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T. G. TUCKER, Litt.D. 









1 1 


So long as literary studies are eamestly pursued, the final 
Word on Aeschylus will remain to be spoken. There are, and 
must always be, large gaps in our knowledge, not only of 
historical and social facts, but also of the facts of language. 
Nothing less than the recovery of an immense body of Greek 
literature now lost could supply the materials for the comptetion 
of the mosaic With Aeschylus in particular the difficulty of 
attaining to a perfect comprehension is intensificd, and that 

In the first place his own style, at least in the later plays, is 
exceptionally Condensed. Its specific gravity is extraordinary, 
and — though in a sense other than that meant by Aristophanes — 
his line, when weighed against those of the other dramatists, 
will make theirs kick the beam. He does not yield all his 
thought at the first reading, nor at the second; even at the 
twentieth the Student need not be surprised to discover that he 
has all along been missing the füll force, the precise tone, the 
exact point of a word, a /Sjy/Aa, a line, or a passage. Over and 
above this weight of primary meaning packed into a given 
number of words, it is recognised, though perhaps not so gene- 
rally nor so fully as it should be, that the style of Aeschylus is 
peculiarly allusive. While saying one thing, and saying it with 
power, his language is apt to be highly chaiiged with metaphor, 
of which the füll Contents only become ^Murra 9up^m^ as the 
reward of prolonged study. In a word which at first sight 
appears to bear a simple 'dictkMiary' meaning there is apt to 



nifi a parmllel thread of reference, of a religious, political, social 
or ' literary ' bearing. If Aristophanes, however much he may 
be speaking with the playful captiousness of comedy, makes 
Aeschylus (v^dKauf op /Sf t«09, the modern reader must assuredly 
•hare in the difüculty of comprehension. It would, however, be 
weil if the modern Student attributed the difficulty to its proper 
cause, which is not the grammar of Aeschylus, but this extra- 
offdinary compression of thought into the smallest receptacle of 

In the sccond place the text of Aeschylus has for the most 
part come down to us in a much less satisfactory State than that 
of the other dramatists. Ooubtiess between the fairly sound 
PrptneihiHS and the almost hopcless corruptions of the SupplUes 
there are gradations in the condition of the text. Doubtless 
also the degree of corruptncss is often greatly exaggerated by 
critics, and the Medicean text of the C/ioep/wri, for example, is 
in reality much sounder than is usually supposed. Nevertheless 
no Scholar doubts that every species of vitiation, from a simple 
misreading to an unintelligible and unmetrical Jargon, has its 
place in the codex upon which, almost alone, we depend for the 

These considerations should makc it unnccessary to apologise 
for the appearance of yet another edition of the ChoepliorL It 
is no disparagement to the Icaming or insight of previous 
commentators, who have contributed their more or less consider- 
able portions to the correction of the text and to its exegesis, 
that they should be followed in their tum by one who has 
laboured for no few years to understand Aeschylus and to gather 
competence for dealing with his text and its intcrpretation. It 
will not, I hope, be considered egotistic in a preface if I pre- 
miae that, since the appearance of my edition of the Supplkes 
in 1889. my reading has been largely directed towards further 
werk upon Aeschylus, which I might undertake after fuller 
preparation pour mieux sanier, l see no reason to modify in 
any important respect the critical principles set forth in the 
iotroduction to my earlier work ; but in respect of the stringency 
of their application I trust that the interval has not been without 
pfofit The piesent editbn is primarily exegeticaL For this 




purpose a revision of the text was inevitablc ; bu 
criticism will be found to be rcgulatcd scrupulousl; 
nceds. The result is that the text here ofTcred is 
conservative, providcd that * conscrvativc * is takei 
much adhcrcnce as is rcasonably possiblc to the 1 
and not to any familiär printed text such as 
Palcy s, one or othcr of which has for a gencration 
average English studcnt as a tcxtns rcccptus, But ' 
is conscrvativc in this sensc, as comparcd witl 
Hermann, Weil. Palcy, or cvcn that so judicioi 
for school usc by Mr Sidgwick. it docs not attc 
emcndation in the too numcrous places whcre < 


There has been no such ncglect of the O 
the Supplices. In prcparing this edition I have 
particülar Blomfield, Klausen, Paley, Hermann, Co 
Wecklein, Sidgwick and Verrall. Campbeirs trän 
Orcsteia and his text (in the Pamassus Librai 
been in my hands. Suggcstions made by Mr 
cannot fail to be well worth discussion, but I r 
recent contribution of Acsc»^ylca to the Cla, 
appearcd too latc for mc to make uic of it. The s 
Said of Mr Warr's translation of the Orcsteia. 1 
under which cvcry studcnt is laid by such a work 
Aeschyli Faötiiae (iSS^), with its collation of the tc 
by Vitelli and its cxhaustive apparatus criti:iis, is t 
estimatcd. The labours of Vitelli. thanks to th. 
compass, are not superscded evcn by the recent 
the handsome facsimile. V EscIiUo Lanrcnziaiio. 
Prof. Rostagno under the auspiccs of the Italia 
Public Instruction, a production which is quitc in 
editors of Aeschylus, and of which the introductioi 
is as helpful as it is lucid. The facsimile has b 
throughout as the basis of the present text, both o 

and its scholia. 

Of the larger studies of the play there are t 
desire to offer a special tribute. They are those 
and Verrall. Dr VerralFs edition is one whic 


Rtimulate by its freahncss and indepcndence. As fs the case 
widi all thosc who honcstly study his work upon Aeschylus, my 
respect fof his commentary increased with its usc In several 
pusages when. alter long and repeatcd meditation, I havc 
vrivcd at a conclu^lon which I bcHcvcd to bc new, but none thc 
kaa inevitablc, I have found the point already made, sub- 
stantiaily or in part, by the kcen Insight of my predecessor. 
Whercver an obligatton to him has becn direct, I have duty 
»cknowledged it. Where I dilfer fram him, I would bc under* 
stood to do so with the greatest respect Tor a scholar whose 
originality has done so much to rejuvenate comment on 
Aeschylus. The work of Conington must always lend much 
•olid hdp. Its dimcnsions are modest, but no vroric could 
cvince a saner melhod of comment or more judJcJal criticism. 
grammatical or literary. It is with Conington that I prcrer to 
Ute the form Choepheri rathcr than Clioepharot. 

I( will bc obscrved that I havc not followcd the praclice of 
niany modern editors nf Greek drama in supplying a complete 
metrical analysis of thc lyrics. This Omission is not due to lack 
eilher of study of the subject or of reci^^ttion of its Jmportance. 
In Ihesc matters thcre is still much to be leamed. and I agree 
with Dr Verrall (Clila^ittfr)' Appendix II.) that there isat present 
too great a tendency to argue in a circle. Wecklein appears 
to be of the ume opinion. The arrangement given by 
J. H. H. Schmidt in his Kuttslfertiun der GritcbisckeH PetiU 
(1868) Is too much bound up with arbitrary alterations of the 
tcxt to command the asscnt which I could wish to give it. 
While. for example, the reading of M in w. 77 sqq. Jütoia «ol 
pil Jüois I vpiirwT äp-)(iiv ßiov \ ßi^ ^pofUvmv ic.r.X. is periectly 
nnobjectionablc on grounds of grammar and sense, Dr Schmidt's 
Bcansion concerns itscif with an imaginary SMtata km rA /i^ 
Ukom I ^pitnvT äp)(irä* ßlf | ^pofUittt» «.t.X. Despite all 
laudableattempts at formalising metres I do not discover that 
we have gained an appreciably surer footing for criticism. We 
■tili have icarcely more to go upon than the facts that (1) in the 
tnof« lubtie lyric metres the Strophe and antistrophe do beyond 
dovbt nbew a remarkably exact correspondence. (3) the obvious 
"■d iNiiiwrsaNy received corrections of obvknis and universalty 


acknowledged corruptions in MSS regularly resi 

the placcs in which ihey occur into closer metrical 

Thc highly gratifying, bccause unanimous. app 

to the iranslalion of the 5«/^«/* has encourage. 

the same principlcs in rendering the Choepltoru 

should, firsc and foremost, bc faithful. But a b 

Version is as unfaithful to the poct as a loose pa 

the purposes of a work like this it appears impci 

to the best of ones ability in language which, t 

is not äppvßiiOi. and, though «ri»^^«, not t«w« 

sceks to give thc precisc shade of meaning in a 

identical with the original as English pro«; will a 

In the commenUry it has seemcd better to ei 

fulness than in ihe contrary direction. Apart frei 

thc recognised difficultie» and vcxed questions ai 

expcricnce proves that explanations of subatan 

tions of idiom cannol bc stinted with impunity. 

competent scholars are gencrally glad to see th. 

of grammatical and other remark» which are w 

all. In i',////««* 12s <->46) I ventured to 

äat^^a in thc scnsc of ■ wicked union,' but «uppl 

Inasmuch as no less finUhed a scholar thai 

(Hcrtiial/uHa No. xvi.) questioncd whcther Ihe 

Greek, it is obvious that a notc should at least h 

Aul. 1209 r^S S äffKioK &<n}it* -rtptßaivft ^1 

anolher finishcd scholar. Prof. Housman, doubl 

Opis which 1 tliere assumed, I ought manifestl] 

the authority, concernii« which that critic 

dwlares himself to be satisfied. Since it is sei 

find a satisfactory medium for answering even th 

criticisma. it sccms best to anticipate them wl 

conceivable. i« afistuts ont tmjcurs torl. Pa 

the casc with a student in Australia. whose r 

at all, must necessarily bc so much delayed 


It is, of course, to the example set by Frol. 
indebted for the general ahape of th» work. 
ledged in its place • special Obligation to bi 



IL Thb Tixt or thb Chobfhori 

The MSS; dctcription of Codex Medieeot 

ClanMcttioii of textual enora . 

The Scholk m lestnel erideaee . 


InleipoUiioiit; tniispoeilions; bcunie; eoloinetqr 


Dete; dnnuuit penonae; dittributkNi of perts . 
Technical dintioos of the pUty . 

Text, with notet 

Appe&dicci ••••••«, 


pp. banx— ehr 


xdx— cU 

I— t7i 

• • 



«39— «7« 


< I 



A. Tue Prk-existing Material. 

§ I. Aristotle in thc Poctics^ lays down the ruU 
tragedy that tou9 yi^kv oiv wap€i\fififUvov^ fivOov^ \veii 
\iyti» St' olov TTfv KXvTaifivtjarpav airoSavovo'av viro ro 
KoX rrjv *Epi<l>v\fjv viro rov ^W/Cfidtavo^, avrov Sc €vp 
tcoi roh irapahtho^Uvoi^ ^prjaOai fca\ü>^, The pri 
been sufficiently recognised by the dramatists. Orig 
tion of legend and eclectic handling of cxisting vari« 
along with a marked faithfulness to the main olcmc 
tradition. Clytaemnestra must be slain, and by th 
Orestes. For the rest the dcvice by which thc killir 
achieved, and the circumstanccs attcnding it, can bc ii 
picccd togcther by thc poct in such ways as he d' 
eflfcctive. lo must be mctamorphoscd into a cow an 
wandcr to Egypt. This much the legend dcmands. 
Supplices it is enough for thc purposc of Aeschylu 
shall wander across thc Hellespont and through A 
whcreas her introduction into thc Prometheus rcquirc 
shall procced north of thc Eu.xinc to thc Caucasus. 
much the tragic writcrs may havc rcgardcd thcmsclv 
regardcd, as special ly co^L in rcligious and legendär 
however much they may havc undertaken the rdk of 
of thc public in these matters as in cthics, they were 
instance piaywrights. While they did not 'undo' ti 
plot, they rccast its details at their pleasure. 

' c. xiv. I 5. 


It it tn enor to suppose that novelty of Situation counted 
fer little with the Athenisn audiencc; Aristotle doea not dwell 
upon fxvXiffit Tor nothing. Human nature was much the same 
in that rcspcct, and though the Grecks were only working 
tonrds the complctcly original invention of plot excmpHAed 
in Agathon's Authtus^, Ihey preferrcd at least to have the old 
Ulei newi)' told. K the spectator knew the general outline oT 
the Story he was at once on tenns with the piece, but the 
question how the poct would impart frcshness to the treatment 
was or great intcrest to a people who lovcd «oiim cVu^mv, and 
to whom Kt Kpäjtßtf was dcath. 

Dcspite the diAercncc of title, the Choepluri oi Acschylus, 
the EÜctra of Sophcxles and that of Euripides have the same 
lubject-mattcr, the vcngeancc of the loyal chtldren of Agamem- 
non upon his murdercra. Thew thrce extant' dramas of Orestes 
the Avenger aflord an exccllent example of what can be done 
in the way of dJversifying a plot, thanks to 'inventing for 
oneself* and ' artisticully handling,' whilc not 'undoing' the 
•tory'. The prccise amount of absolute originality in the details 
intröduced by Acschylus, Sophocics and Euripidcs rcspcctively 
cannot, of course, bc ascertaincd. Litcrature «nd oral tradition 
Bupplied many a varianL Homer, the Ifostoi, Stesichonis, 
Findar, populär story-tclling with its usual accmlons and 
confusions, all contributcd somcttiing to the matcrial which 
was distilling in the alcmbic of the playwright's niind. It 
must, bowever, be rcmembcrcd that evcn if no incident or 
Situation in the piece Js in itself uncquivocally novcl, a much 
deeper 'invention' may be shcwn in the use of that which is 
old. Acschylus did not invent the robe in which Agamemnon 
was entangicd and murdcred. Such a conccption might bclong 
to any man. But he did invent the intcnsely dramatic con- 
duct and the profoundly imprcssive specch of Orestes as he 
unfolds the garment in the Cliotphori. The originality which 


■ C iMf»! tbo Üw Pkmmium wHk Ih* Sivtn apiiml TMti, 

contrives thus to intensify the tragic pleasurc, j 
time compcl our sympathy for the hero aftcr 
a deed, is of an order which only gcnius can ci 
the less it is of intcrest to deterniiiie what comm 
in tlie ordinary scnsc of that term, lay at the 
threc tragodians, and how much of it was a 
essential to the story. 

S 2. An analysis of the three pla>s will 
Clements of the Orcstcan legend common to all 
as follows. Carc must be takcn to assume no n 
in particulars tlian is herc stated. 

On liis returrj froni Iroy Agamemnon had t 

ireaditroiisly munlered by agrecnient U^tweei 

Clyiaemncsira and Aqjjsihus. Tlie guiliy pair 

thtone and reigned lor sevcral ycars, to the gr. 

ihc citiicns. Muanwlijle Orosies, haiiiig in ihu f 

in some way conveyed to the care of Siropliius 

exile, anil is a cause of anxiety to the 

Eleciro livcs in Argos in huiiiiliaiion and in a ti 

her molher ind Aegisthus, upon whom she is c 

down vengeance for the father whom she never 

Orestes, grown to manhood, and accompani, 

Pylades', niakei his way secreily (o liis own 

mtention of avenging his faiher. in acconlanci 

of Apollo, Hi» first Step is lo juirform a cerem 

including the dedication of a lock of his hair, 

tomb. It is next broiight about that Orestes : 

and ' recognisc ' cach othcr, and the plan of veng 

Joint undertaking. In the end the death of bo 

and Aegisihus is clfccted by stral.igem. 

These nrc the only 'constants.' Yct in tlic 

thcir dcUiU and in working thcm into the plot I 

a poiiit in whidi all the thrce dramatists ngroc. T 

in which Agamemnon was murdcred, the prccise r 

' Thit rylicl« ii Ihc lon of Strophim it 
detul belonc* to ihc OniHi of Kwipida, » 
«h» frkiKhhip oT Ih« uro fvm^ ncn rvecin 
Or. 1014 mmI /. T. 448. 

not itiicd in any ofll 
her« alu (>■ in Ihc , 
> Ihc klcaliMlivn n«<r 


s was consigned \o Strophius, the subsequent courae of hJt 
exik,theineaMircofcofnmunic>tionbetwceti him and£lectra,the 
exKt trcatment of thc latter nt homc, the exact nature of the 
onde whicb aent Orestes back, the manner of thc ' rccognilion,' 
tiw pbfi ind execütion of thc vengeance— ia nonc of these 
pMticalan are Aeachylus, Sophoclcs and Euripiücs all at one. 
If the Elatm of Sopboclei touchca the CkocfJtori more dosely 
«t eertain poJnU. at ccrtam othen it morc closcly touchca the 
EUctr* of Euripides, and »o wc may go the round. 

It may be amumcd, thercforc, that ihcsc few itcms— whjch, 
except for the introductioo of l'ylades. the dcdication of the 
trcH and tite ^9m/fm^»K, are of an entircly gencra] nature— 
Ibnned invariable coiutituents in a legend otherwise much 
diversified. An alternative would be to auppose that the 
Acsdiylcan piecc, being rather more than a gencration older 
tfian thosc of the other two poets, had itself fixed theae aa 
portions of the plot But such a nurminc is contrary to what 
«e can gather of thc legend from other sources, and is also 
m /Thri improbable. In Euripides thc part playcd by the trcsa 
IS unimportant and irrelevant to thc dcvelopmcnt, while in 
Sophocks also it bclongs to a mere cpisode. It ivould hardly 
have appeartd in each and all of thc three writcrs unless for 
a pecullar consistency in the populär tradition, which rendercd 
it practtcally indispensable In all lilcelihood it was a prominent 
feature in Uw Steaichorcan' story and known to 'every school- 
boy.' Moroovcr, when one draina already cxisted on a subjcct, 
tbe later playwrighu would dcliberately seek for variatioAs 
rather than copy a prcdcccssor. 

to» J 3. Here then, bcfore thc age of the tri^dians, was the 

^ bare and «mplc outline of thc OretUia as univcrsally adopted. 

Tbe (arge acope offered for thc introduction of deUils on the 

« pait of poeta, \»finm^ vase-paintcrs and othcrs was not 

^ neglected, and, bcfore the dramatists took the theme in hand, 

thc legend had already evolved many variants. Something will 

ba «^ iramediately oT tbe amount of actual knowledge from 

«tefMorce* which we pottess conceming loine of the content« 


ofthe pre-dramatic Oresleia. Thcre is, liowcver, a K 
criterion to be found in the dramatists themselves, b 
can mark off eertain particulars as no invcntion of th 
as simple adoptions. 

Bcaring in mind the desire for originality on 
playwrighls — a desire which appcars to havc bccn aln 
in the case of Euripides with his ai>T0fp7Öt and thc 
Clements in his EUetra — wc may rcasoiiably bclicvc 
two of thc dramatists agrcc in thc usc of somc ( 
circumstancc, device or incident, and still morc ii 
assumption of such a circumstancc or dcvicc, tliey a 
not upon Ihcir own invcntion, nor yct one upon th< 
upon material which was already available, though 
current forms of thc story. 

Now, within the outline which we have disco\ 
constant for all the thrce tragcdians, wc find that 
and Sophocics agrcc in introducing (though in 
different ways) a disturbing dream of Clylaemnc 
induccs her to send yoM to the tomb of Agamcr 
Same two agrec in cmploying a falsc announccn* 
dcath and inurning of Orestes as the device by 
avenging party gain admittancc to the palace. Oi 
hand Acschylus is at one with Euripides in 1 
Agamemnon as having bccn slain in a bath wl)il< 
by a ■rriiryi.o^, in mcntioning only Orestes and Elc 
surviving children, and in causing Orestes to bc ; 
frcnzy and pursucd by the Erinycs. Sophocics an< 
in turn, jointly dissent from Acschylus whcn thc 
Orestes as dclivcred by a faithful rctaincr from t 
of Acgisthus at thc time of Agamcmnon's murder 
introducc such a rctaincr into the plot ; neither says 
tkrtaU on thc part of thc oraclc in the event of non-l 
tbe vengeance. 

Wc must not, of course, arguc from the silence ot 
on a particular point that it was therefm« a part ol 

■ Al kul ihii i< (hc cxtt in ihc Eltitr» el Eanpiün. In ll 
Chrpotbcnb u lunwit. Th« diffinmen h < )ir «« n (hne iwo pltjr* I 


mhiniliw- to him, nor that he was unacquainted with more than 
ooe verajon. The fint conaidcration for the playwright would 
be the «dapUbility of that dement to the construction of his 
pteee; Taking, however, the pointi of agreement aa they can be 
tell ect ed froin the two BUetrat and the Chtepluri, we are justified 
h Mtumins that the body of the Oraltia already at the com- 
Mand oT the filth Century dramatist induded at least the 
fcUowing details and varianta. 

Agamemnon, on the day of hii retum froni Trojr, wu ilain, 
cither at Argo* proper Of at Myccnae, \>y Clytoemnettra and her 
paramonr Aqiuhna Some Mjr ii was a( the hjindi oT the paJr, 
oihen tay al the hand> of Clytaemnettra, though all arc agreed 
dtai both ihared in the pUwing. The miirder wai cffiected by 
Ireachery. [According to «ome. Agamemnon was ilain ai the 
banqnet-table' with biow* of an axe ; according to othcn] hia wife, 
wbo was tending him ai he toolt the bath prepaicd for the weary 
tiaveller, cait about him a heavy and encumbering rol>c exi>reuly 
oonirived to hamper hii movemcnts, and tben >hc (or both to- 
gether) alcw him, eiiher with an axe ot with the iword of Aegiilhui. 
After the mutder the corpae wu mutilated and aftenardi buried 
wkh ignominy, without the cuitomary lamentation or oiher cere- 
monici. Aegiuhut ihen, usurping ihe place of Agamemnon, 
became deipoi of Argoi, iharing hii nile with Clytaemnciira, and 
behavii^ in thii matter, •■ in that of the crime, to the grcat 
diiairection of the people of the country. Meamrhile Agamemnon'! 
duMrcn were made to lufTer. OreMet wa> diipouciied and in 
eaite. Ilic common «ory (though it i« not the only one) sute* 
Ihat he had been uvcd at ihe time of the murder and canicd out 
of reach by an aged rctainer loyal to Agamemnon. In any caie 
he had been put inio the handi of Strophiui in Thocii and had 
eitber remaincd with him or lubaequenlly wandered in varioui 
ptiti. Al he grew to monhood, Clytaemnesira and Aegiithui 
hvcd in cOMtant diiquietude al (he protpect of hit retum. Uuring 
•U thia time Agamemnon'i daughtet Electia, remaining in the 
power of Ihe ruling pair, wa> at open feud with both Aegitthut 
and her rood>er, perpelnally bewailing her father and invokrng 
fcngeaaco^ which ihe naturally looked to Orcstet to occomplbh. 

* ThM ttbwM 'ndUk ■iiHikl,' ud aot dw hmMk» o( SofilMMla. h kaowa 


For thii »dherence to her father's cause ihc was iUir< 
ill-cloihed; and, to prevent ih« possibility of a cl 
becoming the avenger of Agamemnon, she was del 
wedloclc. Uliimately Oteites comcs to manhood am 
,nce with an orade of Apollo, returns ciandestinely to 
on the deed of vengwnce and on ihe recovery of h.s 
ii accompanied by his friend l'ylad«. Al ihe out 
the sepulchfc of his faiher, to offer thcrcon a lock o 
token of mourning and respeci. The usual vcrsion \ 
Ihe ])revious night ClyiaemneMra ha.l been visilcd by ai 
which was inierpretcd to npring from ihe anger of h 
■piril. and lliat on the day of Orestes' arrival sl.< 
propitiaiing x«' to the grave for ihe first s.ncc 
Electra (accoriiine to ihe common account) w the 1 
™. and, finding the tresi upon the to.nK w'th 
Visit of Orestes, she is convinced ihat he has «ii 
(partly by ihis and parlly by oiher means) a 're< 
brought about beHveen bro'her and sistcr, who ihei 
their forc« against the common cnemy. The [ 
plot is to gel il reprcscnied to Cl) iaemncsira and /\ 
Orestes is dead awl that his ashcs l.avc been inurned 
who naturally offer* ihem lo the relatives to » tl< 
Argos. Disguiseii as messengers to ihis cffeci Orc<ies 
are to gaio eniranre to the |)alace. »l.ile Electr.i i 
design in such way as cirrumstances allow. The | 
and l)olh Clyiaemnesira and Acpsthus are slain l 
of OreMes. As a conscquence it Is gcnerally told 
is harassed by visitations of the Furies, who drive 1 
from place to place, until he ftnds ceremonial pun 
Apollo and judicial juitificatior from ihe Areoi>agu- 

I 4. That current legend containcd all this n 
conclusion supportcd by othcr cvidcncc than that c 
We are not in possession of the poems, and still Icss 
tales, which were known in literary and populär circl. 
in the .'ifth Century B.C But it is possiblc to gathe 
considerablc from the literaturc still extant and fro 
Utions of the legend in art-works anterior to 
Though thi« will hardly, from iu fragmenUry cond 


naftcr corrcsponHirif; to c; 
J mmary. it gocs vcry l"ar [i 

and cvcry detail in ihe foregoing 
irds so doing. 

^ S S- In the Homeric story trf the vcngcancc, which bclonga 

to the Otfyste/ and not to the /^iaJ (to which, indced. there is no 
reason why it should bclong, sincc there was no occasion to 
knCJcipate cvcnts), it is nowliere distinctly suted that Orestes, 
whcn hc sicw Acgisthus, siew Clytaeninestra aiio. Thus, in the 
T^A-wwcÄy {Oä. I. 29 sq.). 

mW»"" W i^- ^•**) ■■'i ^W»» Ativuarm Alyirtwa 

^'■*ilariy (?rf. t. 298 sqq. 

f oJk afnt otin- «An« ik\aßt ilo% 'O/HimTf 
nvmt i»' artipwwwt, Jir«! hran rar^o^vqa, 

. Angislhu») irurnvftpil irmiw. 

m 195 sqq. 

■AA' ^ TOI «rntf ^ir (8' 
*f ayoMf ndi raiSa lar 

Aiyia^or toAiifiirTir, Ü oI trartf» HXvrär Jura, 

matter is more fully narrated in III. 304 sqq. 

■rnrat 'ArpiJSiff, it'Afi1»a S< Xaöf vt iiir^- 
if W oJ tyfni'tif «aiw qXvtf« ji'o( 'O/itVTir* 
i^ a» Aorrma»', aarn Ä' Smu »arpii^oi-^«, 
A'yt«^ (dXd^ifriv, D sl rar^ «XBrü» /«r«, 
^ m ret mint Jaim r^nr 'Apyiimut 
~»^ MTfpö« M OTiryipjt «; anA«aot AiVifTfctu), 

l^^J^ »cholia record some qucstion about the genuineness of the 
if- Iwo lincs, and övriXnSof only agrcea with äiivfMifos (of I. 39) 

tj^*He latter be takcn of physical bcauty, although on the othcr 
1^ V**l it suils very weil with the mention of his IJving eÖ*qX«t 
li^Ci» 'ApjwOT (tu. 263) whtle the herocs wcre at Troy. \( tho 
^H^l^ »« retoined, it » still not ccrtain how Clytaemncstra mot 
^^^ dcath. aibeit it is plainly implied, as Arisiarchus observei, 
^*«t »Mm.wm\trn Myiaßf ^ KXvTtußi'ijaTpa, while, as the same 
*^ÖC addt. -ri fij tt MM vvd 'Opirrou iJqXev. 


All thtt WC can gatber from the I 
ii that Aegiathui wms both the prime co 
■nd also the murdcrer, and that it is h 
the vengeance of Orestes. The punishmcl 
altogether a secondary matter. Not but| 
also bore her share of guilt Shc 
(in. 372), and a partner in the murderc 
«f 'Ayatti/tintw \ mX*6^ iw' Aiyiiiöoio iöM 
Indeed in one place (IV. 9t sq.) Ihc plot is al 
to her (Ti/w m«> öSiX^mV JXX«t rvtiput \ > 
aiXofUvti^ aXä^out). If this i's really i 
usual account in the same part of the Oi/j-sl 
303, and particularly IV. $39 Atftaffov SoXijjvM 
with the context), the inconsistency is to bei 
facts that the lines are not all from the saml 
accounts of the precise behaviour of AcgistI 
mnestra respectively alrcady varied someul 
to cmphasise the part playcd by Cl>'tf 
enormity, was already grmving. 

The veraion of Agamemnon's murder giveJ 
{Oä. XI. 409 sqq.) might seem lo illuü^tratc a laB 
tndition*. While in tv. 539 sqq. it is Aegisthul 
Said to invite Agamemnon to a banquet and sct I 
•lay him, in the later passage the words run 
«AA^ /tat Alytrto* rrütn A^mror r« f 
ürria vvv a£X«fiJry mki\if n.r.X. 
anditiaClytaemncatra2oXo(i«r'*«(43Z)u'lio slays CJ 
n^KMe part is brought into prominencc in the words | 
i « ««-.« 
rav^ümt', Mi pM hkif Um w<p <i( 'AiSao 
Xipai M«r I^Mift»)^ lA^ir mnr rt o'ni/i' iptiir' 

■ la iIm Sltlrm ol Etulpida AcgiMha« k a miuh man im|KHiMt 
la Iht othet lira Invcdia. BaripM« ni, hnvcvct. ptolublr iflriuf 
M • Ingk riMUtoa aad tu* wpMfn — ct lo ihe iniiincidc. nlhcr ihi 
t opbi d W (■ MM« lo H«ma, hock la Ui conccpi»» or ihc nanu 
4Mli Md abo U hb *li of ooHphM appronl o! ibc vcnaeaiKC. 

' ^~ Ihr kIaii^c M£a ot tbv k' 

• a^-V- Aceonl^ to KbcMwr h b •>" ' ' 


<Sff «Ik «Mi^por mix «vm^oir «XXo yvMuwf 

^ Od, XXIV. 97 the murder is kViloBov vwo x^piri ital ovXofUptft 

It is this greater pitmiinence of the wife's crime which leads 
greater prominenoe in the retribution. The question how 
^nras to be treated in the r^*« of Orestes would naturaJIy 
Itseir fonvards, until the fact had to be clearly realised that 
sieiv his own mother as well as Aegisthus. Such a deed 
"•■ß'Ht possibly pass without much comment in primitive Greek 
•*^^i^ty ; but in a society more informed with religion and yofio? 
^* J tastification rose into a problem. 

-^^^^iTic elements of the Orestes-legend which appear in the 
™^^«*icric poems then are thesc. After his treacherous murder 
'^Camemnon with the connivance and, in some shape, the aid 
f ^lytaemnestra, Aegisthus reigned as tyrant over Mycenae for 
^w\ years. In the eighth Orestes 'returned from Athens V 
f«i he had grown up and yeamcd for his own land (Oä. I. 41 
r* 4r ^4^p Tf icai ^ ifAtlprrtu atff^), and, as avenger of his 
r, he siew Aegisthus, and thereupon gave a burial feast to 
^fgives over Aegisthus and his < wicked mother/ The deed 
. ""^presented as the commendable Performance of a true and 
*^W raison. 

S & Bctween the eartiest form of the Homeric story and 

hody of Orestean legend which has been enucleated above 

Lvailable for the tragedians, lay some five centuries of 

^^^tepment Unfortunately the connecting links still dis- 

^^"^^^raWe are few and slight. They are set forth with his 

judidal luddity by Prof Jcbb (Introduction to Sophocies 

*4rm pp, xi sqq.X working upon general literature and upon 

It ii MUworthjr tkat tlic AlbcnUui Iragcdiaiu. who are never ilow 10 introdnet 
to tWir OWN dty. siv« no hint of thit iredition. WUh CMh of them it it 


JMI AlhcM, which it the place of exile. Thit tut lendt no cmmtenance to 

of ZcnodoiM lyp iH ♦MnM' in (V. in. 107, Imt rather 
^^*^ ■•^•^ Ä'^Ä'i^ti^ii i«»t iflMMdiatdy to HoMtr for Um legend, bm 
^ 'i«! Mlir aM lalar tooicet which tnpf4y the mnainhif detailt. 


Carl Robcrt's essay on *the Death of Aegisthus' 
known Bild und Lied, Much the same ^round, ho 
be traversed for the Otoephori, and certain modifi 
new considerations may be offcred without presum 

The epics of the Cyclic pocts have pcrished. 
great lyric Orcsteia of Stesichorus, cxcept for a 
fragments. What can be gathered of these, an 
Pindar, and the cvidence of one or two works o( 
are too early to owe anything to our dramatists, coi 
materials from which the devclopment of the stoi 
foUowed, so far as it can be rollowcd at all. 

Of the Cyclic poems the Nostoi (circ. 750 B.c.) a 
butes one new elemcnt, in the introduction of P)'l 
Orcsteia of Stesichorus (circ. 590 li.C.) \9> unanimously 
by schoiars to be of the first conscquence to the tradi 
Stesichorus, who is placed by Simonides (frag. 53) 
Homer as the singer of legends ' for the folk,* must I" 
classic text-book among Athcnians seems cicar fr 
phanes Pax 775 sqq., whcre vcrses of his OrcsU 
scholiast informs us) appear without any mention ol 
but, of course, with all the more certain an assumptio 
would fall on ears to which thcy were familiar^ 

I would add to this passage the allusion to Elect 
recognition of the lock of hair in the Clonds 534 sqq. 

1^ Q\jv 'HXcKTpai' «ar* itiuv^v rß ij «(u/AtpSoi 
{i;rov(r* ^X^', r^v irov Vcrvx); ^caratf ovr» fro^ 

The point seems to be that the clever comedy will rc 
clever kin among the spectators by ever so small a tc 
scholiasts not unnaturally refer this to the Chocpfiori 
the Juntine, however, struggles to fit the allusion to 
of Sophocies). But Electra does not in the Chocpt 
seeking,' and it is doubtful if the play was so famili 
the source of populär knowledge conceming *HX<«r/>a 
it is otherwise allowed that Aristophanes was intimat 
Stesichorean Orcsteia and that it was «^ populär wor 
Athenian public, there is perhaps more reason for bei 

' Berglc (fr. 36) attempCt to rettore Che extet words. 


ont/ pijn\% but also iarpöt. in liis reUtion or purificr to Orestes 
■ftcr Ihc murdcr, and of dcfcnder (üXtfi^r 17^10«) from thc Furics. 
Tbc introduction of Pyladca in tlic Nosiei shcw-s ihat this con- 
iKCtion was in »omc ricgrcc cstabüshcd by thc carly jwrl o( Ihc 
cif^th Century li.C. Whclher thcrc was or was not a ' Dclphic 
eptc'cinbracini;thcwholcof thismattcTCannot bedccidcd onany 
■ubütantial cvidcncc Hut wlial appcars to bc tolcrably ccrtain 
is thal, wi'th thc incrcasitig prominciicc givcn to the problcm of 
Orestes' juKlification. thcrc anwc a «oliition in thc teachinfjs of 
that rcligion of Apollo— Sccr, Dclivcrcr and Purificr — which 
grcw up Ulcr thnn Homcric timc*. I f a ' tcst case ' was requircd 
to ifluilratc thc power of this Apollo, nonc bcttcr could bc 
bund than in thc |x;rson of Orc<<tcs so pcculiarly pollutcd wtth 
the blood of matricide. No doubt thcrc wcrc somc thrcads of 
k|;cnd alrcady conncctmg an Orestes wilh thc Dclphian ncigh- 
bourhcxid. but, howcvcr sicndcr thtsc might bc, thcy wcrc cnough 
to bc tuntcd to account in .shcwing how an oraclc sliould bc 
obeyvH'. and how thc River of thc oraclc can bolh juslify his 
rcsponv; and also pur^'c the casc of almoHl hopcicxs-looking 
Mood-pollulion. VVhcthcr thcrc cxistcd a 'Dclphic cpic' or 
Dol. thcrc was ütrong Dclphian influencc upon thc slory, and 
altno^t indisputab!)' ihat stor>' had bccn shajx-d inlo somc 
litcrary form accc«iblc to both Stcsichoms and l'indar, 

\Ve arc not. howe\cr, to suppose that Stcsichoms in hw long 
Orttttüt would confinc bimscif in any limid manner to bis 
originAL A ccrlain amount of transformation of thc matcrial 
would takc place as it passcd through his hands. It would bc 
abncl{;cd hcrc, ampUlicd thcrc. varicd by somc trick of iiivcnlion. 
It wa» not only thc dramatists who might 'invcnt for ihcm- 
■dt-es' whilc not 'undoing' thc tradilion. And again, if we 
oonsidcT Stcsichorus thc chicf sourcc for thc dramatists, wc nccd 
by i»o means considcr him thc only sourcc. Thc points in 
whkh, of the thrce tragic poeU, all will agree, or sometimca 

' A ™«e-p«niinE ie|>toil««tl bjr BaunwiiWf OtHimiltr p. n 10 feprtsmH Ajnllo 
•Mine <m iKe 4#**Vii, hvkllni; ■ lyre <n hii 1(1 haml und in hia rlghl ■ Innnch of 
ba>rl, wUl« »Weh tr« towho Ihe lüinlhed ■■oH of Omici, efUtnllj' ilolieiline i( 
■B «( »«k Ol venccun. |>f |k1«, «laippcd likt Otnta (or Ir»»»!, «lUiili lichlnil 



1 A with B, sometimes A with C, and finally B only 

•1 arc cnough to shcw ihat the Homcric vcrsion, the Cyclic 

.1 the Stcsichorean. and probably some Dclphic account, 

availablc for dramatists of the ßfth Century, whose bui 

was to look afield for plots and modilications of plots'. 


I 10. Now if thc above account of thc prc-cxisting 1 
is approximately correct, wc havc considerable data 
tcrmining thc degrec of original invention, architcctor 
and power of charactcrLsation which cach dramatist po 
as well as for disccrning liis ethical attitude; for thcM 
arc in no small mea.4urc revcalcd by his sclection fr 
constituents of the legend, his cmphasis upon this 
dement, his omissions, additions and alterations. i 
particular survcy of the structurc and charactcrs of 
ihe three plays may now be made, with a view to ex 
such comparison as may put thc special gcnius and 
Acschylus in a distinguishing light. We may bcgin vk 
rcspcctive plots. 

5 II. Tlie Eltctra of SophfxUs. 

l'he time is earty mocning, the place Mycenae. Oretti 
wilh Pylades and ihe (laiSa^wyot, who had been hit p: 
He relales that he went lo Delphi exprnsl}' to islc how I 
avcnge his fallier, and that the Cod bade him comf 
vengeance bjr crofl. it is arranged that the PaedagOjj 
g.iin entrance 10 the patace and find out nhai is pas^n 
'I'hanks 10 lapsc of time' hc will be unrecognised. and t 
he may safely represenl hiniself as a Phocian sent l>y Ph 

' Vat k poinl of i)lv«rgcncc in ihc leidend u In (bc miinncr o( Ihe 1 
^»emiHin miri tlie weapon iBiiJo]'»ii !>)■ Clj'lMiiiiw«™ «e AppcniiU 

* A> « miiilei of fucl onljF Kvrn jrMr» hsvr paiKil, inrl ihc oirf man ii 
luv« chknged miich in Ihii pcriol. 
:rlilc«| in hkIi ilctaib. 




the firiend of ClyUemnestra and Aegixthus. He is to swear* that 
Orestei hat been accidentally killed in a chariot-race at the 
Pythian gamet. Meanwhile Orestes, as bidden by the oracle, 
will Visit his father's tomb and oAer libations and a lock shorn 
from his hair. Afkenvards he and Pylades will return with the um 
which, they will [>retend, contains the ashes of Orestes and which 
they have prepared and hidden. The lamenting voice of Electra 
being heard within, they all withdraw. 

Electra enters and chants a ^p^yrot «iro irminf«, telling of her 
nnceasing lamenutions, in which no one shares, for her father*s 
ihameful dcath. She appeals to the nether powers for vengeance 
and implores them to send Orestes. 

The Chorus (of IloXirtSff of Mycenae) enters, the parodos 
taking the form of a kommet with Electra. The women are I'i 
motherly in their sympathy, they recognifie the abominable wicked- yi 
ness of ClyUemnestra, but they feel that Electra should restrain 
her hopeless Opposition to the powers that be ; she must wait for 
the help of Heaven and Orestes. 

Electia replies that she has no choice ; it cannot be allowed 
that t parent should die and be forgotten. Moreover there would 
be no check on sin. She describes the intolerable Situation, 
with Aegisthus on her father's throne and in his bed. ClyUe- 
mnestra even makes a festival of the day on which her decd was 
done; she also curses Electra, and especially for having saved 


The Chorus is endeavouring to console Electra with the 
issurance that Orestes will keep his word' and come, when . j 
Chrysothemis is scen approaching with Irri^wL in her hands. 
On entering, Chrysothemis declares that she also grieves, but 
finds it policy to yield. Whereupon Electra reproaches her with 
ibrgetting her father for the sake of her own comfort She herseif 
will accept no such terms. She is prepared for the worst, even 
when Chrysothemis wams her of a new punishment in störe. 

As Chrysothemis is about to proceed on her mission, Electra j[ 
asks for the explanation of the hm^ and learns how Clytae 
noeitrm has dreamed' that Agamemnon retumcd to life, and that 
bis ioeptie, planted upon the hearth, sent forth shoots which 

> TIm fiÜM oath it jvtüfied in the UHm cnjoincd by Apollo. 
' TU Sopbocl wi Ekcttm ImwI bccn fai co—Mwteatfcm wltk Oreitcs sbfoad. 
• Ofli— aMlrs WM ovtriiaud 'tclUi« tbs dfctm to tbs 8«a' accoidiiif to the 
la AtidijlM iIm atkci M Mcrtt of htr vWoa. 

\ •; 


overshadowed all Mycenae'. Encouraged by this news, E 
enlarges upon the wicked audacity of a woman who could 
such tribute to the husband she had murdered, declares it w 
for Chrysothemis to offer it, and exhorts her rather to 
Agamemnon to come up as avenger. To this Chrysotl 
yields, but bargains for silence. 

The Chorus believes that justice is coming, and bewail 
woes of the house of Pelops. 

ClyUemnestra, with an attendant, now comes forth to sa< 
to the Apollo before the door. She rebukes Electra for 
abroad and speaking ill of her. * I do not deny the slayin^ 
ri Au»; ¥iM ctXcK, ov« ifia fuivrj. He had no right to sacri^ic 
child Iphigenia, and I had the right to avenge her.' 

An eUiuhus of the forensic kind follows, and Electra clii 
it by urging'* You admit you slew my father. Could any 
fession l)e more disgraceful, whether you had cause or not ? 
fact it was Aegisthus who tempted you. Agamemnon ha 
choice but to slay Iphigenia. In any case you had no right t« 
because of a killing ; eise you must be killed in tum. It is 
pretence. Is your living with Aegisthus part of a just retribi 
or your treatment of us}^ 

Clytaemnestra rejoins with threats, and then proceeds 
her sacrifice, praying Apollo for a propitious outcome ol 
dream, and hinting at wishes which she will not speak alo 

The Paedagogus now enters. He teils Clytaemnestra th 
brings 'pleasant news'* from Phanoteus — that Orestes is < 
The shock to Electra is great ; but Clytaemnestra is all cager 
and the oUl man describes in a powerful p^crif the imag 
death of Orestes in the Pythian chariot-races. Certain Pho< 
he says, are bringing the ashes to Argos. 

ClyUemnestra rejoices in a sense of relief^ and taunts El 
with her discomfiture. The messenger is led in, and Elect 
left without to lament her helplessness. In a komtnos with hei 
Chorus attempts consolation : ' Despite the death he died, 

' The drcftiB b evidently borrowed from an Orienul tource, cf. HcrodoC. i 
VII. 19. 

* In Sophoclet the hottility of moCher to ton b thiu pubUcly rec«cnbcd. 
tftcmnettni dcfcodt it {EL 775 sqq.). 

' It it tnie the cannoc help tome ■uucmtl regrct (767 Umk ^, W^ A 

■ r.i-jr «JOQ mn-, i.i-» .'." 


ipiril or Amphiataus in still gteai bcneati) tlie ctuih.' 'Ayc, but' 
repÜM Elcctra 'he hat! a son' Ich xa avenge him.' 

Chrysoihcmis icappeari in agiiaiion*. Sl)e dcciarcs lliat 
Oreitei hui come, and ilescril)ei (he proofs in ihe sbape of 
Ihe iress and olher offerings. ' ll could be no one eise'.' Elcctra 
treali liur conviciion as folly, 'for Orcttes is dead.' Slie urges her 
■ttter lo jtMn her in (lie noble deed of slaying AegUihus, and, 
when Chrysotlieini* calls the attempt vain and foolharily, she ca«W 
her otr in angcr. 

The Chorus deiilore» the iiluation and belau<i» ihe nobleneu 
of Electra. 

OrcMci and Pj-Iades entcr wiih aiicndint». They canc 
btinging ihe urn froni Sirophius. Electra obtaina leave lo hold 
the urn. and over it she breaks out into a pa»ionaie ^7^1* of 
affeciion and ruineil ho|>e». All ihis, spoken in Orestes' hearing, 
movei him powerfully. He cxpresscs kcen pity for Elcctra'i itate, 
»nd, when she aski if he can be a relative, he is willing to teil 
• if those preseni «re friend».* Assured as to thi», he avo«» hii 
tdeniity, shewi his falher's ring in proof, and (he ' recogiiition ' ia 

In B /itAot an owr,*^ Eleciri is füll of joy and excitement, 
while Otesi« seek» to check ihe dangerous display. 

The Paedagogus comei out and urgcs caution nnd despatch. 
Clylacmnestra is alone, and they «hould enier. Ihis they do, 
but immediaiely afierwards Electra reappeart, describing how all 
goea well for (he ploi. She herself is to watch, Icti Aegiithus 
■hould iutprii>e them. 

The Cfie» of Clyiaemnestra are heard from within, 10 uitered ai 
to reveil Ihe pro«ress of ibe deed ; and then Orestes and Pylade* 
come forth. Oreite«, whoie band beari the «aini of blood, ha* 
'done ■ geod .deed, if (he orade wa* good'.' 

AI the light of Aegiaihui approaching, the iwo fnendi Kanter. 

' Alcmc«. wh(« rtnry wM rnacli likc (hat of Otolei »nd « bvcMrile llwow In 
mtfäj. V. At, /W. ilü. 1 1,. 

• An C|>iiiadc (a cnhaM« iha (IVrtia «f Kltcln. IhiI xo orgnnic patt of ihc jiUy. 

• N«t«(orih( ireeoBBlllon"inIheC*«/*«i*ho*re.rtil)'iiitBSWinedlK»l Do MW 
■Ua OB t« ihnoeht of. 

• Any nrnmary mnil nnenutilr miircptCKnl ' th« dellcalcly erulaal proct» 
•W«k iMtf« 10 Ihc tKognllion' (Jvhb). 

>,| «• MHV M Un hm at Ihb 10 fndlMM dodbL Ttwt Mtiiwk brinsi ta 


Aejiiihus appeara, asks f«r the stranden, ani savageH 
Electra. After a sti chomyih ic passage füll of double i 
Aegisthus, bcing informed that ' the corpse ' is wiili 
doors l>e opencd for all ihe peopie to buhold how vai 
[hcir hopcs. A sbrouded corpse is disciosed, wilh Dr. 
Pylsdes üianding by. Aegisthus is biddcn by Ore5(e5 I' 
the covering from the face, so discovera (hat it is Clyiaa 
and realisei his own fate. Orestes will give him no 
but forces him (o go inwardi, 'to be slain where hc s 

The Chonis declates (hat the house of Alreus \\ 
from i(9 troublcs. 

\ 12. The Electra of Eunpidti, 

HiB time is befote sunrise ; the scenc is in the ArgivJ 
near the borders. A pcasnni farmcr (oCTni'pyii) lellil 
prologue how, sincc the niurder of Agamemnon, AcJ 
king. Clyiaemnestra. wcdded to him, has burne other I 
Orestes, savcd from death, is aliroad, wjih a price iipon I 
Etectra, wooed by nobles, not been allowed ir 
them, for fear a child might avenge Agamenmoi 
indeeil, wislied to sl.-iy her, but Clytacnincstrii (alfio^iwi' < 
too mtich fear of the odiuin aKaching to -uch a 
end Elec(ra is givcn in marria^je 10 (his jicasani, who, 1 
shrinks from consiimmating the union. 

Electra in pitiable attire eniers with a ewer u] 
She is not, indecd, conipcUed to draw waier, b 
heavcn (o see the crueliy of Aegisthus. 

Her husband goes 10 his work, and she to the well| 

Oreites entert with Pylaiic*' and ailumlantt. He I 
itealihily, in accordince sfith att oracle of Apollo, and hafl 
in the night visiied Agamemnon'! tomb and made a s. 
the same lime dedicating a lock of his hnir. He has Icarl 
his sister is in these parts, and he has not yet ventured I 
city of Argon, His party ambush (hemielvcs at 1 
vornan approaching. 

EleCtfa reiums, and in a tf^^mf uro vnfnfl lamenis hH 

a aniUI alilrlnE opon Ihc uaj;>— a lliln 

1 11 1. 


and praxi for her brocher*! tdvent She telb how she bewails 
Agunenmon lojrally each morning. 

A Chonit, oonsisting of friendly country-women, comes to 
inWte Electra to join them \n t fettival to Hera, Thcy teil her 
It tt vain to weep and neglect the Gods ; but ihe protesti that 
•he can do nothing eise but lament and brood upon vengeance. 

Hereupon Orestes and Pylades emerge from their hiding-place, 
and, when the women woiiW flec, Orestes holds Electra back and 
dedares that he brings tidings of her brother, and that he is to 
carry back Information conceming herseif and the tyrants. 

We then leara that ClyUemnestra sits bedizened among the 
sUvet and spoil won at Troy, while Aegisthus rides in Agamem- 
non's chariot and holds his sceptre. The tomb of Agamemnon 
b dishonoured, and Aegisthus in his drunkenness even stones the 

The peasant here retums and offers hospitality, with some 
moralinng about the poor man and nature's gentleman. In order 
to pnmde the (hnm, Electra sends him for the old man who nursed 
Agamemnon and his family, and who happens to be shepherding 
near at band. 

The Chorus fill in the interval with an irrelevant ode mainly 
deicribing the shteld of Achilles*. 

The loyal wpi^ßw^ arrivet with his gifts. He couM not refrain 
inm visiting Agamemnon's tomb on the way, and shedding a tear 
and making a small offering. He there saw the traces of someone's 
mit, and believes it to be Orestes— a fancy which Electra flouu". 
White the discussion b proceeding, however, the Strange» appear 
from the cottage, and the okl man, after eyeing Orestes keenly, 
declaies that he knows him by a tcar upon his brow, caused by a 
lall in childhood. The • recognition ' being accepted by all parties, 
the aged man wams Orestes to expect no help, but to depend 
upon himself. He then relates that he has seen Aegisthus dose 
by in the country at the Iwww^opßvm, preparing to sacriftce to the 
Nymphs. He has with him none but slaves. If Orestes walks 
past he will be invited to Uke part in the sacrifice, and can then 
act as dicumstanoes direct. 

• 9m Afffat. ^mt. mriii. % 17. Tht oaly eonnectk» of thb iß^iHußm whh th« 
ltaibthttH«ttht«idi 'tb«lordof/«r4incndidst thmi tltf, Tyndaritl* 

• For tht ipwbM paas^gt k«ra atUM^iiif Um Aw^TM^i^li^ oT tiM CAmpAtri um 
of tlMt 'neqgiMoQ' In iMs loirodoctio« i tt. 





1 . 


I • < 








For the death of Clytaemnestra Electra has a plan, 
man is to go and teil her that Electra has borne a ( 
beyond doubt the inother will bc so far moved by the h 
of her daughier, as to come and visit her. 

There follows an appeal to Zeus, Hera and the 
Agamemnon, and all betake themselves to their respec 
in the plot. 

Meanwhile the Chorus sings of Acrope, false to A 
how the sun changed his course in horror. 

Shouting is now heard in the distance, and one c 
attendants as oyycXos reports the slaying of Aegisthus b 
when the latter, pretending to be a Thessalian traveller tc 
had been invited to assist in preparing the sacrifici 
They are bringing the dead body with them; and, \ 
arrive, Electra exultingly crowns Orestes and Pylades, 
upbraids the dead Aegisthus and taunts him with his in 
his wife. The body is then removed. 

Clytaemnestra is seen Coming, and there arises some 
on the part of Orestes. He shrinks from slaying his mc 
though Phoebus has bidden it. He distrusts the wisdo 
an oracle, and, when he goes within to wait, he d 
luctantly — Btottn S* et So^ci raBt, (erw. 

Clytaemnestra enters in a carriage and attended 
handmaids. She alights ostentatiously, and Electra s: 
acts the slave in assisting her. 

The mother proceeds to defend her actions. Agamt 
no right to slay Iphigenia. It was not to save his counl 
the sake of Helen and Menelaus. Moreover, he came 
Troy with a mistress. • Ought I to have killed Orestes il 
had been tempted from honie ? * 

Electra accepts the offer of rrappt^la. * Your plea is . 
Your natural Icwdness was to blame. Before Iphigenia 
you werc bedizening yoursclf. You rejoiced at news 
succcsses. And even if Agamemnon did slay Iphig 
härm had / done, or Orestes ? If bloodshed is to pur 
shed, Orestes and I should kill you.* 

Clytaemnestra replies that Electra must be forgiver 
bom to love her father most She herseif is not so ful 
what has been done, and, if she does not recall Or 
because she is frankly afraid. 

^ i . "j*-. - !*' 


' ■»• 


Electrt expUini why ihe leni for her mother; the ilaviw ue 
diimissed, and Clyiaemnestra go« within. 

The Chorui sings ihat ihe relribution n jusi. 
Soon Ihe cry of ClytaernnMira is hcard. and (by the device of 
Ihe eccyclem.) the interior of the hou» ii »liewn, »ith 
and Electra «Unding by ihe corpse, boih suined wich blood 
(for Eleelra ha« heiped to thrust the sword). and boih in a siaie 
of intenjc grief and remone. rhe Chorus can iend liitle comfon 
«t Ihn change in Electra's mood. «hich con.e« too laie. 

[At th» point— wiih its highly tragjc situation~l am con- 
»inced thfli the play originally endcd- But a t^ppltmaünm of 
».nguhr fl'eakne» fol|o«-i in our lex»'. The Dioscuri appw 
••* *")X"'T« and declarc ihai ClytaemneMra has bm mel her duet. 
Electra is to be married to Pylades. while Orwilcs \% to flce before 
the Funes to Athen» and there be tried before ihe Areopagus. 
Whcn cjuwiioned as (o why they perniitted the dcalh of Clytae- 
mnenir«, ihey nnswcr thal it was brouRhl aboul by fale and the 
'unwiuc uiicfance» of ihe longue of Phoebus,'] 

tn^, S '3- In Ihe prescnt work the Chocpliori of Acschylui 

%^ licceMarily call» for a fuller trt;atment. and it will be convenient 

I- lo dcal al tho same timc wilh questions of the Staging and 
preientation of ihc piece as they from time to time arise dunng 
■ «urvcy of the action, 

•p*»*w (1— 3i> The opcning sccnc is the tiimMlus of 
Ae>mcmnon. wjth an effigy or emblem of Heimes. Orestes 
Md Pyladcs. having mcred frou, thf sptctnfors' lefl. situt they 
tarnt from abroad, approach the mound. upon which Orestes 
Ultc» his stand, lohtic Pylada firobably remains at ils/oot. 

The place may be ciihe» Argo» of Mycenae. 'A/tyot ii the 
rriX.^ whethcr atate or city. and r, 67 r iherefore dedde« noihing. 
Nor \% anyihing more dcfinite lo be galhered fto.n ihe AgamtiHntm. 
Neverthel«. the fact thal Mycenae is never mentioned >i all in 
Aeichylus it no amall argumcnt for mpposing ihat he can scarcely 
have had Ihat ciiy in mind. Mycenae had been entirely di>- 

»ll -« .rtrted .. , ,(m, .hm h.ppy tndlnp, w„, rttjuirrt by ih. §,i.,p^ 
«••frn«. Ud -hcn iMchanlral «/Tee» ami \\M\n<i,t of A(hcnl>n vinilf »crc ktcnlr 
M|K~4»tBl. KwKk .nd SchMki amons «h.r. eoMlder ihc end of Ihe play u lt 




mantied by Argo* len years' before the d%te of ihiil 
the town had long been of liitle nccourt in comiinF 
Cha, 6 Orestes dedicaies a lock to Inachus. l'hal riv 
Argos, noi by Mycenae, thoiigh ii would be (juite [ 
regard the Eiream as Ihe siream of Argolis and thctefol 
by Mycenae, which, indeed, ii near one of '\\% cribiilariM.1 
Wliat picture we are to conceive of the lomb of Ag| 
is not atiogcthcr clear. From v. 4 rviißau S iw' üj^Sy ti 
t* wirn' itri xiifiarot il is piain ihat there *as a tui 
I inlerprel r. 4, il was one upon which Orestes c< 
stand. Uiuaily a toinb was auniiotmted by a irnjAi] o 
rising from a kisc 01 ■pi]'» of nlonc, and, to judge froi 
painiing«, Orestes may bc imngined tlanding wiih one f 

bust of ihe decenscd. someiimes with oiher iokt:nv Or 
VBKS alrendy mentioned llie «iwv of Agamemnon 1 
with a hclmet. on the othcr it is a pillaf cndtng in 311 Ic 
In the painting in Baumeister DeHkmähr p. 860 tlie ai 

It mighi perhaps be ihought ihat Agamemnon, t 
ignominy, ivould liardly receive ihc honour of such a 
Yei such inconsisiency as niay 1>e involved i: 
drainutists anil to the paintings. In Sophocies (£ 
«p^aü»' n^^r may refer to a faniily lonib in whicl 
shnrciJ, but in Euripides {El. jaS) ihete is cxpressly i| 
a fiK7/ia Xairw rarpoi, which AegislliiK slor 

The nolion liiat the tonib is close lo ihc palace of lliJ 
(and ihil the palace i« actually reptescnted 11 
which seems 10 prevail, not only without reason 
reason*. Sepulchral mounds were not buill close to pala 

1. 6i ind cf. Piai. S. 1] 

H Mahaffy in 

' \^. B.C. 4^8. 5« Diod, 
Vol. III. p. 6o>(|q. 

* 1 inclinc ID ihink ihal Ihn TrciiiHnl vanl n^ camc lo Ic uicl uf 
coiulnKilon on Ihe rviifin. Thj* ruft fiffttn in >hc pUfi l>oih of Stiphi 
and Euiipiil« {El. 91, jii. jiij). In So|>hacl< 
■nd in EoHpM« {El. {■)) n>o£f f Ir' ««rii 

Sometinc* TvpA leenu lo Ik lynonymiMi witb ri^ii, AonKlima <titlincui 
(Eui. Or. 4I1I. On iht TU« Ifac aff(iin(> an cvpnwni«! ■* tct ilnt 
tqunbHC of ihc >lw, u an an allar. Thi rmmct for Ihe lomb 'u I 
ic**. loil would pcrhapi gain «unw pdnt fmn thii r«(cnili)anc(. 

• laBsbdtofiixKhMDrVamUBkof^MilUiindiiionalcnor. 




,L_ , . . ,' ""y naiurallj- carry swordi. From 

Mnnol be wearing booi»'. ^ *'^ urttle» 

"' MW tmn <l<dicM«l (Mfiin u ib. rf»-. 


falhcr? Among the women Eicctra (so he jud^rs) 1 
spicuous in Ihc exhibition of grief. 

Hc wilhdraws with I'ylades. but only to luch dfs 
they can watch and ovcrhear the procccdings. 

■ipsSn (22—83). Electra in black raimcnt cntcrs, aH 
by eldcriy hand-maids (v. 170) similarly clad aiul pn^ 
Iwthe tu tiHnibtr'. Soiiu 0/ l/iese are tusistiii£ in 
vtisels totilaiHifig tlie x"«'. 'utliUt ol/itrs an- btaliiig (IkM 
aiiti breaiti and txhibUiiig the citstomary signs of laut 
Tlity tnler froui tlit speclalors' ngltt, in a /eriiMtioh 
ero'iyat or foiir firyo. During t/u odt whiclt foUinvs lliiy I 
tliaiiseh'cs aboul the foot of Ihc mound, the wsstU beinM 
reitt/y for the cercmoiiy to be performed fy EUelra, whe i 
whiU maküig /ler preparalioHS in sileiice. 

The odc itself teils how tlicir mission in in conscquerl 
tcrrible drcam of Clytacmncstra, whicii portcnds angcr fil 
slain. It declari;^ the sin and usclcssness of her scnüiii| 
Therc can be no ransom for blcxid oncc shctl. 

"The house is under a loathly cloud. Its niajest 
mands a willing awe no longer; it is only fearcd. I 
bution ncver faib; sooner or Utcr it comes, and, u 
clottcd blood crics Ibr vciigcance, if punishnicnt is dt 
i» only to grow in hcavy intercst. 

As thcrc is no undoing the loss of virginity, so tli 
making the blood- pol lutcd hand clean as it was before. 

Howcver, we are slaves, and must say 'ayc' \( 
mastcre bid, and, if we wecp, wc must wcep in sccrt 

■1 i> > veicd igiKMion. W«kl( 
lhi( alt ibc i'lnjn oT Anchjiliii 
uoiu llniml. In SüfflifrA (i> 

' Wh«th*r Ihc chonii nuinlwml 11 or 1 
fitrtUi,, mitl, wppl. TÜ. 4ji(^.)>:laiRii 
wjih ■ chofKi of II. I luve giten goaä n 

Ihal the ehonti of hb rartiiU playt numbcnd Ibe ohginal <«■ It 
Edcrall)' eoncnkcd ihm ih« /\rtiitaml ihe Scfttm IihIIckc it (n'lhe d 
Ihc whQle. thal «icw ippcin m«! prolable tat llic Cinfitri. Tbc Khul. | 
)M (■*X\al p4i itiHi) Mfi t/ yif 4*u, bal luch a ualonoil inül|r pKivi 
ticcpi ihM tfae nHRilict trat uuaJIy 1.4 tat xn^dy mil ihal Ihe Kholi 
tiMimed it. Ormneh mo« valuc » ihc pai*a|^ -({Wti. il^j—ijja, "htr 
■rt dininctl)! indlcaWil. Thcrc aj^in ih« Khdiail,|; vp hu «<nd ih 
maw bc 15, MMimo Ibai aner i> han ipokcn ibe nltjal Iheqimn coli c 


'— (83—5*2). including a n«,^ (305—476). 
Elcctra, stan:)ing at the mound. ihoiigli not at its lutnmit 
Mear the ot^Xri (ti'ticf she it nol ytt penring tke libittio» and 
doet HCl peneivt Ihe lock of hair). tiirns and addresses the 

* Wbat can I say acccptablc to my fathcr ? Can I pretend 
my mothcr sends thcsc ;^oof in lovc ? Can I ask liim lo ' send 
up ßood things' in relurn ? Or shall I throw thcm away like 
off-scourings? We havc a common cause a^ainst the enemy ; 
advisc mc," 

Hcre follows a dialoßuc, in which the slaves are gradually 
indüced to cxprcss what Elcctra hcrsclf dcsircs them to 
exprcsfl — a wish that an avengcr may comc and ' slay the 
■ Since noiv KIcctra is assurcd that the choruü can bc Mied 

Mpon. shc approatlus litt siimmit and procccds to pray. firsl 
imploring the aid of Hermes as herald to the nether powern and 
lo her Tatlicr. She pours out euc Ubation {probabty the water, 
whith she (aUt xtpvißa^ ßporaW) and appcal» to her falhcr to 
witncs» tlic tnothcr's trcalmcnt of her childrcn. and to !et an 
avengcr appear. Thercupon shc pours out the x'"'i projMir, and 
bid» the Chorus ■ accordiiig to woiit ' to crown ihc offcring wilh 

At this the Chorus (probabty) firtt ttltm l/u ritital crUs 
and lAeit brcaks out into a lyric appeal Cor the deliverance of 
Ibe housc. 

Meanwhilc Elcctra has bcen pouring the j;oai and watching 
thcm .sink into the ground, She is then startied to pcrccivc the 
trcM upon the tomb, and communicatcs her excitcmcnt to the 
Chorus. She hotds up the lock for thcm to scc'. At once 
inliiition teils her that it comcs from the hcad of Orestes, and 
the argument which follows is an attcmpt to support the 
Intuition by rcasoning and the asscnt of the Chorus. In an 
admirably dramatic speech »he argues hcrself first into and 
thcf) oul of the bcJief that it is Orestes' offering. Suddenly 

crTKciuiun ii ncw, bi 
■ ThM Ihia liftn^ t« 

In iutU Mcrilciknt ipjimn fro« r. ■>}. 

HnmenlUT. TVe 


her eycs light upon fool-prints, which she scans cloM 
paring them with hers, and she insisis upon ihcir rescml 
contour' to her own. At this point the tension of \ 
bccomes intolcrable (210), aud, to jndge by tke vase-j 
she probably casts lursclf d<nvH lipon the bau of t/u a 

At this, Orestes (with Pyladcs x: 559) comcs from 
ccaimcnt'. He has overhcard all, and bids her realisc 
praycrs arc answcrcd. Little by Itltlc shc is induccd t 
the cvidence that he is her brother. and shcws signs of \ 
bcside hersclf with joy (233). Orestes counscU caut 
boih brolhcr and sistcr appeal to Zeus to aid the soi 
Agamemnon who worshippcd him so loyally. 

Orestes dcclarcs his Irust in Apollo, who has biddc 
the dccd. and hc narratcs the thrcats of bodily an 
punishment, and of social and religious excommunicatii 
the God uttcrcd againsl him if he did not perfoim thi 

Hcre begins a kommos (r. 305) which continues to 1 
The sceiiic gronpiiig appears to bi this. At tlu f* 
«wund, to titlier haiid, Stands tlu ehorus, with thi C 
in the midJlt. At tlu suminit ou oue side of the 1 
Stands Orestes, and on the other E/eeIra'. The kom 
procceds on an antiphonal System. For the grcatcr ; 
likctra answcrs rcgularly to Orestes, but betwecn hi 
aiid her antistrophe the Chorus inlcrposes. whilc bct 
wholc Systems Orestes + Chorus + Elcctra the Cc 
commcnts in anapacstic versc*. 

The purpose of the kommos is twofold — to work 
and conjurations on the supernatural powcrs and cl 
»pirit of Agamemnon, in ordcr to gain thcir hei 

> The value or r«iliniitk> » crilcria <i üikuucJ lalcr, -The KcCoi,i<<ii 

• U i. » [»olilcm In wh»! wBy Ihe *»^ WfUttar ««i .litpi^il of Ji- 

»Müi »-hlch Wlowi. PErh.p.. U Ihe p..nlin(j. .hcw -«li At""». h« ■ 

' ThL. ■mnciment will. I l*lie*e. «eount for ihc *..Xi. i-f*yv 
poim w fr ^f,i (jj.) «nd «»<> »« (jJi). ■i.a <• no« *iihm.l > bwnnt . 


At tili« point thc Chorus probably brcaks up its formation, 
in Order lo shcw tliat tlic KoiiiUxi is compictcd, while Orestes 
snd Elcctra continue tlic appeal to Agamemnon, though no 
lonj^er in lyries. Thcy rcmind him of his shameful dcath, of 
thcir on-ii plißhl, and hl» conscqucnt lack of duc honours. 

At Icngtb Ihe Chorus-Icadcr rcminds thcm tliat it is tim« to 
bc doin[r. 

Ore-stts asks thc mcaning of thc x***- Thcy cannot bo 
meant to atone Tor hin molhcr'a wickedncss, At this thc 
Corypliacus, in dtaloguc with htm. narralcs thc drcam of Cly- 
Uemnestra, how she thoughl ahe brought forlh a scrpcnt, 
wrapped it in thc <ntäp^a.vii of a child, and put it to her breast, 
whencc it sucked btood. This vision Orestes intcrprets lo 
ntcan that he is the scrpcnt, and that she is to expiale her 
guilt in bloofl at his hands. 

He bids Klectra go within.whilc thc Chorus is to helpevcnts 
by discreel Speech. Himself and Pyiadcs ivill comc disguised 
KS travcllers, and thcir spccch will be marked with a Phocian 
acccnt. If not readÜy admitled at thc door, ihey will wail 
tili public remark shames the house into rcceiving (hem. If 
once he passes the ihrcshold and finds Aegisthus, Orestes will 
»Uy him bcfore hc can ask ' Whcnce do yc comc ? ' 

With an appeal to Hermes to 'Steward ' ihe contest, Orestes 
withdraws (t0 tlu spteiators' kft) with Pylades, whilc Electra 
deparU to thc palace (to the rigltt). 

Tht firsl acl 0/ Ifu drattia aids al this point. and fer t/u 
Stand tlie scen* ü chaugcd /« tlu front of tlupalact of tht Pciofidat. 

Ii is perhapt toa latc in the day for any diicusiion 10 be 
neceuary in otder 10 dcmongiiate the fact that 'unity of place,' 
10 far a« it existcd, cxisted not >■ a rule of art bui as a practice of 
coi«venience. The EumtHÜti, thc Ajax, Ihe Birdt and the Frogi 
(hould long ago have been suflicicnt to »hew that Greek druna 
Rcognitcd no such limitation. 

Wc are not, howcver, in a posiiion to teil how far anything 
like realutic »cenery was uted by Aeschylu». ll may, of cour«, 
be that, u in ihc Eiiiabethan drsma, Ihe audience wa» limply 
«q>ectcd 10 makc believe that the icene »aa changed, and to makc 


believe also that building» existed which did not exisl. 
oiher band we havc llie word of several ancient autho 
Aeschylus mii<1e grcal ndvances in the way of sjicctacular c 
propertie*'. If it is true, a$ tlie 'Life' says, that he n 
Jiovfii^« ■•»' rrjt öj-if riw ättiiiirttr iiiiT«irAi|f«...y(iu^ 
litfifiavU, ySuiiori Ti 'ui ra'^ii, it is impoisible not to bc 
(in ii.c. 458) Ihe scene was nctually chnnjjed, if onlyby 
canvas'. 1 sliould prvfer lo supposc tliat the tomb wa 
rcmoved and a |>ahce-froni with a practicable door flivvr 
way, however priniitivc- 

7'he scciie, wkelhtr reprtscHttd or sytiibolised, tuould ft 
grf^il maiii door of tlu fialace-biiildiiigs. Btforc it uroiild 
Apollo Agniens and a Htrtiifs (rt fael iiiilicattd 111 the 1 

779 m)- 

The interval nccessary for the disguising and equi 
Orestes, i'ylades and their attcndants (f. 709X and 
arrival bcfore the house. is fillcd in by the Chorus. 

rrinf** wfim* (583 — 648). Thc Cliorus sings of thi 
pnHsions of wnmcn and Ihcir dcadly rcsults, instancing 
Scylla, and worsl of all, the woman that hatcs and 
warrior husband. Thc Lemnian ivomcn supply an 
of the scverity with which such dccds are punishcd 
and mcn. Punishmcnt incvitably attcnds the dced, 
will it be in the case of Clytaemncstra. 

i*»rMM> Ulntw' (649—714). Orestes and hia comp« 
(/rem the left) and approach thc doors. Hc is dri 
a mcrthant. and attcndants bcar the bagyagc usual w 
travullcrs. Thf disguise wonld iiaHinilly bt carricd fa 
to nuihe the yomig >•"'' ''«'* middlc-itged. Orealcs apc 
a l'hocian acccnt {though not, of conrse, in tht Photim 
tvlueh woiild bc tarrying renltsm beyond the digitity of 

' Sn Haigh, Tkt Trtgic Drama ^f Ikt Cntii, p. ftS. 

' A wiilef in Ihc {Wr/mf/ A'nwv (ur Oilob« iSy« ('Tbe SsUing 1 
PI«)f1 nieenii ih*l llw rifUtr», wtn » dcvicc ot ihe oUirr jimud. 

* Thi ilivltion im» rkhIcih ■•elt" iloa not CBrroi>un>l »llh IhM iati. 
Thoc mt)' be wholc uti M Kparal« kcik 
'*«' (loa n« cad UU f. 9ij. 


He knocks at tiie main door and calU thrice for the poricr, 
simulating the impatiencc of a man wjth other busines^ to 
perlorm. On the porter answcring, hc bid» hrm teil the «lipiot 
of the housc that ihc.stranger brim;» ncws. 

Thcrc is a brief pause while the porter gocs in and summons 
Clytacmncstra, who quickly appcars at the door (with onc 
»crvant at Icast in attendance, v. 708). She is ready to listen, 
but, bcforc hcaring the message, she ofcrs hospitalJty. 

Orestes prctcnds (o bc a merchant from Daulis. Whilc 
COinifig to Argos on busrncsi of his own, hc had chanccd to 
tncct n Btran^r, 'Strophius' by nnmc. This mnn, laking acl- 
vanUge of the fact that tlie merchant was bound for Argos, 
asked him to convey a message and bring back an answcr 
•Orestes is dead and inurned. Are the ashea to be sent to 
Argos ? ' 

All through che spccch Orestes conirivcs to cvince his own 
completc indifTcrencc to the matter. 

At the ncws Clytaenincstra gives ulterance to a cr>' (which is 
largcly hypocritical) at this furthcr viciory gained by ihc curse 
of the housc ovcr her ^i'Xdi. 

Orestes affccts to take this oulburst scriously. and apoiogiscs 
for bcing bound to bear such unwelcome news. Whereupon 
Clytacmncstra rccovcrs her composurc, rcmcmbcrs ihe dutics 
of hospitalJty, and sends the strangers to the guest-chambers. 
The practical bcaring of the message she will discuss wilh her 
ffiends, of whom she has ' no lack,' She thcn foUows the party 
into the housc. 

»TUy^m itiryM' (715—725). The Chorus chants a brief odc. 
"* in Order to allow of an intcrval. It appeals to Earth to assist 
somc cnifty plot 

TM iMtrOMw T^w (736—778). The aged nurse of Orestes 

comcs weeping out of the main doors. 'Aegisthus is to be 
fetched to hear the ncws. For all her gloomy aspect Clytac- 
mncstra is taughing inwardly. Alas I after all my labours for Ihc 
child, Orestes, on whom I spent my sout, is dead.' She pro- 
g ceed» to a pathetically garrulous (and eminenlly ' Shakspcrian ') 


account of what she had undergone for Orestes, and a 
thetically natural defencc of the child who knew no bitt 

She is making as if to go for Aegisthus when the Ch 
Icarning that he is to come with an escort, urgcs her tc 
him come alone. With somc demur the nurse cons 
aithough she cannot undcrstand the attitude and hints 01 

The nurse departs {to the right, U. tcwitwardi) to I 

rrinii«* »pir«» (779— S36). Thc inicrval tiil Aegisthus .ir 
is occupied by an odc, in which thc Chorus bcsccches 
to establish thc rcign of Justice in thc house. * On 
is harncsscd to a heavy task ; let it not ovcrtax his pot\ 
Thcy thcn pray to the household gods to make an end ol 
murdcrs within ; to (the) Apollo (Aguicus) to resiorc thc h 
lo light and brightness ; to (thc) Hermes to aid in the strata; 
'Thcn will lamentations ccasc and tite halls will sound 
soogs of joy,' 

Thcy appeal to Orestes to perform the dccd, unmc 
by his mother's cry and sustaincd by his fathcr's mcmory- 
smitc and make an end of all tlic Hne of guilt. 

4n>ri(w Wnpr» (837 — 853). Acgistbus cntcrs unattcn< 
He pretends 10 hope that thc news is not true, 'The hous 
already galled with its bürden of blood and tcrror.' 

Thc Chorus bids him cntcr and enquire of thc mcsscnj 
thcmseives, and Aegisthus passes in at thc gaic with thc b« 
that he cannot be dcceivcd. 

rWniw* WrapTw (854—867). A shoft anapaestic odc follc 
allowing time for Aegisthus to reach thc ^vib¥ and mect Ores 
The odc is a prayer. ' Now is thc crisis of doom or dclivcrai 
May Orestes «in.' 

*»w*l«» miitwrm (868—933). A shrick is hcard from with 

' ll wmikl nivci da 10 rclird Ihe iclion hcn b)r Iclling ih« nunc ihe wcnl 
cüllinii rarth thc incrilaUe OBIbnidi, N«r pvrhapa *u Ibt mik «M ir»B*B H 

di* mTRODUCTIOlf. 

whefcupon thc Chorus (nol sure of thc result) detcrminc» to 
■tand aside, so as \o seciti iniiocenl of any compücity'. 

Herr a^u» thc seau is shifltd, aiid iw find otirsthes williin 
the coiirt of l/ie falaee, the roons of tfie ^v«M btiiig oti oiie fiand 
and Iht door of the '^waitwltK (l/u nirauXiK) in flu middU front. 
A servant rushcs from thc feewc across to thc yi-wwiucrri«, 
«rikc» furiously at thc door and ahouls Tor Clytacmncstra. 
It is too lale to save Acgisthun. but her own lifc ix in dangcr. 
Clytacmncstra appcars, and, rcalizing thc Situation, calls for 
a battlc-axc (whtch, howcver. thcrc is no tirae Ibr her to 

Tht sitnt tuaifs his cxit for the xveapon, and Orestes, 
Coming out of thc ^v«>v. mcets his mother. Hit disguiie it 
jHrhapi iimv removcd. The scrnt, uo don/it. wat niade highly 
tdratnatie. Ptobably easfing hertelf npon ftcr knett niid buring Zur 
Aautm. shc im(.iorcs her son ' Pity this breast w hich sucklcd you. 
«ny child,' 

Orc*tc» \» movcd, but just al that momenl Pyladcs cnlers 
From the ^tviv and rcmtnds him of the command» of A|xillo. 
This decidcs Or«ntcs, and dcspilc his molher's protcstaiions 
<which hc dismisscs in a bricf stichomythic nltercatw) he drags 
■vrr away into ihe f«c»i'. that shc may lic in deatli with the man 
•*rhom she loved in lifc*. l'yladc» follows thcm in. 

r.^*.^ Wk«^ (9J4— 970). The Chorus comcs forward 
Crom ils posttion at thc sidci and chants thc ncxt sUsimon. 
^n ephymiiium follows each stanra. -Rctribulion came upoii 
Troy, and it ha* come home to Agamcmnon's housc in doubk 
shape. Raisc ihc glad cry for ihc deüvcrancc from two dcfilcrs. 
To the guik-ful plotter hath comc guücful punishment, thanks to 
l>ike, daoghtcr of Zeus. Raist t/ie glad cry. &c. What Loxias 
bade. Justice halh brought to fulfilmcnt. Heavcn hclps thc 
right sid& We can sce ihe light ; our curb is rcmovcd. Soon 


' Ai ( An lAc Chonit u nrxf ttrani innii 
Ml oC Ihc orehtulta, H u rea^„ (□ «xne (or 

MBKf» if. ti9>. Thit K»,^.^ (iHUtilUltl 
(k- Mckniral mW, '•' 


. Th«.Bhi< 


^g»tn% nqfünA tbM •» m 

»(ndCljrl-. - 
b« d«n« npon \ 


will pollution bc all drivcn away, and fair fortunc will 
place. iVe can see the light. &c' 

H«*w <97f — end). Tlie iccne ciittnges agaifi. Orestes 
ing ovcr the dcad bodics of Clytacmncstra and Aegtsthi 
him arc attcndants {v. 981). 

ll 'v, gcner.-tlly assumed (hat the Ut-iuXtfiia is here lirc 
use. It is, I consider. very doubiful wliether that mat 
uscd by Ac^chyliis at all. Not ihal machincry was un! 
him, bul, ailmitting ihe posiibility of Kveral real or : 
changes of scene in llie early dmma, such a dcvice 
ctaiiiiied arrangemenl would only lielp 10 sj»!! effecl. 1 
(irobable Ihat ive ari; transpotled to tnc room in w 
sliughler was ilone. Al hand, ready tu liold out, proliabi 
carrieil by aiiendants, is ilie enujigling robc in wliich A^ 
was killed in ihu batli. At a latcc poinl of liic Ki:ni 
iiivcsts liinKclf witli tJie wrcnth and wand of thc su|i|>] 
Orestes, whose spccch is punctuatcd at intcrvals 
scntcnces of consolation from thc Cliorus. delivers hi; 
cation with great power and imprcssivcness. 

' Here lie the pair of ijTanis and nuirderert. 'flu:) 
failhful lo each oihcr in dc.-iih. 

See thii ciinning device »hich ensnared my faihcr. 
it out for Ihc Sun to behold and bear me wiiness tliat iny 
just. \Vhat Ihink ye of such a woiiian ? \Vhal deadly ) 
thing was she? And n' manner of thing is ihis tobe 
for wild beasls, a murdecing robber's engine I 

The blooil-stains upon it provo llie dced. Ncverlh 

victory ii one wliich none need envy.' 

At this point hc begins to fcci a madness scixing U| 

While still sanc, hc dcciares that the decd just, i 

Loxias was ils Warrant Hc theo takes up thc suppüa 

and wreath. and will be gonc to Ihc shrinc of Apollo. 

Suddcnly he beholds the Erinycs, and pointi a 
although those Spiritual powers are visible only to 1 

liite«. T\Kn » 


« ocuilon In Ihc Cht/fhiii 10 nndeiuke Mch ai 


Itmitationi itnd Conventions adopted by Grcek iragcdy. and in 
iU tdlicrencc lo mctliod« wliich had on« Rrown into acccptancc. 
An Athcnian audtcnce of thc firtJi Century was rcady to approvc 
of cmain lurna in a plot which we should regard as crudc. and 
lo acwpt Kucll old familiär fricnds with ä welcome which i^ 
pcriiap» nowadays rathcr charncleristic of thc votaries of melo- 
drama" than of audicnccs who plumc Ihcmsclves on cullivated 

Bul if, thanlcs lo thc pcculiar materiaj bcforc him. Aristollc's 
ground in herc somcwhat narrow. hin iwsition in «rgard to 
cffcctive plot in gcneral is cmincntly piiilosophic. Thc highcst 
constructivc »kill in tragcdy lay in causing an uncxpectcrl «nd 
imprcMivc rwuit to be broueht about by circumstanecs and 
actioni arining naturally onc out of thc othcr and all oreanically 
related to thc onc cnd. Hc thcreforc cxprcsse» no dewrc for a 
plot füll of mcrely ingcnious cxjwJiciits, «itlll Icss for onc varied 
by eop|ou8 incidcnt unes.*ential to thc grand issue. If a vntXei- 
߀vt, 9i»rraoi9 (i.e. onc with a change of fortune. bmught about 
'with nvayiüpiffK or irtptitiTeia or botli') was prcfcrablc to a 
»päfiv riirX^, it was only bccausc (or if ) it bcttcr produccd thc 
ipccial tr^'ic cffcci by mcans of iw Hurprisc*. On ihc othcr 
hand a play was only thc »vorsc for bcing füll of cpisoH« which 
dtrturbcd it« unity and contribulcd nothing cswjntial lo thc 
coursc of evcnts. 

In thc dry Ijght of such crilicism the pa-isage in thc EUttra 
. of Sophocics coiiecniing ihc finding of the lock by Chrysothemis 
5^" (thou^h Teuloiiic and 'romanlie' laste at Icast wouid not care 
to mis-t it. and though it awists a vivid rcalisation of thc hcroinc's 
«haractcr) is. strictiy spcaking, wilhout influcncc on the dcvelop- 
mcnt of thc action. So, indccd. if wc prcw somcwhat mercilessly. 
IS the introduction of Chryrothemi» at all. The dcscription of 
the dcath of Onstcs in thc chariot-race, however graphic, is a . 
pure iwiaihop in the Aristotclian scnse. An inlcre.,1 in such a 
picturc is natural cnough, but no othcr object than the salisfac- 

' We ,« „ , f»c, ,„ ,,rt« in «B,rt Ihe Aihtnliti >u.ll(nccH n« »nl. inlelliami 
b« .<l«ll)- «™p«ri of hnUhtd «ilie^ Sut.lx Ibtn i. «bcntlant ni<l«»„ ,o ,(« 
!°''"7.**' ''" '" l"™"« '*»' lh< pWrwriBht dtd noi ind euuld nffi Ij«,,, ,*, ^ 
^Z^rZ.tI^'Jl"""^^*" *^""' '■'""" IP«*"" "«ü« o( ur dl 


tion of thal irrelevant interest could bc scrvcd for ihe 
who had bcen appriscd thal the story was a fictton, 
could ihercforc have no fceling of pity or fear awake 
tlie action makcs no progreas' in conscqucncc of 
narration. It is true that tlicsc cpLnodes arc anylhing bu 
bul it is slill true that they arc episodes. 

Thcre is manifestly a more rigid unity in thc thinr 
thc Chocpitori, and al.'io, if wc ignore thc later cpilO( 
EUcIrtt of Euripides. whatevcr we may think of thc 
dcvicc« employcd in thc latter for the devclopmcnt of 

\ 17. It is not, thcn. to abundancc, but to vital am 
relcvance of incident that wc must look as a criterion of 
cxcclkncc in Greck drama. Stripping thc Ekcira of 
of what the stricl Arislotelian will regard as its Hv( 
Stripping thc EUctra of üuripidcs of its dubious tag, tli' 
and rcgarding as spurious its cavüling digreasion conc 
rccognition of thc lock', wc arc left face lo face i 
•simple' ffii^T««« for the Ihrcc dramas. Not one of 
Uc callcd ir€TrX«7>i«i) in thc scnse intcndcd by Arislol 
afa^fdipiir^of, such as it is, docs not go w ith a change 
and thcre is no projier irtp^irkTtM according to thc 
The iiva.'^vtaf>i<ni.i<i whicli hclpa to crcate tragic elV 
rccognition of cacli othcr by pcrsons botwecn whoni In 
are, or appear to bc, about to lakc place. 

Thc rccognition of Orestes by lilcctra in all ihrce 
no scnse of ihis characlcr*. It prevcnts no caiastrop) 
Ihc rifa7>wp(otT bctwccn Orestes and his sistcr in thc 
in laitrii; it docs not intensify the tragic quality 
Strophe which has already occurred, as in thc casc c 
and Jocasla. It might pcrhaps bc said that thc rcct 

' U mijhl peihip» bc iirccd Ihal lh( delailcd dacliplian lendi • 
vcnciir lo Ihc «OT of Onil»' dmh. Yvl l«w will iBUGii» ■))'• <0 
for lli Iniiodueilon. 

• Seclxlowonllie-Rccaeniiion'dil). 


§ 19- But this comparison of thc virtucs of merc scheine of 
plot ia after all a poor criterion of the artistic virtuos of thc 
plays as ^ifi^ui produdng thc 'tragic pleasure' in the audi- 
encc. That which dctcrmincs the cxccllcncc of a drama as 
pcrforming thc funttion of tragedy ts not the scrics of cir- 
cumstances, but thc cflcct of thc circumstances wh ■ ■ 

in the charactcr>: and coloured by thcir fcelings ai 
as revcaied in actton and in cffeclivc languagc. T 
^oßtpäv Kai iXittvMp' dcpcnds for its strcngth not 
the organic unity and probability of thc plol. but . 
of the charactcrs, in so far as ihrs bcars uiwn th« . 
upon the fcelings of the audicnce towards thcm. m 
^0tl, rightly understood. arc thcmsclvcs part of iht 
also i< the htAvoia which opcratcs in fcchng or justifit;, , 
^ The threc dramas of Orestes thc Avengcr are at as 

^ widcly diffcrentiated in thesc respccts as in the ra_.„, of 
stmctural outline. Thc animating spirit and cmot lal effcct 
are easily distinguished in the scveral plays. The » 

Sophocles is mainly what its title implics. the play 
It i» a streng piecc of character-dra>»'ing thtough the ,i 

incident culminating in a tragcdy. It is a Sophock «, 
of the utter loyally which comcs of tvyivtia in a wc 
now again« the friendly but half-hcarted Chorus, oi ...o v 
mcftning but pliablc and Opportunist Chrysothcmis, now 

Clylacmncatra with her spccious plcas and her intimidav , 

Aegisthus with his vulgär jecrs and thrcats. Elcctra's firmn 
of purpose and her disdain of disloyalty lo her father stand (,_. 
morc and more powcrfully. Nevcrthcicss. for what Arislotle 
declarcs to be thc special function of tragcdy. thia worlc is 
necessarily thc wcalcesl of thc Ihrce. It is thc least rpa-,MW. 
The pity and fear to be evoked cannot, of coursc, in any of 

• «Wem H«f(i(Bdfo™-iBi.«n<.<:Uimfor 

« Ib« had lo be pcrrumwü hj- j-uil». ihcre 

I« of AcGiilhiu In Huripid« <rilh 
t* thc lietim ii alinplf unicli ftrm 
danSTf. Thc horilblt «ppnn M 


Ihese dramas be pity and fear on bchalf of Clytaemne 
A^i!*lhus ; for pity is irepi to» aniftev and fear is 
JfiotDf (' one likc ourselvcs '). Indeed each dramatiit is 
in working up by hi.s own methods such hostility to 
mncstra and her accomplice, that the matricidc shall na 
'diaguating' {ßux,pov). Kor whom then are we to fecl 
and fear in the play of Sopliocles ? Our pity can hard 
inything eise Ihan thc fact that ' things should be so.' i 
riiould havc to be so: sunt lacrimae rtniiii. It is e\ 
the mtsery of the Situation — a son slaying his mothcr. 
■gain, lies only in the risk of thc avengers (which c 
seriousiy regarded) and in thc anticipation of the ir 
mccting bctwccn mothcr and son and its painfui resu 
sanction of thc decd has becn cflectually gaincd. Th 
is ^ihiiuBpot-irav ; it ' suits our moral scnse.' There is 
sequent putiishmcnt shcwn or hinted at for Orestes anc 
and thcrc is no sign of rcmorsc on thcir part The f 
with the Suggestion of a triumph of right over wrong, ■ 
it has lert the iinprcssion of dextcrous and interesi 
slruclion. powerfui charactcrisation, telling sccnic c 
admirablc rhctorlc, it has Icft but littlc Impression of t 

It is the work of a man of gcnius. the cv^vi) 
sympathies, who is also a man of high brecding ai 
World, a man littlc inclincd to casuistry or reiigious int 

Thc EUctra of Euripidcs, on the othcr band, coi 
true tragic note, as bctits the T/MyocwraTOf ruf toiiti 
pity and fear, and cspccially the pity, inherent in i 
Situation are kccnly developed by 'lad Elecira's poet' 

a cau >• not |>nivHlcil Tor in (he cluMlioitton of AriMMle, *b 
wha in liniii|;ht inio xi p«Bliari)r tn^ ■ »tiulinn bf dicym 

coninil. Ii i« i»I ■ cve of an CNanjr «imiiljr killinp aa em 
ilhine ' imek '). but the kilUi^ ol * Hiural #A*t who b U I 


cxacnpte he lies nearer lo the orißins of thc drama. He belongs 
■to ils more lyric and morc religious pcriod, lo the day of casy 
illusions and of rcady acccptancc o{ naive device» and scenic 
<;onvcntions. Exccpt for the stupcndous genius of that drama 
oC dramaü, the Agaiiumiion (in whkh itscif ccrtain conccssiona 
tiavc to be madc), not onc of thc cxlaiit plays of Acachylus 
^oes, in point of construction, bcyond those simple elcmcnts 
^nd expedicnts which rcquire a comparativcly unsuphisticatcd 
And, so to spcak. good-naturcd audicncc to acquiescc in thcm. 
This is a stage through whicli all national drama passes. 
J3cyond doubt Acscliylus was a born playttTiglit, just as thcre 
'Vk'erc born painters before thc days of perspective. His stagc 
^ITccts werc strong, and his power of working up thc tragic 
»ätuation was üupcrb. Hut his genius shcws itscif, not in his 
■ >lots, but desi^ite his plotH. It is casy to »cc that tlic Snpplices, 
^^romel/uiis, Snvii against Tlubes, Persae and EumciiiHis arc 
l^rgcly composcd of picturc, whcthcr drawn in the graphic and 
chrilling dcscriplions of messcngcrs or actually reprcscnted in 
f>^kgcant on the stagc. Thc plot in each case is of thc tnost 
slcnilcr, although, it is truc, thc latcr works shcw an apprcciablc 
advance in this rcspcct. Thc Oresicia, lakcn as a trilogy, shcws 
|-»ow Acschylus had progrcssed with his gcncralion (acting upon 
it and bcing rcactcd upon by it) In his conccplion of the drama 
»in« thc youngcr clays of thc almost cotirely lyric Sufiplicts*. 
Had he bclongcd to thc ncxt gcneration and cnjoycd thc fruits 
of cxperience, as they wcre-enjoycd by Sophoclcs and Kuripides, 
there is littlc doubt that his genius would have revealed itself in 
mcJt constructivencss with thc same power which it displays in 
«her dramatic qualitiea morc difiicult of attainment. The 
'pccj'al excellcnce of Aeschylus is of that kind which (as Aris- 
totfc saysofskill in mctaphor)'it is not possible to catch front 

S 2 1. T/it RKognition. 
1^ '• is «rgued (thc cue being taken from the notorioui 
'^'•^Bc in thc Eltctra of Euripidcs) that tlie reasoning of 
gnlificBiion in And (hM Ih« daic (drc 491 K.c.) iqpiMt Tot in mjr tn(n>> 


Electra in thc rccognition of thc lock aiid the footl 
ouXXoyi 0-/101/ is not only inconclusive but actually \ 
Objectors appear to bc unawarc that thcy are co 
thc question whcthcr Electra in her excitcd hof 
naturally arguc as shc does, with thc further qucstio 
the argumcnt itscif would be concluslvc. If it werc 
for her, dramatic vcracity would bc sufficicntly secu 
visitor is Orestes in tr.uth and fact and all that thc | 
rcquires is that Electra should bc complctcly ass 
point. If shc is convinced by evidcnce which, howc 
satiäties herscif, she is after all acting as womcn habili| 
There is as much intuition as logic in the proccs 
whole sccne represcnts intuition going through thc | 
reasoning. VVe nccd not, howevcr, prcss such a > 
case. Wc may pcrhaps considcr it too .subtlc for n 
as it has evidently been for the ordinary readcr, tliough al 
it would not bc too subtlc for an Aeschylus. Let 
pose that thc audicnce itself was cxpectcd to fcel satis 
thc manncr of thc rccognition as a whole ; that its comm 
was to suffcr no discomimsurc nnd to bc arouscd 10 nn 
Attitüde which might intcrfcrc with thc emotional cnjoyil 

Elcctra's own acccptancc of her brothcr on 
of the aggregatc evidencc is psychologically altogcthcrl 
Threc obscrvations havc here to bc madc. (1) She i; 
any mcans cntircly satisficd bccausc of thc similarity ol 
to her own and thc corrcspondence in thc shapc of tl 
prints. Her wavcs of fcciing — hopc. as.surano 
distrust — are brought out in her spcech with thc 
of insight and sympathetic reaü.sation, and. until Orcsie 
appears with further proof, her State of mind Warrants i| 
than the exprcssion (i', 210) ttäptoTi S' üic «ai ^/mm. 
4i0oixi (2) It was a hoped-for cvenl that Orestes, now 
manhood, would soon rcturn ; his arrival had.ju^t bcci 
for (f. 138) and was uppermost in his sistcr's mind. 

' Arlilolle (Ak/. c. »I.) wu lo hi (rom Meine ■nylhin); rUIiculaut 1 
■diiall)' quiN« Ihii <lni>>i^«ii M bcloni;>ii|; to a cla» ni[>CTiar lo ihm 
'ileni' (cG. ihc lear In l^uri|)idci, 01 wone uill, nlcfiul lakcni). Thi- ' 
bf ickjwalng' 1> eondenKd hf him iaIO Ifttti m IXfluitW I| M (vfil 

ftoXini i" tOaüfiair' äSkiitr Ti 

■{ XP^C' '""'ör m»7>^i)r( ■OTiu TfHyit' 
^iA<t ><ip, ufft« nitm alt or J irarpot, 

Xo this Elcctra rejottis 

OM Oft äiipöt, m ytppr, iro^ü kiyw, 

•t ■pinrTÖv clt y^r njvS Sr AlyürA» ^äßf 

» Irora X'"'"'* ""^ irvrm'imBi rXaiioti 

y i ^tv waAiuirrfMic Avlipot tvjti^vt Tpa^mt, 

i Sl KTtfUTlutif fl^Xw; iXA' d/i^x^pDr. 

mAAoii 8* äf »fHHi ßoaTpV}(iHit i/iawri p am 

Ml fi^ y(^<wriK ai^Toc rafrov, ftp"*- 

***'x*, Ktting aside for thc momcnt Ihc qucstton o( ihe gcnuinc- 
*^^»*Js of this passagc, wc may remark that part at least or the 
''•*icism is rrivoious. The likencss or unlikcncss of hair, as 
^^^^crstood by those who would usc it as a tcst of relationship, 
' >~«ol dclermincd simply by colour (as thc old man suggcsti) 
^**~ by such habits of Üfc as Ihose incntioncd by Elcctra. Thc 
^^^^inination gocs much dccpcr ihan colour, curl and wave 
^^1 texlurc bcing of quitc as much account. Neither can 
*^— Word of Aeschylus — i/MirTtpoi—hc so rcstricted. Thc point 
**^<cming thc palacstra ts merc carping. Thc Dorian Orestes 
f ftieroic times wouid of course wcar long hair, which he would 
■ «^h with as much carc as his sistcr (who, by the way. is 
^' äbenitely maintaming thc squaüd apjKarancc of a peasant 
*-* viian). It requircs no sagacity to ai^uc thaC hair may be Itke 
^ %-ltOut rclationship ; but that is no reason why likeness of hair 
"^^^^uld not be used as a corroborative argument wliere rclation- 
"* • B" i> otherwise probable: 
!' Ta continue with Euripides 

EX rf ff «U rj(i-M ßäir ipßvAfit truifiai ßämr, 
rf nififMTpof —- • i ytnjiriTat, rüiiio», 

■ r t imr it/iMi tl ff hnf TOÄ«, 

"" ot yrnur* laot 


To this it must be objected that Aeschylus nowhcre spca 
Elcctra putting her foot 'into' the mark of an npßvKti i 
cxpcctation of finding it, 'of the same sizc''. With him 
arc simply trrißoi. ' traccs ' of feet, one sct being ' likc ' Ele 
{ift^ptUy It is not the stzc of thc footprint that agrec 
only (r. 208) vripuat rcfOfTuv ^' üiroypti^al fttrpoi 
that tU Tavrö evtißaivoWt reis if^oh arißoK. I make no 1 
that Aeschylus not only di.sttnctiy avoids any such compi 
as that ridiculed in Euripjdes, but actually adopts pro 
the critcrion employcd by the early 'trackers.' It wa: 
the siie, nor yct the füll irtpiypa^ (w. !o6) of the fool 
the prccise curves of contour of hecl and tendon, which coin 
in proporlions. Thc iiitroduction of the dpßvkti in the E 
dcan pas-tagc is malicious', and the quibblc about thc 
ground exposes iiself, inasmuch as an Impression, ho\vevcr 
upon thc dust is sufficicnt ; indccd the lightcr impress mig 
nearcr the truth for the purpose, since a heavier tread \ 
obliteratc or confound the nice particulars necessary fo 

Thc Euripidcan text proceeds 
(538) nP. t«l S" iuTi.' fl «li in' «urtynfTM /.oXJr", 

iv ^ itiit' aüfw tii»X.«li* fi^ $*rür: 
HA. owc oJirff'. 'OpWTift ^rS* itrwiwTU X^"^' 
vittr n' IT* OHTW ; <1 ti nü^irM' verbaut, 
«wt är tdt' mr wati T«£ri* irvr »xot ^äpf, 
cl nij $uraCioa^ •! wtwkot nf vaifuiTi; 

■ TU» polnl ii clnlocnlnl hy I>( Verrall In hn tnlroduclion 10 Ihe Ci 
(p\\. liiii>ir|.l. I ihinkilju«lomyiielf»ii'l|)erh»pi(lhro»ghiheeotiKi<lince)e 
iBiivc of Ihc vie* ilwif, 10 tay ihM ih« ibii«: «luwer 10 ih« Euhjiiilcan eriliei 
Iwcn Eiven 10 my Crwli clw In i«»;. I euin«, Ihiwctct, follo« !> Vei 
(»nmloG «one tpniil lAyuicl qullty of thc rdopidae. ll icemi m m» 
Aochylui h«l ihoueht of luch a Üiing. Im »oaU hvn nud« Ekeln aenlion 

' llhubecnpointedoulilcMdrd 1 1) ihu OicMo. Ihafeh Iravclliag Mid 
miehl hl [»reftmt, See ihe vue-jaliUine. Brnmetaer Dtntmtlir p. igjg. 

■ The t«t ii eomipl. Peflupi rl I'; frrw, d »ipt' f* tmrljr^rm «mU*, 


and new oncs subatituted cotiUining such extraordinary blundcrs. 
The play had been produccd under Acschylus' own dircction in 
4SS B.c. and, if the pjcce was acted so tliat EuripJdcs itaw jt 
between that datc and thc production of bis own drama, thcrc 
can have been no such intcrval of dcsuctude that the ncw 
manager, actors and audience were all ignorant of the tradition 
as well as of common reaiton. 

ir thcn Euripides had .seci) the play pcrformcd and yet wrote 
the obnoxiuus pa^üage, he Stands convictcd of somcthing worse 
than malicc. If he had not scen it performcd, but had mcrcty 
read it, he Stands convicted both of malignancy and also of a 
lack of intelligence which is very untikc him, ivhcther as a 
niinble thinkcr or as a practical playwright. 

It tnif^ht pcfhaps bc suggcstcd that the po-tsage im not aimcd 
at the Choep/iori in particular, but at the currcnt legend, and at 
an ävaywpiaitö^ containcd thcrcin and conventionally repcated 
by dramalist» and others. Euripidcs in his vexation may have 
wishcd to put an cnd to the voguc of uhat he considcrcd to be 
so irritatingly improbable. It is extremely difficult, hoivcvcr, to 
hold this opinion in vieu' of the facta (i) that exactly ihc same 
itcnifl of the rccognition are given in exactly the same order, 
(j) that the very word* dixtinctiy re-echo Acschylus (aKt^at... 
vpaartSiiaa, ißunrripoiff, (i^v^aatta). The common consent u'lth 
which an allunion to the ChotpfKri hu been at once auumed by 
readers of the two pUy> >■ perhapa suflicient evidence in Itielf. 

That the allusion in worsa than carping, boidcs bcinj; in 
exccrable taste in the circumitances, and that It is either limply 
malignant or (to forcc a morc generous inlerpretation upon it) 
intcndcd to bc comic, is obvious from the conspicuous over- 
straining. The 'hard ground,' for example, is so purely gratui- 
tous as alonc to expose the writer. 

That writer, I am convinced, was not Eunpides. In this The crii 
vicw I find mysclf countenanced by an essay of A. Mau', who J^-"/" 
arguGS that w. 518 — 544 in the Euripidean' text are (likc so •><»'"»» 
man)- in other parts of that nnuch acted, much read and much 
wronged populär dramatist), an Interpolation. Miu, it ts truc, 


they are often meanwhile utiliscd to bridge over the necessary 
intervals betwccn ' acts,' or to lend variety to the action, they 
nevcr lose their organic conncciion with tliat action itself. 
j^part, however, from this important artistic fact, we have to 
remembcr that, as wo now read the word» wilhout the ac- 
companiment of the aciing, the 'danciiig' or the music, the 
long lyric passagc is cmpticd of a ciiicf attraction whicli it 
^would posscss in ihc theatrc for those who could apprcciate finc 
rhythmic gcsturc and the best of GreeW music, It should bc 
Tioted also thal the Orrsläa was a trilogy, and thal. in view of 
«Jic large amount of p^ff« to come al the close of this play and 
in the Eumeuides, Acschylus may well havc dccided to intro- 
^ucc a somcwhat larger quantity of lyrics as ncarly as possible 
2n the middlc of the wholc Performance. 

(ii) Wc cannot treal ihc komiiwi as a Suspension in the 
«Development of the action becausc it consists mainly of lyrics. 
Jf the thoughta, feelings, provocations and prayers which arc 
expressed in the passage had becn expressed othcrwisc, such as 
5n a dialogue betwccn Orestes and Electra, in a ^^<ri«, or in 
9 ■ forensic dispute " bctween Electra and Clytaemnestra, wc 
should have becn under nomisapprchension as to thcir bcaring 
«ipon the deed to which evcrylhing is tcnding. The manncr in 
^vhich Aeschylus works up the justiücation of the deed', the 
Resolution of Orestes and the sympathy of the audience, is 
jpeculiar to himself, and the koiniiioi is pari of the mcans 

(iii) To undcrstand this ü^wit (v. 473) we must projcct 
^Mirselves inlo the agc of spells and incantations. The lyric 
«f^als actually claim to be such a spell". like the S(<r«iKK 
4^»« of the Eununidtj. Its Icnglh is an dement in its power, 

■ Stielte]' in hit pnTMC lo Ihe Ciiiti coniklcn -ihc mtlcw and unilonitlne 

nliini I iiKii Mck l)" i"tiAc^iDn of BcBIrice. fcl fccl Ihal the lut ituK 

■ lic er. (Cur, /. T. iJ9 in (V nuW Kmvm 

' ronlnclm'i «iew (Inlnid. p, »>ii.l; ' ll ii nol imrel^ 

.__d ncccnlnlir (hc virkwi lonei a( humin feclinc, bvl, 

nnl. condvclinc ihe inquuiiioii (or blood. 

I OD tb* dcMioed hm>, wUck, long 


if we may judge from passives such as Ovid, Amor. 
tt soliäam longo camniie finäit humum. 

§ 24. Tlie Hupiiig of ClytaemutUra, 
Personaliy I should have been unconscious of any 1 
in regard to Clytaemnestra's reception of the alleged 
gers. Therc is noihing in Aeschylus (as there is in E 
1 to indicatc that shc and Acgisthus werc in a constant 
apprehensjon conccniing the retum of Orestes. They 
therefore, prepared to view with suspicion anyone who 
to arrtve. It is truc that Clytaemnestra last night had 
which might casily have bcen interpretcd as Orestes 
interprets it 1 but tliere is no sign whatever that Clytat 
suspects its purport, until it flashcs upon her at %>. 92; 
Tticovaa. rovS' Ö^tc (fp«f n;it)f). As SO often Happens, i 
the meaning of the vvarning from the events, and Ihen 
how Clytaemnestra could be so lacking in sagacilj 
drcam-rcaders of in: 37 sqq. offer no special inlerpretali 
them Ihc vision simply impiies the anger of the injuri 
and this Clytaemnestra has expected or hopcd to app 
the offcring of the xaaL 

Beforc approaching the house Orestes has complei 
guiscd himself a'i a merchant, and, when he and Pylade 
at the doors, they, thcir porters, their baggagc and theii 
are all strictly adapted to the imposture. Their a 
indifference is admirably auumed. After knocking, 
affccts the impaticnce of a man who has other conccrn 
own \ he does not ask for hospitality, but only to 
message dclivercd. Therc was absolutely nothing I 
arouse the suspicion of Clytaemnestra. Moreover, onc 
Chief characteristics in Aeschylus is regal pridc. Shc 
what is demanded of grcat ladies. If she occasionall 
the hypocnte for her own purposes, it Is donc in the grau 
She would not consider ttvice the question of shew 
customary hospitalities to these visitors, More than 01 
insists on ' what is becoming to a hoiise like ours,' and f 
a house there was but one possible behavJour. 

So far the wiscst woman tnight have been deoeive« 


admitting the guests, and shc has heard tbe bare news that 
Orestes is dcad; but inasmuch as therc is 'a muter of the 
housc ' and, according to the rigid ruic of Greek etiquette, a man 
19 the proper pcrson to talk to men ('tt is more secmly'), the 
details and guarantees must be given to llim. 

It is truc that, according to the nursc, Aegisthua is bidden 
to bring his body-guard (i>. 7Ö5). The notion that Clytae- 
mnestra is suspicious after all is probably based upon thii instruc- 
tion. It docs not appear that she nccessarily laid a mcaning 
stress upon this injunction, but why add it at all? Not, t 
belicve, becausc of any misgiving an to a plot, but because a 
body of itrangers has arrivcd on formal busincu and Acgiithui 
is thcrcfore to come in impressivc State to meet thcm. If the 
visitora happen to know somcthing of the position of iffairt 
at Argos, they will sec for themselvcs that Clytaemnestn is not 
alonc in the world, On this point she secms to be particularly 
sensitive (v. 713). 

% 35. Tlu Harte as mtsstHger. 

That an aged nurse should bc sent to feteh Aegisthus is a Ti 
contravcntion of the probabilitiesL To some extent allow-ance^ 
has to be made for the domestic conditions ofthe Greek house, 
even if that housc be a so-called 'palace'.' Clytaemncatra has 
retired to the yvtwtKMi'tnv. and is to be conceived as tuming 
to her women and giving the order to summwi Aegisthus (in 
some such words as «caWrw tw KlfivBov). Thcic ii nothing 
to shew that shc actually seiccted the nurie; but a younger 
woman would not usually bc sent abroad. It might, of course, 
havc bcen expected that the errand would be performcd by 

Hcre again we meet with an indication that the Aeschylean 
audience was not over-cntical*. Perhapi also, amoi^ the 
vesiigia niris remaining in the drama, characten aiinilar to 

■ It i> * pil)' lh*l thii nndcnng al UfMra li m iBMh ia nagm, rian It tamrtft 
ttlagtittrr Uite luocialiDm, 

■ Mi Hnii-h (in hia 7>iwir Dmm« e/ Ikt Crnti, p. ■■■) icaailu tWi 'iW 
dMcption pnctntd by Ih« nunc ipon Acc»(biii H Ih« cirÜMI ■»wpU !■ (nUM) 
GrMk itagedcof uiylbint manbliae a modern ploi.' 


of the AgametiiHOH 333—1051 and 1159 — 1673 (Ute end) are 
absent. The latler toss involvcd also that or the argument 
and the üpening lines of tlie CAotpliori, which followed on the 
nme Icaf with the dose of the Agameiiuion. 

Rostagno, afler a minutely detaÜed exainination, difcrimi- 
nates between three hands in the original text of the whole MS. 
He assigns Sophocles to the first, to the second Aeschyliu • 
Ptnae 1 — 707 and Apollonius (with sundry exceptions, which 
arc suppited bya fourth hand, callcd m beloiv), whilc the rest 
of Aeschylus is attributed to the third. In the Wecklein- 
Vitetli cdilion the ßrst and second hands arc idcntified. Ros- 
ta^no, howevcr, ofcn cc^ent rcasons for distinguishing thcm 
(Introd. col. ii). So far as Aeschylus alonc is concemed the 
question is of no practical bearing. \Vc have, \l is admitted, ' 
two distinct hands to reckon with, and Rostagno ' from long 
and rcpcatcd com{>arison' with othcr MSS of known a[;c, main- 
tains that the one (nhich wrote Persae 1 — 707) may be refcrred 
to the second half of the loth Century, and the other (to which 
we owc the Checpiwri) to the 1 ith Century'. On this point of 
date there is litlle variety of opinioii among compeienl scholars. 

In a work dealing only with the Choepliori wc may, without 
prejudice to the qucstion of the proper dcnominalion of the 
sevcral hands of the MS as a whole, retain the usual M for the 
hand which wrote our text. 

Another hand (m) wrote (in uncial charactcrs) the acholia 
in the margin and also interlinear glosscs. It supplics the 
arguments to tbe Seftciit, Agaiiieiiiiiiiii and EiimtHtäts, and 
also the lifc of Aeschylus. (The iiirotfitrot to the Ptrsat and the 
Prontctluiis arc by the hand which wrote their text There 
is no virö8t9K to the Sufflices.) Some have tliought m to 
bc the same as M, but the most aecomplished experts declare 
that view untenable. M writes with a ccrtain lack of care, 
and malces errors of both Omission and commission. whJle m 
is A SiopffuTiiv, who rcstorcs omittcd uords or venei, writes 
(beäides the uncial scholia) occasional minuscule notei on the 
text, giving variants or suggesting corrcctions, and remove» 
small errors made in the text ttseU by M, e.g. in aecenu and 
> Ha idd* JwIkWIr 'tAbta» lo m» Isnori qunl« iatliriintl lUw lall UbM.' 




and Snpplktx. Thcrc scems to be little doubt also that Robof 
tc!k\ in preparing his text of 1552, had in his hands the Mcdi- 
ccan (Jibnim ptrvelnsUim), seilt to him at Vcnicc by Mariano 
Sawllo from Padua. Vettori (Victorius) also plainly ailudes 
to the same MS as in h*is possesaion for the preparation of his 
texl published by Stcphanus in 1557. 

h» M, thcn, copi« Troin a certain on'ijmal, which it c 

'"■ perhaps not unfrcquently, misreprcsents. m chec 

original and also by olher authority, from which i 

uncial schoiia and glosses. It also annolates and su 

makes slißht contributions at a latcr dato. 

Of the archetype of M wc can hardly suppose 
was in minunculcs. The copyist, probably employe .. 
Mrttinc Publishing hoiise, failhful so far as his lighl i 
not Icarned (as his worlt shews). would hardly bc s. 
titerate as well as copy. Morcovcr Iherc arc crrors .. xt 

which find no other explanation than in the assumption tliat 
hc misread miiiuacule Ictlcrs. Such arc Cito. 935 «a/it^Sicat for 
ßapüiitov, 374 ftapäyiitji for fiApäyiniv, Emu. 346 ufcpov for 
ttßpir. In uncials K is unlikc cnough to B. If such a scribe 
a» M had been rcquired to reduce uncials to minusculcs wc 
inight have looked for more errors traccable directly to uncial 

in any casc it is quite cicar, both from the text of M and 

„, from the scholia, that the archetype was aircndy corrupt wiih 

. an accumulation of the various forms of error which textual 

critic» are accustomed to cnumeratc. Supposed mistakes arising 

from iitraX'P^'CTttpiaftw into the lonic alphabct perhaps scarcely 

€xi»L Wilamowiti-MoellcndorlTargues that Aeschylus did not 

writein theold Allic alohabctf Kur M-/-<ii/. I. pp, 125 sq.). Blass. 

mowitz-MoellendorfT over- 

luch l ran sl Iteration did not 

i According to Mcisterhans 

of the lonic aiphabet are 

m 480 RC. and in public 

rms r, A. and the letteri 


H-e, E. If. n are met wJthX This surcly implie 
amount of prcvious use in current documents, and i 
musi at least havc been well acquainted with the new 
Indced, it is difficult to believe that he did not himsel 
it. This, of course, docs not do away with the possit 
confusion in the case of E«« and also ~ unoriginal 
O—o and also <> unoriginal av, inasmuch as such i 
lastcd tili nearly the middlc of the fourth ccntuiy. 
E£ of Aeschylus is to be read (v or «c in a given pli 
the metre does not decide, can therefore never be de 
It is not conccivable, however, that any serious err 
MSS can be duc [0 this cause. 

or errors ofall calcgoricsexisting in the textof the 
we mayofirer Ihc foüowingillustrations. Those correcti 
are marked with an asterisk appear for the first tin 

(i) Errors from the shapes of (n) uncials. 

These are not numerous in the Oresleia. The cica 
in the Chotphori arc 

564 AtfoiT' for Acfutr'. 

S96 wKlf for ulU (i.c ^ vv). 

Wc may, howcvcr, add 

44 ^(AA<i for /i(AAA<t (/i' UXX«*). 

47 XMVpnv for XcT^of. 

64 Äl Ai^ar for *AI Am/mt (a S' mjiMT*}. 

66 AisATi^t for AtaNirt. 

73 lOvaav for löuffW. 

373 ^iuM< OSviNitrat for ^miC hvw*»^ 
398 To for Va. 

433 tAttiiffTpia<; for *iAA*tuvTpimt (vulg. lifk — ). 

472 Ataifiav for Aiiü/UUi (Si ti/täir). 

(i) minuscules. 

334 ai'a4rT«i'of«. (f-f). 

374 *«»/"'y^')« 0* ■ <*)- 


543 nrötfo (= "n 
935 K^iihtico% {k 


k i-i) Errors ormispronunciation (Itacism). 

These arc excecding)/ frcqucnt. and appear in all thc recog- 
r»ised cascs {vit. i-ti^t), t - oi. v = 01 = ij, o ■■ m). Instructive 
initanccs are 472 aiafiavaipeiv (vvhcrc aipttv = iptv), and 171 
tKtiptri t«ii' {^ KtipatTo vif). Similar arc 2Ö hiai^itiolai (= S' 1117- 
^*«wi), 72 ;^aip0^tia'ir (™ XV-^' "^' Soi'op'"^ (= 5' ">" "pco«). 30' >"T 
<™V*). 3I0>i^in/Ti {~itiy ävTtl). 340 C'fif (-fl«i'ij),408 irtritr . . 
K^iri TiV . .), SoS afiö fi^yjTOv 6t rd'aröi' (= n^f^^^ TofS' «TfiVaioi'), 

Ö30 fii (!• "fi' ^), 647 rciV« (« riWi), 779 ■napaiToutiiv c^i (= wa/>- 
^«Toti/MPf /iot),gi6 mtiS^aai {" ÖMiBiaai) &C. Somctinies the 
*^*^eiiial error leads to a further stcp in corruption c.g. 447 
Jtr^^omra (froni yatoinra = x«''"«"»)i while in 895 twS« i' uffico-ot, 
''^«■••oi/ bccamc TOvSttt^tatTaiiei/ov and thcncc, by Omission of 

<3) Errors of confusion of similar words, 

These also arc numeroiis, c.g. 35 e>i^x* (= ^^a«), 38 tKax"" 
v^* «Aaicof). 47 XiTpoi" (» Xürpo»"), 73 Ka0aipovTft (= "«arop- 
^••»•iT«»). 75 ÖTt^i' (=■ /tdrTii'), 86 S« -jffovira {<* *S' r;(owro), rja ire- 
'^'f^^^liiroi (■ Trnrpajiii'ot), 1 37 >«tii ( » ueya), 1 5 S ä^TO« (= öyo^), 
"^9 m1 T^f (■ x*''''1'')' '9Ö tu (=>"«v), 224 ^«i" "ö"' (-^«f ovv\ 

""^flaO, 403 ötii(=*oi;ti7), 405 ^flei^itWi-. i.e. ^A/mköc, (='^öti>- 

***■'••?). 416 ^vüadat (= 'ipaviirai), 417 irävrev (= ^ain-(t), 418 

>t*«a (- äx«»), 437 fXoi>ov (= öXoi'^i'), 450 ^poviüc {■« ^pecüvX 

^®Ö -rfMafct^av (- •irpaÖfiffac), 496 ffkiißa^ (= Xatfät), S 17 fiiat» 

^/^im). S49 «• (-«^)- 577 "i"" (sie « »eü;-"), 583 yfip (-y&). 

^' » 2iti;XXap {- •ff«i/X«f). 6aa W (- 'S«?). 626 iirnei-np (- •«>.- 

^*»tm1. 704 toCt' {— tfoir" — 'SriT'), 802 «Tiifttvov (■ «tmki«»-), 

(•K *ä-fäv). 874 reXotf^tevoK 

rX 945 »fivwTati9¥ (- »(^pw 

p (■• "Ximf^Mv), 968 tfpw 



of r 

. (ofK-n 


consequcntial corruptio 

cg- IS7 «jSäff* (-ffi/8a? «S), 164 nirö too (-imiwÖi 
ävayix«!ni(<»äv öpx***''"). 229 <r«'('a» to /»^ {-»«^i^ 
a/B TÖ? fit vura^tfot^ (— •tÖ( 7ci'i^ wffo»^)i 3^9 ^* 
(k *^pi¥, h Btiov), 399 ÖXX' (itv/uK (— rXXä Mt/wv), 442 fit 
(Bfiiiac ä^if^ovs)y S08 (i/i«;h^tow Sc TiKaröv (— n^fi 
^TciVaroi'), S 59 c^cp«ioi/f (-= «♦' ep««ww), 564 ^irtiS^ (■ ' 
590 Knv*iMivTtov (^Käv€ft6tyT nv), 642 iraptxßtiirrtv n 
(— *TaptKßävT f'n tfc^iOT»«), 64Ö ai'/wir**!' (~ 'alfia. 
httvHvip {- •€«■' (i'tfi'iYX 730 "»« f*w>i« (- •toü 
734 tfrro iTKvtfpMröv (- BwroanvBpuirüi'), 768 räxifTr' . 
(■ rax^vra fa$Ova'g). 794 fioB-cfi»»- (>• "fii' nTrcfioc), J 

^Mxi (-*äX^Ml). 81 S «'X«i>TOV (-«-OK TÖv). 819 II 

(— 'Jf ^vo^v), 941 iiro\a\viärm (— nroXoXüfaT ■), 96; 
mr^ Kolrtf (— «iivpovanroxotrat), 1048 äfuitlvoiit (~ »v 

(5) Errors of double letters (6r Single and via vtn 
46 UßäTOiAtv, 185 wMiLvpiitn, 330 rnp^ 378 

363 Tft'x«»»», 459 {w/i3''>A«t, 493 oviiBt9»iv, 533 
572 «^t i^'lpptt)- 7*5 and 775 ityTcXe, 776 /U)>X* 
1010 f(r>i^(iX<ra(. 

(6) Errors o({a) Interpolation of the nasal. 

53 Aiätiarrov, 360 iri/fw\atrTtrv, 3ÖI irMifißporop, 
ivriav, and frcquently as final: 82 ini;ifiwti^t^v, 137 
179 hrtn^lrttt, 760 o~r(('ywi', 959 fUyav, IO08 Kp«vtv, 8 

<^) Omission of thc nasal. 

348 T» «eX«iW<n*, 947 St /tax?- 990 n- W ("^« 
paiticularly as final: 38 SXfftat, 93 vc/iiroiwi, 176 {, : 
r&X4(, 442 «Xi/tt (-VXÜM»), 611 Si) (-fi* fv). 693 i? 
(" •ffif), 853 ^pfva (»• ^p«i-' «f)i 'OOl ¥Qiü^t». 

(7) Errors of flexional endlng, 

eg. 1 3 J iMyirrn (- /UtmtwX 1 36 ^«Tr««' (- ^«n»") 
(> tüc^), 3l6 imrajXpvßitm (' -•r>')< 3<i4 öXXmv I 
433 Ki^riMt (' -Of ). 445 MVX**' (~ M*'X^ 554 <*T«iNii^a 
572 j3aX«M> (>*^aX«^y),638 rütr (>tmu'X693 J^ ( 


961 Jin/101; (=£o^o(), [04J iftijftai vovTjpal (~ ^if/ii; iravijp^), 

1055 -n-XTi^uot/ffal (--<n). 

^'^tL (8) Errora of accent are very Trequenl and thc sense Js 

A somctimcs aflccted: c.^. 81 ifffirorav (•= ttoiroräv), 157 vtßäan 

^^ Üm/Ta (— vißa^ «ö *B(inrÖTa). Without aRccting the scnse : 22 

H loXrot. 54 «iTiiF. 65 S(d/)pu&u', 26; «ijwi'ji. S12 irvdfvBai, 965 

^■Sf** (9) Transposition of letters (»'vo^^m^'^ti'/iÖ«), 

^B ^Mt^v), 391 iM^i'af (b KpoJta«), 622 riKfupait (— *a«f}üaa(). 

