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ns AND COMMt»>^ 





irc 13ins, fttl, §im, anb emtats; 






'lAvlvvfaHl^ kkA.1.^ 




rmmrniio or 







l^tlrgrSf ^^biitc ISills, Jpecs, JptntSf nntt iSommtttces; 

LtftTI or THB 






vrrii SVSRT other species of information respecting thk 



Cry nay have « gooA CoiuUeutloD, ud a bod Govcmmaiti ■nd »i«» wtm— Tb* 
it iaimortaii 

A Sowing ^ QmHimt Ili<A«li«u. 


rt MtiMfiJto av 

















The present work, the composition of which ha% 
occupied the Author's undivided attention for up- 
wards of two years, has been repeatedly announced 
in the Journals as *' THE PARLIAMENTARY 
POCKET-BOOK." This very fair alliterative title, 
i»hich was sufficiently catching, to suit the wishes of 
any modem bibliopole, would not now have been dis- 
pensed with, but from the awkward circumstance that, 
during its progress, the said book hath so increased in 
bulk as to recjuire a pocket of no ordinary dimensions 
io contain it. — Whilst confessing his own inexperience 
rad miscalculation, however, the writer begs pardon of 
their High Mightinesses, the Reviewers, for having thus 
deprived them of a capital opportunity of exercising 
their wit upon him by the rather obvious, but per- 
tinent, joke of his " Pocket-Book being as big as a 
Bible:" — at the same time he invites the polite at- 
tentions of these " good-natured friends" rather 

the interior than the exterior of the volume ; trust- 
that they will act towards In'm as he has done in 
•d to others, viz. : — 

To speak of him as he is : — nothing extenuate ; 
Nor set down aught in miiliLc." 



w ^^ 


^^^B ^^M 

^^^^L^^ CBBD Tnrs ^^^^1 


^^^H D.C.L. . . . Doctor of Civil Law. ^H 

^^^H D.D Doctor of DinniCy. 

^^^H F.A.& . . . Fellow of the Society of Arts. 

^^^H F.H.S.. . . Fellow of the Horticultural Society. 

^^^H F.L.& . . . Fellow of the Liiuix'an Society. 

^^^1 F,R.S. . . . Fellow of the Royal Society. ^^^i 

^^^H F.aA. . . . Fellow uf the Society of Antiqiuriea. ^^^^| 

^^^B L.L.D... .Doctor Laws. ^^^H 

^^^1 Masterof Arts. ^^^H 

^^^B M.P. .. . .Member of Parliament. ^^^^| 

^^^B M.R.I.A. .Member of the Royal Irish Academy. ^^^H 

^^^B P.C.E. . . . Privy Councillor in England. ^^^B 

^^^^^^ P.C.I Privy Councillor in Ireland. ^^^H 


^^^^^^^F ^^^^B 

^K.B. . . . .Otmpaiuon of the most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. ^M 

KG.CB. Kui^t Grand Cross of tlic Bath. ^B 

K.C.B. . . Knight Commander of tim Batlu ^B 

K.G Knight of the roost Noble Order of the Garter. ^B 

K.F. Knight of the most Illustrious Order of St Patrick. ^^ 

K.T Knight of the moat Ancient Order of the Thistle. 


^B K.A. Knight of St Andrew in Ruaaia. 

^H K.A.N.. . . Knight of Alex. Newaki in Riimia. 

^B K.B.A. . . . Knight of St Bento d'Avie in Portugal. < 

^B K.C Knight of the Crescent in Turkey. ^^^^| 

■ A'CS... . KiiJ^hi ofCIiuries III. in Spain. ^^B 

^^. ^^ ^'^8f*^oftheEhphMiim Deiimark. B 



K.F.M. . 
K*G.H. ■ 



K-M. . . . 
ILM.H. . 
K-M J. . , 
K.M.T. . 


K-aX . . 

K.S.E. . . 
K.aL. .. 
K.S.P. . . 

K.8.S. . . 
K.S.W. . 

. Knight of Ferdinand in Sjuun. 

.Knight of St. Ferdinand and Merit in Sidly. 

. Kuight of the Golden Fleece in Spain. 

•Knight of Guelph of Hanover. 

.Kuight of Gustavus Vaso, in Sweden. 

. Knight of St. Joachim. 

• Knight of Leopohl of Austria. 
.Knight of Matu. 

. Knight of Merit in Ilolstein. 

. Knight of Maximilian Jos. tn Bavaria. 

. Knight of St Maria Tht^esa in Aualria. 

.Knight of tlic Royal Korth Star in Sweden. 

. Knight of the Red Kagle in Prueata. 

. Kjtight of St. Anne in Russia. 

. Knight of St. Esprit in France. 

. Knight of St. George in Ruwia, 

. Knight of the Sun and Lion in Persia. 

. Knight of Sl Stanislaus in Poland. 

-Knight of the Sword in Sweden. 

.Knight of St. M^lademir in llusaia. 

. Knight of Willian) in die NcUierlands. 

.Knight of the ^V^hite Eagle in Poland. 

• Ktiight of tlic Tower and Sword in Portugal. 



TTRODUCTORY SKETCH of the History and Con- 
stitution of Parliament xvii 

observed in the HOUSE OF PEERS, according to their 
Rank and Creation : — 

Speaker and Deputy Speakers ..... 1 

Princes of the Royal Blood id. 

Archbi&hope ... ... .3 

Dukes 3 

Marqueaes 7 

Earls 9 

Viicotmta 18 

Bishops 90 

Banms ......... 25 

Pcercases in their own right 37 

Enumeration of Lords having seats ... .38 

Alphabetical List of Scottish and Irish Peers who sit in 

the House with English Titles 39 

Personal Privileges of the Peers , , .41 

STANDING ORDERS of the HOUSE of PEERS, respect- 
ing the Privileges of the Peerage, Public and Private Bills, 
hCf with Remembrances for Order and Decency to be 
kept in the Upper House of Parliament by the Lords, 
when His I^Iajcsty is not there ; leaving the solenmity 
belonging to Hia Majesty's coming, to be manhailed by 
those Lords to whom it more properly appertains , . 45 

Act of Parliament for placing of the Lords . . .117 
INDEX to the STANDING ORDERS of the House of 

Lords 121 

rmfPORAl. LOIW3 of PARLIAMENT ; including 
x^e a^pre^taUre Peers of Scotland and IreJand,~thc 



Representative Irish Prelates for Se&sion 1831 and 2. and tlic 
Peeresses of England, Great Britain, and the United King- 
dom, in their Outi Right; in which arc minutely noted all 
the circumstanccH relative to the Birth. Titles, Succession, 
filorriage, Heirship, and Relationship of each Peer; olso^ 
the years of their Creation. Namcfi, and Surnames. Official 
Appointments^ Parliamentary Patronage, Country Seat^, and 

Town Residences 139 

Ahbreviutions ........ 140 

Order in which they stand on the ELECTION ROLL ; with 
Personal Notices in every case wherein the individual is not 
a Representative Peer, nor poMeoBOa a Seat in the Houke of 
Lords, by being, likewise, a Peer of England, Great Britain, 
or the United Kingdom: — 

Dukes 244 

Marquesses id. 

Earls, and Countesses in their Own Right . • .id. 

Viscounts 248 

Barons .......... id. 

LAND, according to their ORDER OF PRECEDENCE; 
with personal Notices, in every case wherein the individual Ls 
not a Representative Prelate or Peer, nor possesses a Seat in 
the House of Lordn, by being likewise a Peer of England, 
Groat Britain, or the United Kingdom: — 

Princes of the Royal Blood 

Archbishops ....... 


Morquenea u 

Earls, and Conntcsses in their Own Right • . 253 

VbcounU 259 

Biabopa 263 

Barons, and Baronesses in their Own Right . . . 265 



J^DEX to the PEERAGES of SCOTL.\ND and IRE- 

LA\D ... ... ^"iA 





COURTESY TITLE8 borne by the ELDEST SONS of alJ 

Dukes, Afarcjuesses, and Earls, ia the TLret' Kingdoms . 204 
PORTS in England, Wales. Scotland, and Ireland, which 
retura .^I EMBERS to the COIilMONS HOUSE of PAR- 

Including the Periods of their Franchise, Personal Rights 
of Election, Number of Vou-rs, Population, Keturning 
Officers. Electioneering lufluence, and other ])ariiculurs : 
with the Name and Designation, OJhcial Appointments, 
Frafieaaion, Occupation, Relationship, Parliamentary 
FbCronage, and Town iknd Country Residences of each 

Representative 287 

Abbreviations 2tW 

l^'UMBEK of MEMBERS sent to ParUament by EACH 
COUxVTY in ENGLAND; also by WvU.ES, SCOT- 
LAND, and IRELAND 432 

and CINQUE PORTS of England, Wales, Scotland, and 
Ireland, in the ORDER in whicli their Rein-esentatives are 

^CALLED OVER in the House of Commons :— 
England 433 
Wales 435 
- Scotland 436 
P Ireland 437 
:,AS81FICATI0N of the MEMBERS of the HOUSE of 

tba ELECTION of MEMBERS to serve in Parliament :— 

Hfciious 441 

J'oaaua who arc not eD^We to be Members . . . 452 


Parliamentary Examinatiun of Hcturos . . . 457 

, PriTilegM of Members 463 

of COMMONS relating to Pri\-ate BilU and other Matt«ra: — 

Private Bills, generally 465 

Bridges. BUU for Building 475 

Turnpike Roads, Bills for Making .... 476 

Ctaab, Cuts, Aqueducts, Reservoirs, and the Improve- 

ment of River-Navigation, BilU £or . . . . 478 
Railways, or Tnunroads, Bills for Making , . 481 
Tunnels or Archways, Bills for Making . . . 482 
Ferries or Docks, Bills for Making . . • .id. 
Piers, Porta, or Harbours, Bills for Making or Improving 483 
Enclosing, Draining, or Improving of Lands, Bills for . 484 
Couuty-Rates, Gaols, and Houses of Correction, Bills re- 
lating to 486 

Churches, Ciiapels, or Burying- Grounds, Bills relating to id. 
Paving, Lighting, and Cleansing, or Improving Cities or 

Towns, Bills for 48? 

Town-Halls or Market-Places, Bills for Erecting or Im- 
proving . id. 

Poor-Rates, Maintenance or Employment of the Poor, 

and Workhouses. Bills relating to . . . .id. 
Small Debts, BilLi fw the more Easy Recovery of . 488 

Letters Patent, BiUa for Confirming or Prolonging the 

Tcnn of 489 

I Divorce, Bills of 490 

Religion, Bills respecting id. 

Trade, Bills respecting ....*. Id. 

Public Aloney, Application for . . . . .id. 

Temporary Laws 491 

I Promulgation of Statutes ...... id. 

^EES to be paid to the OFFICERS and SERVANTS of 

'ees on Private Bills, generally 493 

to be paid into the Committee Clcvk's Office . . 49a 




iPea to be paid into the Prii'ate Bil! Office . 

I Fes to the Clerk of tb« Conmiittee of Elections . 
Fce« to Short Hand WrHera 
Fees OQ Taxation of CiMta un Prirati* BiUs 
Fen un Klection Petitiou HecogiuKuiiceji and Bills of Coflta 
Fees to be paid fur various other Matters 
Standing Orders respecting Fees ..... 
the Fourth 
■ names of PLACES REPRESENTED by them in EACH 
KU3f BER of MEMBERS for and a^^iinst a REFORM of 
the COMMONS" HOUSE; according to the PLEDGES 

I with the POPULATION and PROPERTY auppoecd to 
be represented in the several Kingdoms, Counties, Cities, 
and Boroughs 
the POPULATION of each Kingdom . . . . 
Honourable the House of Commons; and of IMPORTANT 
ACTS and OCCURRENCES in Parliament, from the ear- 
Aeoounts to the present time 













SEAL; from the Norman Conquest, up to the present 
time ,-■-••*• •7l^ 

xiv COi\TEN1>J. 

the Journals of the House, and occastouolly referred to 
tbrougliout this work : — 

Cunceniiiig iJuspected Papists aud Popish Recuisants . 7^1 

— The R^yal Pardon on Imjjeachment by the Commons id. 
^ The Trial of Peers in Parliament . . .783 
Protest ugainttt a Bill to Legalize the Proceedings of tlie 

■ Convention Parliament ...... 784 

Conccniing the Privilege of Peers to enter their Dissents 

or Protests 785 

Protest against the luoorporation of the Bank uf Kngland 786 
— - Against the Attaint of Mury, Queen of James IL . id. 

— Against the establishment of Septennial Parliaments . 787 

— Against the First Mutiny Bill, and concerning the 
Establishment of a Standing Army in time of Peace . 789 

— Aguinbt relieving Quakers from taking Oaths in Courts 

of Justice 700 

— Against the establishment of Pest Houses, and a^inst 

H dra^ving lines around Cities and 1 owns in case of Plague 7^3 

— Against disarming the Scottish HiyhUnders . . *J9^ 

— Against employing HanovL-rian Troojis in the British 
Service 79^ 

Concerning Disorders in the House, and ordering Strangers 

to withdruw during Debate ..... 799 

Protest agitinflt the Continuance of the American War . 801 
Concerning the undertaking of Government Contracts by 

JMembers of the House of Commons .... 805 
T— The Introduction of Foreign Troops into Great 

Briii»in, Ac 807 

Protest against the Interference of Government with the 

Affairs of France 810 


CITIES aud TOWNS in Enghmd which FORMERLY 
SENT 3IEMUERS to Parliament ; but which NOW DO 

NOT 817 

Tj^^* siunepUets^ amnged under their rctpectlvv Countica: 
tt/i/t t/jc Jatcst of tiici'r FruiicUi>c wud DiKoi^Vuwuixt.'^i • ^'^ 


rfSCOTLAXD. fts they were called over in the Rolls of 
L, BEFORE ti>e UXIOX of IJ07 ; with the 
«f C05IMISSI0NERS returned by ouch . 
•cat Members to the IRISH PARLIAiMENT. 
Mivt^ UNION of 1801 

»JfaMricttl Representation of the Irish Provinces, pre- 
TIIMirt and subsequent, to the UNION 
lOBOUGHMONGERS;— with the Number of Persons 
iepoted by each to Sit and Vote in the Comtnona' House of 

I«fd« ..... 






HaoM of Peers 

HoQM of Commons 

KING'S Most Honourable PRIVY COUNCIL for 


Ottcers of the Privy Council 

Oftoen of the Iri&h Privy Council ..... 

The Bntiish Cabinet 

CUflf Fuiictioaarics of England 

CUcf FuoctHiuories of Scotliuid 

The Cabinet and Chief Fuoctionaries of Ireland 

OSeenoftlie King's Hotixehiild 

OCcers of the Queen's Household . 

Britiah Ministers at Foreign Courts 

Ltfda Lieutenant, Custodes Rotulomm, &c of the several 

Counties of England, Wales. Scotland, and Ireland 
C«eiiMna of Colonies and Settlements . . . . 

kymOfAcr fj^n^Ji the ARCHBISHOPS of CANTER 











TAKEN THEIR SEATS, since this Work has been in 
the Prtss 906 

MENT 900 


in the COMMONS* House of Parliament . . .915 | 



0¥ TOE 





Is inquiring into the origin of Parliaments in England, we 
^^irouU fain begin at the beginning; but it is ini[X)Ssible, at 
^Httiis time of day, from want of records, to state accurately 
^^phat was the constitution of the Grand Council of the Ancient 
^iriton*. That they had Parliaments we are assured beyond 
a doubt. — From Gildas we learn that Parliaments existed in 
England, during its occupation by the Romans; although we 
luiTe every reason to believe that not only they, but the Kings, 
abo, werv merely instruments in the hands of these conquerors, 
fcr the collection of tribute: — in other words, that ibey were 
tax-gatherers to the Roman Emperors for upwards of three 
bundrrd years. The same author informs us, that a British 
Parikament, sunk in the imbecility of luxury and long continued 
dependence^ despatched letters to the Senate of Rome, be- 
•eecbmganHUnce against the Scots and Picts who made incur- 
mms beyond the wall of Severus, as soon as the Roman legions 
HmI qohtcd the island to defend their own states against the 
inrasioQ of the barbaric//?* of the \onb. Upon the Senate*5 
jr/am/, off /Ae plea that they vfere othenvise engaged, but 




^^ we*): 

advising lliem to help ilicviselvcsj Vortigem and " hh Thayiict\ 
sent an embassy to tlic warlike Saxons, with a similar request,- 
little supposing that as soon as the common enemy was over- 
come, they, themselves, should have to pass under the yoke of 
military despotism, and become" hewers of wood and drawers of 
water" to their new guests. Those who opposed the treacherous 
Saxons were driven out of the'u: country, and thus almost all 
the ancient records of the nation were for ever lost. 

Regarding the origin of this ancient British Parliament, we 
know little farther than what is recited itk the laws of the good 
King Edward, otherwi:{c styled the Confessor, which were con- 
firmed by William the First, and sworn to by all succeeding 
kings. Under the title De Greve^ cliap, 35, we find the famous 
King Arthur celebrated as the inventor and founder of the 
yearitf Folkmote of the Calends of Matf: — "Hanc legem i»- 
venit Arthurus, qui quondam fuit Tnclytissimus Rex Bryto* 
num, cl ita consolidavit et confa^deravit regnum Britanniie 
uni%'ersum semper in unum^ — This law of the anniversary 
Folkmote, Arthur invented, who was heretofore the most re^ 
nowned King of the Britons: and, therebi/, he consolidated 
and confederated together the whole realm of Britain Jbr eter^ 
as one man. 

On this passage it is necessary to make two observations; 
first, in regard to lolkmote^ whtcli being a Saxon word, signi- 
fying a general meeting of the Folks or people, could not be 
the designation of the ancient British Parliament of King 
Arthur and hi« successors, any more than the word ParUa" 
meat itself, introduce<l by the Normans several hundred years 
afterwards, could be supposed to designate the Folkmote of 
the Saxons, The ancient Britons, tlierefore, must have used 
some other expression to denote the annual or occasional 
meetings of themselves or their representatives, for the public 
meMJ: and this expremon wc find from Spdman and oth< 



Rhm'^Kyfr.yMicrr (Kyfr-y-Thayne?), that is,— Mtf 
Ifflf «fc« Lawgivers ; — which institution, or its design 
M^nfatve no reason to suppose to have been changed 
iWilW Romans remained ; for it is well known, that when- 
<vlk dmneering people appointed a consul or military 
^8m over a distant and ctmquerec! province, they took 
, ttrtoioppart his authority by aid of the national assembly 
^biM% ilneady sub&ieting. 

^H^pAjs as to the general assembly of the people on the 
^^P^^May^ being the invention of Arthur, it may be 
^^■nvl, without derogatiug from the merit of that illustrious 
>taK>n aod hero, that similar institutions ex^isted in neigh- 
^^ cxMmtries, as well as in England ; and that too, long 
Hwiif middle of the sixth ccntur}', when Arthur flourished. 
"itfWrthe annual convention of ancient Irisli kings, princes, 
■iOlHi or learned men, took place at this season of the year 
■ Ikmt T€>bhra*; or whether such was the case in the 
pEviofinl assemblages of the chieftains and pei)ple of Scotland, 

■ OBustaui: but wo have the authority of Radulphus dc 
fesa (a celebrated and authentic historian, and dean of St. 
^T%f m the reign of King John), for stating that an inslitu- 
^ bcTfry respect siudlar to the Folkmote, existed in France 

■ ^ j«r (361^ and no doubt many centuries earlier; for he 

^Aj of it Bjf being then an uncknt custom, which bad survived 

^a«eothre part of the government, already fallen into decay 

■Mcgii the imbectHty of the Merovingian family. His words 

• dfcae: — "From henceforward, the French Kings degene- 

''^fitim their accustomed valour and learning, the govern- 

^**fc administered by the Masters of the Palace ; the kings 

^iiiw reigning only by name. It was their custom, indeed, 

^•■••d to the crown, according to their descent ; but they 

■•wdid, nor ordered, any tiling of themselves : their whole 


business being to eat and drink imraoderalely, to live at home, 
and to preside in an assemUy of the WHOLE NATION un 
the Calesds of May; there to be addressed, to receivt 
allegiances and gifts, to requite services^ and so to retire to 
the same hind of Hfe, until another Mat/ tame rounder 

We shall presently see that tlie French assembly of the 
Calends of Mat/ 9 assimilated in every resf)ect with that held in 
Britain under the British and Saxon kings at the same season 
of the year; — first repeating that the Saxon Folkmote^ as is 
recorded in the laws of Edward the Confessor, was only a 
restitution, or rather a continuation of the ancient liritisk 


Sir Henry Spelman, in his learned Glossary, page 315, thus 
speaks of Folkmotes : ^^^ In a Folkmolo, once every year, ui 
the beginning of the Calends of May, (as in a yearly I'arlia- 
tnent,) (here met together the Princes of tlie realm, as well 
bishops as magistrates, and the freemen. All the laymen 
are sworn in the presence of the Bihhops, Into a mutual coven- 

I ant with one another, into th^ir fealty to tlie King, and to pre- 
fierve tlie rights of the kingdom. They consult of the common 
safety, of pence, of war, and of promoting the public profit.'" — 
"Besides, a Folkmote is used in every sudden danger; and 
likewise, if necessity require it, under the aldennan (that i 
the Earl) of every county f 


Adhinc, FVanforuin Regiba* a aoliu fortitudinc et idcndi degenersntibu«| 
B^pii potctitla dijipor.ehniur per Majoret iKmiuK, Rrgilms lolo nomine rcgiuutibui ; 
qolbuft itiurti rriit print'ipari quidcni kecunduni gmus^ et nil agcrc vtl dufionerf, 
pnvtcrquam irraiinnvbiliirr cdcre et blbrre, doinique monuit ct kftl. Mali, pntv 
cormnt ukn geiii^. et taluuri, obftcquU ei dona accipcn; ct repeodcTt, ct ^e 
laeuni um^uc ad aliuiti Malum pcmianctc." — AtArrviut, Chrimicomm, Auct, Radul. 
pkii df />irWo. ./Wi« 4,H0. 

^ '* In FulciiuKu dvuicl ()uoianiiUf tub initio Kalcndanun Alaii (tanquani in an- 
jiiM Psriiswentoj ( oarencn Itt^ni Pnncipea, tam Epis«opi quam M MgiNtnitti*, 
'-*ik7*^ue //0trifnfm, JaraotUT laid ooioc* coniu Episcopa \n muUium tct&ui^ m 



We see by the above, which, by the by, are extracts from 
ehap. S5 of the Laws of Edward the Confessor, that the Folk- 
oiole cxin-sisted of the whole nation, properly s[>caking : viz.^ 
the princes, (that is, the bishops and magistrates.) and the 
fret men : — women, children, and bondsmen, being necessarily 
exclucied : and although no mention is made of the presence 
of the Sovereign, we can hardly doubt the fact that he presided 
over this august and general assembly of the nation, in the 
same manner that the kings did in France, and tlie aldermen 
or Blarls did in llie provincial Folkmotes \\\ home; more par- 
ticularly, when it is recollected, that a principal part of the 
hushiess of the assembly consisted in suetiring Jealtt/ to the 
onrreign, and in vowing to preserve the rights of the kingdom. 
From the multitude of persons necessarily present, it will be 
ed that iliese general assemblies of the people had no 
lance to our modern Parliaments: yet we find this to 
w ; for we see by the above extract, that their^s was 
ireir Parliamentary business ; for, they not only renewed or 
renglhened the covenants already subsisting between King 
and people; and with each other; but also consulted **^ of the 
common safety^ of peace, of war ^ and of proinotintr the public 
profit r including all things, of course, appertaining to in- 
lemal and external commerce. In fuct, every thing relative to 
e common weal was transacted and decreed in these annual 
olkmotes, that are usually discussed and enacted during the 
of Parliament at Westminster, by the Houses of Ltjrds 

wili lie iksked, however, how was it possible to collect the 

or deiern)ination of so vast a Inxly of persons as were ne- 

y assemblcHl, on any particular subject or question ? — 

e ancicut mode of carrying a point by ace lama t ion ^ is the 

slitMtan Hcf^L, a %o jtirm n^^ coa^crraitdA. Cvosulilur (frCoinmuni Salute^ i\c 
0^ BcdAs ^ </-? u/m^ puia/a pnmwvcndn. "— " Adhibetiir prBjlcrca Folc- 



obvious answer to this question. When parties were (or were 
supposed to be) nearly balanced, the present mode of" divid- 
ing the House" plainly indicates that the perstins present at the 
Folkmote ranged themselves on each side of the president's 
chair ; and in still more doubtful cases, we may easily suppose 
ihat the numerical strength of ihe majority was discovered by 
3V//er5, as is the present parliamentary practice. 

But it has been objected that the Folkmote was dissimilar to 
our modern Parliament, inasmuch as it did not make Laws; 
the same being supposed to have been made in the Wittr- 
NAOEMOTEy or assemblv of the Wites, or thief or wise men, 
among the Saxons ; and tliis objection is in a small degree 
borne out by a passage from the above Glossary of Sir Henry 
S|>clman. He says, under the word Gemotum : " a IVitiena- 
gemote was the same thing amongst the English Saxon% as 
now, at this day, a Parliament is amongst us ; and a Wittena- 
gewo/<* differed Utile from a Folkmote, except that this last was 
anfuiah and sat chieHy on the standing affairs of the nation.^ 
The other was called at the King's pleasure, ujx>n emergencies 
of state, and for the sake of making laws* .^ 

But, with all due deference to the research and acute reason- 
ing of this learned antiijuary, it may be asked, For what 
purj>ose did this annual convention consult on peace, on war, 
and on all things apjx^rtaining to the public welfare, unless the 
intention were to tegisfate thereon ? — to express their assent to, 
or dissent from, any measure proposed for their consideration ? 
— and solemnly to decree that the will of the majority should 
constitute the Law of the Land '/ Is it to be supposed that the 
•effective part of tlie whole nation, leaving their domestic and 
other occu|>ations, would meet y«ir after year, and remain for 
d«js tf^thcr, talking of the propriety of declaring war, of 

* " lyitietutgttooi idt:m Mptid Aoglo-Suonct qaodftpud dos hodk Pirluunentum, 
pmnuatjueM f"(*kmoto Jitfrrrbai, nisi quod hoc annuum cawA si c c«u» ^«u3iMVke 

itfurf cji A rtluiM Coathtgen tibus, ct Lcgutn tottOucn^vnitQ ^Xi*, A t^xi^^ 



or fiuing for peace, of the best mode of repelling an 
r, of public and pnvate grievances, and the hcfit and 
ready mcthcxis of redressing those grievances, if they had 
power lo enact their own conclusions ; — if they could not 
r, "thus &Iiall it be;^we, the princes, bishops, magistrates 
freemen of England hereby declare our will on this subject 
e tJu Low — which all persons are expected to uphold, and 
ich no one may dare to disobey, but at his peril r^ — To sup- 
this would be as absurd as to say that the business of our 
It House of Commons is to consult on the ways and means 
sing tDoncy, without the power of forming their delibera- 
into a Ia«r, or of levying the necessary contributions on 
at large. 
we have proof positive that the Folkmotes not only 
It iaws^ but that all the laws that were promulgated for 
govemnient of the kingdom were decreed in them alone, 
tW coronation uath taken by the former Kings of England, 
twke taken by Richard the Second, arc these words: — 
iDoedis justas leges et consuetudines esse tenendas; et 
pfomiuift per te esse protegendas, et ad honorem Dei corro- 
bonndas cjuas valgus elegerlt, secundum vires tuas?^* lie 
tpomdehit^ " Conccdo et promitto/' — " Do you grant that the 
just laves and customs which are of the FoLK*S choosing shall 
be kepi ; and do you promise that they shall he protected, and 
the honour of God receive corroboration hy you to the 
fmost of your powerf" The king shall answer, " I grant 
* promise.** 

the word vdlgus, in the original, as is well known, is a 
ive noun, signifying the people, the lommon people^, the 

Bf 1^ bf, ** common people" u a very sfllf cxpreuion mid a perfect re- 
in language t we might as well ftay, an andeiU tmtiquUyj a aooertign. 
a Jlfftdimg soldirr^ or a frmate. woman. A people are neither coimnon 
■ini.> — tb« People are the Cohmons; and the Commons ore ALL 

piort» J5» ^ooh^ priat^so htc as James L, the woM *' Commons*' is 

(otitMons; and when deprived of the Latin termination */i» is 
only ihe ancient mode of spelling "folk C the two words vuig 
and Joik being identically the same, and differing in ^ound, 
only, in a very slight degree. It being granted, therefore, 
that the vulgs, or Joikn, rhose the laws; how, or where, could 
they choose or enact them, except in a Vulgniote or Folkniote ? 

As to the pcftal or criminal iaws, which required an eye 
for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and life for life; and whereby 
punishment was inflicted upon thieves, marauders, &c.; also, 
all laws of natural right and justice; it is easy to see, according 
to the coronation oath, that ihe^ formed a part of the ^jiut 
iaws and customs^ which were of the folk*s CHOOSISO;" and 
that, being once passeil or enacted in the folkmote, there was 
no necessity for recurring to them year after year^ except for 
the purpose of swearing to and confirming them. This wiil 

?ount for Sir Henry Spehnan^s strange oversight and niift- 
^^tonception in stating that the Folkniote **Rflt only upon the 
standing affairs of the nation," whilst ** the Wittenagenwte was 
called by the prince ujxin emergencies of state, andybr ihf sake 
of' making laws.*'' For the latter purpose we have seen, that 
there was no necessity ; the laws having been made alueadv; 
and, Ix'ing universally known, cpprovetl, and acted on, they 
were, by way of high republican distinction, styled the Com* 
MONs* Laws*. These laws, then, with the institution of the 

* It is KinguUr bow thr mcunings of som« wonU Mid exprcftnoiu Aef^vnvnie 
hy long uhiifrf : — tUla i 'oAe of La\vA» tbe proud title of which ^ostn high above 
tboM of Jii-itiiiiHn and N«poleun, hiw in tnodrm ^me» hivn drlNu^rd by tbe 
ftppvUfttioii uf Cvmmcm Law - — tome uf our jitd^^« and uthrr Icariird iefjittttt 
Icmhiit it *'M# Cfmmon Law ufthr Land," in order, doubtJew, lo diftriiij(uiBh it 
fmni t)i<- STMtuKr Lm^% : Rp if it wiTi- formed of cooner and b»«r Rwierialft thiiB 
ihiit uhii h i'i u-htti'n in t\xv StMtiitr<hook« ! — Bjrft nmilar proec«, thr CxMnmons* 
C«mn<*il, tbi* ('ointnono' Srrjpont, mid the Conunouji' I.iuidt'. Iwvp lMM>n ImmS' 
liuifir\fint tiito Ovmwirn Ct^nnrit, O'ffimoft Srrfrant, and f^imnum UtntU . aiid 
it u really sunirifting thut the Huum' of I'omnxinf. itself, has MrajH^ rtm-^ 
4*)Ha»«AiMr, t'nr, hy the mhw rule uf nirknaming. notUng roiUd \h* tvtnrr than 
0)0 ftoTi the CammonM' Houk into u common kouMc •— TW«c tnnmaotK^uitxm 



rfr-y-then, or folkinotc itself, formed a principal poriiou of 
le ancient British, and afterwards Saxon, Constitution. 


Hi it will be asked, " What, then, was the Wlttena^? 
? and what was the purpose of Us in&tilutJon, if the 
Lawa mere made in the Folkiaote?^ — The answer is simple 
aod ready: — The Folkmote being a cusUmiary or annual 
Parliament, per se^ and of its ov%n authority; — lKH.*ause all 
le ma^strates, bishop^i, and frcemt'ii were present theiciti; 
le Wittenagemote, or Jsscmbft^ (ifiVue Men, was a Con- 
ive Council, or Parliament bt/ dtlr^tion, to be con- 
by the Prince on emergencies of State (ardua con* 
fiajj — as well as for the purpose of making laws which 
be retnedlal and declarafcn/ of the Commons* Laws, 
'wben Mceasary; and for the hearing of apjieats from the 
^^^DCMoos of the Courts. — The very title of this Assembly 
^^plowB tbat it was composed of men of establisheil character 
^Hjir wiidom, elected from among the great iMxly of Princes and 
"fteemen, for the purpose of holding council with the King 
at any time and place he might appoint, on those difficult 
paints of government (ardua regui)^ which the Commona' 
Lav* did not permit him to decide or execute, upon his own 
offidal authonty. — Here then we have the very ori^n qf 

win »uu^^ l j nemind the mder of the famous tavcrn-Mfri« in tbe canting^ day* 
oTCnuBwell's Protectorate, on which was tbe pioiw inscriptioii. " God encom- 
vunmi n« ;** Miucb uincription, however, uf^er the lapse of half a rentuiy. being 
at by wind and weather, soaie unlucky wight uf a pulntcr undertook to 
: bat the deeigiution of the hoiuic having by rliii time digenerated into 
wui the artist attending more to sound than sense, be painted an 
• TTrtlTH ahaggy quadruped with hinfr beard and honit). standing 
tbe tivrrgitif pointo of a well-known inKtrument used for mathcmalic&l 
imt i and iuwfewJ nF the nitovi^mentjoned ronM>hitory retlet!tioii» \\e 
^, — " Tffx Goat A so Compasses," 


Neprejtentaiion in England : — the Wites, or members of ihft 
Wittenagemote, being deputed by the Folkmote to assist the 
King in tlie management of the public affair?, from one Caleuds 
of May to another, submitted to their conslituents, annually, 
an account of their Acts and proceedings ; and proposed new 
measures for their consideration: — if these were approved 
of> and were in accordance with tl»e Constitution, they were 
solemnly confirmed or adopted by the great popular assembly 
and added to the code of " Laws of the Folk's choosing,'* 
already in force; but, if otherwise, they were immediately 
annulled or rejected. — Thus, was the Wittenagemote account- 
able to the Folkmote;— the smaller representative body to the 
larger constituent one; nor could the former do any thing 
that was not subject to the revision and control of the latter. 
Truly may it be said, ** that all the Commons* Laws were 
enacted in the Folkmote, oni^/* — for, unUke the Acts of 
Norman Parliament.^ which assume a jurisdiction independent 
of the People, — nay, sometimes, even over the Cuiibtitutiou 
itself, — the Acts of the Wittenagemote would have been treated 
as a dead letiery if not confirmed by the approving decree of 
the Folkmote. And, as our Ancestors hiul too high a reverence 
for their glorious Constitution, — too great a regard for their 
own personal rights, — to yield permanent obedience to any 
ordonnonce of their Conservative Senate, until it had received 
the^a^ of the Primary Assembly of the People, we see at 
once that the Folkmote fully answered the purpose of its 
institution, in being an impenetrable and perpetual barrier 
against the inroads of usurpation and the encroachments of 
tyranny: for, no unconstitutional measure or expedient which 
was either contrary to the rights of the people, or exclusively 
favourable to the rich and powerful, — nor, even any assumed 
prerogative of the King himself, though sanctioned by the 
isaurtesjr of a WJUenagemoic^ and stamped with a temporary 




itimAcj during the few months previous to the Folkmoti-, 
■was ever likely to pans current in that assembly.— It was 
le &anic with aids or taxes; wliich, thouj^h officially pro- 
bj the Wittenagemote wlio ]iad calciilaied their 
tbie amount according to the wants of the state for 
rear, were fixed and assessed by the Folkmote, only; 
freemen coni|x)sing which, cheerfully paid tliem on the 
, — We thus see that the business of the Wittenagemote 
purely conservative, whilst that of the Folkmote was 
ire; for our ancestors would not trust even their 
Representatives, — although thoy acknowledged them to 
' wise men," — either to decree the Jaws or to fix the 
. — We now arrive at an accurate knowledge of the busi- 
tnnsacted annually in the ancient Folkmotes of Britain, 
li>e Calends of May: — besides making such amendments 
the law, as were deemed necessary by the majority of 
and deciding on the propriety of peace or war, they 
a new Wittenagetnote and new magistrates for the 
log year; — having then contributed their aids and bene- 
rolenccs*, they cntereil, in die presence of the Bishops, into a 

• To haT* said **paid thwir iuxrti" would Imvc \w.vx\ nn ejq»resf-ion so liarsh 

liy no inran* to accord with ihe liarmony whirh reigiied iu the Folkmoies. 

ng ill* freqiipnt ttoafit of RiiKliHhmcn that thpy ure tated only by 

Hvett too many of them know to their sorrow that taxation may 

representation; — fur, who i.* the represi-ntative of the artizau in 

town, the labourer in the field, or the mariner on the orean? — and yet all 

p»y tavrs. — But we beg |)ardoii of "their high mightineasea" of 

\ Old Sarum i for we had for^pottcn, wliat they theriisolves so ofteti 

ibey are the virttinl and imlependrnt Urprescntative:* of the (treat 

itcd.^ — It \s natiiml, however* that taxrm^vthich generally are imposed 

^riU ofanotbrr, RhotJd be unwillingly paid ; therefore, Nuch impuattions 

Bfc» assort with the votuntarp auii^ and the " bencvoleiiecs," which our 

nor^liK t^ their Ability, contributed for the j^enoml welfare. Tbe 

*■ BMMwJmrra" explains it»elf; — ttuite were tbe vtUuntaty pijhi of those 

nrcaamWacea enabled tliem to udd M-methiny more to their lawful share 

gnacntl aaseaBment— Bha eJtf good-nature of otir anreaton is easily 

An i^Aem fre eoasider chat thay had a ffood ajid a cheap goveronwnU 







new covenant with each other; swearing to preserve the nj 
of the kingdom and to continue their allegiance to the KJ 
In conclusion, meritorious services to the stote were publit 
rewarded, and gifts and compliments interchanged l>etW4 
King and people C" obtfcqitxa rt dona acclpcre ei repcndcre' 
The business of the Folkmote was followed by those i 
sports and pastimes, and that hilarious festivity, which 
lime immemorial distinguished the conmiencement of 
beautiful month of May among the nations of Europe; — tl 
mere tradition of which (for even May-day is fast approach] 
to dissolution) is now the only memento of that Palladium 
England's liberties, — of that waU of fire which our ancesi 
threw up to protect us from taxation and slavery^ — I 


It is well known that the government of the Saxons m P^ng- 
land was terminated by the battle of Hastings : but the Duke 
of Normandy, who gained that battle, so far from founding 
his title to the crown upon the right of ccmgitesl^ took all tl 
methods in his power to propagate the belief that he was Kiaj 
Edwftrd*» /ifir, from tlie particular appointment of that sov 
reign ; and it was by the people a consent, soon afterwards, 
their^ij/Aino/^, that he was empowered to ascend the throi 
He even made a compact with the Commons, swearing to guj 
the Constitution, and to ensure their hbertJes; and he t( 
the same coronation oath which had usually been taken 
the Saxon Kings. Tliese oaths were taken in the Commoi 

nitd tlmt ihpir Kinjc ro*t Uipm almolutply nothinij , for the revenue* anmiTi^ fi 
hi* own prii-»te UncU were quite ^uffiricnt for th** di^clMntc of iJI the ordii 
CVpcntt* of the Crown , without nity t«j( ur imiHMrt on the fieople. Pnl 
eonttibntioiiM werv miiiirrd only I" <ieft»y the eTpen»c« of wmr: oiid let il 
nmenitirrrd ilu&l botli for the lU^lrtrutioM of war kt\A the cxpenws attending 
^iir ^ mtm m, iktmurnhMf ff«im dUir votes. 



CoQDCtl, m new legislative asscmblj composed of the freemen 

« before, as well as of William''s followers, who were oduiitted 

to Tole therein: this Council of the Commons was, in fact, 

6ke same insdtution as the folkmote; but it was convenient 

to i&op the latter designation. But even the Commons' 

Council waa afterwards most impudently referred to by WiU 

5■m^l ancoeaaara, as " Magnatum ConvcntwT (the Convention 

oTUagTiatn or great Men) ; and " Pralatorum PrxKcrumque 

ComtiSMtm'^ (the Council of Prelates and Chiefs) ! 

William treated the people with some show of humanity at 

aoceaaion ; but 6nding that they were dissatisfied and dis- 

with his system of unduly rewarding his Norman fol- 

with £nglish estates • ; and that they were consequently 

upon dethroning him, and giving the crown to 

Athelingf, who was the true heir, he threw off the 

and treated them in the most barbarous manner; 

and impoverishing them by every means in his 

!*, and even cutting off the hands and feet of many thou- 

who dared to murmur at his tyranny. He now destn^yed 

whole of the north of England with fire and sword ; razed 

Duniberless towns and villages to make room for his forests or 

hantiBg groUDds ; and gave away alt the lands in the kingdom 

to ham Kormaos, whom he now chose to dignify with tlie title 

of Bmnm$f so that at the time of his death there was not a 

wngjlc Eagiish or Saxon freeholder who was possessed of an 

9cn of liad in his own right. He trod the Constitution under 

A$ aotm as WiUiam hod dUpoiiscssed ft gruiuLUng Earl, or other magi- 
«fUi juflisdicdont bis land, — and perhaps hie life, — he thnu^t a Norman 
Mm ptore i » that the nwchincry of the rourts of law vna not Rtopped ; 
it If more than questionable whether e<\\ia\ justire waa administered 
■ewly-fledged Baron, as by the experienred and learned Earl or El- 

muniiiM prince, and was notasaraame, ax historisna would »eem 
• : the »MMorp' A^ no surnames, /^iBce Sf^ar is the proper modem 






foot, as well as the Statutes which he had enacted, declarator/ 
of it; and so far was he from paying any regard to the Sax 
laws, that he substituted a council of his own newly-mai 
ignorant Barons for both Wittenageniote, Folkmote, 
Commons' Council ; and he introduced not only the Norm, 
laws and customs into England, but also the Normnn 1 
guage, by ordering that all the transactions in the UaroniAf 
Council, and all the pleadings in the courts of justice, shoi 
be in that barbarous dialect of the Froncfi tongue ! So fcarfi 
however, was this treacherous wretch of an insurrection, a 
his shameful treatment of the poor, despoiled Saxons, t 
he compelled them, on pain of deatli, to extinguish thi 
caudles and fires every evening at ei^ht ovlock^ on the ring] 
of the Corfeu Bell *; after which time no Englishman 
permitted to leave his home. — Il was not till aliout thirty- 
four years afterwards (A.D. 1100) that Henry I., William's 
youngest son, permitted them the use of fire and candle in 
the night season. This Prince, on mounting tlie throne, 
effectually distributed the treasure which his father and brol 
had amassed by their extortions, that he was generally rec 
nized as the lawful sovereign ; but what rendered him 
wore popular with the natives, was his restoration of the ancic 
Commons^ Laws as declared by King Edward the Confi 
The Normans, however, took care to secure to themselves t 
first fruits of these laws ; for, they insisted not only on kcepin 
possession of their new estates, but also of holding them on 

Tbifi in the Cvfne ; mmv remniint of which «ust» ui Enfold b( the p 

day: it i» rompotinticd of the Krt'nrii words couvrt fnu — to covtTilic fi 

hich wms done by mi iron plnti; thruwii ovit it, «o us <uddenly to smother 

anlMipi. The poor Irii^K during the cnfon-emmt of the Ute Insurrection Ac 

whilst thruHtiJig their »n)okrd iind ^hni^y lu-mds out at the dooi> and u'indo 
thdr r»hin!«. to inliulc a mouthful of UvM air, and to take n parting gtitnpse 
lb« ftuii aa be descended on the neighbouring mountains, — «bout the hour of 
111 chevveJiing, — miut have wowtcrMl bow cheir/n>JMLi, ibe SaiucnackKf liked 




H^^Br adrant^geous terms as their Saxon predecessors, 
pidDRthftt time, the kingdom was governed by the sole will 
I Hid plcMtR of the Prince; and both li/h and Jortune were in 
ibe pDvcr oi the Crown : so that the Norman invaders -who 
bii kdkrtD been mere feudal slaves or vas-^U, not only gained J 
Mavlnded estates by their adventure; but also iiecured tliel 
^ to tboBselves and their posterity, — as well as their Uveal 
At Sbmics — by the laws of the very people whom they pre^ 
featd to liave cumjucred ; and which laws ttiey at first aifected 
lidbfBK, because tbey did nut understand them. Upon the 
lhu!i revived and reduced to writing, but afterwards I 
by the iofaoious John, was founded tluit statute 
^as Mi *rell known by the name of Magn'a Cuarta* j 
Ih^i^iough the great change which had taken place, both I 
>;BKraod property, had hitherto warranted the proverb of 1 
*KrT Lords New Laws,*" the Constitution was preserved 
^iatntciion; for, although feudal tenures and other Nur->j 
Bities were engraftetl upon it, tlie jxjwer of the Sove-1 
limiUd by law, and be could not become absolute I 
b? ifl act of usurpation, for which he was liable to be culled I 
by the Barons, either in their council or in the fields J 
uoe time, that statute of William was revived^] 
Tlkat tlie freemen sliould hold and enjoyfl 
aod pocftessions, free from all unjust exaction ancffl 
; wad that nothing should be exacted from thcni, but! 
fru tervicrj which they by right owed to the Crown :'^I 
docnte, which had been passed in the Commons' Councill 
as declaratory of the ancient Constitution,—^! 
h^ been set aside by tlie two faithless WilliamsJ 
no ccreoiony of trampling upon all rights botb^ 
ml divine, — was now conHrmed. — Thus, we iind that 
^^fk w> BULO)* efforts were made by the first NormaiiS 
^akmed m Ihodng in the country, and by their posterity 
m^mifts^Mndio d^rvy (he rights ofEnglhlinXQU ;_nay 






even, by fire and sword, to efface the very memory of 
from the mind of man, — our glorious Constitution rose superior 
to their futile attempts. — And even the treacherous and greedy 
invaders themselves, when they began to reflect that it 
but of little use to obtain a ffood thing, unlejis they had 
power to kecj) it, saw that, with all i\\c\ic Jcud<dism^ they w 
not safe from the tyranny of a wilful and irascible chief :^* 
they therefore sought security in those very laws by which 
kingdom had been governed from time immemorial. To 
fears and avarice, therefore, of these Normans, — as well as 
the natural love of justice which reigns in the mind of cv 
nation, collectively, do we owe our present possession of 
wise Constitution settled by our ancestors;— for are we 
still governed by the Commons^ Laws? — have we not still the 
right of choofin^ our Magistrates'^ — do we not still possess 
our Commons* Lands? — are not our courts of law utill re- 
gulated by Trial by Jury ? — and do wc not still send delegates 
to our Wittena — that is, to our Parliavieni ? And however our 
rights in these institutions may have occasionally been cd- 
croached upon and usurped, they are only suspended, — i 
destroyed* — But the FolkmoUi — hinc iUw lachrymw! — A 
the Folkmote is no more ! — To the Norman robbers of o 
lands we owe also the abstraction of that palladium of 
liberties : for, these men having constituted themselves the 
vikfftd /ewj — although they had no objection to existing la 
which afforded thera protection, — usurped the right of addi 
to Oiem^ by first sinking the Folkmote into the Comm< 
Council, and then dispensing with the legislative assistjmce o\ 
the people^ altogether. — The right of making new laws, and 
changing " The Established Law of the Land," — K 
noce been vested in the two Houses of Parliament *. 


* Lmu* for ft motnttnCcuppofic that the Folkmote liftd been in existence ni 
t&f rpmmmcrment ofourpment political dilemma. — WW. wn vmTO«\»it^ 
eeoti^c »rouJ<! hmru been spmrcd U) our miiuilen and Vcgis-lalor^.V*'! Wl^A\t^^ ov« 




leirn from Ingulphus, Eaclniorus, and their contem- 
les, that during the reign of the three first Nonnan Princes^ 
[* The Great Council met at least three times in the year, vix. 
the great festivals of Christmas Easter, and Whitsuntide ;"" 
■nd that, as a matter of course., or of common riglit; — such 
aasemblages being styled by these and other historians, " Curia 
de Morc^ and " Curia Reg^is de More co-mlunataJ^ For 
such customary meetings, therefore, no summons was required » 
whenever the King was desirous of consulting the Ilarons 
ny other time, it was usual to send to each a particular 
it or summons to meet him at a certain time and place, 
jcresnever he might be, " to advise with him on the affairs 
the kingdom.'" These extraordinart/ assemblages were styled 
Comjentus Principum ex Preccpto Regis^"'* and ** ConvaUu« 
^roctrum ex Ediclo Rcgto^"^ to distinguish them from the 
ir meetings at the above-mentioned festivals. On all 
IS of assembling, however, Uic same kind of busincAS 
transactctl, viz. determinations on war or peace with 
ign nations, the enactment of laws^ grants of aid to the 
g, and the trial of great causes ; as those between Baron 
Baron, &c. &c. 
TKe Baron* and other Tenants in Chief of the Crown, during 
reign of William the First, were about seven huiuired in 

" VLttatm Question " to the firccmcn there wisembl^ ! — How muiy jfordM 
** BrxMul-^lM-et S[>orch" would Iiave been wved to Sir Robert Peel ' — how 
tMiy IvmlMils of Imthrnieioii \xt rhnt virtim of IwroiighnioitKeniiK sensibilitf , 
Shr OmW< Wrtlicrell ! — u-hat nioimtjuns in labour might huvo liecn spared the 
fP W l f* of patftumioii, in brinpiiif; lorth tho'ie elegiac effusiont*. — those funereal 
Ai|0n^*«rUd] IjOF^ KMon, Klleiilwrouph. lA>ncIond<Try, WTharnrliffe, aiid 
Adivp* bMve said or sun^ over the putrid reiniuiiM of their Con- 
; — ib»t !«, of the tonstiiution of the rotten borvuiflift f— The frce- 
of KngUmd* in thfir Fo/kmote, — notivithsttuuUsig their numbers, 


lutmbcr, as wc find recorded in Domesday Book : they pos- 
sessed all the lands in England, except such as the King chose 
to reserve for himself; which portion in that record is styled 
" Terra Regu^ but is now usually denominated the *' Af^ 
cient demesnt of the Crown of England." 

These " Tenants in Chief,*" therefore, with some few occa- 
sional exceptions, composed the Parliament of those times: 
ihey had a riglit, and it was their duty, tu assemble with and 
without summonH, according to custom and emergency ; and 
the Sovereign never thought of summoning any person to his 
Council who was not a Tenant in Chief; nor of conferring upon 
any one, by his letters patent of creation (as is tlie practice in 
the present duy), a right to sit there: on the other luuid, be 
was not at liberty to omit summoning any Tenant in Chief; 
all having an equal right to sit and advise in the Great Council 
of tlie Nation. Henry III. once attempted such a stretch of 
power; that is, by calling together only sucli of the Teiuints 
in Lapite as he thought most devoted to his interests ; but the 
consetjuence was, that no sooner did they meet than they broke 
up in auger ; declaring themselves to be an incompetent assembly 
to proceed on public business, without the assistance of their 
brother Barons. 

As there were no Lords of the King''s creation in those days^ 
so neither were the counties, cities, and boroughs, represented 
in Parliament by jwrsons elected for that purpose by the 
people ; for, the landeil interest of the kingdom lieing con- 
sidered to be sufficiently represented and protected by the 
principal tenants of the Crown, the manufacturing and com- 
inerciol or trading inleresls were not considered of sufficient 
im|x>rlance to be represented separately. AVe find, indeed, by 
Magna Charta, that King John promised to summon the 
Clergy, Nobility, and Commons, to meet at a certain place, 
rr/f/j forty dnys* notice, to assess aids and scutagcSi xchcn nccc^ 



: but there is no proof of tlieir assembling until tltc year 
; that is, in the forty-ninth year of tlie reign of liis son 
lenry III. ; there being writs still extant of that date, sum- 
moning knights of counties, citizens, and burgesses to meet in 

Tfatfl gre«t change in the constitution of the Great Council 
vas occasioned, in the drst place, by the frequent demands of 
John, Henry, and Edward, upon the Barons, for money and 
«tfaer aid for carrying on expensive wars; and their dissatis- 
faction and frequent refusals tlureupon ; — as may bo seen by liie 
below, whicii was made by them in the year 1242*; 

[IT. solicited the Parliament for n ^um of money to rarry on 
wliicli ihc Barons refust^d to pive him : but lest th*? words 
nr refuMiI aUouM be forgotten or miKronstrued, thry thought proprr to 
uc them to writinK* This inittrunient in in the form of njtrotest; and if 
Snt wr mrvt willi upon record. It is jn theso wordi ;— 
' Sure, by the Kind's command, the Lord ArchbJKhop of York, the rent of 
BUiOfH, Alibors Hnd Priois in England, by tliem^felve*! orproxiot. aluo all 
£ari> uid nXMt of the RaronK of Engbuid, have met at We«tniinster, on 
jTrdarsdaf before the Piirilicntion of the IMettsed Mary, in the year of our 
chousiuid two hundred and forty-tvi'o. and in the twenty-!! L\th year of 
fC%n of Hmry lil. to hi-ar the w\}\ and pleasure of the King, for which he 
them; and the %iuA Lord the Kin^ semlinK unto tbeni the said 
ip, with the no!>Ie lord KhK Kirhard, aiid mtL«ter Walter of York, 
of Bfvcrly, as hia K>lcmn rnc^fleni^en:, to notify to them the King's 
and Imsinr^t and to ask the adnce and assistance of the Iiord.t in sua. 
his hereditary dominions Wyond the sea, that reganl lits kjii^um of 
iherrforr the <taid Bi»hop«, Abbots, Prion*, Knrlis, luid Barons, 
te King's roe«6a£v into their serious eonsidcration, retumerl the King, 
MflW Lonfe, thin adviee, viz. That the King should w^uc until the truce 
him and the Freneh King wft« expired ; and if tlie Raid King of Kranee 
WMfM-e to entequ-iae any thing against the form and tenor of tlie said 
thmt then the King of England thould send unto them Holetnn mcs- 
to a?k advice, and to put the said French King upon holding the said 
md forbearing those enterpri-ses, if tliey were made by him or by his 
Tbct if the Raid French King refujied to do thi'*, that tlien tliey 
|r« to thiai adriee, would lend all their aid and asNi»tance, which they aU 
ly oonwnted to do. Likewihe, that since be had been their sovereign 
thqr h*d many time* granle*! him supplies ; first, the iJiirtieth part of ttl\ 
after that the fiffJe^rb, and then the sixtieth ; a fortieth part on ttU 
'm^hidtm 0nBnd. mjuty «7/fi«r^, biu! ow very great Rentage for the 



for the Tenants in Capiie had, by this time, fallen considi 
ably into decay, not only from former assessments, but 
the subdivision of their estates and the inheritance of females. 
In the second place, as ])roperty became more equalized among 
the proprietors of the land, a great proportion of it, or of its 
representative, money, found its way into the pockets of the 
inl)abitnnts of the cities and towns; who furnished articles of 


nmrni^ro of his Rister to the Kmperor: after all thifl, truly four years were 
scum.' I'lapjied but he m^n sought another fud, and at la.«t, after niiirh t'ntreaty, 
a thirtieih \vfi» also (tinted him, vnth thi« conditiuii. however, which be ratified 
b)' rhartcT, chat neither tfaifi, nur any fornier exkrtioii«, should (taiid u» preev- 
denls for otkcr^i. Besides thi», ihu Kii)^ then grunted to tbein that all libertiett 
contained in ATugna f Imrta fdioidd, in a ninri> Binplc manlier, Ih' held rhnnigh 
lhi« kingdom ; and to that end, gave them a Kinaller eharter, in whirh it Lh so 
inrltided. Add to this tliat our i^iid Lord the King, of hii« own free uUI, Bod 
by the advice of \m whole oRftemhly of Baron-^, gnuiced to them, that all ibe 
money rifling from this thirtieth jwrt should be laid up safely in the Kiiig'< 
caatlea* under the guardiani^hip of ottr Knglmh noblemen, the Karl Warren and 
oUwns by whow Erection and mdvice the wiid money ftlmuld be dishurred ftw 
the senw of ibe King and kingdom, whenever it vnv* necessary; and hcmaM 
the Barons never knew, nor beturd that the said money was expended by the 
advice and ron<ient of the aforesaid Lords tliey do verily believe tbat the Kinj^ 
t* »tiU poA<»c««ed of tliat money, and therefore ennnot now have oenuioo for 
more. They are UkewW well srquainteit, that fint-e tbat time he haa had 
so many efteheatis as that of the arehhif^hapric of ( 'onterttun- and otber rirb 
bishoprie*4 of England, as well as of the lands of tbe defeased Korls, Baron*, 
and KntghtA. who held of him ; ihar^ even by these very eHeht-aM. he ought to 
have a Urge »iim of money by him, if it wa» properly taken rare of. BtsideN* 
fiwn the time of giving that thirtieth part, bi« itinenuit ju«itice^ have noieeiMed 
lo make their eireuit-" through all \iuu of England, %s well ait u-iih plea« of 
forMt, and with all otber pleus. ao that every county, hundn'd. rity, t<iu-ii. mkI 
almiMt evcr^' villuge in KiiglHnd, ba« been grievoujtiy amerced ; ojid by tlHwr 
cirriiilai alnue, great sums of numcy lutve been collected for tliv Kiiig's uk ; 
from all whieh thry ran well aver, that the kingdom is so burdened and impo- 
reri(*brd. thni (hey have little or nothing leit for tliemM-lveft. and lici-jiu^e ihftt 
the L^nl our King, after die grant of the laitt thirtieth part, iwver kepi to bis 
charter, tlirrrfure it more than tii^uully (muhled them ; and Kinee, by oiiotbcr 
charttT. he gnuiled, that the«e exaction» should nut Iw made precedeniA, therr^ 
foxv they |iOHitivfIy made anvwer to their «aid l^rd the King, that lhc\' uuuld 
BO!, for the present, grant him any aid. Neverthelesfc, mm they acknowlrtlgvd 
bim to be their M>vereign l«ord, thry *>houId be willing to give him llie b»l 
tidiife in (heir {Km'er, if he would carry himself well towanU them to the end 



ary and coaTeoicnce to the now wide-spreading and decay- 
arutocmcy. The natural consequence uf such accumutation 
capital axnon^ the citizens was its gradual conversion into 
pnipoij of laud, either hy mortgage or purchase; for, the 
y BaroD, whose duty, pride, and safety, would not permit 
to reduce his establishment of military and domestic de- 
fines, was glad to admit the monicd artizan to share the 
ovnershtp of his lands, in exchange for gold, to enable him to 
equip his retainers for the King^s service in war; — for the 
carrying on of feuds with the neighbouring lords of the soil ; — 
w for joining the mad expeditions to the Holy Land: indeed, 
ibere were many instances wherein the latter infatuation was 
Anxig, that powerful nobl^ sold olFand alienated for ever 
their families both house and land ; and if hy chance tlioy 
from the Crusades, they^itepped on the Knglibh coast 
bcigars ; or, at the best, remained dependent on the King's 

ty for the rest of their lives. ■ 

On the subdivision of lands, as above noticed, the following 

nctiou was made among the Barons or Tenants in Chief, 

ig to tlic quantity of land which they held : — they were 

denominated Barones Mujores and Barones Minores ; that \sj 

greater and letiser Barons ; — the possession of a three-hinidredth 

part of a barony conhtiiuting a Lesser Baron. Both had a 

ng^ to oome to the Great Council, and tlie only difference 

^^hade bet¥reen them in Magna Charta is, that the King was 

^^Hnd lo send a particular summons to each of the Barones 

^HHpes ; but the others were to he summoned only by the 

^ Socb 


Sodi waa the constitution of Parhament until the victory of 
Heiirj', or rather of his son Prwce Edward, over the con- 
itderaie Saiuas at Evesham, when that monarch took l\\c 







liberty of selecting whom he pleased to sit in the Great 
Council.' Edward I. continued to exercise the same power 
of omitting to summon some of the Barons ; so that, at lart, 
the haughty spirit of many being subdued by such repealed 
inroads on their privileges, it became the general opinion, and 
consequently the law or custom, that the Kings's writ, on/y, gave 
a Biiron the right of sitting in Parliament. Still, he neither 
summoned any others than tenants in CapHc, nor did he create 
any Lords br/ patent ; that, indeeil, was not done in any in 
Btance until the reign of Richard II.; nor were such Lo 
summoned till the time of Henry the Sixth. 

In the 23d year of Edward I., instead of summoning all ll 
Lessor Barons lo Parliament, according to the pledges of Kin^ 
John's Charter, this King gave directions for them to send two 
out of their number from each county to represent them, aod 
take care of their interests in the Assembly of the Greater 
Barons : — hence originated the designation of Knights of Shires 
or Counties. This change was, no doubt, agreeable to many 
of the Lesser Barons, on account of their poverty, which made 
a personal attendance in Parliament a burthensome and ex- 
pensive duly. Their Representatives at first sat and voted with 
the Barons; joining with them in taxing themselves and all th 
other freeholders of the nation. 

As in little more than a century and a half the powerful 
warlike chieftains, whom William the Norman had possessed 
all the lands in the kingdom, became sunk in the scale of 
perty and influence, so the democracy, or inhabitants of 
cities and boroughs, emerged from tlieir low condition, 
arose into MifTicient consideration to justify their claim to 
represented in Parliament. Both Henry III. and Edward L 
were wise enough to take advantage of the change which had 
taken place ; for, as ihc Barons became restive imdcr the 
burthen of the aids required by the Sovereign, V\\c^ vnouarche 



and their advisers were well pleased at discovering other «nd 
more efficient means for supplying the wants of the state :— 
more lAiticuWly as the price required for permission to work 
BO rich and so inexhaustible a mine, was the cheap but flatter- 
ing pnviiege of chxiin^ persons from iltcir own bodt/^ who 
sbouJd fix the annual rate of a^j^efisment. The Borons, notliing 
Julh, granted their permission for Citizens and Durges»cs to 
share with them the legislative power; aware that, by sueh 
courtesy, they removed from their own shoulders, for ever, at 
least nine tenths of the burthen of taxation. They would not, 
bowerer, consent to sit with them in Council, but appropriated 
for thetn a separate Chamber; retaining to themselves their 
privileges 9a Peers, and conceding only to the Comu)ons the 
rigbt of negativing any Bill or proposition originating in their 
Housr which might not meet their approbation ; which ligliL 
ihrj themselves also exercised, when necessary, in regard to 
Bails, &C. originating in the Commons* House. 

But, in order the more efFc*ctually to guard their own dig- 
nity and privileges, and to secure and support their interests 
influence as the great owners of the land, the liurotica 

tjorts adopted the plan of discarding the Knights of the 
Sbircy or the Representatives of the Minor Barons, fn>m their 
own bouse, and of turning them over into that of the Citizens 
or Burgeases; and the opportunity wliich they seized fordoing 
this was in the twenty-third year of Edward I., when tlie 
CocDiDOQft were convened to consent to the taxes necessary to 
beinaposed upon them instead of the former m(xle of i^/Z/^o'/;^. 
Two great objects were attained by this measure : in the first 
plae^ ibey got rid of all the jxxjrer members of their own order ; 
andiKCoDdiV) by throwing so preponderating an influence into 
the Constnons' House, they completely counterbalanced the 
power, or rather stemmed the tide, of dewocracy^ which was 
Cui ettaromM'^on ihejr interests, as lords of the soil. 





Thus arose the mcxJcm Parliament of Lords and Comnnons, 
instead of the Great Council, consistinp^ of Tenants in Onef ; 
and it may not be improper to remark in this place, that at 
the Peers refused to associate with the Commons as one 
atKsembly, the latter reserved to ihanschcs the power of im- 
posing all taxes, and of granting supplies for the King's uae^ 
and for all public purposes. In such cases the Ix>rds must of 
course give their consent; hut all Money Bills, of every de- 
scription, to this day are originated in the House of Commons. 

It would he a tedious task to particularise here the various 
changes which the Parliament underwent froni the time of 
Edward I., by the fraud of some Kings and the violence of 
others, until the reign of Charles L, whose unhappy disputes 
with his Commons, in 16^, produced that spirited remon* 
strance from the latter, entitled "The Petition of Rights:^ 
suffice it to say, that generally. Parliaments were held an- 
nually; — that xs^ fresh andfreah^ every year. 

The Petition in question was for a redreas of grievances in- 
flicted by the Sovereign and his de|>endants, and for a re»tor** 
lion of those constitutional rights which had been confimMd 
and guaranteed by Magna Charta and fix other statutes but 
violated by Charles and his predecessors. The King at first 
evaded the passing of the subjects of this petition into a taw; 
but when they were again recurred to and carried hv a great m** 
jorily of liotii Houses, he was so offendedf that he abruptly dis. 
solved the Parliament, and refused to call another for twelve 
years. In 1(>40, however, hk!:\i\^ starved into submission, — for 
he could not obtain a sufficient supply of money without a Par* 
liament ; — and being alarmed at the general discontent which 
prevailed, he Bummone<l the Lords and Commons, who sooa 
passed that Hill, known by the name of the Trikkxiai. Act, 
which provided that a new Parliament should be called every 
three j'oars;-^he sBmCf however^ to be held annually for the 



of business. The divisions l)etween the King and bis 

!nt» it is well knoirn, terminated in a civil war; after 

:b Charles lost bis life, and the Conirnond, ousting the 

it, smed upon the whole sovereign and legislative autho- 

; — d)U6 subverting the constitution of the Government, 

oerttiiilj not that of the kingilom^ as has been falsely and 


Od the re-establishmcnt of the Hoyol Authority in the per- 
son of Cliarles IL, the power of the Crown became greatly 
incn«sed by the disgusting senility of the Members of the 
House of Commons; — as may be aeen by the various fulsome 
vpeccbes which the Speakers of that day addressed to his 
Maj«sty, whenever they had an opportunity of voting him the 
People's money. They thought that as they had beheaded 
htsAtber, they could not do less, as the saying is, than *'kiH 
kim with kindn€t*7* At length, however, the Commons were 
iwaed ai seeing the Lords joining with the King in an attempt 
(D aooex *^ the taking and settling of the public accounts'^ 
10 the Royal prerogative: — this was too much, and there- 
fete nMt with great and successful opposition. — It was too bad 
those who voted away millions of pounds sterling, sliould 
be told for what! — Not contented with thus assorting their 
Its, as the stewards of the public purse, they voted the 
Guards to be nncon^ ti tut tonal * ^ and passed the famous 
Corpus Bill ; — for which noble acts we may readily 
ivc their previous servility. — The fact is, a king was a 
feftjr ia those days; but they soon found that he was very 
ire, and by no means so god-like as they had supposed. 
JUMsII. being expelled from the throne, the Bill of Rights 
the Act of Settlement were passed on the accession of 
and Mary; — both which Acts were declaratory of 


• t$'3^mMtMrAf»r^f'^^'ff»ft0r8tMnduignnnicit? 



ing aaV 

the ancient Constitution. In the sixth year of diis King 
Queen's reign, a very popular Tbiknxial Bill was 
by which, the duration of Parliament was limited to 
yearn; — the fomier Act of Charles I. for the some purpoH^ 
having been repealed by the Long Parliament. By this 
a Parliament cejisetl to have a legal existence, after the 
piralion of its term ; — reckoning from the return of Its 

During the first year of the reign of George I., the 
Act was passed and the Habeas Cobpl's Act suspeoi 
for the suppressing of certain disorders consequent on the 
cession of tiie ilouse of Hanover: — at the same time, 
mhiistry and the House of Comn>ons, thinking it as wel 
do something for ihtvisdves^ wliilst they were about t iii» 
slasliing aort of work^ repealed the Tkienniai. Acr^ 
(under the pretext of guarding against the designs of 
Papists t and to prevent the ex|Knse and animosities 
sioned by more frequent elections) passed another Bill, 
was to make not only all future Parliaments Septennidy but 
enacted that tliey, themselves, who had been chosen by 
constituents for three ijears only, should continue to repi 
them {gratia^ of course) for sevkn* ! * I Since that pel 

* The following extract of a fpeech delivered by om of the hottut Mi 
of the HouAe of Commons of Umt period is well dciteniiig of attenl 
ob»en-ed that tlie riglit ofeleetinfc rL'prrM*ntauve<> lu Piuliatiicnt u-u 
iuhcrcnc ui Uie pcvplc of Great Britain, aiid could nevrr bi* ihotigbt to 
to the repreftenutive*, unleu they made the eiecud the dwtor, 
mme time, «uppo«cd it the will of the people, th»t their represent 
shotdd hitve it in their power to de«tro)* thy«e who mwle them, 
iniiii»try should tbiuk it ne<:e«*njy to screen tlu'inxt'tvi'ti from (.heir jiut 
inent» : that tbin wotdd be to destroy the fence of uU their freediiia ; fof if lb<| 
had ■ right to rununue theinsi'lvcH one year, one month, or out day bryoMl 
their irirnnitU tcnn, it will iinuvoidnbly fullr>\v tliat tbcy have it in their 
to make tJicinm'Ut - p»:qtfHiJil. Hi' further obwrnnl. that, tu say, • liie 
of this UU wiu not tu Rrup \u ttu-iitM.'lvva the right uf trlntiun, but only toij 
Urgt the time of railing new i'arUaaient*.' wbs a mauit'e«t ^b«n'* f^f ^ 


the Sqitennial ParliiimeDU and their Sovereigns have had 
litlle cause to complain of a want of cotirtr-fj/ on either side; 
for> if they have frequently rowed in the wime Ixiai against 
ihe stream of public opinion, ihcy have at all events shown the 
good snueof avoiding squabbles and brawls with each other. 


TTie kin^^otn of Scotland, notwithstanding the union of its 
Crown with that of England, on the accession of James VI. to 
the British throne, continued a separate and distinct power 
for above a century afterwards, A union of government 
LacS.hoTs-ever, been long projectctl ; more especial Iv as lliere 
»» a great resemblance between the ancient laws and customs 
of both couDtrieK *; but it was not tilt ihc time of Queen 

ife llhne fears werv expired^ they could no longer be said to subsist by the 
cAnes if ike peopU-, but by tfieir own ajtfwintment. 

■Fofthrae rrawjni he thoiiffhl the bill ano;>rn rw/flfM>« of the people's /ifcn^/ri,- 
s*V (• spak mo^t mildly of it. a breach of iho Memhrrs' truft in that part 
■fcick would inc*«t •ienidbly otfert tbem -, and of tb»c ill tendency in its conse- 
(BEDfCi* daC u nothing but tbo security of the miniiitrr rould make it, at that 
lim^ Mc4Ail« so nothing but a iitanding force coiild make it Inntinff." 

NoTvrmrTANDO'G the remonjilnincca of thirty ImtA* who entered their 
ynplcso »caui*t tbic bill, " becauv," as they obser^-ed, " frequent, and new Par- 
iMfMS are required by the funiiamnUnl intrg nf the Coruttittttum, and that the 
Ml was, in ih^ir opinion, ^o far from preventing eipenKCS ;uid eorruptionti, that 
it wsoikl father tend to iiirrease' them, as the longer a Purliuinent U to la^t, the 
Mwvi^^aU' a station in it nin-«t become, and the ^rcRtrr nrill be the danger of 
mat^am$ the 3f emberv nf it ;" yet tbi» extruuniiiiary bilj, un tbr qupNLion being 
pM ia iW HooBC of Lotds* was rarried in the affirmative by ninct)*-six votes 

Im 111— sn^i ran of this pro^^edjng. various pctition« were prewntrd to the 
of ComiDons from different pnrtA of (be kini^dom, derljuing '*that the 
laokvrf upon it, as on attempt to ovrrturn ike Cotuttituiion." 
YWUOl* httwerer, parsed the ( ommoa*; by two hundred and sixty-four, ajE^inst 
■ hiflrflttA ooul rarent7>one, ulrhouf:;h the public had an undoubte<l right to 
it even by force, both in behalf of themselves and their posterity ! 
Ha C4«axd CiAe suppose** that the common law {commnns" intrs) of both 
«M originally the same ; especially as the most ancient and authentic 
lBW*book, en^t}rd ''Jf^ytam Mf/esf/irem, " ivbich ronfm'ned the rtiles of 
iaUim^ WMS frrrs/mdju-totbat of Ghmnl which contains tbc prin- 


Anne, that is, in the year 1707, and after the expulsion 
Stuarts, tliat the great work of Union between the two king- 
doms was effected. By the 6th of Queen Anne, chap. 8, 
twenty-five Articles of Union were agreed toby the Parliaments 
of l)oth nations ; the substance of the most important of wliicb 
is as, follows :— 

let. That on the Ist of May, 1707, and for ever after, 
kingdoms of England aud Scotland shall be united into 
kingdom, by the name of Great Britain. 

2d. The succession to the British monarchy shall be 
before settled, in regard to that of England. 

8d. The United Kingdom shall be represented by one Par- 

4ih. There shall be a communion of oil rights and pnvilegies 
between the subjects of both kingdoms, except wherever it may 
be otherwise agreed. 

5th. AVhcu England raises two millions of pounds sterling 
by a land-tax, Scotland shall raise 48,000/. 

I6th and 17th. The standards of coins, weights, and measures 
in Scotland shall be reduced to those of England. 

18lh. The laws relating to trade, customs and excise sh 
be the same in Scotland as in England ; but all the ot 
laws of Scotland shall remain in force, as at the present ti 
though, when considered necessary, they may be altered 
the Parliament of Great Britain, with this proviso, 
no law relating to private rights is to be altered or ab 
gated, but for the evident advantage and use of the 
of Scotland. 

n|ilc« of Uir English Coromoti*' LawSi u tltcf BtooH In the lime of Henrjr IL 
•jn .. i;.T..-,..,,,^ ^iilMi^Uhg tn>tu*efii the two codes of law? at prwwnt, mny be 
n ^trA for ffuni die diversity of pmctirr in tu-o liu^ anil unrom- 

inuiiii uniii; jiinMlii*nunff. and from the avis nf two rijt>lini-| uud imlrpendenC 
Puluuiu*ii('S U'liit'li h«v4' ill rimtiy rf«p(V(» nltert-d and nbropiitrd (he Conunoitk' 
r9 of both iMtion*. 


ad. sixteen Peers are to be chosen to represent tlie Peerage 
of Scodaad in the United Parliament; and forty-five Mcmbew 
shsU be cboAen by the people of Scotland to sit in the House 
of ConimoDs*. 

S8d. The sixteen Peers of Scotland shall have all privi- 
leges nf Parliament; and all Peers of Scotland fthall rank 
oett after those of the same degree in England, at the lime 
of the Union, and shall have all privileges of Peers, except 
sitting in the House of Lords, and voting on the trial of 
I Peer. 
By other articles in this Act of Union, the Church of Scot- 
and the four Universities of that kingdom were estahlished 
; and each ^iucceeding sovereign must take an oath to 
them inviolably. 
Tlie itate secret of managhtg a Parliament was never, in any 
, more palpable than in that of Scotland, at the time of 
this Union. The Earl of Glasgow was appointed manager on 
occasion, being the Treasurer-Depute of Scotland. The 
rl of Godolphin, who was at the same time Lord Treasurer 
of England, «ent, in 1705, upwards of 20,000/. to Scotland, 
to be distribute<l to the Itrst mhantage by the Earl of Glasgow; 
wAf ^9e years afterwards, upon the great change of the mi- 
OHdj which look place, a Committee of the House of Commons 
appointed to inquire into the experditure of the public 
the consequence was that the Earl of Glasgow, being 


TW Biaiber of Comniissioncr* who m in the Scottish Pu-liamcnt wu 
f; vix. ai Kepreftcnuiircd of Countie», and 66 of Cities and Burghs. The 
a of a Si'oltlih Pe^r runnot (a* in Engliui<l) bo elected one of the 
wy f M CiittivcHi in iJie Hou«e of Commons because auch ptTvoiis were 
off fittiii^ in Uie Scottish Parltonieiit previously to the Union ; but he 
any- pWi* in Ent;land* and no doubt In Ireland ; there iK-ing no 
to Av contFaiy* The landed (|uidttirationfi for a mtididate for the feiire- 
one of the /fr/y-^rr, are not, aa in England, (iUV. per atnium lor 
taii^ ei the alure. am] 3VLV. torn a cidivjj or i/uijf'OfS ; hut merely good mural 
• aod known rrmpfrtainhtX' 


exnniineil upon oath^ stated that he had distributed the moDet 
sent by the £arl of Godolphin, in the following manner : 

To the Duke of Queensberry personally 
and as Lord Commissioner, for equi- 
page and daily allowance 

Dukeof Atholi . 

Marquess of Tweedale 

Earl of Murclunont 
Lord Cesnoc'k, afterwards Polwarth 
Earl of Belcarres 
Earl of Roxburgh 
Earl of Seaficid . 
Earl of Cromarty 
Lord Anstruther 
Mr. Stuart, of Castle Stuart 
Sir AVilUam Sharp 
Duke of Montrose 
Earl of Dunmore 
Earl of Kinturc 
Lord Ormistcmn 
Lord KIphinston 
Mr. John Campbell 
Earl of Glencairne 
Earl of Forfar 
Lord Frazer 
Sir Kenneth Mackenzie 
Juhn Muir, Provost of Ayr 
Major Cunningham of Eckatt 
Lord Forbes 
Lord Elibonk 
Patrick Coulirain, Provost of Wigton 
Alesnnder Wrdderbum 






















7k Hdux ordered the report of t1>e Committee to be 

bat it utter wm printed . 
Illiwaary to observe that there were at that time thne 
frtwithe Scottish ParliAment, vise.: the Whigs who were 
/»ibra«»; tbe Cavaliers, Jacobites, or Tories, who were 
f"i^il; and llie S(|«arJro/ie *, or neutrals, who truckled with 
^ pm« in order to sell their services to the highest 
MIel At the head of this party were the Marquee of 
Tiu^. the Earls of MarchmoiU, Roxburgh, &c. — Bishop 
fcott «Ti, in the Hkiory of his own Times, ** That they 
kifl dotteiTes very close and united ; and when S}K)ken to 
^f^ mintrtTy, tliey answered cold/r/. The)' were between 
t^ ind thirty in number ; and if they had Bct themsclveti 
^p»< »be Union, the design muat have misearricdJ*'' How 
Ai|B!T was managed, or rather convinced by the weight t/ 
of the Earl of Glasgow, may be seen above. 


ikhou^ the laws of England were received and sworn to 

incMv 'kf the chiefe. and people of Ireland, assembled at the 

Ctmcu of LisnKire, in the reign of Henry II., that country 

a di»tiDct btatc, having a Parliament of ita own, but 

oo the Crown of Great Britain, until the Uxiox, 

ratified by the British Parliament on the second 

It, 1800. By this L^nion the interests of Imth nations 

^ JBtended to be assimilated and consolidated, as will be 

*fcun ilu: following abstract of its principal articles; — 

*U M declared,** &c. ** that the kingdoms of Great Britain 
•ril^dxod sliall^ im the first of January, 1801, and for ever 

Tpoden lim», the paxlkmeoury appelUlign of " Fbjiug 


after, be united into ont* kingdom, by the name of the * Uottto 
Kingdom of Giieat Britain- and Ibiclanu.'' 

" That there shall be one Parliament, styled the Parliament 
of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. m 

** That Jour Lords Spiritual of Ireland, by rotation ■ 
sessions, and txc€Hly*eigkt Lords Temporal, elected for life ■ 
the Peers of Ireland, sliall sit in tlie House of Lords; and afl 
hundred Commoners, representing the Cummous of Irelaafl 
sliall sit in the House of Commons. I 

" That the Churches of Enghind and Ireland shall be unilfl 
into one Protestant episcopal Church, to be called the Units 
Church of England and Ireland. m 

" Thai the subjects of both nations shall bo entitled to dH 
same privileges with respect to trade and navigation^ and alfl 
in regard to all treaties with foreign powers. f 

*' That the sinking funds and the interest of the public debt* 
of each country shall be defrayeil by each se|>arately. m 

'* That the laws and courts of each kingdom shall remafl 
the same as they are now established, subject to such altcn 
ations by the United Parliament as circumstances may tm 
quire," &c. 8cc. &c. I 

It is a very common opinion, having often been asserted ■ 
both high and low places, that the Irish Union, like the Sod 
tish one, was brought about by certain very tca^ity argu- 
ments, advanced by the late Mr. Pitt ; and iliat the Irish 
Bri^dt' made a far better thing of it than ihe Scottish 
Squadrone. — To be plain, Fourteen Thousiuid Pounds ster- 
ling, or a Peerage, are said to have been the general plaisi 
Applied to the tender consciences of the Members of 
Iri&li Parliament on that occasion ; but, no doubt, the bri 
(^Anglicij compensation) varied according to the wants and 
rank of the bnbee. Be that as it may, Mr. Pitt also pro- 



1^ /o/ffev/ the Irish people generally, '^ on ibe honour of a Britia^^ 


xlix ] 

^pCnister,*' tbat the Catholica should be immediately emnn- 

Hlpated from the thraldom under which they groaned; and 

Hfec ail Wdow liow well he kept thai promise. lie 

did not ^J 

I find It so tasy to deal with the Members :- 

-they would have ^| 

security ^H 

HiiMN Jm 4ofMttir. 



1 The following tublc shows the number of Parliaments held ] 

in each reign, from the 2Tth of Edward I. . 

A.D. 1299, to the 

end of the reign of George IV.» iJiowing also the respective | 

. length of each reign : — 






Length gf 

^^^£dward the Fir»t (from 1299) 



^^^KjEdward the Second 


20 1 

■ F^lward Ute Thini 



^B Richard the Seiond 


22 1 

^1 Henry the Fuiirth .... 



H Henry the Fifth .... 


9 1 

H Henry the Sixth .... 



H Edward the Fourth 



H aschard the Third . 


2 ; 

H Henry the Seventh 



H Total 

. \\S 


^H Henry the Eighth 

. 12 

38 ^ 

^K Edward the Sixth 


^ ■ 

H Mary 


' 1 

■ Elizabetli .... 

. 10 

44 ^ 

^K Jant^s the First .... 


22 ' 




Cliarles the Fii*sl 

The Republic 

Charles the Second 

James die Second 

William the Third and Mary 

Anne .... 




George the First 
George the Second 
George the Tliird 
George tlie Foutth 




















From this table it appears, that in the ^ve hundred and 
tliirty-two years preceding the reign of King William the 
Fourth, there were two hundred and twenty-eight Parha- 
ments, whose average duration was twu years and four moiitlis ; 
that in four hundred and seventeen years previously to the 
reign of King George tlie First, there were two hundred and 
seven Parliaments, that is, on the overage of one every two 
years; — and that in two hundred and lliirtecn years preceding 
the reign of Henry the Eighth, there were one hundred and 
forty-three Parliaments, averaging rather less than one year 
and a half each. 

Ill another and a fairer point of view, we find that the Par- 
liaments held during two hundre<1 and thirteen years, from 
Edward the First to Henry the Eighth, were one hundred and 
forty-three, or one in every year and a half; those from Henry 
tlie Eighth to George the First, a pcri<xl of two hundred aud 


ftf von^ w<fc «ixiy-four, or one every three ycard and two 
■■lb; mad those from George the First tn tlic acceaeion 

tlW Fourth, a period of one hundred and fifteen yeari/ 

K k pMing of the Septennia] Bill, were twenty-one, or 

fWT five veaf^ and six months. 


Tke ttrtfaoritj for summoning a Parliament is vested in 
leKucodjr: — during his at>f>ence from the realm, indeed^ 
^ mte may be done by the Cuntos Hegni for the time 
^;— or, during his minority^ or mental incapacity (if the 
iK4ould unfortunately occur), the Regent, or Protector 
^1^ ii siinilarly enipowercd. — The mode of summons is as 

r«lT ibys at least* before the tnbe when the Parliament is 
to assemble, the King issues out his Writs *' cum 
Consilii sur (by the advice of his Council) ; — 
<i* vmnt being " Per ipsum Regem et CoruiiliunC (by the 
K^hiiE»e]f andhis Council). These Writs, which are short 
I bncr rpistles, are addressed and sent to each of the Lords 
^nul and Temporal ; the former being commanded " in 
'Sid UlUeiione*' (in their fidelity- and attachment), and the 
^ •* ptr Fidtm ei AliegiantmwT (by their fidehty and 
I Afinoe), to appear at a stated time and place, in order to 
^^^llinr advice in certain important questions which concern 
^P^vAr or safety of Church and State. Other Writs 
•«t to the Sheriffs of each county, commanding them to 
^*a the people to elect tvo Knights for each Shire*, two 


die nVsA Mnd Scottitb rt>untje» «e/)d only one 


Citizens for each City, and two Burgesses for each Borough*, I 

according to Charter, Statute, or Ancient Custom. | 

Anciently, all tlic people voted at these Elections, and a | 
majority of voices decided for the whole assemhiy ; but, in ilie | 
reign of Henry VL it was enacted, that " for avoiding of i 
tuniiihs and trouble, none should have any suffrage in the i 
Election of Knights of the Shire, but those who were Jre$' I 
holders residing in the County, and who hnd a yearly revenue i 
of Forty Shillings r — an income equal to ai least 20/. of the , 
present currency. — Copylioldcrs^ Leaseholders, and annual , 
renters, though possessing ever so large a yearly income, were, | 
by the above Statute, deprived of the elective franchise. — In i 
cities and towns^ also, all the inhabitants formerly voted ; but j 
the franchise has been so abridgeil and altered from time lo 
time, by successive sovereigns, and by the decisions of Parlia- 
mentary Committees, that scarcely a vestige of the ancient i 
right of election remains {Ste page i^i of ihe present volume). . 
The above Statute ordains, that the |>ersons elected for Coun- . 
ties, shall be Milites Notabllcs (Knights of note), or nt the I 
least Esquires^ or Genileinen, fit to he made Knights. — Re- ■ 
specting the ellglbUitt/ and further qualifications of persons to 
sit and vote in the Commons' House of Parliament, see pt^n ! 
452 and ^Q. — In order to be enabled to sit, either as a Peer, ' 
or as a Commoner, it is absolutely necessary that a man be of 
full age ; that is, twenty-one years old at the least. 

That the Members of both Houses may be enabled to attend 
to the public service of their country, wiiliout let or hindrance, 
they were formerly privileged, with tlieir servants and retinues, 

• Some boroiigliB send only one Buiigegs. u Abingdon, and Highnm Kpnwi, 
In Ireknd. no lown sends more than one, exeepi Dublin anil t ork. In WkIcs, 
•even] Borougfa* dubbed together, send only one for eiirh Dintrirt. In Sctil- 
hnd. it i» the wune; with tht« exreprion of Kdinlmr^li, nhirh in w highly 
bvourrd u to be tllowcd htdf tbc rp|iiv54;ntjilion of tlio hiUork oC Old Sarutn, 
m WDtjhiir, or one moiety of thv com-fidd ol Newto^^'a, in the Isle of Wig 




well as iheir necessary gooJfi and furniture, from all Itnpri- 
lU and Attachnaents for debts, trespasses, accounts, or 

renants, ** all the time that they were on their way lo tlie 
jAacc of Parliamenl, all the time of the Session, and all the 
tiine that they were on their way home again * ;"" but they 
were privileged from arrest for treason, felony, or breacli 

the peace. Iliese privileges, as regards the Commons, were 
lightly luodified, and more clearly defined, by the ISth of 
William III. cap. 3, and by the 10th of George III. cap. 60. 
The persons of Peers are still sacred from arrest and outlawry, 
whether the Parliament be sitting or not; but their property 
ift Bible to sale and sequestration by the decree of a court of 
law or equity {See pages 4i3 and 463). 

Tbe place of meeting of this High and Honourable Assembly 
Dav be in whatsoever city, town, or house, it shall be the 
Xiog^s pleasure to appoint. Latterly, the rarliametits have 
been held (with the exception of one in the reign of Charles I. 

Oxford) ill the King's ancient palace at Westminster; — 
Lords sitting in a vast and commodioun apartment, by 
thcmselTes; aud the Commons in a contiguous chamber, which 
heretofore the chapel of the Palace, and dedicated to 
fit Stephen t. 


The Loaos Spiritual, as a constituent part of the Upper 
Hotttc fA Parliament, are the two Arclibishops and twenty- 

* TWoU wonU nre " Euitdo^ Mtfrantla, cut propria Retieutuio." 

t TUi dbapd wsc btdlc by King Stqilicn, aiid dedirated to hU nnmeukkc, 

tfe fRtf»«uR]T. It WHS beautifully ri*biii!t by Edward III in UU7, aiid by 

> a collegiate rhurcb ; and a dean aiid Uvclvc seculHr prtvstfl were 

to it. Soon lifter iu &urrender to Edward VI., it won Qj}plied tu iu 


four Ditihops of England ♦, and four representative Prelates 
for Ireland -f-. 

The rigitt by wliich llie English Di^liops sit in the Upper 
House arif^es from their holding certain baronies under the 
King. The same may he m\i\ of tlie Irish Bishop; but by 
the Articles of the Uninii between Ireland and England^ the 
wjiole ImhIv arc represented by four, who sit in the House of 
Peers by rotation;}:. The Bishops are not, strictly speaking, 
Peers of the Realiri, but only Lords of FarUammt, (See 
Standing Order 44-, Page ^5,) But although they are distinct 
from the Lords Temporal, they do not vole separately. They 
are indeed in Acts of Parliament usually distinguished ; yet in 
practice they are blended together imdcr the name of " The 
I-ouDS.*" They mingle in their votes, and the majority of such 
intermixture binds both estates : — so that notwithstanding that 
the ancient distinction still continues, the Lords Spiritual and 
Ten][)oral form but one estate: and a bill would undoubteilly 
l)e valid which should pahs the Hou^e, although every bishop 
were to vote against it {|. Respecting the validity of a bill thai 


* The Bukop of Sodor and J^Ian ha> no seat in Uie House of Pecnr 
Kfp<«lMtor. Sec pag<*5 *2I iinrl 22. 

■f Fonnt-rly tlirrp were !wcnly-*ix mitred abltot^ mid two prior* in the H' 
of Lordj) ; hut tlicy were removed from their »eMU Bt the diwolution of 
Alniuu>tt>rie-4, by Hmry VIII. 

t Uefure tlie Con(|iicst. the Dishojw* under the 8axon government, held 
thfir liuid« li>' the «piritita] teimrv of "jTankalnmigne^^" orfrre alms ; hut in I072* 
WilliHui the Nommn, in order to subject thr cstateft of the Clcrf(y to all dvil 
chai^efe Aiid luwrtt^ments cbunged the franknlmoiynt into the feudal tenure <rf 

I There are many instances of this ; but it will be Mifficietit merely to men- 
tion the Art of Uniformity of 1 KUzalicth. o. 2. which was carried, althou^ 
all the Bishops diKAcnted : and hence the bill run^t tiiu«— <* Be it enacted by 
Qucm^t Highness, with the RMent of the Lvrtin and Gfmmong in thus p 
Partiainent n««emhled, j^c." 

In 1G42. duriufr the \ioIence of party diftften^ion^ the 6i<thop« were excluded 
from Parliament by the multitude ; who docked to^vards Westmiiuter 


d pass from the Bishops making ilie innjoHty, whilst every 
mporal peer present dissented, there is sunie doubt; tliere 
no precedent for, or against, such a proposition, 
he LoBDs Temporal consist of all the Peers of die realm, 
whatever lilies of nobility they may be distinguished ; 
her as Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, \' iscounts, or Barons, 
he number of Lords Temporal is indefinite, and may be 
al ihe pleasure of tlie Crown. Some of them, viz. 
ancient nobility, sit in the House by descent: some by 
as do all new-made peers : others by eh'ctiott, as do 
n representative })eer3 chosen for Scotland, who hold 
Is only during the term of each parliament ; and the 
y-eight representative peers for Ireland, who are elected 

prerogative which the King enjoys of increasing the 

at bis pleasure, is generally made use of, for the pur- 

of rewarding such as are eminent for their services to tlie 

>ublic; but there are too many instances on record of its ap- 

ilkation to the ends of favouritism ; and not a few to tlie 

orthy one of ensuring votes in the Upper House, for the 

lying of an obnoxious and oppressive measure. 


Wlienever the King is present in Parliament, lie sits at the 
r end of the House of Lords, in a tltrone, or chair of 
; having a crimson velvet canopy, or clolh of state, over 
bead ; on hid right hand (if he have children or brothers 

Tbey conseqiK'Titly drew up an addrpsK to the King and to die 

■V of Lord*, stating their undoubted right to sit and vote in jmrliament ; 

panCrstiiig &|pumit all laws vote», and re»iolutiunft am nuU and ipiraAV/, whirl) 

dnring their coiificrained nbf^enre. The Lordft hfid a poiireu'nrc 

riditW Coniinon<* on the subject; tiw isfue of which was, tJip impcHcUmenl 

BiAbqiuc *r/uf gjffued the protest! 


so entitlaJ) sits the Prince of Wales ; on his left, the Duke 
I of York ; — Iwlh uiuUt the same canopy. 

Farther off, on tlic right l)and, ami wmewhat in advanoe» 
are placed, on a form, the King's Vicar Greneral (if such an 
office be in existence), and the Archbishops of Canterbury and 
York. Below tliese, on another form, are seated the Bishops ^ 
of London, Durham, and Winchester; then, the rest of the 
Bitfhops, according to their priority of consecration. 

On the King's left hand, upon forms, are seated die Ixml 
Chancellor, or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, the Lord Trea- 
surer (when such office is not in commission), the Lord Pnv 
sident of the King^s Privy Council, and the Lord Privy Seal; j 
—although only Barons, these sit above all Dukes, except lho«9 
of the Royal Family. On the same side sit the Dukes, Mar^ 
quesses, and Earls, according to the dates of their creation. . ^ 

On the first form, across the House, below the W^oolsacki^ *! 
sit the Viscounts; and upon the next, the Barons; — all in the * 
order of their creation. * 

The Lord Great Chamberlain of England, the Lord High ^' 
Constable, the Earl Marshal, (he Lord High Admiral (when ^ 
such office is not in commission), the Lord Steward of the <^ 
King^s Household, the Lord Chamberlain, and the principd "^ 
Secretaries of Slate, if peers, sit above all others of the aaiiie^4 
rank of nobility with themselves ; and if any of them l»e Bishopfi^^ii^ 
above all Bishops not invested with any of the said offices. v 

The Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper of the Great Sea]»|M 
when the King is not present, sits on the first wooiaack, in | 
front of the throne; his Great Seal and Mace being pUiced J 
before him. This is his place as Sj>eaker of the House oP f 
I^rds; but whenever the House is formed into a Committee^ 
or whenever the Chancellor is desirous of speaking on any ^ 
question, he takes his scat among his Peers according to his 
pntpcr rank of nobility. 




Upon other woolsacks, sit the Judges, the King's Councii 
tt*Lav, and the Mastcni in Chancer}^ : these, not being Baron 
baie no suffrage in Parliament : they sit in the House of Peer^ 
iDerelr lo give their advice wlien the same is re(]uire<l *. 

The Clerk of the Crown, who is charged with all Parlit 
nmtwj Writs and Royal Pardons; and the Clerk of the PaiNi 
inwAbs whose duty it is to record all tlungs done in Parlia 
neat, and to keep the Records of the same; sit on a forod 
behind the table, which Is placed in advance of the woolsack 
Without the Bar, sits the King's first Gentleman- Usher (called 
the Block-Rod, from a black staff which he carries in his hand) 
lote whom is a Yeoinan-Usher, who wmts at the door within. 
TWris a Crier without, and a Sergeant-al-Macc always at* 
tai£^ the Lord Chancellor. 

Wlwi the KJug is present with the Crown on his head, iH 
Lordb are dressed in their robes, but none of them are covered 
The Judges stand till the King gives them leave to sit. 

IVben the King is absent, the Lords at their entrance d 

retierenct to the Throne or Chair of State. On such occasion^ 

the Jinlgcs may i^it, but may not be covered, till the CIku 

tAat^ or Lord Keeper, signify to them the leave of tlie Lord 

TW Kings Council, and Masters in Chancery, sit also, b 

ifciy are never covered. 




House d 

g on anjf 
ing to hh 



1^ Commons sit in their House promiscuously : th| 
Scaler has a chair, or seat, fixed at the upper end ; and 
iitQsk, with his assistanLs sit near him at the table, just 


hitmA tbot the iwwon why these angCM are plaeed upon wooinacks^ ia to 
N A« of Um! jcreiit ini/w/tJUHv of the sU^ie commodity of y'ool to thtt 



below the chair. The Mciiil»ers of the House of Commons 
never had any robes, except tlie Speaker and Clerks, who 
always, in the House, wear gowns, as professors of the law dt> 
in term-lime ; also, the four Members for the City of London, 
who on the first day of every new Parliament wear scarlet 
gowns, and sit all together on the right hand of the chair, 
next to the Speaker. Each Member, as he enters the House, 
makes his obeisance to the Speaker, by raising his hat ; which 
lie immediately replaces, however, as he goes to his seat- 
Previously to debates upon great public questions, it is 
customary for ihe Members to take their plnc<^ at an early 
hour in the afternoon ; this is done by writing their name* 
upon a piece of paper, and wafering it upon the Iwck of the 
seat which they are desirous of securing. Such an intimation 
is generally respected *. His Mnjesty''5 Ministers and the 
leaders of Opposition are alone exempt, by courtesy, from this 


* In some cues wc huve obscrvHi, and that receutly, that the usual courtesy 
in regard to seotR is Mroivcd. particularly when a debate in expected to Itc ime^ 
resting: the mode, then, u, "first rome, fir§t aenrcd." — On Monday. July 9* 
)8SIi Afr. Hume, Member for Middlesex, cuinpUiined thiit Luloncl Lindsay, 

M- P. for IiimI Muzed on his st-at. *' He came down at ttn oVlork lo 

the mominir." he Aaid. " to affix his name to his place, and to hin surprif^* foiuid 
it, and at Iriut two hundred more, already engaged ! If Memberv could enga^ 
aeats at «rrm in the rooming, he taw no re&^n why they might itot mt Oirrr in 
the morning : — he generelly left the Hou»e among the lai^t, iind he fibould afflx 
his name in future &^re he vent hnmr." — On bparing this coniplaintt the Speaker 
laid down this rule, which i» entirely one of eourtoAy — " Scats were only tHken 
by &TemhrrA being preaent in them at prm/rra, but the affixing of name^ in the 
seats previous to prayers, was a sort of intimation Uiat tho»e who did *o wmtUI b€ 
pretrtU at pritt/rrn ; and therefore such %ems, hm a matter uf courtesy, ought not 
to be interfered with. The House M-as not open for any businesa whatever, 
except for cleuiing. prrWous to the Imur to which it was adjourned every 
morning. Mr. Hume mu'^t sec that it wii» impoftsible, except by grnetal 
concent, to prevent differenccA on n matter of the kind, and tltat there would hm 
■o use in laying iovm a rule on the fiubject. unless there was ■ common dispo- 

.ritioD to accommodate each other. He repeated, that it was only by hang 
pmcnt at prayers that lionoumble gentlemen could secure a n/fht to scats ; hut 
th*t right wan lost if therr should be a di\'ision. or if the House should go tip 

fff the Houfc of Lord*. " 



^0Doy : they sit on the front benches, next the ubie; the 
■fioUters on the Speaker's right hand, and the Oppoation on 
Hie left. The favourers of eacli party, generally, sit on the 
pendies behind their respective leaders : thia is always tl)e case 
nben questions of moment are to be discussed ; both sides 
itMio^ aoxious to display the collective strength of their par- 

The lime of sitting in Parliament was, formerly, u|X)n any 
day in the morning. On Sundays and some high festivals, 
or fast-days, it is not usual to assemble, except on the most 
urgent occasions- — The Speaker always adjourns the House 
lo oixK; of the clock in the morning of such day as the House 
maj agree to adjourn to; but the Members never meet until 
to the aifteraoon ; and important business is seldom com* 
until ttlxiut five : — the conse(.|UL*nee is that the debates 
seldom concluded before two or three o'clock, next mom- 
; and oftentimes, they are so late as five and six *. 

By dw fbllcnring old StMiidiiig Orden of the Howe of Commons, it will 

WBt ham tmanofus- iMir aiice^torv were in prescn-iiii^ the dignity and deconun 

wrQ ta in ent'ori'in)^ an nrly and regular attendance of Mem- 

I Mmf \ 7. — Ordered^ Tint tbi» House nhaU itit every day at «rrra o'clock 
tmnmipw and enter into the great businesB at eight o'clock ; and no new 
to be made after twelre. 

rvd* Thmt who4iH'viT standeth in the entry of the House pay one shil- 
\ff T*eP tly CO the seijeant 

dened, That nil the Memberx who shall come to the House after 
-. «t»U [My one nhilling ; and rluit it any Member shall forbeur to 
cfta whoie day, Ite itliall |Miy Jirf nhilliiujM, tu be dirt|io«MMl of as this 
■0 ttniik tit ; and the fterjcnnl i* (u lE^ther in the money. 
iiiB Qfdergd, That whoever rbidl nut be af prayrra every muniin^, t>bail 
lo (be poOT; a bot to be prepared and set up at the diMr (or 
K and the hurgeMCs of Westminster are to take care that the money 

Mr raid. 

1M7. — Ordered, That so MKin w the cloek strikes twelve. Sir. Speaker do 
df Cbe rhiur, and the Houao nhall ; and that in going forth, no Member 
itir anCil Mr. Speaker Ho go before, and then all the rest shall foUow* 
goelb out of the Nouar before Mr. Sjwaker shall forfeit ten rM\- 
loyv/ hur t/mt £Ar reporters mnjrgo Gnt. 






On the first day of the meeting of every new Parliamenf, 
and before any public affairs are meddled with ; even before 
the choice of a Speaker ; the Lord Steward of His Majesty's 
Houscliold administers the necessary oaths to the Members 
present, in the room called the Court of Wards; and there 
executes a conimissiun empowering certain Members specified 
in it to administer the same oaths to others. — After the choice 
of a Speaker, the Commons take the oaths again at the table 
of their own House; and any person sitting and voting with- 
out having taken them, h liable to a fine of 5001. for each 

The Peers, also, are obliged to take the oaths, before they 
can sit in their House, or debate on any subject whatever. — 
Any Peer voting without taking them at the commencement 
of each new Parliament, is liable to the forfeiture of all his 
pro|KTty : two instances of such heavy infliction arc recorded 
in the Journals. 

Ordfreil, Tb«t when aiiy Atranj^r h in the Hmukp, no Member to htir oiit vf 
bifi pUcc* ur to speak unto another ; uid if any Memlirr thiUI whisper or rrom 
the House, or r««d any printed book in the House, be shaU pay one shlUiag 
into the poore* box. 

I602 — Thai no Memlxr </o accrpt of an^ entrrtaiMmmt at ii»tf /ittfjir.httmmt 
for the rarn'ing un any mutter under ih*.' mnHidcnttioii uf the Huuiv, and tkak 
the oifer of any money or (gratuity to uny Member fur matterft tranaurtcd iu tb* 
House, sbali be deemed a hi^fa I'rimo and misdemeaiiotu'. 

Onlrrrd, That no Member on^ht to re<vive or pw any \vnt to any fbtri^ 
■grnt or nmhamador, without the leave and coiiMrnt of the House. 

< )nlrrrd, That no .MemU'r have leave (o go into the country, without limicii^ 
a time when be i« to return. 

1008. — Ordered, That no member of thi* Long Robe do prextimr to plead 
any nuue at the bar of the Hou«e of Lord* without leave. 

IStMJ, — Ordeivd, That no Member of the Honne do pre»umc <o 

timgaikrf ^ or at the UbU of the Houm, utting u oonumttcnu 



On ihe Gav stated in the Writ of Summons, the King comcB 
in hi» stale coach, and attended by his officers and guards to 
nieeC the Members of both Houses ; and on his arrival at the 
Lanb* House, as well as on his departure therefroni, Royal 
Sftlutts of Iwenly-one guns, each, are tired. — On his Majesty's 
ffltnuice he proceeds to tlie Prince *fi Cliamber, where he puts 
dB bU crown and robes; and is from thence conducted into 
the House of I^^rds by the Lord High Chnmlierlain. Having 
takcQ luA seat on the Throne, and returned the obeisance of 
the Prelates and Peers who stand in their respective places, in 
tbfsr robes of state and office, he sends for the Commons, by 
the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. 

That officer immediately proceeds to the Lower House; ai\d 
vhn arrived at the Bar, makes a bow to the Members: then, 
advancing a few steps further, he repeats his ol>eisance a second 
nd a third time, saying, ** Gentlemen of the House of Com- 
tnoQS, the King commands this Honourable House to ntlend 
him immediately in ilie House of Peers," He then withdraws, 
rrtiring backwards, and bowing. 

The Commons forthwith attend Ijis Majesty by proceeding 
the Bar of the House of Lords, in a body; and having 
made tLdr obeisance, are there, in the King*s name, coumianded 
by tike Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper, to choose a Speaker 
for thesr House ; who shall not only 1^ their Chairman and 
the regulator of their proceedings during tlieir sittings, but 
•k) Cbe mouth-pieco or channel of communication between 
ibem and the other branches of the Legislature, during the 
of tluit Parliament*. — VVhercij/x>D, tlic Commons, 


• Atj»^ fi4J or this foJumv, 




returning to their House, make choice of one of ihetr 
Members, in niaaner as follows: — 

At ll»e commencement of every new Parliament, or on 
death or resignation of the old Speaker, the Mace^ wbu 
usually lies upon, is placed imder. the table of the Coiui 
House; when, any member standing up in his place, n\ 
making a short introductory speech, may move, that such 
member as he then names, may take the Chair: and 
seconded in that motion by some other member, if no cont< 
arise, the mover and seconder lead the person so named, fr 
his seat, to the Bar of the House. From thence they coimIi 
him, bowing thrice, up to the Chair; where being placed, 
stands up and returns thanks to the House for the honour tl 
have done him ; — at the same lime modestly acknowledging 
inability to perform such a trust, and requesting that the Hi 
would make choice of some more able person to be their S] 
This being, of course, disapproved, he submits to their 
sure; find, after receiving the directions of the House, res] 
ing the usual requests to be made on his appearance before 
King, he adjourns to the day appointed for that purpose. Bi 
if a contest should arise respecting the choice of a Speak( 
and some other meml>er be moved for, and the motion 
seconded as before, tlie choice is determined by a Qitestloiif 
in IX Committee of the whole House, by changing sides; — \ 
Clerk of the House of Commons being the person whose dut 
it is, on such occasions, to put the Question. 

On the day appointed for the Speaker^s presentation to t1 
King, the Usher of the Black Rod is again sent for the 
mens ; that officer enters the House with the same ceremoni 
as before ; but he now alters his style, and addresses himself 
the SrEAKKR. The Commons, then, proceeding as before 
the Bar of the House of Lords ^^ith their Speaker at th( 
hivtii (the whole House l)cing presumed to be present^, mal 



(Aucimnci: lo his Majesty mid to the Lonts ; afur which, 
the Speaker addressee a speech tu die King, begging hini to 
coinTOam\ tl^ CotntnoDs to moke a " fitter choice;*^ — (a» may 
be aeeo in page 814 of this volume.) — If, however, tlie choice 
of the Cotiunons be approved of by his Majesty, the Loi-d 
Cbanccilor replies, saying, that '* ihe King does not allow of a 
nfasal^^ but coaliniLS their choice, ^* by adfniithig him for 

Tbe Speaker then petitions his Majesty " that tlie Com- 
noDt may have, during the sitting, &c. of Farliauieni,— 
Ftni^ Freedom from arrests and disturbances; — Secondlj/j 
VRcdoon of speech in their own House; — Thirdly, Free 
to bis Majesty ; — and Fourihly, That all their pro- 
may receive a favourable construction*' — (See page 
815.) These petitions being granted by bis Majesty, througli 
tbe Lord Chancellor, the King makes his Speech to both 
ID which he informs them of the present state of the 
s aflairs at home and abroad ; and of his friendly re- 
litiaoa with foreign governments : he then urges upon them 
whoever iiiattcrs may be deemed objects of legislation during 
the prefidil session ; and concludes by drawing the attention 
erf hifc " ^thful Commons'* to the revenue, and to the granting 
of the oecessary supplies. His Majesty then withdraws, and 
the C<imiiKnis retire to their own Chamber. — Some one, now, 
ia each House, moves an Address in answer to, and approval 
oC tbe Royal Speech. Such motions arc invariably seconded 
aid carried ; although an amendment is generally offered by 
aae Hetnber in opposition to the existing ministry. 


ComiwcwM cannot proceed Co business unless there be 
'embers prviient; that number being requisite to make 


a House *. To ensure a full attendance, on particnl 
occasions, the House is, on the motion of any member, f» 
quently ordered to be called overt on a certain day. TI 
absence of Members, at such a time, is excused only by 
nessor urgent business. — Eight Members are sufficient to fc 
a Committee. 

Two Peers, and a Prelate (including tlie Speaker, if a 
are suffident to constitute a House of Lords ; but it 
happens that an order is also made for the Lords to be sui 
moned, when any particular matter is to be brought forward^ 


The office or trust of a Member of Parliament cannot be 
signed ; and every l^f ember is compelled to discharge the dltl 
of it, unless he can show such cause as the House, in its 
cretion, shall think a sufficient excuse for his non-attendj 

' It \h ftUL>gt;d hy h«vcnU writer* that the cause fur Tluiix upon this nt 
WOR thatt'prenoufily to the PurlionienUry aiuiexation uf the twrlvr WrUh 
ties to tlioAT of Erigluid, Uic^riy Membcns kg prescntt were pr«snnie<l to 
onej'fittm rach friuuttf. 

f Some writvr^t uy, tliut the number (hret wiu adopteil to conirtitutr ■ Ui 
uf Peers un the presumption chjil one SpirituiU, aiid one Tempunil, \^vt^ 
there present* besides the King'si Comniis'sioner ; — othen* are of opiiuooc 
aft Eiu*!, a Bi»thop, and n Buroii eoiLstitiile the jup]>osed Irio. 

\ It is well known thnt. at general clertioiw, many gentlemen are cl 
serve in Purliiunent, ulthuu^'li tht'y may nut liuppen tu be prevent in tfi« 
or |dace whieh thi^ are to represent, either before or at the time of the 
deotion> The electont of the Univertfity of Oxford regard the prv^eiicv 
penotMU KoliritationK of a candidate us injuriou*, by their tnHiit^ict-, to the 
exprefidoii of their will; and therefore iitcist that neither of the caxidic 
ahall be within » eertain number of miles of that city, whiltit die raiU'aMf 
election nre Roini? fonvard. — Nay. so far i» it from bcini^ neeessar)* to be 
A fnttditlate for afiy county, city, or tomi, in order to be rhu^en a MemlxT 
ParlUnient, that any per»oii may bo elected and returned without Au JtMon 

etttutrnt. Tltifi \s proved by a circumstance wluch happened at an cJi 
GloucMtershire. as re^wrted by GUnnlle. The Committee and the 
detcrtninrd. April fhli. l(iiJ4» thai Sir Thomox Estcourt, ba\ing' a majority of, 
rftfa* on the /to)}, n-MP duly elected and rctumed^ aUhou^h he hail tfrrlarrtf at 
^i ftrt wa , fifg/ Af dfsirwH mti to he eho$ni . 


If the House be doc satisfied vriih the excuse which any Member 
ifligw (or tx>C attending wheo it is cafkd aver, he is ordered 
into the custody of the Serjeaut-at-Arms ; — a proceeding whicli 
is attended with an expense to the party, of 8/. or 10/. per day. 
Od the oiocioa of sioaie friend, however, the House nsunlly 
4arden him to be released from custody, on his making the 
■Ecenuy coocesaon, and by the payment of the usual fees*. 

Hie only mode by which a Member, who wishes to retire 
from Parliament, can vacate his seat, is to accept an ofTiee 
twder the CrowTi ; and in case nothing better offers, it is now 
usual to grant the office of »Stavard of tJic Ch'tliem Ifuft- 
dredt, ^r. to any person who nsks for it, in order to enable 
Unto do so in ajbrnud manner; either for the purpose of 
boDg re-elected ; — of making room for another person ; — or of 

Chiltrrt% Hundreth in Buckinghamshire, and the 
JffHOr of' East Hendred, in Berkshire, are districts belong- 
iov to the Crown, which from time immemorial have had 
cfiotfs attached to them, with the title of " Stewards,^ who 
tte appoiDted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It is 
RBMriuible that these Stewards derive neither honour, nor 
pfcfit, from their appointments, except a salary of Iwetjty 
•hiOrngK a year; so that in fact their offices are now merely 
DMBSoal: — dlill, by general consent, they Ber\'e the purposes 
lor which they are bestowed -f-. 

* Ob Vedai^siir. Miirch 17* 16l3Ii thre« Mcinben were ordered into custody, 

: tante^ when they were aiUed — two of them ( Mesnr^. 

.< n< \ being BurgeMets luui to {wy ivxs ot'tfit;bt ^iititL*, 

rired; the third (Lord F. L. Gow<*r) W\\\% a 

■f ^ , <i (ridiieflfi. — Still, unv Member, on iippUcatioii 

Uk bveiaes* «jt tlie t-loust; is over, iimy obtain lettvc of BlMenoe for ■ given 

Ib tlie mborc yeur. leave of abktiit<e tor thrtr u*ir#Ax wiu graiitt'd to Lttrd 

iKoUKh DO CltUW W3>« B^HtgrtPll. 

t ^nnf been duly elected, a Mejaherm/i neither vaviUe, nor bo removed 
mt, k*» »««t. 'AwV '^ roncmuMf/tv ot'the same ParOament, tmleifi by a vol* 
■ - 4U- Ir ^^nr /r^ ^fm//ficMrjoiK The accoptnnce of any office ot 




At ihe commencement of each session, the Standing On 
of the Commons arc read, and the Committees of LlLecdf 
and Privileges are appointed tu sit on certain days. Tl 
nut being Committees of the whole House, are first called: 
the Speaker'^s Chaml>er, and then adjourned into ttie Hoi 
because they are, tisuallyi very numerous; — every MemI 
having a vote therein, though not named of the Commitl 
There must be, at the least, eight Members present to cmpoi 
the Committee to act. — In the same manner, the Commil 
of Privileges is appointed in the House of Peers. 

The general business of each House usually commences 
the readhig of sonic Bill, which hati been unperfected at 
termination of the previous session ; and the business of 
day is always preceded by prayers; which are read to 
Lords by the junior Bishop; and by the Chaplain, to 
Commons, in the Lower House* 


Tlic method wliich the House of Commons takes, when 
Election petition is presented to it, is regulated by the sU 
called " Grenville''s Act,^ which directs the way by whi< 
Select Committee shall be appointed to try the merits of a 


profit unAer the Crown, however, «s ihove 9Ute<d. which hiu been in 
prior to the yenr 17(15, */<«« tiiM/ualt/if ; uml thereby a Member fKrAtn hw 
and c&ntiol u^o f-il ami vote in harliMnBiiU imieu be be re-elecced. — It 
about The jcv I 7jO, ibnt the pnetice bc^wi of (nuiitiiifz the above s^tewardA] 
whtt'h are now, by rourtesy, and ^rrii«rv« obtiuned by ul) applicants, — all 
libefe have been instaitce« wherein tbcy have l>een refused. — Hat^weU ol 

thU pCBCtiee ba» been now ho loaf; acquit^frcM in. from iu ron\'ent«neA! 
pwHfi that it woiilil be ridintlous to Htatc nny dnuht about Ua lej^tty; 
be htd'unre^ it would be found verj- difficult, from tbe /orm of 
appointmtnt*^ to $bom ihmt they are ofUcn *>/ profit \mAct \Va Crawo. 


potal Election : and havr the Members composing it bfiall 
fneetd in their ex&uiiuatiun of witnesses, and in deliberRting 
oo tbe case*. The whole of the Comiuittee, consisting of 
fifteen Members, take a solemn oath in the House, that tliey 
«-ilJ give a true judgment according to the evidence, and everr 
qostioa is determined by a majority. If the Committee re- 
port that the petition, or the defence, be frivolous, or vexatious, 
iht party aggrieved shall recover coats* 


In the Lords* House, the Peers give their votes, or suf- 
frages, by beginning with the lowest Baron ; and so on with the 
rart, teruttitn^ until all have expres^d their opinions ; each one 
aowrring apart, *' Cutiteut*^ or '* No/ Cuutcitt.*' If the affinu- 
alires aod negatives should happen to he equal in number, the 
nlioQ is invariably presumed to be in the negative (semper 
mitur pro ncgante), and the Not Contents have the effect 
^«f an absoiutt majonty* 

In tbe House of Commons, the members vote by *' Ayei* 
aod *• Nbci,^ altogether: but if it be doubtful which is the 
grvaler ntiniber, the House divides. If the question be whe- 
my Bill, Petition, &:c. is to be brought into tlie House, 
tbe *' Ayes,"^ or approvers of the same, go out ; but, if it 
upnn any thing which the House is once pussessed of, the 
NoD»*'giJ out. Upon all questions where the House divides, 

• PwTriousty to tht» pa'^itng of this Act. the dccifiioHH of ihff ConiinitlM* 

K*«I to trv tbe viUidity of Electioiw, were crude* ooiUradictory, &nd 

\c to liolh petitionem and dt-ffiidiints ; — owin^ tii the difficulty 

:,^ ai whom uiw vziXcA, the right of voting fur llie Members for 

nd Corpontfc Towm. By this Art. it was urdiiined, that the laM 

fcr each pl»ce, by llie Committee who hiid exuiniiied it, as iiLserted in 

JounuU. •hould be the precedent hy which al\/vtttrt Committees were to 

thp right 0fEhftiofu 



tlic Speaker appoints four Ulicrs, — two of each opinion ; wl 
after they have told or nutnbcnxi those williin, place themseh 
in the passage between the Bar and the door, in order to 
those who went out ; who, till then, are not permitted to re- 
enter the House. This being done, the two tellers who have 
the majority take the right hand, and all four placing li« 
selves within the Bar, make three reverences as they adi 
towards the table ; where they deliver the written numl 
saying. — " Tlie At/es that went out are so many : the N€ 
who remained are so many :^ — and vice versa, as it may liapj 
This the Speaker repeals, declaring the majority. 

In a Committee of the whole House, the way of dividing 
by changing sides; the Ai/es taking tbe r/^///, and the .YiC 
llic fefiy hand, of the Speaker's chair. On such occjisions ih< 
are but two tellers. 

In each House the act of the majority binds the 
This ninjority is openly declared, and the votes, with the ni 
of iheir authors attached, are generally publisheti in the nei 
papers; — so that the people at large are well enabled to ji 
of the conduct of their legislators and representatives, 
notoriety doubtless protluces a very beneficial effect in 
serving the integrity of the Meml>ers of lx»th Houses. — It 
true tlial when the House of Commons is about to dMdr, 
Speaker orders the Gallery to be cleared, and all strangifi 
are compelled to withdraw, that the Member may be free 
from popular influence in giving their votes. But, as tellers 
are appointee! to count the votes on each side, there can be no 
collusion or deception in the decision of any question ; at the 
same time, this method is attended with sufficient publicity 
for ever^' constitutional purpose. Indeed, it has ever been held 
the law, rule, and usage of the House of Commons, that all 
Inmgers are there only by sufferance; consequently, when- 
'tvera JilowJter gives notice to the Speaker that Kc \yirocivos a 


«tC«lger8y it is the invariabie custom uf tlie latter to 
to withdraw ; otherwise the Sprjcant^t-Arms will 
liketbem into custody, and eo enforce the ^Standing Orders of 
the House for their exclusion. 

The publication of the speeches and votes delivered in Par- 
UaoMot is a modem practice, and certainly a breach of tlic 
prinJE^gcs of the Memljers ; consequently it may at any time 
J»e prohibited by the enforcement of the Standing Orders of 
either House. (Sec tiote to page 629 i^fthU volume,) 

la tbc: House of Commons the Speaker never speaks to any 
qoeOioUy except the House be in a Committee ; uor does he 
even Tott^y uole&s the number of votes on both sides of the 
Houhe be etjual ; when his «w/*;j^ vote decides the majority. 
lu the Lords*, if the Chancellor be desirous of giving his 
opinion, he must leave the w(K>]sack, and go to his place 
MBOBg that rank of nobility to which he belongs. If he be 
not* Peer, he may neither speak to the question, nor vote 
upon it ; but if a Peer, he has a vote on every (|ueNtion. 

The Speaker of the Commons is prohibited, by the rules of 
Houae* from persuading or dissuading the Members in 
paasuig of any Bill : his duty is merely to make a plain 
and short narrative of its objects. 

When any Member of the House of Commons is desirous 
of tptaking on a Bill before the House, he stands up in his 
ptaoe, onoovered, and directs his s{k>cc1i to the Speaker. In 
the Houpe of Peers, on the contrary, the orator addresses 
fainiflelf Co the Lords generally, only. In either case he may 
rtsnain on bis legs for an indefinite length of time; using 
vfaatever arguments, and entering into as many details, as he 
pkawt; but, having once sat down, he is not permitted, 
ttnloa personally reflected on, to speak again on the same day, 
to the same matter ; or on the sa»ne reading of the same B\V\, 
eveo Mtldiough ImarguamUs be confuted hy iinotber Mein\jct : 




but, if the M'liole House should bo turned into a Committee ofi 
any business!, then any Member may reply as often as be 
pleases, or as the Chairman of the said Committee may judge 

If it hap]>en that any Member of either House should utter 
words offensive to the King's Majesty, or to ihc House itself, 
he is immetiiately calletl to the Bar : in the House of Commons 
he sometimes, on his kiiees^ receives a reprimand from the 
Speaker, and is obliged to apilogize: if the offence be great, 
he may, by the speakers warrant, be sent to the Tower, or 
even to Newgate. — When a Member, during the heat d! 
debate, happens to be betrayed into intemperate language 
towards another member, he is merely called to "order" by 
the Speaker; and lliis call has generally tlie desired effect of 
quelling all animosity between the parties; but if. as some- 
tiroes has i)appened, any thing should be uttered, aniounttng 
to a challenge to settle tiie dispute *' nut of doors,*" the Speaker 
invariably irisisis upon a pledge from both. ** upon their 
honour," that there shall be no light, and generally succeeds 
in making them shake hands ; otherwise, lie has it in his puwer 
to commit the would-be coml)atants to the safe keeping of 
the Serjeant-at-Arms, and to bind the mover to keep the 
peace. If any Member, notwithstanding the call to ^*order»** 
persist in Ix'ing disorderly, it is customary fur the Speaker to 
" mtme him C by which indication, he is sure to incur the dis- 
pleasure and censure of the House *. — For further particulars 

* Tlirre \*. ii riiriim.s Hnerdote of Mr. Speaker Oiuilovr, wliirli tlto^* wltu 
riHinJi'd hi.s htrirt olwcn-anre of the t'oriii«5 of the Hou*«c, — boauiiM.* hi*, bim«r1fi 
WM iiol itlwnyit iiwure nl' Uifir oripti or aiithurit)', — wprv foiiil ol tt'l]iiij(.— 
IThtiicvor it hiip(K-iicd tlmt a Alenibor turned a dcuf ear to tlu* SjK-ukcr'* raU 
of** Order/* br wu arrnstomed thus lu climten liim . — *' Sir. Sir. 1 must N««f 
! — Order, Sir ! Order! — Sit down thu in«ta»t. Sir, or I bhall bo oorapidlcd 
unw >-0(i, Sir!" — But, us tiierc wu uo instance vitliin clir mrniury uf Ilia 
Uo<tMf in wbicb tbia uiefid tbrval bad e%cT bL*eii put uUu exei-utioii, a Mcintw 
the Jihcrtyvue daj of asking the Rig^t HonowwitalW GtT\V\ct\».v\, " 

cintwr J 



icgatdiog the order of Debate among the I^rds, see the Stand- 
ing Orders of the House of Peers, generally, fiage 4o, &c. 


To bring a Bill into the House of Commons, if the relief 

sought by It be of a private nature, ii Is neeessary to prefer a Pe- 

(ifion ; which is presented by a Member, and usually st»ls forth 

the grievance desired to be removed, or the object desired to 

be attained. And if iho Petition be founded on facts that may 

in their nature be dijipnted, it is then referred to a Committee 

<»f Members, who examine the matter ullegedj and report their 

^opoiuoD of the same to the House; and then (or otherwise, 

^Bpoa the mere petition), leave is given to bring in the Bill. 

^V With respect to Puhlk Bills, they are introduced by way of 

^Bfo^ion to the House, without any {>etition ; and it is usual, 

HSnt of all, for a Member to give notice of his future intention 

to moQifor leave to bring in the BilL 



A Bin in Parliament is a rough draught or skeleton of an 
of Parliament, drawn out on paper, with blanks or void 
in irhich are afterwards inserted dates, penalties, and 
alt«!naion« agreed upon in its progress through the House. 

LVXMiM br Ah con«rquonr*p, tt' \\e were to naw niiy treiitleman in tlint Hou<iO?" 
lUc iwrxprHnl i|iif>stii»t rht* Sp«iker reddened, looked excerding gmvc, 
i4gH#d jftbinit ill tiitt rhiiir-. ut Icitgtli, .^Imking the ]Kiw(ler out of hiA \s\^, 
NpbHIf — " The Lrjrd in llenvm knows, Sir! — ! nni sure \ don't." — From 
«n>wer. which exnted irrcHt tAiiichter at (lie time, it wtut gcnerally 
t)wt ** MfMiiit^ M Mouther" \vm^ mtirely hii eecontrit.' threat of hi!i own 
obcdieniT ; hut which eonld he uttendcd hy nn Pon<iequenees to the 
good or UimI : by relenfnre, however, to the JouhuiIn of the 5th «f 
1, wid of the 22d of J»n., 160.% it will be found that ceilHUfe Vb t\\c 
It awarded hr the Seaadi'ng- Orders, on mU those who are thus pointed 
4» tAe aot»ee otthe Hon^v, 



Formerly, all Hilts were drawn in (he form o£ petitiofts^ ^'l<>4 
were entered upon (iie Parliament UolU, with the KJi^^| 
answer or assent subjoined, — not in any settled form of wor^| 
but OS circum.stnncos re(|uired ; and at the end of each PadH 
ment the Judges drew them into the form of statutes, whi^ 
were entered on the Statute Rolls. This imperfect mode of 
le^slation left the laws greatly at the mercy of tlie Crowa; 
accordingly, it was discovered that they were sometimes altered, 
and that others were added, of which the Lords and Coninioiw 
knew nothing, until they were proniulgatei] by the SherifFH at 
the County Courts, to instruct and warn the people ! But, IB 
the reign of Henry V., to prevent further mistakes and abusesi 
the statutes were ortlered to he drawn up by the Judge* 
before the breaking up of the Parliament ; and in the reiga 
of Henry VI., Bill« in the form of Acts, according to the 
modem custom, were introduced. It was not till the reign of 
Richard III. that the statutes were drawn up in the Engliah 
lauguage: prior to that time they were cither in Latin or in 
Norman French; generally the latter •. 

The manner of debates on, and the passing of, Bills and 
Acts, is as follows : — 

Any Lord or Member of Parliament may move for a Bill 
to be brought in; which being agreed to by the House, the 
person making the motion, together with some othent who 
second it, arc ordered to prepare and bring in Oie same. \\'hen 
ready, some one of the members so ordered, after notice given, 
presents the Bill ; — reading the order at the side-bar of the 
Mouse, and dchiring leave to bring the Rill to llio table. On 
ihe question being agreed to, it has ajirst reading by the Clerk 

* By xn 4rbiu«nr ntiLnciitc of \Vmian) the Cotu|ucror, all (ilduljiigs vii] ai^, 

Ricitiji b) couru or juxticc were tllroeied lo be in Norman French : ihc writ*, rcconltf 

bh) judgmtiTt*, howrrert were continued in LattD» u they hid been from tbi* e«rlie«i 

tiino- \x w»% not till the pauing of the itatulcs 4, 5, imd fi of Gtorfte II. thiit ■]] 

/vivmaB/lqrv /a eoun$ ot'juitice were diitKted to be in ibe Eaf^\\ib XMn^^u^. 



St the Tabic ; after whom, the Spcalter, taking the Bill in his 
^md, rcMiU the abbreviate or abstract of it. This done, afu-i- 
debate xipon tlie Bill, if any take pW-e, he puts the question, 
** whether it shall have a ftccood reading?** and sometimes, 
upon motion, appoints a day for it. When the Hill is read a 
second rime, the tjuestion is, whether it shall be committed: 
*hich is eitlier to a Committee of the whole House, if the Bill 
be of importance ; or, otherwise, to a private Committee : — 
toy member, at pleasure, naming the persons l4) be of that 
Committee, These names being read by the Clerk at the 
Table, it is ordered, thai they mtfet in the Speaker » chamlx-r, 
md report their opinion to the House. The Committee meet- 
ing tceardio^ly, choose their ehairmaii, and either adjuuni to 
sne other time, or then proeeed upon the Bill. When they 
do proceed, the chairman firat causes a clerk attending the 
Connittee to read the Bill : he then takes the Bill himself, and 
rrads it paragraph hy paragraph ; putting every clause ihcTeof 
to the question, filling up the blanks, and making amendments 
accnnling to the opinion of the majority of the Committee, of 
vhom there must be eight of the persons named, regularly to 
proceed ; though five may adjourn. W^hen the Committee 
hftfe gone through the Bill, the chairman, by directitm of 
the Cocumittee, makes his report at the side-bar of the House; 
reading ail the alterations made by the Committee, and \um 
aaj of ibcae amendments have changed the scope of the Bill, 
or what connexion they have iherewith : — the clerk having, in 
the C-ammittee, written down in what folio and line of the Bill 
thoae amendments are to be found. If any clauses have been 
thought fit to be added by the Committee, they are nwrkud 
alphabetically, read by the chairman, and delivered to the 
:, who reads all the amendnienu and clauses; the Speaker 
putting the question, whether ihcy shalJ be road a second lime ; 
ami if as-TTwr/ A^ /jc naJs them hJim<^lf;—ihixi is, as many 




of them as the House agrees to. The question is then put, 
whether the Bill so amended shall he engroesetl; — that is to 
say, written fairly on parchment, and read a third time nn nomt 
other day. When that day arrives, it is read the third lime; 
after which, the Speaker, holding the Bill in his hand, puts 
the question, "whether the Bill shall pass?" — If the major 
part of the House be for it, then the words ^"^ Soil Baiite aux 
Scig$ieurs^* are written on it by the derk ; or, if in the Hooie 
of I.ords, there is written thereon, ** Soil UniUe aux Coin- 
mitites ;'* — both Houses slill retaining in this and some other 
])articulars re8]>e€ting the making of laws, the custom of their 
Norman predecessors. When an engrossed Bill is read, and 
any clauses happen to have been deferred to be added to U, 
these must l>c engrossed on parchment like the Bill, and an 
then called rUers ; if agreed to, they are accordingly added to 
the Bill. 

If a Bill be rejected, in either House, it cannot be any morv 
pro{)osed during the same session. 

Petitions are offered after the manner of Bills, at the Bar «f 
the Houac ; they are brought up by the member who preseala 
them, and are delivered at the table. 


When a Bill is sent by the Conunons to the Lords, it h 
usual to show their respect to the Upper House by a certain 
number of the members of the House going with it. HaWng 
kncH'ked at the door, they are introduced by the Usher of the 
Black Rod ; and, as ihey advance towards the Lords^ Bar, 
they make three profound reverences. The Lord Chancellor, 
or Lord Keeper, then comes down to the Bar, carrying the 
Grpttt So/i! : and the member who carries \.\\c li\\V delivers it 

as, saying, *^ The C^ninions liavc passed an Act^ 

to which the)' desire your LordsliiiM" euncur* 

reoce.*" The Lord Chancellor then receiving the Bill, bows, 

goes up to his seat oq the Woolsack ; and the deputies retire 

HlNKkwanfe, with the same reverences as when they entered the 

^pBouK- The door b then shut upon them, and if they have 

V<tKire Bil]« to present, which Is generally the case, they again 

knock, and the same ceremony i:s gone through as before. 

kA Bill sent down by the Lordh tu the Comraous is usually 
d bj sooie of the Masters iii Chancery, or other jierson 
DSC pbce is on the Woolsacks ; never by any members of 
thar own House. These coming up to the Speaker, and bow- 
iag tfarioe, deliver to Iiiin the Bill, after one of them hoi* read 
ike title; desiring it may be taken into consiideration. If after- 
■srdft it pass the House, tlie*»e words arc written on the Bill, 
Les Communes ont assentez/' 

AH luesaengers from the Commons to the Lords are intro* 

\uctti by the Usher of the Black Rod ; whilst those from the 

Lorris to the Commons, tw well as all persons appearing at the 

Bar of the House, are ushered in by the Sergcant-at-Arms in 

ttttodaooe. That officer, placing himself on the right hand 

of the messenger, with his mace on his shoulder, advances 

with him towards the Speaker — both bowing three times as 

le)* draw near to the table. Having delivereil the message, 

rcdre, bowing, without turning their backs on the chuir. 

the message is of great imjMjrtance, the Lords gene- 

\y appoint one or more of tJic Judges to go to the House of 


The mace, whilst the Speaker of the House of Commons is 
lecJkAir, is always upon the table, except when sent iijwn 
extmordinary occasion into Westminster-Hall, the Court 

Requests, or the sevei-al Comuiitlee-ruanj*, to summon the 




members to attend ♦ : but when the House resolves itself into 
a Committee of the whole House, the mace is laid under the 
table, and the chairman of tliat Committee takes the cliair, 
where the Clerk of the House usually sits. 


If a Bill pass in one House, and being sent to the other, Um 
Members demur upon it, a Conference is demanded in Um 
Painted Chamber, where certain Members deputed by escfa 
House, meet; — the Lords sitting covered at a table, and tliv 
Commons standing, uncovered. Here tlie business is debatrd. 
If they do not agree, the Hill or other business is annulled ; but 
if they agree, it is at last brought (witli all other Hills which 
have passed in both Houses) to the King, who comes to the 
House of Peers with his crown on his head, and clothed in hif 
royal robes. Here, being seated in his chair of state, and all 
the Lords in their rol>es, the Clerk of the Crown reads the 
title of each Hill, and as he reads, the Clerk of the Parliament, 
according to his instructions from the King, who hath before 
maturely considered each Hill, pronounceth the Royal Assent "f. 

If it be a public Bill, the answer is, " Lc Roi le veul;' 
that is, " Tfit King wills it so to bc."^ If a private Hill, the 
answer is, '* Soit fait conune il est desir^ ;^ that is, '* Lei ii bt 
as it U desired*'^ 

* Whenever tlie Sergt'tuit'tU-Anni; makeft his ftppoonmro in any CtunmttlM^ 
room» with the Muri? oii h\n -fhoulder, the Mfiiil»on4 of that (oinmittec itittst 
instantly liy af>ide the l)iinnp«s then under exiuninatiun. uid prurred to the 
HouM.' ; on the ground thnt ull pn\iue litiMnc»« iniutt give wiiy, pro tempore, to 
ihr public bu-sinrafi of the nation. Shoninf? the Muce. tliereibre, is merely « 
Ciudt iiuKle of ■iimnioning the ('ommittee-men and stfa^ling Memben, sud vf 
roUerting «» full a House a» pa««ihle. 

f The Kiitg. without his per^uiud presence. eHu, by ('oinnii*»ion firruited to 
nome of his Noble?* give tlic KojiU Assent to any Bill that requires h«&te. 


If it be a Bill which the King likes not, the answer is, ** Le 

Roo a'aTisera;'' that ia, " The King icill cmisidcr of it ;** 

which u taken for n denial in a civil way, but by which the 

Bill is wholly annulled. 

I If it be a Bill for monies given to lu& Majesty, the Speaker 

of tiie House of Commons carries it up and presi'nts it ; when 

L^e answer is, " Lc lloi remercie ses lo^aux Sujets, accepte 

^^Rir Benevolence, et aussi le veut;^ that is, '^ Thr King 

^Ha«ii» hU loffol irvhjtci^i accepts their beiitvtiUncc^ and wilh it 

^90 to her 

^w A Bill of the King*s general pardon, which begins with the 
^^■Dyal Assent, has but one reading in each House; because 
^Bd^ Lords and Commons must accept it as the King plejL-«es 
~to give it. Wlien such a Bill, or Act of Grnce, is passed by 
' the King, the Clerk of the Parliament tints pronounces the 
I gntitude of the people, — " Les Prelats, Seigneurs, et Comm unca 

Ncn ce present Parlement assemblcz, au nom de touts vous autres 
fttJetA, rcinercient tres huniblemcnt votre Majestc, et prient 
i Dieo vous donner en sante bonne vie ct longue \* that is, 
" The PrehUfs^ Lords^ and Commonsy in thia present Parlia* 
I iiifiU asttmbUd, in the name of all yonr other mibjects, most 
kaambfy ihanh your Majesty ^ and pray God to grant you in 
keeiih mtd watWi long to I'lve,"" 



^H Aodently, after every Session of Parliament, the King was 
^Beciistoroed to command the Sheriffs to proclaim the several Acts 
^HnKd during that Session, in their respective Counties, and to 
Hfemr them tu be duly observed: — since the art of printing has 
become common, however^ that custom has been discontinued, 
^H Patmal^r£/f^^/^/toffofanAvthnoinci:e^^axy to Give it the 


force of law, because every niaii is supposed to have been pi 
sent by his Representatives, when it was didcussed and deci 
But copies of it, notwithstanding, are always printeil at 
King's Press, and transmitted to the Chief Magistrates, Sherij 
and Clerks of the Peace, throughout the kingdom, for 
particular information and guidance *. 

For the purpose of private information, regarding any 
of Parliament, the King's Printer is permitted lo sell copies 
the same to individuals (for his own emolument), at the chi 
of three-pence for each sheet on which it may be printed. 

A law once made, cannot be amended, or dispensed wil 
but by going through the same forms, and by the same 
ihority, by which it was enacted. The King himself cam 
dispense with nny Penal Statute without consent of Parliami 
An Act of Parliament, therefore, having the power to 
every person in the realm (even the King himself, if he 
namcnl therein), is the highest authority which this kingdi 


By the authority of eacli House (he Parliament is tuijou\ 
every day ; by which nothing more is meant than a continual 
of the Session yj-om one day to another f. Sometimes, ind< 
it is adjourned for a fortnight ; as at the Christmas and 
holidays, by way of recess from the fatigue of business, 
upon any other particular occasion. But the adjournment 
one House does not adjourn the other; each acting by its o\ 

■ or Public StatutM ASOO an> thiu printed and dinUibuted : of Acta 
priviUc bu^iiims usually termed Privat* BiB*, the number is limited to 
See ym^ge 491 of ihis volunie. 

f Tbe word m^nrnf it u wrU known, u derived from ibe Frviicb **j< 


The King has, properly speaking, do power to adjourn the 
Ptrliameat ; but whenever he signifies his pleasure that both 
UouaM shall adjourn to a certain day. It is usual for both 
Lords and Commons to obey hi^ will ; because a refusal would 
certainly be followed bj/ a Fro$'ogtUion. — Such adjoumment^ 
are iwially made in the Lords^ House by the I^rd Chancellor, 
or Lard Keeper, in the King's name, to whatever day the King 
pleases: and also to whatever place; that is, if he think 6t to 
remove tliem, as aonietinies has been done. Then, all things 
already debated or read, in one or both Houses, continue until 
the next meeting, in the same state they were in before the 
Mijoumtneot, and so may be resumed. 

Preriouslv to 1797, three weeks' notice of the re-assctnblin^ 
of ParUsment, after adjournment, was required by law : — but, 
IB that year, on the ground that three weeks was an ineun- 
mnently long period, a. fortnigfiCa notice was substituted. 


A prorogation is the continuance of Parliament from one 
Sntion to another: as an adjournment is of the Session frocu 
day to day. The Parliament is prorogued by the King's autho- 
rity, expressed either by the Lord Chancellor in his Majesty's 
preaeoce^or by Commission from the Crown ; or sometimes by 
Pruc\amation. In either of these cases, a prorogation puts an 
cod to the Session ; and the bills which had been begun, nay, 
periwp^ finished, and were merely waiting for t!ie Royal Assent, 
nust be resumed de novo in the next Session, and go through 
all the same forms as at first, before they can be jxissed 
into laws *. 

• 7^ erlebrmled Earl of Shaftc*liiir)' wa* Uberatod from the Tower on Feb. 24, 
IS77. on iBuking * formal retnuitatiuii im hU knct^, at the hw of tlie Houhc of 
Lftrd», of Ml opinion wSirbJi^Afl^/iwi/Mnv/tomaJHi/iin. that whi'n PArliunient w 
terf ihr morr fAM/ *_i-<w/> //A w cifevt dinbolvvfi; for the assertion o( whicW 





A dtjtso/utioji is the civil death of Parliaincnt, and it 
effected either by its time of existence for seven years* having 
expired ; or by the Klti^^s wUly expreasod either in person, bj 
the Lord Chancellor in his presence, or by representatioo ok 
commission. The King, only, haa the power of dissolving thr 
ParHaniont, because he has the sole right of convening itf* 

A dissolution of Parliament formerly took place, ipsoJacU^ 
on tlie demise of tlie Crown ; but, to prevent confusion and 
tumult, it has since been expressly provided by law, that the 
Parliament, in bein<r, continues for six months after the death 
of any King, or Queen (Regnant) ; if not sooner prorogued or 
dissolved by tlieir successor. And, should the Parliament be 
in a state of adjournment or prorogation, at tlic time of the 
Royal decease, it shall ncveriliclcss immediately assemble. 
Nay, if there be no Parliament existing at the time, ihr 
Members of the last Parliament shall convene and be a Par* 

opinion he Itod endured nn impriftonment of hvelvp moncli*^ Tb« Utike of 
Buckiitgfaani, \\w Earl of Salif^bun'. iind Lord Wharton, hud been sent 10 ihr 
Tower Hlori^ \^'ith Stiaftesbur}'. for maintaining^ the Mme doctrinr. (u iIk 
opening of Parlinmrnt, Ijrh Frb. 1677,) but Imving soonrr madi* tiw-ir «dV 
mUiiion, were syoncr lilx'cited. The principle for which tbe*e noblciurn •«f- 
fered i\\\% i^iionuitiuu.t tuid t^TMniiitii) treutrnent in the dny^ of (!!ltarics IIi !• 
now bkppily the rfUiblislted lu\v of the land. To ullow the kinf? the power »f 
proroguing Purlimnent indi-finitcly. would in other words be to ^\*e him the 
power of m.-tkini^'one *ct of inrn the penn'tual n'prescntatives of the people^ 
nnd of Bssenibling thru.' only when it suited his own purpot^ett, ratlier than dM 
intrresu of thr country. 

* Af) nn art of fpriK'e on the part of his MHJesty. it m iwitsl to diseolve Pliv 
lijunent in the *trth ye«r of its existence. 

f It would he ^ery djin^eroui< l>uth to the Kin;^ and even to the Con^ttitutioo* 
if Om? two Hoiifc*-* of Parlittment )uid a n^\\i to di^inolve tliemN?4ve« ; fur xhv% 
they might rhoo*c to bwonie ftrq'ftHui Thi* wii* actually the ruM- in the rri^ 
of (.*hHrlt**< I., who, Iwing httmsKMl and worried by all partlem unjruardrdly pa ■aril 
■ hill to continue the Parliament, then in being, till it fchoiild plea«e to dt>..soh'V 
iSOnr/A/-* The rv>n<H'r/uem'e was thut the King fell a mrritire to the inordinate 
ptfwer be had tmadri^edly rrcated. and the whole go\cnimcn\ vr** ^mVcaHL. 


liameot agaia ; — ** for the purpose of keeping the Peace of 
the Realm, and for preserving the Biicce^sion to the Crown.^ 

When the King's pleasure is to prorogue or di»:iolve lli© 
ParUtmeot, his Majesty generally comes in person, with his 
crovntic his head ; when he sends the Usher of the Black Rod 
&r the House of Commons to come to the Bar of the Lords* 
Uaoae: the Lord Chancellor, then, by the special command 
the King, pronounces the Parliameni to be prorogued or 


Tbe privileges and power of tlie two Houses of Parliament 

are many and great ; but, distinct from each other. They 

have both the same power of making and repealing laws, con- 

ly with the King ; but the Lords are also sole judges — in 

iment of any Peer of the Realm ; — in impeachment 

'l!ie ministers of the Crown ; — of Writs of Error respecting 

proceedings jn Courts of Law ; — and in Appeals from 

of the Court of Chancery.— In matters of im|X)rtancc, 

•ucfa as the corruption of Judges and Magistrates, they can 

It wiinessM?s and others to their Oalhs. 

The House of Commons has no power to administer an 
except in those peculiar instances in which that |)ower is 
by express Act of Parliament. 
^t the privileges of ParUamcnt, tliat of freedom 
tpetck stands tlie most conspicuous; and both Houses 
ojaf it in a degree superior to any other European legis- 
ive assembly. — It is particularly demanded of the King in 
by the Speaker of the House of Commons, at the 
of every new Parliament ; and is invariably granted 
fau Majesty*. 

Tbe »t»tut< of 1 Wm. mnd M. d^Jares that " the freedom of speech und 
and proceedinfffin Pmriament, ought not to be iinpeaclicd Of questioned 
i.mmy 4ftAerfit£acc or courts out of P&rlmment. " 





Another privilege of Parliament consists in the protectidfl] 
of the persons of the Members of both Houses from arrest j— ^ '•i 
which protection extends even to tlie sen'ants and necessaiy \ } 
attendants of the Lords. — Tliis pri\nlege, however, does nol J 
extend to treaaon-i felony, nor to those ofiences in which si*rci'ui 
of the peace might be demanded ; nor to the writing and 
lishing of seditious libels. — This privilege is not given cil 
to Peers, Prelates, or Commoners, for their own sakes ; but 
a guard which the Constitution has set over their persons 
the secure perfonnancc of that duty which they owe to 
public. — Still, the dominion of the Law being paramount 
the privileges of Parliament, the Members of the latter can 
use the plea of privilege as an obstacle to the regular course 
Justice in matters of high concern to the public. The 
of a legislator is sometimes arrested; but communic^ition 
the fact, and of the cause of detention, must be inmiedia 
made to the House of which he is a member ; as he cannot 
lawfully detained without the consent of that House *. 

It lias been mentioned in another place, that thc/ra 
tflcUcrs is a privilege common to the Members of both Ho 
This very great and necessary privilege being formerly 
abused, is now so restricted by statute, that no individual cm 
frank '* more than ten, nor receive more than fifteen Ictten in 
any one day ;" and ** no letter or package so franked or r^ ^ 
ceived may exceed one ounce in weight ;" also, " if any peracNi ' 
be convicted of forging or counterfeiting the superscription, or J 
of alierUig the date of any letter or packet, in order to avoMi ™ 
the payment of tlie duty of postage, he shall be deemed guilty 
of felony, and shall be transported for seven years." J 

There are some privileges, exclusive of those mentioned ia ^, 
page 41, peculiar to the Members of the Houss of Loana. H 

* The |irv««iiC Lord ('hjuKcUor's letter to the Spcftk«r of the Hou»e flf *4 

Commons on the arrest and detention of &lr. Long Pole WeUctilfy« U frc»li in M 

i/ir mvf/rt'tinn of every one* ^^H 



[Doe of ti>ese, which is very ancient, was declared by the 
fCharitr of the Fortats^^ and confirmed in Parliament in the 
Bdkyc*'' ^^ Heiiry III. By it, every Lord Spiritual or Tern- 
prtl, io paMDg through the King's forests when summoned 
■ Parliament, may kill one or two of the King's deer, without 
krrant ; provided that he do it in view of the forester, or oo 
pnring a horn if he be absent. 

I In order to preserve a dignity in their proceedings, and to 
Imc the benefit of proper advice on points of law, the House 
IflAtls has a right to be attended by the Judges, by such of 
Ub King'^ft learned counsel who are Sergeants, and by the 
Hators in the Court of Chancery. But tlie most peculiar 
■■ftp of the Lords in, that any Peer or Prelate, (if by ren»on 
^Hpoeaa or private bu^ness he cannot appear in his place,) 
^Hby licence obtained from the King, make another Lord 
IT^iAinent hii proxffj to vote for him in his ab«ence : this 
I^Mege i» H'ithheld from the Commons, because ihey are 
vkoistlves only proxies for their constituents. At the begin- 
nag of every Parliament, however^ such Lords as would make 
[lW Proxies, must enter them in person*: they are then a:) 
[twihWe on all questions as if tlie Peer himself were prest-nt, 
laoqrtwhen the House is in Committee; in which case the 
Lorib only who are present, may vote. 

The Peers also enjoy the right of protect ; that is, each 
|lWtt»y« with leave of the House, enter upon tlic Journals 
FKrmoqs for dissent, whenever a vote passes contrary to his 


a Staiuiu^ Order, no Lord ran receive or miike use of more than t\ra 
I,' Use proxies of Spiritual Lords must be made to Spiritual Lords, and 
■tii Temponl Lords to Temporal Lords. 
^ There ore many AiHAeiitt on the LonU* Journals which are called ProtMU, 
pittaUti€mt, and the like ; but which are not acrompanied with any gf thoac 
iKanutanrcA thai distinguish or 6vnote » FHrhamenbiry Protent, in its pre- 
tmt weceptmtioM. Ftrr iuttmnce. la the year i4(H, the KhtI of Northumheria]\4 



Further, all Bills that in their consajuenccs may in ttoj 
way affect the rights of the Peerage^ must have their origin 
in the House of Lords; and they may not l>e altered or 
amended in the other House. 

The Privileges peculiar to the Horse of Commons relile 
principoUy to the imposing or levying of taxes on the peoplvc 
and to inquiries into the election of Members to serve io 

It is the ancient indisputable privilege and right of the 
House of Commons, thai all grants of stUmdieSj or parlia- 
mentary aids, do begin in their House; indeed, they have at 
all times been so anxiously tenaeious of this privilege, that 
they have never suffered the Lords to make any change in dm 
Money Bills • which they have sent them ; but have only 
allowed their Ixirdships simply to accept or reject them +. 

mme into Farluimcnt before the King and Lord«, and presented a pedtioa M 
the King, pmying lo be restored to hifi Thvout. The King referred the pctitioe 
to the- judge;* for their consideration ; hut the Tjordft tiuurntitl, and irwutted **»< 
the coruidemtion of it tielongrd to ifirm. Of the snme nature are rnony dis«m 
of the HotiH' of Common* from the Lordi^ and King, whirh are, notwidh 
standing, inilted PrvtrMtatiotui. Af: the Mrmben< of that Mouj^, howevpr, law 
not, by their priWlegcs, the power of protecting imiiviHunBy, it i% pluin, tibrt 
these are ]iro{wrly no more than dijuentM ; or where the rratouM are reduced M 
writiiigt and entered on the Journals (a> they are in many phieei^). tliry art 
merely rtmoHStmnctM. 

* By a Tax Bill or Money Bill, is meant any Puhlir or Private Bill. umUt 
which money is directwl to Iw nuMrd upon ll»e sulijeett for any purpOftr. or Is 
any fthai>e, whatsoever; whether it be for the exigenriea of the State; Itar 
private lK>nefit ; or for any partirular district or p«rish> either ta taxcVf rniihiwi, 
tulK, duc«, or nite«, of any kind. 

f The RUppliey being nu«e(l on the |>eople at lar)^. it certainly is proper' 
tbey alone should have the rijcht ot taxintr them^lves Iry their outi 
tiven ; but although this i« the rcMon grnerally pvcn for this privileiET of 
Commons it dm-* not seem a good one; for it is ob\ioiu that a ronaMoi 
portion of the taxw is ralicd upon the property of the Lord>. The CxnoBB 
therefore, not being the only pcfvoiis who are taxed. roJtnot fiurly hav* 
fTcluMirr prinlcfe of taxing; but, a* the Lords ore h prrmoiuitt and Iwrvdit 
/Wr, and cnraU-A al the pleasure of the King, they are mippofvd to he 
fimb/e to the undue inQuenrc of the Crown than Ihe Cutumoru •, ^^«l ut 





This importoiit privilege of ralising, or wiihholding the «up. 
plufS i» t^*? v<?ry life and soul of the House of Coniinons : 
upim it thdr v^rt/ being may be said to exist ; for, at a dis- 
solutiuD of the Parliament (at all times in the |)ower of the 
King), (he Comtiions completely %'flnish ; whereas the Lords, 
being an bereditan* body, still exist. Aware, therefore, of 
the advaDtages which they derive from the power of granting 
Ifae supplies lo the Crown, the Commons have, at all times 
watched over this privilege with the most fostering and anxious 
solicitude. Hence the warmth, nay, the resentment, with which 
lli«T have so ofcen rejected the amendments proposed by the 
Lards to their money bills; nay, such is the indignation shown 
bj the Commons at any, the most distant, attempt of the Lords, 
lo encroach u\yox\ this right, that when any money bill is re- 
turned by tlteui with the slightest alteration, it is treated with 
great contempt ; and such have sometimes been literally kicked 
out of the House, without so much as being examined *. 

When a money bill, therefore, is, at any time, altered by 
the Lords, it Is now usual for the Speaker to state to the 
House, ** that the bill containing an objectionable clause, the 
House cannotf consistently with its ancient privilege, do other- 
than reject it;**^ — and it is then rejected accordingly. 

Anollhcr almost invaluable privilege of the Commons is the 

^ iW fnfir, lUiH, wb^n ejected, arc only a ttmpnmrif body. Hmro, Xhfte 
WMiU be piBt dnnETrr from a {Hjwur in the Lonl^ to rai^o the Fupplie« upon the 
pVfir ; t hf ii/oiL it bt ftuffii-ient for their own Mfety. uiid fur xhe public Aer>nre. 
i&M tlwy fiOMvsa the right of rrjffting any Tax Rill, likould the Conunonii 
afMT 60 ihrm to bi' too lavish and impro^-idrnt in their grantA. 

• "IW Ia»1 linie tbe I^n-dn roritcmded with the Coniinonn r«pwting their 
f^ to rfUT ft money failli wm in 1671. during the reign of rhnrles 11-, when 
dtf dtMVAlioiift bKwecn the imo Hoiip^eft mn »o biffh, that the King wa« com- 
■^W lo p rorogoe the Partiuraent ; nntwith^tandirifr he thereby lost the in- 
ttnM Mippties- lu 1772, they rejected the amendincnL* mode by the Lordi to 
ibf C4»m and Game Bills, on the ground " that the l^ord-* luid no right 10 aUet 
• Bill by which moner mu ta be levied on the ^uhjevt. "— Ever fiince, this mo- 
ptirihge of the Commana hmm reauu'ucd imdimputeti. 




power which they possess o( impeaching' public delinquents: 
— even rho highest Lords in the kingdom, both Spiritual and 
Temporal. In fact, the House of Commons is the grand in- 
quest of the realm, summoned from all parts to present public 
grievances and delinquents to the King and Lords, to be re- 
dressed and punished by them ; and to this pur|X}se, the Lords 
sit in their robes on the bench, and covered, as the Judges of 
the Land do in other judicatories. They swear and examine 
witnesses, and at length pass sentence ; whilst the Members of 
the Commons^ House stand uncovered at their Lordships^ bar 
to produce witnesses, manage evidence, &c. 

