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Congress. Since 1893. however the 1 i „■„,- . , , &iucat,on, and by direct »e t io„ ol 

Nbrery ,„,. the United States L 1^ ', „.' S™^ '"* "" "»« " » — - 

*"■« ~ "- the interest o, ,,„eriel ,Z!eTa loTe 8 °™" "" ^ *" "^ 

It agreed to publish and distribute this revised edition v 

It diH n.f J " al C ° 8t ' Under its s - vstem of ^d distribution 

It did not, however, take direct part in the selection of the books 

Drtnbrtan.-A single copy of the Catalog complete, in cloth, will be sent free of char . 
"brarym the United States, and to foreign libraries on the exchange lis o L ^ Tc o "" 

or making specific request. ™ ^ 1Drai > oi Congress, 

Other copies, either of the complete work or of either part in cWh 
addressing *fc ^,,,„ lmt of lh)( . ^ ^ ** ^or paper, may be had bv 

(a nominal charge, to prevent waste): " f ° mardm S the P™e below stated 

Complete (parts 1 and 2). Price: Cloth 50 cents, paper 25 cents 
Hart 1 or part 2 separately. Price: Cloth 25 cents, paper 15 cents 

P nhn:r d ^: r: l , r:\:i:::r:t r " ri,,t t ^ fa <- — - ■— * - 

-embers o< the Library „, (V , ^ e " ^h'" "r enerSe,iC ** '"' "" "» " 

Miss trene Gibson, Mr. F N™™ ' , tTTn a " y '""'' "" P, " ,ic, " ,,ri - V ««*»-^ 

- , he prompt ana en , ' S "'"' """ ^ , '""" < " 1 *" i( * »»tside 

I'M'uipi ana efficient cooperation of the chief of t)>^ n..f ,i i- • • 

f -— * » '-,>- prepared but, nLrthe ,lire<,„ ■ , , '" '" V ™"" " ' 

the Dictionary section Tl r „,<; . i ' Ml » E. A. Knnner, proof read 

addit to the »pervi»i ' , . ■' ' ' ",'' 7 8 "" inV ° 1Ved ' *"" -» * ■" 

The remarkable speed with which the Pnhlin p-;, * t 

- rtdt '"""r r y ' - ~ ~ - -':.- K t ■;:? 

KKketts, and the readv response of his staff who I. .,v.. ... r . c . , '""«& lttr. U. J. 

at the . r command ^ who have applied freely the vast typographic resources 

1 1 BRBEET Pi T\ \ \i / " ( 'l'«iy Of Publication 

TAbrarian of Congress 
Washington, D. C, October /, %904 

A \T 



Library of Congress 




Prepared by the New York State Library and the 
Library of Congress under the auspices of the 
American Library Association Publishing Board 

Melvil Dewey 

Director, New York State Library and Library School 

Associate Editors 
May Seymour Mrs. H. L. Elmendorf 

Education Librarian, New York 
State Library 

Special Bibliographer, Buffalo Public 

Part 1: Classed 
Part 2: Dictionary 

Wa shington 

Government Printing Office 

October, 1904 


















Facing title-page 




















The A. L. A. publishing hoard commends this Catalog to libraries and readers with the conviction 
that, while it may not meet every expectation or requirement, it will be found one of the most useful 
bibliograpical manuals that have been issued. The editor's pref ace gives so complete a statement of 
the purposes of the work, and of the history of the undertaking, that little remains for us to add. To 
the determined and energetic efforts of the editor and his efficient coadjutors we owe whatever of 
excellence the work may possess. The delays in the publication have been in the interest of increased 
thoroughness and completeness of work; especially has it been possible to include many more notes 
than could have been furnished if the work had been hastened. 

The board would like to add emphasis to the acknowledgments expressed in the editor's preface, 
particularly to the Library of Congress and its librarian, without whose most generous and hearty help 
the work could not have been published in a form and on terms so advantageous to the libraries and 
the people of the whole land. 

To the many examples of effective cooperation which our association has furnished this may well 

be added as among the chief. 

YVm. I. Fletcher 

Melvil Dewey 

YVm. C. Lane 


Charles C. Soule 
September 28, L904. 



At its Boston meeting in 1879 the American library association enthusiastically 
adopted the proposal of the present editor to prepare and publish a list of about 5,000 
of the best books with compact notes indicating scope, character and value, to be 
known as the A. L. A. catalog. It was pointed out that such a list would serve: 

1 As a guide to bookbuyers whether for private or public libraries. It is not 
uncommon for a library to pay some single individual hundreds of dollars for making 
a list representing merely his individual choice of books, not only on subjects with 
which he is familiar, but also on the much larger number of which he knows practi- 
cally nothing. A copy of this Catalog would be much more valuable, would be in 
print instead of ins, and several duplicates could be checked up at trifling cost for 
getting estimates or other purposes. 

■2 As a guide to readers in choosing what books they might best take from the 
library or from their own shelves. 

3 As a manual to teach the }'Ounger and prompt the older librarians or book- 
sellers in answering most wisely the constant inquiry for the best book on a given 

4 To take the place of the printed catalog in small public libraries. The call 
number of all books in the library could be written in the margin, thus showing at 
once that the library had the book and where it could be found, while unmarked 
titles would be the best list for early purchase. 

5 As a most convenient catalog for private libraries, by checking in the margin 
all books owned. 

6 As a check list of books read, personal notes*being added in margins. 
Liberal subscriptions were made for copies and much material was collected when 

work was interrupted b}^ the editor's absorption in other duties. After various 
proposals for resuming work, the joint cooperation and finance committees, who had 
been given full power in the premises in 1884, turned the entire matter over to Melvil 
Dewe3 r as editor, on condition that no financial responsibility should rest on the asso- 
ciation. Owing to lack of means little more was done till the World's Columbian 
exposition gave opportunity to get out an imperfect first edition without note-. As 
the notes were to be the chief feature of the A. L. A. catalog, the 1893 book was called 
Catalog of A. L. A. library, reserving the other name for a list including the all 
important notes as guides to readers. By the testimony of the U. S. commissioner 
of education, who published several large editions, it was of even greater service 
than anticipated. The books were selected by a committee of leading members of 
the A. L. A. of which J. N. Lamed was chairman, and the cataloging was done in 
the New York state library under Mrs S. (J. Fairchild's supervision, the V. S. bureau 
of education paying the salaries for much of the office work, as the library was to be 



its permanent property at the end of the Columbian exposition of 1893, where the 
A. L. A. library was exhibited and attracted great attention. The list has been used 
by thousands of libraries and private buyers as a guide in selection. 

In 1894 ;i committee was appointed, with Mrs Fairchild as chairman, to 
prepare needed supplements. Progress was delayed by many difficulties, and just 
as the section on education was to goto the printer, it was proposed that instead 
of a supplement a new work complete in itself should be prepared as the chief 
A. L. A. exhibit at the St Louis exposition. This plan was adopted. The New York 
state library had, in 1889, authorized its director as editor of the Catalog to pre- 
pare and issue it as a state library publication. Though relieved of publication of 
the 1893 volume by the cooperation of the Bureau of education, the New York state 
library continued to gather lists and notes as other duties permitted and when the 
Bureau of education found itself unable to bring out the revised edition as hoped, 
the regents of the New York state library repeated their authority to prepare and 
issue it and secured from the legislature a special appropriation covering part of the 

The American library association having placed in the hands of its publishing 
board its interest in the undertaking, the board welcomed the assumption by the New 
York state library of the editorial work, and supplemented the financial provision 
made by the state of New York by an appropriation of $1,200 (afterwards raised to 
$1,500) to meet the necessary expense. The board has exercised a general super- 
vision over the work and has determined questions affecting its form and general 
character. Most important, the Library of Congress agreed to share the burden by 
printing and distributing it widely as one of its publications, thus giving it a much 
larger free circulation than would have been possible for a state publication. 

General plan. The list includes 7,520 volumes specially adapted to small 
libraries and those just starting, but suitable also for any public library. Except a 
few of the most important foreign classics in the original, only such foreign works 
as are available in English translations are included. While this ( 'atalog, when 
carefully revised, will be the best within the prescribed limits of size and purpose 
that the combined wisdom of our most experienced librarians and specialists can 
produce, no editors could hope to make a selection from the vast mass of books of 
all ages and tongues wholly satisfactory even to themselves. 

Best as applied to this Catalog means relatively to the general reader. An 
accurate, interesting and comprehensive statement in untechnical language that is 
best for a general reader may be mere a b c to a specialist, while the most recent, 
exact and exhaustive treatise best for a specialist may be the worst for a general 
reader because too technical to be intelligible. Though a mediocre book has some- 
times been chosen because there is nothing better meeting the conditions, it is hoped 
that nothing untrustworthy or ephemeral has been admitted. Out of print books 
are omitted unless very important and soon to be on the market again. 

Titles have been condensed by omitting unessential words. American importer 
and price when ascertained are given rather than foreign publisher. 

Technical books. Many of the most valuable works proposed by experts have 
been omitted because outside the scope of this list, which is primarily for general 
readers and not for professional men or special students, but it includes many tech- 


nical books on industries common to most communities, e. g. engineering 1 and engi- 
neering materials, sanitation, building, etc. 

Adaptation to very small libraries. To make the Catalog as helpful as possible 
to the smallest libraries that can start with only 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 volumes, in the 
next edition the host to buy first will be marked 1, the 1,000 that added to 1 
will make the most useful 2,000 will be marked 2, and those that added to 1 and 2 
will make the most useful ,').ooo will be marked 5. This does not mean that books 
marked I are better than the others, but merely that the} T are considered the most 
useful combination for a library' limited to 1,000, and so likewise of 2 and 5. 

Classification. The definite purpose of this book is to guide in selecting books, 
either to read or buy; its form is chosen solely for this use regardless of what may 
be best for Libraries in their own eatalogs. For its peculiar use it must be classed 
by subjects for convenience of both reader and buyer. It was also desirable to allow 
the printing in separate pamphlets of any classes for which there should be .special 
demand. The Decimal classification was chosen because its use was much more 
general than any other and its adoption would eonvenience the largest number; 
because all material for this Catalog for 27 years has been kept in this order; and 
because the New York state library, where the editorial work was done, could not use 
any other method without much confusion and extra labor. 

In cases where several different numbers would be equally correct, that one has 
been chosen whichseemed practically best for public libraries: e. g. Plato and Aristotle 
are classed in literature rather than in philosophy or political science, where the} r would 
go if classed strictly by content instead of in view T of their larger use as classical litera- 
ture; Burton's Anatomy of melancholy is put in English miscellany instead of under its 
specific subject; children's primers and readers are classed in literature instead of in 
education, as they are chosen for their storybook value and not for their bearing on 
education. Under some heads a comparatively unimportant book appears because 
its author's works as a whole are included: e. g. under 701 Schiller's Essays sesthetical; 
under 010 Holmes' Medical essays now nearly 40 years out of date. 

Proportion by subject. The number of volumes in each main subject is given 
for the Catalog of 1893 followed by like numbers for this book. Numbers in each 
class cover also a selection of juveniles made by special students of children's 

1898 L904 

Pet rent 


Per cent 






General works including Bibliography 

























Natural science 



6 - 


Useful arts 





Fine arts including Music and Sports 







809 » 

16. 3 





13. 3 





9. 1 








101 5230 100.1 7520 


A. L. A. library. The United States bureau of education has the complete 
collection included in the 1893 catalog as exhibited at the Chicago exposition. 
Frederick M. Crunden, librarian of St Louis public library, vice chairman of the 
committee on library exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase exposition, has collected this 
library of 1904 as an exhibit of a model town library in the Missouri state building. 
This will probably be retained by the St Louis public library after the exposition 
doses. The Library of Congress has also bought every book in the list not already 
in its collection, and the New York state library always buys any books it may lack 
to make its A. L. A. catalog complete. These libraries can be kept up to date by 
adding or withdrawing books as fast as changes are made. It is expected that many 
public libraries will start by buying the entire list. 

Selection. The following circulars sent by the editor to critics will show the 
exact plan on which the work was done and make clear what the collaborators aimed 
to do. 


15 November 1902 

Tentative lists. The basis for selection in each subject will be the A. L. A. catalog of 1893 sup- 
plemented by lists of later publications. As presumption will be in favor of books already in the Cat- 
alog, the main task of selection will lie in the supplementary lists, which are intended to contain all 
books since 1893 with any claim to consideration. Please feel, however, as much freedom in adding 
as in striking out titles; for in spite of the care taken in making up the lists, some appropriate works 
may have been overlooked. 

Marking scheme. If critics will use the following scheme in marking lists, it will secure uni- 
formity that will greatly lighten the labor of combining returns for the revised list on which a second 
criticism will be asked before publication. 

Symbol Meaning 

-f- Keep 

-j-+ Keep without tail 

= Reject without fail 

o No opinion 

Please note at least briefly the reason for which you reject or incline to reject a book; e. g. out of 
date (o d), too technical (tt), inaccurate (i), too little demand (d), vicious (v) The abbreviations 
given in ( ) may be used instead of writing words in full. 

Rejection. From the lists an- to he discarded: 

1 Books out of print, unless still readily obtainable and not replaced by something better, e. g. 
here is nothing to take the place of the I - . S. report of 1876 on public libraries, and it is easily gotten 

of secondhand dealers; 

2 Hooks superseded by others giving newer information or theories, e. g. those on countries where 
conditions have changed like the West Indies or Philippines, or on rapidly growing sciences and 
industries like chemistry and electricity; 

:'. Editions superseded by those distinctly belter lor public libraries, but specify preferred edition; 

I books that forother reasons you believe can be more advantageously replaced by others, noting 
in each case why you discard; 

5 Hooks that you think have no claim to a place in so limited a list of this character. 

Notes. Either formulated notes, rough notes or comments as a basis for notes, original or quoted, 
whether giving your own estimate or facts useful to a reader trying to choose between different books, 


Mean iiii; 



Inclined to keep 
Inclined to reject 

o. I). 

Out of print 


are specially requested, as they will be the most helpful feature of the Catalog. As many titles will he 
annotated as practicable in the short time available for this edition and the annotation completed in a 
later edition. References to good notes already in print, with criticism of either matter or manner, 
would he much appreciated. 

Among important items for notes are point of view; trustworthiness; scope; characteristics of 
style (didactic, colloquial, interesting, witty, dry, involved or difficult to follow, etc.); scene; period; 
class of readers to which adapted. 

Edition. If you would retain a hook but substitute a different edition, cancel description of 
edition given and specify preferred edition. 

Suggested method. Labor on the lists will probably be minimized by marking first the -| — |- 
and =; i. e. the two extremes of books positively rejected or included. A rough count of those 
included then quickly shows whether they must be weeded out to come within the allowance to that 
subject for 8,000 volumes or whether more may be added. 

The labor asked of those who kindly assist in this work will be made as light as possible by fur- 
nishing lists ready for quick checking with the symbols above, which with a minimum of work will 
indicate the critics' judgment and preference. 


15 January 1904 

The lists submitted for final expression of opinion are made up by the associate editor for selection, 
Mrs EL L. Elmendorf, special bibliographer of the Buffalo public library, after comparison of votes 
of specialists and advisory board, often supplemented by reference to reviews or examination of the 
books themselves. 

The estimated quota, or proportion, for each class has been filled in the printed galleys. If you 
wish to add books, either from the typewritten lists or as new suggestions, please indicate, if possible, 
what books you would take out in return for those that you would put in. 

As this Catalog is not a bibliography of the best books from a scholar's point of view, but a list of 
books most practically useful to a small public library, those out of print are omitted unless still 
readily obtainable. 

Classification. Please do not discard a book suitable for this Catalog merely because found under 
a head where it does not belong, but say why it should be classed elsewhere. Classification of all 
hooks retained will be carefully revised. 

Notes. Comments of two distinct kinds are asked: those helpful to editors in finally deciding 
what hooks to include; those helpful to readers in choosing what books to read. Please add informa- 
tion that you consider important, specially on the following points: preferred editions, with character- 
istics of more expensive or cheaper editions that should be mentioned in notes; details of type or 
printing making a hook unusually agreeable or tiresome to the eyes; whether reprint from periodicals: 
index, whether good, bad, or lacking; point of view — whig, socialist, catholic, etc.; scope and purpose; 
its rank in literature of the subject; marked characteristics of style; scene; period; class of readers to 
which adapted. 

As the time is very short for the work still "to be done, please return your criticisms by earliest 
possible mail. We greatly wish your final opinion, but can not delay work for belated returns. 

Notes for future editions. Immediately on publication revision will begin for 
the next edition, specially in adding desirable notes. An extra copy for marking by 
the system adopted will be sent to am T one willing to give the editors the benefit of 
his criticisms. All suggestions made will be so arranged as to insure consideration 
when the next edition is printed. No one can do a greater service to this Catalog 
than those who point out its faults, except those who show definitely how to improve 
it. No one can be more keenly alive to its imperfections than those who know it 
best, its makers. 

10 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Acknowledgments. For 2f> years the present editor has persisted in his faith 
that this Catalog would some time appear because it was the most important and 
valuable single book that could be made to aid in the great public library movement. 
Jt is fitting to record here acknowledgments to those who have made it possible. 

1 To the New York state library, which for 15 years has kept this Catalog 
steadily in view, has borne the heaviest burdens of preparation, and proposes with 
such cooperation as it can get to continue the work and make each succeeding edition 
better. This library selected the original lists, digested all returns, wrote all 
circulars and conducted all correspondence, classed the books by the Decimal 
classification, furnished the majority of the notes and edited all of them, made the 
index and edited copy for the class list. 

Special acknowledgment is due to Walter Stanley Biscoe and Miss Martha T. 
Wheeler, whose practical experience in book selection and annotation and biblio- 
graphic knowledge have made their unflagging cooperation invaluable; and to Miss 
Elva L. Bascom, who took immediate charge of routine and clerical detail, condensed 
hundreds of notes from reviews (many of them among the best in the Catalog), edited 
much of the copy, and gave practical advice in formulating plans. That there are 
not more errors is largely due to her unceasing vigilance. 

2 To the Library of Congress for generous cooperation far be} 7 ond its original 
promises. Besides bearing the whole cost of printing and distributing this volume, 
it printed and mailed preliminary and revised lists, and has made and published card 
and dictionary catalogs of the whole collection. 

The Library of Congress staff throughout the work has cooperated most warmly 
to secure improvements both in substance and form, and to correct mistakes both in 
and out of their definite province. The editors and public are under deep obligation 
for the generous cooperation and warm personal interest constantly shown in this 
work by the Librarian of Congress and his staff. 

3 To Mr W. P. Cutter, librarian, Forbes library, Northampton, Mass., for 
furnishing expansive classification numbers for the entire collection and for the 
synopsis of the Expansive Classification which precedes the dictionary catalog. 
These numbers appear both in the dictionary catalog and on the printed cards of 
the Library of Congress. 

-t To the A. L. A. publishing board for its appropriation of $1,500 towards 
expenses, for its warm interest in the work, and for authorizing the issue under its 
auspices, thus recognizing more fully in fact that it represents the cooperation of 
nearly 300 librarians and specialists, and so is not alone from the New York state 
library and Library of Congress, but, as its original name suggests, represents the 
A. L. A. 

.J To the 250 collaborators and critics carefully selected from the entire country 
as best able to advise in their respective fields, who have given without compensation 
more thought and labor and have contributed more suggestions and notes than could 
be reasonably expected from men whose days are crowded with important duties. 

The makers of the Catalog are under greatest obligation to Prof, flames I lardy 
Ropes, of Harvard, whose generous offer to substitute a Carefully balanced list on 
religion for the rough original list was cordially accepted. His list was made the 
working basis for further criticism, though the resulting list, as was inevitable, varies 
greatly from his selection. 


ti To Mrs II. L. Elmendorf, to whose rare 1 qualifications for this work much of 
its merit is due. As librarian of the Milwaukee public library and later as special 
bibliographer of the Buffalo public library she has given so much attention to the 
needs of the average public library that she seemed best qualified for this important 
position, which she has so acceptably tilled. Her choice of the 7,520 volumes was 
made from a list of three times that number containing much conflicting - opinion. 
Besides deciding on the books to be included she also gave most valuable aid in 
furnishing notes and in choosing and revising others from the vast mass of those 
under consideration. 

No man or committee could possibly make such a selection without leaving 
grounds for criticism from various points of view. In many cases several recognized 
authorities insisted that a certain book should be added or omitted, while others 
equally good insisted on just the reverse. The selection editor had all the reasons 
from both sides before her, in addition to a lifelong and intimate knowledge of 
public library needs far beyond most of the critics. With rare skill, industry and 
patience she has made the list after full consideration of pros and cons. In the 
judgment of those wdio know most about this catalog and the people for whom 
it is intended, no one else would have done this work better. 

7 To Miss May Seymour, associate editor, to whom the entire executive work 
was committed. In both 1003 and 1904 she has given not onby every working hour 
that could be taken from other duties but has added evenings, holidays and vacations. 
After plans were completed the editor left their execution to her, and in 30 years' 
experience he has never been better satisfied with the performance of delegated duties. 
Besides her executive duties, she has been constantly and most efficiently active in 
every department, and her rare skill and devotion to this work have added much to 
its practical value. To no other person are so great acknowledgments due. 

Melvil Dewey, Editor 

Albany. N. Y. 10 Sept. 1904 






Arranged by abbreviations used in entries 

A. L. A. pub. board American library association. Publishing board Boston 

G. Allen George Allen, 156 Charing Cross Road, London W. C. 

W. H. Allen W. H. Allen & co. limited, 64 Cannon st. London E. C. 

All yn Allyn & Bacon, 172 Tremont st. Boston 

Altemus Henry Altemus co. 507-513 Cherry st. Philadelphia 

Amer. arch American architect co. 211 Tremont st. Boston 

Amer. Baptist American Baptist publication society, 1420 Chestnut st. Phila- 

Amer. bk. & Bible h American book and Bible house Astor pi. N. Y. 

Amer. bk. co American book co. Washington sq. N. Y. 

Amer. elec. co American electrician co. 120 Liberty st. New York 

Amer. pub. health ass' n American public health association, Sec' y 1903, C: O. Probst, 

Columbus O. 

Amer. sheep breeder co American sheep breeder co. press, Chicago 

Amer. tract soc American tract society, 150 Nassau st. N. Y. 

Amer. unit, ass'n American unitarian association, 25 Beacon st. Boston 

Americana co Americana co. N. Y. 

Andrus Andrus & Church, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Anthony & co E. & H. T. Anthony & co. 124 5th av. N. Y. 

Anthony & S Anthony & Scovill co. 124 5th av. N. Y. 

Appleton D. Appleton & co. 436 5th av. N. Y. 

Arch, record co Architectural record co. 14 Vesey st. N. Y. 

Armstrong A. C. Armstrong & son, 3 & 5 W. 18 st. N. Y. 

Arnold Arnold & co. 418-422 Sansom st. Philadelphia 

E. Arnold Edward Arnold, 37 Bedford st. Strand, London W. C. 

Art craft inst Art craft institute, Chicago 

Ath. office. ... Athenaeum office, 11 Bream's buildings. Chancery Lane, Lon- 
don E. C. 

Audel Theodore Audel & co. 63 5th av. N. Y. 

Avil „ ." .'. . . ■_■ >-j« w< Avil printing co. 1001 Chestnut st. Philadelphia 

Bacon ENjH. Bacon & co. 8 Beacon st. Boston 

Baird ...'. .... Henry Carey Baird & co. 810 Walnut st. Philadelphia 

Baker & T Baker & Taylor co. 33-37 E. 17th st. N. Y. 

Baker, V. & CO Baker, Vmorhis & co. 66 Nassau st. N. Y. 

Bardeen C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Barnes \. S. Barneb & co. 156 5th av. N. Y. 

Bates Bates & ( orild co. 42 Chauncy st. Boston 

Batsford see Scribner. 

Bell George Bell & sons, York st. Covent Garden, London 

Benziger Benziger bros. 36-38 Barclay st. N. Y. 

Bergmann J. F. Bergmann, Wiesbaden, Germany 

Biddle Drexel Biddle, 415 Locust st. Philadelphia 

Bigelow E. F. Bigelow, Stamford, Ct. 


14 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Birchard C. C. Birchard & co. 221 Columbus av. Bost< >n 

Black Adam i!t Charles Black, 4 Soho sq. Lond< in 

Blackie Blackie & son limited, 50 Old Bailey, London E. C. 

Blackwood William Blackwood & sons, 37 Paternoster Row, London E. C. 

J.Blackwood James Blackwood & co. 8 Lovell's court. Paternoster Row, 

London E. C. 

Blakiston P. Blakiston's son & co. 1012 Walnut st. Philadelphia 

Bobbs-Merrill co see Merrill 

Bookkeeper Bookkeeper publishing co. Detroit 

Bookseller c*< X Bookseller & Newsman, 49 W. 24th st. N. Y. 

Boston bk. co Boston book co. 83-91 Francis st. Back Bay, Bost< »n 

Boston educ. pub. co Educational pub. co. 50 Bromfield st. Boston 

Bo wen-Merrill co see Merrill 

Bradbury Bradbury, Agnew c^c co. 10 Bouverie st. London E. C. 

Bradlee Whidden ' see Knight & Millet co. 

Bradley Milton Bradley co. Springfield, Mass. 

Brentano Brentano's, 5-9 Union sq. N. Y. 

Briggs William Briggs, Toronto, Canada 

Brown Brown & Sharpe manufacturing co. Providence, R. I. 

Bubier Bubier publishing co. Box 709, Lynn, Mass. 

Burrows Burrows bros. co. 1 33 Euclid av. Cleveland, ( ). 

Pint A. L. Burt co. 52-58 Duane st. N. Y. 

Butler ." J. W. Butler paper co. 212-218 Monroe st, Chicago 

Caldwell II. M. Caldwell co. 208-218 Summer st. Boston" 1 

Callaghan Callaghan & co. 114 Monroe st. Chicago 

Camb. univ Cambridge university press, Cambridge, Eng. 

Campagne II. C. A. Campagne, Tiel, Netherlands 

Caspar C. N. Caspar co. book emporium, 437 E. Water st. Milwaukee, 


Cassell Cassell & co. La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, London E. C. 

Cathedral lib. ass'n Cathedral library association, 534-536 Amsterdam av. N. Y. 

Catholic pub. soc Catholic publication society, N. Y. 

Caygill R. Caygill, 112 W. 14th st. N. Y. 

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Chambers W. & R. Chambers limited, 47 Paternoster Row, London 

Chapman Chapman & Hall limited, 11 Henrietta st. Covent Garden, Lon- 
don W. C. 

Charity org. soc Charity organization society, 105 K. 22d st. N. Y. • 

Charpentier see Fasquelle 

Chatto - Chatto & Windus, 111 St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross, Lon- 
don W. C. 

Chautauqua bur. pub Chautauqua bureau of publication, Cleveland, 0. 

( hantruiqua press Chautauqua press, Springfield, 0. 

Chemical pub. co Chemical publishing co. Easton, Pa. 

Chic. kind. tr. school Kindergarten training school, Chicago 

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Christian lit. co see Scribner 

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Clarendon see Oxford university press. 

A. S. Clark A. S. Clark, 1 74 Fulton st. N. Y. 

C. M. Clark .' CM. ('lark publishing co. 211 Tremont st. Boston 

|;. Clarke Robert Clarke co. I4-1I> E. 4th st. Cincinnati, < >. 

W. B.Clarke W. B.Clarkeco. I'ark & Tremont st. Boston 


- Henry T. Coates & co. 919 Walnut st Philadelphia 

Comstock W: T. Comstock, 23 Warren st. N. Y. 

Comstock pub. CO.: Comstock publishing co. 43 East av. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Constable Archibald Constable & co. limited, 2 Whitehall < hardens, West- 
minster, Eng. 

Contemporary pub. co Contemporary publishing co. 5 Beekman st. N. Y. 

Co-operative ass 'n Co-operative association, Madison, Wis. 

Copp Copp, Clark co. limited, Toronto, Canada 

( Jraig J: Alexander Craig, Ames, la. 

Cram G : F. Cram, 552-556 Wabash av. Chicago 

( Jrane Crane & co. Topeka, Kan. 

Cremer Cremer & Bicknell, Cleveland, O. 

Critic Critic co. 27-29 W. 23d st. N. Y. 

Cn .well T: Y. Crowell & co. 426-128 W. Broadway, X. Y*. 

dishing Harry C. Cnshing jr, 39 Cortland st. N. Y. 

Daldy, labister & co see Isbister. 

Davis F. A. Davis co. 1914-1916 Cherry st. Philadelphia. 

Dawharn Dawbarn & Ward limited 6 Farringdon Road, London E. ( '. 

Dawson S: E: Dawson, Ottawa, Canada 

Decker J: W. Decker, Colnmbus, O. 

De La Mare A. T. De La Mare printing & pub. co. 2-8 Duane st. X. Y. 

Dent J. M. Dent & co. 29-30 Bedford st. London W. ( !. 

I Hutsch co Deutsch lithographing & printing co. Baltimore, Md. 

I '. • Wolfe De Wolfe, Fiske & co. 361 & 365 Washington st. Boston 

Dial Dial co. Fine Arts bldg. Chicago 

Dillingham G: W. Dillingham co. 119-121 W. 23d st. X. Y. 

Dodd Dodd, Mead & co. 372 5th av. X. Y. 

Donohue M. A. Donohue & co. 407-429 Dearborn st. Chicago 

Doubleday Doubleday, Page & co. 34 Union sq. X. Y. 

Drake F: J. Drake & co. 21 1 E. Madison st. Chicago 

Duckworth Duckworth & co. 3 Henrietta st. Covent Garden, London W. C 

Dulau Dulau & co. 37 Soho sq. London 

Dutton E. P. Dutton & co. 31 W. 23d st. X. Y. 

Eaton Eaton & Mains, 150 5th av. X. Y. 

Educ. pub. co Educational publishing co. 50 Bromfield st. Bost< in 

Elec. rev. pub. co Electrical review publishing co. 13-21 Park row, X. Y. 

Elec. world & engin see McGraw 

Ellis & E Ellis & Elvey, 29 Xew Bond st. W. London 

Ellis & K Ellis & Keene, 9 Ray st. Farringdon st. London E. ('. 

G: H. Ellis G: H. Ellis co. 272 Congress st. Boston 

J: S. Ellis J: S. Ellis, Muncie, Ind. 

L. H. Ellis L. H. Ellis & co. Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Ellis pub. co Ellis publishing co. 58 W. Main st. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Engin. & min. j Engineering & mining journal, 261 Broadway, X. Y. 

Engin. in Engineering magazine press, 120-122 Liberty st. X. Y. 

Engin. n Engineering news publishing co. 220 Broadway, X. Y. 

Engin. rec see McGraw 

Estes Dana Estes & co. 208-218 Summer st. Boston 

Excelsior Excelsior publishing house, 8 Murray st. X. Y. 

Eyre Press of Eyre bros. 350 Front st. Memphis, Tenn. 

Eyre & S Eyre & Spottiswoode, E. Harding st. London E. C. 

Fabian office Fabian office, London 

Fasquelle Eugene Fasquelle, 1 1 Rue de Crenelle, Paris 

Fed. bk. co Federal book co. 52-58 Duane st. X. Y. 

Fenno R. F. Fenno & co. 11 E. 16th st. X. Y. 

16 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Ferris Ferris & Leach, 29-31 N. 7th st. Philadelphia 

Firmin-Didot Firmin-Didot & cie, 56 Rue Jacob, Paris 

Flanagan A. Flanagan co. 266 Wabash av. Chicago 

Fords Fords, Howard & Hulbert (out of business; part of books 

furnished by Baker & Taylor co.) 

Forest & stream Forest & stream publishing co. 346 Broadway, N. Y. 

Fox Fox, Duffield * co. 36 E. 21st st. N. Y. 

Friedenwald co Friedenwald co. 32 S. Paca st. Baltimore, Md. 

Frowde 1 see Oxford university Press. 

Funk : Funk & Wagnalls co. 30 Lafayette PI. N. Y. 

E. Gaebler Ed. Gaebler's geographisches Institut, Leipzig 

Gamier Gamier freres, Paris 

Gas engine Gas-engine publishing co. Goodall bldg, Cincinnati, O. 

Gibbings Gibbings & co. limited 18 Bury st. London W. C. 

J. K. Gill J. K. Gill co. Portland, Or. 

Upcott Gill L. Upcott Gill, Bazaar bldgs, Drury lane, London 

Ginn Ginn & co. 29 Beacon st. Boston 

Globe pict. bk co ! G]obe school book cq ig6 gth &y N _ y 

Globe school bk. co J 

Goodspeed C: E. Goodspeed, 5a Park st. Boston 

Gorham Edwin S. Gorham, 283-285 4th av. N. Y. 

Goschen G. J. Goschen'sche Verlagshandlung, Leipzig 

Gov't print, off Government printing office, AVashington, D. C. 

Grant J: Grant, 31 George 4 Bridge, Edinburgh 

Grevel H. Grevel & co. 33 King st. Covent Garden, London W. C. 

G. Grote G. Grote'sche, Verlagsbuchandlung, Berlin 

H. F. Grote H. F. Grote, Amsberg, Germany 

Grout Abel Joel Grout, 360 Lenox road, Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y . 

Hachette Hachette & cie, 79 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 

Hamersly Lewis R. Hamersly co. 49 Wall st. N. Y. 

Hardy Hardy publishing co. Box 61, N. Y. 

Harison W : Beverley Harison, 65 E. 59th st. N. Y. 

Harper Harper & bros. Franklin sq. N. Y. 

F. I'. Harper Francis P. Harper, 14 W. 22d st. N. Y. 

Harvard Harvard university, Cambridge, Mass. 

Hazell Hazell, Watson & Viney limited, 52 Long Acre, London W. C. 

Heath-. D. C. Heath & co. 110-120 Boylston st. Boston 

Hempel Verlag von Hempels Klassiker- Ausgaben, Crusius str. 8. Leipzig 

Henley Norman W. Henley & co. 132 Nassau st. N. Y. 

Herder B. Herder, 17 S. Broadway, St Louis 

Hinds Hinds, Noble, & Eldredge, 31-35 W. 15th st. N. Y. 

Hist. pub. CO Historical publishing co. I'>(> St James av. Toronto, Canada 

Plodder II odder it Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row, London 

Hodges 1 lodges, Figgis & co. limited, 104 Grafton st. Dublin 

Hoffman J: V. Hoffman, Baltimore, Md. 

Holman A.J. Ilolman & co. 1222 Arch st. Philadelphia 

Holt Henry Holt & co. 29 W. 23d st. N. Y. 

Home science. Home science publishing CO. 28 Oliver st. Boston 

Houghton Houghton, Mifflin & co. 4 Park st. Boston 

Humboldt pul>. co Humboldt publishing house, 1449 Humboldt st. Chicago 

Hunt Woodbury E. Hunt, sw Nichols 

I lurst Hurst & co. 395-399 Broadway N. Y. 

Hurst & B Hurst & Blackett limited, 13 Great Marlborough st. W. London 

(i. D. Hurst -• G. I). Hurst 114 5th av. N. Y. 

Hutchinson IT. S. Hutchinson & co. New Bedford, Mas. 


Hutchinson & co Hutchinson & co. 34-35 Paternoster Row, London E. 0. 

Industrial puh. CO Industrial publication CO. 16 Thomas St. N. Y. 

Inland pr. co Inland printer co. Chicago 

Lnnes Innes & sons, Philadelphia 

Internat. com. Y. M. C. A '.. International committee of Y. M. C. A., 3 W. 29th st. N. Y. 

Internat. monthly International monthly, Burlington, Vt. 

Intermit, soc International society, 93 5th av. N. Y. 

Iowa lib. com Iowa library commission, Des Moines, la. 

[sbister Ishister & CO. limited, 15-16 Tavistock st. Covent Garden, 

London W. C. 

Jack T. C. & E. 0. Jack, 34 Henrietta st, London W. C. 

Jacobs G: W. Jacobs & co. 1216 Walnut st. Philadelphia 

Jacobsen pub. co Jacobsen publishing co. Chicago 

Jenkins W: R. Jenkins, 851-853 6th av. N. Y. 

Jennings -. lennings & Pye, 220 W. 4th st. Cincinnati, O. 

Jewish pub. soc. of Amer Jewish publication society of America, 1015 Archst. Philadelphia 

Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins press, Baltimore, Md. 

Johnson B. F. Johnson publishing co. 901-905 Main st. Richmond, Ya. 

Johnston Harry II. Johnston, Tacoma, Wash. 

W. Johnston W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh 

W. J. Johnston see McGraw 

Judd Orange Judd co. 52-54 Lafayette pi. N. Y. 

Keefe-Davidson Keefe-Davidson law book co. St Paul, Minn. 

Keener W. T. Keener & co. 90 Wabash av. Chicago 

Kellogg E. L. Kellogg & co. 61 E. 9th st. N. Y. 

Keppler Kepp'ler & Schwarzmann, 39 E. Houston st. N. Y. 

Kerr C : H. Kerr & co. 56 5th av. Chicago 

Kimball D. Kimball, Chicago 

King King-Richardson co. Springfield, Mass. 

P. S. King P. S. King & son, 2 & 4 Great Smith st, Victoria st. Westmin- 
ster, London S. W. 

Knight Knight & Millet (out of business; books furnished by H. M. 

Caldwell co.) 

Knowledge Knowledge office, 27 Chancery lane, London W. C. 

Koeckert E. Koeckert, 702 Rose bldg, Cleveland, O. 

Lamson Lamson, Wolffe & co. (out of business) 

Lane John Lane, 67 5th av. N. Y. 

Lea Lea bros. & co. 706-710 Sansom st, Philadelphia 

Leach T. S. Leach & co. 29 N. 7th st. Philadelphia 

Lee Lee & Shepard, 202 Devonshire st. Boston 

Lemcke Lemcke & Buechner, 812 Broadway, N. Y. 

T J ,.„ >Books supplied by Wessels 

Lentilhons J Ll J 

Lib. bur Library bureau, 530 Atlantic av. Boston 

Lippincott J. B. Lippincott co. Washington sq. Philadelphia 

Little Little, Brown & co. 254 Washington st. Boston 

Living age Living age co. 13} Bromfield st. Boston 

Lock wood Lockwood trade journal co. 150 Nassau st. N. Y. 

C. Lockwood Crosby Lockwood & son, 7 Stationers' Hall court, Ludgate 

Hill, London E. C. 

Longmans Longmans, Green & co. 91-93 5th av. N. Y. or 39 Paternoster 

Row, London E. C. 

Lothrop Lothrop publishing co. 530 Atlantic av. Boston 

A. Lovell & co -• see Parker P. Simmons, 3 E. 14th st. X. Y. 

E:Lovell. E: Lovell, 118 Hudson st N, Y 

-04 2 

18 A. L. A. CATALOG 

F. F. Lovell bk. eo see E: Lovell 

J: W. Lovell J: W. Lovell, 35 W. 21st st. N. Y. 

Low Sampson Low, Marston & co. limited, St. DUnstan's House, 

Fetter lane, Fleet st. London E. C. 

McBride D. II. McBride & co. 31 Barclay st. N.Y. 

Mc( !lure McClure, Phillips it co. 141-155 E. 25th st. X. Y. 

McClurg A. C. McClurg & co. 215-221 Wabash av. Chicago 

Mc< rraw McGraw publishing co. 114 Liberty st. X. Y. 

McKay David McKay, 1022 Market st. Philadelphia 

Maclehose James Maclehose & sons, 61 St Vincent st. Glasgow, Scotland 

Macmillan Macinillan & co. 6(5 5th av. X. Y. or St Martin's st. London \V. ( '. 

Maginnis < >. P>. Maginnis, 220 4th av. N. Y. 

Malkan H: Malkan, 1 William st. N. Y. 

Mansfield M. F. Mansfield & co. (out of business) 

Manual pub. co Manual publishing co. Cleveland, (). 

Maple pub. co Maple publishing co. 156 Broadway, N. Y. 

Marine engin Office of Marine engineering, 309 Broadway, N. Y. 

Marine r Marine review publishing co. 39-41 Wade bldg, Cleveland. O. 

Marlier Marlier & co. 173 Tremont st. Boston 

Marquis A. N. Marquis & co. 324-326 Dearborn st. Chicago 

Marshall Horace Marshall &son, Temple House, Temple av., London K.( !. 

Marshall & B. co Marshall & Bruce co. Nashville, Tenn. 

Marshall, B. & G Marshall, Beck & ( rordon, Telegram bldg Baltimore, Md. 

Marshall bros .' Marshall bros. 5 A & 10 Paternoster Row, London E. C. 

J. Marshall & co J: Marshall & co. 42 Paternoster Row, London E. ('. 

P. Marshall Percival Marshall, 26-29 Poppin's court, Fleet st., London E. C. 

S. J. Marshall S. J. Marshall, Washington, D. ( J. 

W. V. Marshall W. V. Marshall, ( >sweg< >, Kan. 

Mason William Lesley Mason, 35 W. 21st St. N. Y. 

P. Mason Perry Mason co. 201 Columbus av. Boston 

Maver pub. co Maver publishing co. 120 Liberty st. X. Y. 

Maynard Maynard, Merrill & co. 29-33 E. 19th st. X. Y. 

Mendota Mendota book co. Madison, Wis. 

Merriam G. & C. Merriam co. 499 Main st. Springfield. Mass. 

Merrill Bobbs-Merrill co. 9 W. Washington st. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Merrill & B Merrill & Baker, 11 E. 16th st. N.Y. 

Merrill co Merrill co..260 Kinzie st. Chicago 

Methuen Methuen & co. 36 Essex st. London W. C. 

Meyer C. Meyer, I lannover 

Milne John Milne, 12 Norfolk st. Strand, London W. C. 

Mumford A. W. Mumford it co. 203 Michigan av. Chicago 

Munn Munn & co. 361 Broadway, X. Y. 

Munro (ieorge Munro's sons, 17 Vande water st. New Vork 

Mnnsell Joel Munsell's sons, 82 State st. Albany, N.Y. 

Murphy John Murphy & co. S. Howard & Lombard st. Baltimore. Md. 

Murray John Murray, 50a Albemarle st. London W. 

X. Amer. r North American review publishing co. 331 Pearl st. X. Y. 

X. Y. labor news co N. Y. labor news co. 2-6 New Reade st. V. Y. 

X. Y. world New York world, World bldg, X. Y. 

Nation N. Y. evening post co. N. Y. 

Xelson '2: Nelson & sons, 37-41 E. L8th st. X. Y. 

New Amsterdam New Amsterdam book co. 156 5th av. X. Y. 

New church bd. of pub New church board of publication, 3 W. 29th ^t. N. Y. 

Xewson Newson & co. 15 E. 17th st. N. Y. 

Nichols C. A. Nichols co. Springfield, Mass. 



Xiekerson Nickerson <>c Collins co. Chicago 

tfoyes Noyes, Piatt & co. 17 Pierce bldg, Copley sq. Boston 

N'utt David Nutt, 57-5!) Long Acre, London W. C. 

Old South Directors of Old South work, Old South Meeting House, Boston 

Open court pub. CO Open court publishing co. 324 Dearborn st. Chicago 

1 Osgood, Mcllvaine & co. London W. 

Outing Outing publishing co. 239 5th av. N. Y. 

Outlook Outlook co. 287 4th av. N. Y. 

Oxford univ Oxford university Press, 91-93 5th av. X. Y. 

Page L. C. Page & co. 200 Summer st. Boston 

Paul Kegan Paul, Trench, Triibner & co. limited, 43 Gerrard st. 

Soho, London W. 

P. Paul Peter Paul hook co. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Penn Penn publishing co. 923 Arch st. Philadelphia 

Pennypacker M. W. & C. Penny packer, Asbury Park, N. J. 

Perry C. R. Perry, Public library, Chicago 

Philadelphia free lib. ofecon. &pol. sci. Free library of economics & political science, Philadelphia 

Philip G: Philip & son, 32 Fleet st. London F. C. 

Photo-Beacon co Photo-Beacon co. Tribune bldg, Chicago 

Pilgrim press Pilgrim press, 156 5th av. N. Y. 

Pitman Isaac Pitman & sons, 31 Union sq. N. Y. 

Popular pub. co Popular publishing co. 335 Broadway, N. Y. 

Pcrter E. W. Porter, 91 F. 4th st. St Paul Minn. 

Porter & Coates see Coates 

Pott James Pott & co. 119-121 W. 23d st. N. Y. 

Power Power publishing co. 63 Park row, X. Y. 

Powers Powers it Lyons, 24 Adams st. Chicago 

Presser . .' Theodore Presser, 1708 Chestnut st. Philadelphia 

Preston Preston & Rounds co. 98 Westminster st. Providence, R. I. 

Providence pub. lib Public library, Providence, R. I. 

Pub. wkly Office of Publishers' weekly, 298 Broadway, X. Y. 

Public school pub. co Public-school publishing co. Bloomington, 111. 

Publicity pub. co Publicity publishing co. Brighton Station, Boston 

Puck ( Keppler & Schwarzmann ) 39 E. Houston st. X. Y. 

Putnam G. P. Putnam's sons, 27-29 W. 23d st. N. Y. 

Quaritch Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly, London YV. 

Railway world pub. co Railway world publishing co. 137 S. 5th st. Philadelphia 

Rand, McNally Rand, McNally & co. 160-174 Adam st. Chicago 

Reeves Reeves & Turner, 1 00 Chancery lane, London AY O. 

Reform club , Reform club, 233 5th av. N. Y. 

Reisland O. R. Reisland, Leipzig- 
Religious tract soc Religious tract society, 4 Bouverie st. London F. 0. 

Rev. of rev Review of reviews, 13 Astor pi. X. Y. 

Revell Fleming H. Revell co. 63 Washington st. Chicago 

Richards Grant Richards, 48 Leicester sq. London W. ( !. 

Richardson M. T. Richardson co. 27 Park pi. N. Y. 

Richmond G: H. Richmond, 326 5th av. N. Y. 

Richmond, C Richmond, Croscup & co. N. Y. 

Ri vin^'tons Rivingtons, 34 King st. Covent Garden, London W. f 

Robertson A. M. Robertson, 126 Post st. San Francisco 

Rogers Rogers & Manson, 85 Water st. Boston 

Ronald Ronald press, 203 Broadway, X. Y. 

Rose R. F. Rose, Chicago 

Routledge Oeorge Routledge & sons limited. Carter lane, Ludgate Hill, 

London E ( ' 

20 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Rudder Rudder publishing co. 9 Murray st. N. Y. 

Rusby H. H. Rusby M. D. & S. E. Jelliffe M. D. 115 W. 68th st. X. Y. 

Russell Harry Luman Russell, Madison, Wis. 

Russell, R. H see Harper bros. 

Saal field Saal field publishing CO. Akron, (). 

St John Thomas Matthew St John, 407 W. 51st st. X. Y. 

Sanborn Benjamin H. Sanborn & co. 120 Boylston st. Boston 

Sargent E. H. Sargent & co. Chicago 

Saunders W. B. Saunders & co. 925 Walnut st. Philadelphia 

Scientific pub. co Scientific publishing co. 261 Broadway, X. Y. 

Scott, F Scott, Foresman & co. 378-388 Wabash av. Chicago 

Scott, G Scott, Greenwood & co. 1 9 Ludgate Hill, London E. C. 

Scott-Thaw • Scott-Thaw co. 542 5th av. X. Y. 

W. Scott Walter Scott publishing co. limited, 1 Paternoster bldgs, Lon- 
don E. C. 

Scovill - Scovill & Adams co. 5 W. 19th st. X. Y. 

Scribner t lharles Scribner's sons, 153-157 5th av. N. Y. 

Sergei C: H. Sergei co. 358 Dearborn st. Chicago 

Silver Silver, Burdett & co. 85 5th av. N. Y. 

Simpkin Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & co. limited, 4 Stationer's 

Hall court, London E. C. 

Small Small, Maynard & co. 10 Arrow st. Cambridge Mass. 

J : K. Small John K. Small, Botanical Gardens, X. Y. 

Smith, Elder Smith, Elder & co. 15 Waterloo PI. London S. W. 

Soc. for pol. educ Society for political education, X. Y. 

Soc. for promot. Christian knowl Society for promoting Christian knowledge, Northumberland 

av. Charing Cross, London W. C. 

Sonnenschein Swan Sonnenschein & co. limited, White Hart st. Paternoster 

Sq. London E. C. 

Si .wer Christopher Sower co. til 4 Arch st. Philadelphia 

Spemann W. Spemann, Berlin 

Spon Spon & Chamberlain, 123 Liberty st. N. Y. 

Stanford Edward Stanford, 12-14 Long Acre, London W. C. 

Stanford univ Stanford university bookstore, Stanford University, Cal. 

Stechert Estate of G. E. Stechert, 9 E. 16th st. N. Y. 

Steiger E. Steigef & co. 25 Park pi. N. Y. 

Stern Edward Stern & co. 125 N. 7th st. Philadelphia 

Stillwell J. S. Stillwell, 69 Liberty st. N. Y. 

Stokes Frederick A. Stokes co. 5-7 E. 16th st. N. Y. 

Stone Herbert S. Stone & co. Eldridge court, Chicago. 

Street railway pub. co Street railway pub. co. 1 14 Liberty st. N. Y. 

Tauchnitz » Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig 

Taylor J. F. Taylor & co. 5-7 E. 16th st. X. Y. 

Tennant Tennant & Ward, 287 4th av. X. Y. 

Thacker W. Thacker it co. 2 Creed lane, Ludgate Hill, London E. ( ' 

Trade co see Publicity pub. co. 

Truslove see Lane 

L. S. gov't print, off see Gov't printing office, Washington, 1). ('. 

Univ. of state of N. Y University of the State of New York, Albany 

Unwin T. Fisher Unwin, 1 1 Paternoster bldgs, London E. C. 

Van Nostrand D. Van Nostrand co. 23 Murray st. X. Y. 

Wahr <i: Wahr, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Wallace b II. Wallace 

Ward Ward, bock & co. limited, Salisbury sq. London E. C. 

Warne Frederick Warne A: co. 36 E. 22d st. X. Y 


Watties I:l>. Wattleaco. L031 Walnut st. Philadelphia 

Webb Webb publishing CO. St Paul, Minn. 

Weber F. Weber & co. 1125 Chestnut st. Philadelphia 

Webster C. L. Webster N. Y. 

Werner eo see Saalfield 

Wertheimer Wertheimer, Lea & co. London 

Weasels \. Weasels & co. 43-45 E. 19th st. N. Y. 

Westerman see Lemcke & Buechner. 

Whitaker & R Whitaker & Ray co. 723 Market st. San Francisco 

J. Whitaker J. Whitaker & sons limited; or, Joseph Whitaker, 12 Warwick 

Lane, London E. C. 

Whitcomb Whitcomb & Barrows, Boston 

Whittaker T: Whittaker, 2 Bible House, N. Y. 

Whittaker & co Whittaker & co. 2 White Hart st. Paternoster row, London E. C. 

Wilde W. A. Wilde co. 120 Boylston st. Boston 

Wiley J: Wiley & sons, 43-45 E. 19th st. N. Y. 

Williams D: Williams co. 232-238 William st. N. Y. 

Williams & X Williams & Norgate, 14 Henrietta st. Covent Garden, London 

W. C. 

Wilson ... H. W. Wilson co. 315 14th av. S. E. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Winston J: C. Winston co. 718-724 Arch st. Philadelphia 

Wood W: Wood & co. 51 5th av. N. Y. 

Wood-Allen Wood-Allen publishing eo. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Worthington A. D. Worthington ct co. 438 Asylum st. Hartford, Ct. 

Young W: H. Young & co. 63 Barclay st. N. Y. 

E. & J. B. Young see T: Nelson & sons, 37-41 E. 18th st. N. Y. 

Young churchman Young churchman co. 412 Milwaukee st. Milwaukee, Wis. 


A. L. A. annot. lists A. L. A. annotated lists 

Aldineed Aldine edition of the British poets 

Amat. phot, lib Amateur photographer library 

Amer. boys' ser American boys' series 

Amer. church hist, ser American church history series 

Amer. commentary on the N. T American commentary on the New Testament 

Amer. folk-lore soc. Mem American folk-lore society. Memoirs 

Amer. hist, towns American historic towns 

Amer. hist, ser American history series 

Amer. lect. on hist, of religions American lectures on the history of religions 

Amer. philan. of 19th cent American philanthropy of the 19th century 

Amer. sci. ser American science series 

Amer; sci. ser. Adv American science series. Advanced course 

Amer. sci. ser. Briefer American science series. Briefer course 

Amer. sci. ser. Elem American science series. Elementary course 

America's great men America's great men and their deeds 

A nc. class Ancient classics for English readers 

Anthropol. ser Anthropological series 

Appletons' bus. ser Appletons' business series 

Appletons' hist, lives ser Appletons' historic lives series 

Appletons' life hist Appletons' life histories 

Appletons' mus. ser Lppletons' musical scries 

Architect, rec. ser Architectural record series 

Army in the civ. war Army in the civil war 

A rt. crafts ser Artistic crafts series of technical hand books 

Ath. press ser Athenaeum press scries 

Badminton lib Badminton library of sports & pastimes 

Beacon biog Beacon biographies of eminent Americans 

Bell's cath. ser Bell's cathedral scries 

Bell's sci. ser Bell's science seri< s 

Bibl. phonetischer worterbiicher Bibliothek phonetiseher worterbiicher 

Biog. of musicians Biographies of musicians 

Bohn's antiq. lit) Bohn's antiquarian library 

!'>ohn's art. lib Bohn's artist's library 

Bohn's class. HI) Bohn's classical library • 

Bohn's econ. lib Bohn's economic lihrary 

Bohn's hist, lib Bohn's historical library 

Bohn's ill us. lib Bohn's illustrated library 

Bohn's lib Bohn's libraries 

Bohn's novelists' lib Bohn's novelists' library. Bjornsen's tales 

Bohn's philos. lib 'John's philosophical library 

Bohn's sci. lib Bohn's scientific library 

Bohn's stand, lib Bohn's standard library 

Book-lovers' lib Book-lover's library 

Boone & Crockett club Books of the Boone & Crockett club 

Boy's lib. of legend & chiv Boy's library of legend and chivalry 



Brief hist, ser Brief historical series 

Brief stud, in Fr. soc Brief studies in French society 

British art. ser British artists series 

Builder stud, ser " Builder" student's series 

Oamb. Bible Cambridge Bible for schools and colleges 

Camb. ed. <>f the poets Cambridge edition of the poets 

(.'and >. geog. ser Cambridge geographical series 

Caml >. hist, ser Cambridge historical series 

Camb. natural sci. man Cambridge natural science manuals 

Camb. ser. for schools Cambridge series for schools and training colleges 

Campaigns of the civ. war Campaigns of the civil war 

Canterbury class Canterbury classics 

Century class • Century classics 

Century sci. ser Century science series 

Chandos class The "Chandos classics" 

Chant, reading cir. lit g.see Chaut. lit. & sci. cir. 