H^^^K. ( 10) Errors of omi.s<iion of words or parls of words, 

V t.ß. 37 irptra» <t<>, 42 rotavSt <Si>, 71 "<^<>3oiVoirrf(, 

r ■ J4 <&p^(ot», '57 fifffiroTa *<Tn>{, 246 yfi'i'af «v»'>(»', 293 

r ^^X*"^^ <6'> oür», 301 fToXiVa« <t'>, 367 < - - - >, 448 ■<« - >, 

I -^^O KpaivTT (vf i/coi« <SiKai>, 469 *<ot'> Sw^iairii', 473 dcüi' <rMi<>, 

5S>6 •<(iT«K n>äraitri, 700 irpö^ huaatßflas <S'>, 793 <»■ •<i»t> 

^10«^«^, 793 fiirpov, •<tö> t« i!»', 799 irtTrpayit€t>o>v *<fUvoi'>, 

^<^H S" <«!'> iv^KUf, 830 e.g. "<ß<ii'(>, 955 ■<öi'>o»'. 956 npartt 

"*"^'^ic>, 957 virovpytly *<K»tiä> leaitoit, IOO4 irpov€<rv> i», 

< 1 1 ) Errors of interpoiation (from adscripts), 
^.g. 163 "ty3«Xij], 324 [n] faXtpii, 416 n-pöt tÖ ^avttaSai [pot] 
^^^"• ^ aMT, 584 Scivij [««i] 5«i/inr«i' i^ij, 594 rXafiovav [*ai] «.r.X., 
t T'«-» A<Mtw<J>[Z«0].8ll •[xpnf«»]. aia'tJw^H- 
' ^12) Errors of gl 05sing, 

--E* 31" laoTlfMpov (i.e. nvrliLtipov), 440 KTfii'at {««rtvat), 
öfioi' (— *Crot>). Pcrhaps also 71 *<^i>ßai»oiim glosscd 

<. 13) Errors of grammatical adapution to false context, 
^■C' 79 iruepäv ^pivüv (schol, wtKpiii), 785 i\6piv rin (•< röv), 
iia««U tttXXMi Ottoif (for l9tü>t), 955 iv pfpocwi Biivav {^iv 
*C^öi>»i(f $tiaa»), 1043 ^M«» iro»Tjp4i {- ^tifiTit vovipat i.e. ^ii/tt; 

•**■ ._5 »"^ ' — ■"" 

oflen from illcgibility of 



e.g. 378 TÄt ti VOMtfVOVt {— *T^T 7*1^1* I 

8p*pi»irivTaat¥ (•- '«V öXxoK <*()<N>D 0<ifw 

$« TWOT«ffT«^fiqt («"Bf 7', MV TÖff' «Spv), 543 

vXm'Cctp (— "Ä ir«M «f, awäpff»»' ^n^mwXi^ 

(- •^m' oÖ). 

(ij) Errors from compcndia, 

e.g. 32 läp (i.e. 7', for *-f*\ 976 /icv (for 

606 K aiBovaa (for »arai&ovra). 

Some of the misiak« of flexional endings 

this cause, and I suspcct ^innr in v. 34 of bci 

^totviQ i.e. ^oivtm. 

fiesides these well-known classes of mistakes 
cxemplified wi(h more or Icss fulness from all) 
there are in the Choephori solitary cxamples of o 
which bcfel in copying. Thus f. 133 is mispl 
presumably through having been first omitted (in tl 
then cntcred belween the columns or at the top i 
the pagc, and so copied into the wrang place. In %'. 
^p*»i appears in place of ipBovrat Xöto« because of 
eye catching the previous line endit^; tvith rnj^t«^ 

The copyist of the Medicean is scarcely to blame 
imperfcctions which belong not to him Jndividually l 
common pracCice of Greek scribcs. For example th 
betwcen words was nevcr carried out strictly and consi 
any pcriod. The erroneous or imperfcct distribution o( 
betwcen the Speakers arose partly from mistakes in 
^ them in the first instance in Alcxandrinc timcs, partly t 
iiKonsisiency witli which thc signs wcrc addcd or withh 
partly from thc casc with which the mcrc trapnypa^ot m 
overiookcd. Functuation was exceptional and unsyst< 
whether in inscriptions or in texts', Inconsistency of 
graphy, in the way of assJmilation of neJghbouring const 
(e.g. in ßpoTotat, itt ßpoTcivt), in the use of » J^Xkiwtiköv, 1 

' Ib ih* pwwt leM MW pandaalton hx bw« intfodacnl il ■ •■ " 
T. A. 


maTking of dision, &c., dates from the timca of old At(ic 
inscriptions and occun in the eaHiest cxtant documents, 

Ncxl to the MS Ig critrcal importancc comc the scholia. 

Though so brief. thcsc nolcs arc a seicction and abridgmeiit 

of mueh variorum commcnt and paraphrase. in somc cascs 

(Uting as far back as ihe best pcriod of Alcxandrinc criticism. 

The critical marks of Aristophanes and Arislarchus. the wro- 

fu-^uar« of Ihc 7po*i/i«'i«o/, tlic paraphrascs, and the lexica of 

Didymus. Diogcntanus and Hesychius. suppücd malcrial to 

catly editofs or posscssors of a vohimc (tifiat or Wi^af«) of 

Acichylu», and, if sufficicntly learncd. the cditor or posscssor 

raighl furthcr appcnd notes of hi's own. In our MS the scholia 

arc simply copicd by m from sourccs at his disposal, and wc 

fcnow nothing for ccrtain of the datc of a givcn commcnt. 

■Somcttmc» its own text is corrupt ; somelimes two (of which 

»VC cannot teil tUc relative age) contradict each othcr as to 

">« mcaning, and not scldom indicatc diflcrent readings (of 

■•»"hich we cannot be surc which is the older) ; sometimes a 

•cholion is cntercd at the wrong place. 

VVc may dcfcr any füllet discussion of the »ources and 

•■tTTiificance of the scholia to the Appendix, in which thosc of 

* *>^ Chocphori arc given in detail. Il will sufficc here lo obscn-e 

«•^a.t thcy undoublcdly do in a considcrablc number of instanccs 

***SCWt a diflcrent rcading from tliat of M. It is a common 

*^llacy. howcvcf. to assumc that, whcrever such a variant is 

•■^tljcatcd, it i» ncccssarily an oldcr and bcttcr reading llian 

****wi. Hut this is an altogelhcr ülogipal position to lakc up. 

^■^«J bctrays a scrious misconccption as to the transmission of 

'^ S authority. Our MS is copicd from an archetype probably 

^*=»»Miderably older than itscif, which we may call A. The scholia 

**^t« are galhcred from oJdcr documents, which collcctivcly we 

■**^y call B. What reason havc we for assuming that A is 

•**cci9arily younger and Icaa authentlc than B? Therc is on 

***« conlrary grcat probabi/ity that B, rcpresenting a coUcction, 

^^*ll be based in its later jg^^^rtions upon a traditlon more or 

*«■! tomipted. I' -s we, „^-»«-»wn that corniptions or various 

^■^" ' *^ ^ ;iinei» wid, of copict produced 


after the birth of such comipttons or variant 
in one scries of erron and somc in anoth< 
errors would be the samc ; at times they woi 
ways ; at tJmes one ivould be sound and anott 

A carefui examination of the Medicean sei 
with the text shcws that they have misied ec 
M to be wrong <)uite as often as they have assii 
M where it actually is wrong. Admitting as a 
the (ext of a scholion is itself sound, Le. that 
least in substance) faithfully transmitted sincc 
first written, there arc two questions involved in ii 
(i) Does the scholion really shew a different re. 
that reading necessarily the sounder one? The fi 
may be answcred amiss ; the latter is ollen beg. 

For the C/uep/iori each case will bc dealt wit 
but it may bc well to illustrate here both the 
scholia for textual purposcs, and also the cautioi 
cstimating the value of their hints. 

First, WC may take certain instanccs in which 
and better reading may bc gathercd from the cot 
it will perhaps bc an cconomy of material to choosi 
which appcar to have been either overlooked or misap 

160 sqq. "ZtuSiitä r i» 

On (he last line a scholion (as printed by both V 
and Faley) runs avrömtnr{») : rä ä^' iavrmn »xoma r^i 
(i^' o^ifita Si <« Toit v)(tS«p ^CMVovra «ai ov ire 
Avmp ra ßiXif. Editors have feit (o) the peculiar awkwa 
of the repetition of ßiKij, and especially (t) where (he 
antitheiii of |8A.f as weapons ihnwii to weapons he 
the hand ought to be maintained, if «nywherc Hence so 
who can, howcver, hanily have leamed to appreciate the 
of Kboliaats— read {^ ' from the scholion.' The proper p 
tuUkm I take to be «rrMcwirs* rä a^' imvrmp fy»"^* ^''' ^ 
fi^ (' Le. awotda '). ^x*^ ^ '* ''•'' »*''^" 


be peculiar to M ; other corruptionn might belong to a wider 
tradition. Provisionally we might mtore 
(B) irpälltv oiipiav 0t\it». 

troXXä 2* äX^artt 

Kpü^'- itaKowov t' Jirot 

fVKra «.T.X. 

Now I venture lo think that tlie scholia rcndcf the readine 
(A) practicaily certain as a stage in thc traditioa, and that 
one note at least ütrongl}' supporta the conjectured original (B). 

One scholion in the right mai^in has öikmu irnKXa Kpvwra 
«iplaxtt. This ignorei xpif^"" ■» favour o( the previous ^iXwv, 
and the tense and meaning of tiiploKti agree entirely with 
nX^ävti. Two other scholia are absolutel/ concIusi\'e against 
XcTUf. They are 

(i) nirpo^v\a<rw rM> 'Efipi^v S« ^^ai. XÖ7K fAf irrt. 
Could this havc bcen wrilten by anyone who had Xifm» before 
him? It is Hermes who is thc iiro^, 

(2) riSwtffKOTTos iartv i Xöyot, rovrivTu' ö Epfäp- «iiä- 
ywirTov im' tivicra yap Kai ckotov vpo toü wpovmwou ^p*i- 
(It matters nothtng to the prcscnt purpose whetlier we punctuate 
aftcr 'Kpufjs or run on,,.ö 'Ep/tijf äBiiiyvwrrK ivn. The one 
fact proved is that to this scholiast also Xi-yuv waa unlcnown.) 

So little havc the scholia bcen undcrstood that Paley breaki 
up thesc two into Tour, addlng the remark "äXo^of npotui pro 
Xayp«, quo nihil iiMptliu"! 

64 sqq. 
IC aliiar iicvoBtv (iKiroßiyff Schutz) vri xiS""** Tpa^of 
TiVa« ^vtK iriinfftii 9v iu^puiäf (sie) 
iiaXyft^ ara tt.rX, 

On this the scholia which bear upon thc text are an inter- 
linear gloss Biä nl at>tara and a notc on f. 66 ^ Stmuntil^wr» 
änf. For the latter 1 agree with Weil and Paley Üut it dit- 
tinctly poinU to aiai^f ät«, [Cf. Eum. S7S »i«^ Jt^ix«c^ 
ira^ä TO aUC and iiii/. 67$ «<avwt' Si' atävo«.] But why the 
note Siä rä al/tara on v. 64? It might perhapi occur U ui 


theae scholia possessed texis without «v, a word whlch is no- 
toriousty liable to accidental Omission. The oputive therefore 
seemed to be an Optative of the wisli. We can hardly mippoK 
they read öfcX^ot, nor is (e.g.) äp t\6oi at all lupported in 
their notes. The tcxt oF M is hcre superior to aomt otber 
text Of texts cid cnough to bear copyable scholiA. 

691 sqq. M 

Kai ni9 'Optartis ^ fäp (üySovXut ^X*" 
i^u vofuitiv i\fBpioii 7rr)\oü TToSa 
vvv Sijirtp ip hifun9t ßaic^iai Ka\^% 

To this passage the following scholia are attached ; 

(1) oppositc the wholc in the left margin : rö i{^ sürttt rov 
vo^fjMTo^- Kai irpirtpov i(tt Kaitl^ttir oKißpot; {6\i9piov RobprL) 
imXaii vöia iju fkft fvßoiiKta-i tX""' 'OptVnjs- vom 'OpJffn)» ; 4 
TOif otxoit larutii tKftis t^v är/aOris *ü^poffvin)f vüw ii äwMXtra. 

(3) to V. 693 (right mafgin): xot vvv '0/>«(«Tft): mtI tw 
wpvTtpon. TO ykp rß» {i)X«t »aX rö irap*\^\ii0i^. 

a) to V. 693 (right maig,) : efw mjXoO iroS(») : ^mpotnU. 

(4) to V. Ö94 (right marg.) : ^ tü^oavvri tm» jSfltfiXfHN' 

(5) to T'. 69s over larpo^ an interlinear gloss 4 Mirp»«.. 

(6) to f. 695 (right marg.): tä^ov ainifp ä^aiiia9*i»a»,dpa(io 
I punctuate). wv wpöt rö Airt« £' ävih«»K4v. 

The conclusions commonly derivcd from these commmti are 
{a) that tiv should be read, {b) that Koiii^w and not iw^t'fw» ii 
correct, (f) that vapovvav iyypä^u U quite corrupL VVe may at 
oncc acccpt ^y (i.e. tj). KOfü^uv may eithcr have bcen before 
the sclioliast in bis text,or it maybc a corruption in thescholion 
itseir. We may grant that achoUast (6) read lomething eise 
instead of irapovaav 4yypd^i ; but vre should be «Cting blsely 
by M ir we assunied that the variart was ncceiurily correct. 
If we examinc the Kholiawe find that<i) and (i) hang together. 
The writers seem to have fancied that >ai vvi' o{ 693 was anti- 
thetical to ro» Ü of 694. Aa it shcwn in the commentafy, tUa 



nothing to do wilh oü ita(niKaXo^9ivT\ k.t.X. As a fact it is 
»*roog in its ascription to v. 842, sincc it properly bclongs to 
»hc Word hifiaTovrayit. Thc 'dripping.' according to thc anno- 
Catof, is thc dripptng as it wcre of a knifc (lit. ' ai iT it wcrc said 
of a knife'). This may not accord with äx^o^. but expcriencc 
of scholia will reconcilc one to that dcgree of awkwardness. 
Thal ^vf (or rathcf ^«vp t^ irpöaOtv) is t^Ü tow 'Ayaiii/n 
^=oiTcct, but an incorrcctness of thc scholion comes in 
4SXMȟ^vrf is madc (in ov TtapaKakv^ffiim) to rcfer to ^vf 
Krue constniction is liioir' &v ax^»^ iXuaivoim Kai StS 
<*to one festcring and galled ') t^ irpöafftv ^öfft ('with Üic 
rourder'). Thc words ov irapmtoKu^SivTt «XX" »«i/ivijtr 
^>ne explanatton of cXxai'ifoirri, i.e. thc bloody wound ke 
fcstcring, it is not concealed, but always in evidencc ät^t r« 
<^. lex.) is a word «uiiably applied to things which ' rankle 

The scntcnce i» ytip to« Op^voK invaaatiiriv avritv t4 r 1 
BS no cxplanalion of öci/tinja'rf), nor indccd of thc pr* 1 

■»»ord» ai all. It rcfcrs to thc cxpression iXitaivoim «oi 
^»oy, taken correclly of thc pcrson and not in agreemci 
^wy. This scholiast took thc words 'to one woundcd and [ 

^^Ib thc prcvious murder ' as rcfcrring Hlerally to his p! *<r-i\ 
condiiion, i.e. 'one who is sore and wounded with tcari s 
*>«Mt in lamcntation.' 

Thc fact then is that we have a number of scholia proc Mng 
frocB diRcrent hands, and theJr relations may bc exprcs 1 u 
lollows : 

i*HMTO«rayit] uf fVl /taxatpav. 

^>V Tip irpiffBiv] Tip Toß ' AyafUfiifovo^. 

i^V *■(• ■'pövfitvi jX«atWm] ov vapanaXu^i^i a\X' 

i\a*ii^im «Ol StSitj/Uf^] iv fup Toi( ffp^roit äiiuaoourt» 
I avTwr TO vT'^Bti. 

med that the scholiast 
amg. ives 

tI yäp ! 

Turnebtu itawnrpnytUtf. 


Thc alteration must bc estimated on its merits, but it c 
nieans bc proved that the scholiast read the dative (n 
it bc tinal if he did). It is quite in his manner to annot 

Hlaccs in thc Choc[>bori at which the scholia imply a 
reading rrom that of M are w. 13, 26, 59 sqq., 64. 6C 
163,216.250,261, 318. 365 .*qq., 373, 417 sq., 437.440. . 
540. 54z, 601 sqq.. 645 sqq., 692 sqq.. 791, Siosqq., 938, 

Placcs at which .'urholia are not merely unoppose« 
explicitly supporl, thc corruption in M are w. 73, 132. 
278, 324(1'), 4r4. 638, 641, 730. 792 sqq. Placcs at w 
evidence of thc scholiast is doubtfui are w. 307 sq.. . 
711,797. 879. 9'8. 954 ''q- 

A textual error in thc scholion. afiecting thc cvidei 
be suspected at ;t. 35, 1 26. 458, and Ö93(?). Undoubte« 
errors not affecting the evidencc uccur with sonie freq 
the scholia, e.g. at it. 74 (aTorpn for ffTWTo«), 80 (ft 
/ütror), 389 (ira^fiirraTai for »«/KiwraTO*), 424 (xopoio ; 
"•"ö). 437 (oÜt for Öt') &c. 

In thc matter of orthography I havc follotx-ed as 1 
posaible thc evidencc obtainable for the date of Ai 
Thcrc appcars to be no rcason why one should shri 
writing consistently tf^ti^a, rntoa, «ixri'pw. when it i: 
beyond doubt that thosc forms and those only (vcrc ii 
and bcforc thc year 458 ü.c These orthographics havc 
bccome fairly eslablished in modern editions of the 
What may bc thought a somcwhat bolder step has bei 
in an adherence 10 the -p of thc MS for the second perso 
passive insicad of the -« to which English students ai 
tomed. The natural contraction -ß of •t(a)a«, one whi< 
philologist knows to have been a necessary phoiietic ; 
no doubt confuscd with and oftcn rcplaced by -et as carl 
fourth Century b.c. (v. Meisterhans. Gramm. All. Inuk 
Kühner-Blass,£7^(7r(iwj»(.Mi. p.6o),butlherccanbenod< 
in (he older Attic writers, including all the tragedians, f 
only correct form. The perverse «uthority of Cobet ( V 


to have carried down thc Uxt of Aeschylus with «b»olute pre- 
cisioii in this matter, but we are at least as safe in «ccepting 
thc form which thcy suppiy aa in following a lUpposed rule 
to which the trageJians niay aftcr all have dcliberatcly nin 

In the same way the vacillation bctween «lam and ivm, mim 
and äti. (öftftaxo^ and vv/itiMx»^< •■"'^ tcrminationi with and 
witl)out paragogic v, must be left to the dictatinn of the MS. and 
cannot bc decided by metre only. We may know which form 
was the more common at a givcn datc, but we can say nothing 
more definite. On the othcr band «icrataloncshouldbewrittcA, 
not n'cm {Meisterlians* p. 25). 

The question of the 'Doric' ä in lyrics is diacuased in the • i« ljrk>- 
appendix to v. 2i, and the evtdence Warrants the writing of 
the ä in all cases where that sound was really the common 

Another form restored in the present tcxt ii the locativeTi» 
•wüXnat (567). M has xuXi^ivi. It is usual to write rvX«««'*.!^** '' 
The V itself is practically cerUin for Aeschylus. Mcisterhana* 
(pp. 94 sq.) quotes ji inscriptions in -aai, -^crt down to 430 
b.c. It is, no doubu possiblc Tor eithcr HI or H to have been 
writtcn by Aeschylus. Meisterhans cites thrce iniluices of 
-7}at before B.C. 456. The vt^eight of evidence, however, ii dts- 
tinctl)' in favour of H alone. Moreover -w«, -a«i are the 
genuine forms of thc locative {niXitat-düpaat), ivhüe -if»t, -^i 
are hybrids with the instrumcnUl (-ot«), and thercforc imply a 
more rccent origin. 

Wilamowitz-MoellendorlT also takcs this view (Eur. HerakI, 
I. p. [27). Hc rcmarlvs 'wer iri/Xt]«-! für einen lonismus hält, 
hat allerdings nicht das Recht mitzusprechen.' Tbc case ii 
»carccly well put in Kübncr-Dlasi, Gk Gramm* I. p. 38a Fof 
the true account see Dnigmann, GmuJrist, it. p. 704, \ 358. 
If it is asked why iriSXirrt ii written in one place oad cg; 
->r\(irra(trt (247) in another, the rcpty must bc tbat mJXytfi 
both find» special Warrant in the MS and is in 'um nature 
(like fiipoffi, 'Atfiff^i) more >trictly locatix«. I fieel toleraUy 

LACUNAE. ciii 

at m. 90—95, 200— 3tOb 235 — 239, 234 — 242, or for the reversal 
of Order of the Strophe and antistrophe in 621 sqq., 637 sqq. 
One clear case of necessary transposition is to be found in r. 
123, which in M Stands after 164, i.e. 42 lines (or nearly a 
column's length) lower than it should be. In this instance the 
line, having been omitted by accident (perhaps because it began 
with «fpvf white the next commenced with o^f ), was [>ro- 
bably written either in the margin between the columns or at 
the top or botton) of a page, and thence supplied at the wrong 
place by a misunderstanding of the copyist Such an accident 
may have occurred dsewhere, but we are not in a position to 
demonstrate the necessity of any other transposition, and it 
often happens that, where one critic has fancied such trans- 
position calied for, another discovers very conclusive reasons 
Why the MS order is «specially effective. To me the text of 
the Cftoipfiori appean to stand in need of practically no re- 
adjustment in this respect 

Lacunae to be filied with single words or small portions of Ucunac 
lines are not rare in our text, the cause of Omission being for 
the most part self-evident (e.g. in w. 37, 42, 246, 460, 596, 799, 
955» 957» 1005)» i^lthough there are instances less easy to account 
for. That whole lines and passages may also have disappeared 
through homax>arkton and homceotelcuton is shewn by v. 
625 (where the line iw* apipi r^vx^a^pfp was omitted by M 
before the line iw* avipX ijioit iwucor^ <yißa^ and has been 
supplied in the margin by m), and by tT. 708 — 710, passed 
over by M because of the ending ra wpoa^pa, which is identical 
with that of v, 707. These again are supplied in the margin 
by m. There is very probaUy a lacuna in the neighbourhood 
of V, 1039. 

The repetition o( i^ifAH^ is a debauble question, but the 
appearance at v. 970 of wdpa ri ^öf Http answering to wdpa 
r« ^c IBtlv of V. 959 can hardly be explained otherwise than 
as indicating the repetition of the füll refrain, exactly as in 
modern songs the recurrence of the chorus or bürden ii often 
denoted by the first line (or part of it) widi •tuJ U ^ 

such introductory phraae or eise some 


onployed In tbe oldeit copies, and these were apt to be over- 
looked or Ignored by the later scribes. Lacunie of whole 
cpiqnnnia «re therefore veiy probable. 

In the lyria our MS prcsumably gives with merely acci- 
dental deviations the ȆKm as diitributed by Aristophanei of 
BynntianL Theyoresupposcd tohavebeenpreviouilyarran^ 
ai praie. It may be that modern metrical science ii superior 
ta that of the Alcxandrine critics ; yet they must have pos- 
Mwed coniiderable knowledge to work upon, and in vicw of 
the diverBcnoei of t^nion of preKnt metricists, and in the 
»b K nce of the aettled text which alone can afTord complete data 
4*6 Prebce), it seenii most judicial to leave the colometry of 
the Medicean as Ijttle changed as possiblc Wecklein (Pref. 
«0 Atuk^i FsMtu, 1 885) aays well : 

'Um tcmptis esse videbatur colometria codicis Hedicei 
I bonam memoriam sequi, non incertam doctrinam et 
Itaque in dividendii versibus melicis nihil mutavi, 
•iii vpoA ubi amplitudo itrophanini et antistropharum discre- 
piÜMt, venu* inter <^ «equabam. Hoc uno modo etiam edi- 
tenuD in versibus numerandia varictas ad certam legem non 
« vbitrio olicuius editoris, sed ex memoria libri Medicei repe- 
Md«B redigi polest' 


The ihort infcnt whkh wouk) be preliiietl to the Clictfktfi bjr m 
is tnhsing along with Ih« beginning of the play. Six kava ut lo«t in 
the Mediceanatthiipoint. These containcd the linesoflhej^^JMMJi^jt 
froni 1 159 to 1673, ihe iiwöBtaix to our play, the list of dramatis ptr- 
toHitt and the opcning panage of the prolotpje, of which nine linet have 
been recovered (»even wholly and two in pan). The maximum number 
or lines to the pagc Tor Aetcliylut being 48 and the Rverage for the 
othcT eight leavn lost bccween vp. 313 and 1051 of the Agamemimm 
being 46, it is evident thai Ihe prefalory noiice 10 the C^P^»ri mtui 
havc 1)een brief, and also no greai number of verscs in Ibe prologue 
are siitl toaeck'. 

The vnitivtvt woutd come (ihough not necessarily rerbatim) front 
Arisiophanei of Byzantium, who dertved bis infonnaöoDi «hen not 
contained in the piay itielf, eitlier from the SiSuniiAtai oT Arisioile and 
his school, or from a work of the gramroarian Callimachui, who hirnielf 
weni directly to the Arislotelian tourcea. The argunicnt 10 the Emmt- 
nUet is exprculy italed to be l>y Ariitophanei ypaf^unut. 

The d.-ite of the produclion of the Ctoeffavi \t b.c, 458. In the 
iwü$ttri^ 10 the AgamtmnoH the ftSavuaAM aa)*» tödi}^ n tpifut hn 
apj^ovrm ^iXon\Jov% OKvfiwtaSt JO| {oySotfno<rr]f Mcuratus) cr4t ß. wpmr9% 
AIvxv^l 'Arafiffirot^ Xo^^cpot, Eürurtn, npurti iraTupu^ JxV7f*> 

BnwX^i 'A^itf<v(. In [886 ihere was discovered at Athen« vi inicrip- 
lion (published in the 'E^^i^i 'A^x^oiViryiinf pait 4 p. 169) vouching 
for the accuracy of the SttomuiAiB. It recordi the victorie* M the City 


fall o( Troy. But Troy was laken only leven or eighl yean before. 
Moreover Trojan cap(ivn would never have tet eyt» on Orefln (linoe 
he was wiih Sirophius before Agnmemnon't relum), and yct the Chonw 
always speaks ot hin) {t.g. iSo iq.) in terms which would be incon- 
ccivable unleM we regard the women as having once been undei ihe 
happier rigime of the liouse, nt a titne when Agametnnon and hu 
children were dwclling in it. The erroneoui noiloo Mcnu to have 
arisen Trom vv, 74M)q., where ihey are made to speak of thcnnelvet a* 
born free bui carried into caplivity ai the Tall of thejr oouniry. But thit 
is merely to inttoduce theni to us a$ ai^faXaiTiS«, not ilavct of the 
market or bom slaves. Tbey Ihus obtain that air of beiiig ladicf 
(cf. ifuni -yvnÜKtt 83) which fiis them for 'iHeal spectaton' and advisen. 

KAvTaifi>)<rrf>a is the apcihng of the naine in Aesclijrlui. It it uied 
by M in ihe text {Ag. 84, 170 ; C/ie. B81) and also by in, who ptciixct 
KXtirBi^>|rTT^t (i$BAof to Eum. 94 and always ta wriiM the word in the 
«cliolia {Che. pusim ; Eum. 94, 1041 jtg. ji &c). Il it tme ihat 
K^uToi/ii'iffrTpa ii written by M in Eum. 116 ihrough a ilip due to hii 
habituation to n laier form. The tendency was of courie to (ubslilulc 
the more common tpcllin|{ with r, and in Ihe list of peraotue to the 
Eiimtmdti ihe later tn' ' conects' m and wriles -innjirrpu. In Ag. 590. 
where M fails us, ihe MSS whicli have 10 scrve M place give KXvrav 
fvr^vrpa. See the noie on Cie. 648 («Awrä ßuaaö^pim', which I believe 
to be a play upon KAvTacftiffftpa)'. 

ir we are to atsume ihe ttaditional view to be correci, via. Ihal there 
wcie liicrally only thtee acton employed in all (apwt froin super- 
. Dumeraries), and not raiher to luppose slniply thai thfee acton only 
could appear on the stage logether {ae fiiarta loqui ptnanm kAorH), we 
may disthbute the röia in inore ihan one way. Most natural, bowercr, 
in view of the relative importance of Ihe paris usually allotted to the 
three grades of acior, and of the practica) posstbiliiiet of the tfagCi 
would be the a 

Protaeonift : OreJtei. 

üeutcragonist : Electra, Clytacmnestra, Aegisthui. 

Trilagonist : Doorkeeper, Servant of Aegislhul, Pyladet. 

There would be no difficutty in the way of the iritagontM, linct 
Pylade« of the fint part of the play is a nv^r wpimtar, aad, iriNi 

' Whcrc aar MSS of AfbtMU Pfit. xiv. iff)' ■) givc 
Anbic ytnkn thrwi ui oripAal ia -ft^n/w. 


»ppntfAta the door with Oe*tet, he U duguiied. So &r the nUr 
■i^ be taken by an; ■npernumenu^. The PyUdet who ipeaki ibe 
thrät linci 899 — 901 ii k diScrent penon, the third actar. Thow who 
Ülak Üut iiHufficient timcait alktwed for a change from the Kfvani to 
PjrlKlei betwccn vb. SS8 «nd 898 pertiapa forget ihat the pla; ii acted 
■od not read. Tbere wai pnbably a hi^ly dranuuic Kene aomewhu 
pnitoaied «t ibia poiat 

M^ wyi V wg« aic the attendanti of Oreste« and Pyladci (709, 981) 
■adorpjPtaemMttn (7o>>. 

[la Ihe preaent woric an ai 
that Um IIS doca bM n 

rtak before the narae of the ipeaker 
k Ibe change of tpeakcr eren with tbe 

rvftßou 8' cV öjf^fi T^&€ mjpvwtii varpl 
>ikv€w, «tKovtrai • • • 

• • irXoKOfioP 'l(^X¥ Optimjpiov, 

TÖd SfVTtpov &i tövot irtfOrjnjpiov 

ov yap irapatv ififiot^a tröv, irärtp, fiöpov 
oW i^tiva xtip' <V iKt^pav viKpov. 

<"■«)(« yuivwcüv iftäpta-tv fLtkay^^Cnot,'! 
np(WQv<ra; noif (ufiif>op^ ir/wo-tutöo-co ; 

RecnicrtH lijr Sunlt 
immif Ihc C4«/l., I 
n Im dnvbt, The 

frumichr.l. Pincl. /*. 4. 14 
v^ were kn»«n tu Eii>u 

(Bi). Though 
liiu (CamnKDt. 

r. AV. ;oB 

f^larljF nii'lc proclarnotinn 

P^ « rhinG ennnd. Cf. Ku ,„„ 

n«. «rf. « 1..«. <*l H, T^ ,*»>« 

JWWV*'-'-. Thepuoii niuM m« bc 
y** *" ''•'«■ OrrMCT Mnndi m/m. noi 
^r t. Ute moanri. iiul rtfuh«, lüft 

"Wj._ il ItnfN ■niMnlhlthniocktrflhe 
I JJN Ihi ■ ii|K>n ih» f« niy hiltnch, llie 
j™« of • lomh.' mvl ihc gKocUiniitioii 
»»|Mto«<I in -mi hearer. Ihe falher 
•»«'»■.-•V**». : >. MC ror>nallr 
"JJWncinB "'' dulm. anil inlenlioM 
g*? ■«" pml*''!/ «1 fonh UIrflv in 
^■»«Inrtl- C^X-'. r. 6.i(nf(li« 

1^ la^uf. iniww.. Alu, „ifin^ 
23^ •ort» HiEBTtt Ihc fimiliot «.«im 
2V Kwi iflhcT.rcr(.rnonym™.il,e 
JJ^JT""" '« '»«l of •J'le.i -olimnliy, 
(M ,? t""*m'- l'-t .. nM nut« 
1,1 ,"* t*Bn"'Oinl •llirenne« of len««, 
,,'"«• <«'">«! ■>'^i» »Bd *.•*.» wem 

1 tttit,. = -ohej' Ag. 947. S. , 

luniljr of 1 
lullJne. • 

a/fil, takci Ihc ni><l n|i|ior- 
inying ml, or si [tiui ivin- 
pRscribed riic. Eutlaltiiu« 

ff» nM.i 4Xi>Uf. Od Ihe Uiier oc- 

ra.ion ih«)' cui ihcii hnir ihon 'AirUIum 
^^ * -U..^ •p.rr*«' «ri rir Ai- / 

IJ- 141 (•-«T' iir...i^T, (AchlJlo) : 

X*lry.. I r4* ^ Sr,„„J „nM-f rptp, 1 

r» mW «„,. Cf. 1>M., .. j; i«»,M 

KT«.ry. «hol, l'lnd. />. 4. Ki rl. r^r.t ' 

"'-"J["r"*''*'""^»-V«i- ' 

fwr. The nviM »11(1 iurine»Df«eminirr 

— -/»*»•■ Cf. Ilc«. 7a«y. ,,6 1 

rir -AriU,^, iM.t. 1 «1 

■"•//. 187 »J 5<n« 1» «^^« > 

worcl !• tdj, «od could 

«. tftwtif» (cC. ry.»ih. 


on this sepulchre's high ground I make my cry — 'ti^ 
father — to hearken and give ear. 

• " " A tress to Inachus, in guerdon ofmy 
and here a sccond, Tor mecd ofgrief. 

For 1 was not tiicre, father, to bewail thy slayjng 
Stretch out my harid Cor the dead to be borne forth. 

What is it 1 behold ? VVhat is yon Company o( ivomc 
ing its way in show of sablc garb f What hap should Jt 

II. 1, p. i«s. 6),- 
■. • Quotcd (will 
76g ica]. V«|. ger 

Hl' Erfnrdt, Imi il » iillc tu pm* M Ihc h« 
-uiMioii rs^^Lwt*) tiom ihc Cittf^. by Khal. I 
rc«i'c(L'<l by Dindorf. — /•fpi Diml. and nm 

nt#r^ ;«T^r.. m^i'f*). Mt^ ia. 
dT nwiac. no iwiiillci. The kiuc Ia 
limpijr ■» lock a|ipcnaininj; 10 nurture.' 
Cf Aj;. 6;) ttiTiiflitr wptyiarif tüy- 
ytXan <'newi> orMfcly'). It i' deiiioucil 
in rccnynilion of rl r^^iafai. (A pa>- 

mifhl lic lUEgeilnl liy I lomer's XW-- 
t^ ^...rp4^. Iwi ■• hanlly |>o-iiJc.) 

V t4* SavTip» U TJi«a. 1 hc an. ii 
lie« «iilfliiwd hy »upposing thc JoM vronla 

Ihe hair clincly J 
he newiy dou' ■ 
-ISJ. Soph. 

'hcnwiih,' the «cihhi 1^14; 
■d. — wwfhrr^ptmr, Nol only 
elincly nboFn al the Wrftt 

om. //..j.ys. 

11;«. U.. 7«. 

41«, /tK. IUI, oion 1. §1, Ot. AM. 13. 

iriMtiH. I iiihriai intpct, crimt» huri- 
mai-fin n/ituH), bui K|>amL- liicka weta 
■1» ulTcreH fiom lime lo linie al Ihc 
innili in cnnuncinoralinn, Cf. Soph. £/, 
S.1- 44« fl-rira •farii ßttrpixi' i'ß*» 
fifiaii...lii miri ami inf 171.— The 
vhole patMgc » pmhabty nicirnl 10 
Conrey nlu Ihe lhi>u|;h( ' Two lixki of 
auch lillTeient impuri 1 I »leliiBlc my 
tiujarily. but it la a ud une. WhM 
ahould Lic ■ CeUivil 1» n day of giicf.' 
l'he /anvitiii »^wri^t. 

phiJi. Cf. .Soph. Aj. i( 
taiv»» l^üvrit b ifimiitti 

• »i yif njMlr n.rX. Ct. 
All. 767 |lbe ■cr'ant cooiplaini,) 


I aiX' 'f •« 

ii^^t { Sitrtittr (wherc Ihe tchol. tiuoin 
V). S-/f/. JJI iXX' tin, ^ 

duly for all frienila lo miiii 
bunai. er. *. loii w a^r* 
•Vft^iWfW rmf^w, — ikifAv. not 
'ilcaih,' llie incaninc whiclt 
alwAyt bcstH in iracetTy. .So i 
in lIcnurL-ilua (»/. Ck-in. AI 
3. .0 vi»«— r.i«- «#X«* 
#X.» (c£ ifcrf. 4, 7). 

['l'he coniKclion of thc lin. 
precedine H n« veiy clo«. V 
«wJ ir x^W l^'. a^* ■ 
Ta^w. > •hauhl he inietpnied 

» h'ktvfHlri •/«rihec. 
bonie fiinh 110 burialj.' t 
cipivuc* pur|>»\c. l'he finl 
thc hani in llic cu^lomary cr^ 
be Ihc MGrul fix ihc ptoccuiiir 
(DimL) i> •pecioun. bul nm no 

piuuc. lic Hn Ihc |>coccui 

iliitjuice loimnli the iiieclal' 
See Jnlrod. pp. hiiiv m]. 

SV/i. ;.; wßd.m*. I Oif,, 
XiYxlMat I -yuMi Xib.w it t, 
iUir, Piri. tjo T*vj< -ikf l^a 
11(^11** wftny itMihU lin eu 
aumeihinc al a ilikiancel, Ili 
t05'i WrK(i« wfiwia Mr. M 
Jr#*n IwfBp^ T^irn. Th 
•cnie ii ihal of a ihint; alan 
Mrikingly to ihc liifhl (and. ■ 
call*, 10 ihe (Mher acma), « 
iiacl/ (u herc) ur preeminnii 
Mhcta {-ißwfimir). In «. 
VfMar bw Ihe laller Bwaatag, 

WOTtpa ÖOfiOiffi, tr^fio. TTpocrKvpti reor ; 
ij waTpi Twfi^ TÖtrS' f7rtiKCUTa<: TV)(ia 

owStV wot' äX\o-> «ai yap 'HKtKTpoi/ SokÖ> 
<rT<i')(<(i' (tS«\^'7f T17V ip.rfv itevdfi \vyp^ 
irpfirowaf. u 7,v), So? ^t TtCaairOai /iöpov 
varpöv. yti^v St o-v/i^a;^ot fft'Xtaif i/ioC. 

rivXaSi;, vTaGötfifn tKiro&tüv, uii in tra^f 
fiödai yvcaucüp i^rt? ^ npoa-Tpojnj. 


IcXrof (V Söfituv tßai' 

Xo** ff/>om>/*irö( 6{v)(ttpi VW xTviUf. 

rrdu Turncln» tthnnieh an cri« rVa in Al<l.|. rfiyr* lli 

~»^ aiidlhcn. 

FU»k wiih ipi,. 

•iWi^***^! ho-rrtf, u Ih« ™.«, »i». fiRiillar iiliooi. ThI x«^ «n: Uuuijhl to 
4i^**t HHM, «i.ei Wftnvpv'^i iribiart hlui >• onc 10 be i>pi>c»aJ In ihe unrtcr. 

^* Itxher und nunc 

pcrmni an ji 
■* (•■ 7*»t- lil. »«w« 

•t<iil tomr |-'>lan!'S.f. 
! olh«r?' Th« iMf.'f' 

1. ir Tl.e 


Is some frcsh blow bcfaUinK the housc ajain ? Or sli 
not amiss that 'tis to my sire Ihcy come, bcaring li 
iKther pwvcrs whom men appease? It can be r 
that ; fof Elcctra, min« own sistcr, methinkn, walks 
■picuous in dole and mourning. 

O Zeus, grant me vengcancc Tor my murdered sin 
gracious aid to mc. 

Pylades, let us withdraw, that I may leam fbr sun 
nippliant approach orwomen-rolk may mean. 

[Exeunt ORESTES and 1'vlades U» le/t). E 
Chorus (/ivm rig/u\'\ 

Sped on an crrand come I abroad, to tend libatioi 

■O 4iniim W. corr. SltnXtj. M The MS tuu no «pi al Ihc ip 

M, corr. TumetMi.— f^ Kobondlo. A mcmleri renl in Ihe MS hl 
viiible, >»< ihcrc un be no doubt of the nnl. Ißtr Diml. For 
rdonlinn of iE-fnrniiL tce Appendii. M x**!' Keck, x**' L'iuul 

■^rrui M (itude from rk^*..,M). ri> irtfry AmaMi». tir *it 


n>J<>>Hara 'lo »h.™ Iniuiii in giiren.' 

,tt^T»ltrt. iHä.iJl. wi 

So ^iW-rM« -■•>"« *1" » «wnl to Ix 

not' Inner k-riefa. Ihe in* 

■putucd.' Orei4e:i luiipowi Ihil ihc 

»hich Oinle. can lell nat> 

Xml m», 1« brouGhl u part oTi pcrioüi- 

Y. i,(n-l--JZrf: 


aieiu» mr falhtr, and 

qiKM«! rinn ThiK. }. Hi and 6. .tj being 

oT quite anMher d<u>): (l) 1 corfeclion 

in fmUyfiUm. A corruption of ihe 

of ,«ih« or appeal (». 

iMter bj Fil« allr*cli«i •xwM belone Id 

n«w' (M^« W"* rv" 

a common lype, bul Tot h^^i we 

-W-r. A c«*] acta a. 

ibould (>|>nl n^/^M> (dopite /"m. (iij 

phnuiire (lluin. (W. 1;. 4 

X^t 1 M>««'. a«^ «.^. ,«a«r*^ 

i««if, K^i«. ■*»,)« -»^ 

he ■• uid 10 iinwir a Ü< 

^*ri). In uiy auc ihc ehutge U un- 

lerHlincUhiawiJI. 'ifhe» 


1« ■■! ^ ..T.X.— «.l heJonp 10 

*. 7B9. «"* i-ff- 1.19 

MX««a> i^ ..' inUtm 

her e««-). , ^/. «69 11 

Etoelrm' (who wouM hardlr he in nch 

ra» MXwr t«<ftr> it lb(f> 

canMiicBOUi grief for inr one ebcl. — 
•mär^. The meniion of >he name 

.ound. Similarif u>i(M> 
J.^V. ..9; fr «.« rir Mr 

(lihc ihal of tVlad« in *. io| li a timple 
dcvice Im inlwming ihe aad.ence. a. 
J". y. ]. 11. Jii, l'o'i. 1, isSki., Ag. 


ax YMi«arn.iefalbe< 

Innla Heifch. Kuhcr p 

170 &c 

\irm. It nM]F Im temarktd that Ihe 

f.Vi '»V^ *MAala, •) 

MV ävÖTpoirOV KOKWI'. 

M during ih« pro««- " 

«■ iXn ihc h 

« iftcf ihc M 

S ""•"•'■ "• »-" •*"•' ■" ^ 

sieep, he raised Tor tcrror at dead of night his loud cry from 

t bowcr, in heavy Visitation of thc wo; 
And the rcadcrs of dreams like tlicsc. who vouch for licaven's 
mind.gavc thuslhcir rede, 'They who are undercround complain 
in bitter ire and arc vengeful toward the slaycrs.' 

And this is thc graccloss grace to forcfcnd ili — mark it, O > 
Earth, my mothcr! — whereon a godlcss woman is bcnt and" 
sends me forth tvithal. Her word ! I fear to Ict it fall! For 

\l. cm. TurnclHii. «a niti, xip" M. The •nn-\nB iwirpfwar i. m.i out oT 

«« iißäMtir il. 

Hilhvr cnnitrDc tii 

wunl* (imcUcally lKlim|,i dr4 toatS <u 
iheolhepi. 'rhcy'(,"«wllM!irre<k''#>i*«f 
('bc hell) nf hcawn'I MM\ rwiyynm.'viiti 
raimniiyillr,' hilh Hi ihe aih ^a» llicir 
maoMrm) aiul In mm (wIhi cdiiiJuvliI 
- ■ ■ ■■ ■ I Paler "plB'n'. 

cnin^ n rurm nf smiihoii niiKh afl^inl 
li* the ( x^' iXf" «ccuri 

/'. r. jfii, Wf. TM.'. !■-"'■ /- r. ■M. 

Sn iStifit fü^. v^MM IvaM"), *lpM liptt 


(/l'n. iii). Heavoi nte Ihcin Ihc 
notrer (cf. /Wi, loi. I'UM. U. 1 1. 1 1 iihI 
|qf. 3o|l Auf») nr Ihc iMpIraliiRi |inr. 
■HO, <*jr. loj).— «MM-r j.< (n.).-Mir- 
Y>m: itr^WM^Hl'CiwnnlMil'l limuch 
(e» Mi|i|Minal ihan ihe rV iritari* 
h7<><ifu*** o' ■> •««nl wM. er. Kur. 
/Ar. 1019 Ti,,.itiyyrf ] liif ■»! (mir», 
IMl. .(. jt tny))>!*>* (><> ■ny peiwllv) 

S. f. T. ia.<i (BnVirgMU. P. f. n 
iwitti^i, liut ii u ili>it;i.-lher tnon 

call/ II 

. (»n 

u cT. /Vri. 

nq>ellc v'. — TM« «.tA., i>, Acaincin 
Bon. thawijh tot Ich lilnnlneiii the dreain 
rmlcn ate Ihc «llu<i«e ptaral. 

'and Ihi onn*cqiience n 

Ihla !• ilw Kllty <'o>e >hi 

« hau no nfijcclHin 10 Ihi 

•KiiMl 'It lt. er, N47 i><^<iMi 

//. ^'. tlH') t A4t li Wer' <<n 
AM. 77 f 1r. CoiKkter ■!•» f^. v. Xtf.t 
-4r«t I' a/hru. Üapk. n. I tl> 'i'' ■' 
- I ttmt. Kl». Or. I t,j| rili^ntiU 
u. — röUlt4«i urcatilcall)'. Cf. iiiji 
Ui\mU x*I^- tn ri Up* «tlw I' J*W 
T^ itM^ai. — X*'** 'x*^"' ' '* Enci' 
loiRraet.'B iKHin unMieiulvii by x^Mi 
whinher m i;r>c* of ihn ixnilcr ur tliani» 
Ol Ihe ree»ltet. ti b neilhcr >|Xnii4iieoui 

tot w d co w i«. er. Itepk. £/. 44^-441. 

111 >qi|.. I^ur /. r. 6<, l,iv, 

«» UY«lB|>«Ea|urlWi^|. Tb« 
lhoii|ihl oT Clyiumne-ln'i Hkkeitncu 
croku k ety uf |x>>t«i. ulUroi«! lo 
McHhcr l-:arih (il rrum ihc primiii» 
CDp^inn of appealinjf 10 Ihü ptat elc- 
meiilal pnweri icr. tm. ilM. ft-)in 

4x1« r' iMtwrrx*!, /'- r. M( ü Km 
■irV M t* .&.//■ 
eil). (>l hecau« Ol 
in.- iciiiiiiiy inMiie lo cirlh {i^wrri, inu 
:r. iiT uj.). Imliiil in > •ciiiw l^uih 
>L-r>itr «wU Ihu .Ireaui. C(. Lur. //«-. 
ra <! rtma x^^i ! ihXwitt(>^** iiinf 
^i'/w, I «r#v^>ir«Ai ivffx^ S^tM. — 
»[• (a wur.1 uT chiMhU amxiUin) 

«« )H>tijn: vilh ocvu*. Ud^). er. 
■»Ol*. 7iwt*. 1 1 jö iwv« WT*" *«»^»?. 
LJ. C. Il.t£ ir4<>l. 

«• Ini tM'. *>(. ir^^rsf n»«, 

iilicd (cf, V. Qi j r*v*t ^wiM rair«... 
Il' Amfcfcwi.-). trti tavf m-wotA,' 
phrHi,'ar 'ftttt (la >>ii> cAnt).' Tb* 


W,(«i «ÄS."«'«" 8°'"'>" 

81' MTW»' ^/H»^' " 

™"' •ii'",';,s."rASSr»- "'■r T 

1« Diml. Tht '™' 

„ öi,« .11 MSSl- \«l r 
niikely nrn«' •""' " 


i> Ihc 




t.« oii. nt. *« 

J. tir. Äwi; 

« fM>w '■■-■tu.: . 

j^ ff1B*klM<l CT 

In ihl. -—' 

, .nir I*»* («'■ .'* ' 



what redemptton b thcre Tor blood oncc slu 

Ahl hcarth of nought but grien Ah 

o'erthrown I Darkncss, unvisited of the sui 

shrouds thc house by reaiHm of the deaths iu 

The reverence that of yorc nonc could 
comcor challcnge, that fiilcd thc pcopic's ea 
hcart, now casts atlegiance ofT. But fear men 

Iniilwunhf (1 10 Ihe pieieace dt ■bucncc of 
iwipmnr icA. The oW lemltncy Iu omil Ih 
I«ihan4 Gr. AH. fiii/k.' p. 64. Bruf^nnn CtunA? 1. p[ 

tnnKriplion and cuitnl canfu^ion. •« vrür ^r. 

Vicloriin. •• r_^ M [prcHiniHlily *wfi*irgr|. c 

WMil> of Ih 

ucrI luul I 

.p. j6i 

Cf. Inf. »»— ii6, )17— «3H. t;.*-i5;. 
Suffl. J6l «]-. Kur. Uli. s)6 «ipnui« 

vXip-f J' .V );((«.*• \cßi^ «■■( ) nvv- 

•a l«mTmi> •kv^Tttm'. lt<iih[>lunl> 
nii|;h( be >lm|il]i alluiive. tir*T»~ti- 
rar« in Soj)h. £/■ lo.« tmV J«iif (ii 
varV 1 *v>r>n «biif (Jelih'i noie). 
Uul (trr>rv incluil« all the Alreiilae 
umI Mnr« the Ust nf vinlenl •leijhi' (lÄ 
IleiMhcnei, Almu. Ihe cliiklren uf Hi^> 
CMC«, AifimcmnDn] : ' llie <kalh> IK 
lorils ilie.' — Tbc ilul. it ciuial. Cf. 
). (n.). 

• ■qq. #JpM('il 

1^ Ihc 

•cnsv of llie 
(49-.01- The f.v«at,li»l .»c oncc 
■ccnnleil 10 iruc majvl)' ha« givi-n place 
lo ihc obctlicncc of nicic lear. 'l'lKre it 
■ ntairft (inf. JOi-loj. «i, /(f. i6j.i 
will.) in<iva<l of a ßtiKti: 

CMDliinalkNi uf ihr« odj. claljotalini; ihc 

profc»«il /VC «>■ pi'i 

«.(ft ItM fp.»i* W->*i 
»»«|. Ia|i(at. A 
(-]>euhere reoicnii«« iL 
i)u.licnct Ocmu. fo> ni. 
l>r R.':. 41H lyrannoiihol. 
«lulcd. Seewilenn.VH/ 

wav ihrouijh' (rind. / 
(;1 -«omplidiinEil.- 
Für Ihe fiimier nieDnine 
jKirvil, IhiI jierhapi morc 
ONC oT Irtir, MiWfp, nXi» 
ihLiufh. Lf. ;yj (n.). 


■Jtapi * 
9 I 40 

Eor. ^«i/r. 41)1 W<M 
f«ni, Ucm./-4lV. I.,|6äraii: 
a^am (whcre Samlyi <|ac 
tmtTU iwftm inir^t* rihI 
L, t. tHj Mitnifile/, HHfiliM, nitre- 
frltvtil). The remlciinü or Ihe ailjw 
Uvea neccpaiuted hv äJ^n* ia ' nniu- 
l«aa,'Dai ■ricMcdvithoulafiuhl' (''■•^- 
f* Khol.). The Uller ■• pcrha|M 
Ttplicü and cmkl be bornc ilirecll)r hy 
j ■)(•» ärAiM*, bul th« Airncr U «or« 
f.Uiral fw Ihoi« aronli ilra. Cf. Ag. 
\f\ %\\)um% T4r iMX<* artXt«!«*.— ilit. 
sinK Tbl Ming couiü ~ ' * ~ 


Tlie 1« 


and A^., cf. Ar. Üan, 5«J 4 
nW. S(>i>h. W/ iltB rafr' 1 

»Ir« fM«"' ™- -i-. '• r. , 

t* ytrtin nirtn i iwa|?)n 
ilouhiful paHace. 'Ihc bm i> n> 
Ihiraii, or in aljr Riclencci lo 
pmenl |Thcac. 5. 1 la 41a "- ' 

V btappv&ai', 

■nd will lo Ihr illUHliaiiors ihcie ihe vciyniipiv 
tttirlliifn witintt,]: vli. \ilwu «wi !•< 
imi^uttp^n. l'nriheiiimlinnnl'lhc'iMiK 
Aur' Danln-ri;«, whMo SchUli wnutil rvfivvt 
C).— f«n«f> M, COTT. Schiltt. VVwklcin'a (•' 
filyaf II. L Ahn^>. rfru^irw lldlüMKlh. 



which o» 


■ IK fi>llü« 


Wiih ihc 


fc- .^r 

■ «e miehl 


icn<lcr 'beciu« ihe 

hu <lru»k 

(Irink ■» 

min; ■nd) Iht ßun u cIm 

«!.' hui 

Ihix WHi 

Ih4.-n nlcr In Ihe 

hpuK »r 

Alm» iikI »imI 

thc wliale 

i»in oT 



. b«,™l. 

-K« ihc 


cf. S. t. 

/■ 806 W. 






fclanh ti miulc to 

Innk Ibe 


roni her ov 

>n hreul. 

Lf. Aff/^. 


. ^fu>UHr 

.U- *-^-« «*X 

. (.hoyul. 

bT the N 


«. V'crrall guolo 

O«. 4. 10 

m. ■-Ibt 

«.««f ih 


liimd iHnh'mtU 

w rnmi Ihe e"»n<l. 

Am) nni» ft 

rt Ib.™ cgrwfi /ram 

hc wih. 

which hülll T/rnn/ Arr mim/A la recelve 
ihr biulhcr'« bIwHl (nini lliy ImikI.' A 
penoiiiricalion of 4»i>«, rci^nlot a> Ihe 
Mtive «i[cnl tir claimaiil, ii implii»! in 
Ihe form dT Wr«. am) int. ihe nun 
httilligible becauw inanimwe ncccsujria 
or lokerBoTlhi: dced hcureil \» Alheiilnii 
cninii u ir ti»^v%t. Ijf. 9JV (n.) «nd 
eonlnl. Thc >ehi>l. uyi riulilly itH- 
«nr ^«T«r.— «^wvvar : ■ ii riHial 'ul 
■Bil eanncrt Ridt vk*.^' Th« kiuc 
■clMl«!.' whkh in iKiiublr HEueMcd 
(Xr. T. 71.1 fwAa^nWi alu). n nly 
■eeonHarir. Ihc iitiiiiary belnc ihm oT 
petnuiKiK«. tl. Ümi. I'kil. \. a\ uk 

rtmfru r)ii>«Kr* >l«Mn.— • 
^•Mc, 1'./. ihc lilmdiiUin *£ 
'duei not hrok uu.' Cf. So» 
iiM nü «..^Tfl wi raxfM TH 
Xifittttpfl The miiinlerpnla 
not flow lirtuf/i ' (iaio ibe 

Whcrc blood on biocxi c.lrunk to licr Till by carth, its fostcr- i 
nurse, lies in a clot of gorc that calls for vcngcancc and ncvcr " 
mcits away, remorscless Ruin but wait.s her time witli thc sinrter, 
tili he tcema with rottcnncss passing all eure 

One openeth bfidal bowcrs, and thcrc is no eure. So, though i 

k (er. ßitif, riptv. Hp»y, rT<U^ 

it Palejr. f ni)<iiv mich! Iie read if Ihc 

— Aflet Ihu linc thc MS rcpran v. fij Fi 
19 .q.i. •■ fifotn Slepliimn. a cmj. 

...tO -Tb, 

■f«t<|t rtr*i. 

joincü w)lb ihal ot inwtHtt'. ha> Inl 

which thc poet b EUilllcu. 

•• aUn)«. See cril. n.— (loXy^i of 
M itf. t'lul. ^/rj. 7!! I«ni &aA¥<n T"*- 
firiW th IttTi^rm, "«"^ WtJiii »"»Xv- 

rhrouch,' or, riowiiMy. 'iiaininir al alt 

.._'> ■,-.... .;„-, .',.^_ -mcrcilc-l/ 

[ iHil.' «hieb "TU 

a favnuriic wIth 

(thc rtnijEine KiinTei), 4Ä1, 943 
ftnt, JJ« «Mrlj M*»». 674 
alvüi M»«. l/. l'iial. /Tl. H3 <>. 
>V<. «. lift (.(rr^). /. I. 49 (W4.). 
Soph. (J. CT. .«o(. Thc derivaiion ii 
unknown |Wackerme<> t'fmitri. Hätr. 
Baicl 1H97 i) unCoHrineinj;). — tr%; pcr- 
•onifinl : 'Ihc iplril nfmiachicr.' 

•7 tta^ltm : ' pul> off,' ttijirl. ■> in 
»jir. //, Z". 76 tv4 tt luHfit I \iY»" 
ti>4riifi-n. 'IIk Chnnu ii Ihinkinc of 
ClyL and Arg. in Iheir fancied Kcunijr. 
Tlie wonl U ilnned anfi n'tHfy pul* 

mirkeit Mmi «ual oflcn bc Uken inio 
Bccounl in *>r>ou< valu«. Cr. Eur. 

i'»1ttrii\ •i't»tm. — Th« Khul. e«. 

e' ÜH> liy lia*ra^((ii i Ihii llut meaning 
\rmc l« Aa«v«V, iioi kmfdfii'- 'i'he 
lallcr in Kur. /frtni4. 7114 -'icalin'C« 
lymll on Huifk, 146): ao in Arial. 
yW. tt. 4- Olhcr inaiiblc ^»leiinp 
uc (i| 'carrici bim ihrmoli hli lllc' 

,. „™ n (cf. la- 

nMMi), (3) 'iliivn him 10 and fco' 
{atilal), BOAewbal u in Hur. A>///. !■} 

aa waHaxJTM: 'proiif acainst all 
cuit'.' 'invinciNc' C<. fm, »fj rwr- 
■f»^ ('rqual lo all aiuuili) Uiw^ 
ittmxti ponX'iH. The «cnM: i_* Ihal of 

//- IJI. ftg, .Siiph. ■/!/. fjfi Jte.l- Cf. 
Aicaeii. /r. 1 v-M /«X,« {'.kfeiicc 
againu... '). Theuc. i;. igo *ff* n*Otir 
^a rfUfu t/um lU ('■ maich (br...'|. 

IC t^n. furm uf 


Hl bnrtd Kor 

cominumi cf. .V. r. T. los n>X*f«r, 
£««, 7.,. Jw«>ra. 5. t. 7. 76. v».*- 
ififiax, Saph. Aitf- 134 vrirvtf. l'in- 
dar hns *t«TfiJr«i. rrwrirra, nX<{i>a, 
ra^VuWfia A:c- Ar. /Ur. tfj* vcXmiiir^, 

Jia^^i. 1-h 


> Gr. All. /Hi,i.' p. tl6.— 
. Mri 4.) canwcuilTc wiib 

I'he [Nniihnienl Rnisi atl Ihe 

on'T öTiTi «t i^^ 

(•vn iltX: lil. 'and Ihcre 
ü 110 ni.^ki»^* l^t^otl of britLal hovvn 1« 

wonuin ■uri'niJtn her chulily, it nn 

in enlirel]' enicflc. Unljr ihc nuuc. an 
bu uicd In Ihc j>ulicij>ial cquivalcDI uf if 
ni tfr«. Cf. Soph. £1 77» rM y*f 
■uOt I rlrxirn ßirn im H%^ rpMyiy- 
rcmi uhI ibe familiär i* ttfA% «inten 
and thc llke. 'I'he alwnee of ih« ati. i* 
noi vcry rare. ihau[;h le<a comiMM in 
Ihe >iny. Ihan in Ih« plunl. Cf. Hom. 
Oll. f. 400 i*f Tt yt i im Mf^fc TIm 

Sliak<.p. //"H 

Imwrtt/VH , _ 

iMHiijr) ihan thc raräbar. TW 
tlynr, Ihoufh penible flf «ftaiig 

I. J. nOrrmr 


'k fjnä-: öSoI 



, _ nurieal. I«l «Iw 

MlM*Tn iMhniann (wllh liak>))f >» thc 

k in V. 11- 7B (SV«»«) M' con. 

f^ M (w(ih . ovct , l-y m). M"r Se»li|!=i. 

>lm.' ««B bting wrlml |cf. «tiol. in 
S«i.h. ^«*, 1174 «->■ *«-!•»■, '■'''''■ 
■wilh' ef. S"|ih. /'*. 91 « *t4t w«t. 

Aimtl rnmi ll« me»i«l .ÜffiCTllT. P»t' 
Mmt i« > rvcl'le w<mJ, «ith dlhcr tnt 
of vi,». »M^lMU' 'deaii«' «Bi m« 
■ikI Iblil« to cutniiHion, imflVn- ••- 

AcfhrliK hlmvelf miu» hme known •«■ 
|Uw, hl hl «rii« ;**Ww™i x'^ 1» 
/iKm. IJJ «»»^ Hoych. quoio •*«■ 
^FT*>- ilii*aprW Alri"^« S«»(#.«il. 
Many hnve (uppiiKil llK UB- 
mdrlcal ■•Mfwn* 10 Iw a i:><m nn 
WHnc Wber paniri|ilc, md il u cIcM 
fnin Hnyrft- ih« ♦^«i«»"i- "W- 
porm »a. «ircniely pfclable. The 
rc«mlil«nce nl ii«fcJ*»«fi lo mnf- 
ftrmi »i-uM cDKipleie Ihc comipltAn- 
— 'ITw pmiiti|>li! ». o( counc, conalire. 
— t4» xW^**^ cannnt Iw «imr»!«! 
rrom Mm*. Nmc ihai Ih« «nid« ■•«■" 
« not be utol in lyrie» onlnu tot • «|>ecl»l 
. inirfuM. Wilb Ihe <ai. ii illMinL-ulibN 
Wlwecn !»<> kln<l> 0/ l>lonJih«d, Itutl 

bring 'poLluiinn nf haih^- 


thc blcxxi fruni a 

all mcans go Streaming in unc co 
band pollutcd, yet da tlicy strivc 

For mc, — ihc gods hai^e laid theJr straits u])on me, whelmi'n^ Epodt 
my country, and have broughl me from a Tathcr's house lo share 

ffi««» MuscravC' The c'***^ ™^ 'P 

•*tapalan fi-rrtv b |i4ru (Weil 
i> «.ar^icl bjr Her-^nd«. .. 
7*~ma S« Ap|i«Hlii. - - . . 

9« WXht M. iKUnM ihc eenn'l 'hrihm of itie c|KKle. The al>i. a 

.aM>VT(i'i)u>r(iw Ir nirw (Kram). f>.«i 
e Tcrii. ür^tmr hy \V«lkin (.;r. /r. 41; 

.V. (. 7'. 666 iXX irlpit -An<lM" K. 

Ci. So|.h. ^/ ( 

•l;r*Mi>T« «VW» 

J X«»!. >Jt 1 , 

.Shak^p. //««/. 3. 1. 4.) IC*»/ 'l- /*" 

/•mi.r'i UfMf I /i Ihtrr mt nw» /»*titi 
IK ikt mvil heatvuM \ It wk il wkitt «( 
(lutr- 1— ' KKTupJmn«! : ' by ulKamiw 
over il.' C(. ^urtii ir^i^f (fiiair. 4(11), 
Af. ^'A. 16 W<>«« •aTKMftoMf. The 
H-cnnil |Hinic>j)lc n to-Eviic nl. nr ad- 
verliinl lo. Ihe Anl. CT .V r. T. i iTan 
>i.|jür ^X/tfam i>4 •Hf.dr »rry. '■-/. 184 

^^. lyti »q. At ib« Mm« lim* il ■• kit 

»ilh »MV. 

VS Um«!'. Sr« crit. IL. The »in. 
i* irnnmlc. Tbc wml (Mv (UKd l<y 
lium.. IMl.o»! INixI.) h<u thc «ni« oT 
'makini; ilirccl* (ilhcr (ix > Ihinü ((.jf. 

Il.ii. «. in *^ .^ >te> »;- ,«H- 

Mmu) or for *n aclion (blin.. tf. fititf. 

rtfti • niake (or Ihdr mil in 1 

7«— at. tn Ihc ((mk ihc Thnru« 
Mw>k of ihcir <n>n pari |b«l) aihI <;kiir 

■ml mux elicy. huwcict uiucfi ihey nuy 
bnlhc ih« »ickeilneu oT l'lyi. and 
ArgiMhiH. Thcy um tmlj grio-c in 
■rCRI. See A()|icnili> (m Ibc l«l and 
iht imllcaiiani it tlic tchulla. 

«« 4paira.i'jL tlitofnommntnl 
1» Iht nmninu wbcUier ac |iiini arayia* 
«Af...alra> u a |iannihewi or irui I' 
iriv-" >V • •>"' In on« «■"OH. Hui 
a> a Malier ol' ihc Creek ijHicch-MnK wc 
ml^hl prckr Ihe lau«, nna iMi,.,yi0 

"■i*t ■"•; ' 

4 Ohnw.wl.witV an 
M bcgan by MU or U. 

iwralinn «im U... 


y.' Thc 


i> ihai Ihc 

hc Hill 

Lju. g, 

"f 1 

nie. U. 

"y - 

m I 


, 7: '- 

. ' 'XV J^'^r- Tht' iiiclaphnr nuy 
bc fmni B nd ; .Jf. .(ly ni Tfaiai in>- 
t«t fjücXii I tH-r*rtr ><ar»>... | «■/■)« 
tti'Xfi'at ( 7<iY>aii™ inji raraViiTai' iCon- 
iiil^nn). There i-.. houexri, no icfer- 

■««h .1. 

.1 tm/ui. 

Thcy irc aij[M>XwriJii, "i|<ia\an«. not 
4^*mi/r^Tti ; ilieir alAM;nu-ikt i* nnt |>cr- 
«innl. Thcr oerc >>.<l l-.m .lave«. Iwi 

j («iih I 

cuunlry.' Tbc Khu). (q.*,) hw a vny 

(■rfctchcil iiiicr|irciaiiun. 

7« VATfäMT laiiXU*. Tbc rBlanit j 
i* rra\t\a.i\ti^\ b)' Ihc jux(a]iuuiii>n ÖT 
IhcM wonli. Kur llic ihuv^bl t(. Apoll. 


U»M . 

rftnr alra.— wmfvi 


Tbc impcrC eaprcna II 

SiKCua KOi fi.fl Si'faia 
vpewovr ip\w ßiov 


OTvyos KpaTOWTV 

SfUMÜ yvi'aiKc;, &oifxdTtiV ci0i}fiovt%. 
intl nipfo-rt rijffht irpotrrpawrj'i ^/toi 
woittroL ytiftirfft TwcSf o-ufißovXoi irepi- 

tn|iill>ejTCInlh]F Iknn,. Wcckleiii 


tili a llnv«. i:t. Ilom. //, r. j 
■h ilHwilUinc un Ihc vcrii. <hc Mhcr 

mr tlrUtrt* *0^»n. U<nn. //. 13. 
H IftM U Tfyitt »«i« {VT*. Thuc. 

) itifnnarTtl ri< rctH rir 'Utmir. 

n^ li««i««.T.X.r lii. 'jn.iiecsml 
PMm (ra («ttiulliil richi iml |m)pGt 
wilh ( = «m 1» 

uCTfSn. if »r - 

M» ID DM ■>> W"h ih« mlen of mir 
t«iUlwi IfceSr 

,af SehUli. ?• ^If ^•vr 

— Ticiwr M {if talw uljpliiiiim), 
lennann reuli Utpitir ^uilrw 
cor*. Stniiley- *S '■X*'*''' 

7™pii'+.f.|.J«i»! umI«. Cf. Xen. 
/////. J. 4, ij yaln.. Tirta^f^ atrtm 

Ihc gi-n. »t->- null- ■?■ ■-. T. 160 ■» |»r». 
ytrrur •■! «Mitn «»wfiVrfti. £nw. 77) 
i^m-nl'W U '•! 'J)U' rw liaAMJM 

(pcrh*)h) rto .Ml lwrv»»«Vr«r. Kur. 
^m/r.a.)S nX«<i|>''>i>, /. ^. 1011 «Wt 

iMlwi Ifcät hictdiii|f> m 

■' rt>in 

Od. > 

C(. Kat. «. «e; a^ J> n (Sonh. El. JM. E"'- "•//-, '"*);— 
■■IrilMHura |>4 !><■<■ t«j na moic Ihttn •ullvnncc. Ci. Snffl. ^\^ 

Mb fr n rt »WK*«' *< 

npcnl)', IhiI 
in coni|>arv 

Cii>. Eur. Or. (Ko (^rs 

■ SHftt. IM. 

' 'ni>h «nd wielifcl. 



i;!»' t(^' ^idwnJ 


the lot of slavcs. Thcrcforc, sincc mit;lit compcls, bici ihc 
or bid they wrong. it bcsecms nie lo obcy tho povvcrs th 
my life, mastering the bitter loatlung of my soul. 

Yct 'ncath my raiment I wccp at thc talc of sin of 
. serve, and niy heait grows numb wJth the griefs 1 hidc ai 

Servant-damcs, who ordcr thc houHC ari^iht, since yc ai 
like nie, to tcnd this suppliaiit crrand, lend mc your cou 
this doubt Wtth such pious olfcrings tu my handn, wh: 

fäw^ II, -* TomclMU. MSS «rc not vny inilwoith]i in ihc niill« oT linal 

■• IMM Bnlikdr IhM rax**>W<™ '"Vt )>«*( coukü iht mor. •• ^[ hw 

■yfw, bul DO namc o( Ihc tpcaker — liami M conccilir: Ifiviil hu no g 
•• liHtUt M («llh • ovcr u). •• n)^ W x'wn M iilidi r4|i^ 

kMikiu if Ihc irchetypc wa« ■IkcÜ'lc in pan). rl «ü n/««« II. [^ Ahrcni, 
SUnlCf. rtfaA' X- 'l'Bmcbut (vilh loc. oc tcdpicnl ilal.. et v. 47). Thc on 
II fi, \otnsvi, nncritkal, whOc x'*>*s onnM be alluvcd. \ . I havc 

lew' (CwiiiiGl-) ii IKK m n 
polnl, omI 'unnilwlintial ' ( 
■Uhct lkr.relche<l. 

cn) i, 

ßdtV Hwjrvh.i wax***'"' ^""'"' l'hol. 
Cf. Hom. //. 1;. III irn^ «xr*üru, 
Hc«. ÖM J58 Jirix'-*«' ***w Ü"^. 
Ear. Wj/V. (k>j Xwi »x'w'nn, Apoli. 
Rhoil. 4. 1179 J- i *- rf*. I "X-.i*r 

«. 104I5, comliinci iwpcct wii 

irlfn 'Afifraiai, lua*raJ&c. 
(7. r. 111 ^i«i »Xi'»..- 

ihc verlnl 



■nd, ai EaM 
frXfi wai a lerm (0. t* ■«»q, tr. /■■ *'. 
719 it^iw fvxi«. ('t/'. 17a, and (hc 
connKHi UK o( Kfitt (Ar. .4M. iioi 
«nyt^ riJ< ifin^ rdfia). On lue 
Mhet band Imlritttt, ti\rirtai oT Blad' 

Ihc *cry Mppmaiun of iht gnti aihli lo 
Ihc 'C0«GraliDcnL.' 

•S— SM Kim l^windion.tBcliidine 
■ konniM (305 — 470I. Thc fiiil pait 
cttcnd* to T. 163. In 83— rit Klcctra 
KMOÜ) Ihc fccline ol Ihc Chorui, and ii 

■endet ihe pnjtr «ccomiianjrini: Ihc 
X—L In i>3 — 151 >hc oHen Ihe wppli- 
eukHi lot *eni;cance whilc pourinc ih« 
libaliottt. In i33~ilS3 ihc Cnonu 
•ccondt Ihe prij^r bjr • lyrk appval. 
Elielra doei »M advance lo Ihe >unii»ii 
of ÜK x^^ '■" *■ "i- !^ Inired. 
pL laiTi 

•■ tfmtX ytratm Thc nam. in 
HoBer (ty 7. laj) u ibctc epic fulncu 

Mknmt lootj^. Th* phiai» «i (a 

....-,. The 

' ek'mcnl in iM«.». 
lü^ian. er. Xin^ 


.Sin« I havejrour pii 
I tlic eirimny nr> 1 
pal» in reiolvini; ihn 

VVhal iJidl I Mjr. I 

— rinj;, Ihe paarine irf 1 

JS7 *«■ In "Kh pl 
» etliplieal, um i 


üf tv*f>pov' tiffw; wws KttTeüfo^ai warpi ; 
örtfin. X^owtro ira/)ä i^'Xij? "^'Xy ^pew 

wvS' ow jreyMtrn ßäptrtn, oiio ix<it n ^w 
/owtra röfM irt'Xovöi' A- Tw^/Sy "*''/*<«; 

ToÜrO ^MTltW ToSlTOT. CÜ( W^S ßpOTOl^. 

TS»' öiTtSovi^i rotcTi JM/tffoucrn" räö« 

thai«i')>. «em in •»ch --i—.. 
■Mch I* BD litn. Ii woulü 

ai i^ t^^vfwr. whcre llie 
guiln|{< aßtvlai ind 
.■rornjljr upl*in< lijf 


wn : 'Krtctau*. ■..■ 

«clcom«. er. &i//>i. )8i. 

MMitrHiw. Ihi: orii:inii1 ■Hinil]' "f 
mcanini,' 1h:1wcwi Iurto-Kuropöin wl»- 
junclin: «nil fi»- h" '«" '" '"*" " 
(Jwuk quwU'iw, in »hich ihe tiro an 
ofltn coniliiiwil. Cf. Eur. /. A- 441 •!»" 
rt «J a.«Ti)r»i,- M»»^ '**(- ; A/. 907 

So,.h. 71**. 913 '' '*'-' " " »t 

rgo«>; &C. Umfcfinily of tiprcion 1» 
In onf la« no «.l««!«« W i-neiry. Iwt 

«t AmM h«»» 1(1 »IHitr»!!"". 

r( ^ oT «. gs M a mere n-iwll- 
he wonli hersi ' naf. I knnw 
M «»r-' ■•»' )('•«• nH.n;(«e- 

Kill* »ml t»n iiar-lW 1« * 
in . tnti-k «nari-i. \Ve, 
(miiKnl «|tni»t:»i« of Ihc ittrai. 
fi, and IwlM (in «napn«!») of 
rtwr Je. t*>»i. K^«» Suph. 
|. In K«.. A. IJJ. .1 («lur-l 
I noncMyll. <• eHremd!' ilnuirt- 
« inu. i> nKI wilh in tenarii 

(K.r. Ctt/. )«),".»«"(/. W. 
I, («man. twi. *).!**- (Soph- 
gl), Ja (O. r. yji) ""J in 
■) Ihc like. KtH^Kfun >> 

tat oWioaa naiuini <S-iph. Tl. 
,(. ■niare I« irtlle floubt of Ihc 
■Ua «Ar. /Vuf. iiSj and inv 
diw of USS in Ar. T«/. 616 

■n aclaal ...v. .. - 

inliiuicl. *!». 'how b one (pow'i 
aller Eracioui wordi. anil nnw 

r'Uff lo mnkc Ih» pmlrar (whieh ii 
■ makeir Cf. m 



« (n.). 


*u pan o( 
Ihe ccnmony. Cf. Kutr Or. iifi jcal 
..4*' /r" «^ x"*"'" "£" ™'*' 1 
'Bk^r« •' *!»*** "»*■ l«)"''*' »«an.— 
*iud ♦ftin. We ncnl nol nid ri^ 
Aüuit. Kur uro Iriliracln in Ih« laino 
line 111 Aochyiui et. /in. iBj w r\«frw 
.'j»M inM SaXafä« Mtm. S. t. T. 
i*vßtlti»' bxa M *^'*t «.f.*., and 
fof iwii olhcr rewlunl teet Af- 15** 
*ar4^ en^sni» rt« if»'. Snffl. »m, 
/h lyij. ;.— The alliietaiton in 4Ui|t 
Mm iiitt» n Inwtilional, sml i* a Ire- 
quem device of üieclt lilenlart in UUfllf, 
lareawii. 01 Mlhoa. Cf. fi/ rA«. üoph. 
• aMcl. I'in. 


I say? Wlial spccch were ijracious? In whal surt shall 
make prayer to my sire ? Shall it be thus ? ' 'Tis from di 
onc to dear one I bring a girt, from wlfe to husband : 'tis Tn 
my mother'? Nay, that I darc not; nor know 1 what to s 
when I pour thia ofTering on my Tathcr's tomb. Or shall 
•peak that spccch which js the wont of men, ' Rcquite w 

•1 TirU currKied rron ri 

S« Kühner. Uiau 

htn Uid ^fH raJf ra^ «Ain ^inauif 
«Ov tfifi, »a^ rin UH' »hTJ*»». com. 
pcehemlinir ihe mutiial lovc of all ihc 
ibr« cnneemH. tu, hu>ban<l, wiloi 
diilil. — r^i tf.i\t ii more than t>i)t 

114 n.| 'mineuwn (nr 'niylrue') inothcr.' 
V« Diiul nol nndcr 'KCinL' ihal liier 
COMIC from tny nuiiher' tl'aTii)'), wiiicFi 
«wild perhap» rcijuin rft y' in^. — 'Ihe 
Bifli muri bc uiuuCBiilaMe : Sa^.h. /il. 
ul rii<lmt y*t H tti wpatfAi^ ai^( 
Sarilti^ rif aw H^M, (<{«#» 
Win and iHJ. 4JI ad t^ n «wi | tif 
l*M> ^>4l tri yvritit irrirat | ätifl- 

M> ai riairn laycai : liccauK il ii 
Uie and would bc rc-cninl liy Ihe ^rit 
of Aipuncninon.— ail' Ij^ii, lhroii|^h (hc 
nhreailing oT t. tWi. i. uwally ukcn 
'Mil jvl I knov nui.' Ilui her« wc 
Imtv a aaeond queaikin. Siaiic urcM 
alwald ba laM M z^atwai 'lux do t 
luww what lo uf (in pnyci) whcn I 

«r then.'— (The Irampoahlonior Well, 
cklein mJ othera w»! be wen in bc 

•1 «Aat>«*. vv H iw,»viv,ntr 
ttm nXaCw lehnt, (loa comgirchcn- 
rively). Kaiher irAaMi>a ihick mcu. 
« cated or cluied liquid. Cf. Aci. Hig, 
Heic il ia Idenlical with ihe x*^, ^ in 
"m. ^tA (mra Pf r 

l.y lli.«er>. The i« 

Klcnlical, Ixil Ihe 

lioney, wine an.1 wa 

may W rc),'a"lcd 

a. i.«lis«n«l>le. '1 

«hole ptoceobne io mlvlli,;ililt 0..I)' 

quel. Ihe wW 

^Ttr wji lIk lutM.- 

lial meal (»iijcli 

m>t I3ke a lk|iikl Toi 

lü be r^iTT»!. 

»*«., «hich Ihc 

gartinil of lloHcn I 

he U111V linie iliv olT. 

i»!.'. chown arr 

Ihe ly|>lcal iKHiniin 

Molher Kanh (1 

;w|.).-if»Tp*.: wi 

alTecilon. Tbi> 

• »"O;"!"!. ".'1 by 1 

fcpvtiliuii iftcr w 

tTfi {*■;), foi »hich • 

y. i. iM^n n.) 

bul liy llic MK U 1. 

wurd al all. 

■a 4 Tatra 

Mr« Ta^-at: ' 

>hail 1 H>«<>>( <i"< |H'cl|.ki>own| (urm 

nol « rM( Ixil |w/w 

iilH.1. a. Xen. 

4i. i.i.HnbrmnT» 

vaXimXtii irirwn 

1, l'Ul. Sfmf. iHl 

Cril. „ A rWr« 

[icn conieti a khailc of conienpi. 

I««i' ivn(a«Mi. Tbc u>u 

uajr be Ealhcrttl fiuiu i.g. /in. 11 

^af. 1 «» XajMra rik.«,. an.wcrii« 

«ue. <om,«i*d wilh «/ ur *>* ' 

n^wii U». r«r ^M^ fm l«here h 

aal ^raiV zJaffa..-!»!!»«. M n. 

pwlc nn fi*), uoiiiu lo f»«ä aa a pfi 
icrlbcd woni of Ihc liiual, » ihuul 

•6ki<|. Ihe xa4 10 Ihe dead c»nti>l. of 

bc rcloied hcic for Irr* of M. 'l'hei 

aie alM «riou. objcelioni lo Ut' i 

n,r,m^^^\rt r^™- M' «an- 

M 1' JA^n \»(t r^wa*, Ihe »hole 

il ■• airkoarüly pJacnl. TheM coul 

daacnrinc ihe name of WAam. Tbree 

perhapa boih 1« nct |aa by Verrall) b 
layint- u|>on ihc arord a Mreai -hicli Ib 

■I« ipoken ar. 1«! nol named, In ÜopL 

•<"'. 43' X-''** T^'t-U.»' rt" *4.v 

#H^i. 0. C. 479 r^ra yt wn*»- 1» 

Af- Dil. tur. //. F. ii9i./r. jSi. 10 

Im which il may cenainly aaaial: U 

'Ihe (otmala i, alnady •ach-and-aMd 

rMnn edr «. ««»»™ttd. byt m 

Md Ihcra ii H Med (0 iateM«M'* 

ij (Tty' Ötiows, wtrntp ow otroXero 
Sifravcra revy« äarpöifiota-ui ofifKurw; 

T^S' ioTt ^OwX^S. (5 t^'Xat, /«TalJ-Mll- 

tcoträi' yop evöos tv So/ioi; vo/m{o/i<v, 
^^ KfvßfT (foov «aoStas ^^3^ riws" 
TÖ p6p(ripi.o» yäp tov t iktvSfpoi' ^c'wt 
Kai TÖi- TT/M« ä\\>7s SeoTTOTOUfiet^i- x'P'''' 
X^ots öl', tt Ti Twi^' «yois inrtpTfpov. 
XO. cuöov/iVi^ (Tot ßbtfusv (Sf rüpßou iraTfMi 

Ibittn (who «Iw mEC^* •* ''1- ( ■ '•' Itaml«!!!«- 
w SlultT. M>ir r« Builet.-rü. ••Xt)r eluMl«)'. t . 
iNluInrr. i . •■ (»niii« JllomAeM. In>l <Ik km 

Mf. Sopk. 7>*-*. 4*;- »»• '»"< J"'»'» (« "i" 

•« j>xf«wa M, corr. 
m » eUribli<hBl bf ttq). 
!n chinec | ). Schiili 

"Är^ fcr*ilSi''im' 

:«ir. (j) .1 

K., w u nllen In iKtllHini. The tut 
M (MhlNt. 

•k ir n«'. i> v' frirriri. ryl' ifitit^ 

ihil^ I «M^vTii nil|;lil bc ■ icugina), 
Im. 0'. ii". IT« «pro»™ i' i» 
an fer ■ >|i«ilU rcfcrcnce lo kIimI 
■KUbi of Auwcn (/V». 6li, Sn)rii. £/. 
Im)— Mvw n- The Tt U cnüKeiiC' 

MaacMl)!, ' Kequllr Ihc tcmlen 'ii 

Tfir nJkMi. iThe RodinB ^ i>. o( eoune, 
Mkk-i, nnil »oiilil be ntctiMry i( 4rn- 
Mru luid nci oli)«*.) 

•» if<^>t H.rA., 1./. JiWlbtiM rit 
XHt {tu r* »^Y»«!, wmfi ^ * "Dlf 
*TU»**n, Nrt ■» ii> lo tlichl him 
(Ak»w.).' Th« .liehl i. lo Oyi«- 

•• JaxlarK. The pm. lux'*«**» 
inipinubli. Il coulil «nl^ be syitchro- 

keeping wUh J«W>i^i «ml tuaän ukI 
wilh Ihc xnte of (nlni r^Xw (97 ([.v.), 
— Yi«Tw x*n*- "hilc Ihc wlj. » n« 
conlcmiUiiMU {in/. 164, Ar>. 614), i;««r 
lm|iliv<> w*>lcrul Jnneiird (npecullywiih 
ihe cominunil U-xim). whcrcu )[m1 
■hould hcimiifcilmllhcareiipoBnehown 
ipol. niM ihiown oui idly uvcr (he 
UromiiL— The uxxt majr be ellliet in 
pmlqHie spiicH 10 tiX, or 'conirined ' of 
ihc vul«l uliim. 

•T >q. rr((xv-..*Ai' miM bc juineil. 
Thow who connecl witn* (ui*Ah in the 

thal n^i>onl>arHichii tneaninQ. 

miv ■■»■/' (i.<. In Ite n|i|K»ile 
1 cauA Greek wilh *erlB of 
vJlV\Bg |cf. 1I.4I.4 
ir t#r< *»tt-i. So|>)>. /'J. 91.0 
. bul ihii i^vei no wurani kt 
■K 'backwardi' wilh • verb ol 
The HgBallan ol luch n 
iriK* from f,^. Verg' £-/. «■ 
wm, Ama<yUi,Jtrm, rilitfm 



A blcssiriK thcm who send thcse honours,' — yca. a boon t< 
their wickedness ? Or, without a word. wilh contumcly, - 
my father perished, shall 1 shed out these gifts in w. 
earth to swallow up, and gct me back, likc one who ha 
forth tbc aboniinable thinf;, hurlJng thc vesscl Trom me 
a glance i 

Good Tricnds, hdp mc make up my mind ; for wc arc 
in the hate we feel at home. Make no hiding in you 
through fear of this or thal, for, be we free or he wc boi 
to another's band, 'tis fate that doth await us. IT th< 
aught better than I have said, spcak iL 

Cho. Holding tby father's tomb an altar for sacrei 

n:}ccli> Ihe vcn« iiiil Wecklein i> ili^imied to rnllutr ; Iwt cf. laß. Ii ulili 
•iileiicc of vt. Si.qi, lai. lO*— IIa Tbc chanflo of ipemken ite n 
Ihe irviivpM«, whkh. hnweeer, i* ni<iun|> ■( n. 106, 108. lO* ■flw, 

mann. — tu for *m Dindotf. 

fifv*n I ...V ** rl"*" I i'rptt 

(■■hefe If eorrCKpond« lo vJXir he 
The nchnl. (q,v.) ujrt of Ihe pnc 
■impl|r ßifmrrn i/unrrptwrti irix^^f"- 
Tfce , ■'--- '-- ■^- "—'■ 

preve* only ihn 

and f^liofe 10 look Inck when depadinc- 
CT Ov. flu/, f.. tnj intriMifHr itiil... 
uir ntf/il, S"i)h. O. C. 490 twnr 

B« Ihc nnicr iüiein|. — *|U» wou 
■cce^uirjr wilh miyy in Ihe *€ 
pvl' (/'■ f'' )>■• ^ph. Aul. ■ 

J«X'"«... •»■'!(- »iiW = 'th»iI 
(KMr Ihem oiil and Iben cimi Ixicl 
— hnrljiuf«« RiiRhl ttrra a wesk 

lOS M). = 'you cannot >dI 
Ihan your &ie.' Cr. Soph. Ah 

n«(» Ir i\yt rXI)r r* ^ 
4^1. — Xfit ■■ not a niere peripl 
wilh RKienc« in phjfjiical enera 
Htrailiä. Btif ti SirrnHifun» 
le« Uy«* **■ AI Ihe ( 


, Ihe V 

fonn of d (*M) U7M, MXwm* 
tu. Tlie ein« ii'lhal of Go< 
mid T. l.t.ii. The ncceuily 
laiing Uv«( im liy an im|KrDi. 

■• trT(..,|ina(T<ai, not mereiy 'fu- 
rirnrn, bei 'be ihiiren in Ihc rei]H>n- 

101 luMrT'i u. ri^ 'r'iii'f. ga- 
Ihered froni Ihe conle>i, not rt (;|*m. 
Klcclra rtnuim iw aiwiniKe uT Ihc 
luict, whlcli ihc uaimei, and, »hen the 
Cbonu anawira, il 1« wilh Ufo ..rt> U 
^f»tt Ui«r (106). For nMfv wilhoat 
M. uptÖMd cf. Soph. Trmtlk. oSB ^ 
If jt« «"^l»« ir ri^lM I trn ff**"- 

lOS ■(]. attinpini vci «.1 
pronoun (cihic) IwIcm)^ by i» 
ihe pniticipial clau*e, ili (i>r 
•onidhlni' likc 'an you would 
do.'— Pi>)U* Bt : /■/. Iheir von 
ai ■fllemnly plelged ai if iico 
allar. Cf. Dem. </( Cfr. { 1J4. 
ifitd. {.lim/ MM ürafctnim tu 
imit ad trti ttctJtrtl. Plul. 
AnW, iM C r^ U «IXo 1 
rv^i i^nlavi iiitit n i, f wp 
tfon, ttt*t ßhlß' rm ßin-i il 


\fo \0oy6t Tpo^oi 
i iiappvSav, 

■od add 10 ibc ilhiMrMWM Ihen ihe vciy appiv 

UvJfii ib/v<"' t'nrlhciiHcalionnrthe'purc 
liar' llainlmucr, wliitc SchUli mwlil rvIicT« 
fi.—ltrtta M. eorr. SchUli. \VccliIcin'> >•' 
yyat II. L. Ahrcnn. rirar ^Jmv UciniMwIh. 

wKtch eunlmlkti thc liillawjnj; »onln. 
Wilh Iha rcadine #•' «^t' jinWr«' 
WC mlghl, perhi)|>s rcmler 'bccauNC ihc 
hu (Irunli m niuch, (thu can ilrink no 
mire *nil| ihe bdk u dotiol.' Ilui 
ihn woultl thcn rdiir lo ilie bowM oT 
Airti» ukI tpail ihe wholc Irain of 
RHMion, whieh ii e*-iKnl. — Kot Ihc 
' n cf- £ r. y. So« WrM» «Im 

HPrcmäfm cl 

Ihe Euill. tjnh : 
life.|3o<Kl «uckea I 
(jr. .Viv/y</, k6H iV0i 

of ihc Nile),— rJ- 

Vernll i 

, . , n nf thjr bniihiT'i 

liknd tritlh mili an from ihe Gr™!!^- 
And miw ut Ihini cuncd rrom ihe carth. 
vhkh haih »ftnid htr huhIA Iu receivB 
Ihj liRiihcr's WomJ ftum ihjr hanil.' A 
pcnonificalian of ti"<- rc|pinlnl u the 
■dl«! ijienl or clitin>n(, ii iBipIicil in 
Ihe (onn of tItsi, aml «u ilü: miire 

or lakeni oflbi; <lml Tieuivil in Alheiilan 
cooitn u i( f|ifir|(a. er giij (n,| and 
coMcxl. The »chu). uyi rlühlly iwü- 
tt»m ttvrir. — wlmvitii 'a Gtol fail 

'clMied,' whidi >■ tnevilalil)! HiQ;c>ied 

•ecMiriu]', llw j 

T^f ift 9i^ t^iJf^' iitttmf rk Fii^ra 

'diw* nol lirEik up.' 
I iM T*a f .rlM^ •« n 


Where blood on bloixl dmnk to her fill by carth, ils fostcr- s"'^^ 
nunc, lies in a clot of göre ihat calls for vengcance and ncvcr """P™ 
mclu away, rcmorscless Ruin but w.iiu her timc witli llic sinrlcr, 
tili he tccms with rottenncss passing all eure. 

One opcnctli bridal bowi 

md eher 

s no eure. So, tliough 3t'' " 

«c.|. aa liaXTifi M. mlarin Khol. tanparcnily), II. L. Ahieiu 
p. iciii. NMe aJ« IhM In M Intb «. 6« and the neil line (»7 
•■ vapryp/rBi Paiejr. f .— psteov mlRht he r«ul if the anlnir. i 


wilh ihal nC / 

'. hfl, Icd 

whieh (he poel ia (^uillloa. 
«• alantt. .See rrit. n.~t>BXY<t* of 

M (i'f. I'lnl. W/u. 7J tfov li*X>iri T"^ 
>«w ri >«r4»(«-», ütwtf \iyxt »i»Xir 
I 'painini; lhn>ui;h am] 
uiiily, 'painini; nl all 
rd mIoj-M, -«iiiTtilo-iy 
> ' »eatying <mI,' which wai 


aa nMifulni: 'priHiT acainnt aJI 
cur<;,' 'invincilile.' CF. /l'rj. »fj wr- 
•pii)i ('cqual lo all anaulls ') iiirtii 
itaX" ßätiMit. The Kn« i* llial of 

//. i'j. j»9, Si'ph. vJ/ Jjfi «ic-l- Cf! 
Alcniiii /i'. I if>n fWXni ('il ' 

..■| Th™ 

I Ia» 

9 |X<»h). 

AcHhyllitl £iim. 4to ITiicrii alaif 
tAim {ihe dogglng Krinye*), 4H1, 043 
■(■»^ vifai, <i7jt afafj vir». G» 
•Ja>vi «ff«, er l'inl. /-. I. Hl d. 
•V«. 4' •J'' «Wi-f^K /• 1. H 
Souh. a C. .'ofi. The der 
unlmnim (VVackenuiEel ^Vnmi 
Iluel 1)197 i« Hntonvincini;)-— ^T«: per- 
■nnilinii 'the npiril nfmMcbieT.' 

•T Itsdfaei: 'mili olt.'ril^rf, as in 
Eur. //. A'. 7a ^ « 1»^^ I XiT*«< 
>ii4fll«va. 'Ilie Choriu u Ihinkini; of 
Clyl. aml Aej;. in Iheir fancied muili)'. 
The vord i> dreiacil anil ='!»// putt 
off" (nee noic lo 64— M|. .Suiih tin- 


n.l ct. S. 

. /; 

DJ .»Mlira*, 


,.S. r. 

/. 761 ä^.{- 


Soilh. ^Ml 


•nn)i^ I'in- 

dar hat 


T^ «X,<A«, 

TB/M>»i>ui &>:. Af 


-« nXunxitT. 


Jr. «. . 


.1. .S« nl» 

M«.lL-rhana ^V. /< 

//. /«».*.> p. 1.6.- 


,.,. .irr. 

».| m 

nwcuKn wilh 


Ci»<ri all Ihe 

..r Ihe ddü 


mW lo hi.[h. 


Khul. on 

T. 6l 

£«a « Orrti- 


ra«a '»n 

rr MY^y *»*«.- 

"m « 



lii. -and llirre 

i. nom 

kiiiK l,-»«! 

of br, 

Ia! bowin for 

er lie rektored. — ■lynTi wiihout an. 
rnlirely |;encrk. Unly ilie inasc. can 
uiul in llw inrlkipial miilralcnl iif if 
a.>t>. er. Sopli. Hl. 770 «-W -r^t 

Ulnnip to <«^^>, noi fc^^... The 
laller in Kui. H«cih. ju >*icaiier («c 

niiH 1 r<«xe" l"»" " ''■I '*■*>" 

nru and ihe f.>niiliar << lff<j< tJfi» 

Trrrell 0« Haak. 74«) ; ao in ArLn. 
/b«. 8. 4. Uihtr iMwhk i^mleiinn 

and tbc like. l-he alucncc of Ihe a<i. 

noi very rare. lhouj,-h le« cnnimnn 

*>e ()) 'carrio him ihtmuh hi* life' 

Ihe >inL'. Ihan in Ihe nl-ral. Cl. 

mjmr). Malie« him in hawl" {cf. &«■ 

Orf. 5. 400 *.» " Vi"« (l^a.. T) 

o|«ner i. raihcr Ihe •i,Lf, wilhio l 

n$*n%). (3) 'drifta him to and fro' 


•!>"'. Ihough poMilile of Dpenini; eith 

^iVQvrcf TOI- 

Mvo'ov Maroc. 

Word " 

Vra (with aluiil !"ol<T- I •"'• 
ipn<. f. -In M --i» "• in «■■ 7'- 
El. »«al^rfi lofrv Irf M (wllh ■ 


lunn (wilh aiaKtln ii 


ting nrlul (ef. 
er. Snph. rk. gr 'f 1 

kLoI. I 

■ nf Itw Chom« •l«'' 

«t^U JUXw mi)' Ik 
«r IW brtile, or, wiih 
L ih« howcr in whkh 
I» .4.M. Cf. i*r«.ill« 

tm ihctdufc lie cither 
äMHwMiir. TbcK 
■lacE ut ÜM dBllnr 
H, IbMcfa lidonK<iie 

:iriaii ilfficuliy, pü- 
rmJ, wilh eilheruiK 
F 'clean«:' «im ■"« 
10 ctimipti™. *«Ö^w. *«• 
9«|n<iw were U«H in mrmg 
-, conmlcl »i(h *«*i nr »«/to.. 
Iloych. alone pwwrvCT »«rfw«. 

D fwli 

>. Ibi hc 

I Tliw 

3 ■M^tuTH X'f« " 

I Hciych. qiHiin 

Mnny «illiora na« »unBi^u i^'v «..- 
mcincal MtWpwml lo l« a bIw« nn 
(nnw Dlhct piinici|ilci ■nd il i> c''^" 
rram Hoycii. IhM ♦«iflcil>t»T.i ■ m<iJ- 
firtn wa« cxirmrelj' prolalile- Ttie 
rtiiciniilance of «fcl^iwHi 10 «oT^p- 
pfarm wiwlci coniplcic liw corrupii™- 

t «<pa|urii cannot iv ».-piiialcil 
^im. Note llul iIk aniclc woulil 

be w1 in lyriö iinlcH (or > >|iei:i»l 
Wiih ihe «rti- il di>linK«>>bn 

So (imk 

RhoH. 4. 

all mcans go Streaming in onc coursc to purgc the blood from a 
hand pollutcd, yet do tlicy strive in v 

For mc, — thc gods havc laid their strails u[H>n mc, whelminjf E| 
my country, and hnve brought mc from a fathL'r's hou^e to share 


<l ihe 


i> tr (idrar (Weil). ■■fii/j>wr(i (VtViiu in iiinit (Knini). jn««« 
_ . Ilcrwerclen u llie .«rl,, iÜ-ittf t.y Wcckli^in (tf. /r. 4»..). 

T4-KO S« A|>ik>hI>i. 74 df^.rriW li.f. J»^ nlW) M, cnrr. m. 

T« MXii' M. aK''""' 'h< eci>fr*l rhyihm nf Ihc c,«»le. The al.j. olto it liniiol. 

.V. r. 7'. (KA i\X' iMifti 'Afitlatti Kal- 
lulavi ä>ii I j( :t'^< AKirv elfia yifi 
nMpnw- I irlptä i' ilialimtr tfararpi 
ül' atrliTar«. | oi« /iin -yiiwi r^Ji isil 

.F»M.<» ».If'm., I <.J x»»l« w(, I „,- 
Xa^iva-ylT alria #toiH, | rli b laVa/i^i 

Slial'..p. //rf*/. 3. v 4., Il'ial ,f ikü 
r«ruJlia»d\ VHrdki.ttrIka» Half wiih 
hrtHer'l Mvlf | /i Ihn n^ mm ^mirg* 

•erliial 10. Ihe fini, CI. S. r. T. j du. 
•Mutt ß\lfiifa ^4 iiauid* Bwr>(, inf. 11(4 

Ulli. 4- '" ffl» fV »1-. f« ^,1. 
(furct) or Tor an aclion (iniin., er. ihi 
.V ii9 fnau Mffix «r^Td'ifrfeil. T 

9«— aS. In ihc rpocie llw Chor 
■peak of iheir oun iwrl \.if»\\ oihI cIc 
ihi-uiiiclv» a( repnuuih. 1 Jiey are tia> 
arttl mn^ olvj. however much Ihey tn, 
Inothc Ihe «iclietlnen oT CJyi. ai 
ArLKahnt. Tbey can only £""' 

Ihe indlcalionii of Ihe Khulia. 

7« J|Wl V a.T-X. II il of no rnnme 
In Iht nicanini; whclhcr we ^ninl araii' 

» a IMrenihcui 

I llcu comimiulirl ll..,']4« niay Ih 
ual compoundi rhowtver'), wiih ai 

:. Hui 
a maller of ilie Creck tjHt<h.«nK «e 
i(;hl prt'er ihc lauer, linie >X>l...vJi« 

Cf. Soph. Aj. äjH iyiit i' ivi/trmttwM yh^ 
aprltn hn\^ t ix9tm ^uv <t fwM' 
»Xii^^ii I ü< IBJ mkiirwi at-At. /I n 
Tsr ^Xw I ran.f' ^•■'n<f' A^UU 
j!t«'X>)ffn.i< i.T.X. ^/»Z. tK a w 
J< ti 7«f fmr. In>lnicli>e it ibc 
llemlniean Uli«» (<,. lo-j) rj « «a«« 

uur i«Mi(;i- Ihm ■ ■ - "■ 

II of ilie gnli f Ihe a^cn 

(Tixincw ti-q-l r*! 
fmi aM> finjM <i 
nolel. 'llit |Jur. 
rani>ai«i> aritiu 

ri. ifitiTKxi Xt.;». Tbc lai-iafhnr niay 
bc frum a lirl : Ag. ^n) (vl T^hm tif- 
7»l Qlakd I frf)ww li>r»r... { >i<v* 
^'Xfiat t firi'^vtf irff Ta*a\wrav iCon- 

«Tpv» ;j). Th» l"in< " nii«il 
liy iIhk «hu (vilh lleimann) renclcr 

cuuniry.' The tcliul. |(|.v.) hai a vciy 
forreichcil Miitrinlaliim. 

V« mvtfytm l«a > UT. The ralamily 
is innph«uuil by ihc juKiapoMlinn of 
(hcM wonli. Vm ihr ihuH^hl rf. Apoll. 
Khoii. 4. ji •!« i' <#••■«> «uAwIKfn 

Um» 1 *♦<<■ *• n <riv rdtni Jwf*- 

f «Mf ' afam.— infw. The lenae >b«ikl 
be nUeil. The imiwrf nPnOK* Ihc 



' StKoia Kai /t^ SiVaia 

/^'f ^pofi-iwv (ut^Vai, iriHpAv 
I iTTvyo« Kpaiovw oaipvio o v 

Haraiourt &t<riToräv 
ni^atc. »tpw0aiot? v4v0«ra> iroj(»^v/MV*. 

i/iufü yvvaLKC?, Siu^rui' <Üdi]'fU>i^f, 
#ir<l TTÖpfo-T« rijcrS« irpo<n poirr\i ipoi. 
wannot, yivtadi rÖivht trvfißovXot ntpi- 85 

r( ^ S' t)(otxTa TÖcrht mjSctow )(*""■' 

bA* »■ CminBl"n. »«■W" lll™,fitW -(»«y- M. it ii» m, »? *«■• 

»»««iieiceteül^ Ui'rni..W«l.l«ii&c.,lmii.iil«mB»).lfea.vHi. '•''»■ 

•W* Inti M. A rmHin); (wruni; » 10 ficll ir i^);ii it milieafert lyy «hol. 
TlBMi Iht i"l m«y «•"■I (il '/<»•-" -=""■*>«•> '•> («rhai« Ihe «.inii";n 
«n |Ai>|>nri>>|. 4rt(.(i &.i>hiiii««, »^™' r*x*» t*»"""; , ,'• ^» ♦^•"' 
(■Kko-Mmi oT ♦>.« f.Jlm.iBBl 11. L. Ahrei». -»..«- M Hl- '"1« o.biH.ilnn(. 

K«h«t. BO umrttn *< (rf- "• 11).— Il'nnann retul. fa.p*» 4ft.|4irii. 

1 «. •». raxwWt- •» »«*»*"' M, eon. .Slii.ik7. •■ «■■umr. 

iki ■Hl nf llcav«n, Cf. It.m. //. 1. S 

«K iWiientlnc uH ihc vvrK ihe nther 
I • Ita |ilqn».. a. in Km /««rtl. jA.I « 
# **!*►. |T.JX, nr^. /*/. IS« 
«<|v iMMTr* »/V>rB, Ilnm. //. >j|. 
« bnM « TM^*f ««y« ^ll*'. Thuc, 

I ffi^ Unua.r.X.: Ih. 'jaHkcKiiH 

l mik* m lotullT) »wh' »»l pn>P" 

I « ik pmltiH; »p wlih ( = J»Tt »M 

■Hw) tfac nkn o( vair üb,' ' 

^il«T(»pai ■<> wiih Ihr inl 

*>i TW tfbol. finMc* ■ |>fn«ctli IvdXt, 

■ante. O. tC-r. 

1 rflin 

'. 40; ■ 

■Mb fr R v4 *W,4*>r' 4«>.»il A- . 

/MI. 3. 1 

niiärsr. SmM. IIQ r«Xwi/n»' nXdt. 
(pcrhijul ai'i. U' *imi«w»'*. Kur. 
/(Wr. 498 r.^»»iJ<w. /. ^. 1011 naXiii 

nomiiiallvw »• Ilnm Orf. 14. 4K9 rf» 
I' «di/n «Mrl rfXsrrai. ~1'he wn-« i> 
■aince Mngi are 1>cyon>l our conlruL' 
So Itif ptfv i> sKd of nii»ira]> horva 
(.Sonh. tl. ;»). Eur. //i//. 1114).— 
•tvJn4t lil. 'naT " nft" lo.' ioiplyine 
— . .1.— mneriBCe. Ct. SHffJ. 9I4, 

Wtormt. ij. n« opcnl^. bul 

- Comnienlnlon tomi«™ 

IJ x^i'v '•pf'^w trr 

itXfi: Kur. (Jr. iSo a^r* 

-— . .0.//1/. in. 

-i— ■ "raih «nH witlifil.' 

17 iU'_<(»' 4p*lM M< 


the lot of slavcs. Thcreforc, since might compcis, bic 
or bid they wrong. il bcseemit me to ohey the power 
my life, ina:;tering ihc bitter loathing of my soui. 

Yct 'neath my raiment I wccp at the talc of sin 
scrve, and my heart grows numb ivith the gricfs I hit 

Servant-damcü. who order the house aright, sincc ] 
like mc, to lentl thi^ suppliant errand, lend mc your 
thi.s doubt. Wiih ^uch pious offerings in my hands, 

rr M, -II Tamcbun. 

iwonhjr in Ihc ir 

f ihal rmjcai-ßa'* magr ha*c cauwil ihe cnw. •• M 

10 lume ol the kpeaker-^-'fUM' M comctlx: ^/uf^ hat 
M (with ( »ver ai). M rifit ti x'»«a M !•[•« r 

! archelype wa< illcEible In ptHt), rl ^ x'«** ■■- *- A 
^ X- lumebui (wiih \oe. at ndpicnl dal., cf. v. 47). TI 
rr, uncrilicil, while x'a*>* cannot bc alluwcd. | . I 

Icu- (Coninei.) it noi >a much lo Ihe 

V. 1046. comlnnei rc«pecl 

>n<l ro3ll< ihL- counesy 

ralhcr far-f«lch«l. 

0. T. .(IJ irhMt nUn 

KJLh oliviiMi couiieiy. 

Cf. Hom, //. 1;. Ml Vw ««'•ir«. 

their delitor. The ijen. i 

Hn. Off. J5B J>4x'-'<' •"*■ *^. 
Kui. A'i>/. tk)3 Xi«i ir>x»>'«><. Apoll. 

the «crlial elenienl in ,i 

■riittl, Tä l.;Mra. Cf. > 

Rhod. +. . .79 i,t'ii»wi«\ «x-i*( 

«Mr«r (17 n.|. 

(^«. The cou« ma,. iw (rief « htr. 

•« K|. l|u>L The p> 

aml. u Kusiaihiu» «piain* (Hom. /. r.). 

almnc fonn ahuuhl noi 1 

V*wt.M.lern.r«'4^^l|. Cf. r. K 

nor Ihe anlilhoJi of «• 

719 >f*x'i' M**. '"/ >Jo. •"• '^ 

tX::^ ^TLIs; 

rr*^fi ritt iip>-<pt waf,t}. On iSe 


oihfr hand falxrffai. tiXwittmi of |;kd- 


nm. Ilcn H may al» 1» tnoni Ihal 

etil. nole. 'Wbal^^l I 

Ihc 'conccolinrnl.' 

l have the x«' h™'" 

a kommn (ioj— 476I. The Anl |>art 

»a. 10 W follo*e.l by . pti 

Hlcnrii 10 V. 16]. In 8j-(ii Eleclra 

The for»er *a. ullere.1 1. 

•«■»la Ihc (Kline o* Ih« Chonii, and ii 

laller durinc. the pmirini; 

lioi».-lx»n ai in S^ 

X*^. In Mji— isi >he oAen t Jie Hippli- 

^<M:^' (like -and," 1; 

cailun for Tcnccance while pourim; Ihe 
lihalion». In isJ-163 the Chon» 

&c) oAen Inlniducea qi 
Xen. A/tm. 1. 9. 1 ,lw. the pnjm by ■ lyoe ippetl. 

Kfir^, .^, N Tfdf,,,, , 

klecliadoca noi adruiM lo (he Mimmil 

*fUm ßti rafr irurp 

□f Ihe x<^ >>ll *■ ■>^ ÜM Inifod. 


Homer {Od. 7. lOi) b me.e epic fnlneu 


differeni fao(in|;. The phna^ *a In mdfjkl bt looMly canBcciin 

von tv^pov (iw<a; VW KaTfV^ofiai. n-ar/Hj 
vörtpa, Myovcra wapa. tjtiKi)^ ^i\y ^iptiv 
yvccuMÖt öfSpi. T^S t/A^« liifTpas iräpa; 
TvvS" ov vä-pvTTi BäpiTos, ovo t\<ii Tl ^ 
■AowTO, röfSt iriXavov iv Tvp.ß<ft irarpo^. 
^ Towro 4Jtä<rKoi roBir«, lÜ! w/i« ßporoii, 
iMA' di'rtSovi'eK roio-i nifinowTin räSt 

•riiin r< M I' '»»»•. •' '»**w ^'. ""'■ ■"—»■'■«■'I'«' Turoibni 

•«rV«lX*t II. Wolf, in »ToM lim Ivo Irilirach», { . « »>|r/>4i "'(^ 

»Rhi. M mf. Well, Wcrkicin und otlicrt pul ihnc llnct aficr v. q« Ihnn 

«A^kIw; 'ein ■■>< «Ivi«. B» 
Bn I ta uTr — Kor lh< iwülimi 
panicb (vriieh vmlil nnt ncc 

fcnWt bc Ukc Anchflui i 


rn TU kW. w(i 

iTÜt ctmr I) x'*"'* *>■ '—iiy »<ll- 
CM«I lif thc colli»!, ir ihc mdrlciil 
4i|ct(|iF coaU In arcrcnme und t/w*« 
XttiDBl, in ihoukl hiv* In «nilenlaml 
'^' ijii tI fii ol <t. go u t mcre rcpcll- 
*»« äi (he wonli htrc : ' nny. 1 know 
*" Hm U> ur-' Ihil x'**" ni>>rtpcc- 
•«< Ihc «(TM aml can hinllr I« « 
j^htc tu • tngK KiiiuiiiL We hcve. 
"4(< ( rmiBenl wnlicMla of Ihc tcrmi- 
MUn 4M, Mid iwlc« flu UspnnI*) nf 
■*• (Im^w ^t. .«i. K^v« Soph. 
•'«. jjSj. In E««.A ;jj. J ("»'.! 
}■■> M ■ iDniiM)rll. El eilrcwcly ilnul)!- 
"L !■ •■ ■mii. 1» mei wilh in acnarii 
» •wta. (Kar. Cy/. iB|, wn.lla U. A. 
*>l|,Iwrf«(SlM<>n. tv). 4). f«M> (Soph. 
<^C. 119)). h {O. T. ijji) «ml in 


Kcinljr and «clcnmi. Cf. Sh^. jtlj. 
— N*nif*|t« i- at 1ca-l an J"iHid a« 
■■TtitiiJAi. Thc oriuinal afBnit)r of 
nKBninj; iwtwmn Inrlo-Kumiiwin mil«- 
janciivc anil ful. ha> IcTl il> irac« in 
CtKck iiunlilina, in which ihe (HO arc 
Oflvn coiiliinul, Cf. l^ur. I.A. 44' •'•>" 
rt *ä t-mireti a^oiu» rW»; El 9IS7 
rt tiini l^>ur Mf'i*' .' n »rtittiiir ; In» 

S<>|<h. /)w-A. 97J rt vWu; rj U #>«■ 
fMui; ftc. UniOirmiiy oF npin-ion li 
In any com: ko «ilninia™ W pnelry, liul 
■n nclHBl iliflercncc ui (cnu maf be 
Inlemlinl. vii. 'huw la one («mhU)') Io 
nlitr gracioui woitli, aml liow am I 
gfiHjria mnk« ihg piajrer (which 


y°' Cf.'^ 

{•^ (n.). 

•• wt4ipk My**" a-T-X. Thc 

ilcliverji uf mich a imasii^ wat pari of 
Ihe cminon]', Cf. Kur. Or. iifi «ai 
*rS«' Jr' <I<^ii x>^MrH Uf» riii- { 
'BU'if f' ih>L*li niiii Iwpair« ihm.— 
m%fi ^v- ^^'< ">"' "<" '"^ '■'^ 
+a,nt. hur l»u iriliracl» in tho mru> 
linc in Authylu. _ " " 

D/Iaffiar ■»«■ W *^'»i «.r.«., unu 
Iwo -Hhcr ««.Ivel f«l Mg. 1584 
W«r.,r Tlr Jw>, iK/Ä. »44, 
-The aililcruiun in ^i|« 
i< mlenlional, and <■ a frc- 
af Gietk lileralUR in Uunu, 
IKUhot. Gl. in/. 564, üoph. 
•q. (wilh Jelili'i nolcl, /'tri. 
loij. »iv^CT»« of # waa 
■(Teclcd b/ l'indar, 
gniiiM (tl«f Ekcum «o«ld 



I say? What spccch were ^''acioijs? In what 
make prayer to my sirc? Shall it bc thus.' "1 
one to dcar onc I bring a gift, from wife to husba 
my mothcr'f Nay. tliat 1 darc iiot ; nor know I 
when 1 pour thiü offcring on my fathcr's tomb. 
»peak ihat speech which js che wonl of mtn, "1 


01 firlnuiTccied frara Tä,tt M,~ 


*i\v itlfl. wapi rijr inSii MV'l^i. com. 

uu»e ord«. i-hu. Kur. 

/>.'<'(. fii4 Kiq. milk, hunc 

ch,ld.-T,-, <„, i, „o„ ,h.n .>«. 

(«iic from my m.ilher- (l'nTtyl, ul.kji 

may In rcganlcd a. imli.) 

gifii muM Iw unsccviualite : Soijh. £/. 

4«t «.^lUi T^ (I ir« r^hwM-ii a,>r| 

nuel. llie mXJi^fv wj 


W.« and iM. 4ji «^ Td,> » «<^. | «If 

eo «j w<liH«T» iopcM ; liccauw il ii 
falle and wiKiliI bc n;<eni«J liy ilie npirii 
of Agameninan — •»' Ix*, lliroiigh Ihc 
ini>rea<lin|i of *. 86, i* uiually laken 

ind ytl I know nw.' 
hat« B Hcond (|BCMiun. Sun 
■hmild be lald on Wwra 1 ' n 
know whal lo ujr [111 praycrl 
^T Ihem.'— {Thc iranipMhionaorWt 

». (J {tinv 

Wcckkln asij otlien w 


' ,»?•* 

rA««r. wir ri iiifvl^wiir 
kgfirv ichnl. (luo cornjuehcn- 
Kslhcr WAarnsB ihick mna, 
IT elolled liquid. Cf. Ptn. Hig, 
idcntical wilh Ib« xml, ji in 

•a 1) T*«n >rfna. 

ahaJI I ipeak Ihil (wdl-ki 

wun1>?'--i««T*: nol >rl. 

10 ba IiIhJ. U.Xta. Ah. i. ;. 

Cnl. i 

iiy bc ealhciHl from 

■a I 4u Xa4<>*«> irJXaw, aniwerlnE Ut;< 

lu 9«rw ji.M««.— In llum. orf. 11. 
16 «|i|. ihe X"^ "> Ihe dcad coniiiia of 
Ihm libmioni in a dcAniie Order, Tfin, 
fuXiipiry ((./. honey and milk), utri- 
«II« li ifiii «trv>, I ri rpirtr aM' Man ■ 
irl f iAf.» Unti nXwar, Ihn ohulc 
dcaervinc ihc namc 0/ rAv«. Thiee 
»re •pnken of, Inii noi nanwd. In Soph. 
Aul. 4ji ][M>n r^i«r^l«>«t rt« fVii« 
^i*t'^ 0, C. 479 r^fiai yr i>T>ila. In 

Eut. t 

poorati obIj arc c 

T ix'it». Soiniiim 

lured wilh >«/ 
«rilK^wold 'ori'l«''ri'lMl'' 

: u awkkanll)' placed, 
crhapa boLb 1« mn lii I 

A£. iiji, Lur. /I.F. iigt 
Ixil whid) i( niay cnniinl} 
'ihe formula 11 alrcady 1 
ud Uiai« il M Mal 10 in 


I ari^, hötrw rt rätv KaKÜc twa^iav; 

" varjp, räo inxestra ■yäiroroc \v(rw 

SiicoDtra T€Ü)fOS äirrpö^urtv oy-iifunv; 

KOträf yä/> Ivffoi i.v So/iott vofüliofifv, 
ftv) k(vv(t' (vöov koiwIm ijlößlil TICOS' 
tÖ /lö/KTtfuM- yäp TOI* t' tktvdepoi' fi^yft 
(coi TÖc »rpo! ÖXA.IJS Sto-irorow/iei'o»' X*/"''- 
Xeyoit öf, et n TÜfS' <xoif vviprtpov. 
XO. luSov/ieioi (TOI ßüifthv «5 Tvp.ßov n-orpös 

^ Slu>l«T. <«*» »> Buller.' 
Diadorr. ) ' ** '"'«'" 

509. Soph. TV»-*. **1. 

TH> n^A« EliiHlcy. t . •• 'ix'«« M. corr. 

1 IltomHcld, bu( Ihc fein, fonn ii esubüihed bf Hqi, 
,0« / JmmU (« miiii»ken chane«. ( ). -Sthlili 

TtiUi hovcT«, ilcmamK mach oT irr. 
(■tl« niTu) ■»! spivani *u|ie™ilil1i! 

(0 Mlowthe KOK nf IwUlini: in rwr* 
•^■H ttfrM, licliw ihe Iwlirccl n( tirl- 
im (we I4J n.». li) -rtre u Mtj»>» lo 
r>«r« rtÜTM liwir. (jl uand foe tlw «n- 
pmi., uannhcn In |>gIII<(hu. The lau 

•« «iMii, rlf x*<< (Whol.l, III, 
'hmatin.' Tlw worcl ttipta appüan to 
kaie b»« a vts fnfri» nt /»Birf»!«?«. 
O, So|*. Aal. 431 X»«''*' ''•"' 

■lulali I rWfvr» miühi bc ■ uugina), 
B«t. (V. ijli. The Mpfeuion i« Ion 
cwn livr ■ tp«<iltc rclncncc lo KXvti 
•mllu «( Awwrn (/Vri. du, Snph. £/. 
1»).— Uvw n- Tbc n <• «gj^Ic. 
et i-rtV. 11. H. Jg. 9 •'*«™- i' 
TH« •*"' I iltitei^ rt ^«(.r. ■nd «o 

cai-ler, anil itnuiii ne nea 
l«£ru hwt no olijecl,) 

•• UfMl h.tA., >>. r 
XMi (« '* »v«YM*). •»" 
4n^(«. Nut '»Ml 
(AüBBl.!.' The tlichl I 

•• Jixfva. The |>r« 

noua wilh m'vw. oihI 1 

kwping »iih Uwir'^^ 
wilh ihc 

• i> «11 of 

._ . „ '\5hlirihe «Ii. i» not 

aHlicininuoul {ivf. kS«. /Vn. äi«), xi>*u< 
impll« m>(etul diireeanl (aiieciAlly wilh 
■' ■ '- ^mt»), whcreu x**! 

II nil wilh cart u] 

. Idly I 

r 'CO«!!«!!«!! ■ of 

erouad. — The iceu*. 
prolepiie ap]K» lo n 
Ihc Tsrl«! Mliiin. 

•Iiq, rn(xa.'-v<Xii>niiDtbc)iiliN(l. 

Tbane »ho connetl nW juntr* in Ih« 

wnie 'Ihrowine MiW me' mn>I finl 

'1 w«X<runlwarHichanirnnin|[. 

Ihe nppmiK 


-aTking (cf. Hon 
ir t<*t «»>rw. Soph. /^. f 


1 * verb o< 


a blessing them who send these honours,' — yea. a boon 
their wickedness ? Or, without a word, with contumel) 
my fathcr pcrishcd, shall I shed out these gifts in ■ 
carth to swallow up, and gct me back, likc one who 
forth thc abominablc thing, hurling the vcsscl from m- 
a glance ? 

Good fricnds, hclp mc make Up my mind ; for we a 
in the hnCc we feel at home. Make no hiding In y< 
through fear of this or that, for, be we free or bc wc l 
to anothcr's hand, 'tis fate that doth await us. If i 
aught better tlian [ have said, speak iL 

CliO Holding thy fathcr's tomb an altar for saci 

rvjcci« the vtnc dii.I Wcckli'in ii .li>|>o<c<l 

lofollow; bulcf. ,06. Ila.1 

iu.<en«<.fvv. »j. ,1. loi. lÖA-ltB The chane« oT ipeakcn ari 

.he ».^-M»*... which, hnwe»*r, ii Biwng at <.y. lo«. loS. iOS all 


/uriili 1 ti,in«i|iit enput ii«. Hti n- 
•f.-xtrii. Uul lhi> i< Vereii« allcmpl at 

10* «l.= '¥0« C.i«10« 

Ihan your fale.' Cf. -Soph. , 

A.((*i 7^ ln.1^ fci^y» 

91 l**iT^ <; »*■ 'S«" Mp nrttui. 

nft& 1* iXX« rXV r« ^ 

^pa^a 1 ...Hl» U 'JM^i 1 i^fTTt, 

4l>).— viplt : nol a mcre per 

wilh refetence lo phy>ical cm 

The sehnl. (q.».( «y. of ih* pruclk« 

Htrailid. 8H4 *( ittrmttim' 

«mpir ti*-rn i«™r^wTri i»vif"- 

IM X/y«I <>- At Ibi 

The e.i.ience fof ihe Gietk cuMoin 

Ihe dng. Klee.™ poinledly 

ptoH» Mly thii Ihe bcBfcf kepl hi» eye 

reprrMiiialive ulave, the er 

■vened while he ihrtw ai™y the te»«!. 


an.l rnri-xe 10 look lock »hea riepatiine. 

Cf. Ov. Au/. ... ,3, mr,Ml«t hfil... 


me mfilil, Sii|)Jl. ". C. 49a lirnt 

Jjo Xi>a» t' i»iVu r<><>« 

ifinw farpo^.i. This it bete ei- 

»<lf « 1 lim*vi MA«i>' Ir. 

pn-»c<1 l>y imit^...iirpi^tUir timmr« 


jwJiirh wonl. are lo 1« likin Ineeihcr, 

Tonn of i (ml U>«f. #^\> 

ra. Thecla>a it'ihal of C 

necruary wilh mix<i in Ihe Herne "ile- 

am/ r 1.(31. The nccesii 

pon' (/'. y. H>, Soph. AhI. oH). bat 

irx<tt*...*fiX'' "*n' = '»h«ll IgtHHj 

laline Wr-t im I7 an i>n|<er 

cam an ill<i>ian » 10 ihe 

poiir liiem Olli cinl Ihen ««f laek againP' 

Urret,.— iwC': Ihe allem 

-faW,!^ micht «em a «ok lenn fo. 

S«le.l (9.-9» «nd 9..-^) 
hf. \.6.l,;S-q«.iMi,i,r 

f.f. Ufi^t. Iwt wturut, wt^ri and 

iO» «,. .11«^ r« 1 

#0 lrT)„,|knm(Tiai, nol merely >«u- 

•vx<rf, bat ' lie •hin» In ihe re>|H»- 

•iliibiy.' Kor Ihe fem. [onii ue eiil. n. 

