aow ^ and undentand onijoti'i' aa aaid not. u IClaiiBeii Euppows, " d« 
DRnmhufk qui Omti &vent," but, aa secma much mon Batumi, of Elcctni 
hcnvlf and (U wc may to ipcak) btr now taiatcd &kth<:r, to nbum in 
tltis short digreeaiuD the familiarly unlxwomH hcr«?lf. and iii tkm har- 
ried linea (vr. I27>9.) malcea known the cxntiog state of tbingi in tlu 
lUaccufthc AthdK. 

134. «nrp«yH<'rH] "wvinMfM'Mt «na.Cltmub. Cf. V. 859($9£).Soph. 
Phil. 978 : <XiiAt, mVjMFMi iidmfXNXa. Aot. 1036 : /(ii^iroAqfiai aAnr*- 
^fr^prtofuu mKai. libri onmes Ct Schol. wtrnptryttiyot. quod dcfendk 
BcbM cncluuf, coUato Eur. Ale. 88 : -jiar rw' Sm imrfHiyfiinM-,' at eodem 
Ka*a tlictara tyao lhaiFv»fHrfiuvo4. Qui wnsus hnic loco omruno non 
aptiu : noiidum enim actam est do Ore»te ct Elwtra, sed expectant 
in. 130. IS9.] iKiniim cventum. Probatur. iilqimlniontiit Scliutz., 
tnoMUtw &ddito amfiAafaro, utv. 839 (SOC). dc codcm re dictuni cat 
iyio« t» atTtit^iifiJiif." So Klausen. and eovv«ry modem editor excqA 
WeDaun:. to whi^M defence of mwpmyiiniM ScholefKld juttlr, indeed, 
dialects: "V'ctvrem Icctioacni mrnpaytnin' nx aatis dvfcndil WcQ. 
MC«tt]>Ua TOCu «Dinpo«it« ^lawnrpaefpint, de quo neniu dubitnviHvt," 
bat who, in bi* I..ex. jCwhyl. v. tipia<m, ha« aiofv judiciuiuly classed 
tfw pusof^ with r. 427 . Aoid a careful cumparisoD of the amtext of 
each has fally convinced tha present Editor iltut rtiiriKryiitPM oogfat 
not to have been po uneerenofuoiBly supcr^edi-d )ty nYafH^iVvi, iaae- 
nndi aa it is in everr aenso an older and better won), [miiitinfi' (like 
/(ffvAqfiai and ^m^i>rM)>at in the abate pafsa^ofBopbodee) to the 
original mflnnrr of rnm-in^ on all trikdc and rominerce, by ^ttr ; and 
inlroducctl with as uuch propriety here, where tbe ecchangG is fur 
jEyiathMj, as npu6if b tn r. 895. where tbc (ree>Uim Orcttea cdid. 
^ains of having haag tectvlly titid (ur a oertain mod m ip&eie. 

Translate tliercfore : for nim (emphatic) hv are toitvnied iito pn- 
dace at it wre, wtd shiffed' tff by our mitther — onclsee LhunrnV Le*. 

• nu iPDuU to arnwd tn K^yk 

1 •■««/«■ floral (imii boll ME bchtw 
un f . 8W. I ml tiwRftiR aot |«nlbl lo 

(he |i Mp iii» J tnuGnf mhI iiiif qiirtatioti 

■ CotaaaR Urn AllRsiiia Huiarian'* 
neU«atal ma/OotKittliee^iKtH trait of 



V. wfirvm. whcro this vcr)) is dvrivett from tlic same R|>ic future of wt- 
pa^} trtfMliTu (with D short), from which Buttnianii, Irreg, Grrek Verb* 
pp. 2CH. 21 1| supplies the pniicipul parts of rwfMiirKw. ur, in the uld 

Blomfirltt'i' ilhiti I ration of irnrpn/irant : " Ita fcrc nos Ai^li. bowyti- 
lud told? i.e. tiaditi," io ctcq more applicable to tttii,iaytUrnt, made ^ 
wiaUcr of Inffic, inDatnuch ns tliit more directly involves the tKilioti of 
R gtadpro ^uo, uid so oontlucti) ui »tonc«^in tliepro|icrineaiiin^of 
■ baryaut to that inviilimui acnac which wrc ure wront (improtierly) lo 
■ttoch to tliu KngliAh word cijmpromit^. 

NoBter io tVomctlivo S»luto fr. 180. 'linrwf ivMi r ix*^ "" "■•fx** 
yJimii ^ttit dirriinv^a [Ldliri ibr^ai^iii] iral it<lwi»> t'xititTopa. qnvm locum 
prtctcr llutsnthum eitat I'urphyriui! do Al)»tin. iii. 16. Sic iii £um. 
38, offvirnit tttvm v*t attjue i>i(tfAi(." Blom/. 

128. " tprvyav'o^tmit ttrrin. Usitutior cat hac pcriphnMs cum par* 
ticipio prictcnti tciiijiiiris, vol ia praetcrito cum participio pneecntiA.! 
Bli<liUkndo ctiani in pncsenti ciun {lortioipio jineseatis oceurrit . Hcrmlut. 
iii. 133: S<raalitx(ir^vim\tpiitiiifrn. Xun.Cyrop. ii. 8. 15 : j[i> oXXmAti 
■afMKuXoEmf.' S. L. Sec Mottb. Gr. Gr. 4 ^71. Obs. — Aldue with 
the MSi?. Mod. Guelf. luid Kolj. bus ^^vytif. 

Ibid. vft*i>*/i*Mt,j>roi«Uy. over-bearin^h/ ; Schol ; vmpfParwt. " Aifc. 
lii^UH iintio vorbi «vrw vcl tinrrm vidctur Aiiase ffrtitlior ; uiide rpoK^irrw. 
Erit igibir inipmmt.iii aimiji hngt yrogrtdUvr" Ulocnf. Clou. Tlieb. 

1 29. i* roim oiiit mwuxri — J . wliioh Ulom&eld. who comparaB Suppl. 
91-t. KopQtans iv y 'yXKi]rtir *>x^i<*f Jiya». njipcnn to Kkvc imdcmood^ 
ia the ecnae in nhicli be Imn iitiulvertnitly ciuvtcd it on A^. 4fi3, 
niri <7aU natoiai — 1 wi>uUl nitliur interpret with KliiUHcn. in Ihrfn 
of your labour ; compunng I'cia. 751. irAuvmv ntimM nipjc. iind otlMVl 
possngu! wluch he ha» adduced on Ag. 54, nifroi' ifmAix^ (where ccc 

dr k MfutcvM ry ftvitpv St)«*«^ ^ when 
AmoU Mmpani Xm. <k II«p. AUi«n. 2. 

' Oil Uk ticrtvntlve ptmcMi ky wliioli 
i*nabuill<rtioM(i(lliuolil<:n>ck iwh. 

>tpd». ^ fmi» wlimn; (tf ll»tj nrr 

TCt •!' -'nalH«> *t^. n rriu«- 

t»f. . :aiiiein»un. V4( \ — 

Kfl* BMllMdUl 

-ivd tu tragic tin ■Irtrl- 
imiiin CMiuMrct) nail 

tWmM to trailiHg RAmll}-, •«« Dultni.j 
Ht imjww p. B>1 : •lid obMvrr tkat 
ftbTKiik* iikuW* iif ii roifvaiHfBI&IIS L 
i^IimiiUi^y, fraiu luinielr axulAeM. 

^ Sw SliJ(«|(. K. Rich. ifl. Art. 
tie. 3. 

* Witb t)u> uto n( tlir |«rr«rt («m4«_ , 
MiDparr'niDb, 'i;i.'t, VA^iUAo^sdi Bid 

ptemtil. in Ai* AdJub J 



my note), fr. 361 . b^^Mr q fUntn [perhai^ ^Aimuni] rtrr^mt irAnr. 
Tind, Pytli. vL 54 ; fuVMnror rp^rAr n^vor. lethm. iu. 37 : trXovrav 
Iw'tmixor mpanp^ *<{»«ir.~to wfaich m may add Eociceiastes, eh. ii. 
TV. 10. 

fbitt. x^imitrif ft^yn- So every editor. iKginning with Tomfltc md 
Vcttori, has corrected r>(ra — the rcftdin^ of Aldus and Rol>ortcllo, And 
of the MSS. Med. Guelf. — willi the excejition only of Klauacn. whose 
intcrpnUtion » little lesi forced lierc than in Ag-. 1338, wliere nee the 
note: "xUvinrif itira. humriail pMiea; pofttquom tibi cnpucntot : 
sekKM^ytn hinltnireiM. Ita Od, X?. 400 : fura ya^ r* nai uXyvt ripmnt 
iltjp. a. Ag. G'J3 I luri fiir *\tiora ri'xvo. Dc XC EuT. El. 314, «](]. 

ooofert ScbOtxiiiE. Cf. Soph. £1. 26C. M)q." 

j^iiMvf Tfivtrnmi Schol ; compare Su|i)>]. 2SC, nivXotot 9apS^pMO% 
al www^m x^^»n>- Rolinkcn on Tim. Lex. riaX. p. 276 ; " Rcete 
Tiinma xXiA4 repctit k x^^- Qu^^d vcrbam. a x^Xn* contractuni. cum 
aiiie dniratia pviiuum aignificat eahn m/m, moHio ; dcintlc delkm 
Jrang9." Hcnee Heaydi: j(kU*' &(Mmt. 

135. tfow. ranp, rvKbyNM'} " TW, /wrer. u/torrat. Vvt^. Ma. iv. 623. 
Bgoriarv aU^uia aottrit rx ortibut vltor. Qui n* Icgunl. versus ratio* 

I oem nollain habent : qai i oddunt, ut Cnntcnis. Oftntiiu fociuot, aed 
ai&c ulla necv»«itatc. Imo jMtius uptnt atlvrntum patcmi viDdicis 
Orc^. qmun paths. EWiindcs aptid Stoluenm, Sum. Ixxxv. (Daoaa 
Er. ix,) yw^ iu» i^^Atimt iraFy^^■» U^mm' oi rSv nadtrw Jmh. aWani 

' ittfiyMii. Ita enim Icgendum, ncm «ti ni^Mi* -n^ ^r, er MTw/okrormi 
AmdnN iomaral. proul editur" ! Staol. " mv t vwrrfi Porsaii. Canteri 
cmcadatioacin rcccpi. loccrtum at quid in tuo Ubrv iovcncrit Scbo- 
Botfa : T«vc d' (jf^ioic ^Mi X^yw *< ^ii»^(m ttfiMpdv." litomf. For n^i^ 
■fwr Pcc note on Ag. 49A.. imd conii»rc the prcdictiuo of Canandra, 
to wbich. we are to rcmeiiil>cr, tlic attcotion of tbc andtetwrc has al* 
ready been invited, A^. Ili-17, f(«< yA^ 4/>W uhX«« cS niiaajiot, fi^rpn*- 

I rrfMV ^frwfia, g wwifiiy nofi^. 

136. JnTMirAiNBi U>^.] " Vulg. oM-utardavf » lUctK MRca carerc Ti- 
[debtr, dcfctuoreai taancn habet Schwcnkiimi, qui accnsatinmi Utqrid 
(rignUcare dkit, qaod vwbo efficttur [Matth. Gr. Gr. § 408.] ; *m1 id 

I tuHtro fieri Don potest. Both, dcdit ovruardoMit-jtiqr' St-dScfaol. 
et raria Icctiu apud Turn, priebcnt mtuianmrainw, imdc Ilcrmanii, 
OAis. Crtf/. p. 64. ctncadavit (tn-i<nmwv*v. quod recte rec«|>it SchuU., 
nni forte imaoKmrttm [^drrua*an«*«u>j vd am-imchimu' legendmn ort, 
ut aonowvyirru Emu. 22C.. ex quo vutgata leolianii origo facilioa En- 



tolligi poesit. Bed idem Horm. male iU^ in Au? mutnvit, qua rouU* 
tk»ie nun opus »t. vi rifianpap flinjv juii}^iinuR, ut Eur. Elvctr. 67C. Hi 
Atts wtiTp^t Tuitrd* ri^pW Si'inji*. Non melius Pors. AJvers. \i. ) SI). ii»>. 
rinarAmii' dun|." So WclUucr : but the junction of rtfimpw Knyr 'a 
not to be thought of, and Klauseti hast Mdisiructarily (li«po«ed of the 
marginal mdin^ of the MLxlicvan MS : yp. iYP**^) wnnmiirruwui — 
whence the Sclic^ast's : yp6^tnu, tbruxinaKTSHlf ' — " at vidctur htec 
CMC convctio corum, qui male se habere patftrcnt accumitivuni Smiiv 
pcndentcm a oarAnwii', «t ctm hoc fti'«i7M )>otius Kubjeclum sentontin.'* 
He oeoonliugly translates anTutarOapih' Auqfr. wliith Dindurf uIho rc- 
taiiuii morifflcte sahm id ^uoii jtnlitm ait; aiui udU» : " E[uUnii Etruc* 
tarn, qu» ayyrXl^ AAIv [Aogl. lo go am nrtauf] ;" «c Jklntth. Gr. Gr. 
$408. and 409. 4. as also Ktmsl. on Kur.Med. 25C. and lleniLJ.R,VJ. 
To the iiHiinc cflvL't nv^rly. thv Haiurp of l^clilicld ; " iMcaa hlc quo> 
damiuudo lorsit intcrjirctc*, »od, quantum video, anc cauM^ Onlo 
cat; XryM JU ro7( /vnsTi'mc (mvi) ri^uinfvlif imu, mitf(>, ^bavqmi. kai Aii^» 
(«Iwk) ravr KTttwiiyrRC m dimmrdatHlv. Inmicu autrm denKalio uttemt 
ttu, pater, ad/tttia-iim, tt x^mim raw eoa, yul to mterfttenmt , tfWM titei*- 
9im imlerire." 

Wr arc vixttuilly diiven hanV, then, upon tho intrrprctation nliidi 
Abrcfdi loni; ago pn^Kiwd: " ^kijh valet ijuiiw. vid. llcfych." : and 
on irhich Scliulx observed: " Id finri poti-»t, ai amKarSanir lc|i;atur; 
Bed leeticwti ayntuvmiMi^ [avrwaacraMu-] aptiui CSt K«;» intcrjitvlari 
Statut-" lletycliiuB has: ^unj* 6 rttirac [read T^tMnx] fuiqirr^fMu^— 
which latt wnrd fixc» the reference to Od. xviii, 272 : fi^trrltpm^ o£x 
ftl 8tK7 n^ ircifMiA rirvxrcr— again : Aii(7t [fCad Au^J* rp^mv JfioMWtri 
9 aj»Icnr. Auc^f KafioMp. 4<nr«)>. dfu>f«t : and it is in thi;- last wuae, iuj 
whidi wc we Ai'«rqi> as it vrrrc in a stiitc of transition from n oou 
Bubatantivc to an udvt:rb, and tUuncc to n prcpusitioD, that wc must 
bere talc it and translate ; anif thai thaat who have kiUal aAotitd Me /or 
it M likr maajM-r. See the note on Ag. 3. Kwit Hix^w. and conijuire tbe 
ndverbuJaud prcpot>itivv uvact thi;uld l>ulin c^ubftUuitivc instnr (isuiuc- 
times fuuad aa ad iii$tttr, corrcspoadlng to - aartt fti'iprp). ud nhKh «cc 
by all means Facciohui'B Lexionn, p. 993. 

1 37-8. I have no better explanation of tl)c»c linat to offer lluui thl> 
wbich Klanten luw givea. n;l)Uaiag with LHadorf the reading of (dl 

' So M *. lyt. cncMao, l<^ 6ml in {Ik 

rtjgm of llir atuuc M S. : y^. f> vu* . uiil 
MOtc BotiM uT tl by tl><.- Krliiitliu.1 : 
tpdMru, Invia : "Uoi KUnarn JntUy 

terra* "mnnim flnwrina." 

* Kcv I Imittim ifr Stlipt. it PI*MUtm. 
P- IB3, w alM tliu nuie on Ag. 27. 



the all) Edd. and tmndatin; : " Hat. fnr arnt maU mpfTcall<mh. mf- 
4ia HtioTMrni, luhtrmu itiox dims himc maiam mprtralionmi : mobii 
4V» Mtt. Verba nulcm rol RimiliaL nptc rrpdit* iii prccibu* inUntu, 
Ctijna m ioaignis nt vii in hoc locc." Wcllnuer olwerres: " Pwt 
Afim iinmn rolgo conimii ponatur, »cn»n» rst nuQuB i qiutre xaXift ipSt 
ex conjcctwm dcditScliiitz.. quod rcoG|nt ]tuUiii», omWo vimal veran 
■eqacnW. ut apurio. Bed omoina non inteUiga, qaid Mt : Jr /lioy WAg- 
fu rift aiiX^ ifot, «t n qut» iiMVt WDiui, is tnm incptus est et frigidus, 
ul inlc quid ./fiscbylta dldsae son pomt. Milii (luidcm jkox n%u 
eoinnia pon«tuluni vidctor, ut g«nitiri cum vena *cr|u«ntc jan^ontar ; 
i^r. ■altfin ciirrti]>tuin e9»e jiuto n lilintrio. cujiui ueuli in venwn M- 
■{aentein iil>erT«raiit. Quid »t, n> fu'a%f tiAm, m vulgua notutn at." 

It Tfcrc ta be wished, bon'crer, lliat Wirltnucr Iitu) giwn hts ncttuil 
truulution of this pbruc in the pn«cnt pusaf^. to which tbcSclioliut 's 
iniCTpnlatton : n* gf^Xaif. ir vmMtrti ti&^fu, wvins not ut nil appli- 
cable. In EnRlieh, pcHinps, wc mar cxpiT» it by, / (Arow omi — or. 
I lkrwo¥tbythevayfenpoMantJ, co(n|iaHiig&upp) 73ii,fiij««f J'oU*^ 
/yfu'tfy ffpAMit, mmI Kut. Med. 819. wtptwal wownt t^ 1"^ X^yot— 
Mid the CDn»truction of the gcnitirc " of qunlitT" (lipac) we majr T«fcr 
tn Mallli. Or. Cr. i 316., and of the Article (iT>wwqru in r. 139. 
rwf iiiffM)") to whnt Alidtlletun cdU " the iv/ksbv wnxc," wherdn. in 
the pliiml, it denotes fke wMr rian. or, in tb« eingnlor, the ;anu or 
jprarrcrV ilrsiyKatutm, of lluit which is cxpreucd by its PrcdicRlc. 8ce 
D»ctri»r of tir GrrrA Article, fWt I. chty. ta. Met. ii. i 3. 

Still, it must be eonfesEcd, Schiiu's conjecture mAlit. ndopted by 
BlMofield nud Scbolelield. in bntli n plauHble reading in it*rif> Bad ool' 
ihil — more rendlly even than iitat. for which it ircrc not cosy to sat^' 
g««t ft ■word th»t should liavc bc«i there before it— may have been 
■dtervd, lu Wrllaucr vnppodca, by MnntflnuumbcT whose e)'c (whether 
Ity acriilcnl cr not) unfortunately for na Itad tnindered to tlic words 
tmmvtUatcIy under tho»e with which he had lo do. And for the in- 
terprctntioD of the paiaage thus corrected, tlie following note may nf- 
fice lo rcnun-e WeUauero objectioiw : " Ij«ctioneni NoXfi. t{tBnicxoon- 
JDCtura intulit SdiAtz., probavit quoqtie filomf. In priitcipia enim, at 
Bumct Scliiirtz., nbi et fmtri et rehqub patrv tu amicia iona precata 
crnt Elccttn, ct nox fincm fseiena rcdit ad booaa prec«a, poatqmun in 
medio maks qutadam imprccationea in hoatca cca^ecerat. 'a^hw pro 
rl](7C stabilit tl. Strph. in Thcawijo. qoanqqam *spiiu in niabun 
partem tmiint'tr, 'Af>uopui in bono ecnsu occurrit apwl Snpb.Tnu-h. 
48, rV ^ Sofia tf(«M ipiiftat <*WM^ <^f> X4hv. Apud Eorip. itmi 



OlCM. 1138, rm miKKi m^l *<&■' ^fr^fMro* rvxw- Hcracl. 651. jf 

plic'ilar jKiiiitur Hipp. 688, lipat vT:ia^>v TjMit." S. L. Add ib. 890, turtp' 
^»Smoam ira<t>tU a/iat. nn<l 1 3l>'^,ilji' oltrAt mrp^r rptitofAt mi^it f^tNr : 
where the Scholiast ; dVi 9i al rrj^ai O^0«uc ir^t UumiSwm rpfir' rpwrsi', 

139. Tov iaSkaai, Angl. jriai/. or ati yooJ ikutif*, iitdukivel}' ; SM Uie 
preceding' note, aad coiujitLrv t'cn. 220, n-pfu^xrur 8' ofrov rnftt irdir 

vdirU' AofUMH .■■ titffXii iTtii nr'furfii- rrin^ rt yTt irtfiStv it <Paof. AlduB 

wiO Uic MS. Guplf. have iwi'S', which Klausen retainftimd mterprcUt^ 
" Tori' t'oitKaif, comm qua: prt-atta est v. 130-123. n»i>Ai rcfcrcDtiuin ftd 
tBx^ Tu<rit." The Med. MS. lUen has rur with b' written over it, 

142. •mirSlCtii'. tontakt to fiourith or abmnd, to crotm ruiitwere 
•fifA^iNPirr^— whether with Sdinndi^r in Lex, wemakefruuivitheconi- 
mtm accusAtivc nftcr this verb oad the |niiliciplc VfavAuifi/mr, or wbe- 
Uicr we supply x"^'- o"" X^Vf- firom Ihc preceding rcrse. Scliol ; ari' 
^ar wc nrSttn: see the note on A^. 1429, and compiuvThcb. O&l, lA 
fniUuois irartivat^it iriitwtft yt tiitavt. Ag. 640, AftifttP AirSvtw irvAayot 
AfymW MaptHf : nnd for tlic conBtnietioii of the dative sec Matth. Gr, 
Cr. 4 ^OG. tlatura rot SariiTOi — Ct^TnpiUX Per*. 619-21, <1U' & ^vt. 
;yiMurt Toi^Af wfiriptMi vfuinvt iirrvtfi'jiMrn .rivr* 6aifioiiaAafi*i*»a»aii<Atia&€. 
On the mntlcr of tlic Bcholiiut's objection : 'Ori tVl moAuniimc tmmm 
tlmnoKit. KaiE£piiiJSft'(Alc.42-4.}>naiani r^ mirafitw Anti»i^ 0i^, »ce 
the notes on Ag. 626. 1215. " Quinquictt Innttini ftceiirrit vox imuw 
Kpud .'Kw<-liylujn. ter in malxm i»rtiriti. Hie. ct Thfh. 851. 'AtBf r 
E^^p^ iratov' rttitiiXwttir. ct A^iun. 63I.Toiwi>8( ttMrotsiffi^Tw* ataayiti* 
twK, tlfxViri ii.iytip troiani rwr 'EfKfi'-wr.*' S> L. 

I44-5J. This httlcOde. whirh HcrmRnii (Obas. Critl. p. 67.) made 
the fint rude attempt to divide into Stnijihe uiil Anliitniphc. 1 liaiveo 
with one alaght vnriatioQ in v. 160, orrwigcd as Dlomficld hac done ; 
■o as by the mere tmiispoattioD of the wonls in v\, 151. 132- -first 
prapoved fay Sckllcr (de Vent. Dochm. p. .')9.) in place of the old text, 
lithnfitiaOfviit iritp%iraKvr1ipb6fM¥,in'6Tit — to cffi:c1 a decided improve- 
ment both of the uctrical bvnrany ond of the rcnsc. Translate : Pawr 
faHh a tern-, pallmn^ as it falls in htmor of our f alien Mnter, tipom thu 
dffma agaiatt rtril and agviiii't go4)d, by vay of uvrrliup mutrfinthlrpot- 
Mmm (i«. any vuntniLtiOD of guilt tltut wcrv much to be deprecated), 
tJUr Mt offeri»g4 Am* bet» otade—or (c«e note oo v. 31 .) now that 
nr xB^t'pi" '' nneluded. 

Kimtxit, which thcSchoUiut inlcr]ircts: utxcix^dMo. dattpitn nuvu[«r. 



qjr^TUitr.ia the neuter n{ the n<IjrctiTcc>imj(ir«,Wr(7)rju.'\VdLl<cx.^CM]l. 

IC«>iijtif<i>' tfi^rM^t, iffiAPii. tK^iyain. Suiiiu: KoKO^Bd** firra crMMo : 
«nd Blotnlidd. who explains it ta he " more liqaoru qui jnu-u^cnN, tcI 
^oHuf»a^a<iiTui,txhocvntviHilhdtr*iuf\mditMrt" COoiinreeKur.Crcl. 
1 62, t^ifi' tymm^w. HoiD. 1). Xl\. 36, mwajii^t ii ioiftira wv^yttf fiaXXi- 
fupo. HosioA. Hicog. 367. tnmiuA Kmmtjpfili fiiwnt : to wluch Klaiwen 
addrt II. xri. 103. i*tri» . . .w^ni &^X»iuvi tt»ax^ Ix*- ^-^> 4^ mi3ur* 
^ofitrr) uifajti*' ^x* irofffflr t^' wmtr, xix. 3GS, Mdrrwf KOMixii. 0<1. vi. 
8i. mmy^ iHuAwb. Sopli. Ant. Lm "iwx4 XP'-'"^- ^'°^- ^^^K X- 35. 
Ncm. viii. 14. Sopli.Tmch. 64-2. MoiMixai iwkim. andcunclodo!: "Vidcs 
VDCciD umrpataiu dc omiii eonilu vel etrepttu ; hoc loco dc eo, quen 
fociunt f^ttir lurritnu^m magna \-t in huraiun iitillnnlci, ut Mr]>c »>t 
ajiucl Ilomenim idxfoi x^l^f^t 0iiX«."^'OXo^>r(.r, perdilura, Aavinff ex- 
peadtii, or very cnminouly in a had ecnsc.' Aavaig ihrowm iltt{f tntmy, 
ka^Mff dt*trof<^ ilsfif,* AtawfMMf. d«p(T«f«— which in cconcclion with 
JkicfW. WdlBuprpru&aaee lumadf unablv In understand, and which Ulom- 
field propoMi to expongc fnini the text — it ha£ been su^eslcd on Ag;. 
54. (where ecc tlic DOte), might be undunluod to metui u nun, i»efrc- 
imtl ivar ,■ but KUusm hftt tnk«n n more tottcc t \-icw of the conttxt i 
"Hiilitpnp rrjHtilUtn. at Su|>|il. )i4'2 t sJUifu'im uKiifur' <«' itfiaXa.' AU 
tenuD bonuoan, alicram rem infdicein <.-! funvHttim d(r>ignat. Ortiiro 
hoe e mlitn n^itione : AmX'. SXaiku Soph. Trach. 1 1 44 ; cf. Aj. SQG. 
■'hit. \ni5. Tnle* repctitionc* diversa i-crb4>mTn nd hoc et dlud rela- 
liane rari&re nmant Grard." See ubuve on v. ^). and coinpari; the note 
on Ap. 1306. riMn Ammk iwAr. 

146. irjMf *tn>fMi nUt( i.r.X.] " QtiK scquwtttir, intcUcctu difficillimA 
ntni. Ilimniuin. Schiitz. ol i>cidlor. vcrbia Inui*pofiti» jiinf^unt vpti 

H wrrrwwamia iiwla. Sed btoc verbis ocm iusuut. et ohatat huic sea* 
flti miuinie niSr. Aptior nuw t-orbia est cxplicfttio Sctiolijutw, ut m- 
«A* nAi^f' •MrpoBiw o^ot tjipwitio ait ad do^w, Jftuyia autom Mgni- 
6eet bmntan : qann ngnifiaationciD « qoiBhuicyocabuloiDeseepoa* 
H negcl. ftcile rqwni posnt •f^Mt in quod incidicw Tidco etiom U«r> 
raansiim ad So|>b. Antig. 84 1 . ed. tiuv." Well. " Lxictu expUcatn p«r> 

• lee. i» cxaniiilo. Pram. WJ. Hitpal. 
Ml. SwkDn. fr. 1^1. Bar. OnM. liiU. 
Phow. less. MpJ. 12S3. HvL 132. lUrc 

r. loGi. 

•H<wMsm.9i 0£irwJ,a«4iA««ir- 

' llur Moinim nadinif isAfiiBa (a «A4f> 
Well. Lci. jBicb.). ntuubiK otikk, tab 

T. '2*1*. luAjf ■«<:■» rui ijumBi /irT^Slw 

6m». Ai. 1 137, lir;. IWI. EuT.MwtW. 
l3M.Tr. lift. I<ia5.aic.«,«. 



quam diiTurilb. E<|UJ(Wm wpit ifmita rv^ miri^, oJ ivc boHorvm ftm- 
tidimH (ttimulum tcil. Agnmcmn^tnisi, ccl lyiem unici RJus cnnfii^ant), 
intirriirrlor ; wqtientia >ax^ r' tmarpimi'v uyot mfi-xrrop dubilnntcr ac- 
cipio dc Clytieinnc&lTa ct j'l''^»tlii>, ilcipstando fitoculo otmcMcue, qwlnta 
i<lcni tutnulos est pioculam ntioininonduni oc deU*tal>i]e. Eo Kom 
utu|uc Agumcinnonu »cpulcliniiD dici putL**! maiannm itwr wrfuw t ae 
tktnlalult pMTuium ; scd ila pro cnrun r' mnlim Icf^crc mutav A«." S. Li, 

" utirir r' awirpomv, quod bonus m, buntua cvcittum Nvertit. (it 
aVHiM air^rj>«var. V. 40. Jung« : )(nav t<j(\-itiit—/ irpit (^n^id COtt., rfvM 
/tanliatlur* hferi/r propter hoc nammaitiim matorvm [Angl. ttore-ho«M 
i(fa'Us], btma averUatem tfoiarrm ahamitmiiban." Kbuiwa — wlto rr> 
toinft SXyot in v. 147. nnd add* in cxpbuation : " Sepulcmm, quod arm 
instar habctur(v. 97.), did non potest malurum pnenditun, tlulur 9ibu> 
ialiuiu]ti», M;d dii-uiitur htec de culpnc»i^». Cut exjiiwidje quuiu in* 
fcriu miscril ClyticinQcetrB, nihil in hujos giBtiaiD pcrficiunt dionu 
ct Electn ; scd k dioin cutpa quapiam obatrictos habcnt. quod n«> 
qoe proliiberc ncquo ulcieci putncirint m-dcTii, ct a)i hae ciilpii jiim 
KM et domum csdc coutanunatam infciua fcrcudia liljcrant." 

Dificrcnt fruin idl tkcM.- id Kke Schobntt's intcrprctatiao uf this paft* 
Mfpv ; Ti'i /^tt' t'lcttjfv/itiftiy jc**^ fji^f (jpvfui, nU« Mrr A(ij(]pv. AyM mrrif- 

TM ir>iadM' ruf /ji^P"''~~<u"l dUIVrnriit, agnin. ie Uiat wliidi has be«n 
Mtbdutted to tbc reader in the preceding note. wfacKin J nj;rcG with 
ProfcsBor Scholofidd on Eur. Med. 1319. ed. Pan. in oil that rclatn 
to V. I4<i., bat ani ctmstraiucd to dificr from liim in tbc brief notice 
whicb be has beelowcd on r, 147 : " Idem (lunkultui vcl t>ra»udiuiii) 
eticun itntftit pNtmlttm abomiaandam." On the cotuitmctinn of lAurpa- 
po». oa a verbal acljcctivn in H)i]>o!<ition witb tht vnUre wntcnrr pre- 
ceding', uf ivliii'h {like Ma6»itotrtt ahar nEpoi initTTf *'t /uas 66ai ^i di Mm' 
m in V. 65.) it il«»cnbe* tbc virtual effect or tendency, and ie itodf 
roIlowedbyanocciiantivefeGeMatth. Gr, Gr. (4'J'i. imd^ 433. 5.. and 
eompare tbe note on v. 21. x^ wpovrojiirdE. Sec oImi on that othcr 
cQoalniction. iinArponw Kotiv (litenllf, anrtaU v/cvUJ v. 38.. Matlb. 
Or. Gr. 4 344. 

147. «lmt'x«™0 " '-\»«ux*T»f. /)(7imYntiAw.Iufni.C)4. (609).8uv- 
fitXit yn^qXnfi*. Qmvjmw iifunr. Idem valet .itquc Aittvrrvc. .Agam. 631 . 
imwnA wfuiarn. K. i ni dmwfoiT' &. Flato Leg. iii. p. 138 : ml )>i)r If 

'ThiaaugtilHNlrtalMWbtfenijMtf tnul cl Mmtd nffimlcbMltar xmI." Oo*i< 
qftuuMi/ma*— yetPiuwalaor "Ktxv- laro w. IS1-3I. 141. 
ArM'x**r,<lHMli|/rr«>r>m<. Nuuii- 



/ i irult tUgtrai f nrry yiyrtirfiai. ircAXf\ il nnif) fhti'-^ntr &* rnlt ^i< ;i^ 

fU9<TnV. ri pJf tvyir ^^Mir. 'Aim<«r<iuHC' iijipifaif»ott. 

The mated ■alborit}- of the MSS. Med. Gnelt. mui of the editors 
AMuo, Robortdlo and Tutii^Ih?, has nut ivailctl (c-xccjit with KlauM-n. 
who compoTM Ag. 733. Pen. 6&3.) to retnin aXynt m this verse, to the 
invjutltTO at ooce of tbc metre and th« sense. 

W9. «v3iir] " otffat jungvndiui) cum put. ut Rut. IpK Aul. C33, & 
r''i3iu iftA iiiytirTw, 'Aytvu'fmai' jm£." Alinx^h, luliluccf) by Klnwiii : ODtl 
w Bittler : " Onlincm irGrhonuo porum pcrapcxisse wletar Schbtz., 
qui nUi faDor liic e*\ ; Am Si. sXm A 0<inrnra, irt^r >iM, i'{ iJ^n^c 
^jirmit. Awii vera, muU O Jttmuu rnili veiterumde, ex oitnira mmle; 
h. e. TWiinnV vn^rff fit ctim ImeMt veritrit ;" nod to also Bloraficld ; 
" EjicKtulnm putnf i & : cnnstmctJOBtiteiB. ntmibiquulcm ri<ktur, non 
Ml kXm im. qtuxl point Elmildu* «d Sutthocl. CEil . T. 84 1 . sed KKir »i, 
itiiW, oifiax pw. it'irmrtxs" — lulmittiDg which, the learned Editor, instcnti 
of (on'tlily ejecting &, vroald have done better, liad he tmnspueed the 
wonla in llic text, and mul Am t ' «^ W^ar. Au i iitrwar' V£. 4. ^.. 
M in Eur. Ipb. A. 633. (o which he rcTm. and as in Ag. 874. where 
hs lauli. (hut with n comma after tf^l, in which cmw he should bavo 
edited, as Schnlefield alone has done, rb^StpiK,) ■>£* Jl' fjut) f tXov aiya, 
ftdSou>* ^rnc r9#9«. 

Neither in this case, bowercr. nor with that coosb-uction whiiji 
BUn aS iM propOMs, eodd w tntai Ut&t intcr|>retutkin vf i^ <!^«R>fMr 
jipn it advanecd by Biuler wider nnetion of the Clionw : r^« <urAHii(, 
Jte irjiAr vvf^Mmf 'ICXt'xrpar.' '11 5n iriiil ni mtftol, nod still maiiitatncd, 
u we eindl see, by the Btahopof Lichfield — l<i wliieli Illoiufit-ld hiniMlf 
verjr jtuUj- oltjccts t " Attpd nondubiumcat iroeesc^uruHfi^^tvdcatl 
ipMtni Cbonua re£^. Agum. 539. «« mftX' iifutif>fir iv ^pwoc / iLwv. 
T*na. In atroi|iic loco ttpiificat mcntcm, cujus scnsns non palan cx> 
primitiir. ViA. Glees, in Pers. 938. Infra 8^0 (832)." It would Mcn, 
indeed — lo lay nothing of ibe ttinngc appUention, which the Seliuliast 
*t leiirt would nnike, of ^tpqv to the disembodied nw/ or f/ptn7 of Man^ 
antecedently improbable that our Poet should hniiT lued tlie vcr}' satne 
phrve, here iinil in A^. 537. in two soch widel)> diffavnt Mns«» ; and 
ijutvfit, etm leilA Ikr gnmtl. laH lom, ti employed to deacribe the state 

* Wmt, at tew i^ arwt tnffA Sbefma— OrtMa : mc ootc oa t. 123. MlatMr, 

lUt moiAi seen to oouotnoim Ibo no- wUdi yet the ScUUmI. m v« ban Mtn, 

dnaTElMtismdilMitaaibariMrlhtliw UtnprM : AviAsAntMr- 
tiBf Ml»a ■worker* in Ibe mrttKoliaiKtf 



of a iiinn'9 miW. nnir liy a metaphor which (tec the note on Ag. 449.) 
ScbiHXt thougli rtifht in th« nuun. has not %-en' happily cxpntmcd in 
hia traDslatiuii <>f tlij* |i«s»agc : Avdi prwn, qms ex ft>r4e tot mtUia oA. 
aitbiliiSo Jimdimut. Yet: "Vf H^ati^uc i^pft^t. Agam. 555. jit m^UC 
jfuiu/iuf /< 0p(t-ur ft* dwiKmrco'. Staiil. Non &ut«a] ex hoc Agamenw 
noiiie loco indtioTufi nuni ut <'{ li. ^^. ad Chorum hie rcfi>ram. Potitis 
de Agamenuiooe dictum ridetur. cujus annnas, cum mpud Orcum vcr> 
Htiir. Afuivfilit tiaiid injuria did jxitcst." S.L. 

After all it may be n quc^tioo, whvtlicr vrc thould comhinc rtffat (for 
vtfUa^ftK. Matth, Gr. Gr, $ 429. 4.) with i icmrara, compuriiig-VT. 48. 
612, Soph. El. 6S5,it<Krin>7f-^Eii(riVjnf : or niake it th« ncciuativeoiter 
Ait. na in r. 234. and Soph. Ant. 301, cJXX" tmtp r<rjf« Zri« V Vf >Vat> 
vi^. It is in tlic latter sense that Sthiitz npfKsars to have taken it, 
and in nir judgment rightly : idtliough I do not think it necraur^ to 
mihe it >o doscly with Ai-t, aa Seidlcr uiid WeUaaer have dooe : kkU 
&' ^M, cXw at =: iSni, £ JliWor I t( i. ^^, 

150. ^uTAroraruTDnii, 1m, c.r.X. " Hie TcrEieuH^ nihil olaJdenunti- 
atur qunm hoc : Ehtu f qnU kirot domum nottntm tibrrabtl f cietera ud 
colorcm pActJcum pertinent, ct rcrhis to r' fV x*P°*' itoXi'm^i'' A- ffrf^ 
|B«>i) 'irmoXXny'Apif den^ktur jaculator cniinus fcriens, rc!i<|ui» attlem 
vir fnrtis continue j^kulio {iugii:uu. 'En tpy^ est in ftvyim. ^Tiniiniin 
Cbcnus optat ut cxoriutur ntiquis Agamcmiionis ullor qui, sire cminus 
■ire cominus. ^giatlium trucidet." SchiJtc. ]n |t]ace *tfl&. Ikitlie in- 
getiiiiwly proposed to road 'r« : hiit this, although it point* nut tl»e 
(rue confttuction of llw following (enlen«>— which, urrangi?d a* in the 
text, 1 irould not with Blomficld continue to read intrrropitirdy — is 
not ncccMarv, iounnueh no it is obviotu to tmulate fi, arnXm-Tp nc 
iofiuv d. u. £«., Ha, for some iibvntiiT of the Pnlacr, a UroHff SrylAian 
^xar-maa. a lairrior. Ac..' Compare with this cxclamBtionof one in- 
Toking tyntpatbji. ussuIomx, or m/rrw, Thch. 8G. 97. ICo-C6. 174. 
Asom. 398. A'J9. Ch. 4-18. Bum. 7K5. Suppl. 776. 904. Soph. (Ed. T. 
102. (Ed. C. ftS4. £nr. Uacch. 57G-78. 580. 

la I. liraXiT^fi] " liheratorciDYcitit intcrprce, et rocte: poUet cnim 
oFiAvtir likrraiidi interdum notiooe. Iloni. II. ir'. 443. CI x'. 1^* ^ 
MiXnt SofAtota ttvttiixrot i^vtAiata : I'nde Eur. S»p|)l. 44. M ^ 
rtoa))i^ii^AfM'nMH«rair. .^^lian. Var. Hii>t. it. 18: rd tbuinur/Sfi*^ 
i^ivai fitt KaraSutTr. Propric noint retiilicrv tn intejfnim rt ttaium 
pri*tiiaim. Piad. Ncm. x. extr. imiXrcrui ^^wt-qrui li^OiX^^, Ltwiftti 
Vit. Auct. p> StU, cUX' amAvair in vpAt roii d>4( ui ff innipf(iis g w ^pw 
A>4iMrar." Abmcfa. CotnpttTcSoph. El. 72.iuiTmr^¥96iMi. ib. 142. 

/' oft ib^Xtvit itntr oiitfttu ntx**-. 



IA3. ItofivofinaitttpitpZrL^'] " MlroT KlomHcMinni nntlici tntcqtrc- 
tationmi M-cutum com, toptraffiw^ arlfp SsvAt* pro fcrri protopoptc'w nc- 
apientifi. Qtuunvis enim in lods nb iis ilUtb, Scpt.Th. 728. (ivotH 
xX^fiovt iwirtifiA xAv^ Zmi^M- Aroicor, •mommt jfpNumBaffoc irupdc, ^ 

inAn>y mvuJnM wn^vifirw. fcmim £«'FOt Sni^M> Atmnm Ct ticv^t dictam 
•it, qoi* ccoooqucrc potcsl *ANdPA litvAji' topwfiti^ Jc fcrro dirtum ? 
Aifwtn^t anip 2<iA|«. mc jiidicc. nihil aliud csee potest quam vir 
BofliirbeUipolmii. Scythx fucrunt bclki fcroceii, ragittnndi jxriti-i-inii i 
epcciem itaque pro gcncrc n»urpoTit .'Iwchyliui, iiJqiic prccnliir Cbcmiii 
ut v'lt r<»Tti« ali<|ui« «x<iriatur. tanqunm Scytbcs,' belli et wrcuuin pcri- 
tos, qni AguncninonU intcrilnm ulcisoaar." S. 1*. Anil mi KlniiMm ; 
"Totiu* loci Hcaleiitia hvc cat: quie eat tarn wlidiu, ut c/ffiNvm libcni' 
turvs lit, rt Marti* Siyrkii imttar t^itltu immittau, el (uVl opiu Cfil) 
romintw yitidh vtrtu." 

Ibid. ^Kv6^t. " Lcctioncm R. [SdnAan r /r] prolMrvcnint Sdifitz. rt 
Mullcr. ; at Iragicomm iion cet hate forma, qtri voce X«vA|f pm )mIjc«- 
Iivi>utuntur.rmi]i.2.417.'nicb.6l7." Klaus. Aildlnc. lt)ie».4Sfi. 
4W. nnd hcc Miittb. Gr. Gt. i -129. 4. 

153. nir' tV xtjww raXirroM] '■irnXirrorn cm.8cidlcr. LihritraXumr. 
At nct|n« Iwc clinin in fin« vcnoK fcrri potest, ncquc, « continuaDdiu 
enct VTTsus. hie nllim cesct laeas dartjlo. noXuroM rrf^d, reeipncoa 
nam. In utrwaquc pArtcm Aexiln. qui ncrvis soluli* noo illiro rrrti 
(tj^frnvni) ficbant, fctl in contmrimu partem kx ficdcbant, ex Ho- 
flMro([|.Tiii.2GG.). H<TO(loto(<rii.G9.ef.'WcMcIing'.},So)iUocU!(Tradi. 
OIIO-ctApoDniiioRliod. (i. 9fl3.)iiirenii)t Stiuil. dBlomf." KUuwn, 
•• nnXtrroM.* tcI mripntn. Sc'Xjj rcrte iotcrprctatur DIomf. dc orcubna 
m contraiiun) flcxiim curvatia. Ejus generis quotdun vidi nupcr ex 
ultimb SctrtemtrinnAlb ,^nlcncn> jMrtibos ndvTCti*." S. L. Ilesych : 
naXJmra- AvKrAtrmn. I) ti M 6&rtpa rpni^na. (Ang). RuUdk turn filAer 
tcagj. Bkv 1U->7ic on II. viii, SOS, ond Dunm'a Lex. v. mtXtrrwac. 

1 54. /» fpy^, An^. ui aetkm ; Srliul : j ««ri* f>4 /»>•**■•' i^'p'*', dXXA 
Mil irpAmtr i» r^ 7,(r)Y> ^t^ SaXXtii-. Compare Ag. 1631. nt(^c>yai> «f^ 
J«&[ rtidr. T^cb. 414, ifrfom V /■> co^me "A/tq* i^kmi. — " tMpya "^ini. 

[ScbCiU.]. (V fjTTy rvtte tui-tur AbrcMrh. ex Eurip. Ipli. T. 1190: 0>« 
«& o" /^i* JC'V*''** 6*'^* " "^^ ! Xi!noi»li. Cyr. viii, 104, wc J« f»Sr«i 


AmHt^JbTm r«1 «*ff»y«>i>«r, it d«- liu raiM» in PMIMM i TfMmmmtmi 
■ibSvM 4 Sa£Ni.i'j('f>a<i4. ffla mipnca Omcitm rvtsnv." Stwtl. 

■ "IbKSctUccf [iu Varr. Jc 1^. Ui. 



Jpym /SiXi]. h. c. i'm puyna. Ul Hum. Tl. A'. 470, Jpyon a(tyaXtt>f, /niyvs , 
ttrdua. ib. SSl), n^i «*' ovjcm f/fyor iii-qfj orarnuro. Suhaudi bc'\\. fwi][ifr, 
(|uiD[| &liiiuatula diain espriinitur. It. Z*. iSS. «£k & nr . ..Vyo" (irv*4* 
tni* /uixit' ^i< noectiam Anglicc ilc pu^Adidtnii^i.AR acfi«n." S.Li, 
/Mif . *A/)f t, Hars, or (paeticxil v) agf impertMtitioit as it were of Mart; 
tiai/ fiernoii, or (king daac. In tke spirit or I'tkaieu of Mars 1 »ce Vlovr 
TT. 447. 918. luid cooiiiarc Euni. 3.3J, Srar'Apoft rtAictft ff ^itXifi- J>g. 

ill , 8G!2i (V rnif <^i( afrTo1<Tiv \fip\.mjt Afn) J/i^ti^oir r* Miti wpit nXX^XauV , 

d^Mnw. Ag. 48. luyttv *'<t Ovjiai iAa(t3>^t *Af>f . ib. 364, '\p^ trrtuwwmf. 
Pram. 861, 07Xewra>v *A|H« SofMimi'. Suppl. 7()'i, trp'u- /4«»tA£f«(i''A^, 
IVnoiltltc : a varrutr in the pnttlet alike of Aurling tjtoae umtiKot winch 
h niiion bend baek and forward in the hD»di>, anil of vieUifig rioic-fif/ht- , 
tag. np'io-tke-hiU, vtajioiu. So, it ap]>i:HrH to aic. wc nmy bcit distiD- 
guifh between tliv two kinds of weapons here iDtcnd<:d : Um: Ionic '<*>- 
brr /Mmf. nwnviv, nuff^iilcd by the word t'imr^XA*»i>, and the !litF<Aorf 
twordf no Ickx plitiuly indioited by fx*^"* ^*^^ ^Y ""f"-? but for oM*' 
icanra »cv tbc next note. 

155. oWiwwi] " Cttm ipM Mtmuhrio. ItaNortCT Apaai. 137. bW- 
TOKip, ct f>36. ni-r<i;^A«a [(itT<i;(''r«i>i'] . PInnc gcniiinum at illud H«*y- 
cliii : AituXaffw iavrw Xa^v Ix""-' Siaiil. " IxUlta jSc'Xi} Mint. c|uibus 
romlmw pugnatur ; avniroTra, qtiffi oon mitlunlur l^nrlntf. aiinit jacvbi 
Ct MgittK quibui nuUuTn eet manubriinn, sed qua; in pugna itatorin 
■dhibontur cum ad digludiiitionein vuiituin est, nun tcW. i^uibup ma- 
nubrinm est. Carcoutcmh. 1. pro^'Xi) nqraoascumqiiibuRdflni (iipt/. 
Nam ^iXflc aMitamw eat tetum ettm maauin-io, b. c. jfladius ,- it^ot ai- 
roKturar, ylMlitu cvM mMitlrrh, eujus sine manubrio utos cue noit po- 
tcsl." S. I^ 

Truiulute ff^*)^ "^nlnMa, fuAtu coniuiw /Mjmof or ai tfiw nuuinArilp, 
Aiigl. adaptfJfor eion figlUiity from, or up to, tha vtry h!U ,- and con- 
pure the note on Ag. 517, where wc have improperly rendered avri- 

' InUiHwiue.wcn^btptrluvtttnut. 
hie mMnrwa nr tirriiUBm, hfmJjf : the 

faritf-itmMiS ai umnM lit be aUt t» 
AmJ/r MMwffrva. T)tu.t Tnratw, ikn- 
■Ati iJ. 21 4 "<nuii iii(«ut luultitMdfi, (n> 
U* lorii, pnrioiicM tuunu non iwotmdiN 
ttt, nm ooUism*, .....coocia •labik ad 
ffWliwn I nMtra mile*. MUMotMn pw- 
tnri adBnaMoni. ol Imndfiu iM/mlo ma- 
ttm f B tc wUt it«M( Mpo* **"■ l»)t mnvu 
Inc vJ/A (A«rf nrorrf irMif h-i/Aib Mnr 
profp, jntt MifitlMilbecii "pUiliiuoifr. 

In the imwiit cnntrit, hmnntr, __ 
M o«>nMct<d with MvMv. I pn^erlfcc w 
plnnaliim llint i* (liroin in th« iiou. K 
Mi.bKt, sfrrii^airra)' v. GA7 — in iudf, 
M cxcUuirJ bf th« noitcuitiD*! o( i 
Mlvjh MVl/re«^Af «f~ ii niUiArta be 
Mrt 0^ tlic pnolraW rrWx'rvo i A* 
fiMjr 'ca nr^'uii', I.e.. M *« MOtl . . 
trwilott *' Ihr dMlte of the Mawur" of 
■> ikinR (Mmub. (Jr. Or. t MD>, Mmrjiv 



j^not u if il bad bc«n hAtIt jAw'. Angl. IttMtt or (u in thnt context it 
Bhonld ntbcr bav« been) /Mmda/tuu irnrf ui/,- ami wbcrc the only troe 
ooBStnKtion ahoukl hkvo been «tat«d to be. u BlomfieUl hail auggcs- 
t«d, aMx<lmn»> fi^Htfw, flA i/m terra demewttat Ang). Ae Aiu avtpt eteom 
away, as it ttrrf vUh lU etry ynmad on wiuck it tlootl. This duorip- 
tiun of epithet is, in fact. alto^icttMr peculiar to JSacbylta. who cin- 
ploys it to ezprcsa efifr t/te liJceneu of what in common with other 
Grcvk wrilen lie wiMilil denote by aiir^ nt*^, oCrj ^fiaii. "vri nimfi. jltc. 
SccMoitk on Eur. Hipp. 118^. Elrusley on Med. 160. uod Mutlli.Cr. 
Gr. $ 405. Obe. 3. It partakes more, therefore, of the nature of an ad- 
verb, than of an adjoctive, in which light tre am consider it only as 
deaoribiDg llii- churncier of tlie nciwn exjtrtMcd by the verb (and there 
«iU always be found to be come \'crb) which it nccorapaoict. "nius 
the ofimcG of the Eymbolicnl cv^ies Ag. 137. is that they slaughtered 
■ poor ckM spA )u(;t^p, and tbercfbre a^rimm'. even om Ihtmt/h il had 6eva 
a dee, avT^ Tilcf ' — ur vrc aughi perhape traiuhLle iii nomewhat of cur- 
rwptMidiiiK phnue, yatag-aad-aU-liJee ; a$ ii imv dam tayethtj* with 
btr foaag — and so here also vx'Am ttSnittmna HiXif are weapons wfaioh 
cat itad tknui, at il tnrv hamdlcs amd ait; i.e. not blade to blade oitiv, 
but iiil lo hilt. Sec further on v. C57. 

" Z;t<'A»t. Ad pun^iuni continue gtrrcnOani atili? : a 'X'^f'- ^uidaBj 

tfmpoimu. o^iSff KMi iyyir fuixafuW. fllQC Z^t'Sioif' t6 SApui ji^ ihtWi 
n'((r>u. Si-d prvpiua ad Noetti ociiftum ucc«lit alin cjuMletn grwuma- 
tid intvrprctittio: Sx^Bw* ArXn ri Jn xnpit nr^irntvn). Xx*Ktii* ri in 
^•i^nW tmni^ ovrm Xrymu. Phtitiiu : Zxrjdv' frXiftTu*'. rtXar, if in ](**• 
pit." iU»iuf. 

/AiW. rmi^r fit)>i'} Kloucen alone has ventnred on the mere natliorily 
at the Scholiast to intnidun: (I'l^, where it is *o temiiling a cDrrwctiun 
that, if then: had been d »hudowof oulfanrity for it. it is utterly iocoo- 
covnhk'dMt it ^houl(l^<>l iui%x been fwmd in one edition: "£<4^Kripsi, 
qiiiin libri ornneaexhitieant fUXii. sceutus auctnritateni Sc^oltuMir, qui 
qnln Ir^rrit ^*4W daUtari ncqint. qoum dicit : oi-nimnni* ra Afi' iani¥ 
J^oiTU H}ti Xa^iif £i'^. vjVd*^ ti, in rof vy^' ^mfvnm cal ai a^^t^v, 
ivw*f tu ^'Jty. Ita nemo Krii>aaKt, i)ui hoc obom loco^'Xij le^teaGt, 

' llenca lk« pfopriMy of the roMrk 
tli4t MUiir*, Axani. I3M t riaaow vi^ftf. 
Sm— a iuAA Sp^""' AiTOfi ii4A4i>mv 

8r- 3 ! (I, hfll-iUr.' AU/ WAml. aHma 
prrtl^ekitttm md (Jmrdam «f 9^ Jill 



etBi vooabali rcjwtitin npud ^Keehylumnnn rvn. Vemm enuit SdifiU 
unt. Cf. A^. ) <jl3 1 . (iijint w/V'-nnimv. itlir oninin noelru lum respondent." 

ISfi. 'xn fu' <}^} " Finitn jam cantico, quod dum caiierct Chonia 
Eteclra ttd tuinuluin \mins eui acceewnit, aitnc ipsa regrvditur cbda- 
uiun nuinibtta teoena." S. L. 

158. lifi^fnui ^u^. An^. uJaxcinfftcith/Mr: Scbol. \iap ■■Mhw: 
compare bdow w. 1005-C. Ileaycli : 'opxicf^' ^tnirrai, iSacx'^i. 
SCnulcy compares Horn. II. xiii. ^S'2. ir H-n ul Kfx^Un [uyAa trnpa-puii 
trvnmtti. Vir|;. Gvurg. in. lOo : Com »pm arrcclte juvmtun. cxultwi- 
tioquc haurit Corda pavor pulNlDB : Klauaen. Suppl. 782. fuXiimJ^/iw* 
^' fniAXiTiu' fiau Kinitia. Prom. SSI. tpaiia H ^tifiif <t)p*m Xam'Cirii 

\$9. 6pu r^itaieti r.fl.r.'} " Scquitar locus no1»liBBiRlUB, <]BoEU<ctni 
ciorinno id pxtris lumulo vim, sendm eo dedudtnr. at aniino inter 
fjwm ct metum n(tc»U> t-uin ub On^k- rd miwuin rd euUocutiint cuk* 
pioctar. Et Ari^totclpA tjuid^nn in Arte Poetic* [p. xn.]. nbi vttrm 
irajimphitm' gCDcra recrrm-t. hunc ngnitionis inottuio qtto Macbylaa 
HUM eit b quarto generc panit. quod fiat ex mtiocinatkinc : Trrdpni 

&!(■ oXX" jf 'opi-in^t" — [otrot .^ iXiiXi^tv. ] . Scd non omnino rectc ac- 
c«pit PhiloBophiu Elcctne /Eacfaylex argnmcntationem. Non enitn 
cic colligit: V'cuit aliiiuia mitu eimilis ; eiiniliit autcm ticn«) est prster. 
Orestcm. Scd potiu* hiee cat *«rie« aignmcotorum. I . \'i<lco ctncin-*: 
nam in tuinulo iwlris posituin : 3. Eum nemo pnrtcr me' donare po> 
tuit : 3. El prufccto crincs meb 9iiiii1(!.<t siuit colorr : 4. i<>equc tunra. 
ejus rci siun mllii ijua teatia, Iiunc cincionum dc cajntc mco al»cidj : 
6.QuJd. M Oru£lt>> duttum at illo eincmnue : 6, Sano rrinium oolur 
hand r^jtugnat: 7. Et fortassc nuiitJum uli[|URni mbit. qui patrii tu- 
mulo conevcnuvt : nuia tpnim qnidcm l>uc ruiisM.- v'xx aud(x> i<pcTmrc. 
Et sic «xpo«itA huju« Q^^nitiotiie parte, quw ex cinciuio in tumulo pa- 
trifl couBpecbi dm-itur. ailiil cat quod quonqoam offendcre poesit. Nee 
erat profecto qutul c-u» Eariinde* cingitarel. (»i tnodo id ei coiuiUiiia 
fuit. quod vu)g» ci tiibuitw a viria doolis). in Eli'ctm run v. 5*J7. ot 
Mqq. /1£«c)t}'liim tangcns. CBtcmm ndh. I. rocpcxitquuqnr Aiiiitopb. 
ill Nubi))u^ [w. 534-7 .], miniroc tntncn at patabat Stanleius. ./EKhylij 

■ Sw lH>1i»«r on V. m. arhon bbnllttng 
the Ute rdifrHoc Llubrc«'B canjcotunt 
twin ill pinne t'l twu, nc inay m niicv b- 
1ltiilK<n auJ uin|ilif]r IM* orKunicnl : di*- 
tiasiiUlilnK til 1,'^) hrtwom \'u imr tarn 
Juuir — tti/mtr' tr, loltmtrrit <ir Ivmtrrr 
fM/Mf -Mid Ml tjtorTa londrrtpntue/U . cmh 

lwhioi;i( nulMT to Sapli. EL 910. tbaa M^ 
ni>r ilginc ill tlic iMt of XaAi\<a»—mA • 
KiiiiV X illlfcri-nl turn la {.%) wfikll b 
iliniWD out Itjr lite Cbunui. nnil IliM not 
bypuilirtictiHr, a* Schiib kn pal It, bat 

CnOEPHORtE OF ^Escinxus. 


iovidcodi [tlcridcndi ) ' auen; wd tma^uwin potitu hujiu m odlidc 
in ran suam tnuisfercbat." Scbiktz. Compare by all nacaiis Si>|))i. Rl. 
900-15. Eur. K1.5U-^€: nAal»oHuin. Od. iv. US.&0. Wilii ruf«>r- 
w ^ioryw^vr, ISlomfield OOmparu Eur. Ale. IO*i,;(arra. . .ratMKrF. A 44 
MviW wiw^i *irv«( : tec above on v. G. xnnS^fitap, and below f. 171. 

IGl. fiiiit^'XoK, Aiij^l. nuiVy gfctted, vbciow. " lSl4iit^«t. Facile 
foitfieinJiu. Proni. 8U0. (775.) Iji' oin Sr ti^ifi^Xtirot 4 ji^^fiwdui ; utn 
rid. CliMut. Alio ieo»M rifv^i^iAovt 8iW. SupjJ. 701. AfiurM ac/aei~ 
irm jurit lUsctpiatiatierti." Blumf. Camporc <vfv*VTw ^iwrraiJcrt flam', 
Eur. l])li.T. 1002. Hviydi : Et>«^os- ^hutu, f [perha|w f ] «^ nfiiSdX- 
3k4iv Awwfu'ni. Xt'ft«9dXitv' 2«iuyMnii. Siifi|9iilkXM*'' tfwn/jp'C''''- 

IC'i. wAtaiit K.rJX.] Qmmodo igilur fit itl necrtte tii mf temoreat a 
fimivn liitKcrt i* 15 HtiaUi'* truoslation of tiun liuc ; but tliia in ntiuii- 
letUy not Um qucstloo onftwcred in v. 1G3, although be ju«Uy cmmi^ 
adds : " Fornm' •cil. mbjunctivx vcrlu. mm rara tignificBtu proprio 
^udcnl qao ad jt/jq mw Rubsudittim rd'cnintiir, oumcntc docdsaimo 
IMwt*. JTmc. Cnl. p. 75. (od. Ki<ld 3. p. Ii3.]. qnom eodsa ride." 
Vor y«* is it necessary that, n> ii . Stephen propa>ed, we abould plscv 
the note of iaierrogatioD after otir instuul offukV— iitwtuch caso it wexc 
obviouBi DO the principle juat iiutjccd, to make Uic complete cunolruo 
6o», «At vlf ioC/im i— ony more tlion in Ag. .'>24. (where see the note) 
it ia a«c«Biary that we should read with SdiuU and Blucnfield. tmt Aq t 
B^X^l^ roiiAt JWirutrat Xorfim. TronBlttlC : f/otc lAcM aiH f, ON otd «o. 
Moa. to rctxitv umlntctiint/ram a ]fwitj/iT i' i. e. htnv u thia inversion of 
the Htnnl orxler of iD«)lniclian to br brought ubout ? — uol. a* Heath 
Imagined, haiecomet it to p4u» ?— or, mor<: dowly to pave Uic way for 
tlie prant^J answer of Elcctra. 7b what rfft^ (i. « . wiUi what infonnk- 
tion cvvn mv) (kail I bavfgm»tdiii*tTWtiom,a,e. f so that the vir- 
tual i|uesliun is xtill. u Stcplien intended it should be, cuntsined in 
wws. Id Itftin it wmtld be czprnwd by tlic "futumm exactum :" 
Qwmoio igilur t«nior ajitminrf dtditero f^ Stanley oontparci Supjil. 3C I , 

n»> -otclMfi 

, Mtwi - -<-rinMii- 

'Ulni. .:U 

• li rkiif DnfMnAiTCil 

■H«|u I ' pln^lir 

flWIr. ' l.fiCua- 

lUT.l, l-nn.Ii-. 1-111U-. .[im.. irM.n WMlia. 

port* liUMii (t qnodoinado HOD nuo 

Kdrt. yd potiu HKnifcaCn fnprin mi 
■■v« Xn ^> inbiMdinnn ittatmr." 
Thal'u ta m. tfa ammttint MOImim- 
tlva* M h k (sDH (abott yt. 79. ftk Ni 
tOl.t Miiv t^ ri|>I.a.Ml In BimliikNtkisv 

S' H'A : - ' o-i«lmm fit. ttof 
lit Ibi . it HMX be wrll lu 

obM>nt U .■ . -■■•i.:! IhmI b> mailp out In 
■Mdi CMM u noL IS. In cianiriei 4U' 



163. t>{*ttmirS<mt . . . Hti/Hwrn] " Oc pKitioDln if* oniiMn vid.Monk. 
od Ear. Mce*".. 1 1 7. M»tlli. Gr. Gr. ( .'rJlt. Oba. NuUmdum t'cru ii 
omnibos cxcmplis qua: ntlulit Muokius tinu- pncccdcrc, vd Dcfrntivi 
Td Mqu«nte Simt, vc] ^i, vd jitwt , ind^nitc po«itiB. Eadem < 
que cet intio t-urrnplorain oiDiiiuiii nprnJ Maltbix-uin. pntter untnii cx^ 
Soph. Philoct. C93. ubi tamoi uui: txat" ■ ■ ■ fap' ^ idem valet alquc. 
^ oCnt ^r. trap' 4- 

7^. irXTv (M«. Tam pncelani e«t Iuf-c omentlntio Dobnwi, r Scfaolef. 
memoram. ut earn in textutn recipiendBm dtucrim. Quid eniin est 
Ulod trX^ tpai ? Carlo mebnt Kkrtra k ilium dnctnnuin n auia i 
nibnsnoa Rtitci<ln»c. An i^tur(^Dper(^H<'<ir<lictu(nintHlijfcinu8] 
an intcTTOgative euinemas f Neutmm placet ; scd iwit legendo omnia 
stAtim plima (lunl. R£S)mn»)o ciiim Chori procul (lubio C^rtmuiei-^ 
train ct i^gictliam nwpicit." S. L. 

Sec th« coDi>truction of rti/nnro. which Heath in this iiistnnce has 
w«D ezjiroMed Iiy detanHtrf futtuml, examined at name Iragth in llic 
note on Ag. 601. oS« iir6' Sms Xi^m/n. On the restoration of /*4r. 
nnder aanction of th« great uiuncs wliich have prccedc<l. to a poeitiou 
in wluch it may McidentftUy (but. fiir more probably, from some weU> 
meant mar^&l explanntioo) liarc \xea compt<-d into ifuA. little more 
iwed be uid Chkn that, apart from tbv nwknurduvcs uf making 
tra taeitl)^ MMjrt, or Meume as gnntcd by the Chorus, Aitd I ^ i 
At it — as she needa mnat,' crc ibc can go on to aajr. Ami yel. (so we 
mitttthen trutblutc V. IC5.) see.'H in vtry muck of ti feather lo t<tok 
VfOK — the common reading of v. 163, ^9 on^' Uviity but me em Am* 
thorn U. would make an aaaertion not only uatrue tn itwlf, but dirtct- 

Ifc *v pif raxi"! Vdyiib- tI tp£ | kiy*, 

dcpriuleut iiuatkin* u VlaU iViJ. tyn 
B) t1 *9i6 1 lUn. 1UI. Mt aarrm rytt ; 
by rcsalnof it into ii^ J» tl ;^ muo' ; 
iu^ Xfh Tivrtty : u we And dprcMnl in 
rlut. I lOG, ty^r rstna r^, aiid iniciicxl 
inlheaequBl of Ran. 11.11, /arrfW^-y' 
4<al- ComiNie. u tHnatratmofthiiiwe 
Mtbe ooiOiiiKtlvv. Tbuc. H. &, IBovK*^- 

tXit ri 4aa* nt/ttirroi {.\Ilt^. fAfy (Mt> 

A(ra/pr/ teMXer It, tfm lArm In JnM,!. •[*« xf^ ■ruTUiu'td', <lTf m4*i 
Aaao xfv"*^' '> *"' '""l it Ci|>irm>nl lb. 
(. 40, Tw iAAwr nf^MvnwW Uia 

■•Aoi Ut rwf wwrv lUVMfnf m Ur yiiM. 
ffM, All «>a(l(ei/y&r M fv 'If'/F iAcM .*) 

CoAinam dso Thac. tfl. I. Hatth. Gr 

■ For Uihc llw UtcnJ lot, w U itwidt 
in Uic recdfrd ooiiifn. (nd Itaw inll llu 
aiihAu7i0(abt ntn r /f mMf Antw Am f. 
Bluctn. tM ^trti it. }'«, fitr ao 

■Mmiaiy 'i^ jl^iwwnwii- ■liim in jftod 
Imth Uhvt* woe* V" "/»"'*" — **'* 
trMaltxmfiltTMmafkitr/ tliataHrtmf 
loot uf me mif»tff. itrencc ! aad M 
maro atnaac tlioi the Clwdn •fto' tU> 
(iMiUadti QmUJa^^ivOfa Ami 
Am* iiMdr ty OrafM, and tK 4wi» U 
nvt .* T. lOI. 

* OEk l«Tir («*(i. it if rrahftbk, b U 
lio Irtm Umu <tfrn(tiTi)^w a rmtfiaf 
ncK>tlMi. OUurBiai, Tkfrw •> iMf »nM 

oMMtntn tu ot odcc. cUbcr to rciDCl 4>NVi 
ur t» r«a<l a^ ffrir Irtj «■« .A* 



ly oppoaed moreover to what Cram w. I1>9, 1 7 1 . nnd yci more etpr m - 
ly from w. I78-85, wc find to liiivcbci;n tin; uctuol tkovgkl. or coiytc- 
lurt, Bln»dy intimated in v. IC! ; nay and the Chonu also, uKcnltng 
to it wt true, would be maiLe to include Orcstea no le» than CI>teni> 
n«»trn iiiidw ilic girnenJ iil)ocrvatioii v. 164 : No ,'/«■ /Acy nrf nKvdtM 
vf jVganicmDon, irAoM placf it mu to Aavv mowwil tm nlivwn by tMr 
Mr; i.e. totuiveworaa «X^m^« irtrd^ftMC v. 7, ot Ut iheir hair grou 
it tthn Iff grief. 

IVuMlatc : TAert itiui mic man livimf lAat tiould havt — i.o. that one 
CAB for & iTKimfnt suppose (v. IGl.) to have — *(on< hinttlftf it : and 
restrict the onsner to lb? former port of the question in v. I GO. tuxk 
mvr' MpAt — wilh which nlone EJectni hub likely' iit tJib crisis toco»> 
ton becadf. Such liinttatioa is not unotual, as in Soph. (Ed. T. SCO- 
SI (where we Brunei a note), a^j^i (w^tat wpna^v; Jfumip^ Xty€V, 
•£]| Atm y' tJtnitr ymatnii/' uU' oMit if)(tA<nv. ib. £I93>4, i| pQrdv ; 4 o^xl 
ttiitriw AXor (U(m> : ftiXiord V' tin yip fM Ao£tat trorr K.r.A. 

164. nts VfiMnjc*, Angl. f« inkffN it afperltditei, Khat^buaiaetB il VOJ ; 
we Matth. Gr. Gr. ( £05. II. 3. Obs. " Chiywitbrmis iipud Sophodem 
B. 91)9. in eodan re iaterrogal.' T^ yttp wpwifttt, xXgiry' «'fuivMi ow, 
nAf i Cam Kcusativo coftatniilur is Again. 1^51, ^ v vfmrqnft r4 
liiXva Xfyri* ntvra. Alia est coiiRlrilCtio pariicipii, i wpeviiKmr, aii 
eoHvenit [Mxf^]. th* proper perWM). iatn 677 (671). roii npiotat icd 
vpovifKMivw Xlytm. Again. 1078, Jpt aSri Sw^iuuiiva rir 6tir luiXti, •£» 
A(F a)|ioo<T«»T'' (V r«>'( mv^rnvnu' : fMt gtwTt prepinifKit eat [Aogl. rv- 
iattd at conMeelef\, Eurip. Suppl. ■M'i. nfioo^no^r aMw'AfrftiuwwiHtn. 
tnfra 677. Cum pnrpocitioiH; jnngit Heroilolas viii. 10. MUw wpAt Oip' 
ffflf ni-TD ir^KKT^m r^ naSot. Similiter Dcmoitbcncs ; L«xicoD ap, Bck- 
ker. p. 1 61 . 32 : Ufm^iftu' taru^. urifrr^ «iXiimtrM>' orw yip oJ iiunv- 

' fWf hfrtlin^fcti rtillnmainrfinl]- mi 
■ iPUB. brio* *. 179. AoTM-TiK iAAor. 

* Ajrcibat >brtft CDBtnutliMcwe.In 
■he oroweuttM «f her mt^gamaik, ta tbe 
h wowrt aad obMom raaaaniif wUefe 
■en* aaladir rhiar* bu wo wdr &•- 
tnifrf apon (U* pawy of ,C*chf lai 1 
tai ifci twfcr nmi lo « fM whit cwtr- 
HBlion be an tfni of tbe bUcmbI Uiet 
to Iwim enxfe to bfiBf hodi 1 . 1 S3 to itie 
ttna. in«4adivbo laiinnlxit il onwfdl 
■won tbecar of Sorbocka, aoi M Mpi>Ucd 
Inc. wMfb dM poei, avoklnK Uw wealnr 
narta c/ fait irrat ri**l*» Lw>»iJfi>it. 
M* ao moelhilr npnvled IMO tboot M 
vnnir Ina u .*.«clnliu iMd ii*»d word* ? 
TWqoi^wU tboK uter-pU^ {or liTab. 

if yo« pl(M(), tlM< CM}*Aem» tad tke 
BItetm. tkfw i> t«rlii(ii no <mr poriloB 
in aUrJi «e Gui w> aHajr MdUns pml> 
Idinu, hitb of ■an U ment wd «pr«a> 
Am. « that ia irtncli wc an now eon- 
parfaff iheia ; aail Done to aUdi wt aiar 
w4tb more rvMoa ^filf tlM mnarii af 
UermuB an ibc ranuianttve OMftti of 
tlKtwvpaeU! "Drandcco|itaiiiain(rit( 
npt^aa cMidUkiiw aMun eeM Safihoeltn 
qii. fuaai flhHtiwinqiiad inUMimurei* 
uaplaiB liabrrtlCbo£rl>orMi H dodinara 

■pW jnreniw tMsetur, oequc aMlionm 
traotandl buw aimoiMatl ndoimn ab 
■UUalU*Uertt|twnf«a»<Ma." fVe- 
/i*r« » Eltetrt. p. cooomd. 



Htm* ^pv&ifrat. n ry ^AumCm wptunjut [Arifrl. trhat mtitlfrs it to9^ ;" 
Blomf. Ad<l Soph, Rl. 1213, nC aoi npaa^Mi Thrift wpnaifitmir t^rir. 
Qi!d. T. 614, fi Si' t^ {<ry roii^ ir/wrrqMi Aciiy n m/yytrit. Eur. Mcd. 
I3(M. «I iTiKiVfiCAtT^t yiMi. On^I. 1071. riyfipitfuMniiuiKarffaiiiai v t/uii 
liira: and (n r«inarkfl1)1c conBtruclion) tb. 77), wvjmnfMfuir KtAi(t» 

165. mii pTB W /irri — Angl. Andtttktrt! f pnteit — ID coDfirmft- 
tion of that thought, w. )C1 . 1G3 — il is. See. On the peculiar eignU 
ftciUion of pljv and its us», whether iii direct (N)afirnialion lu bere. «) 
fuTv, tmJveriiy, orin'm^rtxt.nntlyel — lu in £ur. PhccQ. 731. nti^VrA 
fiMor icm way ti^m-Xia, whtre it Riiikca n» Hpptmiit objection, only with 
K view to strrngtlieii the nmin aTgamcttt — »ce hy nil tnnins Stqihcns' 
UM^fiil liltic 'IWvti^ on the Grrrfi SxplHiiY pariicUt, pp. 73-87. whI 
compare Scager's Edition of Viger p. 195. and of Hoo^vecn p. 93. 

Ibitt. 6fionrtpi>s- Scliol : tn'yyim'it. HexyHi : 'OfudmpM' ipaimi, 6fA- 
rpixoi, ^itoxpomi. nfltK^iot. ^Xcxr. npoi' 7&f ^^ifnii . Compare Pen. 51i9, 
6ftuimpvi m-ayiiiti^s i^cf. Suji])!. S*J3, (V iryw 4' Jtriiit «f mXriti&wr ^<iirA 
ciiiitwVffv aiktucripijiv ^r^jitf. lb. 328, ir<$vov d* T^Mt JyovAafUnirai^rii'imijHl*. 
Gur. Phccn. 32i), oir^wif AfamTipm. El. 530. (with ntmoua alliuion to 
the present text) imXXrrif h' fin tSpmt QmrrpCxavt ipottifpovSt ulft^ yy- 
v9W otpoTirt rairroii, yipnv. FollUX vi. 156. 'Opimrnpott H ratf ipiirfijim 
(itroiTix Efpiiri'SM', 2r^)^mt muT il^qXtwic tfirff Apawripovt. "Obi1crno> 
tniiduiii cat. mutlav c!4c locutionce (multo plorcs furtasM qiumi vul|^ 
putaatur) quar ^.t ipus Gntctt linguv elegiuitiiv in communcm et ru»- 
ticum plane vennoncmnoetniinAuxifMvidciitur, lUudojuWifMcquod 
Gmci (Bcunt satis clcgnntrr, innati triviis noitratci ad amuawin ex- 
priniuiit, hird» of a feather." duller. 

1(«7. ovroio-ti- i/iT»] "nvror<«»i rjfiwi- Turn. Vict. Cftnl. Stanl. SrfiQtx., 
sed ai-niaut ijpui Mcd. Guelph. AJd. Rob. Glajeg. Schwenk. [nionif. 
Sdiolc-r Dind. Klaus.], f]iio(] uniccvcrumeot.poMtara pro rnrt TAi^jc 
auTMT iipmv. qui uni> »t frequent i«sitnu«, ut 1). xvij, 51. ki1>ui, xofirta- 
at* Apaiiu. Cf. S<-)i<ef, ad Dion^. de evnip. p. 170. et adl'lia. ep. i. 16. 
Comment, •^ch. p. 63. cnVniau' ^pu- Both, minus bene ; mosculintnn 
cnin, pncecrttiu plundi nunicro, dv mulii^n: lulliibitum in tragico *cr- 
monc offenderc neminem potest." W<-11. Sfe Porsnn on Enr. !!*<•. 
509. Dawea' Canon ijt. Thmtrt of tht Greeks, cxl. Doniddson p. 509. 

Jiid. Kapru itpoaiptp^ Uiif. " Contni Hkc Citripides El. fi37 : xpini* 
«w( cruroiir^Tai w\oK«t ; i piv m^Mivrpiut Jv^Jt itrytvovi ■rpa'P<it. i H 
wrntopolt i4^Xur : aXX' Uptij^apni'. vnXXoit A' iIp *Cptut K.rA. Quibu* jniii 
oemo est quia opiwnat, quuio pcnnaaum sit Electne uctoinviD nui 



Oretlem potnisK ilevoverv hunc ctncinnum. EacUe esaa rvperire poese 
aliqykl tiiinilitudinis, ncquc alUim hominein in tall re suspicioncm sium 
ttoo probuturuin csec ca siiuilttutUDC." Klaun. 

168. The comnion rending of lli» Uxw i* ^» of >-.... ^ ritt ; on 
■rliick Blooificid : " Gratnnuuici dooent pBrticulani ;i«w com]M)sitnm 
scxfiq, ctoji' velar : qood H rerutn ftit, fiuomodo ntvc eiinu) pos- 
miat fiM- airt An leg«ndank ftiv ttU 'Opivrw *f>u9^ tv(n» H rvit ? 
IVror ut hoc »il Or«f« iloBtm ^ ^ u£ jlwpof g idem nc Jupoy out 3b itif. 
tIcTixlot. V. 79. oAXu tiaXAop ^q imruvTo jj ri j(pi)<rT^^«w. vrrottur potiiu 
til Air tit 0ra»/t Mnnw.-" to which lie mbjoiit* in his vf ttf^f^. p. 2H : 
" nip ex ttliundiuiti iKljednni p«ep uit Abreechios. Eurip. Andr. 81, fiwo 

1.0^ Amhi om ^^vrtooi ru-' uyyt Xw* ; itn cdidil KIuMgruvitu pro fiuw air. 

fjDvbilo an non nxte." Instcnd, hovrcvrr. of ^\-ing Mus^ravc. ub lie 

[Ikere inclined to give him, the bcn^t of thiK doubt — the Icftmcd Editor. 

^Id ft foot-note appended to MRllh. Gr. Gr. ^ 6U6. p. 1071., Ii»2urd« a 
"doubt whi-thi-r ftir nod oti' were ever jatncdtof^cthcr;" although, to 
go no furtlicr than the liive in question, the great mnjurity of MSS. 
MppoTt tliut reading which Dindurf and the GIfl«j>ow edition, after 
Mmgnrc. have given : iiMm oiir dux«it aav tftpotTiaiu rai' oyyiXuv ; and 
itone M is ReL»lLe'8 conjecture. " pav vav Aon! am, cmiiiaie m- 
fuam nunnonaii tui jnU^aam peiui etM," it has no other rccoiatucnda- 
tiuii ihaii that of lieiiig greatly to be preferred to the tameocM of the 
Icxt of Aldus and ntbcrv. 

In point of ^t, indeed, we fiu4 itwr o^ (but followed in each cas« 
'by an indicative, not a conjunctive, mood) in Plato Soph. p. 250. D. 
Polit. S92. E. Phil. 23. D. Lcgg. i. Gi4. A. nor it there any tHog 
mere objectioaable in the emphatic repetition ' of the ofo here than in 

■ Cctnfmn Uw ififtml i»nnifi(> at- 
cined ta«4iiMwaidi*tiHcwiliRl, oi-iM- 
I ^tf bf ib> uilD«aiion ol ilw loiot. um in 
^Iwer tiai** hy tkc ■nviinwDaB. •Bcatii' cr 
r » h * t r, aevoirdkiilr a> m em phait t «u 
j IntMNM 10 ba bMnpen tte nmtn* tc 
>tfc* fwoduiiw ftnidt. Bliaucy, it ia 
well kMi«r«, Koold faaT* iImm partkUi 
ahnv* >Tiitm muMdy . Mid woaUaufce 
rAg mriawioa of tDcudJ*^ ikvaU npon 
" 1 inUnOfMive nr tkcptW Kadiiif of 
_ lanuaof:. And tUifviadrlvbrir- 
lMiair twined br HcnaMO in U* able 
Miliiiiiiw «r tbi» yiwlloa, MM 361. on 
•Vlfrrp. 4M..«hmiliF nranotnl Incrr- 
pratatua at Suph. Ani. 91. (fursuiiHilc) 
»lti«nii» (or *!>■ a4r. but nnt o&ttiv), irmr 

tUn^—vt. ru dnttt I Art, ir«V / .'— 

■rifa/aat inrf^rJMMcMefamniwbMth 
H inaujr to be nrf^erml fu the eiplana- 
lioarnDbT MaUbiB. (ir.Gi. iS10>a> 
Kcr Elaid. Mi Smb. (£d. C. 807. Ew. 
HpnwI. 3U. 

NctcrthdMB. far Ui« rcaaoM wAnanA 
taMatUi.Gr.Gr (33. Otu. 2.. 1 indind 
to Herauuui'a mncliisiiM : " Siliikt ta> 
■en nutu «faKi[iicadaia pannatMa 
•M, nl ifli haad aH-wtni radoMv ao« 
eanMaend flMMed aarui qald BilMlniB 
hciil, Tulcaiiltir" : ud to ibt ««n alaj [ 
olqvetion ohkh W h«« caeilHUy «talnl ; 
" mima MI alvog* unbi alio ai.i:nitli, 
tU •«« ifrMirinitetnr to oikafo," t 
buU it cncxuEb CD owwaalib own yrr cna* 
ft^j "ribiatBrrw^i iu oc*criliiUira< m »», 



tliBt of llieMiimf.-''MiPl»t. Phwi!. M.C. K<>iA.2(W. A. Pol. i. 351. 
B. vi. 505. C. L}-a. 2f)8- C. Encb of Ihwt' iippcuni lo hn*x bccii, in 
strictness, a callociuial miiI tlwrcforp (m wm to he expected) s piconutie 
exiirewiinn : anil u in that mcwt amiuitig di%logu«. for exiunjilf. Ilat. 
Ljs. p. 208. C. vcc might tnui»l«tc : ^v fi^ mi otToi ami Spx"*^*^- <ti 
AiUimi>cH ; yM( (fon'r MfVifl lotay. you ilon't — or, do yttn? — Ikat Ikry to»*^ 
bear nde ortrr yoa. ytatr traehers ? and ogBin ; 'HpaAnt. i}v V iyi>, famv 
fiii Ti v^tunjciK 7^1- iraTipn if tiir itifriptt : Goad keavtna / MiV /, jrotf dm't 
tntttH to my — jfou haven't done any gntvotit harm to yotir father or your 
mofi^ ? BO — lo return to the lexl of -■Esohylue. nher^ with Sdwle-] 
field I tidieve HN to havp lieeii corrupted into III — wc may tnmii:- 
[nte : Vou don't mttm to arffue/rvm that, that it wok Orestes icko fccrrtfy 
mm/r Mm offtrmg P It's irry tiki- hi" rvrln .- n* b1»o in Eur, Ai>(!r. 81, 
where tlie oooTeraation i* of the aajiie familiar cnst a* in the pre*ciit 
Mcciie, nftcr Aiiilron)]u:lic Ima mid tai ^4* fmfi^' i-r' mM* t^x Uto^ pi-ev, 
bcr maid (as wc should call her) osks, yira den'l mw on that acfomt ' 
(I>ccau»e vou eenl more than once) nf^twr thai nny mffsnt^T mnonf i 
M(Winijn''Wyou ? toxfhirhsherepliea: Ka&tf, (AbrI. No! wAatshouIi' 
iitdmfx me to think so ?) ^('Xnt uSi- J>7*Xoi o-i' fioi fi«X«ip ; 

Ob the interrogntivc mfc of /.>>— in which, even when eombinod with 
^, we may still express its proper force, ns in S«piil.4!7, ^i- n^ftacfr 
i(w ^(xtvrHot aamipiov ; you don't mtna to dray thai there u (i.e. b there 
tM ondonbtcd nccil. think yc, of) 8ic, Soph.<£d.C. 1 729,pir aCy Jpf t ; 
gati don't m«m to sng, or caa it ke (& nepativc nn^nAcr bcin^ expected) 
that, you drm'tnet?^ — »ce the note on Ap. filM. and Matth. Gr. Or. 
4. COC.^GOS.a.Obf.nnd^fiU. Abo on the uKof aiV. in more or 
IcM logScaJty connecting the sentence, in which it rtands, with mat- 

repuuMjre Vaic vulcltir natiuK SnlCTTOBti- 
tionii, qu« |i«i7ulurem quemitnnt hMM 
MTmhun. tiimiiUD ia ea \trx. qua rn 
duliU cnnnnrlur: rTen in itriorr (rlUba, 
iu» i-oiitJ(iet nrMtinntm. Vulp<nii» A^ 
hnc iG ilw|iuu>r to lib. i. dc cmrBdnni). 
nt.Gr.Gt.cap. ail." AtthcsKoiRtimo 
I wonM bold via Elmder Ibat, in ctiu- 
•kml Orccfc al tcHt, nn woda tbaonOan 
Of Ifce one iwtirle in tbc wtlMr kad Ukm 
nlace. a* tn admii nf obrot* Mw fmnd 
in a prapcHr i»temiK8tiTn, or aSmiw In 
■ directly titfatiit *cntMic«. I «rouM 
Ht, tht ro ow. with llmnaim aiid Dln- 


it Mk|lll b< Hlll|he to f>l3)lhl>ll UpHll til* 

ifalnr'* tBi:it uliniMi«a of tb» immmIIbc 

)itttI,Unt^liTnl,inala«uiRuF. llnnH. 
SM. etiraw ^1 tM" aJ^xf^. AUi ml 
SAiArr— nhare BIduIct'* ittt(Ti..'calli>n, 
nnlHa mm nliht dn nwl J^a' i^ ml 
SA((0ot,faHatorcinTn'tl>riu<aniiic which 
be yet baa conwctlf clicil^ front the nit- 
ugc. itu\ atejieir rSIT i<rri», AAA' wrtX 
Artful— rhr iTcndd, who bat notfaiaf to 
Mjr •KUMt Dcwopbun't wiioM m1 «m 
ttNu«vTii> iK^nr* S7«iriUf: woald jrot 
pnXnt ariinn thrAirthcreoiuaarioalkBi 
iRiKht bti dravrn tmm bk (ilnno*, N*t IM, 
arldlst U !• dutrttiilabl* lo nt.ilit nwrr. 
efwr on infurf ttuite to jidu .- or, mot that 
»d to IMP it >'( ilimcrnMatlt, toyoH m fie 

ufVr iliTu./ il ii IM i^jurji. 
' <'»miMrT iJ*o Hal. SopI 
tit.-J»l.[>. Plul.2t.B.MkJ 
editton of Hooivvwit |i. IV>. ^tdr. 

' <-»m»irT iJ«o PlM. Soph. S3t.A. IVl- 
tit.-J»l.[>. Plul.2t. B. MkdMcSNcer'* 



tiwng or oOier preceding, hx the notes on Ag. 472. 505 : and lastly, 
m the aiftti^T HK of the impcrfcrt fr< kc Mattii. Gr. Cr. $ 20S. 11. 3. 
Ud OOnplire jVg. 523i rr^r^ ^' i}r( r^irS' rint^loXM wiovw. 

iW. Kpii&a. " C/dim. OccuUe. Prosae untiunie Mriptorcs dkcbent 
■p^ip^. lion. II. t. [168]. ■pitfSa Ai<;t. oUmv n 0Mr. Eostath. p. 
733. 18 : J'pAi <^Min)iTd 9vx>^*wfnKA nvMira. ml t^ fitytatx rw fu'y^v 
fttr^Xaa$i» i^oimi ry ipiVttqv, Kpiiti&a." Blutnl*. In the Odywc}' we 
find Kfti^w only : xi. 465. spv^». >^4' tUa^Wiu. sv). 53. See M«ttb. 
Gr. Gt. i 3SG. 1 . b. and Dp. Dlonfidd's A«maHt, p. xlviii. on P. 448. 3. 

169. wito^iA*tat, Angl. favcvrg, or ia^liiies to in appforanc* ; com- 
pare Ag. 743, li^o^tnu* nwHCff^if. ib. 1471 (w'livrc we ttie uote), ipioH 
raCi^rat it Yvrouni rt<)MV roCft' d iraXni^c Aptfivt AaaTM^ 'Arptuc. Dntt- 
nunn'a Jrrey. GrerA Verti, p. 79. Hraycb : Glfrrw' ^ti^rtnu. ^nwi. 
ElSofUMic' iotititt, &itoift6tit. " Uflootliopu. SiaiHt mm. AJind acm- 
lAam ill prompta oon habvo." Blomf. 

*' Mvomit buju» loci j\rUtophaa«8 (Nub. 530) : rC? oSt> 'HXtnyM* 

«or' <«tvi)r, ^' i; cvfiySt'd ^i)Tour' fXd', fkirav 'aiTujQ; Aomif »vru so^oir' 
ywitrtrai yAfi, ^im*it Ti) nUtX^i) ritr Sivrpvjptr, lo quibos nihil iueat 
irriainntB vf^schyli. Scilicet id rideri poteral, tjuod E-Ilectni, quum per 
annoo plurcH ubfiuMvt Create*, orgumcutam mmeit c oatOTK rapiUo- 
mm ejus. At ncquc inaudiU est tuliii rccognitio in hominibus qui 
•implidMinu) natanr more Tiront. nt i^iud llamerruu Teleituchuft et 
ex MliiA rebus et c capiUurun) Ulyoeu aunililudioc agnoBcitor (Od. iv, 
1£0), twquc ca rc<]iiirantur nrgiuncntft, <]hec jnrcjurando cotifinniuida 
sunt, ot in JudJcio, Bed exbitictur cofMntnta mens puelke quic Bpe et 
metu turbutur, ci omnia signa, ex qnibun spein sLqiuun cnae posait, 
libcntcr occupat. Altter (jnidvm rem inMilatt Sopltoclc9, apud qocm 
Irudor et omgis Bspera est ElecLra; tnL-ng : ibi speni ciun sola fovct 
mitioT ChryKrthenii)). aspcmstur earn Elcctra." Klaus. 

1 70. «m1 rur «.rJi. i An^. And hate darst he, firoy, vnture to comt 
hitlktr f aa indirect mode of orcr-tunung the fact in question (tie 
note on ^Vg. 2(i9.), which jet diatloctly recogoizes its hRving been pre- 
vknisly advanced a> matter a(/act, and whidi tbcrdbre gatablwhca the 
reading of Vi b"*! ■>"* s- "> ^^ Knvik propositioD (v. 1C8). oo which 
this coUdtcral qucstioo tvnis. For if, as Matthin (Gr. Cr, ^ G06.) ' 

• la I CM. U 4ioaU b* alMrmd . Mat . 
tUk ma not verr ■onuMtctjr rcMlcra) 
«Mf (oliciKv apfvMMly the L«tia ■>■■). 
" not. I tMpprnr -m annt wludi Monp 
mkorioilieiUMlicXn. Illantotllcran• 

^^uryifijfttaot.k oonldWaiontCM'. 
rrri, u wHlMnnr«*u>ralilp to Uie «oa- 
lat . Ill truubu : ■/ U H^t to tilatm four 
fitedBmil oandade)JJar|n«ar(a'>V 



taggpft* m explanation of thU solitary inftaocc of ^v* being fullowcd 
bj a ouijanctivc, it in«rc nupician (j»^) — may not U iave bem Orrstrs 
lAat, &c, hnd preceded, the accompiuiying and, iw it were, accrcMliting 
eoqnliy would sorely have been, mi irwi tuumt titipa roX^mi fuiX(u> ; 
Angl. Amit koto evtr sAoiUd ie~-i.e. (see note on Ag. 1343.) iKin' cnn 
ha be inu^^ed to — Aflt<« tvM/mvrf, Ae. i and thie. if we look to the )>ro- 
b«ble etymology' of ml. Bind trmnsbite mo) trUt — C» ni / ud ut what 
follows firom sueh u supposition, how. &r. — would come with ■ peca- 
liarly bad gince from the very speaker who had first wiggwtcd the 
thought: tinlce«, indeed, we eould translate v. )6H, iu> ^eerns Maree 
ponible. Jt'ouU you then nggnt that it may hr Orcslet, S/e. f Com- 
pare hclow V. 4II8. 

171. ivtft'^^ x'tiTnvit.x-1'- " MifU ctipUlttt dettnsos graHampoiri. xo>n> 
tunipifi^, topitii dettm&i. Accipit cnim Toecm xovpifiat powivc, (\wua 
funupant f^re alii active; ut Eur. Orext. 966, mioftom <V) Mlpn nAi«v 
tmpmmi, h. C< lovfMirruof ma tmifxn ifimttikui'. ut Schaliastcs interprrta- 
tnr, Et rmwio Kcctr, 148, xipa t» npixT <>ir<M«tyifui*> \fn\ Kav^iifi/yf llind.] 
nStftfta. At alii pnarivc cum NoMro nceepere, ut Af^atho tnThyv«1c 
apud AtbcUKUm xii. 6 : Kiiput ftltftaiuir^ fiapmpns ipv<p!it, "ll aou wif 
Stivif Xf^H"* fraifoLOt) tfiptvi. EisvintfUir your ti&is lirxoff '^'"Si Kni'prirtt 
«w>a<> Kovptfuiv x^f" *t"X"^- ^i'^ itnque KovptfUM ett coma tottilU vol 
detotua. ut paulo ante ex Ritiftitthiu itXSxa/uit taipiftiit : c1 mr^oa apud 
eimdem p. 1 2D3 : KovporpviJKnit Ac ^/m» m^r r^* n^rTra rpi^mrrm' tl K 
■ai noifiiiMi fipi^iMpi rj TfXt)^^!^ , KoSrtt «iir(i>-nAf>^(i r^rXi^nr coIbxA 
*avrf)t.TvraaaPtaiiSr^Kai^)orpi^M Kari8f)aairriTa\t^at. ImoipecEn- 
riptdcs nun alitcr loquitur Et. 520. o-n'^ Hi x^tt/p. npamSiiaa v^ n^. 
(t XP^'I'^ nM KttvptiMtt fimu rpijt^t. Stanl. Add Enr.lV. 379, i^a^tn 
Kfiim naipifuiv, and scc BloTnf. GloM. Agam. 9. 395. 

Stanley, after Tum*b« and Vettori, reads irarjM — hot later editom 
have ]irvfenned mrp^, which i^ found in the M!^S. Med. Guclf. and in 
Aldiu and Robort., and which WcUiiuit cunfinua fn>ui Snjtli. I^l. M, 
w^rfiit )^i«l'r^t\ol■Tp<i, and EuT. OrcHt. I'i3. tffim^* vfr«rxivvn'^)>Hi' Alt- 
^jutm. &ccaLM>llenn.onSoph. Ant. 59S. 'I'heNtmcMSS.andEild.. 
bowcv«r, have /m^iiffr and mi r^r— which Vcitori wil» the first to b1> 
t«r into )(cur<|s>. Klausen appears to conneel •Hnyi<'|»)r with x'V"- but 
w« afaoukl rather tnuislatv : Ife iuu tnl a loci 0/ kit Atiir ra honor 0/ 
hu/ttlJUr — where it is cney to ece the origb of ibe adTcrbial wc of 
X^' M accotmt vr bnvwe of. Compare Uk aotce on Ag. 3. 4 10. 

' Stc Pw ftwfir Sovell'B //on PAIU- Notct an Uic AfaioailHO, Sou C. p. 
tcpitc |>. 1 19., and couparc Afycadia t« 381. 



I 73. W . . . ^ipt<rrt fnCtfn] *' foi^ifg G. A. a. ipaiitl M. ^ni^i T. V. 
RecCe le Uabet hoc loco li rum conjunclivu, quam urj^tiir r'w cotidi- 
ixaimisi reveraMUitqwiMmiattc(. llcnn.udSopb. Aotig. 70(>." Klaus. 
" Fonitan verum ^mtji. at «•< ^^ AXj. Prom. 670 {C67}." Well. 

Tlie puEage wliicli Wvlhuer refers to, where the vtuijiuiclive a qtutc 
hrfmiwiMf unless uftcr fr (Angl. in auc), aad where to preclude fur- 
ther innovutiont! (nliicii ecc in Ulmntield's text) it were beat to rend 
with two or thruc MSS. and Schol. B. the pnetnts hittorictm 0i\u, is 
nat at all iiiirallel to tbe present ; anil Soph. Ant. 70G (7 10). oXA* hipa. 
HtXmi vi^u ti fuwAfrta- iruU' aUrjytw ovftir, which, according to 
U«niiaDn's acute wtd kantcd crUi/uf upon it, we ought to tran>latc. 
BmI that a maa, ym though — or albeit — eae Ap vife. $koiild be evmtantail^ 
ImtniMf, Ac., would, I think, mure clearly roiivey t)ii> nK-aJuug, and nl. 
tbe same time be more io accordoacc with jiamtnt's^ object, which is 
to bring home to liis father Cr*on, whal yet bis modeaCy Icada him to 
express lu general tcnaa. if. instcnd of j in the tiurd penon. we were 
to read HI ni «tffu^t ill tbvwroflif.' Compare Soph. Aj. 1344,<t»d)M 
V av iuMiar, (1 Sifvi' iSXinrrtw- rO*- irBXir, oH' «'&>• fuirin' mfrgf, OO Uk 
riglit coiiKtmctioa of which see Hentiaon's note (v. 1323). 

A strictly a]i]>o«iti; example. Iiowcvcr, occurs in Soph. (E/d. C. 1443 
(wliere see llermoDn). ftiwnfXaiMi rJ/ ryv, uam vrtpijiH, Angl. mrlck- 
ti mdeeii. l^ttt, am /. i/a> you say (ib. 1433. H4I.) J om h Iwt yvu ; 
and, ckacly rctemblbg tliM. Aj. 496. <I y«g> Aivgr vv ui rrXnt^var 
d^r, robT^ MifiiC' "h** ^ ^^' §M«>>a «.r.X. Ajigl./cir r/jrati id you tell 
Okc (ib. 470-SO) mutt die, and, ta by yoKr JevlA yuu mu>t. abauttm me, 
(ArrrriM^ Minv (i. e. be equally rare) Hat I too ifut vfty day, V> 

' ir thu nayectviv be diMUovcd, I 
wonld propoM «Air nt ^ (im tke nrtt 
foMMiMa), and tVPO** tMt aar KM am 
oamyted into «m. •■ b t> 168 of tin* 
Fli* im tato V. SIM ihm corracUd *•«. 

• ri 0dM>. An;). (/-*r M«i>f*r(^il- 
l«. MTOOvmgbnB tobcikwl, •nlhntlr- 
tft tt (1 Mtdi m tn(a(4 rqiunJinM ta &•■ 
I^MfeK<m lU. m8— Ki he diMiacaiah- 

el, iirfHMM»MBi,6«M*i adni. ^«g«., 

H Ao Inat Km. Tm. fr. I. i. iftri, M, 
■Ic M>y Tii (Aa^ lata ikiMfk a mam (« 

rfnJ), •An dvrfWvTU, irith which coB- 
para a aunnrtad luia flnph. Phil. 1441, 
•^ ttoi aor Mfvtf IT. •£« krikXirtm. 

* Vxatioft, en tlio f rinolpU Uid liown 
In bwprc&larTDiiliivarthialiDetiihioh 
art in tlir allow oalc), liM cdUal 4 w 
— Had this miilM iadaod hare brra IwiiHl 
■* all uii|i(vtnnMit of IhK letl. bad a 
•laifilc Tai>T3i rp V^ff (oatienliiibiu «I iii 

bia Prahcc) and imI r«^ >^ff mvil 
if TdT 4j>4f followcxl la *. m, whm) 
rf -r^ Wm fAa/. or M« MM-«r. IT 
wo lu«k h> ((m atnnaloKT of t^*. Ma 
IktI-patt d»f Ih4b in ft>^ adWaM 
to mart Um tnne, »e caa obIt eoanBCt 
ttAn rttuC; aa tbe vcrr otder of dm 
wonb ntifM haw aoSivd to muntt, 
witli •Jadm—aiihtl, trwnlMTvHctuly 
rMDl««4 «i I AMtadiatolha NvtaaMAa- 
■seamni. NoM C. p. anj iDto vi ««•- 
Mm |, tbe aetaal coaalraaikM alll W, 
nr»atA* kfp^tAegiiliai ymt ttLatl iwg 
di4d .,.., Mittt that i loo, Vc. Con- 
pan Aal. 1022. iwU T k^irfv. Ai^ 
«/>(r /AW, or wAfa oarv, 4r smU ttm» 
rrrtd. tBA. V. I2tt. twiA fijf «l|(r 
rAr«/. nr rAn oacr. Ar lAoM Aoav m- 
ptvrrd iiuan iW *I4kc u( li/c. MaUl. 
G«.G». J42I.OI1..1. 



And cani]>antig these with the exiraplM wbic)i Maltl4tK luu gi^'cn, 
but not wry nccuratcly cxliiliilcxl to the Eagli.ih i-cndcr under tbc no- 
tioa o{ shovld, id iUtutratiouufliuin<jiit g«]crul<lvKTi|ittoii i>f tttecun- 
jonctivc mood, aa " ubdcI wh«n vny tiling ou^ht to tukr place ;" Gr. Cr. 
4 516. 3— f>ee iii jnirdciiUr. lluai. 11. in*. IG. nfifulvoA'. <t atm cncoji* 
po^ift (tX«yti»<ft irfKBTi) ijraifiiat, loi tet viitiy^tttr i^uiiriTo. ftfirolntl I ttOH t 
htow vrhat to !diy on ihe ifutstion thai you a tecond tine he the first lo r<cp 
tk^fntitao/ftC.) xvi,6'48. [Zryi^pi^cro Ai/ujj] f ^^Kitinamr^WKptrt/ij) 
Hr/tUTT nvmv ht' ivrt^iif tafitn^-ivt <pa!i*fiot 'Erroi^ T<'^''T ^ff^'V- ^<^ ^ 
Afitrr Tfixt' AiTTui fwitetker ficrlt/r mutt even nov fc/oy fatntcbta) , f ?n md 
frX(^im«- i!<^c>X«« (V icAffAfr A< Jupiter sktmUj Jiimram<v. Ilerml. i, 
03. Kpdiirot iifJat imiptirf, *l arparti^r a t (whether Af is to march} Ar) 
iWfWnf. Mil (Trmi trrflorav awip&v npoo^oifo f^iW, if Ml. Kkether he mMouM 
am9ciaic with him) oiftftaxvir. Thuc. vi, 25. fi^q xph'<» ••• <''ortlor mnu- 
rw f3>} X*]r*i*- f r rt*<a ovry irapniriiru^i- 'AI^^mioti ^rj^ftivt^ynu (btimtH ae- 
dart at once he/ore them all mhal outfit the Atheniana are to vole himj i 
to wUch odd Thuc. it. 5. i$uv\twiTo drr rnmiuiCatiiaut ..• tm n AXo' 
JCpqtfVpriM. vii, I, ^SovVvorro tin ••■ 8tiuii^v»(tV»vu' tinrXiCviu, «ir< ... 
mri yjv cXAmti. — WB shall be led to conctuilc thai, aa the purely opta- 
tivc or abstract mood peculiarly exprene* the vpetiker'n ovm unfettered 
thought (tfccM&ttI). Gr. Gr.^^lS. and n<itc« on Ag. 534. lMa.).ao 
Oik conjuii d i vc or practical mood, from exprcMing in graend sotnetfaing 
more or leM circuinstantially coaceivetl of m» fo ^ or to be ttoae, pns- 
sesaeft tbe pccuUnr property of rcprwcntiog- tliat nliicli originates not 
vrith the good pleasure of the apcaker, but i» in some form or other 
niggeitod to him from without ; and Ueiico, in »oine rare instance*, it 
happens that the word which, atSdvjit A}.4BG.andimpr]6ii(Ed.C. \44i. 
docs not properly express the eiicakcr'n owii tuitidpation, bat ie as it 
were n wnrd put into bu mouth,' is construded by a soit of vyyto v^ 
rci trttiaivotiMmn, otherwise than tlie rtrict hiw« of Syntax nug)it at first 
Bight appear to permit. Compare the notes on Ag. 899. tl irpncrovvi' 

* Htacli, mith the MBdianaf no 1«m 
thwdlwf MS.H.. hM adltad ^MlMPTNi 
— ^rhicb ciMtldcinlT mcnn that hiduwaa 
to ** yi wo win* ranw thti Allianbnasra 
ftlHf tnvowUm"! wtwrcMf^^^v^Tu 

ma in ll«twL L M. n' "Ti«T..'-flT«i to li 
«v|Mn^irtBi xfi OT kAimi, uid tn llom. 
II. IT. Ifi, ti . .rwatfiiai to n A/yar «t ... 
Jm..p4««B.(virlA(«-l*«iJrvBftr.) On 
the tans urikcipla ■« miKht perluiia rc- 
Mh« il tI^ Mfff «0|*. Ai- 490- iDlo •! 

tAp'^'T f""''' •^ (.Caeh. Ak- 1694.), 
ff «w ffrtmM (F>1. (t. 1(4.1. inKi fl Xf4 
(■UfKnlai fruiii ill. 1«1.) fif oov tntn- 
v^nn, mil, in llw vrmeat Int. rl vifnt ' 
X«ip<u tii^nn il«M7r '"Bl Ima •! r^^Va . 

■ Stf, f.w r»».tJ.<. K.n.ti. KL I2r&, >•< 
«( ;u, vuA^nrtw ^ UMv— OP. tt |i4 

■rXtitii it HA. |i4 h' A>o«T*r^«]n *^ 

SMC vpoai^nv WsMf >MMaftu. 



<b,, ib. 101 i. uiniffoi»i md on (Ik rabjcct of wbat w« toay deaigiuite 
gewnlljr u eertmm enilo^wial md cttmoitiiMal liefits^ hilAetUfo/ Urtek 
HMMdbnMf IfluM. weMaRb.Ur. Gr. 4 4 .'^11.4. and A. b.6l€. 3. 518. 
519. 533. 529. 5 ; and cumpnre Arnold on lliuc. iii. 44 : (» n oul 
tjcarrif ri {i-yyiwfi^t tMv, Mid vi. 31 : AXmc n m1 d (t>imS«u> al iri\iu 

Undirr tht-Kc circtimnUnceji, then, I hav« not linitutnl to form my 
own judgment on a imint nhich it U tbc provintx of (-^litorv ntlier 
than of mere MS. autlioritr todctcrmiuc, and m Uindurf fPrt/acv to 
Ajax, r. 4n(!.) says cifSoftliorlea, aouiy 1 of .I^cliylas : "qiKxl trrip. 
sent — Et.quombocin tococt — fi ct — g; M^nificsre poaait, e^ altcnmi 
piKtuJi." TnuuUlc i irAa/yotrMyu-flff/twt/wfrrwi'irjr, /omr, ifwyoa 
gire mc to nndcrrtuul ■ he it wvn> to, or muA maw, 9tt foot in Uua 
eamtry : uid ohserre that what it ... firpnn ^^nivji. which KlaoMn 
wubM inorc cornxtly baTc rendered n Miuifiutin rn/t/ariMuf, piiln h\-i>o« 
tbcticiUj. i/t<* b« that Af i« jwfw fo rttHm. *t... ft^^xm ^•ovtni.stmiM- 
yauM rnElvna ml, would ro]>rc»«nl ax (what the Chorus cuuhl not. and 
would not it ttcy could, conirtdcr it) a dctenniiuitc case — whether we 
vera tu makv it a strictly condiliunal |iroiM»iUuD. ft'kitl you my ujiut 
ctJutmrnmy la mir, i^(but nntothemwthanif) hfthaH^tver ttfact 
ittthiscoaatry; Matth. Gr. Gr.4 523. Oht. and 4^24. OIm. 2. \.; or 
whirthcr, as raems more (Mroliable, we iihould connect «I with (Muipvni 
u th« mere e2i>on«Dt of the mental emotion whicb is coUcd up by the 
subjained fact — and which therefore pre-supiMwes." na it were, the 
rcatttv of *ach fact — and traniJate : Ktptallf dulrrMmg u tku that you 
leH me. that m liu» anaitry lit uever Kill, vr if aet-rr goiay to, tet foots 
we Math. Gr. Gr. 4 617. 3. atid cooipure Soph. El. 1200.10. •>« <^' 
tifftuf. !t r<iAiiu>* iyit m9iw, 'Opiora. ri^t oi^t tt artfifcnfioi ra^t. 

■ "B«ili<«t, •■ bnu dtittiiBM miMl 
(t, ITI.). cxHtnaaadaa Mt oua onmi 
dcttJftrtuiB WB if — maMn f»<ianiia 
TWW1 in iiatfiaia ; t fl aa iu cidia dooati4>- 
■« dbtaUnrt, dooac faat can lArrt 
pMM." Kln». 

■n** I oooratre to be a aun oancet 
vulanatiaa of thM aaculttf ooDAnKtios, 
' tlHn t4) MT with M'tntiiw, b the fact of 
vrrj rranfil* *Kinli kr hiw addnntd, 
thai "Wp<m (u tilt- prvfOwtim an u. 
UroMina ti oacMtMntr am) doubt"— 

«imile>l, " it auma to he nttd at bwt 
awrctj fell M<t«nlacf«raiaru|>T(Miai. 
■kli a *Aw of naostaiat])' ' whacti it oat 
■tall J fcH : c f . Ear. Aailr. SDG. The 
■ananiilBnation. it will be Krn, eiUnili 
%* thoM epiUtct*, *itai^s*(u- IIcthmL i. 

139. ^ffw Ear. El. SO. tmt* «r*fifWi 

^. 72. IOl ftc. whkb are oolj m &r a^ 
plUaUcMtliCMfenlhfiMllieaaan vkwh 
*i Riafca* theoi depraa wr AuikJnl m 
yik/. ARdbmr.irnvconiMmWIjdiu 
pbn«Mlagr HuOn* w, f«i Amc rrfJiw, 
watod ■nIhvmaArniaticu of oar «»• 
JnntradM the cMHUrianal partkJe W (a 
wrlbiBf «tM than (h* iWivc of thv nla- 
Ura ^, ahkh. M in Bur. til. M. ,mm, 
tl Ilk frfyim, woulil be npRwol iu lA- 
Un bf fMtrf («T wtan^e^mOjim} Angt. 
mfAdf. ilnm. Uitl;,wenmutwa»> 
dtt thri, M MaHhiM hw mtinJ, " «J 
rn«iaatUT (CndinMi bribe cwkMl pw- 
tirlCK ^nltAnKl..fiir lAaf, ■ mere COB* 
f(HMMlor<7r. <Ti, ' Mao(.bocauj«' i" Gr. 
Ui. f Gt7. 2. 



174. mifAMt •XuSaimoi' JcuX^r, a hfcrt't avnff or fiaod of bit*. " n^. 
S>9 volunt Staiil. Pauw. Alirescli. Scbiitz. Buttlcr. , hiuc cauaa ; «Xt 
{ln[il>L'«ni ^ttittvum habct, ilc ({uO usu viii. Sclifrf. imJ Soph. Aut. 1184* 
Hltri. ml Aj. 54." Well. " Elegantiu« foivitiui oiMt nafiSi^ qi 
duplex gt^iittvuB, set] ill Kopiiat conscntiuDt sic tb .'Escbyhi'' 
BCriptum fuissc crcdidcrim. Juogcnduni rcro liXvivntr jc^V *tp^*'' 
B. I.. 

ilad /Gecbylua written trnfAiq. ihc conioructioii would hive been, 
Vttto me loo it tkrrt sweiting at the Ararf-^uiiJ we inig;ht have com* 
pored llotn. 11. i. S!-l, oXX' vvtf 'ArpiiSri 'Ayaiu/irot^ Jjr9art AfMp, on whk'li 
•ce tlio note UQ Ag. 27. But xapMae »ctvc* more ^gfkj/lfo to tetnjwr 
the boUlneaa of the exprcuioD lAviaanu* x'^V- j lut as moiiAntv w tab- 
joiiicil to i jtfiv(riifuit,%f i"A^t Aff. 424, wlictv sec the note. Cookj 

pnrc alio the nnt4! on Ag. 14 lK,*w^t rrainrfra>¥tifta iTjv>'f>7V][Aiiq(. Kll 

wouM coiincrl la/idiar with itjioviimi. c-umpuhtig Sopli. (Kit. T. I iOOA 
mpoiJwt\aa6tiaa (wood by ^j Oarif. on which act: Mutth. Gr. Gr, 4 3S9.i 
and £1. QUO, rif^v n(yiu*\p7iov, to which iiuutation he should Dot have 
omittnl to udd the iiiijiiirtunt word hiroo*. 

Stanley quntcs from Achilles Tatius de Amor. Clit. ct Ijeucipp. ii. p. 
1S7 : iiI9aii ii, ctM Xmd), Kai jf^y^.Tpta t^v ^j^qc tifuira., and from Virff. 
.yfin. IT. 5^'J : ran|fnui{U<! ininiTn rjucttuit ir*tu. 

175. ftiofraif . pifTxintf: coinpurc bt-Iow v. C24. Theb. $94. AuitniMv 
Xiytvt wiioyili/, where Dlooif. Gloss: "aunmMt. PatiSus perforant. 
IICBVch : 'Analay' fnwirM-, x,'"^*^*- So^kA^v 'Ajc^aitt. Idem : 'AitmJ* 
ac' KoXt^tac, ^;^^c. lot^tkiif tliAvrti^. Clioeph. 183. Mo^crAfv B' ■( 
ftmroiu ,!h'Xri. qnod priniano nnisi) explicat ScholixMH. ('{ irayriax n- 
ipAnom. Ibid. CSS. Soph. Ant UOS. El. 197. Eur. Andr. 635. lun 

ibid. fraiaSiftf. " iicaia6tiu em. Canter, c'lmi^v M.G.A.R.*'«r<WA|v 
T.V.Sehol.— iioXntiy cod. R." KUus. 

1 76. iiVfrW vpuqvifyrfOTOi. wcdiif'tov 'Apyof, ni rvtc iTn'dpgi' : Sdio), 
*'Si<fiap ex conjectura tjdiiilic, ct BoUi. [jl>^i'« filomf.]. kinecauMiJ 
adjectU'uiupocticetruwpuaituinciit.ut Kiir. Here. F. 450, ^^mum JmrNpl 
vtrT*!** qucm locum apte aflurt Sehwciik." WcU : and *o tbe Biikop of 
Lichfield. " E|jillK'ton M'^un, quod ud oft^aru* pcrtiDct, ad mafint 
\Kt h^^Kdlagen trudiuiil nion- [loctico. Virg. ^En. vi. 268 : Ihant oAu 
tcuri tola snhKOclr pfT mnhram :" compare Matlh.Gr.Gr. $446.0lw. I. 

StUl. fur Uie icu&oua nhicl) Khiuncn hiu> given. I iiK'tinc ratlicr to 
trukflale at once, thinly — i.e. aa. Schotclield interprets it in coniMC- 
lion with tmyiWr. Ar^uv ^FtfratoiHrai, tkirtl'txating^drop*. " Vi^ 



potioi dicttun, qolii cum mtn mariiio ai\ax salsa oomparantur tacriniv, 
ilDic ipsR sunt salao'. Qui eniin lacrima)) furulil. ejuit •cnm sane eat 
(itieatis iiurinr : tUquc turn lucnmomm anpor. turn Knsns cjue qui Set. 
(ptam prvbct povtv ratiunctn hujus vocabuli. MJnore vi et acuraine 
Instdan dicitor per wutfAf t^Mpvon et dr^ iAtpvu, que soiit Honeni 
Writatfaaima." Khaa. 

177- J^pwrot, tmretlrmited at not lo bt reMrtiiittd. So I prefer to 
md with WrUaiHT uiid KlniiM-ii. on the BUlhority of MSS. Med. 
Oodf. and oT AMua and Robort.. retlicr tJian with Tiirn^lie ntu) Vet* 
tori and eaccceding Kdilors nad St^pttmn, wliicb Schutz — conmtcnUy 
vnoiiE^h wiUi bie awn alteration &^i'««~-translntcs " inopincta, impro- 
vinc. tit «t *en*iui. Er otvlis auiem diu [ira dolnrii niagnitudtiie sicdt 
bHpravl'ur mihi aiJual gutter fac rin a mm ufatim prmvmpmla", anil witJi 
wbicli Ik mi^ht lure cutnparcd Soph, Trach. 694, V^mfiat ^nr A^paff-- 
T«a>. ib. 1037, a^paarf r^ir xtiflvStit wiij). El. I2fiU. twti irt *u>i{^|M#- 
rmt oAktcw r' ^0«t&ip. Bur. Hipp. 820, citXlt APpamvi i^ JXatm^MM* 

It wil] be wen, however, that in the above translation no notiee 
wliatever ia takcnofAio-jtirMv. on which KtauaenwcUofaMTTes: "non 
meni tntitia progiipii locritnas u«tcndit vocabulum iMTjpvtor. addttmn 
prtrt^rca ut dc aqua marina monc«t, Cctcnim Electro ftd flcnduin por- 
moxvtur Mttsu c dolorv et Ixtitia mixta. Cf. Ag. 370. ^opn ti i<f»pwn 
Aojifnaf «'iouXoi^< V7- Soph. fA. 906, j^o^fii */fiaXi|fi*«jj^ Jtp/ia&iitfjuDMi." 
TVanalab! ; axdfivm mf (yc* Mrtty ^or briny) Jrvju art/aUiitg not lo 
ha vettrmMd, in naxhia Jlotd, at right t>f (upon my having M«n) tkit 
hiek: and compare Suph. Aj.910. i^tpaKntt tpikwr (ApOuunvt, llnydt.) 
Eor. Hipp. 657, «i fih yip Spmi Otmt S^fiamm ffptAff. from which, aa 
erplaiaed by Aristoi>h, Tlic^in. 580, r^fi^ /•!) «ni wfiotntiaji ifur o^jipaa- 
rMc vpiy^ itttiit ul p/f^ we might be tempted to trsntlate J^^jmctm 
brrv aaAceiM, comparing' Ag. S60, drQ^Xfrmt iiI<V. and Soph. IVncfa. 
916. tJ» iawowv¥ xfi^"^- 

thiJ. iv^x't^K "J^fivf^ioi. " Motett* ejvtiJatiMU. Sit; Sw^'^mi 
(AfvAi. Ten. 5G7. vi^ moUaltt. 'Oi^fia^^im'yery intrai r\^f^a>piit 
dixit Eurip. Ale. 184., ver»imultuniHgi8N\)!*lngr«ndiUxiucntije con- 
renivntc quam simpUcitati suK," S. L. Compare aleo Theb. 503, 

tfOxurra diajfiftfr. fr. 368, IhfV^fnt* ipv¥ im^. above V. 9, fMXa^<pM«. 
Hcaych : UXUMUytf' rA Jp^iit") r^r 6^kainnft. q iiti^^uxnt. nl lit nXqfiM}. 
aXWfttfMf it wiwrvwi with manifrst alluftion to Horn. Od. ix. 4S6. rqr 
8' aTilr' ^impfrftt iraXippdAc*" <^p« «iVci, irAit^ifiifU' V« fftWuvo — where 
Btomfiekl wodd omit tlic ^, aa aUo in ApoU. Rliod. iv. 1269.. where 



Hrunck rcmorlu that Lbe middJc syllulilc of irXitmuifiU is always itmg in 
tlw TViigeiUanA, and <?l"ewh«rc in Apolloniu* liimnHf. " ni)jfi/'t|i<F npud 
Hippocnttem. iiiijuit Fneriuii, linmiditalU abuudaatiiuD M^iilicat, ne 
Tdutiu)uiidatiuiK-inqa!uiJntnautn:»tu^iiu)t(.*ni huiiuditntetn." Ulomf. 
178. mir y^p <Kmaw k-tA.] TnuulutC: Fer luw €aK I t^iect to God 
Ikal aay «f tht eilhenx apart from u* — or we might pciliaps tmneloJc : 
tuijr indi^ereitt prrson. of the number of the cilums — iV owner oftkit 
JknrJ*ttiid first obn^rvc the difltinction bctvecn the " conjuncti^'usde' 
liberativus" nwi tiirw \ v. 79. irat fM(4h> ; v. IC2 : ilov muti I, or Aow 
«n / fa — ?, aiid the virtual nvgstiuii' conveyed by llie indiealivc fu> 
ture irac ur«v£a^i ; v. 79. eihI vm iXfriCTta : here : Ihw ever sAati I, 
iuweanl — ^ with whi«h couparc Ap. G-2\>,irittn,ii)Mim; ib. 1074, trwr 
^pnr» n'liof ; Next, Oil tht» mottt general aensc of iXir<'{(ir, lo erpfct of 
apprfAetui, see note on Ag. 1403, vS ;ioi 0(I9ciu piXufl^wv <'Xirtc t'fiffiirti»v 
and coni|iare Hca}^ : 'E'iiwlg' vpocrlkMtla. 'EXirrrai' 8nc(i, Avriffi. wpoa- 
AwEf : utd oD the pectdiuity obtervnblc in the u»e of ittmoCiuf, mc the 

note CO Ag. 524, frut 9^ AiAa;^0tif n>v& A(9iri>irai Xoyov : aiid compare 
^leb. 27. o6ro9 roiMnfl* Sonriinit ftniTrityutT4». Eum. GO. rwi>A« Af4nrijf9 
Jdftwr ... Ao^ fttTotrAvri. Jaculutr. fr. 225. (prcurrvcd by the Schol. on 
Horn. n. ix. 569.) nM* Jttj^iutWni- >Mtja ft<atn>n)r. Lastly, with that 
ind«]>endeDt luc of Akix (rcsEmlllng our I^tgUsh olAer. when uited iJ- 
liplically for <MAor person or thl«^) whereby it is buinelimea fuiiiid in a 
■ott of appositioo vhicfa, as ia Ag. 1 90, /ir<) Si ml iruqwv j^tlfuirot i&Jm 

Itfjpfi 0f^^rrpo» wfi6f»ioai fiatrrtf tKX<ry^v. J)). 834, Katoi naHov iIXXa irf • 
fw. reduces it nearly to the level of an adverb again, beside, coniiiare 
Soph. (J^d. T. 230, <t 9' af ni aXXav oOtr r{ dXXiif j^AitiIt. on which wet 
Rrfurdt who comparvs Eiun. 426, lAXqt oiw^ACfi oFTtmi rpiwr ■comr; 
"ubi verbiMJIXX7C(iKtyKirt[.Angl./inVMr/-r/f-om ii'iX&ov;]' adeaRiiipi()agf» 
re>|ncitur. qua: m ipso incrnt Orcslia judtcio (v^MMraro)." r. 423. Soe 
■Imj i]«)-eb : 'aXXoc' Uinji, uXXi!^vXo(. 'AXXo' oXXdwp ; and uut« on Ag. 
147. with Appendix, Note D ; and in point of construction compare 
Erf. on GCd. T. G, ayit ttxaiiif fii) trap ityyt'Xoi', nan, (TXXwi> luiowi*. 
Ilcindorf on I*lat. Gufg. $ l>4, visi t&p «nXtTWr lal row JXXoii' £('mm 
Matth. Gr. Gr. ( C36. For that Electn did not ovcoq to uy (as tnigbt ] 
at first siglit perhajis be ihutiglit) eny ofAw of ike citians. of whom 

iiMatmi, it «lmni bf tin! introilortianM 
oiwlav. laD.jMCHirWIwduracvdMl. 
On theotlKT band ™i -j^ rfi », Wi, 
Anc'- '•haltbt MM yimflo.' w« rirtnol 

nfltrmalioB. \iwl. to it tvrt. i 

■ With thin intirffKtatkn. Jt wfll b« r 
ami, lliL- HuxmUn; queMliun batrfullr 
ooDiiiatcat 1 *a£ >V T«<rff^o lUrtftv tit 
MifT^uTovt (T : Eum. 487. 



Omtrv khnuM l>e brbl to be one. b jilniii fimm th« etprt M mantiOQ 
nrhir^), aArr having fin<t glatirvil nl htr mother (v. 180.) nnd bcnelf 
(v, 183.), Bh<! ia once more led to moke of Orceto* in r. 183. ; and ts 
furtbcr confirmed by the parallel punge in £ur. El. 316. Kofiai^o, 
& imT, TIC «vr* i^pimt* Irktt rpit rvf^w AAtv' nit yifi 'Spytiav yi rir. 
iIM' ^\ff Incf vov vAc awtyvvrmt Xrd^ns, fioUr 8' ^dovfiMr' SSkttui riii^w 

ISl. ^ Hi fu7ni/>] " III pattirain S« oAVndrntnt cditorM, quia nnn 
ridebatur li&bcrr quo rcfctrctur : quarc in y« mtitaruiitGla.og. [Rlcnn- 
fidd.] Both, et Sckiilz, quoram hie cliani 9' |>«8t o^^o^t iii*«niil ; Mtl 
n>ctp vidjt Elmd. ntl Euni). Mod. il-lO., illud 8< rg f crri m1 ^«V, quod 
rvtiiYtiiT in priore mcinbro ^ trtanCym. idqiie K|>ti«> rxetnpli* nitnpro- 
bttTiT. Diwmtil quidrm lUTinnnn. tn Clarsical Jottntal xMr. p. 43C., 
qai exddJMC putnl vcr*um hoc fcrmc Kntcntiu ; ^ rou (•<» altrxmrn- 
/Mr Aiyiafimi tUpaff. qma nnn jioMint bare, qiuc ctiiTnisBimft ainl. ita 
ronjnn^ : i) ■nroMni, //>4 9* MVtp- Scd crmre ridctur rir fluiiimns : 
Dtun n cironino smtaura vocarvtur, hoc eaiie divernsKimum a nuilrc 
forrt ; H<d quum fit f vib> wotipa nuxMHM. fauJc praf(>ctn tqttc opponitur 
•fiiij SifiiTnip:" Wcnaucr — DtMl»OBlaothcBUiopofldchficld:"Negal 
d, Klomf. rl a Itic ad fu'> M^Ksditiun in f wnvninra rcferri po««c. Di- 
<CDdain Aii*K <j** dr nnnVni at IcgitiuA CMct cippo«itio. It«quc tvm 
Vonana yt inbiititutt. llermnnnafl anteni vennm antecfidenU-m ptilal 
(SadLlM biiJQxinodi. 4 rm> |jri> aiv-crnffiirr \lySa6ov Ati^i^>~«t litre rvrle 
tiHtntior csMt loqvcodi formula. Ncc mnlc tamen otiecrw»c vidctur 
We lliuier., timp lex cm»i:<Ta niiut* (Uv«nnim n raatrc futorum fuiwc, ted 
<|mim «t ^ rA» itaripa VTRMC^n. Rati* apt* opponi fplf N r<tr<fp." 

AHtpuatda iewtf dorauVsf — we luiow. or wc thould (^really vrondcT 
tiiot miy one could to lar overtook ibe ofcviow coti^trtiction of™, vrilh 
iKtifiar»,* and lla refrreuec to ^u^i|t or «X<i«^in*> imroediately prececKnif, 
ns t» roair it the accntatirc after rraxiura. and refirr it to rfo waripo, for 
whk-li wc »liaU in vain kwk back to any wnlcncc, in vhicb it ie the 
pfoiiiiiieut Mihject, itaavr to u# tbnn v. I5(t. Klmmti, Indeed, baa 
avoided (Aistrror. " Eiddiaae vcreum port hone" — he rcnmri* on ». 
190 — " euBtimat I lenaatmim, vtlut q roC ftir aS*x*'rfip^* MyhSm 6m- 
fMp: int^mioK, at ne(|neo|t<» eM hncvenni, modorerteintclliguiur 14 
qai vequiliir. et molesta e»t in hnc cooritati animi omtione longa ilbi 
ClrtvDincetnc dcecriptio, quK rcpctit en qiue r. 135. dicta nmt, rujua 
rti Bulla hie evt ratio. &ed idquidvinecrtuni,nonpof*c Jft^N referrt 

wlwmlherrfacnceia.wamlv noreob. 



■d anusaURi fUr prnpc Kntrmiaa, qntim <miMiC<ni ct fi'in^ notiottn <ltrar- 
riHtina eint. d id qutxl dp^ignnlum dint Wullauerua, KToamvaa itanpo, 
non dcsignnliiiti nit. <]nm iiuti dictum oal. Vide Comm."— -but whiit 
ahkll wc Bay to bu " rig'ht uodentiuiding" of the line before us. which 
be miXes the tommcnccment of « new sentence (and for that putpowj 
renHv«it the comma after fi^Ti)^). in which, nithaut luie won] of apology' 
for such IkcDK, w**otf'w <'* t<^ he coiistraeled u» n finite verb, ' and frotn 
which be wouM cxtntct nn implied OMertion, thnt ncitlici' Electro nor 
Claytotkemh — far ahe too. lie tliinks, mav he included uiider viuai — 
had prcM-Dtnl ihv lorV of luur. iiiasiiioch as. for the reuaon here wsigiial. 
their f^ood mother icotild not let tbcoi ! 

Tmuiute : BkI. if no one uneunnectcdwith oor famHy did bo, v/fAM-, 
nnrrdiy. did (he murdemt offer it — my molher. I mean* /tir/rom mo- 
tlUT'iikt a» ia lAe/reJiMg loworda ker chUdrm vhich sAc entcrlaiaj. vu- 
godty .' i.e, ui ungodly feeling : eoioparc the note on v, 78. of this 
Phy. and on Ag. 1556. Sdlol : ri 6iw&nu> tPpiwit/M oiiaitZit iviaim^av 
fiqprpAr 9mnvi/M7. 

Uid. trian^at, aKtvrr'wg vMo the aame — fic. ii^pat -. compan: l\wn. 
850. AruKUfior Af ru* AiAr yf*«i7^u>rtai-Ti£cic«XiuMi»'E«a^KSuppI. 3H,j 
'jLimtptnaXilBit pvamv niamjiDt. ib. 253. tfu>v ti' Simttnt liXi/Yvt hrA^vf 

rvKn. lb. S3C of^i trap&i'rar ttttjaivfhott ^pcitn|fwi, £uiu. 90, Kafrra 4' «Sr 

nr^Mfior, vofivoifir urA. &C.,&C. See aiso Soph. £3.406-8. 1134. 

II*«iVirn>(' aKTuiiipof : Ilcsydi. " Hdtnim. Potirideo. Cilow. id Agam. 
SOS, Dorica vox crat T^tmnt pro tycnimf. Jus poasidtndi, ]>to qua ms- 
(piiarcm fonnnni fmwrn invcnimuE in inecriptionibas (}Tiibu»dara Bce- 
otiein ; v'xl. Mub. Crit. Cnnt. T. II. p. 5$3." Blumf. Sec Butta. Ir- 
ny. Crtrt \W&f. [i. 198. Mntlh. Gr. Gr. J 3-16. 

183. iyit 6' Svm inlr K.r.X., Ami for my part — tlicn ou^ht in Htrict- 
Btn' to have foQoved that direct diactaimer, xayit fu» alx Ttpa^a.mtir 

< Km ncteoB .4g. 410. MMtli. Gt. Gt. 
{ Xi9. t}b«. 

* IV. mif mofkrr. I •AowM May—an 
thot^h ihe unitM nirrrrt tlir Mniii n> 
MMMNi ^Hfr*!/^*) Mito wliioli krr irv\- 
fcwiliadMraynlkrr. And iicil nnltlu' 
ttilt to Sonh. itA. T. 1KU>. otC F. 2 r/«- 
*•>>, MB>r{p ■)>< Tv rir' in Xf^'V' ** Dio- 
dorf ba* wrll cdilal alter KliatXvy'* uor- 
iDDtkaof tkcmmiiKni miJin« «avy ... 
JLi^l- ''"i |*Mi''> 4*'- — *■ kMniuitbin 
irbally Iwuile Ott tiMMliuD irf Uu&piu, 

I0S9— ana iu p(der«MM to UfvaMiui'a 
n«ditagnf>T'...Aii(L Km.' oatf ^Mr. 

ftc., an Munnr w1ui4i amtlil mihr ibe 
SbcTibetd aoqnicvM iu Ae iconiAil i»> 
puUtiofi : «M ID) Mintinf iW|Mto*>( ^ 
whrmauoH li bacorrrctiMi.walsiiift- 
cftut at it ia natwal. €»f r«M<Vi fwar 
pmtrrt r , iM»»oa. a* It lUf pt-nad <rf /*»/ 
/fiw. t'liiiiiiMuienImPmi. 7115. »M» TfC*" 

■ " ili cofniiniltandim «ral ptMM hiRic 
ancimiaiD cmm nonniii Omtfii pnctcr 
cive* el Cl^KtMicatrain etiam Elactr* tp- 
n nvmamili emt. n HaamAata rtx hvc 
IHin i|Nu mm olinWit. Ki .^oiibiH-lea 
Miun, nl tanilem mn prabri, boo oblU 
vWdiarbnluarcnBUBtl : vMv <iiik ail *. 



AnimvMi, ovft' off ov <'IUl<jtr|ia), wliicfa So])luK>k« hju not oraitr<^il ut 
the punUdspcvchoTChryiTulliL-niis.EI. i)lU., but wtik-h our I'oct (and 
berc w« liavc nn ntUlitionnl rcaMiu for not ituffvrittg •)iiu> lo t>laiKl in 
•f. IG3.) itppcftn tu ha\x dcctiKtl unuccCMury — htt^, ludlet^, tAorongAIf 
lt> ar^ifatr in liin, that ... . I Icnnw mX, hnt I am fiallfred Ay Hope. ' 
Thus ryi, the empbtns o/ vrhich wc lia\-e cndi-avourcd to nccoimt for, 
cxtrtida, i» it* iMuitMin indicalce. over both the opposite d&oscs. Arwt 
fiir ninW (iiftt^r tcIiu^Ii. 1h« Scholiiut well oliMtrvc* : XmW, «£« f^), 
and rroiVofuii fi' l«' (Xm'flof . with wliich cc)m|mrc Pers, 97, ^o^pw 
iraijnLtfti. Soph. Tcuc. fir. ^09, •). ^ d' 4p' ^ ffxtfry XaAiMni >■* tvital 
'Efiurix i/itmtU i^'ivvfUroy. I'hotiu!' Aud Uwjrcll : Saint' suXoErvK. ^- 
tKwt ; und sec ibe note on Ag. 703. Wellaucr btu noticed s cimilnr 
iqmiiopetit, and used under BimiUr circunutaticce. in Ag. 479. aXX' $ 
rft x^'lf"*' f '■^^■>' tVliii^i Xi'to* — rAr clwrW ft« tmit),' riirniaTt')>>«* X^yor : 
ic« aIvo Ilc)-n« OD Hom. tl. L 135. DUkvnficId nnd Am«lt] onHiuc. 
iii. 31.^ t^'X<Mri,nndcoinpanMbenolvon v. 1:23. Alsuwititr. 184. 
IbiJ. iirru^tt. properiy trith advertf frMit. over agairttt, ^uile thiwgk, 
ctearfy.lhroughly: «ceDtLmm'9l.£x.v. 'Aprupi: Heiycht'Aiviii/nf <p(a<' 
pit, ArirmPTi, umitfiv, " IMstinctionrm. i|unn) inter avriKpi et Sprutpvt 
Rnput ^H'aiiimatici (ScUo'I. It. r. 3J9. Lex. Riictcar. ajMid Ueltkcr. [i. 
40^). nulliun futue uhitror. *.\>Tupvc aptid llomcruui ncm occDrrit. 
i^ntpv multit in locu*. Euatath. inOd.«.p. 1913,25: ivtaiSa fitrA Jh» 
ruput, fr«^iii>(f>m(. ^ tiuatroarriKpi \iy*TattiapAT^1naifTg. tmaw. '\m\K(A 
i' Jftv^mit (II. II. 3(i'i.), ri yap '•rr-'i'pvt rvr vrriptir fWv. IdcTU p, 527| 

IS. formaiii awmefi ctnii fura^ii ct tumnrfi cotnpiirul, ducitiiue ab av- 
TUtapii (i.C. ib-riiriKHfwrtK'}. itcut Ct>'uiol. M. p. 1 14. 28. : alilii vvru ab 
JpnRjMvw." Blooif. 

I $6. ^Mt^K (C^iyioHi. A kinti. or nfhcr n kindly, viuee : see note on v. 
78 1 " Ducen baevoUm, b. c. propitiain, c]aic rotia incb respondeat." 
8X. "tfit^fUKt' conJmtStaol., <iuod prolnntScbutSi, Buttlrr.rt Ho-- 
mann. ahtt. erilt. p. 69. et recepit Ikrth. : icd non ngnificat Imc vnm- 
buluro, quod roliiot : rAtnw. inttilijfibilit. Paciliiu Utla var pro eiara 
poni iKiies*." Well. " te^r. etkilarautfm, ut v. "9. Ag. TSS (775). 
^£(91 %-ox foiiwct ciiiciuao. dixi^<.-t [dtcere potcrat] tinidem aut gnitu ant 

rtatta.H.'<ltri»lis(|iuuitiiin jioteitavcflit EUictra. — ayjn'Xoo Siio)*. Nitntivs 
clan vncc diccDs con jcrtune <>ppo«tiu etiain Ag.4j4.(477).** Klaus. 

aenpH." KlaawaoriT. lt<l. It ' Conparean Eofliati iiaitaikmurtl 

F tfnaifa dwt tbe wriur gr this note litlittr) aa ItoSaa amc i //ofrr Mi m 

toaU kne ih»BiiM«d A#i^r tu^ iAA«r fiaSt'rtxg talt, tfe. 
<- 1IV- «Ukml OpUnallon M mnirk. 



1 87. Atm »• ;>7 ''un/miiti^i; Angl. M wMci c«tf J Wire »o(, or Mad 
tMlhfm.lotMdtrnnd/iv — un thinconslruclkHi sec Monk oD Eur. Hi|»|t. 
643. Mntth. C,r. Gr. ^ Al!) : a* aho tin tiS' ttV- ^f^o^t'* 'Aa' >> Anrf— 
properly Atf^ Aai/, but tlic wish is here continued from the put to tlie 
present time — Mntth. Or. Cr, ^ 513.0bB.2. — " '<ci)»v«r#i(/>i)rM. nrrw 
«4pq> KU'iiiTtnj^iji'V. l.Slt^th. Eulcni varietal rrom. 158. 
Ibi rcro pro K^wyiut facit locus lltr^ycliti ». r. ri xtvia roC croprrM, 
vii Mil 47SuA«i-, '^vracrpt ncrlWf (itl axp"'"'' [Kt)»virat4fMj)'' «IBwXo»- Jytri- 
/•ip.] V'idctur forma winid'iwif orta e derivatione vocnbuli n tiwfh; qun 
catduliia. Itnriui^librcis Hccutiia sum." Klnu*. YctvccDamni'fLcz. 
T. tUniu, and iluttm. tmg. Greek f'crbs, p. 147. 

" Nor (17 mjvv^atifiijv, alii iuvMr^/17*. Et, at dnobtis inodiv hie scri' 
bitnr hoc vprbmn. ita rt^H>/yiui PI ((vi^^iu habvtur in rrotnetheo. 
Eustatltiiun ei scijui vchmue, per i fcr'thcmxit." li. &tc|))i. Set Eoa*^ 
tnth. fin II. iv. p. 473, 43 : Tmi H Kinm atSit vnfMtywyif ri ■in'Ovw. f( 
dC irop' Alaj(^X*f (iltifpuw (I'vuyfia. rA iltf)ii>i> iTTluAfiv : whcrr Blutnlivlil 
ima^ncB him to allude to Bur. Phccn. 1543. alSipni: dixoMi (tdwJ^ov. 
The SchoLiiut has : Ai'^jMntric' jij^eTrafiwp. Mq Kiyvirtriifuir' r^«mi(dfu|ir. 