Chicago univ. decen. pub Chicago university Decennial publications 2d ser. 

Christian biog Christian biographies 

Cit. lib. of econ.. pol. & sociol Citizen's library of economics, politics & sociology 

Clark's for. theol. lib Clark's foreign theological library 

Class, for children Classics for children 

Class, for home school Classics for home and school 

C< 'liege hist, of art College histories of art 

Columbia univ. biol. ser Columbia university biological series 

Columbia univ. stud, in comparative) „ , ,. . . .. 

,. >Columbia university studies in comparative literature 

Columbia univ. stud, in hist., econ. andi^ , ,. . ., „, ■,..,., . , ,. , 

, , ^Columbia university btudies m history, economics, andpubhclao 

I \ ilumbia univ. systematic ser Systematic series edited by University faculty of political science 

in Columbia college 

( !i mcise knowl. lib Concise knowledge library 

Contemp. nien of letters ser Contemporary men of letters series 

O >ntemp. sci. ser Contemporary science series 

Contemp. thought ser Contemporary thought series 

Croall lect Croall lectures 

Deems lect Charles F. Deems lectureship of philosophy 

Delights of hist Delights of history 

Descr. geog. from original sources Descriptive geographies from original sources 

Devout class Devout classics 

Domestic sci. man Domestic science manuals 

Dublin univ. press ser Dublin university press series 

E. B. S. S Emmanuel Baptist church Sunday school library, Albany 

Catalogue. 1901 

Eclec. educ. ser Eclectic educational series 

Eclec. school readings Eclectic school readings 

Econ. tracts Economic tracts 

Elec. ser "Electrician" series 

Elem. electro-tech, ser Elementary electro-technical series 

Ely lect Ely lectures on the evidences of Christianity 

Eng. & for. philos. lib English & foreign philosophical library 

Eng. Cath. lib see Lib. of spiritual works for Eng. Cath . 

Eng. citizen The English citizen, his rights & responsibilities 

Eng. class English classics 

Engin. rec. ser Engineering record series 

Engin. times lib Engineering times library 

24 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Epochs of Ainer. hist Epochs of American history 

Epochs of anc. hist Epochs of ancient history 

Epochs of hist Epochs of history 

Epochs of mod. hist Epochs of modern history 

Ethno-geog. readers Ethno-geographic readers 

Expansion of the repub. ser Expansion of the republic scries 

Exper. sci. ser Experimental science series for beginners 

Famous nov. of the sea Famous novels of the sea 

Famous women of the Fr. court Famous women of the French court 

Finsbury tech. man Finsbury technical manuals 

For. class Foreign classics for English readers 

For. statesmen Foreign statesmen 

Ford lect Ford lectures delivered in the University of ( >xford 

Clifford lect .. Gifford lectures delivered before the University of Aberdeen 

Golden treas. ser. ( irolden treasury series 

Grant Allen's hist, guides (irant Allen's historical guides 

< rreat educators Great educators 

Great Fr. writers Great French writers 

Great masters Great masters in painting & sculpture 

( Jriffin's naut. ser Griffin's nautical series 

Griffin's sci. text-bks Griffin's scientific text-books 

Guides for sci. teaching Guides for science teaching 

Half guinea internal lib Half guinea international library 

Handbks. for clergy Handbooks for the clergy 

Handbks. for pract. workers in church) TT . , 

, ., .Handbooks tor practical workers in church & philanthropy 

& philan I 

Handbks. for students Handbooks for students & general readers 

Handbks. of archaeol. & antiq Handbooks of archaeology & antiquities 

Handbks. of art educ see Illus. handbks. of art hist. 

Handbks. on hist, of religions Handbooks on the history of religions 

Handy vol. class Handy volume classics 

Handybks. for handicrafts Handybooks for handicrafts 

Harper's class, lib Harper's classical library 

Harper's class, ser Harper's classical series for schools & colleges 

Harper's half-hr. ser Harper's half-hour series 

Harper's little nov Harper's little novels 

Harper's quar Harper's quarterly 

Harper's sci. mem Harper's scientific memoirs 

Harper's young peop. ser Harper's young peoples ser. 

Harv. hist, stud Harvard historical studies 

Harv. univ. Mus. of com p. zodl. mem. Harvard university. Museum of comparative zoology. Memoirs 

Heath's home & school class Heath's home & school classics 

Heath's mod. lang. ser Heath's modern language series 

Heath's ped. lib Heath's pedagogical library 

Hist. ser. for Bible students Historical series for bible students 

Hist, towns Historic towns 

Home & school ser Home it school series for young folks 

Humboldt lib. of sci Humboldt library of science 

I llus. biog. of great artists Illustrated biographies of the great artists 

Illus. handbks. of art hist Illustrated handbooks of art history of all ages 

Imp. athletic lib Imperial athletic library 

Ingersoll lect Ingersoll lectures on immortality 

[nternat. educ. ser International education series 

Internal handbks. to N.T International handbooks to the New Testament 

Internal, mod. lang. ser International modern language series 


Tnternat. sei. ser International scientific series 

Intermit. theoL lib International theological library 

Johns Hopkins univ. Stud, in hist. &1 Johns Hopkins university. Studies in historical & political 

pol. sei J science 

Kniek. ed Knickerbocker edition 

Kniek. lit. ser Knickerbocker literature series 

Kniek. ser Knickerbocker series 

Ladies home journal pract. lib Ladies home journal practical librar 

Lake class, ser Lake classical series 

Lat.-Ainer. repub Latin-American republics 

Leisure hour ser Leisure hour series 

Levering lect. Johns Hopkins univ Levering lectures, Johns Hopkins university 

Lib. of contemp. sei Library of contemporary science 

Lib. of ecoQ Library of economics 

Lib. of econ. & pol «. Library of economics & politics 

Lib. of Eng. class Library of English classics 

Lib. of famous bks Library of famous books by famous authors 

Lib. of lit. hist Library of literary history 

Lib. <»f philos Library of philosophy 

Lib. of pop. knowl Library of popular knowledge 

Lib. of spiritual works Library of spiritual works for English Catholics 

Lib. of stand, biog Library of standard biographies 

Lib. of val. information Library of valuable information 

Lippincott's educ. ser Lippincott's educational series 

Lippincott's ser. of sei. nov Lippincott's series of select novels 

Lit. of the world Literatures of the world 

Lit. prim Literature primers 

Little masterpieces of sei Little masterpieces of science 

Longmans' pract. elem. sei. ser Longmans' practical elementary science series 

Lowell inst. lect Lowell institute lectures 

Lyman Beecher lect Lyman Beecher lectures on preaching 

Macmillan's man Macmillan's manuals for students 

Macmillan's pocket Amer.& Eng. class. Macmillan's pocket American & English classics 

Man. for students Manuals for students 

Man. of elem. sei Manuals of elementary science 

Mansfield college lect Mansfield college lectures 

Masters < >f contemp. mus Masters of contemporary music 

Masters ' >f med Masters of medicine 

Mil. nov Military novels 

Mod. Eng. writers Modern English writers 

Mod. man. of commerce. Modern manuals of commerce 

Mod. reader's Bible Modern reader's Bible. Prophecy series 

Mod. reader's Bible. Children's ser.. Modern reader's Bible. Children's series 

Mod. sei. ser Modern science series 

Moriey's univ. lib Morley's universal library 

Murray's home & school lib Murray's home & school library 

Music in 19th cent Music in the XIX century 

X. T. handbks Xew Testament handbooks 

X. Y. state lib. bibliog. bill Xew York state library bibliography bulletins 

Nat. drawing bks National drawing books 

Xat. stud, in Amer. letters National studies in American letters 

Navy ip the civ. war Navy in the civil war 

1 9th cent, ser Nineteenth century series 

Nov. of adventure Novels of adventure 

Our Europ. neighbours Our European neighbours 

26 A. L. A. CATALOG 

Outing 1 il j Outing library of sport 

Pa. univ. Pub. Ser. in pol. econ. & pub. \ Pennsylvania University Publications Series in political economy 

law ( and public law 

Pari, nov Parliamentary novels. 

Periods of Europ. hist Periods of European history 

Periods of Europ. lit Periods of European literature 

Personal prob. ser Personal problem series 

Petite bibliotheque lit Petite bibliotheque litteraire 

Phillips-Loomis math, ser Phillips-Loomis mathematical series 

Philos. at home ser Philosophy at home series 

Philos. class, for Eng. readers Philosophical classics for English reader- 
Phot, bookshelf Photography bookshelf 

Phot, prim Photographic primers 

Picadilly nov Picadillv novels 

Pop. lib. of art Popular library of art 

Pract. handbks Practical handbooks 

Pract. mech. ser Practical mechanic series 

Prime ministers Prime ministers of Queen Victoria 

Progressive sci. ser Progressive science series 

Pub. men of to-day Public men of to-day 

Putnam's lib. of stand, lit Putnam's library of standard literature 

Putnam's pop. man Putnam's popular manuals 

Ques. of the day Questions of the day 

Rede lect Rede lectures. 

Religion of sci. lib Religion of science library 

Riverside biog. ser Riverside biographical series 

Riverside class Riverside classics 

Riverside lit. ser ■ Riverside literature series 

Riverside sci. ser Riverside science series 

Romance of sci Romance of science 

Rural sci. ser Rural science series 

St Nicholas bks St Nicholas books 

Schc nil bulletin pub see School room class. 

School room class School bulletin publications. School room classics 

Sci. Amer. ser Scientific American series 

Sci. for everybody Science for everybody 

Sci . ] >rim Science primers 

Sci . ser Science series 

Scovill phot, ser Scovill photographic series 

Scribner's ser Scribner's scries <>!' school reading 

Seeley's 18th cent. biog. ser Seeley's eighteenth century biographical series 

Short hist, of the lit. of the world Short histories of the literatures of the world 

Si.ver ser. of Eng. & Amer. class Silver series of English & American (-lassies 

Silver ser. of mod. lang. text-bks Silver scries of modern language text-books 

Social Eng. ser Social England series 

Social sci. lib Social science library 

Social sci. ser Social science series 

Source-readers in Amer. hist Source-readers in American history 

Stand, educ. ser Standard educational series 

Stand, teacher:-' lib Standard teachers' library 

Stanford's compend. of geog Stanford's compendium of geography & travel 

Stonyhurst. philos. ser Stonvhurst philosophical series 

Story oi explor Story of exploration 

Stud, in econ. & pol. sci Studies in economic & political science 

stud, in hist., econ. & pul>. law see ( 'olumbia university. 


Sj stematic ser [see Columbia Univ. systematic ser. i 

T.ur <x McMurry's geog Tan- and McMurry's geographies 

Teachers' prof. lib Teachers' professional library 

Tech. bandbks Technological 'Handbooks 

Temple autobiog Temple autobiographies 

Temple biog Temple biographies 

Temple class Temple classics 

Temple prim Temple primers 

Text-bks of orh. design Text-books of ornamental design 

Text-bks of sci Text-books of science 

Theol. trans, lib Theological translation library 

Thimm. Franz & co's ser. of Kurop. t , . ^ . , , „ 

Ihiiimi, Franz cV co s series of huropean grammar? 
grammars I 

Triibner's col. of simplified grammars. Triibner's collection of simplified grammars 

Twentieth cent, text-bks Twentieth century text-books 

U. S. Bur. of educ. Cir. of inf IT. S. Bureau of education. Circular of information 

Univ. exten. man University extension manuals 

Univ. exten. ser University extension series 

Univ. man University manuals 

Univ. of Penn see Pa. univ. 

Univ. ser University series 

Univ. tutorial ser '. University tutorial series 

Van Nostrand sci. ser Van Nostrand science series 

Victoria & Albert mus. sci. hand-bks. Victoria it Albert museum science hand-books 

\V. Mass Western Massachusetts library club. Annotated lists 

Weale'a sci. & tech. ser Weale's scientific & technical series 

Whewell led Whewell lectures. 1887 

Whittaker's lib Whittaker's library of arts, science & industries 

Vale bicent. pub Yale bicentennial publications 

Young folks' hist Young folks' histories 

Young folks' lib. for school & home. 1 1TT , , „ . 
to- u , ... , EWorld & its people 

\\ orld & its people seel 

Young heroes of our navy Young heroes of" our navy 

Youths' companion ser. Geog. readers. Youths' companion series (Geographical readers) 


Credit for source has been given whether quotation is verbatim or condensed, exept in case of composite notes 
In references t < > periodicals or sets, volume and page are separated by a colon; e. g. 15: 308 means v. 15, p. 308 

Acad Academy 

Adams C: K. Adams. Manual of historical literature 

Amer. cath. q American catholic quarterly 

Amer. hist, r American historical review 

Amer. j. archaeol American journal of archaeology 

Amer. j. philol American journal of philology 

Amer. j. psychol American journal of psychology 

Amer. j. sci American journal of science 

Amer. j. soc. sci American journal of social science 

Amer. j. sociol American journal of sociology 

Amer. law r American law review 

Amer. mach American machinist 

Amer. natural American naturalist 

And. r Andover review 

Annals Amer. acad. pol. sci American academy of political & social science. Annals 

Anthrop. j Anthropological journal 

Archit. r Architectural review 

Archit. rec Architectural record 

Art j Art journal 

Ath Athenaeum 

Atlan Atlantic monthly 

(B) following other authority Quoted from Buffalo open shelf catalog 

B. & I Bowker & lies. Reader's guide in economic, social & political 

science. 1891 

Bagehot Walter Bagehot 

Bailey L- H . Bailey, Cornell university, College of agriculture 

Baker Baker, E. A. Descriptive guide to the best fiction. 1903 

Bay J- Christian Bay, Library of Congress 

Bib. sac Bibliotheca sacra 

Bigelow Robert P. Bigelow, Mass. institute of technology 

Birrell Augustine Birrell 

Bk buyer Book buyer 

B' kman Bookman 

Blackw Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine 

Bolton H: Carrington Bolton 

Bost. adv Boston advertiser 

Boat, jour Boston journal 

Bost, trans Bosti m transcript 

Bost. trav Boston traveller 

Bowdoin Bowdoin college library. Bibliographical contributions 

Brett W: H. Brett, Cleveland public library 

Bristol (i:l\ Bristol, Cornell university 

Brooks R- C. Brooks, Cornell university 



Buffalo Buffalo public library (with few exceptions notes are taken 

from open shelf catalog) 

Bonis W. P. Burris, prin. Albany teachers training school 

Canad. in Canadian magazine 

Cath. world Catholic world 

Cent Century magazine 

Cent. eye. of names Century cyclopedia of names 

Chamb. eye. Eng. lit Chambers's cyclopaedia of English literature 

Char Charities 

Char, r Charities review 

Chic, trib Chicago tribune 

Cleveland Cleveland public library 

Comstock Ct. C. Comstock, University of Wisconsin 

Contemp Contemporary review 

Comu & B Cornu & Beer. List of French fiction. 1898 

( Joasa Cossa, Luigi. Guide to the study of political economy. 1880 

Craver Harrison W. Craver, Carnegie library, Pittsburg Pa. 

Crocker F. B. Crocker, Columbia university 

Cross W. L. Cross, Development of the English novel 

Cycl. of Anier. hort Cyclopedia of American horticulture 

Diet, of nat. biog Dictionary of national biography 

Dodge Dodge, C. W. List of 10 of the best books on biology for high 

school reference. 1897. 

Drexel Drexel institute. Reference lists 

E. ass' n of physics teachers Eastern association of physics teachers 

Econ. j Economic journal 

K< < >n. r Economic review 

Ed. sel Editor for selection ( Mrs H. L. Elmendorf) 

Edin. r Edinburgh review 

Educ. r Educational review 

Elec. engin Electrical engineering 

Elec. world Electrical world 

Eng. hist, r English historical review 

Engin. m Engineering magazine 

Engin. n Engineering news 

Evanston Graded & annotated list of 500 books in school libraries of 

Evanston free public library 

Felt Ephraim Porter Felt, N. Y. state entomologist 

Fetter F. A. Fetter, Cornell university 

Folklore j Folklore journal 

Fortn Fortnightly review 

Gayley & Scott Gayley & Scott. Introduction to methods & materials of literary 

criticism. 1899 

Geog. j Geographical journal 

Gill A. Capen Gill, Cornell university 

Gilman D. C. Gihnan, Carnegie institution, Washington, D. C. 

Griffin A. P. C. Griffin, Library of Congress 

Hale Philip Hale, musical critic, Boston journal 

Hardy Hardy, G. E. Five hundred books for the young. 1892 

Harper's m Harper's monthly magazine 

Harv. grad. m Harvard graduate magazine 

Helena Helena ( Mont. ) public library bulletin 

Henderson C: R. Henderson, University of Chicago 

Hobson J: A. Hobson 

Internat. j. ethic- International journal of ethics 


J. Amer. folk-lore Journal of American folklore 

.1. biblical lit Journal of biblical literature 

J. Frank, inst Journal of the Franklin institute 

J. geol Journal of geology 

.1. of educ. (Fug.) Journal of Education, London 

J. pol. econ Journal of political economy 

Jackson G: A. Jackson, Theological library, F>oston 

Jew. q. r Jewish quarterly review 

Johnston W. Dawson Johnston, Library of Congress 

Jour, of educ. (Eng. ) Journal of education (English) 

Kinderg. m Kindergarten magazine 

Knowl Knowledge 

Kroeger Kroeger, A. B. Guide to the study of reference books 

L. A. II Literature of American history ed. by J. N. Larned. 1902 

L. A I Ley poldt & lies. List of hooks for <drls and women & th eh 

clubs. I, Si)5 
Lib. of world's best lit Library of the world's best, literature ed. by (': I). Warner. 


Lippinc Lippincott's magazine 

Lit. world Literary world 

Liv. age Living age 

London lit. world London literary world 

Marot Helen Marot. Handbook of labor literature. 1899 

Mass Massachusetts library club 

Matthews Brander Matthews, Columbia university 

N. Y New York state library 

N. Y. trib New York tribune 

Nat. nurseryman National nurseryman . 

New Eng. m New England magazine 

New internal eye New international cyclopaedia 

New world New world 

Nichols E: Leamington Nichols, Cornell university 

No. Amer North American review 

Norton Mrs Alice Peloubet Norton, University of Chicago 

< Hcott F. J. Olcott, Carnegie library, Pittsburg 

Osterhout Osterhout (Wilkesbarre, Pa.) free library bulletin 

Outl Outlook 

Pedagog. sem Pedagogical seminary 

Philos. r Philosophical review 

Pittsburg Carnegie library, Pittsburg 

Pol. sci. q Political science quarterly 

I 'op. astron Popular astronomy 

Pop. sci. mo Popular science monthly 

Powers H. II. Powers. ( hi I lines for the study of art 

Pratt Pratt institute monthly 

Providence Providence public library monthly bulletin 

Psychol, r Psychological review 

Tub. opin Public opinion 

Pub. wkly Publishers' weekly 

(,». j. econ Quarterly journal of economics 

Quar Quarterly review 

li. of r American review of reviews 

Pice \V:N. Pice, Wesleyan university 

Richardson C. F. Richardson. American literature 

Ricker N. 0. Picker, University of Illinois 


St Louis St Louis public library. Magazine 

Saintsbury (!: E: r>. Saintsbury 

Sargent Sargent. Reading for the young 

Sargent 2 Sargent. Reading for the young, sup. 

Sat. r Saturday review 

Sei. Amer Scientific American 

Scott C:P. G. Scott, lexicographer, J. B. Lippincott&Co. Philadelphia 

Scribner Charles Scrihner's Sons. Catalogues 

Spec Spectator 

Springfield Springfield (Mass. ) city library. Books on architecture 

St & K Sturgis & Krehbiel. Annotated bibliography of fine art. 1897 

Starr Frederick Starr, University of Chicago 

Stunt/. S. C. Stuntz, Library of Congress 

Unit American unitarian association. Catalog of books for Sunday- 
school & other libraries; annual lists 

Unit, r Unitarian review 

Van Nostrand Van Nostrand's monthly record of scientific literature 

Ware W: R. Ware, Columbia university 

Weber A. F. Weber, N. Y. state department of labor 

Wells P. P. Wells, Yale university library 

W( stm Westminster review 

White .W. F. White, Newpaltz (N. Y.) normal school 

\\" i> Wisconsin free library commission 

Young C : A : Young. Princeton university 


A. L. A American library association 

abr abridged 

ad v advance 

annot annotated 

Ap April 

apx appendix 

aurl auflage 

ausg .ausgabe 

bibl bibliotheca 

biog biography, -ic, -al 

bk book 

cl cloth 

cm centimeters 

col collection, collected 

comp compiled, compiler 

crit critical 

D December 

ea each 

ed edited, edition, editor 

F February 

fr franc, francs, from 

gt great 

hist history, -ical 

hrsg herausgegeben 

illns illustrated, illustrations 

introd introduction, -ory 

Ja January 

Je June 

Jl July 

lit literary, literature 

m mark 

mem memoir 

Mr March 

My May 

n net 

N November 

n. d no date 

no number 

nouv nouveau, nouvelle 


o. p out of print 

obi oblong 

pa paper 

pop popular 

pseud pseudonym 

pt part 

pub published, publisher 

rev revised, revision 

S September 

sq square 

subs subscription 

sup supplement, -ary 

tr translated, translator 

trans translation 

v, vol volume 

wkly weekly 

yrly yearly 

/(sign) si<j;n of separation between 

shillings and pence 

COEON abbreviations for forenames 

Used only in class list where initials would otherwise be given 










































Frederic, Frederick 







<; : 





< rrace 








































popular treatment 

...readable. Used only for books unusually attractive in style 
. . . reference book 

scholarly; by a recognized authority 

. . . \nr young readers; in many cases applied to books equally suitable for adults 


Library of Congress 




Part 1: Class List 

With Synopsis of Decimal Classification 
And Subject Index 

2411—04 3 


Government Printing Office 

October, 1904 



Tlu' arrangement chosen for the class list of this catalog, as meeting the convenience of the largest 
number of users, is the Decimal classification. By this system the field of knowledge is divided into 9 
main classes and these are numbered by the digits, 1 to 9. Cyclopedias, periodicals, etc. so general 
in character a* to belong to no one of these classes are marked nought, and form a tenth class: Each 
is similarly separated into 9 divisions, general works belonging to no division having nought in 
place of the division number. Divisions are similarly divided into 9 sections and the process is 
•epeated as often as necessary. Thus 512 means Class 5 (Natural Science), Division 1 (Mathematics), 
oection 2 (Algebra), and every Algebra is numbered 512. 

Subjects are arranged in simple numeric order, all class numbers being decimals. Thus 512 
Algebra precedes 513 Geometry and follows 511 Arithmetic. 

Summaries. The first summary shows the 10 Classes into which all topics are divided. The 
second summary shows the 9 Divisions of each of the 10 Classes, and is useful as a birdseye view of 
the whole scheme on a single page. Then follow 10 pages, one for each class, showing the 9 Sections 
into which each of the 9 divisions of each class is divided. 

Index. In the index, subjects are arranged in one simple alphabet, with the class number of 
each referring to its exact place in the preceding class list. This index includes also synonyms or 
alternative names for topics and other entries likely to help a reader find readily the subject sought. 



General works 5 Natural science 

1 Philosophy 6 Useful arts 

2 Religion 7 Fine arts 

3 Sociology 8 Literature 

4 Philology 9 History 






000 G-eneral works 

010 Bibliography 

020 Library economy 

030 General cyclopedias 

040 General collections 

050 General periodicals 

060 General societies 

070 Newspapers 

080 Special libraries. Polygraphy 

090 Book rarities 

100 Philosophy 

110 Metaphysics 

120 Special metaphysical topics 

130 Mind and body 

140 Philosophical systems 

150 Mental faculties. Psychology 

160 Logic. Dialectics 

170 Ethics 

180 Ancient philosophers 

190 Modern philosophers 

200 Religion 

210 Natural theology 

220 Bible 

230 Doctrinal. Dogmatics. Theology 

240 Devotional. Practical 

250 Homiletic. Pastoral. Parochial 

260 Church. Institutions. Work 

270 Religious history 

280 Christian churches and sects 

290 Ethnic. Non-Christian 

300 Sociology 

310 Statistics 

320 Political science 

330 Political economy 

340 Law 

350 Administration 

360 Associations and institutions 

370 Education 

380 Commerce. Communication 

390 Customs. Costumes. Folklore 

400 Philology 

410 Comparative 

420 English 

430 German 

440 French 

450 Italian 

460 Spanish 

470 Latin 

480 Greek 

490 Minor languages 

500 Natural science 



















600 Useful arts 








Domestic economy 


Communication. Commerce 


Chemical technology 




Mechanic trades 



700 Fine arts 


Landscape gardening 






Drawing. Decoration. Design 











800 Literature 








French , 










Minor languages 

900 History 


Geography and travels 




Ancient history 



950 a 


960 g 


970 ^ 

North America 

980 8 

South America 


Oceanica and polar regions 



G-eneral Works 

Limited to none ol the nine classes 















. 023 
I (29 











Left Wank for local M*"^ 1 ^ 
place in the classification. 


General bibliographies 
< if individuals 

special classes of authors 

forms, pseudonyms, etc. 
(/kissed catalogs 
Dictionary ' ' 
Library economy 
Scope and founding 

Government and service 
Regulations for readers 
Administration. Departments 
Libraries on special subjects 
General libraries. Reports, etc. 
Reading and aids 
Literary methods. Labor savers 
General cyclopedias 

Minor languages 
G-eneral collected essays 

Minor languages 

050 General periodicals 

051 American 

052 English 

053 German 

054 French 

055 Italian 

056 Spanish 

057 Slavic 

058 Scandinavian 

059 Minor languages 





General societies 


Minor languages 
Newspapers. Journalism 


Minor languages 
Special libraries. 


Left blank to be used (if preferred 

to Prefixing an initial) for general 

ol&ns of books which by terms 

of gift, or for other cause must be kept 


Book rarities 

Manuscripts. Autographs 

Block books 

Early printed. 

Rare printing. 

Eare binding 

Rare illustrations or materials 

Ownership. Bookplates 

Prohibited. Lost. Imaginary 

Other rarities. Curiosa 

Privately printed 














1 1<; 

1 is 



Mental faculties 






Sense perceptions 












Reason. Intuitive faculty 

Study and teaching 


Sensibility. Emotions 

Polygraphy. Maxims 


Instincts. Appetites 






Logic. Dialectics 












Symbolic. Algebraic 



Sources of error. Fallacies 



Syllogism. Enthymeme 






Argument and persuasion 

Quantity. Number 


Analogy. Correspondence 

Metaphysical topics 



Knowledge: origin, limits 


Theories of ethics 

Causation. Cause and effect 


State ethics 

Liberty and necessity 


Family ethics 

Teleology. Final causes 


Professional and business ethics 

Infinite and finite 


Ethics of amusements 

Consciousness. Personality 


Sexual ethics 

Unconsciousness. A utomata 


Social ethics 

The soul 



Origin of the individual soul 


Other ethical topics 

Mind and body 


Ancient philosophers 

Mental physiology and hygiene 



Mental derangements 


Early Greek 

Delusions. Witchcraft. Magic 


Sophistic and Socratic 

Mesmerism. Clairvoyance 



Sleep. Dreams. Somnambulism 



Mental characteristics 


Pyrrhonist. New Platonist 







Phrenology. Mental photographs 


Early Christian and medieval 

Philosophic systems 


Modern philosophers 

Idealism. Transcendentalism 



( litical philosophy 





< lei'inan 







Materialism. Positivism 



Pantheism. Monism 






( Mher philosophic systems 


( MImt modern 






Theological schools 

200 Religion 

201 Philosophy. Theories 

202 Compends 

208 Dictionaries 

204 Essays 

205 Periodicals 

206 Societies 

207 Education. 

208 Polygraphy 
Bistory of theology 

210 Natural theology 

211 Deism and atheism 

212 Pantheism. Theosophy 

213 Creation. Evolution 

214 Providence. Theodicy. Fatalism 

215 Religion and science 

216 Evil. Depravity 

217 Prayer 

2 IS Future life. Immortality 

219 Analogies. Correspondences 

220 Bible 

Old Testament 
Historical books 

Prophetic " 
New Testament 
Gospels and Acts 
Doctrinal. Dogmatics 
God. Unity. Trinity 
Christ. Christology 
Man. The fall. Sin 
Salvation. Soteriology 
Angels. Devils. Satan 
Eschatology. Death. Judgment 

Future state 
Creeds. Catechisms 
Apologetics. Evidences 

























Miscellany. Fiction 

Hymnology. Religious poetry 

Ecclesiology. Symbolism 

Sacred furniture, vessels, etc. 
Personal religion. Asceticism 
Familv devotions 



Homiletic. Pastoral. Parochial 

Homiletics. Preaching 

Pastoral visitations. Evangelistic 
Clerical support. Celibacy 
Brotherhoods. Sisterhoods 
Societies for parish work. Gilds 
Parochial schools, libraries, etc. 
Parish care of sick, fallen, etc. 
Other ministrations and work 
Church. Institutions. Work 

Ecclesiastical polity 
Sabbath. Lord's day. Sunday 
Public worship. Ritual 
Sacraments. Ordinances 
Missions. Home and foreign 
Associations. Y. M. C. A. etc. 
Sunday schools 
Revivals. Retreats 
Religious history- 
Monastic orders 

North America 
South America 
Christian churches & sects 
Primitive and oriental 
Roman catholic 
Anglican and American P. E. 
Continental protestant 
Presl >y terian. Congregational 

Minor Christian sects 
Ethnic. Non-Christian 

Comparative & general mythology 
Greek and Roman 
Teutonic and northern 
Brahmanism. Buddhism 

Minor non-Christian religions 










Philosophy. Theories 
























History of sociology 






Theory. Methods 






Special topics 












North America 



South America 






Political science 



Form of state 



Church and state 



Internal or domestic relations 






Colonies and immigration 






Foreign relations 



Legislative bodies and annals 



Political parties 



Political economy 



Capital. Labor. Wages 



Banks. Money. Credit. Interest 



Land. Ownership. Rights and rent 






Socialism and communism 



Finance. Public funds. Taxation 



Protection and free trade 



Production. Manufacture. Prices 









International law 



Constitutional law and history 



( Yiniinal law- 



Martial law 



I'. S. statutes and cases 



British statutes and cases. 



Treatises: American ami British 



( 'anon law 


3 19 

Foreign law. Roman 


Administration. Army 

Administration of central gov't 
Local government. City. Town 
United States and state 
Foreign states 
Army. Military science 



Navy. Naval science 
Associations. Institutions 
( naritable 
Hospitals. Asylums 
Prisons. Discipline 
Secret societies 
Social clubs 
Teachers, methods, and discipline 
Elementary. Kindergarten 

Self-education and culture 
Education of women 
Religious, ethical and secular 
Colleges and universities 
Public schools. State education 
Commerce. Communication 
Domestic trade 

Foreign trade. Consular reports, 

Telegraph. Cable. Telephone 
Railroad and express 
Canal and highway transportation 
River and ocean transportation 
City transit 

Weights and measures. Metrology 
Customs. Popular life 
Costume and care of person 
Birth, home and sex customs 
Treatment of dead 
Public and social customs 

Woman's position and treatment 
Gipsies. Nomads. Outcast races 
Folklore. Proverbs, etc. 
Customs of war 





400 : 


450 Italian 



451 Orthography 



452 Etymology 



453 Dictionaries 



454 Synonyms 



455 Grammar 



456 Prosody 


Study and teaching 

457 Dialects 


Polygraphy. Universal language 

458 School texts 


History of language 

459 Rumansh and Wallachian 



460 Spanish 


Orthography. Alphabets 

461 Orthography 



462 Etymology 



463 Dictionaries 



464 Synonyms 



465 Grammar 



466 Prosody 



467 Dialects 



468 School texts 



469 Portuguese 



470 Latin 



471 Orthography 



472 Etymology 



473 Dictionaries 



474 Synonyms 



475 Grammar 



476 Prosody 



477 Dialects 


School texts 

478 School texts 



479 Minor Italic 



480 Greek 



481 Orthography 



482 Etymology 



483 Dictionaries 



484 Synonyms 


< rrammar 

485 Grammar 



486 Prosody 



487 Dialects 


School texts 

488 School texts 


Minor Teutonic 

489 Minor Hellenic 



490 Minor languages 



491 Minor Indo-European 



492 Semitic 



493 Hamitic 



494 Scythian. Turanian 



495 Eastern Asiatic 



496 African 



497 North American 


School texts 

498 South American 



499 Malay-Polynesian and other 





]NTa/tnral Science 


Natural science 






Physical and dynamic geology 




Lithology. Petrography 


• Dictionaries 


Economic geology 





• 505 









Education. Museums 


North America 




South America 




Oceahica. Polar regions 














Geometry. Conic sections 


Protozoa. Radiates 






Descriptive geometry 




Analytic geometry. Quaternions 






Fishes. Batrachia 



Reptiles. Birds 








Biology. Ethnology 




Prehistoric archeology 


Practical and spherical 


Ethnology. Anthropology 




Natural history of man 


Maps and i '1 nervations 






Evolution. Species 




Origin and beginnings of life 




Properties of living matter 








Collectors manuals 








Physiologic and structural 


Liquids. Hydraulics 




Gases. Pneumatics 




Sound. Acoustics 




Light. Optics 
















Molecular physics 










Physiologic zoology 


Practical and experimental 






Protozoa. Radiates 
















Fishes. Batrachia 




Reptiles. Birds 









Useful .Arts 

600 " 

Useful arts 

















Societies. Fairs. Exhibitions 



Education. Schools of technology 



Patents. Inventions 



History of useful arts 












Hygiene. Gymnastics. Training 



. Public health 



Materia medica. Therapeutics 



Pathology. Diseases. Treatment 



Surgery. Dentistry 



Diseases of women and children 



Comparative medicine. Veterinary 




670 : 








Military. Naval 



Bridge and roof 


Road and railroad 






River and harbor 

■ 677 


Sanitary. AVaterworks 



Other branches 






Soil. Fertilizers. Drainage 



Pests. Hindrances. Blights. Insects 



Grains. Grasses. Fibers. Tea, etc. 



Fruits. Orchards. Vineyards 



Kitchen garden 



Domestic animals 



Dairy. Milk. Butter. Cheese 



Bees. Silkworms 



Fishing. Trapping 



Domestic economy 



Cookery. Gastronomy 



Confectionery. Ices 



Food. Dining. Carving 



Fuel. Lights 



Furniture. Carpets. Upholstery 



Clothing. Toilet. Cosmetics 



Servants: training, duties, wages 






Nursery. Children. Sickroom 


Communication. Commerce 

Office equipment and methods 

Writing. Materials: Typewriters 
Abbreviations. Shorthand 
Telegraph. Cables. Signals 
Printing. Publishing. Copyright 
Transportation. Railroading, etc. 
Bookkeeping. Accounts 
Business manuals. Methods. Tables 
Advertising and other topics 
Chemical technology- 

Pyrotechnics. Explosives 
Beverages: wines, liquors, ales, etc. 
Foods: sugar, starch, etc. 
Lights: gas, oil, candles, etc. 
Ceramics: glass, clay, cement, etc. 
Bleaching. Dyeing. Inks. Paints 
Other organic chemical industries 
Metallurgy. Assaying 

Articles made of metals 

Of iron and steel; stoves, cutlery 
Of brass and bronze; bells, etc. 
Lumber and articles made of wood 
Leather " " leather 

Paper " " paper 

Cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc. 
Rubber and articles made of rubber 
Celluloid and other 
Mechanic trades 

Watch and instrument making 
Blacksmithing. Horseshoeing 
Lock and gun making 
Carriage and cabinet making 
Saddlery and shoemaking. Trunks 
Clothesmaking. Hats 

Other trades 

Materials. Processes. Preservatives 
Plans and specifications 
Masonry. Plastering, etc. 
Carpentry. Stairbuilding 
Roofing. Slating and tiling 
Plumbing. Gas and steam fitting 
Heating and ventilation 
Painting. Glazing. Paperhanging 
Car and ship building 





Fine .Art* 


Fine arts 


Philosophy. Esthetics 












Education. Study 


Art galleries 


History of art 


Landscape gardening 


Public parks 


Private grounds. Lawns 


Walks. Drives 


Water. Fountains. Lakes 


Trees. Hedges. Shrubs 


Plants. Flowers. Conservatories 


Arbors. Seats. Outlooks 


Monuments. Mausoleums 






Architectural const ruction 


Ancient and oriental 


Medieval. Gothic 




Public buildings 


Ecclesiastic and religious 


Educational and scientific 




Design and decoration 




Materials and methods 




Greek and Roman 






Carving. Seals. Dies. < ierns 


Numismatics. Coins. Medals 


Pottery. Porcelain 


Bronzes. Bric-a-brac 


Drawing. Decoration 


Freehand. Crayon 




Art. anatomy. Life school 


Mathematical drawing 


Ornamental design. Carpet, etc. 


Art needlework 


Interior decoration 


Stained and iridescent glass 


Artistic furniture 

750 Painting 

751 Materials and methods 

752 Color 

753 Epic. Mythic. Idealistic 

754 Genre. Still life 

755 Religions. Ecclesiastic 

756 Historical. Battles, etc . 

757 Portrait 

758 Landscape. Marine 

759 Various schools 
760 Engraving 

761 Wood 

762 Copper. Steel 

763 Lithography 

764 Chromolithography 

765 Line. Stipple 

766 Mezzotint. Aquatint 

767 Etching. Dry point 

768 Banknote. Machine 

769 Collections of engravings 
770 Photography 

771 Photographic chemistry 

772 Silver processes, etc. 

773 ( ielatine and pigment processes 

774 " and printer's ink. Albertype 

775 Photolithography, etc. 

776 Photozincography, etc. 

777 Photo-engraving. Photo-electros 

778 Special applications 

770 Collections of photographs 
780 Music 

781 Theory 

782 Dramatic 

783 Sacred 

784 Vocal 

785 Orchestral 

786 Piano and organ 

7s7 Stringed instruments 

788 Wind " 

789 Percussion and mechanical 
790 Amusements 

701 Public entertainment 

702 Theater. Opera 
793 Indoor amusements 

704 Games of skill. Chess 

795 Games of chance. Cards 

7H6 < ►utdoor sports 

707 Boating and ball 

798 Horsemanship. Racing 

700 Fishing. Hunting. Shooting 









Italian literature 


















Ora ton- 






Study and teaching 


Satire. Humor 

- a 

Rhetoric. Treatises 





Rumansh and Wallachian 


American literature 


Spanish literature 


















< iratorv 








Satire. Humor 


Satire. Humor 

- 3 






Portuguese literature 


English literature 


Latin literature 






















Satire. Humor 


Satire. Humor 






Anglo-Saxon literature 


Minor Italic literatures 


German literature 


Greek literature 


























Satire. Humor 


Satire. Humor 






Minor Teutonic literatures 


Minor Hellenic literatures 


French literature 


Minor languages 




Minor Indo-European 












Scythian. Turanian 




Eastern Asiatic 






Satire. Humor 


North American 




South American 


Provencal literature 


Malay-Polynesian and other 
















Compends. Chronologies 


















Turkey in Asia 


Study and teaching 




Polygraph y 


Afghanistan. Turkistan. Baluchistan 


Universal histories 


Farther India 


Geography and travels 






North Africa 




Egypt. Nubia 
















North Central Africa 


North America 


South Central Africa 


South America 


South Africa 


Oceanica. Polar regions 


Madagascar. Mauritius 




North America 


Of philosophy 


British America 


" theology 


Mexico. Central America 


" sociology 


United States 


" philology 


North Atlantic states 


" science 


South Atlantic states 


" useful arts 


South Central or Gulf states 


" fine arts 


North Central or Lake states 


" literature 


Western or Mountain states 


Genealogy. Heraldry 


Pacific states 


Ancient history 


South America 








Argentina. Patagonia 
















Colombia. Ecuador 


Rome. Italy 








Minor countries 


Paraguay. Uruguay 




Oceanica. Polar regions 


Scotland. Ireland 




England. Wales 




Germany. Austria 










New Guinea 


Spain. Portugal 






Isolated islands 


Norway. Sweden. Denmark 


Arctic regions 


Minor countries 


Antarctic regions 

Class List 



P popular treatment 

R readable. Used only for books unusually attractive in style 

Rf reference book 

S scholarly; by a recognized authority 

Y for young readers; in many cases applied to books equally 

suitable for adults 
All other abbreviations and symbols used in the Class List are 
explained in the introductory pages of this book (pp. 13-33). 



OlO Bibliography 

Lang, Andrew. The library. 2d ed. 1892. 
20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Rather slight bibliographic essay- with pleasant literary 

flavor an<l touches of humor. W. J. Loftie contributed 

the material on M>S and early printed books and Austin 

- d the chapter on modern English illustrated books. 

Ed. sel. 

014 Of special forms 

Frey, A. R. Sobriquets and nicknames. 20cni 

Houghton $2 

Rf Alphabetic dictionary of fictitious names applied to 
real persons in stories and poems; of personal epithets; 
nicknames df literary men; historical characters, etc, 
with index of true names. N. Y. 

015 Of special countries 

Certain catalogs prepared by bookdealers are 
very helpful to librarians as containing informa- 
tion not concisely given elsewhere. Such cata- 
logs are distributed free to book buyers. A list 
of desirable ones may be had by applying to the 
office of the Publishing board of the American 
library association. Ed. sel. 

Annual American catalogue cumulated 1900-1903. 
1904. 26cm Pub. wkly. $4 n 

Rf A record by author, title, subject and series, of books 
published in the U. S. 1900-1903. Convenient because 
entries for all four years are united in one alphabet, but 
libraries with small funds may easily use the "Annual 
summary" number of the Publishers' weekly for each 
year instead. Ed. sel. 

English catalogue of books. Latest vol. 252cm 
Pub. wkly., pap $1.50 
Rf Yearly list of current English publications, in dic- 
tionary form. Before 1902 Reference catalogue will answer 
needs of small library. N. Y. 

Publishers' trade list annual. Latest vol. 26£cm 

Pub. wkly. 

Rf Catalogs of American publishers bound together, 
alphabeted by names of firms. Issued annually in Au- 

Separate index volume for 1902 giving in one alphabet 
authors, titles and subjects for all books in the Annual. 
Each entry gives publisher and price. 

Sup. index 1903-4, $2.50; combined index 1902-4, adv. 
subs. $6; volume of catalogs without index, 82 n X. Y. 

Publishers' weekly; American book-trade jour- 
nal. Latest vol. 24 Jem Pub. wkly. subs. $3 
Rf Alphabetic list of books of week, with descriptive 
notes; publishers' announcements, book trade comment, 
etc. Monthly and quarterly cumulated lists, annual 
summary, education and other special numbers increase 
its value for libraries. N. Y. 

Reference catalogue of current literature. 2 v. 
1902. 22cm Pub. wkly. $5 n 

Rf Serves same purpose for English books as Pub- 
Ushers' trade list annual for American. Index by authors, 
titles and subjects referring to page of publishers' cata- 
logs, at beginning of 1st volume. N. Y. 

United States catalog; books in print 1902; ed. 
by M. E. Potter. 2d ed. 1903. 26cm 

Wilson $15 
Rf Entries under author, subject and title, in one alpha- 
bet, with particulars of binding, price, date and pub- 

Covers much the same ground as indexes of Publishers' 
trade list atinual, but includes some additional minor 
publishers. Ed. sel. 

See also Public documents list. 

016 Of special subjects 

Kroeger, A. B. Guide to the study and use of 
reference books. 1902. 25cm ( A. L. A. annot. 
lists) A. L. A. pub. board $1.25 n 

Rf For librarians, teachers and students. Gives author, 
full title, size, illustrations, publisher, price, brief descrip- 
tive note. Author and subject index, list of 100 reference 
books for smaller library. N. Y. 

Leypoldt, A. H., & lies, George, ed. List of 
books for girls and women and their clubs. 
1895. 26cm (A. L. A. annot. lists) 

A. L. A. pub. board $1 
Rf About 2,100 titles in chief branches of literature, 
classed under 26 main headings; each group selected 
and annotated by a specialist. Publishers and prices; 
very full index. List is general and equally useful for 
boys and men. N. Y. 

New York. State library. Class list of a $500 
library recommended for schools. 1901. 25cm 
(N. Y. state lib. bibliog. bul. 30) 

Univ. of state of X. Y. 15c 

Rf Includes reference books and books for teachers. 

The few notes mainly on editions, which are selected to 






meet school needs. Titles for $200 and $300 library also 
indicated. Gives Abridged decimal classification numbers. 
N. Y. 
New York. State library. A selection from 
the best books, with notes. 23cm (N. Y. state 
lib. bibliog. bul.) Univ. of state of N. Y. 10c 
Rf Issued each July. About 250 books of preceding 
calendar year, chosen with reference to needs of small 
libraries. Descriptive and bibliographic notes. Decimal 
classification and Library of Congress numbers for printed 
cards given. N.Y. 

Providence. Public library. Alphabetical cat- 
alogue of the editions in the Standard library. 
1901? 25cm 

Rf Titles of books in the " Standard library " room at 
the Providence public library. Aims to present best edi- 
tions as to text, edition, size, paper, printing and bind- 
ing of 100 carefully selected authors. N. Y. 

016.2 Religion 

D'Ooge, B: L. Helps to the study of classical 

mythology. 1899. 18cm Wahr 45c 

Rf References to books and magazines, subdivided 

under art, religion and literature. Contains list of books 

indexed, table of contents, and full index. Pittsburg. 

016.3 Sociology 

Bowker, R: R., & lies, George, ed. Reader's 
guide in economic, social and political science. 
1891. 19cm (Econ. tracts) 

Boc. for pol. educ. $1 
Rf Class list with concise notes indicating scope and 
relative value. Suggestions for reading, citation of au- 
thorities, bibliographic helps, etc., introduce each sub- 
ject. N. Y. 
Brooks, R. C. Bibliography of municipal prob- 
lems and city conditions. 2d ed. 1901. 25cm 
Ef Reform club $1.50 

Marot, Helen, cornp. Handbook of labor litera- 
ture. 1899. 20cm 
Philadelphia free lib. of econ. & pol. sci. $1 
Rf Classed and annotated list of more important books 
and pamphlets in English. Articles in periodicals not 
included. Notes descriptive rather than critical. Lists 
of labor song books and labor and general sociologic 
periodicals, publishers' addresses, author index. N. Y. 

Monroe, W. S. Bibliography of education. 1897. 
18£cm (Internal, educ. ser. ) Appleton $2 
Rf Class list of 3,200 titles with author index. Many 
short notes. 

OIC.7 Fine art* 

Sturgis, Russell, & Krehbiel, H: E: comp. 

Annotated bibliography of fine art; ed. by 
George lies. 1897. 26cm (A. L. A. annot. 
lists) A. L. A. pub. board $1 

Rf Descriptive, critical and comparative notes on 1,000 
works on painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative 
arts, illustration [by Russell Sturgis] and music [by II: E; 
Krehbiel] Classed, with author and subject index. 
X. Y. 

OIG.8 Literature 

Baker, E. A. A descriptive guide to the best 
fiction, British and American, including trans- 
lations from foreign languages; containing about 
4,500 references. 1903. 20*cm 

Macmillan $2.50 n 

Rf Note under each title gives theme and occasionally 
characterization, and list of editions.- Best or repre- 
sentative works are starred. In Historical appendix all 
books illustrating history or social life of a country are 
entered briefly under 1) country, 2) period, 3) date. Full 
subject index and author-title index increase reference 
value. N. Y. 

Cornu, Mme Sophie, & Beer, William. List of 
French fiction, annotated. 1898. 12jcm (A. 
L. A. annot. lists) A. L. A. pub. board 10c 
Rf Includes 1S6 titles, chosen from 70 representative au- 
thors with regard to soundness of sentiment as well as 
excellence of style. Gives author, title, publisher, price 
and descriptive note. N. Y. 

Hodgkins, L. M. Guide to the study of nine- 
teenth century authors. 1898. 19cm 

Heath 60c 

Rf Indicates books and articles of value in studying 26 
prominent English and American authors. Kroeger. 

Welsh, A. H. English masterpiece course. 1887. 
20cm Silver 75c n 

Rf Lists of references to books and magazine articles on 
principal English and American writers from Chaucer to 
Tennyson. Pittsburg. 

Winchester, C. T. Five short courses of reading 
in English literature. Rev. ed. 1900. 16cm 

Ginn 40c 

Rf Represents nature and progress of English literature 
from beginning of Elizabethan period to present. Each 
course followed by list of additional reading. I'ref. 

016.9 History 

Adams, C: K. Manual of historical literature. 
3ded. 1903. 21cm Harper $2.50 

Rf List of the most important histories in English, 
French, and German, with related biography, philosophic 
inquiry, etc. States scope and authority, characterizes 
style, and points out special value or defects. Offers sug- 
gestions for reading. N. Y. 

Boston. Public library. Finding list of gene- 
alogies and town and local histories containing 
family records. 1900. 25cm Trustees 25c 

Channing, Edward, & Hart, A. B. Guide to 
the study of American history. 1897. 19cm 

Ginn $2 

Rf Contains hints on reading and teaching history, 
selected bibliography of American history, and well- 
arranged series of topics on colonial and Cnited States 
history. L. A. H. 
Gardiner, S: R., & Mullinger, J: B. Introduc- 
tion to the study of English history. 4th ed. 
1903. 20Jcm Paul 7 <> n 

Contents: pt. 1, Introduction to English history, by 
S:R. Gardiner; pt. 2, Authorities, by J: 15. Mullinger. 

GEXEKAL WORKS— Bibliography 


Getchell. M. S. Study of mediaeval history by 
the library method for high schools. 1897. 
i i> i . ul (iinn 55c 

Rf References to historical literature relating tomiddle 
-. arranged by periods. Pittsburg. 

Gordy, W. F., & Twitchell, W. I. Path- 
finder in American history. 1893. 19$ein 

Lee $1.20 n 

Rf Handbook for teachers, containing topical outlines, 
lists of readings mainly from secondary sources, and sug- 
• ions as to methods of teaching. Style and treatment 
adapted to needs of elementary classes. L. A. H. 

Literature of American history; a bibliograph- 
ical g*ide in which the scope, character, and 
comparative worth of books in selected lists 
arc set forth in brief notes by critics of authority; 
ed. for the American library association by 
J. N. Larned. 1902. 25cm (A. L. A. annot. 
A. L. A. pub. board $6 n 

Rf 4,145 titles, closely classified under six main heads. 

Appendix: Books suggested for a good school library, 
for a town library, for a good working library, by Ed- 
ward Channing, p. 463-71. 

Supplement for 1900 and 1901, ed. by 

P. P. "Wells. 1902. 25cm (A. L. A. annot, 
A. L. A. pub. board $1 n 
Rf Nearly 200 entries in one alphabet. Notes generally 
condensed from reputable reviews, signed where practi 
cable. Future supplements will be issued also on cards. 
N. Y. 

Mill, H. R. Hints to teachers and students on 
the choice of geographical books for reference 
and reading. 1897. 19cm Longmans $1.25 
Rf Prepared by request of Geographical society. Gives 
: selected books, grouped by countries, with pub- 
lishers, prices, and many descriptive notes. N. Y. 

Winsor, Justin. Reader's handbook of the 
American revolution, 1761-1783. 1899. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Beginning with first discontent with British rule, indi 
cates where the best information on each point is to be 
gathered. Adams. 

017 Classed catalogs 

Pittsburg. Carnegie library. Monthly bul- 
letin. 23cm yrly 25c 
Salem. Public library. Bulletin. 25£cm 

yrly 25c 

Rf The Carnegie and Salem bulletins are included 

because of their good, up-to-date lists on special subjects. 

The Pittsburg bulletin furnishes notes to most of the 

month's added books. Ed. sel. 

Gl» Dictionarj catalogs 

Peabody institute. Second catalogue, including 

additions since 1882. Partl-7, A-R. 1896-1904. 

27k-m Deutsch co. $4.50 ea 

Rf Of great value, specially foranalytic subject entries, 

if library can Ed. sel. 

020 Library economy 

Dana, J: C. Library primer. 3d. ed. 1903. 
19£cm Lib. bur. $1 

Manual for small libraries. Advice on preliminary 
work, trustees, librarian, building, tools, book selection, 
buying, care, classification, cataloging, charging, the read- 
ing room, reference books, reference work, etc. N. Y. 

Library journal. Latest vol. 25zcm 

Pub. wkly. yrly $5 

Official organ of American library association. Index 
to v. 1-22, Publishers' weekly office, |2.50. 

Minnesota. State library commission, ed. 