On such occasions it is always customary for the Commoni 
to appoint a mana^r of the impeachment^ whose business it b 
to precede the House in their passage to tlie bar of the Lords; 
there to act as their spokesman, and to impeach the delinquenty 
'' in the name oiall the Commons of Great Britain and Ireland." 
The Speaker of the House is not obliged to take upon hink- 
self this ungracious office. 

The last instances of impeachment by the Commons^ 
those of Warren Hastings, in 1787, managed by Mr. Burki 
and of Viscount Melville, in 1805, managed by Mr. Whitb 









Higli Cliaucollor of Great Britain, the Right Hunournble 
Hcnry> Babon BaotcujUi and Vavx* 


kTbc KigUt HuDuurablc Barons, Tknterden and \Vtmforo. 
Hi* Royal Hif^hncss, Prince Eniest-Angustns, Dt'XB of Ccmbrk- 
Lakd^ CTTfrfion April 23, 1799. Eodem Regno, Aged 59. 

^ H. R. H. Prince Au^stns- Frederick, DrsK or SrssEx, 
err. Nov. 27, 1801. E**d. Reg, Aged 57. 

H- R. H. Prince Adolphus-Frcderick, Duke of Cambridcv, 
err. Nov. 27, 1801. Eod. Reg, Aged 56. 

H, R. H. Prince NViUiaoi- Frederick, Duxa or Gloucrstkr, 
ere. Nov. 14, 1764. Eod, Reg, Aged 5-1. 

The Princes of the Royal Blood sit io the House of Pccre by virtue 
erf thrir dukedoms ; they are caDcd Royal Dukes, by way of 
and eminence, as being the brotbcrb^ sous, or cou&ins of 
KlDg- For other paKiculars, see page 6. 

* It b Decc*ftary hen fo tibaerre thst the Oremt OHhtn Mad Secretaries of Slate 
^^mtee^attrofmii iMrOtotthcirownmnk; and that the /.^nl ClmncelloK t\\e 
ImdA«»ideot^UtmKtog^* Couudi, and the Lord f'Hvv Seal Ml .hnv*- u\\ P«™ 

' i^r^ permit, the Lo,d ChancdIot,^y*^f^^ Canurbury.-The 

- ^"^y, to take precedence ai ^m. 





0. His (trace, the Right Hououmblc nnd Most RcvcrenJ Father 
GihIj William, Lord AKCnnisaop of CANTKuni'itv. 

consecrated in I fi I 

7. His Grace the Rt. Hon. nod Most Rev. Father iu Ciod, Euwai 

IvOKh ARnintsiiop or York. cons, \79\ 

8. I. K. ^. liitt Grace, the lit. Hon. uid Uotit Rev. Father 


Loan BiKnop of ARiuon. cohs, \\ 

The title of Akcrbisiiop was first adopted in the East, about 
year 340; but the dignity was at first merely honorary, being giv< 
tu all bishops of grcnt or capital cities. Hence, tlicy were likci 
styled Metropolitans, Primates, or Chief Bishops, having generiil 
several Suftrofjnn Bisliops in the snrroiinding territory, subject to thi 
ins|KCtion and control in spiritual mutters. England is divided ii 
two Archbishojirics, or spiritual provinces, viz. Canterbury and Y 
and (ho pcrKOtiagcs who fill these sees have no further style 
distinction from each other, a-s metro|Militans, than that the Ar< 
bishop of Vork is desiguated as Primate of England, uhiUtbe 
Canterbury lakes for part of his style the pleonasmal title of ** Vrii 
of 'aul England*," Be»idefl their provincial jurisdiction, ejteh Ai 
bishop has bis own peculiar Piocet^e. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury had formerly junRdiction 
Ireland in spiritual matters, and was styled a FatriarcK. He likci 
enjoyed certain s[>ecia] rights which generally Ix-loiig tj> soverei 
princes only : such liS being the pittron of the bit>luipac of Rochcst 
the regal |)ri>ilege of m;ikiug knights^ coining money, &c. &c. 
htill i\ii: first peer of England, ranking immediately after the Prim 
of the Roytd Family, and having precedence of all dukes and 
officers of the C-iown. He is addressed by the ducal title of " 
Grace," and designates his ap[wiutment to his t)piritu;d station 
fuuetiuus to be " By divine Provid^uce," as tiie tciuporal soverei 
of these realms does " By thr grace of God." It is still the |>ceulh 
privilege of the Archbishop of Canterbury to crown the Kings and 
<2ueen8 of England. He has likewise, by the Commons' I^aws, 
power of probutcs of:dl wills and testauents within his own pi 
vince j also, to grant licences and dtsficnsations in all eases furmei 
sued for iu the court of Rome, aud uot lepugnaiit to the laws of Gud 
Mi»d among others, »/H*cJal licences to marry at aity tiukc or place. 
•He holds acYcrskl comts of judicature, as ttic CoutU oi \tA«& u^u( 
• See ArrxifDJX for m curious account of a con\a\ \hAn«» i4«flfc"Wfl*M*«». 


Cpc, Ihe Prerogative Ctmrt, antj the Conrt of Pcniliant, He 
course, lUc insjicctiou of the bisbops of Lis own pronnce^ «• 
well aa of the infcnor clergy, and niny dcprirc tbem of their livingi 
iuid beneBces od ])iv|>er cause boiii^* slioun : aud he can likcuise 
exercise the right of coiiferriiig all the degrees itHuoUy Udten nt the 
UnircTsitiee. But, in the latter case, UnivcrBtty graduates, by varioiu 
Acts of Parliameut, &c., are entitled to certain privileges not extended 
to what is termed a Lambeth degret: — for example, n qualiticatiou for 
tSspcosation to hold two livings at tlie some time, is oonlinod^ by the 

(ct Henry the Ei^th, to Cambridge aud Oxford. 
Tbc Archbishop of York has the same power and dignity in Lis 
n proviocc, as his Right Honourable and Moet Kerercnd Brother 
I in that of Canterbury. He is the third j)ccr of the rwUm, and 
(taa precedence of all dnkes not of the ro)*al blood, and of all officers 
of state except the Lord High Cli;incellor. He is addressed by the 
dncal title of *' Grace;" and \iU arcliiepiseo[>al appointment is stated 
in all public acts and documents lobe** Bt/ div'tue permission." It is 
his prinlege and duty to cruwu the Queen Confjrt of these realms. 

in Irdand there arc four ArelibLsho|>s, one of whom, by tunis, sits 
tuS^ session to the House of Peers as a I>ord of FarUamentj and is 
M C O Mpe nied by three Bi^Iiops, who in the some mauTier rake their 
VBOid terns to ri-prescnt their own ImxIv. The Irish Arcbbishojis 
posMfrtbc same {)ower, privileges^ and dignitie-s, in their own rountry 
»d Iftoniices, as do the English ones in England. The thn*e Arch- 
^iAapk src styled RigfU JlonourabU, from their offices as Privy Coun- 
cilion; the two first in England, and the latter in Ireland. 



9. His Grace, the Most NoWe Bernard-Edward, DeitB or Noarobit, 
crcntion, Jmie 28, 14^13. Rtcrardo Ttriio regnante. Aged 6i». 

10. Hi«Graee,thc MostXoble Edward-Adolphus.DuKBorSoMKHSKT, 

ere. Feb. IG, IJIG. Kduardtf Siuto reg. Aged To. 

11. His Grace, the Most Noble Chiirltb, DcitK op Kichmond, 

ere, Aug. <*, 1 076- Caroh Seoind^i rcg. Aged 31*. 

II His Grace, the Most Noble (icorgc-Heury, Dokb of (iaAKToN, 

ere. Sept. 1 1, 1675. Eodem Regno. Aged 70. 

13. His Grace, the Mosr Sohle Henry- Charles, Dvke of BKArroRT, 

r/^. Dec. 2, iifS2 Ahf/. /tfy. AgCi\ GS. ^| 

^'«y- Aged 


)5. His Grace, the Most Noble Georgc-William-Frederick, Dckb or 
Leeds, ere. May 4, 1694. GuHclmo Tertio regnatUe. Aged 55. 

1 6. His Grace, the Most Noble John, Dckb of Bedford, 
ere. May 11, IC94. Eod. Reg. Aged fi4, 

17* His Grace, the Most Noble \Villiam-8|>encer, Duke op Detok- 
BHiRE, ere. May 12. 1694. Eod. Reg. Aged 40. 

18. His Gmcc, the Mo«t Noble George, Dcxe of Mablboeouoi. 

ere. Dec. 14, 1702. Anna regnarUe. Aged 64, 

19. His Grace, the Most Noble John-Henry, Dcke op Rutlaitd, 

ere. March 10, 1703. Eod. Reg. Aged 53. 

20. His Grace, the Most Noble Alexander, Duke of Bramnw, 

ere, Sept. 10, l/H. Eod. Reg. Aged 62. 

21. His Grace, the Moet Noble VViUiam-Henry, Duke or PoETLAMib 

tre, July 6, 171G. Georgia Prima regnaate. Aged 6Z 

22. His Grace, the Most Noble William, Dckb of Maxchbstss, 

ere. April 30, 171 9. Eod. Reg. Aged 63. 

23. His Grace, the Most Noble Charles, Dukb of DoBUtr. 

ere, June 13, 1720. Eod, Reg. Aged 63. 

24. His Grace, the Most Noble Henry-Pelbam, Dl'kk ofNewcastu, 

ere, Nov. 13, 1756, Georgia Secvndo regnante. Aged 4ft. 

25. His Grace, the Most Noble Hugh, Duke or NoRTorMBBRLAirOj 

ere. Oct. 22, 17r»6. Georgia Tertto regnaute. Aged 4&> 

26. His Grace, tlie Most Noble Arthur, Duke of ^Vrllikotoi^ 

err. May 3, 1814. Admmistratione RegRi, Ceorgii PriMtifk 

n'aiiia:. Aged 61. 

27* His Grace, the Most Noble Richard, Duke or BvckivgrjvM 

A3tD Cqandos, rre. Jan. 9, 1822. Georgia Qiutrto regnaatt. 

Aged 54. 

The title of Duke is evidently idcutlciU with that of the leader flf 
an army ; and in ancient limes, was aualogous to the modem FkU 
Marthal. I'he derivation is from the Latin " Ditr," a General ; and 
the first creation of such a dignit)' in Enghuid is perfectly coo- 
fonnable to the ancient practice of the Homans, and tliuse otiier 
nations of Europe who adopted their manners and language. Onr 
first duke was the gallant Edward, suniamed the Black Prince, tbe % 
hero of Cressy and Poicticrs. In 1337, being then Earl of Cbectcr^ I 
his father, King Edward the Third, conferred ujion him the highly 1 
dc«er^'ed title of Dukf. of Cornwall ; and altliough this dukedos I 
subsegnently merged in the Principality of Wales, it has o-er since 1 
been vested in the hvlr apparent to l\\e Crown ^ V\w;%t TC^alia*, who, I 
St the very hour of his birth, in\\enta l\iC *V'^\e hu^ ^vgK^S:^ '^S. "^Snii^ 1 
i^ComttHlL The second iiersouage w\vo \M«i iW Vothwx «jV c\)cv^£»fiJ 


to tliu nnk of nobiHty wa« Henry Plantageoet, sod and heir to the 
Earl of Derby, who was cr«at«d Duke of Lancaster by the same 
luorarch in 1351. His (irace died in 1.360 j and although he left no 
valcisBoe, this dignity was continned in hid family; being conferred 
Ml ihs celebrated John of Gaunt^ liis warlike son-iu-law, who had 
BMfnid bb seooad daaghter, the Lady Blanche Planta^enct. 

bci it not be ioiagiued, however, that, at the period now spoken 
(/.dakedoms were hereditary*. The honour, or rather tliecomniaiK/(for 
(%iiity, or title^ aiid duty, as Blockstoue says, were never scjiarutcd 
by oar aaccsCofv) devolved upon John of Gaunt merely on account of 
fail personxkl prowess, and not on account of any inherent right from 
laving married a daughter of the Jirst Duke of L.-incaater. The best 
fmtf of this fact i!j, that the di^iity expired with himself j and ever 
rilnnrards, until the time of Edward the ^ixtb, dukedoms were con- 
Icncd on prrnccs of the royal blood only, who, no doubt, generally 
cXMoled their ofliice^ by dfjmty. It is impottsible, at this dii«tancc of 
tiae, to state how this honour became hrrediiary. During ttie reigu 
<l Elizabeth very few doke^ c»stcd in England ; and in the year 
\iT2 the rank itself became extinct, James the First, however, 
rmvcd it (but without attaching any office or duty to be performed), 
■D the pejsou of his favourite (>corge V'^illiera, whom he created Duke 
rfBwkingfaam. In succeeding reigns, this rank of nubility increased; 
btf, lad^ieDdent of the Priocea of the Blood Koyal^ it i» not hkely 
It it frill ever much exceed its present number. 
Duke ia commouly entitled " His Grace;" but when addressing 
', the sovereign 5<imetimcs styles him " Puissant Prince ;** 
generally, his " Rifffit trusit/ and right entirely beloved cottatH 
rU0r," ^V\m affectionate mode of address was first used by 
Henry the Fourth, who, being related or allied to every earl 
in the kingdom, either by blood or by marriage, con- 
acknowledged that connexion in this manner in all his letters 
pabtic acts. From him the usage descended to his successors, 

the cause has long ago ceased. 
Doke'd eldest son is generally styled Marquess, or Earl, by 
as in the case of the Marquess of Bl^ndford, who is the 
apparent to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough : and the younger 

■ Th« Frcncb mA other ztadoaahaJ adopted Mttd made hereditary the dllc of DuVe 
I lay W&» tiKEB^ The pndmfmton ofWiUiMm, Duke of Normandy, -who 
^imnU raw the &iglhh crown, recarcd their dtlei, not so much fr«« V.^n« 
[JtAm-mirerw^asarebi^pmrina-orjVaniiajjdr ** /W.„. i. • ""/""cn troiu bang 




sons arc styled Lonls ; bnt sncti dcsif^ations confer oo ri^htii ci 
nobility, nor any other pririlrgt^', fartlicr than admission into the 
House of Peers on occasioDs of ceremony ; and then , only as spectators 
or aiiditiirs. In fact no [)eer*8 sou can enjoy a scat in the Hoase of 
Lords during bis father's lifetime^ unlesii by the particular creatioa 
of the King to some new dignity not alrcariy |io«scs8ed by his father. 

A Duke's pariiamentar)' robes arc made of fine scarlet cloth, lined 
witli white taffeta, liaving four guards of ermine on each side, at 
equal distances ; each guard being surmounted by gold lace, and tht 
robe itself tied up to the left shoulder by a white riband. His cap it 
made of crimson velvet, lined and turned up with ermine, and haruig 
a gold tassel on the top. Tliis costume, however, is itsed only on 
occasions of ceremony and im|x)rtaiice, as when the king happens to 
Ix! present cither to open or to terminate the session of Pailiauient, 
SiC; the usual dress of all the peers (txccpt the l^^jrd Chancellor, 
the Archbishops, and Dishops) being tlmt of English gentlcoicD, 
woni in the street or elsewhere, They wear boots, shoes, trowi 
&c. as fancy or convenience may suggest; and whilst the ordii 
business of the House is going on, they generally sit with their 

At the coronation of a sovereign, a Duke's robes consist 
crimson velvet mantle and surcoat, Uued \Hth white taffeta; tte 
former being doubled from the neck to the elbow with ermine, with 
four rows of dark s]H)ts on each shoulder. His coronet is of gold* 
set with strawbcrr)' leaves of the same metal nt equal distances ; tltc 
cap inside being of cnmson velvet, lined and tunied up with crmiitc 
spotted, and surmounted by a golden tassel. A Royal Duke's C(»xnMl 
differs from this, inasmuch tlmt, for a nephew ox cousin of the rcij 
sovereign, the atmuberry leuvL-s are alternated with crusscsj wl 
that of a brother or youtufer son has no strawberry leaves, but is 
mounted by croeaes and Beurs-de-lis. In all other respects 
costume is the same*. 

* Dukes uc, at the present day, cmtcd by patent \ andcntlj, by cinauraj 
Kwonl, niAntlc uf iilatc, liic ifiipokttion of cap* wra coronets of gold uptMi their he 
and lIk placing of rcrgca of gt^ in their hand*. So kte ai the re^ ol' Jar 
it H'M dociunl DecoMry tbiut to invest tlic Viacn in oucu farlioniaiL Tliat 
urrb, in tl>c tliirteenth feai of hi* reign, solnnnly inducted the Barons created bf ' 
jiat«nti by eurobiag than in Karlct maotles^ with U\vda lurrvtl «iih uiiiKncr. la 
^ taitic Tciffo^ bowewvTf the k'^al adriscn of ttic Crown having dccLutd tliat the 
deUtejy of the idlers jmU-nt outttiiutcU a sufficuDV ctcaviotv, \\ ii»a vWcmm^ol thai 

ojaoy ofhrrtsutun M vxprctrty diurm**^' with. 

-*- ' 



rip.tke Moat HonfmrablcCharles-IngoMshy, NfARQt'rAs 
F^^RFixcBESTSB, C7Y. Oct. ] 2, 1561. Re^no Edwardi SestL 

Aged 56. 
r^ II* 9' HtA Lord««hip, the Mofit Hod. Cbnrlcs, AfAJtQt-E«s or 
QrEEXfrBEKBY, CTt. Fcb. 1 1, \CS2. Rfg. Carol* Secuhdi 

S^IL p. Hb Lordflhip, the Moet Hon. Oeor^, MARorutttt or 
IVsKODiALK^ crt, I>ec- 17, 169-1. R^ff- Gulielmi Tertii. 

Aged 43, 
Ml Ha LovfUliip, the Mnst Hon. Hcury.MAJiQUESS of Landsdowni 
ot. y.<rf. 30, \7M. Key. Georgii Teriii Aged 5( 

,fitt LoriUliip, the MoKt Hon. Georgc-Grau^-illc, MAMOtR«» 

IP, ffc Feb. 28, I78(i. EotL Reg. i\^ed 72. 

lip. tbr Mm! Hon. OcorgCi MAitQCEss Townsubnd^ 
Oct. 27, 17tt7. ^tfrf. Reg. Aged :»1. 

tLordship, the Most Hon. Jiinies-Bruwulow-Winiani, Mai 
\ns»% or SiLiBBURr, crc, Aug. I ft, 1 789. Eod. Reg. Aged 3! 
LofvUhip. the &lost Hon. Thomas, Masqdxss or Batsj 
wr. A«f. IH, 17S9. A'orf. Reg. Aged 65. 

iiljord»hip, the Mo«t Hon. John -.Umefl, MARQCEsa or Anr.R- 
c<*««. crt. Oct. 2, l/yu, iiorf. ;?<7. Aged IS*. 

Iv ijordsliip, the Must Hon. Francis-Charles, Marqcb»» oi 
HthTfoitD. ere. June 29. 1 793. Eod. Rig. Aged 53. 

is Lurdahipf the Most Hon. John, Masquess of Bvrz, 
cw. March 11, I7y(i. Eod. Reg. Aged 37. 

p. His Lordship^ the Most Hon. >Vi)Uauij Mabuleks op 
raoMOXD*, ere. Dec. 29, 1800. Eod. Reg. Aged G5. 

lionkhip, the Moet Hod. Browiilou', Mabquess op Exeter, 
Feb. 4, 1801. Eod. Reg. Aged 35. 

Lnd&liip^ the Most Hon. S|>enccr-Joshna-Alwpe, Mar- 
fnsK or Northampton, rrv. Aug. 15, 1812. Adminisfratione 
tltfrni, Gforgii Principle WallUe, Aged 40. 

I Lftf^hip^ the Mo0t Hon. Juhn-Jcffireya, Marquees Camden, 
9V. Ah^. 1^, 1812. Eadem Adminalrat'wne. Aged 71. 

>& Lot«kliip, the Most Hon. Henr>'- William, Mabquem of 
Amslmsy, ere. June 23, 1815. Ead. Adm. Aged 61. 

& Lonlsbip. the Most Hon. George-Jnmes-Horatio, Marqc ebb 
or CboItMOkoelev, ere. Sept. 30, 1815. Ead. Adm. Aged 38. 

,m '9Mn£:A»TSM. f/thc ttniiai kit^doau on ciK i^c/i June, 1820 




45. f. It. 9* His Ivorduliip, t)ic Most Hon. Henry, Maxqi 
CnNYN'anAaj*^ ere, Jan. 22, 1616. £ad. Adm. Aged 

4fi. His Ijordship^ the Most Hon. George-Angnstus-Francis, Mj 
QUEHS OP Hastings, ere. Dec. 7, 1816. Ead, Adm. Aged 

47- Ifis Lordship, the Most Hon. Charle-s, MAngvEss of AilebbuaYi 
ere, July 9, 1821. Reg. Georgii Quarti. i\gcd 

48. His liOrdship, the Most Hon. Frederick- WiUiam, Marques* 
Bristol, ere. June 13, 1826. Eod. Reg, Aged 

49. His lx>rdship, the Most Hon. William- Harry, Marquess 
Cleveland, ere. Sept. 17, 1827. Eod. Reg. Aged 

In ancient times the Lords Marqitr&ses, or Marches, gai 
the frontiers and limits of the kingdom ; as bctueen England 
Wales, and between Scotland and England, irhllst each continued 
be an enemy's country; the word marche signifying a boun< 
These national guardians were invested with both military and 
authority ; they had their own peculiar laws ; and they exen 
almost regal sway over the borderers of each kingdom, who 
citlicr their vassals, or subject to them during the time of 
command. These outposts sen'cd as shields to all other parts of 
kingdoms ; and although almost continual warfare raged betirf 
them, their institution was so far advantageous, that invasion 
guardmi against and rei>clled, and the petty quarrels of both 
were prevented from becoming national by being settled on the 
either by contest in the field, or by reprisal for depredations 
mtttcd on the goods and cattle of either party. In short, they 
in the sami* relation to both nations, and prevented a more gei 
efllusion of blood in the same manner^ that the Horatii and Curii 
did on one occasion, in regard to the armies of ancient Rome and 

The authority of the Ixirds Marches, or Marquesses, was abolti 
by statute in the 27tb year of the reign of Henr)- the Eighth. 
earliest instances on rcci>rd of their creation are in the rcigo 
Richard the Second, who conferred this dignity upon Rol>ert do Vc 
as Man|uess of Dublin, in 1386; and upon John Beaufort, Earl 
Somerset, as Marquess of Dorset, iu 1397. From that period i 
the reign of Edward the Sixth, Marquesates appear to have 
dormajtt in England. They were then resuriie<l merely as i 
hoDGUTj and they soon became a regular grade of nobihty, in! 
created by letters patent from the king, wbo, vfVtftuever he ad< 

. • Bamojt MritMTKa. of the united kingdom ; » crefctcA 3vlVj ft, \Va\ -, >«^1 
^Mining (hcMboYvnuk M» an Irish rapcKQtftav« pwt. 



officifiUf , styles him bis ** Right truxty and mtircitf 

rotuiit ,*" and in some cniM?s " Puisaant Prince." — Tlic oldcat 

« Mjirqii«sa is by courlesif styled Earl, or Lord of some Bfimny 

oUwr poneseion belon<;injj; to )iia futhvr ; but he is not thereby 

ithkd to a scat in the House of Peers, nor lias he the rights or 

of nobility. 
Tbe psfitamentaiy and coronation costamcs of a IMorqness dilfer 
'^toD lltaK of a Duke only so f:ir. that whikt the hitter has four 
gBafds of Rrmine on each Hide of his muntlt.^ the former hus four oa 
tkeriglit and three on the left aide; each f^uard being surmounted 
by^oKd lace. The golden rim or hnnd of his coronet is surmounted 
lif porU aod strawberry-lcares, intermingled, and of equal height. 

rHia Lordship, the Right Honourable John, Earl op Shrews- 
BCBY, ere. May 5iO, 1442. Henrico ^exto regnante. Aged 40. 

I 81. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Edward, EahIj of DKRBr, 
^b err. Oct. 27, 1485. Henrico Seplimo reg. Aged 78. 

^^ 3. His Lordsbip, the Rt. Hon. Pnmci*-Theonhilus-Henry, EarL 
OP HuNTiNOiWN, ere. Dec. 8, 152y, Henrico Octavo reg. 

Aged 33. 

^S^ His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Robert-Henry, Eabl of Phmbkoks 
^fe AND SIoNTGOUKBY, cre, Oct. 11> 1551. Edwardo Scrto rem, 

^ Aged 39. 

*51 Hia Lordsihip. the Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Dkvon, 




»t. 3, 

err. Sept. 3, 1553. Maria Begnante. Aged 61. 

HkLordahip, the Rt- Hon. Thomas, Earl of Suffolk and 
BxRKBU X RE, ere. July 2 1 , Hi03. Jacobo Primo reg. Aged 54. 

t& Hift Lordsbip, the Rt. Hon. Ba.siUPercy, Eabl of Dknbkjr, 
[ €Te. Sept. 14, 1622. Eod. Peg. Aged 35. 

A flji Lardi»hip, the Rt. Hon. John, Eabl op West>iorrland, 
ere. May 29, 1624. E04L Reg. Aged 72. 

57. Hu Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Albemiirle, Earl of Lindsry, 
I ere, Nov. 8, 1626. Caroto Primo reg. Aged 17- 

W. His Lordship, the Rt- Hon. George-Harry, Earl of Stamford 
AND Warrington, crc. Blar. 26, 1628. Eod. Reg. Aged 66. 

i S9. Hb Lordship, the Rt. Hon. GeoTge-WiUtum, Earl ok Win- 
caii«aB:A AXD NtfTTisauAM. ere. July 12, 1628. Eod. Hcg. 

Aged 40. 






GO. HiKri<»nl8liip, the Rt. Him. Ocnr(ro-Atijrist!i«.Fr«'(lerick, KaM 
OF CnKrtrKHKiKLU, crc. Aug. 4, KiiWt. IM. Jifg. Aged fi& 

His LonlHhip, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Eabl of Thanbt, 
crc. Aug. 5, }&2i\. Eoti. Jfcg. Aged CO. 

Ilis Lordnhip. the Rt. Hon. Oeorgc-John, Earl of SxNnwicH, 
ere. July 12, 1660. Caroio Sccundo rcg. Aged 19. 

<33. His Lordship, tho Rt. Hon. George, Earl of £»siix, 
ere, April *20, l«6l. Eorf. Kf^. Aged ja 

Gl. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Earl of CAROiaAX, 
ere. April 20, l(5(il. £<«/. /^«^. Aged 

>. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Oeorge, Earl or Carc^i 

ere. April 20, IGGl. Eod. Rig, Aged 

66. His LurtUhip, the Kt. Hon. Widter-Fmncis, Earl op K 

CASTER, ere. Feb. 15, \Q^2. ICod, Reg, Aged] 

67. His Lor(l.^hin, the Rt, Hon. Croploy, Eabl OP Suaftesbi 

crc. April 2:$, 1072. Ewi. Reg^ Aged 

60. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. ThiMnsH-IMnrton-Fitzhnrding. Earl 
OF BiiRKKLKY, cre, Sept. II, l^Ji** Evd. Reg. 

09. His Lord»hip, the Rt. Hun. i^Iontogu^ Eahl of Abinoi 
ere. Nov. 30, 1682. Eod, Rcg. 

70* His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Otlier- Archer, Earl 

mouth, crC' Dec. <>, 1082. /iW. Rcg, Aged 4S. 

71. His LordsLin, the Rt. Hon. Richtird, Earl of SoAnitoRuiJoa, 
cre. April lit, ICJO. Chiilieh/io Tvrtio reg. Aged 

-33. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Williani-ChArles, Earl up Ai 
«AKLK, cre. Feb. 10, l(il»fi Eoii. Reg. Agi 

74 His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George- William, Earl op 
VKNTRY, cre. April 26, 1(597- Eod, Reg. Aged 

75. His Lordship, tlic Rt. Hon. George, Earl of JkrsrT* 
cre. Sept. 24, 16l»7. Eod. Reg, Aged 57. 

77. 5^. ft- V His Ix>r<l8hip. the Rt. Hon. Ger^j^e-ShoUo, EarloV 

Morton, cre. March 14^ 14/i7- Jacobo Secundiy, Scotur, reg. 

Aged A 

78. 3^ Vi. V- His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Alexander, Earl 9$ 

HoiiBj ere. March 4, 1605. Jacoho Sexto, Scotiar, r^ 


79. Sk' ti- P- His T^onUhip, t)ie Rt. Hon. Thoinns, Earl of Elotm 

KiM:ABiH.\K,cr^. JUiie21, l(>;i3. Caruht Prima rcg. Aged65i 


OP S^ 

i^J, Uitf Lorddijp. llie Rt. Hon. JoJm, 
err. Dec. 2l^, l/OCf. Anna rfgnniilc. 

Eabl Poulktt, 



rVts Lordship, the Rt. Hon. £<i\%-arH, Earl or Oxford, xs^'i 

MoRTiiiBH, ere. Jaly 21, 171 1. £od. Reg, Aged 57. J 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon WashtngtoDj Earl Fsbrrrs^ 

€Tt. Sept. 3, 1711. Eofl^eg. Aged 69™ 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. William, Eabl of DARTMourn, 

ere. Sept. 5, 1711. Eod, Reg. Aged 45. J 

His Lordship, the RL Hon. Charles -A ugn^itus, Earl opTankeb- J 

YiLLE, err. Oct. 15, 1/14. Gtorgio Primo reg. Aged 54. I 

His Lonlship, the Rt. Hon< Heoeage, £abl of Aylssfobd, I 

ere. Oct- 15, 1714. End. Reg. Aged 44. I 

L His Lorddhip, the Rt Hou. Petcr-Leo[K>ld-Franci8, Kari. I 

CowpEu, ere. March IH, 1718. Eod. Reg, Aged 51« I 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Philip-Henry, Eabl SrATiBOPS, I 

ere. April 7. 1718. Eod. Reg. Agod 48. I 

His Ix>rdship. the Rt. Hon. Philip. Earl of HARBOBouaa, I 

err. May 4, 1719. Eod. Reg. Aged 33- " 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Eabl of MACCLESprsLD, 

ere. Nov. 15, 1721. Eod, Reg. Aged 75. J 

His Lordship, the Ht. Hon. 'lliom^-WiUiaiu, Eabl of Pou- I 

FBET, ere. Dec. 21, 1721. Eod. Reg. Aged CO. I 

, His Lordship, the Ht. Hon. James, Eabl ORAnAM, I 

err. May 23, 1722. Eod. Reg. Aged 75. I 

His Lordship, the Rt Hon. John-JoiucSj Earl U'aloegravs, I 

ere. Sept. IC, 1729. Georgia Secundo reg. Aged 45. 1 

L Hi£i L4trdslup, the Rt. Huti. George, EIarl of AsuauR.MiAtf, I 

i ere. May 24. 1730. Eod. Reg. Aged 69. I 

u. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Earl of Habrinctov, I 

ere, Feb. 9, 1741. Eod. Reg. Aged 50. 

k Hia Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John-Charles, Eabl of Pobt»- 

MOCTB, ere. April 1 1. 1743. Eod. Reg. Aged ij6. 

, His Lordship, the Rt. Hou. Henry* Richard, Earl Brooks^ 

AXD of Warwick, ere. July 7, 1746. Eod. Reg, Aged 51. 

Hie Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Georgc-Robcrt, Earl of Bucking- 

BAMsniRE, ere. August 20, 1746. Eod. Reg. Aged 41. 

jL Ui« Lordship, the Rt Hon. >\llliaiu, Eabl Fitzm-illiam, 

I ere. Sept 6, 1746. Eod, Reg. Aged 82, 

II His Lordship, the Rt Hon. George-O'Brien, Earl of Eorb- 
MONT, ere. Oct. 3, 1 749. Eod. Reg. Aged 78. 

His Lordship, the Rt Hon. WilUam, Eabl Habcourt, 
err. Dec 1, 1749. Eod. Reg. Aged 87. 

Hb Lordship^ the Ht. Hon- and Rev. Fraacis, Earl op Guil- 
^viv/^ /Tir. A/i/i/ 8, 1/32. £od, Jie^. Aged 57 . 



103. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Jamee, Earl Cohnwallis, 

ere. June 30, 1753. Eod. Reg, Aged 51. 

104. His Lordship, the Kt Hon. Philip, Eabl or Hardwickk. 

ere. April 2, 1754. Eod. Reg^ Aged 73. 

105. His Lordship, the Ut. Hon. Henry-Stephen-Fox, Earl or 

Jlcbestkr, ere. June 5, 1756. £od. Reg. Aged 43. 

106. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George-John, Earl Delawarr, 

ere. March 18, 1761. Gwrgio TWtio reg, Agod 38. 

107. His Lordship, the Rt-Hon. \Villiam-Pleydell,EARLor Raomob, 

ere. Oct. 31, I7ti5. Eod. Reg. i\gcd 51. 

108. His Lordship, the Rt Hon. George-John, Earl Spekcrr, 

ere. Nov. 1, I7GJ. Eod. Reg. Aged 71. 

109. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Earl op CturuMM^ 

ere. August 4, 1766. Eod. Reg. Aged 73. 

110. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Eabl Batbcrrt. 

ere. August 27, 1772. Eod. Reg, Aged 68L 

HI. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Arthur-Blundell, Earl or Hilxa- 

borough, rrr. Aug. 28, 1772. Eod. Reg. Aged 4?. 

1 12. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John-Charles, Earl or Clarendon, 

ere. June 14, 1776. Eod. Reg. Aged 72. 

113. His Lordship, the Rt- Hon. Henry, Earl or AeRRGAVcionr, 

ere. May 17, 1784. Eod. Reg. Aged 75- 

114- His lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Earl or Norwicb, 

ere. July 2. I7y4. Eod. Reg. Aged 60. 

115. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charlea-Chetw')ijd, Earl Talrot, 

ere. July 3, 1784. Eod. Reg. Aged 53. 

116. His Lortlship, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Earl Grosvenor, 

ere. July 5, 1784. Eod. Reg. Aged 61 

117. His Lordship, the Rt, Hon. John, Earl Strajcov^ 

ere. Aug. IS, 1786. Eod. Reg. Aged 75- 

118. His Lordship, the RU Hon. Richard. Earl or Moitnt-Edob*- 

ccruBE, ere. Aug. 18, 1789. Eod. Reg. Aged 66. 

119. His .Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Hugh, Earl Fortescvk, 

ere. Aug. 1 8, 1 789. Eod. Reg. Aged 77. 

120. His LonUhip, the Rt. Hon. Edward, Earl Digbv, 

ere. Oct. 30, 1790. Eod. Reg. Aged 57. 

121. His liordship, tlie Rt. Hon. Algernon, Earl or Beverlrv, 

ere, Oct. 30, 1 790. Eod Reg. Aged 80L 

122. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. WilHaro, Earl or MANsriKLOy 

err. Aug. I, 1792- Eod. Reg. .Aged 53. 

y.?A His UtrdAhip, the Rt. Hon. Henry-George, Earl or Cak»* 

NAHVON, ere. June 29, 1793. Eod. Reg. K^ 58. 


IM i& Lordslijp, the Rt. Hon. Cbarleu-Cecil-Copc, Eabl or 
LnrERPooL, ere, Jane 1, 1796. Eod. Reg, Aged 45. 

125. Hi» lordship, the lU. Hon. Charles-Henry, Eabi. Cauogan, 
cr». Dec. 27. 1800. iTorf. Reg. Aged 81. 

126. Hii Lordship, the Rt Hon. James-Edward, Earl or 
Mauiksbchy. cr^. Dec. 29, 1800. Eod. Reg. Aged TiS. 

127. f R. 9- His Lordship, the Rt. Hod. Somenet-RichHrd, Eabl 
or Cabric K, ere, June 10, 1 74t<. Georgia Secundo reg. Aged 50. 

128. f. H. 9* His Lordship, the Rt, Hon. Francis- WiUiani, Karl or 
CaAAi^EMON'T, rre.Dcc,23, 1763. Georgia Tcrtio reg. Aged 5fi* 

129. h ft. 9- His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, £abl op 
Kingston*, ere. Aug. 25, 1 768. Eod. Reg. Aged 59. 

130. f- ft. 9- ^lis Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Ste]ihcD, Earl or 
\!oiNT-CAsnEL, ere. Jan. 5, 1781. Eod. Reg, Aged 38. 

ISt. f. ft. 9- Hit) Lordship, the Right Hon. Thomas, Earl or 

r Longford t, ere. June 20. 1785. Eod. Reg. Aged 56, 

in f. ft. $. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John^ Earl of Mayo, 
ere. June 27, 1785. Eod, Reg. Aged 64. 

131 h ft- 9' His Lordship, the Kt. Hon. John-Willoughby, Earl 
OP Exniskillen;, ere. Aug. 18, 1789. Eod. Reg. Aged 62. 
IM. I. ft. 9. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. \Villiam-For\A'ard, Earl 
or WicKLow, err. Dec. 20, 1793. Eod. Reg, Aged 42. 

U6. i. ft* 9- His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Richard, Easl or Luca.v, 
err. Oct. 6, 1795. Eod. Reg. Aged 65. 

136. I. ft- 9- His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Somerset-Low ry, Earl 

OP Bf.lmore, ere, Nov. 14, 1797. Eod. Reg, Aged 56. 

137. i ft. 9. His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Charles- Henr>-St. John, 

Earl ONeil, ere. Aug. 7, 1800, Eod. Reg. Aged 51. 

138. {. ft. 9* His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Francis, Earl or 

Ban* DON, ere. Aug, 7, 1800. Eod, Reg, Aged 74. 

>139. Lft 9. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Dupr6, Earl or Caledon, 
err. Dec. 29, 1800. Eod. Reg. Aged 52. 

140. Hii Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James, Earl or Rosslyn, 
err. April 21, 1801. Eod. Reg, Aged 68. 

HI. His Lordship, the Ut. Hon, William, Earl or Craven, 
err. Jane 18, 1801. Eod, Reg. Aged 21. 

142. His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Arthur -George, Earl Onblow, 
, err. June 19, 180J. Eod. Reg. Aged 52. 

I Tllllil BaROX KixosToir, of the unit«d kingdom, July 9, \H2\. 

H tfl—Kil Barov vSiLCHESTEB, o( the unittd kingdonu Ju]y U, 1821. 

I ^OMled Samox tiMiX^TCjut, of the united kingdom, July Jfl, 1616. 

■ nme AmMw <Aa> /»> M nfrnmenutirt, EtrU of ItcXvi^, though emUled lo 

mjgiotbf Boom af tarda ss BMroat of the United Kingdom, 




His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Eabi. or Rohkbt, 

crv. June J^'l, 1801. Eod. Reg. Aged 52. 

His lx)rdship, the Rt Hon. Henry- TliomM, Earl of CsicnKV 

TEH, ere, June 23, 1801. Eod. Reg. Aged 26. 

His Lordship, the Rt Hon. ThomaSi Eabl oy Wiltox, 

ere. June 26, l«OI. Eod, Reg. Aged 3a 

f. li. )3. His Lx)rdship, the lU. Hon. Edmund-Henry, Easl I 

or LiMesicK*, ere. Feb. 1 1, IHUJ. Eod, Reg, Aged 72. I 

f. lEU $. His Lunlship, the Rt. Hon. Richard, Eabl ot Cuufm \ 

CAKTvf. ere. Feb. 1 1, 1803. Eod. Reg. Aged S3. | 

His Lordship, the Rt* Hon. Eduard, Earl Pown, | 

ere. May 14, 1804. Eod. Reg, Aged 76. \ 

His Lordship, the Rt Hon. and Rev. William, Ea»l Nblmh^ I 

ere. Nov. 20, 1805. Eod. Reg. Aged 73. \ 

f. fi.iP. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Archibald, Earl or | 

GoHFOBP, er*. Feb. 10, 1806. Eod. Reg. Aged 55- 1 

f. )&. £. His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Laurence, Earl or i 

RoBSE, crc. Feb. 16, 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged 72. 

I. iBl. ^. His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Charles- Williain, Earl 

OP Chablevillk, ere. Feb. IG, 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged 66. 
His Lonlship, the Ht. Hon. Charles-Herbert, Eabl Mantkrb» 

ere. April 1, 1806. Eod. Reg. Aged 52. 

Hie Lordship, the Rt. Ho'i. Horatio, Eabl op (>- 

ere. April I, 1806. Eod. Reg. M 

His Lordship, the Rt Hon. Charles, Earl CinET, 

ere. April I. 1806. Eod. Reg. Aged 66, 

His Lordship, t]ie Rt Hon. William, Earl or Lonsdali, . 

ere. April I, 1807. Eod, Reg, Aged 72. \ 

His Ijordship, the Rt. Hon. Dndlcy, Earl or HarrowW, , 

ere. July IS. 1809. Eod. Reg. Aged 67. 

His lordship, the Ht. Hon. Henry, Earl or Mi'l<.kavk. 

ere. Aug. 15, 1812. AdmnUtratioM Regni Georgti i' 

WuUitt, A^^^ ;^. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl or HAREwooi^k 

ere. Aug. 15, 1812. Ead. Adm. Aged 69; 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. 
ere. Feb. 2. 1813. Ead, Adm. 

Gilbert, Eari, or 


161. His Lordship, the Ht. Hon. Williain-Sliaw, Earl Cathcabt|t 
crt. June 18, 1814. Ead. Adm. Aged SIJ 

* Crcatfd Bauox FoxroiiD, of the unitMl kingdom, July 18^ 1815- 
f Oemted VtSLOVMT Ci.ANf artt, of ihc uoilcd kingdom. Nor. I7, laiS. 
Thouffh mtidcd to lit in ihc IIouk nf P«tn ammVinf; \o >^ «W«« ctoi 
thteif Luniahipg cboate to tcttan their r«uk a* T«y««wataki«« lUrU «( \T<dMii 





162. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James- Walter, Earl op VKBtrLAM, 
cre^ Sept. 13, iSlj. AW. Jdm, Agrd 55. 

His Lordship, the Kt. Hon. John, Eaal Brown low, 
crt. Sept. 13, 1815, Ead. Adm. A^A 50. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. UlUiani, Eaxl or St. GERMAXft, 

trre. Sept. 13, 1815. Bad. Adm. Aged 64. 

. His I»rdship, the Rt. Hon. John, Eael or Muelky, 
crc. Sept. 13, 1815. Bad, Adm, Aged 58. 

rHis Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Augnstus-Frpderick-HcnrVj Earl 
or Bradford, ere. Sept. 30. 1815. Bad. Adm. Aged 40. 
W. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John-Reginald, Earl Beaichamp, 
ere. Sept. 30, 1815. Bad. Adm. Aged 50. 

16S. I. K- 3p. His Urdship, the Rt. Hon. Richard, Eaki. or Glek- 
OALL, ere. Jan. 2*J, 1816. Bad, Adm. Aged 36. 

IC9. Hia Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Earl of Eldon, 
fre. July 6, 1 82 1 . Georgio Quarto reg. Aged 79- 

fO. His Lordiihip, the Kt. Hon. Edward, Earl or Faluolth, 
ere. July 9, 1821. Bod, Reg. Aged 43. 

1. His L(»rd6hip,t)ieRt. Hon. Richard- Willifim-Pcnni EarlHowe, 
ere- July 9, 1821. £orf. Beg. Aged 33. 

% HJ!! Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John-Soiaers, Earl Somers, 
I ere. July 9, 1821. Bod. Reg. Ag^d 70. 

i/3. His L<;»rdship, the Rt. Hon. John-Edward, Earl OF Sthad- 
BHOKt;, ere. July 9, 1821. Bod. Reg. Aged 35. 

\i4^ Hift Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles-VVitliam, Earl Va»b, 
ere. March 28, 1823. Bod. Reg. Aged 52. 

i/S. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. WilUam-IHtt, Earl Aubrrst, 
ere, Dec. 2, 1826. Bod, Reg. Aged .57- 

176. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon, John-William, Earl or Dudley, 
ere. Sept. 24, 1827. Bod. Reg. Aged 48. 

U7* His Lordsliip, the Rt. Hon. John-Frederick, Earl op Cawdor, 
ere. Sept. 24, 1827. Bod. Reg. Aged 39. 

EiBLi>ojfs are the most ancient dignitieB in the Peerage of this 
and, among the Saxons, Barl, or Ealdcrraan. was the next 
ifc to Atheiing, or Prince. Bal^ or Bari, in the Saxon signiJies 
iflUe ; as Ealred, a man's name, noble man ; Eadelman, or Ealdcr- 
^ (now Alderman), noble senator or counsellor. This dignity was 
^jBbc time invariably attached to the possession or giivernment, or 
Ml united, of a particular tract of land^ thcace termed Shire or SAare, 
ipaSyijig a diri^w or proportion of the kingdom, which, from time 
wmaaoriai, wns thua divided for ita better or mote easy goverumenl. 





fl or ^ 



Tliese districts or Earldoms, either daring the stay of tbc Romam or 
aftfr the Norman conqnest, had various other names to signify t 
conquest, jurisdiction, &c. ; as 

Provincia or Satrapia, when such had been conquered, and 
governed by a military deputy* or lieutenant, 

CoputatuSt or county (as Comitatns Oxoniensis, the connty of 
Oxford), when governed by a Count or Comes Imperii (a partner in 
the govemnaent) ; in which case the laws generally were of the peo- 
ple's own choosing, in the Comitla or Commons' Council, and the 
Earl'a or Count's revenue arose from the profits, that is, the thirf 
penny, of all pleas in his court* 

ComUatug Palatinus, or County Palatine, when the ruler WM 
Comes Palatti, or Palatioas (that is, Com|)anion in the Palace, Roysl 
Count, or Count Palatine) 3 in which csise he became territorial pro- 
prietor, was invested with royal authority and prero^tivc fjura re^ih 
Ua, including royal 6er\'ices and estreats) within his own county m 
Palatiuate ; and administered the laws^ both civil and criminal, in 
bis own name, for his own profit, and by his own officers : in 
he was, in ever}' respect, a King, only that he held his sore 
of a superior lord*. 

Viiiot where there was no resident chief magistrate, but where 
laws were occasionally or periodically administered by a Court ol 
Justices-Itinerant delegated by the Prince for that purpose f 

* The Cottntki Palatine o( EngUnd we Chester, Lancaster, uid IKirhami 
which fonnerlf had very gmt priTiieges, and irere invested with an indepciwlMft 
jurisdicdon, becauae they lay adjA4.-cnt to evcmiei' eonntrica, rii. Walea aod 
landf to that the iohalntaiits might have adminlitnUion of justice at home, 
remain there to secure the country (mm invasion. 

The firat (^nt Palatine in EngUnd was Hugo, nephew to M'illiarn Oie 
qaeror, to whom was granted the Earklom of Chester, to hold with the same ti^ 
Taatage of mJUtarr tenure as ihe King himself held the crowo of England. Afta^ 
wards, Edward the Third erected the County raktine of Lanca&tcr, wiih the UdB 
of Duchy, with nearly the saiiic privUegts as those of Chester. The Biiiiopck «f 
Ihjrham was Ukewiic a County Palatine, as waa alto that of Ely. thou^ aosne mf 
that the latter was only a royal franchise; bat their jurisdictions wrre oonsidefah^ 
loMened from being inrested in the Crown by the 2Tih of Henry Vllt. chap. 24, 
There It abo motttoo ntade of the County Palatine of Hexham in Xtrd of Hcnf7 
VllL chap. 20, which at that period belonged to ihe Archbi&hop of Vork. Bj 
the I4th of Elizabeth, howerer, it was dissolrcd, and made part of the county of 
Northaniberlaod . 

f This wa« doubtless the origin of those Conrniiasion Juaticers, or Juatlcet 
£^rr, who were first appointed in tl?^. to makr a rircuii round the Idnedom 
hi seven yeata, and a/Wrwards, by Magna Chana, once in every year. The 
£f^ ia MpkoaymouA with the French cirr and the Latin iter or itincr^ ftig;iufyi 
Jotinter. Another dus of these Itinerant Juslicea Wld theu coui>a Vu \h« fii 
tfwec yemrt, where erery thing was adiudgcd bij (owatAmw oiA^. tV* 

tees Jw 



And Aytr ; as Agcr SaJopicnsis, Eboracensis, et Cantiaiias (llmt 
ifp tke Se^gnioriet of Sliro[>sbirc, VorVsliire, and Kent), where tlie 
'wf— "*«— * lams were administered ; but where the Earl or Cuunt had 
a lar;ge tnct of land as his onm seignory or domain, and llkcwibC 
leoetTCd Uie rerenne of his government for hist own ude and pru5t. 

IVnvas still another officer with similar powers aa regarded the 
adouatftrackm of jostice, viz. the Comarchus, that is, Earl, C-oont, 
Rakr, or Bargotnaatcr of a ri/iy, whose jnrisdiction extended no fur- 
Aer titan tbe walls or boundaries thereof, but wlio ha«J for the w hole 
or part of his fee or salary a spot of ground or douiaiu in the 
nbarfas *; — such was Leofrick, Earl of Coventry', husband of Uie ct^lc' 
bnted GodiTa. who rode naked through the streets of that city, to 
fttserre its privilf^es, and to save the inhabitants from an opprcs- 
CrmUet, or CoDRts^ are evidently of Norman introduction. Having 
bestowed upon them the government of the Shires or Provinces, 
CM;f to see how thc8c were converted into Counties, It is sin* 
owcrer« that whilst the latter designation remains until the 
day, the original title of Earl has snnnouuted every attempt 
noD, and ^rvived the revohttionti of conquest and time j 
vd thftt, too, although for ages the wives of such personages Xiaxt 
beea styled Comitissse, or Countesses }. 

doa !■ Cyrc giving w%y to ihe prcscm Judges of Acdxe, ind having in the conne 
flt lisBe bceorue uoecures. were decreed to be jiboUfthed by the 67th of George IIL 
c €L « die temiinaiion of the cxiiting intentts. 
* At tlk houil of the Comarchi was thr Earl-MKnhsI of England, whnu office 
^laaiidtng in various courta, ms the King'n rcprEscntativL-, and within the pttcincta 
' E« »buira that llic odminiatraliun oi the laws was cwcnlially and tnsrpit- 
wilh the dignitj of Ear!. TliU ofHoc, Iwwevcr, haTtng become 
oootcqucntJy almoit a mere dignity in the family of the Duke of 
icy occasionally compels the appointment of a temporary offioer, 
ihm IjotA High Steward of England, whose btuiness it la to preside at coro- 
inl oo tbe trial of a Peer for nigh treason. Any of tbcAe particutar duttea 
1« his commiaiioo expiica : he then brcaka hin wand, ana no puts an end 

Vidbl on the aobjcct, we man not omit the Countits Corporate. Theae 

sties, or ancient boroughs, on which ttie Kings of England bestowed 

prifncgei, similar to thoM of the Paladnates; annexing to them par- 

s and joriftdiction. London was one of theae ; for at this day the 

their own shciifft, &c, and poeaesa their own civil and criminal 

bong no Saxon distinctive title for these females which denotes rank, 
die EM»w conrnxm appellation of Ladies, is wc proof aiMong many that the 
dwuties in this luMdam were merely officiate and not hcrediury, or eten 
Yhc aiatortofm JDagt mrM cffrtMialy a Qufxn ; but the wife of an EaT\ Of 



We 1ia*'C aeen thnt the chief business of an Earl u'as the admioi- 
Btration of justice to those over whom he ruled ; to this k'us joined a 
miHtary toniinatui Ukc that of our lords lieutcnnnt of counties. Id 
fact, this vcr\* ancioiit office and dignity lussiinilated in every rcspeict 
to that of govcnior-gcneral of any of the British colonies, as at 
sent constituted. 

Bnt in the cotirse of time, when Earldoms and other dignities be- 
gan to be hereditary, and created by letters jKitent from the King, 
the official duties ceased to be performed, whilst the titles and lauded 
revenues remained. At length, instead of being confined as bcfun 
to the counties and princtpul towns, these titles became exi 
in oonseqnence of the number of Earls, to villages, family 
even surnames. 

'riie King officially addresses an Earl as his "Right tmst^' 
right iceli-bfhvcd Cousin ;" and, in some iustanccs, '* Puifmaut Pri 

The parliamentjiry robes and cap of this class of nobility 
from those of Dukes and Marrpiesses, merely in having only 
guardti of ermine and gold lace on each eliouldcr. Their coroi 
robes differ only in the same slight degree ; but their coronefjr, 
are of gold, and lined witli velvet nnd ermine, have pearls 
very high points^ with strawberry leaves between, upon small el 
tions of the circlet or baud. The Lord Treasurer, Kobcrt 
Earl of Salisbury, is said to have been the first Earl who 
coronet : but there can be little doubt that Counts Palatine, at 
wore this emblem of nobility or royalty long before the tii 


178. His Lordship, tlie Right Honourable Hcnr)*, Viscount Hi 

FORo, ere. Keb. 2, IJ49, Edwardo Sexto regnante* 

179. d* tt. J3. His liOrrUhip, the Rt. Hon. John, Vi8con*T 

BtTHNOT, err. Nov. If), 1611, Caroln Primo rey. 
^^^K ISO. ^.£1. )?. His Lordships the Kt. Hon. James, ViscocntStbj 
^^^H ALLAN, ere. Sc[>t. 6, 1686. Jaeobo Septimo Scotia fSt 

^^^m AnglictJ reg. 

'^^^^ 181* His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Viscocivt St. Jobm 
^K BoMNCBKOKE, ere. July 8, 1712- Anna regnanle. Agcd^ 

^^^^182. His I»rd8hip, the Rt. Hon. George, Viscoint Torningtoi^ 
^^^^1 ere. Sept- 10, 1721. Georgio Pritao reg. i\ged 62, 

V JSS. His IjortUhip, the Rt. Hon. .\t\ttuftlns-VttAtr\cV, V\%co\JWt 
^L LstKSTSR, ere. Feb. 17, 17 40. Gcorgio SecvMo reg. 



IHL His LonJsliip, Uie Rt Hon. VN'illiain, Viscoi^vr Cocktknay, 
ert. Way 6. \70'2, Georgia Terth rvy. Aged 61. 

185. His LonUhip, the Rt. Hod. Heury, Viscocnt Maynaap, 
crt, Oct- 2S, 17fi(i. Eod. Reg, Aged H. 

186. HU Lordship, the Ut. Hon. Hayes, Viscocwt Doncrau.k, 
or. June 22, I78j. Eod, Reg. Aj,V(1 44. 

187. Hi* I»nlship, the Rt. Hon. Joho-TlioinaSj Vibcocnt SvoNrv, 
(Tt. Jnnc 0, I7N9. .CTorf. i^-ry. Aged C(i. 

liid* Hi» Lordship, the Rt, Hon. Hcnr)*, Viscoitxt Hoop, 
ere. Jane 1. 1790. Eod. Reg. Aged 70. 

189. His Lonlsliip, the Rt. Hon. Robcrt-Duodns, Viscount Dcncah, 
err. Oct. Mi, 171*7. Eod, Reg. Agi^ 45. 

190. His Lx>rd»hip, the Rt. Hon. Edunnl-Jems^ Vibcouvt St. 
Vincent, tTf. April 21, ISOI. Eod. Reg. 

191. Hi* I-ordship, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Viscount MBi.vrLi.K, 
ere. Dec. 24, 1802. £od Reg, Agtrd .^U, 

192. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Viscount Sidmol^tn, 
rre. Jan. 12. 180.5. Eod. Reg. Aged 73. 

I9X HU Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thouiad-WtlHam, Viscolnt Anmn, 
ere. Feb. 17, 1806. Eod, Reg. Aged 31. 

. f. SI. f)- HU l^ordbhip, the Rt. Hon. Robert -Edvi'ftni, Viscutnt 
LoaxoN', ere. May 30, 1806. Eod. Reg- Aged 66. 

9S. His Ixirdahip, the Rt. Hon. Franc is- Gerard, Viscount Lakr, 
ere. Oct. 31. 1 807. Eod. Reg. Aged :tS. 

196. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Viscount Gokimn, 
rrr. Juue 18, 1814- Admini$tratione Rtgni Geargii Priacipis 
Walile. Aged 46. 

7. Hl» Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Granville, Viscount Gbanvii.i.f, 
<nr. July 15, 1815. Ead. Adm. Aged 56. 

. I. Vk. 8- His ]..ordship, the Rt. Hon, Charles, Viscount Gort, 
ere. Jan. 22, 1816. Ead. Adm. Aged 62. 

\a I»rdship, the Rt. Hon. Edward, Viscount Exmoutii, 
cr*. Sept. 21, 1816, Ead. Adm. AgiM 71. 

iMl Hit I»rdship, the Rt. Hon. John. Viscount HuTCUiNtioN, 
^^L err, July 9, 1821, Georgio Quarto reg. Aged 73. 

^BftL His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Willium-Carr^ Viscount Briirs- 
^K roBD, ere. 28, 1823, Eod. Reg, Aged 60. 

Hip2. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. StnplcUni, Viscount Combf.r- 
MKHE, crt. Dec. 2, 1826, Eod. Reg. Aged 61. 

t2Q3. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Frcdenck-JoUn, Viscount (iooK- 
I »icB, ere. April 25, 1827, Eod. Rey. Aged 47. 

The etywohg}' of Mscoant is JTcfi-Cotnes ; (hat ifl^ Deputy Ear\ OT 
b/, m aibcr n^rds, .Iwiiff of a couuty. TU'iB rank of noVlYvl^' 



first became a mere dignity in the j>erson of John, Viscount Bcaamont^ 
who was so created by letters-patent from King Henry VI. in the 
year 1*140. Visconnta have ever since been so created, either witfa 
or without a barony. They are officially addressed by the Soveren;ii 
as bis *' Right trusty and well-beloved cousins." A Viscount s robes 
differ from those of the ranks above him in having two guards oaly 
on eacb shoulder, and those of pUiin white fur, without gold bee. , 
His cap is the same ; but his coronet is distinguished fruiu all otfaw 
by having fourteen pearls resting close to each other on the npfV «, 
edge of the golden circlet. 




204. The Right Honouraljle and Right Reverend Father in Crtd,.; 

Charles-James, Loku Bisuop of London, conserratediti l8*Ji ; 

205. The Rt. Rev. Father in God, William, Loan Bihhop up DcRHUti-j 

cons, in 1819. -^ 

206. The Rt- Rev. Father in God, Charles- Richard, Lord Bisuoror ' 

Winchester, cons, in 1826. 

207. The Rt. Rev. Father in Gt»d, FolUott-Herbcrt, Loud Bi»ii«f s 

OF M'OKCESTEK, COM* in 1797. ,^ 

208. Tlie Rt. Rev. Father in God, Henry- William, Lobd Bisnopvtf^ 

Bancor, cons, in 1800. . 

209. The Rt. Rev, Father in God. George-Isaac, Lord Bisnup oIt^ 

Hereford, cong, in 1802. 

210. The Rt. Rev. Father in God, Thomas, Lord Bisoop or Sau^ ^ 

I CRY, COM. in 1803. 

211. The Rt. Rev. Father in God, HeDr)% Lord Bishop or Nobwii 

cons, in 1805. 
Tlie Rt. Rev. Father in God, Bowycr-Ekiward, Lord Bim 
Ely, cons, in 1809* 

213. The Rt, Rev. Father in God, Georgo-Henry, Louu Bikb 

Bath and Wrlls, cons, in 1812. 

214. The Rt. Rev. Father in God, George, Lord Bisnop or 

CHESTER, COM. iu 1813. 

215. The Hon. and Rt. Rev. Father in God, Henr)', Lord Bti 

OF LicnpiKLD ASH Coventry, co«j. in 1815. 
The Rt. Rev. Father iu God, Herbert, Lord BihboP or Pi 

noROL'ca, coru. in 1816. 
The Rt. Rev. Father in God, John, Lord Bishop or Li 
ro^9s. hi 1820, 
Tiiv Kt. Hew Father in God, \VU\ia.nij Vior.© li\fctti>» o» 




■ 91 TW Rl. RcT. FUhcT m find, liohert-jAmes, Lohu Bisnop of 
Uro»<«4TVii» fojfj. in 1S24. 

S^IWBt. Rer. pAiber in God^ ChrUtopber^ Lobd Bisqop or 
BtfGOA, rooM. in IS21. 

9S. fVftt. R«v. Father in God, Joho-Bauks, LfOKD Bisaor op St. 
n»n»'ii, rons. in 1H25. 

AlWKt KcT. Fatbcr in God, llobert. Lord Bishop or Bristol^ 
I «Kni 1827. 

B TWHoa. uul Rt. R«v. F&Uier In God, Hugh, Lord Bishop or 
CARLiauK. ro«#. in 1(427. Agi^ 18. 

CI tW Rl Rct. Father lu God, EUwani, Lord Bisuup op tiUiN- 
wtr, coAf. ifk 1827. 
UL7W He Rev, Father in God, JoUu-Bini, Lord Biitiiup or 
^mCutarmm, comM. in 1S28L 

^^BW Hoo. rimI RU Rcr. Father In God, Richard, Lord Bishop 
^■•P Oxford, cons, in 1829. A^cd tS. 

^BW Rl Rev. Father in God, John-Henry, Lord Bishop op 
^H GuMTCRATKR, coiu. in 1830. 
^^Rk Rl. Hrv. Father in God, Henry, F^rd Bisnop op Exettr, 

^Hle Rt. Rev. FnUicr in God, Edwsrd, Lord Bishop op Ciri- 
^H racsTRB, nmM. in 1831. 

^■LiL 9. 'Fbe Rt. fUy. Father in God, Thomas, Lord Bisnor 
F «r and Frrxs, cons, in 1820. 
I LMl. 1^. The Rt Rcr. Father in God, John, Lord Bisuup 
[ ur Clotxk^ CORP. in 1826. 

Lft. 9. The Rt. Rev. Father in God, Samuel, Lord Bisuup 
[ OP Cork aivd Rosa, ro«j. m 1830. 

1 1l»««nl Bishop (from the Greek £irj<nis«&;) mekns au inapecUtr, 
* ^nfmii^daU; and waa anciently a^iplicd hy the AtlieniaDs to 
^K ai^tftrntes who had the itis])ec'tioii of the borghers. I'lie 
P^ ad Romans had officers who performed similar duties; but 
pv ad when Bishops began to have the guvemment of church 
Mb a Rt present nnknon-n. 

I -ifiAsp kas power and authority, within his own sec or diocese 
[ftilk In* sacred fuuctious), to inspect the morals of the clergy 
tirfyyfc^ Rjid to reform them by ecclesiastical censure ; for which 
t^f^- be baa coorts under Uim, which are hoUcn by his chaucellor- 
Its^sothe bonncesof the Bishop to ordain, adRiit, and institute 
Rkeinse to gnua licences for ^roaTriagcs, to consecrate 
aad barul-gronnds, and to coafirm, suspend, or excouium- 
J%e Bmhapm 0f Bogiavd luid H'aJes are aiJ Lords of Parlut- 
««5pr /Ar /a&A^ afSodor and Mao, H-fto sccms to be cx» 





eluded the privilege of sitting in parliament from being DOmlDatcd to 
his oUicc by the Duke of Atliol, as lord of the IhIc of Muji. All 
other prelates are notniiiatcd by his Majesty himself, except when he 
pleases to give the cong^ d'Slire to the dean and chapter of a cathe- 
dral or collegiate church to elect a bishop of their own choice. The 
Bishops of Ireland sit in the House of Peers by rotatioDj ranking next 
After the English Bishops*. 

By act of Parliament in the 3Ut year of Henry VHI. it iras 
settled that Bishops should rank immediately after Viscounts, and 
have precedence of all Barons. Among themselves, the Bishops of 
London, Durham, and Winchester, take the precedence of aU otbon 
— the rest taking place according to their priority of cunsecratioB. 
That London should have the precedence of all othtr Bishops is not 
to be (vondercd at, seeing that he is not only by his office, the Pro- 
vincial Dean of Cantcrbur)-, but also that his own Diocese contains 
the imperial and capital city of England. 

The Bishop of Winchester's precedence, likewise, is owing to hit 
office under the Archbishop ; being Sub-Dean of the Province of 
Canterbury} and it being his duty, in case the See of London be 
vacai»t, to execute the Archbishop's mandates for Convocation, &c. 

The lx>rd Bishop of Durham, however, enjoys his prc-cuiinencc 
A different accoout. Besides his prelatical jurisdiction, he is 
Count Palatine of Durham ; his predecessors were Priuce-btsh 
and he himself performs many of the lay functions of the Earls or 
Princes of former times. By way of high distinction, he is stilt 
entitled PR^btL Di/nelmensis, whilst all the other English prchitea 
(except the Archbishops) are merely Ep'iscojti \. 

* The cycle bj whkb the Iri&h prelates ur guided is for twelve oonaecutive m^ 
tinnft^ and it to amngcd, that eaoi AnJibithop Bits oacc in every Jbur^ and cmIi 
Bishop once in erery fir sessions ; thus, — 

1832 . Tuan^ Ferns, Cloync, Cork. 

1833 . . . Amia^h, Kilkloc, KUraorev Clogher. 

1834 . Dublin, OwoTj, KillaU, ClonrerL 
IKta . . Cube], Mcatb, Kildare, Dcrry. 
IH30 , , Tiuun, Raphoct I^iinvnck, l)roinare, 
IU37 ' Annjt^li, Elphin, Dawn, Waleriofd. 
I«3tt . . . Dublin, Fcm-s Cloync, Cork. 
XVOifJ C:a»bc], Killaloc, Kilmoir, niislier. 
I84U Tuaro, OMory, KillaU, Clnnfert. 
1R4I . . Armagh, Mi-Ath, KiUlares l>rTry. 
18-13 . Dublin, Rapboe, Limerick, Dramare. 
i/U.7 . Cashel, Elphin, Down, WaterfonL 

/ it h caruMtM to rtmnrk tlie very many chains of conncxwm ^\\\tV *a\\ iK^mA 
hetrom ttur difinitJen aiuI ritra oTChrisuiintlT and Uiok oli aiw.\TO\ Y»^?x«a»\. Ki ^ 
A« /iofifia« thv Papc is liw wcoMOt of the l»onutcx ^\ax\mtts ot tasiwa <A \W 

2 <a^J 



is not as ecdatiasdcs merely that the Bishops sit in the 
foaae of Pecre : the)- are also Barona. Before the Cuntiucst, tl 
.ftod Abbots held tlieir lands uitbont Einy obligation of 

:e» bat merely or purposes of religion and bospitalityt 
Ihc Conqueror and his successors altered this state of thingtj 
|dpst them andcr the same obligations of military senice as \af*i 
M. By the ConstitntioDS of Clarendon* (that is^ in the lOth yeaV^ 
f Heiirr 11. )> it was expressly declared that the ArchbishopSj 
tifbops, &od Abt)ots should bold their landfl as baronies -, that is^ 
bit they sUonld be tenants in capite to the King y and as such thaftj 
hey vhonid have the pri\-ilcge of sitting in the King's Court, or Great 
^PBBcil of the nation. Tliey were, however, exempted from doin|^] 
Bttge for their baronies, and were bound only to take the oatl 
^Ralty to the King. The prelates hare always since attended in 
%ar places, and voted upon every subject tliat has been brought 
bdiore the Lords, e^ccept in trials for high treason, and other cases 
,a criininal nature. On such uccu^ions they never attend^ nor 
nicb judicial assumption being considered inconsistent with 
spirit of the Gospel which they profess to tench. The fii 
ICC which we have on record of this kind occurred in 1338 
rhidi occasion, divers Lords and others being accused of treasoi 
other misdemeanours, the prelates absented themselves during 
trial, having first made a protestation, Ba\iug their right to be 
in Parliament. 

Revomd Father in God, ihe I^onl Bbhop of Durhmn, successor to the 
r hif^priest of the temple of Mais, whouc business ic was to precrde and 
Ul d» chorus of the Salii or dnnring priww in their pnxx'srionB through the 
dming public festivals ; pjirticuliirly >t the Hilariii, or Fetla Matri* Drum, 
wa» kept whh great ponip and ceremony on the 8th of the calends of May, 
of ihe vernal equinox, when the day fir»t begins lo grow longer than 
— an«weriftg to our a5lh of 3Iarch {Lofiti'dot/J, or the annunciaUon of 
Virgin Mary. This Mo^a ^Mater, or Magna Dca, was Cybclc, who 
rn sod wonhtp]>cd a^ <*ps, Khca, nnd Vcnta. She was the daughter 
Terra, tlie wife of Saturn, and mother of Jupiter. Her pricits were 
, of whom the .SulLi were the prinripol sect or class ; and she wa» 
the lound of drum, tabor, pipe, and cymboL At the above fc»tivn1, 
armed with a buckler or shield, went before, dancing to the sound of 
iments and of his own voice ; throwing himself into the most graceful 
and with peculiar agilitj curvetting and turning ruund upon his toe, per- 
«rhai io modern pariance is termed the pirouette. (SaliUj ancytia per ur- 
n tripudiu rtVcHm/tmitf^j, prtrirety d churcam ducrrtt.) 
Tht ConitUtrtiont Q/CJimrvMm werv certmin iffdmstiom or decrees made m 
ioM^HMcouoci/A^Msf aoTL-ndoa; in whidi the King restrained the powei 




For the management of the affairs of the church, the clerical body 
had a parliament or representative assembly of their own, uhich wm 
deemed competent to govern and make laws for all the clcr^fy in the 
kiugdonij both secular and regular*. This miniature parliament wu 
styled the Convocation ; being convened by the King's writ to the 
Archbishop of each pronticc, requiring him to summon all his suflfragnB 
and other bishops, deaconSj archdeacons, &c. In this assembly, the 
Archbishop of Canterbury presided with regal state. 'Ilie upper 
house of Bislirtpa resembled the House of Lords j whilst the lower 
one was composed of the delegates from the inferior clerg)*, and rt- 
sembled the House of Commons, with its knights of the shire and 
burgesses. A Convocation was convened, prorogued, and dissolved 
by the King j and the members of both houses had the same 
privile^s for themselves and servants as members of ]tarliamrnt 
have during the time of their session. But its mimic assemblies arc 
now Old)' jfro forma y the afTairs of the church being generally roauaged 
by the Imperial Parliament f. 

Tlie parhamentary costume of the Archbishops and Bishops is the 
rochet, or surplice, with lawn sleeves, and a square black cap. At 
coronations, the Archbishop of Ciuiterbury wears, in addition, A 
superb cope, which reaches from his shoulders down to his fec^ 
The mitre, crosier, &c. have been laid aside since the Reformation, 
and are now merely painted on their coats of arms. 

* These rcguUUoiiA, otliervUe ntylcd the Canon />iir, form a botly of Romas 
codeshudctl Uw, rehttive to all aiattcrs orcr which that church aAtsumed jurisdictioat 
being ootnpfled from the opinintw of the fathers the decrees of ^cncntl counciU, aA4 
the decretal episUia and bulls of the several Popes. At the great change which took 
place in the church cstablishiDent during the reigiu of Henry Vlll. «nd FIliralnA 
it was cDftclcd by the Parliament, that a mirw of the canon Uw ihould ftirUiwilh 
be made; ntid uutil tlie ftiinic wu completed, the caxwn law, u it ilood— 4)<M bdng 
repugnant to the law of the land, nor to the royal prcri>gativnt — should oottiinur li 
force. Thi« review, however, baa never yet been made; convequently oo lhc« 
atatutea of IJcnry and Klizabeth depends the authority of ttie canon Uw in KnglanA. 
These canons bind both clergy and laity. Not so thoM enacted by the rlern 
theinsclvca in convocation, in the year 1603. Tlie Utter were confirmed by & 
King only (James 1.) and not by the parliament; coosequcndy the clergy, only, m 
bound by thetu. 

t The affairs of the Church qfSrothnd, however, are still inspected and«riw 
trolled by its own GtMral AiamiUy only ; consisting of clerical and Uy dd^ 
gates from each presbytery or district of parishes, (n this assembly a lord ooBb 
tnisaioner fnmi the King pri'sidcs as his represcDlalivc, and aU acts pai»ed by It 
mtK binding on the Clergy and peopU of ScotUod. 




i\. His Lordslup, tbc Right Honourable Henry- William, BaROTV 
DS Rues, ere. Oct. 2, 1264. Henrico Tertio Ucgnnnte. 


Ha Ijordaliipf tbe Rt. Hon. Edwanl-Soiithwell^ BaRun uk 
Clifford, ere, Dec. 29, 1269. Eod. Reg. Aged 04. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon, Georgo-John^ Baron An>LRT, 
ere. Jan. 2t>, I29(>. Fdttardo Prima reg. Aged 48, 

234. His Lordjiliip, the Rt. Hon. Rolwrt-Cotton-St.-Johii, Baron 
Clinton, ere, Feb. 6, 12*>8. Eod. Reg, Aged 44. 

23o. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thomas^ Baron BacrBj 
me. Not. 15, 1307. Edwardo Secundo reg. Aged 57. 

8311 His Lordsliip. the Rt. Hon. Petpr-Robcrt, Baron Wil- 
LorcHBV PE Eresby avi> OwvnyH, ere. June 27. 1314. 
Eod. Reg. and June 16, 1796- Oeorgio Tertio reg. Aged 40. 

237. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. William, Bakun Stourton^ 
ere. May 13, 1448. Henrico Sexto reg. Aged 55. 

838. His Lordship, tlie Rt. Hon Henrv-Verncy, Baron Wil- 

LOUQHBY DE Bboke^ cre. Aug. l2, 1492* Henrico Septimo 
reg. Aged 58. 

839. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Kenneth-Alexander, Baron 
Howard op Eppinoham, cre. May 15, 1553, Edwardo 
Scj'to reg. Aged 53. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. St.-Andrew, Baron Saint-John 
OF Bletsob. cre. Jan. 13, 1558. Eiizabctha reg. Aged 19, 

His Lordship, theRt. Hon. Charles- Augustus, Baron Howard 
UK Walden, ire. ^lay 14, 1597- Eod. Reg. Aged 32. 

HU Lordship* the Rt. Hon. Willium-Francis-Henry, Baron 
Petre, cre. July 2J, 1603. Jacofjo Primo reg. Aged 38. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Gregorv-William, Baron Save 
AND Sele, cre. Aug. 9, 1603. Eok. Reg. Aged 62. 

311. Hi« Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James- Evcrard, Baron Ardndkl 
OF Wabooub, cre. May 4, 1605, Eod. Reg. Aged 44. 

SIS, Hia Lordship, tlie Rt. Hon. Edward, Bakon Clifton, 
cre. July 9, 16D8. Eod. Reg. Aged 36. 

811 His Lordship, theRt. Hon. Joscph-Thaddeus, Baron Dormer, 
cre. June 30, 1615. Eod. Re^. Aged • 

247. Mis htfrdsA/p, tlic lit. Hon. Hci2rv- Francis, Baros TEYNn\M. 
*v« Ja/r A I&10\ £ac/. Jleg. ^^ ^ 








248. His Lonkhip, the Rt. Hod. Oeorf^Williom, Baboh 

FoRV, ere. Sept. 12, 1640. Carolo Primo reg. Aj 

249. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Georgc-Ansoa, Baron | 

ere. Oct. 24, 1643. Eod, Reg, A^ 

250. HiaLordjihip, the Rt. Hon. Flush -Charles, Babon ClI 

OP Chudleioh, ere. April 22, 1672. Carolo SecvnSt, 

251. His Lordship^ the Rt. Hon. George-Granville, Babon Q 

ere. May 16, 1703. Anna reg. A\ 

252. £. H-i). His LortUhip, the Rt. Hon. James*Ochonau-»i 

Forbes, ere. Anno 1440. Jacoito Secttndo Scoiia re^ 

253. Sk. H. 9. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Alexander-^ 

Babon SALTOim and Abbrnbthy, ere, Jon. 23L 
Eod. Reg. a] 

254. i&. ift. V. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Francis. Baron 

ere. Aimo 1445. £oa. Reg. Aj 

255. JD. i&. ^. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles. BaboI 

CLAiR,ere Jan.26,l4S9. JacoboQutirtoScotitP reg. Aj 

256. ^. iSi. $. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, BaronCoi, 

ere. April 25, 1609, Jacobo Sexto Scotiec reg. A^ 

257. S*- JR- i?- His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. William -John, | 

Napier, ere. May 4, 1627- Carolo Primo reg, Ai 

258. ^.^,1^. Hi^Lordship, the Right Hon. Robcrt-Mon^ 

Baron Bkluavbn and Stbnton*, ere, Dec. XS^ 
Ewl, Reg. A| 

259. His Lwdship, the Rt. Hon. Edmund, Babon ] 

ere. Sept. 10, I7II- Anna regnanlc, ^ 

260. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thomas- Robert, Babo« 

crc. Dec. 31, 1711. Eod. Reg, A| 

261. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Babon Middi 

ere. Jan. 1, 1712. Eutl. Reg. A) 

262. His Lordsliip, the Rt. Hon. Peter, Babon i 

ere. May 29, 1725. Georgia Primo reg, Al 

263. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John«Gcorge, Baron Af 

ere. May 28, 1728. Georgia Secundo reg. Aj 

264. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Babon Mon* 

ere. :May i>, 1741. Eod. Reg, A| 

265. His T,.ordship, the Rt. Hon. Frederick, Baron PonoO 

SraoNBY, ere. June 12, 1749. Eod. Reg, A 

*C£tMtcd Uamom Hamilton of On Umio&^weMi^^^lYl 


Bci Lmitkap, 0»o lU. Hon. Lewis-Ricbard* Baron Sondbs, 
<m Maj '2-1, 1 7(yO. Eod, Rtg. Ag*d 3S. 

IfiiUvd»kq>. the Rt. HoD.Tkoinas-PhUipjBAAON Grantoam,.! 
I at. April 7, 1 7 fi I . Geor^o Tertio re^^ Agetl -ly. 

UnWiip, tiie Kt linn. N&tbauid, Baron ScAftatiALC,, 
Apnl y, 1 761 . £oit J?«y. Afetd 79. 

lip, the Rt. Hod. George^ Babo.v Bostov, 
April lO, 1761. Et^d. Reg. Aged j 2. 

», Uir Rt. Hod. Henry-Ricliard^ Barux Hollajto 
tLi^xD AXD FoxLETyCrf. Maj 6, 1762. J?o^. i2<^. 

Aged 56. 
Lip, the Rt. Hod. John, Baron Lotbi. axd Hol- 
ID or Enmohe, crv. May 7, I 702- Eod. Reg. .Aged 63. 
sLJp, the Rt. Hou- George-Charles, Baron Verxox, 
Msy 12, 1762. Eod, Rrg. Aged .M). 

Lordf^hip, the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Baron Dccik, 
April 27, I7r>:i. ^W, Apy. Age<l 54. 

ihip, the Rt. Hon. Ceorgc-\Villiani,BAROK StsoBiooK 
HAMtLTON, crt, Dec. 22, 17C6. Eod. Reg, Agtd 62. 
tiirdshtp, the Rt. Hod. Ed«Tird-Williani, Baron Hawkk, 
May 20, 1776. Eod, Reg, Aged 30. 

liortl$^hip» the Rt. Hod. Thomas, Folky, 
Ma) ?U, 1776. Eott. Reg, Aged 49. 

l«hip, the Rl. Hon. (leorgc-Talbot, Baron Dvxkvor, 
Oct- 17, 1780. Eod. Reg, Agtd 64. 

>Lor«Uliip, the Rt. Hou. Gccrge» Baron WALsisr.RAM, 
Oct. 17, I71S0. Eod, Reg. Aged 53. 

Lar^hip, the Rt. Hon. William, Baaox Baoot, 
On. 17, 1 780. Eod. Reg, Aged 56. 

■■•, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Baro?! SotTOAJiPToy, 
:, 1780. Eod, Reg. Aged 25. 

Uardihip. the Rt- Hon. Fletcher, Baron Grantlev, 
April 9, 17^2. Eod. Reg, Aged 33- 

Loniship, the Rt Hou. George, Baron Rooxkv, 
June 19, 17ti2. Eod. R^g. Aged 47. 

LanUlup, the Rt Hon. George, Baron Cartkret, 
Jan. 29. I7b4. Eod. Reg. Aged 00. 

Lfinbliip, the Rt Hun. Thomas Noel, Baron Bkbwick, 
May 19, 1784. Eod. Reg, Aged 59. 

■ ■i[>, the Rt. Hon, Johu, Baron Siierdobsr, 
- ►, 1784. Eod, Ketj. Aged 5UJ 

boni^hip. the Rt How. llcDrr-Jamt^j Bamos Afti.\T>r.o, 
H^ }Ti>&' j**wi ^^' Aged 51* 


icon', Bakon 

Henry, Baro\ 
Edwnrd, Dabo.v 


Aged 19. 


Aged 58* 


Aged 48. 

Guy, Baron Dorchkstm, 

AgiHl 18. 

George, Baron KExvoif» 

Aged 53. 

287. HiB Ixirdehip, the Rt. Hon. 

ere. Aug. 8, l/Sfi, Rod. Reg. 

288. His Lordship, ttic Rt. Hon. 

CTP. Aug. 8, J 7H^. E**d, Reg, 

289. His Lordstiip, the Rt. Hon. 

ere. Aug. 8, 1/86. Eod. Reg. 

290. His lordship, the Rt. Hon. 

ere. Aug. 8, 1786. Kod. Reg. 

291. His Lordsliip. the Rt. Hon. 

ere. June 9, 1788- Eod. Reg. 

292. His Lordship, the Rt. H<»n. Richard, Baron Brayuroou, 

ere. Sfpt. 5, 1 788. Eod. Reg. Aged 46. 

293. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George-Augustus, Baron FisatK- 

WICK, ere. July 3, 1790. Eod. Rt-g. Aged 60. 

204. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Archibald, Baron Dougios, 

ere. July S, 1790. Eod. Reg. Aged 57. 

295. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Heory-HaU, Barok Gacs, 

ere, Nov. 1. 1790. Eod, Reg. Aged3& 

296. His I^r<i.ship, the Rt. Hon. Williani-Wyndham, Barax 

Gbenville, ere. Nov. 2;"), 1790. Eod. Reg. Aged 70. 

297. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Edward-'l'homas, BABoxTnuRLOWf 

ere. June 12, 1792. Eod. Reg. Aged 15. 

298. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Baron Auckland, 

CTf. May 22, 1793. Eod. Reg. Agtd 45. 

299. His Lordship, tlic Rt. Hon. William-Henry, Barom I^tttlktox, 

ere. Aug. 13, 1794. Eod. Reg. Aged 48. 

300. His Lordshij), the Rt. Hon. Hcury-Welbore, Baron iMknoif, 

ere. Aog. 13, 1794. Eod. Reg. Aged <i9- 

301. His lordship, the Rt. Hon. Hcnr)'-John, Baron Sei.scy, 
^ ere. Aug.* 13, 1794. Eod. Reg. Aged 42. 

S02. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Laurence, Baron Dundas, 
ere. Aug. 13, 1794. Eod. Reg. Aged M* 

303. His Lordship, the Right Hon. Charles, Baron VARBOKoroi, 

ere. Aug. 13, 1791. Eod. Reg. Aged 4& 

304. His Lordship, the Rt- Hon. Francis, B.tRON Stuart or Castlb 

Stewart, ere. Juno 4, 1796. Eod. Reg. Aged 59. 

305. His Ix>rd$hip, the Rt. Hou. Baron Stewart op Garlibs. 

ere. June 6, 179fi. Eod. Reg. Aged 68- 

306. His Ijordship, the Rt. Hon. James- George, Baron Sai.trr»- 

roan, ere. June 7, 1796. Eod. Reg. Aged 64. 

^/>7- His ivordfthip, the Rt. Hon. John- Chris topbcr. Baron Dawxat, 

ere. June 9, 1 796. Eod. Reg- K^ ^ 



Lordship, the Rt. Hod. George, Barom Brodrick, 

ere, June I I, 1796. PZod. Reg, Aped 75. 

309. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Baron Caltuorph, 

CTT. June 15, 1796. Eod, Reg. Agwl 42. 

ilO. Hifl Lordship, the Rt. Hod. Franci.Sj Baron* dr Duvbtanvillb 

AXD Basset, crc. Jnuc 17, 1796. Eod. Reg, Aged I'Z, 

111. His Lord&hip, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron* Rollb, 

err, Jane 20, 1796. Eod, Reg. Aged 73. 

HU Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Richard, Baron* U%:li.f..slvv, 

ere, Oct. JO, 1797. Eod, Reg. Agetl 70. 

313. Hia Lordship, the Rt. Hot;. Robert, Baron Carrinctok, 

trt. Oct. 20, 1797. Eod. Reg. Aged 73. 

His Lordfthip, the Rt. Hon. and Reverend Henr)-\MUiaiu, 

Baron Bavning, ere. Oct. 20, 1797. Eod. Reg, Aged 32. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. "WiUiani, Baron* Boltow, 

ere. Oct. 20, 1797. Eod. Reg. Aged 47. 

Hia Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron Wooeholsb, 

ere, Oct 26, 1797. Eod. Reg. Aged 89, 

HiA Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron Nortuxvick, 

ere, Oct. 26, 1797. Eod. Reg. Aged 60. 

318. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon.lltoinas-Athcrton, Baron fjiLroRD-, 

ere. Oct. 26, 1797- Eod. Reg, Aged 28. 

319i His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thomas^ Baron Ribhlevdalb, 

ere, Oct. 26, 1797. Eod, Reg. Aged 40. 

320. Hia Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron FiTZGiBnoir. 

ere. Sept. 2-1, I 799. Eod. Reg. Aged 37. 

f. £1. 3fi. His Lordship, the Ht. Hon. John, Baron Carberry^ 

ere. May 9, 171 J' Georgia Prima regnnnte. Aged 64. 

f. K. 8* His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron Farnham, 

ere, May 6, I7ri6. Georgia Secundo reg, Agrd 63. 

f. fi. 39- His lordship, the Kt. Hon. James-Stevenson, Baron 

DcFFERix ANO Clankhoye, cre. July ,'iO, 1 800. Georgio Teriio 

reg. Aged 74. 

314. f. K. 5- His I»rd»hip, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Baron DrNALLv, 

; ere, July 31. 1800. Eod. Reg. Aged 55. 

^m 3£. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Baron Muore, 

■ ere. Jan. 17, 1801. Eod. Reg. Aged 59. 
^P S36, His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron Loftls, 

■ cre, Jan. 19, 1801. £od. Reg. Aged 60. 
^K^. His Ijordship, the Rt. Hon. Johu^ Babon Car\SPORT, 
J^ cre. Jan. 21, )tti>}. So^. ^cy. Aged 55. 
[ X^. Hi» Lordship, tite Rt. Hon. H'iUiatn, Bahok AlvaNI-RY, 


rrr. Stay ^-J, /SO J. £W. iRy. 

Aged A\ 



329. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Barom Abekcromrir, 

ere. May '2S, 1801. Eod. Reg, Aged .iO. 

330. His lyvrdiihip, the Rt. Hon. Allcync, BAsoy St. Hrlrn's. 

ere. July m, 1801. Eod, Reg, Aged ;7. 

33]* His Loiflship, the Rt. Hon. John-Thomas, Baron Rehrsdalk. 

ere. F*^^h. 15, J 802. Rod, Reg, Agtd 25. 

332. His I»rds])ipr the Rt. Hon. William- Horace, Bako\ 

ere. April 1, Iy02. Eod. Reg, Aged 52. 

333. His Ijordship, the Rt. Hon. Edward, Bahon EL^eNnoRoucn, 

ere. Ajiril 11, 1802. Eod, Reg, Aged 40. 

334. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles- George, Baru.v Akokn, 

er^. July 2H, 1802. Eod. Reg. Aged 7X 

335. HisLoniship, the Rt llon-Gcorgc-Au^stus-Frederick-Chftrks, 

Baron SncFFiuLU, ere. July 29, 1802. Eod. Reg. Aged 2tt- 

336. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charlc^s-Noc], Babon Barbam, 

ere. April 27, 1805- Eod. Reg. Agtnl -18. 

337. His I.^rdship, the Rt. Hon. David-Moiitagii, Baron Erskiwb, 

ere. Feb. 10, 180f). Eod. Reg, Aged 54. 

338. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Howe-Peter, Baron Montkagi.i(, 

tre. Feb. 20, 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged 42. 

339. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Archibald, Baron Ardhossaw, 

ere. Feb. 21, 180(i. Eod, Reg. Aged 17. 

340. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James, Barom Laltdkrpai.r, 

ere. Feb. 22, 180G. Eod. Reg, Aged 71. 

34 1 . His l^ordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Bason Ghakapo, 

ere. Feb. 24, 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged 70. 

342. His l/jrdship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron CrVwi, 

ere. Feb. 25, 1806. Eod. Reg. Ag^-d 52. 

343. His Lordship, the Rt, Hon. John, Baron Ponroniiy of Iho- 

tf Kii-LY, ere. Mar. 13, IHOti- Eod. Reg. Aged 60. 

44. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Archibald, Baron Ail&a, 
ere. Nov. 4. 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged . 

345. His I>^rdship, the Rt. Hon. John, Baron Brf-adaliiank, 

ere. Nov. 4, 1806. Eod. Reg. Aged 68. 

346. His lordship, the Rt. Hon. A!an-I>egge, Baron CIardnkm, 

ere. Nor. 15, 1806. Eod. Reg, Aged 20. 

^47* His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thotuas, Baron Manners, 

ere. April 14, 1807- Eod. Reg. Agcil 74. 

348. His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James. Babon OAMnir.R, 

ere. Nov. 3, 1807. Eod, Reg. Aged 79^ 

^V.^. W/i Ixyrrhhip, the Rt. Hon. John, Babon Hopbtoijn and 
\iPOMY, ere. Jan. 28, 180»J. Kod. Reg. K^^IA. 


p, the Rt. Hon. Tfaotaos, BARoaf Lthbtwcb, 
rre. Miy 3^ 1814. AdmimUiratiom Rf^m Geor^ii PrUtipU 
H'silim. Aged m, 

rib Lovdskip, the Rt. Hon. Rowtanil. Damon Hill, 

nr. Mav 3. 1814. Kadrm AdminUtraiiotie, Aged 

. Ki Ltfnbliip, the Rt. Hon. (George, Babox Dalhockik, 

cn^Juh \t<. \^\S, EoiL Jtim, Aged 59. 

Lvdabipr the Rl- Hon. George, BAftosr McLDACsr, 

Jul) 18. I8U. Eud. Adm, Aged 69. 

£s Lunbhip. the Kt. Hon. George, Baro.v Rom, 

Jo); 18. 18U. £a</. Adm. Aged 64. 

b Lordship, the Rt. Hon. William, fiABoif Mklboubne, 

CM. JnW 18. 1815. A^ai^. Adm. Aged 51. 

Il LoKkhip, the Rt. Hon. Frands-Almeric, BamK 

CMmOilLL, ere. July 18, 181 j. End, Adm. Aged M 

Ki Lordship, tht! Kt. Hon. MiUiam^ Babout Harris, 

<».Jal; Ic*, 1815. Ettd. Adm, Aged 48. 

ft Lnrddup. the Rt. Hon. AJgcmon, Bahom Pkiuhoe, 

o«^ August 14, 1816. Bad. Adsn. Aged 37. 

b Lird»hip, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Barox- CoLcnEBTCB, 

av. liny 13, 1817. End. Adm, Aged 32. 

Vi Umhchip. the Kt. Hon. John- WiUium- Robert, Babox Kkr, 

at. Jolv 9, 18'il. Georgio Quarto regntmte. Aged 36. 

& Lordfthip, the Rt. Hoti. James, Babom Obmundr, 

^■l^ Joty 9, 1 82 1 . Eod. Rr*;, Aged 55. 

Rw Lordship, the Rt . Hon. Francis, Babox W e m yas, 

cw. Jely 9, 18'il. ^o</. Rrg, Aged 58. 

Hit UirdAhip, the Rt. Hon. Robert, Babon Claxbbassii., 

crcjuly 9, \HIl . Eod. Rey. Aged 51. 

• ffii Lord^htp. the Rt. Hon. Jaiiics, Babox Glbvlyoh, 
0T. J«ly 9, 1821. Eod. Rt^, Aged 48. 

• ffis l^MtUhip, the Rt. Hon. WiUiam, Babon Mabtboboi-ch, 
irr. JoJy 9, 1821. Eod, Rrff. Aged 67. 

Ss I>»rdAhip, the Rt. Hon. Thomas-Henry, Babon Oriel, 

or. Joly 9, 1821. Eod, Rey. Aged . 

Hit l^rniship, the Rt. Hon. William, Babosi Btowbll, 

rrt. J«Jy 9, 1821. Eod. Reg. Aged 84, 

H» Ixtctiahip, the Rt. Hon. Tlioina*- Henry, Babos Ravens- 

woBTtr, ere. Joly 9, lfS2l. Eod. Reg, Aged 55. 

, Ui» Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Baron Dblamere. 

ert, Joly 9, I82U E<kU Reg. Aged 63. 

Hii LortUiup, the Rt. }Joef- Jokn-Georgc, Barov Forebteh, 

trt. J^9, J^^^' ^^- -^y- Aged 44. 




His Lordsbip, the Rt. Hon. Nicholas, Baron Bkxlrt, 

ere. Feb. 15, 1823. Eod. Reg. Aged 64. 

His Lordship, the Kt. Hon. Kohcrt-Francis, Baron GiFroM, 

ere. Jan. 28, 1824. Eod. Reg. Aged II 

His lordship, the Ht. Hon. Percy-Clinton-Sydnev, Baror 

Pensul'rst, CTP. Oct. 28^ 1824. Eod. Reg, 'Aged 49. 

His lordship, the Rt. Hon. UHck-John, Baron SoMERniLt, 

ere. June 13, 182ti. Eod, Reg. Aged 27. 

His lordship, the Rt. Hon. James, Bahon Wigax, 

rrp. Jnne 13, 182C. Eod, Reg. Aged 47. 

Hifl Lordship, the Rt, Hon. Thomas, Baron* Raxfcri.y, 

ere. June 13, 1820. Eod, Reg. Agt-d Ta* 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Chnrles, Baroh Farnrokoccu, 

ere. June 13. 1826. Eod. Reg. Agt'd 70. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. George, Baron dr Tavlrt, } 

ere. Jime 13, 1820*. Eod. Reg. Aged t& )| 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James-Archibald, Baron \Vn.\iiv- 

CLiFFK, ere. June 13, 1826. Eod, Reg. Agrd 53. 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Baron Fkvershaii« 

ere. June 13, Is26. Eod. Reg. Aged 05* 

His L<»rdship, the Rt. Hon. Charles-Rose, Barov SSraforp, 

ere. June \3, 1826. Eod. Reg. AgrtI 58- 

Hi9Lordship,the Rt. Hon. John-Sinpleton, Baron Lyndiivrst*, 

ere. AprU 23, 1827- Eod. Reg. Aged 58. J 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. James, Baron Fif~ 

ere. April 25, 1827- Eod. Reg. Aged 

His I.«rdship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Baron Tcntkrd 

ere. April 25, 1 827- Eod. Reg. Aged 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon- William-Conyiigham, T^ 

pLtJNKKT, ere. April 25, 1827- Eod. Reg. At 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Baron Mklhoar, 

ere, July 5, 1827- Eod. Reg. Aged 5a 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Henry, Baron Cowlbv, 

ere. Jan. 17, 1828. Eod. Reg. * Aged 57. J 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Charles, Baron Stvart Dm ^ 

RoTUESAr, ere. Jan. 17, 1828. Eod. Reg. Aged SOb | 

His Ijordship, the Rt. Hon. William, Baron Hk^trsbcbt, J 

ere. Jan. 17, 1828. Eod. Reg. Agc4 51, ] 

His Lordship, the Rt. Hon. Richard^ Baron Clanwilliam^ \ 

ere, Jan. 17, 1828. Eod. Reg. Aged 34. " 


• ThtM nabkmnn'i name tod title uc htn \niwt\t4 iccoi*Vn% ^ft >i»\»w^A 
J»aJc; Uiough, ju I^r^ |/igh Chancellor, he U vkw offiaiA Sfrakcr (A ^^Wwu^ 
' congeijuvady nmiu Above ail Pcera below ihc l,onV-A.«X\\j\i\wv ^^*^^'^^^- 



tbe Rt. Hon. John-George, Baron Diiri 

IS29. Sod, Rr^. 


Edward, Bason SKKLUKR^iurji 

Thoinu6, Baron 

3lB.lii Unfebip, the Kt. Hon. 

Of. J». 17. \S2H. Eod, Rrg. Agnl 

)ILtti Urdi»lup, the Kt. Hon. Thomu6, Baron U'ali^oic 

«-JU. 25. 1828. Eftd. Reg. Aged 

ViBiUnisliip.the Rt. Hnti.M"illiain-Dnii)Cr, B.\ron Wvnkfoiid 

^.Jbdc 4, 1829. Eod. Reg, Aged 



Br tatk o( Baron iu this kingdom is cocvid with its couqt 
^^^ko Duke of Nonnandy j wbOj as a re4|aital for the scmccs 
Yn hi* rnlluwers, in enabling him to overcome the reigning 
King, HiLTold, and for assisting hiiu to mount the English 
oat tbe kingdom into Lordships or Baronies, giving 
• c(«utity of land, more or less, according to his deserts f^^ 

d> were held under the Crown by Feudal Tenure, that \», 
,oo the performance of certain services lo the King 
laoeot aiAgiEtnicies and dignities having been swept &i 

« or " 

that ihe title of Baron is likewise npplird to thow officcn or 
■t ciiaq in the Court of Exchequer between t)ie King and 
^jriiStog to the re»«iDc There are also llarDtis of the t'lmjuc Pmts, 
of dw Lover Uou«e of Parliament ; and fom^crlr^ befon: there 
3laf« of LoDdon, tbe Chief Mattistratnt were styled Banmt. In Uw 
' » laned the Baron, and the wi/€ the Frmmc. 

V au estate in land given by the Ix^rd to liia vassals. In Heu 
of aaaxiting the sud Lord in hin wars and in the llotineil ; 

Lhiu in the field wUJi a certain quota of knights and ntcn-au 
CKteot at territory, or by goTcming and dcl'cnding particular 
m of Mcb graMa waa, that Princes might be fumishal wiilt a 
of soldien when occaaioD rvquircd, and that the froniim of 
t^M ■Uh b« defended againn an enemy. At first the feudal estates 
i^mkadj at the will of chc Lord ; but, afterwards, they were made 
r$ md Ihichiea, Caridomat Baronica, &c were granted absolutely to the 
Ab fltdilifln of fealty and homage ; tbe Utter being ubliged to appear 
pD fail Iivd*s atnmioDa, to foUow hia standard, to pnitect his p^sMjn, 
him opoo ttie score of danger; also to pay aids and taxes:— 
of all or any of which tlie estate became forfeited. It was 
MO, that Uu^ Capet, in order to secure to Mmaclf tbe good-will 
«D of Fnmce, made their ofikca furedUaty; whereaa, formerly, from 
mam andtpity, all magisaacics and other honours had been conferred 
ind dcacmng penorn only, and were held menrly during good behaviour. 
".— UUty, in coaaeaoence, bcgui to take their surnames ira^^ their prin* 
IsniU, vhicfa they now hmld by frmtiai Tcnmre, M'illiam the 
amaim iKo Eagfrnod ; and the mode of granting thciu 
team, /a Oerataay, thow that were consiclcrAbic were 



by this new (lood of nobilit)-, tbe Barons were obliged to pcrfonn 
many of their duties in their several distncts ^ consequently 
held courts for the decision of causes and the punishment of ci 
iu which capacity Ihey supplied the places of the Saxon Thi 
They abo formed the Coiuiucror's Council or Parliament ^ for, W'tl 
seeing that there would be no security for him on the throne 
there was something like a restoration of the great Council of1 
nation, as it was under tbe Saxon Kings^ formed a Council of Ui 
own friendii and dependents ^ knowing that no persons wouklH 
Kadily further his designs of completely extinguishing the patriotV 
and love for the rival dynasty, which still glowed in the hearts of the 
people, us bis feudal tenants. 

William's Parliament then consisted of about seven hundred pei 
iJI tenants in chief of the Crown, as we tind recorded in Doomi 
Book*. In process of time, however, so many of thcac were 
to have alienated their grants wholly or in part, and to have 
BO impo\-eriUied, as to be unable to furnish the King with aids 
services as before j consequently the privilege of sitting by rij 
the King's Council begait gradually to decay, and they were 
degraded into an inferior rank, being staled Barones Minores ; 
only who retained their territories uns]>oiled, viz. the Baronea 
' Jores, being now in tbe habit of astsisting in the legislative C-oi 
of tlie nation. 11ms stood the case till tbe reign of Henry 11 1.^ 
the system of plurality of Baronies prevailetl to so great a d( 
and the Barones Majores were so few in number, tliat out of' 
liondred and iifty Baronies, there was hardly one half which 
lly possessed by the original tenants of the Cron'n. I'be 
|neucc was, that many disputes arising as to the right of the 
proprietors to sit in Parliament on account of having the tenMrt' 
alienated Baronies, (and particularly in those cases where the Plui 
Barons, by bestowing them on their sons, contrived by such 
to strengthen their Parliamentary and other interests), it was at! 

* lo the thne of Henry II. there irere In £nglan<l no Urn Uun 1115 
bdooginit to the FfudAl lUrons, gtvtU anil «ituI1. and each Cutte had a Mi 
atuebcd to iL During the Civil H'urs, liowtvcr, many of thete vac deuiulisbedj 
■id it waa the policv of IIcdtt VII., during the whole of hU long reign, to rcndn 
the tfiwD* lar^ and pnpuloua, and to weaken the baroniid inleroAt throughoai dM 
kingdom, by fvirr innna in his power, as hi* ton did that of the Clergy. Tti 
€iou9cgueoce k, thst ruins^ only, exiat no* to indVcaic ^ %vxQai^|niiMaQC 4iit 



DOT Other Tenant shonld in futnrc come to the 
GhbcO who WBS not ttmimonf^ thereto by tbe King's writ. 
ftfnrt frvolntlon vms effected in the constitution of Parlia- 
j k,t proprietorship of Ijmd, thougli still depending on ft^nJty, 
ft,md*cnicc in the Sovereign, no longer entitled the Ix>rd to 
I fuS at kss CounioU. On the other hand tbe King's imV 
W«f CDUfve addrcMed pnnripally to the Barones Majores) 
ottitM tbe person snmmoued to tbe rank of nobility, and 
those already ennobled^ bat also conveyed with it an 
r«ht. for ever, to sit in the Honse of Peers. The only 
I by Tenure, therefore, which remained, were the Lords Sp- 
vfav, by hsring Baronies annexed to their Bishoprics, are thus 
ti> at in the Upper House, as Lords of Parliament. AVith 
ftA maf he Bentkmed the Feudal Tenure of the Castle of Arundel, 
^U «s fpecially coohrmed by Act of Parliament, in the reign 
^Qski I., in the right of conferring on its proprietor the dignity 
^pBiiqpci of an Earl. 

Ibm by writ* are also styled Barons by prescription j because 
few their ancestors Ixave continued Barons beyond the mcmory 
• . aad they generally liare thdr surnames udded to the title of 
ons and one sitting are sofTicient to establish such 
,; iMi to render it hcnYable either by heirs male or female. In 
■here there b only one female and no male heir, the former 
^iHK Mcceeds; but where there are two or more females, or 
hvHHi, Dcilher can succeed during the lifetime of the other ; 
flbBanmy is then said to fall into aheifnnce ; or to be, for such 
^ ■ a donnant state. This abeyance, in some cases, continues 
W^dariag the lives of all the eo- heiresses, but obo during those 
pugmy male and female, perhaps for several generations -, 
v^nbl the posterity of all bat one becomes extinct; in which 
^^ ddest male, or an only female, succeeds by prescription, as 
*^BKBtatire of the hrst Baron ; but if there be vutre than one 
^^Ae Barony again falls into, or continues in, abeyance, as 
■^ The Sovereign, however, has the prerogative of terminating 
•fcyfeworc an abeyance, in favour of any of the co-heirs, or co- 
^^m; but he cajmot alieuate tbe Barony to any other i)erson, to 
%pi^afite; it being imperative that the dignity should be conferred 

*•! «m i» a writing on purchmeDi; a^tted by tbe Kiitg^ clixtd with yellow wax 
at the finest ^eml ofEiigUud. 



le of them. VVbeu tcriniuatcd in favour of a male, the caston 
miuon Bixch pcnton to take his seat in the Hoobc of Poeffa, 
itle oftbe dormant Barony: to an heiress, however, as the oH 
^ of couhnuing her rights letters -patent * are issued by 
m. The latter is likewise tlie course observed tuuards Pt' 
dy in the Huusc^ but who may happen to become hcin 
nies in abeyance. Since the reigu of Richard II. letters-pftt 
superseded writtf iu the creation of Baronies and other Peenig 
hereby, the succession may be regulated according to the pleu 
e Sovereign, or the unsh of the i>crson upon whom the d'tgnit; 
^iredj so as to mukc it hereditary on heirs male to poqtetu 

indicate by name the elder or younger sous, or brotlkcrt, 
ews, and their heirs, to wltoiu U shall descend ; and iu deb 
iuc in the line so indicated, such peerage becomes extinct. 
us by writ are styled *' by prescription/' and as their sumoi 
iddcd to their titles ; so, those by letters-patent (as weH 
cr dignities) are styled " by creation," and tbcy have the Mj^ 
ieir Baronies (or otherwise) added to their rank of Pe6ll!^»*^ 
nthstauding the long discoatlnuance of writs of summons 
laments in the creation of new Peerages, such arc occasioni i 
•ted to when it is the Sovereign's pleasure to trail up to 1 .' 
se of Peers the cldc&t sons of Dukes, Marquesses, Earls> 

Pluralist Barons :- — such aie always summoned in Baron 
iging to their fathers ; but the peerages are not thereby m> 
:able. It is singular, that, in case a writ should issue to t 
(t son of a Peer, sumiaotiiiig him to appear in Parliumeut, h\ 
my not belonging to his father, though by mistake suppofled ^ 
>, such writ is deemed a ttew creation^ and heritable as a Bar^^ 
rk i for the Sovereign cannot recall his act of grace. ' ^ 

ben addreaeed officially by the Crown, Barons are styled "Ri§^ 
y and well beloved." — Their robes and caps correspond with tho 
iscouuls, iu all respects, except that the former have only U 
ds of white fur and gold lace on each shoulder. 1'heir coronet 
:b were granted to them in their present fashion by King Churl 
Second, Irnve eight pearls set at equal distances on the circl 
iously to his reign the Barons wore only plain circlets of gold** 


Lrtten-pateni art optn letttn or vritingv, stimped will] the Groat Seal, 

ig the gnatM in the eojoymeni of any new or disputed priffli^ 



■Ijvliip, the Rijcht HoDOurable Louisa, Countkss or 
Mnm-LD, cTc. Oct- 31,1 778. Gtorgio Tertio rcy. Aged 72. 
idphip, tbe Rt. Hon. Aoiftbellu, Countehs Dif: (7KEr, 
^qvt, I ly 1816. JdmimisiratioHe Reffni, Georpi Principis 
Sc Agvd 79. 

^dytlup^ the Rt. Hon. Joan. ViscocNTESft C^mnino, 
Im. 17, 18*28. Gcorffio Quarto reg. Aged 

stkfthxp, the Rt. Hon. CImrlottc, Baboness de Ro«, 
Oct. 2, 1264. Henrico Teriio reg. Aged . 

adjvhip. the Rt. Hon. Harricl-Anne, Baroness ZorcHK, 
Jm, 13, 1308. Edwttrdo Secundo reg. Aged JS. 

p, the Rt. Hon Barbara, Baroness Gbky dk 
AKD Hasting*, rr#. May 2, 1322. £odL /?<y. Aged 20, 
hip, the Rt.HoM. So|)hia-Charlotte, Baronehs Howk, 
. 19, 1788. Grorgio Tertio reg. Aged 68. 

ip, the Rt. Hou. Matn', Baroness Sandys, 
19, 1802. Eod Reg, ' Aged . 

p, the Rt. Hou. Margaret, Baroness KKtrii, 

17, 15*02. Eod, Heg. Aged 42. 

TsUp, the Rt Hou. Charlotte-Man'-Gcrtrudc, 

K»s KAVLEion, ere. July 9, 1821. Georgia Quarto 

'r. Aged 72. 

$heir om right (thongh their sex precludes them from 
PaHiainent) have all the iiumunities, privileges of pre- 
»lion from legal forms and restmint^, ^. &e., u hielt 
Peers of the same ranks. Tlicir several dignities 
■poo these Ladle« iu tlic 6hqic mauner ait upon Peers 
; that is, by prescriptive or simple inheritanee, or 
Rod they descend in like manner to their 
of thciQ have succeeded to ihcir lilies on the 
atefonce in their Banmies ; whilst others have been 
it of the services in the field, on the ocean, or iu 
^ir deceased husbands. — The latter takes place, 
ICC v( the pre\-ious intention of the Sovereign 
mrritoriuus individuals themselves ; but the hand of 
the honours aie conferred u/wn their widows or 




Tlic total number of Lords Spiritaal and Temporal, whohnve sq 
in the Housu of Peers, is 393, according to the following mnkj 
precedence: viz. 

4 Princes of the Blood Royal. 

3 Archbishops. 

19 Dokcs. 

22 Marquc!>scs. 

128 Earls. 

26 Viscounts. 

27 Bishops. 

IC-l Barons. 

Total 393 

Of whom fourteen are not qualified to sit; elevev being uiM 

and three lunatic. Se\'eral Peers reside abroad in the (jualitii 

ambassadors, goveniors, &c. &c. 

Or, they may be divided into the following classes : 

4 Princes of the Blood, 

2 English Archbishope. 

19 English Dukes. 

18 English Marquesses. 

10 1 English Earls. 

21 English \1scounts. 

24 English Bishops. 

153 English Barons. 

r VIS!. 2 Marquesso 
. „ 15 Earls, 

16 Scottish Represenutive Peers, j ^ Vi.counU, 

' 7 Barons. 

1 Irish Archbishop. I 

3 Irish Bishops. 

r nz. 2 MarqueaM 

. „ \ l9Earhi. 

:itJ Irish Representalive Peers. < 3 Viscoimts, 

C 1 Barona. 

To/a/, 393 

^Ib» ^. A 







iUr honours, horretcr, being the nntt/ ones which etiiUle ihcm 
to seats in paruaubnt. 


TEMPriRAL U>RDS OK PARLIAMENT, the iwuler is to obwrw 


Bj&P. and R.I.P. in tlie prtsent List), arc to be found uotlcr die Jlcacb 

Smiotmt TuJci oalji mad not under those of their BritU/t CresCiaafc 

Earl of, BJP, . . Viscount Gordon, U.K. 
Earl of. Si*. . . Baron Meldrum, U.K. 

^ Baron SundriJge nitd Hamilton, 
' ( G.B. 

. Earl Straniste, G.B. 
. Baron Wigan, U.K. 
^^,andStciiton.Baron,|g^^^ Hamilton, U.K. 

kfcir«u^, Eorl of, LP. Baron Ponsonby of Sysonby, G.B. 

MillMae and HoUa:id,l ^, ^^ ^f y^^j^^l^ U.K. 
liri</, SP I ^ 

Dixke of, S.P. 

Duke of, S.P. 
Earl of, S.P. 

B»Ugfa and Qucensbcrry. ; ^ j ^^ Doncaster, G.B. 
Oikeof«8.P S 

Oijifact. EaH of; I.P. ■ 
Qh&^ Eart of, S.P. . 

fa/yacssf^ J. f*. 

Boron Carysfort, U.K. 
Mnniiicss ofAJlta, U.K. 
V/ffcttuat Chncitrty, IJ K. 
Ifurvu Soiucrhiil, U.K. 



Clanwilliam, Earl of, I.P. . Baron Clanwilliam. U.K 

Clflrc, Eftrl of, I.P. . . . Barou Fit/.^ijihbon. G.U. 

Clifdcn, Viscount, I.P. . . Buron Alcndip, G.B. 

Cloucurry, Baron, I.P. . . Baron Cloncurry, U.K. 

Conyngham, Marq. of, R.I.P. Baron Minster, U.K, 

Cork and Orrery, Earlof, I.P. Baron Boyle, G.B. 

Coiirtown, Earl of, I.P. . . Biron Siiltersfnrd, G.B. 

Dalhousic, Earl of, S.P. . . Baron Dalljuusic, U.K. 

Darnlcy, Earl of, I.P. . . Baron Clifton. E.P. 

Donegal], JSIarquess of, I.P, Baron Fishcrwick, G.B. 

Uonoughmnre, Earl of, I.P. Viscount Hutcliinam, U.K. 

Downe, Viscount, I.P. . . Baron Dawnay, G.B. 

Downesliire, Marquessof, I.P. Earl of Ililbboroiigh, G.B. 

Drogbeda, JVIarquess of, I.P. Biiron Moore, U K. 

Dunmore, Earl of, I.P. . . Baron Danmore, U.K. 

Eglintoun, Earl of, S.P. . Baron Ardrosaan, U.K. 

Egmont, Earl of, I.P, . . Baron Lovell and Holland, Q. 

Ely, Marquess of, I.P. . . Baron Loftus, U.K. 

Enniskillen, Earl of, R.I.P. Burun Gn'nstead, U.K. 

Krrol, Earl of, S.P. . . . Baron Kilmarnock, U.K. 

Ferrard, Viscount, R,I.P. . Baron Oriel, U.K. 

Fife, Earl of, I.P Baron Fife, U.K. 

Fingall, Earl of, I.P. . . . Baron Fingnll, U.K. 

Gage, Viscount, I.P. . . . Baron Gage, G.B. 

Gallo\N*ay, Earl of, S.P. . . Baron Stewart of Garlics, O. 

Glasgow, Earl of, S.P. . . Baron H«s.s, U.K. 

Gordon, Duke of, S.P- . . Earl of Norwicli, G.B. 
Gower, E.irl. E. P. Courtesy ) ^ ^ ^ g 

Titie S 

Granard, Earl of, I.P. Baron Gninard, U.K. 

Haddington, Earl of, S.P. Baron Melrose, U.K. 

Ilendfort, Marquess of, I.P. Baron Kenlis, U.K. 

Howden, Baron, IP. - . . Barc»n llowden, U.K 

Kiunaird, Boron, S.P. . . Baron Romie, U.K. 

Lcitrim, Earl uf, I.P. . . Baron Clements, U.K. 

Ludkiw, Earl, I.P. . . . Baron Ludlow, U.K. 

Meath, Earl of, I P. . . . Baron Chawortli, U.K. 

JianfurJy, Earl of, IP. . . Buxon B.;infut\^, U.K. 

J^'/ioji, Earl of, LP. . . . Baruu ttc«v«w. V .¥^. 



UamihoD, Duke of, S. P. 

Hopetoun, Earl of, &^. P. . . 

Kh^ltOD. Earl of, LP. . . 

Kinsool, Earl of, S. P. . . 

LaaiknUlc, Earlof. S.P. . 

Lciuter, I>ake of, LP.. . 

Laaat, Duke of, S. P. . . 

Linoidc, Earl of> LP... 

LmdbodciTTf Marquess of^lj*. 

Um^nd, iari of. LP... 

LadHia^ BCarqiiess of, S. P. . 

MiddleloD, Viscount, L P. . 

Dukeof, S, P. . 

Earl of. S. P. . . . 

Ni>nUaod, Vuconnt, L P. . 

Oraaode. Marquess of, I. P. 

Earl of, LP.. . . 

. Earl of, S. P. . . 

Earl of, L P. . . 

Earl of, LP... 

OlSO!, Marqueu of, L P. . . 

Stm^ord, Vucouut, L P. . 

Tbamond, Marquess of. L P. 

VTateHord, Marqaess of. L P. 

Wtflnlcy, Marqaeis, L P. . 

Wmajm and March, Earl of, 


Duke of fimndon, E. P. 

DaroD Hopctoun aii<l Niddry, U. K. 

Baron Kiogston, U. K. 

Han>n Hay, (1. B. 

Baron Lauderdale, U. K* 

Viscount Lcinstcr, G. B. 

Duke of Richmond^ E. P. 

Baron Foxford, U.K. 

Karl Vane, U-K. 

Barou Silchester, G. D. 

Baron Ker, U. K. 

Baron Brodrick. G. B. 

Earl Grabam, G. B. 

Baron Stuart, of Caatle Stuart, G.B. 

Baron Ronfurly, U. K. 

Baron Ormonde, U. K. 

Baron Clanbrftaall, U. K. 

Baron Roseberry, U. K. 

Baron Carleton, G. B. 

Baron Sheffield, U. K. 

Baron Montca^le, U. K. 

Baron Pentdiuntt, U. K. 

Barou Tadcaster, U. K. 

Baron TjTone, G. B. 

Barou Wellcttley, G. B. 

Baron Wemyss, U. K. 


L Pwn of the Realm arc tlie hereditary Counsellors of the Crown ; 
aay, vhenerer they consider it necessary, demand admittance to 
the King's presence to advise with him on aflairs of moment. 

2. TVy form the UpjMjr House of the ImpcriiJ Parliament j and 
their hoDOon and immunities arc hereditary. 

3. A Peer may vote by l*roxy on any qocstion, though he should 
|happco to be residing in a forei^'n country : — this privilege is dcuicd 
I to thr tofmbtf/y of tAe Cmamons' House. A projy vote, however 
pern m^ exteatf io aues where the Houae is fitting in judgment. 

k c 


-4. All bills in any u-ays affecting tlic rigbts of the Peerage vnA 
originate in the House of Peers, and cannot undergo any change « 
alteration by the Commons. 

.T. Each Peer has a rifi[ht, when a vote passes tho House contnrj 


to his sentintent», to enter his dissent or protest on the Joomaifl of ^^ 
the House, with his reasons for dissenting at length. .^ 

6. A Peer Hitting in judgment gives not his verdict on oatk, lllce i ^ 
Commoner, bnt upon his hanonr. He also answers aU biUft in Chaa- s\ 
eery ujwa his honour, only. If summoned as a witness, howercr^ ^ 
either in civil or criminal cases, he must be eufom, g 

7. Wlicn arraigned for any criminal ofieiice, as treason, felony, or 
misprision of these ofFencca, it must be before his Peers j wku ■ ■ 
deliver their opiiiious as to the culprit's guilt or innocence o]X)n their .^ 
kimour*. Butj in cases of misdemeanour, as riot, libel, conspiracy, 
and jveijiiry, a Peer is tried like a Commoner, by a Jur\'. 

8. Peers and Lords of Parliament have the privilege of fninldlf 
letters through the Post-oilicc to all part3 of Great Britain aod lie- 
land. The members of the Lower House enjoy this privilege lACM^ 
mon with their Lordships. 

9. By the law of Scandoium Magnatum^ any person convicted tf 
spreading scandalous refMrts respecting a Peer, or Bihhop, no Mtlftf 
whether true or false, is 8nbject to hnc and imprisonment. 

10. The persons of Peers are for ever sacred and inviolable frOB 
arrest and imprisonment for debts, trespasses, &c., and they casttOt 
be outlawed in any civil action \ nor can any attHchment lie agibit 
their persons f. I'his freedom from arrest extends to their fiiiiiiBfl, 
servants, and followers, as well as to all persons necessarily eioplojed 


* The trials of Peen iigukllj take pUce U> Courts, or wooden buiklinfc*. 
for that purpoM in the expense of the Crown, in the centre of Wntniinstef Ball 
wliich Ctnirtii arcimually pulled ilown a> wuii as tbc invesd^tion teniiinatc«. T^ 
House of PeerH, however, having been grcady cnlar{i;ed and rendered more cofaiM> 
dioUK than before, for the invntigation of the conduct of the Ute Queen CaroHBt* 
it is prrsumod that in caie of any future trials of Pcern, the unie will take ptifli 
in ihai House. 

^ ^cottuh and Irinh Pcer«, though not I^ords of Parliament, are privileged fiDB 
aimt, as appears front the following very singular case, extracted from forUtitft 
Jicporit 1 — Lord Monlington, a Scottish Peer, but not one of the Sixteen RqM> 
•entatives, being anestud for debt, moved the Court of Common Pleas to be £k 
charged, ai being cntided, bjr the Act of Union widi !?cotland, to all the privllcftt 
of a Peer of Great Britain, and prayed an attachment against tlie FUihff ; whA a 
rule wu made to show cauf>e. I'pon tliis, the Bailiff* rude affidavit tluki, irb«« W 
created hi* Lordship, he was ao mean in \\\% ap^iiA, Vw^% a woni'.iOut son ^ 
cJotha ind a dirty shin ou hi* person, »uU )au\ ivx\ca\-v:Q« ^1^^700%^ \&>sa 
foelft, that he coald not nippoBC him to be a ?cct ^ OtcalUt^swa^; 


> a&»aolt a Peer, or his menial servant, is a high coat«topt, 
be puuUlied with great severity. 

^rs are exempt from attendiug or 8crnng in coorts-leei, 
ttims, the militia, or the posse comitatofl, tn case of riot. 
le honses of Peers may not be eDtere<l by officers of Josticej 
L warrant aodcr the King's own hand, and tho«e of six Privy 
m; four of whom roust be Peera of the Realm. 
rers ran qnalify a certain number of chaplains : viz. a Duke, 
[arqoess or Earl,/tr.- a Viscount, /owr: and a Uaron, thrt^, 
iicy have the prmlege of sitting covered in Courts of Juv 
id are further vutittcd by their rank to a scat with tlie 
t the bench. 

fFoct cannot lose his nobility, but by death, or Attainder for 
It has been eaid, that if a Baron or other Peer vaste 
that lie be not able to support his rank, the King may 
.^ but it has been cxjircssly held b)* authority of the 

inadrcTtotqr, be hud arrested him — ^The Coon immediatdj dt»- 
woA made ih; llailiiTiiik psrdon ; with an iniin^ation tfaM a re- 
ft tni«take would tubjcct him lo Hue and inipri&onmint. 
of Kingule hare, itr.ce the time of King John, enjoyed cxduvivdj 
of being eofcrcd In the royal prcaencc, after hAving firvt 
obcttBDCe- Thi* arow from their ancEator Sir John dc C'aurey 
of Ulster)^ who was a mnarkaliljr powerful man, having engaged 
e CDcnbat, and rouicd die Champion of Fnmce, on occaiaioa (n a 
thg nmnrirtfw^hin rf tfy- JTIiif tw of ^qripyMiY^ ^wem JflKti and 

" There is only ouc initancc on record of the dcgradAiioo of a Peer for ihii i 
by Act of PftrlJAnicnt t U occurred in the nign of Kdward the Fourth* and hi^ 
pcncd Id the uue of flL-orge NcvilU\ Duke of ncdfoftl, on account of his 



Parliament itself, that a Peer cannot be degnided but by Act of 

17> l*hc last, but not the least, privilege of the Peerage was gmatrd ^ 
by Act of Parliament, in the first year of E<i\vard the VI. chap. 12. '-* 
It is e(iui>'alcHt to the privileges, or benefit, of Clergy, formeriy pot- 
sessed by the ecclesiastical body, in England. In the Utter case aU 
persons who were clerks, or who could read, were exempted from tibe 3| 
punishment of death for first offences in cases of petit treason and ' 
capital felonies ; whilst jx^rsons actually in holy orders were amflM- « 
bio only to ecciesinstical censure and juriiidiclion, and owed do re- 
sponsibility to secular judges, except in case of high-treason, petty 
larceny, and misdemeanour, 'llicse privileges have, however, b«C9 m 
greatly abridged by various Acts of Farhameut, and a recent one (flth *^ 
Geo. IV. c. 25.) provides that Clerks in holy orders, being conrictri m 
of clerg>'able offences, arc liable to the same punishment as lay per- ^ 
sons would be in similar situations. By the above Act of EdwanL 
however. Peers, even although they should not be able to read, hart 
their privilege for all offences clergyable at that period, also for the 
crimen of house-breakings highnay-robliery, horse-stealing, and rofc^ | 
bing of churches. As no subsequent law has repealed this clame is ai 
the statute of Edward, a Peer may, at this day, rub on the highin|; ^ 
atcal horses, break into a house, or rob a church (crimes capital ta 
a Commoner) ; for by pleading it to be his first offence, in these serei^ % 
felonies, he is liable to no personal punishment whatever. As 6«r»- i 
img houses, however, was never a clergyable offence, and as that feloay | 
is not specified in Edward's Act, as an innocent pastime befitting iht i 
rank of a nobleman, it is hard to say whether a Peer gmlty of 
would not be likely to share the fate of a more common incendiar)' 

which rendered him unable to nupport tiiv di^iiy of tlie Peerage. ** Thii aoliun 
insi«nce," aaya Jodge BlackBtooe, '^servca to ahow the^owrr of Parliaraent, aM^ 
ai the saise time, tbdr tendemett in €icriing ao high a power." Aa fnany of om 
laws and cuitoma were borruwid frooi the Romant, and, through itMOi, mm As 
Oiceka. there caa be httlc doubt tliat Uiii power of degnulmtioa ia fiModed vnm 
the practice of thoae ancicnu. — Among the Athcniana, anch aa were apoidimAi 
by rqiute or cmvictjon, or who Imd bmu^hi thcnisrlTrs and familim to porccty hf 
Icwdncaa and prodigality, liad a public mark of infamy put upon theis t by whim 
they were prevented ^m voting and making aneeches in Uie aenate, as well *sin ihi 
popular ■aaemblica. Tlie Emperor Adrian, likewiiw, decreed that all who Miutfu 
tktvit Mway tltetr esCltca on women, luxury, or in g^unw^ w'\^ dkn^VcMwUL aal 
M^ipmr ill t}w thtmtJTcSj or acnatc, but should \)c \u^d u^ \a '^uVAk Koca vbAl Mtefta. 


laAwccs FOB oiioca axd nccKMcr yo n xvft iv tox trrpKS 



Vtie Lords are to rit in tbc same order ns is prescribed 
:o( Parliament *, except that the Lord Chaucollor sittcth on 
, SB Speaker to the Houae. 


c Lord Chancelbr, when he speaks to the House, is always 
ik amco%*ercd, and is not to adjourn the House, or do any thing 
DOtttb of the Hoofle, without the cousent of the Lords first 
c^it the onlinar)* thing about Bills, which arc of course ; 
m Ike Lords may likewise overrule, as for preferring one Bill 
'y Bud such like; and in case of difference amongst the 


of EDgland, ordinarily to attend tho Lordb' House of ParliamCDt} 
and tbat in cose the Ivord Chancellor, or the ljon\ Kcc|>er of ths 
Circat Seal, l>c absent from the House of Peers, and that tbcrc te 
none iiiithorizcd under the Great Seal from tbe King to supply thrt 
place in the Houuc of Peers, the Lords luay then choose their owi 
Speaker daring that vacancy. 


IV, The Jodges, and such of the King's Privy Conncil fas arc 
called by Writ to attend] sitting by, are not to be covered till the 
Lords give them leave, which they ordinarily signify by the Loi4 
Chancellor j and they being there appointed to attend tlie House, 
are not to S{»ejik or deliver any opinion until it t>c required, and they 
be admitted so to do by the major part of the House, in case «f 


V. The Learned Counsel, 8tc are likewise to attend ou the wool- 
sackjjj but are never to be covered. 


VI. Those of His Majesty's Privy Council^ who are or shall be 
called by His Majesty's writ, as the Judges arc, are to be used with 
tlie same resj)ect the Judges are j wliich is, not to be covered uotil 
they shall be bid so to do by the Lords. 


VII. Aft£r the iflsuing tho writ of summons, if the Parliament be 
prorogued to any farther day than was apiwiuled for the luoetiug 
thereof by the writ of summons, it ia done by writ directed to both 
Houses ; and in that case the Lower House is to be called in, and 
to stand uncovered below the Peers, but not Ix^forc the Lords be 
all set; who sitting and being all covered, the Lord Chancellor uses 
some words unto them to let them know the cause of their meeting, 
wliich he Holh uncovereil, io rcs[M;ct he (^>cakfi to the I^^rds as wcO 
as to the Commons ; and after the writ is read tbe Pftrliamciit is ac- 
cordingly prorogued. But, when the Parliament is prorogued at any 
time after the first mcetiug thereof, such pninigation is not to be by 
^ntj but by rommissionj directed unto some o^ vW Vast^ ^A >!ttfc 

ith I 

Bta J 



TTpper House. And the Lord ChanceUor fir^t acquainting tlic House 
Mith the purport of sach commissioDt the Lords authorized thereby, 
or BO many of them as are ueces8ar^% b4:ing m tiictr rotK*B^ and 
seated on a form placed between the Throne and Woolsack^ are 
to comound the Usher of the Black Rod to let the Commona know 
the Lorth Commissioners desire their immediate attendance in the 
Hoaae of Peers to hear the commission read ; and the Commons 
heiB^ OQime up to the Bar of this House, and standing uncovered, 
the oommiflnoa is to be read by the Clerk, after which the Parlia- 
ment is to be prorogued in such manner and to such time as is corn- 
by the said commission. 


Tin. At tbc beginning of a Parliament^ after prayers said, and 
the Loni Chancellor shall have takeu the oaths appointed to be taken 
in lies of the abrogated Oaths of Supremacy and AUegiuuce^ and 
made, repeated, and subscribed the declaration, aud taken and sub- 
scfibrd the Oath of Abjuration^ according to the several Acts of 
Parliament made for those purposes j the Certificate of the Clerk of 
the Cnnro of the return of the sixteen Peers who for that part of 
Great Britain called Scotland shall be chosen, summoned, and 
certified to sit and vote in the House of Peers in the Parliament of 
Grtmt Britain, shall be read ; and then all the Peers and Lords of 
PlrimmeDt present shall in like manner take, make, and sulMcribe 
the mid oatbs and declaration ; after which, some Bill (pro formd) 

to be read; which being done, the Lord Chancellor is to report 
H» M^caty*s Speech from the Tlirone, and then the Committee of 
PHfileps is to be appointed -, and at the beginning of ever)- other 
Semio* dnring the same Parliameut. after prayers said, some Bill 
(fr^ fwmi) is to be read, His Majesty's Speech reported, and the 
riwimrllr* «l Privileges appointed. 


• IX- Every Lord that coma after prn^s, i/ he he a Baron or 
Bishop, i> to pay one shiUingt and if he he of anif degree above, two 
tUUrngg/or the poor; but every Lord who comes not at all, and makes 

• 77»i» Order '^^'^^P^^^'^f * rnemorisJ of the aCCenUon to public busm^t, 
^^the cliMntsbh diMpoeiaoa of our MOtxmtoa. *^ ^ 



not his Just excnse, is to pay five shillings for every day's absmer.^ 
Vacat»per ordinemt 13M Mat/, 1/42. 


X. Before the House sit, so mucb respect is to be Imd to tint 
room, as none bat Members of the Houfic ought to be covered theiti 
not so much as the eldest son of any Peer whaUocver, unless he le 
called by writ; neither is auy other persons to stay there, uor any 
attendant of any Nobleman, but wh'dst be brings in his Lord, ui 
then he is to retire himself. 


XI. When the House is set, every Lord that shall enter is to give 
and receive salutations from the rest, and not to sit down in kit 
place nnlcsa ho hath made his obeisance to the Cloth of Estate 


XII. If there be any difference in the form or st^'le of the 
from the ancient, it is to be examined how it came to pass. 


XIII. The Lords in the Upper House are to kt^p their dimity 
order in sitting as much as may tx^ and not to remove out of their 
places without just cause, to the hindrance of others that sit near 
them, and disorder of the House } but when they must needs ^ croM 
the House from one side to the other, they arc to make obeisance te 
the Cloth of Estate. 


XrV. "When any Lords speak, they address their speech 
rest of the Lords in general. 




XV. To prevent misunderstandings, and for avoiding offensive 

speeches, when matters are debating either in the House or at Com* 

mittees, it is for honour's sake thought 6t and so ordered, that all 

persona), sharp, or taxing speeches be forborne ■, and whosoever aa- 

etrcreUi nuotbcr luua'a sj>cech, 8\ial\ vi\s^Vj \v\» M\bYiCX \o>^-n»»m 


^B^t vtmg to tbe person ; aiid ns nothing oflcnaive is to be 
j^^iks, «i notbing if! to be ill taken, if tlic party that speaks it shall 
pRKilh adw a fair exposition or clear dcninl of the words that 
m^ iim mj ill constructiou i and if any offence of th»t kind be 
fia>« m tir Hoaae itself will be very sensible thereof, so it w'lU 
^mj/kttmut tbe ofleoden, aod give the party offended a fit re- 
fmimmdba ntis&ction.— Per Ordinem, 12 St 13 Jtmii, 1C2G. - 


Die Lmme, 9 Augusti, \^A\, p09t Meridienu I 

IVL It b this day ordered by the Lords in Parliament, fori 

■■iii^ cf ill mistakes, nnkiuduesseSj or other dlflfureuces, which] 

■9 crav to quarrels tending to the breach of peace, that if any J 

UitUkcMcetvc himself to have received any affront or injury from 1 

^AerMeatber of the House, either in the Parliament House, or| 

' ■; riiiiillK, or in auy of the rooms belonging to the Lards* I 

ki rf IHriiament, he shall ap[>eal tu the Lords in Parliament for | 

which if he sludl not do, but occasion or entertain j 

,4ec&niog the justice of the House, then the Lord that shall I 

thereiB cJelioquent shall undergo the severe censure of the j 

: rf Pufiament, And this Order is to be added to the Standing I 

ilthbHoose. | 


Die Veneris, 9 Januarti, 1G73. 1 

ii this day ordered and declared by the Lords spiritual I 

il is Parliament assembled, that when a question hath J 

vbrtly pot by the Speaker, no Lord is to speak against thel 

bdbffC TDting. And it is further ordered, that tliis rule bo J 

irti die toU of tbe Standing Onlcrs of this House. I 


Die Mercvrii, 30 Martii, 10/0. I 

^ni OnSered, that if any Lord have occasion to speak withi 
liOtd In this House whilst the House is sitting, they are to 
Mow tltc Bar ; or else the Speaker is to stop the busincsft 
. Aad ihaf th/^f order be anaexeti to the roll, &c. 



XIX. No Lord is to speak tw ice to any Bill at one time of readi 
it, or any otlier prn|H)sitioii, uii1l*s3 it he to explain liimself in 
materiiil point of Lis spcoclj, but no new matter; and that Mt 
without leave of the Mouse first obtained. Every Lord fipcab 
standing uncovered, and names not Meinben} of the House comnionlj 
by tlR'ir names ; but *' the Lord that spoke last, — last but niir, ImI 
but two" &c. or some other note of distinction. 


XX. In voting, the lowest^ after the question is pat by the LoH 
Chancellor, begins first ; and every Lord in his turn rises uncovered 
and only says, *' Content," or " Not Content." 


Dif Luna, 13 MartU, 1670. 

XXI. Ordered, that after a qnestion is put. and the House hsA 
voted thcroopon, no Lord is to depart out of his place, unless u|K»n a 
di\ision of the House, nntil tlie House have entered upon some other 
bnsiucss. And that this order be added, &c. 


Die Mercuriij 25 Novembris, 1691. 

XXII. Resolved upon the. question, that for the future, nhen thete 
shall be a division in the HousR upon any question, the Consents blttl 
go below the Bar, and the Not Contents stay within the Bar. Aad ll 
is ordered that this resolution be added, &c. 


XXIII. BIIIa arc seldom opjMtscd at the first reading, and aij^ 
mouly committctli upon motioiij at the second reading. 


Vie Mortis, 5 Maii, 166H. 

XXIV. upon rc(>ort made by the Lord Chamberlain from the 
Committee of the whole House concerning the Bill for raistag 
3J0^000A by an Impositioa on ^Vincs and other Liquors, that it 

regard the uxd BiJJ being very long, and cou&v^xSsu^ (A maak-^ ^^x^ 


piritaal atid tcmpS^n^nmiamcot assembled, ogi 

■rt made from the Couiiuittec, aud ordered that this order 



Dlt Mercvrii, 9 Decembris, I "02. 
\ Ordered and declared, that the annexing any claase or 
9o « Bill of Aid or Supply, the matter of which is forcitpi to 
from the mattex of the suid BUI of Ai4 or Supply, in 
, and tends to the destruction of the Constitution of 
t. And it is further ordered^ that this order and 
be addedj &c. 


Die MartU, 28 Junii, 1715. 
Ordered and declared, that for the future no Bill bhall be 
the same day; that no Committee of the whole House 
any Bill the same day the Bill is committed ; that no 
be received from any Committee of the whole 1 louse the same 
lb Committee goes through the Bill (when any amrtiduient^ 

tto sach Bill) ; and that no Bill be read the third time the 
tlk»» U U n>ttnrti>H fmm th#i rnmmift»M> (R^ 0»^^ inr. \ 



BiIIb, Bometimes to fncilitnte nnd agree on great businesses eitlicr U 
the whiile HoiiBC or of Purticularn. Couimittccs of the whole Hoqm 
sit in the Upper House, but then the Lord Chancellor sits not ipM 
the woolsack aa a Speaker. 


* Onler No- XXX. wu vicMcd by an Order of the 7th oTAUjrt 1805. The 

Ofamemdoa, however, in rhiii aod other 'mtuncn, U ^jncMmtA, Va wius ^Iwl Vkncicr 
thcMc cxtfucU aihi ilic roU of SUn^mg OtAwt xtifc^j wA\yt ^dcaEOtfivL 

XXIX. Every I»rd is to Rit in his due place when the Honsc is pat 
into a Committee. — Per Ord> 9 Mali, 1626. t 



Die Jovis, 10 Junil, 1714. ^ 

* XXXI. Ordered and declared, that when the House shall be pot 
into a Coinmittfc of the whole House, the House be not resumed I 
without the unanimous consent of the Cumuiittee ; unless npoa a 
question pat by the Ivord who shall be in the Chair of such Cod- ^ 
raittee.— £nr. per Ord. 28 Jtmii, 1715. • 



XXXII. If they be a Select Committee, they usually meet in oae ^ 
of the rooms adjoining to the Upper House^ as the Lords Like. Any I 
of the Lords of the Committee speak to the rest uncovered^ bat woij m 
sit still if he please. The Committees arc to be attended by sndl 
Judges or Learned Counsel as arc appointed ; they are not to at 
there or be covered, unless it be out of favour for inhrmity. SooK 
Judge sometimes hath a stool set behind him, but never covers ; md 
the rest never sit or cover. — Tlic Lord Chief Justice Popham did 
often attend Committees ; nnd though he was Chief Justice, Privy 
(•ouucillor, and inhrm, yet would ho vcr)' hardly ever be persuaded 
to sit down, saying, it was his duty to stand and attend ; and de- 
sired the Lords to keep those forms which were their due. 


XXXIII. Here it is to be observed, that at any Committee of oar 
own, any Member of our House, though not of the Committer, is not 
excluded from coming in nnd speaking, bnt he must not vote ; as also 



he dbftD sive place to all that arc of Uio Committee, thongh of lou-er 
decree, and shall sit beliind thetUi and observe tlie same order for 
Ntting at a conference with the Commons. 


Die Sabbathi T) Aprilis, 1 707. 

XXX n''. Ordered that on all reports made from Committees of 
Amf ifanmti to Bills, for the future, the Lord tlint makos (lir rc|K>rt 
do ocplain to the I louse the effect and coherence of each aiucudiuc-ut ; 
and that, on the Clerk's second reading of the same amendments, the 
Loni on the woolaack do the same ; and this to be added, &c. 


XXXV. For our meeting with any of the Lower l^oose, it is 
upon occasion of messages which they scud up unto ns, or 
opoo oooferGncc when they come up to us. 'Hie manner is thus : 
AAcz ire have notice given us by our Usher that they have sent onto 
■s, thej attend till we have put tiiat business to some end wherein 
ve are, and then we (sitting all covered) send for them in, who stand 
aO at the lowest end of the room j and then the Lord Chauccllor 
(with each as please) riseth and gooth do\m to the middle of the Bar; 
theo^ the chief of the Committee in the midst, and the rest about him, 
cocoe op to the Bar with three courtesies, and deliver the message to 
him, who, after he hath received it, retires hiniBcIf to his former place ; 
and the House being cleared and settled, tie reports it to the Lords, 
who da help his memory if any thing be mistaken ; and after the 
Lards have taken resolution (if the business require any answer) 
they an either called for in, and approacliing to the Bar with three 
coarlaies (at before), and the House sitting in order and covered (as 
before), the Lord Chancellor, sitting on the woolsack covered, doth 
give them their answer in the name of the House; or else, if tlie 
rcMlotiatt be not so speedy, we send them word by the Usher that 
they ahdl not need to stay for the answer, but we will send it by 
express messengers of our own. 


XXXVi. Wnv it is Ui be olmcrwd and notftd, fhat we never scM 
a^a^Lowx^Hvu^^ by ^y Members oi our OHii^ hxxX cither by aomft 

TTl II Whole body, and not some Lords scatte 
both takes from the gravity of the Ix)rd8, a 
liOnls from taking their proper places: w( 
covered; but ttiey are at no committee or c 
be covered or sit down in our presence^ 
person^ and that by connivance in a comer 
not be covered. 


XXXVill. None arc to speak at a coni 
House, but those that be of the Committ< 
fw\i\ such conference is reported, uU the Lord 
to stand up. 


XXXIX. No man is to enter at any coiuuut 
it be such as arc commanded to attend), but 
the House, or the heir ap|>artnt of a I>ord thi 
such Lord, or thi' eldest sou of any Peer who 1 
iu this House, upon pain of being punished se 
vio others. . 



day opdered^ for the faturo, that no doorkeeper attendlDg this House 
do presamc to come or stay within the doora of this House when 
sitting (except particularly ordered so to do). And this order to be 
added, fiu:. 


XLIII- Ordered, none but Noblemen and the necessary attcndanta 
of the Hoose do come into the lobby -j nor into the IJtUc Committee 
Climber. — Per Or<L 23 Matt, post Meridiem, 1628. 


XUV- It would be resolved what privilege Noblemen and Pcer» 
hM« > be t w Ut which this difference is to be observed : That Bishops 
■re onif Lords of Parliament, but not Peers ; for they are not of 
tfial by Bobility. But all Lords of Parliament lm^'ing privilege for 
their semnts from arrests, it is to be known for what time the said 

rhc^ doth extend before and after the Session, as likewise whc- 
the suae reacb to retainers.— /^6W Order LXVJ 

XLV. The Clerk is to enter no order until the Lord Keeper first 
detBBiid the BMent of the House.— r7(fr Librum 14 Dec. 1621, e( 23 
Feh. 1623. 

And the Clerk is to read every order, first, in the House before 
it be entered.— F. Lib. 20 Mali, 1626. 


XLVl. Whereas this High Court of the Upper House of Parlia- 
ment do often find cause in their judicature to impose fines, amtmgat 
other paaUuDentB, upon offenders, for the good example of justice, 
to deter others from like offences. It is ordered and declared, that 
the least once before the end of every session, the Committees 
for the ofders of the House and privileges of the Lords of Parliament 
do aoqaUBt the Lords with all the Fines that have been laid that 
; that thereupon their Lordships may use tluit power which 
y jwUy have to take off or mitigate such fines, cither whoDy 
put, according to the measure* of peuitcoce or ability in lUft 
aflenden^ or ntffer aU to stand, as, Ja equity, thoir Lordships H\iail 

I meD 
^ for 



And that nntll c\Try Hcssion be ended, no estreat is to be made rf 
such Fines set or imposed by Parliament, nor any copy thereof to be 
made by tlie Clerk, without special order upon a public motion in t i{ 
full House— Per Ord, 3 Ajjriiis, Hi2U 



TBI! L0K08. 

XLVII. It is declared by the Lords Bpiritnal and temporal 
Parliament aasciribled, in regard to the trials of snch persons u 
be brought before them and come to judicature, that whereu 
Court is the highest^ from whence others ought to draw their 
BO the proceedings thereof should be most clear and equal, as wr 
the one side In finding out offences where there is just grooDd, 
the other side in affording aU just means of defence to such u 
be questioned j and therefore, in al] cases of moment, the defi 
shall have copies of all depositions both pro ct contra^ after pu! 
tion, at a convenient time before the hearing to prepare thcmsel' 
and also, if the defendants shall demand it of the Ilonsc in due 
they shall have their learned Counsel to assist them in their 
whether they be able by reason of hc^tlt to answer in ])ersoa 
so as they choose Counsel void of just exception : and if 
sel shall refuse them, they are to be assigned as the Court a 
fit. This their Lordships do, because in all causes, as 
criminal and capital, they hold that all lawful helps cannot, 
just Jodgcs, make one that is guilty avoid justice } and on the 
side, God defend that an innocent should be condemned. 






XLVni. As for the calling a Member of this High Court to 
Bar, their Lordships hold it fit to be very well weighed at uhat 
and for what causes it shall be. — Per Ord. 28 Maii, 1624. 



XLIX. The privilege of the House is, that no Lord of 
sitting the Parliament, or within the usual times of privilege 
liaiucnt, ts to be imprisoned or restrained uithout sentence or 
of the House i nixXc^^ it be for treason or tc\ft\i^,sw Cot ccluttni;; 
give security for the |a*acc. — Per Ord. \b AprUis, V^lfv 

of Lords desiring leave to appear and auflwcr accusa- 
e HoDse of Commons, tbcir Lordships have searched and 
f«il precedents, and thereupon conceive thiit it may deeply 
Aft the privileges of this Houkc for any Lord of this House 
nacmsatioD in the House of CommonSj either io person. 
I^g \m aaswer in writing, or by his Coousel there ; upon 
■failiiMi had thereof and perusal of the said precedents 
mat. It b ordered, that for the future no Lord shall cither 
• the House of Conunoos, or send his answer in writing, 
hvCboiiael to answer any accusation there, upon peualty 
to the Black Rod, or to the Tower, during the 
Hoos«. And it is further ordered, that this order be 

isrro rnu hocsk or commons, without leave of 


Die Mereurii, 25 Novembris, \ G96. 

lend, that DO Lord of tliis House shall go into the House 
m irhile the House or any Committee of the whole House 
tfaoCy vithonft the leave of this House first had ; and this 


V* WbUC 

And it is ordered, that this declaration be Z 


Die Veneris, 13 Decemhn$, 

ft LIV. Forasmuch as i.jk)!! writs of error 

Court of Parhainent, the plaintiffs therein of 

tice rather than come to the detemination oi 

It 18 therefore ordcre<l, that the plaintiffs in i 

8an,c and the records be brought in. shall sne, 

of the Parhamcnts, and prosecute their writs 

officers of this House their fees justly due a 

the prosecution of the said writs of error and 

upon ; and farther, shall assign their error, , 

the bringing in of such writ^ with the record 

raake default so to do, then the said Clerk if 

HTits require it, shall record that the phdnti 

hJs wnt of error, and that the House doth Ihci 

plaintiff shaU lose his writ, and that the defer 

day. and that tlie record be remitted \nd 

writ of error shoU allege diminution and r,ray a 




Die Sabbati, 13 JuHi, 1678* 

LV. Ordered, that all penons who shall be desirous to exhibit to 
this Hodj-e any petitions of appeal from any Coart of Equity, do 
present their (letitioos within fourteen days, to be accounted fruui 
and afhr the frrst day of every session or meeting of Parlinmeut 
after a recess ; after which time the Lords do declare they will, dur- 
ta^r crery such sitting, receive no petition of apjx^al onlc&s ijjK>n a 
deove nmde while the Parliament is actually sitting ; in which case, 
tibeputy wrho shall find himself aggrieved may bring his petition of 
appeal, provided lie present it to this Hoosc within fourteen days 
after such decree is made and entered in any Court of Equity in 
EagUxtd or \N'ale3j twenty days in any of the Courts of Scotland, 
and lorty days in any of the Courts of Equit)' in Ireland. iVnd that 
tlui order be added, &c. j and likeui»e published in print, to the end 
that iD persons concenied may take notice thereof and observe it 
ucarta$^. — (See Order CXVIILj 


Die Luna, 7 Decembris, 1691. 

LVL Ordered, that for the future, upon giving judgment in any 
^flCB of aimals or writs of error in this House, the question shall 
be pot far reveniiig, and not fur aflirmiug. 
Moen, vUtm 

^Vud that tliiJa order be 

NO rBTtnoy roB the bbhbabino op causes to bb bead thb 


Die Jovis, 14 Februarii, 1G94. 

LMI. Ordered, that no petition which relates to the rehearing of 
any cuue or part of a cause formerly heard in this House shall be read 
the cim^ day it is offered, but shall lie upon the table, and a future 
day be appointed for reading thereof, afttf twelve of the clock. Aud 
thiol onler to be added^ &c 



Die Jov'u, 3 Marin, 1697* 

LVIII. WTiercas, by the niles and orders of this Honsc for pre- 
S'cuting the briugiug of frivolous appeals, hII apiicab arc to be sigDfid 
by two Couusel j It is this day ordered, that no (lersoD whatever do 
presume as Counsel to sign any appeal to be brought into this 
for the future, unless such |)€r^on liath been of Counsel in the 
cause in the Courts below, or shall attend as Counsel at the Bar of i\ 
this House when the said appeal shall come iu to be beard ; and n- M 
less he shall certify that in his judgment there is reasonable cause il ^ 
appeal. And it is further ordered, that this order shall be added, &c, ^ 
and aihxed on the doors of this House and the Courts in Westmioflter ^ 
HvH'—Emendat. per Ord, 9 Aprilis, 1812. a 

l** CAUSE 2 

Die Marth, 19 Aprilh, 1698. , 

LIX. Tlie House taking notice Uiat ujion np[>cal8 and writs tt ^ 
error there have been of late several scandalous and frivolous pri&led 
cases delivered to Lords of this House j for pre\'entiu^ w^hcreof for 
the future, It is tliis day ordered^ that no person whatsoever do pm* 
sume to deliver any printed case or cases to any Lord of this Hom^ 
unless sucli case or cases shall be signed by one or more of tke 
Counsel who attended at the hearing of the cause in the Gourti 
below, or shall be of Counsel at the hearing in this House. AaA 
this order to be added, &c., and affixed to the doors of this Hott^ 
and tlie Courts in \V'cstmioster HalL 

days' NOTICE. 

Die Mercurii, 22 Deccmbri*, 1703. 

LX. Upon consideration of the great inconveniences arisliig bf 
motions and petitions for putting off causes after days have beta 
appointed for hearing thereof; It is ordered, that when a day shaD 
be appointed for the hearing any cause^ appeal, or writ of error, ai^ed 
/A ttiis House, the srmc shall not be altered but upon petition, aod 
iluit DO petition shall in such caae be Toom^d, \u^%& v%q ^^ 



uoCice thereof be giwD to the adverse paxty) uf which uutice, oath 
<hall be made at the Bar of this House. And it Is further ordered^ 
ttiat tbU order be added, &c. 


Vie VeneriSj 2fi Januarii, 1710. 

LX/. W^reas, by order of the 20th November, 1680, it is 
I directed, that in all cases upon appeals to be bronght into this 
, Haaae from the Courts in Westminster Hall, tho party or parties 
appellant shall, before any answer to his or their petition, give 
ty to the Clerk of the Parliaments, by recognizance to be 
mto, to His Majesty in ^100*, to pay such costs to the 
it or defendants in such appeals as this Court shall appcnnt, 
the decree or judgment appealed from shall be affirmed by 
tins Court : — It is this day ordered, that in all cases of appeals to be 
brooght into tlus House from any Conrt in Westminster Hall, from 
any Cooit of Equity in England or Wales, or from any Court in 
I Sc otfaod, or from any Court of Equity in Ireland, the party or 
^Hmm appeUaot shall, within eight days after such appeal received, 
^^h security to the Clerk of Parliaments, by recognizance to be 
I watered into, to Herf Majesty, of the penalty of £200 J, conditioned 
I to pay such costs to the defendant or defendants in such appeal as 
this CoBxt shall appoint, in case the decree or judgment appealed 
I' inm skaU be affirmed } and if the appellant or appellants shall 
1 acg&ect or refuse to give such security within the time aforesaid, 
tkat then the Clerk of the Parliaments shall inform the House 
I thereof, and the appeal ^m thenceforth to be dismissed. — Entr, 
per OrtL 37 Jam. 17 W.-^EmendaL 4 Martii, 1727, ei 6 Au^wti, 



Die Mortis, 28 JunU, 1715. 

LXIL Ordered, that on the days causes are appointed to be heard, 
t^ CRBAe be the first budoess proceeded on, after prayers, and no 
other bnuness to intervene. — Emendat. per Ord. 13 Maii, 1742. 

* EftmdM -w ^T^Z, to ^ffSOa f Read iVfj^-^evd so Dltered. 

/ Sstmdcd fa £400 la IQ07. 



Die Sabbati, \3 Junii, 1685. 

LXTII. Ordcredj that for tho future neither His Majesty's Attoncf 
General^ nur any oilier assistiiit to this House, after ha\iu^ taken Ui 
pbice on the woolsack as such, shall bo allowed to be of Counsel il 
the Bar of this House for auy private person or persons whatsocm; 
And it ia further ordered^ that this order, &c. — Emendat. ^«r <M 
13 3faitM 742. 



Die Sabbati, 5 ApriHs, 1707- 

LXrV. Ordered, that if any Lord, at the hearing of a cause, be Ml 
on one of the benches, the Lord Chancdlor shall stop prucecdiiiip 
until such Lord take his place ou one of the swd benches. — Ent^per 
Ord,2SJHnii, 1715. 




LXV. It is declarwl, by the Lords spiritual and tem|X)ml in 
mcnt assembled, that the privilege of the Nobility concerning 
freedom of their senrants and followers from arrests doth extend to 
all their menial servants, and those of their family, as also tbooe 
employed necessarily and properly abont their estates, as well as their 

This freedom to l>egin twenty days before the retnm of the writ of 
summons in the beginning of every Parhauient, and to continue twenty 
days before and after every session of Parliament, except in such 
cases wherein other provision hath been made by an Act of Parlia- 
ment passed in the 12th and t3th years of the reign of his late 
Majesty King William the Third, entitled. An Act for Preventing 
any Inconveniences that may happen by Pririlege of Parliament. 