1 88. aX\' tS W^' i|« ly— ] 60 I read with WeUmuT, wbotc note I 
eubjoLU : " JXX' *l aa^^ vul^nt., quod kiieu' caret, 4|uarc nXX' 4 
tm^^yil conjeoit Canter., quod Mrnaum nou juvnt. aXX' ^ •ratf'' fv /toi 
dedit Schi'ltz. iIXA'iS im^t tfidiiPon. Advert, p. 139. CaDleri emnidt' 
tjoncin Kmptcctttur Hermann. dSm. crilt. p. 71., qui prugttcrca ctlun^ 
V. 197 (190.). <S Y< wtm<r$<ir schUt, qaam^UAin sic inrmilivtu rvf 
ir«v0ri» non magia qiuun cinnmxrai linbet undc ]>endeat. Both., relj- 
quia 00a inutmif, Aldinam Vctioncm aK/irrwa rrcrptt, et in eandein 
tenteittiAm abierunt Erfurtlt. atquc V'oss. in ccnsuri^ rditionia SchQU- 
iUMf . Crfurdt. dcniqnc ad Boph. Aj. 6*26. ed. maj. «XX' f> aaufnfti^ oon^ 
jorit. Jklibi vcro ptiAnmum (mice verv vitletur cmendatio CommmVi 
Mfrkffi. p. SA. oliina nic prolala. utlexHtvr dXA' <2 ra^' i$r 4. quo fkcto 
ct KUfus sine alia inutationc rcetituitur. et conMructio o|ititne proeM 
ilil, qnarcnon dtihitnvi hcH' in textiim rcci|K-re. PurtieulR if negligfev^ 
tins poeita e«l.drbciial iiilm f?«c<iXA' q < E aa^' ^v. c^jnausus bwc ip« 
tragccdtii duo cxctuplu [irwl>i-t . Num prnrtcr htinc locniti ita poeitti r«- 
iwritur v. 848 CiZH). uhi Mrhln rk-bcbat nt yap t^^tAXovtfi. Sintlilcr 

■ KkaMo'lUewptalnpUniitlaawiU 
out be Ibm^ht tu advawr hit iliiiw in 
■mM of Haf j«dcfMUt : " «/ finnrS, 
elare MnpUwum, ut iS *pf»*i {iiiafi- 
■tivOinJ.). etart paM. Af. I3W <I3M.) 

.SiiliiniFltigMiliwn Ml V <" pmredftili , 

Wtforl." S«#«r4ttirciir>ren.llM...1l 
Soph. Tr»A. 802. X>fc^> tVam. »«.■ 
SmiIio ranWCv belv* *. 060. 



Eur. Mctl. 819, Upif nfTOfwi- f irA«c f ^oi' v^^i>ioc rt x^ f(**- 
Ariatoph. Av. -173, xpan'» •'if ^ riw Ji^pir, if ^Xoivw i^Kw 'V*'-" 
Attd to the Bivhop of Liclificld : " <{Uk' tf mi^' ^» f. Sac Well. : quain 
qmdem onencUtionem ceteria pnetuM. qun ne litcnm quidein turiitit. 
Aliw ftdmieuaem Pbrrani cunjecturam, iXX' <J mi^' jfAf ." 

IWwUtc — the imperfecta >;•. nnd tix* being frill dq>endent on mmc, 
fov vhich ctnse I bavr Kmm'ed tb« aikm which itsndi in the Edd. 
after 'icimv<r<i;<^r— ^d/ oil ^oj' asivnmct it had brm for roe eilAer tn 
rptn> amy iMt lock, if indcei/ (which I can luirdlr bclkrc) il vot cut 
frvm a hoti'tte kfad, or beinf — i.e. if it wfrtf — akin to me, il mi^kl A«t 
mnyled iu yriff vcilk mime, a thin^ that would have been uji rniMti»li- 
MCNf 0/ fke lonb hen, md an fhoHorimf of or) hoitvr dale to oaf father. 
A>d fint, in reference to the apparent construction of adverb* in the 
preiUmte — which will be found, in fwn. to admit alwaj-a of being %o 
rewlved aa that the idvcrh sliall attach lUfclf, u oeoa], to some verb 
or verbal eubatantitc* — ux the examples given b)' MattJt. Gr. Ur. 
( M9. c. and Gollcr on Thuc. iv. 1(1., and compare, in parlicuUi-, with 
the present paaeage lloni. II. vii. 424, tv6a Suryyuwii xo^nrat fi> otApa 
Ttatntn (Angl. then it una mili tUfitaUtj/ they amid dittin^iah eacA m«»J, 
whcrt Hernc: "7tAi fr, iuryrvitu j(cX^7r&t. p«l<ral ditttntt mh ain 
^ficutter, teyr*. fv, dwari* t/v aireit, pro iftiitiafro airoi dtnypMiai j(a- 
X«r6r. Vulfpirc caMt, xdXntiv 4>, ftutytvMn." Next, on the forc« of 
rTnp. Angl. if ,„ . /nf ao as wo supposo— n dubious form of bypotbc* 
sis, 'which the addition of yt Hrvc! to Etrcn^lien, at the eamc time 
that it givcB emphasis to the expression of doubt — se* by all nvcnna 
Stephen*' Gnek Expteliue PmrticitM. p. 6G. and p. 68. 4. and cmnpeuv 
the notes on A^. 39. 14 1 . And tiu<lly. on the appo«tlion of the aocu* 
«rth'e«inv.l91,»e«31«tth.CT.Gr.$$410 492. 5. and compare Monk 

' Conpan hn. 7IM, <t -m aaipiit 

• 8Ml>,ltarKHM)to, Mf<^p4(Anfil.a 
M«Mv) B Tbae. K. 47. ■£ hAtm ToMi. 
T4t >* Aawii •W «<i«^ a^iM Mp^Mv 

■ I Infill iT Vfiv^jiMnvrr* ytri»tat — nhcrv, 

If m look «i the witifT wnicww, thr pr»- 

4I(MC MWOlr toaMwBW Jumi^rttrta r» 
WMm. and MO* (m Dr. Ant'tld bt*) •>■ 
nHi wnieh ■ ao OMKV bt ht d«Uebcd Imn 
#lipi than roiriiirTdi >t frtim AniMfi — or 
fMlvM* in Cir. (irv Rim-, Amrna. (v S. 

yTC4i#ef«a Mhm«« Halbtil Jnfoith. r. 
M. iiiuxal in QaJicr'* uDtc. It nwr In 

^NMtlanvl. indrri. indir'ihrKrvf'uinpIo 
iwUoMd tiy AniftM nn Tfcw. it, 10.) 
whethO', CTtn m> tahjciincil fi ftopi. o(> 

Twt ouclit III hr imulatfid. (• mei an 
«xfmf . aud whdlier It (k«a not rathn 
Moag U> that idkoMtip mm «r «^wi, on 
which aw Oe nnie «■ A(. ffiK.. u tkat 
ve ^mU traHlate : aa irArra. Aavfwr. 
*Mi M fmi a «/<tw, avr •« ptM Ao- 
mc. M ro apta^, tf aw« 'a M«r p(WM*rf(d 
M hMwm Ma pp tttM. 

ThM. it. ifl, imI r^ »*^/«Mar Stir^f 
^k tfafMV, a^ tfiUrt «lfy iraXir aBn)* 

Toi, I aImuIiI IrannMU ; fwunnrt «a iw 
emmal «atHf ktiy aptn la Aid raar /it« 
jmnr nftMrrmtimf, ia ra*f own A« Aa 
Amrdfftd hv •><• w>d rowipara it). H. 
m, ♦*» J*ix<f^'rir /#• hirry fWul^* 



OD Eur. Ale 7. WtdUuer'a cxpUnution of tliu Ua« i* very toned i 
" Tfoi dedemnt SchUtz. el Both, male ; rnlgitie iiensum rectc expli- 
CSMC mihi ridcor in Comment. Mtchyl. p. 37 : tU posset taectan Imgm 
J& tmnvii «riKi/H ft iwiint ftatrit, qui ec. nullus cat." Compare vv. 
7. 164, and with HyiiXfta in appoBitioa, below v. 497. Ag. 199. 716. 
Eum.S^l. Suppl. 19:2. Prom. 466. 

Ibii- anairniaat. " thrnirpftriit M . ibrvimiTaG. iWimnraA. ihrDim^m 
R. omnrrunii T. « coiTOCtioru!, quK ju9ta Tidctor, ai rcUquorutii liliro- 
mm rationein hattes.*' Klaus. Srho] : AX' ri- bttX rov, itpt^it : Amm^ 
rvani' (lunjiroi. 

19:2. a)X tlMnt juk — } Sal I call upon thegodt to witocu m what 
alarms uv, like saUon, ere Khirlimg (being whirled) about ! ta tht yad» 
indrrd itvU know, but Mill if it in decreed that tee thovJd nkiah detirtramce 
Ihcrc ia ciicaurHgcmcRt for us to pray to tlicra./rom a small errd may 
spring up a mi^itly trvnk,^ 1 tiavo translated this sentence, although it 
prcMMs no difficulty in «cn»e or cnniitriiotion, chiefly as ofibrdinff « re- 
mBrkaUe inMance of a pioos Heathen '■ practical entllemcnt of a qttca- 
tion wliic^i huit bccu raiwd in ttnicsi uT greater reltginiia light, oil tlic 
alle^ged inconipniibiltly.natucly, of the efficacy- of I*ra\-cr with the IXvine 
altnlmlc of wicilnm and forc-knawlcit^^i- ;' mid next, in order to mark 
the opposition intended Wlwccn •JAdnic iii¥, and the virtual 5p*ic tU ta- 
X««^A) that fuiluwa, nitich 13lumti<;!d wvtild svciu not to have rafiici- 
rally noticed, when in tlluMration of tho words tl^tai iMXotfMAi (thin 
lepBiately considered) he adduces l*Tom. 44 1 , alXX' ai/rA iny&, ml y^ 
Mrlttunv An iftif Xiyoi/u, and otlicr tRiiiiliir exuniplci) in hia Gloss, on 
Prom. 450. Prom. 1040, €li'6n roi'ftM rcvO' ayy%X!at Si' *'fiiC(ti', which 
he olsa comparer, Ja more to the purpose ; and we may add Siippl. 742^1 
luii Xrymtqi&t titvra. bur. IliKr. 670, off iiiiruv <itra(. /lAiiiriv 8' upti8t«a 

For the |ieciiliar meajiin^ which wc have givcii to iia>,ai^tAi, nnaiiig 
vut of iufontneic wc (Anctoph. Xub. 1->>31. Ve«p. 1416. 1445. Ecd. 
S64. At. 1046.), compare Eum. 485. OiuU Hi ftaprvpia n m) mifi^d 
xiXfur^, dfitDyi Ti;^ tilrJitAptit/urra. and ure bdow v. 207. Zr 
Hcsych : STfta^mit' trvtrrfit^a*, /n^t^oai. irpiffM' i m rw p o^ai: 
note* on Ag. 636. 1 183, and com))are Itduvr v. 1034. Ei SJ xP'i- ^"^ '/ 
it a tofalrd act note on Ag. 989., and with 7<'mht 'av. eon>etime» iVri* 
mOlmw been under certain apccilicd circuniatAncvii, as Eum. ^10-12: 

>TItf S^llutMntrriirrtatinn irflliit ut MyhtM¥. 

fvotrri) M not K littlr mrioiw : aiuntni ' Sre rftlcf'i Mnni niili)a<i|liT. Book 

t^rnf' *r' Arrl irf, f i 'Of*<rt9v i-nif t «- chap, ii. , "Mb irliirli cOfn^MTC luo rr. 

tKina^t, yJmr' b- /« ^pai wpafdr*' tH-5l . whert k« (hr nolc. 



ait i» ytrinS Spatfutr aUi^mit ^fot, at Other tiroes (aa here) more iulc- 
fiiiildy, l)ut i>tili within the probable or ponible limits of humao cxpe* 
TWnct,thervitfinadiQie,tiuiyhavebeeH,iliasot€an be — compitrc bolaw 

V. 353, Ag. H79, iinrprfA^*<(n»XX9irr^y.Vo«'^r<iXii<rr«|>- Thcfe. 402, 
ni][' $w</iiMUT9 /yktru if 'rwoia n»i. Euni. 663. mri^p fup iif yinatr SatVfoi' 
rph. Soph. (£d. T. GOO. oU itf yiyoiro vow mbAc nXuf ^pown. !1>. 1 OSS. 
«fa if firMTv Tovro. Ant. &ti7. yir^m furrif jf^PV "B^^f 'ji(M'. Aj. 86, 
)fiw»*r9f€yrirwafS*ovTr;pmfUr0v. KUT. Here. F. 95, yiMiro r&, 2 A^)ii>r«p 
afpioc d|M{fu« ••• fAAx r' Ir' Aw vatt oi)ioi. Dirt. fr. SV. 2, o^k Ay yfMtro 
XpVirrif iK mikou irarpis. Fr. inc. Ixxr. 3. (c(l GUeg.) Ttjom rir imXX* 
fe Uaim oAc fM., and jsce the notes on A|r. 534. 601. 899. 1395. On 
, the conatnMtion of irturpoi om'^tumir beTore which mme vould suj^ly 
^ 4k or nri <wcxprc»Kd in v. 223.) tec ilaltb. Gr. Gr. 4 372.aRdcpiD- 
par* the note on Ag. 1373, mtfi^ 8t rqdt* iiitw x^pis. WeUauer ud 
Klauaen on Ag. 1418. ti»% iryi^«w)fia ty /yiityXJifc. 

In r. IfJS.thvMSS. Mcid. and Guetf. hare Aim, which K1ait»en alone 
hu thought Gt torctAin.oliKninf; " AuD)rM<»cat id, (]aodalicuijtiatHia 
etaptumcet.itaquenostrolocu: mortnautanim.A.R.T.V. ImeUaurei', 
oaaivj Hk^." And we might undoubtedly read tigg, itbf audi uppo- 
L aitioa it were intended to rcprcBcnt tlomu as fhr riglil/til /ot of $aUora ! 
Of in r. 186, (when: KhtuMn aione ouiitti th« comma after <j^pom} to 
call the pmeer of rpnch, or even a /riMtUy addrett, tkt pettiliar property 
»/ a ^frtimgtr ! and not bj the fiuniliar apposition tA taaj^ (on which 
•ec the uotca on Ag. 3. 700. and cumpure ihe construction of v. 191.) 
to imply by the companson tliat it appertains unto a Mcaacnger to hi* 
Ua tongue, and again that " they that go down to the sen in ships" 
are pecoliarly cjqxned to Uiat "stormy wind, which UActh op the warea 
thereof." so that, in the vonU of the Paolmiat (cvii. 27.) which we 
might have compared with the paesa^ before iia, "they rc«l to and fro, 
and stagger like a drunicn man. and are at their wit's end." It is but 
feir. bowcrer. to odd that the Scholia*t has : NavrJAiW rpimw taurvp, 

in tttra krut^v ^*'^- 

t9&— 302, Wcllaucr's ddence of tliese line* against the innovation* 
ftn^atieot Critics and Editors, I make no apology for introdncbg here 
: bU length. " In bis qui »e<iauntar versiboa oflenderaDt editore*. 
ct pne cactcris quidcni Schutziuf, totain banc o vcgtigits concludcndi 
tationctn /Kwhylo bubgnain nvttu. v. 203.M9. (196.202.). Bpurios ju- 
dical. £cd nptp hiinc smtcnlinm irfntavii FJch*tadtu> in fphm. Jnirtu. 
1797. 331. 232. ri Bluninn lifter <tir/JnifrjSeAtnba£rp. 31. i>q. Ita 



enim humanB Mtum pctittu crnt vG«chylu> ut nop ignonuvt, quwa 
Utile tx rrhtia teriKunis <tpom Biuelpiant ilh, i^ni vehsmenter ttlkjuid 
ooncupiBcunt . Pnct cn-ti Elrctmm pne desperntione tt subita^w pertui- 
bUam aiiiinu lin^it. Paetreno hoe rcreus reven nli jl^Bchrlo profcctos 
MSe, docet lonu Euh|>)4J«iiu, EI. 532. ti\n., qao boc j^cbyli mvcntnni 
pentringitnr. S«<l ctiamsi tionomncs hi i.'emu tint BpariiiOliquiii lumen 
velinMtitiivelcoTnifiliiisineMe.oiDneiinterpreiaiconoentiiint. Schiitx- 
ituv. S04. iiOS.ct :!07.utnpiinmuj>cutnc1uHt: Ek:hBUdiiul.c.v.308. 
post V. 303. colloTftt.v. 'JTH. cl '2U7. vjiHt ; Derm, oAm, rrttl. p. 73. v. 
^7. el !20S.oniil(entloi putal: Doth, nibil ((uitleni ejici vnlLwil v. 304. 
qpour roil /^uMffirrt 207. m'fjwu) tf ' MtT«ti' iircypa'tiB riarpotijufrai Kfi- 
bit ; Uutller. dnuiiuQ v. t!>9-*i03. (I£f'j-I9a.) po»l v. 308. coIlwnadM 
patat. bed nihil prureus in vulgan Tersuam ordinr ct lectionc mutan- 
diQi ette mihi iicraua^aru ut. Nun primuni vui yi'i^i v. 205.. in qoo 
plunmi offcnilcnint, explicatu (oiciQimuin ctt i quum eiitTn Y«»li^ snts 
Kqqalia esse dixistwl, max aut a Chofv (bgitis mautnotc ut auis 
onilis moniln iiiipuritt ctiaiii nileit»«. re) oitjora vcl ninoni suis. inteiji- 
clt hoc niliili e»c fJu-icndam. euc ciiiin diioruiii hciniinum rntigia. de- 
indc ad intcmi]>tuiii seniivnem redit. Quud ■ulcm idem Ea-piue ilictt, 
i^oa^cndum cat ruiimopcituTliatoqiu, (]uice|>ctn faciunt, non Mtu In- 
bet teincl dixisee." 

1 would D«]y add that, by retaining in v. td7. the suitplrroentKry ' 
9' which, thouf(h found ia the MSS. Alcd. Coclf. and in the editions 
of Aidus anil lloborteUo, has hoon umitttd by every surcwc)iTij> editor 
except KUuMm (wbo yctinakea no remark ii|hiii ii). and bv translat- 
ing nccurdinf^ly : AHtitft.' then art foot-marks, ti further prm^ Hitl 
it UOr««tcs,yi»f tike^ hiffcH too — as before (v. 160.) the lock of hiur 

' Sajiiildiinieuy, I nwan. to tt^tfoai. 
(rilli wfakti. u will 4Ji utA tiia. H U 
nuniiliMdT nf kindfnt oh kIii. St* Mi>« 
on 'n. SO. H^d. and counjiare llie nal^i 
on «T. TM. lAI. 

Dm of lb* riflit madlnii kkI inbnFR- 
tatton «( thia IIm, «• naf hrr« otwctn, 
racMoa ad»p«od In v. IQ. MCordMi to 
wtiMi EiNVn flrM ufKN that noaabiU 
Omtet CUB In- «iqipM«l la ham oframd 
tbr lodi of ban, and thra ttrraiilbeM ber 
■rpunrni bjr tmdciaf Us ramibla»o« la 
her cnm Mr i as ben aaalm,m re/tanU 
kU fni. Uie Barb a4iUi di* ohMnm 

KMf (o titLr* attttitiftfm thrm. ^nd 
b bri . (lie adiu I M* anhn bar oira fnl- 

* Klnnini. vha trantLilM '. Vtalifut 
IKIU 0(1 /ixId iIioh] dpTa. umqw* (vm- 
licili) timilit, it at wimr uwoi Iti lovM* 
tijEnlt! the fDimtmctian of ifiam with a 

r. (39G.-4. Oi».2., aiul the conrlaiicm 
Bl m^lrfa he arritaa— " dativita aiUitua 
Txiri l|inini l|wm ilnrhfif ilinllMiMllami 
ftBidmu raliaMai HmUitaABii fositsin 
MM tn nahm tct cnl uaatiiaiatar t gna- 
be Uhutralcs bj ahw>rTiM UM 0tU>m 
IfiaUt t^i -wM ded«r«a iCe adaal coa- 
fanall; of Uw f!nM-«Ki|> «rWi the flwi. 
wbuaa* with tvUt tbf HMB ininl* woaU 
tlMlare Hip noitfonnil)- of a certain fbtX- 
rtrp wilk «•*•* nu (o Ar rrptftrJAvm 
aotrtain full- It in just tn ■rcwTtnf«< 
nlbu EnsUali, /f* Me «•«>, It. like hi* 



WM nid to be tvry like iUg hckt — ire eluJI botb be able to tltspCBM 
with tlie ik-lioliast'd ^.ttuitou* infomuttioo ; imtti ^hor rurlr J>imm, 
/wifymy4' ntit r i/tOHro' 4fii^t/M'<t, and Mill nwre easily and ruitundly pave 
tbe wajr for the introductioii at the odcnding col yip, whereby rv. 
19S'39, Are tnaile aa ubrioua an eiiUrf^roeot upon the wurda inli» 
Sft^Mt, aa w, iKX>- 1 . an upon taTi J^nir (arj^wc) tfn^fftt- And wiUi 
Mspcct to ift^ptit. although He^ehius nndSuidaa include both wpoe. 
^fift and i^pht under the general dcsi^mAioo of ^fMMor. like, must 
trt not mLppoae that our Poet hod hie rauon for the variation which 
fie notice in w. 167. 197 ? and would not analoj^, aa welt n* oar 
knowledge of tbe pre]>oMlkina mpit* and «Ic or A> (Hatth. Gt. Gr. ( 
S77. 2). Imd us to coucluile tliat npam^mt expreaeea • mtanr rcaem- 
Uancc than n'fUptp^t } co that, if wc tmiulabc roU r J/ioTi/u- f'p^vpfw. 
■wf rrtfntiliny my etn /ool'Htpt, ni this fint cxcUmntian, at iaa/L, cf 
one whoM fereriih "wuhwaa Ealbcrtohertbou)()il", there U CMithing 
for advene criticn tn condemn, or for inivjudging friends to give up ok 
inddiennhlc, in th» vceond and inbaidiary part of the amyirApivr.^ 

198. ni yip K' <'aTii» N.r^. Tnnilato, u in pumnnce of the laat 
remark: It aaua he n.fvrsce! Aere ere fero distinct otttliweg »/ kmtan 
(a pftir of) ftfi ... . Then, euppocc her in what foUowe to euit the ac- 

vBn or A(a»p — «n rjtpKaiuHi mbiak w« 
mliltt rivlhfV compwe with Siqth. AJ. 
tot. wpiw^ 7« Ttr fl^ Umm* t«W0 
rA«, oolion) br Matlhur, ibid. Olw. I. 
And rompnrin; ihis •rith uiiMliEr BogBih 
iJiruc, //'• lUe am aei or aaprng ffl^i 
a* >Im »ltk lIcKid. lit. 37, r«-r. i) mI 
nPra Amm t«6 ' H^atovmr-whw . •!• 
dioacli I «aU aot in iLc Ikce <itf Ok bMt 
H8B.,t»dofTt>mn.M»([Nt«TT. V^^i 
Uradaee TMri nto tte leit, I T*t wouM 
tnowLde • la* VtUetM't ItUUiea). a* A* 
rWtnJi. n«t. &». T^a IUa4r«v mtfijcf 
««XrI«m t>Bpu. Atifl. lAm FM^^ 
Mra, or lAa* Plwlm inn i uil Snph. 
Ami. TS. /«1 tX.I-* xp'"'- *» '" ^' 
ififfow r«it trsTV. Twr l i < aJ «. Anit. 
/^ fAi> fun* Ijia/ Arimitn lo Metr od 
nrli, or u MaltlilK (Ur. (Jr . H^' *»>«. 
3.) M<ril rwolraa It, wXiimr x/'x" 'a*^- 
Mw. fv 111 •' i^MHw TDit 7*Mtf— ve 
thJI be W Ut ooncfcid* tfail. In nory 
■acb raw, tte ap m iloa b In ChI eBi|i- 
tlnd: uKlHtmhiiMeirhaatnilvfailU 
nuitnl ill Uir nM«bM k* iD«Jw« «f " Arwt . 
PirU7: »»»■» ^winr yiAlw. wmile oon 
bilNfnnB,Br4adiir1aMdiw. Xfanph. 
AfMh, i«. i, 17 1 4 »a p rfu V"'* ♦•T^' 
fvAvr*. iier ■uaila no* face, ml iLiMri 

■ Sm nnlr na Ag. I3S>. 

■ " Uane qvideni hmy4fiair Kwripi. 
dent m dect. 532. Rqq. peratrtniaM Hi- 
ll* noUffl «M ; mm nallo Mido d « lboli 
uit rMUMri nuM rvncutkiPia cfftfei do- 
mrt. Nan fi nun (jnt nmt jilam abtnr. 
duQ toori vdini I Hid tuDtn noa OBai bx* 
enMtiooe M«*ter MNt. IhriaiwiM eni*. 
tHMwiM iMitam Rpra « kae liniBlndbM 
H NndMie im latalw Elccin ; dci)>d« 
noB tadran plane xnA fVtJa T«>I%tMiim 
■(Hid anbqiiM M rtMBtlorM. iiaU* n^. 
tun OM tciilpuran nUmriniBH hand 
iiB p*U(n anu Manaervwa, attbn Ite. 
tnin ad wadnla™ m rfiryli nldimlBiMd 
)iro antiqoo opcre vtiHltaNHi, iilqne u 

ttrf^MM' Ttriwrtir 9 fcr»7y*S I'M PA- 

cv«ti ooinilani mm. Antionww tnlni 
uto h fcodBa ix a i M wpHiwtfn i yuun Mad 
OrwMw, (pAvaaaMJIonun a«w Mtar. 
alcM ejui CafvaD ■ininw cooatrinstt. 
Elai Ifinr ^n nilkbriB liriU minor n* 
Mt, pn>|Mr lacRm ad M«n aooMHt, Inr. 
n*'"'!'" naii exUtiuil. Jam «mi>, ft. 
ffoiam Vfdfa «lu olNfrTatun ftuMCi ut 
taMaMUncMrun OlBivMai, IjOiiMraBt 
Oaoqiato, « IM deanaB e( viipaan 
tfillliaas. itwdvue apwd Ghmm, hue 
•|i«ctMitaMM biMliid potnt. Cmlidwun 
Icliar mtew rfdmlu) lorrtAiu rinai 
luiMc kanc bv>iJi^w, v^n aobit.** 



tion tu the woni. bikI to be e|)CMkuig rather to hervelf tluui Kcking to 
Conrincc tK« ChmniH of whnt the plninlv ndmita (v, ■JO'i.) *hc hrrsHT 
lua ao peace or romfort in believing, and what the tnore sober judg- 
ment of a byc-atAmlcr (Icclnres (v. 216,) tohitrc bemtnit wi airy flight 
%/t fancy, and wc ehall find no real difficulty in her inconti derate, hnr- 
ried wortla ; ffeeia and mpriala of Imiions. ne I mfnsvrr Ihm.^xiKily ' 
agrte wiih my faot'nuirkt—imt pain it pment with me at of a^ vohmm 
in tnuviJ, and ulUr proatration of mind. 

'"Timp. Nerrotti mvfcwii part. (Angl, a tinnc ; recenliorcB in«<tki 
(lixrrunt tt^iHonJ. A rtyta trnjo {ruyu vCTbi ftjrTnnrPCiTiliorwMwiW) 
A Ttywv. qui teadit. Euatath. ad 11. B. p. 2*24, 3. Apud HomiMniin mr- 
monuitur ritmynt ccrvid», bmchii, cnms. U. X. 396. ifi^vrifntf ftri- 

moSi miAuB Ttrp>pri Ttpnirt It a^tifAti in trripvft. DodC de haC VOCA 

diBsemit Poesius. Apud Euripidem MrptuxponilnrtrvMadoj^oMrdrcalce 
vel tibia." lUnmf. Coaiparc Enr. I%<cn. 43, irnXoi JW ru- x^^^tr ra«r> 
TO* Hi^in<rw¥ itoSm'. Med. 1 1 66, rivirr it ifiO^v iftiuuri aurmwia*^ 
(ivitli apparent reference To whicli IIi-«ye)iiitK htu> : TntiV ii U r^ rpa- 
X^Xf Mvpov). Raoch. 936. op^t mpA n'tukr' cj^ft winXar. Cjd. 400. 
TirotTosipiriaatSrpov soffit, Hceycli : Titnimi' tA ttiaTwraiiiva rtvpa 4M 
iM>pti\Tjt t*ft ru*- no&ai-. Ruida* and Flt^m. ^1 ; iVrnvrai* rpaj^^Xni-r. ri 
iiarrraitivix MVjia : but the ^cboliast well obwncH upom this ]uissage ; 
r^ tit itiiKOt rii¥ vittwii TKraam r<voiqit[ ^ii]ai¥, 

300. " minvt i' A., qui tmt^yai juitgit ciuD pnt«ed<titibu». Reliqni 
(«t in iia G.) 5', Pro m<ui>niu' varia ronjecerunt viii docti : at optitne 
rtx'rin exi>limil Scltol." Klaus. 

204. AniyyiXXnwra, leiting, prt^ering or (m thit pOBBOge) prcffrriny. 
In tlic middle voice lliia vcib gcneniUy RigniGci to profMitv,* at in Ear. 
Med. 731, irai'Saw. iiv nrnyytXXn yonit. but not alwsTE. as we eec in 
Sojib. El. 1018. S^t) a airofipl'fnn.vitt iiFttyt>.X^tt]r (on whicli iweTboni. 
Mug. V. ^vityyrXXw.), ami Buf. ilcrc, F. 1 1 85, Sav^ofUmiaii' fwayytWn, 
with apparent reference to which Hcf ychius liae ; *&«tyy>'X>.7' K^tuit' 
Suidas: *£irayy<XXfroi' rrapaniiXti, afwi. oiVmr 'U^Sor-ec. (See Schweigh. 

Ent. bjbtit T« vol Yvo'cil, iXX' Iim|v 
Varif. bar. El, 33C-; ■■ "M ie laitiini 
nnn (licit .fUclifliu, md ilci Tonna ri dp 
nUaiie qua pa !■ bumo etprfanlntr. In 

IaibiH dtTcrviUlcnt Mliqiumrt iiiniU<n> 
mtm intcmMtnullil* liauil ilubi^ ohtrr' 
-vaUt aetantH InTNtlntnr : imilMt «. 
njn hicc ill bucMB. qui eit dinnlMli&nt 
in hoaddboi c4 iwlet nueriaiilia hi c«c- 
nuti. Criif>anudlMrlMnuAnMii<KMp- 
triMnoMlia talii an nlfarto." Ktanacn. 

S(v Cnnm't Nucrli ; in partkolw, nt 

* .>cT PmItii ilttii. C,. and eora^an 

Iuin)i> iiti. IH, Jrmn. vi. S4, &r. &<. 

• Iflbn tiiVn'wmg iliiliiicUtin hf well, 
fnnnilal, U «ill be u<m hmr ihia uionc,^ 
otlut nic«[iin|[ii it rfnnifJ tmm Oie pH- 
miry it(nlflmtlon nf /rayyMA<i». f* aM>] 
MAwiH-r. 'Twiax'^'to' i TV airitntrti W« j 

lavn* l^tird^JU>v<|ira>, Aaunon. 



Le«. Herod, in V0«.) 'Rnayy^XXtr Jrrl ni, nrrrainn; iwrtUtn', iwKt- 

X*imW rinfyy«XA«Tf Ti|K«rriraXi'a«f£*8or; wbrDOe &1bu Hegych : 'Enry- 
-jMtXia' /cKnXfviH, Imx'"- *^ Suidu : 'GiniyynXavnn' nncaXxraju'iiouc. 
Compsrc TTiucjd. v, 57. Arayyt/XaraKjSoqtfrtr, tS, 17. arftatimg iwirrfi\' 
Xjt^t it Tw^ ^fi^xovt, 

'iO.i. (V(i n rkp ... nyw : Schol : Amt^ rf n» \if%Sivtt U 6di^»wp ; 
Tiwc yiifl ifbtf (irrruj(<i|r ^x^ ^«r, <Iti t'lrn t4 Xotwd. " Kvfiim, I meet KtCk, 
«n Ionic verb. u»«d liy ihc Attice for tv>;{iW in [K>ctr>' oaly" (Buttm. 
frwy. I>r*», p. 160.). U, like n>r;(iip«, gcncmlly folkivcd Sy a |{«ni- 
tive : but compare bclonr v. 69fi-Theb. 6^9, ^w*i in)>4ff'ut. Eor. Hec. 
€9t), tV ii«T<iic nj' n^ AiXflffiruMt. Pliren.-(!>0, il ^4 niaoffac. Hcracl. 
374| oCj[ ovntr J! Socrit nvpiftrits. Inc. RJim. 113, fl;>4 cvpTmuwoXafi^ovr 
«M x'^i^ #«w7«iTae (equivalent lo »A ^i-y<ii> tm^e «foX*p.) ib, 695, ri^ 
Mv nv>ii«M : in all <if which KvfUa is cimruinuiljk in whiu Matthia- Gr. 
Gr, V 328. 01m. boa enid vf rvyx<b«, tltat tbe 4ociuatirc vtitli wluch, in 
the Ktuui a{ oblaai, it iu ofton nntitractod, is " nlrnit's thai of ■ pro- 
noun, or ndjeclivc of the neuter pender, or an infin. with the article 
ri. 4 MS. Ol». 3. Soph. {JiJ. T. 598. Eur. Or. 687. Med. 756." 

Ibid, itan iiini6*<itv. An^l. Aerswe of, or /or tie ntatt^^, lheg<nt»i 
to Jar aa lAr deilim are nnuvmrd: tnmpare below \-v. 433. 424. Pcr>. 
337, vXgdovt ftiv &» a6^' \a6' ttari (lafSapovt rtKtnr tparifrat. Ag. 843. 
Eum. 71.759. Soph. Tmch. 274.363. Phil. (iCS. Eur.Or. 2G. /etfot- 
timj, whera «ee Porasn's note. Ulotnfield rvinarks on Pers. 337 (343, 
GloM.). that in this pecuUar >en«e uT Tium. ^cud, i^na also it used 
OOpfa. El. S67. A.\ /jiaXNTo rnvft* y' otvic' rr ni)|'i. lb. 7S7, fvi^ A (njXit 
««• Twr T^ai' ihrnAwr oi**x' ilfi^ltinro^n, Kur. HeL 1354, nXovrmi \iy' 
*^X- ^ SiXi"^. Aristoph. Nub. 4^. oXX' <v<mV yi '^vj^ vnffmt ... 
a^Xii 6afi^. Plat. Polit. i. p. 375. Deinoirtli. Ol. iii. 6. 

SOS. irrtp Jinix"" i^i*' Angl. of tiem whom ym Momo time iatk 
(w. 1:23. 130.) uvrr prayi»g aho99 aO thiaft to Mw; compnrc abow 
w. 36. 85. 164. " JMNft K. wmp G Jl.T.V. SinguUris masc. ^en. 
aolia aptua iie qniB saquutitur. dr cinvia videretar oentnun. uequo 
' «M«t ratio cur ist<llif(eret Elrctm cooMiom esK iDum, quod hoauneia 
videre mpcret (mi ti'mi .i. nAoufuiq/.y Videtur ilia lectio esse eorrce- 
tioeoritm, qait^^tderMKvjnMvuAinteipretabnitar. VideCOntin." 
fQueen ; wfaoec own interpretation is — " t(iiix«v, appeUabaa, pncii' iis aertnonibuBquosdam aodivit Orestes. Idem potrtcn dew;- 
flat itwayXmyinf. 'K(«v;(<9Ait ubkjuc tlr prirdiciuuh rt JaeUutdo : Sappl. 
S7S. ct-275. yint iiiix"'A»- Ag. 491 (514).(^x'Tn> r^ Sfmfw. Find. 
OLix. til. rdimt fUr Jiti-xn tV iTvrrT OtifUm wvTp6t J^x^f." T« these 



Ite miglil linrr luUcd Horn. Od. i. -tOG. iroitt i' lifvx^M tAuM yaiijt. 
XX. IS2. xi^tv y (^vx«rai (Inu tMpwr : ibouf^ Duoro doabU vrlictlter 
ihe prcpoeitioii iliould not be in eacU ca&c. a* Uiodorf baa priuted it, 
(tetachrd from the vcrti. 

All this, however, pruves iMlhing against the ivceived intcrprctft* 
lion and rcitding of th« line before ub ; wbtUt to Kli>u«en'» " ubtqoe d« 
pnedinada HjaclauJo i^ii'jitu&u." wc can uppuse the authurity uf Eu- 
ripido, Med. 930, (qv Jt' 5r' •ffiJX"^' riuro, ia^KBi /t oun-ui ri yw^nm 
Tai* — Dot to mention what follove in v. 309. And if. as Bultnuum 
fl^jril. ul. SI . f 10.) osMTts, the ground or ndieaJ idea of the vcrbt 
*l!j(*ir9*t, aij(t» it to tpeak almut, we ctn enilly connect the KreiBl 
mcflnin^ / pnif, I vow. I boast or ocnri o/ mfteif. which Dsmin bus 
■MJgiicd to trj^ofuii, and need iitit wonder that its compoundt, as ttnv- 
xopai for example, tlinuld Ag. 1:259. 1 ^90. I43i. Kur. tlec. 542. Iph. A. 
l57S.m«in/;jrfi;r,an(lA^. 1229. 1361. 1445. Eur. l])h.T.50lj. R)iw. 
C93. / Imut, or t-jv/f, (Acrra/xni. 

An tn the objection foundrd upon £lcctm'» qacvtioD mu rim—vt 
may Mippoee that, «a was luturel under the cii-c^umtlances. OroatOBiNi^^ 
■tepped f<n-w'Hrd at tlus crisis. hiiiI lluil r)'lude». of whose |>refence wa 
hiivc no eaiher intiinutkiii than thut gtrcn in v. 547, did not rc^Hppcar 
nntil lh« recofpition was completed, probably not utibl after v. 493. 

S07— ^. AmiirAon ia thfvorld (wliiU motlid mhi\) are you ctnttrion^ 
^>or nther. w wc Rliould iwy, borrowing hert mure Iramodiatcly from 
the French than from the Latin lon^ogc — whom art yatpriey to, or 
a^iianl vf. my (tnc) falling uprrn, or tavakiay lo appnr, ait yon now 
■jipcar. bffvrc me? I am ngHhanl of ytnir maJaity mwrh and vthtnmt 
aJo abuMl Ortstet : »>cc the note on Aft. \0!>&. 'tccayXtofiai, I maketm> 
io' myself TimTyXiM' — a wordwbicb l>anini dvris-n froaii <[nrX^{rTu{ruol 
IL\Ar), whence rnrXiiyaf, utid by metathccis 7 nmyX«c. aiUmnding. ncm- 
»trt>lUi^t Uvpendoiu, below v. 334. Ag. SSI. IIcnccllicS<^hol : ('iir«y 
Xm|h'»^, iiariykmK 6av^Ci>\>cmr. Ilcsycb : 'EKTnryXuitrAii ^mV^* Aav/ku^tw 
Suidaa: 'VLmt^Xni^rtit' Aii'^iif««T«*. iKtrK'jrtiytym. Eur. lire. 1IS7, <V 
«nyX«tyifWM ttiai iw x'P"'" <fiiXXa«'. Or. S6S. fnraV|Wi aiv ««rayXo«';tnar. 
TV. 9iS, ro jftdv f ISot tmnryXMVM'inj. " /«nrTXovti)'vQr. efllicttm cupienteni. 
Ab llnmerico iUo Munptum, 11. r.4l5, tw« A«' »' Awix^f* »•* »*► ^'■ 
wayk' i^iX^va. Eat tful Icgit ftmAovftttniti, quod minus probo." tiUuil. 

" Nihil opua erat cum quibaidam crilids [Schritz. et Uoth.] repo> 
oerc a fmrfimt^trB [«<" 'wKayKaviu'ni PauK.] pro itd! fiat., ob prrcodem 

■ Cwiiuuw lli< iwt««nAg>3Z,'4«*r>aj. 



tfHMwrAt fiM -aikotfuvg. Pott owocdri enitn trwl mbinlclli^ potest, dati- 
\-us DC. pcr*oiw. cm ^ulijicllnr mXAii ir' iewofXaviunw, acctiMlirna rei, 
lit npud Xcn. Mcra. ii, i*. C. crt<r«i<ttft uvr^ irvXU nii irongpa-, tt qiMMl 

rluinc locum propioa ton^t. llemoeth. contra Timotheiim p. 1901,34: 
•Mitw dhfiii^' iymaXovyn, ulii [hM cnwndi^ HutlHuditur tm/np. dfttmu 
ptnome. wbjecto ^XqAj / ryuXnftni. accusativo Ktl. rei." S, L. 

209. >rpAc W: Angl. u w/kit rnptct? Malth. Gr. Gr. &'Jl. y.— 
Ihid. lutMvrfMtra^, Anj^l. impnmlioma, gciivrnlly in a bul senae as Th«l». 
709, olAirov Kom^fumi. Eur. Hipp. 1 1 70., whence Iteaych : Koiyv}^- 
Tw' atfr^M', but not iieccuanly. as may be lecn in v. 463, with wliicli 
compare al»oaboret-v.~9, ISI.Ag. 1217. Eum.9!2'i.^r ^ amix"!^'- 
#wv/ow9S vpnyitMur. t.rA. Soph. (Ed. C. 1575, iw Kom^^opm «> miA[|)^ 

,i9Qia. IVach. 7l>4, Duy^rinmjvxfTo. Bur. Aiidr. 1)05, n tm iRry n- 

' m>j<|fMvAi ; I pli. A. 1 1 SC, n vm umv^ii rayu^f ; 

SI I — M. A free tniubitioD of thew four line* U given on account 
of Uie particles, which, though commaiily citlleai txplrtiv». the careM 
■bidcnt of Grc4^ will find always of Bomc, and ^ocrally speaking of 
thttgimtesli iniportanoc to the right interpretation <>f Mnlrncce ; more 
eapeeially in Uiali^v, where in the rapid interchange of thooght, we 
noM «vtr bear in mind, " •cgniua irritant animoa demina |>cr unros, 
qiuun qnc sunt oculj* aubjcctu fidclibtu, et qmc ipse Btbi tnulit .i|)CC1a- 
lor," Sof bitl 'tissome trie^. itit Mt, Ostnitytr.yom ore wavhtg far 
BM ? Sfi/agtmtM lifit matt ie (tm), fVii. fom ImnMg triekrttr. Ait 
jrov mmld mid» a mock at mjf mw/irrimM ? At mp OKw n^. ikm. if 
it br (ir<,t) at you My (yr) at ymra. And first of AX' {, on which sec 
Hook, mkIm Valcknner, on Eur. Hipp. 93S (933). Seoger' s Abridgt. 
cifUoog«veni p. 7. Matth. Gr. Gr. f } tHH. CI9., thecorrrct accoant 
qipaara to be that it is propcrlr affii-mmtivt, ta in Eur. Ale. B1 A, AiX { 
wimwt* itip im^ ^r»» t'jiap., D»d l)th. A. »47, mU' 4 irMTorib hitrA— 
whcr*. inasmuch as each speaker is evidently thinking aloud, it is mir- 
priHngthat Dindorf «hauld bare appendwl tlie note of intriTogntian — 
bat capable also of being adi'MBOcd (nsthc iutonatiunofthc voice would 
indicate) Uterroyalivflif, at here and Ag. 363, cIXA' { o-' iir^iavr nt Ar- 
rtpot 0>nc : and Eur. Hipp. 93:t, JXX* ^ nc 4ir vu* «Sr fx iu^iiw Jp* i 
■nd doedy resembling the pawge before us. Soph. El. 879, dU' f p«'- 
l^sot, t niXaua. Kiinl tidm ffwrqt Murawi <ca>i roif rfMnr Tt^( — tllOBgll 
tlna, on account of the vehemeDt eontrwlictioa in tlw next line fi^ ri/» 
■wTp^Lis itrtiiv, (JXX' oix £0pn Xiym f4t'—. ought ratlicr. I think, to be 
lointcd affirmativclj, In cvrry case the particle ij. on which by all 
(MMb oogsvlt Strpbcna' excellent TVmTm*. pp. 40<43. &c. cxprcsKa 



the speaker's own iWitletl fevlinj^ ur coiivirlion. without ever u-ekiiig 
by such exprcHion to exdt« a umilar fediDg or t^iiviction in tbs 
niiiid uf luiutlicr ; and hence it it uhviuiu thut. in over}' dn^ation of 
what he hac himielf done or raffcrod. it mtut be ueed affirraativelj', 
btit where a second, n- third, person is concerned, the cxpresMon, how- 
ever ctTDii^ he the fechiig that <lictEiteH it. is more correctir. and among 
the Greeks more chfiracteristicBUy liazorded as a cbiijccture, nr quen* 
tii>n // i* M — u it not ? to which the vpeakor anticii>atc« no objection, 
and mrrs not ttiercfore to wait fur any r^ly. And in this respect f 
is to be classed with the adverh 3>lii, Jaubt/ess (hclow ^■^■. 2S8. 422). 
whicli(»ccMath. Gr. Gr. ( {il4.}i>itubcdi:iUngui;<hv(l from the ilUtire 
conjunction ipa, jost as if, verify, i* distinguishable in accent (t. e. in 
pronunciation), and in meaning, from the liiDple dteniative f. 

Nv-xt. on the etymology of iLrij(ayap^ta<ti6 (fuupMrijiM'^' ''V)* which 
has been caKfally attended to in the tnntlalion, »cc the iKitc on Agid 
917, vutmrtKfieopth', and compare Act« of tlu- Apoitlct* vii. 41, icairfUMr*' 
jfoiiaifiray fv rait iifiifMnt i*ui»us. .-^iifil . a«(f they hrntMrml/'makert. i.e. 
in imitation of tlic idolalroua Ef^-ptions Mnajre-oNiArrs or idolatert, 
IhMt Aaj/i. S«e also note on Ag. 1575, nii* row <p£tm/ pa^vt, and' 
compare ih. 1580, wairar (rwrf^nc iu!)inv))v JhnT^MiXiiif : and with wXfmt 
V. 910. compare fr. 399, Jtwl ir^iMii' mi mX"^ fily\iniot. Gur. Andr. 
66t WMsr fuixatis nXfcovo'it-. Sappho, i. '2, imt Ai*it ^oA<nrX^T. Plati 
SympOB. 23. p. IG7.ed Fisch. : A^jmr^c Jl»v4t, mi rtmit wXhmti ^j^miit, 
iGlian. H. A. iii. 30. (ro^iDrciTtK A titxvf ml nkiaw Hmifioue if dwifiat 
lajX^iraf Sti*6farot. Blomf. on Prom. 59. 

In V. 914. Aldus and Robort., with the M8S. Med. Giielf., haraj 
ijUMTUf Ap — . for which Turnibe. followed by Porson, Schiltz., Bothe. 
Wcllaucr. Schok-tirld. and DiiiJnrf, gave the obvioua corrvctiiin, fftets 
•V — (Bloin6eld i^oU ap — ) whiirt \>ttori, Stnnlej-. Schwenk. and 
Khiuscn omit the Spa — Klui;sen ondcr the perEtia«iun that it originaliy 
formed port of the following tine. 

21. I. Bf err' 'OpiaTr/v k.t.X. IVwulatc: As irMjri.e. under the pcr- 
■uuion that you arc Orettta, to murt I aiirfta yon ? and observe tha 
diattnction l>etwecn the uae of the genitive and accnaatire abaolute wilh 
6r> whtdi. though disputed hr MattbiK Gr. (ir. i 568. p. 9S7.. ia \*ery 
Dearly a» atmtcd by Elmslcr on Eur. Heracl. fi!)3. Add. ; vi*. that the 
prnilive declares a simplc/oc/. the accusatire some onc'a imprettioM. 
eomtrrning U ; that ii to aay. either tuhjedivfty, the impreaaton under 
which one docs or taj-a any thing, or <4ytcthtfy the iraprcMioo intend- 
ed to he eonreyed to another b^ so aaying or doing. Thus, for exampt^, 



Hoifll. QM. T. 98. Jrt Tt6paitiMi-n¥ (fu'av)ui) jt^M-i Vp ryit. and «^n 9>. 
lUI, »f nid' alfiB f(tiiia{av v^Xiv. siinounces what UieThefcaiu were not 
yet tnmv of, and wlmt llie Oracle, lliej' Itnd conNtiltnl. yivn tJtem t9 
mtlcrUnml voa ibc Mcrct cause of their bcin|r afflicted with pcatilence. 
Rul wlipD ib. 343. KiofT (Ediptu tpcalu of tlie murderer of Uiim oa 
notuHlly liisoovcred and known, he tara «t iit6v}tant n>Mr (^ fo ro i 
(Aug). ijuumucA as iMs mam is a poUution to VS), Ac i4 DadkcAr Aov fuv 

On ihc famt principle we might erplkin (he vanon* pi»mg«e addii> 
eedbr Matthie Gr. Gr. 4 5t;8. 1.2.3. Herod, ix.'t^. 8oph. CEd.C. 
380. £1. 861. twx v^t^tyatnit'.iJKK' iniiKiw in vdpowta »^ (which the 
context itadf niiffht hare deterred hi oi from traneUtini^, " b<tmne I 
AnMO Ihkt he it present"), aa abo Eurip. llerael. 693. wc f(4 firtvivnt * 
taXXn nil Xry«v wipa. wIktc Elm»](TT wcnis nut o]togrlliL-r tmc to his 
Qira principle (if only we have rightlf apprehended a.)i wlkcn in the 
ibavc paange be propoKS to mpply " *livia. ^^mtn, tfI Ule kb(|iud," 
■od not tiMMvm mtptirm. a> iit the example which lie has givat fnmi 
/Bachinea ajriunit Tlmarchoi p. 48. cd. Reutke : Ari vm^p^citnft wpSmm 
^jpjtrra {i H^o^Vri)() vt. itrouwittioT^tOKavfua tori, TavTTfir ifuara r^ r^ 
Xa> wii9)(m^<Vi)r, where he writes: " verba At — oJ«t9«ft**<Ti' Ngitificant 
wc— olciia*ffAK da*&»." — an explonatkin e<)ually applicable to every 
other pMia g e quoted In bis noli:, without excepting even Eur. Ale. 
1190. (1118.). amended as be [iropones. 

As to the rending nf thiji bne : " rat' fjJt \MtA. Gvclf.] Aldin. Rob. 

' CoMfMrc two ranoiMly »rallcl pai< 
ie« iiiTlmrydldM <- 1M. iU 0*&t i /» 

rvT( AtuithtiMrlois /irrtrtyit'r iWtp i- 
•Jtan.irfll^i (fMavrori ir vt V*«^#V- 

hrakwm., ImmnlUlcty folvwcJ ai c. 
).U, ItT «J li 'AtavMi, ^ Ml rrf •■«£ 
frym upli-u-raf. ivTfThsfar toii Acri- 
ttUfiul'iBii VAa^u- B^rj. Y«(, (n> 1^ 
Other haul, MW Tlrar. id. U. ■nxfiatei- 

j^tf..., whpiv ii) itrirtntM wc lAiavM 
bm eipecKd rvv rt iwifwr^iMK^ Pr*- 
j(jUt Irroi. and aa wt|nt no nthpr na- 
am fiv thH aianlar laiialian (kan [he 
■pad pteacutc of ibc wrilcr i <uiWt it bv 

• lUtMtertkuUrfTUplion of l)iF «<riilmi?v. 

I oatBitoaed tnr tfaroaiai in thr mirdi oaa' 

rcfMrt tWmid r*afus^J»itiiM, md tk«rv 
Am br Hnptajtini Uiracnu. «b«ohite, to 
eipfCH not 10 niiKli ibt fkd of the Lwc- 

■kcnovian*' vw«<t«ii itimf Jartwp. at 
the PUmmii ipnUim* otni oiUnion or it, 
b* woMkl cunwM tliia daiw. jnai aa if 
T<H|Mif>jiur«i( T< rpMrar. i(«iar «i mp»- 
t*^l<n%)Jinit had pT««edml It. with dia 
■min prufwaitun m thr whole imlnirr : 
rif «• 4ySpa vmI tA- Ifirvrdrw*. •tni 
■Mrvt oaBTwtiyiii', mJ ifAt, ^ sfi 

■ " M'xnW* «ccuaad*uiAaolatai eit. 

Eroiinni W ar. qBodMnruerlpnai habet 
I.' — wai BbiMler a Aral rcmrk npon 
thM pMnn I bal. JkavaMMJ ai f iptfiiHrf 
■fdy (;>< >^ itni^vr^et), mm bi^ fWI fAa 
mt i>fyomr ttDty, wmJd cooxry ■ ntr 
dUbtwiit lacMiinc IVvat «kat ta la (rath 
intfndcd : Srpret me uot la ■/«/, mhT 
aHaitr y oar monfa <cca r rf i ajf|( ^ layiMlAr 
fitflAtr f«m h*»* I9 Mff, pm lAr muttr- 
tfan^Btff Ikat t wUS tM tl*f . tlie coii- 
•cractioa bHw ia htt, vpit ipiitt ^ 
ffnSrtm, M \rv. CjT. I- 4. I, i» »»J» 
•I^aui »i« favi *M^ Imu, aOrM M- 



Tfi' ryM Turn, rtiif rjiw Viet., qiue eura ORiBiafKlfa Bliit. rain- iyi dedH 
Gla^.. (|Uih1 iTtfoprrutit Scliiitz. ct Schwciik. rjd' Jyi Both. Sed du- 
bito (le V1K-. ir,K>>i»«nw nn non recle liJc |>OMtuni nt, et idem mihi in 
mcQtcin Tcnit qaod ArnnJdo, at toS* o' />4 ttpoatrritm : qutun cnim 
iiporrtn-inia in npoVvriwa rormptom cuct, «< laetri raosa transpoiwii- 
duin fitit : Uiiie nift( >7w iii V'rct. Sed qunm nmnia innrta Hint, inil- 
galBm mmdiKfiin [nail' fyit n w^ovmrrte ;] rctinu'i. Si^nni iiitrrra- 
gationt^iiuJeoinUitGIa?^." W«Uaurr. Klauecn alw retains irpoJ*vm*i, 
«^icfly, it ihould aeem, for the purpoM af finding room for tbe i 
wliicli lie has cjccti*d fmm thv preceding vene, and placed conveni- 
ently enougli between rod* and fyv : but Btomfirkl, in mipport of Ar> 
nold'a and Aiiratiu* emendatiaa. has well olMcrvcd that »i>vi-¥iM*v go- 
verns a ibliveol the [M-rvoii. Ruin.98. Eiir.Mi»l. 35) ; luid though we 
find in Soph. Trach. 227. x^V*^" ^'i ^''*' K'li'v*t irpuvmvM, vet tbcru the 
tnic nmstnictiun is I jSrtt bi4. or / try atond (thcoe words). Wtlcvme 
l» tk« HfTttldf a» nppeara both from th*- etj-molopy' of thw verb, and 
frora Eur. Hipp. 1085, oi'x «h(rr' mituv, j^wc; nO* wraurr* «iiXai ^tit- 
owAu rifh* -KpolwiwtnrTA fit ; to vrhidi we might ajiply tlic ioterpreta* 

tioD of llCSychilU : II^MOvrtrru-. ytftoayoptvt'*' 

316. ivafuiBtU, Angl. yov are Jw// of comprrMftuion. " Awfui^**. 
/BfrtoffMOKo. ftuiTiiaiiAivEii.tiuiKl in leiico ditlit RH)netd«ra», contn ana- 
logioin pcccat. A ivaim6fit formntur vcrbuxn buviuBim" — so Blom- 
Held tightly dcrive«,but not very acennitclytnuiakteatlusTCTb, which 
is eqnivalent to bwtpaBijt in or *^i (compare note nn v. i 1 2. fafj(am>fi- 
^t^), and ctinnot therefore tn strictnos* be fuUnwed by an Bccuaadve. 
The true construction of this Uac, therefore, is. air^ ^V »(v ipiw iiti, 
ivOfiaSin- : Nity, ttav that jfOB km Me in propria persona, yam are W«p at 
rrco^Jzitijf : but bi-fon.' when you espmi *ir,— Ihc o]>|to)iilion of time 
whidi tome MS3. and Edd. would mark fay a faulty rending ^«r rvr. 
being snfficicntly declared by the change of tense— iJ^mim Atir/MAit — 
i8€iiva vrfirrcfwAjr. " )iif o^ G. V vet. Icct. et T. ^i'm ymii. G. a tc* 
ecnti maiiu. A.H. V." Kluusen. 

S17. orStiov rpix^] If thcDrigioalordcrorrv.Sld. 219. 230. could 
be aacettnined to luve been as they stand in most of the modem tdd., 
ao that Eijdtioif jpix^ should be immediately followed by travtifr dbX- 

■ See tbc nott on y. 101., uiit Battm. 
iMHI. mTt.-il. 130. 

* 1 MT >■ itrMntm, bcoause rumiJei 
of nick flonitmction arc not uncninmnii, 
ai tig. £A0. iBrrnB^aSiuv ^^rvtcu' Wvr 
wit*t. Thiir. it. 69, $nri Tsvra dpyv- 
*t>.rfiei. &«. &r.— b«t ihla b Iit a K- 

muc nfipnrb, of vVirh limilar cnwn- 

]<ln bImiuiiI in our own luiguafp- llciKC 

In AiHtos«J, t9 jMMf (11 Mwicl, sni of 
nwrw rn«Dt fomatian, fo tmintditmllr, 
to bitrit. Alt tlicw. bnwM«T, sn r«r»' 
ed fhiia noun* tubsiantirr. 



^ov. thU woul<l at one* lietcrinine in wluit Miue onr Poet employi 
afi<u><,oB whith Hlomfii-ld.on v. l^.Ki)itUut x°^- obwrvcM : " K^mc. 
AH a^miltHna jterlinrM ; Btve ad /vrdmi. Dubito utro sit potior intcr- 
pr«lBtM>. Bdol. avyyirtBot. Hoycb: K^Knoc* vjiMricMi>, ^yo ir fwtrfot. 
Homer 11. T. 39-1. Tjmii r« iMtnyv^^rovt rovr fiM ftut y<i»ari> />>rrqf>. Kq^<- 
OM. Infni '220. Eur. Ijih. T. 147. in gr}JI*uttc otKnmnv, cmuojtymM&ia." 
But if. KB I Kpi.*c witli Klunien in thinking, there la no utffidmt rcm> 
flvn for eu iuvertin^ the airungvtnv&t of tbc MSS. and oldest Ed<l., it 
will be the moM conMvtcnt coonc (o trAn*lnte infdriov rfux^. mMotMg 
Amr ; coin[)uiDg vr. 7. 76. 164. Schol : aidtiotf rift /si iD}S(Ja rrrfUfiu- 

SI 8 ••• 930. " Reetitui his vcnibus ordinem cum qui eat in M.G. 
A.T.V. Sola. R. exhibet v. 218 jmat v. -i-iO. Omata igittir lihrl jtm- 
gimt V. 319 ct 22*^1., icl quod tnde h Victario dixplicuit inteqirptibua -. 
hie cnlm online nan mutato livmc vcmim (330.) ad aeqaentta Tcfert. 
Tnrtwvit eoe, quod v\-ittt'rpmi itapf ad fjfwwowwgffa «rI0Mr referrt noo 
pmir viiun esl. Et de his quldem ride Conun., hoc wk> Ineu 
oUaadcndum est avp^rtpo* dictun catc non posse [ilici aaa polu* 
Jbm] dc capillorum similitudine, quia hire in colore et hatntu poaita 
tt avftftrrpov vero nooniat lie menmrn dicitar, vel qnis anplitadLiiit 
Kt vp] qoa; furmic. Cf. v. b^'i (595), ubi de kngitudine v\\x : codem- 
que SCiiau Soph. (Ed.T. 1 1)3, Ir yqpp ^iMgiin r^ riatipi aippnpat : 
dandfl ib. v. 84, f ^rvxrpot m kXmu- de loogitndine ^ftantiie : ct mmu 
I wvfiitrTpnf ('vot, commoAon Helum. Etim. 531 . viwtr^tit fv^g. 
t/inhw mrTu tJiaffia, iortrm Mcrw.' So]J). Ant. 3^7. Itaipir 
dici Dcqnit Orettis ciacinnw ta»c irvMmfMK cupiti Eh-otn;. 
lite sc habet ordo i* qni «t in R. , at videtur e*jc corroctio." 
en— who furtlier observra upon w. 213-20: '" Vctbim hi duo 
prionbtu duobuB rupondrat ; mint cmm quatuor Docionn prindpa- 
ks: VWM eMWtiuu, jip^ adetae Omttm; iiuvstigatio grr»ntf, Mmilihth- 
PrkiKt pnoriboB. pastiriareB poetenoritKia vcrBiboa cxhibentiu'. Pro- 
quiileni 9|>CB ilia derirata ot tun e vtao cii(iiti[i turn e Bimilitudine 
1. buoc rem jastnm ordtacm dcacrit Urcstcf . ut EcitfeQtir, 
Eleotnun w ooram. oppooatur statin altera, iwttltrit cua 
qui •!!. Sune eaini fieri iitm jHitcrat. qtuii jirimo cafiilli aupcrtu 
rtperarct Electra adTciunc fratrctn ; postcn vero exoritur dubitalio, qua 

>TUBiitMl*i>htranU«.«iMl mHierr fi i 

MOTMd*. aiituMd. IV C'twnu ku e»mm mnr m tt i 

* - ...... *aA t nt i_ VI ■ ■ - . . J. . . - .. 


it Ump wtfi. wmI Crvon, nnr- wJialelUuie*otrirrmmi 

Dg ikc bat waitU, iniiurc* t< >' h- 

But. Ale. K. tv0Httfiwi i' A«>'mt«. 



conaidcntt poMe cum cmc laiaBDni : hone vcro dobitatioimn supcrst 
iavestigatio et reperta ^imilitudo. Sunt ij^tur Iwc iU «fiunti»ta, ut 
in meritc Omtis exorientes iciie picipiunt seotentiir nognlac r ctoi e- 
nim tnuiquillc Itic dic»t, tamen non frigide nitiudn«tur. Plenc lUxifl- 
set, ei liwc ita &l)«olvis«ct : ft uivealigetU grembm timitUtulo, tpia iaUfl 
Utflfralremimercedit, argum»ttuno^ifyinatibitiippetBtiAat;»tAtim\HK^ 
stint h»c ultima, ct tUii nexu gniminnttco juncUt cum tlten wnten- 
tianiin priorum. Eadcm itructoni Ag. 21 1>. eqq. : yt'ovva ... ifiMi 
iKOtrnr •>■ fip(ir»i-ini ff a>r ir ypa^is." 

1 have Hull? tu odd tu thit>, Kave thtu, wlicthrr wp translate 
pou r^ (T^ uiff >' commciaurate mVA yov or U'tfA your ktad, i.e. of few 
pM^orliont, OT mor* epeciJinll)^ ofyMr h«it/ht or etoture, more u in- 
tended by the appoution in v. '2*^0. than KlauMn hu nude to ■ppcwr, 
Bt Icnst frotn any cxpUnxtioii ihnl he linx ^vcn of the ictuKl coostmc- 
lioB. IVondotc: hut when htriyyou etpitd Ihia /mA of vtaumiug hair, 
jftm wtn thnvn into aflutlcr. «Mf iegan l« fmcy ytm taw Me, and tm 
lir look^eut/tr tratxn tlmuglil that ut my fool-nttfig you were trondtn^ 
ia the Bteps of your oicn brother, who was of the lame lixe tcilh your* 
ae^ — iu wliicli lust words, u wc perceive a manUcet rtrference lo what 
Klc<^ni hiut U»t Boid inrr. 300. 301., so is itobvinu to supply /Umu 
f^ur I;^, or rrr*i{i*iv iv arijiott aavrijs K.r.A . Or, if tlii* be drawing ton 
laiffely upon the reader's crcduUtT, — and. in the main, I agree with 
Frofc«soT Sewell fthr. PMci. p. 67.) that " it h quite as dungeroas 
to truHt a ^THmmariiui with on ellipsis, as * stranger with the power 
of filling up blank drafb" — wc mij^t more cunply Cniiia]At« r. 319. 
u KIhuwd would seem to bare intended : or kkU aa when yau mrv m 
t\i qtufM ia myfofit-iilepf, and thm make v. KO. stand indeed in tbo 
Bxmv relation to v, 219,. in which v. 218. stands to v. 217., by sob- 
joining — not nti Orestes' own explnnntion of what needed not to be 
exjiUined. rott itioU. but fts wluit bo would represent to bttve beea- 
Elcctrs's explnnation of m-ittott — your own broth^'a, as you mid, 
tbs alepB <if oar of ihe tune xize with yoarteif .' And wc can readit 
imafi^ how, whibt Omtca here in ^od-hununirod cxpoetulatkml 
lays bold upon th«t exprewioa {iMv^ov^mt *}t rwr^ ovpficttmivt T- 

^ Tflimm it Mcoliarir w&rtnnau, 
whsB la jtraof «f his MMRion, Uul *4m 
" ^nd Aadif hm taBtuamm ublquear- 
ODaiMirfaitMm iaaeml," he rcfcn iw la 
rt . WS. ICCO. ofllui Piny Slid lo Ae. I MC. 

ixitrm rroli, h mon xa Ut poinl. md 
twaJdn: " NoAlsnnw cunt wud S«ph». , 
clrai 'la}dm\. *l«Ml«T^t, OiMrDU '^Mt' 
ttbi de iiuKt napju omaino non coFtatar* 
Eadfrn nliiHii- inti-riit |»(i|9fiN iMlMrwn 
nntioin {i>nM^v Aw^ 8a|ik. Ai. ll?7." 
CaaipsTE bclov v. 229- Mallh. ur. Gr. ( 



201.). nliicb B IcoB vigilant car tluu that of the emiiloiu) Buripiiln 
would perceive to be iiio«t open to utttick. tbe pcculi»r ioboootjoa of 
the actor might a* rilectually. olttiougti Iwt indiroctly, betny the 
wcakt>cai of the latter, as the words tbcvrtpM^ uiAdmr ifw i/u were 
^obviousl)- iatntded liy tlie Poet to declare wbat amonikt of credit he 
fould hittiMClf ix: thought to claim for tbe Conner part of EJectra's 

" 'Am ui t p i utt at. Attotlor. vel tit pennii : Stapnimu taucr. arc ape, acn 
mta. PhxTniclt. App.Soph.p. 10. 20 : 'AmktcpmAm rV ^xt*- <•!••■ 
A'aa4^o$lf4r6ai, (mrroMf «tnu. llesych : 'Arasrcpuaw' finVufMv irMftni : 
aU citant Herodot. ii. ] \6, Jraimptiaat avriif. «t Eur.Sii|)}d. 89. ipi^ 
>>' ^MnmpM. Sk Oreri. 8C5, fiM n iniXr/Mw irofia 'AyyiX^' oMim'pMM 
ABvaTtvx roXiK ; Arteto|>h. Av. 1445, irtimpivAtt rai wyapni y gAw rfe 
^poor. Nub. 318. f ^^if fwi' nnr6r^Tju. So)kh. i\j. 693. I^f*^' tp*»n, 
iT«ijij;(ip4* f <uiinrT^/uM>. 'lyinM-nnn'aa. Ve$ligia ternUr. Idem qood Ix*9* 
}taT*w. Soph. vVj. 997, fiiMwr «a^x''>tfK0n'Myin*M< TVach. 271iiinrovt i«- 
fMA» i^jfHtammanr," BUnnf. Add Soph. Aj. 5, nM^ycroivm sat firtptrir- 
fiapow Jx'^ r^ miww. Tlic more cojnmnn tci1> ia I](MV« Sopb. CEd. T. 
2S1.47G. Aj. 30. Eur.Crd. 130. and ;f.iTn«i fiacch. 352.615. 

230, vv/ifHTfKK'] It i» no thght con6rmutton of the version vrhkb, 
■fto- KIwMCii. wt* Itni-e given to tbta word. l)ia.t ii i* ihc iilvntiral cx- 
prearioo which Euripides, wttli the present pai»a^ doabtlesa before 
hia cjrca. baa enplojred in the parallel eccii« of hi» I'^ectm v, 532-3. 
^ f tit ixwr ^mt' apfii^t v't^fnu ttavtv, (i <nrii(nrrpn «f >oS ytv^mwi 
ruww. CompBK also Scir. ft. i. (r;(tdd*> fpfuCt^ nyi^urpae Kapii4fae 
■nUc : FoUux x. 35. The Scholiast's interprctadun : wapaithraiov. ia 
ambigsous. althoui^ incliniof^ rather to the ordinary oonstniction of 
trvftfUrpmr With T;pi^«, v. 217. 

331. «<>f>g ■potflhiini, mpiUi* adaptaiu uadf abtcititu ert n'nnmMir,- 
Boktli— and h> Khuucn after Botlic : "ro^'i- loeas ubi dcsccttiin at 
aliqwd [Angl. a mf or nUtinj] -." comparing lloni. 11. 235, >«1 itiriftt 

X*Xom*r. "2jcsi^ Toyijv. Alii npjf. ardpncrrdcntia criocunt otk^tor 
n^" "■ Stepll- Ix^^wo f4 3hlcd. Gudf. Aid. S«Vm rA M Kob. 

93S. v^av/m rovm, faW tt-JtutV; " oi ntiiTvt 4fT^ fvp fitrvm, aXX fl- 
ail a^rte i^^i*¥ Iy*'" w^i'^' wdpyium' : Schol. Uictu luec contra aj;gTt- 
ratntationem Eiiripidin £t. 541 . ; aU eM. 'opiwit fn'c' VW«r*i ;rA)Pk, 
t^w fi* fr' o/irw 1 WfteiiAipwwiPnrXai't, wi(^C rwt'Juroii.Tairartrf^w 
fi^, *I i>'i nMib^otftf* ai innXai r^ <rHf«m ; Patet vero cx illo locn. tem- 
pore Euripidn noadiun iiiccrtum fsisM, utnun paUiucn an faidu oalea* 



ilcKt Orestes, et quum is hauil dubic actum vi<lcht fabulajD, sane son 
iiltt«r fltque iUe pOMUanu interpretnri lorum. Cor vera nnn miiicaet < 
OiTsti jttllium Eleotn ? NLintii inter iitruni(|iie intcrc«lunl ctitim Kpud 
SojihoclDin, El. 170." Klans. " Atuam tniduccndi vCechyli suinpit 
[EoripideB] ex ^^^i^^^ vocie vi>aaft<t. (jute at gcnenH^r tfrtile omne. 
W a te i * tire textrici^ opo*. it» pecaliflnlcr vfsletM sigiiilicnt : priorc 
significaEu u»iu cat hie yEachyltu. ad pcMleriorem detorait Eurijiides, 
per wnrXovf ct <^ap4a cxplicann. Qood carillatiimm gcnta Aiistopha- 
nictt polios lopiditati (|uam Trn^Erccdiit* jpfniTitBH convenit." StuU. 

liii. Uov. " Sic Abrescli. IMomf. {juidtat Oudendorp. ail ThiiinaiTi 
Mag. p. 468, doccntem lAov cum casu vcrbuin rsoc, Ifiali advcrbialitcr 
poni ciac cnmi ; frt enndcm esse rntionnn twv 7B« et Hi." S. L. Corapare 
V. tilts, where Wellauer also and KlnuMm, who here retain 'i*<v. rt-nA 
!6oi with tlic sunctioD oi the MbS. Med. GuclT. and of RubortcUo's 

333. (if U Arfi«'«M' Tpir^.] "Wcdccxplicare ncKtveruntiatcrpretca, 
fpiaro tr At correxGrunl Pkuw. vt Sclnllz., ^ vx Turn. r<.'ci>|)it Bolb., 
i]uod apcric cnrrectom eit. Val^tam tucri intbi pone vuleor, in- 
tcmiptn orativDis nigito poeilo ; quam cniai jSXt'ifw, vel nmiln quid, ct 
plum fonritan addcrc voluwct Orentca, vidit Gleetrmm ■ubitn l*ftilin 
abreptam, rt *vnnoiic non ab^oliito dixit qoar wquuntur." Well. " ijA* 
T: BedIS(<n9iotiV£j£^iwctiBinSappl. 102. Duplex Rtrttdnranihilhatict 
oflbraiMiti, neqae opiu est at cvn Wdlanero orationem iatemiptus ct 
j9h«^«r Bubaadiendom putemur." Klaus. In this last opinion I concur. 
but rather titan vary the construction of ifioD. a* imipoaed, I wntild 
treniliitc the line : and tk< rtroka of your titittU — uitermvm Mcraci/A. 
»et.' an emhroidery t^fmimcU: cutd with this absnlute and, a» it were, 
adverbial use of<i't (rA vt^afm), un which the fl< serves t« throw an «in- 
pfaRsin,' com]tarc &opb. (Ed.T. 27,(pJ)'>iirvp^p3r Ai^irrQ^f rJUttwn, 
XoifUf fx^urrm, wOvur. where Blomliold indeed viupccts that tV a fitnply 
divided froiQ vmr^by tmesu, but where Elitisley (eompahng ib. IBS. 
'Bp B«' irpAr tOCTiiMT At, fr o^tini A>. 

"IidWi)' /ptoufrya^ tpymytior i PbUux. Hwyohi lmiA)fw' 

■ TUi miptieittion Moordi aril wtUi 
oar pDet'* repwrmikm «f iIm alam of 
OnrtM' reliniiiKnt, Ag. MO. *r«*« w 

* CiMMpwc tb* nolo on TT, 7g. let. 
I9t. toD on Ag. 197. : uid tike m a (>. 

BdKar UliutraiMHi nf Uw 
BM of W, the mMnin l-t*. Aul. rf#. f 
tor, or «■*«, tit—tx h Memi oCvtoua lo 
iraiulaic Thue. U. 6£. /r<{ t* « »iikt«>M 

nait T^v 4ivw«*-. Sec alio licnnowoa 

sopb. rui. 97. 



imi rMV rate vw^Aan uiT(wp«*4fTM> ri f^. Noeter apud Pulluc. ni. 78. 

IWirfiira. bc. imaffiiKa acv piclr. Ilujiuowdh-CHtmi AtticidiccbBntAfpai- 
n, Pollax vtL 46 , btjI Afpouiv IfMHui', if ^A r^c *^tf , f tA m AffWov /rii^av> 
iMrMv. Exlu8ct>-mologiupo*tenorvera eat. Hcsydi: Or^pMi^tt r^Kcm'- 
A*e' iroi«iXHff Ai^vdnTfitHH. PoUmtiru.S5, < Ji umar m rit ;^ir«*' iarar, i ix"" 
(if» 4 ^'^ 'M^fMrfUM' sal CyttT^ ^ Jt"^*' /■■^'rra '«} Clfff*"^*" Blomf. 

Staolcv compares Eur. Ijth. T. 812-17.. and adde : " Notiaeii»a»t 
teb Ar«cfan»k Ovtdto Met. vi. 109. dcKripta. qua Jovb, FlnAi, Kcp- 
tuni, in iMttiw mutatonim (igunu cxhibuit. HuJim crtnt generi* <iiiiv 
PUuUui tScad. i. 2. M/uttta dixit nm^yiiata tapetia ; Vin^os Ma. vii. 
S77. IiutnUot oiln alipedtt, ^ctitqut topriis. Videuaet Claudiuium 
i. 181. Ammiui. Marcc)!, xiv. C." 

2M. frSof ynoi, Angl. Btyountif, or be mltected. " Animieompos 
fiat, Bubaodi ^pn-Mw Tcl tnivT^t. Eur. Hcnd.709.ri'xPw*<i|M'XXn<.vM' 
^*w*oJ«frAcv Air ; Aptiseimue «t Hcrodoti lociui. 119. flUw U oftrt 

IfnimXns, M' A-r^ ifit^vrei. Hip|MXT. de Morb. Epid. vii, p. 303. «Mt 
/mvtav fyittn* (An^. Ac cone to himaet/.j Pausan. viii. 34. ^Opitmit /v- 
■ni$a luiptra r^i* t^t^i ^ttk iwiit iyiitn nimi. Simili ccoeh So]ih. 
Phil. 950. it-Tatfr^^'ovv. TcTOit. Andr. ii. 4 : protm/ae.apudtetu tia." 
Blomf. Sec Appendix to Nota on tbe Agamemnon. Note A. p. 376. 

225. Toit ^ntraui, tAMewkswrenearat. fiad as socfa presumed to 
W ilearfHJ irnto tu — compare Earn. 1<X). nafioiwt 4' ovn* ttviwpitrir 
^<Xrttr*M>. S()l>h . (£d. T. S£6, (rvf TDir ^.XntTMc alrxw^ 'fuAeC*ni. Aj . 849. 
aplt rAr^iA/9raii'^cYdna»<IXiKiirt). Eur. Med. 16, MoitTiA^'knini. Andr. 
175, M^iSmv A' ol ^Xraroi xi>P**'«^ : and for the plunl, ace aborc on 
». 36. 

M7. nripftamc tronipiDv, a^rp«fma^. OTperprtMoting.neJ. " Span 
indicat. quam onimo fovcratt fore ut ex Af^uncmnonia t«minc t>lirpa 
oriretur, qutcdumura lapaam RStitDCTet. Quod mox plcniuB cxpliot 
V. 498 (491). «<uA«f yip JM/n At/iirte tforqpMt SarAiH. Nec tDtUtOn 
abtudont qu» in Agamemnone v. 940. legmitur. ^'CT^yA^ nC«7r ^vUAt 
Mrr' (( Mjwt^, Zn'ov Smf/ninxurti Itiplov rtitAt." S. L. 

iSO.inpwfiriiipa. "(Jtratn j|ifMan4(^lcgcndanisit,diMcnliitnt 
oitioi. Ab hac pute ttant Vak^en. ad PhaniHi. 415. Herm. ad Hec. 
■iS>., abtlla Heath, et Schatz,. et bene nonet Heath. Omtera ante 
omloBCt incoivp«ctu Elcdnt nunc C8»e. tcii iiuUun ejus nominic ncn* 
lioDani[niaiv. 2*23(^)5.).] factam cue. Pneteren multo toajna «•( de 
ipK) mujttttu tyaum dc mmiM OreatiB ln)[iii. *o^^ i|iiinjuc exhibent 



fVld. Punan.. «vd ud Omt. 1080. dubium quDdunmodo rclinqtiit V!r 
cl. utrutn li^^cnilum »\t, i)UMU)aaui vtdc«(ur Sfttia |>r3qwD<!ra." H. I*. 

Ibid. " De porticipio l^a- repetito in versu proxiitie sequcntt nnn 
est ijuud aoliciti siiiiuH. Tttle« n][M;tiliuiios cT ajiiid NuHLrum. ct alio« 
quoquG pootos, olitiuundo occurrcrc jam supra dociumua ad Thcl>. SDH, 
imri* ••• fw'r«r." S$ .L. See vtbcr autlico-itioi adduct'd by WvUuucr on 
thia psMago ; but in Tbeli. 393. he seem* to Xm ri(rht iii ui^^crlinj; llinl 
fidMt u a lubetantivc. Here it a obvioua tltat, whilst in v. 22!). the 
participle i* emphatic, iu v. ^Q. it U lo be tiglitly ihuumI over in tli« 
tnin of limyuMr, witb which it servea merely to form k pcriphnviK of 
mayuMtiv. And if. in tlic former of Hic»e lines, wo moreover read 
fxaw — in i>l)ice of 'xoi'.' far the introdiictioD of which it b easier 1o 
account, thou fur its bariug «u long been jiermittcd tu ctond >t opca 
varisuice with the rule luid down by Pur^oii uu Eur. Uec. 293., atid 
coaGnited by Matth. Gr. Gr. ( 434. 1 . a. — wc shall have rid the pas* 
sage of dU tliut cau rcasooutily uSend the critical eye tx car. 

ScUiiU. who needlessly proposed to read iti>ipas yiftuHr, is more lup- 
py in bJB ciliition uf Hom. il. vi. 4'29. 'E«rnp, ira^ mi /tai Anrl mr^ 
wirvta fiqni/>, vJU Kaffiyvtirot.aibi'iun&aXtiJtKimfiaKoi^t: to which Klaiw' 
aen tiaa added « reference to Soph. Aj. 5H-Id. With rt^nnvv Sttfuu 
compare Soph. Aj. 977, & ^iX-rar Aua, !• ^imtfMv Zftft t'/uu'. Phil. 171. 
^ m> it^Safiin'av jS^loreaf, lii}ii vwnpot^or ifift fifiM'. Kur. Ale. 1 133. i 

S30. irpinraviii' b' — ] Traitnlate ; /er I mast fwtib aetofl yon hoUt^ 
ns Fathrr — anti tfte naliimi affectiittL due to Molhfr eentrer lit my 
(fjoi) upon yuv. (tehiht the it Justly Iwttktd) . at ipcll at thai dne to my 
Sitter irAo teas pitilcatig sacri/ccd — then rcauniin^ tlie din.'ct liiie of 
tlic tcntcQCC cotDweiieed in v. 329 — a brother uuEcnf, / tay (ii), y«ii 
anpnvtd to be, i,*. And lirtl. with vpairauiir Sr — tm which the Scho- 
Uut remarlu : 6 &i luri n>v yap — compare A;. 242. 402, B2G. 1 1A9., 
and »cc above on vr. tOI. 315. Next, with tu futrpat vn'^yq^iMi — 
where llic i^-nilivu (ace Mallli. Gr. Gr. § 367.) cxpre««o«the oitjtrt <tf 
the foi'ling denutcd by <rripY^,n)t'. as is more clearly shewn in v. 233, 
where the Schutiaat : inA KotwC rd, « W /tot pent inV^tYvlVu' — eoui- 
parc Thtib. 6tH, tiiT^ n inry^*' (Ang'h lie/onalaui ^ afiectiiM tvimntt 

* fxw mltlit UuikI in «. 2Z}.. if we 
WTv (o Bkitrl the |>riijHM«cl «ll«ntitin 
|[r»jn fur VA"> *'"' ■n|ipa«i Qtwlra to 

iffBrittker. Bui tli--nl'»i-tn>-n*»l>»- (^r- 
mmI ■rMMun klbv ■p>MBvAa*' t. £WI., 
MlbmR 4rf« *-2M., rtnden It itia»- 

latdr BOMwwnr tfcn r. ?r v t 'f 
•dJreaed £n>rtlr to Orr 
Mn-nnnnt r4 all tLp M>^ i 

innkn it niiit' ipuafp laninlill' nillt i 
fu ihan XF'h f^Br. So: ToiMn'l l<i"l 

mcui uu utoi. ineo. 



« Mvl^J n'c nana^at* ^iiai i' WkI lastly. ft>r tbc peculiar uiterpreU- 
tion of tltr imperfect ^''^i "^ ^h*' "<**c mil reference* given onv. ICS., 
und with irt(Trv(. tnury, /ailhfttt. or (elb it B&ndB here) gamiite, coia< 
yut Ag. 67S, ci^i ^If){Ui'Ufi>M', nrid the note there. Klftiuen tnm* 
Utcs ; "/nUr fidut «ra$, jun •atequin rdiquonun onuxium loco mihi 
' di&geiidiu eras**, and reets tbe proof (oa it shaold seem) of tliin u. 
Mitlon on his peculiar rewliug of wliat follows: "imIpm M.G.A.R. 
T.I.St. pArt»'Y.\. lllorum ftuctoritatcm ot ecqui ]Mioeim, tranAiMwai 
colon rnlgo post t^ifiw t>ojituiu. '^'ersum bunc Oresti tribuit T., et 
nnius nquB sd v. 353 (254)." 

Vnth ^e received reading of v. 235. compare Su|>pl. 1013. fwfpw 
^vXa^ai rorS' ntiimXiVf iiatfi6t. Soph. Ant. 1061, eimii ftinr Si ^4 'I 
Ri'fitnru' Xiy«tr. Flnl. 528. fM^rw Aoi 7u(oMt> /x yr t^«^ ygr ^fW- E>ltt'> 
Iph. T. 1075. ailov inifor. 

235. irii' ry rpiry] " Intclligit Jorcm scrvatorcm, qtu coins sa< 
oaintun daonua conwrtio tettiuD tuldHtir. Cf. ad Ag. 2*22 (333, where 
MS tbe DOlc). Eum. 7S9, tlaXXit»s col Aofiov Ji<an *iil toC mitra apni. 

PoiTii* rfii'r«t> ZwTTiMr. Suppl. 27. Tlieal. yEsch. p. 76." Klaus. 

337. ifr«,)i«. a tpecMor; a nrt eeuse of this word and pecoUart it 
■houM Kcm, to .GkUtIiu: oompars Piom. 118, nirvtr IpSur ffttt^t 
(when see Griffitlu' note). Anunon. p. 69 : Attpirntl 6<«r^r Sia^fui. 

6npit fuV yap ioTtf A lit Stow trtfOtiynnt. Otirrtit tU i iymmw mi Aii- 
ipM*. ul.^IffxiiXof (fr. 380)' Ba^twavBtiipayiiaTot fit':»pi»ir. Hcavdi: 
Orvpot* oJ Ac-tr,M}mH, cqi oi Awfi^nM, f ol ^^Mtrifomt vt^i r^ Ata. 9(a»povr' 
AM^^rAf. (ir»irTa«. Soph. (£(J. T. 1 14, ^«^c. »« i^iMwr. (■JqfM. (£d. 
C. 413, awfyir drapim ^X^uiqc o^' <irruK. Eur. Hipp. 792. vby^ri 
It wr Avipiv ifiat bi/iof trpoimrrimv. ib. 607. S«<rrvx^ drMpit d*. Inn 

'2iS. y«i>*d» rjni*. (Ar orpAm irood ; eompan bdow v. 775, rika¥ 
iiW. IIcsych:Efnc't«Tii^HgfMWf. jp^amf.jvftntc. Etrm.M.p. 993, 33; 
Efnc v^fUMfri r^ &>3pa ital r^v yi'Msm' d *jnt moI q rfnr. trii^ui/i^t M rAr 
fUfia¥«tfUPt»' adl JtrrtpinUyM', itt «i' *0» ji" vwv froXAw r« wii iirffKuv^ ttm* 
A^M (II. xxii, 44). rivN>ro£ tif fti^fyuvTiiifMraaj (unc* Compare also 
Od]rM. UK.534.i^X?rrtKula>MMir.MrfcwirM9ffac. Pcrs. ZSS.AcmMkir 
lUpviivr ftirm' titn«w *fr*ia$ ifi' mrwltimn. But inSopIi.'IVach, 5ti3. 

* ConpMv aliiu Ikr now on Xf. 218. 

* " Elrowiix ^oti* mnlt pclll Sckol. B. 
cmnSrli. l.#^<1.S-h.lw.Kutt>Ili.alii4>^. 
(MCtwfiB. MdhunLiiNbili Jfit.Jili, 

tanoi tir (xvnnit ; wd J mutatuia is rf . 

«t lAntXat «■ bifAaf Eiubiihiiu rom. 
font. URuin ilamFricRm Hvrilnir .V 
rollM. Ktf. W, 501 r ' lV'>. 3tS. 
Aiimt tunen (ranuii - i'\ur tt- 

ritti lUWYtit. tUc Li Ji'VMVn 

a<m. \l ak. II. 



kndEur.Or. 9i0. Iph. A.397. 807. lims means a w/e,' uiil hen 
SuidM ; Ejnf- 7 ycvwni. »nd Et}ln. M. 1. c, t *r( W <r<f/uu'v(> tAf JrJ^ ' 
Mil TV* yvMun. yinTtii ■raf>i tdu tvv^, cStrti. 

239. Jv irXtaraMn ml inmptfpnoi] " nXrcml ta) vntpajfuira h. I. idem 
aunt, qaod virffpiM iroXvirXDcoi Apad Eur. Mcd. 481. Porru ■rVmU hie 
■nbitantiTe ndhibetur, siipprc^co trvi^f at spud Eur.TrrKul. 957, m 
■eAAilm fi i^ptipof i^ /irrfXff ur trX«ivrai(ri*> it y^ vm/ta Arntt i u v t lf rMf I 
if t rA m it M. rcl ffryiat'i." S>l>. Campftrc Thcl>. 49A, Stftif nXttnbutmti 
Soph. Ant. 347i (f«»(j3iwi«ii«r%-MkioTtwf. Ithizotom. fr. 4S0, 6.frX«m>£r 
i^vtnrtipaunBpoKiwTuv. Sii]i)i. (Kd.T. t'iG4,*'At*niic<a>pAit. Ant.54, 
ir3k«>Tatirt*i^tnlRii0i. Eur. Hipp. 762.irX>rTafv*iirfu>ro*><lp;yitr. Ilmyclt*: 
SirfifMi' irtifMi. 3fr<^»ai<ri' mTr iXvyait rot Z<p*mt. Sutdtu : Sirfrpiyia'' ri 
Tov J^wi •iXvypa. Hec R roynl HnuN^ iif^in cotnpnrcd to cagW Affvi 
133-35, as Clytrmnt.'vtni »gaiti to a \ipvr below r. !>73, and com|mr*| 
with this ponaa^, Horn. Il.xii. ■200.20<). 

^41. ov TQii irrrX^i «.r.X. For tf (the brood v. 238.) m iin(/a//jrnwii 
f Aor if thouSd bring in to the mtat ilffaiher't prry — i.e. nt- Ittomticlil cx« 
plain* it, nick ai in falhtr uted to hrtntf ; compare Ag. 1 244. i 
imrpyov b* &t* tiei^itntir fiirtt, iind with J>tk>V> Soph. Trarh. 760. rnitoj 

fKHtrswi ;h'v U^rc' <rT«Xrrr 'X"" X«uif Aitiy;)i}r 0bv(. Butdus ; 'EiTtXf f*' 

Afri ToSwXfior. Hwych: 'RmXif'f«T#Xrv|iuVn. 'Ket^Xif' rrXtiW. Klaii- 
acn. finding ^)pa mrp^ in the IbfSS. Mcd. GucU.. na also Ag^Mi frnrpda 
in Aldna' edition, has edited ia v. 243. f^^ iiiTrf>yo, which he trans* 
UtM: "no»eiiiminttffmMi ptttfrnavauiiio ad njffiwtium mid» lci\ntm)t 
pater non amphun n-namlo cilnim ulIinTc jMilrt-t :" nnd comparet Soph. 
Aj. SGi, IhnTfini* ffifpatr J)fn». Rut Elubortcllo lias fii)fia» vorpwov, 
whence the rending of TumiJbe, Vctlori, and crcry •ub«^'(|U€nt editor ; 
nor, if the inten-vning c'hii»i' be li.K>k(.i) upon M ineidL-iital uii], tm it 
were, correJatiirG to Himiinr v. 239.. is there any ludi difficulty in 
rcferrini; imXv to tJie m«tn feature in the compurivon (yimm tin^-^ 
noTpovrtpii yditrr}, n* to rc<|iiire (hat wilh Fauw, $chiH2, and BotbOi 
we aliould diange it to iwnXtit. 

Ibid. <nrvi>q^ii4r. " Satis uial«laauDl mipiW ct o>i|*ij». iwde ir<^Rq^ 
qaod Ugilur etiam npud Xen. llellen. r.3, 19. Frusim kborant igitur. 
i|Di h. I. refKMtrn^ volunt vcqvufuw." S. L. 

2i5. Jifi^ ifnrYir¥ tx""^} " Ncznpc Orenie*, quamvis honcrta spocic 

' liilUaiwmiw/RarlijIiHUMnttv-frrtif* 
Protn. »U. Pin. MJ., m Su^iodmaltu 
§ir»ratti'rtwtk.V£l EinrivncnnPtn. 
iM. EMn^. Smnl. G6&. Eur. Ilrrr. ?. 
97. 97. EtnTfHp.Ew- A-U. 1011. [«n. 

tl2.Tr.ffla ESi>JT«i.Eu(.M«l.lW. SL 
mo. ll7I.Or.l.1D2. 

**'n*vW'>'rntg.Il/u)i. MMvm 
iGachTliuAi.rao. ei'wa Fr.ftt." KImu. 



Ag. 880.1 rcre tum«D vrut ex sdibus expoiau:! ; Ekctravero. quuuquam 
eceaniium .^Cscbyluiu baud cjc-ctn, cx(n]i btmcn similis crnt, vcl ut ip«a 
ait. V. 133(124.)" Sohittz. Compare bdcn vv. 431-3. 

348. (MM>a»yr>w] '*H»MM»G.It(Wl;MwM.cMM«vA.T.fM«M)» 

V. I.T. In Kholitftestutrumque: tiifim<»,\inuv,T&iUmof^paim' 
tCfioavr a, ^ Ti(t «!> KsX^f ti^xiar T^n- yipvt, mfi r^ 0ou^. At «0An*M 
tyam wet jatlut, ted jtuttKi itBi[uehicnoriftptum. Ah*^ ij« vpulis eacris 
Prom. 230. SaitcntiBmbanc. favcre deos bonutiibus. ut ab us colon- 
tur el sBcm acdpiBnt. ride Theb. 76 : fiitoS* ft' iIAxo' (f*^ t' /Xitt'CM 
X«V(v' iniJlir -yV •^ tn^vwiwo ii»i^ra« r/<t." KUue. Compare below 
w. 'i47-5:i. Eum. lUtf-lO. Horn. II. i. 39-41. Virg. .-En. iv.217: no8 
muDcn U'luplu Quippc tuts furimus. &mMtD<)uc fovcmus inuncm. 

3^ I . <lpxt*»t ••v'^MVrl " FrequeiiA mctspbora, etiipifl Hborcw cum 
prolo virili. Suppl. lO5,mfi^{ttwv&)^i'it'a^ryifi»Ti0a^)Mt9v9mpa- 
0MtXiM«t ^flwip." S. 1.. With <)/t;(i«dt, rojrd/. ccMDiMTC Gut. lltiloct. fi*. 

VI. I, ALour <{p;^(<nw &4fiaMt., and triUl^ovAiroicffUMnp v. '252., tiuppL 
70C. rw^iyut AM^»n^ J^ MwfaiWn»«i7*Tijiiiit. Sopfa. CEd.C. 1495. ffaifiv 
rvm Arritt*- Eur. llel. L474,J3iwAt<w J^jMv. Ion 6^4, /^loi^AnY ^^ f'*^* 
Ale. 1156, iSodtfmun ■ya^rp— w i t. Aristoph. Av. IS33, ^•duniv nr* 
/rx>VMu -' to which nionfield add* A^. \&93, tfitrnpyiifipap. Gur. Iph. 
T. 1 116. Ai^vt fp)Xti^raf.. and Kkuscn Prom. 631, ffoitmt (itiv^intf 
Sopb. Troeb. 609, ^fUpf mtrpBo^iytp. 

Ibid. ^paU J|*q{n' ibvl rau, im\pt\if9ttci rav Qtt^um. Schol : com- 
pare Tbcb. 14. icoKu T iV^yrwcai^uv^MfNWd*^^' " ti i mills fi.-rc 
loeutio, quanqtuua in re (lircna. \'irg, Ma, i. 4B : Bt ^wuftaim MUHtat 
JtmmuM adorrt Pr^trrta. aut ttipjiia aru impoitat konorm 9 S. L. 

253. Kxt^ff. take am of U ; compara below v. 334. Uesyeh : IU^«* 
JaifMXfutc a^ioti. Horn. II. vi. 490, A vairn/t tpyn nifuf*. Od.XviL US. 

/Md'. 4r <^(ur p«|*a«, fM nu nuw ilfi to be j^nV ; See Matth Gt. Gr. 
i 446. Oba. 3. 

356. A wudtT ... J n'ua} " Cf. T. 509 (509). Vctube eont seme 
Ulip.videv. ICO (163). Endem modo, id quod monet Schittziiui, Elec- 
tnun coercd cbortw Sopthvlcm : £1. 213. eqq. 233. eqq. Nomen re- 
IMtitwii codem modo v. 639 (876). i wai .» rcow." Klaus. 

SSlS. tittH liliwiiiotm! nt K.T.\.] Translate.' /raf fvmc «■# sifftf mkt- 
htmr, ami by may of gntifyittg hit loayae. it may V,' jo nnrf teti all lhi» 

' "*■««<'*!> 0- A. T. V. rflnr>7^i^s l««rr. EtdriRinoanirnTnl sluai>,<|«iB 

M. K. lUwl (wir Iwra afittaa. i*«)7*- woUatnUir UpntM et Ebetn. (mvum 

A««raiij. I'nn..ruatraim«in Ear. Phupo. taiDen, naMl. nam lilc ca miiMlManu 

>U.«tid>tUI«ir..lMCT.&noti.l2- Vel. mt." Kltw. 



to the vsurpfn — anJ cnrapare Eur. Pbacn. 92-fi. iitlirxtt, ws ^ irpo((r*| 

Ut lb*Hif, ^^r^t, ffni ft' itt avaatrji. where ronon : " Di^enosi modt 
jnngit Curiindca. quoniam ad tcmponi tlirersa i^ctuit ;" and Srhotc- 
Gct<l : " Intrrjirctxtioneiii loci Port^onUB dor tcli^l, ita c MattkiKosup- 
plcmdmn : Num ^hw fi'in'it ia via ivrtflur, ti ne miAi reprfAmM arigtur 
—4iverms sensitiua raf /ti^ conjiuictis." Cotnpare alui the difiereot de- 
grees ofcontin^nc^ e^])rc3»eil by thtot^6*ipaf (d iim^*ipmt) ■•■ fvtf^ 
A-T. 2i?0..and)rjit ntavtfiU (tivat nfoi-Ajirtrai, or ifv wis abavitgi lodp^ 
V. 252 : irod ux Mntlh. Gr. Cr. i S 19. 7. Antold on TliiiRyd. iil. 9S. 
" yXupv^ X"f'^- P*"^ QamlUatr. Ita ))iii nulla mprcede, teA solo, 
gBiTulitEtis morbo, mohi* tucntihir. ^r3((rA» yXumnrt xivnf {\li 
Opi». 509.1 dteitur. (juo t«neu hunc locum olitn interpretutu- «?l Pc-j 
mw V'iptoriiis, ^'ar. t*ct. sx. 2 : venim nescio an yra t/nmililatr rit 
■implititCT. nut nudn totiuFiidi libidiiic, sea potius iiuuMdtr gratia^ studio. 
ijuod .'t'^■'<-hyillP ipse IVom. 249. rocat yapinryXoKmu'." St&nl. Pro- 

rllia tid Hc^iodi Inrum Xin wijHrrrfr ml at^ififrat- T^t yXiuo'infc ip/itjv. Ru- 

rifridestUxit ^Oreet. 1514.] yXuviTir j(af>i'{rrl}i« /(DjriUF ifl(tii/(|prv. lluio 
locutionem niinus nccuratc tmrta^i ful Prom. 302 :" — ra Blaoificldon 
tht» pftMogc : and yet, if we lowk to the rccpectiTc contcxbi. w« shall 
find that Or. 1514, tiiXIa yXvaaji j(tip!(n, ravSnv ev)( ovna tpporav, ax iii> 
tcrprcted b^ f. 1516, aiiaaav (ti tii ^g, mpa a*') fuf \iynw t/i^p X^fi*"' '* 
much more pv&Hel to Pram. 3£M, yriuru M rai' in Infi'. oM fohur K«ipi- 
myX^trmtn (Angl. lo ih lifi-sfrvietj ■» pM, oa explained liy n'lint immr- 
dintely follows, ^''p* 7^'' viiimiv an j^p'i «in ^'^pairvtai, niitl by the 
Scholiast : ](iipnw)AdMT«rfti>' ^xpl yXMnr^t xpfM.'f^^^ vm, an! otc fjtyiiti 
than to the present puea^, where the sooae Scholiast has : TfiiAavfii 

2S9. tie K^iitwiairiiptufAMr/is. "II- e. in pyra/unebri. F^crai rogu 
luthibitum testutur. pnetcr hiinc .&chyli locum. inecr)]»t)o veins Ro* 
niniiii : Nxc kx kobcm nosit vlv* invkktviii emt, ttuAU qvod strrrt- 


Stani. Srht>l : ir KjKiHi' iw dimSAvfiikDyiit Itrxofii/ . Himr^ii' iuti6fumi yikfi 
tA £Aa iriWiu' ot-iifcTi : on which DlomGrld remarks : " Rcctc Schol. 
RogUB actlic«t ex t«»di» pincU HctMit. Stardeiua vera iiiteUiipt dc pice, 
qnj» rogo adhilwri soletKit. limyeh.v. Kwyijmii : mi! imnroKM^Tf^ 
XfyoMTU, jrar WffiTD Kam}(fita6iimt nWc j«A inip4t tfarsAtKBHTi. Pttolina : 
UttfiMiwr-'iTV inp{' T(^ tvicaivnf, rm! ni WHif^Myn wivvji JO>i(rai • Svd llOC 
do vivicoRibuno dielum c*t : talis crat Romir tunifa woJeriA," Com> 
pare bclorr v. 374. luid for t^ut &«■ note on Ag. 928. 



200. ofrMtfpaUimV "I|ieD similiter A|kiI1d, Film fil nrmiw^pnUra- 
Jifl nXovt ^' »v< ^vXa( ic.T.X." S. I>. Cumparc iiUd Earn. 61, Aofra 
fityaa^tPii. Theli, 70, 'Ajwi t', *E^i^ worfiof i pryoirtffMfc. ib. 977. ^m- 
iiMof 'Sftint, fi /uyatT&tr^t ut tJ. KlauBcn campRTCfi Tlieb. S44. ^'tf^or* 
vCa il^^iivrrai. 

36-2. e<;£opAn(«*<] Sclwl, axfnm^Wt 0i>£». The MSS. Med. Biid 
Gudf. tave iiaio$p4iC^v. whidi fUibortelki luu rdttetl ni^flf>^uif*Mi — 
cu«i|»re the note on Ag. 29, ^impAifiip. 

*p}« 9vvx*tfti(Uf. ib. 746. 6^^<r]^tift*(tAf yt ir(Xn^e<>n)|wr A<ii)c. Prom. m1. 
fr. ISI. 4. 4uir;yrifupf tnV^tyi ffMrr^M^f A^m*. Eur. Ale, 118, 0)>jv*<r« t> 

263. C^' ^<tf) Stpi^ir, An;^l. anoiHity my vtrf Atnrf. and nuking (tt 
is implied} the blood nin cold. " Attium in Epigunis, apud Nmutnn 
p. IS5. SO., cooTcfTi jubet Pan. Adv. p. 1A9. Agmm. 432. v<AU >ou> 
Ayydwi ir^ ^««p. d 79 1 ■ ftryiM '^ Xvrvi OMcn t^' fymp npoancrtirw. 
inter lUin atat Bloraf." S. L. Compnre Kuin. 465-8. mo) t^M* eowj 
Aofuic nrsiitot. 'X71} «po^*tn9*i Aimr*»rpn xijaSif . (j ^ n rAi^" tpptifu 
nit hraiTtovt: 

i(ri. mw mr^] Tiii« genitive, nbich Abrcecfa would liavc La be 
(pwemed by mw oirivvf , o*c6 abiolutcty (a* he wya) for ^iWw mriovf 
—to irbich no ixuallel b to be found, u he nppeara to have thought. 
in V. GO..' or in Earn. 468 — nmr be best explained bb n gcnilt^e of re- 
ference. i»cr\in?: (ive Mallh. O. Or. IV. $§ 337. &c.) to "ebew the 
rCfpcct la which the »cti»c" both of p/rt>pi nnd nwc oinvn " miul be 
bAea." IVnasfarte : laiUff I thali viait with TeDgconce^/bf my /otker 
^HUtd here we mi^t nupply ftunc. comitarinx below t. S07, ntrpJic 
t^}^, and for Uic coai>tTU<:ttoii, Euiii . 290, Hkjh fiintiu rM' ^ra — 
rAow kAo hatv t» tMMMr/w jUtii. i.e. for lit* ileolli ; or niota genenlly 
/Am* rAo are yuUty contemhy him? 

969. rprfmrt^r aMr] " II. e. dtdatt. vk pitcr cT*! intcrcmptiu. 
Hojth. El. 35-S. ;^ fUM tttuiiiff i'^^ot ii^vtvon rax"' ^tfiwvo* oMv off- 
vi^r T« *ui «T)MTiD(i JhAoivi ^'^1 ]f«^At Ji^ismic ir^Mt)^." Schiltz. 
Compare rr. 300-5^ 543-3. 

' " tlrt •r>H«f. M. 0. A. (L o^ai 
T. T., nt Eam. 61. Et bnv w tnlwl il- 
hul : niiuiiir. in tiutla rt iimJtlvrif r*f , 
nUKnanilrl ^Iralrr aJtuaintiocii tbori. 
lurillfllur Mlprrtcriit noo« rrtmntrmor- 
•ritUCrr.IMI.; Cf. Rum. GO." K.liiu». 

* Omftn C.nutoM Ou. 21. Nil, b «■ 

*i**.K.V,: Wrmrrrrnlm/iiitti/tonetrn- 
iay mr bnlHrr. ni «l«' I. C<ir. li. Z7 ; 

KmIh. Anal- ctiiir «r Ai>oM»rAM» Ar 
hb mriiliau Of lAf iMy oiirf JUm2 ^ 



26G. itroxpttiiaTtitirt (ifiuatt] " 'Airu^^/uTut CiUunMt lAuuvm ioNOnfiN 
M WMd w. Hue riurtt illiiil ((iukI neijuitiir v. 299 (292.) mi wpovwtiCH 
jffi^lMivf dx^rlu," btonl. " ticiuu' vt^t : tviient ntodo mt Maa vkitiim 
wtMl»ieJiii>en», ob ttammim «r ftmonini meonim treptioM rfffratim. Keg- 
Qnm ftc. et facultates Agamemnonia uaurpav-craat yEgisthus ct ClyUFco> 
ncstra, cxclaso Orcstc, cui cum istu iiijuha ad iialru ca:ilem wxc»Mrati 
uimus cjita, ttturi fcrocis iuEtikr, ma^s cA'crahu est." S. L. 

This i« U)C intorprcUtioii pri)[iuM>il br Itlotuficld niso. and WeKauer, 
bmI ScliolGfi«ld ; except that Blorafield. wUo witli Scliutx pnrfim Ro- 
boTtdlo'n reikling A^P'tl*'*^^'' ' ' — "'^>' '^"^^ Wdlaucr too. us would appear 
fronj hi» into^rc^tion of ' A.iro)[jH{fuiTui (Lex. .H^Iecb.), Non ad ptunuhm 
pertiiifns. — und<.-r«Uuid» C^iuiut, in the »en>e in which kc find it bekvr < 
V. 1013, or the /aes or pmaitits with vrhicb Phwlnu wi>iOd punish 
Orestes, in cfue vf Uia iieglectinji; tliiit duty.aod which tlie accompanying < 
n^jectivfi, on the prineiple noticed on Ag. 56. 95. (and lUomf.GloM. \g. 
8 1 .). umply declares to hnrc been no fine of mmey. but one of which 
it ia sud v. 1014. n>£y yAft «tVit mtitiruiv nfioai^mi. It ii)u«t be cva- 
iemcd, however, that witli reference to the received rcftdiog fmpoCyw 
vov there i» room for Klauficii to object : " Infelicisaimi lont inter]»n>- 
tuni conatus ; lllonif. atrnxphl^^* C^M"" ^^ pcena gntviore (|uain uutta 
pecuniuna dJciumputut, quodlonifuct \ ncrno omnium cxpcdivit rootBi 
tmrpairitvov. quod non umnino' efferalvnt declorit, acd ubique de ndtn 
ilicntur. ciii hie nu]lu» en locus. ScholiaUu ptnvam luctionL-m [ama- 
Xp^ui roiffi] pravc uitcriirctatur" — Blthough we cannot »Uuw the dif- 
ficultiee, wlucb beset thin lloc, tu be ao great u to justify its rjcction 
berv.nud tnlnikion after V. 276., where Klausen's interpretation, which 
we tkoll notice in il« place, a very far indeed from affording any com* 
potSMttoii fur ihe deajivnitc buldiicw of i*iich a rrfomiation of the text. 

U it true tlint Tw-pDivfiat, Angl. lolt aa lariiye ag a bull, ts not »«• 
COKarily to be (as Klauaen niserts) reitrielcd to the lookn, except such 
timitation of the compuison be cxprcEsly intrwloccd, as in Eur. Med. 

> "IxrwiirMri eonj. K., vt Ptn. 16?. 
Sad ^'■^™"''" Mt frmUia boAonini : 
i]V<biar*t tat tpU bonU tsn, irpxM/u- 
r«f inii boni* t^ntiir : KImdicb— wnl 
iO SekoleAdJ : " Plus ae. valM iiu«xff>- 

T. 315.}4mn&Tui«i." Yet UloisMJ: 
" E^kdcm eat ntniwqnr vncin iii^i Afntio. " 
* Br "nun omiuno" Kliuuni *>iiuM 
•rriD to have tuCmilcd «bat in Greek 
wDitId tw «pr«Med br *(>x &')k£< (Ue- 
iWMtiL. p. m >;■) Aa|1. ml ainilMlttif 

or Mt mndtr a!J eiixtma t a n ttt, ^dm In 
u limliiNt Miue t** ^U l>* **™ «» *. S7I. 
ftai.) lie h'unuUrmplaytffftrvttna toom- 
vef Ute nitrflniaii i>f Taufw^^rvr. Bill 
might he not nuirr truly listr lUdMid ia 
told, thai rfftratyim U * correct Imiiili , 
tlun <if thr fimmi nrtidple n>fi«d|p 
•vr ' Swnol«w «. aM.andooapinl 
diffemi neanuin of ^{Mlpa j i m mi Bnr»i 
nraen. 32. nd fl^a^nu n' rat Bar. San«>l 
^U. Sm dM Eur. Bacvh. WJ. t«ti«£- 



92i fit) yip (ISdv ^i^ fw rarfiovftit^ rm«lf, St n ifiwniovvw — w Wrens 

lb, 187i EmTiH Tfttaotit MfryfLa X«(iun|f tnroraiffjotvra afM^nrUf, vrav tic utvt/^ 

wpa^fM* wiXas ififiiBfi, tlir context u-uiilcl nthcr Irnd us to trHDHbte : 
titepntmlt kertclfto her donntica in tie lircaleming^ atiitudt itfa aunge 

■inU — but still it ia notCMylo ny bow ravpn'fMm- if lo be tikcn here. 

^tpart from any taeh coUaterel ezplmatioa a& Klauscn would dcrhe 
frutn V.376. 

It wu only, thcrcfoTC. in the absence of uiy better rcwltn^ and in- 
tcipretalion, tbat — eo {*t agreeing with KUuMn, u to atakt CtjtUutt 
likp foltff nntl AfMin in the »bur« example*, tlieditlifc of the ob/ret of 
the action, or (in tbis case tlic purely mcnlHl) opcmtion. expressed by 
ravpoifumr ; Mtd comparing AnBtopb. Rtin. 604. wbich, if will) Bniack 
and four MSS. we read <^«<f« yvwr mvfnj**.., iywi^at aim, mu«t Ivc 
•Dderstood to be a direct confinoatian of the preceding conjecture, 

F.4nw fiapfnt Jimi tAv \Uxvk'»4^'lM*p — tiie jircwnl Etlitur had prapofed 
to himaclf to traulalc : /mWy menting Ike infietiotu rndtr vkich t 
am OS mU-OCUtfiom mg proprrty ; when it occurrwl to him that, H vwr 
the aid of oonjerture n-as to be called in, here certainly ifot a " digniu 
vindtce nodiu." Heiice tlic introdurtion (not yet to call it the rcrtom- 

|.liiio) ot yavfioviurovt into the text of ^EKbyltu, where, >upf)osijigr it by 
I Rocidental sub«tiltit»un of T for r' to hive b««n lirst comipted into 

'rnpaviiimvt — a term raanifently ina|»{iliad)le in thin context to Cly< 
temncstra ruid ''Ggiribus (roi't airiavt v. 2(H.) — wc may readily enough 

LfkooMmt for the oorreetione, raifwv'fMmt (so Tum^be ba» edited), of 
tfuwe who woold refer it tn PMn*. or nn^i:f>«i<«i>. of thow who with 
moK rcajtm woold apply it to Onttn. Trwulate : praMy rjmltay aa 
tliey now nre w /Af i»J»ntv trArrebf thry hme drprive^ me of my jirV' 
ffrly,- if we nhould not mtlurr refer (•jfi^** to aomc fonnal HO (u vre 
ahoohl ny) ofpaitu an4 fmaJtieg. whereby Orestea had been derlaivd 
an outlaw, comparing Eur. Or. 576<6. m^x aCry iutpt iniff^to', dXX* in 

t|i^ tOapi 00^9 ir^4i. Vftfiiw** wwrifa K^mmw' Jfiiv. : though fur the atm- 

tple aenae of ioriH, or it^nry. we may compare Prom. Z^'i, tV ry wfMtuf 

■ $>ifaOat ti ml nX/iir ritm 6p^t miirar iftuia ; Soph. G^. T. A'20, q Cv* 
^Itmroti X&ymi rovrm. >\'ith the icntimcnt thiu exprcascd. compare 

iavTotvovvai tpmaiw, Uterallr, tin 
, Udt l»rdomt»tie$ ^~i.e. wan* then 

I ArtMOfltUMtt cipUiBtwiMC behadjMU 

fjavilUA-Wi. MMnaloMarb«thtiiMe 
MMfM a( B«r4cMn han hmi pn«ml 
I ifct afad of Horace, olicii be pnuicd 

Uul inirited (Onza. Od. t*. 14. 2S: 8Eo 
lamrifrrmU n)l>[iw AniMiw. . . . Cam 
■WTit,bnrmduiM|niindila DilaricM mr- 
dtUtmr (or IWaUm and oUwrrt : mi»Ua- 

■ l« liMTvh. Lm. en IW njnlrwy, la 
(|Mledb(to<* no*. 36).,««fttid'Ta>v>(« 
ramiiitcd inio y*rfU. nnd rji into vf. 



■iKrrvrr. 127-9. below tt. 292. 395.9J8. Ag. lfi83<wl»tTe mc Ib^ 

note). WfM'fftl- <» taroiatr oC in^i* ; Mid for lIlC U6e ftnd COIMrtTXItlion 

of ymtjMfv^, (o ;w*rfe nne't-teJ/. »ee Eur. Ht[i^). 502, ^ roPiw^'. ^ 
nnrAlMi Tovpn-ju'iq. Borch. 1144. rf^pq Awnrrfr/i^i yavfunittiir}. ib. 1241] 
ynupoL'fMTOf K rait r'fiaif oypn^acri, niXn ipiSmit is itura' ftaKiipiOf yhp i 
Alemen. fr. iv. 2. ffprfiuimv ytn.f>oCittvt>t. Htltcn. fr. viii. 1 , irXnur^ cal 
M> YttfWv^Uvaue., and inftiir otaitiutn, Eur. El. 318-23, nifm 9* J'n 
icnrA ariyat ntXav irtfnjwtv' St 3' •Vrlvuf TrraKi', /r rciM ffalm* ipfia^ 

^ffMivrm XaImv. Compnrc also below vv. &i'2-4. li<«ycti : raiywc* 
iiMiiAi)?, ovfim. rnujpy' firjn&fi, (LarraX^HTY. rtnfuf ' ocfu>VMnn. X" 

267. nvrii ft' «^"iiirw n.r.X. Tnm*lnte : a/)fci*r«'/**, I myf^f, hf tiaid, 
fkfmld pny /or it u'ith my own (dear) iife — the At here being equivnient 
tOfi M fiq,uidWffftvnit«AAon/W«ir^rri,«lAt/m4ifbTthrp<TiiiltywIiich tt 
mw my duty to liavc iullictcd upon the lUurdercre (v. S()4.) : compare 

Ag. 1532, i^ip'i ^floirr, irtirti A' <i natiHor. So llu Ruhop Of IJoh- 

fleld, iido|)tiii^ his omi fami«r explanation : " Me vero. nUi obseque- 
rcr. kar enliiw mra Ivhunm esse tlirit, mvita hnbcatan mala rntolfrabitia 
[in/ttrnnifd ] . Quin cx sqq. usque ad v. '293. satis patct uasdcm Ore»U. 
nltioncm nf^Hgy^iiti. pointis ab Apulline denuntiabi* ntc. c\tix ip«d« 
hamiridii auct[>ri))u» debereiitur. Quotl inultum prudral ad ceneom 
lotiu» loci ititelligviiduin." S. L.' 

i69. T& lUv yip ■'( y7v it.r.X.] " Voriit mollis hunc tociiiQ tolicita- 
Tcnint viri dwli. Mifi-i'^ra pro fuiXli^utra, poet Lobock. ad. Ajac. 
p. 3S5, dficlit Rotb. e|M!d(»iiis quainvcrius. Atnr^^rai>fUiX/Yfutni,/Nr- 
mat ttd pfamiula Knuiiy^im Hiimina, irata propirr inUmtissnm JxritiAgo- 
ma»Mni» ull'tonm. ra fiir in yv'* 'frrir gtrrililatfm. ^^loroii *'iri. rAr jW 
r^ r4««vc — po« S«hat». interjireliilur WeQauer. Sed rcctiux vidit 
Rlninf. Avff^yidMap lutKiyfum cast calamtatea. qmlms inmiei ^audeiM. 
Hiniilnn habenon lociitinncm Pr. Vinct. IflR, i^^oU hrlxapw itimtm^, 
ci mox ib. ICO., rit •*!« rXifftrd^Aior Ai»». ot^ tA6' imj^t^ ;" 8. L- 

To this KUitf>eii justly nbjecls ; " Ue gaodio adrersarioniin v«rtM 
nostra inlerpretatur Dl. At ct obsrarius turn designAtnin esHt. quid> 
Qtun uKili nccidat, ct dc Maiwbiis ct Furii» dici hoc loco patct c v. S71 

' CMnure ^taller. DO*, m lUt gu. 
MMlrfM II- K. b., mhen. •nitina otbM 
tM, he rMnsriti in a notK npp«ftilMi in p. 

the xHWa*(t Kr« ojipAted lo thr prnvin 
(ovrbl Ti4v>>(l. riie Una or Ilw x^- 
jUTB fiiUoWt from Apollu'x tnjuiwtion tn 
lb* pMnta Id Mfnt tbo jiioducw of (W 
nwlb {-ri V« y<^1 w ^iiMY^Mratoluxtik 



(il-i.): AXni n." Itlattscii's own intcrprctaliwn. htmvxtr, U not 
miiTf natififactary : " difn^^ww* futXlytutra fiponit, vcncna tjuibus ia- 
tatn contra Riort«lc« utnntur : fUiXt>;>a, ^onimniAnii, hoc loeu mssu 
nsb: Jlm^ywMC tie Inferis infen*u dietuni. quorum tniFtiriaa pxcitat. 
IVafttcrca hae i|ieueManiiimfy«(rnMn'»«t ■ppcUatB v. 867 (9I>4)"— nay, 
moit aaaccounUbly forgetting hw inuaterly expUaation of iS^koroit 
<«(uch sec above) on v. 191., be ap«cs widi lUomficId in adopting 
tbe Sclioliajt'a fandful and (if there be any virtue in the Foet'a coUo- 
ailkiD o( hia wonli*) utterly untmnbic antitl)ev<i« : nut tUr yap mAirm 
(why tbould ff^oit, a» opposed to vyr, be MppoMd to meou mU- 
nua }) Xipw^iK «'< y^t l^im wpis Apotritmr *A)<^fu«Mi(, wf ft^ «ieJlMif- 
oniTnc' ilpar ii aufiaruemt ifAip^ai. 

On UicwIioIl-. then, among' tlicnrions intcrprclntiocsttuit havchccn 
tUacbcil to this obicure ecittonct. I iacline moat to that pro(K»ed br 
PrafesHir Hcbolefit^td : Qua ettlm e lerm oriunda homutHm* ni(irbua/ff- 
oml maii^M. (nam aior^ e»e<(ttf iile trUaovt iuU-Ui)nltir,) Adr Hobit «>n> 
tni iemtMciavH «ior^f«rt, h. c. crcatura ctn: ; ocntpc Ikhcmu, At." — 
only that, iosleud of thiu ingeniously, but too fauicifuUv', completing the 
tanaa of doo'^^NiMir. I would connect ilvriUi^M yr*' and nadcrstnnd it — 
wit merely of Me Furit$ who, as Schvitz obaenw. are prescntjy men- 
tioned by naiDc (v. 374.). and who are eWwhcne called kokup n ^rifMiMr 
tf«jiMtl«al8t«ir«y>^)>i>> ^rM>T«rf(Enm. 383,1 but — asinctadingall thatw 
oqinnwd by y); r< ««: t^tnut' I'cth, 220. 533, (on which sec the note 
on r. 121 .). and fortlMT a* oomprdiendiiije aluo ibwe natural ])lieiio< 
mcna of guod or eril.' wlucb tlwinatinctivc fci-lin^ of Miui have ever 
led him to ascribe to the unaan agmcy of 9ome Good or Evil Spirit. 
Compare above rr. 36. 37. below vv. 277.8. Eon, 600.3, i^ir a* tff 

imtpitttr araXayiumi, Utrvr^pat «')(p^e wtpfMrttf wi^Mpovc. an<l a^in 
(andn- happier c-imimstances) ib. 903-5, Amta mq t ^ aaaif* f a i gamw, 
Ml rovra y^¥, in n imiiTuif Apatmra. J£ e£pamv r*. ih. 924. Inmrvnm 

Fvr Ihf thiiiyi iriich wilA the generality of MantiM^ haiY thf tfr<i tif 
»a^Uay anffry vitHmioatfrom (Iwlow) ike evriA, he. by meialiona made 
to me. dt^aitd thould iu our paitimUr atsr mm to tke/olhtewf phgmrr 

' Compare ■bonf » . 30, /( Iwrni aJrvr 
Wt'ltiw. X'fTt. a;3. Tt WAAtr Jh t*mr. ib. 
707. ««AAa nir yi4i 4* tm*Ja<rv<. toJUlA 

■ 'n* SehoHut iMd Kuac Uat MPMr- 
noaoTtlri*, irbcnlieirnitti; HwU)»iara- 

T^ tr9fir ptiXiy/Mara (Ikeir imemir m ' 

WrTHf . 

* CoMtHrv, IM llrii pniM, ■ niuritnl 
fiH^te aTinaial, S«i. liil. r£KU. 



— and compafC with xht Mntimcnt htrc cx]>rc4M«(| thow kwful intprc* 
cnlitktui of the PstiJmist. Ixix. 23 : "let t he things that ehould hare been 
fnr their wcultli. be unto themanocrasionoTlsllin^: cix.6: "letliis 
pnyo* }k turned into sin." Ui^aieMm*' Jfi^oM^bis trapoBrusnaiv, mf 
fuiirvr, \t'yMP, nit! Tci Cfxoia : IIC^'CO. 

Tiiafli — BO 1 read with 'furafbe, Vettori, and Scholelicld ; Rltboogli 
the mnjorit)- of the l^d., anc( MSS. IVIcd. Guvlf., (Rjijmrciittjr muled 
by the jircoedinp li'") have rot 4*. 

N^. ut tfo children of Afpuncninon, who cannot hope to propitiate 
bitt «pirit by any cuatoniary offeriajs to the dead, whilst hia blood yet 
cries tor vengvance rtam the ground : ore above tv. 225. 236., and 
ramparc bcltnr rr. 31-1-17. 893-96. Eom. 9J-1U2. 

S71. njtKSn' Atofidar^ipat, " tiranffiiTiip [Arowi^arifp] VOX Icxic 
vis inolwrrvftta. AtimtuD legit /ir«^r^|Mt." Stud :-^" (|uod ct pg 
malim." Blomf : — and so the Bp. of Lich^ld : — " Idco pnetuli mf 
ffimfpat, quia fwtjiflairtiw (Ic morbo corpus invndentr npHui< dicitnr. qwuB 
^wofifft^v i non eniiii iiccnMirio ub inferioribue coqions purtibu* ad 
superiora lepra {irogrtditnr." Bat would not An^^^iumv give urn the 
notion ottetihtg/ool vpon, Iraaiplinff.m trradiiij cbwn-~*e*,tor example, 
Tbcb. 634. Soph. £1. -I5G. Eur. Ilipp. C(;B— and so bo inconsistent 
Willi aypiait yvaSoit nnd f(iir&opTae. nliicli Euggest the tfpxm of a wild 
beBKtsprin^ng upon his victim, and /culeAiny tat his pe*A ? With tliia 
mctaphoncal aM" of yniAiit compare briowv. 315. Proni.OfiS. irora^ 
m\'pi>t Stimvfrtt oyplais yyo^rat. ih. 64, tr^tfAt al&alhi )v<a&r. Kur. M<d. 

473. Xix^itac] "/m/irtijfiiiCTlAtiHi*dicuntur, somm»cnliBviti«,cinn 
afperitate quadam et leti pruritu. viaituaedamiul ptturani etfodie km- 
liiei ipccicf." Foesiiu ((Kcoii. ilippMrat. in voce Afi;[^Mf .1 a* quoted 
by lllomficld. who adds : " Pnsimatn bojas norlri siieciem dtecbant 
See also Facdolati'a Lexicon, v.XirAni — "l^tinciMnilasract impriiyo" 
— who quotes from Martial li, 99 : Noo trifite raentum, BordWIii^iie 
lichenea." " Aij^^c f- >■ X<ix»v [Etym. M. in v.]. id est t^vSita. Lent. 
lin. 51 : hcpm cvmdnu." Bliinl. " Hire Icpnc dcKriplio MosBocit 
l«vil, xiii. f^q. non abaimilis c*Tt. Rnrior npud Unceoa de iiifumi mor- 
bo sermo. quem omnium vero climatuni cx|»erieiitiH ewe proluvit euii- 
dem. |Mro roonbua iiutitutiiquc Brrpentcm rel extinctum." lo. Muller. 
Ilnych : A(i];Qmv' 1^tan(t%!itmiK»Kt%t. Rum. l^.XtxiifatfivtiXtH.anwmt- 

Ibid. <^'i7A>M-at- " Formartr^occurrit Ag. I&97- VideltiretM- ^• 
<|uetitativiiin ohantiquiorefk*." Blotnf. Compare Dutlm. trrry. Creek 



Vrrh», p. 1 06. — li^;!;**!* ^vvm>. U«eycli : 'Apxaio ^mt' 4 *f^ Tvi nrtim 
nrra^ravt, wnpi ' ItnroKftani. 

•213. XtuKAt Hi rifivot «.r.X.. ym and tkat vhite hairs tkemld ifC. — ■ 
parent heticBl Rupplcinviit to tbe above dentmcuttioii, wbLdi mtli WeV- 
buer H&4 Diiidorf 1 Imve occordinj^ly iDcIoacd between two colons. 
Sebolefitlij compuM I^vit. xiii. 10 : col IM «A4 '^'*^ ^ 'f Hp^mrt, 
ml odnf furifkAt rpi)(9 Xciw^f. " Kitpn-v- Cmfilha. Elyra. Godian. p. 
3S6 : Hipmu' at ypix't- Altrxi^os' .Wm^r K a^prat fgd' jirnvrt^A)!!' v6a^. 
Loci atatertjin tic Schtd : f tw'xP'* >^f***' ^wy^vo^ti-, q* trnyi' o^a yiifM- 
iT«p«r ; qua: vertw, qma in duct^Iica decumuit. fnt^menlunt poebc cbk 
pDlat Abrcscliiu^ ; (juum nprrla lunt divc-nx inti-qiretsltofW* : rvL 
WfBr fW eearrtuten} morbo iabomh'mut, rd, iV/ko MnMonmui ; pne do* 
Ion fciUcvt, (vl Ai ir<r^C*m tV fiMTi 7>i^)n«i(vi}. Contra Sjtuileim, 
et Spankcmius mA Callim. H , Uian. 78 : mSbo§ npUloa ma am hoc nr- 
oriri mmrbo. Scfailtxiu* Uwlnt Cebam de Medic, t, 26 : " VitUiy^ 
knwq habet ^tatUma rimiie alpko, aed mnfis athidn ett. ft altnu JttcendU, 
im (ogve olbi pQi uint, ct Unugiui umiles.*' Voceni SicuUn caae 
mipv^ ait auetor Iraetatali d« vocibiu c|nibuM)am peculiuiboi, ■ Stunio 
inscrti in MaiOiUT. dc Dial. p. 377. (BeVkcr. Anccd. Gr. p. 1096). 
Otrciirrit npud Simonidcni viii, 3. Kiniicdoclcin v, 37. (ed. Pc^rnni.) 
Lycopbr. ^7. Nicnnd. ap. Atli«ii. ir. p. \3S. K. Heajxh : [K.«fnntt' 

AxvmpctMmiUiivtt' atnmnpapJmttt. mopata y^ n'*X*if -^Krj):i>Xaf 'T'frHltAii. 

PbotioB : ^vpgvtipnm XmiTOf . Aurxv^o* *' K^^vjt XorvpoK." Blufof. 

/Mrf. AfwrAJutv. " Propric dicitur de nrtu M^arnro cclestinm, hint! 
dc re qoariB in conspectum k; erigentc. aat appaninte : £nr. Here. F. 

1052, rtj^iifinvT (iravrAAM. Phoni. lOH. itdAot Tjvoc mnnrtXXMi." S.L. 
Compvpe Ag. 27, «£t^ ^mmAsviv. 

S74. aXXot *« ^Mi] Tliia w the tcKUng o( the old Edd., for whieh 
Stanley. Heath. Schiltz, and Blomficid have most aocdlcwly sabetitoted 
■IXXat r' njMrti. Ilicrc ii an iHtcmi|)tiao of the eentenec (m wc have 
jiiM noticed) in the prceedinf; vmr, and a return here frntn the erv/to 
vUifuo of VT. 27 1 -2. whieb we may expreat as follows : imd o/Airr m- 
Mtmu he speaks o/tm ikt part of tht Fkrirs, as hrvvght to past m raii> 
irpuncc of our /athfr'B blvQd-sheddiiny — tlungt tkal stt rltarty. albtil 

' .Snl><ihmt'flil»pr>ar. vol, ii.p. Zrt: 
" Ifortv uanr ad trmerMrm rrja4ttm 

m »**A».l»<^ifii.Tfi>M ijL W'«'. T f^— ■ 

■nem lo fcnvr Iwvn l>7 ■> mrliqibur, dut 
irJp«ai ««« linl apfilwiil tnth« "■Mnjr 
nni|.lii>iuK!"o<ltierwp.bran. Dem|«fe 
XcB. MrM. t.VT.f I i»f i g<r«^»py « i>< i - 
nu rA tmif *mv l^giataig. 4i m^ I '■ 
rti irfaMi "r^ wMatfyf. 



rAey frontf iMr brow in durhwf*} 'o^&wra, v. 'i76, Stanley, with 
Scboliast whu has : *&v ir aKAnf pvf Kivuvtira t^k o^w' Xa^nrpftc 
4tn(tvmt>>ryn;apiiAic»taAgmanHH0n: "Patrem sc.. qoi voce: 
qiue prwcedit eubiutcUigcndiu" — and ao KlBUten. Otticn tuiv« con- 
tiiMnn«d tlic whole line as corrupt and. in the present context, inde- 
fensible : "Vulg., qusiii ill lextii dedi, »ensu rarerc videtur ; (|uare 
Schritz. cl Iliith. ipitrrt dcdcnint, quasi ApoUo Orcrti noctc npparncril, 
nmnino nuJc. Mctiua Pauw. et Schwenk. iiiSw rt .,. tm/iin'r, tnelins 
otium Heath, i^cni ... Mijuvvy . quiuii'iuimiy intrliuskbcwct." Well.-^ 
" ipait Tt Xafij:pi9 iy atonfimixifVT' u<Pfttv. Paaw : sc. ApoUt. Htnthuu 
vcro l«git, iS^t^a Xuinrpir iy iTK»r°# VfiMy y ^piv. Oblitus ticiljoet 
j^^fctnininigmcfisuK! Sensuaest; alias elhiH prtetiait Ftirinntm 
atf^asione* mr dart vUurum ntie. vel in M^urmt tenebris: oicut infra 
[v. 1043.] nit Orestes, 'Y^mI; fUi/aix Oftir* Ta^y . iyb If ip£. Eioni. IU4, 
ivtcvcn yap ^i''!" ii'/uurn' Xafj/rfivvitM. Nc()ue tfttnen hsc omni ex pwrtc 
milii placent. An Ivgcndtiin 6ptivra Xoiixpiv fi*. wi hie wnus traupo* 
oendus po»t v. '262 (i/S.) .'" lUomf. — " liic versos vd loco motus, vd 
lul ijuicilAn^ omlssa^ rcfercndtu ette mlUi videtur. Vix potest cwc 
sornw." S. I-- 

In tbc abuvi' translation, I differ from thoac wlia follow the Scholiast 
only in giving u wider iuTcqirtrlittina to npoaffi^e "E/juvw v. 274,, »o 
that ^ira, a neuter pluml^ with which compare the similar bw of 
Sira^pa V. 269., m&y cxpreea in the most gcscnd tamu each wntb- 
fitl aivptuitions — insidiou&lv Imutiting their victim, and tliou^h imsepn 
by otiicra (v. 2$4.), ever present with him— bd are iiiviitioiml in Ag. 
ISO, fJfini y^ iroXtroprot owokVfwr io\ia ttrifuw ft^iw roifitinMKic. ib. 
int;o. 11S4-N9, and >>o linclv dc«cribcd in that scene which Klaiueti 
refers lulo, rrora. 5C6-73, &S. la fa' jfputnr ai!/i( Wiy ntiuHmv •i*T)i»c. 
(TAmXo» *Ap7«ti yiffwoit, JlXn bi, liMV ^(t'piemrto *f<refivira Sovrar. 6 M ii«* 
IMvfTOt dtftuir sfifi' fi[a*r, ir eiii carflanWu yuia n vAt' mUii in r&r riaXnmw 
i^ m'fWP mpmr n-ifymt, irXnt^ r> i/ijartt ara xtw wapaXlav '^fifmv, Itt 
r»Xo>/uMiE v. '27.'i., there is a lutent significatiDn of iHrine rrtriimtioji. 
waon plaioly dccUred in rr.SOI. 372.. which wc might pcrh^is ban 

' Camparc, on Ui« ran«ationaf Dn. 
hn«, Sii|>pl. 86.8 ! Alb l|iu;'*i aim (C94- 

■ *' KirUk *vrMa : vwaCrB *^^t4^^ 
rfn T^r aori x*m>J(. Crlcnim luce uni- 
verwi VT. S'IMf , ■■( r<»n> |H(rti<cff<t<in 

AirtrtttT. U. 11.27. 
' C«n>pan tkc corauvn irmIc of lic- 

frribiiw oar geatnl atiM of aiGiini « a/ 
ihr mtmKtBat rimmftuow of uy |wr- 
Ul-uIot tniuaoiton, tiy maamof aimitKr 
^nnJ a>Ilci:tivc or imrtidptc ; llerodot. 
Vti. .ti.alfr' /w«^tA«» /(Ivrwr. llHi^il. 
1, 7. 4t)it cAvitiwri'^r (>-rw*. il.M. ^rvillt 

«*l«u»fiiiUrTtir. i.ff. tnu»^«tflw, Sm 

iilmni T.377. «an;>Wi^w. 



belter expressed by transUUng it bcre nlsu. requited or reconiimttttt, 
i.e. vivitcd or inflictvd upon us, aa the jiut and iie«ewiiry cuiiscijaeiwe 
of (<Kfi«n>) blood Iut\tDg been abed : cumpuru Eum. 320. tr^rro/Mt 
aiiunttt ,\'tt /^angfUK. A. S43,irvtriiyip tiriiTTat, abpwv fMm ti'Xw. 

Bvforc we ditmiBs this note, it is due to I'rofeuor Schukfk-Id to nO' 
ticc tbc explanation, wfaicb be bos given of v. 276 : " ijMJcro ad ea am- 
oia ^ef^u1u^, <iuiic in vcm. proximc prwcedcntibua obscure iodicantur, 
ct ^uit Flare tjuidcm vidfbeMt, i.e. quid in Gumina vellent, niniiii crat 
m&nifeatum, quamvU obscure adumbrsta : gmimvU iu Imrbria tiiperci- 
lima wtotviaM. Cf. (£d. C. 7-1, uir' J« XiV^r. wipff' Jjpsmi Xf'fofMv" — 
tbougb Uiis. if equally ingeDiou.&, is even ksscODviucingtluui tbesntnc 
leuned Editor's interpretation of v. 269., iniuinueli a« tliut peculiar 
meaning of^pHyra. on vbicb it rests, is ra purely incidental to tlie pre- 
ceding CUdtttxt, Kul m irpu« ^lAs fi4 i3^"rwTot Sp€iaitl (Kd, C, 73.. 
tlkAl it were as onrcMouUc to expect ifirra to stAnd alone iii the kiiso 
of wonlj ikax aft (i. e. ha^f mhim? and nimning), as to rappuK that 
rf^iUi. for example. ajMut from the cooncction in which it stands in 
Soph. (Jul. T. 37 1 , rv^^ ri r ira. r4v re ivvr, ri j' Sfituir <r, 11 III it- 
self eap&ble of denotmg iktif, or Jail ! 

Tlie uidy rcmniniiig inleqfretiitJoii. which after tlio promise given nn 
V. 2(i£. we arc bound to sabniit to the render — more for hi» lunuKmcol. 
than \ua iiutraction— is that proposed by KlawKu, who iiuria^ brst in- 
troduced r, 266. after v. 276. IranElalc* : El evtnmemorat ulioa /Wi- 
arvm tmpHas, fui e aatxffuine pateno ratifitait in eo ^Create kc. (|ui lo- 
quitur t], qumn viJct aaa fifcidr in tm<bris macfittnn aiipercUiiim tauri' 
MM), r^r/ntian art /Minas/orliatanmt firivalivas, and adds : '* riXoiyMrar 
/firm, n>tr» fnctof in Orc^tc i|uura vidct. liHuro cnitn opparcnx pn- 
trisspectruinefricitiii«aaiBm.qii)trrc|H'lilurMbiiii]MrluFuruiruin, Iloquo 
jure suu iMMittiii ent accusativua, quum dntivua, qui solct Jitogi cuiurs* 
XtMrAn, rem in aJicujiu graltam %-crtcutcin dcaignet ... Appuret Agii- 
niemnoctencbrisinfcrcmimiii tciiebrvtnocti>(iEiq?rrMi<^for V. 'i77,}, 
el tanicn dure rum luptcit dliu?. EWein ratiunc in Aim: Irvgicdiie 
Oresti apinrcut Furix, quiu non ccniit cliurve. El t«ui iratue cal pater, 
lit mJtui cju taurino nihil c«ti«fnctat, nin si cjcctun wpicit Olium ex 
wdibns sniB et boois privBtum" ! 

376. pwyucir' otj^tV, taemia^ tke tyv-hnv op or dovm. t.c.. in plntn 
trnu?. mulung the muscular cfTurt of opcninptbc e^caaod to (•MHfny 
tkr pvKtr ^fvitum; compsre abw«v. l.'iS.Thvl). S.bIohi n>^M*i-. Pers. 
.TJl. imXunwmr &^u p^ytiw. Sopb. (Kd. T. 46K. 0(/vj> wo&i nwM». fir. 
KS8. II. pv}iif irrt(iA». EoT. Plrtm. I33-I, *^yxV '"ni***"- 

I notice thir. bccauw of KUuicn'" too partial inlrqirrtalim ; " *••»• 



pmf T i-pftvr (Ic irelo, ut mt^ynrtt ris i^M Sopb. tnc. fr. 753, Ct dc 
Hcrtorc inltO : ™ W wi &»<r* XafOria&rif fiXotn/p^trir W o^C^iv Kodl. 
II. IV. G08. Ira in tniperciliU remuict, duin w ridct. ib. 102. i^pvt 
Ijfwra dicantar ipsa vEschyli verba AristO|)ti. Rtui. 925." At theume 
time we ia«y obscrre that the exprciaion ta more appropriate lo Minic 
anch (i!k»Xa mfJIfmnta we have referred this tine to, than uIVodcMor 
Scholcfield supposes, to the general tenor of the preceding dedan- 
tkma of the Dclpliic Oracle — and further, tliat tlic mention of «"» < 
■o nstnrally introduoce tbc term irmmiyit- in v. 277, that it it not pr 
bhble, a* two lenraed ?rclate8 hnvc conjcdored, that v. 276., ai it 
QOH BtandB. has been corrupted or niiaplsced. 