Handbook of library organization, comp. by the 
library commissions of Minnesota, Iowa and 
Wisconsin. 1902. 22Jcm Minnesota State lib. 
commission, Minneapolis 25c 

Hummer, M. . "W. Hints to small libraries. 3d 
ed. 1902. 21cm Lane 50c n 

Chapters discussing routine best followed in starting a 
small library, giving such details as inexperienced libra- 
rians need. Suggestions as to simple and economical 
methods. N. Y. 

Public libraries. Latest vol. 25cm 

Lib. bur. yrly $1 
Monthly, except August and September. 

SpofFord, A. R. A book for all readers. 2d ed. 
1900. 20cm Putnam $2 

On choice, acquisition, binding and arrangement of 
books, with suggestions on memory training, making 
information available, library administration, rare books, 
etc. Primarily for librarians but of interest to all book 
lovers. N. Y'. 

025 Administration 

American library association. List of subject 
headings for use in dictionary catalogs. 2d ed. 
with an appendix containing hints on subject 
cataloging and schemes for sub-heads under 
countries and other subjects. 1901. 24scm 
Rf A. L. A. pub. board $2 

Cutter, C: A. Expansive classification. Parti, 
The first six classifications. 1891-93. 25Jcm 

Lib. bur. $5 

Rf A library using this system need not buy the 




Dewey, Melvil. Abridged decimal classification 
and relativ index for libraries, clippings, notes, 
etc. 1894. 25£cm Lib. bur. $1.50 

Rf Also in Library notes, v. 4, no. 13-14, Jan.-Ap. 1895. 

For small and slowly growing libraries. The abbrevi- 
ated numbers can be changed to full class numbers with- 
out other alteration than adding extra figures. 

A library using this system need not buy the Expan- 

Decimal classification and relativ index 

for libraries, clippings, notes, etc. 6th ed. 1899. 

Rf Lib. bur. $5 

Simplified Library school rules; card cat- 
alog, accession, book numbers, shelf list, capitals, 
punctuation, abbreviations, library handwriting. 
1898. 25cm 

Rf Lib. bur. $1.50 

Hasse, A. B,. United States government publi- 
cations; a handbook for the cataloger. Part 1-2. 
1902-03. 25£cin Lib. bur. pt. 1, $1; pt. 2, $2 

Rf Contents: pt. 1. The government at large, the Con- 
stitution, statutes, treaties; pt. 2. The legislative body. 

Briefly explains character and principles governing 
treatment of each type of publication for dictionary cat- 
alog, and gives sample cards. Two parts, on the execu- 
tive body and on the judiciary, government institutions, 
government serials, are to follow. N. Y. 

See also Public documents list 

027 General libraries 

Foote, E.. L... The librarian of the Sunday 
school. 1897. 17jcm Eaton 35c 

Practical manual on organization, care of books, cata- 
loging, charging system, repairs, reports, with chapter on 
the library's province and purpose, by M. T. Wheeler. 
N. Y. 

See also Public documents list 

02§ Reading and aids 

Buffalo. Public library. Class room libraries 
for public schools. 1902. 2-Ucm 31c 

Rf Arranged alphabetically by authors under grades 
1-9; gives publisher and price; alphabetic subject index 
refers to articles as well as books; author and title index 
also a suggested list for school reference libraries. N. Y.; 

Counsel upon the reading of books. 1900. 
19£cm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: Preface on reading and books, by H. Van 
Dyke; History, by II. M.Stephens; Memoirs and biogra- 
phies, by A. Repplier; Sociology, economics and politics, 
by A. T. Iladley; The study of fiction, by B. Matthews; 
Poetry, by B. Perry; Essay and criticism, by II. W. Mabie. 

Koopman, H. L. The mastery of books: hints 
on reading and the use of libraries. 1896. 
19cm Amer. bk. co. 90c 

Discusses selection, methods, memory, note taking, 
periodicals, reference books, etc. (iives classified list of 

valuable books, and annotated list of books on reading. 
N. Y. 

Lamed, J. N. A talk about books. 

1897. 18k'm Buffalo, Author 50c 

An address to high school students. 

Moore, A. C. List of books recommended for a 
children's library; comp. for Iowa library com- 
mission. 1903. 23£cm 10c 

Rf Adds practical suggestions on choice and purchase 
of children's books. N. Y. 

Moulton, R: G. ed. Four years of novel read- 
ing: an account of an experiment in popularizing 
the study of fiction. 1895. 19£cm 

Heath 50c 
Contents: The study of fiction, by R. G. Moulton; 
Backworth classical novel-reading union; Four years' 
work done by the Union; Why is Charles Dickens a more 
famous novelist than Charles Reade? The character of 
Clara Middleton; The ideal of asceticism; Character devel- 
opment in "Romola." 

©30 (weneral cyclopedias 

It will hardly be necessary for a small library 
to buy all four general cyclopedias named. All 
are generally trustworthy, but before buying 
more than two it will be wise to add in German 
either Brockhaus' Konversations-Lezikon, 16v. or 
Meyer's KonversaUons-Lexikon, 17v. and in French 
Nouveau Larousse illustre, 7v. Ed. sel. 

<>:{ I Ameriean 

Appleton's annual cyclopaedia and register of 
important events of the year. Latest vol. 26cm 

Appleton subs. $5 
Rf Gives summary of year's events in politics, statis- 
tics, commerce, finance, science, agriculture, literature, 
art, biography, and necrology. Text of important bills 
before Congress given in full. Pratt. 

Century cyclopedia of names; ed. by B: E. Smith. 
1899. 3l£cm Century $10 subs. 

Rf Includes names in geography, biography, mythol- 
ogy, history, ethnology, art, fiction, forming a supplemen- 
tary volume to Century dictionary. Fullest in biography 
and geography. Pronunciation and derivation of names 
given. Kroeger. 

Champlin, J: D. Young folks' cyclopaedia of 

common things. 2d ed. 1893. 21ijem 

Holt $2.50 
Rf Y An attempt to bring cyclopedic knowledge within 

the range of a child's intellect. Articles very brief and 
simple. Index. Kroeger. 

Young folks' cyclopaedia' of persons and 

places. 3,1 ed. 1900. 21cm Holt $2.50 

Rf Y Supplements Young folks' cyclopaedia of common 

thin<is with biographic and geographic information. 

GEN E RAL WORKS— Cyclopedias. Periodicals 


Encyclopedia Americana; editor-in-chief: F: C. 
Beach, v. 1-13, A-Rud. 1903-04. 27cm 

Americana co. subs. $6 ea 

International year-book; a compendium of the 

world's progress during the year. Latest vol. 

Ym Dodd $3 

Rf similar in scope to Appleton's annual eydopsedia, 

but entries are under more specific topics. To supple- 
ment cyclopedias. Kroeger. 

New international encyclopaedia. 17 v. 1902-04. 
Rf Dodd $5 ea 

Universal cyclopaedia and atlas; newly rev. by 
Rossiter Johnson. 12 v. 1903. 28&cm 

Appleton $6 ea 

Specially strong in science, engineering, discoveries, 
inventions, and biography. Contains sketches of living 
persons. Maps numerous and good. Pratt. 

Known also as Johnson's cyclopedia. 

032 English 

Chambers's encyclopaedia; a dictionary of uni- 
versal knowledge. 10 v. 1901. 27cm 

Lippincott subs. $25 

Rf Of English origin, but contains articles on Ameri- 
can subjects written by specialists in U. S. Bibliographic 
references. Kroeger. 

Hazell's annual, a cyclopaedic record of men and 
topics of the day. Latest vol. 19cm 

Hazel 1 3/6 
Rf Compiled largely for British reference and dealing 
mainly with English, colonial and foreign affairs, though 
discussing general questions. L. & I. 

040 General collected essays 

American library association. Publishing 
board. The "A. L. A." index by W: I. 
Fletcher. 2d ed. enl. and brought down to Jan. 
1, 1900. 1901. 27$cm 

A. L. A. pub. board $10 
Rf Refers under subject to essays, papers, monographs, 
and parts of books, including some reports and publica- 
tions of boards dealing with sociologic affairs. Includes 
only books in English. Kroeger. 

050 General periodicals, maga- 

Annual literary index, 1900-03; ed. by W: I. 

Fletcher and E. R. Bowker. 5v. 1901-04. 

274cm Pub. wkly. $3.50 

Rf Indexes about 137 English and American periodic- 
als under subjects, with a separate author index. In- 

cludes annual index to parts of books, essays, etc, thus 
supplementing A. I.. A. index to general literature; also 
a necrology, index to important dates, and list of special 
bibliographies. Kroeger. 

Poole's index to periodical literature. Abridged 
ed. covering 37 periodicals, 1815-99. 1901. 
26Jcm Houghton $12 

Rf The full set of Poole's index, comprising 5v. ($52 n) 
covering the full period 1815-1901 should be bought when 
libraries can afford it, especially if near large libraries 
owning many sets of magazines to which patrons may 
have access. Ed. sel. 

Readers' guide to periodical literature. Latest 
vol. 25&cm Wilson yrly $6 

R Monthly. 

Consolidation of the Reader's guide to periodical litera- 
ture (v. 1 Jan. 1901) & Cumulative index to a selected list of 
periodicals (v.l Jan. 1896) Indexes 62 periodicals, a few 
of little value, nearly all general. Includes reviews, 
poetry and portraits. N. Y. 

051 American periodicals 

Complete sets of such magazines as Atlantic 
monthly, Century, Harper's monthly, American 
monthly review of reviews, and Scribner's magazine 
are, with Poole's index as a key, very valuable 
as reference material and may be had of special 
dealers. Ed. sel. 

American monthly review of reviews. 25cm 

Rev. of rev. yrly $2.50 

Atlantic monthly. 24cm Houghton yrly $4 
Index to v. 61-66, 1888-1901, Houghton $2 n 

Century; illustrated monthly magazine. 25cm 

Century yrly $4 

Critic; an illustrated monthly review. 25cm 

Putnam yrly $3 

Dial; a semi-monthly journal of literary criticism, 
discussion and information. 27cm 

Dial yrly $2 

Harper's monthly magazine. 25cm 

Harper yrly $4 
Index to v. 1-85, 1850-92, Harper $5 

Living age. 24icm Living age yrly $6 

McClure's magazine. 25cm McClure yrly $1 

North American review. 24cm 

N. Amer. r. yrly $5 

Outlook. 244em Outlook yrly $3 




St Nicholas: an illustrated magazine for young 070 General newspapers. 

folks. 25x19cm Century yrly $3 Jonrnalism 

Y Monthly. 

A full set of St Nicholas very valuable in children's 
room. Index covering first 27 volumes, Cumulative »ana, C: A. Art of newspaper making. 189o. 
index co. st n x. Y. 18 2 em Appleton $1 

Scribner's magazine. 24 2 cm Scribner yrly $3 Contents: The modern American newspaper; The pro- 

fession of journalism: The making of a newspaper man. 

World's work. 26cm Doubleday yrly $3 Sbuman, E. L. Practical journalism. 1903. 

Monthly. 19*cm Appleton $1.25 n 

Youth's companion: an illustrated weekly for Relates mainly to practical details to be learned only 

in newspaper office. Full of valuable hints and sugges- 
young people. 42cm tions. JVatton, 77:306 

Y P. Mason yrly $1.75 

„ .. . ... ©71 American 

©52 English periodicals 

Tlie Nation; a weekly journal. 305cm 
Athenaeum. 30icm Ath. office yrly 13/ Nation yrly $3 

Weekly. ' 

©72 English 

Contemporary review. 25cm 

Marshall 2/6 a number Spectator. 34 z cm Spectator £1 6/ 

Monthly. Weekly. 


It is doubtful whether a small library can 
afford to buy in its original equipment some of 
the great classics that are not often called for. 
In order to include more of the worthy and 
attractive lesser books, the works of certain 
great philosophers have been omitted from the 
classified lists but good editions may be had, 
as follow-: 
192 Bacon, Francis. Works. Riverside ed. 15 v. 

Houghton $33.75 or Popular ed. 2 v. Houghton $5 

192 Berkeley. George. Works. 3 v. 

Macmilian $4.50 n 

194 Comte, Auguste. Positive philosophy. 3 v. 

Macmilian 84.50 n 
194 Descartes, Bene\ The method, meditations, etc. 

Scribner $2.60 n 

193 Fichte, J. G. Popular works. 2 v. Scribner $8.40 
109 Hegel, G. "W. F. History of philosophy. 3 v. 

Scribner $13.50 n 
HO Kant, Immanuel. Prolegomena; ed.tiy G. P. Carus. 
1902. Open court pub. co. 75c 

192 Locke, John. Philosophical works. 2 v. 

Macmilian $2 n 

192 Mill, J: S. Examination of Sir William Hamilton's 

philosophy. Longmans $5.50 

193 Schopenhauer, Arthur. Essays. 7 v. 

Scribner $6.30 

193 World as will and idea. 3 v. 

Scribner $15 n 
193 Spinoza, Benedictus de. Chief works. 2 v. 

Macmilian $3 n 

102 Outlines 

Hibben, J: G. Problems of philosophy; an in- 
troduction. 1898. 19cm Scribner $1 n 

An unusually successful attempt to meet wants of 
beginners. David Irons in Philos. r. 8:86 

Hyde, W: De W. Practical idealism. 1897. 
19£cm Macmilian $1.50 

Contents: The world of sense-perception; The world of 
association; The world of science; The world of art; The 
world of persons; The world of institutions; The world 
of morality; The world of religion. 

Addressed to men of affairs. Illustrates connection 
between philosophy and practical matters of human life. 
Philog. r. 7:665 (B) 

Kiilpe, Oswald. Introduction to philosophy; a 
handbook for students of psychology, logic, 
ethics, aesthetics and general philosophy, tr. by 
W. B. Pillsbury and E. B. Titchener. 1901. 
19km Macmilian $1.60 n 

Systematic and historical. N. Wilde in Educ. r. 15:194. 

Stuckenberg - , J: H: W. Introduction to the 
study of philosophy. 1902. 22cm 

Armstrong $1.50 n 

Admirable presentation within comprehension of aver- 
age reader. Brett. 

104 Essays 

Howison, G: H. Limits of evolution, and other 
essays illustrating the metaphysical theory of 
personal idealism. 1901. 20cm 

Macmilian $1.60 n 
Contents: Limits of evolution; Modern science and 
pantheism; Later German philosophy : The art-principle as 
represented in poetry; Right relation of reason to religion; 
Human immortality: its positive argument; Theharmony 
of determinism and freedom. 

James, William. Will to believe, and other 
essays in popular philosophy. 1897. 20icm 

Longmans $2 

R S Contents: The will to believe; Islife worth living? 
The sentiment of rationality; Reflex action and theism; 
The dilemma of determinism; Moral philosophy and the 
moral life; Great men and their environment; Importance 
of individuals; On some Hegelisms; What psychical 
research has accomplished. 

Popular in no sense that can make it of less service to 
the specialist. Nation, 65:33. 

Royce, Josiah. Studies of good and evil: a 
series of essays upon problems of philosophy 
and life. 1898. 19Jcm Appleton §1.50 

Contents: The problem of Job; Case of John Banyan; 
Tennyson and pessimism; Knowledge of good and evil: 
Natural law, ethics, and evolution; Implications of self- 
consciousness; Some observations on the anomalies of 
self-consciousness; Self-consciousness, social conscious- 
ness and nature; Originality and consciousness; Meister 
Eckhart; An episode of early California life, the squatter 
riot of 1850 in Sacramento; Jean Marie Guyau. 

Sturt, H: C. ed. Personal idealism ; philosoph- 
ical essays by eight members of the University 
of Oxford. 1902. 23cm Macmilian $3.25 n 

Contents: Error, by G. F. Stout; Axioms as postulates, 
by F. C. S. Schiller; The problem of freedom in its rela- 
tion to psychology, by W. R. B. Gibson; The limits of evo- 
lution, by G. E. Underbill; Origin and validity in ethics, 
by R. R. Marett; Art and personality, by H. Sturt; The 
future of ethics, effort or abstention? by F. W. Bussell; 
Personality, human and divine, by H. Rashdall. 

Directed against naturalism and absolutism. A. K. 
Rogers in Philos. r. 12: 577 





109 History 

Rogers, A. K. Student's history of philosophy. 
1901. 20icm Macmillan $2 n 

A short bibliography appended to each section. 
Helpful to college classes of not very advanced stand- 
ing, as also to general readers. Dial, 32: 206. 

Weber, Alfred. History of philosophy; tr. hy 
Frank Thilly. 1896. 21cm Scribner $2.50 n 

Sources, p. 6-16. Bibliography, p. 605-11. 
European philosophy. 

Windelband, Wilherm. History of philosophy; 
tr. hy J. H. Tufts. 2d ed. 1901. 24cm 

Macmillan $4 n 

Connected account of development of those philo- 
sophic concepts most significant for modern thought. 
G. S. Fullerton in Philos. r. 9: 194. 

110 Metaphysics 

Haldane, R: B. Pathway to reality. 1903. 
22£cm (Gifford lect. 1902-3) Murray 10/6 n 
Contents: Meaning of reality; Criticism of categories. 
Extremely brilliant exposition of Hegelianism. H. 
Rashdall in Mind, n. s. 12: 527. 

Ladd, G: T. Theory of reality; an essay in meta- 
physical system upon the basis of human cogni- 
tive experience. 1899. 23cm Scribner $4 
Its knowledge broad and accurate, its psychology well 
digested, its method the analysis of experience, its gen- 
eral standpoint theism. Philos. r. 8: 627 (B) 

Paulsen, Friedrich. Introduction to philoso- 
phy. 2dAmer. ed. tr. by Frank Thilly. 1898. 
22cm Holt $3 n 

Shows clearly and convincingly untenability of mate- 
rialism as an ultimate view of the real. John Watson in 
1'hilos. r. 2: 207. 

Ill Ontology 

Royce, Josiah. "World and the individual. 2 v. 
1900-01. 21cm (Gifford lect. 1899-1900) 

Macmillan ser. 1, $3 n; ser. 2, $2.25 n 
Sir. 1, The four historical conceptions of being, aims so 
to define being as to arrive at some conception of what is 
meant by the reality of God, and of the world and the 
human individual in relation to God. Ser. 2, Nature, man 
and the moral order, develops the general theory of being 
by applying it to particular problems of human experi- 
ence. J: Dewey in Philos. r. 9: 311; 11: 392. 

113-119 Cosmology 

Fiske, John. Outlines of cosmic philosophy, 
based on the doctrine of evolution. 4 v. 1903. 
21 2 cm Houghton $8 

By no means a mere reproduction of spencer's philoso- 
phy, but an independent exposition of evolutionism 
showing originality, specially in regard to social evolu- 
tion and the relation of religion and science. L. & I. 

Spencer, Herbert. First principles. 1899. 20 2 cm 

Appleton $2 

General principles underlying his system of svnthetic 

ISO Other Metaphysical 

124 Teleology. Final causes 

Janet, P. A. R. Final causes; tr. by William Af- 
fleck. 2ded. 1883. 22 2 cm Scribner $2.50 

126 Personality 

Shaler, N. S. The individual; a study of life 
and death. 1900. 19 2 cm Appleton $1.50 

Study, from scientific standpoint, of relations and pos- 
sibilities of personality, with consideration of meaning 
of death. N. Y. 

12§ The soul 

James, William. Human immortality; two 
supposed objections to the doctrine. 1898. 
18cm . Houghton $1 

Simple, clear, candid. 

ISO Mind and body 

Jastrow, Joseph. 
1900. 21cm 

Fact and fable in psychology. 
Houghton $2 

Reprint of magazine essays. Discusses problems of 
psychic research, mental telegraphy, spiritualism, hyp- 
notism, the psychology of deception, dreams of the blind, 
etc. N. Y. 

131 Menial physiology- 
Bain, Alexander. Mind and body; the theories 
of their relation. 1897. 195cm (Internat. sci. 
P Appleton $1.50 

Carpenter, W: B: Principles of mental physi- 
ology. 1900. 20cm Appleton $3 

Ladd, G: T. Elements of physiological psychol- 
ogy. 1900. 23cm Scribner $4.50 n 

Plain statement of the facts of much of the field of 
experimental psychology. Likely to be long indispensa- 
ble to students unfamiliar with German. C. S. Pierce in 
Amer.j. psychol. (B) 

Warner, Francis. Nervous system of the child. 

L900. 19Jcm Macmillan $1 a 

Addressed to parents, physicians, and mainly to teach- 
ers. Clear, comprehensive, scientific; the result of long 
study as teacher and physician. N. Y. 

PHILOSOPHY— Metaphysics. Psychology 


13*2 Derangements 

Maudsley, Henry. Responsibility in mental 
disease. L895. 19$cm (Internat.sci.ser.) 

Appleton $1.50 

P Gives clearly results of investigations into nature of 
insanity and its presumed criminal manifestations. 
Acad. (B) 

134 Hypnotism 

Moll, Albert. Hypnotism. 5th ed. rev. 1902. 
19cm (Contemp. sci. ser.) Scribner $1.50 

Bibliography, p. 419-22. 
Podmore, Frank. Apparitions and thought- 
transference; an examination of the evidence 
for telepathy. 189b\ 19cm (Contemp. sci. 
ser.) Scribner $1.50 

135 Sleep 

Bigelow, John. Mystery of sleep. 2ded. 1903. 
19Jcm Harper $1.50 

R General treatise. 

13§ Physiognomy 

Darwin, C: R. Expression of the emotions in 
man and animals. 1899. 20£cm 

Appleton $3.50 

A study, undertaken because of its bearing on evolu- 
tion, made through very minute and extensive observa- 
tions of animals and of civilized and savage man . Buffalo. 

140 Philosophic systems 

141 Transeendentalism. Idealism 

Frothing-ham, O. B. Transcendentalism in New 
England. 1903. 20fcm Amer. unit, ass' n $1 

150 Psychology 

Bald-win, J. M. Mental development in the 

child and the race; methods and processes. 2d 

ed. 1903. 21£cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

Of interest no less to biologist than to psychologist. 

Full of original and suggestive material. Amer. tint. 

Social and ethical interpretations in men- 
tal development; a study in social psychology. 
3d ed. 1902. 22cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

Crowned with gold medal of Danish Royal academy. 

A continuation of studies begun in iJental develop, 
ment in the child <uid the race, but independent of it. 

The relation of the individual to social development 
and the extent to which one throws light on the other. 

See also 575 for his Development and evolution. 

Story of the mind. 1898. 15Jcm (Lib. 

of useful stories) Appleton 40c 

Bibliography, p. 233-36. 

Authoritative: not too deep or technical for an ordi- 
nary reader to understand and enjoy. X. Y. 

Bosanquet, Bernard. Psychology of the moral 
self. 1897. 19Jcm Macmillan $1.25 n 

In 10 short, luminous lectures it applies results of the 
best psychology of today to the problems of ethical sci- 
ence. \V. Caldwell in Philos. r. 7: 213. 

Calkins, M.. W. Introduction to psychology. 
1901. 20.]cm Macmillan $2 n 

Bibliography, p. 492-503. 
For beginners. 

Chamberlain, A. F. The child; a study in the 
evolution of man. 1900. 19cm (Contemp. sci. 
ser.) Scribner $1.50 

Bibliography, p. 465-95. 

One of the best summaries of child study. A fund of 
information and sources, valuable in the class room and 
readable for all interested in the knowledge of the child. 
Psychol, r. 8: 642 (B) 

Compayre, Gabriel. Intellectual and moral de- 
velopment of the child; tr. by M. E. "Wilson. 
2v. 1896-1902. 18icm (Internal educ. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.50 ea 

Contents: pt. 1, Perception, emotion, memory, imagina- 
tion and consciousness; pt. 2, Development of the child 
in later infancy. 

Careful and thorough, yet sympathetic summary of in- 
fant psychology. Dial (B) 

Groos, Karl. The play of man; tr. by E.. L. 
Baldwin. 1901. 19£cm Appleton $1.50 n 

Scientific treatise on sport and pastime. Closing pages 
devoted to relation of play to pedagogics. Science, 1901. 

James, William. Principles of psychology. 2 v. 
1890. 22cm (Amer. sci. ser. Adv. ) 

Holt $4.80 

R S Partly reprinted from Mind. Journal of speculative 
philosophy. Popular sc it na monthly and Scribner' s mag- 

Brilliant and suggestive. Author not an experi- 
mental psychologist. As a whole for advanced students, 
but chapters on ' Habit ' and ' Memory ' can be enjoyed 
by every reader. L. & I. 

KUlpe, Oswald. Outlines of psychology, based 
upon the results of experimental investigation; 
tr. by E: B. Titchener. 2d ed. 1901. 24cm 

Macmillan $2.60 n 

Xiadd, G:T. Primer of psychology. 1894. 19cm 

Scribner $1 n 

From standpoint of descriptive psychology. Accurate, 
brief and crisp. E. W. Scripture in Pedagoo. son. (B) 

Psychology, descriptive and explanatory. 

1894. 23cm Scribner |4.50 

Lange, Karl. Apperception; a monograph on 

psychology and pedagogy; ed. by Charles De 

Garmo. 1903. 18Jcm (Heath's ped. lib.) 

Heath fl 
For parents as well as teachers. 




Leibniz, G. W. New essays concerning human 
understanding; tr. by A. G. Langley. 1896. 
20cm Macmillan $3.25 

A translation of v. 5 of Gerhardt's Die philosophischen 
schriften von G. W. Leibniz, consisting of an introduction 
by Gerhardt, several short pieces on Locke's Essay and the 
New essays on human understanding; and an appendix 
containing other short pieces of Leibnitz bearing on sub- 
jects discussed or referred to in the New essays. — Trans- 
lator's pref. 

Maher, Michael. Psychology: empirical and ra- 
tional. 4th ed. 1900. 19£cm (Stonyhurst 
philos. ser. ) Longmans $1.75 

Certainly every Catholic student of psychology should 
have this. Ann r. ruth. q. 26: 204 

Mind. 1902. ISicm (Little masterpieces of sci.) 

Doubleday 50c n 

Contents: Part played by infancy in the evolution of 
man, by J: Fiske; New study of children, by J. Sully; 
Twins, by F. Galton; Sight in savages, by W. H. Hud- 
son: Mechanism in thought and morals, by O. W. 
Holmes; Memory, by H. Maudsley; Common sense, by 
\Y. B. Carpenter; A liberal education, by T. H. Huxley; 
Science and culture, by T. H. Huxley. 

Morgan, C. L. Introduction to comparative psy- 
chology. 1894. 19cm (Contemp. sci. ser.) 

Scribner $1.50 

Relation of the psychology of man to that of the higher 

animals. Exposition full, clear and fair. E. B. Titchener 

in Dial (B) 

Munsterberg, Hugo. Psychology and life. 

1899. 21cm Houghton $2 

Contents: Psychology and life; Psychology and physiol- 
ogy; Psychology and education; Psychology and art; 
Psychology and history: Psychology and mysticism. 

Reprinted from the Atlantic monthly. Psychological review 
and Educational revu w. 

Chief aim is separation of conceptions of psychology 
from conceptions of our real life. Pref. 

Remarkably clear and vigorous. .1. E. Creighton in 
Philos. r. (B) 

Preyer, "William. Mental development in the 

child; tr. by II. W. Brown. 1893. 18Jcm 

(Internal educ. ser.) Appleton $1 

Mainly concerned with early stages of speech. Buffalo. 

Mind of the child; tr. by H. W. Brown. 

2 v. 188S-89. 18Jcm (Internat. educ. ser.) 

Appleton $3 
Contents: pt. 1, The senses and the will; pt. 2, Devel- 
opment Of the intellect. 

Takes us over first :: years of life, noting all the chief 

movements of development. .lames Sully in Mind, 7: 416 


Romanes, G: J: Mental evolution in man. 1902. 

22cm Appleton $3 

The third in perhaps the greatest continuous and sys- 
tematic psychologic labor ever proposed (1, Animal intel- 

ligence; 2, Mental evolution in animals) No student of 
psychology can afford to dispense with this rich, learned 
and elaborate contribution to his subject. Nation, 48: 491 


Royce, Josiah. Outlines of psychology; an ele- 
mentary treatise, with some practical applica- 
tions. 1903. 20cm (Teachers' prof. lib. ) 

Macmillan $1 n 

The most systematic exposition of his psychology. 
J. H. Muirhead in Mind n. s. 12: 547. 

Shinn, M. W. Biography of a baby. 1900. 

19£cm Houghton $1.50 

P R Psychologic study of the first year of a child's life. 

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of psychology. 

v. 1903, '02. 20k-m 

Appleton $4 

Its significance lies in emphasizing the impossibility of 
explaining individual consciousness by the experience of 
the individual himself. We must go back to the experi- 
ence of the race. Harald Hoffding (B) 

Stout, G: F: Groundwork of psychology. 1903. 
21cm Hinds $1.25 

Manual of psychology. 1899. 175cm 

(Univ. tutorial ser.) Hinds $1.50 

From genetic point of view, designed to draw the 
student into real psychologic problems. Educ. r. 21: 254. 

Sully, James. Studies of childhood. 1903. 
22jcm Longmans 12/6 

R Contents: Age of imagination; Dawn of reason; 
Products of child-thought; The little linguist; Subject 
to fear; Raw material of morality; Under law; Child as 
artist; The young draughtsman; Extracts from a father's 
diary; George Sand's childhood; Bibliography (p. 515-18) 
From birth to 6th year; valuable. 

Teacher's handbook of psychology, on 

the basis of Outlines of psychology. 4th ed. 
1897. 19icm Appleton 82 

References at end of each chapter. 

Succinct and luminous view of best scientific doctrine 
with regard to the senses, perception, higher intellectual 
powers, emotions and volition. Mind (B) 

Wundt, W. M. Lectures on human and animal 

psychology; tr. by J. E. Creighton and E. B. 

Titchener. 1896. 23cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

R Covers chief problems of mental science. Accurate. 

Joseph Jastrow in Dial, 20: 71 (B) 

Outlines of psychology; tr. by C:H. Judd. 

2d rev. Eng. ed. 1902. 22cm Stechert $2 n 

(lives a classification of different theories of psychology. 

151 Intellect 

Hobhouse, L. T. Mind in evolution. 1901. 
23cm Macmillan $3.25 n 

A good, honest, and straightforward work, full of care- 
ful analysis and well-digested synthesis. It will repay 
reading and rereading. <'. L. Morgan in Mind, 12: in:;. 

PHILOSOPHY— Logic. Ethics 


Locke, John. Essay concerning human under- 
standing, annotated by A. C.Fraser. 2 v. 1894. 

23cm Clarendon $8 n 

Editions and interpretations of Locke's Essay; v. 1, 
pre!, p. 11-16. 

A chief t'aetor in the development of modern philosophy 
during the last two centuries. A. C. Fraser. 

152 Sense. Sense pereeption 

Mach, Ernst. Contributions to the analysis of 
the sensations: tr. by C. M. Williams. 1897. 
20cm • Open court pub. co $1.25 n 

A wonderfully original little book. Like everything he 
writes, a work of genius. William .lames. 

160 Logic 

Bosanquet, Bernard. Essentials of logic, 10 
lectures on judgment and inference. 1895. 
193cm Macmillan $1 n 

Creighton, J. E. Introductory logic. 1898. 
19Acm Macmillan $1.10 n 

References at end of each chapter. Questions and ex- 
ercises, p. 348-87. 

Better arrangement of materials, truer perspective, 
clearer statement than in most latter-day text-books. 
J. A. MacVannel in Edur. r. 17: 490, 500-501. 

Jevons, W: S. Logic. 15£cm (Sci. prim.) 

Amer. bk. co. 35c n 
Clear, and adapted to the inexperienced. N. Y. 

Principles of science; a treatise on logic 

and scientific method. 1900. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $2.75 n 

Mill, J: S. System of logic, ratiocinative and 
inductive; a connected view of the principles of 
evidence and the methods of scientific investi- 
gation. 8th ed. 1900. 24cm Harper $2.50 

Marked a new epoch in literature of logic. A science 
of the method of quest after experimental truth or prob- 
abilitv. David Masson (B) 

161 Indnetive 

Hibben, J: G. Inductive logic. 1896. 18$cin 

Scribner $1.50 

Minto, William. Logic, inductive and deduct- 
ive. 1901. 18cm (Univ. ser.) 

Scribner $1.25 n 

16S Argument 

Sidgwick, Alfred. Process of argument; a con- 
tribution to logic. 1893. 19£cm Black 5/ 

1 TO Ethics 

Many standard works, because seldom used in 
a popular library, have been omitted in favor of 
lesser books of high character and more general 
appeal. Good editions of some standards which 
should perhaps be earliest added as the library 
grows are as follows: 
171 Alexander, Samuel. Moral order and progress. 3ded. 
1899. Paul 14 

170 Aristotle. Nichomachean ethics: tr. by J. E. C. Well- 
don. 1897. Macmillan 12 n 

171 Calderwood, Henry. Handbook of moral philosophy. 
1902. Macmillan $1.50 n 

170 Green, T. H. Prolegomena to ethics. 4th ed. 1899. 

Oxford univ. S1.90 

171 Janet, Paul. Theory of morals. 1883. Scribner $2.50 
171 Muirhead, J. H. Elements of ethics. (Univ. exten. 

man.) Scribner $1 n 

170 Paulsen, Friedrich. System of ethics. 1899. 

Scribner $3 n 

171 Stephen, Sir Leslie. Science of ethics. 1882. 

Smith, Elder 16/ 

170 Social rights and duties. 2 v. 1896. 

Macmillan $3 

Bowker, R: R. Arts of life. 1900. 18Jcm 

Houghton $1.25 
On attainment of highest results in character, culture 
and human relations through everyday life and enlight- 
ened use of education, business, politics and religion. 

Bryant, Mrs Sophie ( Willock) Short studies in 
character. 1894. 19§cm (Ethical lib. ) 

Macmillan $1.50 

Bushnell, Horace. Moral uses of dark things. 

Centenary ed. 1903. 20km Scribner $1.25 n 

Its value consists not in its philosophic but in its prac- 
tical character. Nation, 1869. 

Everett, C: C. Ethics for young people. 1891. 
19cm Ginn 50c 

What he appeals to in young people is their own self- 
respect and their contempt for what is coarse, selfish and 
wrong. J. G. Schurman in Phitos. r. 1:199 (B) 

Garrison, W. P. Parables for school and home. 
1897. 19Acm Longmans $1.25 

Y Short chapters for school reading, each intended to 
interest children in some person, place or event. N. Y. 

Gilman, N. P. , & Jackson, E : P. Conduct as a 
fine art: laws of daily conduct, by N. P. Gil- 
man; character building, by E: P. Jackson. 
1891. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

To aid public school teachers in giving moral instruc- 
tion apart from religious doctrine. 

Hilty, Karl. Happiness; essays on the meaning 

of life; tr. by F. G. Peabody. 1903. 19cm 

Macmillan $1 .25 n 




Hyde, W: De W. The cardinal virtues. 1902. 
18 Jem 
Y R Crowell 28c n 

Lecky, "W: E: H. History of European morals, 
from Augustus to Charlemagne. 3d ed. 2 v. 
L903. LSk'in 
S R Appleton $3 

Map of life; conduct and character. 1901. 

19 Jem Longmans $2 

"A calm survey of life," based on utilitarian theory and 
appealing to reason and common sense. Notable for 
breadth of view and sober judgment. N. Y. 
Mccunn, John. The making of character; some 
educational aspects of ethics. 1900. 19icm 
(Camb. ser. for schools) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

Central idea is "that all growth and training must 
seek to develop a self-poised, self-governing being." S: T. 
Dutton (B) 
Mackenzie, J: S. Manual of ethics. 4th ed. 
1901. 17icm (Univ. tutorial ser. ) 

Hinds $1.50 
Thorough and independent discussion. Fresh and orig- 
inal, four. <>/ > due. (Emj.) 
Palmer, G: H. Field of ethics. 1901. 19km 
(W: Belden Noble lect. 1899) 

Houghton $1.10 n 
R In respect of teaching power an excellent and 
wholesome essay. J. D. Logan in Philos. r. (B) 

Nature of goodness. 1903. 19|cm 

Houghton $1.10 n 
Contents: Double aspect of goodness; Misconceptions 
of goodness; Self-consciousness; Self-direction; Self-devel- 
opment; Self-sacrifice; Nature and spirit; The three stages 
of goodness. 

The Fidd of ethics marked nut the place which ethics 
occupies among the sciences. In this book the first 
problem of ethics is examined. Pref. 

Seelye, J. H. Duty; a book for schools. 1891. 
19cm Ginn 30c 

Y A simple, beautiful and even fascinating exposition 
(if the cardinal principles and rules of morality. Style 
Bwift, graphicand transparent. Pkilos. r. (B) 

Sidgwick, Henry. Outlines of the history of 
ethics for English readers. 4th ed. 1896. 
ls.lrm (Macmillan' 8 man.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

Based on his article in Encyclopedia Brittanica. 

Interesting account of development of successive lines 
Of thought, not treating the writers as isolated thinkers 
but exhibiting them as representatives of living ideas 
which grew in their hands. Spec. 59:1279. 

Strong 1 , Sydney. Talks to boys and girls. 1902. 
L9cm Revell 50c n 

Y Kite talks; Random talks; The life I ought to live. 

"Wagner, Charles. Youth; tr. by P>nest Red- 
wood. 1903. 18icm Dodd $1.25 
Y Discusses influences affecting young people to-day. 
Clear analysis of good and evil forces; enthusiastic belief 
in humanity. N. Y. 

171 Theories 

Evans, E: P. Evolutional ethics and animal psy- 
chology. 1898. 19£cm Appleton $1.75 

Bibliography, p. 359-67. 

Story of the development of the relations between man 
and the animal world. Dial, 24:329 (B) 

Harris, George. Moral evolution. 1896. 20cm 

Houghton $2 
I'urpose is to establish the harmony of personal and 
social morality with the facts of evolution. Pref. 

Huxley, T: H: Evolution and ethics, and other 
essays. 1902. 19cm Appleton $1.25 

Contents: Evolution and ethics; Prolegomena; Evo- 
lution and ethics; Science and morals; Capital, the 
mother of labour: Social diseases and worse remedies; 
Struggle for existence in human society; Letters to the 
Times on the ' Darkest England' scheme; Legal opinions; 
Articles of war of the Salvation army. 

Martineau, James. Types of ethical theory. 
3d ed. 1898. 20cm (Clarendon press ser. ) 

Clarendon $2.60 n 

V. 1, a critical exposition of certain leading thinkers, 
chiefly Plato, Spinoza and Comte, who belong to Euro- 
pean but not to English thought, v. 2, his own system; 
and a discussion of the leading English modes of ethical 
thought. Henry Sidgwick. 

Mill, J: S. Utilitarianism. 1901. 22 Jem 

Longmans $1 

It remains, after all deductions and corrections are 
made, far the most ample and rational text-book of the 
principle of greatest happiness as the foundation of ethics. 
Frederic Harrison (B) 

Morley, John. On compromise. 1874. 22 cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Contents: Of the possible utility of error; Intellectual 
responsibility and the political spirit; Religious conform- 
ity; The realisation of opinion. 

Schurman, J. G. Ethical import of Darwinism. 
1887. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Object is to distinguish between science and specula- 
tion in the application of Darwinism to morals. Pref. 

Sidgwick, Henry. Methods of ethics. 6th ed. 
1901. 22Jcm Macmillan $4 n 

Broad in treatment and free from dogmatism. Burris. 

Few books to a like degree constrain us to clear and 
exact thinking; few like this give us a habit of prudence 
and caution in our ethical reasoning, (i. von (iizycki 
in I id/ rnat.j. <tlti<-* ( B I 

Smyth, Newman. Christian ethics. 1892. 
21 cm (Internat. theol. lib.) 

Scribner $2.50 n 



Spencer, Herbert 
1892-93. 20*cm 

Principles of ethics. 2 v. 
A.ppleton *4 

Evolutionary. Clear and masterly in style and treat- 
ment. Burris. 

179 Political ethics 

Brewer, D. J. American citizenship. 1902. 
19 cm (Yale lect. on responsibilities of citizen- 
ship I Rcribner 75e n 

Contents: Obligations of citizenship; The maintenance 
of a good character a primary obligation of every citizen; 
Service a responsibility of citizenship; Obligation of obe- 
dience; The duty of striving to better the life of the nation. 

Potter, H: C. bp. Citizen in his relation to the 
industrial situation. 1902. 20cm (Yale lect. on 
responsibilities of citizenship) Scribner $1 n 

173 Family ethics 

Cox, Mrs M. M. Home thoughts. 2 v. 1901-2. 
20cm Barnes $1.20 ea n 

Essays. Reprinted from New York Evening Post 

Gilman, Mrs Charlotte (Perkins) Stetson. 
Concerning children. 1900. 19cni 

Small $1.25 
Wholesomely disturbing book that deserves to be read 
for its own sake. Dial, 30:49 (B) 

The home; its work and influence. 1903. 

19icm McClure $1.50 n 

Full of thought and of new and striking suggestions. 
Tells what the average woman has and ought not to keep, 
what she is and ought not to be. Lit. ivorld, 35:7. 

Wig-gin, Mrs K: D. Children's rights; a book 
of nursery logic. 1892. 18cm Houghton $1 

R On the management and education of little chil 
dren; talks on children's reading, plays, the kindergarten, 
etc. N. Y. 

174 Business elhies 

Strong, Josiah. 

1901. 18icm 

The times and young men. 
Baker & T. 75c n 

Attemptsto point out the unchangeable laws of life un- 
derlying the revolution in social, commercial, industrial 
and religious ideas. N. Y. 

177 Social ethics. Advice to young 

Bell, Mrs F. E. E. (Olliffe) Minor moralist; 
some essays on the art of everyday conduct, by 
Mrs Hugh Bell. 1903. 20cm 

Longmans $1.60 n 

Treats manners from ethical standpoint, penetrates to 
the spirit of courtesy, gives the philosophy of etiquette. 
Outl. 74:13%. 

Black, Hugh. Friendship; with an introd. note 
by W. R. Nicoll. 1903. 22cm 

Revel 1 $1.50 n 
Hersey, H. E. To girls. 1902. 17Jcm 

Ginn $1 

Contents: About education; About social relations; 
About personal conduct. 

For girls over 14. 

The lighter phases of life are touched upon, as well as 
the great questions of all ages. Notably free from cant. 
Dial (B) 

17§ Temperance 

Fanshawe, E. L. Liquor legislation in the United 
States and Canada: report of a non-partisan in- 
quiry on the spot into the laws and their opera- 
tion. 1893. 19cm Cassell $1 

Koren, John. Economic aspects of the liquor 
problem; an investigation made for the Com- 
mittee of fifty, under direction of H. W. Farnam. 
1899. 19£cm Houghton $1.50 

Bibliography, p. 313-22. 

Rowntree, Joseph, & Sherwell, Arthur. Tem- 
perance problem and social reform. 9th ed. 
1901. 20cm Truslove $2 n 

Considers temperance legislation in its relation to the 
general social problem; the causes that create intemper- 
ance and possible counteracting influences, with a 
resume of present conditions. Pittsburg. 

Wines, F: H. , & Koren, John, ed. Liquor 
problem in its legislative aspects. 2d ed. 1898. 
19icm. Houghton $1.25 

Work of a sub-committee of the Committee of 50 to in- 
vestigate the liquor problem. 

2d ed. contains new chapter on Operation of New York 
(Raines) liquor tax law, and brings down to date obser- 
vations on South Carolina dispensary system. Massachu- 
setts and Pennsylvania liquor legislation. Pittsburg. 

See also Public documents list 

179 Other ethical topics 

Wagner, Charles. Courage. 1903. 18jcm 

Dodd 81.25 
In discussing his main theme, he treats clearly and 
interestingly of the foundation virtues, obedience, sim- 
plicity, the inward watch, heroic education, manly 
honor, etc. Otitic (B) 

Willoughby, W. W. Social justice; a critical 
essay. 1900. 22$cm Macmillan $3 n 

180 Ancient philosopher* 

Windelband, Wilhelm. History of ancient 
philosophy; tr. by H. E. Cushman. 1899. 21cm 

Scribner $2.50 n 

Thoughtful, fresh and interesting presentation of rich, 
suggestive important material. Philos. r. 9: 194 (B) 




1§4 Platonic* 

Pater, Walter. Plato and Platonism; lectures. 
21cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

R Sets forth literary, esthetic and political features, 
students of philosophy and i treek literature who already 
know their Plato will find a deal of delight in the book 
and no little enlightenment. Philos. /'. (B) 

1§§ Stoic 

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus. Thoughts; tr. by 
George Long. Rev. ed. 1887. lS.k-m (Bohn's 
class, lib. ) Macmillan $1 n 

Mr Long's version being what it is, an Englishman 
who reads to live, and does not live to read, may hence- 
forth let the Greek original repose upon its shelf. Mat- 
thew Arnold (B) 

Other editions of same translation are: Little SI; in 
Handy vol. Cambridge classics, 75c; Putnam 50e (World's 
classics) Macmillan publishes another good translation, 
by G. II. Kendall, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus t<> himsrlf. 2d 
ed. 1898, 81.75; in Golden treasury series SI. 

Epictetus. Discourses; with the Encheiridion 
and fragments; tr. by George Long. 1885. 
19cm ( Bohn's class, lib. ) Macmillan $1.50 n 

100 Jlodern philosophers 

Adamson, Robert. Development of modern 
philosophy, with other lectures and essays. 
2v. 1903. 23cm Blackwood 18/ n 

Contents: v. 1, Memorial introduction; Bibliography; 
Development of modern philosophy; Descartes and intel- 
lectualism; English empiricism; Philosophy of Kant; 
Post-Kantian idealism; Suggestions towards a theory of 
knowledge based on the Kantian, v. 2, Inaugural ad- 
dress in the University of Glasgow; Giordano Bruno; 
Psychology and epistemology; Kant's view of psychology; 
Philosophy and the social problem; Basis of morality: 
Regeneration of Germany; Principles of psychology. 

Its most distinctive value is systematic unity and con- 
tinuity of exposition. G. F. Stout in Mind, n. s. 12: 265. 

H0ffding, Harald. History of modern philoso- 
phy; a sketch of the history of philosophy from 

the close of the renaissance to our own day, tr. 
by B. E. Meyer. 2 v. 1900. 23icm 

S R Macmillan $7.50 

Royce, Josiab. Spirit of modern philosophy. 
1892. 21 Jem Houghton $2.50 

SR Historical account of the most prominent philo- 
sophic thinkers and their problems. Pt. 2, the author's 
own confession of philosophic faith. J. E. Creighton in 
Philos. r. 1: 322. 

Watson, John. Outline of philosophy, with 

notes, historical and critical. 2d ed. 1898. 

20cm Macmillan $2.25 n 

First published 1895 under title Comte. Mill and Spencer. 

An exposition of idealistic philosophy with a criticism 

of opposing schools. J. G. Schurman in Philos. r. 4: 318 (B) 

192 British 

Macpherson, H. C, Spencer and Spencerism. 

1900. 20cm Doubleday $1.25 n 

R Decidedly best single book yet written in exposition 

of Herbert Spencer's philosophy. Too sympathetic to be 

fairly critical. Editc. r. 21: 31G. 

193 German 

Duff, R. A. Spinoza's political and ethical 

philosophy. 1903. 24cm Macmillan $3.50 n 

Able and suggestive. J. E. Creighton in Philos. r. 12: 561. 

Kant, Immanuel. Critique of pure reason, in 
commemoration of the centenary of its first pub- 
lication; tr. by F. M. Midler. 1896. 21cm 

Macmillan $3 n 

Kant, Immanuel. Kritik of judgment; tr. by 
J.H.Bernard. 1892. 23cm Macmillan $3.50 n 

As an original thinker the only modern philosopher 
who can be put beside Plato and Aristotle. Josiah Royce. 

Paulsen, Friedrich. Immanuel Kant, his life 
and doctrine; tr. by J. E. Creighton and Albert 
Lefevre. 1902. 22cm Scribner $2.50 n 


The aim has been to make such a selection of 
religious books as will, for the most part, be 
eagerly used by almost any American commu- 
nity; but not to make even a small representa- 
tive theological library. It will m>t satisfy any 
specialist. It will not satisfy any institution or 
community bavins: a dominant religious bent. 
Local conditions should, probably, under such 
circumstances modify the selection. Avowedly 
controversial books are intentionally omitted. 

2©1 Philosophy of religion 

Abbott, Lyman. Evolution of Christianity. 2d 
ed. 1893. 18icm (Lowell inst. lect.) 

Houghton $1.25 
For intelligent laymen, on the philosophy of Chris- 
tianity. G. A. Gordon in And. r. 18: 188 (B) 

Caird, Edward. Evolution of religion. 3d ed. 
2 v. 1899. 21cm (Gifford lect. 1890-92) 

Macmillan $4 n 

On principles underlying author's view of religion and 
its history and on development of Jewish and Christian 
religions. Pittsburg. 

Caird, John. Introduction to the philosophy of 
religion. New ed. 1901. 21cm (Croall lect. 
1878-79) Macmillan $1.50 n 

James, "William. Varieties of religious expe- 
rience; a study in human nature. 1902. 23cm 
(Gifford lect. 1901-2) Longmans $3.20 n 

Psychologic study of personal religion in widely differ- 
ent manifestations. N". Y. 

Martineau, James. Seat of authority in religion. 
2d ed. 1890. 22 Jem Longmans $4.50 

Contents: Authority implied in religion; Authority arti- 
ficially misplaced; Divine authority intermixed with 
human things; Severance of undivine elements from 
Christendom; The divine in the human. 

In the response of the human soul to the personality of 
Jesus, as to all spiritual excellence higher than its own, 
author finds the seat of authority. Xation, 50: 491. 

Study of religion, its sources and contents. 

2v. 1888. 20£cm Clarendon $4.50 

A presentation in the largest and freest manner of the 
argument for theism, and chiefly the argument from 
design. C. C. Everett in Unit. r. (B) 

2©3 Dictionaries. Cyclopedias 

Jackson, S: M. ed. Concise dictionary of re- 
ligious knowledge and gazetteer. 3d ed. 1898. 

Rf Maynard 8.4 

204 Essays 

Brooks, Phillips. Essays and addresses, reli- 
gious, literary, and social; ed. by J: C. Brooks. 
1894. 21cm Dutton $1.20 n 

Burroughs, John. 

Light of day. 1900. 19icm 
Houghton $1.25 

Gardner, Alice. Conflict of duties, and other 
essays. 1903. 21cm Unwin 7/6 

Contents: The conflict of duties: Religious needs of the 
intellectual life; Moral ideal of the intellectual life; 
Sectarianism; Wear and tear; Symbolism in religion; 
Professor Seeley as a moral and religious teacher; Re- 
ligious instruction in schools: how far should it be 
denominational? Hatred and charity; Theological read- 
ing for non-theological readers; Truthfulness; Religion 
and good taste; Grounds of religious liberty; Confession 
and spiritual direction; Christianity as a historical re- 
ligion; Man's responsibility for his beliefs; Moral teach- 
ing of history; Early Christian mysticism. 

Mabie, H. W. Life of the spirit. 1899. 17icm 

Dodd $1.25 
Essays relating religion to modern life. N. Y. 

McKenzie, Alexander. Divine force in the life 
of the world. 1898. 20Jcm (Lowell inst. 
lect.) Houghton $1.50 

Mellone, S. H. Leaders of religious thought in 
the nineteenth century. 1902. Wicm 

Blackwood 6 n 

S Contents: Light on the way; John Henry Newman: 
Newman's Grammar of assent; James Martineau; What 
is religious experience? Forms of agnosticism and posi- 
tivism; The agnosticism of Herbert Spencer; Robert 

Theme of book the idea of God. Analyzes views of 
five thinkers, theorists widely divergent in intention, in 
many respects antagonistic, and shows that in each is 
somewhere the idea of a god and the necessity of his 
existence. Acad. 62: 215. 





Parker, Theodore. Views of religion. 5th ed. 

1900. 2Hcm Amer. unit, ass'n $1 n 

Romanes, G: J: Thoughts on religion. 3d ed. 

1897. 20cm (Religion of sci. lib. ) 

Open court pub. co. $1.25 
Contents: pt. 1, The influence of science upon religion; 

pt. 2. .Notes for a work on a candid examination of religion. 
Shows tendency from unbelief to belief in Christian 

revelation. Pittsburg. 

Van Dyke, Henry. Gospel for an age of doubt. 
6th ed. 1902. 20cm Maemillan $1.25 

Ranks high among modern contributions to philosophy 
of religion. Outl. 54: 1146 (B) 

Watson, John. Mind of the Master. 1896. 

19^cm Dodd $1.50 

Sermons emphasizing the words of Jesus as the sub- 
stance of Christianity. 

Channing, W: E. 

20§ Collected works 

Works. New ed. 1903. 
Amer. unit, ass'n $1 n 

Wesley, John. Selections from the writings of 
Wesley; comp. by Herbert Welch. 1901. 19cm 

Eaton $1.25 

210 Natural theology 

Drummond, Henry. Natural law in the spirit- 
ual world. 19cm Pott $1 
Fiske, John. Through nature to God. 1899. 
18cm Houghton $1 
Contents: The mystery of evil; The cosmic roots of 
love and self-sacrifice: The everlasting reality of religion. 
An argument for theism from evolutionary standpoint. 
N. Y. 

Smyth, Newman. Through science to faith. 
1902. 21cm (Lowell inst. lect. 1900-1) 

Scribner $1.50 n 

211 Deism 

Bowne, B. P. Theism. 1902. 22cm (Deems 
lect.) Amer. bk. co. $1.75 

Fiske, John. Idea of God as affected by mod- 
ern knowledge. 18cm Houghton $1 
Its value is the impression that it intentionally makes 
that theism is necessary to any comprehensive view of 
(•volution. G: Harris in And. r. 5:99 (B) 

Xiecky, W:E:H. History of the rise and influence 

of the spirit of rationalism in Europe. Rev. ed. 