Ihered (na Ihe conleii. nol r* tvht. 
Klitiia rrituire* no auunnce oTlb« 

do.'-p-|Jrdt: <>. Iheitw 

ai Miemniy pieJc«! ai i( * 

altar. Cf. Dem. A C».-. 1 1. 

lauer, which ilie auumn, in<l. when the 

Choni< •n.wex. il > wiih U|«-.'W '< 

lutim ii »rmi arttJtrtl, Plui 

M<r*> WyM (.06). For ».>#«> »ilboal 
obi. opretwl cf. Soph. Tw«. 08S U)t' 

Pma. 186 C r^ « fOw 

rtylM f»lM f>«|w*r. f_ 


Xe'fw, mJUiJt« yap. tÖc ^k ^ptvö« Xöyoc. 
HA. X<yo« Ö»', ütTittp •ä&tvot ra<^f irarpös. 
•XO, ^irf/ov xeoucra <re/iW. rolffti' tv<j>po(Tiv 
HA. n'va? 5i roiJrowj twi/ ^iWi- wpo<rtvpfnai : 
XO. «pwTOC ^«i- awr^i' x*""^"« Aryttr^oi' o-Tvyti. 
HA. ^/»o* Tt «cw o-oi räp* «V<vfo/xoi raSf,- 
XO. ovn^ ffi rawra ^oi'^äwjuo'" ^St) ^patrni.. 
HA. nV oSv «r' iWop tjSc vpovrißä oräcret; 
XO. /i^u^cr' 'Opt'iTTov, «i Öwpatd« ^o-tf" op.oi'i. 

109 ! hu« pl»ee.1 « eoBimi ■■ •!•«< i""! rti»o»e<( Ihc Hup »1 ta#i«i' 

|l) ihM ih« ««n«!"!* o( Ib« ntii^tot 
iHdc^ Iht ra»ol all»!. Comparc 
t. ]|I Airir xdi|>arM "^'^ Sopli. <>. /'. 
tili iMTir g-iptwi (it ll'al ""'1" "f" 
aTin (Mci>c*)lr all«» l-""" m »hspe »n<1 
hci (.«« lnltoH. p. ■"iii. (homule lo 
*qB|. Tti«« i" «■•• /'"■ f>' «qi; 
rUTH« i* HKrilKfit Id Ihc ijiwle »C 
AcMllc» <m thc l»)' o' l>>« Xv»«' '" 
fcir //rf. J147 Melen Deo ri^i(»w »1- 
Vt»r i^r*H<» '' *(i»»'i»« iwher» »et 
Ptl«'> niric). In ihe bil« An(linl<i|,-y 
M* m«r •*•' '•" """ "' HimHlm.— 
Tbc eiiiivuinn 'lo» m» niLTTly IH««!-« 
■rnh. WhiklhiChoroi.*illno«tuiOMcl 
D. inlB ilancem» cnnliilncn, l( plEnil* 
M>ik-C( '■" an.1u«f. l>ch i. ilonlHlul 
fcaw ^ Ihc Mlw' "i" C* ' ^"^ ■"'* 
Mm l>l«»* BW f'" Myini! wh«l i« in n.r 
fc^n- V« «H/ >nc (»Xflh« >^|. and. 
hliacc 1 mal« ober, Ih' Mnclity "^ <'« 
b^c« lc*vo mc no ch<>ke Iwt llic Iniili. ' 
Or. Stiüh. ö. r. »Ift iJ"<* «' V;" 

i»o> r*» <'* >)>^<r«i. er. j'. f. /. H,<9 

. lOT Uwif ijUrm tri^ wmtt '* 

t«w.n<:i..«l.lo-l,-ml«ilh«««. I-S«.« 

lh«t iif iht »cl.1.1. tJ(« ii«M ™"i •» 
^petairi, Ihil Ihnieh il(iii nlchl p« 

a^To**. I'ul rfliKifii ffH* (llolbe). 
Il li (Im u|i|<iMiiE uf arvut »«1 <)>< 
Chnm »niwi-n ihe »urei-linn uf El. in 
*. H wilh M'! «KU ihi.n» <tit x—t OM 
tti iri/tut. I«( all«! «imli nf M^mn 
rttc mnnwialc.' r«r>r (««^m^* may 
tiwn lie Ihc iMl. vi Ixbair ■ br ( - In Ihe 
eame o() ihe loyal.' |t|>l ihc wnnl> ot 
Ihe «lonn fllc an G» ihc ipiillj' «■ weit 
(TV. iiA, 141). ti I* iKiteT IherclDK lo 
rci!»nl Ihe line m InicmiptBl In ihc 
«anner wlrciiuenl in MichoniyihU. The 
•ewc mnlil luve conilniicl wilh i-f. 
tyäii vwMtat. Iwl nl Ihc mcollnn uT 
ittf" Kl> 1"«1" in "'»*' ' 1"' *■" "« 
/:t^vr' ami iImI hbp«"« 
lill •. iij. Thii puncmali 

tf" ' >"• rcliirioa l<iili lb«c «tho lov«.') 
lOS ^Xm»: rdillvo nnH ulhen 
Ixninil by tiei. Iwl nnl ncceuaril)' "t 
affeclion. ^X« neol not L« ««*p«>i. 
Cf. Hi T»4t #.X'^™« iV •f^'f 
trfi «r)Hl|. .J^. 1171 *»-» *» 'X'^-*' 
110 •itH»' •'•»''I* *1***" ■«''"'■ 
■M» >n M » liy a curreclion, The 

,„ f„, ^,|„ „ reAciive in «»rl» 

.Mial üreek arc mute ihan Hl- 
. (1) Aniccedenllir il mifihl hatt 


will spcak — 'tis at thy biddlng — the word from out my 
El. Spcalc. as thou holdest sacred my fathcr's sc| 
Ciiu. ütter, wliile (hou pourest, a solemn plca 


El. And whom shati I call those.' Whom o( t> 

Judgc ihou Ihyscif of that : I Icavc it ihcc to 
And uhom bcsidcs must I count Tor onc or u 
Orciitcs : ioT^Ki him not, thou;;h hc is abscnt, 

V" DnUci:, Icuccll. |. lia 4I1 '*f*«l Naber. 1 

eiipte^4ed ojipnHli'tn In Mnne other pltvhi 

tuIi|Kirled in ih« MSÜ af -|'hac., lldl. 
Bn>l Xen.i amI li utnveil by ric<[Ucni 
in<iaiic» in Homer, In Ihv Furm 
^uTu* (airl>) il unknxun. Cf. (V. 4. 
I4; äUy t' ■■>»• purl •■ni^rrwi 
Viir, 11. 149 i fiM äx" "P" * ■*"" 
■al rtpl wlrru,: |i| in Ihc MSS ol 
iraj;plj' (hc ulilii]ue fofnm air6r Sc, are 
riciiuciilly Rivin Kiili siiiiKiih litvAlhinc 
u Ii'llciivn nflcr ihc nmi. aCrit ; cf. ih/. 
»a ai/r» «r" aiJr.Ü IM). Soph. Aj. 

IIB ain) n' a.T.X.! 

M3. «"' 

t (LI, 
,I^S«,.l,)«c. II 
,.■ KO..;n.lly hnin.! 
n «.«.c ,.lan-> all 
,1.,... ..*.. i. f. T. 
hkely (BK Khol. 



rat /feoftfib'tLp Kfll #('X\0^fff (^ 

■b. jT. «*.m .'.<;»t.-iit<| = 

l«inloi.*ar.l,'/.(.-I /«;,>(. 
In fall y^iit n« W7«), 4t< 
jvMrawa a^i— (Olhcr |k 
ia«nuih a- )-..ii 

">" " 


'«ir »painrt (&i.) hUn. 
Ecn. nlier anicle Ihe u«; it wdl enali- 
Unheil, er. /f^. iiv6 fiiiw nr'a^ft 
•Ir«a (f, c «i^ h), I.I44 Uipt, fir 
a^i}i ( = »brr^, all MSS),— The rotm 

mil]' liccomc ucnenliHil Toi all ]>enonL 
Th« i^iiemllaalloii «t-urmi carly In the 
plur. (i-f. Ar. /y. 50.1), l)UL in llie aing. 
II nu<t L>e cuniHlereil rcry douiiirui lor 
ihe carlier |iiti Century.— AlfwIaF. The 
Churui Ho» no( ycl ^ inc Icnglh oT 

111 ot »li bcaii ibe dreu : 'iben 
Ihil Dicaiu ihal I thall be nuüiin|> ihc 
piayet ror myteir and jmu.' — lw»ia^«i i> 
ditiincllr beller IhaB Ihe lubjnnct. (*. 

Hl a* »idvr lhal 



rvir. > 


IIS T{T'.,.rTartt; Kki-I 
Ihe c|uuiiion laS*) uhile a» 
(ael ifc').— TJI«...rTJ™! f* 
Ml i'i «>wra*n iaü» >chi 
V. 4i>r>, SuM. 11 (*Ta«iaf][M) 

11« jifi'V' 'Ofirrw; 
memlicr OriM»,' liui 'nuke 1 


JA . cB Tovro, Ki(ftpit^(raf; ov^ rJKurrä fu. I 

■ C>. roü atrüxc vw rav ^oi^v fitfiin^fitiirj 

^O . fkfftli' Tw' aüroic Scu'^ov' i^ ßparwv rwa 

>C^. dvXoif TL i^pälioiKT , ö^Tif äi^airo Kr evtl. I 

I^V. ira! Tdtrra /loüorl;' tiitrtßi} ffftüv väpa; 

t-O. irü? S' o5.- tÖv e)(0pov ävTafj.fCßfvdiu fctutoif. 

■Ja. trrjpv( lUyurti rüv ivoi Tt ital KaToi, ('65) 

«m inlvruu^ Ore^li« nKniio |inipne 
i_|i«nincl»i ul ROI.' Thcre ü in- 
iMHul (lru»licin>n]rinlhc«prtiiiloM> 

Bxv »iMwIwi ••nk, bul Ol «»K 

'^•dtol 10 Soph. O. r. iO|ii). Ol 'in 
*■ hillKM <tcc>cc'; ef. ThBc. 7. 44 

W n-t. Heim Ibe pmliu 
M* UHl llic |»li>l -' ' 

r^Hrwiir; Ihe veil> Hill linplio Ihc 
eipmillon \'j in mulhocily oT itui »liich 
raliüiun ilenian<lii. Thli Mnne poun lu 
hcrt) inio (hm off ra,tri vtriit. In Eur. 
J/a/. 745 Vfirw «»^9-n*nc In kI 
term» llK ff»!« hy whiim I «m lo iwcar. 
XXm lUttv: K. f«{u or ili eijuivi- 
tcfll, umlemooil rrom il ^.- Tbe in- 
tcmijilnj •Biicn« (mH) ii nol pnm- 

emphoii»'! Ilic nutioii 'if nol i;ml. Ihen 

man ; thc ii(;enl mallen nol.' Th« 
w<|ii«icc nu^ Ix cilher (r) A 

' wiiiT 

n* #4h* cUhrr 


«.Ijr .11« <» «.,- 
n-f, llH>ayb liwrc majr 

to Ihe itfriiiiwr M^**!' 

ihem 7 Or (lakini; Ihcir ^ill für cantcf) 


r *1 4"> ■'*'X- Thc roeccllne 

^loken l>)rlheChani>iiriiltciiiiliiiui 

Jon. vhlle Kl- on her ihIc. Ihough 

r eircniin|iccl, U ai£cr, ' Vn T 

Till rnc nwn. I am ^11 docil« 

-4>ä hu. of conrK, na relnliim lo 

, t«Ii «fTinl. wlijch dcpenilM on 

linii «im (Afcir).— lt<rr»|>i*t| ' 

m (»rtwM in riln«! and ili for- 

rtßri >. (oAf. Tiwre li U) 

W ^Imr* 1« (he •rell-kiwitii 

NH*. a E«r. i'or^'i. ,gf 

^jtA^^t*^"- '■'«'*• 

,iinuhher molhcr ii fotnw«' 
Elecin'i mimL Iwl iht ttVi Ihc mc 
luiipotl o( ■ ilirccl i>nin>]Kin(; tioin \ 
Choiujk Svc ImmH. {<)•. Kiii hqi|. 
ibe pmlikm nt ji 

ISO twXf- 
InnMj uyini; 
ra\: Cf. titrin n, lOn 1« r>. rx'" 
n, ta» Th ■■>'> Thut. 1. IjH I<*«a^TH 
n..,^Uu» Jiy^ i{iM »ai.«.^». 1-hi> 
HK ■niHcri lo U»l □( tu {fuMi) wilh 

ini|ilieil. — irrmvMTtnl : >|iokEn wilh 
iLow cmphahiB, 

ist hI nM N.r.X. tJlilonhtT« 
■u)ipDicil ihii In be ■ confuieil nr Im- 
peflcct CKpfcuio" '' ■■! ftE^rm 


El. Well Said I An admonition Tüll orservic 
Cho. Ncxt, on thc guilty murderefi forget not- 
El To pray for what? Tutor mme ignorain« 

what to say. 

Cho. That, be It a god or be it mayhap a man 

with one — 

El To judge or to avengc ? Which mean you 
Cho. Say thou but limply 'one to slay thc slayer 
Hl- But can I in all picty f Ooth Heaven allow 
Cho. Surely— to requite « foe, cvil for evil. 
El. Most mighty herald of both worlds, abovt 

; I . laa The line. n 

u|Kin «ich pnjrert 
.jni> n^ fiA, In 

.10,. I 


rcmove ih* 

of thc null.' («r whkh Ihe Umli ■• t7t!t 
w*r* (Eu'- ^t-/- TSj. fwi*. 7hi/t. j8i»). 
Wilh thc 1^. »p<l ei]ire<Hei< Ihe uiuKe 
oTaulhoril^ Cr. ri«l. /Vitf. 311 liriiar 
M< irw' '<w. l->ic. />■ M. I. 1 Wfuifiii 
■dTKi rv' MW U>>.~p*irTtv. Kor 
(he <!n>ji> cf. iiif. qifi, 914. Ar. 
Harn. 1180. Alk. JJ9, Sojih. J). ill,t, 
P». Sil IJfMdrri). 

CDnunonplicenTdreckclhio. Ci.S.t.T. 
104O, Archil. />■. T5 Ir (' ^vlfra^i« 
fi^. I T*r nei^ n l^üm tiim'i iin- 
^f^rfH mcHt, Soph. /In/. 64J iln ml 
T^ fxV^ irrwuirwTU HiraiY— lii Ihc 
abMiw« of >« (et Etim. 4j;p it ii nol 
dov Ihai Ihe line thoelcl eml with > 
ncMlon mark. The Uhon» may be 
■Uinif quoline tbe mHim a* aiifiniveil 
U^ n^. '■'- Kl. ' AihI ii thli pcrmilleü 
bj HeannF' Cho. ■Awircdl]': 

nvcrlnokeil tbe anlilhnii of 
lU-rmesand or x^oMa riiU x 
U>-(.,9)toV»- nvxoäritV , 

»"' ll4«). 

rc«torc<t here l>]i Hermann, ii lea 
MS 11 V. 16,4, where it it imp 
Al thc beii-innine of (he neil line 
a lacuna uT ^-.. -p^ r„,, „ 
«miiitereil liiwlhcr. )i) 'Ihe 1 
ciplanalion oT thc IratiHmiiion ii 
in Ibe c«py from which M vaf. (aL. 
■n eailier one Hill), t. dj .iu .m 
UII7 omillcH aml iiibMi|iienilf >ii|> 
in thc marvin (»% vv. fiij and joH- 
■rc in »I itKir). ir Ibe co|>r c.nla 
Iwo columnn of aiiout 4I linn i 
(whicb ii nol rar rvmme.1 frum 
ai<ra|>r of M), the maruinai aildil 
mJcbl ear^ljr be laken up by ihe «a 
inIo Ibe lecond colnnin in-te»! of 
nm. |i) ThenmiMionnrihebnein 

e your < 

■•• • 

■iih e 

(lt| — I1B). Ihcn hencir cal 
A^ (.10-1*81. lirtl in..,.,t . 
tiM ifBbnllc oT JC'r^t ( ' '9) '"d 
daM ef the ptajptr (149) oflerinf 

bvl ihe lo« o( Ihe l>r>l iriinl in >. 1 14 
Klau»-n'. irUf (W|. "hieb it olber^ 

9 Ihe 

wilh K«>i>i xMn( iif r. 1 14. Wh. 
the lost linc »an afiennaidi lupplinl ii 
Ihe mar);in. Ihe cumipt (v>^ IWl 
x«toii «wvtat 'Mi wDulil be wen lo U 

woaM he left al thc place whc 

hav« qaind. n^tk 

ro waiTa TCtrerai 
vSt KVfia Xafxßävu, 
j^tpvißa^ ßpoToU 

rl hy Kbi><M 

< hi.ey««™ 



.' rf«SU«p«« 

•r-r «.«.. Kui WC 



i rochcHHi) < 







IhiiJhif wlih Sliii>li7. M^T. 
hnaK und ii< righl« ind ]mi|wrl 
Im KT notion Iwjni; »n«» ui'pcrmi 
ir «bat lldl. 7. 11,), Thut In A 

tbiifihfn), whilc iMd. »31 «tid 4' tni^ 
Xn •houlil he rcnflrnil '■nd we have 
■nlaian«.' Wlwiever 1* tlw timiiruc- 
lio« Df intttrtm. ihe praf" " fw «lic 
pmtmifon uf ho father'n houK, in 
BnMncMiiiH powHSMiun», IJuvargenlly 


I Ihc Umk I 

Kill -. 

V. 1190 *.r«M. .TW" *!>»*« 

pfifcn h»« her ri 
vkw or "u tn »Im." Koi ih« gcN. e 
*■■«. 9a4. Soph, ,J/. 5j6 (qatHcil o 
irirnnS *. .49]. In cuh crf Ihc*« li 
Mincci, bowcver. Iha mdk il ' niilcd M 


bencath. help. ncther Hermes I Be herald for my sake ! Ca'.! 
thc god» undcr earth to hcarkcn to my praycrs, with ualchful 
cycs upon my falhcf's substance ; Earlh too, hcrself. who 
bringeth all things to birth and fostcrs thcm to takc them 
back likc ihis and trem with ihem ancw 

i mcanwhilc pour thcsc luslral strcams [s/tc ponrs vjnt(r\ 

hiive MhFOn < wm'vI. uMrw It. I. Ähren«. S wiir^ Atnslilui (a him not pror. 
■Iilr fo. iMBCily), hti^n^ t' l'jley. tSB ppor«, .M, y/i. .(.««1 m iin evidL-nl 

pmjcn, »mch«« 1 

. ..._ . ,.. _.,lr 
lllciehol.lq.v.l. CHlinul.<iii>Hn.X./. /'. 
616 (fnii,..iimM,.,lrtwTiftt ytritft. 
er /;«n 141 tripa •rawr»! I^wlr^ 
irlnawm, lluin. (M. H. läj Jnr(tni.f 
M*lw. >nil (r«|ucnily of lulelarf ilciiiri. 
TIk ^re^^ualCJ of |H< lauer aiwiciiitlnn 
mi|;lii »illice lo ils/in« <he ii|<|ilkiUion v( 
iwMttwtvt (••* Ihe (IresU «ar, t>]>(!i:iiillr 
Willi ><i«i^p«r. We mar tian Ihc (luc- 
linn ii|ien, Ihe ar|,-a>neiit fmni Ih« pm.llion 
vi iSxi* lieii'it Dl Icwl enunlcrtnlanccil 
liy Ihe CBrreni me ot Mfttwwt. Bui in 
an)r i^uc Ihere In IkihhI himhe (ai in 
V. I iH, hihI mure jilainlir wllh nnwr lulc- 
l*ry ilditei In 796 »1.), not reiiaipianl la 
(ircck (MjStM, ihai ilw ildiin are in- 
lereoteil, für iIk lake nf llivit uOerinjti, 
in aniiweriif tlie prajrt. Ilema ini~ 
UM, ihe (irp*4. ii, in ■ « 
meiliiir)' in a haivaln. 

«ö*!- — Blecini ilnm mn, hnure»«-. mercly 

liut, vliili: tiimremini: it. hlni> ihal liy 
tewling aiil lünh R|ufi> henelf in oflcr' 

■her a relaLl. Il lefen In ihe xaai': 
'leveJvnincrcaM iii/.lii.ha|<e.' Mtan- 
«hile il n like AeMligiliu in |iby u|«n 

■ vin ■ (Ihc nuillnwlne nf llic libaiioiuj. 

hs. ai'iHMnily Iwct lakcn for crnnli 
Ihal Ihc x^^-ß" »« Hieiiiieal wilh I 
XhI- Knr lhi> ihc nnly ev»len« » 1! 
BW <if Xn>Tpa = ;t*^ iS-^'h- £'■ «4. 4j 

Falor urnf* : «|i|>nwl to lh<v« 
Im&iih her (ii.i). Tbc x'*' ncimpie. 
hciKlnl tünh, ihe cnl* inJ ihe •len<l. 
er nri, 111 *).. fiji. Agioll. Rhffl. >. 
ii}6 l'aJf r irtiiraii (( '■hIi f<>x*<i " 
1 IcT. Ar-. 

■a alooe. — rlcnrai: 'pro- 

Mii; ran* 
cillc Ihan 

laa tpi^mrl t' aMn b.tJl Fnr 
thc Ihmight it. Kur. /c. «jfl. j rtir*. W 
«9^ pü\i rt e,^ ■ 1 Utr tit iHnn | 
^4ri|« irarrvr riPdfuffnu' | {■'«•^ I' drlrw 
ri iti, i, Y«;« I »^rr" fA Taiar. /r. loj 
Jr»» rl.™ x«« rtX» r. Xa,.^.,, 
Uer 5. )io A-n-r«/ « A- | .«-«., .r,- 
'ifUiim ftrtmplii. Conjnglgn quälet 
.Shaki|i, lt»m. aivl jul. 1. j. 9 h|. 
Sophoclo motlili» Ihe ihmghl 10 {4j. 
K48) «<Vi r' (tfU »1 ^*'4"a rr.4im. 
rat. In Ihe pmcnl place, aa in Eui. 

{tt räwat !•< >*&•'". Ihete u a.hled ihe 
BMicn «r ihc npafnienl oT r^a^iia j£ r. r. 

iiiMryand ilelailinrit 
icimi In pnmil nf d 
imihl I« nnted (1) ili 

XetfTpm mean* iheuaLi 

I ihexHl 

II V. HO. 
nr a /VI*. 

Ilom. a/. 

TcIiptHüi nie. x*f^t nn i>n)niali>ry 

IHinlicaiionik, iml Ihe x**'- ■" ■'"i'' 
oriciial ctHKc|Mkm liice mHe on rAaHr 
T. 91 1, ate a ineal. Fix the nionali 
whu panakc akmg wiih Ihe RnK an 
(HilpDiirini; nC waiei michl l-c nuile l>> 
■ xtf»ll"- ~ 

lia. nf 


il b prolnhle Ihm. 

oul IhU. ai luilral nlcr fot'lhe'i 
]wwen lielow, 1 tpeak 10 ihem....'— pp*. 
Tatt mny bc conMracil wilh x^fll" {"( 
Ihe KCipieiil. c(, Soiih. £/. 1066 i «fcrla 

Pft-H,, ^M •.T.X). wilh My«, or. 

keyu KokovfTa- trartp, iiroiimpöv r* f/ii 

wfirpt^i/n^t yap iw» yi ir<« ä\<ü^(da 
irpi« T^9 Tfncowmjs, twhpa S' övnjXXo^T© 
\lyur6ov. Ö<rwtp trov ^vov /itrotVios. 
iräym fUf övriBovkoi- « S< xprjpäTuv 
0cvyuv 'OptoTi]^ itrrU', ai S' iirtpKÖirtui 
tv rouri o'OK TTofOKTi ^\iovi7(i' ficra. 
i\0(lv 5' 'Opetjnji' Scüoo (TVi" rv;(7j rici 
Karcv^o^oi troi, Kai <ni tekiiSi fiov, närtp- 
aurg Tt fioi Sös trat^povttrrtpiw n-oXv 



•Ar»! Ilerm.. WfH canj. Schncido 

" :*in (»mcwhai clowf wo 
.«w Wccklein. 

tnt u loiiml (I ). 

«A r' traitw' 
" 'Opirrv *ät 

^- , , *.f- Od. .. ... 

■«■ icf, /*tf. 401). .197 »»rtp iyvr 
^im IM>' Wr^,».. The •Im. 
M ihM >■ HlÜctcnily •u|<f<aricil, rven 

nain «•«{Mir.) 
■«•AXitlH««. Th« 
i>r nM. Wiihoul 

(4rtX«\a. Kur. Ti*. i,lj( MJHf« ryA | 
ii)>aH^t r^ftf«. Um AMhylui !• 
ilw iliinkini; <iu irriU^*" •hcwil oT 
liictil idling in<o •Invcry, which hu 
herc licen iIihk only ' in a •«»<-' Cf. 
*. ifu aml 4H0,— lUiula. Thoiieh 
Oroito alnnc ii in ciile. Elecua can 

Cf. ijj Sm»u »n^ !■«»« rV wlrV 
''***> JJ<i »vväJat i|mw. 'l'lw uic »r 
IVüta. .i( ciclu'iiin f(.™ »he un.wr) 
home l> llluxniic<l l>y Knr. /» 5;A i\\' 
iilurAr t-t tiwit' tX^rtJv rt «f. 1 Ji 
rtt 'M^rtt VTti>[i {ihiHmh Ion ü ilumi' 
dlnl ■! Ih)l|di<|, tff/. »}4 rV <' «M*' 
Jihvrfr' Mnulf Titpir lihouch tlui U 
kMbm In l-im.>|. 

inawn uf her chlklren, n 

livliHtriiiir in Ihc mutiJvr. 
:I Kur. /.'/. 

an Awiaihuii, iho very man jl^vapl *'"' 
' '--"'■ - '- "hc mutiJvr. tV. 414 »i. 

II« |<Miil,>n 1> 

r«. ¥••' Iht fnik emiJiMl. laiil 
nn ih» [lc|>rlv* wc v. iiA nr^yur 
Juiidrwr (n,), liui. Uli. 9\t tmi* ir 

//■ F. >il|l, ä4i|>ii. ^/, 96« rnKti-nt 

In Ear./njilMiq. thE h«ind(u tvfvtr«! 
r/r«t #' 4m >i»r bn-onie tiyttM «1 


and address me to the dead with this appcal. ' i 
pity on both me and our Orestes. How shall wc b 
in our estate? As 'tis, we are but vagrants, tralTi her who bore us, — her pricc a mate, A^ 
same who shared in murdering thee. 

P'or me, I am no better than a slave, and Orestes i. 
and dispossessed, while they in overwcening pride Aaui 
in thc earnings of thy toil. 

Yet may Orestes come hithcr in happy hour. Tl 
praycr to thee: hearkcn thou to it, father. And fo 

M, eofr. OuMiul™. l«ft fU xnfit^ M. !•• ^t6y.o 

Kobontüo—lT^ M. con. m. lai 

r«. («».t M (lN( cörKCtcl)— 1 

-^f.M. trhichi-jux p.Mil.1«. (. (■^Turwl«!. 1«0 ■.>rj r" 

iliidriiic of ihc Lueii. in eirlv 

X.^r^ yif W. W"« y- XPlM'-r ■,* 

».^IItmIc in UruG<ninn\ G-^h. 

»f 1 w4rw«, M" illn4'U *r*W,m, 

III. |m. fijj iqq. 1» ux a> a 

sWtt In r.c- '/*■■ if'M "• •.-■n» 

r.ra. i U,*t^ r, rXiUrw '* *' Mp^ 

■HU ««• T«4. (J5S TK iMrrM 

nu Ix«- 'l'he [»ilbn of Ihc »Ilc i> 

r» a^Xivr« F<^. Sil !«/■ »u« - 

Mvmcd up in */«/•, aA Dipt- L. 6. i« 

mit*, i,ipm %,H„S^ W,H (n.), K 

mkI >:ut. n^tii. jN; »II. 

».^r.. In .A'. (170 'i' r^tt 

la« ♦i«iwp..,4rri». Thom-h fi- 

umc .l.»l>l «■ hcre. I)r V.mll 

unluwly Holchei ihc u« r»r Ih 

rv(pml«l I» ■ noun, ihc xi-c*!!»! a-*.'«« 

verWal foep., rtlaiw W™ in biH 

CMliJaum ia vcrT rreiuent. Cf. '»/ 

«nua.-.^ Wiih *U>. cf. »..4 »* n- 

M.r. ^»w. 191, l'iiMl. />. ri7 &-.*«»if 

»iV'. Ä«"- ■>. W4. II.™. //. 1 


Ha. IIT9 ^*»w» rtri». riai. /'™/. jjo K, 
j|0 ■ (jwl#<n( (!<■•). Sii|ih. .J/. IJI4 
<pür 74^ 1fr rtisi>ni ^, Hill. ,). i>g, }. 
1)4 (/^U(...*d lu^irva« ffH^l) ÄC- 

ia7 if mtrt rtti v^vmo. Tho 

n^Vnf )■ biliar. Sc« nlin notc 10 
nW (v. 14),— «^t'«iri~'|in><luca \i 
V»\: er. /V«. j|ij M-» fl) ».X^ 
v^M^r*!! wirm \ ibitii itt^Awii yirifttt 
ttS #M#WTM ifwtri- l'ur. /i» loSO 
iUu« v^w tkwiriii. £1. 441 iiMAnv 
t (lh< amu o( Achilln), aml (in 

pfoe) \tn. Am. j.6.9. So /.livr (Ji 
•. l«4 &<.).— x««»»'' "!''• ** «pf» 
«ot nKreir luiury but atiafpncv. Cr. 
SaMi. 914 (i«>0*i'H w I' 'KXX*«» <v 
XUm aTv.— |Jv* ■• 1" '* lolurnl Tur 
iifm.Du{ un ih« Brauniii of griinmar, Iml 
W ■ diMinct iu|KriiKii)r in «nphuiiin^ 
Ih* Itiamph oT wmnG. «in | ' amoni; il 
4' 'wiilua' (V ' ihenkTier ') ia feible, 
md 11m ncoETiKiaB of Ih* adTcrb ia iddi« 
dIBndl Itwa ilMwbcre. Thu it la 
OMk. alMMld tn adnilt«!. Kor llw 

laa rW rim "■^^ '■'' '*" 

nca>uic u( i-uoil liuiun«.' Thc <|i 

•inet cumulcic ii>ri'x<a <■ hanlly m 
luokel r»r liy nianliiiHl. LT. S.>|ih. 0. 
»9 (I >1^ i^ nt»! V ty 1 *«rv> (*•. 
VVetklrin't 'mit aulchem tllitcke irie 1 
et im Sinne halw ' laka nach nT nd •■ 
■Ui» niil auit S. I. /'. 4fa lii* tixt ' 
TV 1 «1 Jit Hn^irrH. In So|>h. A 
77» f*» "*Jtf i» "»"1 «lon*.-ri» i 
>hrawulni;iual. C(. V'm\. X. 4. T *A 


■Irui'liiHi, ini|:h1 nifhai« bc mjarilccl ob 
•ui»rl1uoua. Ilui, in Ui. «a rl aXMC 

■ppeal.and Lh« njicnlcil ntif {IfO. I4JI 

140 iq. «^ W |tH M.T.X. The 
ContenK ot thc iirajr« med Ihc fin« 
duncicr et Klectn, whilc tkejr obm 

fi^Tpot yevfirda*. xt!-pä. t €verc߀<rTtpav. 
^fiiv itiv tv\M rätrOf. tow 8' eVarrtots 
Xrvw <liiunjviu troü, virtp, Tifiäopov, 
«ai Tois KTav6irtM ivTiHo.Tßai'tiv Sliajv, 

Kcüvtf keyowa TJfvSe t^i» ica»ci7i' 0001/, 

o^K 8foi<ri Koi Vj] Koi ^tiqi viKT)ii>6pta. 
TotaürS' eV eüyo« Taerö' iintrjrtvSai \oäv 
ipi^ Sc KuKt/Toif cTrofdi^cii' co/iof, 
TouifB Tov Öcu/öiTO« «fawStu^«'»'«. 
^nd.^.^.fr^M)»iihouiii>>t>'ovciiicm. miokM. The» 

;T^« )-rf™He tUt^™.. IV).,). ^ r-, J ir*r<^ L-«i.lirr {(,n 

' y'nti ■ vww lo judilic^ili 

I oF i)ie »niiUr). IX.'i 

^ ■>« •>lll)lrry. IllH • 

^, ^^a H). 4iX« |itr.,.Tun»f*r. 'llia 
■JJ^inn irf iIk iMaycr fulliiws ihc pre- 
■^"|>[loiiciflheOh.>rii«(ioH— 115, iift— 
^'O t — rfx^ ''<•*• •l<.'|>cm<< nlhcr nn « 
7^^ 0^ mcnnle «n« Implici) in \iy^ 
Kvr. (#xw>«<) ihiin on «>« iiw)f.— 
**Vwb«JMmi. Lf. .»«1, i«.iM.-4Mri;- 
J** I Die tiulirtcl of •»■(•( (ir *wtiv. 
*-'■ -(/. >Aat Utri**! Mr.«' (vrtim 
2f<<l ^ ) »Aui iUfiu rä> Ti llkn- 
*W/»^^ WMt J=fX«r« ilirccltt FI<)1- 7t 
*>0 Jt/(«^T> «ri rft lli>«l« !.Aa»M- 

__ >■»« i»Tiii«.T«»tb Kn*. The 
5^»».. M ■conuinc«) ' In Iht uiicin »wiw. 
*>* Htartt y trintoti ti)(« llic ohntv 
•* «fa. ■« paniihnKnl.' Cr. P. I'. .W* 
**■"• l^ksin« n<vli M(t; tlur. MV. 

2* -^rt mty emmd /Vri, «75 Hgq. (ili>|ia 

? «>• fr {lu-r^r M| Itfi^ ..ff^I'- 

1^ S|^l;<o havc |>cri>)vc>l in Ivnrolil rcla)ii' 

f Clyl. 

1N1, I öMi It 
■fit Kafi»»irdi 

<^. "f 1)« 

(Iw li)iMi<Hi>. 
■ml niM n i^xi, lliouch Klcctni iiii^lu 
Coneeivulil)' dEXrilie u 1 ' wklinl im- 
precalimi' ■ prifer lehicll. if il nirlnl 
well fot Clirl.. niiianl etil lo tlie g<ia[ 
EOHK. ("io CiHilii|[t.i C(Mn|iarln|[ !M|ih. 

«'■'"""' . 1 

nw eii|ircuiani however, NMCt In 
iwlnrnnlnew If we laka r^ ■ai^i ifit 
M i^n. oT piiae (ot iMFier). lo lie om- 
^mcfl «1)icr wilh (he ward« pn!i?n)rii|; or 
(mor« fofciblr) u puneiualcfl in ilie im. 
'l'he nynliii 1> Rlmc ctHnmon liiui ■■ 
iam»\tj i«ijii>ine<l. Cf- iw/- 'T' ("■'. 
So]ih. Ü. /'. 147g iU' t^x>'f. '■' " 

^MiV'l'*' '^X^i ^''- '^1'' ^pifotfi nvt' 
«da tki)f»r, a r 47 M *i •»• «.'•' Hl 

A(. PVi/, 4H1 Tiiir* v^ n^it/tsXsOtHF 
TM- r^x«^»!. <>te (»here coinmenli- 
Ion havs iKcn >| ■ )«•). Tlie •«■« U 

JX^n t4k<l(»H (n.), und ihe 
o( Clgri- i> not Ihe pnycr ihe 
_ 10 orrer. bui her imprwaiicmi 
AcamcRinan — t»*t" h fiw<f **- 
'mii i« my coniiibuiion ' (ot '«et- 
Qpp«ite uikei, «quinlenl con- 
III 10 wi (fVM SC; Sie Mid 
Jt lUnf or <i (^«v. El. mi> ap 
, M • f(lr Dulch fot ihcin.— T^i 


grant that I prove far Trom my mothcr's like, of m, more innoccnt of hand. 

For US, thtse be my praycrs ; but for thc advcrsar 
Ict therc arise onc lo avciigc thce, fathcr ; yca, Ict thc f 
slain in just requital This is my likc for likc, matcV 
wickcd prayer with this bad prayer for tlicm. Lct thc 
wlicn thoii sendest thcin alof^, bc scnt for \in, by ^ra 
Gods and Eartli and Justice iriumphant. 

Such arc thc prayers whercovcr 1 pour out thcsc 
'Tis your duc part to crown and garnisli thcm with 
liftinfT your voiccs in a pacan of the dcad. 

[.S/w poiirs oiit llu tibali 


rit)i thc riFit. 147 ril--' 

«indil gtoiinrii. See Aii|Knflii. 

»«OU.1/. \. Diml- 
1*0— ISI Krjeci- 

laO iHi>r«I.M,CO 

jn-lilicaLlon : i.t. ' if Ihcte i. onylliinc 

für Iheit..'— miv«* nml WA (c.iicciall)' 
. wiUi Ti|v| r..rin emnlixlc inliihe-e : - for 
Ihelr hül imjireciuian do I uiler Ikit \t»>\ 
impreemUm upoii llitm.' Tlii-ir« «hiwhl 
FMi iMve lieen maile (i( h-si u-ickal). 
neilher t\ifKM Ihli (il In lo be de|>lifr«l, 
■s cuinini: fram ■ dnuchlei). iüuh i* a 
Il Ihe RHiisl lni|>Iicillna of 

Ihe mlj. iliffi.-n 

n Ihc \ 

1«7 \ilif tl> » 

Kivei )( roll twridi,— TM) IrMür iiu)i 
lic rendeied |i) ' ihi' gnoil t)iinj^ for 
which we have pritieil (a)«ve|,' (i) •\'at 
^>od ihing« für which inen 1>nyi' vil- 
m\a.a ihey offer x«' and a<-k Un ia9Ki lo 

jierl«el)y kiiilii 

rami Ihe .dij. U' 

'liy help of; •i'nn'Äsiüi 

■ml Ihe« Ihirp t" — '■ 
EUtce uf ihe hii:hei 

ciKl-im oTactuilir wr» 
et, Suph. O.e. t;\ HJ.! 

allen lu Ihe enivv. Cf. Kui 
T*» <-*,*...,*.«.-• l»i«.* 
rl> ir MViraii [ Aifct iVrti i> 
Tlie X» an: une ijK-cio uf • 

1S7 ruTirwmtt i3w*riur i 
poel callk ihe ntKirrit of ll' 
paeui. bui a poean ' of ihc i 
»preuion i> ihiu a nwlnji 
'proportional' claH diteUM 
lolU inif. 1) 16). At i 
'AfltH, ao MtKvriimwmiir r 
T)m tcbul. qnoin Edi, Ate. 


tc ■» 


vpöt tpvfta töSc kokÜv, KtSpäv r* 
iirÖTpoirov iyos äwtv^fCToi', 
Ktxvfievatv )^oäi/' KKvt St (xot, icKvt. 
trißav M ht<Tvör<x, Ti( ifiavpäi ifiptvöi. 

! «ir*! H umi-wliat h 

^,_i*»-IM The ■iicrnn« of ihe 
•*^I7' * "■'• '^^ '^' '" '« '■ '"»•'"■ 
|,J**^ « |if«ee.l*rt, \tnken ant n.llr.irAl 
^r die» .rf bmcfit <m ihc iiin nf ihc 
r™|^rw. AI *. ijUt. whlch ilWM» llie 
JT^*«, Üw cri« Are iiHlroHnl, ihwioh 
^7 mit »prowl. I>r it>r«r«r*n>w. 
JJ f ■*"« « rtiirfty .Iwhramc. Init nn 
^'•»ln.|*ie cwioJinniiGncv i> «vcn r. 
^*>l«tf •InCKvrrnlJc Ivlvcen Ihc Iwn 
g"-. A. KI«1M h*> uJI«! oi-M Ihc 
'-~w». (m ■ nmirrtt iKCiinhns la »nli- 
^-*x. Ufl Uwf |«iciin ' of Ihr HmH, ü 

'iB pidper iul 
(■■ihciol from 

Wvcklvtn (rnr i\»it'^}. rfi«i f^x^ rllt 

in Ihe ihnjwl of li 
.-*. Ihc x*^ — 
»ilh Irpii) ■ 


1 r~r n-TE«»™. «[wali. 
I ^"»^iinillx llw whule 

JJJ*» pU»«. lllM>l<l 

•V falbiatn 

lliM> l<i Ihv ptopcr lulu. 

MlnsHig «noklcnlHMi. (i, ,. 
■ mam lh> imnli, Ur4 titf wftt 
hl bc uiiDfEc lut Un...iTl, »incc h 
'•hiHiilng Bt ■; 

Icw U (hat. (Kc 

tat ««xH, »ilh In 

■iigirar. in l« a|i|ijjciil>h! In i 
rinitliii; Hiantl. ()f ihe i'luh...^ ,„ „..^, 
(il> h«re| cf. Ilei. /*«»■, jSt r^.»! 
<W.XtM >*.-«,. Cmiin. ,„. /,. , 
ranjiil« vi|>*l, an.) a>i«>v, ^vcar^««. 
Th? »IL i* nnl nirrclr Dmamcnlil, Init i> 
|<nilcpl<c. The luui nrc m Fall In aUin- 
.Irnic«, Bi Ihm ilwy mix |>|juh lu tlw 
lllHliDn |><iuhc< (w v^ ijj n.l. If ihe 
RpfCM<m npiiiain m i» h|r|>erii>lK ind 

Cf. iKm. A ij. 't, fcw» ^<^]^*r. 

hlWr» U m>x'a ^rw> | Ma^o», Hnr. 
//iff. 14^4 ra^kü' l«^wf«rB. vJri>llM 
(Wllh ikhich comiafc A/'. jaH. whcK 
»iTB*« i. Ihc i-llKh of winc in llic «iiWn). 
«Mp"»- Wt huie no riGht In uiv 
pnnr ihm At-nchj^ui dkiI ihu imnl Hiib- 
'"' T*J"' maning. Il !■ true IhM 

»*WI »W. ™>*i «Mal, ^y, p,-- 
h»r(. 4fiM< ff if'i, H*p». I«l il 



•h wnnl of II 

1 2;' »hminT «mso JUviHt may 
^•»h«». Im »nnilmHn l> hcw (iir 

:r^:tzi: isLTir 

,.-.. .. ..«|jrt<.4<«:i^ uviOmiK, B^aiUP««, 

which iü nroli|iiic *iiil «to tomevhil 
Chiwl]' Willi .mnxli, atnuo. u» Ihc ume 
•mtiu« of Ihr ■n.linlnl. Thcy ur lo be 
■1<cmlil>rlll< In thc ■pillinn of Ihdi Iwn 

' — -■ -> A Gnck ».«1,1 ni,t Ik 

il%call|r whkh imacnii 
■ ■nihetallr 

iMEoria flf 4U«4>«. tu. 
-.kiple. Iii.wil 1.]^ mucli 



ClIU. Lct flow tlic tcar: Ict il fall piasliin;; for o 
lord. at Ihis oulpoiiring of libntions to f<;n(l offcvil and 
the gnod from baläTul taint. 

And heyken, I pray, hearken, mastcr revcred, to tl" 
my poor heart. 

■<t^, luür t' Schiilr.. Hermann rcarii tua for Ipv/tm, wiih Hieniivc 
rfihorl irNilikihu Ihc «piiciranc« of hcing wwnl. i . 
hnlt-.—i\yM M, «T«' »chol, (Iwice). 1*7 ti/Um 

cnlii^W in Ihe eiprction 'ihc Itisl 
(>iiini(inleil)lc«r'anil 'Ihe Iml ( = i.lain) 
vuict.' Tiie «hiriinu of mraniiig n-oulil 
nther >ie oought ihsn avuiileil hy ihe 
pnel, Cf, (41^ (n.l laiTr. 

1I4 w|. wfit: 'in lunc (iccomnani- 
meni] vrilh,' »\ in mu'.ic (ar/). CX. I'iml. 
fVia (II)- IM x>»i^* » 1^'*^ rp*t 
c^Xiuiw im^i fu\iur, Eur. ^Jl-, 346 
r#il Aißur Uo.V | a^kir. ancl /«/: 41 J 

i^Milff.— Ip*|ia riU mär . x«'- 

j ilefcmicl or iW lhin| 
femlol 'ilT. Boih <en<o arc comlanol ir 
Hdoi. //, 4. 137 itl'nt f »• (fifti. 
iftitim XfiK, tpfn ifhtTtir. \Un il ii 

uf Ihc lauer; cf. K»i 
t x'M«— 

»hieb iranl. nlf/nw< .Hit fricmk «n iv« 
i,inCnirrir.'—i.-fi^ See eiil. n. 'Ihe 

c»y cnnjcclure, if il m^tc ncce«..y). 
SecnMe.>nX^<ri>«<v.'*<(''],l)- Thc 
howe lalwun uwlcr an <>M lill Agani. 
il avcn|,vl, anil ihe nlnl arc «flcfinc 
Ihe pniyen nml lilutio« lo ih>l end. 

!•• xXJa U (H. The dal. if of 
bchair. er. Ilom. //. 5. 1(5 lUMi «l>^ 
1«. Jis i'Xwi i •' tti\ft»u, Thewn. 
II i^^rfpy iLtt t\i§i. In Piri. bifi 
« ^' 4iti MH> in Ihe rEadins of Ihc Uler 
*""<, bul M hu IM. 

. • <t4>( 
Thouch Ur*«ra of M b m- 

'1 •*X"*"'W *•" 

I M.SS, bul M hu 

■ 1» wi^ 1 

I R.T.X. Though I 

cullie«. If Ihe 'mincl' i< 1 
Ch..rui, we cannM tcpinl <X.^ 
^p*i <w inuiMc üreck f« 

(Vi)«» i\*«wt UHl ils likc {; 
oln:i«i>ly not in point. If. 
mind n Ihat of Ap;am'i iit^i-pi 

aie, indec.1, ullcl il^ripi 

fler an aiklie« lo (he ' niaji.'.i 
laMer. Ihc lOave« wmil.l nn 
n mini ai 'iHm' or 'hei, 
kncfa. iiaupit i* alwayH <lii>|i 

is in So|i>i. O. C. lOiH, 
ij, l|i. ami nu kw in S 
Ml, lujv 4,c. Il is iingioM 

'hich i\Kil 
tllcl lie Ik: 

~i tt/fi U*rtT%. Cf. i'm/-;< 
«TiT«. ll,«.ÄrW. .44 i. lUt 
«.r« j*r M^ 1 = #^^ 
Slukip. //«■./. I. r. 4« /h 
w«/>Jtr ^ tmti.J Dtumart 1 
rtwi «a-T* j Kur. /. A. 6.( 
iiiA iiiyittm, 'Ay^Uimir Irw 
the pwiiion <:f. Ilnm. CW. 4. 1 
i M<WX«, Eur. ££ 167 'A>a 



0^(1^« avijp ivakvrtfp Sdftiuf, SfcvffMa r in l6o 
wxnv waiilvTou iu lpy<f /Se'Xij * 

vnräWia» 'Aprji, 
O^cSta r' airöictaiTa vaiixäv; 

^ ^- fyti fiec ^Sjj rö)r»Tovc ^oät wanjp' 
„ «ow S« fiv&ov Tovoi KoiViumjtj-aTf. 165 

y'^. Xcyoic äi^ öp\tiTai Si KopBia tj>6ß<^. 
J^A, öpü rofiLoXuv rövGt ßö<rTpii)(ov rä^t^. 
^^. rivoi noT ävSpos ^ ßa0v^<övov K6pr)<!; 

^: «'S.! i Urwn. H n 1I« commnii («ulms, Imi | . l«a tf- m IMhe. ■»■ 

tl™"«!^. IM 2<v«.Tlr' M l»Uh *• nvrr 1), corr. Kc>(»rKllo. Tbc mier- 

<f c «hI T i> nu( riK. itMin f ir Damlwrccr, Siy«.«rl Manin. 
i>m TncncliH«. «»^fit Ol-cnlick, ^ra^wf lloilie.— Ifcinnoelh rejeeli jS/X«, 
nehl hcn nnil wroiie in iS.V !<«( Inlml. |<|i. ici M). MS 'ndUw 

in. t> t(i ■.tJl.. /,(■ 'vrhure nhapc or clmicity g <V. 11. 11). In 

lh< rcfcrenee » obvkmjif lo ■ 
S>d«'i nalci wilh dioeram). 
Tniik. in tJeWi, AmiewIU)- Agmlio 
D äcMrib» iIm iMid 
■1-) u XmWur^ rM» 



— ZaofuH[ 1 

»;- ««0 >"* ' i'M*' 

r. Wh. 

Md« .' tx« *t>i»" I 

■ulmnat-nlly rliunul 

Bj[« «i.|. tlic ZMif,, Ml hi. nrf«»., 

'Tb««. iU ,h^ The )■■•• w*> ih« 
«'■cienuie »capnn »1 Ibe 8i7ihiani 

Iic Scjrihun inlles (nf<iT«) liiul 

maliliihcil ml Alhcn* rnnn B.c. 

-- «»Wr»»»* ü n<«, Ihcicrm, «■ 

7**'«il >jm|il|r fsr fuithcr Idcnlilkillan. 

J ■»■)' km) OM oT thoac ineiüenl*! 

V' Alhi'n. ... 
Im« hl ei)»<« lun 

prediKly wlilch iliape nf niBiiM l> kIIw1«iI 
I". S« Kkl< /M^r. <«■'. («n-w). In 


lai K|. fo tfrtf. i.t. in ihc (ul 
oimm of *»f («hol.) -pftn- Tbe 
wmpoii ii klcnlificil willi ihr misnilia, u 
■o nflcn in rifa. while (4)*>«dXXM> ii 
■)>|>licali|c cilher to ihe hoMlIioB of ihc 
Inw (kwiuS*) or ihc ihiKKlnu oT the 
aricnr*. Cf. .So]ih. 7'mk. 511 raUirira 
r4fa.,,ri»««»w» (ihöiigh wilh tenenw). 
— 'kan: ']>o*et fijf um ' or ' i.iniron.' 
Cf. ♦•ii"! ji (n.| «nd «/ 4f9. The 

'A^, Soph. Ä/. 

r^tti' T* a jrrfrw«« iw|w<. ('.(. 
l-or ihe n«.TMil)f of omillinf 
UH ^i| of M Kc InliuT 
TlicKhd.didnol nail il; il 
rong woid ; il would lie lup«- 
-1 inetceani if il wen Ihc ['ehl 
II inic Ihat ßl>M CODI« ta Iw 
«j wcapon. *^. Eiir> £1. iijf 


Well-a-way! ah! wi^ll-a-way! Whcrc is a man t( 
thc house with mighty spcar, to brandish, as warrio 
the Scythiaii's rcbounding bow when dccds arc towa 
wield the wcapon uf dose Ight grippcd hilt in hand? 

Kl The nffcrings arc now drunk up in carth; r 
hath thcm. But listen : hcre is Strange ncws for you. 
Ciio. .Sjicak nn— alihough my heart is rctliny with 
Kl. I scc a sevcrcH trt-ss hcre. paid to the tomb. 
Cho. Whosc can il bt ? What man's, or dccp-girt r 

MiiS'*^ (tuiline only nnc K'nsc af |9A«). f . IM rt>»ü> ^X 

I'su" (mii.uniler-.lan.lmg llie Khol.). 1 ha>e reniuired Ihc a<ixi\\A, In 

Tlfl. killt Agnm.) «fiifitiTv ßiU,... 
ftfii* it X'f^' Xa^Mün, iH-i. (I47 
■Ti-w^pm ..1-r.f IM\<, (.«-ool.). Ar. 
V*. jjfi [j*XM = 'Mvnn)'|. Hm. »hcfc 

tif i> a W)w only u ■ miu'le. uhI <hc 
pwi (jiainnis.bru, ilitiineui^li cm|>h)li- 
cnll)iliclKreii ^Xtir imI idr^rai, ti>||*i, 
■kqf«. See l^hr. Ariilrnnk»! |>|i. ;[ 
sq'i. Thc didinclinn >ncl Ihe um of 
n/A« >re illu<lmle<l 1>y llom. OJ. 11. 

•i>iiwx'*'V tt'Tsri^iii, II. JO. j;B ^.^'ni 
(' 4« (MXp M *X<»' <•'> n^B -«M- 
■im: lii, '«hidiKK uf one iiiece wilh 
Ihtir hill ' (cf. a^w), aml. >lnce 1 
itiri lni)>lia ■ Kii» upuu ihe hill, ihc 
MnK amounido '«hich an kcpl j^ppcd 
in ihe haml.' 'Hic wuiil cin|iliuuei ihe 

Thc laller w ilranuilicailymnr 
Ihe ChMiK ciiilcnil)' Ih 
ihc« «M niilhiiii; «Kiili-ijiuii 
|v. ..9). -ritt- T>« -ral. 
(il'lr Iw Iwal. CC So|>h. O. 

eilher eiccinional. Tlie ihuh 
Ty^.»' We m"«y Cl« i"i' 

ihe lum*. cnldw* «ehl of ihe locii of 
hnir ilcilicaleil \fs Om\n |r. ;). Kot 

Ihe folluvinr ^laikugc. kc Ininhl. pp. 
»iri iq. IV (Iramailc rauaiHtlilcnei* 
ot Ihe ' KccTf^ilitin' !• rliicuwil ai > 
whule onil in ili ddailn Hld. ]ip. Uir iqq. 
la« Y^viraoi: |>n.'.lioilive. Cf. 
Vtri. 614 1 i-j-u | j»*' '^ 

ti-,-, ini**^' 

■ cunitnan ihc k 

.»I ■ ,u,ai.i|;.- 

IM «nilTM! Ci. iOI 

X.r.i ,,./«^|. P. K 00; tf 
^Hm XarTif...-*^^! ■. 
(Mrfii), U lÜMtn'i uddci 

1 a lailr. anil a ]roun|T v 

t iRii>ir fc)p 
"ci! '?.-;^." 

fiimr ■[>*#«a llf^itw, S, 

«lecra(riiKl. P. ■ ii)Rinatki 
deep |;inllc anl Ihc dec|i li 
he diw ID UBplilvd* dt to 1 



voXijs, (Voi'cÖTJi' S' (ü? Biavraiifi ßi\ef 
4{ Ofuiäruv Sc Si'^tot iri'irrovo'i ^oi 
«rrayo'ws äSpamoi, Swo^t'/cov wXijfiwwptöos 

ÖXX' ow8< /*)jf i'ti' 17 KTavovcr' (KtipaTo. 

eyw S' Öjtws fit»* ävritcpvi raS' oii-tVw. 
<(i'<u rö8' öyXaio-^a /loi tow <^iXT(iTOü 
ßporSiv 'OpttTTov — (TtuW/tat S' wir' AjrtSos, 

ipi. t . !■• ■■•IJk> M, con, CUnler. la* ».fli^ (ot 

.-mlcnd u gm:- 
■ (*• Vctiill nM») 

fit «f'lt X^**- '«'H'- 
..««^. *» rw> •!/'> i#'m» •*'"' I f'«*' 
^«••l i/ Ml BUX«»*! r^XW' *>-«•. 

•^y- ;j. »:"'■ H- '• «rt »«•<*-' .-*»™' 

•■■»■ Tatet le»«ii inree ccnlllve« •»• 
~" wiih. Tinte. 4. 10 #«» »<*» *"•■ 

•°«l rn,. t< in Ho«. //. g. 119 'P* -■ 
*•'»• TW tH^M. Ct. llKrh«]») ,*f. 
•••• M «i/t iV '•»'•' ^#»*i***"" I 
•f^» 4t* *<ti< (»hrre. howctet, "0 
■*•» iwnctwie t4. .««»«■•***'. Irr«tr 
?"*■*■. 1./. •ure([»nliihee«Bif»l htnrth'], 
rf!*. A/. 9»» i'xir^ *' *^ I "»*' 
L^ »»rr*H'»' " ** ehuo»e ihe 

> conMcin dF mcUphoii. Cf, ^f. M7S 
Kjq.. »nd in/. 64J (n.). The Ungonfc ii 
dramalicnlly Inc. The «irec ot liiit«. 
nc« i> follaiiiMl \rf ihi fnlins of ■ ual). 
Kof ibe latlif cf- ThiHign. 119V uJ mi 
i^ir irirtii (k.b IhtMjjht) fiAiiov. 
IS« «1. ^ if^nt* i« ommm!, ly 
«..illaii. (u •tftlat. Cl. Tcnnywn't 
n»rt...riit in ril »«irl anJ galitr It 
tkt tyti-—\i^iM: ' Kini,' comlnicd 

' (Wcckl.l. -wll' (Kl.|. 

(•ehol.l »tc •earccl)' appo- 
ilie In inc iiniililuilc. which k limlüir 10, 
Inil niofe Ivrwljf »tmn|j lliin. (hu irf 
tihiktp. ^:1l. niif ^>Af». L-LK. S»t PoiM 
hif tjtli'fi. via, IUI iMia. it'fl I />< 
iryilal lüit. Ikat frtm krr Hu ilifil 
fair I In Ikt iKtrt titHHil tf hir toinm 
inf<; I Htttlhrnigk Ikt ßM-lgalti hrr«ki 
Ihr iifutr fliiH ^. Oimi-arcil wilh Ihe 
Aood Ol einntiim lUiging irlMn her. lh< 

u Ihe lew üroin Inraklni; fiuin llie banki 

The Kn« b bf <^>t« {cf! 

llnycli. frum Soph., Apoll. Khud. 3. 

itsi rl K' Ipftir drrtyli affn«) and bj 

I. whicli conililnei Ihe nollon ot 

niif' Aood wllh ihal of (he 

k' BTtef (cf. «BX'wW« 8>. *'«■ 

■ Ä *T»I >10). rTB'^ t il>«l/ 

j Kinline», \e inlitheiLa lo tX*,» 

a. Soph. O. /: I1J7 «ll*' 

I ^t>** flutlirat rrr,tnt, tX».' 

fKti i V^^ K»^{^ tiM*rtOt 


:, and a stab, as of a sivord, picrccs me thi 
A fcw scaiit drops of thc pcnt-up stormy ti 
from my eyes and fall, at sight of this tress of hair. 
pcrsuade myself that, after all, sonie Citizen doth 
locks as this ? And of a surcty 'twas not the murd 
shore it from her head — my mothcr, dowercd with 
and auglit but mother's spirit towards her childrcn. 
part, how to pronounce for sure that this I sce is a 
from him, most dear in all the world, Orestes,... nay, 

»rilc t* 'S' H' ■ p=<'l>cle 
ftniucnlljr |>rcKnl< ■ Ihinj; 
inutlKi «'■peel. Cf. Ptri. 
ßatiMtH, ;ta#fX«a I' ini, i 
<;»a;ili|W».. wart,)'.^i. 
1175 i twtpiimr' ittpii rt 
Biialfuril. Hill. 7. 8 'Af 

iiniini)iai>. Cf. S. r. T. 5 

noixu'u-). Kor the Ihni^t. 
El. I tji »1*™ iM'¥<^ '*'*' 
1*1 1t<1 r< U. if lefi 
juileinent, I cannM lell w 
|\Vi;«( «y /..»?)-Sir^ lOv 
K. •»< •!»■, 10 lie fKlLwol I 

!•• > 

ii (hat CDurai 

li.y»ll)r 1.1 

na(e (i| Ihe iniiMeni TJvt(.,.T^rB<, 
(1) Ihe choicc of Ihe (iccullar vonl 
■■■ ■•[»* (and, pcrhapa, nf ^i{9v< in 
' "" ■ -r rpttln)- To ßive 

»oitl. I 

or r«4r). 
.toi^r fu.« 

Ii>) h 

The Ire« ii likc hei own, royal, and the 
pliyHtnl lupcrioril)! of pHncci is takcn 
for (ranlnl. To undenliiiHl thal Kl. ii 
refciriiii; i'iinply lo ihe imprulialiilily ' 

BCQinlinE to Ihe frequent iiliom. Cf. 
Hom. Öd. t. 4I' l"t^^ '" '«* •> " 
wiTvrr^, l »(' itXXai liufS. H. 367 tirip 
'Otutmiit I Hfw.T,...-l)li .aJ lU« I *aii,- 
«I, Pill. Cfrf. 4;} c— For the implica- 
lion In irrt, Cplain ciiiicn') cf. rimt. r, 
j. 7 1 ßUiXiit ! Tpait i»tWt, »i Ä ■ 
lytüt \.,ftimalibui). 

la« ^XX' «Ml |uivi er, El 
1117, //(/. 104;. 'It coulil lie HO 01 
nary ciliien. Nor yel V*'" couUI 
harc bem mj mother. Nor waa ll 
There b bot one left.' Thli !• 
rcaaoiiing, and jrM ihe darc not Hai 
hcnelf *ilh ihe euncluilon. 

las >q. V<t " ^■f*V> P>ll>el'e> 
(ij. 'and, alail iha u molher of mint 

(lar fr«frU 

Kl. 90H Jjrrlrraiuu | ni n- 

1*11» rXii* iiir». «laXtir, Em 

!•• r*tK|i" <Ie»olE* eil 

ing a cheerin)-. ihovfh wilh 
bilil]' of deccpiion. Cf. I^nr. 

Mw. Eil her Ihe fanninb 
f**ounUa iai)ilkMkNl n*j In 

' «i'ö* <tv< ijmttnjv tvtftpov' äyytXov Simjv, 

ä\X' In trä^' jj»^i. tÖw' äiroTTTuo-ai jrXöftoi', 
tiV€p y äir €)(ff'pov icparo^ tjc tct^ij^cVo«, 

äyoX/Mt TVftßov rovSt leal ri/x^v varpöt. 
ÖXX' <CSörac ^ff Tovf ^cov« KaXov/^ic^ix, 

£;[*««ii, !•« *«♦)»•■ AursLui. Uul Ihii ='Mni' onil rol» thc |<u 

??* loKh. t . !•• (■ihi)>wrb>v> M, CMf. Tumchi». f . i»« • 

r*- d r^' |rA Ddviu, 4 «<#' jrii KirMr. t havc pTtfcrreri In wHle (> 
^* ^ Vonon. a n^^r« fAlcy {'in^i/Hi Mut« <i a pawjliility, Ihe «ofi 

TT»« formei «piieiini in t-t, 
i'a^. Ku>, /tia. 54 

nnlelol thc wouM liive 

Ilerc .1« 

V* Ulm «i^hioc KlFHiciiiMon, ■im. inucAii 
•C iiitritig ihc wunli, Inwlii i»IT »ith 
. Ilniie 1« cownini; mc.'— W 
- 'In> i\tit,\ irnihaLly (ilinieh 
•arlly, m« KUhncr-lIcrih J'. 
I. p. fijl ptrHHillin. er (hc 
a b» KX»li in jI[. Rot •). 
rt^p»' ; ' * gnckHM vvHcc. Ij. 
' I kimk mc fiür nwl inlve ny 
H; (n.|. In Sitff/. rtj 


! In (Immalk 

vlih the WA«« ring cntvlUtnn of 
Oh, ihmii 

"*»vw. hnpoi«! 

""W il «ni^.1 I 

rJJ'P'nff »tih Ihe w»<Kirin|j c 

fytrf. mini for h« la uv ' 

™' • Cl*< Ti>le«,.' «hI ihei.. ._ 

•T* *l nleht ««f hive i!)i«crln|[ lhine> W 

W- •« »ho het hnEnan KConlinclT. 

»«t> M«.» trc riK-l »4111 In Acneh., .nS, 

'*^h Ihc rornwr v. ffluch morc common, 

***. ntnt •Utnliol (rpimcni h oT no 

"TJKhi. ?w Ihc lall« ef ^f, 797 •O^ifH' 

*»« il«^) Ihe m«mi<c...e c«n- 


ÄvipXÜ)^-)' The >'nimihiiiM li hcra 
eaniol nn conniwcniljr Inln Ihc Milunll- 
nati coflJilinnal cbuw (107) tWif...*r 
|lur ffri|.— |i^ I« HMiMwhiU unuauHtlf 
lilaml, lhiiu|;h mil «n niHnhly ai in Haph. 
0. C, Ijfi» ■( f <C<#i«a r^li ^4'fuinv 
rp«*M>i- (In yt/r- +Bi '1 »• Irtnvm, | 
rit g»v. 4 ni »tUi im u<r *M«.' Ihc 
tne rcailinj- ii |irob«l>Iy irj.) The cITecl 
N ID ihrow niori *ciEhl im '■»■««V«' 
(ef. Mopli. ^i'. it^e T*.** irrlr »ixl 
fcTTf») 31 oppmicil lo an allcrnallvci 
•hkh miel'l havc Iwrn exprwK-d liy e^. 
iX\i np4t ri (|u*g>, bu( liillowi anolhcr 
onunc.— 'i(i*vrr<)if|i', Huih Kl and 
•ehol. liaife 'rynrriify[t, hui Ihc aipi- 
nwnlii «te fnitly conclutivc atain^ ii. 
The earty lileniily of ptununciation nf * 
awl I WM likely la eurnijM Ihc >|>clIinG 
oT Ihc iirer wank anil, Mhenan nirt^it 
(cf. alfiWw) ha* an Intel lieible eiy- 
iRola|[]> ai co|>nnle lu tuitt ami ilri^ai, 
npiVcw hai tu adinlliei. The *erb 
ntittm wai knnwn lo Lualalh. {on //. 
4 P- 741- 4.0. lii /■- ''. 167 l'iom. calU 
himwlf aiUfitr rrfn->>w (MSS and Ku- 
(lalh.). Thc cloM Ihcn, lOvItar, ii ihc 
ume a> thc Khnl. here, ir>)»fia (n'i) itt 
r« t(l»X... We mar C°»»r «>■< ■" 
eatlf miuiiclline fit»>|ia, iifr'«rw (»ilh 
nlenlkal pronunciaiion) occuiied In Mmc 
•cm (DionnianiK ?)■ and Ihat 
. l'hM, and Khnll. ht>e repcUed 

iXX' 'U >^- i**.. Ret nil. 

r. *r in t 198] rulMT il 

an<j Ihe claiwe hcre dc|>cnd( ob 

BM on att, met 11 U oaly 10 


T ihan Ihe 

Ah mc 1 VVould tliat it had a gracious voicc. as ol 
with tidings, to end my wavering m two minds and 1 
wtih onc clear course — to spurn away this lock, if « 
severcd from a hated head. Or would that, bein; 
mournmg could be lilcc mJne, an honour to this toi 
tribute to our sirc. 

Ah, well do thc gods on whom we call know how 

beinc Mcd in comjKnindi «iih <S: ef. .f«*.^«' (M| IW,. 39, .nJ «c 

o( Wcllauer ■■ iHircly Grcek, if «a« >■ lo lic joincd uiih •» ; If »lih in 
cnal« a new awliwinlnei.. !•• T,ßt, f'orw-, liul ihe accu.. I< al» 

aaiT lo Ihc «cn«. t . aoo-ao« Weil. Wecklein &r- irai»p»« 

;cled hjr Üfparni and »ii' b» 
«*-i»r. El. doirei lo deciJe 1«- 

(■een h« ' iwo mimli ' and hold 

o( Ihem. Kor I*, of ihc ileci>ivc and 

im|>onanl «mwcf. cf. .Vu///. äii I« 4IH 

f iwi/ (Tunwliu. riiihlly). üur. /M. 
77ä tr f tlxi Fdrra t«,aA.»^, Soph. 


Ulf. ..... 


<n of ilclnlc 

Kor Ihe 

.,- U'lK 
ilinn 10), ' a) ihe cuilty Gl 
M not be. Therc U. i 
llinuehl oT phyuical inaliiliiy 
ihe [lan of ihc lock — r*tn 
refeicncc Ic. ibc lechiiiiat ui 
er. If, r„»V«.r,HX'. 

— T<l*' &*Mt«nu .1 

liiini; lanipugc theiu 

Uaiiy in nukine 'it' liid El^ii 

amy 'ihii Ire«,' alihouijh 'II' u" the 

■ IC iiMir. The tuiiiect iia» ncvcr lieen 

n ig-ramnuiical eon- 

dn cicmcni ii 


ll-aley'. readine A 'wt^ifm [vrhich he 
anerwanli alaiidoned lor Knyter'i «im- 
plifyine A rii+' ]!*». ihoutk Ihc cortap- 

fori hai Ihe war.ant of the c<>m|-iuml 
"•'«♦»''■' in llip|>aciatci>. inU evcn on 
adual n^wlu i« quoted (Aiii.l. Btiiun. 
«■ js6)- For (i cf. iWi. jM tt yip 
nfäi tU ItTt. Hut the «jireiwon ii 
Rai a» cuniinred with Ihe anlilhdic (> 
and Ihc fimraiive i«..] 

!»• i(E>TYmttAlrii.T.X. Logically 

-With Ihc a, 
..09. ^f. )J4 IrXa I' alr Ihn 
tifttpH l ...raUiiuv a/w>u 
5,(11 r/ar t^i^V arik\Hr «ifr, 
kvijr, Eur. £7. i.u ,itmtia 

proviso. ihou^h |>ranin 
ihc >ha|ie n( a claukc i 
#»"« — (nyYoi* Ar. 
conbinea ('-- 

■Hthal, irfein 

< able 10 .har. 

antJ il 
ilically il lakn 
Ihe reyinicn ol 
The inriicij'le 


la an honoui lo Ihc 
■•mo. ueciia naa itill a hal^auiiiicion 
(i. 197) Ihat the treu may bc aytae- 
nncMra •. In ihal caie. Ihouyh il wouM 
be tyritb«, in irMai could noi bc, lihe 
htt^m* I ■■ baoosr lo Anmemno«. If 

anolhcr cipmuion uF hopc. 
licrccive» Ihe tecond ctiili-nce 
IHcwiicc. in ihc »ha|K ol Ibo 
M an etror lo auign lhc>c k 
thc Chonii. Wiiboui ilwa 
Hxech ii venr almipi in ili . 
ihey arc ailniirably uiitcU to I 
C. and Ihc iliKoieiy nf 
r proofk il IcKf mcchanii 
. . I than in an cnlircly new 
aoo IXX*: 'well/ or 


itipft-OTO^ fUya.^ irvdfi'^i'. 

Stvnpav TfffiTjpiav, 

T ifLoifTw (ftijiepM. 205 

ISc wfpiypa^a iroSotf, 
mn/tfiiröpov rivd«, 
Wiyypatjtal p.tTpovp.o'at 

» Ihe Choral.. Bul | . SOI Jb«. M 

H> J' M. MoM cfhinr. rcjmt I', whicli ■• 
f iriiti ran liutta II. I.. Ahrci». — iiaai 

I tnion of Klilioiuhip u« Inliul- pp. 

t Ini H)„ «hI, ri>r Ihc iniwcr 10 Ih« 

I cniMimucnllciun odhepxniJo-tJinpHla, 

I iM. \ff. Iivlil >q. 

i' IM M|. ■■! |H|v...i(t: inlmlucini; 

F new maller fnr cunaklEnitipn. Hkm 

) partido mw/ lic cithcr cmtolioraiivc or 

I xlvciMilivc, IHN In llidr own rii,'lil, liul 

I •implf kccoidini; lo Ihe loiie impDiicd lo 

I Ihe Inicrvening vord. Conini>i wlili it» 
nrewni Jlne /'. K 1014 x]- Hf- UA' '■- 

mV '^ >' *>'''■' '•i^i'vr'i' iiHttant. 

SOS nS<wE',J)i*i*>i.*A. Vccnir* 
oplannlinn oT lhl> (»••il|;c |eicc|>t, iKf- 

n<pM (MtBcf-') uc noi ikcchwiIx nf 
r«I: c(. .J^-. 410 l» Ux« «at *r4<« 
^iXi>of(t. IflECln lim K« 'Iracn' of 
»rnie one havini< Iwcn llien. Neil >he 
mikaout Kluil laut|>riM>. Thrjpnm 
lu Iv Mich Hl one wnild lnok für (rmm 
0.0.1«), M'l DU el««r •enilinT (her an 
rouml lo \k Ilke h«r Dwn. Ul. •Aye. 
uhI hen are miiki. (or n Kmmt pniör: 
yn, jWnnnrtii, in kRiiinc. anil liti mit 
(wn.'^-i^Iat li, laken \iy Vsrnill ■• 
cetlilyitn;, ihiough ihc marki lieine in 
pwn. tlial Ihej' aic mirki of f«l. UuI 
Ihe iniprcu i> eriilcnll^ clor enoueh 
wllhml Ihal not itrf cerlaln 1 
Kaiher we miy renilei 'lo wiil, 
keqiing ' wilh ihe oreTfou* inilk 
Ihe loci ot h>ii. The t' »hicl 

fodlptinli are 'lo Ihe tunt 
ta»if (like Ibe hnr| ihej f 
lo her uwn.' 

Edilon BHulliTEJecl 1' (a( 
withool accouniing br iti 



are tempest-tost, like men upon thc seas. Yet, if 'tis meant that 
we c«:apc, from a littlc sced a miglity stock might grow. 

But hold!...tracks also, for a second proof: tracks of fcct... 
to maCch...and like my own ! Yes, hcre are tivo sets of fooi- 
prints, outlined by himself and some companion. The hcels and 
tracings or the tcndons agree in thcir measurcs wilii mine own 

M. tiuiti m. The latler accenluatk» nppeart 
Blow Cr. Gramm* I. p. ji«) — ••& 7" iiu^u « 
lion tha( iranipoaiiiimi or ciciiloni are nccou 
niHkcli ii dtw lo ihe aijimleton and to a niua|>|i 

in i>r Ihe bcanng of >. 107. \ . 

Ihe old cmiinciilnlnr 

aml rcicinlilrnj; i 
■; (U 'marl 


//. 1 

vrhcn Ihc dau \» umlcnlond with U, i'\t. 
»rlßti rttir (^ifl-itl iiwH. A nare 
insiiinee of thc cen. it Tounil wiih dilli- 
cully in clauiea) IJreck. Iwl In 11dl. j, 
3J twn U ,tl Tmira [«. ri a>4V«TaJ 
ifuia TW 'l(*alrrn Ihe variani Tnri rti 
'ii^irrw u Icu well Hi|>)>«ledl; (4) 
'mnrki like Ihme o( (eet and «milar lo 

ae« m- »i vap W irrt»-. mI 

heli>nc> 10 Ha ic(. 16 n.). EIccIra 
eaaminci more elusei»! 'ja, fot hen 

iMI Ihe pccuUnr leaiurv «( «niiUrligp In 
Iheone. — «tpi^rpa^iratat*. ThciiiMlilc 
dual i< nBccwui/. Ihe milliiw of one 
pair of r«I i» a niayfa^ watür, raW> 
woaid ahviumly lack tili» pnekii t' Jultaii: a heaiilifully nj 
[mich. Sbe hec> ihc quulkin in Ihe 

■O« Vf. The aiyiideian i> eawnliol. 
There hau lietn a paiue, durin); whkh 
Kl. iirinii her n*n rommarkn beuile 

method Iradilional in uiuh caui (Inlrod. 

eiacl) »pUnalion o( Ihe lehol. iV tit 
m4«i rdr vsMr frcranr r^i 
«aa peihapa (in part at kail) 
by Ihe facl Ihat In Uie Ci» 

(aund ai eirly 11 [Hei-] SrKt. «lo. 
Apoll. Khot. 4. iM inl U d : 
HtmTm I rOrTt al>Mrfa«n 

J> rWiHVf. In Kur. /' 41 ihe eoct 

IMhe ^wnK-' iVo^ ' 40a. "lÄüf'i («l 
AoiYii, 9JS niiy be irnnilnleil 'ankle,' i[ 
i> Iwcauw Ihe Gm'ki B|i|>car lo hare 
[»jnilnrly reeo^niKil in inrlicuhir \wa 
.Ihe buml-like 

ander Ihe fooi. ohkh lei' 


re and In hni>r on the righl or leiT 

nihe I 



and l< 
c luui i> llat or 

clnii(,iied. a 

anhvd. The*ecrin:rui am naciiy inthc 

whidi lorlinrian 'Iracken' Hill olneroe. 
— WvYpa^*L : iiYNwAm/'JTf rrr^ {^neral or 
i.U)^p.->ii*v ouilinvi. Triim which 10 dvducc 
Ihv tumpleie jnclun. Thc aniiiheU) i> 
Iri^TUu. Cf, i'lal. K.f. .(48 c wt 
X4vw /xiM* IB.\.T,;«| iwrypifn ßi, 

• l. 



waftam S' üSl« Koi ^tptvüi' KaTMf>0opd. 210 


HAu, ^(i Tt cwi' (Kart Sat/iöi'cuv Kvpw; 

OI*_ c(f ö^*»- i7Ke(C mvirtp f^vtov fföXat. 

" A. . *tai Tifa onJcDuTÖä /ioi fraXov^e'i^ ßporätv ; 315 

Ol*. crvi«i§' 'Optfmjv nokkd <t eVirayXoii/ift^N. 

Ha., ((bI ir^? Ti S^Ta Tvy)(ö.v>a KaTtvyfiärtav ; 

OP. öS' <i/*i- fttj pAfTTtv' (fLOv fiöXXov ^'XoK. 

'^> ■>■ The changa of tpeakcr nie oiirkRl wilh Ihr npiyptim only. einpl Tor 

™<». in »eewtl *iih tht fnlcrprelstion ( i ).— WLth n dincitni vit* of ih« [«»«6« 
■*< nishl he lueeolcd fnt ro>(, »im (i'^i Tmlriiicr. 31« 4<«i«' Nilw-— 

W«^ M, «KT. Koiwrtello. aia *tf« e^«.»«. l-alcx, 10 «vukl llie <Uel)'l i bol ( . 

>^ *hli i> tao l«l.nic»l for |^™:lry nml 
**• «taattinn. it mu« bc rciiwmlKml 
Vi «bai El. ii rolluvinE m l«■1t,■ni^«(l 
^*OicB nf nveuigsiion tnd nclunlly 
*»« OB Icchnkal cotncin». (■) (hat 
'^ItwnliwM (lilie llcralMH» wen 
Hl*'' Ol iMrodtKine lnIetBiilin|{ hinU o( 
""»'»ii:. in BSoKniiihT, oMimuHnT. mcili- 
?«. ■.Hl «^ «riihmciie. If |»it of 
?■• »nitil puuGc in knr, ttv Il.ij wiu. 
Vl^rimi., Ii .1 lcu( in<lic«la B lulc— 
31*» W« "<P^ili dfHndenl <m tmrti, 
•»O »i,.™ 1- .«, ..tA. Sud 
™f*a>honp*ii>c.— *JpH-nin»lcimplr 
jj"». W M have mmkM Iwl ...'— 
™^ : ihc inrail of a mtml in •InolH »hI 
S*"""™- Cf. Soi*. Mj. 79« iil«r. >i' 
T?T'7 Tl *4r Sm kIkiI. —^piM* , 
.r"* rathe ihan 'hcari.'thcKnK bcinir 

T^;i |-|Hil in B Claim'). In Tind. P. 4- 
.11 I5M (•*'"> 'M*™«" «iJ-PT*"' 1 
ifivr' 'rflyyAAwrt r^ürw Ihe propnul 
ii ■ Hrnmons. Tn Alhcuiaru Itie vcrb 
Mil^citeil imftrart. iliHimliart or ^n^- 

Wc cBflnol, of courac» uavn thal r^it 
ViwyyAXfw wu Hill an arcluic |ihnue 
Tut reponini; Ihc fullilmBnl of |uarc(, Init 
ihcn ii ivithinii in auppon Itie vicw. 
Wc nur wllh moR auihorii* rendtr 
'charsiiW th« Einls »ilh rullilmcnl nf 
praxcrs i.r. layinf! upon Itmn • 

Wilh thil, iwu remlsrinc» of «fx** K™ 
]KM»ililc, thonRh ihtf lif« has bcen owt- 
lookedMil "■■'■■ ■ '"■ ' 

tbitT'U*'** '*^* 

I^r-t Hie ren-lcrine i. unecflain, and mvnl n 

JJ^^Jmulf« have l«en much cKrciied wh™ 

-. i™*" 'J* «"«niciion and mcanine P")™f. 

J^rt**«»»». S« Appen.!!.. 1( Cf. Ih. 


'wilh « 

familiär i<x°f*' '^*^ ■■"' 1' 

"■• liniilir IhouEht) Ag. 1340 ru 

>•! ; fi X*iW b in ihi> caH 
. Cf. S. f. T. 66, Soph. X/ 
ir. /M. 608: {.) ■?«»,• i.f. 
iceronh to bc nip|>)r in churcing 
<hi< C*M r«<i «i«'i may bcrong 
10 bolh rix** (([' Et»- £^ 
#^(V 'Ht^r^. IhHti ... 

My mind is in the throcs, my scnsc confoundcd. 

Orestes (n-tnurin^). 

Make boast henceforth that, when thou callest on the 
answer prayers, success attcnds thee. 

El. How so? For what success, as 'tis, havc [ t 
the goda ? 

Ok. The objcct of thy late prayer is hcre bcfo 

El. Nay, on what mortal's name, to thy knowir 

Ok. Orestes, to my knowing, is the proud burdei 

El. And what answerin^, prithce, havc my petilion: 

Ok. Here am I. Look for no nearcr onc Ihan tne. 

kl (orfginilly) M. 

rnvXw|i/rm M (iKthapi throogh u 

Xa^iü' «tXwfiffau^land^vaYiVXXaMa. 
r4 XsiTck will lhi;n lie [jmnounced wilh 
cni|>ha>i> ( = <:al r4 XimA). Cf. Eur. 
//tl. «98 il irU r4 Xo.rl r^r tv^i •^»*'- 
I n>(tir(, T^ rt wpit0tr ifnlaaa 

it. The repelili. 

•> Ihe Gr« 

»il)t"'..-»«X*< ■ 


fonncr inleipmalim. It ii noi unlike 
AcKh. lu play intcnlionilly ii|inn the 
diflerenl lenM* •ix— l'boaiit ')...tvx'i 
(' nrayer. ■}. See Ai^ndin to ». .11.— 
TAag^apa m : cf. Eur. /"ittit. 69 <f 

*fal Mpairmti. 

aia^i The *ccu>. neut. ii 
not felL ai a ciie. Cf Saph. F*. 44O 
(^^•wu) T( w .11^;. (.or boWer 
accuHliva lec v. jioln.l — ■■^ä iake> 
up TiT(4»ii» of ihe pievJDu> line, t» 

ai« l{i|*x» «^^«Ai: lo Iw diiiin- 
guiihed rrom ihe idionuiic prcL 'fn)xp 

n prayini 

cartie«ll]r praving a while aco.' — WXb 
oClen approiimal« to rPr *<) m Ifri. 
er. /fr. 501 inAtK^t ^r r«W x>^< 
In. A K 8; i — The i» (T»*™r) 

BIS hI tIk. Tbc initial dKtjrl 

9S4 l"HX<«), >Vf. 7 l€»r/^., 

640(-»«*-Wil./r. iji (Jil 
(^ PV^U *nd. iwihaps in/ 

Eur. Or. Sno ra 

»um. I rlr J' «» 
919 Ki'ir^i ti rc 


Html Tva. Foc the Ihmighl c 
opccially 141. (ITic rcnde 
Warrant. I — The niditen chang 

prubably not withunl iwjnl. 
Eltcira'i t>-Hfd.uu, anl 10 
Ktrei, aie dillvicnt Ihinci; a 
no nie of diaiiiKtion can l>e 1 
dilTerence of ca>e could be n 
CMe rewurcc of langiugc- 

81« W AfL: lil. -herc i 
'I hen am fhcl,' aa it ihewr 
Oi. II. 16; V ^', h« pif 
I' hx** (*■■>> cnOcit). Cl 

^)P. owTÖ! tear* airoS räpa ^t,i)\ai^ppa.^<ä. aao 

fflA. ÖXX" ö- (fttÄdio-t To« e^o« ytXic ^e'Xc«. 
^JP. Kov roi% i/ioi^ r' ä/>', üirep tv ye rourt <roi«. 
ÄA. WC Ö^T' 'OpifTTtfv Iht' fyö. o-t wpouiwrw,- 
wOP, aüröf piv ovv öpStaa ^virpafftl"! ip.c 

ttovpav S' iSoücra r^vZt KT)h(lov T/)i\Ö5 225 

ayttrtpiißijs KaBÖKtis öpäy ipi. 

travnji öStXt^O (rvpfitrpou t^ ctw »tä/>(t. 

■»•Ob. iXX"tI? ■aO.««'«t™l Abn!«;h.tiiiihouln«c»«l)r:e(. 1 10 (n.)— ,"VI» 
M. r«M Dimimt. The acccnt uaKon t J«« ( Klirulcj) i. le» wdtraiHBl, (hc crm-ii beine or 
. s™ rcf. M rrf.« -. «. v' i(- ror«n. «tl Tl« 1i« n«]f l« » qu«- 

THtiwliiis. VklofiB.iwrfeimlti>rj«l*^. l'irlapi 

'» aastd (iniilr >)]' iu*i*i and nin in ihe conlcil. 

nin «MOicr «»"t v).-™i f»*t M. Iwl eorrecl»!. 

- I *Jf' iiro*i.kmally. I>clie>inc ihM Itw 

BS9 6»xi 

^'» Ww nraliahlir il «oi>c fmm 1 

•nw .mw fnim ■<V«r..(»il'-'»* 

r /«J» i^r M M' ■ 


r fyA Tho 

^d«m' iiMKHiml «nil pn«Iiciil 

»iw#*™i I' Mlnrai (uwrrÜBM«. 

\*^ which Ihr <l«ck ii"-S{l° *iW| Inil 
.•««»• Mir.- Cf. Ear. HH. <)i LM-«^ 
*•*•■, rtr' 1» (x»! *«i1*» •»•». 
* ™ * H ;h h« is in f«!, hwUlel. 

•'•4- (Shjk. K. I.. I. I. IM), ilom. Od. 
■9- Ijj UXm rtXi«»!«, ji, j,(6 n* «iM 

i^TWicml«; IUI '»rmml," ih« fip 
J^ .hM "f . «. » 

"*« nflht ■>■•*«. 
_»»0 >«T4t ■•»• 

'gn**.' "aeco«' ( = r^jwW»«). In 
£b«, 98, Bjä Ihe ttii« (IlMMBh "iih . 
diHercnl ihivl«) i* Ihat of i;iirine pl'in 
warninit. The [irwe vtofil ii r^o»i*f«>» 
or (Im cummonlr) r^^^r«. Elcclc. 


••i r. I »J3l- 

I liclnnc lo an >btiil. 
rfmdion lUw-Ivi» -V. 
bol in aar lh*l 

r*'*riiiUiliig ihc rHHlinc irt ihnnlH besin 
*7X3cn<t>m;hj rtanMunri. i'ieeifrlr x"»" 

•cn- liMh Goniiniclkini run lomihcr. 

», ,.• We nte lhcie(nra jiiuifinl in Imkinfl 

r thc foi Ihe error in rdh «lerne. Apart froin 

Ihe melrical im|xiuil>ilil)'. ih< um i*t*^ 

■ la !• «aittl]' onaloGDUi lo ihat In l£ur. 

Amlf. (6» e* >4# irf' 'B«-» r^fc. 7>w, 

■ 00 a^fi-i THa i t«'* "I ^e>X4> ^M" ' 

Tiwai, (.>/. 61 •>' rlic IV^«. H T^i 

■ Thut (i, 77 .r ■' - -'■- -'-- 

linn il ■ whal WC luve hrrc i* not 
»)...; o» ;njH (Ihe in*r«|....' 

conver «n unicunMblc con- 

•iA' (nurE. Atkew.l wb» n« 

he eorruptctl inlo rtt.uAHf 

Uton unuiiltd lo lu Ion* 0% 

). Tli« ward which bM Au 


El. Ah sirl What if thou art but wcaving .sor 
about me ? 

Or. Thcn 'tis for mine own hurt that 1 am plotting 

El Nay, Ihou art mindcd to scoFTat my distress;. 

Or. 'Tis at my own, thcn, if it is at thine. 

Eu Must I acknowledge thee as in good sooth Ort 

Or. It sccms that, whcn thou seest mc in thc Hc 

art slow to k-arn, though at sight of this shorn duty-l( 

wert on wings of joy, and didst dccm 'twas I thou didst 

So was it whcn thou wert qucsting in my tracks, that 

thy vcry broihcr, tallying in build with thce. Put t 

'C»n jwi be ihc (hiU OretiM?' (cf. Kur. El. jjo, -Siiph. El. uio, 14.« 
cormrlion »u leu likely. rM' oiarg. Atkew.. rjl' fiuw, rair' Vtm. 
KUutcn, ti^' Bunlierecr. Ollieri make wiilvr chan|;c> t.g. rilh «' ^ 
Amaklui, ■)«(i'' 'y^ '(■""•^'r)' ilcmunn. Ital | .— llie ■ccenl« •liimM 
\ . la« Tlie ii|«aker » nnl markcd in M.— ut' *£• M. cnrr. Tui 

. la« laJHiit M, carr. m. aav v)q. rroiKHeii renrnnceincnia aiid t< 

iveeille». (. Roborlello (iliceil Jij. iij »fttr iij i llcnlh j,ive »i.'.ii* 
aaa Wecklein »ould cject Ihe ver«. — mirrjt i' <j(\^ ti-i»HTpir r^ n^ 
■c<|i).| l'auw, I'akr'i teiifjtfu ry ti) wM (wiih iwecnlini; line) ii hanll 

ihe «nw i« Üit'. For ihe cnrru|ilinn «hen ynu wcre IracVinj; &i.' 

MC crii. note. Il> poiition in 11 TaTourile the |i.iriicii>le iikI it« cL-iu« I 

one in Ihe line. Cf. A'»«. tefi, Sfl|>h. vioui clause <tiih ilafva. l'i 

O. l'. 51, /'»■ 7<Sl ät^t X^^ifUu ti" 'i^ itKiuifu ra^r | raTi> 

lat llyti tl m ; Kur. /eu IJOJ <4 rü> DM'iu tfoffurür rUi (nh. 
Irfnar l*r' ^a^d«f>r StiftJ Itel. "'- 

il4S. /. T. I 


emphani, ihankt lo ba<h pa- 
■ilton and form. Thu accut. dejiciMi. 
nf coune, «i l^wra. ihm (aa Con. tu|>. 
po»eil) on ivt^fit. — »fcr: 

rnunl not lie joineii 

a|ipi»ea «vrjr iiU 

ftm\\ eipreuo ilowne», nol unlielief. 

1>UT«| of achol. 

i^.Tiffla: ■mtrtly thli 
ir,'— oilib* it not > pureljr 
'pilliel. The lock lietokcncd 

wnich »m 



. 876 lr>*^^' tri'Ttf^' 
aarmi*^ wtXir, Suffl. 84 ^4^ ^ 
Jrarn^ HatiM. j^p rOr ^ Wri, 
Soph. i<J. 6}) rtftx*f¥ '■ *M"**ia*, 
Ar. i^c. I44)L tM t n u fitltt «J rirv^- 
rfai rti #/f«i, lld<. 1. ii(.— V *«'y 
•nphMici 'fM Ihouht n« ow m» 

'49 "«l'i' '^a'' |»a#<li 
X<Di« ] fyteX^' l>arrt> Ct 
«fiftarn ^<\ii | ^^Xafirv. \ wp 
ii>t ^r 7pa^~r. »here. jU hcre 
licij'le iHeädLi nnrl ibc oiher I 

nlxne) .hrnild Ik ru» im tlovl 

mine,*iZl^' oV ihinv -»n 1<r,.i 

Wt04«fli Ihe con. aftcr the po 
>ü J>i«. l>)' (he familiär hII 
So|<)i. O. C 344 ri#4 t»>>< 
11^^; ')>enH>n.' JihIi^I fnini 
jHHnl of *iew, iherc in no real 

ence In /«fprinlt in ihe conl. 
haire In renXL-mliLT (i| (hal ni^ 
gatlr aaa) viihoul ih« leail il 
Ihc lileral hcad, aml ihai ihe al 
npreaiion ri tir 'ipm, if Foun-I i 

iSow 5' vi^atrua tovto, (rrji ipyov xtpöt, 
tnrdßrji re TrXijyö«, <w Si dtiptiov ypa^riv. 
ivBov yct^O, X^ff ^' /*^ 'Kvkayjjc ^pivaf 
rovf ^iXrarovt 5^/> olSa vi^v öina<i irtKpovi. 
. w ^<\tixtov fif\r}p.aL Scu^acric irarpöt, 
BaKpvToi i\vU CTTrep^aro? (roiTrjpCov, 
ttXicp Trea-otÖön Sü^ äva.Kr^frg irarp^t. 

•••_ r» ,» M. cofr. Tunicl« 
**rtt Ol llie ("enioii, and Ihc 

. iiK.v Kirchhnir. f . 
nann mipfwicd ihü loitt 
ay<^ M, cotTm Tumelni 

SSI 4N Turne)««, tritt 

B linc. i .~A,Hr>r M.cuFr. 

aa«— 9*« TlwKuno 

II Ei«i™. ( .—rot 

K>en ailh ihe pcmm. ihm wiin ino 
: (ll ihu ibe miimI wonl 'fam' ii 
*v*bcTe oblnKleJ on «u niKlci. Wilh 
« dill Mt in Ihe «incHion 

|}t Vcmll (wilh Wixkleh 

mnlinc "V ll 

fort In recocniiion er. Kur, /m I4ijiqq. 
aai rnli)m wXi|Y^ : i.e.the'ny 
Iht lullBii ha> ilmii! in m>Hi, *Vm, 
look at Ihc lilnwi of ihe l«tten.' Th« 
awil^ u ihc lalh or liliilc which ■Irika 
down >n<] makci coin|>act Ihc horilonttl 
Ihrearli {wnet} ritivcn ncroii the wiqi in 
Ihc Bpricht Inom. C(. ml^ii, A<rr*- 
vrdS^r«. r*XMn#^. rr^vi» in d<- 
fiiidl liy lloycli. mi T^rntwa, irt Tii» 
.rill«— -■ 

1). II i. 

>u»pir H 

, *•• n^ait -cnniidet.' -juili:«' 
1"°* 'kinli'l, — n^i MIm •lamp.' <Jf. 
"««. « 1. IM ».*r.^. Ti ^> rf».fi 
^^^ ■•! li'tM I ^'«n, iwtl IH wfin 
^^_i r Vw" WXsir.». Thoc, i. ^6.- 
"[••••ilr»- Th« puriHHc o( ihe tufii:«' 
J™" Ii (n pnnre IhM Ihe loch, which 
^Nctra had viriK^illf atrfM m ihat oT 
J^i^Mth hui ennw rrom ihe ipeaker, aiKl 
!Nt ihdilui« h« ihould \k ace«pt«d ii 
St- hlMwir Wc mau »itime (Iwl 
JJ^B hid IX iv. 6. 7) Icn nn lonE 
™cka ipon hia heorl. tJeelia c«ni»t 
"Cr^ l u i, K« u ■ gtancc IhM ihe lock 

! (cf. .S~M/>//. 1 10 \hit»U f tf> 

iyifiir Jlfifriior) and Con. cani|inc» llnni. 
//. v i«jS i^wiT. *■ «iSr*»' twuT, b^ 
trtfät •Ky^^ir, \ Ir V 'ObrtOt (k. 
wyr-^l. iH'l- f- 480- Itut WC mir 
preTer lo ni^ctl inal ili ■' <« sn ad- 
rer)>lHl ci|>rn>iiin (oT Ihe unK hlnd u 
Ihe rninillftt /r ». r^ N. rlr N. Jrl tt, 
0f'i MI follnwlneon ihe verlinl nUlon in 
rir4#n «IkirTit. of vhlch Ihe f4#<»t 
ypf^ hl the iciuli i /.•'- lif. 'uid (•■ruck) 
IHM ll' («rrXirvW'H' U ilt ai^rt), W« 
inajr piirvcluale, if we chooK. fritnt ri 
«XfY»- ''> M, #it^>*f Ti>a#<k' Kor Ihe 
lli<ni([hl cf. 1[om, //, II. 146 H^amt... 
Ar^M« cffi^iiiWiir, Jr II ipiit mtl\' 
Iftat, Apoll, Khm]. 1. 7)0 fr filr ttar 
" I Ihe «F\^}.-».lp.«i» Yl»- 


D llDir 

Wpa<»< . 


'lkXt>. { trrdpwra U>». Com 
•dd l'oil. 7. Jt * U «ramiri 

tl h""^' " X>'^' l(*Xiin n 
cf. l£ar. /. /; BI4. /M II46 
üdi. 3. 47, Phuu. A, ■■ 1. 1, 


to its stump and scel And look upon this piece of 
tliy handiwork, as thy hatten Struck it, and the shape 

Contain thyself; let not joy bcdaic thy wits ; for I I 
bittcrncss our nearcst fecl towards thce and me. 

Cho, O dcarest cart of thy sirc's house, its hope c 
sccd, watercd with tcars, 'tis in thy protvess thou must 
win back thy fatlier's substance. 

El. joyful prcscncc, who playest Tour parts for m 

iran-pmillon, kc Wecklein A,ipen<lii. a«* «»nifu, Schill«. a< 

*X«p k, Iten«]. aa7 ht^ Vnicki-naef. Tl.e wonl. »rt- ofi«i confii. 

(Soph..</4„. r«f*. .,79 4c.). hui he« W-i-toirecl. | ._/;,.„ o( 1' 
Ihe ne«l linc| t,»»»)» «>) r i,.ayiiaim Ix" of Weil, iceki lo avoiil I 

uuld I 

• wiih e 



(li:l>|;hl. which Ot. 
«««^. LT. Hill. t. 119 Uw> 11 «V. 
UtrXty* J"4i " iwintC iIhtii. The 
txminry phrane l> ^rr^roi (Jui^oD nr 
ti, «,KtJr), Cf. I«r»n.— Anülher 
form w I- ttLvtif v»(il (Soph. Ph. 950, 
Xcn. Ah. i. j. 17 i, Jury iyiun), 
llie mnre idiomalic and enslly eorrupleil 

/nV. in .'^oph' (/'/). ""crVii.'Vio™! 
I.*S n, Ar. *Vf/. 641 rfffrtF >£( ä ainl 
fmlmf K). where kc Illayde* (crll. n.).— 
fi "«.'^Tn» *P^«W: cf. Soph. 7>»^-l. 
619 imr n«Xay5«i ml/itv liAop (<■!> 
(ihoiiBh heretfjrfcats'wiiv' 'Jii.lEment,* 
,. cool ictinn lieinc i«]uire.l). Kur. //«». 
■ iM. 709 «i. «M'ü> o'V ft»*- J». Hom. 

aaa revi ^tXT<T*vt,..wwpWti 'our 
ntarnl (Clyl.) nre our hiitercl.' The 

jSnaaion. Kor Ihe Die o( ^*m ct. lo-j (n,l. 

ff^^ur. /'Mu. I44J ^Xoi 70^ fx'P*> 

' V/W'". *W «HM #H«.-«H. I. per. 

(eclly Mund, OrcHn, ileipiie hii al>- 

•ence, ii iguiie ■wäre of iha liiuiiilon. 

" ll no lellinf.— *Hri more uoinied 

"-■ '- - - - ■- ,p«dal 

naiumi fifui cry of l^leclrn 
•■■terljr aftvction (iv. ij; «|q. 
(>j8t eaiiii nn nnlilhclic forci 

aa« ^aranr: 'mwl' vi 
the ontj v<n.— MTpi«. A. aji 
Ihe reiwlliion in v. jjS, iheic 1 
repreifiil ilVvction (or Aeam. 1: 

aas lupvT^. Fol ihe r 

I ean.'— «-WpiiarM- 

ji) appwiiioiial (of 

(i) olijcclive. i.t. 'our hol«: o 
teed (iliat > k«I ciikinlj lijr 
»nipfaii: 1./. for ihc kec| 
(rVA») ot Ihc Mocb (ir>'»|i^ 
rfMM tUX« " 


ciion ilom.Oi/. • 

aa« Uni ««mJi^t n-r 

an encouioeL'mcnl ami a war 
will Miccecd, ihoiiph Ihcic i> 
owB iirowcw lo nily uuob. 1 
ofllom. /;. n. 199 X/w 

■re Ihelr 


ihan ibu>i 'we 

aat—aaa Ther. 

Ihexrer» 10 the Cl.... _ 

«i»e. They Brc (i) il>c gcneral churaclcr 
of the exeiainalion. In |iAiu>a lifMnr 
Or. ■• rccarileil u ihe «iilaincr of Ihe 
^•■mr and in lielonjine« ai a hoste. 
The Juml (orni jnn of ihe Iwwn 
(». 116 Uhw' 

X'^pi ji • 

irlrr' ^ 

h ihai of üai. . 

u \tlltZ 
: cf. 116 (n. 
JJ4. In eny 

H ditptcaw ll' 

aa7 f|i|Mi; ■pmencc.' • 
pUinol 1^ Mb |>diol. J. e 
ind f^a«i> (ichul. Soph. 
Cl. PlTM. 4^1 /M «Xur^t r 
^tiXir*. 'nie oticinil verat o 

?""■« »-1,7,, 1 . 

Zf" ^'^•' ^°i, S'""*'?' r'-"? 

......... ''^''^-«-wrT.t.r*'''' 



"ic day „;"" Was,/ ■°7"» «.-''treof „„t-^CVs 

"•'nee in TP " ""«l»,.- ' "'.™» of 

T. «. 

*& J*^- ^?t~- »'« 


ÖXXttf re ^weer vpoaßoKa.^ 'E/>^^'ycl>^' 
^K TWk irarp^fuv atftöriui' rtXovfitcas 
öp-iTo \ofiir/»f eV wKÖry cw^t^' öi^püi— 

•• <sai). The sCToral ttiM nt nwliu« 

fallowed bT Ihe npecisl n« in which ■ 
^ — Ogiffl (»ib« 1» lefl uiiBvenecl, Iwl 
■>« nmpiMtd luiililwikil ftini <* «o- 
Illiil h IM mitMimnl. Wc »hnnld 
*B> MV hl »iKh dixuiiKtince* ihM n 
■eii^H* wrra InrM (m« thiiv, /ifiMiu 
04n ^ ntJar. h^f. Al.-Ii« Tf^» •■»■ 




oncul» udcwniw. Cf. IHom.) 

»h«rt Apiillu -nenlii, "" In ^•l 

p«-^y ■■-''' 


prectnlins ^"^ H^'' iK"'- ■■''''™llf' f'" 
il«. wiih «<s»«T.i. I'<T ih« mi:lfipl.c.r 
(f. /•• K .1*4 ""l»l "f« '*•"•■ 

MYft«in...n c«' «iw" '*'"; "*"■ 
Fiat. AM. 1100 •*.»•< »■ *•' **''•* 

^U4>^»r irlpff- In «TP*"" l""™- 
Hvlil wi>|'(ivt " retcrenw l» i7P'"*"X*'- 
*T*.*iiV*« ' f Ifjf«'''— ^'X^*** ""^"" 
eBilimi (lltiT- f^'-rll. ju W»««. 
■■1 Ur^ ••! X,flir«i) «(«In»»!' «iC- 
ontiül by lrc«mü.i und llviTw.-.t (cf. 
inm. 7Hlt Mix*!- *#.*X«t.-ifX»'w 

Kh"l.). " plrim; ot llippoeinic- -»*• 

,. (Dlml. I*.,).— quncki 

II^WBTllWr«» (M. |1 

rtrr» Mmm. «wI. f« 'h* '■■""■ '^'? 
(H(OT. (V. 9. 3''4l,'» 1* '•■ ">■ "■* 
(fraB- Cnlin. »»I Xeimphan. rf. 1- 19I. 
nlMv^ (Ptal. /><n. JJ Kl. *'>»* " 
(K«. WM. .til) iiMl l'lwign. (»; •*'< 
y^ 4r rtw «'«rv IM« V^w i<«l"' 
Se« Kuhi«T-ltl«« ßr. Cr.' II. |i. jN?. 
R»ih«f«,i ^« /Wri ■». pi^ 44! «l' . """' 

TT« y,;i^™ I, o,wn in .Ul-i. Jf. |«i«l_ 

^^ (wtildi miy «ety will t 

Ck.) .«I T*. i«««r >«|H«t. 

rl (lu! >aiil| ihm wliilE >lown K" 

«Uli pitl Mini tt 1anu|;ini umilct. 

1 *a« ierfHfl.../jMI IWM »OK- 

Hai«/ /f-ilff"^"'i'' l^"'- '*■ i 
»hcn Iht hnir /■ ibe |ili>c« i» 

tlovnv icniitlnof Ibc hcxl, bul ihe down 
uK, wh.«»« liluiiled. Tbe 


earth, hc Eold the pla[;ucs that it bcgat — tctters titat cl 
cruci jaws along thc flcah. eating away its oldcn nati 
how uppn this pini;uc a white down grows and grows. 

'And whcn, saith hL-,'yet other visitations Crom the • 
spirlcs. growing to Tulness from a father's blood, arc clca 
maus gazc, an he moveä his brow amid thc dark — for, 

r i^iiHt Aurnlui. j , The ic hot. hl» Kttytr, which mnjf nwnl/ reprr«en 
r( 9u>ii> Conlnj;ioii (wiih i^rs ■■ Hibj«i, i.t. 'Ihal A^amnnnon 1 
aas K ipotTpnraiut iii»dfur KvcV, viho reiccl« v. 18C. | . a«« 

nniü* '' rauir. ifürtt Xsfir,ih m' UloniAclil; bul Ihc rcfcnn« ii ipiu 

Jvvr'U*.' «imI loHh clo soiiy »ilh Ibe 
I allntinn In h(d<f nml Kino wlih llie 
rcili'lie loucli l'y which llie uvl tmi^t* 
homc Ihe hotror of ihe riiteme Wfi 
iltltAt^ riM|urttt.|— rnS': i.t. ihis (par- 

hnvr one uf Ihe MKn« liv which Ihc tyt- wnpifur 
ci>l iMiii^bmcnl miGhl jie diuineiiiiheil. miirj/rc 

—IwirrMoK: el. S. , , .. ., . 
dFrAkoor« *pK. Iloni. //. i. iii) |i<M 

•••—*>■ Ruch iie llie ii1ne»<» 
bam of ninli|;n inllninec- frnm [hc under- 
woriil, Inil, whcn ihe oHence cnntiat* in 
ncnlecl of vciigenncc Tor n Tither'n murder, 
ihere B(c ulhcr bikI npMial viiiiiiiioi» oT 
Ihr Eiiny». Th« oullioe i.( Ihe Ci>n- 
■Inicikin i" 4»h[ ti {nn, vli. [he Guiiiy 
pcTwn) ifirf» ÜAmt •rparßaX^ 'Efi- 
Ww KtX Süitvki «UuHi 'he uilh 
ihal jlhe nun), liehnhlinu nihet ¥i»il«. 
Iioiu o( ihc trin)«. i« e'en driTen from 
hik couniry.' Thv ohjecl AXai (.t.X. ii 
pul lir»l f™ pmmincncc. The puniciple 
l^Hrra liqualilwl l>r b iianiclpial cImm 

plnnalinn of Ihe 'teeond liehl' of Ihe 
criiniitBl delay> Ihe matn yctIi. 

au UXm n K.T.X. Kur ihe uik- 
fnlulhoii of Ti «ftei lUr ttt »77 (n.). 
llcrc Ihe inieival li con>ii1cralih. — 
Tlioueh tXliM mtchl nienn 'alm' or 
• IwJiTe» (Ihe« (ifjicuol.' llie lilcnl 
rrnHerine in »uflicienlly eiatl. liiKc th« 
Xd^ini Bte ihcmwive« 'BiMiwr irft*. 
SfJuiU. Cf. S»m. 7«» •qil.-+-»«. 
The i>tB«. («hich ii not iim\/ly hiitorie) 
» prcfeiable In ihe im|ieff. (t' i^Jnu). 
llie vuice of ih« urncle >[ill Kiiin.lB in 
Oieilo' enn.— 'pM-pcU« : cf. Kuf, £/. 
B19, wherl ihe ilgn« in Ihe Üti •■(Ii 
f^wnr ry riivgOrri llpcrß*\il ('iHNUd 

»ril »i«l«lloiii '), Amipho 7,ir. t, | 
I 111 •' ** '■•• •»*'• "t V*"*« »*•*■ 

i>eni.->ic. wiih ur 

"■-AT of a /-/».r-:- 

ing.' ..■. coniinc 10 lull 
liirlh) in .lue liuie. Cf. Hur. 
tr,.n V. 4fJ>i >l*.'fM. W\tw, 
i.l)tpir TtUffu unr^M'tXvffh 

('Iwfore her liint lo hcar hir 
blliei'i hlnn.1 i. recBnloI >• il» 
lii|; Ihe viniUlliH». bihI the len 
ihm ihu lirceillng keeiH on. 

9*4 ipÄiFfk So Ol 
ihc Erinyeii vhen nthert cbh 
104IS Kiq., Kur. /. T. INS M\a. 
lUmlel uxt Ihc k'hnrt inviiHli 
queen I//-W. y ^. i.ul. Jl. 
cver, there i> >pHi>l reference 

Tlic Ihnuehl i> 'imilar lu, ib 
iilcnlicil wiib, lhal of Ahm. 10 

yirtn ntKtr. ' lljriiiE Ihe bri 

e|ro. Many eipreuiont ti^fit 
€utwtrt Xitir t!C.) lolify lo e 
habiiiul pjav of ibe eyelmm in 
Ureelti. Thc haunied miin umn 
lieerinf* nerTrtuiljr in ll 



/A«i TTiirraiKÖTiui' 
tt (K wktÖiv <f>6ßov 

iXoan'öi'Sou Xi/Sö«, 

Ihc Une. 4 -£*^ M. >•• l»>"Tu 

MS )uUnY> Wicklcin, dcipile ihe quot. in 

/i> I' i «(Ml)™' ^rr"'"™ "■' '"f B 'W 

ira»V«n, ri (i/a»(« Hl fit «lirii- ir(^Xi|- 

\tfff»i, tbO ntbmt T/Mtftn^nu ttf, 

ri»>^, i et<i\i,utH... wirrt In, ittxl- 

tltt rSr «ifoü wtTpiiai irtynaHm. Ilie 

tnianini; iif lliii jwnlciplc ■■ daaUrul «ml 

L CTHlcnlTy lorhiioll, Inil il «l tci-l a|>- 

proiiRUln lo wfitrrf&waum (iwit.| mw 

I fi/mv, ' larning il inlo liloralt-uiliin««." 

I n»t ««1 Xim B.T.X. 1'he finl 

nlhcHi;vikol^«(>Hi>): Ihc lecnHl 

en *n illualrMinn □[ llic \iirtm (htncc 
iJbb- *«''■ followinul. — (wfMMi of 
. halliicInUl«« or fnmir. U. (iorg. 
t Bnttm. tili, loo r«^M pitr^tt ftmtt 
' lat hviilrsii »»rimt nft^Ttim, Ar, /Im. 

' Irar (o( CmkuicI«), SojA, ^j*- 6js t 

! 9«« ■>■«, npörrM: an di«l>>e 
■(.yflileion. Ct.S.i. r. 1 M.« ««iu>, Xa#i(>», 
/Vn. 4*y (»•«» ^»dxitir, Em. /»■. 44« 

I x*'^»' •Wiw»«''«»— Wo m«)f pw» 

i^rm •■'■* tiraiur rUtr, WMl «/- 

jo.— K«l iHiKwtai. l^lher (il <»l 
ii/Naw. 'cTin' oT 'in Ane,' or (1) m 
ij)c[<luihon |nol anMiuril aftn a eon- 
rlcreblc iBicnihoia) In ihc •hlpc of 
iwrr(...Ml liawHfci likia ihe piut et 

14» ♦•h*' X««*i, 
(I( U poHible, wll 



blood-poÜutions lyinß on thc race, tht iinsccn shaft of the nethcr 
powers. (remy and vain terrors of the niglit. harass and give 

no rcst Ayc," said he, 'he is drivco ai last fortli from his 

counCry with the brauen rod, a carcase all debascd. 

ir one .so sin, ihc wine-bowl and thc genial libation arc not 

une (an,1 

■•<)■ i . 

iripßiWu: »•■itirtiu may thcn Lk 

Vetrall would havc il in any auu.) 

>■• x"^*<|U''V «Xirnyfi. An 
obtcufe ex|>ic«ion. £1. il/af. (p. 674, 
10} luu wUmyt f, »lUni i-wi rnl 
rliicrttt wtf Alrxi>^¥- "^ ■" I laycliBln. 
"nioui-h Wtctlciii, wilh »me rauon, 
lictievn Ihii lu 1» ■ Gum, and ihou^ti 
■he ilerimlion i> intorrccl (»iiK« llie rool 
oT r^fH " »«•■ '" 'Xi>-). Ihe Inler- 
pnuuiun U nM ncccuarily ttrunj*. It i> 
■1 ica'l |<iM>ilile ihal TXifri>{ «n» ihc 
rccueiiiwl lumv tut t |nnkular funn <>r 
«ii«ri{ emi'loycd in ririvini; oul nn tyai 

fuim »r Knurre 1« Kich ÜitT. AM. 
irt. ßag'Hin), opccially if ii tuul onljr n 
pklr of mcial chiliik uhI bcIMikc bnolu 
■llucheH, niiiihl v«)r cDOceltiÜil]' t* » 
c*Ilvil. The oM nwUl, bninic. wuald 
W cmploynl MConlinL' lo OHiKfmliic 
mual. In .S.,ph. a r. 417 M»l »• 
i4if.t\t,t ^«'^ rt „i na <» nr^ | 
i\f «T- J< 7«. rVl> 3.i»*M« ^ Ikv» 
ii iilainl/ B nCcrciKc 10 ihe lamt tiwXi 
Mi*'ii. —*•»!■•«¥ U|iAt i in ■jipoiiHkm 
lu Ihc luhl. oIIh).»««; -dri™) fonh. 
B inarml uorl^'i in^imd of KuifrUrT* 
</«■(, Ixil ' »ironi.'tf sml mwe eonicniH- 
upu.' (V«nll). Cf. /■. K im {of 
>) RJ >Gr ix^ilir tal va^it«^ 
n/T«i. It in not dcar from ihe 
ir whelhet lUc Inlj i* mirroj liji 
mliipiiiin rram ihit nconriie (rUftty)'' 
Iwini; JDiiicil tn Xii|iarMf| oc liy Ihc 
-ara|,-ei of Ihe kpmy, Iwl ihe Ullv ' 


Hi|i]ioricd by v. JO) (et llimioc. JOJ. )8 
ritsi kufwliir» rt «^()aniIliidMiiKII)r 

le u..n-nL. Thcir 
I /.^llatnlu]) wu 

I law oT Draco, 

»iipii i Uam Vihnj»! ■.r.X. — aCn... 

nniwer lo n {iliouch it mny da hi eIhc- 
where, *.j. /*. f. 4V.. Soph. l>. C. 9;», 
tur. Ür. 41), Ihii in t', ihe cLihc wiih 
od cartyini; iHi^iUe iwliun iif mcial di-jiri- 
valinn — «panipat : a( ihu liani|ut!l.— 
)iJpn...)UTaffx(ii' il loinc-Ihini; Hiore 
lliaii lurafjiü nliHic: 'lind iheir (iluc) 
ponion in |iluv| lum.' Cf. Ax- Jii 

a«l ^iXarwiA— Xtßat: Ihe lilu- 
li<» »fler Ihc lnii.|.iel. O./r. .■< («bere 

liih ririftt tiitraia, \^, ^;. jjij ««r* 
ofJpÜPHT iirTpairi{tff% \ ...rpiTitrawimr | 
TU«» ^Xwi triid. Su|)h. /.'/. lOy ra^- 
■niHt wtiwtttrt \h^l Koi Ihe v|>llhcl 
cf. J. <-. r. Ilij «<\aMriv V>''*w- l^»'' 

»iX«' » ihal of willinciie 

XiiKuM* il Kuccly the wotti to ux of ■ 
Jiulilialilt KourEini;. Monovet ihc we 
a( Ihe ohip «u probaUii iigtlj qna- 

?6 AI2XYA0Y 

•XO. 'A-XX' iu ficyaXai Moijpai, Awßev 
TffSt TcXcvröi', 
9 li SiKotoi' utraßaivti. 

"ci*Ti fiiv i\6pä^ y\(ü(Tcr>j? t\ßpa. 
yKüiT<ra reKtiirdifi" row^eiXofitcoi' 
irpatrirovtra ^iKrj fj.4y avrtv 

nXtffifv TiftTtii." "&päaatrri traötiv," 
rpiyipav fiv6<K räSf ifmyfx. 

' B«i, 

•OS Tht ixnon.sißn in raimiinK.— co^ 
aOT i (laln nl M.— turafhil'ti M, ot «\ 

■e« rtXfvrär' 


1. PV- ' 

.ii KM., nn.1 to 

Cf. Pen. 6ji, 5j 

ifacing« pny<:r{ = aA. 

u ciilini; a t\K\\ lipon Ibctpinl 
^^Apun. BiiH imivnliing tb« nöbcr 
™'"iii 10 nellun, whllc iMlfrin; weh 
■***■ In ih* uMculoi ukI hunlcnina (he 
■*-«l«irfOT««i%t IM UM. pp. luiH »1.. 
&>l tf. /Vr,. AH« |i^.>rvH.l t*«!. 
,V ** p«*milii« tiwoni, ncninlini; (o which 
»1 «u rolloocd 
II rmii Ih« hy- 

lo ihc orlf MMiii ii nliiiw 
^tWMl. In ri.«.. /i. )i. 7»,i «PI. 
g»»* ^t»i nw ht. IIkiiI« ■■Kl ll«l«i u 

**» ■« (MuiM Ivi IImim. Hhkh |>roci'«l> 

JJ^ '(4«. ■»*"• foli"_"^M;'io) ^ A 


. ioj*< 

ksilr. ThE RtaliiHU Ol 

DtMtnyarc fara1iviua>raw>ii«»|^a1)' 
jircMeil, and lheiliniealt*o(iHljuMntn( 
«unc a ilHnitiling-blodi M Ihinken, 
inlalljr Ihc Epicnrauu |«f. Lacian /m^ 
C*»/.i—i). In /•. f. mi u['n. AttcUjtm 
ihc pmhlnn (usc SikcH mlil 
4c). The Mei;«! rfiliuf^m 

«^ S*i>1 Itn, 

lo Ihc I 

nn( ihe vic* of ihc laxi. äitn 

>l ilid n 

wieml '<r ■ 


Ac>eh]rlii> JCeiii ■• im 

or rmc. and hin will 

In thu >cnK he rnav lic'calleil Ihe 'ilii- 

pcntcr ol (ate' anü omnipnlcnl. Tlie 

eijmiwon of Inle. 


ClIO. Yc might)- Fntcs. -rant thwt Zeus send tlijs 
mation, whercwilh ihe riglit takcs stand. ' l'or word of 
Word or hat« be paid ' Justice loudly crieth as shc gatl 
thc debt. 'And Tor murderous blow Ict him pay m 
blow.' ' SufTcring to the doer ' — so speakcth a saw thrii 

conpemliowtuT'a.aiiara-.thc Inie re 
n*n reanon. «lO tUw M. < 

maiEin. •!■ ->4rH of rvirw » 

ling nuy be nr 

^ |>nR|>cni|p 


owr ativriiiag le jiiJilu . , 

i* now cominc rounil (n Ibe rinhl lidc 

now face each olher ; Jiiilice comcs inio 
Ihc niUlU to ilcciile Mwcen ihem and 
ihcnce Uep* ovcr lo juiii {/.<-• to hel|>) ihe 
(.-avie titt which >he <teci<l». ftn- im- 
plied thi> ch.i»|:e (n [hilimi;) in |ii»<lin». 
not dvK-ilinn {a roeml) Tiom Ihc one 
U'lc lo (he Olher, nlihouch u far a> 

to alomlon il. Cf- •-f:f. ;(f9 t<|U. (iiioi>-<l 
by l'alcy) r4 x^wlraira 1' rj<«\. rl. 

»r« ir,»«^^ .» (read v^/^r.?}. t* 


I <he C 


■anaXIni (we crit. n.|, Ihe ficure beine 
ihnl of Ihc uci^lxcil mhIc wlii-n Zvii> 
lAiWir Jff/.) huliln ihc Inlancc. <.'/. 
S«/i/^. B19 (nf /«u>) >to «' J*ir.f ft^r 
nWr». Hom. //. ig. 113 /»l .Mrp«. 
Tii^a»ra...)!ii;t, Tlicii("n. ij; «c. 

■Oa*q. ivTltU*..TtXa(v«>. Thcic 
need lie nu iiwciat tcfcrerice in vUmit. 
■WnnI Tor «onl. blo» Tor Uow ■ \, 
■iniply thv olohliiheil niaiini, «hich llie 

aiii» icf. h tV'A«vv. i ri' 1) 
«tfXo&cl. TbcniaiimiKeiri 
n.c< in ««« forn.. (./. fr, 
tpdt^n yii, r« .d F.»..» i# 

«#,rf ri. /p{„.r«. ('in.i. ,v: 4 

T, .«1 ra««' /.».., Ivur. /a> 
Sia TpiYJfwv |>Wat. i 

vrhicli l*alcy (|uo(c4 frum Arr» 
4 ,t « Witt, ti t' ip.(. i 
V-«« (a vcr« ii.ii.illy 
|[»i..ll. ApiK^ai. 10 in,im 
<1i<i..n a« rrcicinl 1 cf. ^.f. 
«am f It ßfunit ytimr )ity 
l'ind. O. ;. ji^ vtf^üiw n.' 
Soph-' Tmh- I X^oi ^i* I 

riw iX«nr /t« W^Mfai.— T1 
lüir. //. ^. iC -rVjw U 
KaJHili« Xl>*i. I'luilalh. ) 
((f.'in Acwli.) in U-y« yim 
nSa 4-n> : if. Ag. ijjj »f 

• 1«— «ai ln.i>niiidia<t 
not »jiccify Ihe «iit.ik«« am! 1 
ven the |>a>ai;ra|>liu'> vhii 



milinc, t|>«ch» of Clyi. in (he A;?!- 

bai unered fmin her molher and Ae- 

•11 K|. ^nfa.% ^r^v. Tbc onler 
ia choKn for enphntii. N'oihinc Ich 
ihan ilayini; will Hiflice. — nWra : te. 4 
^«i«ai (uhol.), Ihccc beinc no am- 
biguil*. — l^änm «atalv. It ia ei- 
(reniely hanh is makt ibe dal. depcnd 
OB #«ni (Weckicin). No preOK wonl 


Duriiii: praycr lo ihe ne(h 
aupftliani ucat upon ihe n 
han<l> or ini (Sicn^l AWn> 
in I. Müllcr'i //aüJiu/t. | 
llom. //. 9. 5AS n.\U H 

•<5P. a vdrtp alifäna-Ttp, ti (roi 

Tvvoifi' &" fxaBtv ovpCtra% 
(vOa tr' tvouCTiv tvva-i, 
VKÖrif ^aoi iMTifiotpoi' ; 

^■« Th« |Kww..icn i. nl"cnl. OP. Tumobu..- 
t*ol.), .Uiwtrtf Wunl.«ortli (Iwl ih» »hmiM mc 

&• «r, «>«•> M (t i. I'X m|, t' (•>«•' Khol. [>ui^ 

-V-". tM (J3.ll X'fl ■•'••«•" ;■ ""• 
K**^m Mt Mr* f^' !'■•■< a' "o* 
•l>1>«tlmE lo l'iä aiKl ihE Tllani.|. i<U^. 
"' ' (3«ol A ip* *«>Vm' Imot )^*« 

■1« «m. •_ ^ 

^Im bihticd u> lo ww.' Ui. 'IttXha. 
*^ In tahertn.-!,' iwl u iIm ™I|»1.Ik. 

^f- lIiML //. 1.414 fitwf <-«. W rJ«" 
•JP«** «M rwrt«; ( = «•» mlff rf.« 
SL_«hV. 41II), awl ihc Init ■^MTt.M. 
.2^ the Mlj. iboBM rciuvwni kimiilj' 

^ 1- Ml, n<rfXvi (IW. 19. »fio|. 
'•■^ iKiii. //«. wfil. *wrtrt« (Or, 

•ni (üui>h. /■*. I3)H), aiMUw* 
»f. !«>>(. 

..trrl^nf«*: Snlinc ui>lc Ibc 

■ • VVhal woni ihnakl l 1« rl^X 

X Ucoi >haBl<l 1 Ix rieht in 

ineoneniil]' in tlie iiiclii|>lian fim and 
•^«■1 ffnr v-hkli. huwcvcr, ut biäo»). 