277. riV yap anartiviv K.r.X.] For the dark (unseen) mUsile cf tie 
infernal dcitita aimrd l>y suppHants thul havefailai (in their fatnQy) by 
a kindrvihand, — i( ii»«7y fre (a» in the ea»euf Orestes \t. 1003-6. 1038.) 
wadiKxt, it may be (as in the case of ClytcmRcstni w. 30<33. 510.) 
vuionarp /ftir o' nights — dUtwtf*, tunfmaidg ; and tcitk a brmen nctmrye 
iHf wa»led body i> cha»fd oat afthf dly. On (he eumttruettou of /k wpor- 
rpMrouo* V. 278. — which, the Scholiast (except that liis interpretation 
iatoo limited, nsagain, wlien hccxpIainsrilfrwM'Hi^i'jfAot by: iJmJanv) 
well interprets : iKTov'\yaiUttrwotlK*T*voi'TotTvit0taii<K9ua)a4nt rvxuv 
— see the note on Ag. 989., and, for npo>rrp6>niu>t, tlie note on Ag. 
1556.; witli reference to which pnasa^ the DiNhnp of Lichfield here 
obEcrreii ; " DpoorpAratut pro tvyplice adhibcri notiRoimam est Ag'. 1 689. 
Bed, ubi pro tctter^ito ponitnr, wntsum habet eecundarium, ub illo pri- 
naario tappHctilionis derivatum. Qui enini mpplex e*! ob ovdem ad- 
miaBam, U pro scclcrnto hubrndua cat. donee expietur bomicidiusi. 
Hiiic igitur irpavTp4ita»as pra gcelcmto ponitur. Eum. 237. 443. Ap- 
posite vcro ad hone loeumE^m. 333, Sfinf ^,iaV^/i<trni>nitav AoiinVXtt 
if wpotnpawtdav fi^it, tl wpoH^ ir«p' Jkuv.. uhi »fit)crrft6ifaiiit aoa ]>at«st noa 
caae tuppla." Stanley tnmnlatea v. '278 : f/n coiutaguiaeonm arrlera- 
loran moou ceadenmt, (which woalil compel as needlectly to restrict 
the application of ruv«i4/M-<pwv), and adds : " oliryimteuatttltyytrtU 
itive ffvyyfMit. Soph. (Ed. T. 1016, ^Aivok' (woi [IiJXtiCfof ovftte />■ yrWi 
CAngl.o-Aui] , Bur. Ale. 904. j;mn' ti» ?► iw ytra «.t.>. — to whidi Atiresch 
ha* added (FA. T. 14^0, nXt i- y*'ni yip riyyttii fiAivf ipir ... <&H3«f 
fjfw cina.. and Blomficld Kum. 60t>, tyA U fFP^ f^* ^f7' ^' aifmn ; 
Unksa. however, we wuiikl tninHlate with Stanley-, it were more appo- 
eito to cooipure below w. C3I- 945-?. 1(H9. Af?. I4.'il, (where kc the 

note) Ukt' ('( rivi* itifi^r, nXXfv ytrrai/ wf^jhut An-oroK ai$itrnu)Uf. lb. 

Khunen on thb paMage aptly corop«reE Plat. Legg. ix. p. 665 : i 



JmraD iftOI-ia (I- roit fdxrl ro<( r^r latrrav ^ vr ijS* tat ar^irrpil^iureti', 3(ifiai>« 

cui m/Mmiitfvos iwnW rn^uTrti uird AuMfUV tiatntr r^ ApdiroiTa, p*Jfti;*> 

(tVfuxur (j(«r. nvrifr r« col rat wpaftn aunu : and ngnin il). p. 666 : JlAy 

,t' A wfnnrv""' tyyvTaru fu^ «<r({iff fy im^Mun, rd fiMVju «f ciV uut^ ire 

ftwff JtuqF m'vr) (nf amMrj[<V^ t^c aiTou mirpi'&tv dmycuffrN anrd i^ 
u uUo Uvmootli. C. Tlicucxii). p. 1331 : •nXntrrKramf uvrf row 

. ahX^Ov fitaif Stininf, Tn«»iV«t ryrrtro w^^l oirir nfnrf, A<rT' flwi^ ^ rji WM 
row' AjxitrarriK' Koi ««dbfum«, afawr ftnv, 4^iy«pioi> XqiUt amjXX^^. Com- 
pare aim Ciruro pro Rok. Ametin. c. 94. which Scbillz luta ooUcod, 
and Juvenal S«t. xiti. 3 1 7-33. 

279. <K rwcra*] " Uaitalius filiuct rvKtif, aed nrnha <^scm}>bi nhe- 
nua kfcutionia attiilil Blunif. Nndoan hiciticrM pomcrit, qocxt onui 
■orfr tcrrur biculicnduscssct." S.L. Tlic fainiluir EiigltHh tnuiahlion 
of tfac i>hrue that Itaa olreftdy Iwea gtvco, occurs id Sfaakfp. JiiUns 
Cmai, Act i. Sv. 3 : " Slcck-hcadnl itxn. iind tttch us sleep o' nighia"; 
i.c. every night, oa llic leaniGd Prelate interpret! t» nurrnf. 

UlurafivU h«5 : ■' 'E< rvKTMi. Nvctu. Homer. Uil. M'. 366, VW nwrvv 

li'iTiM^t j(aXtwoi, &)Xi|^<ira f^wr. Tlteo^. 453, <nr«^rp4((Mni )>J AfirfMd 
DoXAanr <V it^ru*- uXA«i> lx*i Xi^'m. InccTl. Rbes. 13. he w writ* rAe 
iywnpoc cwrut itXaAiixri. Ari^toph. Eccl. 6€S, ouc vmtsivavc' Spa rm> 
wtA'. IIkc ct |)lura oongcMit JacobeiuB in Anthol. I^lot. T. m, 
p. 332" : to wbid) be further (ulda Sappho fr. xxviij. VSnn p** a irv- 
XiiM Km DA^Mrftfc' fuVoi lU rMnrr- ilcTodot. viij. 7fi. rnift^ tyiwowro^vnt 
rMTff. Tliuryd. viii. 101. irpyMmpar /iWMr narAv. Xenoph. Aiwb. I. 
t'd, I. m^M itivat irimxtt, Cyrop. v. p. 38 : i^rim A* {v /r jit'try twcrar. 
And the pocnliuity is no doabt lu Iw cx|ilnin«(l uu tbc ume prinDtpIo 
foirtmrtKai ^fo amartoj. aa that familiar deaignntioii of the partinilar 
perMn imtkr the general rdation, tuatanccv of irhick occitr in rv. 36. 
73. IG4. 3'23.'iM3: compare Klnu^en nn Ag. 15-11 (ir>96).roCT ifww 
rut : " llurali^ pro siiiguUri ponitur. tibicuntiiK designanduBi est e«e 
MMiverai aiiipiid in cmditione ejw de i|ui> semut lit. ot Ear. Here. P. 
455." Mt'im rwcrfc tbcn ie Mid-night, or the hour at which tdgkLi. yi\u> 

litfaer lon^ or short, are Aa{^ ^OM ; and inlike tMumerfMintfAii^nil Kv^ra* 
[. 546. denotes Sit$ta-time. or the time tit tgng damn for a mrrUiaM 

S80. ei»MT«.] Altluf. uid the MSS.Mcd. Gnrir.. have Sm^vAm. 
irincfa Khiuen n-iiiiiio, olimTvin^ : " proprii,- iLicniiluni rnit auvif. m- 
I : iU van iodicalivua pro infinititii {luiitiw. nt nauoi Grvci rx 



in<lirccU oraLionc tnuMir« iu clif«ct»ni. ex qua Uinicn rcvvrU'ndum est 
in ilUin : u(» error oriri pnimct," Kvitn' oilier editor, c«cfpt Pur&oKf 
wlio rtiule duaaiSii—va which bcc Blmslcy uii Eur. Mc<l. IKti — hasj 
preferred tlic rciidin^ of Turn^1>c aiul Vcttori. StMimii. the obvK 
nuRiinBtiTe to wliiclk i» the »ul>jcct a^tc preceding pereeeolion ; and 
(rnni the iiidc-finitv gcDonility of the tcriiiii {Xi/futr^ip St/uir) ill wliich 
he \f described, ocnuton in tiikeii by means of nit nnourotf v. 282 — 
which wt nmy rendtr in kkcA a caee, or ititlii «icA.«(i-«w — to return. 
03 from the gorvcnil to the individunl cw>e (tv. 284-6.), bo from the 
din'ct rcmiirks (vv. 2/7-81.) with which OnwH-s follows up hifl first 
obscrvalion (v. 276.) upon vv. 274. 2., tti the indiroct rccitiil, hegva 
then, of the threatening oracles of AjKtUo. 

aSl. vi^Aariyyi] "Elym. M. p. 674, 30: IlXtdmyf v ;**rr<<. ottA 
roj ir)tviraiiv. «ap AiVj^iiXy. Usitatior acn^iu cat taitx, dcquo Spiinhem. 
«d Ahatupb. lUn. M20." Bkntif. Hvikc llveych i nXuo^yC' fMitrrtg, f 
rw ivyoi TO uMTi'wwiroi", xui ro rw Xr)u^i-ot- kirixi, iial t» rpor ruit wstt*!- 
0OUC invaKinv, xni liipns n nti) niAok ml iri'^yyDr, rA (^yw^. bvctl in 
ASocYrfiat it ia dimf X«7c!fiti«v : fur in From. 082. whicli Kliut.<)c» voiii* 
jareK, wc And yuiimyi 6*'uf -pr irpi y^f (XavK^t, UK ivI»o ill Tltl^b. tiOS, 

;i82. n.ffrf K^jirnifliii /n'fwr] "' «^ti)jus Med, Aid. coil. Hub., qui cx 
cutij. dcdit K/iur^pii. fi«'p<n>i Kob : fUjiot ;i(rii(>x(ii> nun intclScxcrunt 
inlcrjirclcu, quaro alii male poet «ww intcrjiunj^'unt. ut I'imw. prolantc 
Bullleni, ulii Kituth ini-piv cxpliewil. iit lli'nth, vi. H^i-lifltz. ^f»t ex 
ubuiidutliu C9t uddituiii. ut Ag. 507, ftt^i^w ifttkrarov rii^Mw fMpoc. 
Similiter Eur. Suppl. 1079. furiXaxft r^x^^' uiSiaoSu tUpot. Iph. T. 

1299, lUrimui v/tir nuv irrir^iiy(w'i™ti ^('px : fi. S<*hft^f. ftd lARlh, Bo«. 

|>. ^27c^, Hcind. iid Plat. Suph, 42. ' Etiam in (ilti otrciidi-runt lloUli. 
Dt Sdifitr... quorum ilhr. quia oSn nun Mrquilur, aM Icp;nduiu pul 
hie copulam in ti^niv r* rppc-rit \ («d rcpoiidcnt »ilti oi-r* ct «!• ; vtAj^ 
Sflix-f. (id I.«inb. Bos. p. 228. el ad S«jph. UCd. C. !I72.' Well. On 
Ibo iicculiurity iil»*n«blf in Soph. (Ed. C. ^72., »cc Kliiicl. uii Eur. 
Ilcrnicl. CIS. Matlh. (Jr.Or. f C()9..liut in the present instance Scfaiitz 
cannot he fiir wrong in connecting «-0r« witli the w that follow* IB r. 
284. (Mattli.Gr.Gr. ib. p. KIM).): uiiliw*. inddcd. wilh Elmnlcy on 
Bojib. tEil, T. 817, wc wore lo rend tt»iiiv h^ Ami^^tr k.t.}i,; or uii- 
lew, at) (for rCMoiis which will Ijo gircii on v, 284.) iccnis moBl i»n>- 
biible, that « sotvc* mcrdy (an in v, Sti.)» to Mnng two •cntence* 

■ AiU Malih. nr. rir. {SSA. 01*. I. ArniBCmueii Nuk C. p. SlO. bo'-DoU 



togcUiCT, lu portioos of one cocuicctcd tcrka of omck*. cxtciuling 
from V.27I.IOV. 388. 

On titc interdiction imposed by the litw« of Atbeni on the homiddo 
(uul benoe. at second haiid. oa him wlio Elioold neglect the duty of 
■vcnging hU kitisman'i) blood) luBiiBen nptly cocnpanw Demostb. c. 
Anetocr. p. (r33 : Cmtr ry iroMm fwin |irrqr, rovntm *1py*t fir tcAptM^ra* 

«y^r"r lU^ riff mirftiior, miruvfrnwrrf •KimHf, mai itritu mi upw, ••• (ira 
FM* itpi*' Tur (V 'A^i^mvoin' (iii yap rovntr. icn^ fv'EXXi^ fl waSitP, ^t^ 
aifff' 'oi iitKaf. IbA ri : 5ri kmvoi traaw tUn» <it itOTi\ rq> ' RXX4i2a oyMMf , 

X*'«r^ : luid lhi», with v. 889. snd Eum. 653-6, ti it^fit «V ^^uu^* 
««j((i» rVA^. «r<(r' ir'Afrytt Su^urr' oJcqifft rnrpdc ; TDUiiai ^fjoit j^MifMlot 
mit IqfHDic : inMa di Jt'iin^ ^pariptt* iritoahi^rat : may Mrrvc hi irxjJiun 

. the circHinstKnce which Stanley ha> nuticed ; Obiter \-tto ciotanduin. 

WIcnliL-tiuncR) hunc at) ohUIiuh pra|iRiini fuiase Argivis: naiu ■lionuu 
in irdcs rtvqutim fiiifsc Orcriicin iintr rt]iiirgntioaeni oonMnt ex Eum. 
-451. viAai r^wii^Mi: Tni-r ai^u^tiiiu&a oUattn, «nl iSonMrt «■! ftvrvir W- 
jMv :" lA which we may uld ib. S.tit. tipovrtrpiftiupaf n v^i^t AXmiht 
ubwr «ni «>ipr^^ucriv ttporitr. CcMnpnreforthiT wilh this pMHgB Soph. 
(Ed.T. 236-41. Eur. Orest. 46.7. I|.h. T. 94;-5->. 

383. Xi^r] " Vox dicta de otaax quod gnttatim prvAuit : du /dcrt- 
MirKiun. 34. /« 8''>fi>HirairXiij9oMriffv«^7Ui9a [^uu> DiiuL] : llcliad. 

IV. 6.*!, D^iAwtvn'^v >i/&i : de tibatiaue hic et f^iig*- fr. 49, r^nw A«ic 
tanjixntUntlavXiffa." Klaus. Hci^chhubw: .\i^- tinA>fii'ii.' inrfKi. o^' 
l|t ld«p vrdfit : whence Stmilr) pruiioaed to rmd Xiinit. but compare 

V. 434. X^q (from X^O- ■t'"' *«e the nute on Ag..l3!)8. 

384. " Qua Miiautitur, ubarunt oiiut vt vnriiit modi* u viri« docli« 

tentnla. Hennann Jt netr. Piitd. p. 'All. povt foivir iDtcrpunxit, ct 

ii'xfcrdat S' c^t 9vMu,Uw repocuit, quam mtioncm probavit Erfurdt ad 

;8ofli. Ant.*J51. ed. maj. etrecr^iit ftcbiiti;. Eodem inodu Jnleqitiiigit 

[Burl, ad (1*14. T. 817., qui ux)^)i.-iit ovrntra* 

Xhw Vim devertari, ut Hxtv^at »1^ n'XXvtM' poeitum eit pro »ffr« Si'^fffAi* 

■ TImu inlcrpntnl, .\}f wmU Mem to 

to Mneluv ar otlwr onMKGtod villi lb« 

■ «all Xiarv. / Jttirt, ml vhli the jMUii- 

^il* A* W«Wi IVfc. »a. SCO. ixpa. 

•br, Af*TM-ra yiKuicvi [ApqI. Rbod. 
iv.HU). Suutu: AJirrv-Ti/-Av>^ «1 
*»*it>fci.^m<»i. 'E o&nalTb AtAjQi^iwi 
ril«m. 11. ii. t&V:hc ; Cu tkc ctpno- 
loffT^'lhU v<>tb>M<rhir««i.rnMilbi?r(M 
Ain— , A(ki*^'M>i or AiAifi^'rvi (Aiva 

iA<i>^Hl-<". Tkuc. I,C. It, 68.) IttmrmrfJ 
wiUJkt, awl HI, M ail athJeCe, prnttrtit 

tmptr.- vhniMr, try ■« tumrrtnl pranoM. 

tbe praamc Ai'rr*. intliBnini di llaiarr 
mi the AtUc p<irt» ? Cuin|<ux; Ix^roi 
linn. II. l,-m.(«berr wf llex»c). «Udl 
nuT la Ukc maniw* hi<« iprans dlnidlir 
fnm IK—, tbc root ofha ani nim. Ota 
Iko llomrrV J>*\,v^r*t.tec IMlinnift'a 



••fr« <n>UM<*-. Hone ralioncm nunc |irobarc vidvtur HcrroaaD to C/oi- 
tiati Jouiiwl xxxviii. p. "277., cnnilwnfjiip jimprmit Blonificld ad Agnm. 
a\5. Itolh. Irgit : l\ofUfr' avtlpytiiiovjfoptiiifiir^vittiTpbs ttffuat^'jfirAu^^' 
dAt cnAAilf i<r nvii, ct »bXXMu> interprcUilur dc nat^t simul mm eo ttJv^ada. 
kllnto Hot. 0<1. iii. 2. -2!), Pon. ileniquc lul MurcIIi ]«x. p. 249. itn Ic- 

ipunivrfv varpiit yriimi t>i)ft<r$ai. K&ptXop 6. X- QuOVis mtionc (4»CUri 
aliquiil ct irin>mni»(li ivmuncrr. nf ^nn non iKitc^ ; ct iiilhi i]ui(loni locus 
muiicuE vidctur i quod ct cd. Rob. coufirmut, in <)ua aiitcTucuf post m- 
Tphf jwniliir, cl litntu.t tUx'"^'- "^'" — '" 1"° '*''" ooiuee ctiiuieutiuat. 
Qunrc rulgntmn iiitactum rcliqui." WvUaucr : lud so DiiidorTidM) has 
cditwi. T))c rcadinpr of tlic present text bos bcvn luloptvd ou the &■• 
lh(>rity(>fK!auBpn.w!ir> writes; "Dedi emend fltif*n(*in llennnntii.quiini 
pro ecrta hnljco. Liliri ii^nv m)(tv6ai. oCrt — hiatu intolerabili. Inge. 
ntoM. Kd dictiuni trajpcar minus npta vidctur ronjcctim Midlcri :' nu 
r> inA>v«r. K hcqiieiiti o&rr iiittiUi^tur ou ltd pnu» rt" : but ( do nut 
aJtogrllicr awwnt to Klauwn'* punctuation iin<l coniitnicttun of ih« pat- 
nge. as set forth in Mie following note : " f oft awtiirytw eaaxma in T.V . 
ct rwcntioribup, quod omncm nniteiitiiim turimt, el aixm in G.A, 
.■l^<luabiUtcr ctiim in sin^U comporata ctt Etructnro : ulfrt ftipnt tlni 

ltmnr)Ctr TiHt rmouTBiK, mii i.ujf upWfi. jr. ft. iix. fi- i*j(»irA« (rouwron), ft^TT 

miX, T. (roMi'Toit) : tnnn urcrre ah aru mr tmuripitmttr. Soli-t in tnli re 
wlili iJi, !>nl nlKst inlerdum. vclut 8oph. Aj. 70 : i^fjin»» miyiit ^Kiip^w 
wTf x^x!rr«f»'«Vi8<:)-. Cf. Mattli. Gr. $ 534. Obe. 4. 3. Moiik.vt Wtn- 
tcm. Eur. Alt-. II." 

Were it uurnl)jert. indeed, to make the Kiitcncc run morvsroootlily. 
perhaps the ^impk-st niodc of f^'tting rid of the Aiahu in r, 283. would 
be to read fi^rc — for which nffn nt«v htvc been Babstitulv4l, tbruugh 
a Rusoonstruction of the preceding Hausc, rk it vtitnda in UiuoU Edd., 
ai'X fip- lii'xfa^iH — In which cj»c ihrtiirytiv would be nriaallT fol- 
lowed (tec note on Ag. 513.) liy /uyruw S<];<uAi» lufrt crAXmu'. Uat 
Ihc «l)ok recital comprised inrv. a7l-W-i* made upof *o manydif- 
jcnnted fmgmcnta (at the 1'oet would have us l^chcve) of metrieai xpV' 
fioi (r. 3fl8.), wliich we inuet suppose Ore!>le» to Imrc wildly and tn- 
coherewtly cited, just as they tiiiglit suj^st thcmiiclTci to his mctnnr)-, 
that I prefer to make S/j^ktAm ... ruv a separate clause, and yet, on 

mtPbip. \Xt: " Inr iyi\2<i.). I frail a9».K.itaritkminM. ZwXA«(wtu4*ImiU 
TovTtinitrulirfalri*, •iijnqulnn'lliuii: ftwviFr tiri ■aiaAAir.uIn l^olLu A^il 
P-Vt» i«</|>y(i>-|9«fHrt-,— nanvli \lf'tZi- for >ar^Avir»." 



the {krinciiilc on which AhmiM onTliucyil. iii.-ll.f). prvfci? n 
fiU ap the hialut will) the copulative rntlicr than, m Blotnficld nnd 
Scholriieltl, with th« disjunctirc pAiticle. U'g may then tnnsUlc tv. 
38'2-7 : An4/or twh'tm-oM he w»y> (^wwt, v. a74.) ncUhtr of tts^tixv ' 
(yp w iV jimtuttcd to share a portion, no nor of Vikation'Offertd Jrop— 
mtd *' the unsttrnvenyeaaet of my father lo extlude mf frwH my conn try'* 
■JUon"— swf " »o mta either to ^iv me shrlUr orendeavtMrto make my 
feact (with my £ul)CT)"^-to " on oitr-nuT from all aad/rirndlnt, to 
periak at last, muerabty tttutrJ avof by a trithcriMg (ferintr/ran" / — and, 
»»aft«r the digi<ee«<in in rv. 277-81., it ecenumoM obvioitttoreMimc 
the conitructian, nj> cominonced at v. 37-1.. no the nrnplcM hccoont to 
be jrivcn ot the three last items of the JitIdc proclamaiioD (w. 284-7.) 
18 to say. thiit the Kcn^ dmiuici^ioiis wki>rh we have dtstiiigutfhi-d 
in the trun»)alion by meant cii inverted eommiu, wtd which nii^ht pcr- 
hxpa hare hceti Ml (as in w. SO. 1 . 85-6.) in the uncial Grvek cha- 
racter, lire drawn u|) in apposition vrith rpoinSnUt 'Epova*' v. 273.. or. 
togulxick to the point from which ttus whole de»cnptioD apmg, 
with iutrjftifufmrt &ns V. 363. The Scholiast has : fiaitif r awtipytu'' 
imtA mvou nt, (i^iicrrv : M though he read i^Ami in t. 274. 

With fiqnv. here oji tngrg Spertre. or Spirit of pengeaiux, compare 
beluwrr. 904. 1036. SoplLiKd. C. 788. x^p^f^UffTw^B^fxit. and sec 
tlie note tm Ag. 148. /umiut^ m>*f rfii>i{voDwt : with oOjf Afi»^mjtr (on 
wlueb H*e note on Ag'. 39.) coropaiv inc. fr. 269, ipfi iUitp jmw&m' 
tin ifxgiUif^ itiom Kai vTii'xarTt ui ««tfi)fi<»y' J^f 1' ^mjAtt Aii;|fuw, A. 
X*^ frrr^rov : where, uitlcts for ft' iIvtBcI wo mi^lit nubtlitDtc imjStii'. 
the 2nd and Srd lines might be trantfiOMd with advantage. "Iltivrw 
aFn^o*. omai jure prmitum : cf. v. 399 (390)." Klauo. Hits answer* 
llBto tfnjM' r' dnipytir v. 2I>4. U Kn^«Xor unto the auccccding cloose, 
\%f wlueb. «B tianshted above, we would be understood to coave; a 
dneriptiom of the circnrastanccB under which Orcstca wonld be placed 
ivf dtaubcdicDcc. nut a ifanawiiifMii on the part f4 ttte Oracle — in 
which c«« wc nrasl need? have read i^j^tmSat {ii or r«], ^r* **Wv«r 

SS5. tfiMvtu'] '* Optram prttlarr U tipiaiiia tctim rertit Blomf. 
odU. Boph. AJ. 1317, ubi rvXXwMK est coact/f a/Mm ,- acd pace viridoc- 
tiMimi paulo bliod aigiuficat ^vXAk^iwh. 1. : amf 'OAmv*?, uyw- io0 
A^i^c. «i ff {bwrfifa*, ilUi <nOJhi>ff«*i>, vtf^ti : ubi r^ fUMif. Utt^- 
rrrr, ii]>poniliir rn {unimu- committrre. Si mm emimuvum nt, Aga- 

Sm iw4«« «■ .\s. 23&. IKS. 


N(yrj-:S ON THE 

incmnonn cl Tcticnint kiI,, qxij jiim in eo ttiitt ut pupp^Aturi vkltantarj 
gfdmammm dirrmplwrtuiulea. Vna dtrerMtri, Hprm. qii<H] iid Stanl. 
tiDCcdit. mm jnojmam iabUarf, Nnpie nm m pttritti aat Imiuiffen 
^cnywam, Poaw. Vimiiavemiahvrt,V(Ah. Scd mihi pnrplacct cmen< 
<)ntio Is. Casaaboni, ah Heathio quoquc rvccpt* mAXut'tu— tu] qiinm 
conlinruuiilam lulvtx^iit Snpli. CJ^. T. :24n. fiTrr ;^^pl^^^lt W/ifiK ijnam- 
quiini ncgat Hlonir. hiK cmc ■nAXowu'. quod hi non »it.]ir(iiiine 
fldiiludavcviiJt. C(.Euin.CS6,ffutaS<' j;iriri^^ir(!pwrir|>aird(j(rai,Thcb.j 
7>t8, Ti'r I'l' mtOnpftni't tt^-pnt ; riV A^ t^ XanVrif* ; Xotiiin e*\ , t|U(Kl fcruntj 
(Ic Divo Jnlianne niin riiiu Ccrinrhu bnlnrum in|rrccli rtviiMuiiv." S.L.j 

To lliis tiropoKtl nltcmtion of the tt-xt, mid lo tlic lust pas^sgc : 
tluced ill 8ui>|H)ti mf it, it mny be sufficient tn oljcrt that rit JU ■ 
kov^ur rcfcra (o that hrf wathhff. of wtudi it u said Kur. [I »■. It It). 1 3,1 
fiiii^a' Jtirytt R«i-/><> muTi'nt uAi'x, ■•( inuh» kwfpMfraif trmtvnrnHt /fifr i 
Winti TTtiaAa^ 0' — . niid wluch hu in truth nnthinft to da witli 
X*f"^^ ^paT«pa>y. or x'p>^* Koptrt: OB whicb Mc the note on Ag. 999, 
Hut Htqih. A'j. 1317.. on Hhich wi- mu«t mainly dopciul for onr inter- 
{irctfilion o{ avMiitv, Hem) Ui n bImi trans UitL-s : Si nwi utlrt mm mm Utts 
nrcrnfuriis rimm, red una mecum eompvuUunu : aiid yvt with Kl«»cn, 
whrt hfts : •■ff\AXw« 'If piKWidd ri^a, Srtj.h, Aj. 131? : f^AXt^wr ir^i, 
iilii Scliiil. : AtuXiirfiM- iroi ;fHfitaD>f" — allhougli I would nut iiidcvid be 
tbtmgfat to taacrx : " Pnitividitni <ri-t ibl »d Docictnlcm cbori in cwirili- 
Bndii Agamcmnonis ct Tcucri animis rcfcruut inlcrprctco. aprrlr /atto. 
nihil* taim nj-it Choru* nd ronHliandn* fllnniin nniroo^" — I nvvcrthc- 
\e*» ngn-c in thinking ; " en rc/brpD<la vet |>nrt)CTubi, rjund ulramipie tma 
et siiHHl placalurvt »t UIvsm?. non altenun in rixando adjuturu*. iml 
stnim utri(|ue tributiiruA" \ ntiit acmrdiii^ly 1mii!-latv tfiiXXL'tw, to Maf. 
toytlier, or ffl til out. and thcn'hy (in the cn«c before iie) to rrtrat 
Ore«tCit from the perweatioo of liis Inther'i Mana. 

At the umv Time, that !nter]iretation rra« (Arrmrrv [vVngl. lo put' 
tqi their^ biirM» Ivgclhtr] wlucli has obbuntd the Ewiction of Mer- 
mijU). PonKiii,' dtnsley. and oltiniately nf Sebolrlicid f/tppfmUxt. 

Aa^omi, whi-rt ftobtfidnn : " titmM 

ailwpaltaran. AaM>riktuii(t>nMi>9ru. 

<fiatrar;*AJr«»'<le mulichtiiu vMtiiwmta 
lanntitKi*; nAvf ttr <Imi iitnr dr ymriimi n 
naenkiniln lAistiixrn' gtiUiifn'tttr. Hlix^ 
bnvri leraiOBit van «>t»n», qustnor, 
i|aliDi)ae rvctia MMnowiMaia rdubrotn, 
■lit iu ■Bit lontMn ddhiii n^rie*." 

R<din« irmark of tbv Cbgni 1. lb. I3CI .^ : 

*Jlf Ifor if^7r rvit yintrv vm9pantr. 

Or wiM* uT tlie roudftoniT wilti «huJi 
KkoMn htinvolfMU* : " NiMtniTCro kwo 
dMnin Ml (mAxfiirl ile a^^mmk/* U- . 
mir ia ptaraaifa |intrt> Jni * i 

* (.'i;inp»rr llom. <Mt«"- k, 28. 

* "«VtM<ir PRlVMAAiliu P»rvoiHtt 

Imit Rnr|[niiuiiTni*J. i>. IU. SmI.i 
nwoiDikiafiillitnt. Ii»rwnan(t«am> 
nnonuit iiiM' IV^tadiMu, ciiiliirHi* : 
ilrpertan." Uirtinv. Adr. ft. |i, *;. 



'i66). tM ccrtnioly cntitlw] (o mure rvtpcctful uuticc Uion KlaiiMtti Iios 
iMWtowwl ujKUt il : " ScholtitftK intcqtroUitio wYti.i^tv [rend <rvy*«i- 
fiiXMif]. iTvwoiuir, niliil ut>lrn(lit nisi ignor&M« homincin HmEUm vo< 
ndjuli." Compare llceycfai KnrnXu^' «ui|;ui, mrrryii'jnHW. Karakivui' 
MmXuttriMi fi'uJciAirai. SuilUS : KoraXvviH* ira|M Botwiji'^ nri rup oxav- 
lismif t'wi iffitnirat {»ec Arnold unThuc. i. 136}. ViarAvmt' q otcta. Il»< 

S87. mpijtr'MA'vTa] "Ti^x'^- Sxsiceo. Proptie veto nle c<mdio ; 
ft. quoniani Mdkvvra ropixfvnk inacic coiruguntur, hlnc rafiixntui vsJct 
maeiare. fjtirauv. Sophrun up. Scht)l. : ru yipas Sffu ^utpouw rapi- 
X«t«i. llcrudot. ix. 1 20 : n&wt*n mi Topi^raf ^mJ'.*' Bloinf. SumIu : Tn- 

Ti« «Sr. Blytn. SI : Ti^ji^of. su^jd ri «V rj rn^ixii? l»jMff'''Ur ■/ ^«fA tu 
)n^ 'jCI*' I**^ (^ y **C '• col rt^M;^<L«u-. ru rqAtK uit f <^M^tv. 

" Kniwt mjM;(*iA'fra. mo/r rotttliluta. Rcapicic .'E^yptinm wpclicndi 
raorcm. Soph. Phiii. tVagm. 636. irtiii^fraiMxotfitfDiMrAlyvirnDf. Nu- 
Mtii digniim ut, quod jnm pluit semcl mnnui, Inculionps Cnccu qiin 
MitiB tnifrkutn Fpirant. in linguara t'cmaculum tnui»1alM, |il&iic Uivi- 
■Ics fieri. E. g. dc liominc infortuaio quovia lolraronlc (praiecrtim EUa 
ncglifTCHttu sibi itUtto) diccrc »gU.-iQUs ' kt it in itprfUy f/ickle,' " H.h. 
"Hiw iiiicqiivtaiioii, wbieh is noticed mure far ibe Bokf of the remark 
tx-forr iiuKle nn v. ICj.. tivut fur Ihe iiarUctifau- ricjuplifieation of it 
wliich the prcwnt [nuap; affords, would throw an ^■nipha^'to on ukm-, 
ftd ill Vvn. 454, cocvr ro ^Xkor Imfif' Ag. 638, mtfUrin aomv or^- 
^, whieli would rer|uire Hm [»«»eoce of a more fuDaiu- adjunct than 
TOfMjtcttfu'ra. Wc lihall do weQ, therefore, to nliidc by our fortncr 
tnuiilation, nod comiiurc Ag. 651, vrporaC M^nvt ml muAt #r«Jov 

288. TMu^tf^ xf^f*"*'*-'-^-] -iiw^ nrv/trfiuu OS (ArM — before CBlled. 
ixillertively. xi"*^!'^^ v. 261 : icc note on .Ag. 1537 — / surrff ovyhl to 
I)C dunvinccil by nnd so ttt feet lAt /ulitvl eoii/idattv in (v. tiCtJ.) . cum/ 
evfa ipiihevf tUs iititafd pfrtviuiom. be goe* on — that k> it ought tu be 
—lA& itfed mutt Hcnb i» doiK—Hchol : mi <r fu) 8>& ri* xPVf^- ''^^ 
tth tA SUui. " <Ipn vulg. ^ ex ciDCTulatione Stanleii rcctc Claxg. et 
rII.. lice tainen proptcrea versus interrojrnttvc an-ipiciiduc ret. quod 
putAt lluttler. rid. Hemuum. ad .\mtoph. Nub. 14:1. et 1028. vi 
^4 'mMi^ Scliblx. ex emmditliune Ilenn. ml Vig. p. 791.. qnara tu- 

Ijl^irr." Ika*!. la I. 



men ipisc jun »u»tulit in v<l. nov. p. 632.. nei|ue onuuau ferri |>atert."1 
Well. ConipnrclMjlowvv. 4'2'i. -tyi.8-J., and »«c Arnold nnTliue, i. 7S. 

290. witvirvovtrw} "(riYwrtfviniifivT. (rv/nn'irrwi'ffu'reliquicontrainc- 
tram. Idem error Prom. 432. wiunTvoZaiii conj. Well. Prvtuli illud. 
qniii ffi'rMc* c^t cadtrr, mryt'ir labi." Kluuc mpitinrownr H. Stepb. 
Pors. ScliutE. niomf. ScJuklof. Dinilorf. See the note on Af-. I;>(M, 

tbU. "ittm. Ear.\'hiKn.46-2,ittty trwtX&in'. Iph. A. 1127. Ac hm 
vamtttU l^^Tt. Hcl.7-i'2. lit tvA6iivrtf Tujf^t: Hndc inThcocr. XX. 
39. legciidum ciim ScoUjt^D mi tit tv vatii KoOtvi*, Id. xxii. '27, wjto- 
^vyovTi tnrpat tit 4<r 4tvi>}iW<. it uitUtH dixit \'lrg. Eel. vii. 3. Ovid. 
Heroid. xi. 31 . Snliust. U. Jug. 1 1 .'■ Hlomf. 

392. lixi'"'] " Hraycl) : 'Ax^nn' Smtpa. Parte : 'Axt^a' dn^ib : nt 
Suidui upud qucm ^I'Xui' •!x>fi-i". »t »p<.i<l Noitniin hie xfW'"^ °Jn*^< ' 
ot Af. 41!), o>i>Mrwi' d' ^ax>ivi^a4c." Stiuil. Com|MUr« tlie note on Ap, 

39G. 0i]\mii y^ ^4'* ''v '*' u ' Kwmoii's minrf— that aniinatca Uic 
iwnun of ./GgiMliUB — or if not, it mil scon /m* knuwm : com|iwre Ag, 
Tl!(1. 1615 (whcuctcclhenote). IC42. Supli. El. 301. AnW<lM>)Lm 
^rot, ^ rrava tfX.n^, i avu yvimi(\ Tin fioj(at woim'tuvnt. IVacll. I07A. 
(KiXcr (vfnifiai TtiXni. .\tr. fr. 1*1-1. 'i, l^^ui*;w'v nSr^i. 3fiatr»i% A' fj^Ji^Mi*^ 
?Xo*'- l"^ the opposite *cii*«, Ap. 1 1 . yvvau^tmAfiottoTAor ... icio^. On 
the con^iruetian of «urmi( (properly n d(>|)nncnt) t» nn ordiiuin* futiiro 
pnesWe. sc« Mnltli. Gr. Gr. Hd*!' ll.s. )>■ $43^-d. Erfitnll onSopb 
(Ed. T. 1490. miir' ttx'"^ f*^- Here, pcrliape, tlic licence may bcrc' 
idvcd into what ia eommonly culled the inptrtatud u«c of the verb, 
the actual nominnlivi; being rA itpayfta.* or TaCrpyan V. 389. or the itl> 
(kfinilc tit. ctir7C-s|w>n<iing to tlic Freni-li on (k'i' note on v. 51.). •<• 
that in ^Uictneiii 'nc tliould Imvc tniii»Iated : one wiU son htov, 

£97. "luyAtu Mo'ifNu. ut Soph. Phil. 146€ : itff 7 f^Tollv Mo^MntfJ- 
(11. Hue epitheton non nptum notioni sorti.i huiiianse, «»1 iionnisi no- 
mini c|uod Eortctn tribuit. Qnse |i^bcmiilHr a Jove ex opinionc JEa^ 
chyli; cf.Tlicvlog. iilicb. p.37:" — so KlnuMn. nbo hu fni led here. 
w 00 Ag- PPfl. (where we Ihe note). 1o recoj»niPe that iuf^ier Power oi 
Plftd Pate or Dnttay ilAofta nnrfta^^. under wrhicb it wiu indeed tlw 
pendiar province of '/.cat (w. IC. 237-54.) to csqioufc ll>e cuwe of fti 
•lauf'btcred king (sec Kuro. f>2a.3!).). n* eUcwherc of hi* nupplnnll 
8ndinirucdiutedefociiduil» llioDanaids" (Huppl. 192. 20G.), and of the 

■ Comt^ra ^ ^lalni *. 973. oorfvu. ' i1«n(» ItiC- riffr'tvA nAehniiOlt tt\ 

Jt^nTbue. t, VB. ai lUrriu wooiriv^ai Zvim, Suii|>l. W.ICO. Zll. Ac. vllbwiihhj 
V il. M. Ar. &e. nhh ■!( d) dfTMTit ri comi^ni Ag. 1S&.T1. A 

cnoEPiioRac of .*» 


hijnnd bust Mcndmu (Ag. 351 . 35C. kc), but wiach on cAbcr mou 
j»ona (ivu note on A^. 352.) made other ilcitirs also ito agvnto, an, in 
tlttf v^ry pMWigc to wliif^h KlniiKcn refers lu, to the mention of q fi*- 
yiiXq UatjMi nicct'cds yf itfUi n ^■X«M' j^ wat^iiirmp baiiuam it ravr Jni- 
Kpam : wlKre^unlcsa. in oommon with Keoptolcmus and the Greeks 
who form the Chonu, we would include under tiip term t^Xuv thv </«v> 
ex mocAinlr, who in tlit« new ctmnctcr has formally to Announce liim- 
wlf to )iU former companion (tpairaw i' aMqi> r^ 'HpaAioit itog n 
■Xutif, Xfiiwrivr' Eifuil>. l3il7-8,) — wc must ncccwiuily rcTcr Amw0(i< 
fuimp 9atfii* to llcmiifn, nnd in thi* intcrpretntion wc ilinlt find our- 
wlrn not a little eonfirmed by what is stated in llerraanD'e note. 

Tnuulatr: Do jre, Ikm, O mighty DntiKin, or rather ministen f^ 
liettiay — to wit. " the tlirec Weird Sietcrs" (Moi^t rpiiutf^oijaiiftai'it'f 
'V^irUt Prom. 516.). whom oar Poet mnkci the Sovereign IK»)icnMr« 
of that Ktemal Scheme, (/iolpa or awayiai) including both gods and men. 
in which. i» regvnb the lan«r, they wi-rc held lobe the awful Regis* 
tran al«o, and iinfiulini; Avnigvrv, of erimc, and more especially of 
blood •e^ltinus : oom[)nn! Ag. 70. (where kc and correct' th« note) 
Kum.3fiU4. and Kc further on r. 450. On the conttruction uf AiifAv 
nXaifvai. grant that iraJer the ngrnqf, or by tit u-iil. (•/ Zeas tiingt mitjf 
ewd. ic tee Matth. Gr. Cr. i 5-i~. with whom we sludldu better to rap- 
plf t)ir*, a* exprc«»cd above v. 1(>, titan, ft* Blumf. on. Tlieb. 75. m^- 
igeMs. tPxo^at — which, indeed. iBScarecly admiuible in any of the pa- 
Hges odduoed in hif nvtc. with the wigle cxcr|)tiun of II. li, 412. 

300. Mwl fMv tx^iiii K.r.X. " Pro Itngw cJtvM. i)a« ClyUentnc«lni 
odinm in nuuilum hiuiii tcI efTudcrat <rc] exnunvvnU [Ag. 13^. «q. 
140:1. *(\.'\, tiiffiia vdicm rtfendatur, qoa Chtiemncstm' &eint» oditi 
■ttl}iicintar ; h. c. ^4ivm o4io rfpeiidatiir. IVXtiirAt mAAi/»r, rrpeajatur, 
quod ft nodocw perfieifndi Suit : eic raoz 375, mmtwi d* ifuM r«X«>rai." 
8. U 

aw. APAZAffTi nAOEIN — I hnvc followed Blomfidd in leaving 

' these bead«. m it were, of an old proverb (which wc find more ftiDy 

tntptcued in frag. 267, ipdamm yap mi Kai waOt'i* o^iXmi) ia (be no* 

ddcharacter, the better to diaiini^iidi the cautructioii from ibat more 

* la n i t . rMK i' . Mundy. to the q«M*lan 
thai has hrcn nlml nn lif proiirlc'ti ul 

lh» ppilhpt Savpva. lU ayptiiil to thoMt 

Lare la tratb no oUtcT lluui ibr Mn^ai. 
aba m/M *E«r^i J'tvim. 1.10, ) «*-l 'A- 
^ i.Enin. Ilf.y ubriiv. in rristiim to 
iliU t(i>i-> irorU. " the \I|ibt aad Ootc* 

^ Hw h^nnfaic tiHl (he Muiiai" nfihat 
unlCT<ifIhi[in. inirliirhcarliliainantjrinK 
kw U* iltottcJ portim.BDd ia wtildi r»ai 
Uin aoiBCMirt ■ni>r«Jin*daMMu*f«t£r, 
tint al llMMta*Um>a/r«riC(Mt,Blper- 
Tm lil»cTtr Ic rto»»clwl'>wii Itearll and 
IhofMd. 8m Evn. 91II-9Q. 



formul rtiitcmcnt of !hc «imc grciit principle, which wc tatct mlh iu 
Aij, 1534 (where «ce tUo note), fit'^uvi )«, fn'f**oifTri( <V jfiW iii*. m^Ji' 
rtc tjt^yra. " Tpiyi/iuv fL\-$ni, Hiiic ficio* <riiiviirUti')iit Hlimif. nd Ag. 
H3i. T(MffirXiii<u> pru Tfinnixvio)' profcrcnlis, ttbi vide quir nnnolutR (v, 
I4-I7.). Hujusma(li^coiu]ioiiiti» maxime ddcrtatur SopLodca, apud 

qUdn hfllmnUK rp'Sov^^nc (Ed. T. I Of;:!. r(.iinat<rrn( Ant- S,i9. rfHo^dAinf 

(ilin ibi forte Ic^ciKlum fucrit disjnnctim r,iic affkimr). rpurSX^ot (t. inc, 
Iviii,l2. Tpir(!\ar iu-ni Hiin]i.]liiip. 7:19. 8irnjiiiii iMlmos Irifiir. tri' 
/iirvi/er, tripcncfica." S, L. " I'ncttr notiorti cx.cRipln roi- rpit pro iroX- 
Xiiut jHMiili. B<^quentin protulit Eustatliiiis ad II. O. p. 7'2j, 29 : r/u^t' 
(uXfr, 6 rmv ((wX'/r. rptm'tlff, A iroXXricir infliifitit mieovpytH JovAdc (■ 
Coniitm) rpitiparot (Saphnclis rjii'AnuXor). Hipimiiitx dixcTRt fwrM 
Anacrwix TpiatiK-ifiTiii^vir, rnp rruUuitit i Kirtaaptir fUrow. Arcllilochtu'nta- 
i^Uiu iliiil rpiiTotfiy^i' iruXn". AriBtophnnCE rp\.na\m, uni A<itotr<iXai, m! jiw- 
/MoirAm (Br). 1 1.W0-" Blumf. See note* on Ag. 3S4. 735. 

306. " ITic Odea of BndcRt Tmiyedy"— oI)miw» Milllcr on the 
Buincnidcit,/)/i>r. I. B. pji. 6.5. 6G — "' divide themsclrce in geitend ioto 
two rla«ecc mnrkvd hy > more iin)Kirlnnt dititinctinn tliaii uiy cAImt; 
thnt is to Mir, Odes of the riitirr Cioruf, (lie diicf of wliich ore the 
Stat^imfi, nnd Odes aituj hy indhkluah. Tlie tut tvr uri: luther Odes tmtg 
by one or other of the UrnmRti* l*er«on,T nlone (ni riirn aKt*^t ot /torY- 
Km) ; tir Odes di>'ided between the acting persons ftn«i tlie Chonis. 
wliich are railed «o(i(ioi. lieciHiK? in tlie lurtiiTformof Trnpedy lumen- 
tatioiis for the dead formed their prLncipal subject ; ' or ihirdly, poc- 
tiona mag by the CboniB, but in single voiec«, or in smaller diviriaiu 
of their whole body." 

Of this lai>1 dcacriptioii is thni Ode, Ag. 14 19-1. '►47.. which on tlie 
etiggcrtion uf MCdler (sec note on Ag. 1419.) wc huvc dv^igiidtcd Eo^- 
fuiruu. »nd which, if we compare them, will bo seen tobc %*eiT nearly 
ullied to the pmcnt Knfi^f, there being four parties to tlie eimrtinent 
of tnch Dccne — Ortttes here wid Kfeetm m plncc of ihe two din^iona 
of tliG Clioru* A', (uid B'. fAe entire CHont*. nad (apart from it as a 
choir) the Voryphtrut. wbn here miletIv rcei(e« tliose RVittein* of Ann- 
pmtB, which we there allotted to ClytemtteHra, There is thia dilTer- 
encc, however, to be obccrvcd. that — whereiia the Coinniiilic Ode in 
the Agamemnan remlre* itselftntojni'jioTlionfof netily e^juftllcn^h, 
in which the four parties engaged succcetl each other in reigular nrder, 
Bod of which vrcT)' »ccddi1 portion iH an exact countrrpnrt of the- pre* 

' CamparevT. 110.401. 



cctlin)^— Wre wdinvcliutyuirrtlivMuiu tif ibvOdr. lubciliiAiD^wlKd 
1m llie .\o»[W<»lic«)*elem« (w. 330-4. 3:,'J.Gfi. 3H7-;M . AC-2~i.) wKich 
in ImiIi pluya wind up each lyriruJ series, Mid (it will he ncva) cnntoin 
■oiae ubvcnntion founilcd on what kiu just preceded ;' wkL while ihc 
iiilL-niul ama^iDenl of each (lortioD ia eofnr varied, aalliat fifftt Eliv- 
tra(u'rr. a. ^. y'.), tukoup wtiiilOrc«tct (o-r^. n. m-f). y.) then Ore*t<'K 
(tiiT. K.Avr. irt.) what Elwtra {vrp.K. arp. vr.) had begun, the last. 
nul lon|!rvt. of the fanr \» nfa inurli oimr auomaloua diancter : com- 
RMuciii); indeed like the uthcn, but. in pUc« cl the Anapcetv with 
whieh Ihcy are s^TenJly eomplcled. tennifiatiup in (what we tni^ht 
perhapc have distinguished as the fi/lk portioR uf the Ode) an irrof^lnr 
acriefl of Rtrophn antl aiiUittn>|ilira, aft irrcfniUiriy " divided liclwcm the 
Uting pcr^ins end the ChoriK," to whicli the Coryphariu finally (ub- 
joitu a brief pnycr, as approprinlely nddreffwl to Infernal, na that lub- 
joined to the but M«ne (tt. 397-3UJ.) wu tn Supenuil ileiticii. and 
with whi<-litbit> lAmcmtntion 8ecne ought pT<i|M.-Tly tu have clot>ed, but 
thai (a« wc t<h«il lierMifler notice) it is. under the pceuliar cireuRistancic* 
(if the pmmt thvmati* pm t mt e , prolongs] in the form of Oiab^e 
(A>^(> crco a> Rir HI v. -196. 

The iLfcncnJ clfoct of (his Scene, os well as its strict eubonlinntion 
(»ce Mitllcr aa above. ]i. 66.) to the main action of the drainii. in tho* 
deecriltat by Klatum. " Unirvm hunnittilionc efliciliir id. lit inld- 
ligatur Qinni* .Ag^nnicniiianis et n;diuin cabunitas. ul probetur vindictK 
jiutitia. Non dubitnt Oreslca dc patrnndn ncde. r^A oinnem cjtw ra- 
ttonen) perpendit, eaquc peqtenaa onmibus, qui noo possunt non oriri 
in e)u* animu. Ma*il)uii modo niitiorilnu modovebctnenliorihu* imvn- 
ditor ejus cupiditos oecidntikr tnntrif. i|n;ini jam antra (vv. 3CA. 28S.) 
|)rofiea«ua erat. Orwlett <.-l Electm, fiuoruin Mrmone* nbi unti»tn>- 
phica lege rctpmident. tumulct ah utraijne parte adslant. Ila cxhi- 
iienturin pictura raiia Attics : Clarke's Tnvel*. P.lll. Sect. 3. pi. i." 
(.ompan; vv. 3i-)-5.-i;A. 4S7. 

306.10. The right interpretation of tbia difficult soilenec muxt 
ntninlr dcpettd upon the cooEtruction we put upon the wnnb fwrtf** 
utpimtK. which llic Sc)ioliB«I. except tliat he mMke>> eiffilaut {iavriai, U 

* Kinwntliail notnAeimtlT Utni^UU 
to lhi< >-ir.-nminu)iv. wKm Xr ranuvtfvl 
■drei with the (ifcMitluc Mmc, «ntiiMt 
Ifae MKnnUnc Ka^i^. OndAAiT.MS. 
—■•d the rcnwrk b nrarli u iiiiJtnlile 
W AUi la rv. SS>7. 3M. SMT. ood mn 

to lAAi ...yifr. M3— lie TfTr j<utlr 
nlMcmw! *'^ili(a( l<)-n>iHm(i rtiina. 
lltWB, Awill- DrI. \K,. iKK' byr^, \9. 

iVtfc. M7- Mm.-. i?9. V™. 3W. CfW. 
W. AAA* (7*." t'/Kn|i«fi> I'ft'oi. Wl. 
Hopb.Ant. U)&.ac.D>e. wllhfiv. lire. 



oifittlf IVn. 60*2.) a iKV'rr participle, npiKan to mc to bnvc well cx- 
lilaiocd by : lUUtpHfin alpmSftofi'iTat tit rir oifrw^o*' * /or*, oni ♦wm'iwv 
Aftuv — nlthough mu»l iiiteq>rcter» incline rather lo what Ite goc? on 
to my : (DtXuf ' v&p^Ot* anv a^ffC^n'ot' vv pi» yifi * r ukAt^, ^yA Ar ' 
Tqi (pari' ivartto¥ ftiv yofi ri ^Zit T^ afdrta.TauT' tori, iroXi' tJ ttrro^ tS>» 

Thus Blumfield. who has propoMcl )>v far the most saCisAutory ex* 
l>Unatioti of T. 310, tnuulates : " Quid dicoM mt 'luut faeiam, ut pntt- 
pero fialv ' f> iongiaquQ. ubi Ic ha^l rnbiiia, mihi erpetHre poftm iueem 
tnutiriit argitalat*? i.e. lM:liunifartunain. f|uie calamitaleHconpenmre 
qwcnt :" UmI Scliolcfidd : Qaii/iKiam aui diram. al e hayUtqtio to yn- 
l>Hlar, vhi le Ifftuir habet, far teo^ri^ s^tud'ts ? ftddli)^, in cxplani 
of «)uit lUoniAk'Ul hay \vtl unexplained. " Trin ultiitia vcrlm ojtcxcj 
sis mint rocifi iSmu. ct conditioacm Agnmcnmouis drscribunt. m (ate^ 
trit ut titmiui dcgentis, <|uiulain taiucn lace fmcntia ut ^MMtfurof." 
Kluitcn nUn connect* V. 310. with tiviu, but for >••■ •'■nAn he prcfen 
lo T«ad with \Vclla««r am'taOnr, and iiilerprcln : ■' Quid dimn vel fiu 
ctBm. quod dc^nprm'tiiat nd te, jiater. in s^judtm tun, utii tenet tc 
lux tcncbrie nmilis }" — com]inrini; Y-Jtli ukvt^ ^. a. So|>h. Aj. 3!)4, 
(TKilrot tfn\ir ^liac, 7,>r,4i( u ^anvonirav w( //mm, in which it is hanl tO 
find n j>arxllel — nnd »ij also i.Ac}iii)ann : " oifilaar t^v X6yuw f rA '(lyw, 
c|nod rcpcteiiduin est e ^ufi^vnc f n pi(at." 

Tnuidotc : 0/al/icr. iU-stirrml falfur (Imt yt)u were, iy myittij vkat. 
or by doing what, might I lutve litr kappinm tif having hrowght fmm a- 
far/ari/oii, whtrtymir lowlv bed KoldMyoa. a prosperoMi^ rrtum ofligAt 
ftroporiumale lo lAc liarknrfs that now rci^nt! therv ; and 6nt with l)»r 
pceulittlily U) be noticed in ai'M^nrtp, compare ilc«ye}t : Alninucoc* A rri 
Ktticf rtJ^^ic. Hom. II. hi. 39. HCmtipi. Od. xxiii. 97, /iqrrjt iyif. iitrj^ 
Tfp, iit^pia tfiifi&r fjiavim. And oec the note on Ag. GOO. alrAtwrftev : 

' So nUii thr Bp. "f I.i.-hfii'lii ■ " Per- 
)>mii)it (jiiir w-i|iiiiiil<ir, ml Fthnnf. intcr- 
prrtiliinirTiit fi^ti? ■«-i'ihU>, piiii tum pro 
nomhiMivo ixir fjiarilianrm ul tvpal nr- 
d|iErtti)qn MKi « pro mcumiiio nd ri- 

j(tH;i' Ir nAptiTBT prfiTrn'ln. I'lidp, nl 
mDii (jiiiili-ni titli-lut. Iili- eril liiiju> lui 

io/aam lnt*bru imrcrH ' li.r.cnliuiiiliiln 
tnw ciliMflM pari liFti4i> >-ii<>iimuuuv 
{■OMtni :' T<Mli*vi'm(T>Iiuiiilnu[i<i>,lu> 
fttn pm tiiliiia r*""- »utiu» nt quain lU 

* On tU* retolulinn of the ineanini; of 
oifioM fiou^AenWy ioriin) tpti light, 
we bf aU vtnnt Mnlth. (ir. Ur. S tOO. &. 
<)b«, 1.. mill mmjKiiT ln-lo« ». !Ot, »i(- 
l)(v ifi{»>iai . . . i-wtttiiavat ; U'lf A ui-k^m 
mvl I htjin larOiiHV U^lt •' ■.!>- triiA 
wAn/ jimii. AT. As. Isf. orrfpuor p^ 
Tpofm rr^TB^tr. t*rr». *l9,*i(h(r>v* 
T-^t ItTdc^^ATT^pf Safari t ToAttl^ Afi 
■firl if t/o/fjyjiif HuR/fnD.uf.'miVBliic. ■ 
A< mtoif Ikia/utituh allemiit.' TliW-TiL Ti*^ 
jn. tI|*' imtfUfitctr iwr irf^rv* Vf *• 
wjn^tytrimtnt^VliairAin-tir. AnsL/vr. 



next, on tt*'4talHbiutiaa wt «m ... rixovt Sa avians, ra wbidi lllmn* 
Geld jtutlr mnintatna tt^nst I Icmwnn on Wrvt note *J&4. aud Kdug 
fCoKUMia. lie rr rt tmi jianiailx'Aif p. 133.) that air is indii>[it'aKil>ly 
noceaurj— 0* will be seen, if we reacdve U iiito, n' om tj ^ri)t>, f W tl 
l^iat^t} Tix«*^' rar—t*x tlicnotofon r. 12. Ag. 603. C29. 1 19a. H19: 
then with «kt^i w liich, aa w« hare cndoavuur«d to expnrvi in the above 
tnuiKlaUon. U jiarUy cxjiluincd by <riti>iY fulkiwinj; it, coaipan; A^. 
1465. I4SI), Kmap TiiS' <JMA<iiApo«>. 121 I . ^fryupiaxitlxfni tpoirat tmifpirm 
jpilinrcv. Suiili. E1.-13G. fivi}>< irirrp^f. Uld MX tlie note uii Ag-. 1417: 
nnd built-, with the mcliiphori(!id iwe of ^>aot, nnd with the f;cnend 
(lurport uf thirnrtuidwiFh— HW/*f fAs/ by sayiMy or doing OK^H / eauttl 
br tie meaiuo^coMMnintf your Miykt iiUo day ! — coin|Wfx; above v v. 40. 
\m. I3U.. below vv. 7»^9U.>^2. 94U. A^. 22 (wbcrc etc the Scboli. 

Xh» iw'Afyn., ib. 503. ^it f^ vpiv ^«k » rv^tpirn i^Jpttr., nnd in the 
ofipoBite acnse ib. 739, nupa ^ciiwr «v!tb*'. Pen. 300. ^ftiNt fuV tiiraf 
Biftarw ^dw i*<V<i m< A*tM^ ^ifv (vicrir 'k fi«]hRyj;^c. Euni. 52 1 , «V 
^» nip3i4i(. Shidup. K. lUcluird UI. Act i. Se.i : " Now b the win- 
ter nf our diBcontcnt Made gloriow aununcr bjr tfan luo of York : And 
idl tJic cluudn, tlvtt lowr'd Upon oitr hoiwe. In the deep bosom of the 
oc«au buried." Compare aUo in fvrtbcr explanation of <caAr, Coa- 
tandra'A fiirc-going prediction Ag. 1 249. ^ivyAt 8* dX^r. t^vSt )^t 
^a^lf(*uf. citntin*- lb. 1CI7-19. 'opt'or^t Jlpii ir«t< jSXi'ini ^Ikuk, vrwt mrtX- 
^r Jlevpoirpft^Mni rvx3r<i;i^u'y«'»>;riM Toit^r ni7«par^^«MVTi il>>]638( 

'tjtiftatpnv. in ptace of lit6^etft» v. 310. has been tdtaitled into lh« 
text o/lcnticcxumpk-of KUii«.-n, — whoMn'rteljiiilijiwn; "•ffori>iMpu* 
M. G. A. R. iVufutvmrT. V. ex oorriKiiaDe. Rcccpi caicndfttioami Er- 
fnrdtii (ad Soph. El. 86. ed. maj.), qtue bcillime dcpravuH poterat in 
tectitmem rodicum, »i additura eral gUvaema tffrfpMpm'. Contrm nnlla 
ctf ratio, tjua Lllud ex JotlpM^i' ortam detnonrtmiiua ; ncmocnnn ex* 
pticiii«et hoe per wrlfi^^vir. Frobobile c«t le^^iaee hoc Schotiartam. 
ijni dtcit : /nwrior ^liv ynf» rA ^oarny irranf, fabatjnideininterpretatioM 
uaoa. Vide Cutntn."— wbcrc he add», in TOp{)ort (na it might Kcm) 
of nar interpretation rather than hip own : " artiftoipov idem quod iW- 
fumfOf, Ut arrijyoKOV idem quod wwfi^vneir SopH. El. I'ifi., arT\«TU0fUit 

idem quod laiim$^iw fl). 571. &t rrru wfTiftutpm hue tuco l^lliu•. 



qiiiu ivni modfl dc- iciiitiJi eorte dicilur. ecd do oummutata nitura lu> 
cia et coligiiiis-" 

31 1 . x'P^^" ^ otwiw v.rA.] U itt easier (o object, an Blmn6e)i] docs, 
to tliKt intcrprctaCiun of uftotuc, prcri»cly u» if it were ^fiwr. wliicfa 
(orif^iimting, iu< wc li&re tetaa, vrith tlie &cIiolia«t) hu htta adopted 
hf t>cliiit£, llcnth, nnd Scholefielil — ns nlso "by the Bp. of Lichfield ; 
" Hoc u nequca facere, idiqim lamm j/ralia vocatHr Inna im kvnomn 
Atridur prislini adium dominl celebralus — tlmn to 6Ug;i:e*t Hiiy belter 
vxpluiatioi) of titc cantcxt. Bloiulicid himself hue ccrtoinly detracted 
tram the merit of liie iiiterprclatiiiii of the ]>reci.'di&^ venc, hy ailding : 
" Cum hoc ojilimc qandriiHt He([(Mriilin, lum vnv jratM trMnnvntwr 
U,viia honoran fctmt AlrlJif pristims xdium thmiKia" — a. pcrvcnton of 
till- trutb (for the y.">* '* '"^"' "<■*"«">' bcc^n) dearly pitrchAfted by tbt 
waiitoit dtemtiun of tiAifimi into juaAf^t^* |{|>— luid not more mtiifftC- 
tory is the cxpbuintian wltidi Klauw-i) hnii given : " 6iialat. at Atridn. 
priatiius tedium domiiiia, Inx iu ctdi^iiicni niutata e»t, ita aoln iis in 
luctns honorc rclicta voluptnj. — ii conliniifttivum, StrntcntiA priori 
addita mtione cadem, qua v. 373 (378.)." 

Tlic Scholiast has : x^pirat it mh^uv irrfrrfc tf^aa) riir yioy : and, ad* 
tiuttinj; the truth uf tlii-i axiom , wc mar perhaps tranaliite 4fia/«K ailh, 
or itU rAr gome — i.v. under the darkuvsH »f affliction, aa in ihc 3un- 
ahtoe of proi|}crity — and ruinparc Ihc note on v. 106., as abo Riiin. 
390, Ar'i Tiy, *I> AhJ^vqi Kpartfitm vyff &iiaioif ruiiijH>t^». ib. 5'24, rtc a .a*! 
4 iroXir, 3^or»J( ff ifioius, W Sv (r(,9ui iiKtw ; in the fwmicr of which pas- 
sages, if the rending be correct, iy.i,l^t i% hardly to he distitifpuMhcd 
froniitfupc. Porsou, indeed, ondDtndurf agree in substituting o>u»r: and 
yet vre find ijjalmi lued under nexHy eimilttr drciinutanccf, Eur. Ale. 
71, KoSa if trtifi r}fjuv inM ytrifirntu jfJiptt, ifinaur ff ttftaimt ntvr*. i>ir(j[0r^(rri 
r* [Und. Jl'] ifiai. I mustconfesamyself, however, to be not alUtgether 
satieAcil with thiR, although rri>fc9.<M>r Scholcficld finds ra httic to a1i< 
joct to in it, tliut in ha .tppr/tdU, ou £um. 'iiO, Sfteia xip<to¥ mtl BUmo- 
•TO* tnrtjtttU', he even tnuwlates c^m, lammt compnriuy the 
pasni|^, and Bum. SiS. 

SIS. «'iXi|mu, M, UK «c should tay, in wmnion partancr : ia IteU lo 
4«;eo«n|>arel>diiwv. UHS. Vvr*. 2, irwrrn «iA<ffa4, ih. '24ii,oCtiivs^ik» 
KiAifi-rmt ifu^Tot. Theb. CSS, uudt o£ itftX^int $u» iS trvfiiiaar. ih. 929. 
ArMrai rtxruyrfxiM «(>Xi)mii. Aa to the reading' — " «'>Aqpnai T. V. Gt 
itn legit Schol. ... Idem cwnfirniat lectio M, nxXqiirm. cikAjttm G. At 
At nntum est in scnuone (>ra>co iwpe non a ouhjcelo, Md n pncdicstd 
gobcmari vcrbt numcruin. Cf. Mattb. tir. Or. f 305." Klaat. 



313. wfiutduio/uHt 'Ar/MiJUar, f« lA* byc-jfoMe iiouBc. or I>yiuuiy, nt 
the Atridte; compKre the iiutc on As-. 4:i6, «/m>)u>><( 'ArfMi'^wt. S<-liol : 
rM< »piFn|ia* itrxticnvt ba^tor. mw y^ aCw n'cri dufwt' tpfoiia y^ rdjl' fSy 
(Eur. Med. i;)9.>. JMwt- irpnirtfifaafwi, kmH. " ipav^oSilfitMf 'ATpM'tuw. 
I'lunUiK jiro rin^iluh. .■Sdium drfeanoribii* iDteUigit BI. . itt vpav0UA«)UH 
■it yn /iro ^'thmn tlat . vicut 6«urAi0afu>r ett pane mtn. Simplidiu |Hito 
M&mio/rm i/wnuuV. Mil i)t:rintli: c»l." S. L. " PlundiBilk-tuids Aga- 
mdiiDotic, (|uiu in cu vvi^abatur omnia ^neris ^wio. ut sctn)icr in ea. 
i|ui mocio gcnerU princqw est." Klnus. 

315. )«tX*pA ymlAtt] " Diwtc ol)wr\-Knt ScholluU: tiyniSru mw^- 
Afti' Mt Mu J itpiHuis mpu IltrAai)^, mi ^ ^x^ irapa Zt^ium'^ji-" Blomf. 
" llosydl : UtAtpo^ tcmnrtuir, fiapuvTUi*, ^v, ^m/irpiir, Itrxvp^i iir9iw*t. 
A verbo ^*A(u>, avym ct rrvKirrv. ' IIh Scrviti« attotfre profrie. vult 
idoD eOK quoil aaytrt ; credo quod igois tiativa It'vitalc ct fiKuhale 
ingdutft Minum lutu& invnlwcat, nrviBt Knpcr to tDAtcmni iucnidcs- 
c«tt(ti<.* Vircl. Gttflliusi in Ma. i, 704." Stanl. Seealxwv on v. 27 1 , 

317. imiriVcrai] " Mintri Hubit, qnmn ab mJum forinntiiiu fiivrit 
oifiu^tiv. qUHTL- Hb 4rvTM funnAtum nit Amrv(iuf, c-t lib iioi, tUi«v. 8cn< 
NUB eel, Pr/nnctm cUii»»re /ttchti pivt^tur," Bloiuf i— 4«c note Co Ag, 

The coiiiiectiioii btftvrct'u this taui the prcceiiiiig ■trnfdie^whicli 
Klaiurn. wliu givut AmriCrrm BunKvrblit vF ui mctivc lignilktitiotl, CcT' 
fiM titmeHMioaem. fM demoutnttur injuria), Uui* M|if)liM : " Oreati 
<|im-renti. quynam aooepta dieere vd agerc pooait ytAn, ^uem laAHjia- 
Itt miti pianctta, retpondct Cboroi ipso hoc pUnota cKcilnndo niliil 
Hfpin mnncsuccui nuivindkliuit" — iipficun Ut mc to be tlin. tbatthe 
Cborus would first r«<a«j>urc Orc«tcit under the implied (I««pondc»c)r 
of bin wonbi (w. 30G-]i}.) hy rctniniling bim that " Apunci»ncMi*B 
gnrc U" — «w Scldcgcl * in tbc very spirit (if thv Poti'* uvra povrerfiil 
coBCCption. dc*£nb>!« it — "th« murky centre wht.'ncc the Hvtn^ig re- 
tributioii [rv. 364. 'i89.j it U* vmunolo: bi»g1iMNny gbot, the muI 
[ vv. 31-1. 4(i3-d.] of Uk wbole ■ction" ; aitd. further, wouh) cncDurage 
hiu) in what be hu tivU begun [tv. 31 1-12.], I>y rqtreseoting Utis u> 
b« tbe tutiinU and ciHtonMfy taotk of proceeding in ffnckcwtea as Ika 
imtKnt : for tluU m mwmv U the nfftrrr in due form btmoiM by the 

*fMifii/«ia<Vi',*r>fy,a<'*frllii'l«Wi.fornu Mn, Hhhv-.', Hint twhnMiin. Mii lui* 

tut NpalnitT If t\v inlnniin iif q hrfurr ticiii t- . -y mndnm nljlnr m- 

fiAAtpJ tn'ir. Ill IIb' iiunifol ilutitrlianiT- i.T-|i(r<< Iflttlil. 

«f tkr »i-<n-- lli-no-, llB>M]|b r>iunJ ill ' K<-i* !■■. riiir, l<vtBn>, Ttit^rfi^thr 

tU lb« uM lUd., II WTO iiJi! B M >Jb> rv(< ttrttkt iiL I. p. 3V3- 



newest of kin, and bo brought to make commoit caiuc with his av 
^r. tAta ihe ojtfrrrtor U iUircoi'cml and punialiecil. 

Sucb I faclkvc to be the force of the peculiar AatithctdB to be ob^ 
ecr\Td in rr. 317<3I8, in which wc may ftuther remnrk on the . 
jfultir u«e of tliv article wirJi the jirociit imrticiplti (fquiv-aleot to & Mib^ 
stantivc) to cxprctr, what, as nf^cn aa wc cncct with it in the ]>1aral (■]• 
though neither in the Greek, nor with uuntclvcs, neoenarily niatiag 
to more than one) wc mny euiircnicntly inrnvlAtv by the lerm p^rty s 
we note on Ag. 153G. ruvrfKamic, and compare Matth.GT.Gr. $i 271. 
570. llius 6 A-qirn>v. to Uc di^linguisiicil from i &iivttr (.Vngl. tiik 
mud) v. 314., id lh« victim in nuch u deed of dcoth u* form* tlic «ul>- 
joctof tilts Trilogy, or nwrelitcnlly./AfiJyijijr/KTxm ur forty ; i jSXiM- 
mw. lite offender, the gtalty peratm or party : and to the eamc idioin be. 
loii^ the well-known forennc tenns it ^vywv, J ftt^cM'. ot ^k^mr, oi 
foXour^rrt.' Ac. &c. Compare Arnold onThuejrd. ti. 36. rvv imtytfiv 
fi«MM>. iii. -4. fMr iua^ayXAvnar f'Ki. 40. of Aun^tMyovni.. and Pofipo'* J*ra- 
iryomena, vol. i. p, 152 : and set: further on r, C72. 

321. d^i'^uXa^^f rapaxA<(. An^l, Ironhifd <m aJlhaitdt; t/wc should 
not nither refer it. more prceisely, to the /jnodUnf j^jiri/ of the mounter 
witUm. Had tlie " prrlwbeti rpirit" which, until his Vinnaan's mtuxlcr 
M RVtaged, bBsnteuidtrouhlct him (v, ^SQ.) from witAoat. [I»7ch: 
A/u^Aa^r' ttoXv, 9a<friXtr- kdi fu'-jni, wrrax^*' wX^t> 'Aj<^*Xa<^* i^ym, 
jfl^xX^. *"A/c^a^7t apud Nostrum Ag. ]01().e5tafi«<&»if,ni)>»«MW. 
iHunoMn,- spud Theucr. Id. xxiv. 4S. ampliu, x/ui/tiMiu .- h. I. igitur, 
j«rqiA(Bdbr*, granttimut. Scd cum melius fucrit luljrctiTum (ro uli-er- 
biu iiicci|>cn!, rerti poseit : Juttmt iaetvpatntm nutncMivinterftctontm 
mit»r nuctptiia OMnia /Hrvfttiyat, in ctedis ouctores dtUgeotisainic iu- 
qiiirit, ffmrissimc rjritatta." S. L. 

Fruiu lliia tnui!)lutiuu the teamed Anuotntor wuuUl eeem &tiU tofol. 
low SchatK. who TcmHrkj on v. 319 : " Niiii r«KiWaM> enalbge generi* 
jiro loftipm- >cu nnvauv podtum esse veils, liccbit NC iotorjMTtnh : 
patrtiHt rf uiimino/jiurA/iiiii, tiuutl M-nsutn euudcni ftte pncl>ct aoij 
IruM el matntm dixi»*et :"' — but Wcllaucr's cxponition i« much 9(m|>lcr^ 
and mora BBtisfnctonr. " In trartpNv [n] mi rtxiimtw offimdenait in- 

* Tn ibcM wc mi^tit *f1il i vnlpvp 

(Eli>. Vm. "••own.") Mnltk. iiii.S. 
Mart IT, 3. I.ilki- *iil. :i ; vfi^r lir u.u- 
i»tio6mtr I EiiK. Vm. " )<ni Iniihli-n.") 
AcUir, II . Tof-ion^^/iVriwi. \nfi1.Ar*™ 
tfmhalUm IF.iig. \m. "mn-liaitlHiuU 
M Hvcd."), niMtnuinl jiicdM-lr Mhi, SO. D*Mrr«lW«phir>h^Hl 
TiKST^vT^frw ''•h j^iani»inwf< An 
dtfmilen, « hi Uto qiulntiMM of I . _ 
•liin* Bn(liab Vrrmiai <«Hh «htHi nam*- 

t>«« lb, LUtt, 27. K (vfA <H f ^uM riaf/ 



Icrprctea, et n'nwr volnit Staol,, &n»6mr Butilcr. -. »ed ex trapcoruni 
more junctx «ui)I voces idem si^^TkilicsiitM ; vid. Bninrk. &dOr4;st. n44, 
cui behwciik. rectf Htldit Soph. El. 12. wp4» v^t ifmipov »i moryv^r. 
Eur. Here. P. 1367, i ^nVm j(i r«K<*i> v^u irar^." Compare Arnold 
on Thmnrd. v, 9 : T<i n tar ikiyor m't fif inrnmt nt^wn^w. 

Kkaeen here agftin iiivitn our uttcntinn to the ]kiMn||^ of PUto above 
qvotad on v. 377., but it mu not dome like tQauiea, after jostlj' ob- 
jediDf on V. 319 : " St pror* conj. Hcnii. At jure suo hcc Bcnteo- 
tia priorihus iavi4rrAt adjungitur, quippc in qua totios oratioiiis &Bti- 
frmm mt," to add on v. 321 : to «w vel ri itir (G.) libri. itaiimp ronj. 
Herm. ihtm/cohj. Both, itecepi emeodationcin Luchmaiini ^oinJK, so. 
iintt, quod sumcodura ex /rAia»t, Of. v. 53." &ee the note on Ag. 41 fl. 

Tbe Scbuliost make* the genitim expm« the a^ait, und not the oi- 
JMl of yfof : M<inv*i' (rjrti t« arTin/t<*|MitfAii. 'Ofiwf 6i« QiKfu! ^ ^uj(^* 
fqni yifi womAut rtyMmrc^'Mi r4v i^Unmn :— Init thit ui at varnnOD 
with tbcKMofTvotahovcv. 312., with whkh compare alvoThcb. 854. 
Sei. Per*. G«7. 697. lOiO, Suppl. U6, Ag. 1042. 

3S4. Kwat* nl ^r' fintvti$liu>t] "rntfAMrvfi^i8t«ic ra)g..quod metro 
pt Mnra pootnlanlc in m' a rnnfidtJW nmtarcrHt in priorc tA. Schiltx. 
IdanpropatmitPnr.'t. AAvrrr. p. 139. DeindectiamAnrV^iiSMf reacrip' 
tit Hcrm., idque rcceperunt Schiltx. Both. Schwenk. Lackm. [Blomf. 
Dind.]. &ed flnrvfijStJuM retineri potert. synizesi in poetrcma ayllaba ad- 
ndaaa" : — to Wellaurr. who Menui. howe\*er, at a later period (ace liia 
Lbs. .C6cb\-t.) to ha-rc bowed totbc authority of llcnnann. Kkaacn, 
■t tbe mne time that he notices the use of I'mWfijSKit Aff. 1518. Soph. 
AnUSni., in proof indeed against the temptation of aluuidoning a read, 
inp, from which the onlr vnriBtion \f Tum^btr'o attempted correctioD 
nv* fwtni4l*^'>vs. but, admitting even the »yniir»i« — i!tt. m to v , "90, 
ftXiew. Ag. 116. ^tyMc. Sappl. 71. amp^iaw (eompare Matth. Gr. Gr. 
f hS.). who would be rach a atickler for the text, and nothing bat the 
text, •» to fuUaw him in traashting : " Dterwrn IHn^nim ittnia m n- 
Jfriit btyfrniicit : twirvyjit^oit dativo loeali dictum pro «v tmrviifftiiiMt. 
rh imrvfi^iin dictum de x^'^ nnnfi^joif Soph. Ant. 90i." t 

Better than ihb were it to mould tbe line (which i* Aalt»p. Dim.) 
into exact mnfonnity with r. 308, and «y that, prcriotu to tba oor- 
mption of rot' ir' into ruif, SwirCit^t bad Iwen changed to I'win^^Him 
Of ^ t aa acciiant of <ff>^MH> ram^iAiW in v . Sll'i — hard ■■ it ia to be- 
Sevt, tbal all tmce of the older and more dcsinihlr raulingfliould 1m w 

329. irpisKnt. utviMeMf : Scho] i cl)r^ru»iraXiii<m*v. aT<MOfj>idCovfwi 



Etym. M : TftiatTirtiv' n> viicaf. nrj ptra^npiiT rmr wtik/iunyiv, iV t»>c rfita 
vakatt ripr riKjjv Koprrtniiuvtav- xa'i Ai^irrjrot. 

380. xP^C<tf^ " Nobuidnliajiir vDcniN^tficatto, quant rcdttitSolio- 
UaMes per ^fiito/itfiiw: nan ^nim nlibi qunm npud Allirntpum uno ti 
looo a M ifjifrtniti trndit H. StephaniiB, ideoijoe earn suaiioctuni hi 
twt ; tatncn Klytnologin mictor tadcm quir Scholiastrs ncwtcr : m 
^fialyti (xf^fw 9ci).) ri ;i[piff|M)8v, /■rrU <[|nn> rof i ; et Eur. H^l, 51< 

hoic luco vulgaris si^ificalio t'o/riu. tlbms, Kitia coDV«iiit." Btanl. 
KIbuhii coinpnrrit v. rJ)4. Eur. Siippl. '»97. ^r )>4 tAf AiV xP-Tf""' 'w-- 
uid add» : " Atciui, etui non ipM vnt«i de\w dicitur, tniata luiud dtibic dc 
Apolliiic epFmo esl ; id ([Qod iwtrt e setjuente rra/ui- et inde, quAd 
Aix>lliiii9 jit99um prolulit Orrtitea, ejuM|uepn>pterea|>n(r»i(lium sibiftf- 
fore Rpcruvit v. SS8 (260), 366 (388.)- Vcnim hujiis Iwn Ktinun vidit. 
sod non «rgnn»pnti» prohavit lilomficldiiw." Sc* Glope. Theb. 867. 

331, itfAi»Am>t] " Bene n\iiimit. est enim hire vox l*»i oiiiipiii. ar 
priaium rortc viiiantium proprin. r m'Xu/uii : IrniiMt di-inile dcI puf^nuu 
tev, i.-t sic nd fuvcttlct! et vet/ammtfs in re qii&liWt diJabilur." S. 1 4. 

933, nii&v. a fhoul or «oa^ o/" acrlamatio*. a louil hassit : »e« the 
noteson Ag. 62G. 1215.. and compare He»ych: Uaimt-- IvafuttmUrrfiAt' 
6 bi nXflXityft^f, srauoniriiAt. ypdijitTiu ti ral irawnvft^, I1ii4ai<at' i^funif, 
(k^i7^r> <pU(, v/iiwE (I'f 9ti¥. Suidof : Uaiarai' C/wmt, tiitft»vt, tv^tnitai, 
IladvRit' larpniit. ><■) elta^ayfiovt. Ka! v<Miai>f[<tt>, r^ i{XttXuf>l». XJiamtiirat' 
nv^iuwtt ni rorc iffMt X^P"' ^piAoyjirnc. iniiwr yu,». u^iwat (Vj^oplvr^^f. 
IlatMvC ToC ffiwif. IIiiHNwr ftc, rwS {orpov :— whence Sltmley : " IhiM#. 
f. irai«r:" but Kluviecn : "rsiwr [niidM> Dindorflinsit} obiqucdedeo : 
A^. IK)." S<v. un this (|u«Nli<i>i. Itcynt! on Horn. II. i. 4?3. k«Ui' JciXw 
r«( iniiJ7<iwi iMCpoi 'Aj;nauir, /u'JtiriwrtF 'Rciif^Tav. and II. xrii. 3$] . t^ 9* 
iTy'. i)iiVlAi<T(t irm^ovii. tmvpoi 'A][aiui>, rTtirlv /•-! Y^a^'ji^n MtbfwAi, M 
also UKnini, who d«nv(.-f (rai^aic (crnitrftcfcil into «*(£*, as tu anoHter 
fuf^iirnu'W, iiitOff<uur)frniniriuu. fut-itoifiTM (Matth. Or. Gr.) 181.3.), 
" id. q. imra. i.C. AfwirfLw : conchaUn' cnim rjiismodi hyninils ApolKai. 
ut svcrTUumtori inalonun, ob wdatuin rcl sedanitutn tnolum ingms." 

Blomfield and Sclwlelicld, ou the sng^ation nf Jftcol>#, have ^d)t«d 
1M(^, aciii r. 1-13. 

3i34. irtutfMTa ift!>>oi> Koiilntn' [Af).KiU weianae a narfy-Join^frmii ; 
Schol ; 'Oftitrr^r Wir r<a>oT< wycpa&tmt ^r., and to llcsycli ; Sio€pit' 
iftti^ laiifttiitii/oc. Et)-m.M.]). 537, 47 : vu t-toMftarat oTrun^f .Kiirx^^t 
(fr. 333.) rdrMaxTTl itj^i^ne. " Nihil idind hie iiotati[uamrPcnrifM. 



KOtwm. imprr hie nHwelnm, idcaqae aocictnti nostraa »aptr immiatvm, 
mucmi ; «ivc, ui Ix'iic vertit inlcriircs Gdllieus. a/rhv jai tout rtjmat, 
Phnuin iltustrat Potb. nd Eur. Med. 133. ex ejuKlcm tlifipol. 22$, 
^Mag imittpfoirAu. Herod, iv, LVJ.^iXintnMKpqA)*!!*. \-ii. 161. ipMifw 
avtvupion-m. Ad tofuoiuv vuppletuluni 3v e prncedenlihufi, ut monct 
BI."&. L. Compare rather with tbc-prc<mt ]>U!agr. Pind.Ol.S.123: 
£p9 tufknumr. Pytli. t, 3 : ipn^ atfiaiu'vo¥ mt^io. x. Go : W^rw 8' atn 

jijfMr oiiXifitror vifinai UfiS ytirri. ArUtOpll. I'lut. 853, ovnt wnXv^fliMf 

ovfKtufiafuii Aoi^oM. Su|>h. Ant. 1311. avYmtpaita* HCf. Aj. 695, nl«ry 
r^3« iTvrcdr^Kifti Vi)v. Troch . S2 1 . npoat'iu^p affKif) raPwot ri SumpAmo^ ifu*. 
Fhil. XOG.^-KtirYy'oiMrinafufiu $f>i«ri.eMr. Omt. 1 390, mJt #0^^ 
f*yf</XiilT,Mn'pn0^'{(«. Inc. RImm, 143, wfNMrri^Hw&«i>Hn.ThiiCTd. iii, 
22. ir,>o<ri^iiryoi> wpiit rat tiraX^it. v, ."iS. ^o^XAfiom roic AXMrtrpMr^^. 
Hvnych: K<pairai' iu(iu. i'mvoi, imraif^i. OfHW^i^t' vpoffilttfv*. oiWifrOf . 

KbuM«n alone ftppcan to have pakl snjr sttntion to the Scholioat's 
secood inTCTpretution : Oi hi p*atpam, r^* rvi Pttp^ ffvovAgr. niMgrl ><• 
fpm^m: Xtiwrt xptmifia. For hu tnini>lHt<li : " Motfirn. rrctiu aurhott ; 

■ quia pro ipn libattonc quasi rctribatns cmt advcntun Orcstis 

Quum ct mUceri dicatur amiritui, «t mUc«antur lihamcuta qiiitnu de- 
Itrtor fouetus Orcstis BdventuB. bona mtionc dirtiu Est Ore«tea ipse 
adinijcliis. ctN audactcr" ! N'or is be. in tht» inotance. more hkppy 
ill bia crit>ci«n : " ^'Xor dopiCti M. il.' O. A. R. ^Xor M^tn M. I. 
^Aw y« wfiifotT.V. Pora. conj. K^^Unm: At mole iv habct oplB- 
tivus. qiiuin nan modo cogttelur de hoc unico. aed ip*e jain sul^'enent 
rcvm BcldactiM. N'on inrptum yi m^iY". quod tlcbctur conjt'ctuncT.. 
quutn digilo rDoiwtTTlurOrcstca. Probabilius cti^m ridctur ^Xoi wt" — 
to which it may be Bofficieut to rcpljr that the yw (and to too »*}, by 
tfaroninj; iin miphiL<i» njmD MOKpora ^I'luu'. would indeed expoac th« 
pue^^ to tiie forc^ing Db}n:tioo ; wbcrea» now the main feature io 
the MBtcnce is W 3r... voiw ... *aftiT*uv, nnd Ibis mtut be Bdnittted 
to be on thv part of tlie Chonu i legitimate subject of hopeful i&tici- 

Whether, therefore, it wu to fti-oiil tbfr awkwanbese of maliag iIk 
Chorus Rppenr to with for what (as Kliui»eit ohjaeXs) km ■etiuUy pre* 
eent, or whatever it be that has oocaaiooed the duaj^tearance of cd^- 

' " U. ood, Med. rtonetto sMffmnu 

, laUiBoibKaBI«din>LMRattas(nat. 

- aiodi, ar, 9) iBofi Jaciaa, naaiani aa* 
dqalwiaw, aptioMt aaeutitalis, ttii % 
a iiailM noa inmnni*. Cnlaf ■ SslH- 
aw.,,. CoOsiioMa nra wlaadwu acea- 
oaa. Not* Mi|«r kta. . .^oaa^ abi m 

SUiiakaa dboMat, iigno M . 1 1 . dMf- 
MvibaMaliMDDM. 1. UbtiiroliaUb 
Bit aariplim — la JOw ooJk* ttctia—ai 

tdstiDaoSrbiiiiuiia.uaKnmM. ll.oc4* 



vrirv from the MSS. and tMtly Kdd., we cnnnot liesiuie to follow Pa 
son, Hcnniiiin, Schnt?,, BIcMiiReld. Wtrlliiurr. SrJiuldield, iind Dirulo 
in restoring it oad thcrcvritli complctiTig both tlic metre and titei 

335. (I yap . . . mn^wipi'vA)*.] So UoTTDann and foreon, f(^ow«d hf 
every lattr editor, liavc a(p«ed In correcting rtrrnopiVAjt — but in the 
punctuation there b this difference, tlijit the Gntnan editors rctwn 
the comma, whereu Blomlicld oxkI Scholclield (tind so too the Biuliop 
of Lichfield) place a full «top nfl^r Kar^vaplvA/s, making the MBleace 
■o far expressive of a with ; Matth. Gt. Gr. $ 513. Obe. 2. And this, 
bejromi » donliL, ia t)ic c;cncTal purport of llic atropbc. aa Ja ftirllier 
declared by E<lcctra'« continiution and eorrcctJon of the *aid wish, in 
the aotistrophe w. 3SN58: but still it seema bt^er tacitly to refer 
T*^ to the liwi vrords (w. 32fl-!).) of tlic Knfifuii — in which the Cory. 
pb»iis. vfXm has jittt spoken, docs not properly bear a part — ood bo to 
Bllo\r the nentence to He proposed in that eonditionol form (Matth. 
Or. Gr. ^ 50S. b.). of which » 711^ . . . If'ciK/rf Mai .... when foond 
in the protasis without an apodoaia roUowtn);, is (as tbit paaaage per- 
hnpa aiifficiently indicates) to be coDSiderod only an abbreviated cx- 

Blcjtnlield rotnpBres Soph. El, 94-(t. Eur. Andr. 1 183-5. and tracer 
the cotninon I'cniiineiit exprc^nl in riicH to the words of Telema^UM 

Od. I. I236-4U. finl aC n Aiinitvi vfp aid' dcajg-eifi'ii', ti furA Mf Jrjpwgt 
MfU] Tpitav *V1 t^fiy. . . . t^ '*>' ^ rv/i^r fu¥ inoi^mr tlavoyiatoi, ^ii «r 
ra) ^ tmi^l jw't" t^'or 'Tp<"'' omo'tne. 

339. Tt'icnoy n luXtvffoiv k.tA.I Tmuhtc : uud Aaviiig madt jfcmT t 
It mxlei /or tht iroy* of j/our ekitdrm, i.e. for yoar ehildren in their 
waya. or goingi< — and with thin rare |ioelic uw of Ki\n<6ct to denote 
a man's watj of tieiitg. or patli of tife, romparc Pind. N'cm. Tui. SO. 

Tf^av'^, litlhni. V, 29- 6tol>&fa* f^^ywv xiXrv^v avh taBa^iv. Kur. H( 
F. 434, fiinv KiXtvBov aitoy, r'fiixow :' with jct-utotk* — which, but fot 
pecoliarity ohDcrrnble in our Poct'e ube nf it, aa eimply prodmciitg m' 
efiWt dciMted by an accompftnying verbnl a(lj<^ive," we might hare 

■ So Horace, BhU. I. xviii, 103: m- 
cntnm lUt. ri fallrntli ormltn Tit*, lb. 
iTii,S6:ntorin<«n*«r«(- PtTt.Sul. iii, 
M: Et Hbi. que Sutioa didinll Ltm 
nnop. Anventen dextro mmulnTit !!• 
aiito odlmn. imt. S*t. a. 363 : Mmila 
Mrte TVanqaiUv per vMvtrai |>attt uiu- 
ca rttv. 

■ Witti Uiio £pie forai compare Mow 
W.3SX. »7. Xg. 138. IVn.WS. 

■ ThU pentlbtr oonitnKtion of «i-law 
mar eoowqucniW Ijc r tfti ied to Matth, 
Or.Cr.}M6- 0(,t.2..--hiitt(orikem9 
of the Amut oiUjr (ticiotha ttrttinf; pe. 
culuritT, M nuj be tccii In Eou. 7)4. 
where irrlnw ia joined to rap^NiOi t» ea- 
pr«M Ibe pe^ftef sFfwB dwMtd DT Uw»> 
prxentic mbcetiTC, wenavtwii loUaUb. 

The ■(«n«t aiifirvHch, it au; be worth 



tmiilMtad ; kaviiiy &rtct*J, as a beacon or land-niBrk, or u a off m 
a* (M hiU. tlie firry metaphor employ-cd (Mattli. v, 14.) to de§cribe 
tbccxcmpUrvChrifitifui'scluTBCter — conip«R bcUnr v. 1042. Eun 17, 
nXTf* ^ *** Z'^ ^I'itvr nir^t ^(v(i. ib. 714i x^l^P""* • • • Tufffnt m- 
JUuM, ^4^' itigfirvrovt Ktiaai. Pen. 389, roXXit IlfpvtStM' ^ara» Iwnma* 
mtmim ft' dMnApovr. Suppl. G35, ft^irsn vupf^oTKO rAw fliXaoT^ vAj» 
. . . crfotu 'Ap9 : ami with the peculiar' meaning of nrfurpnTTOK — oD 
whkli Stanley aptly rcmarlu ; " Sigoilicatio bajue vocis, a Stepbaiio 
o[D»«e, perapkuc eernitur in Suppl. 997, iftm ^xowra* ri»^' iwrirr^twr^v 
SfotXMt. Horn. 0(1. A'. 177. muw fvi<rfpoipo% fi> (If'df>aMr<u>"-^onipare 
Hot. Od. iv. 14. 1 7 : Spectandiu in certauiiiie .Martiu. Cpiat. ad Pa. 
37 : Spectanduin ntgrii oculi* nigroquc capiUo. Ovid. Alet. vu, 496 : 
vpeetabilis hcroe. Tacit. A^riool. 34;pu]crametspcctabileni virtoham 
akn. Shaksp. Hamlet, Act iii. Sc. 1 : "The glass of faahion. and llic 
mouUof form, T\\i: obscrv'd o/aUohu:rvcnV' Hceychiuabaa : 'EsW- 

ir&fiAirmn. f An/ifXifi^r : in the one caje— for here are but two interpre- 
tations given, which in Engliih we might express by rvMMing afirr (in 
tliought , or in aetaal occypation), and in a panive bcum, run afttr (ad- 
mired or coaitod) — refemng, it i> probable, to Ag. ^1,-rinh' Marpo' 
^o» rou^ ipmr itSutar, which BlooiGcId has noticed ; aa in the other he 
plainly rcfera to Od. i. 177., the meaning' of wliicti faa^ge (at least 
u it prcacntcd il»df to the mind of .^Mfaylua) Blomfidd would kcu 
to have miacanceiv«d, whea he eootwcU it with that cominoa accepta- 
tion of Mrwrrpr^tttfai" orrfii»ry^nr<fai to tmrm in lo, or virit{Supp\. 506. 
Ag. 941.), which we truce in such pMMigM as Tbeb. C48. Enm. 547. 
Soph. <£d. C. 636. Eur. H«l. 440., and when he ao ttrsagcly tran*- 

ohaerTtae. diMUebewIwfcnaib t»tU« 
HM of vtiirai i* in Sopli. Trvh. 838. ntl 
TaSr' frXif Til xti^ yirraiMil^ rrltati and 
Bxr. Sm>l. C£l , irorv^ •( ^i rn ttir 
nlm. 8). JK. Atb^o !•' fri itip M 
Xfi*** nrtaih vonip A^mA' ati»t^ icri- 
«M : bwt ia aaeb «t tfcM» tbe wont najr 
not impraprrir be raxlcm] f« orrfrr or 
•Tfbiii . nrarlV u bctow v. 470. S«|m>L. 
140. 4». iwi4. (£a. C. 7U. AnC. liiil. 
H«miitKTina'lMv«,«bn«s4 [rather 

' 1 aay vpcWmt, iMeMwe «kllst H thr 
Mtmso WATpafoi, whnlwr It should 
\k lakdl ■ttivelT ot pMoiTplr. In dlliFr 
r<Mr (wr Ikmni R l^i. i^tac■)npr1<«a• 
« • littr»t wiMilatiim—itu nAxJ Umr 
ir4f4i fi^rtm tw Aaaoii iiMi <ral acirat 


r«> a MfAqnIorieaf propKR]' uf ■ [Md*f 
ohfict, aModr : */ ora trriU Smc el i«c 
MofMMi / (Hor. Bpod. iv. ». ) 

■ ntsrctt : trnwrf i ^ W wKa^i^tu, 
tparrOa minipni: Ice, R>r tlie Ibrioer 
MAW. JI«a. Sm>nL SOB. Eur. UcL 89. 
m. MMon 302.. and for the tatM- Supb. 
Phil. S«. Inc. Kn. «n. As a nwR 
m«BO«nd vi w Tf i pm, the noM voA ge- 
cwsmSoiili. AM. 1111. Ttaek.aM.llSI. 
Bar. »«rad. M2. Ak. 187. Andr. Uat. 

**HiTai. (AafL ad«A^. trurpj^An' 
ArTlT«wfcwuX«t,ra«A 'Hf«WTv(i. 3iM. 
■■1 ihrant'i"**- Compara Hufip). 681, 
H ) is> < fi iftwrfiu »f »«» ^ . Saph.tKd- 
C. 1<MS. faW Mpw ^>ffTt»*d (nifi. 
UJ7 tDMeateats, or Mdaavtr«>. 



lata the present text : '* vitam in qua /ikri mat in^iaiimento irn-jori 

The ScholiostV explanation of nriawprnraw i* : ^^air^, in nit vnvr- 
Tuvrot iitttrrpi^tvffai wp&v Stair i)fi^y, which would attach tuuHi tOTta>M*i 
ftAil make M\*v^ott. which he cx{>1nin--< by ; nur ^paaiion. an excectl> 
iDgly forced dwcriptioo gf those who iJiould thus Inm aridr l« «w; 
bot compare A^. 236, trarpii ^Aou rptratnroviof tikrorfioy tiim»a 0iX«c 

340. naKux^sffTtv' iiri iraXXiD» ttxtoa^Mimv -. Schol. '* Significat u> 
fftnti Mo/tf tfpaUhrtm. ut Iwiu'itur V\t^. jV,n. vi, 332, multonun iiuuii- 
bus iggcstmn, 4ju&liu nunc innumrra ci'muntur in oiniiiliu* fere orfais 
terranim pxrtibus, quae vero gentet Septvntrionitlcs dunbus suis pne* 
cipuc i^lcbinl cumulare, et quae rel hcxKc in litture Hclleeponti in a^u 
TrojunooomipiMHumnt. Xo« AiigliccBffrrMc*dtciinu»."S. L. KUu- 
WD compares Hdih. Od. xxit. 80.S4. 

341. fiimrojTtuu, Aiigl. Wo-STH./wmyw. " ilifrarWuif. TrrouwiariaM. 
Tbufiyd.i, MLvoXtfiuf AKnramiiiii>. Sicvirt^nrvi^wi Ak.4I4. Abrccchitu 
eootpant Larea pnrnariKoa LJrio mcmoratoB iv, b'Z. In vcteic Gkm- 
tana Latcb pennariiii expunuiitur ittanAmmi 6tai, teste Tumebo .4ift'. 
xii. Z&." Blomf. Aumwir <£<^|»rror; compare in the opposite tcauc 

wfWvrdu'dimu'^nrprinivTDcirtllt'pi. PaulloalltcrSoph.El. 1 IST.iraUMriT^* 
wfimvcto' SKytvt." Blotiif. : — who has not. however, removed tKe oomnw 
which, in every edition but Klaiutcn's, moat inconventeiitly divide* t*w 
fn»i taikiot Oanoimv froni (ora ^^mr iforptirtar. Thp same wuni occurs 
once iu Euripides, lleracl. 407, n &• iraym* ymiia tavr&v funpiwfi. For 
the adjunct <pi\vt ^tkonn.JrKnd Bmotty/ricndr — ec« above on v. 80. 

Kku(ipn compares Hum. Od. xi. 38S. 56!(. Pers. 691.<«^<t<*^t'>wr. 
riiViK t'yit (AupfiocJ ^cw. Soph. El. 841. ml n« itrb yaios ('A^ui^of) 
inw>i^;p>r iirairtm. 

345. (uwTw,!, a poetic form oTt'^ii^ which occurs only in Euriind 
IV. I217. «wij fw u j> fr^X«Br. Iph.T. 1414. microti luwnwp : iw mIho its 
rirativc oMiKTopa*', a temple vt palare, Iph, T. 41. 66. &c.&c. Hcsycli: 
'AiwTvp' 4<^t, ^irtXtv(. 'A><aKTit|Mb*'' Irpilr. 'Arturriftm^' wai», 4 dUmvffa- 
aiXiUiv. Itfivottiiot K pecuhar to .i^^adiyltu, here and Eiim. tt^S. So* 
phoclei hiw mia-iiuunu O-id. T. .556. 

3-lti. irprfnroUc t*] " npdraW hio est maltttr sactr, itiilramM». 

tiM tvfAprwF rtclr Schol. de PJttfonr H Proterjma cxplicat. Konor in 



Oreo, at hie in Ivrni. Bex ibi AgMmetiuioa. primui post Plutoncsn 
ct ProKrpinnm. vt minister cocudi prince|ia. AJ supcrstitioiKm anti- 
(|tioniia ho* pertinctt de qoa CDtnicnt in llani* mnlta." Pouw. " Hiec 
Futwiita, rente quidein ut mibi viclctur : domimtim enim Gempcr prwcc- 
delmt i i>p6fim>kOt, idtqac ftiytma* rufionm {>luu< tiunt Pluto rl Proser- 
pina, quibua Aganwinnonrai ecrvirc nunimc iolionoturo crnt. Hue 
< Biiteiu miiiisterio re^baa, quibiu ipse uUm itnperitaverat, nuUo modo 
fungi potcrat." S.l<. 

347. " /ni. apml inferot ; per x'V"'"^!^^'' cujus midta. cxcmpla at- 
tulit Blomf: Soph. Aj. S$A, i Oui>wr< 0»r«Tf, ri* |> ■irtVm'fiu piMt^" 
■^TOi <N fUf itintl BptxrauS^^tt ^uvw'. El. 355, i^rt ry rtfiifiran rtf&t 
npitvaimir, *i n( for inti x^t**^- ^*^^- Mcd. 1073. tOUmfUffoiror, 4iX3k' 
(W. fU-c. 418, I'nii' fV AiSawMiovfuii. Plal. I'Utcii. 9 : (fofifiiw niiXu¥ 

uWuSartufdstt, mt iBiXittt ^uriit itii fuyurra ouna0iU aynOa.'' S. L. 

348. jSoiriXi^ yap fiF^j fv4f*. to plscc of {r. is the enggettioD of 
AlirvBch, whirh — kllhou^h we need not perhajw tn cliuntl Creelc have 
iiuutvd upon u jiurcl)- Mtic pixuiiiutly ; Alnttli. Gr. Gr. ^ jlti — I |ire- 
fvT. botli Hs luhling lo llio harmoii)- of tl)c ^xTvc. wtd bccatiac it would 
BCem to liave been lite juinhliiiff ' tugetlier of the conaecutlre letten eo 
which has led to the onneccssuy iuicrtiau in the MSS. of the but 

' of t^ptt. " ^f pro ^* cutl. Kob. )irO* voluiit Al>n.-ach. i-t l^bcck. 
Soph. Aj. p. 312.. wd contra libro« nihil oovnre BU8a» luin. tjiuun- 
qnun ft ex Eur. Here. fur. 1406. e^tpuUt Hemunniw. ex Iph. Aul. 
,^9. ei 1003. Mark)., rx Aristoph. N'ub. 1030. Rciugius.— £^ \-ulg.. 
)w>d Jnde a Pauwio corrcctum c«t." So WcUaucr, but : " ^f nxl. K. 
[ft Tulj;. orta c c«MT(.>ctiontt, T«ra Icctiutie non inlvllcctn. Forma fr 
[(ltd ofonea antiqaioces suspecta. Cf.Hcnn. Arixt. Xuh. 1030., qtii 
l^aid TcnuD nCin boc locoagoorit:" Klaosca, whotranelatea: " Srat 
MMi rtx, (bin li v'n-fifiii, miuu rx itt f»i manii ratoM r&JAnt «M-fm /^ 
UUtm tt bacuiioH ffvlfermtnlcm Aominta: in which let thow follow hint. 
who don — for mj ptirt, were liua the mcnoinf; of the paasafe, 1 aui> 
netbrin^ tnvself to believe Hut cither the ]>ertonal pronoun could 
bKTC been wanting before ({^t, or the article before mmXit^vt* s.r.X., 
wlikh must then hare been held to be a general definition of that 
^pfofc c/bm of persons, of which the todiridual juM l>cfurc Urmcd ^• 
■ WW MU>. Tnuiilate : /i>r « to'*/ 3f«< vert. itMltt yov lirrd ruhug 
tnvr /A«w/Anf in Ihtir laitdii nimhi'utrrftl tfhal Fatt hoi apf^rlioAtii via 
Ihim, «vra tkf tn/tlrv wMck rlalmt ikg oMitaai tif awrla/i ; atu) Cor 

' U*<* cwilf • lirriail error nM> Irnvr 
I eaoBulltnl Ml lliii liw, K^ he MMi 

if n tMit at «W llM InuuEflhcr Ud to 



«t«UrTBir. pcnoM administering, compare the note on Ag. 1362. Mill 
Mntth. Gr. Gr. $ 271. Obs., and adil to the example* wluch M*tthua 
baa given, iVrs. 245,A<iwiroi Xryite u!i>rui>roit rttavai^ptnniaoif^Ka^. 
for the parnl^i o/jicmoiu going, ur in case af peraiKU goiitg. for tkfir 
yarmli h liiti c/J, Soph. (Ei). T. 503, AX ohror' iytry .V, wfi\r IBm/ 
ifiSif itrot, iitttip^ittvaiv Jc Knra^W^f. Alwi witll ftipifiar Aii;i(Dr which 
dyt C M M here, ill it* relation to a highi-r und unKtm Power, that n- 
gfi Hiray of which the staf or pccplrc (kc note on \g. 194. Horn. 
I], i, 238. Virg. Ma. vii. 34G.) waa the outwDrd and Tisible sjiabo], 
OOinpare Euiii.!310, \a^ ri nor' iy9fiuiirovt iir ftriMD/i^ trrAmt a^. ib. 334, 
rovre yiifi \axat hiavraia jinlfi *7tt'ii\ti>mv t'^ntiSim 'X'"'- ''>' 347, ytymfit* 
vo«ri Xu][r( T<id' (<^' aiur iK^Orj, ib. 38!>, uTitm hiifuinu XiiXQ = throilgll 
all which pa«aagcs, as idso in Earn. 715. «XX' ol^nipa vp^fiar. tifKa- 
J(W' viffnt. ib. 930, wavra yik^ ahai ri. Ktrr ayfipairovt IXayev Awmip, 
we may trace a reU^ona iystcm which i> in a great mcaiurc peculiar 
to i£echylud (mc note* oa Ag. 939. 162S,), nlthougU Uloufield oot 
imaptljr cotni>an»Callim.H.Jov.79, ^K J<.Va(j%i9>X^v.rirtl &tit oMr 

tfUpiiiat. of vrhicti the more njiuiniJii furm in ^ptrtfjoc, iiccun Ham. 
II. XX, 302. itiptfioi' it «* (W AiaiT$tu [«C. AWrcv V. 300.]. i^v* ^ 

omrtpftot yttv^ rai tit^iTr/t SKrjrtn iuipiaiiav, iv K.f>ovl^>itittf>'i icmniaif ifiiXata 

iraiSaiii : til the very face of which pBs«agc, and of Damme just rxplsiia- 
tton of fHjpar (root fu/jHt) — "porlio; lu apcde. porlio a fatia attritmtK, 
mort, txiilum" ,- tiec 11. xix, 4'il . wvi, 4£4-5. imd cuaipurc aitfofi^tn 
ib. xxii, 4Sl— it is utterly ii4uiceuimtab)c that Klausm fhould have 
iriiueu : " itiiH)ioi noo idem cat quod ftopaiiiot vcl >'■ itoipav. ut Schol. 
«t intcqmtea hoc loco, scd Irialu, ut dcriratumii /toijot <[uod nihil eat 
•am Ictum, tort IttniU. Ita Find. Ol. u, 38 : Jktu** .Vfiov fwftifto* vUt^ 
interfecil I^tum/liut lelalis [fltalia], Ut est «pud -4£Bchylum : tytiuan 
ni» ii4)tor ukT^ L-'^^'S'- J^" otntfalr]. vaTfionrmiav Oijiirvbr. I^keb. 751. 
£t Hum. 11. xjc, 302 : liSfnfiaf it oi !irr dXiiwdat (miniiac ot iar), fictt 
ei evadtrf! Idaiem torlnn (nunc (luidcin). Ita hoe loco bots letoliBrtta 
facta per nionum regis dictum de pole<tate regiu iu vitum, quia rex 
omnia rata fiuht, irov iwiKpaliMt Suppl. 37o." 

349. invXarrair] " niftvWn** edd. vvtt. mirXwTwr Heath, probantc 
Butlero. qui rnonet ffiVXijfu forniatuiu esae it irXia, eimt n'tfqpi a Am. 
Vide Ckira. in Pcrs. 815." Blomf, " Vera hiijiw vcrhi forma noncst 
wiiiwiinu. ttd tii*\jtyu. Ut cnim u Am ri'Ajru, eic a nA«M niw\'utt, tllad 
vcro fi poetea irrepeit, tit rotundiiu eflcrretur. Idem finrlnni nptid La- 
tino* in iHwtrhlis quibtisdiun in jai cl ptwM. pmccdcnlc m, ubi illtid p 



aDtaqoitiw nun appwebat, tt rvceatiuribus tuittun debetur Toceni ex 
cra»a proniintiationc piafrentibus. Monurhoruin potiiu cM qtnun v«. 
tanin, •um/>tuiii. eni^um, etc. Itkm et in Bliia quibusdBin vocibua 
«b iiMlom factum cntt. M irhi Mil. pro miki, et rnebU pro nMt ducc- 
runt." S. I.. Conipeir the note an \g. 334. 

"Aa4acter(|uulem dictum eat v[)ur\arai3itn'pair;f(^Tr,itttameiirect«: 
wifMUiw enini crt ratam (Acen, efiiccre, itti tractwc rem ut ocnui;, quod 
Ktt ejus, jus otuQinovxefccatur. ItairtfivXfiri/uXcif Edon. tr.54. Re- 
gwan Kuctontitem in sceptro potitoinvide Pen. 7G4. Earn. 626. Soph. 
Phil. 140. riuucrBdcmratiDDC dictum cct ^Ipibai-i mqi iraqirrpa cpntMur 
Koph. iEd. C. 4-t9." Klaus. 

3d0. mMfSSfiorw] " *naiiM3flon¥ edd. wtw0pvn>y PaDW. [Both. 
Irfkchin. Scholcf. Oiml. Kbuu.] wnm/tSpAnf n daxtptf Schiltz. Bur- 
tl«iuttcoitfi;rt Hotn. 1). tf.785, ^(vy^Sfwrat'fu-vcuni i'iadur) 01. Tii, 71, 
^Mf^Slporor &»ffiM-." Bloiuf. Ou iticcficxcgetteuwof n, wotbc Bote* 
onAg. 10. 123. 

351. MT^' iici TfMMt] So I rcwl with the old Edd., and witb WeU 
lauer, Uindorf, and KIkubcii who coinparca Pind. Nem. iii, 60. inri 
TitMiaw, and therefore rejects LlenDann's oceUlcsa correcliaD TfWMv, 
adopted hj SchAtz, Scholcfield. and KloraJicld. 

Aa lo the coDctruction, I follow Blomfidd who rematke ; " lotcqire- 

les COonectUQl iraXi'<;fu#TD>> av tix** r^^or—fufi' i-wo TftUMMt ■,r.X., qUod 

vereor ut recte fieri posait, qnuin patina dicendum euet mH" iftri T^. 
Si locus latt eanuj!. continunlar votum «I yAp Muninfiia^i — }ufi' vira Tf>. 
Locom rcctc inlcUrxit Scholiast* : ywoMucwf oM* nvry api^mrai, dUd 
mii r^w npxiff it igpifa^ : i.e. Electru rero, velat ftcnuna, itc hoe ijuideni 
Orartis votuin probot. acilicet ut paler ulim aiilc Trojam sncruboiaaet : 
Bcd potiiu boc sibi phkcitunun fut»i« dicit. « pater omniao intaetua 
evaaiaaet, tntcrfcctorcs autnn priu^ interiEMrnt ; ut fntum qnod mortan 
iia atulent. e longiiiquo oliijuiA. Iiarum calatmlatuni cxpen. audiviaaet." 
Trmdatc : AW- fet ander ikc uW/ir of TVejr would 1 t\al yom had died, 
my fulhtr, and amamg a loti tf »/An- vi^ma of the MNtrd Amu hiritd by 
lAe Mtrernn a/ tie SctmaaderJ A'o .' nlifr vuglU lAtf «A« mKrdavd 
km lo Aoiv Ami liaa brovght tote &c. — and obnem in this peculiar ue 
of ifjdi a pmclKml dlustntion of the dictioctioa noticed by Hcnnona on 
Vi^rp. 458. n. 267. und Matthia^Gr. Gr. 4 608, namely that "•>« de- 
nies tonwthing dircotiy, and aa a matlcr at ttet : /iq denies it only in 
rderence to aennceptioiior mw wliicb has either been before cipnaa- 
ed. or which according to the mow. ieimplted in what precedes." 
The reference in the negation here is iilainly (o that rirtoal wish of 



0iwte«(vv. S>^Ji-4'i.). that biftfatlier hnd itof fallen as licdid.towlw 
Af in the mouCh of £lcctra DutuniUy mlijtMiu the cnntinuntion or i 
Kwcr. And on tlie Hunv i^nrrd principle wc may cx]>lata thow 
ffuliBrities by means o( which KbiusL'n vHitily rndenvour* to sbcw that 
there i* no impropriety i» transtuling firjS' tvdTfj. . . . ri&r\(nu na ft iU> 
rect ncf^tioD. Saw tu ne ad Trojam »}uitirm aim alilt stjmltvt «t f 
" Mirabilis cat cortun o|nnio, qui iii tmii — n6<r^«t noltccieinuin sibEi 
repe.rirc vidcbiintur. ^i) dioitur pro ni. ubiciimque ne^tio qascptuml 
affinnatur et BSBevcnitiir(') \ qusc re* hie prnrnjtiu.' lucum halxX. qui 
bis jain idem dictum ait, turn nbOrcstc, turn ■ choro(r). Dc teuQIo 
cf. Herm. Soph. Phil. "OG : Zr ftrji' olvajiurov v^/iorot fifAi- ib. 104S. ' 
II. IV, 41 : fi^ Bi* iiil)» Unrra Uoa*i>Samf tvovix^" irq^iMi TfMov. Et ib. 
X. 330. Hymn. Merc. 275." 

On the firct uf tbc»e possagea — for the iinporlAiice of the princi|ile 
which i* thaa called in ijoeKtion, it ia imped, nitl justify a minute ex- 
nmiualioti of thcin — iicrmnan. as rt-ferred to. oliM^rvva : '* Si quia nu> 
rabitur fjuiHl hie jiijH, uon oHi dictum tit, ccM^tct vcliin ^4, at 
Honem quK pmjiHc noii od rem igMttLm aed ad co^tationcm ejua spec- 
tet. quaxlam conjeetandi dubittmdiqne potvvluu* jira-ilitaun es»e. at a 
Gcrmanice dicos der wohl nicM. Qua: dubitativa omtioms figure enpe 
etiom fortior e«l nmptici Affinnatkinti vel nc^tiooe" : a toode of io- 

' Tlie punm here rtierroil to ia tyJt 9 
fi «i(iuu mv vdKioi' oUlv it- rvtrwr itm- 
rifftv. n^ iwtHmttr x'P^ (9o|ih. Pbil. 
l(Uit<-9.). ou whicli lletiijana ; '' Tuocut 

im <|Uitiaii quia non a^ potuu aium |iq)< 
rupncteC, qmun prccrM» sttlr parti m- 
itfil mo rtpetjlieneiu cjiu nqt«li<iuM. 
•vd oppoiiUin pl i\i»m wirf%i\ani!in tmli- 
care acHMt, nt u hU verbin ilii»'jclur, r/ 
mn aitrmrr a icoptj. Ibi^uo lic at il- 
Ind lit acdpii^niluia. iii (lubituilrr nc- 
■UMn BMnnct : qui wiAl fiiirw ar^Mr 
lnctalMni4 Am anta me imprriltui, 
arfMf htrtU tit f«llinnttunu"~^^n in- 
Ecrprctalidd whiL-b aiipears lu tnt l(i lei 
in ■ Taul cicfiitiun to thv gma*l mU, 
aiilnii «r uy tlul tbc virtiHl aepMi«e 
whici) prnTiira ttparirnr ii fiA> a* >|i> 
|HWt iuil«ni (»te ■)>«*« on t. 28i.) from 
^■ll^ folinwinf , uiil Ihnt tli« rnaCrf («>b. 
Uracc irith wlilcit the lint NnuH- i> ci- 
|Nv«wd u compared with (Ih> other, it 

dae nM to tlie ate uf mA in t-^ bttn — 
ibr,inasnath m the^tMitli ctiirru but ihc 
Muceptiont of the i>|>ca1irr'* owu miiid, 
^4 (if UWTf he nny trailt Iti onr m1<') l« 
^llieiiropBrparlkli- Is br itJWil in Imlli — 
liitl lo tae introduction iu the forufri u 
railed (If Iwc majt tofipoMl li; the mm- 

{xirism irou nuiar, of cltc (Urcct and on- 
({UnlifieJ wpition titir..^i> IbAlwerai^C 
tianilste: *iul I,vlu>JUUrrm]nflfUUf 
— rom f A«n lAff rrrWti/y <>«(. «AomU 
7 AonJU Ihm m^op^Mt, nu ! ittii), aar 
/ail* «By mm. 

KiiA in tliii ti«w or the p aw g t in 
«bicl> I un confiiiunl by obMrvuia IImI 
o^iSivit, Knf^. la bo rmiivf mr/Aiiii*, 
is UtMlJuiiuuiil 10 nlMai mq i,>>ocb «rlib an 
Icit : H-i.- in luirtimilarTT. tINil-Z— I nmr ' 
TdT mitienlnUr acqniotv, nItlKiuxh it 
ban once occurrtd Ko me tlial iaiMcMr 
(•0 hr M wn knmt. I>a{ A.i'i^twvf IK 
wriWr* of Uial aiir) uiii:li( tn; c«)iobl« oC 
a r<ry dtSonuit ii>t<fn>r<(»i<ui> : adiJirtnis 
whiea, muI eonip«rint:Siulaa ■ 'Et i *»p— '. 
tfnro^ifcil^ooi (nul tamcnliini ll^mh: 
'IMmi- &Taf«w, Minn, l<*ui«r, •Wtvi- 
NVJBM■f),aw*hl»lM)M^'etr■IU>tat(ld: nif 
/, n-Aa tjfrrt I csn <rrfM f Ai« Amt adiI 
nrrowi ^ntt ti •'cU im /Aoh, «iu( >■«/ 
Aflpr r» makt aitf ^er eorrtrliom (ad* 
iprtionil) o-MA ny iIimmI. I^inc : atil\ 
miAi ritlrw it rm fwj ymittr mc In aW 
orwM Ifarlmi, iiAfu* rtrrrrlitru nanra 
r<tipaiil. But UiiA iiiT>-r)<rctiakm, 1 bo- 
lirr«, w<MldbaTt'nniurvd»l"r««dT«£> 



leqmtatioR whicli.nhilc it RfibrdiaveryifMii^if rapport to Klnusen'a 
new tltfory. would •eeiii tu refer llie pcRultnrity in l)w Gr^ek text tu 
Utttth. Gr. Gr. f 515, tl. a.. wfarrcBs la truth it bvlong^s ratbcr to 
Mtttfa. Gr. Gr. f 608. 5.. ftccordiup to whidi we ehould tranalute : £ 
fuXia "^x^, St M^' "''"X^" v^V""*' 9*^ itnrti XP^'V' ■^^t jw^ 
Kw/ / (iat Ar ffAWrf ir one 'Aof — or fa f AmA /Aat A(:>— /or ten Itmf ytors 
WM» lUVer glaiUenrd even bf a dt-aught of teine .' 

A>to llom. IL X, 330. xv, 41. Jl>-ntn. Merc. 275., it migfit hkvebeen 
•uffici«»t to <)iia(e once more from Hcrtuuiii on Vij^r p. 458. n. 267 : 
" QtubuMliim veTliii>, qnic OftlarB sou Dihil nisi id quod in cogitotianv d 
wluatati; jwiitain est iodkant, coofltanter fi^ wljun^tur, nvc uiu hl- 
hmmc ' invenitur «C. EljuHoodi e«t I^Mfu, n>i v«rbo «i cC adjungcre- 
tur in atfirmatione rei factse. fu) Hutem in tpowione rei futunp. idoneain 
id raliuaepa tia1>eret. At eti&m iit re, qmm qui» Eiurtnni etvc junil, ^y 
■HiipAtnr" : had not llermuui hinuelf — aftor citing' Xcn. Anab. vii. 
6. 18; i/wuia yip iifuw Stvirt &nvrat tnl injiror fJ^Jta, i iftol tiif WtVi^rro 
Xft&tt. ixf". in which there is surely nothin); to roorvel at — proceeded 
to My : " Maltoque uiaoleotius Honicnu U. if. 34. uqq. httw vvr rilh 
yaia *fll uipm/lit . . , ^ ff lipi) irf^oA^. aal i>mtr*fK>i> Xtyot avritu Kovfiiitov, ri 
pir pi* Hb rya ntrrt fiai^ Jpibroifu, /i^ V />i4« Urifra llmrdSiiiM- ivmrix^mm 
miDMii'rrt Tpiicif t< <ai 'KerofM, rviort d* ofTq^vt. L'bi fi^ tv^imi per biik< 
colutboQ juitctA sunt, iu»i pvticul« fi^ tic po«ita est, ut cum dal^itutionc 
ncget : Gemuniee teoiUitiehl" — another injudidous admiBSion(we deem 
it) of a dombl. not muTK incoonstent* with this particulur eoiitcit. than 
mjurioiic to the genera] principle which h« bad already laid down. 
Traiulate ; J> ttttaett note to thin Earth aud T/mcvh .-. that I soy it U 
Met at my inrtiyttliom tkal Neptime if tiffiietuty Sti:. : and ro l\w 11. s. 
330, urrs) riv Ztin avrit . . . |iq fiiv mii iicvounv anlfp iitoxv*""* aiJui\ 
Tpttwp : Zeua himtfl/ now he wilHerr, that I awcur bo alArr man among 
th* Trf^ana »iaU be aauttr t^ the Aomev. iat (it tt added ta oratioae 

■ UanMLiuikMiiMiMidTkeocr.M.ixi. 

>iBa WVv.iAAsM^iM-JslTai.iiciwuicli 
SdMlar I "uMrTi|i<»t A|»«aiMUi>Jan)) 

■m nrta jnrnnili m^, Mqa/r, ric. ram 
lainllhwjuanipMi-wii. Vlil.lil.iiii. 131. 
S3n[.U. TlwranatioiiMviMtobvoc- 
■aiioiMl br the lUwr* orfMNrition M « h leb 
Ab two MWM «« plMM, » tta, •■ in 
S«k. (M. T. Se. -yp^fri^ tyrvT^ ^., 
Uw nrntion of Ihc on* ictiut Ui* liinaB- 
tMnorUwtfihn'. AndonUictuurprtn- 
riptr mt BMr*^ pbiio «1mi llmiiBia nom- 
PWN «Uh IhU, Kur. H«l. IU14i. iAA' 

(« ifaV oimJ an*?-— i.e. raftrr fAd* cwv 

' PorimMtfadtiu, laiiTndaBlrlaihe 
HMakers ovn d«Md uf wIRmsc*. uid to 

dial jMCvliwIrMrfwilbvHj, brwliteli abe 

ba* |a*l aid »tm t» tyA rvt* iii* V* 
vauM, r. 40. Yet lI«nMiui trMtU hare 
M b«Uave \ " m cum iU)rilati«M MM, 
(l^manM' ikciW airAZ—iil itxtf m lam 
JuoiHil coaTcnii, at ijwc nnn »■•■<( mit 
li>|ui^ jar*M, nun wMi )<imii Nrpluinim 



rects. oXXn «< ^liii {tafiiTTfiii ayXmititr^i) I promise thai jfffa Bholl alwa^t ' 
knt that dutinciioH : and bo too 11. xix. 2J8-t>l. ZimB viw Zti/t irpSra 
, . . Ill) nir ryoi noupn BfrnnffSt x"p' *v(i-((n»> on wliicli Hcnottati re- 
BwrkB: "nominativuf /ji^, pro quo nccuMtn'uniexspeetea, exec pendet 
^uod Aganicinnon 2^wfu in mente babvt, pro <)uo dixit Ip-m Zcw," w« 
nay tnnRlMte m) hh Iu cxhibil llic lwn.fotd pcculinnty of the original. 
Be icitMM noip Zeus firit, ^r. 6,c. tAat I terilg (Honieric form v( ^tl^^} 
havf net, J, {aid mj/ hand upon the maiJeM, and at the hric time, by 
Ih(u mnkiog the mnphstic <'ya> o(|uivale&t to a dir«c;t affinnntioQl ^ful 
or StiKm. iu:i-i»iint for Uiat fuiihcr pcciiliarit>-. which IIcrtMnn hu not 
DOticcd. the iotroductiun tuuncly of th« direct negative ka r. 2G'2, ^h' 

We have unly now rrry briefly to glance m the last example of this 
aort irliicb Klauaen refers to, Hymn. Merc. 274-7. ci It iSiXnt. narpbt 
n^oX^i' ittyav ipKov iimvitat, fi^ flip t'yii firir avrit viriV^fOfuu ulnoc «lnM> 
fti/ri nv jXXmi Sirioini ^owv Kkorir vftrnpaav, uTriutt <u |9^c titri' t4 St 
kJu'oc oToi' diuvw, KDil nc siiullTCtum to our text. I think, with uitabated 
oaofidencointhKt principle, on wbirh our inteq>rctatioiiiiot of tbepn- 
Bentpasaage only, but of Ag.49L (vrherc»7ctho aote), cnentiaUf de> 
peiids : and of which it is but a peculiu* modification, that, a> we have 
now FCCD, fif] is some limes found in n kiud of aratio obliqua (compare 
MotUi. Ur. Or. i i29. 4. with i 608, 5.), where in oralimenxitt ot, and 
not i4, mugt have been introduced. 

953. fLtr aXXy Sopucfiijn Xn^] " niin reltquo populo hasta r«yo. Nos- 
tor Suppl. 679, aytpoKftiit, AapiMftfit vox eat B Ijcxicogniphis uuu tA- 
•ervata, cnjoa ugniJicatio ex vvtbo ejii»di^iii fonntc petmda Soph. Aj. 
3^. i» fiifoii ^aroU ^litipoKi^ni. quod recte Schol. t^ mti^tf tJboMv- 
tfriiru'reddil. Ao^ufiVcrgoAMfartfaw. ul>riAr)paic^[yrrrtinr«iu. Potto 
giro ■IUum' Ic^s^nduin JXXy . I>ocum data oi>cra corrupit, qui iura hac 
sigiuficatioae gcnitiTiun casum requlrere, non dativo jimgi. crediderat ; 
perpvrvm, cum frei{Ut!nsdt Rpudpo(-ta»." Stanl. SccMutth. Gr.Gr. 
i 587. b. 

" 9evpW|UJ7ri cm. Ulomf., ut iovpuc^vntir Vvn. 85. libri fcfMKfUTn Con- 
tra mctrmn." Khui»en^who, on the aame principle of Mrid nietrical 
onifurmity. ought aim lo liBvc itdmittcd Heath's coirectkin nlxivt 
V. 3»3.. Bitd Hcnnann'a wpiw v. 357. 

3S5. wifioi 4* ZftU^] Taking the Scboliwt at hi* word : X«fin>, ti 
£^\of — aod with him itupplying npA rov air«An«ti> riw irart'^M — I have 

' Sw AtMoiib. Nab. 8SC. &«. 



renturcd in this liiw to introduce into tlie text, what «m wuited to 
nitiun «l otux llie metiv and the hdm : for wlutcvvr doubt might 
before have been cnleTtained ropectin^ the refltctt4 nxpreMitm of a 
wiah in imtU . . . rtta-^, U at once removed by tlu: direct and nne- 
quivocnl ilwlantion that fnllowK, at what the spenker vokW fomwr 
kave had done, and the three nUablee which Olomfield and Sdiolefidd 
ai;ree in thinking loat af^er Au^ku — thus intermpttng the eonncction 
between thi«tmdthefollowitig verses — iroold «ecm retber to be want* 
mg in the former {url of the line, where Bolhe has : iropa* ti, En»iv' 
f lenaiAmutvur «vrm iafi^irat — Schtttz : (V oSv raf»t if vw rrayamvatw 
omt ftciw*w* " qu^ noo miDiia quam vnlg. aertsu caret :" WcU. — and 
Henoann; trofMt^ ^i»«*'. f Knwanwmr ovrv Aifi^HM, " quod minbor," 
obwrves Blomfield. " « i[w« hodic probct." The Bishop of Lidifield 
uppoan something lost aAer cnavoiTtf, nherehe i^are* nn iMiu. and 
ifritca: " Locua comptus. Ncv plane conatat ntnunrlvntcnditinun. 
Ml ftt^mentiim vocit omtm* ; )wtl crediderim evsc enrliticmii." 

KlaUBen. who has edited in t. 339. rtavMCf' *** rtJ^nfiait ivitrrpntro- 
«te. finds nothing; wanting in this line, bat in V. aSG.iatrnducei another 
mipM before Bayar^^'^v vtvnr—iXvt eorrespondiiig venc being Kriavat, 

357. iip69am 7vhinni$m»nAn, Ast^./or oiie to/uvr o/thrir death at 
MdUtaitce; Schol i Vftr. — see Matth. Or. Gr. 4 4)^7. 3. "Coiutnictn 
bojiumodi csM vidctur : £^\av AafuJMi, Aimr rtpi (m. J^) ■wAanvJat 
■.r./." Seholef : snd ao Stanley. 

359. ■priWwn jQWirar] " AriMot. Hjtnn. in Hcnniani. ^vaoi n 
Kpiwm twl yofimm. CatuD. adLotnacn cr. 3. nMttjut W rarhuanro. 
TlbaU. I. 8. OaritrettawJvvtitUmilet'ia/nlyml or«." Stanl. " Au- 
nm hominibua' pntiotinimuni (nnd. Ol. i. I.), c^uod anromeUuM*. 
exocdit booa humana. Idrm co^tatnr in vcnu tcqaenti : Ilypcrborea 
enim fe1inta» e»t en, mtK boniinibu» in hi« tcrrii hand eontingit, quun 
in eorum rcgioneni nulla vi* perreniii poesit: Piod. Pjlh. x, 29." 
Klaus. CoBiparr PMlni xix, 10. 

360. ptyJJuttSirvx^tMoi'ltmfiffopaau] "Defdicitate Hypcrborvomm 
[Angl. Vtoficn happwft*] ftndJoMs id Find. Pyth. s, 57. d Spttth. ad 
Callini. H. L>el.S81. rcniittit Blomf. De btatn in ml *Yv. vii opaa eat 
ut exeiDpU adferam. Pcrv. &3,aM{KtKiSAm vommiftirai-ia. 5S, «a)dMv 
ritfrat Uiwof. lb. b^'2, nA'nmu tfttii' ifniirftn" S. L. 

* Htw» Soph. SrfT. barm. Ut, huC Car. Med. 9SC, j/»«iv «4 n^d^wm m— 



301. " ^^Mtf T.V. ex corrcotionG nMe«Kna. ^MtM.G.A.R 1 

uJti'xf rra em. Lachm. Libri dfiiwAmii yifl. conlni mitruni. quod longnm 
miuirit uhiinam ; ila([iie pim(|UC tocciu utrani(|in- ut gluHmui cjccc- 
mt. At optime dictum «9t iiv^ <r^. quia veheiaeutisbimo revcra di>- 
lore dixit Qe>clrH. yitp jiotrrni iidtlittim nd tollendam catiilexim. nt tcpe 
in iirnip»»tid8 : cf. Ag. 724." Klaus. Si-c llit note on Ag. 775 : but 
here, ttupposiog A^\/l^ aq to h»vc been corrupted into Uvytiirw — for 
whicb Blomfield andScholclicW, nftcr Pomon, have cditul Aiwa — the 
yaf> would wem to have been added ratlicr to inipravc the svnw. which. 
m» it non' f>t«nd», i* : \atf nov. my child, you are latkiag o^wbat is al- 
togellicr visionary and cxtravnj^nt uuHer the inffuntc^ of ymir gnrf i 
Bui ut good truth — ob if the C«ryphtPUB, who spe&lca here rather as ■ 
apeetator than as one of the acton in the vcene. had said Rut tthat 
KOHtier that she thould ? for — it it a dovile tiuh Khone oomtti tufrtr U3 
here, or hfrtiii ,., aaii it hat fuUm out mort Keavilyfor the rkiUrm of 
Agamemnon ; to wit, the aJUctiim. metapboricnllv ie])r(?senled by fi^- 
paywa. with which compnTV Ag. (i'23. 8iirX,v iiatniyi. nff'Apyf ^0U(, K- 
Xnyifni' ilrqi'. ^ntiurr (u^apilla. Soph. Aj. 342, X<)iyia jMKmyi AurXj. and 

Aj. IviOCr. fr. 14, 3. oral- a Jut'^awv arSpit itTvjiaZt rJt trpir furerrty (pnVij 

rov fiim waiKirrpimv i and sec HcKTrh : Zjin/xiywi' ^uori^. pddSitt. *ai 
XHfilr ToE a : wlii-nec it i» obvious thnl in another plnrc for Mttpoun we 
•boMU read Mu/M/m' injmtf. fU^ot, raupila : the la«t word, whid) is 
■bo a comeliori fur yavpia, betnfr in bleu maimer confirmed by t Ma> 
piyvf T$ (Tnlg. yff) nn>/M(9 : which inunecbately follows it. "^^ay/uft 
Aid. Med. Guclph. iiapiyn}! Rob. luipatnii Tnm. et reccntiorra : ted 
f/^piyi'jt H^>ath. ct Porron., nicut leffitiir in Platonc Comico ap. PoUuc, 
X, 56. Inoert. Rhes. SI 7.. ubi gchoUasta inonet Herodtanam scribere 
peaaeute itapiyiiQ. Apud Ke»yrhiaiti etinm banc formam rvponunt viri 
tlocti pro fuipaira. Photiue i ttipvyi'u' fuwnj." Blocnf. Schal : AatJ^ 
fkitmYi twXiiYf/iiTy. 

3S3. iMmt lofirai] " Gndnn fere ecntcntia Pcrs. 605. j8<if i' it 
wtfl Kt^iot ov Ktuivim." ^cliiitz. Add from .Aliresuh r. tif>7.&taim*pit 
oSr Imto. Tkeb. 503. l/anlnu XiEtoi Ata nrr^Oim: Ag. 791. Afypa H Xv- 
«if« oMJi- t<fi' fymp tr/nt^uaniroi. 

JM. " ri>» fwf ii;i«yi»f. h. e. Agamanmoit, tjui liberie tuia auxilio a 
(lebii«rat."f>. L. 

$CS, OTvytpar rowr^w] " Smei- COBJ. llerm. Al mvytpitf nwrmi «S 
excUmalio interjecta: dionia eaim eodcRi, qtio libcri, odia Habct hi- 
terfectonM. vl magu riuam illt urgct ad vindictam," Ktitur. " An le- 
^CtMlum x*P*f '*'X imai. arvyt^ rvm>' mtntia^iK Aoram difficUe et odi' 



Mm; jiufri* tamen (i. e. Ure^i el KAvctrse) pnvim rst : i.e. moleMiuii 
Mt. n-rtnmiiH' itiiiniiH-rile, ojiiiuliituribuK (."arrrc, (|iuuii nixnu* {lullutas 
hldMn:. Scd boc noo omitino (ilncct. Locum ccile non iatclkjKJt in- 

yipim rovr*B'. ram di fwXAov ' Kya^ifimamt vmt «*•#!*• offwc n/^S^nti' 
«pdr J ^ni7*i 'tlAt'ciTM ot>. art jSiXnf it Xiiyiix u^f f^ntrw fMU." Rloinf. 
Tmiu&Me : orfiouv creature* (h«l they itrr.' and undersUind it to rutiict 
the Kppliralion of ruv ^xtrnOiwui', vrluch a not qiiile tfo obvious here 
u in V. m. 

SG6. «wcrl 9J fcaXXof ytyii-jTm] " SvtiSDs videtiir eftse ; gmviiti vera 
in»onuit fla^IluiD at tv parte qvx tangil liberoa. AguucnanoD intdhw 
lUDrtuiu eM, vivuDt r«gnaiiti|ue ejus interfectorea nmnibuv imjium nc 
cade inquinalii ; grave I't hou ct illud, wd graTiiu hoc quod tao^t IJ. 
bcraa, cpoMjue od nedem ejus ulcifcradaia cxcjbtt." S. L. On Uus pe- 
culiar use of |wU(w to expr«aa in greeiter nM«urv or deyret, i«« GoUer 
and Arnold nti TItucyd. iii, iS'2. yiyri^ittya ititr csl AA t«ifurtt, !'<•« iiu 1} 
aMt ^'vic ortfpmrwr g, paXAui' tt imi qirvjninfM ml rair (i3toi £u)Xhn]r- 

Ak to llic genaml rente of the |w«aage. 1 ntlicr follow SckUtz ; " MA- 
Aw mtnui rectc accoptt Scbol. : nun vniio boc ti^nificut Chonu, da- 
)ilcx illud fifkgciluni muifie libcros quam .\|;iuncniaoncm ufiliji^re. quod 
in«|itam c*»ct ; >ctl auijnt M.>ti#utii cum liberoAint setisa coiujwnt, ftd 
quos mahonuiarpMiBhDJusdaUnrU pertiMbtU. iVyi'tTnu refvreDduni 
ad ^i-wot txMirai.DccvertcndDiu cat cum Stall) : liirr!» Aoc mtuwie cm- 
liutt Bcd-. muUoimltnVfltaiia^itdHplaikorfiageUnmiibrTMVvttttqmtm 
nt." Compore below v. 464. 

367. iioftmpit i>is\ 'niecorrec:tioiLii&for£cudue toSvhuts. "du^- 
mpif. Pnltus .* Aui!ki>t< . . . Auifivn^, Iloycti : » tmnnrdfiv. not) vrra b 
flWNfmi, quutl nil t^yn). M. p. S6S.43. DivUimllomcriull. .V. 377. 
hii i' J^ar*f>ii iit 'Er yttli/ ntrrr^tm" Hlotnf. — Sitep n UiXat, Angl. nVN 
tu it had ben m ttrtvm : we^ above on v. 3S0., biu] cotnparp Appciwlix 
to Note* on the Agamtmnon. Not« C. |i|'- ^^^^' ^'■^^- f'^^"* wliich it 
will be «*«n that Jnp n — fo* wlitch TamHic, Vcttori, Stanley, aimI 
FbrwD, in vioUitinn of the metre b&ve edited £n np, aotl for which 
tjwIwMnr. nnd Blomfield propoM to read 4np n — is equivalent to rcfan^ 
t — or rAimfi Mc — pretittly to a». juat liir. 

SC9. Z<v, Zii c.r.A.j This, which at fint ftiglit might be thouj^t to 
be a mcTvimpvsionrdcicelanutioQ. I undent&nd with h'lausm to con- 
vey a formal invocation of vca^aucc, to which the ii in v. Ii7'2 — at 
tbe faiae time tlial it nuu-ka the trmiuilMQ from (he general (fifxniu^ ... 



X**pS) to th« particular nac (ro-aitn) — subjoiiu in (lie apndosu what m 
1^ abwe premities tlu- pc^titiont- t ivould wiNh ti> linvti done. " Mentio 
Jovis, eju«(]ue miincrisf^no ullioncm d1> infcrii cmitlat, est pro invoca- 
tioDc KiixUii cjof ia luc re. Mciitioiic ciiim Dits buu» tribuitui lionor. 
qm re ad opimlandam propitii fiunl. SufBcit proptcrvs invocBtinni in 
hymnis ct iiiitiis camiiiium illud fuitiit'ifUK aila." 

Rending, therefore, on the niggntiun of i.achinniin in v, 372. n'^tt 
T*\u. traiul«tc : Ztw ■' Znii thai from Mtm' ffttdfat up retriSutive tpoe 
ini/0 Ike aJtVHturvta and all-daring hand (or handiwork) of motialt ! do 
lAou, Mg I, thaupli it be valo a Parent tin<rrthi-lrits rrfirty. irpatf ! snd 
on this coitstruction of hi, and of iifiuf, sec the Dotea on rr. 7S. 181. 
106.; u<l with i»rf*p&ir>uifO¥, afltr a time (i.e. acmner or later) rfpa^mj, 
eompare A^.58. ixrTtpAmivmi wfiam trapaSaiwiv'Epinii: .So]>h.^Vl)t, 1075, 
ifmpo^&d/mi Aitnu Koi 6§Siv'P,fnnnt- . and »ce the note on A^. GSI, ttrrtpf 
3lpS»^, tonvai, lato paraitf ' — under wbicli general doiignntion CJf 
ttmneflra. us « partnt. i* inclnded — ^wilh it<nn>rav w. 47. 73. whI rari- 
pa» r* tn\ riKnitav v. ZW, lire tn he mitiivd nx illuiilnilionii of the pnn- 
dple liiid down by Klauscn on Ag. 1541 : " PluroliB pro sin^ulari po> 
nitWi u.l>icim4{ue deaigiiaiKlum est e!>»c unrccrBi ^liquid iii cvuditicHie 
ejiu de quo Kermo fit :" tn whi^'h we tniiy kbo refer the nl)«trnet uao 
at rA <pi\-tara (Pcn>. 851.) to express any near ndalion^-m Hor.Od.iv. 
4, 3fi : "bene nutn," An;;!, nobk itinfi or (Ae Hobff ben — knd slightly 
differisgfromthw, that FJ^ificantiuie of the plural (Angl.M(xe/Aaf... ), 
whCTC one person only ix mciuit, ex«m|il«i of which occur in w. 36. 
164. 223. 406 : »ce Mntth. Gr. Gr. 4 293.. and compare the note on 
A|;. 151)£, ni-s ftoiraE. 