2 v. 1903. 20Jcm Appleton $4 

Schurman, J. G. Agnosticism and religion. 

1896. 17£cm Scribner $1 

Contents: Pt. 1, Huxley and scientific agnosticism; pt. 
2, Philosophical agnosticism; pt. 8, Spiritual religion, its 
evolution and essence. 

Clear and pertinent to present day intellectual and 
spiritual needs. Outl. (B) 

213 Evolution 

Zahm, J: A. Evolution and dogma. 1896. 
20cm McBride $2 

Lucid; vigorous. Catli. world. 

214 Providence. Theodicy 

Bruce, A. B. Moral order of the world in an- 
cient and modern thought. 1899. 21cm (Gif- 
ford lect. 1898. 2dser.) Scribner $2 

First 5 lectures deal with Buddha, Zoroaster, the (.nek 
tragedians, and the Stoics; the next 3 with Hebrew and 
Christian Scriptures, while the closing chapters bring us 
to Browning as the exponent of modern optimism, and 
finally to modern dualism. New world. 

Providential order of the world. 1897. 

20Jcm (Gifford lect. 1897) Scribner $2 

Maintains sturdily the presence of God in the develop- 
ment of society; approaches whole question from point 
of view of the thinking of to-day. Biblical world, 12:144 

215 Religion and science 

Huxley, T: H: Science and Christian tradition. 
1902. 19cm (Collected essays, v. 5) 

Appleton $1.25 
Contents: Prologue (Controverted questions); Scientific 
and pseudo-scientific realism; Seienceandpseudo-science; 
An episcopal trilogy; The value of witness to the mirac- 
ulous; Possibilities and impossibilities; Agnosticism; 
Agnosticism: a rejoinder; Agnosticism and Christianity; 
The keepers of the herd of swine; Illustrations of Mr 
Gladstone's controversial methods. 

Science and Hebrew tradition. 1901. 

19cm (Collected essays, v. 4) 

Appleton $1.25 

Contents: On the method of Zadig: The rise and prog- 
ress of palaeontology; Lectures on evolution; The inter- 
preters of Genesis and the interpreters of nature; Mr 
Gladstone and Genesis; The lights of the church and the 
light of science; Hasisadra's adventure; The evolution 
of theology: an anthropological study. 

Shaler, N. S. Interpretation of nature. 1893. 
18cm Houghton $1.25 

Points toward ultimate harmony between religion 
and science. N. Y. 

21 § Immortality 

Fiske, John. Destiny of man. 9th ed. 1886. 
17 Jem Houghton $1 

It may reassure those who can not deny many of the 
conclusions of evolution, yet who fear its effects on re- 
ligious beliefs. G: Harris in And. r. 3:84 (B) 

Life everlasting. 1901. 18cm (Inger- 

soll lect. 1900) Houghton $1 n 

Infers from man's past development the probability 
of his continued life. N. Y. 

Gordon, G: A. Immortality and the new the- 
odicy. 18 Jem (Ingersoll lect. 1896) 

Houghton $1 

RELIGION — Natural theology. Bible 


Royce, Josiah. Conception of immortality. 
1900. ISAcm (Ingersoll lect L899) 

Honghton $1 
Savage, M. J. Life beyond death. 1899. 21cm 

Putnam $1.50 
fteview of world's beliefs, consideration of present con- 
diuonsof thought and feeling leading to question whether 
it can be demonstrated a^ a fact Borne liints as to per- 
sonal experiences and opinions appended. Title. 

220 Bible 

Briggs, C: A: General introduction to the study 
of Holy Scripture. 1899. 23cm 

Scribner $3 n 
Farrar. F: W: The Bible, its meaning and supre- 
macy. 1897. 20$cm Longmans $2 
Foster, Charles. Story of the Bible, from Gen- 
esis to Revelation. 1901? 21£cm 

Baker & T. $1 

Y Simple continuous narrative of the Scriptures. 

Sunderland, J. T: The Bible: its origin, growth, 
and character, and its place among the sacred 
books of the world. 1893. 20cm 

Putnam $1.50 
List of books for Biblical study and reading, p. 267-87. 

220.1 Inspiration 

Gladden, Washington. Who wrote the Bible? 

1891. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

P R Gives compactly principal facts on which scholars 

now generally agree concerning the literary history of 

the Bible. N. Y. 

220.2 Concordances 

Cruden, Alexander. Concordance to the Holy 
Scriptures, on the basis of Cruden; ed. by John 
Eadie, with introd. by David King. 1867? 23cm 
Amer. tract soc. $1 
Rf No library needs both this and Strong. Cruden is 
well known and excellent and may possibly serve for 
some time instead of the larger work. Ed. sel. 

Helps to the study of the Bible. 1903? 18£cm 

Oxford univ. $1.50 

Including introductions to the several books, the his- 
tory and antiquities of the Jews, the results of modern 
discoveries and the natural history of Palestine, with co- 
pious tables, concordance, and indices and a new series of 
maps. Title. 

Every word of the text of common English version 
with comparative concordance of authorized and revised 
versions. Brief dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek words 
of the original, with references to English words. Title. 

Strong, James. Exhaustive concordance of the 
Bible. 1894. 31 x 23cm 
Rf Eaton $6 

220.3 Dictionaries 

Hastings, James, ed. Dictionary of the Bible. 
4v. 1898-1902. 28cm Scribner subs. $6 ea 

RfPS Contents: v. 1, A-Feasts; v. 2, Feign-Kinsman; 
v. 3, Kir-Pleiades; v. 4, Pleroma-Zuzim. 

220.4 Original texts and. early versions. 

Kenyon, F: G: Our Bible and the ancient man- 
uscripts; a history of the text and its transla- 
tions. 4th ed. 1903. 21 Jem Nelson $2 

220.5 Versions of the Bible. 

Bible. Holy Bible; translated from the Latin 
Vulgate; Old Testament published at Douay, 
a. d. 1609, and New Testament published at 
Rheims, a. d. 1582. 1899? 20£cm 

Murphy $1.25 

Holy Bible; Old and New Testaments; 

being the version set forth a. d." 1611 compared 
with the most ancient authorities and revised 
a. n. 1881-1885; newly ed. by the American 
revision committee, a. d. 1901. 1901. 23cm 

Nelson $i.50-$9 

The final form for Americans of the great revision of 
the English Bible. By far, and in every respect, the best 
English translation of the Bible in existence, both for 
scholars and for people. Biblical world, 18:268 (B) 

Holy Bible: Old and New Testaments; 

with the former translations compared and re- 
vised; appointed to be read in churches. 23icm 

Oxford univ. $1.25-$7 

Rf Includes Apocrypha 232 p. 

Holy Bible: Old and New Testaments; 

revised version 1881-1885, with revised marginal 
references. 1898. 21cm Oxford univ. §l-$6 

Includes Apocrypha. 

Bible stories; ed. by R: G. Moulton. 

2v. 1899. 14£cm (Mod. reader's Bible Chil- 
dren's ser. ) Macmillan 50c ea 

Contents: v. 1, Old Testament; v. 2, New Testament. 

The stories are in the language of Scripture, altered 
only by omissions. Revised version is used with frequent 
substitution of margin for text. Intended as ground plan 
of Bible history. Pref. 

Bible. Selections. Bible for children; with in- 
trod. by H: C. Potter. 1902. 26cm 

Century $3 

Y Abridged and arranged by Mrs J. B. Gilder from 
King James version, disregarding verse divisions and 
using a new system of chapters. Francis Brown in pref. 
Good for children's reading-room, using Modern reader's 
Bible stories for circulation. Ed. sel. 





220.8 Special topics 

Bible as literature, by R: G. Moulton, J: P. Peters, 
A. B. Bruce, and others; with introd. by Lyman 
Abbott. 1896. 19£cm Crowell $1.50 

Moulton, R: G. Literary study of the Bible; an 
account of the leading forms of literature repre- 
sented in the sacred writings. 1899. 21£cm 

Heath $2 

Distinguishes epic, lyric, dramatic essay and other lit- 
erary forms found in the Bible. N. Y. 

Short introduction to the literature of the 

Bible. 1901. 17cm Heath $1 

S P Not an abridgment of his Literary study of the 

llihl, . N. Y. 

220.9 Geography and history 

MacCoun, Townsend. The Holy Land in geog- 
raphy and in history. 2 v. 1897. 18cm 

Revell $2 
Contents: v. 1, Geography; v. 2, History. 
Sold separately v. 1, 81: v. 2, 81.25. 

No other work of the same cost presents so much infor- 
mation in usable shape. Specially valuable for Bible 
classes and students of biblical history. Biblical world, 

221 Old Testament 

Abbott, Iiyman. Life and literature of the an- 
cient Hebrews. 1901. 20cm Houghton $2 
Aims to show that results of modern criticism enhance 
value of Bible as an instrument for cultivation of spirit- 
ual faith. N. Y. 

Beale, Mrs H. S. B. Stories from the Old Testa- 
ment, for children. 1899. 22£cm 

Y Stone $1.50 
Brooke, S. A. Old Testament and modern life. 

1896. 19£cm Dodd $1.50 

20 sermons preached 1883-94. 
Driver, S: R. Introduction to the literature of 
the Old Testament. 10th ed. 1900. 21cm 
(Internat. theol. lib. ) Scribner $2.50 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 22; references at beginning of 

Gladden, "Washington. Seven puzzling Bible 

books; a supplement to "Who wrote the 

Bible?" 1897. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

P Contents: Judges; Esther; Job; Ecclesiastes; The 

Song of songs; Daniel; Jonah. 

Guerber, H. A. Story of the chosen people. 
L896. 19cm (Eclec. school readings) 

Y Amer. bk. co. 60c 
McCurdy, J. F: History, prophecy and the 

monuments. 3 V. 1894-1901. 22Vm 

Macmillan $3 ea n 
Contents: v. 1 (1894) To the downfall of Samaria; v. 2 
(1896) To the fall of Nineveh; v. 8 (1901) To the end of 
the Babylonian exile. 

McFadyen, J: E. Old Testament criticism and 
the Christian church. 1903. 21 £cm 

Scribner $1.50 n 

S Judicial. A book about criticism, not a critical book 
about the Bible. Outl. 74:431. 

Shows that criticism in no way imperils faith, but rather 
helps to bridge gulf between faith and reason. N.^*. 

Sayce, A. H: "Higher criticism" and the ver- 
dict of the monuments. 1894. 2O2C111 

Soc. for promot. Christian knowl. 7/6 
Scripture records tested by comparison with all known 
Egyptian monuments, tablets and letters. 

Smith, H: P. 01<1 Testament history. 1903. 
21cm (Internat, theol. lib.) Scribner $2.50 n 

Terry, M. S. Moses and the prophets; an essay 
toward a statement of some of the positions of 
modern biblical criticism. 1901. 19cm 

Eaton $1 

Admirable statement of results of recent biblical criti- 
cism. Jackson. 

222 Old Testament: historical books 

Robinson, C: S. Pharaohs of the bondage and 
the Exodus. 1887. 19£cm Century $1 

223 Old Testament: poetic books 

Bible. 0. T. Job. Book of Job, with notes, in- 
trod. and apx. by A. B. Davidson. 1899. 17cm 
(Camb. Bible) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Maclaren, Alexander. The Psalms. 3 v. 
1894-98. 20Jcm. (Expositor's Bible) 

Armstrong $1.50 ea 
Contents: v. 1, Psalms 1-38; v. 2, Psalms 39-89; v. 3, 
Psalms, 90-150. 

224 Old Testament: prophetic books 

Bible. 0. T. Isaiah. Isaiah; ed. with introd. 
and notes by R: G. Moulton. 1903. 14£cm 
(Mod. reader's Bible) Macmillan 50c 

Selected as typical of this interesting series and as, per- 
haps, most interesting in itself. The object of the series 
is to present the books of the Bible in the literary form 
appropriate to each. Text is that of revised version, text 
or margins. The series is 21 volumes at 810. Ed. sel. 

0. T. EzeMel. Book of the prophet Eze- 

kiel, with notes and introd. by A. B. Davidson. 
1896. 17cm (Camb. Bible) Macmillan $1.25 n 

O. T. Daniel. Book of Daniel, with 

introd. and notes by S. R. Driver. 1901. 

17cm (Camb. Bible) Macmillan 75cn 

Sanders, F. K., & Kent, C: F. Messages of 

the earlier prophets. 1898. 17cm (Messages 

of Bible 1) Scribner $1.25 n 

Arranges in order of time, analyzes and paraphrases . 
prophecies of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Nahum, Zeph- 
aniah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk. Ed. sel. 



Sanders, F. K. , & Kent, C: F. Messages of the 
later prophets. 1899. 17cm (Messages of 
Bible 2) Scribner $1.25 n 

Books of reference, i>. 875-77. 

Arranges in order of time, analyzes and paraphrases 
prophecies of Esekiel, Obadiah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Bag- 
gai, Zechariah, Nehemiah, Ezra, Joel, Jonah. Ed. sel. 

Smith. G: A. Book of Isaiah. 2 v. 1900. 
20Jem ^Expositor's Bible) 

Armstrong $1.50 ea 
Contents: v. 1, Isaiah, 1-39. v. 2, Isaiah, 40-66, with a 
sketch of the history of Israel from Isaiah to the exile. 

Book of the twelve prophets, commonly 

called the Minor. 2 v. 1898-99. 20£cm (Ex- 
positor's Bible) Armstrong $1.50 ea 
Contents: v. 1, Amos, Hosea and Micah, with introd. 
and a sketch of prophecy in early Israel, v. 2, Zephaniah, 
Xahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, 1-8, 
Malachi, Joel, Zechariah, 9-14, and Jonah, with hist, and 
crit. introductions. 

225 \ T e\v Testament " 

Cary. G: L. Synoptic gospels, with a chapter on 

the text-criticism of the New Testament. 1900. 

21cm (Internat, handbks. to N. T. 1) 

Putnam $2 
Bibliography, pref. p. 17-18. 

Cone, Orello. Epistles to the Hebrews, Colos- 
sians, Ephesians and Philemon, the pastoral 
epistles, the epistles of James, Peter and Jude, 
with a sketch of the history of the canon of 
the New Testament. 1901. 21cm (Internat. 
handbks. to N. T. 3) Putnam $2 

Drummond, James. Epistles of Paul, the apos- 
tle. 1903. 21cm (Internat. handbks. to N.T. 2) 

Putnam $2 
Stevens, G: B. Theology of the New Testament. 
1899. 21cm (Internat. theol. lib.) 

Scribner $2.50 n 
Bibliography, p. 593-96. 

Sets forth systematically the doctrinal contents of the 
X. T. according to its natural divisions and gives brief 
explanations of the mode of treating certain portions with 
respect to important critical differences. Pref. 

St Paul 

Abbott, Lyman. Life and letters of Paul the 
apostle. 1898. 20$cm Houghton $1.50 

Farrar, F: W. Life and work of St Paul. 1902. 
2Hcm Dutton $2 

Ramsay, W: M. St Paul the traveller and the 
Roman citizen. 3d ed. 1898. 23Acm 

Putnam $3 

Practically a commentary on Acts, so far as that book 
exhibits the career of St Paul, the development of Chris- 
tianity, and the extension of the Christian religion in the 
Roman empire. Pittsburg. 

Stalker, James. 
1892. 19Jcm 

Life of St Paul. New ed. 
Revell 60c 

226 Gospels 

Robinson, J. A. Study of the gospels. 1902. 
18cm (Handbks. for clergy) Longmans 90c 

227 Epistles 

Sabatier, Aug-uste. Apostle Paul; a sketch of 
the development of his doctrine; tr. by A. M. 
Hellier, ed. with essay on the pastoral epistles 
by G: G. Findlay. 5th ed. 1903. 20£cin 

Pott $2 
Stevens, G: B. Messages of Paul arranged in 
historical order, analyzed, and rendered in para- 
phrase. 1900. 17cm (Messages of Bible, 11) 

Scribner $1.25 n 
Reproduces, with some revision, the author's Epistles 
of Paul in modern English published in 1898. 

230 Theology 

Alden, H: M. God in his world: an interpreta- 
tion. 1890. 19|cm Harper $1.25 

Allen, A. V. G. Continuity of Christian 
thought: a study of modern theology in the 
light of its history. 1900. 20£cin (Bohlen 
lect. 1883) Houghton $2 

Bradford, A. H. Age of faith. 1900. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Interprets theories about God, man and the universe 
in light of God's fatherhood. N. Y. 

Clarke, J. F. Common-sense in religion: essays. 

1901. 20Jcm Houghton $2 

Clarke, W: N. Outline of Christian theology. 

1898. 21cm Scribner $2.50 n 

So sweet is its spirit, so catholic its intellectual temper 
that it will be read with interest and much sympathy by 
serious men and women of all schools. P. S. Moxom in 
New world, 8:592 (B) 

Fairbairn, A. M. Place of Christ in modern 
theology. 10th ed. 1902. 23cm 

Scribner $2.50 
A system of theology in outline. Contains a rapid and 
extended review of history of Christian doctrine, a sum- 
mary of principal results of biblical theology, and a dog- 
matic reconstruction, after a new method, of main Chris- 
tian doctrines. Bib. sac. 49 : 726 (B) 

Fisher, G: P. History of Christian doctrine. 
1896. 21cm (Internat. theol. lib.) 

Scribner $2.50 n 
Gladden, "Washing-ton. How much is left of the 
old doctrines? 1899. 18cm 

P Houghton $1.25 




Gordon, G: A. Ultimate conceptions of faith. 
1903. 20cm (Lyman Beecher lect. 1902) 

Houghton $1.30 n 

Hyde, W: De W 
' L899. Ix.Vn, 

God's education of man. 

Houghton $1.25 

Shows the radical changes taking place in theologic 

conceptions, and restates in modern terms the vital points 

of orthodox Christianity. N. Y. 

King, H: C. Reconstruction in theology. 1901. 
20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Positive, constructive, conservative in a liberal and 
progressive sense, stimulating and strengthening. Lit, 

Mulford, Elisha. Republic of God. 1897. 
22cm Houghton $2 

Stevens, G: B. Teaching of Jesus. 1901. 19cm 
(N. T. handbks) Macmillan 75c n 

How Christ's conception of the Kingdom of God dif" 
fered from that of the Jews. Biblical world, 19 : 229 ( B) 

Swedenborg, Emanuel. Compendium of the 
theological writings, by S. M. Warren. 3d ed. 
1SSS. 23cm New church b'd of pub. $1.50 
Bibliography, pref. p. 79-86. 

Van Dyke, Henry. Gospel for a world of sin; 
a companion volume to "The gospel for an age 
of doubt." 1899. 20cm Macmillan $1.25 

231 God 

Hinton, James. Mystery of pain. 1892. 18£cm 

Appleton 50c 
Wise, suggestive, large-minded. Fortn. 5: 510 (B) 

232 Christology 

Brooks, Phillips. Influence of Jesus. 1902. 
20cm (Bohlen lect. 1879) Dutton $1.20 n 

1 1 is final answer tothe question, how to meet the doubt, 
the weakness, the skepticism of the time. A. V. G. Allen 

Didon, Henri. Jesus Christ our .Saviour's per- 
son, mission, and spirit; from the French; ed. 
by Bernard O'Reilly. 2v. 1891. 23Jcm 

Appleton $5 

Gordon, G: A. Christ of to-day. 1895. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 

R Essay in modern theology. Characterized by deep 
reverence and a truly catholic spirit. G. B. Stevens in 
New world, - r >: 152 (B) 

Hughes, Thomas. Manliness of Christ. 18$cm 

Houghton 50c 

Undertakes to show that character of Christ comprised 
all elements of true manliness not only as exhibited in 
charity, meekness and purity, but in patience, fortitude 
and courage. Harper, 61: lib! (B) 

Liif e oi Christ 

Andrews, S: J. Life of our Lord upon the earth 
considered in its historical, chronological and 
geographical relations. New ed. 1891. 22cm 

Scribner $2.50 
Edersheim, Alfred. Life and times of Jesus the 
Messiah. 8th ed. 2 v. 1904. 23£cm 

Longmans $2 
Farrar, F: W: Life of Christ. 1894? 20cm 

Dutton $1.50 

Geikie, J: C. Life and words of Christ. 1902. 

24cm Appleton $1 

Expository lectures or sermons on the Gospels. Atlt. 

'77, 2 : 299. 

Kenan, Ernest. Life of Jesus; tr. rev. from the 
23d ed. 1899. 2Uem Little $2.50 

Considers Jesus only an extraordinary man, the highest 
moral reformer the world has ever known. Pittsburg. 

Rhees, Rush. Life of Jesus of Nazareth. 1900. 
19cm (Hist. ser. for Bible students) 

Scribner $1.25 n 
A study rather than a story: a companion tothe gospels 
which seeks to answer some of the questions raised by a 
sympathetic consideration of those narratives. Pref. 

Seeley, Sir J: R. Ecce Homo: a survey of the 
life and work of Jesus Christ. 1903. lT^cm 

Little $1 
Stalker, James. Life of Jesus Christ. Rev. ed. 
1897. 20cm Revell 60c 

Short biography giving main events in sequence. 

234 Salvation 

Gordon, G: A. New epoch for faith. 1901. 
20cm Houghton $1.50 

About one half of this volume Lowell institute lectures. 

Interprets spiritual meanings of 19th century, and main- 
tains that religion has been lifted above old dogmas to a 
stronger and purer faith. N. Y. 

Robbins, W. L. Essay toward faith. 1901. 
18cm Longmans $1 

2Stt Escliatolo$;y 

Alden, H: M. Study of death. 1895. 19£cm 

Harper $1.50 

Meditation on immortality; not an argument but a clear 
deep emotion. Critic. 

239 Evidences of Christianity 

Arnold, Matthew. God and the Bible; a review 
of objections to " Literature and dogma." 1901. 
ISA, -tn Macmillan $1.50 

Addressed to men of free and active mi nils, who though 
they may be profoundly dissatisfied with the received 
theology, are yet interested in religion and more or less 
acquainted with the Bible. Pref. 

KELUS ION— Theology 


Arnold, Matthew. Literature and dogma; an 
essay towards a b< tter apprehension of the Bible. 
1902. 18Jcm Macmillan $1.50 

lb-re. then, is the problem: to find for the Bible a basis 
in something which can be verified instead of in some- 
thing which has to be assumed. Pref. 

Balfour, A. J. Foundations of belief. 8th ed. 

1902. 19kun Longmans $2 
A lofty, disinterested and forcible attempt to contribute 

something to the solution of the eternal riddle, to dis- 
cover and support the truth in matters most vital to 
the happiness of man as a thinking being, to his beliefs, 
and, therefore, to his action and his endurance. Spec. 
^7: 992 B 

Barrows, J: H: Christianity the world-religion. 
1897. 20em (Barrows lect. 1896-97) 

McClurg 75e 

P Seven lucid lectures delivered in Calcutta. Admits 
the good in ethnic religions. X. Y. 

Bushnell, Horace. Nature and the supernatu- 
ral as together constituting the one system of 
God. Centenary ed. 1903. 20$cm 

Scribner $1.25 n 

Butler, Joseph, bp. of Durham. Analogy of 
religion, natural and revealed, to the consti- 
tution and course of nature; with a life of the 
author, the whole ed. by Joseph Cumin ings. 

1903. 19cm Eaton 75c 

Harnack, Adolf. What is Christianity? tr. by 
T. B. Saunders. 2d ed. 1901. 21cm 

■ Putnam $1.75 n 
Will appeal strongly to those who seek a fresh interpre- 
tation of the vital and significant in Christianity. N. Y. 

Pascal, Blaise. Thoughts, letters and opus- 
cules; tr. from the French by O. W. Wight. 
1887. 19Jcm Houghton $2.25 

This translation was first published in 1859. 

24© Devotional. Practical 

Browne, Sir Thomas. Religio medici, Letter to 
a friend, cvc. and Christian morals; ed. by VV. A. 
'rreenhill. 1901. 163cm (Golden treas. ser.) 

Macmillan $1 

Coe, G: A. Religion of a mature mind. 1902. 

20cm Bevell $1.35 n 

Practical discussions of personal religion and difficulties 
that beset Christian living. Pittsburg. 

Drummond, Henry. Essays and addresses. 

1904. 19cm Pott $1 

Contents: The programme of Christianity; The greatest 
thing in the world; Pax vobiscum; The changed life; 
The city without a church; Books for boys; Baxter's sec- 
ond innings. 

Fenelon, Francois de Salignac de La Mothe-. 

Spiritual letters: to men; tr. by II. L.S.Lear. 

1903. 15cm 

Longmans $1 

Spiritual letters; \ , women; tr. by II. L. S. 

Lear. 1902. 15cm Longmans SI 

241 Didactic 

Bushnell, Horace. Christian nurture. Cen- 
tenary ed. 1903. 20£cm Scribner $1.25 rj 
A part published in 1847, but in present form fir^t ap- 
peared in i860. 

Taylor, Jeremy. Holy living and dying. 1897. 
18Jcm. (Bonn's stand, lib. ) 

Macmillan $1 n 

With prayers; containing the whole duty of a Christian, 
and the parts of devotion fitted to all occasions, and fur- 
nished for all necessities. Title. 

Theologia germanica; ed. by Dr Pfeiffer, tr. 1 <y 
Susanna Wink worth; with pref. by Charles 
Kingsley. 1901. KUcm (Golden treas. ser.) 

Macmillan $1 

242 Meditative 

Augustine, St Confessions, 10 books; tr. by W. 
H. Hutchings. 1898. 15cm (Lib. of spiritual 
works) Longmans $1 

Coleridge, S: T. Aids to reflection and the Con- 
fessions of an inquiring spirit. 1893. 19cm 
(Bonn's stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

Imitatio Christi. Of the Imitation of Christ four 
books, by Thomas a Kempis, with introd. by 
F: W. Farrar. 1891. loicm Dutton 75c 

For more than fi mr centuries the chief manual of devo- 
tion for Christian lands. William Maccall in Contcmp. 
3: 72 (B) 

243 Hortatory. Eiangelistie 

Trumbull, H: C. Individual work for individu- 
als; a record of personal experiences and convic- 
tions. 1901. 17k'm 

Internat. com. Y. M. C. A. 75c 

244 >li»< ellanj 

Brown, A. F. Book of saints and friendly beasts. 
1900. 19cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Legends of thedesser saints and the animals asso- 
ciated with them retold as simple folk tales. N. Y. 

Canton, William. W. V.'s golden legend. 1898. 
20cm Dodd $1.50 

Guerber, H. A. Legends of the Virgin and 
Christ, with special reference to literature and 
art. 1896. 19cm Dodd $1.50 




Prentiss, Mrs Elizabeth (Payson) Stepping 
heavenward [with] sketch by her husband of 
the book and its author. New ed. 1900. 
19£cm Pennypacker $1.25 

245 Religious poetry 

Duffield, S: A: W. English hymns: their au- 
thors and history. 2d ed. 1886. 222cm 

Funk $3 

Julian, John, ed. Dictionary of hymnology. 
1891. 24cm Scribner $10 

B,f Origin and history of Christian hymns of all ages 
and nations; biographic and critical notices of authors 
and translators; historical articles on national and 
denominational liymnody, breviaries, missals, primers, 
psalters, sequences, etc. Title. 

Keble, John. Christian year: thoughts in verse 
for the Sundays and Holy-days throughout the 
year. 1891. 15cm (Devout class, ) 

Dutton 75c 

Schafif, Philip, & Gilman, Arthur, ed. Library 
of religious poetry. 26cm Funk $6 

250 Homiletic. Pastoral 

Gibbons, James, card. Ambassador of Christ. 

1896. 19cm Murphy $1 

Gladden, Washington. Christian pastor and 

the working church. 1898. 21cm (Internal. 

theol. lib.) Scribner $2.50 n 

Restates theory of pastoral office, with discussion of 
various forms of church work and life. N. Y. 

251 Preaehing 

Beecher, H: W. Yale lectures on preaching. 

Ser. 1-3. 1902. 19cm (Lyman Beecher lect. 

1872-74.) Pilgrim press $1.50 n 

Brooks, Phillips. Lectures on preaching. 1902. 

19icm ( Lyman Beecher lect. 1877) 

Dutton $1.20 n 

252 Sermon* 

Beecher, H: W. Plymouth pulpit sermons. 
4 v. 21cm Pilgrim press $1 ea n 

Preached Dec 15, 1872-Aug. 29, 1875. 
Brooks, Phillips. Sermons. 9 v. 1901-04. 

Dutton $1.20 ea n 
CONTENTS: v. 1, Sermons, v. 2, Candle of the Lord. v. 3, 
Sermons preached in English churches, v. -J, Twenty 
sermons, v. 5, Light of the world, v. G, Sermons, v. 7, 
Sermons for the principal festivals and fasts of the church 
year. v. K, New starts in life. v. 9, Law of growth. 

The real seerefof their power lies less in any character- 
istics of style than in the line sympathy and tender love 
Which run through I hem and kindle response in every 
heart. Harper, 58: 160 (B) 

Caird, John. University sermons, preached be- 
fore the University of Glasgow, 1873-1898. 2d 
ed. 1899. 21cm Macmillan $2.25 

Kingsley, Charles. Good news of God; ser- 
mons. 1898. 19Jcm Macmillan $1.25 

Munger,T. T. Freedom of faith. 1883. 18£cm 

Houghton $1.50 

17 sermons, preceded by an essay on "The new theol- 

Lamps and paths. 2d ed. 1885. 18cm 

Houghton $1 
Y Sermons for children's Sunday in June. Ed. sel. 
Newman, J: H: card. Parochial and plain ser- 
mons. 8 v. 1900-01. 18Jcm 

Longmans $1.25 ea 
Preached between 1825 and 1843. 
Peabody , P. G. Afternoons in the college chapel : 
short addresses to young men on personal reli- 
gion. 1898. 18cm Houghton $1.25 
Supplements his Mornings in the college chapel. 
Robertson, F: W: Sermons preached at Bright- 
on. New ed. 1904. 20cm Dutton $2 
Savage, M. J. Religion for to-day. 1900. 
20Jcm . G: H. Ellis $1 
Some sermons preached in Church of the Messiah, New 
York City, 1897. Pref. 

Asa whole, full of constructive faith and strong poetic 
and religious feeling. Buffalo. 

Stanley, A. P. Sermons for children, includ- 
ing the Beatitudes and The faithful servant; 
preached in Westminster abbey. 1900. 165cm 
Y Scribner $1 

Van Dyke, Henry. Sermons to young men; a 
new and enl. ed. of "Straight sermons." 1898. 
18£cm Scribner $1.25 

Appeal with directness and force to heroic side of Chris- 
tian service more than to safe side of salvation. Clean of 
cant, manly. And. r. 19; 507 (B) 

260 Church: institution 

Allen, A. V. G. Christian institutions. 1897. 
21cm (Internal theol. lib.) Scribner $2.50 n 

The work was begun as a course of Lowell lectures. 

Clarke, W: N. What shall we think of Christi- 
anity? 1899. 19Jcm Scribner $1 
Contents: The Christian people; The Christian doctrine; 
The Christian power. 

Levering lectures, Johns Hopkins university, 1899. 

Mead, G: W. Modern methods in church work; 
the gospel renaissance. 1897. 19Jcm 

Dodd $1.50 

Practical manual, treating of institutional churches and 
their various activities. N. Y. 

RELIGION — Church: institution 


261 Church influence 

Brace, C: L. Geata Christi; or, A history of 
humane progress ander Christianity. 4th ed. 
1884. 22cm Armstrong $1.50 

Ely. R: T. Social law of service. 1896. 19cm 

Eaton 90c 
Application of Bible teachings to relations of social 
classes. Pittsburg. 

Gibbons, James, card. Our Christian heritage. 
1889. 19Jcm Murphy SI n 

Gladden, Washington. Applied Christianity: 
moral aspects of social questions. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Social salvation. 1902. 18cm (Lyman 

Beecherlect. 1902) Houghton $1 n 

Contents: Religion and the social question; Care of the 
poor; The state and the unemployed; Our brothers in 
bonds; Social vices; Public education; Redemption of the 
city; References and suggestions. 

263 Sunday 

Earle, Mrs Alice (Morse) Sabbath in puritan 
New England. 1891. 19cm Scnbner $1.25 
Good history, based on solid fact and told with much 
humor. Acad. 

264 Ritual 

Proctor, Francis. New history of the Book of 
common prayer, with a rationale of its offices, 
on the basis of the former work by Francis 
Proctor; rev. by W. H. Frere. 1902. 19£cm 

Macmillan $3 n 

266 ^fissions 

Bliss, E. M. ed. Encyclopaedia of missions. 2 v. 
1891. 25£cm Funk $12 

Rf Bibliography of foreign missions to close of 1890, 
1: 575-661. 

Includes also gazetteer of mission stations, biographic 
sketches of missionaries, list of Bible versions, maps and 
statistical tables. Pittsburg. 

Clarke, W: N. Study of Christian missions. 
1900. 19cm Scribner $1.25 

Dennis, J. S. Christian missions and social 
progress, v. 1-2. 1897-99. 23cm 

Revel 1 $2.50 ea 
V. 3 in preparation. 
Bibliographies appended to lectures. 

Hodgkins, L. M. Via Christi; an introduction 
to the study of missions. 1901. 18cm 

Macmillan 50c n 
Bibliography, p. 239-44 
Brief outline to end of 18th century. Pittsburg. 

268 Sunday schools 

Burton, E. De W. , & Mathews, Shailer. Prin- 
ciples and ideals for the Sunday school; an 
essay in religious pedagogy. 1903. 20cm 

Chic. univ. $1 n 

Mead, G: "W. Modern methods in Sunday-schoi >1 
work; the new evangelism. 1903. 20cm 

Dodd $1.50 n 

Principles of religious education; with introd. 
by H: C. Potter. 1901. 19£cm (Christian 
knowledge lect.) Longmans $1.25 

Contents: Religious instruction and its relation to edu- 
cation, byN: M. Butler; Educational work of the Chris- 
tian church, by W: C. Doane; Religious instruction in 
England, France, Germany and the United States, by 
C: De Garmo; The content of religious instruction, by 
G. Hodges; The Sunday school and its course of study, 
by P. Harrower; Preparation of the Sunday school teacher, 
by W. L. Hervey; The religious content of the child 
mind, by G. S. Hall; Use of biography in religious in- 
struction, by F. M. McMurry; Use of geography in reli- 
gious instruction, by C. F. Kent; Study of the Bible as 
literature, by R: G. Moulton. 

2TO Religious history 

Allen, J. H: Christian history in its three great 
periods. 3 v. 1894-1901. 17£cm 

Little $1.25 ea n 

V. 1, First period: Early Christianity; v. 2, Second pe- 
riod: The middle age; v. 3, Third period: Modern phases. 

Connected essays on the great men, the great move- 
ments, the great ideas of Christianity. Lit. world. 15 :-13 
Alzog, Johann. Manual of universal church 
history; tr. with additions by F. J. Pabisch and 
T: S. Byrne. 3 v. 1874-78. 24cm 

E. Clarke $10 

References at beginning of chapters and sections. 

Most important Roman catholic authority on general 
history of the church. Adams. 

Cheetham, Samuel. History of the Christian 
church during the first six centuries. 1898. 
19cm Macmillan . $3 

Fisher, G: P. Beginnings of Christianity, with 
a view of the state of the Roman world at the 
birth of Christ. 1901. 20jcm 

Scribner $2.50 
Founded on Lowell institute lectures, 1876. Pref. 
Most distinctive features are its views of Jewish, Greek 
and Roman religions and its comparisons between them. 
Style clear and refreshing. Adams. 

History of the Christian church. 1903. 

22cm Scribner $3.50 

List of popes from Gregory I to Leo xm, p. 666-69; notes 
on the literature of church history, p. 671-97. 

Condensed yet interesting review, by a man of wide 
scholarship, candor and tolerant spirit. Buffalo. 




Fisher, G: P. The reformation. Newed. 1903. 
21cm Scribner $2.50 

Bibliography, p. 567-91. 

Interweaves account of religious affairs with such secu- 
lar and political events as had an important influence in 
shaping the great movement. Adams. 

Fouard, Constant, abbe. Saint Paul and Ids mis- 
sions; tr. "by G: F. X. Griffith. 1894. 19icm 

Longmans $2 

McGiffert, A. C. History of Christianity in the 
apostolic age. 1897. 21cm (Internat. theol. 
lib.) Scribner $2.50 n 

Interpretive rather than argumentative. Pittsburg. 

Ramsay, W: M. Church in the Roman empire 
before A. D. 170. 1893. 23£cm (Mansfield col- 
lege lect. 1892) Putnam $3 

Uhlhorn, Gerhard. Conflict of Christianity 
with heathenism; tr. by E. C. Smyth and 
C. J. H. Ropes. 1879. 21cm Scribner $2.50 

Vincent, M. It. Age of Hildebrand. 1896. 

19icm (Ten epochs of church hist.) 

Scribner $2 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. 15-22. 

Walker, Williston. The reformation. 1900. 

19 Vm (Ten epochs of church hist.) 

Scribner $2 n 

Treats with relative fulness initial and formative stages 
and work of preeminent leaders. Sketches cursorily 
political struggles. Pref. 

271 ^Monastic orders 

Herkless, John. Francis and Dominic and the 
mendicant orders. 1901. 19cm (World's epoch 
makers) Scribner $1.25 

Bibliography, p. 2'27-30. 
Pascal, Blaise. Provincial letters: a new tr. 
with introd. and notes by Thomas M'Crie, pre- 
ceded by a life of Pascal, a critical essay, and a 
biog. notice; ed. by O. W. Wight. 1887. 19£cm 

Houghton $2.25 

274.2 Religions history. England 

Gasquet, F. A. Eve of the reformation; studies 

in the religious life and thought of the English 

people in the period preceding the rejection of 

the Roman jurisdiction by Henry VIII. New 

ed. 1900. 20cm Putnam $2.75 

Interesting Study, from Romanist viewpoint. N. Y. 

Hall, T: C. Social meaning of modern religious 

movements in England. 1900. 19cm (Elylect. 

1899) Scribner $1.50 

Bibliography, p. 281-83. 

Innes, A. D. Cranmer and the reformation in 

England. 1900. 19cm (World's epoch makers) 

Scribner $1.25 

277.3 United States 

Bacon, L. W. History of American Christianity. 
1897. 21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 13) 

Scribner $2 n 

Carroll, H: K. Religious forces of the United 

States, enumerated, classified and described on 

the basis of the government census of 1890. 

1893. 21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 1) 

Scribner $2 n 

280 Christian churches and 

Arnold, Matthew. St Paul and protestantism, 
with an essay on puritanism and the Church of 
England, and Last essays on church and religion. 
1902. 18$cm Macmillan $1.50 

2§1 Primitive and oriental churches 

Newman, J: H: card. Church of the fathers. 
1900. 19$cm Lane $1.25 

Beginning with Greece and Asia Minor, and then in 
succession, Syria, Egypt, Africa, Spain and Gaul. Introd. 

Stanley, A. P. Lectures on the history of the 

Eastern church, with introd. on the study of 

ecclesiastical history. New ed. 1900. 19Jcm 

Scribner $2 
Bibliography, p. 77-79. 

282 Roman Catholic church. 

Addis, W: E., & Arnold, Thomas. Catholic 
dictionary. 4th ed. 1884. 25icm 

Catholic pub. soc. $5 

Rf Some account of doctrine, discipline, rites, cere- 
monies, councils, and religious orders of Roman Catholic 

church. Title. 

Catholic church. Pope Leo xin. Great encyc- 
lical letters of Pope Leo xm; with pref. by 
J: J. Wynne. 1903. 21cm Benziger $2 n 

Ireland, John. Church and modern society; 
lectures and addresses. 1903. 20cm 

McBride $1.50 
Characteristic letters expressing Leo's sentiments on 
the chief questions of a time which is really an epoch in 
the history of men. Pref. 

Milman, H: H. History of Latin Christianity: 
inch that of the popes to the pontificate of Nic- 
olas v. 8 v. in 4. 1903. 19cm 

Armstrong $12 

Impartial. Account of establishment and growth of 
monastic institutions and orders specially excellent. 
O'Gorman, Thomas. History of the Roman 
Catholic church in the United States. 1895. 
21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 9) 

Scribner $2 n 

RELIGION — Christian churches and sects 


Ranke, Leopold von. History of the popes, 
their church and state, and especially of their 
conflicts with protestantism in the sixteenth and 
seventeenth centuries; tr. by E. Foster. 3 v. 
1896. 19cm (Bonn's stand, lib.) 

Macmillan 13 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 11-18. 

Portrays interior policy of the church, and of the 
course that led to reaction against the reformation. 

Van Dyke, Paul. Age of the renascence; an out- 
line sketch of The history of the papacy (1377- 
: with introd. by Henry Van Dyke. 1897. 
195cm (Ten epochs of church hist.) 

Scribner $2 n 

283 Protestant Episcopal cliurcli 

Carpenter, W: B. bp.ofRipon. Popular history 
of the Church of England, from the earliest 
times to the present day. 19(12. 20cm 

Button $2.50 
Tiffany, C: C. History of the Protestant Episco- 
pal church in the United States. 1895. 21cm 
(Amer. church hist. ser. v. 7) Scribner $2 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. It;-'J4. 

2§4 Protestantism 

Eaird, H: M. History of the rise of the Hugue- 

nots of France. 

V. 1879. 28cm 

Scribner $5 
Continued in his Huguenots and Henry of Navarre, and 
concluded in his Huguenots and the revocation of the Edict 
of Nantes. 

Jacobs, H: E. History of the Evangelical Luth- 
eran church in the United States. 1893. 21cm 
Amer. church hist. ser. v. 4) Scribner $2 n 
Bibliography. pref. p. 9-l(i. 
385 J'ri'xbi/tt'riitn, Reformed, Congregational 

Alexander, Gross. History of the Methodist 
Episcopal church, South. 1894. 21cm (Amer. 
church hist. ser. v. 11) Scribner $2 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 10. 

Contains also History of United Presbyterian church, by 
J. B. Scouller; of Cumberland Presbyterian church, by 
K. V. Foster; of Southern Presbyterian church, by T: C. 

Corwin, E: T. History of the Reformed church, 
Dutch. 1895. 21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 8) 

Scribner $2 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 12-16. 

| iontaim also History of German Reformed church, by 
J. H: Dubbs; History of Moravian church, by J. T. Ham- 

Thompson, R. E. History of the Presbyterian 
churches in the United States. 1895. 21cm 
(Amer. church hist. ser. v. 6) Scribner $2 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. 11-81. 

Walker, Wiiliston. History of the Congrega- 
tional churches in the United States. 1894. 
21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 3) 

Scribner s2 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. 9-13. 

280 Baptist 

Newman, A. H: History of the Baptist churches 
in the United States. 1894. 21cm (Amer. 
church hist. ser. v. 2) Scribner §2 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 11-15. 

'■is 7 Methodist 

Buckley, J. M. History of Methodists in the 
United States. 1896. 21cm (Amer. church 
hist. ser. v. 5) Scribner $2 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 11-15. 

288 Unitarian 

Allen, J. H: Historical sketch of the Unitarian 

movement since the reformation. 1894. 21cm 

(Amer. church hist. ser. v. 10) Scribner 82 n 

Contains also History of Universalism, by Richard Eddy. 

280 Minor Christian sects 

Tyler, B: B. History of the Disciples of Christ. 
1894. 21cm (Amer. church hist. ser. v. 12) 

Scribner *2 n 
. Bibliography, pref. p. 10. 

Contains also History of the Society of Friends, by A. ( '. 
and R. H. Thomas; of the United Brethren, by Daniel 
Berger; of the Evangelical association, by S: P. Spreng; 
Bibliography of American church history, by S: M. .lack- 

29© Xon-< Christian religions 

Barrows, J: H: Christian conquest of Asia; 
studies and personal observations of oriental 
religions. 1899. 19cm (Morse lect. 1898) 

Scribner $1.50 
Reviews Judaism, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Bud- 
dhism, Confucianism. 

Brinton, D. G. Keligions of primitive peoples. 
1897. 20 Jem (Amer. lect. on hist, of religions, 
ser. 2, 1896-97) Putnam $1.50 

Clarke, J. F. Ten great religions. 2 v. 1S99. 
20Jcm Houghton £2 ea 

Contents: pt.l, An essay in comparative theology: pt.2, 
A comparison of all religions. 

His design is by comparing them with one another and 
with Christianity to bring clearly to view both their dis- 
tinctive traits and their characteristic weaknesses. 
Nation, 13: 109 (B) 




Menzies, Allan. History of religion; a sketch 
of primitive religious beliefs and practices, and 
of the origin and character of the great systems. 
1903. 18cm (Univ. ser.) Scribner $1.50 n 

Bibliographic lists at end of most of the chapters. 

Religious systems of the world; a contribution 
to the study of comparative religion; addresses 
at South Place institute. Rev. ed. 1903. 
22iem (Half guinea internat. lib.) 

Dutton $2.50 n 
Many of the contributors are distinguished in their 
special fields, and all are representative writers on their 
several subjects. Otitl. 71 : 516 (B) 

Tylor, E: B. Primitive culture; researches into 
the development of mythology, philosophy, 
religion, language, art and custom. 4th ed. 
rev. 2 v. 1903. 22Jcm Holt $7 

291 Comparative and general my- 

Cox, Sir G: W: Mythology of the Aryan nations. 
Newed. 1903. 22£cm Paul 10/6 

Adopts in the main the theories first promulgated by 
Max Muller, and shows that epics of Aryan nations are 
simply different versions of same story. Adams. 

Fiske, John. Myths and myth-makers; old 
tales and superstitions interpreted by compara- 
tive mythology. 1900. 20cm Houghton $2 

Gayley, C: M. ed. Classic myths in English 

literature; based chiefly on Bulfinch's "Age of 

fable." 1893. 19cm Ginn $1.50 

P Best mythologic manual in English [1894] Educ. r. 

7 : 394 (B) 

Murray, A. S. Manual of mythology; Greek 
and Roman, Norse and Old German, Hindoo 
and Egyptian; with notes, by W: H. Klapp. 
1898. 20cm Altemus $1.25 

292 Cireek and Roman mythology 

Baldwin, James. Story of the golden age, illus. 
by Howard Pyle. 1902. 19k-m (Heroes of 
olden time) Scribner $1.50 

Y Legends about causes of Trojan war, told consecu- 
tively and ending where Homer begins. N. Y. 

Bulfinch, Thomas. Age of fable; or, Beauties 
of mythology; rev. edition, ed. by J. L. Scott. 
1898. 2Ucm McKay $1.25 

He took the thread of the narratives in Ovid, Virgil 
and Homer, and held to their text in a simple English 
translation wherever he could. E: E. Hale (H) 

Guerber, H. A. Myths of Greece and Rome, 
narrated with special reference to literature and 
art. 1893. 19cm Amer. bk. co. $1.50 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Tangle wood tales for 
girls and boys; being a second Wonder book; 
illus. by G: W. Edwards. 1887. 26£cm 

Houghton $2.50 
Y The library should have at least one copy of the edi- 
tion illustrated by G: W. Edwards, Houghton 82.50, to 
attract children to plainer editions, Houghton (Little 
classic ed.) $1, and Riverside school library, 70c. Ed. sel. 

Wonder book for girls and boys; with 60 

designs by Walter Crane. 1902. 232cm. 

Houghton $3 

Y The library should have at least one copy of the edi- 
tion illustrated by Walter Crane, Houghton S3, to attract 
children to plainer editions, Houghton SI. 25, and, in 
Riverside school library, with Tanglewood tales, 70c. 
Ed. sel. 

Kingsley, Charles. The heroes; or, Greek fairy 
tales for my children; illus. by author. 1902. 
19cm Macmillan $1 

Y Contents: Perseus; Argonauts; Theseus. 

Lowell, D. O. S. Jason's quest. Newed. 1904. 
1 7cm 

Y Lee $1 
Buskin, John. Queen of the air; being a study 

of the Greek myths of cloud and storm; with 
introd. by C:E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 1893. 
19icm Longmans $1.50 n 

Contents: Athena Chalinitis (Athena in the heavens); 
Athena Keramitis (Athena in the earth); Athena Ergane 
(Athena in the heart) 

Studies them in both their natural origin and deeper 
significance. W:E. A. Axon. 

293 Teutonic and northern mythology 

Anderson, It. B. Norse mythology; or, The 
religion of our forefathers, containing all the 
myths of the Eddas, systematized and inter- 
preted; with introd. vocabulary and index. 
7th ed. 1901. 20£ci" Scott, F. $2.50 

Brown, A. F. In the days of giants. 1902. 
19cm Houghton $1.10 n 

Y Stories from Norse mythology. N. Y. 

Foster, M. H., & Cummings, M. H. Asgard 
stories; tales from Norse mythology. 1901. 
19cm • Silver 36c n 

Y Simple language, for smaller children than Brown 
orMabie. Ed. sel. 

Guerber, H. A. Myths of northern lands, nar- 
rated with special reference to literature and 
art. 1895. 19cm Amor. bk. co. $1.50 

Mabie, H. W. Norse stories retold from the 
Eddas; with illus. by George Wright. 1901. 
21cm Dodd $1.80 n 

Y Plain edition, 1900, 91.26. 

RELIGION — Non-Christian religions 


'294 KruluiisiiiiMiii. Buddhism 

Davids, T: W: It. Buddhism: its history and 
literature. 1896. 21cm ( Amer. lect. on hist. 
of religions, ser. 1, 1894-95) Putnam $1.50 

Plain intelligible exposition. Lit. world 27:188 (B) 

Hopkins. E: W. Religions of India. 1895. 
21cm (Handbks. on hist, of religions, v. 1) 

Ginn $2 

Bibliography. p. 573-%. 

29<» Judaism 

Abrahams, Israel. Jewish life in the middle 
ages. 1896. 21cm Macmillan $1.75 

Day, Edward. Social life of the Hebrews. 1901. 
19icm (Semitic ser.) Scribner $1.25 n 

Hosmer, J. K. The Jews, ancient, mediaeval 
and modern. 1901. 20cm (Story of nations) 

Putnam $1.50 

Fir>t published 1886 as The story of the Jews. 
Bright, interesting and full of picturesque and stirring 
incident. London lit. world. 

Joseph, Morris. Judaism as creed and life. 
1903. 21cm Macmillan $1.60 n 

Hebrew authorities, pref. p. 19-20. 

Kent, C: F. History of the Jewish people dur- 
ing the Babylonian, Persian and Greek periods. 
1899. 19cm (Hist. ser. for Bible students, v. 3) 

Scribner $1.25 n 
Books of reference, p. 360-61. 

Lazarus, Moritz. Ethics of Judaism, tr. by 
Henrietta Szold, in 4 pt. Pt. 1-2. 1900-01. 
19icm Jewish pub. soc. of Amer. $1.25 ea 

Contents: pt. 1, Foundation of Jewish ethics, pt. 2, Sanc- 
tification of life the aim of morality. 

Mielziner, Moses. Introduction to the Talmud. 
2d ed. 1903. 21cm Funk $2 n 

Historical and literary introduction, legal hermeneu- 
tics, Talmudic terminology and methodology, outlines of 
Talmudic ethics. Apx: Key to abbreviations used in the 
Talmud and its commentaries. 

Rosenau, William. Jewish ceremonial institu- 
tions and customs. 1903. 19$cm 

Friedenwald co. $1.50 

Usage and significance in synagogue services, home 
customs, feasts, fasts, circumcision, marriage, divorce, 
ritualistic slaughtering, etc. Photographs of utensils, 
ceremonial robes, etc. X. Y. 

Stanley, A. P. Lectures on the history of the 
Jewish church. New ed. 3 v. 1901-2. 19Jcm 

Scribner $2 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Abraham to Samuel. V. 2, Samuel to 
captivity, v. 3, Captivity to Christian era. 

297 Mohammedanism 

Koran. El-kor'an; or, The Koran: tr. with notes 
and index, by J. M. Rodwell. 2d ed. 1876. 
2I5C111 Quaritch 12/ 

Smith, H: P. Bible and Islam; or, The influ- 
ence of the Old and New Testaments on the re- 
ligion of Mohammed. 1897. 192cm (Ely lect. 
1897) Scribner $1.50 

29 § Mormonitm 

Dinn, W: A. Story of the Mormons to 1901. 
1902. 23Jcm Macmillan $4 n 

Secular, stating facts and avoiding as far as possible 
moral deductions. Based mainly on original Mormon 
publications. Most complete history of Mormons yet 
written. [1902] Atli. 

299 minor nonehristian religions 

Brinton, D. G. Myths of the New world, a 
treatise on the symbolism and mythology of the 
red race of America. 3d ed. 1896. 20cm 

McKay $2 

So far as it goes, and with reserves as to meaning of 

several prominent myths and beliefs, it must for some time 

retain its position as chief exponent of the mythology of 

American aborigines. Folklore, 8:59 (B) 

Griffis, W: E. Religions of Japan to the era of 
Meiji. 1895. 19cm (Morse lect. 1894) 

Scribner $2 

Discusses native or Shinto worship, Confucianism, the 
various forms of Buddhism, and effect of introduction and 
expulsion of Christianity in 17th century. Book news. 

Jastrow, Morris. Religion of Babylonia and 

Assyria. 1898. 21 Jem (Handbks. on hist, of 

religions, v. 2) Ginn $3 

Bibliography, p. 707-38. 