■II ^^^mtM-Mm imulio. mm 
liian Ihc niilinnrr anlithuli ot My« >ml 
/ni"' The «li-*! mar rocriv« Inmcnt 
(Ttet) and iiraiK (■&*). /aif/ntH) or 
olTctinK. (cf. It^ ^P"l «nd MTricei <.f 
' 'inuld lic notitl .i1«i Ihat 
ID yxütn 1309) mwl 

thli wiirlil snil Ihc m^v^ x*P*** 

(of S. t. r. 114(11 i» « Wille. I'..f ihe 
>emc nf (tilTiCHUy in cominanicaiini; wilh 
llw .luvl cf. Kwr. Or. „41 rf.., )4« 
•IiH Yii i.wrifw»' ä^. ( ■f^i'n. So|A. 
/:/. iW« » x»"'« A»™" •*»". "™ 
(IM fWu» «. r^» *r. f«. fn^' 'Ar^- 
Soit.^aJplvai: ■kikUiib il (IiohhIiIih™ 
llie«' '' ■■■-■--■'-- ---■-■■ 


live. l'hiB m *<W» ^•' l>^u(, lUn- 
rtid. B11). al)»™ dn^psaJ .IV>w (//r/. 
(jiB;|. Ihc wlj, «mi^y =f«mim. Ueni- 
thilBBi WC muil nirt den)' ibc con«ioiii- 
ncw (rf mclsphor hcte, nur in *i>lneH! 
(il in connecliim oilh f^ifut- Cf. 
I'iml. /f. 6. 17 (Mtf' Jrl »»w, ty, 
M<2>a. I cS^ /W— rf.Xrf. /•. «. 3 
■4i|t tl'pir OiwHr (ihe mdaiihiH Ivin); 
a|)pft'ptiBie lo Ihe brealh of ilneei»!. 
Simitotly. foi Ai-Äliylni, Ibc ihomjhl of 
th* -knlr pouacc \» tI ^firrt rix'»'' 
•ria. n>.X«; To ihii Ih« 
^4*1 il no oMmIc, «nee il 
or 'coinrnrt' coiuiwini; in Ih« 

. The tervice dnne i> rej^ided 
u vowc to Ihe undenrotld. 
ich« ili d«linuion in ihat 
I will bring ^^*f. 

ÜK. Fathcr mint;, f/ithur of mi.scrics, by wlut worJ 
could I rightly wafc from afar to thcc, wherc thou art cu 
light to countervail the darkness/ Whcn Atreidae stan 

«» HennaDii. 1> tU,. lleimioclb. iyxittr Krani. Ilul -- niay an. 
•14 ntrtu l'imnon.^ltiiitifor M, corr. Erfunli. fr>- «1 wiiuen i 
im: i . itiutipM l'urnebiu. Some cdilioni renwve llie que^^ |< 
•abuilulc ■ Colon here. «ao •/tX^ri G. rtiXgrr' tr Ulumfield. 

ia!f Ma ,.r.\ — linl; of Ihi' 
Cf. .Si<|ih. £/. 4jC Mm n^wat' lit 
watfti I T.iH« *^«n MlH'. 'ii- 
Mv^Km <iimm<>i|. 7'r-ui. 1041 <A 

iK Ihe Ic^s > 

a C. 170A trirmM ttpttr tinlarrm »Ur, 

Otm» continULT. lo a>k 

•Shdliip. /■(»/. 1. 1. i;6'\Vhun. 1. wiib 

|.B.ible to rcjoKC hi> c 

Ihii olnlienl Meel...can Air M Ai/ loi 

w™l « decl. «n,l. if u 

dir^c could l«ini- m..n.' li. 

of Ihe melaiihor, ■ aiicbmoRe,' lw( iliii 

I.y Atnidae likc Klcclra 

■pi<an> xraincd. 

•Ih.» Ab-am. omni il 

I>in.l. 0. H. ti irar^ W <r>r^ ..<■ 

mmr »4»> | -yit«»« i-rireW. I'h,:« 

il ■ |<lar upun Ihc KK» i.r i.i:l>l ainl.l ihe 

Üur. /«*■«. jfN, i)u»<!i 

darknc» löoiib. 0. C. i;oi, ICur. //.r. 1 

^t«t /t #■ «f^^BT». Or. 

&c.) of Ihe und.T»a>UI i.hI ihai of coi.i- 

T.-(r' »»' «-»h™, /»«. 

(bn 10 ihe >inrii iif Auanionnuii in 11» 

IUI *JX«i x<i(""" *'»«" 

■keblionsof xi(-.-i"ciu 

occun in adilücrenl ciinleil in So|ih. .Ij. 

on lK.tli >.i<ic-. in Ihc .i'» 

394 «*«.. i^ «».. 1 /^«.i i *a.-rt. 
rar-, i, ;^.-*iH, crhfil. -(,. » 

XaorrV H-.rii >MUf4«iw 00" ( = 'lii;lil 

dea.l. duc> Ik fA'l il n..n,- 

■ml ioy'l Ti^auHi*. i*irf. .11; #»f Vf 
li^t *tf^. rtr,. 30.1 <««-| ^' .!»ai 

>|iu.-Mi»n wa> Mic al««! *1 

Urcck rniiHl ■»-«. ■n.iilk 

(.i..*.. f^ ^T. 1 ..J lu»*« iM«P 

»«T*« Je luXiTX'"'»'- *'!''>■ '*!■ 'i^i 

.s„,il,. tl. 3H *-" ty ' 

ihiJ. ii;«, Kur. ^/r. 9 

c fron 

T Ar.. 

. . n-l i« of I - 

C(. Khnl. Ulf. ijs drrilwX«- irUaiX«, 
■Chol. £■«. 70.11 drrintf^' Jfvrtttfü. 
■cbol. Koph. <). C 191 itratirixiv tau 
Jftv^pH, uhol. rr<i4. 64I wrUi'fW'... 
leWi^tr. Ila/ch. A^lrXurw vrl rw 
MrlMWTv. A( a fact. hoocter, Ibc 
mcaning of ißTlttttfiv ib Kunewihil dif' 

l fm 

' -mikcui 

I»*#t« /V«. 80: cf. Soph. ^«/. Hä7) 

ai dafk.' Cf. UioG. I.aert. 8. 16 Iri- 
**ifa...tlrai Jr ry •t«^ fit ad n^H 
(i docirine of l'Tlliaeoni). Bul here we 
.__ .L ,_^ 1^ ,1^ ,,J^ 

>i>iirr« J' 06 itnl 

^ral I.' .'(I hU^. 

mi>>*t^ 'i>X>a I '■•■ 

■I r<»wi 1 

•SO afiiXnrTW 

Cf. Ildl. 

e«^ Afvi'rr*! <■■] 

«T*. Ucin 

T*at{ «T}*4(a>ra ,•>. 

■0« A.X.W«. Leu ».11 ' 

puncluale aml rcndci 


uneai?' ) 


iK vpotripoTtaitav h/ ycWt ittirruiKÖTiav 
Ktu. XviTOa Ktti /läraMW tK wKräf <f)6ßov 

Xa\Ki)KaTtft irXatrriy^t. \viiau0iv S^Vas. 
»tai Toü Totovro« owt< Kpar^po'; /*«'pos 



pirnt: Ihc rcAuin f« ihe cle«r "»i™ 
■rhlck Ot. n>« <n nni. recl. u n cnn 
ough, o( ciwnc. h 

Mtihoriljr !• Ihc llw 

The J 

•n«t >«/■ '9' •'k *^ — - 

Ckmdo. lilie Ih« pclileiKt ih«l ' w«lliclli 

I*» (ItrkneM,' (u thal Ihc nulTcrcr cnniKrt 

h »«11 «hm Of »lii!nci:.->iX« ii cuplunwl 

a«« hTpirffi»» l w.T.fc. The« 
^wan)> «rtmll of Iwo wnilrrlne«. «f whith 
^WM h» twtn nvetlociheil: (i) ■|'iiicml- 
Wh> (mm nlnin kin>4»en «'ho call for 
r"*»npB>B«.' We euiool prclcml In üy 
. ^(Hlti^r wh"! •i«ijl u%«ce» niBJf h»ve 
fc« B ilewioixxl ttiim il>e mici"«! '«>« "' 
■ ■^ ».«TftwMt ■ii«ocuil*il "i>h rftarftri- 
^CZancMlj. bmew (riecpt in ^jf. IJ»; 
■•whe« 1 hywics r«>ivT^niM /»Wai. i» 
^(t miUiUfy It " »pccUI ftpfili- 

^t't lhciiup|)llinirD<pi]>ir<calhin.(l|lhc 
V^BDilgiallly nian nniHirilicil, (r) iho <U- 
^rlnii)' Rirenglnc lihMilüsillincw. All 
. «Ihm mcinini;! nn here MiArral liy llie 
_> _.~I_^ m,..^!. WtiMtwT thr 


inyinü wanl<. WhHhcr Ihe 

«hc oHiniplIm U 
kl urkllT willi I 

• <lnn IM 

In I' 

n,<mli*1>Ie. Wilh 
.libovi-h im gominur 
rrvalrw*, pnetkalljr 
• tiiHiTl Tini ilru 
.,, ,t,.l r« (Soi.h. 

inini' rjf iht luiniciiilc i» iluuliiful and 
Icnily icchnloU, Inii il *( lo'l *p- 

W, • lurnint il imo Ww-lt-Billioca.; 
I*T aal kirra n.r.X. 'llic l>nl 


t. IM. \ 

r. /W. 

II4H /»««vrwt »■»♦iw« '*■" I ■■™»" 
«Mf (of CiHMiMlm), So|ih. Aj. 6jJ * 

«.y..ilcnm. Cf.i.f. T.l>if.»(>tvM'*.i": 
nri. ili) »«»' 'W*i:'f»'. Kur. fr. 4,5 

" /•rifrmin >uch 

ilwl r>^»>t> o'U 
cnniKC1»ini. Cf. „ 

|t|«ai«l liy Kl.l. «hcre Ihc 
nun. «cini; Ihc munlerci In h» 
haunli. ttiiüJni nl «^rr*»«'»' 
nfirrti »r* Knutr rirmr, am 


I {not unnatural aflcr a tan- 
aicnlboU) In ihc ihapc of 
li<tetr#ai lakc* ihc i>lace o( 
a. .4>4rc»fai Ol 1^ mit,— 

II jUr 

^ _ lak« 

ihal Ih« p«r«nlheM< liai lolalljr 

, . ., r*.*.. Kar. 

»IMi W>. IJJ. 


blood-pollutions lyin[;on thc race, thc unsecn shaftofi 
powers, frcnzy and vain terrors of the night, harass 

no rcst Aye,' said he, 'hc is drivcn at last forth 

country with the brazcn rod, a carcasc all debascd. 
If onc so sin, the winc-bowl and thc genial libati< 

El. M.11:. [>. 674, 
M, corr. Kobonc 

npina [i.i. i<m »I l.|. Cf. Ag. 
jr;M|q.Waroiwi... 0X07*1 ii/iiWHTwa 
«J Zapuntai \ wafigui' tirtWTtr WfM 
bTtpttiW,,,. i.^.<r«ai miy Ihcn be 

VerniJl would hnvc II in nny cm.] 
asa X<^"')^BT irXitrnyY*' An 

otncgrc eipie.sinn. Hl. Maj- (p. 674, 
10 1 Im« T\itriyi <i aitni *•* nS 
wk^atir rup' Alix'''^V< ""'' " Ill.l'J'cllillll. 
Thoiinh Weck kill, wilh winic rvaton, 
l-c B ^;ul■^^ and ihou);h 

9*0 »iq. nlt 

' Ihe. 

c llw f 

I7-I, Ihc il.< 

9*0 »|a. 

nculccune 10 avcnin.- ihc j>,i 
ocla^ian fnim humin h\ 

O. /'. 13!« (Ol Ihv »laycr uf L 
...|i_iir' ■ii«X'f*^<"l7 'ff' 

iir- or.1» ir^rai. E«m. 

M*r>{ cnipl.iycil in iiri.ini; mil an ay« 
(cf, l.ycoiih. 4l'>*>'J^a'V("^"T0. üne 

»'^ ; Mar« /<«.«.., ,. 

furui uf Mouri;i; Isit Kil)> ZIiV/. yJn/. 

•*...?„,-* T-. The e«lu- 

an. jf.«--.™|. c-|«c.»lly i( .1 h».l «.ly . 

fükl.^l nml rcliuiou,. .i 

pair of mcisJ chain. am) I>cl1-Ukc knobo 

answcr 10 » (ihou^h it ina) 

allnchcH, miehl vciy ennceivnldy 1k ki 

whcte. i-g. P. K 4WI, Soph 

c»llcil- Thc Olli ini-lal. bnm«, wuuld 

Kur. (J>-. 41I. bul 10 T-, the 

hc cinployed ncciinlint,' In cmiMrvalivc in Sopli, 0. 7: 417 "i *■ 

i.*..\« f^'pAi » «j ™S r» war^i ] 

|L^ .„(«»»»X"!» >' -r"^^l 

/X^ «Of' 4, 7«! r^J. I.<.i».^ ä^ Ihun.- 

Ihan lunwx''* a''"«-': 'lind 

i> |,lalnly a .cfcrcwc 10 ihc «mc JirX« 

*ii*r.|.-kiip.rfhF Sf^i : In npimiilinn 

mS'i'" *.Xrar«, ,.1*«, ^tpt 

a mancil body'i in>ii;.vl of \,-^UrTt 

a»l Murr^rt.» X.^ 

lion.lflcrlhel.™(uel. O./. 

tlu.- ihm' rnrlai are >|H.t:i 

unu.- (Vcrmlll. Cf. P. V. 379 (of 

i^la (VTiv» •^■raia' X^ , 

arliüai 4iri»wi{tvi | ...r^ 

Mmi I «•>■!. Il >• nol clcar fniin ihe 

-ai,:.. ^H», iViM, .Soph. /. 

cranimar whilhcr ilic body i> marnd by 

tTxM twififrt Hn/fai. ho« 

(f. S. l. T. Iftj <.Xe«i>ri.r i, 

hcini: joincd m XuwW.l Of liy Ihe 

Pk.tH. 174 "rii OtXauiarn 'fut 

nvi);ei oF thc Icprusy, Iml Ihe latler » 

7. 11 ♦•*««>«{ *-».X... Th 

^Jw- in ihal of willinciieu 1 

riam XiviaJorai rA rüfia) aml in iliilinci ly 

■wM are gnurcil wiiIhmi m 

prefciolile. l«ih b«aüK il «ivc. a .i«blc 

i.roof of i^a#Ha »nd ihcriii«^ a rc*«n 

h-M no timple adj. fonned fr 

for ihc n|iylsion, anil olw bccaiuc 

tvcn rM'fJt iloc. nol M> 

Xniiarf^i il kcamly Ihe wofd (o aic of a 

derinei 'imured anKmi; fri 

Mhc wwiled lilall«.' car«l 

of Ihe .hip «» i-obably larRcly .y«- 

fron Ih« Urtek.) 



v^o-TL9 TLf'^ti X.^ö^- 01^ ylp ivTtKn'i 
S^pa. noTpüa wpotrifftpeiv <TKi)irr}p.<UTi,v. 
ovnt Se (tä/ii T»ivSe t . 'H)^KTpav Ktyat, 
15<w viptcrTl croi, waT/WTTtp^ vöt-D^. 
äfi^ iftvyiii' ^ovTt Ti]V aiiTrjV ööpMtv. 
NM ToO öurijpo? Kdi o-e ripii'TO-; f*6"* 

(ffW ö/Aoi« X<tpös tvSawov yipa-;; 
övT oUtov yivfßk' äiroifiOtipfi'! iraXti' 

ovr' <ipx"*ö« croi irä? Ö8' aüayöeU wvdprjv 

!■ tclwl. Ulli« wen; ricM. wi misliiei 



M. »'TW 

at« iiürK ««rqi 

M» iq. «4 rlf Im^iit «.tA. See 
(riu n. We on h.nlljr wart •**- 
■WFp^ wlihwt riitlher eh*i>cc W^. 
tm^,.,. «mrtyiiiB "0; «n« ll » 
■hMM impmrll-k 10 nfc' w"X4« (ncrou 
trtt O 10 ■>»•"'■ Vermll'» mimmo« 

MMy »«lafiwlorj «nie. lit. "foc 
M( luovcT oO cliaie i< mit nil1-En>wn, 
b brtnii theif fuhet« |i«y 10 >hi n«t.' 
Iteiltif (iba ««T^ Kkawn rcnfkn 
•■M «ni« "»leiritl «M («Ic™« »eMlio «l 
•facndam bbIo elhiiin': ,rtt\in i» 
L BilM^rf»«. i«Jrean<i^«« l-ewnilieil-— 
M^T. «. r*- *X.^ (A'l- -V' ,''■-'■ 
««(.-«TMi -Ih« iLlnc "'■'■" f"*«' 
Im^M.' Ol« MMl. rli>r. « diown Ol 

Ihtcnitinnl liy »lii». I») «llarive !• 

>iriiB«ir ■-*»•'**(»»'■ "" "'•; 

'trinfiRS honw' Inim khe chue. Cr. 
Ä^. A iioS ^ ••rf*' »" 'ft- 

*»?i •»» » «M «tA. ! ■ So .1«. 

(l»oil Klcclra hcre (il« (Uufi'»*' "^ 
Ac3tn.. Iiimichi Ihm lowl,' 

■»• «ufct.Mi-i'. After •peokinc 
In iMin meiaphnr llie l"ci hw conveiied 
il inl» > liinlle l>r •»<■"£ l'" E^™ 
"L'P"... -'.„j ■ co[TnTion<l<nce 

-c in illi- 

wniil tliki- Ibem).'— d|4. 

Ix«« : Irte «^ 

n. er. i«8 

ßUßV ()[.«■.-•*(-• 

«««c- (u6 n.l. toi 
l„;«r«w »«(i*< ("■)■ 

>•«—>■> li " ' 

Iliew llne» an tnoktti liy Orr 
thoiilil I« uHCned » by H«nn»....( ." 
Klean, li i* ir«< "«! "«« '»"f 
■mneemeni •mihi C'*' """ T™ " 
e«ch .[««kef. I.«i l-'Jey • I«™''" ("«< 
>n ptKlk» «IhfT Procni«e»n) Ihet-y of 
111 iniiMBiphit or lunoel^M»n eotreipon- 
hu liillü lo rapimrl iL Wh«*B 1« l«J'r 

■n «ccirleniil outcome of Ihc 
mncii'le ihil eieh fmemf on 

■ pouilile in ii>eetb or 1 

) Ol Dreuo. aiace (>) t 
>. 111 wobM I» ibn; 


npt. I 


in iiunjTcr's grip. since tlicir chasc li.ilh not thc full-gr 
strength to bring tlicir frftiicr's quarry hoine to Ihe nest. 

E'en so m^yst thou behold me and this poor Electra, chil< 
leTt fathcrless, banished both alike from liousc and home. 

Nay. if thou makest to perish thcsc nestlings of that 
who gave thcc sacrifice and paid thee mighty iionours, whi 
wilt thou ßnd a band so generous in tbe homage of rieh feas 

If thou shouldst makc to perish the eaglc's brood, t 
couldst no morc send tokens whereor mankind werc surc. 
will the uttcr blasting of this royal stock scrve thinc altai 
the day of sacrifice of oxcn. Foster it, and from littleness t 

Mut£rave. Weil. | .— Eililon IccenluBle nl rt lo Ifae delr'imenl of Ihe »n» 
TM •! Ilermnnn. ata iwo^mmi M, orr. m. a*a (.'4i»h M (vii 

uipcrMripl by m). The error wu due lo itlciiticnl pronuncialion. tStutsr F 
»• rtnl«; M. Melre pro>« läwitit üx P. T. J49. In ^f. 971 iiiriWi i' 

Ihe ^x lyini: b 

(heconeluiljne p , 

nenllon oT allerinei ( 

tnyol hmue ippeari lo cnme' Inllcr Trom 

Ihe fvnt^ who would himtelf nwlte 


&«. ; 'nny....' — »«9 •mjp«»Tp4i: 
•ihn (*ell-known1 ucriliccr wre (of 
oaR>),' *•"%>" iKinj; a i.uun u««! nppijti- 
lively M «i'lihd^ cf. ^/. SBH ><>rv< 
Mit wfinrf, Eam. \i/< lafanarÜHi... 
U.U. ThiidifTen >i^n>ricantlyrroni r*J 
Hmnt, implying ihal Agim. ic<|uir«l 
lor dnccveilJ ihc liile i fi-n)«.— nol wl of 
M •hnilil not h»e liccn illercd by edi- 
lon inio i»l w%. 'Ai ^r honoumf jtH, 
•o should jwH honour Aiw.' 
39* «|. ritn...-itfi*%: The Knie 

> nmlie Mich Ol 

39» «1. *Mii 
Unoi -Will you . 
e>fti> from w- itu 
■wti-rvwillihinli lil 1 

(when he sen bow you h»e deall wiih 
tu\f' For iheiiipeal to tht tclf-iniereii 
aflheenUcf. 116 (n), .Vf. T. 76 v^.h«( 
r i\rf («ri I' Avif» Uyiir ' | *Mit 
yi^ ,i tpdirttm JWfur.t tI«.— It<ti: 

a*T tqq. rfT'...*<T'l 'm 
*. I46 (n.). Thc caglc ii Ihe •pcciil 

mcitenj^er ofZeus, »floni 

npint irH iiiytrrtr. il>iJ. Jij, 8. 
0.1. 1. I4fi &c. Cf. 1-in.l. /. S- 49 • 
Ipt m ^M'V W^f" *i*r I IV);*« W. 

•IrnS ffnU'. Locicilly Ihii 1 
inclu<le lil e.-^ila. ulfrn; iK^im; Ren. 
Cf. Soph. O. T. I4I4 "■ t* »•»'.;' 
«r«,x""'«''" I Wr.«..-4"W 
Ku> il<e fvi.C'.t«! n',>rd cf. .'i (n.|. 

a»« M). ^tiif. To Zeus kini 
ihe gud-s liin^'^ [AwTfFCit ftaftXivfiJ 
nn.oi>|; inen whil ihe rmal U|;le » am 
l> 1 br xock ("•mi') fium wl 
kinc groMT shouhl lie uulrr bii ^le 
proieciKRii ju>l M il ihoukl in 1 
i.|i(ci>l1y honnui him.— «h (elhic, 
wamiiiL'l \\ iherefore apity plac^.— .« 
rholty bUrfed. 


Cf. l'in 

. .V. i 

ßDu#vT«ti...^jfcani': cf. Eur. //.V. 1. 
fi.Mm. i-Ml»'. Soph. Tmk. <t^ 4» 
imvpt^r*' am! '^A'- 1*9" »^■•«^ 
«ua^. The meanin« ii nol MiniJy -»ai 
licial.' Men iiuy pay Ihc imallei uli 

nay pay Ihc 11 
n. I«l ibciB will bc fe" 

Creai dayi 

There 11 icarcely nore etcai« fn 
nippotln); a miilure of metiphan ih 
in ShakMpere'i 'Take irnu acaind 
HS of IroubiB.' ll ■• clIresH-ly f. 
feicbed 10 tindenUnd if^fii of 'deckir 
wilh bonghl, and, if we ioa|;hl ll 

Söuoi- SoKOVi^a KÖpra wi- ireffTWK«f<u. 
XO. 3 iraSn. ü <ruript! i™s iiorpo!. 

yXiiircnis X"?" *< '*'"' ''"TV^^V ""' 

.OP. o»re. i/)o8»o-<c Aofio» ^eyaire««!! _ 
vpi,<ruo! «X.imii' TiivS< «Mvrei' mpa". 

uioriheMSä- EV 
t«9 »»tai 



iwMbo Ihr |»nki|.iiil -.■■■.-. 

-■ I nnt DO E>r In qiUMiy m 

tfittn) (.lil.limlwve »■eil w- 
■BiMkt Ihai 'Ibc familiarilj' nf H"--« 
«nn>lr«CI>un> in Ulin .Iciulen. our pef 

^r^ »JtK» e»™ (• 'hf Ejttum«un« 
Wul Ih« lirmn h*t ■ >'M coini«» 
»a™). H.U. 7 >♦• .h-M* »iXtwi .«'4 

■ht> wat »Ki««'|. Loneinu' (» 1 ,l' «■" 
„y ,* ,i i»«.X.*.rt«. *"ft ^r if M 
T^Li, *mr*^: .«1 W..f«. lU <m>M 
Im» iiipit«s! Ihi. irfim.i«iic*tly W 7» 

:«'l. So h 

-«rtHr«; Cihe ha tlM il 
;, M- iM rwf Art! « «Jg 

^ itr^ **■■*« "**«'■ "^ 

no Iwlp to th< 

^ir«rr«nEr«'i».öt 'h^» .- 

„y.^0. .Uliooeh » clor '■"'"« «cur, 
ia IT««. IS- 106 ri fi. "— "IJ^ 
nj-nj- to 1« comliiiKil. W. !"/■ jo?- 

lulnk iliff»re1«e liclwi-cn rtiHt, "'"V" 
,o«of wnmin« lo .he !"«..£ «"'1 ''""Sh;- 
Ic«, on'l rt.«.*hkh»i™-«>»'fe««'?n- 
We mich! K-KlCT ■chil.i™i.,.<lc" cbll- 

Ihn II lell lo li«l> it «li»e— *"*« ■ •« 
•'■Ü («.|.*«*r™...i«TTrÄ«. 
II i< f»lil« lo Ktt »n ei.t.l«n.lii.n of U« 

( re™ll. H « I™«. ""^ '*" 

clM« »n ■">"" of '^1« l^""' '"' ""^ 
neinen ii th«eliy««'«" f"' '^ "™- 

ficance W« 1»*« •" cwm.ier 
IrM Mi miy 1* ""^ in i™l»- 
b)rMnio>ill) '«' »no ""nj""«- 

,n A/. ■«/ 7: I JJ9I «nd "1.1 w. 

.[KCl Mth M octawon«! v»eill«- 
<^nr. her. «rf in PI«- f^- 

[,) Ihkl. lince il ii oolr »>T •" 


canst raise lo might' a lioiisc which sccmcth now lo b 
thrown indecd. 

CtlO. O cbJIdren. saviours of your Tathcr's heartli 
lest onc overhear and for talking's sake carry thc tale of 
do to our lords nnd mastcrs. May thc day come when I 
them dead and in thc spurting pitchy Harne I 

Or. The miglity oraclc of Loxias cannot play false 
it bids mc face tliis pcril to the end, and, tvith urgent voii 
loud, uttcrs a frccziiig tale of woes to make the hot 

ma* Schocininn << ihii chai 
lalion; DinJ. brackcii »7+— i^S; 
1117 Ihroughout. >•■ M oi 

Tumebun. -><<■>«« W>i|i M, corr. m. 

iierbliciUy AcM-hylcan iiiieth lo I 
f, hu bc^ rmiucnll]' rvjeci«!. 
l- ihe mark of Ihe i|icaLer. — 1 
■70 tiiiapii^ M, cojt. T 

»riginni uie (ariec vciIh ihc orulc d A]<oilo (itiS— 19;) . 
linn) Ihal a veib like foiccil lipon hini by iialuial £'■£ 
lowcd liy the (ut. viih his own po^il■an (joo), aml | 
lint; (,^i «iq.). tur llit prul 

l. !>!>. 1 

aas TfXilgr» n x^*' '^°' <'■< niere 
pIcBoure of lalkinc.' Cf. 11«. Off. 709 

ISI4 If^tv X'P'tll. 'Ihe.«- If. ISS 
yXtirtm M't"'l''>'X'P't*l''"'—'nrt'... 
nSi: er. itom. //. 1. ij; ,1 «#w» rii, 
Tina ri'Setmn tofirmiiirtur.—iirmYtlO^'a- 
Od ihe Inwlvxnvu of ■Danci'i canun' 

..,./ r. t .,6.,. 

Iie [lart iiLiyed liy Ihe l!>elphia 
idenlly Iwlancctl 10 ihe 1ra<lil 
— '- - from ■ Del)ihic epic 

ci lo lielphi ei]>ro>l 

I B'ai 



T.X. Won 

r<l lliat llic /m I.i/u 
In l^uripido, Ihuu^ 
niusi li« olicyeil. il» riehm 
»lioncil. er. Or. ,S ♦«, 

MS«. 1-uti 

» .Sojih. Pi. IMS, 
n DmI. Mir. 10. I. 

cf. ,«/.j«s— iyi! 

Willi guitn, as in Kur. äUiI. 103. 

aa? •■rJmi..,^XaYit : '■<- -ilcatl 
(aiul. 10 make tlic in.-iltei more iure.) 
iMining in a ficrcc Kte.' an eiprc»ion 
noi unlike nur 'ilea<l and Inuied.' From 
ihtt may l< eiplained l^ur. /o4 ji; 
>T(<H Ml vIfJirn. Cf. Ilom. //. 4. 98 
■I «• fj( MrrVXagr if^^tm ktf4m Mr \ 
ti ßtM- tiffi'rra iriVTl VriiUrr' 4Xi- 
tw«!.— fr «lilltt nn^pa ^Xrytl^ lil. 
' in pitchy ipurtu of flinte,' Li. in (lamei 

>•• i 


Mrai (»/). In Verbs cif lhi> cb 
0I1J. i> niM reiiuireil. L'(. £i»i. ti« 
w/Miti (A|iolt. Iii].!. Jü/v^. Jij 

//;■/. S95 * #>\rar« Xiimw (i 
X(lTM«l ,.' .houl.1 nnl be reaii|.-A 
|Liva*liri^ XfHr^: cf. £«■«. 61 
iu\i<r»u Avfif «u^wAni*. Tlic <.-> 
lion lecall-, /.g. 'II(>uX<«-i ^ 
tlie iiiighlyi^l ofprophccy'; lh< 

uaLljr miy be regarded aa |h 

«hich wan Ihe 
pyre. er. Kur. 

■XV***" »v^ I Hftiait 

■ndec drcadful penaliict by 

mighly in Mip^rorl. — mXnw ^nol i v 
ii lo lie taken cla>cly oiih w/itltlnit : 
bidiling me."— »ipi»! d. f^riiu/nm. 
■70 «4{*plJlw. iimtiTi^nf 
Kbol. Similuly ihe tebot. an Ar. . 


jpömv TÖf oÜToi». än-affOKTtiwii Xrywi' 
äiroXPWWTOto-i £tj/u'oi! ravpovtitvot'. 
tMv 8' «^aff»« T]} .^iXp »KtiJ roSe ^ 
»itrcu' u' txovra iroXXi öu<rT<p<nj Kaxa, 

"W«il »1 **'»-, Hui «mo-e Ihc commi =1 Wv-»-- 
-Mi irfl« II. l- Ahm». "* «"XW"^ 

aia "1- I puiKiiiale wiih 
3 pi.»u ™ii ahlon lltim-mclh. 
n M li'i xp. m). ""■ Schiili. 

.«41 JH«<r«4f«>' t..t4»«B Awir«. 
Tli. wonl iknotw ihm l« duli.rninn: 
»11 ■FCCTl «ml «iKi|Uiv.«:»l. t-f. T47 
i,ij „i„^™r. soph, AV. rw. V« 

nvTi.iriw. K<K Itw >owf wy (mm Ih« 
•dytum rf. .M i»<»*«-...'X«". '"/Wi 
,,X\j 1 he cupliiwlfnn « Inn wnra 
(ln[rn.lM.lf hy ■•" CTUwl' «<» *■ >9-'; 
Ap.dIo dtHverwl himwif "rtlh unwonlwl 
dilBcm «»il i>»h>lCBrc- Therc i> i» 
«■«•«»to" 'ti-' 'h' ™''' "»' ■l«liv<«d 

e<«lcn«.i. IJi.'BMiniwchllllnBpl«!.;«"" 
«•Iwrie«. Ih« mniilon of »hich kbI » 

*««etf hMh wilh /(.«i.*»««« (-'«wline 
kuia MT l»" 'T »•« *""'•> ""' *"•*"■ 
* ■ *»»« f •»«l*nL- ■ Chili 'l^"! »' • "■"" 
»C Möe» crinim«' l>« "■""*' U'".'"''' '^ 
SX^ -'^i' Irrb-rr^ .«aj,. . -* 

g_j,,-(^nrir c(- Ri v>x>»'^>' <">• 

^» ('. Ji" *■'»«"■ rt^"- Xi>»«™. 

- "- Mt- *«**." 1 -'"»v, ff *'■>!»; 

.t. 9^ .J«*. '*'», '■•'• 

4h.), Ulhit <>(''■'-/"'/■"- 

— ■■-1 i]>p(ed«t>-j ->■■■ 

.„„ . ..,4»*0T*''' 'fili"f' 

«,r»ift*. ih. r»-i«. of ih« ia»!; I 

•■ukins llw "'■"• Ii«"i1 ■h"ri'J*' I""'" 
(<MV*1, K ho-*.«. e-iiW" ih«' « 
«Mld Mwi« b» *h«' '■'■ "i"«^ *"'' 

/•l v*»»«. 

. lx»i- F"'. 

«e «1.5 (n.|. 6.7 ("l- ««1 rf (Ih-Mel" H^" 
ciciicmml ■> <liflrennO Shiktpun* 

CT- '«r r 


ridllB/r«. —"•••»?*•■ Crnnmmliilort 
h.i» feil Ihat Ihi. «nnffl <l«[>«wl M> ™ 
«iriB«. nor (hin«, i.p«n fram nibcr 
renunn, t( n-p ■/rnju an ha«ll)f l-e 
iBotliPl off Kpnriiielyl on ii«»»«"«'. 
Ntvctlhcle« Iht Will « •"ww'. "w E«*- 
IwiBE nf öiHimlcncc («|.iij™h.n(: il.e 
e«.«1)!'mix:iiitntofn.yf«lliM-.' K.ncilr 
limibr >> \m. Cyr. 4. «■ » ™«H'."' 
#« T«l .«i**! «'V «.«I i.n#),i.»-u. 
SM nolc on I4!i f*< "'«i 'f'T^'T' 
wotili- 'in iKe ume «ay. (in*l H 

iwncluale >l «irl"« n«! ""« 'h"« «°"'» 
wilh 4rrar«Tt»u in ihc Knw ' *iih Ihc 
■amc nulle' ('Uile b. inlesH, im|ilicil 
In Ihe »ilMiion (554 sq.). 1*<> «■™l)' 
In ihe poini he«. Ofcri«» n rtwtlllnß 

ICo ih« juMitc. of Ihr <li«l"* cnmmand- 
Th« ininlthincnl i> I« 1w no I«» <><"> 
-«Ihlaml LH. ■likcforlike.- 

iMgul. it 

Ihe loa» of my «li- 
hu bwn inlnicil 

wai' iinaffcclcilly < 

inc «.»tie Ifrwn «hich oihn 
aie «i^icilly di«iinpii»h«l in 
>W «il'l '» wie«''*'' »iniply '"j[*'|^*"' 
" ««Uy fcr Ibc puMokl »ml 

'liouuh ( 
1.<) ■ 1" 



shuddcr, ir I avenge not my fathcr on thc guil 
' Slay thc slayer,' saith hc, ' in that lierce mood ^ 
mulct of money.' 

Yca, he declarcd that with my vcry being I 
debt myseir. in .suflcrings deep and dire. 

Revealing to mankind how to appcasc ang< 

iXWt^'"" Sophianu«. ^ ,—1 

1H4. f . IT« ritw M. 

mnH «igfc^lioni. Thc only ctrur in inc na iics in t. 17a rar « t 

>ü>, tttttti). Iliii ipnne trom TACCfMUiNOCOTC, Ihc chinj^ ii 

ciw Ihm 'Acrcdy tl 

llial nmncy Cnnnot p.iy' (ihe ital. 

in»lnl),— JvaxiiWTatris-which 

. drluaiw«, iwk 
Ikally «ynonymiwa vilh |i 

I. Ixring 

%1t u|. aM* I' K. 
nC .|^f) if mumpiive ol 
<m tfauMfUrat. ti fiq ^r 
t.ii.l ihal I myM-lf |if I 
/*.*()..,.■— Tfl ^g 4nxi 
tcry lifc' IMh an. ar»l 

Cf. I 

Xcn. ih«. I 

;in Ihcy n\<ni 

r froni, ibunc ., ,, 

tj wt\ir xpanr Awi 'payllicM 

rin. S«[>h. O. f. 90a 877 m| 

ra-f> liki: Ir' «Xrllw. reailiiic^ 

komv can« cr>ukl hc cu*vil Ln< 

iiliics in «htni Tl>e ci 

I ^.«rf /y. I 

Ihe pcnally inuii l>e inllicied on ihe 

ha<K ari«:n |>arily ffuni ihv uic' 

perwn. ileiwe ihe pliruc ira«iir j 

relatite aml (acily Ironi ihe Icw 

drariüai. The case Iicfote u» n dr*. 

fnim of ihe ojit. yartf ■ A» emci 

»*«"«. The |«enaliy » ileaih. Cf. 

wonli mcnn liicrally 'f..r, dwli 

nicn ihe »ays In aiiuca»« mali 

li..j'Ami- '* "'">" 1" »• <- Vv«'*— 

>^t (flWfl,) 1 /\»... .Ui >raX\i >(. 

makulin llicy (Ihn« inHunc«) 

(>. II» Dcacle loM h.i«. «b.« 

T«».!/««,^.,. 7-.V.4-917. I>ciiu»ih. 

(,« /»«rr. ijjo/«.» .eniark. a, ili^ 

Ihem.anil hc gave warninj; of Ihe |>1 

gniceful ciHitlucI nXivr^irimi avry »3 

»hich ihcy pnnlucal |f*t -|i»>VJ 

lUtX^ ftraiy «viiTy, t«»rn ^'iri 

which niuti Ik Iwkcl U« tili thc a 

wipl »itiir »fTn. rf*ri j>r^i rail i^- 

r..^.! «1...4/r^l;^«. *.*(«» iwi,\U-n.— 

Apollo liai Iwcn »UIr»«) tjwciltcall 

Omin, all ihe la-aagr 17J— 195 i> 

general rcfercnce- ttt u thewn uy fyt 

t^,p, Mä. 9> ^*1 yif .M» "'— "' 

(IJ7>, rx't movnit (190), an<l ihe |> 

tCfill lrtnl\\4iw imu. &w<»«u (iK 

yw'v 1 "S^ ^'i"« « PW'- »^ 

«•T««» (104). Apollo hai »am. 

/«ifM^F, *n<l Iht phrue r.u,>,Ur flX<T«. 

OrcUet Ihat hc will •ulfei ir«XU timrif% 

a dncripiion of whai bcralla minkiad ii 
Hfllfa fallowed iriq^Wly by AXa| 


4XU 8tir\^? ya.p T^trSe napay^y^ 

Karo, yyji -^Sr)- löv i 

-OP. Tovro öuiiiirtpt^ bn <c > 
Urt' inep re /St'Xos. 


iM unon Ihp ofoHntl wilh hnnd» 01 feet, 
i-fncLlpl in >1k tlouWe rfi««/«- 10 w«ke 
■n<l uti;e on (ef. «J V ÜrfU^ '"' 
irtiUtir. wiup:) Ihc Chlhoman powere 
■ITuro K -rf c""^. » mela|.lwf fmm ihe 
whin «llh dtmitl« laih linown «• IhefcrX« 

M'"! Wi-. 6*7- »jn*'' '*{■ '*'}■ " ">Vn 

■ - — ' '-, Cf. ij^ir^W 

4H (*>!*■ t'- T. *!■ 

<««Xlil Y** U-.I™.I ri» Hit 
'- ' n« olijr- — 


[lue« >^"< lic in 
ivmlctnn of ihe tkii clntur. 
«Ml m ■ <»• e( Ihc c]<w cnnncciion of 
^cnw. The hclg> rram behw nctualijr 
«nm» ihroueh ih« 14:»»]' of ihc fid>>a->n. 


mn luniw: 'i!«« honw, "idl«. 
i>. roch« il* ilin)iiia<ian anil (Hea («■ 
Kr. arrivtr). S. i. T. jso ImiT« **T" 
aa <rrq«/Hr.— »r lO*: 'oT Ihr one«Mle 
(m 'c.ii«'|. The st"!""!»/ »w «■'«' 
neul. orni»"«.— «tp*t^ («- 4ir*«(*v«uil : 
•niniian..' wilh a refcrence 10 Ihe In« 
eoutl.. Cf. £""<. fwt *^«V*< «■ '*•" 
><(irA «'V (!""1 conle»'!- H"™- "■ '"■ 


ETintc<l 1 


^W (■!. 

bul <■ nal cofiveneil inio ine men irtkk. 

\V« ahnolrl HM rcnlct 'whilc. «1 Ihe wk 

oT llw raleri" bnl 'while, of ihe wher 

•Ue, thoueh Ihef »rc (i»o*l ihe rttong.' 

— - x*P- •*X *»*■ ^^^ "'™" 

lifin lo IhU ilie npetUl mcBning Ibal 

ferini^ 1156 X"l*t "■> »" l*^"'- 

tf. 769 1-* »»"*•""• * "•'*" 

W XtMT I mXwratvni llllfiaR >'- 

r.'4-<v.r. («r - 

laphor ihxHighou 

c. All*)' Uaiher 


But thc thud of ihis double scourge goes home. I 
our cause finds Champions under earth, whilc the hands 
who lord it — yoii wretchcs thcre — arc hands of sin. 
childrcn who havc won. 

OK. Hath this I 

tched, lilce an arrow, right home 

li HDuld 1« euy 10 u^jeeM rmvi ('in all 

ä\' air. Thc letl, howercr, tt lieller. | . - 

S7V M hat no |>er>nn-«en. UP. T 

|corr«ie<l from di)- *£i SchUli. wf Meinel 

••O btr. M, ton. llernunn.-äT(^ 

ih-mghl. ncomiMnicil 1>y a (,'aluce. 
{iifil H haliiitml in fannw mn- 

rm «url St (wXXn vnfnim. Cf. 

I Ihe ncvesviry re-ervnlinn>l Shak. 
'/. 1. 1. ifo/)ii fit inyliarrri/^nuii)'/ 
phn« liiX\ar yiywiTai (ini|ieni.| n« 

rvitjhUrfi, iraßalrti «nil Ihe 

( = 

iwhai» I 

rou'). 'l'heHpro'i 

piilieulnrl)' a|iii]ie<< 

dkl! (cf. rmuritn Tltq«iVg|iu. riin-p 

rXiVrte fbu &C.K Cnningtifii wn« in 

Kiirch of ihii >neanin]> wheii lie rrretred 

10 rKttt Ixiir nt ^pttSmi. Cf. Thent«. 

»86 »..V-^>*f Ix"« " '»J- .■£«-'*-. - 

wIn ihe diy npinM ihcm. Set v. jjfi 
wilh Ihc nnic Ihcre. — yrfiw^rmA, Thc 
perf. Iiecpi uji Ihe nMinnof^lqi iheauc- 

(OlherwiK WC mij-M rcndcf (i) = Im 
xmjU tAti. i.e. '«eeini* Ihal vou arc (hc 
childrenlof Ab«™.)' 

muri«).' yryirimi bcin^ C"*" 
■7a— ■•« TheMS^nilc 

thiii |Ki4*agc aA an x-^rLion i 

fii-rcci niy car,' ahbnui;li (I 
racl Ihal :•(«' »huuhl ansner l' 
V. .)7Ji) ihecc b nnlhini; «iic 
characler of (he hkl ijweeh k 

icivvinl 10 Ihe f.>lla<>iiit;' ««r<l 
„.X«^ i< ihen an a|>u.d(<>|ih< 
In an aliruj» J(-cliD.>c. Iicturi 

ilj- iliviilinf; ihf |>a«^agti inio 

ing (uilh S(e|ih.i Ihe aecenl 
ihcM: ililliciilli« iliiappear tog. 
Whithvr ilic «mix >houlii I 
in On.iilv> (w lijr l^<^D<) nr »■ 
\yf a oclioi.) can lianlly Iv 'Icci 
lernAl t^rmnilii. Ihil (il Ihe 
arraneemeiii /« ali>n {j,(() nii 

■n of Or« 

llul II 


rnphu l> Iwller .iiilul In Kleci 
•?• n«T*: thi« ap|>eal a 
iMltw^tl: K. Ilironch ihe ea 
«n« i. cariicl nn liv «np « 
» hicli « nis)' eiihcr lic cicccii 
Witaa^, yti. hke an «rrowl, "i 
leu proliaNr fi>r .\e«liylu«l Si 

&c.). 'l'heiimilehcieeMtc'iHi 
inel«|>l»nf in Kur. Or. 1 »ji •!»( 

(•f. ji «/. See cril. n. aii bi < 
acce]Hei1 rrom Schuti. Inii. ih 
•enie in perfeclly ipaol. ihe c) 
■halle fuclher fnini M. The 
recoenite lit u |ircii., while il I 
th« MMof «', hü|ircietvcd ■ wi 

ivtpT^puif ße\oi 

»ivu, irtJTTtu ICO reue 

t% CK vvKTmv tfiößov 

t Kparüpos fxepo^ 
AofTirövSov \iß6i, 

ik [ine. I — **(H» M. 


rCu für «iriJ Tar^»« "«■>"£<'■■'. IM 
mcnnini; uC ihu inniclnlc in doulnful aml 

ami aal hivn k.tA. 'IIic tint 
«•l li HCKclic of ^\h (iK)) : the MOind 
nva ui illinliBlinn oT Ihc kd««a (Iwrico 
itM ntnc. wrh. Callnwini;).— fuirwM 1 of 
ImlltKinnlinn or frciiiy. Cl. lii>^- 
Snrtm, IM. leo nXXal wi«Ju> rtoni 
nl lun^rHt f«>lBi «piVww«, Ar, I\k. 

1 148 fwriirwt KtB^ipwi (j(«t I mt*'m 
li>at (dT Ciiunilni), Soph. X/ Ajj t 


/v«. 4 IV ("ci.w rnnx'f*'- •''"■ /'■ «^fl 
yd^nl .i«.%«i)»«t— Wc ina]r cucu 
IhM f«^«»!» WM n t«r fra^ria in "ucli 
eonncciHH»- Cf. I'lu- ^jx- »iA n— k 
(cinMal \yf Kl.), whcn; Ihe mnnlcivO 

hmintt, ituulr» «i To^rr^tHrM «Äfii 
T^mi hM •vtaw* rärw. ■■•<■ »/■ 
JJ0.— Mtl SuHiw«H. hilhcr (■) »l 
^itiam. 'c»en' or 'in fine," or (I) an 
anicnlulhon (nol innaliiral tSM % oon- 
>k<cnJ>1c inrenlhcHn) <n ih« aham et 
tfärT».„ai tvitttin Uka die pUM of 

rt)um%. Kor ihc i^'»- cf. 
» 'UJivw fi<Mira irfo N>ui. 
10I4 Xlif «o^rrii rf'tr 
I4H ^6y<tr xnril. '"-' 
XmwM». *i«1 iHf. 
(It ii |K»ilbic, » 
(iMvIew Ihal Ih« p...... 

divcrled Ihe cDnilmctk 
«B*— 184, and Ihal nl I 



blood-pollutions lyinfr on ihc racc, thc iinsccn shaft of thc netlicr 
powers. frcnzy and vain terrors of the niglit, harass and give 

no rcst Ayc' said he, 'hc is drivcn at last fortli from his 

country with thc brazcn rod, a carcase all dcbascd, 

If one so sin, ihc wine-bowl and the genial libation are not 

,. (- 

■■"!■ i 

•irr, (d *.). Cf. >*/■. 
«...»Xa^h uiyr wiir/tM-m 

ciilier puiiiie or mi'ldlt-causaliVE, an 
Vcrnll wouid have il in any cue.) 

aa» XB^»|U^ «X^VTiYYi- An 
oWure cxiHC«ion. £1. AAi^. (p. (jj, 
m) lui. rUrrtyf li odmi dH r^ 
wX^trat *tf! AlrxAy. and m t tutcliim. 
Thautdi Weckicin, wilh unic mmm. 
bcllevci ihia In b« • Eiwmi. and ltUM|;li 

' lhe<l< 

.t rX4.« 

nrnlcciinfi 10 aventt- ihc jiirenl. Thcir 
^KU-ian from hu.nan fi'lloH.hiii <tu 

er. Dem, if^. ifHx'ff^^py'»'-'!'' 

»»rcl, Ihr iniir- 

U. Icaai pDBuliI« thal rXA«Ti>{ vriv* Ihc 
fccusnhcil iitnic fur n jiorlkiliar fonn iif 
liimt emnlnycd in rinvinc o«l an 4vh 
(tf. I.)>co(>h. 43II «TitXirv iiUT-,y,). One 
fiifni or tcouri,-« (lee Kkh />»-'. ^m/. 
«fl. /atrun), Fspeeiallj' if il hail onljr a 
p*ic or m(Ul chlini aml liell.lilic UboIm 
Bliachol, niicht ray canc«i«ali[)r I« 10 
callnl. The old nielal, bnmie, Yruttld 
he cinplured KXunlini; to OHiierTAlivc 
'ilunl. In S«pli. O. T. 417 Uli »■ 
ii>^>X<){ iif'ftt n aal rtü vtü rarph { 
4*4, rc' f( >fi rifflf Jtir^rtvt afi llwre 
i> iibjnlr a rervrciice 10 ihe tami: livXi; 
|i4rTi{.— Xi^rKr Bi(U|i In ai<|ii>iilinn 
lu Ihe iiihl. oriiür»»iii Mriven Ibnh. 
a nuinixl lurlir ' , iiHiea.l oT X*fiw«frTa 
Miiar. Ihii ' >iraii|^r aml inore conlcniH- 
UOB.' (Verrall). Cf. P. V. JJfl [of 
Typhcm) «aJ >b 4u>ri>r «I i^^afw 
l'liar I «Irai. Il ii nol dcnr Troni Ihe 

Kmnimar whelher ihc body a fliarred hjr 
i<l>4;nilie> fnnn ihe HXniii^ (rXilfnw> 
lieinii jalnetl In XaimrHt) or lijr ihe 
rava|-ei of the leproty, Lwt Ihe lallet !• 
wpiwited hy t. la; (cf. liippoc J07. 38 
rWg| Xi«i«^rai rj *w(>a| aml IxliMincily 
)>iTferBl>J«. liDih liecaiue il giTe* a liiible 
l>toof of jJ««iia and Ihereture a reoan 
for ihc «imtnioa, anil atw liecaiue 
Xfiiarllr i* icarccly the word to a*« Ol* a 
juMiliBlilf »ooiit][l(i|i. Moremei Ihr oh 
0/ the whip ma probaU/ \ugn\j qm- 


ifrani a 

aV of U, 

to. »hlth 



1]. >U|>h. 

0. r. j» (..r Liu- 

laycr of U 




»irt rpH« 

^^- i. 


.. M-t« X'(W'*iI •<«' 

. 1 lilli^ 1' 

iw' tt 

u> irii>ra 

.. An«. 

.>» irofo«. 



™-, »,M.« 

.- [ imfi U 


War/f«. r^»{.r... 

ilur. /. /: 

V47 "1 


-IIJ.. Ijicij 

n Al/x. 46 

ttr r« 

.rt\, T,, , 

«X<" eJrt 




■,;.;;;".• r. 

poniun in (.luv) lurn.' Cf. Ag. jit 

atl ^tXwvMM lupMt Ihe libi- 
lion afler ihc l>.iii.).>ei. Ci./r. .•; [»Iiere 

iiM fh\irif irifta. 


r^><>.Jv I 

Ku. 1 

• i,i>^«.. 

cf- S.t. f. ifij ^\th>'H> 

I. )1 «OanMi^ l»iX... The iioliiMi in 
^Xa- il Ihil oT willin|;neM : 'vhcre ihe 

FL-quiici deniiilinn, and ihe old« (Ireelt 
li.-i> r» limple ailj. («mied fnmi m^i. 
ttcn iMvvJtr do« not «cur. (Ken- 

/lijfiy, St\(ir&ai <i'> ovre irvXkviiv rifd' 
irävTiav S* irifiov irä^iXoi' dirgtiKtw XP°'"I' 
KttKÜc Tapi\(v0tirra irafitfiffäpTto p-öpff- 
Toutlaht j(/j>j(7/«)tf Opa x/*i7 irtwotÖtVat ; 
Kti ^^ iTtiTOiSa, ToZpyov tVr Ipyaa-TtQV. 
iroXAoi yäp e« tc o-Vfitrircowo-u' t/te/)oi, 
öeoS t' itftiTfjLal Kai naTpo^ irtvOo^ f-^y^ 
(toi 7r/>Ö9 jrie'C« xPVh'^'^'"'' »X^"'*» 
TÖ /*oi itoXlto; <'t> £v«A«(rTÖTom ßporätv, 
TpoCtK övaoTaTTfpa^ tvoä^ip ifipevi, 
ivoif ywaiHotv (58' vmjicdoue rnktW 
0^\tM yap <l>pijf tl Si /iV. TÖx' «ürcrot. 

r O. Mllllct, *i.V\«^i> Cftuflubon. 

Icy. >d^a lliiiJcr. B»7 lU 

'Mw^ invioilile.' 


^_ ..„ . ■ #W7t (l.»c. 

r. tfi)i>«l*M>M#u iSoi-h. a r 

•' >mI T^iiK »iHnllr iHwilile. 

Mba ihc cIm>« 1 «i|iplcnicnt lo Ihv 
■du of »ae 11)1 «■ a whiila. vMle n 
R iMrarlM« ii u * Ihlrd ctcliiainn 

> ..n„.n| In > Mfi» rallwr (onnullf 
aUln^.— «*n. K>« iIk iHnio'ünn nf 
^•■(im afr* (■« »e of iinc nc(;. d>t 
■•) ef. ^T. MJ »M^,.Mr. 4WT.X*,, 
m, Sonh. /V. ;;i iuim pV <<••» 

> *« ''X'l. P<"^- f- ■« 41 •*"< f 
■ ■r^t...(f<^ru I Ufi ymi. M./. 6. 

Mm. litt. 111, WYfws um %pit%, 
• 4*;. A>. Wv. da«, tlill. I. il| <tc. 
«IMmi 'MC iW NUiw 1a>l|[lns.' 

> va-c k «leUnnJiial b]r Untrfu. 

fhaitlan nf I Inracc I Iwl rvXXtfnr nlnoc 
in loo curt fiir ihc nmning. 

Bt« -tiinm m«y I« |r| ncM. {wiih 

ri4^\v imlqiendctit or looMly nllkched 
hy >cuiniu|, or !«> pmlalily (»t m««-. . 
Ihe cm. IielnL" o( Ihe ifiM (cf. *"/- ftj4 
jHiMrAtlnfuiAi-).— 4n|im: nM»u (whieh 

ItyiiBil Ihe Eeneti 

ihc ecneric »inu. *^iSn-n (ii 


« (.-., 

II Ihe « 

-,. .. .— Wher«n r^x.w.1 

(cnibiliRing) pfnpif i> nerfoimeil wiih 
drui^ iihI cswnc» Tut Iht |>r«cfVnl)on 
nf Ihc IxKlr (Hill. 1. R6, l'lil. /^ib*'. 
§a C|. Ihii n^xfWK in ihe wirk of 
uhrivclline lli•«^«. Th« «chol. quolei 
fioni Souhmn (/r. fi.i) »4 yfl^i *#■»« 

l>ve<caw. Cf,(.#»l.|*ir«(7iM- *»»>»■ 
n i:^\ s« KUhntt-ÖUa Gr. 


for liim to sharc; fron aliars too tlie fatlKTs wratli. albeil 
scc it not, kecps him aloof; none takcs lijm in or lodgcs m 
him : and in the end hc dies, denied all dues. without a fric 
embalmed in crucl sort by an all-wasting dcath.' 

Sliall I, or not, have trusl in oraclcs likc thcsc? Even i 
havc not trust, the dced must still bc done. For maiiy proni 
ings gathcr into one ; bcsidcs tlie god's bchcsts, great sorrow 
my fatlier, and Ihcrcwithal my pauper statc pinches mc sor 
and that my countrymcn, most [rloriou.s of mankind, who o 
thrcw Troy with gallant spirit, sliould thus bc at two wonu 
bcck— for his heart is but a woman's, dsc shall he soon leam 

[Orestes and Electka take t/tcir stand 
the foini.] 

«•■ «IWTiirrti«.. I 

■OO TfMn^fti I 

re«h. >. 

de 6 


■r«. iKsii 

f. ihc E^tniyii Ol « 

aOO «l vp4« «t4» K n»Kh more 

pnilialile ihan aal vpftnUIn. In 

'^Mfcl, (flMUnui. 'fWltv/fWir IIhI 

ihe likc Ihcre ■• mich nn ■>)»»»■ Mnu- 
link belwi«] prep. kikI verli IhM Ihe 
Ibtcc «T s^M' ii unmiiUkable. Cf. tJ.(t. 
~ ' ' V tLt. Hut in vp*rn<i(i> las in 



uriCa^ yt Tflit, 

Cf. /•. * 

, Ihiii 




Ihu Ihc 

fl^r^fhe iiKcnliTO mrt lo ihc ilred of 
bkmd, »hieh ih« »hoL« >««.• h» tiem 
aewil lo juMiry, «nd ihii ii tm« oT ihem. 
FU» Ibftduct -dM T-. The «.!> 


...KaXXivdunii n »J SiflMt vp«t 

•Ol Hiq. ti *ut ««U*«« <t'> 
NVA. M hu T« |.^ nWM«, which 
(-Mr> Mt) make. ihc clauK «pic» ■ 


(i J' lyt r«f<4rcrft, tfift iH ili 
vlir«. A£. 1649 y».;«! «x*. 1"; 
itJuMiale« (ylly »>ih r./. Kui. /. A. • 
Ihndid. 6s, Suffl. 5H0. A uic 
■hiulaie lue ol ynm, lihxdit 'li>\ 
leanwd (beller) ' occun ia f.i> Thuc 


SiKav S' i( öhiKov airaträ- 
icXüre Si rä j(0ovltav re t4/ku. 

-XO. öXXä iföfiOi /iiv ^oi-ws oTayocos 
YVfiiiva.'i fs irVSov «XXo irpoo-aiTtw 
al^. ßo^ ya.p \oiyov 'Epii'üs 
ira^ä Ttüc vpÖTfpPv tltBifitvaiv anjy 
Mpav iiräyovtTtw iw' «ttjj- 

•OP. wo* TTol ir) vtprlptav TVpawiht.^ : 

t&tn woKvKpa.Ttii 'Apal ^Biapeviuv, 

«nd w xA*. i - »■«'* -Vf.« Ita-nbereo. •»• »«Jt««'- 

nr * bj m. •« i' it >houW bc peif pan. ). The leiil ■> Ihe ce.iain c 
b._ >•• XO. *u «ip|ilicd li* Hctmnnn — IXX' b^iwi A 

I niofl nlilHtru, \myit'Biiirit K«li. 

iih • npcncripl by m).— Qn. irv* '' 

,., . n hy IhM bull. 

Are»* «tet" •>•'< l*«" "' •"** "il'"'- 
Sht c*nnni \\-<\<r Ihm ibe HHtiicWeb* 
Oral« will Iw M) KcciTRl. *I|Ihni|^ 
il matt 1« ivrrmincil. See Inimt. pp. 
Will ULI- on 'The IVoblem »T luMiri«- 
lk«.'-^.#Ti ^™».. a. Xcn. (>r. 
j, ,. j »i«** I' flfiw '^IHai, Au. J. ». ( 

.T*^„ I 

(Tb« wiiw 
bnond Irrdhct liji rnuline^ ""i" "—■ 
f«. .<.# t -i^«« x-in. >■>■ ■'l'l'UinB 
Ihcu h««<l« " '*"' «"utunc« tiiiBhi lic 
pwB lo Ihe liBcl," Ihc oi>l. i" Ihe rel. ot 
E«l cliinc l«in|[ «■ «BimiUlion. u in 

Ttm». ytS •"' *M»*c#»« T.I I yintt ... 
■fai, I fnt ß' twtk'ltna i* ritt», t—n \ 
tGim. >Wtf- 00]. n. kiBm)., Kur. B*HA. 
int tea: Mt^- t^^tLiiMylnm... \ ... 
Hfl«, fcr.. rV J-V ••<(" f(rf«. /W- 
t». Ai. JVam. t6 iq^ Aleiii «/■ Alben- 

lufifklum luiHfrt IX mlifHt (Uv. ii. ät 
niber Ihm l>y «nylhirg in Gmli.-J«>- 

ic«lhic cf. /V". 04., r* Ti «U *XX« I 

'potret».' Cf. *«(•'■ ''*'»■ >■">""'*" 
(404). Snjih. <f/._6ä9 i4 *ti»i ibI t« 

^^••» iXU yi,ut la» N.T.X. An •<■ 
turance in Brnwer In ihcdmibliDf Elcclia. 
The »*l»l il. slalcd in w, .411 »qq. LiL 

i.f.^Ay>od 0( mn'rd. 


e*. Cr,* I. p. 1 .8— 

. 'uk in Mlililion' tniM 'bcg'). 
m ». joo "-(lit »i<fii. llere 

hmiEb *™'* «hanee u necei- 
llmlion lo \myii 'Spirtr a 
■Biible in itielt wul iMytt k 


thc land find assurancc. Nay, I but ask that «Tong mak. 

Hearken, then, Earth, and ye sovereign powcrs beneath 

Cho. Nay, the law goeth that drops of lifc-blood .sh 
the ground demand yet other blocxl. For thc Avenging , 
crics loud on Havoc, by rcason of the bale of murder don 
fore, that brings a second in its own train. 

Or. Of what avail, ah whal, arc the sovereign pi 
beneath f Behold, yc potent Curses of ihc slain ; behol> 

«ea <r«T<><«' ^ Uolhe. Vermll.-^r' irg M. I hive reslorcd 4w' av- 
«O« M hai no penon->i|;n. OP. lichail (wilh Mhol. on 4II), HA. Ikrm 
riwüt U, rtpriimf nfvriUt. ItamlRrc«. | . Thc l.>iie tyll. ii allnmble in an; 
«OB »«iix^'ur .M (»iih < oicr » \iy m). I have wrtiicn ^isfi^rw. | . ^„ 
H. L. Ahreni, n^k^w* O. Müll«, nfi^i^w licrmann, ((Mifriw KlaiMn, r 

:. (of i: 

I *<.^ is 

»ij. i 


'llavoc' o 
»nie 'call for' (^.ly^f«). cilher 1 
Ihing (cT. Vmj. Phml. 1151^] rC^ 
liKJUatI or u « pcrwn. A*i¥i> (cf. I' 
/■. (i. 3(1 ^r nuh tr, So|ih. Tu 
11% Jte.). We niay he« rcn^rJ Ihe 

The I« 

ng iniualienci 
'^; 'Wbal I 

Cf. I 


!ijirtjlill!£!ili. Iiy 

lakinc i-rv u in n|>|K». [o Xa^ir we nia' 
«inttrue (i) 'The Lriny>. wnt bi iIiom 
kliin l«rare, call« lipon I ian>c, a mischicf 
brineine lyei) anotlier lo ailil lo miichiel,' 

miKhitf 10 thow fnrmerlv ttain. which 

ind e 

iV lxf% (lüur. PkffH. jAa(. 
e fHimK/iif ('hnw long?') 

ily lues"!«'. a» n> ^"py*. i 
» w *«'<« ^*i!|iMr Ar. Lfi. j 
!(■ Mi X(>»' ««a(ui«t.- ll in p 

ipjHHe an cIüihc of lUnrt, lii 

njtWpM* TwanilSit : cf. (ijH. 
«Ol M|. lbT«,..[Strl. All 

V biul it 



r rj«r* 

uft Zfi'i 

«tt* nih 

a,) . 

miuhl be 

by *»■ <TD 

■HKIeil by pronunc.aiion ikc :<iei9ieT' 
hani Gr. All. /hii*.^ p. 48I. Reilorine 
4r' a^, we may lenilei "in coniiqucnce 
of llie miKhief tione lo ihone >1ain bcforr, 
wliich bring! anolliei in ili Iroin.' «vp» 
j. rightly e>pili«v.i bjr KL ai fn,/^ir. 
Cf. ini/l 956. I'ind. 0. I. 71 mwit nfil 
Udurftr, Tbkic. 1.141 fvar« cA r*fii r^t 
i. ^U^ir. Tl)e*e 

Jöllnvieil (t>i) by rtrtywoiTt Iqra. — 
-"Ba.i!«. C[.£M»f.4i94i>i<~i->v 
Stwrit ai'arj •Jira. | 'A^ 1' (• efn 
vr.1 ■■•Mm«». S.e. r. ;o 'A^ r" '1 
nrpit « i>rv**'"4< (where iJie lau 
illuHraie^ wiAmptttit. cf. iNiL 964, 
— *M«l>fn>i' apj>i;an ihe eaiiesi ci 
1 of 4t<i|ii>w of M. See 



r. only ii 

oT (hii ui 

al Ihe c 

■iilhoi i 

«e« wrtwrtH: viih ibeuuMm 


mcmiiDn. II ence Ibe lei 

of ihe wonl», wilh Ihe eorreiiwmlen 

Otn, Ihiti, a agiinii joininj; f»,f 

'AtfiiAir, 'otihe waning Aiiciilae.'l 

"m^y lo 

OTi/ia. w? r« TpdwoiT' öl-, 0. Z«v; 

Kcop TÖiiSt «Xuovo-ai' oXktov. 
xat Tort ^«►' SütreXTrn, 
(rrXiyxva St fto' (reXaicowrai 
wp« «iros itXvoiJo-a- 
ÖTai' S' ttSr' in oXKift ipotpu 
dftpcc'. iite<na<Tfv ä\oi 
warn tö (^ficdi KoXws- 

«es ijiiHpi"« M- er ». 11- 

'""'-'"' IIA. KoWr--"- 

«ea »iriffi-jaFiirai' w 7.rf 
iJ KtÜ >n.— »» '« Elmsley. 
-"■•M M. eorr. Tumcbu».— 

wilh ff in n 
■ »11 ;. Aam lu llciniaiiii. u.\. ivouuriciio- — ..—.-■• ■-■- — ; 

11°.. A .K.* ;,;ir »r* .";zü:-'sxsi 


41« «q. 'nX- 

' «Tir^ M. c.., ...... 

)m m. (An<«^ (heitci 
iwv M. The Khol. "1 

Im -Atp«*». ^ ""'''öu.«"' Th^ 
a<ir««coni™iJ.'ii;o"i- , , 

GdS « TW «.tJl : ihe finel cfT of 
Kk (u Iht rcply af (hc Cbonli tho»). 
STbiiio 2m* "^ ''•e "«•''" t"*«" 
IpiMhHirken. »hercitOMlalum? 
tiMiq. «inXTu: rtaiucnllr ued 
'fcai. Cf. StiffI- S7.' X*WW **'"•" 
^ l riXXcrr »f.t **#^. I9J ■**""*• 

■t (u «■«/■ Si>) i» il'»t "f 'h« "»'« l^"' 
*■ ■■■•- — - irtMliiiiai, TiBtiiit'K. n- 

E!n«r*c:i.-r.u Aach,i.f«Hi<rf 

ib comMnMion, m«ily in »equenee lo 
fr {ü. «I4l- H"« « ■■■•.""" "> ' 
^Bihi BMiPicu«!, o' eoniinui» • rc- 


il' irrt, Ii* ri»)(««" 

teo6. llerellK«ii«i*Wll<'l'e«™'='l"nC 
llkc Xm« (or riXU-} lu tttna t* «ta^fc 

in Euf. /. ,*. 49'. ^'^- jB. -S-'i*' y- ^■ 

,. S« noia lollo«ine. 
E a( thc iiiali' it. indccd, 
ounn (i>r ibc cflect o( ibc 

remnants of thc Atreidac in heipless case, flouted from house 
and homc. Whicli way is one to turn, Zeus? 

CilO. N'ay, then, my inmost heart is all a-shudder to hear 
this piceous plaint. Ves, whcn 'lis thus, hopc is forlorn, and my 
vitals are o'crcast and darkcn in accord. Hut when anon ihe 
st4r$ of CQuragc sliinc in stcacly confidence, ihey clear away gricf 
tili all grosvs fair and briglit. 

Conjecmm co»cr a iiige in Wecklcin', Appcndii (pp. 113 iq.). 1 h»ie wrilKn /•' 

AX»! ipipv Sip"'. i^i"<^". t - "ihc 

rye of thc cojijiil wu Cbnruied liei>eea 

tfmf and #■,>. ipi-n ai)|itLlTi In havc « 

■currid alw lo Coninpon. «hile lufneLiii 

IX<f *■ iw^tpC. A-ri. ii,4.,^,w H. L. Ah 

itin <iLiXwlt^, ■•/rrwti l'nley,«»' 

«n., <n\.f «■ ipä^,. tift« ..t.X. \V«l;. 

Idii. «IS npin ti ««»rs«!. M°< '«X.^ M, ulihoul meire « khk. fu< ii as 

K>l<la<n confuicd, | ,— •pii r« «.«rr.iai «U IleiniKHKh, niiiUking ihe >chol. Iq.r.), 

(.TULeriiiE humriun of f«r, anRer and 

3. 416). *iß* (Xcn. //iVr. 6. i). .(.«.^ 

Ci^r, a- in IJDm. //. i..aj ,iV..« M .W-»* 

j;i*i.rii, >()dr,«ndiheiike. Koilhecom- 

«^rit a|>»< I^Xuni [ ir(|iirAa.r\ Thn^n. 

binalion of ih« wurdi cf. A|wii. Khod. 1. 

ri9v «*«»ii|> <iii«£< iitXt.m', iuf/^. 

■ S1 JXTciX, w€,^«Ap,i„ iX.i.—if,in- 

;9J (qunltfl jn>>. 4091, «tj. 11; wX«»- 

nui incrcly 'aie lirni-Ki' (aiihoui-h ihat 

Xlr-r «v'fl' **.!>#*«'•. #***V, «/'. 1»! "J-i 

nwai.iliK .um parallel : cf. Af- v7' •**'■■■ 

tnii ■Juni' wilh ihii cort nnoiliCT rnmilisr 
notion, deHved (u ihc «hol. on in/A' 

M^.l .vwiti, tf,, 1 ff,.i, «Ua. t^t^]. 

In» »illi > reference 10 ihe uea.!; liehl of 

/^. temarkt) iwi rqi «aXarvTii, im 'r 

Mart in (an wealh«, aml u oi>iwm»1 lo 

I. 64 i^i\itn U n rirr«! tr' ii/rigr (>4^ 

iyiX^rt r».Tii l*.^<. 4H. ^p*f>Or.t 

wliHl upon (he wi (ai'. 4- 4<>>l piciuie 

'»•'.^x*», l'ind. A'. 3. 64 riAavY'r iff 

ptcciKly whal ihe hearl here fedi. 

äimlLnr in thoiiEhl ii l'ind, P. 9. j6 ^;Hv 

i«^nd,.|, i;«.. £/. 94K .iSX,. r- *,-,«._ 

r •« «jidiMi^i *pifv. 

«» «pit liTM: nol 'Ol Ih« »Ulli' 

ouiaor.J ihi' crie." (uhich i> ihe darken- 

(whvn i heor il) liul -in accord,' 'lu maich/ 

infcloud: cl. 50x1 and n.). li u-uuld 

a. wW> r^. fw«, rl wfl» Iwo, ; and Fr, 

nul 1* unliku Aesclijlm lo be nKinwhiJe 

ifnfH. See pJw.j+riP*. *(».,.• (n.). 

mtecsliiii; a play u[^,n ix*''»- 

«1« tq. iny 1' air' 'lir- cIXkoCi. . 

«IS wfi% ^ ■♦.vi«. «Xm I« 

<X*t. Scecni.n. Knlanilionor ihc KU 

ciil. n.): 'Uli it niako all Icauiilullr 

■niul air^.'Cl DOly InXiili anil «papi. Ih( 

britlu.' ^i^.r i. .w( aciuaily lo-nü. 

mt beinR iboie itiu|iician, Hinccaisi in 

liu« liic ludiiaiion of verU in -l{i> »a* 

pfonnncialion, ir' aXnü repciwnu iht 

aln»'4 UBK^rictni («f. lyniV *«'Aif-^ 

minimiiRi chan^c, anJ in Ihe |ieculiar tf 

««JM »i(i »rnie e<la<il are ä>af iL.iWn. 

comnce o( t.p in -CftpApHiOftpC- may be 

prvwrved only in Ikkk. AHrr,/. p. j6i. i. 

oT Ihe iilural a 

0ifrt{*) urobably preienled furlher dif' 
ftcally.— iv' dXiiBtf...laf«(al: Tcelin^ 

to,aHlhUuport,eachather. ^Viaioccunin 
htEur. / r. IlSj. a. Ijcd* (Hom. /Z 

1 flat. 

Ä'</. S06 u anil ii Ac>cli}l<aii \P. I'- 554 
^vati I <«Mr dXIuFHifu /r ti^fäeii- 
rtu). The ideatof britihlneu and <heet- 

verl) ii iran>., bui nquim no objecl. 
^arittt n\üi wandi an Ihc Hme linc 
wilh i.f. ikU, 2>X4n, | ftün nXi> of 
Tbeoci. 10. 


)[0(fiei' ij rävtp 

yt räiv TtKO(t.evti>v ; 
2 5' own BiKytrai.- 
lo^/xuf 430 

M* IN re Km>-o-ü« 

MBU, OP. Bmhe.— r( !" b rdmi rix-MH' 
iL ((MmtJ. The «etonil a. wm rcmoved 
ftoei|ilun. TliealiKiKCDriiinlheKhol.. 
M* le«. nw)- 1» licniliunL If ihe oric'nsl 
IM. »lone in qnniioi» cf. soj nml noi»i nn 

aür - 

IwficTent plana in difTi 

copiu (1.*- W 1* 
.. »~ — , »Jen lnlerch*liEnl, 
Ijichinann. r^owuv o'dT» 

milcrine »hI ihouM 1 
ID ine mmiier i<f ihc gicnon ileclaicn <u 
be Itarrm- (i) Mute natural ii 'Tliey 
mij (irihey will) I17 Id )>liieiile. bul IhcK 
pieb are n« iionllKd awBj, lor, llkc ■ 
Mvo)^ wnif. mir wtalh, liaut- '~ 

herwir lo (hank (or Ihe implocsMe 
lempcr we «hall iliopliy.' Cf. Soph. 
/in/. 471 i^W rf T^nic' -i*" ^i ''»»1' 
nrfiAi. rind. P. H. 61 ri ycnwu. ^nir^- 

ni I ii rarifur irii>«l>' Xffia, lih/. i, 8} 

tf. «hol. to &iph. 7>Bi-*. 975 »»•.;«*■ 

Invm. er. Suff!. 1066 «# H e4\yta 
ariffXiTir — kfsMt ihetundlnelypeirf 
Ihe unlameabk. 
[The inle>}ireUli 

Apan from bei 
Clyt, (ai Ihe c 


Eu WKat plea should most avail us ? Shall it be thc4'hanii. 
griefs that we liavc suffered— and at a mothcr's haod ? One ""P**- 
ma/ cozen ; but of these there is no sooihing. No, like a grim 
wolf, our temper— 'lis our mothcr's— knows no cozcning. 

Cna In Arian sort, like to a Cissian wailing-woman. did I m 
beat forth ray dirge. With shrewd biiiiiß strokes, froin this sidc"^™!*«- 


m Ihe c 

hti Ip« : bul T i> JMe mmXy lo KColleclion crf iwptyin— 
ficU t w^rrMn^ra u natei ihan ii night appear, ihe 11 
»■X™KB»TTa. taXtwi^ir* Bolh 
i . nXvt^fuijT- il^, It,:, Haml 

). »[lue in 0. Muller.— 
I (a ,zi-Uni Mhidi sup- 

\0TmXMy,n M. "' 

IlmE n 

<■ i .-»V M. c«t, kul-> 

lo yietil, It eniirelv ruini the illiiailon and 
Ihe ehamcter,. There ii ni> IhmiKhl of 
auythinE bui vengeatKe in ihc mimli of 
Or. amTEIeclm.] 

*■■—*•• The tecond pari of ihe 
niuOt, «iiine forih ihe lale of nrrone 
(4171- Kor aliUraci of ibc maller ace 
'. p. ii«i», The arranceniei» i» 

a + *,t, 
Dir u 

a + J.» 

I Cho. 


Kl, Oe., Ob., 

"Mi"™!«*. «.r.X.! »ii. .1 ,h, liM 
i-f Ihe murder. To unleniaml h*^ ia 
B prea. wnw (ef. 107, (Si) Ii lo deumy 
ihc trlnikm lo 417 hj. and ihe uniir of 
ilicme in ihe whol« wcllon. aiivrarar 
■JF Un) i" deciMve aeainM auch an Inier- 
prnallM. 11 i>. indccd. prewiuabie IhM 
= Okhiu iIoo actualljr ilhuirat« lu 

"X"' I ...iftiiSitti (ilioii£li Ihey aie 
^reebt), Or, f\i)i ulXirim mOu^tr ofix^' 
tuim, 1 ß<i^<im «>»i*«. alai'. I 'A«.at> 
pMr». In An/if/. 71 «m, ■ l.inian tuiülea' 
nie »poken at, and in /Vri (|4aihepnila. 
i> tfwintf i> ftnpitrIivH. i.t. frum 
N. V.. Iliihvnia. while Mi/. 101} w« have 

edridJ TB TiitM ^"ApiW. Il(,inijr 

tchol. We neol nol .lenianJ of AcKh. 
Ihe lalcrgcoyra|ihiMl pieciMun.actording 
to »hich Ihe Aiii beluni; (o the ajwcuil 


he Moluj hut n- B laiii the 0hl Pen. 
'■(>f (Zcnd oiVivfl UM an tihnic-il lille 
erfowed upon Ihcint-kn Ujr all Ihe 

•neanmi; üy cune^Mnihnc KcMum, jav 'A^at.— <* t 
mach BS emj- opikmuiiiiy wwiU bt claiue i> aa 
(aken of relioinj; ihe kmg jnwwii wiih iij «quoicl 

aireci ihü 
cnticci iianiJalion.^Mfuir Apto* «.»Jk. 
The trageliani are fonif oi reCenlne 10, 
and meannrhile ilhiMrailnc. ihe nlnra- 
L-ane«> of A>ialk pf..rfi>H<nal liinerua- 
iiun, dunliileaa bcuaut ■•' ihelr eteellvü- 
ne» ai Iheaincal aUf^tnt (Afi.1. fim. 
■ f I 9) antl bMaoM hin» «T rnttlBn 
culon» wert gralifylne lo Alhcnlaa 
Wri.*iy. er. Ptr,. ,,) ^l,„..M rt 
KlMlwr tU.#N' { i'Tittrrv ^fllu, ] ti. 
rtOr' Iv« yvrtum\ii,»iii IfultM «*£«•. | 
Aarirfn.! J ^. ><r\«,i Wrf ^-tfi. Eu(, 
/.7:i79*»wr l-i>*^rm>*tL.fiitllmfm 

; I.«]'- 

«la UAiprepiM* ■'ifntrfiiBt I f eiych 
er. .»<//</. I ig Xif/. ;(^a Ji<^hir(T4 
'^ (» UMuHmi ig^pH iJ/iTprri MSSI. 

«8«-«a7 Tlw^chol. remarkiupo« 
atl lhi> pauace. wiih in üuld Ciini|>uai)>l(, 
(nol ii,-on V. 417, ai i> 
po<cd| Hufi^i'm un iiB 

pounil woidi. (laXifra if, 

iif U^ 


ijra<r<rvT(poTpi.ßTi rä xe/>Ö! ö/^t'y/iara 425 

ivwBev avtKaßev, KTvv<f 8' iinppoßtt 
MporrfTov Skithv <ca* wavaß\u)v itapo,. 
.HA. tw iä» hata. 

vivroKiii liirtfi, Sa&its iv tKijfopait 

.OP. TÖ iräv drifia/i cAefa?, 0(/ao(. 
frarpof S' äri/ioxrii' a/>a rcia"» 
öcan ftji' Satfioi/dtf, 435 

(wan £' äfiäv \fpütv, 
eirnr' eyöi votri^ttra« öXai^af. 

M iwbh I «l">»« I7 m). «■• »<rt*#«> B«ml»rip;r, bif)«» Hnwenlnt, f .— 

«nwM'« SUBirr. i . «IT »^'rw *»» M. «o«. ni,-On ihc breBthing (iM« of 
i^) MC KUhncrBIm« Cr. tJnmm.* I. p. Soi. «S« ilA. wu miiii'ünl !•; 

a Mnller.— lA U M. tt l'iley. b.11 Ihe «nliiUr. ii not rjuilc cirt.iin. nor ihr ruic fof 
taUrJcelMmL «>• ^«rv M. con- SchUU.-faJnt M, Uia<i H.r. ^w>) n. 

•CÜMlIr to twpri-t* {P/n. lOjIt, ia 
IWii (n uJ fM T<nl*> r'f'r XiMrtn 
■^(•1 Md irin. In Ixnh iir wKkh ike 
NM« !■ 'B'lpH'*! Ilshl.' mantitKi. 'I1ie 
•oRh «f« |i«nwptnTal(«l lii r^H lliioiiuh 
I br-tmti et Ihe nvii (**«>«)< i(<ro ihi 
Uon'fMhoM'nr -Nutimne.' Cf. iho 
pMWta IJ «qq- Wx"« r*» «rtry «.».». 
mhI ih< nwn iheic. I^> «dl ws mlithi 
•MltrMand 'wfih clcncliol n>i>'l l>ul ll 
k diffinU la eiincl (wlih Wcckltrnl a 
mktntt to plMklns »»l "f hoir. The 

I MMijimiil in -rXfiTH b iHnintl Ihj* ■nil 
IÜmc Unoolhcr menlkHurfinrllilng Imt 
llavm IhraofhoBl Ihc i<iiMlt^.— w«Xw>U- 

1 iMMi Ca<Hnin<»i nwuiMw ^"C: '''"■ 
y tit mtUiK turtt it hm/ifv (irrnm 

\ «J« M«inw ll/ ■ hoicrl. ThtK I* no 
*nil \vKtM lipon whidi 
ml .livaiil. lUlHhF'l 

rof Ihchcu 
Mn.» rl» 

mcini *crowilnl or 'nfcuing cIimc 
rütlwTlhan 'inflkipi.' The tninHnMieal 
rclflllnni nf ihe ■iljccilv» may Ik ei- 
pKMMl Ihuii ri U jc'Mi ifilM^ #» 
)t«> Irpii'tirXMn nKwrX^sra, <*««■ 
#vrt^^^ <m. — tAt 'Ihuw' (whlch 1 
rnneniNf «o «clll. 

«■■ tvahr Mii«lti<i Tmin «Ikw», 
froin f«f «ii.ivB,' i.t. ih« liliiwii »er« 
iImIi liy liiir»li niicichid obi {ipi-,^r» ia 
nut nwn:l]'n'WMra,ulhi>KhDl.iiiiii)ini 
<l) inil lumjihi ilonn in no halMicnned 

-■eißhi. Cf. £»«. iJf iritmttw ßmf^ 
nt^ I nn^fu ttUi tx/iir- 1< >■ in- 
probahle Ihai iWicah* wai re^nl«! I7 


and from that. onc miglu hnvc stcn my hands, ouistri^icl 
and high, raining blows thick and fast, tili niy bcia 
mart^rcd hcad rang loud witlial. 

Ll. Ah mc I ah mc I mothcr crucl and conscicn 
With cruel outcarrying didst thou find hcart to bury unbt 
a king, with no peoplc by, a husband, »ith no maric of gri 

Or. Your talc is of nought but shanie. Hut verily sh 
requitc a fathcr's shaming, by grace of gods and by dint 
handü. First Ict mc takc her lifc; then Jet mc die. 

«•a Mift M. corr, Diixlnrr. «■■ The 

— I^u Kenn'frritn {fullnwcl liy tiIiih). 1 . 

IhoiiKh Verialt picfep. ihi njgn at nittt, witli ihe n 
«•• itw M- **t it^HiM M (with ^ in niAru.]. cor 

ine OF. wu xldcd \>j K 


Vfa iMtf i^i|«i ilrai li ■Xiul. j 

>r ]»• 


pr cf. «■«. iKj [ 
iwr/im ßtar I lu^uarq IW^UI j lätnf, 

Suph. ^/. 71)4 ■• Imtm TViiiitTr*, JWfWfHr 

4aO M)(|. Im« woXttmr a.T.X. For 

t M^w> 

er. ,«f, 154t xo. I 

tpT'*""! I * »4 T« («ai ruii»», irn- 
••■# lirl^ rt. diriii IrHwilfai; j ... 

in which Clyi. re)illH (iji|ii| •trtli'^f 

Uur. 7'rv 44S 4 (adt (•iw ra^ifp 
tMrit, Wl <r <IWm, I AarailÜT d^ 

nihtt TtAnn iIitm ar' £Mt<|T | i 'fiw 
•^pirai. i'U/. Mj. IH». y. S. Wiih äxv 
r»#i|fiarMT Ihe wunj u cumulllive, liul 

brace Mher >ii:ni of Hriei, 

«•• tiwiririfmtliijiM. We mi|;ht 

■Ir^Lwr' Affai. '"in uller ciiihonoiir. " 
yoa taf,' or ri rv ■ irlum ' /\({at ', Iwi 
Ihe (iceck iHveri) dm unfrcqucnily icprc- 
•enli ■ condenuiion or Ihouclit, lir which 
i( comei 10 tefer nM to Ihe manner ot Ihe 
■dioD tMI lu iu Kwil upofl Ihe objeel of 
k. ThUf^f. 1141 ^d^M'fx» I aUwr' 

irlfMct* nlrn 1 c(. Ai;. 7S4 
«Atirtp^fltr, — ä^ rnnymlriKlu 

iaa n iho 

-:ur. Hiff. 10.16 i 

1 i<<a, I. wilh ai. 

tiir. Ihe iiine, aml noi ihe patiicle. 

Ihu ijuminn ur inlereiiee u nKh 

• lune uTcunviciiun ii prerenUe. 

««7 lintT'lY>..4X*fjia*. A 

MoMiu #><|'M< ab' iw,t1-i(ß*' ini 

Aj- .190 "*• ä»...r»i r. Iwr^^x 
rai f#ar>lt^ { rtim ttrif' nM 
al» Ihe Khol. 


.XO. «poo^oXtcrÖM St r', WS roc' döps' 
iwpcuro't S', aiTtp vtv a&€ ffäirra, 

i^pTov alan tr^ 

irXvetH irar/iülovs 8i!»! arlfiov^. 

.HA. Xty<w iraTo^ov f^opov «yw 8' än-effTÖTOvi» 

fivxo' S' a<f>epKTOi iro\v<rivov Kvpbi SiKav 445 

ptn., Ihe tonstk iKing Hil.lrciwil W 

CCanu toms wilh • Et'i"« «wl »n 
mphula niwn vv. <a Oruln (cT. ihc 
dM« In jAi-jM uml Ihc rcmacL of 
Um Khol. Ihct«. ir4tTi*ft rl. Xtv»). 
h Hut OK ^ Ttr* •IM« >• ulH m m 
I Mm oT ini-aiwnt rr|iro..f; ■! u-11 ihcc 

■ Am WM mnilliinl.' Thii «Hil« l4»j) 

■ dMbl prwolw him 10 miiüB. IVrliai» 
H <b P*M£< inlna In [Inmnlk vivacil)' by 

■ ib^Mt^i On Ibv »hole. h<>»c.«. 
I kb man eciliiiMc Ihat llw l»l pcn. ii 
V Äc 10 a WK «■«ptoiion in tltii, luiiii«! 
W Sirhftiw 1<T ihe i;«icn)l algnuilluii dI Ihe 

■ Sit— i(MMfX*>*i*l' '" '•" """"■l™ 

MIA wmt Fij ibri namc Ihe calremllln 
lllran rall*-! »MX»«*»"", inlfi-ii«'«) 
«rcrc cai off ■■><] Mnini; iimler ihe Hrniiilli, 
»iih Ihe lUiienlilh«» iwlian ihat ihe 
Ot»d man wu Ihoa lendcrcil lnca|*ble of 
<«klns p>n In aTcngine himKit. Accord- 
Ifig la • lit« «))l*ni)lIon thc pruceolinf: 

"^n» öerdöped (nm Ihc geiienl «im ni 
»b -»u £.Umu IltiuL ouri« ■ur>i- 

r^V- <dM I .T*:fa. /(**-(.-. A «hol. 
un ihal pla« n pnrllculnrl)' Tiitl ; ihuA«» 
•< Ipitvrit ^ttfiMf *i«» M^nt^dfiu- 

fia<x*'^*i'<>' l'^'y^- Oll Ihe olhcr haiul 
Apoll. Kh..l. 4. 477 ^/»-> »' >>.ltt.lh„ 
^Wj^^t« r4^ *«i.»« 1 ... I i «,«t 

.._ -„■ Veqj. ^iH. 6. 

494 Biu., Il.mi. OJ. 1». 4;,» — ^ ti^ 
AH« w l«l>er Ihm M ^ M^t. The 
ein. Cannnt dwell upon rcTDlIinii deliilii 
Inil will teil oiiljr'h» much' ( = T(nvrm). 
The fonnaf eiprcuion l-'I miuM ha« 
you know,' in im «iiriiHu np|ilic(ilioiu| i> 
rnqucni: 1019, llnm. OJ. 1. 111. 
Souh. n. uBn Z<<( ^'. b' lOit. Wt... 
4 faa*.nt raira, Tnui. 0;» £1 1' •/«(( 
■ew, I j rwr-fT^xd,, E«. Or. i,u if 
tir 4> Ali,, Mf>A»>. r^if «IM< I I.« 
tfäri Jnrrilti, Phtlit. 991 itt <är i» 
iiJSt'. iIw. .^iiii'r. I07J ti* Im m rali 

-'h dehned 1>y the cuiilev< ; 
imriving' ■wniklnc (ihingil.' 
of rft»4» \fntMrt\ l> weil 
rhuey J. ,if. 1 . 6g (t n iV 

rer Iwf—ri* Wf aifiUa m 

iM. III. ijii «■■«•' r^al«- 


CilO. Ayc, and hc was mangltd, thou must kiio«'. 
who so buricd him, wroughl willi aim to makc his mun 
heavy on tliy life, tili thou couldst not bcar the stoiy ■ 
fathcr's hurt and ahame. 

El, My fathcr's murderl Thy lalc is truc. I, 
despiscd, counting tor nought, was kept aloof. Shut i 

<1. ^um. 17 irlnr »*i4<al. liiu^ II riürg 
«1 ^«ifurar M (wiih fv in mare ), coir. H 
r •Xh:('-(- 'l^i^i'). which I hnvc n.->l.>re.l, 
rurnelM* is iftnerally acln|itc<l, hui ^'eIrall n 
i|ipo>*!. ihai thc (,'h<>ni>i im Itd liy Ihc «tliluile of <Jr. 
.or?'— iiwarliiBiri M (ami ihc »tliol. ini|illvi< no ibIiit i 
i«a )[A. k iluL- 10 O. Mnllei. XO. Jlcrnunn. t .—Ix 
h.-ear^« M. «44 Ifra M. 4«a «ii'. 

/"'XV (*' '^C"'»'} SLanle)". — ttXutirtM M (niHe iccenl 


■glioliiin) bmI kuj 

Thc inlln. i. «c(!Clic»I ot i4»(^r. 

out i* In einipcnlc Or. nnil 9lii:ii|;lhL-n 

thcc) ID hciir &c.' 

hi<i teiolvL-.— «äim>: hi«lor. i<rn. Cor 

««• XJyui ".JL: -ii wi. 

ietwT„ (cf. 410 ifw*»«}. ".'(in 10 Ihe 

say »ith out /i/A.r; » fof «. 
nTpv» )( iyi- Ortnio i> lo Ix 

•ame lime u Irp.«.. 

««0 n<i. iHpM' a.T.X.: lil. 'teekini; 

nol only 1>y Ihe lalv nS hn lUker'i 

10 makrihe n.»...«r uT hi< .Waih an 

hut by Ihe lll-iwalmenl uf hi, 

[Thc .er-« | l^long lu 

|>ii.| 10 heai Ihe diihaioui <l.«ie 10 tlir 

•ite." Thc juceiire uf «* prcvent» ihe 

»<ical( «ilh l.y tlyl-, nor wou 

alnencc of .irv (»hh <ri«>.| fron, bci.i^ 

•cri« feh.-i4.iH». a. Ai. ifK» 

H,„.l-i««4T.«= /-■. »he r, 

Hif» 1 i^P"" \M<>'iU.i i^>Oxi'»i- 

nnihinc. TlK- Ncfh » ah.i<K|, 1,1 

The Khol. \lurTtx'l) »I-« |iu>ni> '" ihli 


ieidin)-. l^tpuraii r>f M i> piobnlily due 

aIo.>['i. l4it oiih Ihe noiion '. 

10 *. 44J. ll muti Iw remimlwrid Ihal.'inore |«iHniiiiiil. 

44« tiiir HU: 'nudc of 

wa. unfamiliar lo lalc (iretk and rc<|uircd 

cum.' Cf. ij... S«ph. iV. iBi 

SlüKing. Cf. «hol. 10 4117 B^^r«' ■«!- 
^n.— «Unncilherzli) ' * ' 
r*e aJÜFti ..- -- ' ■■ - • 



44« |ivx*(t' i^f*t*t. : 

rhe Khui. (aT^cXfifTn rt^l i 

il^wr«. er. .Soph. O. r. .>iM*<<T«;t.ei> 
«1« rtJ iiu^ijTai tWh I eifern t^U 
ffi(m.-r^ bear> «me H.e«. Thc 
cnidiy Mdkea ai boih faihcr and loii.— 
(Vernll retiiiu tiytnr an.l eiplaini 

X l)iU|{ 

IS. i(4l- , 

t limpty 'nuking bii fom a( desth combinatl 

gen. iHixon niighi In ccn.iin Kit 
a Jocii. oeiiK liHi n.|. bui in o 

barred. 'Sh«l/r*«i ibc wi'tti 
ooly inleipivtaliDn concciTalile I 
1. (The intunce. s 



irotiMTfpa yeXwros ivi^tpov \Cßii, 
j(tov<Ta woKv&aKow yöoy KfKpviifUva. 
TOMVT ä.KOVu>v tv if>p€>:lv ypä^ov <«-> 
.XO. St' Ütuv hi <rvv. 

ot Anal I. «Xwn«ft lilomfiiW, f ■ **' x'^"*" ^' (nllcitcl 

Ww*a IMIir«. The BiiBpelling x*!*--* "»^ KCuunl for Ih» cot..iW 
^« M llhf Botion 1I1..1 it -r« BWl. i)1iir. l««i.e i.««.«.} ihe .1- 
Dimloff. *•• ♦.«»i' M (cf. .;«. iM'-Th« "■ 

XO. wi*» *' *«w KbuKn, rf» #«'l» w*#"- : 


^K« il vMkl fint kam 

« I tf*f 

iKf. oeexnerf in !>•« I>«lh) wm pen«- 
IMIcd in llw pvx^, Ihc umiualiliRl 
mxtb I» » ""MT ™" ei|ire»ii>B 10 Mpre- 
WM te niiieh. Miwcowf, eifn wilhmil 
Ihe iMltcaltim "f ihe «hol , ll« eomiicui- 
tm 10 Ih« •mhchlcroo« ^•t.' «KUe«» ■ 

UmtthiS "/ «1 » conwf (w licnnf<l, iral ■ 

•Imltnii! om from the muiul chimhet. 

ICIecin ■«'«s«' » '''""I "^ imnriMm. 

te~-i. r.(. :^ih. /';/. 911 ■><«'«<• *^ 

,,.. In !•& ,Wrir. Owrf. .t ti'xM » 

d oIiIk ptaCEol cunfincmenl, l^w- 

■ lik« Wirw. W(« were tcry IIaI>Ic >o 

crit n, in 1. 47) anrt MWH" 

imnn Ihan (Htm oftheie. II 

I ■Cj'iwtan' bf Hmjieh.. ImI 

I« impltcd M fMiillar old 

I ^ii«ek hl rn motAnm of Hom. M. 11. 

frmn Ht]n-iici«I«i 

h' ■Um 1' Iv^Mi'- ßinn 

g til hvul, «hieh i» noi tiaiiily 

1. The Ib« I» ■ 


w'iUi wrtow. Cf. Ar. A'oa. io»9 •««*'■ 
Ibc mniriuK oiH of inel, Xeo. ■■'T-r S- 


blowl (Plul. CA««. (Jl. 

»lutelr, vinln**») of '1 
igh OT ■fciehing' ( looi; lir 
>««4mv ii ■ Ix« Urcek u 
rringin^ up' (from » 

!• Bpp»r 
Kur./. 7 

L ■»■.ily 
ntly £• 

^ u-Iu^BIal. «.'<. 

Ulli lu^Aw V><"' 
;ci \,^^, M.^. lloin. //. 
Ar. £V- il'7 * ' lntM(iH 
Mhivh. The woni in, ho»- 

. luil ykwm. •Ince. Ihmigh 
uy Mifiw X"^". **-«■ ""=■• 
iiinB of ihe eje» in langhier n 
Dwheri aJled W"^« i.<X«™t. 

iDv oflucil X**' 



lilcc some pestilent dog, I Ict thc strcami come from r 
with ßrcater zest than if 'twere laughter, pouring forth 
hiding-placc lamcnts wiih tears a many. 

Oiir talc is one to write dccp in thy hcart 

CllO. Yea, drive it liome through thinc ears, and c 

Ihr itiophe) is 

wn'> viev i) Ihc fiel Ihn in M ypi^v (anoivii 
( liepinning of v. 441). ThK however. may in 
Kl aßccw'iili writlKO in (he niirein. Il ii nnl 


wiih the iini|ihe «i|ipDn Wccklein'i ariangEmi 

Afi^pom xbI- 4p«iwi'- Cf. 54. — rvrWrpain. 

eise. For ihe Iho-ifhl Cnn. 
I'lnl. ;. .1011.1..^ .hr'v tniH 
t«,Urn,m an.l .Sopl,. fr. ,.„ 
urjt /^Jcirai r^iH^ni'. Tiic 

:l Ihe 

ouEh h. 

I m *-3ii. 

favoun iL— NWf «mUi« <(cni. 
'hitltlen «way ■ IS^pwrn 44;! nncl. fc- 
»Kl, M, hid.U. >he coul.l .n.l»lKe her 
erief frecly. Soph. £/- i»J .i»..«™ 
... I iilrli «yii a^ii>' sM« Y^ irkai«ai 
riipa I notil' jcivfi« «viiM *Aww *tp"< 
'•'/•■ 79 "l'l- 

««• niair' ^»>r b.t.V llie 

a. 4.14 K|<|., 4JII (, 441 IfV)- 
To refer Ihein 10 Aj-Ain. i.> lo miWHi utile 
Ihe whiilc (luifiOM of Lhii wction a( ihe 
itmmti; nur ii ». 450 [iitx^ •.'.\.) 

-1 i. -luile nalural. Cf. I 
• ■i.\X4X«(. t.rrtrpmin 

IXV fHi^i' Bd™. Th, 

Yf>^4»: B fk-fiuenl melaphi.r. 1 

onli. See cril. n. if 
Awi' *«;*.»>,/■./. M"-"'". »-oul-l 
reaililv ailinit vt corrupiion. aml, if it li 
ihiHiKhl Ihai ralni i> oiio«. we niay 
coniiiare Eur. Htl. 1191 Xiiri r*i tti- 

Af>(Hfi 4B^ tfA« lUi^ity rtvXwi^'H. 
«40 W <It« N. The Chn. hmlu 

Ihe lait ipcaker, eaacily M in v. )i^ 
U<='yet.' Yel Kc cht. n.— li' Anw... 

■e.1 ai 

ueaily in:ireh uf ihouKhi.' Tl 
nii^hi iiuol« Lur. (V. 1.16 w>' 
Xwpii'rt. An^.J. 64; d>r)B »' ■'■** 
rM«. //'//>- .191 Tljiiii^i 7"wMi 

■emw of flirii, rclains 4^avvV 1 
renlcn "Ijy lhink<ii|- Wx« "•> 
Thom;h ^fim'V¥ nuy vella'IBk 


»mc Jl 


^ I 



•HA. lai ßtai, lepatptr iy&iKOti <*Ik*c>. 
XO, Tpöfi^oi n' v^tpvti (cXüouo-ac «Oy^Twi«. 
tö fUvti. voXai, 

•OP. (ü WcOT eyy<»^s 

«cal irapafiova-o^ At&; 
a(/ia7o<crcra »rXaya. 
.HA. MÜ Svtrrov aifttprix mfSij, 
.£TMn. tw SuffKaTairavoToc oXyos. 

-OP. <oY> Srnpaa-if c^jl/xoto» 

TölfS' (Kas, ovo* äir' aXXfaf 
iKToßfv, aXX air avrcüf 



*^rt ihe eninniiiliul cl 
**» (In I.M »Hl «1 * 

il Kiw Ir 

■ llci 

_., «aa rixu >* Conmdl 

€mn *. 6: ».). «•• The >ch»lH.u |(|.*.l M 

%^ oflcnl bf iccMcrt. Uii< |m»il>lir Uie 
y « i m ine ■ Wirt,— WW« Uehin»! 
■»« BMce*"«!, Iwt i( nmllcH. | . 

hail > IcKi wilh 4t nmiiiül 
Ihe «ord is lntit>|>ro|>nate. */ fXfsi niii;h( 

WitIj J. <- r. «Ol .q.— ^1: 'iiiiril of 
^var'-: ■fi^Une' (cf. ^'ßn ji n., läi n., 

'^Imt pleüf,' pratl«ll)i = »iMiJ(iari. ».(. 
Vwith thciila>.|£uiM. 47t tittMÜ...Niat, 

■niehi come [(he imrcker. or murc easily) 
irmcpra]').' Tliu uk uT & i> IJIu>ln>l- 
ed \rfAs. Ijo« lii »V» ifdrwi «t 1 . rii 
i jMVOV*»— ; I ..,r«.j)J»t. U »uXXii-l 
*>ai^ TV>«'' ir atArriät l'thoUGh ihe 
nveiigint: >|>inl mighlpouilily &c.^, Eur. 

""""*'■ Kclionoflhc 

um» M the 

The tlitlri- 

tl'hc Khal. on 

««1 tmImi i n<H firim ilr»d o 
^Hcl ilKit JKt V. 11»), bal IM 41 



1 &C. «ipiiMC the whnle |iuuc<: 
mi«l lif Or., VA: uhI ihc Cha. 
Anoibcr vieir ii ihal ih* ilrophe 

howevei, probable 1 
il nHire coinpka. Im •wua um 
itinc uid then coinbining. t. «73 
nl|r bokt •* ir il ihould kK ipoken 
II p«ities lügeiher, ond il »enu 
uliiftclon' 10 «rnne« ' (Siroph.l 
,— 4U. £1. 467. All tMi (Antitir.) 
J-4TI, H. *T», All «7J, Tfck 


El, Oh, ye gods. bring justice to just pass! 

Cho, A shudder sicals o'er mc as I hear these 
The fatc in störe abidctli from of old, but prayer may 

Or. O trouble bred with the race, and Woody 
Struck by Ruin's band ! 

El. Ah! sorrows hnrsh and insupportablc ! 
All- Abi pain Ilial nought allays ! 

Ifmiinn. S«e the •nlirtrophc — f^M Schuu. 
40« T\<rr» M (nch • by m). «•• I 


o*"ilBl in ,hrOV.n™like* A'.,.^ 

lirh il 


Cf. Ar. Tf9 R..^. 


invXA^ju inl^-Tsvlft). SeeAppenriii 
lo y. ji. The iXtrrt lcf- »»*«'*«'. WX- 
X(i>, i,»««*! il 'oul of lune' IIkdium il 
grilM hanhly lipon nnlufal fceling {.fi€- 
lai\. 'Atoi: iV. (he slroke comei Tiom 

■Inking (he harp wilh blnoiLhlained 
fingen — tXkvC in eipllmlion of «»m 
/r»«^. ■• <o l>e (aken u rerbnl ('ilrik- 
ine'l and embracn all ihe hiiiury of 
tulicnng in ihe houte, anrl nnt titii im' 

ilhment, cf. Ag. J79 i* ir\«7d* Ix««' 

llom. //■ I. 445 'Afryda 

4#» in. <oii> tti|M 
■.T.X. The final Jeciiion. 

intin. luunm an unlikely ci 
IV (cf. i»w\m»: wtrt. 

MitXm TfoiitHiw Min* t^ u 

7Vaf4. 1000 vif » x"P^^X'^ 

>• r^C in,* I x-^1 fe<«l 
«r«,*V«,- l'lM. CW/I. II 
i,.V (-.KL-pl-l Xf«*. Hdl. 

ftFl , . . «iWui(« . . ./{ V ff < 3. 
«71 >U- iif «Jrä*: u. 

muiical iherelo. 

iwir il probflbly playinf u] 

parci /r. 139 rir «l» i>»' •> 

■ BÖfiöHI. 

trov ypiiav <x<u. 

Si^h- 0. C. M71«»' 'I 

K>koi b)i Otm«). 

irliH 1 . «Tl 'HA" i> prdJMsl in M. 

tt Turneliin. I ■ ■»•«W« M. .Schmidt, 
•n miuine. ImI <>" dlMributlM l> olHloai. 

. fÜT^. •in« ihemmliliiin ar Ae*ni. h^n all 

! alonc '>«'' 'l'l»««' " "* op»»*"e *' 

c «7« ravl*! ih' wcaUa «ilc wiih 

I (hc imxtt Claim, See j;H (n.). U li In 

I Iw rmcnilicml mlfi Ihll in ih« ewn» 

. .rm«1ini;. Imnine «ml iht peninlhluni tiw 

. Ihivh [nitri). M»l Ihc cMe-l » li"« 

! rcpinlnl M one In *Kich Mich r.«!.» 
conlEtHl wilhiiipii.— W»Ui»i '»iih« 

l vle« fo vicKirr-' Tbc el.iinpi lu M vfafl 

■ ia BiKtt-lMliic. In V. »7 J»I Fht follo». 
i tl«, »ml An«. lO»? " •* -tflaM— I 
( W(.ni> r*A.-> '■* '<■■ pri'l«!''/ o«"'" 
f 1 dincrenl thiule of mraitiia ('wllh J. 
. Ihoueli in nny caw il woul'l "oi llmll 
I Ancfi. to Ibe "le form- The utc of d.i. 
. or accM- of Ihe ■'"■ *" «T*'™'''' ^' 

f iidi, j. ai «wwM" '»1 1* -f^''' , 

,^ «TT— *07 The ntuiAt l> coKCludal. 
( Ini Or. «wl Kl. («1111 on cii» 
r looili) eonllmi« ihe appeal "- 
• ia Ih« URie tmoebMic n» 
Kiuril. Ther dwtll upon 
' pMC and hii. 

■ 4Ta alrvtiinw. P"' 
middle •(»•h^V In *. 

El. —thanks to the cniel malch at shedding blood. 
All. Such is our hymn to thc gods beneath the groi 

CllO. Hcaricen yc Ihen, blcst powcrs of carth 
supplication, and send Ihe childrcn a ;£calous aid, t 

Ok. Father. who didst die no monarch's dcath, grant my 
praycr and make mc lord of what was thinc. 

E[> I loo, faihcr, in this ponr pliglit, havc nccd of thcc. 
Lot mc escapc thc grcat rcproach — 'Sold to Acgistlius ! ' 

*7B ».«i«-oii M. mdlr t„i Klaun-n. rudrlf tm, 'luintlim, ( . «ao The 

liiie Fea<U rlcredixvly in M ^i'Vfi' V>av xfitm^tianB XiYioSif- 1 \\:i\'K oiiilnl < f ..70* "> . 

■^«lira«. i . *ii>ilr fi^Tv [ii4Xan Vtu«) rptttiitf Al><Vfv <:iufw> Tumehut, 
l«! iUy*r iLifor i« DUI of Ihc ijamlon anil Ihe sccuv i> uiij;mminaiiul. i . 
f^-jw TM f«n> AIt. >:IM«-> Weil, ^•^••i i" kao'pir »•:»• AVy. <i^i>c,r 
Canicr. Aitioni; wonli Hi|)pJie(l are /MXor |Klau-en). «Mp» Itermann. Wecklcin 
(aroun »»x«. ju 7*^^ »ti™- Afir. <(•«»«>, which inv.,l»ci loü much cbanfie. 


er. lind. /. 7. 4 tttwtf ixf'- 
' ' >, afWaMi Ml*'» <aUr«i | 

««™-.lW«wl,i..Ua. "nAr*«i. 
ftj'i ih« MSS mrj lulHam «if»»!/»«« 
am) -•«. Ihc lullet hawiio Ih« M|>pan of 
K.— itr^TM- See iji iB.n llwii. lW. 11. 
,1,1 1 rÄ" tV er^rH <*r <rl «by, — rä* 
rar: nwne rai|ihalic Ihan «Ar (■* &) 

ml.iT"'*ai«l 4neJ"»h« iÜuThi.^ 
minc.' Cf. *"«r#i;M*l(ii.|. 

47B ■<>■*■,, «Wt i. KlaUKH i.iplaiR> 
l.y i.Är«. H»/i(Hi {>rttwni), dling J/. 
>.l<'> .iY^ rmtiri, .tm. Add Kur. C&. 
i'iMo Uyii '«•<)>M ani) cf. A/. i,!.«!. In 
' r «ew miuUI bv emphnlle (*«il| 

luLer of llie haute, 
I» ddiVen.' 

:)! (1) llic rLsiuvn 'Urani ik-ii I 

„. „. .. Ihe IU-! 

1 l*Bi" 

Dm whik 
iIVm <fM| WM an cMahliihed phtMt 
Ml cniiolufaLlnG ihe loii >|ic*l<cr ('1 an 
1^ Tnui mlnd't, il !• nM w prolMlilv ihM 
raiifff Iura ihe uine Mme, M couUI lit 
uivl wIkii, u herc. i( i> nm ih« lui 
■ixiker Wim Ia addrewcd. 

il Hrcl)' an lM]ii>ro]>rial« 

DHin 1« ih« ndnl (o wm>1ir *i 
teixUr 'Il Mnit In ih« ulluni ) 

nia/ eacafie <ali<:i diMiiu ihlit ur ihail' ia 
fecNu in ii>clf, i> no aniucr lu ihe matit 
ni ümin, nwl (l]iDiii;h il.ii j.iini ha. 
Ikoi uwrluukiil) u'uuUl ie<|Uin ihu 
nninin. aml noi Ihe acix*. uaniciple. 
Thal ihe leiidvnc^ wouJJ nthcr bv to 

Ihnn lu HilMliluie ihc accun. f>ir 1 irue 
n.>in. aj>i>v,>r> liom rg. bar. /. 7: S;o 

ra^ J tXlY» I irl^vytt iKti^tr druf isf 

el. hat. llic. ,1S4 f jyar »it;' ai"i il'i-l- 
■ I4V »*• "'' " •!""< »1* a*i4.i> tfi^w 
^iV«;— '«Hhtntv AtYlrff Nu •.iu>- 
faciury ulij. haa liccii tupiilicJ wiih «par- 
Itlr** of^^M, (Sc* cm. n.| Tu l>e ■ 
•lavc l> a reproscb creal Enouch \ 10 Ix 
14U U ■ tU«! ia ■ i[fU»a\ In b* takd M 



J)P OVT« W> ä» 0-oi Sür« <Vi«P>' ^P"^'»' 

<iriiu>! «•ril/Joitri «-icroiron x''""; 
.HA. ««yi X~' "^ ^'' •'''' ""r'^JP"« 

.irr»« 8i irpiro^ ro«S. upi<rß«i,r,. Ta^o» 


,. (. 


Klilion.; bul the wnnoun »h" 

Cfliphlllc. I -- 

MWth. — «mSiIvu. Ihe «c™«- "ow 

doin 10 de «lii »ml «tli|K. 

MJ^ar ♦•VW, *Ti itfiS^. 

».. Kl. (n.).— »»«"■ '"■•I»': '■'■ '''• 
»1^ W. Wl 'Wl»rtl' 1«"' '" ''',' 

hciiH! orferod ynrty il lc«M ll«eB» 

,i/,^;.i46 -«rf"««» '""X^i,": 

«ihei (il = *«inJ> (tf' "9 "■)• 'l«l«n'""G 
nn Wftl -Ihe f.:«.!« »hich WOrtal. re- 

fcuii cu'.wnwf)' -"h ™o'""^, l.™ '3 
rcloliom «ilh e"'' •>"«'' *■ '"'"Ji '"1 

Jeail).' The Isuer it loa n«ur»l. ""■ 

l^t bn*^"'ih^ «ih«f """»'" "^ '•"= 

Airx**") »«"-■•«"'W I* ö..blW>»l,- 
w. » .n "IJ^'iJJIIf „''/'^„YX;^ -Wh! 

S. t. T. .ijy «<-.". .S"W/- 76' <K*"- 

Tl^^»f) .he .dl..e<u.e,r ("{•";' 

Modein coinmenioion. »piK« i" < ""» 
„nly 'rf ih« neui^r. «™o ««•"''"B r^h 

former « 1 i- ir-c 'h« • «'r 
n>iunl -."!«». <«»"• .'M""""'"?'!^ 

ii i. moic in Ihe m.nner of Aewh, 10 
10 lueli rfl»!«« Ihiin 10 *ftrt\y 
WxtnWy. "ITi« reptosch t> mo« 
r eiiBtiMd bjr ihi m»»e.. Iho« 
i Ihe ont iinhonau™! «he« Ih. 

in|w<: et- Sopl«- ■<"'■ '* "T* 
I (iw^ TW"! !»»»»*• t"\if "•ff, 

9< *Vi »■ ** »»^ ■" i":;: 


Ok. Yea, for the wonted fcasis. tlie dead maii's due. 
thcn bc madc for thce. Else, wherc ollicrs are rieh 
tliou wilt lack thy portion, wlien burnt-ofTcrings füll of 
are paid to carth. 

El I also, of the fulncss of my dowcr, sliali brinj 
my fathcr's hou"!!; t!ic libations of bridal timc. And bei 
eise 1 shall hold this loinb in chiefcst bonour. 

Or. O liarth, send up my sirc to direct me in the 

jiru» i iriiiM i, ^.Tvtif nl> J<k>I- 

14 n.. 47B n-) but »ilh a1lu>ioi 

Tinii. 1 e;>x/iOi f aXüiiu, an<1. Tor ihe 

ihee of Jiii uoriion, m will 1 1 
The cen-u'belonifinc lo" U'j. ' 

/.T.M« -■'■v* 'V ™»r*i. -JtnrvfHmn, 

(Am SHlgwick rxuet. wt caniu>I renJer 


ffin!^.) Difficulty i. reinüveil it "'c 

'in pivmrnt fiir' I144 n.J.— mvi 
■füll porlion/ Cf, Euf. /■« 

CrcuM) tan, „ -rf^a. .. | .al , 

Ihe «icriC.CM oriiunil nlT«rinp>,' Cf. Sn|ili. 

.i^ ra^Xaifcl. wa->,\,,^» niid 

Tr^». 16» J(J...«i i-, *.!«■ 17» vi«*- 

Ion himself) i.^I »>< fr«« ü ! 

W'n, 1 r^it't f<rh i>iVi> nwl Ihe rsnii- 

rayi^^wn «dKs.i ; oür' Ir-ma 

Ji>r u« of «»A«»«,«'»), M.«r,pi<Hi. r,.- 

S,.ttl. 14 0.'i.w«, «-y.X,p,n, 

n>)<K'i ««■'«'t. Ti^ T^wu.v iyi-i (MeiMet- 

«r«»x''' *">•*' lreX.*.J«.. 1 

hin. G>. ^/r. /iirt.' ,1. i;o( &£— 

ii.iXX.wa.rv'/fiourrla. (JB^, 

> refiTence to (h(w *7«»i. The nen. 

M-aTtrifi'iaf « rsjiriw'ai (cf. .S'. r 

X*n4« enn hinlif bc joiiieri lt> Ihe putive 
«»oiiry ihc eanh. ' Rnihcr il i* |xipiiit»»ive 

"*M '"«'j^=";Th biii™ 

wilh Vuriifw». Ihe burni alTuringi be- 

iireKnl ihe house it noI ihinc, a 

lant;in); lo eanh (aml i(i fleiull Iwine 

Iwl a >bve, wilh no ri^'hii in ii. 

onpthöl lo ihose |mi<] lo (he uppct 


AI an hdre» anil ihy iLiutbici 

Th>t [he MS hn^ i* ini«ri<r. i> in 

ini.ii...yi-», olTerinK. ai mj- insm, 

Ihe niAitcr of naüb l«ri«i explrniven. 

561 »V».! *' a^V.r. €1 Ttti 

pptr«n inU <»iJJ)»f«n. ■OX.p^rli. inU 

n aml citnlcnl, enilmE (t(70 iqi 

See KuhnccÜliu Cr. ff«««.' 1. p. l6j. 

<|iri>^>i minht Ihcrefue Ic rcail quilc 

«pa i .aXi, Ti X..ri* .aJ T<lfu« , 


naiunlly u ^ riyn^ ind ihence »oiihi 

«■• wpvra* ii niore< 

coiiK ir >..,».>, by R correctlo». We 

ihe wpri-Mion beiiig ailvi-rliial ■ 

>n>i;ht, indeeü, nnävt '«moiig ihe Kmiury 

iluly lo i<ert'iini Wßrf all «lien 

firci paid 10 eailh (/.(. <rhen «ich Hm 

linm. I T^üra» fi'> (*](» »^ ■ 

B« lovrgrd) Ihou will have no portion " ; 

«.i. 1 He .w<r*,«rru- IWa-. 

but the plunl T^ [Xen. A». 7. >- iS 

«■7 d r«I'; cf. Hlur. A/. ( 

<..«.. -«vn: l\r,. fiji u. 

uted unly of waich-6in. üihexriK pet- 

uillt 'AiJLXti-i 1 iia^;», »91 

hap iheic wuulJ be Utile lo (hoOK 

bciwecn Ihe Iwo eipraiiani aml va 

niuhl deciile lo hold by ihe MS.S. 


•M r{. ifv. noi «mply <m4< (d. 

HA. «3 nfpa^^<r<ra, SÖ5 S" <Y tvnopiftop Kpärot. 
OP. ii.ifi.i>7iiro Xovrpäv oX^ ivotr^lerd'T]';. irarep. 
HA, p.ift.trri<To h' ö/i^ißXijtrrpoc ü<! CKHintrac. 
OP. ik'Soh 8' ö^aX«tvroK (6T]p€v9^^. -rräTtp. 
HA. aliTj(p<ä'; re (SouVtiToiffi»' ec KaXu/i^acr»'- 
OP. op' efcytipj) toictS' öyetSectc, irärep ; 
HA, dp' ö/)^ÖK ai/)»« ^iXTaToi» tÖ tröv »ta/ja; 
.OP. ijroi Aiioji' loXXt (Tvp.p.a-xP" ^iXoi?, 
^ ri( ö/wias äwt'So? *opäs Xoßeü', 

«•■ Ut M t M. nn epic 

>L.v. 1 . M t' Hctminn. 1' I 
cloicidcoin, Wcckle 

i t Uaairv Vnickcnilc 

irf. «t»i - 

«•O ^ a' iain- 

(utlhcr anil unncc»- 

4»! I' M. Stanley, Wdl Ac ■*)«< 

(«Huf (Ir Cnnlnetim ; hat cicnini ii ikm nccn- 

itY^Mi^f N*lier. «BS 7< Ilamlme«.— 

n irf ihe Inc. l-f whit 

Ärmh. ^n'. *»■ '/'■* 'J"' '^'- 'I.* *=■: 
O.-. 96.11. rh. form Wtptt^t'i- 

-^-•T. IM. ti..; ' 
^«(iphoiul |u> in 

i' nul 'ihc baih. in which.' 
manncr of Af^memnon'i 
tiHiciivci! Iiy iVcHih., >«e 

il^t)rTpair 1^ Jüttlnrov ■ 

ir iiw artci ihc 

^«1 M »rt o'^» "•rr«Xa< ii.r.X., Kaph. 

.^^/, i)o S4«.. •* *■ tr-yt •ii-t ««i». 

■ (nm. /'. I. iSi A'jhKit. *» H nUt).— 
^-r'. Sc« etil. B. ■An«nll,'/.r. <h<i>«h 
Kaue, CR» al Ihli hour, ilcpit« hii leno- 
»ninio» A*eflhr"w. I'alcjr iiMln (btii 
^ilh a<t(Kncnl valucor(n|lIr>m, Ol. y 

^■t /< rdr n^lrriM'.,.i 

,■(*■ »fh *x«*. 

11 «hnal* «./■. Kor- flai^r*. jofl h' airtt jf; 

»)9. i l ^p^w iv'***: 'CBHicIl' lelo"- 
— «») irteloty,' i.(. innleail o( llta oijly 

hlnd oT nct' {not 'Im» Ibej iiul Ihe nel 
lo a iK-w um:'}. The wiw\n dWffHo 
(Kum. A.i;), ärtiinr <l^«»a (liur. Or. 
1,1), w» lornci] iiy Ihcm inio an 4|>^- 
fiKiltTf«*. Cf. ,4;. 13S1 trtift* iWHt*- 

r*wr«» tbiarai laiir. llic meanrrn; of 
■Birffki in llic oame » in Kur. 7V0. tl<>g 
H i' brir; iiixtr 1^ fiaiNffaf fiäfl'Hhai 
novul praycn yoti h>ve nwuk-'). ancl clfxe 
In ihM in Knr. /r. fgX i wfimi ilwJit.,. 

ihlnc') Uytr, | wi r«i»r ti ^ponün 
*viuia](n r^1^ Und« Ihe EeneraJ »rnK 
of imtling in "« mmeihiiifi ne* mar alt» 
cnrne ih«K of (1) 'hamlwllinc' <«i im- 
plgmvnl ut anitk ntw für uu|. (1) tiying 
ibc eiiwrien« of «umiihins mrw 10 
oncM^r. J-he lalKr ii Oliulninl liy Wf. 

■ 'M*-. 

f. BS; <i 

k- J •' '■ 

■irlfn n 

.jcrc ii IM) BunhorllJ fer nu^^ti* 
ID iRat a penon in notvt fafthiofi,' 
thaitR (tena Ihc EOi. Xiirr^J> 10 
t,, ihmehnnirihle, ki pmnlkM 

MM ■xt'^aMl thal of 'nr- 
: Ew. /M 1*79 A — 


El. O Persephassa, graut he inay cveji yei prcvi 
glory ! 

Oh. Fathcr. rcmember!...the bath !— whcrewith i 
was ta'en. 

El. Remember what stränge casting-net thcy pla 

Or. My fäther, thou wast caught in shackles no sm 

El. Yea, in a wrapping-net siiamcfully plottcd. 

Or. Fathcr. art thou not roused by taunts like th 

El. Dost not uprcar in all sympathy that hcad oft! 

Or. Either send Vengcance to light oii oiir loyal 
let US in oiir turn gct thc like grip of thcm, if thou ^ 

KolnilL-llo (rf. 178, 363, j6.>|. «I 

have iKcn neartt. «BS— ftai Ti 

Til ^Xanhy.—HMfiai M, 1 

*^aT.> Mo nn,l i«»i^X,ua. i«,6i^,™ The pictence „( rMng -« 1 vi 

fcl.». «M^;J<.*X.B*« x»a;«. &c.|. So e,H..-,|,. 

in .■Siiph, /tati. 10.11 «dq^f ü^, t«. «sa if- ({«.im n.rX Ct. 

hee iiIm) ««W>u.a»» 4.;! (n,}. Or. 1 1 iN eO..,.. i,„i. rtl, .* 

401 irlSul; 'Mmi:. für Ihc fct-l.' rt.™.- S.ij.h. A/. toC-i ü ido.;, 

.s™ .«» (n.) >«i.*rfm< 'i.Xo.... 'l-hc M,... „ri ,«. tf«,., «,7^, | 

"üinVri'-'^'^r, 1""'' '''*"**'"''^;' 'r"^ A>p,.ia,,. ixiv<-r' w^ 
4IW (n.|.— iiX*^«^wl- a qualintnti,«! 404 "^nTav i,V. A.\™r, 

oT mctaphor .e>ultin« in a ,|«.ci« ..f nr..l..,«„ „, ,.,.,i;.„iv_ 

öiyniciriin, like iflti irivi (/■. I'. ooi| 
>i1f.a X<^.i» (X f. /■. f,^). S.ap i„,H 

Ur. <1„|. i,„^ llrt..i.«, (/^. .„ .. 4|. Lin, ,!ui. Ihe ,Mrt,ei).le n,. 