The Bishop of iJchfield's nnte np^n thin paxuj^ in : " Tti, Zti, nam- 
0r» dfiir/fiiFwi— nutninsCivuit pcndcn* piirticipii pro %'erbo. utTtieb. 169, 
aptmi-aa iu» yap, oix iiuKtfror Bpiaot, ut non dcccfm: Btt reponcre i{^ 
m'fMtHr vel ^nri^^c. t>ed, ni Adlor. pT*atat hvc per aposiopesin ex> 
pliCBTi.'. in huiK modum. O Jufnlrr, ifni ah iuferia trro pntiiimlm ma- 
JUtaia /aetaorosu alque aadariliun iomiairm nuaiba immistlt — tt in pa* 
rvntilntt tamen iuK pcrficiumur, Ita^naiiiaatta nun nbwl^it Ekdrm, 

* CorapuvEv.Hrc. 103, vdAa roaiu- 
A' •Wrwt Ouitov).4i'aii Angl. omt* al- 
lomaitf* /br a Pmrmt't Jiatly utritrd 
fitHnft. It U bu Mwllier tDMifintion 
of Ikt Mine fim»ni wiiwipif , «rhioh Par> 
•i>D tnu uuticed oil Ptum. 423 : *ce mite 
ON Ag. HA. To (be tunc prindnie alto 
bekion «lwt Bp. MidtBchia (ch. ui. sM. 
^.taClMlU (lu taelMiH Mnw a( the 

Grwii Article — of whlrli we Iiire • n. 
Ruu-kflblo laitntMit in St. Lultc't Gv*f^ 

Eng. Vcn, i ke mtre^U fa mr • Saaur 
— uid we ntij^t m)> actMnUr, tbi iu« of 
"th* AlMtfact fnr rtii- Confr»W." w, fcr 
muanlc. Itt Soph. IKil. T. 12l). ru^oiW- 
Sai «5tb ir««a»«iri> Adgl. rAni Hvfaltjf 
— i.», A Ku^—ktd fAwi/all4it. 



borrwo qnodam prreil* cum Eucc, ut pHtiib csdem ulciecatur, ia iiM- 
tma imprcwanda mm rcpnhit : itnque p<Ml immittU tuppleftdnm jMict 
fjiffilo, vcl tile aliqaid. Ncsdo an recte nMHvm de C/)tf«miie«fni u* 
eepcrunt pteriquc mterpretei. Mihi pcitliis ridettir Agatnemnoo io< 
lelli^, in ajiu gratum Iubc impr«c«Dtur cjiu iatcrfcctoribtu." 

37 1 . rXiu>^m nl mnovpyy] " 'l9kV«*' >>- 1 quod Hor, Ud. i. 3, 3S ; 
twdajt ommia perpeli ToeM,nl in loco a Flloinf. laudato infra 587 (581). 

^^irtv rX^ifi^mv. Addc £ar. Hcc. 5(12, noiTMr TA))fuw«Vnirav 
S. L. See Monk on Eur. Ale. 265, and for mamvpyot BiomT. 

372, TMcrikn f jfi*t vAn WX**] "^ received reading here is : t»* 
9' ifurt nXtiftn, Uio only vahatiou beiikg Roboftello'a ; merw 

'Npf <p*«X«mu, on wUch Wellaner i " H»c eorruitta ease, non Mhtm 
Bttiaaa docci. ()ucni turn adjuvenint Herm. et 8chutz. luce rerlw pB> 
rpnthcBi tncludcDte», ecd ctUm mctmrn uitiEtropluci. Doth, cmenda* 
irit rMfwtf «ir«i rrXiTMi, antistrDphJco eimnl raotato. M^nt lAcbin. 
romwi 8' o^mw n'x«i ri'Xri. KHcHe muc inter te oofiAmdi potemnt 
'ra-VEITAI ct TEAEITEAEl, nisi {orte tA** toBc Icgendnm crt." 

TliC Scholiast's obscure gloM U ; rotttivt' tra rli Sfunw Ka\ law r^ 

374. irturiiirr' liXrAvy^p] " ulalalum amanan, pro|iteT pici« nmari- 
tudtoem. \'oaibalu ntvudavit et /x'WDjr contulit Blomf., forsitim s 
*Ma.i lieiUK; qiuc cnim atnara Hont. eoiulruifiait." S. L. " Equidcm 
cndiderim vetun liiij»e nomen tnvKit, fiuiritMh, cojpalionein (}uan- 
dam cum wtKdt in»fi6t habcni. undc arbor dicta est vninj. Hinu i^*' 
rcMtqff, irrvnAoMs, aninpn, et itdncAi^tor. lDfi& G30, ft^t jf u x W e. 
abi vide notata ; ted (bnao in hoc loco vniK^it intclfigi poMit dc rago 
ex pincia tndie ronfcetD. Vld. rnpra 36'2 {'J69)." Dksaf. 

In this latter aense I prefer to take it, with KkoBen who traaahttca : 
** mot^rrr' iXiAvYttor, mlulatum de Itda. qua rogTB iDcendituT. Ita mv 
M^i4' '}\^a*mv, igmem t^rda pictit tieteatvm. Soph. Ant. 123. Cupit 
videre doroinoi rogo impoalos, ut v. 257 (359). Diim crcmantar 
advcraorii, ulolatum rxorsnnu eat cl)0Ttu,idquod(Honi.Od. iii,-f50.) 
fieri aolct, dum conditur [cvditnr] hoetia : hoctitt igitor loco illi CK* 
dendl ad expiandas sede* . — &^<tAm, ictti imrrfiei, Theh. 959." Add 
Kur. Or. I30i. ^mrr*. mivm, fitimt, SXXvn — in plaecof what Wcl- 
laurr and Klauacn cm»iean»]y claae a&der tbifl heud, Pcra. 303, rrv- 



4>XiK>r raff u<crar Aimtoi, Atigl. in htnliitg (being beaten) alonff 
roda/ ahoit:! ; ili. :)C<*(^t Ic»ycli : tiM»iifuVr)w' rvRm^u'viiv. uul trauslute ^ 
IFouU that J mi^hS it standing by {<m) la raist a (^ac-«'ODd) lotvb-lit 
*hoal. when the man (/Kgiatliuft) it ttrwk down, and tkf ipodmm (Cly- 
tciuQcalrit) pmijthesf itiid ive the notr on Ag. lOSS. (ornXoAv^Toi AT- 
ptTot Xtio-ifuw. wlicrc if wc have rightly interpreted A'^wt AtiVi/iur — 
MJth whii-li CDnipurc nbso ^niiri'pivt itiaiit ib. XaST. ni<miLitt mtrqfita tb. 
332. 1'205. Pen. '261.707., and other licenses of pxprcawJon nottcnl 
an Ag. 1483 — we fliall no! cliink. it flrntige, e^jwcially as t^iiut-. vim. 
A. tw obvioo&ly rcsolvca itt>clf into Cfiir^tmi tVi n^iKU tiit>\¥jii6r, lliAt. 
ia relation to tlie pine- wood' ptfK ou wliicb. w he rrprescnie it, .l-^i>^- 
tbaa (if not Cl^tcinnGstra iilvo) vas to lie olferctl as a victim tu tJio 
Afuerof Ajnunciiinoii, our l*ix>t »lioul<l have iipplii'd tlic lenu mwcT- 
fi*a to tile ahoul with wliich. as ioOd. iii, 450. Ag. 575-S. I0S3.,' it 
wu tho pccnliar province of the attendant women to ehecr and, as it 
were, cruwn the relcbr^lion of the saerifict. Comiiwe above v. 14i. 
Bum. 1043. 1047, &\a\i$aT* vi« I'lti tia\iraU. Thcb. 2C8-9, uX<iXt7iiu* 
Upir iifitfii tiauimfof, 'EXXiinnvf raiiiviui OuaraHas /9o^c. £ur. Or. 1 137. 
uXoXi/ffiis ianu. nip r ami^vvav/ Btait .... kocijc yuvauuit aCvi^' aSy 

The Sclioliaati Ii1>«urdly eiiougli, interpret:* trtVR'^rr' AlA^ly^ujr^ vtuff 
yvpiiciy Xoftjrpiy. Oi) thi; Doinc iTtvKmyr iwn-K'itrr EA*l.) pro]>n«e(l Uy 
Hermnnn, and adopted by Blonkf. nuti Scliolef. but not by iheCicnnan 
cditore. wc below on v. 400. 

376. ri y&p cn'<dai, t^ptinn (I'ov T^fl-ai ct.X.] " Vulgnta lectio [iVlw 
t^nt n.r-X.]. <)uaiit in textu cxliibui, m:ii«u curct metroqiic ndver*Atur< 
nec quid(|uam probabile attulerunt intcrpr^s. Ilenn. Ic^t : ti yap 
KfD^H, <p^l^v!>\l oviv tiiiruf inmirui adpoiOiv n'etc,. ct ha*e cum setiueiiti- 
bna oonjangau. eciiitoilam const ruction cm coniiuinifcitur. ScliuU. 

(Icdit TI yip mv^Bi ^ipmi ; fiixfr Jfitiiif ittrrtrrui. Holh. rt yip KoA* tfipito 
AIm>', ipMat nnrarai tnifatA'r ^« etc. Kulli. ri yAp mi-Stii <ftp*in ; tffiM 
fpwti^ cwrurai. 8cd »u1h (UHtcultMH i^l in rocnbulo OKION. (jtioil inc« 
tnun f|uoquc onrruniiMl, idfjue cum licrnianno puto ex OION iiututn 
■ne, Kd ut hoc tnodo verbii junganttir : ri yap «(£i9m ^roi vSun //iviu 
worarai : fuidaiin vrtem eumaaiMi setautn, qui tainen wliUatur^' Well. 

■ Compue, in rWervon (a llif panUrl 

Meriftoc <if l^>l1«nM to (be Ma»fM u( 

AfbUlM, Eiir. Ii«', 571. *• Si •Aiyai'vrif 
''vfir. tiipfiniri 4ti'p«rT*t iriHK'niit. 
* Caiupjfrnko Ak- 1001, KoAAuPttiri 

in^t «e tl>* DMc ou Ac* I03>, rAt •*■■ 

■ TliA Ullie mtHliiior llUnflrlilaliin, 
wlm wy* till- roHitlnii-lion is - nrrorai 
irdlf«i4ir ^r4>, ri/^tlit -n rr<if«t- 



" Jam em. Herm. Liliri OriNi contra mctmm et Benraiii. Idem legit 
Scbol: Sfun ri UitamUrov vtpumzrat narm, ml a£ie JSh iwi/tm^n^iii) 
vqpA ri ttoiji^tiMi. At ncquc ratutDiicqucjuEcadiviDadicuRlurcircuDi- 
tnhn. •>if>af ronj . Miilkr. Illud focitiaE. — ttr/rarai dc affectiooo imimj, 
ut Ag^. 903 (977). ilaoc notionem Hmjiliu-i exhibent ctt (]u» se<inuntur, 
ill ilttibns irdfWiA* mopitat dictum ul in lUo loco : itiy/ia npotrraT^/MW 
•atpKoi wmint. — 9( cxplicotivum, ut Ag. 173 (192)." Klane. 

TrHOslote : /or why thould I rontvai an affectUm of my miitd leiicJi 
vrrtAffm (after »1I) m oh the wtay. )>tnigg)iDg to shew ilMlf. teJiiUt 
riyht ahead blow* sharp iiidi^iuititM of heart, even wrathftU iate; nnd 
with this peeolior conftrucCion of mov compare Ag;. 130(wh«rcitc« the 
note), elor ;i>7 nc Sya 8ti0t» KUt^tatrji frpon-nV orofuoit, and for 9pi^w, 
Kiarft-titvaurtd. Me notr on Af^. 1472.. nnd with tlic metapliurksl luw 
of rpifM* to denote iJic /nml or fore-part of any prrson or tbiiig; — 
tliough bcrc it does but form part of the metaphor suggested by tlie 
veriw vnraroi .■• ^ttmi — compare xaXAinpM^ Ag. i'2l>. Thcli. S33. i^ 
Kfm^m Pnuu, 4'2-i- 

"*£tmat. Tapun. lonice ?f«)^c' «ttwt, mirrm.iiuuMt. tlcsych: f^um' 
Sfus]. Sehvii^u* pgrubBliiliterdiieitub<V nuai.omMho, quotamenKnmi 
pauUo rariuB. ValcVea. Epiat. ad Riiver. p. xxxvii. dc Theocrili loco 
rv. 36. itat' mUp fywiit : " tJnitaiiur ctiain rocala- Eigrufintos. lamrM, 
fllAiVoMMtM, hi? po»»Ct lonim rcpcrirc : ?/im, 7>iirac vcl tpw^t, hoc Ktisu 
turn ab aliis, anl frL-qucnler EMllubetor S Pindnn} et Apolloiuo Rhodtn : 
nun Ax' i/tms dicitur dhX' Ifurijt et a\\' tyaav IlrsuKlo, C«l- 
9, ApoUonio, ecd ct Epicharmo et 'nicorrito x, 20. uii, 17. 
IViori KUtu ponitur Iftmjt sxpe apud Hotnertim, ct in .-EMfayti Enni. 
229, ohi^'yrtir^irt weutinieocrTtus dixit iui>4«';^irnr-" Soph.Aj, 121, 
AiMrnifia d« m> tvanjin* tftttat, itaiietp Itrra ivvfawi}. i1), ijC3 (ab lltt- 
tnanno corrcctiu) rpo^ ^Mcrvr ?|Mra, mJ mrw TifXcNruf oi'xti. VhI. 
Schi>f. ad DioiiTit. Hal. dc Comp. Indicc v. Sr/mtiio," Blomf. GIom. 
Pnrai. 48. 

ComparcaUo)'roin.l87. Sup]j|.102. !xipb.Aj. I33S. Ant. 345. Bar. 
^AW. 909. Cycl. 533.. and eee Dainiu'e Lcx- v. V^r 

379. " ijHfiirr lajTttt Ka/titat M.I. ItfUitCt arrat tuipitat M.ll.lX. fyi/ii 

. It. G. ftpgiv iMmi a, A. llptiuUtn taptiotT.V . Xpi^iArfmir. coDJ. 
At »ctuuin Dptimiun habcttbiwm.JlaMioMmi: dc Dtcntc ogilata 

* DIoikvf wmI Kliaxii. >lih tbr nv- 
lunof tkn Mcdknyi Mf4.. tiavc nhed 

*j>M>w, M tliTiiuiin *!••• mi '^oyli. Chi). 

MaibaahiB mm « Diiuiautd pneglpl- 
tuu. «( nnk wntamat nMtata. Vbk 
EtrM.M. p. 6n.3&. 683,10." 



Hom. U. xxi, 386 : iixa M a^tf /(^ ^/Hirl ^ufiot atfro. Cf. find. Itlfam. 
iii.lZ?, [iv. 15. cd. Heyne]. Ar" ai<^fM!Hnn>r Stfrm fMipnymt. — tn-vyof hoc 
loco cle iiwo odic : plenimquc dc re in'isc." ECliuu. Ilcsycb ; 'Awmmm' 
w W wrw- 'A^fMMi* irmCvw, sniv : [llom. U. xxoi. 314.] 'Aijra' i^ptnt 
Swm*. CotDiMre Damni'a Iifx. v. >T>);ii. 

'Wellaaer. Scliole6cld, and I>indorr Imvc ado|>tcd Poraon'it ooDJee- 
tore. Blomfield reads aijjat, and translates : Atigl. a xiarp gaU right 

381. uifri!T'«r<lM^tAi^^£ <c.r.X.] IVftneltite: Jyr, icAra I wonder teitf 
foattrmy Ztyu lay to kiahand!^ n further ciifiirpctn<-nt of the wish wliicli 
luul jiut e9cit|)C(I the Clior\is— src iioteii on Ag. 2(i9. ] 4 1 9 — ottered, 
we nitty iroppo»c, like the succeedinfj strophe (w. 392-96). inwincwlint 
uf an Uiiiiutieiit anJ coniplAining lone, wbidl the friendly CorrphKUA 
(w. 387-91.) ondeAvour* to remove, iw lj«*ire {*-v. 35^-61) to mo- 
demte the extravagance of Electro's iiieflectual wish. 

" 'Afi0t(?(l^7v. Vt>m viilctur hujiu vcibi eigitiiicutki n Schol. ttlkln : . 
A irw^o'WF'ufi^ifuituHiA'jXqinn. 'A/i^tfuX^v ^*t *c«undmn Ucvydtiuin ; 

Itaque liic forte Jupiter unifM^ak^t dicitur. qui li^ectrani etOrcstein io 
CO ^atu coUucitturus est. quo Kquc florcant uc si pnrcntcs ipsorum in 
vrrifl essent." S. 1.. 

With this view of the posHige, which would rqirornt Zcub as 
standing i» the piace of Parmte to these orphan children (*t, 3.18. SMtj. 
244. 3bC.> of /V^amunnoEi, agree* that inlcqirctation — " PupHloratn 
pnan jum pabemrn. id enin eat ai>^tAiXiit" — whieh it is lo be wiahed 
that StHiiley. whuee words thcM air, had cstsbltafaed by aooiellung 
more than mere aaacrlion . Compare alfo Saiila* : 'Aft^iAtAqt' imnpaitm 
AOAmv. 'Afffri^it tpof- [Schot. Amtopli. Av. 1735.] i i^t^ipatt 
nit yeamvm tfoXXw, fafllti/ir wfH^nwtf/iiMc. TininuB : 'AfMfuSaiifU' Jrrl 
tvS, dfi^iJnpm oi'mAiXfir, oil whieh Ruliukcn : " Forte Icgvnduni o/m^- 
njjMvAr, Tcl tw' op^ffiMt, wkoAAiU. I'uIIux iii. 35. on [itrff] 6t & 
ya*«i>ilfui J^ii^iitr|Bo«npi^(rti', ofi^tfaX^t w»r^^ir«, Et oic teliqiii Grain> 
mutici. Plato Lej^. xi. p.fiSI. B: if wtfti H^ii/iijufiaX^ytiiofuvrn n^nt, 
Calliniwch. Fragm. cxs. Avri'iui r^r nXu vmAi am op^ltaXci, Dionn. 
Ildlic. ii. p.9-.^ \W. Lucian. Ilcrraul. p. 798. L«ttni jw/riMon 
H na/riMM diceluuit. Sed abuode viri dueti, <|tti laudanlur ad llMVch. 
w V. et Fabric, ad Dwn. Cu». luc. p. 908. Alia poleatotc v^^lMqt 

' Cian|iare Ptilau liah, II. cxil*. *. 



Diit OMiii rr jiaHf fiarcntihu*. «lmis, triliuclwtur. Orpbeuk Hymn. riv. 

'i. Kiaief, a/ti^ffiiXq. rt-BoSitiurar, tC^pam 1tiis;(>0F, qaod JpRUO flTTtftfUC 

re»titui (leliet 11. vii. 13. lii. 1. ubi ruSaX^t editur : nbi quia pnefent 
■n^iA^f. Aristoph. Av. 1735, 6 V J^^AiX^t 'l^ftwc xpfCvirrfpoE a. X. 
ubi fntttro Sdioliutci aJtcnun notioQcin kg^ioecit. EliUoT. ii. p.559. 

*AitAX«N«c ul *Ap«iK. Pro gaienn vel aAhVi nt apod vuixlem T. i. 
p. 538. ii. p.-f-IC." Aet.Lcx. Plat. " ofi^tAiXqf. ^, $, tfrof w pnimto 
iUffM. pttlrimtu fl matrimiu ; Legg. xi.927. D ; iT<f>) rir Mft^tAxX^ }«r<{- 
fi«»or mucifr: wm monnu, ptnus.prr/fetw i Ax. 370. D. ; irpAc «^^iAAg 

On the whole, then — coujMuing tlic malogDiu, artirc and pninve, 
tiwgof Ibc epithet t.X..'..., on whi^li *« ihc notes on A^- a42, 1-103. 
H29 — w€ may conclude lluit the pcculiur capadtj' in which Zvvb in here 
expocted Lu put forlb lua hand upon the (leatroycre (r. 953) vf a roral 
hituM-, is u Uiitr vf that Jumettk i'ikfmw, the perfection of which, 
HA TTG tind it in the teinp«md bleninga at Xhv Hehn-w ScTijitiim. Ib 
represented (o 1>c tiiis. that it should extend unto childrn and cluldrt»'t 
tAiMrm. S«e iu particular Paalnu cxiv, M. cxxvii. cxxviii. 

KUnscn interpreta ait^tffaX^i, "d« mtcfwMe i<yine, qtue ccrniturin 
facinorc (uuiter ntquc in viiidicu, »inr qna nihil e«t (jtiod perficiatur. 
lla inuuiTHic. miwpyj'njt. Ag. 1405. (1457)." Wcikocr. who tnuis- 
btca it in Ag. 1 109 (where kc the note) wuH^fioretu, giree tt here 
a traiuilive «ignilimtion, ftnm eb ufi^quf jnttt erritiuis. 

3$3. vifiara] " ca^la con aniium. ut Scliol., tuA ipaina yEgistfai ct 
djteninestrv. It* n'lm vfpqM TjpAtv Honi. II. xi. 158., d»Ap^ ■''• 
5W. Uvitatiorin Hk re vingulana : ride ad. v. 991. (lU29)."KUu(. 

ibiU. iatgtic. " j1C»chylu«, llonieri auclontatem •ecutu*, priinam in 
fkaim couimuncm facit. nrevli est in Sappl. CSO. r<M< kAu' Kh^m'." 
Ulowf. Hc^yeh : dmiCw' •oriK^irrM'. 

38-1. itiaya yirtMTo x**pf. 'V<>y e^mfJtnet it rtttoretl lo tlu Ctxattiy.' 
n praj'eT in explanation of vrbidi (iU) it ia added : wJu^ / adi t9 rrmrt 
bad i»—jiutice in plan of (after) u^Mttkr f vd io yttu Antr lay /v«]vr 
t^gitiieuci thid art haiamnd amtng tic Im/tritaU — i.e. re J\rir», at 

the Scholia>t CXplnin> it : ni 'i:,>uwvac wu/ia nir }(0vintitf Am*> [toU )fio- 

wiatt fitoU] nrifiTfu'riti : ece below w. 38S. 392.3., and compare Earn. 
393-6, M^ fiat yipai raXsi^K, oM* iryuat tvpA, ralvfp tmi x^^**' "i{w 
7;i[niwa aai SiwqXtar m^t. ib. 417, 'ApoiS'tVoKotr r^tttruiMsXiifMAi. lb, 
' B37-9, >V> BoAui r,iJI«, ^u, i'^' mXatii^V^*'* '*'*^ V"** <><<<'•)' ^i«toi>, ^n, 
(iMw. . It is Btiuge. tbcrcfore, thnt Blomticid (fbitowed hcran br 



Hie Bp. of Ijiclifidil) sliauUI rminrk upon this vcnc. and nol mther 
li]>on Hi fellow, r. 372 : " Locxis mnnifc-stc comiptut, qui ncc Kosiii 
ncc metro satiefacit ;'* and t« mort- strange that Kluuaea — El tv. Brutf.' 
tfae text, if it cuuld Hjieuk. might my — Hlioutd, on the cu^i^tioa of 
Hermann, hare chan^il nriftfimi into nnf»i>, in xuppoTl of whidi he 
niltlnm Ucsych: Tit^ww' (SmrAfJ**. ' ^ 'BirofHn XitptMt' T"it^ (t« 
Ttr^)* i/ fiturDitirva : and uddn i " EmIgui fere Pluivnrinii*. A<lj«cti- 
vuni riTtivltt dcriratuin a nr^. lit nfiiiiAt ■ rxfi^rtj. Ijhri Tn-ifit'tni CX 
interpret ill iiiiic, qua Kriplum crat ; ri xAtrfMi- mtfttit^—rf rijii'irf potij. 
Miillor, At turn otx^curum est, qina invocetur: solus «um ailhuc tn- 
Vixatus erat Jupiter." 

Id t. 364. the SclinliaAt'! ititcrprcltition ts ncctUeMily cnnfincsl : ttA 
ytpatm itIoto t5 kwj'V' *'"' "^ rowut* olrif k ; bat it very propcrlr intro- 
daew the Article Irefurc x^'PV- "'here in the text it is otnitted ontv hj 
a kind uf coDtHiuiol licrn*«, which evrn hi clu»«icm) Greek we find to 
have ])revailecl in the uHcof surh familiar words as mtT^/j. /atrlip. tUfutt. 
jtJXis, &c. ;' ecc Matth. Gr. Gr. i 2(>4, 5, and <xpTapan; note 9D Aff. S7. 
• — V. SftS, t'( ndicwK, f Ml injuria*, as Schalefiekl trandabea it ; not u 
Jlutlcr. followed by Blomfiehl : jwniMnB/r»i in rvnfearxjioMv: «e«MMt 
Gr. Gr. f S74. p. MS., and for ihctiscoftlie neuters plur&l iri'irra, i 
to express a Wu/e or coniiitiono/lhiitys, compare ib.H 438. 442, 4. 443, 
I. and secnhove on v. 27tJ. 

389. |9o$ yifl Xoiyiv 'EpoiiV] So, after SdidtK, Hermaon. Ilotbp. and 
Blomlicld. 1 have ventured to correct the received text /fo} yitp Xaiyur 
'Rjiifi'f. which, tliough wholly anohjc-etioiinblc in it*clf, I »cc no otiicr 
way of connecting with whiit follows, than either with Wellauer to sop- 
po»e aTi}<r iin ii]ipriMt ion to Xmyd^, or with KhiiiM'ii tii n>n«triict it with 
trapi in the sense of ^niurr {Aiig\. all aionyj of; Miitth. Gi. Gr. $2!i>S. 
e. 8. — in either of which cases we must needs supply another fcjw after 
iVvyativav, and thu) expoK oar Poet to the jut>i ceiiKiirr, l» T*vlimm\tv, 

' &v Klnuim 'luotp* l( , but tn SirlirrTc- 
lioi' l£diiiE>n IB*^. It » i Ttr^vu (|>niliii- 
bWTtr^*^)' ^MiAi'Ji. ^'Ijcnm hirrpttn 
tbouU be : AJffx»«t '•■ *^' <i 'Bifrvfwt 

*C«mpwcTbib. aAl-:^,f>irr^ ti ir^- 

iKb^. mhI /uUrr ■ bnnf] «•■ a.r.A. i 
Thai:T<l> '■■■ ^ fiAr\\r t< rJAip ("mjI, 
ntrtir, or (»*Si," .\riioU.] M rii *«- 
MK<i(*i ff wofn'aj Ik rov i^s^otwc. ^ 
C( *»u r<tya»Ttt, Umvrair. 

0« the >MD« |inairipl« «• nuv jmrliy 
Mccraat ftr tlu nrr {xvoliar nK uT the 

term varpuarrrfviTt In tr. 95A. 993. II 
mlii'irr TrMilviim it Oit' titriwwrrtf ». I 
AtrlfMATor A|(. li.A.-c,ai«.)iiilnitm 
poiUMt parts tir rar/pa iim'iai.— lua, 
— w, wv tauft ne«<ia iiiii-r|>rrt rlr •art- 
pa M hawint • BOrtof r^i^fixr rdfuvDee 
fadwpdnn|ial*o1ilrrl,whii:b til Ibis flun 
M lh» 'ptakrr. Ormfn , la tfiim In v> 
HHV, ••TpairrsraiVti^^fvi<wi(V*n 4iaf 1 
till! literal vmlrm ra vliich ironkl br t 
tfAal : Palkrr- tiHtr m vo* ar* i to ni«). 
fritvM y9U rfirrW l«fitl»fr irt/4 .W* .* 
Comiitn alto ><!«>) *- M2. Impdirw^ «. 



lu rend iraym-a-' in v. 391. in which case ve ntut willi Huiler i^uppuse 
ft loljavcb«n Io«t before Ar'ibg, unlcM ProfeworSchiili-lieltl willcx. 
pbun whiit merit tbcrc IB iatlweugfpestioo. as be tdls it», " Vin docti 
rvpoDentis Jiriyvwr' •b' pro ralgato firiynvi»," whkli should inilucf 
him in hi» Appmilr to revert to thai rcniliiig of v. 3H*>, which for * 
time he hud, like oqi-kIvcs. reluclBntly coafesMd to be untenable.' 

Tetapttn^, then, oa it is to tranaUle ^ 7^ XotyiVr 'E|Hm. fvr tAe 
Frny rri&* Ittrvof ' — ooin|Minng n pnrnllH piucflj^ of our own Mtc\\y- 
lun. Jul. Cw8. Act iii. Sc. 1 : " And Csvaar's vjiint, ranging for re- 
rcngc, With At^ hy his aide, conic hot tmm Hell, tjlial) in thcfc con- 
Atte* witb a Rtonarch'ft vnicO Cnr U«tiKf Bndlct 8li|)thedog»of War; 
TliBt tlik foul deed ithnll KtniOl ab<n-c the earth With, carrion men 
groaning- lor burial" — I >ct tlitnk our present midin^inorctifprenbU 
to the prcccdlni:, as well as tlic succeeding context, and would truiu- 
Ule t Say. never doubt ibot yoor prayer will be heard I U u «ii e»- 
tabiithfd late. Ihtil Hrapa ofhiaod thrH ¥pna rJtr^nNrrirf drmtmd mart biood 
f« be ihtd; for ilaugkler calU /orl% the vix^n'^in^ Fury from (or, om lie 
part ^} lho*r thai art firtt ttaia, i^rM^injr O-e-xitbatsbebniijpiMatll). 
Gr, dr. \ 44(1. OIm). 3..) iit mmvsWcv voe vjton vn>e, Sa the Scbolimt 
exf^abin doi- tkhfi^ti^itjarai (diiupure Eur. Phccn. 1 1^5, ^vv^ral 
AunXXnr) : and SO the Bp.of Lichfidd inicrprets the |>aMngr : "\m-fii%- 
Cicdeft A^racmnonis Puriiun iovocat liuic dumna ilomoie accumulct, 
rt rardcm ipsiue c«de ititcHcctonjm cju* corniN'n»rt"^iuid thia inter- 
pretaliDn is Terr strongly oonflnned by Ap. .15-9. vtrifrof J)' i!iW . . . 
Ziit , • . iwf«fi&anaai iri^tt ua^aQaoa''Kpiriir. tb. 335. typrfyofiit ri k^jim 
THr uXirAuTwr yirotr nr. ib. 444, rir itiArrr^rtiir yAfi ovk ivitomi Aoi* 
(fjuitmi y 'Efliri-41 xt"*^ it.r.X.. to whic4) wc ntity add iii thu play w. 
3/8. 31 (i. 3fi9-; t .. ai uIm Gen. iv. 10. Numb, xxxw 33.. mtd a* an 
iUiulntioD of y^imt — livrc a mvni btw, a tr»dition or prinnpk /Ao/ 
(hroughout all tinvc iUu Arm r&emvd lo hold — Shaksp. Marbcth Act iii, 
Sc. 4 : " It will have blood : Ihef lay. Blood will have Mood." 

I do not, hoyfewr, affree with the learned PnJatc. or irith the 
ScboGut, in confitiinj; the word* r6r irpvnpM- ^fM'n*i> to the nngk 
case of .IgmaeainuM. Tliis ttiigbt, indtW. buvi^ been tlic ri^hl inler- 
prrtnlii)!) of pmi> wpAnpon ^.. a* Blouifii-Id and Sclioltfirld, and eren 
DiitUivf has edited, after PorKB. Iml tbe Unntcric Xoiy^i — which Bloni- 

' Thr SrtMllut Im* wtlt.nlch rnafamid u nnirh, mhn hr iriU ai ■■ ri H%t' t/r^ 



fipld would (terive wiili Xot/i^n. )k«iaAir, und XoiSopt'w. trom an old rerb 
A<w or Xo^M, /tftfi?, wbcrctu Danua derives it fn^n Xryai. mbart /ario~~ 
denot«a dm/i or detirveltM in g«n«nil, nxthor than om^ jiarlicular iH' 
Ktance. or kiml of dnith (tfuch for CKamplc, os nc should nndervtiiDd 
Ly die ttrm murder), snd ol itpurtpoi ^A>u'^> '^I's'- thefirrt littima t^ 
Uovd-iAni (wImmx: oi ^fii/urtn is in fwct u nibstsotivc ; Mattb. Gr. Gr. i 
371.). denotes in tlio moM gvMml tvmu lHoae who fall firit in snch a 
aerin of danglers (well natned Xuiyiit here), aa wc read of in Ear. 
Great. 503*1 1 . d r^rtf iniwrrf (Hifc j;>(iX(«rpai 7vrv> X" Tuiht wtut aS |(f* 
r*j)' arrawvicrtfu, Koietiff i nttrav •ftyi-fttvos ^vvt^ ^irar ^Cait K.r.A.. Wltb 
whi^ compHro aba Ag. 1480. 6fu>ifvopait iitipfioauTit' ulfiarv^. ib. 1536, 
fiiaputv ywAw aptiiof. ib. 15-13, AuYfroK u^^'i^ikoui. i1>. 154G, liXXyX*- 
<^>iiM fuw^- 1»Ifw v^'- 727. 1(H9. 

393. iS«T< iruXintiMiMit 'a^i Ktfutntp E.T.X.^ Look, ttti^Aty Bvftgttt ^ 
Am that are laid tow (ditin by violence), Acrv you A«<r (n " dignin rin- 
flice modos") theUut o/t^Alrida- in a Aeipl<»t state an4 oulcaHi from 
licir hume. I say outcasts ! for v^tA way, I aak. might one — or, <m 
ime — turn, O Zmaf The Mcdicean MS. here hu ^fi fuWr, wltciKc 
AldaM t^u/iiimy. Ttini^be aiul micoctMliuf; Edilont ^^ic'twf. a cun«c> 
tion of the text at the expense of the metre, which Bumcy »i»l Blom- 
fidd liKvc no morv effectually remedied by the iatroduction oFtm-. than 
Hcmann, Schuti, and Sadler, by the ombaion of the some v,-ord in 
V. 406. 1 have, tlierefore. wry gladly adopted Klauwn's conjectunl 
cawndalion ■rtfii'twr. not bcoiui^c I ei-e how " KEIM r»cilliine traiidit 
tinnta*eE1M tum in«eiM," but because wbcrc 'E|>u'i^r or '^xrair . . . 
^tf(^'MM> hud jiut preceded, it ts nut at uU improlnUe that the Bsme 
word may have be^n wiljtilly substituted after 'Apa\ \a plnce of ■ kaa 
bmilinr term, which Klitiiix'n nvvrrthclcer lia» nbundontly sanctioned 
from Ag. 1252 (where seethe note), jjri* rw vnTinvpi vdrufw vnrpitr. 
Soph. Ant. 1 174. n'r ^*ri>i ; rlt If A Ktifitrot: Aj. !)89, roic Av*^i rM 
^iXovv warrtf ttifiiirait frryjaXw'. El. 463, /*• Atll»v «rifi(ry «m»y mrpt. 

Profcsaor Scholeficld alnae has ventured to retnin ^ifMiwr, aa an 
Homeric form, on the mere aothnrity of Horn- H. viii, 4i9. where 
ftepMB: " Scrrptum n»f>0Ai«A< ex nuctoritate ed, Horn. Eastath. Ve- 
twH cmn ntnx|ue Bchol. cl Ekymologo. ut a ^<ia ditctum vit. Fnk 
enilB ^d('w. ^Otm, ^£Uw. Sch. br. atwp&laiu halwnt, quod ^idgo edi- 
tor i et ipsnin reeto >o hahet JhtA^^iw. io8at." Kndorf has edited 
^•o^AurtfM, aitd ^tin (where the common reading it ^Aim) Od. xi. 
330 : on which sec Buttmann, Imy. Gmk I'rrts, p. 25ti. 

397. WnXTiu] "Ixxrutio .'Gscby1«B: infra fil7 (510.}, i^ »Mn- 



vUycrm* dtXfuinM' tmraXfuiii|. Suppl. 5G&,8fimi 6' tiSyat r&r i|irai> JWn- 
^MWj j^mp^ itiitoTt d^iiit mfXXMrr'. ibtil. 78J, lu^auJiaittv H iniXXrrui jtDv 
Ktipiia. Mox ^'Xor «'<y dictoJn cut Meundiun Hntncricum ^'j^o^ $ny." 
Rloitli'. " Horn. Jl. }[. 451. iV 9< fiat aCrrg Xrv^firi vuX>«rai fni|i om 
#T«ri>. N(v>terSu|ii>I. 785. lnAm.517.819. S»|ili.(£d.T. 153.S<J)»n 
««iUui'. Ncc abludit V'u-giliui) in illv Ocurg. iti, 105 : r^guIloMtia^w 
lumrit Corda pmttr pwUami." S. L. 

398. xAtviHnw] "Magna utilur licentia caiuam, propter histaiDijui 
est fogienduB id Tragfedus. Ho)>h. El. 480. vnvri fUM 0pdoot. aiuav6am 
Aicnw ofrlut irtipinfi. \ . nXvoivit. Scltol ; •i»Tl rot", «Xvo«-«3-" ytaill. 
" In accueattvo offcndenrnt Pauw. el Healli., ()ui dutivum rt!|HiRi to- 
lumut. wd vid. Brunck. nd Sopli. El. -ISO., ad j£k1i. Prom. 217.. ad 
Eur. Andr.2G. Miutgr.nd Kur.lVuad. 119., ad Ear. E). 1251. Valck. 
ad Hippol. 199. Hcmk. ad Vig. pp. S7C. ti97. Eliml. ul Eur. Elctacl. 
693. Addend." Well. 

Compare the notes on Ag. 10)6. 1582., nnd rowidt tn particular 
Matth. Gr. Gr.$i»5G., from wltich it will bcfccn tbattbercaeoDaftiie 
■eoniing anacolulKo* (il>. Ob*. 3.) ia, that the i>aTtiriplc in rrcty examplo 
of this kiiid contaioi some "accc«sur%- bmitaliou of the primapal vetb." 
and not of its stdutantive— or of any immediate cimimitance. or pro< 
pcrty, of the subject cxprr«crd bv its subilanlive, a« in v. 401, vpit 
Tmt icXMit«f , vhich IVofcssor Sebolrtitrld (in his Appmdit p. 33.) has 
well trantUted " Angbce. at the word lu t Anr ir"^-«ind on ihi* prin- 
djilc we may account for tbc ctuingc of cote inThucyd. i, 130. utAfm^ 
yt^tfu^fMnw fi<V irnr, tl itif dttimirm, fO'vjf^fiir, aytt0iw iSi aJutouftc'rai-f 
it fin> tifn/t^i wnXtitiuf. *t ii napairx^ir *'• vnXiftav viXa Ivftff^i . aru) other 
panages noticed in Matth. Gr. Gr. i oiS. 0\».; m well us in Tbucyd. 
T, 33. AivhSai^vum ivlpartmrar it noftpifMitV. ii>rd rraair rHunX(v«fi«'* 
•<w*' ff^wi and the other exjunples adduced in Arnold** WA9. 

Jhid, o£crw, a kmunt. Hesyuli : Ourmc' 9pijrat, TXnt, wvpwitita. ^M- 
Xmfymmia. BlooificU compares Thcb, 51. ourwr if oCnt {v JU vj^pm. 
Suppl. S9i oLcrwtJicr^ imW. ib. G4, inr^i >hm> ofowr 4^'w. and adda ! 
"AbexelsiuilM)ne«ar formalur rerbimia^w (Apol)on, Adv. 
p. 538, 9.) aicDt timiln. Vid. Gloss. iuTbeb. 8. Ag. 1 287. 
Iline oTcrcw. hmeiUalM, et ftcoMi MCundario miterieordu. Idem fere 
ngnificat wivt, vetus vox lonica," 

400. tn-Xayxiv &*' I*"* wXauvvnu] " Dc liAC metaphon vid. Gloss, in 
Pers.£nlfMMfi«Xiry;t>nai'4K>V<li*i^v*T«4>'l3f- Oe vwXiT>;tFMr, a/- 
fcctuamKdc.confenaCloGe. ui PToio.7Aft. CouatructiQ ert ; owX^tn 
9i >Mt nArnvg nXoimi^ «p<^r hnt, StBBleiu tDMaJn (ingit pro irpo«- 



rnkvaOtrn : Bl<jui «*er)nim irpotnXittp ne<|ue exstitit, rwt[ae txftare potuit.*'] 
So BtonilH:l<). but nc- rliHll do Ikcller witli SctiolpHcUl t<i<wniirL-t ili-ot«rf 
with fwOT, after whicli (*cc Matth. Gr. Gr. ^ 55ti.) »-c mi^t reinicr it 
vAJ4-A / heaf, and comjiare Soph. CJ. 47, <fyY<XA< f ft^ay npotmSiis, 
ei}uiv»letit to &■ wt rpo^fin or vfiow^irHc. Pliil. 53. omit U)aurii> iwtKi- 
tImic Xtyow. PC. oue \(V*'*- tKd. C. 1323. iitatnitot rijt ir^'Ifftfir aAfi^r^t 
}(pit^ fttirpis \oxcv6iif, sc. fie iXox'^-01' Tbucyd. ii, 33. Kai ii^r mu 
«<u>u» frXfifrnif uMMroi-Aac rg yfufLg atO(tuTa(i»8a, ayuat ftiv yf ml 9iioitttt 
itmiirimt vofii(itvrtr. 9C. Sr m^u'fiv^f. tb. vi, 16 : XwrgiMvi iWitr. rwt 
AftoiiHf fiiir fi&urm fitiiTa iU xnl nrTe ^XXiut ^t^tmii tc. ok {vrruriir. 
AlfO to. Ill, i}3 1 ditmiTovat - , ,r>tKTta ijoi^firiyi Xa^vyrtt^f SC. Aajillmif aw^v^ 

vi. 5S : ad^ut tJ S'^ti. irXaaaiuum (itir^fi) rpat r^f ^/t^oftmi. 

HhJ. "(loi M. Vul^ iiov, qund ihismU ilcfcndi. ."cd iion nt dcfen* 
dcodum coatru mucturiutcm M." Klniu. Yet WclUucr Bud Dindc 
retain ^v, after which, as it ap|icare to me, they were Imimd to cban^ 
kXtma^ iato xXvitivJit. KXwi'rr^ la the reading of tlicMb>S. M. 0., nncL 
the Doric character oug'ht. I tliink. to lie jirwcrvud in the purely Cho- 
ral tu«a9ttr«»; tliou^h Matth. Gr. Gr. $ 10. ]>. 33. truly ctiou|;h ob- 
Bcms, " llierc i* no unifonnitjr iii the editions, or the MSti. wbicli 
bnve b«en bitltrrto comiiared." SoeEltnoIryon Eur. McA. dS.wbere 
the distittctioii wliich be dmvn between the fM'Xuc of the " nutrou» 
potens," oiui th« ^?^t of tlie " nedulanutrix," Ueveo more applicable 
to tlie lyrical, as difttin^uislied Axim the nii.ii>iVf>Cic. purliona of the 
prfscnt Ktifiput. 

Compare, however, on thu subject Mattluie oa Eur. Hec. 96. Hiiip. 
2(jH, and Hermaiiu'* rcmarkit upon Elmsl. vt rtipm, and upon Pan. on 
Hec. too., ondlVef.p. 10: Prt/ace to Hecuba. (eA. Clagg.) jut.ecxxTii- 

40*i--l. The revtonition of tb» hitlicrto d«pcrato' iituwnge. renting 
aa it doc« upon the ingenious transposition of w, 403. 404. is mainly 
due (o Klaiucn, who having thus «et before hiH readers tlie stal« in 
nliteh he found it — " fntXitt ff^pia niaraatr ajfut M.G.'R. i. fipopia 
wrivratrtv A, i\, {. fipaa*' oHtrraatr S. T. \'. Ahrvns conj, ^nXn^ v ifv 
p*V iXvie hrtvx Simiv &j(i>t. \fuller conj. ^iroXx^ <r' i^itfuw, At^mi ir»v- 
r&r^ Sjfot" — and having then given Iub reasons for prefcmng to i 

' "LocuicorriMitusDanduia pcraana- ran diaoprrt mttf, Blixnf.. <|Hi 

Im : 'Otav r air ft' iXn eMUTfta.'A. iulH>l M*([. Iioi (entithiiiK : T 
----- - T-I^ t 11. a ..' 1 ._1. .»_j 

tnr •<•■■. rt fii!nft» imupl* ffcnIU anj- 
(Wni S.-I,u(<.'>. 'OrarV ah' i^ li\K^i 
tpmnT* * * aviffrortr ijjvi, MmJo •«- 

* Ilullrr aiul WflUurr tgn* in t|uiitin|| 
fnini tW MS, Cndf: SlMpI' imf»rm/tt» 



in V. 40'2. Sr»> 9' <f^' AmAo^ «' ilpf • . wbcre be nippMv* ^p^ or cq^i 
tu liHvi? Imwr (i)it, jMvx'ecda : " IftMim illticl f»'* v\x ()tii(l<}nnin c«M po- 
trat iii?i fitV, aniuiaitus MTiptum PE' : rjuequc tc»liD>nniun) inveniri 
pDlut in dipbthoof^ m truiclota ia wriantw in A. Deindc verraa 
3711, (4n».). quem \ihn |)o»t t\f„ cxh'ibcnt. in omtubnc tvlInMt rc«- 
pondet Ktro|ihi(\) penult in lo. ulliiiin vcni t<lrii|ihiro bene mpoodet w, 
qarm jun rcstitntum liabcmus (Jti* an'orum* it]((K. Fadlc turlmtiu 
»l ordo vcreuuiii, ()uo« ila cxhibviit libri : 

orar It' ii^* nrnAMt 9fia(iin N>i>iiurt> JIj(i>t 

Compta lectkne Jip^ ^4' vd «h) in fJim. fncili crrnrr irlitjuv ^tIUIiif 
j«ra — ijcot ■!> infenorc loco in liunc iralicbHnlur c-t nddcbwitur illi <|utr 
tnuliln viclebalur. Miillcr conj. ttpat rn ^uh<tA» ni>«t. At mIis bd- 
i!(|uurn rst p>i, quod Irgit ctiam 8phoU<utii, qui rccte explkat : wp^t j^ 
oiKA fUH n-nwu-." 

t»o Tar KlaoMO — to «ho»e critici«n I object only, that h« too con- 
fidently tMumes the vsrxin? rending ffpaai", for Op<i^ii or 9pafii', to lie a 
mere ronvction nf Tum^c's. xikI that be hn* not ihongtit it nccea* 
suTj to amftiut fur tlw coiTuplioii on ull Iwiid* uf EIIA.^KIIC into 
KTIA VKEC : (mil wliOH? intcTiirctgilion. evfn ii)\ct\ wo i-hall havo mtnAt 
the bold iiM.-uiiti>rHin Ihst ■ fp^v or ir^ hu bciii inja;uirc<l nnd " left 
not n wreck tichind," is meagre and miHatisfHrtoTy, both as respects 
the indvlinrtr ovni , . .tp^ (which he doci! not my aecunttdy translatr). 
C^twulo VfTO U nitjnUfrtm videt m^M ; and (wmtinffMit thMVUpnn) irpi* 
tA ^owKrAii ftai ralM-, ila wl yrata rew miAi oppurllurti nil — Dot to men- 
tion llic nielricnl halt which he leaves in r. 404. and llint the luljertiTe 
nrnXmjT, altfaougb rccognined by the learned Editor of Mt>iH:ir» The- 
aiuiru«. and by Wcliuuer (Lex. .'1'>ch.), in iho wiwf which the Scho- 

lia«l gi^nit: Ani)U>V rtrxivx'''>^>i''<'h'>1ly*it^>'^'^"'''^^-''^^''^>'"i 
what it mny be allowed to derive from this vcr^- questionable pnaea^. 

My own opinion, then — Ihiil I may now dcvlitrc it — j* lliat the ini- 
tial (Still ofv. 404. wae accideulally conJouiulnl with the lina] vtia of v. 
402. . and that the twn vereefl having thus been drawn, as KlanscD sag* 
fttiB. iulo ooc line, MOic MSS. (as wu to be eipwted) retuaod Ifao r, 
others the p, whilst all cun^nrcd to drop tlie i' which I »uppu»c ori- 
ginally to hai,-e followed ilva'tminr, where it now tiiandn.bul whtcli. when 
&naraotp mne to be coaitected with tnai i' — uid for this reason it 
may be, thut Aid** ami Uotwrtello hare edited fc' &■ «* — wwdd be rare 
to bll bi-fore that sweeping eorrcction which metamoTphoted <V i£Uf< 
into AraXWc. to agree with Xj(nr aa the imnii follnwiog. and ffitmtM ur 



^fitpM into Sfovia or ifi^fiia. to ngrce witU irvXiyxMi ns the noun yre- 
eetitng tiiererb aniamatw. Translate lliere/orerv. 399>404 : And at 
«M lime M JfffMtir, tug fteliHifa I »ay^ yrote Jari at lAe laMjfuatfr I Aaet; 
«/ otkfr timei, aytiM, »Ut> it mc^ i« on fhit ttrtMftA- of tke aaautamoff 
kAUJi kv Aatv obtained from Ore«Ur», I feel bold to tucA a diyrrt (up to 
the point) that I am lirffhiniHg to Aui.v v'ution* of AU WrU! thn Svrrmo 
u one momait pats ihan lo fliyhf : and oWnc ihat, nlttunigh w« tnig^t 
u mdily lupply i after frov . . , Spatrtia V. -iQ'}, as < i^ after {MMAmt v. 
399.. it iEmuFaeomcttofiay tlint J)tJ<rrXwif isa"iioiui[uitivu9)>eiklens," 
gmniitiniiciJIjr ikUflaiiicd by the succccdins cleuac, which tlic bi 
as the iipocloEi>crftbc propcraitiunuf the ^ubjctt as Ai'trvXiru— jiwt U tl 
Eur. I'lifTD. S$3>5. liiXXtw ii m/Mttu /i,' otHieov kKtoAt y<{»«t . . . A> i 
iietarfiiirrway 'ApytiDtwAir. the protasis of the genteucc is BUBtuneill 
the B]KHl(M>i& uf fir. Atig). in lia mcaHlmr.^ I eat/, the Argiivt invdei, 
his (the principal subject's) nVy— aotl that or<a- . . . t^actia liko tZr' Ar 
. . . &>««• Ag. 410. (where see the note). i» tabeexjilainedfroiulLlatlU. 
Gr. Gr. $$ 556. 557. 2. (with oWTvuiiuns following). 565. 0)ki. 2: it 
bang prtmideil. that the n in atti. and in Sra^—to whidi the M in r. 
404. virtimlly supplies the apodosu nrt,* whilst the aAmt (comfisn 
Matlh. Gr. Gr. H 503, 3. 6!)9, n.) rrpresents Ihc aetion cf am 'vraatv 
I* biking place n* oftat u tta " »ccf^»orf circuniitunoc" may an>c — 
tm-olves so much of the notion of ida^. in connection «-ith the main 
■ubJMt of the preceding; propoaition. w, when combined witli tlie it- 
tribute 6/uKn'ia, to exhibit, in relation to that *uhject. tlie demmUiy 
(^lATSCtcre vf n Greek (imiiiflcctcd) xrrlr. Sec Thiersch's Greek Gnun- 

■ Tbu S^ ii partlr miUmUont of ti- 
tfi)^«it (i^oTn]>&n: MnKh. Gr. t!r. {U?. t. 
OtNi. I.), mmI portlir atMi oontiniMlive at 
lbs BcadmcnL einrrMcd in ^v. 397-A. 
SMabove Ml v«. 70. 181. 372. 3«5. 

■ CoiDMra Hatth. Ur. Ur.t ^M. V- 
llKirydliln in tliU ttwae mpki^ii llic 
diitiva ; ii, S& 1 few t^ Hidm (tit f A' 
tlm^tA if Hi* high riMmcIrr ! Aniotitt 
ml Tph Jniir ti inorftr: wlik'li W- 
Icosi b> MuUli. (ir. Gr. t UU. p. lUU— 
coninrv t Siaii t. C 

* %r TV, w. ^tAAorrt, in /A« 6'aif «1- 
r«*ily dcaiKi) b]- the uutiAaat i-iiwcn. 
Mani^M'««iariiii>niMrtii;Ac- Thai 
tlwenUrc »fAlcaAeuci|iaii>lc<itb> trrf 
ftiKXtiir U wiiiwtar ^' Oiidrw vX<i>4v 
>4>iw...<i>tv3'^.'A. V. — in in Tluirvtl. 

M/«r »»/ prarfain^i) U ^invnlmt to /■■ 
▼v/ri) iUtL^rriii airremt, ami Bii43i /vvy 
rwfUt ihaivTt (.\n|[). in /Ar miitl ^ 

—and coniM|nn>II)' it in I>c ittnlin^Ulicd J 
frncn the oUisr rumi'lm of " Nooiilati*! 
Tus pcuilniB" witli wliii^li ii iii rluKil in 
MaRh.Gr.Cf.{SeQ. I. 

We idumUl nilbiT rrrtr it. lOflellMi 
with Time. iv. (Vi. 3<A tIi ; Anil. j«nmp 
q^ JJIil ^afiiaat/t ra/tirTat 'AtfmiM'l. 
1. I. «£ Bov^tptrai airralii lii Tiirr^ 

Ur. Gr. I^.Uhf. U. uid ijotii^mi 
Uie pmiDi nmor IP irn, at (hn KunAne ■ 
(ho Butrji-rt ii|iprmnat in tha rpaitu' 
thaudlit*. ihiit uld Eudiah Hirwiilaity^ 
d' wlnrJ] one vriKimUc rrlic ii Kill pn? 
wrvcJ ui ant Book «f Conainoa Prurrr, 
whfTC "rt beg tor Jlaes Cm nUT liia 
mke." SnaUolVh. 6«).lv.'. 

• Comiuirt El. »l, »*»(" 
KXip ricli t(MT 'OptoTtp; r«nicairT* I 
—Anil. irA^. /fcm— 



raar.Mi.SiuKiford, p. v.Obc3.,SewcU'» //«MrAiW.p.98.[ tDdoom- 
p«re Appendix to Notce on the A^mcmDon, Noli- C. pp, 385>7. 303. 
404. fi*i' atnaToatv\ The Homeric ^a or pria. the primary notion 
of whioJi, according to Damm, w (hrooi j>i^,Jliioj mlhaul mmck ada. 
ttilltatt trouble vr kiHiraiur, does not occur in the 'HsgediuH. hot JFa- 
efarlitt hw twice exproacd its mMniiig bv a periji)ir«i§, Supjil. 99. 
fiSa» If elkui JjcnrXiVM . . . ■ififwi' An> ^p6rrjfiA nmt atirAfini Jfiwpa^r tff 
sot. Evtn. €!>l, irtUT-' tW n mt tanm vrpi^^tf tI$i}9w, niiir atrfiiai»m¥ 
lUwfi and in the uune Ktue we find fwAutt, Prom. Sol. fr. \S2, V. 
iim»tit patiaie Ai'yvr oTponlr. Bar. Atecl. 44. oiViit patiut y* e^i/f9aXwv 
^[<9)mv nr BLTif <uAXii>ucnr jcnnu. Hipp. 1441. ftoKitm bi Xtnrrir pffliW 
J^fuUv. — " Arivnurw. rrmovtl, iwtrfi*<fft, Vt Ear. Iph, T. 913, oitiy />* 

ArtVX** y't "^ iiwwniimt Xnymr. Phwn. I0S7, irMf yi^'Apynnv d»pv irvXrM> 

A»w*7«iivA »iKrjnpDuji#wt . Klaus. 

406. W If tUnimi rix—f". 1 rirtp] "* rt If tiiroyrtt revtitui « vesli^ 
giia iMtaODi* M : r> JT Smynt. Indc comipta cat lectio G. A. ct rod. 
R. I n* ^ A- wii-nt, Omitlmdum race iIk ronfinnat Srho)., ubi drest 

irdnp ; Ex hoc echoliu iMmt rccepcront R. T. V., qui male Mmnt 
cnxvcni U. A. in voce &, nt prodicrit ketio ^ rl If iir *la4rrtt, que tur- 
[ irlllliii Allcram av |>nit n'';inijii« wMiuit lilmorathw: at no hoc 
legit Scboliaita. ^'cnun Iccdonem to priora ediciune dedit 
Botliiu*. in puateriore : n V iL* ^imt : mgentose, at ohaluit nctoritui 
[, «t SdKtl. — Pro ifrthnp, T. Jt -wmp rweptom e wholio. At in hoc 
I iifiiawitin- libninnn lectio, qaiun ndditur : f S wMrivfoftrv ; Cete- 
nan acripoi f pro tu^. f." So KlniiBen — who yet, vlicn be ttaiu- 
1 1 Qmburm dicaimU. ]«orf ttm^tri aplun $U ? and further intcrprcti 
f^vx^f^. aJipitemmrofmrniUviMam. hiu in Tiicl n.'vrrt»l irith tbeScfca- 
lia*l, to llie very n.-adUi^ wlildi he had jiut before condemned. Fur 
if tbo URuung were Sf *0]l»*9 what, m^fht w« — ur, what if m vvrr to 
r, tikmld tet — oA/oM oniaMMw from Agunrmim) or from the god« ? 
we mi»t oeedanad rS t' Ar rJminrtc r. : Me on rr. 13. 3()C.. uid ok. 
senrc the conflnaatioa which our account of tbi* mutroctkin derircs 
linm Uktinactttonbenofa accood &•, in open riolatjon erai of the 
litre. In this ease. too. we tniiat with Blotnfield and SdwMtoU MM) 
hnri! changed if into i(— (and it might have been a qoMHan 
whether wc abouM not alau, with SchtileBdd, ramove the note of mter- 
■tioo from v- 406,, and place it after roLrfu-) — Inuulattogu iotbe 
' feQowit^ note ; " rvx^f****' Eodrm ieoaa dirlvm acauprav. 31 1. 'Oea- 
r*ff, tSpiwmp, ti tnt t^dfiam tf ri Xifm rvxout' 3* ; Veitcudiuu aotem ; 



Qvid igiiur dkrnira, O pater. /» aabii aijta^rtm aaHeutmiuwP (Sic 
Schol ;) .-*n «i coRiriiemoraiiimuB jiiie a matre perpmii »unw»? Qva- 
dam iMiiiiri posimni, /tier rrm HOa diMHiuntur. N'ulli.t blaiiiliiucntis vf- 
(ktel mater, ut Usee illi coiiiloncmuB. /faimiu mrm nosttr. lupi cnuMiM 
mtlar, a tuatre rmUq moda plaaiyi qiuat." 8. L. 

It (koeordf better, bnwever. with the context, as well as with the 
reaped due to wlmt Kkuoun han ntaliliitlieO ai the olilevt Hnd bat 
autliciilirated rrfidmg of v. 40S., to E«|i[K)ec Orestes to retort upon 
llic iin|ilicd ccuxurc of the Chvras : Why, vAaf thvald wv, vr vAc/ 
would ye have us to. have Awn apeakuij of — aprOfKif. aa it wen*, la jmmu- 
thmtyhU : HO we might hero UjirVM the forcv of fiwtMwt ri'xi-im. b 
cniiTeiiictit]>hrai« of which nrruifarntrt'it"^'- 1^-> rvxaifi aiplaafs. 30S., 
Tvx* f^' '^ffTo^f V. 976, ri-xtus {t'tvitr) Ag. 603. (in ull uf wliich rvy- 
j(i¥tf » but tin wixih&f)* verb) itrt- to maiiv diUvrcnl moditioitioni; : Iho 
only dilTerence, lu regardD Uic nptativi^, liciiig that here it b without 
nr, because tt exprcesc! I'n oraiione obliqnn (Mutth. Gr. Gr. { 529, •!.) 
.Uie refleotioa, as it wer«, of tlmt wi«b wiiich to Ag. 603. for cxfttn|tlc, 
vhvre Hc the note, wc find directly uttered Hsirvf A^r' i&ttirurruyMr : 
Wc may then proceed — without any alteration. hc>-ond tliu insertion 
of a roiiitnu in [lUcv of llic iatcrrogfaliuii after ri-xoiftr^tl'hy. Kkai^ 
ttnnU4 yc hai-e ue to have t>ffii ^peeking ofathfr than that ( jiut what) i 
have rxprvienceil, wun torrows, al Ihr hands, mnrk yt (yr), oflhrm that 
jfuve us birih ? No ! ene may gtoze, but there u no ffloa^»g mvr thrm 
no toflcniny, it i« inijilied, oar senst of ihem — for, jutt Hkf a xwayripotf, 
re jbirrv' lo thank oar mother for a rpir'H that cannot he trhrvdlrd. 

40C. ax«a] TluB metrical correctiun of i)(6ta, proposod by Uicfa- 
miini) and Iiy Blomfidd. haif been onivrnnlly ndopteil byliiler cditore. 
and it it eontirtned by the sdiolium on v. 407. r^ y oFri : ru ijfl- "* 
well UH b}' thti fore-{roing ij^t v. 404.. to which n reference in made in 
ttiis repetition of the word, which in it.i turn muy cunlirni va tji the 
view tlutt wc liavu tiilten of each oi' these ])u«Bgc9. 

407. >ni|jiaTi aair^ui] rjj fup'^M tov ' Aya/Ufiyeva, is the Hchohsst't itt*- 
tcrpretatiun. but no more to bv uixouiited of. tlian hi* precedinf^ ex- 
position of ri If ttwarrer tvxo*^* '• Tauw comer nearer the truth : "Mi}> 
rijpt tni^oTt vi^rttf Tftiir, /fu mi ai, "K <■! tr, fratcf : t^ tl oCri Bi\y*Tmt, 
taJia wro blandifii/ non dvlgnhintur : ita Bcei]iteiidum : r^, w]. S^&ta a 

' "Ed ii«Tpifi VffTi. irr karffrtm ^mr 
molhtr. Vom\mir Slwka|>. K. Kiohonl 
III. Am. IF. Sr. «: "Mwtam. Iknra 
t««cb of iimt raniitiott, Tbu caMuM 

liruuk IbcBuMtilof trpiwif." inl.C^ 
APii*.^. 3i "tlMlruhhoHivar.i ' 
mf ntutlR*' p>yp m«." 



miOv^r." But it » much bctt<« to uod«nt«nJ irifmm vaiWir as n f^- 
tieni propoailion. whirli introtluras and adds emptwuB (o rbc jHiflioular 
iiUFtaBoe whkrh is set off o^iicu-t it ; and wc mxy coni|Mre. ii> jHiiiit nf 
CXprcxMon, Tlicb. £79-S'J. «XX' SriftQt 'Apyiiow* KoAfMi'Dtx Aiv /« x*'v^* 
■ XAir* DifMt yaj> m>Ad|i«to«' okJIimTi- 2' u^i'^ui AiMtrot «sf airoitrirot, o»*( 
fm Y'lP"* Toi^ '*'*' fuovfiorDr, bkim. G45'S, «•&■« ftiv Sv Xvffii^.lmt 
raid' ncM. cat n^ira irnA^q M<tX<^ Xvr^puif' dvj^)^ tf AnnS&n n{h' nramriMro 

■Hlft. oimiT^n «« fiarpit ivrt ^fftit] " Er matre, ct per mntrcRi, nabiti 
imptantbHis nt ammtu ; muter frdt. ut notM impiacaiHu tit aumw / 
Satwrai im jun^ ita intcUifrendum. PrHr)K»itio demoDfitrak et a quw 
•oquuntur*' — so Fouw : and, little notice as his iiit^fprctalioD hu ob- 
tained Cram •ueceeibog editom. I Me no other wsy ot applying tbenc 
words— as tlic relation' in whirh A^iot stands conslraiiH u> r<i n|i|il]r 
thttm^-at DDGc to tbe rffj/' and to llie exMspenilcd duldrcn of m uu- 
Datunl mother, than U\ repreBcnl tlie milk <if Cly>cnuH^lra'» ItrndncM 
iw hairing infused no milder ^iril into her offspring, than the voiTm 
cvXi fnHii the fflomentof it» birth inlierits fnun iti dani. Yet Frufinsor 
£«ltoklivld (Apfftdit, p. tiS.) observes upon this pawngc ; " Coin vpAt 
tii¥ ntoitivttv, -ill. nianifcelo ad C/fttemneHrmn refer^^dun est, iioii 
video quo modu Aififc possit esse Oralu. ut intelU^t Pauw. ct opinor. 
Blormf. Ea (sc. £x*") """ '"''*' ""^ f demuieeri postinl ,- iMto- mm 
iupi, ixtphntilit f$t matrit tmimtu. Ita vltimu voces rcddit Stinl. 
rectc, ut mihi vidctur: r> (luiuii mlundantc. Soph. i\nl>g. 95. t^i* <f 
ifimi iw ^fiovXiav. ibid. IOi3G. ri t( «V Tvpmmai. Pleniiu et sccuratiui', n 
pMrtr matrit." 

Blooifield, aJ»o. admit* that Stanloy's interpretation may bo dL-fvnd- 
c«l — but " non tali aaxibo. nee defensoribus istis" wc may n-pU , nbcn 
we find him adducing only Eur. Ion 672. ig rwk 'AApM it i moCw' «£) 
yvri, ^ fim ytrtfrat fatjTp69n' vap^^ui, wbcrc inirp^^p a uu iMOtV to be 
«kHtlk-d uiHm irn/ij^jifia. thiui it /uwTfKt here on A^r, hut when.', tike 
(■ /wirpit, it may »cr)- well U: rendered e imi/rv ur o pttrU mafra. AngL 
/Aa( / may imitrit /roim mjf molAer, or on my matker't side potatts, a 
/r«*roicr(rightofcitizcnabip)w./rit«iu; and so too iaSoph. Aia.9&. 
the €'f a'pocisemitliatie, wbctbcrwetmnalatc: whatyoa ra//(tb. tt.68. 

* Tlir nkuan, wnadi , of smkhUcxi lo 
iIm> iMdinc iw m is li w ur Milgeot a< llw 
mlits ^n>f««ttiaii, vliarh U 4^7i. uiil iHtl 
(un y rfi or h vstrJl* fUMii , ■• 8(>Blrv anil 
SrJialrflrU rainbuic llmr vniil*. «u1 
traMlMe u If. Iul»d of k&i»f, Ukt 

luMlfoWMl A.d*0(i. $CF.\|i|niiliX tuNutr* 
CHI llu;' Ar.uiir itjrkitn, \»rl4'(' J-ri, 9EHf-9B. 
«fio>r I " ill Uli- 

■iMai" uNriyy 

4irt'- f" <> II- -I " 'If J iiiiii «<f t'ti») 
■ith iM Ihtr* 1*. or, vf'inrr, fie. 



82. 88.) imprmlfaec on my part ; or titt imprndtitet leWcA u all My 01m 
— oriyiiuUing vilk me, nnd for TOhich / only am resjnneiblo — in which 
latter wn*c oompare I'hucvd, ii, 39. riartvomt «£ mic wnpiunMvah tw 
vXrar Esl itinfniic f t^ i*^' $fiuf ij£tm' /f r& f|iya n^xf. On Soph. Ant, 
I06fi. ri if « rvpanmy, Ang\. and that bf Kin^t — M. yint, lie genm 
WAfe tip o/* iodiridiiiJ rii^tvoi — bc« MtitUi. Gr. Gr. $ 374. li. Ob«. 

Klausen alon«- ii(I<>]>u the Scholiast'i explanation of ^fiSs : i nC 
'AfvfUfivni'ac : and hii> exposition of the «iitire stroph« is, as ioDowt : 
"Orc8t«, qiii v.3"5 (3S1)- '<\'i- Jovis ct Furianim nuxilhiin in rcco- 
peranda doiiio implornverat, jajn ad augendam harum precum ancto* 
ritalem alTert mala siln per patrL-i tl miilm inun ilUta. qaibm nonntiii 
violcnto focinorc f iiie impont po»nt. Pfetrit cium ira cxitium ei intiMtu 
«mt. H ultionom neglcctnnis es*vX v. 273 (57G). sqq. : malris odium 
enm Id cxvilium ej^eral. Hujaa odii ratio pasita erat in co. ijuod 
Oresti potria res crat ag^cnda, ncquc toll'i potent hoc officimn : qiun> 
quam «itiin infcriia Agamemnoni adulatwtur CltrtiemDestra, tamen noD 
kniebatur cjim im." 

410. liKotffa taiifiif'Ap4iom'] " SchoUastes -.'Aptiap' nrpiriutp. PrOCul- 
dubio noit ad ipitor, »«d ad ri K-urviat pertlnet iuter|inftalto. Cutii 
frcnn PcTMrum beUicosa ; da quibii* nd Pen. r. 17." Stanl. " Vera 
foitasse nt emcndatio Stuileiana, ted Scholia^ta, cui r^onea Oricntia 
minus exploratie fucnnt, reapcxissc potest Arios, Fartliis coDtcrminos, 
ctMqoe cum Persia coDfudiue. Si cnim ad Ktavim intcrpnttstioiiem 
Rnam retuUawt, acripaieaet credo nipam^t." S.L. "'Afniay. Pnpaiva, 
ipa Mcftorum proaviw dicrbatur. ajiud HCTodalnm 1»» nomiDe 'A/mm 
u|>pcUaliir vii, C2. fiC, scmcl nomine *A/mu» tii, 93.' Idprn lis hoc lo- 
co dstw, cocTCpU diphthongo <i. at in 'Apyilav A^. 177 (189.) Cunt 
Cbmu coBunaaorHntur ctiaiu apud Merodulom. Mulicrea Cisaias la- 
meDtaiidi arte insigna olwervnt Ahrm* e Pen. 1 30. Ut onuiioo ctete 
d&chyli Trojani, etna omnibus Aaiic miooris f^tibus. Pcraanim mooi* 
bw fiiniln cxhibebontur, (vclui io monumentis j£gin«tici» Poiidit hft- 
bittu>), ila naiic muUcrcs barbarsr Trojans mum huos ajipvllaat nouunc 
Rcntium rannn, qiiic innt Asise potcntiasma-. Nc vcro indc flU9]ncen» 
CM uoii c»M TrtiJAitAA, confcfM locoA if>chyli, uln eencs Pcrsti! plutrina 
mos Mtftio* fit MarianH^nirtu ap^llant : Per*. 988. 1054." Klavs, 

mi. "U<^ M.G.A. i't«^ R. ;<a^T.V. [Wcll.Blom.Sebolef, 

* llMjrchiasluut: 'Spthf rvAmi T*p> 

■iArrlwnunw^iiimiLf iMit'Ajvtii.iiiSlra- 
l'OniAiks. Ilk eaim KinpcT A,i>ihvt,im 

ubiunct '/ifiiaof, rt r«s^nn 'Apiar^if \ 
•M. Hlvph. B<ri,. luulnl by Abraa 




Dind.]. fort en). Both. Herm. Ubri<m." Klai».— riraTjrmbhitl.nioinf. 
Bui (c T« is. I think, con firmv^l by ihc reading of Kiaaimc iu M. G. A. 

411. nifHitf ttiKt^unpCat^ litis easy ani moat ciTectuikl corrcctiaa uf 
llie oUl»t FffKling of U»i» line — wAfimm X»f*Mrrp«« M.G. A. R. — is doe 
•iUter to UcriDaiui or to Ahrcns. wbo coutinn* it from Hrsrch : 'ijXt- 
fuvr]Mu- fyi}*^p*i"- Kod further compares ffXtpoc, laimnMlo Koior, 
SiippLllS. Kur.Ph«rn.l034. OrciM39l. Herc.F.109. Suppl.SSI. 
Troul. tiUO. I.IIM : to which KUuuen, who was tite first to admit it 
into tltc text, luld* Inc. Rl)e», 695. (" ct locum Pindari in Bchol. Vatic. 
ad cum locum"). iTjXf^ii'^tii' CuUim. fr. 17(1. Coni|»n: id»o Ilmycb t 
'hiXifii(ttr' ffpijfiiir. 'taX(^* tftiirot, i^i^itroi, <mf>£fMnM. Sfiip^nniM. &w»- 
i/m. lh0T}rx*U. 'bSuiuw' viis KmXktowiit. ou i gaioAiitun. uni i mikiv, ad 

To tlie Mine «!!!»( Lex. Seg. Phot. Su>d. Eiym, M.. wliieh biat de- 
lives j^hr/iof from Ifoc^m) Iwftotkiit ((Ed.T, 174.)' (^mv aafufnM>. tmp 
lJ/iirrr;r(KB>r— JqrjuH, wr iif\«, v^XrfMt. rpoiri rvv q (ff a, mi ti^immtrf^ rvi 
\, yirrrat iAi/int, i fifnfoi : Bnd 6ui«ful M thi« otvmolf^ umit appcsr, 
it Mwus to derive fomecoontenancv from ourl'oct bimecif, Suppl. I IS. 
i4 tf.' iq)k*fuM«ui iitwpnni — coniiumiig: which, 1 ]»T«fer (deapite of the 
pMtmiiliD^ aXnriMV/iot of the word) to rend i^XtfiioTpiar here, where in- 
deed it may poutblyhavc been a confusion of the l«tt«r4li aDdD.fltid 
not nlto^ther thv genhu of TomAie, that first heli>cd mXtpivrpim to 
fill (without, in fact* supplymr) the ncancy in tlic text. 

'llie rightful word, however, beio^ now rcatoced, and found to har- 
moiute at once with the metre and the witM.*, wc need no looger to 
I>ru(*iiuiii with KoaifieM " De MliUririb»t CissSia uibil apud anti<iiio«, * 

' See tm v. 3A), «7iTror> md eooipwe 
MilPOB Km. IKl}. 

• llvMc lh« Bfi. of Ufliklil : Aaawm 
[i^i] *«A«»i. IiMcnii tit. (inoit abut a 

■iMiru Anu("B*liuii ill Icrtu wde in tyri- 
rb tamliii imu pfccarc. I laqur nninc htc 

rrpoaiu rwAftwr^lai r^wvit At, nnjoe 

(u *erw pnMfdmtf mIwi' 'Aru». «d 
JMi* '^mmmmti*. m qnibuiliun placet. 
ftDffii*wit <hM>n«iii|ih p tVi^nUi t. IOS-Ii 
■•1 m'pii' lifimaat. wiriBia *i wimar. 
nU nctnn i)iii lun pnrpiMltionI* frl In- 

1038, Mairt Slam *4im' «pti UfWvf T 
Ml atialtenun Ham abcucMiti tnteat. 
Qilml n in iviiiniita ft ■[■■tts ptian t«le 
Ikvt. ijuanto aiai^ in tirrttt '," 

■ Not aa thoo^t £rbuu. nhnw iBi)(>- 
blifableiaAuby (Wrr unTKitorulrlT )>•( 

iipoa a wroni mtiu'i ha* Imnled out an 
huterfcal rrHTTBci-, whirJi )> ■ortb at 
iBMt lUa paBioc oMlw. " ArbitfvrUo 
ra|dd attalma CiTtKmiiatne conaill s>i, 
quo Ttm nialv et mermi inilnmMituni an- 
porinjicaEbat. in qua nee Maaua n«r caput 
ezllum inienin^(fe*v«ri*i#(^feTp(B' 
dicvtaitar Ac- 1368.) Uqoa cast all^va 
ClaaioniH. nnkw mtla. atraleienala 
beUioo, illo trnt^ore Orwcia noCo, nun- 
parui. C«Ttc nnile qwd llcradetiw do 
Smfntiit ivil. '£>.) lumr.*' Oil vhifli 
dar Bp. of Udiflclrl obacrttn - " Eodnn 
tmoAo nwM Umfrnt butnoia ulmilur Bnt- 
ttfiaww, fMi ioao* raoani : c< llwLran 
Mir h i lar aHtt|MlM» jBwpdi. at 11 mu* 
■Mitw itt a eoiuiM aaiier cdiii* jwW Ik 
Bmnhri* CimB*, Amaaomnn riia. uJ lid- 
loMi cundbai aPiil mKdo ; Afn tanen 
folBTl at £i<li;lua, ml IVnira bclaodi 



qiutntum Mnam. ulibi Iraditur" ; iior. with tlic multitude of uliton whAj 
have followed Tum^hc and ^Vttori from one folsc rcadiuj; to another. 
Deed we ehdiige fiu^ into Ua^i, in artier to make the nomiDative or 
Mibjeet Cfylf$nantm ; not. witli Blunifield ugain, do violence f" it 
should scctn) to mt^titr Iiy tnukslating *Apnnr, Merttum, ad caden jwr- 
timcHt — ^l>ut itill it miiy be u iiucatjoo, who i» the >[>v>)ier here, and 
whether fira^ ifl expne<«ve of past or uf privi-iit tiitie. 

IQaiueti. in common with all thoK who have edited *ko<^. 
Ihc rcfcrcacc to the time of A^mcmnon'n murder, tuid fanving (a* we 
hive already seen) SMi^cd thin »tro|>he to the Ciu>mi, thtM explaiaa 
Its purport: "Suivero platictua rccordatur choruB eorvftniin nune, 
quum itnpliuwhilctD Agamemiionitt iram ronimemoraverit Oreetea. et 
moact ec »idtcin c more «ao dcbilum rcdidiscc bonorcin ct, quuatum a 
ae fieri poaset, ejiia irain placaviase .... Electne vero [v, 416.] liSBC 
ipsa ref iii mniiDriam ruvocjit igiiuminiam Agmneintumi in euketjuiia 
illatam." But to the — despite of Vi\tamKa'*aax'Mmg prtitiit prutci^ r 
" 1\dis »ane plaiicluA liaud decebat regem Crtecum, qui omnem aspor- 
niilinlur IfiiHianun Ituiuriem (Ag, 8'i 1 .), et tatuen hie »olu« Afi;aniem- 
noiii erat cunccsMia. quom rcligttos familiK jocios et rives AtfrivoB a 
cmnitatu pFohibuusel CUltetniientra ;" and uf^ain : " S0I911 Ulas mJie- 
rt$ e^ittof nemo prohihuU" — it were sufficient to oppose the connirt- 
BOttertmwnyof vv. 419-20. 427. 497. 502. Ag. 1522-24. Soph. El. 
100.. even, if we bad not this further objection to alle^, that whoa 
we ho\-e asaumcd r^ x'P^< &^iiitra to mean the blow* which the CVtorw 
had formerly iiiflieted mi ilsel/, we have cut off oil occnidon for the 
introduction of oft^* or (aa Blomficld prefers) a/<Ar in v. 415. wbcce 
with twippoBti we mi^ht rather have cjcpcctcd to Gad eomc such epe> 
ctfication following as ■ n wti rvv — or, if with Heath and otbenwe] 
were to read iirtf'pdSn, tome «uch epexegevi*. it itiiglit be, as 
(bn^MTw* SS!ua» xapa — for what purpoAc, in such case, was this tmr* 
mcntioo of the tub/tct to wrvc other than (aa was vtry itotmhW) to 

Unkw therefore— comparing .\g. I07C, nparfirti ii x*'h> ** x*P^^* 
Yo^oo — we should tttll with the great majority of interpreters (bowerer 
abraplly) refer ri x*P^' iptyitara to the murderoa* blow* lumed by Ike 
Aand 0/ ClftenuuTlra— in wliieli case we might with Schiitx and But* 

TBdo Mtk aotafnt, ad diqiiU t«le allu- 
fcritt •eJiti iniror ki«lari(n», et iincci- 
pve HBradodun, Utiun morein anlubi re- 

Elate. ClMienntrknammbclliMi- 
ai : ct«J)d«riM ttk^uc hoc tMitwn ie- 

luiMc Xtdijlam, Cl|it«mn«iiuaia stta- 
l(ig«<iMla qocdan omu cms Vmm fie- 
qimatala, qao AjameniBaiKm irretlRt 1 
quam o uriijui rip CiMtisai Mtatrietn, van 
licllalom, tqcbI." 



Irr tranolute crviry i ' ttr. K.t.X., Hrqniui er putrii c«de orlo rtspomMM 
[or ntkcr, after iicv^. rttpmdel] Ctr/wJ mnim jtlagif ictiam — 1 wdoIU 
projKMe to nuke VT. 412-13. (whicb, like w. -ISS-fi. in the Bntiatrofihe, 
we may concrive to luire bwm ilcUvvnd Amnwn) m nwre pnrentiic&ts. 
ia wliich tar tlic ttifonuaUoa of tbosc who vcrc Jcu fiuuUiu willi lite 
tuuocs «nil custonu of Eutvm cwmtries, I vniipoifc thv Pwt to nm over 
the p4LTtw«lsn' D(lhecuiui)ari«onju»t M it ludpccMnindilMlftDhtt 
u«rii ie«nuag nutMl ; wad — adopting BlomScU'i valuUe suggestion : 
" mpoi. Mot. Vd jMilvat esM gettiailatia : Hcrtxlot. viii. 89. *V x**P^ 
n^:" — tnutiJate : / mn lu* om thai itatt iii>oa lier hc«(l titAfioM* 
j/raA^, or vilk the gnliculatioiu of a Cusian mounter f In « thowtr of 
bjouu. ym tmdfrom many qaartera, tfon wmf iacc notieed tUe lAnuta iff a 
koMl (or in one word, hamd-tliruttB/ cvme ptlf-mfll dwin frcn a grtat 
ktight : and nva so wit A (or tcilh ntch * a/ l/raliiig ringt my balleml amd. 
in ftvry Hiwf , mkappy boad, 

Ou tim (leculiar uitcipretatkin of Imtr^, I am ia tlic prcdicaracDt <]/ 
onr that WTurt iiow* Kat beatfM. uid heucc — " •ince «i<Ii intlanCM in 
put time am Clw baiift on uhich wc retMoti u> g«tkeral cnituridracM" " 
— a beater, or oM tkal bmts, tec Mattb. Gr. Gr. f 50:!, 3 .. and coaipare 
TbtlCjrtL >. 138> {r y^ i Qiit*aTiMMfi fiiffuirara iif t^vufatt tax** ^XoHrai 
— Tlffiitoelf* tea* out ti>4it ttry ttmtfig ditplayml. not in lhi» or tbal 
puticulitr iu&tance. but in bis genenl character (wtiioh the llisloriun 

* Comitarr Ag. 75-82, where to iirxl*' 
M««ta Wiurm M vinrrfHt *n nb- 
jolaMi no l«<rer than Mnrii llnm (m It 
wertL of cxpUtutiDu). iu whkli ibc Puct 
mmd* the MTtf*! pOMa vHibm vamv*- 
ri*Mi, wlud) hii owa mlMl kad waned 
mp bi ntm rcpmane vord iaJnuBo. 

I am tbc marc ooyuHnl in tim item 
«rtbc ttii, b^ dMRiiiii tfaMcTvn oben, 
wttli toemt laid In Ibe Cut. be ■iatmt*llr 
4tmKt iBoat Iwpjhr upM fail knpwMn 
(tomrerobUlBidjarEaitnn pfeuUart- 
tfai, WD Ind Ibb Mil oiefU to W incra* 
^tece U« mWm* m that, (rooi the *ny 
eenlcxi In which they arc nlaaerf, they 
•htU tnalanllj mUu; UmiiadTca kaows. 
What AtbcMiwi, fbramnpl«,av«H thotuh 
Millflitfrt InibeaHiotMiaMaraie 
BdMlktf on FUi. 937. 10&4. Mid (tf Em- 
tath. aJ Dirmr*. ?91.,niaM lUI tocaitch, 
all « Mt , d>ef^wl pwpOflof;» p **y*tl • 
y4« «m rrfrra«TBi'aa«*>^i8a3a<kr. ao- 

rrif^ Spwnr*. a^viMa rk Nfoior. BrM 

* (Id lhi« imnliar mMhod of illiutra- 
Um», m II *rvK by a imraUt nttha itam 

bjr ■ fimnal coamKunn, kc the noCr (m 

Ac- 98^ ^1 Smm*i voTi wvf •rtc Ipvw 
CoMpu* aba l«auh txiritl, U. 

* Sintr—wK, ai U luigbl aenn to 
Em^Ui (>n, «^an aar, hot gf «hal oar 
PaM (TVb. KU.) baa dadarad lo hava 
hem nut vrrr diflenni— ^« ivti. bcat< 
iNf tiBi« to the ciU notn* of «n in|ia>- 
tkncd Tn^ K*m^- Bv Ihb nnpla, 
■1^ moat tai(!ral, eeaatraenoai at nijJir 
a* tba copBale accaMthe after fcvifa. av 
■ranol <l«rnaUawUh IhaaikoraalTwrat^ 
BtomfieU ha* QOdoDd : *- NoMBdm cat 

la^, wtira mca, pro hi^^tra," 

■ An rqwUT »»rittie pcnditarton oe- 
cor* b*)aw tu <-. I8&. ^TtviiTfaai, whi^ m 
■rianca* m ihoaU miriH*. BO* (« awk 
f««r,bnt/o5«nmv«rroriMterBt Con* 
f«t abo V. HO, frff*T(i«ai, rqiiinlcat 
to Ja^wrvt abw, and r. AiO. {.«a*<lpain 
Afttaai l|>Utfart( >ia<. Maf inu pattern 
and trraaerrtt la vr^ittt irtM M« mmw4i 
wfth an aOaaian, probaM*. la thv aiO- 
kMnni Prvtreterate oT lie AT^noi Anl, 
«i -hkh Mc noin on Ar- HV- iM- 

■ Sea Seaell'a /fara PAiM. pf>. IIS. 



a (kflcrifaitig) the force of natural tatrnt — with tfac other examples do- 
ticed on Ag. 410.. Horn. 11. xxiv, 42. Soph. (Ed. T. 10. 90., rrom which 
it will be s«eQ that 7<o^ U here equivalent to •d'^mo ttfu, aa which 
compare Matth. Gr. Gr. ^ 559. 

With Upott, trnnsktcd us ubuve, compare further Heroclot. ix. -48 : 

mm. 1>!X. Polvb. W x''f"f- Hesyeh : Si^- rg rof^ : and Ijietly, with 
ti]A«fiJiiT/>ui and oilier like renitnine iiiflectioos of verlial nouns in rtft, 
compare bcluw v. 741, ^i9>iiWpta. Ag^. 1240, ayiprput. mid see Elma- 
W on Eur, Med. UG. 

412. ^piyicriirX^tra «,r.)t.] The received reading of this line « 
ArpiyKToi ?rXi]cra ffuXz^Xnycru dvu, which Luchinanii fintt restored u ia 
the text, with the omiEsioD only of the y in awpi-frriitK^im, which after 
WcUaupr and Scholcticld i huve again inserted, as more enphooioiM. 
■nd u derived moreover Trom the Doric, or old Greek, future of irfrff*: 
Matth. Gr. 176. 177. Etym. M : 'Atrpff- ri l(rxvpi>t tfumtr.Ois 
i\/tra/ttt, dtr^toXur, frpoim'r<^('Kifr«)r, Kordx^t- KviTf)iDi S>, ^I'rac ri a/tarfi^, 
Zirri rrpiiv, vplira, Kal Aupuriat ffpiJM. Ar^tAj) rni> *■, ir)>i'{- ml furi nv 
<mf>7TiKi>i' o, atrpif. 

Blomfield luid Dindorf Law tilitod linpiy&iirXitm, &» in Perg. L057*l 

we find £irftyi' anptyfta — thp formCT tTi»n*lating uxptyiawXtjmt, tM^t- 

meMUr p0rcumu vet peratlteTia : and adding : " anp'ii dicitur fieri, quid- 
quid aexa individuo factum c»t ; vid. <i!i>»j<. in Pcrs. 101*8." 

I^d. <!» tiiir. This cxprcsKion, if wc have rightly apprdtcndcd it* 
neanin^, it an exact enuntcrpert of Horace's .- pvteraii or polerat dii- 
ww (Ep. ad I^a. 326.), on which, as closdr connected with that ab-i 
stnct and indefinite iscdh: of the potential mood in which the writer 
might here have need 'iSott without av, tee the note on Ag. 533., and 
compare the Appendix Note 11. 

413. J murmmporptdn] " 'Eiraatrvrtptirpi^iis. Frt^mter titjtictm: 3 1'mw 
nripietrpifiiTiu. (vid. Gloee. iiiProai.337.) Iles>'ch;'Esaovvrf(M** AAm 
rir' I'lXXoit. ['Eirurrmfwi'' (iXXfiraXXiXiM-. Schol ; iifaowrtparpi^' £^Xt' 
irnXX>)AiiM cmniv rocoMnv]. Hom. II. A'. 3S2. ol ti mi Xaoi Op^atoii nrao* 
viwtpn. Haac roccm Et)-niolDgi ducunt lib mnroy. jnvpau. Rcdiw, 
at ophior, derivatur Kb tnarav^wfim." Blornf. 

Ibid, ri jffAt Apiypan. (hypothetically) hloKt, wewill suppose, tum&i 
hff a human AsMJ; or (gcncricaUy) kBaA-thrvstt , as distinguishi-d fromi 
nN»r4-thnuta, ipm-gAoli or the like ; sec Middletou's Doctnite of tlm 
Grrek Artidt, chap. iii. leet. u. ^|. 1. 2. Schol : 'OpiyttMa' rvyiftcM. 
Ile»^ : 'opty^- $^m, ippfistn. SX/ui : rompwe bdow v. 760. Gitr. 



Photn. 307, MoptjiSif Spryiui. Hd. 346, <r< T^v* fp*y^ («aU*>} Aiu4r 

4 1 4. AwiAy, aMMdrv] " drnipiT r2 /im^ impefu ; atritafin i)iuft eo Cor- 
tiiu pcrcutit ictus, quo loogior est iinpetin." KUitu. /Urf. lervtnf i'^ 
on thi« hmiliar a>« of S4', whcrpbr one *\As of the compnriftoa i* ttt over 
against the other. com]uir« tbe note on Ag. 1 36. 

IM. AnM>Ai,rrfpoitrf*(o,orrvMtnidV."'Ein^MAii-pro]>riede»ccimdi> 
vluoore &vcotiuin dicitur, luc vcro paolo detortum owMwrr, noo re- 
Mimw (igntlicat ; Ki-vjiYilaqaenon obUtiviseddatK-i Latinomra ricem 
ejcpk-t ; ct iiitelli^nduiu. itrnttiit ptat^niin ftooilibiu ec dimicantium 
cl&moribus. quK ad Elcclimm pcrvcnicbBiit, caput cjoa rapmuiuae, niis 
«c. nuotbua, at ^raviter dol«ntium mm cet, percusenm." Butler. Com- 
fwra Blomf. Gkm. Theb. 7. 

416. U tw] B7 placing both these inteijertions (as Bloia6el(I and 
Scholeficld have done) " extra mctmm." we fhall be "{Hired the ncoc*- 
aity of mnppOBUig with NVellauer one, or with IXnclorf and Ktantea two 
feet to In; wanljiig in the aniistrophe v. 43?. And, after ibc inter. 
potitioD (in our view of tbc possagv) ol four purvntlictic lines. Mine 
kueh niMes of exclamalioa (m we may eaosider them) were needed tn 
tdi«up the Hiuw of ii}X*fUirrpiitt. u>d to point oat vv. 416-20. aa the 
actual laiTientation — of one crying* Iq I9' — to which rx. 410-1 1 ., with 
" action sailed to the word." bad already lonnded forth an appropriate 

/&(/. lou. " ^'ler- Vel Ao$tUu Td mhrr :" Blomf.. who 00 Prom. 
300. iaiaw npat. where the latter interpretalion Kcms to be required, 
quotes : SJior' Kotrar mi «nX(fM«i', 'Arriivi ti Hirr^t^v' — ital AtVj|[A«t ^1 
ro* oAm «;(fH7nii rj Xi^t [diwi. it should Roem in this vnr paua^] : 
Scbol, 00 Soph. Aj. 7M. A iota liirpvroa. iiviiopor yi'^vr. where Her- 
mann : " Oaia numt. Hoc significatu lure vox diam in ianibia Dori> 
earn furmam hahct ; »cd ubi ho»Um notat, conununi fonna A^r dieitor. * 
In mdicin nulem Uorin forma utrique tignilicatiaiii infcrvit." 

The primary meaning of the word, at least with HSschylus. appears 
,to have been (ftuis Som*. I divide^mJ.ttay aadbmrnjeonm^ig. wattiMg, 

*TU«, ilhulie««lr*ailrb(iiMt*dia 
tndNK the etjmoloKT of (4J>*fm <la Eu- 
ripidc* Um*** U^t^Mi), vc wmaet* to 
ten boMt Um ii«(ion wlikb JlUAjim 
anal )■• hmta (0 attach to the *mi1 

■Wliat aoliulantltorilr Hsrinitmuar 
hne lor thU 4brttiHT>ioa. I Lnow Mil— 
hattkidaecurmltoiBC9n*.37l. <wiih 
wbkcb uai]Mn T. 581} to aotlM « «uitlu 

jM(.and-rUbMn',«<t^*rf>^.a>rr<«iterf. I 
do not, iMnreTtTj tad vtj iiutaucB rhnv 
«A^tMr U tninNMead tai luaWi.— o«, 
crai in AatoaMa, JSaebyliu t>u t1 WAa 
T«uf«M*i Pm-gi^-tFatiaOuiitlOrMk 
•wnia^nNnpMairitfc <rt. ^71. EiHI . Tlwfc. 
9U. J«Ni)t«* W KBi(«<r^iari> Wu rA4> 
juwat (Amf). tmdmrUg ; TA«>«ir' Hccm. 
Bara.Bl«nrf. DIihI.) «{«<b' a!xM^'^-' 



or in a pBMiivc Ktiec tmA/M in'lh /re and mmrd^ — cmnpnrD Prom. 832. 
4*23, Tlu'l., 146, 222. l\n. 257. 262. 986. Suppl. I0S5. Bun. 160. 
— And hence it in ewy to deduce the dcrintive ictim*, dthcr of 
whkh will mil the praent passage. Yet Hesj'chiuK. who has : MIov 
T^fMC r4 m>*fiuA¥ tr^iituiv (referring-. ti» Blomfiflil nuninsen, lo Eut, 
Pbon. 1023, rather ttiui Mich. Prom. 352.), hue cUcwhcrc: AiSm-' 
tirjgvp^, AyaSAf. Aaia' ^ryuXi), tbntpos, <r*^u^. ^MQipA. [nith reference 
to some gtxidns nvpMtmf Ikn^innjSi rtfmnfiivrf (Emit. 1042.), U we 
may conjecture from the rollowin^ corrupt i^Ioss] : ^tw ripi apowfii- 

417. Auioit (f /jir^fiuu] "ffoiiilifnafrfqviig. HandomninotihaimiliB 
Shakupmni locus in n»biUtra)^(liacmtilu)ua /Ymt/cfiv. 5: "hisoi- 
acvrrfitnrmt. No ftvphy. tworii. nor haldimral o'fr Am ionnt, iVo nohle 
ritt. lutr/vrmnt ostfnlalion." Butler. Compare Thcb. 1022-4, it«l;*^ 
&ftapT*'ipn,ii^e}p'in j(iipuitara, /i^' o(vfiSyiroit npnam'Stta ^fuiyfia^», Unftait 
iiriti 8* I'pfi'i^jaf iJilXiBv uiru. where Blomlield : " Notam est Tcrmtii ^(fer- 
tmr; imuK. uUi IXmatuH : i^erri pniprie dkuntur cadavcra mortuoTum ; 
ettn^propriendexcquiu)." See iiUoMonlc on Eur. Ale. 434. Heaychi 
*S»tbopav' f^oAof, Tutftriii , /( toil nri iwJtittmx ftup)(ta6a\ . 

422. Upa riiru, cfrie tuel ; ntnnif: see above on v. 2flS. '■ Sic noB 
Angltce, lo pay /or ; ixd, ut vxpc fit, c|uod clegnnter Gncce diritar, id 
apad nos in ore viil^ u*ur|nitur " Bui). Coin|mrp \g. 1401, rififut 
ri}ifiati Tiimi. Euro. 2Ij8, amnaivove rintit }iJ]Tpo^irar Ami. 

424. ('nrriS' u/uiy \«|>aH>, aW. ncxt Xo Xhc goAs, bjf mettHS of my Aaiulj ; 
see i^ovc oil v, 205. A;i^. for 'fftirrpos, and (iu poetry) also for Jftit, 
I prefer witli Mutth. Gr Gr. } 14d. p. 244 . and Wcllouer niiit Kbiui>en 
to write dfiAt. but Dindorf and Scholefietd and Rlomlield (Glow. Ch. 
433. correcting Glnt«. Theb. 413.). with the learned Dishop of Lick* 
field alio, give the preference to AfUt. Which of the two may be tite 
light breathing, therefore, ip imdecided; hut in either case it »«enis — 
as vna to be eipcfleil, despite of Bninc\'»i distinction (on Eur. Andr. 
] 1 75.) ; " &^f Diiricum e*t pro qfi/npof, afiit Atticutn pro rfj«!«" — lo 
Iw agreed on all hands, thrkt the Mme breathinc; is lo be tmlforrDly 
|itnervcd. In eupjiort of the tmis pronumriution. BlomReld had ad* 
duced the Vcftctian Schol. do Horn, U. vi,414 : tA jti ivi^ ip n^nvy* 

Mpii t^»x«AT*t, and ctNtrwt Pm. 
K6.rilT\£urnimvip»y«i. Can. MS, 
vAitviwU>uirwr^itw«'- Onlht'itlKr 

tamil. Xn|itiiielec and Kuri|dilti iavnna- 
Ur um rAiftwr in (JWmI anil Ann|Nr>lic 
Oreck—'Krli<tT.I'M|i"itW'ocl. '«»••«, 
Med. SCO. -riti'. x^P' ^Mivfw (frrAdwn 

' Sn Ma niwhi have twnn tm 
for exam pts, in P). ocuniifi lfcr»-i 
BofluXHwi 4 rcA.a(«ttfL*t— wbMlier. ■• 1, ., 
our Dibit Vntioiii ns traiMlatci "«Aa 
arl fw h* isnUojtJl" i or, m luoirPnf- 
cr.BtfokT "waaM wUli iniatry." 



^fflv ori ittA T*i ipiiv iKmatm vd t nt a ftoKpir : to which, m n-fcrentc 
U) t)ic Mymolai^col qwMioii, be ndtU ; " Priuri raiUmt nocvcht Apol- 
loniui, poatcriori Dcroetriui. teste eodcin Schol. Ab hftinpot ducit 
Btymologiu. Apollonii nulrm (Diiicoli) Iocob. quo nllndit SchoUasfti. 
nuit^iw ex8tat Id Gxcerpt. lUw. p.4d3." GloM.Theb. 413. 

43d. htfu iyit rca^itnit SXaifiar] Tranalale : T^fM. trim / havf lakea. 
I am rvntml that 1 tkmU tost a life f um) comparr u umUv ontitliesis 
Tlieb. 982. imb>i' aruXf^ir. umaXcv* fi^m. mil ri roC4' [Dtliil. tiM'] 
ivia^ta^. and citM^)}' reteinMtn^ tbcae, Soph. PtiU. 6A4, oCr' Jf^ nr 
afr> Mv^fVdf. Angl. kri'iN; juifjt«r dtrnr to, nor lakm fnm. my — ah 
wMcfa we Hermmm'Ei note (r, 678). (Mow v. 477. Vmmt^utAk we 
RiMT truiflatcVoKlicc, ynimv^ mtto/t^r way. othmiU avaji wUA ,- 
nnd nearly Uip saiue int«rpralatiaii wjU auil Eom. 21 1 , ys^rwMit, fnt 
Jhtpa Mtf^iVii. So{ili.<£d. T.CSS. fi m mM^lCuimi (with which com- 
pare ib. r\. 659. 669-70.) Eur. Hel. 643, » 8i;fMu> 8' ■ /r^o^uw A<i< 

«-' fyfv. Ipll. A. I 'iH7, ^i^t f 7r)>^( (tir^rpd ¥wr^wt 111 tl) oF Khicb 

puMgM the Terh retunt il» proper ineuiiiijf of teirH mtd fraMAilmti 
(even more than riottnlj fpoliaiim or akdurttim. Compnre Hmych : 
Ji<Mr^i(t9fiai' \a*M»*tr, aXtorittt'ir. Suatjur' x«j)ic. irrv, Xa^Mi tix". 
Jtair, fuvtpir. Nov^i(rr<u' tttanu't, mXrur^i, o^oo-rf/Mt, li^oi^i, {"'ff*'- 

lDthes«nBecif •impl]'rf(pri«Vji^oTi«Tmn'Mjr. nvlind it belowv.C04. 

Soptt. Phil. 1427. oAfiu, MNT^tf $/<». Ettr. Andr. 1206. yipopi 

jirmAi Mtf^NTMf. Alc.44. Suppl. 153, 530. lnc.Rh».66. 

The Scholiast on this pBHagv^-confirming the reading of Torn^be 
anil Vetlori. SiM^ar. in |)]aoe of Aw^uu- MccL Guelf. Aid. Rofa. — hu : 
iwtn^aiK oXoi'riaV' r's rovraif ftprfrm r4' Tt^nifr, £r' /int*«r JiroimiVaiTN 
nAtJtiqr. K«>Xi^x™- (''■'*"*•). «'*li'f'>Illomfleldob»crvr*: "Vw- 
hn auol HecaleB pro salute Thtrtci vota Jovi faciends, inquit Eldikius 
Soap. p. 33." S<-(l in rem plane cotitranam a ScholiaMa ciunlur . 
nempe ad illustnmduai Omtie votuin pro tntcrita Ch Ucnuicctrv fac- 
tum. Callinuifhets ttmile eat tstuil Mitntiemii i, 2 : T*A4u)r, it /^ 
fL^n raiTu fxAoi. Cum hoe luctt melitu coogTUtt Cur. El. 2SI. a 
Stanlcio laadatDs. AlMt^u ^irfAt tJ/i ww^MfM' /ftfi. Urm v. 66A, «I 
yif Ainifu FD^* li^ Jyoi itvrt." Compare As;. 530. x^^' nAuntt B' 
t)im Ft irrtpii 0ti>tt- ib, I5S1 -3. m*M (taXAr?^ tai n'l mnfianir tfuii, UU^rm 



xa>Jv0^ Roll,, quod recle reir«peniiit reocntiorea titnnm prwtor Ctiu^. 
— bi Tit OTB orri'^qt Med, ii rit tAt tiigs Guflph, N TaMmwrfifii'Ald. 
Si'rtwrv ffTfldw Kob. A)' S'axrd <rT(('Aif> A('t* ^rtff' 
tlht Turu. 8* $' *( n^* Hv VkI. Clwg. j' JS' ^r tikt tt*^r Cmcodsi-it 
Ciuiterus. S'ttf'McnA' fU/ji' ret^teHtfttUi.Sdiiilz.IjOi-Jiai. Ht^'inriy 
ftilijc miDtu bene Both. Schwvnk." Well. 

Id cxplttnatioo of t'liatrxa^iofit — from iiavx<AiCm I heyird <x ttnd abnt 
Utf ipaigr. v,-heuec(MBtainfirld>tn«not)octl] fuw;(nX<^,> a Ar/j orffirlA. 
Prom. 71 — HeraiunnonSoph. El. 437 (444,), i^'itfiai^SriftDt.ttm 
BMrfUvit, /jMHrxa^<<^1i <"'«'l Xoi^iMtau' ad^ K^Xt^i i(iita^, obccrve* : 
" Scholiuitac, Hcsychiu* in v. ()ui»^aXi'<rA), Photiu* ct Suidu in v, fior- 
XaXiVfMro, liJC etium iti ifMicr^^nXiV^ et (jA(T;^iiXiir^m», Etym. M. UIT. 
amcyiFiani. rcfcniiit. qui aljquem per iiiMdiiu vt-I iii Ih-I1i> civil) iiecas- 
KDt. cxtremu maauum pedamque pwtL'c ampvtaMC. ct mortuo iob 
bUs aUigasee, munonc in capitc r)w abstrrm, quo ct debititori vin* 
dictii intvrfecti, ct iiiterfnriori* h.l>e« purgnri, crcditn ait. VimH simile 
Citt. Bopboclcm omnino illiun cxtrfmnm coqioris putts ninputtmdi cni- 
deUUtem co v«rbo comprclicndi»»c, tit in cndctn Pc .dch^lum Cbovph. 
437. ubi vid. Stntd." 

StvuU-y funlicr comparer Sencc. Ag. y50. Virg. j£n. ri, 494., lo 
irhicb DutW add^, na u tacut clmaiau m this point. ApoU. Rhod. It. 
478-80. f^nrS* AMrovi'fiftffopy^iararofu^^iviiTvr, Tpit9' iWAn jt ^tfpw. 
vpt'n &' *{ Syot trnur uStSirwi-. ^ 6ifUt avfilvrjiat Sc^oKrcKri'ac HKiavBtit, See 
nlao Horn. Od. xxii, 475-7. " Vidclur inos ortiis ex ea aoperflitione. 
qua mernbr* corporie extrema t«etiiuuiiium ile cicde fcrrc patnbnotur ; 

' Hw Bp. cf Licbficld rcnuHu vp«D 
lUi iw: "Ftnooim XO. pnrpoBerv 
■uw miD. nt vhetvr incrnntnodum ex 
tribm priiMik Tocibui Strophir tdinriitU 
OiMii tn)i«Hidix"—«nil thU *ll«<nitl(ni 
hMlvuBnteditMirtu iIif present Bilitur 
rfio- nittheiniM>mciiiciic<co(tlie prr- 
mtittvimMi oTt. 131. u noi ki grcai a* 
wvald MwuR fttiin ■ ilutarlMnrc ot llir 
rvdanly, with wUcbfitmual bare bmi 
DMlopd) M nltra M Omits or F.lrctra 
prtcrilnin tbr *tro|Ac. Glti^raorOn»> 
to* — not tlwClMruii.wiMM part i»whotlY 
distinct frnn. whilM T«t it ii (uii ihpulJ 
be) inoUluTta iWirs — mpond) in ihc 
latwtraphpi \ OHlNn clwuin'. it i* Ime, 
id nailo in tlij* *uprt:n\t cliniu (an we 
ih; oonatdf* it from v. 410. to t. **'i.) 
oftbolfmi^iTi'M^Mi 0rri>«r(i,3:24.}, 
bt which the Chiinia caniwl |>n>perly bcw 

a pwt, BMdiowliJch tW pfirlion lliatlna 
Uwt te beni unniMt tt> the f. hen)*, ia 
COnKqaaitlj (Unncd br4>rrn llic two 
ciiililjTii ttf Acanicmnon (vv. 132. 4M] \ 
•4iil*1 Elfrtn, whiMd obrtou* pnovfiw* 
it b to trll what it au niuiii conceriu 0> 
rcMca to boar (TV. 130>3I ■>. gov «» bnv 
with her rwiul (fti^ot). wl cnila bj 
unt'i't fur (V ftrit liinc i itinrt exbor- 
latiou lu att iy. 410.) U|Kin the iiuonlae 
tlif liai eitfn hi*n, thr rtrivt (if «lil«k. 
(an aln-aidv in pflrliiijiiuimtinl al v. 422.) 
MunliaiiM lo uanifcat ilaell in every tat' 
r«nlins dhvmlinn of OrMteat hc tt. 
1*2. 447. 4^;.4W. 

■ For \.\\t cufTcct ocMBtualMn of tUa 
Mtnjnitftive of oRa or iKmii. ni>t illw 
(whriiii' nionif. and StAolef. inm), ice 
Matth.Ur.dr.tSSI, aadabcneaUBiittaii 
trrtf. Or»tk VtrU, p]i. 77. 7B. 



vclul digtiuR « vepulcro. manus ex ore ejus, qui mulkrau devomvit. 
ponectB. C^. WVIckcT. Nov. Miw. Rhen. 1. a. pp. 401 oqq." KUiu. 

487. TnjMwvr i' firip w— we shall nut <ki ill. even though fur the 
inmDcnt wc ilescrnd from tlic elevation of thcTnt^fictnukin, totnuu- 
late z/erjiut ai (AngUce) she did, or did for, hm — or, more nearly pcr- 
\i».\w.j»9tiu»htdruUtrithhim; i.e. wilhhinlKMly. which *l)c lliwl Handled 
aa roughly and as 6:vcly as a dealer mii^lit (Krai out hia wares — the vcrh 
wpirvtttr lo negcliale, to go aboul or bring about, being for the moet part 
enplo,vod in an invidious tense, and being therefore lo be daned here 
vrilh fuicrxii^i'Ctiv. and with nw^^tw. 477j aa low and dieparasin; 
word», cxprcK^vc (u wc nay gratlwr from w. 430. 481.) of extreme 
indignity and contempt. Compare Ear. Crest. 1 139. iok^ yuMwAc 
«VM][' d!^' /irptifd^v. i1>. 1354,4 npox^it ^^^ii«c. ib. 1579, Arl ^ui^'P"'' 
vtit ^oTM- : but (or the schk which «v prefer to give it here of trading 
im nr aith, barttrmg. or (we mig;ht even any) Anglice cAoppimj (utA 
rhanging. *cc above on v. 1 24. and cmnpare in this view the eonnedioa 
that sHbniM? between &i«r^<rw, below w. 73 1 . 859. 967. Pers. 260. 
517.. A»>o«^i>^ Soph. QCd. C. HIT, Eur. Ilec. 3C9. Hipp. 613. Tr. 
1 160.. hioxnfiiipfMM, aad fttoxiMufioi ('llieocr. Id. xr, 54.). Hesych : 
flMi«y^g»i«'rJrint.ilTgTy.i(^tAfr<M. Jia»«pj. Atipywrn'^imvoim. Amqim* 
fM'^rt' ShnkiI, iuax"f>'i'enW ^Vf*iM*, Silid; Aut]pifnVrai*^«>«v<ra>- AMjfjd- 

436. /<^p MHToi x.r.X., tteking to moAf Aiit draJA (Anglice) htar a$ 
itfJ BS poaiUe— compare Ajz- 3S4 , wAii xpi^ipit^t i^prav iuSilt. tb. 
S45, oIbt ir^Mix' St^fit^ — wpon your future H/e. This, as well a« the 
direct appeal that fellow* to the persrmal ^hnga of Orvitea, is artfully 
introduced by ELectni in accordance with ibe ancient iRiper*lilion lint 
has jtut been noticed un v. 4*26> wliere the Scliuliai<t : V-anaaimtt bi 
ri iimajfoXiv^^i »Mr 7 VXvnippjrrp*. i kmi [to I correct 'H mm] ■ atrmt 
Ariftrnt aM«> Ahftwu, du«TVXKn> fuyitrr^ KuniBM vi (ofaa ry try 0*^, 'Ofno- 
ra* 2 /nw, (M Awrvji^ dwr {f <r](t. n>v 'Ay«^'fi>M«r fi4 ftMo^u'iitNi vat ni^ 
fiajc^mi trpcK n^H^iar KAinw>ip^vt]Mf. — " crinu em. Stanl. Rob. Airai, 
qaod videturfuis^c aficriptiiinglo«eea)ft, etinde ortarulgotacnboi. IHud 
vel ffrJivM ^tl ttiim \tgit 8i-hotia*ta. — iT^pamw M.G, A. Schohastem 
legisse S^pmr palct ex iis qua; modo ascripei. Idem R." Klaus. 

430. OatirlfMift] Ttustttidiaputedconeclxinof StvoW^ovi, together 
wilh Ibe preaent dtstributkm of v. 431., m dae to Slanliy, Punon 
first wrote wrpviow, and irarpfor in the next vcrw : and Hermann 
fEiem, atetr. p. £37} aaecrts that mrpMet ia oowhere to be fouud in 
the TVftgvdiant. 



431 . Xrytit] Klnusen, wlio uai;^ the wliole of thia line (and sa fa 
i« fpid^v V. 436.) to tlu- Chorw. lAiwrw* " \iyrt% in litmcntnlioniboB. 
uln (jiur perTK>na antecedens discrat simiil confinniuitur ct aiuplificantnr. 
ctiam Thdi. 8£H. ct Pers. 276. uaurpttri monet Abrens" — but va in- 
»]WCtion of thope paKm^s will sRtidy tlio rctuirr, that bcrfh thnr uvd 
hcrr Xr^ir U hut iinother term for kXuu. on tlie part of one who (uour 
own Dramattri hut rx[)TOK<nl it) is " bomid to hnir :" us on ihc other 
hait<3 Idectrn, if she liatl bc«n addrc^sin^ a moro indiSercnt person, 
miglil hnvf h^vn expected to Miy Xiym rather than mKCut. in th« prece- 
ding' verse. Compare the correfpoiidin»r »ceiie in (lamlrt — tlte Ores. 
te»' of our English jl'lAcliyhis — Acti. Sc. 5 : " Mark me. I will . . .^ 
Lend Ih3r »criou« hearing to what 1 shall unfold. Speak, I am' i 
to h*ar. So art thou to revenj^. when thou (halt licar." 

Ibid. AvitTTmow. " «r»irTnToufA.T.(i)r»BTiirovi' G. R. V. Utr[ini<|ne 
fern potest, illud \-idctur nptius." — »o Klkuim : every other modera 
wlilor has preferred AjMcrorovi-. 

4n.1. ^vxavi' ai^iiprrai;] " Mu;(<it. r«iiWrtf/e; i.e. muGernm cocidftvt I 
vid. C!lo»i. in .^gani. 95.— 'A^pKrac. Krrlimu. Jf>y«* forma lunicaerat 
verb! tiprys, f]UfiA cum aiipero •piritn vcribcndiin) c*m monrtiat coni- 
pneitum mifinfr/nitti. " Eudtathius." iB(|uit H. Stqihanus, "scribit At- 
ticos upytft acripetase cum lenui pro KaAiiio. unde ease Amtft^, tt 
toAiila scribcre oolitoe esse tlpY^t cum lupcro ; quod probari ex mA^fir' 
M «^|Mrt4-" Dteebant iirtlpya, abitjo, et iuir*i(>ytt, mbiyo ; ut disliaetio, 
qtnm ponit EaKtathius. vera videator." Blaiiif. Compare Matth. 

' Tli]», it is pmbablc, mnM htxe Ixcn 
tiM wtnd l!tla «r tlu Cboepbonv, Wl 
not Orrttr* been tte principal aetor in 
tbr Bumcniilot wImc i arbeiure the Ina latt 
tmtiaiui of tkc TriloKx ncO H i w rily talie 
their oamn tram the CAanu In ranh — 
ifaKS.aMullvrBKwrts, aPlnj wasiiCTrr 
nauMd after uit othrr than llir tmlini; 
dianteii-r. Ami. m lilic nuiitii-r.diptint 
aii4 flir (licntii*! rtT(i:tiv<^ jHin uC " Mum- 

"Tfce >Jiiht.\V^ilr»i"i ('ffminiriniMtlikli 
Willi (lie " UibaliuD-ljcan-rn ' uriwcbj- 
Inn, w« tkal] tinJ ihwC On- ti-rriftr f4Dmi 

inoicb— tiMlwhioUAmiutlFd'iiM.f. vi) 
tcfwa '* ihcjuriDriHl I*^" "'' "'oiJ. w 
il mirr, of Tra|[cd]'"~ii no Mhor tlioo 
<ai ^■hlrad h» tltaralM it) llw "ritxNnf 

SQst' ' uf de nranlorad Xiiw and FatbeT : 
r ott\j 4i4tTmcr bviac, (W tbc rcG- 
fiiMt awo vhidi $luk*f>nuc iMttntaa liy 
raDlMC up ikc tlmil man from hi* RiwDi 
it k«n ojiMleoMil al>oiit the " ntndi ]r <«n- 

Ire" cf Acnmcaiiion'* tomb, from vlik-h 
Blactta'i Toioe ia beard ta unfnid *bal, 
in tbi* caie, " tfaere needed not a tibcac 
la come from tlic itnnvlotnlliw"— «i 

if jKiekyliw \itd nnt tfTet-\iideii liiuMlfj 

(M<roiiTv.'i:{ll.4»).j(iMin rihiteriiuihta' 
Aramemntm, like Virpl'a DHpto^uti 
" iBcenun oniiMiler or%, Onmanav^ua 
nmbai popnktuiuo tempora rapiii Anri- 
ViiiH, rl lnirii.«s Inhnucirtu rulnrrc nanat.i 
.En. «, l'J.V.7. I 

* Tbi*. ■! I and^rtlanil li. iBMiMwhat 
the Poet ha* cIsewbiTc rxnitwnl Inr '*■»• 
Othrllo AclL Sr.:t. 'Tbiii iUHl«n>Uwd. 
it i> indml. u niiilm^^rti "villi a ili^ j 
trrmif" in tbi" iwit linr, •Jiw of lho*» 
Dtfr-vtrainHl Dunraiu in ahirii Shak. 
iparr'i natural binnonr Ii>\ts tii indulfe 
it«elf, tn MMon or out of Ma*c<i : Mt, 
tliem It dMitnJ aulhonty for *m1i aaf 
etpraaioaiiiBur.Sal.ll. T,%:"«a'TMi 
*war(Wnjie loquaeL" 



Gr. Gr. $ 234. p. 4(M.. and more particularly Buttm. Imy. Grrrk 
IVrfr*, p. 31. 

SrhneideniB ; ii<r»HTrThfb. 836. infra 1005 (998)." Rlomf : wlio with 
Poraon, iu)d DinilorfalAo. hfie cdital indktonMivT. 1 follow WcIInucr 
uiil KLdiucii — the latter ur whom rcmiirkj 1 " «oXim'*«n' formuluni' « 
v«rbo : itaqne non est opnit inutatHiii? nvXiinvovr: Mimilin vontruln vtd« 
Ijobeck. Plimi. 184. »q." — nul. however. iocoDnectinprtiXBffi'Kiwwith 
^vjftA : tliougli WirllHurr. " McHui* Liidifn. lior TCKmbulum, fiuod vulgo 
mm nvot jitngitur, ad fit^ov trnxtt. tjnod nntcn inccrto wtuni emt ; nwv 
aatem ad solum contemtum ' di^ignaadum ndhiliitum nt;" whilst 
maoMfl, when he would perounilc its lluit Agamemnon wm murdered 
in n comcnoD balAiitg-tub — " dc taJMfQ non cogitondum cit, nctioe hoc 
jabct pudodii ratio, quiun conun Fenelope Invvtur L'lysaes . . , Sufiicie. 
bat pudcni yon't lahrum ita, ut pnuet avertcre octikw qui rellet"^-that. 
for this purpose. " ptwitum crat in an^lo uulir >d panrtem" — and 
litstly, tbitt "ftbhocan^aloserra^rcpcUit CI vttemneMTs vibrato glodio, 
ct re«edunl iUk canu itwtar, eni facile injlcitur terror" — haa pven an 
tntcrpretation that border* be hard upontltc ridiniloiu,i»lhat of Schiitz, 
lone pince exi'lcxlal by Butler : •' llocrine vcrn fercndam in Tnijpco ! 
Qiiis fcTct EJcctnun Angliec qucrcntrm, Ttry tvniftl mf, likt a mit' 
rhievoaf rur, out of ih* pantry 9 1..nn|^ alia cot mens hujun loci et ad 
cothurni dij^tatem uccommodatior. Queritur acil. Eledra h non a 
irlla penaaria. i>ed a ]>ciKlrulibu.t duinr»tin». loribtu, oacrificiu, omni- 
mm mIco pntern«c domuo »oci«(Atc et solatio, tanqiuun ranem, ku 
nosium et contcmptum wttmal. excluwa eue, ut forte nee thalamim 
nee ooncU<>'e tecretBRi haberet, sed id quovis anj^o Ubentci' t« abdc- 

■mIT (u (utibhI from tW MMiiE of vltw 
DrtfMBai, on iifaidi ■eeltutUn. Irrrg. 
Awl Vrr6«, B. S3«.) mtb ■ aamfr* «>■ 
alAcabon: uAiriHiTb<-b.»«S. Ch. Idlg. 
Bnn. :il5. l^A«Mf 'IVh, (M. tw*>nh 
Prom. 33a. \f. Wt. £<»«- rJ9. In ■» 
■etiBP leiue, A»i«li .Vg. IJOB iwh«» *m 
tty MilPJ, mill 6axeAl!l I^iibi. ^ffU. ijt.. 
■obC be iwdcrrfaod (Uk thnMf Ac- 
' SO. C3L 200. Sapia. C».) le bf Cmaod 
' ttoB their ra«|M<rnraiulNafitirM.Muln> 
fcaatt onlj *i4ha>it Aorm or ft^nm .- 
aa la (W ouo ia4» «ttk U(^. fifr/tf, 
vhiMoc ■ rBouiri >blp f I Mvutiua TbMU]Pil. 
LS6i tWr* Ti Mir «fM) air*^ Uxtr 

M iap«*fvf l| S<faM'><>v. i#V(r)c*«.a:^ 

fiirar, Ab|[1. iri/l it mnrr •riltaut itie 
ftMuiniMMBWRt nr/Mr.t.i). Itf/OfmMt 
otte, jiui at If U>4t ImI bccu • |MMh« 


On U)« BMie tirinci|ilr. jwriiatM, wc 
■nb[ht espfain #«S<p4rt^i. TTiur, it. 3 

(wlKrEiire AraoU), if a|ii|>hDil U) lbs Tie- 
iaa ixtfty.aihl tiimrtfwc lobe traiHlMad 
■nrrrimief, M drrmd not from (tie **Hi( 
)mI friNM lii<«db«l«itit«, nmI m> UDOunt- 
iBf ia IkPt to fiiJUw ib^it A- «JAy, 
oHr* ini a tfafe ^»tarm. 

' This uovrtnnlTaot die vcanii^ coo- 
VBjrcd l>r •mxii tbiar .iR. S. I<tt~.. anth 
wliidicani(Mmllhti.UH.MIkL Tbtob- 
jcrtkm, tbvrrlvrr, of Vrinf |cA bov "in- 
Mtta HMO." wttknM «b« addUian of **• 
l.*v{**ii, ■ppba mure tbooili ertn lo 



ret ut tncita Rcret." Comiwrv Supli. G1. 283. o^ np&r nurfi'' n£M 
YO^ icXiiijirai initio nxriti-fl' 5<nrr pui ffvfiit ^Sori'ir iptjMi. 

434. t'rM^rrjid ii.r.A.] " Mullo prompliiir oil jUmdum eram qoam ad 
rideMdum. el. lim&f oemllo fiere polui. tflud miAi in lucm ent, et ymut 
gaa4ium affcrcbal . PcrbeiielnterijreaOiiUufl; A/w« bonheur/ill de racier 
mesaouiiirMflmei tamtMi." Butler — andnoKlnuJicn : " at^ifupar, Jfbita 
rrfu/i, Mthi ; avfifpiptuf. rffam. [)leruiTiqu« addito *U riM. ut «t cvlpam 
refa-rc. Solvi tacrimaa Hbentiut quam n'.nnn. Eilidil et luriiniu et 
risuiTi. illos Agnmcitinoiii <li.-bita£, liuiic Clytjmincetne ^atiit. Aliter 

Schol. : Ov^t'troT* otrmt trnifiaix rytkaaa. iitrArt iniifiUt tioMfmaa '. 4[IUld 

male ^get. Avaifiipia, emit to : triixus r4nur, ciiju« rxemjtluin nc 

Alexandre tantum Ajihroilifiicnai protulit II. Stcphanus." Blomf: — 
»e« on V. 820. 

On the CO [I* tract ion of x"'/*^"^ ■ ■ ■ ntfivfiiutn, Angl. glad to rait- 
cnt, toe Matth. Gr. Gr. $ 55S. ).. and on the deponent use of the 
perfect puAsivc II>. $ 493., with Bp. BIunifieMV Ranurit thereoa, p. 13. 
Compare Ktmkav^,'vaiiHUars)h<^\oirw. 44$. ?I3. Soi>h.(£d.T. 1490. 

436. (V fyMitlr ypatpot'] Klnusen eompares Prom. 789, $> JyfP'^*" 
9& fur^iioaui AtXroit ^piviav. Suppl. 99 1 , ko! ravra (lir ypa^nrfft irji^ 
yryiKt^trstr tn'^^ourw 2Uoi( au^ffponaftaair narpof. Soph. rial. 13^5, 
ypAlpov ^jytvutr Jim. 

437. tnivtirpattf*] " vifv r<'r/)tUM libri, (rv/tifV/Miivf conj. R. IKejnncta 
vocabola le^it Scholiasts: rirptuM' iurri/im, btaxiiu^i. vii nVpotw T. 
ml conj. Ilerm." Klaua. 

BlORificld comparex Herodot. ii. II : ^x*^* t^ aXXfXatvt nvrirpn- 
vatTot ToCr fiuynvr, SXiynn Hi n m^wXkifirviwraf r^t jfAptt. wKicb he 
nghtly iiiti-rpn-t! : boring their rtupeciive cfianmtt pari paseu, at a tkvrl 
dUlaacp/fvm rt>eh othrr, and in pamlM fines ; and, pursnitlg this ana- 
logy, we shall we that tl)e full meaning of tlic prevent passage b : let 
my vords sink dotcn ihrmifh hdlli vflur ear* — aad penttratr. as it irere, 
to the point wlierc the tviu rlianiicis meet togtiUer. Tlic ctrmology 
of the word in given by Eu*tath. onOd. v. p. 1532. 7 : ttm -j^^t-jw — 
<{ oi rpnirw, ri wafiayvylii' row TfHuur *al rpayit. iriti mrd OFuSiirXainiiff'- 
ftiit, TcrfmiMi. Compare Horn. 11. xxii, Z'J7. a^/jtorifitwittTixiadtwiiiif 
TtT^'jrt rinuTT, Heaycli ; TiVp^xr' itpitr'jvti'. T«Tp^Mn' rpgirai. HuttlD, 
irrey. Grt-et Vfrh. p. 24 1 . 

438. ^truxtf ffipifir Saa€i. villi calm sittidaess of miitd ; incla^ng.he- 
adn itteatnent, the notion abo of being prtparvd to oMWr with firoi- 
DCM and compoaure : compare v. 441. Scbol; qp<ftat^ rj V^xo- °^ 



arant. pv^iiit. wo^ia, d^ifo. itvt- " Per ^vjiiir ^>p*i^w Sow, h.e. fm- 
mm 8. jmehnm mini yrfsmm, tiiliQ iJiud forte vuluit pocU qumn u- 
Im/MHON onmti cxpriucrc. Totum ifptnr locum sic vcrto ; //«r m- 
iKflU ontintf fvo iiufribe, per avrfi etro aermonem pemetntn nnito (qui 
enim fnforal. penetnir« niiiilj oKJmo ^iWo : q. d. hoc titn id imi> in* 
ndftt pnrcordiU, ct auribas avcc|>tum diligmtcr ixTpviKlutur." BuUcr. 
Sc« «I>ore oo v. 431, nad com|)arc St. Luke's Gospel ix. 44 : AVA 

ifU'xt (If ra »ra v)iu* row X<Syov( rovravf. Eog. Vm : " let thesc WJf' 
ing* link down into your can." 

440. r^ A' «Mi J^ ftoAu*] Bo, rdler Snliger, Puuw, Hcmuuin, 
Blomficli), and Scholefidd, I hive corrected (whnt ftfter iifnn we mlglit 
huvc cxppctcd to find in the earlv »litionf) &fr^—an which Klanten t 
" ScIkJ. aitiit A*, roi-T tanr 6 wtrnip, VmAipti ral ra Xouri yvMiM' rovr 
fcm, T^r Tt/utpi^, Quit explicAtio ommno sofficit ct tptiMtniiim ht- 
bct mmmm. ut mirmndum vit <jutKl altit (iuu-Hivi>runt mleri>rcte*." fiat 
there IB another Scholium, ttoticcd by Wcllaucr — "' ipy^ datirus erne, 
jioAu- pro iin|)Cfat)v» positum vidctur ; <iuod conGnnatur 8cboI»atK 
ezplie*tione : ^vn nv, fuiA n^ rpAriif <roi>— vhicfa tun the merit at IcmI 
of abandoning the notion of referring mMt to jijfamemJUM ; and< if we 
have rightly explained this form of words tA fuV y^ ovnar ft" x.rJt. 
(mc note on Ag. 596.). a* denoting a traittUion on Uic part of the 
speaker (which, in the prx^senl instance, i> from things ptui to Mugs to 
cnmej the very oppoaitioa ; For my tale — Scbol : rd )uw yap- rafra ro 
njH^^rra ry '.^yllfl/rlKCll>l — if toUi.tit wAal U lo foUoK Itt your own eagrr- 
«tM *f Jfow iiutrwtor, is sufficient to determine the application of «v- 
r«f. and tlierefore the right reading and construction of Spyn. 

As for the |ireciac words fyya fuAir. Angl. be itirftrng to ibroir. as 
Sbokip. Hamlet Act i. S«. 4 : " O aasw«r tne : Let me nut bgrtt in ig- 
norance '." — which we may roneeive Kleictre to have nddrceaed to 
that impatient gnticdation (almul)- indicated inTv.424. 43S.)wluch 
exprcB*d what tbe naodem Orestes procUitD* in corresponding words 
(ib. Se. S.) : " H&Ete mv to know it ; that I, with wing« a* nwift As me- 
dilation, or the lb»uglit]> of lore. Mny sweep to my rcxenge" ' — eota- 
parc Hes)'cb ; 'Opyi' 'nrrraiUmt tmAfiul. Tiatsew. 'Opy^' rniyvrai, 
fw»fivt»ti.. on which Ruhnken : "'Ofy^r proprium est lerra, quir (ut 
Vtrgilii verba utar Georg. ii, 324.) mtv ttamel. ct grmlaJia trmha pot- 
eil; vcl plaitlanim, qucc turgrmt. at oA maturiuteni |iervcsMnnrt i He> 
rodot. ir, 109. Ex hoc ipso loco gloeaai, quain expSouDtu. 'vidttBr 

■ Co«|wr« bdow r*. M04Z. 



C*i»i ipy^' vinpr^, SpCtiw : ijiiam notioncm doctc expUnavit P. Vic< 
tociUB Var. Led. xviii, '2^. Deiiide hocrerbum translatuin est ltd com, 
*iai V«neii» cupUlitate tur^nt, subanl. ct vcl vd fiicHmdnm vcl nd pB* 
ticadum ycA^t'itn/ ■■ Amtuiili. Ly&Ut. lUu. /Klian, H.A. i, 36....Crebr« 
etiain «u»iitur \>Tii ariUnti cujiucttnqiui ivi cottaefuradte tludio-, j'Eedi. Kg. 

centra metnim el libras]. Cli. -152, to 3" uvrif ujfyj ^uiAii'. TliiiC)d. ii. 
3) : by aKpoatrOm. irt inaims iftytfrn. Sic pro 6pii»jn cx liltria &cn|)tw 
Icgcndun docuit Joe. Wawiiu in Ouker. Pncf. ... Fbi^iiicliuii M»Uiatj 
'AMoGnu ^pyu. vtfiuuMi W. mW Arii^fiat ir^i^ td ttfiiitii ri f iMOtwaiJJ 
Adde Fan. (Ecuiiom. Hippoor." 

441. ud^Kiir. AdrI. f« rn/rr Mc /(rir. " KaffitiM. dttVHio, lie u» dia^ < 
turn, qui in certamea deecetiduiil ; uicut gaffu'iHU cat in cerlamen tiullert»\ 
Bxein]>Itini Uiiieii liuju« notionui Ui prouitu iinii haljeu." Hkiiitf. 

Schulcticid BEttly (.'ompiu'cs So|)h. Tracli. 504. is'i rMf Sfi' AtvinM W* 
mt{fi^yvi»car<VWirp^y(ifitw;SceaUobc]9wr. 709. Eiun. 1(H6, IM- 
U&jc airroim Z^vr iravAmif evrM Mm^tv (niyriTrf;3ii. Piiid. Nt*in. tr. 63*1 
a^tpa Ra^ofut AaMw Imtpnpoi tV ^nti «aTad'<i'*>i'- Tliuvyd. vi. 1 1> : ipm i 
fiOTa ^V JhtA KaAJKo. eon o^rt'f tra id<0n}C ttftitipw. Uar. Cpist. I. ixt 
1 1 : Frontis ad urbniuc €rscendi jirmnia. Cic. Tu»e. QtuMt. u, tXt : \1- 
draiuMte ••• iiuUum «1> ii». qui id M cvrUniL-n ilesceadaM, drvitari du- 
lurcm r Scbol : nprrti i* ant afianuavtjnf bvvA^* ^P^' i^f' a^rw*. 

442. m'fMXrYMx.r.X.j A cliangt, as bw b<x-u tdrcudy intimated^ bsa 
now come in.'er the npirit irf* Orenle-*. vrho, nilti lirart and band (ctHU- 
pure rv. 447. 4C0. 49S.) prepared for action, ia anxious to put an end 
totbc womanieJi lamvntiiliuH in wbich lill«ctra, n-ilh equal pruiiriely. 
indulge* the more frcclj, m she cccs the eruis of their fotc «ppr4A«luQg^. 
Hen tlian, we may ooncove, he flings away the Ecnbbarct, and ere 
nddruBea himadf to kia/atlter'a leork (r. 807.)* li^ up hu voice i 
Bt}% t " 4^<M yea J caU—Falhvr, heprtecKi teilk tfvur hvtd c«r« / 
n» Hamkt, at thcdoeeofwhocvre have colled the carreepondhig I 
un our own atage : " ReineiiilKnr thee ! Ayt^. tbou puur CiboU, «l 
nteniOTy holds u vent la Uuc distracted globe. Kcmcinbertbee! Yea, 
from the table of my ineinor>- I'll wipe uway all tri\-ial foitd record*. . .. 
And tLy commandment all alooe aball five Witbio the bo<di aiid volume 
of uiy bnun, L'nniix'd willi Iukt matter. . . . Now to my word ; It ia 
diiicu, aditu! remtmbtr mc.'" 

444. tmoMt ii K.rJt. And all IKU company together (in one stream, as 
it were, of votcea) responds thnrto. and aays &c. Seliol j *Kn^ «i f 



ir<WTMtr<ifwrf «N»4,^«qtfii'iXd(i>: M« BboireonTT.l05.4U. "Vox 
KVfKouot vidctiir teatari. jnunaae ae Oreslcm et Electnm cum Chora 
in pronuDtisndw tv. 437. €t 4S8 (445-6.) :" Kkiucti~--who coin|Mtrci 
with the mutter of the potitlm, Soph. fCl. 453, ainu ii npovmn-aioa 

Ibid. ■■a'G.R.9$'M.i»'A.V.f;3'T." K1»u«. - ft' cum Scho. 
.fiMtaSohiitz. I., atnipnT.II3(t05.>,rifft(crTd<r«.aJ)' tlcrm. Schiltz. 
S. Utmnvis ccrte vulgatn [»8'] pnclulerim ; cl verier forte iA', cum 
ob Doriemuin pnKedeateiQ, luin oti rurinain literwum : a kH. et u in 
3d8Slia facile coafundantar." Butler. WelUucr and Otudorf on]y have 
ptcferrcd lUr. 

447. In pununaee of the viow that hw boon taken on v. 44S., of the 
spirit and tone in which OresteR q>ealui va this coDcludiog portiou of 
the Kofifioi. t follow KJausea's rendto^ aad iuteivretatiutt uf ihi^ Uhc i 
on w]ucb, h&vjitg adopted Pauw's metrical correction {vfi^iiciXf r for £*fi- 
JSAXti — which «verf other editor after PorROo hus chuiged into fnfi- 
daitM — be obaerres : " Hie tctbus oon prcoce. eod pnedictiooem cshi> 
bet, at edt talis prKdictio pn^nuutiuida inter prcces. ut cogaoocatur 
homiDom liduciu, cui acccdcre dvtwt aoxiliiini divinuin : fyt^t S^t. at 
SwXovr Bp^t V. 881 (918). Recte Sohol. : d'A^c Hf^^X Tnx'x^pun. 
llobur ClyttemncfUse et i'Egitftlii iii c«de Agaawmaonii acw I'xen-uit, 
■innc VETO dcnuo epeetaudum ect. Eftdem ratioDejuatIU»itmcuaijui« 
homn coiiflieluniin est : iuiieDimoinneiddeiigiiBt, quodpodhiinest 
in arbitrio cujuspcam homiiiis. De consocista robore ct jure Ttdu w. 
140. '23^1 (23J.). Thcb. 4l.^.*Ap>iripi>«;. :iua, i' i,ui^m»:' 

It ia not neceSBor;-, howe^-er — aa the above paaogea nay aerve to 
prove — that with Klauseii wc shotiliJ gu on to drop the prorofcpana 
(ou which >ee note on v. 154) by dropping the ioitiul capitals — "quia 
noo d« DDmiaibue co^;itattirt oed de robore ct jure siugulorum hocu- 
nam : id quod inds apporet, tjaud piura tKpminantur." It i» on this 
expTCM underatanding, indeed, ttiat we mu«t reeei%'e the interprela* 
tion whidi KUasen has here givea a( iiitj — oihenTiK 00 irreouiuile- 
able witb liis stricter deGoUtoD on Ag. 239 (226.) : " Hk^. c« cooditio 
qua tmicuiquc eonttngit id quod justum est"— namely that it is oot; 
as our Poet elsewhere draws the distinction, ^ Ai^e mtr wapBiyot Ai'x^ 
(Theb. G62.). but only a ^t3\ ^Yvdun^i (ib. C70.). evcD TfpaaimKTa 
yilfi/iiiiii nr' iMwifto* ^Xinrra ffW ^oi'vy ^irrriv (ib. £60.). that rnn be 
otlwrwise than " at unilT in ilwlf :'* jift—Un the sake of illustra. 
tion WF nay add — as that great bond of onion between a free people 
sim] it* coortitutional Head, " nav kt Mint Dkoir", is rcprrwntrd 



by our greax Xortbem Bard' as stnuned. in the unnatural confiict at 
Manlon.Moor, nt ofice iiiUi " oo» axd thx causk," " non and thb 

TnouUte : Afight vilh Might thaU /Ae tme^>tulta• 6», (our) Rigit wth 
(their) Right f unci coinpnrr, in respect l>otli of the primiiry aud tlM 
embalicol mcanini; of the words, those Sibylline vcrsca of the homJ 
grent Wiuurd of the Nurth. ending — " ?Kini htrirxant might 
Bertram'* right Shali itur/ on EliaMgowan't tuighl." 

448. iu dto\ K.T.X. Hq! yr goda (an invocation of aiudftMiro ok in v. 
150), rffoVe <mr nmlrorerty (literally, our respKtitx rtgHttJ righttowlft i 
or actcrdiitg lo right. Dvtcnntnc, which ia i[uj<«d tbc rightful caoeet 
— " 8iMt. quod vulgp ftbctt, px rmendutionc ccrtissima et fueilUnia ad- 
dtiUt Ilcntuuiniu. qiiem acqnuntar Srhllu. Roth. Lachtn. [SchoM^ 
I>ind. KItius.]" Well. Compare Ag. 1^2, iinat yip ovk dm jUovift^ 
&tai Aivym . . . ^•t'fiam *8*rro, ib. 1 393, ear ftt roJ^iraXu- wpmwg d>4r- 
Euin. 731, lIoXXiUiK Hill tiitfiw/ iiiart koI roC iwn Kpalretnvt rpiTov X««- 
r^f. Eur. licrar). 143. cpaiHi* Jwor. Andr.478, 'jNvayiatKM'. llcsycb: 
Kpalmvai' nXrifXvvt, m/ttx^viri. rt^iwirt, ffaaAtCtnin' 

4-19. rp^nat ft' i^finti] BC. iruc A<^if itp(u^»#rai. v. 8^0 .* m Evf. 
Med. 931, £^ S' fir* /{ijt'jwv Wow, /iT^lJr )•' ofemr. «I ><i'^«mii nttr. 
Compare Ag. 259, x^pd fi' iijitfrtni, and in awider acceptution. ib. 43$. 
^iontpAf A' iw* Ayoi (|nr<i. Soph. U^U. '1 . 786, ii^tpwt yAfi miXv. 

450. ri fi6pmpi» p'Mi trAoij This aKn|ition, in few words, nf the 
firopcrtica of Eternity and lTncbange«blcac» to tbKt great \lorid 
R«Iifpous ^Yfetcm. whicb JEat^tylat had ebadowed out to htmMlf nn 
tho name of ftnifia ariuiywii (Prom, 14- LI.) — remarinbte, h 
might well be tbonght, in ittwlf — when combined with the distinct rc- 
cogtiition. in the next verse, of a free moral agency on the jiarl o( 
Blon, ui in some st^nse needful and instraniental to tho complete ic- 
velopcnient of that NvMrni, ]>rvMk'nt> unc of thct iiio«t deeply loterMU 
ing and inslmcliii'C testimonies that llcatbcn Antiquity hu bonte to 
the mwoNoUnMW of that Religion ichicb Nature dictnles, and wliidi it 
ia the province of Revelation only to" i^Uish, streogtbcn, BCtlle," on 
the ■■ greater witnesa" of the Rcvrakr. 

* " Oa titkn- tUe load dMnuin riiw, 

• God ukI the C*<ue '.-GoU uid ili* King " 

• • • S a a 

I araSd have laacbrd— bal tjujt'd tlio tlaie— 
Tn «pr, in iihrmrfi fiibltmn. 
Hint iKr ftrrrr vralji'* Tnuicbt ami Mej 
Vol ki»( oi itBU, tu lanoNir UH," 

Sir V. 6calt'« Roliebr, Canto I. lii. 


IVtmkte : IVhal h to he. abidetk' o/ofi — i.e. iji UmI/ at iny mo- 
nent unit W ftvr heeit, u um-huiKmbte — bvl at for Mn—%& tlu! 
ewe •taaiU witb tbcm ; kg notes on \-\. Vi\. 'i7U — ky (their) praying, 
i» ikt K«y f<>r it to eome : uvd on this exact rendering of the Optntive 
with 3r, ii» GxprcMive of mine virttal power or te»de»cy, tec the nolea 
on A(;. 323. G03., nnd coiii|iiitc alxnc vi. 94. i5A. XiyMf or. it isfvr 
jTM /» fW/ ,- below V. 499, ifA,*% 5» fhj. AW* tht time for you lo ^ 
doing ; &e., &c. 