Leg-ge, James. Religions of China; Confucian- 
ism and Taoism described and compared with 
Christianity. 1881. 19icm Scribner $1.50 

Renouf, .SV/P: Le P. Lectures on the origin and 
growth of religion as illustrated by the religion 
of ancient Egypt. 1880. 22cm (Hibbert lect. 
1879) Scribner $1.50 



:oi Philosophy. Theories 

Bagehot, Walter. Physics and politics; or, 
Thoughts on the application of the principles of 
'•natural selection" and "inheritance" to polit- 
ical society. 1902. liUcni (Internat. sci. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.50 

Chapman, J: J. Practical agitation. 1900. 
lVi.Vm Scribner $1.25 

Essays urging value of individual action made effective 
by character in securing better political and social condi- 
tions. X. Y. 

Giddings, F. H: Principles of sociology; an anal- 
ysis of the phenomena of association and of so- 
cial organization. 3d ed. 1896. 22&cm 

Macmillan $3 n 

S ('(intent-: Elements <>f social theory; Elements and 
structure of society; Historical evolution of society; Social 
process, law and cause. 

Bibliography, p. 423-42. 

Henderson, C : R. Social elements, institutions, 
character, progress. 1898. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 n 

P Deals with economic betterment, misery and crime, 
religion and the church, power of education, etc. N. Y. 

Hobson, J: A. The social problem; life and 
work. 1901. 23cm Pott $2 n 

Socialistic thought provoking. Fetter. 

Kelly, Edmond. Evolution and effort, and their 
relation to religion and politics. 2d ed. 1898. 
19cm Appleton $1.25 

R Main purpose to advocate the moral and imperative 
character of a citizen's duty to the state. Pref. 

Kidd, Benjamin. Social evolution. New ed. 
1898. 19£cm Macmillan $1.50 

Believes laws determining progress primarily religious 
rather than intellectual. Discusses probable develop- 
ment during 20th century. X. Y. 

lie Bon, Gustave. The crowd; a study of the 
popular mind. 1903. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Translation of Paychologte de» foules, 1895. An analy- 
sis of psychologic phenomena displayed by men acting 
in the mi". Clear statement of important problems. 
Semi-popular. X. Y. 

Mackenzie, J: S. Introduction to social philos- 
ophy. 2d ed. rev. 1895. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.75 n 

Object to define, broadly and generally, scope and 
limits of application of philosophic principles to social 
questions. Author. 

Ross, E: A. Social control; a survey of the foun- 
dations of order. 1901. 19cm (Cit. lib. of 
econ., pol. & sociol.) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Partial list of authorities, p. 443-48. 

Pt. 1, Grounds of control: sympathy, sociability, justice; 
pt. 2, Means of control: public opinion, law, belief, social 
suggestion (including education and custom), social 
religion, personal ideals, ceremony, art, etc. pt. 3, Sys- 
tem of control. 

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of sociology. 3 v. 
in 4. 1880-97. 20km Appleton $6 

Contents: v. 1, Data of sociology; Inductions of soci- 
ology; Domestic relations, v. 2, Ceremonial institutions; 
Political institutions, v. 3, Ecclesiastical institutions: 
Professional institutions; Industrial institutions. 

An attempt to arrange facts in such order that they 
may be made to divulge social and sociologic principles. 
A. W. Small in Amer.j. socio!. 2 : 742 (B) 

Social statics, abridged and revised; with 

The man versus the state. 1892. 2O2C111 

Appleton 82 

Stuckenberg, J: H: W. Sociology, the science 
of human society. 2 v. 1903. 22cm 

Putnam . $4.50 n 

S Contents: v. l, Definition; Relation of sociology to the 

special social sciences; Nature of society; Social evolu- 
tion, v. 2, Three great eras of social evolution: Sociolog- 
ical ethics. 

Tarde, Gabriel. Laws of imitation; tr. by E. C. 
Parsons with introd. by F. II. Giddings. 1903. 
22£cm Holt $3 11 

S Study of social structure based on fundamental thesis 
that 'society is imitation' and 'began on the day when 
one man first copied another.' X. Y. 

Social laws; an outline of sociology; tr. by^ 

H. C. Warren. 1899. 17km 

Macmillan $1.25 
Author's own resume and unification of his three prin- 
cipal works on general sociology: Les lots de I imitation, 
L'oppositinit universelle, and La logique sociale. Excel- 
lent translation. N. Y. 





Veblen, T. B. Theory of the leisure class; an 
economic study in the evolution of institutions. 
1899. 20cm Macmillan $2 

Too strong t< i be thrust aside. An academic, subtle and 
acute phrasing of what the working men are saying in 
every shop and Sunday trades council. Dial, 28: 438. 

"Ward, L. F. Psychic factors of civilization. 
1893. 23£cm Ginn $2 

An analogy between mind and the social organism. 

Pure sociology ; a treatise on the origin and 

spontaneous development of society. 1903. 
23£cm Macmillan $4 n 

R Lucid and forcible; with great range and command 
of information. J. pol. earn.- 11: 655. 

302 Compends. Outlines 

Fairbanks, Arthur. Introduction to sociology. 
3d ed. 1901. 19Jcm Scribner $1.50 n 

R Bibliography, p. 295-307. 

Giddings, F. H: Elements of sociology; a text- 
book for colleges and schools. 1898. 20Jcm 

Macmillan $1.10 n 
Good introduetion to his more comprehensive works. 

Small, A. W., & Vincent, G: E. Introduction 
to the study of society. 1894. 19|cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.80 

Traces through everyday facts and experiences the 

development of social institutions and conditions. N. Y. 

Ward, L. F. Outlines of sociology. 1898. 19cm 

Macmillan $2 
12 papers, primarily philosophic, dealing with sociology 
in its general features and with its relation to other 
sciences. N. Y. 

Wright, C. D. Outline of practical sociology; 
with special reference to American conditions. 
5th ed. 1902. 20£cm (Amer. citizen ser.) 

Longmans $2 

Bibliography, pref. p. 10-17. 

Valuable information on population, social and politi- 
cal organizations, immigration, urban and rural condi- 
tions, questions of family, education, labor, wealth and 
poverty, crime, temperance, etc. N. Y. 

SS03 Cyclopedias 

Bliss, W: D. P. ed. Encyclopedia of social 
reform; including political economy, political 
science, sociology and statistics. 1897. 26cm 

Funk $7.50 n 

Rf Brief and clear statement of nearly every important 
reform movement of our age. ('. K. Henderson in Dial. 

By specialists and containing brief bibliographies. 

304 Essays, addresses 

Abbott, Lyman. Christianity and social prob- 
lems. 1896. 18£cm Houghton $1.25 

Its value lies in its wide range of suggestions, its ear- 
nest spirit of humanity. C. R. Henderson in Amrr. j. 
sociol. 2:610 (B) 

Eights of man; a study in twentieth cen- 

tury problems. 1901. 20£cm (Lowell inst. 
lect. 1901) Houghton $1.30 n 

Contents: Conflict of the centuries; Growth of 
democracy; Political rights; Industrial rights; Educa- 
tional rights; Religious rights; American democracy: 
American domestic problems; American foreign prob- 
lems; Perils of democracy: Safeguards; Goal of democ- 

Bibliography, pref. p. 9-11. 

Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics. 

1902. 19£cm (Cit. lib. of econ. pol. & sociol.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

R Contents: Charitable effort; Filial relations; House- 
hold adjustment; Industrial amelioration; Educational 
methods; Political reform. 

Bosanquet, Mrs H. D. The standard of life, 
and other studies. 1898. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: Standard of life; Burden of small debts; 
Klassenkampf; Lines of industrial conflict; Psychology of 
social progress: Education of women; Industrial training 
of women; Little drudges and troublesome boys: An 
apology for "false statements;" 100 years ago; 2,000 years 

Carnegie, Andrew. Gospel of wealth, and 
other timely essays. 1900. 21icm 

Century $2 

Wealth, poverty, trusts, relations of capital and labor, 
colonial possessions, imperialism, democracy in England, 
etc. N. Y. 

Chapman, J: J. Causes and consequences. 1898. 
20cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: Politics; Society; Education; Froebel; De- 
mocracy; Government. 

Commons, J: R. Social reform and the church. 
1894. 17cm Crowell 75 c 

Gladden, Washington. Social facts and forces: 
the factory, the labor union, the corporation, 
the railway, the city, the church. 1897. HHcm 

Putnam $1.25 

Attempts to seize only salient points and emphasizes 
tendencies affecting conduct and character. N. Y. 

Godkin, E. L. Problems of modern democracy ; 
political and economic essays. 1896. 21cm 

Scribner $2 

Serious, strong and judicial. Amer.j. SOCiol. '_': 743 I B) 

SOCIOLOGY— Statistics 


Hart, A. B. Practical essays on American gov- 
ernment. 1893. 19cm Longmans (1.50 

P S On presidential elections, exercise of suffrage, civil 
service reform, American cities, public laud policy, the 
Chilian controversy, etc. N. Y. 

Some Strictly historical, while all are the results of in- 
vestigation. I.. A. II. 

Henderson, C: R. Social spirit in America. 
1901. 20cm Scott, F. $1.50 

P Bibliography, p. 331-39. 

Unqualifiedly recommended for a first book introduc- 
tory to the study and literature of social phenomena 
and practical progress. Graham Taylor in Atiu r. j. sociol. 
3:406 (B) 

Hodges, George. Faith and social service. 1896. 
19.U-m (Lowell inst.lect.) Whittaker $1.25 

Contents: New forces: Indifference; Doubt; Poverty; 
Labor: Moral reform; The city; The divided church. 

Morison, G: S. The new epoch as developed by 
the manufacture of power. 1903. 18cm 

Houghton 75c n 

R Points out the astonishing changes wrought in busi- 
ness, capital, government, civil engineering, education, 
through increasing development, and application of 
power. X. Y. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. American ideals, and 
i >t her essays, social and political. 1897. 185cm 

Putnam $1.50 

On manly virtues and practical politics, state legisla- 
tion, civil service reform, administering the New York 
police force, Monroe doctrine, etc. X. Y. 

The strenuous life; essays and addresses. 

1901. 20 cm Century $1.50 

Much healthy idealism tempered by common sense. 
He --tands for sound education of mind and body, for 
moderation, for the virtues of private life in politics, and 
for a genuine national spirit. .Spec. 86: 55 (B) 

Smith, Goldwin. Essays on questions of the 
day. 2d ed. 1894. 21cm Macmillan $2.25 

Contents: Social and industrial revolution; Utopian 
visions; Dis-establishment; Political crisis in England; 
The empire; Woman suffrage; Jewish question; Irish 
question; Prohibition in Canada and the United States; 
Oneida community and American socialism. 

3©5 Periodicals 

Statesman's year-book; statistical and historical 
annual of the states of the world. Latest vol. 
18cm Macmillan $3 n 

Rf Edited by J. S. Keltic. Statistical and descriptive 
information revised every year. It has a high reputation 
for accuracy and is the most important of the year-books. 
Arrangement: British empire; Foreign countries, alpha- 
betic. References at end of each country to other books. 
Index. Kroeger. 

3D 7 Study & teaching 

Spencer, Herbert. Study of sociology. 1903. 

19$cm (Internat. sci. ser. ) Appleton $1.50 

Explains scope of the science, its utility and method, 

and gives some of its more important general principles. 

L. et I. 

30§ Collected works 

Burke, Edmund. Select works; ed. with introd. 
and notes by E. J. Payne. 3 v. 1892-98. 17£cm 
(Eng. class.) 

Clarendon v. 1, $1.10; v. 2-3, $1.25 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Thoughts on the present discontents; 
The two speeches on America, v. 2, Reflections on the 
revolution in France, v. 3, Four letters on the proposals- 
for peace with the regicide Directory of France. 

Lincoln, Abraham. Complete works: speeches, 
letters, state papers, miscellaneous; ed. by J: G. 
Nicolay and John Hay. 2 v. 1902. 23£cm 

Century $10 
Arrangement chronologic; the mechanical presenta 
tion, perfection itself. Indispensable to all students of 
our later political history. L. A. H. 

Letters and addresses. 1903. 18cm 

(Unit bks.) Bell 46c 

List of unit books, p. 391-99. 

309 History of social science 

Kropotkin, P. A. prince. Mutual aid a factor 
of evolution. 1902. 25cm McClure $2.50 n 

Articles first published in Nineteenth a ntury. 

Maintains that mutual aid rather than contest is the 
important factor in progressive evolution of men and 
animals. Sociologic rather than biologic. N. Y. 

31 Statistics 

Gt. Brit. Board of trade. Statistical abstract 
for the principal and other foreign countries. 
Latest vol. 24£cm Eyre & S. 1/6 

Statistical abstract for the several colonial 

and other possessions of the United Kingdom. 
Latest vol. 24£cm Eyre & S. 1/9 

Smith, Richmond Mayo-. Science of statistics. 
2 v. 1895-99. 22£cm Macmillan $3 ea n 

Contents: pt. 1, Statistics and sociology, pt. 2, statistics 
and economics. 

314 Europe 

Gt. Brit. Board of trade. Statistical abstract 
for the United Kingdom. Latest vol. 24^111 

Eyre & S. 1/2 

Whitaker, Joseph. Almanack. Latest vol. 
19 Jem J. Whitaker 2/6 n 

Rf Most valuable on British empire: tables of sover- 
eigns the royal household, orders of knighthood, mem- 
bers of Parliament, government officers, army and navy 
lists, religious, educational, social, commercial and finan- 
cial statistics, etc. N. Y. 




317 America 

World almanac and encyclopedia. Latest vol. 
19cm. Press pub. co. 25c 

Rf Invaluable for recent statistics, election returns, 
laws and other political information. Specially good for 
United states but includes foreign material also. Accu- 
rate; new edition every year. Ed. sel. 

See also Public documents list. 

320 Political science 

Dunning, W: A. History of political theories, 
ancient and mediaeval. 1902. 22cm 

Macmillan $2.50 n 

R Down to and including Maehiavelli. Biblio- 

Hadley, A. T. Education of the American citi- 
zen. 1901. 21cm Scribner $1.50 n 
Addresses on our standards of political morality, gov- 
ernment by public opinion, formation and control of 
trusts, higher education and political welfare, examina- 
tions, etc. X. Y. 

liecky, W: E: H. Democracy and liberty. New 
ed. 2 v. 1899. 19icm Longmans $5 

Special chapter devoted to adverse criticism of .social- 
ism, and criticisms of socialistic tendencies throughout 
the work. Marot. 

Maccunn, John. Ethics of citizenship. 3d ed. 
1896. 19cm Macmillan $1 n 

Simple and extremely lucid outline of a sane theory of 
democratic politics. 1'id. ,-ri. q. 10: 162 (B) 

Montesquieu, C: L. de Secondat, baron de la 
Brede et de. Spirit of laws, with D' Alembert's 
analysis; tr. by Thomas Nugent; new ed. rev. by 
J. V. Prichard. 2 v. 1902. 19cm (Bohn's 
stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 ea n 

Principal subject, the relation of laws to circumstances 
Of country in which they exist. E. J. Lowell, Ere of 
French revolution, p. 141. 

Mulford, Elisha. The nation: the foundations 
of civil order and political life in the United 
States. 189S. 22cm Houghton $2.50 

S A theory of the state from standpoint of the Hege- 
lian philosophy and the Christian religion. Learned, 
able, and valuable. P. Sehaff. 

Nordhoff, Charles. Politics for young Ameri- 
cans. Rev. ed. 1899. 19cm 

Ainer. bk. co. 75c 

Treats, in form of letters from father to son, such topics 
as suffrage, taxes, money, duties of citizenship, etc. 
L. A. II. 

Pollock, Sir Frederick. Introduction to the 
history of the science of politics. 1900. 19cm 

Macmillan 75c 
R Prom Plato and Aristotle to J. S. Mill and Herbert 

Ritchie, D: G: Natural rights. 1895. 23icm 
(Lib. of philos. ) Macmillan $2.75 n 

Perhaps best criticism in English on the doctrine that 
there are in political and social ethics specific rules of 
conduct admitting of definite statement and universally 
valid. Pol. sci. q. 17: 320 (B) 

Seeley, Sir J: It. Introduction to political 
science; two series of lectures. 1901. 18Jcm 
(Eversley ser. ) Macmillan $1.50 

Ser. 1, General; ser. 2, Growth of modern democracy 
and the English constitution. 

Essential characteristics of state life have been seized 
on whereby different politics may be distinguished, not 
only as to their governmental organization but as to 
principles and motives. Pol. sci. q. 11: 550 (B) 

Sidg-wick, Henry. Elements of politics. 2d ed. 
rev. 1897. 23cm Macmillan $4 n 

Profound, exhaustive and systematic examination of 
whole field. Nation, 53: 512. 

"Willoughby, W. W. Examination of the na- 
ture of the state; a study in political philosophy. 
1903. 22£cm Macmillan $3 n 

Political theories of the ancient world. 

1903. 21cm Longmans $2 n 

Contents: Oriental and Greek political theories; Roman 
political theories. 

Woolsey, T. D. Political science; or, The state 
theoretically and practically considered. 2 v. 
1893. 23cm Scribner $5 

Systematic treatise. Gives much information about 
history of political institutions. B. & I. 

321 Form of state 

Fiske, John. American political ideas viewed 
from the standpoint of universal history. 1885. 
19cm Harper $1.50 

P Contents: The town meeting; The federal union; 
"Manifest destiny." 
Suggestive and strongly American. L. A. H. 

Godkin, E. L. Unforeseen tendencies of democ- 
racy. 1898. 20Jcm Houghton $2 
P Essays, abounding in apt illustration, on equality, 
nominating system, decline of legislatures, peculiarities 
of American municipal government, Australian democ- 
racy, etc. N. Y. 

Maehiavelli, Niccolb. The prince; tr. by N. H. 
Thomson. 2d ed. 1897. llicm 

Clarendon $1.10 

Till the code by which states regulate their mutual re- 
lations shall be at least as just as that which civilized 
individuals respect, Machiavelli'S Prince can not lose its 
interest or significance. \Y. K. Thayer in Intermit, j. 
it hies, 2:486. 

Maine, Sir H: J. S. Lectures on the early his- 
tory of institutions (a sequel to "Ancient law") 
1888. 23cm Holt $3.50 

SOCIOLOGY— Political science 


Maine, fi&c H: J. S. Popular government; four 

essays. 1886. 23cm Holt $2.75 

Contents: Prospects of popular government; Nature of 

democracy; Age of progress; Constitution of the United 


Mill, J: S. Consideration? on representative 

government, n. d. 21em Holt *2 

People will differ as to his conclusions, but certainly 
whoever wishes to judge of any matter within its scope 
should first see what is there said on it. Alex. Bain. 

Oberholtzer, E. P. Referendum in America; 
with chapters on the history of the initiative 
and other phases of popular government in the 
United States. 1900. 21cm Seribner $2 

Johnson, Mrs Helen (Kendrick) Woman and 
the republic; a survey of the woman-suffrage 
movement in the United States. 1897. 19.]cni 

Appleton $1.50 

Asserts in 12 well written and outspoken chapters that 
woman suffrage is not in accord with true democratic 
principle. Amer.j. 80Ciol. :i: 406 (B) 

Stanwood, Edward. 

1898. 21cm 

History of the presidency. 
Houghton $2.50 

Enlarged and entirely rewritten edition of History of 
presidential elections, 1S%. Account of nominating con- 
ventions, relative strength of candidates, text of plat- 
forms, striking incidents of campaigns and tabulated 
results of elections. Impartial and accurate. L. A. H. 

l-2-l Internal relations 

Hadley, A. T. Relations between freedom and 
responsibility in the evolution of democratic 
government. 1903. 20cm (Yale lect. on re- 
spoiisihilities of citizenship) Seribner $1 n 

Contents: Democracy in theory and in practice; Basis 
of civil liberty; Freedom as a religious conception; Free- 
dom as a legal institution; Freedom as a foundation of 
ethics: Limits of individual freedom; Outlook for the 

Object, to show what the ethical basis of democracy is, 
how it has arisen, and what happens if we try to ignore 
it. Pref. 

Mill, J: S. On liberty [and] The subjection 
of women. 1898. 21cm Holt $2 

The 'simple principle' on which Libert// expends so deep 
a passion and so much logic is that self-protection is the 
sole end for which society is warranted in interfering 
with individual liberty of action. Frederic Harrison (B) 

324 Suffrage 

Commons, J: P*. Proportional representation 
1896. 19£cm (Lib. of econ. & pol. ) 

Crowell $1.75 

Historical significance of the movement. Gives de- 
tailed application of the reform to American politics, 
specially to city government. Pittsburg. 

Dalling-er, F: "W: Nominations for elective office 
in the United States. 1897. 23cm (Harv. hist, 
stud.) Longmans $1.50 n 

Bibliography, p. 221-24. 

Brief history of caucus and nominating convention in 

I'. S. description of present nominating system; reme- 
dies for existing evils. L. A. H. 

Jacobi, Mrs Mary ( Putnam ) "Common sense" 
applied to woman suffrage. 1894. lOgcm (Ques. 
of the day) Putnam $1 

Plea to the Constitutional convention of New York, 
1894, for the political equality of women. 

325 Colonies and immigration 

Dilke, Sir C: W. Problems of Greater Britain. 
4th ed. rev. 1890. 21cm 

Macmillan $4 n 

Contents: North America: Australasia; South Africa; 
India; Crown colonies of the present and of the future: 
Colonial problems; Future relations between the mother- 
country and the remainder of the empire; Imperial 

Du Bois, W: E: B. Souls of black folk; essays 
and sketches. 1903. 2Hcm 

McClurg $1.20 n 

Profoundly interesting and affecting; remarkable as a 
piece of literature apart from its inner significance. Na- 
tion, 7(5: 481. 

Egerton, H. E: Origin and growth of the Eng- 
lish colonies and of their system of government; 
an introd. to C. P. Lucas's Historical geog- 
raphy of the British colonies. 1903. 19cm 

Clarendon 2/6 

RS Outlines history, dealing with influences of reli- 
giousdissent, the mercantile system, labor and other colo- 
nial problems. Bibliographic references. N. Y. 

Greswell, W: H: P. Growth ami administra- 
tion of the British colonies, 1837-1897. 1898. 
19jcm ( Victorian era ser. ) Blackie 2 6 

By a specialist in colonial history; describes factors in 
colonial development, societies, inventions, economic 
development, political relations with France, Germany, 
etc. and constitutional growth in American. Australian 
and African colonies. Johnston. 

Kidd, Benjamin. Control of the tropics. 1898. 
18Jcm Macmillan 75c 

Lewis, Sir G: C. Essay on the government of 
dependencies, ed. with introd. by C. P. Lucas. 
1891. 22£cm Clarendon $3.50 

Introduction sketches principal political and social 
changes since the Essay was written in 1841. Pittsburg. 





Morris, H: C. History of colonization to the 
present day. 2 v. 1900. 21cm 

Macmillan $4 

Bibliography, 2: 325-55. 

Comprehensive survey based on secondary authorities. 
Nation, 72: 237. 

Reinsch, P. S: Colonial government. 1902. 
19£cm (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & sociol.) 

Macmillan $1.25 h 

" References " at end of each chapter. 

Covers colonial government in general, though British 
colonies receive principal attention. Considers motives 
and methods of colonial expansion and general forms of 
colonial government, and outlines administrative organ- 
ization and legislative methods. Nation, 1902. 

Smith, Richmond Mayo- Emigration and im- 
migration; a study in social science. 1898. 19cm 

Seribner $1.50 

Bibliography, p. 303-8. 

Most important and judicial investigation yet made 
[1901] of history and effects (political, economic and 
social) of immigration to U. S. Bibliography. L. A. H. 

Washington, B. T. Future of the American 
negro. 1899. 19£cm Small $1.50 

Discussion of immediate practical problems. Urges 
industrial education. N. Y. 

See also Public documents list. 

326 Slavery 

Du Bois, W: E: B. Suppression of the African 
slave-trade to the United States of America, 
1638-1870. 1896. 23cm (Harv.hist. stud., v. 1 ) 

Longmans $1.50 n 

Bibliography, p. 299-325. 

Laborious and careful compilation of provincial, state 
and federal enactments. Judicial. L. A. H. 

Smith, W: H: Political history of slavery to the 
close of the reconstruction period in America. 
2 v. 1903. 233cm Putnam $4.50 n 

Enlarges on development through political action. 
N. Y. 

Spears, J: R. American slave-trade; an account 
of its origin, growth and suppression. 1900. 
21^cm Seribner $2.50 

327 Foreign relations 

Foster, J: W. American diplomacy in the Ori- 
ent. 1903. 22£cm Houghton $3 n 

R Supplement and companion tohis Centuryof Ameri- 
can diplomat-)/. 

Reviews history of relations with China, Japan, Korea, 
Hawaii, Samoa, with chapter on Spanish war results. 
Text of treaties and protocols in appendix. N. Y. 

Foster, J: "W. Centuryof American diplomacy; 
brief review of the foreign relations of the 
United States, 1777-1876. 1901. 22Jcm 

Houghton $3.50 

chapter on Monroe doctrine covers Venezuela dispute. 
Written from wide experience and careful use of sources. 
N. Y. 

Mahan, A. T. Interest of America in sea power, 
present and future. 1898. 20cm Little $2 

Eight essays reprinted from magazines. Strong plea 
for naval defenses in the interests of peace. N. Y. 

Reinsch, P. S: World politics at the end of the 
nineteenth century; as influenced by the ori- 
ental situation. 1900. 19cm (Cit. lib. of econ., 
pol. & sociol. ) Macmillan $1.25 n 

With special reference to China. Dispassionate discus- 
sion of colonization and imperialism, drawn mainly from 
European illustrations, but considering questions for 
United States. Bibliographies and map. N. Y. 

32§ Legislative bodies and annals 

Bailey, E. A. Among the law-makers, by Ed- 
mund Alton. 1886. 20icm Seribner $1.50 

Nearly all first printed in St Nicholas. 

Good inside view of workings of Congress. Describes 
famous men and stirring events from a Senate page's 
point of view. N. Y. 

Cushing, L. S. Manual of parliamentary prac- 
tice; rules of proceeding and debate in deliber- 
ative assemblies; new ed. with notes by A. S. 
Bolles, including the Declaration of independ- 
ence and the Constitution of the United States. 
1901. 15cm Coates 50c 


Follett, M. . P. The speaker of the House of rep- 
resentatives; with introd. by A. B. Hart. 1902. 
19£cm Longmans $1.75 

Admirable historical examination of speakership, its 
duties and responsibilities. English and colonial prece- 
dents only briefly touched, but whole course of develop- 
ment under the Constitution minutely traced. L. A. H. 

McConachie, L. G. Congressional committees: 
a study of the origin and development of our 
national and local legislative methods. 1898. 
19Jcm (Lib. of econ. & pol.) Crowell $1.75 

Robert, J. T: Rohert's primer of parliamentary 
law for schools, colleges, clubs, fraternities, etc. 
1900. 16.]cm Doubleday 75c 

Excellent manual for schools, clubs, fraternities, etc. 
Simple, clear: in form of lessons, with question reviews. 

Shattuck, Mrs Harriette (Robinson) Wo- 
man's manual of parliamentary law, with prac- 
tical illustrations especially adapted to women's 
organizations. 11th ed. rev. 1897. 15cm 

Lee 75c 

SOCIOLOGY— Political science 


Wilson. Woodrow. Congressional government: 
a study in American politics. 1 lit 1 i ed. 1896. 
18cm Houghton $1.25 

Directed particularly to system of government by com- 
mittee, describing workings of thai system In detail. 
Careful and thorough. L. A. H. 

.St also Public documents list. 

3*29 Political parties. Parly conven- 

Johnston, Alexander. History of American 
politics; rev. by W: M. Sloane, continued by 
W. M. Daniels. 1902. 16cm (Handbks. for 
students^ Holt 80e 

Of high value either as textbook, reference manual or 
guide for private study. L. A. H. 

Macy, Jesse. Political parties in the United 
State-. 1846-1861. 1900. 19icm (Cit, lib. of 
eeon., pol. & sociol.) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Bibliography, p. 319-26. 

Dominant feature is practical assumption of desirability 
of two great national parties and perniciousness of all 
attempts to secure political ends through new party or- 
ganizations. Nation, 71:445. 

Woodburn, J. A. American politics; political 
parties and party problems in the United States. 
1903. 22cm Putnam $2 n 

Lucid explanation of workings of party machinery and 
strong statement of the moral evils now debasing our 
political life. Outl. 73: 887. 

330 Economics 

Ashley, "W: J. Introduction to English eco- 
nomic history and theory. 2d ed. 2 v. 1892-93. 
19cm Putnam $4.50 

To end of middle ages. Valuable bibliographies. 
Bagehot, "Walter. Economic studies; ed. by 
R: H. Hutton. New ed. 1895. 18£cm 

Longmans $1.25 

Contents: Postulates of English political economy; 

Preliminaries of political economy; Adam Smith and our 

modern economy; Malthns; Rieardo; Growth of capital; 

Cost of production. 

Bastiat, Frederic. Essays on political economy; 

English translation rev. with notes by D: A. 

Wells. 1893. 19k-m Putnam $1.25 

Selection from and adaptation of his essays and Ilar- 

tiet iconomiques, 1850 B. & 1. 
The laws of an abstruse science have never been made 
more clear or expressed more forcibly. Nation. 

Bonar, James. Philosophy and political econ- 
omy in some of their historical relations. 1893. 
23Jcm (Lib. of pbilos.) Macmillan $2.75 n 
Bowker, R: R. Economics for the people. 5th 
ed. rev. 1902. 17£cm Harper 75c 

P R Reading list, p. 271-73. 

Gives small space to definitions and abstract doctrines. 
Albert Shaw in Dial, 7:39 (B) 

Brooks, J: G. Social unrest; studies in labor 
and socialist movements. 1903. 205cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

R A particularly genial and intimate study by a can- 
did friend of all parties in the industrial world. Sidney 
Ball in Econ.j. 13:221. 

Bullock, C: J. Introduction to the study of eco- 
nomics. Rev. ed. 1900. 20cm 

Silver $1.28 n 
Bibliography, p. 553-71. 

Cairnes, J: E. Some leading principles of po- 
litical economy newly expounded. 1874. 22cm 

Harper $2.50 

Contents: Value: Labor and capital; International 

Specially valuable on wages and for some points in in- 
ternational trade; contributes to a re-analysis of cost and 
of supply and demand. N. V. 

Carey, H: C: Manual of social science; being a 
condensation of [his] "Principles of social sci- 
ence," by Kate McKean. 1879. 19Jcm 

Baird $2 

Carnegie, Andrew. Empire of business. 1902. 
25cm Doubleday subs. $3 

P 17 essays and addresses on essentials to business suc- 
cess, trusts, the tariff, railroads, iron and steel trade, com- 
parative cost of living in Great Britain and United States, 
etc. N. Y. 

Chalmers, Thomas. Christian and civic econ- 
omy of large towns; abr. and with introd. by 
C: R.Henderson. 1900. 20cm 

Scrihner $1.25 n 

Social welfare of the laboring classes: obstacles to that 
welfare; means of promoting it. Henderson. 

Cheyney, E: P. Introduction to the industrial 
and social history of England. 1901. 20iem 
Macmillan $1.40 n 

Presents material most likely to interest average stu- 
dents. Bibliographies. Pol. sci. </. 18:175. 

Clark, J: B. Philosophy of wealth: economic 
principles newly formulated. 1894. 19cm 

Ginn $1 
S Recognizes influence of moral forces. B. & I. 

Cossa, Luigi. Introduction to the study of po- 
litical economy; rev. by the author and tr. by 
Louis Dyer. 1893. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $2.60 n 

Revised edition of Guide to the study "(political econ- 
omy, with many important additions. Survey of the lit- 
erature of political economy, theoretic and historical. 
with full bibliographic references. X. Y. 




Cunningham, William. Growth of English in- 
dustry and commerce. 3 v. 1896-1903. 23cm 
Macmillan v. 1, $4 n; v. 2-3, $7.50 n 
Contents: v. 1, Early and middle ages. v. 2-3, Modern 
Bibliographies, 1: (151-73; 3: 943-98. 
Progress of agriculture, manufactures, trade, economic 
opinion, shipping, colonies, poor relief and finance; ex- 
cellent and stimulating. N. Y. 

Modern civilization in some of its eco- 
nomic aspects. 1896. 18cm (Social ques. of 
to-day) Scribner $1 n 

& McArthur, E. A. Outlines of English 

industrial history. 1902. 19icm (Camb. hist, 
ser. ) 

P Macmillan $1.50 n 

Devine, E:T: Economics. 1898. 18cm 

Macmillan $1 n 

School textbook, adapted also to general reader. Its 
particular merit is its modernness. Pol. sci. q. 14:331 (B) 

Ely, R: T. Outlines of economics. 1901. 19cm 
(Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & sociol.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

P Bibliography, p. 413-26. 

Clear style and skilful use of illustration. Pol. sci. q. 
9:313 (B) 

Fawcett, Henry. Manual of political economy. 
7th ed. 1888. 19£cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

Brief and simple statement of Mill's doctrine. Chapter 
on state socialism and land nationalization, with addi- 
tions on the precious metals, slavery, cooperation, local 
taxation, etc. B. & I. 

George, Henry. Our land and land policy; 
speeches, lectures, and miscellaneous writings. 
1902. 21cm Doubleday $2.50 

Initial essay discusses chiefly grants of public lands in 
California to railway corporations. Single tax essays fol- 
low. Critic, 38:472. 

Science of political economy. 1898. 21cm 

Doubleday $2.50 
Maintains that land is not wealth; that Malthusianism 
is infatuated pessimism; that wages are paid out of cur- 
rent product; that rent tends to absorb all profit and 
should be confiscated as an unearned increment. Dial. 

Ghent, W: J. Our benevolent feudalism. 1902. 
L9cm Macmillan $1.25 n 

Contents: Utopias and other forecasts; Combination 
and coalescence; Our magnates; our farmers and wage 
earners: Our makers of law; Our interpreters of law; Our 
moulders of opinion; General social changes: Transition 
and fulfilment, 

Examination of present day tendencies in American 
industrial and political life, pointing out essentials of a 
feudalism differing from that of time of Edward 1, yet 
based on the same status of lord, agent, and underling. 

Gibbins, H: de B. Industry in England: histor- 
ical outlines. 1897. 23cm Scribner $2.50 n 
Written in spirit of Green, Rogers, Cunningham and 
Ashley. Common daily life of the people brought before 
us as in a drama, and shown to have surpassing interest. 
Henderson in Dial, 23: 48 (B) 

Gide, Charles. Principles of political economy; 
2d Amer. ed. tr. and adapted to Amer. students, 
by C. W: A. Veditz. 1904. 21cm Heath $2 
Vigor, lucidity and general attractiveness of style re- 
tained in translation. Arrests and holds reader's atten- 
tion. L. L. Price in Econ.j. 2:117. 

Gladden, Washington. The tools and the man; 

property and industry under the Christian law. 

1893. i8cm Houghton $1.25 

Applies moral tests. Sustains some socialistic ideas but 

condemns advanced manifestations. N. Y. 

Hadley, A. T. Economics; an account of the 
relations between private property and public 
welfare. 1899. 23cm Putnam $2.50 n 

Short bibliography at the beginning of each chapter. 

On unconventional lines. So far as possible he begins 
with practical problems of the day, and makes their 
study a means of developing and explaining scientific 
theories. Sat. r. 

Hobson, J: A. Economics of distribution. 1900. 
195cm (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & sociol. ) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

Accepts 'marginal' utility hypothesis, but proves conclu- 
sively that there is a fund of surplus profits as well as rents 
which might be confiscated without injustice. Nation, 
71: 372. 

Ingram, J: K. History of political economy; 
pref. by E. J. James. 1888. 21cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Bibliographical note, pref. p. 14-15. 

Reprinted, witli additions, from 9th ed. of Encyclopaedia 

Marshall, Alfred. Principles of economics. 4th 
ed. v. 1. 1898. 23cm Macmillan $4 n 

S No more published (Jan. 1904) 

General survey, followed by treatment of questions of 
demand and supply, land, labor and capital, distribu- 
tion and exchange. Of high value. X. Y. 

Mill, J: S. Principles of political economy; abr. 
with notes, and a sketch of the history of politi- 
cal economy, by J. L. Laughlin. 1898. 22cm 

Appleton $3.50 

Apx. 1, Brief bibliography of U. S. tariffs; of bimetal- 
lism; of American shipping, p, 631-86. Apx. 2, Exami- 
nation questions, p. 687-58. 

Xo writer before Mill had ever surveyed political econ- 
omy as a whole with anything like equal ability; no one 
had shown with the same fulness the relation which dif- 
ferent parts of the science bore to each other; still less had 
any one so well explained the relation of this science to 
other sciences and to knowledge in general. Bagehot (B) 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Nicholson, J. S. Elements of political economy. 
1903. 21cm Macmillan $2.25 n 

Based on his Principles of political economy i.'< v.) but 
omits most historical matter, states leading principles 
so far as possible without introducing controversial mat- 
ter, but indicates points still in dispute. Bibliographies. 
X. Y. 

Prineiplesof political economy. 3 v. 1897- 

1901. 23cm 

Macmillan v. 1, $3 n; v. 2, $2.25 n; v. 3, $3n 

What clear arrangement, perspicuous thinking and di- 
rect expression can do to render economic argument in- 
telligible is accomplished in this book. L. L. Price in 
Econ.j. 12: 51 (B) 

Palgrave, R. H. I. ed. Dictionary of political 
economy. 3 v. 1894-99. 23£cm 

Macmillan $6.50 ean 

Rf Brief articles on philosophy, history and present 
conditions; biographic sketches, definitions of terms, bib- 
liographic notes, etc. Articles signed by initials of well 
known economists representing various schools and in- 
terests. X. Y. 

Patten, S. N. Theory of prosperity. 1902. 
21cm Macmillan $1.25 n 

Study of economics in view of present conditions, with 
consideration of principles of social well-being rather 
than of ordinary principles of wealth getting. Pittsburg. 

Perry, A. L. Political economy. 22d ed. 1895. 
21cm Scribner $2.50 

General review with special reference to United States. 

Pierson, N. G. Principles of economics; tr. by 
A. A. Wotzel. v. 1. 1902. 23cm 

Macmillan $3.25 n 

S Contents: Value in exchange; Money. 

Value consists in its fuller and critical statement of 
old theories in light of what has been said by economists 
of present generation. Author formerly Dutch premier. 
Sat. r. 

Ricardo, David. Principles of political economy 
and taxation; ed. by E. C. K. Gonner. 1891. 
19cm (Bohn's econ. lib.) 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Bibliography of Ricardo, p. 439-16. 

His fame rests on the theory of rent, already expounded 
by Anderson, West and Malthas, but with less profun- 
dity and fulness. Cossa. 

Ruskin, John. Munera pulveris: six essays on 
the elements of political economy, with an 
introd. by C: E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 1891. 
19£cm Longmans $1.50 n 

Contents: Definitions; Storekeeping; Coinkeeping; 
Commerce; Government; Mastership. 

A discussion of the principles of the government of the 
poor by the rich. Marot. 

Ruskin, John. Unto this last; four essays on the 
first principles of political economy. 1901. 
L5£cm Crowell 35c 

The substance of his theory of political economy: the 
most powerful popular presentment of his critical as dis- 
tinct from his constructive theory. Hobson. 

Seager, H:R. Introduction to economics. 1904. 
22cm Holt $2 n 

Bibliographic note at end of chapter 3, and references 
for collateral reading appended to most chapters. 

Sidg-wick, Henry. Principles of political econ- 
omy. 3ded. 1901. 23cm Macmillan $4.50 n 

Smart, William. Studies in economics. 1895. 
21cm Macmillan $2.75 n 

Smith, Adam. An inquiry into the nature and 
causes of the wealth of nations; reprinted from 
6th ed. with introd. by E. B. Bax. 2 v. 1901. 
19cm (Bonn's stand, lib.) Macmillan $2 n 

A rough outline of sensible thoughts; not always con- 
sistent with themselves and rarely stated with much pre- 
cision. A great mental effort in its day, now altogether 
superseded and surpassed. The beginning of a new 
science. Bagehot (B) 

Spahr, C: B. Essay on the present distribution 
of wealth in the United States. 1896. 19£cm 
(Lib. of econ. & pol.) Crowell $1.50 

Advocates progressive income tax. X. Y. 

Sumner, W: G. What social classes owe to each 
other. 1883. 17cm Harper 60c 

Maintains that classes owe each other simply justice; a 
trenchant argument for individualism. X. Y. 

Toynbee, Arnold. Lectures on the industrial 
revolution of the 18th century in England; 
popular addresses, notes and other fragments; 
with short memoir, by B. Jowett. 5th ed. 
1896. 23cm Longmans $3.50 

Review of introduction of machinery and result of 
increased dependence of labor on capital. 

Walker, F. A. First lessons in political economy. 
1893. 19cm (Amer. sci. ser. Elem. ) 

Holt $1 
Xo mere digest of the larger books, but a fresh presen- 
tation of the subject. Dial (B) 

Political economy. 3d ed. rev. 1888. 

22cm (Amer. sci. ser. Adv.) Holt $2 

Specially valuable on questions of land and wages. 
N. Y. 

Wells, D: A. Practical economics; essays re- 
specting certain of the recent economic expe- 
riences of the United States. 1894. 23^cm 

Putnam $1.50 
Reprinted from Atlantic, Princeton review. Nation, and 
N. Y. world, 1872-84. 




Wells, D: A. Recent economic changes, ami 
their effect on the production and distribution 
of wealth and the well-being of society. 1898. 
20cm Appleton $2 

Graphic recital of effects of modern invention and en- 
terprise; traces present tendencies in trade and finance 
to their origin, and suggests probable future course. A 
storehouse of admirably digested fact. B. & I. 

Wright, C. D. Industrial evolution of the United 
Slates. 1897. 20cm (Chaut. lit. & sci. cir. ) 

Scribner $1.25 n 

Concisely sketches development of mechanical indus- 
tries, growth of factory system, labor movement and in- 
fluence of machinery. N. Y. 

331 Capital. Labor and wages 

American, academy of political and social 
science. Social legislation and social activity; 
addresses at the 6th annual meeting. 1902. 
25cm McClure $1.50 n 

Addresses on social effects of transportation; industrial 
conciliation and arbitration; the housing problem; child 
labor; factory legislation and inspection; juvenile courts. 
N. V. 
Barnett, S: A:, & Mrs Henrietta. Practicable 
socialism; essays on social reform. 2d ed. rev. 
1894. 19£cm Longmans $1.50 

Crowded with practical suggestions of ways in which 

philanthropists can study, help and humanize the life of 

the poor. Spec. 61:1776 (B) 

Betts, L. W. The leaven in a great city. 1902. 

19icm Dodd $1.50 n 

Contents: At the bottom; Development of social centers; 
The homes under one roof; Slow-dawning consciousness; 
Working-girls' clubs; A social experiment; Within the 
walls of home; Financial relations in families; Home 
standards; Where lies the responsibility? 

Shows how the standard of living is continually rising 
in New York through the efforts of the crowded popula- 
tion of frugal and industrious poor. R. ofr. 
Booth, "William. In darkest England, and the 
way out. 1890. 22cm Funk $1 

With chart in black and white, 81; on heavier paper with 
colored chart, 11.50. 

Description of 'the submerged tenth' in London by 
founder of Salvation army, and his program for their 
relief ami redemption. Buffalo. 

Brassey, Thomas Brassey, 1st baron. Papers 
and addresses: work and wages; ed. by J. Pot- 
ter. 1894. 21cm Longmans $1.75 

Contains much information about the wage receiving 
class and an employer's experience in dealing with it; 
treats also of rights of wage receivers. 15. & I. 

Bticher, Karl. Industrial evolution; tr. by S. M. 
Wickett. 1901. 22cm Holt $2.50 n 

Bibliography, pref. p. 6. 

Stimulating volume for beginner in industrial history. 
Nation, 73:266. 

Calkins, Raymond. Substitutes for the saloon; 
investigation made for the Committee of fifty. 
1001. 19icm Houghton $1.30 n 

S Bibliography, p. 389-91. 

Recognizes saloon's value as social center and discusses 
people's clubs, mission, settlement and Y. M.C. A. work, 
lunch rooms, coffee houses, indoor and outdoor amuse- 
ments, etc. N. Y. 

Campbell, Mrs Helen. Woman wage-earners: 
their past, their present and their future; with 
introd. by R: T. Ely. 1893. 19cm Little SI 
Bibliography of woman's labor and of the woman ques- 
tion, p. 294. 

Clark, J: B. The distribution of wealth; atheory 
of wages, interest and profits. 1899. 22cm 

Macmillan $3 n 
Coit, Stanton. Neighbourhood guilds; an in- 
strument of social reform. 2d ed. 1892. 19jcm 

Scribner $1 
Dawson, W: H. Social Switzerland; studies of 
present-day social movements and legislation. 
1897. 20cm Scribner $2.40 n 

Supplements exhaustive analysis of official reports by 
personal visits to many institutions dealt with. Affords 
occasional insight into personal character and peculiari- 
ties of the Swiss worker. Literature, 1:107. 

Gilman, N: P. A dividend to labor; a study of 
employers' welfare institutions. 1899. 20cm 

Houghton $1.75 

Bibliography, p. 3*9-92. 

Both European and American enterprises for benefit of 
employees, with discussion of principles. Pt. 3 supple- 
ments his earlier Profit sharing, with results of last decade 
of 19th century. N. Y. 

Profit sharing between employer and em- 
ployee; a study in the evolution of the wages 
system. 1896. 20cm Houghton $1.75 

Bibliography, p. 446-18. 

Standard for both students and profit sharing employ- 
ers. Pol. sci. q.A: 338 (B) 

Henderson, C: K,. Social settlements. 1898. 
17cm (Handbks for pract. workers in church & 
philan. ) Lentilhon & co. 60c n 

Gives compact account of British and American settle- 
ments, discusses theory and sets forth methods and re- 
sults. N. Y. 

Hobson, J: A. Problem of the unemployed, an 

enquiry and an economic policy. 1896. 18£em 
(Social ques. of to-day) Scribner $1 n 

Suggests that workers who come under his wide defini- 
tion might in many eases have alternative trades to fall 
back on. Spec. 77: 455. 

Problems of poverty; an inquiry into the 

industrial condition of the poor. 4th ed. 1899. 
L8Jcm (Social ques. of to-day) 

Scribner $1 n 
List of authorities, p. 228-82. 

Sweating system outlined; causes and remedies stated. 

S< >CIOLOGY— Economics 


Howell, George. Labour Legislation, labour 
movements and labour leaders. 1902. 22.1cm 

Dutton 13.50 
Kirst hand account of labor movement in England in 
2d half of 19th century. Weber. 

Trade unionism new and old. 2d ed. 

1894. 18-Vni (Social ques. of to-day) 

Scribner $1 n 

Written after Conflicts of capital and labor with special 
reference to 'the now trade unionism.' Mann. 

Hull-House maps and papers: a presentation of 

nationalities and wages in a congested district 
of Chicago. 1895. 22cm (Lib. of econ. & pol.) 

Crowell $2.50 
Papers by residents of Hull-House (Chicago social settle- 
ment) on the sweating system, wage-earning children, 
eloakmakers, Hebrew. Kalian and Bohemian colonies, 
public charities, etc. X. Y. 

Jevons, W: S. The state in relation to labour; 
ed. by Michael Cababe. 3d ed. 1894. 19 Jem 
(Eng. citizen) Macmillan $1 

Principles of industrial legislation; necessary state in- 
terference; law of industrial conspiracy and trade unions. 
Ma rot. 

Iiee, Joseph. Constructive and preventive phi- 
lanthropy; with introd. by J. A. Riis. 1902. 
18cm (Amer. philan. of 19tb cent.) 

Macmillan $1 n 
Considers libraries, savings and loan associations, build- 
ing laws, protection of homes, home industries, vacation 
schools, playgrounds, baths, clubs, industrial training, 
medical inspection, etc. Bibliographic notes. N. Y. 

Levasseur, ^mile. The American workman; 
Amer. tr. by T: S. Adams, ed. by Theodore 
Marburg. 1900. 24cm (Johns Hopkins univ. 
stud, in hist. & pol. sci.) Johns Hopkins $3 

Edited with abundant notes, extending sources of in- 
formation and bringing statistics to date. Nation, 72: 170. 

Lloyd, H: D. A country without strikes; a visit 
to the compulsory arbitration court of New Zea- 
land. 1900. 19cm Doubleday $1 n 
Describes briefly origin, details and results of the sys- 
tem. X. Y. 

Marx, Karl. Capital: a critical analysis of cap- 
italist production; tr. by Samuel Moore and 
Edward Aveling; ed. by Frederick Engels. 
1890? 23cm '(Humboldt lib.) 

Humboldt pub. co. $1.75 

Works and authors quoted, p. 495-506. 

Expounds the theory of surplus value. B. & I. 

This "Bible of socialism" has aroused and directed rev- 
olutionary and socialistic thought during the last quar- 
ter of a century- Brooks, Social unrest, p. 263-64. 

Mitchell, John. Organized labor, its problems, 
purposes and ideals, and the present and future 
of American wage earners. 1903. 23£cm 

Amer. bk. & Bible h. $1.75 n 

National conference on industrial concilia- 
tion. Industrial conciliation; report of the 
proceedings of the conference, held under the 
auspices of the National civic federation, New 
York, Dec. 1<>— 17, 1901. 1902. 20cm (Ques. 
of the day) Putnam $1.25 

another issue of the same year (not in this series) 
appeared under title National conference on industrial 

Includes also papers of Chicago conference, Dec. 17-18, 

Speakers include Oscar L. Strauss, Charles M. Schwab, 
Frank P. Sargent, Samuel Gompers, John Mitchell, 
Carroll D. Wright, Archbishop Ireland, James Duncan, 
Martin Fox and many others. N. Y. 

Nicholson, J. S. Strikes and social problems. 

1896. 19cm x Macmillan $1.25 

Twelve papers on old age pensions, political economy 

and journalism, slavery in Zanzibar, etc. Deals mainly 

wiffi labor questions. X. Y. 

Rae, John. Eight hours for work. 1894. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Based on English statistics. Claims that no real advan- 
tage is gained by longer hours. Marot, 

Richmond, M.. E. Friendly visiting among the 
poor. 1899. 17icm Macmillan $1 


Tells how to become acquainted with the poor, how to 
make the bestof a sorry situation, how to spend and save, 
how to preserve health. Directions are clearly stated and 
the spirit of the book tends to earnest and effective action. 
Henderson in Amer.j. sociol. 5: 126 (B) 

Riis, J. A. Battle with the slum. 1902. 21£cin 

Macmillan $2 n 

P R Sequel to How the other half lives. 

First published in the Century magazine. 

Much enlarged, illustrated edition of his Tin years' war 

An intimately personal account of the conditions which 
prevailed in the tenement house districts, and of what 
has been done, and against what odds, to purge the oity. 
J. pol. ccon. 11: 3:55. 

Children of the poor. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.25 n 
P R Supplements his How the other half lives. 
Bases statements on close observation of life in New- 
York slums and interprets facts with unfailing sympathy. 
Dial, 14: 151 (B) 

How the other half lives; studies among 

the tenements of New York. 1903. 19jcm 

Scribner $1.25 n 
P R Written while Associated press reporter at police 
headquarters. B. cfc I. 

Rogers, J. E. T. Six centuries of work and 

wages; the history of English labour. 1884. 

23£cm Putnam $3 

Best historical treatment of wages in England, based on 

his History of agriculture ami prices in England. Marot. 




Rowntree, B. S. Poverty, a study of town life. 
2d ed. 1902. 23cm Macmillan $3.50 n 

S A study of the poor in York, Eng. 

Schulze-Gaevernitz, Gerhart von. Social 
peace; a study of the trade union movement in 
England; tr. by C. M. Wicksteed and ed. by 
Graham Wallas. 1893. 19cm (Social sci. ser.) 

Scribner $1.25 

Reviews industrial condition in early 19th century, 
methods and temper of labor organizations and move- 
ment toward social unity as studied 1889-90. Pittsburg. 

Shuey, E. L. Factory people and their employ- 
ers. 1900. 17£cm ( Handbks for pract. workers 
in church & philan. ) Lentilhon & co. 75c n 

Narration of various methods devised by enlightened 
employers for improving conditions of work within the 
factory and conditions of existence without. Nation, 72: 

Smart, William. Distribution of income. 1899. 

21cm Macmillan $1.60 n 

Really contemplates whole science of political ecom miy. 

Defends existing system of distribution. Nation, 71: 100. 

Spahr, C:B. America's working people. 2d ed. 
1900. 19£cm Longmans $1.25 

PR Reprinted from Outlook, with corrections. 

Based on personal study of conditions in New England 
and southern factory towns, Pennsylvania coal mines, 
Homestead iron mills, Chicago trades unions, farming 
districts of Minnesota and Dakota, and among negroes 
and Mormons. N. Y. 

Taussig-, F. W: Wages and capital; an exami- 
nation of the wages fund doctrine. 1896. 192cm 

Appleton $1.50 
Thorough, accurate and impartial. Nation, <s:i: 374 (B) 

Walker, F. A. The wages question; a treatise 
on wages and the wages class. 1891. 20jcm 

Holt $2 

Opposed to classical school and wages fund theory; dis- 
criminates real from nominal wages; shows importance 
of organizer of industry; takes account of sentiment as 
affecting economic forces. N. Y. 

Webb, Sidney, & Cox, Harold. The eight 
hours day. 1891. 19cm W.Scott 2/ 

Arguments for and against. Shows that past reductions 
in hours have been beneficial to both capital and labor, 
also that legislation is only efficient way of securing such 
limitation. Chapter on practical proposals specially val- 
uable. N. Y. 

& Webb, Mrs Beatrice (Potter) His- 
tory of trade unionism. New ed. 1902. 22cm 
Longmans $2.(i0 n 

Bibliography by R. A. Peddie, p. 499-543. ' 
Recital of chief events in external and internal history 
of trade unionism without much of deeper problems as 
to its justification, spirit and policy. Pol. set. </. 10: 145 


Webb, Sidney & Mrs Beatrice (Potter) In- 
dustrial democracy. New ed. 1902. 22cm 

Longmans $4 n 
Contents: Trade union structures; Trade union function; 
Trade union theory. 