All the Lords are to be vcr)- careful on this point, and remember 
the ground of this privile^'c, which was only in respect they ohould 
not be (i}stmcte<l by the trouble of their ftcrvRnta from attending the 

eicner ny uimseu or uy an icncr, or oy some mess 
House, upon hia honour, that the pcreoa arrested is within 
of the priviU'ge before expressed- 
the particulars, they must be left to the judgment of the 
1^ the particular cases shall coroc in question, nlierctn the 
Ifents not all ueans, as well by oath or nithont, to find out 
'nature of the semint's quality in his Lord's semce ; and, 
, if by the House it be adjudged contrary to the true intent, 
r whatsoe\'cr must not find it strange if in such case both 
suffer reproof as the House shall think fit, and his eervant 
benefit by the prii-Ucjre, but pay the fees : whereas the 
the kingdom must be preferred before any pergonal respect, 
to be spared that ihall offend after so fair a warning. — Per 
Mw, i^2A^—Emendat, 22 JufUi, 1/15. 


ZKf MtTCurii, 24 Martii, 1696. 

I. Ordered, that no common AlU>mcy or Solicitor, though 
!d by any Peer or Lord of this House, shall \->c allowed 
e of Psu-liament. And that this order be entered, &c. 







Die Venerit, 30 Apriiis, 1675. 

LXXI. Ordered, that no oath shall be imposed by any Bill« «r 
othcmisi*, upiiii the Peers, with a penalty, in case of refusal, to km 
their places and votes in Parliament or liberty of debates thenla. 
And llmt this order be added, 8cc. 


Die Mercurii, 3 Julii, 1678. 

LXXI I. llic I^rds spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembkd 
dodedarc. that in all cases wherein it is neccssan' to examine uitoesRes 
M ptrpetmam ret memoriam, it shall not be taken to be a breach of 
privilege of Parliament to file a Bill n^ainBt » Peer in timr of Parlue 
went, nnd tjike out nsnal proce&s for thai yuryofte only. And it ia 
ordered, that thh declaration be addcA, 8>tc. 

Die Jovis, 23 Novembris, 1 693. j 

LXVITI. It is resolved, and this day ordered, that this House «iU 4 

not receive any petition for protecting their Majesties' servants. Aad ^ 

that this order be added, &c. i 


LXDC. Ordered, the goods of privileged persons taken in cxecatios 

are to be re-delivered and freed, as well as their persons-— Per OnL ^ 

8 Afoij, 1628. I 



LXX. Ordered, that the Nobihty of this kingdom and Lords of the 
Upper Hoasc of Parliament, whether they be plaintiflfs or defeodaatt^ Z 
are of ancient right to answer or be examined in all Courts upoa 
protestation of honour only, and not upon the common oath. — Per 
Ord, GMaii, 1628. ? 




ru*uic A BILL IN saviTT, vriTHorT FRooxiSy NO BRKAca or 


Die Lwuc, 14 Decetitbr'a, 1696. 

LXXm. Ordered, that tlie filing an original or any Bill in pqnity 
vitboQt acrrice of any letter or process thereupon, within time of 
pririlq^ of ParlUmeot, against any Lord of this House, shall not be 
Ulcea to be a breach of privilege of Parliament. And that this order 

added, &c. 


Die Jovis, 12 Novemhris, 1685. 

LSJUV. The Lord Marquess of Halifax reported that the IjOrds' 
C«auiutteea for Privileges, to whom it was referred to consider 
vMImt pririlege of peerage shall be allowed to any Peer of this 
Hmk, wherein he is only a tmatee, have ordered him to report it as 
the opnnoB of that Committee, that pririle^ of Parliament ought 
BoC to be allowed to Peers in cases where they are only trustees ; 
irUci opinion the House confirmed, and ordered the same to be eu- 
tcrrd aj a Standing Order of this House. 


Die Sabbati, 29 -ff/riVw, 1699. 

Resolved and declared, that no Peer or Lord of this House 
pmik^ whereby any stop or hindrance may or can be pven 
to tke p f o f ia g the will of any person whatsoever. And that this 
order be added, &c. 


Die Marti$, 21 Februarii, 1692. 

'L Ordered and declared, tlmt i)rivilege of Parliament shall 
allowed to minor Peers, Noblewomen, or widows of Peers 
[aring their right of peerage]. 



And it i» fnrtlicr ordered, that if the widow of any Peer shall he 
married to a Commoner she shall not be allowed pri\ilege of peerage. 
And that this order be added^ &c. 



Die Luna, 27 Fcbruarii, 1698. 

LXXVII. Resolved, that it is a breach of the privilege of tlus 
House for any person whatsoever to print, or publish in print, uj 
thing relating to the proceedings of this Honsc, without the leavoitf 
this House. And it is ordered, that this resolution be added, &c 
and set on the doors of this House. 


Die Jovisj 1 1 Januarii, 1699* 

LXXVTIL Ordered^ that tn case of complaint by any Lord of 
this House of a breach of privilege, whereupon any person shall be 
taken into custody for the fulnrc ; if the House, upon cxamioation 
of the matter complained of, sludl judge tlie same to be no brcacli dL 
privilege, the Lord who made the eom[daint shall pay tl>c fees and 
cxi>cn6es of the person so taken into custody. 


And it is further ordered, that no person shall t)c taken into cus- 
tody u{M>u such couipluiut of a breach of privilege, but upon oath 
mode at the Bar of this House. (Se€ Order CX.J 


LXXIX. No Lord of this House shall be capable of receiving 
above two proxies, nor more to be uutubcrcd in any cause voted. 
—PerOrd. 25 Feb. 162.'). 
A /I proxies from a spiritual Lord B\\a\\ be m%dt U> ». «^r\taal Lord, 
aotf from a temportd Lord to a IcmpoToi ViOTd. — Per Ori. I\>. 



LXXX. If m Peer, having leave of the King to be absent from 
ParVuuneDl, gircs his proxy, and afterwards siu again in the House, 
his axniag and sitting ag;uu in the House doth determine that proxy. — 
Per Ord. 25 AprU'a, 1 626. 


UCXXI. If a Peer having leave to be absent makes bis proxy 
and retnrns, be cannot make a new proxy without new leave. — Per 
Ord. lb. 


Dk Martin, 11 Jvnii, 1689. 

LXXXII. The Clerk of tlie Parliaments, in pursuance of the order 
Ifeslerdayr showed several instances where proxies have been used is 

slnDawies to private caoses. It is ordered, that proxies may be 
■kaed m todi pnihmiuary cases, but not in giving judgment; and 
Ihat dkis order be added, &c. 


Die Mortis, 15 Martii, 1697. 

LXXXIIL Ordered, that no proxy for the future shall be made 
of in any judicial cause in this House, although the proceedings 
by way of Bill. And that this order be added, &c. 


Dif Lwue, 1 1 Februarii, 1 694. 

LXXXIV' The Mouse this day taking into consideration whether 

•B Lord TDting iu the question, and having a proxy, is obliged to give 

vote in res|)ect of sucli proxy j It is ordered^ that a Lord having 

proxy and voting in the question, such Lord ought to give a vote 

(hat proxy, in case proxies be called for. And it is ordered, 

lat ttuB order be oddeJ!, &.c. 





Die Sabhati, 20 Martii, 1696. 

LXXXV. Ordered, that the proxy of no Lord shall be entered 
Ihb same day on which he has been present in tlie i louse, and tint 
no proyy entered in the book after three of the clock Hhall be made 
use of the snme day» in any question > and that the Clerks give an 
account thereof to the House. — Entr. per Ord> 16 Janaarii, 1/02. — 
Emendat.per Ord. 19 Mmi, 1813. 



I^XXXVI. The order concerning the precedency granted to tbe 
£arl of Banbury^ before divers other Lords of an ancicnter creatino, 
which is to l>e read at the t)eg;inning of every sr&sion ; — vU. the 
Lords of this Parliament having under9t<x>d by the Lords' Committees 
for the Pririlegcs of the House, that they are clearly of opinion tbe 
Act of Parliament 31 Henry VllL is most strong and plain for the 
settling the precedency of the Peers according to their ancicnty and 
times of creation, have, ujwu full and dehbcrate hearing and d- 
nmining the said Act in ever)' part in open House^ adjudged, and do 
adjudge and declare, the said Act of 31 Henry Vlll. to be full and 
direct in the point, to enjoin every Peer upon new creation to bare 
place according to the time of his creation and date of his letters 
patent, and no otherwise. And every other ancient Peer to hold his 
place according to his antiquity and creation, and no otherwise, nnlesi 
it be in case of such persons and in such places as the said Act doCk 
particularly mention ; and whereas His Majesty was pleased to scad 
a gracious message to this House, to let us know tliat it was nevrf 
his intention to innovate any thing in that kind, or by that particular 
creation to win any |)Ower contrary to law or ancient costom io 
matter of placing any one before the other : but tliat His Majesty 
having resolved to confer that dignity on that noble person at tlie 
same time with the others then advanced, he being the first in quaCtj 
of tlicni, was consequently to have had the first creation } but bciny 
at that time casually forgotten, and His Majesty afterwards r^ 
mcmbcred of hira, he did bnt assign him that rank which at first was 
intended, \%ithoui the least thought ot injutln^ in the present, or 
crer to do the like in future. A* ako H'vs ^VAJe%t^ ^kivt^V^ia m\i^v 

pn lie conienica (loc tiorus pamcniariy tnieresiefl m 
mcf haruig first given their consents) that the said Lord 
I the same place as he now stands entered, for his life only, 
I place of precedent)- not to go to his heirs ^ with this proviso, 
I not iu the least di^grcc be bronght into example to prc- 
andoabted right of the Peers according to the full judg- 
nccd J and with this solemn protestation, that its His 
been pleased to promise he will never in the future seek 
the precedency settled according to the antiquity of the 
zny sort, so the Lords will never upon any occasion here- 
war to any precedency, though but for life or temporary, 
t impugning or contradicting this judgment, grounded 
aforesaid Statute, delivered a]>on so great and sound dc- 
ami ad^nce, with a general consent ; which they have caused 
and enrolled, and which bhnll be read at the beginning 
ion in open House amongst the orders. — Per. Ord* 


Die Latkg, 21 Julii, 1663. 

JLXV1IL Upon report from the Committee for Privileges 
iHe Ibe introdnctioD of Lords bv descent into the House of 



Bhali desire tlie same. Resolved, that these votes be eutered mA 
affixed to the geucral roll of Orders of tlie Hoiue of Peers, to pre* 
vCDt all questions or claims of this kind for the fnture. 


Die Mttrtb, 2S Junii, 1715. 

LXXXIX. Onlcred, that every Peer of this realm claiming by 
virtue of a s]}ecial limitatiou tu remainder, and not claimiug bf 
deacentj shall be introduced. 


Die JovtSf 2 Martii, IGfi-l. 

XC. Upon report from the Lords* Committee for Privileges, thU 
in pursuance of the first part of tlie orders of the 2Uh of FcbnH|| 
hist, directed to tlie Committee upon the reading of a Rill for rcBlar- 
ing ^ir Charles Stanley iu blood, it was ascertained that the nid 
Bill began in the House of Commons ; and it appearing by the i^ 
cords of Purliament that all Bills for tlic restitution in blood oagb^ 
before they be admitted and received in Parliameat (upon bumble 
petition), to have the King's allowance for presenting tlie said Billi^ 
and tlmt tlicn they are to be prosecuted and begun in the Houae <rf 
Peers. Contrary to which privilege tlicrc having been errors eoiH 
mitted by reason of beginning some Bills of this nature in the 
Lower House ; oar late Sovereign King Jame« ^-as pleased to take 
notice thereof openly, giving admonition to both Houses conecnuag 
one Act (namely, for Restitution of Rowland Merrick iu blood), that 
no such Act of Restitution from thenceforth should be proceeded 
withal in Parliament, till the same were first allowed and sigued bf 
the King -f and that then it ought to begin first in the Higher Hoih9| 
whereof his said Majesty did expressly will an ob8er>'fttion mid !•• 
meuibraitce to be made. Notwithstanding which rule, by reaMO •! 
the interruption of the regular and parlininentary way of procec£q|S 
occasioned by the late tumultuous times, whereby Sir Oi&rlcs SCaaky 
and bis counsel have been mistaken in the prop<T way of brioging 
a Biii for the restitution of blood into the Parliament, the Lonb 
apiritual and temporal iu Parliament. ajUA^rnVkV:^ 4o i^r^^W^., ^^oatt. 

f aitiioagb 
I with the 


they hare been pleased to receive the aaid Bill, yet it u 
jxwitii-e resolution, that, for the futnrc, no such Act of resti- 
tution ah»ll be proceeded withal in Parliament, till the same be first 
aUorwed and «igued by the King's Majt'sty ; and that then it shall 
begm hnt in the House of Peers j and that to this purpose the said 
iCMlatioD of this House, conformable to the orders of the 22d and 
27th of ^(ay, in 3 Jacobi. 1606, be entered upon the roll of the Stand- 
io^ Orders of this HooBC. 


Die Jovis, 23 Maii, 1678. 

XCl. Ordered, that tlie Lorda' Sub-Comraittees for Privileges and 
Pcxwal of tb« JouruaJ-bookj have hereby power given them to cxa« 
mnch of the Journal-book of this House as was left uuck- 
at the last prorogation, and they are hereby empowered 
fnxther onlcr. ^\nd that for the future the said Ijords* 
SibCoamttees are hereby empowered to meet after every session 
for exBBUiiuig of so much of the Journal-book as shall be left unex- 
aaiined at the time of the ending of such session^ without any fur- 
ther iirrfer,^ — Sni. per Ord. 9 Novembria, 1 585. 


Die Mercurii, 19 Martii, 1678. 

3CC11. Whereas, by an Act passed in the 30lh year of his now 
M^eety'i reign, entitled, " An Act for the mure eflcctual prebGr\'ing 
the Kiafr'ft Person and Government, by disal>Ung Papists from sitting 
in cither House of Parliaraent," all and every the Peers of this 
realm are to take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and make 
and nberribe the declaration in the said Act contained, in such man^ 
ner ai therein is directed : now for preventing intermption of de- 
hates by the late coming in of I^ords to take the said oaths, and make 
I Ukd BBbscribe the said declaration, — It is ordered, that such Peers 
I Bf haffV BOt taken the said oaths and subscribed the srud declaration, 
\ taA come to the House with an intent to do the same, are to be prc- 
^^Kt for that parpofie at the Srst fitting of the House j and it is fuT- 
HK- ordered^ thst this onhr be added, Ac- 




^ Die Veneris, 22 Maii, 1685. 

lCIII. Ordered, that no Lord under the age of twenty-one Jt^^ 
1 be permitted to sit in this House. And it is further order 
', this be added, &c. 

Die Mercurii, 20 Aprilis, 1698. ^ 

CCIV. Ordered, that for the future it be a general instractioo * ' 
[Committees who shall meet upon priA^ite Bills, that lliey take... 
ic€ of the consent of any person to the pnssitig sucli Bill, wA^ 
\i person ap[iear before them, or that there be an affidant of Vi' 
ions made, that he or she is not able to attend, and doth coiW 
he said Bill ; and that when any Committee shall be appoin^^ 
\ private Bill, notice thereof be affixed on the doors of this Hm 
rteen days before the meeting of the said Committee. .\nd t 
i order l)c added, &c. 


f «ie< ^ 

■ Die Jovis, 7 Decembris, 1 C99. 

lev. Ordered, that for the future no private Bill shall be brooj 
» this House until the House be informed of the matters tber 
tained, by petition to this House for leave to bring in such ^ 
J that this order be added, &.c. 


Die Venerisy 1(> Novembris, 1705. 

CCVI. Ordered, that for the future no private Bill shall be ft' 
:his House a second time, until printed copies thereof be left ie* 

Clerk of the Parliaments for the perusal of the Lords, and 4^^^^^ _^ 
I of the said copies shall be delivered to every person that rtjh. r^ '*'^3 
concerned in the said Bill, before the meeting of the Commir ^" 

m sueh Bill ; and in case of infancy, to be delivered to the gny 
a or next relation of full age, not concerned in interest in pasakc' 

said Bill. And that tbb order be addedj &c. — Emendat.per (h 
Maii, 1/42. , 


«icyi.Tt;sBS TO pktitioks fob private billb. 

Dk Sabbati, 1 6 Febmarii, I "05. 

Odkred, that, for the future, all parties concerned in 
«f any private Bills sliall eign the petition that 
sach private Bill into this House. 



that n'ben a petition for a pri\-atc Bill shall be 

Hoose, it ehall be referred to two of the Judges, who 

tD BRinmoa all parties before them who may be con- 

Bill i and after hearing all the parties, and perusing 

to nrport to the Houtie the state of the catte, and their 

^J ander their hands, and are to sign the said Bill. 

ethod to be observed as to pri\'atc Bills that arc brought 

lioose of Commons, before the second reading of such 

L copy of the said Bill, signed by the Clerk, to the 


CI Otfkred, tliat in all cases where trustees shall be appointed 
[pmie Bill, the Committee to whom the said Bill is referred 




CII. Ordered, that for the fnture. when any private Bill fihall be 
sent by tht* House to a Committee, there be at the same time tnoi* 
mitted to tliem a copy of these orders now made, aiul of all 
standing orders of the House then in force, relating to the 
private BxWs.—Ent, per Ord. 19 Feb. i;05. 




Die Mercurii, 18 Decembrh, 1706. 

nil. T\\c House being informed, that upon the reference c 
tions for private Bills to the Judges^ pursuant to the standing 
of this House, there arises some difficulty as to the cxamtnation 
oath of the persons who are produced before them to prove the' 
as to the merits of such Bills ; It is ordered, that upon the 
cnee of any private Rill to !he Judges^ as aforesaid, the Jn- 
whom the said Bill shall be referred (unless the same shall 
ferred to the Judges of those parts of the Uuited Kingdom 
Scotland or Ireland) shall send to this House a list or lists of 
persons' names as are to be sworn in relation to such Bill, and 
they shall be thereupon SM-om at the Bar of this House, in or< 
be examined by the Judges upon such (»ath, in relation to su 
before them. — Ent, per Ord, 20 Dec, 1706. — Emendai. per 
Decembris, 1801. 


Die Veneris, 28 Aprilis, I ^0% 

CIV. Ordered, that for the future no motion shall be ^;na^ 
making any order of this House a standing order, or for di 
wth a standing order of this Honse, the same day it is made, 
before the House shall be summoned to consider of the said 
And this to be added to the roll of Standing Orders. 



Die Veneris, 21 Febntarii, 1717. 

CV. Ordered, that m all eases ojjOu u-riU of error depending hi 
this Hook, when diminution shall be at any time alleged, and u 
C^rUortri prayed and au'arded, before in nuUo est erratum pleaded, 
the Clerk of the Parliaments shall, upon rc<|ucst to him made, give a 
certificate that diminutioD is so alleged, and n Certiorari prayed and 
airarded thereupon. Ordered, that this order be entered, &c. 


Die Veneris , 15 Januarit, 1719. 

Ordered, that when, upon an appeal to tliis House, an order 

for the respondent to ansner tlierctu by n time limited, and 

13 put in by that time, upon proof made of due ser^'icc of 

ifodi order, a peremptory day shall be appointed for putting in the 
without any further notice to be given to the respondent. — 

EMt,per Ord. \0 Januarti, 1719- 


Die Mortis, '29 Martii, 1720. 

Ordered, that such ap|M-als as have been presented during 
I, to which answers have been, or shall be, put in during 
aod for hearing whereof no day hath been, or shall be, 
ited in tliis sessiou, and all such appeals as shall be presented 
■B^ Bidsequcnt session, to which answers shall be put in, during 
the fane cesnon, and for hearing whereof no day shall be np|>ointcd 
IB soch aettioa ; If neither the appellant nor respondent shall apply 
to this Hoose within eight days (to be accounted from and after the 
day of the next session or meeting of Parliament) for a day for 
auch appeals, the same shall stand dismissed ; but without 
ejttdice to the appelLints presenting any new appeals thereafter^ as 
shall be advised. — Emendai, per Ord, 5 Aprilis^ 1734. 


Ordered, tbBt such appenh as hare been presented d\im\ft 
r. to ^6,ch no aru^^rera may huye bpen or shaU be put 



during this session, and all such appeals as shall be presented In any 
subsefiueut session, to which no answers have been or shall be pat lu 
dnrlng tlie same session ; if neither the appellant, witliin eifi:bt davt 
(to be accounted froin.aml after the first day of the next session «r 
meeting of Parliament), shall apply to this House to ap])oint a per* 
emptory day to answer, nor the res|>ondent put in an answer wiUm 
the said eight days, such ap|>eals shall stand dismissed, but withoal 
prejudice to the appellants presenting auy new appeals tbercaftcr^ m 
they shall be advised. 


CIX. Ordered, that when any answer to an appeal shall be 
in for the future, the Clerk to whom it shall be dcUvered do i 
diatcly endorse thereon the day on which such answer is brought in ; 
and that the names of the parties answering and to whose appeals 
such answers are put in. be the same day entered in the Journal of 
this House. — Ent. per Ord. 5 /fprilis, 1720- 



Die Veneris, 3 Junii, 1 720. 

ex. The House (according to order) proceeded to take into 
sidcration the standing order of the eleventh of January, 1699, whicK 
requires oath of a breacli of privilc^ to be mnr!e at the Tlar of this 
House, in order to the taking auy person into custody ; and the ta nc , 
being read, this explanation of and addition to the said order W^^| 
made, viz.: That the same is to be understood only of breaches i^i 
privilege committed in Great Britain, but that oath made by affidavit 
in writing of a breach of privilege committed in Ireland may be suffi- 
cient ground to take into custody the person thereby proved to tun 
been guilty of such breach of privilege, though no oath be iBRds 
thereof at the Bar of this House. Ordered, that the said expUaatiOR 
and addition be entered, &c. 


Die Luna. 19 DecmbrU, \7*W. 
'CXl Upon report from the Lm^s' C«tfvm^tv««* '^VV^^^*^ ^ 

r this Hoase, and ttiOM leacUug tbenrunto, particularly to tbe 
I ChAmber, sUa]! be kept shut, and uo person whatsoever 

tJic Lords and assistanta of this House, the eldest sons of 
bo hiiTe a right to ait and vote in this House, and the officers 
tidaots thereto belonging] shall be suflVred to rome within 
« of this House, other than the Master of the Ceremonies, 
k as be shall eertify the Lord Great Chamberlain to he foreign 
s, or other foreigners of distinction ; nor shall any ladies or 
permitted Co come into the House at any of the doors, unless 
wd doth move the House for such by name : — And, on the &rst 

cession, none but sitch as shall apply by name to the Lord 

tluunberlain. or his Deputy, and be admitted by his Lordship's 
I|b: — And that no person whatsoever do presume to stand 
throne, or steps thereof, but such as carry His Majesty's 
shall stand behind the chair; and tliose that bear the re- 
pn the second step of the throne. 

foti snch days as His Majesty shall come publicly to this 
e Painted Chamber, and lobby leading from it to the 
all, by the care of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, 
Usher, and doorkeepers, be kept clear from footmen, and 
pcnons [except such gentlemen and servants as attend the 
their robes]. And that no person be covered when sny 
there ; and also thitt the Knight MarduJ's Men appointed 



to this House and >Ve^tmtn8tcr Hall, the first (lay of every Bcssioaof 
Parliament — Emendat, per Ord. '^2 Februarii, 1 733. 


Die Mercurii, 25 Januaru, 1 720. 

CXII. Orderedj that when aii order of the day is appointed to be 
read, for taking any public business into consideration, the Lord oo 
the woolsack do stop the reading of the order till the House shiU 
be cleared of all persons that have no right to be in the House, when 
sitting, if any such shall be there at that time. — Efit, per Ord. 
Jan. 1720. 



Die Mercurii, 31 Januani, 1721. 

CXin. Notice being taken, that the works, lives, and last wi 
of dWcrs Lords of this House have been frequently printed im 
fectly, and published after their deatlis, without the direction or con 
sent of the heirs, executors, administrators, or trustees of such Lords j 
It isj therefore, resolved and declared, that if, after the death of any 
Lord oftlds House, any person presume to publish in print his works, 
or any part i>f them not published in liia life-time, or his life, or last 
will, without consent of his heirs, executors, administrators^ or tnts* 
tees, the same is a breach of pri^ ilege of this Honse* 

Ordered, that the said resolution and declaration be entered, 
and printed and pabhshed, and nJhxed on the doors of this House, to 
the end all persons that may be therein concerned may the be 
take notice of the same. 




■ Die Martin, 27 Februarii, 1721. 

CXIV. Ordered, that such Lords as shall make protesUtioo, 

I enter their dissents from any voles of this House (as they have a 
to do without asking leave of tlie House, cither with or without their 
reasons), shall cause their protest^ition, or dissents, to be entered in 
tAe Cierk'a book, the next sitting dn\ ot tVwa House, Xxfew the hour 
tf^ t^o o'clock, otherwise the same eVi^ not \sc cxvWvs^.mA *W\ 



surn the same before the rising of the Hoa»c the same d^y»^Emi. 
per Ord, 3 Sfartii, 1721. 


Die Jovis, 6 Fcbrvarii, 1 7*23. 

CXV- Ordered, that the Clerk-Aasistant, and other Clerks offi- 
ctatbig at the table of this Hoiise (except the Clerk of the Parlia- 
() sball not be at aoy time suspcuded, or removed from their 
employments, wilhout the order of the House. — £«/. per 
Ord, to Fr6. XTZ^.—Emendai, per Ord. 5 Februariiy 1825. 


Die Martis, 25 Februarn, 1723. 

CXVl, The order of the day being read for taking into consid 
tioQ the several lists of certificates of written protections deliv 

at the Bar, by the Secondaries of the two Compters in 
the Under Sheriff* of Middlesex, and the High fiaJlifT of 
?r, which arc entered in their respective offices : and the 
officers attending were called in, and the standing order of this 
of the 15th of April, 1712, in relation to written protections, 
read, they were severally examined as to their knowledge of 
order, as also tonehing the manner or method of their enter- 
written protections, and then they were directed to withdraw, 
the following order and declaration was made. 
hdered and declared, that all the said written protections are 
Slid void, and all other protections, which shall be at any time 
given contrary to the said standing order, shall be taken to 
DoU aad void ; and that no Sheriff, Under Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, 
or other officer, whose duty it is to issue any legal process, 
eiecntc the same, or cause the same to be executed, shall receive 
aOov, or have any regard to, or make any entry in bis office, of 
ly written protection which is or shall f>e signed, or pretended to 
signed, by any Lord of tliis House : but that nothing herein coa- 
ted shall be nndenstood in any sort to derogate from the ancient 
[e of the Lords of Parliament, with respect to their menial ser- 
aud those of their family ; as alno those employed nece&sarWv 
■properly aboai their vvtatcs, as welt as their persons ; Of lo C\- 
>««■ /*> ^rrwr^ tA^e »rAo are really sen^ts to them, as fiforeSAld — 
A-^.j^ Or^. 29rei, fy-J. ^^. ^c^rSee Order LXVII.) 





Die Veneris, 18 Dectrmbris, 1724. 

CXVII. Ordered, that, in all causes on appeals, or write of error, 
appointed to be Iioard in this House, the appellants and respondent*, 
the plaintiffs and defendants, or their rcsjx;ctivc agents, or solicitors, 
do, for the future, deliver to the Clerk of the Parliaments, or Clerk- 
Assistant, to be distributed to the Lords of this House, the printed 
cases upon sucli appeals or writs of error, at least four days before 
the hearing of the same ; and that no other or different cases in aay 
such causes be at any time afterwards printed or delivered. And H 
is further ordered, that this order be forthwith printed and afHxcd 
on the doors of this House and Westminster Hall, to the cud, &c — 
EnLper Ord. 12 Jan. i/'lA.—Emendat per Ord. 28 Feb, 1764. 


Die Jovist 24 MartU, 1723. 

rXVni. Ordered, that no petition of ap}>ca] from any decree 
sentence of any court of equity in £ng;land or Ireland, or of any 
in Scotland, before this time signed and enrolled or extracted, shaH 
be received by this House after five years, to \)c accounted from tlie 
cxpinition of this present session of Parliament, and tlie end of Uw 
next session ensuing the said five years ; nor bhall any pebboB 
of appeal, from any decree or sentence of any of the said courts, to ba 
hereafter signed and enrolled- or extracted, be received by this HoBac^ 
after five years from the signiufr and enrolling, or extracting^ of anck 
decree or sentence, and the end of fourteen days, to be accoafit<<4 
from and after the first day of the session or meeting of Parliament, 
Dcxt ensuing the said fi\'e years -, unless the person entitled lo eocli 
appeal be witliin the age of one and twenty- years, or covert, aoa 
comfjw mentis, im])risoncd, or out of C*reat Britain and Iruland : in 
which case, such jicrson shall and may be at liberty* to bring his or her 
appeal for reversing any such decree or sentence at any time within 
five years next after his or her full age, liiscovcrture, cominjj of soond 
tnlmi, cnJargeaitmt out of prison, or cuw'in^ \nXo Ciccat Britain or Irc^ 

, /a»d{ and fotirt^vn days to be accouuled Uon\ mvAuIVcx \W ^\%\.*i:^ «A. 

the session or mrvtiug of Parlinment wcU c\i%\i\u^ vVn w*v\ ^vt v 


^^r& take into coast^ltrration matters rclatiug to tlie pro- 
^^H ippeKls and writa of cnor, It is ordered, that at the 
^^VonKSi for the futurCj one of the eouosc] for the appellants 
^B tir cuue ; then tlie evidence on tbeir side shall be readj 
Hnr, tbc other counsel for the appellants may make obsena- 
tbe cridmce; then one of the counsel for the respondents 
•ad the evidence on their aide to be re-ad ; after u hich 
kI for the respondents shull be heard, and one cooufiel 
ita to n^ly.^Snt. per Ord. 4 Martu, 1727. 


Die Mercurii, \7 Martii, 1/30. 

(Wcved, that no declaratioD made by any Lord of thu 

't wtittf of his privilege^ sbaU be construed to be a waiver 

vnksi it be ia writing signed by himself, or unless such 

lbs Bade in person openly in this House. — Ord* 22 Mttrtu, 


Die Vntris, 25 FebruarH, 173U 

tliat all the Lords who shaU come to any Com- 
shaU be of that Committee. — EtU. per Ord* 29 



ing in of answers to appeals; It is ordered and declared, that 
ipon an ap(>eal to this House, an order hath been or shall be 8 
or the rcs]M)ndcnt or resjwiidcnts to answer thereto by a time II. 
r the session of Fiu'Haiacut^ wherein such order huth been or si 
lade, shall detcrininc before tbe time so limited fur answering 
xpircdj and no answer shall be put in during the same session^ 
f such order upon tlie respondent to such appeal, by the spac^ 
ive weeks at least before the first day of the tlieu next session^ 
te deemed good sernec; and the appellant may apply to this f%» 
or a peremptory day for putting in llie answer in case Uic reifpotzh.* 
hall not put in bis answer within three days, to be computed fro 
irst day of the next session of Parliament. And it is further orc3 
hat this order and declaration be entered^ &c. and aifixcd o 
loors of this House and Westminster HalL 

lfpcals to bk ukarp, 


Die Jovis, 8 Junii, 1 749- 
CXXIV. Uiwn report from the Lords' Committees appointee - 
fonsider of the standing order of this House of the 5th of April, I J 
D relation to the hearing of appeals left undetermined in a fon 
cssion, and what alterations or amendments are proj>er to l>e m 
herein, in order to render the same more effectual ; It is ordci 
hat all finch appeals aa have been presented^ for hearing whei 
lays have been appointed during this session, which shall not 
letermined in this seission ; and all sucli appeals as shall be preaeni 
or hearing, whereof days shall he appointed in any subsequent sesst* 
vhieh shall not be determined in the same session, shall be heart] : 
letermined In the beginning of next session of Parliament, in the&ai 
trder and course as tbey sliall stand to be heard at the end of 
iny future session, without any new application to this H 
Lppoiut a day for hearing the same : and that such of the said 
IS shall stand hrst to be heard at the end of this or any future scsai 
if Parhamcnt shall stand to be heard upon the Wednesday in t 
reek next after that week in which any subsequent session of V% 
lament shall begin j the second upon the Friday following, and tl 
bird ujKm the Monday foUovnug; and from thence the rest of the aft, 
iplNialSj in course, ui>on every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday, iinl,** 
haf shaii be all heard and determined ; and that in cose any 



p^pnl shall not be adjoaroed by order of this House, made before the 

ly- oa vrbicb the sainc is hereby a|fpointed to be heard, aod the party 

parties on one side sbail attend by their counsel^ and the parties 

the other side shall not attend by their couiise], on tht' ssdd day 

tpoasted for bearing thereof; sueh appeal shall be heard er parte: 

in case nexUier of the said parties to such ap|>cal shall attend by 

mourJ on the said day appointed for bearing thereof^ then sueh 

shall stand absolutely dismissed; but without prejudice in this 

le to the appellant or appellants presenting any new appeal 

', in such manner as the appellants might have done in case 

former appeal had not been presented to this Hoose^ as he or 

shall be adnscd. 

Ordered, that the standing order aforementioned be vacated and 

roid; and that this order be substituted instead thereof, and de- 

to be a Standing Order ^ and that it be entered, &e. and affixed 

the doors of this House and Westminster Hall. (See Orders 



Die Mercurii, S Jttnii, 1757. 
CXXV. Ordered and deckrcd, that no Peer or Lord oCParliauient 
th privilege of peerage or of Parliament against being compelled by 
of the courts in Westminster Hall to pay oK'dicnce to a writ 
hoheoM corpus directed to him : and it is further ordered^ that this 
and declaration be entered, &c. 


Die Mercuril, 1 9 Mail, 1 762. 
CXX\n. Upon the report made from tlie Lords' Committees ap- 
nnted to take into consideration the roll of standing orders of this 
I, in relation Xo the standing order of the Kith of February, 
1705, Xow C, it is ordered, that where a Bill i* brought in to em- 
aaypenonto sell or dispose of lands in one place, and to bay or 
IbikIs is another place, the Committee to whom such Bill shall 
lefemad do take care that the values be fully made out ; and if the 
shaO not be for making a new purchase, but only for settling 
lands in lieu of those to be sold, in that case provision shall be 
in the Bill, that such other hnds be »ctUed accordingly : bat kf 
BiU *ha2/ Ac to putcbssc and settle othi:r iands, in that case t\\C 


Committee are to take care that there be a binding agreement pro- 
duced for such new purchase ; or if it sliall be made to appear to the 
CommitU'c that such ngreement cannot then be made, or thftt sodi 
purchase cannot then be made and settled a9 desired by the Bill, and 
the Committee shall then be satisfied with the reasons alle^^ for 
either of those puqioses; in either of theac cases, provision shall be 
made in the BUI that so much of the money arising by sale of the 
lands directed to be sold, as is to be laid out in a new pnrchase, shafl 
be paid by the purchaser or purchasers into the Bank of England, n 
the nanie and with the privity of the Accomptant-Genernl of the High 
Court of Chancery, to be placed to liis account there, ex pmie the 
purchaser or purchasers of the estate of the person or persons meti- 
tioncd in the title of the said Bill, pursuant tu the method prescribed 
by the Act of the 12th year of King George I. chap. 32. and the 
general orders of the said Court, and without fee or rexrard, according 
to the Act of the 1 2th year of George H. chap. 24,, and shall, wh«B 
BO [mid in, be laid out in the purchase of Navy, Victualling, or Ei- 
chcquer bills. And it is further ordered^ that the interest arising from 
the money so Jaid out in the said Navy or Victualling billa, or Ex- 
chcfjuer bills, and the money received for the same, as they shall he 
respecti^•ely paid off by Govemment, shall be laid out in the itaino of the 
said Accomptant-(Jeneral in the purchase of other Navy or VlctoaUii^ 
or Exchequer bills: all which said Na\-3',andVictualUng,ftod£xcliei]aar 
bills shall be deposited in the Bank, in the nnuic of the said Accomptjul- 
Gcneral,nnd shall there remain uutil a proper purchase or purchases be 
found and approved, as shall be directed by such Bill, and until the 
same shall (upon a petition setting forth such approbation, to be 
preferred to the Court of Chancery in a summary May, by the peraont 
to be named in the Bill), be ordered to be sold by the said Accooipt- 
ant-(ieneral, for the completing such purchase in such manner as the 
said Court shall think just and direct. And it is further ordered, 
that if the money arising by the sale of such Navy, Victualling, or 
Exchequer bills shall exceed the amount of the original pnrcfaaee 
money so laid out as aforesaid, then, and in that case only, the ear<^ 
plus which shall remain, after discharging the ex]>ense of the applt- 
cations to the Court, shall be paid to such person or persons reAped- 
ively aa would have been entitled to receive the rents and profits at 
the l»iid» directed to be purcliased* Vu cuft 1]K»t vunit V^vi been (wr- 


AaatA pravnaat to the Act, or to the representatives of sncb person 
or persons. — Ementiat. per Ord. \^ JutUi, 1795. 

On)exed, that the standing order before mentioned be vacated aod 
made void-, and tliat this order be substituted instead thereof, and 
dedaittd to be a Standing Order, &c. — Emendat, per Ord* 18 Martii, 
1777, rf \SJmi, 1795. 


ZHe Marlis, B Mariii, 1763. 
CXXl^H. Ordered, tliat for the future, if the respondent or 
icspoodeDta to any appeal dej^eudtng in this House shall be dobirous 
Id exhibit a cross appeal, they shall present the same within one week 
rftcr the aiwiver put in to the ori^nal appeal^ otherwise the same shall 
Ml be reodTcd. — Ent. per Ord, 10 MariVu \ 763. 



Die Veneris, 20 Martiu 1 767. 
CXXV1IL Ordered, that this House, or any Committee thereof, 
4^ BoC proceed to the hearing upon any claim to a title of honour, 
VDtiJ fourteen da)'s afler printed cases shall have been delivered, which 
I contain a pedigree and also an abstract of the proofn and authori- 
optm which such claim may be founded, together with the dates 
thexeof, and references where the same may be found. — Ent. per 
Ori. 24 Martii, \7(y7'—Emendat.per Ord. 6 Apriiis, 1824. 



Die Veneris, 18 Apriiis, 1788. 
* CXiA- Upon consideration of the report from the Lords' Com- 
DUCtecs for Privileges, to whom it was referred to consider of the rules 
and orders of this Honae for preserving order therein. It is orden-d. 
that for tliC future no person shall be in any part of the House during 
the nttiiig of the Hoose, except Lords of Parliament and Peers of 
Ae United Kingdom, not being meml>er8 of the House of Commons, 
and heirs apparent of such Peers or of Peeresses of the United King- 

• OnJcrCXS/X,, wkieh rv/emd to the detoeou of Pecffl, was rcvoUed OH ih« 



Horn in their own right, and such other persons as attend this HoaM 
as assistants ; and that this be added, &c. — Emendat. per OrJ. 
26Mttii, 1802.» 


Die Mercvrli, IG Maii, 1792. 
CXXXI. Ordered, that for the future, where a petition for a 
vate Bill conccniing estates in land or heritable 6ubjcct«, situate 
that part of Great Britain called Scotland, shall t>e oQcred to 
House, it shall be referred to two of tlie Judges of the Court 
Session in Scotland, who arc forthwith to summon all parties before 
them who may be concerned in the Bill ; and after faeariug aU the 
parties, and perusing the Dill, are to report to the House the state af 
the case, and their opinion thereupon, under their hands, and arc to 
sign the said Bill. The same method is to be observed as to pri 
Bills, concerning estates in land or heritable subjects situated iu 
part of Great Britain called Scotland, brought from the House 
Commons, before the second reading of such Bill, by sending a copy 
of the said Bill, signed by the Clerk, to two of the Judges of the Court 
of Session in Scotland, to whom such Bill shall be referred. 


e 0^^ 

;u la 


CXXXU. Ordered, that, for the future, all persons concerned 
the consequences of such private Bills as aforesaid, and who reside 
Scotland, may give their consent to the passing of such Bills hti 
two Judges of the Court of Session, to whom such private Bills 
aforesaid shall be referred; and the certificate of the said Judges, by 
which it shall appear that on a day and at a place to be therein ex- _ 
pressed, such person or persons did appear personally before ^he^fll 
and being aware of the interest they may have iu such Bill, did givv 
bis, her, or their, consent for him or themselves, and for those for 
whom, according to the law of Scotland, he, she, or the)-, may be 
entitled to consent, and did accept the trust proposed to be vested io 
biiu or tbem by the said Bill, and did in their presence sign a Bill 

'TJiU Order wu »u)MUtuU:d for t«oSiitU^ngOi^hotCtu'a^<AK\KAlwMiib« 
^4th ofSovembcr^ tJ07. 


firhich Billy together with the said certificate, mnst be protluccd)^ 
>lafl be held M sufficient cTidence of the consent of rucIi person or 
peraonft before any Committee of this House to whom the consickra- 
tioa of such Bill may be referred. 


CXXXIII. Ordered, that it be a general instniction to the Jud}^ 
irtio shall meet to take the consent of heirs of uulail concerned in the 
ooQieqaences of private BillSj relating to eatatea in Scotland, that they 
take DO Ddtice of the consent of any person to the passing of such Bill, 
onlesa each person appear before them, or that it be ninde muuifest to 
them bv an in&tmmcDt under the hand of a notary piihlic, duly exe- 
cated according to the forms required by the lau' of Scotland^ that he 
cff ^ i» not able to attend, and doth consent to the s^d Bill. 

Ordered, that the said orders be made Standing Orders, and that 
they be entered, ike,— Emendate per Ord. 24 Feb. l«06, 18 Feb. 
1817. If n Maii, 1824. 


Dk Luna, 11 Martii, 1/93. 
• CXXXIX. Ordered, that for the future, when any Bill shall be 
sent by this House to a Committee, there shall be, at the same time, 
tnmsmittcd to such Committee a copy of all the standing orders of 
the Hoose, then in force, relatiDg to the passing of such Bills ; and 
I toch Committee shall examine, in the first place, whether the said 
I ■pJcre httre, or have not, been complied with, and shall rejxirt the 
PJHRie to the Hodsc. — Ordered, that the said order, &c. — Ent. per 
r thd. 14 Maria, 1793.— Emendat. per Ord, SFebruarii, 1825- 


Die Merevrii, 28 Afartii, 1798. 

fCXLL Oidercd, that for the futare no petition for any hill of 
dirorce shall be presented to this House, unless an official copy of tlic 


VCR TWmu-«i bK ma Order of the Sth of Feb. 183a. 
/ efrda^ CXU wmt racated b/ mn Order of the 8tb i'cbruary, 1825 

TOnSnTTvorcc, the petitioner praying for the san 
in order to bis being examined at the Bar, i( 
6t» wliether there Ita^ or has not been any col 
rectly on his part, rebitive to any act of adulte 
committed by bia wife, or whether there be an 
indirectly between him and his wife, or any ot 
toucliiug the &aid bill of divorce, or touching ai 
tence of divorce had in the Ecclesiastical Court 
ing any action at law which may hare been brou 
against any jicrson fur criminal conversation 
wife ; and also, whether, at the time of the ad 
petitioner complains, his wife was by deed or o 
sent living separate and apart from him, and re 
as in him licH from her conjugal duty, or whethe 
of such adultery cohabiting with him, and unde 
authority of him as her husband. Ordered, tha 
declared Standing Orders, and that they be ent 


Die Luna, 29 Aprilis, 1799 


oftke pelitMMMr, the Committee sball uot in aach case bo required 
to tike tlie consent of any of llic peraona in remainder, after tlic 
estate of such tenant in tail^ to the |»asst»g of such bill. 


CXLVI. Ordered, that in all private Bills, when any married or 
onmarried woman, or when any widow dcsire« to txinsent to the sale 
or exciiBiige of any estate iu which she may have an interest, or upon 
wbich she may be entitled to a jointure or rent char^> of any sort, 
or if sbe thaW desire to sell or otherwise difijmse of all or any part of 
soch joiatarej rent charge, or interest, tbc Committee shall require, 
Mi ooly ber own consent in person, but also that of her trustee or 


CXLVII. Ordered, that in all private Bills, when any estate is 

I y,,,.,L. to 1)e sold or exchanged, on which tlie whole or any |Mirt of 
^bihe fortone of any child or children is secured, or in which any soch 
^nbild or children hath or have an interest, the Committee shall take 
^■^ eoBfcnt of any such child or children, if he, she, or they, is or are 
^K^der R^, by his, her, nr their parents or gnardians ^ and if of age, 
^Vca tiie conACot of the trustee or trustees for auch child or cbildrcn 
tlatl alio be taken, as well as the personal consent of such party. 


CXLVII I. Ordered, that the consent of all trustees shall be re* 

mpenOD before the Committee, where any money is to pass 

tbe hands of any such trustees, whether fur jointure, pin 

nr, tke fortaoea of yoonger children, or any other interest what- 

; bolthe consent of trustees to preserve contingent remainders 

aUI not be necessary. 


CXLIX. Ordered, that when any of the parties interested in any 
Bill shall have power by Mich Bill to name a trustee in the 
rooiB of any tmaiec dyii^^ rea'^w^, or refusing to exercise his Irual, 
sAa// be made ia tiw BiU that each nrw f rustec shall be ay- 
i^arwithtbe npprobatiao of the Court of CTiaaccrv. 



I CL. Onlcred, that when a petition shall be presented to the Hooae 

I for any private Bill, notice shall be given to any persou belug a moct- 

Igagec upon the estate intCDded to be aflected by such Bill. 

' CL!. Ordered, that in any pri%"ate Bill for exchanging an cstatr in 

j settlement, and substituting another estate in lieu thereof, there shaD 

I be annexed to such Bill a schedule or sehedutes of sncli rc^pectif? 

estates^ showing the annual rent and the annual %'aluo thrrroT, taA 

also of the value of the timl)er growing thereupon ; and in all prink 

Bills for selHng a settled estate, and purchasing another esitate to be 

I eettlcd to the same uscsj there shall be annexed to such Bill a sdi^- 

dule or fichedulcs of such estates, specifying the annual rent thenoC 

■ and that every such schedule slmll be signed and proved u|)Ofi oath 

' by a stir\*eyor or other competent person^ before the Committee to 

whom such Bill shall be referred. 



CLII. Ordered^ that the Lord who shall be in the Chair of aCon> 

mittec, to whom any private Bill shall be committed, shall iUle to 

the House, when the report from such Committee is made, huw lu 

I the Orders of the House in relation to such pri\'atc Bill have or ban 

' not been didy complied with. 

Ordered, that these Orders shall be transmitted to the Committee 
to whom any private Bill shall be referred, for their guidance aad 
{ iufitructiou j and, that tho said Orders be de^^lared Standing Order*, 

I &c. 


Die Mercvrii, 22 Maii, 1799. 

CLIIf. Ordered, that where a Bill is brought in to em]r>ower any 
person to sell or dispose of lands in one place in that part of Cirat 
Britain called Scotland, and to buy or settle lands tn another place ii 
the Bald part of Great Britain catted ^oV\aTiA,\VkcCov!Xftiv\.vtK.\A\irl 
such Bill sbnU be referred do take care \\x«.V \\«t n Am-^k. Vst \>^^ 


oot ; and if the Bill shall not t)c for mnking a new parchnse, but only 

ftr Mttiing other lands in lieu of those to be sold, in that case pro- 

viaioD tWl be made in the Hill, that such other hinds be settled ac- 

Gorduglf ; bat if the Bill shall be to purchase aud settle other lands, 

in tliat cue the * >' are to take care, that there be a binding 

igiuaicul produL ..: .^;:cb new purchase; or if it sh:tll be made ap- 

pQff to the Committee that such agreement cannot then be made, or 

llkftt ssch purchase cannot then l>e made, and settled as desired by 

the Bin, and the Committee bhall l>c satiAfied with the reasons alleged 

for titkcT of tlioee par]>oscs, in either of those cases provision shall 

be made in the Bill that so much of the money arising by sale of 

the lands directed to be sold as in to be laid out in a new piirctmsc, 

tbaU be paid br the piirchnser or purchasers without fee or iTward 

btoteBmk of Scotlind, or Royal Bank of Scotland, or the Bank of 

theBntiBk Linen CnmjKiny in Scotland^ under the direction and by 

tlwaBtkcrity of the Court of Session, and in the name of the trus- 

taeamiied in the Act, and shall, wltcu so paid in, produce the high- 

ealiBlaRat that can be obtained for the same : and it is further or- 

derrd, that the intcrcfit arising from the money so paid in shall be 

laid cat la the name of the said tmstees, and shall annually accu- 

andbBc and be added to the principal sum itself to carr)- interest 

togetlMr, antil a pnspcr purchase can be found and approved, as shall 

bediiccted by such Bill, and until the same shall, ufiou a [>etition 

Mttbg forth aucb approbation, to be preferred to the said Court of 

in a sonimar) way by the persons tu be named in the Bill, be 

to be paid by the Treasurer of the Dank of Scotland, or 

icr of the Royal Bank of Scotland, or the Bank of tlie British 

CoBpaDy in Scotland, for the completing such purchase, in such 

the said Court shall think just and direct : and it is fur- 

,that when a sum equal to the amount of that obtained by 

aale of bods directed to be sold shall be reinvested in the purchase 

crtates, then .-uid in that case the surplus which shall remain, 

uftrr dtaehar]ging the expense of application to the Court, shall be 

paid to the peraon or persona respectively who would have been enti- 

j tfed to recetre the rents and profits of the lands sold pursuant to the 

^BActy or to the rrpresenlatives of such ]>erson or persons. Ordere<l, 

^^t the Mid Order, ^c.^Emat^L /ter Ord 16 Aprilis, lti\0, 



Die Mercurii, 7 Man, 1 800. 

CLiy. Ordered, that in any enclo«are, road, drainage, ^mo^^^aA 
or navigation Bill, nheuevdr any sum of money is, under the 
of such Actj to be paid for the purchase or exchange of any 
tenements, or hereditaments, or which sum of money ouf^it to be 
Ltid out in the jjurcliase of other landa, tenements, or hereditauMtali^ 
to be settled to the same uses, provision shall be made in the aud 
Bill, that such sum of money, not being less than the som of Vtn 
hundred pounds, be puid into tlie Bank of England, in the 
and uith tlie privity of the Acconn ton t- General of the Court of 
chequer, to be placed to his account, ex parte the Commissioiien 
under such partlculiir Bill, or under such other title as by tho «id 
Bill shall be directed, piirMiont to the method prescribed by the Act 
of the first year of King George the Fourth, chapter Uiirtj'-five, «ad 
the General Orders of the said Court, and without fee or reward, and 
shall, when so paid in, there remain until the same shall by onkr 
of the said Court, upon a petition to he preferred to the said Govt 
in a summary way, be applied cither in the purchase of land Ul« 
or towards the discharge of any debts or encumbrances affecting Cht 
said lauds, tenements, and hercditameuts so purchased or exchanged* 
or until the same shall upon the Ukc application be laid out in a 
summary way, by order of the said Court, in the purchase of other 
lands, tenements, or hcreditiments, to be settled to the like osei ; 
and in the meantime, and until such order can be made, such nkODCy 
may, by order of the said Court, be laid out in some of the poblk 
funds, or in govcniment or real securities, and the dividends or la* 
terest arising therefrom shall, by order of the said Court, be paid It 
such person or persons as would for the time being be entitled to 
the rents and prohts of such lands, teDcments, and hereditaments M 
to be purchased, conveyed, and settled ; and in case such sum ef 
money shiUl be less than the sum of two hundred pounds, and 
exceed the sum of twcuty i>ounds, then and in such case such 
of money shall, with the approbation of the Commissionera acting 
tuidcr efuch Act, or any three or move o^ V\w\ft,\«. \ftiA \uto the 
Bank of England, mid nppUed by order Q^VV»iCwurt.^j 


ii maoner hereinbefore directed, or may witboat any order ot tbe 

Court of Etciieqacr be paid into the bauds of two trustees, to be 

nooittiled by the persoo or persons who for the time being would 

be entitled to the reuia and proBts of tbe lands, tenemeuts, and here- 

i<;»MiM»wt« w to be purchased and settled ; such nomiiiatioD to be np- 

prandofby three or more of the said Commissioners, and finch no- 

Mkd approbation to be in writing under the bands of the 

m DoainatiDg and approving; and the money so paid to 

iBcfa tmteea shall by them be applied in tike manner as is before 

I ^BCCtod witli respect to the money so to be paid into the Bank in 

tfce Bune of the Accouutant-Geueral of the Court of Exchequer, but 

wtlhoat any order of the said Court touching the application thereof • 

nd in caie socL sum of money shall not exceed twenty pounds, 

thea the same shall be paid to the person or persons who fur the 

tiac being would be entitled to the rents and profits of the lands, 

tOMncDtSj and hereditaments so to be purchased and conveyed, for 

Uf, her. or tbeir own uae and benefit : And it is hereby further 

Cfdercd, That if any Commissioner in an enclosure nr drainage Bill 

daftltad any difficulty in obtaining a purchase in land, which may 

bef^aal in value to such sum of money^ not exceeding two bnndred 

paaad*, as by the said Standing Order is directed to be paid into 

the Btthk to await a future purchase^ or wliich purchase may be 

^SHdvaBtngeoos in other respects^ snch Commissioner shall be at 

Gkoty to apply such sum of money towards the expenses of such 

Mt, lo far as the proportion of the party entitled to such sum shall 

nooDtto; and if there shall be any surplus of such two hundred 

I|MDds, tbey may apply such surplus, after such Bjtplication, in 
ifaBflnakm ot the sum allowed to be charged upon the estate for the 
parpose of enclosure or dtainagc. Ordered, that the said Order be 
ieclaccd a Standing Order, SiC.^Emendat. per Ord. 7 Julii, 1823. 


Die MercurH, 20 Mali, 1801 

CLV. The House (according to order) proceeded to take into cob- 
vduraiioo the Standinir Order of the '28th of June, 1715, by wWic\v 
It U vrderwf And dedarcd, that for the future no Bill shall be TCuA 

j^^tA^mme^jj (Mi fioComwittct: of the whole Hou«c proceed 




on any BUI the same day the Bill ia committed j that no report be 
received from any Couiiuittec of tlie whole House the «amc riiiy 
Bucli Committee goes through the Bill, when uny amondinenta ire 
made to such Bill ; and that no Bill W. ro-ad the third time the sanM 
day reported from the Committee ; and the same being read, thb 
explanation of and addition to the flaid i^tanding Order was made ; 
(\idelicet) that it is the duty of the Speaker of this House, in no 
case to put a question contrary to the Standing Order of the Hooso. 
Ordered, that the said explanation and addition be entered on the 
roll of Standing Ordere. CSee Order XXVL) 


Die Mercurti, Decembris, 1 80 1 . 

CLVI. Upon consideration of the report from the Committee ap- 
pointed to consider of the Standing Orders respecting private Bills, 
so far as they may affect that part of the United Kingdom called 
Ireland : Ordered, that for the future, when a petition for a prirate 
Bill concenilug estates in land, situated in that part of the Uiut«d 
Kingdom of Great Brit;un and Ire)an<i called Ireland, shall be oflfcnd 
to this Mouse, it shall be referred, if the {>arties desire it, to two 
Judges of the Court of King's Bench, Common Pleas, or Exchequer* 
in Ireland, who are forthwith to summon all parties before them wIm 
may be concerned in the Bill, and after hearing iUl the parties^ aad 
perusing the Bill, are to report to the House the state of liie case. 
and their opinion thereupon, under their hands, and are to sigu tlac 
said Bill. The same method is to be observed as to private Billi 
concerning estates iu land situated in that part of the United Kingdoni 

^of Great Britain and Ireland called Ireland, brought from the iiouie 
of Commons, before the second reading of sach Bills, by sending 
a coi>y of the said Bill, signed by the clerk, to Uie Judges aforesaid, 
or any two of them. — Emendat. per Ord. 1 Martii, 1806. 


CLVII. Ordered, that for the future all persons concenied m the 
conftetfiicnccs ofsiich private BU\b as atoTe«aAv\ /av^iV viV> veasS* vr that 
pnrt of tiif Uuitvd Kiiigduiu of VWcuV BuXaivu v^wX \v^ia»^ ofi*^ 


I/ebnd, Bay give tbetr cooKent to the passing of Mich Dills before the 
tiro Judges to whom such Bills shall be referred ; and the certiticate 
of the flud Judges, or of any two of thcni^ by which it shall appear, 
that on a dky and at a place to be therein expressed, such person 
or pcftont did appear persoually before tUeni, and being auorv of 
the iflteiest tbey may have in such Bill, did give his, her, or their 
coaseaC for him or themselves, and for those for whom, according to 
hvf, be, she, or tbey may be entitled to consent j and if any trustee 
or tmtecs shall be appointed by such Bill, that such trustee or 
tnstres did appear personally before tlicm, and did accept the trust 
pn)fxi>ed to be vested in him or them by the said Bill, and that the 
aid srrcral persons did in their presence sign a Bill (which Bill 
together with the eaid certihcate mudt be produced), shall be held 
Mso&cient evidence of the consent of such person or persons l>eforc 
uyCoouiuttee of this House, to whom the consideration of such Bill 
ij be referred. — Ememdat' per Ord* t Martii, 18UG. 


CLMIL Ordered, that it be a general instruction to the Judges 

chall meet to take the consent of all persons concerned in the 

(Bcoccs of private Bills relating to estates in that part of the 

Kingdom called Irelaml, that they take no notice of the coa- 

«f any person to the passing of such Bill, unless such persou 

IT before them, or that it be made manifest to them by an in- 

kt under the hand of a notary public, duly executed according 

the forms required by law, that he or she is not able to attend, 

dolh consent to the said BilL 


.IX. Ordered, tliat where a Bill is brought in to empower any 
to sell or dispose of lands in one place in that part of the 
[Uaitod Kingdom called Ireland, and to buy or settle lands in another 
in the said part of the United Kingdom called Irehind, the 
ittee to whom such Bill shall be referred do take care that the 
be fully made out ; and if the Bill shall not be for making & 
purchase^ bvt aaJr for scttlhig other luads in lieu of those to be 
< jn th»t c^pwyision shuU U' made w the Bill, that 6uc\i olVct 
^seoMsccordin^/jr, I,,, if a,e Bill .hull be to purcUa^ ^M 



settle other lands, in that case tlie Committee are to takr care thifi 
there be a binding agreement produced for such new pnrcbosc -, or \t 
it shall be made appear to the Committee that such agreement amiiol 
then be made, or tliat such purchase cannot llien be made, and scttfed 
as desired by the Bill, and the Committee shall be satisfied with tlie 
reasons alleged for either of those purposes, in either of those casa 
provision shall be made in the Bill, that so much of the money anmog 
by sale of the lands directed to be sold, as is to be laid out in a new 
purchase, slwll be paid by the purchaser or purchasers, withoat fee 
or reward, into the Bank of Dublin, under the direction and by the 
authority of the Court of Chancery, and in the name of the tnatMi 
named in the Act, and shall, when so paid in, produce the higbot 
interest that can be obtained for the same ; and that the tntereflt 
arising from the money so paid in shall be laid out in the name of 
the said tnistees, and shall annually accumulate and be added to the ; 
principal sum itself to carrj* interest together, until n pnijier por- || 
chase can be found and approved, as shall be directed by such Bill, i 
and until the same shall, upon a petition setting forth such approbir I 
tion, to be preferred to the said Coart of Chajicery in a summaiy ^ 
way by the persons to be named in the Bill, be ordered to be p«d 
by the Treasurer of the Banh of Dublin for the completing such p«r- I 
cluise, in such manner as the said Court shall think just aud direct j |i 
and that if the money arising by the principal and accumulated n* 
terest of such sum or sums shall exceed the ainonnt of the orfgiarf 
purchase money so laid out as aforesaid, then and in that case oflljr 
the surplus which sliail remain, after discharging the expense of t^ 
applications to the Court, shall be paid to the person or persons re- 
epectivcly who would have been entitled to receive the rents aad 
prohts of the lands directed to be purchased, in case the same had ' 
been purchased pursuant to the Act, or to the representatives of such 
person or' persons. Ordered, that the said Orders be dcdared 
Standing Orders, &c. 



Die Veneris, 2 Aprilis, 1802. 

CLX. Upon report from the V/trds' ComnC\Uct% ^.-^XKiuvted to con- 
vidcr of the descent of the Peerages ol \TeVdSiOk -. — 
Ordered, Ihat in all ciwes vrhcte htxv \ictoow ^Vo eCxJv wa "sa mA 

■u«. X* %^»tM»tsa vrv 

brfllr peraoii so clainun^, or by stimc ppntmi nn hts behalf, 
the maoner in which the rlaimnnt derives title to tlit^ Pceragr 
I, and praying Uiak Uie right of the claimant to vote at 
of Peers of Ireland to sit in the Parliaioent of the United 
km. mav be aflinitted by this l-lou.Si>. 




£1. Ordered, that the Clerk of the Parliaments do transmit to 
Bj^^ljjllhe CroH'u iu Ireland a copy uf every rcsulutioii of this 
PJi^Bniig the claim of a Peer of Ireland to vote at the elections 

9n of Ireland to sit in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. 



aim Ordered, that in case any Peerage of Ireland cow is or 
riukU b(! in abeyance, the peraous claiming to be cohcnrs 
hn, or any of them, may, by petition to this House, state such 
^ aad praj that the same may be eicamioed by the House. 



■■« ••«••» \fw xjuainMU* 



CLXVI. Ordered, that every person cU 
Ireland in her own right be at liberty in 1 
Peerage; and that such claim be ])rocecded 
and allowed, in the same manner ob is pro\ 
claiming to vote as aforesaid, (^ef Orde 
the said Orders be declared Standing Oi 
entered, &c. 


Die Luna, 28 Martii, 1 

• CLXVIII. Upon report from the Lord»*< 
appointeil to consider in what manner the 
tlie temporal Peers of that part of the United 
advanced to higher dignity, bhall take their i 

Ordered, that when any Peer ^vho is one 


and prOBOted shall take liU place in the House according to Lis 
nid rank and cfigDity. — Ordered, that the said Order be declared a 
Standhig Onler, &c. 


Die Vrwrh, 2 Januarih 1607. 

* CLXXI. Ordered, that no BiU for mMnraliziiig any |>erBon born in 
iny foreign territory shaU be read a second time, until the petitioner 
AaO produce a certificate from His Majesty's principal Secretaries 
of State respecting his conduct. — Ordered, that the said Order be 
dedtfed « Standictg Order, &c. 


1^ Die Luna, 26 MartH, 1808. 

QiXXlI. Ordeml^ that no Bill for extending the term of any 
letters-patent for any inrcntion or discover)', granted by His Majesty 
under the Great Seal of England, Scotland, or Ireland, shall be rend 
a child time in this House, nnless notice shall have been inserted 
t&ree tiines in the I^odon Gazette, (and also three times in the 
Edinburgh Gaxcttc, if the letters-patent be under the Great Seal of 
6ootiaad, and three times in the Dublin (Na2ctte, if under the Great 
«if Irebnd) in the months of August and September, or either 
, immefliately preceding the session in which application for 
BiU shftll be made to Parliament, that an application was in - 
to* be made to Parliament to obtain such Bill — Emendat. per 
8 4ie^Februartiy I«'J5. 


CLXXin. Ordered, that no Bill for the purpose aforesaid shall be 

B third time in this House, unless it shall appear that the letters- 

the term of which it is intended by such Bill to extend, will 

within two years from the commencement of the session of 

lent in which the application for such BUI shall be made. 

• Tir Ofda- CLXfX. wma vjcmied by Order of the 8th of >cb. 1825. CUXX 
i>r CXJLXA, which /bOowm 

patent were granted by His Majesty ; and t 
iuveution was not ac<|uired by such person 
or otherwise, from the inventor or owner of 
tion that such invention was knon-n and purs 
— Ordered, that the said Orders be dcclarcf 


D/V Mercuriiy 1 5 MartU, 

CLXXV. Ordered, that no private Bill, th 
be referred to two of His Majesty's judges, si 
until a copy of the said petition, and of the re] 
upon, shall be delivered, by the party or pi 
Lord [ippuinted by this House to take the cli 
Ordered, that the said Order be declared a 
Emendat. per Ord'mem 8 die Fehruarii, 1825. 


Dif Martht 2Mni^^ 


doaaaid shall not be iuserted iu the said Bill. — Ordered, that the 
old OrdiT be declared a Standing Order, &c. 


DiV Ven^U, 12 Jmlii, 1811. 

CLXXV7I. Ordered, that when any appeal shall be presented t? 
this House on or after the first day of any session or met'tirig of 
l^rliamrot, the appclhut and respondent shall severally lay tlic prints 
of their ca^es refi|>ccUvely upon the table of this House, or deliver 
Ifce Ume to the Clerk of the Parliaments for that purpose, within a 
fartB^I alter the tiuie appointed for the respondent to put in hk 
■ncr to tlie said appeal; and in default of so doin^ by the appellant, 
thsMd appeal shall stand dismissed, hnt witlnmt prejudice to the 
ptctenting a new appeal within the hrst fourteen days d 
ansion of Parliament, or within the then remainder of the 
fiaited by the Standing Order, No. 1 18, for presenting appeals 
us Hoosc ; and in case of default on the part of the res(X)ndent, 
apMllant shall be at hbeity forthwith to set down his cause 


CLXXVllI- Ordered, that when any writ of error shall be brought 

t^s Hottse durin^r tUe sitting of Parliament, the plaintiff and 

adant shall severally lay the prints of their cases upon the table 

thb Hoose^ or deliver the same to the Clerk of the Parliaments for 

pafpasCy within a fortnight after the time limited by this Hoose 

te plaratiff to assign errors, unless- an earlier day be specially 

for that purpose, in resjN^et of such writ of error being 

■crely for delay. — Ordered, that the said Orders be declared 

Ofdrn, &c 

JtrrMJku raoM jcdomsnt or rac coust or sssstoN ix scotulko 


Die Jmng, 9 Aprilia, 1812. 

CLXXIX. Ordered, that when an/ petidoa of appeal shall be 
ite*l to t}jla Hotme from ar.y interlocutory judgment of r"lt\ieT 
of the Lords of ift^c^ioa iu ScoUa^d, the COttuael >N\iO i 



shall sign Uie said petition, or two of tlic coansci for the party or 
parties in the court below, shall sign a certificate or declaration, statnijr 
cither that leave was given by the division of the judges pronouuciug 
such interlocutory jodgmcnt to the appellant or appellant* to preseat 
6uch petition of ap|>CHl, or that there was a diifcrencc of opinku 
amongst the judges of the said division pronouncing such interlocutory 



CLXXX. Ordered^ that, to prevent delay on the part of tbe 

respondent or re9(>ondcntti to any petition of ap{>cal prcArnted to 
this House, in delivering their printed case^ pursuant to the Staadittg 
Orders of the same, previous to any petition of appeal bciii^ pf** 
sented to this House a notice shall be given to the agtrnt or agcAls 
of the party or parties in the court below, who shall be made re* 
spondent or respondents to the said appeal, of the time when toch 
petition of appeal is intended to be presented to this House, and ihe 
day on which such notice was given or caused to be given shall be 
indorsed by the agent or agents for the petitioner on the back of the 
said appeal. — Ordered, that the said Orders be declared StwMfiqi 
Orders, &c. 

k Die Mercurii, 24 Febniarii, 1813. 

CLXXXl. Ordered, that for the future the printed cases dclivertd 
in appeals and writs of error, depending bt'fure this House, shall 
contain a copy of so much of the proofs taken in the courts below as 
the party or parties intend to rely on, res|>ectavely, on the bearing nf 
the cause before this Houses together with references to the documents 
where the same may be found. — Ordered, that the said Order be 
dcchu^ a Standing Order^ &c. 


Die Luna:, 3 Maii, 1813. 
CLXXXII. Ordered, that upon Mondays, AVedncsdays, and Fridsji, 
bei/tg the days ap|>oinU:<l for heunug eawac* \a X\v\% Wcvws*? A^ Koose 
do meet at ten of the clock iu lUc (otcw»\i,M^A ^« ywawsANtoVaa 


nid causes the fint business after prayers, and do continne 

the swne in the course and order in wliich tlicy stand in the 

of ca«aM till a qwarTf r before four of the clock in the after- 

I, aad thst no other business do intervene. — Onlered^ that the 

nid Order be declared a Standing Order, &c. (See CC.J 


Die Mortis, 6 Julli, 1813. 

CLXXXHI. Ordered, that no Bill for making any cut, canal, or 

Tor the puqwse of supplying any city, town, or place 

%ritkinter« or for making, extending, or improving the navigation of 

say river, or for making any canal for the purposes of navigation, or 

foTBaUag any nuhvay or tram road, or any tunnel or archway, or 

ny bridge, ferry, dock, pier, port, or hartjour, or any tunipike road, 

^nr far vsrying or altering any such cut, canal, or aqaednct, railway or 

^nnnn rood, tnnnel or archway, bridge, ferry, dock, pier, port, or 

^PkuiKiar, or any turnpike road already made, or for altering any Act 

HW IWiament passed for any or either of those purposes, by increasing 

^BT altering any tolls or duties, or by altering, extending, or diminishing 

any irorks meotioacd in such Act, shall be read a third time in this 

Hooae, unless notice that au application was intended to be made to 

IParfiament to obtain such Bill fihall be inserted in some one newspaper * 
«f every eoonty in or through which any such cut, canal, or aqueduct, 
railvay or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry, dock, pier, 
-port, or harbour, or any tAimpike road, is intended to be made or 
earned^ or in which any sncfa cat, canal, or aqueduct, railway or 
tnua road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry, dock, pier, port, or 
liArtKMiT. or any turnpike road, already made and intended to be 
varied or altered, shall be, or in which such river or such part thereof 
as is iatmded to be made navigable, or the navigation tlicreof to be 
extoMM or improved, is situated (or if there be not any newKpa|»pr 
pOBled in such counties respectively, then in the newspaper of sonic 
ONmCy adjoining thereto), three times at the least in the months of 
AngBSt^ September, October^ and Noremberj or any of them, xid' 
xoi^i^eSy preccding^ the seasion of PavUameut h\ which such appWca- 
. Hi^iB mteadedtobemBdes and iioiess such notice shall a\ho \\a\e 

which Buch river or such part thereof as 
navigable, or tlie navigation tliereof to be 
situated, at Michaelmas or Epijihany, prccci 
ment in which such application is intendei 
anch notice on the door of the Sessioti Hon; 
county^ riding, or division where such gene 
be holden ; save and CKcept as to any Bi 
purjtobua in Scotland, in wliicli case, iustea 
on the door of the Sessions House, such noti 
pajier, and affixed to the churcli door of tlie p 
which the work or purpose iu view is to be ct 
in the months of August, September, Octobi 
of UtctDj immediately preceding the session 
such upptication is intended to be made. 

'i'lmt in that part of tlic United Kingdom ci 
application is intended to be made to the Ho 
« Bill for regulating county rates or ceas, or ; 
aoy gao! or house of correction, by rales or d 
subject, or fur continuing or amending any A 
for any or either of those purposes, or for U 
of the existing tolls, rates, or duties, or for c 




CLKXXIY. Ordered, that such several notices shall contain the 
les of the parishes and townships in, to, or through which any 
;h entf carnal, or aqaoduct, railway or tram road, tunuol or archwav, 
ferry, clock, picr^ port, or h.irbour, or turnjnke road, is intended 
be nuMie, came<i, vane<!, or aJtered, or in which such river, or such 
put thereof as is intended to be made navigable, or the navigation 
thmni to be extended or improved, is sitaatcd. 


CLXXXV. Ordered, that no Bill for all or any of the purposes 
afocowd^ except tnmpike roads, shall be read a third time in this 
Hone, tuileas previooitly to such Bill being brought to this House 
from the Commons, a map or plan of such intended cut or canolj 
acfoedact or na^'igation, railway or tram road, tunnel or archway^ 
bridge, fcrry, dock, pier, port, or harbour, or of any intended extcn- 
sioo or altcrration in any cut, canoJ, aqueduct, or navigatiou, railway 
or tram road, tannel or archway, bridge, ferry, dork, pier, port, or 
har()our, already matle (as the case may be), and of the several lands 
frum vrhicb any streams of water shall be intended to be taken for 
ihc (ue of any such cut, canal, aqueduct, or naWf^ation, shall have 
beca deposited with the Clerk of the Parliamcnt.i ; in which map or 
fhn shall be de»cribed the tine of sach intended cut, canal, aqueduct, 
or Baarigatioo, railway or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry, 
dodc, |Ber, port, or harbour, or of snch intendcil alteration, and the 
I Midi tfaoqgk which the same is intended to be carried, or from 
wkidk MMf streaois of water are intended to be taken, together with 
B book of reference, containing a list of the names of the owners or 
rcpoted omnen, and also of tlie occupiers of such lands respectively } 
mad that there be also annexed to the said map or pUn an estimate 
of the expense of such undertaking (in cases where provision is in- 
to be Eoade for raising money to defray such expense), such 
to be signed by the person or {terHons making the same ; 
aod if snch money is proposed to be raised by subscription, thattbcTQ 
be alao annesced to e/te s^W map or plan a/i account of the raoue^ 
galmcribcd for th^ purpose, and the naiaes of the SubftcribCTS, M)\tU 






the sums by them BiibserU>ed respectively ; and there shall also be 
annexed to sach map or plan an estimate of the probable time withia 
which t!ie whole of such work may be completed, if not prcveuted 
by inevitable accideut^ 


CLXXXVI. Ordered, tliat pPC\ious to the second reading in tlui 
House of any Bill for making any navigation, aqueduct, cot, or casialt 
railway or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry, dock, pier, 
port, or harbour, or for improving the same, the map or plan of Uie 
said navigation, aqueduct, cut, or canal, railway or tram road, tanncl 
or archway, bridge, ferry, dock, pier, port, or harbour, which i« di- 
rected to be lodged in the Parliament office as before mentiaoed, 
shall be engraved or printed upon the scale of an inch at least to a 
mile, and annexed to the printed copies of the Bill, and shall be 
laid upon the table of tliis House. . 


CLXXXVII. Ortiered, that no BUI for all or any of the 
aforesaid, except turnpike roads, shall be read a third time in 
House, unless, previously to such Hill being brought to this Hoote 
from the Commons, ajiplication shall have been made to the ownen 
or reputed owners, and also to the occupiers of the lands in or thnw^ 
which any such cut, canal, aqueduct or navigation, railway or tnm 
road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferrj-, dock, pier, port, or harbour, 
is intended to be mode or carried, or any such alteration is intciMled 
to be made, for the consent of such persons rcs])ectively ; and unkM 
such map or plan as aforesaid, or a duplicate thereof, shall at the ^mt 
of such application have been shown to them respectively ; and on- 
lcs9 separate lists sliall have been made of the names of such owuot 
and occupiers, distinguishiug which of them upon such appUcatioa 
Itave assented to or dissented from such intended cut, canal, aqaedoct 
or navigation, railway or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry, 
dock, pier, jwrt, or harbour, or such alteration, or arc neuter in rt^ 
spect thereof J and unless such hst shall be deposited uith the Clerk 
of the ParliaweDts at the same time a& the u\;\\i or yUm and bouk o( 
reference meatioued ia the &taudu\g OTdeT,'^«>.\'>>5v, 





CLXXXVni. Ordered, that in caae any Bill for all or nny of the 
purpOM* aforesaid, except turupikc ro»fis, ghall contain a claiLse tn 
cmpowvr die pexbODS who shall make sach citt, catiul. a«)ucduct or 
navigaKioo, railway or tnim road, tunnel or arcbway, hni\^, ferry, 
dock, pier, port or harbour^ as aforesaid, or any part thereof, to vary 
or deviate from the line particularly descnbed in the map or plan 
depomted as aforesaid with the Clerk of the Parliaments, sncb BiU 
shall not be read a third time in this Honse nnless a like Rpplicati<»n 
shftll h^\e been made to tlie owners or reputed owners and occupiers 
of the landa through which such cut, canal, aqueduct or nangatlon, 
railway or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, (eny, duck, pier, 
prvt or harfooor, might by virtue of the power so ^ven to alter 
vary the line thereof, and unless alike list as aforesaid of ftuch 
or reputed owners and occupiers be de[KK9ited at the time and 
■laiincr aforesaid with the Clerk of the Parliamcnt.4, m if it 
been ori^uolly proposed to carry such cut, canal, aqueduct or 
railway or tram road, tunnel or archway, bridge, ferry^ 
ptcr^ port or harbour, through the lands of such persons re- 


CLXXXrX. Ordered, that no Bill for making or improving any 
aqueduct, cut or canal, shall be read a third time in this 
», anleas, previously to such Bill being brouglit to this House 
Che Commons, application shall have been made to the uwucrs 
i g y te d owners, and also to the occupiers of lands, streauib, and 
ilU from which any water shall by such Bill be proposed to be taken 
the purposes of such navigation, aqueduct, cut or canal, to the 
of such owners or reputed owners or occupiers of such 
atrcams, and mills respectively. 


XC. Ordcnd, that ai* JJj'J/ for aay turnpike road, whereby power 
bcgirea u> make ,i nctrrmd, or to alter or vary the line oi t^'aA 


^uuR ui iLiLiLucc coDiaiDing a iiai oi id 
repated owners, and also the occupiers of 
and that there be also annexed to the said 
of the expense of such undertaking (in 
intended to be made for raising money to dt 
estimate to be signed by the person or jKrso 
if such money is propo:>cd to be raised by sl 
alao annexed to the said map or plan an ac 
scribed for that purpose, and the names of i 
sums by theui subscribed respectively ; and 
ncxed to such map or plan an estimate of tl| 
which the whole of such work may be compU 
inevitable accident. 


CXCI. Ordered, that no Bill for any such 
•Kept turnpike roads, shall be rea<i a third d 
there shall be contained tltcreiu a provision, 
tended to be carried into cfl'ect under the ant 
not linvc been completed, 00 as to answer the 0I 
m time to be '--:>-' *-;- nfh nil) ill tbiMiiM 



prabdble expense of the proposed work shall hnvc been sabscribcd by 
irrmrBf mider a contract, bindiug the sabscribcrs, their hctrs, cxe- 
cvtony lad admioistrators, for payment of the monry sn subscribed, 
within a limited time, nor unless there shall be contained in surh Bill 
a provisioft that the whole of the probable expense of such work shall 
be subacribed in like manner before the powers and authorities to be 
given by snch Bill shall be put in force. 

nortaos TO b« made in bill.b fob canai^k^ &c. ohossixo public 


CXCni. Ordered, that no such Bill for any cut, canal, or aqneduct, 
vhich shall cross any public'road, shall be retid a third time in this 
Hone, vnlesa there shall be contained therein a provision ttiat the 
it to CTcry bridge to be made over such cut, canal, or aqueduct, 
the purpose of such public road, shall not be more than one foot 
tlditeeD, aiid that the fence on each side of such bridge shall not 
Icflft thsB four feet above the surface of the bridge. 
(Mered, that the said orders be declared Standing Orders, and 
tkcy be entered, &c. 



Die Mercurih 8 Decembris, 1813. 

CXCrV. Ordered, that in all cases of appeals and writs of error 

depending in this House, and the printed cases in which 

d cK y cie d on or before the '2-lth day of Fcbniary, 1813, the party 

rtcBdo respectively print an appendix to the said cases delivered, 

do therein set forth so much of the proofs taken iu the Courts 

they intend to rely on, respectively, on the hearing of the 

aBBCS, utd which is net already set forth in the printed cases by 

■o mpectively dcli\'ered, and that such appendix do contain a 

to the docnments where the same may be found ; and fur- 

r, thai the putyor parties do deliver the same to the Clerk of the 

or to the Clerk-assistant, to be distributed to the Ijords 

Hoaae, at least fo<ir rlays before the hearing of the scud 

Ocdeted, that the mud order be declared n Standing Ordef , kc. 




Die Veneris, 17 Jttnii^ 1814. 
CXCV. Orflored, that upon every Bill for making any cut, caaal, 
or aqueduct, for the pur{)0»e of supplyiug any city, town, or pUcc io 
Scotland with water^ or for makiog, extending, or improving the 
navigation of any river, or for making any canal for the pnrpows of 
navigation, or for making any railway or tram road, or any tnunel or 
archway, or any bridge, ferry, dock, pier, port, or harbour, or aay 
turnpike road in Scotland, or for varying or altering any such cut, 
canalj or aqueduct, railway, or tram road, tunnel or archwnv, bridge, 
fen-)', dock, pier, port, or harbour, or any such turnpike road olrtwly 
made, or for altering any Act of Parliament passed for any or cither ti 
those pur]}oses, by increasing or altering any tolls or duties, or b; 
idteriug, extending, or diminishing any worka mentioned in sock 
Act in Scotland, an affidavit taken before the Sheriff or Stewart 
Depute, or Sheriff Substitute or Stewart Depute of the County or 
Stewartry in Scotland, to which any such Bill may in whole or part 
relate, attested under the hand and seal of such Sheriff or Stewvt 
Depute, or Sheriff Substitute or Stewart Depute, shall be received 
by the Committee to whom any such Bill shall be referred, as eiideaoe 
that llie several matters required by the Standing Orders of the 6tk 
day of July, 1813, Nos. 183, 18-1, 18a, 18C, 187, 188, 189, and 
190, have been complied with. 

6HBR1FF, &C. 

CXCVI. Ordered, that ever)* such affidavit shidl be accoiDpAoM 
wth a certificate of the Sheriff or Stewart Depute, or Sheriff 8iib* 
stitutc or Stewart Depute before whom it is mode, stating that a 
printed copy of the Bill to which such affidavit relates was in his 
possession thrt'c days Itefore the person making the affidavit appeared 
before him, and that after having examined such person into tkc 
grounds of his knowledge of the facts therein &et forth, he was cf 
opinion that the aflidavit was made by a person in every respect 
competent of his own knowledge to speak to the facts tbcrtin 
attested. Ordered, that the said orders be declared Stan<tiiig 
Orde/B^ Ac 

ling estates in land or heritable estates in ISco 
>ns following, viz. : 
of the ten next in saccession to the penion or persons 
such private Bill ; provided it is satisfactorily proved to 
ifctee, that those of this the first ten^ whose consent has 
Bbtainedj are absent abroad^ or caunot be found in the 
|f Great Britain. 

Irds of the twenty next in snccesston after the said ten ; 
Itthe twenty next in succession after the said twenty; and 
all the other persons concerned in the said Bill j without 
;vertbeless, as heretofore, to every person coucumed to 
in4t the said Bill, and to be heard for his interest tlicrein. 
Lt the said order be declared a Standing Order^ &c. 


Die Mercvriif 7 Julii, 1819. 

fl. Ordered, that for the future no Bill, regulating the 
any trade ; altering the laws of apprenticeship in relation 
tfticalar business ; affixing marks to designate the quality 
pnfactarc ; prohibiting the manufacture of any species of 
if ; or extending the term of any patent, shall be read a 
wAk this House^ until a Select Committee shall have in- 


persons, party or parties in the conrt beloiv, have 
inaHe a party or parties in the appeal before th 
by leave of the House, upon petition or otherw 
party or parties to the said appeal, after the pri 
appeal shall have been delivered. Ordered, that 
declared a Standing Order, &c. 


Ditf Lutue, 7 Juiii, 1823. I 

CC. Ordered, that until the number of appeals | 
depending before this House sliidl be sufficiently rei 
in every future session of Parliament, do sit to 
writs of error on Monday, Tuesday, A^■cdnesdal 
Friday in each neek, unless the I^Iouse shall tbiiik 
any »( such da)*8, save and except on the farst 
Hilary. Easter, Trinity, and Michaelmas Term, am 
lUy on which the House shall for B[)ccial cause re 
causes. — Emendat. per Ord, 13 Februarii, 1824. 




ike HooBc »Uall jirot-tyvJ to prayere at twelve o'clock 
rftWaid d»y, ud imroerliatcty alter to the heariog of 
ptrOrd. \9 MariH, 1824. 


CCU Cirivcd, that three Lords be required to attend upon cadi 
4 ^ttrfiqt flf bevin^ appealci and writs of error. 

tmtBon caxBD orcB ox raft pikst monoay APrsa hbbtin4 


CCZIL (>rdrntl, that for the better enforcing the att^mdance 
■pOB the bearing of nppeals and writ* of error, the H< 
OB the Monday next after the meeting of each aeasii 


fW(m]^ tltat the next day after the House is called^ the 

Ldftlfl BB shall then be and as shall have t>een present 

m, Biitccedent to the said caU, oball be written on 

tffa of paper, and put into b.-dtutiug glasaea at the table; 

of the aaid titles be drawn out by tbe Clerks^ and set 

I tbe nmc are drawn, till all the titles be &o drawn 

t 6mj% be appointed for the attendance of each set of 

titles have been so draivn ; after which the titles of the 

the Lords (upon the roll), save as to those who it is 

ftanitd ^bail be e\cu5cd from the bollnt, shall in like 

brflotted for, and Bubse<}uent days appointed for their 

: And Ukat letters be written by the Lord Chancellor or 

Id ibe bbmI Lords, requiring their attendance on the days 

Cx the SBme -, and that a list of the sud l>ords, and of the 

their atieadaace is so required, in rotation, be printed 

to each of the iaid Lords. 


Ocderad, that tbe three I»rds so set down in rotation do 
•tleiid OD the days respectively fixed for such their 
l^^tt, daring the time that the Hou^ aball on euch days svt 
I^^ Waisbg of csnsca^ under n penalty of 6{ty pounds, to be \n- 
^^mipd^bfaox Lorti who ahsdl make de/ault jn that respect, 

Q i 


unless he shall procure some other Lord to attend in !us stead; and 
that the said three Lords be, on the evenlnjer precedintf tlie day ip- 
pointcd for snch their attendance, duly Biimmotied for that purpOM. 



CCVl. Ordered, that such Lords ad arc unable to 8cr\c from $gt, 
being seventy years old and upwards, or from {>ermancut Infiniiity, 
do certify the same by letter to the Lord C'hancellor, or to the (Mk 
of the Parliaments, on or before the commencement of the session, 
and that thereupon they be excused from the ballot. 



CCVIL Ordered, that such Lords as are unable to serve, froBi 
ill health or domestic affliction, or for other special cause to be ad- 
mitted by the House, be excused for their absence on the dftj 
appointed for such their attendance. 


CCVIIL Ordered, that all Lords wlio shall take their seats after 
the ballot, by descent, or shall be introduced upon a new creation, 
or otherwise, shall be set down at the bottom of the list in die 
order in which they respectively talcc their seats, and daj** sboU be 
appointed for their attendance in rotation. 


CCIX. Ordered, that a copy of such Standing? Orderv as relate to 
the attendance of the Lords on the hearing of causes, bhall be tTBB»- 
tnitted to each Lord, together with the list, according to the fifth 
Older. — {See OrHer 20-I.) — Ordered, that the said Orders be de- 
chired Standing Orders, and tliat they be entered ou the roil of 
Standing Orders of this House. 


TUB n.iMi, &r. 

DU Mcrcurii, 2 Juaii, \fe'2.4. 
CCY. Ordered, thM in future, w\i\v tVit txcnv^xw ^\ ^vX^ V* 

LDg and declanog tbat certain persons sbaJl for 
ititic and corporate^ who shall only bts bound to the extent of 
lespecti^T. shares, or grunting to the same the privilege of a 
saccc^ssion aod a common seal, or the right of .suing and 
pleading and being impleaded, at law or in equity, or of 
any person who sliall commit any felony, niisdenicunour, 
offence, or any Bill conveying to any nnnibcr of persons who 
boond conjointly and aevenilly to the extent of their re- 

t fortunes one or more of the aforesaid privileges i such Bill, 
ng read a first time, shall be referred to a select Committee } 
jhat no such Bill shall Ik' read a second time till the Committee 
Ittch it is referred have reported th»t it hns to them been 
L in a satisfactory manner, that three-fourtha of the capital 
led to form the joint stock of such conipuny is deposited in the 
[01 England, or vested iu Exchequer Bills, or in the public 
the name of trustees, to be transferred to snch company 
are by law constituted a body politic and corporate, or 
]a.w acquired any of the aforesaid privileges. — Emendat. per 
Mmrtii, 1630. 


.1. Ordered, that in future, when any Bill shall be brought 



indiWdual proprietors. — Ordered, that the said Orders be declared 
Standi ug Orders^ ^c. 



Die Jovis, \7 Junii, 1824. 

CCXII. Ordered, that this House, or any Committee thereof, d* 
not proceed to the hearing upon any claim to vote for the Rrprr- 
aentativo Peera of Irehind, until after a statement or abstract of the 
proofs, and also of the pedi^^c upon which such claim Biay Im 
founded, together with the dates thereof, shall be laid on the table 
of the House, and also delivered to the Lord iu the cliair of the said 
Committee to which the said claim may \ye referred, two days befoie 
the hearing. — Orden^d, that the said Order be declared b StBiMfiif 
Order, &c. 


Die Luna, I Junii, 1829. 

CCXIll. Ordered, by the Lords vSpirilual and Temporal in ParliB- 
uicnt assembled, that no Bill to em[>owcr any company already con- 
stituted by Act of Parliament to execute any work other than that 
for which it was originally established^ shall be read a third time ta 
tluR House, unless the Committee on the Bill shall have speoBUy 
reported — 

Ist. That a draft of the pro|>osed Bill was submitted to a moetiag 
of the proprietors of such company at a meeting held spedally 
for that purpose : 
2d. That such meeting was called by advertisement inserted for 
fonr consccotivc weeks in the newspapers uf the county or coun- 
ties wherein such new works were proposed to be executed j or 
if there are no newspapers published in such county or counties, 
then in that of the nearest county wherein a newspaper is pub- 
lished : 
3ii. That Bwch meeting was held at a period not earlier than 
day% after tlic laat insertion ot sucV BAvtrtJvvimfctiX •. 



4tlu That at sadi meeting the draft of the proposed Bill «ru fntv 
mittcd to tiie pipoprietors then present, and wta approrod of by 
at least three-6ftli« of such proprietors. 
That in case any proprietor of such company, or any pcrsou au- 
thorised to act for him in that behalf, shall at such meeting as afore- 
said hare diaseated, such proprietor sball be permitted, on i^etitioniog 
tbc House, to be beanl by the Committee on the proposed Bill, by 
himielf, h& coaosel or agents. 

Ordcreil^ that the said Order be declared a StandJnj,; Order, and 
Hat it be entered on the roll of Standing Orders of thin Honne, and 
pnoted and published, to the end all persons concerned may the bet- 
ter take notice of the same- 


(31 Hen. VIII. cap. 10.) 

For placing of the Lords, 

f. "FoKASMCCB as in all great councils and congrcgatioDS of men, 
sundry degrees and offices in the commonivealth, it is rcry 
>tc and convenient that an order should be had and taken for 
pbdng and sitting of such persons as be bonnden to resort to 
, to the intent that they, koon-ing their places, may use the 
without displeasure or let of the Council ^ therefore the King's 
Royal Majesty, although it appertaincth unto his prerogative 
to giTe snch honour, reputation, and [ilacing to his councillors, 
other his suljects, as shall be seeming to liis must excellent tria- 
m, is neTcrthelcss pleased and contented for an order to be had 
d taken in thi» his most high Court of Parliament, that it shall be 
acted by anthority of the same in manner and fona as hereafter 


First, it is enacted by authority aforcsaidj tliat no pcrsMJu ot 
0, ^w&MtmUie, degree, or conditiou soever he Of lUey be ol 


(except only the King's cblldreu), shall at any time hereafter attcm|il 
or presume to sit or have place at any side of the cloth of estate it 
the Parliament Chamber, neither of the one hand of the King's Hijik- 
ness, nor of the other, whether the ICiii^'s Majesty be there pcrMft* 
ally present or absent : " And furasiniich as the King's Mnjerty tl 
justly and lawfully supreme head in earth, under God, of the Chsrdi 
of England, and for the good exercise of the said most royal dignity 
and office^ hath ntadc Tliomiis L#ord Crumwcl, and Lord Pri^'y Sei^ 
his Vicegerent for good and due ministration of justice, to be bad is 
all causes and cases touching the ecclesiastical jurisdiction^ and for 
the godly reformation and redress of all errors, heresies, and abiNO 
in the said Church :" It is therefore also enacted by authority afoie- 
said, that the said Lord Cnimwel, having the said office of V1ce^ 
rent, and all other persons which hereafter shall have the wiid office 
the grant of the King's Highness, his heirs or successors, Khali sit 
be placed, as well in tliis present Parliament as in all Parliamcnti to 
be holden hereafter, on the right side of the Parliament Chamber, and 
upon the same form that the Archbishop of Canterbury sittcth ufiOMi 
tnd above the same Archbishop and his successors, and shall batt 
Toiee in every Parliament to assent or dissent as other the l^rds 
the Parliament. 


III. And it is also enacted, that next to the said McegeKOt 
sit the vVrchbishop of Canterbury ; and the next to him, on the same 
form and side, shall sit the Archbishop of York j and next to him, 
on the same form and side, the Bi*«!iop of London ; and next to 
on the same side and form, the Bishop of Durham ; and next to 
on the same side and form, the Bishop of AVinchester ; and then 
the other Bishops of both provinces of Canterbury and York shall at 
and be placed on the same side, after their aucicuties, as it hath 

TUB king's council, AND LOAD PRIVY SRAl.- 

IV. " And forasmuch as such other personages which now have 
Mi>d hereafter shall happen to have other great olhccs of tbe relink* 
that Is to sny, the offices of the Lord CV\MieA>\uv,V>>ft V^n^'VTCUNMr, 


fbt Lord President of the King's most honourable Couucil, the Lord 
Privy Seal, the Great Cliambcrliuu of EnglamI, tlie Constable of Eng- 
Und, th« Lord Nfarshal of England, the I^ord Adinirnl. the Grand 
Master or Lord Steu-ard of the King's most honourable Household, 
the King'sCbaiDberlain, and tlie King's Secretarj' — have not beret<»fore 
been appointed and ordered for the placing and sitting in the King*s 
most hi^ Coart of Parliament, by reason of their ofHees ." It is 
thefefore now ordained and enacted by the anthority aforesaid, that 
tbr Lord ClianceUor, the Lord Treasurer, the Lord President of the 
King's CooDcil, and the Lord Privy Seal, bt'iug of the degree of 
Barons of Parliament, or above, shall sit and be placed, as well in thn 
present Parliament as in all other Parliaments hereafter to be holden, 
on the left &ide of the said Purliameut Chamber, on the higher part 
q{ the fonu of the some side, above all Dakes, except only such as 
•haS happen to be the King's son, the King's brother, the King's an- 
cle, the King's nephew, or the King's brothers' or sisters* sons- 


or ras kinu's uousebold, axd tob k]nc'« cbambbblain. 

V. And It is also ordained and enacted by authority' aforesaid, that 
die Great Cbaiuberlain, the Constable, the Marshal, the Lord Aduii- 
nl, the Great Master or Lord Steward, and the King's Chamherlain, 
■ban ut and be placed after the Lord Privy Seal, in manner and form 
foUowtng ; that is to say, every of them shall sit and be placed above 
all other pcraonages, being of the same estutes or degrees that they 
happen to be of 3 that is to say, the Great Chamberlain first. 
Constable next, the Marshal third, the Lord Admiral the fourth^ 
Grand Master or Lord Steward tifth, and the King's Chauberlaiu 

TBC king's cnisr secretary, being a barox. 

And it is also enacted by authority aforesaid, that the King's 

Secretary, being of the degree of a Barou of the Parliament, 

sit and be placed afore and above all Barons not hanng any of 

offices above mentioned ; and if he be u Bi!^hop, that thew he 

sit and be pUced abpre aJJ other Bjahopa not having any oi l\\c 

abartf rcaeai/efei/. 


VIII. And it 18 further enacted, that if any 
at any time hereafter sliall happen to hare 
of Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord ] 
Council, Lord Privy Seal, or Chief Secretary, 
gree of a Baron of the Parliament, by reason 
DO interest to give any assent or dissent in th< 
in every such cnse, such of them as shall happ 
deu:roe of a Baron shall sit and be placed at 
the sacks, iu the midst of the said Parliament ' 
to sit upon one form, or upon the uppermost a 
above, the other in oidcr as is abore rehearsed 


IX- Be it also enacted by authority aforesu 
treasons by Peers of this realm, if any of th« 
called hereafter to be triours of such treason ehj 
of the offices aforesaid^ that then they having 
and be placed according to their offices, abo< 
that shidl be called to such trials, in mannei 
mentioned and rehearsed. i 





or TBE 



kccriATioYS in du House of ConiiDoni, Lordi not to aniwar l. 57 

ia of Pttliiaient fat pUdng of the Lord* «... 1 17 

tfodc of, in speaking ...... xiv. 4B 

0*ihs oC, &C. to be Mlniinistercd to Veen bdt'ort the 

ofbufincM xcii. 71 

to BUlB, Reporta of xxxiv. 0» 

Appeals, Peremptory days for CTl* 7*^ 

na9 to Appe»l>i Dales of, to be endorsed, and niunes eotertd 

HmJmsnukU cnc 7C 

m^^^^^^^^-^ not heard in one «e«uon, lo be brought on 

ihcbcgjhuung of next cvif. 75 

, Times limited far putting in . cxxiii. 81 

ippcaU sod M'rita of Erroi, Caaea ia, An Appendix of proofa to 

fac added to cxciT. 109 

, Caaei on, to eontoin proofis taken in 

the C«Bita below clxxxi. 103 

, Dajm (or hearinf^ cc. 113 

— -^ J Time of day for hearing . • cci. ib. 

Three X^rdA to attend each day .... CCit. 1 13 
Uoue to be called orer on the 6nt Monday after meet- 
ing in each geaaion cciiz. ib* 

Vctbod of balloting for Lonli who are to atteod, Ac. cctv. ib. 
IjOrda to attend, or aotnr utiier id their strad, under a 

penalty ccv. lb. 

LcBda mruh/c* ta aftead from agr, <%r. to he excused 

/itmtmlAM , . . ... 

ccvt. \\* 


^M Order. 

^^L Lords under iU health, Ac to be excuMd on the tUsy 

^^^^^L fixed ccvu. 

^^^^^^ lx>rds taking their seats hj dooent, after boUot, to be 

^^^^^V wt down, and days appointed for attendance . ccviii. 

^^^^^^ Cojty of Standing Orders relative to the attendance of 

^V Lords in causes, to be transmitted to each cc tr. 

^B Appemls, AiMwers to. Dates of, to be codoracd, and asmcs en- 

^H tered on the Journals cix. 

^V .^_^._ not heard In one seasion, to be braughl on 

^1 the beginning of the n net cm. 

^M , Times limited for putting la . • . cxxiii. 

^1 , Cross, Time limited for bringing . T^ • cxxtii. 

^M —^—., Frivolous, Caution against LvitL. 

^M from judgment of the Court of Session in Scotland, to 

^B be certified by two counsel CLXxtx. 

^M ■ of murder and felony, Tiia] of Peers In Parliament not 

^B to extend to Ltii. 

^B , Notice to be given to a respondent of the dme when the 

^M aame U to be presented CLXXX. 

^H or Writs of Error, The question to be put for rcvcrnngf 

^M only, in giving judgment on • lvl 

^M . , Pcrcmplory days for answering .... Ctu 

^m — , Printed cases ot^ must be signed by counsel in ^ cause i.ix. 

^1 , RecognizanccA on, to be entered into, in eight days . lxl. 

^H , Revived, Supplemental cases to be delivacd in, stating 

^H the orders of the HouM ....... cxcix. 

^1 , Time limited (br bringing in x,t. 

^^ , Time for laying cases in, on the table . CLXXVU. 

^m to be heard, in coasecutivo sessions, ■> they stand ap- 

^1 pointed CXxiv. 

^H , Unanswered, to stand dismissed, unlcas prosecuted at 

^H the commencement of next session ..... cvitl. 

^B Arrest, Atiomoys and SolidtoTB of Lords not privileged ftom Lxvt. 

^1 , Privileges of the servants of Lords, from Lxr. 

^1 Altomey-gcBeral, &c. not to be counsel for private persons at the 

■ Uirds'bar ixili. 

^H Attorneys and Sollcitora of Lords not privileged from ancsl Lxvi. 

^R Balloting. Method of, for Lords who ore to attend at the harin^ 

^H ofcaoaos CCIT. 

^V Lords onable to attcn) ftom age to be excused from ccvt. 

^H Lords taking ihcir iteatii, by descent, aAer, to be set 

dtitrn, and days appointed for awnAanu ■ • ocviii, 
Bsabury^ Eurl of, Pnocdcncy gnmtsd U) the . . « • \.iLTi.T.N\. 


















Order. Pinr. 

Cintloa in aUfaig P«m to thfl XLViti. M 

AddickiD to the Standing Order that nont is to be resd twice 

thettmeday CLV. 03 

BflW, Biywil <f AmepdmenU to sxxiv. 03 

-^* Car BcMtanloa Id Blood to be ligncd by tbe King, uid to 

bc^ fai Ae Lordi* Boom xc. 70 

, Difocok. aaoe to bt teodvcd without a dauM ]Hroh)biling 

the cAodii^ partiei from marrying CLXXTi. 100 

PrtitMO fbr» to be aownpanied by t copy of the trial CXLI. 07 
PedtioDcn for, to attend on the tecond reading « cxlji. 88 

, Saclonuc Road, NangataoD, &c, Proviiion to b« mode 

ia, thmt the piudiaae moocy be paid into the Bank CLiv. Ii2 

1^. « Fiist and accood leading of xxili. 60 

^ — ^CarBodiaCoipaiatecobereferredtoaCanuiiitter^and thi«e- 

W the joini stock to be vesUxl in the Bank, Slc . CCX. 1 1& 

proTLUoni for BiUi in fiivoux of bodies already oor- 

ccxx. ib. 

- ^vlng extended powert ta bodies corpotatc, not to be read 
tUid tine, until certain cooditioiu are reported to have been 

with ccxiii. 110 

far Laxiab, Navigation, Koads, or otlicr public local pur- 
to be read a third time, unSoaa notiee be giveo ia 

the ODUMy nrwvp^wT, &C. CLxxxiii. 1(13 

SoA notioes to contain the names of towna and pariabea 

coDccrned CLxxxiv. 106 

A map or plan, with Ust of landovnen, efidtnatcs, &c to 

be deposited with the Clerk of the Parliamcntii . . CLXXXv. ib. 
TIk map* oae inch to a milof to be annexed to the KU , clxxxvx. 100 
AppHcatioa to landowners, &.c„ with assents and dissents, 

to be appended in like manner . . • . CLXxxvii. ib. 
Tbe aame to be done where power Is given to deviate from 

Che line described Clxxxtiii. 107 

App Bca lioo to be made to the owners, &c. of lands, strcama, 

■nd nuUa, wbo may be prejudiced . >CLXXXIX. lb. 

A nap or plan to be deposited, in caw of making a new 

mad, or varying the line before used .... cxc. ib. 

An pevrrs given by any Bill for luch purpooea to cease, if 

cbe work be not completed within time . . . cxci. 108 
Fsar-fiAhs of the probable expense to be subaaibcd . cxcii. lb. 

Froriaion to be made for canals, Ac- crossing public roads cxcxii. 109 

— tar Natural ixation. None to be read a second time without 
certificate of conduct CLXXI. O'J 

— for xe^ladng Trade, Ac. Commiitcc in report upon the ex- 
p a ditfy of crcviu, \V 




Older. I 

BlUs, None for renewing Letten-Patent to be read ■ Uiinl time, 

unless thrice noticed in the guelte ..... 

not unless iho tcnn of such patent shall expire within 

two years 

nor unless application be mmde by the DiACorerer or hla 


— — - t'oT «alc and piirchaiic of luidiif Regulatiotis for 

not to be read iwioc tlie dame day 

, Priratef (Chairman of the Committee on, to report whether 

the Standing Orders hare txcn conipUed with 

• , C'Cnvents of HtHn of Entail to, relating to eatatca 

in Scotland, to be in pcnton, or by invtrumenli duly executed cxxxiit* 

■ ■, ConsentM lo, where Children Iwvc an inlcrcftt . CXLTIU 

— -- — , Conients to, where the petitioners are Tenants for 

Lif# and in tail, fee cxLT. 

■ , (..'onKnts to, where Women have an interest - cxivit 

, Consjnta to, of peraons in Ireland, before the 

judges in Ireland, to be sulBcient evidence at Committeea . clviu 
• , Consents to, in Ireland, to be pcrsooal or by an 






instnunent duly executed ....... clviii. 

' , extents of persons in Scotland to, given before 

the Jud^, to be sufficient evidence at (-ommittecs 
for exdisnging or selling estates. Schedules of 

Value, &C. to be annexed to ..... . 

= — '• for selling lands in Ireland, aad purcboning others 

selling lands in Scotland, and purchasing 

in lieu thereof 


others, to be settled in thereof ..... 

■, New appointment of Trustees for persons io- 

icresied in, to be with the a{»probation of the Court of 


— ^^^ , None to be read till a copy of the petition, &c 

is delivered to the Chalnnan of the Committeea . 
I — ' ■ , Notice of petition for, to be given to Mortgagees, 




ex. III. 



wlien necessary 

, relative to estates in Ireland, Petitiona for, to be 

I refored to two judges in Ireland 

A ^ ^ — , relative to estates In Scotland, Consents of persona 



to« to be in a-rtain proportions . . .... 

, Petitions for, relative to estates in Sooiland, to be 
rcftrnxl to two judges of the Court of Session 
f Trustees in, to consent In person 
Public I/ocal. in Scotland, Affidaviu relating to, taken in 
Scotland, to be evidence before (hft Conimittee 

^ucb affidavits to be accouipLtnlod by ccrlificates . 






Order. I*^h 

AU ScuKUog Orden relative Co, to be 

hem cxxxix. 8? 

we o£^ 10 be duly coDBideml .... xxiv, 60 

y. No daute fotdgn to the matter to be MinnoJ to xxt. fil 

Pleai» Difltetnee between ; viih ihcir PriTihigei . slut, M 
Ib, CO be figDcd by the King, ud to 

e Lads' HouM xc 7t> 

Bill* fcT, (See Bills for Bodies Corporate) dcx.( Ac 1 16, &c. 

rikge. Complaint of, to be opon oath . txxvui. 06 
, FiUog a BQl against a Peer, where wimcaci 

is not a LXXll. 04 

, Filing a BUI In Equity, without proeesa, 

LXXIU. 06 

, If eampkini of, be not allowed, the Lord to 


. in Ireland^ Affidant of, soffidat to take » 

cnaCody ex. 7B 

, Printing the proceedings of tiic House with- 

^ Printing the Worka, Live^ or WiUs of 


Knt consent, a CXitt. ^8 

da oot to diMonraa during the mmaockKi of xriii. 4U 


t Beam xXTrt. 01 

rifaiioii, cv Road Bill, &c., None to be read a third 

a Bobet be given in the county ticwcpaper clxxxiji. 103 

lockes to contain the names of (owns and parishes 

miod CLxxxiv. 106 

p or plan, with list of land-owoera, estimate of ex- 

te, &C. to be deposited with the Clerk of Parliaments CLXXX%*. ib. 

lap, printed on a scale of one indi to a mile, to be 

cud 10 the Bill CLXxxrx, 106 

ouioo to Isod-owncis, Ac. with liR of assents or 

aua, 10 be depoaited in like manner . clxxxtii. ib, 

ame to be done where power is given to deviate 

B tfa* Une deaeilbcd in the ixiap . clxxxviii. 107 

OKioo to be made to the ovoen, &c. of lands, 

uns, and mills, Sxtm which water may be taken 

lieir prejudice CLXXXix. ib, 

f or plan to be deposited for new roods, or rarying 

Conner line of road cxc. lb. 

rwos giTCD by any Bill for audi patptmea, to ctatt^ 

^ work bt oot ccmpitud within the time CXC]» \0Q 

9^aftbepnlMbkexpeOgew beMhacribt^ CXCll. \V 


Causes appointed for heaiing not to be put off vithoat two i 


-, during the bearing of, The Lords miutb* oa iholMC 

y Mode of proceeding at the hearing of 

, No petition for the rehearing of, to be read the iBaM 

, Printed caaei to be distributed four da^ bcftnv the 1 


-, Time and Dajrt of hearing 

— , Time of day for hearing . 

— — to be heard before other bu&incsa 
to have precedence of private Bill* 

Caution against friroloua ap^wals .... 
.^..^ in calling Peers to the bar .... 
. to be observed in making or dispensing with Stai 


Certiorari, Certificatea of. awarded upon Wriu of Error t 
Claim of a Coheir to an Irisl) Poarage Id abeyanee. to be by 

CUma of Pceiage, Time for delivery and conteota of pi 

— In Abeyance, not to be proceeded on, n 

by rcoomnK'ndation of the King .... 

- to be referred to the Committee ofPrivi 

. of Persons to be Peercaiea of Ireland in their ova 

to vote Itir the ReprcaentaUve Pccn of Ireland, to 1 

prtitioot &£• 

n— i»»Si« «*■«>!* H«w— fltljtiiitino uifh naiiMa. 

127 ^H 




Mbr examining the JoamaX book .... 



BHniw IKK to be resumed vithouc oooicni of • 



BSxiidi not ■ctamlljr an, nuy not Tde al . 



Mtt PiMbgcs Lords coming to b. »haU be of that 




Bar the whole Hone, Mode of siuiog OB 



E » PnnOt BilK Chairman of; la report whelbff the 


9 Onlcn have been mmpUed with .... 


90 ■ 

— or Caa£eHatmt fltrangen not admiued lo 






Pi» Ctmtamet* with the 



> Uomat of. Lords not to nuwa accuaaiuwia ta the 




■ ■ -"-' J DO AwTU lO go BlUI UW) WUIlOUl ICSTe !■ 

n •*••....• 


>, Muaign ftnm the, Maoner of receiving 

^Jf csMngcn to the 



■«r Comnuitcea, Stnngen not sdinictBd to 



C-mith the ConnDooa 



— , Wbo an to speak at 



^Bcif» of Entail In Scotland, to be in pcnon, or ly 


Hft^j executed 



^Laadns in Irdaod to Prirate Bills before the judges 


||^ 10 be tuffidaM drideoce at Committees 




— iiiiiiiPt duly executed 



^Hk> in Scotland, to Private lUUs, given bdbre tho 


Wwfidcnt evidence at Coanuitieca 



• a Dwidkti. n;!!. ut.*tn> tA MmlmtM^ tt, C^rJ 


k^ in certain praporUnns ..... 


111 H 

■■Dd Notice of Private Bills 



Kprivate Bill*, of Trustees, to be in penoo 


80 ■ 

^ -., when: Childxeo have an intsrat 



K> • — , where the pelitioners are Tcnanu fai Life, 


^b Ac 




68 ■ 

^^a btlow the bar, in Divbiona .... 

tbaltai, Billi for, to be referred to a Committee, and 


GsBlAi of the joint stock to be vested io the Banlc, &c. 



flteilv proviAona for Bills in favour of bodies abesdy 





fc— ^ Bills giving extended powers to, not to be raul 


^fcoc, intta certain oondiUoos are reported to have 


Kqlkd with 


\\« 1 

KtmAstaautT'OmetM^Art^aottobe, for private penotu. 


• • 





Court of Session in Scotland, Appeals rrom ihe jodgn^cnt of, to be 

ccnltied by two Counael ci-xxrx. 101 

Ccosa Appeals, Time limited for bringing .... ciSTtl. M 

Dmctnt, Vctn by, may tit in the House without tntroducUoo, fee, 

or ceremony LKXXnil. 01 

Dignity and order tn the UouK xttV 4> 

Disooarw, Lords not to, during the transaction of Bufriness . xrxii. H 
DUordfir, PreventivD of, in the House, when the King is present cxi. ?( 

DiTorce Bill, None to be rcocircd without a daosc prohibiting the 

offending parties from marrying CLXXWl. M9 

Petition for a, to be accompanied by a copy of the 

^^^^L trial Sy 

^^^^^P Petitioners to attend on the second reading of cxt.ii. fl 

^^^^ Bfcil Hpeis DoC to stay within the House .... XLn< 

Enclosure, Navigation and Roul BiUs^ &c, ProTuuon to be made 

in, that the purchase money be paid into the Bank . 

Kstatcs, Bi11« for exchanging or selling, Schedule* of Value, &c. 

to be annexed to ciL. 

^— in (rclond. Petitions for private Bilh relative to, to be re- 
ferred to two judges lo Ireland CLTL 

^ft in Scotland, Pctiriom for private Bills relative to, to be 

^1 referred to two judges of the Coun of Seosion cxxzt. 

H FOiogaBill against a Peer, without process, no Breach of Privilege Lxxilf. 

^m , in cases whcro wiuiesaes ore to Le cx- 

^M omincdt no Breach of Privilege Lxxn. tl 

H Fin" XLvi, 41 

^B Frivolous appeals, Coutioo agaiost ..... Lvub 9 


H Goods of Privileged Penons to be free .... lsix. M 


H Hahcas Coqius, No Lords have privilc^ agvoit Wdu of CXXY. B 

■ Hearing ofcausca. Mode ofpiooDoding 01 the .... cxix. tl 

^B -■- 1 Printed Cases to be distributed four dayi be 

H ftwihe cxrtu m 

^m Heinof EduW io estates in Scotland.— ihwit coivm\u to private 

^H BUU to Im in person, or by instiutncnu du\) KiL«t>*M:Oi . gxrcoMau <k 


Order. Paf& 

0aoanr, LotcU to answer oo their, flad noi upon Oath, . . hxxm Ci 

Hone, C*Uiag of die xxvir. fit 

I Clcria sod OiBocn of the, not to bo diipland wiihoiu 

orieT - . - . cxv. 79 

, I^igBl^T "^ Onler fai the . . . , . xii;. 4ft 

— '- — Dot tD be nsmned without consent of Committee . xxxi. AS 

, Pkefcstkn of diaonier in the, when the King U preaent cxu 78 

, Ropeet to be hhown to the x. 40 

wbcD Bitting, None biti pcnoiu baring a right, to be in 

the cxxx. Ri 

— ' -- of ConTinooa, l»rdi not to answer accusations in the . L. A7 

' , no Lord ta go into the, without Icaw of 

the Pecfs LI. ih. 


Pvcra not to be, wiUKnit order of the Hoiue ; with 

XLtx. 5G 

Intndoeed, Pujj rfaiinnig by Limitation, u be . . . lxxxix. ^9 
Intzoductka, fee, or aoj ceremony. Peers by Descent may »it in 

the HoBM wi^Mwt • LXXXVtil. Ol 

Iiriand, AlfilbTit of Breadi of Pririlego hi, sufficiont to take a 

pOMB Ibio cmlody CX. 7G 

f CcmaaOM of pcnona in, to Prirate Btlla, given before the 
^adgm in Ireland, to be lufficient evidence at Coramitteca • CLTIT. 04 

• , to be penMoal, or 

by «■ inaBnmenc duly executed CLViir. 05 

m , Catatea in, Petiuon» for Private Bills rdaiive to, to be 
vdbned to two jadgc» in Ireland ■ . • . . CLVI. 94 

, Lands in, BJUa fine adUog, and pnrduutog others in lieu 

ilwtof . . V , CLix- 85 

f Peveaacaof, In theb own right, CUhns of persons to be cLxvr. 08 

> Bcynaoitativc Pcvn of. Claim to vote for, tu be by peti. 

tioo ci.x. 9C 

IrUb Peersfie, CUtma of, not to be proeeedcd on, unleu reoom- 

moBladbf hb Majcaty clxiii. 97 

— ' - ■, to be refdntd to the Cominittec of pri- 

vilegn CLxiv. ih. 

Jn Abeyance, Notice to be given o(^ by the House 

to his KajeHy clxv. liS 

.., The chUm of a Coheir to, to be by 

pecitiM . ■ CLKiu 07 

, Ppoof* and prdigree of Claimants of, to be bud on 
Che tabic, &e. two days before hearing .... CCXlI. lift 

liisfa Rc p fc aen tauw /Vem, /jctttn-PMent advancing than lo 

dignities^ to be re^ to the Jlou^ * • - . CLXTlll Oft 


King's Counsel never to be covered , 

— lemnU, No petition to be received for their protei 



IjMids tn Ireland, Bills for selling, And purchasing oUh 

thereof . 

• in ScotlaDd, BllU for seUing, and purchasing otht 


, Rcgtilations for Bills for the sale and purchai 
Letters-patent advaodog a Representative Peer of lid 
higher dignity, to be read in the House 

, No Bill for renewing, to be read a third 
kM thzke noticed in the Gazette 

Nor unica* the term of soch patent shj 

within two yean . . . 
Nor unless appHcaiion he made bjr the dj 
or his representative 
Limitation, Peers duming by, to be introduced 
Urea, works, oc willi of Loids, Printing the, withoai e 

bteadi of privilege 

Lobbv. Who mav c ome Into the . - - . 


odia to their 

l«dilOAtu&dfti Ae 

iteid, under b penalty 

• . uiubU u> aOeod from age, &e. to be excused from bolloc 

for the Hcuing of Caiue* 

---^- uikder 31 bMlifa, && to be exetued tern beaiiog Caujn , 

takuig i^tir watk by DeKcnt^after ballol for th«: Qeanng of 

C8Baea,co W akidown, and days appointed for their attcndanee 

^-*- Aneadancr of, at the Hearing of Caawt, Standing Ordert 

Rkavr to, to be txaasnitied to each 

tfcMRgcs fram the Camnonay Mannar of receiTtng . • 

MoMigias t0 the r w m ii w w i 

■ad Widoirs of Peeis have no privilege of Parliament, 
I tbctr light of Peerage ... ... 

To prcreot ■ • • ■ ■ 
flf pHitiaB tot Private BlUt to be given to. 

NstoisliadoB, No BTU for, to be read a secoiul time vithoul ■ 

I cniieMe of conduct 

L IteaolHBl to »tay within the Bar, in Divisions 

^■wh. Irfvda not to uuwer on, but upon their Honour 
^Ki^— not CO be (mpoaed on Peen by any Bills ... 

f »— «f ABq^asce to be adminlsicrcd to Poeis before the com- 


«kd Salntatioiu to the Cloth of Estate 

A.C to be avoided 

Ckdcsof the Houienoc to be displaced without or- 


Oidv aad DIpdtjr in the House 

Ordir of the day Cat Public Business not to be read till the House 


Oidon aot to be Entered before being Read .... 

Act oC foe placing of the Lords , • . • 
; Lords not to sit in, before t« years of age 
, Proceedings on openiag ths . • . . 
^ ProtDgatioa of • « 


Order. Pmhc 

CCV. lis 

CCTI. 114 

ccvit. tb. 



Claims of, '^xa^ fur iielirayaod€iUita»<B of printed railfn 



XX XT. &3 

XX XT I. ib. 

LXXTI. 05 

XTi. 43 

C-L. 00 

CLXXI. 00 

XXll. 60 

LZX. 64 

























Peerage, PriTilcge of, Widowi of Poen nurryii^ Conunonm 

lose it LXXTi. <S 

— Irish, Clftinu of, not to be prxeokd on, unlcn xccom- 

mendckl b; hin Majeatf • CLXXlt. 97 

= , to be referred to the Cooimlttee of 

privileges CLXIT. ib- 

, Proofs aod pedigree of CUimanti of^ to be Uid oo 

the table, &c. two dnys before hearing CCKIX* 110 

— , if in AUyvice, Notice of, to be giveo by theUoaw 

to the King CIXT. 98 

, The claim of a Coheir to, to be by 

petition CLZIK. 99 

pMrcMe» of Ireljuid, in their own right, Clotmi of penons to be Ctxvc* |i 
Peen and Bi^ops. Difference between, with their privilq^es . xiav. U 
by Descent may sit in the House without iniroductkm, fee, 

or ceremony Lxxx^'tii. 

■, Caution iu calling, to the bar . . . xi.tiii. t4 

claiming by Lhniiation to be introduced .... lxkxix. 70 

-, Filing a Bill against, wbeie wicncaiea are to be eumined, 

DO Breach of Prlrilegc ....... x.xxii. ti 

^Filing a Bill against, without process, no BrcAch of Privilege LXXiil. QA 

hare no Privilege of Parliament against ilie proving of wUla Lxxr. tk 

- ■ ■■- - - ■ as Tnutccs , . . lxxit. ib. 
cot to be imprisoned without order of the llouae, with cx- 

eeptiona X Lix. M 

'^ — , Oaths of ^Ulegiance to be administered to, before the eom- 

menccment of Ruitincia xcii. 71 

, Oatlis not to be impoaed on, by any Bills . . . lxxi. 94 

— — , Trial of, to be in full ParUamcnt Lli. ^7 

, in Parliament, not to extend lo Appcab of Murder 

or Felony Ltiu t§ 

„ >Vidows of, marrying Commoners, loae their Privilege of 

Peerage lxxvi. 99 

•^— , Ueprescnuiive of Ireland, Claim to vote foT,U> be by peti- 

tion^ &c CLX. H 

■ , Letters-Patent advancing such lo 

higher dignitiea, to be read in the House .... CLXTltt. 99 
« ■ , Rcsolu tions of the House, admit- 
ting Clainis to vote (oT, to be iransmiticd lo the Clerk of the 

Crown in Irdaod CLXI. 97 

Pcnons who have a right to be in the House when sitting cxxx. 99 

Petition, Claim to vote for the Kcprracntative Peers of Ireland, to 

be by CLX. 99 

— — - for a OivfKC Bill to bw accompanied b^ a co^ of the 
ulJ ^xvu H\ 


pRioaoft for prrrtts Bilb rdftdw lo Ettales in Irdaod to be n. 

frmd to uro jadga in IrcUod 

" ■ — fo ScotUad, w be nfm- 

nd i& tiro jtid^ct of the Court of Scukm .... 
■ ■■ - fo> prolcctaon of tlie KiDg** 8cmntt fVom arcm not to 






iov BdwariDg of Cwues, not U> be reul the 


for PriTftte BtUg, SigoMarcs to .... 

to Attend oo the teoond muling of Divorae Bflli • 

^^uited to the Bui of Buihui^ .... 

of DUcffdcr in the House, when the King li prcaent . 

CaM» in Chana of Peerage, Time for dcliveryi and ocm- 


of Appnb mutt be ligMd bj ooonttl to the catue 
to be dintxibuted foot daji belore Catues an heard 
tlK ProccedingB of the House, withoat leave, a Breach of 

th« irorLi, Utcs, or wilb of LardA, without eoMCDt, a 

Breadi of Pririlege 

*riruc Bllb, Caiuca to have prcoedcnoe of . . • 

Chairmaa of the CommUtce on, to rtport whether 

ihe Standing Orders hare been complied with 

— , Cooaoiia to, and notice of ... 

y CoaaOM of Trttfteci tntexeitcd in, to be tn peiua 

-^ >, Conjcot* to, where Children have an iniemt 

— , wh«r« ifa0 petitionert are Tcaania Ibr 

Life an<d in tail, &G. 

■ , where Womcti have an huemt 

— , New Appotntmmt of Trustees for pcnoru interested 

bt, to be with the approbation of the Court of Chancery 
g None u> be read, till a copy of the Petition, Ac. is 

ddivend to the cbainaan of the Coiumitteea 

, Kotict of petition for, to be given lo Mortgageea 


-, &igqatures to petitions for ... 

-, Sunding Orders on, to be laid before the Committee 

-, The bringing in of, to be petitioned for 

- to be printed befonr being read 

• u) be referred to and biffncd by two juilges 

-, Trusteca in, to appear personelly 

-y Wltncases on, to be first sworn at the bar of the 

— for EneJoPum^ Amr^Uou, or Ximtb, Ac, Provi 
MSP 40 bf made io, that the putcbMsc taoncy be /mid into tbi 






ex VII. 





































Private Bills for i-xclunging or Klling csutei, Scbeduk* of Value 

to be annexed to ..■••■• • CLI* 

for Klling lands in IrelMDd, and purdiaaing others 

in lieu thcnof clix. 

, , Content to, of penona In Irrlnndf before the judge* 

in Ireland, to be suffici<:Dt evidence at C'omroiKcca . - CLVii, 94 

*^ , in Ireland, to be pereotud, or by an in- 

sirumcnt duly executed ....••- ci*TXS>> W 

- — ^ relative to estates in Ireland, Petitiona Ibr, to be i^ 

fetrcd to two Judges in IreUnd CLvr. 94 

^ for selling lands in Scotland, and purdiadng others 

to be settlt'd in lieu thereof CLiH. II 

— — rclatire to chutes in 8co<land, Consents of Heirs of 

Entail to, to be in penon, or by inttrumenti duly executed . cxxxui. 87 

— '^ • ■- — , Coaienia of pcrsoas in Scotland to, 

to be sudicioni evidence at Cummiitces ... - CXXXix. W 

in Scotland, Contents rf penona to 

be in certain proportions . ..... cxcvil* 111 

, Petitions for, to be re- 
ferred u> two judges of the Court of Seuion . . • crxxxi. W 
PrivilegCf Breach of, Complaint of, to be upon oath . LXXVlli. CNi 

■ , If oooiplaint of, be not allowed, tltc Lord to 

pay expenses LXXTiti. ftb 

' , Filing a Dill In Equity i^ainst a Peer, with- 
out process, not a lxxiii. 

, ^ Filing a Bill against a Peer, (o cases where 

vitDcascs are to be exaniincd, not a LXXit. 

, in Ireland, Affidavit of, sufficient to take a 

perwa into custody ex. 

, Printing the l*n>ceedingB of the >!ouw with- 
out leave, a Lxxrti. 

. , Printing the Works, Lirea, or Wifla of 

Lords, withtwt consent, a CXilf. 

^-^fromArrestdoesDOtextendtoIjorda'attomeysortolicilors lxtI. 

< , Lords have none, againit \rrits of Ilalieos C^orpus . cxxr. 

of the servants of Lord», from amst . . . txw. 

or Protections, Written, Lordii not to give to any petsoa LXV ii* 

• , \\1iat conatitutcn a Waiver of .... CXX. 

— of Parlimnicnt, M inor* and M'tdows of Peers bare none, 

saving their ri^ht of Peerage Lxxvi. 

, Peers have none against the PioilBg of 

Wills LXXT. 

—, Pc«r» have none as Tru^tem . l-xxir. 

of PecngCy M'iilows of I'cen matrjln^ Convinonent, 
h»9C It .,..-...■.• v^v«\. 


t pcnons. The Oooda of, to be free .... 
, CamnudK of. Lords cofning to a, shall be of that 


cf Bidiopt and Peoa 

NBicB, McmbcB of, aod Judgta not to be oorered or 
audi ihtr Lotda gire than leave .... 

igs of the UouM, PrindAg without leave, a Breach of 

OD opening the ParUaaMOt 

on of Padiarocnt 

not to be ddajred on 'Wiiii of Error 
1 of the King's icrTauts from ancat. No petition to be 

4 for 

or PriTiLsge, Written, Lords not to give to any penoo 
.V Whiten, drdarcd to be null and Toid . . • 
Time for entering and signing, in ihe Clerka* books • 
Ivn Spiritual Lorda to he made to Spiritual Lords, and 
iBcporal Lords to Temporal Lords .... 
Itfcda must vote for their, if they vote on the question 
\y not be made in judicial cases, tltough by Dill 
cw, not to he made without new lean . . . 

>0 Lord to have above two 

t to be used in giving judgment .... 

for eotcrwtg 

ieated on the Lord sitting in the Honse 

Older of the Dsy for, not to be read till the 


ical Dilla. (See BUUJbr attiatij navigalion^ road^y ^c, 

^c) CLXXX 

, AfHdaviiti relating to, taken in Scotland, to 

before the Coumiittce ..... 

Such affidavits u be uxooipaDicd by ccrtiiicatcs 

iVocn the Sheriff; &£.■•*.. 


LXix. A4 

cxxi. 81 
xLtr. &i 

IV. & VI, 




































iii.,&c, I03,&c 





pot, Lords not to ipeak after the 



AdditSoo to the Standing Order, that none be 

m on appeals to be entered into in eight days 
for Bills for the »ale and purcbftte of lands • 
I ot caiucs, .N^ pedUva fiv, to be rod the tanx day 


', The first and second xxiii. 









Onlfv. Ptfb 
Report! of amendment to BUIb xzztv. &3 

Keprcsentiilive Peers of Ireland, Cliiim to Tote for, to be by pe- 
(iiioD, &C. CLX. M 

. m , Letters-Patent advandn||[tuchto 

highcf digmtics, to be read in the House .... clxtui. M 

^^-^^^.^^^— -^^ , Resolutions of the Hoase admit- 
ting claims to vou for^ tu be transmitted to the Clerk of the 
Crown in Ireland CLXi. 97 

Respect to be abown to the House x. 41 

Respondciii, Notice to be giren to a, of the time when an Appeal 

is to be presented CLxxx. 1#S 

Restitution in blood, Bills for, to be signed by the King, and to 
be^ in the Lords* Uouse xc. 7* 

RcvcniDg only. The question to be put for, in giving Judgment 

on Appcali or Writs of Error Lvi. i$ 

Right, Persons who liave a, lo be in the House when silthig • CXXX. tt 


Sale and purchase of lands. Regulations for BiUa for the • . cxxTf. D 
Salutation and Obeisance to the Cloth of Estate . . . xi. 41 

Scotland, Cocucnta of Ilcirs of Entiol in, to private Bills, to he 

in person, or by instruments duly executed .... CXXXIIL fj 
^^.^^-. Consents to private Bills, given before the judgca In, 

to bo Buflicicnt evidence at Committees .... cxxxil. M 

I , Court of Sctsion in. Appeals from judgment of ihe, 

to be certified by two counsel ...... CLxxix. lOl 

, Estates In, Consents of pcrsoiu to Private Bills, rula- 

tivc to, to be in certain proportions CZCVn. Ill 

<, Pctitipiu for Private Bills relative to, to bo 

rcfeTTcd to two judges of the C^mrt of Se««ion . . , cxxxt. tf 
, Lands in, Bills for selling, and purchasing others in 

lieu thereof ......... CLtii. $$ 

^- , Public l.ocal Bills in, Affidavits relating to, taken in 

Scotland, to be evidence before the Committee . . . cxcr. 119 
Such affidaviu to be accompanied by certificates from 

the Shoiff, he ....... rxcTK. ft. 

Select Cosnmittces, Mode of sitting in xxxil. M 

Serranis of the King, No petition to be received for their pro- 

teclioo from arrest Lxviti. SI 

of die Lords, Privileges of, &om Arrest . • . Lxr. fi| 

Sitting, Order of I. 4ft 

SoUdlon and Attorneys of Lardi not privileged from amat . lxti. O 

Speaker, The Lord Chancellor as II. 4A 

Spmkiogn Mode of addrtss in xir. 4S 

^^neair, Lwda not lo, afWr the Question is put ^x w 41 


&ps»k, Ntf Lord to^ (vice to one nrntiet . . « . xtK. 

. \9T» anr to, at C<mi'«Tenc« zxxriii. 

Speaker, Cbgice of a, bj the liordt lit. 

Speecbc»,Ofi9ii««c CO be KTOcded %v. 

fffmttr^ Ovier, Additim to thr, that no BiD it to be read twice 

1^ amedij ctv. 

Onicn, AH, rrktire to BiUs tent to Committecii, to bo 

lu] bdombetn cxvxi&. 

,Coatiaotobeob«erredtnmakingordi»pensing«'iih cir. 

.^ CbaimiMi of Coniiuittre on privalr DilU to re- 
pot whether they have been complied with .... CLII. 

, t^7 *^i relative to the atlnulancc of Ixedt in 

hearing Canoes of Appeal, fee to be (ransnuttcd to each ccix. 

— — ■ — on prime Rille to be laid before the Committee ci|. 

Smufcit not admitted lo Conferrncet or Conunitteee . . xxxix. 
fiupply, Bdl* of. No cUtae foreign (o thtf j^ftUcr to be added lo xxv. 


Tomato Air Ufe and in tail, ComeiHs to Private BQli when the 


dapi for Hearing CauMS clxxxii. 

for bringing Appeals, litmitcd . . ■ . . cxvtil. 

— ^ JiKciied for bringing Cmu Appeabi . . * . CXXTII. 

for heving cause* of AppeaU and Writs of Error , cc. ft cct. 

-'— tar Imjing Caeca in Appeal on the tabic .... clxxtji. 

. ■ ■ in Wriu of Error on the table . . clxxviii 

Usiitcd for patting in Antwerp to Appeals • , cxxiif. 

fafdd l t x r y and contcna of printed caaei in Claims of Peerage cxxriit. 

for eiMMiiig aad signing Piotats in the Clerks* boolu . cxiv. 

ii» Mtaffiog Proxiea Lxxxr. 

Ttada, BHIa for regulating, A.c. Committee to report upon the 

madhiMj of cxtTiit. 

Trwl, Uodc of, of persons hroaght to judicature before the Lords xi.wii. 

'— Df Peen to be hi full Parliamcot Lit. 

in Parltamcnt not to extend to appeals of Murd«r 

or Fdny tin. 

Tnatees fafpen u r i scopcemed in Private Bills, to cooscnt in peraon, cxLviii. 
' intemted in Private Bills, New appotnrtncnt 

afj tohe with the approbation of the Conrt of Chancery . cxlix. 

■ in pvivate Bill* to appear personally ... ci. 

, Pccn hare do Privilege of Parliament aa . . . lxxiv. 


Appeal* t0 $tAad dkmimtdt anieu pratecuted M the 
u e/'aart grmJaa • . . . 











Onlcr- fagr. 

UnklndncMet ud misuket. To prevent ..... xvi. 4» 


Vote, Claim to, for the Reprcientjuive Peen of Irebod, to be by 

Petitivo, &.C CLV. M 

Voting, boida to remain in their places wfatUt . . xzi. H 

— , Minoer of xx. M 

Waircr of PriTilege, What conttttutes a .... CXX. SI 
Widowi of Peen and Miiion have no PriTilege of Parliament 

■aviog their right of Peerage lxxtx. A 

manying Comroonen lo*e their Privilege at 

Peerage LXxri. 06 

WilU, Peers have no Privilege of Parliament against the proving of lxxt. tt 
J works, or lives of Lords, Printing the, vithoot consent, a 

Breach of Privil^e cxixi. 7S 

M'^itnesses on Private Btlb to be first iwom at the bar of the 

House cm. 34 

Workfl, UveSf or wills of Lords, Printing the, without consent, a 

Breach of Privilege cxiIL 7< 

Writs of Ertor, Ortificales of Certiorari awarded upon . . ct. jS 

■ and Appeals, Cases In, An appendix of proofs to 

be added to CXClw. Iflt 

^^ — , to contaio proofs taken in the 

Courtt below CLXXXI. IM 

-^-^ , Days for hearing. (AV< i^ipeaU mid 

vHti of error,) qq^Aju Xlt^hju 

I . — — ' ^ The questioB Ubeput ft>r rtvttth»gt 

only, in giving judgment oa ...... Lvi. 19 

^ , PrascailioD not to be delayed on . . . lit. M 

, Time for laying cases in, on the table CLXXviit. Itt 

of Habeas Corpus, No Lords have privilege sgftiiBt cxxv. a 

, Style of XII. a 

Written Protections declared null and void .... cxri. J§ 

—^—^—^-^ or Privily, Lords oot to give to »ny per*on x.xvu. O 


or TRC 





m vnio. 







Bn Born. ^^^| 

Co> Se. . . . Country Seat. ^^^H 

Dr. PaughtiT. i ^^^| 

E. Dr. . Eldest Daughter. ^^H 

Y. Vr, . YoungcHt Dau^^littT. .^^H 

H. Ayp. . . Heir Apparent. ^^M 

H. Pres. . Heir Fresuinpuve. ^^H 

G. B Peerage of Great Britain. ^^H 

I. P Irish Peerage. ^^H 

Mar, .... Married. ^^^| 

N. tS- S. . . Name and Surname. ^^H 

Oji Office^ or Offices. ^^H 

O. Qffi, . . Other Offices. ^^B 

O. r. Other Title, or Titles. ^^H 

Pari. Pat. Parliameiiury Pairouage. ^^^^ 

^^_ Reh Relationship. ^^^^ 

^^fe ^^H 

^^B E. S. . . Eldest Son. ^^H 

^^1 Y. S. . . Youngat Son. ^^H 

^V S. P Scottisli Peerage. ^^M 

^^H Sue Succeeded ^^^H 

^^B To. Res, . Town Resitlence. ^^^| 

^^P U. K Peerage of the United Kingdom. ^^H 

^■^ Y. C. Year of Creatioa. ^H 

^^^^^L I. R. P. . . Irish Repret^euutjve Peer or Pr^te. ^^1 

^^^^H & R. P. . . Sootti&h Representative P«er. J 


or THE 



Kn inrnrnn^' inininr i r 



Vcmr of Creation 179A 

TiTf-r*. Enf^tyi Peer. 
9> Vaawot Hamiltoo ofUs- 
■^.Camii^of l^coter . . 1766 
ha*/Wj^. £«rl of Aber. 

^ 1606 

l^iT Pokier 1A85 

AWfcom .... 1604 
HMuiUoa . . . .) 
Jimutcntla . . .VlOOd 
■id Kalpatrick . . ) 
k Affi^fe. Viicoaitc and Buod 
i*M .... 1701, and IGI7 

>■ MflMUMLlu .... 1701 

AJamcc oT InlaiuL 

^llAianurr 1811 

gwid&tber, «f 2d 
S7th JUIUV7 . . 1818 
ic Hit Lord»hip*s bru- 
C'Uude Hamilum. 
DoddingBtone House, 
Bwoq'a Court, Ire- 
Bmtlcy Priory, Mtddletrx. 
Hii Lordship's molhtr U 
of Aberdeen. *■ 



Tullibody, Ctnnty 

. . Y. ofC. lUOl 
Ooofp Abcroombie. 
<fOotabv .... 1770 
■^K Stot^oe, Sd dr. of the 
^ «d liaiEr Urdu preMU^ 



Siu. his mother, Banmeu Aber- 
rrumbJe (who hul been rai<ied tu 
the Peerage of Great BritAin, oa 
acrount uf the »ervicc« and la- 
mented death of her husband. 
Sir Ralph Abcrcronibie, who 
coromatkded the expedition lo 
Egrpt in 1801, and fell at the 
balUc of Alrxandria), ! 1th Feb. 1831 

His Ix)rdjdiip is an Advocate at the Scot- 
tifth Bar. 

//. Jp. Hon. Gcorgc-Ralph Aber- 
crombie, born May .... 1800 

Co. Se. TuUibfidy, Clackmannanfthirc. 

lUI. Bru( to the prcseDt Vis- 
count MvlviUe; father to the Hon. 
Gcorgc-Bulph .\bercroinble, 91. P. for 
C Udcman nan shire. 


Y. ofC. 1784 
.V. 4 .V. Henry NcriHc, K.T. 
O. T. Viscount Neville . . .1784 
Baron AberEavenny . . » . 1460 
Officft. Recorder of Harwich. 

Patent'Inipcctor of Prosecution* at the 

Bn, 22d Feb 1755 

Sue hU father, ai 2d Earl, and IGth 

Baron, lOih Scpl 1786 

Mar. Marv, dr. of John Robinson, 
Esq. of 'Wykc House, Middle- 

■ex, 3d Oct 17fll 

n. Ap- His third son, Johity Vu- 
connt XrvVk^ a Clerjfyman of 
the Church of England, bom 
3Sth Dec, Yflfy 


l79BlramnBerid. 34, BCTkeley.iquirel 


ABIN ( H2 

CiK Se. Cdffilc Abergavenny, Co. Mon 
mouth; Eiidgc Park, Kent; ontl Kid 
brook, Huu«x. 


(S3. ABINGDON, Earl of, 

V.ofC. 1682 
N. 4" S. Montagu Bertie, D.C.L. 
O. r. B:iron Norrcvs, of Kycote^ 

Co. Oxfonl, by wnt, 8th May . 1673 
Qfi, Lord Limtcnant <in4 Cutm 

toM Hottiforutn of Berkshire •, 

High Steward of Abingdon. 

Bh. April 1784 

Siu\ hU father, as 5th Karl, SGtb 

Sept. 1790 

Mttr. Emily, dr. orOcneral Gage, 

27ih Aug 1807 

//. Ap. Monugu, f.ord Norrcyf^ 

M. P.forOxfoitlshbc^born lOth 

June 1808 

Tt}. Ret, 6, Orcat Stanhope- street 
Co. Se, Wftham Abbey, Berkshire. 


:Y. ore. 1021 
X & S. Charles- Bruce-Brudcncn Bruce, 

O.T. Earl of Ailesbury . . .1776 

Earl Bruce t 

ViacoumSaveraake . . . j *"^' 
B«ronBruoeofTo(tenbain,WUt8 17^0 

Bh, Uthof Feb. ..... 1773 

Siu: his father, as 2ud Earl of 
Aile^bury, lOih April . . . 1RU 

Mar- H en ritrtta- Maria, dr. Co the 
first liOfd BL-swick, 10th Apr. 1793 

//. Ap. Geo. -Willi am- Frederick, 
Earl Bruce, bom 2001 Nov. . 1804 

To. Ret. 41, Ora!ivcnor.flquare. 

Co. Sc. Tottenham Park, near Mvlbo- i 
lOOgh, M'llla ; Jenrrax Abbey, and' 


TmnMd HaU, Yorkahttts aid 

ShcCTi, Surrey. 
Jtf/. to Lord Bemkk: 

coiuin to the Earl of Cardinn. 
Pariiantnttary Patronagr, Two Men. 

ben for .Marlborough ; two ifcmbcii 

for Great Bed win. 

344. AII^A, (Firai) Baran oT, 
in Ayntliirc, C.K. . . V.ofC. IflM 
N, 4 A'. Archibald Kennedy, K.T.,F.R.S. 
O. T. S.P. EAiiLor Cassilis . 1M9 

Barun Kennedy 14M 

A Baronet of Nova Scotia . . Ittt 
^far. fllai^g^arei, dr. of John En- 

kine, Esq. of Don, Iti June . 1793 
Shc. his father, as 12th Ead, 

30Ui Dec . 17M 

H. Ap. Archibald, Lord Kenmedpf 

M. P. for EveahMn. bom ' . . ITM 
To. Res. M'hitehall Garden*. 
Co.Sr. Tuliean (ostk-, Ayrshire; C^aa- 

siliA, on the river Don, sanie Co. ; aad 

St. MaTgaret**, lileworth, MkUlnn. 
Rei. Lord Kennedy married to Mia 

Alkrdyce of Dunotar, AbcrdccraUR. 

8c«ood son, Jotin. to Augusta Flia. 

daicncr, dr. toliis Jllajc»ty. Dr. Mw. 

nuvt married to Visooant Ktaoabd, 

3d. ton to the Earl of Nvwbtsrgb. 

Alicia-Janc to Jonathan Ped, Ka^ 

brotlier to tbc Ku Hon. Sir Robot 

Peel, Bart, M.P. for Tarn worth. 

73. AI.REMARLE, Earl of, 
in NoTDuuidy . . . V.ofC. lOM 
A'. .J .V. IVUIIam-Charles KcppeL 
0. T. Viwount Bury, Co. L*d. 
caater .... 
Baron Aihford, of Aili/bnl, 
Kent .... 
Ql^. Master of the Uorie 10 his MajasCy f* 


* Lordt LieiiUnamU ofCokntiet arc officcn of great distinction ; being apwiiBttd 
by the King to nunagc the standing militia, and all military matteni witnin ihdf 
district In case of n.-beUioii, ihey arc to lumi tlie militia, and to march at Ckest 
liead, oeeording as the King shall appoint. The office of CmmUh Rotniormt 
qocQtly jobcd with tliat of Lord Lieutenant; u i» aUo Vice-Admiral in 
oBthe Bea*coast ; being united in the aanie penoo. — Tliere being a Lord Li 
Oencnl orer all Ireland, the otiSoe of Lord Lieutenant b the counties of that ktr^> 
dom is executed by one or noore OoTcmors. 

Cuttoi Haimlorum it the officer who has the custody of the Rolls or Reooidi si 
the Sesaioos of the Peace of a county. He is also a Justice of the Pe%cc, aad «f 
the Quorum in the county where be holds his office. 

■f- TVu .yfnstcr o/tite Uirrse has ^e cbarge of all the King*s stabUs and 
also pown over equcrricx and pages, footmen, groonis, farriers, smitfaa, 
«m/ mO other tradet- in any way rcl.tting to the stables. Ue has the pririlse of a 
my ^ bis own asc^ one coachtnaiu four footmen, ani i«t pwanv^'^ >!t«fcJtaHj** i 
sad wauing the King's lirery. In any toUemn caiaksAt W: t>A» wrx^ ^ 



( U3 ) 


JhL lAcb Mbv^ mad Mtc his fju 

ihcr, ms 401 kwl. 13ihOct. . . 177-^ 
Jbr. Firat, Klixabnti, 401 dr. of 

Ua6 dc t liffoni, iMh April . 1702 
t^«rDfi4> Chilotte-^UM nn ^ , dx. 
of 6ir Henry Uunloke, BarLy 

I2ih Ftb. 1822 

Ay. AagvUiu Frederick, riiroHirf 
Bmry, A navil offieor. 

^. jaTodoo liill, SuffoU; and 
Qnirfiiiwhim, Nofolk. 

Sm» im fag, Sir Jamn Macdooald, 
Barr. M.P. for Calne; and Thomaa 
\rauDan Coke, £>q. MP. for Nor. 
Xolk. fiia Lordihip is graodfacher to 
ViieMntHi Barrin^Ton, wbote luiid is 
» Prcbendanr of UuihAiit, aod Bedor 


... Y.ofC. 1901 
r. ^ S. WHUain Arden. 
An affies in the annf . 
30di FA. . .... 1700 

bk &ili>r. a* Snd Baron, l&th 

MjRfi 1804 

[jr. ^rv. Bk Lordship's brother, the 
Uco. Richard Pepper Ardeii, an officer 
Jla. 4. Park Place, St. Janin*ft. 
JSr. Taiporiey, Cheshire; and Hamp. 

Hb L«r4»hip'* mother is tiiUr to 
I^vd hkdmcndAlc. 

173. A>IHER^T,(Fifit)Earl, 
L4tf Amon. Kau Indies, V. ofC 1836 
^ & WilUam-Piu Ambmt. 
.r-VisamniHolmijAdaU^^mKent 183C 
AoQh«nt of Montreal, 

[County 1788 

ly. LalvGoTemor-Gco. of India. 
A Prwy Cnnncillor. 
A l«ri of hU Majesty '» Bcd-cbambcr. 

S*^ Jm»Tj 1773 

^M« ka» wdtj aa Sod Baron, 

Au^3. 1707 

Mar. sant^ Couoteaa Dowager of 

Plyniivth, 34th July ... 18(H) 
21- Af^ Vi^ount Holmeadalc, 

Jtf. P. far East Grinstead. 
To- Jks. <I6, GroaTcsu>r-*treet. 
Cdk Jk. MoaCreal,near tSertnOaks, Kent. 
UiL £4Bp-&tbcr tothc Earl of Plymouth. 


y.ofL\ Wi5 / 

G.C.R, G.C.U.,K.M.T., K,8.a., 

a r. Earl of L'xbridge, Co. .Mid- 

dIcMK I7S4 

Baron Paget, of Bcaudcacft, Co. 

Stafibrd IMO 

A Baronet of Ireland. 
0£i. Lord Lieut.-Gn*tral and Grnint 
Govfntor of Irriand. 
Lord L'uuUmtnt, CmmU Hot. mtd Fk^ 
Adtnirai of the CouHtt/ofAngUMp, 
ConBtable of the Castle, and Mayor of 
the Borough of Caernarvon; Ranger 
of hnovdon Fare^L, Chomberlun 
and Chancellor of North Walea. 
Vice-Admiral of North ^^'^aIes niid of 

the County of Caernarvon. 
A General Officer in tlic Army. 
Cglonel of the 7th Regiment of Hua> 

Ba. 17ih May I768 

Mar. Firsts Caroline-Elizabeth, 
dr. of the 4 th Earl of Jersey, 

25th July 1705 

Scrtmd^ C^harlottc Cadngan, dr. 

of the first Earl of Codogan, 

(formerly tbe Lady of Sir n. 

U'ellesley, DOW Baron Cowley^ 1810 

Sue. his father. b<* 4tb Earl and 

lOtli Banin, 1 3th March . .1813 
H. 4p. Uatry, Sari of UibrUgCj 
M. P. for the Co. of Anglesey, 

bom 6th July 1707 

To. net. Uxbridge House, 1, Burlington 

Co. St. Bcandeacrt, Staflbrdshire ; Cowes 
C«Atle, IhIc of M'tght J Sialbridge 
Park, Dorsetshire ; lMa» Ncwydd, 
Hel Besides the Member for Anglesey, 
his Limlaliiii is, bIm, father to Lord 
William Pi^et, a coniaiaoder in the 
R. N. He is, fatfur^in-law to the 
Duke oi Kidiiriond, to Earl Mount. 
chark», M.P. foir Donrgalthire (son 
to the Marquess of Conyngham) to 
the Hon. Arthur Chichester, M.P. 
for Wexfordshinr, and nephew to ihu 
Marquess Donegal, and to G. S. 
Byng, Ekq. ^I. P. for Milbomc Port. 
His Eofdship's hrolhcrt arc, tbe Right 
Hon.tiir Arlliur Paget, G.C.B.n Privy 
Councillor, (K»n-in'bw to the Earl 
of WestmorchUKl) ; :^ir Edward Paget, 
G.C. B., a GeacTul Officer in the Airai| , 
and Member of the Board of Gtrnerak 
OfScerSf Colonel of the BOiV\ Voov, 
Governor of the Royal M'lliur^ CoV- 
iegc at Sandhural, (^brolhcr-in.Um \o 


( 144 ) 




tiie Earl of Dartmouth) ; and Sit 

Charles Paget, K. C:. B., Reor.Ad. 

liral of the White. His LonUbin's 

'Other s-'inM-x are, the ICarl of (iaU 

f, l/ieut.-Gen. Sir Oeorge Sfur- 

fimy, M. P. for Perthshire, the Earl of 

[£nnUkill(m, and the Earl of Cadogan. 

Uncle to Lord (.travel. 

ParL Pat. Two SlembemYor JMilborne 

Port; one Member for AnglcMjKhtre. 

15)3. ANSON, VUcount, 
of Shugborough otid Orgreve, Co- 
Stafford V.ofC. 1806 

A'. 4 .V. Thomaa-WUliftcn Anson. 

O. r. Daran Sobcrton of S. Hants 1800 

Offi. Masttr of Jlh Mtijcitjf*» Buck 

Btt. 20th October UO"' 

Sue. hin father, an 2d Visoounl, 
3UiJuly 1818 

Mar. I«ouiiia-Cathrrin«, dr. of 
Nathaniel PhilltM, of Sleebeck 
Hall, PembrtiVeshire, llthFrb. 181!) 

//. Ap- Thoix»s> George, born Oih 
August 182ij 

To. Hct. 13, Sl James*! square. 

Ctf. Se, Shugborough Park, near Lich- 
fie^, ataffbrdshirc 

J{(4. Hi« lairdihip t« grandtom to Mr. 
Coke, J^I.P. for Norfolk; nrpbtw to 
Sir Ifcorgr and Sir William Anson, 
l<ie-ulenant8.Gcncml in the Army, the 
IbnniT of whom is AI . P. for Lich Seld ; 
hrother to the Hon. George Anson, 
M.P. for Varmouth; and hr9,-in-Uvi 
to the Earl of Rosebrrry. 

Pari. Pat. One Member for Lichfield. 

17a ARBUTHNOT^Viscouut, 

S. P y.ofC. 1G4I 

A Reprt$cntai%vc Peer of Scotlaiifiy 

elected Sept. 2d 1830 

K.jrS, John Arbulhnot. 

O. T, 8. P. Baron InTerberrie. 

Qfft- Lord Rector of the L'nivetiity and 

King'* College of Aberdeen. 

Lurii Lieutenant of KhtcardlnethWe^ 

Bm. ICdiJan 1778 

StK. hia father, a* 8th V'iscount, 27th 

Feb. 1800 

Jtf or. Hargarrt, dr. of WtCi. tcr Ogil- 

vk^Etq. of aova,'2fiih June . 1805 

B^Ap, John, bom 4th June . . 1806 

£*a. Jiej. Edinburgh, and Arbuthnoi 

Uouac, Kiacardinethirc 

Ji^i. Hit hordahip is brodier to the H on, 

Hugh Arbuthnot, C.B. » Lieui..C43L 

in tlic Army, and M.P. for li.i 




334. ARDEN. (First) B«nn, 
of A., Co. Warwick . V.ofC. la^ 
A^.4<V. Charlrt-OeoTge Pcrcrval, 

r.R.S. and F.S.A. 
O. T. LP. Baron Ardrn, orix»horl 

CaitJc, Co. Cork 1 770 

Offl, Lard Lkut. And Cu»t. Rot. ^ fJW 
County of Surrey. 

Rcfn^trar of Court of Ap f ^ wk ^ 
Pr'izet^ of the Court of Admirtttp^ 
and of the Court of Dftefiuttt, 

A Tniitee of the Huntrrian Muaann. 

A Ijord of hif Majnty't Bed-Chanibs. 

A Priry CminciMor. 

Bn. 1st October 17M 

.Vur.hi«mother,iotheIriah Barony, 


Mar. Margaret. Elixabcth, eld. dr. 

of Sir T. Spencer WilBoo, BarL 

ofCharlton, Kent, Feb. ... 
ii, Ap, Georgc-Jame% a Captain, 

R.N., born Uth March . . . 
To. licM. 28, St. JamoVplace. 
Co. Sc. Nork Ilouac, Sunvy ; Lohon 

Casdc, Co. Cork. 
Bel. BrotftcrtjoihcXmtc Rt. HofuSpnoer 

Perceval, Chancellor of the EidieqiM^ 

who wai aiaaannatcd by 

in the lobby of the Uoum of C< 

hrother-inUtnt to Loid Rcdeadtlr: ui 

uncle to .Spencer Pcrtevml, Eaq. JLF. 

for Newport, in the Ulc of Wigfav 

33fl. ARDROS8AN, Bkroo, 
Co. of Ayr, U.K. . . Y.ofC. I W 
N.^S. Archibald.William Monigonuerib 
O, T. S. P. Earl or Eolim. 

lAOj* New patcoi .... 

Baron Montgomerle . • , . 

Bn. 2T>th SepL 

Sue. hiN grandfather, ai l&th Eail, 

and 2d Baron of Ardrosaaa, l4lh 


^.Prc. HiftLordahtp'tcouiin.W. Moai> 

gonieric, Esq. of Annick IxmI^^. 
Col Se. Eglintoun Cattle; Skdjnujrfie 

Casile; aod C'oilifield Hoti^e, C'O. of 

.\yr: Polnoon Lndge, Roifirwthirc. 
Hit Lonlihip is a Mikok. 