Cf. Eut. //-. ^,s ail..t«,.r in all ihe parallel, »hich 1 

Mira we AiipeiKlii lo ». 1,(0.— w^np: «liele. <.j. liur. £/. lOoC^i 

orlui. (. 



IK...« a,.,«» 


wilh < 

c of 

40a klrxpMi »iih flaiA.!-.««, i.t.) ri» J^ fcijw^a (Fd^.n , 
■ lu Ihy-hanie." S«4.u(.i.).- 4»» «,. -Kilhe. «n.1 Ju^io 

T«i e(eKi:lic.-p«iAtmtour : rf. ((im.\»i~ u, (/,■. kl u> nK-d Ihein in uueu 

»<« »p«»* ainuHK *i.-i *»i.W.-h«X(h- ii"l triqmuh bceaiiw lytli« i> 

jenM of IK eo-eriinj rtrX.. aii.l ihe ihm ilK-y ^oi uf ihee |r». I,y j>x, 
fitherinan. auplicalion »f ihe wor.1 lo n «B* ^.k«: either "thine u 

kimluf -net.^ »or Ih« lauer ef. UpiHan niM 1«. lo ihc uhiii. -heronn' 

fftl. J. Ho rür Tt ft. 4»#iJX^«i. ,4 M MJe «hich hai clai.n. uiun her. 
7^#- laUvra.. | yi.-Yy»U r\ «' ir». 4«« lin Lu(M...XaU*. 

Xal n^n'". W «>«nu. j <XX> M ßUSa«, which <.. urcuurKTlran, 

.uXik«.i*..«X.i*i*M.ra,.n,|(«[|«f„rn«;c -Oiv« u Ihe |wwef 10 e<ict 

Sam. 46J rtulXa.) iy^fiMu \ e^il^wa. danue« fron ihtn in lelurn,' 



t'iTfp Kparr^üt y dfTiviicijvai Öe'Xtit. 

-HA. KOI T^aS" aitovcrof Xoitrffiov ßo^^, närtp' 
ihüiv vtoiTirovi rowtrS' i<f)r)(t(vov<: rdt^, 
otKTtpf ßrjXw äptrivöi 8' iifi.ov yäuof. 

-OP. Kai fii) 'foXci'^! ii«ipy.a. neXojrtSüJi' roSf 
ovTta ykp ov riOvr^Ka^ oi)oe' inp Oaviäv. 

wHA. iraton yip ävhpl kXijSocc; cr(ur^/>u>i 
ßturövTi' qbcXXoi S' ^; äyoutTt Siicrvoi', 
tÖk f(t ßvOov Kkiatrrijpa. tr^CotT«« Xi'cov. 

•Cwli, Weil, «•«— MT The pari« n 

Uj Hemunn « 

'eil, iiiiproving up-m l'jTwhil 

y^hUA I 

«ici (iSX^lai in anoihet ccnst) 

Ihn innicied OD lliec. Tlii>, 

er. iWm. ■ ..uloinp' .rith ihe 

iwpplMsi nn npiiom. 

?*AA» tiaelljf fit« Ihr foHowing linc. Fuc 
^Ä^. ihe grip in wiertlinc. bkiI indn- 
P*»«*rie»ll)r ef. Af. /j-». 67. ri ^ip iVAiifi 

?4 ■ . »«7. IIa'' /-<Cr- 681 K X<0<^ inSi- 

line* lo boih siwikeni locethcr (;;olS m.). 
The anangcmeul in (Iw lot hui iKcn 
left, not u c1en.iii»inil>ly thc bni, Int for 
Ihc «nkc (iC Hiiiforrnily wiih tana moilcni 
ediiiom [Wccl,!.. Weil. Vrrrall *c.). 
4Sa «l Ti)(rS' ; ■ lliiii «nc matt IahI 

■ U|> thc mEU' 

S pfT^1,i>« «1 

Im. rhaf^r. tjA N npl 
'. f(t t« g^fkf Xo^ir 
■I Ciraa hart Kinn »n Dppnnuniljt 
' Vhc nke reml') •ncin'i llial cumnicnlB- 
^^^« uc nrong in oiplsining 11 (vrilh th« 
tZr* ^»L ihdc) *r wrencln» bring pul imclt 
^7^^ thi MBe pMilion für B «eeomi Iwul. 
"^ fC vhieh wmlil rc|iilre rii wirit 
(riM. *(l». Jm» r^W rwr», 

|^*>. Hjtho -llie tikc urip' i. ■ |-rip 

"^ »Wo,, 

(in Ibu in 

l-np ii 



«»S l^v'*»« << 

!^er"ftr.^enn.h;iomi; " 

Mw' »qXff apr«^ I' i|wi )«»* i. 

VBtNHisI)' Tviiileml: lij 'ihe fcmnle off. 
.piing inil llii- oir-princym« il« i.«lc,- 
wiih Sil Alluunn lo ibc |)h)f>iolotpcal 

Cm. ^ni«. 4- [ Jr H' »» /"ir^ yUirtui 

'PT' "*' *"■">" ^ ifflm r* rWfw* 
n arl Tau |i«|W*ii iAHl>. Ilul lliis ia not 

^ « .ÜW'" .«>f.4p.v- I rhr>. j'^i 
«fK^>»>. 4 #■ iw,, i4.^ fi^ I (««„ 

nnljr fu-rvlched IhiI ill-ad«iicd. >ince 
tüeclra »milii lie maclc lu cmplibu» 

imlilr |i 

•> of II» ninl. 

'{U. «hielt i> 


a Aj[»i»l. A nh™i« wiih ibe 

One wiih ihe »ini;. of yim; (j) 
tni B< defining gen.. cf. Eur. 
> iiiflß\iifTf» ftxHT. Birtk. 74«! 
•}in^, Soph. £7. ;jB #ätu rFHaS 
edtlein qoot« UM- Ihe conbin*- 


:; good tiiin 



by victory. 
, iLL. licrtf uiiLc iiiuic, fathcr, this last cty to thcc. 
,iesc nestlings crouched at thy tomb, and pity both, ll 
thine issüe of thc male. 

fi. And wipe US not out — all the secd left o 
nc ; for thcn, in spitc of dcatli, tlioii art not dcad. 
El. Since, for thc man who dies, his childrcn k 
his namc and fame. Likc lloating corks they carry 
upholding from the decp the cords below. 

whule 10 EIccin. { . SOO tUrttp, M.-t^ l'auw. -yir«» Huller, 

Ahrcnt. \. SOI fi^fo^tl^iil M. «oa iXqlürpi Schult. ■/<«• 

•O« iH \\ — Irai^i Schllll. | . «O* t-ilorj,, M.— Um, .M, U 

cIomIc IxHind lo ihe foJIowing line, h-i« 
|j«n o>i^rIook«t, >ii. 'ihe fcinalc iwue 

il ii l.< bi f^.'/<a^al.,l iliniiiijh Imili iliy 

feninle line ilhrmigh Kl.) is called hin 
9li*,m yint. Ihm Troni ihe male child 

•Ol rrlpita lIOurwiE-r TgS«: 'us 
wlio reprcv.'r>l nll Ihnl 11 Icfi 10 contiiiue 
grr-ii L'elum* Jinc/— wipp« 14 nol Ihe 


(n.), Af. iM "Ol twi^M _. ,. 

Xvra. x<<>'^'~n>XainS^ L d. I'.ur. /. T. 
gB.turrfu'tXwXtrarraiiJri |]>k<ntw>. 
Boa '<\\\. irattai Y^ iivEpl K.rX. 
1'hal Ihe »|>cni»i: »o.ili are a yrwitii I1 
>--- ■ 'ly i,ifi, Clcm. Alex. Slivm. " 

.. (Syll.u,«( h 

Ft U irif» II 


n Ihe wonK ilieni»e1ve») 

Clemenl hni niade ■ "lip oT ihe Lind. It 
ii more denilicanl Ih» he Kenn lo bcgin 
Ihe cilaiion rrnni Ihe IRignIian ni ^tXÄgl 
I' w> (cC. Kumaih. p. 7g. jj ^Wti f 

«vi* ranj/i wUtlMr' 1> vr« vail^ 
<l7a#*.% in tt— <i»-r«iu'M VW ry .Ufi, 
^1>M J>M tftr.w Ir^x^w '"' '"''' 

AlrvilXar. «SrH m ■ ■ 

In ihe fini oeniei 
Oemcni tiauker 
ImI >r)4afi ■limel)' luggeili 

« of ihe paFn«;,-e (1 


drtpj . 

•03 iXnSävn rvnlHai 


Thi ^^li™"o" A."Ii!^,'''hh' 
KrvL>l: •ih«u;:hhe I«: .'ivna 

'vr^^i^ uT ll 


eijtry.' Cf- i«/ 

,.,rrM..a, a>«,«.-+.«*l 
fi/Xa rd iiaflof rdfci'Ta <r Tg 
UiTM ('Vh<>l.|. er. 1'in.I. / 
yip ifnXisr Irina V;tatoi( ä 
■rtpa,._ißiw - ■ 

ime« Ifti ä^fMi, Ov. 7>ij 

u ^X) 

■I ItPit 
hhI r 

— <^i>n : pn.liabl)' Ih 
( = AX'<^i ^Wx«vfi|. 

Iff fiTT öBüfiftara' 
TifiTjfrai köyov. 

T irtivanv \iyov. 

Waifl-läKTOV TV')(TfS- 

NU' Karuiddiucrai ^ptvi, 510 

bf vtipdifieftK. 

Uiv eor' tftii Spönov. 

ix TtW? Xöyou 

rn hu' xäpts 515 

V Dothe. 107 «itv M (er. 4S1). rvlt 

L SO» AuiGnitl 1« ihe Lhnnu by llvr- 

Fh ih« HiA'ei'i)- ■W'mM '^t> Canier, irtl- 
The Inie rutm u all llic IviIlt irarranlal 
M rt* U^«* Seidicr f^iving ihc |iiUKt^ M 

» ^rw. ]. la 1 n) >faig* jfl «rfpJnf 
— -«y itiHi he ha* bcm Kante 

f n lß H * 'Ut (lijr wiy ot man- I 
U*. Jm. I. M. tfl lnn|;n tatminf /libiU 
iHmiim |br ihc mncv |>MciK]r).--{ Hw 
c>|il>nalii>n >iu> «w cnn \A»mv you Air 
IKMraellnc four i^igieal lu luch lenulh' 
pula Ihe gioel in ihc BwlEilraNv poaRlim 
ol onc ^m' t'triWJir.] ~< wir » ro». Thv 
uricinol endini; of ihe iml p«n. tliul nf 
•ccumlai? Ii-nw* Wn -Aum ('TW), wliercu 
-Um (■r»ii| in iIh« Io iinaln)^' "f 'h* .iH 
pcn. »inOG ./am lu wdl >■ -/ilw nlRmly 

• ■loJciil oC 1iiiiyufl(^ wtHihl ei[N!ct llie 
lum» -/•«( aiHl -film (o bceums cnnfnwii 
for ihe JAVHi/. MlüS olfet -r^ lur iibl 
pen. in g insiincci in Allk Ütvtii sihI in 
.So|<h. O. T. ijjM >' frf> tJxfTT« Mv 
«ffnt (»hcT « JeMi-. ruMc) lh«i rnrm 
1> irnived liy mein;. S« «I« Simkle nn 
Ar, «v- »*?■ ""' '■ '■ «urelr purvcno 

onqi (hc gniand of ■ rnnn *. llicrL%M< • 
" ''-Vit to Lk rejccied '" '-- ■■■-'- — 

S «ml olhc- -"■ 
For tlif r 



Ott. Kearken ! Plaints likt.- ihcsc are Tor thy sake. 'Tis 
iie own seif thou savcst by honouring this pica. 

CllO. Comcl To ample Icii^'tl) liavc ye drawii nut your 
pIca, in tributc to the gravc for the mourning it hath lackcd. 
For the rcHt, sincc now thy hcart is duly set on dceds, get thce 

'ork forthwith and tcst tliy good gcnius. 

!)!(. Il shall be so, Yct is it no straylng from my coursc 

sk whcrcforc she scnt übations. Wbat movcd her at this 
latc day to shcw acmplc for a gnuvous thing (hat kiiows no 
eure? Was it for a dcad man witliuiit wit that the paltry boon 

Elcclni). ll il iWluiUc llial ihc i<nei wnHe •sl firjr iiitit^', i rim»' t.r X.. Iiui ihit a 
I«. neal. MS Q«, ri^ß^l^t^ r' IV.iu.. -»«.».»««.■ \V«il (n.i.lcl l.y 

>cht>l., q.v.), SlO •tr-tfaim M, Ihii currcclril. »la «»««ai M. «irr. m. 

tia—ai? t hiivc marknl n qunlinn at iriwr'. | . \VnLI.;in |'ui> «•• -.luii tili > 
(tininfl ader lüpa, making ttt fx""' *■ finarai luli an awk»iif'< iiaitTiihcNi» — 
PaM.Vn M (-»- lieim; |>rul<at)lr ilne lo Ihe echii i>( iJn' >iiiiri.l-. in «'• fc»»a.>n(, ei«i. 

■ Tt)ii||w TtyP*r ■-e.X.t lil. *iu runner, n cli.ln»!, <ir 

nniii'i' comt'LiV'ntHMi tat ilf un- 1144 •'• Spiiio« wnwr 

icil ttatc' — T(|UD>a may 1« cslleil fju V ifigov ^fo/tai 

pfcilic. or in a|ipa«. to the actinn i^inv. >'in<l. /'- 11. y) 

of Ihc iwyhw. line [cf. 199 «.).- Wa*.. an.l in/ io.omi 
T*xli' lim. Ol luTIcr ar «jniralGnce •!< ptumpav: 

('4.. -,- 

aio Sfkv: »iih «nphuii.— nn^p- 
tmra* fpirl: iMlher (1) 'yim luv« urt 
y<nii«ll Mtaißhl in rcwlre,' i'j. your 
minil l^rt implyini; ilclilicrale joiti;' 
menil «'ave» no kHign, liul i> iliiHt«! 
hlcalily In aclktn. «r |t] 'yini lia*e nme 
* ~ a rigtl ilcdaiiin to nel ' ) lil. ' ym h>n 

7hiM. 7 


I lieht in niindi. The 1« 

//'/•A UJ 

iml cmrcGlneM at a4li«i 
are cmnhinctl. Iiul |icrha|M ihc laiirr I 
rnnre iinniBlialcly ff Soi^i 
O. C. I4H6 ffi^'x*"'"'*' '"f«rl— 
ppin ('riuht in niiml'). Kut. /I.fif. 
ri...iftiitlt yrn^f )( rt ^miri^ 
Thv gierr. i. oi Ih« .lale (40<j|.-^r(. 
Tlit inanim. oftc« inlciclungvalilc 
Willi Ihe B1.-CU1. oT re>|>ecl. Cl. Xen. 
(>r. I. 3. 10 twt Tvd^ui r^aXXifi^pwi, 
Kur. Atrri. Sgl niiBMir nanij»i, Solih. 
O. r. i.t 4c. 

•11 l«Iii«>*t «iwiiunt: ja; (n.), 
^A', iM.). /Vrj. 604 «TU 1' i Mm» 
tiV>Ä rrraiMnii (w. «iXn] { ttr mirtr 
tili hliut' tipiilr Tixv- 

• la «Wv 4«t' «.tA.: inBunoeh u 
ihe linowleilge niny eillier j^vc fiinlicr 
asuinince or Iwlp in iliiermisini" ihc 
ctnnc of tdion. — !{■ lf4|W<i. ({« ni 
r^HtW^m Kbol., ■ proTcrbtal eap«' 
•kl«, Ihe Mm Mise iImi of • in«- 

llw <ievl auil ihc nwil ui 

The iliDlculiy «iih ilii« 

n, ■|'..'r-ii.Iit -Tlic M>riy i 

; Ihc (celinipxiflheileail vhich ha» 
ejccled l>y all inulio <luiin|; ilic 
>ciic. «f a|>iv.ik. Willi ilw noic 
roualiun ai M|tinT* bv >il<lain an 

cf. .m In,), Anw. 1 1; »(w**af'. i ••'■• 
X^"!» "••<. Sofh. -1/. ifi >> '^ *!>••>"■ 

^i» ••! ri Xmi«AM «lifp.— tiiXaw. cf. 

)(ias äfff" aifiarof 
;' (uS* e)(ti Xoyo«, 
T, ifioi ^patTOV ToSe. 5JO 

yao- <V T ouiiparoiy 
tfLOTtav wtnaK(i.ivi) 

p, {iKrT' ö/)5üi? <{ipa<Tai ; 

», w aiirr] Xcy«. 525 

ffo^ai'oi'rai Xöyos 1 

ii opfitarai Sikijc. 

HUIn. •!■ Ti*i M, dwrecltil 10 rUi. 

, Ti iäfi i\ri{v KirchholT. •!• M hoi 

be srimiiiar). lao aitetiit, M (wilh ■ 

M) wilh w "rf' »n'l »l™ i* in Ihe nuryln. 

t" which ollution i> iTiiulc nlw in £•.«>. 
650 v1^ (' irtMr ab.' orurd*« irl><t { 

1004 "11; (Ihe itn.lcrinß '1 have Uld 
my Hiy ii maniftnty ina|)]iropriale «flir 
a iihan tperch of inicnogilKin.) 

SaO NXn^..,rUi: anoihcr Tonn oT 
llic liiinili^i i(£t« -ylp MVw «tafiir, für 

Th I 


1 Ihe . 

,- x nijrlhal) \\ w 

ir Ihcrc in any InHcnoH of cnimcct 
h no erenlvr thin In Ihe illcrul Knulhh. 
Olheti aHume an ai/nridmi anil nitjie r' 
■nwer to »l (r<. '{ bivir>* ri .«J 
Wlrw). Thi» mii-hi cilher Imply 
•ame opiwuiiin bctwvcn Ml^n and 
Mpmn. Ihe foraer |>erhB)n Ivinc deünile 
»ml Ihe lailer »ojpic. of mnii (wiih lal 

B Icnurt.' " 

iinncElive, Ihe ai)fndMsn uhei> 
vIm h nnplenunt, aml cal ainnc u reculai 
in »pioiHH» whkh Heßiic hy Bm|>Jilying. 
1'ht dreaoi wa» a drum ol icfror (the 



was mcant ? I cannot gucss it sn, Vet arc tili: gifts too small 
for thc offcncc. For if a man pourcd out his all to atonc one 
decd of blood, thc labour wcrc in vain. So is it held. 

If thou knowcst, I would have theo teil me. 

ClIO, i know, my child ; for I was thcre. 'Twas with a 
heart quaking at dreams and night-wandcring alarms that the 
impious woman scnt tliese offcrings. 

OK. And did ye Icani the drcam? Cait ye teil it me 
for sure? 

Cho. Shc tliouf^ht shc was ticlivcriMi of a scrj>cnt. Wc 
have it from hcrself 

Or. And whither proceeds the tale? Whal is its cnd and 
sum ? 

Ciio. That she couched it, as 'twere a child, in sivaddling 

• a«~aa« M hat ihc ira^n«««. »%* wiw«t»f .M.— rofrafi M. corriMlly. Cl. 

cnl. n. (a v. gi. aaV— ■«■ The penon->i|:i» aic iiii'-iii); in M. ta? ipi^litat 

'J'h»c paralicli (locciher niih /'. 1^. 671 

ii^vii Inaxf wwMiuiv) nie in TaviHir of 

n.'iiilcrint; *lcrrDri Ihm roani by nighl' 

(er. tXmyKTt,, iUrXaVimf, »aXaart- 

T^a'yrrat) ralhcr Ihan 'lurtnn ihat nUM 

iit.ili;»nv« liynieht.'allhnuijh ihoBCti« intmluliiy. "'Uic ililTi-rincc wi>ul.i 1 

«n-e !■ ih« only one wnuihle in 7^7 nit 

TiirX^yiruf iftlitr (tXfiwlni*. Ax- I 

:l li.m Ihi' . 


ni|;hl.*— *nraXfiJvi): «09. 

e in ibe 

> her huibond 


10«, /■. /'. 1006 &c- 
■•.: it. Ag. (JU* in 
1« definile-l. 

»aa Tuulr Ifimiirr . Thia tlicam 
appcin lo cninc from t(lei4chArw m 
levt S« Inirwl. |i. ai. lu inxnliaa 
in eiplainni Iiy Ihe prenlem ikmIm 
Ihal yfninc l-ipei» wen wonl la kill Ibcir 
pr«ni>, tml (mntc a|ipo<iIely «111) by 
Ihe ttadilion canccrniii|; thc (xil>( luld 
in Aritl. Mimi. \6f (ji. H,6^ 1« Ikrl.J-ra« 
■tpiraü fj((w( rf Jx'*'V •V7>i>*>i4»is f 
IX'ira ir ri rirn'^lf rV if^ltV dVf- 
(«rrn. Ii4 nOra lai rl r/(iw, ärnp rl« 
U'wrtr raC var|4> •rM«*«'"* »V !«*■ 
rt^ •■*< wM« fc«ff*Tn«r. CI. Kur. 

iiiailc clvat liy ihe sviv 

IJp.>«ai ;(Av^; Ar. A'dH. 61K ml rji 
;*a»«Wfi»; K-/. iji:— «at; cf. io;.t w« 

r. *i«li«-r.\i..7-i-: l'lür. 7n<.'io]<, v' 
•iSlil <J T,\ii'T^u \i^«r. S-i*. Ü. f. 476 
Xc: MVhnl .!<■:. ii .««.' /< in the eiul?' 
er. Ptrt, TNii ToT ^ararrp^^ii | ]W>ur 
riXtiTi^: — TtXiVTf a.r.Xp Or. Onkw fiir 

h^i'-Tr'Trriir^id'i™ 'kT£lii ' ™t 

er 701 Tpäfbi M^ »afiarüfai, lli;^. <'/.^- 
loA irtpif TH V^ilr Xöyav fifiifli.i-^irfrtf, l^ 
C'T' (".' D i'iH"-'t tifaMir {j,: ™i 
iuv«g,i), sni) ffi^iu^'***. Tlii> nHinini;. 
Ihouijh xinieoliai iliiTerenl fn^n, ii ikin 

etplaini hy ((«^Mprai (i>. v ■(^■xäiy 

•av ipiJir«. Ihe Iniin. roHowt the 
tenw MyiTM, In riX'VTJ Uf«. Tn join 
il wllh fitjo (at ri«« thc Khd.) i< very 



wiftmi T eirtna räarSt KT)Btlovi )(odt, 
aK<K To^aioi' cXirtiratra irrjfiitTaiv. 
P, ttXX' fvxofiai yj} rp8< kolI inxTpoi ra'^^ 
Towttpov eXpa.t. tovt ifi.oi. Tt\fiT^öpov. 
KpLvbi hi ToC viv (a<rr€ trvricökKfo^ ^X*^"- 54^ 

C( yäp TOC aüröf f(<iipov tKkwüitf ifioi 
oüpx, i ir»i( öv, airäpyav ^w^tuTrAi^tro, 
Kat ^a<rTOf ö^^^atTK «/i^f dptirrtjpioi', 
0pöp.ß<f h' e/Kifei' at/iarof ^tkov yä\a, 
w S' ä^^t räpßti Ti^S' inipuin^tv irä&ti, 54g 

5« TOi w*!'. WS f0pet{itv €Knayko» rcpat, 
ßavtü' ßuiiüii- fKOpaKoinioöiif S' evtu 
ftrctfu vtv, öl! TOVffipoy ciWiret tvSc. 

Ib tKiMililc. Iiut nt. tlinnc« f« m^iilreil. i . «•• I' SkkIct, ImI r' » lieiier 

■luu:of«canw|UnKc. ••■ M liidii Ihr [Kt»n-«i;n. ««O »wi«- 

ptwllh a Mmwl \ wpencrii«). corr. Vkmrii». y ii nhen eonruwJ wiih ime 
hl f.—iii SchUU. Ml Milrwr M |Mmel«l fruin iifulrul. täXiriit 

Mm. MK i^^*! ti>ä>( nanv^t'lfm M- «)(>> l>- i'i ■ut!' I hare 

Mnt ■■ atwvc | ( |, ilii IxinE dw 10 furvin. ^Mffrt Victodiii (wiih {«hi ti 
•«m#>«n» wU^rB), i^i ti ril fr »nnvai wi>irtT> l'iuw, ttpti r> rui <h 
J^mi wrMtfrm üm]et. Hl^t frurm tr. iw\. Mnilin, Sc Oihcr tciIm w^oled 

il l>im:*inc< 

Mtt wUk (hc M 

■ int T^Mlai 

I b« B dnulie nie.'— n|wta*; lil, »«O 'itplyiiMnJvi*: 'aiid, u ■ Iaci. 

MhnKt.' a-Sn/^f. i74l^r(Fiu* I inicrprci .i' Im irtipaiplTv. sf. S«)- — 
»»»■■■ -V' '*JI9 ''V " »l ^' «ii|>>^* nYaJUlint cf. .fu///. JI4 and m/ tT> 

»«S at^i, *< voll fiir, nrd^Y*»* 

•iljt^i«rWUT»- Sweril, p, Korihccor- 

<r«n|irX«(tiT* liiilc hctu ein hc <l«riv«l 
lipm Ihe onl]> ichnl. «no'X. 


k f »«Ml *^ '•<^' 

jnUri^r. cd TH>* 
u ThcTCf. dihcr |i| iieouK wtit- 
Itt^ft, or bclier (1) limelco, Imnt- 
ta b]r Ihe pm, cf. pM» (107 n.), 
■M. «YAua «c—Fof ihc eonklnc- 
AM**«« l(fti 'Innklni; (nr * catc,* 
i *. r. Srt «i«Xi»<"* . •*« 'low 
WfdfH, kur. »if/>. 97 4 «i* '••^ 

', Ihc reaiiing here dITeic 

ir. hoi> 

riKtiGni<ei] in hii l«i ihe lctl«n Hnfrrs, 
whkh he connected vriih 4rffw, Ihc lue 
B«. o( M(*Mu- IIc insy cucn bite 
bcen InlerpRIini; an 4fi^wWJkra (cf. 
4«i^n>. iM^flrfreHBi). f'oi Ihe rett va.'i 



upon .<shc send.s thcse mourning ducs, in hope the eure niAy 
rcach thc miscluers root ! 

Ok. Then pray I to lliis earth whcrc in my Tathor's gravc, 
that it may bc my part to make the dream come truc. N'ay, as 
1 read it. it fits witliout a {[:lw. For if tlic snakc camc from the 
samc place as I ; if it was wrappcd. just as a child mi^ht bc, 
in swaddling-clothes ; if in its gaping mouth it took the breast 
that nouri.shed mc, and minglcd the kind inilk witli curds of 
blood. whilc sliL- für icrror shriekcd loud »vhei. this bcfel— 
surely, tliat shc thus nurturcd the drcad prodigy. incans shc 
must cruclly die. 'Tis I tliat grow äcrpeiit and take lier üfe, 
according to the bidding of this dream. 

■IC tnU(trt m. A. I. AhrEn>, iipraUCira Vriai, iir\tl[ln Cnnin^to«, i,C\i^'t 
U Kaywr. I fotnierly iIiuukIii uf ^^iar«" (eriun«>u»I)f cillcd il>e ■ bier' U,rm of 
iß^itTt, ihiiuKh cC i'TiiC^ 9'mI I leiych. <^«iw hlr^l. •«■ »larVJr .M (m 

UMoinipltd rorm), ^Hrtr llloiiinchl. I'cilia[w /imliw (519) ii (i|;hl. 'Ihc iironuncia- 
ihm il 10 b« cunudcccd (iiafir ^tuulor anl I wai confiucii wiih t in bier ürcck). — 
JmI Schult t- •** '' Ilemiinn, liimling ihii ninrc cloKlf into one nMton 

wilh ihe ineTMHi-. linc. Hill (Jr. ii tmimerntini; Ihe wvcial ili-in, vilh ilelil-eraliuii.— 
(lufc .M. »•» ii-f-Tm^rwi' M, COFT. r»r<un. S«7 M h«l lir>i »niicn 

frl^uHiwfilidhinkiiieDr/il^'ilrTiir). •«• inni Turnelmt. f. 



er. l'h< 


ofl«in(;p)ifi.'tl, fti 

mduin ulb ihe quam ily Aule, 

MlH).— &*B-Lti*:M.>l<'«DirU,'«r«. er. 
Xen. Cyr. 1. J. B t4» Küp» iwi^ci^, 

flBI. AV/>'. .16H D l<i<ii luH rAx^rw r<x4' 
rafffci ^rifrtß biItblt, alarittp A* «^ rpeti- 
tb(« H.T.V, 1««. I4. j; •"it/i !• Wi m'i 

¥0**; for Um bccu.. |u wilh frMi 

«d er. Soph. E'. <J9( '«»irw #^ 

>r Ihi I 


1:l-.u jjai«"^ uf » iMl« >i Ihc l«a,..- 
We -houM nnl coni|are t,J. S«f/i/. jSi 

noun^ wheicii *(Hint(>i»r i> an sJj., the 

fiuirrir): hl. 'Ihe l>reait »hielt *b> luinc 
'm. »«« 4(Xw YäX«: h/wuw /of, 'ihe 



evanlB for ihe coiru|iiiDn lomevhal 
brticr Ihan aM^^rUfirg. The doulile 
BHpn. Bi wllh i/lTix* 

•«• «1. tai W n* 1.1 

ork) 1 

! Kühner- Ului 
-Tbc 1« 


Kruenl,' Ihoiuh nul cxcluilinc ihe tciue 
■rameni'U i.litr/y imo » «r|>cni.- Cf. 
Eul. Siir/J. 70J Ux« f Mteri» j^n 
ltj,rilMM™. Haetk. ijjo Mm^ r. <* 1 

■m lu belhe*lB]rer' (rrtimaiihfererence 

M» I 

II pmpbetk jjro. Cf. ^07, 



XO. TtpoTKÖitov Stl TülvS« (T aloovfiai. ntpi 

y&HHTO 8' ovTOii. rSXXa S ifijyoü ijt^\o^i, 550 

Twiio^' «< r( iTottlv, Totn &i /tT) Tt Spav Kiyotv. 

Sökijt r« »cai Xn^ÖtüiTic CK Tavrw ßpox^f 555 

M» M b» ihe TtM-rpa^H—U M, con. KirchhiWr. Oll<er> friain « Bnd eivc ihc linc 
D Oroü»- t — t-ffc»- Sl, <l»n),1<l 10 rärW'. ••© V»«fi <' Weil. Ml t«*i 
■ M. CO". I'aow. i . min /Ut 'i Slinlcy, tiul th< comiiilion was unlikel)'. rtin 
..t, T> llnhnc. ir<^ *ri r. >«•[>. «6 ti v* ri tfi> Well.-rl ««• w^ Todl. 



InvliMlnn I., conf. 


iKc lli«U|;hl »r }ji bimI iI 

nfniin rrom Ihii n 
nitt' ilne> luil rt 

IihI. /'. q. 104 tili« afrifr 


liMriliulnl. and 

1.C drraml |B* 

< cimvcnluMwl anil 
onlcn oT Ut, will 

will nccflte |«iJ*ilive oMiiniamh 

3tim nwHni;. Hqnjreli. nfattim- irti- 
^^fha,. In M ihe litic hu il» ra^- 
y fi fl ifnMine a chaneE nf npcalicf and 
flaialy betone* (n <lw Oionm. I) may 

Epoadbljr ii»!" in ■ tcpl)' 'naj. 1 chooM 
iwr.' bat Ibc wperl-iiilr of li| ■• tU- 
•Menl «a>l ilw pailklc« »n tviwaicilly 
MiiliM<d.— r* ta «nphailc. ihe ellikin 
WacMObJcCIim. a. j;9 (ti.|i ■ntall 
iMnpttUidM I imfcr ihiiofyuun.' Sa 
Stff/. 4M •'( ik^irw ri Hftim- *^ V 
«^ xyir^r. (Olhcn B»i|tn Ihe ver»c in 
Olatca (ulthnul, Iwntcvirt. kcccnlHatini; 

luuwEKil liy nli tl ihnn by •wVli. 
Sine« t W i> (idiuinllr anliihclic lo > 
clauM! wlllioul ihc Inlancine nn. or jif>, 
er tilhec (.V.f T. ji; dXX... f ttn«. ä-m. 
^fiijfl, ri H wvf^vfti. iü-l. Jljl, /5tj. 
Hiji 0^ (UHira , mirx*'*'. "^ ** ■'*■ 
X(«n. Iloni. //. tl. 15; T»^ ^■(«Iäu»'- 
n^, »ivYV. i 1- Jriffi hJcw»), il (i>llm.i 
|)miI allf TwVI f ■' '■ -' -- 


....nJeiillr nnrmiil (ireek. A 

umae miAl havc tiM 'titti M' 

U...{d. riT€ iUf...rtn N &c).-Ii> « 
196 In.). 

«•a WXati: not nwnll '|>1*<'> ■■> 
•iia.Ja' l<..| ilu 'tlnele.' The onlen ai 

1^ linc, which 

:ln |ictfnmihie ihii 

ij7;| nn.1 ih« Cho. 


Cmo. Hc it so, I choose thy divination of thcse sign 
s.iy Amen ! For ihc rCit, leach thy fricnds tlicir parts 
ihesc say * Do bul this," and to those 'Do not that.' 

Or. Tis simple iclling. Electra must go within; a 
her cloak tliis covenant with me. So, for iheir guileful sl 
of a man of price. will thcy be caught themsclves by gi 
the scif-same snare. and die, according to thc word of L 
sovcreign Apollo, secr whose truth hath nevcr failcd as yct 

•■a M hM no persiin sien. — etlxtir M, corr. Porwn.— Some edilioni place a 

{ij. *.,u*e^"\ M. 

oiirlln. •»• Hi\v Tl 

unc lay f. .ni \v*M'r„. 
I aki>Tit KiichhofT. 

vwtir Weil.— X, 

roiM r.r.X. — mC](«v, The infin. rle- 
«nrt, on i n0e6t im. l = \lyt,='r\tim) 
alhet ihnn amkn.nfdly on ihe foll.iwinc 
.M. Kor Ihc infin. v i»<l>rec( of im- 

not »HTiiily 'kerp Ihe »cret of Inil '(heLjj 

nclmn (5J7).— tirS« : 'Ihc fi 
Sj8 «n. The exnci |;ran)n 

ihe ])1ol develai» in 
•n (5J7l— ■'i«*« : ''hc followine.' Vit. 

'e' C'h« 

" - ■ ring nf ihe nnuage 

*i*«4>at and mak« 


per in 


10 Ihe uw of TifS, in place uf £«üi. Hut 
Ihe onler it awkwarilly chown, ihe doik- 
in£ nf the pinl belnnci >< niuch 10 LI. ai 
to thc Cho.. *. ^J; i> nilmally retiim|>live 
of Ihe inilnicliont la I-:j.. .inti |a< Verrall 
oWrvcl *f.ix"r Im it 'a .iranfely euri 
di«r.,Mion of Klrctra'» prl.'] 

•■« <rC#« 'K|w*r. Ik>ih worrli are 

i> c-inlnulet] wiih his ireulicruus and 

S* [iioiiilnluui eiHl. See 6J4 «nrj.. £««. 
IS M^ V"~'*r - I luMJtr«' »«Tf»« 
rtiia\^^lftrm, i'iii/- 639, — rffu«' fanher 
impliei thit a hnvy /ricr niu-l lie p;iid. 

«•• K). S4Xy v ■•^'^ Thal aal be- 
lonp io\i|^«<wir i> obriou; ■lliat. u 
Ihey ilew liy {pjjle, » by (piile thejr 
ni*y l«c>uchi,' llul ihe n of M *i»wer> 
lo notbine. To conilmc |i) (Mynnl 
fr ra^ ßrix* X*f#wTWi or UXy n (Xf. 

liy any i>ar.illel in Uageily. Ün It 

tri rür Miu> ira>*iv>>i^ iXi 
In ciin.lniclion ihe uaid. arc l< 
to ihe »hole Iho(i|;l>l Xf^üvi 
| = X^. aal fanw>. cf. 114. 
■cju^'hl lo Iheir dealh.' The 


fonner>. The leceml, h^wevet. m 
have recn^iul Ihii clau>e in Ihe u 
coinmand. Cf. Sni>h. £/. jji ;, 

rt •■! «r)>.tw ; UXon .U^u :|.^ 
.»t <«>^dr. 

• •T <Ht 'AwMXw: anolhit 
of Aafi'af, Ixiih lulhoriiilive (Ira 



UfVoUufV OllTtU^ (HOT (Tftttat*"' ''"'** 

rSöfwts irapaartCxoin-a. Kai räS' tfvtVeii'-j 

AiynTÖOT. ei«/' o^S«' c'i^t);*os irafwv: 
tt 8' oSi* ö^<t"j''<i' ßi^ov e>«wi' TTuXtuf 

n Kcu. fioXic tV<iTa ftot (tarä crrö/ia, 

Mpei. o-o^" taBt. mI kut ö<i>eaX^oüs ßaXuv. 

Vinv airrbv dirdv " iroSairös ö ftVos ; veK/joi 

^fov S" 'Epwvi ovx vni<^ 




^uiwc** ''™' '^'- '•'"'■ ■'** "^ 
_J#7? ;- 9 quotdl uml(T fi W (söj)-— 
«»,«(1 .>. wilh M«li .Icnrtinnur.- 

«r "ihty will bteln 10 enni«tB«. 

••• Uf%i: Aa. Ineumm. wUh ir«- 
L_«Mki> diretlly. iml imli<e«'ly wilh Ihe 

■Statalt •»pUii» ihr d»l. lomewh.i' >lif' 

■•»»(. <#^'*.4e.' (The li« i.. hov.««r, 
W ■»■»■hlr «n imeipoUlimi. Nwonljftjn 
1 ll hc iiMml «ith «.Imnwp!. I«" 'I" 
■ wOtKi. tvpe*n not l" h»"« reul 11] 
I MV ,A,^:«ccr... n. T»« »« 
l.blwi«ellheTk«i.winii™m™wl. W.ih 
yi fc IMWf ef. Ar, Stti. t»** 1 d".XpB 
»«1 NM. K*.;.. IM. «W- 7». •*»•'' ' 
F *aMM> llwiw. tMiMiKifirr (H« A/. 
Ir V 1. ii|. WonlaiFMlh (iB«ci Ihe loe^l 
V »tm-V tr». 7»---i'7' ly "."' 
( SnA*» r, «».-1*1' U*nif : • He^np 
► 11«, to U OMiJ«l«r»l (nin. thoi Mlilwle 
' ■ - « )A]l). t** i>. o( et ^ — 

..-«>*>. "t«t: llckk. -J».<-rf- l>. "4. 

11.(8 T,.*.«*« rvprf 2— >-^. 1-«^ '■ 
ttofitrt'»'" I"'"' *■«•"'■"' *•=■ ' "'■7* 
i> ictually inDK poim >" (^"••1 '<'■' 
«ilemcw lh«.hdrt of ihe g""' HTI« 

lattwM h 

^it *f.l-, 

"(et. //.V 47a *W^»v Vi^ 

•JX«!), whieh wniilrf l« i" npi)»iUon 10 
IMU'- llu' *« ihreUiolrl cinnol M 
cillcil llw '(«'•' of 1^1« E»'»0 , , . 
«™„B .niilh.... 10 «rpi* Cf. So,.h. 


■MV I«, hc twne »ticf*«nl« rate 

-iA '■ 


1 mc' Tlie «ctoml clnun! of llw l>rii- 
uw. uken « }iiirticil<i*l «IwiJ' in I'IkO! "f 
Itw comilrBciion wilh «t Two loini« ol 

:- n„ noimBl, Tit. (>) '' '""•' 

4J f«>ra v>\iiim. Ipptx an.! Ul 
iV t^va». i ««< ("■'■ i«X<>. 
' ■ hyixMiielical iianici|Je " 
ihle «ilh •■' •'-<1«"'*- »"'' 

II. Eur. /f««- *09 e«<«* 


passing by may make sutmise and chidc thü house, 3 
' Why, prithec, doth Aegisthus havc bis door shut u| 
suppliant, if hc is hcrc to know it, and not abroad?' 
oncc cross thc outer thrcshold and find that man sitting 
fathcr's throne, or should he afterward comc face to fa< 
me, he is doomed, for sure, Ict him but mcct my eye, 
himscIC can say ' From whal Und is the stranger?' my 
weapon shall stvecp round him, and I will lay him 
The Avenging Spirit, who hath known na stint of gor 

|IH...I^wfi Wlkcfldrl 
fce Wec-Llcm Ap,«i 

■ Slan 

10 JiJ. Jöil' ♦■ »(«' "»ml 

•73 •>« M. 1 have nAnteA t 

r. ipmn V».»m.-~)a\A 

k ati^. In 

678 *lpf«. K-T.X. St'e ctit. n. aml 

Ipfw: ■hcisloxMor'nile.-ulnuii'). Cf. 
üofih. O. T. Uno <XwX■^ <f »% nwt' 
lpitQia< utKa, I'bul. Amfhil. 1. 1. 1^4 
ftrii. li me iiäifr.t--nl. Kur fpHi ■ tXwXi 
cf. /Vi-i. 714, .Sni'h. O. r. i(io l^wr« 
/««. £A jfi.-.«\ <»»■ i+faVw *p^ 
X»*! 'evcn if he I» miich as| chmce 10 
' poMriimlnm.. 

■ 7« irstwiH vv'ß*^''X«^ 

The tchoL. imajjinc* ihar iroBiäim I 

•iccam|<anietl or maiLc pu>uL>le 
nimble manmenl of Oretlev TI 
IM« uf fcwt i> Ihal of Ol. him. 
ejiithel beini: Iransferreil. 'Calch: 
»H'ifi.foolnl iHnnl' ( = 'calching 

<i ffiVK^, Lur. 

Ck/. ..74 ..■.»"•■;( 

»(1, ^rr,.,, Wtt,.,, 
pound. iMfiiWtir, rpttßiXXu' \c. l'he 
paiiidplL' iiKlf It occaKionnlly uicd a> an 
ei|delive (cC ^(luv). An inmance which 

«ri ff*avit | ■■iivi>4#ai /»« ti rvyx** 
n< ßa^üw (like llie vulgär KukIMi •mM 
n«./<<l'|, The Mi>|>licati.><> » 'lu hl« 
ownmiKliief.'— «r'^^taXlMw: cf.Xeii. 
//'Vf, I. n t^idi yif i^\n Tifirmin.T' 
4^aXiuH>i »rn«»"l>. Ar. X«ii. 616 In 
>H ht' i^tk^ii Xtyf. Sopli. ^H/. ;6o 
mt' (iii>a>'a...n^n, tui. ^Wr. illj 

•7a wpW bM* ■!«■(*. Though in 

ira^eil]' avrto ii rrcquciilly noihlng innre 


: cf. i:ui 

i|ieak anil lar.. 
niual iinl quenioa. Cf. 65J, iiffl. 14« 

/f. F. 719 fipix"'^ I' <i^iu' iit 
(i*i,«6pt,*, wilh IMt. 4. 60 fl*») 
i. *(*.\. fix •^x'-- /'"'■ 741* 
e^im^drHi r>fk/i«\wr. .^luch 
dllbcullr of ihe e>|'rc»iiHi »lay 
nioveiL liy uitcrii>|; x^**^'!^*^ 
lone uf evpre^ion« wtpA wpaff 
ThE i9#4x*< ■" '^<* ca« i> a -Iran 
— a:(ilX.»M.lheJ>w<>ra. i:f.4q>. 
nn ihe cnnliary. ihe xJtai an un 
WnB ix4X.t.-*.-{The «n^ ■, 
him aruiinil ntf *wiri »onl |ef- 
>'(«■' (i^i) io |>etlia]M pooihle, 
Ic» lupporleil.] 
•?• «ix frnn'Sn'W''l - '-' 

Ihe ehildren of Thyeilei, neil of A 
lo Iw rullowcd now hy ihe ihirJ 
therefoK il ii bopol, final) ünught. 


Scira httfLämtv a^^' 

iü/riu<ui' ßpoToltT\. 

irXHÖouo-f ßXdriTOVtTi Kai irt&aixf^ioi. 

XafiiräSK vf^äfiapot 

nrovä re koI irtooßd- 

ftova- KOftixötifT Iv 590 

aXy&mv tl>pä<rat kÖtov. 

äk\' inTtpToXnov öc- 
8/W! <f>p6vi}ixa. TiV Xryoi 

— YV M, >* SchUii. »•* »<." ■Ml i«tii'-* M. con. Hi«li. * .- 

Marin It* Au.fliu-. ■•• «1- '«■'"I*» ßp"-r\ »X.B«*i, 3»Mr^i ««I 

, = ..Xi(»w.. »ilh > f«U» KnK, j»*i.r»#i was rt-lorp! 1^ Hüll" ' '^•'— 
M>' T*«»»«i ■»! Ilerm., *"- ßptTiiri- rXiiftntx tti Kram (1c 
,1k u in MI- Some tmen^l [he «nlim. and »Uei hm »ixiinitng lo 

or wllh iwo (Lur. 


UmI onljr mlh, lii v 
■umed wben tbcir ilcniiEni ue in qnEi- 
«ion Ir^. I'ind. /. I. 48. Soph.//-, H5)| : 
bat b«n ih« incluilan of vf^ Ihe ficrcat 
«f all nviucn lAof n,|. >• inevilaiile. Cf. 
JiBT, /r, (OW litfit *" **«* «lY'i'*» 
«kkarfW, I Wal 1^ rttjuiir »al n'^m 

, l-m 

,;.. Flnl. 

Inf. r(ai.7Vji>i.4iltFkpii«lTi 

4». The inlcr- 


••S BTnÄXst : al («Xtr^rn >cho]., 
luK. Illouuli Lliii ii induiteil, in allniion lo 
tli« wnvc», lli« »orii mc«n»liiic prtwniifi« 

7*4 »•«• »' (»■' J' i7««X"m »wl conmt. 
AK toji iirfolB *' i>iWi «< fl«-™»« 
i« HO li»n figunuine. ''"'■- --■—'■— 

«•• amtl-i' ppowtri: cl. <!«/ft. 
170 »»UXu. fjfWrf^^uH. Some »(Ihc 
»i'iiian«len wne Imaeinaiy (krtkeni), 
oihert real {f.^. Ihe larget oclopii», llie 

_. . * orlpnaily «n «iKnpl. 

II oocü» ottxtn in v. },in an'l i> [rcquenllf 
vvtl hj graniniArinn* in Ihe Knie *lhac 
ia Ui Mir,' indicBlini; a|>paallion. — The 
«omMnnliun tttri tv^dfnir oinveycl lo 
«he ichoi. (<!.•-) iht «am« «uperlali»« ... 

ioit* *• llial in rurk wurä, {l\rt. 6113I. ßißXm, SoiA. üt- 4*0 » 
^,y«r' 4^"» i^^- 0. T-j^»)> •«* a r. 717 ""»t " ^Xa^ai. 

Kr/. JJO.— ^TTTV^v iih: 

■hunlns' ßoe» wiih ihn of 

.^^sum« raXM ((NjU- 

Kor aXifaivI Iwforc ;« cf. /mj,'. sA'C- 
4,(5 r^ ivCr W^*« »pJro.. Ä/y«. 769 

. SccUlajilc* 

«I. Jl 


Cf. rff. . 

_ .Mtltut tptim'. — l'he rüiding 
pXMnrri«, a »□nl of d«l>iru1 
ror AcKhyliu. Ii recalb (and 

it been luigroled \vf) fflfm 


and Ihe arms of the deep arc füll of bcasts baleful 
In mid-space also lights that blaxc by day work mis 
thingü that Ay and things that walk the earth. Ol* th 
tcmpestuous wrath could they also teil a taie. 

But who can teil of man's rash stubborn spirit, i 

t M (j>resun>iblr «ail-), con. m, nilh ma 
■i H Iterr 

II wittVpCi, if' ^ Tl 

ra.3.). c 

»BO rr.).ii M (a by m). 
n>. «SO tiriM^'Tui 


gXatrr« /x'^V i) •"> aulhcirily. Mureovei Ihe adj. ii 
iih ilTH. ••! «fxUui niomtield (wtlh Mup 

itev« llealh. »S U^l Blonifield. ^. 


."SrieV (Virr. 1 
[>re iJionialK a 

lieir comine inlo bcing (ct. hiril äxi- 
aJvr.itrg. in Ihe conle«). ^^'w 
Kan in Theophra-li" (C. /•, ). 1;- 4), 
n (i;. 17I, A|>oll. khw!. (4. i4>jl- 

Fi» lighlnine u repntenlin 
oppojiie elcineiii lo »Her. c 

•BBwiq. mvi-n'n.rX. T 

«ord a« iransil. (»«u*. «ei •(?»».). 

woul<ll>evc[y liar>h, |i)lh 

The aiiihoriiy for Ih» use ii Ihe aor. 


^f<\unifo in A)ioll. .Khixl. 1. mi.— 

Ili« ,r .-..Ik. Il>e ea«h, 1 

ovMlaiie (4X<iirr«i»>) ji,,l 0, 

htavei. inH eatih. Of forms ffom the 

'Aenlic' wtti Ac~.'h)'lus nlM uwt nSap- 

ION •«! nrij*o\a rttpoir 

<r.» («nar.). .<*<-.« (/r. jj). Kiiri|.. 


hat WJ>.p< (lyr. //. f. M19) and vital- 

ptiws (i>irf. 8;i in Lrotli. I«r,). 

■i.i^«iny «...ny Ui^lonlly) 

'meicori' hm Ihe 'h|;hi* ihm finh 1)y 

7'>F/*. 95,1 .W inuiim 

dayliine' (unlilie Xsiiriliii in Ihe otiiinsify 

üOp^/i-. lOJJ. J.4.i.,rr,x 

■ar^liwr (— 4»...*|Hira 

Ihe ÜKhininc. The a<lj. >u|<|>Iic'. an 
e»en<i^l qualiAcaiion „J .h,.al'l i>y no 


nicani \k nllelL-d 10 rdu/m ( ~iUTiu(tii, 

a/. 1. j. n.iH./,.i o««.d 

whicli fomii a plire liulolngy nilh »t- 

**i»««. A eorrupiiim u( TiUtpt, lo 

VfUiia,» wa» in il»ir ini|itohal>lei and 

iv>;^i >o Yv»«^. » i>i> 


conctivülilc comiwuiid Ihistil on ».i' 
i™(cf.J.i;..).6io(. Wi,h Ihe Ahlaui 

liC-i !>.■*, Ipinsi- 

SOS T>i>iY«; Vor Ihe 

gMcle (as apinn ni*-U^\fi)i-l^. u<»-ifM/p- 

nriilioul v in a ilifL-cl .|iic 

»•) c(, Ma^(..-Kor ihe aenie of Xa|.. 

i.t;3 '" W ni...#W-" 

«■kt cf. Eur. .;■///. lOli lanu^ilf 

601 r(ir, K(v, J<'>rui>, nl 

Xweafir Kfiaiwliii, Aii-r*. I44 ii ;«»«- 

;t.<Ja ««ffx«.- O.e. i;o 

pMru Xanruir mimiwI«!. 594 iwTt 

r,J.. /Xftf.Theoe. .J. If 

>*(«^; The aK ia Homer 


wayroKfiovs Ipura^ 

^{tryoL^ S' öfiavkla^ 
A)XvK/>ar^S 'dvfpu- 
voc ejpws irapavtKif, 
KvuSakoiv Tt Kai ßporäu. 

wrru S*, öoTis ov^ vwotrrtpo? 
^potnivm, SacU 

•M ««•V*!' kl, *ri€l' AM.— rl.«.l»> ..I M. Kl« 
■•• II pJuct (pwni M Ihe l>ce)"''>'>e of ■)" neti wnr 
■•• The minini; may 1<c variini>l]i iDjiplicd. -cid 

Vtnall. (ifVYd' Enecr, unn«»urily mllni! it iHliknll ccn. 

•j i *4 ^ »ji r. »»••;_ (»hieb, hfl 

r (M r^4f t,^*i Ai in ihc 
OK Ol wt wru Itt« ■•ipain [iHf. 171 
>.), wt |or itr,p) rfr« t<t (Kur. ^n^'r. 
Ji^ Af. ffp. iHo). <it Mfon (n.-il. /'<-/. 
jte*. iilKrc >«« my nnic). Ihe ni>I. 
■lanU In <!■ owo rieh), u a inrvivtl of 
«M ßrtik anj^. Jr doci nnl proilucc 
I Ikc opl.i ila HM <>■• dcTcInp«! t'i aui't 
I ud -Irfnc ihnt tnooil, Thmigh (here h 
) inlnl>il«til< «]<Din|ilc in All^ |>r»c 
Oti otniwion b( tf brine 
«■Itr cHy In ill qnoiMl 
K KUlirKr.U«th' I. p. IIB). 
. •hmili) be 
Cf. W^. 
' ttrrt^ 'x'i'- 
I. iV. 14. intt» ■ ' 

r./r" ■ 

ih« tliii. tf. ■: 

. /". B?« » 


S.jph. O. T. 1. 

AH,f «^Hoäw ■i^ih/'U. Or. ;d« rsh... 
^■rafiri« ..vii41 — -TXajiiwr : ■recklevi.' 
Cr..)8jrItM»> .«I »nd»^ (n.). The 
■enie of hXb/Sw», •aXMlft»» i« ' " 

ofjt M^TtXMr, 

To ui^denliind thit 
if Allhaea ind 

II linde of Aewhyliu 1 
« lim o( hnnlrunru Uli _ .. 
Not only xre ihc vke> of ■ 


cte>cenda. 'A (nun in hii 
ne» may lUie dnib Itt b 
in her pnuinn Clin nleei hei 

■ iliniciiUy wiih ihe ouci of A 
Scylla. The word i« romh i 
prchcniivc: c(. S. 1. T. 674 .aimi f\ 
ItßtX Ipu't in^ (lo Eleocln. who ii 
licnl on l'i;hiinc iii^ brrxhei). Kvt./r. 659 
(^•c<i V' «'»I ""«« ßla«. 7't. 4,(9 
X«Tti! r' ffH^ii, Find. M 11. 4; "^m 
M Jtrt ('<'(>«' <wtirf>«»' I ir^wiir«» J' 
'-*~— *''-»*a< iiulai, Siiph. Ant. (ji; 
<^«T<.*, Philodem. A M«t. 

.<Tstt 4>4T«in- S« cHt. 

vru euy uhI Ihe play upoa 
■chyleaii (Appeiid- la <r, ji).,aUleiäHaGcl «Irüd/ 
finnjjii»g|l« iB'lrtif v^rm 


women of wanton hearts are reckless in desires. wi'th their 
of follics ruinnus, follies insatiateP When desperate p; 
maütcrs the fcrnalc hcart, it sieals victories o'cr the ti 
wcddcd pairs. be thcy of beasts or men. 

Is there any whose thoughts lack wings to undcrsi 

■A lo iW(Mni(. \ . 
afH.I»Mw. Muli». 

aoa iiu«-i> t:mi«r.. ifui 

••• »»...£, (pre.111.1 

•Oa sq. «fwrlrir T^r tati 

wiih ' Cf.* , 

i.ii. y. c. M.1.1 J 

Ihe hnitt, ff. SuffJ. io<o »ft.« tt ..«Kii. 
«I«. >■! ;)^«-irf. Si<|ih./>-. S.i.i ite^fx"» 
(v. Kl)!-)!!!! M^r txH<m rVui^ v^i'i. I 
):';«» )■ f.(eru. t. T,Tp.,,,\,; ■>«(, 1 
►■- i f i, ^«M, r.«,.J»,, rfteir. J J> 

//r/>/>. 1174 «^Y« i"KptH.,.*iaiw \ ifit- 

fr. 17 J»,Ü,..,^ »«.„if.., I ,:^, 

wonl of Acnlic farn fot 
t 'reckleK,' for which ih« prOM 

l»vnl. Tu ll 
Or. if'it.Jlip, 

apprcheniion (ri.->1«liiin 
eiice) 11 noi (lo supi-iy 
IKKcuye Ihe [nilh hy lakinj; .11 

which ha> ajijurvntly l-vc 
it lupporlnl <iy «cviTal coii^ 
(n) Ihc «Bular «n« of iw 
■Ile>lce<i,' 'ahle l.i tly.' inj 
■niinW' Cf. 1'in.l. O. •,. 
mit vnrrVfan Whcn >ucl> 
iNVui-hl inlD cumliinalion »iih 


rav ä iraiSaXv- 
^ös TÖXou-a Beoriis /tijcroTo 
mipia^ip <W> wpövotai', 
itKraiBoiKra iraiSö; Sa^woc 
SaXöv iAt»c'.' «iret /ioXie 
fLo.rpößai «Xa'Stjo-«, 
(üfULfTpöv T€ Sial ^i'ou 

dXXo S" ^N Tic' iv Xöyow oruyeM-, 

ra>fcXi>Mi (in Ihc unM liiw 

Ol*«»«' ¥l 

lim) M, eort. Dind.'J . »oa •«(>*•* 

miKK. • «— >.' E'ven irivkfrir 11) (oilh A like A und 
namiHt hy ihc «nw ns well u I7 ihe meirt i . One «hol. ( 
»rkitf «bH iwrhai» »^4« »'■ »hente I had [jrev.cnBly 

I, mrftt^ iw*.^ »^!'» '^■"'l f""'»™' *™''' ""^ '"" ' 


: Mhol., 


HKcMi ■ ptnvelbial phni« for n fluh 
ii( Ihnuchl; |A| in inlithrMi hctveen 


'■."«> ■• 



Mmw» I »/«■ '!*»'! (■) Acüchylu. 
tlkjt ■ kiml nf .(«low <* K.ri- 
PhIs KflulJ ha-c iKoiicnl «nneee»arj) 
f« a iliare»»«! iW" M«r- (1-™, «" 

DI -Ist ft«. who 1* "«t flieiiir ■"" •>■• 

IboDclui «lief le«niini; («(hing), koo*..., 
U. Ict hin wh<> can kcep In mind ■ 
tcMRi hc ha. Ie»nie.l. kt. In ihii »ic* 
(»♦»»■f« = .rf#»iiKho1.}.«»*4»w, So 
KUown '»et»» luiwia» l«"« "f,"^^ 
Iciwt (oii wm ».olaol ea qnne 1I1K1IJ. 
We mithl quo«« IHimI. Ü. 1. 60 i-|f»x>»» 
M f« ,p«»».U- \ .«■♦*"(«. iV *"'■ 
^rw M'*"- l*"' ''*"* '' "° "" '™""' 

wDaM 1« lue Mmw ni i«"i#'i*»« (ii* 
B.|. OlheiwiK Ij). '7 » «"»lifte«!«™ 
of li). 'lel hlm, who i» nol Hiuhir wi<h 

HtlaXJ^f I B im probable. ihin>Eh ponible 
(cf. SoiA. TVnKi. ms Ht wmTfHfinav 
«r^l. Eh.. /. r. 140 t* >*'» X'"'«- 
n««)— In ihU fiw enample ihe woman 
kill< b« ihild. in ihe teeond her faihef. 
in Ihc Ihird her hiiOnml.— nWi« : 
■h««tl«»'ltt.f«)— *"«!'■ Ahhaen, 
daiichl" nf Ihe Adolmn Tl>»(iu« aml 
wireorOeneuV kineoT Caljnlon, wa» ihe 
inoIhfrorMelescer. Aceonli>n;io Aiwllo- 
üwa% ( 1 . ». 1 ) "hen McIcüE" "■■" ««<■• 
iltTi oM itapav*''«" >■•' M«<^t_»w» 

(uifWM <»l rw *»«'i(Mi *»«< «•™"»-" 
nOri dd'VBaa rar iaXir utiVir« AXfal« 
cd nt^ttr'o dl \ifrua. When, hon- 
e»cf, he harf i|UO>ri-llnl "lih an.l dnin 
hik mWlier'- lirMhcn. 'AX»«!« Xiin*''»a 


lol'l in 

, Attt. 8. M' "ll' *'<'' J'upf»' 
clö ami i;urii>l.le» wcffle a Me/agifi; »nU 
Ihe «utijrrt hail hten irenled befor« AcMh- 
in Ihe nXiV(W>l<u of Plwynichu». 1'"». 

1 now e.liint in Baccbyl. ,*, (jj 


Thcn lel him Icarn how Thcstius' heartlcss daughter, de 
of her cliild, devised a dced — in vcry sooth — of fire and 
well knowing what she did ; whcn shc burned thc rcd-i 
brand that measured her chtld's life from ihc hour 
his moEher with a cry, yea, Step by Step to the day oi 
of fate. 

Another thcre i* 

llaiL at Soph. Pii/. 679. 

I loathing, a c 

|i«f>l<piurgr Ir ä^MU> (>C. •f). Aha Ihe 1 

Turnrl... iU» 1..- n.' Po.lui,. dXkv f 

Itnr Herrn. (Wl Ihe corru|.1ion 

likclyl. i\W l*Vr« EnRtr. KilheriXX 

*■ lS.T...„«,r>„-, or iXX« »* r,. 

lini|icraL.) might Ix siiggeslcH. l>ui 1 |irefet >ini)ily to iilil ihe miiilnE na.- 

^- y,i.Vw« ri,, ( {^, if„ i„tip„ 

Ilooieric u». an.l, ihouRh Ep 


•OA irvpSaiiii» "Sii TpdntkT. See 

(f./. i.i..r,j,, />jt..), ilicie i. . 

/: Cio..,(»-i^^.i«. i.^. 

yt:i\a\ of liie th^iie of iVini, rAv^m. 

Vifinii. LT. 3«r.» aJ«» (/Irf. ,>r»l. 

(i| ■chirreel." m- lo ihe ic.o- 

aiiuiln<, Lhe brai»L hnvinj; been 

'l-he pnel ii allu<bnE lo Ihe Ricla|>ho(icil 

fr-m. Lhefin^, or. k..-ell. (ij'i 

uw ot wOfi in Ihe »en« of rashne« an<l 

|;l>ihen.len' Wctkicinl, Ihe at 

freniy (Sliak. Or». •,. J. 1 14 ""* '"/"l 
c>r of crurliy. Cf. Kur. ,^«^r. 171 ■ 1' 

proli-plic »ilh «raiBoM*. Th* 

lhe C|.ilhel asapplinl 10 lhe thai 

(rr- ix-i'il^ ™ -«(.4. r.^.T.p-, ,*.,/- 487 

tti yap I.-fi^ ;W Jr<w X^«'PV. /■-'. Il«> 

onvenclr lhe English -l.rimlo 

1.1 ri^i ta'>." « niXa-n uor^ N.r. 

lhel»..nIcolourofa Wan.l|e.a 

fw; ..uTi.i r' l>af>i:lii ; >,k1»w r.ii4i. 

Ilie anini2l> (lions jackaJt .<ki 

/r. 4t.j <i>ri irvii, Ti., i\\. wvf | „«"f.- 

j*^*« m Urtek. [ta^wi i'a; 

.((W™-.. 7..«.-.«, Soph. J-.l. BUH 

ileiivnl fioin U- ( = f>-, cf. «>a 

»iX.j .,;*■ arq.^giv »■•j»'. /'*i/. ijj; J 

««rt< ( = '*<n«).''- -bl«-!-«.! 

>i/\at, ■>H'p^l, »ujvil.) 

riji ■riipmt Ixtirrf, Ar. Zj'i. 1014, /r. 

•OV «X«', J«; ..T.k.: ■« 

.««««rr B«,«,«. .If!" 48; 
rupvX/rf« lapaiw fof oolcmenll. 'lhe 
ume nolion i^ freqiiciil in 9tpu^. Cf. 

TH'aiipTia ripj, Ar- Pliit. 414 iw l^r/vcA' 
Ity» •i,itu^—'V\. The e<pFc»ion 

figanlivc, wu in Ihn. caw lileiilly Irue. 
See Ami. 10 ». 31.— njma* ; lhe act 

•O« niS«i b)f po»iiion dejieniit 
raihrr on kXiv ihin nn «Xu'. El it 

pw.r..=/»i/i'H«. Heiych. eiplaini 
>urd by iU\v. Iivtr (^1. ■aulXw, 
1>, Tii^l». Thii ii plunljF the 

TtmfB'i, lixiruHt, taJ/ia li 
yw, I O moili wflt, lUiHHi.- 
m _*;hol. Cf. Ag. ,0 Mrar 

intin. corrcf|x>THU lo r-c l 
Xwva I' m%4r- ^ Miir, In 
diAen froni an euier dal. 
HpriHion of Ihe purpnx 
*Tir>n>| fiom oac of lhe 


< ZniXtei M, Ihc lattcr wi 
Mwktl. I Ukt S.ii\*a. lo iK >■■ «t 
ca«in> The ucui. is > miKoiiMpli 

•IS erif INnwn. ). «1« '' 

'irvu w*v#i*4BÄrpt«v ii orr^t (br Ihe Ahl 
nq,. pirlly foc tht xnM «nd pwtlji ft 

•nv» U ihe prniier word nf ihe 
rMiim 1 Kot, £/. loiii <P M' 

•l> '♦wU »»iUt. S« tu'- "■ 
AmO frem |i| Ihe mcttital flaw-uid 
th( long m"' » -• "' "" """'"•" *•"' 

AfKb. il 

1 (hmiltl bc twicil (!) (lul 
A mmt •llrectiji. bw onlj' 
«Ibulrcl*. dth« AlihMaoteijlwmneif«. 
I( il nntikely., ih« he «elu^llx 
nScrUa- A>''l»uj[htirof TheWiu" 
Ihc ciicunuancei ulenlirj' Allbu*. 


.1 Ihe dealh 

ypon Ih« Miiw 2«ÄX« ""h ih« *onl 
f^M «Hl lo «MBie ih«i pluji wlih 
■wMiwt lAiq n.l. The peronoinuii 
oe-rTw Ihe oih« Scylk) in ihe 
a*/.«7 III. »s) W« »* ''' S«"»^'I i*!" 
I.»4. lulWHle. I T*l i •« ^wnt »i» If« 

Arier ■ «IRK ütievenc« "" 

o( eo«to»ive"». Thal c»i 
~ ■ MB, thii oT 1 f*(het- 

him in Ni»«i, Ihe hair wen nil off in hii 
■leep hy hu duRhlet ScylU. eith« 

(l'BBi. ATwillnl.. O»-. &!■) or {M Aeirfh. 
■Imk lelii Uli Iwcuw tlK l»il hccn 
hribed with a piH nccWaee. Apiillml. 
cnnlinuei Hlrm M Iili->*^>w «^'*»«< 

..I tV -Vi- 'S' "^ 'r '■**' 
.-.«4«.t iT^ptx'" '"»»"■ ^^^""»• 
llsni MC Ov. /1/rf- >■ 1—1)1- Theie » 
■n olivioiu kinthip in rcii{iec<ivc iMaili 
wiifa Ih« Morie« of Delii»l>, Eri]*;le anti 
Tarpeia- . ^ ^, 

■ IS htöi* *™l: ■IhnWEh hi» 
eneini»,''-r. eilhi-rlO '■! Iheir |.nmi|Jl- 
ine." ef- Sonh. /h«A. oj; (■*.*« jt»>li.,. 
-««a rpii reä *«*/(.(.." Td». 
ilaurS liiddiin:), or (i) ■ l>r ihdr 


I MIuh' >~lr 

(like Deliiahl »ade ii («»il'lc (o> 
enerny lo ■Uy hin. Thtwifh the 
wniKr rendeiine ha* been hiiherla 
adoiMcd. ihe loiltf i« b™™">«''c"T "J™ 
nalunl. Cf. Eur. C^. 6ojfl* <"W»ir, 
^Ot¥*t^^ I ir' W^- ¥ »•<* •***■ » 

VZ- I riilv Ar' ■«»«. Il ai»i hat- 
ihe (ieKrii'ii'HH of Ihe hair ai 
••ixni 10». A/'l- S- ">) »"d vilaJii 
•jj, lu lo« ineanl dcfcal anil 

»1>L I 

AOhwi 'UMTMddMr.'lamaU' ■ 

^«X«pa*Mid,laftkadi|ni.M ■ 


«hclpcd for murcicr, ivlio maiie to jktisIi by thc focinnr 
him who was ncar and dear. Temptud by Minos' br 
Cretan coüar built of gold, bhc reh Trom Xisus his ir 
hair, wliile he drew bis breatli — all ! the dog's hcart o( 
in unsuspecting siecp : and Hermes overtook him. 


unhappilr- i 
, in Ifric« (ef- 78j 

• Xi"' M— &fi"M. 

Ejld.' n«™ «fw/H. T 
■rdit nioH ilrBn« Ihai 
The laci Ihat in RngliJ. 

t'raUual and el.ilvnte workminship. Cf. 
///«. »Vh. B8 *».«. *■ li*!»" iwaXj 



,e Allhaca. Ihe >.-nnKi|iieii 
II wilh rWw4' tnv, whi 


; Soph. £/. NjC 'Ai>9«l(xuiv 

Plal. A^f^. 590*- Il nmuen 10 Ihe 
modern pifl of diimonil».— 1^»«. 
Thouifii ilic plur. may bc v«\ for >ing. 
(///«. y,-H. l. c). il i. hc.e ptoialir 
eenenc «ilh conieinpl. Uf. Lur. tl. 
175 svi it' tylitlau, ^Xa>, | «v^i wl' 

«1« »ifcjff««»= •(i*C(;««. an epic 
<ut: Hom. //. 6. .Mj !(,>*(«. r.(**«i. 

f. 110 #(x»l Xi.T«W|in nf^«!. C(. 
■in.1- /* ,. <09.-Ml«.: ihe All«, te-il-. 
>H«„lwinnlhe epic fnrn. (a/. 11- jl.) 
revivfflin laie Gceek (Aiwlloclot. ie.). 

aiT ^«kMint T|»x^. l-oui. {I. c.) 
tpeak« of T/ixtt i' 'V ■**«^P ■••,)^'pii, 
liul A|»lliiil. of re^#i:^«>' ir lUrj rj 
o^Xf rpi^a, and ihe u<-iial ilory mak« 

0>. III reuMi MtJit /nlgilul 
fitiuil, I Itm fatrimm imtltumm f/iii 

w*i»«r', I». J.18 . 

J». *Epp 

Soiih. a c. i.>. 

Aj. Sji «C. 

iwfl &' iittp.vaaönM,v äfieiXl^oty 
vövii»v, aKpäirat Sei Svo-^iXcs yofi'q- 
kevfi diTfV)((Toi' So/tO(f 
ywaiKoßoiikow T< /iiJriScis i^ptvwv 
tir' ävhpi TtV)(€(r<^pi(i, 
in äpSpl Sio« fiTicieÖTifi crtßn, 
tU<v Z' idipfio-iTov itTriav Söfitov 
ywaueuäv aroXfiov al)(fiäv. 

trenn tner^y (Soph. O.C. 4II kc.) — 'Spiifit M. «91 ujq. Wcckli 

w M Ivilh ■ 

hj m), iw. 

urt' Fbdw. «ax >»«M> Sluiky, *in 

forneled. Tb* fir« efrof u ooe ot pute ui 
uuEhl by HtinlKrt'cr (..^.ü IH nnd Itoihe 

I« llnih. Vcrtnil |,-iv<ri r 

if-ufä Tt Wccklcin. dyil/m ri R 

kifT U «. foi) Ol crucl *miclkin>, I mutl 

■tdlflcÜ.' N'o ■»] KniK hnn liccn tnncle 
oT ihe MS reailini; dualpvt. Ihoueli I) 
|Et%) li perhnpi unwililc in ih« «jiod. 
>ri(T int. ■■ in llonict (//. 7. 14H >u|., 
OC.Ii.iM). C 8o|ih. a r. iiAA/riJ 

i^ir iwhtrt. hfliTflvrr. «t mar >>" riehlj. 
I'iml. O. I. 4I H). •! f 4ft*Tttft< if... 

J«V. J. 

!>■* Conieff. cnmgwn 
f*»iiüm itfll Gratttr 

Thnucfi thi> (Irmihe of crairic illinln 
anccially tn lh( mnilutl af CljiumncMTa. 
IBC eipiTwiun !■ Gtneral. ' L'rown i>r all 
wBUcliMia In ■ lovoleu vift, who can piM 

r^« mid, incideiilallr. thc cnmpleiion 
uixin ihc Klury (cf. 516 niI i-w ri^ifTf 
Hl ■■(■arnmu U^n.'J. Thc opreuion 

iha(W!., ^f. /r, j,ii DiftH- tinu yif 
Ix/KW «1< Ix'i, X^f. Ag. itSl *'■' 
rt*4. Op.T.Jff« «J>«i. tur. /*« 7,6 
TiM' ^rl Tv>< •«!' i*f» (Xax" "X"' 
7>«. 481) »f^-,th\ ItWtft «KÄ., //, /■. 
rtXs lü|u Vt»^«- ■■•»>■ Wllh llw 
t>|>rwinn in Et'ncnl cf. l-ind. O. 1. 181 
rl (' ttxinw Kopm^air^ ßtr.XtSfi, Inf. 
o.ii itMff nni' '.jr' "*ii^V n>»>'i*<u..— 
•vr^tMt M^4X<ii)t : wBlIock whcrc Ihtre 
ii. nn Invc. fiul hnlc. Cf. ^^. ijiiS i-*- 
Mfu^m ^>^. )afiit^<v>ia connvi ni«n 
■ilutierx ('if Clyi. wiih AwiAlhn») and 
Ihc icfvicnce ii ipncml. auch n wcillock 

•3« Yvnuisß^Ä»! «.rX Thc in- 
ijiimce in 'ßocXirat. |innSa«. ^pmiv ii 
lipon CLinninc Anil coUL'bloodL'd plottinc. - 
Allhsea ind Scylla Imh acl«! wiuinKly, 
bul wone (hin ihcir crime i> a munler 
dclilictalcly »chcincil liy ■ wife't hatrtü. 
Coninct.lhinki Aoch.ha/l in minrt llom. 
Od. II. 4J7 fvpaittia\n Jil SsvW— ni 
'onri (in conicqucncc)'. — iffmut-. not 
•i*ri (131 n,l, 

^vSpl ii.r.X. i'hc wonl ivSpl l> «( 
and rcjicilcd Tor ihc rcuon yiven in ihe 
note cm tfuvMai {597], The cpithc» 
cmphuiie Ihc wickcdneu. Cr. Ei.m. 



^ 5,.mK a! Av"»"" ■nie«'"' 

Li 4;.«. rä ,.i «V« yp "" 

...I» IK" "^1 ,aB ä^. AutBlul. t ■ 

STo-C. «71.'*- ' 

£3 „„-„I.. .»;JJ^-„' 5',,. 

Kur- ^f' *'" ^ 


i r 

•itk 1"«« f'"™.''.*"t:.5„i. «V. u»»- 

„ „., -iM"« 


Yea, of wicked dccds 'tis ihc Lcmnian Stands firsl in 
and in every place it calls forth proans — ihc one accursed 
When a dire thing bcfall.s, men liken it once morc to ' Le 
troubles'; and in miscry sent by loathing gods thc rac 
come to nought, cast from its place and part among mai 
for none csteems that which thc gods aöhor. 

These are my proofs. Which is bcsidc my plca ? 

But that sword, dose z 
slab right through thc h 

yira conj, Wccklein. ««• 1 

the breast, deals its sharp 
art at Justice' bidding. 

Oll).' iilm(Kl = rldtl <«•«'. 
■ «]. taerrvYqTV !' i^n 

Ihc II. 

itrttl iiiicin whicli Ihty (ulfi-»»!. ' Thcte 
i. nci ncvi] tn ce^iil Iyii: cf. .(»4 In ) — 
ppanär^niHiH*: noli.iiii|>ly'(]i>lic>iiijutcd 
uW^ 1)0« naiii'iillv 1« 

: triu- in Ihe ciliiun- 
shiji o( humaniiy. Thc ucn. 

tiiJ ihc La4 BcnicnccoTthc ixltf. 

*ihc iworil (whitli waii») ch»i: 
lireasl" (ri fi««i t* ötj^ w\. li 

live in SlittiHi'i JImI Ilial /n« 
rui;iw A/ Mf lAwr | SIhHi/i rnhir 

aast* » nmllevi ilitlinill]' in In 

BptTttt ^niuwWrl. 

f. ,0; I 


IJM. TfiT 

Iwir oul mj- iJici (vii. uf ^,4 «[(i.)?' 
Tlic eiprcMioii i» prolialily ihi puciical 

»hcn B plddir ha» he»iinl u|) cliari;is 
aiHJ irgumcni*. The kIioI. Hiilamt 
coircclly hy rwiMd'* '«rTfivü. (Tlicrc 
is no Warrant foc iytlftxtdllic of Anv- 

SiAwi^ J[dl- v('4 ■i'A 
T'rilftfu. The l)l[>» 11 '< 
f,om' (i,r,Ia) a.-l -mkI 
ö{*wiwi)tt *(iiwi.iHr Her 

eas SialAÜHt: -ihankdul 
of) JuMice/ Cf. 78J (n.). A r« 
ji>J JUxialuilM (cf. U «L^ 
^»1) »ould he wcik. 



Xd^ ircSoi vaTOvtuvov 640 

TO «Ol^ AiOf 

mo](aXic«vcft 8^ Attra faayopovfyyo^' 

rcftror 8^ hrwia^ipu <Trf>8* 4i/üiaonN 645 

ntf bt ■Mntioiied v«li&r Ibr «ftH» (Butler), wmftxß&nwt (Stanley), 

1). #«• Ifaft M (• bjr m). «44 v^o^aXffnifft M, 

■qq. tinm 1* iwmg^fH | l([^ui#f | 3«pUlrtfr raXaiW^wr (with 

1) M. Fnr dbciwiow of the reading and the valne of thc 

«Ml tht juwowri fMundple in 
■ppuriliu« to «I |4 MPM* Tbl 

■ w ill» ii loo dc ip c fa te» 

br «Uc( ruifff qaal«! A Kim tf 

r* 4ß HOnfß mtmlk ^ H wt f , \ ü ßh 

na ti f J wi llw Hnp ihl kfan of a KholiMt 
iof— ooor wwJiMPwwMi Iho icnark 

JIBVm^ OPffV ^qpMHVf« BClWCII fltlOplM 

Hak tht mm b pnclkally cmi- 
Ibr ■■ bot V. tffD^ V. 640 beipf 
U Tho vomUmi oCarad hi Um teat 
iho MfaMMM chaM0 at Iho 
«hm tht MS ciJBUui m- 

il imdonMtf «ill dcpoM opon 
bilonmiaiI(BB of vo mI wms* 

4a • fara dicd of ibi Ailb not— befais 
^■rt MHif lion^"Hl a «MUi fo» as boviog 

4HQ^MiQ^tlMM(p«HMdf Of, III Olbtf «Qfulf« 

^^^^^^"^^^^P ^^^0« «BS^AV ««^^p^« ^pSO^^a ■• 

MMOfMol aa a uitau 01 no 

b la inn thmhe obfect of XA| 

•pplr |gC Ämm» (us ^tpir a ll i f 

aw V« MRpi^wa I Mvyw|p w«fwf«i| Ap* 

Xha^ t* IT fl r Ir i a^ W irrw ^^ 

PI mtmrm) or» at loapt« mmm 

V oUfapMbMi (Anw. ii» aal w4ßfm 

Ml AfSVarMMNii. Tb« oridnal 

im« 11 Mply to •ifoad 

' M a IÜmt fnaiiiaiitibla aad 

agakut $imt in ncom of comiequcnce majr 
piriiapi be taid Xa| varfir ri m^ #/M<t: 
(•) *tbc fiict (^«ni^m/iMi) i/m«w<V««/m/* 

Cf. .9«/^/»/. 338 vli;«^ «rar* ix^py 
4 fi M #//Mf X/yinf; This, which U 
■MMUcrtjy ncarer to ihe original «owe of 
tba iariociinable phraie, makes Xki rart& 

If : *leti go,* Meavet alone,' 
t oomnKNily with defining (urticij). t./^. 
i^ttßfhm Um. Yet cf. Soph. O. C 625 fa 
y fr fCrv i)^dl|tfr, Kur. AM, 105 l«#«r 
a#n#i, M rdAar, /. 7*. 489 T^r r^xv" <* 
«r x^t npm. //. 14. 568 «M* a^rir 
M «AMlfTc» f«#i#. The conNtmction here 
il üiMibur to that of «1 wtfiopf, with a 
ilightly diffcrent senitc, vix. wk /f (nra) 
lim vipfc/f^*'« $tiM0rü%. lit. 'docs not 
Mavt a man in the poüition of having 
ri a n ed «ith a ri^ht (no to do).' 

MS «nu. Aucat 8' 4piMtTM vii#|fti|if 
«wrXi i take» up tA.,.4i. l at tt i T ot. 
Tba pmi. it panoramic and tne three 
Hnci cxDrcM events ra|ii(Uy following 
oaa aaotncr : * |n<>w) llie anvil i» heing 
pbinied I (now) the sword ii being forgcd ; 
(aoir) the victini ia lieing lirought in.*^ 
« i4 b4 » t the meaning i» «omewnat dooU* 
fal, bat h U natuiml to bring tlic mctaphor 
faMo aeoord with the next Ime (cf. 159 n.). 
CoaiagtM Palcv &c. explain 1^ ixiM^rw, 
tba block uncler an anvil (cL llonr.. //. 
|8» 476 #%m' ip iKfuaidi^ Ifinf» I&^mm, 
(V. N. a74i Verg. Atn. 8. 431 htfMiÜs 
imemdfitu), It coald not atric*iy mean 
tba Maßtm ittelf, aince a wviäiif ia the 
bottoait fwndatMm or atock of aomething 
cbw« It ahottkl lie noted Ibat thc ägpm 
k oaljr 'planted' on ih« it ß thrm, or Ihc 
iwjdmrm *pbuitcd* to racoiv« it. «hcn it 
it m a i f i d ibr vaa. Tbit tiaeti/ fits tbe 






■•an. ('"^"r.*!".!:' 

,«»lo«ld Kufy 

mii-int*'^ (App. 10 V- -VJ' 

ihc I, 


Ott.!!», bul iht* 



Jl Vh« düpine "t Cly.«i 

'• .r^ihrtln«: .«1 .1" '"" "« 
A cerlam l>™«l'W in"!'«"«''" 

6^); *■>« » ■"«""": """." 

t (.»■ 

'famcd' Erinys. *decp of purpose,' pays for tlie pollmii 
Che olden sin. 

TAe scifu hat bem ehaiigeä to t/u front of the falacc. En. 
OrE-STES anä PVLADES wU/i attemiatitj.l 

Or. Ho thcrc ! Ho Ihcrc ! Hear the knocking at your 
doorl Ho there! Ho there ! Once morc ! VVho is at 
within? I call a third time for some one to comc for 
Acgisthus pcrmits the housc to givc the stranger welcor 

Serv ANT (comi;i^ to l/u äaor). Ayc, aye: I hcar. Of 
country Js he who Visits, and from whence? 

»O« The IS 

M. {Prei«. 
could nev«r 

■» ire mmked only with 

X/f.f (Ariil. JWl. : 

Kfat..,tfitiin. l( (u in ih 
tpi^riin ilntma) miicli uT llie > 
k(l 10 Ihe iin;ieinali<ii>, Ihe wori 

Ol wonli u( (he «Uli, u ■( the |ire«iout 
ihouii hui been Ar'i», itt^i» {Jclf 
I fW ,1). Ii i. «nipler, hoiveie., (*l by 

»ccut., 10 nmkr <*XJ Uy 'call fM.' 
■ilem»nd': cf. >«(«- «W»«. (At. A'a«. 
107,1), •'i'/^y inßüai IC«/. lO.i), 
|<|/U<KI fir iMimil^trt I A^x» (Suph. 
Trafi. 171). Thi: kIiuI. eiplainx J.. 

TpiTovL probaMy cujinming '1 
«»9 «Cnp ^Ai^n irtW n. 

eil 1, pr«|u.iiciai 

'Aesiiihu'.' (cf. Suph. £/. Ate 
Mylciliiii ritt ; iroi A:yu«m Ir»' 

Acci.ihum licri c* ^X«<Vmi' (V 
i> llial o( real lifei Ai. yiu 66 

'ihyihiiiic' lenKtlieninj; tfami 

inv ca» reiiHfkali 
fMr, Kühner- Blut 



••9 <3ft M, il»« m — 

-u-.r uki fot IM« p>eci« inloi..-.. -• 
iCr wwUwti; l'whiu toiintfym.o7). 

inwn»r- ,*-■' •■—;■-■ 
|Z2*«*: pr>ctlcally=' I 


Ti •»»*«•'•» «e'«";'" »"i?;™;"' 

'«'"* *"!; IU„ II. rt«-. IHM .-k lO 

U, invilBl in.-S-|i«f": (i) »ilH «•*- 

which i« iIk »'«i 

MKlcnce wnulil hn 

1/ rf'"lhl:"hi^« |.— 
,)t 'of füll «"Hl""');; 

n i".7« min i. i«fcr.l.l« <«I<1» 
■<,r./»..-Th. >*««'• 11 Cr»n/. 

OK. Take word to ih 
them I come with tidings t 
car of Night is prcssing c 
travellers to let go anchor 
Let some one of füll authoi 


m.isters of tlic housc ; for 
deliver. And makc haste ; i 
with darknesA, and it is tir 
1 thc inns that house the str 
y within comc forih, bc it a v 
in command, or bc it man — as is more fit, sincc th 
no constraint in what is said to make the talk obscure. 
speaks to man with buldness and makes cicar his mt 
and his proofs, [Servaiit 1 

ClytaemnesTra apfnars at tht deor wtlk ttllcudanti 
ClYT. Sirs, say on, what is to say : for here is to be 

H. L. AhKin.-n™;i|f ■(«««! lcrin.,T. ttti^r^n 
• •1 it 



l nf Ihoughl. aaa t»pa-iisa\ S 


•IJowcd 10 cnitr ai giicM. inil, (or fear 

he may Ix vni inay on the ^loiind iliai 

•«1 »tto w ■..T.X.', h..' 

Atbriothui i» f.oin rH.n», Iie nmirk. wilh 

Ihe Luier ca«) re« in liimi;, -. 

»Ol m.ike l-iik ol.«.iire---J» X. 

can lie civen equill)' well lo ii wurnan. 

■iilTer. froni !• roit X.,(*..>w a- 

i \>xili<n"< friiiii (. i»"'».i i X<x 

CMrx a man » lieOec' The n>e.<lion 

a. 60 ln.l, .160. i/,n \ii.<.,^'-it). 

oT 'a wiman' fir.l in no »av imi.lics ihil 

ri^wn r,ipi,3anr ■!>».*.— iwof 

Ih» ui-diianl merchaiil ll.'ink. or Clyl. 

oiiRinally or ihe cye^ u».,™! i. ill 

as ihe real authoriiy in llie hmiw or 

(cfliarnci). Ku-laih. |>. njo. <•<> 

ix/ytit 10 Ami a »••man lalher Ihan « 

«ri iih^„ ra .Fl i**i.\»i. X.1, 

man. Ilui. «nee woiiicn are fctiwfally 

a. /'. i: f„ .i«.r. 1 .'t— 

W^0it i-T- iwan',^. 

»ill «,rfi«.'-i«px«*- 'l"'«lfl' rarsly 

•«a «In: the a..r. i. ra. fn 

bel.ken: (.1 lU ih« ^™n,an ruk-, l,y . 

«h.n hi-lonc. les. oücn "h«n 

ilclecaleH anlhohly m ihe »{»encv nf Lh« 

er. li.iiii. //. IJ. 1;; i. i-fBi 

hu.lQnil, Tili« illlTer> ffoii. iitpxm 

dFln *o^«-.a. «♦.iX.f..-;».^. s, 

/X« F-Wa» Ihe meaninK i. <h™hl(ul, 

bul Ihe st"iy B«.-. ihat -leiicer rmieiveil 

an.«.;n all .I.mU-. I.y «iir.ftTTv,/ 

h» Mim froni Ikli» of Tyre. More 

The «iHiihaM. b aiKn thc «.ij.Ji 

ulBTactiHily <i). «""■■ i'inx*"''*"^ »If 

MI1. I-« Ibe .l«man.l (01 milIi |. 

(r.^. ailance), Iheie njipeon iio leaMHi wliy 
ti*fXH »houl.l nol tie a^ K<«tl " (*"■■<■* 

criilenlial» d. At- )t; riiiia^ 1 

,.l«a.\«. rt >« X.>« 1 irifl,, T. 

*o.,l ai ffapx« (Ihe cotyiihaeu.) and. 

Xa^« ^r Tpnai (JIM. So|ih. A/. 

cilher in Ihe hioaiivr original kiim 01 

mel«i)horically. = TT.M-ir. aurlrr. Cf. 


Wr. 111« -.— r' iT<v>t« 'IW« t' 4.a- 

«•« The • 

rrir^ and Ihe aho>e ijuMaiioi» (Atj., 

Clrlnemneilra, who «i'ivao wilh 1 

one allendant (;«(I).-)Utm' i* 



all that beseen» this house, warm baths, and cornforts after toil, 
the coiich, and courteous eyes about you. IT, inore than this, 
■omc business is toward for gravcr thinking, thit is a task for 
men, and we will Let them know. 

Ok. I am a forcigner, a Daulian from l'hocis. As I was 
on my way, carryfng my goods on business of my own to 
Argos — wiicrcto my Teet have brought me and notv quit thcir 
task— a man I knew not. as he knetv not me, feil m with mc— 
Strophtufl of Phocis, for ho our business tatighc me — and, whcn he 

• *■ 

ü Viity, fron icho)., whkh, 

1.1 fl. 

etile wiihStinphiHJi), 
bul WC ocnl im fnrce upon AcMh^lui 
uiy ^ouer un-clukHi Ihan ihil of Pindar 
(A II. 3t lT^t*,tr...ififrM»fta rMs 
nJvr'). There wm. Iiultcfl, a well- 
hmiwn tiint whcre ihe l'hncian roodn 
fbrkdl IS<i|ih. O. T. 7tj «wcK ,U* i 
74iX^ai,*X<'rf *Ur| 'frai^AiX- 
#w> lirt A>i'Uii i-^x\ bui ii lar on 
Ihe WRini; liile of l>«iili< fot Ihe pment 
Invcllcn to hnve pn»e<l it. 

•II »TTj^o y Tor ! a mnrltirne meu- 
phor icf. ripaiuimai Mi). Ile>ych. hu 

ri. K^ ncHtiinc Tor 
n'kywß- Eur. £1. -, 

m'i t^m 

•iv. A V 

njciked.' /////- f4N ^"ir 
B MMnd corrcclion) iian 
«fiTfra^ ^^* ixijjhl ailil 
ir,l ^lUtftm tirt' ifir 

ipTiini raiher nupBot» ihcesa« 
oii]K»iTe of thai inle<|wetBiian. (i| 'Ju>i 
ai lin fKl] I hnve (oin|ilel«l ihal joninex 
hilher/i'.c.'enminc m AtK"-. a» hcic yi« 
KV me.' itiiiyn' >> iIkii ' I havE Icen 
unynkvil,' ihc vcri. Imim; Ihe conlHrjr 
of ü«<f.-yn. |Si,|-h. Aj. »4 M>ü('»f\w*t 

while • 

ti^' {V.v 

lofHA^f »iVrrf Si- 

■ oirn (■telf-rreühled') 
u i>1>l>aM<i to onc vhieh earriM f>elj;ht 
on liiie. er. rind. N. 6. ji ffta nuwra- 
X/tvm iwwiiiM. Outen a no nirler. 
but a iiwrchanl, whou aHain are quite 
intlepeiKleiii of SirophiUL The )Mini ia 
reilcraieii in alaiff. Wechlein'i 'nelbM 
Win HUnLcl Inuencl ' ia an error. Ol. li 
TIM a peillati «nd he Kould b« a poor 
liiTiftt who carrinl hi> nim pack (cf. 
709I. — ntvil- "^^^ <'■'' foliowi ihc MnK 

Thk nnilerine« aie In eonflid. (*) 
Joinini; wiih irtf^erra. '(suinili In ficl-i 
l>rcci<el<r >• I hiid Mt oui 10 m hiiher 
(■ncl nowliere elte).' For ««wy raley 
quoC« Ulli, 6. 41 tärrtf ii^4fll it 
Ka^ift riXwi frXft U nO lIAartt 
•iXrrj.. ■['hu«. H. »J <«i* "^tniWt 
■U*H>...4furtInu, Uul ihe remark ii 
ralhur poinlleu and ^vtlhn* |i harel* 
poMlUa in IhU NKw. In Kor. Pktm. 
J19 iv4tH,,,Hlt dnft>T<lni jfa— Ihi 

■ulV. /"- f. lOMf Ol il 

/ft//. rjHi) ilaii {iii«o^ft 
, , ..., er Ki.r..lV<///. ;i,n;>«^Bi» 
lw.^Tv.. The «luil. .av. riBhlly h 

Irrd» ■■> iwi tirttir iivift'". Cf. tur. 
Ür, (S 1'» JiflaiUM i-äXef wl är* 
i-xyiü. /'.irrA. io><i AXtrofr« ^>>d, 
H.ilir. .17. 6 t ,ä«.'i IM «Wit (»rfH'X»».— 
laip' ii consltueil oiih Ihe tentc (sqiH). 
Cf.tBi.— «Mm. Thejiliir, niBCe»i» ihe 
fri-^n of a cam.i^e (llani. M. 4. 3(1 «1 
t' ir'tii lär Xvfor iM fiT«l. ihc ex- 
prvKliin Iwlnc. im •ImiU. nf ihe cU«' uT 
Ihe hnmely prnivrliiil. Ili> rMn vvre 
hiifv-ei. SnmüHhniHnilUrly.f.f. T. if» 

•V« l{>«Tapilnt k.tX, iV. 'havinj: 

Thi-Dc. II. 49 V (1 rl iitr drai^, rt 1^ 
<■ ^i^Mii T.''. Wecki. qaotta 
Ilor. Sat. i. y. Ol *«iÄ- tvHi'if il I ji«» 
MW»/ r,<gal cl rtifmil.-l.—IIUwU/r, 
not ivWi». 11» meichant woald doI 
iKcil In lie Inld ihe irajr. 

•7« ErpJ^Mt t ♦■ H ill ^JT- *T>- 
t ^....t. i'i .... Tk.. »rticle lS.>(A. 


"iirdnep äXXtKf. Z ftc', fU '\pyo^ kUi^, 
wpot rovf TeKÖtrrav naySiKo» fttfurrffitifos 
TtBvtÜT 'Opttmjv ttwe, /iijSa/iö!« käO]). 
tir ovv Koniifw -Sofa ciKijo-ct f^iktov, 
tiT oSi' fifToittav (It rö väc del (tvov 
ffämtw, i^Tfiav ratrS« iropBiLtvirov iraKiv. 
vvv yap \tßr]Tos \aKi(tov nkevpwfiara 
ffirooö)' KfKtvdtv äeapos fv KeKKavfici/ov." 
nxraür' dKov<ras tlirov. d Bt TX/y^ävu» 
roi? KvpiOKTi ital TTpo(nJKov(7iv \iyiav 
OVK otSa, röf TtKÖvra S' (ifcö; eiScVai. 
. o* 'yö», icar' atepai «Ijros (üs wop6ovpt0a. 


» Xt. Iwl COfFfCIcrf. 

■nn. •< inXtH^r«! it puqihlr, h 
TmmIk, Xa. (i.<. onc of ihe 

17« tlr, M. • 

••1 KA. llcn 

II) Wvllauir. i .~i>: 


• Slni|itiiuii hiulmiul oT 1047, Jil. 19g &e.)- — KOfitl«* : 
iMei of Aulineiiinon. — ptt"' 
tX The hpcnh« •Icflly •■ 

i> i*lk,' 1> 

r." <-■- 1) /«i^ . 

. /W. A. iN mtftw II Tir ir XoTV 
Mcf) ■haohl Im mul Tue «ifo Xhi*- 

m <MM! 'iniinrciix:-' Ulli. 7- 

VV» "i *»*" '«>>" ^»'f'B. N- T.föl.-HitMi in c|>lc Verl), 
■•X AadL ihMK or Ihn iraLTiltaiH 
W. «i|, »64. /Vo. todvl— f« ">• 
>Ulh> i>r ■ iMiwa)^ bclHC Ibu 
Itf (HtnHnl ICC Inlml. p. Iinvl. 
V *•*! w JiTM. 'Ilie plur. imir 
Mc)t aUa<>c Im ll ih |<rulalik ihat ' 
MfiUj il&cii ienoraiKc of ilw ml 
hn. — wmAUmt: ml timplranr- 
, hol '•etini; fairlf' |by yuir iniil). 
TMf. II07 rvJliiift n^tf^**''^' 
■ «•>HT',,.«lir4: ■ rlllwr nrc 
niclion. Ihii c(, Su|>h. /^V. 671S 
r 'Ofitr^ t9r T( lal r^Xai Uf^ 
I.<«D Ufat »Itiwnt «UtXtra |ii>k1 
&;7 Uw»» ^läl lil JXwXtrat).— 
■«I Ulf. The incuOBe i* »xiiinieil 

(cf. w 

« rir iw*»» ff"«, fir.l|. 

wuuki ccaie ir rolaidl, even in ilenlh, 
lu liu uitn enanlry, Hut ■ much Iwller 
MiiM ■■ 'liuijhiin nliioiMl, (10 lic) ciillrcly 
bihI for tvor iMr fftil.' This i> ncom- 
HielHlcil by Ihc luiicriDr puini Ol tli ri 
rSr lat lKMt>iUll(]' carri«! ro iu l»I 
■DaniCciiMiiiHi) and |^v» Ihc correcl altl- 
ID-k (ur SlTopIliuii. w-ho >■ Kdcly lhu> lo 
cunlinue Itw ' butpiiuliiy,' if ii>e nlaiirei 
ilcniie il. The «her remlcrini; Hoalil 
oHivejt a Mpraoeh. aniJ piaaically a 
ilitcctnin, to Ihc Rjaiive«. — ^rnaev: cf. 
/'rri. 3)1 »lAwti (Urwioi "rii »ri mt^. 
««.ro, Kur. //rit^/. 10.11 ■■! «I »•«■' < J»vi 

ik 'kfV» fif«\r (.( 1*.,*. -,ii). 

^, i, «^-w^T«, je 

■Kre iragle pafiphraa». 
taa ihe aaba In aala 
pk. «/. S4 »Ar-»- Jt^ 
KlüivM: U. be ilied 
ncc<*<d hh <lw o( 



hnd askcci my w/iy and told mc his, ]ic s.iid 'Sincc tliou a 
wending. Sir, as 'tis, to Argos, faithfully in mind and (. 
Im (wrents "Orestes is dtad." Do not forgt-t, I bcß. The 
whctlicr his Tricnds rcsolvc to bring liim liomc or to bm 
him abroad, our dcnl^cn, wholly and ayc cur gucst, convcy th, 
bidding back to mo. Mcanwliilc a caskct with it.s sidcs . 
Iwon/ji Covers thc ashcs of a man bcwcpt n'uht well.' 

That was my mcssagu, and I givc it, Wlictlicr I at ili 
fnomcnt speak to thcm with whom it rcsts. and wliose concci 
it is, I know not; but thc parcnt is Itkc to know. 

Clvt. Ahme! That ncws of thine! That our last hold 

it m. 1 'houlil luct'c-l 




rcadily) il tritiut. I11I piin 




ed. 1 

mJRhi bImi bc cgnjcciurcd 

th.ll TB 

-« Ci 

t^pM^^■) ■■« diihincit liy<> 


••« nnW: ir. no 

morc a 

<l no 


eh Ihe poet dum ihai t^le 

f j 

y icll 


whai I wa- «/,/,■ -Tvyxi 

1 Ihe 

'i'i; h) -mU an ouiliur^j' fn 

tenK of hiiiiiiu IhL- mii.1,, 

■ riani 


.1 Iw lii^hJy injuilieMis »nei 


lugl-i lhcri,;hI|,™plo.' 

nie lo iirumikvCJyl.i UlClyt 

p."'nol"^, JUw^. C- 

«. r,i 




lie an%Her which liie |iovl |hii 

who linve 10 iletiHr.' 1 hc 


ili » anoiher eMam»Jc of hi. c 


T.V; ■! 

t Ihe 

iunturvali-ati..nnri:lii/M;ii.T. (dl 
iiiothet, «he canwH hol iet\. al 1 

111 r 


(. hm. i 

iL \k 


monicni. lunK iniurÄl |nn 


i>areni.ihai|.ntenlHiUknfi». S(>|ili.iclC'. her hi»iihiy i,> her «.11 
"■■"'■' *• '■-- - ' - ■ ■ ll <lL«h. she •.'■cUniis (£/, V*JV It^f, 

(j) 'l-m il il llie [virent who ixi 
be infonn«! ' (Veiiall). ThCK iii 

nrinliun in ihe mcaiu<i|.-< nt i.Ua. , 

Ciyi>ei<.n,.->tr^° TurneW [Mol 
Uloinfie!.!, KlauKn and «theo, ai 
k to Klectra. In Ihc lalter vii 
•iHer, ihou^h in Ihe tccrei. ['iByn h 

(tf. ^ 

. WiH 

«1-1 »hc 



for hi> 

tiyl. (*J 

\ -allem (caiu, 

er. *hc«-. 

llir.>uuiioul It 


. hy,w:n 

y in Ihe «ra,, 


Iinp<. llul I W|>«>M 

i:i.-ni ihe aciinitü henelf Hiili cKili 
IUI iurcini; heiself 10 «ay aii)Ihii 

convii-IUHi, the lav. all ihe t.taii 

'* femily eur^ (cf. ^c- 14:1 " 

fcy Si.l(i*iel.) fi.r makinc Clyi, I 

M« (.} The a,,,.„ , , ^ ,^, ^.,. 

at Lledn at Ihe door i* i.neti.lBined iml ««7 ■■t «■pM...wofi«ai^h. Tl 

OMlrarf to Greck eliqueiie i (i) l.y meia|>hor ii from a luwn wiih >|< la 
Miiding El. «ilbin IfgiK)., £77) 10 keep Uroii|>ho)(] {ttftw*\4,) laken. CC lloa 


ifauärtav Apa, 
iroStüv tS Kfifttva 

yap «OjSowXa« «X*'" 
THjXoO ffdSa — 

Do-ac eyypä<t>^- 

lit VcTTlII. 


tiT wm .«iif* «hol. iiid_««t.l 

—ck- (■ coninulktio« in tenm). Uil 
■cTrcrull» «mo«.!.- «!«.«-».•<«'«. 

■ml ihc whnle. nrimienUir ««pfewlj- 
nl rt tIi r. *«jH»üt iwitrlttTmi—mfir- 

,.,«t [■k,...-iBht«l'|.-i-*0-^ 
■<lo>t kttp •tr>]'pine m«- »he hau 

■*9_a*a S« «nl. n. «no. «w »i> . 

(«minilion oT ih« «choli» upon Ihe 

pl^«gr. InlroL. pp, .CT «q. 

' •»■«(. «•Irtvn.T.k.: «M«pn»r 

of >he conlinual 4».*iX«... Cf. S-l-h. 

— 'OpicTM. ThcwnlmcewouhinMurHI 

»lih il 


r^'**".^ '■:r:."'h?lT ThTt:^* .» 

rllwE. >■ enlend (in Ihy 
_ Bl "." A pBMnlhello»! 

eommcnt (to point Ihe ipr 
689 H]. Utntii* ■* "'» 

cun thy hnc r 

il iliverted 10 'ml 
eii<t to CBK ihf F 
reconl »s "P«i«r 
(n.) and idd äoph. 



stormed ! O al l-o'er power ing Curse upon this house ! How 
Wide th/ Vision »ngeü 1 Though a ihing bc put right well aloof, 
how with thinc arrows surely aimcd chou bringest it down from 
far, and dost strip my dear ones from mc— all-miscrable nie ! 

And now, Orestes. ..for shrewdly, as he thought, was hc 
kceptng his foot out of tiie deadly clay. ..Ycs, the hopc tliat 
used to bc within thc house, to physic high revelling, Ihou 
dost now wriEc 'Prcsent' in thy roll. 

Uat. j <ra^ Schotrdl.-^.zlni M, 

ort. Turnfbu». — Conjtclur« t.ff. lai^ 

(Pen«*). JtiHn. (Emi«..), ä\v (Coning..) 

CtMct. Tp^Star Psuw, »,' Mir Bulttr 

^v:«" ir«*>:t.lcn, *\Fi,, fii, «,»:.« 

Sthnenlt. S« lrtro.1. p. levii. A va>l> 

nl lexl |»ihip( harl ir Ipptxtt.' >,»<« 

Inlrocl. p. xcu. ^rtfl»»* .Sltph. Ifnjm 

3, fi> i^rt, >^X.e .M.. tx«r M ri. f(. 

dan chci-king n .Idirium. Only oni 

hopc v™, Icfl IQ Ihe hou« m prc.en 

/■nwnAf «if. ..m.) ff Ikt min, thy bhJ tet 
myjt,1 Hfrn ■ nv*. P. V. I!9 rt«*^. 

cniirc p'i>«»ion \iy ihc rcvclImR 'Api 

{cf. jfi4 toiMi'F ii»ol «■•■11.— P««X"i«1 

«r.. »W« «« T«. 1 /x". TV""-. 

<lc|>cn<l> uimn IsTpef, Thü ii-iih; i,. no 

Kur. //firr/iV. iwj naXt- U 7' f(M 

«mply Mul« inor in Hai. JT,«/. iiS ■ 

rpirtiiiiiu txif ritt 1 tdflwXlaf rvxi>ri> 

rm ^Xh^^v |<ir(>r r, .a. a«]tii«i) hu 

lh<fren,xrr..morKin. Cf- J^-. u«7..i 

[The Mb readine ^v fdf rißaäUn 
Ix«. I !{• »|itt«n> «.T.X. 11 coninrjr lo 

by iranslaiinu ™*ii{Wf tilher (al ' keeiiinB' 
*inüvin4j' = v«wJVi w4fujr (L'iihk- ^i o. 
I.4 tx"'-' J* ll«>{<UM»rn II» rU* 
WiHvJ, l>y ■ nre Imt perliepa idmiublc 
UM (cf. ;g7ii.t. or (*) 'iKinhin»/ b 
immionic wliich, in Ihe ■laencc of «Ihcr 
iniin. or pralic idj., Kenu imiNnatblc 
»»fl\mv (tram tchol. ) is broured by Bianr 
eiliio». 'I'o be in »ccnnl wiih ihc inilh 
ihiA muu be rendrrril i*\ 'far he, hcin|^ 
wBll.»dnii«l, will iryinE lo ktip {ir 
'«ilf") ^=.' ""' w miy dcny Ihai 
Aöcli. wat likely 10 intert ihe iKkivird 

own iwrticinL« : {ä), wilh a chann in ihe 
wholL- >liucl<ire of Ihe pUHE« ('al rv 
'Of^rrff ^ •^ lißtiX^ tipf, l{w 
»«•IfWr 6\tttin rf,)»i rUa. J rW f 
i.tA.. v^ bein|; pliced Ute in <>nlei 
to Ihn»« cmphatii vpon '0^«rin)i 'Fat 

wu aclinc pniden(1|i in trying 10 hcep 
hit InM au oflhe miiei anil yd,..*] 

•M m V n.tX See lul nMe 
(inii.). TKc melapbat i> (toni a phyii- 

H.nK-.lyJ. «.f. Mrm./r. 7.,. .S; i>- II 

ritr T*^ I Biii» iaruf <■>«•'•.— 1]¥. The 
nosiiion i> ch.i.en for sife«. -Hif,/ 10 
U.'—wminm, trffa^t ' ihou .Iml 

ti TJfc 'tiu/>f [ »ri»«7(i4j, ini, idifarii, 

lldl.'ö. 53 iWfiui ..nC !•„;■ 4v.d...i 
■■TaXr>*iiirH>( {'wiihoul inkunirc ihe 
und J. 1'fob.thly Ihcrc i( ihe Mnie allu- 
üon In Kur./r. jig h.\ai y*.f «Vi •!■■ 
(:(.«.., *. wixf 1 de»,.*'. iX\' i..i». 
-»■»).«. The Cur» ' 

, ihc recitleti il 
■ preKnt.'— Wiih Ihi «n« in 

r. Soph, £/, 30J ril tfrmt H 

;S* iti ^(Ktriv. 700 


?. iym itiv olv ft'coio-u' (55' (vZai^UtlTl■v 
Kthvüv fKari irpa.yp.äriav ip ^ÖtXof ^ ^ 
wctTTÄs yffttrBm KoX $tvu0iiuaf Ti yap 

TOtöfSe fl-payfid ^f, »capavwcrai <^iXo« 
KOTan-eo-afTa icni KaTt^€Viui».(voi'. 
A. owroi (Oip^iT«? M<^*"' "f**"' ö-«P«;. 

ÄXX« S" ö/ioi'ü.« ^XÖw äi' raS' (i>y(X^K. 705 

oXX,' «Vö* ö «ai/)ös ■qfxtptvoPTo.'; feVous 
^a«p« ÄeXtwöow ruTxäfeiJ' ^ä irp6^<l>opa- 
iy avTOV e« avipäfai ev(tvovs döfiwi', 

^ I« l-ortM. 1. S» »" Ah««h, »^ r ..V.S.i.. Il*imw»ih i*Hh ». fr 

Hl ■ leclinical «-»'t, UWc w^M; 

rwi" (»;."'■ '^f, '"V *'*>'■* 

1«^ iv^)- The mnliDc u Irrtjucnl. 
M 1^ |rir »hr Ore.1« ««co«« 
«ir «Bf heiBB M tfry*" *••«?■ ■"* 
Ui Hliw • I imit r» h«v. ™ ferhriB 
iKt •«. 1 hliuolil h«*« li«B muie 
>f. it 

hui nu 

(cf. j«. >jjM Jj» 

näuh ■«< pn^»«'. Cf. l'Ui. Xt/. 

I n nl rfliwi*«*. 'II1C cipmHOn 

«th ■ umDmcKt !• "of 10 iw i*^Ge>I 't 


W ■**» boin tti. urtM oT ilie 

. tttts^ Cf, -*f. «ii •-'Wir- 

Hin* fMxwhM-lt <n* Mceptd 

ih« «piTiiion ww pmvcriaal. vi- ni». 
], 117 {(Em (tin|i tB w|>i**«»H '»n «iJ- 
pnirrtn* »äwiw.— tm» i» jwihipi 
iDPre )h«B the «.pul». [A pnMiUe in- 
IcriKctili«) li lb»l implietl in ijic «chol. 

(RcnRiincnrlMion) in > ciiMt « "«w« 
«»lefnl to hi> h"«»?' Tw [«iml. fien. 
lt. cmily dcftn-ilrff. 'ml Ihe Kt« « •*■ 
IHtiarifor i" Mminol) 

»00 »p4* 8»r«p«t«i > - SM cnl. 
n. TI1C pnnick' «npe-irn iBill«iKn«l>lt, 
■In« Ihi» i» «nxiK')' emjAiwiiwl «.> Ih* 
««iinirY »irttirflhi'ia«!'"'— 1'* *""=' 
.«.t/Kloortolo.V.«»'/ r. I 4i6|°'' 
ctricily. '1 «B»"f«d '■' (wl«" 1 ,"'» 

; Ihe 1 


VOl M. mö*)«: of Mch imiwtt- 

■tict.— «^fJw ' c(. 5ifi (n.).-4<^M : 

<,/. MrMH» *bD (like ««I h«»e tf»i*J 

mt »tth Mrndline». Ht «ould K«.cclr 

"- - -.«, lim LrO/t. lieh« 

,^ kindncM of hmpiiili'r 

rhecantcllhblklc. IW« 


Oh. Ik- sure, fot my part, witli liosts so blcst as je. 
wou)d rather have m.idc me known and ta'en a welcome ( 
acccptable ncws. For where is goodwill greatcr than fro 
Bucst lo host? Hut it were, I trow, a wicked thout;ht. not 
fulfil Ibr friends a task like this. whcn I was bound, t 
hospjlality as weil as by my word. 

Clyt. Nay, tliou slialt nonc tlic less bc treatcd as is tl 
duc. Thou must lose nothing of tliy welcome hcrc. Anothi 
if thou hadst not, would have come to bcar this news 

Hut 'tis thc time for guests, who work at long travcl tlirouf 
thc day, to have iheir nccds supplicd. [Tc a Senunit.] Tal 
bim and lodgc liim well in the mcn's Chambers, and his attci 

■ fui>" M (ccftttlnl).- 

-ifl" 1" 

■ t- 

»ho haic a fiill .[ly'f |>i.. 
nkl In hAvc ilnne *a dar'< ».t 

(Lhe Accimiplivliiiiciit *tt) ihcir 

JjS drrl yif Xfi^rC. Myur | f..Ju. KV- 

Moiil.l Ilmvl- i,ii<fr„rm viTv U 

fitii-, So|.h. £'. ;V7 ■oX^'i- »• *»«'. « 

!*-■. ij.« r,.»,;, f„ll,.B,r.l (»ool l.y tUT 

(-llicliy ■■l'C.ikinj: 'inltfrnari, Ih.HI 

■luv laia^jul 1 ■Mfliai tCn r»ü ws^(~ 

M*r« (/^», Da,, n. F. ;fi5 i X w*<\^- 

U'ual. l'Ji.i.T are S,.!»!.. ^-A ;;» r. 

nt ■{<» a/ Ti-rx*"'— «'••i' i« "«ts-ary 

Tt ^i Du.^, 0. t'. . 106 .<t.;t > 

lo dcLcrminc ihe «ein« : ■ iw« nrc 11.« tu 

ilfiü,t:nr. /'*!,«. lATrfi «: ^i^ är 

bUm.: an.! wc >linll not fail in hI»i » 

TU., //r.. .41. ,1/.-./. !.«> Hut .iir« 

iiail eriili-ntly liroime >iiii|>ly an .ich 

■Mk« 1 proniiw. Ihii ilalci .1 kigical 

lihra« ( = .-,».*i*«.|. ((- Kur 

Kl S™ .•...,>..M»M- lliu' lior^ 

TOa MX' wr 1 «a^)^ «T.X. Th<r 

•lt. ma, e.l:vl.l.>hc(. C(. öoph, 0. T. 

//,/. 410 (.pf h>»|.ilaliiyK //*. 14s 

»SO .,«*«•■. -. i ...p*. WPW»". -■«.. 

Ar. /y»/. ijn #r.,*»-. «. ^ ...^ .i-xl 

nf Ihe .lrj,i). W.Ih a.L- .li'riiMli 

fiAX.,r. 7»»«. «Si i .iupit irr, ^h 

liitA«. In. (l'bl.I ^j«^*. il>4 «.- 

ef. I'ind. /■- ,. 1.10 ^i« «>«*{»'.. 

70« <y «JT», Thrre i< na n 

nmtA ii gcnttai ( = iiln>«i i^.^w.».|. 

u.t.Jc.Man.1 1I.C pn™l.nB iJ-X' *»(C 

Fat Ihe Word cl. l>oll. 1. 64 ri *•' «^-K r> 

li=:«XX' <*rl -rv •''-'^' Th»« 

Jm irl Tir llfwt*<m i nUT«r ama. 

were * reHeciion adilrmeil to ih« 

pur ; «t lh«i* Cljt i«mi 10 ■ K 

iui(7ic rä iTp6<r^p<i- 
S «r' ev6vv(p röBt. 
KptiTOvari Sio/iaTtuv 

u irorv* aKiij 

TOB iiBT»!«.» M ri**« ibI (iiriliwfir 

i^ww il. Von Schutt linclieu (he Itnc. 
^ t . vrivfitry TumebM«. ThOT il Bo 

miil wilh Ihe « 

iMivv! '» ia Ihe power 
(or nniOKt) ot ooc who all) Jon lo 
Mcount.' Cf. ftn- «jo •""'" ffv*». 
/>. K J7 .ii •iwinj.^nh ■)■ TB» («*» 
^o^. V««ll ilefcmU ihe cain|>«ind 

1,.,^*, bj ih« «mi.«,' of '»'*;;*;*-. 

JriililMw. t'or wnting of ih« ihnM of 
Ae«h. Ihe wnilmE in Ib* Itai to. o( 
courM, klMiluKlr idcnliG*! vilh IhU 

«la nvra: 'Ihaiix 

tici (otOreU«.)/ 

lo which thL- icveni 

ntr TiU--«. 

«T.-WX-'- Ct. 

65«. TS* •■■« *>" >« 

■cewe M to tbc 


'L SKiclIfipHk- 

ino T« il nol ' i™j«led 
veib. which w« »1« 

- iH» Ih. «.mlni- 

o have gayrrnrd 

ToCr., i> rerlacol 1>T 

iiiolhcT lurn or 

„pT™i«..-l«i™vH««.tft-». To 

men t«'« thii thouid 

uunil lik« Kl(- 

comrort in Ihe «uümwe IhU nhc hm 

tricn<l> tu wlvlw her 

.cll in her Iw. 

|M( u * hct CljFt. feel. 




dants hcrc and fellow-lravellcrs ; and Ict thcm bc trcatcd as 
becomes our h'ouse: And act, I warn t'.icc, as though onc stood 
to call thee b> aocount. 

Meanwhik we will impart that news to thetn who rule the 
house, and— fcr we lack not friends — we will dcbate of this 
whidi hath befallen. 

[OkesTES aitii Ais Company are ItJ tu. 
Clytaemnestra /oiirMS. 

Clia Ah, loyal handmaids of the house. how long yet cre 
we ahew wbat our lips cui do to servc Orestes ? 

O Earth august, O august pile of the grave, that liest now 

•ftM bMB wUnliii j ■ tMm U (vilh ^ in n 

lelion if tuvk iD|>pc»ed lo p*B in i49,ll- — 8(««S4t oUvi' : u. «ho hi«e Ihe 

Ihe inleiiot" of Ihe houK (■>. in llie be-.! mieroii orihe_hou«rit 

eourlj. anil kn enrirc thange (real or 7l« -a. ir*n Stj h.tA.: »ort •■*i^*- 

ina^nuy) of «enc at T. 714 wuuU no »n'a,- «hol. Miny conimtniKor. ae- 

lioubl leiidto ralionaliw— i>erhap»beifon<f cepl Ihii and lake vv. ;i»— jij as ihe 

Ihe rnjuiremenU of Creek itamHy— ihc prayer in quesiion. bui ihr en|>rc.-ii>n 

pcHiiiofi of Ihe Choeui. Bui ihe »prcial ii emtremelf uniuiural. and ilic brivf 

(Ttfjciir ttu) and $77 {rt iii' ^\utt Kaihcr Ihcre ii an eaf^r or im|Ki1ienl 

walch wilhoul ; the CTion» ipeaki {JV6\ icrrfe lo thew whal our longue« caii do 

of rlr ttm fätXitfü^ and (1(48) of Ut, (in ihe way of ni U-ytir ti <a.>ia iNo) lo 

rnptXSrir tt if il tva^i i1>eLf oulnjdcl oul' hclpUrc^e\^' TheopporluniljiiAffurdv-U 

•ide ii ihe licu po*ilion for ke«|^ne 1 immetliaiclr (761 h|i),| imi anoihcr ai 

. wolch on Ihe movernenlt of an oul^ng S47 H|f|. miv^ntv..,ir\ir is a poelifai 

meiKncer and on Ihe aniva] of AegisihuK. equivak'nl oi ihe common XA^v* ^iVa^uv, 

It michi. Indecd. be aniwered ihii lo bc bui wiih llie fuiiher implicaiiim ihal. if 

in ihc ciHin 11 Hill lo Iw f(« relitlKl]> 10 noi x"P'^' •'%''■ ^^'1 <^'n at iva>I thew 

Ihal inlerrepting cnuld lie lione eonilly /irriWw» (n 1.4^] S«W«nariirMl« | «.««, 

well intMe Ihe ple*. In v. yt» ((j.v.) M^av | aXiii aiii^vTti u<^ luhere Ihe 

euedwurthcealei. The chlef evlden«. nueni ').—*»' 'Opirrn: 'o»i-f ( = i)n ihe 

nire»el, for ■ |wsilion ouuiile ii lo be ihem« of) Orcirtc-.' t-f. An///, fij.t ä->* 

fuund in ihe apiKali 10 Apollo Aj^ieui 14. 'Mium' '■' 'A^yiiait | tixit ayatfai. 

(801) and llemKn- r^miXai« |tlo8J. Tl« i wvtta x*^" *»^ '-^-^ ■ •■'■ 

which are naluralljr nude whtre tlie blarth and (in paiiiculati ihat paii which 

emblen» of Ihoie deiii« an vuiMe. <rit. Iie> ai a x^i^ upon At;anicninon, To 

: m Ihe ilrecl. Eanh U rcpeiied Ihc prayef of 4)17 (w 

VI« it». ^Ouh: cf. Ag. 16m ila rai'.äxifuH K^Ttpm). Cf. 4I. 117. UH. 

' H. «Km Xt^n, («here the Choruo /Vn. 6jt, 64J &c.— «im' : il is revcred 

tihofl each Mhtt). «lltiai. ihoogli 11 for whal il coveiv Cf, Piri. Ajo i ^Xx 

nuyB^Xai, in hetc BKd in lu more iriif, ^Xm ix*n- | ^\a >4)> a^iik#iF 

k (mpe miM, ' (rimdljr to Üw caiwe ' {A[. 4*^ — '>n( x"|^'*»- The |^. i* of 


Xfofiarot, 17 vvv «VI vaväp^i^ 
o-cü/iari Ktio-cu. r^I ßaa-Ativ, . \ -' 

VW ivaKoviTov, vw inäp^iov ' ' 
i/vv yap aKfial^U Un6äi SoXia 
fvvftiTaßi^cai. ^ööi'ioi' S" 'Rjpftrj- 
Kai TW vvvuH' TOitri' e^oSti/<rai 
ft^STjXjjToio-tf iyöio-tc. 

ffoi S^ warf«, KiKio-o-a, Sw^orwi- ffvXas. 
Xvmj 8' ifi-KT^Qt fori aot (viv'fiwopov ; 

U("n«wih, i IV*' Meintl'e. 

eU«l'nu«r(..^, »-W«'). The. 

cid— Jw.5. M, EOn. 

■w. (Dita iin)f injint to * «roBB "fi« 

il <ar Kurlh) furmcd l>)r Ihe 
l«i) »piwi™ 10 Ix nmpetlir lh»l 

n( *x*»' •"'I 'x'» 

t^) und «• («»4»iwl. I»il IC 
itnMc m pftM il.— ninnv. C 

4.>9 "A-»«i/i.w' i'Ipi" MK-ßari 
lfm, £4« «( tMrrtr^iirav, rti *rp 
I hO». -</. ml "* '' (»•«•<■ 
IwiiUn of ^ <lBte nf AcKhylui am) 
;onf(>lml iunofDel«i,wheoAlh*o« 

»linrilT — ^ytiur^ «M llktljr W 

(Vcmilll Of tMAY (l'auwl. iin|«rtonal 
(m wilh Ihe litfin. clause fo. .uhj«!). Cf. 
S, f. T. It iMnHt ftxWw t%"»" («hol. 

wpi. 4>ti), rf*'. s*» *«* -w W» "■! 

yfftrm il /imMr, which >lanil on Ihc 
unw lin« "Hh f^. E«ia. ;J4 •■!«» 
oaiTHi. So4#«i^fi i» imiwr«. in ['in'1, A'. 
1. «: (ll-UhMtalM). Th»crc«I«> 
hanh chnngi fmm ■ iienonBt lo «n iin- 
pen. H1I.JCCI. \\*.tk i«ij« 
(t^.«™^*-« molrl liartlly licar nny bul 

prime (fipel foi clntmcling'(cf, Xib.,^«. 
1. I. lg uwU^' Bvot^iai Vpi'ifif *■■' 

led <n Ihe verl.. 
' -MH Ut. 'tlul li ta 
•hh.' nllieotne- 
4'. T18I oT Iha «okU 
p/tfm MMmw, ' 
/. LKka<7IaL . 
■ o( UlfilMM wilh 



upon thc royal form which oncc was lord of ships; now hf/irkcii ; 
now send aid. For now is thc momcnt for Siiasion wiih her 
craft to hclp him in thc Üsls, and for nelher Hermes — him who 
WOrks darkling — to safeguard thcse encounters of swords that 

Mcthinks our foreign guest i^ working troublc. Yondcr I 
See Orestes' nurse, and all in tcars Cilissa, whither bound i" 
How comcst thoii to sct foot in Ihc gaie, wiih gricf to bcar thee 
COfnpany unhircd ? 