Bibliography, p. 879-900. 


Problems of modern industry. New 

1902. 22cm Longmans $2 

Woods, R. A. ed. Americans in process; a set- 
tlement study by residents and associates of the 
South End house, Boston. 1902. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 n 
R Social, political and religious conditions among 
foreigners in north and west ends of Boston. Supple- 
ments The eity wilderness. N. Y. 

Maps showing distribution of nationalities, industrial 
character of the population, etc. 

ed. The city wilderness; a settlement 

study, by residents and associates of the South 
End house, Boston. 1898. 19^cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Exhaustive study of south end of Boston and of the 
physical, racial, social, economic, criminal and political 
conditions of its inhabitants. N. Y. 

Wright, C. D. Some ethical phases of the labor 

(juestion. 1902. 19cm Amer. unit, ass'n. $1 n 

R Contents: Religion in relation to sociology; Relation 

of political economy to the labor question; The factory 

as an element in civilization; Ethics of prison labor. 

Wyckoff, W. A: Day with a tramp, and other 
days. 1901. 19cm Scribner $1 n 

P R Contents: A day with a tramp; With Iowa farmers; 
A section-hand on the Union Pacific railway; A burro- 
puncher; Incidents of the slums. 

Based on author's experiences while making sociologic 
investigations as a day laborer. N. Y. 

The workers: an experiment in reality. 

2 v. 1897-98. 19cm 

Scribner v. 1, $1.25; v. 2, $1.50 

PR v. 1, The East. Two months' voluntary experi- 
ence of a college-bred investigator, working as builder's 
helper, summer hotel porter, farmhand, in a Pennsyl- 
vania logging camp, and while tramping between places, 
v. 2, The West. Further experiences as a day laborer 
in Chicago and in working his way westward to Pacific 
coast. N. Y. 
See <ilx<> Public documents list. 

332 IHoncy 

Avebury, John Lubbock, Istbaron. Short his- 
tory of coins and currency. 1902. 17£cni 
(Murray's home & school lib.) Dutton 60c n 

P Deals with origin of money and with British coinage. 
Well selected. Admirable Illustrations, Pt. 2 treats of 
weights of coins with remarks on banknotes and banking. 
Pol. tci. q. 18; 558. 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Bagehot, Walter. Lombard street; a descrip- 
tion of the money market. \90~2. I9$cm 

Scribner $1.25 

R Descriptiona of mechanism of English credit institu- 
tions, with able discussions of many points of theory. 
B. & 1. 

Br ough, William. Natural law of money. 1896. 

20cm Putnam $1 

Shows that tendency to substitute credit in place of 

material substances is the distinctive mark of progress in 

the art of effecting exchange. Nation, 59: 414 (B) 

Bullock, C: J. Essays on the monetary history 
of the United States. 1900. 19 Jem (Cit. lib. 
of econ., pol. & sociol. ) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Contents: Three centuries of cheap money in the United 
Mates; Paper currency of North Carolina; Taper currency 
of New Hampshire. 

Bibliography, p. 275-88. 

General thesis: Inflationist movement always due to 
scarcity of capital in sparsely settled regions. D. R. Dewey 
in Amrr. hist, r. 6: 579. 

Burton, T. E. Financial crises and periods of 
industrial and commercial depression. 1902. 
19icm Appleton $1.40 n 

R Bibliography by Hugh Williams, p. 347-77. 

Defines terms, discusses indications, accompanying con- 
ditions, causes and preventives; brief history of crises and 
depressions in United States. Diagrams, index. N. Y. 

Clare, George. The A B C of the foreign ex- 
changes; a practical guide. 3d ed. 1901. 
19£cm Macmillan $1.25 

Cleveland, F: A. Funds and their uses. Rev. 
ed. 1903. 20cm (Appletons' bus. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.25 n 

P What funds are, how obtained and how operated 
through U. S. treasury, savings and commercial banks, 
building associations, brokerage, trust and insurance 
companies. Facsimiles of business paper. N. Y. 

Conant, C: A. History of modern banks of issue; 
with account of the economic crises of the pres- 
ent century. 1902. 22£cm Putnam $3 
List of authorities, p. 577-81. 

Darwin, Leonard. Bimetallism. 1897. 20cm 

Appleton $2.50 

Mainly a balancing of arguments. No one book will 
give an intelligent reader a better grasp of the contro- 
versy. Annals Amer. acad. pol. sci. 12: 273. 

Dunbar, C: F. Chapters on the theory and his- 
tory of banking. 2d ed. 1901. 192cm 

Putnam $1.25 
Succinct account of fundamental character of banking 
operations, nature of credit and its practical manifesta- 
tion in the chief forms, clucks and banknotes. Pol. sci. q. 
6: 571 (B) 

Greene, T: L. Corporation finance; a study of 
the principles and methods of the management 

of the finances of corporations in the United 
States. 3d ed. 1904. 20cm Putnam $1.25 
Hamilton, J. H: Savings and savings institu- 
tions. 1902. 19|cm Macmillan $2.25 n 

R Partial list of authorities, p. 429-32. 

No one else has been so successful in obtaining useful 
information on this subject within the limits proposed. 
Char. 9: 347. 

Hepburn, A. B. History of coinage and cur- 
rency in the United States. 1903. 21£cm 

Macmillan $2 n 
Bibliography, p. 435-99. 

1776-1860, coinage system, paper currency; 1861-90, U. S. 
legal tender notes, silver question, national banking sys- 
tem; 1891-1902, silver contest of 1896, reform act of 1900. 
General review, bibliography. U. S. laws and other 
documents in appendix. 

Jevons, W: S. Money and the mechanism of 
exchange. 1875. 195cm (Internat. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $1.75 

P Elementary. Contains descriptions of clearinghouse 
and check bank. Excellent for laying a basis of sound 
doctrines. B. & I. 

Knox, J: J. United States notes; a history of 
the various issues ot paper money by the gov- 
ernment of the United States. 3d ed. rev. 1899. 
19cm Scribner $1.50 

Special emphasis on constitutionality of government 
paper money. Historical rather than controversial; not 
exhaustive, but adequate. L. A. H. 

Laughlin, J. L. History of bimetallism in the 
United States. 4th ed. 1897. 22cm 

Appleton $2.25 

By a monometalist. Serviceable historical compen- 
dium, if reader bears in mind that author writes to per- 
suade. L. A. H. 

Principles of money. 1903. 23 2 cm 

Scribner $3 n 
S Bibliographies. 

Comprehensive treatment. First of a proposed series 
of 6 volumes on money and banking. 

Nicholson, J. S. Treatise on money, and essays 

on monetary problems. 5th ed. 1901. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.90 n 

Scott, W: A. Money and banking; an intro- 
duction to the study of modern currencies. 
1903. 2L'cm Holt $2 

List of references, p. 353-63. 

Intended for college use and as handbook for average 
citizen. On points at issue all important views are set 
forth clearly. Bibliographic references. H. A. Mills in 
Annals Aim r. acad. put. sci. 22: 126. 

Taussig, F. W: Silver situation in the United 
States. 3ded. 1896. 20cm (Ques. of the day) 

Putnam 75e 

Reviews legislation and conditions from 1878 to close of 
18%; advocates monometalism but considers bimetalist 
arguments fairly. N. Y 




Walker, F. A. International bimetallism. 
1896. 19$cm Holt $1.25 

' Reviews briefly history of gold and silver currency and 
argues strongly for international bimetalism. Opposes 
fire coinage of silver. X. Y. 

Money. 1891. 20Jcm Holt $2 

States and impartially examines various theories. 
Holds that paper money nominally or really convertible 
into coin is liable to overissue. B. & I. 

Money in its relations to trade and indus- 
try. 1889. 19 Jem (Lowell inst, led.) 

Holt -$1.25 
First published in 1S79. 
An abridgment of Money, with a. bled chapters. 

Watson, D: K. History of American coinage. 

1899. 2<Ucm Putnam $1.50 
S History of gold and silver coinage in U. S. beginning 

with Massachusetts colonial mint, 1652. Opposes free 
coinage of silver. L. A. H. 

White, Horace. Money and banking illustrated 

by American history; 2d ed. rev. and continued 
to 1902. 1903. 20cm Ginn $1.50 


Treats evolution of money, the gold standard, fiat 
money as developed in colonial, continental and federal 
currency, and banks. N. Y. 

333 Land 

Dumas, Jacques. Registering titles to • land. 

1900. 2CUem (Storrs lect.) 

( 'allaghan $1.50 n 

Bibliography about registration, p. 26-28. 
Explains systems in various countries. 

Walker, F. A. Land and its rent, 1883. 17cm 

Little 75c n 

Reviews the doctrines of Carey, Bastiat, Mill, Leroy- 
Beaulieu and George as to rent. From conservative 
standpoint. L. & I. 

331 Cooperation 

Brown, M.. W. Development of thrift. 1899. 
18cm Macmillan $1 

For charity workers and working men seeking good 
methods of saving. N. Y. 

Jones, Benjamin. Co-operative production; 
with pref. by A. H. D. Acland. 2 v. 1894. 
20cm Clarendon $2.50 

a Bketchof conditions before and during time of Robert 
Owen; a history of subsequent experiments, with sugges- 
tions. Marot. 

335 Socialism ami roiiimiuiisiii 

Bax, E. B. Ethics of socialism, being further 
essays in modern socialist criticism, &c. 1902. 
pi.Vm (Social sci. ser. ) Seribner $1 

The earlier essays appeared under title The religion of 

Bliss, W: D. P. Handbook of socialism; a state- 
ment of socialism in its various aspects, and a 
history of socialism in all countries. 1895. 
19£cm (Social sci. ser. ) Seribner $1.25 

Biographic notes on socialist writers and leaders, 
p. 205-63; bibliography, p. 234-86. Pittsburg. 

Ely, R: T. French and German socialism in 
modern times. 1883. 17cm Harper 75c 

P Impartial presentation, brief and clear. B. & I. 

Socialism. 1894. 19Jcm (Lib. ofecon. 

&pol.) Crowell $1.50 

P Bibliography, p. 399-142. 

Examines its nature, strength and weakness; concedes 
merits generously but in the main disapproves, though 
advocating socialization of monopolies. N. Y. 

Engels, Friedrich. Socialism; tr. by Edward 

Aveling. 1901. 19cm (Arm and hammer ser. ) 

N. Y. labor news co. 50c 

Contents: Utopian socialism; Materialist conception of 
history; Scientific socialism; Apx. The mark. 

Fabian essays in socialism, by G. B. Shaw, Sid- 
ney Webb, William Clarke, Sydney Olivier, 
Annie Besant, ( Jraham Wallas, and Hubert 
Bland; ed. by G. B. Shaw; Amer. ed. by. H. G. 
AVilshire. 1891. 19cm (Social sci. lib.) 

Humboldt pub. co. 75c 
Fabian tracts, nos. 1 to 117; pub. by the Fabian 
society, 1884-1904. 1904. 22cm 

Fabian office 4/6 
The 86 tracts are bound in order of number. Those 
missing are out of print or withdrawn. 
The great propaganda of English socialism. Ed. sel. 

George, Henry. Progress and poverty. New 
ed. 1899. 19£cm Doubleday $1 

Endeavors to show that principal cause of poverty and 
wretchedness in midst of wealth and abundance is pri- 
vate ownership of land. Style engaging and often elo- 
quent. Nation, 31:65 (B) 
Basis of "single tax" theory. 

Gilman,» N: P. Socialism and the American 
spirit, 2ded. 1896. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Select bibliography, p. 367-70. 

Maintains that socialism and extreme forms of indi- 
vidualism are alike unamerican, and that moral improve- 
ment is more needed I ban economic changes. X. Y. 

Graham, William. Socialism, new and old. 
1901. BUcm (Internat. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $1.75 

Historical and critical, with examination of proposed 
remedies for low wages and unemployed labor, and of 
eight-hour working day. B. & I. 

Gronlund, Laurence. Go-operative common- 
wealth; an exposition of modern socialism. 
L896. 19.jcm (Social sci. ser. ) bee $1 

Statement of case for state socialism, with plans for its 
operation. B. it I. 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Hinds, W: A. American communities; rev. ed. 
enl. to incl. additional societies, communistic, 
semi-communistic and co-operative. L902. 20cm 

Kerr si 
Kirktip. Thomas. History of socialism. Rev. 
ed. 1900. 20cm Macmillan $2 

Limited to 19th century. Gives friendly interpretation 
to theories; opposes state control and advocates a social- 
ism only equivalent to co-operation. N. Y. 

Letourneau, C: J. M. Property: its origin 
and development. 1901. L9cm (Contemp. 
Bci. Ber. i Scribner $1.50 

Translation of his Involution ilr !<i propri/tr. First 
published 1892. 

Ethnographic and historical: holds that decrease in 
private holding of property will be future necessity. 

Mackay, Thomas, ed. A plea for liberty; an 
argument against socialism and socialistic leg- 
islation, consisting of an introd. by Herbert 
Spencer and essays by various writers. 1891. 
22cm Appleton $2.25 

On proper limits of state action relating to labor, care 
of poor, schools, post-office, etc. X. Y. 

Laisses/aire and individualism present in formal array 
the arguments by which they hope to check the tide of 
socialism. Pol. sci. q. 6:581 (B) 

Menger, Anton. Right to the whole produce 
of labour: the origin and development of the 
theory of labour's claim to the whole product 
of industry; tr. by M. E. Tanner; introd. and 
bibliography by H. S. Foxwell. 1899. 20cm 

Macmillan $2 n 
Bibliography of English socialist school, p. 191-267. 

Morris, William. Signs of change; 7 lectures. 
1903. 19£ cm Longmans $1.50 

Contents: How we live and how we might live: Whigs, 
democrats and socialists; Feudal England; Hopes of civ- 
ilization; Aims of art; Useful work versus useless toil; 
Dawn of a new epoch. 

& Bax, E. B. Socialism, its growth and 

outcome. 1893. 19jcm 

Scribner $1 

Nordhoff, Charles. Communistic societies of 

the United States. 1875. 23£cm Harper $4 

Valuable account by a trained journalist from personal 

visits and observations in many communistic societies. 

L. A. H. 

Rae, John. Contemporary socialism. 1901. 23cm 

Scribner $2.50 
Third ed. with additional chapter. 
Statement and criticism of principles of Lassalle, Marx, 
Karl Mario, the socialists of the chair, Christian socialists, 
Russian nihilists and Henrv George. N. Y. 

Schafne, A. E. F. Impossibility of social de- 
mocracy; sup. to "The quintessence of social- 

ism;" authorized Eng. ed. with pref. by Bernard 
Bosanquet. 1892. 19cm (Social sci. ser. ) 

Scribner $1.25 
Schafne, A. E. F. Quintessence of socialism; tr. 
under supervision of Bernard Bosanquet. 1898. 
19^cm Scribner $1 

Tho author is opponent of socialism, hook is used by 
socialists in propaganda work and considered a fair 
analysis of Marx's CupiUil. Marot. 

Swift, Lindsay. Brook Farm ; its members, schol- 
ars, and visitors. 1900. 18 Jem (Nat. stud, in 
Amer. letters) Macmillan $1.25 

R List of books and magazine articles, p. 283-92. 

If no humorous aspect of the Farm escapes him, he is 
quick to find and praise whatever was noble and generi »us 
in its inspiration. Nation, 70: 152(B) 

336 Finance 

Adams, H: C. Public debts; an essay in the 
science of finance. 1893. 22 Jem 

Appleton $2.50 
Contents: Public borrowing as a financial policy; Na- 
tional deficit financiering; Local deficit financiering. 

Survey of facts as they were in 1880, with masterly 
statement of economic principles which should limit pub- 
lic indebtedness an'd decide its form. B. & I. 

Science of finance; an investigation of pub- 
lic expenditures and public revenues. 1898. 
22k-m (Amer. sci. ser. Adv.) Holt $2.75 
Applies theory to existing conditions in United States, 
without touching questions of currencv, banking, etc. 
N. Y. 

Bastable, C: F. Public finance. 3d ed. rev. 
1903. 23cm Macmillan $4 n 

Discusses public expenditure, public revenues, princi- 
ples of taxation, taxation on lands, business, property, 
consumption, etc. public credit and debts, and financial 
administration. N. Y. 

Daniels, W. M. Elements of public finance, in- 
cluding the monetary system of the United 
States. 1899. 19cm Holt $1.50 n 

Public finance though defined as a science is treated 
throughout as an art. Attention is concentrated on the 
practical bearings of the subject. Pol. sci. q. 15: 156 (B) 

Dewey, D. R. Financial history of the United 
States. 1903. 20icm (Amer. citizen ser.) 

Longmans $2 
Suggestions for students, teachers and readers, pref. 
p. 9-28. 
References at beginning of chapters. 

Noyes, A. D. Thirty years of American finance; 
a short financial history of the government and 
people of the United States, 1865-1896. 1898. 
20cm Putnam $1.25 

List of authorities, pref. p. 13-15. 

Showsgraspof principles, thorough mastery of facts, and 
skill in unraveling and interpreting complex phenomena. 




Fairminded treatment of political parties and constant 
reference to original sources. W: A. Scott in Pol. sci. q. 
13: 558. 

Plehn, C. 0. Introduction to public finance. 

1897. 19k-in Macmillan $1.60 n 

Seligman, E. It. A. Essays in taxation. 1895. 

23cm Macmillan $3 n 

Legislator and citizen alike may read with alternate 
complacency and mortification, but with uniform profit. 
Nation, 62: 166 (B) 

Wells, D: A. Theory ami practice of taxation. 

1900. 20cm Appleton $2 

We might almost say, no citizen is qualified for proper 

discharge of his political duties without mastering the 

principles here expounded. Nation, 71: 57. 

See aim Public documents list. 

3*7 Tariff 

Bastable, C: F. Commerce of nations. 2d ed. 
rev. 1899. 18 ? cm (Social ques. of to-day) 

Scribner $ln 

Historical sketch of prevailing tariff systems. Compact 
review of arguments for protection. Nation, 56: 89. 

Theory of international trade, with some 

of its applications to economic policy. 4th ed. 
rev. 1903. 20cm Macmillan $1.25 n 

Analytic study from English standpoint. ■ Wis. 
Bastiat, Frederic. Sophisms of protection. 1877. 
19cm (Putnam's pop. man.) Putnam $1 

Also issued under title Essays on political economy. 
Includes 4 parts: Sophisms of protection, 1st and 2nd ser. 
Spoliation and law; Capital and interest. Ed. sel. 

George, Henry. Protection or free trade: an 
examination of the tariff question with especial 
regard to the interests of labor. 1897. 19cm 

Doubleday $1 

Leads up to doctrine that ultimate " free trade" means 
free access to land through operation of single tax. B. &I. 

Laughlin, J. L. , & Willis, H. P. Reciprocity. 
1903. 21 2 cm Baker & T. $2 n 

Bibliography, p. 439-71. 

Contents: Origin and nature of the reciprocity idea; 
Reciprocity with Canada; Reciprocity with Hawaii, 1876- 
1900; Reciprocity and the tariff controversy in the V. S. 
1880-90; Reciprocity and the sugar situation; Reciprocity 
and the McKinley act; Operation of the McKinley act; 
Abandonment of reciprocity; Dingley act; Kasson trea- 
ties; Struggle for reciprocity with Cuba; Present and fu- 
ture of reciprocity. 
Stanwood, Ed-ward. American tariff contro- 
versies in the nineteenth century. 2 v. 1903. 
21 2 cm Houghton $5 n 

Political and historical. Author protectionist, free from 
parti/.un rancor. N. Y. 

Sumner, W: G. Protectionism: the -ism which 
teaches that waste makes wealth. 1888. L7cm 

Holt $1 

Taussig, F. W: The tariff history of the United 
States; a series of essays. 1896. 20cm (Ques. 
of the day) Putnam $1.25 

Accurate, noncontroversial record of facts, by a tariff 
reformer. For general students. N. Y. 

:$:$§ Production. Prices 

Ashley, W: J. ed. British industries; a series 
of general reviews for business men and stu- 
dents. 1903. 19|cm Longmans $1.80 n 

Iron and steel industries, theireonditions and outlook; 
Midland iron and steel wages board; Cotton industry; 
Yorkshire woolen and worsted industries; Linen and tlax 
industry, with special reference to Ireland; British rail- 
ways as business enterprises; British shipping, and its 
present position; Trust movement in Great Britain. 

Baker, C: W. Monopolies and the people. 3d 
ed. rev. 1899. 19$cm (Ques. of the day) 

Putnam $1.50 

Railroad combinations, industrial trusts, monopolies of 
municipal service and labor unions. Griffin. 

Bridge, J. H. ed. The trust: its book; a presen- 
tation of the several aspects of the latest form of 
industrial evolution. 1902. litem 

Doubleday $1.25 n 

A list of books relating to trusts, p. 227-55. 

Eight essays by 0. R. Flint, J. J. Hill, J. H. Bridge, 
S. C. T. Dodd and F. B. Thurber, emphasizing impor- 
tance of the trust as an essential part of our industrial 
system, and showing its advantage as a productive agent. 
Dial, 34: 150. 

Chittenden, H. M. American fur trade of the 
far West; a history of the pioneer trading posts 
and early fur companies of the Missouri valley 
and the Rocky mountains and of the overland 
commerce with Santa Fe. 3 v. 1902. 245cm 
F. P. Harper $10 n 

1806-43. Explains importance and characteristics of fur 
trade, with chronologic narrative of events, biographic 
sketches, and a scientist's description of physical features 
and native tribes. Of great value for beginnings of do- 
mestic expansion and of trans-Pacific relations. Wells. 

Clark, J: B. Control of trusts. 1901. 19 2 em 

Macmillan 60c n 

An attempt to formulate a method by which govern 
mental control can be so exercised that the benefits of 
trusts may be secured and ill effects eliminated. A. ('. 
Pigou in Econ.j. 12: 63. 

Collier, W: M. The trusts. What can we do 
with them'.' What can they do for us? 1900. 
19 2 em Twentieth cent, press $1.25 

Clear and brief explanation of consolidation of indus- 
try, with particular consideration of relations to tariff and 
territorial expansion. World's work, 1:21 1. 

Crookes, Sir William. The wheal problem; 
based on presidential address to the British as- 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Bociation, 1898, rev. with chapters on the fu- 
ture wheat supply of the United States by C. W. 
Davis and John Hyde. 1900. 20cm (Ques. 
of the day Putnam $1.25 

Three very suggestive lines of thought: (1) possibility 
of increasing supply of nitrogen available for wheat crops 
by general utilisation of sewage; (2) practicability of at- 
taining the same end by electrically fixing free nitrogen 
of the air: (S) increasing arable lands by irrigation. 
Engin. n. 43:280 

Edgar, W: C. Story of a grain of wheat 1903. 
I9$cm Appleton $1 

P History and present status of wheat, including its 
place in vegetable world, use in ancient and modern 
times, development of wheat growing industry, flour 
milling and relation of tariff and transportation to wheat 
and flour trade. Engin. n. v. 49. June IS lit. sup. p. 68. 

Ely, R: T. Monopolies and trusts. 1900. 19|cm 
(Cit. lib. of econ., pol. <fcsociol.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

S Tt. 7 of his Distribution •>/ wealth. 

Full of information, moderate and impartial. Pol. sci. q. 
15:547 (B i 

Halle, E. L. von. Trusts; or, Industrial combi- 
nations and coalitions in the United States. 
1899. 19cm Macmillan $1.25 

Sketches forms, objects and effects of organization, 
corporation law and public opinion in United States. 
Appendixes give specimen contracts, national and state 
legislation, lists of combinations, bibliography, etc. N. Y. 

Hobson, J: A. Evolution of modern capitalism: 
a study of machine production. 1894. 19cm 
(Contemp. sci. ser. ) Scribner $1.50 

Discussion of effects of machinery on labor, industrial 
depressions, women's work, wages and evolution of the 
trust. Buffalo. 

Jenks, J. W. Trust problem. Rev. ed. 1903. 
18cm McClure $1 n 

P S Bibliographic note, p. 317-18. 

Brief compendium of industrial conditions as affecting 
combinations. By expert agent of U. S. industrial com- 
mission. N. Y. 

Kropotkin, P. A. prince. Fields, factories and 
workshops; or, Industry combined with agri- 
culture and brain work with manual work. 
1901. 19 Jem Putnam 90c n 

Le Rossig-nol, J. E: Monopolies past and pres- 
ent: an introductory study. 1901. lOJcm 
(Lib. of econ. & pol.) Crowell $1.25 

P Bibliography, p. 2. 

Lloyd, H: D. Wealth against commonwealth. 
1894. 22cm Harper $2.50 Pop. ed. $1 

A study of trusts, particularly of the Standard oil com- 

Macrosty, H: W: Trusts and the state, a sketch 
of competition. 1901. 19 Jem (Fabian ser.) 

Dutton $1.50 n 

Maintains that state should guide tendency toward 
monopoly so that it will terminate in the passing of 
industry into public ownership. Author. 

Meade, E: S. Trustfinance; a study of the gene- 
sis, organization, and management of industrial 
combinations. 1903. 20cm (Appletons' bus. 
ser.) Appleton $1.25 n 

S Dispassionate. 

Extended examination of United States steel corpora- 
tion of particular interest. /. pol. econ. 12:156. 

Montague, G. H. The rise and progress of the 
Standard oil company. 1903. 19£em 

Harper $1 n 

S First published as 2 articles in the Quarterly journal 
of economics, Feb. 1902 and Feb. 1903. Pref. 

Study made while author was Ricardo scholar in econom- 
ics at Harvard, 1900-1. 

Remarkably free from bias. Annate Amer. acad.pol. sci. 

See also Public documents list. 

339 Consumption. Pauperism 

Booth, Charles. Pauperism, a picture; and The 

endowment of old age, an argument. 1892. 

]9Jcm Macmillan $1.25 

Advocates pensions to all persons over 65 and would 

meet cost by taxation on imported articles. Marot. 

Bosanquet, Mrs Helen (Dendy) Strength of 
the people; a study in social economics. 1902. 
23cm Macmillan $2.75 n 

A fairminded statement of all the issues involved in 
selecting a policy for relief of the distressed. ('. E. Collet 
i.i Econ.j. 13:84. 

Willard, J. F. Tramping with tramps; studies 
and sketches of vagabond life, by Josiah Flynt. 
1899. 19icm Century $1.50 

P R Outcome f 10 years actual experience as a tramp. 
N. Y. 

His gift for vagabondage is like another man's gift for 
music. Belongs to class of books that are light reading 
for indolent readers, and also recognized authorities to 
students. Nation. 69:321 (B) 

340 Law 

Baldwin, S. E. Modern political institutions. 
1898. 21cm . Little $2 n 

Thirteen chapters, each dealing with an institution of 
vital importance, which, though sometimes considered 
chiefly historically, is always revealed in its present 
place and perspective. Outl. 60: 541 (B) 

Bouvier, John. Bouvier's law dictionary; new 

ed. rev. by Francis Rawie. 2 v. 1897. 25£crn 

Rf Boston bk. co. $12 n 




Bryce, James. Studies in history and jurispru- 
dence. 1901. 22cm Clarendon $3.50 
Lectures on constitutions of various English speaking 
countries and comparison of Roman and English legal 
development. N. Y. 

Holland, T: E. Elements of jurisprudence. 
9th ed. 1900. 23 2 cm Clarendon $2.60 

Maine, Sir H: S. Ancient law, its connection 
with the early history of society and its rela- 
tion to modern ideas. 3d Amer. ed. n. d. 
22kmi Holt $3.50 

He has taken the best historians of Roman law, united 
and vivified, extended and illustrated their conclusions 
in his own comprehensive way, and made obscure things 
luminous. Woodrow Wilson in Allan. 82: 867 (B) 

Dissertations on early law and custom. 

1886. 23cm Holt $3.50 

Contents: Sacred laws of the Hindus; Religion and 
law; Ancestor worship; Ancestor worship and inherit- 
ance; Royal succession and the Salic law; The king in 
his relation to early civil justice; Theories of primitive 
society; East European house communities; Decay of 
feudal property in France and England: Classifications 
of property; Classifications of legal rules; Index. 

Markby, Sir William. Elements of law consid- 
ered with reference to principles of general 
jurisprudence. 5th ed. 1896. 22Jcm 

Clarendon $3 

341 International law 

Davis, C. K. Treatise on international law, in- 
cluding American diplomacy; introd. by H: C. 
Lodge; annot. and rev. by P: J. Ilealy. 1901. 
20cm Keefe-Davidson $3.50 

Taylor, Hannis. Treatise on international 
public law. 1901. 24 2 cm Callaghan $6.50 n 

List Of authorities, pref. p. 47-61. 

"Woolsey, T. D. Introduction to the study of 
international law; 6th ed. rev. by T. 8. Wool- 
sey. 1901. 21cm Scribner $2.50 
selection of works and documents on international 
law, p. 105-22. 

See also Public documents list. 

342 Constitutional law and history 

Andrews, I. W. Manual of the constitution of 
the United States, rev. by Homer Morris. 
L900. 19cm | Eclec. educ. ser.) 

Amer. bk. CO. $1 
Anson, Sir W: R. haw and custom of the con- 
stitution. 2d-3d e<>. 2 v. 1896-97. 23cm 

Clarendon pt. 1, $3.25; pt. 2, $3.50 

Contents: pt. l, Parliament, pt. 2, The crown. 

An analysis of the details of the constitution, from writs 
of summons to attend parliament to prorogation or dis- 
solution of the body, J. W. Burgess in Pol. 8Ci. ij. 1: 505 (B) 

Ashley, R. L. American federal state; text- 
book in civics. 1902. 21cm Macmillan $2 n 
Bagehot, Walter. English constitution, and 
other political essays. Rev. ed. 1903. 205cm 

Appleton $2 

R "American preface" signed: E. L. Y. (i. e. Edward 
Livingston Youmans) 

Essays: Character of Lord Brougham; Character of Sir 
Robert Peel. 

A keen and philosophic exposition of principles. Clearly 
expounds difference between nominal and actual English 
constitution, and the practical working relations of crown, 
cabinet, commons and lords. L. A. H. 

Blauvelt, M.. T. Development of cabinet gov- 
ernment in England. 1902. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 
shows how the cabinet came into existence and how 
its powers developed. Buffalo. 

Bodley, J: E: C. France. 2v. 1898. 20cm 

Macmillan $2.50 n 

Contents: v. 1, The revolution and modern France; 
The constitution and the chief of the state, v. 2, Parlia- 
mentary system; Political parties. 

From revolution. Describes clearly and from actual 
knowledge constitution, government, political conditions 
and methods. Believes centralization, not pure democ- 
racy, the ultimate destiny of France. N. Y. 

A juster view of France does not exist in English. 
Acad. 53:221 (B) 

Bourinot, Sir J: G: How Canada is governed. 
5th ed. 1902. 21 2 cm Copp $1 

A short account of its executive, legislative, judicial and 
municipal institutions, with an historical outline of their 
origin and development. Title. 

Elementary. Best short manual. L. A. H. 

Manual of the constitutional history of 

Canada to 1901. Rev. ed. 1901. 22 2 cm 

Copp 50c n 
Principal authorities, pref. p. 9-12. 

Useful and lucid summary of principal points in evolu- 
tion of federal system in Canada. French regime passed 
over briefly. L. A. H. 

Bryce, James. American commonwealth. 3d 
ed. rev. 2 v. 1893-95. 21cm 

Macmillan $4 n 

R Contents:' v. 1, The national government; The state 
governments, v. 2, The party system; Public opinion; 
Illustrations and reflections; Social institutions. 

Abridged ed. SI .75 n ■ 

of rare philosophic power and insight, easily first 
among descriptions and criticisms of American political 
and social institutions. Based on extensive personal 
knowledge of U.S. as well as thorough study of its history. 
L. A. H. 
Burgess, J: W: Political science and compara- 
tive constitutional law. 2 v. 1902. 23 2 cm 
(Columbia univ. systematic ser.) (linn $5 

S Contents: v. 1, Sovereignty and liberty, v. 2, Govern- 



Comparison of constltutiona] systems oi United states. 
Great Britain. France and Germany, from point of view 
of an abstruse theoretic discussion of the nature of go^ 
eminent, state and nation. Author's personal views 
strongly emphasized. I.. A. H. 

Cooley. T: M. General principles of constitu- 
tional law in the United states of America; 3d 
ed. by A. C. McLaughlin. L898. 20cm (Stu- 
dents' ser. I Little $2.50 n 

Best brief manual. Systematic, >im;>le ami clear; 
exposition admirable. L. A. H. 

Courtney, L. H: Working constitution of the 
United Kingdom. 1901. 21cm 

Maemillan si' rj 

History and development outlined. Defects and incon- 
sistencies of existing machinery of government pointed 
out and possible remedies suggested. Amer. hist. r. 7:587. 

Dicey, A. "V. Introduction to the study of the 
law of the constitution. 6th ed. 1902. 23cm 

Maemillan $3.50 
Best introductory book on English constitution. Con- 
tains thoughtful analysis of U. S. constitution. B. & I. 

Federalist. Federalist, a commentary on the 
Constitution of the United States; reprinted fr. 
the original text of Alexander Hamilton, John 
Jay and James Madison; ed. by H: C. Lodge. 
1902. 21cm Putnam $1.50 

Written at the very birth of the Union by those who 
watched its cradle, and recording, incidentally, and 
therefore all the more faithfully, the impressions and an- 
ticipations of the friends and enemies of the infant con- 
stitution. James Bryce. 

Fiske, John. Civil government in the United 
States, considered with some reference to its 
origins. Xew ed. 1904. 20cm 

Houghton $1 n 
Y Attractively written elementary account, descrip- 
tive and historical. L. A. H. 

Ford, H: J. Rise and growth of American pol- 
itics; a sketch of constitutional development. 
1898. 19cm Maemillan $1.50 

Aims to explain causes rather than narrate events, so 
that a reader may understand our actual system of gov- 
ernment. Pref. 

Fowler, W: W. City-state of the Greeks and 
Romans. 1895. 18$cm (Maemillan' s man.) 

Maemillan $1 n 
Shows to what extent modern civilization has adopted 

ancient political ideas. Valuable as introduction to 
study of ancient history. L. & I. 

Freeman, E: A: Growth of the English consti- 
tution from the earliest times. 1898. 19£ciu 

Maemillan 81.75 
R Little and good. Covers in some 150 pages the whole 
course of the constitution. The argument clear and direct, 
the English simple and manly. Sat. r. 33: 573 (B) 

Frothingham, Richard. Rise of the republic 
of the United States [1643-1790] 8th ed. L902. 

23cm Little $3.50 

A discussion of causes. Based on original sources; 
choice of facts ami arguments made with great skill and 
judgment. L. A. H. 

Fustel de Coulang-es, N. D. The ancient city: 
a study on the religion, laws and institutions of 
Greece and Rome; tr. by Willard Small. 10th 
ed. 1901. 20£cm Lee $2 

Its value depends not so much on amount of ascer- 
tained truth as on the new angle at which it presents 
every fact and institution of the ancient world. H. A. L. 
Fisher in Eng. hist. r. 5: 3 (B) 

Hallam, Henry. Constitutional history of Eng- 
land, from Henry VII to George II [1485- 
1760] 2 v. 1897. 19£cm Armstrong $2.50 
S Still valuable, though in light of later research much 
of the information needs correction. Written with in- 
sight, sound judgment and impartiality, but has whig bias. 
L. A. H. 

Hart, A. B. Actual government as applied under 
American conditions. 1903. 205cm (Amer. 
citizen ser. ) Longmans $1' 

Select bibliography of American government. Pref. p." 

An attempt to describe the government as one might 
undertake to describe a great railroad. Author. 

Hoist, H. E. von. Constitutional and political 
history of the United States [to 1861] 8 v. 
1881-92. 22 5 cm Callaghan $12 n 

No other historian has followed out the main lines of 
our historical development with so keen a logic or so in- 
dependent a spirit. H. Adams and H. ('. Lodge in No. 
Amer. 123: 328. 

Hoxie, C. De F. How the people rule; civics 
for boys and girls. 1903. 19cm Silver 40c n 

Y Shows importance of law and government, and ex- 
plains U. S. local and national systems. Emphasizes per- 
sonal responsibility. N. Y. 

James, J. A., & Sanford, A. H. Government 
in state and nation. 1901. 20cm 

Seribner $1 n 
Reference books, p. 375-78, 

Textbook for secondary schools. Chapters supple- 
mented by questions and references. X. Y. 

Lowell, A. L. Governments and parties in con- 
tinental Europe. 2 v. 1900. 22£cm 

Houghton $5 
Studies relations between development of parties and 
mechanism of government, sketching recent history of 
France, Italy, Germany, Austro-Hungary and Switzer- 
land. Appendix contains constitutions in original lan- 
guages. N. Y. 

Macy, Jesse. English constitution. 1903. 

20.]cm Maemillan $2 n 

Purpose to show ever changing character of American 

constitution by comparing and contrasting it with his- 




tory and latest development of English constitution. 
One of best accounts of organization and operation of 
British parliamentary government. L. A. H. 

May, T: E. baron Farnboroiiyh. Constitutional 
history of England 1760-1860; with a new sup- 
plementary chapter, 1861-71. 11th ed. 3 v. 
1896. 18£cm Longmans $4.50 

History of parties, the press and liberty of opinion, per- 
sonal liberty, religions liberty, local as well as central 
government, Ireland before the Union, government of 
British colonies and dependencies and the progress of 
general legislation. Sat. r. 16: 438 (B) 

Medley, D. J. Student's manual of English con- 
stitutional history. 2d ed. 1898. 20|cm 

Macmillan $3.50 n 

Treats subject by topics. Marginal references to stand- 
ard works. Brief synopses of some important cases in 
English constitutional law appended. Eminently usable 
and accurate. L. A. H. 

Merriam, C: E: History of American political 
theories. 1903. 19cm (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & 
sociol.) Macmillan $1.50 n 

Bibliography, p. 349-56. 
Stubbs. "William. Constitutional history of Eng- 
land in its origin and development [to 1485] 
3 v. 1896-97. 20cm (Clarendon press ser.) 
Clarendon $2.60 ea 

Vol. 1, 6th ed. 1M>7; v. 2, 4th ed. 1896; v. 3, 5th ed. 1896. 
In depth and thoroughness of research, keenness of in- 
sight, soundness of judgment, unsurpassed. L. A. H. 

Tocqueville, Alexis de. Democracy in America; 
translation by Henry Reeve, as rev. and annot. 
by Francis Bowen; introd. by D. C. Gilman. 

2. v. 189S. 21.]cm Century $5 

One of the few treatises on the philosophy of politics 
which has riven to the rank of a classic. James Bryce. 

Vincent, J: M. Government in Switzerland. 

1900. 19.U'in (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & sociol.) 

.Macmillan $1.25 n 

Literature, p. 341-61). 

Exhaustive exposition of the whole framework and ad- 
ministration of Swiss government. Lit. world 31: 222. 

See also Public documents list. 

347 Treatises 

Blackstone, Sir William. Commentaries on the 
laws of England; with analysis and notes by 
T: M. Cooley; 4th ed. by .1. D. Andrews. 2 v. 
1899. 25cm Callaghan $9 n 

The best survey, at once concise and comprehensive, of 
English law that has ever appeared, .lames Bryce ( B) 

Burdick, F. M. Essentials of business law. 
1902. 20cm (Twentieth cent, text-bks) 

Appleton $1.10 n 

P Shows how rules of law governing ordinary busi- 

ness transactions have been developed, defines common 

legal terms, teaches proper forms and uses of negotiable 
paper, gives useful information concerning conveyance 
of land. etc. Educ. r. 23: 322. 

Holmes, O. W. jr. The common law. 1881. 
21 Jem Little $3 

S Ingenious; temperate; rich in thought, argument 
and brilliant intuitions. Atner. law r. 15: 331 (B) 

Pollock, Sir Frederick. First book of jurispru- 
dence for students of the common law. 1896. 
19£cm Macmillan $1.75 

349 Foreign law 

Hadley, James. Introduction to Roman law. 
1904. 18£cni Appleton $1.25 

S Complete institutes of Roman law, aside from law of 
actions. Style characterized by peculiar precision and 
often enlightened by colloquial vivacity and even humor. 
No. Amcr. 118:214 (B) 

350 Administration 

Goodnow, F. J. Comparative administrative 
law; an analysis of the administrative systems, 
national and local, of the United States, Eng- 
land, France and Germany. Student's ed. 
1903. 22cm Putnam $3 

S Seeks to give concise comparative view of adminis- 
trative as distinguished from constitutional law. Based 
on first hand study but written for students rather than 
mature scholars. Point of view not seldom European. 
L. A. H. 

Politics and administration; a study in 

government. 1900. 19 Jem 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

S Lays much stress on extra-legal institutions and 
gives interestingly the history and philosophy of such 
spontaneous political growths as the party, the spoils 
system and the boss. Dial. 30: 48 (B) 

Wilson, Woodrow. The state; elements of his- 
torical and practical politics. 1898. 21cm 

Heath $2 

Reviews, in extended summary form, the leading fea- 
tures of all the more important ancient and modern sys- 
tems of government. Dial, 10; 309 (B) 

351 Central government 

Booth, Charles. Old age pensions. 1899. 20cm 

Macmillan $3.50 

Leupp, F. E. How to prepare for a civil serv- 
ice examination, with recent questions and 
answers. 1899. 19 Jem Hinds $2 

What the government classified service now is, qual- 
ifications required in candidates, and many examples of 
recent papers. Dissipates misleading impressions of 
these examinations. Pittsburg. 

>SVr also Public documents list. 

SOCIOLOGY — Administration 


352 Local government 

Bernis, E: W. >■•!. Municipal monopolies. 1$99. 
19}cm (Lib. of econ. & pol. ) Crowell $2 

Papers by experts on waterworks, electric and gas 
lighting, the telephone, and street railways. Favors 
municipal ownership. N. Y. 

Ely. R: T. The coming city. 1902. 19cm 

Crowell 60c n 

Bibliography, p. 8-9. 

Aims to point out tendencies in the past and present 
and to describe and illustrate the progress in the spirit of 
municipal reform. Author. 

Appendix gives some suggestive programs and plat- 
forms for municipal leagues. Pittsburg. 

Fairlie, J: A. Municipal administration. 1901. 
22$cm Macmillan $3 n 

Past trend and present status clearly shown. Engin. n. 

Goodhue. W: F. Municipal improvements; a 

manual of methods, utility, and cost of public 

improvements. 3d ed. rev. 1903. 19cm 

Wiley |1.75 
For municipal officers without engineering training. 

Goodnow, F. J. Municipal home rule; a study 
in administration. 1895. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 
S Study of relations of city and state from legal point 
of view, wfth special reference to question of home rule 
for American cities. Brooks. 

Municipal problems. 1897. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

S Argues forcibly that local affairs should be controlled 

by city council rather than mayor, matters of general 

concern by a permanent state board of supervision. N. Y. 

National municipal league. A municipal pro- 
gram; report of a committee adopted Nov. 17, 
1899; with other papers. 1900. 2Hcm 

Macmillan $1 n 

Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in conti- 
nental Europe. 1901. 21 Jem Macmillan $2 n 
R Presents essential framework and functioning of 
French, German and Austrian cities, with special studies 
of the larger and more progressive cities. Full of sug- 
gestions for American students and reformers. Brooks. 

Municipal government in Great Britain. 

1901. 21 Jem Macmillan $2 n 

Does for Glasgow, Manchester) Birmingham and Lon- 
don what the preceding volume does lor continental 
Europe Brooks. 

Weber, A. F. Growth of cities in the nineteenth 
century: study in statistics. 1899. 22jcm 
(Columbia univ. stud, in hist. econ. and pub. 
law) Macmillan $4 n 

S R Bibliographic note, p. 476-78. 

Study of facts, present tendencies and ultimate results 
of modern drift of population to cities the world over. 
Accurate. Brooks. 

Zueblin, Charles. American municipal prog, 
ress; chapters in municipal sociology. 1902- 
19cm (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. &sociol.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 
Contents: Municipal sociology; Transportation; Public 
works; Sanitation; Public schools; Public libraries; Pub- 
lie buildings; Parks and boulevards; Public recreation; 
Public control, ownership, and operation. 

353 United States and state govern- 

Brooks, E. S. Century book for young Ameri- 
cans. 1894. 24J x 19icm Century $1.50 

Y Underguise of a tour to Washington by a party of boys 
and girls, author describes actual workings of national 
government in its various departments. Photographic 
illustrations. L. A. H. 

Dole, C: F. Young citizen. 1899. 18£cm. 

Heath 45c n 

Y Explains government, voting, taxes, etc. and shows 
that children should be good citizens. N. Y. 

Harrison, Benjamin. This country of ours. 
1897. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

P Constitution and practical workings of Congress, the 
presidency, executive departments, judiciary, Smithson- 
ian institution, civil service and other commissions. X.Y. 

The ship of state, by those at the helm. 1903. 
19cm. (Youths' companion ser. ) Ginn 75c 

Y Contents: The presidency, by T. Roosevelt; Life of a 
senator, by H: C. Lodge; Life of a congressman, by T: B. 
Reed; United States supreme court, by D: J. Brewer: 
How Jack lives, by J: D. Long: Naval war college, by 
.1: D. Long; How our soldiers are fed, by W; C. Sanger; 
How the army is clothed, by M. F. Ludington; Good 
manners and diplomacy, by W: R. Day: How foreign 
treaties are made, by H: C. Lodge; Uncle Ram's law 
business, by J. R. Richards; American post office, by 
W. L. Wilson. 

For older boys and girls. 

See also Public documents list. 

355-359 military and naval science 

Firth, C: H. Cromwell's army; a history of the 
English soldier during the civil wars, the com- 
monwealth and the protectorate. 1902. 19Jcm 

Methuen 7/6; Pott $1.75 n 

Hancock, H. I. Life at West Point. 1902. 

20cm Putnam $1.40 n 

RY Describes training of army officers; studies, drill, 
discipline and amusements. N. Y. 

360 Associations and institu- 

Brackett, J. R. Supervision and education in 
charity. 1903. 17icm ( Amer. philan. of 19th 
cent.) Macmillan $1 n 

Describes development of American charities to pres- 
ent organization and special training. N. Y. 





Henderson, C: R. Introduction to the study of 
the dependent, defective, and delinquent classes, 
and of their social treatment. 2d ed. 1901. 
2(Hcm Heath $1.50 n 

Appendix containing suggestions, references, etc., 
p. 349-94. 

Compendious, suggestive and enlightening. Alto- 
gether the best book of its kind either for general reading 
or for classroom work. Hartford gem. rec. 12: 150 (B) 

361 Charitable 

Devine, E: T: Practice of charity; individual, 

associated and organized. 1901. 17crn (Hand- 

bks for pract. workers in church and philan. ) 

Lentilhon & co. 65c n 

Brief bibliography, pref. p. 9-10. 

Indispensable for the practical worker among the poor. 
Loch, C:S. Charity organization. 2d ed. 1892. 
lgicm. (Social sci. ser.) 

Scribner $1 
A perfect little manual. Ath. '90, 2: 126. 
Philanthropy and social progress; seven essays, 
with introd. by H: C. Adams. 1893. 19£cm 

Crowell $1.50 

Essays on social settlements, principles and dangers of 
charity administration, philanthropy and morality, etc. 
by Jane Addams, R. A. Woods, Father Huntington, F. H: 
Giddings and Bernard Bosanquet. Practical and stimu- 
lating. N. Y. 
Warner, A. G. American charities; a study of 
philanthropy and economics. 1894. 19£cm 
(Lib. of econ.) Crowell $1.75 

Bibliographic index, p. 421-30. 

Review of current methods of Amer. charities, with in- 
formed and sensible criticism. Admirable for practical 
worker. L. & I. 

362 Hospitals, asylums, etc. 

Folks, Homer. Care of destitute, neglected, and 
delinquent children. 1902. 18cm (Amer. phi- 
lan. of 19th cent. ) Macmillan $1 n 

From no other work of like compass can so much useful 
information on this subject be obtained, R. ofr. 


364 Reformatory 

Boies, H: M. Science of penology; the defence 
of society against crime. 1901. 23.1cm 

Putnam $3.50 n 
Record of observations and meditations of a man of ex- 
perience. Conclusions .summarized in a working program 
at end. Amer. j. social. 8: 189. 
Booth, Mrs M. B. (Charlesworth) After 
prison— what? 1903. 21cm Revell $1.25 n 
Illustration of the value of personal service and ringing 
indictment of society for its attitude towanl the ex-eon- 
vict. Annul* Amer. acad. pol. sci. 23: 349. 

Dugdale, R: L. "The Jukes"; a study in 
crime, pauperism, disease and heredity. 5th ed. 
1895. 19icm ( Ques. of the day ) Putnam $1 
A wonderful book. Shows by personal investigation of 
a single pauper tribe, traced back 150 years, the relations 
of heredity and crime. J. R. Commons. 

Ellis, Havelock. The criminal. 2d ed. 1900. 
19cm (Contemp. sci. ser.) Scribner $1.50 

Review of results reached by students of criminal an- 
thropology in Italy, France, Germany, England and the 
U. S. with criticism. B. & I. 

Morrison, W: D. Crime and its causes. 1891. 
192dn (Social sci. ser.) Scribner $1 

Argues that only hope of diminishing habitual crimi- 
nal population is to lessen number of recruits, most of 
whom are to be found between the ages of 16 and 21. 
Acad. 40:235 (B) 

Juvenile offenders. 1897. 19Jcm (Crimi- 
nology ser.) Appleton $1.50 

Written round the thesis that in dealing with juvenile 
crime the only method which holds out any reasonable 
prospect of success is educational, not punitive. By far 
the best and most suggestive work [1897] on juvenile 
crime in our language. Sat. r. 83:450 (B) 

Tallack, William. Penological and preventive 
principles, with special reference to Europe and 
America, and to crime, pauperism and their 
prevention. 2d ed. 1896. 22cm 

Wertheimer 8/ 

One of the best known and most popular works on 
crime. Author secretary of the Howard association, Lon- 
don, and his counsels deserve attention. Amer.j. sociol. 

Wines, F: H. Punishment and reformation; an 
historical sketch of the rise of the penitentiary 
system. 1895 19icm (Lib. of econ. & pol. ) 

Crowell $1. 75 
P Authorities, pref. p. 8. 

Deserves attention of students and professional men. 
In no other one book can one find the essential questions 
as well treated for the American public. Amer.j. snciol. 
[1895] 1:501 (B) 

370 Education 

Butler, N: M. Meaning of education, and other 
essays and addresses. 1903. lO.Vm 

Macmillan $1 

Contents: Meaning of education; What knowledge is 
of most worth? Is there a new education ? Democracy and 
education; The American college and the American uni- 
versity; Function of the secondary school; Reform of sec- 
ondary education in the United states. 

Davidson, Thomas. Rousseau and education 
according to nature. 1898. 19cm (Great edu- 
cators) Scribner $1 a 
Brief bibliography, p. 245-46. 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


De Garnio, Charles. Herbart and the Ilerbar- 

tiana 1895. 19cm (Great educators) 

Scribner $1 n 
Bibliography, p. 257-68 

Interest and education; the doctrine of in- 

terest and its concrete application. 1902. 20cm 

Macmillan $1 n 

Based on belief that education mnsiMs. not alone in 
developing the intellect, but in forming, guiding or re- 
pressing the feelings and impulses, and that doctrine of 
interest applied to education will lead to this larger and 
deeper culture. Educ r. 26:64. 

Dewey, John. School and society. 1900. 195cm 

Chicago univ. $1 
Contents: The school and social progress; School and 
the life of the child; Waste in education; Three years of 
the University elementary school. 

Dutton, S: T. Social phases of education in the 
school ami the home. 1899. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Social rather than scholastic point of view. For parents 
and teachers. Educ. r. 19: 337. 

Eliot, C:W: Educational reform. 1898. 21Jcm 

Century $2 

Teachers' tenure of office; Education of ministers: Can 
school programs be shortened and enriched? Electives in 
college admission requirements, etc. 

Addresses 1869-1897. A plea for unification of educa- 
tional forces from lowest to highest and for adaptation 
of teaching to the individual. N. Y. 

Felkin, H: M., & Felkin, Mrs Emmie. Intro- 
duction to Herbart' s Science and practice of 
education; with a pref. by Oscar Browning. 
1900. 18 5 cm (Heath's ped. lib.) Heath $1 

Answers question: Who is Herbart and what did he and 
his followers teach? better than any account of the Her- 
bartian method hitherto published in English. Oscar 
Browning in pref. 

Fitch, Sir J. G. Educational aims and methods; 
lectures and addresses. 1900. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.25 n 
Includes, among others, critical studies of Socrates, 
Ascham, Thring, Joseph Lancaster and Pestalozzi. 

Henderson, C: H. Education and the larger 
life. 1902. 2O5C.n1 Houghton $1.30 n 

Contents: Point of view: The social purpose; Source of 
power; Organic education; Cause and effect; Childhood; 
Youth; Holidays; At the university; The experimental 
life; The agents of the social purpose. 

Its main value lies in its sincere and inspiring idealism. 
Joseph Jastrow. 

Hughes, R. E: The making of citizens; a study 
in comparative education. 1902. 19cm (Con- 
temp, sci. .-er. ) Scribner $1.50 
Contrasts points of difference in educational systems of 
Germany, France, England and the U. S. Pittsburg. 