244. ARtrXDEL. Baim. 
of WanlourCMUe, Wilts, V.ofC. IflM 
N. 4 S. Y^NoMd AtuimI«L tJRj&. mi 

O. T. Cott&v tA *»!&*} 

( 145 




KiBptre; which honour wu eon. 
fisTcd oa huaDcvBtor, SirTlioauv 
Arondcl, by the Emperor Ro- 
ilolph II. at Prmpie, fvr having 
cnpuired the Turkuh sUniUrd Ht 
Grv) vtth hb own huid . . 
Stt(. hi> fiLbo, u loth 15*100, I4ih 


Jdar, Maty, dr. of Gtar^^ \ «t Mar. 
queavof Buckingluiii, 26ih Feb. 
//, l*rr. Hb L«rxl chip's bnitlicr, ihe Hon. 

Hairy Bcfmlict AruttdcJ. 
Ce^Se, irAnl<>LirCutle,Wilti; andlm- 

ham Hall^ Lincolmhire. 
RcL Bif Lordftbip ii eoutin aod nepftrv 
to die BarocKU Ctiffbrd ; Aro/AfT-tH. 
iiv to the Duke of Buckin;^ham and 
Chaiadrv; uncle to the A]an|iic4a ol 
Cbaadea, M. P. for Bucki^gha^)^hirf. 
XVm \tmAt\\\\\ m a Catholic, nnd wa« 
In OMMOomcc, until the pa&^ng of 
tbrCMkoUc Relief BiU of 182», tx- 
from bis Mat ia the House of 


V.ofC 1730 
K.^Sm H ere a m Axhbuniham. 
O. r. Vacoant St. Asaph . .17.10 
B«ao Atfcbicmham .... IK»!) 

Mm, }^,tX 1797 

y*r. fck Ather, u 4th Earl . . Um 
Am. jo. Dover street. 
5!e. Aibbumhua PUce, Siuaex. 
A Uf J^- M to the Duke of Moatrose, 
id to thtf Earl of Beverley. 

WcK A. Co. Durham Y.ofC. 1793 
4> S. OMtge Etlen. 
r. I. P. Bwon AuckUnd . . 17SD 

ji Frbff CouaciUor, 
M*MtrmflJke Mint 
I*tttUim1 ofth* Board of Trade* 
Am^Ur mmd omt of tht Directors <f 
O fttmm ich ffoaptUd. 

S»(h AflC- 1784 

. hb bt^. u 2d Baron, 28th 

May ISU 

Pre. Bit Lordstiip^B brother, the 
Hoa. and Rer. Robert Eden. 
, Ha, 30« Lova Grofvenor-ttrret. 
Stw ^^ea Farm, near BromU-y, Kent. 
Mrctkar to the Counteaa Dowager 
BuctillRliainahire : bro-'inJaat to 
Bweo BcxTey.ud to Lord F. O. Os- 
bocBc, M. P. for VamhritigefJwv. 

sax A UDLEVf BMrau, 
UMc/jfH Cmi SeaObrdti J'. pfC. J20G 

By writ ofmirmons, aOthOct. . 1403 
N. 4* S. Geo. .Jobn.Thickncsse Totichet. 

Bn.Jaa 1703 

^f*r. Anne- Jane, eld. dr. of Ad. 

miral Dwnclly, April . . . ISlfS 
Sm-. lus father, a* Ji'd Baron, 21«t 

Aug 1R18 

//. .-fp. (veorge-Edward, bora 2flth 

June 1817 

Co, Se, Sandridge Park, WUtihlre. 

ee. AVLElSFORD, Earl of, 

Y.ofC. 1714 

N.^ S. Beoeaf^ Fynch, F.S.A, 

O. r. Banm of Ouenuey . . . 1702 

Ojff. A Trustee qf Rugby School. 

Bm. 2Jth April J786 

Site, his father, as 5ih Eirl, SIst 
Oct 1812 

ilfur. Au{pista-8ophta,]tisterfotbe 
prnent Earl Brooke lud War- 
wick, 23d April 1821 

//. Ap. llcncage, Lord Gucmit^^ 
bom 24th Dec. 1824 

7*0. Ret. 7> Audlejr-»quare. 

Co. Se. Aylesford m Kent; Aldbury, 
Surrey ; and Packington Hall, Ifar- 

Ri-l. Hro.'in-la'j> to the Earlof Waririck: 
nrfiittzp to the MaraueMii of Bath, to 
Baron Carteret, and to Lord John 
Thynne, M.P. for Bath; cousm to 
Viscount WcjTnouth; to Lords Wil- 
liam and H. F. Thynnc, both mem- 
bers for Weobly. 

273. B \nOT, Bamn« 
ofa BromleT,Co.Slairord V.ofC. 1780 
N.^S. William Bsgot, F.A.8. and 

O. r. A Baionet 1827 

Bh. Ilih Si-pu 1773 

Sue. his father, an 2d Baron, 22d 

Oct 1708 

Mar, Firj^ Emily, dr. toCharlea, 
ht Lord Southatnpion, 20th 

:May 1799 

Secotidy Louisa, eld. dr. of George, 
3d Earl of Dartmouth, 17th 

Feb. 1807 

H. Aji. William, bom 7ih March Ifil I 
Co.Sr. Blithfitld Hounc, Staffordshire; 

and Pool Park, Denbi{{hshire. 
RfL Brotfirr to the Rt. Hon. Sirt'hK\» 
Bagot, G.C.B-, late Anibussadot 12.x- 
trMonlimry and ^llnislcr Plcmpolw- 
tUrjr at the Court of the Nethertnni* ; 
»i*o to the Rr. Rev. Richard "B&ioV, 

BAXD ( 146 ) 

BUhop of Oxford, who U msmed to 


« iistcr of the pretent Karl of Jtrsey : 
&r«.-iM-/aw to the lion. Sir Ektwud 
Paget, G.C.B., and a Licuu-CJeneral ; 
■loo to the ptx-seni Karl of Dortmouih. 

i:t& BANDON, Earl of, 

IP Y.ofC 1080 

A RepraeHtatlvc Peer oflrxi/utd, 

for lift ; elected in .... 1 800 
J^\^S. Jotnes Ucmard. 

Btu Uih June 17Sd 

Alar, daughit-r of the Rt Hon. 

Charles BrodtTick, laic Arch- 

bbhup of Cashcl 

H, Jfu VitcouHt Bcrwirdj M.P. for 

Baiidon bridge. 
Co, Se. ClasUe Bernard, near Bandon, 

Co. Cork; and BastDKboume Hall, 

ReU J^ejihnf to the Downier Viscounten 

DonmUe ; brother to the Rff. Richard 

Bernard. D D. Dean of Lirlghin ; and 

bro( u> Viscount Duiicrailc. 

^dCii**a. to the Earl of Shannon (Haron 

Carleion in the KngUih Peerage). 
Part. Pat. The Alenibcr for Bandon 


308. BANGOR, liord Bishop of, 
TruiuAj/^J from ExeicT in . 1830 

K. A S. Rl Rev. ChrUiophtr BcilicU, 

O. Q^ ArehdcacDn of Angloey and 

Cotuccrated BUhop of Oloufcatet. IB24 

Tram, to Ex^ur IStiO 

Co. Iti'$. Ban^oc Palace, ('a«-narvnnthirc. 
N.D. The BUhnp of Bangor jk IHocL'San 

o*cr Cai;ni4rvon«hirc, and pmtt of 

Angltscjr^ Alerionctluhirc. Dt-nbigh. 

ahirc, and .Monlgon)cr}-fchLre; all in the 

Pfovin<v of Canterbury. 

336. BARHAM, Baron, 
of B. Cottit and Xcatoo, Kent 

Y. ofa 1805 

K. 4 \. Charle«-NVl Noel. 

flu. 2d Oct. 17«1 

Sue. hit modiL-r, aa 3d BazoOi 12th 

AprU I8-i:i 

Jf«r. Firrt^ ElLzaboh, dr. of T. 

Wcluian, Kmj. of Pouuditford 

Park, Sonu-nutshirc, UiJuly IBOO 

Stconi^ Elixabeth, dr. of the late 

Hon, Sir C*harlt--t Urcjr (nicce 

to J-Url Orry), May . . . 18X1 

TA/r^AnbcUM, 2d dr. of Sir 

•/4mr« HMinlyn Willuin*, Uu 

of CloTcUy, 29ai Jvnt (vfav 
died 4tfa Oct. iHSit) . . . 

H. Ap. Hon. C. O. NocL 

Co. Se. Bachaut Court and Tcaion, 

in Rem. 

RrU HiH Lnrdnhip i» the cldt-at «oa dfl 
Gcrrurd-Nocl .\ih1. t-f Eaton Piri. 
Co. of HuUaiid, and .M.P. I'ur the «aiuc 

35. BATn,MaTqucwof, Wot C. 17*8 
A'. ^ S. Thoma.'v Thynnc> K.U, DX,L. 

K.S.A., and F.L.S- 
O. T- Vocvunt VVcymoaih. Co.' 

Baron Thynne. of WarminMcr, 

A Baronet l(ll 

OJi. Lord-Licutemcnt and Cn«Im JtlC»- 

A>r-i#N( of SvfMrMitftire* 

Bn. 2Aih Jan. SJIt 

Sue. hi« father, aa 2d Marquen, 

lOih Nov 17OC 

Mar. Isabella, dr. of Qeorf^ 4tli 

Viscount Torriogtun, 24tFi April 1791 
//. jip. Thoma*. %'itcvimi fV<y~ 

mouthy born 9th April 
Co. S<. Longlfate, WUia. 
ReL Brother to Ocorgc, Bi' 
and to Lord Jolin T: 
and M.P for Bath; 

Cn Imt^ \V. Thynne ar.d Lord 

. 17« 


of Ayk'«ford and Chcaiertickl; JUbr 
Frederick Thynne, both M.P. Hr 
Weobly: and fntfur-iw-J^w \m Kid 
C'jwdor; to the Hon. Ilcitry 
(2d wn to the Earl of Hare 
Al.P. for N(*rthttHcnon ; and 
Duke of Bacdcugh and Q 
Pari. Pal. Two MLmbcra tor WctVt^, 


Hi to V^ 
OMpClfT. ' 


213. BATH & WELLS, 

Bishnp of, 

TrantlatfH froni Cbcftcr . , . 

N. A- S, Rt. Rev. nearyMcetmt 
D.D., F.A.8. 

O. OJH, Vi»itor of WadhuD OoD«p, 

Cona. Bishop of Chi*ieT 

Mar. Jane. eld. dr. of Ool 

To. Br*. 4, Langham-plaoew 

C^. Hn. Palace, WdU, Co. 

fi^L Sun to the Ru RcT. Edmud t^*, 
Biahr'p of C'arliale fn 1787> tfrgtfcr 
to Edward, fimt Baron EU«nboroiifh. 
late I^rd Chief Juatire of the Ki«R^ 
Ben^; and to the Rt. R«r. Jofib 
Itiikhov ot VAvVvn m VVfb. U«ok «• 


( 147 ) 


e Biifaoprick of Bath utd Wells 
I all ^oneneahzrc, xhe unie 
I the PBDvinoe of Canterbury. 

lATHURST, E»rl, 

MS . . . V.ofC. 1773 

lour BMbant, K.O., IXCU, 


MO Batbant, of Bmttki. 

B«d*. 1711 

&Btlev.ofAp*lej.Stusex ]77l 
Mvy Counrillor. 

ierk 0f the Crown. 

B* BiMhcr of ihe Trinity [louse. 

prrf Frtaident of the Ming*a 


M»y 17*52 

fMheTf as 3d Earl, 6th 

... 1794 

raiana, %%-x<t ofCharlcx, 
Duke of KiehmoDd, Uc 


Bty-Ocorgc, Lord Apiity^ 
Md Ji . P . fior C imice« Lcr, 

ih Feb. 1790 

■klcjr Pftric Cirencesier, Glou. 
i>c; and Xiangvoctli Lodge, 

to the Member for Ctren- to the Hon. 
^ce. F. f- PoDftonby, Lieut.- 
Malta (vcconil non of the Karl 
iach« aad orpbcw ^ Carl 
1 !fta cvau. to the Bi»bo{i of 

One Mcnber for Cinnceater. 

kVNIKO. Bamv 

Bert* . . V.ofC. 1707 

bt Rrv. Henry. William Pow- 


r of Syc, in Suffolk. 

.... 1797 
, aa :td Baron, 

|(. IS23 

Rectory, Eve, Sufiolk; 
1 Hall, Norfolk. 


V.ofC. 181 K 
ilm.lteginiild Pindar, 
eounc Elirtlcy . . . 1810 
kaachanip. of Poiryke, 

eslcrihire IGOC 

rtotte, At. nt John, tint 
Clontnc}), }$th,Vmrrh , ISI4 j 


WfAer, MB 3d £aii» J3lh 


n. Pre. H ill IjonUhip's brother, the Hon. 
Henry-B.Ly^on, hietit-CoLaod M.P. 

for tlic County of Worwftcr; who wai 
tnan-icd m 1UJ4 to Caroline, dr. of 
Williflm, 2d Earl of St Ocnnalni. 
To* Hci. 37., Portnian.«quaTe. 
Co Se. .Madmfirld Court, Worcentcnhirc 
ReL Thia nnbJcman, who changed hta 
surname from Lygon to Pinoar, la 
tou-iaJaw to tlic Earl of Clonmdl ; 
brotfirr 10 the Member for M'orcestar. 
ahirc, and to Lieni.-Cul. Edvr.* Pindar 
Lygon, CB. and K.S.W. ; btotlwr. 
In-Uw U) SirCharlfs Kent, Bart., and 
to the Earl uf Longford. 

13. BEAUFORT, Duke of 

V.ofC 168-2 
A^. j S. lienry .Charles SooierKt, KG.. 

O. T. Marqueis and Earl of M'oT' 

ceatcr .... U 13 and 1C43 
Earl of Olamorfcan .... lUdO 
Viacount Oro«mont. 
Baron Herbert, of Chcpitow' 

and Hugland >1.'»06 

Baron <yover .... 

Baroo Beaufort, of CaltlccotCaatle. 

Baron DeB^ttetourt, (confinncd 

imW) 1307 

LP. ViscountSomersetofCashel, 
Tippcrorv 1020 

0/ff. l.ord-l.'uutnuifit and Custna Rui$u 
forum oftJte Lountits iff Oloucr tier, 
Aiittrntnitht nud Brrcon, 
Receiver of Renta for MoMmouthshire* 
Conttable of St. BriaTal*8 Castle. 
Wartlcn of the Furc« of I>eaii, and 
(^tonrl of the Monmouth MUitia. 

Bh. 22nd Dkc 17C6 

Smi*. hi« faihcr, an Gtb Duke, lltb 
OcL 1803 

Jlfar. CharlMte-Leveson, dr. of 
OntnviUe, tirxtMorqucas of Staf- 
ford, llJih May 1791 

//. A p. Henry, Sfartjunt of Wor^ 
cciier, M. P. for Monmnutli, bn, 
5th Feb. 1792 

To. Hct. t% Orosvenor-square. 

Co. St. Troy Hoiiscl, MonmouthMhire ; 
tleythorpc IJoust*, Oxon; Badminton 
Houmt ; Srokc tiiffowi ; and Worceater 
Lodge, OlouccMcrthirL". 

7?c/. Besides the Member for Monmouth, 
hi^ Grace \s father^ also, to Lord (Jran- 
vjlJc-Charle*- Henry SovuctwuM.V . for 
iWonnK>ufh!i.hire: /i/l/icr-in-Unc \o l\\e 
Won. Fmierii-k i\. CaWiorpe (br. wA 
auoeesaor to Lord CriaJW^^,.M.P< 


( 148 ) 



lor Bramber; to liord Edward 0*Brycn 
(2d br. u> the Miirqucss of Thomonu) ; 
mnd 10 the Hon. Gnuiviltc Dudley 
RyderCM son to the ICul of Hoirowby), 
M.P. for Tiverton: bruther to the 
lale Ivord Chuloi- tlenry Sommct, 
Oov..OexH!nl of the Cape of Oood 
Hope; toliord Robert-Edward Henry, 
Lieut.-Oen. K.C.B.» K.T.S., and 
K.S.VV'., ai.P. for OlDi»cester»hiie» 
and late Li(:ut.-Genera] of C>rdnancc ; 
to Lord Juhn-'rtiDnia>-Menry .Sohilt- 
tct, a fidd-officcr in the army ; and to 
Lord Fitzrwy-Jaincs-Hcnry Somervet, 
Mnjor.CieneraL, K.C.B. Three of his 
Lordnhip's brothent are connected by 
marriage with the f^iiilie« of V'isenuni 
CourtenaV'. Harl of MountuorriB^ and 
Lord Maryborough. 
ParL Pat. Tbe .Aleinber for ^lonmouth. 

la BEDFORD, Duke of 

V.ofC. I«94 
N. 4 S. John RusKcU F.S.A. F.LJ<i. 
O. r. Man]oet« of Tavistock . . lUjM 

Karl Of Bedford U4» 

Baron Uua»el, of Chenej'R, Bucks Ut'i^ 
Uanm UusscI, ofThomhaii|;h . 1003 
Baron Rowland, of Sireathant, 

Ijurrey IGl^ 

Offi. A Privy Councillor. 
Rerorder of Bedford. 

flu. 6th July 1706 

Snc. his brother FranciSf u (ith 

Duk<r, 2a .March 1803 

Mar. Finty GeorgiaiiB'EliKabeth, 

dr. of Geor(5C, ^ih \''itcount 

Torrinffton, 21 8t March . . 170G 

Second, Ocorgiana* «tstcr to the 

prcaentDukc of Gordon, *J3rd 

June 1803 

7/. jip. FTands, Afartiueti of Ta. 

vUtock, M.I', for the I'ounLy of 

Bedford, bom l»ih May . . 17S8 

7o. Hft. G, Belgravc-square. 

Co. Sr. VVohum Abbey. Bed ford abire ; 

Thomcy, in the Isle of Kly; Cheieyi, 

Buckinghamshire; Btdtord Houie, 

Kxctrr; and Tavistock House, Devon. 

Rcl. Betides the Member for Ikdford- 

ahire, (who ia tiiarried to a asier of the 

prcwni Earl of Harrington) hii Grace 

u futhrr hkcwxAc toLordJohn Ru^ael, 

Jtf.P. for Tavistock; and bniihcr to 

LotdM'illiam Rutacl, M.I\ for the 

Mine borough. The Duchewt is 

yoangnt iisfrr to the I>ukc of Gordon, 

to cAcf>ur/ieia.DfTwagcr of Richmond, 

Mnd to th0 Afarchiooeaa CornwaUia;'hw to the Duka of MaO' 
chMler; aunt to t}ie Duke of Rkb- 
mood; to Qcoi^e, \'iKount MwiAg 
ville, Si. P. for Himiingdonafaire; bi 
Baronets Braybrnoke ; and Co Lady 
Eliot, wife of the Rl Hon. Granville, 
Lord ElioL, (eldest too to tbe £ari of 
St. Gemiainft^) flI-P. for Lukcaidi 
Ai/A a Lord of the TTeatury. 
Pari. Fat. Two Member* for Tai 







in Hnddingtonthire 

\\o(C (Orig'mal PaUnt.) I 

Renewed ] 

A Rrpreimtative Pctr of Scotland^ 

elected Sept. 2nd 1 

A' ^ S. Robert- ^lontgomoy UacnQtBa. 

B» IT» 

Sue. his father, as 8th Baron, 2Ath 

Oct. HIU 

Jltitr. Hamilion, dr. of M'lJltt 

Campbell. I^q. of .Shawficia . 181$ 
//. /'re. Hii Lord«hip'a brother, the 

Al'itliam Haniikon. 
Co. Sc. Beil't Catile, Haddiogtoa 

>V'ishftw, Lanarkkhirr. 

13a BELMORE, Earl of. IJ», 

V.ofC. 17J7 

A ReprCKnteUive Pttr o/ Ireland^ 
for life ; elected in .... Iftl^ 

AT- 4* A'* Sonieri»et-I»wry Corry. 

O.T. I. P. Viwx>unl Corry. and 
Baron BeUnore, ofC*»tlc(oolc. 
Co. Fermanagh . . 1781 and 1 79 

Qfi. Gcvfrnor-Gemtnl un4 Vin-jU- 
mirai of Jamaica, 
A Governor and Ctiil. Hoi. ofCvmmtf 

A Trustee of the Linen MaDuiWtaiv 
of Ireland. 

B«. 1 1th July 1774 

Sue, bis f^ither. as 2d Earl, 2d Feb. 180S 

Mur. hUCouiin, Juliana, 2d dt. 
of Hcnry.Thomas, Eail of Car. 
rick, 20th Oct. 1800 

//. Ap, Am)ar.|«owry, ViMtxaati 
Corryt M.P.forCo.FcTmana^ 
bom 2a>d Ucc . . laii 

Co, Se. Cattle Inniskillcn ; and Castk 
Coole, Fermanagh, Irclaod* 

Hei. Beiiiidci the Member for FcfflBft. 
nagh, ilie Earl of Behuore ia fothtr^ 
likewise, to the Hoii. Hcnry.Tbotnas- 
Loviy Corry, M.P. for ihcCountj- Ty- 
rone, {mho u ton~in^taw to tbe Earl of 


( N9 ) 


OHD, (lM)VUc)oani 
V.rfC. 1823 
Jf^S^WWhrn^C^n Bcnsford, D.C. U . 
ftC-a,K.TA^ K-rai., K.F., and 


OwWMttfcvd I8U 

M*M*^~Ocmttai of thd OriU 

' m the Affny. 

Regit, of FocH \ 
to PortDgal. 


IfcUadi nd 

tte pccttmt Muqnctt of 
' to Uir V'iscountcM In- 
IV III t^t Tidbot, knd 

■^ Iflrf W MP. for HcrU'uni}: 

l«*C Bore of B«fenAil. C9. W'a- 

O^ilLP. i^ N^^tH.llnT.-i. A.!//:. 

fa«r» thf Kc 1 ' M Her. 

la^^ Gif ».c, jOtAr. 

«0t.«rf Locd Pitfu&U: al All inUnd ; 
fctWfliy TlioinM Bqeafofd, (a 
C^ufwor for IrtUnd, C'omp- 
rtf #■ |]«U>rluil(), <>«V(TT)«r Bitd 
i< K^ M.l\ tor, thi: Co. »!' 
ood Col. of the U'a.terford 
Is 10 the lod^ erf >ir John WiU 
Hry dgo, of H'ool t onCoun, 
M-P. far Colminr ; vid to the 
p^iUjor-GoD. i>ir OcnnU Pack. 
Lord Archbishnp of 
i&oroD Drdcs : cuuMin to 
POO Dedti ; to the li on. 
ik. lUv. Ueorier, Bishop ot Kil- 
ithe Hod. John.Cl&udiu* Be- 
PhvT Cooncillov for Inland, 
l-fM.r. for, now an aldennan of, 
mis); «Mi to Marcus Ikreaford, 
mlLF. te Bowickupuo.Tweed ; 
Vft te ^^ 01 the Hl lion. Sir 
<^yHjgfTa]d UiU. But. Miliimrx 
^^Tiwjurii of Ireland, Loi. of the 




V.oftV IB7ff/ 
Tla^M Vw^aii rfr'- — '-j— I 

O*. T* Viacount Duralcy . , . I679 
Baron Berkeley, of Berkeley 

Caxtle, Co. Gloucester , . 1205 
Baroo Mowbray, Segrave, and 

Breauf IO79 

Bn, lUthOct 171m; 

8mc. his fitlKnr, as Gth Carl, 8ih 
Aug 1810 

H. Prt, Hi* i/mli4hip*)i brother, 
the Hon.<j(rorj^c-(!haTU-s.(Jrai]i. 
Iry-Fiizhardinge Bcrktley, bom 
l6th Feb. 1800 

To. Rfi. Berkeley Koum, 0» Spring- 

Co, Se, Berkclty Castle, (ilnticwtershlre; 
and Cranfon) Lod}je, Middlesex. 

HfL Cimnn to Colonel Georgc-IIenry- 
Frcdcrick Berkeley, K.C.B., K.T.S., 
and K■^.W. ; 2d couttn to the pre. 
srm Ear! Cmven. 

Ui& Lortlahjp haA never ukcn his scat in 
the House of Pccnt ; hix furbaimnce in 
that rcfpeet arising from dt-fcrcncc to- 
wards his llUgit'ttnatc brot/tery CoL 

281. BERWICK, Baron, 
of A ttinghao), Shropshire V.ofC. 1784 
N. 4- .V. Thouuu-Nocl IlUl, D.CL. and 


^.3UtOct. 1770 

Sui\ hii fathtT, as 2d Baron, in 

Jan 1789 

Afar. Min Hophia Uubouchet, 

«th Feb. 1812 

//. I'rr. HiH l/ordHhip'ii brother, the Hon. 

WUlistn-Noel Ilill,AnibBS5aclor to the 

SnrdiniAn Court. 
Co. Sr. i^Ttingham Hall, near Shrcwt- 

burr. >'hrop^hirc. 
ftcL llta l^rdiiliip is bro.-in-lav to the 

Mart|iicss of Ailt&bury. 

121. BEVERLEY, Earl of 

Y.ofC. 1700 
N. 4" S. (Jcmge Percy. 
O. T. IxjrdLovaine, Baron ofAln- 

wkk I7«-l 

Ojp. A Ix>nl of the King'ii Bedchamber. 

/f«. 22d June 1778 

Sue. his father, as 3d Baron, in 

Dec. 1830 

Mar. the Kistcr of the prcaent Lord 

Whamcliflc, in ..... 1801 
To. Rei, 8, Poetnian-aquare, 
Co. St. Loraine, Yorkshire; and Ben- 
nington. Herla. 
/^/■/. His />ini»/ijp in broOtrt to the Ru 
Hev. and Hon. Jiugh Percy, UtaUop 
ofCMlitlet aif*r/r to the £arl o( AikwJ 



bumham: covrln to tlw present I>uk« 
ofNorthumberlftntl, lo IWon Pnifl- 
'lioe, U)d to thr BnroncM <Jlcnlyon: 
nephew lo Lnnl Wilkmjthhyd'Erraby. 
Pari, Pat. Two J^leiuU:n t\n Bei^Alstun. 

371. BEXLKV, (l»t)D««m, 
ofBcxKy, Co. Kent . . YofC. 1823 
N. ^ S. Nicholas Vatiuttait, D.CL., 

F.RA, F.6.A. 
Qgl, A Director of Greenwich Ho»pi!»l. 

A PHvy Councillor in England and 

Bh. 2I»ih April I7C6 

Mar. Catlieriiie-lMibcUaidr.of Ut 

LonlAucUand laOC 

To.Rii, 31, Orcat George- »treel, M'cat- 

Cn.Sc. Fod's-Criy Place, Kent. 
Ret, Jitu.-iH~Itin> to the pn-icnt Lord 


150 ) BO\X 

O. T. A Baronet 1704 

ffn. 24ih Dec I|77 

St4r. h'» faihtrr, as 3d Btfon^ 23d 

March I«35 

Mof. Ri.chcl-rrr«, eld. dr of Wil- 
liam Drake, Esq. of Amcnbam, 

Uuck»,l7ihOct. 1801 

If. Jjr. Hon. (tcoi^Ives Irby« 

born I-lth St-pL . * . . . IMS 
To. Net, 17. Park CrcaeeDt, Ponkad- 

Co. Sr. Llanidon, Angleaeft, NflrthWalat 
Jlcidimr Lfodgc, near Mudcnbead, 

/ift/. Hi» Lord ship i»ftfo.*»-Xft5r toHciwy- 
Jotin, present Lord SeUey; mnd ^. 
in~lav 10 Vlftcount Kirkwall, ran aad 
bcix to the Countcu of Orkney. 

JOHN, Viscount, 

of B.. Lincolnshire . V. of C. 1712 
A'. 4' S. Henry Sl Jnhn. 
O. 7*. Viscount St John . . . I71C 

Baron Su John, of Lydiard Tre- 
goze 1713 

Bwon St. Jobu, of BaitcrMa, 
Surrey 1710 

A Baronet UU 

Sn. Much 1786 

Smc. hixfuthiT, as 4thVi<oountBo- 

lingbmkt-. and 5th Viscount St. 

John. I»ili Dec 18-24 

Mar, Maria, 2d dr. of Sir H. P. 

St.JohnMiMma.v.nArT^3dJune 1012 
H.Ap. The Hon. Ilcnry Su Jotin, 

born in 1820 

Co, Se, Lydiard Tregoae, WUtabtre. 

ai.'i. miLTON. Baron, 
of B. CmiIc, Vorkshirc V.ofC. 17»7 
N.^S. Williani-Oidc Powlclt. 

/?fl. 31«iOct 1783 

Sue. his father, aK 2d Boron, SUJi 

July 1807 

Mnr. Maria, eld. dr. of Guy, fir»l 

liord Dtirchester, 12t)t Miy . 1810 
//, /»rr. Hi% l>ord»hip'» brother, 

the Hon. Thomaa-Orde Powlctt, 

bom in 1787 

Co. Sr. Hackwond Park, Hampshire; 

and Bolioa Hall, VorkBhirc. 
Prl Lidy Bolton is oou»ia to the present 

Lord Dardicttcr. 

2€!K IiOSTOI>t, Baron, of B. 

I^iocolDMhin I7fi^ 

\^'4 S, Oeot^ Irby, D.CU 

259. BOVLE, Baron, 

of Marston, Co. Somerset Y.of C 1711 

N, 4" 5". Edmund Boyfc. 

O.t. I. P. EARLOrCOBK . \tt$ 
EaHL or <^>HRERT .... IMt 
Viscount Dunji^arvaD . . . 1030 
Baron B«>ylc of Voughal , . lAK 
Baron of HrnKhilt .... XOM 

OJL A General Officer in the Army, 

B«. airtOcL I7«l 

.Vu<-. his father, as 8th Earl, On. 17ti 

Mar. [•i«ben>-HenrieUa, 3d dr. of 
\V. I'oyntz, E«q. of Midgham 
HoUM, Berkshire, 9th Oet . . 17M 

//. Jji. (_ harli-v rJirvwwl Duitgar* 
Viiny iTiAr. to Cathrrine, yat. dr. 
of the 2d Earl of Hnwth, bom 
Dec 18M 

Co. Se. Mirsion Uall, near Pnmie, Cm, 

firL Brofhrr to the Hon. Courtosy 
Boyle, a Tspt. in the Royal Navy, 
father lo ih« Hon. John Boyle, SI. P. 
for Cork 

180. BRADFORD, Earloi^ 

nf B„ Shropshire . . V.ofC. t8IA 
X.^S. Gco.-AuguiKu».FTode ric k^H«fy 

Bridzeman, D.C.L. 
O. T. ViNJoant Newport, in Shrop- 
Baron Bradford, of B. came Co. 
A Baronet. 
//«. 23dOcU ...... I7«8 

She. bi%faihcr,aH2d EarU 7th .Sept. I8tt 
Mor. Ororgiana-EUzabetli, dd.dr. 
of thelateSirT. Mi»mii.l, Ban. 
o{MtmcnL(,Vei^hih...&iliM«idi Ull 
H. .^p. VM\an&i>-Vi««tJtA:>«"ft«K 
VUroiint Neiar**^ ^»"^ ^*^ 




( 15! ) 



tCPk Se. Wmaa Pirk. Co. SufforO : Hid 
C««ilr nromirich} in W«nrick«hirc. 

[JUL Hi5 Lordkhip ii btotfter to the Hon. 
Chat lew OtUiitlo LtfiJ^eniKn, C'lipUiii, 
R.N., aod lu ihc Uun. Orbiido-Utiiry 
BtidgcfinD, Captain in th^-.\nity.DUU'. 
toFlMWtt^dr.tff thcKarl o! KiliiHin.7, 

9d opMi tu the present \'ucuunt Tot- 

30. BRAiNDON, Dulce of, 
QfB.,tiiSufbU . . Y. ofC. 1711 
S^.^S, Alcsander-UamUion Douj;)m, 

F.R^, uU F.&A. 
O. r. K. P. BaninorDuttOfi,Co. 

Choicr 1711 

" S.P- IhjKC OP Hauiltom, 

l.uiark&faire lC4:i 

McrqucM of HunQton . . . 1.VJ9 
Mv^uevofClydeHlale . . 16d3 
MvquflM of Doaglu • • • ) 
And Eari uf Angus (by suc- 
eeuioa from Archibald, la^t 
Duke o( Douglas) . • • 3 

EvlafLaouk ir.3U 

Eadof Anvi 1503 

Laid MaeanUiire and Polmont KillU 

Aberfarothwick 1445 

BdOD of Kinetl and C«dyow 

(aov Hamilion) .... 1204 
FnmAFeerugt. live dkCha- 
viih vhich dignity Jsntra, 2d 
EaiI of Atran, wu invested by 
BcABj II., King of France, in 1649 
IhMC u Duke of Hamilton, b 
Pflonter Peer of ScutUnd. 

Hrrrtii/ary Kerpcr of Hoijfrood 
&aue^ since lii4a 
Lmi LituieuMMi <if Lanark^tirf, ud 
C4. or ifae JUilitia of that Co. 

MOet i;b7 

fctlHT, u (ich Duke of 
Hia^ d uu And Uarnn Dutton, ami 
alOdi Duke of Uamiltao, 16ih 


^■ ^^- ft wft-Eupbcniift, eld. dr. €f 
WUKmi BccUbrd, K«q. of Font- 
bfllAbheT, 'U'Uu, 2(itli April . 
jifL H iiliam-Alrxander-An- 
iboDy-Archibaid. Mur^ncu of 
H m gt rn* mnd CiffdcsdaU-, boni 





itck PaUcocy Hotel, Aibtmorio- 
MimiiHtma^CQ. Linlithgow; UroJick / 

CBflUe, Butesbtie; and Aihton HaH, 

/Te/. Brother to the i^i; Lord Archibald 
llainilion, M.F. for Laoarkfthire, and 
til liody Anne Hamilton, who remained 
for w many yearn the attached friend 
and companion of the lAtcQurcn Caro- 
line: frro.-iff-/atPtoihcllukoof Somer- 
•ctf and 10 the Kail nf Duniuore; 
coiittH 10 the £ari of Galloway t and 
um-itt'law to Mr. Beckford of Fout- 

His Grace sal Ui the Peers ae Boron 
Duttnn, during the iVukcdom of his 
father; that is, from 171/!) to IBlU. 

202. UKAYBROOKE,Baron, 
of B., NoTihamnton»hiif, V.ofC. 1788 
N. 4- S. Richard-Aldwonh-NeviUeGril- 

fin. L.L.D., F.S.A. 
OJi. IleTL-ditoryVi&iior of Magdalen Col- 
Icgv, i 'aiitbridfiL'. 
n^rordcr of S<iSriin-AValdL-n, Euev. 
High Steward of Wokingham, Berks. 

Bh. 2(;th Sept. 1783 

Sue. hia fatlur, as 3d Baron, 1st 

Mareh \Va& 

M»r. Jane, eld. dr. uf Charley 2d 

MarqtioisComwallis, lUtli May 1019 
//. Ap. Kitbard Coniwdllis^ bom 

17th Mttrch 1820 

Tit. Ret. 10, New Biirlington-AtrccL 1 

Co. Se. Audley End, Epsex; and Bil- ' 

lingbm:-> ().iltinghani, Berks. 
HW. The Doroncsa nrnybrookc is cousin 
to the presc'nt lUrl Cornwallis. The 
Baron h routhi to iho Duke of Buck- 
ingham and (.abandon; to Lord Nugent, 
M.P. for Aylesbury; and to the Ba- 
roiieiK Arundel of \\'ardour ; bnHJirr 
to the Rev. OtOT>.'evNcviUc-Griffin 
Orenvilli.', llcctur ol'llitwarden. Flint- 
shire, and M anter of .M agdalcn College, 
Canibridge,(niarrii;d toC'harlotle, stater 
to the present Karl nf Dartmouth) : hro.» 
iM.J^iw to Paul Bvilby Thompson, Esq. 
M.P. forWenlock. 

345. BREADALBANE,(lst)Baron, 
of Tavmoi:th Cjiillt, Pi-rtlishirc, 

V.k Y.ofC. 1806 

A'. lV S. John Campbell, F.R.S. 
O. T. S P. Eaiii. of Brcao- 

A1.BANE A»n Holland . 1681 
Viscount Campbell of Tay and 

ViMcount Olcnorchy and Tay- 
mouih \6\1 



( 152 ) 


Uaion Benednloch, OtmcUo, uid 
Wcik 1480 

Baronet of Nova Scotia . . . 1(J25 
Offl. A Licutetuuit.Ocnrral in iheArni)r. 

ViCL'-Praidcnt of tlie Caledoabo Asy- 

CounHcUnr of Stale to the Kingi in 

Bn. in 17C2 

Sue. his courin John, aa 4th Earl, 

2C(h Jui 1702 

Mar. Mary-Turner, dr. and heiress 

to David Uavin, Ksq ■ of Laiigton, 

2d Sept. 1783 

U.Ap. John, rhcuunt Glcnordiyf 

bom iGth OcL 179G 

To.Hct. 21, Park-lnne. 

Co, SV. Tftyn)outhCiMtlc,Pcrth>ihire; and 

Kilchum Casile, Argylcshirc. 
Jict. lliii rordiliip i» (n 

the AlarqiieM of Chandm. M.P. for 

Buckn. otily son of the prt*scQt Dulic 

of Uurklngham and Chacdos. 

22X BniSTOL, Lord Bishop of. 

Com. 1827 

N. 4 5:. The Rl.Rev. RobcrtOray, D.D. 

Offi. A Prebendary of I>urhaiiu 

To, iifj. 3G, (ircat Gcorge-sttcct, \Vc»t- 

Co. AV. Pulace, Rristnl. 

N.B. The DioccM of thi« Prelate is ia 
the Province of Canittbury, and in- 
cludes Dorsetshire, and i>art of Glou- 
cctirrshire, with the City of Dristol. 

48. BRISTOL, (lit)Maniueunf, 

y.ofC. 1826 
iV.^S: FredericJt-U'm. Uervey, l-MLS. 

and F.A.S. 
O. r. Earl of Bristol .... 1714 
£arl JermfTi of llaminghunt, 

Suffolk 182G 

Bamn Hcnrey of Iclc worth, Suf- 
folk 170:* 

Offi, Hereditary Steward of Bury Sl 

Bn. 2d June . 17C9 

Sue. liis father (who wu XxtrA 
Bishnji of Derry), as 6ih Karl, 

8th July 1803 

3Jar. EUubeth-Albana. dr. of 
Clotwonhy, l«t I^rd Temple- 

town, 20in Feb I798 

it. Ay. Frulmck-Willtam, £or/q^ 
Jrrmytty M.P. for Bury St. 
Edmund'*, bom l5th July . , 1000 
Th. /ir*. 6, St. Jamea't-Aquare. 
Ci^ St. Jckwonh Park, near Bury St 

Edmund's, Suffolk ; and Putney 
Heath, Surrer* 

JUL Bis Lordship is /ii<Aer to the Hem- 
ber for Bury St. Kdniund's: hroJmm 
taw to the Earl nf Erne ; tiitctr 10 the 
defeased lady of Poron S^afiird : gmmd^ 
iiuclr to Lord {{nward dc Wsldcn, and 
to hi» brotlier, the Hon. Msjor ElUi, 
il.P. for Seaford. 

Part. Pat. One member ibr Buiy St 

308. BRODRICK,(lsl)Baron, 
of Ptppcr-H arrow, Surrey, V'.ofC 1796 
A^. ^- S. George Brodrick. 
O.T, LP. ViBcotTMT Middle. 

TON 1717 

Baron Brodrick of AliddleUm, 

County Cork I7I5 

Offi. l^rd Lieut, and CuMto* Hot. 0/ 


Bn. Ist Nov I7&I 

Sue. his father, u 4ih Viaoount, 

22dSept. I7«S 

Mar. F'trMty Franees,dr. ofThomaa, 

lit Earl of Cbkliotcr . .177$ 

Sfcond^ Maria, dr. nf Richard 
Bcnyon, E-^-, nf Oidea Hall, 
Essex, l.'Ub June .... 1797 
H. Ap, George AUan^ boni 10th 

June 1806 

Co. Se. Pepper- Harrow, Sumy ; mA 

Middleion, CaCork. 
Rel. Brother to the late Afdibiahep of 

Cashel, and to the Hun. Johti Brodrid;, 

a Lieul.-Gen. ; unelt: to Charles Brod* 

rirk, Esq., married to Emmi, 3d dr. 

of l>ord Ic Uespcnccr. 

»7. BROOK E& WARWICK, Eart. 

of W. Canile, Wsrwickchire 

V. ofC. 1746 and 1750 
isr.^S. Hcnn-Richanl Grevillc, K.T. 
O. T. B:iron Bmoke, of Beau- 

cliamp's Court, Co. ^Varwick . |f!30 

Ojfi. A Ixnd of the KingV Ikdchambcr. 

Lord Lieut, and C»»t. HiH. of IFirr* 

Colonel of the Warwiekshin lliliti^ 

Ba. llth April l;;s 

Sue, hia father, aa 3d Earl, 3d 

Atay; and 
ifijr. Sinih.widowof John-GceiM^ 
4th l^rd Monson, and cM. dr. 
of John, 3d Eul of Mevboffwigh, 

SUtOct. 1810 

H. Ap. 0«N%t, Lord Hfvike^ bora 
^fiOtk Vkscdi \VA 



( 153 ) 


, % ScatnortvplMCf Cursflootnct. 
Sr. U'vTickCuilc;.M'Anrickshire; 
Brooke House, Dorset ; &nd Kaling, 

MrxdAcr to Sir Chwloi- J. nreriUc, 
tC.B,»3IajorGcnCTs! ( .^i-. lofthe 
3Btfa Foot. aDd late Ml Jc . 

W«ii-<«-JlsBrto the Ear] • .mil 

the CouDleM of MaruftcIJ : aU^^-fnthcr 
to Lord Mooaoa: KtH-iH-tait to the 
Etfl of Mex borough. 
[ J>.trL FaL Ooe Member for Wftrwick. 

U.K. . . Y. ofC. 1830 

•akrr of the BmtMe of Pecrt. 

\ S. Hmry Brougham. 
Lard High ChauceUor of Great 

Britaia •. 
A Lord of Trade and Pliuiutioiu. 
OfEcUl Vuitor of Oriel College, Ox- 
ford, tod of Pembroke and Catbe- 

rne UaD, Camtnid^^ 
Ab Official Tcattcc of the British 

A Oorenor of the Charter House. 
A UcnbeT of CooscU of the London 

A PcrpcUuJ Oovemor of King's Col- 

Utft Loodon. 


r. the vidow of John Slade, Kiq. 
afWIisaccu Bcrkel^-square. 
~ fin. His ix)rdsh1p*» brother^ Jame« 

Bo. 5, HID-ttreeL, BcrVcIe^-squon:. 

Se. Broog^hain Ftall, Weaimoreland. 
\'UtL BratMr to Jamci Brougboni, Eiq. 
V.P.farWix)chclM;a; andtoWilUmii 
Bcoug^am, £aq.« 31. P. for South- 
vi^ The Baraocta ia cout, to Baron 
Aackbod, and to B&rou Ucnley, I-P. 

163. BROWNLOV, flit) EaH, ^ 

V.ofC. IHl» 

M &S. John Cust, F.IL8. and F.S.A. 

O. T. VtBcounc Alford . . . 1815 

Baron Brownlow of Belton, Lin- 

colnthire 1779 

A Baronet I«77 

Offi, Lord LuHt, CmU Rot,^ and rUc- 
Adtmrat of LiucQlHthirtm 
Accorder of Bo«ton. 
Coltmel of the South Lincoln MQitia, 

Ba. imh Aug 17711 

Sue, his fmdicr, aa 2d Baron, 35th 

Dec iao7 

Mar, FUmI^ Sophia, 2d dr. of 
Sir Abraham Hume, Bart., 

24th Juljf 1810 

Scctmdy Caroline, 2d dr. of O. 
Fltuljrer, of Ajrsuio, Co. Kut- 

land, 2'2d$cpt IQIR 

Thirdiif^ Emma-Sophia, e1d« dr. 
of Richard, present Earl of 
Mount Edgecombe (a Lad^ 
of tht Qnctii*$ BedJiamber), 

17th July 1B28 

H. Ap. Jolio-iluine, ViMvouatAU 
ford, bom {fir it maniagc) l&th 

Oct. I8U 

To. Ha. 16, Charles- slreely Berkeley- 

Co. Se. Helton Houie, Orantham, Lin- 

/<<•/. HisLordAhipi»frrtf//j/r(o theBoo. 
and Rev. Jdin Cockayne Cusi, aC>- 
non of Windsor (mjirricd to tfie eld. 
dr. of the Earl of Kilmorey); to the 
Hon. C-aptain Peregrine Francis Cui^t, 
M.P. tbrCUtherocCnurricd to [Hftbdla, 
dr. of the late Uuke of Buccleugh); 
and to the Hon. Capt Edwanl Cu»t, 
Equerry to Piince Lieo|H)Id of Saxe 
C^boiirg, and M.P. for IxntwithitiL 
Park Pat. One Moubcr for Clitlicroe. 


* T^Lcrd High Cbancdlor may very properly be termed the King*s Notary or 
[4HKttr^; being appointed by him to act with the some power and authority aa be 
%obU binta^. He i» Oie hightsi public officer in the Vingdora, being supreme 
of die Court of Cbancerv, Keeper of the King's Con«ricncc, a Privy Coun- 
by virtue of his office, Keeper of the Great Seal and Speaker of the House of 
liiidi by praacription. In the Utter capacity he sits before the throne, on the ]eit 
Wmit ami declares His Majesty*s will. As a judge^ he has the King's power to 
llie rlgDur of the written laws, and to govern hi^ judgment by ilic laws of 
kd cens c ieoc e ., «o aa to direct all thingit according to equity and justice; 
h^ jndga and jtutices are tied strictly to the letter of the law, as con. 
aa of Pvliament, Ac Out of his Court iaiuoaJl writs or aummoni^s for 
aod convocniiont, cdicta, proclamations, chartor»« protiiGlloQa, plileav&« 
; and h« !■ naitor, in riahr of the King, of all Royid hospiuU, coUegn, wA 
.; madfmutm ofmllRoy^l Uvint^ which are valual ot '2l»/. i>ct nunutcu « 
mOm Kmg\ W«. Nc « ///ew/^ gixmiAimi vf infanta and lutiauca, 
^n^^^traJcoc. orcr ^/ cWaWc roauiulion, in the kinfiW 


fiUCK ( 154 

(l*t)l)ukcof, . . . Y.ofC. 18i2 

K.^S. Rich..Nugc!nuTcinplc-BrydgC9- 

Chandos Orcovtlle, R.O., D.C.L., 

and K.8.A. 

O.T, Maniueasof Buekineham . IT'W 

First MarqufSB of Chondos . • IH22 

Kiirl Tcniple ^1*0 

Viicount and Baron Cobham . 17^^ 

r. p. lUi\ Nugent 1770 

qgi, /^rd Lieut, and Cutt. Hot, of 
A Privy CtntHcithr. 

Bn. March 1770 

Shc. hit father, as lat Marqucvs 
of Buckingham, and 2d Earl 
Temple, &c. UihFeb. . . . 1813 
Mar, Anne-ElUabcth, rid. dr, and 
Virrw of Janic*-Bryilj,'tf4, Duke 
of Chandoa, Kith April . . . I7O6 
n.Ap. Richard-Plintagrnci-Bryd- 
gcs-Chandoa-Tnnple Orcnrille, 
Marqwti of ChandoM^ M.P. 
for the County of Duckinghnm 
tTmarricd to >Iary, y»L dr. of 
L John.MarquewtirBinKblbane). 

bomllih Kb 1707 

To. Rri. Buckingham Uoaae, 91, 

PaU Mall. 
Co. Sf. Siowe Pork, and Wootton, Buck- 
ingliamiJiire ; Avington, llanipJiire ; 
Goaticld, Eiwx i and Buckingham 
Cottagf, Rydf, Ide of Wight. 
ReL His Onee it ft. to the Member for 
Buckinghamthire: grandfi. to Karl 
Temple: Ira, to Lord Oeo.-Nugcct- 
TempleGrefiTillc, Dorna NugettU »nd 
M.P- for Aylesbury: bro-'tn^Utw lo 
, Everanl, Lord Arundel ol Wnrdour; 
► and ami. to the Earl of Egn-modt. 
Part. PaU Two .Memb*:ri» for Buck- 
ingham, two for Saint Mawca, one for 
M^ncheater, and ocw for Bttckitif(. 


countrM Ooderich ; and #«e. eouM. 
the late Marchioocu oi L«ni 



^ V. ofC. 1746 

M 4 Jf. Oea-RobCTt-Hobari Hatnpdiio. 
a r. Baron Hohart ot Blickling, 

Norfolk 1728 

A Baronet I***' 

5iiir hta uncle, aiSih Earl, 5th Feb. lOIC 
A/<r. Mi» Jwie GIotct, 3d May Ifilfl 
H. prt. Hi* Lordahip'a bnithcr, the 

Hon. AugiiKui-Edward Hobort. 
/Si JBv. I, itpaniah-pUee, SlancUeatef- 

iv Jk Orcac 3/isicndcn, Buck>. 

Bia Lordship u cttu*, to ih<Vi»- 

38. BL'TE,MarqueMof, Y. C. 1 
y. & S. John-Crichion i>tuart, F.R 
O. T. Earl of Wiodior . . . i 
Viacount Mountjoy of the UeJ- I 

ofWight > 

Baron Moaot-Stnart of\\ ortley, 

Vorkthire U 

Baron Cardiff of Ca«lc Cardiff 17^ 
S P. EarlofDumfrieaaDdButc VHSn 
Earl of Bute AVUcountKingarih 1"" 

VLifount Ayr I 

Baron Crichton, of Sanquhar . 1 
Lord Mounutuart, of Cumnoeh* 

Cumra, and Inchmamoch . 1 
A Baronet of Nova Scotia . . ItO) 
OJH. Lord Lieut, and CumL Rot -""•*■ 
Recorder of Banbury. 
Lord LlaU, of Butuhlrt, 
Uercdiury Sheriff and Conmcr 
Buteahiic. and Keei«r of Ro * 
Ca*tlc, in the 1 id* of Bole. 

Bn. 3d Aug > 

Su£, hill maiemal gnindfather, ai 

Ear! of numfrle*, Ace 7th A p. 

His pot. gnimif:, as 2d .Mar- 

que»of Bute, &c. I6th No». 

ilfar. Mariv eld. dr. of fJec-Au- 

gualui, 3d Earl of Bute, July 2^ 

H. pre. Hb Lordahip't brother, 

Patrick-Janica-Crichion fcluart, .M.P. 
I for Cardiff. 

I T'o. Re$. Camdcn.hill, Kt-n^lriKt'-n. 
Co. St. MouDlAtuart* Lot ' ^^^ 

ton-abbey, Oxon; CarO - 

morniish.; & Dumfries ; ■- 

Ril. ThcMarchioncsiis ' 
sent Earl of Guilford. 1... -^.-i-.- 
is hrother to the Mttnbcr for Cardiff: 
rt)«».toHenryViUit;T»Stuiin,r(f/M P. 
for Banbury : and ntyhne 10 " 
couDtCM Siiidoo (dr.-ln-law ti' 
of Hartowby): hro. to Lord Duaicj 
Coutt* Stuart, M.P. for Arundd. 
Pari, Pat. The Member for C*rdkC 



249- BYRON, Baron, 
of Rtichdale, L&ocashire, Y. of C 1613 
K. & S. Gtforge-Amon Byron. 
qa. A Captain in the Royal Navy- 

J Lord ofOu Kiyf;"' Bedrhmtbtr, 
Shc. hit rouun, the immortal Povt, 

ai 7ib Baron, l!*th Apnl . . IBM 
Md. V.Va»\*Chr^V«r) ^-ir . ofSwiko. 
\m\VCV»n&o» YciViu \>>«4e,^ 


Ap. Ottng»- Axttou, born 9fHh 

Junr . , 


( 155 ) 


31, £»lon-plAce. 



!-i-..aVDOGAN,Earl,Y.ofC. ItlOO 

• -J.V. Charlef-Hcnr^^IoancCidagmn. 
T. Vt«count CheUca . . . lOCK) 

l» Jufw 1741) 

ir.biafiuhcT«H2dKarl,3a April 180? 
■ Pre. His l<ordihip*i>brothLT,theHon. 
OoDi^C*dogmii,C»puun, R.N. C.B., 
Lrc.."*?. Aandj-Domham, ncmr Brandon, 

An\.f/i &ivu> the Hon. and Rev. 
Ofsnki- Valerian H'ellcsley (rrctor of 
Ckd»»a), to Lionl Cowley (both bro- 
tfien 10 the Ihikt of AVcIIington and 
u» the Mttrqueu M''cUwli7), luid to 
the present Marqucn of Anglcuco. 

1 3a CAL£DON, EaH of, 

V. ofC. IfKK) 
L J Rfprejeniatire Peer of Ireland 
^k >r life, elected in .... 1004 
■l^.^.V Dupr£ Alexander, K.F. 
^Kp. r. I. p. VUcount Alexander . 1797 
^H Uwn C-aledoQ, of Calcdon, C^o. 

~ Tyionc 1790 

Q^ A Ccv^nor ofTijroncthire^ and 
A tvuMioc of the Linen Manufacture 

dt Ird&nd. 
Ct^ ii-1 of the Tyrone MlUua. 

" Dec 1777 

faUier, •• Sd Ear], 23a 


CaLhcTine-Fcceman, 2d dr. 
of Philip, Earl of Hardwickc, 

i«;hOn. IRU 

. Aft Jdxxitn Ihipr^ Vucount 
.■ikxanJ^r, bora July . . . tS)3 
< /Jri. S, Uailton-Uousc Terrace West, 
•oJ 3^ Su JaTnes''s :jauarc. 
f p. Sr. Bounds IVrk, Kent ; and Ca«t!e 

C«kdon. TyrotM county. 
JUL Soa-in-Jftv U* tho pre*crt E.irl of 
Mardwicke; bro<her-inJav la Baron 
Blsyney ; cuuthi to the two Membcrt 
Uft Old Svunt. 
F*rL Pat, Two Mcmbeis for Old S*. 

300. CALTUORPE, Baron, 

krfC, Norfolk . . . Y. of a 1796^ 
y.^S. OeGrgr-Oavgh CalcboFpe. 
%r. ABaroacu 



Bm. June 17^7 

Sue. htn brother, as 3d Boron, {»th 
June im»7 

//. Pre. Hi*Lordiihip*i«Uolticr,llie]lon. 
Frederick talLhorpcAI.P. for Branibcr 
(mamtd to (Jiarlotte, eld. dr. of the 
Dukcijf B.aufort). 

Ti>. Jiff. 33, (irodvcnor-wquare. 

Co. A>. Ampton Park, Biiry St. Ed- 
mund*, Suffolk; Elvethain, Hants; 
and Edgebaitton House, near Buthuik- 
ham, Co, Warwick. 

Pari, Pat. One Member for Branibcr. 

4. CA:\I BRIDGE, Uw Royal Hi^h- 
neiwthc(lM)Dukeof, . Y.ofC. 1»)I 
N.AS, Prince .AdoIphuiuFnrdcrick, K.<*., 

O.C.B., O.C.H., F.SA. 
O. r. First Earl of Tip-' 
perary ... 

Fuirt Baron of Culloden j 
Qffi. Gweruof General of the Kingdom 
of Hanover, 

Chantflfor of the VaivertUtf of St. 

Grand Masta of the Order of Si, 

A Privy (Councillor. 
A I'u-.'il Mur»h<il in the Armtf. 
Colo-iel of the (Coldstream Iti-,;! oP 

Foot Guards^ ami 
Colonel-ln-Chief of the (Mth Reg. of 

Biu 24ih Feb 1774 

Mar. Her Swtne Hightictw Au- 
gust ta-Wilhclntina- I>jutsu,Prin- 
ccM of He»e, dr. of Frederick, 
Landgmrc of (lease (bom July 
25th, 17!>7)» Way7ih . . . 

il. Ap. Prince George- WilUam- 
Fredcrick-Charlcs, bom 2ilth 
iMarch 1810 

7*0. Hrt, Cambridge Houk, IM, Pic- 

Rel. Hill Royal Highness is the r»th and 
yii. surviving urn of his laie Majesty 
George III., King of Great Britain 
and Ireland, and of Hanover i brother 
to hi« present Majesty William IV.; 
to Prince Eme!tt-Augiifltu<!, Duke of 
Cumberland and Tiviotdalc; to Prince 
Augustus-Frederick, Duke of SoBsex \ 
to PrinccM Augusta-Sophia; to Prin- 
cess Elizabeth, Landgravine of Heaae 
Hombui^; to Princess Mary, Duchess 
of GJouccfltcr j and toPrinccs«Soph\a*. 
co/tsin to Prince ^VlUiam-VTcAcricV, 
Duke of Gloucester, and to Vr\T\cc«.» 
ifep/lIi-MatiJda of Olouccsw. ttwcU 




( I 


Ur I*imcc» Alcxondriiia-Virtorm, dr. 
to tbc btc Duki- o( Kent, and prc- 
**iaipuvc beircM to the 'I'hronc: tim- 
in-iiivf to llii^ Scuiic Ht^bncsR tJie 
Ij«nd)travc r>f (lo»c: bro,-}nJaw to 
tier Kofal IJighnctf the I>ucbcs« of 
Kent, Piiiiccsa UowA^^r of LA-iningen. 

43. CAMDEN, (1st) M&rquos, 

y. ofC. IB12 
S. j- .^ Jolin JcOKys Pratt, K.U., 

K.S.A., M.A. 
O. T. Karl CuiiidcD, of Camden 

Place, Kent \W* 

KaH of Brt-cknock .... iRl'i 
Vtwount BayUam .... ]7Kfi 

BvoD Camden 17ftA 

Cffip A Privy Councillor. 
A TeUer qftMc Excheqwr. 
An Elder Brothir of the TrinUy 

Lord Liemt.^ Cust. Jto4,^ »nd Vice- 
Adntiral of tht Co, <^ Kent, aud 
Ciiy of CuHifrhmry, 
Recorder of the City of Bath. 
A Pirector of fmtnwich I{i>8|)itaL 
A ftovcmor of tbc C'hancr Hou«c 
A Trustee of the BritUh Muhtuui. 

iin. nth Feb. I7fifl 

Sue. hit father, u 2d £ari Cam- 
den, April 1704 

^Uar» Franco* dr. and betrets of 
William MolcAworth, Eiq., of 
Wcnibur]r,I)eTon!ihiTe,3l«DM. 1786 
II, Ap. (leormr-Charlfs, Karl of 
Brecknock, bom 2d May . .1709 
To. He*. 22, Arlmglon-atrceL 
Co. Se. Wildcrnuu Pork, near Seven 
Oaka, Krot; Bayhiun Park, Suuex ; 
and Brecknock Priory, South ^V'a]ca. 
JUL <;«wZf toth«Udy ufTliunuuM'fKxI, 
Kaq^ of tirevemct, M.P. for Brccim- 
■hire; to the lady of thi- Rt. Hon. 8ir 
Henry Uardingc, K.CB^ M.P. for 
Si. (icnnanft ; and to the present Mar- 
qneiaof LoDdoodcrry : grand^utJeta 
I VinmfltC«(kmglvAr.P. 


30A. CANNING, (l»l) ViHouatoa 
V.ofC. 1828 
N,^S, Juan CkniUDg. 
HeL Widow of the late Rt. Hon. George 

Canning, Pint Ixird at the Treasury, 
and Prime AliniAter. 

£ CANTERBVR V. I A Archbishop 

TymuiaitS from London in 


X.k\ S. Rt. Hnr.. and Mnat RcT.M'tUam 

HowU'v, 0.1*., F.R-S.. F.S.A. 
Com. Bishop of LoitdoD in . . lAIS 
0. 7. .Mctropoliuui and Primuc of all 

Ofi. A Frtvy Councillof. 

A 1/ord of Tnulc and Plantatinna. 

A Govurnor of the Charter Houar. 

A (rovcmor of Bccclc* fScbool. 

Visitor of A 1 1 Souls, Baliol, and M crum 
Colleprs, Oxford. 

One ol" the Vi».iLor> of llorrov Scl 

An offii-ial Tru»u-c of the ISritiah 

President of the Society foe Promc 
ChrUtian Knowlctlgc 
7*0. Rft. I^nbi'tli Palace and 4, Rick. 

iDOnd Tcrraor, Whitehall. 
Co. Si. Addington Park, near Cr^rdoBt 

y.B. The Arch-Dioce» of Caowbwy 

cnnnprchend* only about tl 

of the County of KcDL 

331. CARBERRY, Biaa&l 
of C, Co. Cork . . . Y.ofC. %] 

A Heprftmtativt Pitrr aflrtUmd 

for lire, L-Iectud to . , . . . U 
A^. «J- S. John-KT7in» Freke. 
O. T. A BtHonc! of IrcUnd . . 
O^. A IVufttrcofthcLtncn Maoot 

of Ireland. 

Bn. nth Nor. %] 

Sue. his father, a> 2d Baronet . 1' 

HiA couHio, ax fith Buroa^ 4th 

.March JJ 

MtiT. Catherine- Charlotte, 3d dr, 

of Arthur, 3d Carl of Amsn, 

25ih Jan II 

H. Pre H is Lordshtn*8 brother, the tl 

Ocor^-Kvana Freke. 
Co. Sf. Castle Freke, Co. Cork ; 

I.axum Hall, North&mptonahire. 

64. CARDIGAN, Eail of, 

Y.of,C II 

K ^ S. Robert Bradcodl. 
Ol T. Baron Bnidcm.ll. of Staoloa 
Wivil, Ldccateiafairc . . . 

A Barontrt 1| 

Bn. 2Gth April V 

,Vwr.hisundr,a»0thEarl,34thFff4>. II 

Afar. Penelope- Anne, 'id dr. of 

Johu-Geoive Cooke, Esq. &t 

Ilarctield Park, Mlddlcacx, 8th 

Afarch 17M 

H.Ap. Jain«.Thm., IjordBrud€. 
nclkM.V. CcR Y««r^ V^au. >tk 

tttnl TalloBiacbc), bom ItiUt 
^f>«- 1797 

' To. &f. lUmn P*rk. \V«nsford, North- 
unpuxubirc; TcaiijUctuore Houm.Co. 
Kr4. Obwm^ to die Earl oCAyyabarft 
■kvothe Duke of Buorlnigfc : 

to Karl Uowc-, to xhe Kail 

</Cfakfa«tcr, and lo I^ird Bingham, 
(um ao tfac Earl of Lucan). 

Sm, CARLETON, Baron, 
«fC, Vflrlohire . . Y.ofC. 
I Jfc'. f ^. Bauj Boyle. ICP, 
[©. 7\ I. P. EjiRi. or Suasxon] 

^'^brount B<n Ic ( 

Baton ('A^tlr Martyr of Cattle ( 
Jf smr, Co. Cork . . . ) 
WfL A Pri*j- C^uDcillor, and 
Qnt of the Pai* in IrrlancL 
^ JBo#. of the Co, of Cork. 

of the Idncn Manu&ctare 




• U Aug. . 



■■ffbc Ui &cli«r. aft ad Baron and 

Sd Eiri, 20th May ... . I8O7 

Sanh, dr. of John IlTdc, 

rf CaaUc Hyde, 0th June 1798 

ftktard. Viicoant Hnyle^ 

for Cork»hire, bora oth 

t^*^ laof) 

fc- CaMle Martyr, Co. Cork. 

Hia LonSahlp ia txmtln to tlie Earl 

■ of B i rf wai H^ ^ h (BaroD Fonaonby, F.n. 

^ih Pccnge) ; and mnck to the Ear] 

n4. CARLISLE, Ixtrd Bishop of, 
^ ntarJiroin Rochester. Sept. 1827 
Ur. 4^ *. Rl Rct. aod Hon. U ugh Percy, 

Bbfai^of Rochnter in June Urjy 
ph. J&OL Rom CjMIl*, Cumberland. 

Hh Lordship U brother lo the Earl 
■ af Brvedcj: mncU to the Earl Ash- 
1 coMsin tothc Duke of North- 
iiaifculHiil, to Barou Prudhoe, and to 
1I1C BarancM GUnlyon : nrphev to Ba- 
ns W^^illaughby d*Ere»by. 
.V.A. The Lord Biihop of C^rlisk- is 
DtDcesHi onrpurU ofCumberland and 
VottDoreUnd ; »1I in the Province of 
die Ardibohop of Yock* 

JC^s: aeatgt BowmiJd, 

£W of, 

r.afC 1061 

( 157 ) CARN 

O. T. Viscount Ilowaid, of Mor- 
peth, Northumberland . , 
BaroD Dacrv of GitlcUand 
Offi. A Privy CounciUor. 

Lord Luutenant vf tAc East JtHhm^ 
of Yorkih, ^^ 

Bn. 17th Sept 

Sue. hi* father, aa 6ih Earl, 4ih 


Mar. Oeorgiana, eld. dr. of M^il- 
Uain, fith Duke of Devoiuhire, 

2Ut March iqq] 

H.Ap. George- XViUiam-Frcderick, 
ViMcount Aforffth, M.P. for 
V'orkshire, bom 18th April . . 1802 
To.Jici, 12. Grosvenor-square. 
Co. 5f. CMtk Howard, Vark«hirc; aod 

Naworth Castle, Cumberland. 
Ji^L Ul» Lordship u nephew to the pre- 
sent Alarqutw of Stafford: brcia. 
/rfa- to the Duke of Rutland: ywlc to 
Eail Cawdor: father to the McrnlitT 
for Yorkshire: fut/uT-iR,iav to the 
Hon. \V. S. S. LaKellcB (3d »on of the 
Earl of UiKvood); tu the Hon. 
Ooorge.Janin.Welbore.Agar EUii 
(only Roa of Viaoount Clifden), M.P. 
for Uakhainpton ; to George liranville. 
Baron Gower (Earl Oower,fton aod heir 
to the Marqocas of Stafford and the 
Countess of Sutherland), and to VTiI- 
Hani Caveodiih, Esq. M.P. for Cun- 
bridge Univertitv (grandson to Lord 
George Cavendish, who » pr^^umptiTe 
heir to the Dukedom of Devonihire). 
Part Pat. One Member for Morpeth. 

123. CARNARVON, Eail of, 

vr . Y.ofC. 

A. *5. HenrT-George Hcrbtrn. 
O. T. Baroo Porchevter, of High 

Clerc, Suutbaoipionahire 
Qgt. High Steward of Newbury. 

iin, 3d June 

Sue. hi* father, m 2d Earl, 3d 


Mar. Eliabcth, dr. and hcina* of 

Col. Ackland, 26ih April . . 17£J« 
Il.jip. Hcnry-Jrhn-Georgc,/.unrf 

PorefuHrr, born 8lh June . 
To. JUm, 4S, Grmvenor^u&re. 
C*. Sjt. High Clete House, Hampshire ; 

•nd PixtoD, Sott'Twctshire. 
tUL Hi* Ijovdkhip is nephev to the prc- 

aent Earl of Egremont: 6r().-in-kir \a 

iW. Diiae; itncit to the Uon.G.-¥. 

-Vorrfon (who married Elizabc(h, t\A. 

dr. uf John, 2d Baron Sh«bomcV. 10 

'^ Cbuiiiess of Denbigh ; and to i\ac 



• 1 77-' 





I<ady of J anics- Houghton I^angAton, 
K»q. of Samitii, Oxon, M.P. for die 
City of Oxford : brtitft^r lo the lion, 
ana Rev. \ViUium Herbert (who mar. 
I^iUa-DoTOthca, 2d dr. of JoshuA, 
ViKount AUtn). 

127. CARRICK, Earl of, 

V.ofC. 1748 
A Rrpretfntatlxt Peer oflreiaud 

for life, elected in 1819 

X.J^S. Somcnict. Richard Butler. 
O. T. Viicoant Ilterrin, Co. Tip- 

pcrary IffiH 

Oji. ATnwteeofthelrishlilDecManu. 


Bh. 27ih$epL 1770 

Shc. his father, as 3d Eul, 20th 
July 1813 

Mar. Anue, eM- dr. of Owen 
Wynne, Eiq. of UAAlcwood, Co. 
.Sligo. UiScpL 1011 

If.I'tf. His liordxhip*! bruther, Lieut.* 
('ol. thi: Hon. Ucnry-Kdwanl Duller. 

Cti. St. Mount Juliet, Kilkenny Co. 

Hfl, HiH Lo^d^hip in &ro.-tft-/as to the 
Rev. llrnry iMftxwoU (brother lo Ixwd 
FnTDbsin); 10 Somerset, Earl of Bel - 
more; toKmnenkS^avaitc, E»q. of Holy- 
wood, Down^hirc ; and to the Hon. C- 
IV. . Butler t'larkc (br. to the Marqucsx 
ufOmiundc) AI.P. for Ktlkcnncyiniro; 
nmte 10 the Earl of Ouory. 


ofrptnn, Notu . . Y. of. C. I797 
N.K^-S, Robert Smith, F.R.8., F.A.S., 

and D.C.I*. 
O.T. I. P. Baron Can tngion of 

Bulcot Lodge 1798 

Offi. PresicUnt of the Sodety foe the 
Support and Encoumgementof Sun. 
day r^chools throogfaottt the British 
Captain of Deal Castle. 

J?«. in 1762 

Mar. Anne^ dr. of Henry. R. Ber- 
naid, Esq. of South Cave, York- 
n.Ap, Robert-John Smith, M.P. 
for Buckioghainfthtrc, (mar. K.- 
Caihehnc, dr. of Ctcil. 1st Laid 
Forau-r), bom Kith Jan. . . 1798 
To. Ret. M'hitchftll ^'ard. 
Co, Se. Wycombe Abbey, and Wen- 
dover Houae, Bucks ; Deal Castle, 
JKni iJi» Lordship 'uJhtAfria the Mem- 
bar tor fiu ckin^bamaltirc : briHhcr tu 


JohnSmith, E^q. .M.P.forChicbcttrr; 
to Samuel .Snntii, Esq. of Woodliail 
Potk, llcrtfurdkhire, and iuvA: to Abel 
SmittuEsq.^AtrfAJI/r/fj^i. l()rWendo\cr; 
bra. likcwiAetoGoorgcSniithfEiq.aiKl 
mneU to John Abel Siuiib, Exq. Iwn to 
Samuel), bolfi AtrtHbcra for Midhorai, 
SuMex : brc^im-ia-a.- lo A\*ilUam Man- 
niug, Esq. (a banker in London and 
Bank Director) ; /a..Jit-Aiv to Eluta- 
betti-Catberinc (hitter to Baron Fo* 
rester. and to the lion. <*ca..<:ecil. 
M'cld Forester, .M.P. for W^nlock); 
to Philip.Hcnry, Earl t^tarihope; to 
H.-W-W. Wynnc» Esq. (brother to 
Sir M^Atkin. Williams Vryniw, Barv, 
M.P. for DenbighAliire): attd to Lord 
Oranville-CharWHcnry Somenct(3d 
son of the Duke of Beaufort), M.P. for 
P^rl. Pat. Two Members for M'cnd. 
o?er; ooc Member for Wycombe; oae 
Member for Midhunt. 


of Hawnes Bedford&hin: V.orC. 1784 

JV.4-& George Thynnc. 

Offi. A Privy Councillor. 

Bu. 23d Jan I770 

Sue. his tuicle, as 2d Baron. l7th 
June 1S36 

Mar. Harriet, siiter to Viscaanl 

Courtenay. 9ih May . . . . I JUT 

//. Pre, Hia Lordshjp'a bmilMX^ Lavd 
John Thynne, F.S.A., M.P.Iiir Badu 

To. Ret. 2:1, Orosrenor^placE. 

Co. Se- Uawnn Place, BedfindildK; mA 
Carteret, T'Omwall. 

Ret. His Lordship is brot/irr to the Mar- 
quess of Bath, and to the Member fur 
Bath: bro—in-lav to Viscount C-ourtc- 
nay : unctr to the Earl of .-^khbumJiaii^ 
the Earl of Ay1e»ford, the Earl of 
ChesU'rficld, and ViMitiuntM'ey mouth: 
also to Lord M'. Thynne, and Ijocd 
If. F. Thynne, both Mcmbm (oc 
\reobly; to the Countesa Cawdor, and 
the lady of the Hon. Henry LatecUei 
(2d M)n to the Earl of Ha.-cwood),M.P. 
for Noritiallerton. 

327- CARYSFORT, Baron, 
of Norman Cross, Huntingdon- 

idiircU. K Y.ofa 1«H 

.V. 4 S. John Proby. 

O.T. LP. EARLorCAmvaromT I7a» 

BiT«^e«r$i(on,Co.Wicklow . I78lt 

i Bn. \ti Vr&«r 

( 159 ) 


father, m 2d Bwon and 

th April 192H 

Bb Lonbhip** bmher, the 
■nnv!Uc-t.<eviioa Proby, CapU 


"MI, Vpper GfoaTcnor-atrrel. 
Titan Hull, near StUtoa, Hunt- 
ihtrr; aad Kilcanm Caailr, 
nr, Iielaiid. 

LordUUp** brxfthcr U roinied 
■itftt of ttie Eari of Wicklow : 
lepiDolher U atnl to the Duke 
kingfawn and Cluodot, and to 

ATHCART, (Ut)Eari, 

V.ofC. leu 

rilUvn-Shaw Cathcvt. G. aB. , 

K.A.N., K.A-, K.8«A^ and 

., and Su O, 

Ktwnt Cmthcan . . * I ,jtn- 

^Bock.L'.K. . .j'***7 

■do Cathort . , . 1447 

W^imir*l o/Seolhnd. 

for of HmU. 

py CmtneHUtr fai Bnglami and 


eal Officer in the Anny. 

t of the Sod RegiaienC of Life 


fiithcr, aa lOch Baron 

K i776 

hdieth, dr. of Andrew 
EMl.,Junc 1770 

Cbarln-AIurrey, Lard 
pkt ■ CoL in the Anny, 
pot-Colonel of the Royal 
Wps, bom-itBt I>et. . . 1783 
Ihaw Park, Clackmananshire. 
.»rdship has twosoai, Coloncla 
Army, viz. lH)rd Grcenoek and 
0. F. Cathcart; he hfa.-in-Iav 
|e/e u Lady Georgiana Orcville 
ths Hod. R. Orevilk, and the 
M Dowager Mansfield) : cousin 
hike of Brandon and Hamilton ; 
»U Ducheu of Socneraet ; luul 
[>punteit DuDinore : hrother to 
n, and Rer. A. H. T^ihcart, 
lary of York ; and to LouIul, 
B of Mansfield (in her own 

frrciti'Ltw to Baron Lync- 
and to the Hon. Uobcrt-Kulkc 
; ('id huitb&nd of the Coiinlcxs 
afield)^ brother to Karl Brooke 
Lrwick; and to MajarMen. Sir 
^oha OrcviOe, Ar/r M.P. fitr 
t : ume^ to the Duke of A thol, 


to Barra Ginilyoa ; to the Viacouolew 
Strathallan ; <o the Lady of Sir J. E. 
Alacgrtgor Murray, Bart.; and to the 
I^ody of the Rrv. Daniel- flencage- 
Finch flatten (brother to the Earl of 
M'inchilxra. ) 

177. CAWDOR, (Ul) Earl, 
of Casileniartin, Pcmbrokeahire, 
V.K Y. ofC, 1027 

O. T. Vi*count Enilyn of Kmlyn, 

Co. ('ocrmarthen .... \fti1 

Baron Cawdor I7im 

Bn. Nov 17»0 

Sue, hla Caiher, aa 2d Baron, 1st 

June 1821 

Afar, Lady Ellubcth, eld. dr. of 

Thomas, 2d Man^uesa erf* Bath, 

30th JuIt 181C 

//. ^p. John-Frrdcrick Yaughan, 

Viscount Eutfi/H, bom in . . 181? 
To, Ret. 9, OrovTcnor-aquare. 
Co. Sr. Cawdort^astle, Naimxhire; Gton- 

fred, Cardiganshire ; Golden-groTc, 

Carmarthenshire; and Stackpole Court, 

Bet. Sim-iri'lii-w to the present Marqucaa 

of Bath. 

128. CHARLE3I0NT, Earl of; 

Y.ofC. 1768 
J Repretentathf Peer tj I refund 

for l\ft^ elected in 1800 

N. & S. Franda-WUliam CaullHld, 

O. T. LP. ViacountCaulftild . lfiC5 

Baron Caulfeild ut Chailcmont 1620 
Qffi. A Truatoe of die Iriah Linen 


Sn, 3d Jan. 1776 

^Nf. hia fAihcT, aa 3d Earl, 4tb 

Aug 1792 

Mar. thu dr. and oo-Jieitesa of W. 

Bimiingham, K»q. of Uoas Hill, 

tialwiiyshtrc, Oih Feb. . . . 1802 
//. JVf. Uift Lordship** brother, the 

Uon. Henry Caulfcild. 
To. Jici. 15, Upper Grosvenot-ctrccC 
Co, St, Ca.stk Caulfcild, Tyrone ; and 

AEarino, near Dublin. 

152. CHARL£YILLE,(lit)Earlof, 
V. of C. 1806 
A Repretentatht Peer of /refand 

fur lifty elected in . » . ► . \|Jft\ 
N. f S, CharIe».WUliam Bury, ¥,U.a. 


( m ) 



tJ, T. LP. Kir«t Viscount Cliarli:. | 

villc- IbOO 

Fint Buoit TulUniore, of Tulls. 
inon*. King'* County . , . 1797 
OJk, A TniMc«ofthc Liii»cn Muiu&c- 

ture of Ireland, 

Bm, .-Wth June 17C4 

IklQr. Cftthiuinc-Muia, dr. and 

bcireu of T.-T. Dawton, Kk). 

(widow of Jamca Tisdak, £»}.>, 

•lUiJunc 1798 

//. Ap. ChvIccWniuun, Lord 

TuUamorTy SI. P. for Carlow 

(nunied to Beaujoloi»-HarneU 

Cturloitc, niecr to the Duke q( 

ArK^le), bom April .... IBOl 
7*0. H€t> 14, CaToidish-squAiT. 
Co, St. ChmrlcTillc Forest, TulUmorc, 

Het, FAth«r to the Ahmber fur Cwlow, 

who is coQDCcted by mmiriftge with 

the fwnily of Argyle. 
Pari Pat. Uis Lordship return* the 

Ucmber for Cwlow. 

100. CHATHAM, Ewl of, 

y. ofC 1766 

AT. 4- S, John Pitt, K.O. 

U. T. Vifcount Pitt, of Burton 

Pyiuent, SomcrMMAhire . . 17G^ 
Bvon ChathAin, of Cm Kent . I7G1 

CfgL Governor General <tf the Forirui 
A GcDoat Officer in the Army. 
Colood oT the 4th Rect. of Foot 
High Stowud of Ctilcbcitcr. 
A Ooreroor of the Charter House. 
An Elder Droihcr of the Trinity 

Bm, KHh bept. l7Mt 

Site, his father as Sd Eul, 11th 
M»y 1778 

Afar. Mary-Elizabeth, Sd dr. of 
ThoniHs, first Viscount Sidoey, 
I»th July I7«3 

To. Hes, 10, Charles-strcct, Bctkeley- 

Co. Sf. Uayca^ Kent; and Burton 
Pynient, ^omerMrtshire. 

Bel. His liortbhip ia *on to the hn- 
iTHtrtiJ Earl of Chatham i brother to 
the late Kt. Hon. H'illiam Piit. First 
Lonl of the Tiruury and Prime Mi- 
nister for upwards of twenty years: 
hro.-\n'ia9 to LieuteaanuCol. the 
ffoa. //. O. P. Town-ihcod, of Ist 
Fooi GuMtdg; to the Hon. Ocorgiana 

Town^iend, HousekcqKrt of W\ad«w 

Castk ; to the BaroiMas Dybeiror, and 
to the laie Ducbewi of Buccltru|^ : 
ttnck to Viscount Sydney ; to Lady 
Heuer-lAicy i)taQhope (»isier U» ifaie 
Earl of Stanhope), wlio has so long 
feuded among the barbarous hordes of 
Asia Minor. 

22G. CHESTER, Lord Bisbop of. 

Cant, in 1S3S 

N. ij- S. Rt RcT. John- Bird Sumner, 

Qfi. A Prebendary of Ourtiam. 
Co. Ru. The Palace. Citester. 
Ret. Brvlher to the Rt. Rcf. C. R. 

Sumner, Ijord Bishop of M'inchrstcr; 

— to Ucorge Holnie Suinoer, Csq.^ 

M.P. for Uuildford. 
N. B. Tlte Bishop of C1»csKr*s DiooM 

includes Cheshire and Ijancaahiic, 

with parts of Cumberland, Wesu 

tnorcland, Yorkshire, Denbighshire, 

and Flintshire; all in the Ecdo*- 

artical Provioce of York. 

00. CHESTERFIELD, Sailor, 

V. ofC. 1638 

A^. 4* ^' Geofge-Augustus-Ft&> 
dcrick Stanhope. 

O. T. Uaron Suahopc, of 8hel- 

ford. North mi )puin*hize . . * 18M 

OJL A Lord of the King a Bedchtmyr, 
Hereditary iiovcmor of iba Irnvm 
porated Hoipiul and Sohoal «f 

JTa. 23d May 1806 

Sue. bis father, u Ctb Earl, 29«h 
Aug. t8l& 

li. Pre. Colonel Philip Stanhope, his 
Lordship's 2d coufin. 

To, Hc». ClKstCTficld House, South 
A udley -street. 

Co. Se. Bradby Hall, Derbrahini and 
Sbdford, NotttitghamsbUe. 

Jiel. His Lordship is nephew to Ih* 
3Iarques* uf Bath ; to BsJuo Cartovl ; 
and to Ixntl John Thynnc, M.P. 
for Bath: couiim to Viscount M^^ey- 
moath ; to Ix>nU Edward and Henry- 
Frederick Thynne, both M.P.s for 
Wcobly ; to the Countess Cavdor; 
to the Lady of the Hon. Henry Las- 
ccUes, M. P. for Galwayshire ; and to 
the Earl of Aylesfurd. 

Com.lTv 18SI 

{ 101 ) 


of $t. Paurn, 

«r ike King, 

ihe DioccM of 
sicuAlcd in the 

L«;TER, Carl of. 

V. ofC. 1801 


.... 176a 
.... 1011 

tlw Army. 


[•• .Inl Karl, 4ili 

. lfl-26 
of ihr Ksrl of Tar. 
. . 1838 
lip's bmthcr, Uip 
Lcwc«, SU»KX. 
[lo the K«t] o\ ( 'Ar4)}^ : 
Ltfd Bruilcnr.II; and 
Uovr : nrpfica" \o U>c 
and to Lord Franri*- 
At.P. U^t tani- 
10 ihf ^lAniuess 

INDKLCV, Mirquess 
. V. of r. 1813 
m-Hontio f.'hoU 

^idcle, . . 


^ . . - - 


M .... 



« .... 



B . . . . 


■kaoDdelev . 


Wl^ of Krm 


MiMTf i'Tt-^t f'tiamber- 



ai Ifd Marqucsfs 


U dr. of IJ^ut.- 

impbcil, Ocu 


^^hW^'i l.r.i'iu-r. 



31. P. 

H^ri . 


B 1 hulirs 

Ki- ^'■ 


^B 4Jt'UJu- J cfiM:^ f 

Cff.AV. Trant Plic-, Middlesex; Houf 
ton, l-'aktrDtum, NndVilk ; and Cliul. 
inondtflev ('a-'-tic, Nantwich, t'hfahire. 

fUL The .Marquees i* (vutUt to Bi 
Willoughby d^Ercaby, with wbooi 
holds (he joint-bcrcdHary granc 
cbambcrlaiothip of England ; and ia\ 
ihc Countess ufi'lAfc: brother to 
of the Jtlciiibers for Cattle Ruiing; 
3d rW'ffM to Uic [AJyorftilbrrt-Johnl 
Hrathcole, Knq. l«o'n (o .Sir (Mtht:rt. 
Heatbeolc, M.P. lor Kuilajidahirc}. 

FarL P*L One Member for Cut 

N.B. Mil liOnUhip had previoinly 
in ihe iiou«itf u( Pccn>, as Bnmn Nvw- 
liufgh, viz. from tht^ yi-ar llt^l, until 
the late MunjuciK of Cholmcindclcy'si 

358. CHURCIIim(UtiBaron. 
of M'ychwood Forcat, Oxfordihirc, 

y. ofc. I8U 

A^ ^ S. Franda Almcric Spcnccr- 
0/J!. Ratifftr u/' IVych-a-Ood I'urcJf. 

Bn. ^Tith Dec. 17791' 

Mar. Fraxieo, dr. of Auguktuc- 
HenTy Fitrrov, ^ Duke of 

Grafton, a5th Nov 11 

K. Aji. Francis- ( J eor)je, eUi Oct. 11 
i'ii. Se. t'ombury Park. Wychw( 
Forest ; and \\'itnfj-, Oxfordshire | 
Wimbledon, Surrey ; and \V'cat l*a- 
rington llouie, near Devizai, Mill 
Hf/. His IjonHhip i? brothrr lo the Dcil 
of Marlbornugh : unclr In iht.* .Mar-* 
quf« of Blandford, .M.P. for M'liod- 
ftiock : ffninii-unck to the Earl of 
Sundcrltitid : brx/.-in-lare lo the Vis- 
count Clifden ; to the Rev. Arch- 
deacon Nan-'V D.U. ; to the Earl of 
Shaftesbury; to the Puhe offVrafton; 
10 Ljculfnant-Ocn. Lortl Clias. FitTroy, 
wn. ; lo the Hon. and Itrt-. Lord Henry 
Fiizroy, Prebiniiiary of WestuiinHtcr; 
and to l^rd ^\'ilLiBm Fitsroy. Capi. 
R.N.: the Baronets \* aunt to the 
Karl of Euxton, M.P. for Bury .Si. 
Edmund's; aiid to Lieut-Col. l^rd 
Charles Filxroy, jun. M.P. for Thet- 
ford (marriwl to Aruic, dr. of Ixtrd 
Ocorgt-A-n.< lavendiah): grnnd-autti 
to Viscount Ipswich. 

3C3. CbANBRASSlU (1st) Baron, 
of Hyde HnU, IlertM . V. of C . \ Wi\ 

/A'. 4- S. HolKJt Joce]yn, K.P. 


T, A Bart, of JingUiid 



( 162 

1,P. Eaiii. ofHooEW.ofnigh 
Rodin^, Tippciary . . , 1771 

VUcount Jocrlyn I7&5 

Biirun Newport of Newport . 1743 
Ojfi. Auditor General vf l/u Jitffteqmcr 
of Ireland* 
Cuii. Rot. of Louifufiire. 
A Privy CoundUor In EngUnd and 

iA Lord of the King's Dedchuubcr. 
\A Tnutec of the Linen AlMufacture- 
Pnaideot of the Sunday 8cbool Society 
for Irel&ad. 

Sn. 27ih Oct. 1778 

Sue. Hi* father, ai 3rd Earl of 

Roden, 2»th June .... 1820 
Mar. Maria-Franco- Catherine, 'id. dr. 

of Thomaa, Lord le Dcspenccr. 
if. Ap. Robert, Viscount Joctlyn* 

bom 20th Feb. XBUi 

Co. Sf. Hyda Uall UcrtfonlAhire ; 
Dundalk Uoufc, Lotiihthire ; and 
Tullyinore PArk, OoAtJcwellnn. 
Rrl. H\% lordship it nepturt* u> the 
Hon. and Ri. Rct. Percy Jocclyn, 
Utc Hilltop of C'lo^ber : umrU lo Vi«- 
i-ouiil Powersc«iurt ; #0K-<n-faip lo 
Rimii \e Deanenccr. 
ParK Put. The Mnnber for Dundalk. 

117. CI-ANCAUTV. Karl of, 

nfC, Co. Cork, . . Y. of C.I 005 

A Rtprt4CnMix< Peer (ff trrhnd Jhr 

Hft (thouifh ponacMtng an hcmlitary 

aeat intlieHouacofLordK uncc IHIAJ. 

A^. 4 S. Richard Le-pocr. Trench, 


O. T. Finn Viscount CUncany, 

U.K.. 17th Not 1R2.T 

Fint Baron Trench, of Gar- 
bally. r.K.. 4th Aug. . . lAIA 
I.P. ViacountUunlo. of Dunk) 
Mid BaUinaaloc. Ualway nnd 

ODuntiefl . ■ . 1601 
Kileonnel, of Oarbnlly, 

Oalwiyshirc I707 

First Marqueu of Hcusdcn, in 
dia Peenge of the Nrther* 
hmb, wo created by Ring 

WiDianiin 18in 

OJk. A Cowmor and Cmtt. Hot. of the 
County ofGaiwajf. 
Colonel of the Galvay Militia. 
Ki« Admirai qfCaunaughi. 
A Prirj Councillor in EngUnd and 
JJtM Larthhip ira« AmbwMdor m tht 
Ififpic fnmi iHin 10 1818. 
JffthJHM/ 17ffl 


Sm. his father, aa 2d KazI, 27th 
April II 

Mar. llenrietta*lMai)(arcL, -2A dr. 
of the Rl Hon. John i?iapl(.-«, 
ill Feb I' 

U.Ap. Williain-Thonia^ rUcotmt 
Duulo, bom 2Nt Sept. . . 11 

Co. Sc. Oarbally Park, Galwayahire. 

RtL ilia Loidahlp ia >..i».faw 
Thomas Kavonagh, Etq. of Bonlii^ 
Kilkenny, Al.P. for Carlo wshire: 
brother to the Rt. Hon. and Moat 
ReT. M'lniam Magee, D.D., Arch- 
blUiop of Dublin^ and Biabop of 
OlandcLiKh, Primate of Irelmnd ; %o 
the Hon. M'illiam TtcDcb, See 10 
the Coniniiwioiicn of Cuvtoms in Ire- 
land : hro,min^aT to Viscount C«stlc- 
maine ; and to tbe Earl of Ratbdown. 

of C.,Co. Tipperary. U.K. 

V.ofC 11 
A'. 4- S. Richard Mcwle. 
O. T. I. P. Eabi. or Clah- 


Viacount Clanwilliam. 

Ranm Gilford, vf Gilfbnl, 
Dovn«hm 1' 

A Uoronet nf Ireland . . . I76S 

HiN I^rdithip wu UtU Knvoy Extra- 
ordinary and Ambauodor.rienipo- 
tcntiarv at the C^rt of Bcrim . 

Bn. 15th Aug i; 

Sue. hii father, aa 3d Earl, 3d 

Sepu 11 

H. pre. lib Ijordahip'a UHele^ 

(^a\. the Hon. Robert Meade. 
Co. Se. Liiaane, Tfpperary Co. 
Bel. Hi» Ix»rdfthip u bro.'imJmv to iha 

Count* Paul Szchcny and Maitinits, 

ChaniberlainA to the Emperor uf Au^ 


113. CLARENDON, Bad oC, 
V of C 

A'. 4 S. JohnXliarlea ViUicra. 
O.T. Baron Hyde of Hindon, 

M'iltahirc 174 

A (k>unt of Pmasia .... 1 
Ogl. A Privy Councillor. 

Chief Jtittice in Eyre^ north ofTt 

Prouionotary of the County Pi 
Lad raster. 

Bn. Uth Not I' 

Sue. hia brother, aa 3d Earl, 7th 

March 11 

Mar. MBxW¥*>cam»^^v.dr. and 


( Iti.-* ) 


F/. Pre. Hu IjOTilnhtp'A nrpfurwt 
Ocarpe-\ViUiaiQ-l''rvU«rlck V'il- 

Ken, born in IflOft 

,'Ta fti-i, lu, Nonh Audlcy-rtreeL 
\Co. Si '''• •'-■., acwWoUod, Herts ; 
Uir : and Peullne Caallc, 

f/. Hia l/>rlaliip la nnck to T. 21. 
VilUcs Ksq. M.P. for mvtchingly: 
<n/«i4H lt> ttic Eftrl nf Ktecx; to Mtj. 
Ota. the Hun. Thotniu-IJJward Con. 
injfHby; ' *' - * ImitJ tlw Hon. 
Tbuv-B' ■"/; arnt lo the 

Do«u^T I ■ I jtiAtn ; 2d ioiu. 

to A rtnur-^i-igi^non CoJiingnliy, Esq.^ 
(m*r. lo the nd tbu-r or the Duke of 
S>t. AlbanV): 3ii cpju. Ui llanin Mon- 
soti. The OuiitoN is iA t-UMj. to the 
lK«l of Onin&rd. 

/'.>/. One Member for Wootton 

CLEVELAND, (1st) MarqacM 

v. oft'. ia27 

^ S, Wniiom-Harry Vttnc. 
T. £ar1 nf l>iirliii^rtu« . . ) 


Viscount BunanI ... 
iUron lUraszd of B. Cutle,' 

Duriuun IC9U 

Jjifri Limt. nnd Vice AdmtrHl oj 
^ CoHHty t'»lit'n*t 0/' Dhrftttni. 

270»Jiily 1706 

hi* fftilitr, ax -Ith Earl of 

l>a<iLr.(;iim, Hih Sept. . . . 

S^mr. fillip Kaihcrine, dr. of 

Hony, till atid last Duke of 

Uuluin, I'.titi Sc[i(. . . . 

Steomd, Miu E. KuneJ. of New. 

ivn llouic, Vurk!itiin.% July , 

H* Ap, Henry, Hati vf liarlin^. 

««MU Ittir M.K fur Saltiith (iiixr. 

io&>|jHia, eld. dr. of John, 4th 

£arl Powlrtt), bom Itiih Aug. 

7k lie*. 17* i^t. Jamctt'ft-Kquirc 

^t, Sf. Hahy Cattle, near Darlinijton, 

Durban I ; Ncwion Hou<io, YttrlCfihirc. 

t^*'. Brodcs ihetate Member forSahanh, 

the 31mn|ue9> w, aim), fathrr to l^id 

U'm.-JoLtv-Fr:.dcrick i*owIi;tt(Vanc), 

iaif M. K for the c*junty of Durluin, 

f qu#. to C^roUofi, 5th dr. uf \V*iUiani, 

lim Karl of I^oiiadalL*) : Ja.-in-ia-v io 

Mm^ Milbanke. E^q., M.P. for 

GllMMDn); toLieur..('oi. Mcyrick.of 

tk«M Foot Oua.-dA; and lo tlio Hon. 

K^Bnl-P.rm r vVnlmj of I'eppcr 

Hii /> M* axid A^it i 




ParLPitt. Twrt McnibcmrurCanicIfonl ; 
two Mcnibcri tor Hchestcr ; two Mcm- 
bcri for WinchclM:u. 

liflO. CLIFKORU, Baron, 

oflhudleigh, IKrwn . V. itfC. 1872 

iV. 4 S- Hugh.L'harlea tliirord. 

Bn, 32d May I7fl0 

Sm:. hit) father, w 8tll Baron, 
April 2Uth iSril 

M'lr. hi» 2d ronjin, Mary-Tiucy, 
dr. of Thoiuaa Wdd, Esq., of 
LuUwocth Caatle, Donct, in . IStll 

H. A p. A tjon, bcim to . . . HI I II 

To, Hct. 8, Man&field-atrcc;, Ponland- 

Co. S\: M'ybrwk Park, Deronshire; 
and Ea.1t Park HiJI, Lnnrashirc. 

RcL His Lorddhip iA tuo.-iu.iinr lo the 
Hod. Charlta-Ijangdolf hultirtun, whu 
it brother, — and to the Hon. Chactcn 
tiuMjrton, who is cid. son atid hcir^— 
lo Boron 6iourton. The Clifford and 
SUHMlon fainilit'Knre further connL'Cted; 
inaflinuch that tlk: prtacnt Baroness is 
nicci: to Bar^mexn Stnurioii {whif ta ulstvr 
to T. Weld, Esq. of J^ullwnrili, who in 
1820 was cuuM-crated Catlwlic Bliihop 
of Autyirlca, and a Cardinal on ttiu 
Lith of .Mardi, lft:W). The Dowager 
Haronow is 2d attiji, unH aunt lo Baron 
A undel uf \Vitnluiir. 

Ilift Lordahip is a Catholic. 

245. CIJFTON, Baron, 
ol Leighton Bromawold, Co. HnntTngilon. 
V. of C. iraiB 
N.^ S Edward Pligh. 
O. 7*. I.P. Eaiil or Dabvlcy I72.'i 
Vlicount Darnlcy, of Alhboy, 

iMl-juIi Co 1722 

Baicyi CMon, of Rathm'-ire . 1721 
Offi. Lorti IJent. a/ Meatfuftitr. 

Hereditary High Steward of Graves- 
end and Milton, in Kent. 

/in. 2Jih Feb 1705 

Sue. bis fuiher, as &tb Enrl. in 

Apnl IB:U 

Mar. Emma-Jane, 2d dr. of the Ht. 
Hon. Sir Henry Paniell, IWu, late 
^ucrcury at War, and Al. P. for 
Queen's Co. 
Co. Se. Cobham Hall, near Oravcaeud. 
KfDt; and Batlunore, Co. M^llb. It. 
Het. His Jjord.ihip ii fu-pfu-a/ lo lacut. 
ficn. die Hmi. Edward BU-i' "• '^' 
ffon. Wtit. Hlifjli, aCol.ii' 
f^r^M/ /■ to tile C Mintc»s ol '. ■ 


( 164 ) 



to Utc }»Ay of Sir Lauroncc-Vaii^hiin 
I'ttlk, lUn., lat€ .Mi*, fot Aahburton ; 
and to Charles Urownluir, Kiq. of 
liurgnn. M.P. for Armagh Co. : tro. 
to Uic Hon. J. 1>. Bligh, BccrvUry of 
EmbaMj in Holland. 

234. rLlNTON, Baron, 

of Maxtock,Wiirwie)uhirt: V.ofC. 1298 
iV. 4 S. KoUrt-t'otlon-Si. Joha Trt>- 

Q^. One n/'/Af t^orHtoflfu MajcriyU 


A Lieutenant C^Juncl in the Army. 

Aidc-dc-Conip to th« Kin);. 

High i^tcword of HumiDgdon. 

.&fi. '.Vih April 1707 

Sut'. hift r*thiT» as 16th Boron, 

28th Aug i;07 

Jtfitr. Frances- 1 ubcUo, eld. dr. of 

Wnu S- Poynti, Ei»q, ofCowdray 

Park, SuMCX, 4(h Aug. . . ISU 
//. Prr. Hij; LonUhip\ brothtT, the Hon. 

(!harlrs I<odo1i)1iu> Tri^fuHis (who m 

#mi.}<i-/ou'tutlic .MHrnucss of I^Oiian, 

S.r.— Karon Kur, T-K.) 
Ctf. St* TrefusU t'astic, ComwaU. 
HfK Hro..\uJa-x Xa i\ic Ilnn. and Rev. 

Kilwud-Gco. Moore (bra. to the Karl 

uf .Mountcuhcl), Olid to lUron Hollr. 

Tilt! narnncM is a Iwly of thv Queen's 

ParL Pat. OiK Member for Athburton. 

CLOVNE, Lord Bubop of, 

4M#. In 1B2C 

Jt Rrpretmtativ^ Prtiaic t^f Ire- 
land fur tatiou . . 1831 and MVXi 
N. «V S. Tlw Rl. Rev. John Urinkky, 

D-D. and F.R.S. 
O. Offi- Prv»tdeoC of the Koyol JritOi 

Titj, CUiyne Palace, Cork. 

3fi9. COI^HESTKR, Ilaron, 
ofC. Ewex . . . . Y. ofC, 1817 
JV. ^ S. (h«rlc» AhtK»t. 
Offi. A Post Captain in the Navy. 

Bn, nth Moreh 17D8 

Sh»\ hia &ther, as Sd Baron, 8lh 

Mny WiO 

II. Pn: lli« Lordihip'ii broih<T. tht 

H<m. MiiUp-Ilcnry Abbou, UorrUtcr- 

ru, ^>. KJttbntakey Huvrx. 
Air-/ f/Js LonirJiifi i$ tou (o th« hu 
Its. Uwt. Cbarlea Abbot, Speaker of 


the Tfmi»e of Cominona fWnn 1802 to 
l)[17> thcnclcTtUiHl tothct 'p)>cr llotiac 
of Parliament, oa Boron Colch«atcr. 

256. COIA'ILLE, Baron, 
of Culrtms dacKiiuinnan»hire V. r. 1009 
A Rrpn'xi utativc Peer of Scot' 

W; elected June 3tl . . .1831 
M 4 S. John Colville. 
OfH. A R<«.AdnilnU of tlic Red. 

On. in 1 

Sue. hi* father, a> I0U1 Boron, 

flth .March I8l 

Afar, Elizabeth, dr. of Fronds 

Forde, K%^. in I7f»0 

//. Prr. H it, Lordship*ft brotha, LlcuL- 

OcD. tlw Hon. Sir Cborlco ColviBc^ 

To, Rei. 20, PorUond-placc. 
Co. St. Broomwell House, near BristoL 
Rel. The BoroocM is niece to Sir Francis 

Forde, Bart. 

2<t2. rOMBEUMERE, (Isl) Vk. 
count, oft:., fo. Chester Y. of C \9iH^ 
N. ^ S. Slaplrtnn Suplctoo-Coitnn. 

n.C.B. K ti.H. K.T..S. 
O. T. Kirvi Haron I'onibcrmcre . 1U|4 

A Baronet 1677 

O^. Guitruor of Sfi€frme/t. 

A Privy CouHCiUor in {retand, 
Uttt Commamdtr'ln-ChiefoftheArmjf 

in the Eati indict. 
Col. of the 1st RegL of Life OuonU. 

Wrf. in I7IW 

>'ttc. his father, at Ctli Baronet . IU07 

Mar. Firsts Anno-AlartA, eld. dr. 

ot Thos., 3rd Duke of Ne«. 


Sccoud, Corolinc, 2d dr. of 


2'idJune 1814 

H. Ap. The Hon- Welliiigion 

Cotton, born 24lh .Nov. . . 1818 
Co. AV. Conibcmicte Abbey, Chesltirr. 
UcL Itro.Ua'Ute to tlte Duke of Ni-v. 
CMtle; and toSixU. M. Aloinwaring, 

4D. CONVN<»UAM,(lit}M«rqikHi 
Y. ofC. 1810 

A HcprtuniatUr PfCf of frrlanH 
ftti lifr (but iktwkMMjig on hc^re. 
ditory scat in the Umisc of Pcctk 
OS l-irsi Bakov >liMtiTt:ii« 
ot M'uvftlCT \^]^K\, Ktnt.. U.K4 


( J65 ) 




^ S. Hcniy ConynghiiD, 
F.S.A. »nd M.n.I.A. 
r. L p. Ftm Earl Conjmg- 

ham 17A7 

First Earl of Mouni-C'harles > .g.^ 

Fint Vbcount Conyngham, of 

Mounl.<'hniIcs ..... 17»l 
First Vixrount Mouni-ChArles . 171*7 
Baron roiiyngham, of Muunt- 

<:harl« 1763 

A Ijicutmani-GcnenU in the Anny. 
ChiI. Hnf. oft/if Couuty Clare. 
Lair bcml Steward of the Kirk's 

A Prkff Counrillor Jn En/rfand, 
LaU Judge of (he Manhahea Court, 

and the Court of the King*» Patact. 
A Tru<tce oftheJrUh Linen Manu- 


iSth Dec I7fln 

rr. hbfaihrr,.ix34l Baron Conyng- 

ham. '>1A .May 178? 

Tiif-. Khubcth, dr. of Joseph 
Jieniion, i-^M\.^ a Alirchant in 
London, dth July .... 
Ap. Franciji Nathaniel, Earl 
13J Muunt Charh-t, latr Af. P. for 
Itoitcgabhtre, hie a lyml of the 
TroMiury, Master of ihc Robot 
10 ifae King, and fint Groom 
of Hi» Majesty** Bedchamber 
(nur. to Jane, dr. of the .Mar- 

3urM of Anglesey), bom 11 th 

'o. ffeg. 5, Hamilton Place. Piccadilly. 
*o. Se. Hlane Castle, Co. Aleath ; and 
Alount-CharteSf Col Donegal. 
'Jfe/. Father to one of the Memhen for 
J^MMgaUhin: ; and to Lord Alben 
(^toyng^in, Secretary to the Anibas- 
Hipor in Pruasia: /ri.-in-Itrw to Ixird 
Strathaven.M/eM.P. for Huntin«1on. 
j »hire(8onoftheKarIof.-\boyne, Karon 

I Mcldnitn, of Morrem, KngUhh Petr- 

I uc) : brother to ><ir Francis-Nathanit'l 

Burton (Conynghani), O.C.B., lioT. 
I of Lower Canad.i (mar. to V&lentina- 

^^_ Alicia, »i%ttTtn Lord Cloncwrry); and 
^^fc to AViUiam-Joftepfa Denison, Esq., 
^^V 31. P. for Surrey. The Marchtonew is 
^^V aont 10 John-Kvelyn Daiison, Emij. 
^^^ M.P. for \ottinghain«hirt(xcm-in-Aii# 
^V CO the Duke uf Portland). 



CORK AyV JiOS^ Laid Bi:»bap 

rtw. w umo 

A Rfprftmiathv Prelrtle of ire- 
tand for MTfUm . . ItCtl and 1A32 

M A- s. The Right Rev. Samuel Kyl^ 

lies, Biabop^a Castle, Cork. 

103. CORNWALLIS, Earl, 

of Eye, in Suflblfc . . Y.otC. 1753 

jV. ^ S. Janics Mann. 

O. T. Viwwnt Rromc .... 17S3 
Baron Coniwallis .... |tf(Jl 
A Baronet Iff27 

Bu. 20th Sept 1778 

Smc. his father (vho waa, also, 
Bitthop of LicbficUl and Coven- 
try and TK'Ait of Durham), as 
rnh Karl, 21lt]i Jan 1824 

Afar. Maria-lMbella, dr. ofFran- 
ci> Dkkina, Eso. LUi- M.P. for 
Northani|Hon, Dee 1804 

//. A/f. Charles- James, Vheouui 
Ilrome, bom Ijih Dee. , . . 1B13 

To. Ret. <;, Hill-street, Bixbdey^iiarc. 

Co, St. Linton Place, ueu Maidstocjo, 

UeL \\\i l/ordAhtp n coiti'in to Baroocst 
Braybr(K>ku ; to the lady of Lonl 
Elioi, M.P. for Liskcard (son of the 
Earl of Sl OcniMns, and late m Ixml 
of the Trvaitury); anA fii.'in^m U> 
Charin Ross, Esq. M. P. for St. 

74. COVENTRY, Earl of, 
Co. Warwick .... Y.ofC. Itfll? 
-V. ^ A'. Ocoige-William Coventry. 
0, T, ViscouDt Deerhurst, Co. 

(rlouoester 10j>7 

Baron Coventry, of AUesbury . 16*2H 
Ojfi, Lord Lieut, and Cutt. Rut, vf 
Recorder of Worcester City. 
High Steward of Tewkesbury. 

fin, u;ih Oct 1784 

Sue* his father, oa tith Earl, 26lh 

March . 1631 

Mar. Firxt^ to Einma-^usaona, 
2d dr. of tltc First Earl Bvau- 


Scfwtt}^ to 3Iar)', dr. of Aubrey, 
tithDukeof 8e. Albatrs . . 
W. Ap. George- ^^*iUia^l Viscount 

To, Res. Km, PiccjkliUy. 
Co* Sc. Croomc t^AHitV, neat V^VOft, 
«nd SprioghiU, Worcebiev^Vxe. 



( 166 ) 


Jill. Iltfl liOrdfthip t» t^o.-iH-iatf to Sir 

• Kojit-r Un*lcy, Uuru, l.iU .M.P. (or 

New UiHuncy; and is conni-cft.'d, by 

mjUTUgc, with the families of Bcftu* 

chuiip and Hi. Albao's. 

3fl7. COWLEV, (IsO Baron, 

ofWclle»lcy,C'o.Sommcl V.olC. lesa 

.V. 4" >'. Henry Wellculey, O.C.B. 

Qffl* l^tc A»d'*i*"»dur E.tti aitrd\t*tiry 
0mi PUnipoUnt'utry at the AuMfrinn 
Cvurtf which office he filled many 

A Privy CoMHcOior in England and 

/^//. 20th Jao 1773 

Mar. Firit^ CharluUc, 2d dr. of 
CharlcK, FirM Karl ol' Ca^lo^sn 
(now AlarchioneiKi of Ar.g1c> 
icy), 2(111) Sept. . . . .1803 
Stcond^ Gcori^iana - < Charlotte. 
Auf];usta, cla. dr. of Jamct, 
Fint Alarqiiciu of Salisbury, 
Feb 11116 

//. Ap^ Henry WcUcslcy, bom 
I7th July 1004 

Jin. Vienna. 

Jifl, IIu Lordithip w brother to the 
Marqnrsi of M'cllctlcy ; to Baton 
Maryborough; lo the Duke of H'eU 

. linKttin; ontl to the Hon. and Hev. 
Gerald - Valerian WdlcJcy, D. U., 
Prubendary of Durham, Utc Kccbor 
of Chelsea, and Chaplain to the late 
King : iiNf'/e to the Man|uc»i of 
Djupo, M.P. for Aldebur^h: and 
to the Hoa WiUiam-Folc-Tylney-^ Wellealey, 31. P. for Kn»: 
hrv.-iH'iaw to tKe Marquon of Salia- 

R7. COWPER, Earl, V-ofC. 1710 
N. ^ S. PetCT-lx-opold-Louia- Frauds 

CowpcTf F.H.S. 

a r. ViKount Fonlwlch . . . 1718 

Baron Cooper, of Wlngfaun, 

KoM 170c 

A BftroBct lV-12 

A Cooni of the Holy Koman 

EmniK l;7H 

B«. flihMty 1378 

Shi: \\\h brOthcf^Ai &th Bul, I2tb 

Feb. 1799 

J/*/r. AmcJJM^Maiy^dt.t^Peniu^ 
too, Fim VimMtii AfeAwumt, 

nimJuir tooa 


//. W/). Gcor^.AuguiJut-Piv- 

dcrick, ruri/UR/ fWala-w'/i, Al .P. 

for Canterbury, b4im 2(iUl June 1806 

To, HcM. 1 1 , Little MaUdox-Mrect* 
H Anovcr-*c[uare. 

Cv. St. Colne Green, and PcJiaangar, 
Heria; and Katling Court, Kmt. 

ffc/. luither lo one of the Mnnbcnt for 
Canterbury: hro.~in~ltfx (o ViH-outil 
^Iclboume, Scaetary of f^tatc for the 
(Ionic DL>p«r1nivnt ; lo die Rt. lion. 
Fredmck Lantb, U.C B., Uttt ICdvo| 
Kstraordinary and Aiinihtcr IMcntpo. 
tcntiary to the Court of bi>aiD : and to 
the Hon. George Laiub, M.P. te 
DungarvoB. V 

Ul. CRAVEN, Eul, V.ofC. lUOl 


N. * S. William Craven. 
O. T. VuK.'ount Uffiiigion, of 
r., Bcrka 1 

B«n>n Crmvcii. of Hompsteail 
Maikhalt, Ikrki .... 1046 

Bh. laih July IHOfI 

Smc. his fditvr. a» 3d Earl, IlOih 

July XfsU 

It. f'rr. ULi I>urdthip'i brother, U)« 

Hon. Ocor({e-Au(cu«uii Crsvai. 
Tn. lici. Clarendon-hotel. lUO, 

Co. Se. Uainpetoid Lodge, Barbani 

Place, and A«hdottii Park, all in 

Berkshire ; Cooabe Abbey, 

Co Yen try. 

342. CREWE, BaniL, 
of C., Cbcahirc . . . V.ofO. 11 
M 4- S, John Crewe- 
Q^. A LicuL UeueroL 
Sue. tttt fiuher, a» 2d Baron, 38th 

April II 

Mar. Miss Hungcrford, of Calne ll 
Co. Sr. Crvwc IJall, near N^iiipt- 

wich, Cheahiic 

DALK, HU Koyal Highncw ihc 
(lit) Duke of . . . . V.ofC. 1700 
N. ^ a. Prince Kmcst.Auguitujs K-Ci. 

G.C.a K..S.P, O.C.H. and F.R.S. 
0. T. h P. Eabl or Ahuaqu 1709 
q0L A Fithi sMafffmL 

Prarident of ibo Board of (icnctal 
OAciers, an& «( xUmi llo«}al Naval 


( IG/" ) 


rimcWbr tfttte Uttiv^rriljf ofDmhlh$. 
A Privf CouodUor. 

U*. JuaeAth 1771 

.V«r. Princes* Frederica-SophiA- 
Chaxlolte, dr. of FniU-nck, 5th 
Gnod Duke of Mecklenburg 
Stnlia, and widow of Frederick 
WOliui, Prince of Salm>- 
BoninfbK 29th May . . . 1816 

B, Ap* Priocr George- Frederick- 
Alexander - Eme»( - Augustus 
boraSTlh Ha7 1819 

Tv An. Ambuftulor*s Court. Su 
Jtaatm** fahtcc 

Co, Se, Kev Green, Middlewx. 

Jbi. Hu Royal HighncM being 6th 
m of hU Lue Majesty, King Gcofgr 
lU^ wtands in the same Feliitioa«hip 
10 Hft pccaent M^ctty and the rest of 
the iU^al Family^ as the Duke of 

SSft. DACRE, Baron, 

oTOmcdand, CurabcrUnd V.ofC 1307 

X, & 5. Thomaa Brand. 

^ March 15th 1774 

Ak. hU mother, as iDth Baron, 
Oct. 3d 1819 

iltr. Barbarina, widow of Valcn. 
ttoe Wibnot, Emi of Faro- 
borough, and dr. of the Ute Ad- 
mfral 6ir Chaloner Ogle, Bart., 
D«. iai9 

To. Rrju ft, Chwierfield-ftrcct, May Fair. 

C* Se. The Hoo, near Welwyn, 
n tftnordsnire ■ 

ReL His Lordship b 6rot\<T lo Alajor 
Oetk the Hon. Henry Trevor (for- 
iDcrly Brand X C.B., hrh- prra. lo the 


JK. DAUIOrSIG, (iM)BaroD, 
ttlk CMk, Co. Edinburgh, U.K. 

Y. of C. 1816 
A'. 4* S. George Ramsay, OX^.B. 
O.r I-F- i:A«Lorl)Ai.HOoaiE, 

taMdliOihian .... IC33 

Buso Ramsay, ci Dalbousie 
^ Kcntagun .... 1618 

A Uflot-Oen. 

CoL ct ihe a6th Reg. of Foot. 

AB.Oa.S3d 1770 

Sm, hta frtbtf, a* 9th Earl, 

E«ov.4ih 1787 

Jfor. Christian, only dr. and 

fttfc*^ of Chaikw Bnfwn, E»q. 

f/CVa&ua OMddit^wembin, la 1005 

hmaaiAvfc- IHOU 

Co. Sr. Pnlliousie Castle, Mid I^lhlan ; 
and ('oaI<ton, lladdingtuoBhire. 

JteL Hia Lordship is etd. brother to 
Willism Msule (formerly ff«m#ai/^, 
£ft(].of rsnmurr,M.P. forthc County 
of Forfar; and to Ms}. Uen. the 
Hon. James Ramsay. 

M. DARTMOUTH, Eart of, 

of D.. Drronshtre . .Y, of C. 1711 
.V. 4- 5. WiUiam Lcgge, D.CJ-. F.RA 

and F.S.A. 
O.T. Vifcouni Lewlsham . .1711 

Barmi Dartmouth .... \(^'l 
Ofl. CoL of the Staffordshire .Militia. 

*■. Not. awh 1784 

Smc. hii father, as 4ih Earl. Nov. 

2d 1810 

J/rf. FIrf/, Charlotte^Frances, dr. 

of Cha*., present Earl Talbot 1831 

Srcoffi/y, Frances, 2d dr. of 
George, pmcnt Viscount 
Barrington, Oct. S&th . . 1 828 
//. Jp. WilUain-Wmller. Viscount 

Lewisham, born Auguit 12th 1023 
To.Htu. 12, Berkelry-squsre. 
Co. Sc. Ssndwcl Psrk, .Suffordshire ; 

Woodshsl Hall, HuddenHeld, York. 

fthire : and Blackheaih, Kent. 
ReL Ui» I.Knds}tip is IrrD..i*-Aiii> to 

Earl Talbot ; to V'isoount BsrHngton } 

to Baron Bagot; to the Hon. and 

RcT.Gcoi^c-Nevillc Grcnvillc, Master 

of Mafidslen College, f'ambridge; 

and to Licuu-Cien. Sir Edward FaRet, 

O.C.B. ^ 

307. DA^TNAV, Baron, 

of Cowick, Yorkshire, G.B. 

Y. ofC. 17!MJ 

N. 4' S. JohnXhrifttopher-Burton Daw- 

O. T. A Baronet 1G42 

Downe ICRO 

OJL Colonel of the ad West York Mi. 

i?fl. Nov. 16th 1704 

Sue. hu father, as 5(h Viscount, 
Dec 2Ut 1780 

Mar. Louisa, dr. of George Wel- 
sted, Esq. of Aptley, Dec. 31st 181ft 

H.Prc. to the Iriji Uimovrr^ his Lord- 
ship** brotlier, the Hon. and \^c\. 
U'm -Henry-Burton Dawnay^ A.H. 

To. Re4. It, Charles-alrcet, ttctVcV^- 
rp. Si- Comtek Hall, & Danby Lo&ee 

1 prkMiiirt, 


" 232. PEri.lFf OUD. Baron, 

orC.C'a»iIe,IlerotonUIiirc 12fi» 

A^. 4- S. Kdwunl Southwdl Cliftbtd, 

Bfu Junc2nth I7C7 

Sue. his ffttber, u iBih Baron, 
Nov. Ut 1777 

Afar. Mary-Elizabelh, dr. of His 
Once JoKph, l^onl Arc)iI)iKhop 
of TiiftTn, and ;iil Eart of Muyo 1789 

//. and list. I're. Ilia Ix>rd»hip*i 
nephew and nieccff, thv progeny of hin 
three deceaacd ulsters, — among whom 
the Buony U likely (the fourth time) 
to fall into abci/anre. 

To, Hfi. 3, Carlton Uouie Terrace, 

Co. &. King*« Weston Park, near Brt&- 

neL Hi* Ijordahip ii &ro..JM-/u»> to 
tile Earl of ^Xlbeiiiarlc : utich \oV\j^ 
count hydnuT; l« Viwoum Ilury ; lu 
lliL* lady nf .lohn Ku^acI, Kktj. (>>nn 
to Lord W'm. ItusAcI); aiid to the 
[on. Sophia Mary 'J'own»end, ami 
Mary EliiabcUi CholniundeU-y (nulcn 
to V'itcount Sydney). 

ParU Put. The Member for Kinaalc. 

SET. (1st) Baron. 

of Tehidy and Strallon. Cornwall, O. B. 
Y. of C. l7fKi j»nd I7»7 
N. 9i S. FnuicU Basset, U.CL. 

O. T. A Baraiiet 177') 

Offi. Recorder of Pcnryn. 

Jim Aug. tith 175; 

Mar, Jirtt. Francea-SuMnnah, dr. 
of J.-II. Coxe, E«j. of Slonc- 

Kaston. in 1780 

S^-fottdlt/, Harriet, dr. of Sir W. 
Ixmon, Bart. ..... 1834 

i/jj. Ap. Ill* LordsihipV only 
child and daugliter rrunces, 

bom April 30th 1781 

To. Ufi. South Place, Knigh [abridge. 
Co. Se. Tehidy Park, CocnfralL 

396. DE GREY, (let) CountcM, 

of Wft^t, BciU. . . Y. ofC, 1«IC 
N- fi S. Amabclln-Humct'anipbeJI, 
0. T. Harvmesn Lucaa, of Cnid. 

well, M'ilu. 1063 

Hh. Jan. •2-M 1731 

SMf. brr motftrr^ the Marcliloncn 
I?e tircy, in the iWony of Lu- 

em$. Jail lOih I797 

.^ar. AJcxMOtUr, Lonl I'olvnrih, 
M/hsrwAfUs Lord liuuic la the 

fi8 ) DELA 

Pti-rage of Great Britain, 20tb' 
May I 

Ha*. Pre. Her hodysltip'k sister, Mary- 
Jemima. Dowager Baronets of Oran- 

To. ttet. 4, St. James'tL-square. 

Co. Sc. Wrctt liouxe, 8iUoe, Betlfonl- 
vhire ; and Putney-heath, Surrey. 

l^ei. H^tivw of Lord Hume (ton tu tlie 
Iaic Earl of Marchmont) : litfcr to die 
DowagiT Barunr<t5 of ffranthain : aunt 
CO BaroTi Graniliaiii, and to X'taeount 

360. DELAMEUE.(lst)Baron, 
nfValc Royal, Cliwhiie Y ofC 1821 
N. ^ S. Thonuui C'holmonddey. 

W«. in 1787 

Afiir* Hcnrii-Mta-KliTabeth, ynt. dr. 
(ifSir M'atkiii-W'illtaiiu \Vynn, 

BflTi., Dec, I7ih iniO 

//, Ap. Hugh Cholmondi'ley, 
bom 3d Oct. ...... 1811 

Co. Se. Vnie Royal, <.:hciihirc. 
Rtf. SoH-iM-Jawla the Mrmbi-rfiv Den- 
bighshire. The Baroncu is i-outm 
la the Duke o( Buckin|{)uiii ; to the 
Bftroness .Arundel of M'arduur; and 
to Itord Nugeiit, M.V. for .4.v]>'*btir}- 
nici-c to the Right Hon. C.-M'aikio!*- 
W. Wynn, M.I', for Montgntnery- 
shtre ; and to the Hon. Hcnrr-\ratkins 
M'yim, /lilt Minister FlenipotcDtsary 
to Uur ifwlu Ctntona. 

lOll DELAWARR. Karl 

Y-ofC. I7«| 

N. 4 S. fieorge-John M'cii. 

O. T. Vixroiint Cantalupc . . 1761 

Baron I>rlawatT l:A)4 1 

Baron W'm VM2 , 

Bn. Oct. 2«ih 1791 

Sue. Ilia father, aa 5th Earl, Julv 
28th '. 1784^ 

Mar. Elizabeth, y»t. dr. of John. ^H 
Frederick, 3d Duke of Dorset, ^M 
JniKaiil 1813 ' 

//. Ap, Oeorge^cdin-Frcderiek, 

Vittount Cantalup^y bom April J 

25ih 1814 t 

To. Res. 17, ITppcr Gfosrenor-strrrt. 

Co. S<. Boome Hoose, Caxion. Cam- 
bridgeahire ; & Buckhursl Park, iUat 
Orinitteud, Suncx. 

HtL The ilountcaa b eouaim to the .| 

P.iil. Tat. TxoMtoi^Kafctoi^aAUwtt- 
aicaA. ^^ 

>H,Ejirlor.V.afC: 1623 

-Pttrv rciWitt. 

Nenhsn Pad(S«x . 1030 


a. or DuxoxD 

' 1C22 

«od . . .^ 
•r the Gcr. 




W^of lU^by ScbooL 

1Mb \7VC 

■iMw, M 7cb Earl, 

It Lonl 

raiimfjbon April % 
t» K0o»-pUoe, Hdgnre-iq. 
■■tinrthovpe, NorthAmpion. 
prf Ncvaluini Faddox. neu 
i^ c» Warwick. 
»W ift B«nm Ducic, 

kn'.iitfior, v.ofc. URo^ 

hi! Ciiihh StmnUy, MA. 
•fcaky . . • . ^ j^,y 

( Cmti Not. Iff 

r, M I3ili E«rl, 

.... I77« 
nnly dr. of 
uJu»eS3d . . 1774 
Farreo, • ccle- 

•r ihe Thefttre 
Idnl Stanley, 
boni April 



Parit, near Promt, 
nd The Oaks, Wood. 

li txfcd ^unkf, M.P. for 
' to the Hon. 
.P. for Wind- 
of State for Iie- 
m»Ak Eul of W ilioD. 
tm Laocaaliir^ 

ofC. 12W 

) DE TA 

Am. In 1703 

Sue. U'vt motlwr u lOih Baron, 

Jan. yth 1831 

ft. Jp, 

To. /?«. 7, Sfntford-pljice. 

To. AV. Slraiigrnrd, Pownibirc; and 
Bojie K«rm, Kent 

Rei. Coiaitt to the Duke of Lcixutcr ; 
hi* ]vordxhip^5 hrotlur^ Wi]luim-l./cn> 
oox-l«aaccIl£8. is married to Ocorgiana, 
•utcr lo ibc Duke of Richmund. 


of T. Houiie^ CheOiirc 

V. of C. 



» / 

N. ^ A*, flcorge I<eycc»ter. 

O. r. A Baronet of Inland . . 1(»7I 

Bh. Ocu 2a:h Pfll 

Sue. hu la., «■ 2d Bwroo, in June lir_»7 
ZT. Pre. His LordAhip> brother, llu: 

Hon. Hcnry-LcT^ccsler Fleming. 
Co. Sr. Tabley House, Cheshire. 
His Lordship is a Mixou.. 

M. DEVON, Earl of, Y.ofC. 1653 

A^. 4 S. W'WWvni t'ourtcnay. 

O. 7*. Vucount C'mirlenay, of Pow- 

derham Costie, Devonshire - 17C2 
A Baronet UiAA 

Bn. »Och July 1768 

Sue. his father, aa M Viscount, 
Uth Dec 17«8 

Made good his title to the Earl- 
dom, March 14 1931 

//. pre. to the Raridom and B-irunrtrtf^ 
his Lordship's 'M cousin, WilliaiD 
Cmirtenay. E^q., Cleric Assistant to 
the House ai Ijords^ and son of the 
Rt. KcT, Henry- Reginald Comienay, 
Bt»hop of Exeter (who died in I1M)3> 

Rr$. Paris. 

Co. Se. Powderhani Castle, Devonshire. 

BH, His l^onlship is 3d courin to the 
EarlofAylnford; to the Clerk of Pur- 
liament abovc-mentinnrd ; and to the 
Rt. Hon. Thos.-Pea'gTine Courtenay, 
SI P. fiiT Toincs*, a Privy Councillor, 
Uu Viee.Pre*. nf the Board of Trade, 
and a CoiiimtAKinner fur the Afiairs of 
India: ^ro.-iM-iii:r to Baron Carteret. 

17. DEVONSHIRE, Duke of, 

V.ofC. 1094 
N. 4* *• WiUiam-Spencer Cavcndinh, 

K.O.. K.A.. D.C.L. 
0. 7* Marquc&A of Harrington . IGOi 
Ksrl of DcwannUire .... 1»1\U 
^■Kirf Cavendiofa ofHordvicke IG05 
Biinm CMord \ij7Xk 




( 170 ) 


qgL Lord Chamberlain of the Kiti/r*t 

Ilouaehofd *. 
tAird i.'ttut. and Ctut. Rot, o/Dtrhy- 
l^jt Prn-t/ Councillor. 
High Slcward of Dtrby. 
±,a/e A mbaMidor Extraordimury at the 
RunsUn Court. 

Bh, &Uy SUt 17!*0 

AV. his fa., a»Gth Duke, July 2ft, lail 

H. Prf, Hi* GniC'e*B uncle, the Karl of 

TiK Ret. DevonUiLre liousc, ^ti^ Picca* 

Co. St. ChatuworOi ilouiie, and Ilard- 
wirlcif EIaIU Dcrhy&hirL* ; Chiswick 
I(nu>e, y\ iJdloMrx ; L<)ndc«bon>ugh 
anil Boltnn AUtiry, Vurkuhin: ; and 
Lisniorc CmUc, WAterfunl, Ireland. 

Rt'h Ui» (irace is brn-Ui~taw to ihc Knrl 
ot* Carlisle and lo ViKOunt Granville: 
nt-jtficip to Uic Karl of Burlington : 
24l voutm to the Hon. W. CaTendiah, 
M.I*, for Dtrrby^ire: ccmtlM to the 
Hon. U.-F.-C. Lavcndifth, M.P. for 

Pari, Pat* One Mcmlwr for Derbyshire ; 
one for Derby ; two for Knarcsborough ; 
one for Dungarvon ; and one for 

120, DIGBY, Earl, 
Co. UncolD .... Y. ofC. 1790 
N. lV S. Kdward Diifby, D.C.Ii. 
O.T. VwcountColcihiU, Co.WiiT- 

wirk 1790 

Baron Digby, of Sherborne, 
Donet WfiA 

I. P. Baroa Digby. of ilnadiiU ltr20 
Ogt Lard LieaL and Ct*»t. R<^t. t%f 

Dm Htihtrty and oftlie TawM oJ'Poolf, 

Bn. Jan. 6tb 1773 

Shc, his fa., aa 2d Karl, 8cpt. 25, 1793 
//. Prr, Hi<t Ijnrdshtp'ii hnttltrr^ the 

Hon. and Rev. Ilobert Uighy, A.M. 
T». Hri. 3A, Lower itrook- street, Orus- 

Ca S<. .Hherbome CaBtlo, Donet ; at>d 

Colca-hiU, Warwickahirc 

Oa DONCASTER, Eat! of, 
Co. Vurk Y.ofC 


iV.*S. Walter-Francis-Montague Scott 

DoukIu, R.T. 
O. T. Baron Tyncdale, Northum. 

bcrland 10G2 

8. P. Dree of BtTcci.ri.'Gn 

andQcEEKSMF-URr, I084& 1673 
AfarqucAs of Dumfm-s-ahire. 
Earl of Drumlanrigg and Son- 

<HihaT 16Ra 

Earl of Buccleiigh and Dal- 
keith IGIU& 1673 

Viicount Niih^ Thonhorwold, 

and Kofw. 
Baron Doitpla!! of Rinmount, 

Middlcbic, Dornodij& Drunv 

Baron Whitchrater and EJulalc 1073 
Ixml Scott of Butck-ugh . . IGlMI 
0£i. Lord Llttit. and SUeriJl Principal 

of Mid-Lnih'Mu. 
PresiJeni of the Highland Society. 
PrcnidL-nt of the llortiailtural Society 

of KdinburglL 

Bn. No». laOG 

Sue. hia father, aa fith Duke of 
Bucclcugh, and 7i-h Duke of 
QucCTisbcrry, 20Lh June . . 1819 
iTfrtr. Charlotte- Anne Thynnc, 
y»t. dr. of the prcwnt Marqueaa 
of Bath, Aug. Uih .... 1820 
H. Ap- A /on, bom 9ih Sept. . 1831 
To. Re». Alontaguc House, Whitehall 

Co,Sc. Boughton House near Kettering, 
NorthamptoDsliire; Kichniund, Sur- 
rey; Dalkeiih Ilou»c, near Kdin* 
burgh t L*angholm C&Ktlc, and Dnim- 
lanrigg Casue, Dumfriea-ahire ; and 
Bowhill, Selkirkftliire. 
Ret. Sfm-ittJaTP to the Marquee of 
Bath: bro..iH-hv to Vboount Stop- 
funl (»on anil beir to the Earl of Cour- 
tnwnU to the Hon. Percgrinc-Fraada 
Cuprt (bro-lo Earl Brownlow », M.P. lor 
Clitheroc; to Viscount Weymoutli; 
to Lord« Edward ami H.-F. Thynne^ 
both MembtTB for Wcobly ; to the 
CounttiW Cawdor \ to the lady of 
the Hon. H. Ls«n-llrA (^d aon to the 
Karl of Horewnod), M.P. forGalway- 
■hjrc; and to Viscount Marthani, who 
is the only $<m of the Karl of Koaiocy. 


* The Lord Cbambetlnin has control over the King's chamber (ncsepting (be 

llc«1ch»inber. wtiich is undtr the (Jrooni of the Stole), the Royal wanlmbe, and the 

cltspUim, /ihjjrcians. herald^, comedians, htinL^tnen, nir}Ui:n^ni, hnndicniftA, and 

mrtiMU'tm bclonf^inn to ihc Koral hoiiMbold. Uc l» UWc*\%e tl\c licenser of playR, and 

*fJ prxxlucdoni* brought out at the Theatre* RoyaV A i i^ \tt* >i\iiJmos* aWs \» \Tv%\«trt 

''|«><yr4/yewormrunBtionji, Royal marriogcn, public euVT\»,«xakaA«»,ajAlu3w»^»^ 

■• j// ft/mirurv for ami in the Houscft of PoiVuinwuu 


( i: 

to Baroa Car- 
iJbfaB Thrniie, M.P. 
lotbr Earl oTChc*. 
|Tigf«mm St. Asaph. 

Ihu tlie pover of 

ifat DumfHe*. 

Roxburgh, and 

o«r for the Sel- 

and hcl/ 


ILK, Viscount, 

Y.ofC. 17«6 

:Vuoranl . 1830 
Bou«e,Dear Cork. 

'ER, Barm, 
. V. ofC. 1786 
V af the ^1h Hnnan. 

. . 1811 

I, Jane 3 l«-i« 

nncU, the Hon. 

Carleton, A.M. 

Bcrluhirc ; and Edwlt, 

vbo k a MtHOi, is 

^R, Barcm, 

V.ofC. 1615 
•Tfawldeu Dormer. 

ihr IIun{r\rian Army. 
IthBaTon^Decd 1820 
dr. of Sir Henry 
, May 5th . 1820 
Igp.Bucks; andGroTc 

ta bCatbolic, aod 
Earl of Shrewsbury. 

DuVrof,Y.ofr. 1720 


asid Middlc- 

. . lti03&lG75 

.... 1782 

,CksaSrld, and 

I^S, 1675, & 1507 


DakcPcbwU, 1815 
rip'a brother, ihc 
ETille Ovnnainr. 


1 ) DOUG 

294. DOL'GLAS, Barmi. 
ofD.CasUe,lAnark,O.B. Y.ofC. 1790 
A'. S[ S. Archibald Douglas 
Offi. Lord I.ifuf. and Hereditary She. 

'^*jr of Lannrkthire^ 

Bn. Manh 25Ui 1773 

Syr. hill father, aa 2d Baron, 

Dec. 2Gth |,Ti7 

H.Ap. The Hon. A. Douglas. 

Co. Se. Diniglaa aiid Bothwell Ciiittl«, 

Lanarkshire; and Atncsbury, U'iltJ. 
Jtcl. His I>iirdship ia brothcr,in~Utw to 

Baron Montague. 

2'iX DITTE, Baron, 
ofTortworth^GloucrntCTshlre.Y.C. 1703 
N.^S. ThoPL-RcynoldsMoreton,F.8.A. 

Sn. Aug. 31 177c 

Sue. his father, as 4th Baron, 

Aug. 30th iBoa 

Afar. FrHncps (decfaird)^ dr of 
Hcniy,Finit Earl ofCacrnarvon, 
Dec 5 1797 

If. Ap. Henry - George- Francis, 
bom 8th May 1802 

Tn. lies. :iR, D'oTcr-»treel,Piccadniy. 

Co. AV. Tortworth t^ourt, Spring Park, 

J{cL Fa,.in-liv to the Earl of Denbigh, 
and loJ.-H. l.fangston, Em{,, M.P. 
for the City of Ox ford. Hisl^irdtthip's 
dd. son and heir 11 married to Eliza- 
beth, eld. dr. of Baron Sherborne. 

17c DUDLEY, rist) Earl of, 

ofD.Castle.SiaffbnljOiire, Y.ofC. 1827 
N. 4 S. John-WilUam Wanl, F.K.S. 
O. T. Viscount Dudlcj- and Ward i;C3 

ViKount Ednam, of E., Kox> 
burghhhire 1U27 

Baron A\'anl, of Binningham, 

Warwickshire 1C43 

Offi. Rciorder of Kiddenuinater. 

A Privy Councillor, 

Bn, Aug. 9 1781 

Sue. hia father, ai 4th Viscount 

Dudley and M'anI, April 25 . 1823 
To. Res. 0, Park.lenc. 
Co. Se. Ilcmlcy lUU. -Stdgclfy Park, 

and Dudley Cas>Uc, Statiordshirc. 


Baron Y.ofC. 1800 

A Representative Peer of Ire 

Umd for life; elected in . . . 1B20 
A'. Sc S. Jamcs-Stevenson Blackwood. 
n. f. A Barooel. 
C^ ^ Gm>fm>'r of Dovn$h%rc, 

CcS. of the North Down»htrc M'lUtia. 
A Tnutee of the L Lin. Manufocluic. 




( 172 ) 




Hh. JkAj oth 1 755 

Shc^ bii mother, who was Fint 

Baroness Feb. 8 1007 

Mar, AnnoDorothcA, dr. of John, 

Ut \jon\ Oriel, Sav. l.Vh . . 1801 
//. Pre, Hi* Lordship'* brother^ ihc 

Hon. and Rev. John Blackwood. 
To. Rei. 17, raTrndish -square. 
To. Sf, Ballflptdy House, Downnhire. 
Ret. IJia Lordship U brother to the Hon. 

8ir Hairy BUckwood, Bart., K.C.B. 

and Rear Admiral of the Blue. 

324. DUNALLY, Baron, 
ofKilboy, Co. Tipperary, Y.ofC 1800 
A Jirprr tentative Peer of Jre^ 

land for life; dectcd in . . . 1829 
N. ^- S. HenTy-SaUIicr Frittic. 

/t». A[arch.1d 177A 

.VNr.hi<irather,ai3dBaroD,Jan.3, 1801 
Mar, Firtty Miss Maria Trant, 
niece of John, fiise Earl of 
Clare, mth July .... 1803 
Second, Emily<«AIaude, dr. of 
Comwalli»^ Fimt Viiconnt 
Hawanl<^, Feb. 10 . . . ltt2C 
i/. Pre. His Lordghip'a brother, the 
Hon. FmnH»-Aldborough Prittie, late 
M . P. for Tipperary. 
Co. Ret. T>unally Cattle, Tipperary. 
Hcl Half-hrofhrr to the Earl of Charlc- 
villc : brother to one of llie Membt-r* 
fot Tipperary 1 bro.-ut-iaxe to Colone-1 
Itcmard, AI.P. for King's County, 
Ireland; and toViaeoont HaWitrdcn. 

1R9. DUNCAN, Vttrount, 
of Ciimprtdoini , . . V. ufC. 1797 
N.k\S. Robert- thindaa-Dunran Holdanc. 
O. T. Baron Duncan, of Lundic, 

Forfar»hire 17''7 

Bih .March 21 17B5 

Sue, hi* father, the celebrated Ad- 
miral Duncan, as 2d VtMount 
and Baroo, Aug. 4 . . . . 1804 
Afar. Jane, dr. of the late Sit H.- 

H. Dalrymple, Bart., Jan. 5 . ISOfi 
Jf. Ap, Adam, bom March 3d . 1813 
Co, Ret. Lundic Perthshire, and Cam- 

pcrdoum, Forrarshirc- 
Uet. Hii Iiordkhip ii //ro.-itt-Aiv to 8ir 
I2.-D. HamtluMi, Bart : to Sir G. 

Fcrgusann, Bart.; and to Sir J^XI. 
Dalryinple, Bart. 

302. DITNDAS, Baron, 

of A*kc Yorkshire . . Y.ofC. 1794 

iV.^-.V. haurcncc Dunda«,D.C,li. F.S. A. 

O. r. A Baronet 17(B 

OJfi, ImxA Mayor of York. 
Lord Lieutenant and \'icc-AdminU of 
Orkney and Shetland. 

Am. April 10 1706 

Sue. his fa., as 3d Baron, June 14, 1820 

Mar, Harriet, ad dr. of Ucn. Hale, 
April 21 1794 

H. Ap. Thomas W.P. for York, 
bom April ft 1795 

To, Rrx. 17, Hcrtford-fttrecL, May Fair. 

Co. Se. Aftkc Hall, and Upleatbuu Park, 
Yorkithirc; Ca»c Houw, Falkirk, Stir^ 

Ret. Hi» Lordithtp w father to the Hon. 
Thomas Dundas, M. P. for York: 
brother to tlic Hon. Sir Robert Lau- 
rence Dundas, K. C.B., M. P. for 
Richmond in VorkUjirc: bro.-inJtiw 
to ViKcount Milton; andioJohn-Chas. 
Ramsden, Esq., M.P. fot Yurkthirc 

Pari Pat. Two Menibcn for Richmond. 

205. DURHA.M, lK)rd Bishop of, 
iranafatcd (torn Llondaff . . . 1826 
N. ^ S. Ru Rev. William-\'an MU. 

dtrt, D.D. 
Cow*. Bi^hopofLIandafi'in . . 1819 
OJL CoHHi PaUitiHt'y and Curt. Rot. ^ 
tJu: Priacipati/i/ of Durhdtn. 

A Privy Councillor. 
To. Res. 23, Hanover-nquare. 
Co. Se. Bishop's Palace, and Auckli 

Castle, Durham. 
N . B. The B Uhopric of Durham i* in the 

Province of York, and comnrehcnda 

Durham and Northumberland. 

391. DURHAM, (Ut) Baron, 
ofthccityofD. . . . Y.ofC. 1827 
y. 4* S, John-Oeotfte Lambton. 
Offi. Lord Keeper ^tfu Privy Scni*, 

A Privtf CovncUior* 

Bfu April 12 179S 

Jtfar. Fir»tf Mill H. CholmoD- 

ddejr, Jan. 1813 


■ The Lord Privit Seal is the fifth great officer of the Crown, and aJwaya a 

manbei of the King's Cmincil. Through his Itands pan all jn^nts of Chartcn, 

puriUmM, Ac having the KingS sigoaturv. to which he puts the King's Privy Seal, 

ae/bne they p*v the Great Seal of England in t\w Xm'ndi^ oV vhc IatvL. < Uaccellnr.— . 

I'oiil the rdgn of Henry Vl 1 \. the IxJid Privy Sca\ waa usuiXV^ a WWbw!^ « o»^wt 

n r i nfu dc: since which time ilie office baa gcnciaUv bcc& caoferK^ uy ft \CBgyB:A 

■X^irds above titc rank of Baroo. 


( 173 ) 



2i/jr, Louua-EluHbctfa, dr. of 
Chwlrt. SdEarKfTcy, Dec.U IBl« 

JI. Ap, ChArlcA-WiLUam, born 
J&n. ](> 181fl 

To. Rrt. 13, ClevtfUnd-row, Sc. James's. 

Co>Xr- lAiiibton Halt, Durhun; Copse 
Hill. H'hnblcdon, ^mtkj. 

Mit. ilis Lordship is nm^hi-law to Earl 
Gtry. tfro.-iit'iiv to the Hon. H..F^ 
Compton Cavendiih, M.P. for Derby: 
mtfhcw to the Earl of Jcncy, 

277- DVNEVOR. Baron, 
of D^ Co. CaCTmarthen* Y. of C. 1780 
K. 4- S. Oeoi^Talbot RiccL 
00. Lord Lifutenatitt aud Cuit. RoU 

of Cacrmdrlhen*hirc, 
Bm. Oct. 8th 17GA 

K. his mother, as 3d Baron, 

Mardi U 17i»3 

Jfar. Francea, dr. of Tfaomai, First 

Viactnni Sydney. 
ff. Ap. Oeorgc-Ricc.Rioe Trcror, 

taU M.P. for Cacnnanlini<ihtre 

(our. to Franco, eld. dr. of 

latd. Charles Fitzroy, lite M.P. 

for Thetfonl) bom Aug. U . . I7r>5 
7*0. JU$. 34, Dover-street, Piccadilly. 
Co. Sc. Dyneror Castle, Catnuartbcn* 

shtiv ; and BarriDgton Park| near 

Bariicnd, Oxon. 
HeL FaOirr to the Member for Cacr. 

marthcnsfaire : brother to the Dean 


100. EOREMONT, Earl of, 
CfcCumberland . . - y.ofC. 1749 
A'. 4* 5L Oeorge-0*Brien M'yndham, 

F.ltX. and F.S.A. 
O. 7. Baron Cockermoulh . . 1740 

A B&ronet ....... IGtfl 

qgU Lord LkutenaiU and Cmat. Rot. of 

Bk. Dec 18 1751 

5k-. hufaiher,a85dKarI,Aug.31 1763 
ff. Pre. Ilia Ixirdship'* brother^ the 

Hon. Pcrey-Chsrlci \\''7ndhuu. 
TV Ra. 4, GroBvcnor- place. 
Ctt. Se. Pctwortli, Sumcx ; Orchard. 

Wjndhun, near Wmtchct, Somerset- 

shire; rockcrmouU) Castle, Cumber* 
land; and W'rcnil Castle^ Vortuliire. 

RrL Uncle to the Karl of Caernarvon, 
and the Earl uf Rotnney : f^rawl-umtc 
to Lord Pordiester. J^I.P. for Wootioo 
basaett^ and to ViKount Manhnui, 

PmrL Pat, One Member for Sew bbore- 
ham.— One for Siueex. 

IGO. ELDOX. (]st)Ear1of. 

Co. Durham . . . . Y. uf V. 1821 
AT. * S. John Scotl, D.C.K K.R.«. 

O. T. Viicoant Enoombc, of E., 

Donetahlre 1821 

Baron Gldon 17U9 

Oji. A Privif CoumUlor. 

High Sicwird of Uic UttllKTtit^ Of 

A (rovcmor of the Charter House. 

Bn. June 4 ]7>U 

Mar. Eliiabeth (rfrrraicrf), dr. of A. 

8artot-s, Esq. of Ncwcastlc-upon- 

//. Ap. Bis Lordiihip'ft gramlaon^ 

John, Viacouut Ern'ombcj M.P. 

for Truro, bom in Nov. . . . 1805 
To. Re*. 1, Haiiiil ton-place, Piccadilly. 
Co. Sc. Encombe House, Doraetshire. 
ReL Brut/urr to Raron Siowell : fa.-iu- 

/ujp to Henry ^ankw, Esq. late M.P. 

for Uorsetkhiic: ^raiidfiiUu r to one of 

tlie tnembcn for Truro; to W. J. 

Banlua, Eaq. M.P. for Alarlborough; 

and U> George Bonkcs, Esq. M.P. 

for Corfc Ciwtlc. 

His Lordsliip was I^rd High Chan- 
cellor of England for upwards of twenty- 
five years. 

SHIRE, Earl of. V. C. IC33 and 164? 
A Reprrtfntaiivc Peer of Sc<ft- 

/afH/; elected June 3d . . . 1831 
A1 4* A'. Thomas Bnice. 
O. T. S.P. Baron Bruce, of Kin- 
loss, and of Torry . 1C03 and 1C47 
OJL A Lieutenant-UeneraL 
A Prixy Connciitor. 
A Trustee of the Briti&h 3Iuieiim. 

The Manor of this Nobleman is the only one tn Wales, and perhaps in Great 

iin, in which a rcmnnnt of the ancient custom of the paytTicnt ol Gvurb ilfcrcficd 

lAawlk^-, Morchtt), or ** Mud's Tec," $tiD subnisU. This Is a cwnpoiiilon tcftoA 

toi sbillin^Tm /ww/ bf the ecoMau to the Jxtrd of the Manor on the ui&rT\a^<c ol ca,<ix 

sTobejr dti^/irdrf, on account of the said Lord wairlnff his claim to deep xiw. feiA 

a^^ miUi the bride. ° ^ i 



£n. July 30 17G0 

S*te. hli brother, m 0th Enrl of 

hlgin, and llih KtirL of Kin. 

caMincshirc July 15 . . . 1771 
Mar. First, Mary, dr. of M'.-H. 

NiabcU Ksq.'of Dirlclon . . IjaO 

Second, KUzabeih, pL dr. of 
J..T. Oswalil. K*q. Sept. 21 IfllO 
//. jip. Ocorgu-thiirlw C'onhtan- 

tine, Lord Brnii\ bom .iih A pril 1 500 
Co. 5r. Droomballf & Arditrtieid House, 

Bel, Fa.-\t*-iaw to Robert'Adam Dun-^ 

das, £Bq. Al.P. for IMinburgh. 



333. ELLENBOROUGH, Baron, 
of E., in Cumberland . V. ofC. 1003 
K. .5- .V. Edward 
Offi, A Privy CaunciUar. 

JqIiU ChxffL'Urk of the Plat$ in the 
Court of K lag* a Brrwlt, 
Smc. bis fikthcr, u '2d Uaron, 

13th Dtc 1610 

Afar. Firsl^ Octavla. Catharine, 
yst. dr. of Robert, Fir!.t .M»r- 
qucM of Londonderry (jir- 

ceatedy. Dec 

Second, Jane-Eliubrth, dr. of 
Adtniial Digby {divorced in 
IKiOl, Sipt 15 .... 
S, Ap. Edward, bom Feb. 16 . 
To. Rc$. 2*i, Grodvcnor-jilace. 
Co. Se, RoehamptoD, Surrey. 
BcL Brother to the Hon. Charlcs-E. 
\jLW, Common Serjeant to lite City of 
London: hro.-inJiiw to tltc .Mnrqucu 
Londonderry (Earl Vane): nrp. to the 
Loid Btabop of Baih Uk& WcUi. 

213. ELY, I^ord Bishop of, 
'*w«. from Chester in .... 1812 

If. & S. Rl Rev. Bowyer.Edward 
Sparkc D,D. F.K.S. and F.A.S. 

Con». Bishop of Chester . . . ISOJI 

Offi. Official Vtiutor of St. John's, Jesua, 
and Chnii'i) Otllegni, Cambridge. 

To. Rei. 37, Dover^atwei. 

Co. Sr. Bubop'i Pabcr, Ely, and Wia- 
beach Caitle, Cambridgeshire. 

K. B. The Bi»hoptick of Ely is in the 
PfOTince of C«ntcrbury : comprehend- 
ing the lUc of Ely, and jiart of Cam- 


V. ofC. 1789 

1 74 ) ERRO 

A Repreaentativf Peer qf Irt» 
land^ for life (^ although entitled 
to a seat in the llouic of Lorda, 
as an English Baron); elected 
in I8< 

A', A- .V. John Willoughby C^lc, K.] 

O. T. First BAhox {jHiwsTEAn, 
of O., WUtsliire, of the L'.K. 181 
LP. Viscount Enniakillen . - 17< 
Bamn Mountflorence . . . .181 

OJi. I^rd Lieut, and Cttwt. Rot. ofti 
Co. of Frrmanaefu 
Col. of the Fermanagh Militia. 
A Trustee of the Iriih LiDcn Maai 

Bh. March 23d i7( 

Sue. bis father, as 2d Earl, May 
22 J8I 

Atiir. Charloltc, 4th dr. of Henry, 
First Earl of Uxbridgc ((/r- 
ceatfd)., Oct. Itt 

ff. -<;;.AVUliam-%\'iUoughby, Lor rf 
Jklotin^/lorencc, born Jan. . . 18( 

Co, Se. Florence Court, Fenuaoagh. 

Bel. His Lordship is cousin to the El 
of Belmorc, Governor of Jaiuala 
2d cuus. 10 Viscount Corry, laU M.] 
for Ferman^hfthire ; and to the Uo 
Hcnire-Thonias-Lowry Corry, M.] 
for Tyroncshire t Iro. to Lieut. Q§ 
Sir GaIbraith-Irf»Ty Cole, (».C.3 
Oovemor of Oravcurnd and Tilba 

Fort. Gov. and Com. -in-Chief of t! 

Cape of Good Hope: nNc/rtothe Da 

of M'aterford ; and to Arthur-Ucn 
Cole, Esq. M.P. for Enniikillen: kn 
in-lav 10 Baron Grantham. 
Pari. Pat, The Member for Enni 


7fi. ERHOL, Earl of, V.of & 
X, ^ S. Williara-G*o.-Uay Carr. 
O. T. S. P. Baron Hsy, of SUtncs- 
OffL Jltreditaru Lord High Cou~ 

Miable of Stolla$id . . • .18: 

Bn. Feb. 21 181 

Sue. bis father, at 1 8th Earl, Jan. 

20 IS 

Mar, Lady Elixabeth Fiudarmce, 

daughter uf His Majesty, by the 

late amiable Mns. JonoAS 

Dec. 4 

//. Ap. William, Lord Hay^ bom 

.Md Miy 

Co. Se. Errol House, AbcrdecMb 
ReL SoH- in-law to his Majesty t 

lau to C*v^\n ^anw* VfesMia^ BTI 
|«l€ >V .? . tot YSJeilupt. 'V^t««s*« 

of tha Royftl 

MtO*dikOani«»UV.C. XSm 


the eclcdntsd 

al nr JirxY, 
N*t. 17 . . - Ifl23 

IphU, in . 1800 
in . . . 1^2 

Aynhirc ind Ilamp. 


Co. &r. CoKhiiibury Park, near ^Vatfonl, 

RfL Brothrr lo Maj. Qvn. the Hon. 

T.-K.-C, (.-onini»5by; and lo Hear. 

Admiral the Hon. T. U. C. Con- 

ingsbr: f^rnuii-utwlgin Ramn Mon«>n. 

Hi« lA»r«Ulup's heir is bro.^iuUav to 

the Duke of St. Albaiu. 

227. EXETER, Iford Bishop of, 

roHMCcraUii in ] ft.t<l 

\. ^' S. Rt Rev. Henry PhUIiwu, 

O. OJ^. I>«n of Cheater. 

Vbtieor of Exeter College, Oxford. 
To. Jifj. 13, (■rmvcQor-place. 
Co, He*. DishopV Place, Exeter. 
N. H. TI1C Misl'.op of ExctcT u Uioccsnn 

over Cornwall, Dcvon>hirc, and thc 

Sctlly Islands ; all in the Province of 

JRiL Brvther tn John Phillpotta, Esq. 

M.P. for (rliiuccsler. 

•10. EXETER, Marqueranf, 

V.ofr. 1801 
.V. S( S. Brownlow Cecil, K.G. 
a r. Karl of Exeter .... IC05 
BaitHi Burgfaley, Nortliunpton- 

•hire 1071 

0J(. JoiHt'f/rretlUari/ Grand Ahitoncr 
tit l!*t King in Frt'. 
fAird, Licnl. and Cust. littl. of Rut. 