An agfd -womaii coiiies out of Ihc door^ 

ri» rifM il rejectcil \>y Herrn, iml nihcm. ) — i^»*i»«i Ilsnih, Iwhith wouM bring 
la a fourih (oiKiion ol Herme», it Ö*i»i. ww»«;«!. 7a« .M h.« 1 »aw-ri"'»»'- 

—tr^ M, co.f. P" l-mlcy. wroncly. f. 7»« irc^"i VAty ifor 

94S «f»' '< aicui» »/\ii0,H r<v>^'p» »r.^. 

rMctioi» » iii x'''"x> <i) ''i^<. 1.0 

S,.^h. 0. C. .17 (,r.. TW X-.— "■■x iy»*' 

«™V. The «ose i, ■ Ho«- eome jo» 

VM '' W4rw ȟW t*,,L. Soi'h. El. 

(Ji,) 10 \k «-lline f.H.l In a iilaee « 

■'i!iÄ,ri;,x?;r,Ä:Ä,c (er. »i'iT-T.. ,V..iii. Slrali. ;. .», c 

Mt Ihm oll i- «eure. The <lil. is of 

• f J> W •■oi^r"» 7 '«1 '<<""■; •«.•'«r 

bdulf. The larl of Jlemus i> lu ufe- 

'nvd the pim. (Ihcre i> no sulliorily 

«a, li>,, 1; r», , in iroVi, •»!<.. .■..; »0- 

^a». iptmyoeii-^. in .Sirsi^hor«. Ihe 

iiurse «31 n.iiii.;il i jo-iiini.i (»ciloi.) ; 

Tb« poinl il Ihe «me ai in .<«! ft*.«.*- 
«n iTÜ»r. whLTe see x»m. Thi, ccnue.t 

i'nui-.-l/'. .1. if) call, her. \«. IV 

pur]iu»: oi Ae-cli>'lg> rwjuire» I niore 
vulcat Ijiw uf chaiacler ihan iho« nan.e. 

9a«~77« Tliinl iLiwiw.lioii. 

Tl« Änlp « tJ»t. Ironicai. l.ul n.H 
Bwrair NO. kor ll>e l>cnclit of Ihe nunc 

7«" xi'i^ (■ ,.tX. Thi. la» Verrill 
• •li-ern-*) (uini-ivirl öf tlie<|uc-liim hciun 

■nd Chan« li.icner. ihe Chnm, di|.io- 

BMlioüly «»um» a loiw of rcKnimciiI ai 

.iH.|.l«il|. Cf. jS»-j.,i.-<^irt« .,{». 

UM appearaiKC of ■ ihal man fron, alir.»,! ' 
wilh M> Inj n(w(.-n^«viiu^. Tlit- 

ij-. an un<ieliiinie one. imiiai i- pnitii. 

p(«. il correel i ■ «eiiis (10 ju.lge by ihe 

cally ■ lilole.( = ■ anvihni): IkiI ihe wn of 

«niinc of Ihe nu»cl w 1« caukinc 
liwMe? Hnm. 115 r-c'-j.^ ...i, lloni. 

co.n|Hinion y.« woukl Lire 1.. «Company 
rou J. Such eiiiniuoin. oHcinally ihic 

OW: 1. I44 ird n) fu» äXXa «rtl lui 

«iM«* /n-^"- 

(llvyeh. quole« frooi So|.h. ttuttt, i 

7Bf T|H4i* ■■ : for 1' in ,.1ace nf 

tirn wifiitrtf. bul ihe eonie^ii i* un- 

«nllohlencl u 10 tlie /rrr.>Md who nut 

linown,! a.A^■.,fi^^,nn\t:^■i.i- 

iAvtrm im»»M i>^li, /'. f. iof(<it\r,'t 

.pMU. (ef. ,6. «). ««X-H"!-: 

l^m, *a,raX.Ü,.-(Olher»i.e «c mi|;ht 

1; 1) #\ *■• Mn[>XAi; lii. 'tread Ihe unhireil, [U. noi ihal of ihe *|irnfeuuunal 

»ilh I \ ■»'«")'■■ ""'' (in i>l''« "f 'vf- W"l- an.lperfuiiclürynioufner,l«nsp«nainou. 

rj^ I \ ^M] bcre iniplm a cemin unnwal bolU- anl (genuine,) ■• your campanion.'] 

I \ MM. 'Tcnlure lo mi foot on.' LT. Af. 

AiyurOov i) Kparovaa tov (rrerow «aXtu* 730 

öiroi« Taylor' iwuyti-, w« tra^iartpoi' 
ayiip Off öjiBpoi rvy ceovyeXTOi' ^ni' 

BtTotTKvBpbivüiV cWös öp-iiäriiiv ytKvf 

KtvßoviT in tpryoif Suiffcirpay/te'wi« «aXüs 735 

Ktiv», iöfioa oi T0icr8( irayKÖjeot^ 'X'"" 

Aijuije ü^', ^s ^y/tiXai- Ol ^(voi ropSt%. 

if S^ kXiwv ^iteü-oc tv^pac«! fooc, 

c&r' i»- widifrax itvßov. <3 TaXoM"' iyiü- 

«f ^( rtt >!«' iraXaiä (rvyKtHpofUna. 740 

b 4 . 1*0 l'Iio «Uli o( lIiB ii|K«k«f i> nii»in|{.— foi'r ((um M, »hieb 

Im» « liiUi*ii>ion o( TOTCTirOYC «»i»letl by Ihc ficii«ncy of tir<H in ih« 

|ta^«>««^v*i' M, «BT. ConiBBioB (ift« Krf«cli'i #.f«f.i^^-TtoJ. ^ . Tbe 

ItlRH. Fw ihe cmi-lnj™« 

. of Ihc invtnlBl 

r Ihe «cliol. (i ruit f/rsm 


bccoracä inriiitineuishaUlc 

IMpt tqniV"!«" of 4 trlya/ix"- i ""- 
**fri«). Cf. 711 nit tj^TtÜn fcwiirw«, 
H.™. tW. I. 3..0 luf thc man) ti« ^J* 
(B^rM Ifr' M ofry.— The phnuc b in 
dinnicl«, impIflnB nn i-l«™, liui vmply 

V >tl illf lroi)l>k hc hol elven 
H tMmn fof Ihc hcl|<lc« link 
Hw ' liBC* no Iwlier ' i her un- 

IHMetwcii. btnken off mnl)- 
«nmion, panlf bccanK, all ilic 
pM, her l]'!« in pwn m tnmhlins 

»ht* ihal Ihe nur« wi 

I T^vSi. tomiiii; Ihui Islc, oilili ■ 
ifmihiH: ■ihi-wm...ihl.|l<!rriblE) 

<MMhakh(ilndcr. A 

i» dclIhnWc, CK M inii|iirc<l. 
ef brokm lin^ii,'« hcn u 

clniM! ilKlf, Ihc Mn-t IKJII 

>l in llcrololua. (^. 

1* nnruri^rtt »vi 
SimlUrly *t..i>< 




NURSt^. She who rulcs the house bids summon Acgisthu 
withouC dclay. (hat he may comc and make more sure, as ma 
from man, of this piccc of newi just brought. Meanwhili 
insidc her cyes, for all tbcir sham of gloom, she hides a laug 
at work whosc doing hath bcen well for her, though for thi 
housc h mcans that uttcr ruin hangs oa the talc thc stränget 
havc told so surcly. Ah! how the hcaring will rejoice tha 
heart, whcn hc is told thc story! 

miserable me I How that old coil of griefs, so hard t 

7»« wtK, M — Ix« Kolmi, und maiiy cditoii. i . 797 Su äiagwkk afi. 

Khol. Ma.t tcKli read #4u<|( i'^' it. t . 1*» M hai * miopliceil wt/iiyftfai.- 

4aint Koborl. ind neailynll Icnii. t. httw' IrWcil. Vcrtall nitn inirf lo iiMn 

rän. (,'f. •t\i'ti>ntpn = y\niui wiapit, 
Xav ii |wrha|w |»uililci Ihc ailj. Ixing 


Ihe imiuRit I 
riwfogue o! Anch. 

omillcH in Ihc qui>M-e|<ic mcucnGin 
»pecches ig. Pm. j[6, j;g. ^in, /ii, 
|oa.l-tFr*i: Kur. Or. iili imr Ma- 
ifinl y btöiiw (fxafvi'"). Sc|ih. /ii. 
to*-n- l'alEynuoln.Shiki]). 'JutCiiU. 
if Vir. I. 1 ««. .mivrfr t ia«xhl my 
»rata !•/ /raw». | i^krH imvan/ ja/ tu- 
fufrrd mj/ ktarl It imitt. 

*«• Jt': M-iih 'r'Xw. er. AV« 
g6i. Thcre in no klmilnrily lo Jg. 1 17 
ia> Hi>fyAiMH".—H Ihe clioicc oi ili 
tW0 won)> ify» tiain*paY)iJr*if ih 

i^U ^ar 



In Ihe 

Laiin iiH- 

m qHt. 

Ter. £,,a 

«■ J. X 

lKt:>>» Ihc 

UM Ihc Hl 


: (crue) 

Wickel) mind («r 


ef. rind. 

/. 6. 1 

*.*4. t,4r 

Ilacchyl. 1. Hj Ötu 

ipi. .i-*,« 

ij fijr .«i.r.i «^.a r 

«.Mte fr. 

w», Th..uuli li.e 

icliun ■ 



■ ivc i> ret-u 

thi« i> IHM 

^inpty . 

.., ..^, tfXyiKo' li«;!. S..|.h. £/ 

{(tfi Ti'iirXivi «Dil'! A|i«i« jai^w. tur. 
El. I to V-' v^. •'^c- 

7aa i^t' £r irvhiTai k>**t ' > "''-In 

// /: i.t,il «aiWr. i', (.V i., •.'f-.l.Joi 

■iravVXXiHYl (.Dl. Miph. rra.k. i;o!> <I 
rtK ^Xxr tl^'f ••(' B>(TM> UfUi. I riXar* 

|>M Bclion.. 

7«« Iilrg 1^ •i>n>cii-ni 

I by I. 


7«7 ^jtiii C^'. ^t: uilh nllrncled 

'S- X 

voLed a 


llw i:i>ihlhi>m] »f i' 
nurkf). of l|>lii^ciiia, aml ui' A|£; 

forined liy inemlt.:nl. Ihickty I 
I jyfi ntiirtt tf.'n» it U/mt 
rXfm. Loa iiiccifiollir Jk 

,. r. „i 


äky^ 5v(roi(7-ra roicrS' iv 'Arpiwt Böfiotf 
tvvövt' iftJjy yjkyvftv iv irr fftvoi^ ^ptva.' 

ri fUv yip ikka rXijfiöi'eus tjM-Xowi' KaKa- 

0('Xoc 5" "Opeffrijc, r^i e^^S "/"W* '■/"^S^"' 745 

ic i(i0pt^a iJ.r)Tpö6(u St&eytiiin} — 


Kai iroXXö nttl f^oxß-qp' Övcu<^1)t' ^^o! 
TXewrp- tÖ /i^ ^povovv yap äxnrtpti ßoToc 
Tpt^tv äiiäym}, ttw? yäp ov ; r/idn-^* tfiptvö^- 7 50 

b«rrlH«r Bnlltr, See KtihnefUlass' l(. p. 4jf. M«« <l«i<l« for 
i» to Eur. ffif/', 68;. Cf. MtiiMrhnm* f- i.«. »«7 >*« r<i.tu.. 

en* ViciodiM. S1 h« •An>#a il» in /Vr». ^oo. Ixil .VXiw;— äk«. 
imdwtf o( lalrr Grlcli wu 10 i»KI( « fcl« .iE™*. ""' »" ""'i' » 

1 "~" ~ ' ~" 

I Mwip I W« nXuHVi «v)UH-rcif lUcchyl. 5. 1 1 1 ti> t* üXm m<v ^^«^ I 

ElMien compkn -Soiih . fftf. 1 .< 1 1 wX<««r. ~tr rWprMt ii nw Miinrflunus, 

H^ M», <i!/. 805 ^"V rytt «r»' Hhe rccall« ihu acluni i>Iirsiciil |«ni; 'hcrc 

I^Ar. /V»/. «sj "*i»4(V "T- '" "Y l™"' (♦H'« '""■'«6 "• «»'«""1 

I labMi («<! mar ■<^> "<"" ^- '*"*«)■ Tu rcwl ihr li»e wilhoul lliE 

L p«yi>n«i ««inin ««I a'Vinr. wonl. i« In iliieoi« ihm IbeT are in- 

H^)widH|ip»w<hislorqicctenl dixpenulile la thi* luitiKH. LI. ha|ipho 

tmaa, ■»»•liin! u> l*?. «""tw, i. s rf *• M« ( •■*>*<"■ '■ •»*»«" 
Kar IhiK. ohKh li k« ■»luoi, TM T*fl|rf»»»- «v^p-'iiHrl.ol. Cf. 

^Mc meuine i>n<1 oHw of Ihe lloiii. ft/. 1;. i.l" i*X i^räX«.^., 

fa vJEhl «efcf r* »iXat »iTc Wi»! f tf'*- <'"•'■ '"4 '"V*"' »<« 

^ «ifiil. Jir<l .Mi raXXi Wrv«>. 
fiL-n W»**« form. > «nele 7«i ♦*« •' ■<V<mi». Tlir in- 

fl whWh lh( proimu wonli nie lenrleii lenirnci! 'Iml ilic Ii» of my 

Ffldhliucinil poMlkmofan lielovcil Or^tf« «innre thin I ein hör' 

t£ar. art. 4J: 'f^ "U «(»■»" <**•- •' '0^"* «K»,.*™ ^. i^^x'u« 

tt •MatoMi. S-«|ih, Ü, /■ 1.98 \Vo:k).| i> Uoii«« olT \<y Ihc ivo.nan. 

Bp^iiniX« va^rw uni«uvU>. as>l'<>»it «■<'■ nunliiiiii; rcfletlHint, and 

Ik /'''/. /'X'. I Ml ho'l ri rür llwaeciu., wUdi came lint for «nphtuu, 

Kim ilt \m*t xwp'a '•<>*»<>■ Atiit. it tcfl «■•inodeil. llic gKiite, bowevcr, 

|i. j i io iypi #i.« v>4, il [«tlialljr Kwnwd in ». JM-^ 

■ ■■), »od peihai« Thuc, S. j. •. tM: nion polbdic Uian iß^ lu n.l: 
Im«*» ■»• »Ww. (OiherwiM ' »hn wu cvcrflhiflg lo m^.'—iprfft 

■ n>1< hetone piedicali«]/ lo rptpi)». rt» «wr^f«"^ |wr tm < 

^•A,.Wi . 7'- t™t(« il *M hi, 


n iIkx befel.' 


iAilui H|> |(«x^ (kchol.) in ncarcelv ihe 
ilnii nuhn -ihe occuiMltun o4 my 
iikTwmiI.' <.a «illi whoni ibejr wer« 
-■ ».OtfM (KL). Cf. 
V fx« i' il tu wonh 

■M ^V Im*, ind 

»9.ttciq.).— |t1Tp*- 
Cr. 601 iaü »Xurl 
loa. Od. 19. |M 4 



bcar, whcn tlicy happcncii in ihis liouse of Atreus, made my 
bcart ache williin my breast ! Vet nc'er bcforc havc I endurcd 
a blow likc tliis. All athcr troubics [ bore with to thc end, 
as best I could. Hut niy bclovcd Orestes, on whom 1 spcnt my 
lifc and soul, whom I tnok wlicn his motlier bore hjm. and 

rcarcd him iip and tlic wcary taxks a many which I have 

bornc, whcn hc would loudly bid me bc a-movitig in thc night, 

all Tor no use to mc ! Für bclbrc a thin^ bas scnsc, ivc muist 

need.t — ayc so tvc inust — nursc it likc a dumb bcast, as weit 

MX**»' M. The BMmniaViä: 
dcmanci iiif,»if. Üniilini; .. 

li*r»ft llw. TU. 4711, Thcoc. ■;, ,19. Ii 
lt>e iKiwjiK« of imocty Ar. .JrA. 47« «.1. 

ininTBiKeil liv I ntw ihoui-hl ri..mi; um 
of II. We miehl. it i, In.c. ca-« Il>o 
•ynUx Fi|r re^rinlin); ihv gva. trXiuuaTw 
a.1 exebiuMorr (wrtliDiii ihu ml.. a> in 
l'lal. A'./. .HOS i- 'A'bXXw, la.«»rai 
m^Xfi, nnil a1t.> wlLhniil lliv inUTJec- 

>uxfV' ■ Mcnnd nnil im 

niJiiHli in lhc nighl 1 An 
acRcable livkt which, [01 
inem, havc IjnniglU nie 
rolMiily tiXtviiÄt 

tttWi <i 


man prol 
«■1 raUi 

my of lou'l c 

minjr uk! iin|il< 

■wir to i-x- ^\' , . 

«*ww r(ffi(J«i'>i ßtht (■ i.irli.linct »ou.hI. l' i^x»"'- //'//■ 

in ih« *ay of a iry ■), /*i./. ii6j «Vi» 14.14-— »^"«11; '■■"'■:' eiKiuinig ii^eni ; 

l/iär ImM* ^K^iufLit-w. in each caie mri srf rXi*;). 

Ihe uhiniale nolion hcing ihm nf '[k- 7SO tfiinf ^ftrit: (1) lil. ■■» ilie 

loncine w' or ' (iixj«eiJini; doni.'— The hiyle of onc'» juiJynicni.' Tiie antacr 

namnueounr of [he cornplele eipieulnn tu a quniiun (in r^*^ rpi^tt ri i>^ 

wmild hive Ixen t.g. or ifJfiHfa rsl ^/mriCr; it 'pa'if ffii, Cf. Plat. 

#W* «rkiir, Iwt. «I icichinK ,ia,#ni<^. rf>ii rf>to» i'<X/><r<u hwm Ca« hi. 

hn ihMk'hl nin tu lhc ukIomioi o) 11 U-nl iliTccii hini '|. The inaliility of ih« 

a<li|iU ilielf lo thii in ihe thape of a '\ac her »il».' Ii| Anniher Tiew a 

IMniCipk i\dtf. ■accordinc lo hi> humour' (.SthulifieUl, 

f.ify nmvUlfirf«* : ■ irhich (ln>*e Viity), Tlie conlralicliun in ler«> bc- 




Oü yäp Tl. i^navii wai9 er' utv ec (T7tapya.voi.^ 
tf Xi/io« ^ hl'^ Tii ^ Xitjiovpui 
t)(ei- vÄi Se iTjSüs ainöpKTfi TtKVwv — 
TOVTUf irpäfMUTK oStro, iroXAa o , olo^cu, 
^wtxr^'ciira iraiSo;, trirapyävtov ^cuBpvvTpia — 
Nva^cvf jpoil>cv<! Tt Tavröv tl)(tTi}i' rt'Xos — 
iyi) 5iirXä; Sc raVSc )(<i/HDi^^i'a; 
tjfovtr' 'Opiimjv (^tBt^äfj.Tfv irarpi 
■hOvtjkÖto'; S* vvi' räXnii'a iTcvdo/:(ai. 
(rrctj^w S' err' ät^pa rtucSc Xu/*anTj/noi' 
oiVbtc, fffkaif Bi TtuirSc TTCvtrcrat Xo'ytui'. 
)r(Ü5 o5v KcXcvci WC fiokfif'oi' ; 
^ irüt ; Xcy' aS^tf, cü« ^a^u craiftiaTtpov. 


— «^W<> Wcllwicr. «^ 

.rar,. .Mii)i< Hailung 

7»a tJ 
mighl lie mg- 

7a« ii b > 

'« In uImc In ihc mouth uT thc 


t. A>«. i+j. 4. *■ 
pj*.. ^rwH»i> «iKl 
DT ■ iHvpcr purillcl. 
nite w« "WFi^ ppt- 
„. . . . ri»» aml, tiewic« Ihc 
Ihn bI Hch in «xprcMlon 61t ' in 
Mttllll Dl in fücllnn.' >hc nenne 
M ratMwn ID Ihe rulCinrini: lim. 
m i Xui« il.r.X.. i.i. •« n M»; 
I i(T« a.r.\. a, MNf tfMwr i) n>A- 
tt MdBrf«. /-. K Ka6 JXk V*» ii 

E >* )M»i »1 I »M» "4"»»^ « Tt' 

fa»T- <M Sa|iti. U. C. >» iU< t*f 

i(IIUr. To bTicf all ihe limr pi.vmip:% 
k'« /n>/f pnuniln hqnlljr Mvnn h 
" ■» ««ei« Ihc 


.«. Eu.. //«. j;o 
rlt«( vAf rfr. T.1P kf<K, Simon. 

XtFT* ^mv. Similarlj- iht «'I. in 
l'heoe. 641 D« nl .' fij.l«i »«r' (Htm. 
■«r. rir *xW'-"«'H ; fo""'! onlr her. 
Ibr M^B, iHlt d. *n>a, nli^ i riXiia. 

<IH Iik: 'ik the mniier »iih him.' 
er. ritY fX»f* -Wk u 
pnelitally = fdp. Th.: nunli {wi 

mpologctic Tot Ihc cliilil.~«vWlpiii|i 

VA« IwinM- vpijumt alra: r'.i 

T.X.: a 

vriih whal bUnwi 

a. FMI.Or. 144.« I' ' 
•XA», ^ndr. io;i • 

■ r wonl. fo do 
EHm« licing ' nv 

1^ ThKC. 4. l»S ^M- 



as WC know how ; since a biiirn still in its cradlc cannot spcak 
out what is llic matter, whcthcr 'tis hungcr, or, maybc, thirst or 
need of nature, but a child's inwards will wait for no man, 'tis 

too younji Divining of thesc wants, and many a tinie. no 

doubt, miütaken in thc child, having to cleansc its swaddling- 

dothcs (laundress and nur^c both countcd as onc ofücc) yc5, 

thus did I, with both thesc sorts of handiwork to do, rcceivc 
Orestes at his fatlier's hands. And now I hcar — «reich ihat 
I im I — tiiat hc is dead. 

But I go to fetch the man who is the bane and shamc 

of this house of ours, and glad will he be to Icarn this ncws. 

ClIO. Teil us: with what array doth she bid him comcP 

NUKSIC. ' Array 'i" How mean youi" I do not imderstand. 

H. eorr. DobcM. i .- 

Rolmnellii. Th« t amen-n irom inc 

«X^HM r*, TW ■/ifv^m' JifJ*..«, 

Tlum. //. 1}- 8; Wiutr, ii .«.\W.f jv . 

Snph. MJ. N07 **»w«.,.(S-r(i irariitii,!,. 

itJÜiur* luve hiiherlo jnin<.-<l raMi «My 

wilh •«■W7*»"'. )—+"»»*"'»» 1 "'l*-'' '(■*■ 

livvly rare c,,n.l.iicli<.n .-i[li tc". par. 

i^tPT». er. s.1,7 (n.). 

liciiile d. Hon.. //, 1;. y.; Ji« J <»' w« 

^ür( riTi'cF.'lr 1 ... ^ lliir^Xwi>tfapi>rar. 

r™ Ihc iMck ..1 ihc «nfn« inlo » i.y 

(*/, 1, 181. Thiic. 4, 6 i. .T-K«.™ rji 

path oT <:o,.„ I hc «n.e «..ul.l h=vt 
(>wn 0)"i|il.:i.ii liy r.j-. *wai>yarvt fac 

.'VLi i ii.i»r' ü ^i\^- iKuXira.. .\il.r. 

Jfui«-,»« orVo ro»X4 >*l iiS^ iuix^'-'. 

«■».M Tf.0,.'i <v ,.r.\. • rullcr anrl »iirse 

n.l..l1>.-f« (cf, ^i-. ,4.19. Kur. /(..,r*. JM 

h.Td Ihc -an,., olficc'-nv»*.*!. 11« 

\4xr \^-l'>"-l. 

«hol. on Ar. Ptiir. M «ly. lh»l »- i. 

lai «ii^h ninra. X«»- -V-e cm. 

Allif. whiie T»- lieloiiE' m llic ••■^"pc. 

n. \\ilh ih= j;^-n. .;t. .Scpiu /;/. j. ».j 

er. Thoin. Maji- !>■ "■ MciMirrhA»'. Gr. 

U». rxii^tf' ■ 4u^ ür »vlii »xa, llom. 

All. /«!.' |i. JM qiioli-J vra^ffo» fro... Ihe 

M. 1. tu ivyfW«.; nw.rii.. Thc 

4lh ccnl. Iml ..a««>i rtiun thc dlh.— 

rdicralcl -yll:.!.!« (■-») «.1- i.ul » repui;- 

T|M^tl : Ih« ...■fi.l.-irn.i.«. fo.m (naliiRillr 

nanl i., Gwl. c.i... ct. i. .-. /•. 4'»« 

cmiil-ycl hc.L-1 ihouch t,..*ö. i> il-o 

■r.<ftS.« W «.).*. OtfW« •-..1. 

founil. Thc Kiinh aie ei-nciii: and %<i. 

IM 4 «ih: Thc nur« •lu« noi 

Im. TuHct.inil fcBitrvf.'— Tftir*» ilxH" 
tAm ■. ■>. »crc combine.! in one omce. 

Thcrefot« to Mn »lial way?' shc icplies 

'well /, 1 u)', having briA IhcM liu«- 

no«..' Tlim>Eh ■ lue pwilion of ti ii 

cnnveralionll htiwii 1ml i> >lli>eelhcr 

odcn pnicly iiidncal, il hcrc hclps thc 

iliMinct in wn-c froni Ihe cchocl ijuraliun 

•Ire» on h.Ut. 

triH: TiHiml in cmneilr—IIf >ny allen- 

tf -ntfitAu. arixhair. Cf. Itn. 

lion «eie nc™«iij-. Ihe Icthniölly «uieat 

r-lfl»- 475 '■*' W" • <*(•" l'a.a w,- 

iirlwit: iCanicOr^'WhaolDrminwaa 

)..»n 1 K,.*rT, ;, .ipril rp^-Hm^ r' ir,rm\. 

UjHMi ", Ak.-.™/r. 61 .u>«> »■ m- 

ircmely .louUral. In Kut. Ait. Hei HP. 

(.»■ fT'» Xi«fn K^v (if wunrt). 

"KOI novo<mßi}. 

^v; öwdova^. 7^5 

ft\\f Sfo-worou irrvyfi- 

1 yaßovtrg ^pivi. 

ftf OpBoVTM AlifOC. 

^ KaKEüf dijiTf I irnrc ; 

T«« M hu Ihr n^w»^,— r(* M. 
. TC9 dl««>«>rw Ilarlunc. jwncivinL- ibe 

L-fittitt Vviyi, hu» Ih« inie 4 hu heen 
to iyM, (er. M«* **» ".)- *7«»*«'»» 


IltraiM. yi A iiitn. tH' fX»«.->[Tiic 
rm'iering 'llirua|,'h hiKcil iirmr maitir' 
«ppei» wrnk. »hI Ihal oT Ihe Klinl. 
■lo Ihe nun alxHiilnM»! Iiy «ir MMir 
(AB»ni.)' i- fnr-fclchtsl.] 

V*f ofrifsfitrsr, ' juti hliuwif.' 
er. lh< rnniiul* atral itpit (Ar. ^f<l. 

ri^irir, Ttiim. 471). HoM- Ä "■ W 
■*r*t r<f lür wpttaxMir ißllx**— 
At UofdmH aXtg: '«• th« hc nur 
hMr thc Hew< fdirlwlf M-/.' TI1K «T 
cnme, in lu Iw |i<in oi hn mou^e ; ii 
ii not Ihe nwtiit o( ihe Choniii in tcniling 
U. Kor illinlnihHi a( Ihb nw <if ih« 
rulicril (u in iiA^w iIVTfüil rc 4Jj(il|. 
fcrha|K we nu* iilil 10 Ihe intianc« 
Iheie SimonLd./r. 5 8 «M (la VmuUm 
T* llirrdxii« tV*!''«! ( = ri«>iftTU i/ir 
fuXä) (JpV»»'. Ihouch w* csnnol <& 
rornuil cnmm» »i|i|<ry ll»! infin.). A 

wlihwil (ciuinc' wouM 1k mare Mlunlly 
eii|ite)Wi] by ihe vlj. dhlim-Tti. ll *Ih> 
Ucht pnini CK iinnei*, howcvei iha con- 

7«B AvwC trtv Tsiim. 1'lie 


Cho. l'erhaps wilh cwort, or. maybc, unaltended? 

NUkSE. Shc bids him bring liis botiyuuard o( spcnmcn. 

CiiO. Prithcc, bcar no such mcssagc to our hattd rnnstcr. 
Hut go at once and with glad heart bid him comc alonc, so that 
he may bc told wjthout a fear. ' If news bc crookcd. thu bcarer 
may inakc it stralght.' 

NUKSK. Nay, can >'C be looking kindly on tliis day's 
lidings ? 

CllO. But what ir Zeus at last makL- ill wiiids changc ? 

4«#«^ #^rl M. The eye of ll« mpyiK w*. »iiraeie.1 fro.n 

«H>. lu lim .Civ oT Ihe 

Nne ibnve nifl he conilnucil «llh (hat Ilnc. Mutgravc cnicn 

e.H»ilh.,Hrr.=,. rn>ii. 

EuiUlh. .Bd «hol. 1« llorn. //. 1». M}. i- ..wrii Hin 

ilield (frxni i'.ir>;>nl in 

Miimeric Khol.). <c.v'»< l'i>l<.7. Weil. 770-977 M 

hat llw «/«y,«*»! al 

eath vefw (intluillne 776). fl70 niev .-r.r.Xa*.«! W 

Lkkin. 771 *XX- 

wilh lejoieing hwrt' Mwndi u mnirk- 
(lile a npeech ihu kIw naiunlly luiaim 
an ennlunBLlon (v. j;e\. Oihtfuit (1) 
liy B slithi hyperiwlon [cf. Eut. C/fl- 111 

' - rt*f. Hui 

= kepl fU I.). 
M hy Clyinc- 



Moreovec i( becoiiiH HiH^nill lo 

reintc Ihe nanc'i npl* lo ihe cdnieil. Ihe o 

vae Ir ^yy''^ ^f '■''■'<■ ■*« f^- bcen 

n. The Ilnc (or il> cqnlvalvni) «*• pTf iiuou 

lumnl-ly iHWcrNnl M'^tK ihe linc nt it A-, 

Acvhyli». ll ii ^uoImI (ai fnim Knri- ■> •«»| by Eii.iaih. iml Srhol, Ven. on [\\ 

llom. //. IJ. »07 (JeeXi. «1 ri rtrwr«. lo i.i 

*!■* lyytXn alniui <«»). lo "hich rindti | = «1 

{P. 4. 17BI r.p!icilly relen, pan|.hnMne /uu < 

vilh «-»T^- *•*•>' '♦• IW *"><»™* "f »1 

9fi-jt^mtt r«irW pifi9t9^ 1 sUffm aral .^lÄrm haji n 

K ayyiXIst ifvii, tuilMh. eiplnilM danc 
Ihe llnmetie line by iy*»ir irrt nj ri 77 

riviTsv (fett f*> in'Xtt. («XAs tV ''^iii 

nJ adc«t eare^fii. The olwiom terac louai 

or ih< iinverli i> ihat ■ ^rewd meucn^et &iw 

TlieeohKiilence of Ihe rindaric *^t 
wilh Ihe runftti uf busiaili. aml thc 

t Ihan tlmply icpeal be ■ekonie at icpiii;"a 

hy ihe ii lii.lil 
riy thc ne«! ymiiKtji ppttt. Th. 
iniilgtiani ulrL-dirii i£. — liyYtXjuvat 

accklenlal. Allhoueh Aeich. hu ihc ilenii cm 
line hnc, il <■ none Ihe \at llkely IhU sOi rnini 
Eiutaih. and Ihe I lontcrie Khul, are right 771 

in ciimi; il fiom blunpida aUa. ll waa '■ '•' ■ 
prolnblv a Aniihed >*i>|if (aiut tveo 
an iamlnc >niii*) In caiitenee Iwforc 
■llhci. The Chonn, In «cuh fof lam- 
pcriac wlih ÜH moi^e, renlnda th* 

<ur 1 

■I.UI «hat ir...F'. 
.S,.f/'l. HO aXX' <( tpm.^T^ ivtt^Wur 
^Xii.ix» ; — Tpewalav : niuinilly aii ailj. 
Mtlh n«ii« or afpar. C7. i". f. T. 691 

ftfraXJXurli Init ^r rXfM ItUfMTif^ 1 

"T- r-< 


r(r( räireoToX^«!'!!. 775 

awra iretVofiot Xöyoi?. 
1 (rvf ^«üf Sotrct. 

HC. 780 

ii nol requirol. i . "« Opirrv I' 

tr Coniinenlirr. ttrit-tvl» yt jitei • 
TT« lyyy M. cotr. Kobondlo.— I»5r«i 

humui nMure »ufficienlly well lo ulopl 
■n oTimlnl iwie of imfifferen« u Ihe 
mwl cITccIuil iiM«n< of Ke"'"e il»«)'— 
Utvk: wilh Ihc dcpredniocy lUEErMioa 
■amiliar in larticipUa i^. ^Xiir. 4if^, 

ixf. a. Ag. -'■- '-■' "-- 

f« i' M 'Axitn rpiatt rdVMrakWn- 

7T« fi&» !»•(».» h.tX ; migiwJly 
«cctwinc Ihe liiimKcin. Kof Ihe (otia al 
wurIi 3. Ag. 96, Br9 a«0 WXb«. r*l 

ir flJXXfl f<lnu', Soi>h. ^1/. IJJ) J^^" 
^ rii.** »TM. X** ^«*--lt H wunh 
(.hMciing ihai, whm fcrinr occaplr. 
Ihc füll Icncl'' — '. " '» •liBo« Bl«»«)ft 

glva in t'Nar. I will...'), bul wilh ■ 
pnjier thal ihc qoculonalik Ucp iim]> hc 
' forlhc bcM.'— «M ■• uraMcd hy poulion. 
Ml il )vmr Uddine i "iH '»Ikaw ■« dl* 

TT*— ••• Thiril Slulmon, eoniiil- 
Ing of «TO pont: [ri| Pray«« 10 (i) Znt 
(Ihc Sui«eine (Aul) U """" "^ 

of hi> woohipiwr Ae»™. t 
ilnifiB'«- The hclp —" - 

üod«. whoK iniREH il i 
of blooJ-. (3I 10 Ar" 
Uandi beliin Ihc daa 
ihe iiuhl ■itd tiecdol 

hu Im: (4) 10 He« 
ihera >t»), 10 oni 
lendine !>•• B<>>l<- 




NuKSE. How can that be? Orestes, hopc of the house, 

Cho. As yct, 'twould takc no mcaii sccr to dcctare so. 

NuRSE. Ahl Have yc some knovvledge that is nol in 
Ihc tale? 

Cho. Go ! Take thy messagc. Do what ihou wert bidden. 
The Gods will look to ihal whcrcto thcy l>ok. 

NURSE. Well. I will go, and, toucliina ihis, 'tis your bidding 
I will Ibllow. May it. by the Gods' blcssing, be (or tlic best. 

[/■xit XURSE. 

M (liui coneci»dl.-r- ir.nmXiUm inade Trom r' . 
M. mA« AMu»— >[A« Sotigcr.-fi^Uf M. co». 
cofnYjH^.— '•«••'«>«•'' '|ül M. An ■ccenl ii < 
hy m. wiLfuTivißift /ui Tumebui (f Ilcmi k 

4> Ihe «her piaycn locelhei, vIl 

RieHide ; It) Anticipaliim of ihe gl: 
rcHill, wilh ■ppcti lo OmI« 10 Kcu 

lleivuii >n>l ihc dcwt, anü enü> ihe lii 

Oruis 4n4 ihe hoiue. Thal notion 
IK (ihrcil upon throughoul. Kailuie lo 
perceivc Ihit facl i* ropuniibk (iii nuxl 
a( Ihc mlunlcrineUUi«». T<to tu- 
rtachine quetlioi». howcvcr, ort n|icncd 
U4> in iqpml u> Ihe Icil. {<) li ihc 
nicttical coiiLipoiwlcnee bclwRn Hrophc 
■ml anliHi. Miijccl to ihc ntilinsiT nilis? 
(1) IslhemcMdcia be repeatcil ifker llie 
uiinlmiihe u ciihymnium? To (() (he 
rcpljr Ktini lo bc Ihal cililmn have all 
domei! iD ICC «uch cor[n|WnilrnC(, if il 
can be 'ibtainol I7 lempciaie aml iqpi- 
lalsl emciulation I ihal Ihc Hinenilcr of 
Ihe ilKicine of cutTC*|>ondence i> only a 

Tt we gel IS nietiical agretinnt. 

jocmph. Vm Um |>rCKnt pUc* tt i* 
ii|^ 10 lajp ihUi Ibuttgh non-rtpclilioB 

I allflCclher inore naiu 
mcülc. Inilenl il 1 

: Ic ruIlyun'lnHowl b; 

njioscr- iThc reiwmbb 
icli IcihIi Cflnpacine« 

hijheil UoiJ> 

aniiUmphic cquinlencc.) 

T79>q. rSv: ice ;ii (n.|. — ««Ti^... 
'OXvfiwlM' : ihe mosl hnnariAc lille. 
Zeiu it Ihe faiher 
anil Ibererare innreine of 11 
I.Vi./'//. JJJ B)t).). Wilh lhi< (Ufcc of 
OXnnltnr er. £aM. ttCj tUpriii wiftm 
rui llXuur:» it^t. Suf/l. 991 AW r« 
\iißi4r f'. 1^ '<«t 'Owiiriaii, Soph. £/. 
lo-y C«4i i »V>«t 'OU|>*>M. rnh-i. »Jf 
i r<> aiil^'M' Zth nr^ 'OUfima«. — 
Z<A. In any caie at /rot friiitifiam 
(Tlieac. II. I i* &ttt ifX'il-**»\i M 

Sös nlxas Tvxtlv hCfiov Kvpltas 

Siä ÄiVo« iirttK «iros 

i l iTpö Se S^ 'xßpöiv 
Töf «cw <TwN> fix\ä6ptav. Z<w, 
öe's. <V*i /"»' p-fyw a/>«!. 
St'Svpa ((al r/)nrXä waXi'*.- 

tVÖi S' öcSpös 0tXou irwXoi' «5- 


V» 1 

i. M. A 

n H. L. A 

, M l«llh ^ ir 

Mniui. (K* Wi:«k1cln'i 

lerni,. ImI ihc wUulraiilic 

■ M, 
rhol. q. 
ThnoEh' i>* l' ■ndriciill)' r 

I I 

I tt), 

ih inintiHi«» -.... -— .--■ :~7- 

wtnkl h« B pIdumWc ixoatu of Ihc 
hat H-t •»•' (•">• "'"'' '" '■ "M' 

i> of Z«u" ■" ■• mucli c™- x^f/ri.— ThcBilj. 

■ in ihmc uf H» -pccuilly ii>i«;>«r7 'ift'": 
^ er. ;»j -n- *i«h 'M ^7^;,)"^ "^ 

■ «r ihc hiHiH! nur fall 
W.^tÄinij (« 1-0" 'wt""" ■>f 1 ">«<= "''™ 


a' X<;n. /W/. f. t. >4 * 

■lighity: a. Sf.ff/. 80 .# r* * 
Mtrrti MHt Ih» phnwe r* <», Ag- 1 . 
(■ il nttra. Kur. /r. i«f. 16, Ar. AfA. 
Wl r* Tifui »«/ '*«'' ««J -^ »(«•«'1 
vä« ItdACKM. 11w tctiDl. mpUini 
hy AnlM (cf. ».4 rix«i. *' Vi* *=■!• 
bul ihc «.im.-ion i- m-H« fiBUfulivo «ivl 

'au, i. ,K.—'^~'- •' — 


■ ?*'■." 

. IJ9X1 " 

ffriml** ^'" "" "*' '"" *'^"' 
nie »hole < 

>. ^U iriv fr« tlXn. 

-1)»« fX'" "«'" "« " ".'• l""«'!" 

SNihT n.l M Ar. ^'*. 


Olympiaii, graut tliat the housc may win a stablishi:d s 
Let them bcliold il, who with rijjht minds seek aftor sobcnic 

'Tis Justice leaches evcry word I utier ; O help to w 
over hcrl 

Set before focs him within the Kalls; for, if ihou exa 
him, with twofold and tvitli thrcefold »'ilt thou be recompci 
if so it please ihee. 

Knotv that the orphan colt of one whom thou didst 

wu miiwiiticn M i.t.X. «ivl ihai Ihe correclini' ■< linicnilcd Ibr Ihc ■ o( hi 
niiplucl Dver • of inr ihu>, li*lit*f*wv. VS« Auh Zifl ri U rf M. 

interlinar Biltcrii» r\a«r ü wat rej-anlcd as a coiretiion. i . f Ikaiw ü 2«*. . 

« Ilothc-Kor«« t 

KlKripi(i:ileiiiiu>c'ih). ( 
in Ihc i>rcce<lini; Line— rir 
M — j^r'fri, corr. Tumebi 

:,<.,. r-The 

nlrml. pp. «1 

7aO tfx' Pmii 

«pirt from voc. cf. ^jr /»\>X.^>r li, 

niiei' loiiich cinnoi l>c K'X f'ci 

Ar, Eni. o;o « i«rtiw, ! üat». An 

■hcmilirc i> <:£> SM, ri n», bul il i> 

Aeiiiiiliui nnit L'lyl. are #<«< f] 

wherea. A(nni, *«■ ^1 «A« fcf. ;>> 

OT Stf tlian of ti.—'ri> U »•* ^»X^- 

rMl; '»nd ilo llnu t-uaiil her wiih«!'» 

■Ihe «;hol. n.. Inlimony, 

'and <lo Ihiiu hvln h* in ufeRiL-inliiit; 

r4> 'O^vnii' lliire may mejii \uw 

her.' Kot Ihe a.lvetln»l prep. cf. Ag- 

'Opirrv- *it dfinaml. an ulijecl. 

HU an anlcetdcnL. Amoin; ihe » 

«.Ar» 1 ,i.i, ^)MTa. »it li w\»'Wf«r 

iX»pi^ rtr f» rä. „.UH^. il *.x 

i^. See i.t; (n.l.-™-: .«. 'Junice.' 

(Even if M «.«-««.i« ihc n«in 1. 

teil, iilur. and for ihe «conil rü« 1 

quile iliKlIncI Id Ihe (.reek coiikimimku.) 

Iht'u o.nille.1. 

^ ?•• «n- «pi » Eli -t.X, carrie* .,,. 

7«7 pv: (iio (n.|— |Jym ' 

the nnlian of hclpm^- ihe ju>l cauM.— 

161 (n.). 

•^..K* Il i. inaccurnlc (.. ij^ak »f 

788 -(. tUv^ «l T(..irWt . 

>o.t4 M-M yip irr, .<u r^rXi. Hon 

1. iiM r^rXp T(T)>ar\j T iwrtiitiui 

Ihc «iinc K-n» (cf. Eur. AM. 96,1 rpotfi)*« 

Ici^iii. The« Moni, iirulalily foriii 

r* iwM'tiripa riKriHtti). rpi i> a> 

-K..r w„.i, in a «n- 

il>.le|>ei<de.<l H In l'ind. /■. 4. i«6 «mrü* 

■J"//^. 6.14 "■X*< *■>■"*■ «■>■*-' " 

^»t «.ur.^ 1 .^fit.» ,t,<itai ^pi *;.ai 

fiiul. A-, 1. 70 ..«r«- «>d-W r» 

MX.». I'lil. /'J;M t; K .f ■,.,» wpi tir^ 

1: .. ..9 ..\.j;f<L. r»ir n(>pl>r« 

UXw: ■>rii>.o|>k-a>eihn.' Cf, i.j 

»^...regardi ihe' olijetlive cflecL.— Si{ i 
U. a. a maiier of cour«.-!^ -^»fit. 
Thouch cililon plcfer lo relain ihn wilh 
tlw MS. lynccphoncaii it niote prubahle 
Hub prodehiion. Cf. ulliUiiL«!;, Hom. 

//. I. iji »* ii, ttnH. Od. (1. 190 ax\' 

tn li tßltpm ißmt, Eii>. £1. HI« *i» 

c pari of ifeui — ^^4^ : cf. J. • 
■V I' iiHiiiittt >war rffw | t 
«»■_; Soph, pvik. _;j6 XV"-» »H 



mit' iSti»" 8-' äwfSof. 

imf^m' ß.')«>Ti»>' of«r/ia- "5 

Ol T* <Vwö< Sw^TOH- 
(»XwTt, trüitiftpoi'f; öcoi- ^ 


■w Html, (froi 


ilic «biO. 1 

_Ut> ■ the il'fKt «PI"*' ciirn>l>"''il"'B 

•n« coli i. VMinc. «-^ '"« ""^'r. ,1 
tovn: cf. -*/- "« '"1 ' ^^TT" '*; 

Sm trii. n. «fl (fw 'he "'"« *^,'!J 
Khcdkll Aiipcmli». 'lli« reiulinE <" »" 

<.l>, üunk« to 11. wwpanuivc rani» 
aad tm pecnlUr lii"«!»". •" mb"»«'«» 

» I—, rf. rind. ?. 1. Ite *"• «f Xvl'« 

■a (ilHC, ffiir) nioi.Hrc (of J«i»kc) - 
T4:<t(-(v>L-iH'hich 1, ihB «cco». ul «um, 
whleli 1» i" "ny °-'* fr"!""" "■*■■ '■-'"■ 
/f«fA. T^K x-p»«. ..".»'-' *-"*""■ 
Vent. ^'"- '■ S'4 ""'" 1^"',"""'" 
^iTl 1«! i. ,»rii™i«ly ™y wiih ike 

■ »■**«< M»^ l'''"P "l" '*" !■'*. V 

■ecoiilim: lo ''« '"1" "f ««luiinii wiili 

tI0»«M (''■«•E««»). Cf. Äum,. ^ 

Ol Clin« imiirJtc u.- ».■"■-.•1-- 

,S,. U«i.i*in ,1/. ..frf r. H 77- «m- 
'rheie i* «n »llni'ioo to ih« «KCijior. «l 

nf M b> wiiliom_iMiteorcoo.irocl.iin. 

ImlS^lifront whidi >. w*.**Fr^t. »M» 
Uru. Cf. Eur. //. /: 1 19 ■* *!'"*'•■?" 

^-^ V B>ü> •^*' "•" '*• '""♦•'»»'■ 

Hom. /;. 17- 7" ("»"l" .™ 
>n ■ mauniun iohII ir ti n 

Itpif iM« -«iiW " ■•' 'W 

,„1.. I'ind. /. >. JJ »J >*^ 
IM .«nlrnf« 1 ««*»#« ■)J.'™' 
114 kwu Umr—m ^UUm « 

in h.irnesscd in danycr's car, and süt tliou bcforc him 
suri: to be run as one cniüht shew a stcady pacc unb 
the level, stridc aftcr stride winning to thc goal. 

And yc gods, who within thc housc are fain to dwdl 
riches make glad your iiook, hcarkcii in sympathy. r 
I pray, by frcsli award o( judgmont, tlic bloodfcud Icft 

tlmphe, vt Wctkleiiri A|ipcn[l<x p. 1.19. 

roniw.—TaTil» llcrmflnn. 7*1 

inilUrtir .\I itofr«Icil].— ^»^a 

toluii error ther«.— Wi.;!, VVecl^l 

(«fter Schnciilcrl here rcpcsi ihc niewic 

u «iihymniiim. 7Se /jw lli 

™wnfl)oK(Ml. /*«*.- Ww»-«. 

707 rkt.^aY.«v ^[. corr. Tu 

—irl(,T, Stiill.T, i . 700 .ktr* D 

ajijnirciilly frum irj^fioxi, 7B9 An 

iainbu< is w.niini,'. biliier fi/n* ' 

loiuiniruf).— I«-»»i; ihdfinHucr 

.PI«.,..™ ..Mh« ) . ,\lircclly to H^. o' 
(i) .0 11,^ »hulc LhouRhi of ihcKnicnct. 

cccl» fr...« .-1 ihrine «-ilhin 1 ii d 

ileiCeild lipon Ilic house from 1 

— »«liiv»»: not immefliBlely = iu'4*fijr 

The f.i..n in ■»• i- «-^irr.nnK.'.! U 

in Ihc K*n.c of r^. Ar. C«/. 3^.0 »,w 

attp9t. inif; ri,U$i. Jr 1^( it 

i.lpi, isT i>»r,« ,1, tmtiifi^ {■-inninc 

ifiH). —wiMvrtijai^ f-nit: ij. \\ 

Ici'). nllliiiU(;ii llw i;ciiL-ral rcniill iiiay l« 

halia. «W.t «!-;(*.. a .-»t-. ./i 

ibc wnie. Tlie jKwt of cuurw lifl. in 

Ixi-xM,- pat,\<l^ S..|.h. yr,.r*. 

minil lli^ cinrc»iaH d>«>. itina ( = TtXii«) 
v,il)i o( »itfioui oU* icf. Kur. .*■»//'■ «Ml 

^np""'"- ■'■ >"'X"1 »i|lf"»- ! 

lloinciic »ä\«|i« ( = «!■)(«) i« UV 

q.uru w'Aibr); Inil ilricllr wc mu^t 

BS a si.,re-r«.m.-vo^t<« = : 

reiicler 'iIie itriile o( >lc]ii whicli arc 

<f«ft.r,. 1 herc i. n" .ullioiily f 

miBJil imlceil lic raiwjil whclher flejulru» 
may noi hivc licen Ubcd of ihc 'Inji!.' or 

tuuincil für l'.ur. /il. 554 MJ c"«. ji 
rpünr ß^tt' iir tfiäuV laXwi, | »lär 
fMifrit iV Jlici|>. wpir ir nipat | y^dwi^i 
Ittru «1 rtx« ««iiirt fliDu, biil ihe uiual 
KnK 'ihe fini tlcp' ii no Ici» niiurll 
ihere,-^prn>a ; Ilie onlinuy wotd für a 

ciumriconimoli L tpl-,,t«tA of e.Ee'nt". 
Cf. Kur. IM. m6 »' "^l' */»n*'» »<"*' 

•I t' Inh ■.r.X. An 7.1 

««ii = ^l). nion Oiry^, jnil 
■lucine Kur. El. l.w «■.;( (« 
^ciiilHrai rMfwt riiu« ^iM-i tlie i 

rg,iif(.> = X^liaIla> <iui«/>a> i< cl« 
ihe familiär usv »iih Ihe < (1 

■ojo Ix'ii 'f' hi^' •'a»'i> mUf" 
<>n Ihc ülhcr, iiif. looo iiiy''f^tp 
iwJf«. CjiTflclitmij'). The wnK 
»impl]' »urx^ pf^ftir Inii ^■'X^ ' 

irehouw gl:id uilh weai 

t o( Ihe Koman renal 
(cf. /wn« wilh *■«,/-,). Whe.. 1.11. 
üreek (f^. of bion. llnM itjni.lal 


U,). i,m,t. 

.acrari. of 

(imk bautet (BecketJil'öll c'iahk 11. 
p. iid). I>ili« uch >. iheic are cMI- 
ccmed in pnvcnlioj; Ihc ktwhi rftfH 
(941) of Ihc pment Dcai|an(i (cf. iitn. 

.ympaihy.' Tbc hou^-cotl. ivec 



ytpaiv ^'toS ItrjKtT «•' Söuois TfKOt. 
urva vat'wi' <TTÖfiMV, eo 
fcai VW iKtvßfpiWi 

aliu !il«l>il \t<iraf uliiM eonj. Wecklein, bul "he uiliwropl« » wunii.- 


rar Ihe (.pfe-a«i ef. ,■(/. m»j (11" 

■Ofl i-iil- -^ ** «"^ «tili««» « 

iloon. The s|rfBniluHi of liu own hoo«« 

4^j ii<F«...Ttnii> |*(iiX 

3i.,,,.»*tf-r*«W"- - 

^aeO Xtrkfff' : 'cauM 10 I« imM. 

.Cf. Saph. o. r. 100 *w **-' «ft«^i 

WwTM lof ih.« «Ivi «cimII)> mnVc ihe 
. ■»»««• The CTUMl. inidill« i' • 
.C^ri» «ilh Ae«h. «»il .1'""lil I« ""« 

*\«laMlroU«K>l. In Kam. lA-, '««rrfv 
»iL™ J. *«««'■. 1 *"!(»• ia-i"'' 'he 
■iitu liuHncl. a >*"'. V^ "»'■'"- 
■111 -rj-^"-- >virfis>-— 1 hc mdrical cqal- 
nlMice of M»»*»" W "wri r^ [Biil (■ 
■Writ «ry ilmliifnl I7 ihe [imillon oT 
_ ^m loBC »yl^ Afl ejuy corftclion WdHkl 
. WXW»T«W^ hj£h»lcpiiilhec«rup- 
f «in, »U. 10 W«" •ItHO*«««» •«*' 
^ U*w#- •!*«. i' «"T l" i""'t";j; "" 
^ «.«Mion X.».». **;*«■ »■« cut«nl J;?-'-. T. 
u6). »nd ib« ite"l »1lu>ion 'o ""• " 
Um itMU o( ■ nrw irtal BiMl finml »*>r;l 
b ia ih* Ae^hjrkan mann«— «p«*«- 
TCMttrA'nX«: ■ IT ficih .«"1. Ih. 
Ww. bring «lUi««-— rhe qHniion nu* 
w» twl to ihc iHtei of rii-T« coula M 
1. noKitod «i>h (he liaetrinc IhU one 
dMd «f UonI begeu «noitwi to i*enee 

'ipni «l'MHI nm.** IUP" ■»-■' 

...... lic IN >Ihi iIw oncubr C 

■ent OrolM on hin mi««m, lle » 
mornivei Ihc <J«I of Iluhi. Iilwnr aiHl 

•nsttu u« 01ISCI-™ Uli»..-...". ...~. -"- 
;im>M i- B|)iwnpri«ely eho«n u Wie 
cHKuine «i'l rtomlimnl nwtncal ilcmcnl. 

niKuinS ■>"" 

— ■^or^'TMi'» *" pi|™-v-™«. — -^ — 
ptm »iti. naniciilorlj' Alwllo and Hernwi, 
W^oflen i«> wiih. Cf- -^/- SU-»'». 
118-HJ0 l»l't« »h« «iine onler occui» 
u \nK). roTM. Ar. f«/. Byf i> Unt 
«ra{ -«.'tw 'AtkiS n^n«) rpttviit« 
i-^rtirT«.. üur. /»rVB. ««J «>. 
•«,'0' lra{ 'kywS. tai »/J-V X»- 

1 174 »«TW« r^n;«r<' Hf I »!>.*»»- 

i;o «/««*'<■. Mf'"' '</«"•■ fiäatdÜMl 
frtfinfiiti HSitrii adr^ii. 

rrhe diilaiulion of Ike Sthol., D«e»- 
ülated by ihe miirewllne «rin«" of 
hal J >i*j« '«l«» nV"«»«' 
M Ih« wM Ol aino« «<niy 
dumnTt» Ü» nie fam 

ite ii Boi Um Üir t» whsa 


decds donc long ago. Lei ai^cd mjf^j y r heget no cliil 
within. :^ 

And Ihou who dwellest wherc llie ßrcat cavern r 
fair shrine. grant that the housc, homc of a man. niay 
eycs again. Yea, tlirough welcome opening of the 
gloom, let it look forth in noble radiance. 

triinn* m, corr. Bnmln-iBtr. \ . SOa lu-yaiaiur M («ilh «icir 

erucH), corr. m. «O« 1 ia (»iih enturi.- Iiefore o. >>. Mi, M. corre 

Weckl.) «wi \aiirpi, J>..> DmL., i),,-1i'ftu< Xiui-^' Verroll.— 1i>>i>,>^ r' : 

•oa «|. loXä« ■Tljui'ai'.,.< 

Uc. ; 


(I. i 

>mor Ihe cave).— iiaXi« »rt^mv: 
ne iiomi'iic Jinrifi'"».— (Uy» ! raihcr 
bueiM' Ihm in Ihe <cnM: n( siic — 
*(•*. The MT-iniiiiii i> iinilulily ra'^r, 
>roiluci»|>a |i4ton. Cf. Sojih, O. C. 11; 
r»; «f(. (nn.werine 10 Jiu.i'»'). Saffl. 

40 ^r», Ar. K-f/. Ig] «.\ii«4w'« 



•es ^ci'i. ul l> »tilanaloty. 
lIiL- n|,|H.Mrnii<:L' i.f M.ri' nflci 

— tXivtipfwi Xa|iirpwt Itiir «.i 

i;r.-inL ,1 niay »ilh™. 
«^■H -h.KiUMo"!. Uiiel'll) fori 

4V. j. 66 fp r« fa>iATaii J Amm' n 
XsMT^. The UV of ihe wlveil 
cver, uiLh >'<•<'• i:. nni irtciuicil • 
iifihcmnil. ailj. The lalicr eipn 
kiiHl. Ihc 'nmier Ihe ciccums» 
resull..<>flhclonk. Th« hou« » 

I Klocy IX. 

l Kliince l\. 

inil » fclXaiot Sc. frtquei 

er. Kur. Ol. 
1 Hiro^i^oXan Itfai { r 

I Ihan 

lith 1 

I Ihe 

•liehily.' Cf. 7B1 (n.|.-«rtMf ( = i.« 
(JX^i^il i> an enlirtly nalur:il cnmpounil, 
Ihoueh eiiaiiionly here. Cf. üur. //. /■: 
56t •A...*in i,tßU4>nt,; 111 eMail 


— "»ty|ia*-i. \Ve 

^mr\. uhich wa> b cainipiiim In 

iieile.1 in ih« conle.L. In Ag. j 

Ihe M.SS ha>e >m>u<i »hi-re 

L91 nLi;c< a 1»:iU'r K«-«. The smipl 

iw C'"- ■•\''»T*"' " scarcely XcMh) 

Sn^päi KaXnrrp«! ; cf <io 

I«. 3|»r«ri->»;i i *;»♦»_ .aXuFfBUi 

ne) M'-» i «^iM-aj.!.«» n0<X» df«! 
/d« 14M ( n v>7»<'<it )•>•*< 

,i,Tt Up.,tC,, \ d'X.OU 1' i^\it 

wi^ir li ilevrve« 10 be noieil al 

trat li T^ viAiir H^iiiri an *) 
calle<l arnlXi« lllnych.). 

(vXXäßoi 8' <iN> tv^Koi^ 

1TM Mata?, fTTti, iftoptÜTo-TOV 

npä^if ovplav dfkmv 

iroXXa S' iK<f)cu'ei Kpv^^- ätnfonov S' Aros 

vvKTa irpä T öö.Tiiiv (Täotoc ijtfpff 

Kaff ijtipav S' ovScc ipi^aviaTfpo^. 




,. (.-XXi^-i 

M (wilh V ni|icnerlpi hf 


M fvll (ti in MI cnuuiE) x^qltMr 

llmU. «tir Wo). |. ■!! !■ 

M,. ind ( . ( Uli 

«f tliB iklly. I 

y»ilile. Ai in ihc inc- 

104J *iuix'"""'ßAv (riiMt'n- '099). 

I]|w (l>lii<l. O. 6. 14). ^Ufg'^» (Af. 
£t,i. i,,). h" (llom- /'■ "■ «>8l. 
lUlMT. Si|9) &c. Tlwn 

nin; IKl *•' 
tne cunning M m 

nii»|>er II 

naiiy tpewh,— Kur lh< 
«Ml u ncn rHinn.ll, largvlf lir l<W h>!l|i 
«J (he achalli, xc Inlniil. \fp- %äi m\. 

•OS |ahU^ !'<:<«■'■ A l«i;icil 
aHiint>lnn i> «ihMtlulnl (ni ■ prajrct. 
u in r. t.ig. lIcnM» 'will niiurall)' 
hclp' ohne cnft i> lo 1« cigrciNCnl u«l 
Clin 10 hc miulc. 'nirme opcniiinm ue 
bü iwniliice. — ItUiM* : nMslinlin, Iwl 
'lumnilir'IVcmlll. li !• hU -nianiKr' 
(lU«, u InMi^nritaml ihc Mnnirnc i 
•>«^ «(* '(Tl ttfimir iU. 14- ».«Jl- et 

''•M -q. ■»!■ * M«f« «.«A. : S«|.h. 

\mc.' //trml. im' W i*l*ti*i 

irpütu' oipiai'. TI 

llcnnci. »B»!»«'" (I'in 
- «^l. Cm.«« 

Dccu. Uc|)ciidii I 
a.lj.! cf. .Tl.///. Aoi r« r 

1 iriMripis nin in Ibc tm of M 


; likewise diie that Maia's son should Icnd '. 
for lie can best waft a decd on a fair course, whcnso 1 
and great are his secret gains. With its decp craft \ 
briiigs night and darkncss o'er the eyes, and, though ' 
■ none disccrncth him the more. 

Weckk'in Tor convenicncc uf icf«r«ncc. in Kur. /-■. .»j6 for «Xpi« 
flif. 51. lö M) one MN |A) Im ir«#«l«Ht" aml in fUr.yi. ij Imlh 
<(*#». .oiw'.—i-» i' dXd' li^^iirti lletni-, nUa »' iw^anr Üindujf. XJ7*. 
(J. Miillir.— i^uirrd lllu.iriin tlic Iciulincy la wiiie ilic eliilcil vdkl-I 
■ 1« riutp*' M.— uiC Wf" Kmiicriu«. ( .—i' oni. (iuclf. — St^Unciili-'f n-'i- 
807 ^< «phymnium. ai« rtri «i M. corr, lllumliclil. »I rtr' tf I 

Entcr »Xoffro» .M. lonrli |;B*e (itr»» fj«. *Jit «Xmii Itomlitiijer (■ 

in inlitlr.J. TXoumi/ i, {»uiljlt, | . •!• 9<Ww U. 1.. Ahicn.. 

ii priiitil \<f llagrnnt cmmiilc», if. fln. •!• «l'[- mA t<t* ^tn • 

6 A<iixiiYi>i)( ' jui^M uiH, 1 1> iiBf rlrfw anliciralion ol llic glai roulls. 

,^.„;.l ,.«n.ral «ns. cf. Kur. //. h. 

■ 11 Hj. wsMui S' *dX^tMi: -und :iopol «I *<iXl<u nJWr. »lidoi 

much Rain dotii lie inaW«,' Cl. ilom. (V. j*rv. \ m-ra.\\a,ta.\ -jip l^t^v. 

K. 4(1 d j' l>»>> fiip.!» ürv I <V^, XsToi f»'rL';(/a( I <r..» lUXJiir 

17. ifo 3<»«* »tXi'* äV^. Tlie wordi (h|l iXs^V^ttr^ >ä> Ijjio. I' 

(c(. l'lnui. >Jjw/i. urol. 1 «/ !■« '« vatlri, — t»t' ^£i| : /' V. 114.1. ^^. 

itllh mitxii«iiniii\tiiimiiluviiitlBHJiMiH Wir. \Ve s»n only «laiii ■ 

mi Auliim lucni | ai^iirr, •rhi.-re Jtl«- niakini; «uch lunrc Mnou« 

cuf/ «iKikkl. TIk imjjllcBliuii ii ihal in Uicr. Tbc iciulsfing ' ki wil 

the iirewnl inuance, »hile nuking giin wcalilt in mlcmiMiun u( il>e 

in Ihc thnpc o( oflctiiii;^.'-*iifii^' : jaigon, cccn \( yt^n» cnul 

{llur. OJ. 1". 10. f ratt,/«» ^uüfu«/ oiuhl nevtr u.cin »Xovfw ft 

The |.r«i-. >cn« i< • li.i ofiy lu t* «en 

inlu |ur lhmui;hr und so -ini^ieidine.' 

fm l.y F» ri, and Ihc .j1 

Cf. .So,ih. PA./. UM äWi ... w..>r> i 

i, «iilicienlly ii..|.lie<l in * 

■purrii i' Itii I*X<^i iriii: fptnt, wheie 

n.).-rhc an. = -|hal [u. 

Ihe .diul. Im, ■r,«U.,r.. «X...-.n.e 

rcrcreiii'e Ih lu lU-rin» \t>>n. In |»iiU 

!Ät- ÄTvc,.';!r. 

aia vvKTa: cf. 714 ftw 'ix'"- The 

MW , «™*i-yai nuwr. 

•iruiii; wuni 1« uualiliiil Liy tlie «iiilana- 

ai7 ».iXw. ci>«:ly -i. 

lion^ wp4 i„Hl™, r««» wilh ,«. 


'''at« ' •>■!' «lUp» -.t.\. : • and («vcn) 

w>.hJi. ha> U-eu univei»! a< 

if il i« day he 1» >io niure nunire« iLhan 

itii«er.nii;hl)': «. in Ibc «iwl lißhl uJ 

■ciaally .n vofuc at «. lu 

diy he maiiaco lo decciie b. ihr»»>iig 

encouiace a fair lii«eie. 

iluit in uicn'i cye>. — Kor H( Wf** in 


place of ^f iwi»' cf. fc..f. £i. Soi 

i.(. in llw i\<XuTfuii. «iXi« 

,>;,.« i,J'i.i^ 

ibe hieh piich of fenule 


oliicpeKToi' yoft- 

rit> vöfioy 10" ijirofitV 

"iro'X« TaS' ev' 

i/MV ifLOv KtpSov auftrat roö • a- 

ra S' äiroorarci ^i'Xuif. 

(TV &i ßapirüv, örav tJkij 
fUpos fpyuiv. 
iwaÖtTn^ irarpös tpy<(> 
$poov<r<f. Jrpös rrt "rtKvov "irarpttt o 
Nai irf/Kuc iftuifioii^p ärav. 

Utptrita^ T iv tftpttriTiy 
<e€TNE> Ko/jSi'ai' (rxeÖtü»'- 
row S* üiro ^doföt ^t'Xoicrii' 

r^«*. M (Itul "ith i;« in nn rrmiirel. »W .^lor*- niomli»' 
KlRbhoir. Th«tnHhli«in»eDTnhina[ioinJ»'«*.pt<tw. | .— Yo»"i» M 
vorr. Hermann, ■!• riowr M (conecln!).— H*«'»»" M- t- 

KU:hhon', VcmiH. •«! nq- ^«*- ^»"A« M. emr. Kirrhhoff.— *« 

■•iooilj ^i™),-rM. 1 sA (- l>r "1 M.-iT^Ti«. M. o.rr. m. ■ 



„ ... -„,J«i wi. [ - - '"■ 

• 1S«|. *•?•<('> ftfcpWTTe* H.T.K. 

Kcc trtl. n. ' And noi iV high-oilehcd 
■»■in Ol mmirninB my mon.' Th« lune 
ml Ik« hon« hu li«n tstt*« (nj^^nj. 
^), 4{«i^ini, Wilh Ihe imiti wnnl 
«f. i*. f. r. U)J IntUUiw 'Ai«i rtr 

^^ ia Ihc plihlÜTc ujlc fvmrt\v»uTl\ 
TIm «««1 taulniawnt (0 Kl Ihe lun 

Stow) umI Kcwamnv nlcei in nworri 
»u Ih« «Die. On Ar, Ar. 6H 
n«' «liUr the ichol, rrnwiki ipini 
ttfim *¥ iM^v t^v. Im Uie um h^ 
bKoiK nneh urirfer.— 'IT <|v«r«r. * 

ine» lo Ihe CHinlnr. 10 Ihcmwlv» ind 
Iheir rrkmiv— ^* i^v- Ihe rciwtiiu 

«hnl.. HEhlljr. 

•!• >qq- An ipMirogihe lo Orcuei, 
who in biililen In >ImI hi> hcart ij^inil 
Ihe nKMhc Tnr ihe wke o( the ruhei. hi> 

<l (Bi«' 


•t4 )>ipe1 Ip^r : (hc IDin far dcedt : 

the time Toi ihem In plav ibcir pari (■ 
euphenlim for Ihe «elnai killin|j' '■' 
Hdl. j. fig <T<( rt„Vf« t^> 
i-wU/m »B^ r*» M«!«', In A 
•4.,.irMS"' ilV^» w»»' l'w " 
ri />ir(M, rM', er, Hai. /^r*. 


linc ihe juiiilieation, and wlth 
, m Ar. Av. a«6 ^X« 1 x'W^ 
.^■Bav, ■*.(. 'wilh ■ «haul ovcr 
r*! bufineu' (or 'sver a deed 
'iher'i iake')> or (1) 'wilh ■ 
V falher to bc doinE,' U. (he 
;h hai bcen hcH^tht fron 


wind sits fair. an<i no Innrer the shriU-i)itclii;d strairi ■ 
who mourii— -Well is this for the realm : to mc, lo 1 
growcth inlo gain ; and ruin hatli ccased to haunt our fri 
For thcc. wlien ihy cuc for dccds haih come. on bol« 
a call to thy fathcr for his hclp ! And whcn shc cricth 
'child,' say 'yca, my fathcr's,' and dcspatcli the dccd 
which nonc can blamc. 

Gct Ihee witliin thy breast the hcart of ["crsc 


-. *• 

The I 

to,vi^-. •a/Mu iraix'äü' r.miefcn'l, •. tx'ifi' 'x-" ^Veil. 
e ihe niiuiiig %i;rli uilh the niiulnc -.ylLililo. am] [ cnnjeulure A 
n l«t froni I^pECCINeiNC. tZl r«ff)' M, T*i »' Rolwrl. 

jira« nf Ihe «hol, <>»a> 

parri iyatai ^iguij^i)), u here chnire had lu 1« niAile Iw 
A. 5« KIiiim:» |»rcnii.: A»«i. 74I «pra 1' 
■ r«T^, S.ipli. AV. .i6.« ».•» »■, 


im|.ly .in» nlhir reailing (han Ifrni.—'Vtu: 

.at^(S«|.h. (1. f. 441 ■)-.> 

<lreviHiniTp.ii; -nhvn aelion >■ louird, 

call.>nihy„>-, lonci.' 

aa« s.|. IpeeiSr«. Mel.e |"iinl. lo 

il i. mie. i. .1.1 i",. I.UI »ill 

Ipeiaie^. an ojien form ]>aiillcle<l liy 

(C|.r.«ch, l>ul Ihe cuiurir)'. Tl 

T(Kiu» {P. r. JtHl, irotf^Di«« (/''•■: 

Kor ihe ciiniiHmiid tf. irtwiiuin 

f,f\. l\««a. (.Vy//. ijjl,-«p4t <ri: 
Suph. Jy. ]•;] i ilr, wiKi lu liaC. Ar. 

aa»H,. n.pri-,T-«TA.:.'. 

V^f. t^A\.iff^ti„ ,lw, .pri, H. rpairW. 

your hean In ihe «ame Irial an.l 

«r.-''rji>»>-' : er. Eur. £/. iii« 9*» 

URic InaihiiiK a> ir ynu oeie sh 

|- /X«». «-i.. .^. T"L.i^i. 1 r.f,Ua», A> Ihe *Ik4. siw. ih 

XÜp* ■ -rUM w». X.ra.>«.' Or. 816 

■InulM also a Hainini; Ihal loil* 

TwJa/WiJix-»« "*•'"■ ■ri™.«i™X- 

h» niiHher'i Gici' ni);hl proii 

>>f 1 &»a 1 .'(i™. («r MTipt.' l'heClioni. 

maniiiu); A* 10 (aie lipon ihe 

Ihi» fore.iall. ihe ai.|wal of Clyi. /«/■ «9.' 

heaii. er. Kur. £/. im .«^1 

■i w:...ri,n.. a. AV. u'O J 

Htrar. Warir. | «tiri^ 1^ moiwa». 

fM Itw Wp» M'M.-i' ^frt 

Thouch Ihe cry wnuld be in anv eiK 
naiaral. ii may Le cnnjeciared .hai'i wa. 

\W fieijuent in W^"i, 

■n»Tp*i' '«es»: -«y, ■■ My hihtr\".- 

iuil^meni. Cf. .10. »il \-:.~' • 

Oreuei k lo vhl ihe correclion 'll>'t>^' 

VC ciii. n.—uMfU^r: of tnoWi 

lo her ■«..-•.■ ll ii Ihe falher who 

lenilruneu. U. .J/. i^oi irft. 

tUtu r« rix«* (c=r^<»r). Cf. Anw. 

• Im it^Tfff 4 <«XW»i 

aai mn. T^.. ta4 x**^ 
/ f<>v j'r* I me<ni>Of>.^r*C« t' limtm: Xim 

To« T ivadtv iTpoirpaatrwi' 

tj,owiäy irSv ri'Ött, rof airtov 8 »35 

iiav6\Xv€ mtöpov. 

Ainiöos ''' 

(tvovi aokÖvTM ovSafjiäi iifUfttpov. 

fiöpov B' 'Ope'oTOV. KoX TÖS' i.tL4>(pti.v Sö/ion »4° 

/iOpOV i 
tt&rfr' 1^ Ikrm.. 
Kiichboff. Ihnvetdip 

-.1 vdnni anJ X^#', und hnve emenUcd 01>r»C i.i opr'AjC. 

«BW M« tonllr I« 1i« inclwlnl •.UxixWj 

MM'W«' <'(' HU'"")! I"' ^'""' 

mlhlnl MiiiArtLin"' lU- '«li»f»«l.w> 
er iWr wmOfX Cf. «oph; «■ f- ".'.« 

S^AÜi»« tt AI«) t^» «iT... -n» 

I r*V i'it. 

ht-tt; iW «»■ »*»i» «.».X-).- 

«y«i- hlui««i» Ilttydi.lfroin AckJ)-)- 

a.Wf. «.«f;* ■^' *■ >-■*' *(*" <=:*• 

«i. «^ r-irl '»iW^« "*'••'■ "■« 

Ihouuht i. ihe «11« M in '■ M' >^'»* 

ef. .^r. »li "«l »rt»* '!'•»• ^i•»W^^"u 
Ä Ä^™ ../7o 7»«r /,.,./ .*.tf 
Man Än''»r /"»' ''' ""^'t '"^ '^''' '"* 
(rtm aMMi! Iki ihilirt» tf mtii.^Vot 
(ha llwmniie firnn of ihe «lii er. ArcMl. 
fr. i; <»( '\n\\ar. «1 '< f*^ *"' 
*Mhi i «it^MiFf ■«' '•">( JKKi'', Wfrtp 
M)uti>i, MeMeflimu'' l>p. i.«J«l-. Kühner- 

lii««« II. iH'. 19* *q" ""■ ^"=1' ™"" 
■re liy HO vnttm ram iii Aiitc ymm. »n 
occuuimI in ihe oklcr canMiy, >n<l, 
ihoneh n<« eswnl in iragie rfin1o«u«. ■»" 
l«nlly l« denieil on princinlr to (nclc 
Ivrio, panitularly tinci in Durtc »nd in 
Vin\M Ihcf «rcre reeulu- 

•■7_B«a Kourth E)<ciM>dion. Ae- 
eUlhiM, unallendni. enlef« from thc righl 
liV. rrom Ihe lown). Tlw i-nrl i. FoU- 
bly »kcn l? Ihc ileulemeDBiil (mc |i. »)■ 

-— la« -.tA. ■l'he l"inl of 
: In all «XirrM. iMi MyY*^ 

AcfiHhui) !• lh»l «o >iwcial_B 

hich I • 

* fw ll 

ilanf>r|üvi>hAulil<>cnole<l. Thc 
>n it n« tquiTilent in ti' IiX«nt 

frieiitls uiidcr c.irth and thcm wiio iire abovc Icvy thc amt 
their angcr asks. Work quiitancc from witliin of murdci 
jealousies, and destroy for cvormorc Iheir source and scct 

AkgisthU.s tiiters {from rig/il). 

'Tis not unaskcd that I am hLTc, 
mons. A startling talc, they say, and au 
but welcome, is told by certain strangers tlial arc comc. ^ 
Orestes' dcath — to chargc that too upon the house would bi 


O. Müller, ifsnk 
repeol Sij—SiH ai 

wilh Ihn n«>i i 
iclically=„ in 

7 iT ini\av I 



1 o( Ihe 

nisly iiiucli k-u cHl-cmi 

Thi< i* iniflie.1, Iwl •lilTurenlly «proK^, 
In Ihe nL-M line. Cf. A y. ,—j, x»ant 
fijr il nt\ovpAr iJKOHtr WÜW... ] 'M^mti, 
«Ol U xpi, bVX«- tw,rr,\i, K.T \.-£>X 

wiitar «.r.\. ; 'J'nir.'i. J91 iJ« Jiw» ir' 
*yW^>*l iXX' Il*r4.\,r» ' •' 

(T\ia>l iJi iuit t,raipti»iJr< 

[he ■ 

'■larlling' (cf. ifiil. 
L-m.^nl or iiicrLilulr« i 
e or Uv'* 

of ^i-» or ir^JXX., . 

•as tiÜAiivt l^lHpcv. Tliau[;h AC' 
giiihui wniihl naiurall]- lie ili>piF«l 10 
rajoice M ihc ntvn, ihew wonli ire noc 
cnlirely hfixicrliiial. ilc caniiui IhiI Iw 
«|iiiri:l»:i>>ive ihai (liin (riiih calainii)' will 
icllccl u|)on hiinwir antl L'lyiavinimlra, 

<e iwpuli 

l rU' 

'niajly com|<lclcil wilh h V» '* 'O^vrpi 

ilt^ptir MftMi (.r.X. iJul lli« Te>uni|i 
live HlrM'licanlheitainpDf ihe'' '- 

kncui^je *ii<1 leiid* i fbrcc which 

ipof ihe livinc 
i|;ui^;e *ii<1 Itiid* i fbrcc which omid 
rRljr be olherwii« i>n)i*rlnl. 

1..'» lu <»K nlrv.viy ^aile.1 

^•■ilMiw. (whcri; ihv «hnl. ha- «.«Va 
r.,, i,.i<X'*«<)- , Ati» 1" ihe fu 

honK (if fort (ci. liuw'Mra^ii i'ii 
ilumneil locolla|ae. lie Ihercüirc 

■kl nS' ii.T.X.. eiiher maliiiii; «I eon 

ileion afier a jiauv. - I' nii,-hi iIki 
laken |d)uiXU. in a|)|»uli>in lo 
IMfar (iV. 'Hol Melconie, Inil nn ihe 
irar)', [hedcBihuTOiola'J.oc l4|u 
eelical lüke ri) of Ww ^nr i.r.X. 
■»V (n-)-J 


yivoir iv äx^o! S^i^TOoray^« ijtövy 
T^ TTp6(T0tv iXKaivot^t, taX StSrfyftfvift. 
irÖK TttSr" dXij^T Kai ßXinovra Soßäa-W. 
^ irpo? ywaiKiüv Set/xaToüfwcoi Xöyot 
wcSö/MTioi Öp^o-Koufft BymTKovTt'; [LÖrrfv: 
Tt Tiü»^' Ol' ciwot! (Höre Ö7jX(ü<rat iftpfui; 
XO. ijKowcT-a^*»' ^«V, n-ui-öai/ov 8e Twf feVwc 
«(TW jrapeXÖuI»'. owStv öyyt'Xwc crötVos 

t^J"^ i^vTu«. ■Lf^-r„ravf. ♦*-* l'orlus, .i«r«-.-„: **.v K- M«zd. 
M* A.^««. «i (.*««>-. H«..lK-.e« (.*i.mnK ihc .mf. 1« l« « (^U «l«!-.»- 


pp. »c»K «1., ihat ihc «cholia b!» ii 
WMidcrcd. ThektyioihEinlerpielaikj 
Hn in ohntrrinB Ihm lh< *<«■'■ «X*^ 

■nd ihe «me mcinphot, «•»- ihnl Ol ■ 
(roh loaa i'liced uixiii llw B»"™ "" 
fatRlnB !*£'< of » l*"" "^ Iw"'™- The 
hoHt I« th« ovefhuHleiKil »niiB»l i "« 
bitul, «tlh iirbich ll h mw anil wie, " « 
*i-»i; Ihe ne« iHiiilen i" '"w of ""■« 
■ B hiyhlir figura- 

(hü ohj< 


V ix«" >'"•"' »' **•»"■ M' 

*t2i'™w''iiii*n ".»A. Th« 

mit« of Iwo riwlerlne«! (1) lit. 

IE",! ( 

alf .it Iwller, (1) Ihe 
med. ' Unw »m l lo Ihi 

I lo canviude ihil 

ink Ih» 

iKi^S.- The conMfiicIions «rc combined 
in ITat. 7'*«//. 1 ftgcifyipnt "^ '*>"« 

tinti' 1! i'fi iii»xi»a «««' *«(*rii- T*" 

in V.^üt ><>£>f(' ^u<4- ■>> «lliiTCU« 
ihe loiK 11 ii'il IhBI nf refuHil lo Ikül-vc 
(■■t 'At t.T.\ 1. liul or ilolre Tor ilefiniie- 
neu an.l cvi<lence. ij. ¥-. = Ti» '"Miwfy 
X^i^wf.— pW»»yT»-.fiF™(Ho]*.0. T. 
480 r4 ».»(iL^X» -yii irowr^ttii» | »«*■ 
Tri«' f* *■ i«l I fii»" wfiwain,). In 
oppmiiion lo »rB«'«"n 1><T mimedi- 
iilely. Cr..Vf.68i.iiifiifT«"iflW"« 
flw. 301 r» " ■•' C^*"" **«■ l^' 
I. 4. JB As/fr /• - ■' -■ -■-■—" - 

mälirf/i urf 

«f vcuine«)'.' er. Kui. ^n-'l. »^ 
Ta *<)Mm"*r>' ''•- "■■■ >'<■■' 'PP^" 
I0au»>iwl.}-4hnli«m: Ijenerk «ilh- 
OU ■rlkk. Cf.(l9(M. H.™. //. H. Iff, 

^ .^, . ibie 

lhü"^olhcr aiianms may nin ponUlel. 
TB. •d«t-«ichKil.'»i opi>o«d loiiiai^, 
Tv^U (sraM, 'obMUie,' ■unpfoved,' or 
'uneMüdn'l— {A iJunciuBIlon »wi ravt ; 
U^ (d flWwiirr« Itläw; prcCerred by 

In Cui. Ai-ir. 

7 i^t JfurrA 

■pii vwautäv i pcrhapi no« 
7>»'*»^. Iwl *1>o ""iih Ihe 
■•I coniiiKin Tor vMt in phraia 
«linlhemwiiwrofwomen.' Ct 


lay a bürden brimming o'cr with drcad on sorts and (jalU f 
murdcrs alreadv bornc. 

What äliaU'l think of this? Is it che livin^ truth ^ 
is it Calk, begottcii of women's fear, to Icap aloft and dii 
nothingness ? What can ye teil me of it. to makc it plaii 

CllO. 'Tis truc we heard : but go withiii and ask it of 

Iwn [o r^}^ — wimiffir^ H- J.. Ahrfjir.' B't9 Ki>r ünollier [Kmcluatian sec ' 

nicnlair- B«« J Uounldnl.— iicMaTgii^-ur Sunky, •«• gfJrnavai 

»MT.I M.— «r^rr.grr« r..rtii-. •«• dt^üju »«iHi llarlune. t- *« 

''i-. fi: 1 "V'" ■'(>4' Y"""""' arj.«A« 

«^..Jof axtf.. 1 »rf, tUMr. Kur. 

«/ap, Ar, ;-«/. .Iftij raSr« ^1, Tfi, i,i^ 

i7fi(.-iXiirt<.*MrvX4v«; i..j;i 

irr' tfwm ,i> >wr.)^>.. VViih \\w ^»^ 

iX.,«^. ])«ir,l»i.«r.«ra,: 11,11,;. 

cf. Aj;. 4«.) -,,.r..,*. oJx*'» 'W'" 1 -1^ 

Cpa »rr wiT,» .v^iTH 3 : (A) i«/. Büo, 

nO ^trirrtn lOfHi fira»/>ai, j iril>*ril 

i>a. i ei\<; S«l rf..-^a.r.. 1 .,x-"PO<- 

»""I'.A- 104» rilxar—rai iianj» rJ 

i\\i nxi'WfKw ; >u....(7>^pi-ro. aUiTB. 

l^ni. Ar. /'of. !(} ri mb'V -^X "T" 

iX/tt.-Sfi|iaTOV|ine> Xr|H ; In. 'm.riet 

Sorh. ^/ 6.15: {^) Soi.h. C. C ), 

tumcil iiil.> slnrm-' = \4v<H *-S>pi)< [«• ii 

.X,«-« «iXvi 1 ,«ir.|r ^.M.|i w^ 

i^itf) \.-r4wr« (PnlL-y). Such c.ii.len- 


«oilon of meaning in veih« ii fruqiienl. 

•4S ^|»<^ ■lo.can.n.- /..-.,■.. 

Cf. Eur. A»Jr. 93r nitS' ix<^i.,<u,m. 

ju,'i;i".'iil. at opi««.-.] lu nwte Lie>li 

**>*«. S,,ff,'- ' «J J *■ *• 'C^D' (*«-. 

Cf. .Jl. 4.10. H,y, Pm.l, ü. 9, ..4 

iM^fo.. i,:(ai uaMw. 

,««/. .,71 f)k(üi Ti'^XuW-, /■*//. MO i'*' 

che«» ™4J (■>■)- The piicl. acceul 

«.^p<»<l.u«ru.6o7»<^'f''..|. We 

al«! Im laken iniu accuuni. Tiic 

may i\mi rcmlei liierally 'iilk (i..-. iiet- 

eii.|>lia..s .m Ihc re>i. : ■ \Ve »..m/. h>. 

■oniHedl In a .lale of feai.' 'afl-riuMvil 

(bui hav«..,. |wiwh..l kn..ivlolt;el.' 

•«•-1. ^vriYT^rr««,« 

■coniinc liom (or 'irier Ihe manner uf) 

Tl« lexl i'. h^;hly i<l»iii>alic : l«i ■ 

women.' A- VcrraH remark.. il is ha«l 

MH.n.1. l.ii. -Tlien U no rmcli clTe 

lo .le<^i<lr Itlweon Ihe» vii:»'.. Al ■ 

•«a «Gunai (pyvxavn: a mela- 
phor from eiihec imulic oi i|>arki. ^'ot 
Ihe former c(. Kur. //«. 811 ■a*H. 6t 
wiXrui T6rS' i-rtfßfK^tKor^' a/hj and Ihc 
Drf of •an«r It, ein|>iy lolk |ur as 3 »ick- 
name für oiic whn «\..apt;). Kor thc 
laller Ar. Inf. 117 rqjüv. >al MMou- 

llihlical >mrk< ihal 'lly iipward.' trri- 
narrn » bcllcr uilleU lo ihe laller. Cf. 
Af- Bio »«■«. »*««■•... «f»5»» ..f a f»e 

neu may lie, ncconling to Ihc conleil, in 
the abience of (a) Inilh, (1) wiidotn, (e) 
eOccI. Thin (a) Ag. 17g if H nirv iwi 


im) in ■ 


ij. (in a fuller f.»ni| tiSii iyti^ur 
I0im VI (>*I<») »'r«, {Ctrt) «rj^l 

The dllTKully 10 ihe iniHl.rn icad. 
eauMd by llw conjite^alioii uf lu n 
linguMic niceiii.1 in ihc Nanw wnK 
l'o a <;rc«k aiHlicncc lhi> wunl> wuul 
pctfcclly piain when )»uiicrly<h;liveK 
•vEl* ..i^t «.rJk. Coinnicnialui^ •! 
l'lal. Ca-y. 44? C a«'' af» " avri» i^ 
Ar. Afi. gfili tiSir »W» irr' ■■güai 
^Tür, and Ihe likc. Nvarvr ii Ari>l. 1 



(M attröf. ovTÖv ävBpa nev6t<r6o.i wtpi. 
.Ai. tZw €\iy$ai r aZ 0i\t^ rhu äyycXoi-. 850 

«fr' avrö? ij« 0v^<rKOin^i iyyvßti' wapt»v. 

XO. Zcw ZeC. n Xcy«. irö^ti- äp^wfxcn 

/ viro S' evvoia? 

irüt LfTov tlirovir' aiw<rw/*at; 

, i.tfiit ■fr» Ir J^ 


TmneK. if «1'*' ■*'w'...»*f' 
nuk oT Ih« •iw 

»T*Y««i»dlhew>te(hcic-«Wli ■«■"1. 
■• »u'i »»,' I.'- 11« "»" »V """''l 
qwilaii. Tht »cm"li i» " ■y'wi o' 
«enl «ppliolion »ncl .1«. ihm «fcr 

nn. aMf ««n« fir-l imh merely (ur 
caphuiii hui Ihxwgh il« Cretk hnWl ol 
j„ .p«ii« in 'f. **«• »'t'X-','r' *'*^ 
ite.- ' ..W»fa.: ihe "««»««l '"/■"■ "f 
pmxM («iEi«'"r ""■ "f «fc««< 
baadne 1" Ih« ""'■■' ■"""*' '*" "" 

«w r" 1 7j»-— •*?*• ■'*" "'^' "" "' '■'"" 

Kudlv «mlUr ii ^^. i).«» "" 'P*^ 
4„nlrtj)Klwi;«u«<^. ■l-b««onKWh»l 
okn—nir id«. nwjr In ihoa Buuncei be 
Sw «pWi«. Pfnl-l-lr .(» v.r«n 

(* IIA. T. '64 i*I.r"JtTV i«fWi|». 
■tnev'.' IbepfKf hinm bong« Jitlintt 
Id-trh. '.««y.- ,_!««_. 

••1 ^r .wofAt: ijfi (n.l.-^n*»"- 
ruh« thi» iyyi; th< >"tion bein« of ih. 
.- la^iu nr rlMincc Iran whicti Ihc H«ilh 

mcKc mlghl be nrlilucecl Eiir. El. lOjB 
j« .Xi4««n. »■}'<»>. '''' W*" ■"«!.■ 

trXtirm rx*i'< A- *' ' '^'"' *■ ^'^ 
wimt » «pinmi« XI'"*'' A- S'O iXiVir' i> 

,.T.\.fr. 6+1 ot 7*C '"/'* '^':* " " 

d /niri iho' > l«i(;lh«nir 
liini!)ugiii|)hi lili« y— ""' 

■lu). Il hap 

Mn »ith 
> and liip' 

li likt» »>nl liip- 
leciwunally lulmilled in Kacnl/ 
a|>pen>, hoHCvcr, llml ■tl Ihe 

II »ery we»k- On ih« «her 
' wu erat likelihaod, cilher 
xnliinUiDn of letlcn f ^oaf 
icliberaltfU cnendri to ^t*. 

■ ■ ii wtMiia u- ' 

On Ibt * 

strangcrs. No messender 
seif to question. 

Aec. I will sec the 

> so surc as .1 man's seif, for a 

e messenger and put him oncc m 
rif was nigh in presencc at the dcf 
f talc from |>hantom rumour. I)c s 
ind whosc cycs arc o|ien. 

[Akgistiius gots iiito Ihc ho. 

CliU. Zeus, Zeus, what shall I say ? Whtrt 
hesc minc urgent jiraycrs? How, in my loyal i 
vin to utterance fit and riglit? Now Js ihc hour. 


al, shal 
Ei [her 

oll iiiow cnncirneii in Ihc mcwnge. Ki* 
ihc »enw l'cheat,' 'heBiiile') cf, Hfsych. 

(rmm Sriph.). Ile%. Tl-roi. 611 .'l «)( 
fm Aih tX^^ •««> ixia« ra^Xtf<L>, äi- 
moniil. Aq ^11 #<•! lUrroivii irffii^n' 
riar, Elu. II F. loa lUrrooira |«V«I 
d#Mai>i •XnlT «»ut, Sojih, ^W. iiiO&c. 

as4- B«7 Kourih Stiv<iniDn. 

• B« Uwiioi: inJtwcrcil hyi.tWtfi» 
(K57). Il '> ime ihal in^rgiuu U nol u>ol 
in Ihc liniple «cn« of 'c:cn"inE' (Xijr«, 
waiigMit, liul Ihal «r'cnclmu'frfXfvrüi U 
orcoune inhcccnl in 'accamplith, ' 'Hdw 
becin, howenil, my pinycr?' i> ihcrcfiie 
onc faeel nf Ihe scnitncc. Coningion 
cam|iam Eur. El. 907 rl>' d^;[i> rjiwra (' 

BA5 liriuj^a^ni KÄirhfHtviHr' ^ ii- 
XCt 4witti{«n. -urEinc on M-iih mj 
pnycru." Th« maller i< [wcMingi Iherc 

teififrar i.T.X, nn ihc ■'In'n);lh nflics 
4rif<atli- 0Kit ^1-1. aX <'><!. in'l /,;-. 'I' 

nicnl« i>r (bc l'luiipi<lf.-an pa-4j^. 

chicc« liw eil 

ät*(tva(aia.T.)i. Lit.' 

I »hat I s\ 


hich inichl impul ine In ilwc 
pnn my pra)tr. O. Jj;. 14 
Ali ffMiXf ■', I irwi « Sa.p.-vi. 
^Uat tl war- tfir».' Ulhi 
■ ■ ■t.lLenr.flliennnncrlor;!!:. 
1): er. ICur. //,/A ..<«-' 
«hX((«f tirii, Soph. 7> ' 


«i^iii I 

1, Thuc 

(. Ituiihiti 

Choral woulJ «iicnd 11 

riOt^ (Eur. ffait*. C« I 

Vlp9m^ 9ti^ riren iiiCi'. &c\ 
<ri«M>i = Jiriririi;Iw,|hi.-' 


Ihc letl bolh her« 

. pjlltnn niwllr aller 
4ad in Eor, MM. 140* 


Ihal »r Thcncn. 401 M^«' «iv '' 
••■ (aipdt }' Jrl (ü.r li^rrir ami 

■«) *Mayin|!,' or Iwiler(i) 'Kh 
.yinc"! lil. 'pccrmm (my l.-it, 
.' Wiih <he lallei Ihe aor. p 


■«■M|. Vfar 

- ■■nln.l, jjo.— !»»■"•■" """■ 

hM ft »wofd, »hieh ""» '"; wen]™ 

ücB. 1» »««» In'*« wtunfi *•■" ™ "*"' 
MbH MiiMl « Uiine. ", '• rJ!^^,^ 

CWiioiliWlncl'l u « nalural Kiucli. inc 
LlIIÜ- .iL-tiilv UM in ihett iinafi.iwlton 
Ihc bHb» "C ihc .»«ttl^ rol.len«l «"lll 
l.tmd For ihi »"«l <" '■"* '*™* "^'^ 

; oPibc knivc ll..< -Uuühler men, .ml.cueJ 

.rem« B««1 tm Ihe «"B" h""^ """r"™ 
nn Imlll »id«N mw « mher ol «Bii: ■ »■" 
be l)lmil.iUintd.— [mtp« (lortii») ta • 

■CO». ^ "«"!•»».■■';■*■.' "" 

- ,6, «1 «i. i'**"' t-«*™> «^ 


ciptoiol bj an 
K Mtionlinale. « 
dMlh of Üiwle.. -■■ - ■- 

Th« laii >.yll- ol ilie jati«!» 

, in plucE ol 
in: Ijf Ibe 
Ij Mle Arlt 

^ iqq. fl ir«» «Ol ♦-•«-'■*: L«. 

kiiiillinB firt «nd lißh» ('" )^t " 
Ion». ¥<». « »«y of «■'"' B»«™; 
'Or.) .hall *n}oy Ük e««I «"l* 
■.' Ii ii nul axj to undemuKl 

.id* o( «iih«f e™""*' " .'•^ 
«diol (et. «i ii., 5-«i 6- ^* 

edgcs of thc knives, staincd o'er with liuman slaughter, m 
utlcrly undo ßrcat Agamcmnon's housc for evcr, or eise Orc; 
ghall kindie tlic firc wliose liglit means frcedom, yea. thc Ii 
of lawful ruie ihroughout the rcalm. and the grcat riclies 
hia fathcrs ^hall bc liis. To that cnd must Orestes, ourGod-s 
cstling-bout — one against t»'0. 

ha. c""->>»lly l™. n.i.un;l.r.luc ^ ^^ ^^^^^_ 

for ihe wannlhofciimfiinanilihBliuliiof *;it«t f of 

juy. Ci. Kur. AV, )1« Ht^sl i^^rg r. 1, n r*' tvfpVnj. . 

1 Y^"'' "l"*«' 'Api- 


'. Sy. "' 

^«tfl *■ irtpeitir itfijiK«, ailll. III TOIllra-l, l'4'W llt' *>■ /•';•»■ o^uruairra.. 

Ji/A so "[., No4 «lll. The ■(>«' is llial '^, Iwing l"il »nf, i- abm.l lo 

«hith clifru>c>. tomfiirl (cf. tttKwit»a>, Ui- Icn.l 1- IftSpoi afani.l l«i..' r.nihtr 

»•»»••l fruin ihe ceniral heanh (.Ij-. u.ifi ', Iwini; ihe only I^Spu. 

tii 1> aCdn rCo id' (»rlai J|>J7i I AlTiff»«). The bller L- |«-..ilile iii Ihe -i-ii-e Iliai. 

-Iw'tti*p(i: ' ■ '- - "— - - ' ■- ' 

Lhe (>rDuii(iorrivcili)ni'), i.r. Uiur «m 

Inil a »lieber f^a^w i> noi iiuletm 

JT ,\. |.raciically=^J.»fl«. «.i» Wt 

leiiijlh aiiil Ihe ainiihe-J* o( iiim 

*«> is -|™le.l.-lSthoIeiie(.rs inicc] 

(•«■ilh niKMy'l, These sensr. niay to- 

lioK 'ItinK hiiiiseir hl. «iily /^ 

alesce. a> in Xen. ^/r«.. 1. 1, IN o W 

( = -niillii.!. halcH< as«,.OK.«') is - 

e.1. Forlhish:.iel«nicile-I.>*oi.h, 

r».^' .fi#»a(«rai.-apXM Tl . T.X- : a 

i-H»! I.' ..'rri. ^- w^«-^. ^r.■■nbl 

8 llirmfi iiif/i,-ulii IUI iiH ifu. I 

1>y a leuLina unrell In ifie (im-k [ifx''" 

l«ii.i:Mi»|ily ai. ci'bnaiioii of *«). Knr 

llie comprchen>ivc plura! tf. Sojih. li. /'. 

ivrifi. i/>.'.. .-ire nf ihc lir>l iiniHir 
.Si.i.ibriy Mil(,.n /'- /.. .. y,; A.v 

HO ix^^ f'' i"!*' *' '''f'" "X' '<*'• 

Aul. -m iliapriru yif ril (MST Jpx*< 


ff/f(w.- Klir. /, ..V. ,HJ .>ii rat/iX" 

•as Ewrai«. I'alcy .|iii>le- llit 

i,;«..— rf.™vi^r,,,.ll,en,Ie.,u.l 

vltI. in.«, rh.,.,1. üj c) Tpi. j.« 

.« »1' 'llfBi\i;I >fuT Tt .:-a..- 

™n,iiiuiioiial ,*Q..Ä.^.. So iWi. »jj (in 

Ihe ciayi ol l)ar[u>| d-yaVäT nX^roV» 

a,lj.. *l»ch i. .<rt sii.T,.ly a -en» 

Kit. ri^» laXüi >'fx>Hn|t 'ai giU^rmViil. 

iniiation il'lal. I'ha.dr. % (4 i> mts t 

«iiii ((«aX^f. ArlM. AM. 7. 1. < < 

• a« iraWp« (J-pviXpw: theiira- 

.rira*,«. •« T* e.t.. 1.9*» .;«,. .a«. 

lOI} (a)iXati:TX«>m>), 95 j r^rirf ■> 1' g^ir «tfüfi «^jia roi— »<fsi aritfi #af 

• •• TtniAt: wilh weh iwues.— olly a|i|>lieil in thal wn-< lo litror 

|tJ»1«vl^t|»IK.T.X.,F'.<'. Omleaaicme Homer, lul al» perhai» inipliet I 

succenwr iiiif/viiliciKi] to ihe comlulanl Ihc [X-ljihian aracle. We may join 

ilefealeil in ihe lau boul, nii. AgameaiiH«. wonJ ralher clncly wilh l^tfn. 
er Ar. fftH. 791 n*< 1' ^XV».,. 1 1^- 

t I. ÄroToroi. 

oüu». iraKH>i>i 8«"ri>rov rAouc e.oi'- 
o5o' 1'«'^' """ '" ''"'°" i'^»"^*'W"'"'' "" 

I. Tot«!«.. •«l.llMth.*w[FW«U«n. 

I l^nv: tf. (wJ'"ii' P 

h tini|<tc «rli, £"". .r-. j. . 

, ■nuilctl t" Ihe Cbmu!., whith 
i^ nl hno« «ho« «i ih« cry o' 

Ch. i, h, li »*»".• e'- ^- *^ 3'* 
ySiT-I «y.' wiih Ihe rtpcaiol 

opponunilr Ibr ih« thMige Dl «cne «i v. 
UV. Ol». Scelmr«!. 1.. «hv.— »(Hiiiii«- 

^%iilr''«^ "««' ''"■'S -Cia ■ 

Thi et™« h«i ptsyil il» P" '" '"'"B- 
ing nullen loMiwie; ,1 ön rlo no muic._ 
For ihi Mn« of *?»>»■• cl. AH- "M; "_ 
a\,Tfiyß*...p>^V- /;""<■ «91 *"^" 
Trf« rpf ■(»«.- ■mXwiJ»«'! nol-""- 
XcrfiJ'*!-. Though «n.« ffl« h« van- 

tl"*' Vt"ihT"Ä 'Ä". M 
,^^ «ä,M '<>'"-■■ T47 "^•;' '^•i;- 

Soph. £/. IJ4* n'K'.v^'-' •''•"' "■ 
Thoe. ^ 41 »fl' •■'*" " •""* ** 

( = «*«• tlfM). , . . „ 

«7 ■ (Um. Thoußh weh a po.ii.on 
.oy Wirt emptiMi. {i"//"- ><1S) " ™' 
"' "'"'™''' "^'^i^; 46j.;6(»', iic.-- 


( luard Jroi» wit/iiu.] 

nen'i quarlert. lo- 
:e, ruushljr imlicMM 

ith the house? 
'hile tht matter 

May it mean vicloryl 

[T/lC Voicf af Aegistiius . 
Ah mel Ah me ! Ahl woe 
ClIO. Ha! Hark, I say ! Ht 
How hath thc issue Konc'' Lct u 
finds dccision, th'it t)icy may think us blnmelcäs of ihi 
For the verdict of the fighting, 'tis clear, is scaled. 

\The Chorus wil/iJraws lo tkt sUies. 

'flu iceiic (liititgci to llie conrl. A StkVANT of A(gisl/iiu 

riishtsfrom Ihe xeiton.] 
SekvaNT. Alas! nought but alas!— for my mastcr's end ! 
Again, alasl for llie third time of appeal ! Acgisthus is no 
more! Ye therc. opcn and lose no time! Unbar the women's 

•Mt^ i< duc 

;. t. 

hr CEllala icenic accciHitles or almoii 

n (*T« <.l JriH'T »» <», rA...../x!). 

Soph. Ü. C. 1710 rA«((.....-Vrta.M. 

a pthelic penoiill inuch. 

ftom Ihe Che.™, ihc >ensn« of Alf. an.! 

CJyl. an noi acaimi-IJcc« in ihe r>l<». »ni 

ein hanlly mean timply -tor ihe lhi.,1 

tinw of uilerinc.' wfUi,«r,iia » nM 
Mmiily ^vim, Lul an a.l.lre» (..(f. '<';4. 

ihem vilh irrttir. If ll mkti» Warcely 

loci«! Ihal ll.e •l-citip. uho i. m .n»iou. 

ror aylacmne>ini'< KiSt.\y, thoulil newt- 

int »'■^ <■> 'he "eil ««d» AI>m*o( o.'.^r' 

ihcleu chrniour für Ihe i>|vninE of ihe 

(»r«) un<lc(>iincl an »llusion lo Ihe iriple 

womea-> <!«>[, ihv facl renialiu IhM hj> 

aclion it dtnmaliially nuile ruUuial. In 

Hnm,"(A/.V."j "("'wTri» AiiW 

<i lo «am hi. mUirevi >n.l lo i«n Iwcei 

irdpt«! Tfil, Itirrn ««»., Ai. A'j-i. ii;ii 

wiih her in Ibe «.u.c.ichme.11 o^lh. t"*- 

\4>t*rrr (■»•wMf«', Ov. /aj/. y i6j 

•wini. Ilc Ihcfcrnn •wl» in>lpn( ail- 

(rryml'rtA-iAjiAVvr^. ^.».{i,jo6>Hii^'Ha 

milUnce. Uut hi» lowl anil ur^cnl crkt 


lirini; Ihe miore» henelf lo Ihe dooc, Bml 

•Va AX' «valCaTi ; ■ ilhout ohj. an<l 

Ihe poci ihui Milv« wilh aimple in|,vnuil|' 

a■lrtIe^^ollonotielinilel>eraon. Cf. Soph. 
Aj. 144 AU' rirtt^iri, tut. PHkii. ioA;, 

sny illKicuU)' In iu:coni|ilUhing Ihe nc>l 

.1 wiih irafie eir«i. 

A.. /üf. 179 rii i. ikM W^*«.; o^e 

ä»J{(Ti; anij, for Ihe lame vai^uc pluial. 

•7« 'tA»! Ifuit. The MS nailine 

Tel. Adtipk. 4. 4- i6 apcrili alit/uii ac- 

vemdly rejeclcil, See nil, n, Ifulh ilie 

MiiM tilium. 

•79 Hmi. Y»H>a<(*»( irvXai k.tX 

wori *«i Ihe (cf. (I;ä «J./rW«r,,| 

■kl i> e»i>lanalory. Thit am[.lificaiion of 

O. ll. II) ii « iKnnee mitlalie.l On Ihe 
Mh-r hawl WX« (with or wlihoui ßtav) 
cnXivni. tdrarti, Cf. lltit. i. 31 h 

of Ihe 

lucliencc and niiy be anoiiicr imlicalion 
tliat miich wai. iiken Itr eranieil in the 
üceiik arnnccinenii. Ihe |uei vidually 
kiyi 'Tlie tiave ii herr Hi|ipui>eil In lie 
knückiiii; ai Ihe door of (hc fivauariru.' 
Cf. 649 (.t- 


lOV lOV. _ , aOn 

(Oix« vvv airrri'! ivl (upov vtKas 



■iUt lo ii»i of Si>i*. Mj. <•;* 

„ _ lubcitliiallyl""'»' 

' Iti'l^./. 7. 09 »;-^**"'".' 

ITC, U t* h«« «mneeli« »f" ™ 
•STpoilll«! «f » '" i«""''''«' 

u in .Vw//'- 9»?' '"' 

..I l-^-«n I 

voavatm' See eril. n. fori^n, m». m 
Xm^cT. ,<,!".). Tl..«n«i»-h«. 
of /Vri. »iSiirlrri».'"»''"- " «'VT"'- 

MO «mM: 5. f. r. 184 <••'•" 1 
•£• 4.«K«t * «-*>ir X/>»;-i«*"lvi !»■■ 
htm beM IftUen *iih «««.«Sw-ru-, M- 
whlv (or feeklewiy) -ilKpini;. he» '<>t 
„.«;ta q*««l on V B,5, Ol".«™'«« 
II nwy bc ioined *«!' Ä-p»™ P*l"- i'V^ 
iliicine- n« ■ "=« Wiul"«». I«' '" '"■ 
tenll^l «IWralion f-r empiin.!'- ,, ., „ 

■■1 W" f™* <*•■*' '; 1""; «^ / 

SbiJ, flsill. Themenn- 
_wl KXwra>)>i{«vpB: 

■,»X rortl-«b«nc» 
ndiKiot. i|o. InÜM 
n« I* Om »"• *™ 

gates I And right lusty niust bc the docr— ihough not to succour, 
when Ihe (hing is donc and cndod— whal usc wcrc tliat? 

Holla! Holla! Am I shouting to thc deaC and wasting 
idle words on folk asieep? What kcepeth Clytacmnestra i> 
What is shc doing? Her own neck now, nigh to the razor's 
edge, bids fair to fall buncath its strokc. 



CLVT. Xay, what is it ? What mcans ihy clamourins: at 

the housc? 

Sekv. It nicans thcrc's slaying of tlie live man by the 


Hkf Manin.— /f^*«,' Al> K..r.r 

Xoi lUml., MilMilul« W^«r, ^[a^tin ^.^(i't. 

W«ekl. conj. t*xii. ••» s.,. A«,in 

e.1 hv Mnnitv In llie Chuiu^ fnin. j mi.- 

e«4-aaa -Mnrke.i »iih T.,»i>^*«. 

»•»lemphalic. ■iie.i.'-JwlJ»f«.v:lIom. 

((»S ll.= .v„r,i «,ms ,0 1« ici«ally rqiiivi- 

/t. 1» .;.i .5. 74^ II, ri.T,tt,r ..i (i.,™; 

W,«i-ß=i,e,i<,.-Xfn[,: i;ur. /. 7-. 1 10; 

tmrmi it^m. Thengii. f.i; ^pifio- tlwtv 

rilnu«! 9^.111 Ciii rM'r»r>,ii..;)o^; ScrnJi. 

rf.T-jTU.V»StTr=-.. *.w, Sim.,,,. .fg 

/'*//. ti6i. Kut. //. ,'■, rtjrt. Ar. 7-4.J.«. 

ft/. («rijo«!'.). I.iicijn !'. II. 1. 16. So 

«.ih c.«i.^li- »nt,l, iax« IK"- /■ .J- 

■ o.iyl, .poi7»»){V. iijy). 
•SS T^ }^<m, ii«(mit h.t.X. TIic 

ti^ Hell. 6. 1 .. Siniilaily l-ur. //./. 

«97 iw' 4«».«. «J*« ..f»tri.r' li,i,.-wf. 

Xm*, U (in pro«) rA«. .:- (*t. roi („. 

<,/„W>..e. Tbcce i> an irnlilcl ..-..casm 

fm), ralher Ihan Tear lo A«i;i-ihus.' 

»hich i'. the luiioal \.mt in ccnain Xale. 

of «xaii,.n » ii..l.™»r>l eve..». ITie 

*Au ta« «.rA., ■htnieck tlo«lixB|>. 

thmiKhi |]»1 Ihe .-iIlcGol .IciU nun <i >v 

pcu. likely. ic.' 

XiTV "*»^.^ 'OWm «W.) U afier aJl 

MS .^X')' -"iBl" 1- i""lcfMf«.l 

lUcnllf, ««ce Ihe wou.kI ■'>■. ncmiillr 
lo he inflidecl in ihc Ihr.«! (Anw. ,19,* 

Ihal \\ V. Ihe (.«[«««.t) livi„i; »ho >r< 110 
IwJ Die il<..»l. Thii the >live n.eant lo 

tlftA.^ X"fl Tpi, Hfv r,^«-). 11 ii. 

eiLpri;» viih '1 lell yoii. rour -Icail mcn 

are akillini; y..«( living/ The ».*d. 

bMI«, however. 10 lakc Ihc e>|>reh<ioii u 
phoKolq^ical. — TpJt SUiiT ('liy liulii«') 
nere «pcewei a locical, ii«l an i-ihical, 

II<T>' ^inc' 

, riEhit- (lil. 'wiih an ey« 
. je elaim» of ihe ca«,' ir/io( li*ing = 
itrf; wilh rrfereiiee lo itic iianHard «f 

IV liave bclfHi^t lo ihe (itle of ihe 
mMtcr and niixrcin am) wouhl ml tay 
IhM ihe will be 'juslly' iJain. Thi> ute 
sfMrt <which Verrall a1<K> nialnlain.) i< 
■pparenl in ihe equalioii kl-^lttt« Slmr " 

•M Tfi'lmxM^; Cf.-^ff. ijof. 

"-* ■ thout fof help iptifii»). Cf. 

> v^i J.iH> *<^f ' If r«i«. ,1,1^- 

In Ä//1/. 737 ri ßimiiirmitn 

Hliich he aciually uw> in hii eicilemcni 
niiuhi eramiiialically meiiii Ihe conirary 
|crilKCiuni.icr^M//..VwV./d, A-pw^wj 
firu-iiv Pmjt], and ihe cmriiKd lanj^ace 
wao Bo (linilM inlendeil hy the inei at a 
chaiBCierislic inuch. It ix nut. honcver, 
Ihai amliiL-uiiv lo vhich Clyl- referi in her 
npty.—ti¥ Ihvts. like Tait rtllriwirmi, i> 
l^netic, Bi ihe pm. lofniv >he»'i. Ae- 
gikihu* ix liain. liut the kiUiiit; ha> on\f 
[•CfflB wilh him,— XJy> e>|>n<K> ilil- 

lAinceit ediio» quolc Suph. £i. i«;; Ol", 

tCr«' iln«i-ajt Ir*; ! Hl. tÜMi. firW 

I OP. 


SöXoK oKovfitff. ü<nrtp olv iKTtivay.iv. 
Scw] TW avZpoKfiiJTa w4\(kw w? Tax»«' 


vi Koi liartvia- rtjJSe S' ipKoüvrtoi ext 
KA. ot 'yü- TeOmjKa^. 4>i\TaT XlyCa-Bovßia 
np AiXiZt ritv ifhoa: Toiväp «'' TaiTw Tat 

OP. *tX.€rt TÖK tt»'5pa; Toiyip tV Tairü rä^v 

••• d />>> M. 


j wai. rrivS« S' »fiecai, TtKi/of. 

I Im« Iwinp in in L-r!Hun;|. 
Tutneb. f. «Ol-W 


The ori^a»\ tn- 

i.,.i£i 'I K»'!«'-- ■'""■' 

..„„.^ ^ „,(„./«« »kln .0 

thM of »iAWt«», #i'W'"V£f.— »tnirr*- 
«w. In Ilw ««iliet »wl wWri lanw «n 

ZSIrtaai(«ciir UMBxt <>r 1'^ wr* {'- !\ 

»Jj-, AMHUI-i«». Athen, ij !!»«•<*•*«* 

Um Mirrawer »(iiiticMlDn A'i-ioile ilvfino 
r/W«. 1». I )l »W»t«"' -v** '"• ""^ 

^ai. ThoBBhilKimnwnipw'Ap"^*'"'")' 

«iwwen lu Ihsl JcMrii>tüin, II >• nnt > 

- «rtAilU* hl th« iip«(«l w«- 'The 

I ^r-rp" whkh »hc »liokK "f !• Ihe jMf«- 

■ 40>* iHiÜLTwickl. 


.... »iti tt. Ag. 9.W ^''•i 'ti 
|Xi>M r4(ai, Hon. tV. 4- 'lih 

«AM ™ *>«»*• i«"' '•"';**;, ^■'"■'■ 

im\n U »«•! T. « JiA- /'■ V. 1071^ 

•CHI ■"op«"'*»"'"™.."';"'*'''"; V 

^,,1111 (MC cril. n.| Ihit M hiul nwcluMi- 
^bUt vrilKn ihe ordliMrji Um of pmM 
— ^ 1. (tf. Ai. K*m. »ji «» <■•- 

WMimn vrhile hc it iIbvIbb Ace»lhiu. 
8« tnlml. p. xni. [The bouob ihal 
Ihsro i» * refcrenee lo an aic wiih wWch 
>h« hvl KUin Ai!»». u frii^ in ibdraad 
in icfuUil h^ ihe racl Ihal hci wea]>Dn wt* 
Ibcn > i.wDnl. See A|>|«i"'i'' "o "■ «»»l 
li ihoukl Ii iwiol Ihal tlyi. h« nm yci 
bcca loUl Lhai Aqj. i. ili*!. H » ■« 
charMHci ihat »h«, »ilh hrr ir<«>dfta>W 
Avllkr 1^ (Ag. 1 1). •huiiU lInniUKi ■ 
wcainB päd nuJi 10 hh licl. The ei*'»« 
oT (iiia onl« (which ia, of coanc, iMKr 
(wanleil) l< al Mm »Anw lime Ihe pU»- 
wriuhlViIcvicu f« Kbine llie ilav« uff Ihe 
■UW« and liavin« L'lyl. ii|>on U. 

••• ilUiH* fl niBi|i« «.».*. Uce 
jt) |il.)aii<l c(. Hum. //. C .'Ji .f#a«».. 
( .< fl' i T^.r»i(i ... I ...»f*i '«'l»« *'■*- 

■nay lie aulijuncll 
I «TT. T' 

>M,u In /'. K N07) 
imlic. howcfer, i> hkn« 

illinc af 

- ihM ■wrelr of ibe pfwl 
wllh OrMM. For ihe hUMi, 
WeckWa ckee Huph. /W. ti« 
!■ il« reBh re» «Mn evA- 


Ci.VT. All mcl A riddle! but I lake iu meani 

craft are wc to pcrish, c'cn as wc sicw. Haste, somo o 

me a battle-axe. and let us knon' if victoiy js wit 

againsC; to so dire a pasi has thJs bad businesa brou 

\Exit Sl 

£«/.r ORKSTts //■(»;« //(^ xmoH^ 

Ok. Good : 'tis thou I scek. His score, yonder. is ] 

Clvt. Alas! and art thou dpad. beloved Acgisthu: 
steength ? 

Ok. Thou lovcsl thy matc >. So be it. Thou shalt 
in tlie samc grave ; thcn thou canst ne'er prove falsc 

Clvt. Forbcar, my son. Havc pily. cliild. upon thi 

n|>iv^9«<. aai rü.i( }' III, ,i^i, M. BOa tlf-yu M.— 1 h 

thc iiiarL ci( ir.Teri<]t;3h<m. ans rliwit li^.rsi Ar. o>rr. S^i|>liamiL 

Ihc l)l<K<l-tiaii><»1 »>ord| vnien (njni llic 

-i„ «irv »i^ ,.T.X. , a- f 

Jcrur. l'ylado («hu may vrry ivell )c 

raiiv */)(" (cf. i/)j).-»««:i^ 

(he ume M Ihe acriranl «lio Icfi ihc «liBC 

iV, -w Ihjil. m.» lie i.s ileJil. 

.IMK;,ee|.p- * «|.) .lo« nui eniet IUI 

n»I— unfjiiihful mxie ..>. i.m : 

ral>..> t., h..i..' l''.,.trp«S.^i.Ml 

*M..e lielwi-cn 1 )re-ln nn.l hi> molln,-r i. 

c<injii|;al inliilelity cf. Kur. Or. 

n« lo \k Eaiigf.! liy ihe numU-r «f .p.,keii 

» Jv^nrw 1 ... 1 tf^ii^,. . 

line». iinci- llie.e «uul.l l« Ijtoke» bf 

i<*«r«. Wji«. MJ. gj9 ,p..a. 

IMUse« simI actoniiwmnl l>y ihe nio>l 

■>igu «r(iit, Aiiili: öjo »^oJjru 

diaiiiaiic .itiion in ihe «hole |.lay. 

r) iiU iwTriw; MT(^ <ai ^<.« (lalher 
»VI. Klou«n,-TvS.i ■hi,n y.mder.' 

SM Hjii. it niayK- eiinJMI 

Ihe .Kre....cnl ot AeK'li. ai»l 

in ihe litiit. li [• UM ncceuiiy 10 >u|i- 


■ootx ih.n ihe body of Aei;. i- vi>.ilile 

thai Ihe f'inn of ai>|<cat ai Ihi 


hail airc.-uly livcn ileciileil liy ■ 

B»a Wtn]»l ii. >urely lK..||e> l.iken 

Chore»») (>..'-leia uj«n »hi^h 


<lbll>llrcu llnltml. |')i. I> •€,.). 
El. iiu/' i ri\af- i^ä> Tit\<M 

liliit Hosrir Ir ^uroiiir | ... 

VT™ jyV^X". iir^Te'i.M 'ii 

Ikaff« Ml.»., F^ >;,„ W 

•^«Xi Ö**.!»« Tt.) 1 xp'-"" »•^f 

^(//teXX. M"rii.';«r.,-.«»,i , 

r/Hf (^a., //, ri. 6.^ .Xdu»., /Sl., 'll;»- 

li^d/. K_\.) «|'|. The c.Hiccini.n. 11 

.\i,,l-1. He.. &"/. 115. K«. Ikuch. iio6 

fruii, II.HiiL'C //. 11. ;y «^r. 

tW' ^(»or,,<ar«a.4.|l" «<«.. Tra. 71,1 

if(^« «iW'» «•(■-■ X<»'»" 

itf^B*i r.Mi,*.ii n»». .\I,i,l. 551 

i...«/-,. jrV^Btf« (< MiV i'^< 

«ir' *Xtirw 4 wapA -.•£>< "»aXi .f.Xif 

•K.nV. «"- ■ '»^. '**« t' *'i 

Hl*«. /W„.Vr. ,4<,A4vawi»«i« 

^W.^.r l «ilr^i.. rf F.r; r« 


Mfl» .>/#)l«.— Clyl. iiiay lie 

lu ca.i heiwKan hei kiu'et |K"r. 

luiXiiV'<».''AlYlr*a-' |JÄ cau hanlly. 

Wfi, Tllv i «».■" ■>»■'- «X.Ü 

shnlkiii, Ihe »onl« ate Iho« of Imlh a (n.). — WvSti llneiiveiinv il — »pi 

belureil Ae|!i><hu>. yuu. in )'Mir Unn|;lh.' Iirnul aililn a luach oS lonleiiH 

aaa wi. ^iX4lt 1 laki»); u|i »iXriir'. imuld lie ahKnl frum a |xi4ibl< 

— 14* BvEp«! noi >im)ilyiiaiir*r. Uli (ailh <(4>uVatt.— •ilWtrw: ■< 

oiSfcrÖtS KTOPtwi 

T« 8' tvopMüifiaTa ; 9^0 

Kpt.i<j(Tov ^yijutu jTaT/)ot, 


niDinunl of rvtiK-ci Cur Auollo'i wlemn 
onctcn M f<H ■«wn pkU([«>?'i <>' (i| 
Mlievilmlly- '»tw"- Pray- "« '**,"■■»• "f 
iheoraclmi.fciiii''-'. 'yuuhnreiicrrHriiKtl 
nnc iMirt! will yn ncckci ih* Mhcir 
In «hher eate Ihc odiliii«« of »i «v«- 
uiirr» (lietow whith Ihire i» ■ "liulH 
pniuc iBiltlWcr») eni]ilia>ii« Ihe re.|w..- 
liliililr tA .ll-)beilie»(«. Ihe foimer 
ioirtiwclMlnn, IhuBch I«« ubvioufc » 
|<n>)ial)1f currvei. Ihe nnlel« *■ Ihtu 
«iHeiit ffoin l»ih luimt^n (f* m**- 
TünHT% lii'ii>u it d«M:ri|illvc unpMllion) 
uul •va^iiiia'a, irnil I)ib plnrtli tr« 
Ecneric: 'will Tou ißtime onciiw «^ 
iL-note HBlca? -«rt «.».X.; Ilom. «■ 
H.»l8«IJ*, *«.!■.... I >»(/!«■• -iX"™-' 
Vat Trt 418 «0 »"AiiXliM»« ^*V»'.— 
t^. 1« /■. K 96H rl toi II' »» >«!«.) 

Sliall i for piiy's 

of I.oxias — yon wai 
gcs iruly sworn ? K 

;ou(i Stil int; '^ fJofKl. 

whcreat so oft, slumbering the whiic, ihou didst suck forth \ 
toothless gums Ihe good milk that nourished tlicc. 


Ok. Pylade-s what shall I do ? 
spare my mothcr? 

l'VL. Nay, wliat becomcs of liest 
voiccd »t Pytlio? What of trusty ple 
hold all nn;n cnciiiics than Ihc gods. 