WeOauer bu Bulistitnted axXdoi for (a> f XAii. u KhimB il>o vrould 
Mcm to have intoiilcd. wbca hs wrote -. " Dim iHdat iV, ^wmI/mIo cm- 
tlitiit»m Mf ,- Mwuai vera AVMftm vwtMlihu. Uttc sententia subett 
onni imprwationi. panri rem quamvis le^ natnnB [fitt^Mu], qm atn- 
^la> K>r1c9 distribuit ; rei]a)riverodictum, ut rataflnt. ReclcSchol: 
wtwry* (•■>' ""< ipt^Toi miXw viri Moipor, ru ti^ KXvra^i»^aTfKU> M>d|V«ier«- 
»^va«a» a)«v*AfHit' nV kot' a^ri)* U tuXitt *<rfitMt ttiri rift Ai'«)( fXAkt. ^ 

452. u «^>vr r)r7«t^r] " I.e. diro ri*- «V fiwft. Thob. 584. tyynut 
tftot'. Suppl. 330, aT^T iyyris." Blomf ; — aDd u> thc Scholtiat : ry- 
Ti»9t' nyyn^t. ^ Mr<^ wfyritr miAvw* — bat the mntext would tend 
lu rather to understand it of tltat afiirliom iuberent h tit /amilp of 
Almw. of which it wiu vtnin^ly nid Ag. 153<i, ii«<c«XAj7Tai yiwot wpot 
Af — (compare ib. 150, 1 153-7. bdow v. 727.) — and to whirh in the 
antistrophe b oppowd the dayHKru' f^ifumv iaat. which had also been 
pradtctctl .K^. I*J50, with which oompare below w. 809. 91*2. And 
tUeview may partly contimi lualso in our distribution of vr. 453<61. 
which with lYofe«oT richolefteld I haite tmnefen-ed from the Ckona 
to Elntftt, wIm> •till gives vcut to her woinanish i^rirf (v. 449), and 
to Ortftrt. who n;^)be(i by again «ncoura)pii£ hvr (n>niparv w. 424. 
460.) to loolt now to tim for thcactaalpnaocutioDuf iAe niri/r n^ihe 
BTengcT of htaod. and. relying upon tbe natiK etiergies of bcr llmuc 
(o ripbt it»elf, to coue at length (Y.^SDIrom inportuung the ren- 
Keancs of the y«d[i Mm Ike larth. 

KlauMR-— incaoBiBteDily enough with hia own ioterpretatioa of v. 
447 — has been tempted to follow MiUler in assigning tbe strophe to 
Eifctra and Omtf* jointly ; after which, altbuugh without « prece- 
dent fur Ruch departure from the order in wliich thc responses bare 

• Pi^nh. »< "n«d...«fMi lleikst 
utidftk^f^d" : farwhiHiiMovrPnw. 
hraik VtntoB me tail . " Yoi, evan Uod 

■•WVilM P*' Ail, 99 I 41 *tr utit^ X<i- 

.Wivionf. •■rorrfw.OLionJjThy 
■at4 it trtUtd m lkMn«ti. " " O Cofif, 

Thy word fmrfarsU for rrcr In I 



lliui fur Ixrn matle. be couM not bnt •ufpate the CA^nis to rcfilv in 
the •nlistrophc— " cujus ncnlcntia" \k truly observes, " taiilnfiere dif- 
fCTt a etro|>h&, ut ab iiMlem utrfti^ue dicta o«#c nc({U«at." 

453. irofidfiniMrat, iithaitmiMiovt. diitcordaMt ; ovt of (viv, inil bfnoe 
by an may metaphor otU o/ptacr ; whence the Scholiait : ]rafiipat<mf 
f^m rav KofffKovTot — B ghtM which b more applicable iv Eur. llicui. 786, 
W*AifUtx$'it 'Atill .... HfHyiiim/ *<\paim*wt iapra'is, than tO the present 
passage where, eoniiecling il with wXayi. we may oom[iBre Soph. Aj. 
342, Haiti Xiyiffii fiotmyi obo Pen. 605, 3of B' '' iai (/Wlor 
«i ira4iiiuif. ib. 1053, fii^aa-a irat rroy^twa ir^ityii. With *ATaf rXirya 
compare Ag. 356, t&i^> »XayiiM tj^ovatu tiirta'. Soph. Aj. '2'9. lUKiat 
lili '« fitttv rtTX^ "" "^H' 

Olomfielil has notiecd. u norde of like derivation anti mnuiing wiUi 
wmftiftvvvvs, nofdimirirr Protn. S81., wof^ac-ainv ib. 1IJ6G. inc. fr. 308-. 
•ra^Mij^^&'C''"' Ari>toph. P,(>d. ^OR: to whtclt wv may add ffXtjFi^kift 
Bur.Mcd.SOG, llcl, 1091.. »\>iwMXr;» Eut. riMcn. 1649. Xcn. Man. 
Socr. i, 3, '2C. and rinto paii»m. 

437. Ififiorof} "'Efifioroi- fnhtrmit; B ftor^t , li»letim tarptun. Angl. 
/inf.' " Dicitur fimiorai> inedicmnientiun Itquidiun. quoO linleolia con- 
rcTptiB ciceptDtn intTB ulccra e)ii>qiK cinua rccondtCur." H. Stepb. 
Thm. ii. p. 068. Hine c^ani ffifunvf dieebiitur i?,* qui eumlicine per 
tfifUftn ^idfliiaKa [ Augl. Slyplica] indigehtU : fu,T,\t nulcm fnrtnntiir a fiiu, 
in/m-ia. unilc Stunot, tnc^lMlit, Hcliol. Vend, in 11 Ql, 440 : 'A/unam' 
nrX^wrar. a/ft ot ml ftora. rk im&ifuva rn'tt KoOiaU rpttvpaaw ABirm irpAr 
ofatrXiijunriir r^r vatpit- Vkl. Heyne Kseura. xvii. in Wt^. .'Kn. ft." 
Blomf. Otow. 

" Nan aden hie prrmcnda est ctyniotc^a a ^'ocnbuln finn^, vrtl f^- 
ftonr omnino aij^iificarc potctt ulrrrognm, tvtfiis aJrtra irnvtar ihmim- 
kite; qaemadmodiiin tlipptierHti envo ulcere Inlmrantcs diruntur tfifio. 
roi." Schillx. But Sdiutz did ntucb more for tliL" puAsngv, wltcn m hi* 
pcrond cditiuo, nbundoniiig the old iierreTW constmction of thia line 
wilh the preeedin^, and plnetngnfiill MopnOer .TX7«>iin«tcMlnriftfiMvi'. 
be ftullier reAtun-d ^rot in place of iiit, (nr which Klau»en. " pnnimitt 
htdc, longo Kd proximus intervalh>," hfu* adduced the authority of the 

' MoT<h aiifovni *bo to tlv Ijuinjw. 
mtnl/at (tin nhidi bm Piodul. Ln.'f, 

Anf|l- < 'm'. 

■ lienor wr nuTrnmrt H««|rcliiuc, m 
qiMrtnltni .'iiMilry 'KMivTai' jrauftaiU 

fTliurt)!- *ii. '^. till, 27-1. inaiiA-v . mii) 
cvmiMnmMularpfcabariiTmSnfA. Aj. 


»^i Tiifult-ri nt^iTi. Anjl. a rorriaff or 
fvtrH lAt twygntu't tmfr. SniibntiM: 




HlOwteitant MS.— "rw*^ Awt M. r«i^ ^t G.A.T.V.," uad cvtry 

Micc«i.iJiiig editor— Witl wbich — while it »u>tniiii>, imd Nvicticn« tbc in- 
tmcltK-tiMn berc of tfae purely techiiicuJ Uthi, tttftorar — is itH.'lf abun- 
(iontly CDDfirmcd by the kbdrnl plirun Atm ntialm v. i2&., aXifm"' 
fifmv^nat, gfitarit, vwrJc Pram. 479'tiO., it^ ro|iaui «ai ktr^na Suppl. 
"268, uu) we may even ndddi^ifMXfrDVAKiacAg. 17.: from wliich ve may 
leam, in pauing, tbat t^^vnm (for wfaicli the nearest corre«pundi]i^ tenn 
tkat tnodeni rhannacy nip|))ics, is ttyjtticalj rvuld nu more have bcvti 
uod abcolntcly a» a remt^,' tban any other of thoK laUcUcd cloHtfi' 
catioDS, aa it were, of medical aids and ajiplijutccii — rofialer mryical, 
OpAmiMr, wurr^. ifpuniir, f^fill or potion or hlitm-kin4,—MT thao nv- 
jiitokvotr, apart fmmvmovT^ ... irrifumr aico't A^. 1 7.. could be under- 
stood to denote gcnenlly, a miaitai mliiletf or rAffrw .' 

Trantlale : The Hovse hat a styptical rtmedy for rAcvp fJUnjr^— tltcse 
ror« namely (t. 4oS.), before called mivof iyv**^ 0-e. i* t^ 7<tWi), aa 
in^vm or /imtJV at AiMir.atid which Eleetra had jiut described a» a run- 
ning' fort difiailt to be stopped; r. 456. — ontf that u»tfiaia»htJb^ othiri 
fnn without, but by il*rlf; berntur.ntmiAy.afmy qvarrrl in ihrnuitn' 
of my father's 6lo*xi-s^nidliig f and with tJw aW'C intcrpretaliuii of A- 
ypt, on which the right conMruction tad meaning of this antistraphc 
w eenntially depend, eoin|i«n!So{th. Phil. i3'2C.<ri-yipp<,«ut rtff JX- 
yoT fc fiiutt TUXit ■ • • *al iravXav !rA r^crdr jiTvirr' mvji(«t» twmv ^p»ias 
ib. 1330. lb. IS78'9, rp^i ro^ fuirttl* vt rq*^ r tfnoii Mm) soMTiMh 
rat Ayaiv. iMmiru^ocTat *^«vf - 

4fiO. Si' iviut- fpa> minmiimii] So I have attempted to improre upon 
tClatuen'c correction at the MSS. which, having been fint diafigumi 
by MHOe such occidental currupt)oii(nevnIl«uppoM)a« AlAMAN fKIN, 
imy eaaaly ba\t' l>een tiroiight br ultntijiti-il »irrectioni> mto the fomi 
in wlueh thecarUest edttora foutxl it.—" aLyiaMMpiu>M.G..A.K..unde 
vir doctus coiij. fluMftr fptf. E tfuitnu veram ot tptr, per ilnciBmi 

< SaWgl jue r- aad «ilh bin Fra f wor 
SdMMeld— bat br this mmalanl ttrm 
upan Iftpirrtf, infenioaaly tnuwlatiaa : 
■ff •« a4 »iii§ M/rtitMtiH /wf n J««, W 

t mfmtmtkmtam rUam. Bai. thoaA 
*nlh J(d) in T. )S«<, *¥ mi^lM c<nM«dc 
(^pmrl■i■n■r(»n■Iltl« i u« ElmtLoaCKJ. 
T.M7.) au r>f<^ liai 0(4* ^ tMmm, II 
U aa( H ^)r ■ maltrr !.> i— f t tn Wri- 
twwr'* aht<> \ «rtn»i < ■» w. isn "ink«nrra 
rM cbvoiUuiRn rtn rutoMUm ilortl r. 
in«ndMw,4auaw/l«n«f, /ir'i'Wt.lW, 

Ti. p. fit;. eooMiNiBicaTi I Grfurill . . l(Mti»> 
1p», Qtam CmAc mint alflKEIN in 
AlflNAHcamgmi/potuprlt, (Hitrl ••Jptip 
aut^T«Titafl>iBuiaa fpi* iMtiiMML.'* 
* Cxonrc I'oite Uii, 'i, «ltii-h our 
EacBdi VanioM ■ttrr*' En inrwlatioc > 
"■i7«MWf«H ta ibr nltkl, ««tfeMM 
■»»/.- dtkoach the non! liMnl tanfoa 
wnsldlw: "MThinUlau «(ivUh«laal 
hi Iha nUlM olrbMi tncmnlaiiaB'* i Bin. 
Uonwu4 Lowlli. LXX. Ven < /r Wn 

)tXM«4l Mv «kr Bal*- /{*C(t^«b, vail 

t'frf MOV ncT^i IhivtW ■(*«?, «a) afa 



ratioitcm comiptuRt; phur pare baud dubk e«t iC i^^^alr. Cf. v. 401 
(408-)- £/uJ^i|>Mv, de Agnroemnonc banc rixanx moUeiite. T. V. Mf' 
maipttp e convctione. — aifumrpMi G. A.R. uI;uR-if^ T. V." Klaus. 

Erfurdt, as quoted by WcIIaucr, adduces in support of Ipm a Sdio* 
liiun ; iji- ^piaw irfnit riv naripa, OH wbi«h — and on the frequeticy wilh 
which. Bfwc haven't^ Qn v.444., a and uarr confounded in ilir M^iS — 
I munly rest tlic further rtrtoration of ufiav ; the introductioa of whtdi. 
to mark the prccUe rcincdiid oitusurc ivbicb liad hccit but obiKurelr 
intimtitcd in the preccdini; ver*««, will not. I feci pernuftdcd, 1»c thought 
irrelevant to the fientie. 

On the sucred duty of pt-OMcating for UmJ, to which I rrfer thn 
worda 7pi* <itjum)pa'r, and which in the present inMaDce (levolvtc) by 
pecoliar rig'ht upon Orfstn, scp Miiller's Sfcotitl Disiertalion rm the 
SmmeniJti, II. A. a. b., and coinpnrcabovcv. S&4, Kiim, '2.10>31.357- 
3. 472. 682. 

461. $tw riy mirA yat iX C'f^rot, Angl. Here tH^k* Ovr MtVftf/lM 
oflif Infrmnl Dmlift. " 6i&v mrm volg. 8iaw run mra Heriii. Sohutx. 
Both, propter fidBum nltumfifai'. «cd orticiilus ct Irgia granim&ticie et 
metri cnusa ioecreudue fuit." Well. 

KlnuKcn thinka it a sufficient comp^nution for the nlkH-nee of th« 
Article, to make tit & vtoaaryl/ablc in v. 456., aj to t. 452. nhcrcwilh 
Blomfirid, Wellaucr. and Kcholrficid, I have not heutatiMl to tni1»ti- 
tutc •! for lUc coBUQon readiDf; ••. Hm interpretation of tlu« Itoa. 
■nd indeed of the whole stania, i« no Ick* jxrculiar. " .4!xlibas iimU- 
twm ent horum rcmcdiura : ncque ob nliis cttrinaccus. scd ah ip»iii de 
fen rixn crucnta deacvndit b yinniu deorum tsub terrain — mru yat, iarl 
vcl ^mi,' Pcnrettit hymnu* diis inferis cnntutu* nd lio*ipM», pctMtra- 
vit inib termm. Cf. v. 1 1 7, Eo quuni penetraverit hj-niniiB, ia qtndem 
qucm altcmniitcs cecinenuit Chorus et liWri, invocatio dmrum Ulannn 
claudll cantum." Schol : raum TO Siritara tdic iotA ■^■ifr Sto'u wprmt, «eal 

465. Ilrre. ax lua been already intimated un v. 306, and m wc ma; 
g«thcr indirectly from ttie occwivDal hint* that cnapc the npcakcra 
tb«inNlva <v\-. 483.486.496.500.) the K^tfiit.m LamentBtkm Scow. 
*houLd properly have tcrmiuated. But there it aii obvioit* peculiuily 
in the present position of Orestc*, wlnrli — even now thai tbey hare 

' CoOHWni Jnli nxi. -lO : "Tlirvonb 
0fji>bueni4r<l." I^«lnllI«ii.U: "Hk; 
mren of rUivl. the MM oT Je«i«, an 

* If lM> be Kl^wcn'i inicrrrelaLlniof 

n-nhnxflfiHari^M', irrrntArvrra' 

tint loonitnt MMMT ftvimil. 



jiut men from tlieir pnvcn. niid with the irauniption of tlic ordioary < 
' luigUApe of the Stage have nwde Mie »tep toward* rewiming the iii< 
^tonpted «cti»» of the drnmn — *till mnlirs him linf^r rk i •npptiant 
■t hia fiUber'B tomb {«. 487.) 

The moral setiM- ot the ^iilt of Olrtcuinntnt and her puiunoai, 
and of the duty of Orestcc a» the BVCDgcr of his father's blood, is the 
. feeling that baa thai far been elicited, and enforced on the high 
ground of Ahv r* i^ptu. mi irmpitt wiwtw t^i^. v. 39 1 . But 
there is another dim) a keener, nlthontch less derated, seme awakened 
in this matter — the s<mii>c naiKely, of i>erM»al antf potitimf Jfyrodaiien. 
wliicfa haa already \)eea toudied upon iii vv. *J<I2-^., mid which eren 
now we find lu he more intent upon victory (rr. 47 S. 485.) and aioiple 
retaliation Kpon jSgintiia (vv. 468. 464.), ttimi upon aklio^ (t. 483.) 
in the infliction of u more righteous vengeanee upon hi* crimes. 

Tliia then is the auscajitible clianl which the ]'oet must ctrike home. 
if, at tliie crisis' of the entitle Trilogy, lie would mgagt thr wcret 
qnnpathio of those, who»c deliberate verdict, however rcluctanllr 
fprvn an the ride of rrlribuiire Jwstirr (camy»Tr \.312). h« might 
rockoa on hainn^ won for liiinsrlf und<T ibc awful »anetia»s of their 
moral and religious rreeU. And with pr«at in^rchological skill it », 
that he here call* up — if not an actual apparition of the outraged Spirit 
ilaeU — at least « kiudred Rpiril iu the breaets of aQ vho have ears to 
hear, and IhukH Io wipe away, the reproach of fuch indignitiea as bi 
rv, 477'8n. art set forth ia the most bumiliatiaj; and heart-aickening 
manner, that human imaginalian could have eonceived — the reiy 
chiklren of the [inMtratr. and thu* far pastove. Monarch being reprv* 
scnted as. ia the wildiMrea of tlieir rrie» fur help, theinsclves imcoD> 
•dousl/ " takiii^ up a taunting prof erb Bf^inM him" t ' 

46fi. MirMifiu^t >iAi] So Klnmten has restored the moM ancient 
reading — " atrwiptpat M.G.A.R. Scnsa passive diction, nl nlrnfua 

Piiid. l.^lhm.Yii, S. [viii. 10. Heyiie.]. orrotyuVv T. V. Cett."'-aiid it 
agrees Itetter with the exprcassan tliat roDow* in the next line. fMdi>Jt* 
vaw jfptimt !x». For atimfispft /mm «.r.X. implies : It'AoX / ask yM fa rfe 
it, jrwr BIT pottnaioa of fwr patarv — with a reference, namely, to », 

*ll«ai)KKrierucr«|Kdaii.inui>kvriHi * Cinnpare ScUcid'* renarkt ea ihi* 

radraml, partaTlbrpnm. L*rt.r.nMitr»ffHu 

Alttnii* spnua wnBonlbu.M inpsi- &>#ri< ;». 33^ 

Ures * Tunipan Itsudi sIt. t- Hilwhkuli 

fflwrtw arsyita*. A a«finn ft* s» II. ft. 

TTor. Cr> wl PI* n-M- 



442. iw* tot Xi'yw. {vyytvov, irmp. (fii'Xtttt — whcreas thf coimnoii readifi^,< 
as in V. 'i.. would make ihif the iiilrodoetion of a new and in(lc[iendont 
iwlittoii : / beseech yo». give me &c. On ilfponent verbis wliicli occn- 
eiobftUy resume the psiaeivc eenec, >«« above on r. 39<>. 

468. irjiMo^rurnK fdyia^ pJpor] " Ultinmshujiis versus pesdeest it) 
libris M.G. A.R. la T.V. e conjoctim Euktitum it^ftov, mxle; opus 
Oliin «8t voce, quie dcckret prwsentcm CIcctrx etatum, malua rem 
quoin ipia evadnv cuidemqne ^Kgisthn injicere cupit. Minimc i^tor 
comma poTtrmlimi «Mt \Tmx ^vy*'\v. «eil iib hi)c ijmi |)end«t ucuMttinM 
vocia omius. Poeait co^tari dc miioi*, ncquc hoc IhIk dictum csset, 
■ed laogfiide. Siupicor ..^iechylum eehpeiM« jSAor, vHt, ut Eur. 
Daech. 847, &^ it fii\ov naSlirrarai. Itli«s. 730. ttt lio^ov ris 7^,^tT(U. 
El. 563, ify ftairaatttiat y. &> nm'p^otun. ^iiXim-. (lo i|>SB clitdc .'Kgiotho 
inferciida. Legit hoc TortaESC Sdiol. : 6an tjnrftTr rit nri^auX^t Alyur- 
fim, rifiafitftrafitrrir atrrir." So KlooKn, inf;«ninu»ly but a littl« too 
diatnistfitUy tomirde tb« oditofE Tum^fac itnd %Vttori. an whoei* ron- 
jeetnre (if it was indeed a mere conjecture) he 1ia» not at all improved 
hy miggnting ff^Kor, and against whom it were equally \-Bin tt> prcH 
the ndoptioQ of it^iiw, tovrHich we might not othcrwiEp have objected. 
" Scd nihil mutandum cut. quod Jam rede vidit Scliiltx. :' rogat. ut 
i|i«a (lericulitm ciTupat, poAtqtwm cardcm ^Igiatlio infcrVDilnn aidjn- 
vftrit. Nc4|ac in fi^nc olTctidcDdum. ^iyai tnua tngicie nr]>c ponttur 
pro InKk: vid. Lobw-k, adAj. p. flfl.'i." Well, 

Equally ititf w Klxtitrn's adherence toMSS. in ibe preceding veri c ^ 
"tm^^M.G.A.R. DiKtamaX mhySttvtoMi tt/u Ag.]2fi2. OnueeomJ 
at otm" — irbere rauiS* would make the •entcnce run : ^nJ I, Fat\*r, 
(m Hie vunmer kavr a reyutrl lo Tiukt of you 'An/ &c., instead ut hemg 
moulded, aa it now ia. on iKc modd of tbe preccdbs couplet : Wiat 
I loo. Father, Amr lo request oftfou it to this effect, thct I may get eletr 
off. njier having bnimffhl ttifnal de*lrterlhn upon /Egisthv* f Camymn 
below rv. 483. 48(i. Suppl. GVl. kAm ii ir^MMrriA; li KOfinpi^. Soph. 
(£d. T. 830, «^it lOAoc 4» f -y»* ** /pm^ rvaV AfAt A irpovttffrlt. Eur. 
Here. F. 710, iMy*np npnaTiSi}* it"y fWiu'. Ilemcl. SOA, tfpomA'mt 
JXXwrw w6i>ovt. 

463. Aa(T(( fn-optM Bfnriut] Scbol. ol fifutuu ffuiriai, al troXiTtXttr: 
rtlber al niHf^ftnw, orft vofMC^wi Sfivni. Gnrct. pcrnctu- e^sequiie. 
eoaviviiun a|ptatMiit in wdibos ijus qui proximo cootingebat dcfiinc- 

< "Cantmui enn/teii 9v>«u' n* A«^- Dotltrus, ^lytir tit yoi^. fU ipud nni> 
«M*, *>x<^ T^wv mficf9tt»ar Al. it. iiuuiu AaH'pJr." BlAnf. 



tum : quitictiam cpulum iiuH'tirc «nte cxwquiu cclcbmliftnl. licitt 
Acliillcs 11. 1^'. 29, Tti^r lurtniiia iairv. Hujur<[ii0(li conviviuiii tltce- 

batur iT«p>2(icv(i>, i.e. fifiVmv mp'i rir r^tfui^. Lcz. Sp. BckliCT. |>. 29-4, 

Ht Hr^i^nrMr* if iwiraU omSavtiinMiaTiamtyivafiiinf. He^Tfa ; Tii^nc' 
ri ytfi/taioi' wt{tiStm>H>p Jul vy rui* cnrmj^o^'raii ti/tji. Quoil ill' inrasa 
dccidclMt, Muiibus cnX wcnira, ct nd acimlcruoi dcfcrcbatur, ut co 
vesoereoUir Mum. In his epulis bonunee ilc IsudibuB deAmcd aer- 
tnone* ordtlMnt. Untie proveihiuiu: iAk a» inm^titufs «£fi' iw rtpt- 
Sfinnf, dc hombic nif|uutB. Haec nwximatn partem pnrbuit Bohub in 
Anlii^q. Cr. p. '2GS. Ilfy^iffn>» inter i^^if rqt »^t ct m^r ponit 
Juliu3 1'ollux viii, 146. IJeni il>. G6 : 7 ml r^ ""Ai irviuidoc, wtpiBttw*oii. 
a. Conub. wl Pcrs. Sat. t, Sd : led ctatam /imrrit hirrra Scyliffct iru- 
liu: ct quR erudite diucruit HcmBtcrliBsiuB 4idLaciani Cunt. p. £1!)." 

470. wop ti-ithn/Mt.apitti fiticemia. Axt^i. at /unrrat /eath i umtlirr 
at fetal tmejor iKe *kad. [Ia>vcli : Et-d<tvivic' A«ui Tu'^^rgau', cal 
q Tfinvytr^t [/vi 'H^yOmt COIT. Sttlmw.}. mi al t«T HxpNC cir«^>yiI|M> 
*ai uhmAoi, fyMiv ;i(Oii{. 

" Foruii) tutnen la hoc loco tCAtinwi *int kamKx Uittr r/«t/m/n." 
Bloinr: Mid eo Wdhiuer (l^cx. j^^echyl. in v.). and the Scholiust : wap 

](Am^^— '* in fi-Ktu ab univcna tum cvlebratu" KUu(>. — certainly 
unke* foi* ihc former interjiretaiion. 

•171. " iv rypoHn Ubri. ct Ic^untur codcm rccln in Scbgl. Vict, ct 
Rob I «{ hi fi^, >tn/i»c ft- niMitfi tMaattrtit. iftanpeiti SOOJ. CoDt. Satia 
d«fcf»dit ilU locua Hooieri II. viii. 50!) : KaUt/in mpi roXXa, et glow* 
S«id«: nir|i^' tJ «nlfH>r«- Cf. IIctwIoI.. iv. 134 ; /ttaimaTot ritnpi. 
Ue uitrini« voecm ueurpot X«n. Annb. rii, 9, III: ntno^at^i miMie 
ipilHott. — >piffwT(M( M.G. A-T. «wtfwnit It. n>urwriH> V. Formaia 
■yi^jl etiuni Prom. 496. exhibit M. 1> Kkc script urn i-f- EuM.Od. xvit. 
p. 1819.39." Klw. 

iUoinfioId compam Looiao. Cant. p. 519 1 ol Hi nti «V|Mr ■^omt 
«)pA rwr j(V)iar*i', ul dSSft6f nra liftii^umf. anioMfj r* ravrl 14 iroXvrfAji 
Sfinw, ui tis T^ ifiirfpan mm- nii fM^iC)Mr(ii>i wt ynCr tUaaat, fyj^iowur. 
KPM. ««< «J)a, A iri^^Mv. W ti«Ctti «'j»ii fotr «V «^'. rrtri<rtti,'iMn 4' »Jr 
t4c ^](^ liiairf/iirofirMf ie*ruAv ^urawi* fuv ait i)£^ t* il«/Mirrr*fUaar ti|* 
■»(««» xai rdvnnrfitiir.nMiv A( (DruroCdnfl^iriiittXir^KrrDr: HRdadd»: " At- 
tici ctcebout cn^uH putiut <iuiim Kniruw. Kiir.Alc. ll'ii.^fMM rt atatir 
flo*A'To«i«p>iTTjwir*«, uhi*id.M(mk. Quod wl ortliognipbaim »ttiaet, 
bwp bab<rl Euatalh. ad Od. I'. : ^ Ac mtirsa muiin,m»tu¥ ii« Ai* « y^- 



Ai* Mr ^KW^o^i « aui Itraaw )ji0tai ra£ i. SijXiif Si, ^tfaw, i) Kricrx n}* 
Nor* iXiyqf tnri rov itnafui/au (bw^opAr 1$ ^ir^p^i irpMnYoixrov. Una 
xiffrnn AfiolloitiuK I^k. Homer, p, 408." Hvsycti -. Kviira' iJTri^f. lunniit 
rvf Avri'iM-. mi rd Xiv«r rov hptln. mi A nriirXovc. Fhatiiiii Lex. MS. ; 
bMTft' X^irvuf, If licoAi/uciTtnf. Scliol. Vcnet. on H. i, 66 : Kwiff^' iM 
rnS Rn^w kk^m, g v^rfcaiM' r6 Xtxrvrw. Xtirrtfrom ><>p /■»»■ ^ ArM««t> 

"nwwlAte : in the midst of lAe lani'B trvti-tai'turfd firet ; \.t. mKUq- 
WR expUiiLR tl, while Mcrijiciai Jires are burning ihrtmijitout tktctmm 

472-4. Tran*Utc. according to tlw scntc rather tlian the prccti 
wording of tbeee lines : And the entire portion of gootU whici I thail 
bring ttilh *ut /n>m mif ftither* ' Aonwc. on my marriage, will I offer m 
libaiioiu to jroN / and tibrnv all liinj/t betide will I honor ihU fomi, 
Blonficld a|>t]y cumparea Eur. Ion. 614, Stmt it* y^imm. f>'m AnurrX* 

waynXtipiar fiifior iianta}(4h' tfnyaSi noXvvrim iiXtuf, and I'ollux K. 12; 
KuMiw 8t rqu irioiiiniar [Anj^l. hoiueioU'tlBff] mtyntoiia' 4 wafuntiria* 
Anftiiim, in iv 'E««X>ia'«a{i>vira(t (t. Ijtid.] 'Jipurro'jmrit' rptryutinpo^ yif 

The t^hiitia*t h;u : il yA^ htyi(t6ot iMinlifirtN, Kiiyit yo^^vo^si ; OD 
wliidi KUiii9(.-u cotupnn.-8 Soph. El. dGl-7t : «iu yafutr timfiW rti-fyt. 
OS UCO iu. 437 : Strict yi Xonrir airir d^ntirip^m JT'pvl CT<<^tr)ur, if rart'i' 
J^poipt6a. npffifiti'aw — Hesych : Ilfiffftlifufti^ itporifiiy. Spjfttr. fuy^i- 
M(p. Polliii: ii. 2 : vni frpfffd(ii<()>, r4 npiiw, trnpu llXiir«n' xui rd, 0M9 Am.. 
w/Mofiiriflar, «rrl rov. ttMtV rmt^rrpw. CompHTC bdow t. CIS. 
I, irpwTnr jhV tt'tj ri7l^ TrfuvfUxtt — , and ««« tlkc note on Aij. 1567. 

476. Aoc Jl« r'] " d< 7* conj. Herm. Jli' r* solam huie loco Bptum, qiitu 
monet ut intcUigatur. im n, Sot rr.' Et rccte quidcni mortui ManM 
cnuttcre jubetur Proserpma, qwe omuino eoe gub«n)«t vt hue ilhic di- 
ngit: vide Horn. Od. xi. 313. 226. 635. Pen. 626-30. G40-42. In 
liBO muHiODe omnw hujnt veraus via posita eal : per lolun enim eun 
TictoTKF potestatcm tribtiit Prnvcr^Hiui 1 rarqiie tamcD dc ilia emintoiie 
tmmeret (liy^.^ Kimili mtioite pcaituiu n Sopli. El. I4lti: *iyifiA}y{T- 

< Cempan PmIm xh.lOi " llcwricvn. 

O 'fa i ililTT i wid cmaidf7i uwl hidiEio 
thmc car J brxrt tbo Ihino owa p(opl«> 

* "He|iet«nlumadl. iMMlJInffff^faa- 
aaiSnt/uiwaiVAoliMqacniW : Ttdik 
miJU yni^mt H am tiamt^hMam evfo- 
rKim." Batl. 

* On Um coMnrr. the nufte^ Ihu 

thiOTmon Ut U— Ani;I. yM r»IAirfirt 
— would tend io Uk Mnir |>rMMfiJoa 10 
detniTl from ihe inkfKirtuiccDf lliat prt- 
liDiman |iot(iien, Snt fiai v.v.Pi., 
Mlilcb lh« trtpoiMltr iiraytT arent tu,,^ 
cMcntially depend*. Andrct Wellmeri^ 
"1/ y' tcfi voluit llemi. tilVig. p.Oili,, 
qui* » T) in tragKi* trtri mm pom pa. 
libWi nfragantc SeliD.od Bur. HeL m, 



Bf 8 tyim. pro vti vr AiyitfAf tt. Cf. Hulniig. PartiMm. i. p. 1 IS., 
ubi tMiiicndcnoatrolocoilubitatur : A>inscrtuni.(|iiiano\-nronipeHatiir 
(lenotiH. ut ia iJlo nai cr« hi [I'roiit. 9/3.] : cf. bcidler. Eur. Kl. fi(>7 
(672)." KlMH. 

Tnuuhte. dtber : Amd give fAott (ti dhlinywisAiM^^ the noniinative 
or fvbject " giw thtm." ur " My I"), (J Promrpim^—oT, making 8*' Uw; 
conjoactivc, asd n thr oMociatin^ purticl* i Km, ghv tMov Iherneitk, O 
FrMer p i M" andseetheiHileon Ag.939.ftn(IA|)pen[liicNoteC'-[ip.378- 
80. Willi rlfpop^ Kfiinu tmra/mw Mmyth~-or we might tmiulale 
{*« realm xcvi.C.) itnttgtk and lnvvlg — compare bdow t. 949. So)>h. 
iKd.T. 189, ii-i*a ittf^y dXjtar. 'Llie same poetical language U nf 
ftvqu«nt oociUT«nce in the Hebrew Scriptum ; PK»lm cxUix, 4 c " He 
win bcantif)' the tneck with nlrntiao." Ifatah Hi, I : " Put on thy 
•trength. O Ziiyn ; pot on thy bc«iuttlul ganaents." Ibid. 7. " How 
beandfiil are th« feet of him that brin^h good lidingt '." Exek. xvi. 
12 : " I put « bnutiful cnnra ujwn thy haul," 

478. fM|i»7«v9*, (ifi^h(i3Xq«T|>»i>«ii(Wrtirar, Yrxi rtmemlier — or rnvww- 
fcw, / My — hue itrangely iktji Hard a urt ! — m I prefer to read and inter- 
pret with BlotnlieM, who rpiitark* : " ^ ir' itmi)nat» cdd. /<aui«'r^ V'alck. 
ad Bur. Phcm. 1310, scut inScoUoap. Athcn. sr. p. b*95. H.deHar- 
modio ct Ariftoptone : hipa n^MMvor 'Vwwapx** itatt^r^. Vcrbiain 
itm^(v «i^i£cnt primta utor ; 'm hoc loco vertaa, mtnnlo autm fv* 
ftdo rtti{\x.tunitaj vxi Mm/." Sec notcoo A^. 1034, mimvo* Qvyit : 
andconiparc below T. 963.. \g.l349,^tpafJfi^43X9«rpor. Amnpiji^Mv. 
wfpvmx^*t. M il^o Jcrrmiah v, a6 : *' Thpy lay wait, a« he that MCteth 
mam ; they »et ■ trap, they catch men." 

Khumen Iratulatea ^ v' tmiMiatm, yiio rr novo more in (c b«i mitt ; but 
Scholc£cU : " Cttm apnd Lacian Aain. p. 1 63. mnrit nnfer B^ificvt 
moDanta Abraaehio, rertetim potest utroimfw pro u/frrmaaniTpettir*' i 
nor hai he on aAcr'thougbl irjectn) this ileiidcr prrnunplion. with 
Stanley who Uiu> correcta liioudf : " \'ix rcdderetn mtmnenaU, rum 
<>Mlm» at nuwiCnr inter ae diSeruit ; Bed rvmu rmjtfmitl. vel i»dite- 

In support of the con*traelioaof'fu'>[»qvawithanRccuMlive. Scholr- 

aU rj aoitn loeo ftndlem ftudalt. 
k\c tfiidtm mUbm ^jo* ndra lim. 
N T< mum ammi aptMarain cm, dc 
aiiat H(it>6c*lii)Be viJ. Rckic. e«aj«ell. 
tm AfUl^k- L pp. 119. 1«Sl. tt alwd. 
coMsnM/. (Htf. <• «np*. <M. C. [«. 
Ilka.] f. a7P..mM Miilnnrwin Hwfli.. 
loH acMtri « nfeNulvtK] Ami propoMii , ma* 

BI<MnA»U. «bo, ana SrtinMcM ten 
edited U V— tka Utter wiih nwn" oon* 
iktaMT tnaa Uk fenntr, a^w in *■ 4rP. 
^Itaccaffr ondti tht eomircliaf uuttcle, 
■Ucli hna he aukaa M i unpt Ma r llf cau 

■ CeiaMra ib» vaUm aa rv. ;s. UI. 



licW fAppeiitiij;y.23.)nicTii U>Dtmw>th.O\.i. 12. 12. Pliit. ii. JS. 127 
PaU. Leg. 421. 6 : bot (not t« ii»L->l herr tin tu)jMj<ro \oiTfimt) Uibm 
wtU scarcely avail n^iiwt the prcvmiling luo of the Tngcdiui*, and 
uf Homer who (if we may believe Hcrne on [|. vi. 222.) invariably eoiu 
strucU this verb wttli a gvuilive. Cuiniiare Mattli. He. Or. ( 347. b. 
Obt). 3. 

479. triliait K] Translate ; ffow wiiA /titers not madf ofbratt you 
tptrt taken aii<l bound tikr tt wUJ hfasl. my fufkn- .' Ayr f ia mrrriitj/t 
eoBlrivfd la tlo yov JuAonar.' und observe that, whilst the it verves 
more no to take u|> anti [trolong tlte aentcuce. fte coinmeuced iu v. 478 
^-and that it timy ki Inltc it up. it would sevin tn bi^ intlti>i|im«)btc tlut 
we ahould tlii'Tc rvad iit itaivtaair^-thc rt sltniily Bccuinulalcs do wlint 
baa been already expressed by ('^/KtAjf n mere particulai' eaunciuliun 
of the instrument or means detM>ted by n'Siuc axaXjavmr — on which 
the Srholnwt : outftvpMt ^9^101^. X/y«( ft(', TJ7 dSM^vfittry ^0^1. Oq tlii» 
oryiiMron. sec the note on A){. 1107, ruimar Aroitoi', and compare lUatnf, 
GJoM.A^. S). Mutth. Gr. Ur.H^G. -I- 

With /A|pf uArt. and with aitrxpat. iiiti>rpreled a« above, cuiupaiv rv. 
4SI. M9.65. 978-ea. and sec above on w. 427. 4C.V 

■iSO. 8av\rvnitnr] Schol 1 TVitSovXfvP'tt iri'nXutr. "HcrmatmnriO^. 
Crilt- p. 96., ait fSovXtvnilt pm *s>j3<iv^<vr>iR>;i iiibi quidcm howd) evae, 
et legandum putat ffov^vrotvw {» mKi/fituutiw. hostM uorv tmactatvi a: 
0inA*vnie vera auainic pro rii\0av\€vnaMf iwuitur ; conalnictio cat i» 
■nXiffif'arM'aJ«jci>MSwXri^ir<r, Iwrpitcr r^nKgilalU," Dlomf. "Juogen- 
dutD eet air)(^ j9ot.Xrvr»iinf, la vettrminf quod turpi eansiHo envgUmt- 
nmr." Klaua. 

483. 4^ K.r.X.] There ie a ghart and mmunary exprcHnon conveyed 
here by tw.' which is caught up and re-echoed iu v. 486. aad wludi 
we may rcpreMiit by : Eitktr, in tkart (nrXy l^iyf I*roin.97&.). tmd 
retributive ytuficv— i.e. the rightcov* frmciph which ubliunx in the 
BBoral gnvernment of tlie world — to rspoase the ratue of your /attify ; 
w — at letwt wipe off the pcr»«nal and political di»bvi)or tliul luis been 
done to yon ; compare w. 4B4-5 — return n^/univ fvAiei thell ht th* 
tame for your ciiemieo to rtceke a» lo inlliel. i.e.) to the mump aaiMnf. 
if 9a be that, conquered m ym have 6m>, y*« viti in yatr lurm t« he 

TliuA interpreting with the Scholiast, who lia» : tf n^v Ai'iqir tnpftn' 
Xawrw ntir cttr' ourw* wiif^nn', Jf wv Krf^an* aOroit. we may aruid the 

' 8m Slirteu' IVfVtwt ph Ortt* fartieln, p. 4% Kc. 



MoeautT of tnxking any change in tbc teit, with Stanley. Schiiu. wul 
Dutlrr irbu would read ml for if. or Itultic wliu wmiltl MiliMitntO <^- 
PpMt^ffjr f rit in V. AQi, witliout. on ttw otbcr hand, having rtcourrf 
to w vtgne uid unitwfactory an iaterpntiitiaa, lu WdUner's : " awl 
jmttUittm mabi* todam mUte ad bdrrfeiendo* imlerfreiortfi. wtlfw uf tpamtt 
fvdent erilio pereant ' i>r KIhubcd's : " hoc vult Orestes : casti^ cos 
*ive per nustras manitt jiutitia adjutaf. sivo per tnola nb alus vel cuu 

Onthefurccof )b«p.,,f«r. 485., tobedisttngnulicdfroiiifnnfionly 
af in V , 508. sec nbo^'c on t. 1 89, and compare Poreoit and Elmelcy on 

Eur. Ml^d. 60a ((>I9). «nr(p ^rpanlf y tv J((inrcrraif. 

4iiS. Spanitt ff At""> y^*^"] "QnoAotktviit'mtvrpniUxAfimvmsyi'ifvt 
tlictuin pro AfMni^ yipot. non nnimadvecterunt illi inscrrire id ad con* 
cilktudum Againcinnoni* favorvm, et bre%-iua dentgnari co idem quod 
fimiiu c:(hibvrvtiir \iVT5,>»*i,MSpaiway^¥^u. Miirvsenim liabmhtr 6b- 
n^b potiora* (cf. Eiiin. 737.). et in iis posilum eit generia nnmra 
l£ur. Ipli.T. £7 : arvimn yikft ntrav rJvi w<ull4t iifiary^t) i itS ut iiiOreMe 
•e ip«inn rrToin TMJrat Ai^memno, mmque proptcrea euuin potiMintum 
prolem diccre pouit. potiua quam filias. At fedle concipitur opinio. 
t\am non ab iia quidcm abhorret qua bodie Matuuntur a plijaiobgia, 
fitkn potiMimum a patrc, filiai a matrc K>?»i, VK erat Dcmocriti : 
Aiisl. de Cener. Aitim. iv, ] . Mu con*idcf«tia vix opns eat inotierc, 
qun «epe peculiarvm libcninun naluram ita dew{^mt Gneci, ut «atn 
ft parendbiia rcpclaiit : ut in iDo Awiy w nilWt Hom. D. xn, lol ." 

Admitltng lhi» explanation — and it la llic tint Hint luw bcra offered 
—we may perhaps translate : Pity your ffirt, and mo tes^—fot (fee v. 
!HS.) both arc alikr circiunstatMred — the Uir-maU of ywr body ' if wc 
■lunild not rather ^ve it a nH<rc familiar turn (wliieh ttinra^ii rei<ir3« 
would loficientlycxnw). and iranilaic: yoar "faiha-'t mat" ckUd! 

•491. cX93^tffwrq^Mai,/irnnri'iiijrm«"i0ria&,-cofnparcbelow'V.IO3£, 
Ap. 895, X"/^ w^tf^ifrtfitv n im'i rwv wvwAu* tXt^itr st'-rta. Schol : 
r<4f|*^ \jBeU-9mgafd»omd», as I'rum. •Jttti, cXqUMc n AMrafMnm /y*A- 
pttf'B^rur]. AMl^qF''Vr f'^'*] attC"*** <r<- " KAifSwrywr^fMardicitur AliuM, 
na»Du patcroum ab uhliTionc ivrv-ant, qamnadmudnm cgrtJocs nrtc 
•■Iniwnutn indioant. Optime Scholissta : ^XXo>'. <Wudi y^ InmXiav' 

♦tXXiil J)«' tig> w>ii^ ivXa rA fciaflbgr ^i Cngwi ^n TJi 0^Aairvsi ri Hxrim" Woin/. 

" Locum alferunt Clcn^. i^lron. ii. p. 4'i3 ; w^itt 6i irfyi mr' alaif 

Civi (1. «nAutf»Ti) aXfMMc y«yaitn' ^4%>ni A' in Sy^o^ Mwrvtm viw h 



fiti0oi- uil cXiMTT^^ tru^ovrte Xii^ (ulii prrorc adilitur icirrti r«w rpayuim 
Xa^onX/a) : et Kuftnth. II. i. 189: (^XXot fi' fo*r np' Aivjt^. ct 11. 
viii. p. 71 !t. 3-1- ^XXiilDR-nrfiWvtM-drt'xouiru'ilniaM'' A/<r;(LAiiv."KlaiW. 
Blocnfield fuilh«r cotapareB Plutarcli J* C&nio Seo-alit : &irxip nwr tA 
Siimw rffuuMimr /t> t^ AiXiiirir]^ ^XXot-r ipifur im^/^furwri. Aatbol. 
vi, 3 : JmyytXrqpt) rt Ki^nu ^Xkiy., Epi^. hi Anal. ii. p. 494 : •flnA- 
im-rt Xiri>toB<(itirXoa<cucXafu>Xi|3^iKa(^(XXavr cvjrriN- ;u|pni)M(r «imA<wv. 
Him'trt. il), p. 514 ; not itimat ftvOittf myiimi v^ftitrr^fa ^Uap. 

Heircli : •tXXuf* fiXuiur tintpov, mI fCKom iXti^ipir. ri Oi aM uA 

493. riy J<i ^.K.a. \irav] " Xuxw K, dictum ut in Curipideb spud 
PdI). vii, 31 : icXii/rrrfp' avra H Mni r^w mpurrpa'P^ rttC Xivmi KOpiwi^ift 
A>4pafn' XiVotf aXiwT^pa Ktpi^fH* Xiii9m>.— Xunv ^f (cx iintujoa corrpc* 
tkni). G. A.T. V. Iliad rec^pi. quU c corrcctione ilia rvitctcodain.j 
videtarX/iwr." Klsnuen — MiidsoSlanleyt " Lcgendom potius (Awm^p«i 
XSwam. turn quod itn alibi »cribitur, ut in rallitce ; tuin quod ita rdiijai 
poctDT loqutititur. tit Euripides ujiwl Fulluccm .- tuia quod Xmw ibbkiI' 
lino g«nere Ur»oi non ugnrpant" — and Blomfield ; " Xirev com R«bor- 
tello tuciitur Abrewh. Stan). Spanhem. ad Aristopli. Ran. 1301. Sic 
etiam Por»an. Scliiltx. Didtur KXanrr^p XiWu. ut im'i^Minic woiac et ai- 
milia: nd. Msttb. Gr. Cr. 374. b." — tad wtoowcroay iircaumfftbe 
Scholioat tohavenad: riv i* ^tAii lAmrryipa' ^'trmptiPfiaati, tAv nX^rti* 
Ximw ; compare Malth. Gr. Gr. i 4;J0. 

IVatlBlatc : JK« l^ey ffrr af it were nrksfio^ttny a tut, trkith kald ap 
tkf fitutx thrtiid thai tw} ilwif from Ihe Mlom ef the iMt/rr-— aitd 
obwrvc tlmt, nttlimii^li rCv nXtutr^^ Xipor mi^il be Bdniitt«d to be no 
more than (aa Butler, approved by Scholetidd. expbinx it) ritv skXmv 
rMMir Xt'ror, Angt, rpvn ikrtad — b« Ilc«ych : KXtMrr^p- tA KttXataiUfm 
pofiita — T«t rir IK ffvfiov Kk.k. cannot be so bt?rpr«ted, witliout autu- 
ming that aU thread is spun (nun the bottom of the sen : uiiWc. in- 
deed, wc can belicre tlicconntmction of v. 493. to be o^ovni iV ;JkAiu 
rdv iAw«T)NM Xlrew, with rroffvror Schoicfifild who oa Ar. 8GH. fAp- 
pemlixp. 19.) obwrv-Mi " Inttrpntationi,' quibn in nota propoaitAiii 
ettamnumBiitjiltvtor. illud ubvtnre ridftur. luodHrtiriiltKmkf cum ift^ 
irai junctup tli.-'jiingprct i/t^ mn * tX^iowu. ct lurtiux ad Xiin)m|i*» j (fw 
prrmcrat 8ediiimi!IimeT^i'a>ub*l«iitivon»di»j»ngitur Choeph. 498, 
Tip it S. cX. <r. Xi'mv." \ 

Ton U SvOo" tXttmiKia, literallir the rp'aiaer or twUfer.'* i.e, the line 

* 8«« Ilia note «B Aa. 8SP. orW«M'(4*VM-rfM«J|r«f\(»«i>j,OHirhiith 



vpim or tyr'Mtd./itmt^Mttm, >■ ■ boU exprcHion — Mutf whkt tma* 
|«rad by the adilition a( Xipov. u i x/wm/iM^t A' 'Afiff ia by «w;wn<w 
A|f. 424. where see the note — whereby the Poet would *et bd'urc bU 
bmrefB that outnvnl imiige of « cunducUng line reaching from r ing- 
■et to iti float*, under which he m npTly rqirts«nt« the tfamd of • 
nm'B Bfe as prolonged vwn from the grave by traunniMion (rom him- 
eelf unto hb chiMreti, in whom he " himg dcntl, yd ■ftniLcth." and. 
though out of *ig^( of men (r.490.), U not permitted to bvcoiuo wholly 
out of mind. 

406'^. " Vcrauti hoft Choro' nr«titiiit HurniinatM. Cborum aai' 
nino boic uiTocatiuni twttara wUtarc baud probabilc cat, qnum eliwn 
in priori verba (eecrii ; liunen non neeetM est ut ip«« inTocationeni 
prnfcnt. »ed iribuiiTiitir ci parte* concludendi boa sernone*. — iii*fii^ 
TvnA" rrti'mror cm. Hcnii. IJbrii^fi^ifnw ti rmt. Sddl.eoqi. JfkifU^ 
rMT Ttmm tm— T«r«ue E>lc(.-trw continuajw. At inouul llenuamuu 
puticulu cal /tij^ BOD ajiter hie apts» eue, tiiuuu si aliuR |>erMmic on* 
Irooem incipiant. Venumtotumontittunt^bl.G. A.T..huc Ickcopne' 
bet Bola v., poet ruxv< R' V'cra baud dubic nt lectio V. : orum enia 
cur exciderit rerma. po«ita eel in * iniili exitu in Toeem Xijt>r." KUxu, 

Dindarf bu ptrfcrred Seid]er*t emeinlutioai itnd anangtrmnit, to 
which Wellauer objceU: "nexus enro icqiKntibiu tarbnlur. Nee 
magia probuvcnm aenteiitiani Uemtwiiu di vert. i^mr. op £tcK. p. r. 
■q., qai bune remitD com acqncntibiu Choro tribucndura at itit lrg«n< 
dum putat : coi fjiyv ii^»>^ f^»4^ hi a mi w Xiiyvr. Nam anl fiiii aptam 
rat tUrrinr lul uliiun rem tranwunii . , . Ego aulein nvn ioci cmcn- 
datiancm inven)*«c mihi \^deor, qut et awna raatitoHtar, ct v(ir*iun mi- 
nime ejieienduin* «Me pcr>]>icittBr. Logo tnin mntattone faciUinui : 
ml (t^ (iftipipijrm If tnma ri» Uynr.) — at BCiaua lit liic ; Jitm wro 
faitqm iavMEa MAn itx dic9j tumuli Alitor est /vrtma ncm^, w. 
Jfiyev : rflijvm oafm rif. Jam vide* nczum rum aMiuentlbui, qui ex 
ivliqoonim nitiane duIIub est (!), Tidea etiun qoam neccuaria ait pa- 
icntbcaia lUa. qaa m exniMt. quod fortunx upi» tlhtd voml. ttmip 
M]nrWt«BMtnm«at ; tic Eur. Hoc. 117', mc/i^ ^Mapo^ rf>'« Uywr. 

aiidit nptri to fiMd ii iwrd aUo for « 
jpuMU*. "Uiftum eri lAMTit^fTO to 
maodaiuitwru. amtctfiKli tBtMdnmeo- 
•iPwimniM/Mhtf. AriMopli.Lp.H7. 

r«'m.M* Aa3aH*ai. '**'*y<*iw«> T«(«ir 
dtfiriirTMl ri Mr irfalM, ri f /■••*■. 

VmL U'«Meii«c ** H«nMloC. *. 12- It" 

' nt vmprirtr of ifaai amncMncM b 
eoaftnatd bj n. Mii.9, «|ib|i dculT ia- 
AmU Uiat Ombs hai tkivaclMut tr. 
MO-e. bfOi wlfctari^ bi«adr to ih> 

^ Sa* Pdmn*« .VWMllHawi/ /a TrcfW-r 

oo Uonll't ncManu r. AiiAftf^^i. 



ittupAw rrfMHU. Pern. n7'2, nirt Hi ttuafiaiierw aitaf. Em. Mnl. Wl, 
ninwTi ^iv: cf. Elra^l. od [Cttr. Med. ISIS." In Uus view of the 
|Ntnng« Wcllaucr is foUon-pd br IVofcasor Scbolcfield. 

Blnmlii'M difTcrH frtiin U9 (inly in writing tnttdr^r, in aorordancc 
with Elmslcy'scanon' on Amloph. Acharn. 733. km! Eur. Met!. UMI. 
which, if it is to extend to the utter prouription of Dr' Itnniiwtion 
—rav in Ihf duiO (lutil not, iw m iiior« prtitwilile. tu he cuiiiitied to the 
mere houurotcteuion of tbc 2nd and 3rd pcnone dual, which in Uie Ini' 
perfect uikI Plupfrfixt TenKo would »«em to hare been — t^f) trotild 
so far throw nn tuldtiioiml ohaliu-k in Uie wxy nf Hermiuiii'* oorreetion. 
But even ro. the originul line huvhig been once disntcmbcrcd u w« nap- 
pone, it were OB vaxy to account k>X the change of r^ into r^r, M of 
afitfti^^mr — ar. 03 Ulonifield sa^^eats, a/uiit^ov^ttit'—inXoaiiufi^tfrM'. 

497. Ti'^tT^ riit3"v t.Ji*. r.J Tnuixtaie. wt in apposition I'lther to 
\Ajay, or to tbc wbt^ sentence jireccdinp : a coutfteiutttion to tie 
Ivmbfor ih onlantnli^ (i.e. iteyiectfilj condition in time[iftst ; andcoin- 
paireBbove w. 4l<)-'20. KhiiMro's inli-qfretntion \* ohjcctiunnblc. nn 
pottinf; tbc sunc forced coastmction, va Wcllnucr hod previooslr pnt. 
npon iMt^Antni—" oratioitfm ttoaulo rtirikulOM pro forlwui ineotwmi z 
araiionent, quAm tumuin »olviti» pro nicliore fortune, qiiippp qunm ex- 
apectetis dalnmm es«e imtrcm in tumido conditum" — mid further ot>« 
jcctionablc, not to say utterly inodmiEMblc, in that the Article B&euinea 
the prtAfnt fj'ialtnev of what be would rc]>ro««&t aa mutter only of /»- 
tmv ejfmialion.' 

Blomfidd remariis upon this line : " Notnndus est in hoc rcrsu pk- 
onutnuB pcnc SophucleuB lilterw r :" but what need vnu tlicrc to ndd 
(del to the lUiRw of this objertkm, by editing t^« r* for i^t — *», on the 
ra^Mtion of Stanley, Heath, and after biro ForsonnndBIomfteld.wid 
mnu I^idorf baa done ? 

' Sw ihe noir <m A|. 1174. wbur-f. I 
iocfiao aim ti> (Unk, tbc GcnaMt Mlklsva 
nrrrii^tui rT4wiua(4^9<T,it'. Ypt llfv- 
HNan , who bnr propow^ 't >(nT» . m uulil 
»rrm to h*Tc MMiiuuK^ tii b^lniak'/a aub- 
Rtitatim cvraar*UaiM«afrw br «Um. 
>w» rf r»r Bar. Mrd. <IIMI.) 1073. vii on 
finpli. (Ba. T. Un (IKM.^ <^r V i 

ir wtfi^ntvr, dhcrr Bninrk nlonc Iim 
Tcntoml tn intrtxIoRe ttxrrif-f. bo oh- 
M>nn>. wltlkuiit tiij dmttalMfi or «tr»p> 
lion : "t<crT«n(1unilblnc(I]c'Tqi'<1ocail 
UaiKlciiM *A A.r«>tOf>l>. Acfa. TU. f1 ad 

Boriii. M«l, IWl." Nu iwtirr ri itiM 
peculuiritir U to ba fiiuiid ta MaltUvi or 
lo [hlMnkuin, at li« Ttii^rwb. 

* Klxnim't ictcTpirUriiun. ia fart. Is : 
m Mc price pmil t« lie tvmi — (nnd iIm 
would rarelr rrqnire n* to read rMhf) 
—fw IA* prontrotufyrttatt irUei U u 
nrytelfd ivyrrt .' fhir't : «4 a wont ^T 
rtipf^ i^rr^ lit IJkf /om« «w/* rrford 
fo— aiiilwi far <Mitr(MatIli.(Jr.Gr.f 33(1.) 
« eomptHMlivn/pr — Mr kilArrln »fatrrl- 
t4 Hat*. CoMp«r« r. Mn. './.Air ft»^- 



498. icmtitp9ttmn ^pitH, fmi are »et mp ( Angl. braced), or /wily prr- 
p«rtd, M MiW. " V^anfi^ota, tri^ i ««b»u« rimor : plorumfn^ cnim oi^- 
nificst protprro auccrau lUor. Kanpfiovw At'imt dixit Euripides Hijip. 
1445." IMotnf. A<M Fur. .Amir. 10S0.—P()rAiiJ/i«K>(ir«pwfi«i«t.Angl. 
tiyiaf yMrr choMt. tec the note on Ag. 1634. 

500. t(m ifUfiAf, Angl. off" Ikf foarve, vU of thf way, or OMt of/tlatv. 
Srbol : /{■> rod wpomt/iirov. " Stnoleius advucal EuEtulh. ad I). E*. p. 
S9t>, :26 1 <iui citnt ex raimius Icxico rliclanco : ArrofvMw' tA T9v ko^- 
■ovrvr 8f»!c<n> /o^ciiM'r, et Knd. pTth. xi. 61. r(«irX<iov. Hie Prom. 683, 
^(w li Itpifutu ^'popiu. Idem ««nat proverbiuni fxtra otrtu vagari." 
Blumf. CompaJcbdowTT. 1003-5. Ag. 1212. ixApifiovwivi^Tpixtt., 
Livy xxjer, 40 : alxttulenint me vclul rfr rpativ. 

502. fu&itmpoii (.T.X., paying too latf attnttioit' to a vovnJ fhnl fan 
mrtfr be hralrd, Ttus use of ti^Mcrnw is a liiTaarite tnphemitm with the 
Gmit writcre, wliich Itloufirlil illiutrotcs frnm H-^sdi. I'hiloct- fr. 329. 
Soph. Aj. 52. EJ. 8$S. Phil. 18«. Eur. Med. 283. Hipp. 722. Horn. Jl. 
T,S94. XV.217. Hesiod.Theog.ei-J. Archilocb i..').Tliragiii*. 7G. He 
radot. in, 154 : ivOtAw XM^orai Ui^q* a^KMron. lb. vi, 13. 14. viji. 28. 
1^100. i, 1 32 : ^ ntxftf droi irffii arip^ Iiri y rwiro v 4t-n< A'ajt^^ft r^ f » 
m^MjpMtr fiaOuitoal n nv^arirrM-. lii, 39 : ^79<li ■>aAa> ^Mffmli. \v, 20. 
T. III. Xmoph. liter, ri, 15 i ^ tlrfnTT^vri imi^^. (Econ. ii. 7; ^n 
anfMOTor maar iia$Bt. 

503. AiKom] " AirMm vutff. tbtqaeMOaD, quorcAiravffid'.irv^po- 
iwim Toluit Hem). oAw. iriVf . p. 99. : ocd meliiu Sarvt-n [Sbuil.] Paaw. 
Heath. C!lu^. Schiitz. ct rell.. (|iiic ni>n inf rcquais c»t coiiftiNn: vid. 
Henn. m1 8o|>h. Trach. 392." Wdl.— Mid m the ScholiMt: r^ W 

Ibid. dttXaia x>ipit. Suutley !»• bkunled a cuno(i» ol)MTvmlion h«T : 
" Xon dixcriin Miwrum, Ntl nrwn. n itiXn vexpcrtinft diri parte ; (|ub 
KignifiattHiiic jaet&tur ot i*iX6t- Hcnod.'Bpy.aoi 'll^. v.368, AttX^S' 
CM wv9pi¥i ^dUt :" — but JliJuiia catincrt belKlter rcndeml tfaao b^ our 
E<igli!>h word m.-irlc\rd. maaiiitgwortfttea ; llarcli : AfiXnMr' (tiniiov, 
iljQMior. StiKif, (trnXnt. 

Tnin>lKte. in connection with v. 502 :/i»r it (tho Mndinj; lilwtiafu) 
teoM a letfUhed rampSmmt to n dead bum ikat rould not feel it ta nuck. 
So Oiestc* once more Bpcaka mcoording tu a [xipulur and prima facir 

" rviiw k, t. 4e JtliK*>U* In ntMiibi 
aiotWpncila, nn rotitnirisin ral nr^^i- 
MreBu«h>tM, ff *i uaiAsf." !(diNt>. 
■ Iiwtn't inlrffVTUtwa hrrr » m* f*ni 

mnntlnil witli bla mrn lU-w t^«. |97 i 
" Strif MlU Kdtatwu ii w w «>!/<■ •>•■ 
fwM , (uw, ai.uM firm- ul Ml iUu rl- 
a^ircMilv *i((4 nil Thrb, H%," 


bcW, wliicti in UuB place. iiKleed, ia liarailcM utd uHuuubU, IfiU wbicli 
Aur Pti«l, ns well became him, has eUewherc taken oceution by the 
mouth of hia Chorus to correct, when it would oppow itaetf to ibose 
deep-Kflted principles of t))c Rcligiaa oF Nature — belief ia an uii- 
»«en world of spirits, mysteriously eog^niunt of what tskcs place in this, 
sad. reeponuTCtliereiintu.acoiuciuusaniidpHtionofiirightrolut retrl* 
button and jud^tcnl to come. Sec above w. 314-21. 

£04. oil ft<"f* "^ f^taoui riit, Ap|;l. / Aordiy kmu! how to «ccwnl 
/or fjUs ,' sec on Itiii. tue of the optative Molth. Gr. Gr. ( j 1 5. d. ; 
for tixitrtu, the note un Ag. 1^8, where the Editor tww may dum 
support of Klauscn alto oq tLJs posnge. " .Vm fosaan hoc com/; 
id est: irquabiimi [^nitiarhajiti* stcKditrationemhuid inveiuo: timaSd 
oiue dativo dictuiu. ut .\g. 13U.' Scholiasta. quiun vocem seniu i 
Jedwidi ilKtam 0[nw;titT, espljot: o(8i(mt{w' £rt niv Anji^A), moaj 
MMi coHJictre earn nmUfe hoc, cerlo «cto ram Mon mUmf. Quod noqu 
•Mis aptuin e«i itti tjua- prwceduut, ueque |tcr »« satis dedamtum hji 

(Initnii nfSf . to Upa (Uiw S' (</rl — tliis rcaiUug; of the alhjvc puaa^, 
which WcUftuer vem half tempted to receive on the ^ini^lc authority 
of Robortello— adding : " Mut&u fnralut est intorpuoctio propter S« 
insolcntiore loco |>Dsitmn" — Klausen has since cunArmetl frotn a ccd* 
htioii of the oldest MS : •'riit M. R. nIAt A.T. V. commote porito 
poot tiipa, ut Mcundo loco restitucreCur j('. Cf. ad Ag. 676." Sec 
notes on Ag. 706. 1 1 i 'i, ; anil, for examples of 3^ its tlui fourth word 
w the sentence, WcUancr's lyrx. .'Gechyl. (v, iW), where out of fifteen 
pasaagea adduced we will notice only two — Pers. 7-19, firrjTit «r ^«v 
a winrti*/ frt oStt ti&avklq, mi Ilatf^iSwvar apar^riM, Rum . 73S, igruri 
Ai)if KopTn t' «I^ TOW irurpot — ill the latter of which, as here, the two 
flnt words arc commooly, but (with Wcllauer 1 think) erroneooslyt 
conneeted with the preceding veru. 

506. T^ iRvro ynp rif /'x*"* — ] " ^^ominlltin, t]Ui t'idctur oAaoArAtt, 
hoc loco c« mijo est, quod ipec is, qtu ctcdcm omnimodo cxpiare BtB> 
det> notioiiem laboris exhibct \ itaquc ad ctuti aiipoftitiouc odditutn cet 
fthi^- Cf. adv. 988(1036)." Klaus. Compare Monk on Eur. Hipp. 
S3. Matth. Gr. Gr. ($31 1 - j>>^- > -• ^^ with tlic sentiment cxpreas- 
cd, above v. 42. A%. 983-S, ri i' im\ yw Anif mriv Amurifutr vpaird- 
pM0* a»^pi>t fiiXay al|ua Wc iV waXtv uyvoXiVriur' ArsiiStM- ; Kum. 647-8. 
■p^por 4' fvulHw olfi' AvtwnaiTT) nuvit, iTirii| ffawifnt oCrtt T<rt' nMicTWric.^ 

' C«n|wrE dsQv. 9a&, frtunEfsi rM|. 



- W iK» XAyor. tk Jama ett ; ut in Pen. 343. Eur. Ipb. A. 72. bt i 
fHttfottM^Mairwi' t^ti- Mulv Hchillz: iabtt ateaa rnnlenlioM; qucm liuQen 
(Meodit A|>, 1633, lU* Z^*' -W*! yiMunir. <I rx <!{•«■' /joAir." Blomf. 
Glou. on Tbeb. 211 (218.) 

SOU. iriviq >ttp'] " vi^i [M«cl.] Gudpli. .\1(1. Rob. Turn. Vict., quod 
qimm scacu cimret. im^r ex conjcutun rcposucrunt ddndc onuin, 
Md ex rctcrc scriptuni wapri rrstitacnduiii milii vidoinr, quod per it»- 
tiiiinain vgI prupttr similihidiacm litlcTBnim Kl ct H in ini;i«i iaalt 
potutt traoairc: jamqiu id probari ctiam video Hcnoaano. pnef. id 
Soph. QLd. K. p. xii. ed nov.. utu plar» de hac forma doctiMimc dtt- 
•entnCur. Ceteram wap^t •uprMtcriptun) nt iit Guelpb. tdfuique |ito 
vaha Icctiooc linbct ctum Scbol. £od«n modof IcgiturAg. 1620." 

Dopf liad been proposed b>' Ponon uLio. and l* the reading of Blom- 
fickl. Scbol«field. Diiidorf, aitd Klaaam. Sec the note on Ag. IGOS. 
and compare tbe Scbol. on II. v. 533 (aaquoivd by Bkm&di) ; Ti ii 
fMMVi^qSiir 4 oi-K **P'"of^*' <r(i/>' 'U^i^/ty «ara r^ Jl«w4t"«»t rairtft. dXXA 
«ard n;f irtpat fiiray' (sc. prO(^)' rMcSi 'Arfuof firri, wapa Kparu^Jp 
Hvtirj' rvcq y imimn vtrirtpor J, vCr i' oiic In. «•« ir«^A Zv^wiXti /r tj 
Ni^ (fr. 39!>J* *H yi^ 4>i>i) 'fM rMit rov npoi^pri^f. u) «V Oiling 
Tiv>. (1 123)' *H AofXot ouc Mqrnk. lOOt' ounrpa^qc [omm rpo^tu]. 

510. rv^ixkiyKr^ritifiarmtittaTorB tlaU noMidw^iet htr rttt bg night ; 
eompltrc bekiW r. 733. Ag. 12, lajurtvXuyirvr iiifiotrtir ^' <iir^r. ib. 319| 
njiriir^dyKroc 4K fiix9' v(>nK. and uitli the preMMil itaima^ compare 
Sopb. El. ■lOfi'lO. fufrqp /*f *iiiMU ir«r/ii rvfidciVai x^' "^^ <Imc : 4 ry 
Jw^Mnitry ffpvrii» : i^ ^irrw' «vr^. r«hro 7<Jy \c{ai ^'Xtii . ^« r»v ^AMf 

613. rf«f i» AfxiaifT' ISofn'] " AntiquUfiinusbujuasoroniJ suctarno* 
bis ett Stcsicboiru apud Flutardium dc bem Nuioin. Viitd. c. 10. T. 

II. p. 555. A :' [atfT* c-jMf T^ yiriftma Kittl leput rifti aXii9«ur aiKmXdm^fim* 

OifoKair Mtiivt fuAtlr tapa ^^pontittrm ittpor, 'Ea i' Sfta ni 0m3trit 
nXttirAm'&if <f^. Aliud, quo idem portcnditv, nwrml SophoclM £1. 
417.23." Kbiiw. 

514. «ilin>i] "q^Steph. etreccntioro. Sednrfedd. vett.ct MSS. 
U«d. Ggclph., quod rdincnduai puto, Per*. 787, mi tmTaar(>i^t^ 
U)M» nXrvrq*- : ib. 735, ir*c m 8j ra« vni nXrufw:" Blomf. — ond lo 
WeOaiKf' ; " ni propter Libroram lactoritatem recepi. ut luu-. Troad. 

* Tlu*p«vbcfiuiappBcd(ra«i SfaMirr'cMtaonUutlinr.wUchKlHMni 
MM U h*)« faMfi tnn tt. 



1029. &' (lOjir, of n\ivrr}am\6yM'. ib, l55,noi\AytiSTi»u : Hec.419.«M 

thiJ. JKopiuvvTcir Schol; ni^iaXaKiiTui . Hvifycb : Koptuvinr^' rrltn- 
itvv0u. Kafiiaianr4i' Kopvipinni, 

515. " Hie vcnus cum duoLus Hqucntjbus janctus vul^ doro 
tribuilur, ct eic scdph carcbet. Quarc opf^iTM pro wig. ipjUaat de- 
denrat Glasg. Schatz. Both. [Dind.], quod pmbat otiam Herm. tAH, 
crtit. p. 99,. qui jintterca Zu ovapyAvourt foliiit. \>t>« nutem 534 
{in.), itdetn toit^ pro out^ dcdirrunt. Scd nctiuc wc ecnstte est per- 
npiraus, ct prie cajtcm ri»(, qti»>d t. 5'2.1 (51G.) rulfp Icgitur, fonij 
nequil. Uocct ant^m vlt«uuii) pnecedtfiitiiiin et i<«qutfiititiin ordo, sii 
l^lna versus Orcsti ct Choro tribucndo* Cf^c, quo facto «^sua ctia 
adjuvntur. Idem jam ante m« vidcrunt Abrcscli. ct Tyrwhitt. 'O^n/i^u 
dedi quidem et ego pro «'ulg. ipfiimu. aed non, ut tlli volant, ati ipfi 
med ab 6ftiiiu di'rivandiiin, IiitinitiviiA aulem a praecedcntc JAu^tv, 
Xryti, pcndct ; quod vidit jam Scliol., opud quem It^tftdum ett ; 

So Wdlauer : liut Atirearh and the Sdioliant have both done more 
for this Unc than appcora in the above — th« former remarking upon 
Pnuw'it tnnKliition of ip^icroi (nc. iat/rSr), wjwiwujfp tanipiam in fy^^ ' 
from which wc may Icsm in pasnng that, even when derived from 
ipiUm, iptujirat vDs a most nccdleoB oorrcction^" PcftUil intcrprctcm 
veriH BOtio .- hinc, lanquain &pfi!i<rat, vertit anm/civ pronus contra loci 
tnentKtn. 'Opfiierai iy aitnpydvait vaiet ompyvvmiTm. qvtrtcendi ergo Ja)- 
tiisin'olvrrttiCrttlMart, ircletiam absolute rrr/rntrn',- cT. t, S43 (590.). 

nO*ycll: 'Opyunr' Hjirrtt', araKavaor [tifuppji-mnXtf*.]. Suidfl*: 'Opfuvr, 
ink^fjpac. ipfii^ti dt* oil AiXiiffOTft. mi v^ur. mi »'ir! antiraiivtat. Atqoe 
ilertun : 'opfu'£W M. Amxawmos mil i^ : ub! iatcrprca circuntBcribendo 
se prodit dc noii' tanluin intellcxitftc ; icd do rerom alLiLnuii qui«te uon 
minuM nccipi ofitendic prxtcr prxsentem locum jtHian. de Amiu. ii. I : 

■ NotTsS, batTbna(4i'. SoSbmlcy: 
"AiiliunonniHiiinoUtScbaliMlcai iirt 
titrau ^% tlatfu. Lmre n#f«*, tx vena 

* If tbu dutinduin be hdckI tat uiy 
thing, It MUHl nwitii tlidt ifitilrUr if^t^ 
wirait it, ill itricltiCBof (^tjinirlux), (o be 
hid up /ligA owt dry. u a ahip i/rvn Ii* 
aleek*,- Inil ipolC*!" {flripii^r itrriytw 
or. ibKitulelT, ««T*\f (ir) ta iMce (>. u 
■ tfaip mt»t»i U put inU port »r otlKf 
yfM»4^aiKAft''«^#,i nnil tieiw, bjr ui ol)- 
viouaoKlailnr. Airr^Hv/nMaan^-htiu) 
vtmttivitnatltlt^rrtl. .\mlinthis 

rmeral ■enu af pvttiitf to ml. n d*> 
aiiccd frnm tbc wtdcat uid mMtnunal 
wrrpUHnn of tffiOf, a tfaliam, KUWM 
Interprcu ifitltrat In tlie tut ; " ipitl^m 
lillrl. ^fiqffaiooiu. fon. AtapttMioiMa 
hiiliilnivi pd tltud, dicrnm anun I ^m- 
quitlamli. ut est luud llujchinn : V- 
fuffw' irinawti: ltamim(iu>Detar,(n- 
teaiiun tnnquillUiu ait, inqBietum ■li- 
qnUcnptnixKracnlcin, c-ibum •cUlcet. 
Tum den nm uit«uiKitu(, (luidnMB in vtf- 
bit Chon KTmoTTTlt OrMlrai ad Intor* 
rugUKbun dc cibo, " 



qui, dc pniibua laqiiens, coe dicit ra ii^nara iTcXdyq irtjMMvfitMu m^oY 
Tvr wrtpvv vtn v/)^iV«rAi/ ruv oJW annrciiliirAH. Atquc Jta ut dixi in- 
Uillczit Schol. iUorUBBs: wcmi^aavrur tTriMM^vinrajTyAMMt, HiinSopb. 
FIh]. 857. MrrronK vixvK dc dominire, vet potiiu ywui tfo/niHiUr." 

IVdnitlKta:, iu reply (o the c|atttioii : Andtt tdMtaidttiid viithot 4oa 
htr story Mnte /" (She mvi she ibou^l) not the utaytd il vp {■watlietl 
it), as lAtmtfA it had irtm o cAiU. u nraifJ/ny clothes! ftnd compare 
H<eych : 'Op/tot* i^vrrr vit«&i)|uinir. *Of>^f' Xifu)ri if srpirf>axiiXi«f sAr- 
fi*(. nl 4 [frrrii^f^ttof rot) irXoi'«u mi ^ tfrnriv (jVngl. a ship's cradlt, or 
its hrrthj with DiittmannV L^riloy. aH. S2. 1.2: &om whence It will 
be seen that just as op^ioi a iterAbcr. or vonMimcs a shee-tie (m wluch 
M-ncc, if wc ai»,v trust our printed copier of Flctychiut. it rttaioed its 
proper occeiiluiition Jppfv), connects iieclf throng'h *p^ and iip^t 
mill tifitur. to string ur hind; tpo Irom f^» or rp&ir^frotn wluch, 
u tlkc radio] form of i(M%lt*r, BattoMnn derives " i'mmi s J"^ or 
support, particularly of vo^kU drawn up dry on the land ; eonneded 
with which is ipfit, ivor. 1^ post or fool of a bfd"—<xxtc another 
wholly distinct tlpifii, ipfiir or Hp/iot, applied to the cradJe or frwrnc' 
V9rlt whereby u aliip to stayed up and supported, until Qrat it emastaad, 
then jfo. aJono — and licnce. t» in the aaalogoaa ca«e of IfifM. Hx b/ima- 
dary-Blone whirh {tvc Buttm. ibid. $ 4.) in ihv ehnriot-courBc meant 
the slaiiiu^'ylace, nc can understand how the same word acquired the 
various ntcanings of a dry dotk or slip ; also, a skip's berth or road- 
ttnd; a rrstisQ'place ur Autint; and all this without having recourse 
either to t'lpm (whence, it might be thought. «p)M( Angt. a mooring). 
or to ifut, ipMifu, whence Buttinunn liiin«elf has been tempted to 
dcrire iffM i" the road wboice Tewcls uU"), as akin ta dppf oiid 

In eonclosion, we may notice a new bcaat}- in Ag. 646. tV vfV '*' 
ftnror. which at fint sight might be thought a mere amiipkrasis. like 
MwrtirlkayKrov ttrffr ib. 13., but which, if wc have now rightly deter- 
mined thr primar)- mcaiung of iffm, we may tranalate AngL n tk* 
vradlt of lie nrgf ; aiiil understand it of that sustoininfi; prtnars of 
the waves about the sidca of a ship at aca. which is plainly analogous 
to the sspport which a newly-formed vessel on the stocks tecetvei 
from its tnaterial ftame-work, or which (as our Poet in one won] sog- 
gests the comparisan) a new -bom infant derives from its swaddltn^- 

5 IS. " Bcctc Orc»ti bunc vereom rertituit Well., qui senpeit vw«s 
I>m valif. vimv, qunm volgo hie versus Cboro eontinoctur." KIou : — 



and thi« curreclioii. whidi we Iwve in part Kclujited, U tillo^tlier ■ 
tempting one. 

Bat to Klauaen's interpreUtion : /■ fasciia infanlig inatar Iranquil- 
lavil. Qurmnam turn cibvm appetivit inlin mtirdax ? Ipua manimaK 
pnticre sibi visa — bcaides that offii'mii con hAiYUy be ouulc to dcaotc 
abeolntdy gifted, and that <V trTmpyatioKTt conveys no collateral nation 
of thiaeort. maamuch as tnffintA are not (luieted, but tlie contrary, by 
the act of staying them up, liy meiins ^^f .Hvnuldliiig-bnndit. in tlint 
erect poaturc whereby Maa in outrrordly diMinguiched from a Beast, 
and above oU from & Serpent — there is this further objection, that it 
doe* not rightly connect v. 5IG with the preceding verse, and tliat 
it altogether overluuka the aiguificiuicy of the epithet v(d>(wV, Nor 
wnuld thii objection be much lightened, if Inntcnd of appplivit Kbuucn 
had written, oh an hU own nhcwing he must have intended : Qvemiutm 
turn — or rather : Qnrmnotn mim^-cibum appttehat &«. ? 

Trsnelate; Wanling — i.e. did il want, viz. the »erj>mi which forVM 
tbeprincipalfenturein the two preceding line*: Sthol: xpatriripataxra 
thM t6 xphi"^" — foyjootl. as being a mtofy-bom animal? tlic £rttt in- 
stinctive movement of which, viUcLhcr man or bea^, it a wt-ll-known, 
is to crave for something to be given it lo eat. Thns Oreiica — ^with 
that ^luicknew of [lereeptitjci, and coii*e»iuenl readineMof reply, which 
enliven the most ordinary Xuywv ^^Xa' on the Greek stage — virtually 
avpplying the word which the lui^l vproker had omitted, and m the 
aame breath hanging a new queation upon it, is made very naturally 
to eaqniK : " But what of the portentou» ofli<>jinng ? Did it enact 
the part of « ncw-bora tube, when the dreamer had thus di»charg«d 
towards it the first dutj' of a Dursiog mother ?" And to this — much 
more natiiTBlly than to the (lucstion, irinf/oorf didit crmtF — tlic re- 
ply ia : OfAcr own accord fAe gave it the breast in krr dream ; on which 
iU-omened cmbniee of a monster, frntn whirh H^ur might mther haxr 
been expected to shrink back* in dismay. Orestes grounds his fatal 
interpretation of the vision : Sc ! tm' i$^r^¥Tatayi,ai ripat, 6aftw 
ptoiut. vv. 534-5. 

With V. AIG, as it stands in th« text, and at SeholefieM alio faia 
edited it, compare Ag. 1218. nrits wp6v drdpot tovt' Jlxos wapaiytimi ; 
where we should have more eSectuallv recommended our own intcr- 

' Bur. Med.&4B.Mid Sunt. 4S8. See 
lbs DOts <M Ak. 9M, nil w illtislratirt of 
tbe nentHK p^iiciple b hstmlng one 
nturk npoa another. whethM- as ntnrt 
or rrptrtsv, mmparv Sofi]). Aj. 10(9-31. 


* ComMre Horn. II. Hi, 33-&. Virf. 
X.U. U, 379-9\. CNtd. FM. U, 312. Ju>. 



prctation of the passage (which see on Ag. 1220.) b>- {uthcnng to the 
received reading — for «-hich Scfai'itz, WcQukt, and KIau«cti have 
>ub>titated from tlie Florcnt. MS. rftvr k.t.\. ; — and trnnfilaling : h 
If bf luy hamaa agency tial tklt qffUclion is prrparing ? 

Ibid, "niymr [^Med.J (iticlph. Akl. Hob. WkX. w«y<»f l^im. et 
w. lect. ap. Steph. — ir r Snipart vui^. <]uod in <V Twvipctn rectf mii> 
lanint Glwg. ct rcH. fry' irtiftari volt Ebod., Diioiu bene." Well. 

SIA. oJI&ip {f] "oMv fr em. Pauw. etVa]cketi.o£x4>**<^^'»><il<^ 
corrcctiooeM.G.A.R. ov« V<»'T.V."Klao». Hwych :0?Av" rf"™*- 

rOTtty rifr yi«. ifrai r^f ;[ufM«. (toi rw* (iitttr ri kotA roit luttrmit. Ot9ara' 
fiatrrol. Trannlale: And hoK wot her bmitt ? taharl fry tk* horrid 
thing ? So fu* from it, that ii* lite taiUt it drew frnm her a dot tif blood. 
HnjrcJi : 9pif^- nltta mxy. wrryrr^t uc JSotW : ootopare Eum. 1 84 : 
iltM-4n BfAiiffovt ot-r AprikMuvar tpirvo. Soph. Trach. 709, 6popffMtK 

Wdlauer, with II. Stephen* placed nn interrogation 
■fter mi ffuf. as in Ag. 530., where wo the note. But. although a 
doable que.4tinn i> Indevil a-iLciI — much as in English it might have 
been : jiad ir«J her breatl wtbirrt — or how ? — Ay the horrid thing ? — it ia 
inipa«>i>ibl«Tosqiameoi(hCTfroni IhcconfCraetioaofv. 519, where (I) 
<<m {i.e.' Twc arpwror. uf) aasven unto «ur Srptarm ; (2) the BCCOSattve 
before cinfarai ueedn be KipplJed from the agenry indicated in drA 
ffTvy^: not to mention that >[iii irin ; ^omtido enim idttmpOMet? 
(Vig, c. rii. icct. xi, 7.). would cast a reflection upon the umple «tatc- 
raent contained in v. 517, which it would \x cquaUj impossible tore* 
acile with the tone and >pirit of the entire contejit. 
tUd, vTvyit. Sdtal; mit /uiTyfmi, fi^piin,. Bloinfield derive* " ari^.id 
lhorrrrr/^WaAXMOieidquodo£iimexcitttt; undetrrvyoc 
from an old verb trnw, rigeo or rigtacere facia, whence Jirrvrar. 
^•vifuwr (lleeyeh: HMXiffit), mAar, vri^ &c. H. Stephen* quote* 
from llieophr&itua, dt Cma. PIomI. v. 20 : m1 al arvpt h rote rotovroit 
yiyrofra * nhrox, vwp iiaktvra dtrdvorrat tit tA aAfiata' ^vKiffia^ai y^ 
ef« tvT», otV ir rMf trrpifMnr uiTtiMtip*rvw. 

520. of-mit i.r.l.] Translate, witli Profeaaor Seholefidd: VtrUfit 
^i> ao vain apparition of a Mam. not literuHr of a Beast : and coopateTr. 
0S7. 535.. and in point of cotutnictioo 66^ mutarttr r. 103£. Ibe 
iSeholiitit ob«cn-cs ; 'O^i^bhw* $^tt. ^toTovw- Ti x **• *" "*^ o^**»* 
ini<^arw,riknvA4pit'\yapiitimot^i»rairiia — i.e. ai Slao- 

' Set Appendix U Notcf am tW AgamMoiiM, Note C. p391. 



ley expluinK it, " mtle Styavmi nb Jl^t derivwwe ritlelur [.-Kicliyltih] ; 
X cnim notii vitii, Ilinc ititclltg;mclB ilJn IVctzie Cliil. xi. Hint. 3tili^ 

Despite, however, of tliU objection with which Pauw oiakca Tcry 
lacrrv,' Blom&dd rt^chtl)* ticrivea. ■> from rpturdi. rpei^anty, {a HtorsetJ, 
and from Xciitm, Xfi'^-ovDv I'd relic), bo from Sirrw,* u^awv, a jpetirt oar 
ttbian, a> well as 3^i(. which it properly /A« nrJ or fjwer o/riricmA 
hut iiLcluilcv alfo the alwvc iDcaning of S^nvof ; though S^tuur, on it 
part, if inwipnbic of that »cnw of o^<r (Angl. second sltfktj in wl 
alone we oould receive Uiomtield'B i»tcrpretatiuii of the 
" e!>t Rutrm wnlentia genemlls : Jlomlnit soiriHiitm aoa est m tvMm^ ' 
COrapariDf; Eu.m, 104-3, tllAove^ Ttlp ^pijv Snitami' XayinpCvmu. ir 4fi*Pf 

SrhiUi Hnd IliitVr lrin*lMc. with the Sehotiast : v'mim ei a nanilo 
immisttan: and to llloinfield'^ obrioue olijertlon — " seil turn oportc- 
ret ymtfii cum nrticulo" — Klauscn replies : " Missiun ceec hoc eom- 
nuun ab Aganiemnone. deiignntuni est v. 36. i^qq. Qnod de Aga- 
memnone hoc dictum ew<c iie^t Blomfieldiu*. quia dmt articutu*. 
Anunadvcrteoduro e«t voccm Bvijp, kxwu miuriti, ecmpcr articulo cajcro 
iqnid yKachylum. Pessime lasg'iiot hoc loco signilicatio ea qmun statuit 
Blomf." But although. Wf the correlative tcnn lu rvvii, or when bjs 
vifchcivcif is E<pciJiing(uAg. 584-85. bcloww. 900-01. )b nuuraay 
in common parlnncc be doignntH obcnhitcly 'A^p or llotrit, yet here 
we hold Buch license to be utterly inadmissible. NaT, had the geni- 
tive been tniiriided to rt'tirewnt frtm whtim the npparilion cnmc, we 
should not hare expected to 6nd owi rocSpW used to denote yf^anAn^ 
Km. Orestea would with more propriety have thonght of, and de- 
scribed, bim here as Kurfiit : compare below v. 526. 

i*rim, iwramr' irrJi(v, Arrael^ E( 
MtehjUi H BliU cum .ffiubjlo |ilamt 
9imMf pro ttnorvr. i^ui* ad cnUniiin aic 
■ilaiw pn>|«\( kixT-lii viii I ii lilt, oiM, 
at MMi : uide rt ^rruvt ft trritpia* : 
aab IniprabeC ? . • . Gramnuuic-utri luc 
M Bfit ilMlvenol S^aror, i>li)iM liters ;( 
iBwrabant ; non nc h*n dlgtii mini mixrlli .. 
aw MfffS A*^irlim Tfflucnint (nprrc in 
llni^ antiqiM r" On (he othi*r honij 
Heath: "Noahoc. 0|Rnor. iiiinrotubnnt 
•ndtini. <|iimI tf^^^rsbA}*' "TKiitani 
Wfl ponitiir ; oaidnumia lioeMleaeii»r< 
lair SedpountaMKlCljrtKinDcatnt f«- 
■daavoM Mrtf twootatar, eqlvt quidcK 

eatatJirfU ran sdraolaiii, mrio. il niola 
nlUjtu. (txalant aaamptii. Si cin aihias 
jJtiM liBe tnterjinucio, disUnKDendnm 
crit |iaat ii^mor, ui Iikc iu mtanlnr i 

rfrtMi Aae rtri n/, imn fatilt jmH- 

WrUaiMT refrn na tv ItCRn. oa E«> 

' Butlnuim rrcnrnixH neklier I 
nor fwTOfMu, but o«UT 0I1-,M Ui« ro«(t., 
Af^uai nod ft^iai, «)i«no« AfAfr, uhI a . 
Tcrml ulirrlitc iwritt. wtiicli uune word 
b limj aiialibreriKkd ftimi of ivnfr Ji f«s 
in I^tin ainu r«r auitlm^ froat ir«te, 



521. •r«vaT«>]"««Xir}«vM.G.A.T. KitepaytpV. Est iUa Uitiqua per. 
feet) fvrma. Uonce proouoliata nt v. 5S0 (557), 0ai>i¥ pro ftXdr. v. 72£> 
(7M),ya*i»i;»s- T.945C9$0),;kt. t, 961 (937). •-£««. Doriw formia 
ad onMnilum oratioiut oolorem ntitnr poeta. at oHbi lonicis :" — so 
KkBscn, wbo akinc of modem editora has preferred KinXaytv, aa from 
kU^U' vrhoi« nctuid perfect appnn to have Iiccn in Epic n'«Xit)a> u>d 
in Attic Greek o'lcXnyya. Sec Buttmann's Irrtg. Gretk }'rrh». p. 149, 
awl compart: Mattb. Gr.Gr. ^ 15)4. 2. a. 

With Kiic,Kr/t— gt:»tT«lly fviind, like iniAijyii and niAayya, with Ibe 
aiguifieation of a prcscnt^-comp&n; Prom. 743, in; 2' av iiiKpayat ni- 
nmfivf^SiC"- Oritb. fr. 3(U, i. viv 6' ov mi^ayn vtt ri ynwviov fUXm. Soph. 
Aj. 123(>, roioL' ttKfloyaf a^piit ai' vm'p^pOM ; Hcfiycll : KMKptrfirtt' KtK- 
fojtira. K(<pay>'|9o^,^aK'puf3uifwifniJp«nu. KtAifyii'^ro^vr. Kni^iiiymt' 

ibid. iwrvHuni, Angl. under strong excitement . fli^terfd. t^iighlei ; 
8«e Blouf. Glees, on Pmin. 661 (82C.). ^nxigfM'o* ^pirac. and coRi' 
pan Eur. Bacch. 214. 1267. Ipli. A. 686. 1029. Tr, S59. El. 1255. 
Heayeli : Ur&taif tiO^ia. Umia' irrapitU [fCnd irrup^r] ,* ^i&«t. fiAptffat. 

S'2'2, lii^Xtfor. jr/roM^w^t. orrviitW, athcrcall. "ii*^X^libri.ii>^A>r 
eonj. V'alckcn. At brae (liciturrM/iVflamen facts denuo accenw. Ita 
i^ifKfit'Xafirpir^Ximi^iaot Ag. 616." KlauMD — and *o also WeUaupr. 
Add SopL. Pha. 62S. r^^ ^t iM\6tv. Eur. Hoc. F. <!kX^ /£ ii^i^w 

Blomfield aiul Scholcfield have adopted ani^rr, which they hold to 
be eonHnned by tbe ScbaliaM*> interpreution (of the metaphor, rather 
IkaD of lite mere word) : itnjKfiw anJutfi^ar, and by tbe analog' of 
Soph. Aj. 283. ^x '"^(XM Xi^Mrr^t obnV ^Am-, where a MS. copy of 
Soida* (r. Aofirr^Mt) hait li\6o¥. 

S23. Xi^vTwwt, Angl. liyhtt or fruiwrs. " V'ctcrca foculia qiubns- 
dain cubimbi noctu iUaatrabant : <^nein morcm illiistmnint [tic] Ca- 
aaobon. ad Alhen. p. 995. Lobeck ad Soph. Aj. 26;}. \'id. Glou. in 
Agtm. S£3 [859.]. et omnino confer Theocrit. xxir. 46*32." BJomf. 

4p ftitnf rA» oUtf, tit ri ^>*»ri(*t* abrpit, fiffiA {vXa ita'i i^ia. 'Arrwoi 2J 
Tafo aowpnour Xvj(Mvt Xfyoww. Cooil>are Ag. 22, Xmnrfp n«r4f 

&26. yg rgJU sal vor^ nl^] " Quia lus anittendi cnuit 3>l anes pa> 

* Jlrvf uh tna *Wr«, / mmhfimfiili Bnttm. /nncy. Crv* < r«r^, p, SO. 


trie, qui mUU, cni return fticimilutn rot omen. EUdein mvocntio i»t 
Yx. 679-82 (71M-7.)". KUtui. CompBre Virg. .^ii. v. S4-9(i. 

S27- />ioJ r<Xiffi}>6pov] Tran^lutc : thai this dream nun/ hoM Ub iK' 
conptishmenf in me ; and on tin's u»c of tlie <tutiv-«. *' put nrl*ti(.-riy 
md subjectively." hw Mutth. Gr. Gr. $$ 3S7. 388. a., and compiirc Uie 
iMites on w. 121. 969., iuiU««St. Lake's Gospel xviii, 31 : mi rt\tv 
Kimrai rtdrra ro ytypamiitm tih tuv irptupifrZir r^ ulfi ruti ar^ptnetm. JCXU. 
37 : Tovro ru yry/Mifi/i/vni- &fin\ifffi^*ai in tfioi. Al'ts. i, 16 r fiu ■rX^pm- 
0^vM r^v ypa«P^y ravrrjti . . . ntpi 'loiBa t.r.X. 

With rtKtvtfiApor, comfoie above v. 303. Theb. 655, tttrrpt^ Hi »*i> 
i^l rtXta^poi. Ag. 3CS. (trlicre see the note), rpit iriUott tfiptvii r»> 
Xio^pnit. ib. 9(r7, ^t r^ fj^ jiXta^ipor. Soph. d. 646, ^ao-^utru, rl itir 

«<^>pwv /«dXd, lUf rf>*ff<l>^. Eur. Phocn. (>4I, r«X«<r^<lfMU> Si^Ovmi 

528. apTra B( rai *.r.\., .And. far my jiart, I rtrlttinlp inlrTfiret it to 
iiutt it cwrttjmndt tjatllif. Witli aplMi — wheacc, as Abrc«cb ha# no- 
tioed, inipoKfiirtit : Pen. 226, iVvirviHv c^ir^t. A^. 949, iwttpit* ititiparm 
— COmpBTC Prom. 485, miKplwi Kpi/rot »'{ ivtiparar A j^pij vio/) y»*i'irAM, 
KKriiifatT* itMTKpiTovt Jyvvpia' aiitiU- VcTt. 22j. tJ 8t irovrox^ rfX*!* BW 
fw4< Kplin>itn> iripi. ib. 520, iyKit Si^vXwf ntr Syof iK/ttvart : withirv)'- 
■OAtDc — «o evety editor after Vettori : ^nvcAXucMed. Rob. AuovAXhi 
Gueliib. AM. JIi^ihAoii Turn. — Suppl. 310, m! rotV IXt^t vim avy 
■JUwi //lo/. Sopli, iin;. fr. 746- *J yl(» "ol Bij^ouToric Xrf'^f ffvyiwXXa 
rift^tiv it ii,i0oit Tttrv'ttrai. Scliol : ovfKoXKmt' awfintiviat x% Arfttl^. 
and sec {tirtlicr on v. S66. 

530. of^^ic V«fa CTtofiyi'^i ortr>i^(To] Few line* of dtwhylos have 
desoended to u« in n more corrupted form Hmn thtu, wliirh 'X'eltori 
WM thf fint to rescue so far ftxim its errorB. that his printer II. Stepbe 
remarku ajioii his reading, if^it rr itatnv m npyimM im\. : " Alii at ^'un ' 
mtra xnrtipyA^ irXiJ^m. In <^uA teclioaeeuti^ftndAnon video curtor- 
qnere qats se debeat, qiiam b^llc procedat Mnsue sltcntm »i>qurado. li 
coaferamiis cum v. 527 (515.). <V OTrapydrotin rardot Apftioiu tUnfu.' 

On UuB, however, Butler lias well observed : " Hacteaus cum codd. 
«t editt. von. faeio. ut verum esse eredun o£^c. h.e. i i^tt: venun 
i)aCK)De poterit eioe imXlC'To, mm *irXa de iaitruinenti» live appanti* 
bva quibuacunquc luorpctur. et ivXtC^pa* idem sooct quod im^trrmd- 
{ofidi. C-crte non deteriQe est qnstn quod aflerunt cmendatorcs ; Ita- < 
que iwc illad mutiverim, niiii m^liu* quid alfenitiir : illudxatrw! 
^ere fatcor. ectI tumcn ita potent cxplicari ut pro Htdem mimattir : 
qui eum in onutiAK*, tll« in iitJtm iprnfattiis iovolratur ncccMc vit. e( , 



)MWeeHi( Kp aiiri* jt^fiof- Iiaqiie nihil temere mntaveriin. sin fuerint 
quibus vul^ta DuUo iiuxlo f«-rrn(bi videatiir, lciiiu« futril rpponcre 
oi^S rr, wait fiii <nr. virX., qunin ovf^t r t'fuiisivov. itpnt{tTO. 'OirJLi^rro 
hftbet etiam Tum. Perqunm niihi euspM^ta eat tox «»«», at in Prom. 
Vinct. 354" :^-fiiid Blo:n&elil ■rcordingly. aAer PnrMti, liaa edited 
vv^r /poI«K<nr. irX. — whiirt Klau9cn writm : '* o^ t^iov raott 0Tt^><dMT 
w\u(<rv M. C K, In G. ant« irX«i'{«re intcrtam ^, Idem, eed wapy^ 
4«-Xi(*r«. A. AffeniDt »(qk4ir n ifx M.G.. sed fslso. nl probot M. 11. 
mi0>( debetur ilutlero. <)iii dcdit ot^tt t* iniK fif inapyaiMut wrJticrimn <^). 
Hie Ma opui : <• errore pro i producto Kiriptuni, at Hcpc : Iohkru) vera 
MK alterAm vocU S^r «yl]nlmm ride v. 671 (908). Rcet&t igitur 
noanisi rratra, in quo latet rr' a^ : ifiit in trimetni didutn Tbeb. 654. 
Suppl. 332. In ultimis probtibilc rst vcram Itrrtioncm Mmilain ate 
in G. A., ct zXii^tro c«M! oorruptiontrnt itnrismi. Sed dirimendum cnt 
ronbolum in SmX ifrro. owXa dr omnilnis inEtnimentia, qnibus cohi. 
bcntor ct artouitar inbntium mctDfarn. Conrctionn mint : S^c n 
votfw ffiwpTOKo** *irXi{*T« T. et i^t r* »i«f nr. inrXiffM V. Scnp«i id 
<|and proxime accedit ad libroB*' — aamely, oS^t iir d/iA oitofrfw ijS' 
ftrX' rt«ro, 

' Bnt ingenioneiy as tliia reading; accounts far Ihr prevailing corrup* 
tion ffffopyu^f — wfatch in its turn we may ituppniie to have iatrodiMcd 
the furthvr corruption itaaa. whilst theH* of 7A' woold ipeedUy be 
tjectcd, and willi it mar hare disappeared the initini of the word that 
foD«vrcd it — it u both exceedingly Bat in itself, and would require to 
hare bwn preceded by ^fi^oi in v. 515, and in common with Powon's 
correction, it is open to this further objection, ibat it i« oot — nor wa* 
il to be expected that it should he — aaid. or necccwarily iinphed, that 
the awaddlinf^-elotbea employed in the dream were no other than tbow, 
willi which OrrtJf^ m bin inftiitcy hiid been bonnd I 

Tlic otninouB drcumilnncc noticed in v. 515. to which reference i> 
bukI« here, was that Oytemnc«tm, instead of apoming, twatM th» 
Mtr p t m t, at tke itonld havt ttealhed any arw-bom infant ; and it ii only 
an lAo! pnunds stated in rr. 529. 53 1 . that Orestes, havinff avcertaincd 
(aa we bsve seen on v. 5 1 G.) that the roonater thus humanized bad, on 
ita part, identified itself as the fruit of her womb, is led now, in his in- 
tcrpretation of the vision, to connect it exclusitrely with kinuetf. I 
bold it for certain, therefore, that tbe introduclion of the prononn ia 
■ot tbe right correction of this \-erBc ; and. bein^ wholly unable to 
■atuiy myself with WDtriv. I venture to sag^cet QEITA asthediffn'llable 
which, when tbe ItDC bad bc«o rcdaced to some toch mtttihted form 


mt ol ifnif* . . . anofffir . . . nXi^tru, may tiavc bMn altered Brtt into 
VHlm cmfiyoM . . ., thtfil tlllO traoa crapyAmi irX«^n-o. 

Transktc : For if. having ihe tatue placr t\it I MCf tefi, the 
itnt (tliereapoii) h-<i« funttthtd with npaJtUiitjf'clolhtt, and vp^ui tft 
novlM/ar my suckling breast — i.e. /or maKri»hment from thesamr pap (■ 
funrtf Ar would »ecm in KiricUitwt lu liave mcont) v;hkh Ifirtt tovght nta 
for fond — but itifk a clot of Hood il mingled tkt lender' milk, whittl the 
in alright grrfamfdoul upojt thit minchiaiet — and ct)iser\'c that by thus 
milking uirXiC<To and dn<f>t)iaan. by meani of ?:t(irii,* inciJaitat as it 
wcri; lo th« primary vircuniftuiice dtrmitcd by iiAtinar, we the bettw" 
dietinguiab thew Imjtcrfccts from the more hiHtorical tense UuU fol- 
low! tliem: the aomls J'iit(<i'. ifryfiM^tv (likr (d^it^tv v. 5^4) simply 
represcating tbcwc actiui]!" &s liaving tnkcn plucc, witiiout reference to 
any precise time, or order of mcccwion. With clp^<x<i0««. m wbicb 
aUusioo again i£ made to a wcll-luiowuinstuicMoftlie yDtmgoTaainiali, 
compare Juv. &ut. x. 230 : Ipec, nd coiiMjici^tiiiii cicnie djdurere rietiUi 
Suetos, biat taatum, ecu pullus hirimdiois, ad qucm Ore volat pkno 
mater jejuiu : as also I'sidm UxxJ, 10 : " Open thy moiitli wid«, and 
I will fill il." 

SSI. iiaaBiir] " Gnuomatici pneceptuin csl : iia<rri>f M yvMuaArt 
/uifJr a M dvdpit. Quod diecrimcn llocicrv trsgicuquc igaotum 
fuisM videtur. Nam no<|uc apud ilium legitur ftaarvt. noqa« opud lioa 
fiaiit. niai bis terve ex enorc libraiioruQi. fuurdii apud ^Escbylum 
niluli vox e»t." So Elmelcy on Kur. Bacch. 700, jet Snidaa baa; 
MaoSar •tax ^tatrrit' mplait nri 'jrvvnin&t, E<?T(i;|^OT<iEur S* cal imi irifii*. 
Ti fuv MoirAfc. unA rov fiat, ri l^Xufai' ri> it ttavrit, iiA ro jutrrirt ttfai 
ya)k*uaot. Kal liT7tf ir t^ Mn^'ft — clearly reco^izing Mrtv duttnct 
form» of tbe ume word, wbicb I follow W'ellaucr and KlauMn in «x- 
bibiting faithfully rk tliey arcfuund licreand in vv.517. S77 ; whereM 
Porton liu cditnl in Ihe lin>t niid wcond of ibcw pwHWigoi iturSir. ta 
the liiird ftwrr^*— Scholfificld, and willi bim IKndorf. in tbc firet jui(*<v. 
in the otbera l ua rAr and Blomfield only fioOT-nv in all. 

Ihid. Dfu^f'xaffM. "x^owM Terlram frequentatmim formalur a ];«». 
ticat jSaiXKM a ffaM. t^^o" u ^lu-" Blomf. Ilcaycb : Xain»vm- Jwai- 

Ibid. f/uW iptiejTiptM'] " tfior onines ; magii tanien pUccrct i^v." 

• #IXm t<Ia«. Ihtmitk ^mutcnul fm- 
ArlMW «r ^ffr^tion. COBlHre Sl»tk*|k, 
Maohrih. Art i. 8c. 7 ; "I have Kiven 
fuck 1 tuiil know lum ttnder 'llii to Iotc 
ib> t»b« U«( cnUk* me." 

' On die two of <fra or fstira after » 
Mrticip1c.»Mlben«tronA«.97. Uloinf. 
OloM. Prom. 8iU., omI miBporc bdmr 



f. — " ifufi SchlttE male ; dictum est, at 6 iitot fttWfifi^T et nnulin. 
quibus rid. F. A. WoV. od Xcnojib. lint. Gr. r. 2, 33. bchier. ul 
Sdiol. ApoUoD. Rhod. n. 5U0. p. I6(f." WhU. 

The Rutfaor'* meabing wu Dot. the brtasi (or rather, ttippiej tkat 
mtckltd tM, l>ut, mt/ " alnut matrr", m it were — llic alimentary doct to 
wliich my mouth was in like manner Inmed — ko that /lav^ fifwr^pMt, 
liketin^p SvtTjHvilc (An^. cut aigtraan/J, conMitutes in fact but ooe aint- 
ple term or subject, ukI ae such may properly be ooDslnicted with 
/(■^f.,' , Comimc. in point of cxpreeeton, Ptalin as., 3 ; " For tbc lore 
that 1 had unto tliem. lo, thry take now tug emtrary pari" — where the 

iBihte veraian ia : " For my love thcj- arc my adversaries." 

533. aft(fA rditSit' pr* timorr, Aug], liroagh/ear; sec note on v. 32. 

. and coai|wre Matlb. Gr. Gr. f 397. Olws. 1 . i. •• .v.^<t^?i{:J' vel ^. 

J'^irofffviA' M. ifift>trfip8iT^ 0' G. A. ditif)tTap0irtT.\' . i/Acpi Tap3*t conj. 

.Pars." Klaus: — and to every voccccdin^ editor ha? corrected tliexert, 
cioept Butler who retaitw i/t^rap^^, rompiu-ing ufi^ro;)^ TlMb. 290, 
and Blomfield vho prvfers to read i/i^irafSfc. 

5ib. MpanBvrai&tU A* ryw ii.r.X.] IVansUtr 1 aaJunJer fkejtgiir* of 
« terpent, it U tthat am to kill ^ — Bt>d compare the note oo .^g. 130, 
»Ini ^ nt &ya 6tiStv tMtffdag wpanmif trr&futiv f*ya T(»lat arparvfitr, 
with Matth. Gr. Gr. 4 409. A. Ob*. I .. frnin whtL-b it will be mco that 
ittpaKormStit — wUkh, in its Vtcitd accrptatioa, we axi^ht have con* 
traated with Eur. SuppI . 703, ^x^t i' «&W*ii' S^ot *^ip^puiutt>t~mtxlt 
here be a little diflereotly resolved into 0p(bMM> treui^ir, Angl. a ierpml 
ai rtprvsoilai. vie. by tbc crcntire fancy of tbc dreamer v. 513. Yet 

.Shuacn : "/cApampraAit. m </nKWiir jMrfrf noc^mr. Pnepositianc 
A dcdoratur transitos a moribu tilii in mnrca feros. Ita (£i)«Jj>«fH*aff, 
la tirum mvtatus. Eur. Supi>1. 703. rnpoittimn Ch. 274 (266.)" — and 

. n WeUaoer also and Blomfidd appear to have uDdcntood it, and tlte 

''ScboUaat who baa : 4Kllf>aJec*rie&4;i- mY(M*ififu cor* aCr^t. 

53C. *r«iWj "cnwH vulg..scdcr«4>«* Med. Guelpb. Aid. Rob., quod 
propter libroruin aadorilatem au)jorem<|ue clc^iantiaiu rcce|H. Poni- 
tur ita pneseu? dc re futara, qiw fata eonstitnta id«o<|ue ccrta et ne* 

< ecaaoriaest. ot Prom. 171. iuft frov vt^ttrpom r'^da v' ianavKarai . lb. All. 

|U* dtv;id^vyydFD. Jig. 123, ypid'^ /liviypii npMtfMwwAwMt «*XnAr. 

t Buph. (£id. C 785, TvTw a atari i-ihi /pwi -Hvr i/tit }[0orit Xa^fu-. uba 
irid. Reiaij^. Vnlgatn loco iKvIm ex correctiooe not) uiIeUig«ntiutB 

Vtn. en. <Mkr Ir^Tv Eum. 91. Suirt 
qoidBa iU add utlcnlM. nijui dictiinc 

u «i«Bii<U «i4e Bcrnh- Sftil. p. 316.' 



fluxil, ft ex Tuni. Vict, in reliquasetld. transiit." WeUauer — foDovrcd 
bcrcin bv Scholclicld and Kluutca. Blomficltl and Dindorf retain mrA. 
537. rtfiaaMMfotr it t.r.X.] Klansen, who justly repudiates Wellauer's 
hoprobaltle »upii4»iti[»i llint ttti* lini\ lik« y. 56!I, b addretwd to tbe 
statue of Apollo Agyicue. Btr&ngdy enough iuterprcta iti "ontiooem 
tutni omioia loco accipio, accipio quasi diclftm « vste" — comparing: 
Tbeb. '2G4. ravr dyr Irtivav nOmt nlfxiSfuii ai&tv, when he should !%• 
titer hiivc com]Hircd Eum. 475, ffiwr t^ fyontt/of Smtt a oipoffMU inJXtr' 
and that, although llcsjchiu*. noet appositely fur our prcstat 

hu : Tr jiiuttviroi' iiHifioiipiiai. 

But — what sttyyou ? concluileo Orwtw, utill (m in v. 508) wldrvf smg • 
the friendly Coryphaus — I lake you w my inlfr/ircleroa Mr*e tv,-opoiiU», 
which I have cndcavoorc d to wt&Ulieh ; (1) th«t Chtcmnr^lm is fated 
to die ff violent dealh ; (2) that / am to be the instrument of her death. 
And to this theCor^'phfcua very naturnlly replies: Titn robe it {An\fn), 
my / — coinpaTC Theb. 3*2fi, ourur yiimiTi, and with this use of A< in 
apodoeis or reply, Cic. de Nsl. Dearam i, 7. 17 : nimp quod eiepitnin, 
si vidctur. MM vera, inqnit Cotta, videtar . . . quamobrem. inquit, ntai 
molcstum est. repctc qiue cvpems. Reprttim vnv. See also Hcnii. on 
Boph. El. <>0-i. 

639. roinrS'fwrtimuiy'] "reiti' ^vribbri omncs. rwrt jit'i-n eiteinen- 
dotioDcStanleii Glusi;. Schiitz. Doth. SehTvcnk.[Olomf. Diiid.] , acd volde 
dulrito ; tntelligfi enim non potest, quomodo inlctieetu feeillimum iltud 
fw'r comitnpi polnerit : quHre tnalui cum Fuawiu mvo^' ft- n dare, nam 
A Jtt dici non prKcedcntc A jj/r cxctaplis dcmonslranint Ilenn. ad Vip. p. 
C99. Schwf. ad Lamb. Boa. p. 329. Pors. adEur. Oreet. 891. SoidL 
ad [ph. T. 1:)1G., quomqimcn nostriloei paullo alia est ratio. " Well. 

Tlie general purport of the line is, no doubt, ttUing its trhal uv mtut 
<A}, or ital da, far you , but, wfacrc iontctbinf: definite is to be done, 
the doer also mnat be in socne degree defined, and heoee the speei- 
fleation h n— wavm nliqaid, Angl. tmrnr anf thing ; or. as ICIausea more 
idiomatically trsnsUun it, hoc vet tUtid. Anfrl. sometKing or ciker i it 
bong in either caw Implied that xmtlhiny^ if lo 6e dow— almost 

■ What HonuK calls terU nMeM fwirf 
— Sst. L 9. 61. Compue alM Cir. <lo,43: " PlnMcnim multalHtBiinn 
jvdlosoi wtta, sat amor*, aut ciit<l<ll(aip, 
■M imjondia, aul dulurr, buI Iriitiu. oal 
•pe, ant tiiD«r«, aut <rrwi«. nut a/ifu^ 
perinotjonc nwntia" lUO^.i.l: "ml 
Em, sal aliqita |Knurb«ikiae IndtalW 
--whdT (ha mi|ilati« hm of *iifttit (m 
sliswbara of nfivaoafMiM euctly evrra- 

p9nd« with that, oi tltor tit yi rir, as it 
oixnn, fur e\aiHple, In Aritlopti. Raa. 

Ti, 31: IfriNiifii^yi'i^artpit.iUiril 

?'i ^Av^pirau^virm- CuiiigiAreAlMSap^ 
F.<l. T. t(l). vhrre with BrvDck uul Rsl. 
lie [ thoald laellnc In rod «b fif yiMtr' 
tr ill ft ftt [»»lg- »«J •■•AAoif Imt. 



n«e«wuhly requires the oorreaponding Bpecifintion raitr&t : v.-h(-rea8 
Tvvr di fifi ri fl^tot— for which, if Uie mere converse of tlie preueding 
daoM hud becii iiitcatlcd, it were «uy to luive nalidtitutctl roivSt fuj 
r« ipa^ — ia better, perhft]»«, left vaguely cxpreasiTc of what Ike rrtt 
■faould do ; viz.— u Orest(«, having (irat sAai^ed a CCTtain part to 
JSleetra only (w. 540. 565), proceeda ia exact ccn^orinity to their 
wiah to instruct the Chorus (for these turn uut to be f Ae rtrij — to be 
^niet aod doM. yet jirepared to tpeak a\ma occwwm (se« for eiamplc 
VT. 827 •S.) : and so KkuHm hiu rxplainvd it : " Tibi (ivnun res agen- 
da eit, dicu Dubis, in quanam re vd [ir, noaaihil] Rf^udo vel ob adi- 
ODilnu &b«'tiD«ido adju^-a^e poseimtis. Id edlicct, qood agendum nobiA 
e9^ fortuae. nonniu <•> n, una rea irel altera, etae potett, wd accident 
fbttUM multa. in quibus taccndum crit dc te. vc] abstincnduni nb ac^ 
tione, oe tibi noceatuus." Vet KlauMn, even while he tnuulatca ; 
Am Aoc w/ iilad aifert. hot mMI /acerf /oAnv. prcfm to read, nti^ 8' 
& n , . . ran ii fi^ ■ > . the conHtmction tteing. aa he would have us 
bebeve, r^Aa lU <ri (liw <(,iyw ^'Xotc, rove ti Xryttr iv ti muir, rovt ti 

Tranalate : Bm. at re^rdt the rrtl of ur, br pronplirr to yovr/riendt. 
kMiny these (each and sudi pcr»on»} do Ihie or that thing (no and m) 
the rett do nolhiny, but oa you afaall iostruct tliem : and with /{ 7>«v — 
which in a more technical aenae. aa in Eom. 609, i^Vf^v M ftot, 'Aink' 
Xw. (Tv^ (TV* Aug mrtETuoc. we might hare troDBlatcd. lay down the 
Imp — compare Euni. 595, i itJgfnt ifnyt'tri vn mrcotmn'or ; Soph. (Ed. 

C. X^^.ieakinyaft i^^'t ovfta*. lb. 1589, otiur 7;m>- va«u>*{7y«V|Mvo(. 
Eur. Bftcch. It<:>, i^fr/ti vv fm yip*' y^'pam, Tttptvia' vv yip aoipie. 
HeSTcb : 'BiinoO- niAnraf . 

541. €wrw W — supply ^iX«irorTo;»AX(.<F from V- o^Vj, or ipv^not, 
M Profeaaor SeholHipId, ipir : vre v . 567 — altbnngh it may be vreU to 
tnmakte pencraUy : a»d/or the rest (further than tliti) / have uuly to 
reeommend concrcimeiit of thete^ my pfe»*, which foUow in v. ^6 &c. 
Some Gditort. oa Tam^be. would have rmtt refer to theCAorm; 
other*, as Blomfield and Klaoaen, aoppose Ettetra only to be adcbxaa- 
od oa litf 0* V. 567 ; hut llu* would not so irell accord with the *ug- 
geatkn Ln r. 539, in the vor^' letter of whieh Oredes deliTera bia in- 
■tmctnaa both here, and after hia animated dtgreaaiun in tt. 551-64. 

JUd, mn^mr] " rw^iv), cmventrnm : (requcna apod pcdcslria acr- 
monia seriptoraa oenau paetia vtAfitdtrit, in hoe loco idem ngntfiearc 
poteat BC nf^jta. tigmim ex com/Mrto dattim, vcl tenera : ve\ ainplid* 
UT,fiieim¥tmpactittttmt." Bkmi. Hcaycfa : XtaArMt- Sport. X»»tfvM- 



[Aub. ii. 2. $.'], ffvynvToAiTK' &ttc (ip^t^f KparvraaSat, ^ r<k (ft rto irtf- 

542. wf 'Tv K.r.X.] The limplKt at once, and mo^t aatiafaotorv. con- 
Btnietion of this Ecnteacc — wliich Schalcfidd Trould rew»lvc into : it 1^, 
miMirr«[ AJ>a>,' ^anawrtt rr mti ftJXy, Xri0tfidO'ii' t.T.i„ And Kl«ti»en into: 
ttfor 8-jX^ (r(} rTtirarrtt H^f Tt ffarifnt Kai Xi)^. tV r.d. — I still liold 
to be that propoM*! by Blomfield on Ag. 97 (wlicru ew the ttot«), tt 
Sn . • . 8(SXy n Kill /»rauT^i^/>i'j;yXi]^^v(^ixf*T«t (i.e. Xjf^.Ko) AwAm I 
aiatth.Gr.Gr.5557. p. 966. Ob«. I.): wbcrcthc elrict ntribBlkm 
consegQenl upon H\ia iriisatTtt, would have b«cii HutHc^iently declared 
by the words t^m nai ^ta-oian: which the Poet baa amplified bj' iiiter- 
wcoving with thcni the f^mpbic cpcxcgcsia <V ravr^ Sfl^'xV ^'}'P^'trt. 

Trftnslatc ; «? that, at by IrearAerjf Ihfy have rlain a man n/ etitl4ftl 
raaJi, tieif may both by IrrarAmy and (whiiC w more) in the nl/.nme 
snare he lutcH and put to drathi as Lasias aim luu dtciarri ttr. StC- : 
see above r, 2G9. Mid compare SopU. £1. 35, xPS f"" rouxiff i 4«i0at 
. . . Xaxtiiov avtif dvwtiiM n ul vrpanv i£Ko*m Aif^i X'W* '>&'»vc 

With iWpa Wfiiop — Scbol : Titv'Ayatu'i^mra — compare the description 
^rpn Kum. GS61 JMpa ^•ova7ot> ■ ■ . iKHji^roit irtifwrpouji rifuA'poCfiirvr. 
ib. 637,av8pit . . . raC irawwrVfifow. rw arpanfXarov Him. Suph. Ant. ^4!), 
yrMf ri'fUttf. Eiir. Hecfi'^S./viritXirnit ri'fMot nrXitfiafuf. Ilcvycli: Ti'fUoc' 
ri^t/Mif, trittiot. For Aofuir, »ec note on Ag. 1037, and compere bdovr 
w. 880. 033. iOIl. 1017. lOiO. ICWl. 

S4i). ;uimf (i^tvS^c rd irpiV} " yw <Mf/tff mrni/Mini mntttut ni. .., 
Veracem ApolHinjiu %'ide inlocisThcol.jliiscb.p. 118. allatis. imprimla 
tt.S66,4.T!i*vi0ov6noi'd'^n>8it<rvAita. Find. OI, viii, 41. Pvth.ix,4a; 
riw 4& ft^niv ^mdrt Biyttn.^-ri tqiif] FidudaiD in re pcsitaia, quia ad- 
hac tkleni. qualia optator, eeae oitendcnt, vide Ag. 1556 : tA iip&a0nt 
tt^powSwiiiot, Suppl. 1017: 7(raiT4«pd(rAvo^0iooTpn(rv^tpn>Jci Soph, 
<Ed. T. 652 : rl>f eC^* npU *7n«v.~ Klans. Sttuiti_>v rompares Virg. 
jEa.ti. 343 : n&mq\xc aaiu, fiJlar Itaiidwite trperlia.ll(xuaon»imrmj 
atiiiuum delusit Ap«>Uo. 

' ProinlutKeanqMiiyinKTtiBark — *'«t 

Ast4rT>i*odi-«prTnist>rr; quodivnidr- 
<iit. rKjuiuliuitcai"— iLc Lwiwd Ed'l^r 
vixiM fccRi lo bft iiitmilMl I'l writa : 

M bjr trmclicry thej hart aUlih aa % 
trcai'lwry luiii^ pcrwbed — fi*. ^ ; tM 
two nmim*Iiui>'n, thd* rlixriT Otmneot. 
fd hj Tt...Mi jMauh.Oi.Or.ftafi. p. 
IU9.), lieinRaAv •rr<f»»'.r, WAy **• 
vJrTM. CiNDpare heiuw r. 1U3S. 
KkaMu Tdcn Is DodcrlMR. Ltct.HoB. 
II.plO. ilartiui«.P>rtikaii.l.|>.IlS. 



5-16. *aim\^ ffuyfr 7ji[*«t-, Angl. djvued ^lule id cAtraeler. nm/ttrt^ 

wiMwrXui, if T'(/M3a^iD*' vtivaafia. Id : 2<in»[nii' firraXnii. xa6fi iciii i^itrc 
T^v irrvXi)'' o^yq*' ^iyoii*f. — "vdy^i armviitn, poliMimtua bcOiai, ut 
Theb. 1*2S, SopttfOM myot : cf. ib. 391 [mic tin^KrffMtiMr fftt^wf] - Pcrs. 
S-40, ^ponrtSft aiiyai. Ajmllon. IjCX. Horn : vditat dm-fr, Ap' oC el wtA- 
irpM (ra>^ t^v oAi^v vare^Xutr AiyuL^if, «it Zo^rX^e. Cf. Ear. Rlica. 207 
[X<^>> Tif 7tfriu robS* ^lifuirof vay^. Xv<>:(u>i> afUfA riittir i^ftai Ao|Hir]. 
Ejitfdem ratUcb ra)>iM." KUm. Add below v. G:>1. Eur. Here. F. 188, 
Ttt^tpif tf&Ttv- Ajldr. GI8( itAXiOTu mrp} 4' (V caXoten viiy^aair (Ati^l, 

ca»t» or (M'trtMf*) .- and «ttb mtrrtX^ compare below v. 9-14. 6upj>l. 
CO), mBTtXii •^ffi^viutra. Soph. CKd. T. 930, />«uwu y* sflva iraiT<X4* U* 
|iqp. Ant. 10I£, /<r;)(iifMi(ir(UDXfiE. HeAVch : nawnXi'f ' «a>T«X£ir. JXnnXAt 
[Soph. (£<1. T. 669.]. HatTtX^t* iXoTtXV> 'm< vutm^T^r, u iroiru EaAf- 
^ [Tlwb. 117.]. 

/M. flKte] Sec MnUh. Gr. Gr. ^ 232. Buttm. /rrey. Civnt r^rf*, 
p. 81. 

548. £>Vm r« m1 dofw^noR AjfM*», « ttraa^er at tmte ani/ritnd of lAe 
fanitf; m bringing ■ mcmg e. najiiely, from StrojAiiu (w. 661-4.). 
who in Ag. 84D (where >cc the note) a called tiiuwttt Aopi'^rrot. ODcl 
hit house. Mow v. 81M, S^f*m 2opi^£n«4. Cooiparo Sopb. El. 44-6. 
Uyy hi](pi rei^d' £ri f(V»c ^v «7 ♦iwwijc. wp irfyit 9airof*tttt fctW S 
7^ ftryiwrar ovtdic rvT'jjuMi Aojpuft'raH'. 3l. 671, irsp^ ^tXuu -ji^ £■> ov- 
IfKl*, ir^' oJSo, v/wcr^iXftt Xc'^fti Xi(]r«««' 

549. ^«»<}p tS^OfH* llt^nftfiBa] I have followed KlnuMO m rcMtortng 
otfrafuv. for which be sdduc^a the authority of jVldiw and Itobort., and 
of the MSS. &lcd. Guclf.. «n<l coaiiiBrca v. .Ifi?, y\A*mu> (C^fiow ^'- 
pt(»~— whcrew the received rending 7irofarf apf»carv to hare orit^atcd 
■with Tatn^he, followed an luoal by Vettori. Tmnvlate : Bil m ttitt 
loli take — i.e. amime. or borrow, for the occasion ; or av itiU Mug 
with ar, Bs in V. 567. to carry a vftl-orJ«rt^ lonym — **e Panutnuae- 
mf , imilatinff fV inlomalion of a Pkocian ttmym ; i.e. like mouataineera, 
^leaking loudly and rougfalj : for wc do not find that Ontte* (rr. 
635. 640. 656. &c.), like the Spartaa cbaracterv, fur exatnplc, in Am- 
toplt. Ly«istr.8l.&c, 1076. fte.,inake8awof myindlKiK'pectiliaritiea, 
aa KlaoKn would interpret yXAimie: "^vq de aeoentn, yXuv«« de 
formia linffiuc. ItH ^mF^dajAScvw Ag.975. Ai'A'ovo^tu'qvfr. 303. De 
icnihi dici in loco jV^ametniXiius ovtcndit titnilitiKla hininditiia, quan- 
ijoam ibi etiam de romm cogitator. Uirersaa in Gnevin diakctoa OMii* 


JOTES ON TUB 311, 'luniifir p^w. Sopb-fldcn. fr. 136. 

Ibiii. napiriiTiia] " llapwtiraiia Aid. Rob. Turn. Stepli. Uapi^i^ 
FoTBOD. [WdJ. Scliulcf. Dind. Kluus.] Si-d qtium nupKuriar dixerint 
Attici de moute Phocico, n<ipi^<nnt vero de Paiuotlic monte Attico. aic 
eCiam 1In^>«<Tii eos dixiue puTo potius (^nam ni/unjirtr, quom scmo es- 
aet dr Piu-nnra. Vid. EhiiM. »d Arutoph. Ach. 348. Ruliokcn. kd 
Tnntd Lex. p. 309. Onfwijcrow mid« cditurin Bum II. pni Oapiiami, 
Dbi qnn Burgeeiaft aUcgat exemplK, Tmfiivmt. Mvu^i^irof . nihil profi- 
ciiint ; (|ui[i{ie "anti(jijior pronuntiatia videatur Tav^v^r istiiu tcm- 
porisquonondumLitcnrgcininubiuitur." Valck.ud I'him. 1)07. " Vc- 
tiuti Grwci," inquit llc[u»t«riiuias ad Ldciod. Cont. p. 503, "Ut«n» 
gominorc v'lx unquain solebout." ICustath. ad Ud. T. p. 1 872, 50 : i 

Ttfiifiaap yap airrii' tmfiaX-Kovmtt <pairiir oi tyf^ftuu, ig St Jka rAv 0i<ii tf<r 
ypa^''! ^'^^ Uapvifaooii tariipyiiTai napa rait vtrrtpov. Contra ven> scrip- 
turam per duo aa rccentiorom fuie^c ccr»t lU-yniue ad Piiid. Pyth. i, 
73. nnpfTtruf scribit Pbotius ; IJaitHiffif Ilt^^chiw, ct PTodua iQ Pb- 
tonifi Tiro. p. 31. Pamama codiceo ocripti vetustiorca \'irgilii. Pro- 
pertii. Ovidii, allurum. l\a{mtaii» Thencrit. vii. 148, Exerapla quz 
protulit Euatathiua p. S90, 3. paruia ]wndena habeat ; quum 'A>i.ttnp- 
tnf<r!ts pFruniim # tcrihcndiim cwic> ccrti)'!finimn xit. Quare diucnlio ab 
IlennanDo etCrfurdtioRiiSoph. Ant. ] 130. Kripturais per w tuenti- 
bos." Blomf. " nmfmtaiia uno v Glaeg., dc qua re adhnc Bub judice lu 
«At. De forma Oafn^t vid. Boeckh. ad Pind. Pyth. viii. init." Well. 

551. sn't ^ e^ft^Aw—] •■ «t 04 \y. DD. ajmd Bull. Scd vrlte. 
Snppotr the aavontt — ut Eur. Med. 3S7, tat Zfi nAwt." Dobrec. Ad- 
wrt. ii. p. 28. " Vocabolis wai ^ eigni6cntur, ipsnni nliqtiid «bi ob- 
jicere. de quo u*u vid. Herm. ad Vig, p. 528. n. 331 ," Well. " Par- 
tkulx Ml M) valcnt fac miltni. Vid. Klinsl. ad Eur. Med. 3fl0. Valck. 
ad Ucrodot. p. 591. Mark), nd Sujipl. p. 1S9. b. Nuuquain tamca 
vidi baa paiti«uliis ciun optiitivo D(>n)!tnictaii." Blomf. 

TnuieUtC ; jtiid say tUat lutme o/tUrm that keep tie door wilt ffiiv lu 
weletmc — a» is UMtljf enough to bappca. the use of tlic Optative hert- 
Implies ; >Utth. Gr. Gr. | 514. 2. — si»ce l&f houtf is jwttened' teith 

f Af AOMM>. a«f <lt k tmpUad br (ha adil . 
lionDf ic«ic«4i) MapDorf. lUchiuhusiriUI- 

ihrtinrtritrrfiJ in^Mmrr. Coomf* 

Art* cd" llie AfoulM xUi, ID: i «a4mi 



tvH; tntl compare tliv note in> Ag. 2G9. uidwitb SavMr^,i« be-witeh' 
44 or fprll-boutu/, Thcb. 10()1, U> 2iH^»*T(f (V uff. Ag. 97)1, A<Jfw« 
infp«»nr Y<fu"' i^^- ''*' l-^''> xnAXTmi ffVor ir^c inf. Scbul. OoifM- 
•4* TvnffMcrai. 

952. ii^tr'] •• iiimt T.V . X<^r'BJ.C.A.R. Pouit hoc cxplt. 
cari. »> l?j^-rie ^ip»t : Mtmo hilars, acoeptoa, mot diat. At eorum 
qiue icquuatur scnsus rcquirit diicrtam rrcoute mrrptionut mciitio- 
ocni, ueijuc (lubitftlfit dc vera Icctionc qiu compomvcrit Ag. '474> : ^«h- 
hfiCH^t r—aW S^ftan ii^arfft. — ^aJtp^ [M .) T. V. t^tiip^ 0. ^Mtipi A. 
^oiA^tT R." Klati*. Stx tlic notra on Ag. 139. 

523. AoT rnuciiCtu' nn c.r.X.. <S^ 09 /or mmt boify ta ctt^fcctmn 
what U the matter al the Aotue tu he pa»trs by — ^ju«t as if it tuul bi<ion 
At &f muafy ni ftoj aa that tm»e mm may &c. (and it b a remaikablc 
lact tbiit Aldiu and llu: M;j. UoeU. bavc it Sr ^vrMoufrtr) ; Me iMtc un 
Ag. 853. i>. 1 38. and coin|>ar« Appendix Not« C. p. 3W. Matth. Cr.Cr. 

Mfisif trnvMornxorra, on wliich lee Matth. Gr. Gr. $ 402. C, CX- 
prcnod at Icdj^ ix druwiHy neur into the koutf. M hia nmy past it ; bat 
the reaMKi wby the Pud has used the dative, aecms to he that ht 
might represent the passer-by as gtoppint/ for a iDOinent at the Aoutc — 
whence it is obrioBs to supply r^ /» iifurtt as the aocunklii e after txtf 
■dC*<» — -just as, in the ncit line, the dative ww^dv* limits the nkcaniiif 
of rA» Iirr^, and at the same time appertains oUo to awifyrt : tbns. 
Hl^, pray, do jroM keep ad (i.e. atandiBg without) ' at i/amr i/tttes vut 
tial ua MitptiaiU there. i.e. a motor for simtaaii ? Comiwrc Ikr- 
mann on Soph. (£d. T. 801, Sxd«>, ini^MK>T«>j(a«Ta {^ aMrJ ni^fra*. 

With T^r uciTitr, as iadicatirc uf a garni or nkorarfn^— rtia surru- 
Ain*, or TUH BTftA>'OKa — compare Eum. 'J3Q-4. Sopt. (£d. C. 44. 
984.487.1008. PhO. 930. Eur. Uend. 254. inc. fr. cxxiii.. and see 
MiddLcton's Gndt Article. Chap. tii. Sect. ii. ^ 8.* " OSdam su|iplici 
boapiti debitum vide Hom.Od. i, 169: MfKWfdkf 4' m At>^ £«ina> A^ 

' TUi I baU to W « laore correct fai- 

- tofntatiM «r >tfi&j»« than Ihsi wi>|iom4 
. far BloMAeU, jAo hniai Jnitljt' rrpu. 
< «s(^ Stain's :" fsM • iaoHk mMtf- 
, MM MTMMr r' uv* •• S«B«M •« : Cmr 
^/Mtai mmfitf U.jWIw oralwls— 

IhwohH matiaK H tkcdati*o«f iboaNMi* 

or HaffrMMMf (Muiti. Gr. Gr f 3K.). 

Mt cT^Xw*, ib. tllW- 406. b. 
■ Vadcr tiM MMD hcml >n to be ciMstd 

■srTinisaiH'a'arTniih IPil T ll'il jij) 

Ifra »pi( Cifir rW T^^orra fi aLrlm 

C. *9, hI »■ dTi|»j£«Tti »o.iI»r Mrv.). 
ib. 13£I| fri )«|i (ca^nii ^ rhrraMSr 
««>avw, ud, if I mMak* Mt, ib. UU, 
Av^Yvr*. * «JhH, T«» lAdWr |M 7f do 
1 traaM oOTTMl dio rcMJTtd aolKim rb 
tA««^v m'tw.) Alw Si. Malthfv's 
OcMplli.23l 4*<v«<^' Jl'TwrnlH*. 
«•! Wt«r* >.'Jr. St. Lake xini. H : 



ffcmr^u' ^crrnfci'. Hi. vti, 159 : viii, 54l> : diri xaai-fvipiiu ftMt 6' inmiK 
Tt nrvKTOt OMp** £t* Alyor trr)> iitt^i^ npaaiitatrir." Kldua. 

5S5. i»*l^yrr4] Robortetlo, with tlic stinoticn of the MSS. Med. 
Goelf. — which lost however, u dted by Kkiuien, hds : Jm^yjwrai — 
Ika* mliud Aitiipyfrai, und thisWellHurr {ircfrri.plucingiiooinnu after 
A'yiodoe and tjnnalating : Quirfiuaa a port'ts mis mppHcem artrt /Effis- 
lAta.ti qwdem uHeifl, el jci/.* JMomfidd ol*© — x> fur ent< 
Wellauer'a fttartUng oSj^ction to the received text ; " ortlfiym vulp^ 
«x qua lectioDe versus sequetia eensa caret"— obeerrea upon r. 55G : 
" Ontionem abrum{)i putant Staiil. et SdiQtx. ; eiiuidem aliqitam for- 
ruptelam «ubeMe «u*|)ieor." Diit the cecBure imptietl in v. 555. tnnitt 
need* be intendnl for iht jtenirn/* (v. 551.) b the flnrt inatuiee, and 
only indirectly for .^gUlHus, supposing htm to br al tiome and meore of 
thHr dereliction of a ino»t wcrcfl diitj' ; which if he i» not — and »(i»«p 
(see the note an Ag. 29.) does not Mswm? this, aa Wellauer has done — 
the mention of hi» nnine in v. 5I>6 (Mt tvrbam tapienlij TtiA a nirc y 
some euch tacit admonition as Stanley has annexed to it ; ^^athua 
ri domi pneaeni 1>x>c ni^rit, non impuae laltiti tftis. PoFt protnain cym- 
ditionalera atrpc *ubiiitelligitur H}Mdo«i«. pnesertiin in coniminando. ' 
mphetnismi specie quadam. MimcMs hire vtilgarem aponopcsin ex> 
hibcl. — 7v2i]p>c, h.e. nr>difi«i, ><* urb*esi rtdomi." And all this m-e may 
convey by supplying : And what is jEyislhua ahoul. that he wifien tlus, 
aupposiny, (hat h. that /te n* present amony Am propk, and knmct it ? 

557. ddX^ ipKiiovmikiiv, lh< owltr (incloninff) tkretkoliiofike yatre ; 
ecvMatth.Gr. Gr. H-IG.Obs. 1. ■■^r.^<VM.II. (iSXovM.l.G. /SaXA* 
K.A. a»Xii. T.V. Dc Dorismo vide r. 514 (521.). Et hsc qoidem 
forma BpudlVn^cosle^tima: Bekk. Anecd. p. 224. 13: oMt'O/uipct 
ff^Xiy, lA ti rpiTfutoi $a\6v. Heinrh ; BaKor' oii6ii [ml eipai^, sal ^A£r, 
Idem; Bt/Mt'oHofeXiatv, sir&rov^aiwa^di}. — ifttiopM. ipnavK. Nolutn 
CitHofneri; {mittfiafiov ipfloyat/)t^tn.iX,-i7S. Cf. Od. xviii. 102. 0|v 
time diciturlimcn/>orten]pfHM." Klniu.— who TcadaJpiiiai' here, and, 
as an adjeetii-edmved6'omit.(i^^i>uit*inplBceof /^'JfW(i'i>t>«v. 547. 
Yet. on this verse, he adds: "tpgttow G.A.T. V. In hac voce v. 610 
<63o). utnnes conacntiuut libri." 

rUd. af>«i'^, / thallpatt, either ( I ) avmffrom myseff; wfaence ita 
various meanings, Tjtart mtk or eschangf (IVom. 23. Pen. 317.). lyivr 

' Sw. br FTBflitilp. Horn. tl. 1. 133. 
X\r%. K.H. i. 135 : Sr. Muh'i Guspd 
Ttii, 13, Cr<i>' llttir. ill, tl. 

•■'/^(Htbi'iG.A. Pn)todm(M9l(>) 

l^' Wm-i M . R. Vas d«ri*an th lufw, 
ri« l**Jp>«Ia«T. V." Klana. 
m r. MO (M7). 


oiidtahlAf;.70G.Ch.J74.) — whence alio /tanifyvor^.' t repfy{Etim. 
ii. 58C. Suppl. 1 93. 1H9.)' — or (3) I pa$*mytttfM. A,tti^ {f^avri-) 

Ta ifulBofou. i.e. / change nty potilioM rflatheiy to tomr aijfrl, that fol- 
lows in tli« nccuaativc ; wlicncc its prcecnt meaniog fpant over or along, 
I ttiui or /<«w Ixftindtitf, with vhifh nioiiifi«ld compare* below v. 999. 
PcTR. 69. *t>p0ii<ivAiuii^^ 'YX\at. Ihrrvitnl. v. 7'2 ; irpiv f ri%9ifotmM» 
»t^, and closely connected with vhidi is v. 9-H. aftwl-^mi fwiUfota 

^iltel/tm to, i.e. arrive flj wpi^'pa ititidrvf, wdThcb. 304, iroi«*' Jt'<Ift<(> 
^tv0t yaiat witow ra<rd* Sptuj^ ; SuppI- 23t?, vvowiiff, uifiti^v&i ritiht twh 
rAm-. where the wme verti may be rendered txther fna yearttlves an 
to, or Udte mtto jHwrwAwr ra nrcAmjiw. 

Blonfidd Rdds : "Multofrc4iueatius4-stio lioc»enau [if^iffi.nquro} 
»[>«] Euriiiidem." Compare akoSopb. Tnich. GCO. Did. 1^G2. nilb 
Eur lice. U29. Or. 1294. Fbma. 278. 116«. Ak. 755. Ipb. A. 144. 

S59. fical poX^r Tntni i(.r.k.] " Sine cauu btwc cl •cqucntCDi v«r. 
mm tentarunt interprclcf, quorum •ciwiis planiM>imuH eat." Well, f 
leai fMkiiH> <'><ii*Ta pov voluit Wnkcf. S. C. } 149. rcceplo qooque fpim 
poet JWw. i c quibns owra Schulzio pUcuil, tio£ d ipird Doa item. 
Itaijne in edit, 'i.i^iyrafiat Icgtt, baud male, e*t enim Imira lanpuidras. 
Cf. etiaa Eur. Or. I4S3. ed. Pan" fiull. 