Rrcordrr uf tltr Borough t^ Stam- 

/7a. '2d July I7«5 

Si*c. hi» father, aa 3nd MarqucM 

and llth Karl, l«t .May. . . in04 
Jfjr. Isabella, dr. of \V..S.Poynt7, 
EtT). of Cowdray^ Suuex, 12th 

May 1824 

//. ,■</). M'illiam - Alleyne, Lord 
Burghlcy, boen 30th April . . l83o 

dcpoted to negoiiate some pfirtictilar affair with a forciftn 
deenoed m> boiKiat«blc or important as an AnibiiBiudur. 
«cM from the finUrate powen of Europe to the petty statea and 
tety And Uennany, do oat go in quality of AmbaMsdors, but u Envoys ; 
mJt of diplomacy. Likewioc, when the lnnn3^e fn>m one ({rcat 
t» not at Terr great importance, it i» frequcnUy executed by an 
owy be either Ordimry or Enraordinary : both enjoy tlic proutrtion 
r ^m/b^m with ill the privileges of AmfaanadDn; but tlicy are not 
ft m «uil Jwgiw. of ocmnooy. yVYun m Envoy conttnues any con- 
iat ii we co«n of hU tnisdon, he i« aometimea tcnned tcaidcnt ui that 

k egtuim to die present 

«f, Y. nfr. 10CI 

• - t'Apell C«Ding«by) 
h. A. 

M&Uen. tn Emcx IGtit 
,crfH«ab»ni,nerU lU-ll 
■itf ib4 High Stewiid of 

B 1757 

aa 6th EarL, 


Ilk. 4r. of H. Ba£«u, 
ilmUam of E. .Htephm. 
). in June . . , . 1786 
Ua Lordthip** mrphrv, 


to CanJine^anetta, *M 

Bch Duke of i>L 

\ Bd^TsvT^uarc. 


( 176 ) 


To. Ret, 4, Great Staiihapc.strL*ct« May- 

Co. Se. Bur^hlcy House, near Stem- 
forj, Linculiishirc. 

liei- Jiruthcr to l*(ird ThoniM Cecil, 
31. P. for Sumford: hro^-iH'hw to 
the Rt. Hoa. Henry-Alanven Pierre. 

Part. fat. Two jlIaubOT fof Stam- 

199. EXMOLTTH.(l«)Vlicount, 

Y. of C. IHIO 

N. ^S. Edward PcUew, O.C. B., K.C'Js., 
K F.M., nc.L., K.W. 

O. T. Damn Kxmouih, of Caiioo- 

tfi^i, Duvon^hin: 1014 

A Baronet 17116 

Offi. An Admiral of the White. 
An Elder Brother of the Trinity 

Bn, lllih April I7A9 

Mar. Su!>Jinnah, dr. of James 
Frowd, Esq. 

//. .-ip. The Hon. Powmjil - lU*.- 
t«d Pellcw, Capt. it N., born 
Ui July 1706 

Co. St. Trcvcrry, C'OniwaU. 

Hi-f. BrothertoSir Israel PeIIcw.K.C.B., 
AdininJ of ihc While; andbioffter-iH- 
itiw to Admiral Sir L.-W. HuUicd, 
K.C B. ili* 2nd ium, Capt. F.-B.-K. 
PcUev, U. N.-CU., is toit'tn-Uw to 
Lady HolUnd, and brotiifr-inJaw to 
Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. HUSrd 
Mon^ tlie lion, and Kev. Geurst* I'ellew, 
ia MuH'tH'taw to Viscount Stumouih. 

170. FALMOUTH, (Ut) Earl of, 
V. ofC 1821 
AT. 4 S. Edward Bowawen. 
O. T. ViKount FaJmouih . "^ 

Baron Bowawen-Kott, S- 1 750 
Co. Cornwall . . ) 
Cffi, Recorder of Chrittchurch and 

Hm, May 10 178? 

Sue. hia' father, as 4th Viscount, 

Feb. 8 1808 

Afiit. Anne-Franoea, dr. of H. Banket, 
Kmi. of Kingston Hall, Dorset&hire, 

Aug. 27 laio 

//. <!/>. Gcorgc-llenry itoiKawcn 
HoaCf Lord doicatreH-HtMr^ btim 

yufys leu 

Tk Ak/. g, St Junm**^u§n. 

Co. Se. Trcfpnhnan, Truro, Comwal] j 
and M'ool-Uarupton House, NewUory. 

RcL Sim-in.tujb to one of the Mrmbert 
for I Jiirtetshire : hro,.in-Utw to G. 
Bankcfl, Km. M.P. for Coffc Cattle; 
and to W. J. Bauken, Esq. ^l. P. fur 
Marlhorough; aL<w to Ijord Arthur 
•Suinenct; and tu the Kt. ilon. !»\i 
George M'arrcodcr^ Bart. M. P. for 

Pari. Fat." Two Member* for Truro; 
one Member for sit. M ichada. 

of BromUy Hill, Kent, V. of C. 1896 
N. yj- S. Charles l*ing,G. a B„F.R.S^ 

and F..S.A. 
00. A TruKtee fur the British and 
Hunterian iMuseumft. 

PrffidtHt of the CmnmtltUe Jhr /n- 
tpttltoH of N^iiiioHoJ MonkmmU, 

A l>ircctur of (irccnwich UoRpitaL 

A Pnvy ('oundUur in England and 

Bn. I76O 

Mar. Am«lia-E., dr. ot Sir Abrahaia 

Hume, Bart., 2Iilh May. , . 1793 
//. Prtf. His l^>rdhhip's brother, the 

Hcv. WilliAiu Lung, D-CL., a Ca» 

uon of M'iiidMir. 
T». iirj. Whiichall GirOeos. 
Co. Sn. B^jmlL-y HiU, Kent. 

Hix Lurd»hip wu Joint-8eeretar * 
the Treasury in 1800, a Ixird of the 
Treasury in UUH: and afterwards Pay. 
Ma»ter. General of the Forces. 

an. FARNHAM, Baioo, 

of F. Cavanshire . . Y. of C. 17M 
A Htpr^tenUalvf Pter of IttUiniL, 

for hfc ; elected in .... IflM 
N. .\- S. John-Maxwell Barry. 
Offi. Ooitnior ofOu Cottitttf of Cavam^ 

and Col. of i/ir A/ilitiit. 

A Privy Councillor for Ireland. 

A Trustee of the Irish linen iVIanu. 

Bn. Jmi, 18 1707 

Siu: his coMin (Earl of Famhoni) 

as 5th Baron, July X\ . . , 11133 
JUitr. Juliana. Lucy, eld. dr. of 

.\nhur, Earl oi .M ountnorria, 

July 1789 

H' PrtM. Uh Lordship's bratlicr, the 

tFERR ( 177 

to AnnCj eld. dr. of ihe Earl of Car- 
t Se, FuthrnDf Cavaiishirc ; and Nevr. 
town Bartf , Co. M'exfunl. 
ArL Ttic Bmomsb is haif-fitlcr w the 
l^pveKnl Ear) of Mountnorriv: sister 
^pto the lad^ of Lord John Somervct. 

83. FKRRERS. Earl, 
of llurtlrr, Staflbrdahbc V. of C. 171 1 
A'. 4" v. \rashingtoa Shirley. 
O. /. Viicount Tunirorth . .1711 

Banm Fcrrmn, gf ( 'Iwrtlcy, Bnur- 
diicr, and Louvainc . . . 1677 

A Baronet 1(^11 

itn. Nor. 13 l7rHI 

Site, hu brwher, as 8ih Earl, 3d 

Umj 1827 

Mar. France*, dr. of the Rcr. \V. 

Wmid,]y 17U1 

ff. Af* Koben-WUliam, f'hcimHt 

Tamworih, bom in ... . 17K3 
T*K Re*. 2« Harley^UcvL 
Co. AV. Chsrtley C-atiUe, npar I^iclifk-ld, 

^StafTordiJurc: Suunuiii-Miiiold, lu-ar 

■i%ahbT-de-l»-Zoudic, siid JtiuicUfTc-- 
■n-M rrke, Ldceatctahirc 
i. The CoiuMCM Is comt, to Earl Dud- 

380. FEVERSHAM, (Ut) Baran, 
of Dunconibc Parle, Vorluhirc, 

V. ofC. IB2C 
A'. ^ 5. CTharln Duncombc. 

~ 5th Deeember 17«M 

Charlotte, dr. of Williiuii, 
\tA B«rt of Dartmouth, Sept. 24 17!)5 
./f;). Waiiam, bom Jan. 14 . 17!»B 
Ra. 24, ArlinKton-Rtnxt. 
•Sc Duocombf Park, near HelmUvy, 

Hta Lordship i^fathrr to the Ilun. 
[WiOiain Duncomhe (mar. to Loiiixa, 
3i4 dr. of the present Earl of (Jallci- 
way), M.P. for Vcirk*hire. The tJa- 
ronea t* aunt to the present Karl or 
llartnimth ; to tlie ItHrnni*M Bngot ; 
and to iht lady of !^ir Edward Paget, 


ksas. FIFE, Baron, . Y.ofC. 
. 4- & James Duff. K.T., K.F- 
r. I.P. EABLof Fife . . 
OfL Viseoant Macduff .... 
Baron Btaco, of Ki)hrjrdef C»- 

ymasbitw /75>5 

A Lifrti of the KSng^s Bcdehawber, 



4th Karl, April 

5Mr, his father, 

17 .181 

Mar. Alary-Caroltnc, 2nd dr. of 
Louisa, Countciaof l>riart(dc- 
ceawd), in ...... . 17'J9 

H. Pres. His Lordship*! broilicr, LieuL- 
Oeneral Alexander Duff, M, P. for 
Elfrin, &c. 

Co, .SV. Duff lioufte, and Balvcnic Cas- 
tle, Banffshire; Innes House, Moray- 
shire; Mar House, and Dalgetty Cns- 
ile, Aberdeenshire. 
His IxHtlnhip, wlio IB a. Mnjor-Genr. 

ral in the Spanitih Army, was ffieatly 

dtxtin^uixhed as an ofliccr during the wur 

in Spain and Portugal^ previously to 


2ri3. FISHERWICK, Baron, 
of K. Smtriirdjihire . . V.ofC. 1790 
A% .y S. Cfcorgc-Auguatus Chichester, 

O. r. I. p. Marquess of Doxc- 

OAi 1701 

Earlof Done^l N.Belfastl791&lf»47 
Viwount C^hichcsicr . , . > ,^>. 
Baron llclfaitr S 

OJI, A Governor of the Counhj of An- 
A Privy Councillor for Ireland. 
A Trustee of the Irish innen Manu- 
Presidait of the Belfast Academical 

Hn. August 13 .... . I7«y 

Sue, hia tathcr, as 2nd Marquess, 
January 6 1799 Anna, dr. of Sir E. ^Isy, 
iku-t., August a 1795 

hi. Ap. (Icorge-IIaniilton Chiches- 
ter, Karl if/Hrffatt, M.P. for 
Aniriiijshiri-, born Feb. in . . 1797 

Co-Sc. Have Park, Downshire; Orniean, 
and Ki^htTwick LtKlge, Antrim. 

Uri. FiiHter to the Earl of Belfast 
(who is brother-in-faw to thi; Earl 
of fJleni»all): hhcU: to Col. Arthur 
Chichester (married to Lady Au- 
gusta Paget, 4ih dr. 10 the Mar- 
quess of Anglesey), M.P. for Wex- 
tordshirt; and to Sir Arthur Chi- 
chester, Bart., of Green Castle, M.P- 
for Belfast. 

ParL Pat. The Member for Belfast. 


320. FITZGIBBON,Bi«<m, 
A^. 4i A\ John Fiugibbon. 

^ A. 



O. T. I. P. Eahi. of Clare . . 179S 

Viiicount Fitxgibbon, af Lime* 
rick 1793 

Iljiron Fitzgihbon, of Lower 
ConcUo, Limerick .... 17't9 

Biu in June 17^2 

Shc. \im father, u 2d £ul, V)d 

BttTttn, Jui. 28 1A02 

Mar. Klixabeth-Julio-Gcorgtaoa, 

dr. of PcUrr, late IWon Girydyr, 
• and of the BanmeMt M'illoughby 

D'Eresby, April 14 .... IIKC 
H. /*«*. His Lord&hip^fi broiher, tlw 

Hon. Richanl Ifobort Kiiigihbon, 

M.P. for Lamtfrickshlre. 
To, Hca, 48, BelgTKVc-Miuiirc. 
Co. Se. 3[ount Shannon, near Limerick, 

ltd. \\\& Ijotdship is brotfttT^in-iaw to 

Iforrni Willoughby D'Kresby, aad 



V. ofC ^^i^i 
N- 4 S. WiUiam-Wentworth FiUwU- 

a T, Viicouni Milton, of Norbo- 
rough, North&nipton&hirc . . 1746 
Lord Fiuwillumi mid Baron 

MUion 1743 

LP. Ewl FiuwilUani, Ty.) 


ViMouni Milton, Co. WcM- 


Baron FitiwilUun, of Lifibrd 
Offi. A Priry t'ounciUor. 
lligh.Stewud ofHulI. 
Cutt. Hot. iiflUc SoAt of PeterbcrPHgh. 
Kccocda or Uighun-Fcrrcrt. 

Sh. M.y 30 174B 

Sue, hv* father, as 4th Earl, Aug. 9 

jl/or. Firttt Charlotte, yst. dr. of 

William, 2od Earl of Besbo- 

rough, in 1770 

Sfcondj Louisa, I^dy-Dowagrr 
Ponfonby, 4th dr. of Richard, 
Viscount Aloluworth, (Je- 


Ji. Ap. ChailewWOliam, V\*cimnl 
MUU'ti, bom May 4 . . . . 
To. Iit». 4, <>ioi>venor-«quarc 
Co, Sr. H^cntvorth House, Yorkshire; 
Milton Park, Nortliantptoiinhire ; and 
MaltoD, Co. Wicklow, Inland. 
ReL FuUtrr 10 Lord .Milton, who mar. 




his roiti., Charlotte, 2d dr. of Thomas' 
IM Baron Dundas : unck to the prr- 
seiit LuitA Uundaa ; to the Hon. CoL 
Sir Rubeit-L. Pundu, K. C. B. ; 
and graud-utule to tlie Hon. Johiu 
Charles Dundas both Membera for 
Hichumnd in Yorkslure : uncle abo 
to the lady of John-Charlcs Kamsden, 
Esq., MP. for Malion. 
His [«or(tAhip was Lord- I-ticu tenant of 

Ireland in 17Do. 

/'atl. Pitt. Two Members for .Malion; 
two Members for Peterborough j 
Aletiibcr for Uighain-Fcrrcni. 

27G. FOLKV, Baron, 
of Kiddnuinster, Worcestenkhtre, 

y. ofc. \\ 

N. ^ S. Thomas Foley. 
Offi, Recorder of Droitwich. 

Bh. Dec 22 I7I 

Sue. hitt father, a& 3rd Boron, 2nd 

■^'uly 171 

^far. C«cilia-01iv{a-Gersldine.dth 
dr. ofU'iUiani-Kubert,2ndUukc 
of Leir>5ter, August . ... 11 

//. yf/i. Kdwsrd-Tboiiiv, bom 
Deccmbtr 11 li 

TiKRri. M ivari's Houl, 44, Brnr k-»t 

Co. AV. Whitlcj' (!ourt, Worct-stcrihi 
Stoke-Edilli Piirk. IKttfoid. 

Rd. \{ i% Ijord&hip ts faihrr to the Hi 
Edward-Thomas Foley, M. P- 
I<iidgcr.ohall : coutiu to John-H.- 
Foley, Esq., M.P. for Droitwich 
the Eurl of Harrington ; to the All 
chioness of Tavistock ; to the Duel 
of Lein4ter ; and to the Eurl of S 
ton : broOieT'tu^vt to the Duke of 
Lcinster ; to Lord William-Charlet 
O'Brien Fitzpr^d. M.P. for Kildarv- 
ihirc ; to tlie Viscountesii Chabot ; and 
to the Dowager.Boroneas Kmnaird. 

Pari Pot. TwoMemben for Droitwidk 

2^2. FORBES, Baton, Y. ofC. 1440 
A HrprrrCHttit'nr Pfcr pfScothndy 

elected September 2nd . . . ISM 
M ijf S. Jame»-Ocboncar Forbes- 
O. r. A Baronet of Nova Scotia IflSB 
OJt* Lord CvmmiMrivncr to tht Gewentl 

Aucmbty ifftht thnreh of Scotltind*, 

Premkr Huron of Scotland. 

A OenenU in the Army, and Coloocl 
of (he 2Ui Regiment of Foot IJ 

* Tbe Church o( Scotland is aaToned by one Gcnenl AsaemVA^f (^ -wV^idi^L Loctf 

Forbes prrade*), 15 Sfood*, and78 Pmbyteiiea, U onWaio* Paa v««*w^ *^V 

porting 938 Cltr^mcn, wbow innmies vary from nwU. vo SttWU v« »««^ 


( 1 

7^ Jf wcfa 

his fiuber, bs ^^ih Bmron, 

J»\y 2!ltb 180-1 

EUaabctb, eldm dr. of 
W. nuo««, £«. of Polmood, 
PeeUMCiktdJDly .... 1792 

B. Ajh. JflDM, a capubi in the 
CnMiniMi Oiurdi, born 9th 
A|«a 1796 

Co.Jk. C^Mlc Forbes, Abcrdeoufauc. 

SH. Ba fiordthip i» uncle to the Duke 
37^ FORESTKR. Buon, 

•T M'llky Pwk, ShTOp»hije,Y. of C. 1G21 

>'. 4- & JohDJGcorgc Weld Fo. 

\i%, Uth Au^st 1801 

K-. his father, at 2d Baron, 23d 

May 1828 

ff, Prta, Ha Lordiliip*! Irot/tery tlie 
H«n. tieorge-CecU Weld Forester, 
M.P. for Wenlock. 
Be*. )4.GrtatStAnhope-cClcet. 
Sf. WiUcy Park, and Roes-Hall, 

I Brotbcr to the Member for Wen. 
lode : * to the Hon. Ro. 
hen-John Smith Utm ami hrir of I(a. 
BB Carrington), MJ*. for Backing- 
*»f P*t. Two Memben forWeolock. 

119. FORT£SCU£>(lRt}EarU 

V.ofC. I7«9 
\ 4 S. Hugh Fortetcue, D.C.L. and 

I. T. Ul ^^ucount Ebrington, of 
E^ OloucdtcTfihhT . . . I789 
«n» Fortcacue, of Castle Hilt, 

DooMhIre 17-18 

Xtfrrf lAeut, and Cutu Rat. of I}/:. 

ItjghStewsnl of Bainstaple and South 

ra. 12th March 1753 

/tv, Ua bditf, a» 3d Baron F., 

lOtfaJolf l7JVi 

[7f0r. Hater, dr. of the Rt. Hon. 

Gfnqp Greof ille, May lOth . 1782 
\MJ. A^ Hagh, ri«roufil Ebring- 

/M, boR) t3th Feb 1783 

V Am. 17, Gnnvenor-ftquarr. 
fCA .Vr. Castle liilJ. Sotith Moltoo, 
X>rTon; and Ebringum Hall, (jIou- 
tei. Father to Viscount EhnngUai, 
M.F. iorHerooabire; mndto the Hon. i 
fJwwe-Jifstditw ferwseue, M.P. fori 
HiatGai/ki^er^^wioBitTonKiDg; I 


to the Hon. Newton Fellowca {brother 
and heir to the Earl of Portiiniouth); 
and to George Wilbrmham, K^q. M.P. 
for Stockbrttlge. VUcount lObringioa 
is ma-in-la^ to ihc Earl of Ilarrowby ; 
bro,-iH'hw toVUcount Sandon, M.P. 
for Tiverton; and to the lady of the 
Hon. John-Janics Stuart Wortley {»on 
and heir to Boron WhttnieliiTe). 

2I»5. GAOE, Barun, 
of High-Meadow, Gloucestershire, 

Y.ofC. 1790 
N.^S. Benry.Hall Gage. 

A Baronet 1622 

O. T. I. P. V18COUKT Oaoe,'] 

of Caitlc Island, Kerrr ( ,_-- 
Baron Oage, of t^ilebar. f *^^ 

Bn. UdiDec I7OI 

Sue, his father, 4th Viscount, and 
3d Baron, 29th Jan 1808 

Afiir. Elixabcth-Maria, dr. of the 
Hon. Edward Foley, March 8th 1813 

//. Ap. Henry-Edward. H«1I, bom 
9th Jan. 1814 

To. Itrt. Grillon*t Hotel, 7, Albemarle, 

Co, Sc. Kirlc Place, Ix-wea, SuMex ; and 
WcAtbury Houw, Hampshire. 

Jtel. The baroness i» a»irin to Baron 
Foley ; 2d rr;njim to the Hon. Ed* 
vnml-Thoiiittx Foley, M.P. for Lud- 
gerahall; 'M\cfiiixijt to John- i lodge I ts- 
ii, Foley, E»q. M.P. for Droitwicb. 

34a OAMBIEK, (1st) Baron, 
of Iver, Bucks . . . V.ofC. 1807 
A^.<J^& James Gambler, O.C.B. 
OJfi. An Admiral of the Red. 

Dn. 13th Oct 176fi 

Mar. LouiM,2ddr.ofI>. Matthew, 

Esq. of Felix Hall, Essex, in 1798 
Co. Se. Iver, Buckioghauisliirc. 

346. GARDNEli, Baron, 
of I'ttoxctcr, Staffordshire, V.C. 1808 
y. tj- S. AUn-Legge Gardner. 

O. T. A Baronet 17^4 

/. P. Baron Gardner . . » IBOO 

Bn, Jan. 2JJth 1810 

Sue. his father, as 3d Baron, Dec 

27 1816 

//. Prr$. His Lorridhip's cousin, Francia- 

Charles Gardner, Ei*q. 
^W, Grnndson to BarOT\ CflTt\n^^W\\ 
to the Hon. Robert John Sm\vii,M.V. 
/orUuckinghamahVn:; loVhcCownu*a 
Stanhope; and to the Iftdy o( \JsA 

GIFF ( 180 

Granville . Chsrlcn - Henry Somcnct, 
flf.P. for Monmouthshire. 
Co. Si. Court-tiarden, BucIcb ; Uttox- 
ctcr, Suiffindshirc. 

372. OIFFORD, Biron, 
of St, Leonard'ii, Devon V. of C. 1824 
^. ^ S. Robcn-Fmncis Giffbrd. 

Bn. 1 9th March 1817 

J?Hr. his father, as *Jd Baron. ScpL 4 182({ 
H. Pret, His LonUhip*» {>ru//u-r, 

John, bom in 1831 

Vo. Sr. Putney Common, Sumy. 
tits Lordship \» « MiKOit. 

109. OLENOALL,Kwlof, 

Y. of C. 

A Hrprtsentative Peer of Ireland, 

for life, elected in Jan. ... 
N.&S, Rkhard BuUer. 
O. /. VMcount CahCT .... 

BwcmCaber^ofC. co-Tippeniiy 
Offi. A Gox'crnor itf Tippcrary. 

Bn. 1 7th May 1704 

Sue. hit father, m 2d Eul, 30th 

Jan. IR19 

To. Re*. B4, Iji>wcr Ormvenor-titrcet. 
Co, Seat, Cfiicr Castkf Tippexary, Irfr. 

ReL His Ijordahip is bro.^in^Uiw to the 

Earl of Belfast, M.P. for AntrimthiR. 






304. GLENLYON, (1st) Baron, 
of G., Perthahliv . . Y. of C. 1821 
N.^S. James Murray, F.R.8. 
Offi. A Major-Ocnenl, and 

A Lord nf the Kiag*t BrdchamUr. 

Bu. 29ih May 1782 

Mar. Emily- France*, 2d dr. of 

Hugh, 2d Duke of Nonhunu 

berUnd, in 1810 

H. Afu Georf^-Auf^stu».Frtde- 

rick- John, bom 20th SepL . . 1814 
Rtl. His Lordship is eldest brother to the 

Duke of Athol: frm-Js-Aiv to the 

l>uke of Northumberland ; and to 

Baron Pnidboc. 

His Royal Uighncs* the Dukr of 

Y.ofC. 1764 
M Prince WilUam.Piederick, K.O. 

O.C.B, U.C.H. F.R.S. F.A.S. 
O. r. I. P. Earl of Cunnaugbt . 1764 
flffi, A S-'UIA Marshal 

Govcnior of fortsmoutlt. 

Cot of the 3d regiment of Foot Guards. 

CfMnccBor vfthc UnhtrtUy of Can- 

Lonl High Stcwmtd of the dty of 

Prvsidimt of the RuiMell Instiiuliart. 
Ranger of Hagshot Park ami Walk. 
A Privy CounciUar. 

Bh. 15th Jan 1776 

Sue. his father. Prince William- 
Henry, brother to His Majesty 
King Gcor^cc HI., 26th Aug. . 1805 

Afuf.hifttvfiiin, the Princess Mary, 
4ih dr. of His Majckty King 
Gcorgelll., 22d July . . . 1816 

To. Rei. OknioesuT House, Park 

Co. Se. Bagnhot Park, Surrey; and 
Boldrevood Lo<l^c. Hants. 

Rel. Uis Royal Higlmi'ss is cousin and 
hro.'iH'iav 10 His Majesly Ktnj; 
William I \'. ; and loall the Princes and 
Princesses of the Roval Family of Oral 
Britain : brother to ilie Prinoeas Sophia 
of Gloucester. Her Royal H^^hneas 
the Dudleys is titter to the rcignsig 
Sovereign; also to the Princes and 

220. GLOUCESTER. Lord BitbopoC 

conwcraUd in 1034 

N.^S. Rt. Rev. Christopher Bethel, D.D. 
O. Offi. Kectat of Kirkby.M'hiske, York- 
Co. Ret. Buihop's Palaec, Gloucester. 

N. B. The Bishopric uf Gloucester is 
in the Province of Canterbury, and com- 
prehends only part of Gloucestcrmhirt!. 

203. OODERICH, (Ul) Viscount, 
of Nocton, Lirrf:olnshirc Y. of C. 1827 
AT. S( S. Frederick-John Robinson. 
QffL PriHcifHil Secretary of StaU for 
the Calonkt* 

A Director of Greenwich HospltaL 

A Governor of the Charter House. 

Recorder of Lincoln. 

A Privy Councillor. 

Bn. Nov. 1 I7aa 

Mar, Sarah-Albina-Ixmiaa, dr* of 

Robert, 4th Earl of Bucking. 

hamshire, SepL 1 1814 

H, Ap, A Son, bom in Oct. . . 1827 

To. Beg. AVhttchall Gardens. 

Co. Sc. Notting.Hill, Surrey; and 

Nocton, Sleaford, Lincolntdilre. 
ReL Brother to Bamn Grantham: 

nrphev to the Coumcsi Dc Grey. 

The \'iscountcss is eouHn tii the prv- 

■cut Earl of Buckingbamshirew 

196. GORDON, Vi«»unt, 
of Aberdeen^ U.K. . . V. of C. 1814 
N. l\ S. tiWKigi: \\ainftv«tt-V»«rtutKi,T^t ., 



( 181 ) 




. 1806 

7. S. P. Eahl or Aheh- 


VaoooDt FonnuidDe . . 
Loni Uaddos MethUes, TarttA, 

and Kdlie 

Bvnart of Nor* Scotia. 
A Privy Coundllor, and late 
Stcrtimrp ofSMr/vr Ftnei^n Aj^oirt. 

CkmaeaUor ^ K'mgU Coikge^ Aber~ 

PfttUent ofthf Sorifltf o/Antiqttarica. 
PmUcm of the Briiiih Imumuon, 

A Ttwtte of the Brittth Mupcum. 
A tiovenior of Harroi* School. 

«. Jan. ae 

his gnndfaiber, u 4th Eari, 

Aug. 13 

r«r. jfrrt, Catherine Klixabeth, 
dib of June*, Isc Marquess of 
AJbcecom, July 
Smmd, Harriet, dr. of the Hun. 
J. Dougla*, <gmnd.diuglitcr 
of James, 5th Karl of Morton^ 
and widow of ViKount Ha- 

mU(oo}.July B 1815 

r. Ap. George- John-Junes. Lord 
iiadtUt, boni Svjrt. 28 • . .1816 
Tci. Fra, 7, ATgyll-streeL 
Cct. Sf. Haddo Uoiue, Abcrdeemhin:, 
Priory, Htanmore, Middlesex. 
Hu LJordfthip is uncU~im-lnw and 
•.Jitthrr to the Marquess of Abcr> 
krothcr to the Hon. C'-apt. W. 
liocdon, R. N-, W . P. for A berdoen- 
ahif«> The Counicu t» tltUr \o the 
£arl of Morton : niece to the Ksrl of 
Uafewood: coutin to Viscount Ias- 
ceJQcs; to the lion. Henry Liucelles^ 
M.P. for NorthallertoD (married to 
Louisa, «d dr. of the Marqucu of 
Bath); to the Hon. \V. S. Sebright 
lasTfUn (oiarriud to C'-arolinc-(it»i^i- 
ans^ eld. dr. of the Earl of Carlliilt:) ; 
10 the Coontefs of Sheffield ; ord to 
Ae lady of E. B. Portraan^ E»q. At . P. 
Ifar Uorsctahirc. 

198. OORT, Viacoont, V. C. 1816 
A RefrtMtmtativ{! Peer t^ Irciand^ 

forUfc; elected in .... 182(1 
;V.4-5. tniarla Vcrekcr. 
O. T. I. P. Baron Rittarlton, of 

K>, Oolwsy^hlre 1810 

C)ffi, A Gmrrmor of GaiwayrMrr. 

CoBMUbJe ot' Luncrickf and Col, of ita 
A Phry CoundUor in IreJtuid. 
^*^ l7Gii 




Shc. hit HiKr/r, as tld Viscount, 

Msy M 1817 

Mar, Jlrtt, Jane, dr. of R. Wea- 
tropp, Esq. (widow ot W. 
Siama. Esq. of CoraeUy), in 1780 
Second, Kliubeth, eld. dr. of J. 
PalltfteTt Esq. of Derry. 
lutkan, Tipperary, in . . , 
H. Aft. John Prendergsift (married 
(o Maria, eld. dr. of the Kt. 
Hon. Standiiih O'Orady, liOrd 
C)hief Baron of the Irish C'«urt 
of Exchequer), bom .•\pril :!1 
Co. Sc- Lougb-C«oter CasLle, Ualway. 

Ifil. OOSFORD, Earl of» 

y. ofC. I. P. 1800 
A RfprrtmtfUivc Peer of Ireland^ 

for life; elected in .... 1811 
A^ ^ S. Archibald Achcaon. 
O. T, IP. Viscount AchcMm* of 

M arkct H ill, Armagluhfie I ^W^ 

Baron Gosfoid 1776 

A Banmcl of Nova Scotia . . Iirilt 
Offi* Governor and Cuit, Nut. of Armagh' 
Col. of the Armagh Militia. 
A Tnutce of the Linen Manufacture 
of Ireland. 

B». in 177''» 

Sni\ hiifathcT, as2d Earl, Jan. 14 1HD7 
Mar. Mary, dr. of R. Sparrow, 
Emi. of \VDrlinghani Hall, 

Suftblk, in July 1805 

JI. Ap. Archibald, VucnuntAche* 
<ori, M'P. for Armsghshirr, bom 

20th Aug 1606 

To. lies. Brunswick Hotel, £2, Jermyn- | 

Co. St. Oosford Castle^ Armagh Co. 
Rd. His Lordship is fatftrr to the 

Member for Ammghshirc ; brnther- \ 

in-iaw to Lord George-Krederick-Ca- 
vcndiah Bentinck [brot/ier to the Duke I 

of Portland), M.P. for King's Lynn. ' 

am. (JOXrER, Baron, | 

of ^ittiI]ghan^ Vork»hirc V. ofC. 1702 
A^. ^ S. Ucflrgt'-Gmnvillc Ijercooti i 

Oower. ' 

0, T. Eari. Oower; being the 

courtesy title of the elde<(t son of 

the Marqutrsa of Stadbnl. His ' 

Lordship was aumnioned to the 

House of Peers as Barou Uower, 

Not. 14 l«26 

Bn, Aug. 8 \"im 

Mar. his wntrid-cotifin WaineV- 

Ei ixabeth - G corg\M\&, dT . oi ' 

<»eorgc, 6lh Vm\ vH CaAiw^-t ^^ 

( 182 ) 


//. Ap. Evelyn, bom in . . . 1024 

To. lict* M. Uamilton Place, Piccidilly. 

Co. Se, Dunrobin CmUc, Rulhcrland- 
ihirc, ud LctUcshall, Dear Ncwpoit, 

JieL Hw Lordfhip is the rldrit ton of 
the Morqucu ol Slaftbrd : nephev to 
Viscount OranvUIe: nm.\tt-latt> to the 
present Earl of Cnrlwlc :— to nU which 
refer for partimlftr* of rcUtiotiship. 

12. GRAFTON, Poke oU 
Northaraptonahire . . Y. of C. 167^ 
JV. ^ A*. (it-orge-Hcnry Titzroy. 
O, T. Eorl of Eu»toa and Ar-^ 

lington J-1C72 

Vweount Thctford and Ipswich ) 
Baron Arlington and Sudbury 1 1(13 
OJU Hereditary Ranger of WhitUebury 
Lord LieitiemtHt and CutL iltrf. of 

A TniBice of the Iluntcrian Museum. 
Recorder of Thclford. 
fhrfditanj licceivcr-GcNfral of tht 
prufiti of the Si-aU in the Courit of 
KiH^U BcHch and Cominon Pirtu. 

JSn. Jan. U 1760 

Mar. Charlotte-Maria, dr. of 
Jame*, 2d Earl \Valdcgr«ve 
Sue, hi» father as 4th Duke, 

March U 181' 

//. .ip. Ucnry, Earl of EuitOny 
M.W for Bury St. Edmund't, 

bom in l"iW 

To. tics, 47, riar^jcA-strect, Piceadilly- 
Co. AV. Kuston Hall, Thetfrtrd, Norfnlk; 
and W'aktiiiad Lodge, Norihanipton- 
Jid. fiitUcr to ihc >IembcT for Buir Sl 
Wniund's, and to Lord CharU-s riti- 
Toy, .M. P. for Thctford: grandfithrr 
to the Earl of Ipjwirh : ftihir-inJ^itc 
CoSir William Oglamlcr, Bart.: /to.- 
^Jaxf to Licuu-Gen. tlic \Um, U'il- 
lUm Fitzroy ; and to Banin Churchill, 
tetomd^-rmMin to Baron Southampton. 
—The Earl of Eutiton and hi» brother, 
Lord (.:harlM Fitaoy, arc ttrp/,nts 
to Ui» Royal Hijchnc^ the Duke of 
Oloueater, ami to the Prioctai Sophia 
of Olouce»(er. 
Part. Pat. One Member for Thctford; 
one Member for Bury St. Edmund'i. 

.9a GRAHAM, Earl, 
oflScl/imi, XorthumbcrlAnd, 

V. ofC 17i3 

4-A\ Jjmte% Onbam, K.O., Sl D.CA*. 

\^ r. Baron Uclfonl .... 1722 

S. P. Duke or Mokthose 1707 
Marqucaa of Montrose, Orahani, 

and Buchatum . • UUl, 1707 
Earl of M ontrHSc and Kincardine lAOi 
\'iscouni Dundafi" 
Lord Graham, Abcmithvcn, J 1444 

Mupdock, and Fintric . { l4^»' 
OJfl. A Privy Councillor, and iaU Lord 

Chaoiberiain of the King's Uouk* 

Lord Justice Grwral of Scotltind, 
lA>rfI Lieut, of Stirling and />i»wttfr- 

ton thiret, 
Chattecaor<iftke Univcrtity of G1<i*- 

An ExtraoTtlinaryDirccloeoflheBtnk 
of Scotland. 

Bn. Feb. Kth 

Shc, hii father, 3d Duke, and 

Eail Graham, Sept. 23 . . • 

Mar^ First, Jemima- Elixaljcth, 

dr. of John, 2d Earl of Aih- 

bumham, Feb 

Sccottdiy^ Caroline-.Maria, dr. of 
f Jeorge, 4lh Duke of 51an- 
chwter, July 24th .... 
//. Ap. James. Marqufit if 
Grii/uuit, M.P. for the Borougli 
of I'ombridgc; a Privy Coun- 
cillor, and Ctjnimi«iuncr for the 
AOkira of Indtu; olbo Col. of 
the Siirlingidiirc Militia; born, 

July IC 1790 

To. RtM. 25, Orosvenor Square. 
; Co. Sc. Buchanan Houne, Dumbarton- 
HiL Father to tlie Member for Cam- 
bridge Borough, and to the Couniett 
of \rinchel«:a and Nottingham : 
futher-inJaw to ViKount Clire, (eld. 
"son and heir to tlie l^arl oi Powii) 
M.P. tor Ludlow, and to the Duke 
of Manchester: uncle to the Earl of 
Asliburnliam ; to Baron IfeugU*, of 
Douglai CaBlle ; and to the Uaroncw 
Montagu. Th? DuchcM i« aunt — and 
the MiuqueM of Gnhaai, MhJiM, to 
iJjc MarchuHick* of Twecddftle; All 
ui ViAcouiit Mandcrille, M.P. 


341. ORANARD, (lit^ Banm, 
of Caaile Uonnington, Lciceiter- 

ihiir Y.ofC. 

JV. 4 S. George Forbea. 

O. T. I. P. HAUL or oliA)iA«n IISIII 

Vi»c«unl Vot\«* . . 

lUron o? C\anv:\\W7>\ . 

A BMimcv o^ No'ja ?«wa - J^i* 



CJtrk of the Crown* 
UmaptT'^ in J f eland 
Gaofmor of thf Co. of Longfurd. 
A Lieut—OeneniL 

A Tru?t<r of the Irikh Linen Manu* 

Bn, Jooe U 1780 

5m.-. hu r»ther» u Cth Earl. 
April 16 1780 

Mar. Sclinft.Fnnas, 4ih dr. of 
John, Ist Earl of Moira, Miijr . 177D 

//. ^p. Oedrwe^ahn, Vitciinnt 
Forhrf, U.P. for LongftmUli., 
homMay a 178.'i 

O*. -V. Cutle ForbeSf l^nj^ord, IreUnd. 

Rtl. \\i% Ixinichip \*fnthfr \o Viicount 
Forbo, (C«</. liuiuiorum and 31. P. 
far the County oflfangford: aUo a 
Major General and Aidc-dc-oinip to 
ihc King): father -in -hxe to Lord 
Baoclif:, M. P. for Nottingluun : 
<«WM to the Earl of Berkeley. The 
ComtcaiU aunt (o the Marqucw of 

267. GRANTHAM, Baron, 

0_, I^ncn1n*.hire. . V. ofC 17C1 
^ 5.ThoDia*.Phaip WcddeU,F.>! A. 

\0. r. A Baronet imu 

Lord Lieut, and CusU Rot. ^ Bed^ 


0lh D.r. 1781 

tc. hi* £ftih(T, as 3rd Baron, 20 ih 

July nno 

r. IJcnrietta-Fniiceii, v. dr. of M'il- 
Uam, 1st Flarl of Knni«KiIlcn. 
H, ^1y. Frederick-WilliuD, bom 

llih Apr. 1810 

a. H($. 1 , St. .Tame»*B Square. 
Co, Sr, Nrwby Hall, Itnroughlirdgr, 
Yirk«biret and West Cowet, ledc of 
HA Brother to Viscount Godcrich: 

nfphfv to ibc Countess Dc Grey : 
inJav to the Karl of Knni<ikilli-n ; to 
Lui4t..Gvti. (JoIbniLh-Luu-ry Colc^ 
K.C.B., Gov. and Commandcr-io- 
Chief of the Cape o( (iood Hope, 

201. ORANTLEV, Barfm, 
of Markcn6cld, Yorkshire. Y. ofC. 1782 
A". 4' •*•'• Fletcher Norton. 
OjJJ. High Steward of Guildford. 

Bh. UUi July 1796 

Sttc. his uncle, as 3d Baron, 12th 

Nov. 1822 

^far. <:harlolte-EarIt', 2d dr. of Sir 

WilUani Beecfacy, 20th July . 1825 
//. PrrM Hi* Lordship's brother, George- 

Chapplc Norton, Esq. a Cotnmistioner 

of Buikruptries (rrar. to the grand-dr. 

of the late Richard-Brinslcy Sheridan). 
Co.Sf. M'oncr»h, near Guildford, Surrey; 

Grantley Park. York^irc. 
Pari. Pot. One .Member for Guildford. 

Uj7. GRANVILLE, Viwount, 
ofSione Park, StatTordjihire, Y.C. 1815 
N. 4* ^* GnnviUoLcTcaan Oower, 

Offi. A Privy Councillor, 

Ambassador Extraordinary and Ml- 
niftler Plenipotentiary at the Court 
of France. 

Btt. 12ih Oct 1773 

Mar. Henrictta-Elitabcth. dr. of 
William, 5rli Ihike of Devon. 

(hire, 24ih Dec 1809 

H. Ap. Granvilie-Oeorge, bom 

llth May 1815 

To. Btt. 10, Bru ion -street. 
Cu. Sr. Tixal, near IJchfitId, StaObtdih. 
Hrl. His Inirdship in half-brolhcr to the 
3f Brqiie^)! of Siaifnnl ; and untie to 
Baron iJowcr ;— lo which refer for fur- 
ther rrlarinnfthip. He is unde to the 
Dukeof Devonshire: tni.-in-hutto the 


Cbrii of the Crtmn O0ce is chief manager in cases of error, trials pf Peers, 
nta of the Crnvn, infortnattonft, recognizances, writing of pleadings, dt> 
a, and other pn>cec<lingii upon lecortl. 
The }inmiper ftffier belongs to the Common-law Court in < hancery ; for 
iently all vrib) rcliuing to the businens of the suhjct-t^ and their returns v*^re 
t in a hamper (i« fiamtprriti) or nn'ckfr bsflkct, made with a cover, to Auten or 
il up; whilst others, relating to matters In which the Crown was interested, 
ed in a »maU nack or bag f i« jmna fftffa) : hence arose the distinetionb 
and Petty Bag Office. The Cletk of (he Ifanapcr i» scmictimett called 
CD of the Hansper. He rcctrivrs all sums of money due to the king for 
of eharteni, patents, commhtsions, and writs ; and attcndu the Kce^t kA vl\c 
Js daily, in lerm-timc, and at ail times of sealing. Healim uVea wU> \\\% cu»\o&^ 
MeiaM chareen, patcnu, and thclike, which he now puts into ba^SL»\\(i%t^cACD.^') 
mtobaaiptn, for thenuw cany reuiovnl of theiu from place 10 vW». 
har a&aa are Uw fame in Eniflmn.1 »- :„ »— .i__ ^ *• ^ 


'awe in ErgluuJ ui in Itcland. 


( 184 ) 





rountcM of CmIwIk — to which Utics 
altw refer Tor further pardculftn. 

254. ORAV, Buon, 

ofG«y,Pmh»hirc,.S. P. V. of C. 143? 
A Hepretentative ScottUh Pecr^ 
elected Sept. 2 1830 

X 4 S. FrancU Ot»y, F.R.S. 

//«. Sept. I !7C6 

Sue. hU brother, u l&th Boron, 

Dec 12 1007 

Mar. M&rjr-Annc, dr. of J. John- 
stone, Kmi-, in 1794 

//. Ap. Jolin, Matter of Grajf^ 
born May 12 1798 

Co. Se. Kinfaiuu Cutlc, Perthshire 

2IMI r.RENVILLE.(Ul) Baron, 
of Wotton, Rucks . . V, of C. 1790 
K.AS. M'iHi«niAVyndhAraliren- 

vllle, D.C.L. and F.R.S. and F.8.A. 
OJfl. A Privy Councillor in England and 

Chancellor of the UHtvcrtUy of Ux' 

AudUvroftkc Exchequer. 

A Oorcmor of the Charter House. 

An Elder Brother of tlic Trinity 

High Steward of Rriftol. 

A Tru»lcc of the Uritiidi Mu*cum. 

Bn. 25th Oct I7A0 

Mar. AnnCf dr. of Thnmao, 1st 

I/ird Caniviford, ISih July . 17!>2 
Co, Se. Dropmorr Lodge, ISucltA; and 

Bort>nnoc. Cornwall. 
JleL II is lx>n1ship Is uncle to the pulcL* 

of Ituckingham ; to Baron Nugent, 

AI.P. for Ayliibury; and to the Ua- 

ronrsi Anindcl, of Wardour: grand- 

iMctr tn the jVlarqucsa of I'hnndus-, 

M.P- fiT Bucks : preal*ff-rand'UHLU to 

KafI Temple: eim^iH to the Carl of 


15«. OREY, EarU . Y.ofC- 1800 

N.A'S. Charles Grey. 
O. T. Vi 


iKount Howirk . . . 1(100 
Baran Urcy, of Howick, North- 
umberland . 1801 

A Baronrl 174U 

0/?r. A Privy Councillor. 

Firtt hord of the Trea-Mury^amd Prime 
Miniftef to the King vf Great liri- 
A OorenMr of the ChBtxa Houw. 

Sm, tath MMTdi 1764 

Sur. bis fmtlwr, at 3d Earl, 14 th 

AW. iao7 

1 To.Kc*.XV,V3vv«G™«<':w«-»***^ 
\ Co. 

Sc. ttt\m\ U»3^ «« ^^""^ • 


inn to I 


il/iir. iMnry. Elizabeth, dr. of WiU 
Itani-DruboJUiii, Nt Bnnm Puu. 
sonby, of Imokilly, 18th Nov. . 1 

//. Wy. Henry, V'uammt ffbmiekn 
M.P. for Higham-Ferma, and 
Joint Under-Secretary for the 
Colonies, bom 28th Dec. . .1802 

To. Ret. 48, Berkeley-square:. 

Co. AV. Ilowick House, near Alnviel:^ 

f^el. Father-tH-lase to Baron Durham, 
Lord Privy Seal : frro. to Licut.-GcB. 
the Hon. Henry-Ocorg« Grey, col. of 
the Etth dragoons : tmck to Sir George 
G rey, Bart. ; to the Baroness Barhoro ; 
to the luty of Francis liaring., Esq. . 
M.P. for Portanwiith {ion to Sii . 
Thomas Baring, Bart. M.P. for Wy. 
combe; mcphev to AlexandiT Baring, 
Esq. M.P. for Call! ngton ; rnutin to 
William-Bingham Baring. Esq. 
ot])cr Member fur Csllington); 
to W'tlliani-Hcnry Whitbread, 
M.P. fur Bedford. The Counteaa 
autre to the present Baron Pon 
of Imokilly; to Richard, Lord Bi 
of Killnloi;^ and Kilfenon; and to the 
Hun. Gcoi^ Ponsonby, \i. P. fbr 


roness, Y. of C. I 

X.^S. Barbara Ydverton. 

O. T. BaroHCT* Hastings, of Ash. 

ley-AVcyford and \^alence . . 1 

Bn. -iOth Mav 18 

Sue, her father ( I9th Baron), aa 

2d Baroness, 2*lth Oct. - . • 1 _ 
fl.Pcet. Her Ladyship^scotiAia, Frcd*> 

rick-Henry PowU. ^ 

Co. Se. Brandon House, Warwickshire. 

nC.OROSVENOR,EarI,Y.C. 1784 
JV. A A'. Robert Ormvcnor. 
0.7*. Viscount lUlgrarc . . .1! 

Baron Orosvcnor, of Eaton, Che- 
shire 1; 

A Baronet II 

Offi. A Priry Councillor. 

Lord lAevlenant vf FVwtihire. 

Bn. 22d Mar V 

Sue* his father, as 2d Earl, 5th 

Aug 1B02 

Mar. Eleanor, eld. dr. of Thomas, 

lAteEar]ofWil(Qa,28tti April .1794 
//. Ap. Richard, Vucount Bei- 

^rurr, M.P. for Cbeshln*, born 

2rii\\JaTv \VM 


GUIL ( 185 ) 

md HcalklD Cutlc, 

hffc» Ifcrtt; 

9eL FHher to Viscount Bclgnrc^ M.P. 
far Cfaeihire (who \» tn the 
Muqnev of SutTaid and tu ihe (Jounl- 
r* orSulherland : 6ro.-iN.Aiv to Earl 
Crowcr ; to Ijord Frftnciit Lcvman 
(fover, late Chief Socreiary in Ire- 
land) and M.P. for .SuthirlAndKhire, 
and to the Counter of Surrey) and to 
tlic Hon. Knbert tJmsvcnnr, M.P. for 
ChcKtrr: father aUo to tlie K.irl of 
Wilton (who is son-inJav to the Karl 
oiUahy: 6rv.-i/i'/air to I>ml8tnnley, 
M.P. forI<iincaahire;/o///n-to(heHon. 
t^v. <vcoifV}- Smith Stanley, (Jhicf Se- 
cretary for Ireland,ai)d M.P. for Wind- 
•or): rvMjin lo General Tlioniiis Gros. 
f 1 (who i» bro,.'ui-lazs to Sir Wil- 
liam Btathcote, Bart. M.P. for llamp- 
'«r<. Ph. Two MciiiImts for Shafteiu 
bury; two Meirber* for Stockbridge; 
«nc fllemlier for Cheater; and one 
Member for llindon. 

102. GUILFORD, Karl of, 

Y.of(\ l7o2 

^5- The Re*'. Francis NonJi, M.A. 

T. fitanso Gudford of (r., Surrey UilLI 

Rector of Southiun]>ton and AWer^ 

fanl, Hampsliirc. 

Mastrr of St. Croes Hospital, Win- 

I7ih Dec 1772 

■. his rvwit/r., as Gtb Karl, I4lh 

Ifci 1827 

f'*r,Jlrt/j Estlicr, dr. of the Uev. 

J. llaniMm, 2(Hh Feb. . . 17UB 
£tnmjltf„ Harriet, dr. of Sir 
H«*Ty Wardc, K.C.U. 4th 

May 1R2G 

/>«, Ili« lx»rd»hip'» brother^ 
Bftwnlow North, K*q. 
ITa >!W, IB, llcnfcffd-mrecr, May-Fair. 
Co. Se. Wroxton AbbL'y.iu'ur Banburj-, 
Oxfordfchtre, and Waldcrs hare- Park, 
^^ near Dover. 

^^i?//. HiK l«ordiiiiip»&roMerto the Rev. 
^K^ Charles. Augustus Norths a ]irebt.-n(]- 
^V ary of M^tnchester: hro.-in-taw to the 
^H Jlev. W. Gamier, and to the Hnn.and 
^H Rev. Thomas dc Orey (i^oind Kon of 
^H Damn Walsingham], }>o(h prchc-ndsries 
^H of WiochctteTt evt/rtJi to lUron WiU 
^H iati^hhf iie Jtroke : aecond cousin to j 
^^L /Af J/arcflifnv.'K* of Ihitc I 

^m^A /^uf. The Member for BMbury. \ 



of H., Litcfstershire, . V.ofC. 1719 

iV.i^S. Philip .Shrrard. 

O. T. Baron ShtTard of HarlMw 

roiigh 1714 

I. P. Ujiron Sherard of Lei- 
trim lf»27 

Bn. 30th Aug. 17^7 

Sat. his father, as Gih Earl, lOih 
Dec 1807 

Co. Se. SlapK-rord, Lciccstcrshicc; and 
GUiston, RuilamUl ire. 

Ilrl. liis Lardhhip it fcrc-iw-Ji/w lo the 
Hon. lltnry.Ctcil Lowther, M.P. for 
^ri'slniorcland ; {krvthcr to Viscount 
LowLhcr, .Mtmbc-r fiir the same county, 
and sun to tlii: Knrl of liOiisdalt], 
also to Sir Thomas WhiclicoLc, Bart. 

104. HARDWICKE, Earl of. 

V. of C. I7'VI 
N. iV ■^'' Philip Vorkc, K.O., F.R.S,.and 

O. T. Viscount Itojnton . . . IJ.'i4 
Baron Hcardwicke, of II., Glou- 
ccsterstiire I73:i 

OJL A Privy Councillor 

Lord Lifiit. and Cutt. Rot. of Cam- 

High Steward of Cambridge Univer- 

A Trustee of the British Museum. 

Btu MUt May 1767 

Sue. his tfirrfe, as 3d Earl, lUih 
May 1790 

Mar, Elizabeth, dr. of James, ftth 
Earl of Unlcamis, 24th July . 1782 

//, Prr. His Lordship's /j'///-/'r(»f/«T, the 
Uifjhi Hon. Charloii-Philip Yorki-, one 
of the Tellers of the Exchequer. 

To. Hct. n, J.unes'«. square. 

Co. Se, Winipnli; nrdl,ncar Arrington, 
Canibriilj??«hirc; and Tyttoihangur, 
near Sl*s, Herts. 

Pari. Pat. One J\i(.'mbcr for Reiji-itc. 
Hrl H is I^ordnhip w /inlf.liiotfirr. a)>tn, 
to Vice-.Vdm. Sir .(otteph-Sydncv 
Voikt', K.C.B ard M.P. for Keignti? 
(married to th*: Dowager fllarcliioness 
of Clanricardo, who is ouhI to the 
prctrni Marque&s): Ar<>..i;r-y/7u' to the 
Bi>liop of Kildorc: pi.-inJatr to Vis- 
count Pollinglon (.Id rou of the Earl 
of Mcxboroii^h); to the Karl of i'a- 
Icdon ; to Baron Stvan Ac U.o\\\'W\^ ., 
htc Amb. Exi. \a l\\t Cowtv o"t 
Fraritx*; and lo V\K»uat. ¥aau\o^, 
M.P. for lUTyt«n\ ^iil »on o^ V.os\ 
6oiljcr>): cuittifi lo litC V^o^xuVcw!) ^»i 


Ony ; to the Dowof^ Baroness 
Onathwn; und to ^irOilbert Heath- 
coie, Bart, M.P. for Rutlandshire: 
2d cousin to Baron Grantliam; and to 
VUcoiint Oodnicht Culonial Secretary. 
lite IjOrdihip wait Ixird-Licut. and iiov.- 
Gen. oflnUiid rrmii 1801 tu IttOG. 

J59. lIAREWOOD,E»rlof, 

V. of C. 

N. 4- S. Henry Lascelles. 

O. T. ViikCuunt l^vrUt-s . . . 

Barun Uarewood, of IJ.« York- 




OJi Lord-Lieut, and Cuit, Hot. of 
>ligh Steward of AllcnotiBhirc 

Bu. 2:>th IKc I7C7 

Smc, hb lather, as 2d Earl, 3d 
April 1830 

Mior. Heniictta, c!d. dr. of Licuu- 
Ocn. :^ir .J.-^. Sebright, Bart^ 
'M Sept • . I7tf4 

li.Ap. Kdward, Viscount Las- 
cclioi. iKim in July .... 179G 

To. HcM, l:t, HanovtT-square. 

Co, Sr, llarewond House, Dear Wo- 
therby, Vorkuhirc 

Pari. Put. Two Alcinben for North- 

Hel. Ilin lx)nlsliip is bro.-'tH-fav to Sir 
John-Saundcm Sebright, KarL, M.P. 
for HeTtfordfchiTc; ^iiiArr to Visrounl 
LawcUd; to the Htm. Ht-nry I^aju 
celUw, M.P. for Nortballerton (who 
Is tOR-im-iaw to the AfarquCM of 
Bath: 6rLi.-in.Aiv to Viscount Wey- 
mouth; to the Countess Cawdor; to 
die IKidwM of Bucdcugh and 
Quernsbury; and to Lonl William 
Thynne, M.P. for Weobly); and to 
the llun. M'iUiaiu-Saundcn-Sebright 
Laaccllc* (who in lOri-iM-Ajtr to the 
Earl of Carlisle: hro-in-law to Vis- 
count .Morpeth, M.P. for Vorkahtrc; 
to CounicM Ugwer; to the lady of 
(he Hon. G^J..^V^ Agar Ellis, M.P. 
:'fcr Oakhaoipton; and to the lady of 
rUKam CaremltAh, Emj., 51. P. for 
Xanibriilgr I'niveTiiiy): fa,-iH-iav to 
[the Earl ofMicfficW; attdto Ediiiund- 
■rkclcv Portmon, Esq., .^I. P. for 
khire: umk to tlic Earl of 
Morton; and totheC-ountcKs of Abcr- 
II ^ nmJ iwi o fe to U>c Marguen of 


OS. HARHlSOTOy, Karl of, 
[r/tinhMitiptotishirr . . V of t!. 1742 

N. 4- S. Charlo Stanhope. 

O. T. ^'i&count Peterahani, of P^ 

Surrey 17^ 

Bar[inHanington,of U., North- 
aniptonslun; 17' 

OjJ5. A Lord of the King's Bed-ehanibu, 

Uh. Rth April IjBO 

Sui\ hut father, as 4th Earl, lr*th 
ftlepL IffiKI 

//. Ap, Wxt,*s broOter, Ucut.- 
CoL the IJoa. Lincoln-Edwio-Robcrt 

To. Het. Stable Yard, 8u James's Fa- 

Co. 5c Elvaslon Hall, Derbyahirc; and 
Gawrvworth, Clicshirc. 

Ilel. His Lordkhip is &rti,-i<»-/flir to the 
WarqutM of Tavistock, M.P. for Red- 
fordshire {ton and heir to the Duke 
nf Ucdfoid); aiid to the Duke of 
IririnHter: cousin to Baron Foley; lo 
the Earl of Sefion, MP. for Droit- 
wich ; and to the Duke of Newcastle : 
2d coHMtn to tlic Duke of Grafton; to 
ibe Ijdy of Lieut..Gen. the Uoo. 
WilUam Fiaroy; and to the lU- 
roneu Churchill: ltd cuu*»tt to tha^| 
Karl of Euston, M.P. for Bury »U^ 
Edmund's ; and to Lord Charles FifiU 
foy, Jun., M.P. forThctfwfd. 

:\:>7. HARRIS, Baron, ^H 

of Scringapatam and Mysore, East ^^| 

Indies Y.ofC. I8U 

N. ^ S, M'tUiam-GcoTge Uanis. 
Offi. A Major.GencT&l. 

Jin. Jan. 17 17«2 

Shc, hi» father, as 2d Baron, Slay 1 
Mar. Fir^U Eliz^u Serena- Anoe, 
dr. of M'. Dick, Esq. . . 1 

Srcondy Misx Temple . . . 
//. j4p. George- Francis-Hubert, 

bom Aug. 14 . ■ . • * • 
Co. Se. Belmont, Kent. 
Uri. JDrn..m./n3tnthcRt.Hon.Stqphet»- 

Ruiubold liUfthington, a Member of 

the Prixy Council. 

157. HARROWBV, ( Ut) Esri of, 



Y.ofC. laor 

N. 4" 5. Dudley Rider, D. C L- and 

O. r. Fim Viscount Sandoo, of 

S., Stalfbrdihire . . * . 1809 
Baron Harrowby, of U., Lin> 
coliv^ire ....»* 177** 
Ojjl. A ¥t\N^ CowYicNw* 
I A OoNern<« n^ vVe CVm^k >AnM»i. 

HAST C 187 ) 

A TVoMec of the Brituh MuNcum. 
UU Lord Pnaidcnt of the Privj 

Dec M I7(?2 

lus &theT,u2d Baron. June 20, 1 m'S 
I, dr. ofGnnrille, Ut 
y Sailbrd, In . . 1795 
Diidley, VUcomnt Sandmt, 
,P. forTi\erton.bornMay23 1798 
Rrs. 30, (irosvcnor-MjiHirc. 
Co. St. Saadon Uall, Udhficld, SiafTord- 

•Iur; and Norton, Gtuutx-Rimhirc. 
BtL Kin liOrdship u hrotft^r lo Henry, 
Laid Bobop of Lichtii-M unil Co- 
rrtttrjz father to Viscount .^andon, 
snd to tlw Hon. GranviUe-Ihidley 
Rjdcr, both AfmtberM for Tiverton : 
/^to-Zsw to Viscount Ehrington (non 
orC*rl Fortttcuc), M.P. for r>cvon- 
illlfc: and to the Hon. Jahn-.lainc»> 
flhiart ^Varilcy(M»n of tlamn Wham- 
dlflb): ttrth-iH-i<iv to tJic 3tarquesft 
ef Suffbni ; lo tbu lady of Edward, 
Lord Archbishop of York ; to Vis. 
count OranviUu : and to the Duke 
of Bra.ufort. Thu lady of Viscount 
SaadoD is atimt to the ManpiH of 
Bote; loLord Patrick J. •H.-('richtnn- 
^uxt,M.P. forCardtft'; aod to Elenr)-- 
VnianStiun, Esq., M.P. for Ban. 
Vrt Pat. Two Members for Tiverton. 


rqucM nf, 

. iHin 



r.K. V.ofC. 1810 

\AS» Oco.-Auguitus-Francift-Rawdon 
). T. Karl of Rawdon, 1^ ^ 
Vucount Loudon •$ " 
Boron Kawdon, of R., Vork- 

Airr, ii.B 

Baron Ua«ting», Molines and 
Bfobft^HungL'Tford and Nvw- 
msKh, and Botn-aux, B.P. 

HOI, 1445, 14^, and inRB 

A Baronet \GCt5 

I. P. Earl of Moira . . . ? j.^. 

Baron Rawdon ( ' 

iiereditary Uovcmor of the In- 
oofporatcd School and Hoapitol of 
Sn. Feb. 4 1808 

ISut, his father, as 2d Matqucu, 
Nov. 28 I82« 
To. Rt». Burlinn^con HolcL, 3U, Old 
Bur 1 ington-M treet. 
C(fc. Se, Rswdon Hsl], Yorki^irv; j 

Ijoudon Castle, Ayrshire; and Moira, 
Ret, IJis Itordihip Is nephew to tlic 
('ountrMi of (iranard : ton nud hrir to 
the Countess of ]<oudon: coiitiR lo 
Vixcount Korl>e*, .M.P. for Ivongford- 
ihire ; to Baroness Kancliflfc. 

27B. IIAM'KE, Baron, 
of Towton, Vurksliirc . V.ofC. 1770 
A^. ^ iV. Kdward-U'm..Harvcy Hawke. 

nn.J\i\y 15 I7!K» 

Sue. his father^ as 4th Boron, 

Nor. 20 IR'J4 

Afar. Klizabeth-Ftftnc^ 2J dr. of 

Sir J. Runisdcn, But. (decea!*ed ) 

Aug. I IfKI 

H.Pte, Hi* Uirdthip'ft brotUer^ the 

Hon, Stiinhope-Hiirvt^y Hawke. 
Co. Se. Ti)WU>ii and ScArthfngwi-l IJolla, 

and \V'uii)crAli:y IIuum-, \'()rk?>I]iri>. 
Hcl. Britt/nr-in.itnc to John-CharlcM 

Ranisdcn, EHq. MP. fur .Malion; 

and to the Baroness M uucastcr. 

2G0. HAV, Baron, 

ofPcdwaidine . V.nfC O.B. 1711 

iV.4 ,V. Tho».-Rnhert-Hay Onmmumc). 

O.T. S. P. Eaklof KtNNOui. 1Ki3 
Viscount Dupltn . . . 
BoiDn Hay of Kinfauns 

Ojfi. Lord Lyon King at Amu In Scot* 
Lord- Licule mint of Prr/ftufitrr, and 
Colonel of the Pcrthiihirc Militia. 

«H. 5th April 17«ri 

Sttc. hid father, om lUth 1^1 and 
4lh K. Baron, April 12 . . 

Mar. liouiiui Burton, 2d dr. of 
Admiral, Sir Charles Kowley, 
K.C.B. Aug. 17 

H. Ap. (icorgc, Viacount Duplin^ 
born July I (j 

To. Hci, 51, Orosvenor-arrccu 

Co. St. Duplin Cantk, and Cromlix Cot- 
tage. Perththire. 

Hcl. His Lordahip Is bn.-iti*ltite to the 
Rt. Rfv. ticorgc, Lortl Bishop of 
Rochester: ncphr-w to On- Hon. ami 
Veryltev. Edward-Auriol-llay Drum- 
tnond. Dean of Bocking^ and Preben. 
ilaryofVork and Southwell: cottsia 
in Edward-William-Hay Drunimond, 
Eiq. Keeper of the Kcconls in tlic 
Lion Office of Scotland. 





20U. a KREFORD, Uwi Btt\«sv ^^i 

£^oah^gten Hmilj /Aricmttndtirv ; mnd j trantkUd ffOili Uloucc&lAn 



( 188 ) 


N, ^ S. Rt. Rev. Isaac liuntingron), 

D.U., r.K.s. 

CvHs. Bishop rtf Gloucester in . 1802 

O. Ojfu Wuxilcn nfM'ilichcdlcr College. 

Co. St: Btiliop'ii Palace, Hercl'iird ; and 
Wincbestcr &>Ui^e, Elantpsbire. 

N.B. The Uinhnp of Hrrrford ii Dio. 
cc5anovcr UtrirlbttUhirc ; and parit of 
Shropshire, AIoiitj;oincTy»hirt% Mnn. 
mouth-thircy KadnorAhlrc, and Wor- 
cwUT>hire; — all in Uio Prorincc of 

178. UEREFORD, VUcount, 
Prcnticr Viscouvt in Ev^Utnd^ 

V.ofC. \b4{\ 
N.^S. Ilenry Dcvcreux. 
O. 7'. A BaroDcL 
OJfL CaplitiHofthe BundofGmtkrucn 


Bu, Keb-0 1777 

Sue. his father, v Uth Viscount, 

Dtc.'M ISO'l 

Afiir. Krancn-Eltiabcth, 3d dr. of 
thf late Sir (icorgc Cornwall, 

Hart., Dec 12 IWWJ 

y/. yip. Henry (:oTnwalI, Nov. 21 1«07 
Co. 'V. Nanccribba Hall, Alunl^jouicry- 

ahire; and Tregoya, Flrcron. 
Uei. His lordship i* (m.-ifj-Za? to Sir 
Janir* Curkbiim, ItarL, late <tDV. and 
Com.-in-(.'hief of the Birniuda Islandx 
{hro. Ill the Kt. Hon. iSir George 
< '<Kkbuni, Admiral of thcM'hitc, M , P. 
for Pljrmouth); to the Right Hon. 
Alexai.dcrCockbuni, Envoy Kxi. and 
Min. PltrriiiK). to the Republic of 
fnlonibia; and to the Rev. Willimn 
Cockbum (bro.-iH'law to ^ir Robert 

87. HERTFORD, afarquaa of, 

V.ofC 1793 
JV. «} S. FrancbuCharles- Ingram -Sey- 

n.our Conway, K. G. 
O.T. Karl of Vamiouth, Norfolk I7f»3 
ViKOuiu Ueauchainpp of ilochc 17^t 
Uaron <U;nway, of Raglry . . 1702 
I. F. HaroD ('onway and KU- 
lultoffh, Ancrim^hire . . . l^tK) 
Qffi, A Frivj (.'-oundllor. 
CnMt. fot. of Atttrim^tirt, 
Lord IVardeu of tfie Stannariet in 

Recorder nf l^ovcnlry and Bndmyn. 
Chief StewaiU and Vice Adiitinl of 
the Duchy of C'^HnwaU. 
ifii. aiarch 11 1777 

Sac, his father, a« Sd Alaiqucts, 

June 17 102-2 

A/dr. Bliss Maria Fegniana, May 


//. Ap. Rictiard, E«rl of Var- 

luouth, boni Feb. 22 . . . . IdOO 
To. iiti. Dorchester House, Park-lane; 

and ViUa, RcgcntN Park. 
C'». S. Raffley, Warwickthirr; and Sud- 

boum Hall, near Woodbrid^-, Suf. 

RcL \IU Ijordthip 1% cousin 10 Lofd 

Heniy, and Lord Robert Seymour. 

Joint ricrkii of the Crown, &c in the 

King's Bench. Ireland : 2d etmnin to 

Henry Seymour, Esq. Scrjrant at 

Anns to ihu House of Commaiu; 

aisd to Horace-lWauchamp Seymour, 

E*<[., M.P. for Bodniyn. 
Porl. Put. Two iMcmbcr* for Oxfonl; 

two Members for Aldcborough 1 one 

Member for Bodmyn; and 00c Monba 

for Liabum. 

3«0. HEYTESBURV, (lal) 
of H., WUtshirc . . V. ofC. II 
N. t\ S. William A'Court, G.C.B. 

0. t. A Baronet 1706 

UJi. A Pri\7 Councillor. 

ArnlxitxtJiior J^.rfritordittartf nud Pign'i- 
uotcHt'uiry at (he Court of Jlnttut, 

Bn.Slay II 1779 

Snc. his father, as 3d BaiDn, July 

22 ISI7 

Mnr. AIoria-Rcbecca, 2d dr. of 

the Hon. WiUiam.Hcnry Rou. 

vcric (brother to the 2d Eari 

Radnor), Oct. 'A 180B 

n. Ap. William- Henry -Asht^ 

Iwrr July U 1800 

Re§. Ptft.r»burp, Ruvaio. 

Co. Sr. Hcytc»bury Houv, Wiltahire. 

Bff. £rc</irr to Kdward-Hmry A'Court* 

Enq. Capt. RN., and M. P. for 

Heytcftbury: bnt..iH-lifa' to the Hon. 

i*hiIip.Plcyden Bouvctie, a Banker in 

AV'estmin-dcr, and M. P. for Cocker- 

mouth. The Boraaeu ii comiiH to tlie 

pre&cbt Karl of Radnor. 
Par/, Pat. Two Members for Hcytoa- 


:iA\. HILL, (Ut) Baron, 
of AIniarcr and Hawkestone, 
Shrowhire . , . . V.ofC. 1«U 
JV.AH. Rowland HiU,Cj.C.a,K.TJ>., 



( 189 ) 


00, Gerurat Ctnnmending in Chief of 
th€ Briiith ForcCM, 

CoL of the ,^3d R«^. of FfX>t. 

dinrrrmor <tf Hull, and 

A Fhvy C'OunciUor. 

flt- Aug. 11 I77'2 

B. /*ref. His Lordship'i «<rpArti-, Sir 

Uovknd II ill, Bart, of ilawkcMtonc, 

M.P. Cor Shnmhire. 
r•^ Hcf. Westbuumc llouK, Pad- 

diniftoa ; and CommandeT-m-Chiet*a 

(HBcc, Hone OtunU 
C>. S<' Uardvicke Grange, Shrcws- 

Kek. Strplicvf to the Rev. Rowland Hill, 
the celfbratcil disMSiting pn»cher : 
mmcir to thr Member tor Sttropihirc : 
hrvthtr to Sir» Rob;^l -Chainbrc, 
Frsnctc- Bryan, and Thoaiiu-Nocl, 
HiUi ihne dolioguishcd military 

111. HILLSBOROITGII, Karl of, 

V. ofc. mi 

/^S. Arihur-Blandi'11..Sand)rt.Tmm- 
bal Hal. I>.C.l.. 

Vi»cojMi KAirlbrd . . . 1772 

Harwich I764> 

Mabuuess or Dowy. 

HIKE 17H0 

Evi uid ViHctmnt of HiUi- 

Higb, Dowiuhire • . . 17*^1 
Viscount Kilwarlin . . . ^ 171T 
Baon Hill ot Kilvarlin . S 

licrcdiury Coiuiablc of UiU»- 
boroiigh Fort. 
A Trustee of the Itiih Linen Blanu- 

Ocu 8 178a 

hi» fathv^ as 3tt Marquess, 

Srpt.7 IflOl 

M^iria, eU- dr. of Other, 
ath EArl of Plyinouth, Oct. ^ri 1611 

4p. Arthur -WilU.BhindeU. 
Sandv%-Trumhal- Windiior, Kurt 
o/tf'iWdfcuTOH^'A, bom Aug. 6 . 1812 
t%V&. H illAborough Caatle> Downahtre; 
Hill Park, Kcntc Timwciton, Bucks; 
KaHthaiit stead, Berks; North Aston, 
Or on. 
BiL His Lordship is tlie cid. xon of the 
BaroaeM Sandys (Dowager Mardlio. 
neu of DowDshire) : bratlur to I.<ord 
Anhur.Mayscs-WiUiam Hill (2d urn 
and iteir tip. of Baroncsfl Sandys), 
\ M.P for DowDshire: hro—iu-litv to 
the Earl of Plymonth: and to the 
liuLy of ibe Hun. Robert.Hcnry Clive, 
M.P. for Ludlov (who ii n/n to the 

Karl of Fowls, and brolha* to Viu»iin( 
Olive, alio Member for Ludlow), The 
M archioneas i» Id coumIm to the children 
of the Hon. William^Wclleslcy-IxKig 
Pole, by the lat£ laaicntud (Jathrrioe- 
Tylney Long, dr. and hctrcM of Sir 
Jiunrs-Tylney Long, Bart. 
Pari. Pai. The Member for Carrick- 

270. HOLLAND, Baron. 
of Holland, Linctilnshiie V.ofC. 1762 
.v. ^- S, Htmry-Richard-VaAul Fox, 

F.K.S., and F.SA. 
O. T. Baron UoUnnd, of Foxlcy, 

M'iltshire I7G3 

OJi. Recorder of Nottingham. 

A Privy Councillor. 

(!hanccllor of the Durhy and Coiwiy 
Palatine of Lancaster. 
Bit, Not. 21 ..... . 177:i 

Sue, his father, as 3d Baron, Dec. 

2n 1774 

Mur. Elizabeth, dr. and heiress of 
Itichard Vassal, Esq. ami ■u-Uiooi 
of Sir Godfrey Webster, Burt, 

July a 1797 

If. A}i. Henry. Edward, bom 

Mareh ^ 1802 

To. Uet. 30, Old nurlingtoo.«ircel,and 

Holluid House, Kensington. 
Co. Sc. Foxlev, Wiltshire; and AmpU 

liiU Paik, Bedfordshire. 
Ret' \\\* JjonUhip is nrvhev \o the late 

eminent stau-sman, the Right Hon. 

Charles-James Fox. 

78. HOME, Earl of, Y, of C. 1605 
A RcjtrfKHtative Peer of Scotland; 

clccu-d Sepu2 1830 

N. 4- .V. .\lexander.Honie Ramey. 
O. T. i^. P. Baroo Home and 

Duiiglos 1473 

Offi, Lord Lieut, of Berwkkthtre. 

Col. of the Berwick .Militia. 

Bn. Nov. 11 1769 

Sue. hi» father, as lOth Earl, Oct. 8 1786 
Afar. Elizabeth, 2d dr. of Henry, 

:id Dtikc uf Buccleugh, Nov. :i 171)8 
//. Ap. Cospatrick - Alexander, 

Lord Dunfflat, bom OcL 27 - 1799 
Co. Se. Ilinal, IWwickshirc 
Rtl. The Countess is aunt to the Duke 

ofBucclcugh; to the ladyof Visrount 

Stopford (tim to the Earl of Courtown) ; 

and tn the lady of the Hon. Pcrtyrinc- 

Francis Cusi (bro. 10 Earl Brownlow, 

and to the Hon. Edwanl Cust, M.P. 

for Loatwithid), M.P. fereU^bnoc 


( 190 ) 


168. HOOD, Viscount. 

of Hliidey, Warwickshire V. of C. 179« 

a: t} S. HcDrjr Hood. 

O. T. Baron Uood^ of Calfaer. 

ington, Hants 1796 

A Baronet 177<t 

I. H. Baron Hood, of Gather- 
ington 1702 

Bo. Aug. 26 Xlb^ 

Sue, \m mother, in the English 

Barony, May 2.'i lUOC 

hii father, as 2d Viscount, 
Jan. 27 lUU 

Mar. Jane, dr. and heiresa of F. 
WTieilex, E*q. of Whiaey, War- 
wickshire, in 1774 

H. Aft. Hix I^ordaliip's ^(iffi/jrim, 
^ialIlurl, LicuL of the 3d Foot 
Ouardft, boni Jan. 10 . . . IBO8 

Co. Sr. Whitlej' Abbey, war Coventry; 
CUthtTington House, Hanipsliira. 

Hcl. 2d cousin to Baron Bnuport. 

Baron, of H. ood N. Ca<tlc, Linlfth- 

gowUiIre, . V.ofC. lOOUandlUU. 
N'&S. John Hope* 
O. T. ^ P. Eakl or HopE- 

Vlacount Aithrie . . . .^ 17o:t 
Baron Hope, of Lanark . .3 

€>fi. Lord Lieut, and Hereditary Sfttrif 
of LinJithgrrwMre. 
Hereditary Keeper of Lochmaben 

Bfu lAih Nor 1803 

Sue. hta father, as fith Earl and 2d 
Baron, 27th Aug 1833 

Mar. LouiM, t-ldntt daughter of 
Godfrey, :)d HaronMaalnnaUlof 
SUte, 4tbJune Ht24t 

//. Pret. Hi* Ijoidship'ft bmthtT, the 
Hon. James Hope, a Captain in the 
*Jd Foot (juarda. 

Co. Se. Uopctoun House, Linlithgow, 
■hire; RaefaiUa, Dumfriouhirc ; and 
OnnlfftOO House, Haddingtonshire. 

Hci. Cousiii'in^hv to Admiral Sir Wil- 
lianuJohnstone Hone,O.C.B. K.T.(i., 
and mephra to the Hon. Sir Alexander 
Hope. O.C.B. and iM.P. tnr Ltnllth. 
Dowshire: cohHh to Henry-Thomas 
Hope, Em. M. p. for East Ijouc : mvh- 
in-law to tne prvftent Baron Macdooald 
{Lord of the I tkt). 

23ii. //OWVIRD, Boron, 
of EfEiigliAttt, Suncy^ . Y.ofC. 156^ 

N. 4" ^V. Kcnneih-AIexaoder Uo«aid» 

O C.B. and K.T.I5. 
OJi. A Lieut. General. 

Co), of the 70th Regt. of FooC' 

Bn. 29th Nn? 

Sue. his kirtviuitt, Ktchaid, 4ih 

Kmrl of E., as I Ith Baron, l>ec 

llih ISU 

Miir. Charlotte, dr. of Neil, 3d 

Earl of Koftebcrry, 'J7th May . \m 
H.JfK UenryHo«ruid,KM).,M.P. 

for New Shonham, bom £ld 


Co. St. The Orange, near 

lii'L /frtf..M Jawia the Earl of 


of W , Ehbcx, Uaruii, . V,of<'. 

X.-^-S. Charles-Augustus EUi». 

Bh. 6th June 

Sur. biit grriit-grandfatlKT, the 4th 
Earl of Bristol, in thi* Barooy, 
(in right of his mother, ilec<u»ed^ 
who wafl daut;hiirof Lorti Her- 
vi-y, L'ltleM MHi of tht' »aid Karl) 
mhJuly U 

Mor. Lucy, Hd dr. oi \^*illiain- 
Hcnry, 4th Duke of Pordand, 
tttli Nov 

To. Het. 2, Audlcy-squarc, 

Co. Sc. Claremunt, Surrey. 

HeL Son of Baron Scafoni : brf^in- la 
AInjor the Hon. Augustus-Findp^ 
Ellis, .MP. for ^caford: 
to the Duke of Portland : 
the Marquess uf Bristol, 
C<»unteas of Erne: ooMjrim 
of Jcmiyn, M.P. for Ilurj 
tnunds. The BaruncsA i» xistrr 
Marquees of Titchficld : niect; 
Uight Hon. Otorgt: Frederick 
dish licnunck, U.C.B., M.P. 
King's Lynn. 

401. HOM'E, BaroncM, 
ofLangar, Nous. . , V.ofC 
A'. ^S. Sophia-Charlotte Waller. 

Bn. lUth Feb 

Sin: her fatlier, the first Bartm, 

5th Augu.<it 

Mar. FirMt, Peon-Ashetun, eldest 

son of Ashcttm, lint Vtsamnl 

CunsoD, 31st July , . . , 

Secondly., Sir Jonathan- WatfacB 

Waller, Bart., in ... • 

H. A^. VJicWt^-WmUni., Emri 

\ How<,^««x\ \\>!a\>«- . . . 

\ To. R«- *^^'^artd^'*XOB««sV»i«.^ 


< 191 ) 


r's Villa, Twickcnhwii, 
ftod Gopsal Hail, Ijd- 

l^adyship li d4iufftitrr to the 

fUlant Admiral Howe: moiiter 

Eari Hove : a«'<i to the MarquL-m 

to the Hoo. Robert C'urzon, 
for CUtberoe {marned \o iha 

i;i. HOWE, (Ut)E»rI, 
cfLwi^imr, Notu. . . V.ofC. la^l 
A*. > S. Riehard-WillUm-Pcnn-Cur- 

ton Unvc 
0, T. VtKoant Canon .... 1802 

Btfoo Cunoo, ofPcnn House, 

Bu<k» 1704 

0^ A Tnivtec of Rugby :>cliool. 

a*, ntb Oec. mo 

Saf- iu> grandfatheTf «s second 
rnmit. Unh ^larch . . . Itm 

Mtr, Harriin-lietn-giani, Mcund 
4e, «f Rftbtrt, t>th Earl of Car- 
4^ ll*th .M anil . . . .?I(t20 

A ^fi 0«<H^-AugiiRtua-Krtde* 
ncfc-LmiUit Kiirt/unt Curzon-t 
bom Itftli Jan 1U21 

Tb. J^ It. hotitlt Audley -street. 

r«. A- Pcnn UuuM^ JVuki; H«g- 
kf, SMffbrd^iire; and U'hulky Ab- 
hrf, fjuicashirc, 

Ai 8» l^flKcUhip U ff>fi afff/ hr\r ta 
■fefpoen Howe; rotixin to the Mar- 
aHMcfSligo: iiM-ift<Aitt' to the Karl 
4f Cwdigyn : 6rLi.-in-Artr to l/onl 
BnaSoKllf At -P. for Fowlt ; and to 
Aa feMiy of Lord UingHun (n^n and 
Ur bo the Earl of Luciui), nrphrar in 
^ HdC Robert Curzon, M.P. for 
CbtWror (who ia fnarried to the Ba- 
ttaoft Zoucbe). 

fM. P«/. One ilembcrr for Clitheroe. 

* Hl'NTIN01>UN, tarl of, 

V.ofC. l.V2ft 
X|i Hus- 

(Xr. Baron 0.asfingK,of Ashby- 
fcJa-Zeuch, IjckcBtcnhirc . 1461 

K Atb Nov lUlA 

k. U* ^ler, » 12th Earl, Di-c U;2« 
It Fkm, Hi* LordRhip's frof/irr, the 

8«. Jobn-ArmatTon^ Ha.'>tirig». 
Ik Jbb 47, Bakcr-strcet. 
Cm. Sc Chan Huuac, H^iinorsbire. 

m. BUTC^iy^ON, ViscounU f 
y.afa U.K. I8'2l 




N. ^ S. John Heljr nutchiDMn, 

li.i'.B. K.V, V^Ji. 

Vint Baron HutchinKiD, of Alex- 
andria and Knocklofty . * 
O. 7*. I. P. Eaul orDoHOUou- 


Viscount Suirdalc ..... 

Baron Donou^tnore of Knock. 


Cyi. Gmcmtfr ofSt'triiug Cattle^ 
A (icmral Officer, and 
Col. of the I8tb Regt. of Foot 

Bn. irnh May 17^7 

Sue. hU brotfier, as second Viscount 
and Earl, iWd Aug I«2r> 

//. Prrs. HiB Lordship's wfp/trtc, John- 
Hely Hutchinson, Esq. 

Co. St. Palmentton, near Dublin ; and 
Knocklofty HiniK, CO. Tippcrsry. 

liel. HU Lordship is trnclx to the 
Ladies of the Very Reverend (he 
Deans of Cloyne and Rosa, v'u. T- 
Burgh and J. F. Bond ; and to the 
Lttdr of Thomas Bernard, Esq. M.P. 
foe King's County. 

105, ILCHESTER, Earl of, 

V.ofC. I75R 

X. i^- S. Hcnry-Stcphcn-Fox Strong- 
ways, U.C'.L. 

O. T. Biron Ilche*- CSomer-"! 

tw and Stavordale < set- M746 
Bcron Rcdlynch . . f sllire. j 

lirt. 2Ut Feb 1787 

Sue. his father, as third Earl, 5th 

M<ir. Carohnc-Iicnnnra, dr. of the 
late Rt. Hon. and Ri. Rev. Geo. 
Murray, D.D. Lord Buhop of 
St. DavidN, 6ih Feb. . 

H. -•//'. Henry, Lord Stavordalty 

bom7tb.ran IBIO 

To. Hc». :U, Old BnrUngton-8tnt?t. 

Co. St. Mclbury Htmse, nuar Shrr- 
bomv, Dorset; Hcdiynch, Somerset- 
shire ; and Abboisbury Castle, near 
Doi Chester. 

RrL liro..iti-lifu> to Sir Christopher Cole,. 
K.C.B. Cnpi. R.N.; and to the Mar- 
qucBS of Ijanbdownc: uncle to the 
Earl of Kerry. His Lordship's r/ii/J- 
ren arc second -cnu*ins to the Duke of 
Athol; to Buron Oleiilyon; uid tu 
tlic Viscountess Siratliollan. 



/ 75. JERSEV, Earlof, 
^■if^. OcojKe-CiiUd Viliere. ' 



REIT ( 192 

O. r. Viscdunt VUlien of Darw ^ 

fold J.I6D0 

Baron Villieri of Hoo, Kent } 

I. P. Vifcuuiit OnndUoD . . lr!2n 

Jin. lUth AugTiHl 1773 

JiMr.hufuhcr,H5thKiLr1,2-2JAug. 1805 

Mar. Sftnh^ophi&i cldc«t dan^h. 
tcrof John, lOth Karl of Wesu 
morclAnd, May 23(1 .... 1&04 

H. Ap. Ocoip-'-Aupustufi-Fredc- 
rick, fticttunt Vili'urt.yX.P. for 
RochentLT, bom 4tb April , . 1808 

To. Hri. :W, lkrkclc)-.M]uarc. 

Co.Se, Oslerley Pork, Middlesex; and 
3liddleton i'ark, near Bic«i>icT, Ox- 
ford nhirc. 

Bet, Hit LonUliip is hro.'in'1'iv to 
Lord Milliam Kussel, M.P. for Ta- 
vistock (who IB uHcU to the Duke of 
Ikdford); to thcHon.Charlc^-M'illiam 
Wyndhttiii (Aro. lo tlie Earl of Egrr- 
iront ; fuiiier to M'adhani Vl'yndham, 
Km. M.P. for Nfw Jsarum) ; In (he 
Duke ot Ai^yU; lo liamn Pon**mby; 
und to the iion. and Rev. Richard 
Biigot, Lord 13i»hop of Oxfonl: uncle 
to haron Durham; and to the Lady of 
Oie Hon. Iltmry-Urcy Bcnnet {l>ro. to 
the Earl of Tanktrvillc. and Uie ^U-iii- 
!xT lor Slirrmihun-) ; to the children of 
the prtKot .Marquess of Anglesey by 
hii/rrf wife (now Durhcfs o( Argyll) 
til. the Eaii of l^xbridgr. 31. P. for 
Anglcscyshirc (who married the irlrrr 
of hi» itrpfathrr, the Duke of ArRyll) ; 
to l^ord \i'illiam Pa^i-t ; to the Duchc&H 
iif Kichinoi d ; to i\\v Lady of the Korl 
of i'\In\inicharlcs {HiUtl t^'H of ihc 
iMarqiu-^« of ('onynj-hani), ALP. for 
Dontrgnh^hirc; and lo the Lady ot 
Arthur t'hicbr*ter. Esq., M.P. for 
\S'cxlord*hirc (nrpfiev lo the Mar. 
qut»t of DuiirgiU). 


40:t. KEITIJ, lUrnncM. 
of Banhmth. Dumhanonfthire. 

V.ofC. 1. K. 

Sue. hrr father, the gnllant Ad- 
miral, Georj»e,Vi«ouniK<iih, in 

Afar. Auguotc - C'harU h ■ Josi^h, 
I'ount dc Flahaiilte, 28th July . 

To. lies. 103, Piccadilly. 

Co. AV. Koit-ClUr Lodge, 
Aldie, PcTthfchire. 


Kent; and 

aOL KENYON. Huron, 
of GrediDKton, Flintihia-, V.ofC. I7«8 
X.^S. George Kenjon, D.C.L. ai^i 


O. T. A BoToret 17' 

Qffi, A BcnrhcrofthCi'^Iiddlc Temple.-' 

Cnttvi Btrvlum i-Jthe King's Di nrh.^' 

Sn. 22d July I7;r 

Sue iiik futlicr, w 2d Baron, 4ih 

April 1803 

Afiit. Mar|j;an.^-ETnnui. dr. of Sir T. 

1 1 annicr. Burt ( dcctaacd \ Feb. I 1 803 
//. Ap. Lloyd, horn Ut April . 180A 
Til. }ifi. Jl, Portman-Mjnnrc. 
Co. Sc. (iredington Hall, EllesmircK. 

Hel Hii lAtrdahip ut Aro/Vr to the B< 

ThoniaK Kcnyon, Clerk of ibe^ Owl 

lAwrtoi in ttic Court ol' King*B 


A^ 4; ^' MaTKaret-McrrcT Klphinmunc. 
O. T. L P. BornnrM Kitth. of 

Stoiieliaren 31ari>chal, Uumhor. 

lonshlre 178? 

Bm.\n 171m 

380. KGR, Boron, 

orKeTBtmigh, Koxburghthire, 

V.ofL. U.K. 1811 
N. ^ S. John-Vrilliom-Robcrt Kc». 
O. T. S. I*. AlAMurtas of 


Earl of Lothian acd Ancrum. 

1<»» and 1«^ 
VUcount of Bricn .... ITtfl 
Baron Kcr of Ncwbotile . . I.Wl 

Baron Jedburgh t'UJ 

Qffi. Recorder of the Borough of llual>_ 
f^trd LUulmoMt of NnsbMrffhthUr* 
CoL of the Edinburgh Militia. 

lift l»t Feb. . J7J 

Sue, his father, b> "Jih Morquds 
and iK'cnnd English Bojon, 

Apr. 27ih II 

H. Prn. i^lls LoTd»hipV brother. 

Ilcnry-Pmnctk-Chirlcfl Kcr. 

To. Rtt. :n. ('Inr^s «lrett, Pieadilly. 

Co. Sr. NL-wlM)tilc Hntiv, Mti]-l*iiihi 

ant] Mouikt-Tcviot Lodge, RoKhurj 

oh ire 

* Cfuto» Brrvium m a cUrk oC the Court of Kinv^'s Bmeh, who files writ* 
iUJfi mU nrMiTtttuit of attamrjy and tranfcribca 01 TnaVc% mu ■^^ TCt£nCkxn\ >Ci«V ptinb 
There h a ant.iJar officer in the Common P\nus '■^** ^^^ ^"^ diorijv tA'Cot vsa 
ot' A/// Prius. 


( 193 ) 


Hii Lordship i« hro. to Lord Robert 
Ker, Seattxry to the Aloet Noble Ordcr 
e! the Tbisdc : ton-iuJaw to Karl 
Talbot : bro,-ia-4utp to Viscount In- 
gntrie. J^I.P- for Aniiagh : couj, to 
Vtaavunt V:Ulctort, ihl.F. for Loit. 
*iihkl; to the Uon. George Edg«> 
aimbe^ Sec of Lcj^ation in Swiuwr- 
liodt— JUid to the Countess Brownlow 
(mi uul dr. to the Earl of Alourit- 
Bd^ccuuibc); 3d corn, to the Karl of 
fiudcui};ham»hin! : J'a,.in-faw to tlie 
Hflik. Charlo-Rodolph TrcAuis (who 
b brotAtr and /ifir pret, to Baron 

sea: king, Baron, 
trOiUuai. Somy . . Y.ofC. 1735 
jr. 4 X. Taa King. 
Jb.3UcAag. 1776 

Aw. hu fa., u 7th IWnn, Nov. 23 1793 
iftjr. Hester, dr. of Hugh, Ut Karl 

Forteacuc, 2Gth May . . . 1804 
b. Jp. William, boro 20th Feb. 1800 
t^ Met. 38 Dovtr-tlrett, Piccadilly. 
1^ Sf. Ockham Park, ne&r liipky, 
8umy ; and Ashley Lodgv, near 
Nnnehcttd, SunuTKtahire. 

Hii Lordihip i* to Kail 
FncteMCUc : brother •iiulaw to Vucount 
Ebrington. M.P. for Devonshire; to 
the Hon. Otorgc-Matihcir Forte*cue, 
Ute Af.P. for Hindon ; to the lady of 
tfai Hon. Newton Fcllowes (&ro. and 
Kfr€». to the Earl of PortmnouthJ ; 
ndtO the lady of George WUbraliani, 
Eaq., M. P. for Cheshire. The Ha. 
miHi ii rout, to the Duke of Ruck- 
ii^;haiD; to Rarou Nugent, M.P. for 
Aylertniry; and tnthcBaronciB Anin- 
ddl of Wardnur : 2d con*, to the 
Harqneas of Chandos, M.P. for Duck- 

mi Lordship ha« lately dijttingufffhed 
IfiBMJf in the literary world by being 
the tnthor of the life of his kinaman, 
tbe imizioru] Jofin Lockt. 

ISA. KINGSTON, Earl o(, 

V.ofC. I7C8 
A Hrprruntativc Peer of Ireland^ 
fitr life (though a BarOD of the 

U.K.), elected in 1800 

A'- St S, Ocorge King. 

0, T. Ut Baron Kingston of 

MicheUtown, U.K. 9th July 1821 
l.P. \\»eoant KingBboraagh . 17^4 
Bamn Kingnutn . . . , 1^04 
A Smnsaet o/Jnl/uid . 

OJL A Trustee o£ the Iri«b Linen Ma- 

Bn. 28th April 1771 

Sue, his fa., u 3d Karl, April 17 I7IID 
Afar, lltlera, dr. of Stephen, Ut 

Earl of Mountcaabel, 7th May 1794 
//. Ap, Edward, Viscount King!i> 

borough, born in 1706 

To. Rc4. 3, W'hiiehnll-placb 
Co. Sr. Mitchclktowii Cajtle, Cork. 
Hel. His Lurdahip is fa. to the Hon. 
Rubert King, M.P, furCorkshiru: hrtK 
to \'i:vCouni Ijorton; and to Major. 
Gen. die Hun. Henry King, C.B., 
. ttae M.P. for Sligoaliiix: cous. to the 
Visoouotcu Lorton: unc. to the Karl of 
Mountcashel : to the lady of WilUam- 
Vates Pec], Esq., M.P. for Cam. 
bridge University -. bro.^inJaw to C- 
R. Dawson, Esq-, M.P. for Harwich; 
and to the Hon. H. King (son of Vis. 
Lorton), lat£ M.P. for Corkabirc. 

196. LAKE, Viscount, Y.ofC. 1807 
iV. ^ S. Franci^Uerard Lake. 
O, T. Barnn Lakt, of Delhi, Laswo- 

rec; and AKtou-Clintun, Burks 1804 
Ciff. A Lord nfthc Kitiff'i firJc/iamber. 

A LicuL-General in the Anny. 

flu. 31st March 1772 

yNc.hisfa.,iu2dVtH:ounuFeb.20 IttOB 
Mar. PriiciUa, dr. of Sir C. ^VhiU 

worth, and uidow of Sir Bel. 

linghaniGrahani, BarL.lstJan. 1800 
//. Prct. Hii lordship's brother, the 

Hon. U'arwick Laku 
Co. Se. Aston-CUnton, Bucks. 
Rrf, Brother-in-law to C>d. Sir John 

Harvey, K.C B,, one of his Majesty's 

Aides-de-camp, llie Viscxmutess waa 

aittrr to the lalc Earl \Vhitworth, 

who was ambassador to tht Courts of 

France, Pctersburgh, fitc 

31. LANSDOWNE, Marqueas of, 
V.ofC. 1784 
A'j; y. Hcnry-Filunaurice Petty, D.C-L. 

O. T. Karl of Wycombe . . .1784 
Viscount Calnc and Caistone, 

Bucks 1784 

Baron >Vycombe, of Chipping 

W., Bucka 1700 

I. P. Karl of Kerry and SheU 

bume 1722 & 1753 

Viscount Clanmauricc »i\d Viu- 

ntaurice \1^^ 

Baron of Kerry, lixnav, a&i 
X>unkerroa ViSA 




ftp. fjOrA PrfrM^nt of Ihtf King't 

C^UHiit •. 

ji Privtj Couniithr. 
A TruKtec of the British Muieum. 
President of the Zoologicnl Hucicty. 
Lnrd Rector of ((hu^w Unifersiiy. 

Ah. 2d July 1780 

Sue. his brother, as 3d Alarqaess, 
13th Nov 1800 

Afar. Lmiitui-Enimii, Ath dr. of 
Hcnry.ThoTTiM, 2d Eul of II- 
chwtcr. :Wth Mnrch .... 1800 

//, -•!//. William-Thomaft, Karl of 
A'rrry^ bom mth March . . lAll 

To. Hit. IjutadoviK llouac, &4, Berke- 
ley •»qtuire. 

Cft. Si'. IWvood, fiMr Ohippenhairij 

Rtl. Iflu liordfthip id ia the 
Karl of Ilchester; and to the lady of 
bir Chriatopher Cole, K.C'.B. Captun 
R.N.: couiin to the Right Hon. 
H«tmc« Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, 
and iare Af.P. for Kcrrr^hin:. 

Pari. Pal. Two Meinbcra' for Calne. 

S40. LArDERDALE,(1»t)Baran, 
of Thirlcstaiu, nerwickihire, 

Y.ofC. U.K. lOOO 
M 4 S. Jamei MatUand, K.T. 
0. T. S. P. Eael or LaI'Deb- 

OALE 1024 

VtKouot Maithnd bih] Lauder- 
daic 1016 A: IG24 

Baron Thirlcstane, Boltoun^ and 
Lauderdale 1.590 

A Baronet of Nora Scotia . . I(i73 
Q^. Heritahlf Bojfal Stnndard-Btarcr 
tif Scotland. 

A Privy CotmeiBof. 

An Advocate a( (he Scottish Bar. 

J7«f. Jan. 26 1750 

Sue. hii fa., ae mh Earl, Aug. IJ 17U1» 
Mar. Eleaii«ir» dr. and heiress of 

Anthony Todd. Esq., Aug. 15 1783 
IT. Ap. James, V\4count Maitlaudy 

M.P. for Appleby, bom Feb. 12 1784 
To. Hes. Warren's Hotel, Regent-strcct. 
Co. Sf. Tliirletunc, and Lauder Castle. 

Benrkkahire; Ihinbur House, East 

firl. UniAa the Member for Appleby, 

his Lordship is fi, also to tlie Hon. 


Anthony Maidnnd, a Captnin In the 
KoytJ Navy, and M.P. for Hvrwick. 
shire: fa.^in^LtTr to .John Warrcnder, 
Esq. (who in brother to (he Rt. Hon* 
Sir (^orgr Warrcndcr, Bart., a Com- 
mi&«toncr for the affairs of India, and 
M.P. for Ilonitoni: wncV to th« 
Marquem of Twccddale ; and to Lord 
John Hay, a Cnptnin In \he Royal 
Navy, And late M.P. for Haddtngloa- 

son. LE DESPENCER, Baronesa, 
Prrmifr Baroneu of Engtand. 

V.ofC. ISW 
iV. 4 S. Mar7.Francei.£lisabeth Sta. 


fin. March 24th IftM 

Svc. hCTgraDdfBiher,the 22d Baron, 

Oct. ^! 1 

ffn. Pres. The four daughtcn of the 

Hon. and Rev. AlilcA-John Staple 
Tlel Her Ladyhhip \i craiid-dauffurr 

H. Bankcs, Esq., /-//<■ M.P. for Dorset: 

shire: nieiv loO. Bankcs Esq., M.P. 

for Corfe (^-asUc ; and to W. J. Bankesi, 

Esq., M.P. for Marlborough. 
Co. Scali. Ony*i Court, Oxfordshire; 

and Mercworth Castle, Kent. 

Btsliop of, 

Trarit. from Limerick in . . . 1833 
A Hiprcaentathc Prelate of ire* 

land/or Kuhn . . 1831 and 1833 
N, 4 S. The Ru Rev. ThomM Eldag. 

ton, D.D. 
Cottj. Bishop of Limerick, Ac- in IfiSO 
Hc4. Fema Palace, ^V'exfordalure. 

la. LEEDS, Duke of, Y.ofC; lfl04 
N. cj S. George-WUliam-Fredcrlek 0». 

borne, K.O. 
O. 7*. Karl of Danby .... 1«74 
ViaoouDt Latimer of Danby . f 
Baron Osborne, of Kiveion. > lejS 

Vorkshire ) 

Baron Conyers 1A09 

A Baronet ...".... IC20 
Marqtieu of Carmarthen . . 1009 
S. P. Viscount Dunblane, in 

Perthshire 1075 

OJi. A Prny CounciU0r. 

* Th0 Prttideni afth€ Ctmnrii i« tlie fourth great officer of titAte in fiD|^«id. 
ffk o0icc U to Mtttad on iha King on all tnaitar* o( ^\A\ft 'ub^mV v» v^^opoac 
hus ioem MM the CouncH T«bl«^ and lo iep«(l t» Uu M«4««i9 >3u Mww f iW^ vWv 
m^ plmcv there. 


( 1»5 ) 


Tfiie Muter of the Hone to Uie King. 

Gooermor of the lilandt of ScUiy. 

Lord LirwL of the North Riding of 

Ranger of Ridimood Foresc, York- 

Cowtable of Middlcham Ctstle. 

fin. July 21 1755 

Smc, his &tber, sa 6th Dulu^ 

31 1799 

CJuriotte, dr. of George, 1st 

Marqacu Tomiftbend, Aug. 17 1707 
II. Ap, Fruk'^^odolphiB D'Arcy, 

Alcrqnehi of Cannartbeo, bom 

"SUy 21 179a 

To. RcM, \rhitehaU. 

Co. Sf. llocnby Ca>t!c, Cstteruk^Vork. 

MtL Father to the Marqueu of Cartnar- 

Cben, (who u mv. to Louisa-Catherine, 

Sd dr. of B. Caloo, Kaq., of Alary. 

land in An>erica,wUinr of J^ir F.-K.-B. 

llarrey, Bart., and aister to the Mar. 

^Aaom% Wetlesley) : brother to Lord 

^Micic-Oodolplun Osborne^ M.P. for 

Camfaridgethire, (who is'law 

to naron Auckland) : unvU to the Karl 

of Chichester. 
ParL PM. Two Membcn for HeUtonc. 



183. LEINSTER, Vi«ouii% 
of Taplow, Bucks . . Y. of a 
N.^S. Augustus-Frederick Fita- 



Marqanu of KUdare . . . » 

£arl of Kildsre 131G 

Prrmier PcfTj Marquessy and 

Earl of Ireland. 
Bamn ofOlfaley, King's Co. . 1205 

OJt. Governor and Cuit. Rot, of the 
Commtjf of KUdare. 

*jr«. Aag. 21 1791 

fiK.hU father, as 3d Duke, OcL 20 1804 
'^Jtfd*-. Charlotte- Augusta, youngest 
dr. of Charles, »d Karl of Usr- 
rington, June 16 1818 

M. Ap. CharU-s-WUliaro, Mnr- 

^wc/in/A^i/ffurr^bOTD March 30 1810 

'To. Ret. 6, Carlton -houne Terrace. 

Co. Se. Carlton House, Maynoulh, Co. 

Ret. His grace is brother to hani WiU 
tor Kildace; to tht^ Viscounteaui de 
Cbabot ; 10 Baroness Foley; and to 
the Dow. iSmrtmeag Kianmird : ofiele 
UfSirChMrUmRtmt,BMn.i to Sir Ed~ 
mtf-R^Jter-Baker, Bart ; and to Lord 

Ktnnaird : bro.^itt'law to the present 
Earl of Harrington, and to the Alar- 
chioneaa of Tavistock. 

Lord Bishop of, tramtated from 

Gloucester 1824 

A*". 4- S. Hon. and Rt. Rev. Henry 
Ryder, D.D., Dean of M'cUs. 

Sn. 21 5t July I777 

Cons. Bishop of Gloucester in . ijjlfi 
iVdr. Sophia, daughter of Thomas- 
March Phillips Esq. . . . 1803 
7*0. Rti. 5, Bclgrave-street, Bel- 
grave square. 
Co. Se. Bishop's Palace, Lichfield. 
Rel, Brother to the Earl of Harrowby • 
and to the Right Hun. OmnviUe Dud- 
ley Ryder, M P. for Tiverton i uncle 
to Viscount Sandnn, also M.P. for 
Tiverton; to Capl. Saurin, R.N.; and 
to the l.»ady of the Hon. Charles-Stuart 
WorUcy, M.P. for Bofslney. 
N. B. The diocras of Lichfield and 
Coventry Is in the Province of Canter, 
buir; and the spiritual auihority of the 
Bishop extends overStaffordfthire, DL-rby. 
shire, and parts of Wonvickshirv and 

3ia LTLFORD, Baron, 
ofL., Northamptonshire V. of C. 1797 
jV. ^- S, Thomas Atlicrton Powia. 

Rn. Dtx. 2 laOl 

Sue. his father, as 3d Baron, 

July -I 1826 

H. Prrt. His I*ord»hip*s brother, the 

Hon. Robert-Vcmon Powis. 
To. Res. Clarendon Hotel, 169, New 

Bond -street 
Co. Sr. Lilford Park, near Oundle, Nor- 

iliainntonsliire 1 and Bewacy Hall, 

near Warrington, Lancashire. 

U6. LIMERICK, (1st) Earl of, 

V. ofC. 1803 

A Representative Peer of Ireland 
fir life (though entitled to sit in 
the House of Lords as Baron 
of the U.K.), elected in . . . 1800 

N.S[S. Edmund.HcnryPcry,M.R,LA. 

O. T. 1st Bahok Foxfohd, of 
StackpolcCoun,Clareshire,tJ.K. 1RI5 
Ut Viscount Limerick . . . 18(13 
L P. Baron Glcntworth, of 
Mallow 1390 

Q^. A Privy CounciVbr '\n InXandL. 

Rh. Jftu. 8th \';W 

Sttc. hia father, who waa AiVewSf* 

Lord Bishop of KUlaVoe^ «:s 



LINT ( 196 

Baron, July 7th 1704 

Mar, Alice-Mary, dr. and hcircu 
of H. Orntsby, Ehj. or Cloghan, 
Mayofthirc, Jan. 'i!)th . . .1783 

//. ^p. Heiiry-Hartjstongc, Lord 
Glcnlwi,rth^ bora Mjiy 2!Hh . 170?) 

To, Hft. A, Maonficlil-strvct, Porlland- 

Co. Se. SouthiU PaiV^ nracknell, Berk- 
shire; and Limerick, Ireland. 

Bf/. His Lordship is fi.-ln-taip to 
ThoDias-Spring Hicc, Esq. Al.P. for 
Limerick : cousin to the Viscnuntcu 
Northland ; and to the lady of Nichol- 
son Culvert, E»q. M. P. for Hcrtford- 
ahiw (who \» father to John C'-alvert, 



Em., See to the liord Chiunhcrlain, 
and M. p. for Huntingdon ; hrothvr 
to Charles Calvert, Esq. M. P. for 
Southwark) : 2d coiisht to th: lion. 
Thomas Knox, 31. P. for Ihingannon; 
and to the lion. John-Henry Knox, 
AI.P. for Newry (who Is MM^Iir-lnv lo 
tlie Earl of Riluiorvy). 

217. LINCOLN, Lord Bishop of, 
ttamtatfd from Bristol . . * . 11)27 
A-. & S. Kt, Rev. John Kaye, D.D., 


O. Offl. Master of Christ's College, and 

Hfgiu* J'rvjhtor of Divinitif at the 

Univcrsitif of Cambridgt; 

CvHS. Bishop of Brutol in . . 182U 

Co. S(* Buckden Palace, Uuntingdon- 

^, B* The Bishop of Lincoln's spiritual 
authority calends over Limrolnshire, 
• licionilcrshire, HuntiDgdoniihire, Bed- 
fordshire, Uuckinghanishire, and part 
of Uenfordahire; — all in the Province 
of Canterbury. 

67. LINDSEY, Earl of, 

ofUffingtoo, Lincolnshire v. of C. 162(1 
i^. >J- A*. Albcntarlc-Ucurgc-Augustus* 
Frederick Bertie. 

Bh. 4th Not 1814 

Sue. his faUicT, as 10th Earl, 17th 

9mu leiu 

Ji, Pre*, Ilia Ixtrdshiu's hrothtr^ the 
Hoib Momagu-Peregnnr Benic. 

Co,Se* OrimatiMrpeCastfe, Lincolnshire. 
His Lordship is a MiiroiL 

134. LIVERPOOL. Ewl of, 

V. ofa iTW 

AC A- S. CharJra'CeciKCape Jsikinaoa. 
a 71 Bmvn UmwieMburr, Olon- i 

emknhm 1786 \ 

A Baronet 1661 

J9h. 2ffth May 178& 

Sue. his half brother, as 3d Earl, 

14th Dec 1»28 

Mar. Julia, dr. of 8ir G.-A.-W.. 

8. Evelyn {dtcfaftd), July 19th IfilO 
//. PrcM. Hi« X»rd*»hip's Ptr/^«iv, Jaiua 

Walter, Viscount Gricnston. 
7*0. Her. 45, I'ppcr Oroivenor-strccL 
Co.Sc. Pitchford Hall, near Sthrcwsburr; 

and Bucksted Park, near Uckfield, 

Ret. Brv.-hi4aw to the Earl of Vcrulam; 

cousin to the Rt. Kev. John, Lord 

Bishop of St. David*8. 


LLANDAFF, Lofd Biihop of. 

contecraUtl »'» 11127 

N.^S. Rt. Rev. EdwardCopkaton, U.D. 
O. Oj^. Dfttft of St. PauPt^ Londoo. 
7*0. Hes. The Di^anery, Su Paul's, 
C«w Se. lilandnff Court, <rIamo^(Bnabii«. 
N. B. The Bikboo af Lbndoff rxcrdacs 
bis spiritual autnority over only a pari 
at inonnioulhihirc and part of Qla- 
nMtganshirc. His Diocos is io the 
Province of Canterbory. ^_ 

32C. ItOFTUS, Baron, fl 

of LoDgL, Yorkshire V.ofC. U.K. 1601 
A^.^. S. John lioftus, K.P. and D.CJi. 
O. T. X. P. Makulcss of Ei.t, 

in M'icklow<ihire .... 184K) 

Earl of Ely 1794 

Viscount Lofhis, of Ely . . . 17S9 
Baron Loftus, of L. Hall, Wtx- 

fordshire 1785 

OJt. A Privy Councillor In Ireland. 
Cu»(. Rot. of \Yexfordsbire. 
A Coventor of t/tc Cot, of Wexford 
and Fermanof^. 

CoL of the Wexford MUitia. 

Bn. Feb. 15th I77U 

Sue, hiafktfaer, as 3d Marquoaand 

Bano, Alar. 23d laOG 

Mar. Anna.^Iaria, rid. dr. of 

Sir Henrv-Waikin Dashvood, 

Bart-, M ay 22a 1810 

//. Ap. John-Henry, Vhcomni 

/.tf/Yiri, bom Jan. 19th . . .1814 
To. Ret. 8. Connaufrht-plaob 
Co.Sc. Ralhfamham Castle, near Dublin; 

Ely Coitle, Fermanagh; and Ijoftna 

Hall, Wexford Co., Ireland. 
RcL His Ijordahip is brother to the Rt. 

Hon. and Rt. Rev. Lord Robert. 

PoDaoKJb^-ToMinhBTO \in<t\\v D.D.^ 

Wii\op oC C\0|Cm> V.*"^ » tm>.-W**<nB 

\n Viaoovuv Uft«ax^icn, xa "Cw \Xmew 


( 197 ) 


bT Cla^0, and to the Baroncu Don- 

PtrL F*U The Member far WesibnL 

9M. LONDON, Lord Bishop of, 
trtiukkd 6vin Chcsiei in . . . 1 820 
K.\S. Rt. Hon. and Rl Kcv. Charl&u 

Jims Blomfield, D.D. 
0. 0^ Dfm of the Chapel Rot/aL 
A Privy Cmincillor. 
PromnHtil Dean of Cantirhury, 
^luior of Sion CoU^e, and one of ibe 

Vtsitore of Harrow School. 
As OffieuU Trustee of the Britiah 

Pnaidait of ihc Society for the relief 
€f Widows and Children ofCJcTgy- 
0K» in the Diocess of London. 
fWr Bt^hop of C'bcst*;T in . . 1824 
'. Su James* (.square, 
'tm House, Middlnex. 
-t . n. i n. i;i«hop of [^mlon is Pioccsan 
vf MiddU-scx, K^-wx, and purtoi Ifert- 
IMshirc^ — all in the Province of Can- 

ISl. LONGFORD, Earl of, 

Y.ofC. 17tt5 
A Hejrre$eHtativf Prrr of Irrhnd for 
lif({thoMgh a Baron of theU.K.); 

(^ectcd In 1800 

Jf.^S. Thomas Pakenh«m,K.l». F.S.A. 
<X 7. Ist Barok Sii.ciiESTEa, 
of S-T Southampton, U. K- 

July mh 1821 

I. P. Banm Pakcnham . . . 17AC 
Ojr. CmiI- Rot. of the cfK Wettmeath. 
A TruMee of the Irisli Linen Manu- 

K UtbMay 1774 

Sv. his father^ as 3d Baroo, 3d 

JiBe 1793 

•" hts grandmoiher, as 1st Karl, 

nifaJn. 1704 

if«r. Oeorgtano, dr. of W'illiain, 

hi Earl BcAuchanip, Jan. . . 1617 
ff. Af. EdiraKJ-MicWU, Lord 

SUchett^^ bom 3(Kh October . 1817 
Co.Se. Pakcnham Hall, Wcstxneath; 

ind Ivongfoid Castle, Longfordihire. 
l^ti Hi»Ixinl»hip isfrroMtrr to tlieHon. 
Berrulea Pakenhani, C.B. {Aide- 
druttmf to the King — fon-in-iiiv 
to Baron Ijc Despencer, and £rro..JM- 
iiv to the Countess of Roden); to the 
and Rev. ilmryr Pjikenham, 
of Euilf f Slid to t/ic 
af WeUiagton: uncJe to the 
ofDoaro, M.P, (or Aide ^ 

burf;hi hr(i..\n~\av! to the Karl of 
Beauchmnp; u,nd to Lit; ut. -Cut. the 
Hod. Henry Bcauchamp Lygon, AI.P. 
for Worcestershire i Ski/ cpNfJn to 
Baron I/on^ord of SorncrhiU; and to 
the Marquess of Ueadfort. 

\m, LONSDALE, (Isl) Earl of, 
of Lovther-Castle, Westmoreland, 

Y. ofC. U.K. 1«07 
N. tj- y. William Lowther, K.O. K-S.A. 
0. T. Viscwini and Baron Ltm- 
ther^ of Whitehitvcn, Cnmber- 

laud 1797 

A Baronet 1704 

(}$, Lard Lieut, of Ctimbrrfand and 
Wettmorela u d, 

A Colonel in the Army and of tlic 

Cumberland Alilitia. 
Recorder of Carlisle. 

B», 29ih Dec 17fi7 

,St/r. hisAin/rruin, as 2nd Viscount, 
&c. in 1803 

^fllr. Augusta, dr. of John, !)th 
Earl of Wcstmoivland, 12th 
July 1781 

//. Aj*. William, VhcoNHt £oir- 
//«*r, a Director of Oreenwieh 
Hospital, &c. M.P. for Wcst- 
morelaml, bom Sl&t Jan. , . 170? 

To, Re$, 12, Charles-scrcct, Bcrkdi^. 

Co, Se, Lovtber Castle, Weatmore- 
land ; Cottesmore Park, near Oakam, 
Rutlandshire; and Whitehaven Castle, 

Rcl. Besides Viscount Lowther, hia 
lAmbhip Is faihcr also to the Hon. 
Hcnry-CJcril I*owthcr, the other Afenu 
her for Westmoreland (who is a Lieut. - 
Col. in the Array^ and brathcr^im* 
law to the EoH of Harborough) : fa^ 
inJ'iw to the Rt. Uon. Sir John 
Beckett, Bart. AI.P. for Hasleroere; 
to; Lord W.-J.-F. Powlel, ALP. for 
Durham (kw of the Marquess of Cleve- 
land] : brother to Sir John Lowtlier, 
Bart. M.P. for Cumberland : bro—Ui- 
lo:v to the Earl of Wt:stmorvland: 
Hitcle to John-Henry Lowiher. Esq., 
M.P. for Wigton. The Cuuntesn is 
ahiii to Lord Burghcrah, Major-Ge- 
neral in the Aniiy, £nv. Exu and 
Alin. Plenipo. to the Court of Tus- 
cany (who is son-in-iaw to Baron 
AlaiyboTough); to the Uon. Wtwnf- 
Sutton Fane, M.P. for L^tne Ue^^'t 
to ihrCountcasofJerKcy; to ^iw Va&.'ij 
or the Ru HoT\. Sir Ati\\ut Vwy: 


( 198 ) 




K.C.B. ffiro. to ihe>Iftrqii«8 of Angle- 
Bey, &c.;; aud to the Lftdy of A'iAcnunt 
Duncsnnon, 31. P. fur KilkennvKhire 
(eldest ton of the Earl of Ucftbornugh). 
ParL Pat, Two 3lenibcri for link*. 
mere; two AlembertforCockcmiouth; 
one Member for Carlisle ; one Mem- 
ber for Appleby. 

104. LOKTON, ViKnunt, 

Y. ofC. leofi 

A HrpirtfvtQtivc Peer <^ir elands 
forlifc; eUcud In .... I82U 

7^. * «S- Robert-Edward King. 

O. r. Daron Erris, of Uoyle, l{o»- 

oommombire lOOO 

Oj^ Cast. Hot. and Gwentor of Rot- 
eommoHMhire^t and CoL of iu M llitia. 
A Ucni. OflDcnl In the Army. 
A Trustee of the Imh Lbten Alanu. 

Sn. 12th Aug 1773 

Mar. Hu roN#fn, Frances, dr. of 
Lawrence, Earl of Koue, !ltb 
Dec 17»y 

Jt.Ap. Robert, M.F. for Ro»CQm- 
mon&hire, bom 17ih July . . 11104 

To. liei. M. EatOH'ttquari:. 

Co. S^. Rockingham IIoukc, Roscom- 
moD shire. 

HtL IJii,Lord«hip is hro. to the Rarl of 
KingsiMiand to Major (jen. the Hon. 
Henry King. C.B., M.V. for Sligo- 
ahiret unclg to Viscount Kin^bo- 
rough ; to the Hon. RolxTrt King, 
M.P. for Corkshire; and to the Earl 
of Muuntcuhcl ; ui tlit.- I^dy of WiU 
liam.Vatcs Peel, Esq. M.P. for Var- 
nmulb (w|m> ts bra, to!Sir Robert Peel, 
ALP. for Tamvorth : brcinJaw lo 
O.K. Damon. B«]. M . P. (or H arwich ). 
The ViieouataM b anmt to t)ie Enrl of 
RoHe: ffrtmd-cumt to Lord Oxman. 
taan^ M.P. for King's County. 

27t.l/>VKL A HOLLAND, Baron, 
of Enmore, Satnerwtshire, Y.of C. \^G'1 
\. A 5. John PrnxvaL 
0. T. I. P. Earl or EoMOKT 

V'rtcount Perceval of Kcnturk . 

Bamn Perceval of Burton . . 

A Baronet of Ireland . . . . 

£«. Aug. 13 

Sfmc, his father, as 4th Earl snd 3d 

Bamn. FeK S5 1832 

J/*A Bnd^tt, dr. of CoL M'ynn, 
(dntHtf^) tOth Much . . \192 
^' -^^ CbMrics<Jsta€»f fixmiMl Per- 



Co. Se, Enmore Cutle, Sommetshiiv ; 
andSundon Hoii*^-, Hcns: Erwaftao. 
Suffolk; and Kanturk Caalk, Cork, 

1.1.-1. LTTCA N% Earl of, ^^ of C. 179ft 

A Hfjjretnttttive Peer 0/ Irrhindf 
for life; elt-ctcd in .... 1800 

AT. ^- S, Richstxl Bingham. 

O. T. I. P. lUron liingham. of 

Casilebar I77C 

A Baronet of Nova Scotta . . 1 (i33 

Bn, lith Dec. I7IM 

Shc. his fattier, as 3d Earl. ISIth 
March 1790 

Afar. Elizabeth. 3rd dr. and co- 
heiress of Henry, /at/ Kutl of 
Kaucoobcrg (dcceatrd)^ Msy 'Jti 

I/. A p. George .ChErlei, Lord 
Blnfiham^ CtiU of the 1 7th 
Lancers, bom ](*ih April . . 

To. Ret. G. 1, Albany. 

Co. S£. Laleham, nuar 8tainca, Middle 
sex; and Catiilcbar,ca Mayo. Ireland* 

fieL HisLord*^» toOcofve- 
Granville-V enables Vernon, Em). (eld- 
est ton of hiv Grace the Arrlibtftb(»p of 
York). M.P. for Uchfteld ; and to 
I^rd Elrho (eldest eon of the Earl of 
Wemj-si); i'ro,'iii.hw to Earl Spen- 
cer : MHcfe 10 Viscount Altborpe, .M.P. 
for Northamptonshire ; and to tl^c Ra- 
roneu LyitlL-ton. l^)ril BinKhsiu is 
half-hrothcr (o llie Earl of 8ui 



WH and heir to the Duke of Nocfaikj 

P. for Hoiahatn. 


382. LVNDHtrRST,(ls()Baron, 
of I4., Co. Southamuton V.ofC. 102? 
N.^S, John-Singfrton Copley. 
Offi. Lord Chief Baron of the C^uri of 
iMte l^rd High Chancellor of Ormt 

A Privy Councillor. 
A L«d of Trade and Plantation. 
Official Viiilor nf Oriel CoUcgc, Ox- 
ford, and of Pembroke and Catherine 
Hall, Cambridge. 
An ( )fficial Trustee of the Brilisli aiMl 
Hunterian Muaeama, &.C 

Bh. May 21 i;7J 

Mar. Sarah-Gamy, dr. of C 
Rrunwlcll. Ktq., and vidom of 
Col. C. Thomas, First Fool 

GuiirilU,'\i\ Ifll9 

T>\ R«t. '2h, Ocmfib-^aaX, H^axytria. 
I v\u%te. 


Ca.Se. Wimbledon Common, Sumy; 
Htnvcll Park, Middlesex. 

ViO. I.VNEDOCH, (Ist)nafon, 
•fBil«owAn,Pen8b.,V.orC U.K. lOU 
K.J^S. ThoixiM Onham, GCH. 
OjL A Gencnl Officer, uid 

C«L of the Uth Htgt. o( Foot. 

GoTcfuor oi* Dumbarton Cuile, Scoi- 

^ia 17o0 

if«r. Hajy, dr. of Cbsrits, 9ch Lord 

Cathcut (detattfii). 
RrL Br(K-ia-Jav to ViKount C'aUicart ; 

to the Hod. uvl Rev, Archibald ila- 

nriltoa Cftcbcaii, Prebendary ut'Viirk ; 

aad to the Countm of Manatield: 

varfr to Ld. Orccooclc. 
T».ilfj. l2yStnuton-.«trHt, Piccadilly. 
Co. Se, C'Oigrove Priory, Bucks ; and 

Balgowan, Pcnh&hirc, N. B. 

299. LYTTLETON, Baron, 
'•fFr»nkleT.M'orcc«icrshire,V.orC. J794 
'K.&S. WiUiam-Hcnry Lyiilcton. 

iC.T. A Baronet 1618 

I. P. Baron Weitcotir, of Bally. 

mort 177c 

JJIfl. April .1 I78i 

•'Sac, hia half-brother, as .Id Baron, 

Nor. 12 1828 

\M*r. Sarah, eld. dr. of George. 

John, 24l Earl Spencer, 31ar. 4 1813 
■ if, j4p. Ooarge-William, bom 

Much 31 1«17 

C«- JK£> Hagley Pazk, near Stourbridge, 

^SiL JSM»>h»-/air to Rarl Spencer: hro.- 
im-taw to Sir K. Colt Hoare, Bart. ; to 
the Bl. Hon. R<-gin aid- Polo Carcw ; 
and 10 VUcount Alihorpe. M.P. for 
Northainptonshire. The JtAronc«A \% 
cousin 10 the Duke of Devonshire; 
also b)V'ucount Dunc^non, M.P. for 
Co. Kilkenny : 10 Maj.-Gcn. the Hon, 
Fred.-Carcndiah Ponswnby ; and to the 
Hon. M''iUiam-F.-iipencer Ponsonby, 
M. P. for Poole (all Kins of the Karl 
of Bc&borough): eouiin-iit-iav loVis. 
count Melbourne. 
ParL Pmt, The Member for Bcwdley. 

90. MACCLESFIELD, Earl of, 

ofM. Cheahire . . . V.ofC 1721 

N.J^S. George Parker. D.C.L. and 

O.T. VyeoaBtpMTiuT,ofEweime, 

Ostm n2\ . 

Afoo Part&t ofMsedaBetd , IJIQ i 

199 ) MALM 

OJl, A Privy Councillor. 

Captain of the VtoiiUH oflht Kin^9 

Lord-LifitL and Cu»k RoU (^Ojr~ 

nigh Steward of TTenley. 
Pratident of the Board of AgficuitHre. 

B». Feb. 24 17^ 

Suv, his father, as 4th Earl, Feb. 17»5 

Mar. Alary.Francci, dr. and 00- 
heireaa of the llcv. Dr. Drake 
(rfrrrwrrf). May 25 . . . .1780 

//. Prea. llii LonUhip'a bnOiury (he 
Htm. Thoinaa Parker. 

To. Res. 0, Conduit-Atrcet. 

Co. Se. Sherborne Castle, Oxfordshire; 
and Bucfastlcigli, Devonshire 

Ret. His Ixirdihip U fa^ln-iaip to the 
Earl of lluddington: uncle to John 
Fane, E>q., M.P. for Oxfordihiro 
(who is coutin to the Earl of WaU 
moreland ; to the Counleu of I^ons- 
dalc; and to the lady of Sir John 
l^wiher,Barc, M. P. forCumberland) -. 
2d eouaitt to Lord BurghcTth, Ailn, 
Plenipo. at the Court of Tuscany ; to 
the Counteas of Jersey ; to the biidy of 
the Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, K.C. B. : 
to the Lidy of Viscount Ihincannon, 
^I.P. for Kilkeonyshire {ctd. ton of the 
Earl of Boborough) ; to the Hon. 
Henry-Sutton Fane, and to John- 
Thomas Fane, Esq- (a Clerk of the 
Privy Seal), both Mrmhrri for Lyme 
Re(;ia; to Viscount Lowther, and 
to the Hon. Hcnry-C'cfil Ijowther, 
Mcnibrri for M'cstmonlsndi to the 
lady of the Kt. Hon. Sir John Beckett, 
Bart., .M.P. for Haalcmere; 10 the 
ladyofl^ordW.-J-F. Powlctt, iM.P< 
for Durham (son of the INfarqueis of 
Cleveland); and (o John-Henry I<ow- 
ihcr, E«q., ftl.P. forWigton; kim- 
munto Sir If. Kane, M.P. for H astinga ; 
and cofirin to Sir \ViUiam Hcikihootc, 
Bart., M.P. for Hampshire. 


126. MALMESBURV, Earlof, 

V. of C. 1800 
AT. ^ S. Jamea-Edward Uarria. 
a T. Viscount Fitz-Harria, of 

Heron Court, UanU . . . 1800 
Baron Slolmcshury, of M.,Wilu 

shire 1788 

OJi. GoifrnorofthcUleofWlgfa. 

Bh, Aug. 19 v;"ii& 

Site, his father, a» ^ ¥lvtV, \\\ 

Nov \«rift 

Mar, tiornct^^uuiL, dt. ot ¥ .-IV- 


( 200 ) 




DMhwootl, Esq., of M'cll-VAle, 
Linculmhiiv(i/r(rajr</), Juncl?, IHOti 

H. Ap. Junes Howard, Vitc^dunt 
Pi<2.f/arrij, bom ,M«r.2A . . 1007 

Co,Se. Heron Cuuru Hftmpftbutt umI 
Great Dumfonl, Wiltshire. 

tteh to Licut.-Col. Bell, 
Drp. Qttatler.MnBtct-Ueacral at the 
Cupc ofOood Uo[m:; and to liieut.- 
Oen. the Hon. Sir Ualbnitli-I^owry 
Cole, (J.C.B. (fcroMrr to ihc Karl of 
EnniskUIcnt uij uncle ui the iloa. 
ArthuT.licntj Cole, M.P. fur Knnia- 
killenK Gov. and Coiii .-in-Chief of 
the i'upc of Good Hope. 

ParL Put, One Member for Christ, 

22. MANCHESTER^ Duke of, 

Y, ofC. I7I!» 
N. A S. Willtnin Montagu. 
O. T. 

Earl of Manchester 
Viicuunt Manderille 

. in26 

Baron Alontagu, of Kinibolion \ 
<^ Port-AfaMter.CeH.u/Greiti Britain 
and /reload. 
Lord-Lint, and Cutt. Hot. of Unnt. 

A Privy Coancillor. 
£^frC-Apt..Gcn. and Oor. of Jamaica. 

Ah. In 1768 

.VHr.hiBfaLhcr,a.<(rithI)uke,Sq>f. 3, 1768 
Mar, 8u*an, 3d dr. of Alexander* 
4ih Duke of fiordon, Oct 7, 

{dtcetued) 1703 

H. Ap» Ocorge, Vifcoitnt Mandr- 
vUlc, M .P. for Haniinploofchire, 

born Juljr 9 1790 

To, Rti. 4, Uroavenor-gate, Park lane. 
Co. Se. KinibuJionCaatlo, Huntingdon- 


/ftL His Grace ia A.-ia-law to the 

Marqucmof Tveedoale; and to Johu- 

Halo Calcraft, Eiq. (ild. $qu of the 

Re Hon. John Calcraft^ MP. for 

Warebaoi): t!ro..iH-Unp to tlic Duke 

ofMocitroM; to the Duke of (Jordan; 

and to the Dncfaen of Bcdfonl : hnck 

to the Marqaeaa of (iraham, M.P. for 

C-«mbrldgr Doroogli: to the lk>unteM 

of WiDclwlica and Notiingliain ; and 

10 ihu Udy of Vitcmint Chve (tid, km 

of the Karl of Pnwi<i). M.P. for l.tid- 

lov. His Grace'* children arertfnriiv^ 

tu the Oiike of Uichinoml ; to I^ml 

John.Ocor>:f I^cnnpi, MP. for Chi. 

chenwr: to tlic tudy of Maj.-ttcn. iyxi 

I'vn^rioe Mjiidiuid^ K-C-Jt; In the 

^^y Iff the Uon. U'—L^L. Fttigcrald 

do Ros {ton of tlic Baronen dc Rov) : 
to the lUronr«« Rraybmokc ; to tJie 
lady of Ixwd Kliott, M.P. for l^skemfd 
(r/d. iMt of the Earl of Sl Ifcmiant); 
totlie lady of Chvle»Rou« Kkq., M.P. 
fnr 8t. (icmtans; to the Alacijum of 
Tavistock. M.P. for Brdfordkhire ; 
and to Lord John KuMel, M.P. for 

.T47. MAN^rERS, (Ut) Baron, 

of Foston, LinrLilnsUire V. of C 1007 
A^ 1^' .V. Tlkomaa-IVlanDtTi 8utton. 
Off. A Privy Councillor in Engl&nd aitd 
VUx-Chancdior ef THnUy CvOrgr, 
Bit. Feb. 24 ...... . I75R 

.Vrtr. Firtt, Anne, dr. of Sir J. 
Copley, Bart., of Spmtbo- 

rough, Nov ItMKl 

Stcond, Jane, dr.of James Butler. 
Esq., of Fethard, in . . . Iflh' 
H,Ap. A wn, bom Aoic. 17 . 181B 
Tv. Ret. 6tf, ITppcr Biook-strrci. 
Co. Sc. The (lrovL% Voxford, Suffolk. 
Hrl. Hilt Lordship in uvcU to tlic Rt. 
Hon. ('liarlcA-Manncm Sutton, ALP. 
for Scarborough, and Speaker of the 
HouHC of ( ^mimon-i : 3ri coMtitt Xa ihe 
Duke of Rutland: to Mnjor-ircneral 
Ixwd (:harIcs-Sonirr«et Manncre ; 'to 
Lord Robert- William Manners, ALP. 
fikr ] A*icrstenihire : :id cou«in to f' --.-•'•r 
Forcnier; to the Hon. (teorai- ' 
Weld Foreacer, M.P. lor Wrf.l i . 
and to the lady of the U on, Kol>cn- 
John Sniitli (ion anil heir to Banjn 
Catrinf^n), M.P. for Backlngluro- 
nhire. The Baroneaa it aunt to Ibe 
Karl of Ulengall ; and to tlie CmiDteii 
of Beir»L 

.T9.V MANSFIELD, Countcw of. 

NottinghainiJiin: . . \ , i4 C^ 1778 

.V. 4 S. Louiu GrwiUe. 

An. Ul July I7&a 

Shc. Iter nr»i hu^band'n onde. 
WilIiAm, Ut Earl, Sept. I . . ITM 

M'ir. i-'irtt, David, 7ih ViwiMtni 
Stomtont (afterword* 3d Karl 
MantArld. of Caen \t*ood). 

May 6 1 770 

.Vi-.-on^, the Hon. R.-F. Grrvllle. 
Mm of Fmncia, lU Earl of 
Brooke and Warwick. < >ft. I». I797 

Co, Sc. CuaAot^;wv V.iaOkc, ViuoAtva.. 


( 201 ) 


filtrt, y. B.; Bod Kictimood llill, 

JUL Ha Ijadphip !« wJov of David, 
M Sail of ^Un»fic)d : moth/r to ihc 
TMtU t 13 Kit, and to Mnj-iicn. the 
Hon. O. Murray: a-it/oa- aUo of the 
Hod. RobfTt.PuIkc Grcville, uncle to 
the E*r1 Hmoke and M'anrick : nta- 
thtr-in-iaw wnd aunt la the Hon. G. 
(Vhcart, 3d Kin of Karl Caihcait; 
and to the lUv. D -Il.-Finch ilation, 
hmther to the Earl of WinclicUca &nd 
Nocdngham: nttcr to the present 
Earl Calhcart; aunt to the Duke of 
AtboL, and to Lord Lynedoch : grand* 
ntttt^cr to Viscount ^^tonnont : aunt to 
liOftl GTcrnock ; and 2d coitgitt to the 
Duke of Uamilion and Brandoo. 

112. HIANSFIELD, Eorl of, 
ofCarnM*ood,3liddl«i:x, 1732 

I^.^S. WiUiam Alurrar, F.K.S. and 
Ct r. S. p. V'iacownt Siomiont . 1621 
lUTtm Sconeand rialvaird, IfiOu & l&t i 
D^. httrii- Lintt. of CiockmuHHatufiire. 
J I/rrriiHary Keeper of Scone PalacCy 
>».. March? 1777 
B^c. bi> father, as 3d Earl. Sept. I 1796 
Mtr. Krfderici, dr. o( M'illiam 
Markliain, late bnrd Archbishop 

of York. Sept. IG 1797 

B. Ap. M'illUni-navid, Vucount 
5(w»owr, M.P.forAIdborough, 

bofn Feb. 21 IQfIG 

To. TUa, 50, PorOond-ploce. 

# V, f ,(,g Wooil. Middlesex; and 

(ce, Pcrtliahirc. 
/ I'diihip b unt of theCountesR 

ai Aiatuiield ; and ftalf-hrotfttr to her 
cfaUdrcn by the Hon. Robert-Fulkc 
Gncvillc: nnck to the Karl Brooku 
and Warwick (refer to CouDtess of 
i^lanafudd): nrphfw to tlir present 
l-Url (.'aihcort ; a-i^A to the Hun. and 
Rev. Archihald-Hiuiiilton C-aUicartt 
Pfebtndary ofVork: coiuin to the 
Duke of Athol; to Baron Glenlyon ; 
to V'i4<-oitnie«s Strathallan; and to 
the lady of Sir Kvan-Jolin-Macgregor 
Murray, Bart. 

153. WANVERS, Earl, 

V.ofC. I /WO 
N, 4- S. Charlea-I/irfw/ Pierrcpant 
O. r. Vipcount Newurk . . . ? ,»-- 
Bswn Pirmpmt . . . . / ''^ 
^^^•ii i7;B 

I Sttt, hia falhw, as 2d Eorl, June 16 1816 
Miir. i^lar}-.l^:itia. cM. dr. of A. - 
n. Eyre, Ew]., of Grove Park, 
Nottin{;hjim!.hTre, Au^. 23 . . 1004 

//. Ap- I'liarlcs, r»irffft»/ AVI^o^Jlr, 

M.P. for Eut Rctfoid, bom 
Sept. 2 1005 

To. lies. i;i, Ponrnun.«quare. 
Co. Se. Picrrep'int I^Iuuh-, aid Thoresby 
Park, near OUcrton, Noiiinffhamihire. 
Pari, Pat. One Mctnber for Uanetlaw. 

18. SIARLBOROUGH. Duke of, 
V. ofr. 1702 

K.^S, Oeorge^penccr Churchill, F.S,A. 

a T. Man^uess ofBlandfortl . 1702 
Earl of 8underland and AlarU 

borough . . . lfU3and1Cm) 
Baron spencer, of "Wormlti^hton Uk>3 
Baron I'hurchill, of Sandrid^e 161tA 
A Prir.ce of the Holy Roman Em- 

Offi. ilifzh Stevard af Oiford and 

Btt. 6th March 1760 

Shc. his father, u 4th Duke, 3Dth 
Jan IBI7 

Mar. Susan^ dr. of John, 7th Earl 
of OaUoway, Kith Sept. . . 1791 

B, Ap.OeoTgc,AfnrtjHciioj'liland~ 
fvrtlj IM.P. forWooditock, bom 
27ih Dec 17ai 

Co. AV. BJcnhtim House, OxfordUiirc; 
and liorkirridgc Houm', M'iltsliire. 

Jiei. U'w Grace is brother to Dtran 
Churchill; and to the C'ountcM of 
Shaftesbur)' : brcinJitw io Viscount 
f'lifden ; to thf Earl of (fslloway ; (o 
the Hon. and Ri. Rev. C harles-Jamca 
Stewart V.O.. Bishop of Quebec; 
and 10 the Hon. Ed ward- Rich anl 
Stewart (who is bro.-iti.lazr to the 
Earl of M'miysa) : uurtf to the Hon. 
G.-J.-W. Agar Ellin, M.V. for Ook- 
humpton {toti of \'iscpunl Clifden); 
to l^rd A shicy, AI . P. for DnrrhcMier ; 
and to the Hon. Anthony. Williani- 
Aahley Cooprr (both lotti of the 
Earl of Shaftesbury): counn to the 
Duke o( Bedford ; 2d coutin to the 
Maniui-n of Tavistock, 31. P. for Bed- 
fordhhire ; and (o Lard John Uu^isell, 
M.P. for Tavistock. The Utjchiw ii 
ituni lo l^rd Gnrlicf, M. P. for (.'ocker- 
moutli ; to the Lady of \bc Uw\, NV . 
DuDconibc, M.P. for V tiiVkbut (^iAActX 
ffOOofR.nroD FcvcriAmmV, loS\Tj»T(\e»- 
Kobcrt-Georgc Orahaun^ ftan. M-V. 
for Cumberland; andioliMouCiotum. 


( 202 ) 



Oi»oe*i MH, (he Mwqtins of 
lluidibnl, Al.r. tor Woudsiuck, is 
stm-JiiJaw to the Earl of (inlloway 
(being nuirrki to his roujtln, the Hon. 
J»nc Sicwart). Ills tiraccN oiher son, 
I^ird Charles • Spcnocr Churchill, la 
ton-'tH-iaw to J. Bcnctl, Eiq. M.T. 
for Wiluhirc. 
f*iiri Pat. Two Mcmben for Wood- 

36d.MARVBORO(:nH,(lst) Baron, 

of M., Qaeen*s Countr, 

V.ofC. U.K. 1821 

K. ^ S. M'aiiani-VV'cIltaJcy Pole. 

OJL A Privy Councillor in England 
And Ireland. 
Conntable of Morybormigh Castle, Ins 

Late Matter of the Kijig*i Bock- 

A Govfrnvr and Curt, Hot. of Quecn'M 
Coutitt/^ IreUtud. 

Bn. SOth Slay 1763 

Mar. ('atheiioc-Klirahcth, eldest 
dr.of the Hon. J. ForbcsOdMn 
oTUrorgc, 3d Earl ofOraxiard), 
17ihMay 1784 

H. Af*. VViUiani (manied to Ca- 
therine, etdat dr. and heircu of 
Sir J. Tylney Long. Bart, [rfr- 
(YfljciJl)'»*id June .... 1788 

To. Res. 3, Savillc-Btreet. 

Co. Se. Abingdon Hall, Cambridgo- 
■hirc: and Kern Hill, \V'ind«or. 

Rel. Hi» iHTrdOiip ia brothir tn the 
Alarquess of M'ellealey ; to the Duke 
of Wellington; to the Hun. aod Rrv. 
Oerald Valerian Wellesley, a Pre- 
bendary of Durham, and Rector of 
Chclaea ; and to Karon (.'.owley, Amb, 
Exc and Pten. at the Court of Vienna: 
tfuc/r to the Marquess nf Douro, M.P. 
for Aldcburgh . Tlic BaronvM is 
grand'OMnt to the Karl of firanard : 
^frcat-grund-<iiint to Viscount Forbes, 
M.P. for LongtbnlUiire. 



185. MAVNARD, Visrount, 
tt^MUm Vodgc, E«ex. V.oTC 
N* 4* ^* H'QT Maynard. 
Offi. Lord LimUt CuiU RoUy and n^e 

Admiral o/Eittr. 
O. T. Baron Maynaid, of Much- 

Easton fJCG 

A BMTonct 16UI 

Aa. 3d Mmr. 1780 

Smt. him twch, Ma 3d Viacouni, 
iOthJiMTch 1824 


Mar. Mary, dr. of R. Rnbbeft, 

E^q.of Itratntield Hall, Sufiblk, 

aath Dec 1810 

//. Ap. ChatlcA-Henry. 

To. iiet. 38, Gro»T«!nor-!»quare. 

Co. Se. Eucon Lodge, near Dnmnow, 

Rcl, His Loidkhip in 3rd cousin lo 

lJaronc«f Zouche. 

132. MAVO, Earl of, V.ofC. 1785 

A iieprrtinfiitivr Perr iif irelnnd, for 
life; eltctcdin 1810 

A'. 4 S. John llonrke. P CL. 

O.T. I. P. VitfcountMayo . . 1781 
Uaron of Naas, Rildare^hirc • 177'J 

Offi. A Privy Councillor in Ireland. 

J3n. June 18th 170C 

Sue. his father, who wafl likewise 
Archbishop of Tuam, as 4ih 
Earl,2(>th August . . . .1794 

Mur. Ambclla, dr. «f W.-M. 
Prae<1, Kiiq. of Bitton, Dr- 
voniJiirc, '24(h May .... t79i 

//. Prrs. Hw Lordnhip't ArofArr, Rich- 
ard, Lord Biahop of Watcrford and 

To. fin. 24, Norfolk.strcci, Park-laoe. 

Co. &-. Palmcrston House, Kildare, Irtv 

Rfl. HiK Lordship is aUo bntthcr to thv 
I>can ofOsMiry: to lU- 
run de Clitford : 2d couxin to the Earl 
ol ClanwiUiam- 

3.W. MELROrRNK, Ilanw, 

of M., Dcrbvshirc Y. ofC. U.K. 1813 

N.^ S. William Lainb. 

O. r. A Baronet KSd 

I.P. ViscoiryTMCLiinuRWK 1781 
Baron Melbourne, of Kiltncrcy 
Cavan shire \T2^ 

Offi. SiCTctanj of Slatf fur tlie 
I/omr Drpartmmt. 
A Privy Coundllnr in England ard 

Bm. Mar. 15«h 1773 

Suf. his father, as Sd Viicount and 
Ban>n, July 33d 1838 

Mar. Caroline, dr. of Fredoiek, 
3d Earl of Beaborough (df- 
ceaitd). Not*. I3th .... 1785 

S. Ap. George-Augustus- Frede- 
rick, bom Aug. ) 1th . . . , 1807 

Tq.Rts. Whitehall. 

Co. Sf. Mt-lboumc Hal), Derby; Mid 

UiocVtt \\iii\, V\«oa. 
Rrl- B'nlt'n" Vo \Vc Wocu "^wA.-i 


!Bil7 and .^lin'tatcr Plcnipofentiary 
■M the C<mrt of Madriil ; to ihc Hun. 
■ Oeorge Iiunb, iM.P. for Dungwon ; 
Bod (o the Countni Cowpcr : ton-in- 
Ifv to the K«rl of Bcsborough : bro.^ 
htJaw (o VtAcount DuDcannon, Al.P. 
Ilr KiHcAirijuhirc ; to Mnjor-Cicncnil 
ihe D<Ri. FnxLX'aTcndwh Potisonby ; 
and to the Hon. WillUni-F.-SpcnCLT 
Foafonby, Al.P. for Poole: uncU- to 
VbcDUQl Kordwkh, M.P. for Canter. 

:i53. MELDRUM. (Isi) Baron, 
irfMorrai, Aberdtxriuhirc V. ofC 1827 

N.A S. *>eorge Gordon, K.T. 
(XT. S.P. EablofAboyne 
Baroo Gordon, of (iknlivut and 

Struihavcn J 

OJtt CoL of the AbcrdccDihire Mititta. 

( 203 ) MELR 

to the Mvch[ont»a of Blandfoidt to 
tlie Ljuly of the Hon. W. DuncoDibc, 
At. P. for ^'orksbire (cid son of Barnn 
Fevcnhani ; nephtw to Thomat- 
SlJngTttiy Duncoinbc, Ehj. M. P. for 
Hertfofd); to the MarqiiLi4of Blnnd- 
t'nnl, M.P. for Woodstock ; to Arthur 
< liicheatrr, E»q-, M.P. for ^V'exford- 
shire (n^/jAttt to the Marque«aofDoiHv 
gut, and aoti- in-law lo the AI&rqueM of 
Anglesey); and to Baron Crolton. 
Lord Straihaven is ton-inJuw to the 
MarqucsH ut* Conyngliam : brv.-in-luw 
to chc Karl of Mount Charles. M.P. 
for Doiie^ahthire (wlio in ton-in-h^ 
to the Marquess of Anglesey); and to 
Jjurd AlbLYt-UcnisonConyngham, Sec* 
of Legation at the Court of Berlin. 


Am. June 2Uth 

Sue. tUa father, as £th Earl, Dec. 


Mv. Caiberine, Jd dr. of 8ix 
CfajtrlcA Cope, Bart, of Brcveme, 
CHfoed*htre, AprU 4th .. . 1791 
n.Aft, (^harlcfl. L^ud Slmthavi'n, 
■ Lord of thv King'x Ikd.chEin- 
ber, and M.P. for iluniingdon- 
thire, bom Jan. 4th . ■ . . I7l>'2 
r«. BrM. 20, Charle«>strcet, Berkeley. 


r«. Sf. Aboyoe Cutle^ Abcnkcnshire; 

and Orton« near Peterborough, Hun- 


Bf L H is Ijordilup u bro..iii-tinu to 

WOam Bcckford., Etq. of Funthill : 

»«clf ID the Puclieu of Brandon, 

ifajnilton, and Chatclhcrauli : /a.-in* 

Uw to Charlex-Compton Cavendii.h^ 

(who is AM to lyord G.-A.-ll. 

ndish, M.P. for Ucrbyshirc; 

r-c/wrr to the Hon. H.-F.-C. Cavcn- 

31. P. fur Jierby ; cmain to the 

lukc of Dt'vou&hire; and uhiIc tu 

^''illiam CavUKltnh, Esq. J\1.P. for 

ibridgc llnivcniity) : cotuin ta the 

Carl of CHUowar ; to the Hon. atid 

Rt. RcT. Charlcs.Jaini3 Mewart, If.D. 

Bishop of Quebec; lo tlte Hun. 

^£dward-Kic)tard Stcwart(irho is 6ro.- 

^'law to the Karl of Weinyui; to 

the CountesR of Stamford and War- 

cm^n ; and to the Baroness H(m&- 

0; to the Duchess of Jlarl- 

_ nd to the v-iiimv of Lord 

Sperteer- A ChU'hcater: ^tl tou»in to 

Lttni OMfSIe*, M.J',/arCockcTWouth; i 

aJU;. MELROSE, (l8t) Baron. 
of Tyninghain, Haddingtonshire, 

V. ot C. U. K. 1827 
jV. J- S. Thonias Uamilion. 
O. T. S. P. Eabl or Hadding. 

TOK ifilfl 

Boron Binning and Byres . . 1613 
Op. A Privy Councillor. 

Hereditary Keeper uf H ulyroud Park. 

Jin. Juiie*21st 178(9 

Sue his (kther, as l>th Earl, having 

Sreriously been treated Baron 
lelroKc of the U.K., Mar. I7th 1828 
Mar. Maria, eld. child of (reorge, 

4lh Earl of Macclesfield, No7. 

2:W 1803 

ILPrfM. His Iionlship'a coukih, George- 

Baillie HaniLIton, Esq. (but not to llu: 

Barony of the If. K.) 
To. Re*. 9, Coniluit-sirceU 
Co. Se. Tyninghani House, Dunbar, 

N. B. 
Hct. His Lordship is ton'inMw to the 

Earl nf Mocclestield : counn to the 

Earl of Hopeloun. 

lOL MELVILLE, Viscount, 

of M., Edinburghshire, 

V. of C. I'. K. \m2 
N.^S. RobcruSauiider* Dundiis, K.T. 

O. T, Barnn Duncira, of D., 

Perthshire, U.K. 1002 

O^ Latf Fir^t Lord of tftf Admiralty. 

Lord Privy Sraf in Scotiiittd. 

A Privy Councillor in England and 

An Elder UtoUwt oS V\w: TiSavV^ 


( 204 ) 


■ A Governor of the Bank of Scotland. 
Chawcltor of Uu Uniitnity of St 

Sn. March Uth 1771 

ifuc. bis father, u 2tl Viftcount, 
May 2'JUi 1811 

Jitar, Mis4 Saunders, dr. of H. S., 
K»q. .Al.n., and co-heln».< of 
Adminl Sir C» launders, K.B* 
in 171)6 

H,Ap, Henry, M.P. for M'in- 
chdsea, bom Ft-b. 26ih . . . 1801 

Co, Se. M'itubU'don, Surrey; Melville 
Castle, near Edinburgh i aud l>uiu:ira, 

JitL His Lordship is hro.-in-Litp to 
BartHi Abcrcroiiibie: uncle to Kobrrt- 
Adaiu Dundas, Kst^. ^l.P. forlpawtch, 
{*oH-iH-iazo to tht: Karl of iU^tn) ; 
couHk to the Ki- Hod. M'illuun 
Dundaa, ^1.1*. for Kitinburgh.shire, 
ricrk, Kcgister, and Ktepcr of the 
Higncc, Ate in Scotland: Ainjmrjn to 
Baron Dundas ; to the Baron's ton^ 
the Hon. Thomu Dundait, M.P. for 
York; and to his broihtr, ilic Hon. 
Sir Robcrt-Lnurence Dundas, K.C'.B. 
M.P. fur Kichmond : abio to his Lard- 
•liiu's /trffrar, the V'iscouiitfaj million ; 
■od the lady of Jolm-L'barlcs Kams- 
dcn, £19. M.P. for Mai too. 

300. MENDIP, Baron, 
of M., Somcriftahire . V. of C. 1794 
A*. 4- & HcDry.\\'elbore Agar KUi^ 

0. T. I. P. V18COCXT CLirDKX I7BI 

Baron CliTdai, of Gowran, KiU 

kenny 177^ 

OJt. Clerk of tht Privy Council in 


Recorder of Gowran. 

Hh. Jan. W I76I 

Site, his fattier, an 2d Irish Vis- 
count and Baron, Jan. 1 . , 1789 

— hii great'UneUt aa 3d English 

Unroll, Feb. 2 1802 

iir/r. r&roline, cid. dr. of UL-orgc, 

.*{d l>uke of Morlbornugh, 

March 111, {d,i-Citud) . . . 17'ja 
H, Ap. Oeorge-Jame^M'clbore, 

bom Jan. U I?!)? 

To» tin. ^i, llanovcr-squarr. 

Co. &. lioKTan ('aitlr, and Kingwood 

I^ge, Kilkenny, la-land 1 and Roe- 

hainpton, Sumey. 
.A*// /{is l^rdihip is hro.^inJaic to the 
Duke ot' Marlborough i lo Uaiod 


ChurchQ] ; and to the CoonteM at 
Shaftesbury. Ui5son,theHoci.O«orge- 
Janin.Welborc AKar-Lllia, FJUC, 
and F.S-Am M.P. for Oakharapum. 
i» sofi'tn-Uiv to the Earl of CarlusW : 
firv.-irt-lav to Viscount Murpeth,M.F« 
for Yorkshire ; lo the C'ount*!« Uoi 
ond to the Lady of the Hon. W, 
LasccUes (2d son to the Karl of Uioe- 


of M. M'arwickJiirc . V. gfC 

A^. 4 S. Huiry M'UlougJiby. 

O. 2\ A Baronet I 

Ojfi. Hi^h Steward of Sutton ColdfKld. 

Bn. April 24 1761 

Sac. his father, as 6th lUron, 
June 14 1800 

Mar. Jane, dr. of Sir R* Lawley, 
Bart., Aug. 21 17SS 

To. Rfs. 1, Cleveland-row, 

Co. .V. Middk'ton Hall, Warrick; 
\VoUartDn Hou^c, Notts; and Birl. 
&tdli Yorkshire. 

Rd. Hin Lordslnp is £ro.-tii-iov to the 
Karl of Scarborough ; to the Hon. and 
Hev. John Luiitlcy-SaundcrsonSariUet 
a Prebendary of \ ork ■ tu Lieut- Gta. 
the Hon. \i''illiAni.LuuilL7 Saocdo- 
Hon, G.C'-B. ; to Francis Lawley, £iq>, 
iti.l*. for W'anviduhirc; andtoPaiu- 
Bcllby Thomson, Ktq.. M.P. lot 
VVetilock, ( law to Baron Bnr- 
brookc): cousin 10 Henry Wilknip* 
by, K»q. lute M.P. for Newark. 

FarL Fat, One Mem. for Newark. 