Ok Myverdict is forlhcc; ihy 
way ! 1 mcan lo takc and slay llici 
Thou didüt chooKc him. in his lifc, for hcU 
Wilh him thcn slccp in dcath, >^iiicc that i 
lovcKt. whereas ihou hatest him tliciu should: 

fMvTfiifdra (cf, yik vnt ^[Oi whcrvaiv a 
= "nnil, in Ihc »etonii pfatc.' -See jo^ 
(n. I. The oaih, ihnu|[h micheil ant liy 
Ihc Cnl, i> noi mnilc liy nor 10 him. — 
ijapiciltMtT« rcfvps ■■ ihe •chol. cifitaim. 
— ' ScHffe« Oit<lB -' 

. I- dwc)l> «]ion 
ihc cinini. uf honour, 

M>1 <irwn«lx*P^*-'')^- Aralhei 
nthcure lim,-. SumvlBDcr AlurcMh'aallcr- 
«llon oT ihc «chnlioa) intcqim 'KeennI 
all men whcn hoklilc (i'.f. (he enmily of 
all niun) ■< an aitvnnUf^ compaml wilh 
ihc CaA whcn hoiik \U. ihc «iniif of 
Ihc (loiU),' In lhl< vicw ihc cxproalon 
i« cnthlcn-ietl Tnr ro ararrai ix^poH m 
tbai vXAr 47*0 r*Ü ro'f «#•«• tlM ^x- 
«l»i. Wilh livat «Xiw cf. &ir. ^a/. 

■ml 1,1:- TMf Ix'ir. ^fttt. Irrt, Äc 
llui anolhM iiil(r|ircliil>[in i> |ierhatn 
.imiiln! • Raihcr Ircal (cf. «»Jf.tfi all 
mcn ■• your cmmin ihan ihc (lixK tl 

«iCkXaa', tliil WC tiaj very well rentier 
10 iiraellcally ihc larnc purpoM ' 
' mpkiciy)« " ' 

e04 Kai [rärrm ^ap ■- 

>•■■■ I 

»hiL'l> I 


)r)a»™itenciiiw». ir»«» 
iivrijr a coniainnl acciii.) iHrlondnn 
10 ihc whole ix»i^' irrta. 1'hctc an 
grealcr anl Ich mcaiuro ni ^Tii"*' 
rira i|(*^' Cf. Sll/>fl. lOI« rt tm^ffA 
Tui««mrat^HrU«*. lldt. B. lee *Xto 


. rrvyili. 

KA. lyii tr i0pe^a, vw hi YHpivoA. 0tkia. 

OP. irarpoxroyowra yäp fui-otojo-«« «>o'; 

KA. 17 Moifla TovTiav, w riKuov, wapania. 

OP. teal TOi^€ Toiyvv Molp' iv6p<Tvv{.p fiöpof. 9 

KA. oü8<f o-ejSiCu' yti-effXt'ous ö/jä?. Ttitvoi' ; 

OP. TCKoOtT-a yäp p-' ep/>ii/iM «'s rö Suo-tvx"- 

KA. owTot 0-' ä-itippi^' €« Sc>>u)vs 8o/)uf«Ww!. 

OP. 8tx*^ äTpäß-qy tli- (Xtvöe/ww Trarpös. 

KA. irow 8^0" ö Ti/ios. övT«'' äireSefV'?*'; 9 

OP, a'urxvvopM.i trov tovt' ovttBiaai tra^ws. 

KA. p.r) etXX' «J^' ö^oü« Kai waTpix: tov <tov päTW. 

4t^ M. « wS- W«fcl.. cf. ,.9- ^"07 .ir U Al.rf«!, j.n,l «vc^l cdU.^ 

_thi Uk Bccvnliwlion of rwi'.. Ke Canmcni. •»<> if»Pf>--» M ll":'"' 

wiih unic nirtkin ot «rAvtr. «Ilhwich ihc confiuion «t - nii.l • 1» in nny ca.-: 

•O* tfrf:i'.(.')«ilalkoryoutrailict; 
bat il «u / wha nunnl vnn.'— vvt N: 
•■ml, in mr lum.'— TV*** ' *'* ™ 
■^^»M «thol., /.*. ai> q'ic "'"1 lyni >'"■'■ 
«f B wcU'knovn 'Acolie' IJ-p« (-rtWM 
kdt«. ofomlrH!, Ih« inorc i<ni;irul fonn). 
Tw itMil lhu> mam1i> im ihe mib« ßromi-l 
whh IvtJpw. in«>iMH (M<l>Pwr-l- '"''»•< 
firw, «fffHMfrw (Ana. M W. .>■ S+i"-) 
!■ Sopk ö. f. Bjo ihe MS."» Bccniiu«« 
■y^tbi. W thi« i> ileTcmlnl by ■<*« 
«rtilon «wl grammari»"" («at JeUi cril. n.) 
ma an aeniX {ct. <fw«. rX^i). Hut Ihc 
taur U morv uroualily |irc>eM Ihan sor., 
«. aiM In llom. //. 17. 196 i •' JU- * 
n<« «n*«> I >«(>M <ef. pi/M"). "«*■ 
Off. r87*<*"'«'T'<l Vtf*^""'""'" 
«V 4r* f^rnhi» tw' (cf. I lom. //. 14- 

//. J. nH •*•*? *"■ A'-i'ff '^ «n* 
HMtf *vt»« Ml|Jl>lii» Ihe iHiiwiflcl. a*l 
_ ...._..,... ■ --^^t, ,it' iy-^patmr 

.<y,rftr. U. tut. (V. 
ir (MT-^t, So()ll. ?«(*. 

»nclaloliu Min), llcrc 
Iclin«, liDI cf. VJI. '■'"" 

m( = 

raairim rw*«(, a « uuiwi-perfect of 
<lM<l. tf. ««i>."l«».#*'^V«"«"Jl 


/lom. //. 19- I 

SU/'//- W • 

H6 f-^M J' «fc 

._. , iWä Kiii •■! M»v" ••' 

4«i*^T>i 'IV»n. 'lliG ililTicull^ of re- 
cancilinc free will aul n^nnMlaliir witl> 
ihe doctrinc of lalc wai .ulficwiillr ■!>(«- 
eiUed bj Aesthjlu.. C(. /■- K ot -i|q.. 
and ny*. joj (o.). Umi piiiiciple, how- 
ne», !■ elear— inai in pi«lke ir 

« b|.ijmI 

lt.— l'ocLi ■|>i»k of e'ilber Hilft ot 
I ihc fornitr being a |icisoniliiAii(Ki 
collecllv« alntrnct ';>(9lin)>' (i 
i»»), Ihe lau« ihe n-xihdogical 
--11 trhu Jiiiienie il,-n^Tta: 

Ihouch not immeilialely, yet 

.1»! (whe'c Aphiwliic tuciktuf 
ucof livine ihineianil ihc IcuiU 
h).anilcunl.B»l £■««■■«) «*f*t 

U^...fifm. ThMgh fi«^ 


Cl.YT, I iiurtiircd lliec, and now I claim old age. 
OK. Wliat? Kill my fathcr and makc Ihy home with 
Clyt. Some blfline for that sliould lie with Fatc, my 
Ok. Tlicn Kate haih brought to pass this killiiig al 
Clyt. Hast ihou no awe, child, of a parent's curst 
Ok. A parent! Aye ! who cast me out to miscry. 
Clyt. To the liouse of noble friends? Thal «a 

ting off. 


I ^ 

iold, sold in a double ^ 

although i 

Wherc, teil mc. is any prkc I got for thci; ? 
caiiiiot for sliame cast that bluntly in thy te 
iiut tliat sire of thinc— hc iiad his sins. Teil 

V- .«fis. IS (cnmmtniini; on igcli tlouiilc Sotmi\. »1« «. i 

cflih' (M n.| . 
n rlyiiioiopcnl 

: other 

\«) I, 

u.>'KeH'T Mu- I 

--- t. ..|'T(«».*nd ( = 

VvttUavi.~Thir nnlion in Ipp^ai 

A^Tuw S/Hl, r^ur. Uh 4^ Xa^paia* idBir* ^öprirtMk iräXai. — MV JX^wfipQU 
Kur //,v. ^lotc^ii. - 

. Cf. [n.(. 4W n 

»14 t4](M^nol = hr^wtCI>i'iceovcr') >1T |»j dM'^ a cwivcr>alu>nal 

er. AHsl. /I1.V. lo g II >h «< ^TT. \6ytt iWi i.r.X. Cf. Ar. /\im. ioj 111' 

»i«.^, ^ tV ""i''«'"* ^ *•• "■>"'"» '•'''■' iM*">: ■*'■ "^ '\** ,"■ 

ind heir. wai 'luld' | = l>Tlnycd and AeMhytui (Drcni|>lciyin|'|>lain«|<t 


OP. "Aeyx* '''"' wo»^"!^' ccrw icaBinUvrf. 

KA. aXyo! yvt^ifiK ävS/»« tlpyea&ai, niawv. 

OP. Tpt'^i 8t' 7' ävSpö? fiÖxoos ^^«Vo? ecrw. 9 

KA. KTCKeli- «tta^, w riKvov, r^v ^>)T<po.. 

OP. crv rot iTfavrqv, oim vyä, Ka.To.KTiv(U. 

KA. öpa, (^vXafoi ftijTpö« ^^«Ötows ftüfa?. 

OP. tÄ? toO jrar/)ö^ 8e nm ifivyoi, waptU raöfi 

' KA. «otica ffpijfflp C^fTOL irpos rv/xßov ^änji'. 9 

OP, varpo^ ya.p altra rö»^' itroxpiid p-opov. 

KA. Ol 'yw, TtKova-a rövB' ö<t>w iBpi'liäp-riv. 

»9S ♦i-Vif.i M. •«• M •''■> "™" '■*''' »°H("- 
■*-*■ iWf»' < 

(d. 65J. Not) !■ 

crilic* who »mIii -cv. ..r^." — ■• ■ 
sbriowlTMliTcn, aml we m«)' inirt 
poM Ih»! Ih«)' "<« IM« o( » !""■ 
mliiiirut-— «>^r^ ™« »*•: IHK im 

I, «/..TO 4ti^H" 

yrntrif (US 

er Ar. /iTi. 160 

Tarn. »/ '»' S*. j,. 1 f*y imi«u.i « /*>• 
Mwni^i MW ti4l ttn, Ivr Ika. \ A«J 

«Mnt ffc »4*/ Ä< i»*rmi. '*' ■*'- •» 
«M I WMi lim lltit Miiu'* 

b* Ibe lloHWiic hci«» (Aram.. lMr««H. 
ae.|«.dcfeiid«lli)'(litclitheorr. l'»le)r 
Ölo E«r. Ä/. 1016- lOtO. A-id. ]ii>i|<|. 
la th« frtnk rcply of Clyi. ihe Juiinpnted 

•Sl Ti^f (»inpa : 

(rft MVC*- '"•*" Ho"- «■ "-.♦"; 
IhoBch liiert Vp.ll.. an 4H' J"»" » *f»' 

hcCSDK 'B(»«t«l|. Cf. lOJ». Soj*. Ä/. 

■/ it^UM. l)Hl lUTitpl 

.,41 <*ni I tUg 

I, Eur. El. IJ4I " 

^>M iMM»wr' VfI «I "t.*.. iW. 115] 
(und Or. »6o) .»»-nfci. Th« iwupcr 
■mlon in •*— » tlai uf * bloorihoand 
liwklne Ihe crimin.1 ; fu«. «46 Trrpmv 

•a« fcuitt ipuHt» l""« "-»■*■ Till 

.«- h.. noih,i.e m coinmoi. *ilh Ä.//4 

l*«i» >? »rf"" »•^'* I '»*• '*• 
.inm. A. ti. »oa>l W' Iri f.>to 
^a. ' 1 am. iKouifh lirinSi 


Ok. Take not to lask him who labours ivhilc thou sitt 

Clvt. Ah child ! But women— tiiey sorcly miss a ma 

Ok. Yet, ivhile thry »it at home, tis the man's toil 
keeps them. 

Clvt. Thcn thou art bcnt, child, on a moiher's mur 

Ok. 'Tis thou wilt murder tiiine own setf, not I. 

Cl.VT. Look to it ; bcwarc thc wrath of a mothcr's dog 

Ok. What of thc father's ? How shall I shun it, if I ; 
this task .' 

Clvt. It scems 'tis vain. Thc living may wall : thc 
tomb pays 110 hccd. 

Ok. Aye ! so scts thc wind from my father's fatc. str; 
to this doom. 

Clvt. Ah me! Herc was thc serpont I brought forth 

Vemll. H ■>!>((> hail clnimt lu^icrior 

II.C.« nf,' i^f„ .n II« MS, «c 

Mi^ot Tirf /..««(■" Ift- '■""'■ 4'7l; 1 

( Ihe leailiiig in the ihl nHVr% 1 c<ini| 

""""'"' "^'"' "'•''>-*'■ 

w«.. liwt aii.l T*,.p.». Tht -Chol. 

To ihc Aihcniins (he ii.iuiic.l mci;''. n.. ,190 -i^,!. «hi- 

niu/*-. T. .\i„> «ai wpi, Mpt -.jir«.- 

%hoyl,[ ,;iih.r j|.ciL of -iHlJÜmi 

»hieb WH i>rolialily. o< l'iky sutLi'-n, 

'lirinKiii): in ils' I.f. >ijuh. '/ 

Brt of « iroth:.!.: «r* rcM wpit ..r.V). 

S.7 «^ rW V*-^ : •'«'•*■ "" 

Anch,. hniv'Oei. il<i« not Mni|>lr l>i>rTow 

l'.n.l. /, i\ß\ f, äW.« *■ iWiN« . 

c»i ton.1..' Tbc TÜBß« in IhU cd^ic I1 

«nse an.l nwli].!".. .irc n.iich ihe 

he »en« in Khich h« !> io »ll«I. Ik 

^- in /'. r. 9fl^. toior,*, »..f« «1 


107 ti yif t:i m fflj, y, i.^, H,»rT» 

lii,T, «pit ... Cf. 0'. 

F*.m-«Mlf"'y'-nolc). /. 1. m. 
{In M T«vS< «-' tpf{» h.» bi'en > 

KU Y4.n -r^ «iVrijF iv'iMI'f i »4ff- 

from Tivh npiltL anil i> ihtref.ire 

fllli<«> 1 'oufiatft -aj tp^ttti Wfit rlr 

ciierul insiwaiini of ihe •irii;inaL 

•3« nipitlifX.rX ItolhwTpi« 

ley'. ^l^V'. ■«. niei.« Tor «. (or 

mmi Ti»S' «re eniphalic ; ' TAii is ilie 

ioifii. Hut laiatt Crom the »eakfr u 

oulcome of ray falhlr'i imrlion.'— T*»8' 

<»mpl« urcrasi" of »-^0 >.t< U.-IU 

•ir«p(l.. ^p»: ■ waft, (evenl.) t« il.i. 

In Ac. Th»m. 15S .>,V,<['» i< 

«Uying/ Theatraof Asam. iicompared 

naiutally lalien für »».■ öf.j*... an.t ii 

10 a wind, which leli in a cerliin .liiL-clion 

täte wuuld be no etUlviKe foi Ita^-^'d 

■nd caniei evenli alonj- with it nn an 

IncTJiaUe counr lt> an ine>itable d»ii. 

5.J«q. Wrt-i,«i«.,.n.i 

SvSc aviiijtopav S^nk^v■ 930 
rwv (ir^Kpi<rtv 
uff öf/Mi aipovfifOa, 
nvi^tOpo" ir€(rüv. 

IfitSais XP^v^ 





^"u« '0*'" « in M pcrh> 

M- hw'i 

IX Itothc. 

rt^. of Wood.- Cf. 6,(n.|. Thl. » 
rnt fr' jjTfW ^U» >d»>l- 1^ )^""- 

Iproperly piflili™) u »llh* <«^u'. 
1lieml«|"«l.lHin of lloyth. '' i"^ 
(h».^. .VX.I MH'" "-^JA «quire ih« 
wxi*.. »n.1, Ihough ii m«ht he pw-bj« 
In jdn «XXiS» ■i«*»-' iwi-pmr...'ti'S^. 
Ihi* i< veiy unrhyihmiaiL Vottim «nie 
ef. ^r. ■ >«' «*""•• *'•' ''''• 'r^*"*^ 

•du», ■wl. fw 'he ■''"'' <" inIran».), 

iur. Ä<«*. 678 (*».H.#.{»«|, Ör. >JS 

»w.-Äilr-» m»; eilhet eipre« pilY fo( 
li» unhippr posilkm ot »an '»"»""e 

u If pu«1» «pitlw« (c'- Soph. Ä/. 6«) 
■nri thc (omwr »i<« » ih'Tifore pnlef 

' 'sma i4*Ai.4» »C«". Tl-c «ye of 

tta« h™« i. ihai ^ 9Wt.. («nd i.oci.cnl1r. 
Iberefore (»): /'™ 17' "^ * i**'J^*' 

tuawlv, £""■ I0'6' *■••"■• '*''''''- *•* 
.r7nr> «' q' ;« \«'it, ^>X».»> IUh. 



Ou. A very sccr indccd was thc cirtaiii that fri^'htciicd thci^ ! 
Thou slewcst whom thou shouldst noi : now sur<t:r shoulii 
not be, 

[OkESTES äragt Clytakmnkstha iiitn llu- xenon. 

Cho. Be surc, e'en though 'tis thcse. I mourn tlicir twofold 
doom. Yet sincc ilt-starrcd Orestes haih but reacliotl ihc cro«-n 
of many a bloodshed, wc would rallicr liavc it thus^that tlie 
eye of the house should not be lost nnd perish evcrmorc. 

As on Priam's children justice came at last in heavj' rctri- " 
bution, so into Agamemnon's house thcre came a twofnld Hon," 

« BIumlieM. N'u c.ii 
*ilh ^ in nufg.), coff 

b>bl]r •.ung \,f hiir ihc Chonu), r«lU>vred 
hy in cphyinnium («ing b)- the »hole). 

Ihe otlicr half) and thc ephymniuin. 
Thii amni^incnl l> rcpcalcd. Ilü KCimU 
cphymnium heilig nieirically »ciy cloM 
lo, ihoujjh not luile ideiiiical wiih. thc 
lint. Thuugh Ine MS auppliei nu «un 
dF Ihe repelilton of ihe linM ephym. (Jn- 
Xo\v(«t' ■; (.r.X.) tSva 1. 951, il doa 
nurk Ihe recarrencc vi Ihe •ecoml al 
>. •)70 wilh Ihe inilird wonli {v^M n 
•■Fl liüt\, prcciicly u 1 leTiain it (m- 
qucnily inlieaied in modeln «MiE-limki 
(jtce Inirod. [ip. cüi it\.\. Vit canoul 
ienotc ihii piece of evidcnce and dccUn 
for an Bmui|>>^ineol ata, ti/c, wiih > 
■ncl </ 49 meändei. Ün the olher hcnd 
by uiuming (»llh Sclintiilct. Weckl.. 
WelL&c) ihe lo» a( • umilor tndication 
V. 951 we rcilore caRi|ilelc lymmary 

o Ihe whnli 

'l^ie Ode b not n 

It r 

: o( joy 

83«..], Bi.a- IihUt ih:in i«. Thc 

lHe iii[W„.|.hk- !ii,.-,-npuiV£S«n. The 
llhir. miKhl 1« :.lluMV>^ i=-I„ l'lr.,-,. 

Uli Ihe H'licile hwuM of l'ils rc^jnM 

» BlKllln): liie irlnii: an.l Inild.kit m ihc 
punithnienl. (Jf. ./f .'J7 ll«»«i v»^ »f" 

ir<i««vi rX^lv. ; ... J.rXia'i'rf.sulI^a- 

cf. 641J. yi. — papuSiÄOi irsii'«: ptcJic. 
■ in ih.' .hai>e of h^niv r,.'iiiljuiioii.' 

saauj. i)uXi S'i(Ss|i»H.T.)L. t.ii. 

■iin<l mlu Ihc huu:« of Ai-ani. ihvrc Cime 
iful.1 lion. B iwofiild .lealini: uf ilvalh.' 

Iht! jif-lincuion of On 
momenl when Ihe oiindi el (hc audicncc 
woiilil be moK eiuciKd, The Mcni 
biddinj: of ApoUii. ihe guiiluice of Jiuiicc. 
dsuEhler of Zeiii, Ihc irMchery of Ibt 
culprili-. theii wicked mue uhI lynnny. 
Ihe polluliMi of Ihcir pieience, an all 

\uvfi*i of the «pliymnia »e inay nprenenl 
he Kf|aEnce u( IbDughl In Ihe itttt 
WRiichoria thiu— (■) 'Ai ittnlniiiiinciunc 

iltc o 

'cI. Tlie tciuw\ 

livXaBt II 

eniphuibnl ii;nlniJ each 

_ . QyL aad 

pnce ii( ihcin. Li kc 

Troy pild ihe price of ila •in ; ClyL aad 
Aeg. hove paiil ihi; price of ■■- "— ' ■'■' 


i\act 8' « TÖ TTttC 

eiroXoXiJfoT' (3 hfcrirotrii'oii' Sö/iwi- 
vno Stotv (iiaorö/MMV, 

(iioXc S" ^ /w'Xei it^u*aSiov /lax*' 945 

,„ W« Sut.le,'. ••• (X«' M. «"■ l'«"" (f'«" «►"'■'■ + ■ ""«' 

rKu« I' .A »* »ir Itemli.. i>-X' **'» •" Sc).l.lJ. •«• •.■»»Jtrt"" " («« 
lo V. iil. rvttxf^Tt llullrr, »«#*|[^t«™i (raii Vcnsll, tf. 6S n.) llBm- 
■|1 i. ,.Mil-lt .H.I ir,-ti,M»™ «w rmmcuslj »»itn.lmol lo a »ui-iw^l fem. 

Mii.) Ihtry glullrf iheBfelvn wlili l-lonil i 
■. ilw IbHi* an niuckeil *aI •lain 1;f >>" 
tkcniHiwn. Ml II.I-«! »«•c Iwrti »1»'" W 
(he ««l«!*! .Itfcri.!« o/ llw hr««. [TTi« 
*doBl*lt Ikon' i>f owr« .k« l"«« Aötn, 
«nd CamiiKln. Iwi no n-Ccnnc« in lliil 
W» f- e«iv«jr,.l 1.T •'•^•*'-,-''i'''j'f- 

.^-ii .h. ki_ iini Ua •icl»»»') — The 

lO MBtiiliniml 1 jig- 

., KuF. UtJ. ij*i 

r^i »r. r- 1 f f'— '*"! 2«**- 

V«£lu*M«>r.—Aodirl<" '"<■•>«''* '■" 

i^nd ■ oMhin Iwhkh iHipcnn Id h>v> 

« Ifwilllaniil) of llon. biinllntf In 

taln. er. Ilom. //. •«. to; pi' {«■ 

tnale ind Oily-icii») i' liw tn k 

n Mm tt4 »Arn W^»v I *•• #'»'■ 

h*u. 18. iJ9 #«?»•«•• W »wrt Ji) 

M«rwi Mi«#v j rmtflr J*^*i<Kar 

iT So Kur. Ö--. ■4«« V'*" " 

^..Ittom'KXXwn IM tiHf^ (üra- 

«d I^Tlitda). 11» Im \»'Mt:<i bu 

,d pSoM «lUon (oilh ihc Mhol.) in 

uanl fcvXih Uw >1<T« b)hi oI 

• kiMl hn frirnd. »Hl. »\»n fiom 

Etil». Ki"i" Tmy ihe iceni; »hlfw lo 

Mir.— >>*]»•■ W-» i» 1« "™:'IJ' ''"■" 
linafc' 1«! ■• liiii in rtoulil» >h»pe. «n 
n|il dearlpllon of ihu nlaiuH» hikI ;nint 
«elion of elvi, «ncl \ts.—l^-r\att'Arv 
■ de«! ot lieaih »hleh sie"' ihe Iwd bI 
once. Cf. /•■ f. »Mfl ffi*"'*'*' 1 *^' 
IcH^pTW, Soi*. v//. iji XiHXimrtr'Am 
(•«tayinc hy """"'"B")- In l'*!"!-/". '!■ 
1« v^V •*' '*^' I ''*"' " "'''''" 


hc1|> ol Alo 

rl> Sed ID 


•M IXmiI'i.t.X. 

Ibu U MveBleil In '"o ■" 

The unftinilliBi unautmenleii »i 
Mnw iiMertBiny In ihe tradiiioii buh w~ 
raiiiiUnieil l>y »»■■. "■ludi "i»' «ut-B««*» 
(ct. iJ n.| bj Ihe nfciwi« lo ihe oraele 
in ihe coMeH («*w4'™., &c.). Klau- 
•en'atMlbamnliHiKM äumJ«,-'-'^-' 
llM|iie arpiini 
omculn iToclu 

■impIV'iAjl'/. Tcnaii 
•truei n»< «' 'Jl rt 
>To Ih« ulleimou' (Ol 

quoium [ 
3VCC, mako 

led bui for |d) Ihe 
Kholia. (*| Ihe 

! tiiiieuion <X«*- 
ilMlf and nwre 


a twofold deed of death, Vea, the exilc who asked 
sped justly forth by counsel sent of hcaven, hath ht 
career and stayed at nought. 

Oh, raiscthe cheer, for Ihat our master's house hath 
its bane and the wasting of its wealth by an unclean gu 
For grievous was its state. 

On him who loveih stealthy fight comes crafty retr 

nSoxf/yitAt «^>a< (conlained accus, wilh iifii.-iM'ai). bul ihe 

cxl i» noi w 

point. \ . »40 (OfpaJaÜi' M. corr. Hermann. ft«9 

dra^i^üTi conj. Psitiy. |. il'i^i^äf Siank-y.— rji.ßit M, i 

upon iti ; bul Ihe [cil is nealer ind >l ii harsh lo «riMrale ihc 
noun. e4S t«u.V M, liw' üuelf. «46 4 iJ\u Au 

T(|>. from Iht 

—Oi^rt.M ti «v: lit. 'ilrove lo all The accus, i« coenale or 'containetl 

lenclhi.' i.t. he dld noi ihrlnk hota of Ihe bunlen oT Ihe toni,') a> »lih 

punithing lo the billcr enil. C(. ildl. (. i'iirttr, ßain ri. — llie MtXi-yii^ ii 

ritar ••■*r>irii ^Xaiiai, Tyii. 7. 10 iufin- \Hf «]. and adi! Xin. ^11. «■ j. 

T4p-^ h^Miptr 4>"l'<irf. Kur. tl. MIO >J< /Ts.ü.f«r r^rit oj vr,>ir.üru »I I 

£/. 614 ifi >« Ja.« I xuK'f' !• <Ir 'ä> l'oll. i.'iS. The miiiciion, hoirenr. 

#,>Y»»; Ar. l.ri. J4J j«Xu i' iwi >ü noi coniiam. Cf. At. £/. 6i6 ri. t 

Uhi. Ii ihould bv noti»! Ihat Aari and dfw lüv >«ri> (ir<iX<\L^ta'. /'■•(■ t7- 

Afifiu*'" {l-"-} helung to ihe umc Wiih Ihe doulile gtn. Ufun- iu^pi^ 

• aB «1- in^ex^'rrai. See cril. n. cf. ij;. 9:1, Smih. /■:/. iiQO «offv« 

ir ihe rorm l< concci »e miy very well oriinr A[yw#d( Mfiin | ä>rX<;. ri 1' ^.x'^- 

^t ^t lli^wi xiritlltit uhol.. cf. 9«), a/.i.>6.<r>»>iUraJiir^^.«.r'Axa<iH, 

¥»*«^"|t i« a'.ii'-e (i x/>wtn.i>i <. 1. 14'' rj-'x»«* * at-w. Ciilljs 1. 14 

tl*#HKt.). Tii^tM'W'X »'^''' oughl in •>(lcFTi>T(> t' Mlfr^il aaTii>'l.— i*i t 

. 163 H wi-Äi^W^Tt» »44 ttralji«« Tv^M : in a[i|>.i-it|jn 


e fninl 

Ihv c< 

(■iv<i()MV' lnirifiitiiv kIiuI. iJi-nifiai- 

lily. In anjf ca>e ihe uorJ <m- li^«9«t lle^ych.). Svch forlune fnim^ a 

- luMiücalion, d> da #1^1, 0,ii)„, hard (ot llic hnuw lu Iravel. Cf. 

i* »t fint ug}u a|>)ieaii Wune- Hiir. .1/.v/. d«.« rlr luaxanar fx«'* 

for MiTice 10 ilie Pyihian C.Kl.'-rf 

(m Ihe «.-n-e ,.f ar».. ^»l^i| 

>khile niore 

(«liinb«. cf. j8jn.) by il> po-.iion ii 
eUHdjrconnecleil In ihoui-hi »iih «.**..: 

'"i*'»'!!;. 'i^'.'^'^''|X' « 

r.\. When 

•bj di*ine-lheiefure nthl- «>ni. 

coiiiiuiol » llh <in «i-, lliealil 

»1 Hknli«! 

foi-n of Ihi. fenleiKe an.1 il> 

Milain ll>al 

P-Uktit. The lack «f an epilhel » only 

Ihe meaninc alao » honio 

Tjou«. aad 

•pparcM. tince ».W....,*/»««»« -».(... 

Iheicfurc ihat we niu*! cun 

JOM! r«^. 

WMuT*«I «»V^ 'fi' «.ir i^Mf 

V *A« ■(.. «... #*«^r TK-i. Ih 
of dludvaniat-e. Th« «h 

e U'".|; 

^frn. Tfct ocack ha» Marled' Oioie. 

A.V'«V 'M^" * «w* 'yl 

■poB hk emirac to the eoal o( ullei 

JlV »4» 'Av.j.;-««. bul e 

en •■■ ■ 




Awc KOpa—^ina-v 6i vw 


ßpOTol rvxorf«! ttakw^ — 

M0piov irviov<r iv ixßpoli '«»TO»'. 

räiTtp 6 Aoftas ö na.pvä.<r(nm 

Winii «hol. <WK*" "« .P*"'- •■'■ I-J-^'l^ 
Mlihy (Of piid«!) hi. hüod.- Cf. Ur. £/. ins 

michl SM "iil' '<i-- «W ^.«" fcyJ---^"!"^^ 

Mty Ituih." (V. Kling "Hh l«')« 1" ">" 
nunc u ilauchier </ Kic Miuren» und 
.ho hvoiifi. ifce -ieh". She .; ™'W Ih. 
dauL-hier ff Z.U1 (5, /. 7-. 64» «' ' * 

rirtf. «Ol. tur. fr. 1(1 »V ™ ^'*' 

Ä' '-'■'■'■'*'*••'"''■ 1*1 J* ^' 

t Ci|.*i) ilKl the hu /rtrm/ hr™" 

mnd On V"*^ B*^" 1" • 
enofnic 1 ' Tt 

o( Ott!?« l-h« Khiev«! M. <«ftr «"■ 

ItnulMn 10 ih< •I'OP'« " '<«■ " !' "•,' 
polnl «r tM>*(^. '"i Ihc «prew™. Ij 
iouccly eompliminiBT 10 Orerte. : (1) « 
llcraia »»w t'H<nBn esme in Ihe 
ih.pc oT ci.(tT •enc»'«;«''- J^ "Jl" 

™r*™i.l-^ IjIT! "^ *ho ■ mAt. 
U hb buiin™ ! cl. Pl«l. ifß'- ».« 1 

•«»*■*<"- ■Ih"*'' p«»->'''f «r™- 
li» o( M ii alluwabli! leven »nhuul 
Bivine to n*Ml"< ">e epi« leni:thenine 
5f itTe fim •yli.l'Jet. » i« »»i«'"«'/ 
ralUidT Ih«. "n"« '" twenly-Ihree plKO 
|)t ih. «ropt»« IM ■«■"««' fnw "?e 

nitfT Th« «jhnlilBlion of Ihe common 
ttvrrtitm fof llK unlnmi'!«' •■^v»^*»' 
«t notarai in > cnpri'!- «IiIk'ucIi iIic 

J<iMl>*f, ^««**fcoi, <•«»«»■" S'— 

tr iwwei 

1801*. AV. 4;6 il«« ««•'- ••w 

l«A. li trsi. -nt»ä »»i "•> Mn'MUT'Wi 
Ac«1i. £«-■ .m6 »i**'fl'«i »^' W^' 
»iTM lin (TUHM. Ap- Khoil. j. 401 '1 -r^ 

<Ti|i-w» •'«'• '•w' V"«- Sioiitarlj-'B"» 

"^•«•»n. AUr-«- >■ 

10 pnMccu UK rieht. I 

re nllcil 


II ihai ihli r»lHr< 
uilwd Iw ih« /w 

I» Ih« tu Ulüml. U. 17). 

Um, and Ihe numi, nu»t.>:. ■■ "."■• ~ 

.Uii([htw lo Zeu^ In üil.«r word. iJ-«« 
1> ■ fitlin« iiame f« 4^ rf^ (W«kltm|. 
•ITii. finer muM be ]u<lEe>l ^ •ncieiil 

..r . . - C. J7T 

1- «m4 */W«f '»• 

lo An. »79 
i«/^. 19s 


She who in very truth is daughtcr of Zeus (' Justi 
call her, and hit the mark) — guided his hand in ba 
wrach to ihe death a^raliist her focs. 
<0h, raise the cheer, &c.> 

Parnassian Loxias, 


grcat shrinc of cai 

line. «»a sqq. fonjectures m veiy 

nunieroui aniJ oflcn veiy n 

lol. See Wcckl. AiiiKnil. p. I47. Scvc 

nl cdilo» accciH rirrtp tu 

llle p»e«li ii oln-iously |.referal.le a«.! riw. 

f> i« Ihe kcy-sKme 10 ihe >en^ 

6« yW«- .- rtx» '<^- -nd eoaleM. 

iriXtvr« *».«.. So|>h. AJ. . 

f ii/pir^,, I.m i',.-«! . 

Inic mm« of Giols <an<l. inclccd. of 

Ll.lnif. in ycncfall woulil be niBnificanl 


BcuL •clf.cipliinini;, ii«l thal ihe» wcie 

Lhi nin,e« uscl amonu Ihe üodii Ihem- 

ipiril in -hicli Diki >ct< ; 

kIvci (l'bl. Ol/. 391 L> )vXv...ari >[ VI 

ihai which ihe insinrci in 

h« avri ..X.jV. r^< J^n^o i.(^ .Vrl 

Cf..u<".).-*Wflp«n, cm|.h 

0i>f(i M>uiTc|. In ihe ociuil >u<;cch or 

ana«! iliK'« nol .lop .hau of ÖX 

mo>l9l> m<»l «r Ihe noni» of ihinu. and 

»•a u|q. Tlie nxetie of Ihi 

lin« of Ihe -ir^phe i* cciiain. 

ilroiilie lieing manifctily tti Tai t 

luch liomehc ciprcsiiant u //. 14. loi 

X>X«<4> •.<\4"<»«> «»1. «•tp<i » '<)»•«•>. 

•W1 MJlh anaulyiii (nr ■> a ' lenl. 

10- 74 t> Z>>r«o> laUiK-n ttil, itl^t U 

i.t. llttvdtiit. In elyniolin 

i™l«bl)' i.fien in proiiunciali, 

Lcat [luiiiU oul on //. 1. 403, unoiher 

»orJ uoulil bv THtiHiIarlv Iiealeil . 

Piaa/r, Ij] H T«r j' ifru 0r«rgi |^i>'E^ni 

1 1 M .-iclually »fle rl^fv^rti un. 

.■Xoürt »or,«,. 1«. » llri^r. 

tarne mlliieacM ubkh wwkl alT« 

(wilh an aiiolugy (ur Ihe false iiiianliiyl. 

imncialion.l Kor die le^ .if iheu 

.Monal, cc.ul.1 nui be >ure of liie l.ue 

(a> well t, of Ihe »iiical 

mime «ven of Ztu. (^j,-. 170 Z.U.. »<rr.. 

itaun a ineviialilu aml caii unly pr. 

».»■ J#ri,.. ,i «*■ mv.T,^ «>I\» .»I.,. 

on Ihe i»iul piinciplc li i> Li'rl> 

fiirv. 1 rtirri "' rpvtirriria, äviviui uD 

ileiii Ihal »Hne acciileni inu>t have bell 

Vere- -*"-. 4. S77)- 1'1»"> l^™'- *0'Dl 

a |<;q:e of ihe arclieiyjx an.1 lefi ihe 

i* repTesenling o|iiiiioti uiiler ihan hi> 

eicei>lioiially ilillicull 10 icail. 

owii in >ayliiK wipi 9ii' ailir ltu>'. 

T^.V JA^Ci ..*£*■* Iwlx« 

■ lu>uce .ci> 10 Ihe aca.m|^n. 

irrt Ttti tit^ it-rrfi, «Aewr (7^-' 

llijl which Apollo ba.le.- K..r Ihe lal 

■^ tn iii-ir<^ yi riX^m it\eOr<. Nevei- 

clause of ft- äri^ A. fna^iafrr. rav 

Ikcleu Bven ihe iiaiiie (;iven !>)■ niuclili 

i.«r.. (^A(.,Hli.;re i. .ub,l,Iul«Ur. 

umI oeemi llicie'ot« lr> 1k: eilher a ^hKoU 

B*a K|. i Aa{I<k« i Hapv^rM 

gueB Ol elK a tcdaiio.,. Cf. tut. //•. 

Tlie lejwaleil ail.l ihe .ie^>i|«iH 

781. 11 J «X\.ff.YV,-H!»'.w ^'«J- 

ail.liliiin viii]>lia<ire Ihe hi^li aullioiily ol 

Xual 1 .at ri.»'. ■A»<;\X,« 1' fr Awm 

J.*<i. ..Xi. 1 irr., ri «>5,r' i^^r' 
•Uf t«M^W |o/. 'AriIl\»....>X(D. 

0. T. ^(,^ j'v- a «<f r.V>(w A.X|ti< ,lwt 

w*Tp^ Of all oncular leal. lkl|*i u 

••1 4M«H>* «W««' k.tX Lil. 

man aulhoniaiive aml iRie. Cf. S. t. T. 

•brathiiiE »cilh in Ihe 
eMto/hiienemie..' Cf. 5«///. looj «i 

7JI 'AwiXX»»«...!^! tWI^Tn it \ iHnn- 

r* ^tnixy -»X»»*' f'r»»' »'^i. .«f. 

Tflrttt, lir. ^n; tt i **i^ | /\a»r 

: t4* aJil *if—*' tt V I X*>y fXa«, Jit*««™ ^'^ ttwitm I ' 

.-.- I - 


KpoTfi r^<ii> jrws to 6iu>v, napa\ ro , 

VWOVpytlV <iltLlii> KtiKoli, 

fcoc 8 ovpavov)(Ov äpxäv trfßetv. 

irapa. re <fnü^ i&tiv fuy* T äi^pi6i}v 
ijiäXtov otKctuc 
iva. yt /löv, 5ö/ioi- iroXvc iya-v -j^pövo» 


l editon. S« j6i. 

ttft« ti 

teüin «ItifUlonj lo' buiHcH ilj, Jir' Jii^Xy SdiiiH, will, which Wecklein conibina 
»firnftr [''ißurtAnn). iMyiii Obcnliek. rorlun jave »«• Tot *£... SB« «i- *■■ 
lUu (Ihiwch l*Uv li imniieil in tchol.) | ßXarmJrMw V. u>irH( | #.r»«. /»eixrnu 
M. .hkh I h«»c «mr«.1«l. TtHpnlintf ^^.irr^«» « a efo^ * --M inHica.« Ih* 
oorrect diniHon of ihc line», «inte (wiih Ihi (;h>u nniilitil) we e« ■" *.»^*" **^' '' 

^WoriBi—Frwn llenii.i.nV xi— '•••«•' l««h= ™'' hx?-^"»''""- »tncciSXi^« 
«»VM*f<>rv /»dx"«! II- l ■ Ahreoi, The uiuil n.cininc of Ihe pa». paniciiik 

tet K|-(n.). A'uM. j9, 
(n>. S« imlc nn v. 
TbcMKdllnl 'ItoHi 

170 (««*>«if«.). 

mfd(u(n', />. 1. 84 itiumi; fl!. 1. 
19 Mp4v Hit. In «^^^ Cut r ^in» >M- 
M|I>i Im» iIk Impvrr. i) iilloniBltc wllh 
Um anRl rtni f i> not lo Iw Irwiiol, u 
Y^lfa* M iili^. V. 4.10 ithcii'>|. Il ■■ U 

— '- - ilw nnrmnl Allie 

c in .Su|ili, AJ. J9S 
l6j (irA«.«.(. 

/r. /■. lofg «Wy» ^fln ^ ßi).^). bul i> 
oTien olflcuml. Thut in ^. ^ 7. 1 5g h/I' 
Ar' 'Ir^V*" ^'7« (AlKBCll) M aunly right 
ror 'l*«i|rsv of M ami in Ag. IJ91) diri 
»♦•■rt» '/^i- (Aumlu.) fcx »*.-ri.. Such 
uKi MC (cmaini froiii ihc liine «hen ihe 

ER|), mn an incleiKndenl mlvcrti, ind il 
. * miilake In tigfuiX Ihem ■ 

|m: nt ii'n\i-fti'\*iii)r^, 1I 

ll«c lU'üü 

M (of II 


er j68 t»™ 

. . . I XP^I^ »n.l 

W M ««Xif (.r.X., 'M 84. .<7<>>><l'l- 

n tf. Dem. Ariiltt. 6.1 1 XP''""' 

, FB.r.1. Pin-. 1)44 "'* f'" '"*™'- 

OTTff xpowT ^iiwatäiUf, Di t\ I^g. 3yl 

•M JrdiKO' »»iw •M'». Thuc. .|. 3» 

irw ».«r/Kpir J(i«.i*Mr«.. — [The 

MM.ct. .ttt; n.. Iloin. OJ. 1. igj w ■)« 
fcil ^Utr<>«i »XtM«') i> in cniiy glou 
wtiich hu woikeil its waj' Inio thc ml 
(« AppenilinKJ—^V >■!>■'>'' xnM cl. tlur. 
/r. tij iii* TH All* )vDnH, AXX' itiiii 
' I IXaAr i.r.X../>'. e<w « irv 
..II . - . lij,,,^,, jj ■ 



delivercd loud his hests and without guilc- urged guilc 
shc, after long larrying, works thcir fulfilment. Hcnc 
mcthinks. that Godhead holds mastery. in that it lern 
wi'ckcd no hclp to wickcdness. Hence is i't righl to rcv 
the rule of hcavcn. 

I^, the light i"s come, and I am rid of thc hcavy curl 
curbed the houscfolk. Up, up, yc hallsl Too long a 

Corj;. 480 A), Iwl th 
/' Xti"^! *"'« i-W Ifoi- 

1 *■ Kwn,. Wilh (liffceW anLi.,Jro,ih>.- äf.i C 
Fi^ ri^ Tumel... f<on. ^70. j .-«/>.. r' d#w 

the resiili of nwire miH»>iiyini; i 
ill» bj- «venl ,,lici> in .1 

( = «(1 M|i|.). Cf. it^J. 8^,1 uiVl 
On Ihe wluile il ii. more iitiiluU 
eirur >huuM be comniiiieil in Ihe 
|ilitc, whcre il «a» ui|i|Kthv>l ih 
wnleiict HU coin|>lele aml lliercf 
hM no place. OihcrwiM il ii h 

fcrenlialini;'il.B i^a|".«J '^^i 

liKlil (Hliich WC inafnl fof)" vii. hoj 

iiol lieiping 1 

r wir 

Cf. Eur. A. j 

— Ir 

Cf. l'tat. /VA .U8U-|.V>A für lipar. 

W J ffli qjBT^i flbii.— T« (which reiilaci 

olheimw ducmniic or loa eoii.|irL'lKn.ii 
tinicinenl.— 'i»4»V ri |>ii) t.r.W. Kt 
Ihe causal n^ cf. 401 (n.) ai,d «d.l Rem. 
/"»il. I. II »j/ Y^^ »ronpi rl|> lureü 
^t"fr reeoiTo. (>,iififr». w» r*^ ti» 
Wtrti« 4|^Xi..r, Xen. //,//!. I. ( irr.\. 

•t™.. Ihai (itn i. . kI™ ha, bcen 
Generali]' hetri, bui ilie wonli hiilicrio 
•ucgemcel (tee crii. n.) lioidly scem lo 

{a*iimm, imlum.far at) nii^hl eaiiiy be 
miiundcrtlood.— ««pavBSx» if^ir- '1 

Ihe celeiiiil is not. 

•••■). ir^n^Uatoicf. So|)h. 

Cf. J, 

— (UY«: 


1,(7 rriKiar ji/ya Tjwini 

enj-ihcni ihe iniperal. ( 

Soi.h, U. 1 
lax- of .Solu 
= io«iW). 


^a/MurcTcis (Kturtf atci. 

rava Bi irai^cX^« vpövos ä>lterai 
vpoffvpa StofiäTtof, orav anft' e'tma; 
fivtrot iirac ^Xacrj^ KaBtip- 
fioiv apiv kinjpiof. 
Tvyai S' (ün'poo'tun'oKotTat ro iröf 
iSctv ä«roO(7ai t' fpofi^vott 
/MTOtKOi Söpiiiiv TTfiTovyTat TriXiV. 
wäpa. Tc i^ws ISet»- k.t-ä. 

(S«rÖ€ xäpai r^K SiirX^v TvpawiSa. 

Illomr. (unlcu c(r', Jv >«<'■ i* hdlcr. ^ ).-Ji>jiHi M, 
worri^ •liif M. con. Schwenk. f<n(»i H, \fcincke. 
t Ihe 


Zlmtley. ^« Nie|;cMMch. v^V« 
••« lü»' M, »ilh !• nurlicd Fat rieirlif 
11cm. — Aün M wilh H nipcrMii|<( 


'Ophe.— frv Aanleiw M, 

i» woaU b« Ic» 10 Ihe pdnl.) iri» ^UrigpJc 

SO« xOm M.- 
4Xati KsjFwr. tv J^oTf ß^rti 
■■ : crii. n. 10 954«!- 
hirh I mcnil. |. 
nilij. ol fUrg bcinc 

ve«a, poMiliIe Ih« wt Khniilil wri 

in urhh (Im verli. 

Ma Ml. ««mV^ Xf'i^ - ' '''' 


.. IM xpi'* 


'«Im* f^ini» nwfmilrar trMtn. O. 6. 
»1. Kur. //■. joj. 4» (w««i> r^^iH 
n)l|, /IWr*. NMi), Sn|ih. /'rrir^t. 1164. 

St. 179 l»(*« >4^ «iSwartt |t.4i) &e. 
■Aillr HilH' |S<.|>h. £/. isiA ßtt^ 
~"TfXrt>) ftnil 'dil-Acciimp1i«h- 
III S>I> *4»)>rvTiW>| — 
■hall |WM i»W (Ihc moic 
inlni; alicn rroni dooti arc 
(..(«9. Eir. /fit. 7j|]if^#i 


...nnttrai ir^v. Lii. ' Kunii 
(hciicclnilhl fall ihc cnnlrury ■D)' iihI lic 
wiih (iKMhine bul) emcl (occ (tipirsnl..).' 
rwr« tl <ri rii>jiiljlluv>iin^y<>(s<:hol.). 
McUphon (roni Hkc *rc frvi|ucnl: er. 

.'. /*H 4i> umWfM 0i\Wo». 
^ I Wn«'- i yif Ml niH^ 

ftvlar JVxurru — IXilpi;} «atdpiHtli: 

p^riwtu. Sopli. y. y. 9». Thue. 1. i>6 
T* lyti rt«i»<u'.— *4f4»! ^f. 11164 Wt 
Ar ytrir iptSnr ^a^Xm lD>iwr; i>fV. 
]6flo ■q.^*XvTtipt«': a Kulislanlivc. Cf- 
Ehm. HH; yXJiarTt inii >HlXr)«a nU 
^XjrnbHB', Kur. l'^otn. 969 «iyrÄ^- 
«f.r <ni>u>(, irsTvlt« <.XvT<||H». Ilic 
woni it >]>!nlly ailjctliVKl in Su/fl. 174 
j« nMü lu Xif^« {u in Anw. Ci«» 
fut^iv^ XrTitfHQV}. AI haa JXaT^iw, bal 

*)«#B iü hünlly lultmlle. 

ye. lay, for cvcr jjrostrate, 

Soon will Time fulfillcd pass through ihc portals. wl 
clcansrng rites the eure ttiat eni^ the curse hath driven fr 
hearth all its pollulion. Thcn the face of the dicc shall c 
and there shall fall, to sojourn in our housc. Tortuncs 
aspect is all goodly lo behold and for men who ask to hci 

Lo, the light is come, &c. 

T/te sceiie is altcred. OHESTES, wilh atUndnitts, apfit 

Standing by tlu bodics.] 
Or. Hchold this pair. ihc Joint opprtssors of the lai 

^ptri^vpTti (.V, f. 71 l4;t, marnpi'f'nwXor 
{M.I. JOl), I.'r^Xoira.Ja {.Ix. ;ij). Lf. 


vfr.i, ■ niOw »at «tn 

I.X St 


Icr. 9H1). Forckn 
rilicaiino, On.-sti,-<. 
nni'i w!.t.\ in rea< 
n:. ThU bc lak» 

o-inc 1: 




for whiih Ai^sthylii. lu 
a füll nage (a. in S«ff< 

»a* Lbty 
.IS9 Üu/fi« I 



•iipinse Ihal ihcÄlsl 

137H). Th«« 

BSB |iJniii«i t«iutt: niih rilxai. 'lo 
■Imil in the hciusc with [in n>a<lcrt).' 

»71— 107« Kiofl'». On.->l«i i> 
r Ihe dca<l bwliei jcf. ^^. 
nr imaginär^ ((149 
■■.;. I. inc inrnu in wnifli Aeg. «nd Ciyi, 
wcre ilftin. Tliero it no te.i«n 10 call in 
(nHih (he ichol.) ihe «iiL nl ihe jn.liki|iia 
(tee IniKxl. 11, xlv). »uring ihe inleml 
occupieil by (he Chnnii the «>r|He< have 
twenlaiil kide b/ lide (A71I. the robe in 
whieh Agim. wi< entanglnl hat becn 
produced I978I, and «KenlanU are hohl- 


[u.. [t > 

h.alhiijp CHn« trmii n ju-lgmem 
aia(e Dt |in'(eniaiiiral cnhii »iiich pi 

tie» llwy are nHMeiy ii[ inierpre[a(i> 

{in a ili|;ht liegreej of rcsilinj;. > 
Tfan-lat,««, We m»,l. of o.u.^, 

cfTeel «™ leaieli^ f« iiioveiii^" 

RHilieiice ii matte avaie. l>y .1 c»ai 
of (he t|Kalier, Ot (he ini|>eniiini; 1 
ilisiurlMnce. Kven Ihcn ii \t only ■ 
(ocameon, andOrnieiittiiliquii 

tartuc wopffTJTopa^. 
0p6voii TÖff i)fi,f%vt 
I? AreiKoo-at itädr) 
f/i^eVci iTi<rrmfi.a<Tiv. 
■.TW äd^Mitt TTorpi. 
xl riS' (v6pK<o^ ^"■ 

'if äßküft irarpC, 

lo fix« T*. »d '". w. J«..4*« 
( nakci Ibc «llcreliun lu Ü \l 

»;» t.r.\. JiWj (^/ /^.| refen lo ihe 
l-lnlonie *•( «iJ*,..<tT^ <•>! »ür (/>«'. 
3iS D|. ^1 niw..Att(i ti. ..1 rtrt iKit- 
J67 K, *hiic »ee Ihc iirocDI «lilof'i. 
noie). Manr cnaiaieiiiuon Und iliu k\-Aj 
(0 ^t in n |(br which >« Uury A|i- 
pnKl. A 10 /HimitH a/i3 ol l'indar). Ur 
lh<* oonilijnalian Acidi. oAcnoneiluliHnii 
miUanee. vii. S. r. T. 907 Iftäritr mXtA 
lUt r*Un.( (M. nUr« rrc,| | K>w n 
virrw arOc*! (qo. iraXXs t' irfi. Suffi. 
«I) «). ji n« in poini. Thcie it, haw- 
«vcr. ubvimuly nu balance liMwccn fit- 
ni xJr lirv rit, inii ^X« n hI rA>. 
IC Ihe brnKr line hwl ccinulncil «IXsi 
(or iU cquivalcni), or lh( l*tl«r Himj (ot 
iu equinlRii) (hc cue woutil h«<r* ben 

•V« iH|. itaV vlvi M. (tM) '«*>•( 
^Xw ri, «i(h ürim hmnoiir In ihc Cnnnet 
adj. In ilcalh Ihej' kecp up theit charac- 
ICT fcr loj™ll/ io «eh olher In > hiunhl)' 
■■olation.—^ twmijrMt, %.rX. Lil. 'oi 
Iheir eiperienct» are lictc fof o«e ID jwluc 
(by),' U. ai ooe m«y judp:, tcdni- »hat 
ihejr havE unilLiEone. Kor Ihe Inim. cf. 
ftit, jHi. [The ordinary rrmlerini; '«• it 
a pouilile 10 jurier Ihelr •ullBrin4f>' ob- 
.,:... .. ;-r. . _1.L . „inu gf 

tOlhLT < 

lUndi by iu "' 


i Ihelr 



parricides and plündere» of subsiance! Stately and proud 
were thcy when thcy sat erewhilt: on thrones ; dear fncnds, 
to boot ; so thcy remain, as ye may judge from what hath here 
befallen them, Thus doth tiicir oalli stand loyal to its picdgcs. 
Togethcr they sworc in cruci sort death to my fatlicr. and 
logcther thcy sworc Io die. Faitlilully kept is thJs oatli too. 
Again, behoM— yc who hcar ihc pleas in this dire cause — 
thc engine for trammelling my iil-fited sire, for pinioning bis 

!Ct»Mry. For ihe ict «e Commtni.— 
I. Khlch I have corrccleJ Train llie k) 
milariiy o\ coiupcndia. yif Uui^ird. 

«1 Thiei>ch. 

070 fir 

/A/A J16, M,J. f>j6. 1119. /*« jio. 

^irr,.^, !■ i^J.\!py... l,.«ri„ r^ i, 

Ihough none of Ihew lencl mucli .uppi... 

(0 a rhclorical qualinn such u ihe iMu- 

cumiiany prescni, includini; the eaihcjcd 

•cnl wouUi be). "l-be •chnlia. howevcr. 


conlniii iwo imliulnni of ututher snd 
briier leadinß. |i) A note her« »ayi 

07» Tiit^x»"!!": 'll'^l (^ 
comiivüiice," yu. Ihv entniijUng FirX«. 

(wiipottt «varar nf nr/t Of thu llie 

See ApiKiidii to v. ^S.).— Tiie [««luction 

in cnurt and »ccralu.n of thv minimale 

wani Ihe ntader aLiionI couMniing in 
•onie olher wny. fiul no oihcr wmy i> 

ntcet..tic 10 a nmi.lcr l^loni; f. Alhe- 

nian Iniv. See Mit. AhI. äiti'-xw >'>•) 

iBuibh; ollh Ih« wonli u Ihey Oantl In 

anj JeW> uii Soph. AV. ^«4 «t w «-••- 

an«. (1) At V. 9»!, U found thc »chol. 

7<..t.-Tbe lern., io nhicl. Ihc ...U- i. 

4 M. irr»....^ rV •fnoinr* <lW. Bul 

here and ei>ewhe>e dc^rilwl make it 

aiitl heavy. It is a '»laiiinr y^t). a 

»IHenily ni>i|>lixce<l {cf. ■»). After «>* 

■«nare' (g^fi). a "net': ll enlrap, ihc 
haml. an.1 fee. (980. .Jv«) 1 ii i- a «icke-i 
and eiinniri: iliini;. fil f.-r a #i\«'fi v4> 

prcMTiiI rerM Lhe conier of the ichol. 

KHighi ami (oun.1 il die »here.- tfXb.«. 

Kor the kivw of ihe ailr. m» «jj (n.) and 

Whcn Ihe atlenilanls ilaml nwii.j jt aiHl 

cf. tur, r™. iirj i^rtt wf »' Uiifir 

hold it up il> sUimiMlile natorc ii>'«ji i. 

dMM 1 T,ix^ wrpi: Luc. A/irr. C»Hrf. 

revilcd. Thi. lank-.uiKe lately implie. 

v.m>.ihin(; nmrc .leMli.h iIl-i.. a wtw\« ,.f 

lhe iiidiiiary niake anil dislin^^l.hnJ froni 

alw ire Ituly liepi." u well a. the «her 

mho^. l,y it« .iic. The ^li«!. on 

(ij;.«). The pair ai rC-pwni^ hnii wUcn 

i;„r. Or. ..,i„.k-,,ls,y,i7i,K\.Ta,„«. 


.;» );.ri,B O^uro «>( i«.'! :(./«;» «>( 

Thcy hui al«i, a« ngRinil Aipiin,. lakcn 

rj .,*.Xd f.Ji-».. ixo"a. !».! Ih..t «. 

an Mth to ilay hini and, if neceuary, die 

loEether. — Crhe rendcring 'even thit 

^TiiKllVil'''"' 'Th<-''""""'n"arnHm"..'i nf 

liatter. tU. Ihe oaih (al {»«anirfu) i« 

:i n.l, and ih^^ u«: h«e ..f riia. and 

jailhfully kepl- »mihi rcqmre rt*'.] 

{i-u,-*a, fathrr ihciv thai the r.d-c »1. 

07* [t4r«<S'afTi(<Bn>t, hereaipin. 

>.v CMilrivcl that it couhl 1« tii;hlened 

lee') look. lock lo,v.,Wi a.ti,,' 

1 iiuiul lhe lun.l-and f«.>t by xmic arr.ini;e-, of ninniny cord-.-Swyiy UUy 

'in Hkinp cogniiairtc |Conincl.) uf thc-e 

wT^i K..r the dat. cf. /i «. lOij XU, 

r. Xi-).., ,.,«W™..- JE. Kt..,.^ ;J.W. 

<»..», Eur. /, T. 1«» ri T.»riX«. 0».'«<r 

«^ in •J.diei.l M»M et. «7« '"" »-"■ 
MT rAfT 4»lr» «,dr | ttn. and con. 

ia'.inr». TI1UC. 6. |g i .\4<;<>i/ T,^ U- 

Vi>r...Jiwa*.r mit ritit il ntn rpttßvT^- 

faul. See KdhneC'üerth' | 414. j. 


iroSoü' fui'öipiSo. ^60 

Ui^aff, WS iSjj iranj/), 

ivT fironrcviiiv röS« 

ic Ipya r^s «V^s, 

»n/S (V Si'jtj; iroTt, 985 

^ ^fSlKQ)« (löpou 

m yäp ov \lKyto fxopov 
% üf vöfiov, dlitr)v 

•■1 ahi AurilBi. i . *ifl Vcmll. 
ÜMi HeiniKKlh — pinr kholc (lo avold 
MT Ufv «r Khol. ii pfoUiily cilhcr ■ 
I ■ CDTIUptBl 

, i. »Ol. 
* — If *i 

xcM «milki 

■t |u wilh ifgriir/lt i» I 
(ha orlitiTMl w>»e beinE limplr > '»rtu- 
piir' M ■eovvT-Bll,' urvlni> mnch In« 
■am* |iurpvw u b iit]iiuitln i>r inr toi Ihc 
pmtccdini of w»f«, 'I'bc addllion ot 
itt^ hire •hcwi ihm In Ihe limo of 
Anch. Ihr n« In rdcrencc 10 ■ jktvhi 
m. only «r* >«r«#«^ (ef. y^/. i«77 
drl^i t^yitir «nd wKe» In »v. ii— j6), 
■llie r<>X«l i» ihm a triyarrpir pul tu > 
unnse u« (e(. 490I.— (Conlnpoti'« «- 

S'niullon of •r/7*»r^ (u = •tt>«i»»1' 
">*» i'fg- 37ol- "ilh «n Implied upvo- 
Hlion D( d^ph 10 <<|^<. eonnoi 1<c -ab- 
MMilinicd.]— «anfp. Tlie lucriplion of 

•M t «Irr' ln>ir w JT »Äi tO 
•he wbo IwhaUlmh idl lh>n|[> hetc' lin 
(hin wnrM). U- llom. //. j. 17A Z<!l 
«rt^. 'Itrfiit lu*^—, >***'• »Jw. l 

Mtinl.... I iiultiiifTvpKlrTi. IW, 11, lu, 
/*. K Ol rt» »w^rr». <(«W HWsf,/'. 
191. Snph. 0. C »60 t titn K<«««m> 
•Hlii.t. El. Hif w. U« wfll (1) '»''O 
Uholdeih ill ihoK itged>; f.«. all Ibe 



arms and shackling his fcet togciher. Open it out; stand 
round about and shew it — the ihing to wrap a man in : Let 
thc Fatlier— not mine, but he whose eye sccs all things on this 
earth. thc Sun — bchold tlic unholy \vork, — my mother's! Thcn 
in duc timc. wlicn I am tried, may lic bc thcre to witncss, that 
"twas but righl and nature for mc to pursue tliis slaying — this 
of my mother; for of Aegisthus' slaying 1 reck- nought. since 
'tis the adultcrer's punishmcnt he hath, as by the law allowcd. 
But she who contrivcd this hatefui thing against a husbaad, by 

«ome dilliculi)', ii woulil h« cri.y lo iu(;y«i eiihet ti ■{■iyv ^pti 01 A.'>iV»ou v^ 
ti iWyv I.t. (t^iirl. liirwr \ tx" yif ■-'■■*. In Ihe bilM cnst ^0,1» may ha%e 
bcen »ii>plii»l nvcr iM-yw and Ihen havc nmicil liinr. oas rüfut l'ncii». t - 

tlaxvt^ptt iiriiuii CAnicr, ••« M has i> in nui)-., ihi.u^U ihc niuUve i. nul 

impion. Thc iilenlili* 

OicMc»' ipccial • 

pnctlolty cetliin (or Aewhyliw, u il i> 
enllrvly ceiliiln for lüitiiildca l/'r, iHi il 
(«VU«rrrt( 'UXi', J> «1^ iwMau I »1 
rirt- 'Air^XXw I' h Annft iftOt nXj). 
liccnolB lo .W//. (U (-11H \V«tl.|. 
whcrc Ire cilol A'. f. T. H44 r^ 'rri^^ 
'AiUXw^n, Tibi iriXiar, flg. j 1 j >(lv ](ii|i( 
Wr k*<ir. xaipi t' qUcv ^«1 1u111llill1.1l in 
ihc neu litw l<y irurti rt x<i^u Kiit, i 
lli)*iil r' baE' Eiuoi^h. C»/flir. 94 
p. i^otay%of Or^eutTtr'UXit /iilyitn' 
ri- Stiv Iriwlo 'tnh Ir <■' 'AraXws 
rjiMinrV"*" "nd ihvn refcn lo ihe Mory 
inihc^«»r>^(c.rAeKliyl>>i. \aHim. 
i^lt Apulluii»»cnlhcprctenla|ipnkl|<at 
iiafiTi^iiir «UIh).— Kot Ihe inituildactf 1 
MV ]ii| fn.).— <v*vi«...ln*i viiible in 
Ihe dUlKi|ic4l »haiic of inä WrX*!. the 
bUxHUinini awl ihc ■wunl-ipuh. 

tma m, ^fi: U. thdi il mu nalHully 
Hj' |ilsce. Iirr um ihnui;!) I «M> — nv 
liipptl: eillwrlO ■! nwBn mj' niotherV 
■ineo ihl« alon« calla fnr ]u>li£cBlKin 
(l-alev). or (1) 'Vea. ihough a niolher'*' 
—and ihen, rtnwmlnriim llwt IhcN Wai 
anoihei— 'für, M br Aculidhu* Ac>'— Al- 
v{vl»v vif •iilrfyaiUpM'i 'brlhealay- 
ing or an AtiiUll«! I lia«« noihing In tuy 
afialnM.' «I ^>w|llli««4«i^|ifwiat,£iiw. 
1199) wu n Ijmiliabi)' collnc|aial| lllotM- 
^raivw, fWnw I' 1 Binquile iaiii>A«d wtih 
if). er. Thuc, j. «A 4 Ol' <n<l<»a ni! 

i -intffiruk '*«<*) wtUM" rapirra 
^^^ i.r.h. llie ilayink- "< ihe nwlh«, 
Ihough InevilaUe. wai 1 ihin^ lo bc re- 

Clmii thal of Aeg. cau 

«hi^r «ay.l 
Hkv- Kur. . 

ill"in^^!«tof a 



niul t»;t* arc U>1 

Ulli dc.i« i \i,.,Ti, 

yif irtpl ..I 1-,«. 
«lil-u». fhihlci-ii a 

let -liij/.iM./,' -'I'ii£-.«. 117.W 


c rill nie liie 
■Ihe p.'n. 
!«„.■ Kn 

£h«. 6io 

«■ouUI = 
>iun er. 

■ ilh Ihe ui»e lente 
Ihc furm ii( «pro 

«,..■ Kur. //.. ;6» 


^i oS TiKvmv rjvtrx vjto ^lüvrjv ßäpo<! 
^CKov Tcu«. vvv 8 i\9pöv, mt tf/alvet, kakÖv, 
tI <roi StHfei; fivpaivä y t'ir tviBv €<fiv. 
aijirttv Oiyovtr' &c äWov ov Sföijy^e'i'oi', 
rdXfii^f «ort (föc'SiVow i^pov^fLarov : 

ri VW wpotrtiiru. (elf TU)(tu /ioX' (ixrro^tiäv ; 
ayptvfia öijpös; ^ ««/»w iroSt'i'SvToy 

«•1 4(X«> Woi: in mmniar wilh 
gSAf^t. IhouBh in iwlnl of «tu« rti-on- 
^^«t i>(M* ibiHiEl'><'l'<»>''<>l>1)' = ''"*' 

«:7. ^/. 141; #.*™fic ii^ I «v.-^- 

Xav; in Ih« R<i|imnl »rnse, i>. 'limiiiJ 
«o yni I7 ihe naiumi Ik-n oT *(Xh.' — 
^xV***-'"**^*" '* l"^"^ Ikuic,' ntir 
twinK the noBn.-iil fstnt! >M U (ihe 
aökl W>n* Al^l •hvw«,' fU. in ili m- 
«ioiH. er. Thnc. 1. )i ti\tiHt »vtm... 
«f luWn. . .(Ml^" ytlfvM'-- 4- 7,1 Ih-f«» 

|l>]r her «nwiHl« «ml ilcalh) and (iniiiccii.} 

••• «<i. *l rM Utü 9.r.\. Liu 

•XVhjil tcrm. <ihet<>f<w? |I>»M ll nM 
•eetnl Ihil, \( tht hid Imn Uon ■ um- 
•nakc or ■ vigwt, ihc «(»lil hlirc l«vn 

■■■ ir, IhuBch «HWlien, 

hr RH hesnlL-MniM 

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' ~)nsmtlal lemperfm?' Ai SHTL-wick 

. (Ml (aplly qualng I'lal, ntalr. 

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■m In Orrun hinntif. iniioiil nf a 
cBMlnndiiHi of hb quculan. t'or Ibe 
VMimkia of Ihe finl <(n cC >4/- ■ te> '' 

■frw ifn p> ^('y'» (Arn, { ittti*'- 
Wlih ilx Ion« or ihe |<ii>ui,-e in jpnctnl 

ru To^rniriria a^pnin (wiili lllaj^lia' 
nMe).--riiinki' Ilv*W J>v. Wordswoiili 
Inf, Cnniii|;[.| eile» Ali», rifij ttaiiarlur 
ia*>««uir>w |>. II4.1 » thrrsaXlf fwl rir 
bpto nAmifunr i^r nirrat diiXXi^ir «) 
^•> iiM M>g <iXU iiJ Mr eiyp. The 
IHMiun nf ilie inDriifyiiij; luuch »f liie 
jKHMnM |inil«l>]jr anhc [nini (nJK rcpani 
nf Ih« chciric prapttliiM uf iJit: lonmit.— 
Wnuii imnirt., cnrianundmato Ifiiwiw 
(r ofhalrili»] Ivhavionr.— AXa*. Ai il 
itithe wai 11 wunuin anil killal Auuncm- 
min. Ilail >.\vi bcvn a acii-Mialic, nhe 

anl M) vcnnnHHii wauUl the havt bccn of 
hei Min, llmi ihe ufoukl liave killed bjr B 
nun loBch. llcncc Ihc cmiihalic «4 
IImicmI of ihc [HMMlilc *ij)), 'ihoiii-h hM 
lilllcn.' — TiX(iT|i; 'iluiinelc« ennUy." 
Cf. 3»i tX^mo" (n.l.-l«»Tt=.(i'«d yt. 
Cf. An, .uo 'X^fsi^ H<> b ri^' tir«' 
ftafi ßtpllafior | r«i«I> i^riMt— nriv- 
SCiD« )> riphily explolneil liy Vcinll u 
■iMIunll,' ly. acconllrg 1« Ihc ■ kind ' or 
way of Ih« crenlure. CT, jio (n.l.MBj (o-J, 
•■• nr: sc. rtr r^FXor, 10 which 
hü rclunis. as hit coiure and allilwk 
wauM nhcw,— Hb rv)(at «.T.h. ; 'even if 

1 clAr. //ui. Sjj tirrt- 

ijSl (nipiv il^i^lflXwr^i 

whorn slic had conccivcd and bornc bcneatli her l' 
woght of children-once kind, but now, as nccds no 
unkmd and djre-what think yc of her? U it not that 
bccn born sca-snakc or vipcr, shc would witli but 
have gangrcncd some other whom shc had not bitten 
lessncss and temper of her kind can do such work ?' 
What shall I namc jt. bc I nevcr so fair-spoken ? S 
a wild beast? Or tlie covcring of a man in h 
wrapped round his fcct ? \ay, rathcr, 'tis a net. Yt 

Marlin, tenCt' it /^W,,, j r^ley. i , oo« «*,„„ TurriL-liu^ .a.. 

Ti,f£[.;^xrrolüti;i:;':i3"r; t^:f>_. T:z,^t^. 

llini ])üij;ii»ni griff oficn iniliiti.'v) in a \„Mi a.ul iiid'iHlt hii wi-,r,U i! 

S'"" l'lV of fsncy. iiiitritfi-wiiun^ (i) 'a n< 

«oni. imtuh,iindiwrI.a,«notpr«:i«:Iy »hich will „„h a ,k'3<l m; 

c.pi.c.-,l,lc v,,,h our fimit«! knoBH-ili-c of lail„,r). Tl.c i. ilic ..,r 

thc.lwaikofOreckoUvjui«. The kcy in« iiamrjlly i,,ioMua-.l l.y *, 

10 li^ in ihc .louLle n.MnTn"if fy^X^'. lT,X<u,X\etl[^lc'^,!^^^t,'. 

in ^^. IS40 ini-puTtlxiia I J^r^r «ar/- l,y ilii- Iimil- i.f If.e -iHiikci 1. 

)[«.r. xawilfl' Ukc njfwi-ntc i* 10 ihe ni;nLi,c,.ii:tv uno.i ihJ jml„n.. 

«uihiiriiy fion. Ihr« «urce- for ihe 
munini; ■rollin,' vii. £t. ,1/j,-. »~J._ . 
Ila^^-«- ■■ -■■ ■ ■■ " 

M IJ, [1. i;i6 F«X(ii j )u 

in Anw. öjö, whcre ilicie i, na tuci 
lalioii. hc «iilains IpaTg by rviA« 
»•(>V nüry yw^v. an cinire™iui 
I HouUl railicr iniply ihat •cnllin 

lanulinif) Ilw feei of Ai-an 

lli' (Cf. «o»).— In jwinl <•!«• 

Milde 10 ^oiii nap«« t 


Ulliciwi«.' ai,o.r.,r.«ara«>,q.».. 

i>a7»(. Uhtwiv )Llvaw: 1 

'N'ay. HCl il ik.' I'u place a 1 
•ft awl ^Mvvrn Aariw by ilic 

llcai Oll ihis uuiiii. A iluubk: invaiiiiiL' 


Bio, .«pC»., toS< ' 1- SoXa,;..r. , 
roXXow i^t'pi' "'>''" »</>»"'"' *?' ■ 

TOiiS' Wi fiVoim! <V Sei»«.»-! /i1 
^•vo,f- äXoiV,- "P<!»»." '« «™' ■"""'• 

JCO. ai«: Ol'» )«>'<"'' ''T"' 

m.x« wJl. t . • 

^X4rM M. e«<. h«"e" 

is.« .t. ist. -"" 'E'."Ä:r 
r^r'^z ,'£ ,t" iS. "."" S 

**""■ ^'-lA.Um'j. .IUI" 
« UM 04 ihe c™. 

^A> «>a«Tav : iniilaW» imM. (vit 

Ja.».;**», i™,;;;' "ffl":^ 

leoa »F tlpä- B»n.b»reef. plauiil-lr.— lo ihi« who cnllcc >iranBen lo 
(SXcomluct of"w. ^^'^*-/.: * 
M »Hol from ihci. <l««i ( «'->- 

«.ah^i. I.U1 »i ft I««' .1"« '" r^. 

Ki'il n |»|..l«. «■"'tl "" '™ 

ovcrcame the lonic, r"""""' . ,| 

I" i-rupcr f..rn. U rclflinnl. l'l«"- 
MnUBer«.' Ihe »relrmW ho»t wouUi 

vMu^rvr iTBiiXp, liesych. *»«^fl 

i.fV» Hi>'V»^ ""''^'^1, "^wl 
ul'u ralh« be c<p>i»e<l by dr..4- 
I ef. Eur-A. B; ri.*! «WJ»"-' 


say 'twa^. hunier's toils, or robcs with 'trappirigs for thi 
Just such a (hing some cheating rogue might gct, on 
tricks strangers and follows tlie robbt-rs trade. Aye. wi 
knavi.sli lliing hc might put many a man away, ancJ lay i; 
guilc upon his fevcred mind. 

May such a woman nevcr share housc oi nunc. Soom 
heavcn ordain thal I shall pcrish childicss. 

lel work I Dire w 
s time to blossoi 

Cho. Alack! Alackl for thc 
death that cndcd thcel Yea, wail 
sufTering follows deed. 

nXU «' s^fiilm Ilcilh, «ii»-' «•<■ Din<l. {»ip» a»<i ivaulil havc W<a n 
^» J.nlKCk. Jtul ihc luxl 11 >.wnil. t. 1004 vpi»»' M, corr. T 

^< JlHi» conj. Wcckl. ( . lOOS Thc |«!r>nn-iii;n i. miss.nK- «I qI 

•Jil Uiiulo<r, lOO« jxr^^tfii Hciinswlh. t,iwpix»V<" Mu-E' 

1007 ^«ir» U n [laiiuoE. 

müji cit ToiMTu : ' yci, uilh llili cunniiii; 

which Uli encoucaucil Or»Li's ,in. 


iit hii <lii;il, IS iiuw 10 hi-arlcn 

'wuulil miki; hui ninny lhuU|;htj/Dr liii 

»).). In I1.C wiiMiophi- i.eiC 

hcDM,' it. 'houM by many tinn uinn hi« 
t-uihy cmiwiCTCc.' 1-w .h» ü« ..('d.M*.. hini »ilh Ihe .ellccl.." 

h..i. IHK beeil >jKci.llIy sm^loi 

caLiwily. Ilere il decbte^« » . 

on (io.i, ]>arliciiiarly i. (. r. .M;o rairam 

u|>.Hi ihtf »liilHIJon vT Ihe eniel >. 

iliat auvh > wicked munlvr iny» ii 

W«/. 4,..,Juv. i.,6,. 

liave l»ii tollu»e.l liy h> i.u.i 

lOOa «[. «LoB- : «ich i wifc. Thire 

aiK) ilui lie ha< only U.eii i(i in* 

hu \Ktn n pau« 11 9iHrl, Dml Onti« 

ll wiHilil l<e IHM anly mi>|<|H<n 

tum. from (liL- ^iw\« (oHanl. ih« bo<ly 

enlirely out of diaraeler. für lh< 

or Gyiunmolr.!, <l> Koc [he 

10 »arn hiin Ihal he inux lu« 

Kiilinicot cf. Eur, ^.,rfr. ,3; i ,^, i ,i. 

iuft\.-f for h» aclion. Ili< o»i 

MIX Mi| f"0L.<J,, TV.« Com >li.iH^*.l like 

h.ii Icil vn 10 no -uch Bliiiini;. 1 

yiiKtiriitMatrißiiti | t> J' dr'V'"» 

livmL' Ihe 'iloec' Uli uhuiii ihe > 

^r pptrtu rmi- »ix.>, A'. i3.«J ft»"*^- 

lo fall. Thc wonl. ,..X<ur Z^» 

iiif ihc long invetliie a|;^in,I 1 

r« ri\...--pi.l.»: -u.hc.' ( = «v«. 

^iiwi. iiilurilly refer !•. ihu« -cm 

«V.«j). C(, 3«. So|*. 0. T. S31 dJiX' 

in »hiel. >1 ha-l |.bye.l a i^n ; 

^> (J/jorü. 1 ^ii|r t^orrin Vf^K» q 

Ul-un / In' lli-il |'ii"i-hiiK' 

r««,ä- (i.;. 1 .,X;äa.-lK «1^: ■ by .li^- 

follow. We may .. 

pcniiiion oflheUod»,' cf.s.i. r.iiuf 

vie«- lh,il M<W«' fpy^ reler^ l. 

\Ci ri r*.(i. »*V.M« '« »'if «V'. l^'"- 

of Onxe* >..<! r<uh,. lu hi> o«n 

/Är™^/. 794 wfiit, i, e,ä, «iXAuT. (*. 

-£*.»: Ih« mdancholy .ltcr«»i.e 10 

h-nrilly havt »i«« eic<|<t for 

mamaec. Cf. lies. 7A^g. fioj »qa. aml 
revcr«ly Eur. /. T". 697 6rtui r' ««•>; 

lieri. Jht^x<V. »hieh il i. 

IKHiible to rcfrr lo AEaineinnon • 

VrgiT' 1., tif draif jl.« 1 wtTpv«! 

füll ll» iniiHl Ol Ihc thucuj may 

honible faiel, an.1 which mu>i 



100S-1007 ■Ut>t«lK.TA. Among 

lieine icnomi, u kiy Omto in 

Tlie (ull Mn>e, ho.evef. ii 'Ah 

more alleniion hu been pid 10 iit 

tucheriKldecliI ^Vilh ■ dreaJ 

■ndi>iduil woidi Ihm lo Kl nilunl 

wen Ihou (Clyt.) ilaiiv— ala. I- 

parpcte. The funclion oT Ihe Chocu, 

wu lo be ». foij if one »iu 


El» Alyio-Öou fi^t. 

jpdv^ iviiß<i)^€Ta.i. lOIO 

»W70 ToO iroi«t^/iaTOS. 

W öirot/iüJCw p-opwi- 

■ua iTpoff<fiQ>väv röS«. 
4 iro'öo? yeVos t< irS»- 

mv fLidtriiara. IO15 


■> M t>n Ihe ind place), corr. Turoel.. 

Ihe fe«i. t . »o»0 •<•!> M. cotr. 

wTrf w*; IIer«,.i.n.-(.rt»**'™' "• 

^Iw; lli™. ( . ««r' i«.^ Bolhe.-rto 

1 robe b»n «vWen« to ih. cnme by Ih. 

' 'Ayv- u|Kn. ilH-ir. «hieb « . (J^ «X 

i bloori; it cannoi prov« «nythiiiB e»"' 

: ccminL' ih< .»le & AecMhu.' owoid. 

1 For ihe nmt rtiaon we miwl mM rwidor 

, ■«.!» 1I.C ■•".nl of Aefi. -lyed ii.' The 

. The «cml of Acfi- *" "'*'' '7 *^')"- 

1 not lir Aefi. hini«lf: «K Ai^km!.. lo 

1 lOian. Mtc«i onptuuic'. 'Ayc. U 

I b mt dl» tnenly to Ü«e 1 H ■> a* «"^ 

i ihU white *pe«kinB Oierte^ ilelibrraldy 

« «B-nino ai*l poin" <wl '"« iM.U..— 

t biSod und .0 ihc miirex-dyc. Cf. yf/. 

j !s.rf2;j:'?;s;.'-T;iÄ; 

'ennlribuici.': Bit. Af«i. 1B4 («..fliXXrra. 
( ■nniny,lippinp(inth«.ly«J.'lVc«lUer 

• •lulF>; in oxJet 10 en<ure a W.nftcr (toh- 

M neu «r colour, were .1ii<iM<l «vtoil lliM«. 

Cf. Hl)»** (/•""" *" W"'*' '<«"W. 

rt rpl^.«^ P.1er <l»nle. M«B. 1. I». } 


22 S 


'v Or. Deeds? Did she Ihcm or not? N.iy, this robe bcars 
'me witness, by its dye fron Aegisthus' sword. Ycs, 'tis a blood- 
spurt that joins with time to ruin many a dipping oC thc 
damuked Muff. 

Now do I spcftk his praiscs; now do I bcwail him, ivhcn 
here tn pmence I «ddreu this weh that slcw my sirc. 

I grteve, 'tii true, for decds and punishment— yca, all thc 
sort of it; for from a vktory like this I win pollutions none 
nnd envy. 

Cho. No mortal wizht may travcrsc a scathcless lifo in "''■ 

J* Ilcnd., wnlienliv <hc tone nf thc n|>ciiiir>n.— riop«r l<lui»r. loi« I 

hm puoelBMcil iha lliw w ai to iiiach ii [o ihe pieciilini:. m>it.'iil of i<i ihe 
Inllawl«[, nne. | . lOl« lU« itlr tlcnveriLcn. ^ . ^VL-<:l.I<;i^ -.u'ik-cK lh;il 

■ Vene Ctslniili« «ilh iXyä » luu )»»»■ 

lost ofl« thiv Hut i. tOlS iv 

SUUller- »Ol« H hu M .ie« «r th< -.pcakcr.-d.,.* h;.s l«n ...>.k hon. 

rti>dcr liy </>.nw <!> Ihe vietiiii, =» 

i. ra« in Ihe c.iw of nnimi Vit ef Kur. 

oppo^l in the «*«'*«). -llie «n« i. 

fr. «fi T* W ■wir d^M ] >nr(>/u. nX>.> 

' A"™ (In 1 -iiieaii my jiniiM of him ; Hmn 
da I lainenl him.' Ihe |ieninn munt licing 

m>«l<i ji.X.ri- (So|ih. ,J/ 790 »(.i^i» ij^ 

iIXm.' .Vi i. «>nie«l.n c..^i^■..) Ih« 

olivimin, (Jre>l<ai i« pcrlDfinini; ■ duiy 

I.O«. «hlth hc couM iml («rfurm st the 

\lith »«ft»i. äx*""". •«•\i".«."i- xai*«. 

|.r»ve» time. t-f. M >« >«» n^ «Iju^o 

^*.M«. >,Ki, an.l takes ll..- [.la« .,f a 

rlr, wArif. ^^ (n.) -«l«! wilh refer- 

prn-c d,il, iKiihiKTtitrlh', |.]i. iy:t «i.). 

ence, not l« • rnrniil l*vMi* «her llic 

-Im» "l "••«: lli"-.^ "f Clyl,. n.>i 

R-mon münner in imldlc funernU, Uit tu 

nrh'n...lf, lUvlill,.ftr.l...v..oo.- 

r(»7.-'^v« « wä*. As \\.trari „L,- 

uilcred diitinj; the lanwnl or 'Veenint;.' 

iheKiiNeMgrievefutall ll.v raw.' lle 

iiV' ''V 1 '^ luvtet Uriw 1 dXahJf 

therefore n.»ten. 'anil all llie mui,' j.<. 

^■ür F»^«,- i/f/. Jlo Titi rieXi^t 

■an.l all the like of ii.' Thi. cxi>re»'<H> 


cliiM w.ih 1': -in itnxnce. thai i~. 

[k't<»l.»ui. or n.ii.i Huu).l jK>ha;a hive 

when addievinit Ihii web ihat •iew niy 

vaid .=i wi-a rd r.,-.r., V;,!«««. 

lire.' Kor Ihe piinctiintlon tce eril. i>. 

should l.,j„t: i«Va .ind rt\« W rtX-r4 

ciuliiiK Ihe senlence. tuf. ii; In.) — 

oCXa). l]iit liiii llli>ll:^ .11.1) iiiiy and 

|-.lli,li,.n.-ihKa; a im-,..,i,, Cf. /'. i'. 

er. Ax. xm ««-«.*■ VxTi *• *♦**«•" 

.11 ijtfwt), Siijiti. 7>J.'*. 74) 


■i(K^». .'»^0., .//. 7;(. UTi^i diif 1 

lei« ifXyi |J* In» H-tJ^- l'lie 

..r^ar' Jrti'-— »'«"It Ti»8' : "a'iilu.y 

wnrtli bilow > pauu.-ir vre cftll |U« 

>uch as ihi>.' Thc .:>-•>■ i> 'i >he> 

utiltriitm and uy Ihal it <k equivaleni lu 

ur ou-e. Cf. /■. 1'. ^pjo a.«r\«.«i 

■,, (r> in Wiw. pi: *l™ri W» *«*.<... 

'll^t äXaTfio.!. EuT. //((. ;aa r^«iu>* 

VyA W' •*■ •«• anU Ihe like), it i> i.....e 

««rl... *o,>4.. 

thc ie» to be ciplnined u cnatcd hy an 

tot« «1.1. The Chon.« »cvki tu jire- 

.1 O«.lo fron, takinf I«. k' , 

lhoi.j^ he view of (be k.tnaiUm. hvei)'<ine n.u> 

uva n« .n.mmw.G-ij Ejipicia iL The liav-e his tl.arc of korruw at mmi.c tin.c 01 

leiiK \ti. 9ja H|q.) i« ' 1 S"eve, it ii true, olhcr. I Ie ii Iwl unilcr|;uin4; bi> poitiui 

(bot Ihera »ai no «eher coune).' Sid^- of Ihe cominoa lol, and ilaiids in n> 

wick poinli oul that the anlilhelical iiniquc poiition in divine diiüvuut. Koi 

-•- e »itually coina in 1014 h.— A^ä Ihe Kniiment cf. A.^. jj« tI) U r\i|< 

kiotbetÜMBOlmpecl) *Mr I aiur' ^iV" r^ i'' ü>» 

...IpYiu ) 
T. A. 




/xo'xffos S' ö iiiv ainix', ö 8' ^fei. 

■»OP. aXX', Cti Äv ciS^T, ov Tai" oß' öwjj «Xet 

tj>p<p(% ZütrapitTov npöi St j^apSiif ^aßo^ 
aStiv trot/iov, ij S' üiropx"'^^'" wot?.. 

«ut S' «r' ipk^ptav flpi, icqpviTirtit tjtiXon, 

le» M iriw'*rw*i M.wl.ich 1 enireci (Ihmii-Ii M- 

' ' '^TifiOt Itolhc. /**fi*i#( 

inrirl Weil. »«»' *'* "''.'' *'''»"' *'■ 7 

'V_ „-'"flfn ^' -iiS«i """■■ *<* ""*' *'''"" lleWh. iüii liiiü yii-id» 

*r' irlnil »«(M|kI*(i I k-imwelh. -it«ii^™. M, corr. 

,„, ffom i ( = *) folk.«lne {U. .iHif««). »«»■ '• 

"=.:'■ V_^ ,?V 1 ^, ^rtV^W «.. The mpy»l «»irienlly «ulS 
ihe »I»,.*«* him-wlf u noi tiuirely lucm^lal. «>i i« ijue 
Btr B*rf](', 1 1" «flt rUrtuni:- »"• The 

P'cile (ii 

■hc wmneme 

KHvrdl. Th. 

M (»ith (v in — fc-T. - - .- 

•applinl !•» m >" ">e ""Pf 

lo TbtiwI'— «ilt»"» Blomf., im*' 

r- of M U betler < 

. _ nf-, 1 

•Ol «J * <"? '*« I ""•'' '•"*■■■ 
^-rftT .1. »•^'i' -rn*. Thl^OK". 44/ 
•M,|. v«^ »4.T- <,ri ir»iX^. Mscihyl. 
_yV. «■ IX^M 1" •OUIt wi'tm Xf*"* ("■ 
Xr. fiOi, &c uMtwuT; in iln Utir u« »* 

_,^M d>xi I «( "»«■ ">^ "k >"rk>que 
fcy S»™» •/• A'*«"- '■ J"' "^ ,'*"" 
««■»«•■f iJfH J»' hiw«»; In Homer 
«hc wonl ia »lw«J> «IjccliMi, wiih ßpurtl 
«( Ar«>»M (rf. .«"///- fl* ntfiiwu«. 
yuuit}- Wh»KVM iW ilerivwkin, Aöch. 
aapcan lo h«ve umlwJitoil il »f ihe 
^TMk n«u iihI pllubltconillllonolinnclali 
(er. tiiWfi p^wwV«. m»rla/i*Hl Bripil)- 
—dinri r iwmi« i tf. Ä'*'"- i'* *f*^ 

r ,u^ i^x'«:-»^ irfrT*..,iH*«= 

iauiKUn rtn* |m tchoL ).— < av ^ »- 
tmM. S-criLti. »T>|»f (M). be«ilö 
IWDe maMlnnl. nnual ainfuif^rtt 
LttM.), MM vmiM thal HiMt lie «ppn). 

, r^c. Kwaha — ' 

L ^iHft m.klnc 

■clDally fminrt. i» correclly formell; ef. 
i-r<^i>(T« ir'infl.l, BTa»*"-«! {Soph.). 
iTarfWM (Acsch-), iyifptn. and 'in 
eieeeilini; honout ' Mlinlie» Ihe eooleiil.— 

tbe<m cf. l'.Uf- Jli^r. Sfl »Mi- 
^«pal lft*\«r« J wiwiM ß, 
SM« flr*r.--^t«^ -Willi 

lK.he«M = '« 

lOl* «[. ^W, ■ 

r', »i '-rJi- 

n.i.n, j in; kuI.■■^'•n>l^'i' 11 W* »Ha twn 

^. V^vwu rJfc r.Xri ; lil. ■ I know nol in 
•a\ih hn rcadihg 

punclUBle» ■! *^*i«i'. Kor Ihc rdJ 11 ii 

ill (ailhouiiK 

I* t« l»Md an 

Erfurdi (/.<. ilikt y6f iC) and i\\\..a 
rtS', «cepl Ihal Ihe lallet nHy lielle 
accoinl ftit iht ptime coiniplion (rrt t'| 
On Ihe oih« hand Ihe rotmer is idiomaiii 
■nd 1X\' iruulil be tounicil wiih Iwi i' i 
iBt4 {.Sidewiik),— -« *» tttiir' ; ■! wwl' 
hi*( ¥0» know"; »et 4j8(n.) and ad 
Kvr. /. ^. 1416 wt •VI' Ir titii. /tu i! 
An*-- ii,«3. Kha. m—Sw^: nol --— 

all things richly favoured. AlasI Troubics must bi 
one by-and-by. 

Or. Ah — for ye must bc told— 'tis as though 
team bencatli my rein, and know not how its cours 
For my rcstivc wits are brcaking from my hold an 
carry me afield, whilc at my heart tcrror is fain to si 
it dancing to an angry tune. 

So, wiiilc in my senses still, I make appcal (o loy 


'.:_ W t\ 


Ot if M ir« lillomr.l, d\Xr»i i„ii,, toCt dp «»' Coiiiii); 

Or" E. A. 1. Ahicn". Vcirall. lOlB— 1031 The punciuiLlor 

wtipw- Ml»»" yip '■'■^- t . lOao [Wiih ihe ern>n<.-ou> piiiicli 

nj. wiHTfoifii, ^Vfldiict iirioHTfi^i. lOai liti rpix" WFi<I 

loaa lr«,ui M, See Kühncrlllnsi* 1. p. jiG.- 

ani^) i> bei M 

cviilrnl •.iiiitrioritv. Tlie acceiuuilion it n 

S.. i 1- n. >ai J<. »1 'il ih;i» (.(il = ■»] 

i.-.**rv Al»c«h. Sehül 

,.h.>t. nol «. nuich in Vi»'»«^» aj in 

►/.>.. 7, (u«...r »«, 

Ihc comini; Ji'vajuroi. In poinl o{ 

£iiw. 7 Mwa> f i yirii\i>,> 

Xiir«<u; -dance to iti Icari 

l-cylnninc lo eitry me «inicwhal afield." 

an.l Ihc familiär usc »f i> 

lle » ilill »ne as yct («»4)' Cf. P. K 

<bl. (iKn.). (.^. i»-a«« 

909 U« H »fiinai- ^penai XiV<rt|( ] tm6- 

-linf. -wiih »ralh,- i.. 

„ar. «^ l-iih a Hiff.-rcncc in ihe 

I1UI helplc^'ly. yicI'Unc 10 1 

meiaiihor), / M44 t4 f IW iial-tai 

,,<in.), The dal. » m.<!:i 

in tptwv Ttawr Tt^X". Kur. /Ia.ii. 8lj 

ffu *■ tXaü'w To3 «jHPi.V. Soph, £/. ;j4 

). il Iwi^r i^^t "i » 

j, .( iK^i/Mir. Vcrg. Cf.if^. 1. f i.i Ftrmr 

A:c. Thcrc Ken» to bc , 

i-juii «ariKU »../'it ttu.lil lunai holvHat. 

r.->ley>. a.^oion that ■ l.y 

itiK ;fl (n.|.— -yiip: fi>r Ihe [»>ilion if. 

of excilcn;cnl is .<easio 

-«X-- IJl ;))»'«>< »^»".. .»i, ».r.\. .md 

Vcrrali lalies ihe dal. as 

MC JcMi on Sopli. !'hil. ufo — UnpK- 

ihe vcil% 'to dancc to hit 

T..! nr,. tqü 4. ^-la.'! t' ,lxf «H.,w- 



loaa «1. Tpji » «apSi« K.T.X. 

n.y cause; io.|8 «j,!. Cf. , 

Fea" <m^ al ihc hcarl an.) niakei il 

rar^. -fhc verbal Ihe sam 

a declaration «f hi. 

The nolion is .i| Ihal of a cory 

Ihe law.— iTsMÜ ^ 4ti|U : 



F.|wll (.>W*). Cf. Plat. Uh .Mön «a'/X" 

Ü '0>.^l><>.. »1 in.Mr Hi' Ti, JXX«, rou 

^«.-r«;«,,, ««.i*..,....v..M.« f«Vf.v 

my faiher'l. The a.inudc 

T,ii r«,r.O #«>{^l r.t »i/X«. .Ml), 

»•,ii ,im MT'y» ■""■«• 

.«.f. 966 TiwTt M« rU' /fiir'Jut 1 J'Im 

Irin* i'tiM. T.(«ijw. rm-rpi. 

iaiSi i.T.X.. iuf.*i66 ifix''"' <■ 
WflV. -*«((»»: 'eamr- (446 n.).- 
Fo( Ihii demoiuir. cCS.i. T. 1; * ■ 

Ttp^t6iav rin- a penon ^j.: 1645; cf. 1.^ ( 
■JXiMroi a^'r«»! The eipression ii cumulat 



KTanu' n 4^fit (t-rfrip qÜk ivtv Biki}-;, 
noTpOKTÖvov fiiaafia kox ßtÜtv trrvyo^- 
KoX ^iXTpa. TÜkfijjs riJcrSe ir\eKm;/)i£o/iat 

wpä^airTi ixtf tsuCt' tKTO^ airias Kaidj^ 
ttvai, ■na.ptvra S' — ovk ipSt t^v Üij/ii'ac- 
Tofy yi.p ovTif rnifiäTütv irpfuri^trai.. 

^ xai iniv öpäre p. ats wap€trKevafrpti-o<; 
füll T<(iS< ÖaXXtÜ Ktil iTTC^i irpoeri^opcu 
puröp^aköv ß' lopvpa, Aofi'ov itibov, 
wvpö% Tt (fttyyoi i^Btrap KtK\r)p(.vow, 

t ^vymv roS' af/ia Kotmc oüS' l^tmov 

kaqacewhieh M lifld Icl Min).. Ct loiS. lOa« ir.i^rri 

IT ^tl»pa tA^^ TiirCa K-T.h. 

tm ile<d I offcr ihc hiKhcvI mrrani. 
.■-fOw^: moreholilly.Mll l'iBcl. 
. M It« ^vh> HS tnriur 

At. Eftf. >ab^ iXK- ir. 
'bau' iw 'MUcI;' ciui I 
whww liile Ot. givc! 

ippr-iocIiRl wiih M 
whkh io Ol 

-«.«. ;6« <l> iror. , 

M«ri«i«fV«- In 1'"»' pl»t« " 
ff lo jnin «»LffTttni »,j*Kw, In 

■hg "gl**«« Ih« [ileclKej. H 
gf Ml oAih.' ir hcK 'Xumip 
Ibwi^n ww^Mu, WC nliui 

rc namc tmtt Tot iKe wlja:li*i 
nn^ui In ihe Mü. lhnu{ 
rnnficläii in aiicmpi lo n.>|in- »m t| 
^BWuhiK. Tl» cafnue n-rli gtciii 

Uki (dt -dl*«!»), which impliet ■ 

Mht^FV Ü" oiilinary fnrmiilbn 

MB thi lnicoE'"phen ( H ovch . . 
< PnllHI (;. t4) in Ihe Kiue 
^lAttMmn (Phol.) ot clM 

iri=iic<1 ■■ ■ Tcrli nf 

= ri. jynl- 

Ore>lvi IrA nr, uf him. («tu. (S« 143 
Xiyu »v4>u wilh noic.) SimilarJy ifici 
«•fJrTK (wilh in (-■"-- -■- -- 

j inÜiL In place of ilgt. uid 

Inbn.) (hc Mcnlenee wimlil linvc pioccLtlcil 

wtlh t^. (uSt lUr«a> (nol b liUrf.i). 

^IIk «bject oT drai michl jxnsilily Iw 

T&#r', hat IhU Ji much Icm iüiomaiic.)— 

'r^tiDiIart in «irrelive »|n-ia- 

I dramalically nccoury in onler 

«Toid injr rqMilion of Ihe ili.'>cri,Hion 

mfi. 170—105. 

lOai litfv 1f*f « rX. i iVA. 481 
fitani' Altai fix irtfTtl%iatiu*. He 
who sinu «1 • aacrifiion will find hii 
triow Tall tbort oT )he iniiik. l'he noiion 
i) ihe uine u In Xen. Ah. j. j. ; •< 


say: It was with right I sicw my mothcr. bciiiK my fathc 
murdercss, an uncican ihing ami an abhorrcncc to the "o. 
And, for the spclls tliat ncrvcd mc to such a dccd, I of 
for füll Warrant Loxias, llic secr of Pytho, and his oraclc to n 
that. if I did this dccd, I should be clear of blamc ivhile 
I passcd it by— I will not teil the pcnancc, for no boit can c 
bc shot lo reach .such licight of woc. 

Hc nssiniirs Ihe sii/<pliniit tokcu 

And now, bchold, .Arincci with tiiis branch and wrca 

I will go siippliant to thi; shrinc, inid-navcl of tlic carl 

dcmcsnc of Loxias, aiid tc. tlic bricht blazc famcd 

'Immortai;-an c.xil« from this shcddinfi of kindrud blor 

On Ihe eonitary T.p<,r. (lojol T.iriitl.. Ui.i .ud, it ( ..i.h ,e ot f<rmil:„ul,. lOal »,4»,^ A. I.i»lwii;._^,„ar«- Mu.l..l. -,«.', 

Sch.,11, TpwWf,«, MeineUe, w.iiioui „„I. >, . iffa« .*.i, SunlL-.*- 

>(I Verl» nf (.,.i,.„K nn.l „f rMd,i„K -r ,l,e«u In vi«-i.aimini;., ,,■. i/ V- 

»iMing Ihe Ulm. Cf. Soi.h, ^/. ,..4 rJ,, A«i««/,r, ,, iiio) anil u 

>i^ WfiiXw it^Äii' '"I I •■'•* »» ifiapfOii. cmcrill «ill. lillti- (r.iau.wH/Mi Mr.- 

rjir.ffivti,ioijt)ffvprt-ji!tearli'^gipeil l.i.\. Jim ii uj. iidi miuuciI in 1 

toaa TySi : l.iLing li u{> ji. hv .|vAk> 
—%a>Xf Hai rW^i ^ilaltX^ tsriH^'V 

The aaX**i iva. 1 .\<i4«, rt««. illcsych-) Kur, /. /■. y;,. .^„./,. ,oHJ *«Jo,. r,)„ 
1036 ^Y>«i(i4>«iT*v. Sl3nl.-y.,uoi 

.iJ.fft,i, ,»r,f. ui il,<lM .0; *A«*,.»j> 

43 .XtUai 


il^.T<f.i|rw jiUiu, ] Xijr« 




wpiKMiii); thai «uiiiiliaiii* 

1>1')>«.« rtw7.— *^ 

iVfUiur' >;JDlgi. diii, S.i|ili. (J. /: 

Unif>Ja.i .UJ»ri. rfiirtiuW*«. l.iy. (4. M'<v ai^rdtf. rü> 

3« ™«Di o/™- n,- nhmCHla «Im tuffluiim .4/vll. N ( a.l » ro. 

.inly (.ir x»'!^ ^(^.(tecr.iT. 

a Hieaili tiTw i(«;h<||Urav: 

Bpwi meir MMiiL s« n«e 1» &,/.//. D.c .in.iymtf.'hui ■f,ni.:d «. ,'l,e „n.|,,nj. 

SM( = fHS4 Wcckl.|. I h* lechnieal naiiie er. //. n, ;,; -A^.wi«, ft^ 

...X e..... ,, -u ,fc.i,II^T«,a\ioiv..Aoi.t.o'j 

10»4 |U<rop^>.Xav...apv|>«i ' tl.e J.:l.l.'. ' ' "''"'"' ^""' "^ '"""■" 

Arine of iht niijnavel.' i.r. ...iiiai.iing lOSfl ^1. ^vvw: .i nvceuary 

iUftUw I >•! 4vl0K .aT/K. Uua, : 

- («re.1 by 

of . 

öfron (./(«r Slippl. 14H oliia «v»iWi «(.^mt x<'»'i< 

;>;« **«...■ //,//.. J,. Dwil. Arhl«.: fijj. -»<» 

... *.rr4»- ^^1 alfia «im. l'he neun ami aili. fum 

II iVV*»n, Sirah. 9. ,., 4io.&e.|. Cf. noiiun. Cf. ;«o ri ^, -»i^ a\lu,,, 

Af. 7:7JJW"-*i*«f 11,.«..«, XW1- «r^ *wi.#ra anil nme,-<«r*v-.«. 

atat, tut. Ör. jj, w»iM#.XK...«..»ai. >,r/.; S.nili. W*/. loi *WXi,#. Ca. 

Tb« 4«<««X^ KU ■ Mhiieuan« '" - ■ 

lairri Tifaril«, f>n/. 1 i ■■ 


ik\j]i' rpairitrÖai, Aofi'as t'^iero. 

rä SWi* XP°''V /*<" Träi^as 'Apytiovi \eytii 

1% Tift Ttitovaav iiiKi'> tWOpiTVvdr] KOtca. 

iyit S' öXijTi)! T^crSe y7« ä^ofti^s IO4O 

{oiv tcal TtBtnfKm räaof Kk-rftövat Xiiruf. 

^'^^ ironj^ /i^8' einy\tinTtTÖi Kann 

<«Tja« Turne)... Ic» idiiinaiii:!!!)'. |. lO» tXXn Herm, 1- lOM n< 

^wss^lN luanunciilion aixl *iiT>>i>X<vi iwÖiIuCmI turAiwi. ' Duotuiii venuu« rcli- 
qalo« cxMarcinMu e« nwnuii Kraiii' (Wtckl.). «A.' hu b™ »troidy mi<s«M>I 
»» Hcng. HiKWTMnr Jx'Xi'Jn^rf« «•«*). See Ihi Canuncninr]' Bnd. for CMI- 
tMaro, WMkTeln't Apiimdii.— Kor «I M^gpili' Wakefield ipiM (•ra«i«nytb> 

««•■*" ftc.|.~i«irTMV = lWrr: llom. 
"•■ r- (48 ri> »0»T».« ipiFiw. Supfl. 
^ ««r« .i»»r«t ««wi'w i*iiiTM \ //lir. 

£1"^ »•» '•'"" **■ *'*w '■' '•'^ 

7**»*« I f|w. rfii/. ftji, Kur. jl/«/ ;ij 
*J' Tl.;, «ml i. ,„ 'hc j.^m-1 ci™..|y 
™7 '«ivW«««. wlikli lim. Ironie» 

Areoa In ihe nbnence of « retjwMibU 
nilcr llfur. /. /'. gig). Fnr Ihe «tmU 
iiniviuunallv Inocrlccl in ihe leu w« mw 
illuunte wgpal* hy l'InJ. /'. 4. 5.10 ^ 
i^r rin r«u '<V<te. vtrStn f .vTtf «^ 
•rrAr. /'■ K 96C i«X» b-i^y» nißt, 
ukI |J)u' liy iii/. 1003. 5"///. iiMMPn 
W^»i '^^- 717 H^"" »!»■ 

T< r i> much Iwllcr ihnn -rd', LIl-, 

ine). "<: 

- (»U Oi 

K ll>e 

■airwrn, Kur. /At. ifi: 
'™- ««V-W. JB* .^»«r. rtr fdhiv. HJt 

''•""'•W i Ihe («comI » «ill 
""c»r» Th« enow« U o 

IW «»« ipteHMl ■!. W lh= ™» im. 
P*" i« iku |«rt> of (WO illlTvrvnl linn 
J^jWwiiMfilcnlnllj'SonlliiiwI, iheeye 

itttat—tr %fiv^: nui «imgily iV <rjr lief 
(i^5). I>ul 'in (Hill lime 10 come.'-W»» 

fiit ntfi' Mynr, S. t. T. 1013 ai^ vAv 

...i/X»'«>So|>h. /»■*/. lOI Xiyur'^ 

l»47#J »«mi...M'0'"MJftu'- SoiaaJr- 
r/H [.S(.j>li. 7^»-^. 11;). ^>W» (O. T. 
iJO). v^.>i;<» (l-in.l. /. (. t7).-«a 

I •»* oopjriM hxine 


teali^ Tim nw. [Thu conjcclun: iNfüfv* 
fiNv, ibough nn; neccuüiry. U iilnujbla, 
whelhcr in Die lechnical «nu o) IbmIiic 
n being ali(a«3 

ihiiiu; 10 hu McuHUiim (bera), 
I wider lena« f^um IttlUaui 
.464aiitlS>n(l)F>oaAtiii<. Cwi/. ■ 

4)}.— "iH) *VÜä«- IlhMIkvde 
« JBiliRei Ihii ancrtbn, Cf. 

iar4- \* fM tt MMit An. 

V •'• TboMch h wmU bi 


Tliat way. none othcr, did Loxias bid mc turn f 
And, as for that feil u'ork, Ict cvt-ry Argivc in ti 
e'cn bcar mc witncss ihat I wrought it not ruthlej 
whilc I go, a Wanderer, madu allen from this li 
bchind mc, whether I live or die, this to be said 

CllO. Nay, thy dced was right and good. Thi 
not thy tonguc to inauspicious words, nor uttcr e 

)iainiK Ol inu n-i-n». noi » u gnat- 
maiically pwuliar : cf. £hih. Tt.l iyii 
t' iniiit i räXun ^a^>>or«. li miclii 


ri.f .>,(,^iej' Ix« 
' ' eil Ihreaivii. (a 

I). ilKl ihc^q 

: Verl. O'uulü ha>'c I. 
].ll. /*/. Hl. \Vc niu 
: hilu<aliu-.>,.fihcOt. 
Knt:l..l. .|ambr.l|cr.i 

..nlly r 

i.iinly 'uiJjHBIed liy So|ili. £f. yS4 O. T. (,-,, rJ 
niy repulali™' (vi;, ilnl uf v. lOJy). ia*i( <Ai|Jw«i, 

dei-.' . 

,.r.lly I 


Ih^rc it ix ri- 


KaLirlnu. 1. 

Iirpa{M t"lT'... iiifiirf«. Ar, /Ic. ;io * 
ilie anliLiii.->l> uf v\wnü' .'thutu-»' J.i vV 



'Xpyfiuv iroXtv, 

reri« Ttftatv näpa. IO45 

, ropyövoiv diHrff 

nKCT iw fiflvtifi.' iym. 

xt" ivOpuvtov iraTpi, 

) ii>oßov vutäv iroXv. 1050 

( in)p.äTO>V tfJLOf 

l taiA\. I .—irf^V M. Anrltr Codi, (hut 
lie pcrMin.iicn i" nhncol.— wmi i<w««<i •T* 
(not li-vo') «'■ *i- 10*' ♦«•Xit»" 

tiri fuiwalline '1« '*" "< '1« '•"■'■ H")"' 

Th« rem 

»k ..f r«ll... (4. -.1.1 «i'c^m- 

liig thc ■ 

r<u)*ffi»<, *#' w Mßtiiv 'Bf»- 

tM H t.-enitiil, »n<i Km no refcitnec lo 

itK ptttni nlwx--r»pK*«w K«")!' : et 

Ut« U 

n<r >i.H 

t>» in 

hc wr.'>lhln|: Hmk» mH iI» 


llini-lrx.kx«/'. KS>.(f^UM"l- 


•ntoit. Kur, Or. 161 -rvi^" 


A,«ll"J-.(. « .. J.Ix-«^ 



*■ . / ^ ^ 

10« V 


>« K« (ti.i inH KUhnM-illnu* 

)- i'' .(■ 

Twl«» (Cmmcf ,<«««/. Ü». 

p. i!>m 

.imc ihc iiiw alonu «HUi »m 

|>wu« (li' airtr ifit tiirtitrt- 

befnfc 4n aitiinle. l'<>cli>, howcver, noi 
»nfrmiicnlly Wnullien k Mirel ol»» Imfur« 
• lii|uM, MMl rir »iliilanl in wnnlii inctri- 
etUf unn»nii),-i'.i>ile nr <11fl>CuH. Cl. 


lim of Argivcs by lopping 
nicn, sce tlicm yondcr, in 

whcn thou hast frccd thc wholc : 
with this case thc heads of its ti 

OK. Ahl Ahi Ve scrvin--« 
dusky gown«, and coilcd o'cr 
Gorfjons! No morc tarrying for mel 

CHo. Whal fancics arc tossint; thce, thou failicr's truc so 
if cvcr such therc was? Stay ; havc no ftar; Ihy victory 

Ok. To mc thesc visilations arc no fiincics. Witliout 
doubt yon arc the an^fry slcutli-lmunds of my motlicr. 

tpi.t^.i. Hut rv.».'i !• manifolly pi'f.'' -i^u.i-o-^' S\. i. MO'a.f' Tr^-I/ 
10«a— lOai M civa ihe wm)iil^<^ ■! »cl. ch.inj;^ »1 sjunkcr, 104B >d 

(or wtpi Kifunll. rcpl ltur|;c^ irdrw Schnviill, i<n>>>n<: a |i.iifll, 10»0 », 

ß'Aair ii inucle rmm rr^ür- by M.— et »öjoi' n>ü I'<it<iii<. Collciviil I.) m>i 
oliiT«. lim T«X« Ivcnnn ininl.'niMy nm airl Ihc iiliniii i- 'Ic^rly |'Uichi-< 
10«a fi:^') kmJ. Wecklcin— m '^ ^^ >>ul coiiMItil. 

r. 'r. 6Wi ^Xmr- ^iinr- itt'^w» 

\itHnC 4v*i* «•«HW |l'h<M.|. er. Ilal. 
AV^. jiK,« A, whcre il ii flitt&ii|;ui«heil fnim 
fi/X». KlH-whcrc thcilrewoflhc FnriM 

i. cilM '1.lMk' (£««. y. w»W^. 

■iViI.'B^inill, bnl ^aiciiLiiiy inii pujiU' »DI iiKiiii 

larly »lAai ik umiI wiitraui ixecMMi U« n 1 Itc ilml iiiu' 

aic slvi aAiiiiw in eimiilniun (ICur. £/. IcF. i;i. j.u.'X^'"^"'- <'''-)■■ 'H*^>W*^"' z*'!''!! ""i.Ik'i 

■W. t«t »wrl »w».^:il. .... I.>).nliy fr. 

«rXimvq^v«. In [II«.} .^V>./. il..'.,r,,ri- l.d|. 
ijj iht lulic* uf ihc Ctrgmi m l*o in rr^ßstriv 

piciure Tvnnuliwvd io RauiBc^n/VH^M. d^'^'tf', .-^v- 

p. Mi6 Ihc Kurien hive •nakcn lu-iiiiil k<i"<>ai loroi 

form ihc hnir. Cf. Kh(- AV. IJ4A X"'"' ''^''^" iHrnhiiiii. 

rs^ lal «paitrriMfll (^t ud' /. T iH; '«»M'nn was 

r«i U ••y«kHUir..,firi«r» •ujji «^Ifr^^. uoi' •<p«iai 

Thcic lt. hciwcver. nolhini' of Aochyliio .Si>)ili .V/. 10 

ii mwn: nalunl lo eunteiv« o( ihe Ku' Ui.n ilimi an I 

mcniil» «• c«rreapDiiiling lo ihc p»iniinK> n'»<rii, Iht 

»bon-mtnlMJnid. Mammr rX«»«»ii. n.j K..r »•» 

■lucil of Ihc tcnlaclouf ihc cutlle-fiih, iLvr f^i^i». 

lbCMW««aa(«plJMb — A« Klau- nn* -y*^ i^hi^ 

•, Iha n fp ciMi ■ r w liu ll»« «uä«- ;. n. Ar. ^^^ 

Ka Unu. Iha w fp cwii ■ jr w hu ll»« «uä«- 
pmi%. Cf. A^. 171M. 

IM* Id. W|ui^(M«) faKlc«.' 
a <f/L IRT 1« U(w fr kM*M« MWoi 
«fw*^ aad, far ihc AaMiM^ Slwl»p. 

XO. «-oraifiov yäp atfid troi xtpoif (Tr 

CK rCtvhi rot>i es i^pfva.': niTVfi. 
OP. äwf 'AiroW.ov, aiöc a-Xi/Öwouo-i 8ij. 

XO. itrtr' of Kadapiiä<f Ao^iov 8« Tr/aoo-ötyoii'. 

ik(v$fpöv <T€ TÖlfSe mjfiäTiav «Ti'uei. 
OP. v>*<« fi«»' ovx ö/)äT€ TacrS', t'yiii S' opäi- 

AiLvvofjMi. Se, KOvKfT Slh fitivaip.' iyät. 
XO. öXX' ew-ux«'''')^- ***' *'■' «^o'"'*'j''^*' ■^pö^po»' 

$töi tf>v\äiTO'Oi KUipiouri tnip-<l>opa.ti. 

ÖSc TOI fttkäffpOi^ TO« ^(T-tXtl'o(S 

irwraas yocta? CTfXtVAj. 

iraiSöfiopoi fttv >r/)üm»' üirij/jfa»' 

htUTtpov ivSpo^ ßarriKtm ira.0T), 


1 «oncci. Confuilon «roM fm 

Fiel, tli (« Krrunll. • 

Xiw'ül'lcTjilMc Jww. Ihal «In* 1. nw 
■hc aciiul uain »E Maxi, btit Iht pollu 
• •Od «( Itw ilceil-— <■ T«W T«t K.T^ 

Th« «>pna»iim " |,tncrici "in such 1 

will.' ¥ai IhK clfnl c^ Ag. 14I8 f» 
10«»H|. 'AvvXXw: K. iXifirnhM, u 

n.t.>i.iMMr.-. 4i*««i«*«-TX;A«w. 
$4 it t inii*"«' Xi'D»«! lifiM^O U^. 

A^l« U ■pDv<iYiti'. The nom. 
|ien<lKit> |ai 'iJio™ioniil' nom.) ii »crj 
cantmon in Creek |nclnr, and Ihe pcofni 
inKlUKi: i> n»I moit hanh ihon nuKt. 
er. «w/. siB, ÜHiH. 9J. IM iTtitint' 
»Itw IfiKk T^ iw «<XT<rw. I •'Ml 
iwiß w fa.«*»« MH'I""». 4»o. ■^-//'' 
4». -<*■■ 996. K«'- /■ '■■ 9+7 1'"'' *' 

iHi*f)- A- 4 


1' Mlll {/wr I J»t 

i. it-nl ir4»ri.). //«■. 1)70, /f. f. 
lH<t lJi)>*i™ »' •>i'a«. li •' «P«*', '*J*"- 
HU, i«l- *< •■ .V..»;»!"»!, Trr. 119. 
ftc The CDnstiuclion oecun in Homer 
(//, (,. jio I, S itUtvt' «rcKd^i. I fl,^ 
4 ysivc ^p«, .•. ij.t) sml i« mH nn in 

leciiH). AX'riTvx*(i|t'LT.X.TheM 
wnnlk nre ullereil » Or, leavci <he atffi. 

~' ' ,>h. O. T. 14TB ""Jk' rf'-i'X«'li. "»I 

•vf rrom tbe Mhrr.lNl cach ia rani' 

■Tri.» M 't f ' ^m • s^^<^ 


CiiO. 'Tis thal thc blood is still frcsli ujion thy hari 
such a time the mind grows mutinous. 

Oh. Sovcreign Apollo, yonder they come ! They i 
throngs t and from their eyes they are dripping a horrid 

Clio. Haste thee where cleansing i.s, Take hold on 
and he will sei thee free from these distempcrs. 

Ok, Yc do not see Chese beings; but I can sc 
They harry me. No lingering more for nie ! 

yßxit Okkstes I 

CllO. Then may it bc well with thee; and may 
watch kiiidly o'er thee, and guard thee «ith happy fo 

Thus oncc again, for the third time, the wind of 1 
hath burst in storm upon the royal halls and run its 
First, for beginning, wcre Thyestes' wocs, the crud 
murdered childrcn. Next a man's doom, doom of \ 

loa« rmtS*ßiptl A 

£w.,. y ri >» 

nna|a.r-,lic V£.)«ir 
rpint-. and ihercfcii», ii 

■. X"»'^.-Üur oljr iiir^rni 

>e laue, glos 

lenli no 

,Jj. 6jy »«. 

Oll nUlcr Dl an 


«ro. J, \r„ 
10««;«(. - 

(whilever elyiooloEC mn) 
velilcl in laier Ureck li 

er (cf. y^lmt- The api-lit 

chiUln-'n"^ |vi/. ,/ Tli)v.t 

Wilh n\an< wfx«»' cf. ^-ofih. 
See noie ta ,169 ßmXir Ifmtttr -. 

\ ■' 

XovrpoSäueTOi S' (uXcr' 'Aj(oiwi' 

woXfuapym ät^p- 

VW a5 rpiros ^XW wo$t» trwnjp — 

^ {lapov eiwto: , 

iro( S^ra aftavtl, irol KoraXiJjfct 


fW. :)i r^MTWifviim TpMrptTalt cipluialiHT-— XnTpvUulm. Cf. «Scj 
1. Tb« pecnlinr form of tiprt»ion für Ihe ipHJinmr implitd. So Ag. uqg 
mphuua^tfih (in a|>p«ilian lo n(rwnIrl'iHX(M<«w | J>XVww'M''<- 
fit^l anri »1» eoTTiTii * biller iM. in^ Ut ik yi, rtit u' iH(u. \ rpb 
■hidi woaM bc ibKBI from Ihc ri»»' <nfw i^r^wHix"» i äi»'''!« ■•''■ 
N. Öi4 — 64a. TIh 
•kfai bj • bUh^' 

XOH0OPO1 23; 

for, sUuglitcrcd in a bntli, pori^hcil tlie war-lorii of tlu 
Achaeans! And now, oiice more. of a suddcn halli comc 
the third, and thc dclivercr — or is it but third siaying? Say 
when and where will Ruin's rage, luiled to its ctiange, ßnd 
consummadon and find resCP 


»raiAW*«' Kfa: 


iriiUtnecl (rom iheGiwIi, «lihcnigh ii maj 
b« ntcnaij >o lo nniler in Kn^lis)i) aml 
■bin e'orioiiily in ballle, u bvülicil 1 
**Wfivx« '")p Icr. äi.iL M|. aml n.). 
107L Iq- Tp{Toi..,r«mfp. See eriL 

<ing?' i 

n «im. 

fl Lhtt 

L« Chor 

^iiü. t« noie [0 vv. 64 

bIm Ihe imel i- jibyrng u^nn an ei)-m. 

>t 'iheLhinishireMcr-il'fin-)- 

107« Mj. ipavi:: inirant., tt. 
(101 q|. — |kn«a«|ur(li' combiim Ihc 1 




B. Tim /cm«» «r ämli wUb fy 

I yitwi to lUnk üml Arhlophanes hinuelf hat icaroely met with 
Ut dnt fem hb conrntnlfttonL The passage it, of coune, fooling; 
bm» conkiig Aom Arinophniüb k b turely more excellenl fooliqg than 

At iIm dtnaaoflf BniipMlMb Acichylus quotes (i ia6) 

Mß/mf VPin^ WWMi CWITTCMM' KfitHnf 

— « paance in whkh Baripidea declares there are more than a dozen 
fiwltai andi whea thc itaiewcnf ia challenged on the ground that there 
aie Imi ihm linc^ aiaerti that tfaeie are twenty foults to the line. At 

tfaia Dionyaua fccoawnenda Acachylua to say no more: 'If vou do, 
yott will aoon not only ha,f« Mhing left of your three lines, but you 
will be to thc bad* or, aa «• aa^^ translate, 'your lines will soon be, 
not aaMH» bot liabükiaa* Euripidea is ready to point out the (aults, 
iUKi bida Acachylna bc|[b almii. No sooner has Aeschylua (1138) 

Chan Eoripidea iBlammc& Ic ia eoatomary to put a atop at i^ni, as if 
the aeoaa w«e ao nr cwptota Thia appears to be a misuke. 
1| Eoripidea ia waitiqg to ponaeab aad he pouncea on the firat Une, without 

^ fivinf an oppoit uai ty nr man, The circumsuncea aurely prevent ua 

Som dnwiäg any conchialoa aa 10 the proper and Aeschylean punc- 

matioQ, or aa to the conoectio« of thia line with the next. The 
dialogM p iocae da (1139) 

TV VW raipW «WPWrwf ; 

AL o^ aXJUnf A^ 

«Sfa8 ßtmtm Ia y w amuK x<^ 
lAaif Xal|(iafaw^ rad/ Irorrcvciy 1^; 

^ 'Doean^ Oraalea aqr thia at the *m^ of hia/n/Arr— the father being 
dead?' Repliea Acachvlaia *Vm not denying it.' 'Then,' aska 
Eoripideii *waa k how hia 09m fiuher periahed 

By alMldqr guDa atei at a woman'a band 

— I aak» waa ikti wtal ho aaid Hermea sigwanUd?' [«^rov by iu 
poaition ia plaiolr #icAitf 1 ^ ^^ ^ ^8^^ ^^ language and rhythm, and 
U mouthed bf Bonpidaai foti^ ia emphatic, and ivormW ia quoted 
with taicaamj 

The in|dieation h«a ia ptain. Acachylua ia i^^ in hia language, 
and thc imt^mä Kaa In thc dpuMCO ««nNf ^»Mri^vHr i^snf foUowmg 
dM appcal xMco Bnripidaa Offia that» aincc Oreatea la apeaking at 
hia own Im&tB mA^ mc wonfowr^ may natuially itiSer to that 

T.A. 16 



► - — 


inttant U» * Ptoplt acCMtcined to all the notkNit involved. Also, 
I doubc not, um WBommkom mp^ vsTipot rv^«ip«x^ would tuggest to 
Atheniiii «in MNnctmng •• üuiifliAr as the modern '«on of a sea-cook.' 
Whaltw elM may oe Mi diipote, one thing at leatt it dear, thlt 
ArMtophanci tho^i^ ooljr of ««rpf(«), and not of an alternative 
«w^€) aagmtcd bv Mr H. V. Macnaghten (ymirmU t/ Fküol^gy 
xvi aö5) UM adopud bgr Dr VwimlL This fact does not, of course, 
ditpoM of p wyyt OS a pOMi hfli ty; Two interpreutions only are given 
bgr the ditpuraia, «ho oie not bent on being exhaustive, but are 
■emoi A Comic pufpoeft Wo art not bound to consider them equall/ 
natvnl or probable The Aoal cause of the cavil is not criticism, but a 
Jokc Thm two intcrpietatiomi of varp^ ^«orrcvMr Np«n| are (i) 

to eg Fi iwü f4 i^psff tA ^m8 wmm%t (a) ^ironrcvMr icpon| vvo rov irov 
■ rn fp^i p^BlslAf. Tho fonncr it given by the captious Euripides, the 
seeood by AeKhyhia in bis defeaoe. The probabilities are that Aristo- 
phancs cooHdaiod Ao aacond üriously. Yet an ambi^uity certainly 
birlu in iha wocds. Tha acholiast on Aristophanes nghtly sa>'s t^ 
r«r|i^ w fr f w r rjr if^^ßmkUir {tm yap ik rov J|^ mrpot 'Opconft 
^V^f 4 *^ *^ f^ AiyM — rWi i%wnf rov *E^^v «aif i, «m x^'^*'*^ ^ 
'ff^jt. Thac boCh an poaAw appears from Aristophanes himself. 
Dr VcmU oblecta to (i) that « •t yyi *must refer, if to any father in 
paittcular, to the fitthcr of Hcnnei.' But Aristophanes should surely 
De oiur wanrant that it any refcr otherwise, even if there were not plenty 
of CTidence in the dnnatiita tbeauelves. Thus Soph. EL 267 onur 
i|p<isi f Alyir i s» li#iMi8vr^B» j ninr var^ycMt U,€, nwc rov ^^v v«rfM»f)i 

Uf0$9f% loiMt¥ I «yrAii (i>. *iwr/ father^s*). 

and «M 1190 — i p^f ar «rf^ 

CC also the bUcea fai wmch OJcHes calls Clytaenmestra wfkrpom¥9%^ 

aad Honer Od. iit. 197 Irefipara «rnfpo^orf« (vis. Aegbthus). 