The nw of biira bcrc, wliicli vn might render Anglice Ihea taut tkm, 
i» to pxt an emphasis to itiKew, as opposed to the ntppMilion made 
in ibc preccding^line. wilboot wblch f anl juaXte . . . fyii woidd nmpl^ 
have cxprcsfcd. or nipfmtt that he ihail come amt tpeak to me Sec, ; 
whcreaanow it U: «r say tktU kaving cimw, when called (see v. 817.). 
ha «As// iWrupmi (proceed to) talk to mrfatf tafan. mark my worJa. 
aulaet himarl/(Aiig\./airly) be/ore my ryea iiC. Ac. Tltc ScboluLit baa : 
0^* wA.' r^ iint, c^' TirA. v-jtlr atrot— but c«n)p«r« a NiaiUr inlro- 
doction of this expletive phrase (.Angl. J'd itavt you knote .' takt my 

1: "'Tl(ferlh«dcMd.I■al(o^tll<^<}^lck| 
ttmrfurethoatiot. 'TbatfBkfc Sc.wi 
'Iwill mwy afoim/ram mtHfim. 
* tlnilgrihwlwadrf www m Worrr- 

>>«pfla, eu *Iiic4i EllwnlwU AlMerrra i 
"*A»tW^iru, IftA»f>- Qiui«iMn nfacin 
an abb) orcuml i" wiil WcUaacri "In 

rj:|lU«t, oAnilit Wuiilrrt. p. 191., *|iil 

'AxVfMTB T^flTtTK OKuiciL. EkicB dc 

pMua luma* Blaorf. Miyioiur i^Ai 

-nic. S«d niJbil DwlaateHi wL Vorlnn 
hmUo •■dadiu auw arfbibilinB bnae ha- 
M tenMRti Infra/ eymtam H nm M 
frr AeArromlrm m Jitrim ri|/ii' » i' « i«r 
rmilWr. " TniMkir, nrf ncwlr la lb« 
tenM otilcb UkiaAdil bai pint, autjr a 
liltio diRlrrralljr fbnt*J i vj|t(4 ^^tlMg» 
At tnmtuf tht Ackmm u tkr mmttak 
amnarMM/awai t^Jrc. : wmI andcrMMiA 
h Ui M^u» lb« awamifed Kroka of M«arn- 
ara' haada, b««Unc tkor lik* oaav, wUefc 

Moti o'm "the mdaarMj AochI, Witk 
Vaw liw kiasdoia p( rai»«uil aitht*" 



teord/or it ! mark ye me .'J. under BimUar circumetanccs nbo of (troog 
caccitCQieDl. Ag. 1»S7. oi ^i^' Ski^iw tv iUti ri <riv nipo tifftofift^t, 
«r4^' fvA. XnvSfuvt ofxit : wIktc fvc tlte note. 

Khnaco alone after Aldus and the MSS. Med. Gudf., very tamely, 
reads : aaifi tfrfit taX tar' oififf. ffcAtlir, and ca tamely tnitslatc*; " tv/ 
pottea aecedftu — pastquani ego in domnm r«ceptaa ero — Uk mt ronim 
ttUojarlvr. teuu el oatlof ad ^or aJJiciat: etc." 

tbi4. "*aiA rroita, coram, ta/ronle; Inc. lUlce. 409,efii!iMr apiarwt 
ifitrraiiv Cora vr^/M. 493, rafav fi* 'AjiXX/tir Ktl mymroC virra<rr«/ia. Idem 
fere valet tear iiftffaXnovt in proximo vensu. Ithes. 421 . mi fUft^fuu «/» 
colXryu ur' Hmjaaiv (Asg'l. ItcUUymi to yimrface). KuT. Or. 2ij€, <i 
Mir' ifiiaTa i^tw^aw n*, ti toram imtemgarfm. Boceli. 469, ««fr«f« ii 
vintrnp v . If KOT ififi . ijivyvo-TO' ; Cf. El. 910. Hiife eontulit AbresHlilU. 
([Ui recteolitcrvavit: " aii o^&akjiovi jiaXtivinconsiifclnmvenirt ; 0a>iA 
arfi mv itpoofiaktiir." Blomf. 

561. "iroSaiTOt, tvjasi infr. 645 (639.). Pormotum fx nntiqiK) 
nooiine nAt. et BubstantiTo tanae, terra." Blomf; who again on Thob 
S51 . hw : " Eji antiqan radioe Sftirot, terra, (node duirt8u»). fnnnuta tiunt 
iraiT«0<nrdBi fnuiiarfti, oKXniarris, 'n)X«8atrir, troSdir^, JtrMcnrot (Ilcrodot. 
V, 13.). quae miJe EuBtiih. ad Od. r". p. 1457, 54. nb Jtat^t ducit" — 
but Battmitnn fZ^ri/. art. 57. 4.) will) much munmuoDSuppoKatheae 
forms to have aiiecn from tin old unoatrophc, murot, ^^U»1^ or ^fieripvn, 
AAov, r^^*i irav. wr». and compares notmiiis with ibe German icoron, 
and Englisli irAnv/roni .^ 

Compnre Bupjil. 234, a-odarrAv ^/tiXof t<jv9' tinXX^ra ■rrdXai' . . . vpov* 
^c«t^,4rK; Soph. (£d.C. 1160. Eiir.Iph.T.S4C.9lS.Ild.l'J0«.Cy«l. 
276. Rhee. 682. 

562. trodoini r(pi3()Xa«< yoXnufuiTt, \a^. haviny whuked idtoia \am 
with nimble tpnpon ; compare with this coUoquinl and convcntiaofll me 
of ;SaXX«l Thue. it, 4: XiSois r< ml itf/Mftf jSaXXdmuv. iii, 74 ; fiJUXewna 
Art ru* ottx&v T^ tiftafi^—ta also Soph. (ltd. T. 456. viaiwrp^ wpoiatpvi. 
Thcocrit. xsii, 102. rriuna X'P"'* irpodiuorv, — " irtf)(3a^^ dictuni dc 
gladio. qui vibratua dceupcr in cenicc a<lvcr(«ham fcrit, itaqiie rc\'eni 
eiretmjieitur. Prorsus nlienum est. quod cooferunt [Blomf. Scholef. 
LiobccV. ad Aj. p. 372] iri(piiri0<u> i!<f>*i. quod dicStur dc co cujns oor> 
pus tnnfifoastuu gladio circumjcctuin e&t. ct indc dcriTatiun fyx'^t wtpf 
>r«r/f Sq>h. Aj. 967. cujus irffMirrvx^t jiuxt Ajax (v. 899.)." Klaua. 

■ TatheoiiieMiainbeloaKatheCunl. rlih in aUallfC of Ifaa tU*! wlxrreiRtli 
liar coniimciioii of Um Uuia rt^ J«m (Anfluv) I gift <k preumt. 



'Tlwb. 623, ire9«K(t Sr>^. ^o\<U. Ant- 1104, n8«>ru jSXJiSw. 

5&4. Stparro) aliia K.r.\.. fhall drink aptar draught tf/kfoodtu hrr rkini 

Ti J/ta : but to tbia intcrprdatioii of rplt^r KlauKQ jubUy objects : 
" falfio baud dubie. n Uliaa ia Ag^amemnonc lod memineni, a))i prima 
potio Furiiiruin dicilur At caedc libcmrum TlirrrtiH. &d quaia nuniiiHto 
rcfcTtur luc^ Icrlia putio, quam quidi-m ultioiBio font epcist OreBtes. 
quia t«rlius locus in orniii re Jo\n S«rwtari eaccr (v. 235.) solatem nf- 
fnresolMt. Idemhocduerteexbibetiirv. 1011. (1048.) aqq." Com- 
pue Ag. 1155>flO,and we notes on Ag. 2aA. 1 15R. 1354. 

/&M<. wUrat—KK Mattb. Gr. Cr. 4 348. Buttm. Irrtg. Greet Vtrhf, 
p. SIO. 

£65. vbvojv] " ffC o& ffit juv ^i^ixnn [Goclf.] Aid. Rob. irvi'afr 
Turn. tdd. wrotv Ml-O. Md erHSiun priu« r. Dedi ex conjectuni rCv 
oC»." Blotnf.^-oud »o DiiKlorf, foHowBd by KUuiim. 

566. hut i^—90 at for, w> at that or [hat <9— compare v. 542. ^ 
^ . . . . Xt^^Wiv. wid eee note on Ag;, 353. 'a^moXXb' vtfi^M ral 
tyi«( iniKapptii'''fura nut Mit<n'i wiAfnait W*^* Schol. 'AprimMui' 4/)- 
pa»}ura I llmycb. Compare Tbc<b. 373, df upriMiMm 0tu{ in timtj 
^)7«>«tr Xiyom ptAiir. Soph. IVadi. 770, vnrXot wXnrpaivty iptUnUutt. 

567 . yX«#irBi> •4^iifw*>] " Per yXivtrw rA^Oftw ^'pc i*- doo (c inauere 
diat, otyoi- tf* Mw &>, et X(y<w rd ini>ytii. E#t cnim (v^bi)|ua> non tut,- 
tam AomMrfc] /ojiu, wd et tacert. Arisloph. Tbeun. 39. «C^i|fw> vfir 
fiTTw X(^, oT^fM irvTKXturaf. Cnllim. Hymn. ii. 17 : Hupitfiiix* AWrr 
Af' 'AirAAw*«t iBM&ir, li^ijful icai nvrrot : ubi Scholift4tc« r^i^qfMi fexpo- 
nit ^njf^ii. yoXqnf . V'irf^. E«I. x. 103 : Et nunc, etxe, tibi stratum 
sikt Bcquor." £unl. — who further compares llicb. 619. ^iXti ti eiyw 
4 Xiyiiv rd rai'pM. IVom. Igtut. il. 1 74. triywr $' Mroy ^i, luu Xiyt» ri 
ni>'^. Aul. Gcll. xiii. 17- Add Ag. 13^. ■oXXwi' riyntflr* taipias ftx 
ft) Apt^m¥. ib. 1214.»C^q;io». JrJltf. Mf^nawpTii/Mi. aodaegHeno. 
OD Soph. El. 620. Scbol : ni n^xa' rA xpf^V- 

oC9. T^ A' AiXii ravry K.r.X.] " towty >n ^ilSar mutari vult SchOtx., 
in r^ A(^ miituvit Roth., iidemque (I>£»dc d^ni-n veitunt : crrtamutf 

/eiirfnt rvctnmi* prtrbau. mi icncui loriftoa non conrcait. Scbol. 
Sum), ot Buttl. Twry ad /^y2aA>ji rcfcrunt, ridicule. IKgito nonttraC 
Onrtea atatUBm ApoUinis in *evxm conttitntam. et vtmiu wqunis 

'TRtendn crt : qtd j«c arlamiaa miAt trait, propomiit." Well. — but 
Wfiltaucr in ihio i»terpi«tati<»i of v. 570., hn> ovfrloolied, what Botbe 
did not bil to noticv. the abanitx of ttw article r^ : and tboagb tills 



obji^rtioii iniglit he obviated Irr Inuulitliiig -na^i Ktau&en : qiami miti 
ecriantcn effitkadtan mpotuerit ; yet ac;Uicr is Suppl. G73. vs wo\t^ -itug^ 
atirai/ apS^. whifli Klau'en coinijares, saflineDt to (»tMbli«)i liis vetnonl 
of ipOavv, " tr^eivmtam cvrarr il3t<liie eJiiiemArm hitfo»ere nfiaii" ; nor 
boj Welluicr adduced any ollivr uutbonty for tbe above a&suioptioa 
" »rtTU i.r. pfoponU", thnn F.utn. ^97, ty >V ^''^om trvftrfx/pit iptm- 
MjuK, wbicb in bis Lex. jEacM. v. 'opffovv be correctlj dasaei with 
tltc praacnt passiige, but incorrccUv [)rcBxc8 to tbem tbc bitcifvcto- 
tton " rMu^rr." 

Tmulate ; Bui for the ntt — in what may farther be to be done, 
whicb i* iillngetlier contingrmt iind uncertain, iind tlierefore in pewit 
^ time inddinitviv intimated by the uonal iictmrtivat, wbich ncccasM- 
rily rppti)ftt«i opfiuinxrrt — / call oa our Protector {'KwiJim/i)' kcr«, viz. 
Apollo' AgyiPUf. to i&attf iit eji^ tnmed this uvy. frospnitiff mio mp. ' 
wtlK; arise, avord-in-haiui encauiUrra. In other wordo Orestes, timi- 
iag to tbc identical stnttie which the Hemid in the former play addren- 
es, prays, as be tloee ; ir«H^/> taBt Komiyimot Ag. 493 — niid tbia Icfldfl 
me to repent nf the annnmaiis correction tat mtuMot. wliicb. plao^, 
vble a« it is. I have too luistily adopted on tliut poMuge, wbvic 1 abou 
nttlier hnve followed KtnuKcn, who wril<»: "AntyMtMot, adjmraiu i» 
nrlamiKibut Ivdorim. cjuod aUtii aywnot vcl uvtyuvwr. Nibil est mrv 
yiaiMM, ctijus tntcrpretutionein Jhriitoxft commcntuR est Scholiuta ; 
pnifeela non decet ApoiUnero avtrtert aySn^. »*d Ipw ct Jupiter cunt 
Hercurio wuit dit tiywMM, i^ni in ccrtajnimbtu lodoruni nctohom de- 
ecmunt. Quibus additur Nepttuiiiit, Siippl. 189. fi09-21. Nrque ad 
Ptha Imlos rrtpidl hvrvitt muntig, etd ad otiaua nffffitia in qmbus aliyuid 
ctrlamr.* NuUm vcro deti«hirc majjps cnmt iiiiain Xlercnritu, cujua 
ODUuno est munuK cotnparandi et conjnn^iidi ea qiue distuitt vel ijbi 
inviceni opposita siint. AppeUaiit liunc /mywHWi- .'E^(ll1^1u3 fr. 373. 
Find. Prtb. n, 10. ayAnar Isthm. i, 60. it ^y^nn !x*' ^'- *'• '^•" 
Comport lielow vv. 709-11. 791-3. Eum. 90. 

a7l-C34. " Sttuimo^ primo proponitur btcc scntcntia : Owaiim 
tnaUritm fuir rj'AibenI ttrra, mare, (v/uui, tttrodisimum rst taprrbitt 

cmniMire alxiyt mi v, 1. 

* Thi« i»tcr|««talMMi at rttrv >■ not • 
Httb> OMlinnnl bv Scpb. El. «)6. drarr. 

Uidvapon tutvaiM : iiAAxiAvW^.^wiB* 
•i«.T.A. t!ccnMcuuA|.!HI. 

■S«e>l)ait«onlMiM*.4ID. inilMin. 
porclbr like irulcllnild luw at ■xpoftaftt- 

««>, bdow V. sac. 

* 1 1 Mitt Ik* |MCu1 br opnnioo )a Uw 
lul, wiMch it bad not MbnrwMe bean 
tmKj to rtplnin, Mnf^ifpin leji 
f i ai l qMtTB»«w ft>w«U' T. T 1 1. 

^ScetheaulBoaAf. I». 



nwUftri*^ tl lOHfTarhu mMliman amor (Str. et Ant. 1 .) : rrfuipto mnt 
AUhta, ScylU (Str. et Aut, 2.), intiJtx m rrymn ito$tnan, rxdt Lmmim 
lagii^oriurfir .- ^Nitnm aactorn <ieonm ira adjvlorHmt dttfiiutot perdtt 
(Str. et Aut. 3.), proculcaiu nrfariot, rvtlitttais juMtilioM retribuluuu 
M^ia proc^Jt (Str. ct Ant. 4.) • • ■ Excmpfaiproptcraiopbniedtlccta. 
HOk cxhibeatur eanctiininB pictati* vincula per Allhxse sccliu ut fiUuiR, 
Scyllw in patreiD. Lcmnianini in marito* oumTDiMain r mulicribos 
violattt." Kfaius. 

&71- iroXU^V-r^J " ya em. Pon. yo^ 
Hfi M. I. y arip T.V. Lcgit koc et iom SclioltaMa : w^XXA n'mt ii^p 
it tiff liXnuiit icToiat xrifM mi ifnt*rd' «iV( yap »^ic if oapw mwromt. 
Quae nu^ lioc loco pmnua iiK-ptai, quuin )X)dtca tluiuum de aviv tli- 
cfttur V. ot:8 (a76.). — aiil port itwA otltlunl libri omnc«, quod motn 
caou ejecit llcalb. Ortum illntl baud dubie e gknw& cajtupiem, (jui 
mcminrnit dictionia trcAAa mi &<>m, et |M»tca loco {uctri gratia] mo- 
tum." Kl«(u. Tranalatei Manif'' or* Ihe ftarfHllff alarm'mg piaytm 
t^t the dry land harbours, anii of auMsltrs mfriatdly lo Matt fAe n- 
virctiag valrrt of the sea are full ; there tprhtg qt in mV air alto 

■ kc. Jk. — iKid it will be ftccn that it «M not the Aathor's object to 
dwvtl upon the d«i/iiirwi> S}ff, u voXXA kbI dtifd (Angl. minijr, ami griev- 
am (ooj. bill nilher to enumerate the natural pliciioaieiia in whidi 
every portion of tlic Uaiverse abonoilfi imd then coutrutitig them 
with the anruly vtMa and afliectiont of Man's moiml natorc, to lead 
bia bearen to iofcr that neither tfa« beastB of the field, nor the moo- 
•ten of the deep, rot the meteoric «ppearanoe» of the aky, nor the 

.Mormy wind and tcmpcot, arc rcaU>' *o terrifying, or to injurious to 

'^Ualund. u the rvile which nuue fruai the dariiig ambition of the 
■troager, and the yet more daring iocoatincncc of the weaker tei. 

^Compare, w briefly comprcheniltng what b here exprc«Md at grealer 
Ongth.Sopb. Ant. 332. voXU n htara, uoMr it^pmno btiv6t*pt» wiXn. 

• TU* 00^ HNtr la hm taM iM. 

r%b*ia<nl^MCR«tt<7lT tlw boUMM ef 
tbe nmrvcr aifUtkat. w vvmuw* ff. 
«X. mriftuavx (pvru b) that vluch 

^lAuM ooaU W« iMiisatvd CIttnmtIr* 

'b aoatriw wtlhhim iMiiiit hor hartwwd. 

" rnSScholtet Ui richtly irtnd upon 

lili w tlir Icvdidf soJ f«rndiii|C prndi* 

I uf ilic whole tMlMMif. fernUAT m. 
■ed in ikf itrK cImuc r*AAi tilv— . 

irirlaUly rviotlnl iu vXiAnwi MM 
naiiri * . llj, vim on Uwl Um 1m 
' wnit« (vlwtbcrbiUaMIn* *Adfciwi,w 

Aw Aarratn. w ftrbotU i y«*Mwn «■! 
■Hwwu . tad aoiB: mUi T£mi44li 
«r*V 4Kw4ii jUr&ai «*wA mt I^ottS 

wb i * iMl olMa. bavliig bsM iMtfly 
iM o ci a teJ wilb toXAA ■■ uyi ' Hw d (nM 
M im^t^t ia Um leal, bw (>«■ whMi> 
pOf fiaftad OB *. 5( I , wlwr*, onrni|rtlnf 
wbiit ilcMddtuXkMlaiilMclOrifaDio. it 
MMn {imlBcnd Uwl CmI ucnsccac* ir<y 
^. wlilrhTtinu(be,M««lu*ai»«i>,4M 
wra to reduce to y' t^f — iibciiicf«*rrt« 
nl fat IVnen bo btimf Wtc Iks ari|)nd 


572. " S(ifiiirui-iT;t^, maJirstfilCTTtcu/n. dictuinntd^iJrM'nrf A^.707: 
Sjptt d« IV mo/rafj, ut nipinvf <^( Soph. ABt.4l4, vlii, cf. Hem." 
Kiwis. "^ ex cmcnddtionG HtTmiuini ofo«. (rt'M. ]>. 101. (Icdit 
SchtitE. [ct sic Anr. Muspr. Blotnf.], wd ^jf-j non dul>ito ile iladioii 
|>OA»e yna dolorfm emianl. t.e. <lc moyif, ut Ag. 1 2i2-l, ruwi wfAt ivSpir 

roir' aj^>[ trnjMTiJHnu ; S(>pn. Allt. 4H, ni^aif ofiptr o-jriprAr, #i>)M»tor 

A^M, ubi qu€<i item HcrmRiiDus rormerst. €7}«r. jum iji^e in nl. sec. 
rcpudinvit ; ct. Mu»gi-. ad Sopli. El. 124. Scd nitiiloniitiua rctnanet ' 
tlHjuid obscuri in iufiorttf S^i (Sm/t^mi' Sxi] repo«uit Both.), neqae 
iJlud cnl inteUi^ pnlc^t cjuoiiiodo in librtw irrif HCrit : <pmrv lome milu 
nondum sbhiu ridetur." Well. 8i:c tbc note on Ag. 1218. and ca(B> 
pare ib. 1550, yjt oxi'> below r, 619, 

573. ir^pruii r AynaXat] Scliol ; ol natiXiinrrtt. Stimloy corapm 
Pntftra. »OI,n>fii!rcu>«VrlymtXa[f. Ear.Or. I377,««W<ip,'OKNvi^lr nw> 
p^pmmt ^(oXaif /Aitrffur nnAot ;i;tf^. fr. inc. 1, ipf r tiir Si^m riiV 
Srtiptm alBtpa, ta\ y^>- itt'pi^ ^X9^ vypait A> iymtjut '. to wlitrh AbmcK 
adds Prom. 1019. trrrpnfad' il^nsXif ot Qaaraatt, and KUukq Eur. Ud. 
106'J. 1436. irrXayi'uf if dyKoXiir. 

yiifi /<rr<v ra i¥ r^ uAi uwni^rvi). 'Clfi7/i»( jti *vi }(tpauiov ^ijalr nrAitUiam, 
AipMf 9 iitaii ftucfifiy. DamiD. on tbc coDtrELn', deriving the word from 
n<J(», M^ovM fl mom lit mf gletp), nays: " divitur propric dc Inme; 
deinde. per luum, qnwviti frmvcl lH'»tin, inaritiBctyfpo-iii'ii, «ip e»t ap- 
pdlatn :" and KuHtvr an Suidas v. KvudaXop. having noticed the Scho* 
lium on Uom. Od. xvii, 317. finfftiijg ffiwBtim Skrit •cv^taWi m^mtpit 
ri fieXaattiuf Stffiaif, «ddfl : " Scd obserratiuncula ilia nulliun e*t pon- 
ileriH : ru xifMiikov enjin geinrndrin hubi-t ngiiilinttioDrm. ut ex poctis 
ooBBtat. Induxit iiutein grammolicoe in banc opinioncin ctfnologia 
ilU, ri nn'taBat Iv ry iiAt, quu ipata iti voce xyuiaXi^ latere videbntw : 
qu«l lanii'n meruni Bumnium c^ci', qui* non viik'l ?" 

575. Ttiaixiuoi] "Pro fimn'x^tiut vEolicp. llcsych : XlUa' lunl. 
Alcman apud llcpIucatioDCn); Ataf ^irrcv wii' 'AyiUVa. Ita opiid 
Rndsrutn rrtSaftifiofiat, niipjiotiot, Ct wtii^pvi' fTO /trtitittifioitat &e., 
et irtA<](u iu .\lcKo opud I lepbsst : t'lii diiXibr, Jfii moor Maa a r i nur irrfA 
tx^tatai. Lv)i;c w(4cx«Kr<D-, pro firrix'^vav. Sic kpud Plat, in luiHeo 
voAMJnu*. ni Jailor, pro wp^vftiitrrtMi." Stnnl. Sehol ; MrTofj^/iuK' ■! 

Bnri »o Uloinficld ; " Vertc. intra {inter] ealum rt trrrtm (Ang). bt 
mid uirj." 

Kkuseu'a interpretation is ingenkim, but liardly to be followed in 



Uiis pkcv. " mAui'x^usi. ammtmet, Xtm pariter nc nwri iplnidentes. 

Vox ^«vaijt;ttot. propric deaignans id ^uod intrr i/mu htnnervm acw$ im- 

tsijtctiim rwl. mwlo djator de duLio hoc uilrn-Bllo, modo dcclarct wl 

fuai {jiimntm'] eommame ml, qnoiiiuni in tali ?p«lio utrirqiie hmtic nae- 

toritstem exerccut. Priori koxu dicia rat v. 5!», nmtro vtrro Theb. 

Id7, fJiTTp jivi) rt x^ f> r"' ttruiixt'^i'' ubi plane ndicalus cvsct BeaBos 

I ^fii» fvj i^tttrnlrmm^intivnt.* Doclant ibt liherot H/rifv^ t^ni com- 

■itaer.— -VooetB ffkamttri, qtuff nonnifli *m*a intranxitivn de gcnni- 

■Mido et creKcndo dicilur. per pracrramt interpretBtqr Wellanenu, ' 

, aDCttutivoe putani vocBbok wr^tli «1 vtii^iiova. WAtXat Illc fidem 

' Juboisec fabulu Scholiutx At wrpeatibuB in acre ruitt«" ! 

576. «v1iV<V>(k} "CoiTa[)tumliiiiiclocain varittmliluit Scholiute*; 
«nt cnim irtAoopot Itgi rult. qunm voccm n^oecit Hcsych : niiovpot' 
ftntmpot: nut, qnnnrum ex interprHotione conjicer« licet, miipfpfM. 
I £gD imlleni av&MpAi. pro ^ur^fopM : prffwrlim cuni id iixurpnlum r^- 
Ijwnwn Sicftndra in Theriacis." StanI — and titMnfiM in tlie reading of 
Pbnom, Blotnfield, Hermann, and Dtndorf; whilst WcUiuicr andScholc- 
'fidd have prrferml mfiaitr/uM. 1 most unhp=i[ii1tngly follow Klnueen, 
»ha writes : " Aopva&r )rtAa;ui,'MN. /aces rortttaaitnt, fuliiiina el omnia 
lamina qim Miliito oxoriuntur. Vox wMitopot ac s Schnliustn quidem 
intcjlpctn : ei/tai wtimpoi, tir ^ ri miftaxti^ftmaif firtiatpv. StXm%' al «• 
riMt rtM fAicm al nfiinuptm!. At ineptuin at enumerare Ivirm difi in- 
ter terrtcula. Derivata est vox « ftai'^. unde Ji/iapvyti. AiMipi«<nu: 
i^airiryiim, jftap^rni, dicta omnia dc gplmdoTt conatmte. Cf, Hcrycb.. 
Ct EtyiD. &I . V. Aftapl'afuv. Uuliitari nequit. quin a ^Iptw formutnin 
■it uve verbom A)kaipn¥, live Simf». t/imfiti (ut ttnpa^ lb ivaifuiv). rtijua 
vocabuli eulem crnt M^tfieatio. I^men tali tpletkdore apparena rcctc 
die«battir fit^/ui^^ ut tiffmu^, n,ifruft, itiimot reliquB. et Unriee mSa- 
fop*!'. eodem ten'ti. qaoquum neqtieii^p<i*'neqHe(1fii^>iM>iuJhucex*tet. 
Ecd ex hi« Kiliim o^mI^ coounetnoretur id Etym. Magno, dictum inre- 
nitor papfmpvytiiitt, et apud Sopboclnn (Anti^. 610.) itappofiUvavr 
al^Xta.^^afmitie/tdminp Aetata. vX Eur. Soppl. lOII, Sa^iairtfilr )Ui^> 
irttcriv KffMtiivvMc. monet Biunif. 

See D&mm'B bcx. Ho«n«r. w. Maift» anil Mopfiappy^* "'■*' compare 
Etyn. M : *A|My>Mw«»* r* Xo^itm. 'WvLJht' ur' i^pici wip li/uJ^nwOT. 

* Sn BtonT. OtoM. ndt. 181. 

* Anil ■> nl*Dtb( Sc>i«lla>t , «bo«* flflMi 
wiw«i <eat a U m n , dtkoagk ucuImbDj 

, annnwt to tbe war4 Oa^Amw). wdoU 
a»aw. laSteBtei hiwXiotJ, tota** b»«i> 
iMaaibdlbrBAaamCvi. TotkbMtUnu 
•lao bdoac* Ike (Iom «bhUi Klwuoi hu 

4iKitMl oa V. Wl. hmI Ike aard !#•« 

irUcb W aftirM bin to «ai»db lurik. 
«« Aalwenni.&TS, ta a mwv difkH 
blander fnr Mm. 

■ ComnwT ti atlaiaan'* l^i^iUgtU, ttU 


Kali a^apvyoi' cij^niMi r^c tuii- o^AiAfwi> VitXc^i^fic' jfa^ertan lijiiiju'jftiii' 
fymwa. 'HtrtoOor- "Afm/wyiis' 3^»ie. hi fl« iLrrtrat ii('»«»r. iral dfiapvyfM' 
mfivfua, ^)6pttiia, t'imXov, tiitfinv, XcfiirgAitMi. Suiaiis : 'S-iiapvyaf tn^mt. 
at At ilcruut j^<ai|. aitl 'A^opvy^' Xufirp|Swr. «! iTi^ 'AjTiony^iini (Av> 
9350 h •^"f't — whence it is obirious how we sltould correct Hcsi'eh : 
' hfiapniY*ai' lur^Mr. Xofim^uMC, !i(pftt ^ Xfiapvyal' iirriitt. Xnff<r{fiUi>tr> ^- 
t^ic] : and liow wc should iiitcriH'ct the Scbnliut'e really IciUDcd bat. 
as it hu happened, nucli miar^prasentcd obfierratioa : 4tVi yAp S^n 
[I'ead i^it] i( atpot rinnvrtt. [reetore irffirouoai] by which he doubt- 
Inw intended to npply the words XofimlStt n&ifiapoi, or Wtotytoi, to 
those meteoric oppcaranccs which we ore nccuMomc^ to cfcll. Anglicc, 
/altiay ttan. Compare bcluw t. 825. 

fi7?. wrrfvA Tt KDi mi., ini>«(jonTQ>»] " ht7>w «iW, velt. mwa Herm. 
irranf Both. [Blomf. Scholvf.] . siia^noy, an' art^tn-vr Guclpb. Aid. 
Rub. KantfioitTm' cetens edd. pnrter St'hiiticii, qni xat^iiMVirini, ei Botlwi 
qui (DtvfjiSrrradedilexlIennanEii conjectuia. Omnes vero ^punn. eoii> 
siJera [Schul : frfdijauf] . Facili. ut mihi quidcm vidctur, cmcndatioQe 
looum sanavi , coi <^foaiat •'» myiimv tjoTov, dMCt'lbet-^ point i oui Kttttim 
Opponitur aiiX vsifrroKurv avtipht tp/t6vr)iui ri'c S* Xiyot ; De 0|ltatiTO ^pA- 
<rMr cuiiKuli pot<.'.->l Elmrl. nd Eur. Med. 319." Blomf. — who reads an- 
WfxIoT' iiv, in which (but not in the »ub*titutio«i ofi^yxHrwrfor^^ttvui) 
lis is followed by Scholc-ArlJ : " quo dudbb enitn stare passit ^pdmH. 
caaidera. prohibct. opinor, conMructioTtinna wqueiitit^. Est i^turAw 
^pwai. suboud. rir. deat^ribtrt po$tii ttli^4. Cf. (£d. T. 31fi. Agtm. 
71." Itut consult Hennann on the fitrmvr of t}ieec pasuges iiip* i' 
u^fj^tiv cii^' jji> tji^ot Tt rui Aijvfuro caXXiimiw iruraii', and it Will be SCeit 
that it waa whoUy bceide tlic ProfeBBor's parpow to cite it. Aptly aa it 
might have l)ccn adduced in illtutration of that nise of the Optative 
without oM (ipp^M. desvriberf poteral alif]u)a), o» winch nvt tlte nat«t 
OD Ag. S33. GOl., and tmiu-latc acconlingly : .Int! vriagrd ihinpt that 
are strange and terrible (ra dtui^ or ^i/iorur ''xri). <")<' crating liiafft 
cuw might tell of, oaifnndcr thehend of Stormt and Temped i oite might 
apeak oflie/ury of \ehirltetitdt. But, for e^crcdlAg botJneM, wAa mm/ 
d'uKrifie Ihe rpiril of ^faw, Sic. Ac, — or we might trjti-Ult rii \iyvt, Jt- 
teriie il, who eon /—comparing' Soph. Ant. 604, rtop. Ztv. duMKnv rit 
iImS^ hnp^ala taraajcai;^ Bs alitn the note on Ag. 134'i. iind other 
example* given in Mattb. Gr. Gr. ( 5 15. Ob*. 

' In lliif Katlid TraaaUtioo of ilat- not Toy •ocnrMrlr renderali irJa ramU 
tUm't tInniDur p. ti79. ric iMtriirx^ il e**ft T far tlii* would b« the rcoper n»> 



'AMfiMrrm. wliicli <RC miglit poeubly ctmneGt with the fumiuiiic sub' 
■Cantirt miyiiM', comp&nns Ag. &43, K(if>&>-ist ipitn* .... r> AVnt and 
I Vatth. Gr. Gr. ^ 436, 3.. I onilcrBtaiul ta tic ft gciiitire of reference 
|(>finh. Gr. CJr. p. .735. iv.) conveying, like wrnri find inih0dfL»im and 
Dtbcrncutcnplurul(eocBlK)vc<inT. 276.). a gmeral daignatioa which 
to English we»houlclftXpre»8by: and »itK r*yar4to Wimda»4 to forth 
wtpi Tout oKpavr. CotDpaJV Soph. El. (i98, nXXi)c Tpjxif. M' Iir- 
vucdw (Aiigl. M hor»f'Jk*h/ ■(*• qUov nUuntitt msmtmv <})«•« (where ikc 
Schftfer uid Hennann). Trach. 653, »i*xytai ^69ot. £ «4m, s'av omp- 
•iW ^ij* /Mint o^ ditagrmiifhs or vulijnUy} o^m 'HjMiA<'«M iy(u^«rd*> 
tAn'fiuXt Tii^oi oinTi'crat. AtVSo»~-ct>ii>pftre t^'UKtii'^^i'goricaliQtcrpre* 
Itatknof Uora. U. i<', 1 67. ZtvrU . .. (V'vcrtf.f^iy (prfw^ctiyi'dan^. wilii 
1, M : tiifit' ri tei Ai^i 'fl^oi^riiptKirtoi' ^X«»-. »\-x. wi rii-(f ^«oi«, 
^i rift 'AfiakStiat aiyus r^t riw Am ifofipfj^itrtt, nU' ilir^rvv rA< ayvtpo- 
cl^S rw ^iiMtv mMtiy UMiiiAai. aiTt3tr> KonuTiStf, oi ^^m. ji S< at-y\t 
M^mI ru ourmt. ra ^/w. Ilofych : Aiyit' uftiawm^. Suufau : Atylv' «■- 
nuyi'i. 4«(i«piinjc Bli>pfiqca>^^idnrwr' uifuu naicaADr/Mv, oiyic, utylc (jtj^noi. 
KhtiMOi ■dopting a later ooojcctuic of Hermann's, ^' (to place of 
A*) OT»^rrar, tmullles : " VoUcrts el soh iMwtnrfM /MromN a vtK- 
klon* ttrtiaibtu trtlntur. Coin'fulminilNU receo»mtur turliiim, terri- 
(«uk cxvlc»tia ; atri dcvignst ori^cni rn in aliquB re |io«jmin : furor 
abdir a parte procetWum Uealias aJBigetis : • prooeUa accvptum rc- 
■ot hx tdttimonitim. — ^ifiotman wnsa comnoni dieUttn. Mntth. 
I 436. 2.^-ippuam. (ertetur. aarrrt riprrtum. Ila Pen. 367 : wpinr y 
^pi^wft i» — where (aa on Ag. £33.) be baa not been m eaiefal lo 
diatinguish between the a{rtativcvith, and without &, a« in the follow- 
ing note on v. 680 : " rtV Xtym. ftis difat, t^oia cat qui dicut, tlici'aido 
cxprimat i r.'( Xiyn irswi. yvu liiKrit .^ rit arX«y« • V** iHcere pvletC 9 
Cf. Roat. Gr. % 120. 6. a. a. p. JiSS eq." 

5SS. iraFrdX^Mvi ffHarDr] " VidctoT iMUtuUre Tcmu ut iraHwrA^avt 

hliai el tIj ir Kwriaxn. vAa ft site /• 
la^eirt f or b-jU r^tdii rAurt, h-jIi tLe ub- 
A ^tvuna if ht ttit4 ' II kiiualiln. 
r bmv bom. wk» **iiaU chttM t—\je, 
irha aa W «Hi«elr«4, m Umv^I of, m 
in< Kh—wMlBninrk'araadinKfMfmn 
iMy.Hli>]itrObr r.lii)m1.iin(>M.C.l;o, 
taulBUti- Mu>.l'r<l- I.).. l<IUl*I>a. 
_y, DoC w*o timm t d. bol — irf a than 
■wmh to bt AoMi, aad w (WMilr <u- 
iigaoaiMiwilkm w mcanb dw dow oT 
ll. M-Me* qf^ ■• (( ro rAocjl 1/ j' or ado 
n«rf rArcli U t 
Afala Su|di. (Ed. C. HIM (wIhr m« 

RlmUey « nofe). nt -yip aMir aS r^v, 
tfrpntni' tui^ T»1^V, t^ni/ T^tfat 
kuuuUteil. j4iHr tk»uU I ttr M* to— 
as d»Q^ ir kkd afta atl bem admitted 
tato tfcc felt, and r^ru opnMod a 
tciulitiaa •( Tptfrav ; whwfa* ti mi|Iii 
tn have W«a, Aim- trrr >AtwM /. i.e. raii 

I be a>aciar*<l to ■ . . n^«r Aimnir >a(« 

r>r nU. ai ll woald tnAIUblj be foaad) 
ftmttd ti^it* T Aad » >l«o Bur. I ok. 
A. SO, Sf f>4 rt ffiC***> •»* J^mU0m. 
IMV tJiytP : Aow nvr tAovM taut tarn 
nml4f a-*— t.r. )ki<* nui jrgu oxpcct V 
iiimhil III III jiiim ' 



scribalur, qno rocabulo bis in AgBinctnnonc [w. 213. I3CH.] 
atitur.*' C)mt<;r — and so Blomlield boA edited tliis lin« ; i») «-<utarA- 
fiouf (witli fii^oiur' tfpDToic in the Strophe v. A74), ofaserving. bowe^'er: 
" Alinm TOTTecliunctn deeideroi" aiid this deaid«nitura Klauncn has 
tupplicd aa follow*. " Libli : ^ptirif rSiiiiintr, mil iratrAfMit tpfras 

Srautt. Praelerea est ipptavXy in M. G., tnnr^kk/wK in G. A. Ccwuna 
posl rXifi'ii'wi' ponunt T. V. At i|uifinam moaitus fcrct incrtcm rc|»c- 
titioncm ^ptfioj^ui yunuxur ^ptijir rX7p>rui' ? Pnctcrca mctmni prnmu 
turbat particula *al. Itttquc cam crrore px initio v. 573 (581.) lioo 
tom repctilam puto et gemttvos yvmuM&v rXq^irivai' peodere ah tpitnt. 
quod si ngnoTcri*, al»criii9 rt fortius procedlt omtio. Dcindehinxiip* 
to tpwras oxplevi Wiiniun. Hopirtitio htijtw vocftbuU huic loco aptift- 
Bitno, ctcotiftrnuitai>imilliiiioSop)i. Aj. 1 184; eft' ivwjfwrep^vJmiti^ 
iflmmv. tpwnim f aaivavani, (S;uii : ubi DltcnilQ iparrtBt excidit in ccdi- 
cibtts ncsinullia."' 

ird/iovt Angl. titattd. wrddeti — wt Ktauscn : " Pvruiciosam vim amcvia 
vide adumbratom Siippl. 1039. Soph. Ant. 781 Mjq. TlieMf,'n. 1331. 
It Ai^ue hftc loeo dicitur amor peraicifi eotjux ; COnjug«tn «iiiin dKlani- 
KMiWt vox iri>natiOK Ven. 704. Sojih. (Kd. C. 340. El. tiOO. I'hil. 14313 
[Xt'om awvipxa.Y' But oonipon: almTbcb. A54. (vvraf^ov 6i\a>* fjpv. 
Aristoph, Av. 209, Syt, vvv-oiJ fiax (where the Scliutiiuit : wt f>«r*x»vfftt 
rov nvToi' ii'fv rai rijt aii^t vtfi^t). Ilesyrh : IvvvnfuM' avin/fittt i asdfe? 
IVIonk on Hi])p. 9ti3. oE 6aiia<rtT^t ^Cvmtun X>(ij>wi'idcr wa'rpai. Of 
like nguification and use arc ivivyat, v. 5&4, iivmpat Ag. 476. {mw- 
■of it). 16 12. {tvufXatSoph. Aj. 611., and, wr tnny add, ^afu^vrvst 
107. 148. 

fi84. M^» **] " *' M.G.A. t' R.T. V. ortum c falca intcrponc- 
tioDC poet ipMvKiat, <)uiun rcctc ad SforSm tninsjtcit llcnn." Klaiw. 
Translate : for both in beastr and mtn itiicil low. slrong ra l/Ur/nuUf, 
overymarrs and violalea ntjupat asitontUioMt. 

ibid. afiavXioc — from«vXq,a/<Worollivr iiif/MHfV. Ilc»ycfaj'C 
Xef ^fi^iror. iftav aliKti,ifMV09 . ^vtravXof JWhuXiotm: compare . 
536, Ai<(rairXMt. Abrewh corrtpam Oppisn Crn. ii, 319 : qdaX«(W r#" 
tnXnt<ffi ml oXX^Xomtu' vfuuXoi. ti'rat r' tyyis <xovci, ml om iniiMvS* ri- 
fMlirai, as alio Sopb. Aj. 61 1, 6tif fuui^ {tvavXoc. 

> DinJuff* reailiag orS«^. AJ. I20&. 
b I »tf' i"- r. lalWir- jfl^o* IT ifAitut 
ArfT..iAcrHrmann«Mm-riCn: "Vul- 

DoTTill. Lip*, b. Ureul. b. htidH ifiinw. 
MoHn cmmdilioncni, i|ait tarn videtur 

tweeiNaria Mac, at ■■>■ *ut«<n ilnbkitri 
dp ta pMte, lam Brfordlliu rtwpenJ." 
And Irai camrtkni main tlie pMMgo 
«*en more aiiiioaiti; to Klau»ca') pKyQ§a 



Blumfitld tsas notion! onothpr kind of {MmOkia Thcb. 839. iiro^vw 
^ ivravXta llepdt — viz. trma aStuit, ajUU. whence Hesycli : avra^ta,' 
mif^wia. Mid Suidaa ; 'OfiavK'ot' ifii69pcn/t, itii^mfos' vmriivav rt -^i^vt 

ft/ma^. 3«^M>j$t ((£d. T. 187.). 

585. Air/paTotTptM.a lotftlkil itAr* Ipatrot, abkormt lovedded tove, 
and tbrrcforc not to bv lowd, mckaile and vaiolji ,- compve tibovc v, 
366, iK^^pttidrauii fffniiHt (sc. (M x/MMMmM* fM wtuioaamii). Soph. CEd. 
T. 215, rip itnArtfLav «V A«c 0*ip, M. Ari rifi^c Sm, tbfroAd /ran kit 
rmtk amoitg gwU. " Jr' ffmrot [Med.] Aid. Rob. (Wp«>r«f fGudpb.] 

^Toni. [V'ict.] Pan. Uwych : 'Air(j>wir^' <ltnirdp*i<mt : ubi KuBt«r. 
' CooF. Etyra. 31. v. 'Ampuvdr. Apud jl^Mhyl. Cboeph. 598. legiiur 
am'fivnt, quod Schol. inteqtrctator ; orvy^rff, vtrfp^^nsor. Et ym. '.\»«« 

kptnr^f ilidem tntcrprctatur irrvyrir. Ut proinde \-cl apud .'E«chyluni 
vidcatur ^iptmUt. ve) ttpud EUjrm. et lfcs)-ch ; 'jurt'pttnt 

fpro *Ain|>wffifr. Nisi tumcn utnunqac rilioBum eit rt dctortutn ex 
'Ayfp^rxot. quod idcu «i^i£cuv >C vnvp^^avoc notum c»t." In Heay- 
ehio i»ipmnt rcstituit ex hoc loco L. Boa ; led fntstrv ; Tide Phryni- 
rum up. BrkkiT. \>. 8, 8. O/ymoron tragictim vHawiptmslpisxityifMi 
jyofMc ct iiiuilia." BloBif. See note on Ag. 1 107. 

JbU, " m^Mu-ix^, voKfnio nh-il, qaia «inor e justa ]»iet«lc unoria c«a- 

. JngHlis aiiiiRtiiii ta aliam viim dcduriC. Ila Soph. Aol. 793 1 vv mu 

■flumfn* dAiMtT 4vMn» mpaw^t /irl X«^. PnepoaitionU m^ eadem 
mtiu, qiuc in aaptt^mr ii/cTf. nafHipur wifiavt Sopb. Ant. 368." Klaus, 
—who docs not «o well tnvnriKtc " atnftant 'p*N, am«r tMriuu, odintn 


S67. imimnpot i^)M»ri'(n>. Ang;!. light -miiiM, volatile, or fiighty ; 
6ebol : *V]; vmiwrnpot' i ^ [t.«. •vt>s ov] «oC<^Ii oXA' oXtAm pa^U' 
0ilw>. Hc»yeh : "YmhrrtfKM' nufar. «^ i wriirrr p m 4 ra:(vr. " Sic Aid. 
Rob. Med. [Guclph,]. wrwrrtpoicTuni. Stpph. rrccntiorc». Utninquc 
Icctiooem meniorat Schol. *Y«^rr«f»of aiki pUccrc wt Stepliunue, " ut 
It MMm : bru rovtiA S Xtyu ifitct St oij^ i/tthmpit iativ, Sfa» i^ 

w.T.\:' Blomf. 

KIui9cn'» rautructkin of this pauagc is ray forced : " vir^r. 4v- 
■ 3Mi(, jtti coyUalUmilua aiatma di*eit, vt\ tt, mi mox itvolant ea que 
'difcit. qui nicuc oblivischur. Seiat juitqait tette mtmeria imrf." 

5S8. imii. ActviMf itm M/ormrd. He>!>-ch : OaiU' itaMv. EinlaUi. 
OflOd. iv. p. 15O0, I'i: ri it iSfUKit, m) ri da^nu. iiet^iptt. ^fiirvi itir 
y^, ri oLto^lfv (lArmi' Sa^rw A(, r& trijm0n>. Il )■ an Homeric verb, 
■od but of nre ocruirence in ibc Tkigedians. Compare Ag. 1 23, 
^xJHovt rUt huroAwnit (where ece the note), Sopl). EL 16!), i ti 



t>6$tTiu iy r' fwir £» t' Adi|. Eur. llec. 78. ^cpipiuf <^i» ^o^.V^V- 

Phcen. 826, ffapdapOV at iJi«b»- J&a^, fiafir wtw' tn c*«u«. 

5tti). T^ A wmtoXviiat ■ ■ . vpivomr} " ^aodnaa incntdii conri/tKm r^ 
perii TAfHka. Poaann. x,31,4: ri^it Arl r^ itAA \iyor. In 
fuy tiri MotpSn'-nj ' .KS0ai^, MtXtayfio ti <n> trpirtpotr n«( riprnXrvr^ wit- 
fUlvm, np'iv If inri vupoc affuu-iafiiivai tm- itA6<r, ciii «m i«4 roi B^fiou jiimi- 

TOt iv fijM/Mm H<tf* nXii'pww'oit' KfiMpif yip ov* ^v^ f^fiar, 'tUua i* 

Idfm liftud dubie erat exhibitum in ifriettffro Scij^hocli^ ct Kuriptdli. 
E rcccDtioribux cf. A[)ollod. i, 8. Diod.iv, U4. Ovid. Met. viit, ' 

Schol : a muiiAifiat. ^ r^ imtSl JiltKt«yp<f X«i^*imfMi^. OSm fi ' 
^rriva fi^ovnv tt^ivuiv roXnira QforiAi 7 irtti&Aiifjutt [iratftDllJfcqv] ai mfH 

591. irvf^ta^ rira ff(><{i'rua»] " riM dclcti jul)«t POrtnst m^dd^TU HcT- 
raaDuiu ap. t^fuTdt. nd Kopli. Aj. p. G'26. Scholiasle IcgiMe videtiiT 
wvpiaf/s. AtidiiHlntc quidcni defttilulii cat fomiu irvfi'^i^if. nee oQrn- 
dere debet «\IIal>ci brcvix nntc mntnm cutn liquid* in mt^lio* prodiictft }. 
vid. SfidliT. </<■ Verm. DoeAm. p. 22. n." Blourf.— '■ irvpM'T. V. 1 
ex coTTcdionc corum, qui oltcrum non intclligrbnnt." Kinua. 

The Lodefitutc nm in«y b« eup-pQccd to modif)- Uic Irrni wvpimi, ia- 
BSniudi o» it was but indirectly, that Altbsca could be sajd to have 
tiertroyed her son hy firt. 

£92. KoratSavrra] Tlxis rcetomlton of what tlic anlifttro])be v. COS, 
proTCa to lidvc been the original word — corrupted Croin KATAIBOVIA 
into KAlAliMrZA. whence wtTtfoium .\ld. «' nTAMKM Rob. Turn. Valt. »i 
— 4rst proposed by Canter, haubcra received by all but I'bdw, Heailil 
and Botlic who hMvc edited aiArupn: Por«oii aiidSchutJtinML«a; Bloinf; 

Ibitt. fla^i*ii»'— Blomfirld trnn'lalcii entntiitm? and compana Pram. 
1033, Sa^u^t aU-ris : but WcUaiicr more correctly renders it in 
idioe nAenttm, and ao Klauaen 1 "ia>^iAt dictum de /uIm titie 

■ " Umc Undam oMdTit nemefM:, 

qnod CDllid pooat ei II. ti, »9. tq.uU 
BUDnwrAatifrlbunntGrwiunMiDi. Me- 
lA^nun *n Apnllin' nrnim tr^dUerMit 
■uutom riSr ' H Mvr ct rnt Hirv^i, tnte 
ruuuiax, .11." Rlumf. 

* " Libiri KoIPai-f a- M. : q Bf9aDra, 
H<aaA pro fxidmi facll ; it ct 11 Mrpluane 
pcmuUtii." Kluu. 

It, Be. attiticulonuii ; ' ii^od iBlhl plaort,* 
iniiuil UntliTno, ' nam turrcn iltaan f 
Inuiu ifueumh Althaacm^fMOaBft 
dwnmaiproiitct ttolomn, qnenobi 
itun fratrnm fnoruni ■ M«M«ro ftd . 

ruanrimnil.' — tafww Mita UMImMI 

ncrmdiidbiiltrrt." DhwiT- "Ao^aitM' 
tc MMfmMoi." Bbnil. 



uloMi Mior*. Igni «tuin eum inuiuwrant Parcsp, ut cft apwl Ovidium : 

" In ilnmninm tripUces poitiere sorores fla^rantcm mater ab igni 

critMiii torrcm." Sec Monk un Eur. Ale. 598, Xtimtu a iai^Mrii t\», 
and COtnpare Hoych : Am^tniw' itAair, titurir, irouiXor, ipvBpin, wufipom. 
993. &iXdi>] Blotofield qiiot«9 from Hanstrrhuis oo LudKn vnl. i. p. 
iOO. : " Propria via est, <|uaiit or!^ rocaboU poettUat, titiaois erdcotia 
ct acra&ti. Gnuunintici vttcna ul Od. C. -ISS; Auirvftof £Am>, et 
pluribiu Meeychius. SuX&r<iff&rov^f<i>u Antonin. lJb«r.e. rriii. Am- 
butltim loma Ckjtrmaat ai an Cotripit ; Virg. j^. xii. 398. OeM* 
GloBMF lilioitem et tarrtm cip<iiiuiit. Titionem mtgua mppettal estivctitm 
y»CO Iwvem temitatwM, exiiitetttm." llcsych ; AuUt' fuXaronptic i^fur, f 
Xafurir, f (vXcv ntatpiiow. v& J^iifu'rt» ^Ckoir. impA rA SaUafim. f)/»uf 

ihid. Ani, ex yno, Atigl.^m the time that — Mfl no Ag. 40, Scbol : 
iwti- o^' o£ ; tu which be addf. in «ipliuiati(Hi (us it shoald acen) of 

totr' fffn*. «fiirr yryt miroi ; and on t. 593 ; (iiiiittpor' Hr wfifWTjpqMTS 
ofry itt ri iti 0wv [trsiupwe] ^Mipdi^pwfo* f fxy ' X Jdrw, (i*rA i{i)upti|r 
{M^r ri 0«4 Mo^ii SmroCitftnw.^-where Stsniey eotninm Virg. Xo. 
is. 107 : Ergo sdcrot praoiiieK dks, ct tempore Puxa Dclntn com- 

£97. AJuif&f fw'] "AXmem.Ptaiw. Liliri £Uui. — t>}ru>*M.G.R. 
iifnm'A.V. dfi nit' T.. quod ncrperuDtPanw. et receatiom. At w- 
tuizn est Aq, quod legit ctaua Sdiol.. qui pravc cxplicat : [d>Xi jq*] avi 
«M»«v ro urrw «#r<c." Kbusen — whom I fo)kiw Uiuh far, bat not is the 
Rubjuine«l inteipretation, which *iould have been more ii[>]iri;iinnte to 
llcrmnnii'econjectant reading: <IUw S' itrrlrt-rX. "AiutMjammier- 
Miir ali^KU M entioM', vol aliam narrationibn* hnminum ecmuncmo- 
retsun arersctar aliquis : tu4 vrvytip dictum pro r'n vrvpir», ut H»m. 
(1. iii. 2B5 : T/tiat irritf' 'Ekttnir mt ari^MTra irarr* oroAouvui, ct onuMo 
prgnonune T*r, iade&mto tuhjecto, Hes.Opp. 590 1 fw*V m9oKa mriiitw 
oIm* i'* &*iif iCofurar. Malth. f S40. Simili* exbortatio eat Ivra V Svrtt 
'■¥,576. UtToqnc loco tc ipium alloquitur cboma." 

Tran«lato ; A fertai* otkrr pertpH on r«»rrf it \* for »» t9 /oolAr' — 
or loathe we.' or tei mt» loathe ! — the blowlg Sej/Ha SfC. Sie : and undor- 
id the &q, which Stephenn On the Greek r^ethe partictta. p. 57, 
ctiamt-tcnzcf logicaQy u "alwayi ndhcriag to the copula, inatcad of 
the natijrirt or predicate," to give eraphaub to the latent ccpub (t«) 

* Tha coemBoaMaa ootutrvctun In rmrrf*^ te Utlorp Idt w ta halke. ).». 
I It^hli wmUboTfUr amtAer mman ar •■ vHtH ^itttelttUm t« iUnUti. 



ronlmaed in nvd. vtiich^^cv the Appcndiic to Notes on tfa« Agamem- 
non^ p. 3b7. foot-note (n) — we itii^Ut e-xiircsa in Win by En pcooi. ' 
gr wmwiNMnii,- w that. Uic nabJKt bang indefinitely Sporvvi or iiA, 
wad the predicate •rrvyrt*, the entire prapoaition is ; EtI profeclo quom, 
ttnUer AUh^ani. — or Aliam pro/edo sonnniiiitmi — mnnorur InuHlam, 
meeraarutr, «r <ivcrtm(ur kumtHtx. 

59^. ijfijiiir vtmt, at thf hfli^ation of en neiity. vndrr the w/lttnct < 
aumiitt; iu wMch latter sense Klau&eti (imjiniperiy, 1 ttiLiilc) oonnerta' 
thc«e wordit witJi a^niiAtrn'—" faoMibu* cciim Nisum iwrdeadum tndi- 
dit Scylls capillo dcmto iDcrmcm," " uwtp Glatg. 8cliiitz. [Dind.], 
Kd ij^piiy vv<u est ab kosliinia eommala, at U .vi, 73, Tf>M« 'Afi/i^XtHt 
W 'hT^iiw'ldiiav itffaviS'i'rai'. OtiUMO partlcipio ezpUcRnda est prapo- 
oitio, at quuin prir ni^ficut." Well. 

601- ;(piJiTn>d^^Ta((nv Spfujitl " ;[^9'«iid^>iroi«iv librJ. Hcfm. COftj. 

}(fviroifi^ttrii' ct in etrophica irv^aiTriv. At dubia est bujus forma 
mtto. Dulntari po&eit, iilruni ianibicu [trocliaica] dipoiliiL sit priiuusj 
pes, an crcticiu. At ti crcticus, in i)tr;>phico solata babcnda est i 
Tiltima, et in nostra synizcsi poalcBCDtiB re. Formam jfpwnit^tfnt 
enitii uonfiruiat j^fiuirtiiimiA^iot P«rt. 15!). Neque probabile eM cor* 
Tvctionc cam cwc lUatam, qnia frcqucntior in coni|>(Miiti]i est at<ua ipmus 
Mibstantivi ^p*-'^'- — Scyllain lorq^it Jcmo comipUm exlubct M*Ay- 
lti9, ut Eriphylajn Aniphiaral uxitrem. Rcliqui smorv.- Paiu. i, 19,4. 
Apoll. iii. 15. 8. Vii:g. Georg. i, 404. Cir. 130. Ovid. Met. rni. 90." 
JQmm.' " ToUun hnnc fabukm n:jicicl>iuit Mcgarcoecc, tcrtc I*au«uwi 
1, 39. Vid. Heyn. m! .AjioUodor. p. 345. ¥. Ursin. ad Virg. Ed. «. 
74. ScyU« parrictdiuin cum facinore C]Tt«-iune*tne conpantTii Pro- 
pertius iii. xvii, 19." Blomf — who comparoi Eur. El. 173, c^ Ar* 
iyXatait, ^'Xoii Svfiif, otV M ^ptivimt SpfKUf JmrrwAm/tai raXoina. Moc- 
ria ; 'Op/i^it. 'A^riKi** iKpirpax^Xioi-. 'EiXijnuAt. CompuTC alfio llom. IL 
x^'iii, 401 : rga-i iri^' tirintT jiiiXHintf iaiiaXa iroUui, inffnriu r«, yMi/nr* 
rm 8 tXuat, MXwcac n mtl Sftiiamt. Od. sv, 460. xni, 294 : Jjhmv • • < 
jfpimw ijXirTiioivir itpfUynif. EuT. Alcmcon fr. ii, 2. Hesych: 'O^fMv' 

and Mc above on. v. 515. 

■OwiMrellar. Ocl. I.i.3i SVhI fiMf 
Mt T«aO i-unirak) puirercm U Ifmpicnm 
CcdkdMc juTU. 

* " TmU *ero iiniddkm tutntar ■» Ps> 
nOeUi natarolw uti9Hati*. p. 30Bi Pb. 
dh fDMlim Dkbdo m EiiMaain ijadU 

Virgo t|i(i'l rliilarrhnm I. t. Tilio ^fn> 


ni^ EC Mliiiuii ci iu Dmuiciu Twuctwa 

CHOEpHOR(E or .^scm'Lus. 


r>0!2. vi^Tvova, kavhig obfyfd, oryMMtt9i 8M BottmBtui. Irrtf. 
Grttk Vrrh*. p. 201, who comptrcs id this mdm. m iltsiiiij^uixhcdfrom 
wtKtM$iit, tnutiag.nfymg ra, Horn. II. ix, 1 19: ^<ri XnydkijiatirtOiintf. 
JUes.V. 357: •uu.a./>r^ .r>^f .mt.,369: rvx oU<^i,aattn^attt: 
to whidi Kkiuen has added Find. Pyth. iv, 109 : lliXiotf iStfur Xommv 

"miAi«iiini libri omnn. miffAora ex Hcatbii cineadetiQoe Van. 
Adivn. p. 140. Ghug. Scliulx. Both. Schwenlc. [Bloml] ; qnod co 
itiinns 1-crum puto, qood et in smiphicQ libri ocnn«s in corrupto rafAiwa 
cansmtiinit, a«quc iatcllip p(>lc«t, qnoinodo Ktko6tiaa in mi^Tcmcra cor-> 
ntnpi potuerit. Reocpi AbrMchii cmrndstioncm tcf^'tvaffa." Well. 

603. N!««i> ddonirat r/Mjpir] " Nisom regent Megiine vidn Soph. 
X,^.tt. 19. Pous.i. 39. 4. Voc!9 aAiMmit notio propria noQ ett I'miwir* 
taHlalnn prahnilii, t«i qua mortem mm patitur, itAquciumvccantctiaiii 
vinim. cui adbacret. Bcmt > morte. Cct«ruii) rcliqui poctn banc cri. 
acta natmai ut pignua uriila rocmomsit ; Ovid. Met. viti. 10 : " tatgm 
fidncis rcgni." Virg. Cir. ] 33 : " Boicvs medio fulf^cbat vertioe cri* 
nis. CujiiB qaam Benratit diu nalon fdiaut, Tarn patriom incdumcm 
Kui re^urnqoe fntunun. Concorde* itabOi 6rmarunt iiuniiDr i'amr." 
Apud ^tcbyUtm ipM Niai vita pcndet n crioe, it»qac co dctoneo Scylla 
dicitur cruentn, ^u.Hi : eommodiO, ut dtrrctias^xhibeaturaccliu, ethaud 
dnbiv mven petitum c fabula vciusta : quum in bit ab ipsii r^ibm 
pendtuiit civitatoin aortee. et ipee Nisus nihil VM nlt>i S'itaa. qux vidc- 
batur qiAM pigmu Megant. peiBOnu. Cf . Vokkcr in A%. Scbulz. 1 833. 
ii. lOO." KUoa. 

604. Mw^'trair'] " tpolimt. Orid. Met. riii. $6 : " falali uata pa- 
KnteraCrineauum BpnlitU" — unded nooKO Cnm, ib. 151 : " iaavem 
mutata <ro<atar Ciriii, ct a tomo est hoc nomen adqtta capillo." 

Ibid. airpnOouX^n- " Quipjtc juwmii Iwo ponua Miooi expendebat. 
'AvRfM^ a tmi nu Himot, ^ cni wfuMmmt rir wvrifta, tpt/uigfitiaa r^ 
JaUcr^f. PrDp«rtius de eadem Ultg. tii, 17 : Pendet CVetm tncta 
paella rate." Staid, — axtd to the SelkoliaM : tbtpoSoUXMt' drpoM^nw, •£ 
wpfMf^lu'nf r« Anffiiir^pnmr. it nptMru )^ rm warpit miump^t^ imi 
hlirmtf. But Uk Pool's object was to ealisi hi» be«i«r»' »)-nipathies oo 
tbc side of the iinconaeioos slMper, not of her that thai nnnaturBlly 
" murdered sleep." We cannot beaitate, therefore, to coonect ikp*< 
^tiXut with rritaS' Zmnf, and tiaoalatc : eanlesaly drawiay hU hmth 
in tlerp. 

So Blomfield i " foraan refeiaa ad Niiniiif atae nupkiOMf sterttU' 
ftm. Aiiftoph. Ftut.SOO. tJ^ JM lunJIa p difni mv": aadso Elaascn : 




" AnjM&oikut cum Bothio rcfcra ad ttWdM?* {nri^ : id cnim cvrliini etl ct 
appOMtum. iiMVMulto et teaire dormivhae Ninrm ; qiiuin, u de Scrlls 
di4;tiiin owct, nt putat Schol., inteUigcndnc suiit r« nliir (fun Iiik* non 
licilinont, mors Scyllar ct tsiiia. ijiia.' rummijtiiiit Mim]>liritiimc nnrs- 
tiooia. — aTp(i/3ni>>(9, dichtm pro incoamtUo. c rint. Leg. ix. p. 8€7. B. 
tfiert Stqih. Thesaunu." 

60.'). a ievv6ifipap. the fhtoneietf rrfBlon ! vi<>xc1niiiation wliioh voa- 
tnst? wi-II with tlir context in whtcli il u found, and uplly dca<:ribeB 
Ihc boldacea of one wbo hud the bcnrt to do i deed, to wliicli Sti«k> 
F])eiuv*s Ltify Macbeth coafeatc^ hpivelf nnrqual. " Had be not re- 
KBibled mj/ /other, et ht slept. I hnd dune 't :" Mat'Wth. Art ii. Sc. 2. 

tibmkY COin]>am tlviti, II. vi, 344 -. iaip ifuio, nr^ ramiatxatnv, 
itpvoiirtnit, Blointicid Stippl. 7i>S, i^va9^atU- Thcocr. td. xr. 53: 
twm6a(taiit 'Evvia. Compare aUo II. i, \^0: nnrSma, tl). 225 ; nw^c 
Smutr fx""- 

G06. mxir<i.ti ^»r] " wyX^'*' ^^■S-[Rlon)rSrholcf.I>iiNl.}.quod 
probal Scliwenk ; »d notuni est ttix""* Alticis {vtininin producere ; 
irid. Beck, ad Biir. Htpp. I44+," Well. On the other wdr. fcrMimk 
and Mnttliiw <>n Kur. Hipp. HA4 {I44'J). and for n eaHsfactDry eolu* 
lion of the question, Bnltm. Irrtg. Greek l>r**pp. 147-8. Hwychiu* 
has : Kiy^opn^' tlawparmv, Xd^ivtJi'. KvY\arm' rvy^'i'w. iw R]t*(> ; Kt;^- 
wiw' riiyiiiTiiEfiv. citruXnfiStiMi*', rCirn'fiitmii'. Ki;i^KU' ttx^aaeOai, Xn^Ir.^— 
ftu-]. " Btomf. ya, Md fiti- ttnrum occiirrit 777 (773), ct ttlecn roccpit 
Pore, c Musgravii cmciidationc i*hccn. G^'t. Vide Scidl. ad Ipb. T, 
1216." Schok^f. ^/|/jp«J. p. 24. 

/Wrf. 'E^tfi^(]. Klau.wD — after having nhlviirL-iiiiI n ippi rtoflhc 
ScbolilUt's CXIllaoation of ;iiv: nxam (eic}* rnr Nivni-. ^j tiji Suitor, 
that, CTCti supposing ^schylcu to hnr« held that Seylla mt pnt (or 
pnt hciTcIf) t'.i dcratli in consciiucncc of hpr critnc. \\v yH was ron- 
certicd nilhcr in this place to record tliut Si»u» was cut otr — with 
equal rcasoD objects to the glotts : 'Z^st' i Ainrrot, f» aMaming loo 
mucli. wht-llipr. with Slnnlty nnd Valelcniir oh Eur, Hipp, 1443, we 
arc to supply irofnrarot (Uom. Od. xxiT, 1. Soph. A}. 83*2. <£d. C. 
1547.) J or WXw. as bcl-^« vv. 709. 791. Soph, Ki. I39t;. Me then 
proceed* : " Nnnc. quum dictum sit «;^iu'«« 'fLpii^f. inquirendum eat 
quidiuua pcculiari Mcrcurii natunc tam coniinodtutii >it, ui. rjunnqtiain 
nuDo cognominc nddito, tamcD rpontc intcUcctinn ail a Cncda hoini> 
nibiM, Mcrcurii nntuni est dirina v'n tvnjvngetuli m qwte nhi amtrvno 
taitt, idque sine ullo ollius rd alieos umi. Perfert iUe res luperas od 
ioleroe, onitat die rigilem ia dormieatrin, niulat formos et mntatkma 



inhibec, tdqne tun peculiari jiotentia, cujta tymbolani est taducaa. 
Agit igilur ejuii oumcii in omni nibita inuUtionc, cujus nuQii r«p«riri 
potot externa cauM idoiwa. Ttilitt Mt Xiei rnom, «]utiin prnrtcm 
nemo moriBtur capUlo doloiuo. Subita mon potest repeti etiam ab 
AiuUtnc, scd nnnnbi ca in qua ccmittir aliqua via, vd externa, yd in 
ipm nktunt iniita. agent tnorbo wl apoplcxia. UIh nulla oomino 
ctrnitur muM. more rvpelttur u Mcrcurio. Itn more Argi ^nyovM- 
jnjmc aiipvifliof /wipot Pram. CSO. quam miiit Merciiriiu Soppl. 30A. 
In tiito igitur desigiiat Mi.Tcuni mcntio, detotuo eofiilh earn tmbUo 
MtMt. Et nic htce pockri* SeyUx clc«cnptio omnino geqna]ii cat ie- 
Bcriptiooi focinorift Althcte : ita qiudeni, ut ii]iu«|uieque tctsu Kuam 
trxltibcat ecnteolkun : ' utriQaque stroplue v. 1 . adnuHttionrm, t. 2. 
AltliKX ctSo'Uic afiMmi maithium, v.S. actlia iptum, ihi crcmatio- 
netn.hicconruplionem, v.A.pertiitapiffnorttvilff, v.S.rBtionemmvrtu, 
ibi a ParcU. hie a MGrcurio rqxrtitaiii." 

C07. firrl A' VmfirTTo^qr H.r.X.] " twtiw^vafui' Mi.Tian. i/u^v^fup 
Rob. ^jiv^/uej' Pauw. Poraon. Scbiltz. ^tfunjinippr [Heath. ^ H«r- 
manniu. Ilunc li>nini, iiijux neqiie n>ru>Inirliunein nnjuc aeatcDtiiBi 
expodirc poloi. alii alitcr tcntarunt, fdicitcr' nemo : Jmtr twtitniaiim^ 
SdiOtz., et oK^lovt pro oxai^c [ri pro ay — eoch i» Blomfidd's ctm- 
did avowBl, and jiut estimate of the attempts of preceding interitru- 
Icrs, of whom, in thia tnsluncc, he mi^ht as jiully liavc added : " ex 
uno di»cc omnco." 

Amoo^ later cdilOTB, WeUaner only hoa nipplied the right key lo 
tlie oooiCmction : " tneat aiuoolullua quitdam, qtue fcfdlit tntirrpretiai. 
ApodotU coim tnctptt • TCTbiK ou^mt it, ubi nemo otfcndat in paiti* 
cula 8(, quiun in apodoiu tarpe iufi-Tn diKMtnat llcrtn. ad 1 [ymn. Horn, 
in Ven. 229. id Cer. 297. ad Vigw. p. 784. a. Wolf, ad Leptin. p. 297. 

' I« aoeordaara witli ihia ia(tidiM», 
bnl too faMcrifal, nplunutan KIjmib ba 
dram op UiU trwtvi ttraphe aod uiU- 
ttnifilM mfirr \ioci at iinwontod karlh 
ud ■MlR— tlte fint cndini «Wi *^M^> 
mm ^alaw: lb* MOOOd oitli /fftw^ 
K^«raH't: tb* third wiHl l«»jw*r... 
MIw : and th« laat biU OM «1(h ■•A^>«M 

' It nffcrnM> e» w plk Mi tathiaitrdirt, 
ikat rrofiuM Sdwikdd, tai Ui J/yt»- 
du p. £1. kw fmfomd to conawl Lttt- 
pvi «, "il MM CMC powialt" 1*iUl T. 
C07. tkut: " QHon^dm mMMr«(4 pnuw* 
lllliil»ifii a wn <« ptuwm eOKrtaim. 
far— qafa •euScM aoqw AMhm m^w: 
Bejrl* taao avtsonMUs naulb iw, 
qaM oopllniii foaliu vtUaTcrtt;' ana 

l««*iA)t -wi^twa nilh t. fll3. mtt. 
BwrThxeJ into V*' A*4^ Iffoj JwHaJrwt 
I0a», ttfaidi he waaU IniuUlc : MMW. 

KUuma'* iotefprctaliMi of tlMi («oMv«d 
tnt h aiajr be nScMit bera la or. Hm 
It MU oat iritb : " 4m1 W, Jeimtle, pra 
f«*i*a,"uke rtiD p«r«iiiC*«lMii> tran*- 
lulnc '■(' in A«. IW. 200. ; and ilut It 
««ttU cennret both » J m »« hnI ww>4A*i>- 
fia widi ArffinK^Bfi en »tucfi Wring 
wtU obMn>ad ; " tnjifittJfiv, MtMua 
dcKTbBsaeta.A«.3U(33l)}; Sarrutf 
MW»MWPia."b>taiU*> '-C*,«i»i|a« 
■uudt Cbavut . In )c<iutiTiD MM aAlttoinr ; 
Ml viw iTnmm precreatcninl. tn iccu' 



WunckTl. ad.Eschin, p. C3""— ImttherocaningoftWpaMagcWcUBOCT 
isvcpyfarfromluiviiijr imlprlt('ii, wlini lie adds: " Jam vtro Iiic nmia- 
sum ert vcrbuin rttr, quodinfrn dcmum v. 620 (613.) rcpcritwr, aitdito 
8/. (|(i')(i p<«t parcntheein repcli eotcre notavit Hirm. nd Sojih. H. 77C. 
ScDfUs igilur hie erit : Poftjitirm lam alrocin mata commrmi/rtti'!. intern- 
festive vnnmrcvMntibiinn dftrKlnmhim . muUerisifue ituidias virv irfrwrfaw 
Htmifiomii, vira hostihus ob tiuyestiHem invin), ixtempealitv tmtervrafg- 
lectam domum etc:" for what we are to undentnnil bj- inlempeitnt 
vaurai*. is not a whit tnon- iiliiin tlmn, vb«t bjr Amifm^ tH. 

The *»', then — that 1 may iIccImt my owu riew of ihi aw hen in 
npodooift — Krvt*. ad we have already »Pon on v. "S. at onc«' to carry 
on the sentence, b» rommcneed. rrri ft' — , nml to san^e wot aanipMt 
ae the councctinf; link, whorchy nhal follcivre h Bul>joined (or, more 
eorreeUy, w/ «vr'' againtl) n« inddentnl to ihe mention of aftrAij(m» 
■rtiiwf. Wo may trnnplitte. ncponiingly. witliouT any alteration of lbe 
text : But HOW thai / am on itir euhjerl af mmercifuP wrotigt.hehoU! * 
among iMnyr thai art not at tliry shouM ie* 1 might mention «» O^Sm* 
awrritigr, revotling li> Ihe jwlarf wtiieh is profniiwl hy it, and iffefi-taitl 
fiots formed in ihe spirit 'if a Waman'n rulnil againtl a Man thnt hare 
armt, ogatntt a Mnn /Ac anger of wktt*e majrtty waa <rircctcd agmtul hit 
eaemieB — not, aa in the ckh: of the inq-Iorioii* nnd effcminaile --Kgislhua 
(«e V. 2fl(i. Ag. IGfJj. I64.2), ogninsl his uiinisiK-cting friwid* ! 

To make out Uic cnnatructicni, il is nhviiHut to t>up|)ly (ns 8ta&ley 
fropoeCB, fii^iffoitrir) ftrrjiratTi nt or fii-^cairAii nnpa, COIItp<tnng^ Aff, SI9, 
oA ^iXwr wpotrmrnnut. ib. 770, jropr airo)K>vifH ^fia yf^fui^i^uHic. ib. 
In72. (triitttt rt^'it ilpy. and with ataipuK (lucii here, like iljinXVyMP. 
in Q meta(ihTBical atid moral eciisc)" out of place or ool of order, auisf. 

' This in. jn nbdOnicf , flif very '^pt"- 
iHtlou tli4it KLituni •bo hu iiirm : ' ' Pax- 
tieuia U (lr«i|tiuit HPiitcnlianiTii progrc*- 
ran, intr«Mliu«ni mm natc in hiv nf *u 

rB antcocdniti oninrt : "— itJtrrTnit: na 
the OM that hr hM mftde of it : " i'l 
^uoil in liM ordinr tain Anrnm Nrt. JI^■ 
eordiM- mala.rt/ontfm'/iHil'-mmalonim 
tt (». 613,] /iufrjitinu ^HiVmi iwflfcruni 
— uoJpvi SmtCiA't. (jtiud iHlevipnliee 

tonlfWN fKlitm ni, <iauinaniorClitKui- 
nntne, oh nwlhtaw tiimi ««iii<«vu iu 
otlam,ana*he*» ill fnrinerU.qiwd Mti- 
Jnciain [Afvme mm mii ant,] vAHmi iii- 
wiuam ri •Mntaliilr t«l<li<lit 1— uupuf, 
tiffimwle. lUEitf. Ilri.lttll r&Ko,^- Jj. 
VMAwra," Cumimnr Hem. iin Siipli. 

niii.ns. ra. hwa. 

* CoDipim the note on Ag. ISC 

• aiifMi, IrtntMr* tie ^gUelUnu •! Umi 
lumibof Mm: Sroi. rMr^AoMfraaUw 

' MnrelitcnllT: Intonrminlttfart 
jUls danf. ami", no t^lioiu pM/riaMf' 
4-e. Off. ; M l>cl««». WO'.iurfpwflf'CW*- 
v«u miittit be rendaml in fmniliH Bait* 
liBh : rJlr rfnf/4. ngiw'" (i'C- m thcMKi* 
tc^l J'-'tlnrri. m n/An- um^vj tfOrfttt. 
Vomiiarr tht KfU-kuoini iiliiiuui : TJ Ui 
(imiti imirm r ri'Ao/. OfMfn, (wUkcMi> 

Irvin, ^i fit) naihi«itrra, K. V. ''dilafld 
H'hu^ mm iKit rv^ivuti^v/ --" Rod, I. xB* | 

■ C^ominTT S1ttlH|>. HunWi. Ai'I ■■ 
h : "Thf Itiiic is 'jtil "fjoiil. O om 
fpltv ' Hut cicr 1 ni boni lu Mil 
nfhtr *" 



coninrc Ag. 7*7. Ttlc rt Ainitwt ca) tA» Jimfput m'Xu' i>ii:«ii|MMTa irokf 
fM-, and the note o» imiax^'it Ag. 7rl5. CtMnporc al*o Sopli. EL 75, 
Kat^>^ ytifl. SoTip avifwai fif ytcmX' 'f'l'uv Tortot itrr irttTvarnt. Qul. T, 
S74. wi^c, >■ •> vnumk^afia /uSTdc 4 fi<f 'awocpa jurdt uvft^fwrra. 
iU 1SI3, »•< $< TovT* tCx*^ f*M> "^ MV^ A*i Cv'- Pbil. 837. Mt^ 

fiM wuiTov yrufMii' (Cx"' troXv mpa ir^^ f^ant tifuvrm i IQ all OT wUich 
jiiiiwm» III a more Itnn ordinary signiticunn' attaches itself to the ward 
MMfth* M iJiu I'liut'a aHicciHioiiurthiiL Mgnil tiystcin, liy eocne tunn- 
ed " th« cternil l)tne« or tbings", which ^E»chyliu coUa p»i(Mi, and 
Eiiii|mU'j( &r^ ir<^>« Plitni. UIC. oiiil 7 lUftfctn ib. 923.' 

Witli ifuAixuT. harth, uHplnsani to the uatontl or mornl laalt, m* 
kmtily, Hnavciablt. c-uiiiporc the uw of wt^tot Ag. 432. Itceycfa ; 'Aiul- 
Xi^oK' airpn<7i)*^r, an*i!it, oxXifpot- Hum. H. ix, 158 ; *Ai9ift rai n^fwAt- 
^liot. ^' d&ifiaaTOff. ib. iG8. afi*{kixop imp tgavvnt. zuv, 734. uxwrac 
afif«)i/j;«v. Pind. I'yth. viii, 8 : aiitikix» *:6nm — with ymvunfi^Qum ni- 
xtiat ^(urmv contnjt Ag, 11. yMtouMc ati>p6ffmA«¥ Aml^ur «Mp— And 
«ith tgoiw tVurrirf). whicli WG may coonect eillier with ib^',' or (see 
ubove on t. 149) witU Wdor, cominrv below v. 932. oXtd^Nor im'owr' 
A> «]c^|poie nvftiK. Scbol : /ir' ar-9^) ^ojS*^ mii a^liarr^ tal ttnpa ro*$ ro- 
X(/uMt. i'roni. Ifi'J, 6 A' ArueorwciMl nSifinint SypOjiwnv via*, ib. £03, 
*H^t ^vuciinMO'i iii)it-T* SafUMTB. llMrb. 784>. Woou d' djMi/iit Ji^itKtw fm- 

till, m lu^i r<vx«^i>t>] " UccBt hie versus in Guelph. Aid. Rob. 
Turn: propIerKimileM^ueiitUiiiitiuiu." Well. CooipnicTbcb. G44, 
Si-dfNi rtfx>)<rrq*>. Pen. 902, iripan mxijor^pwr. Gur. Suppl. (>54,nvp(fir- 
^dpgr Xa^. Inc. Bh«», S67. ^mtAratt Tnex<»^f>ow> ib. 3> trvjcv^f^pM' 
f*'«r. llcsycb : Tn';^ii«' fitfiXtov, SrXof, ftyy^t, miiat. 

C13. f^A'a.rJl.] " f«*a><' Turn, riwrft'edit. cetem. rMI'IVan. 
r<N^' Aumt. Wu r' Bigot. ru> i' Stanl. Ucsth." BlDtof— and ra Wd- 
Innirr. SchoIHicld. and Kmlorf : r<w i'. Khiuwnalnnpn-lnining n'mr, 
withuut one word of apdo^ for tile maaculiac gender. trajudate«: idfuf 
atlau/vaim gdion lym caraUtm, ctkag anUiebre impfrium : and adds 
in MitUutation of hi* meaning : " tanta »unt main inca ut is, qui milu 
eolmdna sal. focus neglectus jaceat. Uesigoat Bocn domcstini baud 
rite perpetrata, quiaea, qiue fadebat iEgnUuu. pro veris Bacria haberi 

' Hnu* probablr llfayck t Kmifif 
Xptr»i i i^ni ic«{pia*, 4 ' T«v Imt i> 
fttftit — oitk rafetiiiu* to tlid Mifipotnl 
ptfteliMt ef ibc uyMchuv* nnnlinr Sr- 

■ Camftrr CW. dr 0»r. it, IT : SnI 


mna. ainhn tt i—tt*p*Mt aiinnir i fai 
ntioMa wyterfif ! fcrutlur tmitu ci 
aplinta n*tmn» ft wfritoti* nmplla. 

mwiWm—— in Hjin/. IV iiirjiiirilii 


tioB potennt. Ita Ag. 70 Jlctunt Smpa Upa .... Huic ueglecto ioco 
■ppoeltiooc ulditum est id, cujuv causa nc^lcctus est" — oil 'whiclt is 
v'lii! indtrcil uf thp iiitfrprotatinn which, sfter the Scholiast's : iSfp^aw' 
vow iSpaavnvr. onA Stanlcj'fl : Magril/acio larem domus om auJaeem. 
■nd H<!at1i'8 : Contra t'cro ayprc6u adium penetralia omni pcrhiriatitiK 
AuMtutid, attimo* mulifrum iiuiHihcfg, mcMcding Editors have put upon 

TVnoslate : Bittlwould Aovr' no possioiiDtc heats injlamelhe interior 
o/htases,^ no daring impetus iit womm ,' and (1) with ri'oi compare a 
Btmilar remnrit of the Chorns, Ag. 454. »;)jW S' Jbp^arov JSkfitir : (2) in 
ilhistntion af the tcrni ASipfutwrav, comi>arc below v. 983. and lee 
Bluinf. Clou, 'flicli. iO^. 8uiUa« : Oipit«s' ffpaait. Oifffnoi'py^f I xfto- 
vm}r. Oi Si Ilif>eai rarttpp&S'jiTai'. rrvBifurot fioy aCrtiif iZmk ul OtpiiAVfiymi 
(LaciuD. *ntn. c. 2.). Havv fAirxvKf, *.a\ fti) npuc af/yit* cnrMyx'*' ^pf'I'V^ 
K&Ttf (Ahatoph. Rod. SGli.) : ('A) with ttrriav Sd^ur, hy which the l\>ct 
trauld here Axpress the jbw-/ geeluaion of the female portion of aUrecinn 
honuliold, compare Ag. 937, ittfurrmv *irTui». ifa. 4I4,t4 fiiv kut tUtwn 
AJ,' itrriafSxt}. mi sec above on w. 30. 433. Ag. 681. 1018. 1019.(4) 
with th«u»c oiolxi*ar,»etivifyniholo{ enlerprin&aivfilcvdtQlmttiiif 
darinjf, compare Theb. 529. tjumtn i' enxj^ij'' ^v J}(ti ft^Xaf ^ai m^t» 
vncmfim. uiiiiArov d' Onrpripov. Soph.Pliil. 1307, tauoi-t iwras itpAtatxjt^. 
(ir Si t!ii% Xifyoii fffHiirut. Aj. 97> f «ul iif>!n .\Tjitiiiiitriii ^j^paaat X'P" '• 
whence we may the better utid«nttaad the aniiphragif in A^. 4Cb,y»rauK^ 
eljfp^^ vpiirtur^i Tat; ^OMync xdpur fwaiv^criu. Fun. 736. X/yutwi 9' At ^ 

riar of Aotitri betas undlatMtd, tf a 
K^KMn'i impnUe, <ii «Ktiriljl,tti»iamk- 

' Comur?2Ttm. iii, 6: itioiriair'riii 
•tffir oI Mirarrti til fiiatulu, mil tix- 
ma\urt6cirTn rs ^wdiH^M—witli ITim. 
v.U. ll.Ttl. li, 5, Snr aim Thnnnl. ii, 

■ Ur. DoiuldKon in nn insniioiu i.bul 
la nir Jwlcntmi nninuible) intrrinTin. 
lion of As. 4<ii-9 — for «lucb*ec hin.Vni- 
(.Yatyha, p. 'iU — tntuHmtrt yvnuxiit 
alxm- f** •litjf«*tli'M ^ a voMon : n;- 
foring t« Ibv pn»«»t fanaae, and odJms 
onI; ; " aijuA >■ ooniuwied with Uvw, 
lOM Ab— , u Sfnxfih » wilh Spdirrv, 
rootl^aK— ." Ami tliU— OM the kb«iir- 
<Ut7, vtlfl) Danim fnvdy ppapOM i : 
" \ahrt mMMn ■ xi*'» ^^ «v^ tnuMpo- 
•ilo ^, ct miUto ^intu ob wiocnirin 

aibBSratun y— " it tbn nndn«ht«J *tf . 
moIocroraJjui^, Mcfdzc^llaiu. 11. it, 
709. SoEtyui.M.; tdxtth.Ur^iinw 

Uy4t. aol Kpiati olxi. KcJ «A«mw<i« rot 
^ [so: Ai>)iuii1li Co AKiiiinunun, Nole 
G. F- 39B.1 •ixH*- At IpM'* ^w4, T*. 

r& oT^ x''u'. WiMt. Chen. «ru ibr | 
■inry sinuliMlMO of tlie fianl.* 1 C 
\ivtnTrlmpHut{S^il),OHft, ntentmtm 
10 nhidi acntK wr tn*y mnM ranTnilmt 
(.ipliuii it id Eur- PKoea- IIJ73, •Jjcit^'' 't 
mIo aadioTATor. lli-rf. F. 158, fliwA* f» 
■/X^. ib. Uf.i: r ifini^irtntSmr. U- 
pu t* fwmMior ir n.'xuf . .tU>L ft. vi, I , 

vait, a* Bilk) Snjih. lYoirh. FtK>1, t(i ftiitki 
^ -rmi rJam Tai4' aij;/^ j3«A«a) vac#« 

1 1« imwtMa from ■ Tciial li> a I 
MilMUiiIite.M &OMI Um trA»itiV < 

^(4 frain itfrrv. root &«] of a ram lo 
^«r or Acarf.i-r^r, «l)cmir th« 
i^kfl it ainiril koiI iliiirii Iwad-luvf, ii 


615. nV A^iiPiaw} " Dc Lcmnk (;icilcviile PIdiI. P^tli. iv, 233. Apol- 
W. i. !), 1 7 : Cf. Mkillcr, Ordiam. p. M2. Quam ab ijieo vEodiylo esae 
nurmtain pnibiibilf e§t in tragndiB Hy/uipyU. Abik hoc •ccliu in pro- 

npoKvui^Watr (It ra£t Sr^pat ir ^.ruiiKf vtiu rur yvratKmv. Said : AqfiMOV 

Suid.. rcni (liH-rtc ■ cu.'dv virurum (lerivniix. Diog^^ian. vi, i. Micb. 
A|iocit. iz, SG. ProittcrcB dtdum wptvdti'Tia ^<iy<f." KUua. 

61G. 3g«oftc} " d^vAvTum. Vict. Glasg. Schutx.Schnaik., Md 
&4«M9tiMe(I.Guelph. SiwoAlAU. aTtnd'ri Rob.. uiidi-fiTVoAi-patet 
rcpanradimi am. t^uod et mctnim suniict." WvU. Compare Ilcsych: 
^iltnfiar, X«{if <rirviiimi(4 «if nxu ra Sttov. Attcv^'v' Ai)Xm^4 (^md i in ml 
«udf«n*4o>' SfXonm.J: aad Ste^rficas' Grttk I'arliflei. A\iipcndix^.\4i. 

Ilnd. KoratTvimw' ptcnfni* : Scllul. t'foutfnnr)^'*** : Hesjch. (^i^*'s. 
tiurjr6v: Said. Compare Earn, CS, «i KtmitrTvtfm n^. i\>. 191, <M- 

VTVDTin A«t> ICur. Ir. iOt24, «• lUTIMtVUfWI' ItdlM. 

Traiulaie :/or i/ iir on errJlKMii/ioH aiid a b)'e-word. tr* frrjivy a tJiing 
tmtfetaedlj/ aiominabic, KhlUt ewry one iiknu mcA rtpetititm o/nmufrmtx 
miMimt [ibat which U monrttxtiw again] h " Lemnian vronytf" 
Blttmlicld inclines to read ^oorw ; but that (see oii Ag. 1 07 1 .) wuuld 
(imply exprcM it pnxlaha«i or pubtu^. m utmott. t> cried out or tx- 
tlaimed agaiast i yfbercUyoirtu.MtJKttiimeil. (cquimlcDthcrctodawtt 
Jw yomt) meaiu, that henutiaa villahf J it in itself an exclamation tati- 
tnnoant (as we h»vr mku) iu mo*t vUef cnutf tarianmtf or any Eunj- 
lar ouicry (ydot) elicited by the cxhilntiun of ntrocious crime. Com- 
fon Ucrodtit. vi, 138. where, kamg- related tbcmordcr of th«ir wivea 
and diQdren h^ the early t'clofigic inhahitants of LcmQos. tlte Hntorian 
>dth : Ar& raifrxoi ii mu Ipfyou, col mi vprnpov roviw, ri ifiyaaa^a ol 
ymvmn tow 4fut Ohut* ut^jiw (r^nVpovi oitccritmMiu. rtTDfuvrat <tra ti)p 

(117. jjawn'] "if'avn'M.G. r n wrn wioc adati^mt A - i'Kiiim>R- ifwn 
T.V. (Uam ronnsmrrcvntiuria Alticiemi eMeccn«:t Hlomf, Atcadem 
ot Suppl. 98S. not." Klaiu. Sec oo Af;. 1311. 

C19. tf(O0Tv>7rY 2' <x*0 "B^c. ^■■oi'i^eT''<'wnmodiiim. Dictum 

«M)i MiJ fihi'Ioa* r«» wy w ^i^*x4i ••*- 
, or > fiv'* mIj: *>" " ilinitkl 
' doap MtH l« tnoalm Af . tf> < 

C/. or I 

m irpm»ti'»yrt<ipUm»fjt, fn f fuian or 


ut I/jut oVoroXotx^ Ag. 13!>9 (1449.) ct simiba." KUu«. Sec tiote 
oa Ag. 1483, and tnititlatc ; ludfr the injUdiOH of ike DivtMf ditpita- 

630. ftfior&v . . . 7<W] " Sentcntia conununia, mitumv Laaaioa po- 
tiwmtun •peetuis. Red de omaibui dida, ct indieonB ./Egiathum ct Cly- 
Uemnestnun. anfi»6ip cxplicHtur per vi^ti yip oCrtt cett." Klins. 
I notice this, because fnsminftttcntian to it it wcpuld sccin to havebjqi> 
pened, tliut Professor Scltolcfidd for uacctajoincit witJi Schuts, Botbe. 
nnd BlunifieJd, in racwt iiMillewly oltcnof^ S^ into nyn in thr prccfi- 
dingverito. And tbe Scholiast. truly. baBiorxmiiyW'nkTwi'AitfiMdiW: 
but wtiat s)i«ll we sty to Stimlcy's : "fiptntat. Lemmiadvm. Bic Earn. 

ess. W ri*i' AM Minai ^{fiit : /a vAii^ ^ rAff o^OTV iiu/oAon (rv. 
587-618.) w my crmciution (w. 619-21.) incorrtcl? Sdiol: ityiipn' 
nni^f namyoptf. lleeycfa ; 'Ay*lpas' a$fi»i<rat, <rvrA(as : 'ATfijKiPirvtwyw*', 

629. tntviMn/mr] So. with Scbolefield, I have edited after Poraon 
and Blonfield wlio writes : " ityrvji/iymi Rob. Ceteri irXmyi^wf. quod 
ad reoentem .\tticUmam pcrtinere ctini Brunckio ct Portono arkitmr, 
quicqoid conlni dixerit Lobcckiux ad Phrynidi. 305. Vid. Forwn ad 
Great. 271 ." Sec alao BnincV on Soph. Tmch. 5G7. Arirtoph. Ran. 
8S7. Btomf. on Tlicb. CI., where Diodorf and WcUauer abv bave : 
hnrueuv «r VMiifwfvwir. 

TninKlate : Bthotd a vtlat-pierctng m-ord in tMe hmui vf Jajtitr. jFOUp 
riffkl lirowgh, infiicta a iharp, pvitfciil tvouiui — and with ii 9' 3yx* w. 
compare the Apwtlc's vxprvuKivc metaphor, llcbr. iv, 12 : trtfyift, nu 
rajiBnpot vtif) irnoiu> fia^nipav bimn^aii, Koit titaiaii^ini* "XP* fuptafioi 
'^rvxv r( '■al trnvfurro;, Apfi^ir tt ml fUMXnr. — Bdlol : ti At £«^im tq* 

C24. tiayralat'] " Si' iuttiuu' Aid. Turn. Mo<c i^vnwvitit mivrtii edd. 
Sehol: ip/i^. Metro quideni ccaiaiili posset, lejfcndo iroi'rdi ^urtvatV. 
S«d optuac cituvit ot-i^ He n oaa nu s £^. Mrlr. p. 33G., uhi ooKiio an 
o^ pro terda singularis pnesccti t sami vclit , an potiiu futuri, pro aOra- 
v*i." Blouif. " 6ua^aiai/. ac. irXTyqv. OOtadlipU. Bl. Cf. Ag. loSS 
(1611). Ex CB. qunetrt hanun cUipnum. lege dixeris omiunmiifevnr. 
Std eoncedendum est nX'Tyiy, ut comtaune ictas rocabuJum ct quod * 
Htvptus juogttur cum ii^pnUai (vdut Tbeb. S94), ut facile in mentem 
veniat. — lijinmicfc, Mve aculus. ut cxtoUatur notiovocatiuhA^Cs', etad- 
ditum imw^r derivanduni sit ah eadcm radice ciijus est Lotinonim 
pungo, id quod mibi qnidf m simplieiun vidrtur , eive , ut intcrprct«tut 



UcBj'chiDS : ufmrtvn'f ' i^mtpof, titrrkrm, iavinaa ; tit wirpot Bvphu de 
Utki Mm«M mn ^nnr«, Tbeb. 730. 941. 9-M." Klnus. 

635. *6^S4,u,yip] After tbc*c wordx the MSS. and E<jd. aU 
h«ve ifi. oa wliieh ScbokficM. AppetuSx^. 24 : "ou metro Doc«t. quod 
male aarcitur inscrmdo twh in onlialrofiliii. cntitn linguam. Nctinc 
minuD, vpbor, nucct texum ; qnunvw otim obeccntas eum Blotaf. ' 
Well, iiitcrpmwitibu* »on miyhifilur. Hnni; X<i{ mttt'uiSai nnfemplmK 
cxprimit. non negitxlum : ut Euro. 1 10. 540. Ag. 1324. Soph. Ant. 
1375., que loca citarit Utotnf. in GloasKrio. Modie huiwio et llcr- 
;nnuioa9Wiitiflri>v«jtcientibiu." AndMiKUuMn, wlio ho* ininntcMM- 
"t]r ■OCO U rtid iko fur this awkward intruBioQ : " id qood opinatiu cut 
WcB i acebit rumitMnnn sex majKt iw^ectum et aiuitum, non potest eeae 
deekntUiB Ycrbw U{ ^itw mmvritFcv, quic noanisi_/vr/«ni tavrftttio- 
MM, tniaimG wtgleeliaa aeliOHrm indiouit. Cdcnim ou liaud dubic ills- 
turn cMcv. 605 (6^), ub'i qnum nrorc muUtuni sit in it—, niipcr 
litHwn •criptuin cml « corrcclorc. — au=^i. H." 

Very ilifFovot. however, a the interpretatioa whidi 1 have to pro- 
pose, from tliat which Klaiucii has given : Pncalcatar eaim ae/an, illi 
fu* »^aru migntvcniat (hhihiii Jovis rcvcm^iam ; tn wliivh be ndtls on 
V, 639 : " li qai n«fnrie ogcnut, in qnibus ■pporet ncfe«, ex lyrica 
dictione tppoaitionc otlduntur ad ri fi^ Siiai'-^^u Soholefield abo : 
" vaptc^iiwTt non vat nutuinati\-iu abnolatu*. Kd per sppoMtionem 
eubjicitur ci quotl pnccmBerat, ri ^^ fifus." TmneUtc : tcitn tbc fuct 
of a thiMg'a l^iny/orbidde», mamflf, is tpunttj and Irampltd lutdfrjoal, 
mm impiotitlji rransffremnf Ih tlefaiiet of finfiij tht tntirt nujfrthf of 
Ztua — i.e. Eo u (An^litc) to ttrlke at tAe very not of all rrs]i«rt for 
the Suprenw Roler of goda mmI men. And fint, for thiff ncplanatory 
tue uf yifl (Lttt. lumpej. and of the paiticipleH, each of which conhunt 
an " Bocosaory liiaitation" of the propoeitioii i mm cdia l dy prcccdiap 
it. Me the Dot* on Ag. 1113. n*infiAUm ol wvpo^ipm ii^i yip toA 
Hatlb. Gr. Gr. $( 556. CIS :* nest, with ri, fi4 0f>if. sc. tt^u. compare 
Soppl. 3^5, awrrpi nar *]ifipa». f rw fu^ 6*fUi Xiyut ; which, as explained 
by ib. S&, Wfiif nm XtaTpaw, ir Oi^t <Vy** • ■ • attArtwf ^ifGf^i, traoa- 
lata : Bteemtt «/aatae iettiiity on their port, <fo jmi mmbi ? or heeoMBe 
U it not laafid far yea (ym*^ tfutlt MyOwrw yfWi) ? «C. nirA i4 ^ 
tbat. Compare alio Thcb. 694. wmpitmpww avAfMcntirMw rtXiw 

' *'aidtlcrindll1«maiUMi; (odluail 
■Hie, i»M qnUna t en miii*, npUcst 

XfMlui ■■MfMim oil iuJXirnt, tad. 
*rt*4tafa^.^'HlaMt— ■■«dw8t■nbr- 

" <^m4 ofBifna Mf , eoiniw i'» aefa con- 

«( aoraapartirai, ovJU «i Ru«iAi«T«i *ft 

* C«B|wrc ibo dec ante on tv. IOOM. 



fSpmrtt 06 6tiu0Tov. Angl. 0/ iltepal or forbiJJe» (because a hntker'^) 
No«J, of wliidii M dintiitgiiitiliol from ordinary l>1o«>d->lic(l, it Itod joit 

bcfoK bcftl MUd ; lupi ^ji KoHufiirttig' arifKtv A* I'lfiaipuur 0iuniTTii( <m' <M>- 

tion oil &4|^ilm)t. for aAfUtrratr, v, CSS, hiu bcco received by every 
ealM«qu«Dt editor, and by HoraQ&nn on Vig«r p. 757. 

C29. Far a btuia o/Juttiee ■ (i.e. ■ righteous roondBtion), nr atf qi. 
aitdlo» it Fale foryra the tKordt^ ehe ntoAwfor tbeimnisliBwntoftmis- 
greefloni, AAi/ afffpn^ upon nf^uif/ ((Vi) t^/ormer murdcrt, wbcrcwitb 
they ue (lefiled. dae» *he introAtee into hoiiatv .* lAf Finy, ichoae dtep 
eouwrii iteom* knaicat in /tow. ojauuid executes lie hettvcii-scnt ciirmr. ^ 

In V. €30, 1 follow i>(.-liuk*)icM iii refunng tbv jikiuajblc ultcratiun. 
npoxiAi"i-" for irpvtrxoXMvii, which, OR the KUf;ge*ticin of ifcrmnnh, 
every other modem editor has rvccived^Wellsiicr and Klaiisea boldly 
etigraatiaiag the old readii^ (firoiu wlitch the only variatiun u wpit 
j(iAM€v<i Aid.) as " dine senna" — and thnt, brx-auw 1 account it of inon 
importance to maintain a close connection of meaning, than of metre, 
for wtiich it a sufficient tliat the lamtnc d'ipod vimtrxoXKiv4i (rompwc 
Ag. 189.9G3. Eur. Hec. C4.} isoiudetufulluw AuirrBWpiuthctstroplio, 
And viliRt tlioug^h Kkuscn argues : " Quum Us m hac tntgcedia (yr, 
1 9a. '23 1 .] tiirpem At/amaanoitiitiirum dcKlgimTCrit h«c vox, probMbOe 
est hoc loco ad cum ruajiici. Ra/Ucca ag'tt rtirps JustUia in iin rcbtis, 
ijuas JQsto *g'A Agfttnemiiontilamin ^tirps" — wc elioil do better to nllow 
the whole of this last inrtion of Che Ude a wider fcoj)c thou KIuubd 
givcB it ; aor is it true tliftt " ml0^t^¥ a|>ud .'JCwhytuni v&i^tie radicis ar« 
boris rimilitudiaem rcfert," m will bc&ccnfrx>uitwoorhian.-fcrcncca: 
IVom. IO'47,;[Auu S' it nvOftiitn' ai-rair ptiatt muifta tftoiait-oi. CIhuc. 
Mur, fr. 27,ifo^attt' ivittt.Kaly*vtuiSotwv&>i^u: to which add I lam. II. 
xii fi34 i Kv y !nri m-Sitivit ^vw. X^'iii. 375 : xpina Si r^' htv CMcXa 

■f««n»/MBt,c<ini|Mrinf A:.^^^,i■4J<l^cM- 
T»lrBrT■ jt^yor Allot ^vtijr, Ellin- jL.'iC), 

itivoii A^ Ailrni — Slid iti itiiclf it mat* 
ten not, vlicthprm* InLndatt v.GZQ. a* 
alttr.ixa ptA^Ut it trt up in Itumaie 
^Jfulkt — but tlic right iDlcrpmalum 
Mn^V '^K U dslcnniiiMl hy vHxrxaX- 
««fci. as that at rpa«x>iui*"' IT 90a- 
fv^vfrit. And a bemtttil nOccDri It 
aionanauvil, iheUatalFHndplewGteb 
is pjv^MDUiHit in thn Unitsrve iani* 
thai umorA of Divian VaM«ao«c, which 
Zn» (and inorr partlculaifr, Erinnf () at 

lliFmiiii«teror(liatl[ixhMPa«Tf. ''bear, 
clh iiul tu vniii." Cuiniixc S4. I'lnl'* 
E|>M<lr In th« l(«rnan(. srii, i. 

' L'uinpan.' Pulm iTti. 13 : " Ooliw 
mr wdI from itic unxwlly, nbkh U a 
mtnu-JofTkia*! from /»» nuii ^T TOp 
AoNif, Ixird, from tiM men, 1 Wf, anal 
ftcm the ei-U vorM." 

' C4ni|iareaaQundTlnMnagkr«pfe> 
•nntAtion of Divine Ketrilintioii. IniUh 
Ui,33: "ForTophrt ii nrdainrdnrolil 
. - . lie hatli mitdr ll iWp wid lun^ ; tbe 

pile thcimf t> Arr hhiI niurh woml ; tb« 
nmlhuf thv ly.inlilikriitrvamuf tirm- 
NhMW, doth kinJlc it." 



Ucsych : ttu^^t' ri jvocrfrw rqf \f (dM)r, ml mirrAt mvvovf . yiwiatt, ip)A» 

Blomfiold kptl^ compares Soph. Aj. I0d4. V obi 'RiM^t tout' «';cA- 
«rMn £<^fi luunwwr A3ijt> 47p«vpivc AT^nof ; llonure Od« >V. \&, 19 ; 
Nod ira, que pn€m^ tMn, Et Dibcru inimicat nrbos. 

631 . Wn>M> ft* Ar«Mr^'pt« iafiovu*]' ^1 roS, vDwr*'- htniv^pn Hi nit 
«&»•( rtkKw wvXuMr cslfMirw* { idn, rtKf«< J 0ii>«c (DkXw ^mc. 8o the 
ficholiftst, to whom vn nre indebted nliltr (on the rii^t rending, nnd 
right interpretation, of this pawage: compare below t. 78C. Ag. I'Hi, 
iuy«» rtXftr^h'vra ^wn^r ^X^o* TtoDiirAu, fiv^ SmAx Srrianw. ib. 7^1. 
ru diwcdtc T^p 'pTW >Kri /ttrirXtMiw tibtii, tr^ntpq 8' ci«iri»7«rrp. ib. 
1535. fiifffUM yAp rit At y'*^ aftaiov ir^akot Sofiuv ; Stul with imtta^fnt, 
I hitrodaeta in mcreufra, ib. 833. ml rd* fi<r i$icn», rovff Hnunpifnip lauati 

•• DuMtari ' noqnit d« vcr« lectione aliiarmf, qwe cormpta c*t itt librw: 
fti'fuim AwpirrMr M.G. A. Ao^^iJtuH. K. iufmaiBtt/i.'T.'V. Quorum er- 
ruriim omniunt funtirm n-iKrirc milii Vuli'or in mtitHlii rem kxtJonc in 
tsfMvwrfMnM-. quo fikcto 'm aliis cxcidit u-. in (diis n, ct e conjcctum 
ilLntum est ^/tarw*. — iDfiourifem-Pauw.** Klaus.^-snd^iifiowrwis Ihc 
reading Iff Hluinlicld. Srholrlirlil, and Dindorf ; nlthmigh HA/iiMnii i» 
ttnobjcclionabic as rv^:ards the metre, <nhich is Aattrpatlic Dimeter If if' 

633. TfiNi fiiint] " niptt Aid. Rob. Med., quod hie repoKttam wit 
pMu§j,i uriuB : sicut inCur. Ilcc. 267. firnivfl' 'Axi^tvt ii^*m< rtim tfii' 
*• : ubi vid. Pononion. Sed in h«c loco omnioo venun cet rtWt." 
Blomf — and ra KlaitseD : " rtm T.V. rtSptt M. G. A. R., quod Btmt qui 
defendant, KdesempUaminiineidoneM. Neqne hoc loco dtcendumeat 
dc protrahenda yiaciito, scd de fine ci imponto." Dindorf alao has prc- 
fcncd ripn, and ih^ SdioliMt hw .- rt***' ajmcr*;. — in which (cnw, b]> 
tboagb upon inquiry we BhaU find it to be otterlj- inadmissiUe. all 
thoae who read ru-ti here, appear lo bare too liastily yndcretoixl It. 

Tww. I pfj/i or more cotnnoolj S pmf for i«. nfer /naiitimfiU of 

■ Yet Writaocr: "trnfidiKr Ggctpb. 
AU. Rot). Tan. Tict. : avHi-r^r, u<M)d 

rMi^ iHuk flnrrit mW (arte a Sobri., 
HSa. aiM|. SiWUs. BoHi. Scfcwmk. i 
UkrMwaUetio nm Mt npaOarii. 

ROB aMem moo omrant fAtoRa. 
^mainlcD poM *aAa«H>«(r kiMrpW - 

Ktur. Etais4pMBdedl,laMyaMtle«ii> 
*nt*N»nii: rWum miltmtMmittii »di- 

tut, «if irA'Bfni friili»imrm piaeuhim 

\mmtn pro onto vrndrro ikni aiuAii, ipimm 
leola idbac ikibia lit"— «nJ ofi t. 03> 
h* add* I " nlMJ pmbwi fforii. *d Bar. 

lire. 246. •( rM»|iU SthiXi. . m4 m»imm 
namriActi. Rmni rlptir, ■)ilii>d j>nipoM]t 
t^Mfcauna. // ti»r. *yl. f.Vi." 



eoine Duit, becomes in tUc luidtilc voice ooJy i /wituA, or / ttv*myt my- 
self in this or thAt matter, or iii relation to this or that person ; the 
literal meaning being, as in itiuiaaofiat. I rfjairv or exact, I aituf la be 
jmid unto myself . Ucticc Ilcsych: T»^'/t«>uir' liirairDVfKrar, omJhOtvMtWi 
but : Titvvuv' aitohiiiiy. SuidoB : TiVriC Mufai. nut Tan' aitoHiw, hot : 
iWuvnii' ri/tM/KhbWdi. Cum}jure nuttin. /vuv/. 84.3. [>. 435. uul Gmk 
Verbs V 2-i2 ; uWvcv. 304. Prom. 112. 177. 620. Ag. 442. Eum. 268. 
SL>])h.Uikl.C.63J.9ll4.1t96. Eitr.Or.7.323.o31. lUl^O. Ion. 44?. 

Unlet»3, therefore, wesliimlcl intcr^irct tu-m nvvai, rerompeaten poltii' 
tiom/vr liotlutioii — cciiniiuriiig Ag. 120'2 [where sec the iiotc). t^Mvat 
rote tfiiU rirttr ufioi, fc. ^vuv. Soph. Qi<J. C 2S9, tiiiti'l /tofniia nVir 
tpj[tTtu tty itiiiTituS^ ti TiMiv. ib. I'JOS, tta&irra i' at« titiirraa&ai tu^iw. 
Bur. lierc. F. tlCD, nWu J^oi^it £•■' tir7fi^v'H^Mti>^r— we arc ucocs- 
•orily driven back apon the oldest and best nuthcDticatcd rending Tttwt*. 
vrludi soiov would tnuialote pn/lvnga, or {icrpctuatef in Euniliea (com* 
jmre Eur. Suppl. 07 J, T*lvai.i^»-av, iiml fur Ilie Ketitinient thiu GYprcwcd, 
Af. 1447-31. 1472-75. 1539-43.). holwliidi I undcni.tHu<lnitber,witJi 
Foreoa, to mean aims, or petals at the victims of that sore vUitation of 
Divine Jiutiee, whereof, in koeli a eoae oa ia here described, the xrcng- 
ing Fury ie the immodiatc minister itnd oxvcutioiier. ComiKtre above 
w. 274-75. 270-77. Enra. 378. trtiTKni^ 8* alt uQ<v tuV w u^^mm "Kof^' 
niaif t'ni KM^orurd/ii nitrot irtwirarai, Ka\ S»«^<par ru-' tf^X^r Kiiri StiyunviF 
(t&Sanu iroXiWotvic ^^ir. Ag. Sf, Ziit ■-• itm/t^i^aiBoy iri^HKa(taffaa» 
'Kpiviii. ib. 130, fit'i Tit aya 6w6tv Kvntuiffji: andwithlbuaicuf rtivii, Ag. 
352 (where sec tlic note) riyrilk afiaitafr.Jn'AXf^Mp^niwnmirAM 

r^f. Soph. Via]. \93,tni Tpwa n'oHii rii Bti^i afui-f^ra jii Xif. Eur. DcC. 

263. Idc. Rlios. 875, ov yofi /r m' nivmu yXwdr'. m iri> *n^jir*(r. 

634. 0mnri^paw, dark-nunded. deeji-tkngnuig ; llesych: KitraiAK aic 
antiiyj^mi 09v\t\i^fittvt KoUfxOi^ii ^tfuN^ [^ptrur Itloiaf.] ; <«ai[mre 
Ptolms xxxvi, G : " T]iy jud^cnts arc a groat dee|)." xciir 5 : " Thy 
thoughts are very deqi." 

lUomfield compares the words 0a6o0mAat and ^$ipijni , as also Horn. 
Od. iv, Cid, fiM0aa', av( finjori^'' '*^ ^p««l ffwvoSvfin/oi', Vlhctt llie 
Srhci1iu.Et ; tfiv^iiat trwt^vKti'ttiro, 

Ibid. 'EfHrit) -'y.ptnit M.G.A. V ulgo* tpannt-" Klaa». Seethe 
note on Ag. $9. Blomf. Cloea. rrom. 53. 

£;)/. Jicrrifiafiaic'fiamv'] " Qnoiuam VOX /nnjia^ rartdsiimeet, DCtpiC 
in Striihani Tlicfauro rcperitur. jierjiauca dc eo dicenda auit. nipapm, 
ex caJcin mdicv, in Munieri bcliolioFtc deprehcuditur. Steph. Th. lUfn. 
iii.c, 'J38.D. AKOF'tKipa att^ttdlieeycb.v. ncf^/itn. 'Exr^fM^ if^tor 


nutot. traiifitun, pnr^rrtlni rx tnlibia: nam <nrf ji^ir Su^uinw tixbct Ear. 
AndrDttt. S2'l. lid. L-IUl ; i\cm JtempSr fuXu^iwr Cvrl. /ilO. — Inrnvu 
e ChoCph. citato (ubi rriJt* rcfertur »d Tpirta>, won nd /nrt'^Hifui) pnniliir, 
Bt ftiunt. abstract, pm ctmcrflto, n /(irrpvui iflrm \Tdrt nc rn* iwmfMi- 
ntm, quo pndo, poullo Mipcriu«, kabc* /loru/^Yui [Cyd. (lOI .] pro 
tianitin^it, invK^vfia pro SotAwdrlt ttve XoiAot Soph. Ant. 79$. Br. 
UX>)FuiInd»20proXaXnf. «tinu1uiilnulm." Miiltby on . Morel), p, 357. 
Eh'IidI : iKftifHttnu ririi mXw. TA innpafja X/yi* r^ AMicDvo* rAv ttm^m 

638. AiyoAw Juic, Aiif^l. in /Ar jlnAa^vCg^is/Avr (tboTev.S^S, Aial 
Airac). as aAmi»Uttred by ^giflkiu ; Dompare Ag. 1 9, otooe . . . o^n^, &« 
^tS tr^ttff, ip*ara ittanrevnivmi. — " S*^ M.I. Sia miu^. R. 3«» G. A. R. 
***r^(TTiyAtj«cAmfluiT.V. S«liii^Xi>(>v'cnnf>rntiiinlM.CA.R. 
[li lectionem M.I., g«(l fateor mednbilvede fide rollnttunis ; nihil 
flBin aDnotitiimeetinM.II.. t|aanr|uain Sdiritr.iu!> dHcmt Him. Sen- 
nilMKH».Bml^u0>f, sivcS^.Cf- V. 83G (ATX)." K)aii».— " Pon. 
pTipf. lid Hec. p. ix. emvndavit ^iXo^i'm} 'ffTiv Myhfiou ffia, quod reee- 
pefUDtGUa^.Both. Scliwcntc. ImprolnvitlumrPorwinirmcndnlxinrin 
Ebnal. ad £or. Med. 807. ct Icgmdum propoeuit ^iXu'f<r^ nt Aly. fi.. 
qood Msam esw rrcto detnon^tnnt Herm. in Viatt. Jovn. \\vf. p. 
■4I!>. Sed netjue Porvnii emendattnnc npna e«t. quani pluriinonnn 
bronini Icdio, qimm rt Sdiiltz. rctinnit. bonum Mnsum halmt : «i- 
iiiilm hvtyilalrt mat [sint] <m/» propter jEgitlhvn ; Cf. [I«nii. c/r 
if. rat. Gr. Or. p. 103., qui quod non Au», scd iia Mrrilnt, vtx pio- 
Jun vidrtw." Well. 
Sdiolcfidfl follow* Wi-Uaacr, but translntcs Irctlcr : " Si per jE^hi' 
(quod wA j^guthnw nitiiicl) mtnl [nnt] htu^ilaln. »c. icdcs." 
ilomfield mda with ElnMlcjr ; lliaAorf 0iif. 

G39. " Pncirriptom at huir vcrnui Ol. in T. V. ILu'f in R. Chont 
tntiuit Ijichm., n« qunttnor sint a«tom. At non )unt : nrqne mim 
compidtur hip iwt»u», «s1 inlut tofjuilur." Klaus.—'" Initio -vctrwi 
metram Inborat. qiuire Pouw. ct Heath. rSir-y* Ic^rtndam putaninl, 
Hcrm. o^M, m'//. p. 106. «Tfy c:itraf«numponmdum ct «oi jutr iIkdm* 
legndum (>m<iuit. qiinti n^rpitSdiuIz. ; Both. «** dv dcdil. Herm. ad 
Vig. p. 730. ftd illud «tVi> y rediil. prohnnte Sdiwcnkio. Scd nihil 
mutondura eel i eodcm modo ttt¥. Akovm Arvtoph. ISce CCA. tHA rid. 
Uindorf." Well — and so Scholof.. mid BWmlicld wlio odd* r " N^iio 
IWDBB produrtioiirm oyllnlxr brvvie in hoc Tmgid loco d[efpndi |>o«m: 
csUtimo, DifJ forte sotrntiii* (umtila fucrit osUaiii mpoudculie wr 
Sm Manfa. Cr. Or. ( 2\(}. Obe. 3, 


writrr*, (U) Iraden, mercKaats : see note on t. 1 24. Heaych : 'E^urefMx* 
r-fKrjyumvTqf. ui d tW oAXorpUK ivwc irXraii> fiurttciv, A «ri3iir7f* [llom. 
Oii xxiv. 300.]' f fHirofut tiX^hinrdiK virut rn' ctUiiT^(>)c i CvmpaK alto 
(1) Od. ii, 319. 4fiitt>pttt' ou yop i^iif tw^ri«)j>t oii' ip*fiMi yiyvn^. 
Soph. CEd. C. 25. 303. 901. Eur. Ale. 1002. above v. 199. t2) U«. 
Opp, C-{6, (iV (ir (V itaioplifv ipii^tft ifiri^i>aira ^nii^, jSvvXniU M J(p<a 
Tfw^i-ycU' (Ui %ifia>' tiripn^. Ktir. Hipp. 9(!-1, nw^v <fim>pir jSuiif. 

Sobol : *Ei-TDic irai^i^Koii Sd/iur rue (tvoiiirMV xiupiimjr Aytcvpaw irpmr- 
opiUinu TDvt odonr^fxiVT' dtri roO, (oniXuiriH. 

644. irovSifcuK ff'wf, oftitfor the rtcepCioN ofatranyrra — but for Uie 
construction, wc Mtttth. C^-. Gr. j$ 339. 341. hikI comjiare vv. 652. 
74G. Ag. IU-2. iUepun ^iXw. ib. 1136. vuXoumU durm: ib. 1409. 
yvraiiius r^ai-l XvfiarrqpMf. 

Klaoitn comparcii Soplt.Trach. fr. 256, tranioKas (fnfaravif. PiHdr 
01. iv, 13. ^vi'iu rrcu'SifKui. Seo also lle«vch ; OiwdotiM^ wawi^ j fStl h 
tMandoi' i h tnu'dox"V "("^i'- Tliom. Mog. p. 676: tianlSotiiit, ini)>di>« 
Mvrpia. Jiarouir,«r(iio£ di^ rov x> Blomf. Cl0B9. Tlicb. 858: " No4«nt 
nutciu tir(in» .Atheiiicnses vetcrein ortliagTn[)hukin louinm rcittnuwie, 
ir<u>fiij(iit jKitiu.*) quBin tnivdi>xot. Vid. ^E. P. Lex. lun. v. woWtoMMur. 
Et^U. M. p. 'iSI, '2: xa bi trapii r& ^X" Toira 8m tvi! k." 

645. rt>.*<r^&pos\ " Mater'/amiitas Tcrtit Abrcfiohius, laudato Ue> 
B_V<4ii» : T(XF<ri/>i'/Mt oEko?' ruv yry^igirvroc (Ml rtavtaainvs. Conlru boftot 
iltuTtXifs cmt, qiium vcl piitcr tc] iDBtcr bunilios diem obiisiKrt. lloin. 
11. B*. 700; tnii fli tal^ti^Siiv^iJr iIXojKor 4vX<mq AtXciitT«i I£iil4^fi*t gfU< 
rtXfc: ubi Euftatti : TiXor Aydpec. c<tr>-T«X«<aL>c'roL«Yryia|Uictfrat<X«)<M>. 
Keiii illuetriLvit Kuhnkcn. ailTiuiu'i Lex. p. 225. Potest iKoirii r(X«<r- 
^<tpPt in hoc loco ailiil oliud eip^ificarc ftuaoi iUa quam jiema rtijat 
perJlcteiNb. Schol : r*Xtff<f)Sf>itt' ^xTf^'' SiotEipifv." Blomf. 

TntmOnle ; Ltt somr rgicinU j/man come forth ^f lAt palacr-^ar, 
cooMnictiDg Jlw;tdr(M' with TtXcT^poc (m tbe inmc »cn»c ns v. G40. 
mplMativitiuMf, Ag. S47,iiHt¥ rf sot vSw *vfiMtin9Ttvimvr),'Kcm\giiX 
tnmtatc : let aomt mm rantff /or(A inventtd veith the aatharity of tif 
Hmue — some woman ihaf bears rule in ihejUace. or thai a warn come U 
more decorotu—/or in that ewe jw thame'/Mrdncus in rom-nvuftm (in 
wtiat ie smid) makes a num'a uwrda (or tUings, v. 641.) chsotrf—mam 
to man speaks coajidenlly. end tlertnrfs kU mtOMiay ur plain lanyitttgr. 

Thv complete conttruction, ihrn, vrould be nearly as Klaufcn ha« 
given it : i^6, Titd.r., y\»"i rf riwapx''* o^^t <I*^t«i it ({<XAiy t'citi^ 
^wf frrlf tivpmvrwpow — «Dljr wc must not with KIaokh wpjioae that ; 



Omtca woald hare both t» cyiisc out tof^hcr! Umlcr llic pfenerol 
dengnwlion of ttXtv^ipot. at connccttMl here witli i^fuirttr, nalnndi)' 
is hielud«] li*^ t* yurq tr, eilker of whom, as alikr in that rdulion, in 
mllttl upon to T«oeiT« Rnngen nt the ^nttf : n tMniiRii, only u sho U 
//«■</ of the Uoutr (rifarapxm). a ami fur tbc nunc n»Hni, and liccause 
tliinv is, by the bye, a {irrefttc* propriety in hi* doing tt>. Hcnc« it t* 
mwh Ix-tlrr, witUt)ie)1i5S. Med. Guelph. and with AMui and Robort., 
to rrud in v. 4r46. cMpa r* — , than with Tum^bv and V'rttori, nod eveij 
other editor except Klaiueo, <ti^ V — , at if »omc new* tlung trere 
to bo prcdicalvd of dt^. tud not nntply /(<>A'tv. witli the aceoniptmv. 
in([ notion Hnrpnn'aripat (Sf, i.e. (w-r Mnttli. Gr. Gr. ( 297.) aw »:«;»• 

The tnuuition from the direct Impcnttive o*^ r* ... to the indirect 
MfM t' /(<XAiv (M&tlh. Or. Gr. ^ J4<>.) is easy and oltvioue : nur b 
there noy difficalty in expanding the lofpod nppo^ition — " or m wian, 
mert fit. ihoold come" — into the complete •entente wbich has been 
given above. 

6-16. tim/ixor] "taiKip)(otK. roTapx'*^^- ^^"PX'^*^-^'^-^'- P<^ 
Irst hoc ene Tentm. quitni nvpitn venim )pnioi>em ilrt cnrrectki in M.. 
Tdirtv.99.246.»G5.363.40.V 447.539. [27.248. 370.375. 412. ■«4. 
SGC]. Tbm ahcnim r* mbintclltgcndum ert ad T*><tnP4f»t. At aoot 
h» correclionM inlrrdum e conjecture reprtitw, vvliit <t. 719 (744.). 
ill quod i1i*<-rtc dicttiin cat in margine v. 300 (298.). 1pm i|niil<nn li- 
bmrio M. baud dcbcri banc conjccturam indc patct. iiaod idem Ic^tur 
in A., raJQB liber non abipso M. deaCTtptut, sed fortaase dcscripeit li- 
bmriiu) M. ntrninque lectioDem e cocdice too. Pro r fbmpjfot tuxre 
riddur nitcrum r/poet Mpm, Ilocenim exhjbvnt M.G.A.R. StApati" 
T.V. e conjectora T. Voeem S»apg,t^ vide Ag. 1 148 (1 194.)- Ne. 

• TU« mbcaaoivtiaa of Ae ■■■«■• ii 
Ml alii Uc iDcnMcd bf iboM MlMn nbo 

ha>C piUnJ k fiill taji tAu r^w^x"' • ■* 

taaylw wen from lUo«iAtld'*naUi: "44- 
vux** Ro))- c* iic Ucd. Md i ra(in»- 
cn|MA. UiiJ*l|pr »i — mm tmtJTMi *i- 
Xfv^ipM, rw^T'VrapxM. Scbutuoio*- 
pwtiwi ctt mubuliuii rJvw):*!. M mc- 
HaaquiilMii, ait l[(nn. JAiki iiinivaUc 
ifcthmiii inbvTsKc«WMi M lirapjr*i." 

* Sa V«ttan Mil Ui« HMroli*^ MS.. 
Iml I'liMtpr. And rvtn mivRiliiiii nlilar 
Hw lUiiucik, W; rtmr ▼' /■vs*' 'W** 
»'Ara*T « T^i.«*lli.Ti<u»i>bfre jWiygr^ 
t' fcantnt— «A«. «r<//. |>. 109. VfrtlMa- 
4orf n^ KiALtvr <r^ix« l^n- 927, 
wtwnWallHar t -fc^XM Ric. G.Colb. 

1. w. tirt. in Rrc. B.. nndF raorpcrant 
Umnell. SchUU. IManf, sine cai>sa. If 
;ist ll«.UP.tKiA£nv <*'««« Fa«r.]~ 
— «nd lEfXMd la nmpiiaM br Monll 
kkI Haltby . ilUwiudi iu praiw Mcvliis 
i»nMMrr«lMr. ForWcUMor.wbeialu 
1^3. ^icbyl. nmden it ■(»)>>)> iftur, k- 
tiurks vpou till- vrrtmt Irtl i Cctmua 
inlnKmifitiBiMiuu libioiuiM lectio : t*ink 
f ' teapx*(> t»<pa r* «i»ynrri«Tvor, hoc 
>cn«n ■■wfa r rt n n ijtw<wiif/wi«**r 
rv im ^ enmit Mf, H fimm at»fia dtett 
proittrr profit frto^armtilirruliiim.rTto- 
taii p*t*M. niMUH;*ciu<«'>«^»">>>I>ria* 
{XMiM Tlikrctiu" — u tMBfli i*afi%oi 
Briifat b* tRHkred Aacl- •■> »>mM' 
PoMiblr the *>«rd. U Bcnuae, BIST UH 

que tamen mule, iJ tjuuil visutn eet notmuUie, sc habet vux TiMmft^pea 
qvum dicfttur terra rmroi regime, velnt Attica Alincmv ; r^s«tfft nSg 
//uN>i. Kum. 8A8." Klati«. 

047. OUK iiiapy<}iovt]' iTK'rrtifavi , iiri rof frtpl rait ii^&aKfini-t \ri)(M> 
liarnv [ecc oa Ag. 1078]. tIX(«^«i •; «i :—to the Sc1io9iMt, and ui> 
this foolish intitnation of a cUiliculty, wbprv no shadow of doabt or 
diffioiilty appears, mnny foolish' sllcnitiains linvc been hazarded. " vtm 
Jirapftitaet, h. c. qvoed aentenliai» abixvrca, Puuw. <{uu nihil dcgODtha 
«SBe affinnat. oSvrotuit Henth. Sed vulf^larecteychnhct. titvidilfl 
Stun], in curis accuiidLi ; illud cnim eix, ikOii ad HmpyiivoLt. Kcd ml rtAfortf^^ 
Tcfcrendiim ent." Ball. 

Rlomficld, tn iliuatntion of what ia here said, compares Gur. I|kh. A. 
830. aiirxitiii' Bi jiat yuratfi mfiSaXXtiv Xiiyavt : to wliidi he might faave^— 
wided: KA. /lupov' W ^vytii : ii^iawy Jii^ x*P^ *'^'^^* ■ • -AX. W^c^H 
4yA mi it^Iay; ali<Hfi<$' Af'AyatUiitw' , t! '^aitufuy iv itti ftat ^ifiit. Cuin- 
parealsoSt. John's Clospel iv, '27 : KoiiSttufiavav^fitriyvuau^i'KQuit' ^\ 
»it*\s ii/ktdi tin*, ri {^rftr ; f, rl ^tAtis tur' afrnft ; ^| 

CIO. riiifiap] " dc tlgtw acciptcndtilii. ''Eti/jtarit ritfiap iniftalrtit cir- ^\ 
cumloeutio e«t pro operte jttg mgnifieamfa ei^l aiymjieare, metaphora 
fbrtaue a tcsseris hoaiiilnltbus. tcI ctiam ah itlis triftmvt quie oiite imun 
•cri|itanc invcctum niinliit! tradebiintur, dcsumpta." Schutz. Com- ^ 
pnre the aotc* on Af;. '6'2\. G^J'i. fl 

653. A/v^ XouTpii] Ulomlicld pomparcs Horn. 11. xxii. 4-t3 : Ki^tfn ~ 
A* iijt^*«ViXo«nv ViVhocii^tt xarh 2ai^j J)i^) mjpl trnjirai T/)nrc4a |M}niv. 
2^pa nVXoiro 'EKropi fitpfta Aotrp^ f^Xt' ("mar^vam, aod adds: ". 
quens Af>^Xair9in luxurioea putabotur : vid. Od. 0'. 347, nbi plnm i 
stathius. Ilermtpptu) apud Athen. i. p. 18. C : Mji t6» lu.'. oi 

I orieui 

oKonof IVial sa>l King: or in Vot*. 
327- M kait— Zirfwcrli ftr^^orth (A* 
(tvjdsr. tbAkair tfynjTifUT, .... <(K\(Af 


&et Monk no Eur. A 

l1^, /I., 

anil MDrtftfn 

n Bothio pralabua WM i n mm < _ 
ojtf'muttfiDiw.tuiLnMelariiiuaiuliicMl : 
pmdor nim wi didli iafl, wtAm olarnKa 

What fitJIoiTa ill III* •»■»<• nritr, i* •« 
mach inorf wiTthy i>r ^mip wIij vill aul 
lilhllr r-wii iLf Juor lu altrrtUivii, Imt J 
l»i|>ly " FimN ruth in wliriv" x-lirn'PFri-l 

unycn : Anapxtavoi iirraSiWrat. A< lin inir lu iimii. llul no i 
>«px4' rrpv^MpgC. Ani^Y^ Xfttrr ji' vim- ncc<tcd IVr i\s imcrtion lure. 

T&tArapx^<*'f^f t><.Ktym.M.'A«4a>- v'' 

' li»«»Wc!l»ii«rti««li«Til»inp(itlhiTr 
In (lupulp wUli U'ribv tbr palm of mr. 
nctiu«4iBtlMt*d<iui«ofrMtioii. "Om. 
netn alBcultBtnii toQii rmmiluin buil- 
liiMi qwm oVn tu CViMmmf j&cA. p. 
17. praiMini, igoaruM tnm wn Ja m >Ma 

(^ ^mrtrqvoi- AliilEu faiilm* via '. 
9afiifi^ur I* irhf, nam note A ^dlc i 
exti^N iMtnil ; potall Miiun, iitKa-p»,] 
coamUo ■ Itbnrio nialui. i)iiti trrllo W : 
c« pMinm Cit< Sri to ioirya nli' " 



fuAvtv ri« Hitfm jffl) Tip iyadom, ojM 0tpiuAwrtl»' S tri wntilt-" Coi»> 
pare sIm IIori. U. ziv. fi. Od. riu,451. Ag. 1074, Xtixrrpnim 'pa^fivtram 
(with Stanley's note), Eor. El. 791, XmiV ^ riixwra T«:r £>»«i( m 

/6m/. AXcn^iMt]. "mfpwv^X(rQ|iui.Zr|Mt;u^, itaTulgo legtlUT. Sed 
bene WakdteldiuB S. C. i 1G4. kgit Mumpia Sffxafw^, probutc But- 

lero. Outhtiiuvcn), m1 Af)^ Xwri^, nt],intnHr4iWv'"'''l**V"^* ^ 
quKlcm rectc conjan^tur vox pluraln fft^Mw^pm cam singtiliiri 
tjmhW : «^><1 I^'^TH. nd Kor-Ortxt. 105] ." Rlomf.— and Sditjlcfidd alao 
^kaa edited AXcnjpw. but WeUnucr, IXndorf, ukJ Klauten Mni^ipMk 
653. SuEaJun r ^ripmM> v^pMrtfia] " Do hoepilnm ieitei^oimia ac be- 
migiutalf, non jnitlilia. acciiiiendiim ; qoud monet Oilb. Wultefield. S. C. 
I 4 164. Cf. U. MtUth. u. 15." BntL— "liiT'.nif, uU^nitot &4>*im: 
Scbol. Potiusitaiiitclligenduin. utodaintoculi ini»tatroruin,jv«tn}io*- 
pitititts dtibita [icrAdentium : Buout- de eo yttoi/ dnv/ Eiun. AG [cuff^mt 
r«;pic A«»ayaXjuini^f)«ii'St«iu»,aCr' Vt i!ii(^)vin>r trrrfta). Ilicert 
cti&in sciiPU! loci a Biitliio oUkti: «iip«r omnia vuttus Acccmcfv freai, two 
tncr» paupcrqitr roluntiu : Ovid. Met. viii, £77." Klaus. 

l^uiwlatc: amd tif pr**fiu» of fining atlrmikracr.* i.e. t/tmrh ir/ffM- 
.,Aiite or. for tlic credit or tbc bouse (vv. GJA-GOfi.), cmgU to hr pmmi i 
' wa tiint ifwMKnN' np«wu> (Angl. pertoml prt^cnctj ii, in iticl/, ll»c pre- 
cise counterput of ifntirw ix^nia Ag. 406. ^ere sec (be tiobr. For 
tf^ui in the sense ot prrtence — whcrdiy t^tatlm' t' ifi. vqp. is rcodered 
L,«qaivBkat to vopovirui r' wr dtl wofium — compare I'eni. 4*28, (HfH*r4 ^' 
L 4p«ii cw(V|M^r imr<tx* "^^oYi*" '^t <*" xXniMfC rMrr^r iftft <i^A#ra. [b. 
1 69. ioTt yap ftXaiMt y' ufM^i^c, d^l t ' w^AiXfuic ^<!3at' t^a yitfi Hifun 

CJ4. dnvXiwTtpoi']' ^AfvruMTtpor. Sforv, if oi3M^r<ap^«r«, JXXiV 
It AXa n : Scho). 

6K. dmAw^] " Daulidcnri viatori occorrisse dicitur SCTDphios. in 
, qua n iutvUigitur triviiun cclebcniinuta, iti quo oonferL'buntur ria Del- 
^ phkn. D)kululcn«is. et Petapooaeuan ; Cf. Soph. (£d. T. 73^ : ««cit 
fUnrT^oA.vCTiu' irx><^^'''''^*'v'^i^^^4^*'hr4^<'*'^r4yn. Crm 
cniu oiiundiis cist Strophius llUus Crisi, Slti Flioci et Aiuuibur. t<orcms 
[-AgMincainoais : Pans, ii, 39, 4. I'nctercA proxiina a Daubdc abe*t 
'I^uKipcus, wdes I%anot«i. ■iDieiKiini Clytnnnmtne et .'I^sthi hoa- 
' pills ct todi (SojiIl El. 49 sq. 670 aqq.), qui spud Sophoclcin iUi> 

'CMB|ttl»hilsa(iiiii),2r "BobnU. nsfjlcrrsi i(/'Mn«W> laoJ nio fAr Urntf 




niuilium i»ittit dc morte Oreetu. Cf-MitlkrEam. p. 131. «). Vidc» 
minimc temerc fingi hunc nuntinm Daulidc rqtctitum." Klatu. 

657. tntixoTa a' ahAJMimi'^ Bui ai J teat IraivUutff sel/'/reiphted 
tcM my ourn bagyagir, S(C, " ci^ni^oprM, iptetaranaMptaiaMa, iton ciUTu 
VCCTiIB. Heaycl) ; \irri(^prot' avrodMMoi>a<. KWfXmt ii, el Jtt rmt idUiir 
rWeu. So^kX^c Qviarif XuiNM^f . & 6* KftartMct iv Xtipam nit ri mu4 
^qpnCofUMiie ttjin- Navia oiierAri* ent ^Mjpnc, onus vd sarcbs cjiw 
^rfpm, uekIc ftvfiii'tiainot imvt. Cctcrum aMi^opnt TDlct ipte am mtr- 
Wm, sicut <iM«uini»> (('^f «iww nvn tMAwbrh snpra 157. Si« avr^ 
iryMftKM, atnifi^i^oF et similn." Ulomf. 

AdnS^Mprot, tliun, is in strictness api)lici1)1e to a thtp-owHO'* (kimc- 
XifjMf) who sails his own vi;a*el> wlictluir on hi« own liccounl (whence 
ibc Schul : rv' tii^ npayfumif) or fur hire, and so to ome vita rmbarku 
fuKuelfwilh iia catyo. Hence it odmitB of being trBnefcmd to ang 
Irader, or trawlltr, toha carrier UtamgotnU, or to om tebo in any rc- 
Hpcct h (AngUco) hit oten trrvaiU ; ud lierc, urcortlin^ly. it tlvscriboa 
the huinhle ^hioii in which Orestes re]>resenlB biouelf to have tra- 
reUed — tru^ing ahng* ' cii gAr^uii' (m> hc tiiiiy pum|)lirat>e bia tiiuaui- 
ing) carrying my «u>n kiuptack S(i:. Sec the note (>» v. 1 15, uul coal- 
pare Soph. CKd. T. 750. woup/nf 'xv/yit Smit .... wtwra |9ai^, Angl. 
imasmaUwtty — "cum (laucia" TaapoiiSuidasv. nauu — in like manner 
eqiroaM* tb« character of Laiitf, oa lie took his jounicir ; Iicins. in fitct, 
an apposition^ ipati* &w). »o tiiat wc mijrht translate ; Wiiu he a mnut 

■ "ARnaitLi, V- uRidaniin luutino- 
ram graiht* cDunicrMw, ^X*'i '"nidl, 

rsMAww. Qui hoc aflicia rtumllDr, ■ 
Ciwrant vacatur itancMlator et lumat- 
l^riiu." UoUhmd on Arts xsrii. II. 
Comwan: Juv. 8m. xir, £92 : Soliite fii- 
HMD FnuBonli doailnaa tlaoist, p{p«ii»- 
tgtit eotfontl. 

* I hare iatrodawd Ihii iibraae, nol u 
an ciaft cqninlntt to ths orieinalt bat is 
Omk phraM ah-v «Jr*v (pM f^ f^- 
«tna, Ad|I. ^uriffH a*4l all—tA»M wlufh 
tkeanadlion*fr(£| adrnwinUscircrly 
karv Moi uMded—aud w IwaftwHJir 

(orinonc word. uff'/rrigAleJ) aliii'li. 
W iatOfnAeA (aer oii Ag. MTO by Uw 
MWMfadi whirjt Ihr PoM luui Eimn as 
tnHsiBcaiikii. oMke* the onmplcin fra> 

Acconlliig tAtlutieKillicnioreUtfc. 
Alt, aliboaia frcr, vetaion «f aMrW' 

would haie bctit im tmtbtg gr arrfhr 
K>bytinplic«tMiB,"ow i wina /'-Wt^- 
a cuUoi|utal liocnae of«|»r»iriD»j with 
vhidi uuiQpm Siuilu'i cspoMtuin af 
■(roA.q'rMatfi, u it oMUri in l>ea<Mlli. 
afEsiniC <^ian p- 1201 , 17 : •Itfb' iw rf 

dT xai^nrt4l, alia ii4fmT»i rici, vfis» 
abrtit ^(Matxiu **«ofarTiii awl KnAaMri 
Tsfri fitr W »*dhAa»t, rah M afrr«Ai»iifr 
tfmt. Sw abo byiau M : A&roA^ufM- 
4 *6i)i. A>ft T«r- iauT*U T^t AqicMbtn 
^ifitir tti ri AfAAPi^. Iloiyvk ; A^o- 

Ivarrn, 4 )i' tssTaiir ftwrafbrrtt r]|r 
Ai|iivfcp [tJrT&AoAartw?], ofi h' abet- 
tw. HenM, toa, nuv harr ofipantMl 
lUn . 131)0 f-w., aair be baJ mM wldi Juv. 
SM.ut,9Nt Nil habniiCoiInu, qiutnm 
iiKBt f c4 Umrn ittud PtrttiiUt f^fieHjt 
Wmn nMI—UaX llinby tfae waj. 

* ComnoM the like MifMrMdlMUUlnir ■ 
lioa of tfie ooMtathrc* Waqr. (tdt^'t *i*M 
f«*, a* exi'lainaJ m As. 4)0. 