IfiO. M INTO, Karl of, 
ofM., Roxburghshire y.orC. U.K.. 1813 
N. ij- ti. liilbert-KUioU-Murray Kyt»- 

O. T. Viscount Melgund, of M., 

Furfarahirv 1813 

Baron M into of M 17^7 

A Baronet of Nova Scotia . . 1700 

Bn. Nor. 10 I7K 

Sue. his ihSha, as 2d Karl, Junr 

21 IBM 

Mar. Alarjr, eld. dr. of Patrick 

Brydonp, K«q., Sept. 4 ■ . . 1800 
il. Ay. \i'illLani.Hugh, Visromut 

Mclgnnd^ born Morth 19 . . 1814 
Cv. St: Muilo Cutlif, Ruxburghiblrtt. 

2frj. MONSON, Baron, 
nf tturtun, VAi\c«\ftT3t<««-, N . «>l ^ VI 



( 205 ) 


or. A Btfooci Kill 

Ik Feb. 3 luuy 

Sm. hift fftthcr, m 6th Buon, 
Nov. U Mmy 

H.Prti. Hi» Lordfthip*s '2d couun, WiU 
liini-Juhn Manfonf E&q. 

•Ta. Rrt. 1 Ij C'arlton.hou«e TetrftCtr. 

C'. &. Burton lluuse. near Lincoln. 

Stl Gmndton to the Karl oH .^Iexbo> 
roogh : tvn of the C'ounteM> of iJrooke 
ud Warwick : nt/'/u-v to Vi»count 
faUington: cotmn lo Lord Urookc: 
grand ncphca to the Earl of Kimcx. 
\?*rl. Pat. Two Alctiibcns lor liittoo. 

.'^lONTAGU, Baron, 
'Boughion, Nonhuiiptonshirc, 

V. ofC. 17Sfi 
^ 5. Heary'JaineS'Moutagu SoMt, 
Ojl. L</rd Lieut, of SeikirfcMhire. 
Kcrpcr of (tcddi^ton C'liAfc. 

Bh. DfcC IG 1776 

bis grmiid&iher, aa 2d Baron 
(Ocotgc, Duke of MoiiUgu), 

Mmj M 1700 

ftfr. Janc-JMargarct, dr. of Ar* 
chibotd, Ut Lord Douglasj 

Nov. 22 IBfl4 

To. Reg, 6, Uan)Uton-]>Ucc, PiccailLlly. 

[bA^. Dition Park Beikh; and Iluugh- 
Don HouKTf Nor thai nptoDsliirc. 
ri. lib Lord»htp is uncle to the Duke 
of Buccleugli; to the lady of Vta- 
coimt 8topford (son of tlie Karl of 
Couztown); and to the I^dy of the 
UoQ, PertgrineFranciii C'list (aon of 
£ail ikDWDlow) M.P.for ClithL-roc. 


33C MONTKAULE, Baton, 
Wcitport, Co. Mavo, 

V. ofC LT.K. 1B06 
A: 5. Howe-PeUT Browne, K.P. 


7*. I. P. .MAHUUESSOr :^Liuo 
Earl of AUamont .... 
Vivconnt Wesiport, of H'-f 

Majtiahire ]7j]B 

BaroQ Montengle I7(tU 

VJfi. A Priry Cuuncillor in Inliuid. 

tA Coirritor and Ctut, Hut. of Iftc 
County of Mayo. 
CuL of the South Maya Militia. 
A Tru»*ee of the Iri»b Linen Manu* 

B.I. lath May 17«8 

Sur. his father, he 3d Mbrqutsa, 

^ ^tlJM. 18O0 

Wfffi*^- JJctter Catiicrire, eld. dr. cf 
rFVW/n, i:ttit Kmtl of CJmnrJcardc 

^^■*^-^ •. mG 

//. Ap. Oeorge-John* Fori of AL 
taiitont, bom 3l5t May ... 1B20 

To. Jlrt. 2, Man»litld-»treeL 

Co. Sr. M'catport House, Mayotthirc; 
and Brownsion Houm^ Kildare. 

liet, Brv.'tn-tuv to the Marquee of 
C'Unricardc : [^ivn-iH~law to ViKouDt- 
csiiCdiinin^): coiitin to JamtsBrowne, 
K^q■ ^1. P. fur 4^layoiiliirc ; and to 
Eurl tiowc : 2d cousin to the Karl of 
JXaart : ncpiteTr to ibe Baroness liowc. 

2(T4. MONTFORT, Baron, 
of iJorttchcatb, Cam briilgeti hire, 

V.ofC. 1741 
-V. 4 S. Henry Bromley. U.C.L, 

Ji». May 14 1773 

Stic, his father, ai 3d Baion^ Oct. 

24 I79» 

Mar. Elixabcih, dr. of J. M'atta, 

Enq., St:pt. 5 1703 

Co. &:. Moiick's Orovc, Chertney, Surrey. 
I(ct. His Lordship is coutitt to Earl 


325. MOORE, Baron, 

ofM. Place, Kent . V. of C. U.K. IWl 

iV. ^ ^'. Charles Moore. 

O. T. I. P. Mabuuksr or Dro- 

nnEDA 17lfl 

Enrl of Droghoda ItHil 

Viscount Moorc, of Droglicda . lf>21 
Baron Moore^ of Millcfont . . 1616 

Bft. Aug. 23 1770 

Sue. his father, oa 2d Marqucasr 
Dec. 22 IB2I 

H. Prra. His LordKhip's nephew, Henry- 
F.-Seyiuour Moure, Esq^ who is 
grandson to Sir Henry Pamcll, Ba^^, 
M.P. for Queen's County: uephc-m 
to the Lady of Lord C'lifton; and 
grandnon to the Earl of Dumlcy. 

Cc Si-, Mtwirc Abbey, Kildare. 

lid. His Lonlbhip is uncle to the brother 
and sisters of die present Mart{ucMi of 
M'nitmealh (one o4' whom, Ca'hcrin^ 
Anne, is married to Francis Bnicn, 
Esq., who is nearly relatcrd to one of 
tlio Mcmbtrt for t!orlow*hla) : aUo 
10 Alcxandcr-ltobcrt Stewart. Esiq., 
{cuwtiH to the laic and prtsent Mar- 
quess of Londendcrry; iOM-in-ii/u to 
the Marquess Camden; 2d cotithi to 
Viscoiint CBsilnesph, M.P. for Down- 
shire). couM. to ll\c Matt\ui.-*ft oiWwv- 
/ord: 2d rowjinto theEftxlo(\ ttxm(i\x\\\. 

JC6. MORI.liY, Osv^ t^M\ o«. 


MORT ( 206 

N. ^ S. John Parker, D.CL. & F.K.S. 

O. T. lUron Koringdon, of U., 

Dt-vonshirc 17S4 

Vinaiunt Doringdou, of Nortli 
MoltOD 1815 

Offi, Col. of the North Drvon Militia- 

/>«, iMay 3 1772 

Sue. hill faOier, as 2d Baron, 
AprU 27 1788 

Mar. Flrit, Aagiista, 2d dr. of 
John, Earl of Watmorelood, 

June 20 1004 

Seionill;/^ Frances, dr. of Thos. 
Talbot, Esq., of GonviUc, 
Norfolk, A in(. S*.* .... 1809 

//. /1p. Kdmtind, Vhconnt Bonnp- 

thn, bum Junu 10 .... 1810 

To. Res. Kent Uoubc, South-place. 

Co,S<: .Saltrara,andNorth.MoIum, Dc- 

UfL \l'\% Lordship is uncle to Ocorgc- 
W.-Frederick VilUers, Esq. (mpJttw 
and Ik if pre ». to the Earl of (.'liiren- 
don) ; and to Thomas-tlydc Vlllicr*, 
Esq., M.l'. fur U'ootton Ua^sctt ; ivtur. 
to Uaron (irantham ; and to ViKOunt 


130. MOUNTCASHEIi,Eariof 

V.ofC. I78r 

A Rrprftentative Ptcrof irtlmtd^ 

for life ; eirctrd in . , , , 18S6 
A''. 4" S' Mq>hm Moore. 
O. T. I.P. ViiKTouDt MountcailKl, 

of Tippcrary | 

Baron KUmorlby of AIook Park, 

Corkshire 1704 

Bn. AufT. 20 I7J« 

A'ac. hitfathcr, a< 3d Earl, Oet. 27 IS:*^ 
Mar, Miss Anne-Maria WyM, a 
native of .Switurland, May 31 1819 

77. MORTON, Eari of, C. 14&7 
A Repr<Mtnlai\v€ Peer of Scot- 

land, rlrrtfH 2d ScpL ... 1830 

N. ij- S". Georgc-iiholto Douglas. 

O. T. .S P. Baron Dalkrith, 

and Abcrdour .... 

Bairm OougUs, a( LodiU'vco 

tf«. Dix. 2:* 

Sue. his nwjjn, as 17th Earl, 
July 17 

Mot. Krancii«, eld. dr. of the Rifht 
Htm. Sir <Jcorgc Ko*c, (i.l'.B., 
M.P. forChrisichureh, Junc24 1817 

//. Ap. Lord Abcrdour, bom 
AprU 13 ....:.. 1818 

COiSc. Abeidour Ca^e« Fifcahire; 
and Dalmahoy, Midlothian- 

RtU Uii Ijvrdsbip is brother to (he 
L'ountcM of Aberdeen: irnr/c to the 
MarqursB of Abercom : nrphne to the 
Earl ofHarcwood: cnati*! to Vi.u-aiint 
],rfwkoclle«; to the Hun. Henry I,a5- 
Cclle«, 51. P. for Nortbnlli-rUm ; to the 
CountcftK of Shrffield ; and to ihc Lady 
'of Ethnund-Bcrkrlcy Poriman, K*q., 
[M.P, for J>orst't»hirr. Hi» LortUhip'ti 
A'tV-^/t, the Hon, and Rev. (.'hArU-% 

Ihfu^ljUi i* bro.-i$iJaxf to tlw Karl of 

'trmn; ahl} to ibc liarooias C'u* 

//. Ap, Stephen, Lord KUu-crth^ 
bom March 11 182-'. 

Co. Scats. Moore Park, Corbditrr; Gil. 
gormi'astle, Antrimshirc ; and Mount, 
cashel Lodge, Ihiblinshlre. 

RcL \\\s Lordnhip is fiitI\€r-imUrm ID 
Villiam-Vatcs P«l, Esq., MP. for 
VaruiDuth, (6rorArr lo the Right Hofk 
Sir Robert Peel. BjuI., Ulc SSecxrtavy 
of dilate for the Home Departniail, 
and Jtl.P.for Tanivorth ; and bra Ua. 
ta-u' 10 4ieorge-Uoben Dawum. E«q , 
M.P. fur Harwich). His Lordsbip'f 
troi/ur, the Hon. and Rev. Edward. 
Oeorge Moofls in married to Ame- 
Maiilda, sUter of Baron CUnton. 




Earl of, Y. ofC. 1789 

N. ^ S. Richard Edgccumbr, U.C.U, 

F.R.S., &F.S.A. 
O. T. Viftcount Mount Edge- 

cunibeond Valletort . . . . 17 

Baron Edgecuinbc, of Alount 

£., Dcvonshixc 1742 

Ojjr. Lord-LUuf., ncr-Admiral, md 
Curt. Rot. ofComvatL 

H ighSiewArd of PIympUni,Derciulunb 

A Privy I'ouncillur. 

Rm. Uth Sept. I 

.SW. hitfathcr, as 2d EarK4t)) Feb. I 
Mar. Sophia* {deccatcd) 3d dr. of 

John, 2d Earl of Buckinghom- 

Rlure, 27tli Feb I7; 

//. Ap. Ernest- A ugu»(u», Vltcxtunt 

r.i/U-larf, Col. of the <:amirall 

MiliLiisand .^l.P.fur Plymptoa, 

born 2ath Slarth 17!»7 

Co. Sc. .Mount EdgcruRibe, near Ply. 

mouth ; Cotrle, tkiniwall ; and Rich. 

inond Hill, Surrey. 
Rtl. Patfut to the Hon. flenriff Edge- 

cumbe^ Sec of Lrtratton to tiic Swi«s 

to tUc Uot. VAww^ ll'M.V ^.V. V« 

MULG ( 207 

u Hu LortlAtiip*» children 
are cvui. to the Marqucsa of Ixithion : 
^ cons, to the E«rl of Buckinghnm- 
ihitv; and to the ViscounteM Godcnch . 
P^l. Fat, TwoMembcra for Lostwitbiel ; 
One Member fur Plympton-Earle. 



1611. MULGRAVE, Earl of. O.B. 
V.ofC. 1812 


JV. * 5, Cawun tine- Henry Phtpps. 

Dir. V 

Ucounc Nomiaoby, of N.. 

Yorluhixc 1812 

Boron MuIgntTC, of M., Vorks. 17!)4 
I. P. Barua Mulgrare, of New 
Kms, WexfoTtUhin; . - . l/tJ? 

Bm. May Idth I7!»7 

Sm-. hia fa., a* 2d Earl, in April IHM 
*^/).Gco.-Aug.-Con»tanilne, Vh- 
fvif'r/ Xnnnanby, born July 23, 1^19 
fict. Jtt>, Harley-strect. 
Sf, Mtilgrave Castle, M'hiiby,Yorlc9. 
SoH'UiJair to Baron Ravcnsworth : 
mepk. 10 the lira- Kdmiuid Phijipii, 
liLP. for Scarborough ; to the Hon. 
H-T. LiJdrl, tatc M.P. forNorthum- 
beriand ; ami to the lady of the f Joa. 
W..Krppc] BaningtoQ (eld. M»n of 
ViKUunt lianington). 
rL Pat. OneMembcr for Scarborough. 

31UNSTER, (iBt) Earl of, 

, Y.ofC. 1831 

4 S. George FitxcUrcncc 
T. Viscount FitMJarence, and } ,g^. 
Barort Tewkesbury . . » . / 
Colonel in the Anuy. 
Ic-ounp to the King. 
laot of the Tower of London, 
1. of the First Regt. of Tower 
Handeu Militia. 
A Coni. »f the Royal Military Collcgr, 
and of the Royal Military Asylum. 

Jaa. 29tl) iVM 

Mary. dr. of the Earl of 
iMmt, Oct. 18th . . . 1819 
,1p. \ViUiiim-(iforge, Viteount 
fiisclnrffirr^ born May l!)ih . 1824 
A^f. 13, Ri'Igruvc-st., Belgrave-sq. 
St. Upper LodgL-, Buihy Park, 

Hi« IvordKhip ii the eUett ton 
cS hi* Majesty, King WlUiam the 
Fourth, by tlie late Alni. Jordan, 
of the Theatre Royal, Drury.lELno; 
nepJirxe to all the Princeti and Pnnceftsea 
of the Koyal Fanul^ ; tOH-iii'iaw to 
ihc KmtJ ivT Egirmoat ; 6rp. to Lord 

_ /Air Armj-, Eijuerry and Aide^e- I 
oKTp to t/ie King, and Lieut. ■ CoL of I 

the 7th Regt. of Foot (who is tOH-in* 
Iniv to t)ir Karl of Glasgow); to liuid 
Adolphus Fiizclarcnce, a Capt la the 
Royal Navy, Groom of the Robca, 
and Rangi-r of Rushy Park; lo the 
Kev. Lord Auguitus Fitxclarencr, 
Ohaplain to the King; to Lady 
Sophia Sidney (who i» the tvifk of Sir 
Phiiip-f:harle»Sidney, Bart, F^juerry 
to the King) ; to Lady Mary Fox (who 
is the vifr of I«ieut.-Col. Charles- 
Richard Fox, of the GrenadierGuarda, 
ALP. far Calne, and eld, com of iMtd 
Holland); to the Countess of Errol; 
to I^ady Auguxta Kennedy-Enkine 
(irirftfa- of the Hon. Juhn KeniMdy- 
Knklnc, 2il 'tm of tlie Karl ofCaasim, 
S.P., DOW Marqueaa of Ailsa, U.K.); 
and to the Viacountoa Falkland. 

257. NAPIER, Baron, 
of Mcrchiatoun, S.P. . . Y.ofC. Iff27 
A RrprCKnt«tive Peer of Scot- 
land, elected June M . . . 1831 
A^ 4' ^' M*illiara-John Napier. 
O. T. A Baronet of Nova Scotia . KiGti 
O^. A Captain in the Koyal Navy. 

Uh. 13th Oct. 1780 

Hue. hia fa., aa 8th Bnron, Aug. 1 1823 
Mar. Eliiabeth, dr. of Uie Hon. 

Andrew-CochraneJohn«tonc. in IR16 
II. Ap. Francis, bom 15th Sept. . 1819 
Co. Se, Thirlstanc Castle, Si-Ucirkshire; 

and Meicliistuun Ca»tle, Alidlothian. 
Rel The Baroness is 2d couiin to the 
Earl of tiojKtoun. 

149. NELSON, (1st) Earl, 

of Merton and Trafalgar Y.ofO. 18(15 
N. tj- S. The Rev.Willinm Nelson, D.D. 
O. T* Isl \'^i5COunt Alcrton and 

Trafalgar, of M., Surrey . . 1005 
Baron NelM>n of the Nile, and of 

Hilbotough, Norfolk . . . 1001 
DuEr or Bmonte, in Sicily. 
OJl. A Prebendary of Canterbury. 

Itn. 20ih April 1757 

Shc. his bro., the gallant Admiral 

Ld. NeUuii. as-_M Baron, <Vi. 21 1805 
Mar. li/, Sarah (dtceated)^ dr. of 

the Re^-. H. Yonge, OtJiNov. 1786 
2(i, (f. Hilairc, widinc of fJ. H. 
Barlow, Esq. {ton of Sir G. 
Barlow, Burt.], Mar. 26th . 1029 
M. Pret. His Lordbhip's Ncj]/iev,T^KKau 

Bolton, Esq. 
To. Rc$. 23. Potlman-w^uMc- 
Co.Se. Trafalgar House, i\Cftx SeXvAiuT^. 
Hrf. His Liordahip \a /d.-in-low voUwoa 


( 208 ) 



24. NEWCASTLE, Duke of, 
of N^undeT'Llne, Staffbrdshire, 

V.ofC. 1756 

A^> & S. Henry-Pclham-Fieniic»<relliain 
Clinton, K.U. 

O.T, Earl of Lincoln . . . .1572 

OJ^ I^ril Lirut. and Cuii. RoU of 
A^uttingh iivishirrt 
Cuit. Rot. of Newark. 
High Stcwutl of Retford. 
Steward und Keeper of the Forest of 

Bn, Mill Jan 17^"" 

Sue. hift fa., as 4th Duke, Mmy 17 HUa 

Afar. Ovorgtana-Kliuibcth, dr. of 
E.-M. Mut)dy«E»q., ofShipley, 
Derbyshire ( dcccateti )s July 16 IB17 

//. J^f/;. Ucnry PeUiun, Earl of 
Lincoln, hotn -2'Zt\ May . . . IBIl 

To. lici. 17, Portman Mjuare. 

Co. .SV. Notiinghftm Cutic, and Clumber 
Park* Tuxford, Notts. 

/?£/. Wu Grace ia bro,.i»-law to nnron 
Coinbennere : cotu. to the Karl of Har- 
rington ; to the MarchkineM of Tuvi. 
atock; totheDuchew()fLfeinsteT;tothe 
Enrl of St-ftan ; and to Bvon Fvicy, 

Pari. put. 2 Mtiiibura for Aldborough; 
two for Boruughbrid^ ; one for Baa* 
Btrtlaw ; utd oae for NewarL 

9. NORFOLK, Duke of, Y.C. 14^3 
Prttnier Ditkc, mnd Earl Afarthal of 

N4S. Bernard-Edward Howard. F.R.& 

and F.S.A. 
O. T. Karl of Surrey, Arundel*, 

and Norfolk . 1403, 1433. 1044 

Baion Ftu-AUn, Clun, Oswaldcatrec, 

and.MaltrarcTS 1483 

Hereditary Earl-Marihalrf England^. 

Bh. 2l8C Nov 176ii 

^«c.hiscoufl.,asl3thDuke,Dccl6, 1819 
M«r. Elixabcth, 3d dr. of Henry, 

Karl of Fauconbecg( di-c, ) Apr. 23, 1 789 
//. Ap. Henry.Charlet, Earl of 

Skrrcp, bom 12th Aug. . . 1791 
To. Itei. 21, St. Jame«'»-4quarr. 
Co, Sf, Anindcl Coftdc. !^us9cx ; Fom- 

hani. Bury St. Edinundi, and Far- 

■ham Park Farm, Suffolk ; Workaop 

Wcit I 

Abbey, Notts; and CUft-houacv Wcit 
Coweg, Isle of Wtghu 

Hd. i' J. to ibc Earl ofSuney, M.P. 
Horeham (who ii tnar. to Cliar] 
8op)iia, cla. dr. of Oforgc Oranvi 
Marquess of 8taffbrd)t gmmdjii. 
Lord Fiuc-Alon: bro—in^tw to Lord 
Petrc: uttc to the ladie< of A* Hon. 
Charles Petrc, and the Hon. Hcnry- 
Valcntinc-SlafFord Jcniingham. 
Hif Grace is a Catholic. 

Part. Put. Two .Members for Uondism ; 
two fur Sle)'tiLng; and one for Nc 



of, . V.ofC 18V 

N.S[ S. Spcnccr-jQ<>hun-Alwyne CoiDp- 

ton, A.M. and F.S.A, 
O. T. Earl of Northampton . . 1618 

Earl Compioti, of C, War. Co. ^ 

Baron Wilniington, of W., V 181^^ 

.Sussex y ^^fl 

O0. Recorder of Northampton. ^^M 

//«. SdJan. 1780^ 

^Hr.hi>fa.,i;s2dMan)uesa,MaT34 1828 
Mt$r. Margaret, eld. dr. of l^fajOF- 

Ocn. D.-AL CU-jihauc, of Tor- 

loisk, Rotis.shirr. i>4ch Jnlj * 1815 
//. Ap. Charles, Eart Cotnptoti^ 

bom 26th .Mar 1816 

CihSe. Castle Ashby, Nonhunptonahbe ; 

and Comptoo Wynyates, War. Co. 


of, Y.ofC. I7< 

N.&S. Hugh Percy, K.G. F.5.A. 
O.T. Earl of Nonhuuberland . 1749 

Earl Percy 1 760 

Baron Percy 1749 

Banin .Markworth .... 1748 
A Buronec ..«,.•• ItjUQ 
OJI. .i Prill/ CounHttcT. 

Lord Lirul., ChmI. Pot. and Vive^Ad'. 
mir<ti of XorthtttnhertuHd and JVrw- 
coHlf^upon* Time. 
Hleh-Stevard of Launccium, ind 

ConMable of LauDcc»too Castle. 
Am. Extr. at the Omrt of Ftmnce on 
the occasion of tlie Coronation of 
King Charles X. in laSJk Abofatt 



* His Grace enjoys the Earldom of Arundel, as b fmdal honour, without any 
patent or crwtlon; but merely by inheritance and poiM^sion of Arundel CB*tIe. 

t Ttiis ofRce was formerly one of very great auttiurily and dignity in England ; 

the KsrUMarihal having screral couru under his jurisdiction. lie in ^till the h«ad 

of the CoJUgw ofArma. or Herald*! 04&c«, «nA \\a» l\\c 4\t«\\ou xA -gW «et«aanial 

mattrn mppcnsin'mff to corooatioos, l^n: ptocVamation of «*t «A ^cMft..T«\^ 

^JienU, A c, Ac He hoa *1m> aooie ptc-crnVnetwe Vn \\\»: >\»rA«^>«* C«rt\, ■«>«» 

'tt00 Judge on aU crimes fomnlltea vA\\\n the ^er^c rfftve Vsn^'*««w. '^ 



iUrmt, Gen. and dncral Oavemor 

Apfil 1785 

bit Uiha, u 3d Duke, lOth 

*y 1817 

Mtr. Chwlmtc-Horjntia, 2d dr. 

of Edvmrtl, 6rst Kurl of i^owig, 

i9ihApnl iai7 

U. Prrg. H u JLord»hip*» brother. Baron 

To. Res, NorthamberUnd Houve, 

Chftring.crOM ; And The l^uige^ 
Pbanix Park, DubUn. 
C*. AV. i^ion Hoiitic, Middlwwx; Aln. 
wick, U'atk wdTth, and Prudbue Casdev 
Nottbumbcrland ; Wcrrington Park, 
Cornwall ; and Stonwick and Aruiinc, 
\Mtl, Hn<Tr»cc it fow-iA-Zotr tn the Karl 
of Povis : bntther to Barmi Prudhoc, 
and to the Iturunesi (vlenlyon : 6ru.. 
i^-lttw CO Vucouni Clivc, and to the 
HocL Robcrt-Hcnry Ctivr, both Mmt- 
h^i for Ludlow ; also to the lady of 
*ir Waikin- WUliicm Wynn. M. IMor 
l>a)bigtuhire : n^phe-je to the Earl of 
BcTcrlr;: coitnn to Lord ixwaiiic, .M. P. 
tar Bcsmlaton, (who li hro.-tH-law tn 
Baroo M'hamcliffe) ; to the Hon. Al- 
gernan Percy, Knvoy Extraordiniiry to 
die Republic afSwit7LTliutd ; to llugli, 
\jkA BUhup of ( arltMle ; and to the 

of A&libumham. 
xtL Pat. TwoMembcmfor Laurtce»ton : 
iwo Member!! for Newport in Comwill. 

aU. NORTHWICK, Bbtoh, 
N. Pork, M'orcttlemhire, V. C. 17!>7 
4' 5- John RuKhout, F^S.A. 

"•. A Banificrt I«C1 

A novcmor of Hnirow SchooL 

Itfih Feb. I77i> 

bu father, as 2d Baron, 2(lth 

o«. i«m> 

prtM. His IxirdihipV brother, he 
Hon- and Rev. 4ieor);e Bowlea {fnr- 
utrr l y Ruxhout), hrc-in-lajr to the 
llorl of Cioltoway. 
Nes, 2. Coonaught* place 
St, Nonhwick Park, M^orceater- 

tL Bro,miik.tavf to Sir Charles Cock- 
acU, Bart., M.P. for err^ham. 

fit I. NORWICH, Lord Bishop of, 

rcraifii in IHOS 

■ S Jit. Her. l/eaty Bmthant, J 
.h. Mud F.S.A. j 

JUi. :iO, UpptT Iirook-*tnet. / 

iTa. Sr, Bitbap'B PMlsct, Norwich. / 

( 209 ) XORW 

Rei. Ili« f^rdvhip \\ senmd cnurin to die' 

Karl Bathtirst. 

\. B. Tb'j diocmx of Norwich com- 
prehends Norfolk, /M'-/ of Suffolk, and 
part of Cambridgeshire; being in the 
province of Contcrborj. 

lU. NORWICH, Earl of, 

Y.ofC. \7ti4 
iV. 1^ S. George . Hamilton (lordon, 

O. T. Baton Gordon, of Huntly, 

(ilouccfterHhire 17U4 

Biirvjt Bcahc/iamp of Blrtsfiae . 1363 
Baron Mordaunty of Turvey, 

Bedf\>rdih\re ... . 1532 

S. P. UtJKE OF Gouioy . . lfW4 

MAKUtT£88 OrHuNTLEY, Qttd 

Prrmicr Marqurst in Scotland I flOfl 
Earl of Hundy and Enxie 1440 9l IQIIO 
Vidcoiint Invrrnrjw .... 1599 
Biron <iordon of Strathbogle 
Ijord of Bodcnoch, Lochaber, 

Siraihaven, Achindoun, Bal- [ IS'JO 

more, Gartliie, and Kincir- 

din« . . • 

OJl. Keeper of the Great Seal of Scot, 

Governor of Edinhurgh CtiMih: 
Hereditary Keeper of the Contlc of In- 

Lord Lirttt. of Aberdernshire. 
CfiaticeUor of Atarisefiai College, Aher* 

A OenenU Officer in the Army. 
Col. of the (Koyol Scots) lit Regt. of 


in Feb. I77f> 





Shc. his father, ns 5th Duke, I7tli 
June in27 

Mar, Elizabeth, dr. of Alexander 
Itrwiie, Esq. of Buniiidc, 11th 
Dec 1813 

//. Pre$, Hia Oracc'ftArbfnnofi, the Earl 
of A boync. 

Co. St: <iordon nnd Huntly Cortles, 
Uanttshirc; .Slmlhbngie Ca'stlc, Aber- 
ileenhhire ; and Kinrara Lodge, Stnih- 
Rpey. InTemc^-shirc. 

Rd. Hii Grace is bro.-in-hw to the 

Duke of Bedford, and to the Duke of 

iM anclwster : uncle to tlte Duke of 

Richmond ; to Lord John-George 

Lennox, M.P. for Chicheat«r ; to the 

I^ady of Maj. Geo. Sir Pcrc^^rine 

itlaiiland, K.C.B. ; to vY\e \*wS7j cK 

the Hon. W.-li.-li.F\li;?,a«\ei<Vft^a» 

(son of the Baroneu At 1^<»\*, ^a 

Viscount JIandevUle, ^V.P. ^«t H\v^v- 

ingtlonahire ; to the >\»sc\v\o\\«9.» 




( 210 ) 


TworddAlc ; to the ]Urone»s Bray. ' 
brooke; lo llie Lndy of i«ni Kliott 
(eldest »0n of the Karl oti>u GtTinnns), 
M.F. for Liftktard; to the I^y of 
Cbailei Ko«s K^q- ^^^*- *'«^*'^t ^'^^' 
mstia ; to the Iilart)UCA& of T^ivUiock, 
M,P. for Bcilfnrd-^hirc; and to Lord 
joho KusmU, M.P. tor TdVutock. 

137. O'NEILL, (lit) Earl, 
of Shanc'a CaaiLe, Antriuiitliiro, 

v.ofc. urn) I 

jf RcprtKntiiHve Peer vf IrcUtnH^ for 

lifi-; elected in IWM) 

N- & S. Charle»-Ucnry-St. John O'Neill, 

O. T. \. P. V'iicount Ruyniond onil 


Buon 0*NciU of ShancS Castle 

1705 ami 1793 
Off. I*aU Joint Poatmoster General of 

A Privy Councillor (»f tlic name. 

W Governor ofthr County nfAntr\m^ 
and Col. of iu Alilitia. 

A Truitce of tbc Irinh Linen .Manu- 

Bh. 22dJan 1770 

Silc. hix father, ait VJacount and 

Baron, June 1798 

i/. Prti. Ht» Lordiibip*K hrothrr^ the 

Hon. JohD'Bnue-Richard O^Ncill, 

Cooituble of Uie Castle of Dublin^ and 

M.P. for Antrinuhire. 
Co. Se. Shane*B Castle, and Raymond 

Cottage, Antrimhhirc. 
MiL '2d cMuiM to tlic Earl of Cork and 

Orrery: 3il coutiu to ViM-ount Dun- 

flUTon ; and to the Hon. John Bojic. 

U>P. for Corkshire. 

U3. ONSLOW, Earl of, 
of O, Salop. . . . Y.ofC. laOl 
N. 4> S. Arthur-George Onalov. 
O.r. ViacoaDtCrank7,ofC.Surrey 1001 
Baroa Obi1ow« of O. and West 

Claodon, Surrey .... I7lfi 
Baron Cranky, of Imber Court I77A 
A Bwonet 

Bh. 26th Oct 1777 

Sue. hia father, aa 3d £arU Sdd 

F«b 1827 

Mar. Mary, eldest dr. of O. Plud- 
yer, K^q. of Aytion, KutUnd- 

ahirc 2Ut July 1816 

J¥. Ap. A rdtur-OvorgVy S'uamnt 
Crwniry^ bam l(kh June . . 18*20 
7-0. He*. Su George** HoteU U, Albc. 

CtK &. Clandun Park, Surrey. ^ 

Ji!:t. His Lordship i» nephew iff Arthur 

Onslow, V.itc^. King*B AndfOtticijtanL 

\fiA. OKKORD, earl of, 

Suftolk Y.ofC. I8WJ 

N SiS. UoraiioM'aljjole, MA. 
O. t. Baron\ValpolL*,of W., and 

of M'oltcnon, Norfolk 172:* and Ij&fi. 
Q^. C^l. of the Wot Norfolk MUitia. 

High Steward of the Borough of Lynn. 

Hn. June 14th 170 

Snr. his fathvr, a* 3d Karl, loth 

June 18Si 

Jl/or. Mary, eldest dr. ofW. A. 

Kawknr4,EMi. July3ad . . 1811 
//. Ap. IIoTBtiu< William, Ltird 

tVuipolc. bnm 18th April . , 1813 
Co. Se. WoluTion Park, AyUham, 

Hel. Broihtr to the Hon. John M'alpole, 

3Lr. for Kin^'* Lynn : uncU to Sir 

Willi»m-L..(». Hotic Ban. 
Fori P^l. One Member foe King'i 


:u>t^. OniKL, Boron, U.K. 
o( Fcnard, Limtlinhire Y- c»f C- IWl 
N. *i S. ThoniaA-ilcnry Skeffiogtoo (lata 

O. T. Baron Oriel, of CoUon, 

I^uthshire 1790 

1. P. VncouyT Fekkard . 17*7 
Ojfi. A Privy Councillor in Ireland. 

Ginrmor of Louihahirc^ aiul CoL of 
Its Militia. 

A Truatre of the Irvth Linen Ma- 

/?fi. in I7CS 

Shc. his mother, na Iriih Viaoount 

and Baron. SOih Jan. . . .1834 
*- hi<i fathLT, ai'Al Kn^li&h Baron, 

23d Aug 18S8 

j1/ixr. Harriei, Yiftntunteu Maaaa- 

rcne and l^mincw Loughneagb 

{•« her own »ttfA/), Nov. 20 . 1810 
H. Ap. A fton. b<*m :iOih Nov. . 1R12 
Co. Sr. Oriel Tnt.pU*, IxKtthshire; and 

Antrim Castle, en. Antrim. 
lieL His I«OTdxhip i^ In Ba> 

ron DufTcrin ind Clancboy. The Ba- 

roneu i« cofnim to the Earl of Roda : 

2d vourim to Yiacount Power*c(Hin. 

.TCI. ORMONDE. (Ut) Baron, V. K. 1 
of Llantliony, Monmouthtfaire, 

Y.ofC 1821 I 

O. T. \ . P ■ ^*^ ^'^ k**v\.\» ttv 

0»HO»T>V ^^^ 

OXFO ( ill ) 

Eiri of Ormonde and Ossory 

132fl and 1.'.27. 
Vkcoont 7*hurie9, of T^ Tip. 

ppTwy J535 

BuDB ArUow, of A. ... 
OfL a<rv, ami Cutt. Rot. of Kilkenny. 
thirty aiid <U>1. of iiA MiliitA. 
Ilcnditary Chief Butler of Ireland. 

A». 15th July 1774 

S»c. bia hrv, as Itilh Karl, lOth 

i Aug. 1820 

fMfMr. Graee-Louiita, dr. of the Ru 
flon. John Staple*, of Tyrone* 

thire, 37th Occ IfVO? 

H. jlp* John, Earl of Oitorff^ 
M.P. for Kilkenny nhire, born 

24th Aug laOB 

i>. He». I4i Weymoutli^treet, Port- 
S^-. Kilkenny Castle, Ireland. 
Hb Lordship \sftthtr to the Mem- 
ber for Kilkcnny»htrc : bro.-in-iav to 
TbamM RnvanA^h. Kik]. M.P. for 
Coflovdutv. Tht: Marutiioncsft is 2il 
amain 10 the present Viscount Moles- 

SS7. OXFORD, Lord Bishop of, 

twtcwvaed in 1820 

AS, Rt. Rev. Richard Hagui, D D. 
[O- fy^- Dean of CatUrrburtf, 

r«. in I7»2 

^ llaniet, y»L dr. nf Cieorge, 

itb Earlof Jmcy. Dec. 2\n . 1806 

Dean of Canterbury in . XHI'i 

zo, Sc Caddeadcn PaUcc. near Oxford. 

IrL Brother toBarun Bagot ; and to Sir 

Charla Bagot, Ambassador at tiic 

Court of the Netherlanda: f/m.-in- 

Itm ID the Earl of Jrrtcy ; to Sir Ed w. 

Paget, O.C.B. ; and to the Bar] of 


A'.JL This Prelate a Dioonw of 
Ixfordihire only ; the laiue being in (he 
mncc of C-antcrliurj*. 


rlof, Y.ofC. 1711 

A S. Edward Harlcy. 
}. T. Utaan Harlcy, of >Vigmore, 

ilCTrt'unlihin; 171 1 

Bm, Feb. 20th 1773 

5iML. his unctty as 5th Kail, OcL 

8ih »70n 

^^Har. Jane- Elizabeth, dr. of the 
^K K«v. J. Scott {dicaucd). Mar. 

jr. ^jr. Al&ai, Lvrii ffar/ryj boro 
Jsa. /OtA IS09 ' 


Co. Sr. Bramptnn Parle, Ozon; Ey<- 
tt'tKHl House, IK-rvturdjihire. 

Hrl, Ills Lord<thip is Hfphtv to the Hon. 
and Rev. William Harley, Prebendary 
of Worccnter : XtrrjrffMn to fStr Charles. 
O. Morgan, Bart. 3i. P. for Mon- 
mouthshire; and to hi« aan, Ucorge- 
Oould Morgan, Esq. M. P. for 
Brecon ■. al»o to tlw JUron«4it Rod- 
ney; and to the lady of Hu|{h-Owcn 
Owen, £m]. M.P. for Pembroke {mm 
to Sir John Owen, Dart M.V^ for 

53. PE.MBROKE: and MONT. 
GOMEHV, Karl of, 

V. ofC. 1661 & 1(106 
N,ikS. Unbert-Hcnry Herbert. 
O. T. l^nron llerbirrt, of Caidiff; 

(Jliuiiorgan«hire . .1551 

Buon Herbert, of ^hurUnd, I. 

of ^htfppy, Kent .... 1603 
Baron WitfAy of Kendall, Wcst- 


Baron Parr, Marnilon, and Sl 


Offi. Hereditary Visitor of Jcsua College, 
(I ighSit:irard of the Borough of Wil ton. 

Bn. Sepu linh I79l 

Sur. his father, ax 12th Karl of P. 

and 0th Earl of M., Ocu 20th . 183? 
Mar, the Princess OctaviaSpinelli, 
dr. of the Duke of Lorinc, and 
TviffoTT of the Sicilian Prince de 
Rubarl, Aug. I7th .... 1614 
//. Prti. His Lordship's brot/ter, tlio 

Hon. Sidney Herbert. 
Cf.Sr. Wilton House, near Salisbury. 
Hct. His Lonlfhip is bro.^in^-ur to tha 

Earl of Nomianton. 
parL pat. Two Meanbera for Wilton. 

373. PENSHURST,(l8t)Baitm,U.K. 

of P. Kent V.ofC 1836 

N, ij- A'. Percy-Clinion-Sydney Hmyihe, 

(f.CB. and K.T.S., DX.L., F.R.S., 

& F.S A. 
O. 7'. I.P. VtscouKT Stbako- 

FORD, of &, Downshirc . .1026 

A (irandee of PortugaL 
OJl. A Priry Councillor. 

Hu. 3Ui August 1780 

Sue. his father, as 8th Viscount, 

lutOct. 1801 

Afar. Kllcijy.dT.offettT.ButVe., 

Bart, (widow of N. Wto'w^w.* 

Eaq-O 17th June \^M 


( 212 ) 



M. AfKOvot^c-A ugustuft- Frederick 

Sydney, bom Witli Aprit . . 1818 
To. lift. fiS, Umrlcy-HTceu 

Viacminl Sirangford is the translator 
ofaevcTtl pieces itf ihc Portuguese pout 
Camoena. He wa^ 
Ambaasador at the Cimrt of Lisboii 

in 1806 

at the Swcdiiih Court 

in 1«I7 

at the Cotirt of Con- 

■tantfnople in 182() 


and Rut- 
in the pro- 

burgh in 1825 


Iti<«bop of, tratijlattJ from LUndafT 

in 1811) 

iV. ^ S. Rt. Rnr. Herbert ^larnh, D.D., 

F.K.S., andF.AtS. 
O. Offi. Lady Margaret's Pmfcuor of 

Divinity at Cambridge. 
CoHt. lliiJio]) of Llandair in . . ISIO 
Co, Sr. ISiatwp'i Palace, Peterborough, 

North am ptoDsb ire. 
N. B. Northaniptotuhire 

landfhirc conipow His 

Diocew ; being situated 

TiDoe of Cantctbury. 

842. PETRE, Baron, 
ofWritac,E»»cx. . . V.ofC. IC03 
A'. 4* S. WiUiaovUcnry-FranciiiPetre, 
F. U.S. 

Jift. 22ti Jan 1703 

Sur. \us father, as 1 lib Baron, 

20th March 1800 

Ai*ir. firtt, Franca^-Chnrlotte, 
(Hfceased) t Id. dr. of Sir 
Richard Bcdingfield, BarL, 

2d June 

SecoMdft/f Emma, dr. of H. 

- Howard. Esq , of Corby 

Castle. M.P. tor New Sbore- 

bani, IBth April .... 

I/. Ap. William, bom 30th Dec. 

To. iirt. a, Man»lidd-»treet, Portland- 

Co. V. Thorndon Hall, near Brentford, 
Essex : Duck(3ihain Houie, Norfolk ; 
ar.d Diinket Hall, Lancaahirc. 
lift. Hit lAtrdahlp '\s ncpittv to the Duke 
(»f Norfolk : coutin to the Karl of 
Surrty, M.P. for Horsham: brother 
to the Hon, Ed Petre, Trtrasurer tu 
the AuMiciared ( itlhulir Charittn for 
AV/ucaun/f, rVm/Mng, aiul A pprenticing 
ihiiiinn of poor C'athulicft* 
///# Loniiihip in ji Vatuohv, 



385. PLUNKET,(l8t) Baron, !^JC. 

of Newton, Corkshin-, V. of C. 1R27 

X. ^ S. M'^tlliam-Couyngfaam Plunket, 

OJi. Lord Chantelhr af Ireimd, 
A Privy Coundllor in KngUnd ami 

J7h. in 17«& 

Mar, Miaa M*Causland of SUgo-sbise 

H, Ap. Thomas, in holy ordcn. 

Rel Father to the Hon. Jnhn Plunl 
a barrister (who is jim-iit-A/T to the 
Rt. Hon. C..K. Bushc, U^t^ Chief 
Justice of the Court of King's Bench 
in Ireland); also to the Hon. David 
Pluukci, a barrister, and Prothonotary 
lo tbL Court of Comnuin Pleas in Ire- 

iiet, Dublin. 

Co. Se. Old Connaoght, Wickl 


fr» ififlt I 


7a PLYMOUTH, Earl of, 

V. of C 
N.^S. Other- Archer Windsor. 
O. T. Boron Windsor, of Bradeo- 

ham, Bucks ...... 

Bh. 2d Julv I7HS 

Sttr. his father, as (ith Earl, 12lb 

June 1799 

Mar. Mary, eld. dr. of John<Frcw 

dcrick, :t4l Duke of Dorset, fith 

August is: 

To. Hr*. 27* Gmsvenor-Mjuair. 

Co. Sir. HewclUGrangc,M'oreestcrshife; 
Knoll Park, Kent ; and St. FogW** 
ComIc, GlamnrgiuiAhire. 

Brl. His Ixirdship is braihcr~im.tav 
the Al.-irnuc*5 of Downtthirc; to 
Hon. Kobcn-Henry Cllve, .M.I' 
Ludlnw (sifii to the Earl of Pi 
and brother to Viscount Clive. 
McnibtT for l^udlow) ; ^d ttmtrn 
to the children of the Hon. Williani- 
Pole-Tylncy-Long Wcllcsley, by ibe 
ttitf iarHcnlrd Catherine. Tylner Long, 
dr . and hrircM* of i>ir Jttines-Tylncy> 
Long Uing, Bart. Tbe Counien b 
couiia to tbe Duke of Doiaet. 


91. POMFRET. Eiul of. 
of Pontcfract, Yorkshire V. ofC. ITJl 

l*.lt.S, F.S.A., D.CL. 
O. T. Bnron l/eoiuinster, of L., 

llcR-fordhliirc 1002 

K HoTfmu^. 1«4I 

A \agu\— Uvcwsnau 
Ba. in ^'n^ 

i ^ 


\ Bn. 


t,iu4th Karl, April 183U 
ffT. Amabd-Klixabeth, dd. dr. of Sir 
ilicfand Uorouichf B«tt. 
f. .1p. 0«orgc.WiUiuii-Ricfaud, 

bora 3Ui Dec. 1024 

'31^. R/K 35, Ponmon-sqiurr. 
Co. Sf. Ka-'^inn HaII, near Towceater, 

Nor chani pton^h ire. 
tJU(. Ui» lxinl5hipuu»4?& toSitGeorge- 
H'tliiaaiL lK:nj^ B&n. 


SS6. PONSONBV, Baroo, 
^STtofiliy, Leircstcnhiir V. ofC 
lJ- .V. Frederic Ponsonby. 
T. 1. P. Earl or Bedbobovmh* 
VisriMint Dunrannon, of the Fort of 

D.. Vq. Wttertbrd. 
Buoo Bc«barou{;h, of B., Co> Kil. 
Vice Admiral of 31 unilcT Province. 

34tfa Jan. I7f'8 

, bi* father, as 3d Earl, 11th 

Afairh 1703 

U'. Henrietta-Frances (if rriurrf), 
:ed dr. of John, I at Earl Spencer, 

»7ih Not. • 1780 

"fl. jlp John-Williani, ritcouHt 

Dmmitnmm, bom 3i»t Aug. . 1781 
Ret, i»0. Sl Jamca'i-tquare. 
Sf. Bcnbortjugb Houie., Kilkenny, 
InrUnd; ^ysonby, Leioeaterihire ; and 
Rochamplon, Snrrey. 
tl. fcther to V'ifcount Ouncannon, 
M.P. fnr Kilkenny»hire (mar. to 
Maria, >M dr. of the Karl of W'esU 
mordiiDd): lo .^lajor-Gcn. the Htm. 
Fiedcric-Cavendi&h Ponsonbj, LicuL- 
Gof. ot Malta {mar. to Kmilj-Char- 
loiK, y. dr. of Earl Bathunct]; nod 
tD ihm U«i. William.FninrU^peDcer 
PMMRby, M.P. for Poole (mar. to 
Baitao, dr. and heiress of Anthony, 
Bth Earl of Shaftesbury): ,/;r.-i»-/rnr 
to Vlacaunt Mi-lbDumc : ftro.-in-1'iu 
SB E«l 8pcncer: and lo Karl Fitz- 
vfllam: ttnctt to Viscount Milton; 
^nmd^mmcU to the Duke of St. Albans ; 
CO tW lady of A.-A. CaptL, Ksq. 
(nephew and heir to the EatI of 
Emcs) ; and to the lady of Montague- 
J*ha Cholmclcy. Emi., M.P. for 
Onnifaam. His Ivordship's ik)Ii» are 
«a«sina to Vr.oount Milton; to Vui. 
count Allhorpr, MP. for Northamp- 
tODthirr ; to Baron Lyttleton; and to 
the Duke uf Devont»hin>. 

.7/.V. i'OSSOSBV, liMnm, U.K. 
'JaHfkilJf, Carksbire WofC. IWH 

[ 213 ) ponr 

A^ ij S, John PoDMmby. 
Ogl, A Priry C'DunclUor, 

Envoy HxtrainiHiian/ and Mittiftrr 
PUttipoientiary at the BroxUian 

Hh. \n 1770 

Sue. hit father, as 3d Bnrnn, &th 

Nov 1806 

Mar. Eli Kabeth -Frances, dr. of 

George, -lih Earl of Jcrwy, !3th 

J»n 1003 

//. I'rci, Ub Lordihip'i ntphfw 

William, bom in . . . . 1810 
Ret. Bio Jan lira, BraziN, South America. 
Co.Sr. BUhop'» Court, Kildare, Ireland. 
Rft. lirathfr to the Hon. and Kiaht 

Her. Richard, J^ord Bishop of KiU 

lalnc and Kilfcnura; lo the Hon. 

Ocorf^ Ponwnby. IM.P. for Yougholl ; 

and to the (_'ounte»is Urvy. The Ba- 

rones-t is nttcr to the Earl of Jtrwy; 

to the lady of the Hon. C.-VV. Wynd- 

ham (brother to the Earl of Egre. 

uiont); to tlie DuchejU) of Argyll; 

and to the lady of the Hon. and Rij^t 

Uev. Richard, I^nl Bishop of Ox- 


21. PORTLAND, Duke oi; 

V. ofC 1716 
N. j- S. Wtlliain-Henry-Cavendiah- 
8cott Bendnck, D.C.L^ F.R.8., and 
O. T. Marquess of Titch6e1d, 

Southaniptonshire .... 17H> 
Karl of PoTtlflcd, Dnrsetxhirc 
ViacDunt Woodstock, of W., 

Oxon V 1680 

Baion Cirencester, of C, 
Gloucestenihire .... 
Offi, A Privy Councillor. 

I.orH Lieut, and VuaU RoU of Mid- 

A Family Tmatee of the British Mu- 

Rtt. :;4th June 1768 

Sue, his father, as 4th Duke, 30th 

OcL Uioii 

Afar. Henrietta, eld. dr.and heiress 
of General Scott, of Balcomie, 
Firovhirc, 4th Aug 1706 

//. ^p. Wi!liani-»Tohn, Marqucit 
of Titchfield, bom I'Jth Sept. , 1800 

7*0. Rf*. 19, Cnvendi'di'Rquare. 

Co. AV. Wtlbcck Abbey, Notu; 
Bulsover Caallc, DctViyAwe ^ 
BuIstriKle, Bucks ; Vu\\M\on., 
/iou»c, and Oi;ai\ CasV\c, ^^x- 
aliire, ScolUnd. 




( -'»4 ) 


Rfi, The 0ukc infat^trr to Lord Gcorgp. 
C'jtvcndikh-Scott Bentinck. SI. P. lor 
Kin^'« LyDii : Ja.-in~luv to John- 
Ereljm licnimn, Lsq. (ion of WU- 
liam-Jovrph Ueiiwon. Enq , M.P. for 
Surrey; and nrptica^ of ihe Mmx- 
cliiottostif I'onynKliaiii); and to Banm 
Ilowurd de M'aldcn ■. brother to Lord 
Willutn-Hcnry-Cmvendish Bcntinck, 
O.C.Pm (rovemor (ienera) sari Lieiit. 
i.itx\tTvl of India (who u bro,-in-Uixk 
to the Karl of Go«foid): mephnt to 
Lord <ieoruc-A.-H, CavendUh, M.P. 
for Uerbyvhire . ctnttut to the I^ukc ot 
DtTonkhirc; and to the Hon. H.-F.- 
C Cavendhb, M.P. for llwby: 2J 
counn to William CftvcDdish, Esq., 
31. P. for i'urobridge L'nivenity <who 
in heir, in the "id Ar^rcty to the dnke- 
dcmi of DcTOPshireX 

ParLtaU One Member for King's Lynn. 

.if J720 


K6. PORTSMOUTH, Ecrl of, 

V. ofC. 1743 
N.&S^ Jolm.Chulea Wallop. 
O. T. VMoouni Lymmgum . 

Baron M'allop, of Farley W. 
Co. Southampton 
Offi, Hailiff of Butley, in the Nc 

FoTc»t, Hanta. 

Am. I)cc 18 I7<17 

.Virr. hisfather.M»d KarK May If! 17:i7 
Mar. Gncc, dr. ot Fletcher^ lit 

Baron Omrtlcy ((/crMfTi^), in . 17WI 
//. i*rrt. His I^^rd>bip*» ftroMtfr, the 

Hon. Newtnn Fclkiwea (iOn-4it-lav to 

the Earl FortocQe). 
Co> Sr. Hurvtbouroe Park, Hampshire ; 

and Farley M'allopi Southauiplm. 

llii Lordahip ia in a atate of mental im- 

Wrflky, mnA has been incapable of 

Duuuiging hia aflain for several years. 

81. POULETT,Earl,Y.arC. I?* 
JV: 4- S. John Pmilett. 
O. 7'. Viicoumllintoo, of H. St. 

Gcme, SomcneuhlfC . . I7(*fi 

Baron roaktt 1027 

f^. Col. of the SonKmctahiic Militia. 
Bn, July 6 ....... I7R3 

»Vtw. hi* father, as Ath Karl, Jan. U IHIO 
jV«r. Charlotte. Fanny, dr. of U.- 
B.Portnian, Esq., of Bryan«tono 
House. DonkrLihtre, Auic. J8 . 1820 
//. yf/K Jvhn^ Vhnmnt liimtMi^ 

bom June 8 1821 

71* /Trg. ,5, Dmn-4ttttu i$ouU» Audlcy- 

Co. Sc. lltnton St.Gcorgr, 8ocneraet>hirc. 

Kfl, His Lordsliip is brothtr-in'iuv to 
Edniund-Hcrkdcy Purtntan, Esq-^ 
M.P. for Uorvetshirc {iKm-in4nr to 
tlic Edf] of Harcwood); and to the 
Earl ol Darlington, M.P. lor Saltaidi 
(M>n of the AJarqucu ot Cleveland). 

14a POWIS, (liil) Earl of, 

Y of C. 1804 
.V. 4- A\ Edwaitl Clire, D.C.L. 
0,T. 1 SI Viscount Clive, of Ludlow 1804 
l»t Bnron Herb<i1, ofi 

Chcrbury . . .1 Shrop. ^ \nfyA 
\%x Uaion Clire, ofj shire, -■' ^^ 

rb<^, of r -J 

. . .1 Shrop. f 

lire, of 1 shire, £ 

U'ttlcoi ....(. ) 


1st Baron Powis, of Powis, 

MnntgoQierrhhire . 1804 and 1704 
I. P. Baroo C'live, of PUwey . 1 763 
OJL A Privy Councillor. 

£.f>rrf LifHt. of ShrnpfMrr, 
Recorder of Shrewsbury and liudloir. 

JJm. .March ^ 1754 

Suf. his father, as Sd Irish Barm, 

Not. 22 I774l 

/fa r . H en riett*. A n toiua( deceased t> 
dr. of Henry-Arthur, EartPnwis, 
and tutrr ttmj hclmt of the tait 
EarloftheHerbenfamily^May? 17M 

H. Ap, Edward, Viscount CHv€^ 
M.P. foe Ludlow (who U nm-in- 
liizc to tlic Duke of MontTOie: 
Ito.-ia-taw 10 the Marquess of 
(iraliam. M.P. for Cambridge 
Borough ; and to the Countea 
ot Winchelsea and Nouing^iam), 
bom March 23 I78S 

TtK Ret, 45, Berkdey^aquare. 

Co. Sc. Widcot Hall, ni*ar Ludlow, 
Shromhire ; Oakley Park, same Co. ; 
and Powi* Castlo, Alctnigoinery*hiTe. 

RcL The Karl is likewise faiftcr to tJic 
Hon. Kobert-Henry Clivc, the other 
Member for Ludbw- fa.-in-hw to 
Sir M'aikin-M'iUiQin* Wynn, Bart., 
M.P. for Dtiibighshirc ; and lo the 
Duke of Northumberland: K'itiwman 
to Edward-Bolton Clivc, E«i_, M.P. 
for the City of Hereford; and 10 
Henry Ore, Esq., M.P. for Mont- 

Pari. Pat. Two Members for Biihop*s 
Caitk; two Mnnbcra fur Ludlow; 
■ad one Member for Moatgomery. 

aSft. VK\]\>UOV.,(lrt) Baron, 
of p. Ctt«\c, 'SoT^xatt^iciWA^ 

QUEEN ( 215 ) 

J^S. Algonon Percy. 
A Captain m the Koyil Ntvy. 

K^pu 15 1702 

Hf$. Northumberl&iid House, Cha- 

.Vc- Stannrick Part, York*Sir,r. 
f^. Bntthtr u> the Duke of Norihunv 
berland : hro.-inJurr to Banm (ilen- 

lyon : mphe-x 10 the Earl of Bcrerly ; 
rtnutn to Lord LoTftinir, W.P. fiir 
Bccralstnn ; to H ii^^K, Lord Bishop of 
Ctflule; and to the CouuicM of Ath- 

29. QUEENSBEHRViMarqucuoC 
V.ofC. Itt82 
d RtpfTstmiAiivf Peer o/'S<i>tlamtt 

ekcied Scpc 2 U»0 

«: Charles Douglaii, K.T. 
£arl of Quccnsbcrry . . 163a 
Vincounl Druruliiiirijj . 3 
DouglamofUawkk and^ 10:28 

TtbbCTB } 

A Banmct of Nora Scotia . . 1668 
Lord Lirut. of Dumfrk*^irr^ and 
CuL of ill Af'UUia. 

tn. in Manrh 1777 

\M*c. hikJUnrffuiif^WilliaiTir the 4th 
Duke, a& &th Marque&s, Due. 23 lalO 

C'Kroline, 3il ur. of Henry, 
ad Dukeof Buccleugh, Aug. L3 1803 
i*rr». Hi* Lordship's brothcTj John 
Dott^aftt Kiq., of Lockcrby. 
0. Sc. A'ncsbury. Wilts ; Middlclon- 
Siooey, Oxon ; Kinniouot and Dnim- 
Luing. Dtimfrics-ihirc. 
■L Brother to the Hon, William- 
Rr en-Keith DougIa!,M.P. forDum- 
itic»: hro..iiiJazv to Alajor-Gen. Sir 
Thoma»-Sidiiey Beckwith, K.C.B. 
1^ SklarchloneM is aunt to ihe present 
Duke of Buccltugh; to the Imiy of 
Vksvont Stupt'urd (»on of the Kitrl of 
Caonawn) : and to ibe lady of the 
tion* FereKiine-Fnuicia VuM (tun of 
£jri Brownlow), M.P. for Clitheroe. 

107. RADNOR. Earl of, 

V. ofC. 17C5 
4 S. WUliam.Pleydcll Bouvcric 
T. ViMount FolkcMODC, of F., 

Kent I7J7 

Baron J>otigfard.ofL,WduihLre 1747 
Baron Plcydell-Bouvtfrif, of 

Cokihill, Berkshire . . . 17ri.^ 
A&met }7}3 

ffJgA Skrwant of WmUiligfoni. 
±lttMMf ly'jQ 




.VNr.hii father, as 3d £arl, *J7ih Jan. 

Mar, Firtt, t'othfrinc {dereatcd), 
dr. of Udiry, Karl cf LiiicolA, 

Oct. 2 

Secondiy, Anne-Juditb. 3d dr. 
of Sir H.-P.-St.John Mild- 
may, Bart. *24lh .May . . 

II. A/K Jacob, Vhcuunt foikc'. 
ttONt^ bora 18th ^'pC. . . . 

To. Iir$, 62, lyQwcr OmrcDor-cTrcet. 

Co, S(. Ijongford Castlt?, near Salis- 
bury, Wiliahire; andCoUshillUouie, 

Rd. His LoTfUhip is brot/ur to the Flan. 
Diincombc.Pleydell Bouverie, Capt. 
R.N. and M.P. for New Sorum; to 
the Hon. ^m\ Rev. F.-P. Bouverie, a 
Canon of M'indsor; and to the Hon. 
P.-P. Bouverie, M. P. for C'ocker- 
moulh : bro.'iii'lau to Paukt-8L John 
.Mildinay, Ksq,, mayor of and M.P. 
for Winchester. Hin t^rd^hip's^Ki^A- 
ffr, Catherine (»J/f of CoL Buckley 
of the Ormadlcr OutinlH), 'u 2d c-ow. 
tin to the Duke of NewcaaUc. 

frirL Pat. Two Members for Downton ; 
one Member tor New Sanun (SaUa- 

37(i. RANFUKLY,f UDBaroo, LT.K. 
of Uaniphorlie, RcnCrcwsbire, 

y.ofC. 1B26 

JV. lJ- S. Thomas Koox. 


LAvn 1731 

Baron \VclIs. of Dungannon. Ty- 

roncuhirc 17^11 

Offi. ATruxtceofthcLLnenMuiufaciurc 

Bn. Gth Aug 1754 

Sne. his father, as 2d Viscount, * 

5th Nov IBI8 

Mar. Diuia-Jane, eldest dr. of the 

la»t Viscount Perry, 2d June . 17B5 
H. Ap. The Hon. Thonia<4 Knox, 

M.P. for Dungannon, bora l!>th 
April I7«n 

(Alarrled to Mary Juliana, eldest dr. 

oi the late Archbishop of Armsgh.) 

Co. Sr. Dungannon Hark. Tyroneaturf. 

Hrl. Besides the Member for L)ung.innon, 

his Ixirdstiip h father alio to the Hon. 

John-Ucnry Knox, M.P. for Ncwry 

(who is tou-iii-iaxf to the Earl of KiU 

money) : brnthcr to the Hon. and Rt. 

RcT. William, Lord Binhop of Dcrry ; 

and to the Hon, and. Kev. ^^vwuvCl. 

Knox, Dean of Down-. coimnVoVS*- 

count de Vesci. 
I'arL J*at, The Meitibct tot l>ttntB>M««w 


( 216 ) 


3«8.nAVENSWORTU (l«t> Baron, 
of K. CuUe, Durham . V. ofC. 1821 
N. ^ S. Thomas-Hcnry LiddeU. 

f>. r. A Banmct Ifi42 

Bn. Feb 1775 

Miif. Alttrift-Suunna, dr. of J. 

I8imp«on, Ktq., and grattdaug!*- 
trr of Thmiias, Itth Karl of StrAtb. 
more 2(iih MmcIi 179G 

//. jip, Ifcnrj'-Thomas, born lOth 

Mmrch 1797 

HeL J) to the pment Earl of 
Stralhmorc ( who U ,^i.-(M-/aap to the 
Barofi's bruthiT, the Kev. (}cur)^ 
ljidddX)ifalhfr lo the Hon. Thomas- 

I Heary LiddeH {tou-in-law to Lord 

^^L Ucorge Seymour ) : /a,'iii-4av to Vi»- 
^^K count Normanby; lo Sir Hedwonh 
^^H Williuniian, Itart-; And to the linn. 
^m W, K. Burington, clde»t ion of Vi»- 
^^^ count Birrin^ton. 

Co. He, Percy's Crou, Fulbam; and 
Raveotwortti Cafctle, i>urbaiu. 

I. RAVliKTGI] (1st) DaroDeu, 
rUng PUcc, Kwx Y. of €. Ift 


Bart. M.P. for Hampfthlie; and lo the 

Karl of Bgniont. 

31B. RIBnrESDALK, Baron, 
of(iUbuinePark.Vork5huL'V,ufC. i7£»7 
X. lJ- 5. Thoma* laater, D.C.I- 

5n. 23d Jan MW 

Sue. hii father, as 3d Btron, 22d 

Sq>L 1826 

Mar. Adelaide, eldest dr. of 

T. Lisur. K*q. 9ih Feb. . .1826 
H. Ap. A non, born 28i.h April DB« 
f'ri. .SV. fiUbume Park, and Malhatn- 

water, Vorlulure- 

11. RICHMOND, Diikeof, 
in Vorktbire .... V. ofC. I67,» 
jV. ^ S. Charles Lennox, K.G. 
O. T. Earl of March ....-) 

Baron of Scttrington in V'ork- | 



N. .J- S. (Charlotte.. Mary-Oeitnide 

Bn. 2t»th May ilhli 

Mar. Joseph-Hoi den StruU, Esq. 
CoL in the Army, 2Jd Feb. . 1793 

ff. Jp. John- James, bom 30th 
Jan 1796 

Ctf. Se, Terling Place, Encx. 

ReL The Barones U Hster to the Ba- 
roness de RoA : auut to the Duke of 
Lctostcr: to Lord Wiliiain-Charlcfe- 
0*Bricn Fiisgcrald, M.P. for Kildarc- 
fchixe; to the V'iscounieu de Chaboi ; 
to the Baroness Foley ; and to the 
Dowager Baroness Kinnaird : grimd- 
aumt to the present Baron Kinnaird. 

381. REDE8DALE, Barvrn. IT.K. 
of R., Northumberland Y. of C. 1002 
•Jtf. 4 A'- J oh n-Thoma*. Freeman Mttfoid, 
K.K.Ji. and F.S.A. 
r. A Lord of Trade and Planiatinn«. 

9th Sept 1805 

Far. bis father, «s 2d Baron, Feb. I8:i0 
\Tn. Rra* 49, Harlcy-street. 
'••Co, Sr. Baijfonl Park, near Morcton-in- 

thc-Manh. (ilouceftimihirr. 

JUL Hi> Lordship, ia tirpfwu- to Baron 

Ardcn: canfim to Spencer I'crccval, 

JTjv- ^f. p. fur SewpoTU isle of Wight ; 

CO e/w Ij9dy of Sir H'iUiani Heaibcote, 

S. P. Duke of Lcnvos 

Earl of Damley 

Baron Mcthuen, of TarboltonJ 
Duke l>*Aubigny in the Perr- 
ogc nf France ..... \ftKi 
Offi. A Privy Councillor. 
Postmaster General. 
A UcuL CoL in the Army. 
CoL of the Siituex iMilitia. 
High Steward uf Chichester. 

Jin. :\d August 1791 

Sue, his father, as 5th Duke, 3Rlh 

August 18IU 

^f^lr. Caroline, eld. dr. of Henry. 
U'tltiam, Ifti Marquess of Af>- 
glr^ey, lOth Apnl .... 1817 
//. .1p, Charles. Karl of March, 

bom27tbFeb 18IS 

Til. Ittt. 9, CavendUb-square. 

Co. Sc. GoodwotMl Park, near Chichrstrr; 

and M'est Stuke, Su«Aex. 
Hil. Ilik Ifracc is brotftrr to Lord John- 
IJcorge LcnnoK, M.P. for Chichester 
(who is fON.JN-Adtr to the Hon. Jnhn 
Rodney, Chief Secretary to the (larem- 
mcnt at Ceylon, and uncle to Baroo 
rUdncy); lo Ixml Sussex Lrntiox 
(tOK-tH-ltrx to Baron Cloncurry) : ton^ 
«M./(jv to the Marquess of Anglesey: to Charlca- Augustus 
Fitxroy, Esq. («fm of Lord Charln 
Fitxroy, and nephtM of the Duke of 
Uimflon and the Baronens Churchill); 
to Major Oen. Sir Peregrine Maiiland, 
K.C.B. ; to the lloo. W.-L..L..Fita- 
gcndd I>c: Km. <^it>n of the Harunaa 
De Ro»V to Oftc Y.m\ cA Vi^inJ.^, 
M.P. t« An«!k3srj ; \n v\*\a&i <* ^^ 


( 217 ) 


of MouRtchules {eid. ton of the 
MirqueM of Conyngham, and AI.P. 
Ibr DoncsAlahire); and to tlie ladjr of 
Arthur Chichester, £sq.» MA\ for 
Uilbume Port (nrpkew to the A(ar- 
quna of lioni-gal) : nrphrv to the 
Duke nf* (lonloa^ aiid to tlic Diiclieu 
of BfillVird : c(m$\N to thi: cKililrcn ot* 
the Duk? of Manchester, r\t. Viccoum 
Mxwlcvilk, M.P. for Huntingdon- 
shire ; the ^larcliiont.-^ of Twoi'dd:i]c ; 
ttnd the lady of Jtthn.llalc« Calcmft, 
£iq, (#0fi of the l\x. Hon. Jolin Cal- 
cnrt, Pdj-master-Gcneral of the I'Vtcck, 
afid M.P. for Wartham) : couiin also 
to tlie IlaTOnnA Uraybtcokc; to the 
Udy of Lord Elioit, iM.P. for LlfOcc&ni 
{rU. ton of the Karl ofSL (remiant); 
tn the lady of Charles Kds)^ Ksq., M.P. 
for St. (.JerniAiiS; to the MarijueMof 
Tavuioclu M.P. for Bedfordtthin; ; and 
to Lvnl Juhn Ruucl, AI.P. fur Tavi- 

Pat. One Slembcr for ChtdieBter. 

aSt. RIVERS. Baron, 

iSudley Caatle, Oloucestenhirf, 

V.nfC. 1 00 J 

S^S. Williain-Horacc-Piu Kivirs. 

JLitJuly tOlO 

uc. hii fathirr.oi 4ih Baron, £oth 

Jan 1831 

To. Met. 10. Gronvenor-place. 

*o. Se* Eltham Lodge, Kent; Rush. 

more Lodge Doraeishire; and Hare 

Park, Ncwniarkct. 

Ills Lordship's father, the Ute Lord 

iver&T vaA tbum] drovncd in the (ht- 

idne River. Hyde Park, on the 2oih 

taary, Iff31. 

214. ROCHESTER, Lord 

tishopof, trantUt/ed from Sodoraiid 

laan in iaJ7 

^ 4-5. Rl- Rw. Ocorgc Murray, U.D. 

OjfL Dcttit 0/ }Vifrct'itrr. 
View of Broinesgrovc, AV'orcestcrshire. 
>aj^ BL>hopofSodor and Mann 


Ur, Sarah.Maria, Robert-day 
Xlmmmund, 9th Eurl of Kinnoul. 

•#». Sr. BromLfv Palaa.% Kent. 

Hi» Lordship bcoitWw to the present 
Dukeof Athol; to Baron Olenlyon ; 
loihc Visct'untew Suaihallan ; and to 
the Udy of ^^ir Eraa-Jabn'M 'Orfgor 
Murray, Bart. : brc-im^law to the 

£MrJ of Kinnoul. 

N,B. The Bishop of Rochester is XHo- 
cesan over parh of Kent, Suffolk, and 
Cambridgeshire ; all in the province of 

aaa. RODNEV, Barort, 
of R, Stoke, S.mcrw.i»hire, V. C. 1702 
A^. ij- S. (it'otgc Rodncv. 
O. 7'. A Baionet .'.... 1704 
Ofi, Lord Liatt. and Cntt. Hot. ^ 

Col. of the North Hanipshiic Militia. 

Rn. 17ih June 1782 

Sue. his father, as 3d Daron, 2d 

Jan 1802 

Mar. CliarUittc'-OeorgiBna, 2d dr. 

of .*»iT Charles Morftan, of Frc. 

dcgnr, Bart, *i7th Feb. . . . 1819 
//. iVf/. His Lordship's brother, the 

ifori.T)ioinas^lan.isIlark')- {fotmerty 

C». Sr. Onat Alresford, Hampshire. 
Rtl. 2d ivmht to tite Karl of Oxford: 

toti-itt-tint' to one of ihc mrmbcr$ for 

Moniiiouthishire : btutker to the Prc> 

bcndary of Hereford. 

nil. ROLr.E, (Fintt) Baron, 
of Sievensumc,I)L'von8hirc Y.ofC. 1706 
A', ij- .V. John RoIIc. 
OffL RtfordcTof Torrington,Dcvon»liirc 
Cid. of the t-outli Devon Militia. 

Bn. Oct. W; 1766 

Mar. Fi'*ft Juditli-Maria (dr. 

cedi.-d), dr. of Henry Wal- 

roiid, E^i., July 22 . . . 1778 

Srioitdftj, Jx>Lii»a, y. dr. of 

Robert, I5th BaroD Clinton, 

Sept. 24 1823 

To. Rei. 18, Upper Grosvcnor-BlreeL 

Co. Sroti. Stcveiwion, ntarTorrinmon; 

and Bicitin, near tloniton, llL-vonHhire. 


M.P. for Sudbury; and to Baron 


UX ROMNEV.Eorlof. 

in Kent V. of C. 1801 

A". ^ S. Charles Alar^ham. 

O. T'. \'iscouDt Mai^haui, of the 

Mote IflOl 

Baron Rotuney, of R. . . .1710 

A Baionn IfHkt 

OJfi. pK-sidcnt of vhc SodeV'j ^m ■Oftt 

r>iftcharge and Vli:Uci o^ Vcnotv* \m. 

prisoned tor tjmaW T>i:\>Vft xfeTOtti^^'WMX 

England and \VaVc«. 



( 218 ) 


flit. Not. sa 1777 

Sue hU fAthcr, as 2nd Earl, 
March 1 lail 

Mar. SophU, dr. of W.-M. Pitt, 
£sq., (rf Kingstoa Uouk, Dorset 
{deceasfd), Sept. .... 1806 

If. Ap. Charles, Viscount Mar- 
sham^ bom 3Ut July . . . 1801) 

To. Ret. 8, St Jame9*B-squuc. 

Co. Se. Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent. 

ReL Nep}»cw to the Earl of Egremont: 
ctiusin to tht- K&rl oi Caernarvon : 2nd 
CQUtin to Lord PorchuLur. 

390. ROSKBERV, Baron, U.K. 

Y. ofC. 18-2fl 
i\r. ^ S. Archibidd^Jolin Prinin>a&, 

D.C.L. & F.R.S. 
Ol T. S. p. Eakl op Rose- 

BEar i;03 

Vi»count Roscbery and Inver- 

kdthiog 1700, 1703 

Baron Dolmeny azid Prim- 

rOK 1700 

A Baronet of Nova Scotia . .1651 

Bh. Oct. U 17B3 

Sue. hi» father, as 4lh Earl, 

March 26 lau 

Mar. f'irtt, Ucnrietta, 2nd dr. of 
ihc tlon. W. Bouvcrie, (mm 
ofWUliam, Ut Earl of Rad- 
nor) May 20 {dhorrcd) . . 1808 
S<condijft Anne-Maq^arrt, eld. 
dr. ofThomu, Ut Vucnunl 

Anson, in 1819 

H. A p. Archibald, Lord Datrr%<-Nt/, 

bom Oct. 2 1809 

To, Ret. 139, PiccadiUy. 
Co. Se. M'arren Wood, Hertn; Rom< 
bcry, EdinburghiOiirc ; and Dalmeny 
Park. iJntlihgowihire, NJi. 
HeL 1 1 is L>inl»h i p is hro.. J tiJate lo 
Baton Howard, of Effingham ; and to 
Viicnunl Annon. I^ord Palineny is 
eauHn to the Earl of Radnor ; and to 
the Hon. Duocombe-PlcydcU Bou* 
Tfcric, M.P. for New tiaruni. 

364. ROSS, (Ut) Banm, U.K. 
orUaIkhmd.Reiifyewdiire,y.of C. ISlfi 
N. * S, George Boyle, K.R.S. & F.S^. 
O. 7. 8. P. Eakl or Olasdow 1703 
Viicount Kclbum .... 1703 
Banm Boyle, of Kclbum, Stew. 
arton, Cumbra, Fenwick, 
LargH, MDd V»lry . 1C99 &. 1703 
Q0, L4^d Lkmi, fif AfTfhirt, 

An Extraordinary Director of ibe 

Bank of Scotland. 

JUn. J^Iarch 26 17W 

Sue. his father, as 4th Eari« 

March 7 1 

Mur. F\rtt., Augusta {^dec€(utd\ 

dr. of James, ISih Earl of Enol, 

in IT 

Secondly^ Julia, dr. of the Right 
Hon. f^tr John Sinclair, Rut. 

in 1 

//. Ap, James, VUcouMt Kclbum, 

born .\pril 10 1792 

Co. Sf. Ilalkbemd, Renfrewshire; Krl- 

bum House, AyrKhircj and Etal. 

Rel. His Lordship is ^.-fii./ai» to Lieat. 

Col. Fiuclarenoe {ton to His Ma* 

jesty, and bro.-in-Lw to the prcunt 

Earl of Errol> 


UA. ROSSE, Earlof,V.of C. I 
.4 RfpreacHtalive Peer of Trtlnnd, 

for life, elected in 1S09 

N. ^y .V. Laurence Pamoni, M.R.1..4. 
O. T. I. P. Baron Oxowintown . 1792 

A Baronet 1677 

Offi. A Privy Councillor in Ireland. 

VuMi. Rat. and a Governor of Kitig'g 
Ctmtthf, Ireland. 

H». May 21 1758 

Sue. his uncle, is 2d Earl, April 

20 1807 

Mar. Alice, dr. of John Lloyd, 

Eiq ,of Oloster, King** County, 

Aprils 1797 

//. Ap. William, /-ord Oxwun- 

lotvji, M.P. for King^s Ciiunty, 

bom Jime 17 1800 

Co. Se. Birr CasUr, ParMn^s Town, 

King's County. 

140. ROi!»LYN. Earl of, | 

V*i. Midlothian ... V. of C. 1801 
JV. 4 S. Jamc»-.St. Clair Erakine, G.C.B. 
O. T. Bomn Loughborough, of 

L., Surrey 1795 

A Baronet of Nova Scotia . . 1 
OJJI. Utf Lord Priry ScftL 

Lord' Lieut, of Fifithfrc 

Director for Life oftMe Scottish Ch«s- 

A General in the Army. 

CoL of the 9th Reg. of LaacerL 

Member of the Board of Oeneral Of- 

A Coramiiaioner of the Royal MiUl 



RUTL ( 219 ) 

A Prirr CooDullur mod Councillor of 14. ST 
Suie in Scotland. 

Bm. ia 1762 

S»t. his Maternal Vnck^ u 2d 

£«rl,3dJiiD 1806 

Mtr. Hcnrietu-EIiubeth, dr. 

of the Hon. £d. BouTct 

B. Ap, Janies^Alexiindcr, Lord Lough 

horomgk^ Al.P. foi Dytart, and UeaU- 

Col. ot Uic 0th Laocen. 
To. Ket. 10, St. JamesVsquare. 
CiK St. I^wt Houw, Fiflnhirc; and 

lAigle ifooMi, Vorluhiic. 



10. RUTLAND, Duke of, 

y.ofC. 1703 

y 4" ^- John-Hrtjry Afiuincn, K.G. 

0, r. WarqucMDl" Oranby, Noito I7l»3 

KarlorRuUiDd 1625 

Ifauoa Mumcn, of Baddon, 
Derbyshire Ifi/!^ 

OffL Lard Litnt. and Curt Rot, of Lei- 
erHeTfhirCt and 
CoLof the Militia of the uine County. 
lUcorder of Cambridge, Uranthatn, 

and Scarborough. 
A Trustee of the British Mukqid. 

JTn. 4th Jan 1776 

Smc hja father, ai 6th Duke. 24ih 
Ocu 17B7 

M»r. Elizabeth {dctcattd), dr. of 
FrcdeHck, 5Lh Karl of Carlide, 
SSdAiinl 1700 

//. Ap. Charks-CeciUJohn, Mar. 
f aMM ofGrambjft bom iCth AUy 1816 

TV. Re*. 28, SackviU>8irwl. 

Co. Se. Belroir Ca«tle, Lcicatenhire ; 
CStCTcUf Park, Cambtidgeshire; and 
Haddoo Hall, Derbytliirc. 

HH. His Once la bro.-ittJaw to the 
Karl of Carlinle: hroihcr id Alajor- 
Gencral Lord Charle»-Son)erMt Man- 
nm; and to Lnrd Hubert- William 
Haoncr^ AI.P. for l^iccftterthire : 
mncU to Baron Fon-ster ; to thi.* Hoti. 
Georce-Ccdl-Wcld Forcater. M.P. for 
Wcosock ; and to the bdy of the lion. 
Aofacrt-Jcribn Smith (son and hdr to 
BaiOD Carringtoo),M.P. for Bucking. 
hanuhiie: »r//Arw to Baron Mannen; 
and to the tat€ I^ord Archbiiliop of 
Canterbury: %i cousin to the Right 
Hon. Chariea-Manners Sutton. M.P. 
for Scarborough, and Spcidicr of tliu 
Uousc of Common*. 

Pari. Pst. Two Member n far Cnm. 

bridge: one Member Air ikarbowugb ; i 

ju$d aae Member for Btamba. i 

ALBANS. Duke of, 

Y.ofC. 1083 
N. &S, William-Aubrey-de-Vere Beau- 

O. T. Earl of Burfonl, of B, 

Oxon 1876 

Baron Hrdington, name Co. . 1878 
Boron W-Tv.of iianworth. Mid- 
dieacx 1760 

Offi, Ilrrrditiiry Jirgistror of Ike Court 
tlf Chancery, 
UerrdUary Grand Falconer {/* E**g- 

Bn, 24th March IBOI 

Sue* his father, as 9th Duke, 17th 
July 1825 

Mar, iiarriet, vidom of Thomaa 
Coutts, V.u\.^ Buoker, in June, 1827 

J?. PrtM, Uia Graced brother^ Lord Frc- 
derick-Charlcs. Peter Bcauclerk, 

7*0. Ret. 1, Stratiun-strtct, Piccadilly. 

Co. Sc. Holly Lodg?, Highg^te; Ked- 
boum Hall, near Bhgg, Lincolnfthiic; 
and Oatton, Surrty. 

Ret. HiM Grace Ik hto-ut'laxt to Arthur. 
Algernon Capel, Ksq. (who is nephew 
and h. prrt. to the Karl of Euex); 
also to Montague-John Cholmcley, 
Ksq. (*on nf Sir M. Cholmcley, 
BorL), M.P. for Grantham : grand* 
nepheir to the Earl of Benborough : 
2d t'lmtin to V'l»count Duncannon, 
M.P. fuz Kilkennytiliire ; to Afajor 
Gen. (he Uod. Fredenck-Cavcodinh 
Pontonby, C.B Ac , Lieut. Got. of 
i^lalia; to the Hon. WiUiam-Frands- 
Spencer Ponaonby, M.P. for Poole; 
to Viscount Milton; and to Lord- 
Ocorge-A..F. CaTrndish, M.P. for 
Derbykhire: Sij coutitt to the Duke 
of Z>rvunshirc ; to the Hon H.-F.-C. 
Cavt'odifth, M.P. for Derby; and to 
the Hon. O.-A.-F. Lamb (ton lo Via. 
count Alelboumc): ronniv, in the 4tb 
degree, to William CaTendish, £iq., 
M.P. for Cambridge Univenity. 

212. ST. ASAPH, I>ndBi«l.op of, 
/rmri/afcJ from Hereford in . . 1815 
A^ 4" •^* Higbt Reverend Jcim Lux- 
more, D.D. 
O, Offi. Aici)dcacori of St. Auph. 
Cons, Bishop of Bristol in . .1807 

Tram. W IK-rd'onl 1808 

To. Ac/. n», WhUeYvafl-^We. 
Co^ Se, PftUco, Su AjA\tn, Y\vR\it\\K. 
N. B, Flintshire, M\i paTti <3t \>«ttVrt^> 
Montgomery, H<:nnncv\\t m*^ fe^vw^ 

8T. DA 

{ 220 ) 

S1\ HE 

•htm. ftll in ibe pr«ince of Canter- 
bury, compose ihis PniUteV dioccus. 

9S3. ST. DAVIDS, Lord Bishop of, 

coHttcratfd in 162A 

K* i' S. Right RcvercDil John.Bunki 

Jcnkinwn, D-D. 
O. Offi. Ikan vf D^rhavi. 
Vikitor of St. Divid*« College, Limi. 
peter, Cardigan ihlre. 
Co, Sc, AberguUly Pakce, Cucnnarthcn- 

Jiel. His Lonlsbip is ctmiin to the iaU 
and prcaeni Earli of Liverpool ; and 
10 the Counteu of Vcrulain. 
N. B. The npiritual authority of the 
Dishop of !?t. Davids extcnd» oi>-er 
the countin of Pembroke, Cardigan, 
CsermarOien, Brecknock, and pa/it 
of Radnor, Glamorgan Hereford, 
Ueriooetl), and Alontgomeryihtres ; all 
k the proriDcc vf the Aichbbhup of 

IA4. 8T. GERMANS, Earl of, 

inComiraU .... V.ofC. 1815 

AT. * & William Eliot, ai.A. 

O.T. BiiroD Eliot,ofSt. Ocrmant 17B4 

Sn. lit April l^t^' 

Smc. hii brother, as 3d Earl, 17th 

Nov 1823 

Ahr, First, (Irorgiana-AofiUKta, 

(dr(Ya«ri),dr.olOraniiUe, 1st 

Marqueu of Siattbid, In . . 1797 

SccQntHn, LciitJa {drinucdX eld. 

dr. ofSir W.-P-A.-A 'Court, 

Hart., in 1800 

Thirdti/, Charluite (rfcrroW), dr. 

of LicuL Geo. J. Robcnwn. 1813 
f\fHrthlr/t ^u»aii, yr. dr. ol" Sir 
John Monlaunt, Barty in . 1814 
//. Ap. Edward (iranvillc. Lord 
KliikC, AI.P. for Liskcard. bom 

aOih AuguH 179B 

Tn. lift, 7, New Burlingion-stTCiL 

Co. Sc. Port Kliot, St. Oeruiaiis, C^irn- 

wall; and Downham, Gl.iuccutirshire. 

RfU FQtfu-r 10 Lord Kliot, and mmU 

to the lady of .Major (icn. Sir Wtlliain- 

Hrnry Pringlr, K.C.B.,both Mcmbm 

lor Ijtftkeard: (Lord Eliot it &rv.-iN- 

Ifw 10 the BfarqucaaCflmwallis:) fa.- 

ikhJaw to Voi. the Hon. Henry. B. 

jI^Tgon {hrothcr to Kail HcaucliauipK 

JU.P. for M'orcvUci^irc ; hro-iu-law 

90 the present Murquam of SutflTotd; 

<p Ainw livyiabiiry^ Ainbawador m 

Prtenburg; uid lo EdwU-Hcnry. 


rmana. '^i 

A'Court, M.P. for Uryt«biiry. 
Pari. Pat. Two Membcn for Li 
and two Merobcn for St. GcrmaiM. 

330. ST. HELENS, {Ut) Baron, 
ofSL H.. Meof Wijthi, V.ofC. 1801 
A'. 4 S. AUcync Kiuh.Tbert, F.S.A. 
(K T. I. P. Ut Banin t^t. llclenB I711I 
OJI. A Privy Councillor of England and 

A Irfird of the Kina'* Bed-chamber. 

A TniBtoe of the Uritikh and Uun- 
tnian MuHunu. 

Bn.'in 1763 

H. Prf». IIcnry-GoUy Knight, £»q. bia 

Lnrdiihip*B nrphrv. 
To. Res. 19, Gratbm-iiueri, Bond-airccI* 
Co.Sc. Newport IIvum;, Uuck^. 

240. ST. JOHN, Baron, 
of Bletsoc . . . . Y, ofC. l.'tWI 
A^. 4* S. Saint>Andrew-B«uchani|>-St. 


O. r. A Baronet lOGt* 

On. Nov. B 1811 

Sut: his father, as 14th Baron, 

Oct. 15 I8I7 

H- Fret, His l«tdahip*s eouiin, Uw 

Rev. Edw«id-Bcauchamp-SL Jobo^ 

Co. He. Blctaoe Park., Bedfurdahire. 
licL Step'Son to Sir John Vatighaiu orw 

of the Baron» of the Exc1u-i|Ui-t, wIw 

\% alao his LonUhip'n cousiu-iK'iMw* 
UU Lordihip ia a Mixoi. 

190. ST. VINCENT, VUcoiinr, 
of Meaford, Staflbrdahire, V.ofC. 
A'. 4" ^' E^lward-JcTvis Jervia. 
Suv. hift unrle (the late Earl, \c.), 

as 3d ViKOunt, March 15 
Mar. Firi(y Afary-Cavuindra (de~ 
froicrf), 2d dr. of Tliomu*, 1 0th 
Boron Saye and Sele, Jan. 20 1790 

S-cond^ Alary.Anne, 2d dr. of 

T. Parker, Esq 

//. Ap. William Jcrrla, bom 1 1th 

Oct 1: 

To. Jtt-g. IW, Cppa f*ro»vcnor-8lreet 
Co. Se. Aittun Hall, Sta0brdsliirv. 
Rrl. Brv.-inJnw to the Earl of Nor 

•nek to Lord Rwehill. 

210. SALISBURY, Urrd Biabop ot, 
trunifa(<-d tram St. David'i ^ . IttM 


( 221 ) 


ChanCcUor of Ou Order o/tfu 

PrtUmimrf tf Durham. 

Praldou of lh« RvfX Society of 


Pr t ecntor of CanUrhurp, 
Cma. Bbhop of St. UATi'ds in . 10«S 
Cf. Ab SftUkbnry Palkcc, WnuhiRi 
»nd Sali>buT7 Tower, Wim'tor C«itl«. 
X.B. Tile UiKhop of Salisbury*! Dioc«u 
II in the Province ol Canterbury, and 
aKiiprcht'nd.s the Countliia of WUu 

U. SALISBURY, Harque« of, 

y. ofC. 1700 

A^ ^ S* Jamcs-Brownlov-Williain- 

Onapfnc Cecil, D.C.L., F.R.S., and 

0,T. KarlofSoliMbury, M'iluhire 1(J05 
ViMounc Crvnboumc, v^ C, 

IXmctabire \mA 

fiaran CccU^ of E«ungd<m, Rut- 
laodahirc - 1C<»:t 

Offi. A Priry Councillor. 
Hifch Stewanl of llcrtrord. 
CoL of the Hertfuidahirc Militia. 
A Cominisrioncr for the Atfaln of 

Bn, April 17 ...... . 17yl 

S»r. hia father, as 2d .Marquess, 
June 13 182:4 

of a GiMOTiie, Kftq , Feb. 2 . 1821 

H. Ap. Janies-Kniiliu^-Williain 
£vclyn, yiscvuut Cratitoumr^ 
bora OcL 2<J 1«2I 

To, Rt». 4, (irafioD-^ovet, Bond-iirect 

Co.S€. HatSeld Huute, andC-ecil Lodge, 
llenford-ohirc; Aldburough, SuHblk; 
and Childwell ilall, Lanouhire. 

fteL Hii Lorddhip is brother in-lav to 
Baron Cowley; btmI to the MarqiicM 
of Westmealh : n>M«M tothe Alaraiicss 
of Down^ire; and to lx>rd Artnur- 
MoyKa-WilHanillillM.F. for Down- 
thire The Marchioness is uicvr to 
General laabc Oaacipyne, CoL of the 
Mth Rcgt of Foot, and AI.P. for 

PgrL Pat. One Manber for Hertford. 

306. flALTKRSFORD. Baron, 
•f&,ChfiahiTe . . . Y. of C 17114 
N.^S. JamcsUleorge 8topfortl, K.P. 

O.T.l.P.EAELOrCuiHTOWN I ,«„., 

Vijooimt »io/i/«rf . . . .J "^"^ 
Bmma COuftpwn, of T,, If Vx- 
^bnUliHw ...... I'JAB I 

Offi. A Priry Councillor. 
A Gtnxrnor of Vf^exjbrdskirv, 

Bti. Aug Ifi 1705 

Sttr. hif father, a«:id Earl, Mar. 30 I8ll» 

Mar. Kliiabcth. eld.dr. nf llcnry, 
3d Duke ot Uucdeu^h, Jan.2S I7UI 

//. Ap- Jamca-Thoma», yitcount 
Srop/ord^ biim March 27 . . 17!M 

Co. Se, Courtown Uouu, Wcxfordahire. 

Rcl. fir other to Lieut. Gcti. the Hon. 
2Jtr Edward Stopfurd, K. C. B. and 
K.T.S. ; to the Hon. Rnlirrttitopfard, 
K.C.B., Admiral vfthr Dhtr ; and to 
the Hon. and Iter. Kichard-Bruee 
Stnpfonl, A.M., Chaplain in Ordinary 
to the Kinj;, a Canon of Windsor, and 
Prcbenilary of Hereford (niar, to the 
sisierof Baron Litftird). TheCountCM 
is Tttn/, and Viacount Stopfonl cou/iit 
and 6ro..tHJ!aiv, to the Uuke of Buc- 
deugh and Quecnabcrry; and to the 
ladjr of the J^on. PcrcgrincvFrancla 
Cufct {ton of Karl Brownlow), AI.P. 
for Clttberoe, 


Baron Y. of a 1445 

A Hrpreatntatixf Peer o/Scvtiandy 

elected >Jd Sept 1830 

iV.iJ* A'. AIcxaiider-ficorgcFraBcr, C.B., 

K.S.O. and K M.T. 
O0, A Colonel in tlic Army. 

A Major in the Grenadier Uuarda, and 
Aide-de-camp to the King. 

Bh, 22d April 1785 

Sue. his father, as 16th Baron, 

ISth Sept. 1703 

Mar. Cttihcrinc, dr. of Edwaid, 

Ist I>ord Thurlow (drrrascd) . 1015 
//. Pret. Hia Lordship's brother, the 

Hon, \rilHam Fniscr. 
To. Rei. 1, Ureal Cuuibcrlxind-atrect, 

Hyde P<irk. 
Co.Se. Phitorth House, Aberdecnaliirc; 

and Ness Cottage, Invernes.%. 

62. SANDWItH.Earlof. 

Kent V. ofC. KMIO 

-V. ^ S. John-William Montagu. 
O. T. Viscount Hinchinbruuk .'\ 

Baron MonUgu, of Sl Neots, >16C0 

Hants J 

Bu, 8th Not 1011 

Sue. his father, as 7di Karl, 20ih 

May 1818 

To. Ufa. 3L Dova-sVT«^P^»A.\\\'f. 
Co. Sr. HinchLnbroo\L\luuw>T\caxVlu.xv 



SAND ( 222 

Gov. Gen. of Jamaica: &ro.-l/i-£nv to 
WillUm-Bingham Baring, Esq., M.P. 
for CalliDgton : coitiim to V]«cnun( 
Cvrry, M-P. for FermAuaghohiie; and 
to the llenry-Thomu. l^owry Carry, 
M.P. for TjrroDe^ire. 

Pari. Pat. Two Alcnibcn for Hunting- 

lli» Lonlship it a Mtwoa. 

403. SANDVS, ( lit) Baroncsft, 
of Orobcnliy, Worccatcnhirc, 

Y. ofC. 1802 
N.&S, Mary UiU. 
O, T. DowAiiKa Mabcriovesb of 

Do\%NSIIlllE. he. 
Mar, Anlmr. 2d Maniueis of 

Down^hirc, in 17^6 

H. Ap. lIcT LadviHipV 2f/ «nft, Lonl 

Arthur-»loyM«.Willi«ra Hill, M.P. 

for Duwnshirc. 
Co. St. rhnbcnlcy Coiirt,WoTc«tcr»hire. 
H(h WiHine of the laic >larquc9ii of 

Dowiuhirc : invlhcr to ihi; p^e^ent 

Onttf Daughter o£ the Hon. Alailin 

Niece and Hcirtii to Kdwin, laU Baron 


S43. SAVE and SELE, Baron, 

Y.ufC, 1603 

K. 4" 'V. Orrgnry-William KardLy- 

Twltlcton Ficrincs. 
Bh. 14th April . ..... 17«;9 

Sue. hl> father, a» Uth Baroo, 1st 

July i7«a 

Mar. Maria-Manow, eld. dr. of 

the late Banm Kanlley^Bth Spt. 17E>4 
//. .ip. M'iUiam-TbomaA, bora 

24U) AprU 1708 

To. Rc§. 26, Bruloiv^trrct, Bcrkrlcy- 

Co' Sr. Brougbton Castle, Oxfordshire; 

aod Bdviilerc, near DartfunI, Kent 

71. 8CARBOROITOH. Karl of, 

V. ofT- IIWO 
N. ^ S, Kichaid-Lumley Saunderson. 
O. T. Viacount LurrUy . . . UiUi) 
Baron Lumlcy, of L. CaatJc, 

l>urliain IGOl 

I. P. ViKuunt Lumley, of 

M'aterfurd 1B28 

Sn. l8lhApra 175? 

Sitt. hii trrothcr^ as 6th Earl, &th 

Sept. . - IH07 

jf/#r. Ifanirt^ dr. of Henry, ftlh 
/iaioo MiddJeton, 25th Mmy . 1781 


//. Prct. His Lordnhip** trolhcr, the 
Hon. and Rev. John'-Lumley-Sauii- 
dirrion Saville, Prtbendary of York. 

To. Itti, 14, Ponman-iquare. 

Co. Sf. Lumlcy Castle, Ihiiham ; and 
Sandbeck Park, Yorkshire. 

liet. Hifl Lordship ia hn.^iitJav to Baron 
Middkton : brvlher to Lieut. Gen. the 
Hon. SirWiIli:iii)-Luuilcy Saundcrwo, 
O.C.B, (married to the widov of tlv 
late Col. Lynch Cotton, brother 
Lord Coinbcnncre.) 

of S, Derbyshire . . Y.ofC,l7«I 
.V. A- S. Nathaniel Curroo. 

O. f. A BaroiKt 1641 

Bn. 27lhiJrpt 1761 

Sue. his father, as 2(1 Baroo, 6th 

Dec 18tM 

Mar. Finf, Sophia-Susanna [df- 
rra«fd),ilr. of Edward, IxtVia- 
count Weniwotih, Itith Aug. 1777 
Secoiidftf, Felicite-Annc de Waltincaf 
of FUndera. 
//. /Ip. Nathaniel, bom 3d Jan. I' 
Co. St. Urtiaiislon Hull. Ot-rbyrfiin!. 
Ret. His Lt>rd)dup in Ltvthtr to the H< 
Henry furxon, \'irr.Admtral of 
Bad: 2</ rt/uWri to Karl Howe 
io the Hon. Kobrrt Curaon, M.P. 
fliihcroe (nnrrird lo the BarooeMT 
/oui'lic) ; aiid lo the lady of Dugdale 
Sir&tford Dugdale, Esq., M.P. 

:mh SEA FORD, (Ui) Banm, 

of Js Su»i»ex . . . Y, of C. 1 

N.J^S, Charlcs.Rotc KUia. 

Bu. llHh Dec I 

Mar. Elizabeth-Cathcrinc-Caro- 
line, dr. of A uguf tu>. Lord 
Hcrvey (i*W. son of Fnrdcrick, 
Earl of Bristol and Bt^top of 
DcTxy)Jd€ceascd)y 1st Aug. . I 

H. Ap. Cliarlea-Augtutui. Baron 
Howard de Watdcn (in rit;hi of 
his mother), bom 5th June . . 

To. licM. 2, Audlcy.»qiiani, South Aud- 

f'rt. Sr- .Seatbrd, Suiaex. 

Hel, Father to Lord Howard de Waldcn ; 
and to the Hon. Alsjor Augustua- 
Krederiek Ellis M.P. fur Seaford; 
who are both related to tiic families of 
the UuVc o( Poctlaiid aiid the Mar* 



\ Piir 

<\uca% o( l^n»»\. 

I. Pat. Oxvt 'SVctoXwx \« 'fticaSRft^ 


8EI/ȣY. Bwoo, 
tf&,8(nKX .... Wore. 17<M 
Jf.^S. Henf7-Johu Pcadiey, F.R^. 

0. r. AB«nmet 173G 

Qfi A C«pt^a in the Royal Navjr. 

J*. 4lh2sepL 1797 

he. hit bcbcr u 3d Baroo, 27tli 

Jane 1810 

Mar. AnDe-Mun-Louiaa, dr, of 

PMmcIc, 2d Baron B<Mton, in 1817 
tf. Pm, Uis ]»rd«hip*i brother, the 

Roo. & Rev. John.Vv illijun Peucbcy, 

To. Rt*. 33, Lower Orosvenor-strceu 
fa. Sf. Wcsldwi Hoiuv, near Chi- 

cbeitcr«Siuacx; and Ncwtdle* Park, 

Kr/. Bro^iH'liim Co Lord Roaton ; and 

lothe Rev. Loveaon-VcDablM Vernon, 

•00 of Hu Once, Edward, Lord Arch- 

htihop of York. 

C7. fiHAFTESDDRV. Earl of, 

V. of C. 1072 

Jf.SfS^ rroplcy-A»hley Cooper. 

0. r. Baron Athlev, ofWin- 

boroe. Sc QileA, biirvtahire. 1001 
Btfua Cooper of Paulett, 

Sutii e iie l ahtre 1072 

A Barooet 1(122 

^1^. A Priry Councillor. 

ChAitfH^n of Ihe Ctimmlttec$ iff th^ 
Hom$e of Lord*. 

Bm. 37th Dec. 176« 

Smc. bU brother^ aaOtb Carl, Uth 
3EUy 1811 

Af«r. Anne, dr. of Oeorge, 4th 
DukeofMarlborougk. lOthDec. MfHi 

//. jfp- Anthonv, l^rrf AsfiUy, 
bora 2Sth April 1801 

Tp. Re** 24, (irosvennr-square. 

Ci>* St. Sl Qilcs'a Houie, ('ranboumr, 
I>onet»bifv; and Kosedale Uoase, near 
Ricbmond, Surrey. 

BeL His Lordahip )§ falfier to Lord 
Aabley, a Comraunioner of the India 
Bond, and M.P. for Dorchester: 
bro^imUa-ai to the Duke of Matlbo. 
rough, and to Uaron Churchill : Jiu^ 
im-iav to the Hon. U..T..L. Corry. 
M.P. for Tyroneshire (ton of the Earl 
of Belmone) : 2d couiin to the Karl of 
Hadnor; and to the Hon. Duncombe- 
PleyileU ISouverie, .^l.P. for New Urn. 
rum. The Countc&i is aunt to the 
Marqucsa of Blandford, M. P. for 
Wood*tork ; and to the Hon. Genrgem 
jMrn^'tre/Uw-Agmr J-J/Jin, M.p, for 
Omkbiuiiptoii (who a Mm la Vhfcount 

Cttfden ; and wi«-iit./air to the Eail of 
, Carlisle). 
ParL Pat. One .^lember for Dorchester. 

S3&. SHEFFIELD, Baron, U. K. 

ofS., Vorkuhirc V.ofC. 1802 

A''. ^* A'. Ocorge-AugustufuFrcderick- 
Cnarlea-Baker Holroyd. 

O. T, I. P. Earl or Shef. 

"ELD \\Ma 

Viscount Pcvenwy .... J *"' * 
Baron Sheffield, ot* Dunamorc 
and RoAciMnmon . 1781 and 17^13 

/7m. 10th March 1B02 

Sue, hi* father, aa 3d Earl and 
Baron, 3()ih May 1821 

Jlfrtr. Harrittt, eldest dr. of Henry, 
2d Earl of Harcwood, Oih June 1S25 

To. Hei. 20, Piinland-pUcc. 

Co. Sc. Sheffield Place, UckHdd, Sua. 
»cx ; and ()reare Hall, Vorkshife. 

Rci. to the Earl of Uarcwood; 
bra.-in'litv to Viwount LosceUe*; to 
the Hon. Henry l^itccjlca, M.P. ftw 
North iiUerlon ; to the Lady of Ed- 
mund-Berkeley Porlman, Eaq. M.P. 
for DoraetsUire; to thi; Hon. Arthur. 
Chaiiei Lcggc {bmihrr to the Karl of 
Dartmouth], a Captain in the Ut Life 
Guards; toSirJohn.Thomaii Stanley, 
Ban ; and to Sir William- Henry 
Clinton, ff f:.B. . 2d conun to the 
Earl of Guildford; to the Hon. and 
R(:v. ChoiU-iuAiigiKtus North; and to 
the Ladiey of the Riv. \\\ (Marnier, 
A..M.,uid the Hun. and Rev Thomaa 
dc Grey (2d sun of Baton \VaULog- 
ham),all Prebendaries of Wtucheater. 

285. SHERBORNE, Baron. 

of S., GlouceaUTtdiire . V. of a 1784 

N. ^- S. Jolw Dutton. 

Bn. in 1779 

Shc, his fitihcr, as 2d Baron, 22d 
May 1H20 

Mar. Mury, daughter and heir- 
ess of Henry, Baron Stawcl, 
11th August 1803 

H. Ap* James • Henry Legge, 
bom in May 1804 

{.MarriL-d to hi« rctfrlw, Kltzabeth, dr. of 
Thomas, Karl of Suffolk and Berks.) 

To. Ret, 53, Ixvwcr (irosvcnnr-sircet. 

Co. Se. Sherborne 1/odgc, near North- 
leoch, and Standish House, new 
Slroudwatcr, G)ouc«»tCT»\vrte, 

Rei. /rro..tii.I(iw lo iV^e V1.m\ ijS S\iSc?^L 
and Berkftliirc ; and Vo i\\t. U\wa\»A\ 




Prince BariiliniJcy ; fa^-in-hv to llie 
Hon. GcorgcFrancb AlorctoOi cltleai 
6011 of Buon Ducic 

50. SHREWSBURV, Earl of, 

V.ofC. U42 
Premitr Earl of Enghwi. 
iV. (J- S- John Tftlbot, F.S.A. 
O. T. Baron TsUwt. 

I. V. EmI of Wttlerford and 

Wexford IW« 

Bn. 1«U» March J7!H 

i'jip, hU undc, aa IJih Earl, 5th 

AprU 1827 

^ar. Alam, dd«i dr. of W. TaU 

hot, Esq. Df (wile Talbot, Wcx- 

fordahirc, 27th June - . . • 1814 
Ox Se, lit'vthmp Home, OxfordjAire; 

Onfton Hall, Worc^stcnhirc; and 

Alum Abbey, StalTonliihirc 
Ilia Lordship is a Catiiolic. 

1*12. SIDMOUTH.(lrt)Vi»c«tin% 
ofS., Hcvonshire . . Y.ofC. lUOS 
iV 4 S. Henry Addington, D.C.L. and 

fyffl. A Privy Councillor. 

Deputy Ranger of Richmond Park. 
A noveroor of the Charter Houkc. 
An Elder Brother of theTtinilf House 
Recorder of Devii«. 
High Steward of Wotmin«c? and 

J?». in 1757 

Mar. Firrt, rrmila-Mary, dr. of 
L. Hammond, EsqofChcaiD, 
Surtry {dccmsrtt) .... 

Secondlif, Marianne, dr. of 
Baron Stowell, and \eiiiov of 
T. Townithcnd, E»q. of Hon- 
ington, in ...... 

//. Ap- ^VUliatn Leunard.(in holy 

Co. AV. Richmond Park, Surrey ; and 

^ Upper Ottery, Devonshire 
Be/. 5'<w-i»i-/^wtoBaronStowcIl. The 
Vijtcounicss in niece to ibe Eail of 
Eldon: 2d couffn to ViKOunt En. 
comb«, M P. for Truro. 
pari Pot. Hi* Lordoliip possesftcs one- 
third of the pauonage of the borough 

224 ) 

Sue. hia kinsman, as 9th Baron, 

25lh April 

Afar, fifir, Wary-Agnea, dr. of 

Janiea Chiftholmc, of Chb' ■ 

holme, and Erclc* Castles ■ 

StrathuUss, N. Britain, I.Jth " 

Feb. (decftued) 1809 

Srcoftdlff, Itiobella, y. dr. of A- 
Chatto, Eh]. of Motnhouse, 
Koxburghbhire^ Sept. . . . 1816 
/f. Ap, Janir-s a Captain in the 

In Foot iiuardft, bom 'id July . IA03 

Co. St: HtTdmanston, Haddingtonahire: 

iu)d Neabit Houk, Berwickahire. jj 


955. SINCLAIR, Baron,Y. C. U«» 
ji MtprrtcHhtUvc Peer ofSroHand^ 

elected Scpr. id IKW 

AZd-S. Cbwlet Sl CUifc 
df».in n«8 

ofS., Lr.eashirc . , Y.ofC 1828 
N. 4' .V. Edward-Bootle Wilbrahani. 

Bu. March 7 1771 

Mitr. Marj'-Ellzabcth, dr. of (be 

Rev. E. Taylor, Kent, April 19 17*6 
H.Ap. Richard, bora Oct. 27 .1801 
7^, Hen. 5ft, Port land, place. 
Co. Sr. Latham Huuac, near Onnakirft, 

liel. Fathtr-kt^Uiw to Edward-GeoflTfry 
Stanley, Eaq- (grandson of tite Earl of 
Derby), MP. for Windnor: mnf ia to 
Oeorpc Wilbmham, Esq, .M.P. for 
Htockbridgc: utrc^ to Lord AlTanlcy: to WDbraham Egetton, 
K»q , M.P. fori hcihire. r 


374. SOMERHILI..fl«)B«oo, 
of S., Kent . . U.K. Y.ofC. 1«H 
jV, 4- S. i:iick-John De Burgh. 
0,t. LP. l*t Maruucsb or 

CLAKHtCAllDE .... 1845 

Earl of Clonricarde .... J y^^ 
Baron DutikcUin ... • ^ 

Bn. Dec. 20 I8W 

Shc> hift father, as Uth Karl, July 
27 1803 

Mar. Hanift. dr. of Viacountwa 
Canning. April fl .... IM 

//. Ap. Click^ Lord DuHiieUin^ 
bora in July ...... 1827 

To, Re4, 14, St. James's-squarr. 

Co. Se. Portumna Caalle, OaLway, Ire- 

RfL Sott'tn-Uiv to Vi»counieM Canning; 
and to the Uife Rl Hon. Ueorge Can- 
ning, prime Alinistcr of fi. B. : *ro.- 
InJav to the Marqueu of Sligo; and 
to the Earl of Uowth. The Mar. 
chioncM is niece to the Ducheaa of 
Poctland*. cou«« to the Alaraueiu of 
\ TUcWbcU-. \o 'Cat "B»xwwa» N\w«H 

SOME ( 22-) 

Karl of ^loray: 2d coutin to ihc 
lion. Stmuoni Canning, late Amb. 
Kit hod Plcnipo. at Constantinople; 
toHtnry Canning, Eiq., CoiHul-tieiu 
•ttbeil«iueBticTuwn»; lujd tu Barun 


Lady Anne ItariiDtDii, who » ofl^- 
tionutjly uiicitdcd the laCi* Quan Caro- 
line; and tothcCountcM of Dunmor& 

171M)MERS.(U0E»rl,V.ofC. 1821 
y. ^ S- Jnlin-Suincra Cocks. 
O.T. Ill ViMTount Ka»laor, of K. 

Ca»tle>, Hn-efunUhire . . . 1821 
BaroD ^o^lc^s of Evesham^ 

Worccstcnldn 17S4 

A Baronet 1772 

OJL Cord Lieut, and CutL BaL of 


Chief Sir wani of IlrrcfDnl. 
Recorder of OlouCcaUr. 

Sfi. 3fuy fi 17«0 

^v.lit>fatIier,a5 2dBamn,Jan :{0 ISOti 
.Uan[;arct, dr. of the Itcv. 
r.-R. Naah, D.D., in . , , 17S6 
John-Nimrra, VUcomtt 
r, MP. for am ford, 

3larfh It) I7aa 

itnor Caatlc, Htrtfordshiiv; 
lie, Sumry. 
Lonlabip is father va tbt: lion. 
BcT. J.-S, Cocks, Prebnidary of 
[srrCbrd : ctnuin to thtr Kurl nf .St. 
Omnan* ; and to Janm CcKki, Esq., 
P. fat Rcigatc Vlncount. Kavtnor 
,iM.iiiv lothe Karlof Hnnlwickt:: 
to ViwrountcM Pollin^toi); 
CouDti:s< Caletlon ; und u the 
roneu Siuari de Koihei>ay. 
P«f. One .Member for Uuigatc 

laitOIIERSET,r)ukeof.Y.ofC. IMC 
•J A £rfward-AdoIphu» ^ymour, 
I>.C.U, K.H.S.. and F.S.A. 
7*. Baron Srymour, of liache, 

SomcnctAbirc 1540 

Baronet 1611 

Pmidioit of the Royal Institutinn. 

Feb. 24 177a 

his father, as J 2th Duke, 

Dec. 15 17fl3 

Jar. Chnrlottc, 2d dr. uf Archi- 
U Rih Duke of Uamiltoo and 
Br,u»d(>ii, J«nc24 .... IttOO 

^■tp. Kdward-Adolphud, Larti 
Sr*/mniir, bom Dec. JO . . . Ui04 
. lUt. Park.lont^ 

Sr. BuUtTode Park, Bucks ; Brudl^y 

House, H'Uf»; Berrjr Cjkttic, Devon. 

MJid /Urlejr pjiri\ Soaiera;;!- 

iJu Once is 6nK' to the 

ie of Bimaltaa mod Unuadon ; to 

SCO. .SONDES, Baron, 
of Lti» t uun, Kent . . V.ofC. I7fi0 
X.^S. l^-wiK-Kictiard Watson. 

Ihi. in .May 17ff2 

Sue. hUfathf r« as 3d Baron, June 20 1 ltO(» 
H. Prfs. His LonUhip\ brothru the 
Hoti. Gcnrj^e-John Alillc* (aiauntcd 
inxtcod of WatMtn). 
Co.Sr. IvceiCi'urt, Kt-nl; and Rocking- 
ham Castle, NorthMnipton»liirL-. 
lirt. Bro. to the Hon. Richard WitsoD, 
M.P, for C'antcrbury. 

2110. SOCTUAMPTON. Baron, 

ofS.. Hants .... Y. ofc. I7»0 

X.^S. Cliarlcs Fiirro)*. 

Bn, 2Uih ^icpL 1004 

Sue, his father, as ^d Baroti, Uth 
June 1810 

Mar, Harriet, dr. of iltc Hon. 
Hcnry-FiixroySianliopr, Feb.23 1826 

H' I'rct. Hii 1/ordihip's linHfur, the 
iTon. Henry Fiizmy. 

To. Jirt* 44, Curzon-t^trcer, Jlay-fnir. 

Co.Sr. FiUroy place, Middlesex; Whil- 
Ucbury liud^^c, near Towccstcr. 

f6r/, kits Lortlxtiii) is 2ft cohtin to the 
Duke of SoincrKt ; to the Duke of 
Gmtion; to Iiord Henry Fit2roy, 
Prebcndiify of Westminster ; and to 
the Barunefrs Churchill; 'Sd coniin to 
the Earl of Eu-ton, M.V. for Bury Su 
Edinundu; and 10 Lord Churlcs Fitiu 
roy. Jun., M.P. fur Thcif<ird. The 
Barontiiu is amain to the Kiirl of Kar- 
riof^ton ; 10 Lieut. Col. tlie Hon. L.- 
E.-R. .Sianhopc, a^irooin of the King's 
bed^iaiiiber; to Uic Marchioneu of 
Tavistock; totbe Dtichcs»«)f I./cin<iter; 
U> the Earl of Jicfton, -M.P. for Droit. 
wich ; tu Barnn Foley ; and to the 
Duke of Ncwtastlj. 

lOa.SPK.NXEU, Earl, V.ofC. 17fi5 
iV. ^ S. (icor^f.Johu Spencer, K.O., 

F.K.S., and F.ti.A. 
O. T. Vincuuut Althnrp, and 

Spencer. . . . I7#ift and I7CI 
Buron S(:encer, of Althorp, 
Nonliauiptonihirc .... I76I 
Op, A Privy Councillor. 
A frovtmor of the CV\ttt\ci Uou*«. 
An Elder Brother oV vW *tnw.V| 

High Stewnrd of Hi. AVoan-v 


( 2!W ) 


A Trustee of the Britbh MuACura. 

Bn. 1st Sept 1753 

Shc, hU father, as 2d Earl. Oct 3 1 1783 

Mar. LaviniA, dr. of Charles, let 
Earl of Lucan, Gth March .1781 

H. Ap. John-Charles, Vucount 
Althorp, born 2tHh .May . . 17B2 

To. Ret. 27. ^I- Janicio's-place. 

Co, Se. Allhorp Pork, Nonhampion- 
shirt:; Brandon, Norfolk ; \ria)biedon 
Park, Surrey; and Wiiitlield Hi»uae, 
Kydc, in the Ixle o( Wif^ht. 

Ret. Father to V'ucount Atthnrp {Chan- 
I ^ ctUor ofih< Exchrtfurr^ and .M.P. for 

. Narthaniptonidurc) : fathfr.hi'faw to 
Baron LyiOcton: uhcU to the Duke 
of DrvooNhirc; to \'ifiCount Dun- 
cannon. M.P. for Kilkennyshire; to 
Major Gt»). the Hon. Frederick -C a ven- 
dinh Pontionby; and to the Hon. 
William -Fmnciii-Spencer Pnnaonby, 
M.P. for Poole : unde-in-lav to Vl»- 
OOUDl Mtlboume: ^ro-tn^uir to the 
Karl of Lucan; and to the Earl of 
Beaborou|[h. The Countess ii aunt 
to Lord Bingham ; to tlie lady of 
Oeorgc-Oranville-Venables Verooo, 
Em]., M.P. for LichBold (eld. son of 
the Archbishop of York); and to 
Lady Klcho. 



MarqueM of* 
Y.ofC. I7afi 
Se 8. Oeorge . Granville - Lcveson 
Tkiver. K.O. 

O. T. Earl Oower 17^6 

Viicount Trentham, of T., Staf- 
fordshire 174C 

Baron Uowcr, of Sittenliam, 

Yorkshire 1702 

A Baronet 1620 

Offi. Lord Lieut, nmd High Sheriff' of 

A Priry Councillor. 
A Tnulee of the Bhti»h .Museum. 
Recorder of Sutibrd. 

Bn. 0th Jan I7&U 

Stic, his father^ as 2d Marqucsa, 
SOtltOcU 11M3 

Mar. Kliubeth, Countesa of Su- 
tbrrland, and Baroness Strath- 
attnr in her own right, 8ept 4 1785 

//. Ap, Ooorgv OnnvUlc, Barl 
Corner (siuninonod to sit in the 
Htniaenir I«orda, aa Baron Gower, 
In 1026; and ton-m-law to the 
Ear) ol (.orlitle), bom 8ih Aug. HBti 
/U /iV/. >'ui7urd //(iiucv Stable-yatd, 

St. Jnmem's PmI/xc. 

Dunnibin Cutle^ co. Suthcrb^ 

M'e«thilU Surrey, 
Ret, Ftifhrrto'Bvon(iowrri aoJ 
Fnmcis-Levcion Gowcr, M.Pm 
therlsnd).hire(who is ttm^n-im 
Countess of .Mansfield, and to* 
Hon. Robcrl-Fulke (>rrville, I 
the Karl Bnwke and Warwick 
iii.Iajc to the Ear! of Surrey, 
UorshAiii ) eld. son and heir to t 
of Norfolk) ; and to Viscount 
(eld. son and beir of Earl Gi 
brother to Viscoont Gran^ 
in-law to the Hon. artd M( 
Edwmrd Venables- Vernon, '. 
bishop of York ; to the 
Germans: to the Duke of 
and to the Earl of llarrovbi 
to Sir James Mocdonald, 
for CithiL-. and a Clerk of tr 
Seal ; to the Earl of Carlisle ; 
EUott, M.P. for Lbkeatd; to] 
of the Hmi. II. -B. Lygoo, 
M'orcestersliirc {Jt^mthfr to 
cha:i-ip); to the Marquess 
c«ater, M.P. for Monmouth, 
Granville - Charles - Henry 
M.P. for Monmouih-thirc; to 
oi ihe Hon. Frrdenck-Goul 
thorpe, M . P. iut Brambcr ( w| 
thtr in Baron Calthorpe); to 
Granville- Dudley Rvdcr(2d 
Earl of Harrowb^). M. P.for 
to his brother^ V iacount . 
for Tiverton ; and to iIk Ii 
Hon. James Stuart.U'ortley 
hdr of Lonl Wharadifle]. 

248. STAFFORD, Baron, Y. 

A^ iV .V. George William^taffii 
nynghain. | 

G. r. A Baronet .... 

Hh. 27th April ' 

Sue. his ancestor, WilUam. m$ 
1 4t.h Banm, on the reversal o| 
the attainder on his family in 

Atar. Franrt-s, y. dr. of E. Su| 
yarde, Em]., of Hatighlcy Par^ 
Suffolk, in 

H. Ap. Henry- Valentine (mania 
to 31i«s Howard, niece to tb 
Duke of Norfolk], bom 2d Jaa 

Co. Se. Cossey Hall, >'orfd]t 
Skiffnall Manor, Shropshire> 

Afr/. Hi* Loid»l)ip U t*ro.~in~la9 

/other -^K4au \a \jnT& Vtim.. 

( 227 ) 


ofC I6£8«k1 179G 
Imnj Otvj. 

UotCtoby . . lGn3 
o( Duiiiuni 

. 1796 
mmd Cuat. Rat. of 

Co. PaLuioe of 

.... 1765 

Uaj . lai9 



iDcfi. . . I7&7 

Vord Grey of 

Itotna AMUM, rithrrine, 


.... 1803 


^mk, Chdliirc; and 


»to the Earl of Wcmyn ; 

lioMntorej fa.-itt- 

JwDe^TboDuu Law 

of Bftdiuid Willi, 


Portlud : and 

itmck, Q.C.a. 

iuhflddE to the 

^ \i'aldrn ; and to 

-Cntyn Draison, Eiq. 

xicH of CooTng- 

iaaiMf to LonI 

to the £«rl of 

Udj ofW*lUT-Frcd. 

JI.P. for Argyllihire 

DuJceof Argvll); &nd 

ha torn, Lonl Uicy of 

iPE.EwLV.ofC. 1718 


V ElvtfioD, M717 

tn Birming- 
Uco>B<iUriic«l 5o- 

4th £«ri, I5ch 

JMor. CatheriDc^Lucy, dr. of Ro- 
bert, In Boron Camngton, 19th 
Nor ]eo3 

H. Ap. Philip-Henry, Viscount 
Mabon, M.P. for M'ootton Bo»- 
*ctt, bom 31st Jan 1805 

To. Ret, V2y Albcinarles-strect. 

Co. Se. Chcventng Place, near Seven 
Oak«f KfQt; and Alabon House, De- 

RcL Father to the meniber for ^Vootton 
HoMeU: /utlf.briK to I^ady Hcnter- 
Lucy SiAnhope, who haa long resided 
among the J rfiAf of Syria: son-in-tat 
to Haron Carrington: bro.'itt-latf to 
the Hun. Kobert-John Smith, MP. 
for Buckinghamahirc; to the lady of 
the Rt. Hon. H.-W.-W. H'ynne, 
Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of 
Denmark; and tu the lady of Lord 
(■ninrtUe - Charles • Henry Somerset 
(2rf ton to the Duke of Beaufort), one 
of the liOTcU of the Tteaiury, and M.P* 
for Monmflutht>hire : 2d coutln to the 
Duke of Buckingham ; to Baron Nu- 
gent, M. P. for Aylesbury ; and to the 
Baronesa Arundell, of Wardourt 3<f 
cotinn to the Earl of Haddington ; and 
to the Marquess of ChandoM, M.P. for 
Burkinghimahire : prand-ncphew Mk 
Baron (iranTillc. The C'ounteai it 
aumt to Boron Gardiner: — for farther 
particulan see the relatiomhip of her 
father^ B&ron Carrington. 

305. STEWART, Baron, 
ofGarlieB,\Vigto«n«hire, Y.of C. 1796 
N. 4 S. George Stewart, K.T. 
O. r. A Baronet 1627 

8. P. Eael Of Oallowat . I62S 

Baron Oarliei 1607 

Offi. A Vicc-Admiral of the Red. 

Lord Linif. ofOte Stneartruof Kirk^ 
cudhrigfit, find of WiffiouHMhire. 

Bn. 24th March 1768 

Sue. his father, as 8th Baron and 

Earl, 14th Nov 180« 

Mar. Jane, 2d dr. of Honry, 1st 

Earl of Uxbridgc 17^7 

//. Ap. Randolph, Lord Garliei, 

iM.P. for Cockcrmouih, bom 

lethScpL ifioo 

Co. Sc. Galloway House, Powtoun, 
Wiglnunshirc ; and Garlies, Kirkcud- 

Rcl. HisLoTd»hipi»>rA<TtotheMember 
fur Cockermouth : brother to the Hon- 
i81€ I mnd Right Rer. Charles. JamnStcvarV. 


BiKhop of Quebec; tn the Hon. K.-R. 

8le«art (married to Catherine, sister of 
the Earl of WraiyM, of the C-ountess 
of Stamford and Warrington, and of 
the Uaroneis Koiwmorr ) ; to the 
Duchess of Marlborough ; and to 
Narriirt, tpi'/ow of Lord Sporccr Chi- 
ehe>ter: futftcr^itt-lav to i\\c ^Marqums 
of Blan'druTt), M.P, for Woodcock 
[tU. Mil of the Dukcof .Matlborough); 
and to lite Hod. \S'. Duncoiiibtr, M.P. 
for Yorkshire ^rW. jtaii of ttaron Fi*- 
ve^^halIl) : ii«c/f tn Sir Janira-R.-tt, 
(irahani, Bart,, .M.P.ftirt'iimbcrland; 
to the MarqucM of illnndford (who 
nuirritd hift cviitiit)^ to I«nrd Charli.-* 
Churchill {Km-hi-taw lo John Bcnciu 
E»»q., M P. for Wiltshire) ; to Anhui 
Chichester, Em|., M.R tor Wcxl'onl- 
fthirc (nrpftru- ulto to the Mitrt|ULi>» of 
Donegal ; and tou'in.tav to the Mar- 
quevs pf Angl?»ey) ; ami to Baron 
Cmfton. The Counte&a ii tistcr to 
the Marquots of Anglesey ; to the Rt. 
Hon. Sir iVrthur rnffet, G.C-B. (a 
Privy Councitlor, and $nn-in-^w to 
the Earl of \Ve»lmorcI.ind) ; to (Jen. 
the Hon. Sir Edward Paget, U-C.B. 
(6m..iitJ(Ji4' to the Earl of] >arT month); 
to the Hon. Sir Charles Paget, KC-B. 
Kear-Adin of the White; in the lady 
of the Rt. Hon. Uen. Sir <icarge 
Murray, G.C.B., and M.P, for Perth- 
fthirc ; and to the Dowa^j^cr Baroness 
(rravM : aunt to the Kiirl uf Oxbridge, 
M.P. forAngIe»cT*hirc; to the Duchtiw 
of Richmond ; to t)ie lady of tlic Earl 
of .MuuntchsrlrA. M.P. for Donegal. 
ahire; to Arthur- Algemon-Capel C*©- 
ningsiiy. Bwi- {nepftru and hrir to the 
Karl of Essex, and ftrth-inJav to the 
Duke of. Si. Albaii«.) ; to Lord Motinl- 
florcoce, and the other children of the 
Karl of EnnukiUcn ; and to Baron 

M7. STOL'RTON, Baron, 

ufSHWih V. ofC. \Utt 

M 4- S. Williaoi Stourlon. 

Bn, JutieGtJi 177*' 

Sur. hia father, sa 17ih Baron, 

April 3fhh 1810 

Mar. Catherine, dr. of T. WcW, 

E»q. of Lullworth Castle, Dor- 
KtMhire, in October . . . . llWO 
// -V//. Charles f married lo Mary- 
LacjTt ttr. of C'hA.'le^ 'Siii Uord 


STOU ( 228 ) STOW | 

Clifford of Chudli-igh), 


To. Ret. 10, Mansfidd-atittt, Pl( 

place. I 

Co. AV. AUerton Park, Wetherb]| 

Ahire. j 

^(7, Uii Lordihip \sf.ithrr to t| 

Sir Edward 'Mannaduke Vi 

His Lord.ship is a CaTnoLic. 

.107. STOWELL, (Ut) 
of S. Park, (iloucestershirt^ Y. of 
A^ &[ S. William Scott, U-CUj 

and K.A.S. 
Offt. A Privy Councillor. j 

Matter of the Facullk*^ i 

A Tru-itee of the British Ma^ 

Larr Judge of the Admiralty af 

statory Court, and Vicar-gi 

the Province of Canterbury^ 

Bn. Oct. Sflth ... 


eld. dr. of J. Bagnall, Esq* 

(Urly Court, in . . 

Seaondhj, Louisa -Catberi 

Dow. Marchioness of SI 

/f. Afi. WilHnni. bom Mmj^ 

Tii.Ret. ll,Omfton-sircet, 

Co. Se. Stowcll Park, Northlc 

cestcrfthire ; and Early Court, 1 

Berks. J 

HcL His Lordship is elder brt^h 

Eail of Eldon: father to \ 

countcsi Sidmoutn: frratnl~4 

ViKount Encocnbe, M.P. loc 

173. STnADBROKE,Eaf 

in Suffolk . . . . Y. of 
X.AS. Jolin-Edward-Comwal 
O. T. Viscount Dunwich, Sufil 

Baron Rous, of Denntnf 
Sufiblk .... 

A Baronet .... 
Bn. Nor. 13th . . . 
Smc. his father, as 3d Eari, Al 


/T. Prej. Hi* liOnUhip'n hrt^ 

Hod. Capl. Hcnry*John Ro^ 
To. Ret. Xi, HiTttord-stn-rt. Ml 
Co.Se, Hciiham Hall, M'ang^ 

Blythburough, Suffolk. 
Ret. BnihrrMi'iav to Adi 

STRA ( 229 ) 

l;. STRANfiE» Lurl, y.ofC. nOH , //. Prea. 

y.^S. John Murray, K.T. ind F.R.S. 
(AT. E. P. IlaronSir&nge . . \r,2Q 
Bamn Murray, of bunley, 

ClloucniterHhire 17Bfi 

S P. Di.'itE OF Atholi. . 1703 
Marque«« of Athotl ami Tulli- 

tnnline. . . . l«i7G and 170.1 
Eirt of AtboU and Tullibardinc 

1457 and 160a 
Viscount Glenalmond, UaJquhi- 
dir, Bod Gknlyon .... 
Dutra Murray of TuUibunline 1004 
Lord Rftlvenic and fiaihk . • 

h*frdofthc Itle vf Man* . . 
Op. I^ord I.irui. and iicredittiry Sheriff 
of Ftrtfuhire, 

Bm. June ^th I778 

^•r,litsfstlier,aaothDu1u,Nov.5 1830 


James Baron Qlenlyon, ft 

Lord of the King*)i Bedchamber, and 

a .^iRJoT-ttcncral. 
Ciy Sc. Athnll Houk und Dunkcld 

Palace, Pcrthithirc, N. B. ; Mona 

Caittle, Isle of Man. 
firi. in« Grace ia brtd/trr to Baron 

Glenlyon: bro,'itt.Uiw to V'Ucouni 

Strath alUn. 

lao. STRATHALLAN, VUcoum, 
Y. ofC. 1686 
A BeprrMftttufive Peer i^f Scotland i 

electi^ SepL 2d 1030 

N. k\S. Jan^nuAndrcir^ohn.Laurence- 

C'liarln Drumniond. 
O. T. y. p. Baron Ummmond of 

CromlLx 10B6 


• Th= IflLF or Man i« a di*<tinrt territory from England, Scotland, and Ireland; 
tm. being governed by ihc laws of L-ithi-r of these kingdoms: nor does any Act of 
lh« HriiiAh PmrlUmcnt extend to ii, un1c«« ^o i-xpreaaly Rtated in the Act iuwlf. It 
vms formerly a subordinate feudatory kirgdmn. subject to the Kingn of Norway: 
then to Kinp John ar.d Henry the Third of Et'i!;lnnd ; afterwards to the Kin^s of 
Ncodand. and then ^ain to the Cn)ini of Engliind : at length, we find Henr)- the 
Fourth claiininic it by right o( conquest, and dixpu^tn^; of it to the Eurl of Niirlliuin- 
berland ; upon who^: nttainder it wn.i frmntcd to Sir Jo!in de Ktanlcr. anrotor of the 
£arl« of Derby, in 140K. Afwr wvcml other vicwsitudcs, on the di.'ath of James, 
Imth Karl of Derby, in I'J^tt the Duke of Athnll surcetdi-d to the Lord<hip of the 
I Jand. V heir-general by a female branch of the Derby family. In the mean time:, 
ifaough the title of A'iHfi- had long been diMi<(cd, the Earls of Derby maintained a 
■ort of rcgml swny over M an, by assenting or diMtnting from laws ; and no English 
iVrtt ev proceaa waaof any oiithutity in the Ularid. Such an indcpemlent jiiriHliclion 
in the coune oi time, found to be inconvenient for the purposcH of public 
Insiice, by affording a rvady asylum for debtors, outlaws, traitors, and pAriicularly 
for tmag-^lera, the interest of the then proprietors, viz. the Duke and Uuchesa 
of Atbolif, WM purchased by the British government in 170^ for 70,000/. Thus 
tb: JjLanil and its dependencies became vested in the Crown, and subject to the 
■emulations of the British Excise and Customs as far as reganls the exportatioQ of 
•prrita and other articles to England, Scotland, and Ireland, which are either con. 
Craband, or have not pflid a dutv to ihe King. These, however, do not interfere witli 
the consumption on the Island itself; »uch being regulated by the intenml laws, 
and for the support o( the government of Man. In all other respects, likewise; tliis 
Island retains iLi pKiilnr laws and government ;^, und is still a convenient refuge foi 
debtors and for outlaws, except those wl 10 have been guilty of murder and other 
cooTDious crimes. The Uuke of AlhoU siiU holds his landed property in the l^^knd, 
viih all manorial rights, and tite patronage of the BLshnp of Sodor and Mai and 
other ecdudsatical benelices; on pnymint of tlie annual sum of lOl/. ITw. Il(i., and 
rendering two falcons to the Kings and Queens of England upon the days of their 
coronal ioc). 

t The Dudxewi was heiress to her father's bnrony of Strange and lordship of 
Man, being the only child of James, 2(1 Duke of Atboll. The Scottish horiourf 
dcKcndnl to the Dukc*s nephew John, who by moirying his cou&in tcuiAXxd \hc 
family yn^fcanions and tiignitUs a.% hci'oTc. 
t 7>i«rt»v//y wn» ilic oMine Itorne by the ancient ParViamtni or ^nnv^-.vV (Lt«vH«wWaa 
ffTthc rnhMbUmniA nfMan. The iiijgistnUcn arc to ibis (Uy ftt^WA Dc. loMcra. 


( 230 ) 




Dftrrm Modcrty . , . . . IGO:> 

JiM. Much 24th 1767 

JSmc, his Ainvman, as Oih Viiicount, 
tbe airaindrr on hi» famiJy being 
annulled by Act of Pulianieni 
(aftrr a UjMe of 78 yean], June 

17t>i 1834 

Mar. Amclia-^iophia, di. of John, 

4th Duke of Atholl, Jan. l&th ISfK) 
H.Ap. V\*iUiam>Ucnry,born Mar. 

6th 1810 

Co. AV. StrAthollan Canlle, Penhshire. 
Rei. Ilia Lord.4tiip Ia roHtin to Hrnry 
Dnimtiiood, Emj. Uaiikcr^ of Charing- 
cmaI^ &c. : to the l)uke of 
AtlioU; and to Baron Olentyon. 

SOi. STr A RT, Baruo, 
of CuUe Sio&rt, InrcmcsA-shirc, O.n. 

V. off. 1796 
JV. 4 S. Pnncia Stuart, K T. 
O.T. S.P. Eaui. or MoRAV, 

1611 and lACl 

Baron Z>oune IdSl 

<>ffi. iMTd /.itut. of Bight and Moruff 

Hu. a«l Feb. 1771 

Sue hia faiii9, u 10th Earl, 2flth 

Aug IfllO 

3Jar, Firtty liucy.^d dr. offroi. 
Scott, ufUaJcrombie, Fifeshire 
(lirrcrfj.rf). 2);th Feb. . . 1705 
Sccninih/y Mar^ircc-Jane. eld dr. 
of hir 1*. Ainitlic, of Pilton, 
Edinburghfchire, 7th Jan. . IfiOl 
H. Aft. Knuici<s Ltfil Domnc^ bom 

7th ^ov 1795 

HeL Hi* Lcird»hip i« ncphtv to Baron 
Gray, of Gray : :U eousiu to the Earl 
of M'miyn ; to the Couutcx of Stam- 
ford and Warrington; to the Earl of 
Ualioway ; to the UaronfM RoHmore; 
■ad to the C«untcs» ofSuthetUnd. 
Co. Sr. Dunbri^ CitMle, FifcUnre; 
Caatle Stuart, InvcrntM-Ahirc; Uar. 
naway, Elginshire ; ai>d Dound Caatlc, 


(lai) Baron, in the laic of Bute, 

V. ofC. I»2« 
A'. .J S. Charles Stuart, G.C.B. 
Ojfl. A Priry rounnllrtr. 
X^tt ^mbtunnior £.ttraordimirj/ nnd 
JHpitifKftmihry at the Court of 

id Jan 1780 

iVar, Margaret, 3d dr. of Philip, 

3d Earl of Ilardwirke, 6th Feb. I8IG 

//. Frtt. His Lordship's brother, th« 
Hon. John Stuart, Capt. R.N. 

7*0. ftrt, Carlion-icTTaf*. 

Nel. Ci'Hgin to Baron Whamdific (mar- 
ried to the tiAtCT of the Earl of Emc); 
to the lady of the Ut. }lon. William 
Dundas (rr>«rin to Viscount MclYtllc), 
M.P. for Edinburgh ; 10 the Countrw 
of Bererlcy : 2d contin to the Hon. 
John-Jamc«-Siuart WortWy (w»f-r«. 
hw to the Earl of llarrowhy, and bro.' 
jit'/uir to Viscount Sndon, M.P. ^jt 
Tiverton) ; and to tlic Earl of Buck- 
ingharnahire: 3ti couMin w the Miv- 

^uewiof Bute; to l*ord Patrick-I.-ll.. 
rkhKin Stuart, M.P. for Cardiff; 
and to Hftiry-ViUiars Stuart, Eaa., 
M.P. for Banbury: lon-in-irtv lo Itie 
Earl of Uardwickc: to 
Viioountcn Polhngton ; 10 the Coun- 
teu Caledon; and to Vi»couutew 
Eostnor (V. Eosinor u M.P. for 


289. SUKFIELD, Baron, 
of 8., Norfolk . . . y.ofC 1780 
.V. Edward Harbootd. 

A Bartinet 17^'^ 

Bn. Ifttli Nov I7«l 

Sue. his brother, as 3d Baron, U( 

Aug 1821 

JIfflf - Firtf, Gcotgiana {dfcca$ri), 
dr. of George, '3d Baron V«r. 

non, luth S«pt 1009 

Srcondltf, Emily-Harriti, y.dr. 
of E. Shirley. E*q.f of Eiding- 
ton Park,\rorcatLTiiIure, I3th 

Sept 1B98 

li. zip. Edward Vernon, bom 

lUth June IBIS 

To. Rei. Vernon Houm, Park-place, St. 

Co. Se. Ounton lUU, Norfolk ; and 

Mtddleton Hall, near Manchester. 
Ret. Coufin-h^-faw to Baron Vernon. 

Earl of, . . V. ofC. leOIiaod 162A 
X.^S. Thomnft Howard, F.S.A. 
0. T. Viacount Andover. of A., in ) 


Baton Howard, of Charlton 

\ViIu ) 

OJ/l. Col. of the Berkshire Militia 1631 

Hn. \n^ \Mft. VIW 

Sttf . Wi ta\Vei*ia \^^ V.m\ ** ^. 



( 231 ) 



Mmt. Elnabeth.Jonc, eM. dr. of 
Jamev, 1st Biroo Sherborne:, 14th 

jui ieo3 

ft. Ap. Charle»-John, Vlvount 
AmdcFvrr^ bom 7th Nov. . . 1U0I 

fo. Se* Chwluo, near Devizes, M'iltat 
tod Suffolk House, CheltenhMm, 

Ret. Brother -^H-f aw to Baron Sherborne; 
U[A fuOt^ to the Hon. Junes- 
Uenry-Leggc Duitoii, eld. »on and 
lictr fO the tune lord. 

Btfoo, in Kent und I^eicrsiiTshire, 

Y.ofC. 1766 and 1776 
y.4& Georgr-WiUiani CanipbeU. 
0. T. S.P. DuKEoF Aboyll I70I 
Marqiicu of Argyll, and oi Lom 

and Kintyre ■ . \GA\ and 1701 
Earl of Af^ll, and of Cunipbcll 

and C-awal . . Ur>7 and 17ni 
Vacount Lochow and (Vlenilla 1 701 
Lordftf Inverary, M uU^ Murvcn, 

andTjria 1701 

0^. HfTfditaiy MatUr of tltc King'* 
HoH$r/tAld in Sfothnd. 
Lrrd LiraLf and UercdHary Sher^ 

t^ Arf^tflhhlrc, 
Keeper of Ihinsuffhag^ Carrick, and 

Dunvoir Caatlcx. 
Admiral of the M'esicm Isle*. 
Keeper of the Ureat Seal, and one of 
his Alajoity*! z^utc CouncUlun for 

B*. 22d SepL I7C8 

Sbc. hU fno/Arr, ID the English 

Barooy, 20th ScpL . . . 17m) 
— \mjkther^ as 6th Duke, S'lth 

Umf 1«0C 

J/«r, CaroUne^Eliubeih, dr. of 
Oeorgie^ 4Lh Karl of Jersey, in 

Not. 1810 

ff. Frew. His (trace'* broihcT, liOjd 
John^Douglu-Edward-Henty Camp- 
To, iUa. S9, Upper Brook-ntreet. 
Co- St. loverary Tastle, ArgylMiire; 

and Roscncath, Dumbartonshire. 
J(eL His Grace U brcin-lav to the 
Karl of Jeney ; to Baronesit Ponsonby ; 
lo the lady of the Hon. and Most 
Kev. Richard Bagot, Ijord Bisliop of 
Oxford ; and to General Clavering : 
hrvtlur to Lady Charlotte Bury, 
widow of C-oL Caropbcll, oi Shaw- 
Add, AtfftUnhirc, and wife of the 
Rer. Mt. Bury: vmcU to the Udy of 
Utc £»ri of UxhridtK s sad to Ha/ter. 

Frederick Campbell, Esq., M.P. for 
Argrllshirc (fon-Jn-Aitr to thd Earl 
of WemyM and March): kinsman to 
Archibald Campbell, Esq., Lord Li«u- 
1 trnant of Hcnfrcw*hir«-, and .M.P. for 
I Glasgow. Renfrew, Kuthcrglcn, and 
! Dumbarton. The Duchcu (who was 
the Jirsl ttifc of the Marquess of An- 
glesey) is mother to the Earl of Ux- 
bridge (who mar. her present lortl'a 
nUt^eX M.P. for Angleseyshire ; to 
the Duchess of Kirhniond ; to the 
lady of die Earl of Mount Charles 
(c/af. Miitt of the Marquess of Conyng- 
hani), .M.P. for Donegalshire ; and 
to the lady of Arthur Chichester, Esq- 
{mtpitcw to the Marquess of Donegal), 
Nf.P. for \VexfordAhire : «tnt to Ba- 
ron Durham. 

3. srsSEX, Hb Royal HigbncN, 
the (1st) Duke of . . Y.ofC. 1801 
A^ Prince Augusius-Krcdi-rick, K.ti., 

F.U.S., and F.S.A. 
O. T. Earl of Invcracas in Scot.^ 

land [1801 

Karon of Arklow in Ireland .3 
0/S. A Privy t'ouncillor. 
High Steward of Plymouth. 
PretUirHt of the Royal Society, 
Prftidrnt of the sUiety for the Ev. 
eoHiagcmefttofArtat Manttfaeturetj 
mnd Qmtmrrce, 
Col. of ibe Hon. ArtiQery Company. 
Hanger of Hvdc and St. Jamcs'fe Parkn. 

J9N. Jan. 27 177.*i 

Alar. Augunta de Amcland, dr. of 
John, 4th Earl of Dunniore, 
Jan. 27 anil April 4 (which mnr- 
riage wan contrary 10 the prori- 
sions DfUieKoyAlAMarriagcAct). 1703 
Soil, AugustuwFrnliiick D'Eale, 
a Colonel in ilic Army, born 

Jan. 13 I7»4 

To, ties. Kcn*ingtnn Palace. 
Rel. Hii Koyal Highnciui is 6th son at 
his late Majesty King George III., 
and stamU in the umje degrees of 
consanguinity to his present Majesty 
un'd ilie Princes and Princrssea of the 
Hoyal Family as the Duke of Cum- 
berland, &c. 

1«7. SYDNEY, Viscount, 
of .St. Ijconard's, Glouccstt-rshire, 

A' 4-S: John-Rob«vTowni.\\OT4,t.S.K. 
O. T. Baron Syinc>, ot C\\wA- 
hunt, Kcw . "V"!^ 



O^ nigh Htcward of Yarmouth. 

Bh. Aug. 1805 

Sue. hti father, as 3d Viicouittf 

Jan 1831 

To. Her. 3, New BurUngion-sirect 
Co. Si. Sydney Ludgc, Frogimll, KcnL 
ilf/. Hilt Lordship U mphm to the Hon. 
H.-<i.-P. Townahcnd, (u-l. ot' iht 
Itt Foot Guardx; to Lady Gvorgiaim 
Tawnahund, HouscktfpL-r of Wir.d'Mir 
Cutlc; to Baroneas Dyncvor; to ihc 
Karl oi Chatham : to Baron l)c Clif. 
ford ; and to ihc Karl of Lntrini ; to 
thi: DulcL- of UuCi.'li.Mi};h and Qnotns- 
berry; and to ihc lady of the lion. 
Fcregrine- Fraucw (.'ml, M.V. for Cii- 
theroe {bro. to Karl Brownlow ) : A-Jn«- 
fuan (o the Marqucsi Town^heiid ; 
and 10 BaroQ Bayning, of Funley. 
cvutin tu Viscount Clanenu, M.F. for 
Lclirim ; and to the Hon. (ieorge- 
Ricc-fUce Trevor, W.P. for Cacruiar- 
Pari. tat. One 3IciTiber for Whitchurch. 

115. TALBOT, Karl, V.ofC. 17M 
N.^& Charles-t'heiwymUTulbol ChcU 

wynd, K.P., F.JCIJ., unJ F.S.A. 
O. 7*. Vbicouitt IngcsLric, uf L, 

Siaftbnlfchirc 1784 

Baron Talbot, ofliunsol, (Jla- 

mnr^n»hirc 1733 

OJi' A Frivy CoundUor. 

Lard Lirut. and CutU Rat. ofSt^f. 

flu. April 25 1777 

ShC. hi« father, ab -Jd Karl, 3Iay 19 171)3 

Mur. Fnuiura-Tlioinakinc, rid. dr. 
of C. Loiubert, Ksq., Mesth- 
ahire {dcL-cuaed)^ Aug. 28 . . 

fi.Ap- ileory, VUcount l»i^itrify 
a Captain K.N., and M>F. for 
Henforfl, bnm Nov. fl 

7*0. Rei. 71, (»io«renor-»treel. 

Co, Se. IngL'^tric riall, near Stafihrd. 

R(t. His L«inl»hip » father to Uic 
JVIembcT for Hertford: cotuin to thi: 
MarqucM of Downshin:; and to l^ord 
A.-M.-W. UUl, AI.P. for Uownshirc. 
Vtacount Ingotn'c u briK-inJuv to 
the MurqucM of M'aicrford. 

Earl Talbul ^uCL-ct:ljed the late Duke of 
B Richmond in tlie Lord-ijicutenancy of 

H Ireland, and coniinutd in the ^vern. 

■ niait of thai country unul 1021. 

I M. 




. iai3 


V.ofC. \1\A 
aK 0ei>r^*.Auf(u.ieuft Btmnct. 

7*. Baron OMuUioDf of O., 


Offl. A Pri*y CouDcillar. 

Um. Apra28 177fl 

Shc. his father, udth Earl, Dec 10 10J;2 
Afur. Corisande.Armandine-Lro- 
nici'-Sophiji, dr. of the Duke de 
GniMimoiu, July 2ft .... I 
//. .4f'. C'liarlrs, iMrd OttHhton^ 

horn Jan. 10 181' 

To. Rrt. 'Hi, Onwvcnnr-squarc 
Co. St: Mount Frlix, W»Ui)n.on-Thanie», 
Surrey; and ('liillinghatn Caitle, near 
lU'iruril, Nortlujnittcrlatul. 
flil. HiHl^rdBhip is brblhtr to the Hon. 
Henry. (irvy Bennet, i/i/c M.P. f«ir 
Shrewiibury { who is MOa-.iU'lnn to Lof4_ 
M'illiajn KuMii, M.P. for Tavistock! 
couiriH to .lobn Bcnnt-t, Kmj.i M.i 
Tot Wilohiie : liro.-in-taxr to Sir Jol 
AVrtittc-ilcr, Bart., M.P. for St 
fthirc; ami to the Hon. and Rev. 
Ben-sfonl {bra. to Baron Decies). 

:iW. TKNTKRDEN, (Ut) Baron, 

of Hmdon, Middlesex . Y. of C. II 

A'. ,J- S\ t harlc-4 Abbot. 

Ojp. A Privy rouncUlor. 

t,ord Clt'vJ-Jutticc vj ifte C^'ttrt 

Kinff'i Bench. 
A Deputy Speaker of llic HmtMC 

Bn. 7ihOct I7< 

Mar. Mary, eld. dr. nf L.L. !.«. 
nioi:e, K(>q., of Bosilden, Berks, 
I»ihJuly 1: 

//. Jp. John-Henry Abhoi, bar. 
ristcT-a(.lNW, M Mar>hal and .V»- 
Mtciate to the Chief .J usilcc of the 
King*» Bench, and a C'oniniib 
ftioiterof Bankrupts bom AufE.G \\ 

Tu. Ret, 28, KusscU.imuarc ; ai.d 4, 
Scrjrant^-Inn, ('haurcry-lane. 

Co. Sr. Uciidon Place, llcndon, Ali<]- 

247. TEYNH AM, Baron, f 

ofT., Kent . . . . Y.ofC. 1618 

N'. iS[ S. Hcnry.Frai>ci*-Unper I'uruin 

Dn. !(th May I 

Hue, hhi ro«<iff, as 14th B«roa« 

7ih StfpL 1 

Jtffir. First f Bridget (deefatcd), dr. 
and hcirci^ol'T. Hawkins l'«q*. 
of Nft^h Court, Kcnt.2lttMay I7BS 




( 2a3 ) 


M Af. Htorj (9i€p-father to the 
l.'«l of Shrewsbury ), bom in . 1709 

Cuk Sf. LiiMtcod liod^c, Kent. 

KtC Uu Lonlahip b Sif cfNii/j to Baron 
Akr; mnd Co Major O en. the Hon. 
Hmy TrcTor (fbnnerly Brand), C^B. 

61. THAiVET, Earlof, 

Kctt Y. ofC. 1628 

N.AS. Charles Tu(\oa. 

0. T. Baron Tuflon, of T., Suwx IV^C 

A Baronet Ititl 

OfL Hocdilary SherifTof Wc*tinoreUn(l. 

A*. Sept 10 1770 

Sm:. hii ftra a» lOth Earl, in Jan. 1825 
JL Prf$, Hia I^ordahip'i brother, the 

Hoa. nenryTufton, M.P. for Applebv. 
Ca Se. Hcathflctd-placc. Kent ; BaJbrooK, 

SuBTi; Skipion ('astle, Vorkxhirc ; 

Appleby Castlt\ Wcstniordand ; and 

Vcwbotcic, Nortlianipti'iuhirc 
H^ Hb LordUiip u 2d cou4in to the 

I>uke of Dorset. 
Pari Fat. One Member for Appleby. 

39. TUOMOND, Alarqueaa of, 

V. ofC. 1800 
A Rtpretemtative Peer of Ireiandj 
for iifi {though a Baron of the 

V.K,), elected im 1816 

3?. * S. William 0'Bryen» ICP, 

0. f. Itt BaAOM TADCAitTCK, 

ofT., VoTkihire, U.K. . . 1R26 
1<P. Earl of Incbiquin . , . 16j-t 
Baron ot Inchtquin and Buiren, 

lo. cure 1543 

":'■ A privy Counciilor of /rehtiJ, 
! ^/ a (-lovcmorof the County ofCork< 
■ fnutcc of the Ixiah Liaco Alanu- 
^V''. his uncle^ as 2d Marquess, 

rai. 10 1808 

Mar, Elizabeth, dr. of T. Trotter, 

E«]., of Uulcck, Sept. 16 . . 1700 
ff- Prei. Ills l«urd»hip*s brother. Hear- 

Admical Lord James O'Brycn. 
Tn, Ret. II, Lower Berkeley- street. 
C<h Se. RosieUn Cutlc, Cork. 
Bd. [lis Liord<«hip it /a.-in-lav to the 

Hod. Oronte-rrcd^rick Hoihani.Capi. 

H.S,{lfrolhcr to Baron Jfutham, -M.P. 

for Lcotninsicr): eoutin tothcCounlen 

of Orkney: 3d coiuiu to Vuoouni Kirk- 


an. THlTftlvOW, Barwi, 
i^(T.,SulKJk . . . y, of a 1702, 
.♦:/ j: ^wgeiS-TiHM^UovdiTbtirlow. / 

Bh. Nov. 13 I6U 

A>'M«\hisfather,aa3dBAroo,June4 18*29 
//. Prei. l\\% lionUlup's Hfii/c, the Ht-v. 

Thotiia» TliurIo». 
Co. Se, Knight\ HilU Dulwicb. Kent. 
Uii Loidsbip is a Minor. 

1«2. TORRINGTON, Viscount, 

ofDcrowhiro . . . Y. of C. 1731 

N. 4 S. iheoitgt Byng. 

O. T, Baron Byng, of SouthOl, 

Bcdfordkhiie 1721 

A BATonet 1715 

Offi. An Ensign in the GOth ilegt. of 

Bm. SepL 9Lh 1812 

Shc* bU father, ai 7th ViacxiUDi, 
June 23d 1031 

Co. Se, Vokea-plaec, near Mcrcworth, 
and Godden-((rccn, Kent. 

Rel His Lordship li neph. to the lion. 
Edmund Byng, a Coinniis. la the 
Colonial Audit Office; and to the 
Hon. Fr«U-Gcrald Byng, Sen. Clerk 
in the Foreign Office: Id cotts. to tlie 
MarchiuneM of Batb i 3J ams. to the 
Karl of Uraciford; to the lady of 
M''ilIiani->Volryciio M'bilxnore, Esq., 
(who ia J(in to Thomaa Wbllmare, 
Esq.), M.F. for Bridgcnorth; to the 
Maraucas of TavUtock, M.P. for 
Bcdtordtihiie; to Lord John Itusscl, 
yi.P. for Devonshire; to Vixcoiint 
Weymouth; Lord Hcnry-Frodcrick, 
and Lord Edward Thynne, both mmt- 
hera for VVcobly; to the Countcas 
Cawdor ; to the lady of the Hon. 
Henry La^ccllcfl (ton of the Earl of 
Harcwood), 31. P. for Galway»hire; 
and to the Duchess of Bucdcugh and 
QucreUftberry : Xih eoua* to Geoi^ 
Byng, Esq., M.P. for Middlcaex ; and 
to 8 li John Byng, K-C.B., late Com- 
tnander of the Forces in Ireland. 

HU Lordfthip is a Mi.vuB. 

33. TOWNSHEND, Marqucsa, 

V. of a 1787 
N. 4" S. George- Fctiars Townsbcnd. 
O. T. Earl of Ixiccster . . . 1784 
Viscount Townshcnd, of Rayrn. 

ham, Norfolk 1C82 

Baron Towniihcnd, of Lynn 

Regis Norfolk 1661 

Bamn Ft-TrarA, of Chortley , . \2UH 

Boron Compton XWct 

A Baronet \*i\1 

Oji. High Steward of Tamww^. 