Huxley, T: H: Science and education. 1901. 
19cm Appleton $1.25 

Contents: Joseph Priestley; On the educational value of 
the natural history sciences? Emancipation, black and 
white, A liberal education, and where to find it; Scien- 
tific education; Science and culture; On science and art 
in relation to education; Universities, actual and ideal; 
Address on university education; On the study of biology; 
On elementary instruction in physiology; On medical 
education; The state and medical profession; Connection 
of the biological sciences with medicine; School boards, 
what they can do and what they may do; Technical 
education; Address on behalf of the National association 
for the promotion of technical education. 

James, William. Talks to teachers on psychol- 
ogy; and to students on some of life's ideals. 
1899. 19 2 cm Holt $1.50 

Enough psychology to answer the present purpose, pre- 
sented in beautifully clear and simple English and well 
illustrated by examples drawn from common observa- 
tion. One of its charms is its uniform good sense. B. A. 
Hinsdale in Dial, 27:276 (B) 

Locke, John. Some thoughts concerning edu- 
cation; with introd. and notes by R. H. Quick. 
1902. 17cm ( Pitt press ser.) Macmillan $1 n 
Of all Locke's works perhaps the most universally ap- 
proved; in truth a golden treatise, the very incarnation 
of good sense and right feeling. Richard Garnett. 

McMurry, C: A. Elements of general method. 
Rev. ed. 1903. 19cm Macmillan 90c n 

Simple presentation of aim of education, relative value 
of studies, doctrine of interest, culture epochs, theory of 
arranging studies and apperception from Herbartian point 
of view. E. R. Shaw. 

Mullany, P. F. Essays educational; by Brother 
Azarias. 1896. 20cm McBride $1.50 

Contents: Cloistral schools; The Palatine school; >fe- 
diseval university life; University colleges, origin and 
methods; The primary school in the middle ages; Simul- 
taneous method in teaching; Beginnings of the normal 
school; M. Gabriel Compayre as an historian of pedagogy. 

National educational association. Journal of 
proceedings. Latest vol. 23 2 cm *2 

Formerly National teachers' association. 

Oppenheim, Nathan. Mental growth and con- 
trol. 1902. 185cm (Personal prob. ser.) 

Macmillan $1 n 

R Relates both physiology and psychology to growth 
of character, development of mental power, education 
of imagination, control of emotions, training of the rea- 
son and guidance of will. Outl. 70 : 638 (B) 

Spalding, J: L. bp. 

tion. 1895. 18cm 

Means and ends of educa- 
McClurg $1 

Marked by clear thinking, deep sympathy, reverent 
faith in God and human nature, high ideals and prac- 
tical ideas as to working them out. B. A. Hinsdale. 




Spencer, Herbert. Education: intellectual, 
moral and physical. 1900. 20$cm 

Appleton $1.25 

Not only one of the most readable but also one of the 
most important books in the English language. R. H. 
Quick (B) 


Compayre, Gabriel. History of pedagogy; tr. by 
W.H.Payne. 1899. 18cm (Heath' sped, lib.) 

Heath $1.75 

Condensed statement of aims and systems of education. 
Largely devoted to education in France. Nation, 12Ag86 

Cubberley, E. P. Syllabus of lectures on the his- 
tory of education, with selected bibliographies. 
2 v. 1902. 26cm Macmillan $2.50 n 

Specially useful bibliographies accompany each subject. 
Of use to librarians, students of educational history, and 
above all to teachers planning or developing such a 
course. Educ. r. 26 : 57. 

Davidson, Thomas. Education of the Greek 
people and its influence on civilization. 1894. 
ISjcm ( Internal, educ. ser. ) Appleton $1.50 

Prominence given to different stages ingrowth of Greek 
political, ethical and religious consciousness. Pref. 

History of education. 

1900. 19£cm 

Scribner $1 n 

S Bibliography, p v 277-82. 

Attempts to correlate each system of education with 
the age which formulated it and to point out the histori- 
cal and philosophic evolution. N. Y. 

Kemp, E. L. History of education. 1902. 
192cm (Lippincott's educ. ser.) 

Lippincott $1.25 

P Bibliography, p. 355-59. 

Aims to single out those events which illustrate most 
clearly the genesis and evolution of existing systems 
and method. R. of r. 26: 507. 

Quick, R. H. Essays on educational reformers. 
1890. 18Jcm (Internat. educ. ser.) 

Appleton $1.50 

Trace:- development of educational ideals and methods 
by a scries of keen illuminating essays on 14 great leaders 
from renaissance to present day. N. Y. 

Most valuable history of education in our mother 
tongue [1897] W: T. Harris. 

Ware, Fabian. Educational foundations of trade 
and industry. L901. lH.jcm (Internat. educ. 
ser.) Appleton $1.20 n 

• Examines and compares systems developed in Ger- 
many, France and U. B. for education of industrial 
classes and points out need of organization in England, 
N. Y. 

371 Teachers; methods; discipline 

Burrag-e, Seveiance, & Bailey, H: T. School 

sanitation and decoration. 1899. 20cm 

Heath $1.50 

Treats of location, construction, ventilation, heating, 
lighting, sanitary care, furniture, and of details of form, 
finish and decoration. Suggestive chapter on beauty in 
school work. List of suitable pictures and easts. N. Y. 

Dutton, S: T. School management; practical 
suggestions concerning the conduct and life of 
the school. 1903. 19£cm Scribner $1 n 

Bibliography, p. 276-78. 

Fitch, Sir J. G. Lectures on teaching. Newed. 
1901. 17 Jem Macmillan $1 n 

Delivered at Cambridge univ. 1880. 

As a popular exposition of the art of teaching it is un- 
surpassed [1903] Impressive by its wide outlook, sound 
common sense, largemindedness and expository power. 
Expressed in simple, lucid, harmonious English. Educ. r. 

Ham, C: H: Mind and hand; manual train- 
ing the chief factor in education. 1900. 19cm 
Amer. bk. co. $1.25 
Third ed. of his Manual training. 

Hinsdale, B. A. Art of study; a manual for 
teachers and students of the science and the art 
of teaching. 1901. 19cm Amer. bk. co. $1 

Aims to make this art an effective tool in hands of pupils 
by such readjustment of relations between pupil and 
teacher as shall make the pupil the center of the teaching 
system. Educ. r. 21 :394. 

McMurry, C: A. & F. M. 
tation. 1903. 19cm 

Method of the reci- 
Macmillan 90c n 

Thorough, concrete, simple, clear. C. C. Van Liew in 
Educ. r. 15:188. 

Parker, F. W. Talks on teaching. 15th ed. 
1903. 19cm ( Kellogg' s teacher's lib.) 

Kellogg $1 
Valuable book on methods for elementary subjects. 

Schaeffer, N. C. Thinking and learning to think. 
1900. 19k'in (Lippincott's educ. ser.) 

Lippincott $1.25 n 

Careful analysis of the psychologic bases of good think- 
ing. Clearly written, richly and pointedly illustrated. 
Helpful and stimulating to teachers. Dial, 31:107 (B) 

Shaw, E: R: School hygiene. 1901. HUcm 
(Teachers' prof, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

Bibliography, p. 253-55. 

On building, grounds, heating, ventilation, baths, fur- 
niture, postures and exercises, eyesight, hearing, hand- 
writing, contagious diseases, etc. A valuable contribu- 
tion to the subject, the outcome of Intelligent study and 
large experience. A. P. Marble in Educ. r. 22412-15. 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


White. E. E. School management. 1893. 19cm 

Allier. t>k. co. $1 
Be has lifted the whole business of school conducl to a 
high moial elevation. The teacher is little to be envied 
who can read these pages without feeling the sacredness 
of his calling and appreciating liis responsibility. W: H. 
Maxwell in Educ. r. (R) 

S - 1 Public documents list. 

372 Elementary education 

National educational association. Report of 
the Committee of fifteen on elementary educa- 
tion, with the reports of the sub-committees: 
on the training of teachers; on the eon-elation of 
studies in elementary education; on the organi- 
zation of city school systems. 1895. 23cm 

Amer. bk. co. 30c 

Primed also in Eiluc. r. March. 1K95. 

Oppenheim, Nathan. Development of the 
child. 1902. nUem Maemillan $1.25 n 

By a physician in a child's hospital. Holds that envi- 
ronment transcends heredity in influence and emphasizes 
importance of scientiac preparation for care of children. 
Criticises present primary school methods. N. Y. 

Warner, Francis. Study of children and their 
solmol training. 1897. 19^cm 

Maemillan $1 n 

Distinctly a physiologic study of the growth of the 
child, from early years through adolescence, givingspecial 
attention to nerve signs of all kinds. Simply written 
and free from technicalities. H. M. Stanley in Dial, 
24: 118 (B) 


Blow, S. E. . Letters to a mother on the philoso- 
phy of Froebel. 1899. 18*cm (Internal, educ. 
ser.) Appleton $1.50 

To those who have sal bewildered by words intended 
to explain the Mother-play these simple, direct teachings 
will be a revelation. Gull, til: 836 (B) 

Symbolic education; a 'commentary on 

Froebel's " Mother play." 1894. 18Jcm (In- 
termit, educ. ser. ) Appleton si. 50 

Discusses practically the foundations of Froebel's phil- 
osophy and shows clearly significance of the kindergarten 
and its claims lor the important place of cornerstone of 
education. For mothers as well as teachers. \V: T. 
Harris in pref. 

Froebel, Friedrich. Education of man; tr. and 
annot. by W. X. Hailmann. 1903. 18.icm 
(Internat. educ. ser.) Appleton $1.50 

standard work, published in 1826, containing a full ex- 
position of Froebel's philosophy. L. A: I. 

It mea>ure< every intellectual activity by its influence 
on character. W: T. Harris (B) 

Songs and music of Mother play (.Mutter 

und kose lieder j newly tr. and furnished with 

new music; prepared and arr. by S. E. Blow. 
1895. lS.Vm (Internat. educ. ser.) 

Appleton $1.50 

Verse translations by various writers. Original music 
replaced by new or newly selected melodies. N. Y. 

Harrison, Elizabeth. Study of child-nature. 
1891. 19cm Chic. kind. tr. school $1 n 

Talks by an experienced kindergartner: suggestive and 
helpful to mothers and teachers. N. Y. 

Hughes, J. Ii. Froebel's educational laws for 
all teachers. 1897. 18£cm (Internat. educ. 
ser.) Appleton $1.50 

Main object to show that Froebel's ideas and methods 
are significant for whole scheme of education from kin- 
dergarten to university. N. Y. 

Poulsson, Emilie. In the child's world. 1893. 
23cm Bradley $2 

Series of morning talks and stories for a full year? A 
pure child's storybook with scientific truth and deep pur- 
pose. Kinder g. m. 6: 244 (B) 

Smith, N. A. Children of the future. 1898. 
18cm Houghton $1 

The interpretation of the spiritual side of the kinder- 
garten. Not a technical book. Ovtt. 58: 784 (B) 

Wiggin, Mrs K.. D. (Smith), & Smith, N. A. 
Republic of childhood. 3 v. 1895-96. 18cm 

Houghton $1 ea 

Contents: v.i, Froebel's gifts; v.2, Froebel's occupations; 

v. 3, Kindergarten principles and practice. 

An untechnical setting forth of the modern American 
adaptation of Froebel's philosophy. Displays much wit, 
wisdom and philosophy. Buffalo. 

:$73 Secondary education 

Brown, E. E. Making of our middle schools; 
an account of the development of secondary edu- 

cation in the United States. 
Bibliography, p. 181-618. 

1903. 21cm 

Longmans s;; 

3 7 4 Self-education 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. Use of life. 
. 1903. 19Jcm Maemillan $1.25 

Contents: The great question; Tact: On money matters: 
Recreation: Health: National education; Self -education; 
On libraries; on reading; Patriotism; Citizenship; Social 
life; Industry; Faith; Hope; Charity; Character: On peace 
and happiness; Religion. 

It suggests thoughts; it answers questions without 
troubling us to ask them; it reasons and does not dogma- 
tize; it is cheerful, humorous, charitable and conscien- 
tious. Acad. 4r,: 44."i i B) 

Brookings, W. D., & Ringwalt, R. C. ed. 
Briefs for debate on current political, economic 
and social topics. 1899. 19cm 

Longmans $1.25 
Bibliography of debating, pref. p. 41-17. 
With each subject, references to articles and leading 
points pro and con are given. X. Y. 




Hale, E: E. How to do it; [added] How to live. 
1900. 20cm Little $1 

Y Familiar chapters on how to talk, write, go in so- 
ciety, and various other things sometimes dreaded by 
young-people because they are not sure just "how." N. Y. 

Hamerton, P. G. The intellectual life. Lane- 
side ed. 1902. 20£cm Little $1.50 n 

E. Practical and suggestive talks on education, power 
of time, influence of money, women and marriage, society 
and solitude, surroundings, etc. from the point of view 
of an accomplished art critic and author. N. Y. 

Matson, Henry. References for literary work- 
ers, with introductions to topics and questions 
for debate. 1892. . 21cm McClurg $2 

Contents:„History; Biography; Politics; Political econ- 
omy; Education: Literature; Art; Science; Philosophy; 
Ethics; Religion; Miscellaneous; Questions with refer- 
ences; Questions without references; Cyclopaedias and 
periodicals referred to, with abbreviated forms. 

Munger, T. T. On the threshold. Rev. ed. 

1892. 18cm Houghton $1 

Contents: Purpose; Friends and companions; Manners; 

Thrift; Self-reliance and courage; Health; Reading; 

Amusements; Purity: Faith. 

Paine, H. E. Girls and women, by E. Chester. 
1898. 17cm ( Riverside lib. for young people) 

Houghton 75c 
R On health, education, self-support, charity, hospi- 
ta lily, emotional women, etc. 

The cogency of the reasoning is no less remarkable 
than its persuasiveness. Nation, 51:78 (B) 

Smiles, Samuel. Self-help; with illustrations of 

character, conduct and perseverance. 1900. 

19.]cm Harper $1 

Inspiriting, practical suggestions for making the most 

of life. Full of pithy extracts and anecdotes. Scribner. 

375 Curriculum 

Barnett, P. A. Common sense in education and 
teaching; an introduction to practice. 1899. 
19^cm Longmans $1.50 

R Discusses discipline, curriculum s, games, gymnas- 
tics, the monitorial system, the training of teachers, 
methods of teaching modern languages, etc. Emphasizes 
study of the classics. N. Y. 

National educational association. Report of 
the Committee of ten on secondary school 
studies; wi.tli the reports of the conferences ar- 
ranged by the committee. 1894. 23ocm 

Amer. I>k. co. 30c 

37G i;<iii«-:i«ion of women 

Lange, Helene. Higher education of women in 
Europe; tr. by L. R. Klemm. 1890. 18Jcm 
(Intermit, educ. ser. ) Appleton $1 

Combines with a historic review and vigorous argu- 
ments many valuable statements of facts in England, 
Prance, Germany and other countries, L. R, Klemm. 

Thwing, C: F. The college woman. 1894. 
17k'm Baker & T. $l 

Discusses problems of woman's college life, her prepar- 
atory work, studies, environment, health and her duties 
to and influence on the community. Pub. ojiin. 

377 Religious and etliieal eclueation 

Adler, Felix. Moral instruction of children. 
1892. 18Jcm (Internat. educ. ser.) 

Appleton $1.50 
Holds that public schools should train moral percep- 
tions and teach filial, fraternal and civic duties. Dis- 
cusses practicable, non-sectarian methods. N. Y. 

Hughes, T: A. Loyola and the educational system 
of the Jesuits. 1892. 19cm (Great educators) 

Scribner $1 n 
P Historical development and analysis. 

378 Colleges; universities 

Compayre, Gabriel. Abelard and the origin 
and early history of universities. 1893. 19cm 
(Great educators) Scribner $1 n 

Bibliography, p. 307-9. 

Four parts: origin, organization, course of study and 
methods of teaching, general spirit and influence. Abel- 
ard occupies but a small part of the volume. Dial, 14:366. 

Gilman, D. C. University problems in the United 
States. 1898. 21 Jem Century $2 

Addresses before educational institutions setting forth 
the ideal of a university and its relation to modern life. 
Optimistic. X. Y. 

Newman, J: H: card. Idea of a university 
defined and illustrated. 1902. 18jcm 

Longmans $1.25 
These discourses powerfully enforce the true purpose of 
liberal education, that it is a pursuit of knowledge for 
the sake of knowledge and not for the value of any of its 
fruits or applications, however important. R. H. Hutton 

Smith, Goldwin. Oxford and her colleges. 1894. 
132cm Macmillan 6/ 

Local guide-bourk, university history and educational 
essay all in one. N: M. Butler in Educ. r., 7: 600 (B) 

379 Public schools 

Eliot, C: W: More money for the public schools. 

1903. 18cm Doubleday $1 n 

Sums up results of public education, its benefits and 

shortcomings. Suggests definite constructive measures 

for improvement. Urges much greater expenditures. N.Y. 

See also Public documents list, 

3HO Commerce; communication 

Clow, F: It. Introduction to the study of com- 
merce. 1901. 20cm Silver $1.25 D 

List "( books, pref p. 23-26, 

Treats economic principles as illustrated in commercial 
life. wis. 

SOCIOLOGY — Commerce ; communication 


Farrer, T: H: Farrer, lat baron. The state in 

its relation to trade, with supplementary chapter 

by Sir Robert Giffen. 1902. L9Jcm (Eng. 

citizen) Macmillan $1 

In the main discourages state Interference, Ath. 

Stickney, Albert. State control of trade and 
commerce by national or state authority. 1897. 
23Jcm Baker, V. & eo. $2.25 

Contends that derision that combination of individuals 
to raise prices is either an act injurious to trade or com- 
merce or an act in restraint of trade is incorrect from a 
purely legal point of view. F. J. Goodnow in Pol. sci. q. 
12: TOT. 

"Webster, W: C. General history of commerce. 
1903. 19Jcm Ginn $1.40 

Aims to give pictures of commercial growth and decay 
of separate nations, and an understanding of the forces, 
industrial, racial and climatic, which have contributed 
to steady expansion of world's trade. Pref. 

Good illustrations and maps. 

Willson, Beckles. Story of rapid transit. 1903. 
19icm Appleton $1 n 

Contents- Beginnings of rapid transit, the mail-coach; 
First railways; Steam navigation; Development of the 
railway: Telegraph, wireless telegraphy; Aerial naviga- 
tion, homing pigeons; Ocean telegraphy, the telephone, 
pneumatic tubes, postal systems; Bicycle, motor cycles; 
Motor carriages; street railways. 

Iso Public documents list. 

3§2 Foreign trade 

Bryce, George. Remarkable history of the 
Hudson's Bay company, including that of the 
French traders of north western Canada and 
of the North-west, XY, and Astor fur com- 
panies. 1900. 2Hcm Scribner $4 

Authorities and references, p. 481-86. 

Covers last 80 years since the amalgamation of all the 
fur interests of British X. .A. Expands just at the point 
where Willson grows concise. Nation, 71:136. 

Willson, Beckles. The Great company (1667- 
1871) being a history of the honourable com- 
. pany of merchants-adventurers trading 5nto 
Hudson's bay. 2 v. 1900. 20£cin 

Dodd $5 
Full account of the company's commercial and politi- 
cal activities: with introduction by its present governor 
and drawings by Arthur Heming; of great value to 
student of Canadian and commercial history. Johnston. 

See also Public documents list. 

3§5 Railroad and express 

Dixon, F. H. State railroad control, with a his- 
tory of its development in Iowa. 1896. 19£cm 
(Lib. of econ. & pol. ) Crowell $1.75 

Treats of that part of railway transportation conducted 
within the territorial limits of single states. Buffalo. 

Hadley, A. T. Railroad transportation, its his- 
tory and its laws. 1903. 19£cm Putnam $1.50 

Thorough exhaustive discussion. R. Mayo-Smith in 
Pol. sci. q. 1:141. 

Johnson, E. R: American railway transporta- 
tion. 1903. 20cm (Appletons' bus. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.50 
Describes existing system, discussing questions of own- 
ership, management, monopoly and competition, rates, 
fares, relations with state, etc. Bibliographic references. 
N. Y. 

Meyer, B. H: Railway legislation in the United 
States. 1903. 19cm (Cit. lib. of econ., pol. & 
sociol.) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Contents: Progress of railway legislation; Past and 
future of Interstate commerce commission. 

Newcomb, H. T. 


Railway economics. 1898. 
Railway world pub. co. $1 

Condensed and comprehensive discussion of a number 
of features of railway transportation, viewed in the light 
of economic principles. Engin.n. 41 : 48. 

Pratt,' E. A. American railways. 1903. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

See also Public documents list. 

3§6 Canal and highway transporta- 

Jeans, J. S. Waterways and water transport in 
different countries; with a description ot the 
Panama, Suez, Manchester, Nicaraguan, and 
other canals. 1890. 22cm Spon $5.50 

387 River, lake and oeean transpor- 

Abbot, W. J: American merchant ships and 
sailors. 1902. 21cm Dodd $2 n 

R Y American shipping from colonial days to present, 
including coastwise, oversea, river, lake and Ashing 
craft. Accurate. Wells. 

Bates, W: W. American navigation; the politi- 
cal history of its rise and ruin and the proper 
means for its encouragement. 1902. 22$cm 

Houghton $3.50 n 

S Deals almost exclusively with foreign trade and 
policies of reciprocity, subsidies, etc. X. Y. 

Blackmore, Edward. British mercantile ma- 
rine: a short historical review, including the 
rise and progress of British shipping and com- 
merce, the education of the merchant officer, 
and duty and discipline in the merchant service. 
1897. 19cm (Griffin's naut. ser. ) 

Lippincott $1.50 




Marvin, W. L. American merchant marine; its 
history and romance, 1620-1902. 1902. 21$cm 

Scribner $2 n 
Specially full on the earlier history. Author at his best 
in treating of privateering, whale fishing and deep sea 
fisheries. Wells. 
See also Public documents list. 

3§9 Weights and measures 

Clarke, F. W. comp. Weights, measures and 
money, of all nations. 1875. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 

Woolhouse, W. S. B. Measures, weights and 
moneys of all nations, and an analysis of the 
Christian, Hebrew and Mahometan calendars. 
7th ed. rev. 1890. 17$cm (Weale's sci. & 
tech. ser. ) Van Nostrand 80c 

»9© Customs 

391 Costume 

Earle, Mrs Alice (Morse) Two centuries of 
costume in America, 1620-1820. 2 v. 1903. 
21cm Macmillan $5 n 

Evans, M. M. (Lathbury) lady. Chapters on 
Greek dress. 1893. 23cm Macmillan $2 

Of general value for analysis of the most simple and 
beautiful costume known to us; also as a key to that 
important part of sculpture and painting called drapery, 
which is founded on Greek examples. L. & I. 

Fairholt, F: W: Costume in England; 4th ed. 
rev. by H. A. Dillon. 2 v. 1896. 19cm 
(Bonn's art. lib.) Macmillan $1.50 ea n 

V. 1, History to end of 18th century, v. 2, Glossary giv- 
ing meaning and history of various parts of the costume 

Holt, Ardern. Fancy dresses described; or, 
What to wear at fancy balls. 6th ed. 1896. 
21cm Scribner $3 n 

•Colored plates. 
Gentlemen's fancy dress: how to choose 

it. 4th ed. 1898. HUcm Scribner $1.25 n 
Planche, J. R. History of British costume, to 

close of eighteenth century. 3d ed. 1900. 

19cm (Bonn's lib.) Macmillan $1.50.n 

:$92 ISirtli, home and sex eusloms 

Starcke, C. N. Primitive family in its origin 
and development. 1889. 19cm ( Intermit, sci. 
ser.) Appleton $1.75 

S List of books referred to, p. 301-10. 

39'l Publie ami social eusloms 

Brand, John. Observations on the popular an- 
tiquities of Great Britain; rev. and enl. by Sir 

Henry Ellis. 3 v. 1900-02. 19cm (Bonn's 
antiq. lib.) Macmillan $1.50 ea n 

In many respects the most valuable work on English 
customs, and a mine to all students of folklore. L. i I. 

Cornish, F. W. Chivalry. 1901. 18.k-m (So- 
cial Eng. ser. ) Macmillan $1.75 

The field (chivalry in general) has been conscientiously 
covered. Chapters on the education of the knight, the 
tournaments, the crusades, and heraldry. Literature of 
chivalry analysed. Amer. hist. r. 

395 Etiquette 

Kingsland, Mrs Florence. Etiquette for all 

occasions, by Mrs Burton Kingsland. 1901. 

20cm Doubleday $1.50 n 

Sherwood, MrsTS... E.. (Wilson) Manners and 

social usages; by Mrs John Sherwood. Rev. 

ed. 1903. 19£cm Harper $1.25 

How the house shall be ordered; how company shall 
be received; how to visit and be visited; how to do it all 
kindly, attractively, becomingly, in proportion to means 
at command, is set forth very clearly. Nation, 39: 59 (B) 

396 Woman's position and treatment 

Bayles, G: J. Woman and the law. 1901. 
19£cm Century $1.40 n 

P Clear and concise. 
Candee, Mrs H. C. How women may earn a 
living. 1900. 18cm Macmillan $1 

Outlines a variety of occupations requiring little time 
for preparation and gives briefly the requirements, attrac- 
tions, discouragements and probable remuneration of 
each. Suggestive and sensible. N. Y. 

Collet, C. E.. Educated working women; es- 
says on the economic position of women work- 
ers in the middle classes. 1902. 18£cm 

P. S. King 2 n 

Full of suggestion, tersely and forcibly written, with 
touches of humor and happy quotations. M. P. Marshall 
in Econ.j. 12; 257. 

Gilman, Mrs Charlotte (Perkins) Stetson. 
Women and economics; a study of the eco- 
nomic relation between men and women as a 
factor in social evolution. 2d ed. 1S99. 20cm 

Small $1.50 
Will be widely read and discussed as the cleverest, 
fairest, most forcible presentation of the views of the 
rapidly increasing group who look with favor on exten- 
sion of industrial employment of women. Pol. sci. q. 
14; 712 (15) 

Higginson, T: W. Women and the alphabet; a 

series of essays. 1900. 19>cin Houghton $2 

:{9« Folklore, proverbs, etc. 

AsbjOrnsen, P: C. Fairy tales from the far 
North; tr. by II. L. Brsekstad. 1897. 22Jcm 
Y Armstrong $2 



Baldwin, James. Fairy stories and fables retold. 

1895. 19cm (Eolec. school readings) 

Y Anier. l>k. CO. 35c 

story of Roland, isss. 19cm i Heroes 

of olden timet Scribner $1.50 

Y Continuous narrative made up of legends from alt 
sources. Buffalo. 

story of Siegfried. 1904. I9£cm (He- 
roes of olden time) Scribner $1.50 

Y Modern version sometimes following the Hildas, some- 
times the Nibelungen lay. and sometimes differing from 
both. Buffalo. 

Wonder-book of horses. 1903. I9$cm 

Y Century 75c 
Bay, J. C. comp. Danish fairy and folk tales; 

a collection of popular stories and fairy tales. 
1899. 19cm 

Y Harper $1.50 
Bergen, Mrs Fanny (Dickerson) c&mp. Current 

superstitions: collected from the oral tradition 
of English speaking folk, with notes, and an 
introd. by W: W. Newell. 1896. 25cm (Amer. 
folk-lore soc. mem.) 

Houghton $3.50 n 

Bulfinch, Thomas. The age of chivalry; or, 
Legends of King Arthur, "King Arthur and his 
knights," "The Mabinogeon," "The crusades," 
"Robin Hood," etc. ed. by E. E. Hale. 1884. 
21cm De Wolfe $1.50 

Chamberlain, A. F. The child and childhood 
in folk-thought (The child in primitive culture) . 

1896. 22cm Macmillan $3 n 
Bibliography, p. 405-34. 

Christy, Robert. Proverbs, maxims and phrases 
of all ages. 1898. 20£cm (Pop. ed.) 

Rf Putnam $3.50 

Church, A. J: Heroes of chivalry and romance. 
2d ed. 1900. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.75 

Y Contents: Story of Beowulf; King Arthur and the 
Round table; Treasure of the Xibelungs. 

Stories of Charlemagne and the twelve 

peers of France, from the old romances. 1902. 


Y Macmillan $1.75 

Couch, A. T: Quiller- Fairytales far and near. 
1895. I9lcm 

Y Stokes $1 
Curtin, Jeremiah. Hero-tales of Ireland. 1894. 

20cm Little $2 

labs from tin- mouths of a deeply imaginative, intelli- 
gent and ignorant peasantry, the majority distinguished 
by good faith, a charming fancy and vivid realism. Ath. 
'91,1: 435(B) 

Cushing, F. H. /uni folk tales. 1901. 23Jcm 

Putnam $3.50 n 
Author lived among Zufli Indians of New Mexico, 
1879-85, learned their language and traditions, was initi- 
ated into their esoteric priesthood and elected their war 
chief , gaining an unusual insight into the inner life and 
customs of an Indian tribe. Pittsburg. 

Deming, T. O. Children of the wild. 1902. 
26cm Stokes $1 n 

Y Indian folklore stories, with color plates and illus- 
trations in black-and-white by E. YV. Deming. 

Little brothers of the West. 26cm 1902. 

Y Stokes $1 n 
Dyer, T:F. T. Folk-lore of plants. 1889. 19$cm 

Appleton $1.50 
Brief summary, with illustrations chiefly from Euro- 
pean sources. L. it I. 

Forbes, C. B. Elizabeth's charm-string. 1903. 
19§cm Little $1.20 n 

Y Legends of saints, places, pictures, etc. associated 
with the collection of charms. X. Y. 

Gould, Sabine Baring- Curious myths of the 
middle ages. 1901. 192cm Longmans $1.25 

Contents: Wandering Jew; PresterJohn; The divining 
rod; Seven sleepers of Ephesus; William Tell; The dog 
Gellert; Tailed men; Antichrist and Pope Joan; The man 
in the moon; Mountain of Venus; St George; Legend of 
the cross; Schamir; Melusina; The Fortunate Isles; Knight 
of the swan. 

Greene, F. N. Legends of King Arthur and 
his court. 1901. 19.l<m Ginn 60c 

Y Simple prose version, following Tennyson closely. 
Introduction on feudalism and chivalry Illustrations 
by E: H. Garrett. X. Y. 

Grimm, J. L. K. , & W. K. Fairy tales of the 
brothers Grimm; tr. by Mrs Edgar Lucas. 1902. 

Y Lippincott $2.50 

Grimm's fairy tales, ed. by S.. E. Wiltse. 

2v. 1894-96. 18cm (Class, for children) 

Ginn 70c 

Y For very little children. Ed. sel. 

Household stories; tr. by Lucy Crane; 

pictures by Walter Crane. 1899. lS.Vni 

Y Macmillan $1.50 
Grinnell, G: B. Blackfoot lodge tales; the story 

of a prairie people. 1892. 21cm , 

Scribner $ 1 . 7"i 
Thirty stories of love and war, ancient customs and 
natural phenomena. Also an account of ancient Black- 
foot history, their daily life and customs and a brief state- 
ment of their condition today. L. A. H. 

Guerber, H. A. Legends of the middle ages. 
1896. 19cm Amer. bk. co. $1.50 

Y Relates legends in easy narrative, bringing out in- 
fluence on literature and art by quotations and picture-. 
X. Y. 




Harris, J. C. Uncle Renins and his friends; old 
plantation stories, songs and ballads, with 
sketches of negro character. 1892. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Y Negro folklore gathered firsthand. The'Creetur' 
tales and the manner of their telling are uniquely funny. 
L. & I. 

Uncle Renins, his songs and his sayings; 

new ed. with illus. by A. B. Frost. 1903. 
19 2 em Appleton $2 

Y Contents: Legends of the old plantation; Planta- 
tion proverbs: His songs; A story of the war; His sayings* 

Headland, I: T. tr. Chinese Mother Goose 
rhymes. 1900. 23 5 cm Revell $1.25 

Y Opens a great bright window into the joyousness of 
the Chinese home; belongsto those really informing books 
which teach us the truelifeof a people. Nation, 71:392. 

Higginson, # T: W. Tales of the enchanted 
islands of the Atlantic. 1898. 19.Jcm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Y Legends of Atlantis, the island of perpetual youth, 
Lancelot's isle, the isle of demons, etc. N. V. 

Holbrook, Florence. Book of nature myths. 
1902. 19cm Houghton 65c n 

Y School ed. 45c n. 

Jacobs, Joseph, rump. Celtic fairy tales. 1892. 
2I5C111 Putnam, pop. ed. $1.25 

Y Notes and references, p. 237-67. 

English fairy tales. 3d ed. rev. 1902? 

21 2 cm Putnam, pop. ed. $1.25 

Y The three sillies; Mr. Vinegar; Teeny-tiny: The three 
bears; Jack the giant-killer; Childe Rowland; Johnny- 
cake; Henny-penny, etc. 

Indian fairy tales. 1892. 21 2 cm 

Putnam, pop. ed. $1.25 

Y Drawn from the Jatakas or birth stories of Buddha, 
the fables of Bidpai and other Sanskrit folk tales. 

More Celtic fairy tales. 1902. 21£em 

Y Putnam, pop. ed. $1.25 

More English fairy tales. 1894. 21 2 cm 

Putnam, pop. ed. $1.25 

Y Notes and references, p. 215 133. 

Judd, M.. C. ed. Wigwam stories told by North 
American Indians; illus. by Angel de Cora 
(Hinook Mahiwi Kilinaka) 1901. 19cm 

Y • Ginn 75c 
Keightley, Thomas. Fairy mythology, illus- 
trative < if the romance and superstition of various 
countries. 1900. L8$cm ( Bonn's antiq. lib.) 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Lang, Andrew. Custom and myth. 1885. 

L9Jcm Harper $1.25 

A complete study of several very Important folk tales, 

which makes the book serve as an admirable stepping- 
stone. Folklore j. 2: 393 (B) 

Lang, Andrew, ed. Blue fairy book. 1901. 

Y Longmans $2 

Book of romance. 1902. 19cm 

Longmans $1.60 n 

Y Tales of King Arthur, Roland, Robin Hood, Grettir 
the Strong, etc., told, except one. by Mrs Lang. Illustra- 
tions in black-and-white and color, by J.L. Ford. N. Y. 

Nursery rhyme book; illus. by L. L.Brooke. 

1898. 20£xl5£cm 

Y Warm- $2 
— Red fairy book. 1901. 18 2 cm 

Y Longmans $2 
Less familiar fairytales from Norse, French and Ger- 
man sources. Includes Princess Mayblossom, Graciosa 
and Percinet, Six sillies. Little golden hood, and Farmer 
Weatherboard. Pittsburg. 

Lummis, C: F. Man who married the moon, 
and other Pueblo Indian folk -stories. 1894. 

Y Century $1.50 
Mabinogion. Knightly legends of Wales; or, 

The boy's Mabinogion, being the earliest Welsh 
tales of King Arthur; ed. for boys by Sidney 
Lanier. 1903. 20 2 cm (Boy's lib. of legend & 
chiv. ) 

Y Scribner $2 
McMurry, Mrs L. B. Classic stories for the 

little ones, adapted from Andersen, Grimm and 
others. 1894. 17cm 

Y Public school pub. CO. 40c n 

Malory, Sir Thomas. Boy's King Arthur; being 
Sir Thomas Malory's history of King Arthur; 
ed. for boys by Sidney Lanier. 1903. 205cm 
(Boy's lib. of legend & chiv.) 

Y Scribner $2 

King Arthur and his noble knights; 

stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte 
d' Arthur, by Mary Macleod. 1902. 19cm 
(Home lib.) 

Y Burt $1 

Le morte Darthur; text of Caxton, ed. 

with an introd. by Sir Edward Strachey. 1901. 
20cm Macmillan $1.75 

Y The Arthurian cycle is the best embodiment of chiv- 
alry, Of romance, of gallantry. We have it in its besl 
form, for the compilation Of sir Thomas Malory is wrought 
into a mold Of pure English, hardly second to the English 
Of the Bible. Frederic Harrison (Hi 

Mother Goose. Book of nursery rhymes: melo- 
dies arranged in the order of attractiveness and 
interest by Charles Welsh. 1901. 19cm 
(Heath's home & school class.) 
Y Heath 30c n 



Mother Goose. Mother Goose's melodies; or, 
Songs for the nursery, ed. by W: A. Wheeler. 
n. il. 24cm 

Y Houghton $1.50 

Perrault, Charles. Tales of Mother Goose; anew 
tr. by Charles Welsh. 1902. I8jcm (Heath's 
home & school class. ) 

Y Heath 20c n 

Pyle, Howard. Story of King Arthur and his 
knights. 1^03. 24cm Scribner $2.50 n 

Y From Malory and other sources, many incidents 
being altered in this version for children. Author's illus- 
trations. Reprinted from St Nicholas. N. Y. 

Pyle, Katharine. Where the wind blows; being 
ten fairy-tales from ten nations re-told. 1902. 
27&cm Harper $2.50 n 

Y Contents: Wanderings of Vienna Maharajah; Crash- 
ing; Magic mirror; Red swan; -The fisherman and the 
genii; Thorat Jotunheim; GuleeshnaGuss Dhu: Vasilissa 
the Fair; Marriage of Sir Gawain: Perseus. 

Scudder, H. E. Book of legends told over again. 
L899. 17Jcm 

Y Houghton 50c 

Fables and folk stories. 1890. 18cm 

(Riverside lit. ser. ) 
Y Houghton 40c n 

Scudder, H. E. comp. Children's book; a col- 
lection of the best and most famous stories and 
poems in the English language, n. d. 20cm 
Y Houghton $2.50 

Skinner, C: M. Myths and legends beyond our 
borders. 1899. 18Jcm Lippincott $1.50 

Contents: Canada; Mexico. 

Myths and legends of our own land. 2 v. 

1896. 18k-ui Lippincott $3 

Collection of nearly 300 myths, traditions and curious 
stories very briefly told. Grouped geographically. Nation, 
63- 412. 

Thorpe, Benjamin, ed. Yule-tide stories; Scan- 
dinavian and North German popular tales and 
traditions. 1892. 18£cm (Bonn's antiq. lib. ) 
Macmillan $1.50 n 

Winning-ton, Laura. Outlook fairy book. 1903. 
25cm Macmillan $1.20 n 

Y About 30 fairy tales, ballads and songs gathered from 
England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain. 

Yeats, W: B. ed. Irish fairy and folk tales. 
1893? 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Equally delightful to the bibliophile, the anthropolo- 
gist (if given to banshees) and the child. Sal. r. 73: 551. 

Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian legends, retold. 1901. 
19cm Ginn 50c 

Y Short, fairy tales taken from the lips of Dakota 
Indians and simply and naturally told. N. Y. 



404 Essay* 

Whitney. W: D. Oriental and linguistic studies. 
2 v. 1873-74. 19Jcm ■ Scribner $2.50 ea 
Contents: ser. 1, The Veda; The Areata; science of 
language, sit. 2, East and West; Religion and mythol- 
ogy; Orthography and phonology; Bindu astronomy. 

407 Study and t each in;: 

Breul, K: H. Teaching of modern foreign lan- 
guages in our secondary schools. Rev. ed. 

1899. 19cm MacmiUan 60c n 

Bibliographic appendix, p. 59-154. 

Reference library of a school teacher of German, p. 65-84. 

Sweet, Henry. Practical study of languages. 

1900. 20cm Holt $1.50 n 

R Bibliography, p. 279-80. 

01 much interest and value to teachers, though not 
primarily pedagogic: still more valuable to scientific 
students and writers. Nation, 70: 267. 

409 History 

Lefevre. Andre. Race and language. 1894. 
19cm (Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton $1.50 

Contents: Evolution of language; Geographical distri- 
bution of languages and races; The Indo-European or- 

In full sympathy with modern scientific research. 
Adapted to educated persons who are not advanced 
students of philology. Pub. tvkly. 

Strong, H. A: ct- others. Introduction to the 
study of the history of language. 1891. 23cm 

Longmans $3.50 

Sweet, Henry. History of language. 1900. 
17£cm l Temple prim. ) Macmillan 40c n 

Bibliography, p. 153-54. 

Interesting to laymen and specialists alike. Shows in- 
dependent study and a bold originality. Nation, 70: 460. 

Whitney, W: D. Life and growth of language: 
an outline of linguistic science. 1902. HUcm 
(Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton si. 50 

Written in 1875; authoritative and clear. L. ifc I. 

410 Comparative philology 

Giles, Peter. Short manual of comparative phi- 
lology. 2ded. rev. 1901. 18£cm (Macmillan's 
man.) Macmillan $3.25 n 

S Clear and concise: judicious selection of views and 
illustrative examples. Aih. '02, 1: 428. 

Muller, F. M. Science of language. 2 v. 1891. 
I9£cm Scribner $0 

Whitney, W: D. Language and the study of 
language; lectures on principles of linguistic sci- 
ence. 6th ed. 1901. 19icm Scribner $2.50 

411 Alphabets 

Clodd, Edward. Story of the alphabet. 1900. 
15fcm (Lib. of useful stories) 

Appleton 35c n 
Taylor, Isaac. History of the alphabet. New 
ed. 2 v. 1899. 23cm Scribner $5 

Contents: 1, Semitic alphabets; 2, Aryan alphabets. 

419 Hieroglyphics 

Hoffman, W. J. Beginnings of writings; with 
introd. by Frederick Starr. 1895. 19Acm (An- 
thropol. ser. ) Appleton $1.75 

420 English language 

Carpenter, G: E.., cf- others. Teaching ot Eng- 
lish in the elementary and the secondary school. 
1903. 20Jcm (Amer. teachers' ser.) 

Longmans $1.50 

Chubb, Percival. Teaching of English in the 
elementary and the secondary school. 1902. 
20cm (Teachers' prof, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 
R Based on fundamental principle of unity and con- 
tinuity in English course from kindergarten through high 
school. Dial, 1903. 

Hinsdale, B. A. Teaching the language-arts; 
speech, reading, composition. 1896. 183cm 
( Internat. educ. ser. ) Appleton $1 

Bibliography, p. 203-5. 

Based on wide knowledge of conditions in American 
education. Central idea is importance of part played by 
imitation in child's mental growth. Dial, 21: 196. 

Jespersen, J. O. H. Progress in language; with 
special reference to English. 1894. I9cm 

Macmillan $1.90 n 
Boldly attacks some fundamental problems of linguis- 
tics, with ability, freedom and originality. A. H. Keane 
in Acad. 22 Dec. 1894. 

Lounsbury, T: B,. History of the English lan- 
guage. Rev. ed. 1894. 18 Jem Holt $1.12 
Filled with safe and accurate information about history 
of English forms, inflections and anomalies, expressed in 
pointed and accurate English. Critic. 26: 742 (B) 





Marsh, G: P. Origin and history of the English 
language and of the early literature it embodies. 
Rev. ed. 1898. 23cm Scribner |3.50 

Based on Lowell institute lectures, 1860-1801. 
Bibliography, pref. p. 7-15. 

Matthews, James B. Parts of speech. 1901. 
19icm Scribner $1.25 n 

R Contents: Stock that speaks the language; Future of 
the language; English language in the United States; The 
language inGreat Britain; Americanisms once more; New 
words and old; Naturalization of foreign words; Function 
of slang; Questions of usage; An inquiry as to rime; On 
the poetry of place-names; As to "American spelling;" 
Simplification of English spelling; Americanism, an at- 
tempt at a definition. 

Thesis: That a language grows and is not made. Of 
greatest value to teachers of secondary English who have 
not systematically studied historical English grammar. 
Dial, 32: 53. 

Tucker, G. M. Our common speech. 1895. 
18cm Dodd $1.25 n 

R Six essays on changes in meaning of words, compara- 
tive merits of English dictionaries, American-English, 
etc. N. Y. 

White, R: G. Every-day English: sequel to 
Words and their uses. 1880. 19Jcm 
p R Houghton $2 

421 Orthography, orthoepy, etc. 

Bigelow, M. T. Punctuation, and other typo- 
graphical matters. New ed. 1902. 16cm 

Lee 50c 

Lounsbury, T: R. Standard of pronunciation in 
English. 1904. 20cm Harper $1.50 n 

Phyfe, W: H: P. Five thousand words often 
misspelled. 1894. 16£cm Putnam 75c 

Rf Includes directions for spelling and for syllabifica- 
tion, notes on words of variable orthography, an apx. of 
rules and list of amended spellings recommended by the 
English philological society and the American philolog- 
ical association. Critic (B) 

Ten thousand words often mispronounced ; 

handbook of difficulties in English pronuncia- 
tion. 1903. 17cm 

Rf Putnam $1 

Sweet, Henry. History of English sounds from 
the earliest period, with full word-lists. 1888. 
22£cm Clarendon $3.50 

See also Public documents list. 

422 Etymology 

Greenough, J. B. , & Kittredge, G: L. Words 

and their ways in English speech. 1901. 20Jcm 

Macmillan $1.10 n 

RS Discussion of derivations, foreign influences, 
metamorphosed words, slang, fashions In language, etc. 
by Harvard professors of English and Latin. N. Y. 

Klug-e, Friedrich, & Lutz, Frederick. Eng- 
lish etymology; an introd. to the history of the 
English language. 1898. I85C111 Heath 60c n 

Skeat, W. W: Concise etymological dictionary 
of the English language. New ed. 1901. 
205cm (Clarendon press ser. ) 

Clarendon $1.25 
Important standard. Scott. 

Etymological dictionary of the English 

language. 3d ed. 1898. 27x21 Jem 

Clarendon 44/ 

Rf Books referred to, pref. p. 25-30. 

Purpose to furnish materials for scientific study of Eng- 
lish etymology. Osterhout. 

Principles of English etymology. 2 v. 

1892, '91. 20cm (Clarendon press ser. ) 

Clarendon v. 1, $2.25; v. 2, $2.60 

List of books consulted, v. 1, pref. p. 9-12. 

Contents: ser. 1, Native element, ser. 2, Foreign ele- 

Explains pronunciation of words when they were taken 
into English, or became known as English, and then sets 
forth principal subsequent phonetic changes. Gives his- 
tory of growth of modern English spelling, and a discus- 
sion of its present condition. Nation, 1891. 

Trench, R: C. abp. of Dublin. On the study of 
words; rev. by A. L. Mayhew with words by 
T: D. Suplee. 1889. 19cm Armstrong $1 

Also in Unit books, H. W. Bell. pap. 26c, el. 56c. 

423 Dietionaries 

Century dictionary. 6 v. 

1904. 33Jcm 
Centurv subs. $60 

Standard dictionary of the English language; 
new ed. rev. also Abridged cyclopedia with 
atlas. 2 v. 1903. 32cm 

Rf Funk $10 

Webster, Noah. Webster's international dic- 
tionary of the English language; rev. under 
supervision of Noah Porter; added sup. of 
25,000 words and phrases, W. T. Harris, editor 
in chief. 1900. 31cm 

Rf Merriam $10; with index $10.75 

421 Synonym* 

Fernald, J. C. English synonyms and antonyms. 
1896. 20cm (Stand, educ. ser.) Funk $1.50 

Rf Books of reference, pref. p. 12. 

Questions and examples, p. 377-508. 

Compares or contrasts synonymous words, explains 
their differences of meaning or usage and shows in what 
connection one or the other may be more fitly used, 

PHILOLOGY — English language 


Roget, P: M: Thesaurus of English words and 

phrases, enl. with full index, by J: L: Roget 

Newed. pref. 1879. 20Jcm. Crowell $2 

Rf Dictionary of synonyms arranged topically, index: 

refers to each word in its various meanings and relations. 
A laigei work which libraries will find valuable for 
reference is F. A. March's Thesaurus dictionary of the 
English language, 1902, Hist. pub. co. $15. New edition 
in preparation. Ed. sel. 

425 diramniar 

Henry, Victor. Short comparative grammar of 
English and German, traced back to their com- 
mon origin and contrasted with the classical lan- 
guages. 1894. 19A cm Macmillan $1.90 n 
Bibliographic note, pref. p. 25-28. 
Kimball, L. G. Structure of the English sentence. 
1900. 19cm Amer. bk. co. 75c 
Morris, Richard. Historical outlines of English 
accidence, chapters on the history and develop- 
ment of the language, and on word-formation; 
rev. by L. Kellner and Henry Bradley. 1903. 
18cm Macmillan $1.40 n 
Good compend, trustworthy in detail. Scott. 
Sweet, Henry. New English grammar, logical 
and historical. 2 v. 1900-03. 19icm (Claren- 
don press ser. ) 

Clarendon v. 1, $2.60; v. 2, 90c 

Short historical English grammar. 1892. 

18cm (Clarendon press ser.) 

Clarendon $1.10 
Abridgment of historical portions of his New English 

Whitney, W: D. Essentials of English gram- 
mar. 1903. 19cm ( iinn 75c 

426 Prosody 

Alden, R. M. ed. English verse; specimens 

illustrating its principles and history. 1903. 

17cm (Eng. readings) Holt $1.25 

Useful for forms, with illustrations. 
Corson, Hiram. Primer of English verse, chiefly 

in its aesthetic and organic character. 1892. 

19cm Ginn $1 

Lanier, Sidney. Science of English verse. 1901. 
20£cm Scribner $2 

Characteristic feature is application of principles and 
notation of music to English verse. Nation, 1880. 

42§ Errors of speech. Composition 

Compton, A. G: Some common errors of speech. 
1898. 19icm Putnam 75c 

S Deals not only with grammatical questions but also 
with good and bad use of metaphor. Critic, 3: 401. 

Mother tongue, book 1-3. 3 v. 1900-02. 19cm 

(iinn v. 1, 45c; v. 2, 60c; v. 3, $1 

Contents: bk. 1, Lessonsin speaking, reading and writing 

English, by S. L. Arnold and G. L. Kittredge. bk. 2, Ele- 
mentary English grammar, by G. L. Kittredge and S. L. 
Arnold, bk. 3, Elements of English composition, by J. H. 
Gardiner, G. L. Kittredge and S. L. Arnold. 

Scott, F. N. , & Denney, J. V. Elementary 
English composition. 1900. 18jcm 

Allyn 80c 
White, R: G. Words and their uses, past and 
present. 33d ed. rev. 1899. 20cm 

P R Houghton $2 

429 Anglo-Saxon 

Bright, J. "W. ed. Anglo-Saxon reader; with 
notes, glossary, chapter on versification and out- 
line of Anglo-Saxon grammar. 3d ed. rev. 
1894. 18£cm Holt $1.50 

Cook, A. S. First 'book in Old English; gram- 
mar, reader, notes and vocabulary. 2d ed. 
rev. 1900. 19cm Ginn $1.50 

March, F. A. Comparative grammar of the 
Anglo-Saxon language. 1899. 23gcm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.80 

Sievers, Eduard. Old English grammar; tr. and 
ed. by A. S. Cook. 3d ed. 1903. 19cm 

Ginn $1.50 

Sweet, Henry. Student's dictionary of Anglo- 
Saxon. 1897. 18cm Clarendon $1.75 

Rf S Extremely condensed; well printed. Nation, 65: 

430 German 

431 Orthography. Orthoepy 

Grandgent, C: H. German and English sounds. 
1892. 19cm (Inte'rnat. mod. lang. ser.) 

Ginn 50c 

Hempl, George. German orthography and 

phonology, pt. 1. 1897. 19cm Ginn $2 

Shows how to pronounce a proper name or a word of 

foreign origin, or on what syllable or word to place the 

stress. Nation. 

Vietor, Wilhelm. German pronunciation: prac- 
tice and theory. 3d ed. 1903. 19cm 

Reisland 2 m 

433 Dictionaries 

Schmidt, Immanuel, & Tang/er, Gustav, i ds. 
Flugel-Schmidt-Tanger; a dictionary of the Eng- 
lish and German languages for home and schools. 
5th ed. 2 v. 1901. 28Jcm Lemcke $5.20 n 
Rf Another scholarly dictionary of moderate cost is 
Muret-Sanders' German and English dictionary, House and 
school edition, 2 v. Langenscheidt 13 m. Ed sel. 




-135 Grammar* 

Brandt, H. C. G. Grammar of the German I 
guage. 6th ed. 1894. 19cm Allyn $1.25 

Whitney, W: D. Compendious German gram- 
mar. 6th ed. rev. 1888. 19cm Holt $1.30 

430 Jlinor Teutonic 

Ahn, Franz. New practical grammar of the 
Dutch language. 7th ed. 1894. 19cm 

Grant 3/6 

Calisch, I: M: New complete dictionary of the 

English and Dutch languages; 2d ed. rev. by 

N. S. Calisch". 2 v. pref. 1890-92. 24cm 

Rf . Steiger $10.25 

Larsen, A. L. Dictionary of the Dano-Norwe- 
gian and English languages; [ed. by Johannes 
Magnussen] 3d. ed. 1897. 20£cm 

Steiger $3.70 
May, Alfred. Practical grammar of the Swedish 
language. 6th ed. rev. 1893. 17$cm 

Steiger $1.85 
Oman, V: E. Svensk-engelsk hand-ordbok. 
1897. 20cm 

Rf Steiger $8 

Olson, J. E. Norwegian grammar and reader. 
189S. 20cm Scott, F. $1.50 

440 French 
441 Ortliojrrapliy. Orthoepy 

Michaelis, Hermann, & Passy, Paul. Dic- 
tionnaire phonetique de la langue francaise; 
avec pref. de Gaston Paris. 1897. 20£cm 

Meyer 4.80m 

Rf Indicates exact pronunciation of French words 
Valuable to English students of French. Scott. 

443 Dictionaries 

Hatzfeld, Adolphe, & Darmesteter, Arsene. 
Dictionnaire general de la langue francaise. 2 v. 
1895-1900. 27£cm Delagrave 30 

Rf Marks pronunciation, gives etymology, and distin- 
guishes various meanings. Scott. 

Smith, Leon &• others. International English 
and French dictionary. New ed. 2 v. 1896. 
26Jcm Jenkins $6.50 

Rf v. 2 lias title Dictionnaire international Jrancais- 
anglais pur H. Hamilton & E. Legros. 