■MB tu Af Journcfcd, ar—ws the Poet, there too. U card'ul lu nuke 
lumEclf undcratuod — f nXXo^ ?pN> iMpac XajKinu . oT M)^ ^jprr^t i 
Ibid. Muifirayjr^fortfaeeoiutnictionof thuicktnc,<rfiAi>^Mr(teiiJiir 
m vkkh tlic (^oenJ doignatkiu ahii^fmi a ■jiplictblv to the proMiit 
nibject, «cc Mattb. Gr, Cr. i 400, 6., «i»d compare the auologoua see 
of rj(iiia st)9v« T. li>5( wf^ ^X"* ^^' '^> vnr»A(0f>op ib. 516, aU of 
wUdi fMrtictilBn aarre in like nuuincf to lie dawn tl» ajipltnlioa of 
the nater>ooiiipouitd» oMmmv. oMrocor. atnixiafv^, to whidi they are 
■Hrverally fuuiul 6ubjo«a«d.— "aJntip ff^T.V. U^ M. ft.!c^ir] J}q 

G.A. cod. R. arfijcDr it' aiirS^firor ouiiitf Syot COTt'}. R. PiMt m*^ 

ponn cumina,qu(wl vulgo est iwet 'AfrfM. fjuiu moik;) rcfL'ttur iwl aril- 
XMTB ft' avr^4''v^^-' Klaus. See tbc next note. 

C58. ii'Apyvt Sunitp i*Yp — ] " Vc 'Aprvrfitvyo dictam.ut vpAtAtifM 
AKi/MAg. 1271 (laiC). S)i^ wutttrivM 8oph. Fbil. 1221. SrCpoway- 
MttMM /t x«p<>* V^d. Ol. vi. G3. iti'pa (or' OkktVuraw t^ Hum. 11. xit, 
SOS.— Jn(£ri*' wi^t. tlimi [dunw] tlmtasi. lu £ut. rhvii. 338 : 
•ivqvar inrofTyfiffwj AufM*r. tll{ip. 548 :* nuuw fi*^<»ff' Aro. Mal( Both* 
iuB : fMMM Aac daicrlutrm : fawf> nun est qwtm. Ncc rede Scbol : rTt 
ihoani i l m dn'Xinra." Klau. 

lyaoeUto ijut at far Argot Mtrv I ttt wit a/itol — litendly. kmJ mf 
Jmt faAe^ or ianuued, to go out ^ — atid imderatand by iV 'Ap>««, ai 
eouMoted with iM. the dbtant object with a view to which the pe- 
destrian rcikrcacnix himself to have commenced ht» journey, and which, 
by the aimcxation of 9<Cyf«, lio idcctiliv« as the tiL-tual termiMU at whidi 
he has BOW arrived. So the gcncnl terms of the proclainatioa ajtAc 
lUifiaOaiiAun Ag. 131 G (where sec the note) are limited and enfmxvd 
by Ihe more precise tuiu nluch the speaker would ^v« bis propoed. 
wpif iit/ui 3(vj> ucrroitfi ci||iHfirHr fiaipi. 

" Cur vero in re tuni biunili ad nunutiu irct Poeta. canaa petenda eat 
ex V, i&d (546). ubi namt Orcttcc. bc at nudius latcict Teetem eump- 
tarum, crueiortm put* «t viKorcm. <(aalis cnt viaturam, quam inda- 
tu coram .iGgistho et ClytenuieBtra se fistent. Quod ad secuicum 

• "^tfrrw A. Aa fedc AJUmIs 
N»iu vat pnrta ol Itmcictm guIotoii in- 
isRt Ui amiauibw Omtit ? Cf. *. M3 
<U0>. lufrfvwTbtwr.h.U. Fran 
«Um bora riJrtur tntiu «r 1.C&T {«8S). 
Al wsia mm nm U nniitrn'. n<»* anaam 
ime muuMonwt vcsUkui. Et irt^iyv 
rdnm oxiaos. «tiam (!." 

• te Mart in I. (* . AW> uhI tlM SdM. 

rf W — I. 

til Avtfi^p V0U, ^ 

paloi Botlenu.sai 

. — a.qindjialai Botlenu.saAv*- 

(iyqrtmriwMmi.aUettrrwmiitilr, at* 
«crtU PMwiw." IlknBf. ScboldMdbM 
■ol tcrracniatrlv IrsnilBiadiwctHasf- 
xraMt ■oci lw htm iIm* U tnahiltml. 
■• ka Mr*, t» " ii«r iiwc|Nr>Bi. 



iptur nppoTAtum attinct, cogibuidum eM Orcntcin ac I^yUdcm. dura 
naUcum iUud n Clioro ciuivrctur, c wxna cxii&sc ut vcstce iDutaJcnt. 
vcl wltpm jallio icto obtcgcrcut, et novum persomuu UKlucercnt." 

6G0. f^. Koi aai^. dfliivj " Rcicntnt intcrprclca boc ail viam fwmi 
iwofidurut /tfrit VantiiUtiMt Homo, ffiam d tleinouBtmverit tjtro|iliiu!«. 
At quum in trivio hunc illi occunnit»e puUndum «it, ratio noD est, ear 
Stroiihiu mcllu4 (|iinni illi nuta cogitcttir viu In P<.-li>]>oniiesuin teran. 
Itaque nihil volt hie versus nisi : quarviu [cuni joni qutnivisect) fvo 
lewifi'em, et dieau [dudssct] fiio irtt. ut bAm- noii viam. scd iter utntu- 
([iic (Icrljirer : un^ifW^'fw <le mem mamilione Pntiii. '2'i7. (32 1 ." Klutn. 
Compare llur. Sot. i. 5, 6'i : coti»i»timu.t i Uiidc vcnie ? ct Quo tcnJii ? 
ni^, et rteftondff — and obicrvo liow much l)c<t«r Ihie iatc-rprctation 
■greea wilb the iubstmnce of the next rcrw. on which Klausen wdl 
observes ; " Optlrae se habct hie versus boc loco jjiotitiui. NutM 
Orestes omnia ita, ut c* in mentc percgrlni tuMpitiat oriri eonKntAacnm 
est [nut] : primuni [proimsitum iter et] ornatum soum, dcindc quid 
«tl>i iK-ridcrit in vih. tk-iiide nrcosiancm quEC ansam dcderit ad cnllo- 
quium. tum dtniquc Duiiivii Struplui. quud in hoc colloqujo dcuiiun 

C63. ^XXnt, on ofitr buMuetB. apart fromttmt oTStrophius: and to 
Ang^. say how. whether (i|>ccially askud tii du ao. or no. Sdiul : Jki' 
ahi Iff )(ptiar, and agMD : rai^/t' «)»«t»rfjut «yiwu *nr<». ^««or*j>,» gt»r^ 
rti At uXXa iii jwirw. 

tUJ. «f<». " vox Homcrin, ncqtic Sophucli ncqnc Euriiiidi usur|ta* 
la. Pen. 1 0C6. Suppl. 504. 8SS. Hiiii: dvrivatuiu tA Mn'n." Blonf— 
but ttatttnuiin com^itlvr* km a ai«ter-funn of u» <r^, / yo, and ttHdgna 
to «Mw, / noiv, a sepusle rool KlN^, ^ualio. See his Grvek I'erit 
Tip. 147.4S. 

669. fhirSfiHK. jViigl. M ail reiuM, wi(A perfctt jmtict, in g«tJ/aitA , 
Rum. 804,ira*jmv Hri«j|oyuu. Sujipl. 4 1 9 , y«*ov frii#Au(w« «^>|8'^ irjM^- 
not. 8o]>fa. (Ed. C. I3U6. Tntch. fill. t:24!): honcc olao ptr/tfl/y. 
JMttsatdnervedif; abovcT.232. Thch. 670. Inc. Uhee. 720.— " mu- 
&>wH« ^riv>»i(Vaf cat. Anv nr HUigritlrr', ut lUrti. mmor, ubvritu^ue du- 
chuntiir per fufiajiAt Xaffg." St'tiiilz. 

(>fi6. ri'tT^vtB'] Abrcach would i'a|>))1y xp<!>w, vomptinDp Buu. C70. 
avnAttts rinr )0>M«ir< ib. 484, 9i«iUr rir tlfimmt y^iwp ; but with- 
out any oUtpala— without too, after Schneider (Ia-x. Cr. hi v.) nnd 
Wellnuer. fanning a new (.-oiiipuund iiiitroir—vn may tianalale : 
ffuftt wdetj. or in rvfry een$t of the word, /or nrr f See ihc note on 



Aff. 41 6. and for the prccwe meaning of Jr' ojr . . . rir' oJv . . , tfae 
MHe on Ag. 472. 

iOaueen spUy coniparca Vat. 319, v^^t fi«'r»i«at ^^f Vmi Mrr<j^- 
At*. Compttre »bO Sopb. CEd. C. 934, ti t>4 fitmurot rifo^ *^ x^f 
A'Xdff (IWu ^i^ r* oaiCx /catf. Act. S53, oOr' iV fi^wrMt afSr* V« Miq*Mru> 
lii-mtot. ib. SfiS, np^ ovr (^iaitWnu) JA* ryit ^rrouiDr tpx^ptt. EuT. 
Hvnd. 1033. rat troi fWr (fmvt, ■«! irA^i ror^piM. fi«iwiiec liil nfntHU 

6G7. irV^iwoO' duiMioqvap: Schol. CooipareSopb.Tradi. 603, 
•iXXil fi' fi r* *9viV yqf wipffiuww mt rn;^iimi. Kiir. I|(li. T. 736, Sfmr 

^um fMH T<iv8* TO)>^<nr«(r 'Jifia^f iTfsAi: *Afi^c. ib. 1435, rw iroi twy- 

fiiv rMt wof>9fuitit : ib. 936, ri Y>ip wwr' A yS" t^wA' nrcip^wovar irJto ; 

GGS, trXrvpwfnini, ni'py. more npproprinloiy need l>crc with reference 
to fl hrtueM urn, than in Thcb. 890, it 4Lva'vim¥ rrrtftftinn .... ifio9- 
•rUyf'"^ " RX«tf iwfuirav. where RlnmfiHd : " wXtvf^iM [a rik or wdr- 
jitRv] ilicitnr pro BXtvfNi. eicut rpix^fia [any fjUay HMifr i^ Aau"] pro 
f^wf flupn 663, ynirwira [cf«$t-ttork] pro xmrq 381 , ul( vittc niVrXwiM 
[coial-ttrm} pro m'frXac iiifra 1041." Stanler cotnpam rittutia ^oX- 
■DvXnqMv, «a mentioaed uidcr (be liVc circumtiiiknfxii. Soph. El. A4. 
Willi X<d>lTi>r, on urn, «cmpiux; Ag. 429. arryropot nndav >«fH'fW X<- 
^k,FraT<BA'r»vt (*>bere B«c tbc nnte). Sopb.KI. 1401. /r t<^'^>- Xa^^m 
nvfMi. Dwwlipni It meuu it hatkmg-vnsfl. Ag. U>94; a cAir/ or 
roAbv. Soph. TVach. o26. Acris. fr. G8. 3 ; a mUhM. Bur. El. 802. 
Cycl. 34S. 343. 393. 399. 4<H. ticc V&tam'* Lex, ia V. 

672. ri¥ MKiiimi] "Quod \acc ful j4;mnranimrai rvfcrt llolliiu*, 
quasi Bc nncire fingut Ort^lni cjux monciii. inlolrndHliii v*\ liaT tiilis 
rti iirnoruttia. bed iDwculinum pro feuiinino pontum c*t, ut in »en> 
tcniin cotnmuiit : doeh irrisa a wcU, jeer ihn rrzmghi. ^\u rtiiim in 
nntcccdenti versa, mic aruiiIiMffi nl wp»tntmvax» gciicrt niiufulino. qumic 
qama e gcntc rrgin mIk tdsoat Clytrisntatra et EHectis." Klinu. 
Tn^ Twnlvmt v. C63. we RMy tTWiaUto cither hU part*l», m loosely 
I applied loChteutni'stni Rtid.4£gi>thus. wbo now stand tn tlutt rclntiim 
Llo Orette* i or f Arm liitt jfaw Am ftir/A, with refrrciKC to OrtLioncs* 
tn only, u in vv, 406. £71. But rifnicimi wc mu»t tnuuUtc, na 
purp(»c]y ^vneraltaed in Accordance with the anom dt^ n'S/nit, a 
Pmnnt—it is riyht that hi* Parmal sioaU htow it—»e« the nulv uii r. 
317, and cninparc v. 314. mi fcnf*T<.r. Angl. TUa dbao, i.e. a JtaJ 
jmmm ; wtticb i* not, any tmiri* than nv neano here, to be limited to 



67S. " llnne oratiotiMn, ijiisc EiMlnt witgo tribuilur, 0*iM*arTt u- 
agtmt Roh.. nccjiir nmninn nicctnc f«sc iiotoHt. Ilia t-riim lupra i£*>j 
MSnt. nciiur nunc p(>tn<t rc<Urc. quum nh cwlcm hiotriniK' el 
«t ClytKmnc«tnr partes ngantur. Qunro non du)>ito, qnin bi rcrvus 
nni de Choro tribucndi sint." "Well. — but to thw Klnitfcn lia» ■wrtl 
replkd : " Powunt hi ircmiH n netnine dici. nisi n1> Kicctra : nofjucmira 
•crvnnun clioru, ncqac (si dc hue cogiturc vclt?) autrici, licet iujUBeis 
lantum coram ivginn toll«rv cLamorcm ; nt^quo riiortua, <|ui nunqiisin 
ridit Orestcm. eiim soum nppellore potest amicum [v. 677,] . .. Elec- 
tnt liiuid (lubie cam Clyta-ninrntra ex acdibua fgresaa eat, nwrcu ^:c^ 
r«n8 mandate Oi«&ti«, ut e« adjuTct. obicimqae tju rci opporlnnitA* 
pnebeatar [vr. 563-6.] Frofert hns simnlatas lamentalioiies. otrcri- 
talcm nuDlii quaii aRirniet Clyt^rmncstrR co, quod w Mem ci fanlxrc 

ibid, iiiiriiwf] " iv iriv" ii M . tl . G . A, R. iY0i9 ir T. V. « ttwree- 
tiono. 1^ *tip66fu6a M. I. ScripH tfiwi», correpta liters a nt in wwnifot 
(r.875 (M4).€lir.i»r. 9I2(947).^crM«lrEum. I(M4. PSiid. 01. li. 8S : 
it Bi nnrdf. Lr^tur Tox dubia productioDc Pmd. Pytli. i, 131. Ncm. 
vi, 4. X, 83. xi, 54. MiilW conj. ifonn. At dc romiptn syltntm as 
dubitindom ndetor." Klnus — who was the lirat to abandon the re- 
ceivwl rpading^of thislinr. lhouKh\Vrfltt«cTiJM>h«d tbromi out ami»- 
picion : " I'rfialf, qood Turn, ct Vict, bubeiit, non gcnuinum pnto, »cd 
ex conjecrtnrn nsturo." 

In thi* npnitm the |>rp»cnt Editor fully concurs, and hciKf the on- 
jectnni) emendation in the test, from frhicb (fluppnsin;; it to have been 
the ori^mil word) it is caw to trace both the early TnriationB, which 
han'e been noticed nlicnv. 

Tnuifrtntc : \tor'a me .' clean down, as it were v/nm the groumf, » lie 
denhtion of otir iloute f or — if we nmy not venture, even with mar 
Atfiac attached as interpreter,' to nniigii thin unwonted (while jTt it is 
the mott literal) meaning to Jfondtas — /rom top to hotlon, rffrrtwjty 
dooe,* ijo. M as nntr to ri$e ojfaia, an we being jmlM dtfitii. like a 

* I'hna coDRnictcd, iii*tS»t rtandf \m 
a Mrt or «p|H>«likm In m^ bpM wopM- 
^i^nir, Sian*. ''^Wa ■• aoDUMIl***, dr> 
nmet\txiittiial rTmUlnttaneiianiMaUh. 

the MUtontsof the prvpoMtbn , to which 

thrritrpurvrrallir •tiluQ«Bed,'V^''8in, m 
iKtrtiiLitis Biorc of Uio nature ol a iLlii* 
Oil. i3H7. Ar.).FX|itv«»n th« pirtMtot 
aaliulinlMl nnwrvM'Xf of tlu ixwcm trf 
f/riti-J l\orv1ivAlyrlrvtatr'l i ft.inntim 
aiirli, Ihr rrmilt lunfil* wlilrh tlw hu 
tlnn ■lii^hiT Uu- nEnit tu iluniM il Of 
not, lu» ii) iucif ■ rmtunl mkI i w cwmtt 
lnij«iii-y ; (pt the nulca ua Af . SU. MS 
(flAntiri Kvsvfirtat). In Ijaun thb ail* 
vcibialfermdfi' i' Oi i tioUMcH"^**'''*^ 



benegcd dtr : oomi«ring Thncjd. tv, ] 13 : AwX^voc tar Smfnt ra) 
MaitMi\faainip>it^K€>M). Ag. 833, /^tr>Aat ^W. Eum. 33S,/fw«- 
dwt (;|<*f- SofA. TVMh. 487i &»iiutv XSymrt, ovt *Jttar 4f r^)^'> *iittiivn 
*tp<l*ii>ai. Heajrcb : *K>iirf8*c~ fiifiaut, ia^aXlft, d papi», dnrfre*. 

/A«^. jmr' iB^Mt] . Hcsych : KoniKptf tktir ri i( iiftiiov utl t^ cij<^i'- 
&ar. Kor* Aipy*' ""<^ nopw^f. corA Kporof. Compare Horn. U. XF. 5u7- 
xxii, 4ll.xxiv, 728. Ht-rodot.Ti, 18. 82. Soph. (Ed.C. 1243. Ant. 
201. EuT.Hip]>. 1366. i|ih.A.778. \lrg..'En.u.390. COS. V«kkn. 
on Ear. Phccn. 1 1&3. ScfaKf. oo Boa. GUips. p. W. Was. Addend, 
ad Thacrd. p. 303, 86 — uid witit this mi<tapliorioal tut at impSoCiitfia, 
Soph. Q£d. T. 1423. ati^ ^i^n fi' S» viitar, fo/r SUwwif^tu M^*'- Aj. 
1 198, KCtvw yAp hnpmt Ca^^itntn. Eur. Pel. fr. v. 3. ^Xovt rt mpAw 
Kol KDran-imu'. HcFycfa : Hi>p9uif' upwn^Uw. AXmut. D^jiArinf' tp^- 
fiM'if, tafial fit ff it. ofritay^. 

G74. J fttw. . . . 'Apd] inauptrabk Ctirse—oi ThycytM of nhom 
it WM ntd Ag. )571i itfyor i' iitttprow UtitonHait iwrix"^'' Xifimir^a 
itbrinp (vt-tUKmt riAl* Jp^, »vrair JAiVAn iroi- li ItXrvfiirovt TTwi — per- 
•oufied bcrp. as in Ag. 1472. JnXw^ ^^'^''''^"^ '^n"*>*.xo^'**« 
4n«v"f- <l>- 1 44$, f^v rporoxvuM' Soi^oNi ikVmu rifcrAt. Vi'itb 3«Mnni- 
Xmot* Aartl I& ^imv//«dioiVA. compare Suppl. 4G8,At>«nrAaMrrair^- 
^umi. £ur. Ale. S93, vuxo dvtnraXnKmc. SuppL 1108, JflMwdXiHtfToi' 
■nfi^t. Iloiych: AvmlXai^rot' njuiro^nirrM. 

675. At ff AX' >'in«T$t] Traiitlatc : Ilote nuuijr d^Mcti jroK i«v jrosr 
qv iipM, nVM /Amj^h carefullf stourtd nHnvy. bringing them doum viH 
KcU'Oimtd arrwct although from a dulant bov — and compure Eum. 
'272. itXnypi^ fit «<i»r' (.\(4vf) (Vmh^ ^xri. il>. 97 1 . trrtjijm ^' jji^rv 
nri^it, »n |>oa yXwmk tti'i irr^jt' firir*^. Suppl. 639, /KiTif)«f «r0w«iwvr 
/nnt^fiirKitj^. Hctydi : 'E*««^' /^pf. rvMmwi, An*M{M'riaM. — 
" ittttitV. ct Scbol : i^t^t. nrwvoir M.G. A. «f* mkut T." Klsus. 

(>78, <rai *w . . yJ^I " Intcnxetw fcfvUil yifi quioto loou iKMitum, 
ande poat 'o^'irr^i mterpunjrunt, et vtl scrmonnn skniplum vel ivpe- 
liConi ii fingnnt. Quia ronooi corrccttoDeni, rt^Aut pru ti^aukmt. 
Ktegonctpi. Sic Euin. 733. i^fi^>Xo«, — tSoW contoM." Scbokf — 
■nd Blonfidd abo and Dindarf hare edited atiSi^X*^, hut ixitliniit 
remoring the comma after 'OfH^r^. Translate, with the pnipliuia 

hrip «t 1 kr prrpMtttnn m. tn Gndlali Ar.- 

mn li t n t am t^.for an«d and aft I Amd to 
Oil UhMD. (McMkUr. bc«iM« A«. 312. 

II be, ««■ wnnU\ wikh lAemftr «■> lA^ 

■ MvywuptM MM>. lb. la;^, (xrllnrf 
•fi«»Ii (mmHn j Wttrvt/tframmdt-MitlfJ. 
8m abonw OB «. lU. 



which yifi (»M note on Ag. 1 1 1 2.) b intcuidoi tu thi-ow nii V : f^'' 
not aaw — liut a Bbort while ago. unci tfacri-forc (ihc kui implies) ma 
fotd a$ now — Orfftts ww h luck — aiid compare Ag. 33, r/Hr i^ fiaXiri- 
^t T^trii fiai ffipvgTufiiat, whorf )^ce the notu. — " ^^'Xat ix""- fof- 
rojactu Hsm. Pollux ix. 94 : <» FCi'xroi yt mTc irit^otc ru Acovdrtr. ml 
4imi^if, iiw*>iii^rroi' Km' irou nil ri ft■nT^l^D>■, «ai ric{'/Ja\Di'rIiiM. Anstffn. 
!• 33 ; fpi yap mmi^iXwinu' iisX>j(rT»r iraipa teai irtavoi irfirrcHTfr irn^wf 
fiiv ifioi, nStAuTt,'>oti a nit (W^tuir. Itu Salnia^iu^ pro tiSovXiinpar, 
probantc Hfm»t«rbiu>io ad Pollucia locum, unde coafirmalar in hoc 
vcrsu Porsoni comctio. Ejtudvni confii*ioui« cx«in])la d«<lit Boiuo* 
nadiis od tViislvn. p. o39. Don-ill. nd Charit. p. 34." Blomf. 

In tlienuelvcs, however, the words li'ffAm Sx"" odmlt of n diffcnent 
intarprcbitJOTi. "EufSJXMi tx"*- bene tibi conmlutrot. Van. Et apud 
Oppian. Ilalicut. iii, 71. moncnt« Abrc*rh. Iiabcmu» mC^JKair %>7i-, 
quod Schul. cxpl. per if^nXof. lUffntjuor. inrrvxh" ^lutl. — to which in 
un unpublished note, ofUter date, he lioe added ; " In cademcst sen* 
tcntta Multb. od Morcll. p. 3Bt [v. Ev^Xwi} : ct M jiiagianus notio- 
aem mfKiA, forte se commeadabit iita k'clio. Mcinphora vnim dactn 
csU a piscature, qui bene utqtie oummodc st&t nd fi^Kof {^actwn) f«ri- 

679. r{a> . . . inXvi:] nivi<M^,j'^iri>of miJIci.* Scholi udeoZcnob. 
Adng. ti), fi (adduced 1iy SiMlIvy) : tttiit irrXoC (r^Aae 'x"*'- ''' r&flftt 
mrtivov ta6*<mmiv. Suidu : Aiptw t^ v^ia tn)\ov' rVi rv> |3i>t-)iojit'MM> 
fi^ iw apaytiorui liimi. Cotu pare Prut) i. 2GZ, itTjfuiriavTfmir^iiaTxii.yihfn ■ 
Blomticld hfl« noticed Httd. Prth. iv, SI3 ; miAfi -ycynlnriciirr' irvymf 
(>Twc f]('<r mida. Soph. Phil, 1 SCO, urwc w I'rrie KXiwftavtef fx"'* »«&•■ 
Eur. Hcrucl. 109, mX4* 4»' y T(« ^intyiiarav Ix"" •"**"■ l^""" ^- "- 7, 
37 : Ncquicquam cccno CD)nciu crcUcrc pkalam— to which add Eur. 
Hipp. 1293, ti^}taTot !£v iriAu nw8* uHj('<t. the better to confirm as in 
reading mfufoM', witli wliicli compare also a'pur aa used in the some 
proverb, according to Suidos. 

Aldiia and the \lcd. nntl Gnelph, MSS. Imvc pofii(<»r, which KlauMO 
labountorctUD. ax inefri'ctuiilty as to avpporl his retention of tiffStXmt. 
from tlie mere clinnce that he fnttU tiulijoiui-it to Eur. Hcracl. 1 09. the 
worfU : ftfimXiM mx^tra r^r aruu-oHK tb. 1 10 i lu If two Puctv nitut 
noeda apply n general proverb in pn^^iwly the same way ! 

(iSO. iSaKxiidc cii>$< htrpit Awi'i] The Schuliast'k interpretation nf 
time wonb b : ^ roii uucuit larptali Avir r^t ilyn^vt rf^ymtrvrvi — and ytt 

' Coniftfc Pm^im il, 2. Ixu, 14. 



Kbuttca : " AM^'uif mXijt pftittlet ab iXwU, minimc nb iarfiof, »mI uI Imjc 
intvlli^ititr rniT^v. vol <n;Xw oX<^Mt>. vcl <|paf . Est fxcultatio diu iim;- 
mta, iiuv Don contingcrc nott potent E3cctnc, ei rcwrtcbatiir [rercr- 
teretnr] Orestes. Hanc cxaultationeta reveni eahibait ^fiacbyliiB t. 
SSSsqq: A^i-^mw, ydipfiAtp^'*'^^^ ^Vw. Mfft^dictam atPiad. 
Ncm. iv. imit. fytrm fl^ytorvM wdwM> MRpi/iiHir Impdc"— ^iiil tliis is 
mucli tobcprcfcTTcdtothatroDBtructioa of im-pit vritb Aux<i(if. which 
— admitling gtcd, wbiU Karcdy ec«ni« poe^ihlc, thai without the Ar- 
ticle (nft (K UfiM^i) thia wont could be referred, as Schiitz fint mg. 
gcMeil. to the rrhtia^ mrlry o( Clvtemnestra oni] .^I^giMhtu — vnuM 
■ drive iia upon the BupiKiiitioii that takift was uttered with an iraolcal 
■neer I in defence of whieh we might, indeed, adduce Etun, S09, «^' 

SWMW ytiKK *<lX^. Thcb.SSO, f TM»>- */i]Ni*Bai Avw *aX&pr' 
ttcSMOt lai Xcyitr lufiuaTtpoit. Soph. El, 393, mX^-yiifi oCit^f diarat &<m 
0m>ii6vm. Ant. 739, uXm fp'iMt ^ <ri y^t Spx*it iiirvt. Ear. Ale. 698, 
fwd wiXau mib'Imi, but in all theae passages, it will be seen, the vdl of 
traoy b both idotc tninyporcnl in it*df, mid more scasoitabh- itttro- 
duceil. than it wottld be in llic text. 

IVanakte tlierefore : Btil mote. ttMai JcelhiMf hope there vai left in thv 
fftmff of Mtmly (oppoi>ed to CljtennMtn'a wttttmlyj mnrimni to 
coBte, ie aeont dovM al what I Bee — i.e. " Creates cxliibils to me na 
MOvprrMut ill his tx^r^KK)*" fi^ectni meat truly eajs. audiabr hcrcon- 
fptriiii^ auditors itndentood to ny, whilst ClytemiuwIrB, who knowa 
not iturt the atimi^r ia Orcitca, cut only nnderatand her to mean : 
^ ** be dcclarea to amoont to notliing'* — to he am or came, and thcrvfere. 
tfotattcrof hopeful expectation, to be mow af Mead;' for, inUiewonIa 

> " Thw redoetiaa of the " hove of tlia 

lonac" (h> <rUi-li em both rfdr>t» meant 
~ iva tniwii mure »iupl| aail aumi alfnU. 
ntlv ibctwnl. tf lM«tnB)na«bcn)> ai 
I the lanalU puMfBorSoiS. H, IIU. 
'., had nJuliHcd u urn ODntaJainf . la 
m U aOd. what little aaa nnw remain* 
[ of him liwt Ih4 Imm OmU*. Not, 
I Anoi isdi a nati}' d(nr a* ih b woulii 
rtott, iaitMfjrIOfrcbovfroniBclMlc- 
i'seaneet M|Hi«itkin of the inimt 
MBMt "i^fi*, faai •& Omit rciictfyf 
r»m,/rtirirv mat i tuJkkt rmm tr ru rr- 
fivmm r*t »M ^64 onutnu ridm," wn 
am irO eallfct, u heaidi, " bur mdU^m 
Jittmm, nl lautticst ClybnnMaln nor- 
■un OrHtan, ipim aateai nnua." 
Hw Mine mar w hU «if Miwcnkr, a* 
ntnl Uf WcllMwri *buac auto I Mbjnin, 

that Ot nadcr mar >n « dm |Ihw« 
■ItomaMy ■f'TM MUl rtniicd. ■■ Pw 
tieaia nnanamifu iaoniMtp*, vt um- 
nei fwaanwnilwa consli saai j Asoftfar 
f r i f i4 m jaafoawt CsBtw. • ft t S ^mr 
*rypi4*> "«■• *a>«« > u» *» > *»'" {in 
etrn t um tlmm rrfirr] llralh. m^wv^' 
irrfpi^f^ [lit yrrirrita ■■wrmAir .'] 
lima, v^wvviti, VrM^i &kutt. vs. 
pavinir. fwjfdptt Bias. T a^ »a ar VirM>J 
^t UrcIL ScLwmk. nlganu t<mI(: 
^ifw ad mi/km duftam afirmat^aad 
•mlNpic ilieliun iwut. ut IpN do Urate 
tiro labrlliipit, aiua Ovtwainmtra d« ri- 
ncreaMftid arriiieptdBbaai." Iliihm 
eota OQ tn pra|iMe the bdIkui «l>irU 
Klwea ban jo»llf cgpadialw). llut t|ir 

aervptattun t raa* |H-#*M/ra> aoM* «jr- 
AUW> am afiokm, m mt tbuaU far. 



vfS St. Ptuil : Atrif 6i ffktranivij ovk itmw fentses to bcj iiatU' S yip j 
wit rtt. rixal *Xirifn; Rotn. ii-iii. 24. 

Ttiiu iiitcrjiretcd. vie ihall not need with BlomficM to tilXtt mpoAraw 
ititn tinp oUWV, U Butlor (cnnipitring ««{>' oiAin ftfnm Ag. 219.) Iwd 
suggtatcd, and as our Poet might nut unmisonably haw bcea prcmunet] 
to have vrrittcn, but for that superstitious fcdiuR, which in sccoca Ukc 
tbe pment impelled the Greeks to " pnltcr with" an adv^rvory " tn n 
doable Ben«c," and whtcli KJauMsi — after must tncoiui»teiitly editing 
wail nSmv, which he would hare us tnnslatc prater vertm. " mt ^ otmtr. 
ut lion venun" ; Rod this, bcmise forsooth " vox moDoeyllaba irofi <<■]• 
lit moWlinm dancfcos in medio verm, qiiia moiiosyUalHS infrin^ltu* 
ejus Til" — ^bBfl at kast done well to notice, as folbwa. " Puto tamsn 
latere in hin verttin ctiam eiim t*cn»iim, i|ucm Btatucnml iiiterpretcs 
nonttulli : riun prAvaiem nobin rxhibet, qiiic avoTMun dictiv opinantur 
•filectram, ut audiri nequcant a Clyt^mnestra. Ip^am lume aversioaem 
haud pTobabilem cxuitiino. c]uia pnc niiinihtis cavcndum cnit Electrar. 
nc ulhi, DC lcvi»iiinu qunk-ni Fuspicio orirctor Clytarmncttne. Dcoc 
vcro uli potLTJil lie rocabulis, quibus diipks subesect eensvst slter it, 
qui paliun audiretiir et {lerriiwreliir, alter i*. qncm iiimchtm iatcQige- 
rct.^ Ita cnim agerc solelxmt Gra-ci in diacriminc quopiam : n« verbis 
■all* ooinotifl felioem perdcrcnt cvcntuo), cligebniit tuliii quie tpfti, et 
tpu Kocum pcnpieieborit dii pro]^iitii, faiixte iiitt-r|irelarciitur. Et ita 
quidem aliqun ratione Tcnin dici potest mpavata." See the notes nn 
Ag. 6dO. 943.. and compare lIcrmnnQ oii Soph. El. 1316. I-1-13. Do- 
tHMOn Eur. Hfi. 1201. AJivrgar. ii.p. 109. 

With A».x«i'<if «iXi( — which I have interpreted in the »pirii of what 
wc read in St. Luke xv. 3'2 : tv^pavffnmi ii ut x^f^"" ^'' "^* ^ aAr>^r 
vvv oStoc itKpAt (k, ml ifi'iijm' KOI ^iroXtaXut ^r, «ai tipiB^ — compare 

Plat. Sympofi. p. 218. R : rijf x^Aaoo^tn . HaKx*'***- Annrr. xiii, 1 1 : 

6iXat 0i\M}ut¥ti'^- Hor.Od.ii. 7, 26 : Non e^ NUiim Baccliidkn- Kdo* 
nit; rcccptoDulcvmihifurcrccatDmico. tlcsycb: B(wx»[Qu. Biikx«w}* 

mMt — H ■tBr«-triirV uttcrljr fampi to (be 
■iuiiilicity lA thniriral rpfmroialiiin a- 
mong Uiir tir«ck(, cif whcin MUIt«r wcU 
oImptim thnl wliFTT«i " vt Umk for illo. 
(ion fmni (ir*t to Iwt, Ittry nlaiir» re- 
mainnl, nod wiibrd In rrtiiKiii, raiiKiouj 
thai ihr whok km a thouv^imt mlrr- 
taiiunmi." Iht Kumnt. HI. p. 


' TM« doable •raw. ami tiot Ute mi>. 
dtmalmmlitfarn whi*prr\aw\ nnouKh 
Ut be heard by all but tm- tvrvoa nNrnt 

l» Hue MvalLcr. aaJ mo«t OMfly int«TMt> 
nl in vhat hmy.i. tniHilinibllRBtlwde* 
iic«. on nblch Adtniiui ilnautUb, in 
(CTOMirfmiwr UiantinliBMTiBleiMt. r«- 
lied for mceictiic Ibe Ihdhrt nmy«Ui\wm 
of ■ f«op1 c. wbo vr ()nerib<J mr luir Ikei 
tiiL-w thnn «f11 n itTmymn^inm VMf 

vairpatrturian. rtil vpuuffM^AurA Xe- 
yiiiw* : TliMCTiL bi, 30. 



^oM'n. Eur. Bach. I2C. SIS. S3<>. 1293. See aIm tbwc w. 93C-8. 
33S-4.. below w. 84i. 022. 

GUI. vnpaivj» *Yffioi^%} "la^crprcfGntcxa.impouttapJYypA^zTiifom 
aiiift d^m-ur^Mroi' ip^. in vfiii ri AwU 9 iwihttitiw, Bndc Scbiitniu trU' 
pirotnr cum Jyyp6^ tu^iuuvc pni iinpentnilt mmlo ; !>nl fallitur vir 
floctii> : hoc enim dicit Gnunmstintu : r^faw. vorra ric ardtma : i.e. onn* 
titnictifi hicc crt. ScqucntiB ric vtrtc : tonMnictimem aalem nbmlrit. 
iia ul ad iwvm AnV referalvr." lllotaf — who propoKS for am'^un, to 
read rfmS«Sw«f . whcQ it would liare b«en more to the puqwse to aher 
ip^ into 'Apd (v. C'-l.). makin-f Ttfaich the DomnMti%'c to the vcib fy 
ypipti, and u^tV <"!>' ('X'rt^) the twcuMtivc after it, we have tbc bclio* 
liut'B complete ronatnidion of tlu> K-ntcncc, with atpavur^Umf ingv- 
tuoiuly tcaderpd ns the rirtual meaning of wap»09np (Aogl. come to 
liua !ji in its prima facir applicatioD, raundr, to Ikwit, tipntatioa. and 
not In what KIcctra (as in v. 337 .) actually meant bv «XiitV, in that ac- 
mtMlnry and auppoeititiou* ecnac. which if she had been minded (or, n 
WcUaucT tmagiiieB, conelraiiied by her fi-eUng»)to avow in yrords, kbc 
tiitHtb)ra«ell'kiiowOffxw*"P>*^ inrf«»*^H«>«i-(»ec OB v. 339.)baTe 
•aid (n^wb-TB, not ■DynMw— nod this, thoogh ifm]i. and !iot(aBinitrMC- 
nem it i>faoiiU have been) wm p. kail preceded in the rdativc dauM.'^ 
' 'tyypQ^tir cmt Trrbuin nAfitctm |icrtiBcna,qiiod bene notavit IIcalhiuB : 
iT^* bliit iyyp^i^ifKi-tin evimtia taUiumEs pro niMlo eompular&. Fn- 
leoT lamen niihi nc mc riuideni hone lomm ntis&cere." DIomf— «nd 
to Wclhucr : "' Dc iyYpa^Mi Umcn dubito. idque fere conuptain pnto." 
Yet Kbttscn aptly comiHuv* Ag. 770, rnvrr' ntro^iirvc i<r$a yrfpafifU- 
««r. and whether wcfimplfrcnilpr it lo nt darni. tufiyamfor e&mpu- 
tatiou, fir a» mtntorastda* /or preaervvt'toa (Prom. 789, ^ lyfp&^v aii 
ftf^fioirv Mnxt ^|Mr»r). or for thr take of titutifitvtimt — in which 
■eua our Poet alao iwea rpa#nwiim«'. An^l. lo tahmhtt, abore v. 101, 
Aff. 3t3^«r whether wc look to its technical aikd dvic meaninga. to 
Troisier or nntt (*lt ran 8tjft6r*r, tit nit ^p^ropot), tc fmHat or iacDr- 
parwte (*}« vufipaptv). or la»tly la learr ttom a* n debtor, whether lo on 
iadividoal urtothe>tate^-KcRciske'H/iM/4n/>ng«uM. v. iyyf>d(^i^— 
the ward it fret: frocD oU ubji.'ctiuu, tta application here. I will only 
add, t« the compulation of the amount, or #*« laUi, of the hope that 
■ retnained in ibc Rnyal lluoae of AganmnnoQ. u •trct^^ennl by the 
introduction in v. G80. o^ the pHrticic mfi. which grrcs rjinft Hxit. . .the 

>'Kr»a«cii>HM>.9liiM.«.Ai»d#aa4. Trarli. 167. Ear. Suppl. UOI. Bar. I ph. 
CMiiuH>rbt.lMiii.llt.U:AA><i*«rV A. 113. U4. Ipk.T. fW. fCL flh'. i)^. 
trifijiftM. JBKh. fwpid. 916. bofh. ffif^Ufs, i»MCfit*4 w *tt iImm. 



preebe meaning which the verb, so interprcti^, requires : whniiimaitin 
f^ tTptdat'KM Sic. Sec llic nnle on Ag, Nl , hikI ramimTe the use of 
tinvna fiS)utTa (Anjfl. }u*l mnoumtt loj, Thucyd. i, 84. 

Compare aIiwi Soph. El. 306, ritoi-aavr* fititv, mi rAt mrovirat /Xa 
ttt^Atpo'. i1>. 609. antmrimt yap rijr i/tfit otxn ^init. aT/UM ^i^mm imytf* 
am Ax'&M* Th : " obi tan) apertv NtMtnim imilntua est." sai-a Duller. 
u he dismisa?^ tlii* perplcxinf'' pnfwifrc " at (iiuo fuent hujns lod wn- 
m/ja focik hurioliiri poetnH, quanquam de vertu ipria duliiuirerbi." 

Cft2, /ywfMPoZ'i'ii.r.A,] Nay, /or my pari, F couM Aave irisAed to kin<r 
teeome kmomi aad terlcomett by ttUerleiners of^our cmu^llon, ludit-*, be- 
MKip of UMue ffiuut mutter : for. were it for him to nhonw what tiding 
he diotild hriiiir. icAof more kimtily /wlitig it tkerr Ihan that of « tit 
f« hit kuts? I hnvc tmni>]utcd ihls, both to cxlubit it to dint npulo* 
gttk form which b»t hcdts th« context — nnd Ihot imjilicd oppoeilion 
[o the I»«t apeaker'n word*, which '» conveyed by fyt) ftlp aSr. Atigl, 
/or that matter. I (emphnlic) Ac* rompnrc r. 316 — ftnd bccuuc KUat- 
wn, tnthovcry tcclh of v%-. 689-91, is at f^nrat pains to prove lluil tlic 
purport of this >|)eGfh ia not : " Uoleo quod tristtn, non linustft Ktuli, 
Npd toconda non i!»m>duxi.qiiini¥f(;rrr promlBi." but: " illod offidmn 
nuntii tibcatcr mscepi, qua honpitee hie mihi parorem. ct qaum coa 
inventrim, officio Mtiefeci, dst lihvntiua mclioni rctulisccra" ! aad tluB 
with no other object, that 1 can divine, than to oppow the iDtroditc- 
tioo of Hi in v. 686, ■nhkh puts him upon the further Dcccaeit}- of 
straining- t. G8S. to mean : " quum nemo bcnif^nior sit in pcrecrrinam 
quam ho»pe3, efaidtM nihil potitia ojitavt tjuam comvqui hotpilen" ; as 
if it were not. at least, desirable to maintain an onifarraity in the a|»- 
plication of ^mww vv. 662. 685. and uf ^mt rv. 684. CH3 — not to 
mention w, 639. C56.71J. ftc. 

fbii. "ff^iifjocn* M.O. A. R. Vul^. tMni^iwf "— And m on V. £86 : 
■•^/jMTiV M. G. A. Vulgo ^p*ff/." KInun. 

686. wfAt ItvavtStw {r Jt' t/toi'] But with me (emphatic) it mr Sm 
mfjudgwuiU — i.e. in my ntM 1 fhonld ron»dcr it — n lhi»g hordmiiif< 
bmrd upon imptHy, not to Aatv yont ihrtaigk with nrrA a matter amatf* 
frieadt, after bai'iitg ro/cmMly prwtiUicJ, taij after iariaff ien kupitaify 
reefivMl. On the oonRtruelion of I'fiai, wliieh stands here in a dovUe 
rdadoDlo ^v, the tatter of which ui morcpbunly declared l^- tlie nddi- 
ttonof/r^ir^, ficcMattb.Gr.Gr.H^>^?-38a.3»9. h. and compare 
the note* vv, 1-21. 'i7l . and on Ag. 97 — with apit Hvrat^tias M tit 
tUf of, verging tovardu, impiely, comjiarc wpAt liiic>)t Sn{»h. Qd. T. 101 4, 
(Ed. C. 546. Matt)]. Gr. Gr. i 530. ami of LindrttI cotutraction Ag. 



573. Ida. IC07. lb. ( 316. d. Obt : aiao. in point of Kntimcnl. Ilur. 
6«t. i, 9, 70 : N'oUm nuU, bquam. Reti^v ert — witli li^, equivalent bcro 
to ov <!7 {Ag. 1 636), conipKre Ag. 88fi (■• it shnulil have been cdiled), 
(Mutri^wt uImu*. wap' iSXXu¥ xph" "'^' fyx*o^i' ypot. Hor. Od. i, 37, 4 : 
Tcmjiiu era/, and bcc Glm&l. on Eur. Ucmd. 9i0. ScbulcT. on Eur. 
II«c. 8C5. Matlb. Cr. Cr. i 505. 2. Ob«. 

tbU. ft i'—" it, (|uud )i»c veivu piiiic %'creui3 inseri wnsus poscit, 
pQ»t fttmndtint pusucniat Pauw. Schiitz. Botb. [Blomf.] : scd potest 
etiun |H>tt fr i>oni. et tunc co (odliua, propter tnaotitum Wura omilti 
polait. Id tcxtn. quiu iocerta aedet est, omi^." Wdl. The present 
editor Uiu l>ccii la* vcrupulou* on tbnpoiat, bccauM 'm rv. 385. C78. 

: Ag. 513. TUG. 1 1 12. 1370. be tea the oonncctiiig p«Tticlc, whether St 
or W or r'v'< Btudioutily introduced — not frhn ia vwiegrommalipte, but 
— so as tci bring furward thoie words (or word, as tha cmc may Iw) 
Tvhicli Ihc uutlior intended to be the most emphatic in the sentence. 

(»tt7- mufiv mvai] ' m^uAaiwvai, cnnii> i Svkol — abuve v, 514. JiiJ, 
^Am*] " IntcUigit Cljft^eMnrstmm, quam vt;l uhi aiuicam didt ]>ru[iter 
boipitniin pranuBauni. rel On?jli> |in>p!ii(iuauk [v. 605.]. lUw] pn>> 
bibUitii. Vulgo refcruiit ud Struphium. At bunc ubi ifiiWiiin tlixU 
V, G34 (659)." Klaus. — bat this objection is met by the recolkctioa 
of that motual confidence which we arc [ilainly raougfa told (w. €61- 
G7.) bncl sprung out of tlic interchange of ^od offices mentioocd io v. 
CGO ; and it is better, oa Abresch Itad ouf^gtsted. to euppoM botli 
StnpMiuji lad ClylfmatiUrt inoltidcii under ^h3u>ii — loowly applied, as 
io Ag. CO] . UiK twS' Ctcmt X«'{(u/M ru yrvdij *tAli it r^ mXim ^iknun 

rKOfiw i wdat xpmvoi — oftcr which Uic right appltcstion uf each member of 
▼. £88. ia not to be mistaken. " Vjun^nm ad Stro]>hium urifow- 
(m'hw ad Clj-txmneatiwa forte pertinent, quanvls quid vctia cum. tnter 
condam. ajiud Stnjpluum hospiliu cxccplnm futuc i tied ut ud CI;- 

' tKinDCttxwn traliam, suadet vox ^m qiua tolics in bac onUioac «d il- 
bun refcrcndD nt." llutl. 

Wilh aiTaaiatani, Angl. kaoiag fh^ftd my word, coropaxi! Soph. 
(Ed. C. 1633, uii MoTcimaoit fupmt* wpoimnw nfarA' imv. ib. 1637. 

tarjjrlatr rafl" ujiciaf ^Mrtvu- ^Vip. Kur. Iph. A. Cl)5i mii' 0*8' «ry <tnT^ 

Mrnw fyow idiv hrtrotkcd yow davg/derj . Fltutius and Hcn'cfa : Kuriuw*. 
irtn' irvyntm^ioAN. 

Gb9. oB riM a.rA.] Be aii&nd. yva aImB wot rwmv Ikt tut wortiuij/ 

'i^yovavj^ — where, it is pbiJn friim tbe next two lincc, we muu not 

widiScholeGeld intvrjiret iM'n»afim as simply aroounling to liralkM.*— 

"«£Jw>Ubri. ■(iWcouj, Pauw, qitnd fchultorBr«MiI£^nvi^cofiBr> 




muri contcmluut. Miniine. ita (nim inlvqirctundnB est locus, ctn 
Icgitar a^oK." Klaiu — who compares tvyx'^m' <n>6f v. 204. 

691. iXB<if .7c]- it Kai iMtf ffi if)^i]kii( ; Sch«l. Compare DHvid's re- 
[Av to Joiib. on receiving intellipMice of the death of Uriati : " Let doC 
thia thiug duplcaac ttiuc, fur the nword derouictb one om hwU a$ •■- 
a/Aer" : 3. Sum. xi, 25. 

G9'2. ^fuiumyTav (ivuvt ftaxfiaT xiXtCBav, Angl. tttraiiyerti that have 
betn all itay on o long journey ; bchtil : fti' ^fu'iooc mpArrut. — " if^fltim, 
per tliem oliqvidfatio -, AntittticUta ap, VilloUon. Aaecd. Gr. T. ii. p. 

80 ; atrri roi tljrt'ai. naatai nip vvtra tttpi n iu-a>iV«n, fltiui'Mv^**! avpf 
n Xrynuiri, col iuryjiwvu' ovrta mi iiiiUfttUm. avr'i roC naata rq* if^'paii 
npi r* <ii\i\«7iM(i-. I'vUtix i, 6-1 : r^ it SKtjt rt trpo^ {fitpaCi qfUfMuroi 
i™J Su)fttpti^in. nlof nti riv (iarttvtrity i ttXarif cij^ipu' irpoi iKy iffi^iMv- 
ofrat. Similiter Xeiiophcii (ICcon. iv. 3. Vid. Sturxii Lex. Soph. El. 
78G. ri'¥ i' ttifXi trov rMtrtjai' owtAStp avvtx' ^iuptCaoiu*. Satis l>eDe 
Rinrgo libri MiUordioni, "tint out fuit Icur jouRKfo." NuUbilts est 
coostnictia titi4p*vaiftat KtXtMrv." Rlotnt. See Matth. Gr. Gr. $ 338. 
and witli fituiMxmvraf, d^niridcnt tu ^^pijirt'ovr (or tifitpaim-t) orrar. com- 
pare ib. $ 144. wiih Up. Blomftctil'n Remark p. xlvi. Kur. Mdlag. fir. 
Vlii, ram if irii>M<n* T^fMvovtfvf ^i. 

G93. ^ irpdinpopa, mitaNtlMnyr. ulielow v. 696 (with vlucli ooiii> 
pare V. fi3 1 ) whit Mi^ befit the home to give. Hoydi : \lp&a^»pnf 
tVir^dttoi', ipiiiimf, oiViof, il<uXoirA)r (Angl. in chnracler, aceoria*0% 
Eara. 207. Soph. Ki. 2-27. CEd.C. 1774. Eur. llip]>. 119. Ale. 148. 
Hcl.4->I>.50S. 1-209. Omhc two-fold conrtroction of the rerb* ivy- 
xartw, Kujj'iv, &c. fcc Mfttth. Gr, Gr. $ 32S. and Ohs. 

The tmi three Mdm are wonnng in the Guclph. MS, — and thoaca 
alio IB the editions uf Aid, Roh. Tara. — \\w copyial, as is probable, 
having confouadcd p. C93. nith v. 69C, which Schiitz also woold bam 
onittod on account of the offeaaire repetition of t^ w(ti»^ofn. 

695. MTttrAnufft Jt<] " i^surAnrovf rectc nh AbrcAchio e.Tpticfitar M* 
Mrau, qoucum (adt Schiitz. Monk. ud. Eur. Hipp. 54. accioatimni 
pntat iarmxatiiaBanat." Well — who yet at a later p«-iod (ecehie l«x. 
iBacbjrl,} appears to hare come orer to Mook s opiaioo, wliich Kina- 
se* also has adapted, after niamfield who eoiikpures lifXXtfiroc. O'Aiwos, 
miAmrot. aa u»ed for dcWikaus oliViroM. iraXtirowr. But not one of these 
loaiDcd editors has informed u«, bow we may reconcile thia iuulti|ili- 
eation of the atttadantt of Orestes with w. 657-8, wlien- he liad nuA 
that (roia 6ni to latt on thin journey he liad been, i-mpliatically, bis 
awntcmmli ottJhwfrtlovlratvUerfmib vv. 547*3*1. wbentlica^ 



lilainly ilccUrcd thit be wouLil have bat me companioD luul coadjutor. 
Pylmlcr—t»i in rv. IS. B7'J. 

VaAcT the prcMure, then, of this flagrutt inoomietcacy, and of llic 
tntenilent iDprobabUit/ tb«t Orestes ehaold pnaent lumaelf k an- 

J aMfouely attended u the rocelYcil reading of this line woold argne. I 

, Iwvc Tcnturwl so far to adopt Pauw'i corrcctign. approved by BuUcr. 
< to read rM« m1 ^lA^/anptt^, whidb. suppoaiiig ima&iimwt (not, u 

' Fluiw propoacd. AriaMmtiv} to have preceded, may not witliout wnw 
•buw of rcMEon ha%-c been cotrcetnl {ai; yna thought) to tamv more 
ancMTiit MS. than any wc now |mmmm. Tlicn, comparing Eur. Hipp. 
S4. 1179. and still more Hesyehi 'OwMMamw* fmffrprfw — nhicb, 

' while MotiV jintly enough discbims, Abreach aa justly cites a» written 
" od huoc ipsum fortoMc lacnin" — wc may tmly remnxL vith Kloiuen : 
" hrtinila i< nonun introdticit Eente&tiam, qua aon expectobatur In 
priori, id qnnd hoc loco aplininuin" — inanaucb a» Ch lcfniie*Ira'« at< 
tcntion baa hitherto beeo almoot exclinvely directed to lAe principal 
Stm»jftr{w. &11.C56. 71S-), andthcahadow-bkcpmcnccof/^dfrfe^ 
u both the preaent plot, and a wdl>lu)owD propriety ' of the Gradao 
aiagc n<iuircd, is wm ralbcr tJuoi noLiocdt ctxcepi in tlic first welcoinc 
V. GiO, which libc who gave it has wm levat to apportion with moro 
reepect onto the mippoeed worthiness of her gnestB. Bat, if with tJie 

■aaoM oomnientatar we were to interpret " dnvMnvr patitejaet. aerros 
Orcatla, a>mmcnKimto9 ante Pylndcm. qucm dc^ignat Toeabuluin ivn^' 
v^ymvr. quootani illi a domino diejtingi ne4|ttcunt, qtiutn dctndo ctiutn 
reliqui itiiieri* Kocii reeipinutur hofpilJo." I aee not Ikow we cuuld avtud 
altcrini;. us Stanley Kuj^gcstrd. A> into iV : compare below v. 709. 

Willi the text, us DOW corrected, compare above v. I'JO, mnSr' 
/cnVw luu {tw^fic^OB rtrit. For «u)>«*»t»*- v. 696. sec Matth. (Jr. Gr. 
t 198. 1. 

697. nmitlvr^} " tWrttfwy M.G- flm^vna R. *n' tv&urm A. iiwrn^ 
iKryT.V. Qwe vox tuilatiur ilUta per correctioncm T. Ula foonata 
ot Ar«8MM.A(A*wDe.fa«yan. ^ tUari amifectat trt. Reete ^oaaaM i 
imiilHitf. ct Schol: av/SmAtim &n mvrai^iavtw ^ Mown tuqi', 4h>n 
mtpA ri d(«r amivTt. Veruceacposeit ctiatBlcctJo R. : aio af/adajUtcc 
iUi.mtJ'i^.Cf.t'cT*.SCH. Scdobstant*glns«aet Schol." Klaus. Dal. 
if imMurot: after all amount to no more than : mtiNUcm, i Umw toqv. 

■ llnr. Ep- al PU. 193 X Ncc faoHa 
iMjil/rrwnM Ub«>nt. 
' * Not til BtMMMM ilw cmfbaik i^ub 
U-«. «W, lihielt, llKH«h wMmIUt in- 

efi/ (m ■! t. 6M. the t«-«aiieral after lie* 
H^r >t *. (TO.) In lU tnm oT lh> Onen, 
U tm. ai Mat s biMB «. m. nMdali to 
be RtanJtu OW w awrfra. 


why alitnilit not our Poet at once hare used the more fiuniJiu JmicvAivw. 

M ill rrom. aa4. Pm. 213? 

Traiisl»lc rather : And 1 wotitd hav^ yoa e,tfciile l^*e orden, tu/or 
(an overlooking ceiiior) one vhon t-yn a on ifAal you di>~-fm Ihc par- 
poMi namely, of corrvcttaa aatl rcprogf — and ci)m|ian: Vera. S27, KtM 
m KoXavr^t . . . iirrvTW tlS$vvo9 fiafut. lb. $(iO, m^iV^HiTa inV)^pa vabr' 
ititi6wov. Eum. 273, ^fynr yap A'dijt <'irru-tilft-n)i'il^orbv: aRaboProin. 
77. in oSmriiufriit yi roe f/ryw ^vf. Eur. tjui){i). 255, caXorr^v ««n- 

Thiu wc Uiv6{iHf deaeriboB iTxe particular maniifr of doing what » 
proiiiwed. iuii,! no, uttitL-liiiig itm^lf wliolly to tlie verb vftiataHv, vifluiJl^ 
CSprcuCB the sonic tliinj; as ait vmu0vrow mi^lit tinvc done. Bat in 
hnvfiit^. which vr« mast have referred to the milijert of tlic aetiot), would 
either, if intended to restrict the injunction ((ui>u) ta this portieular 
l>CT«jn, liave retjuircil the iictiml inlrotluclJon of (to( in the jviitenrc — 
/ 6iJ you IK an acconttlMt agent— or, if intcadcd to moHt the jirccbc 
ehancter of the injunction given, would hare made ClyteRinestni mv 
1o her Bcn'snt : .Vy advice to da liU (thnt thiii Ix- done) is nicA aa I 
would ghv to a re^/muible ptrsan, instcnd nf, us in the text : / advitr 
that ikis bt done lu it wmid />r fAf eye of a matter. Sec M&ltb. Gr, 
Gr.^ 3^8. a., nnd wttti dim. I,n1. nio — which in our own idiuni we might 
liuvc expressed Hltc by : And. I ray (or mu/, rfo jkim htnr ?}, do thete 
Ihin^ SiC^-comywcc above v. b4\. Suppl. 179, siW ^<U^ rJ^i* tw^ 
i*\Tmi)iiif<it, and see Buttm. Leiil. art. 11. p. 50. 

7<)0. ftavXivtriiitafia] " floktvifttda Aid. Rob. 0ov\ivifua9a Turn. 
Vict. fiov\tiiaofua^ ex t^1cpHaIli emend iitionc Stiml. et reliqui onuics. 
etsic, Qoantiim ct Iluttkri eiicntio judicari potest, Med." Well — bat 
Kluusea: "/SovJinci^Mo^a T. V. |3mAri»!^^n M.G.A.R. Prieatns om- 
niaa aptum : ctcpit cniiu jam nunc dclibcnttio. ad quam dcitidc stu» 
udvotut" ! 

702. irnrt A^ c.r.X.] Wkn, I luk, if not now, skaJl uv jmt forth tAc 
atrenyli o^tMr voiceg in Ike caait^ ofOrtslet? i.e. lend him sueli friendly 
uaieluncc as wc can, our j^nryn■8,''Schol ; irort nnvfiffuAi ; Cuntjuirc 
KvpUt tifit fff/otif . . .in yo(t$t6Q<r Karanvtia irtt&o ftiAtri^aXxAv (ifi^tvr^t 
mUw Ag. II>1, nhcre <tG« Uic note. 

"Libri nAri, ncd fline Mgno tntcrrogatiacis in fine v. C78 (703). 
(jooil uddidenmt editorc«. At mthtu «c liubct wn, <i<ua scit Cltonu 

■ ^1, an oMMwiM V'-^^'^l>. Gr. Cr. ' " Orh r*iw vooBle MiHinn) dklt. 
I 'jSi. r- IWT. rata M pncM < (t^wwra." SUnl. 


iiuUK tempw, quo aliquid |iro Orc4t< diecrc poM-it ; dulNUBt cit ten- 
tnm, cai hoc dtcerc pouit. " Kbuia — who Ib no leu Bingulor oa the 
precnling v«nc: "<mi>, ^ff M.II. [Kl)u».]> *i '' ■^■'o G-A.B. dm 
^Om T. V. «u» ^aMt M. I., au tuc fidran oon lubco. Cf. bcMll. Kur. 
l^Ottd. 243." Compare below v. 790. Prom. 138, ^u yoyi 72* rdift 
V/wr^. Ag. 1462. Utifi.^pi^iK ^uXJae ri cor* tunt : 111. M4. Supiil. 
fiaa. Soph. El. 226. Eur. pauim. 

704. iUt^] It tlutrt, unMtcT cltvitioa, vifrtOH Ike itatvt an hrphrn i 
from aytt, fraitga ; sec Damoi's Lex. in v. Heaoe(Lrrq;t«vum«, efnv* 
(<a/NM ofwtomd, monvatntal pit», (unfdDoti Sx'^^-^-) ScImI : 9 «ct4 
Tou ni^v. " lutcrduincniinaanf ntiUMaiuBingaificAt. ijcxq^'Uti Ikum 
li.l. intcrpntatur ScJiol. Sic .t£»ch. Ch. 718. <Ur^ ^Hfiaroe de «7*f- 
rAnr*iRK/i> dictum." Erfunlt on SofJi. CEd. T. ItM, JcriFMutA M- 
ptar. KUusca cominrce witk Uiis psHB^ Pen. C40-l<i. and ndds : 
" Invontur term ol tumulua, h^ tmUtat AjtmemtUntm. iloc eoJuai 
rngRtur vju* uiMiliuni, /«a,>7^*." Compare ■])otcw.4-1'2. 446.475. 
708-11. Tbcdifficultieswhicbin nioile»editioiuof£w:h>'liuliuv« 
1>ct«t the iatcrprctatkm of this pMBii(e, are kw to bo ttnpiitcd to tlic 
AuUtor tluui (aj> it liu happened) to aome of hU ableit Commentators, 
who in their dcteraiinatioa to unite in one conittructuia whut the text 
would nwnifestly keep asunder — tntBlb SoXw — xAJmiw V 'Xfi^' and 
ag«n x^i^MM- irai rir *^xH>r, which cannot ' oordy be tpoken of one and 
th« SBme peraoo — have either edited, aa Blomlicld ukI Mullcr. niiSi 
iAumivfttmrmfffHu, jfiSifum fEfiiaif. oral Hobortello. and now* Scbolc- 
Sold, xAinor y 'Kppv' • 01, IB lOaBMn — retaining Utc received text, 
b«t straining it stiU more to boarllie mom ioterpretatton m WvIIaucr 
and Sdiolefield had alresdy awgitcd it — bure npresentrd the mean- 
bt^of vr. 709-1 1 . to be : timul vera (tcmpcsUvuin est) iacaidere (In 

SoMatlUvappMrataharcrtftl.aliea fioiltr In ■pfljiag tbit MiftiunallhJ Vt 

(Otn.VnI.o.t.) br ixupiwed to rra^ ia 
T.TlO.Kol TarNviIai'.ic'Efui;*. Ilrr- 
MMn •too (J>* <^f. pn*. fl pMt. vrat. 
p. SSJ O^iMtMl (Btlia ooHMaMlaa, xM. 
mar '^Vtar «} Th> rixur — pott haw wcTi 
oa BCAMint o( d>r axhunirJikMa of tkt ex. 
ptanuo. Infmai Hrrm— mJ IJtroMi 
^d»rimtm,»emikag Mill f/rriMr/— bat, 
JwValaMrltaaadUMd, "tam^MxM- 
MV el ^iw Iden itRnUBMl. tan iiaia 
apilhata poatn p«cianun kiob ooputi 

i'aMta aant 1 iiidoqa* gta—aiitg, moJ 
nwpirtf poUlMt, rl«rlu, Ita Iqpl : f«V- 

Thar M ulltf akuU h»«< tooDd ao lUr. 

laut. tf noil tmpotficil aad atmcanfaa, 
ooRiklnatian to " HcmM In the chaiac- 
t«r tf oBoc at XUrut mi of HfafMt, aa 
■ad of the aoeuraal noln «r Ui« dtaA. 
•ltd ol BoctMnul (read" fiWaf. «m Swa. 
iv. f W. ti.ZI3>-M i4« •lUeb.fae tiaabi, 
niajr have been dwalopad la Uw part* of 
Hk ProloKao «hMi aic kM'-fa not twy 
•mirking 1 bat il msv inU b« ffaaadil 
Urrnnaa ibtt DIndorf. Mlomd br wiu 
loacr I'Lex. ^Whyt, tt. 'Epyiti. *v|nM- 

ra^afrw.) Im* cditnJ : rir yiiii Antidftt 
wtSA leAtar (mwara^itm. xM>'>or '* 
tUufir a«) vbr nx"" k.t.A. 
•Kk bia <lnP(«A« r 1"- 


cvTtiimi-n) Mtmrivm tufcmm, otnArmque aorluman vtam pnrire in Aoc 
gh^orvm crriaminc' 

Tint i^jfUiir, ihn thai it of Ikf Niykl, or that it eome w r tlu«f £y 
•JyAf (oompwe v. 642), t undentand. M Blomftrid ms tJic firat to 
waggaA, of Orrtirt, who u a^n oratioiuly binlcd at, oft A ^'nw v. 
719. KAtww I Wlin'C to be applict) to flermft va tlic »Bin« gcoenil 
MOW &• in V. 1. (where se« the note), onlf that, w the collocation of 
the words would Mcm la have been ilcBt^ed' to shew, itii here to 
form ])>ait of thcinrcdicatc (vyxaralSim m1 r^o^nmii, whetlter we diootsc 
to truiikite ; eome dawn in the ehaneitr of V^imc, or more pnnicu- 
krly : eomg dowm or tarth — cm whitih ronAtnictioii wc Xatlh. Gr. Gr. 
} -(46. 8. And lastly. 1 huld ■<■•. 708, ulthoBgh it nur be raniiectcd 
with the ttnatrurlioH of whiit follow*, in truM to kppertAtn only to what 
pfcccdcB. It serves, in &u:t, tu take up and enforce the eniphatie i^ 
of V. 707. nnd urgva that, sa now U tJte criith c^ tlx p\(A.»OK'*lAt riW 
for Uic fulGlmcnt of nil tlios« prnycra which h»vt beat put Bp firuia 
the wry eomnienccinent of the Play. 

Tnowlate ; .Vov Aoir, nvw ind hr\p—for iww derijfmimg Prrmnxirm 
has her kottr — a»d now's the time (axfiAiti) for Hrrmet withal (ii/r) ta 
mitr Jmnt vpon Mrfh, ami miirahat* the night-faring mum on hia wvy ta 
fir nuaing ttint/htfraui canfliet* of the tword — nnd eompaiv below tv, 
791-97. Hum. II. xiiy. 334-36. 677-81. C91. Eum. 90-93. '^i^, 
^CKooaf KOpTtf 8' «» I'r^wT^*, K^itmuifs ItrA . . . <rij3ci rw £*ir rii* it 
ri/imf triflat. ipfufirrtar ^^Mroiru- <Cird/iiry tvj^i;. Soph. Q. I391-97, 
npaytToi i«V *Wj)dw ftaX*it«nii.v ^wytr «&» trriyat . . . i Mtuat bi nalt 
*Bpmf '4'' ^'> 2'*^>' 9>itfry ^pD'ilrac. trpic oM np/wi njCc /t u^ifu'tvi. 

like Scholiast has : m* y^ MftiCu- ri* oupdrf^n ^ JeUa HitM in<n> 
ywWffaffAHrft'0|M'«Ti|En]m>i^KioAu«picti^Mcli>: andagain: ^^ointrai' 
iriru KfMMiC ni. n*i> uiciiatrt. CompUTt: Thcb. 97, ^a^uiffi Sprnaipfx* 
Inc. lUica. "S^i.airiipaKnACm- (Angl. in hi* jtriuH'J : ant] with r^JiivtU,^ 
properly to vint, ta a taililary komI, or at capfaiit of the guard — It < 

> If no mrii NaorLvkin u vr (Bbdme. 
of x''^'**'' "'(^ (.vTKrraB^rm, bad tiecii 
Inlca^fd , wcnM MM Ikr luorw natural i>r> 
dcr uf till! wufdi kvn been: ttowMTo^ii. 

■ OataMM SiHkiv. ^aebelli Art «. 
8e. I. > TIkmi manhal**! ns the way 
(Ml wwcnlBf." 

■ DUbtiaii ftoB tUt ^tA, nalfM *^- 
nUyioi ill iw nwM pcBBral anac (a («»• 
irfbrt or ffoidr, U w a l i h ", from which 
ibwa {rtluaii Vv%. lOit, Klmefe finp be 

^untH H wp ftbJ it in DbuWr* Ua»— 
lioliliuc, ilriioukltrcni.diiJilJniMkaMi 
S(4ibU, aad Loback on 8atili.Ai.p.3«;. 
Vmi t-nM6m*t is qaod lonioe for /»■»■«« 
— bm trUcIt I Uticirr to ban Ina mr. 

m Ui4 •< #oMni, tboi.avmwta he vs. 
■acted, (a *4 waMatj— wbcnrv llie Schn> 
BaMa, M tlu>N«k il •«* Ml luiprrfld 
mm ntmrims Mhm nl ^t rW Uanai 
vUa imdjiM, rt ^yii— < i f ahUfcoUTart. 
a-iM fMdH(> •« ;«.M«., «I «iwM«.,. 
«n attu»|fUd rormMotu, 



u regnrd* any pennn nr ihin^. lU nai-s W, adcaucri yturd. or exevrt : 
Bitd Ml, witlt ail Bcctuattivc ftilUwiiig ne tivrc, lo marthal, gitari.ot M- 

/Ort — eotUpOro AriatOph. Av. 1 1(X), t^>aiti»rat. u>S«n^>|M i>vu , «a*-nj|f 
I <||tti7lWMl it tS nt f if aat. HhtcIi : 'll^oStvmhwnr'' nirntfBMr7tfurw9iti>. 

Ilie only rKriow mdingt in thiv pvtitgc m thtw noticed l>j Klna- 
tea : " y'tipfi^ T,\' . <"Ep^M.G.A. ^"11^^^ R. Funnn'Kp,!^ 
tragiois uMUta Ag. 473. PvyrliBg. fr. 256. Sopli. Aj. 832.— £1.^7;^- 
ryvw G.A. {i^aftfii^toMnv T." 

713. " OUtrnv (>cnv)nn huic TCT»ui in liltrie pneGgilur. Clioro tri- 
baentlumvidit Ikitheus.ct sic Hdiolia&ta: 'Au^ifhttt' fiTi»r«»-'<ii*ioTim 
nrXti, tra dii^trw aywwir rd vtampiuia. Vim bojuVTemuH minus ptr- 
dpio." Dluinf. " Quuid caim occcdcrc aliqticm ridiiKt Chome, etattm 
Diatalu wrmoius argumciito, ca loquitur qiisp nihil prodnnt." W«IW— 
untl »» Klttiuten. Dm tim cx|>Uufttion— «llhoug1i iiiii>rm)ilr mnugh 
tutlicpanllclpuMgeoftioiih. El. 13:^:^-35, where it i» vud : *Vif>^ 
«Xvwr4r7pSoA>;(Mpi»«Ta( — i^inndmiMnblcberc, whcni th^ Coryptunw, 
cvm lH'-fi>rc the ap«k>, ten that it a Onttts' A'xrar, ol vbont (n ia 
|)UiD from the cneaing scent') site wcU kitcw tbcrr wu no rcasoD to be 
tfnid. 1 would therefore trondutc : 7^ «trmfer-fmn aeemt to be 
maJaMg mUek'uf, for htr* eomm Omla Kvrwe I tee in Itttra, uid, com- 
pariiiG^ VI-. 757. 759, umlenland tliia to he vpokrn iii n lialf.fturiotn 
luiir-)i*fl(ng tone," wkic}i would aoScicntly R|ipivc tl»c audience of its 
bkviiig a deeper mcttning than Hut whicli tlic ScIioliMt, Aurly enuui;b, 
bw girai it : r*i'\tir itaicof an\ ro( «cinHf «ru ititSot r^ ounf Sw r^f 

IhitL uj'V]- "li*^ l>t>n omnica. 'Jc^p Bchutz. IMh. 'nrqft Glofq;. 

Sdiwenk., cpod ct ego reeetM, quanu|iiamomnini>aMcntio Ruttmanno ^ 

padSoph. i1ul.4a. vtGrantm.Grvr. nmpl. T.p. Vid." Wdl. Scelbe 

' sots on Ag. 60G. sad obecrvc (bat uf^ bcrc is nut mo«<c tmli9peo«UD 

) RfrmKc icantlotv la dbe Bnx 
J V<rriqo aTUMl. i, B . iff*#T4- 

' Coaipu" (iw loiH In wMcti Sl»k- 
•MMtv'i ItamtH mj%. Act lU- Sr. X : 
•'MafTT. Uu» i« wJdi^ maOKhc: it 

' " N(> nwiD ItiinnHBnl Kdn«talin ad 
h. I.rttatiirrtorrfir, Gr. |i.' 
Wl, vprn i>t>-imui<tuii nunnvi tlia no- 
nrina Af(i>1 tnirviM MoAt l«b«v vtim- 
fauK, auabi um habm. rtla« lU nan 
mat lainllc dkt^ w<l mI aaua «nan 

mi rTfrrviiWr:alkiiBtnnnxwUntn<( 
iiMcwaria (ibi jiofliilare artfcalaia la n 
etrta inigamMn, nt*\w wnm m nlM aU 
fnAndlc de qaarb ro anriBl jioamnl. In 
Ma aaav notam irtif, M rimm aal /»• 
mintrnt, Hon otdn/uiN ciipnlfifal, ruxi po- 
Urtt drfitUuT iiui rr|iiiliv«nl, nnn(a*ai 
ilbiilauinrB iu iu MriiLua UaKinlia^i q/arn 
Anicaai Hngnaai habfM. iiriaiM iMifa la> 
Ttiilrt, tmi utri («■ artindD nMharal | 
nBMpMnir obi ea *jl'''>* Invti* lit, opas 
aae mtcela • iMuam In ea>aHu M>B- 
i|Bia iwn addl ankalOBi. uhi ilr (^vto «1ra 
tcnao •!«," Umamu ua Boph. PUl. It. 



to tbc metre, tlian to the syotox, as will appear from MuLtli. Gr. Gr. 
( 277. ft. 

714. fToI Jl^ tntnic, IViXitftfa,] tmtkeraitaj.pray.emitfyim.GHMsa, 
to tht Pahct gatn ? vhiUtyrirf, nothaaiatoU ! inyvarftllom-lrwrlUr. 
" VtiKtuira R.V. ot Scbol., cojiu Ductoritatotn Ecquuuium ceic Tunim 
eet. KiXKrcraM.T. «iXiW»CA. Quod afTerunt I'botiam : KiXlmbv' 
ivitwiiov '\)^<^tov rov iltpinrtrt, iici jift rp^oi KtXi'irw^, ct servorum BO> 
niiDa frc^jucntcr Aaiatica. vidctur id uod atatuctulum iii tra^pcis poetit. . 
Numca Giliiwa e cnnnino qiico pvlitum cose prolwlule evt." Kl 
— whom I follow, though every other moderti editor ho* prcfe 
KiXunra. becEuise it wna to li« cxpeoted that such ur beir-luom in UibI 
fuiii])' of Atreus, as this " wdula Nutrix," wouhi iiecin to bare l>een. 
sliould be kno^TO ntbcr by a proper, tbaii by a men patml auac : 
and bcctiuee it ig more probable that the Aim^ >f)<ilf«Miv rtlKt^m. or 
riXiaaa, fhoiild haw invited correction, than tliat the ruttiiliar " hut 
bald word" KtXtcraa should have been needlessly diKorded for an oMV^ 
Eaahiocedand, sofArasouriiifoniwtiuQ goc*, uu»up(M)rtcd appellation. 
For the reniarVa : riiXway 6i <pT)a% ri^u 'Opivnv Tpo^». Ui^ia- 
pat fti 'Afxrit^i;', Znjicri'xupof U Aaaiiifuiaii. And so tuo the Scholiant on 
Find. Fytb. xx, 26 : 'Apvitr6a rpoipiw : ^ptKii^s H .\ao8i^M> \iym mr^w. 
715. 3tavA>i,tuiAiivd,oruHeaffageJ,- whence by implication, KUwUnl 
/ior. uniHpUtd. u tlic Pod hiiuMilf explains bis ii.«« of it : ruunnoXfi A* 
atOnvarvt StuntHat whU Ag. 947, vrhcrc eci; the note. Yet the Scbo- 
liut inlcrpret* it here in an aelitM' tcnno -. iTfii<r^- mmniuofiot. A(L>^« yitp 
ir/w(*Mi. And HO Ulorof ; "'A]iur6ns. pmiym non totivns. Flerumque 
aigniiicat atijmu mm aedpient. Siuirffn fvi^finyof c.nt vcttar qni nanlirm 
mmmhit." And Kkoeea: "Idem fere rifMmrajiAKAg. Ul. Do- 
lor, jui mkiija-amii. nihil fructoi parat." 

7\(>. miic ^i/Bi)t'\ " Vcrbarovt£<iiDvcquomodoooQttnieDdaniit,aoD 
LDtcUcxcnmtcditurcB; quorc n-fwt' £<'Mvt cmcudavit SUaL. tm( fif^a 
l^aww,, qaorum olromtrum vcrura vidctur Schutzio, po«teria8 rccipit 
Dolh. [Scholcf.], ecdvidgEtum rcdc im explscnt Schwenk.. nt Nutri- 
ccm diciU, prii Svuyfv, tlicrrc rolui»c Xryit, deindc subelituusc i^taytm 
[ Angl. bi4t nu' my] , tjuin idem j uhct Clytwmneetra ; de im dic«ndi 
mlioiu! d". Mennann. od Soph. Aj. i037. 1086." Well.— Mid ao Klan- 
•en, who adds : " ttAiui poMtiini c*t ut Horn. U. iii, 390, uU Venus 

roraan. I'Blumf ]. wpii Uwoui Purtiu : 
•nl I^qiuntnrari Kiiliiii'' &I<UXiF — butMC 

Butb»p Middlcun oil tlie Greek Artidr, 

Pkrt T. 

* Compwc the Mnanint irf tmvi rvr in^ 
•rt\)iir*tt Mow *. 7i9. 



Itclroam wl Paridem nrctuit : 'Kki$ai^« at nXit [is ctUingfar ytm\. 
fUtia bujna dictiunis i!oU ca rvp«rin potest, quod Clyt^mrieatra ipes 
bospitum vcrb« repctivit Nutrici, eoramque iit«nd*tuni quun ivler- 
rioie euequi jussit. Jouit Tero hoc. at omnina certa fieret de nnntio 
kllaro. cujns rea ain^pilaa non ipsa, sed viro namuKlw e«M dixentOrestes 
V. 621 (€46} vqq. Apcrtc eoiin in lu> vtrabw wc ra^m^or -nifnt 
rcfertor ul <>£> impyiftMt riAjmc in illia." 

AfyM'tfcur icaXtii' /nfXtwi/ 

7'2<). 'Ara 9n'tffMnr<:r] "^'rocdd. ve1t.fi9rr»He&tIiiuB et re««t)luna. 
Illud tovntnr Sc-tdlcrug et Hcmannuf, qui kuguK'nttini in hujiuinodi 
mmUioiiibasroctcomUticontendnnt. AlitcrjudicatElmAleiuji. Btd- 
tcminlioclocoiioneatcuTonuttatur." BltMnf. — "irat>J|)MvitM.G.A.R.T. 
crnJ^Hnrwv V. [Heath. Van. Sehitvt. Blomf. Dmd.]. — A'ra Ubri ooma. 
Aogmcntum omiMain. My. 673 (910)." Klauii :^-«ndto Dindorfbu 
ctBted, Bad Wellaura' who adds: " Milii auletn. ctun llcnn. pncf. od 
£ar, B«cch. p. xx., ncque A'to ncquc S&m \eruia ave, ted comipteU 
ntiqua ia hoc vcMsbalo latere liddur." 

721. mMmmt' — Bc. avrif, lo the Poet would explain llw preceding 
^KW ^M w w r f'rrdf inforvr yt\ww, An^. a KtArHng laugh to be seen only 
in hvr iyf» — " quod est Propcrt u, 19 : ui ladlo tchiht gndia eAwM 
nan,- in una gnudere [An};!, /o taayh m oMe's «/«nv]. Ariftid. torn. 
iti. p. 51S: Kor' iAom Kora^&aAit. tudtt $t€um maMitxre. mmtitart 
dinu." Stanl. AbrcKh comp&rc* Soph. Bl. 8(H-7. Ear. Or. 1 133. 
itVT itioKplvat y JtioStr KtxofiP**^- th. 1319, m^ *n^p»Mvit ijifui- 
r«v •{« «^nr. we dqCWy •£> ({fcna nifripyafffiVKi. and adds : " (ti^iy yt* 
Xmp dixit, nt Hom.Od. xu, 213: UXy 4' ^ &ttpw> anA." 

" Ab antiqiia radice itkl-w fonoata nont ^{<>, rurfXA*. ra^, vm- 
4^." Blomf— who oontpttrea He«}-cfa : jKufipir ^rvyrit rit Sf«it, ](ii- 

733. mr7«uM« V^] "«x«'»M.G.A. V ^•'''•^■rt'ortB'MCtiftiB 

Schol ; irti r*if*i olMf OuiBt ShLuitoi iiti r^r^^ft Ift ffyyiiXor ol ^Vm. 
Sed poleil fate molaviaM oretioiKrin indirrctEim in direetam tnterpre- 
tfttioui* cftUM." KIwu — with whoin I hare preferred to read fj(«i». 
ihAt Ki eonnceliug' mynliivt altogether with itowrvpaypt'nu, we iu»r 
interpret ^Tfi^t wft, t. 723, of the inteUtgence which baa tuoDtd even 
Clytemii^tni (Malih. <>r. (;r. ( £92. a. «.) to moat onnatural nirtfa, 
■ad wbkh the NuiBc therefore arg^oa (v, TS-I.) will nwtA mort gUddtiB 
the ms at .Cgisthos, when he bean it. 

The cKct of #](riy following* irayKwwr, tiko tlut of the Indicative 



Preient of tlie snme vet\>. vtheo eubjoini'd to pailtnplM (,MKlth. Or. 
Cr. 4 55a.). or uf its particijilc' wlicn 9ii))joiDCil to finite verba (ib. ^ 
6G7.), is to itrcDgtbcn and sustain the propwition : b»t alt vrtmyfor 
IhiafaMily, much oA in Englieh pbrwcolctgy it mi^^ht be niMwl, to hav& 
and to Aold—or, iS the introduction of one cnnt phrsfc may U^ oDownl 
for ttie better iUustmtiun of anotlicr : alt ktouj, and m miftaAc ! Cum* 
paure the note on Ap. il30, ooror K l/mpxn ramtt vir 6f«it, tmi^ 'x""- 

We might also have translated : but m at fwr M» family to find 
iltelf all t[>rxin()F— c'umparing the note on Ag. G03, it ri* vohfv ^'Xoin 

7'2A. ^ ^ K.r.>.) TVarwIate : We mm/ he sure, then, iin hearin^^ wiU 
make Aim a tnerry hfiirt, the moment Me rvceirrt the iiiteUi^mre~-nn6 we 
ibtll not Dccd with Wctlnui-r und KInuMTn to hare rrcuuire to Lobecfc 
on Sojib. Aj. &S3. for defence of h tautoto^ which dote not really 
«xiat — thouj^h Pduw remarkf un r. I'JTt : " Hoe ]»n)it tXimr IniitcilflgiHm 
exltihet. <|»niti non injuria missct fcativbnmus Cumlcna", and Butler 
dcJ^* to rep]y : " At i^ln laulologin uuli gnrrulitati cunvenit. iilrnc|ae 
non crat riilcnda." 

Conipitrc t)ic note <ni Ag. 939 : and for tfrr. wMcb here neani 
literally (I'u f«) (If the prrcixe Jmurtvrr. tm the tiutiaU Ihal—^iad so «t- 
|»rcpfC<>, wb«t tlie indefinite Srar would not liave conveTCil. that tbc 
eerlain and iotmedjatf cfleet upon the ntiitd of yEgi<it)iU3 will he jor, 
and only jox-'—^we the note on Ag. il, and Appendix Note C. p. 38€, 
and coniparc Pcfs. 230. ravra t', «t iijiiitrat. vAto fi^aofitv AdToi roJ» 
r* JMfiih yii^ t^lXitit. fir' uv </< eivoct fwXujiiv. ib. SG4, tiV air ^Xr'yvr 
arrlmt iJXm)« x^''*^ ^*iSs- f^ur. Ale. 945, if ftiy yip ntor I'^X^ ^ Jpiftia, 

■ Matthl* {qiImkI. m \ie had inhmalml 
M )i. tit. raiilmnB OiU plinuc un a dif- 
ferent ^nciplc I Init thnt (W riglit i>oa- 
■rnirlinii(irT[ •tirrti.itii t-tuv. Arulouh. 

Nuh, jfKi, Ti iirra itatiii&it tx"' i l^'*' 

I'L'j*. ll."»l, ii< tuA tJ r^vr ttvTT I fl hrj^' 

tX'"^"^^' vbai inejlt* pon lurt .' ir^at 
mai/ayoB M/rr/iibvlfcwbal'wcilu'uld 
(■tfcr (roni ibtpwuliaraiird anvtnin); (o). 
Inmicn of Uw wunb. andianiffii'ienitir 
urored hy nach ymmen a* Aruioph. 
K«s. M3. Xii><:i fxiw. ib.2l>2.&2l. ai^i^ 
^Anw^irtK rx«» ; Thegcr. Id. an, 8. 
■atrttti . J "to*. fxBi-— V(*e«ri» ^f* nwrr 
fit*/ KwmI— An|l. Tltfr*y^ii}r^.J«k- 
bur or «rt/A pnmrfatr. J'om arr Ir^inff 
tiert. Wdii't you Aoir i/sw wttk iioko- 
JboUryf Ani to ia itit (ortiitt imuiifftii 
ffilt art ywt vrigslinjf, wky Mr* |wa 
tMinj tint, then .' 

* On tliinnlHwiTrniocf th« p«rtiriiile, 
wtiicli mickl bcrr be mulitd iiito tr r4 
kX^»-, ai itaijir A^, {I3K. intu A' ry />»■ 
AWv. WY Malth. Ur. Ci. { U^. Oln. 2, 
anrl cocnpair Thscv J. i. 2t ; -rot-i 'A^> 

i(V7inioat /■ Tb vaAtftiir. lii. 3£ i ■*•«• 

n«A0Toiv)tit[«M' *^t Vr *tvtlar /■ritimi 

whrrr K< .Vrrxil.l'a aotr. LittniMrc alia 
*. 'M titaX TAdffiT— iicil niAf fa* ftiti, aa 
Wr.lUucr Iraiirlata man: In accaHauM 
with thr Sc^ollaof « bnH^lnt««fT(t«iiaii i 
iiiB\ T^ rkia^. but— «nA> ^bi* /m/anln*, 
f mf «cn)cein)d nf or Airrin jr fndmrrd, or 
roawiiRite^MrfiuWlitnH.- T.<43,*f#- 
rv«^ortt(n0. ^jtiiaar deo^oiq/'AU 



yimuAr nMt «Ar* or itVftw ctxk. Here. F. 1331. AiKlrrw A'. (iV m 

736. Bc fuu . . . <rv)u:(JifMV"'K>] WcUttuer (Lex. JKaeb.) in relercnoe 
lo IhU pacaoge has : " wftrtftaprivtu, tocimn ai(fiin^ere" ; and Btomlicld 
aJtluccA. in cKiilaiinUun nf it. totae of tlic caan)]>1ce given abovo on r. 
344. But — tKiuiiig in mind heiv, that " iiilcrunt uiulluni. Dkiiuae 
tuquutiir un Ill-run . .. ntttrom |Kitensani««lulanutri)c" — wi-ncixlnot, 
1 tbiiik. look for any further Bight ot famty than ii cau\-c>'cd \xy ibe 
bomely idiooMlKftM (F>cncbaoi>, on whicL eec MattK. Gr. Cr.$ 3S9. 
r. nnd tbe note on Ag. 33, bat may Iranvlate in plain tenna : A»«( xhat 
I tMOjf cait ihe oUl mea (mixture) q/ ii»tolrrabtf won. tiat kat^ rtmmKit 
U thu Uotuf of Atreua,afftict<d myhntri tciduA my breast — i.e. Aiigl. my 
vttj Acarl, iNjr iMmort Kau — to nit, ns \itt bcbultoet uxplaios wyxn^- 
fUM ; if >p<Ak-)vyfa Tatr QuJirrou iraita*, ttai i roC 'Ayo^ifuorac Aimrof. 

30U. rXqp^MK' 4*v^W' Ati^y. I patiaiilg tintjff led viiA. OT Korktd my 
Mjr fAiWjrA ,- Schol : aiyrfftuMr Mn'^^or. Compare rrutn. 37J. nir 
m^pMWiu- (iirrA^«« t^X'TV. Soph, £i. \30\,waTpyiw ■»<}<»» AijiwA/t tifnur 
oirXfi (Angl. i> nmui^ lirowyV- £*■''- "I^- ^33, fli'wi <U7-Xfira( Jrif. 
Hipp. 8:)S, Xiwpiv ^Xvvfi lUiw. wbtTC sec Moiik's note (v. 902.). 

JjkrrXae, Angl. Uigt-gater — or, ubouic interpret it, a ^Ufft-pvmp— 
oecurftTbefa. 79fi, •It^Xordf* /A({aT«. Eur.Tr. 68C, ^rrJLo» r^ju* H>Jf : 
and in iImmosd tda^nkorkoU. wIictc bilgv^watn- lodges, tur. Hciud. 
H». u irrXor i)iSlpni mOa. Hcc. 102A. A{^«««rv (V orrXor irrff^, it) 
which waMaie«boplu>clc«ii*c»«rT>jii. Pbil. -Iti:]. fl(a»TXia>,(ic«pfpa>, 
»U wpCp^^. Hvnce Hesych : 'AtrXw niSiw tbrX^ni^io*'. riw< Ac mI r^* 
AAotrffinr. ou riW «'wp^ tw« 2pay|Mrmr (.\ngl. o fAccA orffooi v^xAfinvt 
o/tttrnj. buidw»:'Ayr\*u'4i<^nr«'pwt' XfnrM|[«fMri. ir^tM/tlanrlravtrnvSn 
n VDuCnwr. 'AtrAia* ro T»£«X*»o»j«ir(»««* Wt<)>. 'ApwYD^tw]* (Pac. 17.). 
4 uwi^ (ifa. 19.), oirl fi«ni^epa(rw»a'Xoiur. Xryfroi yip arrXia mi q refi 
■Xauw iipo^. *Af Xor' 4 wywifiilf ^^ dmiJtMN' Ai ig Ay ( Anthol Ffel. 
vi. 95 SO- 
TS 1 . tift ifuit "^n-xit rptfti*, my Hmfs Mifiil or darting — ' ' cimi «f netn 
TerMnr tuta nw* oogitntio ; nipim ptXi^. Supph. Frag. IxJii, um #«. 
Totft^ ^"XfUM, wrfHvriitr^at, Ansloph, Ecd. 973. J j(piwodmi9iAnm JpA» 
^'Xiffw. Lntini poet*, mn nmt ,- Vol. C*to in Dtrii v. 133. Phipnt. 
EL it. 'J5. Virg. £cl. i, 38." Slanl. Compv* abcnc v. 326. 

732. Jt«Ary^'n| — ] " AponopcaccM signum poft bom: TcmiiB pOMU, 
quo raeto omnia loci (Lflicullae vublatji cat, qua vtJ nd emendnndan 
vbaa doctoa impulit. Nam Uermaau. aim. m/f. p. 122. rXivrg in JrX^ 
tnutari Toloil ; SchTitztiu autempovt bunc venucidao* Imn-e nccidisse 



ratiu lacuiur stgtium po«uit. Botluam mhto, qai in his el it«)iien(ibii* 
|ilniic incptit. — Miniinini liurn'inis prorampcntibofi proliibehir, qawui- 
nus ontioncia continurt, tio<)iic omnino ca pm dolore di<>fiv potest, 
qawdJctuBiint triftlisiima." Weil— and to Klanicn : " Videhir sane ito 
iotCTTupIa ]tiK luco ontlin et dciiidc contiuuiita mmciilntlin, qiw."! dictimi 
Maat 'Ojh'otov. AccuHitivo vi^o nnu est, qui* prscccdit DCCOHtth-us 
|>eiiden3 ab i}in\ovi/. Vidcs in hnc orRliono inBigniwrtsei]iriiiui 
omneH, <.-t ita caaformatiun orHtionrm. ut omncs tcntenti*. "fay*— ' 
lit oriutitur in tuiiinu. oatendtuitur. Sltnilia «tit omlii> pnrcooH Ag'. 
509 (Q33). »C|<), ItBqiic in utrotiupliberioribui stnicturiii xaai pocH." 
fM. iiijrp60iv — compnrcaliove V. o94.Tlnjb. G(i4, ^vyrfint l U fi p iti m ^ 


733. IVimeliLtc: bolhgcltmgvpbyniyhlbrcaMteofhltaroanngvrin, 
axdmttny each-like kardshipt are novo/ no uiejbr nte lo i-are gone lAnmgk 
— «nd understand tbe rerbal noun (ur ffmaiil, it might be called) i-xmri' 
wXaymf, to set forth in the ah&tract. lu om of the irsUa ml fiajfffijpi, 
whul, to etntc it more particukriy, would be ri mwriVXtrynrov ymvAi* 
or oi!inw rX^Mu. Compare llom. il. ix. 48G-8, iroXXoM /un , 
■Vi vnfl^irot ];iruMi. wyav ihrnfiKviiar if tnffriijj akeflv^, &t M ffW , 
nXXa iroAn-, xai sotMi fwyriaa. Soph.El. ll43tSifco>rA4t4»iaT^«fi^niCH«Bj 
r/M^iT' (iMi^^Trav — Riid for the conslniclion of tlie gcnitirc ^i<V#r ■«• 
)uMr/utTa»> Bce Miitth. Gr. Gr. i 368. and comiiare the note on Ag. 1 372. 
— " rtntriwXayKTW T. n<cr>irXi^iicrocf A. yvKnii)tayicn»f V. c«tt, — a^rviti- 
fw AI .G. A.R.T. EadcTD forma in optimi* librit Per*. 38d. ct « Sopb- 
rone in Etym. s. r. mXtttf/uiraiv V., qnod eat Eum. 23S. Soph. Ant^ 
121S." KlaiH. 

/US. TpMry ^>irM!f , aecordiitg t« Ait AvmMn-, Scholcf. — vhoK i 
Ulion ie greatly to be preferred to tlie St-'lioliaet't ; tmfuXtif ^t^t. ' 
Heatll'a: atm aaimi atlnimie : oa well as to Bloni6etd'a: aoKoliomoJlfJ^ 
yew conjfcltira. And bo KUuwn : " rp^iry ^pmic referendum 
rp/^di'i f^fnrAf dictuin dc mcnlc pntMiIi- nat yift oC interioctmn- 
Cetetuiii in his rersibus piptas natricis er^ Orestem. amore auctonuil 
morifl molcnliartiin (jiias mhi iii&iit.i aitulcrit. fgrrgic oppo«Jla impie 
taatris. SuAmOn-vtuminunaptidSophoclcnicmMTnt ElcdrAv. 1 143." 
7S8. f Xtftirt, f tH^ ni — ] TrRHfiUte, a> in vrtltitme rtela Rlntlh, Gt. 
Gr. % 52.1. G ; don huMffer. or don tktnt, it may ^. cr — and ne vhal] 
not DCcd nith Stanley, Ahrtm:h, and Ponun, to rend tt Xifi^r . . .. nor 
•twU we, on the samr principle, find it a difficult matter to d«lcniiiin? 
the qiK!«tion which ElnuJer ha> mooted on Eur. M«d. 480, on wliicb 
vet HcrmanQ. Cta$$.Jattra. xxzviii, p. 404.iinidMattli. Cr. Gr. $. CU 



t. for exMDple. Horn. II. i. 190. ii. 300. v. 671. Prtim. 780. 
Soph. (Ed. C. (to. Eur. M«I HftO) 493. below r. 870— and it will 
be reen that ^f — f (m the pmcnt Icit would ar:giic) differs from tl — f, 
or ti foUmred by tSrt (u ov by oCn). in that it does not, lilcc the Lotio 
«/r«ni — AH. propoM a invre qantion or to bf, or mH to br ; but thai, 
liltc ('r* — tin, iar rt — taw tt, A- r*— «» Tf , iji* t« — f» rt, and the L^tin 
i«ji*r— mw (Matth. Gr. Or. 4 617. 5.). it eiinply' details the eeverel 
phraan (be tbey few or inajiy) onder which a prvfoned question of 
bet, or of policy, or of duty, pre»vntii itwlT to the mind of the ]>enon 
who H ip— king, or who U deliberating or determining whnt hinuelf, 
opuotlwr. ahoidd do. 

" In pedatrem tainen w-riptorem" Wellausr canltously concludes, 
" banc conMnictiofHrm oon intnlrrim, qnod Lion (rat Xen. Anab. i. 1 0, 
17" — and KUiumt* is y*t more piarded inhtoaxvcnt: "Mibii* Ai»ehyt» 
baud dubitanfluiD videtur, qiiin eodem wmu dicta sint luec Tocobula, 
quo npiul Homerum" : — but, if it it» to be eijilaincd a> a reearrrDcc, 
in fact, from Art to Nature, froto correct but cold Damtian to nrtless, 
cmwgetic impersonation and exhibition at first hand, as it were, of the 
diaractcra and rircomstanccs re)ire»entei). why should we not erpect 
I ecfianomJIy to meet with it in the 1>c»t Pttk^ Writcm, on the nine 
principto as vro find <i arparivfnn u»cd in Hcrodot. i, 53. tl ffa^kvrrv 
ib. vii. 134. TIturyd. iv, 37. tl tfm^XMrw ib. iii, S3 : where br all raeona 
ace I>r. Arnold's note. 

Hid. i!^ Tit] " 9i'^, quia forma eft inositata, Elmi'l. 1. c. [Eur, 
Med. 480.] in Ai^ig mut&ii Tult. et dcinde lnf«iyMiu> I^" ^^P*- xd id 
propter pneccdnu Xi^i^, ad quod *uC«i vel tale qmd mbau^endoia 
imlal, ferri non potest. Mihi qutdem forma fl^^ propter analofiwn 
rerfai A<^^ toleranda videtur. qucroadmodunt mlra et mir^ dicitur, vid. 
Lex. Seguer. p. 470 ; nn minu*. fi>^ rtr immmiI in Ati^-^n mutari." 
WcU. Compare llcayrh : Ju^r' ti<^r. and for the luljoiict nt, which 
moat on no acrount be disturbed. Me the note on Ag. 55. 

/Uif. "Xt'^aupia.mirtxrilio; tXiwrrif.i.v.iKiffvfu'Dtttntpop. 8i<-in- 
IcTprelanlOT." Blomf. " Fortoasc Ai^m^ia. Seii Hv§ych : .\!<p' imfiupia. 

' Such •pfxanUikiTC barn Ibeoricin- 
■ al ch»nicter Mtoaof tbt wtll->;a<nra LrtM 
} ■tenatitc am*. I.b. H ■oa-iw, whirb 
wmiU aeaBi to Imv iM Md» by cUc •ritb 
OieiMrmmtittmnifoiillUmtl m j mt l u t 
ofdaobt, wdcfibcntton. tfaewawpra* 
foMoa in the wntiic ; ml m. wtMB 
(IM aMtir Im4 fawn vrUlikUd mdwAMA 
■ifocU. ta hww tlruiaUr |in|NMt4 tbc 
4ua»1ii>«. ITMhiT ^Hu hn. vhaa tnr 

ckniM uwt nenb ba tUier, Ikia or 

llcnrc abo the «lTubUI NM of Ih* 
Endi*l> tulcwitai, wMlitr or ■«. which 
tpwHy —lawaaprftppdHaii to luir been 
(UMmitUlnd la entr lUNiibk |ntni a( 
view i mhI m. (r«in nrtiwUy dniMtaf ra 
rUMmr ««*r, hat bera htU M be <qia*a- 
loat IP la <nv mm. mt mtt ' 



Bopingrrna in Hcayrh. vorc .Vi^njAfnov, Icj^t Xnfrv^iMo ; dtiv^inlr. itf 
(luH i»fmlt Orttte," Staiil. I'ldmcr on Hvaych. ibid. [)ro|>u»c», oa 
linturicnl grounily. to itcnve .Vi^ft|iia»' ^opiav napin)8ot trvtpvi, not 
(u Ilcsvchius liiinBclf tuua dont.'. unless for 2n>3pov he wrote f>t>A/><i«>) 
from )t«tirTtv. but (iviu X*.^*^ mtJ i9<tp. Aatl tliu t» u bvttvr ctyiito- 
Jog5 fm* Xt^wufiiii, iniLMnucU as the vgt1> >tinvw w oif donbtfnl chwnkct«r 
«i A Uroek root (sec on r. 263. note), aad, if dcnred froiu it, tbe 
noUQ voutd properly hnvc been Xnrm^'a. 

730. BwipK^f, M. Jffri' : Angl. th\fii. or /<«(£(, /»■ itteff.—" oMf 
JO)*. WW ^p«a lUmr rrpedieiu. «ibi tuli uliIecniwranK. Recto Scliot : ^ 
yip m'q mtS^ rfv ritra¥ Jmrrj a^nt^lv Koi fiari&t'iu fhlXmu. atroSoafMc 
Znuar. Cf. Eur. xiv : fvrttttvrnpit^^iMMu'irnraiA. — VcnoataA 
ill hio vcrilnti po«thiil>itn, pimtcr at(]tic ia deforilicndo morbo, rjunn 
minaluft Ht Apollo. Cf. v. 270. Vcxont has deacriptioaei animum. 
vim nuaenitiomBtragicar, que TOhcinciitieeiine exdiata erat camitnil 
ad Mpulcnim prolntia, infringefttci, ot novuJi detode, in ii» quK 
quuolur, pantri puesit animi molua, Cctcnim tnioiinv otkna in i 
|trojnrei<>»ti rHl hire orutio. 4]ut)>|ie ci qua iiutricut pictutem in Orestc 
mgnosnvt." Kktu — hat »cc rather on v. 73lj. 

740-48. Trunalate : Thete lAixgs having to pro^ottirait, and, ttA 
vftrn. f trtrn. multilifH. Juivinj^ to elrau She rbild't roUrrs, Futlrr a» 
Xiirtr &Htl a* MMiIrd o^ce — ■i.c, rightly to lupport the chararier of Svne 
(licucc Uic gtitulov rpo^rut) I luid uced to unilc with it that of Fuiter 
(fMi^t) nL*o. The conMruction i*, qji Kbiuun Itas stated ; " IWtj. 
dphim oiv» dcano fubandiviidum ud ^aJipmrpm. UtnqiH sentrntia 
KpQfuwTii aJmt ct ^atipirrpui oiira tubjtdi vtcea tcael ■ CM que acquit 
prtrfiicati locum" — if we thould not rather extend the oiw e&n to ' 
HHsnliert of the a])pocitio», whicli formit the prciniie of v. 742. jort . 
in A^. 275 (where kc the note), vrtprrtX^c rr. inJiTo* iarw wfrwoi, i 
infM\m>i XaimMoT ia preiiiUed to wliut is there stated to bare foUov 
thereupon. For itUftat, AngL / take it, or a*iame — whidi tervta here 
to RnUin the imridentiil iroUii ^tvofition. as tbou^ it were uid : 
trim, a* I thvbtteit often rat, oat in mg rerltoniagi — see the noto 
Ag. 3'i. and erHn pare Hiitlmaiiii'* Greifk Verbs, p. 164. Illomfidd coai- 
pam Callim K. Jov. 32, ^(p&a ^ttpCuava. Di|ihilas, »x quoted by flar. 
pocimtioa t. AtMwrMlr. 'Sy»$6t (ta^in /mm* ir ri miA'y- t«itI yitp 
lifiir btvtrowata aiivr(^*<( ri vnA^ytw Aniiittx* rir. Add Eur. HcL ti78. 
Xmtjtif Nr)i c^ifiw, era drni fiiOp^Av t^iipivay. 

On the orthography of fmi^w *. 742, see oo the one hand Bloraf. 
Glow. Pen. JppntiHj cit. 2., on tbc other Uobra: on Aristoph. Ptat 



IC6. Hcnunnn on Sofib. Aj. 1010. Ileimtcrluiifi on Lunati, vol. I. 

743. fy^ itn}>at ti K..T.\.) " Hie tanilciu abeolvilur »cnti-ntia jam b 
V. 736 (731) tnchoAta, in qua divmce re* ita int«r M Ci)mni«ccttliir. 
ftlirm Bltt>nun excipicntM. ut v. 7-49 (744). nihil Uxe eit nisi re|a>titio 
vvrsas 737 (732)." Scliolef — Appendix. \i.'l^ — nholia-tnot, liowrvir, 
iinprovnl the text — "qai hnctcnuB," ■• kc »wt, " pniu dietiDctianibu^ 
mberv deformatas fuit turn in nwis tnra in aboniin edituntbtu" — bj> 
pointing offv. 743. a»: " Pareiithel ice. ^f/o mm rf HMfru rarfrM muNfr^ 
IVnnntntr : BhI. hh I wils tKfms. cauMiUMg im njr penom 
• fieit trader — (lioiicv the JH.\la-po«Uioo vXiyit ScrXor ) — it wu / tint 
firti look Omief in htmd for hisfnlkrr, mJ mote otat ,' / Ator of hi* bring 
Ldrarf— su we may distingruuh irtvdsfwH rt^p^omt v. 745. cm wKic-h »ee 
^Matth. Or. Gr. i 349. Obes. 2. 3., at oner from Uh- luonr dofnutc 
»iiSofuurt9rttii^nii fiMil that itt ij iteti J, tndtrom\}vkX other constratAion 
of nuApw with a genitiv'e. on wtuch tec Mnltli. ^ :i7-). und coin[miic 
Ag. 280. Man t. 827.' 

Ihul " jftiptnofia- Mamium lolertia. An "nlymi»{ quod not Aog^ 
dicimufld baadierv/f.tjfttfJum^' nj^ivn^t. ;{4ifM«fiflv«v&aira{«*>! Slridas, 
e SchtA. A' . x;"/iaamii, Kttrii rfmt¥ x'tpAnaf : Rtvm. Xf. p. 81 I. 8. Satia 
frn[aciu c»t jt*>p»i^- ^ ;^i,iBraf>'<i ttoniu^i a|>iul .flM-hjInin. Cf. 
(HMVch : j(np<ata<ntt' j^ttponjiwai. Soph. inc. fr. 724.) Eur. Phil, tr, vj, 
3. Monet Ilrinsius ad Hontt. p. 33. voces inoauf. waidAm^. rt jpipamn^ 
cofn|>Q«tn CMC ah u«af (^pnm'ff^i^) cMTttlor rl uupntor; qoo ki»ii 
ponitur Ody». U. 440." Blorof. C:k>w. Prom. 43. 

744. t^il^iofrwar^l " StlpchlU v. 74$, dixml. i{»•«^'0fW^f•lfrfM- 
Av fc9«y^ivi). Vox propria ac. tAtSftrlctn, quir, ut i-idvlur. uiuu) nu- 
tricutn ofGcia obibaot. Aiiatid. torn. i. p. 34 : vg .\rfroi irXnfwfM'ry iiA 
ra»^f^r«at AiXdTtift fy*(T«>{MinerTa)wpArrw-fJfu^ifMn>i-;^wfmr, oCf4*«i> 
^ tiw^ r^nXp' aui AmA) frum, fioMvnif rf «a) &')(mti mi* waiSnr. Ilcnod. 
Theogon. 479 : Amror* i|** MkorBra* aai'ioi' f***^^ nrnVlhi ZiiMi fMy»», 

■ IIt>4(«4a< ( Irfil. rrriior frri^. I9 iw 
lyorawrf. wmU wrm to be ranctrartKl 
with • miHit c, «ltb>T uf dtf uanuMji'WH 
wAoM (Mnilh. Or. Cr. { ^7^). -' «1 thr 
ittrnfmrrtptvlt^ifMek (tb. t33l!l^ tn. 
Biraialian u kikd — ibiu rwli Traanai 
AJwr *. ;if, (oitli vliidt (Mapara <. 
Kt7. swMr» T^f {^FiM', aHiMr yMin*(^ 
(o Jw li^onnrrf, Intm «r mquliT, ^ Mr 
itramftn}, kuria krmri^,arm^i^ot- 
ta*U|r A« mU IMIim ur <mi( «• Mr fo, 
Mn( riMoan (n. eOM.U}— iwl Ln tU* 

cniutiiK4)n<i ^r inny c»naiii«i i( whoHl 

a* a ^«NH» t«*ta. (inilMniiunrT.wiih 
an irrniaihr trf ikc diron ubK**- kIm:- 

llirr HTsm iir Ihinji. it ii f p w n tblly * 
mirldif icrb. to argvain/ mfrff rilh, 
aaerrimm ii-t. ti* myicU'i, team ur <alr 
tnorlnfft if, tr* fiw eiaiapl* <i. 71V. 
HIH. 1*29, oDd lampUT A«. MM, #i »' 

ri-rrtpit yr—t siMi/J M«*rf«(a tUv of 



Idem rero tuc loci tK^i'fuir^ai Ttarpl, quod in Inudoto Heniutlivcnu Ai'£- 

OlfAlf «l rptiptty — Val-et Ctlim itH^irfini n rou, -nl irn^* oCn* %^^Sim 

irAif iyxnpurat airr^. Neque aliter iatelliga locum Gcnra. xliv. 33 : A 
jiJtp nit iTOU irapA Tou inrr|>£< JidtfltKrui ri vaJiiov, ktyrnf' 'Ear fif oyh'** 
oMr wftos iri K.r.\." ^ Abrcsch-'-and eo the Scbolinrt: ^ri rav. f^pf^, 

It wit) not be necewQuy. therefore, in this ptacc with Bloinfield to 
haw rccourK to ft "echenui Sicchcum." or with Wellmicr and KUafcn 
%n refer to Ponon nnd Sdivfcr on Ear. Hoc. 533. Hermann df metris 
Piad. p. 273. 

748. " Hnncversuin.(nimduobu!»i>equenlit)U8,CAorotribatnlTiini. 
Vict., qui port iWnX/Mrai- comiSBtc intcrpunfrunt ; Omii Rob., qai et in 
8equrat<> coUoriuio pro Choro ubi4|iie Urestia p«rsonain habct." Well. 

749. i vat'. 8C. f><fa« — Did you smy, how f—Aty twSit k.t.^. " §w^ 
librii optime : onnectit enim Nulrix euHm ialcfrogntionem orattaoi 
Chori." KbiUKo — who, when h« adds: " Loqnitur Nntrix, quMin^tv 
fivw dictnm esaet a Choro," ought sordy to tmve placed the mark of 
iuterro^tion afVcr itoKiur, no that the »enee nii^ht liarebeen : Attntitil 
— «p Ae»f But whv then tbould the Nunc Iwvc added \iy afAc, 
inroad of simply saying Xt'y i>t (tafftt int^tmfso^ f 

This, howni-cr, it not all the h-aniiiig that hn» been idly ezi>fndM 
npon llue vcr»e, where llic only correction needed was. forf, to write f 
u ElaiiMn hiroMlf has l>reti content to do u) the rolLowing line. " f 
iruredd. Tett. ri'vur: Canter, ^truc; ut ojiinor, (-olebatPonaan: Brwt; 
ScbQIsias, rectc ohn'rvaria, quutn qiiis ad qugstioncm gfit »i c rea p o o dct. 
■t de qutdtiooc dubitct, turn semper dici in raponaione Hmmt i quud 
non mimia vere ol»ervari potest de nV, rmi, el umilibua. Vid. Arutoph. 
Ptut. 139. 349 (ubi legendum suspicor : noioc nt : x- *v»et :). 4G2, 
Nub. 6;". Ran. 198. Kq. 732. Ach. 959, Pmc 863. Butlero pcricu. 
loMim videtur excmplii c Comicia pctttis acrmoneiu traj^^icum dlastrare, 
Ventm in faujutccmodi fortnulia Gmci eennants proprieta* tarn c oo- 
nucia qnam e tngicu apte dwri putevt. Miiiu» bene VnlcLn. ad ICur. 
Phan. p. 342. CoiTJfril Dwt <(i^t ; qiucquidcm tocutio vd ium eredmti* ' 
eat. vv\foTj»idintlu; non vcro dc mmibo dietonim hientiintti'." Blocof — 
who camiot liave paiii Miflicicnt attention to what Sdiutz haa r^ly 

■ Conparp rMhcf Eiod. ti, V : AmwA- 
WW^ tMi T^ wtulUv rvrro. «•) MlAard* 
UM oCtJ' tyir U Wnr nu rW lumtitr, 

Eng. Vmr Tatr IMteMM, mtdnirt 

' CoDiauv A|t. 2iT. »Ai »4i ; n'w^t 
T«hr*i *( fafrrtM ! Mow v. 7 W. 



vid,* DT to ibe spirit of the pas»agcs wbich he hu himwU' referred to. 

gr lie would not have £uk() to see tlint the re-echoed Sv^t. Hqk ? aajf 

f$wf or Aogl. li^to? gyoiy a ' — which in rc«lityuke no question, but 

(if we translate it UteTalljr : Ab to yoar saying Amp, for the majier of 

ktHDj i« altogether txx cxcl&miitiun, it may be of surprise, or (not oii> 

frequently) of iap«tieocc.tiii|;«d with a little self •com ploccnt ajt&unip- 

lOfMpcrior knowledge — would be wholly out of placv \\cn, where 

: ia platnly the »peakcr't object to elicit Oiat more precise vlutement 

of tltc tcrnu of tbc preceding quc»ttoa, which t» actunlly aubjoiaed by 

,|he Chorut ia r. 750. And with thi« 'U'dlaucr ajitly enough coin* 

' |nn» Rar. Ion. £)59, ml irwr tV Syrp^ miida vie ^miv Tr^tjt ; win y ; 

(Do fan lui me. How ?J otrrpA woXAA vratiant ttAAova' fr^ : to whicfa 

add, by way uf contrast to Arieloph. PUt. 139.4C-2. ib.^t<MM« 

•Ma'c irftii •or' tSityuayumv. khc 2* ot&'v vyuv ; Angl. ff (MO do yiMi MMBI, 

750. «•' (AiF }k«xJr«t] ".Tj^M.G.A.R. fFT.V. f dcfeaditWcU. ex 
Eor. Ale. IH. At ibi non interrogatur. Itaquc scripsi ^, quod om- 
aino Mliiiuit." Klaus — but f. liio the fnUc tenuinationr— fciw^ ^^ntf 
V. 75S, wu doubtleaa iDtroducrd here b; ramc c<ip%i«t whose eye rest- 
ed vpoa the initial f above it. and ( would not to well toit tbc preccd- 
ing context. TransUte : Hlth body-ytardt. I luk you ? or was Ae to 
'Mnv malUmdtd? "PotUfirc inwcritur m'. cujus vim hwid facile Ldtine 
iijpiMMiiii Ag' 616. SvppL 165. Soph. (£d. T. 91 ." Blomf. Sec tltc 
noteonA^. 473.andror Xox>'m<c the note ib. 1C21. — v, 751, Ileaych; 
^opv^pot' imXatp^pot, t'TDrnit^r^c. f t^i^a^ rmm nfMiMNN*, tat Vfi6wKt». ' 

763. Mrw] "IuBatkni*:f^Wvedd.Vi<l.«d.'nicb.32d."Bk>ar— 
and ao Scbalcf. and Dind. 

/Uif. Arawdrov irnyn. Schol : nfi tuvt m p i r^ im *\ymfupmm>t. and h> 
Klaiwcn : " botuini. qui \'iav wdiuiu Oumino. Agamcnnioni vel Uresti, 
maxtmc inviAiu c*t. Ita ^iw trriyot v. 972." But Stanley, who after 
tbo SdtoUast bad onoc traiulated : 4mV a donino invito, oa second 
tboogbts obaervM : " Vcnm tmvvro* arvytt nihil altod hie aiguificare 
cciueo qoam tfosuao ietnlaitda, at ^}yic4Mr fiia k.tJ^." I'raniJatc: our 
wrttek. or vumMUr, t>/a matter; and comiMie with this osc of vr^*. 

' SchUti's wernli irr: ''CnmiiaUaid 

till WM ii»< m , ifWt ■ putimU »■ ^t«ai». 

«D IndliU, cir nwMKlrt at illud «M t fMM 
I wMi admmi t m am i M m i m t m utm i mnf f^ tmi 

&>>• JaeH raiMwm «/ wi A ii* dmtri- 
, nfclal, quod Lslinl ik rt4dm s»- 

(ent i I^WMS^/ fiMTU ,' mm tomMT in 
fwiaoariawt didtKr Wm^, aiUila iatcm- 
CMaanb nola." 



w a Mfflithtf thintf, below v, 970. Ag. 339, rn t* oht x'P^ ■*" vp^^nf 
icXio¥ irrvyot : and wjlli tJie p«ctili»r cirL-nnitocutkin , llermlot. i. 36 i 
miii XPV"* f^^V' ^'"*'> Phfsa. 198, i^Xu^royor ti xpif" %^'«> •''^• 

753. oic i&tituirmt xXiiit, that tie ftny artkaitatinfffy «6ty tbe armnmonii 
(vT. 716. 748) ; i.e., that he moy come nt odcc, trMvut/tar or twt^i- 
eioH — nnd this Bense nii^ht perhaps have hvi-n innilp mmv fitain by 
muling Mftjiarrnv, tu* Rub. uA^^uuTor — nut, (u Klauscn; " liJWijtiirrt 
me /«rrorv [Angl. wUlwut Mfpiriag fr^tr] : si «»un cum ealdlitibuH 
toecMMMt vEgisthiifi, rxtifrcoteri potcrat perc^nof illns mctn i-ajtloa 
dletorm CMC cu, quu^ illi scccpCa fore putarent. ne()uc certo Bp]vrila- 
nnn esse, qnotuun modo inorn accident, do qua at certior fi«t, potiMi- 
mum ;£gutho optondum cnit." 

Miillli. Gr. Gr. ^ 198. Oba. 3. b. and coropare Appendix to Note* t» 
the Ajramemnon, p, 387. 

Ibid. yi\Ot/vvTi •pfKrt. " ra;f;««r' aYnAnVi) Mwl. Aid. Rob. T^jpvr iyit- 
Saivn Gui'lpii. raxurra ya^ioj Turn. \'irt : yijAH-ffj, Durkmi viUofi 
cauM, Pauw. Death. Schittz. Both. [Blomf. SdioW.], scd nihil ooutn. 
Ubronim oroiiium cunwntitiin iinvare' vnlui." Well — kiul k> IKmlurf 
nnd KkuHrn. And if there be, u Klmilcy' aMECrt*, no other inHtUico 
in which thi* prvttent yjffia uccurv in thi; Tragic (and he might have 
Bwd. in the Orunntic) Poets, wc may be the less nnxioun to intrtMlnri; 
on unanthoriKcd cxcc]>tion here, to the prejudice of on old-fiuhioucd 
word — pcculiur, it may hitvc been, to the sjntken. iinil not the n-ri!ten 
Inni^uagc of Greece— of which the more appwwed, no doubt, and 
Attic form wus yidita. tif of 'Adi'aa, 'AAjvota. nvtryit. towrTrr^t nnd 
alao xiwojwnrc ; *^c Pors. on Eur. Or. 26. 

RvcH in Homer, however, and in all tbe bc*t Grcclc writen— toe 
Buttiii. Grfrk I'rrh, p. £1 — yirAu is of rnrv occurrcitcc. wcompuvd 
with tbe tcn«c« of which it UtbcottcnciblcparGat.and yq^wia known 
only aa the reputed origin of the perf. prce. yi'-yijAi / am bmrtlmf wilk 
Jay,le^t or trimtipi : thecomntonrootof all these vrrbt (Me DnnmV 

k T<( hi WcUnef'i Vex. Am^Uoiii 
'n1mdi"TitUu-Mari. Cbofpli. »1, 
tMiX^' bar Tifx*'^' ynMn ^pni"-~ 
vhrncc It in pmhnlitr tlut tbii w Hrr. 

■nuis'k rauliiiK flf (be li-Jil. 

• " Vtflii yiittn |>ri-. " . f.n;-T- hiw 
■mn lora npnu (niii'o^ I' 'iii» 

Itniia incTTiMirnofalioii i i x-inf- 

UteL" BJoBif— wfaoi«lijWH«acj«tlwa.M 

upKoibfe ts •Ytttoivy. u it mmU hne 
bMB to ruM^. UJ Hi*, >mJ n«t UMt, 
baxn tha mdinff af tbr MSS. and TA<i~ 
" llinr nikrr nt, rfltam \- -it 

ikftlimminBi. •^uad In tnci.-nnt'Ti ivtl. 
uuut. (|iia* liulir bKiaiiu, ntm cccvrrlt." 



Lex. Ham .) bein^ yii». I nrti. iirtak or jrirr forth, m Ute great pro- 
(luctirc |>niiri|)lr (Fa. P^, or ruui i nXXv* inoitArmm ^op^ jmq), nVA 
mcvour , u from the Doric ar JLatie yiMia cmat ntao the Lotto ^m- 
deo. And to the midc family belong yavft^t. y<iepid». wtd the Latia 

755. A'<}y. y. ntrr^ Jj»A>Pr«ii Xifyof] "i^mnwr' Aid. itpawr^ ceteri : 
JptfAgj ^w'Ttam.' i^fc«^ ^f)«W Aid. Rob. ^|>Aivff^X4yy Mrd. Cilit 
Sdiol. VcDrt. in 1). O'. 'i(J7 : ^ <h7<^ yV n**^ tftdoOrm )uiym. ct Eu< 
lipidi tribuit. Htec coiD|>ilBnB Eustathhu in 11. O'. p, 1013, 11. scribit 
•pMivrfr. Uincodidit PnrMNioe a^nirrif •^>Am>ii< X^t. Srd omtuno re- 
tinendum nmrit : Nunlii pnuteiUiamlam/attre jtolefl orationetH tiinir- 
nm. L«. FifKuim. H. Stq^. Cr. T. it. p. 507 : " KvirrAr, ou. i. ImU' 
Mktat, mpplf-r ; r. 1. cx .CtcbyLo" ; i.e. " vetu* Icxtcoa." ks " varin 
let'tiu." Ktmuc probare vidctur Schnndenis in Lexico. Cet«rura vc- 
riuiine obaervavit BuUerua : " Nullum dubdio quia, cx •AiiitP)) ^pni in 
•npcriore TCnicolo. -M^ [^wi)] ^H luc fluxcriL ibcuna Ubrarii.'* 
DlM&f — whom I follow in all but bin too limited, and too laboured, in- 
t«rpretation of the line ; in wliirb , if wc did not hold wmic SpAiOm lo 
be a proverbial saying^ — with which compare Ecclcs. i, lA. vii. 13. 
Ltaiab xlii. 1 &— wc should hove bad no excuM for not retaining rinftnir, 
as, after Ponon, WelUucr. DinOnrf. tind Kbuuen ba\'e dune. Thuu- 
1ale:y!iir (m the hand of the nmmigfr a crvokrj flory u aadgttraifAl — 
i.e. it retta vitA tKc inrar of a meifsayv to give it what turn A^ ylnun : 
tkmfort tiry vp jqwt tean (tv. 7 1.1' 15.), and deliver yMr ardcrt aaw 
tuggett (vv. 756. 7C1 .}— and on this use of ir, aiuwcring to the Latin 
penes. In tie potivr of — sec Mattb. Gr. Gr. { 377( 5. and ctiinparr 
Tbucyd. vii, S : t^t£«n- ovn*t uv fi^nrra fV ■"'•5 yrit^^, ^ifiiif «V r^ 
AfyiX^ u<(tainfffitiewf, ftaSu^rat nit 'ABfiitdonffmfkiimMi^mfil r^ mkif- 

75C. (IXX*<[ — ] Tlictooeandlook. with which V. 755. would doubt' 
IcM be dclitend, tovf ht gathered flmni the Nane> half-uttered at- 
•ent : tTrff, Iffoa have oay ymd purpoae lo arrve ty vhat yowjtat worn 
hid me mty — whkb tbo Ckurna, pcrodving that abc i« prcparvd to go 
and do their bidding, playfully iiitemipts with ; it'r/l. i/Zevs U going 
h grwU lur eimye at tatt m rttpect i/ mitfotiuM — vkat toy yov J* or 

» ITnvT I Mir " '•■ tn^V r» »pw- 
rtf hfl^r^ 4f<>-'i. /« '"'w f*' w* per. 
MM) mmnltt ittratlttt rti, m»tnmm Mi 
eriyrli" Sebnis: "•*«ttJK(h4p«?«*- 
T»l lyatop»^Wi»rf Ai>y.«« rmim /#nA 
(rAi *w f mi ai M amerr gwarfom/ua ■■m- 
ftmm of^rtn tilettmr, wciinMrb, j w ja 

btfteflt^fwnlfntimprvefdml' Abnouhi 
" J/Mvp 4paW. BBtjfa nifia lasf nn*f«r- 
Ma«, wm/N «■ imduert, nr nrf« (At rc- 

Ktvrrbt Attj«T poiMuBi firJ ■ > «» ■' * ■"-' 

Mae ju im omitf ■' 


ic4a/ viilyou do ? vc might niuloubtedly supply, as Blomfidd nggeita, 
Init tJie fjft u Uic fnituti £0,' d Ut the mere echo of tfa« fteoa^ng, 
which the Churus takce vp in such n nnntier u. while tbey tliKlitiy 
Dumic the good Nutk's sigiiificsot if. ta give ui indirect liint of the 
ftcbnl stutc of afiiiin, and iben to learns her lo iulu^A her own rfMilti' 
lion thereupon. a» she cveiituflUy doea on v. 7C3. Compare Sopih. 
CEd.T. &47-52, where to CrctfnV: tuvt' avri vCk ijav npir Sammvr i>t 
ijm, (Kdipu» in like manner, only (ok in ungn* mood), more iiiipclmiuly 
and anmeiUiingly.rctQrtf : toit* ovr^ ^i^ fun ^pei£' «n«( oCk iZ cumJc, Uiil 
again, when Crcoa has rcmarkctl ; tl rai voiuitit . . , oi* iiMt tjitxtnU, 
he echoea buck : ft rm rofii'Ccs ■ . . eiK li ^vrawic. 

If Him view of tlie passage he conrcct. we are entitled, from the un- 
divputcd prcKcuee at dXX' d in v. 7 '>7, to ai'gne that this was tlic ori- 
ginal comracoococnt oi v. 756. nlso : though, u it ha» h*j>{Kucd — 
becuuac, probably it was not M«n tlint the Mmtcocc wa« unlini»Iicct — 
a\K tl i«to be found there in the Aldine edition only. The rest haic 
uXX* {, wbeiicuStAiiky projiuecd iIM' i{ iti v. 7d7,«ndon tlicfrsntcprin- 
cipk that wc Whvf applied to the donhk <{U' «', it vrcn better with 
Wi-Ilauer and ScboleGcld tn admit this alteratioa, than with Ulomfield. 
Kndorf, and Klaiucn, nftcr aXX' { pn-ccding. to retain aXX' fl. For j 
what cuuld be more tome, than to traiuUtc : iXk' f — boc on t. 21 1 — | 
fful you an gtirf, you nwrn wll, or (ao KU.mcn} you art tc^tl aJviMd ut I 
ac .'' H'Ay ya .' if Zcut fir. ; tliough KlauMti »y« : " ' JXX' *t \>rae »o 
habct : «iuum cnim dnliitatio diqua prolata sit in iatermgntionc N*u- 
brioa, ogaoadt Chorua dod snc ration* cam duhitore, led pruilcotmii 
u fore voeandiun. m dii Inrgituri itint id, quod eLqwctet ipn" ? And 
even if wc adopted Bl um field's suggestion : " VertaaaXX' af — anffutV. 
ti Jwyiieretc, what answer would thJa give to the anxious qtWBtkn 
asked witli iCXX' f— iov. 75G? 

757. Tfiownfav. CjisRfFe, properly a/'inW or inufACT^--T/Knrauii'CC. afyof 
or mra^^lhe tnctaphoricnl wx of which the Poet hu here sulEdeutljr 
reatricted by coiuiecting it with Ztvs O^att — compare Ag. 9S9, fnr H 
**i^ Z«M v' ag ifii^titt WMpiit auior — OS in Ag. 310, ^^*t^ mim» iw- 
orfSf Tpovndui {where sec the note), and Tlieb. "(Iti. i«iftip X^/iatq* i^i 
T^omfy tfo'^ |tfToXXa«rit lamt or t\AM tfoXt^np^ rrtipan, he ha» de- 1 
elared its meaning by astociating it with «m'>»- and mtvfan. The 
word i« not found clsewbcrc, except in Amlutle Pn>bl. xxvi, it : fvrt* 
i Tptmaia dar oKurrpoiftr} fqf uxuY*itt% (.\ngl. /Ac tvrriaf romtd of am i(^ 
thvre wiiKlJ — as(d»orfWirai, K. Tponauu trrooi, ib.4> rjivm^ iMpi rir litfm, 
llutareh's JJ/t a/ Xirma — and yet, thoagh it would teem to have becnl 



' ft wani of common lifo {tut what more cummon subject is 
titaa " the face of the sky" ?). Wdlnucr objcxta to iL« introduc- 
tion otbcrwuc than in tyric verse ! " Fulium esse primiu vidit t\>n. 
ad Eur. Soppl. 647. cd CaUf., qoem Meatus B^omf. ad S«pt. Theb. 
S&l. rpfanua cmeadavit, coUuto MDulliiDO loco Eur. Or. 713, vTiJtfm 
rpitaia riv taxir. Nam quamqnain umifii rpimuoi usitaliuB est, son 
miaiu tAiacn prubam rifiinu fpotrdMr : vtcl. Mnrkl. ad Bur. Suiipl. G47." 
For otter. ho«revcr, Wellauer and Hloaiiictd might Mem to have 
changed aidea. For tlic latter adheres to the rcceiircd text : uXX' ti 
Tfmaiam, ot iriiich tha former (Lex. y^Swhyl.) atiU entertiNna a doobtt 
" ti* Tpomnw Ponon. qiu ad Ear. $u{tpl. 647. h»e teribit ; ' In /Gs- 
ehyli loco ipamaiaf cdd. male prxferunt ; quod ambig;as utrum in rpi- 
*, an Tfvfiruui. mutnndum sit.' Sed retinentlum puto rpam^am. ms- 
Ivfrmmcm. Schol : fMrarpiNrTr- 1^ iaAg. 313. Thch. 7U3" — witbwbidi 
I ke fiwther compares Eur. Ei. 1 147. ^potiU mkmt- ;ur^p<nr«i wriviMv 
\mSp» du/iM^. See *)»> MorcU'a TJtatmna v. T/xvaui- 1/ Jwairria inwf : 
' "Where Dp. MaJiby : *' Citnt roc. TpMraui Bnmck. tam e I'hotii Lrx. 
MS. quam ex Etym. et eubjidt. ' male is utroquc ecnptiuu rpm^.' 
Sed diu ante dixerat Sylbur^iua in notis ad Etym. p. 766 : ' aplitH fere 
rpmnin, ac. afya.' " 

758. aolnfO " Qumodafirnpttat? Fcfdlit me mcfnoria, quum 
: hi* pvticBli« •ctibcrcm ad Agam. 12S1," Blomf. Seethe oote on 

Ag. 530. 

759. emit yi piimt\ Compare A^. 1063. % iu» KXm woC ^mvute 
' irnrvnTMXH ^juf" wpo^Srnn h' olhtvac lunrrnofur. ib. tU70, nwfwv BIpb 

*I^ «w^ Itatrrtvfuirmir' /iMva i' fymf' wi»m yAp trSXu Soy, 

761. vpaam TtvramX^MNi] Blomfield comporea Theb. 1013, dm 

fir ifufi T»v9* /n'omXriM ^ryiv. Ag> 877( air MirvtArut tVXoc vAiw 

|wX«vA>v «Tp«MvvNH avfvjiMnr. Eur. Tfo, 1 1 49. ffv A' mr rajpora »/m9vi 

ruL rw wi Xfw'wa. Compare aba Etun. 743. Soph. (£d. T. IU6 ; Arwrvx 

Xu'f. bipmctitmt. Prnm. 3. Pen. 783. Suppl. 1013 : and with v. 763 

compare S^,. 943, fM'Xot £•' rot vn) rnvirrp ■& fu'XXyt rfX«v. 

765. " Carmen quod aetputnr itaeomiptom eat, nt ne tUud quidcm 

I cBrlo deftoiri poaait, ubi quaMjtw ilropha indpiat, ct qaa: «bt 8tn>> 

reaponikant. qo» mn retpondeant ; aeqne nnqnam ccmjcctura 

rit peraanori. Totwn euvwD inatrapfaBB priimuilivuitHcrDian- 

lai nbat. tritl. p. 1 14, ita taiacn, nt ipse nunc ecnteBtiaai mutarent , 

hiuK igilur miuamus. Secntus eum est ScliiiTuus. trmqioutis lancn 

rjtrophU ct pacnm nlitcr cmcndalis ; quarc ejus ratknicm, non numn 

quaoi Bothii qui eoUta aodocia MEviit, ia AddcDdis czhibebimiu, DO in 



Notia nimja miJbc t-onjcctonc affcrcn(\« siiit. Aliam dcindc el pn>- 
bobiliiiivni ciirniiiiip ili-jtoriptiQiicin cxhtlMKrunt Seiill. dc nrgg. Ateim. 
p. 405. ctllcnm. El. ntrfr. p. 733.. cujiM whona bocett: d.^.n-r- 
iu4nf9. y. 9. ff. ff. Hiuw ct Schwcnkius recrpil, cttgo oUm Medtiu 
sain in Ctmmenl. jEwlufl. p. 46. etjq., ubi lioc carmen pauUo audaciiu 
tnctavi. llic qnoquc tun rcpnucotiivi, quia rcltquia mitjorciu vvri 
epecicm pne ee fert, ([uanquaia omnniovcram nonduin puto, pncaerlioi 
qaiB quarts flirophn ct antisCropba vix uUum respouinooia veatigliim 
habent." So WcUoiier, whose objection to the more tlian onliiiiixily 
urtifioial ujiTuigciiivnt which, in default of u better, he ha* wloptcd— 
oltliotigh nolcntly set luidc by Bloinfiold, and crcn more vwkotl^ fay 
KlaaBcn — tlie present Editor fccb to be eo pressing, that be glaftlf con* 
car? in that conclutiion to which Professor SchoIcfieM Itaa co«iv, in his 
Apf)eadir]f. 'in-. " Perpc-nu4 troriiti ratiooibuH, ({Uibuji viri docti b<K' 
eitrmen in nntiBtroiAica rcdcgerunt, eotJiiHlemvimtuincat, ut earn or- 
ilincti) nra^ti ex parte retiiiciwlum ceiisciuu, (jucni oliiit instituit Her- 
iiKuiiiuv, ([uaniviB postca rvpiidiuvit. In vv tnineti ^trcauc a Viio r^re- 
gio ilisBcntio, quod rerHUij 804-22 (7!)8-81G.). ini:^ cpodo contlitcri 
puto. Uectrturia.veniufi77(M9(771-4.).ct;9».G (7H7.D().). vetttigra. 
kntjstrophiei ordintfl otia ccrta habere vklcnlur. Quare line iomok 
cartncix'xhibeniluinhoclicjudko: ti,fl.a,-^,ff.y. rirjad. Uu «ingiiit» 
verdbuH vidti iiirru.*' 

7(>7. rv}(ta hi fUH ni/HMc] "nx*'" At /loir Aid. Rob. Mul. [Goelpb.] 
iiXttt^lMMtwii. Von. [Viet. Well. Uind.] S^i rvx*^, mtt' iVw kv^mW 
ll«Tn. 4i( TVJ^i rtv rvx*'' Sdlfill- Schot ; ^% fic< fiTv^w <VTVyv9W( 
^fiaiiat. AlusgrttviuH legit tUte rvj^at ru;^(u> iftal n^'ovc ra ir«*^|«-rM» 
/iMWfu'oDvt f^if, citato HcnncninnilCte : aruXiiiv iiau'-itin» au^itr. 
onuice cxbittent KVitiin — ri ai^po^vw nt't»opi''Mt [Udclph.] Alii, nam- 

^tfiawrtttfiatoiiiipon [Mcd.] Kob. tA VM^pmrut to ^atuttiron I'om, et rs- 

oentiore». r^ oJufipof' li llcrm. [Uktiof. Seliulef. Kbiui.J. ^oufuravc 
Butl." BlomT. 

Translate, without aoy AltcratwD uf the text u rceoived fioiu Tur* 
nf be wkI Vetltiri : itMd lAat I Mffy iave Ike gtmi farliutr lo rmiitf u4at 
mur mtn propox to llmtudves tticn tAty WMJd sec well lo every wnrdlU»t 
A be B|Mikcu ariylil — aud uudLT^taud the Clii*ruB tu uUudc to the cri- 
Ileal circunistaneeH ondcr wbicb iJits xeeond S/AcuNon i» to be tun|t. 
and lo the conteqaeiil difficulty of to urtlcring their wnrd& m ocitlwr. 
on the one tmiid. tu betniy tlic tru»l reiKiscdiii llieiit hy Unfits (vv. 
&C7-t).), Dor on the lAhcr, to bi.- IhemKlrca betrayed by tbc wuinlh 
of their feeling* into otir exprctsion, thai might tavoitr of impietjr, or 



of uuciwibilily to tite %ialcnc« olfered to human nxturc. in the manlcr 
of* mother even bytlic Fwom&rcnger nf trie liillKr'» blood: coia)p«rc 
TT. 113.807-9, 834-37.310-13. 

Hence the artfully diagiiisod menUnn of Orestes w. 772. (c(imi>aic 
TT. 710. 712.) 775-80, u veil as the iDTocitioo of cTCTTtutcliirTilclty. 
B, liOxiaB, Hcrmee, and tlie houacbold gods of the Atridr. to be- 
friend him at this crisis of hia htc 

With mpimt, mrojwjv, An^. wi/A permliar right, to hokt ta mjr un, 
in fmnmnon uid m> in perpftuUy. compare Ag. 171. nipitat txmr. Soph. 
Fliil. 63, Kvptat sunvtituf. Hcin'ch : Kvfiiut' tMat»f, iV^V"*' ^r^o^wf - 
7G9. 4i^ iiiuif) "^ iiirat era. I^W. Legit hoc Schol: Swatwr. 

rMtra 8i«|«, lurrA ri St'icqior. — SiaAucoviu M. ^Scnitrw Vll)ff. 9«n8i«w C." 

VlOtHH. •• Kgii ijooqac vorain puto, quum « sciiku* i-l m<^r»iii uwti 

'fldgitci. ct Schol. confinni:t, qui dioti'wr, inni 8.'ki}i> cxplicut." WcH. 
Yet Morell wx) M»ltby rccof;iuxc "4uidi«ifw. dijwHtv," va tbo •«- 
tliorily of ibis passa^, nnd Suidiu hti* : Ai«0uM<ni^Mit' uMiSi'ircif, flu- 
Xty^os. AMi8(Bur£a Vvrv, ^r nior>mii timi rait fw'UtNWi j^pTytir, ouf Jr 

vhfMtfym iSa&MTiHi ntr( xp) XriTmiffytii' ainmit. 

770. The recewd pending of tliia line is : TXmot, Z«v* w W w 
0iAi£r(Mir, OD which Welbioer : " Noa rcftpondct \ae vemu antistm' 

I pfaico, qaarc Ileitn. El. meir. p. 53€. fXcuur ; J Itl, av iw ^Xiitfmit. 

•Aat fXdov* fv U <rv *w ^. Icj^radum pntnt. Melius pliuxt Dotbti : 
?Xmm> ff" 9» 9< i-ir ^. — ^dmuGQclpb. Aid." — and Klnuscn : ** Li- 
l)ri 9^ A/ Mv ^vXrfiWMr, oontrn rictrum ; rrspondct cnim huie wrmi 
V. 773 (806.). Pronorocn n» huic loco mintme commodmn, qtmm 
nulla adliuc facta ait Onstis nientio : porticula H ^Ue osreiniis in 
DTfttiione ipum eoodlalaBi esse ostradtt bis rcpetitum Zii, Utrumqut! 

^Tero facile pro ^omenntt addebatur." He llicrciore read* : fXajm, 
Zti' vd ^uUmraiC vpA M ttt'jfipAir, and txJdly cjcclin;; f f from ▼. 771 > 
u boldly introduce lh«m at the conuncneemrat of v. 7H3. witieh lie 

'would foree into an unwillinff' pair with v. 794. 

UodcT three ciicutiiftiuicc^. tlie Editor. iDokisg to v. 760. ■• the 
anginal cuuotci^isrt of tlic prc*cot tctk — and obccrrloff bow canty 
tba letter* Sn, with r 9 immediBtely unrier them in tfac MSS., miy 
liave been comipteil into ft>(, and tbence eorm-lcd tu (1/ m^— Im* vcn- 
tttretl til region.' the mctiicnl harmony nf the two line*, aiid ai tlio 
asow time, by koviag tbfr ecntcncv incomplete, to iicnniol in sono 
degne for the disappcanuiee of the former pan of e. 7 7 1 , which — 

■having broil cut tiff, as ire bare seen, rnim fulloviiiif i^ivXiWimic. and 
beiag itadf foUaired, m it vmold eocm. by a new tad distinct ecu- 


teoeo — nuqp saeily httvt been cji>c1cd u a gloos (especiaUy if , u is 
profcnblr, it eontaincd eomcthing oiin to J *) by thoM «hn did ik 
perceiTe tlut Uic actual comnaencement of tbe aod strapbe is trot 
i t, wfA a Ml 'x^pua, ta uf the aotutrophe from J mo^ *«^ v* 787, 
where aec tlie niXc. 