TUAAl ( 234 

i?i*. Dec 13 1778 

Sue, his father, ms 3d MarqucM, 

July 27 IBll 

Mnr. Sarah, dr. ofW. D. Ovdner, 

Ki'q., May 13 IB07 

//. i'rc*. Hw Lordihip*! brothn-y I*ord 

Charles TowDshcnd, .>1.P. for Tarn- 

O). Sf. TamvonhCttstlCfWu'ttickshire; 

Raynham Hall, Norfolk ; and 1^1** 

Park» Hcnrordshirc, 
Jicl. His IiunUliip is kinimnn to Vi«. 

cntint Sydney; to llaion HaynEng, ol' 

Foxley ; and to Uuroncn D/nevor. 

TUAM, Lord Archbuhop of, 
Tram, from Klphin in ... . 1819 
A Hrprescafiifh-t Prelate of Ire- 
land for teuton . . imtl and 183S 
N. 4* S, The Rt. Hon. and .Most Rev. 
Puwcr-lc-Poer Trench, D.D. 


a Off. Bishop of Ardngh. 

A Privy Coancillor in Ireland. 
CtfTU. BUhmj of Watcrford in . 1802 
TriiHt. to Elphin in .... 1610 
BtM. Bishop's Palace, Tuam, 
Bel. Bro. to the Earl of Clancarty. 


3a TWEEDDALE, Marqaenof, 
Y.ofC. 1694 
A RepreteniativePeerofScotiandy 

clectfd .Tunc 3d 1831 

iV. ^ S. George Hay, K.T., K.C.B. 
O. T. S.P. Earl of Gifford . . IC34 

Earl of Tweeddalc, Pecblcshlrc IC4« 

Viscount Waldcn ]Un4 

Barao Hay, of Vestcr . . .1487 
Offi' Hereditary Chamberlain of Duiiu 

Lord Ltrttt. of HaddingiomMre. 

A CoL In the Amiy, and Aide -de- 
camp to the K\st%. 

Bn. Feb. I 1787 

Sue. bis father, as 8th Marr|ue«is 

Aug. 9 1804 

Mnr. .Susan, .Id dr. \^ U'illiatn, 

AlhDulcrofManihc»ter.Mar.28 181G 
H, Ap, Ocor^ Earl of Gtffi>rd, 

bom April 20 182:2 

Co, .Vr. Yester House, Haddlogtonshinr. 
Bet. Uif Lordship is nm-in-iaw to the 

Duke ot iSlancticiter: urpfi. to the 

Earlof Laudcrdfilc: bro. to Lord John 

Hay. Captain R.N., and Lttr M.P. 

far l/iuldingunnhirci *nd to Oic lady 
orJubn-fUmy Ijey, Kw\.y Chief (Mfi'W 
a/" the //oif5C of Common* : Oro.-in- 

tanr to Viscount MandalUe, M.P. for 
Haniingdoiuhirc; and to the lady of 
Jolin-Hales CalcndV, Esq. (mri of the 
late Kt. Hon. John Calrraft, M.P. 
for M'arehani)i eouttn to Viwcotint 
Maitland, ftLP. for Appleby ; and to 
the Hon. Anthony Maitland, Captain 
R. N., and M. P. for Bcnrickxhire. 
The .Marchioness b nieee lo the Duke 
of (Gordon; and to the Duchcvi of 
Bedford : coi/tin to the Duke of Rich- 
mond ; to Lord John-OtrtTgr I^cnnox, 
31. P. for f^usscx ; to Baroness Brar- 
brooke ; and tu the lady of Lara 
KSot (.cM. Mon nf the Earl of St. Gcr- 
nians\ M.P. for LUkeard ; to the 
Murnticu of Tuvistork, .M.P. for Bed- 
fordAliirc ; and to Ltml John Ruasel, 
Paymaster of the Forces, and M.P. 
for DevMubire. 

287- TYRONE. Baron, 
of Haverfordwest, Peinbrokc»hiTe« O.B. 

V. ofc. I'm 

.V. 4- S. Henry Dc la Pocr-Bertafwd. 

O. T. I. P. MAHuuKsft or Wa- 

TERrORT) 1789 

Earl of Tyrone 1/46 

Viscount Tyrone .... "1 
Baron Beresford, of B.,CavUi. >I720 

shire J 

Baron De la Poer, of Cumgh- 

niure, Waterfordshire . . . I37& 
A Raronct 1663 

Bn. AprU26 1811 

Sue. his father, ai 3d Marquess. 
July W 1836 

//. Pm. Wn Ix)rdfll)ip*9 hrother^ Lord 
WiUiam IV- la Poer-Bcrcsford. 

Co. Se. Ford Caiitle, Northnnibcrlafid ; 
Cum^chnian House, Co. Waicrftud ; 
and Walworth, I,rf>ndcmdm7shiir. 

Bel. His Lord-ihip is ftro/^rrto the lady 
of Viscount Ingestrie {eld. mm of 
EbI Talbot), ftl.P. for Dublin City x 
ncj^*r» to the Rl. Hon. and 5Io»t Ker, 
John-Oeorge, Lord Archbishop oi 
Armagh ; to the Rt. Hon, Luid O.-T. 
Beresford, Governor and Cuu. Roc €t 
M'aiCTfordshire : 3'/ cotjtin to Ocorge, 
l/itd Bishop of Kilniorc; to the Rt. 
Hon, John-Claudius Bereaford, an 
Alderman of Dublin ; toRaran Dedes: 
3<i COM. lo Lieut. Col. Marcus Bercs- 
lord, M.P. for Berwick -upon -Tweed 
(vbo In cousin to the Earl of.MiUown). 
Port pat. 0\\c NVi wAiei ^«t 'ftw'a'wV. 
lVi» \x»tA»\\\v "tt i >V\ifcG«- 




171 VANE, (Ut) Earl, 
r.lL V. ofC. IR23 

X. 4 S. Cliu}aun*illiam.Vanc^t^ wart, 

G.UR, K.T.S., K.».(J., K.U.K., 

K.ILK.. K.S., and U.C.L. 
0. r. Ui V'iKwuni Scaham, of 9 , 

Ik Banm Sicwut, of S. Court 

LP. lUAkMVESsor LovDoV' 

DKIIltT . . . * . 
Ear! of LondundcTry . 
Viscount CisUcrcagh . , 
Banjo Sccirart .... 
Oft, A I'mtf CiiunciUor. 
A Lieat, Gm. and Colonel of the lOlh 

CittL Rot. of LouUouilerry and Dovn- 

«a May 18 1773 

Ski. hk bnnhn-| as 3U Marqueta, 

Aug. I a 1022 

Jfar. Flrtiy Catharine {dtcra^-H)^ 
r. dr, of J(»hii, 3d Karl of 

Damlcy, Aug 1004 

Fimwi-Anne, dr. of 8ir 
TempdAt, and the 
•'• V"- 11, ^ 
Bf'v . I. -Hubert, 

i i-'., -M.P. 

fuf t)oaii»hins, Inffn July 7 • 
CtOTtfr - H mrr- R oHrrt- CharlcA, 
r" 1,0. Ap. 2C 10-21 

ri»- !: I ! ohm:, Parfc-Iane. 

fV ^. .b .... ...i ....imr, end 8caham 

Hall, near Stc<cktO!i-upoiiTc«, Dur- 
ham ; Mount f^ttvarf, Uowniihlrc, Ire. 
BrL Bro,-iH-laxr to Major Gau l^ord 
Qiarlcs I'itxroy (hro. to the Duke of 
OafUja); to Thtmas M'ood, Etiq-, 
M.P. for Brccor.shire; to Haron Oar- 
H^; to the lit. Hon. Sir Henry 
flarfingc, K.C.D., !ntd Smvlury at 
War. and M.P. for Newport (Corn- 
wall); to BiuiMi KUcnborough ; to the 
£att of Damley; and to the lady of 
Rr tavTcnce-Vaughau Pallc, Uirt., 
JMir M.P* for .Aahburtoii: iOtt'iv-taw 
to the CauntcM of Antriin : cousin to 
the Blarqueas Coniden ; and to A lex- 
•ndcr-Robert Stewart, Esq. (lOw-id- 
<av to the Marquess Camden, and 
mraAAr lo the .Marquesi of Drogfaeda) : 
Sa CMfM to Che Earl of Brecknock. 

272. VERNON, Baron, 
of Kindcrtoo, ilirJiirr, Y-ofC. 17f^ 
M^-S. Oeotge^lisria' VeaabkBVcmnn, 

F^«. ifcc ij7n 




Sue, hu father, as 4th Barou, 
March 27 1829 

Mfir. Fruncos-Marla, dr. of the 
laie Hu Hon. Sir J.-Borlaae 
M'arren. Bart.«(;.C.B.,Aug.2d 1002 

M. Ap. (icorjjfc-John (/on-in-Z/iw 
to Cuthbcrt Ellison, Esq., Utt€ 
M.P. for Newcastle-upon-Tyne), 
bom June 'J2 . . . . . . 1S03 

To, Rei. 21, Hertford-street, Mav-fair. 

Cn.Se. Sudbury Hall, Derbyahire; Briton 
Ferr>', GUmorganHhire; and Nuttal 
Temple, near Bingham, Noil*. 

Ril Uii Lordship is nrph, to the Hon. 
and Hi. Hev. Ed., Ixtnl Archbishop of 
Vork : coH$. to G.-Or&nville Venables, 
E»(|., latt M.P. for Lichtieh! : hro..l». 
iaw to the Uev. Brooke Boochby, Pre- 
bendary of 2>ou'J)weU : '*d cou$, to the 
children of Baron Suffictd. 

1«2. VERULAM, (Ist) Earl, 

U.K. V. ofC. laift 

A^ 4' S. Jainef-M'alicr Urimstuo. 

O. 7'. Viwount Orimston . . . 1815 
BaroD VcruUuiLjUf Uorhuinbuiy, 

Uerta 1790 

A tlarDiiet 1638 

S. P. Baron Forrcater, of Cor- 

filoTphine 1633 

I. P. Viscount Grimston . . ^ 
Baron Dunboync,ofD.,Mcaih. ;]710 
.hire i 

QJI. Lord L'uut, and Cutt, RoL ofHert^ 

Bu. Sept 26 177fi 

Sue, his father, lu 4th Irub Vis- 

coun^ &c. Jan. 1 . . . . 1809 

— hi)irVHt.aaBthScottt<tbBaran,in 1808 

Mur. Charlotte, dr. of Charles, Ist 
Earl of Liverpool, Aug. 11 . 1807 

//. Ap. J alius Walter, TiVowb/ 
CfrimrtottyM,?. for St Alban's, 
bom Feb. 22 1000 

To. iZrj. 42, Urosvcnor-aquare. 

C<K Se. Gorhambury Pack, near St 
Alban'a, Hertfordshire. 

Rei. Iro.-iH-iaw to the present Earl of 
Liverpool: eouiin to the ludy of the 
Hon. Berkeley Paget (brother to lira 
Marquess of Anglesey). ThcCouataa 
iicotuln to the Ht. Hev. John-Biukcs- 
Jcnkin»on,Lord BishopofSt Darid'a. 

Parh Pat, One Member for St. Alban's. 

.13. \rALDEGll\VY.,'£«[V 
ofW., North»niplon»Vitc\.<Ae. \yiA 
-V-ijA'- JolmJatnea WaVAcpasc. 



WALL { 236 

O. r. Vaooont Chewion . . . 1729 
Baron M^«Id^;raTr, of Chcwton, 

t^oinersciibirc IGftb 

A lUronct IfUS 

Bn, July 30 I78& 

Sac. his hro.M (ith Earl, June 29 1794 
Mar. Miu Anne King, of llaAtings. 
//. Ap. A son, Vucounl Cficvclun^ 

bom Feb. Q 1816 

To, liet. 44, liowcr Brouk-stnseL 

Co. Sc Stnwbenr Uill, Twickenham, 

Middlesex; and NaTcstokc, K&scx. 
lid. U\a Lordship is '2d ccuiitt to His 
Uoyal Highnew the Duko of CIoH' 
enter; and to the Princcai Sophia. 

303. WALLACE, (Ui) Baron, 
of Knaretdalc, Nor ihumbcr land. 

V. oi C. lUiS 
M 4" S. Thomas WslUce. 
OJp. A Privy Cotincilior. 

A CummiuioHir of the India Bocrd. 

A Director of (irtrnwich Hospital. 
Mar. Jane, dr. of John, 2d Earl 

of Hopetoun, and iriJ. of Henry, 

1st Vh^ Alelville, 16th Feb. . IflU 
Co. Sr. Carlton Hall, Cunibtrrbiid- 
BeL The Darunrsa is auid to the present 

Earl ef Hopctoun. 

27B. WALSINGHAM, Baron, 

of W, Norfolk . . . V. ofC. 17au 
X. 4- S. the Rev. Thomas de Grey. 

Offi. ArchdcacoM of Surrey ; Trebeiidarj 
of Windaor and M'inchcsier; hic 
Chaplain to the King ; Hector of 
Faioey, in the New Forest. Hamp- 

Bh. in 


aad of ColboTDc, Isle of \\'ight. 
n 1778 

Sue. his brother, ai 4th Baron, 
2Gth April Ift31 

Co. Se. Staines, Middlesex; and Mct- 
toa Hall, Thetford, Norfolk. 

Ii4:i. His liOrdOiip Is bro.-lri-law to the 
Karl of Guildford: cxhim. to Baron 
Boston ; and to the Barorwn.1 S«l»cy : 
2d C0HI. to the Countess of Orkney. 

31X WELLE8LKV, (Ut) Baion, 
of W. . Soroenctshire, G. B. 

Y of C lit 

JC. 45. Richard WrllciJey.K.O., K.P./ 

K.C., K..S.L., and D.C.L. 
O.T. I.P. 1st MARacKSfl Wei.' 
I.C9LEY, of Norragh . . . 
Earl MorniDglon of AI. Meath. ' 

shire • 

ViKoum WcUeslcy, of Daogan 

Castle, Aleath 

Baron Alornington 




. . 1746 
Ojfi. A Privy CouHciUor ia Engtand 
and Jrfland* 

Lord Stcvard uf ihe King** Houte- 
hold *, and Judge of the Mar»haiae€ 
Cutt. Rou of McaththiK. 
Late Got. Gen. of India; and 
Ucut. Gen., and Oca. Gov 
1 reland. 

Bn. 2ULb June 1750 

Sue. his Fstbcr, as 2d Eatl, &c. 

22d May 1704 

Mar. Fir$t^ Hyaclntli-Gobrielle 
(deceaKd)y dr. of iSI— Pierre 

Roland I7 

Secondly^ Marianne, dr. of R. 
Caton, Esq., of Philadelphia, 
and widtnc of Robert Pater- 
son, E«q., 2tiih Oct. . . . 
H. Preg. II i> Lordsliip'i brother^ Baron 

To. Rtr. tJL John's Ix>dgc, R«^ent*t 

Co. Se. Marble Hall, Twlckeaham; 
Uptoo, Somersetshire; and Tiiai 
Castle, Meathshire^ 
Bel. Resides Baron Maryborough, his 
Lordxhip i* brother., also, to the Duke 
of M'cUington ; to the Iloo. and Rer. 
Gerald - Valerian Wellcsley, D.D., 
Chaplain to the King, a Prebeodarj 
of liurham, and late Rector of 8t. 
Inike'K, Chelsea; and to Baron Cowley, 
AmbowKador Extra., and Plenipo- 
tentiary at the Court of Vienna: uuek 

m over u 
^L funclic 

The Lard Slcscaid of th£ King's Jfoutehald has ihe civil govemmcol 
juriadicUon of the Kmg's MTV/ints Vdfx itttirs; viz. over all the officrrs 
servants of the Huyal IIoiis..ho!tl, except those of the King'H Chanit>er, .Stable, 
ChapcL He is appointed to hi» oftice by the delivery of the white staff, which 
esteemed hi» dnnniiMion. It is liis biiHineiu, at the cciutiKucement uf tlie Porliib-? 
ment. U> attend tlic King, and to adiuiniotcr the oullis of allegiance, ice. to all the 
Moiibcn of the House of Cmnntons. At the di-nih of the King, he breaks his staff 
over tha hranc in which ihc royal corpse is dcposiu.d ; thereby tcmiituting his own 
funcliona, and diiduuguig all his under oliiccrs. 


,1b llw tli*n. Umuim.PDlfr.TyIn<-y. 
.H'cllt^y: to tho Udy of ihu 
,Hon.NirChRrlrt Hagot^K.t'.H., 
.\rnbiiN*wlor Kxtr&oiiUiuiry, and Pk- 
nipotoitury »t ibe Hague; to Uit* 
Wyof I^id Fitj;roy-J.-H. ^onici^tt, 
K.i.B. : la ihe lady of Kmd Bur- 
Ch.iih, Kr.Tity Extnordiuikry to the 
toun of Tuscany; and to the Mar- 
even of Hi-uru: iObfin to V'ucount 

237 ) 








2«.\rELUNrtT0N. 1st Dukaof. 
'.- !.wiiCT»cU»ur,' t. K. y. ore. lUU 
.V.A 5. Arthur MMlL4!i7,K.<*.,G.C..B., 
K A . K.B.K., K.C.ti., K.K , K.F M., 
K.G.F., K..MJ., K.M.T., K.S., 
K.&E., K.^G.| K.T.S., KM., 
fi 7*. Ji[ Muqiieu of Douro 
lit .MArquctA and Kul of 

Wellington . . . 
lit Vbci-iunr Wtllington of 

W. uid TaUvcra. 
I« B«rDn Douro of WeUesky 

Sontmctahirc . 
PaiNL'x or M'atehloo, 

t}te XcthcrlAnds . . . 
Ut/KEorViTiUHi A, Marquess 

of Torres Vcdr*-*, (.'ounl 

Vuneira, in Cartuiijal . . 
OlflCE or ClUDAD Hddrijj^a, 

Ilk] ■ OrandtK of the Higlust 
Vlaa9> iu SpBtn .... 
'-^Al'rivy Councillor Jo KngUnd and 

l^ Fiist lyord of Uic Treasury^ and 
himc Miuislcr of ihu Briii»h 

J FirU,MiiTMbtil t Colonel of the 

i'onttahie of the Tovcr uf Limdotu 

Lortl ' ■ ,f and CftJt. Hot. of 

U Ihr Towrr llnmlftM. 

Ai:-j: . of Ou India Hoard. 

•i LoidoJ TratU und Ptantotione. 

A OoviTnor of tliu Charter llmi^tc. 

t/ird»\\'itf<ictt of the Chufiir-l ortx. 

A ti KUlt^ Hrodwr iif die Triii it y H ouk. 

A (JonuiiUiaimicr of the Ruyal MUitiiry 
Colkgc, and of the Koyol Alilitary 

A Pield-iMarshal of AusTaiA* 

U0«*1A, i^llU^SIA, FttANCf-:, AND 

A CArT>ix-G£A-K/fj/. rx .SrA/.v, 

4m/ JlAHSUih-GEKLUAL iff 

^'f^y^/ lytiul 2d 

al dr. of Ed- 
ward-Michoil, 2d Baron Long- 
ford, lUih April 18IW 

U. Ap. Animr, M^injurss of 
Dauio^ fli.l*. for Aldcburgli, 
bom 3d Feb IB07 

To. Hc%. Ap»ley-HuuK, Hyde Park 
Comer, Pifcadilly. 

Co. Sc. Suathtteldsay. HnntB, 

Ret llbi (irocc in tru.'in-Ittw tn the 
Earl of Longford; and to the Hon. and 
RcT. Hi-nry Pskenham, Arclidncoo 
of Eiiily: brother lo the Marquess 
Wifllcaley ; to Boron 3Iaryburuugb; 
10 Baron Cowley ; and to Uie Uoo. 
and Hev. Oirald- Valerian Welkslcy, 
Rector of Chelsea, &c. (jrf thrse 
tillra Jbr further fMrlicuian)'. cvtitin 
ut Viscount Dunguniion. 

Pari. Pat, One Alenibc; lor Dorcr. 

3*12. M'EMV:?.S, 1st Baron, 

of W. Fifeshire. L' K. V. of C. 1821 

A'. *S" S. Fnuiciit-U'cinysa Chorttris- 

O. T. 8. P. Eahl of WEMvaa 
AKU Makcu . . . I(K18 & Htl»7 

C)ffi Lord'tAfut. 0/ Per ttf an/the. 

Viscount Peebles .... lOii" 

Ramn KKho ItWU 

Boron Douglm of Kidpath . 1G07 

Hit. I5lh AptU 1772 

Sue. hiB gramiifntfuTt as 7th Earl 
of Wcniyn, 24di Aug. . . . 1808 
Hi*i kinsman (tlic lit€ Duke of 
Queen tibcrry), as 4th Karl of 
.•^larch, &C., 23d Dec . . 1810 

M>ir. Mari;ftieL, dr. of Walter 
Campbell, Esq., of tihawKcld, 
^Ui May I7&4 

B. Ap. Franda, lord Elcho (son- 
iiiJnv u> tlic Eorl of Lucan), 

To. Urt. 10, Stratford-place, Oxford-ntr. 

Co. AV. (i^osforil-IIoufle, Hudilin^ion- 
shire; and Nidputh-Coiiile, Pcvble&- 

Rcl. His Lordnhip in fal!ter.\H-laxe arnl 
nnck to AV alter- Frederick Cnatpbcll, 
Esq., M.P. fur Ar|f>'lcahire {ntpftcw 
10 the Duke of Arg^ic) ; and to Ijord 
(fruy, of tiroby icUlt-st son of the 
Karl of Staiiiford nnd Warrington) : 
bro.~iti.tuv to the Earl of Ntamrord 
and WMrrin^ton ;to tbe Hon. Edward- 
Richard i$tcwart {brot/tfr to the Earl 
of (ialloway); and lo l\aTon \U»b. 
niiirr: rfrrtfiit lo ne<^ir^c-\\\A^w\^ 

t^th Keck, M.P. Cot l.e\ce*\iCT*\\«c-. 
2d roM'iH to \hc Duke cA' OotAovx^ wv 



( 238 ) 


U) ibe Duchc&a of BuUinrd: 3d causitt 
to ihc* Duke of Richmand; m tlie 
childrrn of ihc Dukr of Manflu•^u.•^ ; 
to ihosj of ihc Duke of Ueilford hy 
hin preAc-nt Durlu-M; ood lo the 
BaroDtiif ItntybrnokL' ; to the lady of 
Lord Kliott, M.P. for Lmkeard ; und 
to the luly of Charlea KosA, Esq., 
M.P. fur 6l. Gcroiaoft. 

6G. WKST.^IOliLAND, Earl of, 
V. of (J. 1624 
jV. 4- .V. Jol.n F:me, K.G. 
O. r. Ituon Huri^hrrsh . . . IG24 
OJfi. A Privy Councillor. 

y^orJ, and Cutt. Hot. of 

A (iovt-rrior of the C'harter-IIou»e. 
Kecordvr of Lyuie-Hcp*. 

Bh. Ul Jan. \im 

Sue. Ilia father, as tOth Earl, 3Cth 

April 1774 

Jfar.^rif, Sarah- Anne {dtcfa»ed\, 
dr. and heircsn of Kobcrt 
Child, £"<] « of (>Hti:rlcy 
Park, 20th May, . . . .1782 
i/ccvndlffy Jane^ dr. and ro-heircsa 
of Richard Saunders Kiq., 

March 1800 

/T. Ap. John, Lord Burgfunh^ 

bom 3d I't-b. 1784 

To, Ret. 31, Oro:ivcnor-itquare. 
Co. Se. Alihorp-Hall. near Wandsfonl, 
Northainptoushin: ; and Urimpton- 
llo\i»iij Vcovil, SuiDeraet. 
Rtl. II U Lordhhip U father to Lord 
Iturgherih (Envoy Extraordinary and 
Alini»ter PlcMitpoientiary at the Court 
of Naptci) ; and to the Hon. H-Suiton 
Fane, M.P. for Lyme lU);!* : /a.-in. 
Inw to the Earl of Jerdcy ; u» die Rt- 
Hon. ^'\T Arthur Paget, K.C.B. ; and 
to Viiicount DuDcannon, M.P. for 
Kilkcunyahirc {etdcti tan of the Karl 
of Besbufough) t tro.-in-latx- to (he 
Earl of LonMlaJe ; and to hi^ hratfur^ 
Sir J(»hn Ixiwthtr, Bart, M.P for 
CumlM.'rland : uncle to Vincount Low- 
titer; and to Uk' Hon. Hcnry-Ocil 
Lowther, both fnrmbcrt for Wtut- 
morlond ; alto (o John-Henry Ixtw- 
ihcr, Ewj., .M.P. for M'igton; lo the 
Udyuf the Uu lion Sir Jolin Beckett, 
Bart., .M.P. fitr Ha»leniorc; to ihc 
laiiy of l<ord \V -J.-F. Po*lcii, M.P. 
Sot Durham (who i* urn of the Mar* 
fuon of Ckveltttd) ; and to John- 
Thouuu /a/jcr, E«|., 31. P. fof Lyme 
Jit^git, M Clcik of the Privy Scalt and 

IJeuL CoL in the anny: 
Sn H. Fane, M.P. forHasi 

to John Fane, Emj., M.P. fi 
Putt. PaL Two Menil>eni (• 


of W'ortlpy. Vurkfthirc. V. a 
N, •^ii. JaincK-Archibald-Stcw 
Icy Mackctixte. 

fitu in Oct. 

Mar. Kliubclh-Caroline-AI 

dr. of John, iM Earl of E 

SOch March .... 

//. .-Ip. John, bom S.1nl Apr 

To Rtt. 15, (.'urzon.Rtrecl, M 

Co. Sf. Worilty Hall, ShcHii 

»hire; Broom Hall, Pulluui 

wx; and Belmont. Prrlludii 

Rd. Father to the Hon. Ji 

Wortley, M.P. for Boaaj 

in-Uv to the Earl of J 

and brother-in'foir lo Vim 

don, M.P. for Tiverton): 

iu-lair to the Hi^ht Ho 

villr- Dudley Ryder, the nth 

for Tiverton ; and to Hti 

Bishop of liichtiUd and 

bnK-itt-Liw tn the KatI of 

the Rt. Hun. William 

(cousin to Viscount Melvil 

fur Edinburgh ; and to th 

Beverley: couMin to Baron 

Rothesay : 3d iiiusin to the 

of Bole; to Lord Patri 

H erbt!Tt-Crich too Stuart, 

Cardiff; and to Henry.ViiU 

.AI.P. for Banbur>'. 

Pitri. Pat. Ont- Member for B 

Previous to his elevatior 

Peerage, Lord Whamclitlc i 

the County of York, in the lo 

of Parliament, for several yoar 

134. M'lCKLOW, Earlo 


J RiffTcientotncPeerofirtl 

for hfc, eliTtrd in . . , 
-V. .5- 5. WUIiam-Forward U 
O. 7'. Viscount Wicklow, of 
I. P. Baron Clonroore, of 
Cutle, Carlowfhirc . 
O/^. A Governor of Wlcklom 
Col. of its Milicia. 

Bn. in 

Sue. Vua Canhet, «a ^ C^aV ' 

I &eV^ 

\ ^ar* CccA-Vxanoofc, As. dl 

'«. Ut Marqucat of Abcr. F«b 1810 

B. Fret. 11 i» Lordship*! brother^ the 

Htn. uid Krr. Fnocu-F. Howard, 

m^m'fmw u> the BUbop of KUmorc. 
Ik iU*. 3, CarciKUah-«quarc. 
On A; Skslum Abbey, Co. Wtcklow, 

faifaod; CMtk Forwird, iJoncgHl- 

Sti. %1 fMiflfc to the Earl of Charlctnont; 

■■ ■'■ ':•.-> the Hon. HenrrCaulticldiM.P. 

Anuaghahtrr. The C'mntf** Ik 

anrxi lo the Mvquitw of Aben:oni i 

^Mter-itt-iaw to the Eul of Aberdeen. 

375. ^nOAN, (lit) Baron, 
of Baij^lUU. Lancashire, V. of C. 182C 
K. ij A'. Janics Lindsay. 
U2'. S. P. KAitLor Balcaukas, 

t-o. Fife 1051 

FBaron Liml«ay, of Cumberland \iSX^ 

*4ih April l7tW 

hi« f.i(Jirr, aa 7ih Earl, 27ih 

Much 1035 

If. M aria- M tirgiuruFrancM, dr. 
John. Ut Baron Muncutcrt 

lltthNov IBll 

f^ A Incandcr- William-Craw. 
ij3rd Lhidsayj bora 16Lb 


Hft, 21, Berkeley -fiquMrc. 
,Sf. Karisfrrry Abbey, Fiftshirc; 
IJaigh Hall, near XVigaiir ^''^- 

Lordahlp li nfpfuv to the Hon. 
tt. Kcv.('hsrl«-nulrymptc Lind. 
|ttf, D.D., I^ril Binhop of Kitilarc: 
(« to LieuL Co!. Junics Liinliuyt 
Jl. P. for H'igan : hrothfr to the Hon. 
Bobvrt Lindsay, Collector of Custonm 
at A^ra^ in the East Indies. The 
Couoteu. ift cousin to Baron M uiiCBxicr. 
Part Pat. Two Members for Wigan. 


^Bon Y. of C. I4l>2 

A'. 4" ^ Henry Vemcy. 

Rn. 5th April 177^ 

Shc. his brother, as tith Baron, 

lit Sept 1020 

Mar. Alargaret, 3d dr. of Sir John 

H'illiam*, Bart.. .March. . . 182!) 
Vret. Hia Lordship** Hriifr, Louisa, 

«ife of tlie Kev. HolHTt Bernard, a 

I'reliendary of ^\'inchc»lcr. 

Si: €'<>mptoa Vcmeyt ncurif'ntfvrtl' 
Aioa, if'Mrwickalurc. 


Ret, His Lordahip U ftro.Un.fdw to th0 
lAtly of Ueorgc Luey, Est]., M.P. for 
Fowcy: cutuin to the ¥m\ uf Guild- 
ford ; (0 the Hon. and Rev. Chario- 
AuguAtus North, a Prebendary of 
Winchester ; and to the ladica of the 
Utv. \V. (Jarnicr, A.M.,and the Hon. 
and Kev. Thomaa Je (ircy (3ii nm of 
Baron M'oliinghani), Prcbcndariea of 
the sanie cathcdraL 

and (jM'VDVR, Baron, 

V. ofC. 17ftCBnd VAU 
N. Sr S. Petcr-Kobert-Dnimnwud Btir- 


O. r. A Baronet. 

OJI' Joint Hereditary Grand Chamber' 
bill of EngUtnd. 
A Privy iViiincillor. 
Lord Lieut, and Curt* Rot. qfCaer~ 

Jin. in March 17«2 

Sue. bis father, u 2d Boron Owy- 
dyr. -Jlltlwlune 1H20 

Shc. bifi mother, lu Iflth Baron 
Wai. U'ErcHby, 211th Ilcc. . 18211 

Afar. Clem^lina-SATah, dr. and 
sole bcircKM of Janu-% litt Lord 
of Perth. 30ih April .... 1807 

H. Ap. Albcric. bom 2iith Dec. 1821 

To. Nit. U2, Picmdilly. 

Co. Sf. I,.ang1ey Park, Kent ; Grim*' 
thorpe ('A.<4tlc. Lincohiahire : (fwydyr 
Castle, Denbii^hHhire ; ard Drummond 
Castle, Perthihirc. 

BrL Hit lordship » rouiiit to the Mar- 
qacM of Cholmondelcy ; and to I^rd 
Cnstle Hitting : 'Id romin to Sir ( 'hnrlea- 
Merrick Uurrell. Bnrt., M.P. for 
^horcham \ and loW'uIu-r Burrcll, E*q. 
M.P. for fr'uAKX : to the 
Earl of (. Urt* : Jiithrr.inJttTP to (Jil- 
bcrt-John Hcathcnte, Est}, {moh to Sir 
Gilbert Heuthcotc, Bart., M.P. for 

Uft. WILTON, Earl of, 

V. ofC. 1801 

iV. ^ S. Thomaa-Gnnvenor Egerton. 
O.T. Viscount Grey deWilion, of 

W. C^tlc, HcTcfordihirc . . 1784 

Jitt. 30th Pec 171KI 

Sttc. hitf iimirmal f^randfaiher.aa 

2d Earl. 2:ul ^i:\)\ IBV4 

Jlfar. Mnry-MaipETci, di. ot V-d- 

wjird, I'ith Earl of Uwbv,^»v\> 

Nov. '. . . \Wi\ 


( 240 ) 



B. Ap, Thomas, VUcauni Grey 
(ie in/r<w, bom mh Ocl. . . J82j 

7*0. Jica. 13, (Jrotvcnor-Mjuarc, 

Co.Sc, Heaton House, Lancashire. 

HeL Hiii [x>r(Khip ut 2'/ ton uf E&rl 
Groflvcnor: hruOirr lo Viscount Bcl- 
gruvc, 31, P. for I'liesliue ; and to the 
Hon. Robert Grosvinor, M.P. fur 
Chwtcr: non-inJav c» the Karl of 
Derby: hro.-iti'lttzv to Ijonl StanUy, 
M.P. for Lanciulitrc (who u* father to 
the Hon. Kdward-U.-S. Stanley, M.P. 
for W'indaur). 

206. M'lNCHCSTER, Lon! Bishop 

of, iramluUd from Llandcff . - IB27 

iV. at S. Kt. Rev. CharUs-Ririiard 
Sumner, D.U. and K.R.S. 

O. Ojff. Prelate of the Order of lU 
Provincml Sub^Drait of Ct/ntfrburif, 
Viiitor of Magdiilcn, New, Trinity, 
fet John's and Corpus f'hristi *'<*!- 
le^s, Oxford ; of Winchc-«trr Tol- 
lege, Hampidijfc; and of Sr. Sa- 

CoHs. Bishop of Iitandati'in . . Ifl'^f! 

To> R^i. 19, St. Jomcs's-square. 

Co. Sf. Palace, WinclienttT ; and Fam- 
ham Ca.<itlc^ Surrcv. 

/id, Jirtitfurr to the Rl Rev. J.-B. 
Sumner, I^rd Bialiop of Cbc&ter ; — 
to Oeor^c Holme Sumner, Ksq., M.P. 
for Guildford. 

N. B. The extensive dincoe of this pre- 
late, which i> in Uie Pmvtnce of Can- 
terbury, cooipn-licnda the counties of 
Surrey and Hants, wiih thu Ulc^i of 
Wight, Guemiey, Jcr«ey, and AU 

2& M'lNCUESTEK. Marquess of, 
V. of a 15a I 
PrrmUr Marqurt* uf En^itfjid. 
N.kS[S. Charles. lngold*by PaulcU 
O. 7'. Earl of WilcOtire . . . IM9 

Rarfln St. John, of Rafting . . IA:t8 
<yfl. Gro^tmvfthr Stole to thr Kitig*, 

A Pri»y C-ouncillor. 

Btf. in 1774 

Utic. his father, as 13th Marquess, 

23d April KKMI 

Mar. Anne, 2d dr. off}. Andrew*, 

Baq., of Shotncy Hall, Nor. 

• The GrtMtm ofthr Stdt prmides nt 
diMwhii! tlic wi^rd ttoU signifies a robe 

thumbcrUnd, 31<tt JtUy . . 

//. Ap. John. Earl of fTiltsti 
a Lieui. Col., bom 3J June 

To. Hit. 27. Cftvndish-squar 

Co. Sr. Aiiiport Housi-, near 
and Roihtfticld ParJi, Hants 

He!, Bf other to Lurd Htuir- 
G.r.R., and Admiral of t^ 
bro.'in.iuw t« \'icc-.4dmira 
seph-S. Vorke, K C.B., am) 
Relgate, '^m 

HAM, EarUf. V. ofC. \Cm 
N.^S. George- \Vitliom-Kind 
O. T. Viscount Maldslooc, of 


Lord of the Roval .Vsnorol'l? 

Baron Fir.chof Daveniry^No 

amptunHhire . . • ^^^ 

A ltaroni:t . . . .^H 

Bn. 'J2<1 May. . . . ^H 

Shc. hill coHain^ as Otli Enrlof 

and Otii of Nnttin^lKiui. 2il A 

Miir. <teorgiann-(-huTlotte,cUl. 

of .fani Ts 3d Duke of Monti 


//. .^f^. George James, Vhct 

Mtiidttiiue, btu-n 3Ut May 

T'U HcM. 5. Sufftilk-stTwi. Ptfll- 

Cu. Sc. Burleigh Park, Kul 

Kastttcll Park. Kent; al 

N or than • pt cinsh ire. 

Rii. Hit LtirdMhip is .n>n-lf(-> 

present Dukcol Slont;i»c: A 

to the .AIarqin*«of Grahatn, 

Cumbridgc Borough, who j 

a Privy ('oun.iUor, a Von 

for the Aflair> of India, h 

the Stirling Militia; aliio t 

of Viscmini Clivi*. M.P. fn 

{eld. Mvn of the Earl of Poifij 

to the Karl of Mansfield. 
>hip*B bnjthrr, the Hon. 
Donii-l-Hencagc-Kinch HatI 
in-hxe w the Countess of M 

:il6. \VODEHOrSE,(U 

of Kimbcrliy, Naif-IL- . V.< 
A^ ^\ S. .lohn M'odehouBO. 

O. T. A Baronet . . , ' 
OJi. Reconter of Falmouth. ' 

Bn. in 

Mar. Sophia, dr. and h«lrc»c 

rr all thinfrs pcrlainirg (o the 
nf honour. 


Bl Baa, of Brutm Ab. 

{dteencd),\n . nCd 

llthJan. . 1777 

Adinlnl Philip 

r| SHI to the Hon. John 

^ Laid Lieut^ Slc^ of 


FEBTM EATH,< ]*() Mvquni 
. , , . . y. ofC. 1822 
Fpct 0/ Ireland eUcted 

{ 241 ) 


M, is Fr«r«ar>, 11131. 
Oiwm Thomii-Jolm Nugmt. 
Jt. Sart «r Wcmnath . \tm 

iXkMa 1257 

trtf IMmi. •/ Wetttruathshire, 

IrIM 1786 

lft*cr. w atb Bad, Dec 


tlob €iJ»mtm^ l«t Mar. 
rffclhtoy (a Lady of 
HrW B«dclumbcr},3lBy 

M 1812 

j^Ba Lordship** brother, 
|«B. Robcrt-ticyinaur Nu- 

, Jims 3d .... 180A 

rn-Delrin, and Clooyo, 

; Bod CUmtaeii, Roa- 

to the Hon. Llooel. 
b Dlft«wa (who is brvther to 
U flf Pvctadtogtan, LP.); to 
p BniA, Etq. (vho ia brathcr 
l Bkwo, £«!•. lair M.P. for 
HJlfii); to the Marqaen of 
biy; nd to BaroneM Onrley. 

irOBCfiSTGR, Lmd BUbopof. 
iliav ChidMstcT in . . 1831 
r Xl Kct. RobcTt^unet 

b^ of ChkhetteT in . 1B24 
L A CaDoa BeaideoUary of Sl 

Itf Uto Ooiet 10 th« King. 

I Macs, Wonntai Uanlebury 

k Voma&enbire. 

TW ApCEBc of thia (mlate b in 

hvriMe of Canterbury, and in 

kd fia ^rf of M'orccstenhire lad 

iC W*r«MuhiJt. 

irORD, Baron, 
BWMuhirc V.ofC. 1820 
Best. / 

OJl, A Privy CouiiciUor. 
A Drputy Sjttakcr of ihd House oi 

Laic Lord Chicf^Jiutiee of the Court 
of Cotniiion Plcai. 
Co, Se. Ixesoiu, Sl PauPs Cray, Kont. 

303. YARBOROUOH, Baron, 

of V. Lincolnshire. O.B.. V.ofC. 17*14 

A''. 4" A', l-'harles- Anderson Pclhani, 
D.CLm F.R.8., and F.S.A. 

OJi, A Ilqiiity Lieutenant of the Uie 
of WighL 
Recorder of the Borouglu of Newport 
and Grimi^by. 

Bn. flih Aug. 1781 

A'ur. hia father u 2d Baron, 2Sd 
Sept. 1623 

Afar, Henrietta- Anna- Maria* 
Charlotte, 2d dr. of the Hon. 
John-Bridgcraan Simpson (/rm 
of the 1st Boron Bradford), 
llth Aug. {dtccaaed) . . . IBOO 

H. Ap. ChKrlo-Andervon Wors- 
ley, bom 12th April .... Ifl09 

7*0, Rc4, 17, Arlington-fttreet, Piccadilly. 

Co, Se. Applcdurootnbe Park, Itle of 
VS'ight; and Brocklesby Hidl, Lin- 
coln ihire. 

Ret. His LonUhip's diUdrcn are coutUu 
to the Eari of Bradford. 

ParL Pat. One Member for Newtown, 
in the Isk of Wight. 

7. YORK, Lord Archbiiliop of, 
translated from Carlisle . . . 1S07 

Primate of Ktigtanil. 
N. ^ S. Ru Hon. and Most Rev. Ed- 
ward Harcouit (late Venables Vernoo), 

Cont. Bishop of Carliile . . .1791 
O, Offl. A Privy CounciJlor. 

Lord Hu;h Almoner to titc King. 

Visitor oi" Queen'k College, Oxford. 

A Governor of the Chartcr-huu»e. 

Bn. lOib Oct. I7&7 

Mar. Anne, 3d dr. of Oranville, 

1st iUarquesA of Stafford . . 1784 
Etdcit Son, Gcorpc-tfraiivillc-VenBblcs- 

Vemon. Esq.. lott^ M.P. for Lichfield 

(married to EUialiL-th, eldest dr. of 

Richard, 2d Earl of Lucan.) 
7*0. Hci. 40, Oiosvenor-wiuare. 
Co. Sc. Bislmps-Thurpe, Palace, near 

Ret His Grace Is Gdi wn of George 

Venablca Vernon, Enq., created V&t 

Baron Vernon in I7fi'2: father XQ\\iC 





YORK f 242 

iate Alembcr for LichBuId i uncU \o the 
pr«Ment I^ord Vernon \ to the ImIv of 



uie Kcv. Brooke Uoothby, Prebendary 
of ^outhwfU ; and lo the Hon. Umfy. 
Sedley-V. Vcn»on, Lieut. Col. in the 
OmiMier Guards : §^ram4 unfit lo the 
Hon. George- J ohn-\'. Vtmon, M.P. 
for Derbyshire : bro..iuJaw to the yre- 
■cDt MarquMsof !^tAfibrd; to Viscount 
Grannlle; to the Duchcuof Beaufort ; 
and to the Countess of Harrowby:/a.. 
inJatf to Hit J^\'.-U. Johtuionc, Ut., 
M.P. for Yorkshire. 

y. B. The Prceuinct of the Archbishop 
of Vork contains the Dioceses of York, 
Durham, Carlisle, Chester, and Sodor 
and Man; the Prelate's own diocese 
conaitting of thr gtcaUr oart of York- 
shire and all Nottinghamshire. 

Church Pai. His Grace has the disposal 
of all the DignltlL^ in the Cathedral 
Church of Vork ; — the Deanery only 
excepted. He ha* likeiriae the $ab- 

de&ncry and six Prvbcnd 
the CoUe^ate Churcti of 
lixtoen Stalls la Soutbwi 


399. ZOUCHE, 
of Harringworth . . \. 
y. ^ 5. Harriet^nne-Bisi; 
Biu 7th Sept. .... 
Sue. her father, m Ut B« 

llthNov , 

Jlfur. the Hon. Robert C 

.M.P. for CUihetoe. Uth < 

//. A p. Robert, bom IGtb J 

To. Jim. lUt Upper Urook-< 

Co, Se, Parhani Park, Su« 

ReL Siiter lA the lady of Ci 

R.N. : her Udydiip's bust 

to Karl Howe: 

Howe, and Dugdalp-Str 

dale, Esq., late M P. fe 

shire; cmum tQ.~ 







ACCOBDura to tbeir 





1. Hamilton, Duke of 


(HU <>race being Duke of Brandon Id the 
Ppf*rage of Great Britain, refer totliat dig- 
nity \u the .-Vlphabetical Descriptive List, 
for particuhirs.) 

»cci*Ki'cu and Qiteensberhy, Duke of (Earl of 


3. Lennox, Duke of {Diike of Richmond, G. B.) 

4. Gordon, Duke of {Ear! o/ Nonrirh, G. B.) 
6. AroylLj Duke of (Barom Sundridge, G. B,) 

6. Atboll, Duke of {Earl Strange, G,B.) . 

7. MoNTRO»B, Duke of (Earl Graham, G.B.) 

8. RoxBiTBCiHEj Duke of April 25, 17ft 

N> 3r S. James-Henry Inncs-Kerr. 

O. T, MarcfuesH of Beaumont and Cesford. 

Co. Se* Flcurs CiLStlc, Roxburghshire j & Brox 

mouth, Haddingtonshire. 
His Grace is a uinor. 

ApHl 20, 16: 

Sept. 9, J67:» 

Nov. I, 1684 

Junes, iroi 

June 30, 1703 

April 2-4, 1707 


lENRBCRBY, Marqucfls of . . . . Feb. 
{A Representative Peer. Refer to the Alpha- 
betical l->cscriptivc list for jKirticulans.) 

10. TwEKnoAi.K, Manjues5of(ai?c^r*#e«/a6'tff J^tfer). Dec. 17, li 

11. LoTHiAM, Marquess of (Baron Ker, U.K.) . June 23, 1701 

EARLS, and COUNTESSES {in their own right)* 

12. SuTOEBi.AVD, Countess M {MarchionfSfi of Stafford, E. Pi 
N. S( S. Elizabeth Gower-b^fUierhuud. 



March 17j ]452 
. Aug. 6, 1457 

Mar. 20, 1457 

Mar. 14, 14ii7 
. 1469 

O. r. Baroness Strathnaver . . 1 245 

Her LMdvihip is Premier Countcssi of ScotJand ; 

and her Earldoui is the most ancient Peerage 

in Great Britain, 
Co. Se. Dunrobin Castle, Siitherlandshire. 

\U Eaii of {a Reprewniative Peer). 

, Earl of .... 

A*l A S> John Erskine-Miller. 

O. T. Baron Erskinc of Alloa. 

Co. Se^ Alloa House« Clackmaaanshire. 

Earl of 

>', A S. George-William-Evelyn Leslie. 
O. T. Baron Leslie. 

Ofii^ A Lieutenant in the 7th Reg. of Foot. 
( o. Se. Leslie House, Fifesbire > and Kotlies 

Castle, Et^nshire. 
,HU Lordship is a minob. 

►M, Earl of (a Reprc8cntQtive Peer), 

Earl of .... 

r. ^ S. Henr>-Dand Erskine. 
►. T. Barou Cardross. 

, Sf. Dryburgb Abbey, Roxburghshire j and 

KtrkhiU, Linlithgowshire. 

»c.N, Earl of {Baron Ardrosian, U,K.) , . 1507 
i. Earl of {Baron Aiha, U.K.) . . 1509 

iBss> Earl of Oct. 2, 1545 

S. Sr S. Alexander Sinclair. 

O. T. Baron Berriedalc. 

CM. Lord Lieutenant of Caithness-shire. 

0. Se. Barrogil Castle, CaithucHS-shirc. 

.r. Earl at (Baron Stuart ttf Castle S,, G. B.) Jan. 30, 1562 
Earl of (a Repreicntativt Peer). . March 4, 1C05 

moRB and KivcnoRN, Earl of . July 10, 1606 

i". & S> 'ITiomas-Lyon Bowes. 
O. T. Lord Glammis. 

Co.Sf. Glammis Castle, Forfarshire ; Streatlam 
Castle, and Gibside, Durham. 

:o«.M, Earl of {Marquess of Ahercorn^ G.B.^VU' 

Strabane.I.P.) . . . JiUy 10. 160G 

OS, Eari of {Baron Melrose, U.K.) March 20, Hi 19 

UT^ Earl of {Baron Siertw/ of Garlics, 
G,B.) . . Sept. 19, \ 62!^ 



27* LAVDRiLiiAhK, Karl of {Baron Laud^dalefU. K,) Mar. 14^ tG2- 

28. hovuo7i,Counie&so({Dow.Marc/uo/Hastinff8,U.K.) Mayl2, l 
N, S( S. Flora- Rawdon Campbell. 
O. T. Baroness Manchliiie. 
Co. Se. Louflon (^iistle, Ayrfihiie. 

29. KiNNOui., Earl of {Baron Ha»j, G.B.) . . May 25, ll 

30. DuUFHtES & Bute, Earl of {Marquess of Bute, G3.)inu. 1 2, 1 1 

•30. Stihlikg, Earl of . . . June 14, I ( 

N. ^ S> Alexander Alexander. 
O. T. Viscount Canada. 

31. Elgin & Kincardine, Earl of {Repres. Peer), Jun. 21, 16X 

32. Traquaib, Earlof June 23^ li 

A'. & S. Charles Stuart. 

O. T. Barou Linton. 

Co. Se. Traquair Castle, Tweeddaie. 

His Lordship is a Catholic. 

33. Wem Y8S & March, Earl of {liaron Wemijst, ll K. ) Jun. 25, I 

34. Damiol'sie, Earl of {Baron Dalhousie, V.K,) June 29, h 

35. AiELiK, Earl of April 2. 1^ 

A'. * S. David Oi^ilvy. 

O. T, Baron Ogilvy. 

Offi. Lord Lieut, of Forfarshire. 

Co. Se. Airlie Castle, Forfarshire ; and Cluny, 


Carnwatu, Earl of April 20, 

N. S(^ S. Rol>rrt-Alcxander Dalzcll. 
O. T. Baron DalzcU aiid Liberton. 
Offi. A Major Gcncnii in the Army. 
Co. Se. Glenhay House, Dumfries-shire. 

37. Leven and Melville, Earl of . . Oct 11, 164 

N. & S. David Leslie, C.B. 
O. T. Ixkrd Balgouic. 
Cfffi. A Caj)tain, Royal XaV)-. 
Co, Se. Melville House, and Balgonie, Fifeshire. 

38- Dysabt, Countess of .... , Aug. 3, 164 
N. 8( S. Louisa Tolleniachc. 
O. T. Baroness Hiintingtouer. 
Her Ladyship is u*idow of John Manners, Esq. 
Co.Se. Ham House, SurieN \ auAHcVwuv^xaav 
Park, Suffolk. 




LK, Earl of 

Aug. 4, 16-16 

y. St S. I'liomas -James Douglas. 
O. r. Baron Daer. 
' Co. Se. Su Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright 
His Lordship is a Minor. 

^vnnaB, EaH of (a RcprtseiUutive Peer), Nov. 1, 1647 

lutAmaAs, Earl of (Baron Wgan, (7. K,) . Jan. 9, 1651 

LfXK, Earl of (i?flro« Meidrum, U. K.) . Sept. 10, I (ICO 

^wacacn. Earl of ..... Dec. 31, 1660 
A'- * & Thomas- Eyre Livingstone. 
O. T- \1«couiit Kinuaird. 
Co. Se. Has»op, Derbyshire \ & Slindon, Sussex. 

h' His Lordship is a Catholic. 
o3iVi>> Earl of May 12, 1669 
A*. 4* ^* Archibald Cochrane. 
O. r. Lord C-ochrane. 
C*. Sr. Culrofls Abbey» Perthshire. 

lOrroKic, Earl of June JO, 1677 

A'- 4* ^' Anthouy-Adriau-Keith Falconer. 
r. Lord luverwry and Halkerston. 
Se. Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire ; Inglismaldy 
and Halkcr^on. Kincardineshire. 

LBANE,Earl of {BttroH Breadaiitanf, lA K.) Jone US, 1 677 

Bx, Earl of (VhcourU Gordon, U.K.) . Nov. 30, 1682 

SE, Earl of Aug. 16, IG86 

. 4" S. George Murray. 
71 Viscount FLacastle. 
Ca.Se. Dunmore Park, Stirliogslure} and Glen- 
linart, Argyllshire. 

T, Countess of Jan. 3, 1696 

4-.^. MaryO'Bo-en. 
0. T. Mscoonless Kirkwall. 
Her Lailyship is tlic widow of the Hon. 'I'homas 

C?. Se, Taplow Court, Bucks. 

LD. Earl of ..... .lunc 24, 1/01 

. 4 •^- Lcvvia-Alexander-Grunt Ogilvie. 
O. T. %^scount Redhaven. 
Prtif. An Advocate at the Scottish Bar. 
<©. Sr. Castic <^«rant, Inveruess-Bhiru ; and 
CbttcB House, Bauflfshjrc. 





51. Stair, Earl of April 8, I rO* 

N, 4- S. John-WiUiam Daln-mple. 

0. r. Viscount Dalr)'iiiplc. 

Co. Se. Stair Hotisc, Ayrshire ; and Culborn, 


52. RoSEBEBRY, Earl of {Baron Roseberry, U, K,) April 10, 1703 

53. Glasoow, Earl of (Baron Ross, U.K.) . . April 12, 1703 

54. PoBTMOBK, Earlof April 13, 1703 

N. <5- S. niomaa-Charles Colyear. 
O. r. Viacouut Milsinglon. 
Offi, Colonel of the North l^colu Militia. 
Co. Se. AVeybridgCj Surrey ; and Portmorc 
Castle, Roxburji^bshire. 

55* HoPBToiiN% Earl of {Baron Hopetoun and Niddry, 

U.K.) April 15. 1703 


Falkland, ViBcomit Nov. 10, Ifi20 

N. ^ S. Lucius Cary. 

Offi. A Capt. in the 7th Reg. of Foot. 

A liOrd of the Bedchamber. 
Co. Sc \\orley Hall, Berkshire. 
Rel. Son-in-law to His Majesty. 

StoruonTj Viscount {Earl of Mansfield, G. B.) Aug. 16, 1621 

KsNitURK^ Viscount May S, 1633 

N. Sf S. John Gordon. 

Offi. Vice-Lieut, of Kirkcudbright Stewartry. 

Co. Se. Keumure Castle, Kirkcudbright. 

Aebutbnot, Viscount (a Representative Peer) Nov. 16, \64\ 

Dunblane, Vlscoant {Duke of Leeds, in England) Feb. 2, 1673 

HrvukTUALiJkS,'VacoMni{aRepreseiUativ€l'ea') ScpU 6, 1686 


62. FoBBBS, Baron (a Representative Peer) 

63. Saltovn & AuEBNKTiiYj fiarou (a Rejfrcsentative 


Ci. Gray, Baron (a Rrpreseniaiiyie Pwt> 

JoDC 28> 1445 


irscABT. Baroo {Earl Cathcart, V. K.) . \ U7 

ycLAi», Baron (a Rrprcstnfat'we Peer) . Jan. 26, 1489 

rue. Baron I493 

S, ^ S, Scllcirk Scrapie. 

Cb. St' Somplc House, ReofrcwsLIre. 

KC, Baroo 1 j03 

JV. 4" "S. John Elphinstone. 

Q^< An Officer iu the Royal Horse Guards. 

Ctf. ^^. Cumbernauld House, Dumbartonshire. 

KxriLLE. Baron H30 

.V. 4* '^- Mark SomerviUc. 
To. /?«*. 28, Hill-street, Berkeley-square. 
Co. 6V. Langlec and Melrose, Roxbur^lishire ^ 
And SomenrUle-AstOD, Gloucestershire. 

icBKN, Baron !o64 

JV. 4" '^* <Jame« Sandikuids. 

Cff. •Sr. CaJder House, Midlothlau. 

E. Baron July 10, ICUG 

A*. 4- 5. Charles- Walter Stuart. 

Cc- Se, Erskine Honsc and Blantyrc, Renfreiv- 

fthire ; and Lenoxlovu, Haddingtonshire. 
His Lordnhip is a Minor. 

IXB, Baion (a RepreseiUatice Peer) . April 2,"), IC09 

ji«Tor.v. Baron Nov. 17, ICO'.) 

A'. ^ S, James-Edward Cranstoun. 

Res. Crajistoun House, St. Christophcra, in 
the West Indies. 

Uis Lordship is a Minos. 
tEE. B«ron (a Representative Peer) . May 4, lfi27 

a^AX, Baron Oct. iH, 1627 

AT. 4- .V. The Rev. Bryim Fairfax. 
i2r#. Virginia, North America. 

OM, Baron Nov. 28, 1627 

jS\ 4" 5. The Rev. Walter-Hwtchinson vVston. 
QffL Rector of Hartfield, Sussex. 

Vicar of Tardebigg, Worcestershire, and of 
Tain worth, Warwickshire. 
Co. Se* Broomsgrove, Worcestersliire. 

AT, B«ma June 20. 1628 

M ^ S, Eric M'Kay. 

To. Res. 16, St. Jamea's-placc, St. James's. 

Co- St, Tongue aud Sitiiw, Sutherlandshlre, 





78. FoBRKSTBHj Bnron {Earl of Verulam, U.K*, and 

Viscount Grhnston, I. P.) . . July 22, 

79. KiBKCt'iiBRiGUTy Baron .... June 2.7^ 

,V. Sf S. Camden-CJrcy Maclellan. 

80. Elibank. Buron . Mar. 18» 

N> <!)' S. AlrxfiiiHcr-Olipliant Murray. 
Co, Se. Darn Hall, l\'cbles-sbire j and B&llen- 
crief, HaddLngtoDsbire. 

81. Beluavkn and Stenton, Baron {a Representative 

Peer) Dec 1.5, 

82. DuPFua, Baron ...... Dec. 8, 

A^ Sf S. Bcnjamin-Duubar Sutherland. 
Co.Se. Hemprigga, and Acherglll Tower, Cnith- 


1^3. RoLLO. Baron Jan. 10, 

N. <Si' S. John Rollo. 

Co. Se. Duncruib, Pertlishire. 

B4* RuTirvEN, Baron .... 

N. S,- S. Jamca Ruthvcn. 

Co, Se. Frecland House, Pertlishire. 

85. NaibnEj Baron ..... 

N. Sf .V. William-Murray Naimc. 
Co, Se. Strathaird, Invcrneas-sbire. 

86. KiNNAiRD, Baron 

A^ ^ S, George-^Villiam-Fox Kinnaird. 
Offi. An OfTiccr in the 1st IMc Guards. 
To. Res. 5 A., ManMon House, Albany. 
Co, Se. Kinnaird House and Kosstc Priory^ 


Dec. 28. 






Armagh, Earl of (i>«*e of Cumberland, G.B,) April 23, 17»9 

CoNNAOGHT, EatI of {Duke ofGhucetler, 0,B.) Nov. 14, 1764 ■ 


Contecntcd, f 

Armagb, Lord Archbishop of 1822 

N, 4* S, The Rt. lion, and Most Rev, Lord 

Juhn-Gcor^-Dc-la'Poer Beresford, D.D. A 

primate of all Ireland, ^^^B 

O. Ofi. Prelate of the Order of St Patrick, ^^H 

Lord Almoner, ^^^^1 

A Privy Councillor in Ireland. ^1^1 

A Trustee of the Irish Linen Manufacture. ^F^^ 

Cans, Bitthop of Cork m 180G 

Trans, to Raphoe in lfk)7 M 

toCloghfr in 1819 I 

to Dublin in 1820 

' to Armagh in 1822 

To. lies. 30, Charles-street, St. James's. 
Co. Res, Archiepiscopal Palace, Armagh. 
Bel. Uncle to the Marquess of Waterford (to 
which refer) ; cousin to the Bishop of Kilmore, 
ParL Pat, Returns the Member for Armagh. 



90. Dublin, Lord Arclibi^hop of 1U31 

iV. 4' 4^. Right Hon. and Most Rev. Richard 
Whately, D.D. 
Mclrojioliian and Primate of Ireland, 
0. Offi, Bishop of Glandclagh. 

Cliancellor of the Order of St. Patrick. 
Viaiu»r of Trinity College^ Dnblin. 
A Privy Councillor in Irohimi. 
liea. Ste(i[ien'sGreen, and TaliaghCa^itlt;, Dublin. 

9L CAsnRL, Lord Archbishop of ..... 1822 
N. 4' S. Tlie Rt. Hon. and Moet Rev. Richard 
Laurence, D.D. 
Primate o/' Mun.ifer. 
O. Offi. Bishop of Emtif. 
A Privy Councillor in Irel.ind. 

92. TuAM, Lord Archbishop of (a Representative Pre- 
late Jbr session 1«31 and 1032) 


\X\. hrAKinRu, T)\ike ot(nscouHt Leiusier.CM.B,) Nov. 16J7tifi 


94. Watkbpohd, Marquess of (£a ran Tyrone, G.B.) 

Aug. 19, 

95. DoWNSHfRR, MarquMs oi (Earl of Hill shoroHghy 

CM.) ..."... Aug. 19, 1 

96. DoNKOAL, Marquess of ( J?aro/i Fu/u;rK'ic^, G.I/.) 

June 27, 1791 

97- Drogue DA, Marquess of (B/zron MoorCy U,K,) June 27^ 1791 

98. Wklleblky, Marquess (Baron Ifc/Zff/ry.G.B) Dcc2> I 

99, Thojionp, RInrquess of (Brtron Tadcastcr, U.K., 

and a lu-prcscutativc Peer) . . Dec. 29, 1 

100. Headfort. Marquess of (Baro/iKfn/ij, V.K,) Dec 29, 1 
JUL Sligo. Marquess of {Baron MonteagU, V.K.) Doc. 29, 1800 
202. Ely, Marqness of (B«/'y« L<>flu«, U.K.^ . , \>itfi.^AV 





103. LoNuoNOERHYfManiucss of (i^>r/ Vaae, U. K.) Jan. 22, 1816 

104. CoNyNfiiiAM, Marf|iiest (Baron Minuter, U, K,^ 
and a Representative Peer) . , . Jan. 22, 1816 

105. Wkstmeath, Marquess of (a TZ^/wtfipn/a/tvePwr) Jan. 12, 1822 

106. Okhondb, Marquess of {Barem Ormonde^ U.K.) Oct. 5, 1825 
107* CtAMxicABUK, Marqucsii of {Bar.Somcrhill, U.K.) Oct. 5, 1825 

EARLS, and COUNTESS (in her tmn right). 

108. CoEK AND Orrerv, EaH ot (Baron Botfle, G.B.) Oct. 26, 1620 

109. RoscuMMuN, Karl of Aug. 5, 1622 

N. * 5. MichaH-James-Robert Dillon. 
O. r. Lord Kilkenny-West. 

1 10. DESuoxn, Earl of {Eari of Denbigh, in England) Nov. 22, 1 622 

111. Meath. Earlof . . . . April 16, 1627 

A', fir S. John Brabazon, K.P. 
O. T. ijord Ardoo. 

0/?lr. Custos Rotulorurn of AVicklowshire. 
Reg* Dublin. 

Co. Se. KiUruddory House, Wicklow ; and 
Eaton Court, Morefordshire. 

112. FiNCALL, Earl of Sept, 26, 1628 

JV. S( S. Arthnr-Jamcs Phinkett, K. P. 
O. T, Lord Killcen. 

Offi. A Viaitor and Trustee of tlic Royal Ca- 
tholic College of St Patrick, MaynoolU. 

Res, Great Denmark-street, Dublin. 
Co, Se. Killecn Castle, Meathshire. 
His Lordship is a Cathomc. 

Ja Cavav. Earl of April 30, 1647 

iV. &■ S. Richard-Ford-William Lambart, K. C- 
O. T. Viscount Kilcoursie. 
Offi, A General in the Army. 

Col. of the -4;>th Kcgt. of Foot- 

Gov. of Calshot Castle. 
Co. Se, Eaglehurst House, Hampshire. 

14, WATEHFOBoand WKXFORD.Earlof (Kar/q/*SAr«ojr- 
\J5. GnAyAAD, Knrl of (Haron Grmurd, t/.K.) . Dec» ^^, \^^ 



Athlone, Earl of March 4, lG9i 

A^ &• S, Georgc-Godart-Henrv Dc (iinkell. 
0. T. Lord Aughrim, 

Baron dc Kccdc and Ginkcll, &c. in Hullaiid. 
Rfs. Amerongen Cattle, Utrecht^ Holiand. 

1 17. FirzwiLtiAM, Earl {Earl Fitzwilliam, G.B.) . Jaly 21, \7\ 

118. Kerry and Shelbvrnf:, Earl of {Marqvrst of 

Lansdoume, G.B.) . . . . Jan, 17, \7\ 

Daknlby, Earl of (Baron Clifton in Englnnd) June 29, I 7\ 
EcMONT, Earl of (jBaro« Lovell^ Hoi land, G.B.) Nov. 6, 17^ 

121. BK&BORoi'cu.Karl o^ {Baron Ponsonbtf, ofS^sonbtf, 



G.B.) Oct. C, 173S 

Carkick, Earl of (a Reprcstntative Peer) . June 10, I/' 

SuAKNON, Earl of {Baron Carleton, G. B.) . April 17, 1751 

LANK8H0Rot'<:u, Eari of .... July 20, 1751 
A'. 4' S' Brinsley Butler. 
O. r. Lord New'town. 

Co. Se. Hill House, (ilonccsterslure j and Bel- 
vedere House, W'estineatli. 

FiPB, Earl of {Baron Fife, U.K.) , . April 26, 175| 

LrDLow, Earl Oct. 3, 171 

N. St S. George-James Ludlow, G.C.B. 

O. T. ViseoHul I'rfston. 

Offi. A General, and Col. of the 38th Rc^. 

Lieut. Gov. of Berwick. 
To. Res. 15, New Burllngton-strcct. 
Co.Se, ArdsolIa^Meathshire; &Coplc,Bcdfordsh, 

Tyrconn'ei., Earl of . . ... Mny 1, 176i 

A^. Sf S. Jobn-Delaval Carpenter. 

O. T. ViHcount Carlingford. 

Co. Se. Kiplin Park, N. Hiding of Yorkshire. 

MoiHA, Earl of {Marquess of Hastinga, U*K,) Jan. 30^ 171 

Arban, Earl of April 12, 

N. Si S. Arthur-Saunders Gore. 
O. r. V'ificount Sudlcy. 
To. Res. 10, Dover-street, Piccadilly. 
Co.Se. Saunders Court, Wcxfordsliirc ; Heron 
Hall, Essex ; and Arrnn L«>dgc, Suhscx. 

CovMTowNj Earl of {Buron Saltcrtford, G, B.) April 12, 17' 




May 10, 1763 






Dec.23, 176;^ 
Feb. II, I7GG 

Feb. 12, i; 



MiLTOwN, Eaii of ... , 
N, ^' S. Joseph Ix'eson. 
O. T. Viscount Russboroiijth. 
Co. Se. Russborough House, W'icklow. 

Craiilkmo.vt, Earl of {a Representative Peer) 

MexBOBOUuB, Karl of ... 

•JV. Sc S. John Savillo. 
O. T. Viscount Polliin^toii. 
To. Res, 102, PiccadiiJy. 
Co. Se. Melhley HalJ, V'orkshire. 

WiXTEBTON, Earl of . 

N. Sc S. Edward-Garth Tumonr. 

0. T. Viscount Tumour. 

Co. Se. Shilliiiglee Park, Surrey. 

HowTH, Earl of Sept. 3, I7G7 

N. <5* ^' VVilliam St. Lawrance. 

0, T. Viscount St. Lawrance. 

Co. Se. Howth Castle, rear Dublin. 

KiNOSTON, Earl of {Baron Kingston, U.K., aho a 

Representative Peer) .... Aug. 25, 1708 

Sefton, Earl of Xov. 30, 1771 

N. 4' S, William-Philip Molyneux. 
O. T. Viscount MoJyneux. 
Offi. M. P. for Droiivvich. 
TV). Res. 21, Arlington-street, Piccadilly. 
Co. iie. Croxteth Hall, Lancashire j and Stoke 
Farm, near VVindso/. 

RonEN, Earl of (Baron Cianbrftsill, U.K.) . Dec. 1, 1771 

LiBBURXE, Earl of July 10, 1776 

N. Sc S. John Vaughan. 
O. T, Lord Vaughan. 
Offi. A Colonel in the Army. 
Co.Se. Lisburne House, Devonshire} and Cross- 
wood, Cnnliganshirc. 

CLANwiLLiAMjEarl oi (Baron Clanwilliam^ U.K.) July 20, 1776 

NuoENT, Earl {Duke of Bnckiagham, U. K.) . July 21, 1776 

.A1.DBOROUGU, Earl of Feb. 9, 1777 

TV. Jr 6'. Uenjamin-O'Nealc Stratford. 
O. T. Viscount Amiens. 
Offi. A Governor of Wicklowshire. 
Co, Se. Belan Hall, Kildarc i Stratford Lodge, 
Wickhwshirc ; and Moun t Ncale,Ca^lo^V9Vl\Te . 








Modsit-Casuel, Earl of (a Representative Peer) Jan. 5, 1781 

Antrim, Couiitess of ..... June 19^1785 

JV. iV iS. Aiinc-Cathcriuc .MacdonHcII. 

O. T. Viscountess Durjliice. 

Co. Se. Wyiiyard House, Durliam ; and Glen- 

arm ('a.stle, Antrimsliirc. 
Rei. Wife of EdiuuiKl Macdonnell, Esq. : mo- 

ther of tbe Marcbioiiess of Londonderry. 

LoNCFORP, Earl of {Baron Silchcsler, U»K,, and 

a Representative Peer) . . . June 20, 1 [ 

PoKTARMVfiTox, Earl of .... June 21, l/i 

N. Sf S. John Dawson. 

0. T. Viscount Carlow. 

Offi, A Lieut, in the 74th Foot. 

Co* Se. Emo Park, Queen's County. 

Pari. pat. Returns the Mem. for Portarlington. 

Mavo, Eail of (a Representative Peer) , . Jane 24, 1/ 

Anneslev, Earl Aug. 18, 1 

A''. »Sr 5. \Villiam-Richard Annesley. 

0. T. Viscount Glerawley. 

Ofi. A Trustee of the Irish Linen Manufacture. 

Co. Se. CaBtlcwcllan, DownBhirc. 

Enni8kili.en, Earl of (Baron Grinntead, U. K*, 



also a Representative Peer) 

En\F., Earl of 

N. ^ S. Abmham Crcig!iton. 

O. T. Viscount Creighton. 

C«. Se. Crum-Castle, Fermanagh. 

Cahysfokt, Earl of {Barun Caryit/ort, U*K.) 

KiLKEN.VY, Earl of .... . 
iV. ^' S, Edmund Bntlcr. 
O. T, Viscount Mouiitgarret. 
Co. Se. Ballycondra, Ktlkcnnysbirc. 

Mot'NTNOHRtft, Earl of . . . . 

N. & .S. (it'orge Annesley, F.A.8, 
O. T. Viscount ^'aleutia. 
OffL A Goverm»r of \Vexfordshire. 
Co, Se. Camulin Park. AN'exfordshirc j 
Arley Hall, Staffordshire. 

Drsart. Earl of . . . . . 

N. cV S. Jolin-Olwav-OConuor Cuffc. 
O. T. Viscount Cast'lc-Cuffc. 
Co. Se. Dc&art, Kilkennyshirc, 
His Lordvhip iss h Minuh. 

Aug. 18, \7( 
Aug. 18, 

Aug. 18, 1789 
Dee. 20, 1793 

Dec. 20, I7i 


Dec. 20, J 7! 








257 1 


Craited. 1 

ko'WSL, EaH nf . . ... 



1793 ^J 

r N^SfS, Thomas Scott, 

O. T, Baniu Earlsfort. 


7b. /!«. 41, L'ppcr Brook-strcct. 


CV Sc. IVestoo House, Warwirksliirr ; 


' ^^H 

Lisson-Karl. 'Ilpperai^'stiirp. 


icn-ow. Earl of (a Rrfrresmtativc Peer) 



1793 1 

A»K, Earl of (Baron FiUffihhon, G. B,) 



I79.> 1 

rmiM. Earl of .... 

. Oct 


1795 1 

A*. 4 5. Xnthaniel Qcments. 


O- TV Viscount C'kinfnLs. 


OgL Cust. Kilt, of I^'itriin aiid Donegalsli 



A Gov. of DoiH'galsliire. 


A Tnwtce of the Irish Linen Mannfactore. 


P«»rt-Soanlicr of Dublin. 


Tis. Krs. G, f «n*aC Cumi>eHand-street. 


Cm.Se, KilLidoon, Kildarcshirc ; and Mnoor 


Hwuilton, Lvitrimsiiire. 


»CA», Karl of (o Representative Pter) 



179.'} 1 

IJiOBB, £arl of (o Reprenentative Peer) 



1797 1 

tMnxFT, Earl of 



1797 1 

y. i^ S. Fran CIS- Jaiws Miithrw. 


O. 7*. Viscount Matliew. 


C», Se* Tlioin.istown Hoosf , Tip|K?rary. 


RbiLy KnrI (a Representative Peer) 

• Ang 

• ". 

1800 ^^ 

Loon. Earl of .... 

. Aug 

. 7. 


W A'. 4* ^' Jwncs BcrnorH. 


1 0. 71 \'^i8Co«nl Rcmurd. 


1 Viacount antl baron Bandon. 


^£S». Sr. Castle Btmard. near Handon, Cork- 


^P shire ; and Bnsitigb<>nrnc Mall, K^sox. 


Btlk-Strwart, Earl of . . , 



ISOO ^1 

■ A'. .V -S. RofKTt Stewart. 


■ 0. T. Viacimnt Stewart. 


1 C^ 5r. Stewart Hall, Tyronntliirc. 


LvrcMMOBK, Carl of (F»»c. Hvtckinson.ll K.) Dec. 


leoo 1 

HU»o», Eairl of (a Representative Peer) 



1800 1 

■khaki:. Earl of 



ItiOO ^J 

H S. ^ S. Valculioe Browne. 


W " ■^' ViAcouut Caatlcrossc. 


r V Tfusloc of the Oiilppe of St. Patrick, Ma 

ynooth. ^^1 

L * •• .># . Ca>*tlc Rosse, Kerryshirc 


1 Kft Lordabi|i is a CtruoLtc. 





Limerick, Earl of {Baron Forfordf U.K., also 

a Representative Peer) , , Feb. 11,1 

169. Clancarty, Earl of {llsrount Clancuriy^ U. K., 

aUo a Heprcseniathe Peer) , Feb. 1 1« 1 

170. GosFORii, Earl of (a Representative Peer) . Feb. 10, ] 

171. RoBSB, Earl of {a Representative Peer) > . Feb. 10, ] 

172. NoBMANTON, Earl of .... Feb. 10, J 

N. Sf S. Wellbore-Agar Ellis. 

O. T. Viscount Somerton. 

To. Res, 3, Seymour- place. Park-lane. 

Co. Se. Dilchlcy Park, Oxfordshire. 

1/3. C11ARLBVIL1.F., Earl of {a Representatiw Peer) Feb. 20 



Jan. ^2, ] 



Jan. 22, 1 

Jan. 22, ] 
Jan. 12, J 



Banthy, Earl of .... 

N. 4- .S. Riclmnl White. 

O. T. Viscount Bcerhavcn. 

Co- Sr. Bimtr) Mouse, CH>rk8hire. 

(iLENGAi.i., Earl of (0 Representative Peer) 

SnEPFiKLD, Earl of {Baron SkeffieU, U. K.) 

Kii^HORBY, Earl of . . . 

N- A S. Francis Nwdham. 
O, T. Viscount Ncwry and Moine. 
Offi, A <ieneral, and Col. of the S6th l<oj^ 
Co. Se. Momc Park, Oownshire ; and Sha- 

vingttui, Shrojishirt'. 
Pari. Pnt. Returns the Member for NewTy. 

Ratuimiwne, Earl of ... . Jan 

N- 4* S. Henry-Staidey Moitek. 
O. T. Visroutit Monck. 

Co. .S>. Chark'villc, Wicklow j ;ind Ballytram- 
moh, Wt'xfordsliire. 

179. LiSTowKi., Earl of . . Jui. 

jV. ^' S. Willimn Witv. 

0. T. VitfCouut Euiiismore. 

To* Res. Kingston House, Knightsbridgc. 

Co. Se. Listowel Ca-stle, Kerryshire ; Conva- 
inore, Corkshire ^ ik Kingston House, Mid- 

0. DfN RAVEN and Molntkabl, Earl of . Jan. 12, 
N. <S* S. Wyudham-Hciiry-Wyndham Quin. 
0. T. V'iscouut Adarc. 
Offi, Cust. Rot. of Limerickshire. 
Co* Se. Dunraveu Castle, Olaulorganshirc j 
and Adare Abbey, LiuieneksUirc. 




tBt. NoRBuiiY. Earl of «... 

N.Sr S. JohnToIer- 

O. T'. Viscount Glandine. 

Qfi' A Privy Councillor in Ireland. 

A Trustee of the Irish Liiicii Maiiufacture- 
Rrs, Dublin. 
Co. Se, Cnbragh House, Dublinshire. 


June 25, J 827 


|S2. GoRMAKftTON, Viscount . • . . Aug. 7, 1478 
N. Sr S. Jeuico Prestou. 
Offi. A Trustee of St Patrick's CoUege, May- 


Co. Se, GormanstOD Castle, Mcathsliire. 
His Lonlship is a Catholic. 

[383, Granoison, Viscount {Earl of Jeraetft E. P.) Jan. 3, IC20 

\S4. DiLi'ON', Viscount .... March 16, 1621 

N. Sr S* Henry-Augustu8*Dilloii Lee. 
Ofi' A Colonel ill the Army. 
Co. Se. Ditcbley Hall, Oxfordshire ; and 
Jx>ughlyn House, Roscommon shire- 

Ldmlby, Viscount (Earl of Scarborough, E. P,) July 12, 

I Stbanckoud, Viscount, (Baron /*cnjAi(r»/, U./C.) July 17, 

|87. Taafe, Viscount Aug. I, 

N. 4 S. Rhodolplius Taaffe. 
O. T. A Count of the Holy Roman Empire. 
Res. Elischaw Castle, Bohemia. 
His Ijordship is a CATiioLtc. 

I'J8S. RaNKLAgu, Viscount 

N^ cS" S. Thomas Heron Jones. 
Co. Se. Fulharn, Middlesex. 
His Lordship is a Minor. 

Aug. 25, 1628 

r 189. Fitzwilliam, Viscount 

t N,^S. John Fitzwilliam, F.R.S. 

^m Co* Se, Richmond Green, Surrey. 

f 190. KiwcsLAND, Viscount 

L N. AS. Mattlicw Bamcwnll. 

H Cth Sr. Turvvy House, near Dublin. 

Aug. 5, 1629 
. June 29, 1646 








Mabserknk, Viscounty . . . Nov. 21, IGtiO 

N, 4- S. Skeffingtou. 

Co.Se. Antriu) Catitle, Aiitriiusbire ; and Oriel 

Temple, LouthHliirc. 
His lordship, whu is a Minor, is son to 

Viscount Fkhkaku (to wliicli refer.) 

Choluondbley, Viscoant (Marquess of CkulmtM' 

deley, U. K.) , . . March 29, 1 

DowNK, Viscount {Baron Dawnay, G, Ji.) . Feb. 19, 1 

Stkaiiavr, Vificmiht {Affirqttfss of Abercom, G.B. 

aiid Earl of Abercorn, S. P.) . . Dec. 2, 1 

MoLESwuBTu, Viscount . July 16, 17 

N, ^ S. Richard Pigot Molcswortli. 
Co* Se. BrccdcnstouQj & Swordcs, near Dublin. 

CuKTWYND, Viscount .... Juiic 29. \7\ 
N.^S. Richard- Walter Cbetwvnd. 
Co. 5r. North -Aston Park, Oxiordshirc. 

MiDLKTON, Viscount (Baron Brodridc, G.B) Aug. I.'i, \7\1 

BoTNE, Viscoant Aug. 20, 1717 

N* tS- 8. Gustavus Hamilton. 
To, Res. ITi, Portlaud-place. 
Cu. Se. Stackallan, Meathshirc ; and fiunvater 
Hiill, near Ludlow, Shropshire. 

Allen, Viscount Aug. 2S, 17| 

N. ^ S. Joshua- William Allen. 

OJi. A Military Officer. 

Co. Se. Ladytown, Kildareshirc. 

Orimston, Viscount (Earl Veruiam, U, K., and 

Baron Forrester, 8. P.) ^ . . May 18, 1719 

Barrington, Viscount .... July I, 1720 
N. «.V S. William-Koppcl Harrington, 
7b. Res. I G, Cavendish-squarc. 
Co. Se. Sedgeficld House, Durham j and 
Beckett House, Berks. 

Gage, Viscount (Baron Gage, G. B.) Sept- 14, 17 

Palmerston, Viscount , , . . March 12, 17: 
JV, Sf 5. Heniy-John Temple. 
Offi. A Pri^7 Councillor in England. 

M. P. for Cambridge University. 
7h. Ra/. 8» (Jreat Stanbope-rttctX, Mw^j-tur. 
C<f, Sf. Broadlands ParU,HviTOVv\uTC. 



July 17, 1727 

W4- Gai,wav, AHscount .... 

N. Sf S. Wiliiam-Gcorife-Moiickton Arundel. 
Co. Sc* Serlby Hall, Nottii)ghaui6hlrc. 

205. PowKRBcocRT, Viscount . . • . Feb. 4, 1743 
N. St S. Ricliartl W'ingfield. 
Co. iie, PowtTscourt Castle, Wicklowshire. 
His Lordship is a Minor. 

506. AsHBHOOK, Viscount ... - Sept. 30, 1751 
N. 4- S. Heui7 Flower. 
Co. Se. Castle Durrow, Kilkcnnysliirc ; aiid 
Beituinont Lodge, Berksliirc. 

MorNTMOKRKSf Viscount .... June 29, 1763 
A'. A 5. Francis-Hcrvcy Dc Montmorency. 

DuNGAKNON, Viscount .... Feb. 1 7, 1 766 

N. Sf S. Arthur Hill-Trevor. 

To. Res. 3, Grafton-strect, Bond-street. 

Co. Se. Briukyualt Castle, Denbighshire. 

Southwell, Viscount .... July 18, 1776 

N. Jr S. Tliomas-Anthouy Southwell. 
Co. Sc. Hindlip House, Worcestershire; and 

Castle Muttresb, Limerickshire. 
His Lordship is a CATHOLrc. 

De Vksci, Viscount .... June ! 9, 1776" 

N. ^ S. John Vesey. 
Res. Merri on -square, I>ubliii, 
Co. Se, Abbey Leix, Queen's County. 

211. LiFFOHD, Viscount Jaj». 4, 1781 

M Sf S. James Hewitt. 

Offi. A Commissioner of Excise. 

Co. Se. Sautry House, Dublinshire. 

Banoor, Viscount Jau. 13, 1781 

N. 1^ S. Edward-Southwell Ward. 
Offi. A Lieut, in the Royal Navy. 
Co. Se. Castle- Ward, Downshire. 

Melbourne, Viscount (Baron Melbourne, U. K.) Jan. 1 1, 1781 

Clipdbn, Viscount (Baron Mendip, G. S.) . Jan. 12, 1781 

DoNBRAiLE, Viscount (a Representative Peer) June 22, 1785 

NoRTBLAyD, Visvouut (I/firon Ranfurhf, U.K.) ^ui^ ^,\1^\ 


Dec. 20, 1 703 

217. Harbkrton, Viscount .... 
N. Si- S, Henry Pomeroy, F.8.A. 
To. Res. 36j Upper Brook-8tr«ct. 
Co- Se. Carbery Castle, KiUIarcshire. 

2I@. Hawardex, Viscount .... 
A^ Jjc S, CorQwaliis Maude. 
Q^. A Trustee of the Irish Linen Manufacture. 
Co, Se. Dundrum, Tipperaryshire. 

219. Fbbbabd, Viscount (Baron Oriel, U.K.) , Nov. 14. 1797 

220. AvoNMORE, Viscount Dec. 29, I 

N. ^ S. Barry-John Yelverton. 

Offi, Registrar of ttie Iriih Court of Chancery, 

Co. Se* Bellislej Tipperaryshire. 

221. Tbmpletown, Viscount .... March U, 1 
a: 4- .9. John Henry Uptou, F.S.A. 
To. Res. 10, HilJ-slrcet, Bcrkeloy-sqnare, 
Co. Se. Castle Upton, Antrimahire ; and Won- 

ham, Surrey. 

LisMURG, Viscount ..... 
N. A* S. Cornelius (VCallaghan. 
Co, Se. ShjLnl»ally Ciwtle, TipjM^raryshire. 

LoRTOX, Viscount (a Representative Peer) . 



May 30, 1; 


Frankfort, Viscount 

N. 6i S. Lodgc-Reymond de Montmorency. 
Offi. A I^ieut. iu the 1 0th Hussars, 
Res, Morrion-squarc, Dublin. 
Co. Se. Frankfort, Kiikennyshire J and Mary 
t-ille, near Dublin. 

225. GoBT, Viscount (a Repreittitative Peer) 

226. Castlemaink, Visconnt 

AT. Si S. >Villiam Handcock. 

Offi, A Pri>'y CounciDor in Ireland. 

A Govcn»or of Wcstmeathshirc. 

Constable and Governor of .Vlhlone. 
Co. Se. Moydnim Castle, Weslmeiith. 
Puri. Pat, Returns the Member for Athionc. 

GutLLAMuREj Viscount, of Cahir (inilUunorc, 


JV. ^ .V. Standish O'iimUy. 

0. T. Baron O'Griuly, of Rot:klxirtou 

VJi. \jon\ Chief Bnn.a of thr Iribh K\chrquer 

May 30, 1R1 
Jan. 22, 18| 

Jan. 22, 1811 
Jan. 12, 1823 


Jan. 1831 






Mkath, Lonl nisliop of 

JV. tV S. TIio Right Hon. and Riglit Itcvcrcml 

Nnthniiid Alexander, D.D. 
O. Offi. A Privy Councillor in Ireland. 

A Trustee uf'the Irish Linen Mimufaclurtf. 
i?cj. Ardbraccou House. Meatti&hire. 
JlcL Cousin U> the Earl of Calcdon. 




KiLDARR, Lord Bishop of . . , . , 

N, cV S, The Riffht Hon. ami Rij^lit Reverend 

Charles UalrymiUe LiiidHay, D.O. 
O. Oj/i. A Privy Councillor In Irelandi 

Dean of Christ-Church. Dublin. 
Rfl. Unci*! (o the Eiitl of Ralcarrska. 
930!, Dkrry, Lord Bishop of .... . 
A\ 4- .y. The Hon, and Right Rvy. Ricl»artl 

PonRonhy, D.D. 
Can*. Bifdion of KilUloe in . . . • 

Jies, Down House, Londonderryshirc. 
PcL Brother to Baron Poiiiwnby of Iinokilly. 

231^ KsLMORE, Lord Bishop of 

a; 6f S. The Right Rev. George de U Po«r 

Berc»ford, D.D. 
O. Offi. A Trustee of the Linen Manufacture. 
H^M. Kilmore House, (yuvansihire. 
ReL Cousin to the Arclibishop of Armagh: 2fi 
QOuHn to the Maripiofts of Waterford. 

232. Clokpcrt anr KtLMACDUAau, Lord Bishop of 

N. 4- S, The Rt. Rev. Christopher Butson, D.D. 
Res. Cloufert Houae, Giihvayshirc, 

233. Ct<OOHKB, Lord Bi;shnp of 

N. <S- S. The Rt. Rev. Lord Robert-Ponsoiiby- 

Tottenham Lnftus, D.D. 
Rfs. Cloglier Palace, Tyronesliire. 
ReL Brother to the Marquess of Kly. 

n4. Cork asu Roas, Lord Bi^itop of (a RcpretCMi alive 
Prelate fur session IKJl uiid 1«32) 

235. Kii-LAi.A AND AcHONHV, Lord Bishop of 

A', i^ 5'. The Rt. Rev. James Versclu.yle, D.D. 
Res. Killida Castle, Mayodiirc. 








• The ni(ilrti|»!« of Mcntli iind KU(Ure uJct prccf?dence of iiU other Bishop* ia 
Ir^juid: — the rat accoziluig lo priufiiy ol' oiusixratiou. 


23(5. Elphin, Lord Binhop of 

JV. 4- S. John Leslie, O.D. 
Trans, from Dromorc in .... 

i?AT. Elphiii Huuse, Ruscommonsliire. 
ReL Son-in-iattf to the late Bishop of Cork and 

^ OssoRT, Lord Bishop of 

N. ^- .S. The Rt. Hcv. Robert Fowler, D.D, 

lies. Kilkenny Pnlace. 

Rci. Bro.-iH-latv t«> tlie Earl of Kilkenny. 

238. Waterford and LismnRR. T^rd Bishop of . 

N, ^- S. The Hon. and Right Reverend Richard 

Bourkt. D.D. 
Rcj!. Bishop's Palace, Waterford. 
Rei. Bro. and heir pres. to the Enrl of J^fayo. 


\. Dromorr, Lord Bishop of . 

N,SfS. Rt. Rev James Saurin, D.D. 

Tranx. from 


Co. Se. Dromorc House, Downshirc. 

240. Dow^N AND Connor. Lord Bishop of . . . 
N. <5- S. The Rt Rev. Richard Mant, D.D. 
Trans, from Killaloo in . . . . 
Res, Kuockuaguney Palace, Belfast. 

241. Leiohlik ANT) Frrnr, Bishop of (n ReprC" 
senlative Prelate for session lo31 and 1832) 

342. Rapboe, Lord Bishop of 

N. Sf S. The Rt Rev. William Bisset. D.D. 
O. OJt. Dean of the Vice-Royal Chapel. Dublin. 
Res. Bishop's Palace, Raphoe, Donegulshire. 

243. Liiibrick.ArdferTjAndAgiiauor, LordBishopof 
K N. ^^ S. Rt. Rev. John Jebb, D.D, 

^M Rex, Bishop's Palace, Limerick. 

H 244. Clotnb, Lord Bishop of (a Representative Prelate 

■ for session 1831 and 1832) 

H 245. KlLLALOK AND KiLFKNORA, Lord Blshop of 

■ ^.1!^ S. The Hon. and Right Rev. Edmund 

■ Knox. D.D. 

^1 O. Offi. Dean of Down. 

^^^^ Res. Clarisford Palace, Killaloe. Clareshire. 

^^B ReL Brother to the Eurl of Rmifurlv, U.K. ; and 
^^^K to the ifttr Bishop of Dcrrf . cousvnXnWsRoxu&x 







BARONS, AND BARONESSES Hn their mm right). 

•'245. K1NC8ALE, Baron ...... 

JV. Sf S. The Rev. Thomas De Courcy. 
O. T, Baron de Coiircy and Ringrove. 
Co- Se. Kinsale, Corkshire. 


246. Trimlkbton-^ Baron 

N, Sr i'- John-Thoiuas Bamewall, M.R.I.A. 
Co. Se, TrimleBtOD Castle, MeathEhire. 
His Lordship is a Catholic. 

Mar. 4, l-JGI 


W* DuNSANY, Baron ...... 

N, S( S. Edward Plunkett. 

Co. Se. Dunsaiiy Castle. Mcathshirc. 

2-1$. DuNBOYNK, Baron JwuclLirjII 

N. £r S. James Butler. 

Co. Se. Ballyvannion, Clareshire. 

2-19. LowTH, Baron lunc 15, 1541 

N. <S- S. Thomas Plunkett. 

Co. Se. L*j»th Hall, Ijowthshire. 

His Lordship is a Minor. 

250. DicBT, Baron {Earl ofDigbjf, G.B.) . . July 29, Ifi2(» 


251. Blaynev, Baron July 2!), IC2I 

A'. ^ S. Andrew-Thomas Blnyuey. 

Offi. A Lieut. General. 

Co. Se. Castle-BIayney, Monaglianshirc. 

232. Sherkajid, Baron {Earl of Harbor ough, G.B.) July 10, 1627 

253. Conway and KiLLULTAon, Baron (Marquess of 

Hertford, G.B.) .... Oct. Hi, 170.'* 

254. Carberby, Biiron (a Representative Peer) 

255. Aylmrr, Bnron ...... 

N. SrS, Mattbew-Whitworth Aylrner, K.C.B. 
OJi. A Lieut. Gen. and Col. of the 56th Reg. 
Captain General and Govertior in Chief of 
Canada and its Dependencies. 
Co. Se. Batchacrc Park, Staffordsliire. 

£5d. FAmsBAM, Buron (a Jiepresentative Peer) 

May 9, (715 
May I, 1718 

I £5d. F. 

Mrs ^^\Va^ 





257. Bhandon, Barou ..... Sept. 16, 1758 

N, Sr S. The Rev. Williain Crosbic. D.D. 
Offi* Rector of Castle- Island, KcriA'shire. 
Res. Fitzwilliam-sr|uarD, Dublin. 
Co. Se. Castle-island, Kerry. 

258. Lisle. Baron Sept 18, 1758 

N. Sr S. John LysagUt. 

Co, Se. Mountuorth, Corksbire. 

259. Clivb, Baron {Earl of Powis, U.K.) . March 15, 1762 

260. MuLCBAVE, Baron (Earl of Afufgrave, U.K.) Sept. 3, 1767 

261. Abden, Barou (Baron Arden, U.K.) . May 23. 1770 

262. NEWBOBOuca, Baron .... Julv 23, 1776 

N. tV S' Thomas-Jolm Wynn- 

Ofi. M.P. for Caernarvonshire. 

Co. Se. filynnllivon Castle, Caemarvonsliire. 

263. Mac DONALD, Baron Joly 27, 1776 

A'. Sr S. (jiodfrey BosviUc-Macdonald. 
Offl' A Major tienoral in the Army. 
Co. Se, Giintbwaite, Yorkshire ; and Amiidale^ 
Isleof ISkye, N.B. 


July 28, 1776 

264. Kensinctok, Barou .... 

N. & 8. Williain Edwardes. 
Co. Se. Johnston and Westmead, Pembroke 

265. Westcotk, Baron (Baron Lyttleton, G.B.) July 29, 1776 

266. OxcLEV, Baron July 30, 1776 


N. * S, Robert-Henley Ongley. 

7b. Res. Langham-placc. 

Co. Se. Old Warden, Bedfordshire. 


Massy, Baron 

JV. ^ S. Hugb-Hamon Massy. 
Co. Se. Hermitage, Limerickahire. 

268. RoKEBV, Baron 

N, St S. Matthew Montague. 
Co. Se. Monk's Hortou, Kent. 

269. MusKBBBY, Baron .... 

N. St S. Mattbew-Fitzmaurice Deane. 
Co. Se. Springfteld CastlCj Limericksbire. 

270. Hood, Baron (VUcount Hood, G.B.) . 

Aug. 4, 1776 

Feb. 26, 1777 

Jam 5, 1781 

Sept. 12, 1732 




271- RiTKASDALE, Baron Oct 13, 1/83 

N> Sf S. William Tonson. 
Ofi. A Clovernor of Corkshire. 

Col. of the SoutU-Cork Militia. 
Co. Se. Fiughurst Manor, Buckingliainshtre j 
and Linncgar, Corkshire. 

272. McNCASTER, Baron Oct. 21, 1783 

N> Sf 8. Low'ther-Aiipiistus-John Penniugton. 
Co. Se, Muncastcr Castle, Cumberland, and 
Wartcn Hall. Yorkshire. 

273. Auckland, Baron {Baron Auckland, G.B.) Nov. 16, 1789 

274. KiLMAiSK, Baron Nov. 16, 1789 

N, & S. John-Cavendish Browne. 
Co. Se. Gaulston Park, Westtncuih ; and 
Nealc Park, Mayoahirc. 

275. Ci^NCUBRY, Baron ..... Nov. 16, I78D 

N, Sf S. Valentine-Browne Lawless. 
Co,Se. Lyons Castle, Kildare ; and Abington, 

276. Clonbrock, Baron June 6, 1790 

N. 8( S. llobert Dilkin. 

Co, Se. Clonbrock, Golvvayshire. 

277. St. Hklens. Baron (Baron St, Helens, U,K.) . . 1791 

278. Watehpark, Baron June 14, 1792 

JV. * 5. Richard Cavcndisli, F.S.A. 
Co. Se. Doveridgc Hall, Derbyshire j A\'ater- 
|)ark, Corkshire. 

2/9. Graves, Baron July 4, 1794 

N. Sf S. Wiiliam-ThoinaB Graves. 

Offi. A Capt in the 2d Foot Guards. 

To. Res. 5, Hanover-street, Hanover-a^uare. 

Co. Se. Bishop's Court, Devonsldre. 

280. BftiDPORT, Baron 

N, 8r S. Samuel Hood. 

To. Res. 12, VVimpole-Blreet. 

Co. Se. Cricket Lodge, Somersetshire j and 

Rcdlinch, Wilts. 
Rel. Son of Viscount Hood, and son-in-law of 

Earl Nelson. 

281. Raxclifpe. Baron Oct. 1, il^J^i 

N. Sf S. George-Augustu8.Henr)'-Anne Parkyna. 
Offi. A Capt. in tlie Army. 

M.P. for Nottingham. 
Co. Se. hmmcy Park, Not tingliamshirc 




July 16, 179*'. 


N. S( S. Joshua Vaniieck. 

Co, Se. Hcveningliam Hall, Snifolk. 

Pari. Pat. Returns ono Member for Dunwicb. 

Carrinotov, Baron {Baron Carringtoit, G.B^) July 16, 1/96 

RoMSMoRK, Boron Oct. 19, 1796 

N. S( S. Warner- WlUam Westenra. 

Offi. A Gov. iiud Cust. Rot. of Moiiachaosbire. 

Co. Se. Rossmorc Park, Monagbaiishire. 

285. Keitu, Baroness (Baroness Keithy U.K.) 

Mar. 7, 1797 





HoTHAM, Baron Mar. 7, 1797 

N. Sc S. Beauiuoiit Hotham. 
Offi. A Lieut. Col. Ill the Army. 

M.P. for Leominster. 
To, He.'i. 36, Davies- street, Berkcley-3<)uare. 
Co, Se. Sonth-Daltou House, Yorkshire. 

Crbbjorne, Barou ..... Nov. 7, 1797 

N. Si S. Richanl Dawson. 
Co. Se. DttU'son Grove, Monaglianshire ; and 

Chelsea Farm, Middlesex. 
Htfi Lordship is a Minor. 

Norwood, Barou .... 
N, Sf S. Daniel Toler. 
ReL Eldest son of the Earl of Norbury. 

Heauley, Barou .... 

A'. iV *V. Cbarlps-Allanson W^inu. 
To, Rts. 43, Lower Brook-street 
Co. Se. Bramliam Hall, Yorkshire. 

Teignhoutu, Barou 

N, .V iV. John Shore, F.S.A. 

Ofi. A Privy Councillor in England. 

Pres. of the Brit, and Foreif^ Bible Society. 

A Commissioner for the Affairs of India. 
To. Res. Portuian-squarc. 
Co. Se. Clapham, Surrey. 
N.B. This N(tblcmftn succeeded LordComwallis 

in the Goverumcnt of ludia ia 1792. 

Nov. 14, 1797 

Nov. N, 1797 



Vroftos, Baron .... 

A' A »V. Edward CrotUm. 
ffffi, A C:ij)t. in lUc 7VU \)ivi§oou%. 
Co. 6e. Mote Park, Uo5c<>mmoi\^\\\it. 

Dec. 9, 1797 













FrRBHCHi Barou ... 

N. ^ S, Charles Ffrench. 
OJi. A Trustee of St. Patrick's College, May 

Co. Se. Castle-Ffrench, Galwayshire. 
His LonUhip is a Catholic. 

Hkhlky, Baron ...... Nov 

A'. £f S. Frederick-Morton Eden, G.C.B., 

Offi, A Priv)- Councillor in England. 
To. Res. 46, Hertford-street, May-fair. 
Co. Se. Riissel Farm, Hertfordshire. 

Langford, Baron .... 

N. Sr S. Hercules-Langford Rowley. 
Co. Se, Summerhill House, Mcathshire. 

Db Blaquierr, Baron 

N. ^ iS\ John-Blaquiere. 
Co. Se. Portleman, VV'estmeath; and ArdkiU, 

DcFPERiN aad Ci.a\eboy, Baron (a Representa- 

iivc Peer) July 

Hexnikch, Baron ..... July 

N, Sr S. Jolin-Minet-HcDDikcr Major, D.CL. 

To. Res. 21, Grosvenor-squarc. 

Co, Se. Broadstalrs, Kent; Stratford House, 
Essex ; Major House, and U'orliugworth 
Hall, Suffolk. 
Ventbv, Baron , . - , . July 

N.SfS. TJiomas-Towiisend-Arpmborg Mulliws. 

Co. Se. Buniham Houfl€, Kerry. 

WALLBCOt'RT, BaroR ..... 

A'. Sr S. Joeejih Blake. 

Qffi. A Captain iti tlie 62d Regt. of Foot. 

Co, Se. Ardfry, Galwayshire. 

Mount-Sandford, Baron 

N, Sr S, George Sandford, 

Co. Se, Castlerea, Roscommon shire. 

DuKALLY, Barou (a Representative Peer) 

Hahtlavd, Baron ..... 
JV". &c S. 'Hiomas Mfilion. 
Offi. A Gov. of RcKseoininonsbire. 

A hieuteuant 6Vncra/. 
7h. J^fv. -iif, {irosvcnor-place. 
Cb, Se, Stokcstonii Housv, Roticoiuiuou. 


14, 1 7^8 

.9, 1799 

30, 1800 
30, 1800 

30, 1800 
.30, 1800 


30, I&OO 

30, 1800 

July 30. 1800 


30, 1800 
30, 1800 









Clanmorris, Barou July 30, 1800 

N» Sf S. Deius-Arthur Binghau. 
Co. 5e. Newbrook, Mayosbire. 

Radstock, Baron Dec. 29, 1800 

N. Sr S, Granville-Gcorge Waldcgra%c, C.B. 

Ofi. A Captain in the Royal Na^-y. 

To. Res. 18, Bakcr-strect, Port man -square. 

Gaboneb, Baron (Baron Gardner, U.K.) . Dec. 29, 1800 

NooFNT, Baron Dec 29, 1800 

N. i-V ^. George-Grennlle-Xugent Temple. 
Offi. M.P. for Ayleabuf)'. 
To. Res. 

Co. Se. Lilleys, Backinghanishire. 
Rel. Brother to the Dake of Buckmgbam and 
Chandos (to which re/er), 

Abhtown, Baron ..... Dec 29, 1800 
N. Sc S, Frederick Trencli. 
To. Res. 17, HereforcUstrcet, Oxford-fltrcet. 
Co. Se. Chessel Hi>u&e> Haiupshire ^ and Wood- 
lawnj Gal\va)*»hire. 

Clarina, Baron Dec. 29, 1800 

N. Sr S. Eyrr Masscy, B.A. 
Co. Se. Elm Park, Limcrickshire, 

ReNni^ESHAMj Baron Feb. Ij 1806 

N, ^ S. John Thcllwsson. 

Cp. Se, Reudlesham Hall, Woodbridge^ Suffolk. 

Decirs, Baron Dec. 24, 

N. Sf S. The Rev. John-Horsley Beresford, D.D, 

Offi- Rector of Tuam. 

Co. Se. Bolam Honsc^ Northumberland. 

ReL Umcle to the Archbishop of Armagh, and 
to the Bishop of Kihnore : grand-uncle to 
Earl Anncslcy ; and to the Marquess of 
M'aterford t father to the Member for Ber- 
w ick-upou-Tuccd. 

Garvach, Baron 

M 4' S. George Canning, K.R.S. and F.S.A 

To. Ret, 41, Hertford-street. May -fair. 

Co. Se. Garvagh House, Londonderry. 

JieL Cousin to the late Rt. Hon. (icorgc Can- 
ning } and ihruugU Uiw Te\aX«:^ \x> ^^ 
AiorchioMCbS Clauricardc, fete. 

Oct. 26, 1818 

'^12. F 




12. HowDEx, Baron Oct. 18, 1819 

A'. & S. John-Francis Cradock, G.C.B. and K.C. 
Qffi. A Gen. Officer, and Col. of the 43d Rcgt. 
Co. Se, Grimston Park, Tadcaster, and Spald- 
ington Hall, near Howden, Yorkshire. 

. Dec. 10, 1922 

13. DowNEB, Baron .... 

N. Sf S. Ulysses-Biigcnal Burgh 

K.T.S.. and K.S.A. 
Offi. A Gov. of Carlowahire. 
A Col. and Aidc-de-Camp to the King. 
To, Res, 87, Pall-M^ill. 
Co. Se, Bert Houae, Kildare. 

14. Bloomfiklu, Baron May 11, IS25 

M S- .V. Benjamin Bloomficld, G.C.B. ik K.G.H. 
Qffi. A Major-GcD., and Col. of the 1st Batt. of 
Royal Artillery. 
A Pri\'y Councillor in England. 
Envoif Es^raor dinar ^ and Minister Plenipo~ 
tentlary at the Court of Sweden, 
Res. Stockholm. 
Co. Se. Redwood, Tippcrary. 
Rel. Father to the Hon. John-A.-D. Bloom- 
field, Secretary to the same Legation. 

315- Fitzgerald and Vesey, Baroness . . June 27, 1826 
N, Sr S, Catherine Fitzgerald. 
Co. Se. Inchicronan, Clareshirc. 
Rei. Her Ladyship is wife of the Rt. Hon. 
James Fitzgerald. 




8 Dukedom fii. 

3 Marquesatoti. 
4o Karldniiis. 

6 Viscouuties. 
25 Barotiius. 

8/ total number. 



Ifi Representatives in the present I'lirliaraent- 
1 Kntitletl to sit in the House of l^)rfls, as an 
12 •^-^— :is Peers of Great Britain {since I7U7). 
1(5 as Peere of the United Kingdom {sincv 1800). 


45 Peerv of ParUamcnt^ . 

42 Electors merely — but possessing all pri\il^e8 of 

except sitting in Parliament. 

^7 total number. 


43 Peers who actuailif sit and vote in the House of l^orfU. 
-I Peeresses in their own right (a// Countesses). 

2 Minors, who arc, likewise, Peers in England. 
5 MinorSt Peers of Scotland only. 
2 Catholic Peers. 
31 Electors merely. 

87 total number. 

* Thire arc two Ijonl», viz. — tlic AlarqucM ai Ahcrcont mid Earl Vcrutam^ 
arc Peers in England, IScoUaad, and Ireland. 




^^^^^H OF TBE l^^^l 


^^H Uo\-ai Eartdotiis. ^^H 
^^^H 4 ArchbishopricB. ^^^^| 

^^^^^^H IS Bishoprics. ^^^1 

^^P toUl uuinber. ^^^| 

21 Representatives for life mcrriy, ^^^B 

7 Re )resentativc8 for lift-, who have seats in the Honse of ^B 

Peers, indepeadcnt of those for which they were elected. ._^H 

4 Represeut,itive Prelates, fur Session 183 U ^^^1 

Entitled to sit in the lltruse of Lords: — ^^^H 

5 as Kn^rlish Peers. ^^^| 

26 as Peers of Great Britaiu. ^^H 

28 as Peers of the United Kinf^dom. ^^^| 

93 who are Peers and Lords of Parliament. ^^^H 

18 PrelHtes, not in rotation to sit in the House of I*ords. ^^H 

6 Peer!^ possessing seats in the Lower Ilousfi of Parliament, H 

being elected thereto as Commoners, but still retaining H 

the privileges of Peerage. H 

1 13 Electors merely, but possessing all priWIeges of H 

cept sitting and voting as Peers of Parliament. ^^B 

230 total number. ^^H 

90 Protestant Peers and Prelates who actually sit and vote in ^H 

the House of Lords. ^| 

4 Peeresses in Iheir own right. H 

3 Archbishops out of rotation. H 

15 Bishops out of rotatimi. ^^ 

3 Minors, who are likewise English Peers. ^^^H 

€> Minors, Peers of Ireland only. ^^^H 

7 Cathohc Peers- ^^^| 

102 Electors merely. ^^H 

230 total number. ^^^| 







^M 24. Abehcorn, I 

:. of, 46. Breadalbane, E. of, ^^M 

^1 47. Abrnlccn, K. c 

►f, 280. Bridpott, a ^^ 

^M 42. Abuync, K. uf 

2. Bucdcugh and QuecnibtnT, D. of, ~ 

^ft 35. Airlie, K. uf. 

17. Budum,£.or. 

^H 142. Aldborough, E 


H \W. AUen, V. 

20. Caithness, E. of» J 

^m 14U. Anneftlcy. E. 

lf%. Calcdon, K. of, ^^^H 

^H 144. Antrim, Cft»- 

SM. Carbcrry, B. ^^^H 

^B fi<>. ArbuthnoU V\ 

^fj. Carnwath, £■ of, ^^^^^^| 

^H 2(il. Arden. B. 

122. Carrick. ^^^^1 

^1 G. Argyll, U. of. 

283. CarrinKion, B. ^^^^^| 
of. 151. CarjKlon, K. of. ^^^^1 

^1 UU. Amiigh, Abp 

^H 87' Anungtt, G. 01 

91. Caahell^ Abp. of, ^^^^1 

■ 129. Arran, C. of. 

]*). roMiliis K. of, ^^^^H 

^1 fOA. Ashbrook, V. 

226. Clastlcniain, V. ^^^H 

^H 307. Akhtnwn. B. 

164. CaHtle^tirwBrt, K. uf. ^^^^1 

^M ^^i. A^Utn, B. 

65. Cathun, B. ^^^^M 

■ 1 Ul Athloni:, E. of 


■ G. Aiholl. Oukc ( 

'f. 132. ChArlcnioni, £. of, ^^^^| 

^M 273. Auckland, B. 

17». Chaxlevillc, E. of, ^^^H 

^1 2*^0. Avonmore, V. 

lil6. Chctwynd, V. ^^^H 

H 9AA. Ayltncr, B. 

1JI2. Cholmondeley, V. ^^^H 

ICO. Cloncarty, E. of, ^^^^1 

H 41. BaIuttu. E. < 

303. nanmorhs B. ^^^^H 

H Itn. iUndcHi, E. of 

107. I'tanriratde. M.of, ^^^^^| 

H 313. Buif^, V. 

140. Clanwilliaci. E. oi; ^^^H 

^1 174. Baniry, K. of, 

narr, K. ot\ ^^^H 

^M 201. Itoiringion, V. 

308. Clarina, B. ^^^^H 

■ 81. liclhaven and 

Sltuloa, B. 214. Clifdcn, V. ^^^^M 

^m IGO. Bclmore, E. ol 

350. Clive, B. ^^^H 

■ 121. Besborough, £ 

, or, 233. Clofiher, Bp. of, ^^^H 

^" 71. Blantyre, B. 

276. Clonbrock, B. ^^^B 

^1. BU^ncy, B. 

275. Cloi.runy, B. ^H 

Jr/^ liJoomSeld, B. 

\'£St. CVmtcnan&KHjRauiduftsK^Bp. ^^1 

JSkL Borne^ V. 

\ \hb, CVmwW. "£*. <A, ^H 

^^67. Bnodoa, B. 

^ %U. CVoyrke^Wv ^^ ^H 





72. Colville, B. 

2!)2. FfrrncJi, B. 

S8. Cnnnaught, R. of. 

12:». Fife. E. of, 

353. Conway mad KillulUgh, I). 

112. Kingall, E. of, 

104. Conjraghun, M. of, 

315. Fii^^^crold nnd Vescy, Has. 

aa4. Cork and Row, Bp. o^ 

117- Fitzwillmm, Earl, 

lOB. Cork and Onerj, K. of, 

imi. FiuwUliam, V. 


130. Cminomi, £. of. 

02, Forbes, B. 


73. Cimnitown, B. 

78. Forrester, B. 


287. Cmnornc, B. 

224. Frankfort, V. 


!»ai. Crofton, B. 

202. Ciage, V. 


34. Dalhmi%k, E. of, 

2fi. *ialloway, E.of, 


119. Damley. E. of, 

204. Oalway, V. 


29.'i. De Bl&iiuiL-n;, K 
310. Dedet, It. 

305. Gardner, B. 


an. (lar^-agh, B. 


230. Ihrry. Bp. of. 

53. flljsgow, Earl of, 


154. DcsBrt, E. of, 

176. Olcngall, E. of, 


110. Dcsmood, E. of. 

4. Cordon, D. of, 


tJlO. DcVr»fl.V. 

182. Oormanstown, V. 


2.'>0. Digby, B. 

225. (ion, V. 


184. DiUon, V. 

170. fJiMford, E. of. 


^ 96. Dooegml, M. of. 

115. (iranard, E. of. 


K 215. Donemile, V. 

IJI3. Grandiwn, V. 


^m 165. Donoughmorc. £. of, 

27!). Gravea, B. 


■ 240. Down and Connor, Bp. of. 

04. lirav, B. 


^ Ii*3. I>OWDC, V. 

200. Griiiiston, V. 


313. Downes, B. 

227. Ouillaraore, V. 


:t.5. DowncshiK, M. of. 


^ !i7- I>rogheda, 31. uf. 

25. Hftddinpton, E. of, 


B 23!f. DronititT, Bp. of, 

1. Hnniihon, D. of. 


■ iHK Dublin, Abp. o(y 

217. Haberton, V, 


^M 2iHi. Duf!rnn and Clancboy, B. 

302. nartIand,B. 


■ 82. Dumia, B. 

21R. Hawardcn, V. 


^1 30. Dumfries nnt) Bute, E. of, 

100. Hcadfort, M. of. 


■ (;0. Dumhlone, V. 

2m. Hcadlcy. B. 


^ 301. DunaUy, B. 

2r*:i. Ilenlev, B. 


240. Dunboyne. B. 

2»7. Htnriikcr, B. 


44. Dundonald, E. of. 

22. Home, E. oi; 


B 308. Dangaiinmi, V. 

270. Hood, B. 


■ 4a Dunniore. K. of, 

55. Hopcioun^ E. of. 


■ JW>. Dunraven.K.of, 

:!8f;. HoUiani, It. 


■ 247. Dununr, B. 

312. Howden, B. 


™ 3B. DyMrt,'E.of, 

la.'i. Huwih, E. of, 
282. HundngHcia, B. 


Ift. EgUntoun, E. of. 


B 121). Egmont, E. of, 

285. Kciih, Bm. 


H 31. Eluno and Kincanlinrt £. of. 

187- Kenmarc, E. of. 


■ m. Elibonk. B. 

58. Kenmurc, V. 


■ 234L Elphin, Bp. of. 

204. Ken«ington, B. 


^m Cn. Elphinatone, B. 

UIL Kerry and Shclhumc, E. of. 


■ ]02. Ely, M. of, 

220. KUdarc, Bp. of 


■ ]4». Enniskillm, E. of, 

152. Kilkenny, E. of, 


■ l.'M). Erne, E. of, 

2:t5. Killola and Acbonry, Bp. ot 


■ IX ErroU E. of. 

245. KillaltK- und Kilfwiora, Bp. 
274. KUmuine, B. 


H 75. Fairfax, B. 

231. Kilniore, Bp. oC, 

177. Kilmorcy, E. of, 


Um. Kingaland, V, 


•245. Kingsak, B. 



H i:tO. Kinij;ston. E. of. 

2r^J. Newborou^h, B. ^^^^^fl 

■ Wk Kinoaird. B. 

13. Ncwburgh. B. ^^^H 

^B 2U. Kinnuul, E. of, 

lUl. iXorbury, K. of, ^^^H 

^B 4h. Kintoni% E. of^ 

172. Normantocu E. ot, ^^^^H 

^1 ^9. Kirkcu(ll)^gh^ a 

40. Nonhcsk, E. of, ^^H 

216. Northland. V. ^^^1 

H 101. Uudain E. of. 

2U0. Norwixid, R ^^^H 

H 124. lianrjiborougt), E. of. 

141. Nugent, E. ^^^^H 

■ 994. Lugfon), 11. 

300. Nugent, B. . ^^^H 

^1 27* LiuderdAlc, E. of. 


■ 241. Lrighlin and Fcnus Bp. of 

102. 0*Nem, E. ^^H 

■ 03. LeiukteT, 1>. of. 

Ongicv, a ^^^H 

^B 158. Lcitrim, E. of, 

40. Orkney, Cxs. oU .^^^H 

■ % Lennox, D. of. 

I(Kj. Ormonde. M. of, ^^^^B 

■ m. U-ren and Mchillc, E. of, 

'J:i7. Dfrwry-, Bp. of, ^^^H 

■ 211. Liflbrd— Viscount, 


■ 243. Unierick, Ardfm tod Aghidoe, 

203. Palmenton, V. ^^H 

■ Bp. of. 

Uf). Portarlhigton. E. of., ^^^H 

^m \&i. Limerick, E. of, 

54. Portmore, E. of, ^H 

■ ]3£». LUburne, E. of. 

200. PowexKXXirt, V. ^H 

■ 2^8. Li»lc^ B. 


■ 222. Lismort, V. 

U- QuecTubm;, M. of, ^^^M 

■ 179' LtsiowcU, E. of. 


■ 103. Londondcrrv, M. of> 

304. Radnock, a ^^H 

■ 14.'). IxMigl'ord, E. of. 

281. liandiifc.B. ^^^H 

H 22.'). Lorton, V. 

188. KaneUgh,V. ^^^H 

■ 11. LothUn, Mof, 

W2. Raphue, Bp. of, ^^^H 

■ '2H. Loudon, Csa. of. 

178. Raihdownc, E. of, ^^^^^B 

■ 249. Louth, D. 

Reay. ^^H 

■ 159. Lucan, E. of, 

nn«). Rt-nd1»hiun, & ^^^^B 

■ 12G. Ludlow, E. of. 

•n\. RJTUTxlalc^a ^^^H 

■ Ittd. Ltimlcy, V. 

l:w. Kr>din, E. of, ^^^^B 

^2m. Rokeby. B. ^^^H 

H 2(E3. Ma^-duiuld, B. 

«3. RoUo, a ^^^M 

■ 14. Man, E. of. 

100- Koecoinmon, E.of> ^H 

^B l!ll. Mamart-nc, V. 

&'-'. RoKberry, E. iA\ ^^^M 

■ 207. AJ»iT, B. 

171. Ro>K,E.of, ^^^M 

■ 147. Mayo, E. of. 

J84. Rossinore, B. ^^^^B 

■ ni. Meat)), >Lof, 

lA. Rothea, E. of, ^^^H 

■ 228. Mcath, I.«rd Bp. of. 

8. Roxbiugh, 1>. oC, ^^^M 

■ 2i:k iMclbourne, V. 

84. Ruthvcn, a ^^^^B 

■ \XU Mcxboron^h, E. of 


■ l!)7. Middl^ton, V. 

277- ^t. Helena, B. ^^^H 

■ 131. Milliown, £.< 

^ SaluHin, a ^^^^^M 

■ 128. Mnira. E. of. 

rtO. ScMlirld, E. of, ^^^^B 

^B I1K>. MolcHworth. V. 

137. Sefton, E. of, ^^^H 

^B 7. MontroM^ D. of« 

.19. Selkirk, K. of, ^^^H 

^B 21. Mony. E. of, 

07. Semple, B. ^^^^B 

^B IC. Morton, E. of. 

123. Shannon, E. of, ^^^H 

^B UX Alount Cashcll. 

Sbcfliad, K.of, ^^^H 

^B St>7. Mounimomni, V. 

Shcrrard, B. ^^^^1 

^B \r\X Mounuiorri*, E. of. 

Sinclair, B. ^^^^H 

^B 5<>i). AIovinuitndfoTd, B. 

101. SUgo, .M. of. ^^^H 

^B 200. .Miil((n>vt\ B. 

0*1. SomcTvillc, ^^^^B 

^^B 272. Mumaslri, B. 

■HM. Soutlrwcll, V. ^^^M 

■ 209. Miukmy, U 


•.HO. Mirlirig. K. of, ^^^^B 

H 85. Niinif. 11. 

Sioniiant, V. ^^^^^B 

^^L u SMpitT, a 

Straboac, V. ^^^H 



186. Stnngfaid, V. 
61. StrathJOltQ, V. 
23. Stnthmore, E. of» 
12. SuthetUnd, Csft. of, 

187. TMfe, V. 
290. Tdgnrooath, B. 
221. Tan^etovii, V. 

99. Thomdod, M. of, 
70. Totphidieii, B. 
32. Tnqtuiir, £. of, 
246. TrimlMton, B. 
92. Toain, Afap. ot, 
10, Tweeddale, M. of, 

127. Tyrconnel, E. of, 

29& Ventry, B. 

299. WaBscouTt, B. 

238. Waterford and Llsmore, Bp. oL 

lU. Waterford and Wexford, £. of, 

94. Waterford, M. of, 
278. Waterpark, B. 

9a Wellesley, M. of, 

33. Wemyss and March, £. of, 
265. WestGOte, B. 
105. Westmeath, M. of, 
156. Wkklow, £. of, 
134. Wioterton, £. of, 


^^^^^^^f or 




^^^^V iV.B. In (hb and the following List, i 

^H D. stiuula for Duke 

Bp. ... for Budtop. | 

^^V Abp. ■ . for Archbifthop. 

R. ... for Baron. | 

^H M. ... for Alariiucts^ 

BiQi. . . frrr BaroneM. 

H E. . . . for Earl. 

S. P. . . for Scotch Peenif^e^ 

^H C«L . . . for ('ounlesi. 

I. P. - . for Iri»h Parage. 

^H V. ... for ViscounL 

U ... for Lord if a men cour- 

^H Vn. . . for Vucountess. 

tesy tide. i 

^■^ Surname* Tittg, 

Surname. Titk, 

Abbot . - a t'olch«tcr. 

Barry, Alaxwcll . B. Famham, I . P. 

Abbott . . . n. TcnU'rdcn. 

Banct . B. l>cDunxtanvillcfindBaMeC 

Ahercromby B. Abcrcromby. 

Bathurat . Bp. of Norrich. 

Achnon . £. uf linaford, I. P. 

Bathunt . . . E. Bathurrt. 

A 'Court . . . B. Heytesbury. 

Beauderk . 1). of .^l AlbanV 

Addingiun . V. Sidmouth. 

Rennet . . E. of Tankcrrille. 

Awr - . E. of Nortnanton, I.P. 
AltxanJer . E. of Calodon, I. V. 

BcnUnck, Scott . D. of Portland. 

Brt-tsforri, De-l.-i-Pocr Abp.of Arma|[*i. 

Alexander . Bp. ofMcith. 

Berwfonl, Dc-la-Poor Bp. of Kilmore- 

Alexander . E. of Stirling, 1>. P. 
Allen . V.Allen. {.P. 

BcTCifoid, Dcla-Poer | *' jOf^W'»tcrf«wl 

Anilier»i . E. Amherst. 

BeTe»ford .V. Beresfocd. 

AiLoeidcy . E. Anncaley, I.P. 

Bemford . B. Dede^ L P. 

AnncUcy E. of Mountnorra. 

Berkeley . E.Berkeley. 

AnM>n . .V. Anson. 

Bomard . E. of Bandon, !. P. 

^^ Arhuthnot V. Arbuthnot, S. P. 

Bmif . E. of Lindtey. 

^B Anl(^ . B. AlvanW. 

Bertie E. nf AbingiJoo. 

H Arundel. Monckum . V. Ualway. I. P. 

Brat . . , . B. Wvntford- 

H Arundel . . . B. Arundel. 

Beihell . . . Bp. of Bangor. 

^H Ashburoliam E.of A^hbumhan1. 

Bingham , K- of Lucan, I. P. 

^H Aston .' B. Anton, S. P. 

Bingham . . B. Clanmom*. I, P. 

^1 Aylmer, H'hilworth B. Aylraer, I. P. 

Biuctt . . Bp. ofBaphof. 


Btnckwond B. I>ufrcrin ondC'lancboye. 

^H Bagoc . B. Bagot. 

Blake . B. WallK^urt, 1. P. 

^M Bagol . Up.ofOxlonl. 

BUuuierr . B. De Blaquiere, 1. P. 

^M Bamewail . . V. KingHlmul, I. P. 

BUynrv . B. Blavni-T, 1. P. 

^B Bamcwall , . H. Trimlcaiion, I. P. 

Bligh ' i;. nt" Oakley. I. P. 

^^ •■"--"■"■ 

momftcW .. Bv<^l,ondon. 




( 27J) ) 

^H^ Smrwimf 

Titit. t 

Surtiamf. TiUif. 


. li. nioomfidd, I.P. 

CkU, OMCoigne M. of Saliabury. 


. K. of Kalnionih. 

Cecil .... M.ofExctcr. 


. K. ofMaro, IP. 

Chctwynd . . V, Chetwynd, I.P. 

^^Dnurke Bp. of Walerford and Liaiiinre. 

Chichester . 31. of Donegal. I. P. 


. K. ot'Karinor. 

Cbolniondtlcy . M. t holmondeley. 


t E. of StrathiHurc oiid 

Cholmondtlcy . - B. HcUmcre, 


'1 Kinghorn, S. P. 

ChurchiU, Spencer D. of .Marlborough. 


E. of Cork and Orrery, I. P. 

Clements . . E. of Leiirinv, I. P. 


- E. orshuiiBon, I, P. 

i'liffbnl . . . B. Dc Clifford. 


. E.ofUUsgDw, SI.P. 

ClIffoHl . a CIiflbrrf,of Chudkiglu 


. K. ofMcath, I.P. 

Clinton, Fiennes-PclhanijU.ofNcwcasde. 


. B. r»acre. 

Wive .... E-ofPowis. 


. K. ofllni<Uord. 

Corhrane . E. of Dundonuld, S. P. 

^^Srinklcy . 

. Bp. of I'ioyne. 

Cocks .... E. Sorncw. 


. V. 3liddleU)n. 1. P. 

Cole . E.of EnniskilUii. LP. 


. B..Alontfort. 

Colville . . B. CoIviUe,8.P. 


. B, Brougbani & Vnux. 

Colyear . . E. of Portniore, S. P. 


, M. of SUya, I. P. 

Comptnn . 31. of Northampton. 


E. of Kunmare, I. P. 

Coningsby, Copel . . H of Euex. 


. B. Kilinaine, \. P. 


^nrurr, BrudeneU . M. of AiU&bury. 

Conyngham . M.of Conyngham, I.P. 

^KBrunc K. 

of Klgin&, Kincardine, .^. P. 

Coiipcr . E. of Shaftcabury. 


. K< of Cardigan. 

(!op1(y . . B. LyndhurflL 


. Bp. of Salisbury. 

C<ipIe»tone . Bp. of I^tandafH 

^^Burgh . 

. B. Downe*. I. P, 

Comewall . . Bp. of Worccsier. 

~BunvL, Drum- \ B.UMlluii^hhydcKrc-s. 

Corry, Lowrr E. ol' Bdmore, I.P. 


inond . 

.J by and Owyilyr. 



. K. nft'haTlevUIc. I.P. 

l<ivcntry . . , E. of Coventry. 



, M. of Ormomlc, I. P. 

Courtenay - . E. of Devonahirc. 



. K. of Carrick. IP. 

Cowper . . E. Cowper, 


E. of Ijant^borou^h, I. P. 

Crndntk . . B. Ilowdcn, t. P. 



. E. of Kilkenny, I. P. 

Cran&toun . B. Cranatoua. S. P, 


. E.of(il«ig«Il. I.P. 

Craven ... . E. C^vcn. 



. B. Dunboync, 1. P. 

Creif;hton . . E. of Erne, I.P. 



ofClonfert and Kilm«t'd;ia{;h. 

Crvwf .... ILC^rewe. 



. V. Torrinyton. 

Crofioi . . B. Croluin, 1. P. 



. IS. UyroTi. 

Crmbie . . B. Bramlon, I. P. 
Cuffe , . . E. of Depart, I.P. 



E. Cado^Tan. 

Curzon, Roprr . . B. Teynhani, 



. B. Calthorpe. 

Cunua . ascaradole. 



. D, of Argyll, S. P. 

Curaon . B. Zouche. 



. E. of Brt^albanc^JS.P. 

Cust . . E. Brownlow. 


luiue Cbi. dc Onv. 


. K. of Cawdor. 

Dalrympk- . . E. of Stair, S. P. 


. Vm. <'annin^. 

DaUcU . . E. ofComwath, S.P. 


. B. (Wragh, I. P. 

Dawnay, Burton . V. Downc, I.P. 


Bp. of Si. Asanb. 

Dawson . £. of Poriarlington, I. P. 

^^Kwcy . 

. V. Falkland, S. P. 

Dawfton B. Cretuiime, I. P. 



B. Dortli ester. 

Deanc . . B. Muakerry, I.P. 


. E. of Nonh«k, S. P. 

Dc Burgh . M. of Clanricanlc, I. P. 


. E. of Tyrconncll, I.P. 

Dc Courccy . . B. Kingaalc, I.P. 



. E. Caihcart, S. P. 

I)e Grey . . B. WaUingham. 



. B. Carti^rt. 

De Montmorency . V.Frankfort, I.P* 



. Bp. of Chichester. 

De, V. Mountniorres, 1. P. 



. EofErrol, S. P. 

De Uos, FitiiigeTald . B»s. de Koa. 

. E. of Clmrlcmom, I.P. 

Dcvcrcaux . . .V. Hereford. 


. D. of Dcvnnshiri". 

Di^by ....\ft\.^. 


. B. H'atcTTwrk, i. P. 

Dillon . . K.of H<»cQnwv\ou,\.V, 


Dunbar . 
Bundss, SauiuleTft 

luin, o. r. 

E. of Fife, I. P. 

B. Dufi'u., S. P. 

B. FLverUuDi. 

. V. Melville 

. B. Dundu. 

B. Sherborne. 


£d«n . B. Auckluid, I. P. 

Eden . , K. Hcnlry, I. P. 

£df(cumbe . E. Mount Edgcunibc. 

Edwaities . . B. Kmsington^ 1. P. 

EKertun . . E. of M'iltoo. 

Elli., Agw . . V. Clifden, I.P. 

£Uis, Agar . K. Nomuuiton, I. P. 

£UU . . B. Howard de M'alden. 

EUii . . B. Smfard. 

Eliot . . . E. ufSLOvnuank. 

£lph)n«(onc B- Elphinstone, S. P. 

Elriiigton . Dp. of Ferns and Lciuhlin. 

Klphintuine. Mercer . Bml Keith. 

Erskinc . . E. of Marr, 8. P. 

Knidbe . . E. of Buchon, M. P. 

EnldfU! . . E. of Kossljrn, 8. P. 

ErvlUne . . B. Er»kiac 

Fairfax . 
Falconer, Kdth 

Fermor . . 
Fielding . 
Fienncs, Eardley- 
Twislcton , . 

. B Fairfax, S. P. 

E. of Kintorc. S. P. 

£. of U'etUiioreland. 

• E. of I^nfreL 

. E. of Denbigh. 

? B. Saye and Sclc. 

. E. of Ayletford. 
D. ofLdnttrr, I.P. 

D. oi 

Ocrmaio, Sackrillc 


Gordon . . Dl 

tiiirdon . E.| 

(Jordon . B. 


fiore . 

Gflwer, Levison . 

Gowcr^ IjcriMin 

Gower, Levtson . 

Gower, Sutherland ^ 

Graham . 


Graves . 



Grcnvillc, Teinplc-Nu-' 
genuBry dgw- Chan- 
doa. I 

Grenville . « 

Gnrrille . £. of Brookl 

GrpvUle . . C| 

Urcy . E. of Stanifoid 


Griffin, Aldworth-Ncvflf 

Griniftton . . { 

(troAvenor . . . , 
Guclph . . D.| 
Gudph . . J 
Gudph . q 

Guclph • • - B 

( 281 ) 

E- of MslmeKburj. 
. R. Hanis. 
. M.ofHutiDgf. 
)Ca(> of Loudoiif 
f S. P. 
• EL of Huntin^oa. 
C of H'inrhikca uid 

. B. Hawlce. 


tWPfcnbroke K Montgotnery. 

E. of CvTurvon. 

. M. of Briatol. 

V. Liffurd, I. I». 

. M. of T»own»lurr, I. V, 

. . B. Berwick. 

I . . B«9. Hamlvft. 

.8 HilL 

E.ofShcffietd, 1. 1». 

. V. Uood. 

. B. nmlp.jri, I. P. 

. K. of HapruhU), S. P. 

. U. linihmiii, I. P. 

. U. irf Niirfnlk. 

S. ofSalTnlk & IWrk^bire. 

. H. of < .»Hi*le. 

E. of Wifklow, I. P. 

H. Ilowmnl of Kftif^am. 

. {-:. Hove. 

Abp. of C'anicrtjury. 

. Bp. of Hinrfotd. 

K. «f DotiQughiimre, I. P. 

B. Boston. 

• ; I. pi'-rick, /Vidfcrt, 

Ltj.. i>f St. David'*. 

. E. uf liiverpooL 

v. St. Vincrm. 

. K.of Koden, I. P. 

. V. IUn«:Ugh, I. P. 

r ^ 

^B . E. of C««nlb,!!.P. 

^H B. Kenyon. 

PV E. of Albcmarti'. 

. D.o^" Box burg lie. 8. P. 

. M.ol'liochuii, 8. P. 

C of Kingktua, I. P. 

B. King. 

V. Ixjrton, I. P. 

B. Kinnaird, S. P. 

. Bp. of Dcnr. 

^ Northlwid, I. P. 

. E. of M into. 

V.Lmkc I 



Uw . 
Law . 


Ldonier, Fleming 

Itfnnox . 


. V. Melbourne, f. P, 

- B. Durham. 

. E. of CaTBD, I. P. 

E. of Harewood. 

5 Abp. ofriahell 

' ^ Bp. of Emiy. 

R. Kllenhoroughi 

Bp. of Bath and We 

B. ('loDCTiiry, I. 

. V. Dillon, LP; 

. E. ofMiUown, LP. 

B. de Tnble»> 

K. of r>Brtmoutn. 

( D. of Richmond an41 

• I Lennox, E. ^: S. P. 

. Bp. of Elphin. 

. E. of Koihw, S. P. 

. B. Ravenitwortlk 

. Bp. of KildarrJ 

E. of Balcnrrrs, S. P.' 

. B. Ribbk-sdole. 

Liddrll . 
Linduy . 

Liriit|^tone,Eyrv.K«d- ? E. of Ncw- 

difll- . . .J biirgh, .^. P. 

Lofhix, Tott4;nhnin Bp. of Or^hcr*" 

lAtitwi . . . M. of Ely, I. P. 

I<nnf* B. Fam borough. 

Lowiher . . . E. of Lonsdalr. 

Ludlow . E. Ludlow, 1. P*' 

LvMight . . . B. Lbilc» I. P, 

Lyttclton . B. Lylteltoo. 

Macdoiudd.BoiiviHe B.Macdonald, M*. 
Macdunnel . Cn-t- of Anirtui, L P. 
.Mackny . . . B. Reay, S. P. 
Mackcniic, Stuart-M'ort- ) B. Wham- 
lev - . . . S cliffi-. 
M'ClcUan . B. Kirkcudbrighr, S. P, 
»i «„ S Abp. of Dublin. &. Bi». of 

Slagfc . . J (Tj^ddttgh. 
Mahon . . B. Hartland. I.P. 

Moitlund . E. of Laudcrnlalc, !S. P. 
Alajendie . . Bp. of Bangnr. 

Majrir, llcnniker . B. Hcnniktrr. L P. 
.Manners . . . U. of Rutland. 
Mann . . E. romwalliv. 

Mant . Bp. of Down K Connor. 

Alandt . . Bp. of Peterborough. 
Manham . . E. of Romney. 

Mawy . . . B. *'\la».y, I. P. 

Ma&stQ^ , . . B. Clarina, L P. 
Matthew . . E. of LlandaiT, I. P. 

Maude . V, Hawarden, F. P. 

Maynard - V. Mnynard. 

Meade E. of Clnnwilliain, L P. 

,, , ... ... S E. of I^vcn& M 

MelviUe, Leslie .1 ^tn^^ ^i. P. 

Vitrnrd . . . B. Redeadalc. 
Alaicawofth V. AloUiworth, 1. 1* 

O O 

( 282 ) 





Molyneux . 

. E. of Sefton, I. P. 

PcUy . 

. M. of Lwttdovn. 


. Bp. of Gloucester. 


. B.Patta. . 

MoBL-k . 

E. oflUthdown, LP. 

Phillpott . 

. Up. of lad^^ 


. B. Monxon. 

Phlppa . 

. £. ofMuli^H 


I), of MHrn-hcMrr. 

Picnepoinl . 

. . E. Mo^H 


. K. of Samtwich. 

Pindar . 

. E. Be«uc^^H 


. B. Rokeby, I. P, 


. E. of ChmS^ 


£. of KgUnton, S.P. 


. E.ofFliH5»J,f.P, 

Moore . 

M.of Droglieda, 1. P. 


. B. DuBa&ny. L P. 

Moore . E 

of Mountcaahcll, I. P. 


. B. Plunkrt. 

Morton . 

. n. r»ucic. 

Plunket . 

. B. Lcnilb,LP 

MiiUins . 

. R. Veniry. I. R 


. B. Uarbertoo, L P. 


. D. of AThnU,S. P. 

Poiwonby . 

E. of Bcaboniugh. I. P. 
< Bp. of KUUloe MMd 

' 1 KiliifDor^ 

.'\ftirniy . 

E. of Dunniorc, (S. P. 

Ponsonby . 

Murray . 

. E. of Marwficld. 


. B Elibank, S. V. 

PoulciL . 

. £. Poulett. 


. B. Oli-rlyon. 


. B. BayniiK. 


Bp. of K»<che»tiT. 

Powlett, Ordc . 

. B. BoliOL 

PiiwyM . 

■ B. Ltlftffd. 

Naime, Murray 

B. Niiirnc, S. P. 

Pratt . 

. M. CamdoL 

Napier . 

. B. Napier, S. P. 


V. Oon»fln»toun» L P. 


E. nf Kilmorey, I. P. 

Priniro»c . 

E. of RoKbrrr. S^ P. 

Nclwn . 

. K. Nelson. 

Prittic , 

. B. DunaUy, I. P 

NevilU . 

E. of Ab(T({avfnny. 

Proby , 

E. ofCaryafort,LP. 

Noel . 

. B. Rirham. 

Nonh . 

. E nf (iuilford. 

Quin, Wyndham, £. of Dunravcn, LP. | 


R Grantley. 


M. of Wcstmcath. 1- P- 

Ramcy, Home 

. E. of Home, R p. 

RaiDMy . 

E. of Dalhauair. li.P. 



M. ofThttmomi, I. P. 

Rice . 

. B. Djnttm. 

V. IjiNtuorv, I. P. 

Uivcni, Pitt 

. B. Rif» 

Ogilvic^ (irant 

. E.of8cm{ield,.S.P. 

Robinson . 

. V. (;oM4 


. E. ofAirlicS. P. 


. B. Ko^ 


V. rahir-fiuillaniorc. 


. n. It*. 

O'NcU . 

. E. O'Neil, I. P. 


B. RckUa»^k 

Onglcy, llddcv 

. B. Onglcv, I.P. 
. E. <'>n«low. 


E. of Scnirfi^^^l 



B. Langibtd^^^H 


. n.ofI*fd». 

Ru%hout . 

B. Norq^^^l 


D. of Bii^^^l 

Panel . 

. M.ofAuKli^y- 


. B. RuUsTci^flff 


E.ofLongford, I.P. 

Ryder . Bp. 



. E. ufMacclesfieUl. 

Ryder . 

. E. of Hamvtoy. 


. E. of Morlcy. 
. B. Ranclim-, I. K 

Parkyo. . 

St. John . V. 

Bolingbivke & Si. Joho. 


. E. of RoMc, I. P. 

St. John 

B.St. John of BklM 


. M. of WincheatCT. 

Sl Lawrence 

. Bp. ofCork&IUfc 

VctAtj . 

. B. Seltjey. 

Sl I^wrcnw . 

. E.of Howth,LP. 

PelhuD . . 

. E- of Chich»t£r. 

St. Leger . 

. V. DooenulcLf. 

Pelhant, Anderton . B. Varboroujuh. 

Sandfortl . B 

. MounUSandtfocd, L P. 


. v. Exmouth. 


. B. Torphichcn. S.P. 


. B. MuncaBttT, I. P. 

Saundcrson^ LuniUry . £. of ScarU^niuieh. | 

PiirccvBl . 

. E. of Egnioni, I. P. 

t^aurin . 

. Up. of I>ronM)n. 1 

PcrwTaJ . 

. B. ArJcn, I. P. 

Savile . E 

. of. Mexboiuugh, L P. 1 

Percy . 

. Bp. of CarlUlc. 


. E.ofClanmell.LP. J 

Percy . . 

. B. Pnidhoc. 

Scott . 

. . E. of Kite.] 

Pocy . 

D. of Northumberland. 

.Sroit, Montagu 

. B. Afotfi^J 

P«y . 

. . E. uf Bevcricy. 


B. tjii^H 


£. of Limcnck, I. P. 

hcmple . 

B. s^^^^H 




( 283 ) 

Simame. Title, 



Scrmnur . . D. of Somerset. 


B. Aihtown, I. P. 

Sherard . . £. of Harborough. 

Trt'nrh le Pocr ^ 

Abp. of Tuam and 

Shirley . . . . K. Fcrrars. 

X Ik-tll^tli a^ m W4 * 

Bp. of ArtiHgh. 

Shore . . B. Teii^nniouih, I. P. 

Tru-nch, le Poer E 

. of i'lancarty, I. P. 

SiniUir , - K, of (;»iaincs», 8. P. 

TrcTor, Hill . V. Dungammn, I. P. | 

Sinclair . . D. Sinclair, S. P. 

Tuchct, Tbicknc&se 

. B. AudJey. 

8kfffingtoD V. Maasaren^ L P. 
SkcfluiguiD(roalCT) . V. Fcmrdfl.P. 


. E. ot Thenel. 

Tumour . E. of WintcrioD, 1. P. | 

Stniih . . B. ('ftirington. 

Smytbc . . V. Stnuigfonl. I. P. 

Upton - . V 

Templctown, I. P. 

Samcnec . . . D. of Beaufort. 

Soowrrille . B. Somcnrille, 8. P. 

Vane . 

M. of Clereland. 

Soyih»eH . . V. Southwell, I. P. 

Van Milden . 

. Bp. of Durham. J 
Huntingficid, I.P. 1 

Sparke .... Up. of Ely. 

Vaniieck . . B. 

Speaccr . . . E. Spencer. 


. a Bexley. 

SpencCT . • . B. (IhurchiU. 

Vaiighan . E 

. of Liiibume^ I. P. j 

Stanhope - . E. of ChCTterfleld. 

Verekcr . 

. V. Oort,I.P. 

Stanhope . . . E. Stanhope. 

Vrmey . B. M'illoughby dc Broke. | 

Stanhope • . K. of Harrington. 


. Abp. of York. ; 

Stanley . . . E. of Derby. 

Vcmon, Vcrablet . 

. B. \'cmon. 

Staplctm . . B. Ijc Despencer. 

Venchoyle a of Killila uid Acfaonry. 1 

Stewart . . K. of Unllowny, 8. P. 

Vc«Tr. . . 

V. DeVe»d, I.P. ' 

Stewart . B. Hlantyre, S. P. 

Villtcrs . 

E. of Clarendon. 

Stewart, Vane. M- ofljondondurry, T. P, 

ViUiers, CliUd 

. £. of Jersey. 

Stewart . K. of Castle Stewart, I. P, 

Sttun, dinchton . . M. of Bute. 


. E. WaJdcgrart 

Stuart . . B. of ^VTormy, S. P. 

Waldesmve . 

B. Radrtock, I.P. 

1 Stuart . E.ofTraquair,S.P. 


. B. Wallifx*. 

Smart . . U. Siiart ik- Rothesay. 

M'allfr . 

. Bm. Howe. 

Lkfftopfard . . E. of Couriown, r. P. 


E. of Portsmouth. 

■BlOultOO . B. Siourtun. 

WaJpole . 

. E. of Urford. 

^^pnuutswftTtf Fox . E. of IlcliesttT. 


. E. of Dudley. 
V. Bangor, I.P. 

^^»tScd . E. of Aldborough, I. P. 

Ward . 

^B^tt Bia. RaylL-if*h. 

Wauum . 

. B. Sonde*. 

^■hniKNr . Bp. nfChe«tcr. 

U edddl . 

. B. Orantltam. 

^^nmaatf Bp. of \Vinchi-3.t<.T. 

Wcllcalcy . 

D. of Wellington. 

^HibltoD, Bliuniers B. Manners. 

M'eUenlcy . . ] 

M. Wcllesley, I. P. 



B. AlaryhoroDgh. 

^VnA ... V. TaafTe. I. P. 


. B. Cowley. 

^HTaibot . . E. of Shrcwvlmry. 

West . 

. E. DeUwarr. 

^Hftlbot, Chetwynd . . E. TalboL 


B. Roa&inore, I. P. 

^■TaTlour . . M. of Ueadfort, i. P. 


E.of Bantry, I. P. 

^r^^^^OrenviUe | ^ ^^^^ j_ p 

Wilbrahani, Booitle 

B. SkelnuRdale. 
. B. Middletnn. 

^HmBr^ . V. Palmmum, I. P. 


E. of Plymouth. 

^^RiBfiBlf . B. HcnOlesham, 1. P. 

Wing&Id . V 

Powerscourt, 1. P. 

^^PtiolAV, Howdl . . B. Thurlfln. 

Winn . 

B. Hoadley, I. P. 

^KbynDB . M. of Bath. 

>Vodehonir . 

. B. Wodehoujie. 

^■faiUcniacbe . Cm. of Dyurt, S. P. 


E. of Egnrmont. 

^■bler . E. of Norbury, I. P. 

Wynn , . B. Ncwborough, I P. | 

^■U* • . . B. Norwood, I. P. 

^^■fe . B. KtvcrMUlc, I. P. 

VdvertOQ . . V. A vooniorc, I. P. 

^^■Wbend . M. Towmhcnd. 

Velverton . B». Orcy dc Ruthyn. 

^^mwnshend .V. Sydney. 

Vorke . 

£. of Uardvickc 




^^^^^^^^^^^^^B * 




^^^^^^^^k BORVE 



^^^^^^^^^ IV TUE 


^m^ Coiirtrjn/ TilU, H'lghctt Titb'^ 

CourUttf TUie. U'tffhfH TUtf. 

^M Abcrdour, L. son of E. of Morton, S- P. 

Ilurghcnh, L. . E. of W^^tmorcUnd. 

■ Achcwn, V. . K.ofOiMford, I.P. 

HuT|^Mt:y, L. . M.ofExctrr. 
Bur>-. V, . . E. of Albwuarle. 

^M Adarc, W E. of DunniTcn, I. P. 

H Alfonl, V. . . K. nniwnlov. 

■ Alihorpe, V. . . E. Sptmcer. 

Cantmlupe, V. . . E. of Delawarr. 

■ Alta^)o^^ E. of . M. of Sligo, I. P. 

C-anlrow, U . E. of Budian, S. P. 

■ Alrxandrr, V. . E. of CUedon, I. P. 

CaernurUien, M. of . 1). of Lccdib 

^1 Amicni, V. . E. of Aldboroiigh, I. P. 

CaBOertaKh, V. AI . of Londonderry, L P- 

■ A»l«e,,V. J*^-^^-"""'*^'*^- 

r-u^nj-^ M V i*. "f Buckincham and 

^1 Amli'V, L. . . K. BaUmrKL 

rhcwlnn, V. . K. M'aldcgravt 

■ Anlec, V. . . E. of Mcalli, I. P. 

dciucnu, V. E. of l^eiu-iin, I. P, 

^M Afthlvy, L. . . E. of Slufteiibury. 

tnifton, L. . E. of Ihirnlcy, I. P. 


CliTe, V E. Powia. 

^1 Bcerhaven, V. . E. of Bantiy, I. P. 

Cochrane, L. . E. of Dundonald, S. P. 

■ UectiTe, K. of . M. of Hcadfort, I. P. 

Compton, E. . M. of Nonbanipum. 

H lldfut^ E. of . M. of Dcnegsl, 1. P. 

Coiry, V. . . E. of Bclmorc, L P. 

^B Belgnvc, V. . E. Urotvcnor. 

Cranbouni, V. . . Al. of Salisbory. 

H Bcmsnl, V. . £. of Uandon, I. P. 

Iraiilcy, V. . . £. Onalov. 

H Bcrriedftlc I^ . £. of ('aithnc», 8. P. 

Creitthlon. V. . . £. of Erne, I. P. 

^1 BinKKani^ Iv. . E. of Lucan, I. P. 

Curaon, V. . E. ilove. 

■ Bkndlbrd,M.of . D. of Marlborough. 

B BorifigdomV. . . C. ofMorlev. 
^H Boicaven-RoM, U . E. of Falmouth. 

Dalmeny, L . £. of RoKbcny, & P. 

Dalrymplc, V. . E. of Stair, 8. P. 

^B B«yk, V. . £. of Shannon, I. P. 

DakeU. L. . E. of Camwatb, S. P. 

^1 BreclOMck. £. of . M. nf Cdimlen. 

Darlintcton, E. of . M . of Ucvdand. 

■ BiooIk, L. E. Brooke and of Warwick. 

DcCThurst, V. . . E. of Corenuy. 

^H Bronic, V. . , E. dormwallia. 
^H Ururc, E. . iM. of Ailnbury. 

"«■-*- {"sr? 

H Urucc h. . . Earl of El^j^n, S. P. 

^^L^BfudwicI, L. . , E. of Cardigan. 

Douru,ALof . O. uf WeUingvio. 


( 285 ) 

Comrttsy TitU. Higheti TUk. 

L. . . K. of fttormv, S. P. 

ioo,V. E.oflk»borough,I. P. 

.. ( E. of Cork imd Onerv^ 
iganroo, V. J I. p. 

^I>unkellin, L. 

lolo, V. 

»upUD, V. 

larlsfort, L. 
(iLstnor, V. 
Ibringtofif V. 


E. ofHatiie,S, p. 
M.ofCIaLnricardc, \A\ 

. E. ofClancaity, I. P. 
E. of Kinnoul, S. P. 

. E. of ClonmcH, I. P. 

. E> Ssomera. 

. E. FifTteftCue- 

of WemyM and Alarcb, 


^ E. of St. (jcnnonn. 

iiiot, L. 

Emlvn, V. . T . E. of Cawdor. 
vncombe, V. {grandson) . E. of Kldon. 
Inniunore, V. | k. of Listowd, I. P. 

iusUHi^ E. of 

^wldinp, V. 
[Tincastle, L. 
'iub*m», V. 
''olkt-stone, V. 
Forbc, V. 
Fordwieh, V. 

. D. of GraOon. 

. E. of Denbigh. 

£. of DuDnian.\ S. P. 

E. of Malmcsbury. 

. £■ of Radnor. 

E, of Orwiard, I. P. 

. E. Cowper. 

Garlics, V. 

Oifiovd, £. of 

- r. E. . 

. E, of GaJlfiway, S. P. 

M.of Twecddale, S. P. 

. M. of Stafford. 

, . V 1 E. of StraUimoR- arid 

lammit, L. ^ Kinghom, S. P. 

Uodmc,V.2a]0n E. ofNorbury, I. P. 

Icnorcbj*. L. E. of Breadalbanc, S. P. 

Clentwonh, L. . E. of Limerick, I. P. 

Grohiirn, M. of 1>. of Montrose, S. P. 

Oraoby, M. of . - !>■ of Rutland. 

Creenock^ L, . . E. Cathcort. 

«iryofOloby, L. J Warrmffton. 
Orcy de WUton, V. . E. of Wilton. 
V. . . E. of Venilam. 
uenuMy, L. . . E. of AylMford. 

. E. of Aberd€tix,fi.P. 

E. of Oxford and Mortimer. 

. E. of Errol, »S. P. 

5 E. of Pcmbrtikc und 

) Montgomery. 

'Kflaborough, D. of ] >"-j"^l>«wn='hire, 

Hintoo^ V. . . . E. Poulett, 

IiJoImndale, V. . . E. Amherst. 
Wowick, V. . . . E. Grey. 

HiintinifiowcT, I*. Css-of Dysart, S. P. 

,Inge8irie, V. 

E. Talbui. 

CouHtnf Tttk, 
Inverurie, Ij. • 
Jcimyn, E. • 

Jocelyi^ V, . 

Kclbiime, V. 
Kennedy, L. 
Kerry, E. of . 
KUcounie, V. \ 
(grandton) j 
Klldore, M. of 
Killecn, L. . 
orth, I 


Kin^borougb, V. 
Kirkwall, V. 7 
{grtutdion) \ 

mutest Tkk. 

B. of KiotoR!, S. P. 

. M.ofBri«U)L 

. E. of Iloden, I. P. 

. ^E. of Otasgow, S. P. 

. E. of Cawilis, S. P. 

. AI . of Lansdowne. 

? B. of Cavan, I. P. 

. D. ofLeiDstcr, I. P. 

. E. of Fingal, I. P. 

E. of MouotcajOiellf L P. 

E. of Kingston, I. P. 

Cw. of Orkney, S. P. 

hascellei, V. . 
Li'wiaham, V. 
Lincoln, £■ of . 
Lindsay. L. 
I/O A us, V. 
Lovainc, L. 
I«ough borough, L. 
Loinher, V. 

E. of llarewood. 

. E. of Dartmouth. 

D- of Newcastle. 

E. of Balcftrrcs, S. P. 

. M.ofEly, I. P. 

* E. of Beverley. 

E. ofRo»8lyn,S.P. 

. E. of LunAdale. 

MahoD, V. . . . E. Stanhope. 
M ;j-.«. \' S ^* *'*' Winchilsea and 

Msitland, v. . E. of Lauderdale, S. P. 
Alondovillc, V. . D. of Manclie«ter. 
Alarch and Darnley, } D. of Lenox and 

E. of \ Richmond. 

Atanham, V. - E. of Romney. S. P- 
n^Inachlinc, L. Cm. of I«oudoun, S. P. 
Melgund, V. E. of Minto, S. &. E. P. 
Milton, V. . . E. Fitzwilliam. 

Mol)'iieaux, V. . E. ofSefton, LP. 
Morpeth, V. . . E. of Carlisle. 

Mountcharla,,E.of \ ^-^ t^«nj"gh«n. 
MountAorence, L. E.of Enniakillcn, LP. 

Nerille, V. 
Newark, V. . 
Newpurt, V. 
Ncwry, v. 
Norman by, V. 
Norreya, It. 
North, L. 

Ogilvie, L, . 
Osjory, E. of 
OHsuUlon, L. 