To continnc with Ariitophanai. Upon Aeschylus reciting the line 

fav y^ It y^ f^ptc mu Msr^px"!'» 

Eoripidca retorta that it ia a pun tautology 

i)a» II vaMr Ivn t^ «ar^x^f^ (nS?)* 

[This affoida in paesii^ an opportonity for Dionysus to bring up a 
cumnt kmn of Athenian leai^ which may perhaps be translated by 
such an caprcsiion aa *lana na a sovereign, or, if you prefer it, a 
pound will da' I call this a cumnt jest because the XP<K^ ^ 
^uMT^ar, €l U /M)U^ mi^twmm of 1159 is paralleled by the v^ovw^ to 
mwdSvv ^ ^ / > eOU^ «iplv^^ of a conk fragment (Pherecr. Der. 7X and 
both tofethar indicala a loeal wittidink] 

To tha objoction Aanhytai anawan (in tragic diaion and rhythm) 

IäM^ pSH^kj^yf h^ M^ wmrpmit' (1163) 
W* ^ ÄJ« Wi»i#^^ Ä^Mcr- 

The dtstinction ia imdkr and tha defence obviously sound. ^\liy, 
then, waa Biwipidaa anda lo cnrO at the wordt? Simply in oider to 
laad up to Ua nwt (iity) 


ov (^rj/AL TDV 'Optir-rriv KarikStti/ QimLfit' 
\n9p^ yop ^Xßtw, nv rSvv rovc irirptofl. 

To Ireat ihii as a genuine ctitical objection an the groundi of Unguage 
ft to miKonceive the function of coniL-dy. For tlioie who undentand 
Aristophanes ihcre it manilest])' n political allusion 10 lome comem- 
poraTy event and contcmporary person, who, prcsiiniabty, hai come 
back to Aihcnt, but cannoi ctaim lo be reatored from exite yet, becauK, 
Ihough in »ome way suffered to return, he has not been forruUy 
acicnowicdged ai rc-admitted. Wlien Oionysus. joins in (■ 169) with 
'Capital, i' failh ; but I don't know whal you are driving at,' it ii to l>e 
luppOKd that he Aoei know quite well, and th3t a nod of underatand- 
ing pas5es lietween him and the audience. 'I'he answef ii at Ehe tam« 
lime iniended to caricaiure populär applause : ' Excellent I — not that I 
presume 10 undersund iL' 

For ihe conimentator on Aeschylus, there is nothing leriout in the 
verbal quibble, and it should cause no prejudice whatever againit the 
diction of our poei. l'hc further objection of Euripidei to a taiitology 
in KXitiv, acDÜrni (1173) ts of coune introduced purcty for the mke of 
the jeat whieh followi. 

C. 77«^ rendemig of «r^f Ji nun inn •ftft^ 

Tbe pouible nieanings of theM wordi appear lo be 

«. = 'my fathei's' (a rendering which e^trii fiaribm ii not io nalunl 
aa *tky father'i'). 

(b) npiTiis'realnr (mv inpätn 6 nnjp), a Strange and apparently 
unparalleled use of ihe «ord. Lit. ' who dost overlook the realm that 
was my father's.' The Hermes stand» on an cmincnce which may 
overlook Arges. There should, howcver, be some greater appropriate- 
nest in the conjunction with xj^nc The God is siluted as jfiitt 
-in virtue of functions which he performs, or is pra^ed to periomi, 
Underground. Sironger is the objection that «VuhtiÜm' b not a fit 
Word in this connection. It implies eiiher 'directing' (<>. aecing that 
•omething ig carried out) or aciing ai eye-witnesi (cf. 9S3). 

{ß) (pJTiio'victories,' »ilh Jitoirrtvoi* impetfect In (enie: 'who 
didst direct my father'i viciori«.' In this sense «pan) in the plunl 
ii regularly joined with rtuif, or with a contexi which delennioea the 
meaning. But a more fatal objection seems to lie in the fact that, 
inaimuchos Hermes Stands ovcr ibe lomli in which Asamemnon lie« 
foully discomfited, and inasmuch as he ii addreised in bis Chthonian 
characler, the ambiguity of lerne and referencc leaves ampk room üor 
the teiorl of Euripides in ihc /wgt 'A fine victory, forsoothl' 

(y) •v*n='powen.' 

i. 'Cuarding my father's power' i.r. protecting tlie interata and 
palace of Agamemnon (Coningion). Iliia largely coincidet with (■) 
abovc, and ii due 10 the falae notion thai Ihe Herme* It wfm '' 
the palacc front. 




^■rrlmhMf Krti of «oidi ki < and f retpectively. ^^ fn^tf, v^/««, for 
tiMipIt, «• wMfMitid Doffie lorms. The fim question U therefore 
QM cooMmfan «hieb so MrioM diflkult]^ ein be rmiied. 

(fl) That chorie vene^, liavmg ori^tnated among che Dorians» 
ratalMd a laeama of Dom chancter in the language, it a pheno- 
■MlMNi Ml IwapoM «kh At Mlorioiit conservatitm of roost depart* 
BMBta of Grade Irnntm^ Of moie impoitance, bccause of a most 
piacticd iNaiiim» k Ao %mX Cfaai the 4«ound {ßh) wai very appreciably 
caiitr and nora «ffeelivt Ibr riaging purpoies than ihe tound of iy 
(«Fkcach ^ UiHMiwBlaH Gmk Grammar^ S 3« 4)- According to 
Dionjfib HaL» /^ Cwitf^ifc IMb c 14, it is the finett lound for 
nntical eftet IwmmmAt d wrai fo ie, as the Attic dramatists were alK> 
mosidana» cowpoatri of boA «oida and music, and inasmuch as 
thegr locdvod a qMcU ttaiwig in this branch of ^lowrucf (which, 
60« wte «a luMNr of Graak ait, would be scnipulously precise 
in all auch «ioadaaX it b lo be aupposed that they would obtain 
aoAdantly eaaol infenaalioii» 01^ if their accuracy was at fault, 
tbegr woiiid aibar ovWiCallivaia Cban under-cultivate the use of d for 
.f. Tbk» indaed^ mmt aolMlIy bave been the case with wXiBown in 
V. 589 of At C kt^fit H. Ia tbe way of actual dau the words and 
lörma in wbidi < appaan in Iba liSS in the tragic and comic l>Tics 
oiake a vcry looji Mt; and» daipili the tnconsistency which appears 
in all our IfSS^ tt k inspoawbla to auppose that a great dramatist was 
knoianl of tbe icfiUar Doik fenna 4<vf, ^«|m, rAi^Mir, IlovctSar, Sofu»«, 
mmt9% «Aa7% Msi^ aad a hoat of oihers. 

(3) To aMune Cbai dia Attk writem, having but an academical 
appreeiataoD of tbo rukb oceaMoally failed to put it in practice (even 
in the aaoM kiadt and aiatica of lyric), is to aisume that they were 
fawiflickiitljr aliva lo whai Moat bave been an elemenury lesson of 
boch thdr litenry and ■uweal tcaching. As musical componers of 
a high Order of aoooapliifaiaent on their own Hnes, they couid hardly 
6U ratber to aabitibile tbe < wboe it was lin^istically incorrect than 
to leave f «bei« k «aa bocb linguistically incorrect and musically 

(4) Even if it «aa onljr bi a teries of more familiär words and 
forma that the Attk wrilcra oonaistently Dorized, our MSS are proved 
to be nooe tbe 1cm fiuilty. If tba writers had consistently Dorized 
only a ver^ few words, aevwtbalcaB the list must at least have included 
such tcroMDacioiia aa ^ ««iv hn^ f of the first declension, and such 
ooouBOO «orda aa d, >S» (ßi^^h ^f^ ^w, tt^wt. Yet all these 
and their like ficquandy appaar in MSS with iy, and soinetimes 
aaually in Aa aama ptMiga bi which they amiear just before or 
after wiA L Tba fiwt tbat a particular word appeurs in several 
plaeea in tbe MSS wiA ü ooglit at once to place it in such a list 
of the beciar known. Yat tbani k scarcely any such word which U 
not again witaao viA f. 

(5) It k fencnlly adadtlad that in all kinds of true lyrics the 
< iboold nonaalhr ippaai: Bmb lyric anapaests are no exception to 
Ae mla^ wbicb Aa 1188^ ibr all tbcir incoosistendes of detail, fuUy 



any Tcason lo BUppos 
than a roodem critic. 
bui lo reiiore the ä 
expecied. We need 
Cascs of feminine na 
duding -äx). or of noi 
■nd alio riönic. 

An acciimulation of all iticse orgumenls and dau of evidence make 
it hardly possible not ro bclieve llmi. Ihe nearer we gel back to the 
poet. Ihe more coniitieni «nd accurate i» ihe use of (he < in w^ '«g« 
lyric» properW so «lled. In other words, ihc poci wmi protiably u 
coniistent «nd accutate a» he could be in respect. Nor w the« 
: iftat he was less likely to atuin lo accuiacy 
Hence there leem» to me to he no titernauve 
in all Word» and fotm» in which i would \>K 
lot »hrink, for exampie, from imting a in all 
in» and adjeciives of ihe firm declenMon (in- 
[IS in -mi (-T7«). ?.^. S<o-To'ra(, S<ff«W, *«r«n4r, 
M and Ihe likei in advcrlw in -f and -««i m 
aecondary verb-endings -m"". -"»l '" adjenival ending» in -öw, in 
compoundit of which ihe first componcnt lias an uslein (ferara^opot, 
Äti- in the temiK>nil augmcnt of verbs wiili initial a {ihough on tha 
point the mere MS evidence i» a shnde less sirong), iic Nor need 
we have any scniplc» in wriliog ä consiBtenlly in such «wdi «• rAtoin. 
tnd its derivatives (among other evidence the frequent confiiaion of t.g, 
aiVAayKTo«, JXtVXAirn« put» i, out of the riucslion ai the t>npn*'). 
^M (liwÄiOT. Ac), T)i5.a. and iti cognaies, k^if^ f>«X">«. "äp«. 
(Xii0>rT irAwo«, !«r™^, ax~ and many oihers which are at pteMnt 
buted with unaccountable arbitrarine»*. On ilie oiber band • can 
have no place in »oi/iijf and its like, and ^ßa, ■'nv* ihould retain 

rwhen dcciding lipon the text I still entertaincd lome icruplei 
about restoring ««v^.™.- (156). Sopir/.ar« U46). Soup«^« (364), 
jBiwr«>8jjro«.ir (6is>, but I iio« feel more »irongly connncea MaX. 
tCose »cruples were irrational.] 

34 irpiwn «ff|\i ^vtoM ^v^iMb. 

In vie* of the aniistrophic wviw &<apir\ifrn* i^ßU^ it wai not 
tttiruiural thai Hermann »hould »ugBest invD*" and (u t. tXKoWaxf) 
Conington «>vy^'«. Enact syllabic correspondence la not, «>*"'«. 
■ verKs of this type. According 10 the meihod of J. H. H. 

Schmidt ihcir »cansion 

There »eems no reason why, at 
not he known as iambic 


:ast for simpler refcrence, they ihould 

catalectic, and be rcgirded ■■ c«[MU>le 

ef eiactiy those Variation» of lonR and »hon which may occur within 

wmbic trimeten. In 5«///. S37 the line äX.iwo» avg^r JTflfiw A "^^fT 

«■f i« antwcred (544) by y">v ttoKat^martaf, X^map 'luJt, and that read- 

- - -■ ■ - for Hermann'» »oXw/'i'^**'*'' 

of M ii melrically good in 

.f we ihould) «p^mIm «&»» 

c pretent form. Of the Mine 

wamn t J«nwA£y«f imml aad 

BfNr^ In a 7: U9 d ^ 

Cnlly W 9OJ äXX' i Mf M rifmr, 

<905) fi TU» T« <rur Mrarof aiir apx"»- To jT/. 1176 si[. 1 
TO*^w ; HA- /i.ij /A airixrriprjcn^f | riäf ffwf TrpoiTcifirui' aSurof 
ansvver 13S4 sc^, uKavSo»' o^Sf trvi' ßo^ ikvotura' \ TuAatj-a' ^w 
irpoücfiuKT)« Sf, with dilTerences similar to those which are in po 
present place. 

The Same vaiiation was allowed in the ist and jrd fooi of 
Verses which for eonvenience we may call iambic dinieters ( 
>:-^|->|-„|-a). Tlius Su/ifiJ. &10 /J.a.« ^^ ^,\.tt 
for andstrophe (818) ßi'aw ilCv"''* kaßtly. U tlierefore we t 
68 and 73 as properly diviiied in M, llie lines irokap-nVot rm 
and -pioiTfi ISwrav ^Tof entirely satisfy necessary conditions. 

Playt Hfion vords. 
Apart from the metrical necessity of tlie palaeographic 
change of yip to y" ly' = yiip in the frequenl conipendiuni). t 
special jusiification in the scnsc for the choice of yt tather th. 
of I^cliiiiann, ■)•< is exactly the particie required to bring out 
of Topii in connection with ^IßM, a point which seems 10 have 
escaped noticc. ♦olflix, which to us is apt to appear siniply 
nanie. 15 also n Standard poeiical adjcciive in ilie sciis« 
Aescliylus hinuelf uses it in P. V. 11 ijVau iiaißvf <i,\o;i Ba< 
has ii in 13, 106. The foiidness of the Creel;< for plsiing upo 
wliether in ihdr favouriie amypara, in thu semi-earnest s|)ecul 
the Cralylus, in the pun< of Aristophanei and Ins hkt, or 
lerioiis poenis Trom Homer downwardj, ßnds ahiintlanl lUusi 
the drainatisis. The practict i» familiär in Shakspcce. , 
Piihard Ihe Seaiitd 11. i. 71 the king's quesiion ' How i>'t wi 
Gaunt^' is answered with 

'O, how that naine befiis my compo*iiion! 
Cid Gaunt, indeed, anil gaunt in beinjj old,' 
a which Colcridgc reniarks thar a 

of ihe nioit elTeclii 
Aj. 430, 

Such pla) iny may be of * 
sugyesiing an eiymulogy, or 
liglit of a received dorivatic 
Icss hiiiling eiyniological 1 

s of pa»sion.' See, fiirlht-r, Ji-bb i 

irioui kinds. It may (<i) in ( 
playing upon Ihe filne^s of a nan 
■\, or (b) in puns on proper namos 
piays on douiile /. 

I word, or (1/) in paraplirasi;. Ucüidei the facl meiitii 
Coleridge, (hat a sheer pun may in certain circuiiislanees 
pathos or irony, the Greek mind deliglited in such |day for its 01 
or from »hat Arisiolli: calls the deMre or' human bemgs to e\ei 
inielligence (tiafdwm.*) in liiscovering the likeness biiiween iwi 
or from a philosophical desire to arrivo «[ ihe «ru/u» kl,y~~ 
quesiion whelher word» wure ^vcn or 9iau, had been already r 
iome »hape, and the poet mottly adopis and illuiiraies the vi 

T , ?ff ! 


imdm^ i^ (hey lic wdterir^ in a common pool of blood) ; SttppL 7*4 
(ml r/iipp« mpivitf ifi/mmr fikiwow' itör, i.e. ftom «/M»sip£v) ; Ag. 
701 ('lA^ S} K^tot iftttirvitar with Ihe meaningi of «ftof meniioned 
abovu). In Ag. 1443 rmrrUM' Sl MAfiärwr itrrorpi^ I find a play in- 
lended upon two leiue« of Inwt, ' the nust ' (whei« (t woman'i place 
ihould Hol be) and ' the loom ' (wiwre ii theuld be). So Eur. TIv. 14 
(Sov^fiot iinrM, wilh rcfercnce to Sa^ = 'wtxxl ' and a'ipear'). In the 
Choepliori we have {1065) ynüt, a mIIot'i n^me fbr a ludden wind, 
convencd into a wind of the yäm* \ in 998 iro&tm^paf wn-Xovt ii a ropa 
r/KHrSoKwi' for njirput ; in 605 vvp&i^ru' rccalls both Itüur {' kindle ") 
and Soqrai ('learn'). 

(J) of what I have called tbe ' paraphcasin); ' play, a pUy whtch 
involveo somewhat more aaiviiy of mind on ihc pari of the hea<er, and 
in whtch theie ii no direct pun, bui a species of uny/w: Soph. O. T. 
3o'\iSip...itXovrlltmi, wheie Jt i« intended that [Ushiw ihall luggeit 
ilselfas (he equivalcnl DfAi^Tc In Acsch. Sufi/i/. jiS'Era^ot ^ijtfwt 

^wriM' iwün/iot we niust supply fram puriwy its equivalent l^äifnmr. To 

what lengihs thi$ form of hddling could go is 10 be icen from initanca 
quoted by Tryphon «v* rpiww¥ (tee lilass in I. Müller'i Handbuch, 
j/trineneiuii, p. 171), wbere 'Hiroiui' oAyifirai is to be inierpreied 

Xupuir wor^vat and f^ ffittv«* «raS«r/i<iu b}' Aüii anfar« TtXo^uärM. 

Tn rctum now 10 ««fi« >• **(^ The point lin in the equation 
4MpM • Topi*, a chaftKter in which Apollo it [he antithetii of Aifüit, who 
tpeakt A(>£d (in ^jj I icsard Ao^t iir>jp$ia(tv •iSäX-t &>Aia m an 
Oxymoron). That thii implicalion in «^j3ot (>nvM(=-o«4ft) wa* 
recognited by the Greeki ic oertain. Thus in Soph. O. T. ton ra^i 
y* (k^ /uH ^oißot iiiKßji To^'t the tensä is iiiKSg 'a* ^otßat imdttd' 
More convincing is O. C. 613 il Zcw« in Znt ;(u Aiot #o^9<h «b^ ijt (where 
^H^oi iiself migbt have been expected in place of m^). That n^ 
it a word implying etyniological litness (like Jnfni|iut) i« clear from 
Soph./n^. 579 va^MT S<£qp« mt ^ofwün raum/uL If iLinher evidence 
I* wanting, cf. £»«. 747> ••here the cry « ^alff'kmatAm U aiuwered 


Hfqq. M ho* 

^Mnf I' Ivmwnt Vmu 

i«)i*'a ntl 1*1* i> 4^>' 

tA S* Ir iMTBijyily nir» 

(lW, xpwtt-T* «X« (Con. 10 «xi) M"* 

n4t >' ff i"»« « Ix* v^ 
(«) Tk* Uxl im Uk ligAt cf Ike kMü. 
SchoL (1), in teft Biarpn, f JU r« « hUiit ^ow^ raii ^ Anmrti 

■kl. - - « -- L. lu - ■ -" - .... 

Thii panpbmi^ « m miÜm part, cenainly pointt to tbe reading of 

^D'ij I' h u r w w«! Staat 



The (probai>ly lalc) paraplirast was no dnubl ofien prepated lo takc 
the grammar largely for granted, if the irend of the *en»e wm dear; 
bui we on hardly itnagine liitn gctiing no nearer ihan Ihn, if hii text 
h«d b«n ihal nf M. There is an air -bour the noie implymg ■ are- 
fttllv considered text before the wriler. Nor can that iwlhave beim 
the orig™l of M. The iBsecuriiy of M in the maller öf flexioo-endingi 
would pennit of our re«toting SUm for Slnw withoui mach demur. On 
I tbe other h«nd mU |U» a» a coriupiion of t«*. H. is not so ewily ex|riiiined. 
There i« nexi lo be considered (i) an inicrlinear glo»a «w to* rw 
^, «hich, besides being aljsunlly unschoiariy in uself, would creaie % 
difliciilty iniicad of renioving onc. since i»»^ iTrinnDirf. itBor row jur... 
U of eouiw im]iossiUe. lis prewncc in our MS mipiie» eitlier (•) that 
the writcT lud before bis niind (W^.. .&'««. whether from '«ding the 
uarai>hrase or from some oihcr source. or (morc probably) (p) that he 
mcchiinically eniered hi» d"l rnO tom tuv fron) a copy which did contaii» 
Unt, Ol (y) ihai he joined ihe words lo whot follow» <»■ ff...) Tather 
I than towhat precedcs. In any case there remain"! ihe foci that tomeone 
' thoughi ™. fXy could be u*ed for rni, /mV. liii|«riant for ui ta Üw 
evidcnce that the scholiasls wereapl to forte one part of a difKcult text 
lo fit in with ihe rest. eilh« by assigning to it an in.powiblegiammar Of 
by actualty »Hering it. Thus we niay suspect the üne which wa* falicly 

^•T<t B' WvrvnA tbM (by a natural slip) 

to have bccn folloned by the gcnnine 

Thii would Ihen beat a noie and appear as T»K'Sa t* n*» i» ^^ 
»hencc whol. (i) would eommenl on ■ text in thai fotni, or with rowt 
ictually insened in the line, while the bIoss (») »ouUl be a mechanical 
«od unintelligcnt copying of liie remark from a MS wilh tt'nt inio ob« 
»ith &■■«'■ The reoding of M litine nol only äijfialior but diilinctly 

f«ti«r, it i« probable thai our scholJa tliu» fnr refer to a text leaa »ound 

tiiän the Medicean. 

Fot the resi the unmeirkal, ihough not absoluiely untimnalatable , 

tiCMÜng of w. 6i, 6) 

Hl B' k> |Mntxi^ r«*™» 

generaiities by aXXoit ÄJ kv aV^^SoXy ^ ttj» 

rovl ä/aiyeiUtil. mtt< thvi »;Si«ij/iA«w vt' aCrür 

i appear (o have been observed that the Lait 
■nay well conreipond lo {iart) jfpo'Hovra (sa tJ» ^Suc^fa^Mw) «x« 

.and dark.M ihat,wBiting, 

low pp«m it u genermll)' 
t, where ßpimi' OGCun ju*t 
: j^K iwf, whkh pfopcrijp 

MA (rl idMlt«) Uagci tuiylat 

is repretcnied only 
Xviraürfet. It does 

betongs liere onlj-, It is sclfeviiicnl ihal Ihere hjs been some 
of confiision beiween ihe iwo phcus, anii it is hcld that, af 
canie in from v. 68, v. 63 was unmeirically .iml meaninglessly 
afier ßpi<ir of that line by p^rablcpsis. li is survly morc n: 
suppose that ihe word came in as the füll /Jpi'«.» (wheiher si 
or as ßpiü), and ihis would correspond eniirely with llie scholii 
We may then fairly put it down that ilie lexi of the paraphr 

Metre alone jiroves ihls lo lie cornipt, and. thojj^li il existcd 
MS on wliieh was «TJtlen ihc scholion available to m, il canii. 
sert an older and niore authentic stage of ilio Medicean le\l. 

Bui how did ßpiü come iiiio v. 61 in lliu firsl instanc. 
because llie line pteeeded rok 8' ««/juimi tx«i "vi, inasmueh 
verse did not come 10 follow v. 03 ai all uniil ßpitX alreaJy app 
boili places. The Irue reading I lake to be ihe word liest suitc 
meiaphot, v'\i. ßäpti, a word which mei wiili a double accidenl. 

(if fii,,x was glossed by ^xö'.«. aml for «V" (as often, 

ri becaiiie ä^tt ß"pii. 
ihrough Ihe intiucncc, f 

was afterwards sulisiiiuted ix"p 

(3) pip.^ was corrupied i. 
Icast. oi ßiwur in the near cont 

[xpoilsiT« (witli tIS'I is the inieiligible reading of M anc 
therefore be reiained, If, however, xp"''C"''" iSa'pti, wliieli i; 
is riglit, the elision of the teriiiiiiaiion ivould occur when \i«n-.(;i 
ßpvtt came inio cxislence. Tliose «ho could >ay of i«///. 6 « 
ar/ioTi ihat It was oU i*' ar,.ur.' tih, Or of x""l'' (Su///. 764) Iha 
X'ip^ TU iiTiA<'(, would think Utile of eliding (hc dalive -<. M 
a'x" went on to ö^^.] 

There reiiinins 10 lic considered schol. (3) in ihe riiihl mar 
Si vwi/niätTin, rarro ViiV rt /ti-yiiXtf airtriiirai'' (([UOling //. iv. 161 
noie (as Di Vcrrall reni.irks) has ihe appearance of buing anci 
is succincl.and it coniains an illustrative Quotation. Wlictlier, 1: 
il helpi towards ihc dclerniination nf a teM older than M 
doublful. (a) We may takc it .is a note on ihe gencral sensc : 
punisbment is deferred. 'tis paid with Ueavy inleiesi.' ^i) We m 
ihe words üaa Si üitipri'dfTai into vcrbaiini corresponilence wii 
Ittni. iial in neilher case do ue learn anylhing new ot' the te' 
TÖ Si...fiiru will always stand |>ari of ihe i]uesiion, ami, su fai 
meaning is concerned, we are already aware that llie reference c 
be to punishment deferred. The (luolalion touching 'lieavy i 
appears 10 be simply a natural way of conimentmg either 011 äx 
or on ßpuii alone {'growfrajghl wilh sorrowio come'). There i= 
nothmg m ihis scholion opposed to the reading of M. 

A marginal gloss (4) on v. 61 is ar^ii, which obviously b ^^v 

Thus from all ihe schotastic coniriliutiont we arrive ai t 
clusion lhal our oldesi eridence for the lext is still ihe tcadinj 



iiseif. whiie «noihcr lext, »scd by tlie wrilcr of schöl. (i>, '» protwbly 
youn'ger vid of an edited characlef. 

(*) Difftrtnl metvt of Ihr stme. 
If al firet sich» il look» as if « Urge number of inierpremtion. rf ihe 
puuge wer« possibl«, refieclion will ciuiekly teduee them lo niaMge^le 

-S^l« opposcd lo each oth«. U should .Uo« cl«r tl»t 
there i» an equal Opposition belw«n raxf'-i, XP""-;""-. "'*^,ii \r 
lauer leries has b«n somcwhal .trangely disreyarded. UnW «» 
necessiix is opparem of the iwo « bemg bfoughi in» Kconl, « 
mighi aiiempt the following m«aning» : 

(i) The piinishmcnt ovcrtakes the sinnet— 
luddtHly, I" Ihi day ef preifxTily, 
or linseritisly. wM thf dfclimt ef hs forfinti, 
or in lli' «'i'*' "/ '""^ wnlekediuts. 
To Ihii the Objecion. are (-) thal the ihirri lern, is meaniiigki. in 
itKlf, (fl) thal »«p-vrm h*s no place in ils »nmhetical seri«. 
(a) runislimenl licfalls him— 

luditnly. in Ikt midtl of Uff. 

or tin,^ri«efy. in Iht nmiigM ef life, 

or aßtr dealA 

Here «am (») JI-/«vt« hns nn place, (ß) ihe ihird term U ibniptljf 

«j;;Ä(yM.,..™x.''r <"^™ '• "yhing bu, a nat.r»! Greek phfUe 

in H*ch ■ «cnie. 

(j) Punishment may com« — 

ttoiflty, !o tAal all ean tet il {*aMp« schoL), 
or lingiringly, in a form half andakd, 
or w Mn/ ««« «« '« '''«' »'/"''i- 
feu. (.\ if ««T« ha« here any anliihesis lo rax-w, XP"'>«. »t »»»««W 
ni^n tUt punishment docs not come al all, (^) the Ihooght »d 
«xprcwion «re bolh far-fetched. 

(4} Justice has her eye lipon the ihrcc parties, viz. upoo— 
Clylaemnfilro and AegiitAu! in frosptrily, 
Ortttts and Eltttra in half ehscurity, 
Agamtmnon in dtatk. 
Th» U doubly far-fetched. Il» obscurity almos 


This is ihe only renilcring «hich kceps up ihe clouble scrits Ol 
in a completely inldligible telalion. 

A Variation on ihe Uller inierpretation is thal of Sidguii 
Verfall. Thus Sidgwick 'Justice ii surc, though it visiis mcn diffi 
some with swifl vcngeance in the d.iyli(;hl {i,€. early); some 
twilighi, aficr long waiiing, sutTer at lasi; some aie "wrapi in ine 
night" i.t. die unpunished \bul justice is only delayed, and falls o 
house al last].' One objeclion 10 ihis is ihe dilficully of scei 
the delayed punishmenr is said to conie in ibe ' iwilight '— 
possibly, it means [hat the culprit is almosl escaping, or, in oti-er 
nearly geliing away inio the ' inefTeetual nighi.' 

64 ^ S' tttfMiT* 

' iambit st 

The comparative frequency with which an iambic senarius oc 
in lyrics is c()m|>oscd of pure lambi has Icd some crilics to m 
exaggerate<l deniand for such 'purily,' lill, like Paley, ihey hav 
inclincd to regard with a vexalious suspicion lincs which deviaie 
this arbilrary rule. In Aeschylus ihere is no more than a parii: 
sueh bnes. Taking only a lexl as ncar as possible to the M.SS, ai 
unanimously prinied as scnarii, I have counted 36 'impiire' as 
3a 'pure' versfs. The prcsent vetse (with the MS reading Si' a'. 
counied among the 'pure.' Out of the 3a pure lines ihtrc ; 
9 cascs of exact correspondence between pure line in the sirop 
pure line in the antisirophe (vi/. /-. K 6:0. 63*1 C/w. 2^. ^y, 
65, 70; Eum. 155. 162; Siifpi. 786, 794; 800, 808; Ag. 41, 
1537, 1564). Of the 'inipure' verses 25 contain spomlces, 11 1 
resolutions. There are lines wilh one, Iwo and Ihree sporoU-i 
ihc anliitrophic line need noi answcr 10 ihf strophic as regard: 
the place or number of the spondfes. Thus Su/ifil. 568 Ai^.; 
TO^,K.i.n» Sit' iTrifiX"-" is answtred by 577 ß-yrir ivop^rr,-; i 
Hniiy.ßpoT<iv, and Clin. 450 (a pure senaiius) by 419 wavr<Aii< 
&icait in ImfiopaU. as is the pure Eum. 1G9 by 174 taiioi y Anr 
Tov DIU itXüiriTai. Compate also £riiii. 144 with 150, iCi wit 
Ag. 1087 (|)Ure) wilh 1095 kourpoiirK iiaiApimira, irüt ^pa»™ 
Sc. T. 819 «o-növ fi« «npSiav Ti mpMtlnu npivt wilh 817 ßn 
airuTTrH AaiDv hi-^pi*.vj*Lv, 

1 have therefore no scrui)le on (he score of melre in wrilii 
oT/iaT here, while any metrical argument urged for Ihc allcration 
foi «yut-ri v. 69 must evidently go for noihing. Similarly the res 
in V. 79 ßia tpipo/iiywr aiviaai irmpoc ^pific is plainly unobjcctii 
V. 81 again is an unmisukable senarius. 

The answer to (he last words in Ihe prescnt Strophe rör 
tanpii-rat v6<Tov ßpiliv is COrrupted in the MS tO •^oVuf ■a«. 
iowrav än/v. The proper division of the lines is menlioned 
(v. 24 appendix); bul if we choose, less well, lo consider the w( 
iambic senarii, we may accept Musgrave's iBwro» /lan* and read 
pterrtt, and il is manifest that no difficulty need arise ihrou, 
tpondee in ihe fif(h fooi. Nor need one suggcst rmmv in the si 

74 «qq. M. 

i %■... 

Thia will tnntUle without liifficull/, as is shc>vn in 

That it is necessarily p^niind on ihat account rioes not, of course, 


The scliolia (i ) lo v. 74 ™ i^, i,»™ li .r,..V"To -ai A^.A.^« 

«rrvyiK (Vetlori fnr OToy«) iifHiToviTif , arayaiii' yii/i fitn m ffioj »poff^'wyiroc : 
(a) to litie 78 (with lemina wpiifoiT' äpxäf ßlmi) irpitrox-ri /tot iwn «i 
J^tUfHn, JfoT4 Toirraf JTav^f>i1f'"< ">' ^'"'■i ™ Tili' irpo» ßUr ictn^ 
gäivtaif hnurvTtt% rr^A* 

ll is evident frotn the idcntical coiiibinalion rpiriom mü ^»Xö- 
fitra ihai in part ihe iwo sclioli.i nre derivt^ iVom ili« same source, 

at Icast to the extent indicnted in •>« 6" irptimir'.... The iför« 

jrovjifiiifiai of schol. (i) potnts unmiilakably to tlic ri;ading <!** opx^t, 
»nd srhol. (1) actually has that expmsion in the (iis^tiised form ir- 
■MC"** *hich niakes no scnse or grammar in the cuLii»t. [It ii, of 
cour»e, )>ractic»lly oul of che qnesiion that the far-reiclied expresiion 
and hanh grammar iwafi](a% ßiov 'ürst-rniits of my liTu' t:an be, or can 
hare been taken by the ichuliast \o be, an accusaiivc in apposition to 
the ihoughl. j The appearance of inpxk^ (in<:|ead of uir' ifX^*) '* '" '" 
explained on Ihe assumption that the noie dates froni a time when the 
sctunl Doric forms of the tcxl were copied into ilie inere Statement of 
TÖ JfiJ» («rhinh api>ears a verj- natural proceeding). When the Auic 
formt in ■q were siibstilutcd in the scholia, n/wTin'xrTi anil iriyinir would 
nin no risk of error, l>ut mrapj^ai happened 10 bc a wdl-known word, 
and that word wa» read hcre by the copyi«! of a ^chuiion which it was 
not hii hrst buiinesa to undersiand. How fnr m ii-as from understand- 
ing it, m.iy l>e realised front his nieaningicss mäyoi. Either m or a 
[nederessor was familiär with the open shape of a ivhich long previiled 
and which n often praclically indiatinguishable from u, and orayot wai 
the word which hc appeated 10 read, whaiever it miylit mean. 

We raay then tiecide that the first writers of boih schoMa had W 
injii pQ* before tlicm. Nevenheless ihis rending can liordly be right, 
nor ii il likely to have been the original of ihe M(;dici:an. Scholiait (1) 
nuy have feil no diflicully in supplying raüSi with ßiov in the «ense of 
'lince I began (ihii) life (of terviiiide),' but Ihe word is not to be lupplied 
by common xn%e. äw' afix^t ßiav could only mean 'slncemylifeb^an,' 
"" ' ' " "■ ■"75«l- 

viz. M Ifwl.. Kntm. wA fii 
IM nü |i^ fimia wpinmm 

are alike behtting for me 
t'), and fchoL Mfhmr^ W 
the reading of the acholiatt 

but, in Ihe absenee of any hini {r.g. an oltl nole Wim » 
perhaps more probable Ihai bolh readinys are derived from 

^y.^. >„jch of meanmg, 'lo conimend in ihem «ho h.ivc füll eo 
of my hfe ). The t>vo of corru]>tion began re-peciiv, 
(l)x,)t»-oyra<TO*TQ>p;i(at and (l) 'rptnovTair <afT->apxas. 

150 ifi.t £1 ««VT.;, JwovKt«, rif.n. CafSHrtüsi umirii. 
Il is perhaps a conseipiencc of ihe vcry pioper ri-idness «iii 
schoolboys are forbiaden lo writc Cirt-ek ininliit Vfrses «iihoui 1 
that mature sciiobrs are too ofien aroused lo suspicion by ihe 
ance of such lines in the dramaiisis. Vet they are surely nu 
enough. ' 

a tujsory glance ihiough Sophocles I note (omiiiing ihe fi 


1190 ii^U^ x^oi-ii !,i,i,u,v JaiToV. oii' irt 

Aiit. io:i ouS öfiric (iHTijfiuus äituppoiß&il ßoäi, 

Al. B55 «m' TOI oi iLtv KUKi rputrutSi/o'u fvnir. 

969 Tl 8^Tu TilPS" twtyytXZtt ü' mira; 

90J JW! e" ihCv -KaiC^v a,'.u',ra.fD Ä,'. 

El. IIQ K.,iS iv xf«V« nu-pü Ä,6uj((.,;,a. Ö.'Xt«; 

Phil. 101 Ai'yiu a t'yw SöAw 4'iAriiifT/Tiji' iuißüv. 




ajroAAi'0-^f jrafciii'c. 

Euripides I have noi exaniined viilh any care, bul hau 


^"- 355 yvyaii:, rapHiwoi , - , . . 

,?"///. 303 [t+qAA^ yäp .V «.TU ^o.«, ri\A" .; ^porw. 

frag. 155 «1 T.p iiVv» f<a.piK i,r^Kiatl<ii ßp„Tmv (du 

„ 360 53 W. .Ve" Jtu,( iV" 'V "^ '"^" "■•'*"■ (dul 

495 6 opSoffiaÄg» Aoyx"i( »lr<i'yoiT<( ^o'iw. 

In Acschylus eiampics ate plenliful, vii.: 

.S'«///. 406, 9äo, 958, IOI7 ; Ptrt. J54, 3S5, 468, 471, 492, 
506, SI3, sij; pram. K 667; ^ .-. T. 444; C//a. 150, 49«. 
£u«l. 16. [^^'. 934 irifl™;- tpärof fi<Woi ir(^»t y' Jicair //i« ca 

courie, be divided ai the pariides.] 


(^) We might render 'thb fending oflf (by xwu) on the part of 
both the bad and the good' (/>. sent by Ciyuemnestra, but 
used by Electra and ourielves). But ^vfia sunds somewhat baldly, 
and the Intention of one and the act of another can hardiy be put 
so curtly. 

(i) Keepinff QcfHX 'at thit fending oflf (/>. intended defence) on 
the part of the bad (viz. Clyt), which is (intended for) an abominable 
grief to the loyal' But the allusion to a fnistrated intention is again 
too curt, and «Ayof ii mott strangely used. 

M (vM^ yrUwn by correction). 

Previous views of thit patsage may be thus summed up — 

(A) We might read (i) with the early editions, reit M v^v and 
make iri^vcncMr clirc a combination like c</»i7 XcywK, &c But v(^ 
could have no place. The dual would emphasize Electra's part in 
a punishment with which the has evidently nothing to do. Klausen 
explains the whole passage (after a late schol.) by 'praedixit terrae 
stenlitateni dvibus^ tum nobis morbos/ accounting for Svo-t^poiuv 
ft€ikCy/aAra ßparotM as *venena quibus infensi contra mortales utuiuur/ 
/uiXtyfiA being 'placamentum (hoc loco sensu malo).' So tiie schol. 
al itoXda'€it yap r«Sr ditMwrrmv /iCiXiy/Aaru cicri r^ dBiurfBivriar. Than 
this nothing could be more for-fetched: (2) with Turnebus, tm-S« vyv, 
separating circ from irc^virictir. The fatal objection to v^ renuins, as 
well as the awkwardnesa of the previous words. 

(B) Ti% U wf9 roay be emended. (i) to«^* •i¥i>¥ (Hermann) 
s'recounting the following....' The correction is technically good« 
but the word «Mr is unconvincing and the general sense unsatis- 
factory: (2) Hermann's earlier vAt M tmv (=rovru»»', cf. y^^^ 7), tiiough 
better in sense (via. * he spake of the ways to appease thcm and the 
diseases which spring from them'), does not account for the corrup- 
tion : (3) pXarWUwv (Conington); 1.^. *the very o^erings of picty to 
those beneath, so hr from being accepted, grow up into diseases/ 
This 18 very strained, and ßXm^nirwf is but iittle Ilke the text. [It 
may, however, be remarked in passing that Conington's infin. wuh 
c7ir€ is quite correct, despite a notion, which appears to be hardening 
into dogma, that the construction (instead of wt or on) is a solecism. 
Ci Soph. JhuM, 56a ^Kjjf I rdr ESfivrov roVS' cTirc S«nro{civ ifpot^uty, 
Ant, 755 €i fi^ war^ ^crr, Jiw9¥ iiß e ovk cv f^povily, 0, 7! 994 ctrc 
yap fi€ Ao^Mit «or^ | X^*^*^ fuyfrsi fii/rpc, £ur. /V/<v//. 1590 «ra^w« 
yip €tw€ Tnpttnat ov fuj «ort | <rov n/VS« y^y oUovirro^ cv irpa^ciy 
WXiy, Hdt 7. 196 r<8r rtaSr riSy dwor Sa^SuKca orfMnjyuir] : (4) «Iviv 
dkfivwv (Bambcfger) : (5) t4s %mXm (Weil), U, of those too cowardly 
to avenge : (6) r4^' Irinfr (VerrallX «rith the interpretation * for the 
gift with which earth appeases men's cares, doth, as he declared for 
their instruction, breed in ehern certain threading corruptions«' 


s^narum notae often causet such diversity among commenutors. Or ror 
ck iw wmrifia mMm \% pottible. 

(4) to V. 367 : KUmu t4 ^^cXor, Le. with So/a^mu. 

(5) to r. 367 : foif ImtViir. For this there is no corresponding 
text Conington suggestt <^iXoif> (reading alm ttrUra^ in the Strophe). 
I have tuggested <Sa4^io9ir> at more easily lost (retaining almva «rurav). 
See (he commentary. 

(6) (to r. 369): vpo rov «vo^Kcif roi^ irarc/K&. This obviously 
belongs to v. 366 («^mc), but was miswritten opposite wpivm. 

(7) to V. 369 : i/U~^^n explanation of rifk. 

From these variorum comments and more modern criticism we may 
rettore the text and adjutt the icholia themsclves thus : — 

TiCx«ri ^aCfurot, wim^ 
|MT* iXkf S«i^puc|M|Ti Xaf 

«BfA gMlflArlpW W i f yiP TtM4fcw ' \*iwu t6 W^tXft 

wmripß, %iT^ \tlwu r6 o^Xor 

480 n^ » nr» Xtin p ii» r.vJL 7}lr manntr of Agamemnon^ $ dtath, 

According to the Homeric account (Od, 4. 514 sqq.) Agamemnon 
was tlain in the house of Aegisthus, who was living adulterously with 
Clytaemnestra. Agameronon't thip was hrought by the weather to the 
coast, and Aegisthus, whose watchman had been on the outlook for a 
year, went in State to roeet him and ofier hospitality. 

Tor 5* o^ iSh&r ükSpmf dU'ifyayc, «rai irarcVc^vf (534) 
ScivrcVcrftt, iSt rct rc mircirrai'c ßovv ltr\ ^tv^. 

With hiro perTshed all bis Company. The * treachery ' (3oXof ) of Aegisthus, 
and (less frequently) of Clytaemnestra, is strongly emphasized. In Od. 1 1. 
409 sqq. the same story is told with more fulncss as to the part played 
by Clytaemnestra and with more stress upon the shame and ignominy : 

^UAa ißm Aryto^of rcufat ^varov rc fxopov rc 
l«Ta (Tvr diXo/Uirg ikixf* oTkokS« KaAcacraf, 
Sfivrurtrati «St rit rc marwravt ßow iiri ^ri-tf 

His comrades were killed like pigs, and the form of the slaughter was 
pitiable ; 

mXXai «c «ctrs /MtXi^ra ISmk 6Xo^vpao Bvfuff 
Jt m^^ Kfff/f^^ t]pMr«{at rc irAi/^owra« 


In AMdqrlw Iht «M hM no place. The only weapon mentioned 
dtber diveelljf or iadiw ct ^ y b tbe tivord of Aeginhut, and ihe only hand 
in Um actnal HMiwiar ii tet of C^rlaeninestra. Thit fact is not without 
its bearins on her int place h Ae ponishment and on the intensiftcation 
of thelioffror. 

Fkom tKe Afjnmmmm^ Ckmfkmi and Eumenides we may gather with 
&ir oertafaihr tho mamiir fai wiuch Acschylus conceived tbe murder to 

After refimhiiif her hohaiid wIth bathing (Xovrpoun ^tfyvvatra A^. 
i09S)f Clytaemnertra envelopca hiiii (before he tteps from the bath) in 
what fa appaiently a wmipHiont rabe (A^. 1382 vXovror cifuirot «aicoV), 
bat in reality a wimXm lO deatoied as to impede all use of his arms or 

feet (d#L 97p fA |if;|Ay, fayJ r mA\uf varp4 | vcSav rc x*tpow Kai 
«qSmt (mmpSm^ 997 ■i t iil m i y Atm. 637 ^opot vcp«rin7r«Mrcy, cV ^ 

Mߧmm I «Arrei OTifpar^ iAfm UMku viwXäf), The robe is in effcct 
m net or mare (Ax^ 1103 l&mrfr m*Aioov, äpicv«, 1381 «vtipor i/^^^v- 

#f|pM^ «rwi|i hi fcii i CliL 9^ i yi ni i i i tfi}p(>t...6urrvor...ä^ifrvr, ^ir^r. 463 
« i« fl U w «^TfciyMvir). It la • diabolical fu^vtifSA; and it is quite 
poanUe ttwty bcaldea tlie haavy and embarrassing folds, the robe m-as 
provided with nmnfaig eovdi to be tightened like a noose at will (see 
notea 00 the paawge ftom O^ 979)* When Agamemnon is thus 
entaiuled, sh« amitet Um urioe (4f« i344t ^3^3 «^^ ^ ^^^ &«)« and he 
.fidls down in the bath {Ag: 1119 wirra S* iv iyvSfHf rcvxci). The first 
blov waa m dcadly oao (Ak. I34fl MupMv) ; then came the second, and, 

when he ky alain {Ag, 1384 mwnmdn), she * threw in ' a third blow for 
«Hadca the Delivmr' {ML tyilnfr hn^^m,u), exulting the while in the 
bkxNl which mned fto« hia diroat {Ag. 1388). All thit she did with 
her own hanoii thooih fagr faiatigation of Acgisthus, who, however, was 
not pieaent {Ag. 1608 «al rMt nU^ H^m^^ Bvpalot «r). Thus does 
Agamemnon Im dead in the "bath with silver sidcs' (Ag, 1540 opyvpo- 
VMxov I Ijpemfff « af^j ^er wi ;(a|Mifcnfr)y and the word employed (^p!oini) 
auggeatt (aooording to anodMr ii«ll-authenticated roeaning) a ofßßi' 
ahaped bath of the khid ilhMOated in the Dictionaries of Antiquities 
and by no roeana yet o b aol e i a. 

The weapon ia • awonL We need not dwell upon fuXayKtp^.,. 
/M|x«n{pMmof Ag. itiS^ when both the reading and the meaning are 
doublful {fu^vmtm in CI#l 979 more naturally referi to the robe). Nor 
need we h«e diacnaa the uae of 80^' idüf. 1147, where Cassandra 
piopheaiea that theva mwaita her • ex^/*oc d^^i^ci SopL 8opv may or 
may not havo boen naod (Hfce lyx**) ^^ ^Y weapon ; at any rate it is 
rooi« lifcely to mann m ewora than an axe ; but it is sufficient that the 
worda refer to the litte of Caarnndm, not of Agamemnon. In Aj:. 1 261 
Clytaemnestm ia i c pi ea e m ad aa ^iyauva ^url ^acry«ror, though this, 
of coune» need not be cooc hi a if o m the sword, the expression being, 
perhapa» mere^ 4pund«ib m wo m%ht say 'sharpening her knife for a 
human Mcrifioe' when^ in.ftct»m knife was not the actual instrument 

In Ag» 1496 WqfU ApOMOanon ia la^U im v^ «/i^rd/dy ßtXifuy. 

BiA^ai^ *weapoir wonld arit oqnally well wtdi tbe axe or tbe sword 
(aee note on ßtkm in *• coHMnanlary to C4#. 163), but tbe inaistence 


eyes? Aeg. shews no sign of shame in the Aj^tvnannon, and he will 
entertain no nuspicion of Orestes: (2) it is very harsh for Kar ot^aXfiols 
to foUow irftTa vr^itm. in an entirely differcnt sense. 

(ii) («) Most editore alter (with Robortello) to ßaX<L This, if 
eroendation proceeds no further, leaves 4p«i absoluie (though in answcr 
to that objection commentators quote, not vcry conclusively, Honi. //. 
9. 56 otöc iraXfty ^p^fc, Plat. Menex, 234 11 öfm% ifnl cVi roTt aVo^ufoun), 
and (a flaw which has been pasiied over in despair) gives no scnse 
whatever to <raV Mi, Nor is the meaning of Nur* o^^uX/iov^ ßaK€i 
agreed upon. Explanations oflfered are (i) *and if he shall meet nie 
face to face' — a tautology with the previous line, (2) 'and shall cast 
down his eyes' (as in Verrall's view), (3) 'shall cast his cyes on me.' 

(ß) Bamberger rcads diftf...paX«(: 'if he shall raisc his eyes, he 
sure (viz. that he m//do so), ami then drop them.' This would iniply 
sonnething in Orestes' deportment, or in a notorioui furtivcness of 
manner on the part of Aegisthus, which would make such behaviour 
certain. But cra^* ur$i is extremely unnatural, Orestes intends to create 
no suspicion by his deportment, and Kar wf^OaXfiov^, though not tauto- 
logical, should be akin to motu, oro/ia in nieaning. 

636 rl mT 9itt MUm ii^^l 

A SChoIion at this line says w^a^aa-a «ran/yopii» {i.e, «rvrayayovaa 
Kanfyopm = ayti/M* i¥ rip manffopu»)* ywr*r€i yap fit ro Stfcator raiTa Acycti'. 
The very precise word vwrvu cannot, of course, answer to anything in 
the line, and yet is hardly the kind of word which a scholiast would use 
in a general paraphrase to the eflect 'for justice urges nie to say this.' 
There must have been something in his text to suggest the si) 
metaphor. A possible reading ri ruvS* ovk iv^Kia% fi iyiipti; is not 

Now the following passage begins 

(6d7) T^ r <YX' «W^Mtr m*t 

SiAvrmCcMr ifwiMib vwvtm (•vrf Hermann) 

in which one schoL at least took the construction to be ro (i4»o% AtVa« 

(Tovrai iuu, since he explains ro 3€ (i<^ n;« ScVi;«, ro c^oy wiKpiuVf 
ivnicpv Sc« w¥€Vfiwm¥ ififio, Given the same construction, but the 
undoubted originai ovrf, and supposing the connection of the passages 
to be misunderstood (with 6 Sk «m rov yap), it is highly probable that \/i>r 
the sword of justice pricks me* may have been uken as the sense. of 
which the connection and genenü value were then represcnted by mra» 
yop lu ro SoMuor ravra \itf9W, 

643 sqq. EvüUnee 0/ ihe $ekotia, 



V r^ 





and condude that XcArcc if Ivi tmplies a false notion of the grammar, 
vis. that it was (hrt) äXfum^ tSfUL, like (im) «cpSci kc^So«. The schol. 
(2) which runs iwua^4p€i Bk roSr oZtrocv rcVi^ov iroKaiMv aludriay represents 
a copy with the comiptiont ^ wty for Saifjuunv and ai/iarwv for ai^caruM. 
Schol. (4) iwmiru might repretent a misundersunding of the grammar 
of tlfUL or might refer to a Wricr in itt copy. The Medicean meanwhile 
lies somewhere between these comipt texts. 

If it were not for the aggregate indications of these various scholia 
I shoukl have been inclinedto tuggest 

t4kv9¥ ^ iwtur^^ti SarciVfiaair 

ra^uf /iiMrof ir.r.A. 

'and the Erinys brings in further a child (=interest) for the loans of 
olden blood, to pay the poUution.' For this might be quoted Eur. 
£1 857 tIfUL S* aifMirof | vucpof &u^(a/AOf ^X^c. The comiption of 
AANICMACIN would be easy. The sustained metaphorrcicKov (= tokov)^ 
UoftuTfuurWf riycir would also be Aeschylean. The schol. awairtl would 
go well with rirctr by a misconception. [It is just possible that Acito 17 
M might also suit thit reading, the scholiast thinking iwl Savtivfuiaut 
more clear and normal.] 

792 sqq. TAi evidence rfiht ukalia, 

T»6r* ISitr IdLtrtSMT 

The scholia point to the same reading, corrupt as it is, although the 
explanations and constructions proposed in them may be impossible 
and even absurd. Thus the construction is given as 

(i) ^Ut» tov SSot (i>. the infinitive « the oputive fon/ simpUnunt). ro 
Vi j^, iSoi 3€ nt (i>. with punctuation after fiirpov^ despite the i>osition 
of Tif, and ignoring ^) v^i^uyo¥ avr<p rov pvOfiov rov Spofiov' /ii/Sc 
vw€p^pafiM¥ iv r<p fev«SM Biofifuüff rw x"*^^*^*^' The last clause has been 
a puzzle, which may, I think, be solved (a) by running on ...Spofiov 
/iffit.,. (instead of punctuating ...Bpofiov' /irfik.,,), and so indicating 
that the latter clause is only an amplification or exegesis of the former. 
The part of such exegesis which mu plays in positive sentenccs is played 
by Mi in negative. Thus v. 640 ov Xa( itc&h irarovfitvov bears the 

SchoL ov &i afMktMmi oM vapcurunvacr^ai, SuppL 9 acrc/Syl ov ov 
trißofuw iifUi% Mi nfM^ify. Similarly here fti;^ vwtpSpafnav ouipprj^rf 
rh¥ xoAiyor is an expUnation of cJoi riv ^«»{o/Acyoy avnf rw pvSfAov tov 

But how can this be ? The answer (^) I find in a schol. on Find. 
Ol 13* a 7 (Wt yi(p Unmout h hmww ft.€Tp:..iw€$ipc ;), which explains 



be Orestes, bv a rouch holder expedient. Nothing is taid in eithcr 
scholion of Bu^w^ nor is tKere anything to shew thac iyxp^¥urOturay was 
found. If it had been, the scholiast would probably have given something 
more prectso than his hc wokXmt or mal iwl woKw xp®*"^* 

We mav (i) suppose ßkmwrofUvav to have l)een an early gloss on i^ 
yporow $€urm¥ ^ Mttawif ;(povovt * ^/xircMi^ao'ai' xpwov^f or (2) suppose 
Sie Btlvw which is unexpressed in the scholia to have originated in a 

correction /SAarro^ft^rar. The latter would leave the metrical corre- 
spondence as bad as ever. We may (3) keep both ßXawro^ivw and iy 
Xporouff Bwr <«y>ay, and suppose something of the value of - w w - to 
have been lost from the antistrophe. 


I. indkilc* Ital Ihe icholion ii wrill«. in Ih« left imMEin "f •>>« »'S, rf. !■ Üit 

1. U T^»«««] nerlHlfcl™. 

)H™. Orf, n. 1H|, ... 

gl. M iMr'iXT""! »«Tl <i»l> "rt T« www-». 

' n fM "¥*■ . , , 

,. I( truu] ifrl to» <i" dmm. 

»J See Appwiiii« ™ ihc »tm. Th« ithol. tecn» lo h«»« it!*d r4»-rH «^ 

Ih« Inlccpnttlkm. Palcr'* 

rA'£ scnoiJA, 

rf. O .lu vnia B= a] - -,.1 ,.^Tiip Toiio Sl Sid ,U<raij a»ir4.vt,T<LL. 
j. M ^--<«) lir»™-.. 

^T,ir>, ibaßaijuu top )<rsS riG' ««ßdXXliv. ) . 
d. M ii'a\.«] oU ovEi i^X^m Jirl&gL Sul n 'Aia^ki^vsvec jula-ai. ^ . 
d. U Wf^QT i.tA.J Ut^^y W3aE, ri ,11^ j.I <><ipav, dUä J{ liiEgit Ol 

llxof •' Sipo., wv lll +Ö^>» irfMiir.]. tiilKov vap ^tovi^ »l 
Xaw. TDv Ei ^apgyi^ai ü; Tvoavtgv G.>TiXo.,iivav. 
r. M iC ürur] rtiiXoDvTii ^ap auTDV suEt •xgvo* <)vilx<»^ ■<«' air«:. 
^^. U da^iiarj tt;? Eii^ioviat. rijt tov Ei^iiau- 

y. BT ri a' l.'TiX'i- «.r.V] Y'^'l""-«' 

/, 6t V]q- poird 5' ('FifAOJr*r B.r.X.] ^ %\ T^l Elktli ^ov^ TOvt y^^ 4irMrB 
Tax<>^ Koil dpüfiTU. £XXbii U Jv ap^.ßa:^!^ Ja T>iv Tiiuipiav. 
■ -t.---J -■-'-■■.lU, XvitiU 

«Bpiws <n>r.« ip«».,Jt^, -m Toii ^S.«^|.Jy.vt W 

fiXXovt El »--OTOt KBXvin-i., ^ p^S' tpä«-ea. vir' »inj 

-.i^-iAV «l »i S«H>fHt. iXX- J«f<^» J.VTir. t . 


TM ,jiv\ iwl -.TOi> TtM ^-. 




t^,,^.,] MA. 

«■^rrg(...>i''fj ivTl <T<ia:> aUvuiI tdnTn. 



r;r«,] T>,u-p«, 

=;.M< ar.) ^ B.«.-v;io«r« «T^, TavW<rr.. i «KivM. 



ä.a0/, EiQ»Tropdo-B-<l. 


iramaicjTai i Tii? ilj trarta, Wv KP»""" ipnoMTlt «vtü 


^^,„1 X.iw.. r'i i^. 


tr.,.. *■ i.po-ro, /,„ «>:1 -.OVTO io--.p J«Eip.i^» Jn 




,.|. «>.n <,T.\.l iffmp T^ JiTißi«. yvp+..M "W"|« 
«pii i-oirapejHwii' T^t Kip<|(. eir«! avU Ty ^ti 

»4^ ..irä^Ki •tA.) woIvTit ol iroTa^nl .[( tv irvr<pK< 



ii'üjffai- ÖT'r'l i1»tI TeO nji imovirin »Cry onit. 'Att 

«ip- « TOV *i«V," t- 

r. Tt »]']. (»ol t' (.r.X.] TD Jfrjj, jpol El «p^irarrn lal d^iXopivä ii 
T8«T)- iwiiinii» yip jwi Ol (»l ■»pooTJUYnay. J . 

45 vrip 1^ Ihc laiiiiliar oLplMatiiin (lli.mch J.iif n wi 
.(O BvE' <äv» ijX.M liiniliirr, Ijiil Uli' ,;' is . 
,H4 i.(. ' woiiUl nut tVBii hear (»nxiliiin; »aicl) ajjjin»! 


74 Kit), rni.l 7N »|i|. Tlic noi« nn: cviilcnlly ■lenie.l panly rnm iIil' vimc • 
(wiLh «fiitavTa' d#<.U|.<«i). S« Aiiiwniln 10 commcnury. dnpxai 1. .1 mi- 
ing of a«" apx,ä<- "'"I 1>» • «h««» 'he noie lo be ol.i.— *T«ir»f ™l-. »niKM ' 
tiu^— jx tta^pHV irtXMV, i.i, llic war ii Ihc ini^o) oiiil uit wagnl [>;' vi 


iq. wptiravT apxai pivv : irpfvtkTa )*oi im Hat b^^uu^v«, «|d 

i. KX*Tat|A^rTpM- 

U pa'tltit ... 

•t lit^fwvn: mrWv-ni', niipJTiSn ■{ nSiIni rd unri rir otiw. 

M «ijJiluiil rvYYOuiiIt. 

n rtkar.rl n* TJ InhiouM» ■&» MsXltrLV. 

N »aJi »T<OT) 4"' "S TU« x™* 

H n^' •fi'] nf' V'enui*' ISti fd^ rir noX^ .Iwiiv. 

tf >i»«0« X-'"'] JTiEiyijffnTO ri lUrkr ■ ^p» Sui rot ■■ yairoTOy Yvo-il'." 

tT *r<(x>. lAhlpuae «t ni j>iWio^<it|T tivt« irpei rd np' 'Af^nCoii 
Hvi. in iia(aJp«i^(i tUlav «irrput» t>|uaT>)pIf ^(i|«t>m Ir mit 

TfUtm ri trrpiuis> iJ|iiTa 


<V)l>t 4»Tpi^lK*l» 

N iiir(>i*o.».r) «ei t» 'Akrj^nirii vifLOv. 

ü^tr\ rrii'x» voAiv, aalapfWTa df ni liirl^i, . 
M i<rti] ylttrti. ) . 

iari ffsKXfi ^Mia/riii] <vaEi{a««< t^v ktrlkv t^i SgvXni 

m ^i ...-.».f-l T^i. piii.h.i.. 

IM T* •lifiaiaer yif i.r.k.j irrl t«0 miUv witrirtt nspil ri jitpiri^iBT. 

IM iv/^'ptrl TS« lir' J(Mi itiiT^ XiXiWn». 

IM Vf« i.r.v.] U{M_r« Tdv U ^ni% Uv**. alSoopin, r^r 'AfVi.- 

T^ A-raiJiiTB». BtiA»mt», 
IM r^',-^] T.S .i ♦pB«SrT., .*rv. 

HS i«'!^ '.r,\.) r«Lirri|T hiXavin. kJieiIi'h &«tm At^rl» mr^il, 

Ul s^^ r» '.T-A] ri rKiir,\m t(« «tvyU Atviff««' «lin M' Y^P «t*!!*- 

11t li4(VTV n A"r^V*'I "p^T^v ^ n^uipov- t irrtt, 4tfdv0^|uvav rqA 

, m HlnDrx.r.X.] Kai ri tavra ■Iwiti' vopi ttM tnJ |i>« Htif vir»« 1 
m rOr Iry rt «i .aru] Ji ly )Urv UpvjUnr. i . 


iHtqn. «HTiuiJwv eml. 


/"//£■ aCHOLlA. 

avT«v .v.),,a Xaj.flin,. '^ 

wi] i™-ip.]Jiäi.^. 

u ixep"« ■ 

' (? " ♦■"i*"' Tl|M.p»». 

.{.^ <KK.xyp/v»,v xoo. Tpii If,„^a «ifi, I,„ W„„, s„„ 4,,;. 
irpi, #ili,.p.n, ■HW.rp.i. *J in „j ^ 

d. 1»1 ..• /pv^l J' fy IpYv. Ty Ti ßaXX.... 
•I. lU =x"i«rv7 '"')"'. ( . 

». IT» «■] iSl « irXoicftpft,. 

'.--) aJ« i(«, 

i-S(i(Rai.-ÄpY«"-r*i»n ■«- 

d. 1» ..i.cA.i™patLteo;^. "■" *"■ 

^' ?n :fl' ''*'! i '''«-i«' s'ix*»in. 

„ <il H 'U cäl. ihi. 

MS '>. ■atlhesumo 
t<7 .The «hol. i. d„i 


■«.^Ix V 

m ftom Ihc u 

. Thi c 

.(J Api«™c„,irih'/jr/CU't«n*^^^^^^^ 

'•4 '-'. ' I longe.1 for ihcm, und (hey would not flow.* 


d. IM 


i«rT*».-) ("TV"'' 

, .tX TTl rHi^., -^ t'i'^T" ^'""**"' 

I („i rt .». -' ^:) '"•*j t 

„ti, l«™r.» ■■■ri«vTii 
■ W|m(v.- 

1 «^i'i^^t'fJ^^^'i^rcM^*"*^?^'^' ..^ . 

i ^ ^«iH, W rf-4« •*»*» •f'*' •H"' ' 

« rrJpYl'P*-" 

(.nie nraM«««';, 

in •♦■•""•l "(* '* " 

lu ..IX«' j'i * " *"* "'* "^ , 

.i.,1.. Ix- irffi -"t; 't.^^S.- (it.... /<■ '- wi- 

b 'Uam» *il 

7V/£ SCHOLIA. i 

FT n|. 'i MC 7ap «.r,X.| T«ui jilr yttB «oXirai Xa>)iw(iiv I« -mi I^ar 

M i«i>i-.'l Ti)f -Y« "»1 '{ »PX1' •'*'"' it"'"- 

i iripa"»«'- »■ 

381 iiu,.:,, r iw„n,.,] i,iti Kai»; n li)>i|g'<>', 

SM TuWi^rrl nynaTalivhv. rvMMiEv. (. 

IM ra(>x" '""■'■'' I "»^ * S»+(i»y "Tb y^P*< *I*P i*«^!«» rapix«"' " 

ToiiY Ty Tpe»y idi a 


li U-i' . 

111 {> 

l'. 111 iq^i 

7K4Tt(', iyw H in 

itXijYi« «x-nf.].. 

<pBB*ir BVpio5p4|^nnt «It T^r 7BV T1 

'AXXwt' ircpp4i(V rB« äi^jh^Biui* 

■ »i ^r Y"P 

f>|i>.it El TS>i *pcr«BSi|>»< 'Alt 
(^jiBv&a Y^p T«&' ^St)' U'Uf 

'TYap '■•« wlWji 

Till- n< 

i. (if <li 

Al-iUo «ül lic ivuiM clay ■nu-, ivcnu-c uf my in.iiirititnl unucanct' ur 'A* 
bnau« lii' piini-liimm »at ii> dcrniili.' raipH^tw uuukl Lhcii ='atir I (or Ac 

i> aMv Wv 'AYatU)"*** 
rivourins .o »u|n.iy lh< n.L 
. .Bliplkvl. 
. corr. Ahroch. 

ul Ihc Gtcck i( (choluttic 


miqq. «»HB" 

.r.«..) (, 


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rf*4^'aj v*wni Ki<pa|ih4»r' X<C*4> irpaTT^pL 
naapaTk: apariii». "nHpiJTw t' ila>iiriAitßa)>ii«t." 

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t 4n#r^Tr«r) ^ ni| tnrnvTM hnrrpj^rtai Tp«i Hu V^- 

t nX^aorv] li|X>n* Hak iri «»Mmv k/x-'T)^'""- i ' 

«#«... .<il**pr-w) Ti+i» i*T»xr ♦•(>* Yi*> 'S "Xt- 
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) fiV'» )uiK» i.r.X.l'Tiji' 1* Haipä* ponXifav iiiicXi)pM|Uin|* ffff' i ■ 
l rnal;(piTs> ßitrp»] «« raii*Tp«' t4 t*^ ir9fi'*an vtiM |>äXXa* f 

11« Kfohi lh( Kholl. 

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inl from ■ laicon. 

6iv. P-V. i;i, ;j 


KrM cUtuc michl 
onci cUdm t«hTch 

Tnl*M.- bui the 

3*9 |i| Thciknd man in Memificil wllhhii fvxi) 
91, IhH thc fem. in Ihe Kholion. 

aji lt«aHli»ljiM)"<l<'«<™w'< 
w4 (rfrfini) ai indkUed by iIk fivXi. 

IC uf (he verie rorwanl or back- 
Ih here e>j>lD>iB bf kvXf f(v 

^neU ia nriiaand 

ilß Tke nchulia« read Ihc line wiihoul Ihe qaeuhin. 
(«r |HUUincDl fniMnled }) bjr ihe wickeil l^ptL 

AJ4 A mhltke M ID xrffw. 344 Cf. jji,«!. 

J4S Ori(inall)r <rri(l«i ilnve Ihe line aml Ihen «oue<1 oui. 

jj» mi u eiplanalorr 1 otherwlie rnKandy miEhl he tugual«!. 

j(i A peculiar nMkm. Vaitf it inclineü In nw Ihe note to v. ^47, 
»»4»'W li "M ''•((Hl. 

r//£- SCHOIJA. 

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.■■»r.BA.«,« ir«.) T^iv 'Eb.h;v, ( . 

VAiai-priv X<'P^\ T^ xii^pl KXvTai|nirr^) «al AtY«*>v. 

ir.p«u>><v«i(i) ir 

{ äiHit Tt i!uap|JMi' npi^irratmi Wrrat « 

393 ka^da\f\t\ g lTDtijffriir ä>i^ ^h^^ dH0T]X^r»i. 

i%i «■(Ural Td T»v «Uau du». Uyil U TSU) Ttpi AlY<«ta>. 

%Vt «.orrij Xiiw.1 XilB<;», i . 

Ml ßo^: Sid pov J4^X«Ta>. 

403 rüM r^rf^HHT ü^t.^.] tov 'AYa|ti|i»VArat^ 

♦M «(>«».. r,p..r;a„) avTl T«: •( «ara inji l«<. 

WS 'A^I iLvtltHXslnx! Tdi dpdi. |. 

tM 'ktpt'iir t4 Xii(»"J lijiif Tavt vnXsl*»! ri» 'ArpiLtw. 

.1 by i'aley. 

,1« rhcnm^--!;..!.!-. inilwMS 

. V. 369 

jrt? S« A|.|h:n.ln 10 ci.mmtiiin 

371 (i) Conn.-cling llie «n'«.- ..11 


374 .... ■imi.U-».. J..Xi,-(,ho 

tigh Ihe 

«nge of spcalier). (larrivi'- H"l. 

J-f The MS aivl clilorj ti"' 


e<k .l>'AY. = -AEr.m™,n<.n. 

377 lBt» = i,4^/«... 

.17" »n- The >ch<J. (j.ive Ihe ne 


takc* ihc «unl» (or ■ gowl nnien 

JM. 'Ep..i.I«i. 

c lexl n 

3fl7 M"" l' Ihe noie («long« lo 396. 
401 |iO The cnnsirucllon tuegeiicd ii impoiiible. 
40i er. Kholl. ia.$i. r. HO, 714. 


ti. iM iuiiirw f'iuii] i-n,inr^<rrirBV% Ksl ^UYaEiuMn-al nv sin». 

il. 41t itXiJiiiwii«] irT\ Tei nAneiri). 

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•/. Ut liXamCrail -nifKrnTU. 

^. «II •\w.-4v] lUsHMU Tdv d-i n* Ufv. i . 

1. MT ri **_ar «.T.\ J t( bivii' tiirJvT« «ata KXimi|ii|ripa| nXM#*r Ti}« 

/. «U r4,o(*r. ««(.("■] Tfl |ii|Tpt T« 'AYOtii^vera. 
,/, ri »■] T< rf«. 

^. «n di»'„i| ^iBXa.ivm. t' 

I. tu 'A,H»i niprui;>. 

•kii«WT» iirpil. ( . 
I. 4U tTuv.>Tt.-<.Tj^^.T| ^XXnaXXqlM* UTiim irowim. 

tl. 4M •»««II- ..rA.) Ti^ avitht (toyojJw ffi m^ö «Tvmp. 
l. 4tT >>i*ri|>^ i.rA.] ««iivSilTak «i S4vp&i>ßo(. t ' 

•/. 41T frnr' ifw .,r.\.) Ja t»i» lEp^Tai ts "Ta*Ta(f|> (t' in&rm ^mvtf- 
nrra V¥Be£|hi|v " KaXXiitAX**'- t ^ 

i) ««l ovr**« »TJ^-t airr^p ta^n« Eurru]^^ fu^^rrnt ««■KTMIM- 
l.«r. ™ <rv P£v. J OpJrr» < Jrr.i., I« S-rr^Vi pii» Itll». "* 

ii, 44T fc^pj^vAj vpäi ri icaTäKXfLrTO«, 

I. «H (r»)i^rf>iirr] tiarapii.Biuaiiitl. 

/, 4*vj[v ".'-*-l VI«** -^ '1™XD' *»rt TB» vfvrlx« ■• 

f. Ul T* H<> vi* *.f.*.] tbBt» Gl tJ npLpdrTs 'AY»(U|k»»» 
r. tu |i) >M|: mrlmi' hnt^l il ni X«t<ra y»niL 4 ni 
Ti|wf<ar. t. 

«11 Thcie » nn n«<l lo c 

Kholiulk Giiiniiiar wiih «air (nindorf). 

»t of thc uhol. Il 

«14 Thc wrilcrcuuMnu rca3 ilie original ö( hit iinic. The acceni' (cprtMsU 

4)7 Thc note Iwlnngi la the whoJc puugc 414 ta^- .See coiomcnl. 

4i; «Jr' cu>l.. ir' Vktotlut. KaXXiji cnL 

4M Tbc Mä ■»! ctltinn glve nnriM^Hi II t4 »l *vWv 1) KX<nyi{rn»' 4 
«>l Mnn- iWiwt ii.r.k.. of which notMni; uliiificior)' can Iw •mik. — ticfvxif uid 
l i m^ lw pniiil 10 l^mr In Ihc Ihw of Aachyliti. 

441 Tha iniuK. t«4i indicuci ihai Kn wu not in thc c<i|i)r. Tlic i>ui|xiw of ih< 
»MCU *ll ii> to |iri:vint arBKlcriDe 'ihawiMifn'M/rfui ynur r.ilhcr.' 

4l> II (oaiiiiol \yf l-ilcyl ia oficn Inind In Iht l»lci pan <>r i Kholim, «nd Ihi* 
I« «ippaNHIlir onlx * fiimincnl of • Ionen ncM«! 'kiw thcK «rc...'. 

41* (I) In ibc MS lhf< l> run «n with tlw iM. Ihi» ,..'Ata«>%« aMt r.tX 


VA .Ih-B -yip] «, ^„.t, i^n, I, , 

MI ff.mi^-] Sui ^qVl' •■yl»''' ". ( - 

•M ^Wai I A] («iMi yif twi.wKiarm n\^Hrri n|v Ir fttf rm.-fi'r^ 
aifm «al ^|>.t| ^m% rt tJ» «airfm. 1 . 
^)iW: T<I i»Cf«, {^> ri inpM^wr. J. t^ Mit*«« nl Umk. 

WT r*»*t r<«i|irai **>») irrt rat (inM*Hr« lU^. 

irMMiirg,.) «Xl,4pi,)>.jT«v. 1 . 
US fi »■ i\*.) lU »ra ■TTJy r^y^ U.yW*n. 

•II ff Spi^ou] If. ToS <rp«..^*n. 
Ht rijiiWT apTl ToS Tuwrk umt. 1 . 

SU «a.^. l' •> »p^,-.^.] TV n' a<T^ ««Wm mI |^ t n w«m «d 

SM od' /X«.»' Ar <.r.\.1at «!«<[{• äna«x <>»«•*'> M4H J- 

VftW Hai uraanwia^ir. 

«M n^uwra.) at^aXaiDWa.. 

\lrrn] avrl rafi rd IM-il nS ^iilpM. 
Hl FsiUi opui'm j(in)>] ^1 mtU aM* JK'iini IM«« Jt rrtt nuWMM. 

V^'»! i-i ■••■«« Ti "(S*E»." 
•» »•»■»•"1 »^ T» "GpaxaiTB" ilmv W "xFäl"™." 

>(0"'i| ^rrt vot tiar. i . 
•M fn>>«i>ij Tat utrvrat tnatau. 
an I. VilXuri ..r.H.] ivTl Y<)t*,*TC aW i . 
nt f+kM*: <>;.». 4«wn<r(a. tJ x «. in d<rj nj( l^wi Mp^U« t« 

/ir-^*««-r.. ..iry) .1 rßurUrr.. .^ Xa»i>TVn' *H T^ V- 
m -.hl....] Td( ,^, ■A^iuJt«J«r^ TP" "I 1-r 1 

MO •»] aJri' tJ tfi^at. i . 

ition lri>iil«<I i,H U, ßhiäai ^'ßi'" "» in»^ii( = «< imXafftJr) tmi Üw impcnL 
VI wrlllcn mtt irrllm by n miwiwictplion, 

50] UtHv UavKi, <*M>3- l'ileyi bul peihapi ■■«* iiin>»ila tbe mbc ■««•> 

jaj Thenchol, UMip.>«!n<ia1o|!4. wilhMlir. cf <.o, 6^,. 

.te« fnvXini cod.. carr. AlKmeh. 

;«! t4 AlirtKh. Iiul i kint aiiimri in Ula Ureck. 

109 ti) Mli.wriiicn In ihe MS al .w8, 

»I» Tht «hol. apiMfcnilj ran ihii lina on viih iht n«m. joinii^ fwAni wkh 

f r6 In aik IWf^ti) cal. I ha>t cocredeil »iih avx «C (^itrMl. 

51J W) Mit-»niien in eoil. al iw- 

mI F« a umllar ncel«« dT nicelr in a gktt e(, •Chol Soph. O. C. It»7 rtaftw 

Hl Km commcnlary. 

HJ The Iifi-hand uhnlii are wriitcn In Ihe MS at one. 

y» Thii noic ii wriiien in Ihe MS at 1. ; jg, when il ii inauiincleM and lanvca 
I Ihe fern «M t4 Iwifa». I han tmended (rom 1 •MniideiulM el KholuMic 


I. rar...ji4«r»lsIlruTii{i<, i]mH tiTJrara irpovexiv TmXsu« Swn^ ^ 

*ait»Xii|>4f aal n^Saiji, \ . 
4. «T Vrri] «+■«»■ i»H -tdS- Jii«. 4. , ^, 

i. tat «]•). to*i. a'W ..T.\.l ^Xlh (v^ilitp»' Ty waiSl SaXJv, Ifin i™«»r <«* 

«fXivTor •Vnp, j Im*, fli TJ i^wp ngi t>^i tA M MiifW 


■■Wr-T..." 1. 

•11 'x'pv' ^(1) iir^ M(vv 

«11 *ÄT'.,.#.-X..f) tJ, ™Wp<i Kirov. t- 

•U *wi«i] *n (■(>•* ♦i»li- iUti+J«" Z«6Uav. b4 St IpwtK. ( . 

t» .»/«■((■] iyil *TOi- arO^frt««. 

'K/ifiitj 1 tanTSI. 
•n ^nl t /r(H>aira"a>| Xi(tm |>rfirs|iat KXrm^iiirTpat. 

IM >»)riji(] lu(*n iln>»Tv. i - 

tM *F■■.W>,r.^.l iir' «vSpl AoB.(4 «a npas-rV «l «f^ «!t < 

Hl Ti«au>J»...«Jx-'<'*l X''"«' •) "»- 
MI »,«r*.-.'.i! pit»» J«^(iT«. J , 
Ti Adj>-<>'1 X>(trii (pY»- 

«M x*ri<i 1* iv^Y^i^Tt. 

unlikcly ihn W*wtJh<« >• ■ (»lual cumi|>l)nn oT ihc mIioI. iticir. 
-j (»1 The noie impll« a lern *i>^ii)f ir"), S«; comniciil. und crii. n. 
no; Ko Khal. Sojih, A»l. ifinl-irrt rtOif' tt. 
61 ( /•'■ cnmlniliiB 4XXi trr« ni Ji)... 
611. All 'llie axl. hni thcic Kholil *>■ nnt, vk. in {i.i. tr^^iium in) tp)mi (n 
:*«Ü^f|n*( I'kkjr wnuld emciHl vilh AaJ Ulvwt«- 'I'Iil- •elu>l, i< nm poli 

■nure ai Andi. rrmn tbt 

vlibmu If 1 cf. mImiI. 50, 

7"//i' SCHOI.IA. j8 

«ST ri j; »Txi -P" ■■'■^■1 •'i^'t'-ti.f (iiTi Bi-a-VTavTaXi-t..!.. ( . 

r* J ^>X'-' tfforrai -.rA.| T* W f^^OT "if Staiji, tÄ (x*" ""^^P^a»". A»^' 

TOM««!» >4p »■•■.'■*. IViiir.iffv^ijJpovJirri.. \ . 
«41 Ti itöv Auit «.r.\. 1 Xiliru i Yop. Kftt itrr., to y>P •"» TBi A>« «ßo 
7rap4(tpT)(rak- äB^fLlo-rus 4I vipL tvv ACY^rSov^ 

««3 ii.a. ,p,ii,rct -id^Vl p'l» Silauwiy^i MTaßaXXtTa.. 

iwna^'pi, K r.X.) jirt.r^p» £1 Toit «(■«., Wxtav «aXawt a[|UTiir. 

intiitaiAa . -raXü] jHvrpäraJ Tik-a KaXv, tö '^^KirVpa|iÄ" im "nv fi*« 

■DMv " Tor iltf.irra xal J^uina irpgi T^i inKpM-i.t. t - 
.i..r4i ä..Kaj »ipi+paim.«. i\ n^. I, . 
«DT /uTD^iij sEDiwDpsvt. ) . 

(M Äräpo T .,«<./ir,/o,.] ßAT.nv a^Epa iJ.Xfl.ii.. 
«41 » V.*"'.»-! J- TQif >rpo1 ™a:«t i^iXiais, (. 

|ltl,IY<M^<'l| iT'CDTltVgill. dwd TÜV Kipl TsCl j^toX^Ol XllMO^T.*, 

Pi\ iirAp^ijiii'l] irXftOKttlL I] "ow, ' ( , 

«et Cl'°'^\<" r<w|'^ä»X.VT.iäT.p»t>. ii JrrTv. <1 N ai S» {<>(ar ^«.^ iXXa t 

«10 da,\.,.'.|| AavXd, ^' Kai AiUx i . 

«Tl «i'ro^^ii»' ü.jX.] Jirl iSif IrpaYpaTli^. 

— iT,ii-.y,.\ T,ll iS.i. J. _ _ 

irt\<'^tr 'iiai] T^i iS«iiigpiai liniXvira iw\ ty 4""*!"' '"f *l" 
U iiiTii^päi täv i»i>XiM(iJMn' TB» li-V" tm«» aal iiri ^1*1 

Wi «ipi+pa|n„ly) t..l._ 

ihe wrinr uf gl., "ho«; way mil of Ihe .liilirallj 

V<yi iln: nldiiion aal )Uil>ii> if. ichol. 10 ;+, 7jj. 



</. Tv^cc» Murir] 4rri t»» ««irMf|K4vai wtfvOot rf •ticw 8mI rrifl ÄY)f«XCat | . 

/. TM i^u#^«f] iCMlS|Mcftr Sd[iCM YOf «pe^C. KCXurvav U ^T)«ri r^y 

'Opirrtv Tp t^ l » » IIMNftfct (/'. 11. 26) U 'Apo%v^v|v, Zri^o-ixopot 

•/. TM rV rciyytXr^r] riSr <IfT»> ^yY*^^*^*'- i • 

*</. TM iq. l'MMt M ff.r.X.| Avrl <T»f> xaiCKfl <^> «ticot SULkatm ^nti rf|fl 

gL TST r«^) r«4«t- 

/. TM \\ 4M <Tt«> Ivfwt. ^ . 

/. TM tft] X(«v. I . 

<i/. rk lUw raX«4] f} Kpwvp^ tmv 6v^rT*v ««CSMr «al ^ *AY«)J|AV«v9t 

•/. TU m4rec] «Uv M TJ tM *Op4rrov ay^cXi^ vvv. 

s. TM rXif^ArMt ifirrX««ir] «MTipuCMt inri^*pc¥. 

f/. T40 7% ^#ifi it\*X^ Tfikß^iß] Tir rvrrp(i)favTiL )&ov ratt 4iri|MXfC«it njv «^vx^jv. 

1/. TMiq. h» qdiftim ff.r.X.] W 4|(i^i|ra ov )MVor 8i' n)i^pat. 4XXa k«1 

/. T4T ffffX«ii#AUinir] **iitXi««iMrv** y^p ry KoXitv oS waiSit. 

4t. TM nU r*XX4 k.tJX.] AvM^Aip« 4|iol rg rXcio-n icaV voXXa p^tiipa. j . 

it. TM Tpd^uf «i^Tffii «.r.X.] 4v«YKt| rp^^w ^miujUf^k ^vxvjt. VMf yw^ o«; 

/. TOI oi> 7^ r« fmMt] 4XX' 4v«YKt|r 8id 8aKpv«v ivi^p^v. | . 

</. TM rtfm M rfMt ff.r.X.] ^ y^p wm vti8i}t tmit Wkvmv 4avrj 4fictir «aV pOT|9Mir 

po4Xm4* i 4mv, Mtiy ß^iArrav rat 4vi9v)uat. 

/. TM ^apiWrpM] 4*4 KMvM t4^ "il^epoka." 

1/. TOT x**P**''*i^ ^ ^^* ^ X^P**^ lifiy^vlat. 

t/. TM /fflc^^v] 4vTi <tM> «Ap^K i • 

</. i^^^ifoi^] 4«irtM«. ^ . 

•/. TM tf#r«\#uh^ i|nci)|ilv«v, «•pcnc<vao')Uvov. 

dT. TM Uww^rmf #r0>«] vif niPtwyi l yy ««* 'AY«)J|&v«v«f. 

i. TT« ii|4mi|. |. 

1^. TTl Tp^wmlmif] ^<T«tp««^v. 

/. TT8 «ihr« KMKit Yc ^UUnt ff.r.X.] t*^o 4jcpiPo6t 4«"ri |iarrt«»f tlwlv. ^ . 

1/. «^VM Muc^ >f ff.r.X.] Til4t rrClowiif «It ro "ovvw," K/ j, oCv« iXtrli 

tlx"^*^ S«|Miv* TaiOr« tt Mal i ^^X**^ liamt yvoCv)- 
/. TTi rOif XiXtyßiimf 4<x«] ^^ <T»d> itclm rd «lpt)|Uv« vipl 'Op^rr««. 
4^. TTi npmrMiiiiyf] «XiMP«|ii ^ *'vap«L** ^ **^ *^ alroviUrQ. ^ . 

7 16 (1) matilpi m « ■ * mbchitff.* 

(df) The achol. ohncnre» the tenie onty whcn trcatini; indivhlual word». 
7^1 < »m r rl > Kobort«ll<H bat thc oniiiuiion i» ihcn nut Ca«/ 10 cxpiain. I havc 
•api>iicd <d[pri>. 

736 <4> •een» neccaMiry. 

738 Lexicftl. CC 77«. 

740 So Said. emmeoMlx qvotct Soph. for MrtsXisr (in #«vM«'r4 ykp H rö^ ilrt 

748 Writtcn in cod. at v. 746. A« aUcmpt to expUin thc onler, ical being 

751 ilv^T"i4V cod. 

758 The Iwo nocet appenr et one; bat they rcpre»eni two view» of rf^fciduijr, 
the latter nkning to Ihe (nn-AcKhylcaa) deliverence of the child Trum deaih by the 

770 (/) a. 73»- 

^) Wrongly wrhlcn In cod. at ▼. 709. 

773 See comneotary. 

779 wktmfdl/tk i fn^ (with «vvdclctcd by m)* if irap4 ro« alreviUn^ cod.« corr. 


.. u>>n. »-taj, ;»/..». ..,.».] i™i»„ „fci 4,^ , 
A Hl fc,.„«ravj,| ,:, M p«xJp«- * - 

•TT y,»„,ri»4] ^, ^, KAvT«.t.,irrpot, 

i !S SM^tJlU^v'-'j'"""'*^ ••'■'■ •'«•»■' — '•■^■^ 

^i i-fc-i.™ «w. t., ^ ,1.1. ^ p,.^,^,, , ^ ^^^^^ ^ ,_ _^ 
«J3v::'ci."'- ■"" "^ i- ""w t~i* i-~,rt. t« *. «.«-.i« 

*;v Stclnltod. pp. Kviii H). 
T. A. 



d. IM U-yltttv ßia] iyrl ni i AtyiT«!. 
d. WT rf )wnl>) : ji aUuiv. i . 

1. Ml pirMwtJH-n. i lUnAr, (tt n*X^Snr, tra iti S' kiwn*. 
d. MO ti)q>.Jw.r.] Td ip..,.^«^ l nr-|.4«|w 

4. »ei »um Ixl/Kiii i.r.X.} vUtr Uyi w^vrai iv«p<>nvi IxM Tri* Iwtt 
4x»f**». * - 

r. tu •« r« .- iHppif ..T.\.] ain Im» ««vpi<|~> ^ Sofnf'MM Mmw 

1. nt nur J riv Al^irMv ^ijn. 
^ m «>4»(| Kn ICunivtfwr JWvmuv. 

W. tu Mi 'W«i ' r.l] dt^pa 'v nXil|M>mK*m H *Ai npfntr rH •^'*- 
4. m nur.)] tAi -£fKVV(U. 

^. MC ffiia »ov-i' <.t.\.] (Ti p'XJu. TiXnrir. wapsi^ar ilva. mM ^w« 
"wpit Ti|iß*v n iXanv cal wpvt ävlpa vitirwr," ^ . 
"'■"■" ' " 4X»m vaii iripl Atfirf». 

I irrw, Hvtrt *1» 

noft J' i.r.X.] i^htTB. ^>|r{*, lU TJ tAm Toi &v«vi' 
t lli<foj(p(«rat] i vwJ nu6ait XPI»*"^ 'Opi<tTi\t. 

npri».- Ti St l(^t. -nli iH4vY^ icantr t4i iw4 

irW«Ma| tJ i{^i. IiiaXi* «XJ^pia» vWsim. 

•U r^ri;.) ivTl 

r KXvTaiffciJrTpar. t^v SeU 
» jrpiwr tJ» iilrie>. (ir»(«it»i in ÄIki), 
» .,r.\.| h»(^Xfa n)v Stav P^-^ 


A.) ntiPaXXirai at* T* litor «(» ^^ vnifnraWi Tat« 
riaaata. ( . 

< tM tipartHx'' ifK^] ■r^ *»^- 'S tJ* Ata. 
</. tM MX.») TJ* x«^'»'' 
>. MI nm\n' XI>^01 i.'.X,) i nrra nX» XP'«' «^ *H^P« TW •(»* 

AXXä^h Air^ ifarT]^£ai tlt XaiiTp^nfTa^ 
rf. ifu'i;"rti]&XXaY>jr<Ta>' «^ i|uU>| Imt ToIi itiuniF iv TÜ «(iw 1<|iMr. 

A N« tn>f ihHO'I Ti Ua;v«y ToJ(^«p.;t- ^ ri &ir.Xa^»L i^Um. Sani- 
pft«r St tJ KaBapTiirov ^ap^ia««v. 

LMTiq. tr.ix« *' .iV»wwT». „Ir, ..f.X.J ri N tvxI rir h Mwrf taln, 
Tovrfart* h k-,t»i KaTarrdn irpJi t4 Atir til *»* i|>t»w<t» aä 
irifur Xtfirnnr Aä>«ra>. 
ii ^BX.i.«! ,i. rx .lx_. ». * .M.U fi ^L jio iMinjuiiii tnm Mbw 
m moui ' RMber w* tkM 

U raad r»Mi«iAn|*. 
«]F- "rf w CM., cotr. 

H iiu^ 

r//£ SCHOLIA. 

TOVS EJ^Dvi g 



,•■ xopo»- 

'' ^'•i;] 'v TD «(Jim Tüv 'Epi»w«, 

»M iy^..«.] Si,Tw.. '«Tvx» ..4.<T^ ™-.X8Y^ 

I«0 dwa,i.W„| i^r.,^. "*"' "81""-.. 

IWO *"",'" .'i "r.':'':!,;''' """■ *P^»"' WhI»V -niM irt.ü 
X.| «t <«XiiT<XoIi SfTtt TSV \fa.ttjn aal ,1^, 

TiP aCjiaTi 

T4T1J10J : dTii™p.|Tot. 
. ma "iji«,. ,.,.^.„;,] .J.aip«., rvil™(a.,. 

97 r J^KMXij^n, n 
9J6('I -^^ -* ' ■ 
9«7 ■ 

-ongly » 

Q95 AraUiiucrpr^'isiinn. 

W7 •P'viio,] CO., Cf. Khol. £„™. 636. 

loji Tot^i tT(l.. corr. Vicioriiu. 

'!■'/»■ 9SJ- S« eomnwnia^. 


iMl^mrM 431 


' iKiuH» bf Am-) jtS 
na... (ucla •cMk)p.t4( 

<n* fni 7S] 

'•V " «9 

Artf^Uft 161 

irpff irptySi 4I4 

irr.«, fd wmtlirel I67 
i«d* (TrOB BulcT) 6g| 
t^ 434 

'iM l"' Almdu) 6U 
•AM (-•Bc"*i) 405 
Iff (<rf Min] 41g 

•l^t, <n> 4W 
„ t'pfowen') 16* 

,. (oonpnhMii*« pht.) »i 

l*vl4t Cptftiwa*) 171 
l«uifi (pMiive) ioi6 
irr«* ('pUa cüImI tt; 

tu (wilh *cciu.) 47* 
„ Clhanki («,' een.) tj». S|l, Tl) 
lial (willMBI «nutraplM) <|( te> >■) 
luAr4t 66 
(urniB 6j8 
t«ffi*W 6t 

«IfcfM (■■! TfirU) 7» 
««IM ('cnrteiMu') 66} J69 

ifitiM (of wind) 191 


^4rM (TCrU) 1019 iq. 

l*"«» W J7J 

Um^ Cprapartr') I«« 



tiOoLium ('rieh*) 696 
«i^Mjt^vtm 180 

cMmtm 711 

f^y^f ('victory*) 488 
cM (of dcad) 317 
,, (bond oT) 597, 6f | iq. 
ff^parwvMofnff 967 
ffWrt^i» 995 
«fr^ft^ «dr^f^ 897 (c n.) 

«*^Ww 35« 
wö^fulnw r4or 738 

ffS ^|p0Miir riM 770 

ctf^^MT 87. 194 

cifx*'^ (ambienoat) sii 

i^Mpn 865 

i^rtm 1036 

if^MttP 7t4 

Ix« Ch UM matter with*) 753 

IXMT Mnr 988 

'X«*w» 5*5 

•4m (opcn formi in tragedj) 8f6 


f and ( (ccmfuted) 334 (c* n.) 
2«^ Kmrmx'fiint 381 
^ «ral nir^Kiit 1O4I 
^inp 9r« (^^tir) 990 

Y and « (confuaed) 195, 999 

Y and «i (confuaed) 301 

^ (introdiicing indirect qvcit) 75f f 889 

i (deroonit.) 1093 

-f («nd pen. med.) pp. xcix iq. 

V...«Crc (not a qnation) 764 

ih II» 

Y nU... 514 
Iffcv (fw/ii/iy) 519 
<n» )( mW^xwm« 8 

^ c«l #tf^ (■!■•» ^4f^) ^5 
l^yirfMF 706 
4p, 4ir Ir 700 


ffmiwtir (ininni.) 107) 

•^1 I, pp. 144 iq. 

*pTif (cxelwtcH itom) 19a «qq. 

fiam Bia 

-rff*ir 440 (e. n.), 4S1 

ifcfi (Foriet) 943 

H^Hi l«fi«nir (qiuui-MapoMd) <f4 

ar<M 7>i iq. 

n^rA («ilh uxii.) 113, 71» 
1, («ilh *At.) 7»3, 710 
n (of mrwnm r rewinkd) }«} 

X aad r (inlerchu^) *9 (c aO 
X^)4 (Hl liHl« X.) 496 
huifr (otmdc) J5 
Xaidt, Xan» iS 
Xo^Ti. (lighinine) Sil 
**tait*» ifb 184 


,. et ■>«»') «5. 

„ <iritll inpMlciKc) U| 

„ (»Bd 1*^ emlMd) 9l7 

Xn»)» 18a 

"»")(«•*» )>|. !«•. «♦ 


9lKt^ 960 

•Tt^M (*no doMbC*) 754 

^ Kutpit 706 

iXdßoißf 437 

iktihryiaM 385, 941 

iSA/utm 15s 

'OXtfpvMf (foroe of) 779 iq. 

) I^MMi (leinet oO «37 

(confuaed with dyßt) 807 
J^mS«! Xo/Isi 496 
ifmm (accenl) 105 (c n.) 

„ (wkh sen.) «05 
iftalm 319 

A^iAvTcpM 173, p. UtW 
4^i^X^ 1034 
^«Kfcir (W tidm) 916 
jrcilof (and tKe dead) 493 
<»f i ^e m t 33 
Afik^cffTM 818 
AfmrtwnH 638 
A(^ (iMnent) 818 

4n#Mv»vr 709 

<ri#f (wUh pest indic) 199 

twm /m( (varying conatfVCtkNM) «64 

Vi^ (^M'^t Xm'^) 8o| tqq. 

Vy^ 3«5 

Vyir (^#m) 439 

Vn^ 795 

V^/«l 3« 

^^ (vmS«) 5«7 

l^^t« (as sift) 615 

VXM^^ (ihe beait) 166 

Iff if (demoost.) 1043 

^ r4t (*of whom 70« talk*) 917 

Irrif )( If 915 

•* )( M# (wkh partidp.) 993 

•Mb...iipf 848 iq. 

ite I^Mm (-^ M) iof6aq. 

•Hr (Ibice oT) 696 

•t (MafCBlial) «14 

H <to iTr» aftr) #79 


r^ tforc oO 6« 
wftMm {»ilbaiit otq.) lU 

„ (cvDJagd In&lclkjJ tat 
gf^ifuM (ftW) ■« mn- 
wftitumi in 
wfimt» ('delibemta m.'i fH 

*^ M*.) SO" 
„ (oT the MaMUid) Mj 
„ (-in IBtt« wilhTt« 

wf- (cootMund Ttrt«) IM* 
v^ '»«■«•>* 844 

■^ fni 411 

tfiaStr ('ralhci '11004 

cbMtMk-) im 

•(»••'/»" »49 

>^Mm T»7 

Wfmmin ««] 

v^dnr («dv.) 4S6 
ntfi^r {Al.rv| 64I «qq- 

»A»n 567, pp. e »q. 

H (with po. pvtldp.) TH 

TilWf«> w (Moni} loCl 
rtXir#Jf« 6,19 

tAh l'dcDth'l 874 
Wivnr ('wounil') 346 

4") 7»« 

■*4^w HiMtivil HbM.) 96« 
-TW (fem. «clj.) 9*7 

tl (qudlfTillJ- *dt.) DO 

„ (In qiMition of 
rt *<*.■ «79 
H »'...« (K. «X. 41 4 
nW... {I, ßit¥\ Hf 

Cfajr (of') »J«. 4i1 

tu ('«II conccrntd') 369 

„ |vi(h imperal. ot opt<) N 

„ (illuJ'e) s« 

„ (npcilcd) na 

H («ith itcond nmnl 7ji 

„ (wiih **j:^I li« 

• )t»l 


II Air4nn 7*4 

b A4iw jSj. «94- ÜJi 

I t« M.«»' )( «., 3»7 

I »•■•flTgi lA/fH nnriVai) «79 

I rtm (double Miwc) |Bi 


■ «Mabr Imi BIT 


■Th. -Tit (verbdt) «9S (C n.) 

rln 4ja 

T*r- 4«« 8ifl 

rgjm (occenl) 9) (c. B.) 

tWn (hiHh« iitiiJ) gt 

T^rM« (m.r) I8J7 

T,»^ (^.-Xi.} 74J 

„ (.r,i«K)94, 
Tprttpf («M»tJ ji] 

T»iJ"t J4), f^6. 651. 1*64 

7«i rparata 771 

rpirv (W*t) rjo 
T^.#rft 7.'6 

nrncirar ('bil (hc nuk') 68« 
ib) 79i .. (uith nni. aoni.) 7«7 

(of mrutnger itqDiMd) 70) 
Tiitßtt (uniMlient} glj 
Ttffanw (tnililiongl Ehuacttr) ^1 

rix^ (lielil), wilh putldp.) 14 
(46«. • «nd • (m ^-'ivnJ P. '»« 
^^ ■ bimI n (lonfusedl 997 (c. n.) 
&■- («cconipanimtntj IMJ 
»nrinV« H.17 
tnin.» Cl-^n'l toM 

iwtfßipfH 371 

bwifraikitm ,«91 


.! (r™. -Ly hi. .(.Taty*) (.J 
., (Hiih accu«. 'il«!) hilo't 170 
,. (pereoniryinB motfrej 19] 

ivimpM 601 
ImpAmmi 3S1 

MMioo) W 

f«i.i,>vff;Ka, ^oiäüfTina 7iS (c. n.) 

««.>(. Cslie»* ilKlf 10 b«') 991 

#"^X'"" ">47 

#a..f» 416 

«•Lot (mtlajih,) jo, 318 

^uyan' (in ucrificc) 644 

^arjo^oufriil (Alffa) 644 

#/ (vXijM., «•«rilr) j6l, (79 

„ {vti (.in,.) 990 

fJW idXa 3,4 

»IX.. Creir') .33. 614 
., (-"ii»!') >3*. 'Ji 
^Xii ».Xm», 353 


*iXr^ 1017 

tußal,',., 71 

♦«P« p. 131, ijj 

♦^01 31 

<«^.> «nd **?.. j. (c. n.) 

^oi )( alHar. 64 

».^ (fc.>«il 8*g 

«^loJ 9,o 

«p/rn (■«II.-) 131, B>9 

., )( Jr» S4. 449 
*^.ti rpiFV 750 
«M' (-«»wii') 846 
„ (J««.r«>.<«,| 853 

#>^<;» (of Ihr dMd) iij 

., (.J ■■"■.) 77» 
#^W» 3" 
♦vtV 'K'" )J3 
♦»^ ClanBUBec') j6i 

X Uid ( (confuKd) 530 (c 
)t<X^>». .Xirr.-rf 189 

Xf^-if (nietaph,) 1049«^., i««} 
X'lp (libt.Mi.y) 135 

„ (fo«e) 103 

.. ('arm und hand') 980 

x/r«<i(?) »6 
Xtl»tß't 1J9 

„ (escluiion from) 190 iqq. 

)(X1... (f- T.y.\ i37 
XmJ (linie of oflering) i 

„ (-»«(j^Xi«) 48; 
Xf"i' ('* *>*..■) 919 
X/i^ (filt) io> 
X/>Df"F 19, 809 «)■ 
Xp-l^ora (ai molive) ijs 
joj4-" (prrsonilitd) 963 
j[*4.o« (^|.Fa.»rr) 9J4 t^. 

V I'" 

') 64S 

^/-,- and \^>« (confuwl) 987 

i„i!H |in 

-ade») iJ7 

i„>t«^tl r 

■" ;» 

^iV»' P^T^i 4"0 


ü (pü-iLion 

ofl 137 

. (..Ihoul 

voc.) 784 

.iäii (mcmj 

h.) .10 

u^i*,«» H 

.«) ,10 

J. (.IIC.«:.1) UJ 

u«. -Ut ICü 

ifu«.-d) 691 

^fWT*»*' (1 

,,>.taIion) 940 

«. (C^lan« 

ory) 689. 740 

., ( = •■■') 3 


tte' .ll^i (&c) 438, 1 

imilk«! ud Gcncnl.) 

g duJecu jlSi 
cmmof, in MS5, p. Uioviii 
of Iwl &c. (wilhoul Mulimphe) 

«a» (c. a.) 

iel nfii-iu.) 907- W™f") '013 
(c p.). («) 9, [c n.), (« 
dcBHHut.) 1013 (c. n.) 
■tht: tnie obiednB wilh i^yi 

„ conUincd {imnaj^mnir II- 

367, (of • ciy) 401. 94I. (• 
oll) 6si. (»X« tO«««- 

AccuWiTc wilh #i-Hi« ii6, ^w ♦01. 

Arif» J37, *irWf<f-i S4» 
■Aclion' in triEnly p. l«»i*i Wi (fce<- 

A«i«Hn''ddi« 34J. «0». Tä*. 7'» •!■ 
ActORb Bumbtr of p. s 
AdapUliiM. f»Ue Eraromilie«! p. lunUi 
Adjcctinl prolfplie n'- ♦94' 'ä'- 1^ 
„ ulivc and put. tcilMt 4)B 


of mpeci Kptoeed by inilTU- 

mratal dal. jio 

■nd üiAn,, conibincd. wilh 

9*- '»■ S09, 79S 

line arem. »J, lU. »09 


in Iriad •«'(»"« 53 

replaccd by gmiline )oo 

BIKK. Kllh (Em. «HIB (iM- 

fu^irur aJyllHr?) Sjo (c n.) 
force ol. ai «pitbet tSi, B96 
posilion of, (^nn* rt *4r 

■i^) 494. cf- r*'. '»J* 

Uansrerrcd cpilbct bWOr 1^ 
„,., Tv),ä. &c) J69, ia68 
(em. fonti in compoMndi 68, 
99 (■:■ "■). i9^ "'T 
9 rerbd Klloa AdKrlpt Inlcrpolalca $841 7>4 («• "■)• 


Ailurbial preposiiion 137, 131 

Accislhut: d»ih of... pp. ivi 

tr \jt lh< Oäyiiey pp 

in Euripid« p. i>ii 

AcoliiDii (lWpL.F.i) j^e. (nJal»"«) 

Aetchylu: and lonic alpfaabci pp, luiiT 

AiBOi or Myeenae (ai Kern) pp. 
Atiilophann and lit Chtrfhtn 

and plol p. U.vii Ifooliiole), 



and Kcnei pp. >l iq. 


force of )]9, if«. 415 

.. and f^inin. crin,« 594 

6j7. (J?s. 815 

«e Ch«pk„ri 

wilh poiie«. ailj. I4 

478. 484. 745 

hi* lomh pp. «liii iqq. 

wilh ailj. in lyrica 71 

., münnir of hi» murd« pp. 

a» tclaiiv, ,J7. 6oj 

163 sqq., ivi iqq. 


Alcmcon p. lit (foalnolt| 

gineric 18], ,1^7, 781 

Alliwralion : (of «) S8, (saroilicl 564 

once wilh iwo nouns 

Alphaiiei: lonic. in AeKhylui pp. Ixiiit 

«bscnt from c»niric 


69- 3f«. 40J. 66'. »4 

Allan oalbj al, ia.> 

vioiarion of lulc of 

AllKata: sluty ot. 603 sq. 


AmbiKUOus «n.™« 88j 

abient from deptTdinl 

Anacolulhon 139. a8S 

•i .ip.« i«WT«.( 6J4 

pari of ihe phia« in 

Anacrammaliim p. I.iiviii. 6,1 (c. n.) 

rl lal;).!, 706. .180 


alion: of oplal. in icia 

Iw &e.) 91s 

: gnomic 415, 6]l, 66» 
tomWn«! wilh prrs. 66» 
lynchrunoui panicip. 114, 395, 
457. ,<8». 6ö». T4>. 857 
limcle» II, 107, 181, Si7. 784 
■ubjiincl., and ful. indic. iii. 
infin. in oracin 1018 aqq- 

<: liilci of cs6 >q.. B01 iq. 
ilhi-Jitt }J7 

:'. curee of. £88 
■f;(ai6ir\ai^« 665 

Audi« nee: Aihcnii 

AnhaiuB of lynlai 751 

3 ('■ "■) 
omitlid 734. 938 
Lughler of Af^m- p. a: 
I, pp- 163 iqi]., S8S 

■s lad Ion 597 n 
■1 riMl4)«>qq. 

■ «rutlng 150. 491, SSi, p|). 1 

mi rjS. ijg. 691 M|. 
(GTimmallcnJI «59 (e. n.) 
Rkikm lo «ithcr parent S16 

utd lue-ptintingi | 


choni* of pp. 4, ui 

,: characler of 687-69) 
her {Bat ia Euripidei pp. 
Ivi. lii 
her ff M in Sophocln f. 

her dream (in Slaidw 

dupcd (in CiMßUri) pp. 

in Ihe M/iuf pp. Ilf 
s coml>incd 74! 
im» in AeKhyluj 899, 917 
Colonwlrj (note on) p. civ 
Conponllo compendiaru 17; 
CorapendUi erron from. p. Iiinii 
Compoondi: in dlihj'runba 414 — 417 
H Ibice ol componenli (ftrc 

n^epurii) 734 
Confuiion of (iniilir word» p. Iiiivl 
CDUlmclion : ad Knium i], •4], 170, 

proloeuc pp. «lii «iq-. pp. 
»J9 »qi- 

pMOdOt p. IIIT 

further analyaU pp. ili iqq, 

Ihc 'KecDcniiion' pp. Uir 


criticiiBi of plol p. liil, ipcckl 

Crilicinni pp. Ixiü Kfq. 

Ingie cITnl pp. IvU iq.. li*. 


molivo af Ibc tca|;c>iice pp. 

Itxl of pp. I»ix tq. 

fip. llliliq. III 

■cholti of pp. IC iqq. Crin heud Fram wiihi 

ttffwTii of pp, Juni tu. Ciiliei«) orihcOraiei 

lcinuleTniraiBpp.luntqq. point pp. ili 

brakrn or >uspended 691 
tq.. J30«lq.,745. 747«1' 
COnfiiKd 6äe 
idionialk (with rir, /tni) 

poini pp. iH mq. 
^~3toleLiani1iiidArd pp. klvüi 

xh), of OkttfitH pp. ItlU 

jdcra, of Euipiik*' J/«r/ra 
U IfootMt«) 

w p. I (fM- 

Sacljit (in (irst foM of iCI 
DUe of Ckxphtri p. j 


) llj, 984 

Dclphian 1 

: on Ihe legend 
id Oro;« 168— 

ive 47, 167 

umenlil J67, 601 sq. 

„ =accui. of reipect 

.^10, S94 
nmodi 566, 979 
half 167, jii. 714»q..73B, 

■0.» «iq. (and c. n,) 

„ (wiLhifMBl.f) IJI, (rtlifw) I}6, 
t/XTBl 364. |liu«M) f4}. («pj) JJ. 

(<>l)7"i. 7IÖ«).. {r»»^0e^) 
;io. H<x"»a.) 7f8. (Jw.S«r) 
811. l*a»i7.oi) 367 
Dtulit: 10po|;i3p)iy fiyo 


alion «ilh. 3.6 

of niind ju u^q., jii 

«ITecled by joy 
elfect of Irdi« 

honoured »cconi 

^ 3."3 * 

dcalh 344 -J5> 
„ cllim 10 burial 430 »qq. 
„ rouiilaiion of, 438 
„ tnd ha'F-aiia.Ta. 481 
.. relea«d \,f x«i"« 4*7 
,. u ileeping 317 
DclibentiTc lubjundivei ofjrd per). 176 

Dialetu imilaled In Irac^dy j6i 
Dike: daLghler of Zeui 947 jq. 
Dionhote. of Ciitt/'*tri pp. Uii 

pp. I46 tqq. 
in in p. liuvi 
1-36. 8«. j 

996 K|. (See 

. .. 466. 

necfturr coincldencei in 
of Oreilf, mmp«red, pp. 

id kin^ 144S 
,d snake 1,6 

Eltlira: of Sopboclei, 'epciiodic 

et ti ailecu of nUlioiuhip lat — 109. 

minlne: Tcrba) in -rti 11, 13J 
„ noun-ulj. in -rV «79 

■dj. »iih Bwic teno. -« 11« 

,. «dj. in -T„ 



Fite, ondTine 11 Delphi lOij 
Fleiianil cndinGi corrupled pp. luurU 


Foolprinli: KC Teti' 

Ponniic fotiDuU p«li>ed 63G, 7BJ 

FormnU of migiialion 771} 

Fariet: ulled tirti 913 
„ likc Cotgoni 10146 
„ Iheir uuku 1047 K). 
,, eyci dripping blood 1036 
„ not repreunled in Cieifkari la«^ 

Falare indic. »ul lor. »ib/ (ihcr «VM 

f.41 164 

„ „ ind delib. aubj. tj, 111 

„ „ and opi. wiih ff fo] iqt 

„ of conAdent «uertion for pnjCT 


1 -If- J4J (C ■-) 

Sndcr id lenium 891, 981 

Gcocric ptRidp. wiihoul ut. 69. jAd, 

„ ■rlick $67, 781 K). 

I. {(or fm.) 388 
■ «9« 

CtniÜTCi ibulute panicip- ncuU 79. B79 
„ ordefinilion ijj, joo. (84,718 

«l-. 7«. J9' "!■ 
H loa) iB>, 443 
„ of nilerld 3gi> (or docrlp- 

// ENGLISH. jt 


1 puliIive(Jr>.U{irirrinrM)9ili, 

Heim« i M-i« 809 

0»v<< «*•**• 4»«<"*"1 707 

HelerocLle nouns (dFijSiF,...) 709 


doabU 134 "1.. !■• "1-. W> 



Homeric pbnie in AeKh. 136 


npbd>g^J. 1» 

Homicide tnd pu>ificaiion 71 »). 

■blUln (-J>.... «arctlT Aci- 


Homoeoreleuton ;oS — 710 {c. n,) 


aftcc poMMlvt wlj. MT «q. 

Hoipiuliir: cliimi 10. 567. ftj., 66i 

wilh prirUiTC [ln)V»> •tvd'} 

.piril of. «7 

6«B, U^>ra. ^n,»«r) 6jj 

Itie l<ind OITered 6«6 sq. 


eipecltd u(ßre»I houtei 7" 

lag 1031 

Hyp«iLaion(?| 7S8 


in Ai*VM9iS 

Hypeiboreini 371 


Hypothei« ot Ae«hyle»n pUyi p. Im 


(with U) 6j9, («n«) *!}. 

(tuiiartv\ OS, Cn^M) 194. bmbic: tfimeien 

HfMiN) M3. (^ MTHX^ <■■ PP- 'S" * 

(f.w#»'.)73|.(n«'«>.)7«l, .. «n«i. -1 

l^nu^» 931 Illeeiblt plices in 

of Utnn <i« M). 

Glowi 809 iq.. 93a, p, 131, ImTiU 



f •»• (11 


„ Mir-bi«.«« >pp*>ud u .1«, 133 




„ lh«.tn»u«.Ml«n- 

„ >edMlM9HX|- 

„ r»»d u kdpi.K IW riihMM. 



GO.F». ud Fuki iM 


H 1 criwriea ofwIltiaMhIp pp. Iwj- 
HcUni -ApoUo 9B4 

„ ikc iii iiiiiiim 983 

H wu i cm bli» oC ii p> uuüt 

„ Ikla Md fudkat t, 7Mi ■•> 

» ^ii*M «II, p. S4* ((NtaMl) 

= imp«rat. in priytr» 306. in 

.iihes j6l sqq. 

>r uiih rtlatin^ lo ind and jrd 

: piobüble jM, lUipMtnl 

p. cii 


fion idKripll p. lilivÜi 

(from wind* tnd wcalho) ]i6, 
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lotg aq., 106^ v\i\., (wivc*) 
iBl, (ntfl) }04, Qf6 nq., 
(tpdet'i *th) 119. 101 j, 
Oighl and dntkneu) go. 31B, 
86] iq., (ehitiot ta«) {ii, 
79» «jq^ 1019 «iq.. (dice) 

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49fi. 688. Mj K|q., (huncn- 
hie) 67'. I9'' '«4*' O»"- 
cwiti) j?;, S07. 870 «qq.. 
Ommine) J1J «I , (d«bl >nd 
lnl««.l)384.64S>qq-. ("B'e 
■nd Krpent) I46 tq.. (muiic) 
+6j, (plnnt «nd teod) H9, 
Bi«, (wmind, uid tOfct) *68, 
■unl Jä4. (re«»n court) JJ» 
•q.. Imcnlicet j8j. 35s, (de- 
Ute) 191, (devouring jm) 
»79. 3 '4. (delirium) 694, 
(muiteiTall) 69.1, (Goibim'i 
head) 819 iq-, (pack-uddle) 
841 «q.. (fljrine i|wki| 84a. 
(nuor'i edet) 881. («nvil ond 
ftBce) 643 >qq-. (Kropolii) 
687, (allick oflioiu) 936 iq., 
(veill 80;. (>IHp «id lenl 
»o«1«) 79J »qq.. (»rrowi) 
1031, (dincing 10 tone) 1011 
itTtyartp«) 981. ^i*»^^pi<) 
93J- W-'l'w» »**•) *9"q-. 

(r4rriu dTndXu) 5«}, ((rA- 
•nft^n) 740. (ii'rT^Xti'M) 
769, («^rt^ivf«) 671 

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l(Mli>e J4J. 4«i. 7i8. 7«» 



MS Mediceui docribed pp. Iiui 



mwnins or, 

dUe of p. Ii»l, hlilnr of 

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pp. 1,» iq. 
dn»!.» of pp 

MSS of Ck>ephtri pp. )niK iqq. 
Mutiblion of dad 43S 


and Pylhiin g 

HjrccBae or Acgot utcene? pp. iix 




p. .vi,, ((001,1 
dicu of, p. ■ 


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JS i.e. n.). 483 
Nel*: niiin« of. 997 »q- 

pp. -ii 
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Nenler pirlicip. in gen. nbiol. 79 
NUui 611— fiij 


in Pim 
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« of. 748 M). 

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(an,) f.»lnote 

of Ac«li. pp. 

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.68, (♦.'ir'.' 

Omuiion of w 

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t-leeend in, pp, «vi sqq, 
idi Of patu ot wonU 

p.c, (-5, -.Op 
19s. 491 

p. luiTÜi * 

Optatixi pMealial wiilioui ir iji. 4'!' '"" •' l'»"')'"!'' 34" 

(c,n.). 8J3(?) Paeonic ii,>:i,t ^.j sq. 

„ in diteel queii. willioui Im 493 Pa«b]e|«,i ;(i9 k. n.) 

„ wiih ü>. oT Ihe loetcailr «• r>rcchB>t 7. 137. 847 

pecled 463, 704 Parepijrraiilir in .'iISS p. li« 

„ cnndilioiul becoma hortative Pacodoi of Chufhiri |>p. iiiv iqq. 

104 raroemiic »iih lul >yll. >hon 861 

„ omilldl wilh raUt. ind Jr 54I Puticipiil cIjum wiih n, enJine Knien« 
atiimililed, in relu. cliuto 117. loij 

396, 47s te- ■>■) PMtidplei in vocalive 1, 381 
coMractcdfonut-V*-«!«)*!* h hyiwihciic. aniwctinc 10 n- 

Df Delphi, uid Orata 168— )0« clause ; ; 1 

psnonified tU „ quiiifying anoih« panicip. 

u ameag oblhgu ilj aqq. ;i iq., \i*. ,044 sq. 

Aadu, MSSoC p|>t liiixq. .„ gcncric »iihoui an. 69. 36a, 

■ StoUoni pp. ita, ntqq. 4a}. 661, 841. 100; 


wjlh «1|J (uhtnu Q 

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fom »r (•^) igS, I13 

dcprccüloiy «piclm 


contiining the inl delibcn- 

lire (wilh rix") '4 

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idion of, 159 K|. 
t wallh of, M4 
' Ir Gmk 756 «qq. 
st ulile « (onrtiilon 409, 45i, 

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&cs<ion of 
■nd OmlB-Icecnd p. 11 ü 
lon Mund (dW^w*« f^wi) (98 
Dieiiiiiie«^ 'Dmblt Mein- 

I inC»') pp. JJi «qq.i (™ *"*'■ 

■ ßkitrTptr) 490, (mi|. irlrfll 

J latj. (*w«w"l s6o, {Urr^ 

14«, {.«^.Mwl 49»' ("**>■ 
niMH)4M, ((vfei) 8£, (KXv 
"M"*"^) 648. («BM«) IiB, 
(Xwii, Xuib) )8. (n^uTfiM») 
64A. (rXfiralJ 146, tXtH 
(4W). (».»i*»w»l) 998- (*rtX- 
I )». rr*Wi «». ir'-"'. 'fr- 

■ Mt) 645 •q-i (fiXrii and r4iM) 
I JS4, InMlned plijrl jl >qq. 
Bit ( „ ,^ ...i..»! <.a. 

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i !fii (c. n,) 
Pollulion (f»d*» wilh lime) lOjj 
Fodtioni nnuttuü iol i^i} igt. IM3. {ol 
*) »'T 

■nd cmph*»« 9J. 503. »TJ 
„ of *dj. »nd rniicle 494 

t adj. folkiwed by Eeak. 117 

11 4*8 

Prcpoiition: u kdTcrb 137. »31. 7B4. 
„ wilh pregnillHconMnicl. 304 

PrepodliotMl phr»K « a-ij. »77 
PkmiiIi vivid punonmic iBi. 416. 64} 
■qq.. 889 
„ mpttlea. {'••''] ioso.{'*rp»*tt- 

ni-J 90S. (#.■».«.») 3»* 
„ praphelic jo), nS 
„ hiiloric 439 

„ gcncric 3)6 iq., (pattlcip.) 7o( 
„ of hrnmcdialc roüiulioo 646 (q. 
„ Bnofniceofnliincd wilh «or.Mi 
Problem o( juMifiolion pp. »TÜi, »iil, 
Iviii «qq. 

Proddiiian or ijrnecphonnit? 785 
Pralcptic Bd). 330, 494. 037, T«»* 
Ptolop« of CiitfAiri pp. »lii «(q. 
Pronovni emphilic »3. iiS, 138, 3M, 
(clidcd) 3J9, 349 
,. nol requited u abj. lo wf»- 

j 168 

3. HS. «4«- 6T». 


Short (yll. before flX. yli jHj 

14 in ihc OrnlcS'playt pp. StLciiomylhia cnHcd by couplvl 91 

Rcfleiivc u» or siTtr \c. 1 10 Subjunclive dclib. and Cul, indic. 8 

Rcluivc: and U'iinililcd opLiiive yr/(t ., .. jrd pin. 1 

„ cliUK folloived by demciiul. ., indir«l [Iclili. {,ilZ, 

390 »..J«..) BSy 

„ senr<k (ntui. for fim.) 388 Su|ip1ianUi e.temiil liyns [033 

„ allniclcd 73; .SynecphoneMi 0. prodeli^jon f 78J 

Rep«ilionofs«T.»wc»d4i,s.,ij4,.iS, Synimi» (-.7.-?) 116. (.),-?) 333 

Raumplivc conilrucl. foi fmphi>i> 840 

'Rhylhmical' Icnglliening 1047 Talthyliiun in Orei 



»i.h .Ol 14 J63 

■ccna: in CAiv/tori 1, jojiqq.. 713 «iq.i T"! of Cieffiori p[>. In« iqq. 

pp. nii-.lvi ,. of artlwyiK-, MtsMe iai8 (e. n.} 

„ changc* a(, pp. xl jq., «liv Thcmalie formj lof lAXi-u.) 836 

Scaic efTtcli In ilrnma 411 'Tmcjis' : ;Bf -qq,. (lia ,.<uni^<it loi;, 

ScfaCiu Chalcidicgm 136, J38. 691 iq. (<• x*)*""« *""! 9.'4 *q- 

Sdtolil: 5gnimary of fvidtncc Inr Icil Tomb: a> allii loj, (of refuge) 3js 

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ndicaling inferior rcadingi f 
civ >qq. 

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Tiavellen: and ba^ag 

„ not mmpofcd by m p. liiiii Tiibnch (one Kordsonc fool) 1 

„ 1 minnciiim of, pp. 143 k\. „ Iwo in one line 88 

„ lelaining ' Doric ' i in lyria Tnlogi« and tingle playi {liil«) pp. tj9 

p. i}8 tq, 

„ giimmu of, scholl, lo v«, jo, 

;3- '47- l!;iq-.4i'.Ö3i. joj " 

ScjOiiui bow 161 Dnciali: ctco» (nini, p. UuT 

ScjU« fili Uncontnelfd Ibnnt oTvcfba in -4^ 816 



eooHIxndlnc Co.. Ine. 
300 SumiMf StTMt 
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