773. riv fM^rc] So, with S«idler De wru. AwAm. p. 406, 1 have 
cxMTCClcd llic coiiinion rvading riur em*^. both on account of the 
metre, wliicU in tJite aiid tb« two following vvnca la fjii-ioaiV,' luid 
becaDite--vhilc riw (as Klousen objects) would not include ^jfifUuu 
wbo, llic ClioruK wtfll IcnowH, ts »ol now vfilhtH the palatf — wc wwif 
some mcntinn of Omle», who is ino«*t com-ctly dewriWd by r4» frnftftR^^ 
Aim that it monicatanly expected lo appear from teilAia (compare vv. 
■157-60.), us on tl)c oUict huiid t<ra l^itir^^ v. 7dl . u more nj^plicablv 
to the settled occupancy of the UouEchoId Deitiea, and tlicrcfure (as 
■ell as at the instance of the metre) liao b«eii very generally receive 
un the tuggcstiou of Uunnann, to place uf ta»Sf ittftJmM'. 

773. ^fuyuFSpar] " nominatirue aUolutue, eujoa excmpla nde 
TV. 9S8 (1026) Bt ItXH (104 1 ). l*r«mittitur nc ut subjeotum boo- 
tentie. a quo deinde defleccitur alructnni ad OntUm, quia Jt^er in 
priori, Orctfti in poateriori icatcntiic parte ia eat, enjua cat onukis 
actio. CoocinniuB ita onuua dicerentnr : fmi fMw ftiym S/tat 
«. rp. 11. 0*'XowTa djif I'^fTD xri'mic : qoK dictk) iion magia poetica i 
quam ai prsmittcrctur avv fu* ittytf iftarot. Similltmua locus cat 
1004. — fMTov ai^tv dictum ut v, 331. dc ij»a victoria, quam Urcatf^ 
concoKurus est Jupiter." Kbu». Cutnjxirc tliv note ud v. 353, and 
for apat—^poM Med. atpar Guclph. Aid. — sec Poraoii on Eur. Mrd. 

*' Mint inlerprctatio Scholiaate : imJpm yip rif 'Op«'.m|r, Avv^vir ' 
rfMrXaruM* iroun^ tlavpofiKrAu rim 'O^'vr^p woufvni, ScbutziUB : Kt- 
amm si eum err-ecria JupKciler ac Iripiidter iM Ittbau rttriiMt, cui as- 
acotitur Butlcnia. Scd icctc tnoanit L'kuiwiui d/ui^u cmc ■ccondai pcr- 
boiub: viviseim aecipere potfris." Blomf— andaoSch9k'fk']d : "ajui'^n. 
mtc^ia; cf. Theb. 283." Butwbatthcn are we to uudic o<' AAw^ 
teUh fV yood-milt o/* United? 

77'!. raXi^sMHi, Angl.M:AMa'/''^enntfii, bat more properly dRMMb J 
lleaydl : Qouni' Airtitmint V wUp ipomiu d^Aujiu'nf, col f Awjxti : camjHTc 
above V, iM8. 

Ibid. Ai^ifia Hoi rtMvXs — " dktio proverbialie : tiivfM yi^ Imn 

' S«e SmU's 6VmI JUc/ro r- ». cd. IW. 



r^aiKi Pen. ]033. Kt -^ rplc aii(*w &frp}%. Aj. 433. Sit wu rpit om- 
«(A<b> Phil. 1-338." Klaus. 

775. TitA 4' — ] " €7oRitnictia at, t»lli wtUuiv fwv*'iTa, pro (t7<|Mi. 
Doa bA ■potmA't. quod uC Abmchiiw." Blomf : wbo coiDpun 
VKiivtqr ft*!' toA ><4 ita^/x-irr ifti Ag. fK)l . wli«re bc« tlie not«. 

/Airf. irwXor] " iruXa< de hornine dictum, ut Ear. Hipp. ^AG. rav fuw 
OlxoX^ rttXav 4£vy<» Wcr^Htr, ubi cf. Monk. ffwXtnl /3«X^ Thcli. •154.'— 
t^nt V. 336 {33S).— <vr(W A- iji^Hm v^fiara**' dictum ut fn^ ^ap«HHc 
Aft. lUC (ICll)." KUoB. Stanlej' compHrea A^. 209, ArAytai iSu 

777. Ijpiviy] " ^ JV°MV o<nne> : tw oniitti jubent llcalhtos et Mob- 

9piiuf Miyay*." Blomf. 

/Ifiit. fuypaw] " didum ut &0|ih. El. 2AC.Mil n ;uVpM> nuntrTrwc fi^; 
Onrto cumn malonim in cunu junctu*. id c«t lult* agitatni. lino 
iliac npttM. «t«peclat in bnc u^tMione modora, qui (vrtAin cnndttioiiiB 
nktionetn pro illis torbia atabiliat ; quctn mndum vix quciKjuMia, nui 
(pRiui JnTem, impmilurum ewe apemri ]Kitc«t . Itaquc ul Wf Jb flii1)in> 
ttJi't((en^amC9ii nvitu not tjnwditt." Klau*. Schol : r*'XoF avry hjwt^ 
nfit'n viM> aoMC. 

776. amCifMum fitfipim ... Aovt&r] Schol : iWirov. rUriwrai' Siin^, 
col ;*4 Tpnxvix* vnpttar. Idem, tovt' tt^ir* iWI roO. Qoi. tA U /^r. Hm 
9i nt «f{«tMR»' a^y t^ pvtfjMr T»ir fyifnv' mii ifmftifattin' tr ry itmiS^ 

^t4 &faniov] imCaffwrav tiW pu^v. dfu^A* ■<■< HRtiiktiw. tatA r4ir tfApa^ 
fdr diiMpmir (sic) wvhItm*. " Scboliwtea niirc >e torqnet in cxplin- 
tioM bnju tod. Ego pro pv^oc l^^ p>T^>'. ut cnndt-m p^rvc^uatnr 
metiipiionun. conte kiL IViou enim dixcrut : it^wr Ir S^imn." 
SlanI, ** PrccAtus entt ClMnta Orrsti ri&m ini^re<«90 nil p«tmn nlnr- 
ccnduni addw! ut vclit Jupiter i nunc nddit ncmincm nliom in t»m uduo 
npgotio open llli pnMuv po«w. lt»<iw> sir hmc ttcdpertta, tanqoam 
mrriptam ntct : rit yV "^ J^or, f (ri> zri«. Mif U«ii> ^ftttm irMfiynw 
•or^ tA fyrjita rvr vi|f*ur«r (tnyMMM' (oni rovro t>& AmttAm'. SIr ^^^ 
»^*^trnf rCTpftddohit ry. f»«rjK» »po«**M, o! mtA ri ^>r):fw rcipiciel 
ad it iftiiuf. Deiiifitii; U>t£n« toctim tcn«tiH mv ^fia. *Aiibrf>irwi c^ftitm 
rcddn mala etttmthn4a. prr/iciatda. non fiitUa." Abresch, 

" rwr* IJWtr JlinriW did. ub« Sanftvr primun prodndt. ^licfayhm 

t«m llomcrieani quantitatem hujus vock inimiitw«c baud fndlo ait- 

didmtn : vidr ad rrom. S.)4. Dcdi ex conjectnra tiit n'Av. Ordo 

. oontructionu liic est : n't itr fSu If xyn* Aifi«Taw. di<^jii«w U rwm «/9nr. 



tr^^ifuvoif (ivBiini : at Ml <Mt{Afirvnm Diedin? voris piirtiH]iimn. — IBoi (rro 
i^')i> Pnrliis. riV Sv Hcrmanniiii. iru{Aft*imv pt^Junf G. m) mat^. Ask. 
lofvs difficUlimuxpoM oniMg omnium owras medidKom exxperUit." Klomf. 
— who adds DQ r. 780 : " Ar«^iw» Mctl., sctl tnutslum in mmfthmi'- 
^l/uirw*- Aid. Gup!ph. Schfid:, [SchiiW. Klnu».]. trrrjimmv Rob. nnffuf* 
novCCtcn. SifaraiT&jnyna rideUirai^iticarc j)i<«firiit ranfm/ionpiM. nicut 
m V. 4'.!() (413). x'P^ ifiiy}ima crnt nijinnum rrlenftoneg." 

Such w«i« the iLvaiUbl« help* nhercwilh, in common with thoac for 
whcK use thcjr on hor« ECt down, 1h« Editor had to tvrm hit mm 
judgment upon a \>:a*agc of muTc llian ordlnan,' doiihl and difficnltr. 
And the concliuion to which be hor come tt>. Hint tlic tnic canttmctkni 
Mill intcrpivtiittun is not lo ho ubtninrd by further niulilfilioni vS tU» 
exislinj; text, but by endcaTouring rather to Kupply the deficiency of 
three syllables iii t. 778, of which « conipari-vm of v. 708. rulTicienlly 
af»priece at, and which (on tliu htttt that Abrcech had unwittingly given) 
he a|>peKre to litmsdl' to have filled up n> well, that, nnlil better m&y 
he found, he bm vcitlnred to prx>|Kit!u doii;' 6i as thi- wordN that hare 
so long been w&ntinj; to cfrniplctc both the metre, imd the scttae, A«- 
irtSw certainly onght not to have bi-en disturbed, since it is on the 
icchnicidacnse of this word, lu Angl. iv/feor, a rorr-emrw, an artna^ 
compare Eur, Hipp. 230, fliWaiv' AXmh 'Aprrfii Al/irat, Kai yt'}i»atiivp 

Hol. 207i brwAtpvra XiXaan iavtitt — that Ihe riiflit tnterp relation of the 
pUMgei wid more evpedally of v. 780. vbicb with Scbolelicld I hold 
to be but an epcxcgcna of the preceding, appcarn csacntialty to dcpcnf). 
And whid thou^ Homer (11. iv, S : xflvtf'f *'*' So^'^r Od. ir, C?7. x, 
227. xi, 4-20. 577. xvii. ICS. xxti. I8S. 309. xxlv. 185.). and Euri- 
pidcfl ptuNUN, make its first ByUablc <Aorf — dcnving it. as ■■ probable. 
rr«in the i£olic ii or (a. (Drtti;* eec GriKtlis on Prom. 1032, and 

* Compare /I Sit in>«i> bdowv. 7tB. 

* Tti'l'iil^Viil. UvaSov WMild (M-m to 
bin 4li!not>id. |irlinin]|', uny hnriiotilal 
plmmt ai fiat mr/act. ■» wc tiiiil ii in Kur. 
Ak.59I,«>tlM'ta>(io<i. Or.,). 
JMnw BiVaur Wrtfar. Itnt rlirvhrm, 
DOIkM. «« find it Hwluri^ nfpIiMl tii » 
— vomnm Sclilciwinr Nov. Teat. Lev. 
vr. faMMS m(lAiM#T^>irTai~-« liich ap- 
Man la haTrmiuUiuuiliiitbe rvlicioii* 
buwoy of the rartr Oreeki (wtial wc 

^ubU all) llir inncdlUC prrwifr- 
rhumirr at t!l«ir tldlin. 
OftUacbancUir wu llw "aatDralan. 

pltllbntra"(Hlt(i>rd*il>i<rer, TnLl.di. 

rii. HUrl, it.)for>ncilb*tlKmu!..iiJ ^T<.4o1 

riniiiBus. Ml n lUntalpniMi 

Ihiii' tlw )ilnin iiri'riHuatiil l ii 

MU.'!: roiiiiiatr lim 1^1. ^ifi. Anilr. 111. 
Ipl.. A, 73*. ."icippl. 2;i. Tm..'a». hw. 
Kite*. 3;«. Soeaboltvlim V. 1017, A»- 

Tluf iin«<l,-h wiWil piirfnl, rciUtrai, 
Irrra. wllli'li bw Iwrnlna liiwttlj tonim- 
til lo hate Im'ii tlii* ruol sf lJ«>S«r, luu 
bf«n olrrkd; hiIkiuiIt'I in IW iwl*- on t. 



tum|)Ux:SlO|ili. Byr: ^Aniaf vi ifuikiti xff*^- K<}'n<- M- ^liirtHmniatM 
lu Ail »mnrrw4i> yfntm" 1-011*11x1 li fjcyi* "•' ■X'*™ »'<<V«', S tarv tha^iat. 
tA fc' ia yu*T«t«ai {n. mini |imWf<rti'T'>C3<It f. ^(W cat fmrk"i»Twft "leiiT 
irXin'^rww — -vct jlvchvluo. who i> icniTvly 1(«m* singv1krinhisitMoftfa« 
Doric &i for yo (Proni. 2i;8. A^. IU35. 1039. Eum. Ml. ft74), w<»tld 
Hx-ra tu lim-c made thi> iKc tlcnrnttun «)80 uf AAnSoi'. Aiigl. « yroimd' 
p9cr. witliout claimins fir it that mcUinl 1m«iu«. wlicrcby l>u»nn 
nrgtt tint, u frrnn tov nunc Arop, m> frotn 8a miv Uto cominunil have 
Iwcti AnnftiM'. Coaipnrc IVom. 8'29. MnXn<nra AovtJIn. icberc Illainfield 
(00 tlw •uggofltioo of Poraonon Bur. Or, lym.} hu, ngniii on iiccount 
or the metre, altered hianha — wliiuli we mtjthi \\ktc. pcrhftfi*'. tniif ■ 
latff Angl. tabit-tttni — into yoirvJhi, a wan) of wluch (lia^tn? ahcwn i(it 
IDcniiing.ikKf^vrttliydifrcrcfit GnuninBnuiii>, to Ik Augl. grwatil-ptottj 
he very candidly admit)) " earn A|>ud Tragi^os poni, ni-ntn c*l <(Ui riu*il4- 
(Tcdidorit :" nllhnugli C>ritlitli» linldfl It to be "very applicable to llie 
vRinll |ilut» uf cuttitaln] (p-ouod whirli occur in tlie valtc^s of llial very 
mountMnous coontrr !" 

TrnnF'lntp now ; Kor. iT tMt )-oh. ipAo dw akoald gim w J<i ivv Aim 
nbtmitg dut Mimmrr — iir Iwttcr. if nmre geneml : dHemeaMuroUerO' 
nf — M to (cm) Ihitfioor. where is tke frnttiny forth of lahcmn-d stride* ? 

7S0. vmiuimv ^q^m^l " Xmr cotrrcptm litcTB •■, ut Horn. II. xviii. 
473: Tpya9 Smtm. et jKacb. Nioli. fr. t-17 : rwiowit^tm Mmu: purrci-la 
Ham. fhl.ii, as, PIihI. O). viii, 6., qniM lo«w iL^'crt Itlomf. — S^t. 
ymnt. Soph. EI. 1 (*<1 : dtit rP^jnM ^grmn poXiirra Tut>)< yw 'OpivTur, 
m qaibuo iHtlL-ttir mc"e fcwtinlulia noatri loci. Mutupborice vtiain 
Eur. Ei. 9.1-1 ; rA wpiimv dw' *'■■■' ^'I'l cuXm*" Kl»u». 

7ril. irXoiTu)*!^] "Dc dtviliia Atridonun srpe dirttun: A^. 809 
(930). DC? ( 1006). Vox coin|>u*it« at 4UX«r«^Thcb. 9U.— •«fMC<», 
Jn mw/ AiiM<p. nmm iabtre, Ji'Ai muwrfim ifarrt, dictam Ae folitn 
habiUttione. Its fd^ dc oulcm re Kuppl. &I. ct ao-pc ci|hxI Hero- 
dotum." Kluii — ^bo comjium with oifu^p^*** A^* (vrn'XtM Awr 
Theli. 231. 

7M. «ax' <B)n*] " In Ubrii deest AX', qnod uldidi propter imtbtro. 
ftlitaim. UtriuMjiir vmiu initium intcriit cadcm cam." SoKInuxm. 
wbom L likw foUowed &l«o on v. 795 {wlicro we the note). b«t whiw 
MTmgmncni of this Strophr Aon not mognivc any ■aeti d«fl<:ic»cy. 

■ iiart^ tm\f .lo *r bt,A U 'a KarffUilM. K. (rw. U it-f] r*9 ««a H- r»4f U ivrl 
nwn. IMG, 9«ii U, ««u U : «lii(t« tk( ToC ^i) i4. ari rUM |*m0MM«m 

i ir 19 Alfh^i "W* 



Kt 1 have HuppOseJ, ot tit AnUtfmrlic Dimctrr ansvrrring to T. 7!)-l . 
simI eonttLining vomcthing aiuUo^us to what w« find in w. 943.4. 
the low of which may easily hare led to the uiiittrewiion of tho ad* 
Tomdne tH^h (u hdn^. in tnilli, no lunger needed) in r. 7t 
Ihi* ■uppreMion, again, may in it« tiim have ocraeioucd the mutili 
tion which we ahall preaently notice in the Antiatrophe, v, 795. 

thid, "tw* nakai mvpayiUiim' alita. MMffMinem in rehua mfipitu 
geatia effitsm. Of. \g. 1 lOfi (1 153) 1 i^iin nuwir rmr inAut nvpay^t^ 
*w, dc cadcm re." KLuu. 

785. Xvtfotf^] ttekfor npurBtioa, eaum evrnpei u aticm to ie wtade 1 
j/ou/or ie: compurc Thiicyd. i. 78: Wiyoum v/um . . . owwUf ftf Xi 
ftr]ii mipa0airtiv nvs Sptmif, ru St Jtui^pa At'qr JkMirAu nrro njv fi<>^- 
Mp- : u aWo Suppl. 1066. 'li mjfMtut /Xwr«ro Ztvr {Utrralvi /vr Hm- 
»lf, or pncurmt her lOirrly.J Hor. E|)i)4. i. 2, 61 ; dum pama odio 
per Tiin_/>>fias/ innlto. In the active Toice. Xinw a to rrpvir or naJte 
compaualion/or; &up(>L 936. Soph. (Ed. T. 101. Pliil. 1224. Eur. 
Or. 510, 597, Plwcn. 81. 

JUd. wpow^iorait] Ilen'ch : Up6aiptnrar' jv opnaK' ytr^pMvtir, n'ow. 
itnpif. Blotnflrld coniiMircfl H«>ni. II. xniv, 757 : rvv hi fiai ifiarit'* wl 
ttpiv^ans (Angl. frethf Iw ti^yapotai Kii^at. Tbeophrost. Hitt. Fbat. 
iv. 7 ; wpiaitarof ^ipi). and ndda : " Rtutnthitw p. 1 374. S3, dncil 
ipam, occido, (undc ctiain. inqmt. ipiit^MTot). vcl a ^w'- ^^ ^ 
ror idem quod itatalr*ot. DcrivuLur autcm, ut upiour, a ^tAet, apparto, 
undo ^M." Add Find. Pyth. iv, 533 : v,xw^aro* U^ (riwA^r, Pltry. 
nich. p. 374. Ijobeck : wh^qr AiarpijSfr Aro>i)«ntfiqi' imomiraiptJMit. W 
Ittfiv* X/ynw wpifan^oTM MiipAt. rai fu) «)>^ir^ar«* irpa)f«a. *ip(crtTo M So«v 
^OKXqr cV TJ 'ArSlpcfH'Sf (fr. 130.] nAtc vvnt' Kitiy ^oSttBAn xp«ritd~ 

7S6. yt'fMnv ^A>m] " r^dlra jiut nn/ffvt/Kr WiAm iwAtriW, inde a ko* 
lercAtrci; d*. v.59: Tt'pwvdictum.ut v. 303 (305.) Kct-tcTalgocom- 
wi» poMtum c«t in fine hujue vcrsaa, non punctum, at a. nnonutlwcdi* 
toribu». Utiara enim ciedem refers pro^aitura tmt antiqai cvdca. 
qntim nonduni occisiu eisct ^Ivgisttiui*. Quam noram ocdein nioi all- 
quo modo dc«iguan)l Choriu, prccwrolur ipM ut imtum re<ldcr«tur 
Cmtispcriculum." Klaus. Sichol i ' Aya/iittinti-ot iwtAMit ^i^it fJi**y' 

787. Toii kiiXm (TOfKivr, vlten ikia ahall have btrm wtU kUM — com- 
ptTC Matth. Gr. Gr. S 24 1 . with Dnttm. Crtek Vrria p. t5S— i.r. when 
Hie approaehing ilettrurlion Of Clvtrmnotra and j^^^lhu* tMl lunr 
hem mcctsi^Uy accomplhhtd. *' Voco t4 AJ [«K Cum Rob.] laXttr 



imlf*n>m' Hcnmutaua Oia. p. 118. 'non dubiut qnin inlcTfirrti» sint, 
nno jEsdiyli, vcrin' i qua»i qniuiuam f(mn)m»ticua tali lucnlitmc nli 
potncrit. Idemvero in KUn, IMctr. Afrf^. p. 513. T«1inrnilii (-■Mrhir« 
verim jiulicat." Blomf. — " quad vel ntetruia hujut vem«," ikJiU Wel- 
laticr. " com MqtMmtc prumtt ConKnticns, cvincit." — " rM* mUc «nf- 
Ittror t4>powuooc ai]diluni ad y>>Nir ^<t*«c. quia ctodo dotnui iulurretta 
denw tpiwret in hoc ftmita cttde. De Bp]>oBitiane liberiu •entenliai 
oauweteate atppius inunui : Ag. '262 (276). 0])tiine h»c rerlM in w- 
qncntem ■tropham tnuismiom. quia in bac tsnle venuuitar omnin. quia 
bac onlca panttur* eal fcliciWem Omtia «t ndium in bae itrojiha c«- 
kbnttam, ct qtda earn niam betiuna eat Apollo in bae itropha tnvo- 
ntnii." Ktaua. 

8choI : aAit cr^^ovw 111 niOra ri «aX£r Jpayiliyr^>i(mi'. k^i V tA 

yUif. i fiiyct KuW (mlvua»'] " ApoUo Fprluociv ITclphii insiilcni : 

^iym fx^w ii»x^ x^r^ ^- ^7 (934). Strab. ix, p. C41 : vnfwtTvAiiAJ 

nv «Titfu'<n> Tfn'roia Lf^riiUp. l>e ore l^Jaactf dictum otJ^uok Sopli. Ant. 

11217. Itl. Ad Ortmm refart Schobarta :'.at ei Iiic nihil ncgotii; ue^iw 

ruitu pooita cat Ord atatiu in k^us ulli*. ncquc hoc bwo abease po> 

test ApoUimia tncntio. Ncqoc brcviiu hie dcfignatos, qamn omncs 

M CMC ApoUiau ilium px-x^ tellsris, qui nunc vtifuit^ dicitur, ad 

rqnem ■Dimitra advotit jam appdlatio deonim. qui nXovrvyo^ ^v^ 

tcorol. Dum invocastnr dii pcnate*. ret&t in mentcm eoadctn esse 

omiiU tcDuris pcnatcs, babitantra poriter in focotcllnris universe atqnc 

ia fi)co doinus cujuavi« (ttcut principalc \''cstte, qu« est omoium vdiom. 

est Delplus, cf. ad v. 981 (1018). ), et ab hoc ipm focn, nb lib 

''■■unia penctiaCbus misium otae Oicsirui. jusMm banc cxdvin . IMxit 

vera wii^tw, non larx^. qiumiam qnaai oe, quo loqnatur t«rra, habctur 

, Delphka. E terra v<^m. qnmjuB bona ft mahi faonunibaa 

'•nnimit. proileimt » ofiinione Orarcuram (Theol. MkAi. pp. S8. 63. 

Pen. 233.). id quod in reboa Atridarum potiatiimum cicqirctandnin 

.art. qnia MglOax <lc rrliu* drfundi AgnaMmnottta. Sed agit liaa rca 

I siai deui tupenii vindex ApoUo." Khna. 

7S8. *t iAt ^*A«w] Gnm/ /Aof (Ora»tet>) ovr Matter'* haoe may 

S^tffihf took i^p— compare brlow v. 943. and the 8<4iolia>t i JrAZr* 

[^mlSOU^i — aadlkaJ tke mi o/darhtfMt that now enfthrowb it {r. 46.) 

leek fteattmitj vpon him fufor (Le. as thmgh it would wrlnime 

' AM M Sluilpy, «rbo ItitmtM* nt- 
aW* miim Di4ii iOwrt- i", W-K eoM- 

MriBff Piftrf. P|«. i*. 7C. ftnte liU. p. 



liim unln) p/orioiTf /iiiT/jrt--—''fcrriiuas!pn>r«<](i9«rtruiistniL-tH): £if» 
(fciii Aci'jftfMir Kill Xniurplr," iiliecrvca Sdinlirlicld. wlw (fct Appvmi. p. 
'id,) trctnriftto: JCnim (OrMtRm) Un videre amxria oattla tatthrieonam 
ealiyintm. at librrUM et illtintrait vimm detrt—hnit omitting llic ct>pu- 
luUrc. for wb'tcti there is nn aulhoiitir priiir to Tunt^W, it ought intbcr 
to llATC been : wi iw' iX^viftfiia Xanitpf, orwt kajurpuf iXu<^j»<rr wtru (r. 
S42). Cninpan- l)iP ron^truction of ni^r' inro^iotrt. ytyiM/i^rfu \^. 
770. fvWIuwi; Tiflitc ib. 1 >'i72. and general!} on iJie use of ibc datiix of 
cither tkf palpable object, or rirlnaf Imdcmy of an uction— nliicl), mbcti 
it form* |wrt of tlic pmlicntc, tlie Greek* cxprcea b\' wi sdvitli, the 
Lalina hy (whul i* rcBlly tlie f&mc thing) it neuter iwljcclivu in the do- 
tiTC, or in the Bccusatirc with iji, and the English by lielp of the pre* 
pojiilinna /w* or wife— »cc Matth. CV. Gr. $ 401 ■ und oomiMm thi: 
nnlc<> on w. 'ISO. 957. — " iXitAp!*tf X<i/>ir,>»r tlichim jiro spleadidaU- 
berlale, ve) Ubertntf gpli:n4entrm. Adhuc oiiim pro scni« hnbiintnr li- 
bcri Agnmcmnonis, rc^titulo Itbcrtato pnelinum p^crie ephmilorctn 
recupcnitun. Atiilita i>articula ri notionn tplcndoru ct hhertatia di*- 
ccmcret." Klatia. 

WiUi ^tXinic (to Iw pronounced here u a diffyllabtv. MiilUi. Gr. < 
f 56.) iftfUMnv iHt'ai. compnrc Ag. SOI.tit ;i('W^ AiiTtX(w«,<^i%M < 
«• . . • . ^tifivw* mvid' ipftaat iH(tui9i kuo^'I* A^mXta. 

790. Krt^pii] " ^tti^pAt. Inutrieagta. l*nptcr hv^at. ^MimXifat, 
i»a<^, nulla Gnrctic vox incipit ah hiH lileils $ et v. Ilnoi. II. is. IS, 
Jh«4.pir x*'» vSiv- &i>i>l>. Kl. 91. Ai«^«p&>^. Eur. Iph. T. 1376. 

At'fvmi yiip rutv AiLAtitn llmi^t [i yvii^t] ari mi H^imiiritat tii m'^. 
Eandem ctymologiiun. satia i|itiilem ali^UTdam. tnulunt Btvm. U. ct 
t>clio). Apvll. Rliod. iv. 14. Schol. in Prom. .^7U (Stanl.) mlyifCm- 
fiuit riff yv^ ■^'>' ^<*"'' "ni ri* yfi^ir iruifiov. Nonoifail pommunifl bs- 
hcrc ridcntur yii6iJ>os el no'tftnr." Bloiiif. 

732. it fn^npintnt] " tnt^Bofiiram ohm oorycdt Henn 
omninn contra wnsnm : &v»i^M(iinnTot llnn\cin»." Wattxt — and 
Seltiilcliekl: " am^topArtrrnf pro nei'p. Hum. pcBcvale eum metro 
iNin lingnn." But there Itod been na tto1»;i."m in tbo vronle & Uoiw 
*w*^. vntt. Maia't mm/ Mf/vl ton, lind thic been nil Ihttt ww intend- 
ed, and not — ua v. 794, la ntdl m the m«trc of v. 7S2. suggetts— 

■ n,i,r*t'tf!fnim«IOlSiit:"Ma^lH^ Mine eT«> "P"" tVm ynr ^^MJ MM, 
Cfira Ao fVun^ ^jv <fM/A, AmmmMt He. V(n. f it ii«W>}. Ndim. *, l9iTliflk 
rir, Ofotcin." AJtonsr. rul. ii. p. tfl, M|iua nwi iht Gotl, /W iimiI. 

■ CMHpan icrau. ui«. S : I will m4 Uun, XT ■■ Iwrw me * lahmjar j 

ciioEmnR(E OF .EScmTus. 


Maim'* «M, Ac thai i> lie Ar#r hfipfr, v&rx Ar riaXiv qm vmlertiikiity to 
iff neemfmi. I hatl lhou»hl Ibprefore of propoHiit; a y •nt4'opimtTnr, 
bal havn now prvfcm'it it Jnnp. ur containing a mnn> rm|*linti(! dr- 
niffnotian (sec MRtth. Gr. Or. ^ 443. n.). snd lu bebiR pcrlups more 
[U)te to be comptcd. on aecoont of the onti^tcd ute of the dc- 
■nmstntivc <« — i!l*/autor Am*. 

KhoMn sptly compares Thucjrd. iii. 74 : 4 mftir jru<jlwnv( iratfo 

^ikn^A>i>V*«. *■ JrffMT fmytrm Tjj ^Xofi /vi^iyof ( An^l. m'M a cany/ 

t MwrT'i Iwrt doH not to wHI tnLitilatc tm^. *f*. o«^ : •■ {|unsi Hixerin. 

tiMiu nvjiivm itnaiimt" : Bilding : "Spnravit ntljpctivo vim 

^|Mirtldpii i4!achylin : >lnr)uc accusam'iiin rci aSbix » luldidil. ul Tbu- 

cydidc* (liitiniin"— whereas rj ^1^' u manifcMhr th« tliiUvo nAer 


TItP fs^Kiliost al)0 tun : in Art uWtMv «Mrn>. orri rair, 4 HayuoniTwr— 
a» ihofl^li hv hod found ^ before rn^iyiArarM. 

71M. •* HuMc vcMum sfwrium case, coiwcntiuTit Herm. K<;hiii;f. 
ScidliT.. ct profcclD. iiui I'j* lOrcpka t-mmi en-iiUMr pulamm. cyt-icndti* 
c»t." Well. — "xi>qfC"i' <»l'l- -^"t <n fltrophi deficinnt iiundnm. >al 
(jiii»)nm in nntiatrojilui rcdimtlnnt- ViHX*, (jciui uncinuli* tncluai 
(raUA i' . . . . xfiji**" *i*>'<n-''l, ^loeeaturis fsbc judicnt ilennanonii. 
c|tiiMl ntilu quidcnt vix crcdibilc vidctur. SciJlcruB^ Vena, Dorim. 
p, 407. cot^icit : irAU ftir. SoKetnr A* time >t^ywv." ftlanif. 

Trmiuloto i I'm wiity tkiayf Ar^idir whnt wc luk or think mli hf mtkt 

i/ Se pkaaet ; but the tig. AetmployK lanffuaffr litrl nut* 

ie tten thntyh. at the Mime time that htfart hii face by tiyht A* 

imrt n vdil <>{ ditrtcMef*. hy d«y too he m no/ « teh'tt mort ope* lo ivv,~— 

" ^a^'i dictum de dm, at tioph. (Ktl. T. 723 : Jr yifi X» StAt jfprinr 

ijMvr^. ^int airCig i^inl, uIm Bcntciitin fen oad«m. qun nottra loco. 

;(/ifr<t«w ideal dcognct. tjnod ibi Zr jpitW />Mivf . Ue Mswu 

^*oei0 xrrAT*'* vide ad v. 324 (330)." Klaiu. 

79S. t p vwriitiit Awwarit*] " ^puRwo* trnvtwd' ii^pvvTO Jv- 
rriiqia omnw, rt Sdbol i ti ti ^fvmti ¥m ^aurpinni, ct : ^Kmn 
itifi^. SeripnRpuvFaAior,<|UM|intvefoniurtuni<«t vi^ToMf.'' 
KIuu — ^who ixmn«rt» rpvwrMuit (fnr wJudi »ec v. 936, Hcsych : ' I^mt- 
f ka4M^> vv^iVMifa- tlom. II. i, 542. vi. Ilfl.), &» olltcTedilnrs 
: conawtcil mvmA, with the prDccdin^ vene. ilut to ra« it ii|>- 
riikIi more naturally to connect itself with what follows, widet- 
'iwdnSy. u tlic posiliuti nf b' (compare v. 743.) sen'cs to iudicatc. 

' llMfcUM Im nlM= l(/i«^Si>«* Vx*^t *t>''t> 1 •*>> *h<>)lT "ssUe >> bM*^ 



with AmBMrn*', whkh it helps to interfiret here, jurt its in Sopti. Phil, 
nil. which Ktnuwn PonipiiTM. w« fin«l <Ttrr<Mrii i>x(i)iiinftl Ity the Appo- 
sition of rpvtna T Jtit} tllC RIOTC fiimiliiir tlKtUlillg of aincoiror being ■«• 

aent, imitiMe; Uild. C. 1681, at wteipecUi, gtrAngt. incoiuiiertite ; £1. 
864. 131a. Aj. il.Tnch. 24fi: w .'Kaohyliu nlm hu) wed the Mime 
word in an active eense. A^. 445 : rui' trtiXt,<iicTw«w fAp ai>it aovmoi fitoi. 

TOf, AnpoipoTtt. Compare Hcrm. on Soph. Tradi. 2-(5. 

Ibid. X^k] " f^iibetur Merrunus <\\mM\ ipse dioens m verbft, qoi- 
boH niter altcTumJix-ipil. qnibu»jiim jf^givthumdeceptuniscKt Chonii. 
Itaad Mcrcuriiun rcfcrtur vtiSaJtoklav. 688 (708). Rtrctv luce omnia 
nd Mercvrium retulit Scholiasta, quum plnH<]uc interpivtM en de Jpot- 
fiite (lirtn putavt-rint. emuitm in >ignificatioDe vocis XP^*!*'"- ^'*i d* 
oraculis cdcndia dici niiiuit. Ait illc : immaw- ^jw^^oiiTai'. a9uiirr«<>- 
iT^ t'tmr i X^yoc «ai dStiyriHnos : rovr' rffrtK, i 'Epivit' rwira y&p ml 
iTiR>rai> ff|iA n>u vpoiwnni iJHpn. In quiliua i X<{y»c, roiV ?*ru' ^'l^tfujr, 
m n^lvrmidutn i<«t. qood Mcrcuni atictoritas crmilur m ipra omtinnc 
hoininum, qiuc difficile iiitcliigitur. ill)! in ca tncst Mcrcurti stb." Klaus. 

796. rvKTo] " nOCtU. at liarod.i.lSt I avri'Jh alM ruBTa ni^U I'tn^ 

kif^mi <ii^^>wirMi<. Emit Scltoliarta. qunm i-vKTa n ipt'pti ngi esistimat 

Projitcrcn quod portrrior ecntcntijc pars cxhibct id <|ao rUriuti cer- 

nHuT dct vis, quia fucUiue cft nuctu dt-cipcrv quain intcrdiu, particuke 
Woon rMpCMidct r*, sed jt< [Angl. oiMf, vAa/ iVinotp.] Ratio dirtionnm 
r*— rJ et n— ^ fpT« cadcni, i}uk intprcedil inter lum — /mn et ywnn - 
turn. Gadew invcnilar IVrs. (524 sq. Cf. Hftrlunp , I'artikrln. p. M wj. 
Ceterum particula ri, <^tt justum looum ohtincret po*t mrra, tnuwjKi- 
»itit est nd ffpA i^partnf, quia hire notio utrique tantciitia comnmiii*." 
KlauA. Compare the construction of t. 38J. Af:. 613. 1370. 

797. md' ^f«'/Htf «'] " 2' on. G.A.T.— 9' oi^A R.— Vp0nrt'.rTT^>a» 
conj. Hcrm, et cxhibuit M. II. V'creor nc ex eorrrctionc." KIhus. 

798-803. " Hcc« poalrcma carmini-i pan mn^ia ettamqaain pmecr- 
dentia corniptaest, ita utct scoKuct metro oimil." Well. " In loco 
taatau noo deplonto, conjccturee nonnihil ■n<lul^cn(lum jtKiir»vi." 
Blomf. " Hare neque aottstrophicis. qute optime procMliint. uHo modn 
ropondeot. nequc liene ae bnbct wntcntia. omnia mire dicta, in nnn- 
nnllis, velut to nifl' (f— vt'jtnu rtlSt, dictio non fctcndu. Sin^uloniia 
rooabulonun emendiitione pnnim profioitnus." Klnu9. 

" Sanum case totuni locum liodie credo, ita fere inteUigendum : El Nm 
fnUtm — b.e. ei hvc inccpta bene pcoccatKrint — rere cnoarMORAUvu 
niaoore. iwlquodcuis8itfumu)>, fungcmur. dfe', It^. infma* uberriaiaa, 


tedium fjjtiatoriaa rffiuuIeitJo ; fintul riiam (iftoi) /cmiMtam uUentam I*- 
gfHtiw- mttiltmrn, e\th»r% ptiiMUam, ednulo. Similiter jungiintur fiupra 
'J I . x'^" "VEy t-1^. SMiq. xp^r—iiKpv. Tum ^ii^(nv>ft> oil ulrumquc 
mXavTm' ct lajfiaf rcfcrtur. NdfUK KOtcm y^Trnf in Agarociniionia bo* 
Durein daifiuUtu." Scliolef. ^pftcmiu f. 26. 

800. oipMtmirar] Schol : ovpUti vraSnrv, " Alhudo CSt wl x<^'- 

riKruw. qnun dooebaot xn^mminii." Ulomf. Compare MtiUcr'a IKu. 

801 • jfwii i^Mitr^rJ Scbol : jjMv luB^aofiin' n«- ■ptcruv yoTrw n^fMV. 

0pH)^9^itu. ro7r«M>' M £r f Anwi wwp H itvii t^ « Air. * ' Kp*rrit, puita- 
tma. cUfaan ac. Hesych ; K^'mi- «AipfC«- Aristopb. Av. 663. J mXXi- 
iSfai> KpcMvcr' aU^r. (Scbol: Kpiiuw' nvftlatt r^r mAipoji ■(mmit.) lb. 773, 
tvpfUyif fioif^ ifjov nrr^itft rfiitavrtt (eicut bic ^;tou i^n^). ApolL 
(UkmI. iv, 909 ; o^' HfttZis cXoWorm Jwtffpo/uttwTtu movai Kpryfiy. 
Sappho Bp. Hcplunt. p. Co, yXonui^wrrj), o^^tim ^iviifMM xftinut tim Ivt4». 
Htec (ledit il. StcpbaiiuM. Tbcucr. Cp. v, 3 : •err*' i^wiTtj' mtfi^rot 
'Sfifyt^ n v/MCfiv. — rafTiff, fioivlar} Nihil hie CTim yAftx, pr»stigia~ 
torihiu, quoil putat Scboluuta." Blomf— who, in iUuitmioa uf Mtpa* 
jtifyvvfto-, aptly coci)|mre» £ur. Hipp. 1302, fi^r nt fx^, j^Ajnoc in 
^pmni) Atot, fiaftiw j9/Ki>Mw /f^t. Coinp«Jc «lao Eutn. S13, fuArir* 
S4yiA^ mOuiyfiAi. Soph. DliL 1300, ^ v^ Awi' fu^f ^liot. Eur. 
Hipp. 499, e^K' *fvyAg9fn rripa. mi ^i^ futf^Ki sCA* ■ilvx''^^'*'*^'^*'** • 

803. «(iX(i rdS' rC.] Translati; ; for the icliole eommmity of Argot 
ia fii« rr/i (that followa in vv. 806-16.) — ay, even ntjr imtrmt w srf- 
wmmI Aernii. tdiiUt uii^orlmat u at the mmc linic removed from my 
friatdt — that yon, mamfiy, ** /»«» . . . aJtd make am end oj the Mxl »tat« 
of things under wlucb your Hoom now taboun. ami . . . erart, iK — >o 
wc may beat expUintJieooDBtractlon of tbe principal verbs that Mluw, 
aa participlea in appoeitioi] to rvA' ain) r<>^t wbUat the indcAnitc clauses 
jrw {if . . . 4'waCam, Utp^i^i . . . irx*0*i>'. UV to bc rvfOTcd, tbe OtM tO 
fiapeif. tJtc other to wpampAirviw. of wbicb w. 81 5- 1 6. are but an cpoxQ* 
gCMS. containing the particulua of adlBf Onatce «&0iiU <&iyor hie frienda 
bYiagiuidticwl(v. 813.) 

WrWate* fr^^mm fiM^H, nim iilrin 

Poet. I. Ol : r/ fal mubrM pUtrtmt 
te Jimn». ItaaiM at mac diAciUisim- 

T«f«i r^^ioii' Ami Tin ^fuxfi. Xj)*«aIh 
'OButfvi! fi«un«i6v' ^u< t< •^utlau." 



tS imr^mi Oira/uii, rfilt t( ^uXoM717v r^tz6< ftm ^ucrwpuis, M OD tbc <*tbcr 
hawl, abnvL'v%-. 72-4. Kur. Med. 54. xp'j'f^ft iooXmt ^v/i/^ofiA rOttr- 
tm-MV xutitt wiriioma, m} ^pttiiMt liyfiihrrtrai—t^ad for nmxmml, above 
V. -131. A^. lOCD, o\iak y Uis wnrntni. Eum. 65, ^yyfr miMcrAf «) 

T. 742. Ant. 993. Eur. HeraH.C3l.— *>«tfT«vi«.ira.«- r.U' rf. /pi., 
■ft^ nV9o[ ii*£rT(u rii&. Itn logitur in cditionibus, nisi cjuod Rub. fit' 
6i\mtttty, ct unutn tuntutn /fwv hal>et." B)umf. 

K06-9. " Apcrtum nt, librariic debch pnvu rtpctitionM Jftymf — 
tfly^ ct trwpif — trarpdr. Quibiu ej ectis lego : irv tH tafurti* irrar ifp; ( 
|w'|Mf Ipytm. imSata mrpit aitiiw \ SfjooOa^ ritmv.' | wpit a*, tri'pciw' 
Virvw/M^ mw. i.e. TV t'rrv conslmti aniino ^nido veaerint parlet liur, 
tnvtammu patria voerm fnatri) ad te o Jilt .' HamoMlt, duplet scfiervtam 
iwsiem. In vifioxin librarii ajtustrophum liabuis»e i-identur |iru Hvlliitui 
lur. Conf. Bust, ad Grcgor. Cor. ]». 778. »cq." BcJdlcr de Vtrsr, 
Dockm, p. 40(i — wliom we tnigbt perhaps, witli Hloni&cld. have foU 
lowtd tn» fur ft* to omit the fiiiBpected word* Ttatpiit In^, Iwt that — \u 
say nothing of the ftirtlior onua»ioD otvfiiit, and the altcrolion afjnpaumv 
ibto irtfxiv' oCk, to which we miglit nctt ha^'c been urged' — weaboatd 
tliercby liav« detracted from the jtiwt tribnte whicfa our Poet onecnore 
pays to Nature, hy thus studiously scttiiig forth the name of /brier. 
as the best apolo^ lV>r mh&t he cannot but call the rri'^^i^oi ' Air. 
whkh On»t(» 13 to be tbc inatrumeut of inflicting upun hi* other IV- 
rent. Trani-late : yon or jww hnj/. ifoa to be, »f jotd cMrayr, 
I nutm—ickeit the time/or acliott u rvmc. raisutg orcr yourfathn't quar- 
rei tuanewcr toirrcryuig (oyiw ' mt son V tAe ayo/' rATniw' — and 
fifryou to end Hit eawpltonfili&vititiitioa ; i.c. « retributive dispcnwtioii 
of Whidl M in Ag. S3S, T^ /m'i> nt ti X»£*i<v lilrrris fx"'- rii* «^* 
ni^fiaii^ : compare also tl*(ii /liw, tamtiojifpa At (^f^^aru trrpoi^mf lb. 

143 (witli the note there), and below v. !>I0. 

With tuf«t V7UV, the itcrt or portion of atlum — wludi the SehoUut 
well eiplunalo mean : A taip&r nS /|*)w^KlBiiEe& oomporcs A^. 380. 
dyyOmiMfm: and with sfpolrar, "df/i»e/tKi<nuto,'''TMiA(i5i,'Ep*t 

' Tbc nTCMnt rcMlbc of ibe pmn w. 
«r ilmalil wliI, ia Tully recoKpiwd Iir Uu 
KUioliul, olt^H iiitecprauiiiia m i <t 
'Of^#Ta.«iM OmMrlim. i*Kw9f9i>oo6- 
an Wfit V* sorpH a*M*', 8 /drir, ai if 
(I nr)||> <nv«#>»A« i'ii»^ [.Tai]. Irar Juj 
itai^f. fpvy VsiSaA*!'. ttMoXietittum 

AraloiK rnn^i V>f , toil rt^ f rl^ Inir I 
{■wJint*' E /*«, ♦*• AIy.irOw aal 4fl* 

* " 'E«(Haft«M' TMl eicdnn Ort««- 

diduiu cwlia earrn* turn fotcni." UnU. 

* Cviu]iw« btlOM t. ilt. ^iwM«. 


mpMjvt fivdkw i>aT<iTiv dtAv. In illustntlion uf nirfKV/j'>y. whicli ScbiJc- 
ficUl Lniiaktce j/acMano^^frnn j»>crp/o(ucMattli. Cr. Gr. ( VV7.). 

C«in|)sre below v. IU33, ^tkiat ar9,ruaaiw ffarpi, UhI uf WOTfiit arUf, 

ImIow w. 89!). ilOJ. 9G7. 

810. [UpotM ...ttif>auv] "tIoccit.aata(n."iiii{uitStanlciw:Duiuu 
rcctc. Quucninidci'CRKtMLm>n>n/erafKloiUHliTit? Vd Jeiiotitt um- 
[AkHct mditriam funtis rmZ/^mwi. vclctunSclHiliavtuiiitvqirclandum: 
IM^ nr ^ovMHir aiitv^r r^f fufrifia. Bed fur»n hoc nimu ar^ltiin. 
Nvtiu cat I'cncuii ob mulu.fca intorcmta* -, neojaa anun Meduaam tan- 
lum, Bcd ct uli'u qti» cum ItaL-clio contra Argta militabaulur : rid. 
Ihusiui. ii. '20. i." Blooif. — tlcncc tl>e ScbaCiut'a fint. and lew tm- 
uiful. cxpluiiulioii 1 tUpa'uf orrl n>v, rvpSiinv. 

K! I . " ax>^^ pf* vulg. axi&^v Bcripsi, obsecatus dinslciatul £w. 
Metl. 993. lul Hcnu:l. 272. ilermnniM) ud Suph. El. 744. Eadem du 
inuea Pruin. IC. ff;i[*ftur vcribcrvdibcbun." WcD, " ADrwttM«xtMi> 
aulua hiiic loco nptuB, qtiift noD otniuno, »cd in uno hoc facinorc l\ir*ei 
iiuUir agil UrcMo." Klaiw. 

613. «/iMrjMi0<nai', r.rm(iHji oreivciavranaicoocVAcAni^^: to wit, 
in tlia context, «« AfAn//* of tke goda. S%> tlif P\xl wuuld u^n upd 
ngwn ivprMcnt liis beru w but au m^ <'«r>lTt ( Aj{. 103.) in tlic hiuid 
olfthiyber puwvr.' See the ooteuaAg.Xii, aiidcomiHui! ib. I24(i- 
.VJ. below vv. 891. 907, 1010-13: aitd with vpov^mraw. wlucb in ^iraf 
^iuyo^mt. compare npotvwiimi Ag. !)14. wpviioaxQt Ilcn>dot. i. 113. — 
' Dpoitfaitau, unle fj-igO. Ue*lhiU8 rtrtit : pro arHort, ^tio likt am- 
Jmtcii nnt. tnHibma eonm trig mar^fnatut. Nun pculxi. Ant ^iirlcn- 
duui: iratej]ikmt,9nitiafwiatrmJp«»lMAiUl.wpionm-£frfafnp!>xaiiint. 
ml le^^cnduin hkuI in Higot : x<V*tsi Vt"* Awpar, vt\ kvypih, <)twd 

Jim.*' ttlomT— and m> Butler : " ^[dptmr o^iyat >.vwfat O. m1 Mmt^, 
'Abk. Scltittz. 1. Ilcru., qtiud prubu." "iV)u» Kvwpit T. V. ati^ni 
X«.^.<i.A.R." KUu*. 

Tnuulate : botk/or tkoac waitr the earth (Agnmcouion) tlmi an> ittmr 

I ifom. ami for tkote oAow (Ebctn) At /At agmi it tie greitfittiliom o/ 
hemy jadicia] wrath, iNotujr A/o«d||r mork teitiia the pdacc. aw/, while 
you thereby give lilK'iiy to your fittker'a hoiuc, ai lke»ancliiae. ik» Uk 
ol bloiid. BKir/jr itetlreying ike mtrdarr. Sec ilullur'* /Km. 
Oil /?MIR. II. .A. R. Ii. 

KImubcii filnuigdy tntutUtei nW oJihi^ {Mugnw citdb iwdtir tft — 

• CMOqMW 81. PmI** Et^lMlr U) Ike 

anJ «« ■live (Ml t. 6Z9. 



" oBUi«B qui hanc «pdcm pcrpctr&Tcnint" — nnd luliU ; " Monet luec 
rMtncriscainiilliotic mviitiodv It^talimiia scpiuime repctitai et. w. 
302," Id. '• i' oDi. T.—p6pM T. V. „6pom M. G. A. R." 

817. iinijTTXov] "ll.C. wr' ayyikau' ^liBtU, ut Nnctnim manifiBsto 
imitatuB )o4)uitur Soph, Aj. 289, ti fiJ" SjAint, «*W vw' ayyt'X^^ Aif 
$iie, afP«pfi^t «<ifHB> ; Trach. ZOl, own //Utc mt' ayytXn*, oXX iiCnicX9i>ot 
(I ddfuaw inifi«vtnu." Abrcecb. 

SID. .-^.>«po^4&nni^<r;tio|)h.CE:<].T. 1375, AX' 4 nVrw a9r' «^t 
$f i^i^pnt', Acbill. fir. 162, I. vi^^ ipttrat mvr' (^c'fi^por naxitt to 
whicb lUomfidd addR CoUiiu. £p. Ixxi, 3 ; tptnt i^tftrfM. Tlieocr. i, 
61 : i<f>iiupoii MTMc viii, C2 : ^'fu^t ^omI. 

" Ait M non gaadcrc auntio dc uieupectata tnorte Orcstis : hare 
loqaitor, Alludco* ad pinculum quod controctum fucrnt a pnore csBtlo 
Ag»neiDnaiii«." SlaiJ. " Vides jam fractum yKgiatbi supetbiam, at 
Clytamacstni; onimuiti in esitu' trogodia; Agnmemnonia, ^ . . . iit ne 
lie iiuiato quidcm nuntio l«tari audtat, nn«tucua no tmc bma aiiiinos 
popuU nd tutotiltuni excitatura ait. Tamen ron dicit morteni Orcatls 
cibi non ef*e actxptam, sed naimtioncm de mortc. fintci|uain certs 
adiiiit Iv9liinuiiia. [taqoc pne omnibus opcram dat, ut ccrti aUquid 
dc mortc compcriat." Klaiu. 

830. pjfMK i' 'o^'orov] Ulomficid and Scholeficld, on th« saggCB- 
tion of Portus and Staule\-, bare edited ft^/nw y, which would tefna e o A 
jEgistbos as tacitly admittiiig* the tmlh of tbat ray (act, of whicfa. 
from iiiv moment tbat ha hat luuaod it. be goca on to apeak with mon 
and more of doubtftdneas ood dittnut. Kkmea too, tboagfa vnlh 
Wellauer and Undorf he liai very prop«riy adhered tn the recoircd 
text, liaa not so well rtndercd fuipw i*. H mortem' quidcm. Aiigl. and 
that — m te*t tha» — U ev*n beinf/ — rA« deali of Oreftta ; which, better 
even tlmn Bliimfid<r« videiictt or teilieft (Ang\./ortooth or to be *im), 
would have convryi-d the true meaning of fuipair yr— «iil)' tliat, in oca* 
neetjon (as it would have been moet obvious to Kuncct these words) 
with ovAc^e tipiittpof, it bad be«n lufficicnt to tnuiBlatc : morUm fMHfan 
oraont. the phratc being equivalent to liyt nAi^Kiw 'Opivr^, tifit 
wutrhau at Orvsies. 

■ Sm die note on Ag. tSSt. 
* Comnan the ntrtc gn t. U. 
•TfcUift U t p rala U iBB might. Waad, be 
iMOi lo St. ntd't 0aMfr»v H, Hillipp. 

••virav Si rrmvpaS : but tlie >< ibafC doCH 
oal Mt i wJ rw «Taup*u u*er a^iMt 6a- 
rit9n, M hen* it Mt* nif 'Op^crrou fiiaor 
tfuatt riot ^in-», sod ie t. 181. j^^ 


fi4ngj> Bs^nat h vrwoSra, la the mjr of 

npantkepTccx^neientenm A^M^A*. 
COM* titMml muMt 4»Uk, nod net only 
M, but itmth wn m ttrr aiwn Uc Cnm t 
AikI llii* >n%liC Ijvb t»wi cipriM W il *ln 
by ; ^ixpi trnt^av. «ai <T w y» i W(li»id. 



Ttwnbte : (jW italA, namelif — or : the dnlh. tiey Kould my — the re- 
fercDoe lieiof 1u n'oir ^oriv (.Vngl. lewtj v. 818, wliich ihc cunacctin^; 
d* (in this ocnee oorr«epondin§ miMt neariy to the Kaglish ti^nj dc- 
cUm h«ru to be 'Ofii^nv fLOfMr. juit as in v. SOG. it served (o vxpuid 
nA'ouilrdit w. d03-4. into llic Icngtlicnotl apposition criAi;M£if..,aal 
tffoSrmg . . ., Utfittittt n . . . irxi^v . . . irpoirpumrwrc.t.X. Sceubiwe 
^bn TV. 7S. 181. 

JUd. cid rii' aii:^p*i¥ «.r.X. And to fhnf rMf (b Ihu rumour i« the 

' would te tu let loa» or afiUitait drippiaf/ teUk temr mala i.e. 

rbtts the/ormer dMlA-blav w >xt «ot-< and iN/furnrJ.' So, comporiti^^ 

'above V. 434, iW^|MpXf)9k) — uid for tbe nMitractiutt A^. 294, artMorr^e. 

n>. IS93. irrpfiffMv. Thdi. 335, <WT«>Xo««n. Suppl. ti2!l. npi^'i'M — it 

, beet to Ltitcrprct Amitt ptv hen u( aac that "• Irfu-lh* out wnlcr." 

lebewhvTC it •ignititu to hriay back, la rteal ; Ctir. Hcl. 713. 

liiBn. I73'J.. iwdniaeeeonnunlT io fratr back, imjtmie. otTt/erta; 

Ipb.T. 33. 390. Daccb.^.Ioa MS. 6l>7. Or. 43-2.597. 7fi: which lost 

Ktauawt compares and tranabtcB the tut ; H<k ri ad^vs im- 

pMatvr./tfitf Indc imtritwr oniu m tutie Aormrvn numau — vliilit Blom- 

field. otwcnring : " Jm^U^w cat rffarn ad a&'fam, ut in Eur. Or. 7(1, 

w ^Vior na^ptwan rq» iiuifniar. qui ectuUB huic Inco panun conveoira 

vidctmr," propoaai to nad ml rH' »i ^yHv—*ai WcUftUcr and Scbole- 

fi<]d. after Tumdw, haTt edited A- ^^a>. 

CaiDpar« Scbau : " Vcrtc. Ei hoc rumore per demMM ifarmriiMtf- 

^lvt movtu dolor limarrm gtUtojta. aettden* ad priatmum emkm, ttmgnam 

'wd vnitmt mlAuc f^vlccrotum '■I dolori&u* mcrdau. At^Tn^'^ mmirvB 

h. L activi! pnnitur. ct ax^t tum est pro[)ne «au. ud dohr, mottalia 

ar imburt : dti^mmrytB 0|itiMtiuc dicituT, proptcrcii quod tnurte 

Oreetia divulguta norx nTium miapiciaDcit. adcwiuc nova odia crga 

ClTtaiiUMatnm et /Kgiitbnm. erurapcrait oceeeae eiat i caqtw in 

ooioa quaqne terrorea ooojiccre poteni&t regioam, jam mOxo illitu fa- 

dooris coRKientia annam cl cxcniciaUun." 

821. " JS*tfMtr»»rT<ry*r V. ^tfMr*<rT4ry' if M. itttarrovTWfit C i*i- 
pant rtiy (V A. R. T." Klaiu. " drtfiaroaraytt cdd. vet. nl/taragro^, 
Porti ct Stiuiltii com-ctioneni, in tcxtn rcposuit Pononmi." lUom^— 
and to Diiulorf. Hut, in the abeenoe of nil AI)S. uuUtority. there is 
DO raoK reoann for this flange, tiian for altchog hti^mQ, &a often aa 
tha ttwCrc will allow, into n^ara — although vc may btill, with Rlom. 
ficld.c«a\parTatft*rairTtn4r<MitoccurBAi{.I27G. 'Zlicb.SftC. Pets.61S. 

' Krt Fhalq.. H.n>1.l Art 1, S*. 2 ; 
" HuM(k rrt at Ibntct on lUu Iiro> 

tW* dcitli "Pie tsnagnr bai 



822. iXKotpeam «m itifiyfUitftl "'SXimIj^v, Stepb. inTliCtaura ODUS- 
smn. idem est quod fXjmiiiAu, esuioemri, quo utitar .^Uo de Anim. 
i, 30. Loc. xvi, 20. Eur. Hec, 4{>5.lropicc proXYtttlr. Ak. 87t>, <fu-iT> 
<m i fUM tpflifac tXcwto', ubi vid. Scliol. Addc Supp). 223, fXnwu 
oucovc, ct sic taanif, nude rumis Eur. Rbcs. 596. Amtji mptui* Mqy- 
fUnt, ut Kopil^ S^trit [tapStoJijucrK] Ag.l47I: cf. v. 791. UoeTfib ■ 
^Affitirot' ^^k^itivot. (juo refer Nastnim Ag. 1164, (raVrXiiypKH 4' 
urol 4T]r/um ^tetpUf. Lycoy\ur. 9^4, mifpopait MSffyftiwe." Abtvaob. 
Coraiiare Heoych : 'BXxomi' Tfiaipara. 'eXcuvwo' thxatiimi, f Ajrotrou)- 
/Mi^ jvd n%f)^. Kur. inc. fr. cxltx : SXXi*r iarpit, atrrt ('Xx<cru' iipi-ut¥ i 
and with ^tTy^u'i^. ttua^ ailA pain, compare TlMsb. 3^9. X^ai H* ki»- 
finv r' oil tdg^wo' Sifv iapit, QvA AcdvotA yiyvmi ri triifurra. 

833. iTNf TWIT uXt;^ H.r.X.] So, with Hcnnann on Sopli. I'^. 75S 
(766), I point the line, to avoid Die altcfnativc (ss it nppcare to 
me) of roading. witli Sclitilz, Bothe uid Scfawenke. 4 in v. 824. or of 
ftdopting KlauKn'e impnibnble exilian niiun : " nai non ^uoumlo. sed 
nuin ,■ et hoc loco atnm. Cf. Ag. 191 [wis Xtmiravi yiv»i»m ;] Cb. £1 1 
(51 8).- 

Tntnfikte : Horn am t to ihtak of fhese r Ainpx ? a* renl and patp^r f 
i.e. open to n^ht and mdsb— or SKfinvra mar nKsn tamUr. harimg 
senM or meamiug, oa opjKucd tu Sy^irKtmrtt v. 625 — compunn^, ia the 
(cnaer com. Soph. Aj . &S3, 9pi}vt'w tirfiUt irp^ T«f>«m ir^«i«rt ^a tfowd 
/*ol comegmtfiintfif province of tkehii/ej; and in the laner. Soph. CEd. 
C. 74, »i(r' A" Xf'ynifin', jroirf" dpiwo Xf^ip(». ffid. T. 747. tiiiii^ Mviti, 
fi^ Sl\iimt¥ 6 itirris .7. Aj. 26G (cd. ilcrm. where »cc tlic note) futar U 
Ttfit /nVfforrat r)pia (i-mh : of which the laet two instances are ^\Tn b<r 
Khu»en. nlio adds .- *' Op]H>»iDiin notioni. (jits nt in nnttro loou. ha- 
bca Prom. 447, ffXtirtamt tS^rmtr /tantw." 

824. ^irpi»yiiHw«ir *.T.X.] Or arrtkfy wmen'fftilKahnnfOfrror- 
elad ttorietj, Kbich tike meteor* fprinif vp im mid air, Iken die laeajf f« 
nolhing ? " dN^rov'pfmi Xt^. rtmortt adtfrrortm roH/Uti." AbrMcdL 
" Mulim tatcq>rctnri pro Xif>n VT& [tt^<?] ititiarmiuTmrXtx^nrtt. Scd 
fieri potest ut duparovfUviM vim tnani afreet, timore pi^ni ; nam ftat^«HM 
proprie eat timorem itifici*, lU i^uir<t« at otv/m tn#m> [v. 633.J 1 
Stifui vera Don e«t timor, >«d uf ^uod terrorrm iucutH." DIomf — who 
coaparc« Ucrodot. vi, 3i vovr 'Iwrm ilkt^iroif, to which add Soph. 
Acb. Conv. fr. 147. 4 : Utifianvfajir d* iw ^Ajjt Myi^t mto. Car. Andr. 
42. dniufrewfMrq ft' ^)«. Hcaycb: &tiiumvTai' ^offtpA Xtyti f uioiWi. 

" ffcAa|*ffw« 6piviM)ii«i dictum dc km^^mt iTMiJfiaffi' Soph. Aj. 568, ut 



lav^t a^itmrinas (RA- C. 1330, MV^oo^r ipt^rmr Ant. 61 7. — A^rtfiOkm 
fuir^c, irrili pnrtailt* : fi^r^ jUDCtuni cum ver\w i|uod per M vmila- 
triiiilcsif»atPer».28«.piTny«(!.'i«OT. Ar. 3S3.Ch.S23 (S6l). Ewlcin 
ntion« JXXmt pa«itum &>pb. Plul. 947. «CI«>\or JXXwf ■ Coofcrt Botlilus 
Piod. OI. ii, 19: aijfM A^m<." Kbus. Sm the note on Ag. 410. 

837. '• Vcrsoe qui scquunlor vulgo ■Ayyt>M iribuuntur, iu Rob. Chont, 
G»ag. vt Schutx A*wf rr<-r ,- sod Retuiiuun lum Cliunuii in Mx-ua cwe, ft 
l>Ciiin hoc loijui .-KjinMhiim, ccrtiMiiniim Mt." Wcllatwr — who needed 
not Uicrvfurv lo uliject to ^r^ (for which he would hare lu rend Siptf) 
V. 8*21. in the ciDutlt of .'Kgiathtis, who in w. 817-23, we murt re- 
mciabcr, is spviikinf; only to hitn#cU, iukI to ihc nu<limcc. I( would 
be » great toixske, howerer, to suppose that ^Anf would oecesaoffly 
coorejr to Grecian ciira the same odTence as miirdrr does to oora. The 
cKiiu^'ocaJ term ilood-thnUUM^ wilt heit csprcaa it in this inatance, aa in 
Ag. 1575. where ^ligiBtfau* openly arowa himself to have t>«cn tUwK 
■ nCi* nu ^Iren pa^fit. Comjure ib. 1^43. IMG. 

8128. oiiif iyyiXn^ vBirm K.T.h.] Tron»I«tc : Reportera ut second 
hand CM do nothitg, evrnparvdvilk oiir'»-sti/ ktariitf fi iMut'fowMftoiy. 
"Or, mnro literally, Aearimff a bum kinutlfon tht tmhjert in que^Hion' — rrpl 
bm^ put iidvcrbiallj * at in Aj^. I3*iti. ni ^iarriv 4ari mivu ^Xittmt 
mifit. and avnv ai-nw oaevrchng onto the Latin aoUt aaa tola, or the 
,Eag\uitfan tvfoff. 

"i^ir!nmn-i» M.G.A.R. a^^T.V. MultB teatavenint wterpretM. 
At ride CoBun." Klimoen — whow Ubourpd tnlerpratatioo b: "OaolMa 
aoDt /vrl et n : rMir Jy. <rtf. tori rin lit airAs (I nt^. **pl «^rl* ff^a. 
in MoUiit mmftaai innt mclorilaa ita. W (ii idomevt tt ad »«ufitandWH." 
— "watia PiirtUH. lU-nnHimus vcro legit, itt avrir <m/r^p AApa wf ptf w tfm 
Kopti (et eio Abreach.). qmm tpte tuUu, ■/ hatpitrm it rc4wi iWui inter- 
rvj**, quod oon pn^bat Butlenu ; «^ n« Gntcom quidem ewe «f bitror 
wtit**^ iifitfi r«rSr. Minim est llermannnm non cocrexiwc «Mr" 
Blntnf — who translates : jViAj/ etl MuKiurua mrtiirilm, pr«vi ^psHti ta^ 
tfmgare. ami adda i " Plena coiulnictio csKt, aMclr <>7vXor wrm 
o^'mi, itt oMc Jp3^ vautffvAH «r«j>l oCrw*. Hccto Scbol : oi rwra£rw 
irj^i ttv<ur iTy^Aur m abTrfsTfr. Similis (ere ratio nt liieutioin'* s^V 
■)uM'tW«(oooaiT»a')VMi> Arisloph. Ar. 966. Plat. Gor^.p. 5. cd. Meind: 
«M(V ««»■ ri MT^r /pwrop. £ 7^panr. tX »K alibt i rid. Mallb. Gr. Gr. 
f MS. nut. Citalur AhrcM^hto So|^ (£d. T. 7, n^M Smvi^ ,.^ wmp 

' Comput ibe note on Ag. 133B. 



iyyiXvti, reuva, iI\X«9i'<I<wv<w oMi Si' A^XvAu:" to nhicli SchulcficU 
hits added Dcmostli. Mid. p. i'29, 21 : oUir y&p olo* an>ii«y i^n» -ni 

Dindorf aJso, in common irith Blomf. and Schokf., has cditvd in 
airiv atrir—vhiUt Wcil&ucr alone retains is ovrit airmi', observing : 
"«^idvftj>a jungi vull, hoe, ut v-iiletiir, •«n«u : wl ipteabipBts, 
quotl fflrf rinnt lliam (Orpstem) alfinft. cemperiaa : ^wA Toum vitlcre- 
tur, si irrpl >%8(»(t hi>c scnsii defend! powcl. Nihil c«rti liahco." 

B30. cXc'yfoi] "*EXry;j«. i*i»rofl/or. Vcram hujiu vocia origiaon. 
ni fellor, nperuitEnstatb. adU. A', p. 467,44 : MitHnai trnp^V r^ A«w 

Hsc ctTmolopa vcri lonf^c Ninvliar est idtcro ibidctn {irohata. it«A nri 
Auv fyx^f- Nmipc J'X(-yx'"i^> ^'ticarreptio. nd Ktcm dirimmdmn, idem 
cnit quixl spud gvntra Tcutot)i«i:> yurftninn dtmlli; vt hinc mtnc rignifi- 
cabat t\aamv'apri>hiiilimfm. Bxinde sntcm facili trnsitione argvattntmi, 
Ttprehamonent, opprohrhtm droolslint ; fkiyx**' uutcm vntt vr) probm. 
vtirtJargaerr, tcI conviMcrrf, vd rfprehf»4fr*>: vid, infra WJti. (839). 
Ag. 13:it> (1318)." Blomf. Sec on \g. WH. 

633. fl&M ^ptVii kX)'^)!))'^ "«X«^<tai'Vu1^.,quod6trph.iniXi'^i<r 
llcatli. iu mXt'^i' ur mutaTit, qocm dcindc scqnuntur oinnc«. Scd 
rectc, et aesoilicnto IKTmanno (pr*f. ad Soph. El. p. xiva*!.). obaer- 
wc\t Plai^. ad Bar. Mrd. 4 16. Atticon po«liu< raxiHiine' tH iinnqiiHin 
( tcrtis pcsnsoDED clidcrc, quurc cXi'^un' rctinuL PtauUo nc^IS^atius 
vntio ltd pliiralcm nuincrum rcdit, quo k. 836 (S'27). Chorup unua 
er«t ; S» ntitoni tunitti recte [Ktlprat. Set! olFcndfrunt clium interpw-tm 
it) oltima BvUabit voaibuIi^/jt'iraantQcX])roductu : qoarc HcnD.Muf)k. 
adH!p]i. 46'2.i:tKliiit< AVifi^uT-jr'k/ftnnrtc.lSII. xxxyU, p. Cr.etnen- 
dgk\-enint iS™ <f>pi»' «■ KXt'i^r.' «», Krfnrdt. nd Sojih. Aj. p. 6*i7. «I. ma}, 
oflni n i^'m KX>>fnt* Jv, EJmsl. ad Med. 41G. oOrot ^^V a¥ iX<^i4^— 
qaarum niliil 0])ua est, itlnm enini protludionfTn Iragicie nnn deiwg&ri 
p o M C.ioopiundFfoni. 613." Well — andeoKluiuea: "^piraAi-^ttag 
Hliri. VocalU prDclurta ante mulam cum liquidti, ut Pere. 782 ; «i 
fVM**'' Soph. Aj. 1 120 : ofurjA [a^ixpav D'lnd. e\ llfmi.] ^poPM. EW. 
lou I3d0 : f riKi ^i|?<F i Iph. T. 503 :* r.' AJ ^poMU.— 2v, quod 

• "#p/i>* <r itKi^ur V3an»\. ad Mn). 
p- 1M> ■!■, ut vilHur rliiM vo»lui * mi(c 
ptrtimlatn ii>. Et hoc qulrfmi rKVpl ; 
ban ; WMIM Oiai lunv cluionrm jkwIU 

AttMt diifllcidManriilD, jinru-niiujii in 
Ua todbui, ttbi caoAnlo IlkIc ornl pMwi. 
i.t. b tcfuti* priniitvlptrfMn. Qwxt 

nd Ipfins diifaali «a«irM idtiiMt, njhll 
■;<Ttciat«ml,>i>fy«4' £*d>ctUMBllnrv 
l7«rt« Av, an |ini fxH^* kv." UlatllJ^ 
■ In dkor tif (lib &lw mdloK, Ait 

Aldus, liM: tIU^Oum^i; Kiaiiicnwauld 
■Id welt 10 fabaUntc Ak. tHi, a/«ra4v 


itiMrucrunt nonnolli. Kribcntce vd ^p*V St cXr^rttar.vcl ^tpin* >Xri^r&, 
hoc loco incptum, quift n«^ar« iign {>otcet poew «c <lei:i^i. ted r^trare 
nan/ore ul itecipialar," 

"the liaioM!. which WV-lUuer on Protn. Gl'i. would claim for Uie 
Tngic Poct« — even, ullcrm. onSopb. Aj. 1099. stetcs it. "pmduo- 
tio s)'UabR fianlU in vcraibiu qui eptoe Ijrk-actjue proaodair licCDtiain 
•ilgppmaalar" — and in defcnoo of wliich be appeals, from Ponon cm 
Eur. Or. (H, In Sadler cm Ear. El. 1053. and Dindcrf on AriMopli. 
Achont. 34», •vre moet needs admit to have been of ver>- rare occur* 
rrnce ; yet eomc pA>Mf^* there luv in whic^ H eannot be duipoted— 
nnlcss by an Editor's lueuuiing to liiaoEclf unolher and ^preater UoeoM 
than he would allow ht» Author — and atnoug these I have no benta- 
tiou in claMing the pmcnt text, where &■ cannot be iatmdcd without 
(u KlaiMcn has iniiinBled) matcriBlIy affceUng the sense,* and wliere 
the plund Ai-fmav a not. ta Wcllauer and Klaiuen ima g in t. to bs 
luoM'Iy referred to iw {irar v. 8:^7, but. Uie the abecnce atAi, to be 
attributed to tlic indrfinSU gfiwr^tity of the propuaitton, which tmu- 
.iatc : nere't no cfu^Hny. / reekm, one that (AnHirc) Ims afl Aw m'/s 
■CcMrt Am ; and coinporu in putiicular Eur. Hipp. 409. oiit' (MroMiv n* 
Xpv* 3>^ ^*^ ffparoit' otm VT«')i}r }^ Iff mngpt^it Jhifioi iraXuc a^p«|Sv> 
muv* — where those indeed who in v. AGT, prefer lo rentd j(P^- "f^ 
bouiwl with Munk to squeeze A' into the soccccdinf^ dause : but where 
if with twii MSB. and witli Vulclnaer. BniiK-k. and Dindorf, wc adopt 
the abstract and indefinite xpi' i*"^ on v. ■) 1 2, ^r idriv) as beet bar- 
DMHUBbf; with the P]>cakcr's mood — tleclared by the purdy auKrplive 
and ptHntiat aKptiU><ntim. in rev poet of which there is no ruriaCiuD of 

f Srhslsftelil kAts si Us apelom fte ra- 

, liiillf Mam' Ibr Inui'UtkHi of BkcriBC 

, aAiffw inio «AMt.' d». 
I DiaW. after Blaulcv sod BlondcM, 
\hm «4itai ' *fi^t,»xi^M<f. 
'■ > aCM «^i/ Ic «X. fc<. MoU wan : 
Tity MNMif -tiud «o iT^i^ Ar kA^kc, 
ler 4^r« «*«+*•' tir, ** «»«»o*— *T*«f* 

[u Klaaimi *|>|inw» In luti' awkniiMtl 

11, wiih ihc fH-liiilJwl: tV vprrr^r »•«• 

#Wn> My rij/ilani min'f . or bcttn, if 

BUN* rwral : 'ntrw'r im nlavr a^ «l^ 

enrtaffaM^B^rJMw— ort^Ui#(M«ttli. 

[•'Or.tir.p.)>7r.)— «<• Hr*l*rt. A»d to 

^tUsintrral MHira.RioIilil iMt bf *Jcvr- 

I Islaiiil to Imvf rnmii froai iKif Inlas, m 

■ r—iBMhk ob^cawn coijd be miide. B«( 

LJt wBi BvUmtlr twt dtf PoM't ityi a w 

thai tlw f«lo>tlarkMH«Mri>cr (we Ml &K> 

1U<.>, iHw ii now about to roap hu 4ac 

leaanl. AmU thaw nntnsad Uw bbmbI 
or armiiatUa of U* Budirnee : aud iboe> 
torr Ulc cvaridnit ucrrliun {ru>)~tll 
wUch. thrrkauwliill vc|],lieuil(Hi«iHl 
tu W aridMoa — ihai hi* usw^r (cmn- 
|iarv T. KM) t* not tn be Ifnp<a«d <m, is 
Trvy pn^iCriy buiI« la mt ua Ihr ^M 
rfi^if uf ^KciMlius ; uiil M nnitniMs vcU 
willi ttiir *|iuit of fioa* <lr)«^<kiKia, In 
whidh Ihc Ckoni* ajBtB iatakra the •». 
aMancT . at thi* chk*. of Znu atiil aU the 
prMcdiaa C<Mb. 

In lik<^ manntr. th« ■■umpHoii ta Rnr. 
Ilijip. 463. niDt be naikratood la rtiC 
i>^ tkc own m*iJ of lbs " mMs N»- 
Ini," oha u ao einiemif ktMijInf la 
tprH»t plt^imf. that the PDM la oaC to 
Ik bcU ki aivnaal dthrr for An- nofwa 
^vktl oufkl fa it ixfnir^. «n .>,<»r fer 
the tTilh ol the arrnmint iriiick IM Bil> 
daces in aappoft «rH. 



MSS. — we mar tniiwlutc. « in Uie puaa^ licfore u«, Kor. in truth. 
need Mortal mea (cantpareib. 472) be loo partinhr civtil k«v Ihry Um ; 
for Ml em im 90 ordinary a matter u /ngMt>i>iiig the roof over thrir 
hradt. I rrrkon, lio (Acy ntlotit tojiiulllmi acntraty ; 6oir tken Sk. See 
farther in the notes on Ar. 533. COl . Appciidix Nuti; M .. and cwn* 
pare Mntlti. Gr. Gr. $ &1S. Obs. 

Ibtit. ^jiiiirraittrriv'] "'O/ifurrmj, onlot insero. ocKlalam reddo. Sop|>l. 
407, ftv^cuc' otfinaTtaira yap aa^aitpnv. Glov. in PrOil). 30S [<{«^tfM> 
Towa vpnir9iv irr Mrdpyrpx]. Stanlciuv coofcTt Orid. Met. XT* 63 : 
Mmte D^Madii'l; el.^od nalara negahal t'Uilna Aumnit, onlit mb 
pectoris iaugit} Abreschiuft citut Epichartnum : itnrtAp^, «d invt iaivu,' 
r^Xd «w^ unl rv^<i. Eur. lie). I2'2, aMt y&p iaawi ttSafoin, asi woSt 
ip^. Atljici potest Eum. 104, tv^ovv^ yA^ 0p^ i^fi^Mwiv Xa/twpVTtrv* 
[Soph. Pliin. (t. 634. tt»d Arisluplinn . Plul. [>3J, i'{«^><iifwrai* «al X«- 
Xf^furptivnai Kapat]. Scd hiec non csprimntiT atflfio^al^liv^v ^pira. auMam 
penpieeccm [Angl. thr maid vf an Arijiuf^" Ulumf. 

835. oafTidtafptxr'] The common rcndin j; hirre is lamAiHttw', whidi, 
if we tnuulate : and vrgittg fonaird, i.e. aiding/ and afiftlin^. it a not 
CMjr to connect wltln ^ (irtu^ofuvii, or to reconcile with thf ocliinl coniluct 
of tlittChoriufcomparc TV. o39. S(;7-8. 851-3) : nod if with WcUftuer 
(Lex. jUechyl. in v.), we ehould venture to intcrprirt im9*m(_*t». nppti' 
cnnorart. litis wotihl W to mioitpply th<;iiiith[>rityof Soph. n-ld.T. 2. 
rirat vnff lifiaf timtS* iuh 0oa(trt ; from which it lins been ns Inuoucln- 
«tvely argiic*! tluit tf^u^tii' is but nnothtr form of Anrinir. * 

Under tlicHe drc-uniatancea I a^rve with Dlomfidd in thinJiiDg that 
jflacbrlus wrote Kawt6mC<ov, and fortified by his compntison of Eutw 
Med. 1409. th2( khI 0pt]irm *t\rtiffai(<t, itaprvpSfifntit SoijuMtu, where I 
liad lon^ ago MupectctP a similar iNHTUiition — which, eumiii u the 

* Wbom ibcf iKPt tlit« rrrnind of MU- 
tea' I toivJiInf praytr : " Sn aincl-i tlie 
ntlMT tbOO. OBUMliaJ LtuliI, Sliinc ljl< 
mird, ukI tha nrnrnd Ihniugk alt htr pnie - 
truItr*iiaUi there Wm/ fv** .-" ^v. 

fUToGfuv Ko] IiiAJUi/uf • Z 

* StiUlnM. if m*bi>'il<ili'ii»Ulr: A»r 
oz-AAjt tl rfAfmea/imi tgUaia, rsutMBte 

flHrnio, Paiiir vlui ailils ; " §ai(tir 
Rl ^ill(Ht<i*' lul nmiiU illn pvrtiaent, qui- 
biB aaimiu mOTutui- ci t>crtiirt>«tur srft- 
*1im;iM« Il««ych. *.t*flo(*.." 

* !!0 Siiidfll: Bodl'iTi- card 8idAMTii> 
Arrl fail, tiaatrt. 4 fa-it iip««dfqtf#*> 

M(m—ia wbirii hct imw Iramlue : 

ir4«r BiMK yr Ajr tJU4 kmrrUi pnttru^ tfl m^th—l ifc. AT. 

Htm «^ywrttlw teftr* mt ,' and ««o- 

rira ■riih Upai -rAriC CR.I. C. I lU. I IQ. , 

^ ^X"! y ohtrut tiiaiwr, Anu. awdbl 

to/j/iriuhmf)atHoi»a»'»tiaSiif. %M 
Erfonlt and llfrmtiiia in I- 

* Connmrr Maltby on Monl. Lax i^ 
■' 'XriDMii^, snlfyi. liMUtco. /*r. .■ i 
lu< fiFMr. ialrrpr. in f. .- «<iB» sal 1 

4'in' ktvmiiim^—pta inlfrfHnotrt i _ 
Km.i^JiirwiJfMaiuj Mfd.linS.' Ba 
KttlinsiM^v.wiil i>v may al ofiMlnuu 
Ulc — i«lli«t JmvnUvr .niBr.^i»Aiii 

bUhIok, which tt fl'Icf iiiiiwO tHNV tiy Ua'' 
oafiiHxAtiui wttli f^aini. u in tkc m)>oi« 
p—ma of PUlo witb «7a*iii.rTw--iAM« 
f MafM / ftof it AniMiiJ ojwf tatftrntdf frtfA 



coincHlcDce will be thought, nmroiuly bare onginstcd in n oonfustoo 
otUnc MS. luttcn 6, — I hkvr aut hctitatcd to rcplocc U in Ibr text-, 
rofnpnniufl ilc*vch ; 'Evi6wi£tt' firoi>% Vfruo^ttrm. 'Bwi6t6avf' nwrvf^*- 
Kir. Thuevd. ii, 7 A (where see HciDsierhuifl sod Arnold) ; r^fnvra An- 
^uisni. rii, 75 : oim ^n £)<iytmr /vi^tuurfUM' ml otfuty^ vinA*iritt*tot, 
via. 53 ; itofiTvpoitm^ Ka\ nttAoC^Mwr ^ Mctr«yiur. rfatt. Ptunlr. p. 24 1 . 
I> : ityaKiSTw* mi rmffio^wf. 

Translate: wit A ipAoT yods ntirW / beffiii m lUa matter . prayiitg t» and 
wmAmjt tbem ? aW injhiautd. as 1 am. ^ khd/eelmg towiutU Oreitcs 
Avid Rwtjl / rtKaeJ u» vnyMy iKtthci more nor Icaa than whol it rigAt ? 
— "«js«v#' iri^ta^ai iddnvnld ac aiMMyut £ar« vlniv, nota coin tru c- 
tiotus fomia. Vote : (bmmodo efician M ^od trpniM eat rftcam f" 
Hcadi. Sec above on v. 12. and for tbc meaning of mtov, Schol : ri 
a>a]$it, compere the note on t. 767, and s«e bclo« v. 847, (U| i' rr) 

irna>A(. T«r mariMnr £<^Mr. 'aXXw*.' CMnb>«M'' tmv vvyKiMrur: Scbol. 
" Libri omaes mpai. Editore* nonnuUi mlpat, en$ium tenlamiMa. 8ed 
videtur intMrpirvtalMi Scbofiastv rvpMmda ex antiqna qusd&io rci tn- 
ditionc, quam venim cxfaibere probabile eat." KLau». 

Oindorf only, ao ^ as J bare seen, bas edited wtipm. BlooiEeld 
liu i>*t^ [Aiigl. tlamttt], bat wtib the glo«< : " mttfi, e^prrimfntim ; 
/uat4>«nu n.K. dicitorpro vm. pim^inrmr, quemadmodmn iarnvricit XXyvi 
vaJimr &c : vid. Glooa. tnA^. 14^" — BO ifjnUoffe whicb u avoided by 
•doptiu^ the ScboUaat'a interpretation, thongb mtli irii^Mu ■. ^^. we 
migbt compare ft^^ipmvt iyM-ar t, 570. and ^•aqXfrAunv iyivw r. 
711. — Kitinww- £>0»t, KapA'Apx>A<tTr: Ktyin.M. Ksiwatiof iukaniim- 
Avrmr [" kg. f'fMowXanc^, yw taitte laventitr et intCTilD percutinntiir," 
Martin. Sulmafi: nlii I'KivAirunM-] : Ueareb. Compare momit. 8oph, 
Am. W>. Eur. Ei. b3J- Cyd. 240. 

Witb o^V^'of"***' Uknafidd compares Myrmid. tr. 123. ae dtcd 
.\ri«tcipb. R«n. 1295 : 4Awr' 'Ax*Xt>. n nw' drjfw&lMTW iUvhM' I^wmr 
OH ie«UAt( «V a|>a*yiar: Ten. 105, raX4fM»« nyi)a&M(r«w. 

A4l. 8m trtft] ybr fwr ; "fnJtvs.per omat xwm ,- lubaudi ^ji<iio». 
GkiM. ret : AiA nrrsi. frnpUmuai, ftt tcnam. Vid. infra L006 (999). 
Proat.388. Eur. /Uc.titiiit. Iph.T. II 17. Thucyd. i, tf5. ii.HS. %ii, CI. 
Plenc Herodotm ix. 13 : iUi wwrof tw ;ij><mv." Blomf. 

■ nu iMotid iiaiiiiiirMiiiii of a**^ 

KM', wUcb hndbcMI •nonmail* Inairtad 

liBT* bov mbjral to it* iwdikt \f\mx. 



842. rvfi rol ^£1] " ncmpc niBufuor. Aff- 579 [576-8.]. Ear. Or. 
1 137i S\tiXvYnit foTot, wvp r' imt^i/aiv Amf." Illoiiif. " mv/i col < 
dc ijNW in sarrifiri'u aemao diduin. ut my>^ tftAa* fr. 395. l>qil 
boatnn conttn^l On?«ti |kt liaiic vidoriam. et potwccxiu ivditnn. ijitir 
Moria (lomesticia di»i(;niitur, ct impcrium time Arf^voniin. Utruin- 
quCi ct irvp xni i^c ct <ipjpn Ttokiirvoriftavt, pcQOct nu /^i utrunuiuv 
(licitnr fdidtn? H mnjoribuH tmdils, witriprnw iiiyat Sit^ot. In 
TAodn dnmo (rxinllitur nstituta ItlwrtA*. iti recu|tenin<li) npto ii 
ritua dc urbc. Quie fiiisiu» ita rxhiticri potaisscnt : f ffii wCfi mi ^mc 
(ane doiM€tiC9e)i iaiuf oi-rd /ir' *\tv9tfHf, lifyx^t T(, •*/!•» nirait *Au>. 
Qiuun ntttoncm quiim noii perspoverint interprctes. affendebnntor om- 
Rca illo iipit^r r*. qood qtntm a fiuiW j)ciulcr<r nnpicnt, nlii ukoculiinit 
itauiD jiartictilic r* prmiiiFeo |)ai1>ri{)i» : nlti Dcripemint ap^iA imX<cftn>> 1 
fijMte r nJii "fiX"* P*^ atmpj^at dc jtrimttiti rcfri oltlnHi M nh ro in 
com1iiii>tu dictnm pntaTnomt : ingcniaoc qnidcm hi. ecd obac«ri< 
rcddentes dicttuncm, ciiniin >I(»)^ni ti«n wit Himpxni." Khiuf — whoee< 
constTnctioii of the paesagc is inj^cnraiu inJccd. but uitricatc and too 

I follow WcIIauer and Scholofield in aeeociating it wiili the constnic. 
tUm of Af . 97 : Xf^tr . . . fnnMV n yfpoO, on wluch mx my note, imd 
trnnslntc ncnTrdini^Iy ; he thall nrrcvn/ mthaf lo fir mverrtgntff i>f iKt 
Bfalfi, the grealaeis ttkich deteeada M him /rmn hi$ father* — wlwre, by 
thii peculiar u»e of tlie coniircting ri. I undvrsland the Poet to hitvc 
conveyed to Uic jealous apprchnision of hia Athtuiiun henrcni tliat in the 
accMOon of Oi-cetcs to the limited &ad coikatilutioniU MoiuiFcliy of 
Ar^ (na it lind Seen in tho H«roic Kff:) there wiw iMlluBg b)eom> 
patible with tlic irop lihert^ of hU countiy ; no luch matter of < 
or adEmoe. as wc know to hnvc t>cca cx])rcs<«d by the irorda 
lUld n'yanvT; ftCC bclow V. 952. Ag'. 1 3*2'2, ^^•Mfjbifaprai 7^ wt Tvpa 
mdof ing^(iiivfuw9orrtcfKiX((. ib. 133'i, mmtrifxi y^p poifiii r^f ^l■^a■»J9o^>■ 
lb. t6(M.Af il^crv jimrt'yHii'Mir'Api<i«n'fir«i.androni|i«rcThnC)'d.i. I3: 
Am«r»r<jNi« a yfjfWfMVtt ii\t 'EXXufet ... to itdUm niMrr^t iV roIi ir<(X(ir> 
tcafiaTOfUi ,. . irponjioi' At iJiT<iv/H'i^i)ru<i yifio^i irarfiueoi ffaat\tiat. Com- 
pare xIm Ag. 1307, iTXAavmrnkt AmrrMi- jfnw n >^it«r. smA Uteinnlo- 
gouf> ounittructioTi of^i*". at t^e ttaae time, below t. 877. Ag. 1297. 

S43. "V*"* TifXiwvn^w^wf, o'mVor coiitfUatiotniJ poxn-f. uv jirtrttgv- 
lives; " KtAiTvovifiat, ianrbe ifgtii9, rel nrW dntajura." BloinT. T«l(r 
as )ui example of the fintner nifauiii^ Pen. Sj3, ^ fUTiOuit oyoAjr *• 
iRAuiv«Ml>i«irj3iora« ('nTci'ifMnTjur, and for the actual cxerciM? ofllic kin^y 
powcn in regiJ Ai^oe fee Ag. $13-19. Suppl. •■i<iS-9. 39&-101. 4»5. 



Oomparc nlwi the c«rm]>oDilin^ ivmn of voXiinrmiyit. as wm in «■>- 
, kMwotijfni Aoi. Tlivh G9. nnd wAmtnti'^tt Xmt Eutn. 7-I.S. 

845. fiirvi &f J^ipct 8iw*if} *E'^3>nt' mjAiVT^t Tplros irtiiMitur, 
mii i i^' ij/tMi- nr^JcXiTfMt [oA^ /Air/ i« fo «»rwm( /d aamftkimj that w ww 
Ao/x/, tkal ittrndt itrJt Mom us, and is iPttUing la lakr omr plaCf] ' ml 
' ti^pos nt. CM & ntcHi^ituit. *al x'tp^x^f '■ llMvch. " Sic diocbatv 
atUeta qui [doorum] ccrbtnuiu ikdflidcbat, ct com \-ictorc. »■ it« vMim 
Ml, dccortalMtl. Anctn]ih. Ron. 79l.nvl8'/^XX<i', m?^ KXii^Tfti'Aft, 

. fft Wjcnft ftuiyiwHwAH *^kMm *p^ y Kifimi^ : uln Schol : It^tfitit 4 
fu^ wXnwi y oof if nit ^yiirf tit r4 ajvriCtirfiat nit rmMW. col So^onXff 
(Aj. GIO.)' Kai fUK fcgtffp M Wrnt Aias (Cmttrr i^tripat. fj'OM'' M^forM 

, [Angl. naert'ftl t9lhpttuf'\. IltincglosrammnMulit gmnnmlicuiBli. 

' quia in ecliolu ad SophurlU loconi : cat ctiam apud Suidatn. Svd Ic' 
gcnilum : 'E^fipot* i fi7 irXaMvpnwr.' 4 >*^2jMnir Jv -r^t Jrfmvur s.rJki 
Lociiin. Ilimiut. T. I. |>. 783. dc ettdptn tr : Sr A' a> T«vra dmnmajr. 

■ i^iipiiii irffM^tMBr Jtrr' 4v /xfinM tiyMrtiroiTiH. Mmuiu. Dp. Stob. Ixxx. 
p. -175. Gr : Yly Kfiofiijutf ru{iovH<rar vmm, IO)^fioi>' 0X7^^, »{nt f^S^nir 
«i(«r ^W, i.e. Grotin rertmto, QmJiliiuMitMoni«rfmg*rH,hat>el is pater 
Vita ailJMlortm, not nWraorm, mur. Hinc pnlet rem hujun Inci vi», 
Stnnk*iq minu.« pirrrrpin ; vrnit miin m/m tsistau o&mwoIw. [Vr- 
c«|iit quidem Sfianltc-iuiui> ad AridoptimU locuiD, 8«d pnva lecttone 
[fitUi^ 31.G.A.R.V.] dpoeptuB miUevcrtit: Lactam ItUfm.mlmwttmu 

^trtittrtun, cum iuobus tlivit Omtrt Hebrt nAin." Bkimf. 

80 tnurh for the ward — now far its upplicntton tn the miUcxt. 

I «rhicb i« not, kfter all, •o obviotu u to eaU for no mxuirk. SdKiIclicId 
traiwlatca : '* SaJtum kahnu It^ttpor, h. e. asanmonm i[ta, si ipse victu 
tuaitt fognata sit mlint4.-sratora»." Ami tliio. nhhonsh pcrhapn a 
fittlt OTcntnincd, roigbt be aUowed to be n corrvrt intrrprctstion of 
|i4m» fc TjWSpM. eepanldy conudcml. But Aicrirvtt i* not to be coa- 

hBMlcd, a> haa been hastdy imagined, with tfnip (um-iI here. a> Butler 

M IH"*^*^* Alwra. SnftrMTMMo) 
^*i faimwi /Mflh «M A Alki ill K^ir. 

OTvr. rf4) voTt TywTwi itarnit Zrrif IfB- 
*^fii^ Arrl fiM nwikv ri wu Alorrat (•*. 

I *'rU>iMni^*l>">>>' "ifEri^oo*, W in- 
,,lH»litFla Ihr mltit .firi<fa*, wttirh 

I ri»— Air nltleli T<mp |«iitMM« d >vo«b- 
I HiMra< 'A TkA, T.v.,«(iiMfarU|[ lletjrcb: 

Anab.|>. irbl. 

((«■ JM NtHM.qnm ic^iuintur onoa* rt- 
Itqpai. eitppla tlrutb. i-«l pliumlt 9v»\^, 
Ijnttitm (Cl)t. •rUin-t rt .fkMtaa). m. 
wilMtanlitBin ird«t ad (|ai>d ti««w& nfr* 
nmr. Sod TvlgaU brae m hahrt, BcifM* 
ia iki <|ne do vpillwto 9€7»t aA Onnina 
inm> ca<iinHMli> ob^inmlcm rafinot- 
daoMnnlalarllur, qnuwvam h») ttiMW 



and BlumrurU Miig'girat, fur it« com)i>iuT»l trvni^iv), bat ia ntnctW mt- 
rclutivc to ^■tntt— and b«ncc fouiiJ, m IlcatU obji'cts, witbcut a iuIj- 
ftantive »o refer it to — and the literal vcnion would bw : a siagle If*. 
ipot ayainsl (wo. i.e. vlanding^ tiknit iii llie content, willi two til)lM)n^nil>, 
(r«ch prcfKircd (if need be) to take up tbc otlier'« qnairel ; or, in oUier 
words, tittrenfimng Ofv> clu>n«f agviiut tieo. We xdxv lmn»lale, Ibere- 
fore : Such a xrrnllijig-tnalvh, in whidi oh lb& one tide' there in but a 
thufie aqiedml^ to cume furwnrd, wliiUt on lie other tbcre arc /rti, u 
Ikt (tivi/Kfy-eommmimed Onttea prcpartd (« tttga^ m / aitd nun/ U Ar 
uMo (i.e, may it eiid in) victory f So inny wo heet interpret v. 847. 
reading witli nioraf. aiid Scttulef. iVi via;r, for wlikli we have ibe 
autborit}* ab^u of Aldiu niid Tiirn£be, in place of ltd fiiqi wliich ia rc- 
tiiincd by W villi ucr. Uindorf, audKlnuscn — the but of these obaerving; 
"»«jM.G.R.V. w«,^A.T. IlIudEiun. 1009.. hoc Cb. 457." B«t 
nri Hid, as expressive of ihe object aimed al in any action (Mattli. Gr. 
Ql, p. lOii?.). ttioiigli. mottt ajipgoite to Eum. 1009, r^ ^mV ampir x^ 
pat itari\**>', rA ii KtpSaKiav wt/aitur viiX*wf ^1 riiqi, would bo wholly 
out of place here : and in v. 4G4, altbough in reference to the sewU-rm 
(iMtaftit x^"'^) ^^*'^ Chonis might untloulitnlly Ubyc 9»!d iri'|i>'«r' upw- 
yir «rl wiqj, yct ID refcTcucc to ratoir thcy very properly uy m mutt, 
<dio<HiD^ rather to omlcniplale the aelnal ium, than the virtmai (mi* 
dtMcy, of the divine asaistaiicc for which they pray,' Sec MatUi. Gr. 
Gt. i 586. c 

For live mcaiting nEa^ed lo 0<iot, compare Ag. 1246.52. IC38> 
above w. 261.291.544.757. bebjw TV. 882. 1010.14. 

' Cdinpne Thoe. vi. US : hi^'' yif 
'iBVi* (i>Tti n*luiaomiei<}t% Awpmroi, 

ifuta Srvrpiiry liniiTTii m^rtir £*a»j. 

vviitta— for irhii-li wc ctHMKhrre Anil, in 
tk« pTVMcuriim of the vwy »»ine oom- 

Aifrdf. Rol iiDS>]((ir>si rpJii VrSiijLWTdTDvt 
Bi. L !^ i u in Jiuhjrliw iIm i infic^ff 
myttf 1^ tUdru A)|. I30P, wbere «t« 
the note. 

■ Coiupnre Sir W. Scou'» T^/m o/"/A* 
O-WmJ^ti. Ttiiitmau c. iviii : "iikIi nfi- 

Man n tlw llMi, m ioou m the otlier u 
(ktakd ! Whr. lU* b a aiuk kiuida 
■sMkiK sffalMt Itw wkOa mdoe «r ihc 
lourBUMOC !" 

' Ia«ne ««roiilT can wc oonod«e k 
lo be ■ iMitt«r iiif tftJ>fflemir«, wbrthw 

&Id lbs ■bow BOiM. t* foUoited bj a 
« or aa aocoMtne i lii. wb«-n, mt- 
Cotaff • fMtirhri, tkc ■«twl RMill U 

Ucillj' MMlinnI to hare btm throripml 
ilrtifD, uiu Eur. Hee.A(S,i>liirh M>t- 
tiumqfialeattxftt^V ( Jr'thf nfirn 
TfHtftfAi ^uriipw rs3u a*^^ A>^a). /*) 
IdfC KiL p^ M.r.X. (Jbr irar, u U )■•• 
nimnl oul. amf tiav-^hl' - ' . m 

we atiafiM ntbcr bnic ci|' t 

Mpiiicat 9J*ii>-ii.T.A. A'.' . II. 

hlcu. S. ij, 3, 19 : obt b tuAA^_^aJiu 
(Tq Hal loiidlauurla r**( it' «y«XtiJf 
vrrwii^Ji-Mi /n 8*,i9f x/V>Aai (wlierc 
/>' ^iA.<lf -Ihc object." f«l d'krflfp 
"ihcMHuoiuran"). w« m*f trwutUta, 
indi-cd, lcio<«ly : fo fara ir4u/ m«* marfe 
In b* a MrntKy into a mr**. u llliiuah 
tt hail bMn M AUAc t b«l Uh> «met 
construclioit, I think, ii iit M iSiUOa 
rtit^ttt/rvit, la titf lelkat irvt dnti^ti 
/or a blnaeinff, Jnrl u tf tl had Utm ^. 
ilgmifir m atrtt. 

cnoEPHoncK or ^bschylus. 


850. Wc;F***'r«0 TfnXttmn : llmydi, " Mc/n^mii Rdh. Rrroma tj- 
imgnpliicuin corresit Httrplt." Scliolcr. — Kimnpnu Ci.A.T. 

8.'>4. iri0«i'fi<M] " mTi-ttifitH cat. Porn, itav, rufuit M.C>.A.T.V. mK. 
ttffini K. Signam oi. hair nfmii pnmos nddirlit T.. in pnoribuit mil- 
ium." Klans. — " manifot, «Knt onnito .' S'uaAccmsxptmimaaua tat- 
mini vi<lt*»c "Blomf. t>cc the note on Ag. G9I, vaftnpoafit. 

tbiti. Ttiovfiimv. Angl.jMfjM, domr for : "rtXiMfAu hie notes pro 
occiili, inler/ri, qui luiu ocnnnJiu ^vi\n}rum /udeaeli eel conimnni* : sk 
mox btaTtnperpiimt */t t. 830 (80!)) miMiWw." Abrcadl. 

657. Ti^MMniobrinXat, tKf dat>r$ of llu R mmm'd (i.e. Cly temtiMtni'*) 
apartmtitts( above r. 33. "ytwnuibuf [Gurijth.] Aid. yuMMfowt Rob. 
Turn. Med. yvramiat Stq>h. et rrcciitiorm, Sett Ulud pra^tat. Dicttur 
<)(lidcia V. G2n. ynouf ua- JraX^wr oi^fHcr, Eur. Andr. 3tii, Jb^ yvMun** 
«fMr, metro julMnte ; Md in v. 948. <^usd<^m bbube luibnniia rk* yta««i> 
HfMWf wi»ovt. Cootn in \nia fngm. I . h yurmnloi tftpiMt. quod tamen 
SloWi ecriW delicri ]>i>tcnt. Diccbaut tntfnci tflMtim-t witmt ((u|in 
523) atkiievt rtn^oi Eur. Uel. -t-lS. ^^povrls Moio* H«rnd. G34. rt ftlia 
I ; und* boc iMttum cotligo. am, vN mttntn ftlt«nitraiD («miBa- 
indUTercntcr admitteret. mascnlinun fonnata pnrtufisae, m dc 
ItomvolrlntloK critarent. CirtCTum ex Iwic loco drmrau?. ul opinor, in 
Ksna dUH (irisw poftB«, qimrum iin& in iripMnrur, alti-rn in Tt-Kumwtn* 
dseebat. IQa pniti^tinutie erat, kvc vero deuleragooistv : I'c^ux iv, 
1'23 : r^vv Af uirtt ry* itkijp^ AipAit. { ^it<n) fuV jjnff An«> (ncut in hac 
^£d!nila), if vv^Xumv {Mcut in l^iiloctrto.), f i>I«» ?rj)o{or. 4 nur ri *^- 

if S« u^urr</4 i^ ni iiTiXfirruvoK (;pi wpomnHM^, Ij bfiii- /(ij/nj/u^iti K»r if ioumt 
An-i. In bac nutcui fobnk Orcstu priuaa partes apt. Elt-trtra eccun- 
das, ClvtaMnn^tra rero tertiat." Blomf. Stt tht not« on Ag. 39, and 
compare Tkenlre nf Ihe (Vriv** «1. 4, pp. 320-31. 

d>jr4, ^o,^\o(r ;(«AuT« j Aii^l. vi»iu/f , ";m>j|Wi dativuB iD>tniinrnlaII> : 
potvtTt jimutu ohicr ((olulo)." Klaus. — "rM;tX(!(, t>£«v, quo Tel ctaode- 
batit fores vel reKtnbant : bine fta^Xie^t r^ Svftar, peumlMu forilut 
otubrr, Ariittupb, Bf. FoIIdc x, 45. c>j^fM trtfrn/MiMMYf fMix^ioir Enr. 
Or. liJS). Vt. Atkdr.35'2. Conlm vera anvmy^**^'*' ^d ('■^x^*^**' r^ 

■.fiiprnr, /orrt ptiftth redtclo rrurare ,- HemetcHiu*. ad PoUik'. X, 23. 
loc CM quod dccit .-R»ctijrlu9 pe^^XiMt xaXav rir wiXat. Gar. I ph. T. 99, 
A§$pa XivatTtr iio^Xeiit. Ad vnl^tum Inqix-ndi i^-nus pro- 

^macndrTfl rvX^r (rtA«») p«xXi>*-i x<*^ obeenravj^ Amaldus. ciltlu 
AHstoph. Lyp. 310| iSr ^^ >iiX<iwrrwi> rwT /nrjiKvii jpXiivr «I yvwMrt 
a.rX" Blonif. 


find. Mt/uiX'igiSitTo*' J." «*:] Tnnt\rAf. and, tf^l iw IMI you {ii).tArre 
M lUfd »fa moM iafuU ttmtylh — / do not mean (M)/or the purpote ^f 
yim»g lUiisiaacv, mote that all U over, far what ncnf oj tlkai ? — kttt to 
fane ^em the door, he fIiduIiI Iiuvo »iud. whvti in the urgency of bb 
dittrecs he >giun calia wildly nnd iDipaticntiy for Mmo one to enawer 
him from withia. Schol : aitipbt i*l *!t ri }(iiK6am tidr *vXas. sdl. itt Jd 
auhito fixt. quia res argct. Vidctur ecrvns, quum hate loquiUtr. cuwtiiB 

> BIomAdil— on tb« rtilli of Por^m't 
InsUeiual nnd lif it muM boaiiiD lll-n>l> 
tiled Rnnwk on Eur. Or. GU (uiivrc 
•ee FrofnwM Seluilefidd iat«TpaHiu ili« 
•bieU ef Mmclom in drCenec of Uncum. 
ii1«(mtl — it) lamdcuiMnMnitbEnicin- 
bro JliawitfrAiaf«<rinTcniiijnii4iallu«tBvl 
•LTi|iCDiva, niiii pLT iilirnrianun tTrorM*' 
— here, u in Prom. 9*3. P.r», IM, 2<J1. 
610. F.nrn.ftS. (nnd (w Pii riotj hii«i4!lf in 
tiupliu Pliil. 13G'>). liM nllt-iril St iiilo^t. 
wiuiDUt bcnliiwiiiK (il ahuulil seun) •ino- 
mnit'» con-Mikrution on Ihe «in«*.]iient 
■Itmilan of Ihf •ciiw. Nnw J«— " Ihc 
nniniL'riiari of /«ai" *t Mr. KdwcU Lm 
Imnf^il fHar. Ph.M,y. 1^>~Mn^ 
lU rriilcntly Ci-igini-clcd wilh Sfi uiil Jliv, 
aiifiVrwith ffi — whcnivtbcir wrll-Vnoim 
mMnin^ : for tm* tbiny./inf aanlhrr 
thiHSi im fifjirtt jtlarv, iu Ih' ifeanrt 
phee,- <nt l^t one Amul, on the •Jin — - 
M prapfilf iim4 lo esiir*4« a Iniiuitiun 
from one nibjivt. or oiie pni|ii>riy uf n 
BDiiHnon lub^ecti to Bniithcr. Ilenra! it 
dsmiUw ^i.ionll;, im fvrthtr ifuMm, 
tmrttmtr — In nhi^li M-nw. M oftenHlno 
KpmktT wnuUI niapljr ^« tiut liin ii<m 
word* or mcwtiiig, it adnuU of t-Brinun 
iFt ttthrr wvrJt . KVTV. 7». 181. ATI. AUti. 
KJll. A'>9. Ac. 1^7— aail ao umM i<rrr 
vfti with (hci Annlo-£asan m/ (more 
roTKicily M. or fiooy whiHi "•lwar» 

iiiliinnti't niini.'tliiiij: uoBli, lanic.tkuif; ta 
tal\ow." in«omndi thnl ■'■hnici^r aiijr 
Diic in dUuiunw tiiiLdin bis iiont» uiUi 

niTt Ihc 4ju^tinn nltf'^tvK f.^llo** i UVT 
trlmi ."' — lUf Il(i«li''T(>iikp''« fiiTfrHnru 
tif Pmrttv. I'mt t. oli.iiii- JnilrnmiiwR 
Maltb. Or. nr. JtCllk fiVt. 7«> 

— wkeDn irc are led ta coniMct it. rty- 
moloeimily, witli the root of ytlrvtau 
Baiyiyp*fiat--iHteavtr uaed hi ampHti- 
cMkiii. i7 iriwjF. rr^n, m In ii-nlniTidti. 
tlttrtigh il il" fti/, «/ i»u»(, ilill'rr" fnim 8* 

(ai V* from ual) in tlint it li oltop^t^r 
TdnMprrtiir, aM rillur liy itarlf, or lir 
hdp of a Mi|>pl(mratiir* dauM in whien 
il ilandt, MTTM but to glio an nw^rAatJ* 

to tiM won], or profNMitioii, to wUcb k 
ii iinini''JiMrlr aol^oinod : •rcMMih. Or. 
Or. f tt)i. ."^ictilicii*' OrrttParlitlM, vm. 
93W. nn,l A|>)><mdiJC p|>. M?. Iftl. Na 
luote appodte emnjilf , itidrr<d. of tlirir 
difTrrenccnwdbexivrii tlijiii IVts.MOpI: 

wlirrrlhr ><. irhilit itlnviXmaiMW^- 
ra, inrillr r'nforcra alto the r"yctinKn- 

MAilumi ItL -.Uti-'J ; nhcraa the liiii. 

fumu ntjkiiher, ihat roJ '^a/y in ttnrrv 
iillcr nilti tilers, tul tkat it is iryiHut Aia 
Aofwr. that Uic mituKmirr " omli liaa 
cKoucd nlonc to CcU" it ; ciMMtrv Job i. 
lb. lA. 17.19. 

1 Hitl oiUy iiilil (tint, vliat ini...wfii* 
niircuva iu I'mai. 7.1. 3 mV '•A'i'wirA. 
fFikrCfK Y'' «^df- Kar. I'licnn. BIO, nol 
NaTaxTfVBg yi wpit. lb. KiJ, k*#«w t« hoI 
fait tiTtl*aatam. llEpp.fOftical >vJi V 
J£<Awr^4. llcnicl.CIl, ftiKtam.' nainJt 
y t!nvx*Tt rii vvrrdU. lle).9M.a>Aat 
Tt Hol irfh mSnr, nlflii. w flu M the 
mere ww4inx Ko«»< Imve Ixcii i^nallf 
wdl rrprMSf^ t>f M ... St t ral &Awr 
St— aai rw 1' <j^vx''(— anil ithouch hiM 

i-nf tjii'Iip witliaot y« ) ittwiSftfyt ii~mci 
mTBctfuSK — ra{*AB8J:as.4Mllir other 
liaml «•!... Yt (tu la Bur. Surul. <00. 
v(>ii.?li Miilltiw liiu iiritiof"!? aiiedl .foii 
hr fr|iliiL-i-<l tijr mJ fuAd, r . . ,i,r 

PiH-t Km in onr ran- iii.i i 

fai^a liuin. Hi. An.l w ... ....,.;... iw 

uiMwiifii yt U oftrn r^im .ili'iil toj^i^Ta 
(*!■(■ .Mrtllli. (ir. Ur. 11. IIW'.I n"(r Ifl >. 
■ikj, aIi'^ii rtiltjH.iit^ tij II ^- ! '' 

t,nii ill wit-v yi) ll»( Ihil ' '"' 

lakm rn (/f/if/^rif srDjr.i'.i . . :... — u; 
fiKiT «A a |inr|iiwitin< jru (ci.t. jtW va*Vt 
with wliii'k Fnirr^ATC llur. ¥at. i. 6, ICl t 
rrf ntfritv, i.e. incrila ui^ilmt) desHtltic 
IWI w Mt tc sf* tik* wholt knvtk uf llir 
tuprrsium; jaci u. inlliiii'viii.Irj. thv 
(iii»tj.o«irii-cui\i*ia rxcrl - r ' <- 

III iinmrriial rominiliitipi' . 
■Itii-r /) OT J*i . Matth. lir. t>r ; .i.h. f. 

I Sftti. CoiniMnc the uoUi on Ag. Ul. 



tme ri apcrirc jnntism cfaimnni mlis ranlicnini, qaoci (]aain Bibi seiu 
p&nun sw^oc^tliit. [HWtulut ojtcin." Klati*. 

829. iivx«[i'] "^ar'GUivg. [Hlomf. Diiul.] male, ncquc llcmwniu 
vmciiilatione n^nts est, qui fJemelr. i^W. p. S41.) legit: *ixAti* 
Ofiqfa),' Hf tie quiJrm UU opnt/nvt, ncque I>xkrltnii ri))l)calicini>, qui 
in i^vr. Sopi. p. 69. ;f(«n «ubuudicnduin putat. Scno BuxUium A-iuira 
JDrocnri, qnum ren jiini arl» ut. in mentetn Tcnit ; qutire aclJit : imhi 
tamm.ul attxHium/fraf." \VcU^who«lil»: "iuamtptryfi>fm>' MA.Roh., 
fbmtftn nc\e: qminjam aciuMtit ;" and bo Kliuiseu : " ^umr^v^irfyiymt 
M.G-A.R. >iawirpi>'jii>^ T-V- ct Scliol : r^tf^myirrt. G^niti^-tu poeitiU 
vmlrm ecneu, quo Arl c. diit. r. C!>fi (72I)-" Compare Pen. ■iOO, ^ 
ni^TO y 7i7T* imm itatinrpoYiiira, nnd >ec tlic note on Ag. 1346, Ar' 
J^ifyatriihrait. AiDulJoiiTbac. L7 : «Xo9iii*rJfM«i> S»rw. Mittb. Gr. Gr. 

For W yup ; ftftcr whidi it la Iicrc moft obvious to (uii]>1y ^i, kc tlic 
note oa. \g. urn.— "ri yip: Ag. lOM (1104). 1 ICO (iTiW). modo 
iltctum jiron'7<^iiXXo,modoproTi'7^£<^X»c: ct ila hoc Icxni." Kliui«. 

HCI. niA»&)i<ru> /tiniif] Ktatucn ooniiccta fufn)p witlt Japora, but 
why »lioul<i he not connect it vritb »Atu&»>inv, wliicit tuflicicntly aa- 
iwen here to the description of a vvtU " ([tiod jwr ec vsnitatem daig- 
nat," ws he wrilen on v. 8'J3. firifoxowm ii6TT<t ? Tnitulitte ; and am 
talkiiig toHO yurpoaetoperaoiuidtsi sletpUff, or to idle tltrptrt ; nod com* 
pore Eun. 94, tv9mr or, M, nu mAvIovtvv n ttl ; Jonah i, Q : IFlaf 
mnuMwl rAott, »ifepfr y 

BGS. "Quod «(l Stuileii conjetrtumin sttioet, lianc remini cun 
prrtjitmo Ckorv forte tribucndoa cmo, liuid DCgavcrim iOud tic unuia- 
MiM dictum vidcri.irt tum tninimoodiotfiClytvinDoetrun, tomgaadk) 
ob jam tcceptam libertalem ex toorte jfigirthi oonveure : wd niagm 
ex indblr tra^connn vidctur hare NuStiu iribuf re : ultmim lUud rutois 
artifiaoaiim vidctur. ct tragxrdiic rccvntiorie. Su&vius dccurrvrvt liic 
VtfSat, n legeretur 'FMunr^ ait^T rim nrt fvpov wiXat." Butl. 

Ihid, Arl (vtyoi. "^((Qrow Rt'Xuc Abrvvch. ex Ag. 1-24K quia dis- 
plicvbat *iKat cuni ^(mv conjiuictBin. ScfaOtziiis wiViaf de tcmpm ao> 
cipil t dd /«M Uutlcnu. ftrope jEpttkm. Sed etiouuf m\at kIicims. 

' nb wookl iAkw the tnt nkln' llio 
■BMt w l rari ioa M rlt >.tyei \ T. 9M e 
AW Iktl afwit w A> NK^AT (i.e. (W Im 
raotvimd Ui> M^ a aorrderM rnm ; ko 

* Ttt IKU wnBiaawKt of Ute vonl* 
woiU not krt^ thenddnul cImuc , rt-r 

... aixw. H> plainly agifft hon ItK bmIh 
pm|MMiilWi« Him tvdfflMa, m thry "O" 
m dMiDCaHbed b* a faoM-. <w iritkeml- 
■m-k/ oenira, ftanlf matknl b)! Ilw ac* 
tor"* hMOMlMMi} ■ftrr faim— <TfiF>a ^ , 



dilficiKa euct sententiu ; (|uoinu<1o enim diet polc»l Clyttcmitfttrm fttr^ 
euaaa cervix in aofaculte adem casara e»ac ? hii ^vp^i tUm, \-cl 'vmtrim, 
vel p^ifai, dioilur i« k\m in diserimiuis itrliatlo venalur. nuu autem tjui 
ijisam caluniilatvtn nubiit. Qusrp irnrXqy^'i^t vcrtvndam pril italimprr^ 
aUimtlte [immo quum pcrciutaj'itcr it], \»>iiiis t^aam ptrmeuc." Blo nif ' 
•nbo comports, in dltutratiuu of nri ^poi' Art miriivov, f iV< rav i^tfri- 
rov if inpitrirov ', HiN^cb., Uotn. ILx, 173 : riv yap i^ iwrrvirut «*] ^v- 
p»utarattud«tijit^liaka^vyp^ AXftfymr 'Aj^umc. t/i /ti«m. Theogn.Sd? i 
^paCta' mVAtnnif n» nri {v/kk' iimirai <u^(. Sopll. Allt. 996 ; ^potti fii- 
Pat Mi rvr itti ^vjiou ri/xv^- 'rhc<Kr. xxii. 6 : nrOpimmr vawijpif nrl $tfm> 
^if iArtav. mid itUits: " Hire miigcuk Staul. h1> Tlieli. iJ?, pKTtrai ex 
Duporta.qui nionct hoc proverbium ciiuni llvrtxloto murpvlain ccee; 
ncmpc vi> II : tVl (trpou njc aKjiqt ?j;mu q^ir rd Rpqypara, (ilti Valcfc. 
tautiat Simonidis upi^ramnia : 'Ait/int jirraitviiiii «'irl {v|>«£ 'EIAmSo Mmu. 
InterdtiTii breviler dicebntur nr* exfi^c. fine fi-jwO. Eur. Hel, 896, 9m 
fuiXlc iroTi Xi^tovo'' m acf>7f tiftl KUT^iuicii^* i&tir." Add llor. Sat, L 9, 
74 : fiigit improbu^, vi m« wfr e«</fiN9 linijuit. Hcync on II. x. 173 : 
" IVoverbium duchim puts a momento, cum culter loosoriua juin ad- 
■nottiK est culi." 

TraiwUte : MetkiiiAt. her tiroitl Xttmg even nom dote upon l\t cutting 
jMMf -i.c. thecnlical tarnof thotsxor,ju«t vtoppingthiOinofdniwifig 
blood ij^vpup tp xp^ Sopli. Aj. 786) — ftJuJ is aboM tofikU <y a/wfiria/ 
viaUUioM itpoM {it, or upon Acr, sball we eay 7 Suicly uptmj her: tar 
nix^f in but uicidcntally cvtiuected with mvuirfiat, iu>d in atrictDCM l>c- 
laDg« only to tlic appo^iliun itiXat uv «Vi ivpoi, whidi is iuIxmI up nith 
the main propoaittoa euixr ff-firtitr^i irjiAt Af0)»«tiiAirT>ii*i7(sa the Gudpb. 
MS. lut coUolcd by iVskeiv), by tlic etune liccuse of coostructioiK as wc 
find in Ag. Ha, MrfjmX^c rt, <rv>T«ur Sitrt* M*ri9at, w^vg Bt>pitTati ]k«^ 
<nift»{. rpAt g^t^K ir(iV7 (7^ij l)-^wbere see the note. 

Wc tberdurc, with tlic grf*x uiujnniy uf cditurx. retain in t. SG4. 
•mrAfyjit'i^c, wbicb wbcD Klatttca ventured to niter into ntnXijytUrtig — 
obaerviDg •• wtwXjyiUfot G.A,U. ms-ATY/nVgc M.T.V. [celt.] QimW> 
dMiir c»nvr/tf)"— be •eema not (to say nothing of the opjMMiiioo of M . 
and duublful Mipfiort uf G.) to have coiutdcrcd, nbiirb mu in itKlf the 
unre obvious reading, and which, therefore, the more likely to innto 

Willi Hfiut AiV'jv ir«r. JHslly. or here judicloUg, Struck dotcn — '• vic- 
liDurtun K. more." Stanl. coc l:s>ph. Aj. 29S, km r«vi h<> ivxti^t*- 
Eur, Hoc. 564, rf *' {/»' ovytW XpsC*'*, itapntri Xotfut «vTp**4* 3Br. Or. 
&1, ^rjftuuM nr' a(x«»<M /SiiAw. PiKEtt. 1457. iiii ftivw <mx**TCC *^i^ 



wiivpo^—compan alwre w. 5S. UO. 33a. 399. 303. 433. 4>33-25. Aj. 
356.1631. Tbcb.GOS. Soph. Aj. 137.279. 

866. Ti>it Tt0»>fi6vt»t\*Y»] "XiymM.G.A.R. X^ T. V. [etSehol: 
i ry X*ryif Tt0r>fKii>s 'Opttmtt dutwnin riv (itfrm Afywftw]. OtMU ver- 
■iim tnbuuatG.A.R..Kn-oT.V." Kluu. " VulgabiiatucturPauw. 
es r. 845 (SSSjXifTMtft^imomrfMnp-.aeUvaldcKcibUndilurXrTv.Kiuod 
dRncHn). Gu4rl{>li. Aid. ilut>.. probaiitibtis vtism Stanl. Boitrd. Scb&ls. 
Hccte ctium oiaiicl Schutz in vol^sta oihil iiiesK alrrffiariSn, nun 
eot qui /an* tuituiii iiKiiiui iwriubcUuitor virum bumtncm oociilcrc 
pOBM nemo dubiut." Bull. Add that tukd«r the abetnct gea«r»Iity, 
roic Tt0mftireit. Augi. riiK dsa0, tlie siwakcr might wdl be tappowd 
to allude to ri» M^y i«< Ni | w ii i i ii 'Opt'jnp. viz. — iim (hat ve had ttt dcmn 
m Jtad, or amaiuf the t/rml; wbcrcu n>^ nA^tirat X^yy, inuuiuch u 
it does not eiprcM an}- known and uoivcnal rclalion, eould not po«- 
tibly have been appbed oiiigly to Orrn/i*. 

Suudcy wd) comparca Soph. El. 1477. oi yap ofcrAiMi irtOtm (wirac 
fcrowrur «fr>a' iIiTavifr In ; al^WM. ^-rqca roArot* 

S67. ^V] "•I«"yiG.T.V. .>;^M. Iiic el v. MS (»;3). <.: 'yi 
rccenrioFM.*' Klatia — who. with Wcllntm, hu edited of /y^. /Aid. ■£ 
■JiwytHm**- : compare A^. 1077, «{ omy^iorMr iwofiyiiutrt Ai«^lktrwr. tb. 
1145> /c saXiiftfMtnMf ...JtAitjpK^. 

669. ivwtp oSf] "Anrrp ovf /xrtiMjMr PoreoDu /f<Jv. p. 160. nbi 
notavimtu Istot in .4C»chylum notalM • Ponono jiivene cmptaa falisc. 
Sententtam poetes mataTit : nlidit enitn Hawtp ofw. mentor fonmnc tvr- 
an 90 (6A). f vry* wTi'iiar, &jirrt} off ((»m)lit« mrt^." Biomt — ruid to 
Oobrv« .Idv. vol. ii, p. 3$ : " &awtp «Cc Von. AJv. p. ICO, fed vide 
Plmlon.Crutyl.]i.405. C. li. St.CotaieaiiAtiKtaei.Amnpiiit'oi^^nfur 
nlini cmcndabam." 

86$, Mpacpirra, mmttia^iag, mardtrvfu. " Lege cbV»"M';ni fpro, 
vulf. Jnfyix^ifra}. H. Stepb. in cspUcnnda hue voce dipJ^Mucfiiic Scboli. 
utcm Snphoclis Brqaitur, CjuiadAj. SSJ.noCat: mAipo«fi^ii^r^0id^ 
^ottnAtwur, i»f ar^fion^tinv. Vcrnoa j&chylus Bctirc HUiiil, Aoeiiwa 
trueidtna, necb.l. tautuni, wdetSu)^. 679, ur^^xxi^^ Auy^*. et BvB. 
348. ^jtlfeaf iM^xuifiifvi : iruiD tMnen I'trrW bujtw fonaie ut plBriraan 
pnanre Bomantur, at XifM^i [Ag. 1241.]. livfliMitfi^'- Hcsycb : 'a*J{|m- 
Aw't (lege 'Ai^^M^f^)' MTdrOfKt' T>W>" i^lnnl. Add Euin. 956, tMffw- 
f^^( V oifimt irwn*iwm rijiut, and Me on Ag. 783, a»4|>*A>^r«t ^tBppi*. 

670. fMMyM>] '-fvuuritKMcd.Gudidi. Ald.Rob.4CnM;iti>Tnni. 

* Sn fit. Paut'i £]•• to RooaM ifi. 2. 



Viot., quod rcccntiorcs roccpcnrot omna ; scd optimorum Itbronun 
Icctioaccn rcvociivi »-cuiiiItiin t» iiun nil t. 745 {738) dtftpatata cuut" 
Welt — ttiidsuBIoiuf. Soholixf. Dind. Klnun, Translate: Lei t'/A^Anotm, 
or ceKquor we or /ail ! " For thus." »he argues, " it 8t>ui(1« with me 
in this bad busiiMad — ire rithcr conyitcr or are for erer^ tmu/tierti — and 
tlic Hooticr m* Aaou) our actual »{ale.tht better." tn thia eummnry view 
of the eoHililioHs' of tlw contcet fur which the would Knn bcrsdf, let na 
ODco morr note tht! iu^p^tiovXav tiap ( Ag. 1 1 .) uf Cljrtieinimtiii, iw re- 
prvBcnted in llie formrr part of tlic TriJo^ (Ag. 1339.141S). nnd nt 
lite BUDO time, in the wonla roii' i^ixiti^r icuwv v. 671, oti9cr\'C ttiut 
««cr«t mixgiving of tlie mind vithin, which wc hitv« fumtcrlj' noticed 
on A^. 163S. 

872. ai cid tioTtitt] " An^l. /* watjuH teekingfor ywt—nt t&e itay 
ptrtmt I am la ^iiftil of! — th« Kitl making fMrrra correlatirc. or (morv 
liimiliHrly *)>caking) ajiropon Xa u^tt:(:^i-, wlurh word wc must mppcMC 
Orestes to have uvL-rhLiird. 6o Kluuscii : " Eliam gnmro te; lnteUi> 
gcnducn est, Sht%*h koX fwir. Cf. Hartuog. Paiiikctn t. p. Iftl." 

Yet Rloniticld ; " Hoe csctnplam iU ndjivi palcM, qiBC dcdit I>o- 
brsvs in Aristojih. App. p. (SO), in quibua ml ooujuiic^u poMponitur 
vDci. quun in cuii»tructione mnlecvdit. Pvqc tunen ra^ioor legendum 
vt fifV itania, vcl at m* f*am"B»" ! 

Jbiit. T^€ 6' apmvmtr ^X*'' ^I*K'' Z^*" '^ '"^ '^ f**' ftmt^ ! 

" EgTowo Orcstc npi?rt3 manirt porta media per quaina8)Mcitur .Cgirthi 
cor|>u" itittis jniMmii." Klaus. Abrescli cumparve Enr. Hec. 318, cW 
fffiwji' fx<M^. mirr' ilr apmivrra^ I xai : uid BlorafieldoddsTbnn-d.i. 2i. 

67!t. ^>mr' A Jyi'ff^v i9ui] " Cuiietmctionpm ^UXnm Aly. ;Vid. nbi est 
ffX'>>ui iip6f T^ (nifMuw^nivaf. illuatranint Mattb. Gr. Gr. $ 434. Elmtl. 
ad Soph. (Kd.T. 11C7. ct £ur. lliuxh. ISOfi. Hoc laincn excniplum 
uuHmin cit hujus drcundnculioius. fiia rxvoc, cum adjcctivo maKuliiii 
generis conjuDCtv : nam quod lapn edidimw v. 644 (638) t i'im^ ^i- 
Xif^ras rif \lyia6av &la, divcr« oat gtincrit. Diidt BurijiiJcs Fliaa. 55. 

• 675. affri/i^irpody*] "noadejifirn ; oCn iil^itpMi^ntfoni: nt^W^piain 
deWTM; n vcnun sit qood tradit Elmtl. ad &oph. (£d. C. t77. ai ^4 

■SioMiltDinT "AwBka. anfi>, orbefor 
«T«r r^'a" I Par. Ia)M. i, :U0. 

• Not vnliki* M thn bii>iI«tii ClrtKin- 
neitia's IntfvpUltr i " I( «a ihouM Tiul 
—WtftU! Ital mniir VMit oouruc to 
Uie flwUiv pWc, And well a»t Ml" -, 

Stuk»p. Mkdirth. Aft i. Sc. 7. 

* ThrirwnnU, xwili«ii"tA«t)uirBui> 
«rr of uicb" (I. Cor. v, VL), term to 
kavv bM« boTrowMl (ram tiie iiiH-'ic 
cunliTsIn utf Ancinit nrottK : ■* ui A<- 
m6. lai, mlicrc sm the mIm. 



cumfutiiri>ir«fc«/Menc, ciun»ub)aiicti\'o veroMjraHfi/." Btotnf. Com- 
pare Klmal. mi Eur. Med. 1 1 20. Iivt on tlic otlicr band wc Hermann's 
erili^m (hereupon, and nolM on Soph. Riil. -4IS. CEd. C. W3, in the 
Utter of which he writ«« : " Qmuilnm cj^ <]uideni in hac re, que va]de 
ftubtilis it MTpi; pcruiibiguB ut. |icrepicio. conjonirtivo HDrisli locus est 
BUt iu CO quod jam adutn eal (cajusmudt exeini>lum KeiBii;. ad v. 39t). 
fix llcraclidL* V. 3W. attulil. Blind ego indicavi InniUoct. T.4I6.),aut 
ill re incurti Ivmporic, e«d HcniGl vel brevi tcmjuria momento agenda ; 
pnr*entU aotcm conjunctivus iii co quod jam tit oaarpatur. de quo 
dicctuu« ud V. Wi^, Fuluri vcro usiu, qucia ipea verbi f>>nn» nunnm 
in rtltus fulurie rei^an ostendit, ad en pertinct, qaar uut diutuniiont 
aliquando eYCntura indicare rolumus. ut hie m fi^ Mawnpqcmt. ant nua 
aEqiio qaocunque. »ed rcmotiore atiquo tempore dicitnus futum cfse." 
Vet ooS^pk El. 1041 (10.3:2). lleruiiimi wcUuighcouccdcsall that 
Elitulcy luul conlcndetl for, and with him fallt hwk upon that expla- 
nation oicit M. OM utcd cUijrttcallT for oi, ftx*^' ^ti) (and therdore n* 
pahle of any conttniotion. of whidi a simple fiq is capable), according 
to whieb nv should tnuulatc it ( I ) with a coujuiictive followinj; : there 
ia «• tj>pnhmtitM. or dumer, whatewr tf ioch and «uch a aottM AeiA^ 
rm^ianf— «.g. «lTt ^qrpod^ivmCb.dJA. «wr oC ^4 i^or* X^V*' '^*0^- 
Ttc rnefi' inti-xwifTmt [ivtv^-vnu Rtisij;. Elmsl, L>ind. j Aotf. Sojib. <£d. 

Ao^priiv a£ ftij tfiiMKri Phil. 41 S: <3) nitb a future: thm w no numr- 
dlja/e retisoH to apprrhettd from this or that person, or oadcr this or ihat 
Btate of lIungH, (ucli Bod inch coiut^utacn la rtutie — e.g. boph. 1^. 
1053. oC ««i r<g fuA'^pni r»ry. Amtitph. Run. a08, fi^ ri*> 'AtnUm 
tA fJi o iyit wtpta<troftm 'mXAMTn. (£d. C. 648. oAeou* vur' V* nwrvw 

(Z ripuf. J<MKT<i rif JE£*i. .'f^KhiQ. Dgainat Ctcsiphon p. 177. Bekk : * 
nit itir )n^ mu'Tjiaw ov fHf von ^Xn'mw woi^tfrr*. 

" Plmimqur quidem" — wc may any ofai ^9, bh Piiraoa of the aiM- 
logoiu conMmction of jirvr or Jrvr ^^ : m« on Eur H«c. 39S — " cum 
•eeundn ]>ervi>nu. aliquando cum tertin con rtru ttur, rariag cum prima": 
•ra the example* given in Matth. Gr. Gr. ) 517. Bat tv n- Haring 
l>r«n once e?Ubb.*licd as a general formulu for exprcMing. occordiog (o 
cirmoutanc««, /AoT i« mtto be thought of, tJtU it not HMy fa happtn — 
or, in eon«pgodiiig Cagltth phm»e. then't no ekoMcr (with 90n |if. 

■ CoapM* UKth. Or. Gr. 4 M7. r- »*■ PWii«daon|iaivllerm.gnSiifli. 
«0. (Ed.C.aU. 

* »w ScbolefttM <w Knr. nom. 1607. 



mcfre dtstinctly and deciihrrlir, thnv it not a cimcef of Uiis or that 
lAou^A/ hnng realiied. or of this or that perton actualfy froceediMf to ib 
ao wxJ »o — il was to he expected that considcntble Ucciuc of cotutntc- 
tion Kliould grow up with this, ita )dioca*tic (and ia the fint inetmnee, 
I should imagiDc,' cliicflycoUoqaial) luc. Kcaoe.ifwelook u> thecon- 
text of the svTcand cxamplcti above quoted, we may tnuudnle Suph. EL 
1032: y«i need H»t fear that I ahaUevertometottekforyoa. Arisloph. 
Ran. SOS ; Nay don't ejpect I am juin^ Io let yim of. Soph. <£d. C. 
848 : There crr/OT»/jf w na pnapect vAofmir of yaw a^ia (raveUUy tttt. 
iBt. 177: Be «»iured there u »9 reufOK to few that any o»e tAall dray f«m 
ace. iCschines : /»r the bad yon vtox't — i.e.' you are mA hkeiy to — 
make better.^ 

676. rMtt'a^mitTtKim'l " AQtnru Med. Guclph. Aid. cod. Rob., 
qui ex comjectim [Sophiani] 8' aUtt^ni', ot eic Turn. \'i<rt." WcIL 
" Notandum e»l poetai artitJcium. ClytieuHic«tni, t\aii mngis Oreatem 
niiBcriconlia tangat, intia paoziUutn spatium fiUiun cam bis nominat. 
not, rimiou. Kliam Chonu, quutn Orc^ton et Glcctram blHndiuscole 
compcUare Yult, cndcm nomtnn rcpctit, v. 258 ('iJj-C.)." Blomi'. 

ibid. " Hue respicit Kur. Or.537 : ir i^fiaXX* iLamiaflcntCcvtrAat 
ioirtif. Cf. ib. 839. «t 568. j&chylus vera Hontcmm imitatiu. apud 
qucm Hecuba II. xxii, HO: KSkmv An*favf, hipni^ bi pa^an'trx* • ■ .*' 

iTOTtrai XaSunj/lia fia^iiir imajfiw, riv fitijcriu, ^A> rfKrev. ^^(cbvluOl VCTO 

imilatur KTi])tur epigniomutiK : ir^ iiipoc itfiWir. "iri yaaripos; f lurA 
fidfwi'; yatrr^p ^a iMx*'^"'-°''''^t"^'^'>^' 110(01." lOaus. bAct Slanlcv. 
877. ffiiiC»y ifta, Augl. ileeputy thv while, or, while fl<rpiny — equiva- 
lent to S^ «ji ffpi^tw. KC Matth. Cr. Gr. $ 565. obv. 3. and compart 
A^. 1597, ibtn^v miifi^ oiVxuiwir' 'jui avipi i r rpanfy^ rttJ' i^oiiXnioat 
fuf/mr, where llltMnfield: "il^ui cum participio cobKret, Thcb. 225 
(239)* KX^ov<ni Jiirayoif fya .... Ixvuir. HcTOdot. i, 179 : ifivrvwnK 

' Id the Mme mAniui latj hare ari- 
Kinated llie (rdl-kawim PbRM o^x '^'' 
Ti, an wliidi SM A|ipcnaU U NoM* on 
Ike AcaBKOjiM, p. 391. 

■ CbiBfn Bbtth. Or. Or. f 496. b. | 

• If the prini^iple. on •hicli Ih* nbove 
f ipbiijniin rrau. I'M diiTrcil. vr niu4t 
Ji»tuitiliwb frum du um of ai ^i^ witli ■ 
(■tare, that lfit«mg*tiv« mm «f tb« fit. 
aoaio an kmpmtive) in wMcb *■■( prn- 
pntf foTDU n» pari, aail dnrii not nvrn 
•aur othmrbc than u > direct ixffsttoii 
□( prohiliitiaa of wnc Uiing that imrne. 

ilmtelt iir«Mdr*it; a.c. nwb. 350. S«mk. 
Aj.TJ. EuT.I[lpit.lSi. MnJ-imrilSI) 
and the KnunpttB which BUuUri tiM tfeeiB 
■aduon). $««MaMh. GcGr.{4W. D.0. 


* Thia cumulc la of doubtfol aulhoritf , 
Ixilh an acnmrt of tlw Birtra ( wkioh Blotti. 
flflil iiropowa tw ithmI* t>T reaibttxAjni^. 
owra for m\imMa\, utd btcruuc of rnjj^i 
«if>V ^4^ (iiBo*in( ^n, wid AlifMrcaflir 
Eomnrd M It— if *« thoald aoi rMbttr, 
«ith tilt ytSS. Mh). FUs. t,. raid bU 
^O*' fof vUcli Uindoif bu edited ied- 



Xen. KcU. vi, 3, '2 : Sfta Amn^'it nnir iftuyMm ia*fii{iiMi. Aiuib. ni, 
3, 7 : ifirfvntt iim trhpttvMf." Compon bIk) the note oii Ag. -1111. 
•2r' & (VAa TIC Anxwr u^w*. eqaivalimt to fV t^, Sr Ar iot^ rt, Ht tMt 
very vuta»i. k^mi a mon thaU ht/aitofimg tie. 

Ibid. -^(Ti'K.V. iH'M. ^mU.A. o Ml T." Klaiw. 

878. oO>«iotr.wili>y<Mrgum»: llesrch; 0A«*' *^ fioXiuur. j /n't ti 
AnoXuv- Mrir eil rA (Vomp Tna •Mm*!', vdiv fiaXscA ibva. oAa KoXtirw. 
oSXaT tiTm^iiviTwr. Poll. OnocDMrl. U.4: aHH wwpnaluf^wai rait ^Adpns 

" Hippocatc* dixit ctiam iiL'Jtai : vitte Fvitium." filomf. 

880. mi' ill} " irov tai M. V. iro* U G.A.R.. quod pro eodem Aieit. 
nS ftyra T." Kktn — «lio itlooe of mo4lerB editors luu preferml mi 
iat. no£ ri luntvfMni — " itaet Eur. Tr.-1£8. irvC }' 'AvAXmmm- JUyot, 
«f ^viv a.r A. Sophocli 7m pUmit in iKd. T. 953, ^comi, tA m'^v u>' 
ifM« roii A<iv /wmL|inrn. el 946. «I Am- fuartviian, 10 ivri ;" Abmcfa. 
" Euripidrs. si^x qais lUitu, np. nubirch. Con^uL ul .ApoD. p. 192: nv 
71)^1 rd #ffuvi «u^ : ni &* StAoft itfj^t ihritrr^ VifHnwt ; AngUcc dice- 
remtu : IFAaf is became »/ . . .^ iSchol : fMrCffmoirrai A «(iry^Xar (J< 
tlvXilqp. 'm >i4 &>X«'7winr. TynrhiRua la Arirtol. Poet. ( 10. ojitiine 
cuni^t: rra fbf S'. Uywnr, itr fiMfuor ia oniai Mviia hfUfudur ; " m 
jMtflit io^i pertcoa Mtn-rt." Nempe t^ifftXat. qu en oU^t. exit 
pCMtv. 873 (866). ut Pyladia penonnro. quwn [irius gw ii t w l, ilcram 
iuduiit. Rein UlostnTi in Mus. Crit. Cautali. T. U. p. 203." Blooif. 

Ibid. X»tiri] " Quid vdit Utud Xotfra, etguidtm non pcnpido. hc- 
gendnni Kuypieor: avw 97m voi rA .\. /i." Blomf — vkJ mu Burg«« on 
Eum. 4l'i : iroi' U rA «vXaul. But rA )k«iirn Rdniibi uf an ufariout in- 
terpretation : " prwter cu, qnibiu jam obtcmpcnirit Orcttce, jomh de 
eedtdondo ./l^utlio." KImu. 

881. w\9Ti V nap€<>pani, ami promi$rt KorrVMteH by oalAs gixta U>d 
rereiTed. not between Orestes and Pj^Udea — u Ibc Scholias