PiTCcval, V. 
Pulling ion, V 

E. of Aberj2a%-enny. 

E. Manvert. 

. E. of Bradford. 

K. of Kilmorey, L P. 

E. Mulgrarc. 

. E. of Abingdon. 

. £. ofGuilcUbnU 



. E. of Ey^oTvv, \ . V , 

E. of Airlie, S.P. 
of Ormonde, L P. 
E. of TankcrvUle. 
E. ofRosse, LP. 

( 28G ) 

Ctttttiery TUU, WghrH Titk. 

Porcheuer, L. ■ E. of Camuvon. 

KatniKj, L. . £. of DiJhotiiiie, S. P. 
Rotchill, L. . E. of Nonhcsk, S. P. 

ttandon, V. 
Sl Auph, V. 
Seahant, V. 
Seymour, L. 
Si] Chester, L. 
Somerton, \. . 
Stanley, L. 
Stavonlalc, L. 
Stewart. V. 
Stopford, V. 
Stormont, V. 
Suathaven, !«. 
Surrey, K. of 

Tamwortb, V. 

E. of Ilarrowby. 

. E. of AshbunibaoL 

. E. V'anc. 

. D. of S}omv^c^ 

. E. of LonRfowl, I. P. 

£■ oi* Normantoo, l.P. 

. E. of Derby. 

. . E. of llchcster. 

£. of CAStlc«tew&rt, 1. P. 

. £. of Courtown^ I. P. 

. E.of Maiikfiuld. 

. E. of Aboync, S. P. 

U. of Norfolk. 

. £. Fcrrvrs. 

Courlenf Title. 
TaTljtock, AI. of 
TitchficW, M . of 
Tullamorc L. E. 
TuUibardlnc, M. of 
Tumour, V. . E. 

U abridge, E. of 

Hlghftf Title. 

. D. of Bedford. 

. a. of Portland. 
ofCharleviUc, l.P. 

U. ofAihoU,S.P. 
of H'inierton, I. P. 

BL ofAogleary. 

^'alcntia, V. F.. of ^Ifotinlnorri*. 1. P. 
VaUt-tort, V. K. nf Mount Ldgecumbe. 
Vaughan, L. . E. of Lisbanie, I. P. 
VillierBjV. . . £.arjcney. 

Walpiilc. h. 
Weymouth, V. 
Wiltshire, E. of 
M'orcoiivr, Al . of 

Vamiouth, E. of 

■ E.ofOrford. 

- . AI. of lUth. 

nf. of Winchcvier. 

. D. ol Ucaufon. 

. M. of UertfoBd. 








[the periods op their FRANniLSE. PERSONAL RtOHTS Op ELEOTIOV. 

vrra rni 










Country Seat. 


Electioncerinjit Influefl 

Eldest aon. 1 

f«- Father. 

Irish Peerage. 
\r X. V Knights. 

ClVT ^'"'^ »"•» Surname. ! 

•^'7^ Nephew. 

^•^f^- ' ' ' • Number of Voiera. 

Offict' or Offic(^. I 

*«rliftmenury I»atrx)naffl 
Reluming Officer. 
Right of Election. 


or ALL 





SpSAKEB«Tlic Rt. Hon. Ciiablks-Manxers Sutton, M.P. 
for Scarborough. 


Ait ofVuum^ «M AHHiT, I707» I t"'**'- 


Thu being hti 3*1 FiiTliament. 
A IjumI Owner. 

Oplct. A C^apL in the Roval Nary. 
Ttntn RtAidtner, 1.% SAViflr-strcct. 
Comtitiy Seat. IHinnicn.AlKTdiTmMrc. 
HtUiionthip, Bruthcr to the Karl of 

,f^*»mhefofV<tt<:n, RaJ. 4!! ; Nominal, 
!MI : —Total, 1 (5. Ptfptthtum, 1 40,000. 
£t^iUoHefriti/r IhJIhchcc, PowiaMd by 

the Duke of Oonlou. 
^Thit b one ordic ?^ nhiraif or fttewuirics 
in ScotlAnd, iliat ftcrtd AImiiIkts, or 
kntghc* of the fthirc, to Parliament. 
In 17^ the number of rfrtf vott'rs did 
oo( exceed 82, while the Homlnttl onts 
unoanted to lifi. Tlic luiinbor of legal 
Avdioldcrf haa since, huwcrtr, bmt 
increatcd to upwanU nf a hundred. 
In therctgnof Jamu» I. Uic ri|;ht of voting 
for .Scoiiinh counik-A wai rcAtricted to 
frcrlioldvn p(i»i«.'t^Aing Innds of 40f. of 
** old ertemt^** the name being so latcd 
in iba coa or tax-book>, aUiut tlie end 
at the I3ih ctinturr t which gre&tly 
OHfomd ib« ckctivu fraocliiw!, ex. 
dudiog all proprietor* under "HiK per 


annum. The H^ht of auSVapj was 
Hiilt further conlincd, by an act, pawcti 
during ihc ruign of Charlea U. ( iuni ), 
liiiiUing the ri(cht of voting to lands 
valued at I'M)/. Scots per annum, 
whicli tripU-d the qualiUcaliou; (he 
runta so estimated then, being ttow 
eijulToleiit to 700^ sterling p«r annum- 
By ilu! same Iaw^ foundation waa 
laid for the must intolerable abuses; 
fur, a diitinclion having been nude 
between piotcction ana njfcrioiUf/ 
oviir l&ndii, many of the tenants in 
Ciifitf, or those who licld dirv-cdy frmn 
the king, were ACcu^lomul to xurrendcr 
their chortcn tu the crown, and having 
ohtaincti a grant to parcel out their 
eautes In lots of 400<l. Scots, valued 
rcnt^ U»e real property was surrendered 
to the donor, while ** their fictitious 
barons," as iJiey wire called, b«caii)c 
apparently the iiiunediate tenants of 
the crown, and although destitute of a 
single acre, might tender their rotes ! 
No lc« than flOU lawsuiu took place, 
and an expense of a million of money 
wax incurred* in consequence uf this 
pr«kcedure, whicti has, however, b«en 
in some measure checked within thcao 
few years. In I7Uli the number of 
real voters in the ^^ctHCish cooniies was 
estintated at 131N). In two of the 

• T; "•;,:* returned by the Scottish PiKmlieit, Sttwartries, ami noniugh. 
|>t»tr il t'OMMissioMiud;^.— they were so dcaignaiod ^tc^vwul') ^ >ivM 

L'muii -.... L-.v* umI. 

9 V 


( 290 ) 


countiet, then: were only 3 real voter* 
in each, luid Ui ^ noi more ilian 10, 
The Dominal and fictitious votcra were 
naiti to ivmouni to I'iOl. In Scotlnnd, 
!13 cntinties elect 30 Members— six 
having only tlic right ot sending a 
Member to every Kcood Parliamenl, 
viz. Bute, C^ibiicu, Naini, Cromarty, 
CLickaiaunaii and Kinrou, altcmatciy, 

and ORECUIN, a DUtrkt o/Scotiy* 

A. U. GiA Ahuc^ 1707- 1 Com, 

iiiR James CaunegiEi Bart. 

A Landowner. 

Cf. Se. Soulhesk, Fozfarstiire. 

Right of Election, In 87 tuwn-coundl- 
mcn of the several Boroughs, who elect 
delegates to vole for llie jilctnber. 
r. of V. o. Pop. 44,000. 

r* /. The patrons are the Duke of 
Gordon, and the Hon. W.-R. Maulc, 
of Panmurc, M.P. for the County of 

By the ancient oonttltutioD of Scottisth 
cities and boroughs, the magistrates 
and town.councilincn were cboAen by 
the reaklcnt burgesses and proprieton 
of bouanand UiuU; and they, in their 
turn, choM tlio Cummisaioncrs to re- 
present them in ParUament. But, in 
coiiAcquoice of an act pasted in 1469, 
l}te lown-counciU were invested with 
the power of electing tfuir own shc- 
Vtuofi, The result has proved that, 
>•■ far as regards all necessary pur- 
asof corruptioti, these borough cor- 
poratitms arc juat as rotten as borough- 
moagcr could wish. But, at tlic time 
of the Union with England, in order 
that every Kpaik of public virtue should 
be extinguished, that every gemi of po- 
litical independence might be crushed, 
(heac unfurtunite towns were clubt>ed 
into '^ dittrkt**^ of 4, ft^ uid G bo- 

roughs eadi. to be reprcftentol in the 
Brilidi Parliament by imc coniinia- 
Hioner ! wheferu, each district of 5 
btiroughs. previously tothebaid Union, 
Mnt no less than te:n reprcMrntativea 
to the Parliauient of Edinburgh. The 
iimgistratca and town-councOmen of 
e^tch royal burgh in the district were 
now cmpuurrrrti i ! ) to elect o dilcgatc; 
and the delegates were enjoined (!) to 
meet, by fotutio*t, at what wa« called 
the pretld'tHg borough for the tuf» 
(luic vke) to elect a Member of Par- 
liament! The delegate for the ptC' 
tiding borough has the carting viHCy to 
cue of an equidily of vaicea. 
Of the 15 Cuimuuisioner« for the ciuei 
and Royal Burghs of Scotland {hor- 
rfco njircntf) 14 are chosen by £6 
delegates, tf/io arc elected by 1369 aeU^ 
appointed individuals ! Edinbamh, 
alone, without tiic incumbranctr of oiLcx 
towns, retair.s the right of sending ooe 
Comminioner to die Commons' lioose 
uf Parliament, and 33 pcnoni etecl 
him ! ! Thus, there are not quite a 
hundred voters for Parliamentary n^ 
prescntatives in all the citiex and towos 
of Scotland, die number exactly 
lyj ! ! * — u eaigu atoui ju«t sufficient to 
load a inodcratcly-ftiied Lcith smadu 
— indeed, three oc four Botany-Biy 
transports are capable of Affordiitg 
ample accommodation fur the whole 
electors for town and country. 

ABINGDON, Borough of, Berkt, 
nth Edw. Ill, and 2d Mary. 

I Burgttt^. 

John Maberlev, Esq. 4ih ParL 
Ocvuptition. A AJcrcfaant in London. 
To, Res. i, John-stroet, Beritclcy* 

Co, Se, Shirley House, near CrojdoB, 


R.ofB. IntheiHAoU/onf-AoMM-Aoiicrf^ 

• Bortmgh (from the Saxon word horhae) tigniAcs a corporation town which is 
not a city ; and also fuch a town as tends burgeases to Parliament. According H 
Bndy. botougha are parliamentary eidier by charter, or they arc town« bolda rf 
the King in ancient demesne. Th^ may be governed by a mayor, aldcnnao, bailiC 
or portreeve. 

t iiHrgrsae* arc defined by Whitelock to be the inhabitants and freemen of bo- 
rutighs ; or Inliabitaots of (owns or boroughs enclosed or fortified. 

/ Ji has been determined that no penna can be deemed a kvuK/toider, or iakdt^ 
am/JtouscboldcTj who docs not ponoift the ac/wiic right to ibc uac of tlx: outvjri 

■k The Majvr and two 

BAM or AllER. 

3 Burgrtsr*. 

KtTT Daask, Km. 

8ch PvL 

^on, Bucks; and i>t. 
le, (i Uinor^mihiK. 

[fitter Mcmhrr, 
ftrt^vmegr^ Troikfem- 

rBfTT DmAXX, £«q. 
5th PuL 
t in tbe Attrj. 

tmU pajiog tent 
BVfng aJrns. 
(o 130. rofi.2Q\-2. 
choKn at the Court- 
cf the Muicir. 
'U>ei>rescnt Membcn, 
Imtc nowtuert tht en. 
1«^ ilm BoronKb ever 

tbe poet, when but 

■inecn yctfi of 9^ 

list Puthunciit of 

^H, Torkthire, 




Ei«i. 2d ParL 

Pr^. A Barrister at Xmw. 
7cF. Aat. A8. Cadogan-pUce, and 7, 

Otd-squarc, IjinmlnVinn. 
Rit. 2d eotuin to the Uukc of New. 

ViACOvsr Stokmoxt. 

N. 4 5". U'UUara.David Murray. 
liiL Eld. ton of ihc Karl of M aiufidd. 

R. of E. Not only in the Mctrct nunibrr of 
hurffrtiC4 holding by hmrf^f^.tenurt f, 
but also in ail the xnhaidtAnU paying 
KOt and lot, 

X.QfV from CO tn C4. Top. 4f)0. 

n. 6. Thr Duke <3^ Newcastle's balliti: 

E, I. The above noblnnan is Ijoid of 
the ^Taoof. 

ThU pariah, whkh does not contun more 
than one huiulred and ten bouaes, lends 
four hfcinbers to Parliament, undcx 
the naraea of tbe Borough* of Aid* 
horvugk and Borougftbridffr. Thejr 
do not, like Stcyntng and Braniber, in 
£ujnex, conaiKt of one paliry atrcet, 
nr, like Weyinmith and Mclcocnbe, in 
Dorsetshire, unite in choaiiing four 
Members, but are separate and dxttlnct 
Boroughn, without arms or corpora. 
tJoa, and destitute of aJmoKt every 
thing dac but Kcprcsrntaiivts. 

XZih Eliz. 2 Bit, 

Tiir. MABQUi:<ts of Doirnn, *Jd Pari. 

N. ^ S. Anbur M'dlc^ley. 
Ojp. Major in tlic W»th Fo<»t. 
ReL Eld. MOH of the Duke of Well, 

lA he inhabits ; although, by taking inmatfs, he may far a 
the exerdse of tliat eitcluuve right : nor con a person whose 
of mofe apartmmts than one be so di-cnx-d, unlna he poAM-Mi 
the UN of tbentBircase, doorway, &c. The house muft al5o be 
and the legal meaning of tbe tirm houirhofdrr muat be dcirr. 
' piiiidpla of tbe Uw of the land — not on any thing &uggc«tcd 

ft BRD inrJuding all parodiial aMessmcnt*i for the poor and the 
expcBies of lighting, desnung, and watching the strcctr. In 
joaliiicatioo for Toics for members of Parliament, and for muni- 
ptcd in the payers of Srot and Li't. 

bn been defiocd as one undivided and indivisible tenement, nei- 
of being created within the memory of n an ; Init which hm* 
* li^t of voting: or, an entire, indivisible tenement, holdcn of 
'ft boffims^* bj an imtnanorial csrum rent, distinctly reserred^ 
Imtif^ if wcideaL 

ANDO ( -292 

To. Ret. Apdej Uoiue, Ilydc Park, 


CxoKEB, D.C.L., p.iua., & r.r.s. 

tJth ParL 
Offi, A Prijy Cmtncilhr. 
Late Secreiary to tlie Adminltr. 
S«c. to the Seaffitn'g Widows* 

A Director of Greenwich UoBpital. 

H. of E. In the inhahitanti paying tcoC 

Bod lot. 
A', of y. abont 80. Pvp. I25U. 

R. O. Two BaUiiTs. 
£. I. The Man)ueu of Hertfbrd is 

patron of thia Borough. 

Mr. Cretpigny, a short time before the 
gcikersl ilectiun of 1R18, bold his in- 
terest in thi.n Borough, without any 
pfojwmy being annexed to it, for 
aO.OOOi., to Samuel Walker, K«q. of 
Rotherliani, in Vorkaliirc. 

ANDOVER, Borough of, ffantt. 
23rf E'iw. I. 2 Bit, 

Siu Jouv AVAI.TKK PoLLcy, Bart. 
3d Pari. 
A I*and Owner. 
To. Rft, Hyde Park Hotel, Hyde 

Co. Se. Kedeofaam, near Andori:r, 

Thomas Asshetox Smith, Jun. 

£*q. 3d Pari. 

A Land Owner. 

Co. Sf. Tedworth, near Andorer. 
Park Pat. Two JUembem for (his 


R. of E. In the corporatUm, consisting 
of the bailiff and a select nuaibcr of 
.V. of r. 24, Pop. 3700. 

R. O. The bailiir. 
E. /. In the .Mcnibcn themselves. The 
Portsmouth family, also, hare cun- 
K liderable Influence; one of the scatM 

^H having been occupied by its junior 

^H bmnchM during the greater part of 

^1 the last and present centuries. 

H At the general election in 18IK, the 

H Bail of Portsmouth (»ince, pronounctil 

^1 lunuUc) opposed the return of his 

^1 hrtithcr^ the Hon. Newton Felluwu-*, 

^B who had been his wn mmiittfc^ and 

^B propoHcil liisfatlicT>tn-Iaw, John llan- 
^^^^^ «onj K»2- i hut Air, KelLuwca being 


heir presumptive to the title 
estates of the Earl, the corporat 
considered him as ttie natural rcE 
senutive oi their patron's family, 
rejected Mr. Hanson. 

Tith UcH. Vm. I Km 

TuE Eabl or UxBRiDGK. ad Pi 
A^. <J A\ Henry PageC 
OJi, State Steward to the Lord LieuL 

of Ireland. 

A liieuL Col. in the IJTe Uuanls. 
Ta. Res. 32, Bruton-stivct. 
Cif. Se. Halnaker, Petwortb, Su 
Ret. Eld, ton o( the .Marquess of 

glesey : bro. to Lord XCilliam Pi 

At.P. iot Caernarvon. 


inr«_ I 

li. iifE. In all freeholders of the County 
of the amount of 40f • per annum-— 
Let it be here generally noted that 
thin it the quolificatioii for voting, 
ihroughnut tlic .Vi Counties of Eng. 
land ttjid ^V*alcs. 

E. /. I'he Marquess of Anglesey is chief 
proprieictr u well as Lord LlcuU and 
CusL Rotuloruni of this island. 

N. B. Including the Borough of Beau- 
maris, this county furnishes only two 
Alenibers to the House of Commons 

The Welsh countic:^ which arc twelve ii 
number, are represented aimilarly to 
those of Scotland; that u, each sends 
one Member to Parliament, wIulK 
those of England and Ireland scad 

ANTRIMSHIRB, frrland. 
A. U.AXH Geo. III. IfWl. a gft. 

The Hon. JoiiH-RicitAiLD Bnrci 

O'Nrii.. 6th Pari. 

A Land Owner. 
O/JS. A Msjor.GcnenJ. 

CoHft'lUe of DHbtim Cattle. 
T(\.Rew. 17, Princes.itr«t,Hi 

Co. Se. Tullfunore lx)dec Ani 

RrL Bro. to Earl 0*NeiL 

The Rt. Hok. the Eaui. or Bst- 
rAiiT. 4th P«k 

N- ^ S. George Hamilton 

^. \'icc-f 'httinbcrlain to the 

A Privy Coiinrillor. 
Ttf. /^(7. 33, ArUngion^tirct. 



l|tofiDwI^ to 1829, the fm- 

mdie [ridi Countiei wtre on 
J M chose intbc Kngluh 
has Am dif^nnehi^mcnt Act 
fmt imliad the qualificatian to 
Vm 4fltt. lo a ciear lOL p^r 
Tha rrroUitioD in the Irish 
of counie lessened 
(As of dnton in an immense 
I wtSm U ha* mX the same titne 
I rf» lioAardi of the undue 
|t «hkh they pooened in the 
al dicir oim erealuresi to 
of profit within the 
bargain becvcen 
of the day and the patnio 
the Utt<T ihottld hare the 
of vtEeen of excise, ctu- 
,( tax-^athercn, &r. 
for hi* ParViaiaeDiitTj 
'rcTi*m«Ijf to the atxivc 
(he amall fnebolden were 
iMpkaMire, and in any number 
js^t be deemed ftuflictcnt 
■amtr an opponent. The^c 
P bcingB held their mi«erablc 
9m by the eorrufK trnurc of 
|ta^ wUauier callori upon, for 
ibvtTt norninee : and were the 
tir cTcn Bcbtrbnb himself, he 
•Sit of being mumed as any 
km now ocenpyinj; a Mai in 
Unnble the Howe of Com- 
The Act of diafranchiung tio 
penons^, — or in other 
)g avay iheir meant of 
I^S eaialcDce,— howerer uiiAtr- 
llOTrmpt these meant wen-^ 
Ihr >U, very qocitionable po- 

Eiy lonie pruvision might 
made to prevent the land. 
had no ^nhcr ute for their 
jfthn turning them out of their 
I boveb by hundreds, and 
forth Co tturre amoDg 

of Londonderry 
are the chief land- 
Tbt Matquiaif of Hcr.fotd 
iBMMlofftim; andtheMarqueas 
iqpd ad Ead OWdl arc Go- 
»tf the county. 

iCilV. Borough of. County of 
■rfe^. 23rf £d, I. 2 Bii. 

r Ti'rro\.2dPMl. 
W'.i uf Oc £aii of Tiuoiet j 

ViscottyT Maitland. 

N.i^S, Jaim*}i Mditland. 

To, Hrt. I, Kegent-Btreeu 

liel. Son of the ilarl of liAudcrdok: 
t>ro. to the Hon. Anthony Mait- 
Und, AI.P. forBirwickiihire: ftro^ 
hi'luw to Jumcs iialfuur, Esq., 
W.I». for Crail, Ac. 

H,ofE. Fn the hurga^'Jtohlm • hoff- 
Uifi even being allowed to confer 
tuch a right. 

A^ of V. 1»M>; — but this number may 
be increased or drcreOKd according to 
circumsunccfi. Poju I3.V). 

J?. /. The Karl* nf Lonsdale and Thanet 
are the propneton of thU borough. 

ARGVLK8HIRE, Seotlani. 
A. V. Ort Anne. 1 Com. 



3d Pari. 


A Land Owner. 
T<'. Rrt. Bruniwick Hotel, n2,Jermyn. 

Co. Scat: W'oodhall, Lanarkshire ; 

Ifilay IIouM, Arg)'leshire. 
Rtl, j^r^Kxe to the I>uke of Argyle: 

$on-i»Jaw of tlte liarl of H'tniyss. 

A', nf r. Heal, 31; Nominal, 21:— 
Total. 52. /'o/'. 8H,0l>0, 

E. I. The Duke of Argyle and his 
cousin, Campbell of Sha* field, are the 
chief landboldeis in ihitf county. 

A. U. Ust Gen. ///. 

2 KtM. 


CHAni.E!» Browxlow, Etq. 4thl*ar 
A Land OwT\cr. 
Offl. A Trustee of die Linen Manu. 

To, lies. 17. Eaton-place, BtJgrove. 

Co.Sf, Lurgan HouM, Annnghfchire, 
Hei. iJrv.-in./dO'tothcEarlofDamlcy. 


2^. ij- S. Archibald Acheson. 

Co. Si\ Oosfiitd llantlc, in thi» county. 

Bel, Eld. ton of the Earl of Oo&foid. 

E. J. The Archbinhop who takes hia 
title from tliis county po^swrswn very 
con sill c-rable influence In it ; as do aliW 
the Earlt ofCharlemoni and Oo»ford, 
and .Mr. IJrownlow, one nf tW tc^tc- 
scntativen. The Earl of liost'oTtt V* 
both OorcmoT und Ctist. Koiulofum, 

ARM A ( 294 

ARMAGH, Borough of. J.thirej 
IrttuHd. A.U.4\itGeo.JJI. \U$. 

TiiE Rt. Hux. Hevrt GouLniriiN. 
Cth Pari. 
A West Indift Proprietor. 
Offi. A I'rivy CouncUlor In England 

ami Irrlatiiim 
LttU Chancellor of (he Exchequer. 
Co, Se* ikrtch worth-place, Dotking, 

Hel. Cout. to VU. Chclwyml, I. P. 

/?. ofE. In tiui •tlf.elccted corporation. 

N.ofV, 13. 

R, I. The 5Ioit Rev. Father b God, the 

I«ord Primate of all Irdand, reigns 

pMBDMWnt in this Borough. 



ARUNDEL, Borongh of,Coanty of 
Sumkj:, 2'6d Edw, /. 3 Ssa, 

JouN Atkins, Esq. 3d PnrL 

A Wcat India Proprietor and .Mer- 

00, Ad AldermaD of London. 
To, Rtt, (ttt* Whtipolc-strcet. 
'Cp. St. IlaUtoul Place, Richmore 

Hill, Kenu 

LokD Dudley Coutts Stuaiit* 
To. Her. 16, M'iIton.crc»c«)L 
Bel. KW. & the .Marqucssof Bute. 

R. of E. In the inhabitaMU paying scot 
and lot. 

N. of y. from 4M) to 480. Pop. 2600. 

tt. O. The .Mayor. 

£. /. The Ihike of Norfolk, ai Irf>rd of 
the noble and ancient Castle of Arun- 
del, poaaeaw* the patronage of this 
Bcvough ; which, however, at present 
he doei not excrcUe. Money u wid 
(o hive great influence. 

Tlw grent and amiable Lord Falk- 
land, in conjunction witli Lord 
OmnZRT, the inventor of the OAtro- 
Domical intininicnt which bears his 
iCf nprciented this Borough in the 
Parliament of KMO. 

ASHBURTON, Borough of, /Jci.o«- 
thire. tHUh Edw. J. 2 Em. 

Vauobax Pale, 

4th Pari 

^ 6iE Lauucnck 

■ Ban. 

H A Lattd Owner. 

H Co. Se. Kenne Houae, Devon. 

H William S. Poystx, Esq. 

H A Land Owner. 

H 7*A /frj 2^, GnwvCTior-pUce. 

^L Co, Se, Cowdny Park, Pc(won\\, 

Sunex; and Midgbam Hotue, 
Newbury, Berks. 
Rei. Fath^-tH-lav to the Manjucai of 
Kxetcr, and Baron Clinton. 

/?. of E. In tlie burgagr-hotdert of oer. 
(atn lands or lenemenu; thoac of 
Habangcr and Hallowell beiog Ld- 
cluded by a deciaioa of the Hon. tbe 
HuuM.' of CaiQinaiu in 17)0 ; bccauie 
they lie within and arc subject to pay 
the Burough rent. 

N.oJ' V, At present 17(1; but this num. 
ber varlca according to drcumatanoes. 

Pop. a.'iO(). 

H. O. The Portreeve appointed at the 
Court- Lett of the projjriclom- 

E. I. Baron (.llinton and Sir L. V. 
Palk, Bart. Utc membtr^ axe propria. 
tors of the lands. 

ATHLONE, Borough of, WcmU A.U.AXstGeo.ilt. \ Ba. 

Richard Handcocx, Esq. 2d Pari. 
HeL Neph. to Vis. Casllemaiue, L P. 

H. of E. In tbe corporation aod buis* 

N.ofV. 7L 
E, /• Viscount Cutlcmahic and 

Haodcock, acn. arc the patrona f^ thb 


AYLESBURV, Borough of, Bucku 
\n Martf, SBtM. 

Thk Ut. How. Baron Nuoext,!. P- 
r.s.A. Gth Pad. 

N. ^ S. George Grenville. 

Ciffl. A West India Proprietor- 
A I/ord of the Treatiury. 

To. Hti. 34, Park-«trwc, Orotrc 

Co. Si: Novar-housc, Lilliea, 
Aylesbury, Bucks. 

EiL Bro. to till- Duke of Bi 
ham and Chandos: ncph. lo 
(irenvillet com. to Sir George Nu- 
gent, Bart. M.P. for BucUi^gliaBL 

William Rukford, Esq. 4th PaiL 
Ocr. A Banker at Aylesbury. 
T'o. Nes. in. New-street, Spring-gir* 

Co. Ret. Aylesbury, Bucks. 

R. ofE. In all the iulmlUant 
ktcpcrt not receivini; alms, or 
ticipating in Air. Bcdrord't Charityi 
also in all the freeholders of His. and 
upwards, in one or utore t^tbe ihRt 
huTv\it&ibOf \^\u^vLr«. 


( 295 ) 


M afV, FnNn 600 to lOlK). Pop. 4A00. 
R. O, The CotmUblea returned at the 

Coart-Leet of the LordA of the Manor. 
£. /. The Dukcfl of Devonshire and 

Buckinghun arc tlic proprieton of a 

iDtiietf of this Borough. 

In the irign of Queen Elizabeth, Dome 
Poeklington, as Lady of the Manor, 
Ktumed the two memben to Parlia- 
incnt. Prcnously to the tKtcr.sion of 
the franchise to the hundreds, bribery 
vaa carried on in the moiit unbluiihing 
manner. The venal dectors were in- 
vited to a fea^Lf and before each waa 
placed a gohlet of i^ineax, which they 
jocularly styled *^ golden punch." 

The repmentaiive hutor)' of \hh town is 
thfi moit important in the annal» of 
Parliunent, aa it involve^i the famous 
CMtae of Akhby and White, being a 
oBlert bdwetm law and privUt^tr. 
which produced so serioux a difference 
between the two Houhl-x, as obliged 
Queen Anne to prorogue the ParlLB- 
roent. Anhhy had brought an aciiun 
against While and otlier«, the con- 
stables, who are returning oflicers of 
this borough, for not receiving his vote. 
The UouK of Commons conhidcred 
the interference of a court of law, in 
a question which concerned the right 
of cleciioo, aa a breach of their privi- 
lagc, and ordered all (he partit-ii cart. 
eemcd therein, counftel, attorney, and 
others, to be takcu into custody. Lord 
Chief Justice liolt was al»n ordered to 
attend tlie House, but disregarding the 
snmmoos, the Speaker was directed to 
proceed with the mace to die Court of 
Queen** Bench, and command hi& at- 
leodaDoe upon the House The Chief 
Justice replied, *' Mr. Speaker, if you 
do not depart from this court, I will 
otxninit you, though you had the whole 
House of Commons in your belly." 
Stoce thii Lime, actions Havc been fre- 
quently brought by voters against re. 
turning officers for refusing to receive 
Aaz vota, being duly qualified ; and 
Tcfdicts have been obtained. 

AVR5HIRE, Scothmd, 

William Blaia, Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
OffL A Colonel in ibc Army. 
To, Res. Jft, Downmg-sLTcet. 
Cct. Se. Blair, Ayrshire. 

1 Cow. 
2d Part. 

N. of r. Keal, 2B; Nominal, 119:— 

Total, U7. Pop, l««,000. 

£. /, Possessed by the Earl of Eglintoun. 

R\% a D'utrlct of Scotth/i Boront^u. 
A. 17. eOi Annf. 1707. 1 Cimu 

TiiaMAa Francis Kekncdt, Em. 
A Land Owner. 
Co. Sc. Dunure, Ayrshire. 

R. of E. In Sit town-councUmen of the 
several Boroughs, who elect del^ates 
to vote for the Member. 

JV. of V. 6. Pop. 2K,000. 

E. 1, The Duke of Argyll 

BANBURY, Borough of» Oxfbrd- 
sfiirt. Ist Mary. 1 S$, 

IIekvy ViLi.Tcms Stvart, Esq. 
JicL Ctnu. to the Marquess of Bute ; 
and 10 Ixml P,.J..II..C Stuart, 
M.P. for Cardiff. &c. 

H. vf E. In the Alayor, Aldermen, and 
capital Hurgusscs. 

N,ofV.\d. Pop. 6400. 

//. O. The Mayor. 

E, I. This Borough is under the in- 
fluence of the Earl of Giiilfonl; a 
Junior branch of wha-te family has 
generally tilled ibe rEpraenlative seat 

BANDONBRIDGE, Borough of, 
Corkthircjr. A.U.XUtGcxKlII. I Us. 

Viscount BEayARD. 
iV. t^- S. I-'ranria Bernard. 
To. Ret, 3, Connaiight-plaoe. 
Co. Se. CsH tie- Bernard, Bandon, Cock. 

shire, Ireland. 
iieh Son anii fteir of the Eael of 
Bandon, I. P. 

R.of E. In the sclfn^lcctcd corporation. 

N.»fV. 13. 

E. /. The Duke of Devonshire and the 

Earl of Bandon possesfl the patronage 

of ihifl Borough. 

/f. U. Gth Anne. I707. 

1 Orm* 

John Mourison, Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
Occ. A Merchant. 

To. Ret. Ifi, New BuTVm9,u«v-»u«cu 
Co. Se. Auchintoul., TiniiffsVwt. 


( 296 } 



N. of V. Real, 10; Nominal, 16:— 
Total. 34. Pop. 38.000. 

E. L 'I'he Earl of Fiftf ii ihe proprietor 
of a great portion of (his county. 

BARNSTAPLE, Borough of. De. 
vtmMhire. 23J h'Uw. Hi. 2 Jis*. 

Stephens Lyne STcrnKKS, K^q. 
A I/and Owocr. 

OcoRAE Tldor, E«q. 
A Loiid Owntfr. 

Tv, lift. 28, Park-CKKcnt, Portland, 

i?, of E- In the mayor, 2 alilffmicn, 
I'l I'oiumon-oouncilmcn, and upwards 
of5(M) common bur^-*«c8, who&!t!»ume 
the right of TOting, by prcscriplion, 
from the times of the ancient SaxniiS. 

N. of V. 660. Pop, 5300. 

H. O. The Mayor. 

** If any one Borouph in the country li 
more cumipl than another, U is this. 
The cxpenKA of a candidate at a cnn- 
tested election i< fnym tnt to ihitlrrn 
thoHMttd jKtumlM. The right of roting 
11 in the cor^ioration, and about five 
hundred buq^ses, not more than a 
fourth part of whom raide in the (own. 
The re»t arc di»tribatc<l in I^ndon^ 
Bristol, the £&» and Wen Indien, 
Botany Bay, and all over the world. 
About aerenty of them reside in 
London, and are continually u\i*ni ilie 
hunt for candidates, under pretence that 
one of their Membeni is i//, or about 
to (Kcrpi a place^ or to be crcatrd a 
peer, to that a vacancy it expected : 
and the pcnion applied to in tore to 
be choaen, if he will but give a dinner 
or supper lo the hurgwae* n-siding in 
London, and a few guineas to cnch 
by way of a rrtiining fee I — They will, 
on these conditioni, write to their 
iVlends in the country, to inform them 
vhnt a genemuft candidate they havii 
procured ! — This generally pniducea 
■n iovitntion frnm tliOKc who reside 
there, to the gentleman who has made 
so good a beginning, to come down 
and be elected. One or two of these 
fnanagrrty as they call thmiaelvea, 
are lo be sent down with thctr pockets 
wdl nippUed, to give a lupper at 
Bristol , and another at Barrutaplc, 
and get the invitation signed. They 
return with the triumphant instrument. 
The gaodidate accordingly ogrivea ; he 

ia uhhered into the Borough witli ring- 
ing of bella, is draati round the town 
by the populace, and may think liiia> 
self fortunate if He geU away vttAoaC 
Wm^ ruinrd. 

*' Above a More of gentlemen we conU 
name can bear witne» to the loaici 
they have xuffcred \>y these impocitiooL 
When a candidate arrives at tnis place, 
the very buigcaacs who signed their 
naiiiea to the invitation make no scruple 
of rufu->ing him their votes, inforniii^ 
hUn diey only set tlieir names to the 
paper to bring him down, that they 
might see hoxa ihcjf liked him; and 
we have known a great number of the 
freemen of this place receive six guinea* 
each to bear their rhuges trora Londoo 
to Barnstaple, at an election ; and at 
the poll every one of them Itavc vokd 
agttinrt him to gel their expenses paid 
over again by another candidate ! 

** These hone$t electors had once Ae 
fortune to have a candidate as sUppety 
as themselves: he distributed dr^» 
for large sums payable in London; 
treated the voters with dinners and cn> 
tertainmcnta; and went off a day at 
two before the election, leaving hk 
agents, managers, and the unfortunali 
Iwdlord, who was an innocent man 
(having neither a vote nor any concctO 
in ilie ulrction), all unpaid, aa wov 
hi^ drafts upon liondon, which he had 
the folly to believe would secure his 

''- The independent part of the inhabitants 
of ihiA u>wn petilionefl the Iloute of 
Commons in 18111, to extend the 
of voting to the hmtdrrdi ; 
that bribery and carruption 
ptevalcT'l, that fcrtt/ and fiftt/ 
were given for a vote ; thfit the 
didates and their parties frequent!; 
took poftwnsion of the town ; and that 
the town resembled a lair the ni 
before on elcclinn, the freemen laui 
from houses hired during ih 
by the managers, with the bribes 
their hands, KV which die liUrti 
their country were to be sacrificed the 
next mumin^;. This notorious 
ruplion was tit last bnnight bef< 
public by a petition from Sir H 
Clement ThnnipMm agatiut the 
of :he late Sir Manuaeh Lopes, 
and Francis Molineux Ommaney 
at the general election for IRIA. 
"• Ahhough the petition was against the 




BASS ( 297 

return of both Menibcn, evidence was 
brought forward only against Sir M. 
Ifopcs who was conTicurd anil lo»l 
hift scmt, and wa« ordcn'd by the IlmtHr, 
upon ihc rcpon of the Conmiittee, to 
be nroftccuutl by t)ie Attomcy-Oc- 
ncral He was iried at the Summer 
Aasixet, 1810, at KxL-lcr, and wa.<i ar- 
quitted; but wan oonvictul, uptm the 
dcamt evidence, at ihc precedln}^ 
SMim. at the name place, of bribing 
the Boroaich of Grampound. 
'The other Member miulchis peace with 
the petitioner before the ca«e came to be 
heard in the Committee.'* — OidJUid. 

BASSETI^VW, Hundr«l of, Not- 
iiiijrfiattu/tire. \it IViUium /l^ '2 Jin. 


A"". 4* **• Charles Kvilyn Pierrepont 

»To. Rfi. 13, Prtrt man -square. 
Rel Etd. Km of Karl iManven. 

The Hok. AitTntrn UtrwcoMBE. 
Offl. A Captain in tlie Nary. 

*To. Rrn, 24, Arlingion-itrect. 
Itrl. -24 M'.m of liamn levcrahora : 
bro* to the Hon. W. Duncombc. 
M.P. for VorluIiirL': ncp/i. to 
ThonuM Slingfiby D^incoinbc, Esq. 
MP. forHenfoitl. 

B, of E, In the freelioldere of the Hun. 
died, and in the inhabitants of Ea»t 
Retford ; the same havtni; been ex- 
temlcil la<t Aewionton account of rvnto- 
tiuus bribery among the latter at a 
previous election. 
A^ »f V. 17,jt». • 
i\ip. of EIoAt Uetford, alone. 2030. 
E* /. Exercised by frji/l Manvcn and 
the Duke of Newcaktie. The latter 
^L nobleman has in a ^rcat measure relin- 
^H quiohed the patronagu of thin towJi and 
^V'nunflrrd, havin|; found tliat the ex- 
^V pcnditure of 0(l,0(>0^ did not )>ive him 
^K that influenct: which be reasonably ex- 

UATH, Ci^ • of, StmertfUhiTt, 
23«/ Edv. f. 2 CilM. 

Loan JohkThvkne, f.s.a. OthPorL 
Offi. A Privy CouncUlor. 

tTo* Mft. IS, Hill^trccL, Berkeley- 


UlL Dro, to tiie Alaroueas of Bath : 
tincir. to Lord WilUani, and to 
IxHtl Ileiiry-Frederick,Tbynne,buth 
Members for Wcobly. 

CjiAHLCd Palmeh, Em). Ath ParL 
Offt, A Mnjor-Ocuvrai in the Army. 
To. Hci. C/Ocnn-trec Clubhouse, 64, 
St. Jaiiic»*t-atrcet. 

li'O/E. In the miyor, aldcrmeit, and 
common- council, who are solf.cUetcd. 

N. uf y. 28. Pif. 6<),(MH». 

/(. O. The Mayor. 

E. I. The Marqueimca of Bath and 
Camden, and Air. Palmer, the Mem- 
ber, Influence the returns for this citT ; 
which )uu long been represented by the 
junior branches of ttieir rcKpeetive fiu 

William Prynne, who lost his car* on 
the ftUhrtj for publishing the " J5fi*- 
trln-MaMtiTf*' represented this city in 

BEAUMARIS, Borough of, .4»/:h: 
atythlre, N. W, mth fioi. Vlil. 1 iH. 


BuLKn.r.Y, Bart. 
A Land Owner. 
Co. Se. Baron 11 ill, m the County of 


R.ofE. In the mayor, 2 bdiliffit, and 

21 capital burgesses. 
N. of V. 24. Fop, 2300. 

R. O. The ilaynr. 
E. I. Posstxsed by Sir R. Bulkeley. 

By an act made in the 27th of Henry 
VlII., tlic l2anintiL'8, and an many 
towns, or dhlricti of lowii^ in M'alea, 
were privileged to Rond JMcmbcra to 
Parliament. The BoniiighH of Beau - 
maris and Montgomery can atone be 
Haid to be' under abMiIute control. 
The influence which pTcvaila In the 
other towns ill not the produce ofc(»r- 
ruption, but arises from the popularity 
and hoKpiudily of men of considerable 
property, wlukic residences are coati* 
guous, and who are ready to affbrd 
the inhabitants any assisiana'oradpice 
which the uxigencics of their situation 
may rccjuire. An iuAtonce of brlbere 
Is very uncommon among ihctn. Tins 
town is the only place in H'alcs 

* Citie* are either ices of Binhnps, as Bath, Wtncbetler, &c., or en^o^ euxvaXci 
privilegea by royal charter, as yfatminiHer. 


( 298 ) 


where the right o( election haa been 
liinitrd to n rorporation, and where 
thirteen individuals, which ii a majo- 
rity of tills selfcl body« return tbc 


\ 2K{>. 

The Mabquess ofTatistock. 

Gth P&rl. 

JV. 4- .y. Fnincis Rus^cL 

Tb, Ret. dy Carlton Kou&e-tcrmeo. 

C'. Sc. Oakley Houie. Uedfordshire. 

RcL EU, *m of the Duke of Bedford : 
hro. to Ix)rd John Kusscl, AI, F. for 
TaviKtock : !>ro.-ir(-/iJB' to the Carl 
(if Harrin^Lun: ncyheia tu Lnrd 
M'iUiam Kuascl, M. P. for Tari- 

WiLLiAH Stuart, Eiiq. 
A Land Ovncr. 
To, lies. 18, HiU-«tree^ Berkeley- 

Co. S<. Tempitford UaU, St. Neot'a, 

E, i. PoueMtcd by (he Duke of Bed- 
ford, and by Baron Granthain who is 
Xvord LicuL arid C^uaL Itolulorum of 
the county* 

Iticluding the town of Bedford, this 
county returns, altogctber, only 4 
Mcuibcra (o Pailianient. 

BEDFORD, Borough of, Bed». 
33J Etiw. L 2 Bt$. 


A Land Owner. •Ith Pari. 

Occ. A brewer in London. 

Tu. Ret. fH*. Eaton-square. 

Co. St. Southill, iitJir Biggleswade, 

Beds; and PurfleeL, Ehmx. 
RfL Nrphcv to Earl Orey: row*, to 

Vi»count Uowick,M ,P. for II igham- 


Fredemick Poluill, Esq. 
rZ/jS. A (.'upiain in the Army. 

H. <ifE> In the burgcsaea, freeinen, and 
inhahitoni-houscholdcn not leoctring 

M ttf V. about 1500. 

A. O. The .^layor and 2 BaiUi 

Prt^. 5000. 

BEDU'IN, Borough of, WUh. 
a-V Eilxe. I. 2 BtM. 

The Rt. Hov. Sir Johm Nicuoll, 
JT r., Jt>. c. L., r. R. 8., ftnd r.s.A.Uih Pari. 

Q^. A Priry Councillor. 
Dtan of the Arcftcsy and Jud^e vf 
the Prerogative Conri ofLantcr* 
Judge of itic Adniiraliy Court. 
A liOrdofTnulcand Plontotiona. 
To. Res. 2(», Bruton-stfwU 
C».Sf. Merihyniiawr,01amorg«n»hire. 

Jomm-JacobBuxtoit, Kaq. ft th Pari 

A Landowner. 

Co. Sc. 8hadwdl Ivodge, Norfolk; 
and Torkenhtm House, Wiltju 

Itcf. EM. lOH of Sir R.-,I. R Bart.: 
bro.'iu'ia-x to Sir M. Cholmcley, 
Bi., M.P. for Gmntham: coutirt to 
Sir Thomaa Brevor, Barl. 

R. of E. In the t'rocholdeni and inhabit- 
ants of aiideiit burgBgo-nicaauagca, 
who are occa»iontUly incrcaaed or dc^ 

N. o/y. about 80. P9p, llWa 

R. O. A PortreeTC, nominated at the 
cuurt-lcet of the lord of the manor. 

£. /. Patron, tttc Marquess of Ayles- 

n i: F. RA LSTO N, Borough of. Divom 
271ft Eliz. % Bst. 

Da\'iii Lvov, Esq. 1st Pari- 

To. Rrt. 34, Ixiwer Orosvenor-Mitcu 

CuRi'STOPHEn Blacnett, Eaq. 
A Land Owner. 
Co. Se, M'ylaui, NorthuiiibcrUod* 

R.o/E. In the freehold Icnantt of up- 
wards of 70 biirx'<iffe'tfnurfi^ P*jiBg 
an ancient thrct/vntrj/ burgage-rtnt 10 
the lord of the borough. 

N. of V. 100. Pup. So uniUI aa not to 
be diitingtuiihed in the Population Re- 

R. O. The Portrwvc. 

E.I. The Eari of Beverley )s lord of the 
manor and borough, The cenmuuiy 
of lummoning the electors at the liat 
election was dtopcnaed with; the pon- 
TCCTC only, and his derk» attending 1 1 ! 

BELFAST, Borough of, jHtrirntKirt^ 
Irdaml. A.U.Utt Cwau Hi. I Bt. 

Sir Artiiuk CnicucsTEB, Bart. 

A I*and Owner. 
To. Ret. 15, Sackville-itrtet- 
Co. Se. Caatlc Cah-v, MoTille 
Rcl. Cout. to the Marquca* of Dooc- 


:&, £aq. 3d PuL 

street, Berkelcj. 


b^ the Karlj of 

U hail b«eii truu- 

Tbe Earl of 

liiruL ftod Castos 

Mtunied to P&rli&. 
ttod its 4 bo- 

il IRE, Scotland. 

1 Corn. 

OST JUaiti.axi), 
3d Pari 
In tbe IXcytJi Narj. 
•stivcL, Sl. Junies^s. 
E«rl of LuidenUle : 
I M^tbnd, M. P. 
1 lrro.J«-/iRr to Junes 
J. M.P. fotCraU^Ac. 

;N«nlJ»l,B7:— Total, 
FojK 32,000. 
bf lb* Eul» of UoDic 


oMcEwj. ridParL 
in iheAmiy. 
AKK, lUrt. 3d Pari 

Pwk, NoTthumber. 

FafL Pat. 


H. ofE. Ill the hurpriiet^ and those fVer- 
men who are regularly admitted and 
•irora ; but who need nut be rviddcnL 

N,ofV. about IdOO. Fop. mMtO. 

E. 1. Marqueu of Waterford and Sir 
Franc U Itlake. 

The non-rckident freemen of the borough 
of BcTwick-ujKMi-Twectl, living in 
Loniiott^ hcing put on board two vcs- 
uU in the Thames, immediately pre- 
vious to the election of 17'IK-, in order 
to be conveyed to Berwick by water, 
Mr. Taylor, one of the candulalcs in 
oppoaiiion, covenanted with the naval 
commander of this election -cargo, for 
the jium of 4001., to land the freemen 
in Norway. Thi» was accordingly 
done, and Mr. Taylor and Loid l>e- 
Uval gained their election without 
any fiuiher cxpcnte ! ! 

23dEdxr.J. 2tf«.' 

Hevrv BunroK, Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
To, Hct. I, ITpper nrook.».lrecL 
Co. Sc. Hotham Hdll. .Market Wei 
ton, Vork. 

Dakiel Svxcs, E»q. 3d P 

A Land Owner. 
An East India Pmprietor. 
Offi. Recorder of Hull. 
To, /ici. Warrco\ Hotel, I, Kcf^nU] 

Co. Se. Raywell Hill, Yorkshin:. 

R. ofE. In x\\cfrtcnun of the borough, 
who acquire their franchise by birlfa, 
servitude, or purchase. 

iV.o/T. About 1700, of whom only about 
150 are rcsidenL Pop. 7800. 

R. O. The Mayor, 

BEWULEY, Borough of, Worcti- 
ierthire, Janua I. 1 Bi* 


4th Pari. 
To. Rt$. M, DoTcr-«trcct 

Qterae 11-, chap. 42, it waa enacted lliat Berwick-upon-Tweed and 
cA m all Acta of Parliament, wherein Oie kingdom of Vav^- 
BritMia cMlied EngUktid, should liieruUtcr be mcDdon«.-d« 


foGEns, E»q. ^^^^^^^ 
Prof A BttiTi»tcr-at-LAW« 
To. lies. 17, HeacnUvtnet 
Co. St. i^iiuiage I'ark, Radnorshlrr. 

FREncmcx - Hamiltok CotiKc- 
WALL, Esq. 
A Land (Iwner. 
C«. Se. Delburj, Salnp. 

n.itfP.. In the boiUflT, and nil the hur^ 

gCMHM witlim thf borough. 
N. ofV. I'pwards of CO. Pop, 1000. 
R. b. The BailifT. 
E. I. Earl Poww, 

BLETCIIINOLEV, nnrough nf, 
Co, of Surrey. 23rf Edw, I. 2 Bst. 

CitARLEf Tennyson, Esq. 4th Pari. 

To. Ret. Aj Park-street, Wcatnilniiier. 
Co. Sf. Cainby Hall, Lin ci'liin hire. 
OJ^. Clerk of the Ordnano^ 
UrL Nf-fihrv to Mr. Kuuell, patron of 
the Durough. 

Sir William Hosne, Kt. 

O/Jf. Hi-1 Majc*ty'i> Soliriuir ftcncrnl. 

To. Res. l!i, Dld-squv.', UncolnV 
inn, ami 40, I'ppcr Harlcy-ftrcct. 

Co. Sr. Kpplng ci-rcea, Ucrtford&hire. 
R.ofE' I" the bargagc-Jioiticn onlj, 

exduuve of the mayor. 

N.ofv.ea. Poy. uoo. 

R. O. The Alayor. 

n-i-._ .. 

»-• ,.11. 

A Urd 
iMtc Pre 
Pnf A Ul 
To. R,s. 45,1 

Co. Se. East 

Purl. Pat. <J 


OJt. A Captain I 
ReL Com. to 


R. ofE. In the 
and 24 but^< 
mon councU. 


R. O. The Mayor, 

£. I. The Marqn 
Mr. Gilbert are t 
Bore ugh ; the re 
if as completely 
its patrons, as 
ix of its propri 
corpontkm beii 
a weekly ilipemj 
B.^ the pariati p 
all under the mat 
ncy, who is call 
arc pniviiU-il fi)r 


( 301 ) 


r. of A*. In the hhrcaf^cJtolden^ wr- 

nmlintt to andent um^c 
t of V. Between «5 and 76. Pop. ftOO. 
'. b. The BaililF, whois appoinudBi the 

Ixml of tht 3lat»or'» Couri-I«ecU 
',, I. The Duke of Newcastle uiid Air. 


fhc baSiflTof BorouphbTMlgc Is generalljr 
&n iimkce|icr. At one time, in onler to 
have the opportunity of receiving bribes 
ftt dectioni, without Tendering hinifelf 
lUhle to ihc ncimlty, this personage 
was in the habit of procuring one of 
hit own o»llnii to be dec'ed haililT 
pro trm,, and he himself carried the 
mace before him I [Scr :ildbortmgh,) 
r Kicbaid Steele, the relcbnitcd autlior 
of the Tatlfr, who rvpresenttd this 
Borough in ITl-i* carried hi« election 
against a powerful opixH^iLion by the 
laughable expnlient of sticking two 
applca fitU of guineas ; and di-donng 
to the elector*, before whom hi; hiM 
them up, that the larfi£tt should be the 
priae of that man whose wife should 
be the fint to bring forth a boy afUt 
ibai day nine monlfas, and thM the 
odttf afaoold belong to him who should 
bcoocne tlu flithcr of a girl within the 
same |>eriod. This finesse procured 
him the interest of the women ; who 
are said to eommcnaorate Sir Richard's 
bounty to this day. They once made 
a strenuous cJFurt tu prueure a resolu- 
tion, that no man should ever be ru- 
cesved as a candidate, who did not offer 
himself to their consideratiun, upon the 

TKKVEKA, Donnigli or, CvmuulL 
7/A £Jb-. VI, 2 B»M. 

Tiii: Hon. Jobn-Stvaht Wonr- 
LKT. 3d Pari. 

Co. Se. Wortley Hall, Vorltshirc. 
lUL Etd. ton of B&ran U''hfimcMc. 

KowABD-RoscTtJNNO, Eiq. 2d Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

To. lirt, 1I», Upper Brook-streee. 
Co. Sc. Llangenasck Park, Cacrmftr. 

thcnahirc; and lUd Kiev House^ 

Aadover. Hants. 
ParL PaL One Member for this 



In the frtcmefi or horuughinfH. 
Ktocn 30 to 36 and u/»w«rtJa, — 

In X'iHX aiul 17]}<>, a ahiffk surviving 
lnfTongfit/MH nuniinafcd the two rcpn> 
ftcnutives ! Pap. 900. 

li. O. The Mayor. 

A'./. Itaran Whontcliffe and Air. Tunno 
arc the proprirton of this Borough. 

" Thifi Borough dcvct had a charter, ex- 
cept a pretended one from Hichard, 
Earl 0*' Cornwall, of which no rcttige 
is to be found ; and, if it wax, it could 
only be a charter of exemption or pri- 
vilege, and not a cliarier of ineor- 
pOT&lion, for no such were granU'd at 
tliat period; notwith standing which, 
here is an aiiMimcd mayor, who also 
anumcs the power of determining how 
many of the freeholders shall be ad- 
mitied to exercise the elective fran* 
chi$e, and how many shall be excluded 
from that right, conBiiing even this 
liinitid right to a minority, and ex- 
cluding fourteen out of twcnty-four, 
who have frcclwhU of inhmtance 
within the Borough, and reside in the 
parihli; and, consequently, have the 
same right, whatever it may be, as 
attaches to the remaining ten who 
possess only the same qualificatiun. 

**The nuwincT of managing the Borough, 
as we are informed by scvrral of the 
rotcrs is by distributiog 1 50/. to each 
voter after every general eleirtion, and 
dividing 600/. between them whenever 
a single vacancy takes place."— O/4/. 

BOSTON, Borough of, LitusdnAirr. 
Ut £J» VI. 2 Bii. 

NciLL .tiALCOLM, JuH. Esq. 2d Part 
Oi'c. A Merchant, and Eait and ^Vcst 

India Proprietor. 
To. Ret. 1, Princcs*«trcct, Hanover, 

Joiiy U'lLKs, Esq, 
Prof. A Solicitor. 

R.ofE. In the mayor, aldermen, and 
common council, with such freeman 
as claim llieir franchise by birth or 
servitude, and who, being resident, 
pay scot and lot. 

a: of V. about 400, Pop. 10,600. 

n. b. The Alayor. 

BRACKLEY, Borough of. Norths 
nmplotithirc. \it ICdv. Vl. 'J Bu, 

Koni:uT-HAi.i)AKK Bb.m>&uaw^ ^«a. 
A Land Owner. %^ Vw^* 



( 302 ) 


Aa East India PrttpriL-ttir. 

(tfc, Sjlicitoi 10 the Marquess of 

To. iirs. 12, Parlianient-gtrvet. 
Vo. Sc. Hiinciini, Chvihin; ; and 

^V'onIey Uall, Lancuhire. 
Port. Pat. Two McDibcra for this 


Jaucs Bradsuaw, Ksi]. 3d PorL 
OJi. A C'apt. in thv Itojal Navj. 
Tv. Ha. 08, Eaton.square. 
fid. Second torn of tlie other Member. 

R. of E. Iq the corporation, cmtBUting 
of a mayor, A aldenncti, and 26 bur- 
gcmei, who may be raidcnt or not. 

M ^i/T. 32. Pop, 1W». 

R, O. The Mayor. 

E. J. PoMCSBcd by (he nrad»haw family, 
auppoitHl br the M&n|ue»8 of Stafford. 
It i% said, that on nnr occasion, n hat- 
JhU ofguineat was offered to an Alder- 
iiioa of tliis Borough for bia vote — 
but refused ! 

BRAMnER. Itorough of, Suitfx. 
2SJ Ed-x. I. 2 Bn, 

John Irvino, Esq. Ath ParL 

(ke. A West lodia Alercbant, and 

East India Prppri«lor. 
T'l. Hft. 1. Richmofid-icrrace. 
Ca Se* Athford, near :$tainet, Middle- 

Tiic Hox.FRCDEAiCK.aotroHCAX.. 

THORPE, 4th Pari. 

Qjfi, A Metropolitan Coramtssioncr of 

To. Hrx. 23, Upper Oro^vrnm-Mrfct. 
Co. Sr> Klveahaiu, Uartfbrd Bridge., 

Re4, Bro, of Baron Calthorpe: *cm. 

M-iatr to the Uuke of BcaufoK. 

7T. of E. In pentoDft paying >cot and lot, 

and inhabiting houKS built on attcient 

S» of K. Varici from 20 to 30 : at the 

mU electl<iD the former was the Dumber. 
JV. 166. 
R. O. A Constable appointed at the 

I>ukc of Rutland*! Court Leet. 
R. I. Vented in ihu Duke and in Boron 


Thta in a burgatfc-tennre, m nomination 
Borough. The plaoa tltogetbcr coo- 

sista only of twenty-two 
thatcbcil cottagea, and ia com] 
two inleniectioDs of a street, the un| 
and middle ptrta of which oonstnt 

anotluT pocket Borough, called St 

ning, bdonging to the Duke of Nor- 

Uraiiiber is divided into two parts : the 
north part, joining to the Borough of 
Stcyning, Is half a mile from the south 
diviaioo, callM RrainlKr-strect. Pmii 
the year \'2*.M to l47'i, ii waA joined 
with Sterniiig as one Borough, ift^H 
the writs for cutting mnnbiTs; Btna^^l 
which liinc they Iiave returned bus^H 
geases to serve in Parliament, aa dif- 
fereat Boroughs. 

2-tth Hen, VIII, I Xi 

'ih PriLS 

Thomas Woois Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
Offi. Col. of the East MiddlcMX 

To. Ret. Hi, Straiton-stRct. 
Co. Sr, (iwemcvet, nrccknockahire 

and Littleton, Staim-s, Middlesex. 
Rcl. Bru.'inJifxv to tlic Marqui 


£. /. The Duke of Beaufort if 
Lieutenant and Cuau Rotulorum. 

This County, with iu Borough of Brecon, 
returns only two Membm to Pazti^ 
mcni ! 

BRECON, Borough of, Breekmth' 
shirr, S, Wak$, 21th II ch. VJII. \ Bu 


OAH, Esq. 
To. Hri, 70» Pall-MalL 
RcL Sou of Sir Charles 3(organ,Ban, 

M.P. fur Monmouthihirc: &rDi.*te- 

/•Jtr to Baron Rodney. 

R. of E. In the corporatkm andyVcc 

AT.o/r. 700*. /*«/. STOft 

R. O. The two bftiliffs. 
£. /. Sir Charles Morgan, Baru 

Shropahirt. lOd Edw, L t An. 

* Tbc t^pvciator Newspaper of Jan. 2, 1631, ataks tlu muubei to b« onljr 30 ! 


( 303 ) 


A Land Owner. 

To. JUt. 7, Uarley-ilrcct. 

Co. Se. Aplcy Park, Shropabitc* 

E»q. Srd ParL 

Co. 5^. DudmuUMi, Shropshire. 
/2cJL Bro.'tH'low to the Karl of Unul- 
ford : A>n of the first Member. 
R.ofK. In the (Vr/?orii(itfM and/rrfWN 

within and without the Rorough. 
N. of r. between 750 ami 000. Ptyp. 

A. a Two Bailifis who are annually 
elected &aai 24 Aldennc'n, by a jury 
of 14 Burgetsea. 
JB- i. ThefaniilyofWhilmoreof Aplcy, 
a seat in the ncighbniu-faood, have re- 
^Tprcicnted this Uorough ever &ince the 
^■rtcisoof James I., with the exception of 
^^ only fire Parliaroenis. 

BRIDOEWATER, Borough of, 
Somfr$e1$hire, 23rd Edm. 1. *i Uki. 

\l''il.LiAM A«TELL, Esq. fith Part 
QgU Chairman of the Eait Intiia Com- 
»To. Ret. 4t Portl&nd-])lacc. 
Co. Se. Evcrtou House, Bi^jgleiuiulc^ 


Ei«j., r.s.A. 3rd PnrL 

A I.And Owner. 
To. Re$. 10, UiU.»trttrt, Bcrkeley- 

Co. Se. UalicwcU House, near Bridge^ 

watcc, Bomecwtahirc ; Bumhill,8ur- 

ny ; and Ccfo-Alabley, UUmorgun- 


A. ofE. tn the inhahUantt paying scot 
and lot within the Borough ;— those of 
the Eutem and Western divi^iions of 
the pariah of Brtdgewater having no 
right tn vote. 

A^. of r. about 300. Pop, C320. 

Bndgewatcr wan very corrupt prevlau»ly 
to the extension of iti franchise. Pigs, 
panvts, and dogs have been known to 
be told for one hundred guineas each 
at the elections for this Borough ; and 
in most case*, the buyt-rs forgot, or ntfg. 
lecied, to claim thvir purcWca ; the 
rolea of the tellcnt being the trmin 
pointA. A blacksmith in this town 
cliargod a candidate fifty guineas for 
shoeing htA horac. The other candidate, 
bowvVBr» oilled upon him, SMyingt he 

wanted two ithocft for hie horse : they 
were made; the elector receiving one 
hundred guinciM, and giving hin vole 
for ihe luttcr; whiUi he refuicd lo re- 
turn the bfibf he had uccivcd fn>tn 
the first candidate. — Sums ul' three, 
four, and five htiiidrcU guiiieos have 
been given for single vob:a ! 

A Correspondent of the Spectator News- 
paper thu» wntL*s respecting the reprc- 
grntalioa o( Briilgcwater : — 

" ^'ou arc not aware, [ am sure, of the 
nature of the influence exercised there 
by .Mr. Astcll, one of the Members. 
A person, rmiilent in Bridgcwater, 
told mc, A few months ago, that every 
voter in the town has one or more 
sons, or other relatlrcs, piorldcd for 
by 3lr. Axtcll with situations in the 
India House, or in India ; that it is a 
regular bui'lness aflair between Mr. 
Attell and the voters, who ' HrmantC 
appointments in return for their ixitea, 
in the true trading spirit. As a furtlier 
oorroboiation, I have lo mention hnving 
met with the ( 'npiain of an East India 
ship, wlio told me, that he has never 
yet sailed without having liridge-mtter 
peraoHB to carry <nit, cither as cadeta, 
or officers, or sonic uppoiiitmenta or 
other, whidi he attributed to Mr. 
Astell's interference as Chairman, — 
OA indeed the parties came by ojfirial 
voinmaTui; for which he and ftll nbout 
him had no resource but respectful 

BRIDPORT, Borough of. DortcU 
thirt, 2X\d Edw. I. 2 JSm. 

Sir HonACE-DAviD CiioLWEtt St. 
Paul, Ban. fiihParL 

A Land Owner. 

Offi, \ Colonel in the Arnnr. 

To. Ret. 13, Chapcl-atrcct, Orosvenor- 

Co, Sc. E wart Park, Woolcr, North- 

Hensv Warbuhtos, Esq. 2d ParL 
Occ. A Merchant. 
To. Res. 4A, Catloigan-plocc. 

R. of E. In all the inhabitant houte. 

keejrert^ not receiving ohna, and paying 

scot and lot. 
A', of V. about 3:W. Pop. 3000. 

R. b. Two Bailiflk, 
E. /. Thtt CotporatVon \k<WKa»e» o&ft 







This BoTOUgK, like all olhow, has i 
autcd jiric;:, which the voUJS call their 
birtfi-rlffht : wvcral cmhIwIjU^s left 
thcra »t the election in 1812, In con- 
sequence of their dcmwiding payment 
befurchand ! I 

" The voteni are mostly poor, and cm- | 
ployed in (lie trudc of the town, as flax- 
twioe-apinncrs HaK-combers, &.c. J\lr- 
Worbnrton is rttunicd on the inflii- 
ence of the Corponoion, nearly all uf 
whom are DlMcntem, and chiefly Uni. 
UHan«. Sir H. Su Paul is returned 
by the church party. 

'* The foler*, wht-n there is noooniest, are 
pud ten pounds each for both Members; 
but when the election is contested* tiic 
price b ftom twenty lo thirty pounds. 
These wretdied beings look upon this 
duureur as a gnUi pro quo. After Sir 
E. Neptan had been, wme years since, 
returned for the borough, a voter called 
on him for tlie custocnory twcntypounds 
for his vote ; which lieinj; refused, the 

TotcT rq)Uea. *Thcn I'U bed il 

if I don*i arrest you for it/ 

'• The payment of tlie coasidcralion Is 
cominiiqly cflectcd in this manner:— 
About two yean after the election, 
the .^Umbers send down the money 

Fto their respective attorneys, who in- 
do*e the tai (tound note to tho voter 
in a letter, which he a*cctvcs through 
■ itie medium of the Bridport post-office. 
I Until a few years ago, the Corporation 
liettiroed both Meiiibcrs; but una eon- 
I teat taking \\\ncc, the Spt Akcr'» warrnnt 
' vai issued for tlic production of the 
corporation documentM; inconsequence 
of which they came to an agreement 
with the church jarty (ilitir former 
opponents), who have ever since Ix-cn 
allowed to return one of the i^Icmben* 
I —in order to prcscrrc the peace of the 
' town!"— %ertaior XcwMjfapcr, Jan 
2. 1831. 

( 304 ) BUCK 

In ihcyV-rt'/wWm of forty shil- 



City and County of, 
47*A Ed:t>. ill. 2 CHt. 

RiciuiidU ART Davis, Esq. 3d Pari. 
Occ. A JlcrchanL 
To. Ret, 3B, Conduit-street. 
Co. iic. Mortimer House, Clifton, 

JuuK-KvAN Baillik, Esq, 
A U'c*t India Propiicior. 
Tu. R€s. I, Scttinoft-pbce, Curzon- 


lings a year, and upwards ; azid in 
free butgcssea or frctftuiu—P 
who many the daughters or widon 
of citixcns arc ihaeby made free. 

JV. of V. Between 6000 and 5200 re- 
sidents, and about I&OO min-rv«idcn 

Pop. 7R,5O0. 

H. O. The two Shcrifl*. 

Every man who marries a frecroaa's 
daughter or widow is entitled lo his 
freedom ; and as the certificate of ba^ 
lism is evidence of their birth In die 
plaL-e, persons bring their children 
from all quarters, and at all agest to 
be chilstcned at Bristol. The amuss 
at the last election wm between the 
Quakers and Methodists, and the WtA 
India merchants; and otw of the Meir»- 
ben is supposed to have spent 25.00M. 
in canVBMtng voters at their midooa 
in disunt pUces, bringing ibem lo the 
|isill, nnd malntunlng them during the 

election The expense of a BrisUil 

election lias been estlroated at lOOOL 
pt:r day to eacli candidate ! 

Tlic jM-ivilcgc we have mentioned was 
granted by Queen Anne, who was 
plea?iL-d with the hospitality shown ^n 
the people of Bristol to her haabaad, 
George, Prince of Denmark- filie 
axkcd what privileges she should cooftf 
upon tlieiM ; and they requested thisone, 
Uxauit their vvmen were ao u^t — 
Fwemen's daughters have been known 
to be niaTTiL-d for the cKpnesa purpOM 
of qualifying tlieir hu&bundi to rOAtt 
and ill some Instances, the htwhaod 
sclectHl for the occasion, after fulfilliog 
tlic purpofec of the marriage, appcwn 
ta liavc provided against the eviU thai 
might arise from having a bad panaer, 
hy discovering that tlic marria^ ' 
no validity, I'nim the drcumstan 
his having tk former wife living 1 



18/A Edv. 111. « Xa. 

The MAncit;ES9 or Chamdos 

JV. 4" .V. nichard-PUniagcnei 

villc- Brydgcs- Nug,:oi 

Temple Grenville. 
Q/^. Chairman of the West 

High Stewanl of W'incbcatcr. 
To. Ret. O.'i, Pall-Mall. 
Co. ^. Wotton Uousc, Bucks. 

4Ui FmH 

est In^^ 


BUCK ( 305 ) 

Hel, Stm and Mr to tlie Duke of 
Buckingham : «OM-iii-/(ra- to the 
Harl of BrradBlbanc. 

The lloy. RoaERT-Jouv Smith. 
4t]i Pmrl. 
To, Ret, 3, BclgTBvc-stiect. 
Co. Sc. Gayhunt, Newport Pagnall, 

Ref. San and hrir of Bxron Corring- 
lon : bia.-iM'iaw to Baron Kru 
rat«-r. His lady a v'lece to the 
Duke of Rutland. 

i?. /. The Duke of Buckingham la Ijord 
Liriitcnant aud Cusios Kmulonim; 
and cxerci&cs one moiety of the po.- 

Thi!« (.'ounty^ and iti 6 Borougha ntum 
1 4 Alcmbcn to Parliament. 


BLTKTNGHAM, Borough of, Burkt. 
Hen. nil. 2 JiMt. 


•Ith Pail. 

A Land Ovncr. 

OffL A Genenil in the Amiy. 
Colonel of the ikh Ue^rt. of Foau 
Oovemor of St. MaweV 
Ijite Commandcr-tn-chicf in India. 

Co. £r. M'enthorpe House, near Alar- 
low, Bucki. 

Rei, Coutin to the Duke of Bucking- 
bam ; and to IlHron Nii(;L'nc, M.P. for 
Aylesbury: 2il a)MMia to tht* Mar- 
qucM ofC'hiinduK, '^'- P*for Bucking* 
hanuhtre: fa.-in-law to ihc other 
Member for Buckii-gham^ viz. : — 


Bart. 2d Pari. 

(\rho is a Baron of the Auitrian 

A Land Owner. 
Offi. A Metropolitan CotnmiiBtoner of 

Co.Sc, 8wanbourae, Bucks. 
Hel SoH-in-iav to tlie otlier Member. 

of K. In the bail ifT and twelve bur- 

ofV la. /*op. 3465. 

6. The bailiff: 
\£. I. The Duke of Buckingham in pro. 
pricrtor and High Stewanl; and the 
bailiff and burgcMen are hii relalives 
and dependants. — The patronage has 
existed in hii Grace's Cunily during 
the Lut lAOyeara! 

BURVST.EDMUND'8, Borough of. 
St^'otk. 4th Jnrnci I. 2 B»m, 

TuE Karl of Eustok, 2d ParL 

A'.^-.V. Hcnr>- Fitiroy. 

To. RcK. 7. Gmsvcnor-pUcc, 

Co, Sc. Salccy Forest, Northampton- 

ilcL £/i2. ion of the Duke of Gmfton: 
nephrr lo the Duke of Uloucenter: 
bro. to Lord Charles Fitzroy, jun., 

Eart. Jebmyx. Sd Part 

y. ^ S. Frederlck-WiUiam IIer\cy. 
To, Rrt. 0, St. JamrsVsqunre. 
Hel. Eld, ton of the Maniueixof Briittol. 

ft. ofE. In the ivr/iorttiiim, contititing 
of an aldcriTioo, 12 burgusitfs, and 24 

X. o^r. 37, Pop. 10,200. 

R. b. The Alderman. 

E. I. PoAscAied by the Duke ot Grafton 
and the Marquem of Bristol ; whose 
familicji have each rrtnmc<l a Mentbcr 
ever h\x\cc the year 1747 ; previous to 
which tinu.' it )imd been ut^tjcr the sole 
patronage of Llie Karlx of Bristol. 

Stvlhttd. A. U, KM Annt, 1 Com, 

Thk Rt. Uov. 81K William Rae, 
Bart. 4ib Pari. 

Praf, An AdvncntratthcScottiftliBar. 
Offi. A Privy CouiidUor. 

Ijtle liord Advocate of Scotland. 
To. firs. 13, Park-place, St. .hiine»'s. 
Co-Sr. St.t'atherinc'&,Edinburghiihirc. 

R. ofE. The freeholders of these coun- 
ties send a Member to Parliaiiicnt, al. 
A'. 0/ V. Real for Bute, 9 ; the same f«r 
CailhneM, 13:— Total, 22. 
Nomin&l for Bute, .'); the some for 

CaiihncM, 1 1 :— Total, 20. 
Grand Total. 42. 
Pop. Bute, 12,200; Caiihnes(s24,0t»: 

—Total, 36,200. 
E. I. The JVIarquca* of Bute, and Sir 
•Fohn Sinclair. 

CALLINGTON, Borooghof, Corw- 
TratL 27th Eih. 2 Rss, 

Alexandeh Baring, Esq. 7th Pari. 
A I And Ourncr. 

Occ, A Mercluuit and East India Pro- 

0J5. ATrusttuoU\\c\\TLV\*^\>\ttt*:i.TO. 




( 306 ) 


To, Rc$, 82, Ptccadilly. 

CtK St. The Grange, A Ircaford, Hamp. 
shire ; Shoreham, near Seven Oalu, 
Kent ; and MaEine Parade, Bre- 

RrL ^Falhtr to the other Member for 
Callington ; and to KrancLi Baring, 
Esq., M.P. for Poitiiiwuth : brvihcr 
to Sir ThoiiiftA Baring, RarL, M.P, 
for M'yconil)c i uncle to Prftncu 
Baring, Esq., M.P. for Thetford. 

ParU Pat, Two Members for Call- 
iD^too ; one I\Ieinbcr for Hietfnrd. 

WIM.IAM BlNOHAM BavtMo, Eiiq. 

2d Pari 
Ore. A Merchant, 
To. Res. 12, Great Stanhope-streeU 
lici. Son of the other Member. 

R. of E. In the pouiea&on of tt2 burgage 
iruurct, payii'g Hcot and lot. 

M of V. 52. Pop. ia40. 

R. O. A Portirere chcocn at the oouit- 
lect of the lord of the manor. 

E, /. Formerly |>o«»ciscd by Baron 
Clinton, now by Mr. AlexaDder Bar- 
ing, who purchased ibc borough of hi« 
lordship. In Ijord (lUnton'a litne Uie 
deciora received IO/> per mon; the 
present nrin: of their votes it known 
only to tfiemselvQi and the donor. 

CALNE, Borough of, Jnttthlre. 
23rf JSTrfTT. /. 2 Bt$. 

Sib Jaxes Macdokai.d, Bl 6ih Par. 
OJL A Clcrlt of Ow Privy SeaL 
Co. Sr. East ShLvn, Surrey. 
Rill. A'l'phev to the MarqucM of Suf- 
ford : coufiri to Boron Gower ; to 
Lord Francis l.ieve9on Oowcr, M.P. 
foe Htuhertanditbirc; (o the tadv of 
the Earl of Surrey, M. P. for Hot- 
fiham ; and to the lady of Vitoount 
Btlgrave, M-P. for f'htshire: <Off« 
im.lau- to the Earl of Albemarle. 

Thohas-Bahington Macaulat, 
Esq. 2d Pari. 

Prof. A Barrister-at-Law, 
OJl. A CummisAioner of Banknipts. 
To. RcM, 8, South-ftquar^ UrayVinn. 

R, ofE, In the ancient burgrsscM, 
N- of V. 24. Pop. 4012. 

R. O. The Guild^tewnrds. 
E, I. Poneascd by the Marquess of 

Calne, now a decayed town, waa once 
fmmout for its manufacture of broad- 
tb. The M»niwcM of lAiudowiie, 

whlUt presenting Bcvcral petjtimi to 
the Lords, in favour of the Padb- 
rocntary Reform Bill, on Tucaday, 
March 1.% 1831. among which wai eni 
from the Corporation of Calne, said, 
that ^* It would not be n^^Ur for 
him to state the nature of the influence 
which he possessed in that town ; Am] 
all that he would siy was to declare, — 
that that iujlucncc nrvcr vas to ff 
pHfclutKdy and mnrr »*»# moU ; also 
that he was the proprietor of only 
fotir houses in the town, paying loL 
a year," 

inth A'rfu-. ///. 2 Kti. 

liOnn PltAXCtS<O0DOL7BIN Ov 

noRNE. 8th Pari 

A Lsnd Owner. 
To. Ret. 23, New Norfulk^trcet, 

Co. Sc. Gogmagng Hall, near Cadi- 

bridge; and Maid'i .Morton, Buclo. 
Rel. Biotfurr to the Duke of I^eds; 

&ro..i/i-/dtr to BaroD Auckland* 

HKsnv-Joif V AnEAKr, Esq. 
Prof. A 11 arris tcr-auLuw. 

£. I. The Earl of Hardwicke ii Lon) 
Lieut, and Cust. Rotuloruni. 

&Xr. Adeanc was brought in by subtcrip- 
iioM by the Fiechc^den in the libenl 
interest, upon the distinct pledge of 
supporting r^ical refonn. lie was 
ftelccted to oust the Rutland family, 
which had so bng doniinecred ow 
the county. 

In the writs to the sheriflTs both of Caow 
bridgeshire and Oxfordshire, there aic 
clauses for the election of reprr»ei^a~ 
ttvri for the respective universities ; in 
which, alone, they differ from the g^ 
neral form. 

It was settled {nl724,thatCanibridg<cihire^ 
Including its univL-^^ity and borough, 
should rcturo six nienihcrs to parUa> 
meiiL In this county all mctnben of 
colleges halls, or corporation*, havinc 
no frreholda saving in riglit tbcnaC, 
and panons an<l vicars having no fne> 
holds but glebe-lands, are excluded 
from voting. 

CAMBRIDGE, Borough of, C^m^ 

bridgcihirc. 23d Edjc. /. 3 fiss. 


OiKUKVt. ad Psi 

j^ S- James Graham* 
A Privy Councillor, 
A Coinmift'iioncT of thvlodia Board. 
To. Be$, 47« Albemork'-strcct. 
UL Eld. »vn of the Duke of Mon. 
troae : hmther to XmtA Mnntagtir- 
M'iUiom (irahani, M.P. for Dudi- 


3a Par]. 
Offi^ A CoL in the Army, and Aide 

d&4Bmp 10 the Iving. 
8corfr>Kecper of iht* f )rdriancc. 

TV. Re*. 7* Bohon-strret, PicauHUy. 

/?. ofR, In the mayor, baUtffit, and 
freemen not receiving alms. 

;V. of I'. From 240 to 250. Pop. 

R, O. The Urnvor. 

£, I. Possessed by tlie Duke of Rutland. 

The great Sm CiiiiisTOPnEii W'ken 
represented this Borough iu lG8fj. 

C» mbridgtAin* 1 tt Jttmei /. 

3 RrprctattuHvei. 

The Rt. Hov. Viscount Palmeh- 
»TOK, I. P. 6th Pari. 

A l^and Owner. 
K. ^- S. Henry^ohn Temple. 
A Prity Clouncillor, 
^rhuijMil Sccrrtary of State for 
Forriffn Affairt. 
'TiK Hex, 0, Great Stanhope-strcct. 
'Co. Se, Droodloiidfl Park, near Rom- 
tey, tiampahire. 

William Caves i»isn, Efcq. 2d Pari. 
TV. He*. 10, BrlgravcMiuare. 
II HeL 2d cousin ai^ heir to the Duke 

^^^L of Devonshire •. ffrandsan to Lord 
^^H OcorgcAugustuA-HenryCaTendifth, 
^^H M.P. lor Derbyshire: nrpfiexw to 
H^^ the Hon. IIcnry-FretlrrickComptoD 
pV Cavendish, M.P. for Derby: ton- 
r ifi-/uv to the Earl of CarUsle. 

' R. vf R. In fuch members of the Uni- 
▼cr»ily as have attained the degree of 
Doctor^ or Mmter ofJrti^ proviJal 
tbey are 21 years of age. 

iV. of r. About 1200. 

U. O. The Vicc-ChanceUor and Heads 
of Colleges. 

The immortal 8iR Isaac Newton 
reprawotcd this Univentty in lUfiti 
I and 1701. 

CA3IELF0RD, Borough of, Cotn- 
mtlL nth Edv. VJ. 2 Bit, 

.Mark Milbakk, Esq. 4th Pari. 

A Ijand Owner. 

Co. Se. Thorpe Hall, ^'orka^^e. 
Ilfl. Hott-irt^tjw of the Marqoess of 

Sbeldon CsAnocE, Ksq. 3d Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

Ojfi. Col. of the North. York »f ilitia. 
Co. Se. Hanforth, Vorkshine. 

R. of E, In fiueh burgtitcs bi are red- 
dent houfK^keL-pcr.i and pay teat and ht. 

AT. of K 26: but in 171MI they 
amounted to only. Pop. \28(i. 

It. O. The Mayor. 

E. I. Po«>e!LHtd by the Marquess of 
Cleveland; who, when Earl of Dar- 
lington, bought the Borough from Mr, 
Carpenter for 51,000.'.. be^idts 7000/. 
more whicti he paid for five houses 
within the Borough. — Who is there 
who docs not consider tliat, in mak- 
ing so ffreat a aacrifice as to vote 
on the side of Reform, his Lordship la 
rcaUy a "Most Noble Marquess?** 

We understand that it has always been 
customary (o give the CBmclford voters 
'MWl. per man ; but tlie contusl of 
1818 more than doubled the price of 
tlu-ir votes. 

CANTERBURY, City of, Kent. 
23(/ Edw. I. 2 CiU, 

The How. Richabij AYatsok. 
Offi Captain in the 10th Dragoons. 
Eel. Vst. bro. of Lord Sondes. 

Viscouyx FoKuwicH. 

jV. 4" A". Ocorge-jVuguiitus Cowpcr. 
Offu A Lieutenant in the Amiy^ 
Co. Sf. Mote, Kent. 
Eel. Eld. ton of Earl C^wpcr. 

ft. of E. In the citizeni and freemen at 

A^. of V. About 1600; 900 being real, 
deut, and 700 dwelling elsewhere. 

Pop. 13,2(K). 

n. O. The Sheriff. 

The last clccu'an is said to have cost each 
of the CJUidida'C'S ^6000; but this 
is not to be wondered al, considering 
the great number of ww/.votcrs. Since 
the election, each voter who chose to 
Mxept it reoav«d » \irrebcni vK ww 

nuaTn ' ""*"'""8 half a,« 

Bulc: U.C Duke of h1 :V"1'"" of 

^P county ' 

nirni* ago, t 
"tioulcl h«ve 
*'>c countj,— 
*>e«i since tu 
*^'*"- 2d, 1831. 

t>ic Kits( lodj 
To. /ir^, J3^ ^ 

Philip HtKav ) 

^- f J?- In ihc 

^Musly been adn 
t'ght Guilds, an 
o' freemen, or i 
>:'"*' •PpendoeJ 
»»dc/ii cfuring , 
vntliin the ciiv •» 

^. 0. TJ.e Alayp//* 

JoJk and or Ujc Ki 
i^ng prwJoniinani 
^""rcD, however, , 

CARL ( 309 ) 



Cathcrhuf^fi)^ Ireland. 
A. CAUt Gia.I//. 

6th Porl 

Henbv BRL'ESf Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
OJ/S- AGwcniorofCarlmr^lre. 

CoL of the Carlow Militia. 
Co. Sc Ohk Park, Carlowshirt. 

TuOMxa KAVAKAGHf KKq. 3d Pari. 
A Land Owner. 
Offi' A (fovcTTior of Carlowdiire. 
Co, S^. Borria, in thin county. 
RfL Bro.-ln-h-x tp the Marqucu of 

£. /. Exercised by the Marquesses of 
Sligu and Oruiondc. M'illiam Brown^ 
£aq. is €iut. Hot. of ihis I'oimly. 
Tl»e two represenutivc?, with BarcKi 
Downes. I. P., M.P. for Quivnbrt- 
nnigh, — I. 8. Rochfort, Etq,» — and 
W. Brown, Esq. are the GurL-murs. 

' C^^Wt^ Ird. A . U. 4 Ut Otu. J J J. I B-. 

Lord Tollamorc. 2d Pari. 

JSr. 4- 5. ('harle-WiUiam Bury. 
To. Oct. 40,Chail*:»-»ire(;t, Ucrkdey- 

Co. Sc. CharUrillc Foreat, TuUamore, 

JtfL aid. AM of the Earl of Chaile- 


if. ofK In the aclf-electcd corporaUon. 
N.'ofV, \X 
R. O. The Mayor. 
E. I. EKcrriM-tl by the Earl of ClinrU-- 
fUlct who purchased the property. 

Tweire of the patron'i foiziily, from aU 
I parts of the country, are the elector*. 

The rttum of Lord TuUaniore at the 
^^^ latt election was petitioned Bgainnt on 
^^K^chalf of individuals who bavc claimed 
^^^Bthcir frecduiii. The clirction, however, 
^^Htaa contirnicd by a committee of the 


I Kf. 

Tii£ lIoyJrCoHGK.HiccRicr.Titr.- 
roR. 3d Purl. 

To. Hes. 10, Stratton-atrcct. 
Rrt. Eld. ton of Baron Dynevor. 

£, I. Parttn Oynevor \s Lord LicuL 
and CuBtos Rolulonin) of this county. 

CaemiartlienAhire;, with the Borou^ 
from wliich it takes its name, nxuma 
only Ivo Members to the Conimona* 

CARMARTHEN, Borough 0^ C. 

lAire, 5. fTu/ej. 27M /few. 


A Land Owner. 

7V. lift. 311, Bury-stnet, 8u Jamw'fl. 
Co. &. VAtrad Lodge, near Carmar. 

H. ofE. In the buijgoMi. 

N. of r. From 4m to 465. Pop. 9100. 

R. O. The Sheriff. 

E. I. Possessed by Biiron Cawdor. 

Thi* Borough has often (but not during 
the present century) been the scene of 
influence and great violence: at one 
period, the burgesses, &.C actually r»- 
sortctl to 5re.4u*ins and couiniitted 
bictodfthcd and otlicr excesscK. On a 
later occa>ion, vii., in 17)1^* the Bi.ihop 
of St. David's (I>r. Hnmlcy) wrote a 
rircular letter to all the clergy in his 
dtocess, interdicting them from voting 
for Mr. Pliillipn, on account of his pre- 
vious vtrtc (or the repeal of the Test 
and Corjwrauon Acts ! ! 

WaU4. ' mth HcH. VJII. I 


WVXNE, Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
Prof. A'Uiw. 
To. Htt. 3I>, Porrnian-HQuare. 
Co. Sc, Ccfnainwtch, in tni» county. 

E. I. Baron M'illoughby D'Erenby 
and GwydjT iji Lord-Lieut, and Cnst. 
Rotulonim of this county, 

Carnarvonshire, with the following 
District of live Boroughs **^ ndled into 
one,** returns, only two Members to 
Parliament \ 

WAY. A District of BnroHfftt* in N. 
WaUs, 27tJt Hat. VUI. 1 Bu 

William Ormsdy Goue, Esq. 
A Land Owner. 
Offi. A Major in the An\\^. 
Co. Se. Potkin^ton, ^VvniYi^t;'^. 

CARR ( 310 

it. oj K. Tn the burgesKS of ibcse five 

N. of V, upwardi of iUM), Pop. 823<». 

R. Q, The Mayor and BuliO^ of C«r- 

£. /. The Marquess of Anglncy bdng 
Ivnl (wnuiiouDt in this quarter, a junior 
bnmch of his lordship*!! family nrprc- 
aented this district of M'cHi IWrou^hs, 
for a scries of yean, until the prenenc 

Antriaithirfy Irtland. 
A. U. iUl Geo, III. 1 Bt, 

Loud GcnRoE-AcousTA Hill. 

Ojff, A Captaiu in the Anny. 
Uei. Jiro, to the Mitrqueta of Down- 

n, of E. T n the frvL-men. 

N. of r. HOO. 

E, I. The .Marquewcs of Hcrlfonl, 

Donegal, and Downshircj arc tlie 

pacroiu of this Borough. 

CASHKLl4,Cityof, Tipprratyihirc, 
Irciand. A. U. iUt GVo. JII. I Cit, 
Mattiikw Penmepathek, Esq. 

A l^niid ( ) wuar. 
A. ofE. In the sclf-clcctcd burgcsaea. 

^. of V. 12. 

E. 1. P(»s»«d by rhe Member; and by 
his fadicr, Mr. Uichard Peiuicfatbcr, 
who it also a Governor of ttie County. 

CASTLE-RISING, Borough of» 
NorfAk. btk Mary. 2 flit. 

Lord Henry Cholmondclfv, 

3d Pail. 
A Laml Ownc*. 
To, Hcs. :iO. W'hiichall-pUcc. 
iift. Brot/u-r lo tdc Marqucas of 

The Hon. Fulke Oketillc Hov- 
AKD, r.K.9. & r.s.A. Olb Pari. 

A Land Owner. 

Ojp. A Col. in the Army. 

To. Ret. 1(1. GrMvenor-squarc. 

Co.Sc. Lcvcn's Park, near iMihhrop, 
Westmoreland , AshtL-ad Park, Ep- 
K«n, l^u^^ey ; I'm lie- Rising, Nor- 
folk; and Klford, near Lichfield, 

Ret Brc^/irrtoViseoiinlTenipletown: 
lfro,-iH-lav to the Marqucsa of 


Pari Pat, One Al ember for 


li, of E. In the corporation and 

N, of l\ From 40 lo 45. Poy. 

R. 6, The Mayor. 

£. /. Excrciwi by the Marqaeia of 
Cholmondeley ; and AIr«. Howard in 
favour of lier husband. This Burough, 
which was once very oonsidetabk, fell 
into decay in conaequnicc of its har- 
hour being chnkird u p a^h sand. 
About (ifty ycftn since it contained 
only two houses and two votcn. At 
present it does not contain fiTty houKS, 
indudtng cottaget and hut*. The ftw 
luembcn who compose the ror^onfiaa, 
as it is callal, arc all the teuuita and 
dependants of the proprietor*; mA 
mostly mW're$idenU having no nMR 
ooncem with the Borouglu than jusi 
to rvturn the namlmecM of their patnos 
tn the ('ommoria' Hous.-of Parlumesk 
The appointment of a matftir ia by 
/u-u indiviilualA, who gcn<.mlly tUti 
each other to thai imimUnt office 

A.U^ ilttCco. HI, 

3d Pad. 


Henby Maxwell, Esq. 
A Irfuid Owner. 
Co. Sr. Famham,Cavanshire. 
RcL Xrpftnv lit Itaron Fsrnliain.I.P- : 
MOH*in,ia-u of Lord Lc Ucspeont. 


ad Pari 
A Land Omncr. 
Occ, A Bill-broker. 
Co. Sc. Castle Saundcrson, CavauMffr 

£. /. Baron Farnham is Governor; aod 
Nathaniel 8ncyd. K&q. (<4 Uirrrtor tl 
thL' Bank uf Itdaiid), Cust. RoC vt 
this County. 

CHESHIRE, a County Palatine, 
Uth and ;J5/A //m. VIII, 3 Xl». 

Viscount BcLaiATP. 4th PmL 

N. ^ S. Richard iirosTcnor. 

To. JUm. 15, (irosvcnor.vquare. 

Co. Se. Eaton Hall, Chc>Uur«^. 

lift. Eld. sou of Karl Om.vrfior ; frM^ 
thfr to the Earl of Wilton ; and ta 
the Hon. Robert lirmvcnor. 5l.r. 
for ('heater: futU'lu-laiL-itt the fifj*- 

iLBKAHAHEoEnTON.Ksq. 6th Furl. 
A Land Owner. 
To, Re*. 7. i*t- Jnme»Vsq«arc. 
Co, St: Tallon Park, Knuuford, 

ReL Xephce to Baron Skclraendole. 

Pop. 271,000. 

E. /. The Earl of .Slamford And War- 
rington is Ivfird Lieutcnimt and Cust. 
Rot. of thii County. 

Thu County, including the City of 
^^ Chester, nrtuink only four Alcinbon to 

IHKSTER, City of, Chethirc. 
Uh and a5M ScH. VJIl, 2 CUs. 

TuE Hon. Kobeut Grosvcvor. 

I 2d Pari. 

\ Jlel, 3«/ fon of Earl GmnTcnor: ftro- 
k //i/T to Viacnunt Btlprave. M.P. for 
I Cbohire. and to the Earl of W'ilEon. 
IR Pmii.ii* . i>r. . Malpas Guev 
Egf.ktox, Dart. 
A IjAnd Owm^r. 
Co. Se. Oulton Paik, Chenlilrj. 

n* of E, In the frcemiin of the City, re- 
sident a whole year previous to the 

-V. of r. From 1000 to 1200. 

Pop, 20,500. 

n. O. The Mayor, Kccordtr, and two 

E, /. Poftse^scd hy Earl Orosvenor for 
the returning of one Mcmhcr. 

if* Although tlic number of clcciors is so 
large, \x» r^prciM^nuiion has btren en- 
' at tht' liivposal of Ear] G rosvcnor, 
rhoae family have puK^tsscd tlic uiute 
luence, except in one or two in- 
iccs at the Revolution, ever since the 
of Charles II. 'litis influ^coe is 
Mid preserved by ^*cu^ing ilic 
ioQ, vhich docs not appear to 
teuUttc^ for tnorc than a cirn- 
\ and by ttbtaining a lca»e from 
it crown of a number of tenements in 
kis City. The mctnbers of the cor- 
tlon, letting these from year to 
tmly^ as his lordship's ogcnti, to 
at low rents, operate so fur on 
fears and nccesftities as to control 
leir independence. To secure thtir 
fown hmiwSf ihcy care not whom thc-y 
send to lt'}{islatf in the hoitsc iif the 
nation. Thuis tliey never reflect ihiit 
flheir indiOovnce to th« dioitx vftli*nr . 


Members makM them CTentuaDy paf 
in taxes much mpre (Iiaii tliey iuive in 
their rents. They should, thcirforc, 
be reminded that tins bnrttr of pri- 
vilege for a local tenement is only ex- 
changing theirnalional fabric, theCon- 
siitution, for a contemptible hord**'— • 

CHICHESTER, City oC Sutler. 
23J Edw. /. 2 Ciii. 

Lont) JoHN.Gen. IjKKkox, 4th Part 
Offi. A Lieut. Col. in the Army. 
Jifl, Broihtr to the Duke of Rich- 

John- Smith, Esq., f.r.s. Otb Pari. 

A Land Owner. 

Ckc. A Banker in London, of tlie firm 
of Smith. Payne, and Smith. 

OJH. Treas^iTCT to the General DI»- 
pcnnary, in Aklfrsfratc-strect. 

To. Tin. 2'J, Grrwvcnor-Hquaw. 

Co. AV. Dale Park, Suwex; and 
Blendfn Hall, near Rexlry, Kent. 

lift. Brother to lUrtin Carrinfiton; 
to Gforge Smith, Esq., AI.P. for 
Midhiirvt; and to SamutI Smitli, 
Esq., M.P. for WcndoViT: uncle to 
John-Abel Smith. Esq. M.P. for 
Midhurst; to Abel Smith, Esq., 
M.P. for M'endover; to the Hon. 
Robert -John Smith, M.P. for 
Ruckinghnmahire; and to the lady 
of Lord (Jranville-C.-H. SomerBet, 
M.P. for Monmouthshire. 

Pfirt. Pat. rhie ^'Mcmbtr for this Bo- 
rough, and One for MiJhurst. 

ft. of E. In ihc inhahitanu paying scot 

anti lot. 
N. ofV. From 1*80 to lOOO. Pop. 7500. 
R. b. The flavor. 
E. /. One moieiy pcwswsed by the Duke 

of Richmond ; the other by Mr. Smith, 

CHIPPENHAMjBoroughof, m//#. 
23d Edw. I. 2 J?M. 

Joseph Neeld, Esq.,F.a.A. & F.i..a. 
2d Pari. 

A Land Owner, 

To. Ret. 0, Gro5venor-square. 

Co. .-Vi'. Grittlcton House, Chippen- 
ham, Wilts; and Kelsion Park, 

Ril. Son'irt.larf of the Earl of Shaftes- 

Part. Pat. Two Mem\ien tat 'W* 

""l"^ who i„h„ltod thrbulk of 
Ihe fortune „fl,i. „,,/r, ihc CVr 

'"I qultUj. M mmlluli.m, it i. alwar, 

hrwir •'!""■ **^*'' *** purchased 
«'ge i-unis have been expended •„ 

^f i JStd. Ml 

Joseph C«ipi 
Oc*^. A 11* 
Eiurt India 


^- "//:. In the 
but those of i 

«■ O. The St« 
A'anor, vit 

^- /• Earl Baih 
The Earrn fai 
Weniber for m 

A Land Owner. "*^ '^"^ 

A West India Proprietor. 

A Pnry Councillrff. 
Lin«r"^" Commi«.oner of 
ry^'- 7.0ldPaU«-yartl 

The IIo». Gec 

Clio MBit. 

Q^. A LicuL I 
**•/. A't>« of B» 

''.fl/^. ThuCott 
of Clackmanao, 
to ihe Parliamcn 

^- r>J r. Ra^I for 
minaK for Claeki 
forKinrofts, 17:. 
Total, jy. 

P'tp- of Clackman, 
ton, 74W:— Xoi 

( 31 

ill O-ConiuU, Esq., 
" ' (ra. 

liaCountj. The 

■nd the Rf. 

arc the 

O'Urira pof- 

3 ) 



Borough of, Lamca^ 

JSttc 2 i»ii. 

Cvftxox. SfthPul, 

fpprr Bronk-^trccl. 

Liichticld, ^tftf. 

Itfl IJowe: aiKrricd lo 

4ih Pari 


|0£«ii Dnnmlow. and to 
Cu»t, M.P. for 

r.f«.tov to the 

6«dbolden onlr as, 
of the Cool- 
ly ttf tMOy ISC ilcKribed 
Wj^ticai, witcd fbc Vfeor In 
Up l«ftaU or hou«ci. 
H 4fi 10 ML rkf . 3200. 
filTlifri Qiiminatod at the 
(he tvo LonU of tlie 

■nd Drownlow. 

ViscotJjfT Garliks, ad Pai] 

N. 4* •$'• Randolph Stewart. 
O^. IjtnA Lieut, of WifitoDshirc, _ 

of ihe Stcwartry of Kirkcudbright 
To, Re*. 13, iiUl-strcet, Ikrkele] 

square. . 

lieL Eld. ton of the Earl of OaUowajF.' 

The Hok. Philip Pleydsli. Botr- 

Occ. A Banker in London. 
To. Rca. 30, Curxan-street, aod 11 

Co. Se. Downampney House, De 

Cricklade, Glouceittenihire. 
ReU Urnthtr to ihe Earl of Radnor ( 

and to the Hon. D. P. Bouveriei^ 

MP. for New Sarum : cout'm 

Philip PuBcy, Esq., M.P. for Chip. 

pen ham. 

R^ of E. In the burgage-holdcr*. 

N. of V. Fmrn 1 80 to 1 DO. Pnp. ,3800. 

R. O. A Bail iff ap|>ointipd at the CourU^ 

Leet of the Lord of the IVf ouar, vi2. 
R. J. The Earl of Lom^ale. 

COLCHKSTER. Borough of, JSwrr. 
23i £d«, I. 2 Bii. 

Damixl-Whittlc Uakviy, Esq. 
3d Pari. 

Prof. A Solicitor, 

To.' Re*. 7,OrcatGeorge.>tTeet,Wcfll 

Co. Re*, GlouccsUT-pIace^ 3HgfatnD. 

M AYHEW, Eftq. (returned in the 

Ott Tippe^ary. 

.4UiGnt,ItI. IB*. 

2d Pari. 

If Ota, SOy Old 

Paik, Fordingbridge, 

tmfort t Um and hur- 

by the Rl. Hon. W. 
tbs Kait ot AlouTiC- 

M^TH, Rnrough of 

room of .4xnnKw Si'Ottiswoode, 
Esq., who vacated tiiA wat, on account 
of ecrtain contracfn wiih the GiivtTn* 
mcnt M Kin^N printrr in London.) 

R.v/E. In the mayor, conmion council, 
and yVr** hnr^eane.* not rwciviug altni. 
N. t>f r. From 1600 ta 1800. 
Poju U,500. 
H, O. The Afayor. 

COLERAINE, Borough at, Lomlon- 
dernjih\re, Ir. A. V. i\st Gro. III. 1 Dt. 

Sib Jorn-Williah-Head Butd- 
GES, Kt. 3d Pari. 

Qffi. A Major in the Army. 

Caplain of Siittilftule Ctuffi". 
A C-ol. in llitf Poituguc»e Anny. 
Co. Sc Wootlon Couru Kenu 
Rff, Um-Wvi.Uttc u> (he Alarquesc of 
Wit4^tfoTd: /fnK'itiJav to the IawA 
A n-hbhliop otW nnAgh ; and to Lord 
5 s 

OcoRoc Bakxcs. B«q. M Pttri. 

Ogi, CurrUor Barom o/thc Court of 

^ Exchequer. 

India lioaid- 
Late Sccrcury to tbe Doud of 
To, Rc4. 16, Gcorgcatrcel, Huorar- 
Co. S<: l^yficld, Studlanil, Porwt 
/^ci. 5^ of Henry Bankn, Km. M.P. 
for Dornrtshirc : brother to W Uliwu- 
John Bunkcs, E»q. M.P. for .MarU 
borough, grandson to the Karl of 
Eldoa: grand-mephew to B«ran 
SloveU: comWm to Viacoant £d- 
combc, M. P. for Truro. 

PniLlP-Jonx MiLCSf Esq. Sd Part 
A Ijand Owner. 
Oix, A W^eaC India Proprietor and 

To. RtH 7f Hamilton^plAfc 
Co. .SV. Leigh Court, near Bristol, 


R, o/E* Id ihoM penom leiMd In fee. 
In piiMiMJiin, or revenion, of any 
mcMiii^ tenoncnt, or airporcal hcrc- 
dluuncnt within tliU Borough; io 
lenania for life, or lira; and, Un want 
of tuch 6echold, in tenaxiu for years, 
dctenninafale by Ufc or liTcs, paying 
•col and loU 

N. of V. About 50. 

MSa, Eld. 

R, of V. PreTi< 
c^isement of - 
of 20,000. 

E. I. The 
Kotuloruni of | 
qucsj of Th< 
uun, V'i 
Em., ar> die Oj 
ana MuskcfTjr' 

CORK, City 
A. U.4Ut Geo. 

Tbe Hon. Jon: 
To. He$. 3, 

Co. Sr, >Untoi 
ReL SccoHd «oM 

and Orrery. 

Damiei. Callao 
Occ, A ftlercha; 
Co. Se. LoiA, C 
Thi» gcntlcmiui 

R. of E, In the 


X. of r, aaoo. 

ff. O. The Mayor 
E. i. The Earl 
Baron Muskerr 


COVE ( 315 ) CRAl 

TEN VVEE.>[, a District of Sivttixh 
Burougfi*. A. U. tUh Anme, 1 Com. 

James Balfour, Exq. SdPftrl. 

A Land Owner. 

Occ, Eut InUUAgvQt and Proprietor. 

To* lUi, 'A^ GrMvcnor-MjuiLre. 

Co, Sc Whiuinghani Huiuc, Dunbar, 

Rd, SuH-in-tarc o( the £(ul of Laudut- 
d&lc: bro..i$iJuw U) V'iftcount MaiU 
land, M.P. for Appleby ; and to the 
Hon. A. MaiUand, M.P. for Ber. 

Pep. 2A8.S00. 

M. i. The chief pmprtetor In thii 
county, or rather Duchy, is His 
JUajcsly die King, who, as Duke of 
Cornwall, appointu the Lord Wurdi-n 
of tb« Stjinnarici (who at pniAcnt iit 
tbcMarqueit of Hertford). The Earl 
of Mount Edgccumbe is Lord Lieut. 
and L'uHtos Rotulorum.— Th(^ noble- 
men who posscH political lotluencc in 
thia county are, the Dukes of Uedfonlr 
North umbalond, and Leeds ; the Mar- 
qnettofClcvrUml; theKarUof.'^fouut 
Kdgccnmbc, 8t. Ocnnan'A, and Fol- 
mooth; LordiCUiiton, GriiiviUe,aDd 
DuDStanTiUc; but their wdglit arises 
more from the control thtry possess 
orer the insigniiicant and decayed 
BoroughM, than over the county. 
These noblemen wnd no less than 
twentjf-Jtv^ out of the forty. two &Iem< 
ben for rotten Boroughs within its 
limits I 
Cornwall, including its 30 Bomughfl, 
returns no less than 42 MenttH-rs tu 
P*rliaiiu-iU ! ! ! — A fen ycnrs ago [ho- 
Ibro the disfranchisement of Oraui- 
po«ind)this cmiuty rrtuniai -14 .^Icin- 

Pbenj a number less only by oif, than 
the whole reprcKnlativn of the King- 
dom of Scotland ! 

OOVENTRy,Cityo(; Wnrvicfcjfiire. 
!EM JSdw. I. 3 Cm. 

TuoNAS BiLCLirrK FrLEa, Enj. 

2d Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

An Kist and West India Proprietor. 
QgL A Capt. in the Army. 
TVx Re». HI, Dover.strcel, Piccadilly. 
Co. Se. Tcildington, Middlesex. 

£l>wAKD Ellice. Esq. 3U ParL 

Occ. A Mercliaiit in London. 
To. Itti. 41, Upper (trosvcnor-streeL 
HcL Bro.'itt'ta-sr to Earl (ircy. 

H. of E. In the mayor, oldemicn, and 

such freemen, resident and non.ri> 

pideat, AS have scrvod Kven years' 

Hf^rcnticcship to one and the sniiie 

^L trade in the city or suburbs, ami who 

^P do not r^civc alms or weekly charily. 

If. of r. From 2800 to 3000. 

Pay, 22,140. 

R. O. The Sheriffs. 

This dty has often been tlw Kei>e of vio- 

Ilent contest at du-eUon^ even to lilood. 
fhed; and the returning ofiicen have 
more than once btx^n committed to New. 
gat« for pMrmiity, ^ 


R. of E. In 03 town-coundlmcn of the 
several Boroughs, who elect delegates 
to vote for the Aletnber. 61 r<jp. 6060. 

E> I. Potaessed by Sir Joho Anstruther. 

CRICKL/VDE, Borough of, and cer- 
tain HumlnxU in, U iitthirc (vb. those 
oi Higit'jtorthy CriifkLnU-f Stajtie, Kitiffi- 
&ri^;^,'and Mahnctbury). 2 Bn. 

Joseru Pitt, Esq. Cth Pari. 

Qffi. High Steward of Mnlmcsbury. 

Oce, A Banker at Circna-slcr. 

Co. W(«. CircneetixT, (ilonccstenhire. 

Pari. PtiU Returns 2 Slembcm for 
Malmesbury ; I Member for Crick- 
tude ; and 1 Member tor Wootton 

RoBEttT Gordon, Esq. fith Pari. 
A I^and Owner. 
ik€. A West India Merchant. 
O^. A Metropolitan Commissioner of 

Ct>. Se. Lewcston, near Sherboroe, 


R, of E. In consequence of notorious 
bribery aiul corruption. It was eiioctcil 
about M yeam ago that no new writ 
>hmild be itsuerl for this btrrough by 
itself, but that the eleclire franchise 
should be extended lo the frccholdert 
of the hundreds of Ilighwonh, Staple, 
Cricklade, Kingiibridgc, nnd Malmes- 
buryi the right of voting was at the 
same time declared not to bo token 
away from the ittfwbititut-frrchvtders, 
copyftoldcrt^ or kaKholdci$ of the Bo- 
rough for any term not less than three 
years, or for .-my such or greater icmi. 
determinable in lives. 

iV.i/K. About 1350. 

Pop. of the Boroug^H Ib'^O. 

R. a The BaiM. 

r«c fir- Hov c,„ , 
A I^and Owner ' ^'^ ** *'«!. 

j^/^ 157,200. 
''that ^''pflTE^r' ?f ^'^^-- 

*'">'' « Jd to have r' ri,wr'«'*' 
wmouth Jm^I "oruugl, of t otic. 

y mm 

and Uic aot, 
**«.■" 80 loni 
thai they I 
^me h^rcdii 

^1^ Hen. m 

A I>aijdOwn 

Col. of the 
•Steward of i 
j'mideni am 
Charily s, 
Pres. of the ( 

_ t«>i>oIt(aa 
To. Ha. la, s 

^.^- ?>"■= 

«^/. ^..> i« t 


TiA nr«i*>- 

struggle, in jym 

Pn»cnution of^ 
PcliiUied it .— . " 


( 317 ) 


Co. A. Chirk Cwtlc. Doabkh:>hlrc. 
JUt. Bro..iH.laTr to F.-R. W otl, E»q., 
iM.P. for East GrlnstouL 

. of E. In the bttrgc$$a who arc iii- 

habiunu of thcfto boroughs, 
r. qf v. Between 960 and 1000. 

r. O. The two njuliffftof Dcnbiph. 
\, J. Poncssed by >tr. Hiddulph. the 
Mcrober; but until Ittiti he Md it 
in eoDJunctioa with Mr, West. 


\Bth Edw. liL 2 KU, 

»RD GcoKOE-AuousTt^fi-IICNur 
X-'avkkdisii. llih Pari. 

A Land Owner. 

To. RcM. 411. Piccadilly. 

Co. Sc Couipton PUce, near East- 
bounie, Sussex ; HolkarliaU^Mitn. 
thorpe, Wistmuruliuid ; and Lo- 
titners, near Chcidiam, Bucks. 

Set. (JncU to the Duku of Duvonshire : 
father to Henry-FredtTick-Compton 
Cavendi&h, Esq. M.P, for Derby: 
gtandj'athrr to William Cavcndi^li, 
E:iq., M. P. for Cambridge Uni- 

'aAKCis Mc.vuY, Esq. 3d Pail. 

A Land Owner. 

To.. Res* 44, Queen Anne-strect. 
Co. Se, Alarkcaion, near Derby. 

ifV. about 3G<M). Pop. 215,500. 

/. Derbyshire resembles a elose 
Borough ; for tlic Duke uf Devonshire 
DomiDAtcs one tMcnibcr, and the Tory 
gentry the other. 

Including tlie Borough of Derby, tliitt 
county retunu only 4 Memboi to 


DERBV, Borough oA Dcrhythire. 

d AVir. /. 2 BtM. 


VBNDitJii, Esq. Uth Pari. 

Off. A Lieut C^l. and 31ajor of the 
Kind Rcgi. of Life Guards. 

17*0. Hct- 34, Old Uurlington-rtn-ct. 
Co, Sr, Suttoo-Court House, Chiawick. 
Jiet. S<9« of LoidG. -A. -H. Cavendish, 
RLP. for Derbyshire: uucU: to W. 
C«?undii>li, Eitq-, M.P. for Cam- 
bridge Univmity : cousin to the 
Duke of Devonshire. 

iDWAnn Stbutt, Esq. 
A AlcTchant and Manufucturtr. 
7'<h Re*. 17» Cork-street. 

R. of E. In the corporation^ fVeeineHf 
and txeorn hurgcstef^ leudent and non- 
.V. of V. Between 7M) and 800. 
Pop. liJ,.11M). 
n. O. The :Mayor. 
E. I. The Duki* of Devonshire posscucs 

one moiety The mayor, aldermen, 

brutbers, and capital burgesses, who 
form the common coundl, arc all in 
the interest of the Duke of Devoashire 
and Mr. Coke; who, from thdr con- 
sequence and fortune, poitesa gn»it In- 
fluence in tht! liorough. They atuich 
this interest to their patrons by the 
cxercixc of that power which they a&- 
ftumo oi vcuiMix\'^ honorary freemen i or, 
as they are more usually termed in tliis 
and every other ^Wca/fagguta. These 
arc mtide from among such persons as 
have neither the claim of birth, scrvi- 
tudc, nor residence. By virtue of this 
power the corporation can, at any time, 
create a number offteemcn from among 
the Duke of Devonshire's tenants, and 
those of Mr. Coke, in various parts of 
tlie coimtry, who wilt conMquently out- 
number tlie legal freemen of the ^o~ 
rougii; and these honorary Ireenien, 
who want no qualification but the fiat 
of the corporation, and the having been 
one whole year invested with their 
nominal frandiiae, agreeably to the 
letter of the Durham Act, arc qualiHcd 
to come into the town on the day of 
election, and to ca«e the inhabitant 
freemen of all the intnnveniences of a 
contest, by chooning their Members for 
them. Derby, therefore, though a very 
large and opulent town, cannot main- 
tain its independence, Vks It would^ if the 
right of voting were in the inhabitant 
h ousel inldent, in whom it ought to Ik*; 
or if it Wire relieved from tlic tyranny 
of a corporation, under which no (own 
can be free, unless It is constituted as 
that of London. In the caie of Car- 
lisle, the making of this description of 
freemen was deemed Ukgal ; but in 
the ca.^cs of Bedford and Dtrby, the 
rcvcnc has been determined. 

DEVIZES, Borough of, IViltt. 
•£Sd Edw. I. 2 £«. 

JoiiH PEAH.<ii:, Ei^. 4th Port 

A Land Owner. 

Oct: An Anuy CWdiun a»^^ \^u^ 


Mrrabo-. who p„ "*'• f'^'of the 
"""iiOl hod Cnrn.^i 

^ Land On-nn- ^ JP«i. 

'"-^»'o.U, >°''/„TTr--"'= "... 

•"b p„i. 



RoiicnT ^t^,L, 
^ i^nd Own. 

'?'*''"« U>e , 
^onn /UutEY. 

"^. V?<fA Oft 

tJ'i.rchiU. l«,i|, 

£JH Al.p. r« 


( 319 ) 


IBth Edic, III, 3 KU. 

lnvny Ba>kE9, Esq. 13th Pari. 

P/S. A TIU8U.-C of the BritiUi M u»cura . 

To. nt». 5, Old P»Uoe-yanL 

Co> Se- King^ioD Uall, near Wm- 
bourne, Dorsclahiw. 

Ilcl. Father to George BaukcA, En]., 
M.P. for Corfr Castle j and to Wil- 
liam -J ohu llonkcd, Esq., M.I*, tor 
Marlborough : tou-in-taxn o£ tbe 
Earl of Eldon. 

PurL PiiL Two Membera for Corfe 


A Lond Owner. 3d Pari 

Co.Se. Bryanitoni.' House, near Bland- 

Tord, Dorfctshiiv. 
ltd. Srm.Jii-Aiir of the Earl of Hftie- 


Dorsetfahire has an ample share of re- 
presentation ; returning no leafl than 
tvevti/ Members to Parltament; viz. 
2 knigtits, and IB hurgMsea for 8 
Boroughs, one of which (M'eyniouih 
and Mdcombe Reguj returns 4. 

DOVER, a Bonnigh and Chique 
Port*, KenL 23d Hetu I. 2 Banms. 



• The CiKQCE Ports are Dover, Santlwieh, Roniney, Hastings, and Hythc; 
which may be added Winclicl»ca» Rye, and .Seaford — making lu all d^fit Porta 
itead of fivfc As each Port send* two Rcpa'Mnluttvcs to Parliament, under the 
lified title of Bahonsi, wc gboll here give a short sketch of thcix origin and 
tliar privileges: — 

The name of Cinque Ports is derived from Quicquc Portus, five havens on the 
Item coBAt of EngloniL, oppoiiic to France ; thus called by way of eminence, on 
Ecnunt of their KUpciior importance Our kiitgn liavc tliought them worthy of a 
(-uliar regard, as places where strength and vi^'ilance were nuTS»ary, and whence 
might put to liea in rasci of 5uddcn cnu:rgi.-ncy. In order to secure tJiem 
It invasions, Oicy have granted them a pnruculur fonu of government. They 
under a kiLpcr, who has the title of I/ord Wanien of the ilinque Ports (an 
i«T first appointed by William the CorqueroT), who has the auihorily of an 
Ldroiral among them, and usucs out wrilii in his own nnnic 
The privllegei ancirntly annexed to ihes-o Ports ar.d their dependencies were, — 
I. An exemption from all taxes and tulbi. 11. A power to oblige all (hat lived 
their juriMliciion to pleatl in their courtA, and lo punhih ofTcndcm in thdr own 
j'bounds: as also murderers, and fugitives from justice'. III. A power lo puniah 
libteigners, as wuU as natives, for theft; to have a pillory, and tumbrel or ducking- 
[utool: the latter was m machine formerly used for the puntKhuient ofscohls and 
[brawling women ; also for brewers and bakers, who Lran!tgressrd llie laws, and were, 
[in such chair or sloul, to be immersed in some muddy or (tinkins pond. IV. A 

rwer to raise niounda nr banks on any man's land, again<it breachM of the sea. 
To appropriate to their own use all Inst goods, and wandering cattle, If not 
dainicd within a ycor and a day. VI. To have commons, ard in he nt libtTty to 
cut down the trees growing upon ihcm. VII. To convert to tlioir own use Hich 
as they found floating on the sea; those thrown out of ships in a stonn ; and 
driven ashore when no wreck or ship was to be seen. VIII. To be a guild 
or fratcmiiy, and to he allowed the franchises of Courts- Leet and Biron, IX. A 
power to a^etnblc and keep a Porumoic, or Parliament for tlic Cinque PorU : to 
puniah ail itjfrin^ers of their privileges; make bylaws, and hear all appeals from 
the inferior courts. X. Their Barons to have ihe privilege of supporting (he 
Canopy ovct the King's liead at his coronation. 

In return for these privileges, the C:iDque Ports were required lo fit out fifty seven 
vbips, each manned wich twenty. one men and a boy, with which they were to attend 
the King's service, for fifteen days, at their own exitcnse; but if the slate of affaira 
required their assistance any longer, they wltc to be paid by the Crown. 

The first three PoriK arc alloweil to h.-ive been eufrancliiiicil by Edward the Con- 
ftiiori — Hastings and Hythc were oddcit by M'lUiain the Conqueror. The aacicnt 
itnrn* of \rinchrl*ea and Kye were anne^xeil bcfoie the tiaie of King John, and were 
denominated noAt/Iora mttnbra Quinquc Portuutn: notwitli.standing which incteaie.) 
the Cim/nc PertM still retained their original appellation \ aud iVvc oi^CurCk VoicVi>'V^'^«> 
always been considered and treated as original ones, and aa o( e(\v»A T»nV «xA cwv- 

ufE. In the frecmeH ind free hur- 

gr$9r$^ whL'tlterinlmbitfttiU) or iiot. 
N, of V. Dctwern 2«(>0 and SfioO, of 

whom about 1200 arc non'rctidvnt. 
Pop, 10,1)60. 
n. 0. The Mayor. 
E. I. The Duke of MVUington, who ia 

Warden of the Cinque Ports, possnacs 

one nioiety. 

fortn lanpii 
the right lo.] 
firrvdom til 
origjnallx th| 
the great dif 
prcvaiU amot 
occavinned ci^ 
artificer, r«rTU| 
0^ Corn metis. 

•HpCDGc. Each of the Cinque Ports has aome of (he adji 
and incorporated with them ; and, In a degree, suhjrct to ili 
tion. These are cmllcd titnht m tm-mUrtj and aiaUti'd ihrir 
the ftumf of money at which thc^ wire aasvsscd far ihe pul 
viding the quota nf shipping. tScafurd, which ii a member 
ooc of thui description which has the privilege of trending 

In return for tlic ytry ample pn\*ilegcs and immuniliea w{) 
giAed, the servlcea done by them to the nation were origimtU} 
as little less than tlic whole naval forcv of the kingtlom wm n 
tiiiie of emergency. But their utility to the public has loof 
an end. To tttc ininittcr, indeed, for the time being, they 
consequence ; for to thev townft he may look, with ttie moat 
a conktant tiupply of a band of sixteen Membcra, in the bigt 
and obedience. —The nominees of the Trtaaury are in tnost M 
who are tetumed, an a matter of course ; — acarcely any one 
of the Cinijuc Portii baring the smallest connexion vitli, or b 
to ihe town which he represents : — the only ueccsaary introdud 
warrant ! 

Such was fnnncrly the corruption, vmality, and profligac 
and such the Mrogmicc of the Ix»rd Wardmi, that these oflf 
to themselves the power and right of numinating, as a matt 
occanionoUy both) of the Ueprc«,ntativc8 for each Borough to 
osuroation was quietly submitted to till the time. 

,t iba day, the right to the elective 
franchiir, by virtue of a frcthoM, is 
tutally mi an vnA at every place but 
I>ovcr. Freedom, as a birihright, h 
ftlloweiJ lo afl the sdhi) of freemen of 
Duver. Sandwich, and Hythcj at the 
other Ports, the claim of the eldtr gon 
alone in adiiiiltcd lo bo valid ; and even 
this lias been very much narrowed cit' 
Ittte ycv8- At Hosting and Kyc^ it 
is i^etendcd that the fintuborn Aon of 
a ftcemaii, born within the place, ho.^ 
B just tide ; but that a Kond son, upon 
the deatli of the elder brother, dtwa rot 
•ucccvd U) hi» right ; and furttier, if a 
Tiiari. ha^dng hiul a son at any time, bi: 
admitted to hi» fa-cdoiu, that no after, 
bom &on of this man can hnvc the duim 
ofbinluight, though the broU]eT should 
cliance to have died before the admiju 
sion of the father. At Ruinney, the 
claim of the eldevt Min la adinittetl to 
be good, provided be be bom within 
the town. Ai Wincbclfca, the claim 
of the eldest and every other son has of 
late been wholly denied. 
But, In order wholly to stifle such trouble- 
some claims. It is now the practice lo 
admit §uch people ouly to freedoms, 
by election ur rcdeuiption, a» arc ad> 

»Tanced in life, old bachelors, or those 
who, for sonte reason ur other, are not 
likely to have children. But the greatest 
qualification is povcritj^ which is can- 
aidcred as the beat security for an uni- 
form BnbmisBion to the control and di- 
rection of the superiar power. 
A freedom of a Cinque Port town is 
always considered as cncitlin); tlic doh. 
scssor lo a provision of some »ort^ wnicli 
in generally furnished at the cxpen&e of 
the nation; and in order thereto, in 
every one of the Ciiique Port*, a» a 
nutter of cour^ there is a very large 
custom-house estab1ij>bnient. ue^ides 
the ordinary servants and retainers to 
a cu^ttum -house, there are usually or 
5 riding officers, and a custom<honse 
boat, among the crew, of which, if 
thrrr bi> a single tailor^ it ta an extra, 
ordinary circHTnttmice ; but tliey must 
all of neccMity he free mra. At three 
or four of the towns, custom-boose 
cutters are stutinnrd, iinniinally to 
cruifcc against the sinuggtcrN but really 
to make provision for the fnends of the 
minister: the whole body of officer* are 
freemen of coiirRe. 
almost all the porta, forts and bat- 



ttrtes have of Inte years been tiuill, 
with no uiher view whatever that can 
be discovered, except that of furnishing 
three or four snug sinecure places in 
each port. Another common mode of 
binding tlic lower cloas of frecmcu to 
Uicir good behaviour ts, by lending 
theui small sums of money on f'ondy 
wl jch, H> long as ihcy conduct ihcin- 
eclvcs to the satiAfiiCtion of their su- 
perior, ore nevur demoaded. 

DOWNPATUICK, Borough of, 
Doieii*hirt\ Ireland. 
A. U.AUt G€o.III, 1 Bi. 


A I^and Owner. 

R, of£. In (he inhabitants. 

A^. qfV, 2200. 

£. /. Pofi^Ksscd by Baron Dc Clifibrd. 

DOWNSHIRE, Jrclitmi, 
A. U. AUt Geo. til, 2 Kti, 

Lono AnTiii;R.MoTBES-\V'ii.i.iAM 

Hill. 5th ParL 

O/ff. Lieut. Col. of the Scots Ortys. 
it€l. Bro. to the Marqueu of Down- 

shtrc : aon and heir to the Baroness 


ViscouXT Castlkulagh. 2d Pari. 
N. 4* S. Frederick Stewart. 
Late a Lord of the Admiralty, Ace. 
Co. Se. NcwtownardH, Downshire. 
HeU Bid. toti of the iklarqucs4 of 

E. I. Exercised by the Marqueaaea of 
Londonderry and Downshire. 

Previously to the disfVanchisement of the 
40s. frecholdeiB, the M arqucsa of 
Dowrishiri.-N estates in thiM County 
have been (iividcd and subdivided into 
ItO.OOO portions, tor the purpose of 
creating a swarm of voters sufficient 
lo overouiiie all opposition. 

DOW.NTON, Borough of, ITUtr. 
23i/ Edw. I. 2 Bsi, 

James Broughau, £^q. 2d Pari. 
i'lvf. A Barrister-at-Lnw. 
Bei. Brother to Baron Bnnigham and 
Vaux, ljor<l iligh Chancellor of 
Great Britain. 
Charles-Shaw Lefeviie, Esq. 
A Land I >wner. 
7*0. Hcs. 0, NY^i^vchaii-vWc. 

J. U,\\HGeO.JU. IS*. 

John-Hehrt- Noeth, Em. 3d Port 
Offi, Judge of the Admiralty Court in 

Co. 27««. Menion-«quiire, DubUiL 

R. o/E. In the fretholden and freemci). 
N. ofV, IIAO. 

DROITWICH, Borough of. Wot- 
etttrr^ire. 23<j Edjt. I. 3 Bsi. 

Tnr Rt. Uok. tue Karl or Scr- 

TON, I. P. fltllParl. 

AT. ^ S, WillJAm-Philip Molyncux. 

A Land Owner. 

To. lifM. ai, Arlington^treef, Ptc- 

Co. .SV. Stoke F&mL, near Windsor, 

Berlu; uid C'roxicth lUU, Lon- 

RcL Coiu. to Baron Foley. 


LEV, Esq. 3d Pari. 

A I^aod Owner. 
Co. Se. Priestwood Hoiiw, Stafibrd- 

ReU Com. to B«on Foley. 

JLof K. In the biirgeisci of SoltiiuiogK, 

Droit wich. 
A", of V. From 12 to 15. Fop. 2230. 
H> O, Two BailUa 
E. I. PotacMcd by Buon Foley; in 

whose fuiiUy it hu hem alnoe 

MS in Ji 
licM. Hume-al 

FnEDCnicK SuaI 
Offi. Hccordcro] 

TLoJE. In the 

E. I. Exercised 


Holy Trinity). i>«( 
A. U.^Ut Ceo. Ill 

Thomas LEi'itov,| 
Prof. A BarriilcfJ 

Rfi^ lo Ant 

M.P. for Lonj 

li.o/E, In the pn 

A', of r. 02. 

J. U. iUh Ahhc. 

Lord Movtaoiti 


ReU YoungeH m 

A', of V. Real, 8 1 

Total, 51. 
5. /. Pos*e»ed by 

tnwc; who has. 


( 323 ) 


CUDBUKiHT, a tiutrkt of Scotthh 
Borough/^ A. IK 6M ^nnr. I Com. 

M'lLi.iAM.RoBE&T Keitu- Doug- 
las, Em]. 5th 1*011. 

A West IndiA Proprietor. 

OJt, ('hftlnnan of the Acting Com- 
mittee of the West India Body. 

To. Ret. D6, Eaton-square. 

Hrl. BroOicr to the Marqaess of 

R.qfB. In 93Town Councilnicn of the 
ttcrerml Roroughs who elect delt^tci 
to vote for ilic Member* 

IK\u/V, bl Pop. 31,650. 

£. /. Poiackanl by the ]U«t|acii of 

DUNDALK.Bonmghof, LouthtJiirf^ 
,Jrclan4. A. U.-iUt Geo. Jit. I fl/. 

'he Hon. John-RobcbtCb&dock. 
001. A Liuuu Colimel. 
Co, Sc, Orimston Park, Yorkvhire. 
Rel. Sm Bnrf heir of l^prd Howiien. 

. o/E, In the corpontioa. 
of IT. 3B. 
/. PonCiMd bjr the Earl of Rodcn. 

DUNOAXNON, Borough of, Tt/- 
ewhire^Ird, A.U.AUtG€o.III.\Jis. 

*UK Hoy. J. .1. Kmox, 

(in the room of his ctd, bra. the Hon. 
Thomas Knox, who mcceptcd the 
stcwardAhip of the Cbiltem Hun- 

Q0i. A Lieut. Col. in tlie Army. 

To. SUb. 51, Oro*venoT-«tr«cL 

Co. Sc. Aldenham, aiid Barham Park, 
near Elstric, Hctw. 

Itel. 'J//- »on of Viscount Northland: 
brother to the Hon. John-Henry 
KnoT, M.P. for Newry: nejihtv to 
the Bithop of Deny. 

ofE* In the burgesscn, who arc self- 
clcctcd, in order to get up the elections. 

, </ r. 13. 

/. PoMcs>cd by Viscount Norlhlnnd, 
and the Manjiicsa of Don^nlL 

DIINOARVON, Borough of, fTalet. 
trdMrc, Jrd. A.U. 4Ut Geo. lit, 1 B>. 

The Hoy. Geobge Lamb. 3d Pari. > 
Prof. A Barristcr-at-Law. 
OjTE. Joint-Uodcr-Scactary for the 
Home Department 

To. net. WhiU'halUyard. 

Cii. Se. Brocket Hall, HerUt. 

litL 2<^frroYAertoVi»coun( Melbourne; 

n. if E. In the frcdwldera. 
N. ofK \^iiH. 

E. /. Poisewed by tho Duke of Devon. 

DUNWICH, Borough of, JiyfWk. 
23d Edw. I, 2 Bit, 

Akurew Arcedeckxc, Ee^. 2d Pari 
A I.*and Owner. 
A West India Proprietor. 
To, ticf. 1, UrosveuoT.squarc. 
Co. Se, Clereriflg Hall, Suffolk. 

Fbcdebick Barke, £h]. 
A Land Owner. 
To. liei. ,*J7, Oroivcnor-alrtet. 
Co. Se, Dunwich and Soiterly P 

li. of Br Decided, in 1703, to belong to 

the resident freetnen and burgesw* 

not Mxtriving nliiui. 
N, of V, From 18 lo 20. Pop. 210. 
R.6. Two BQilifft. 
E. /. PoascKscd hy Baron Huntingfidd, 

and by Al r. Michael Bame, father of 

the Member. 

Thi« miserable hamlL-t was oner a city, 
the see of a bishop, an important Ka. 
port, and the niwt considcrablt: plaoQ 
in the county of Suffolk: it lh now a 
aniiarkable prouf of the instability of 
all subltmary things, being reduced to 
a memo Tillage, composed of only forty- 
two houAcs, and /ui^a church, ft siill, 
however, rctaini the name of a cor- 
poration, hanng two baiUfla, and 
twelve capital burgcasca, one half of 
whom arc named by Lord Hunting- 
field, and the rest by Michael Bamc, 
Esq. who arc joint proprietors of this 
branch of British representation. 

The destruction of tnis Borough was 
occasioned by The incursion of the sco, 
Rfvenuf it»part\hn out ufeight having 
been destroyed : and the cnuruit£hmcnt 
that i» still making, will, probably in 
a few yean, oblige the constituent body 
to betake themselves to a hoat, when- 
ever thi' king's writ Miall summon them 
to thu cxetdae of thdr elective func- 
tions—As the ficccMily of adhiTiiig to 
forrttfj in ilie brckkl Bolemnity of 
Boruugh elections, is not tu be dia- 
penaed with.— li\ vV^ vaa^ f^^X^cai^ 


( 324 ) 


t., Punwldi won Hncil one thousand 
and iixty mark.s Orford tit\eea, Ips- 
wich two hundred. And Yarmouth two 
hundred, for the unlawful practice of 
supplying the enemy with com ; which 
nuy give 8oiue iuKiglu into the trade 

fnf thev towns at that time. The wall*. 

ivhich encompaswd upwards of seven 

r«cre8 of lamlf h»d three gatex. That 
to the eastward is quite dvmaliiihed ; 
It the archcA of the two gatea to the 

ijrestward continue pretty firm, ai^d 
IBTC MHDCthing curious in their work- 
manship, but are almwt covered with 
ivy. 'J'hiti town being built on u hill 
conxLiting of loam and »and, it U no 
wonder the sea had such an effect upon 
it, as to undermine and wash it away. 

DI^RIIAM, County Pabtine of. 
40"' //cnr.v ///. • 2 jK"''. 

L'obi] M'li.LiAM-Joux -Frederick 
PouTETT. uth Part 

A l>and Owner. 

A Wcat India Proprietor. 

To. lies, 19. Curxon^ircct, May-fair. 

<'(>. AV. Somcrby, roar Oakham, Lin- 

Rti' Stiottfl iOH of the Marquee of 
CIcTchtnd I bro. to the Earl of Dar- 
lington, M.V. for Salta^h : ttnt-iH* 
ia-a (0 the Earl of Locksdalc. 

WitMAM RusBEi.. Esq. 2d ParL 

A Land Owner and Proprietor of Coal- 

Co-Sf- Braiicrpalh Ca«lle, Durham. 
ReL UncU'to .Mr.C. Tennyson, M.P. 

for Blvtchingly. 
PiirL Pat. 2 Mcmben for Bletdi. 
Pop. 20«.00n. 

E. I. One moictr poncsscd by the Mar- 
queai of Clevcuuid. 

Durham, onee a sovereignty In itaclf, re- 
turns only fifur Members to Parlia- 
ment, va. two for the County, and two 
for the City. The aame number rcprr- 
sent the magn'tflctut Bnroughf of Ka^t 
and W'csi Lone ; 

n^RHAM, Ciiv of, D. County. 

MlCIIAEL-A.*fOEtO Tatz.o]i« Ksq., 
r.s.A. 7th Pari. 

A Land Owner. 
prof. A Barrl'ttcr-at-law. 
00. Aeconkr of Poole, DoractiliEir. 

To. Re», Whitehall-yard. 

Co,Se. CantlcyIiaa,UoacBBieT,Vorfc- 

Bel. Unclr to the Marrhioocas of 


TOH, Esq., 

(in the room of Sir Roofr Ouxs- 
i.EV, Bart., who lo«t his arat an 
account of irregularity in hii elec- 

Co,«r. WiltonCaade, Co.ofDuiluoii. 

W. of E. In the corporation aad/mwins 
rttiidctit and non-reaident* 

X of r. About 1200. pop, 10.309. 

n. 6. The Mayor. 

E, I. Pnsaessed In a great measure by 
Ilar>-<n Durham and the Marqum of 
Itondondcrry ; the former baring iA% 
and the latter GO votes at their oacii> 
mand, from among the workmen in 
their employ at their rcapective coaS. 

Thin city is famous in parHaBOaUij 
annals from having given rtaa Id A 
law, which prcvcnta corporate boditi 
frum multiplying the number of th4r 
honorarf/ freemen (or miuhfootiu ibI 
f'lffgot*^ as tliey arc more commoolf 
called), for the purpose of stitting tfat 
will of the lineally constituted butge sw a 
and freeholder's cf any Boron gfa or City. 
In 17(i2, a contest took place betweo 
the corporation of Durhmn and the 
citizens; andonclierc/umbcin^^madei 
the latter petitioned the Uuuse of 
Commons against the election of Mu 
Gowland, the protegee of the fonzwr; 
fotBamuch a» the mayor had, for the 
purptne of securing his election, made 
upwards of 200 new freemen, who war 
tirangeri to t)ic city ; and that if this 
ard other daring Infnngfmcntsof ihdr 
liberties bad not taken places Mr Joha 
l^ambton would have been dcctcd by 
a great majority. The Douae accord- 
ingly ammdid the return for *' the 
!»nid city of Durham,*' and ordered the 
('U-jk of tl»c Crown to *^*^eraar the 
name of Ralph <}owlind,** and tofot 
that of (rrnernl I^nmbton in ita lAead. 
Thus were the rights ol' the Mople 
triumphant m-er the illegal and arbi- 
trary influence of corporate authority: 

. and to prevent the poasibiltty %^ such 
an abuse of municipal power m future, 
the fsmouB statute, known by the 
vi the Durham Act, was paaicd 


in the 


( 325 ) 


3d of Oen. HI. By this Act, ito per. 
sou has a rifffit to tvte^ vho has nut 
brtn pnvseurd of his franchUe twelve 
calcj$dar mcmths before thrjirKt d/ty nf 
th* eUctiofj, This Act duet not ex- 
tend to penonH who uv vntitltrd to 
their freedom of rif^ht, by the custom 
of the borough ; for such may be ad- 
miited At any time prcviouK to sd elec- 
tion, or even during the poU, 

}htritt of ScoltiMlt BorOHght. 

V. Gth Amte. \ Com. 

X. 1^- S, Alexander St. Clair Krskinc. 
Offi. A Lictit.-CoI. in the Army. 
Ilrt. tUdr$t sott of the EarS of ItoRalyn. 

(j/'J?. In HO Town-Couocilmcn, of 
the sereral BorouKhii, who elect ddc- 
'^^ galea to vote fur inc Mcmlier. 
' K. 4! Pop. I4,7(K>. 

PoMCsscd by rtt-n- Sir R.X. Fcr- 
gUBon, M. P. for Noiiingham. 


\\xR)^St:vtlauH. A. V.Gth Anne, t Com 

Cl.£nK, Bart flth Pari, 
to Uie Lord Uigh Ad- 
Zjite Under Secretary of Stote for 
ilic Home Department. 
Co. Se, PennycuicK, Edinburghshire. 

JV. ofV. Keai, 24; Nommul, 10:— 
Total. 34. Fop. 152,600. 

, 1. The Duke of Buccleugh and 

EDINBURGH, City of. Kdinhurgh. 
iiVf, and capital city o( Scoftaad. 
U. Gift .Hnac. 1 Com. 

*riE Rt. Hoy. William Dcicda*. 
Cth Pari, 

A Land Owner. 

Ojfl. Lord Clerk-Register. 
Keeper of the Signet, and 
Register of SuineSt in Scotland. 
A Privy Councillor in Kngl&nd. 

To. Res. 4d« OrosTcnor. street. 

Co. Se. fiullen Lodge, Haddington, 
N.B. ; Pitchfonl Hull, Shrewsbury, 
and Buxlead Park, near I'ckfield, 

Bel. CousUt to ViKOunt MelviJlc. 

R, of E. XnShccorporation^ conaidtingof 

the Lord ProvcibC, four Bailllcs, the 

Dean or((uild, &.c &,c. 

iV. of V. 3.1. Pop. 1 20,4««, 

E. I. The Duke of BuccUugh and 

QuecDsberry, and Mr. Dundu. 

This City ih the only one in Scotland 
which, of itself, returns a Member to 
Parliament ! 

ELGINSHIRE, or Morayshire, 5cof- 
tattH. A. IT. fUh Anne. 1 Com. 

The Hoy. FraScis - M'ii.liam 
Grant. 6th Pari. 

A IjAoH Owner. 

Ojfi. Lord Lteut. of Invcmc».ahirc. 
Col. of the iMilitia of ilmi tViunty. 

Co. &V. Cullcn HouKc, Invemen-shire. 

ReK Bro. to tlie Earl of Suafield. 

N.of V. Real, SO; Nominal. Mr- 
Total, 33. Pnp. 29.746. 

E. /. The Duke of Gordon and the Earl 
of Fife arc the chief landed proprietors 
in thl* County. 


VERURY,and KINTORE, <iDii*ric< 

ofSrottisfi Borongits. A. If. Qlh Anne. 

1 Com. 

The Hok. Alexandeh Durr. 

2d Pari. 
OJi. A Lieut. Genera], and CoL of the 

»2d Foot. 
To. Res. 25, Jcrmyn-strcct. 
Ret. Bro. to the Earl of Fife. 

N.ofV. In78TownCounciImcn,ofthe 
several Boroughs, who elect delegates 
to vote for the Member. 

X.ofV. at Pop. U,ftIO. 

E. I. Posseased by the Earli of Fife and 

ENNIS, Borough of, Chmhirr, Ire- 
land, A. U. 4\tt Geo. Jit, I Bt. 

WiLJ.iAM Smyth O'BniEu, Enci. 

2d Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

R.ofE. In the self-appointed burgesses. 

y.ofV, 13. 

E.l. Possessed by Sir E.O'Briex, and 

by the Hon. \y. F. Vc«y FitxgcnUd, 

hie M. P. for I^ostwithicl. 

ENNISKILLEN, Borough of, Fer. 
mamghshircy /rrf. A. t^ 4lrf Geo. II L 




{ 326 ) 


TjiE ilov* Akthur-Uenby Cole. 

A Land Owner. 

Qffi. A Civil StTV.'Uit and late Repre. 
senlative of ihe Koet India Com- 
pany at one of the native Courta. 

To, Ih*. 15, Jcimyn-«trecL 

Co. Se, Florence Court, Fcrroanagh- 

ReL firo. todwKarl ofEnniikilleo. 

H.ofE. Id the Rclf-clccled burgesses. 
J^,o/V. lo. 

E. /. Powcsscd by the Earl of Ennls- 

ESSEX, County of. 

iQth lien. III, 


Chakles Calli? Wxstebx, EBq. 
10th Pari. 
A Land Owner. 
To. Sle*. 3r», Soulh-stTCet, Oroavenor. 

Co, Sc, Felix Uall, Kclvedon, Essex. 

JoiiM Ttsseh Tyhell, Eaq. 

A IjADd Owner. 

Rel. to Charles Tyrell, Esq. 

AI. P. for tSuffolk. 
Pop, 290.500- 
Essex and its diree Borouglut K-nd eight 

McmbcTS to Parliament, viz. 2 knights 

and6 btirgeaacs. 

EVESHAM, Borough of, Worcetter- 
Aire. 23(2 Ed^, (. 2 J9m. 

Vacav t I — The following are the repre- 

Nintativw chosrn at the la^t flection 
Cot tliis Ilorough. Wc put thcni within 
parentheses, and in Uollv typ«. in onler 
(o show that their return has been dis- 
allowed by the House of Commons, 
on arcouni of nouirious corruption. 

{Sir Chartet CockereU^ Bart 5th Pari 
A I /and Owner. 
To. RcM. 147, Piccadilly. 
Co. Sc. Sesincote, OloucesttTahire. 
Jtft. Bro..iHJaii to Baroa Nortliwick. 

Cord Kntnedy. 
X. 4" S. Archibald Kennedy. 
Bel. fUcffionoftheEarlofCusilis.) 

IL of E. In the mayor, aldermen, 

and capital and common burgruet. 
JV. (ifV. From 800 to 630. Pop. 3620. 
R. O. Tlw lAfo^or. 
jS. /. Baioo Northwick, and Monty. 


ThiK Borough has been uodc* 
fluence of the Rushouts ffh« 
family) j» far as regards uie TtOHS •( 
one membtT, for upwanls of a oeDtuiy : 
the other member was usually rvtiuaed 
by a combination of attomejra, who 
appear Utcly to have ovcnhot the 
mark. In their zealous ambitloo to pnv 
vide for the legislative wanu of tbc 
people of En^abd. 

*' The price is said to be rqcularly fixed, 
— 6ve pouudi for a single vote, tn 
pounds for a plumper: ud m nMg- 
nized and cstablislied is thb purduM^ 
that in one Instance, it is said, imm^ 
diately after the voce was given, a dip 
of pAper, naming the sum, was deli* 
TCied at the hustings to the Totcr, whe 
carried it to the candidate's banker, 
where it was Smmcdiatdy paid ; id 
another, the reward wafi jMiiil by the 
agent of the party, appointed viifaoat 
his knowledge, who Wed an uinnba' 
bitcd house, into which ponies were 
introduced singly, that there might br 
no witnesses. There art? sbout ninety 
non-rvndcnt voters living in and about 
Ixmdon, forty at Bimiinghain, and 
about the same number dis|MnBd 
through the ^VcAt of England, whs 
make ■ regular traffic of their toMS. 
So great is the corruption of this B^ 
roughs that the bte 3fenibcr, in difr- 
guilt, resiMcd all eiitreatir« to becootf 
again its rcpresentoiivei in his retiring 
address, he declared < he could not 
submit to lend himself to so riciomiBd 
abominable a system.* This BqrnII^ 
is only partially open : one Ucmtoi 
Sir Chories Cockerel], Is returned hf 
the recoinmcmiation at>d through the 
intluence of I^ird Northwick, but who 
is Ktil] obliged to pay the voters : ikt 
other .Member ts be who pays the faoL 
whatevtT may be his political oeed.'' 
M'e quote the above descriplioa IVni 
ooe of Colonel Jones's letlna. I^iaCi 
U was published, the hut election faM 
been set a-Mdc by a drcision of a Com- 
mittee of ifai! House of Cotmnon*; and 
tlie writ for the election of new Man- 
ben ts suspended: in fact, « bill \m 
been brotiglit Into the House for the 
disfrancbiMrmcnt of tliis Borough, sod 
for the uansfa of the franchise to Bii* 
ra Ingham. 

On Feb. 17, 1B31, Lord John RosmD 
prctKntcd a petition to the House of 
CoQuuoos, praying for Rcfonn, fiocc 



Borough of E>reshann^ 

( 327 ) 


the Borough of Ev^ham^ wbicti 
AlBtcd tliBC •* oomiption infected it like 
■> A;.r.if 1/ ; anil loAl, of nc&rljr iOOO 
I .1 JunL«, itiivc were an\y lis 
r^>ukut vulen." 

EXETER. Cily of, Devonthirc, 
H'Aii Ed-a.. VI. 2 Cf/jr. 

Lehi8.Wii.liji»i Bucx^ Kfeq. 2d P&rl. 
A l«Knd Owner. 
To. Itett 63, Su JamesVstreet. 

Jaui:^ Wcktworth Bulleii, Esq. 
A LjumI ( IwiifT. 

Jtet. to Charles Duller, Eiq. 

31. P. for West I*ooc. 

Jt.efE. Inlhcfrei-iHetiAndfrefftotdcrtj 

including non-rcudcnu. 
N. of F'. Fmm 1580 to IGOO. 

H. O. The Sheriff: 

£Y£, Borough of, 5»/U/A-. 
ISM £/U. 


(R Edward Kebhisok, Bart*, c.n. 
filh Pari. 
An EaKt India Praprietur. 
Oj/L A 31ajor Oefl.| and CoL of (he 
I4th Draj^ooni. 
Recorder of Eye. 
To. Rc^, 13, Great Stanhupe.ain>cl. 
Co. Sc Oakley Park, Sufiuik. 
ParL Pni. Two Alembcn fur Udii 

A DanUtcr-at-law. 
0, iifri. 50, Winipole-ttreet; and 
7i New.u^uare, LinculnVinn. 

•of B. In the free buigeoeii and cor- 
ttion, and InfiabUoMU paying »cot 
id lot. 

ofV. About 100. Pop. IBOO. 

Q. Two Bailiffs. 
£. /. Poaaeaied by Earl Comwallit and 
Sir K. Kerrison. 

U. iist Geo, in. a Kit. 

IRTTK Archuall, Eiq. OUi Pari. 
[A Land Owner. 

A (im^emor of tfu: Cotrnty of 
A Genefml In the Anny. 
Lieut. Gm>. vfthe Itk ofJVlf^ht, 
Co. Sa, Caaile-Archdall, near Ennia- 
kiOen, FerroanaghKhtrc. 

VjflcouxT Connv. 3d Part 

N. ^-S. Amiar-Irfjwry Cony. 

Co, Se. Castlc-C'ooli*, !■ i-rnianoglishire. 

Sit'l. Elit. ton of (Hl- KafI of Belmorc: 

brtrthcrto ttic Ellin, llcnry-Thonuu.. 

Lowry Corry , M . P. for Ty rnnvshire. 

N.ofV. Prerioufcly tolbt late Frecholdfr. 

Disfnmchisement Act, about A-IOtK 
E. I. The Earli of Ennukillcn and Ucl- 

more ; and Mr. AtchdalL,the Member. 

FIFESIIIRE, .¥ai//u«d. 
A. U. Ct/i Anne, 

1 Com. 
3d Pari. 

Jaues Wkmvs!*, Ewj. 
A Land Owner* 
Offi, A Captain in the Royal Navy. 
Co. Se. VTcmyia Castle, Fifc»hire. 
Rel. to the Earl of KrroL 

A"", of r. Real, 184 ; Nominal, .12 •— 

Total, 216. Pop. 104,»7C. 

E, /. Posaesicd by the Weraysi fiunily. 

FIJNTSHIRE, North Wak*. 

27/A //en. yjii. I jrt 

Sir Thomas MosTYv, Bt. 10th Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

To. Net, 14,, St. James's. 
Co. Se. MoRtyn Ilall, Flintshire. 

JV. of V. About OS. 

E. I. Poncaacd by Sir T. Mostyn, the 
Member, whose family have rcpreflenicd 
the ('nunty for nearly 150 years; and 
by Boron Kcnyon. 

Flintshire, like other Welsh counties, Is 
poorly ruprt-sented ; for it deputes ooJy 
a knight and buj^ess to the House of 

TON (including Knutlon and Overion- 
Forctgn), a Diitriet tf Boroughs in 
North IVok). 27/A Ueury Vllt. 1 Bs. 

Sir Edwaud PnYcr-LLOVD, Bart. 
Gtfa Pari. 
A Land Owner. 

To. He*. 0, Lower Seymour^trect. 
Co. Se. Pcngwem, near St. Asaph, 
North Wales. 

R. of E. 7n the inhcUtantt of these 
Boniugh» paying teot and lot. 

N.ofV. Nearly 1200. Pop. hbm. 

R. b. The Mayor of Flint. 

E. A Poftscned by Sir Wa\V\n-\V\a\am» 
Wynn, and the preMnt Mtm\>et- 


( 328 ) 


FORFAHSHIRK (or Angua-shire), 
Scvthrifl. A, U. iith Anne. 1 C^i. 



a\X\ Pari. 


A Land Owner. 
To. Itf.i, % ConivalUlemcc. 
Co. Sc. Ponniurc, and Brechin (toatle, 

hd* Hi other to the Earl ot Dalhousie, 

A^. of V. Real, !(0 ; Nominal, 24 t— 
Total, lU. Pop. I09,7C(». 

E, L The Hon. W.-R. Maule, the 
present Member, is die chief land pro. 
prietor in this County. 

CrPAR, ona St. ANDREWS, a 
dutrlct (if'SctflfUh Borougfu, 
A V. Gth June. I Cwi/i. 

Ooii-viE, Esq., 

(id the room of The Rt. How. 
FaAVCis JKrrHEV,agaiDit whose 
return a jKtition had bcai prcsentet). 
On the 25th of March, the Com- 
mittee decided in favour of the peli> 
lioner, Mr. Ogilvic ; but at tlie ume 
lime rciMilvL-d that Mr. Jcffity's op. 
position to the matter of the petition 
was neither frivolou* nor vexaiious-] 

OJi. A Colonel in the Army. 

Ji. o/E. In K« Town-Counclhuen, of 
tlie several Horougha, who rlcct dele 
gates to vote for the Member. 

N.ofW 6! /'«/!. 62 J40. 

E. ]. Possessed by the Earl of Hread- 
albanc, and by Sir Dnvid M'lddcr- 
bume, Bart. 

FOR T ROSE (including Chanotirr* and 
Ro«markic), INVERNES.S, NAIRN, 
aod FORRES, a dittrkt of Sc^lhh 
Bcrought. A. U. €*lh Aanc. 1 Com, 

Joiis Baillie, £»q. 3d ParL 

A Land Omier, 
Oer. A Ranker. 
Offl. An East India. Dirvctor. 

A r^oloncl in the Army. 
To. Ret. 0, Devtnikhire- place. 
Co,Sc LeyCN, Invemcsa^hirc. 

N. of V. In 72 Ton-n-Councilmcn, of 
the several Uoroiigh.t. who elect dele- 
gales to ¥(He for the Member. 

N. of V. 4 I Pop, 10,674. 

p.. /. PosacMed by the Member himaelf, 
and by the Rt. Hon. Charles Oranc. 
Prvaident of the Hoard uf Control, and 
M,P,(orthe C-ounty of Invemcia. 

FOAVEY, Borougb ol', VornwuSL 
Uth Edn. IJf. S An. 

Loidi Brldekel. 4th Put 

N. l} S. Jame?i-Thomai Drudisiiel. 
A Land Owner- 

Offi. A Major in ihc Bth IVagoona. 
To. R(s. 12, Hercfortl-4in*t. 
Co. AV- Biuoksby Hall, Lrirc%ler^t«. 
HeL EiJ. Mon of the Earl of Car- 

JoiiM Ciit;E<)MEi(T Seveox, Em). 
A I.«and Owner. 
To. Res. % Quocn-oqtiarc, M*c>i- 

Co. Se, Pcnybcnt Hall. Raduutshitv. 

R. "f E. In Kuch tenant* of His Ma. 
jcily, an Duke of Cornwall, aa aiv 
capable of holding the office of Poru 
reeve, and who have bem duly ad- 
mittcil upon the Court-roll of the 
Manor; having done ihrir t'calty. 

N. of v. about 300. Pop, I40a 

R. O. The Portreeve chown at the 
C^urt of Hifi Majesty, who i» hatA of 
the Manor. 

E. I. One moietj pntaf wrt faj Vfc 
Austin ; the other by Mr. Luccy, «f 
Wurwirkhhin^ who purchaaed it fhm 
.Mr. lUmlct, the silvemniilh, (or 
2U,nou/., and ha« mdcc speax upwards 
of 70,0tH>/. more in endeavouring lo gtc 
the whole patronage into hit own poi- 

A. U. 41*/ Geo. III. 

2 A*/i. 

Jaucs Stauntox Lamokkt, Em. 


A Land Owner. 

Co, Se. Cregclare^ in thia County. 


.Sin JoHV BuiiKC 
A Ltmd Owner. 
An Kaat India Pnipridor. 
Cf*. AV. MarhlchiU. in this County. 
Rtt. Cnrtc to the Marquev of Clan- 

Thiagentlcman is a Catrolic 

R. ti/E, Previously lo the late diafiBa- 

^iscmcnt of the forty.thiUIng fi«- 

holdeia, upwardaof 4000. 
E. /. The MarqucM {>f Clanric«H« toi 

considerable influence; buttbeCatbi^ 

lie inflttsnoe b prcTaleni. 



of, Galvatf- 
2d P»rl- 

Lodfpe, flalwmy. 

DaIj, Ew). 

of, Smrrry. 

i Bmi. 

Smellkv, Eh). 
in th« Amiy. 

John SheUey. lUrt., 

BorE, Esq. 
' tjVfBt Sffymour-strccL 
Hcnry-Tbomu Hope, 

It 5. Pf^ -ia 

ftw g M i l y by Sir Mfuk 
itf GsnoD Park ; now by 

BdNU^ had it one 
bome anid one vlcclnr ! 
itie pnpeny of the Ut« 
Colcbrofce; mt th« time 
U vu ioU by hifl as- 
WQlfaon Maine, who ww 
Lord Nrwhaven^ of 
flf IivUnd. Ic was then 
tion, by Mr. 
and a Mr. (