445 Gromman 

Darmesteter, Arsene. Historical French gram- 
mar; ed. by Ernest Muret and Leopold Sudre; 
authorized Fug. ed. by Alphonse rlartog. L899. 
L9cm Macmillan $2.75 n 

Grandgent, C: H. Essentials of French gram- 
mar. 1900. 184cm (Heath's mod. lang. ser.) 

Heath $1 n 

44* C*rammar and composition 

Bevier, Louis, jr. French grammar; with exer- 
cises by Thomas Logie. 1896. 19cm Holt $1 

Poole, W: M., & Becker, Michael. Commer- 
cial French; in two parts. 2 v. 1903. 19cm 

Dutton $1.50 

Whitney, W: D. Practical French grammar. 
1886. 19cm Holt 90c 

450 Italian 

453 Dictionaries 

Edgren, A. H. & others. Italian and English 
dictionary, by Edgren, assisted by Giuseppe 
Bico and J: L. Gerig. 1902. 22cm 
Rf Holt $3 

45§ Cirainiiiar and composition 

Grandgent, C: H. Italian grammar. 1903. 
19cm. (Heath's mod. lang. ser. ) Heath 80c n 

460 Spanish 

463 Dictionaries 

Velazquez de la Cadena, Mariano. New 

pronouncing dictionary of the Spanish and Eng- 
lish languages; rev. by Edward Gray and J. L. 
Iribas. 2 v. 1900-02. 26£cm 

Appleton $3.50 ea; bd. in 1 v. $6 

Rf Dead matter cut out and recent commercial and 
scientific terms added, making an effectively modernized 
dictionary. Follows rules of written accentuation adopt- 
ed by Spanish Academy in 1888. Nation, 72:13. 

Hi'* <*rammars 

Traub, P: E: Spanish verb; with introd. on 
Spanish pronunciation. 1900. 22£cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1 

46N Cirraiiiniar and composition 

Arteaga y Pereira, Fernando de. Practical 
Spanish; a grammar, with exercises and vocab- 
ularies. 2 v. 1902. 19cm Appleton $2 n 
Elaborate work. Related vocabularies, as on banking 
and allied subjects. Full vocabulary at end. Type ex- 
cellent. N. Y. 

Edgren, A: H. Brief Spanish grammar with 
historical introductions and exercises. 1899. 
is.lcm (Heath's mod. lang. ser.) Heath 80c n 

Knapp, W: I. Grammar of the modern Spanish 
language. 2d ed. rev. 1902. 19cm 

Ginn $1.50 

PHILOLOGY— Teutonic. Romance 


469 Portuguese 

Elwes, Alfred. Grammar of the Portuguese 
langaage, with exercises. 6th ed. 1903. L8cm 

0. Lock wood 1/6 

Michaelis, Hermann. Novo diccionario da 
lingua portugueza e ingleza; reformado sobre am 
manuscrito de Julius Cornet. 2 v. 1893. 22cm 

Brockhaus 15m ea 

Rf Added t.-p. in English New dictionary qf the Por- 
tuguese and English languages. 

470 Latin 
473 Dictionaries 

Andrews, E. A. 
ary; rev. by C. 
1891. 264cm 

ed. Harper's Latin diction- 

T. Lewis and Charles Short. 

Amer. bk. eo. $6 

Rf Bibliography, pref. p. 12-13. 

Probably the best known and most generally satisfac- 
tory. Ko English-Latin part. Pratt. 

475 Grammars 

Allen, J. H: Allen and Greenough's new Latin 
grammar; ed. by J. B. Greenough, G. L. Kit- 
tredge, A. A. Howard, B: L. D'Ooge. 1903. 
19Jcm Ginn $1.20 

Harkness, Albert. Complete Latin grammar. 
1898. 19£cm Amer. bk. co. $1.25 

Lane, G. M. Latin grammar for schools and 
colleges. Rev. ed. 1903. 21cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.50 

Completed and ed. by Morris H. Morgan. 

480 «reek 

4§1 Alphabet 

Thompson, Sir E: M. Handbook of Greek and 
Latin palaeography. 1893. 19£crn (Internal, 
sci. ser.) Appleton $2 

Bibliography, p. 327-33. 

History of Greek and Latin alphabets, materials used to 
receive writing, writing instruments, forms of books, ab- 
breviations; extended history of development of Greek 
and Latin writing, with facsimiles. Dial, 15: 119. 

483 Dictionaries 

Liddell, H: G:, & Scott, Robert. Greek-Eng- 
lish lexicon. 7th ed. rev. 1883. 29£cm 

Rf Amer. bk. co. $10 

4§5 Grammars 

Gildersleeve, B. L. Syntax of classical Greek 

from Homer to Demosthenes. 1900. 22|cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.50 

Goodwin, W: W. Greek grammar. 1892. 19cm 

Ginn $1.50 

Henry, Victor. Short comparative grammar of 

Greek and Latin; authorized' translation by 

R. T. Elliott. 1892. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $1.90 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. 19-30. 

489 modern Greek 

Kontopoulos, Nikolaos. Greek-English lexi- 
con. 3d-4th ed. rev. 2 v. 1892-1900. 23£cm 
Nutt £1 10/; Steiger $9 
Rf V. 1, Greek-English, v. 2, English-Greek. 
Vincent, Sir Edgar, & Dickson, T. G. Hand- 
book to modern Greek. 2d ed. rev. 1904. 
19cm Macmillan $1.60 n 

List of authorities, pref. p. 7. 

Appendix by Prof. R. C. Jebb on Relation of modern to 
classic Greek. 

490 Minor languages 

491 minor Indo-European 


Aleksandrov, A. Complete English-Russian dic- 
tionary by A. Alexandrow. 2d-3d ed. rev. 2 v. 
1897-99. 27cm Lemcke $14 

Rf V. 1, English-Russian, v. 2, Russian-English. 
Motti, Pietro. Russian conversation-grammar. 
2d ed. rev. 1901. 20cm Brentano $1.85 


Chodzko, A. B. Complete dictionary, English 
and Polish and Polish and English. 1890. 

Rf Steiger $4 

Morrill, W: R: Simplified grammar of the Polish 
language. 1884. 19cm Triibner 3/6 




500 General 

Andrews, Mrs Jane. Stories Mother Nature 
told her children. 1893. 17icm (Class, for 
home and school) Ginn 50c 

Y Science stories; introduction to outdoor work. 

502 Coinpends. Outlines 

Holden, E: S. The sciences. 1903. 19cm 

Ginn 50c 

Y A reading book for children on astronomy, physics, 
heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, 
physiography, meteorology. Title. 

Huxley, T: H: Introductory science primer. 
16cm n. d. (Sci. prim.) Amer. bk. co. 35c 
Elementary principles of natural science in general, 
mineral bodies, living bodies, and, briefly, mental phe- 
nomena. N. Y. 

504 Essays 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. Beauties 
of nature and the wonders of the world we live 
in. 1892. 19cm Macmillan $1.50 

Many fine descriptions of natural scenery from various 
sources. Introduction a calendar of the special charms 
of each month. Pop. sci. mo. 42: 850. 

Scientific lectures. 2ded. 1890. 22£cm 

Macmillan $2.50 
Contents: On flowers and insects; On plants and in- 
sects; On the habits of ants; Introduction to study of 
prehistoric archaeology; Address to Wiltshire archaeologi- 
cal and natural history society; Inaugural address to 
Institute of bankers. 

Brown, E. . V. Stories of woods and fields. 1902. 
19cm Globe school bk. co. 50c 

Y Descriptions of outdoor objects to be seen in city gar- 
dens and parks as well as in woods and fields, arranged 
in order of seasons, illustrated with extracts of real 
poetry and a few delicately colored plates. Ed. sel. 

Burroughs, John. Birds and bees and other 
studies in nature; with biog. sketch and por- 
trait. 1896. 18cm (Riverside school lib.) 

Y Houghton 60c n 
Tried and approved by children, to whom his way of 

investing birds, beasts and insects with human motives 
is always pleasing. Pittsburg. 

Fisher, Mrs A. B. (Buckley) Fairy-land ol 
science. 1899. 18 Jem Appleton $1.50 

Y Explanation of facts about sunbeams, air, water and 
ice, sound, life of a primrose, bees in a hive and bees and 
flowers. Ed. sel. 

Through magic glasses and other lectures; 

sequel to Fairyland of science. 1903. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 

Y Describes telescope, spectroscope, microscope and 
camera and their revelations concerning sun, stars, and 
minute plants and animals. N. Y. 

Gibson, W: H. Sharp eyes; a rambler's calen- 
dar of fifty-two weeks among insects, birds and 
flowers. 1892. 24cm Harper $2.50 

Y Published first in Harper's young people. Simply 
written and exquisitely illustrated by the author. L. & I. 

Helmholtz, H. L. F. von. Popular lectures on 
scientific subjects; tr. by E. Atkinson with 
introd. by Tyndall and an autobiog. of author. 
2 v. 1900. 20cm 

Appleton v. 1, $2; v. 2, $1.50 
Contents: v. 1, On the relation of natural science to 
science in general; On Goethe's scientific researches; On 
the physiological causes of harmony in music; Ice and 
glaciers; On the interaction of the natural forces; Recent 
progress of the theory of vision; On ..he conservation of 
force; On the aim and progress of physical science, v. 2, 
Gustav Magnus, in memoriam; On the origin and signifi- 
cance of geometrical axioms; On the relation of optics to 
painting; On the origin of the planetary system; On 
thought in medicine; On academic freedom in German 
universities; Hermann von Helmholtz, an autobiograph- 
ical sketch. 

Huxley, T: H: Collected essays. 

Huxley's essays are among our very best specimens of 
one variety of literature. Few controversialists ever hit 
so hard or so straight and avoided so rigidly the tempta- 
tion to stray into irrelevant issues. Huxley's style has in 
the highest degree the merit due to never thinking of the 
styleatall, butsimplyof theclearest utterance of thought. 
Sir Leslie Stephen in Atlan. 92: 762. 

These essays are scattered by subject through the cata- 
logue under their exact titles. 

Kelvin, William Thomson, 1st baron. Popular 

lectures and addresses. 3 v. 1891-94. 18icm 

(Nature ser. ) Macmillan $2 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Constitution of matter, v. 2, Geology 

and general physics, v. 3, Navigational affairs. 





Mach, Ernst. Popular scientific lectures; tr. by 
T: J. McCormack. 2d ed. rev. 1897. 20 cm 
Open court pub. co. $1.50 n 

P S Contents: Forms of liquids; Fibres of Corti; On 
the causes of harmony; Velocity of light; Why has man 
two eyes? On symmetry; On the fundamental concepts 
of electrostatics; On the principle of the conservation of 
energy; On the economical nature of physical inquiry; 
On transformation and adaptation in scientific thought; 
On the principle of comparison in physics; On the part 
played by accident in invention and discovery; On sensa- 
tions of orientation; On instruction in the classics and the 
ma thematico-physical sciences; Appendixes: 1, A contri- 
bution to the history of acoustics; 2, Remarks on the 
theory of spatial vision. 

Miall, L: C. Round the year; short nature 
studios. 1902. 18cm Macmillan $1.50 

Y On snowflakes, midwinter insects, the family cat, 
e moon, duckweed, catkins, buds, Tennyson as a natu- 
ralist, etc. N. Y. 

Miller, JfeM., F. (Rogers) Brook book. 1902. 
22cm Doubleday $1.35 n 

Y Follows brook's course, describing animal and vege- 
able life near it throughout year. Specially beautiful 

photographs and excellent drawings. Author lecturer 
on nature study at Cornell. N. Y. 

Tyndall, John. Fragments of science; essays, 
addresses and reviews. 2 v. 1900. 205cm 

Appleton $4 

R Thirty-eight papers, including the Belfast address. 

V. 1, Relates to laws and phenomena of matter; v. 2, 

Deals with mind as well as matter. Pop. set. mo. 42:273. 

New fragments. 1892. 20cm 

Longmans $2 
Contents: The Sabbath; Goethe's " Farbenlehre " ; 
Atoms, molecules and ether waves; Count Rumford; 
Louis Pasteur, his life and labours; The rainbow and its 
congeners; Address delivered at the Birkbeck institution 
on October 22, 1884; Thomas Young; Life in the Alps; 
About common water; Personal recollections of Thomas 
Carlyle; On unveiling the statue of Thomas Carlyle; On 
the origin, propagation and prevention of phthisis; Old 
Alpine jottings; A morning on Alp Lusgen [in verse] 

Wallace, A. R. Studies scientific and social. 
2 v. 1900. 20cm Macmillan $5 

Mainly reprints of articles contributed to reviews and 
periodicals from 1805 to 1899. 

Contents: v. 1, Earth studies; Descriptive zoology; Plant 
distribution; Animal distribution; Theory of evolution; 
Anthropology; Special problems, v. 2, Educational; Po- 
litical; Tin' land problem; Ethical; Sociological. 

507 Stud)' and leaching of science 

Bailey, L. H. Nature-study idea. L903. 22cm 

Doubleday $1 n 

lias to do with purpose, spirit and methods; does not 
outline courses or give specific directions. N. Y. 

Harris, W: T. How to teach natural science in 
public schools. 2d ed. 1895. 17-U-ni (School 
room class. ) Bardeen 50c 

Hodge, C. F. Nature study and life. 1902. 
19cm Ginn $1.50 

Studies of animal and plant life, involving elementary 
practice in gardening, domestication of wild creatures, 
forestry, etc. Valuable to parent and public as well as 
teacher. Well illustrated. N. Y. 

Howe, E: G. Advanced elementary science; 
part 2 of Systematic science teaching. 1900. 
lSicm (Internal, educ. ser. ) Appleton $1.50 

Systematic science teaching: manual of 

'nductive elementary work. 1894. 182cm 
(Internat. educ. ser.) Appleton $1.50 

Jackman, W. S: Nature study for the common 
schools. 1891. 19cm Holt $1.20 

Useful suggestions to natural science teachers in lower 
schools; not graded and does not afford a definite pro- 
gram. Educ. r. 1: 504. 

See also Public documents list. 

508 Collcctioiisi. Scientific travel 

Darwin, Charles. Journal of researches during 
the voyage round the world of H. M. S. " Beagle. ' ' 
New ed. 1901. 20Jcm Murray 2/6 n 

The greatest book of travels yet produced, and one of 
the most charming. Time has done little to invalidate 
its observations. Forever interesting as the unrecognized 
herald of the doctrine of evolution. Nation. 

What Mr Darwin saw in his voyage 

round the world in the ship "Beagle." 1880. 
23cm Harper $3 

Y Adapted. Four divisions: animal, man, geography 
and nature, as he saw them in different countries. Illus- 
trations many and excellent. Pittsburg. 

Moseley, H: N. Notes by a naturalist: observa- 
tions during the voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" 
round the world in 1872-1876; rev. ed. with 
brief mem. of the author. 1892. 2O5C111 

Murray 9/ 
R Record of the consecutive, rapid observations of a 
trained naturalist on nearly all the representative insular 
faunas and floras of the three great oceans. Includes list 
of all books and papers resulting from Challenger expe- 
dition. Nation, 28: 271. 

509 History of Science 

Fisher, Mrs A. B. (Buckley) A short history 
. of natural science and of the progress of discovery 

from the time of the Greeks to the present day. 

Rev. ed. 1902. 20.] cm Appleton $2 

Y Traces main discoveries in science from Greeks to 
present, With an account of the men who made them. 
Sargent, 2. 

Williams, H: S. Story of nineteenth-century 
science. 1900. 21cm 

PS Harper $2.50 

SCLKNOE— Mathematics 


5 1 Jlatlieiiiaties 

Ball, W. W: R. Mathematical recreations and 
problems Of pasl and present times. 3d ed. 
L896. 19Jcm Macmillan $2.25 n 

Contents: pt. 1, Mathematical recreations: l, Some 
arithmetical questions; 2, Some geometrical questions; 

;;. Some mechanical questions; 4. Some miscellaneous 
questions; 5, Magic squares; 6, UnicursaJ problems; 7, 1'ni- 
cursal problems continued, pt. 2, Mathematical problems 
and speculations: 8, Three geometrical problems; 9, As- 
trology; 10, Hyper-space; 11, Time and its measurement; 
12, Matter and ether theories. 

Cajori, Florian. History of elementary mathe- 
matics, with hints on methods of teaching. 
1396. 21cm Macmillan $1.50 n 

Treats of numbers and number systems, arithmetic, 
algebra and geometry from earliest to modern times. 
Lit. world 2S,: 272. 

History of mathematics. 1901. 20km 

Macmillan $3.50 n 

Books of reference, pref. p. 9-14. 

In general, remarkable for accuracy; in part devoted 
to recent development of the science; without rival in 
any language. G: B. Halsted in Educ. r. 8: 91. 

Clifford, "W: K. Common sense of the exact 
sciences. lsS5. 20cm (Intermit, sci. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.50 

After Clifford's death the work was entrusted to B.C. 
Bowe, and finally completed by K. Pearson. 

Merriman, Mansfield, & Woodward, R. S. ed. 
Higher mathematics; a text-book for classical 
and engineering colleges. 1896. 23£cm 

Wiley $5 

Bibliography, p. 568-70. 

Contents: Solution of equations; Determinants; Pro- 
jective geometry; Hyperbolic functions; Harmonic func- 
tions; Functions of a complex variable; Differential equa- 
tions; Grassmann's space analysis; Vector analysis and 
quaternions; Probability and theory of errors; History 
of modern mathematics. 

Schubert, H. C. H. Mathematical essays and 
recreations; tr. by T: J. McCormack. 1898. 
24] cm Open court pub. CO. 75c 

Contents: Notion and definition of number; Monism in 
arithmetic; On the nature of mathematical knowledge; 
Magic square; Fourth dimension; Squaring of the circle. 

Intelligible and interesting even to those with little 
more than elementary knowledge. White. 

Smith, T>: E. Teaching of elementary mathe- 
matics. 1900. 20cm (Teachers' prof, lib.) 

Macmillan $1 n 
Directs reader to many books well worth his examina- 
tion. Nation, 70:230. 

511 Arillimctic 

Beman, W. W., & Smith, D. E. Higher arith- 
metic. 1897. 19cm Ginn 80c 

Speer, W: W. Advanced arithmetic. 1899. 
19cm Ginn 50c 

Elementary arithmetic. 1897. 19cm 

Ginn 45c 

Primary arithmetic; first year, for the 

use of teachers. 1896. 19cm Ginn 35c 

A method built on ratio. Every mass, every dimen- 
sion, every weight is treated in relation to other masses, 
dimensions and weights, first in actual objects, then 
mentally visualized from objects out of sight. World's 
work, Ja. '04. 

512 Algebra 

Beman, W. W. , & Smith, D. E. Elements of 
algebra. 1900. 19cm Ginn $1.12 

Table of biographies of prominent mathematicians, 
p. 423-26. 

Taylor, J. M. College algebra. 1889. 17|cm 

Allyn $1.50 

Wentworth, G: A. College algebra. Rev. ed. 

1902. 19cm Ginn $1.50 

513 Geometry 

Campbell, W: T. Observational geometry; with 
introd. by A. W.Phillips. 1899. 21cm (Phil- 
lips-Loomis math. ser. ) Amer. bk. co. 80c 

Connects simpler truths of geometry with things chil- 
dren often see in mechanic arts, fine arts and nature. 

Casey, John. Treatise on the analytical geom- 
etry of the point, line, circle, and conic sections. 
2d ed. rev. 1893. 192cm (Dublin univ. press 
ser.) Longmans $3.50 n 

Phillips, A. W., & Fisher, Irving'. Elements 
of geometry. 2 v. 1897-98. 21cm (Phillips- 
Loomis math. ser. ) Amer. bk. co. $1.75 

Todhunter, Isaac. Elements of Euclid; the first 
six books and portions of the 11th and 12th, with 
notes and exercises. 1903. 15cm 

Macmillan 90c n 

514 Trigonometry 

Murray, D. A. Plane and spherical trigonome- 
try. 1902. 21cm Longmans $1.25 

516 Analylie geometry 

Lambert, P. A. Analytic geometry, for tech- 
nical schools and colleges. 1897. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

517 I'aleiilu* 

Barker, A. H. 
1902. 19cm 

Graphical calculus. 2d ed. 
Longmans $1.50 




Gibson, G: A. Elementary treatise on the cal- 
culus, with illustrations from geometry, mechan- 
ics and physics. 1901. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.90 n 
Practical in best sense of word. Ath. '02. 2:259. 
Perry, John. Calculus for engineers. 1897. 
19cm. Lane $2.50 

Aims to make calculus methods available for use of 
students already having considerable knowledge of prac- 
tical physics and mechanics. In lecture style. F. N. 
Cole in Science, 30:103. 

52© Astronomy 

Berry, Arthur. Short history of astronomy. 
1898. 18icm (Univ. exten. man. ) 

Scribner $1.50 n 
P Authorities and books for students, p. 411-16. 
Clerke, A. M. . Popular history of astronomy 
during the nineteenth century. 4th ed. rev. 
1902. 23cm Macinillan $4 n 

P S With rare judgment she orders fact and theory in 
due proportions, pointing out their accordances, discrep- 
ancies and contradictions. Never dull or ambiguous. 
Knowl. 26 : 12. 

& others. Astronomy. 1898. 20icm (Con- 

' cise knowl. lib. ) Appleton $2 

Contents: History, by A. M. Clerke; Geometrical astron- 
omy and astronomical instruments, by A. Fowler: Solar 
system, by A. M. Clerke; The sidereal heavens, by J. E. 
Thorough, trustworthy and complete. Knowl. 21: 111. 

Comstock, G: C. Text-book of astronomy. 1901. 
20cm (Twentieth cent, text-bks. ) 

Appleton $1.30 n 

P S Protractor in pocket. 

Popular literature of astronomy, p. 384-85. 

Strong points are, plain direct statement of principles 
and latest known facts, many illustrations and apt and 
original way of popularizing elements of astronomy with- 
out appreciable loss to science or fact. Pop. astron. 
9: 288 (B) 

Jacoby, Harold. Practical talks by an astron- 
omer. 1902. 19Jcm Scribner $1 n 

P R Contents: Navigation at sea; The Pleiades; The 
pole-star; Nebulse; Temporary stars; Galileo; The planet 
of 1898; How to make a sun-dial; Photography in astron- 
omy; Time standards of the world; Motions of the earth's 
pole; Saturn's rings; The heliometer; Occultations; Mount- 
ing great telescopes; The astronomer's pole; The moon 
hoax; Sun's destination. 

Newcomb, Simon. Popular astronomy. 1892? 
20cm Amor. bk. co. $1.30 

Bibliography, p. 555-61. 

On the whole the best r<Ssum6 for general readers. 

Young, C: A: Manual of astronomy. 1902. 

21 Jem Ginn $2.25 

Excellent text-book, clear, full, yet not redundant. Of 

eminent practical value to working astronomer. Knowl. 

25: 281. 

522 Practical and spheric 

Campbell, "W: W. Elements of practical astron- 
omy. 2d ed. rev. 1899. 23cm 

Macmillan $2 n 
Maunder, E: W. Royal observatory, Greenwich; 
its history and work. 1900. 202cm 

Religious tract soc. 5/ 

P R Many illustrations from old prints and original 
photographs. Nation. 72: 116. 

523 Descriptive astronomy 

Ball, Sir R. S. The earth's beginning. 1902. 
19£cm Appleton $1.80 n 

Popular exposition of Laplace's Nebular hypothesis; 
Royal institution juvenile lectures, 1899-1900. N. Y. 

Star-land; being talks with young people 

about the wonders of the heavens. Rev. ed. 
1899. 19cm (Jinn $1 

Y A masterpiece of astronomic writing for young 
people, fascinating to older heads. H. A. Howe in Pop. 
astron. 9: 169 (B) 

Story of the heavens. Rev. ed. 1900. 

24cm Cassell $3.50 

P R Excellent and taking r<3sume of descriptive astron- 
omy. Last chapter gives a good elementary account of 
tidal evolution. Young. 

Howe, H. A. Elements of descriptive astron- 
omy. 1897. 23cm Silver $1.36 n 

List of reference books, p. 320-26. 

On the new astronomy. Reasonable and without prej- 
udice. Knowl. 21: 233. 

Langley, S: P. The new astronomy. 1900. 
24£cm Houghton $3 

P Delightful description of the secrets wrested from the 
sky by aid of the spectroscope, the sensitive plate, and 
other modern physical appliances. H. A. Howe in Pop. 
astron. 9: 171 (B) 

Lockyer, Sir J. N. Inorganic evolution as 
studied by spectrum analysis. 1900. 232«n 

Macmillan $1.75 
Contents: Basis of the inquiry; Application of the in- 
quiry to the sun and stars; Dissociation hypothesis; Ob- 
jections to the dissociation hypothesis; Inorganic evolu- 

Lowell, Per cival. Solar system; lectures at the 
Mass. institute of technology, 1902. 1903. 
19£cm Houghton $1.25 n 

Contents: Our solar system; Mercury; Mars; Saturn 
and its system; Jupiter and his comets; Cosmogony; 
Elements of the solar system. 

Maunder, E: W. Astronomy without a tele- 
scope. 1903. 22Jcm Knowledge 5/ n 
Reprinted from Knowledge. Useful and trustworthy 
guide. Clear description of the constellations, with ad- 
juncts, diagrams and maps. Ath. '03, 1: 308. 

SCIENCE— Astronomy 


Nasmyth, J. H., & Carpenter, James. The 
moon, considered as a planet, a world, and a 
satellite 4th ed. 1903. 21cm Pott $2 

Newcomb, Simon. Astronomy for everybody. 
1902. 20Jcm (Sci. for everybody) 
P S McClure $2 n 

The stars; a study of the universe. 1901. 

21 Jem (Sci. ser.) Putnam $2 n 

P Presupposes such a knowledge of astronomy as may 
be gained from elementary text-books. P. ofr. 25: 122. 

Porter, J. G. Stars in song and legend. 1901. 

Y Ginn 50c 

Serviss, G. P. Astronomy with an opera-glass. 

1888. 23cm Appleton $1.50 

R Y Enlarged from articles in Popular science monthly, 


Shows most captivatingly what may be learned by 
studying the heavens with an opera-glass magnifying 
3.6 diameters. Involves no knowledge of mathematics. 
L. del. 

Pleasures of the telescope. 1901. 23cm 

Appleton $1.50 

R P Enlarged from articles in the Popular science 

Describes chief objects in the sky which may be stud- 
ied by means of a small telescope. H. A. Howe in Pop. 
astron. 9: 286 (B) 

The skies and the earth. 1902. 15Jcm (Little 
masterpieces of sci. ) Doubleday 50c n 

Contents: What we learn from the sun, by R. A. Proc- 
tor; Problems of astronomy, by S. Newcomb; The astro- 
nomical outlook, by C. A. Young; Photography of the 
skies, by G. lies; Uniformity in geological change, by Sir 
C. Lyell; Rivers and valleys, by N. S. Shaler; The sea and 
its work, by T. H. Huxley; Earthquakes and volcanoes, 
by T. H. Huxley. 

Todd, Mrs Mabel (Loomis) Total eclipses of 

the sun; rev. ed. with introd. by D. P. Todd. 

1900. 18cm Little $1 

P Abundant references to authority and useful books 

are of special value. Pop. astron. 1: 432 (B) 

Wallace, A. R. Man's place in the universe; a 
study of the results of scientific research in re- 
lation to the unity or plurality of worlds. 1903. 
23 Jem McClure $2.50 n 

Aims to prove that earthly man is the only living and 
thinking being in whole universe. Pub. tvkly. 

Webb, T: W: Celestial objects for common tele- 
scopes. 2 v. 1898-99. 19cm 

Longmans $1.75 ea 

V. 1, ed. 7; v. 2, ed. 6. 
Rev. and enl. by Rev. T. E. Espin. 
Has probably made more astronomic observers than any 
other book. Knowl. 17: 86. 

Young, C: A: Thesun. Rev.ed. 1895. 19Jcm 
(lnternat. sci. ser.) Appleton $2 

Young, C: A: Text-book of general astronomy. 
Rev. ed. 1898. 23 Jem Ginn $2.75 

Wide range of information. Explanations lucid, pre- 
suppose a knowledge of elementary algebra, geometry 
and trigonometry. Knowl. 13: 12. 

524 maps. Atlases 

Ball, Sir U.S. Atlas of astronomy. 1892. 21 J 
x 19cm Appleton $4 

P Companion to his Starland. 72 plates explanatory of 
sun, moon, major planets and fixed stars. 

Schurig, Richard. Tabulae caelestes. 1886. 
31cm E. Gaebler 3 m 

Himmels atlas. Maps of all stars in both hemispheres 
visible to the naked eye. Title. 

525 Earth 

Ball, Sir R. S. Time and tide, a romance of the 
moon. 4th ed. 1899. 17 Jem (Romance of 
sci. ) Gorham 75c 

R Based on lectures on the theory of tidal evolution, 
delivered before the London institution. 

Simple exposition of Darwin's tidal theory of genesis of 
moon. Comstock. 

Darwin, G: H. Tides and kindred phenomena 
in the solar system. 1898. 21cm. (Lowell in- 
stitute lect. ) Houghton $2 
P R Authorities at end of each chapter. 

526 Geodesy and surveying 

Gore, J. H. Geodesy. 1891. 18cm (Riverside 
sci. ser.) Houghton $1.25 

P R Sketch of chief attempts to measure shape and 
size of the earth. H. A. Howe in Pop. astron. 9: 171 (B) 

Johnson, J: B. Theory and practice of survey- 
ing. 16th ed. 1904. 21cm Wiley $4 

Merriman, Mansfield, & Brooks, J: P. Hand- 
book for surveyors. 3rd ed. 1903. 17cm 

Wiley $2 
Both textbook and field reference book. Contains com- 
pactly and systematically principles and methods of sur- 
veying. Speeial attention to testing instruments and their 
comparison. Science, 25 : 526. 

527 Navigation 

Henderson, W: J. Elements of navigation. 
1895. 15 x 9cm Harper $1 

P Explanation of standard methods of finding posi- 
tion of a ship at sea and course to be steered; for begin- 
ners. Title. 

529 Chronology 

Boyle, M. P. Calendar stories. 1900. 19 Jem 

Flanagan 30c n 
Y Stories of the meaning of the names of the months 
and of the days of the week. Ed. sel. 




530 Physics 

Three works in English on natural philosophy 
occupy quite a unique position: Maxwell's Elec- 
tricity and magnetism (2 v. Oxford press $8), 
Kelvin and Tait's Natural philosophy (2 v. Mac- 
millan $8.50) and Rayleigh's Theory of sound 
(2 v. Macmillan $8) For in every branch of 
physics which has so far progressed as to be 
treated by the methods of the mathematician 
we continually make use of the results and in- 
vestigations contained in these books. Science 
progress (B) 

Because technical and costly these great books 
have been omitted from the main lists. They 
are mentioned in order that libraries which have 
special technical needs may not overlook them. 
Ed. sel. 

Rontgen rays 

(Undecided as to classification) 
Barker, G: F: tr. Rontgen rays. 1899. 21cm 
(Harper's sci. inem. ) Amer. bk. co. 60c 

Bibliography, p. 74. 

Contents: A new kind of rays, by W. C. Rontgen; Fur- 
ther observations on the properties of the X-rays, by 
W. C. Rontgen; On the nature of the Rontgen rays, by 
Sir G. G. Stokes; A theory of the connection between 
cathode and Rontgen rays, by J. .1. Thomson. 

53© General works 

Ames, J. S. Theory of physics. 1897. 21cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.60 
Cajori, Florian. History of physics in its ele- 
mentary branches, including the evolution of 
physical laboratories. 1899. 21cm 

Macmillan $1.60 n 

Carhart, H: S., & Chute, H. N. Physics for 
high school students. 1902. 19£cm 

Allyn $1.25 

Well arranged, with many short paragraphs and sug- 
gestive headings; statements clearly and carefully 
worded. Science, 39: 271. 

Daniell, Alfred. Text-book of the principles of 
physics. 3ded. 1894. 23£cm Macmillan $4n 
Connected account of leading principles of modern 
physical science. Demands only elementary mathemat- 
ics. Knowl. 19: 16. 

Fleming, J: A. Waves and ripples in water, air 
and aether. 1902. 19cm Gorham $1.50 n 
P Six lectures to juvenile audiences at the Royal insti- 

Deals with principles on which wireless telegraphy is 
based, electron theory of electricity, relations between 
light and electricity, earthquake waves, the phonograph, 

Ganot, Adolphe. Elementary treatise on phys- 
ics, experimental and applied; tr. by E. Atkin- 
son. 16th ed. 1902. 2Ucm Longmans $2.50 

Perhaps no other general text-book has played so Im- 
portant a part in the education of students in this branch 
of science. Amer.j. sci. 14. r >: 436 (B) 

Hopkins, G: M. Experimental science: ele- 
mentary, practical and experimental physics. 
23d ed. 2 v. 1902. 23cm Munn $5 

Y Experimental demonstration, with specific direc- 
tions for construction of many pieces of electric and other 
apparatus. Buffalo. 

Hyndman, H. H: F. Radiation; an elementary 
treatise on electromagnetic radiation and on 
Kontgen and cathode rays; with pref. by S. P. 
Thompson. 1898. 19cm 

R Macmillan $1.60 n 

Lommel, E. C. J. von. Experimental physics; 
tr. by G. W. Myers. 1899. 23cm 

Lippincott $3.75 n 

Subject clearly intelligible with surprisingly little 
mathematics. Nation, 73: 172. 

Nichols, E: L., & Franklin, W: S. Elements 
of physics; a college text- book. 3 v. 1903-04-. 

Macmillan v. 1 & 3, $1.50 n ea; v. 2, $1.90 n 

Contents: v. 1, Mechanics and heat; 3d ed. rewritten 

with additions, 1904. v. 2, Electricity and magnetism, 

new ed. entirely rewritten, 1904. v. 3, Light and sound; 

new ed. rewritten, 1903. 

Rather a digest than a treatise. Amer.j. sci. 154: 73 (B) 

Poynting, J: H:, & Thompson, J. J. Text- 
book of physics, v. 2-3. 1900-02. 23£cm 

Lippincott v. 2, $2.75; v. 3, $3.25 

No more published. 

v. 2, Sound (2d ed. 1900) assumes acquaintance with 
principles; v. 3, Properties of matter, deals with weight, 
mass, gravitation, and those properties relating chiefly to 
change of form, such as elasticity, fluid viscosity, surface 
tension, diffusion and solution. 

Watson, William. Text-book of physics. 1899. 
20£cm Longmans $3.50 

Satisfactory reference work for general reader because 
of completeness, accuracy and simplicity. Nichols. 

Wrapson, J. P., & Gee, W. W. H. Mathe- 
matical and physical tables. 1898. 22cm 

Macmillan $2.25 n 
Useful tables and more important formulae and con- 
stants required in teaching mathematics and physics; of 
spe"ial value also to student of chemical physics. Pref. 

531 Meehanies 

Holman, S. W. Matter, energy, force and 
work. 1898. 19£cm Macmillan $2.50 n 

Besides an excellent review of current theories of the 
nature of matter, energy, force, etc. includes much that 
is new and original, a few proposed additions to the 
nomenclature of science, and many extremely suggestive 
discussions. Science, 32: 24. 

Lodge, SirO. J. Elementary mechanics, includ- 
ing hydrostatics and pneumatics; new ed. rev. 
by author and Alfred Lodge; answers rev. by 
C:S. Lodge. 1896. 18cm VanNostrand $1.50 

SCIENCE— Physics 


Mach. Ernst. Science of mechanics; tr. by T: J. 

McCormaek. 2d ed. 1902. 20cm 

Open court pub. eo. $2 n 

A philosophic and inspiring account of the principles 

Of mechanics in relation to their development, mechanics 
being treated as one of the physical sciences. Kiwul. 
25: -07. 

Maxwell, J. C. Matter and motion. 2d Amer. 
ed. 18V)2. lo.U'in ( Van Xost rand sci. ser. ) 

Van Xostrand 50c 
Treats of fundamental principles of physics; clear, con- 
cise and stripped of all the cobwebs of formalism. Van 
Nostrand, 7: 0. 

Perry, John. Applied mechanics; a treatise for 

students who have time to work experimental, 

numerical and graphical exercises. 1901. 19cm 

Van Xostrand $2.50 n 

Author well known English physicist and engineer. 

Slate, Frederick. Principles of mechanics; an 

elementary exposition for students. Pt. 1. 1900. 

19k-m .Macmillan $1.90 n 

Stewart, Balfour. Conservation of energy. 

1900. 19$cm (Internat. sci. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.50 

In simple language, with abundant and familiar illus- 
trations. Buffalo. 

532 Hydraulics 

Merriman, Mansfield. Treatise on hydraulics. 
8th ed. 1903. 23£cm Wiley $4 

Lucid exposition of fundamentals of hydrostatics and 
dynamics for technical students, but thorough and simple 
treatment makes it a handy reference book for practising 
engineers. Engin. n. 21: 268. 

533 Oases. Pneumatics 

Hardin, "W. L. Rise and development of the 
liquefaction of gases. 1899. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Written in popular science style, with references to 
original literature. Pref. 

Travers, M. "W. Experimental study of gases. 

1901. 23|cm Macmillan $3.25 n 

Confined to descriptions of methods applicable in 
research, and of investigations which involve new princi- 
ples or lead to important results. Nation, 75: 26C. 

534 Sound 

Helmholtz, H. L. F". von. On the sensations 
of tone as a physiological basis for the theory of 
music; tr. by A. J. Ellis. 3ded. 1895. 26Jcm 

Longmans $9.50 

Mayer, A. M. Sound: a series of simple, enter- 
taining and inexpensive experiments in the 
phenomena of sound. 1902. 19cm (Exper. 
sci. ser.) Appleton $1 

Tyndall, John. Sound. 3d ed. 1903. 20cm 

Appleton $2 
R S Authorized edition. 

Thorough yet simple; illustrated by descriptions of 
many experiments, some exceedingly striking and fas- 
cinating. E. ass'n physics teachers (B) 

Zahm, J: A. Sound and music. 1892. 23cm 

McClurg $2 
Principles of acoustics and a brief exposition of physical 
basis of musical harmony. Drexel. 

535 Light. Optics 

Bell, Louis. Art of illumination. 1902. 23£cm 

McGraw $2.50 

On effectiveness of lighting. Chapters on physics of 
light; materials of illumination; problems in lighting 
dwellings, large interiors and exterior spaces; illumina- 
tion of the future. Engin. n. 49, 16 Ap. lit. sup. p. 46. 

Hastings, C: S. Light; a consideration of the 
more familiar phenomena of optics. 1901. 
23cm ( Yale bicent. pub. ) Scribner $2 n 

Describes and explains optical phenomena observable 
without accessories of physical laboratories; extensive 
chapter on atmospheric optics. Pref. 

Lummer, Otto. Contributions to photographic 
optics; tr. by S. P. Thompson. 1900. 23cm 

Macmillan $1.90 n 

S Three articles by Lummer, published in the Zeit- 
schriftfiir instrumentmkunde in 1897, form the basis of the 
present work. 

Chapter 12, Some recent British objectives; chapter 13 
Tele-photographic lenses; and appendix, Seidel's theory 
of the five aberrations, added by translator. 

Complete and concise treatment of theory of modern 
photographic objective. Invaluable to opticians, being 
practically the only work on subject. Science, 36: 505. 

Michelson, A. A. Light waves and their uses. 
1903. 23cm (Chicago univ. Decen. pub.) 

Chicago univ. $2 n 

Lowell institute lectures 1899. Result of 20 years' 
investigation; language as free from technicality as possi- 
ble. Pub. wkly. 1 Ag. '03. 

Parker, E: J. The lantern; a treatise on the 
magic lantern and stereopticon. 1901. 18cm 

Caygill 60c 

Preston, Thomas. Theory of light. 2d ed. 
1895. 22^cm Macmillan $5 n 

Standard. Additions to 2d ed. increase its value. 
Knowl. 18: 159. 

Rood, O. N: Students' text-book of color; or, 
Modern chromatics, with applications to art and 
industry. 1899. 19jcm (Internat. sci. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.30 

R S Best book on color in English for use of artists. 
E. R. Smith. 




Tait, P: G. Light. 1884. 19cm 

Macmillan $2 n 

Elementary, clear; specially suited for private reading 
to supplement classroom instruction. Amer.j. sci. 128: 
311 (B) 

Thompson, S. P. Light, visible and invisible. 
1897. 19cm Macmillan $1.50 

P R Royal institution lectures, 1896. Well illustrated. 
No mathematics except in appendixes. Ed. sel. 

Tyndall, John. Six lectures on light delivered 
in America in 1872-1873. 3d ed. 1901. 20£cm 

Appleton $1.50 

"Wright, Lewis. Light; a course of experimen- 
tal optics, chiefly with the lantern. New ed. 
1894. 19Jcm Macmillan $2 

Aims to give clear grasp, through actual experiments 
of the physical realities underlying phenomena of light 
i!nd color. Pref. 

536 Heat 

Maxwell, J. C. Theory of heat, with correc- 
tions and additions (1891) by Lord Rayleigh. 
1902. 18cm (Text-bks. of sci.) 

Longmans $1.50 
S A classic. No other book presents the deeper veri- 
ties of this science to the general reader so successfully. 

Tait, P: G. Heat. 1884. 18 Jem 

Macmillan $2 n 

Specially for non-technical students desiring an accu- 
rate knowledge of important facts and theories of mod- 
ern physical science. Amer.j. sci. 127: 488 (B) 

Tyndall, John. Heat as a mode of motion. 6th 
ed. 1902. 20 Jem 
R S Appleton $2.50 

537 Electricity 

Benjamin, Park. History of electricity. 1898. 
22£cm . Wiley $3 

Revised edition of his Intellectual rise in electricity. 
Widely scattered facts in history of electricity and mag- 
netism from earliest recorded observations to Franklin's 
time. N. Y. 

Bonney, G. E. Induction coils, a practical man- 
ual for amateur coil makers; 2d ed. rev. and 
enl. by chapter on coils for radiography. 1901. 
18cm (Whittaker'slib.) Macmillan $1 

Every part of coil minutely described, methods and 
materials required in insulating and winding fully con- 
sidered. Elec.r. 31: 180(B) 

Bubier, E: T. Experimental electricity, by Ed- 
ward Trevert. Rev. ed. 1902. 17Jcm 

Bubier $1 
Directions for easy experiments and simple apparatus. 
N. Y. 

Child, C: T. How and why of electricity; a book 
of information for non-technical readers. 1902. 
Wjcrn Elec. rev. pub. co. $1 

P R Tells how it is generated, handed, controlled, 
measured and set to work, and explains how familiar 
electric apparatus operates. Pref. 

Houston, E. J. Dictionary of electrical words, 
terms and phrases. 4th ed. 1898. 25cm 
McGraw (990 p. ) $7; pocket ed. (945 p. ) $2.50 

Rf Gives concise definition and a brief statement of 
principles involved in the definition, frequently illus- 
trated by cuts. Elaborate cross references. Science, 14: 287. 

lies, George. Flame, electricity and the cam- 
era; man's progress from the first kindling of 
fire to the wireless telegraph and the photogra- 
phy of color. 1900. 23cm 
P R Doubleday $2 n 

Invention and discovery. 1902. lSJcm (Little 
masterpieces of sci.) Doubleday 50c n 

Contents: Lightning identified with electricity, by B: 
Franklin; Preparing the way for the electric dynamo 
and motor, by M. Faraday; Invention of the electric tele- 
graph, by J. Henry; First Atlantic cables, by G: lies; In- 
vention of the telephone, by A. G. Bell; Photographing 
the unseen, by H. J. W. Dam; Wireless telegraph, by G: 
lies; Electricity, what its mastery means: with a review 
and a prospect, by G:Iles; Heat and motion identified, 
by Count (B. Thompson) Rumford; The "Rocket" loco- 
motive and its victory, by G: Stephenson. 

Jackson, D. C, & J: P. Elementary book on 
electricity and magnetism and their applications; 
a text-book and a manual for artisans, appren- 
tices and home readers. 1902. lOgcm 

Macmillan $1.40 n 

Kempe, H. R. Handbook of electrical testing. 
6th ed. 1900. 22cm Spon $6 

Lodge, Sir O. J. Lightning conductors and light- 
ning guards. 1892. 19£cm (Specialists' ser. ) 

Macmillan $4 
On protection of buildings, telegraph instruments, sub- 
marine cables, and of electric installations generally from 
damage by atmospheric discharges. Title. 

Meadowcroft, W: H: A B C of electricity. 
1889. 18cm Excelsior 50c 

Y Outlines principles of electric science in simple lan- 
guage, and explains their application in telegraph, tele- 
phone, electric light and motive power. Pittsburg. 

Mendenhall, T: C. Century of electricity. 1890. 
18cm ( Riverside sci. ser. ) Houghton $1.25 
P R Sketches growth of the science and its principal 
applications. N. Y. 

Munby, A. E: A course of simple experiments 
in magnetism and electricity. 1903. 18cm 

Macmillan 40c n 

Careful instructions for 85 experiments, with useful 
hints for construction of apparatus. Just enough guid- 

SCIENCE — Physics. Chemistry 


ance to insure performing experiments intelligently. 
Nature, 67: 316. 

Munro, John. Story of electricity. 1902. 19 Jem 
(Lib. of val. information) Appleton 35c n 

P List of books, p. 179-80. 

Textbook style. Contains more recent material than 
Mendenhall. Wis. 

St John, T: M. How two boy? made their own 
electrical apparatus. 1S98. 19Jcm St John $1 

Y Explieit details and instructions about great variety 
of apparatus. Materials required are all within compass 
of very moderate pocket money. Elec. engin. (B) 

Sloane, T: O'C. Electric toy making for ama- 
teurs; including batteries, magnets, motors, 
bells, etc. 15th ed. 1903. 18icm 

Henley $1 

Y Designed to bring within reach of young and old 
the manufacture of genuine and useful electrical appli- 
ances. Much plain practical information. Publishers. 

Thompson, S. P. Elementary lessons in elec- 
tricity and magnetism. Rev. ed. 1902. 19cm 
Macmillan $1.40 n 

Thomson, J. J: Elements of the mathematical 
theory of electricity and magnetism. 2d ed. 
1897. 20cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

Compresses a n immense amount of accurate quantitative 
information into small compass. Mathematical calcula- 
tions compact; contains diagrams showing distribution 
of lines of force of various kinds. Ath. '96, 1: 479. 

Trowbridge, John. What is electricity? 1896. 
19£cm (Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton $1.50 
P Traces electricity back to energy of the sun, thus 
explaining its relation to light and heat. Discusses con- 
servation and transformation of energy with reference to 
electric phenomena. E. ass'n physics teachers (B) 

53§ Magnetism 

Houston, E. J., & Kennelly, A. E. Magnet- 
ism. 1896. lTjcm (Elem. electro-tech, ser.) 

McGraw $1 
Illustrates and describes elementary experiments and 
discusses theory. Elec. world, 27: 379. 

Jackson, D. C, & J: P. Text-book on electro- 
magnetism and the construction of dynamos. 
2 v. 1893-96. 19£cm 

Macmillan v. 1, $2.25 n; v. 2, $3.50 n 
V. 2 has title: Alternating currents and alternating current 
machinery; being v. 2 of the Text-book on electro-magnetism. 
While intended for college text-book, valuable to elec- 
tric engineer for important points in dynamo design. 
Elec. world, 23: 224. 

539 Molecular physics 

Tait, P: G. Properties of matter. 4th ed. 1899. 
19cm Black 7/6; Macmillan $2.25 n 

Excellent for general readers. Nichols. 

540 Chemistry 

Cohn, Iiassar (called Lassar-Cohn) Chemistry in 
daily life; popular lectures, tr. by M. M. P. 
Muir. 2ded. 1899. 18icm 

Lippincott $1.50 n 
R Cooking, wine, digestion, spirits, and foods gener- 
ally, clearly discussed; also most important points in 
manufacture and use of paper, glass, iron, steel, soap, etc. 
Spec. 78: 62. 

Introduction to modern scientific chem- 
istry; popular lectures tr. by M. M. P. Muir. 
1901. 19cm Van Nostrand $2 

Intended primarily for university extension students 
and general readers. 

Muir, M. M. P. Story of alchemy and the be- 
ginnings of chemistry. 1903. 15£cm (Lib. of 
useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

A philosophic examination of the pseudo-science, its 
true significance and aims, by a competent scholar. H. C. 
Bolton in Science, 40: 307. 

Phenix, G: P. First lessons in chemistry. 1894. 
15cm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath pap. 20c 

Watts, Henry. Dictionary of chemistry, rev. 

by M. M. P. Muir and H. F. Morley. New ed. 

4v. 1898-1901. 23£cm Longmans $50 

RfS Deals mainly with purely scientific side. Kroeger. 

541 Theoretic chemistry 

Faraday, Michael. Six lectures on the chemical 
history of a candle; added a lecture on plati- 
num; ed. by William Crookes. 1903. 17icm 

Harper 75c 

Y Royal institution Christmas lectures 1860. 

In no work on chemistry have the phenomena of com- 
bustion, the nature of the atmosphere and the chemistry 
of coal-gas been more clearly stated. Bolton (B) 

Jones, H. C. tr. Modern theory of solution; 
memoirs by Pfeffer, van 't Hoff, Arrhenius, and 
Raoult. 1899. 20£cm (Harper's sci. mem.) 

Amer. bk. co. $1 

Bibliography, p. 129-32. 

Muir, M. M. P. A treatise on the principles of 
chemistry. 2d ed. 1889. 23cm 

Macmillan $4 n 
For advanced students. L. & I. 

Walker, James. Introduction to physical 
chemistry. 3d ed. 1903. 22Jcm 

Macmillan $3 n 

Specially suited for brief undergraduate courses on 
theoretic chemistry. Principles clearly stated and con- 
cretely illustrated. Treatment descriptive, not mathe- 
matical. A. A. Noyes in Science, 11:904. 




544 Qualitative analysis 

Fresenius, K: R. Manual of qualitative chem- 
ical analysis; tr. by H. L. Wells; rev. fr. 16th 
Ger. ed. 1897. 23£cm Wiley $5 

Perkin, F: M. Qualitative chemical analysis, 
organic and inorganic. 1901. 22cm 

Longmans $1.40 
Practical side much more developed than theoretic. 
Author head of chemistry department of borough Poly- 
technic institution, London. Ath. '01, 2: 161. 

545 Quantitative analysis 

Fresenius, K: R. Quantitative chemical analy- 
sis; tr. of 6th Ger. ed. by A. I. Conn. 2 v. 1904. 
23£cm Wiley $12.50 

546 Inorganic chemistry 

Eemsen, Ira. Inorganic chemistry. 5th ed. 
1898. 22cm (Amer. sci. ser. Adv.) 

Holt $2.80 

547 Organic eliemistry 

Cohen, J. B. Practical organic chemistry for ad- 
vanced students. 1900. 17j cm 

Macmillan 80c n 

Specially useful in private laboratories, and might well 
be means for converting a dabbler into a chemist. Ath. 
'01, 1: 534. 

Remsen, Ira. Introduction to the study of the 
compounds of carbon; or, Organic chemistry. 
4th revision. 1903. 19cm Heath $1.20 n 

Without a rival for beginners. Bolton. 

548 Crystallography 

Moses, A. J. Characters of crystals. 1899. 24cm 

Van Nostrand $2 n 

Geometric character of crystals; optical crystallography; 
general physical characters, such as effects of heat, mag- 
netism, electricity, etc. Well illustrated by crystal draw- 
ings and cuts of instruments. A. S. Eakle in Science, 
3li: 54. 

549 Mineralogy 

Clapp, H: L. Thirty-six observation lessons on 
common minerals. 1903. 162cm (Guides for 
sci. teaching) Heath pap. 30c 

Books of reference, p. 12. 

Dana, E: S. Minerals, and how to study them. 
1S95. 194cm Wiley $1.50 

Elementary. Forms of crystals and kinds of structure, 
physical characters, chemical characters, and use of 
blowpipe, descriptions <>i species. Chapter on determina- 
tion of minerals. Many illustrations. Knowl. 19: 159. 

Dana, E: S. Text-book of mineralogy, with an 
extended treatise on crystallography and 
physical mineralogy. New ed. 1898. 232cm 

Wiley $4- 
Literature, p. 2-4. 

Entirely rewritten and enlarged. Nearly half devoted 
to crystallography and physical mineralogy. About 1,000 
excellent cuts. List of selected references at end of each 
subject. Science, 8: 879. 

Kelley, J. G. Boy mineral collectors. 1899. 
21cm Lippincott $1.50 

Y S Technical terms avoided; contains much on the 
history of metals and precious stones. Buffalo. 

Moses, A. J., & Parsons, C: L. Elements of 
mineralogy, crystallography and blowpipe analy- 
sis from a practical standpoint. ^Newed. 1900. 
24cm Van Nostrand $2 n 

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow) First lessons 
in minerals. 1882. 17cm (Guides for sci. 
teaching) Heath pap. 10c 

P Begins with observation of qualities of familiar ele- 
ments, as gold, iron, carbon, etc. and leads to their com- 
bination in well-known compounds, as iron, rust, salt, 
marble, etc. Sargent. 

Ruskin, John. The ethics of the dust; ten 
lectures to little housewives on the elements of 
crystallization, with introd. by C: E. Norton. 
Brantwood ed. 1894. 19£cm 

Longmans $1.50 n 

Contents: The valley of diamonds; The pyramid build- 
ers; The crystal life; Crystal orders; Crystal virtues; Crys- 
tal quarrels; Home virtues; Crystal caprice; Crystal sor- 
rows; The crystal rest. 

550 CJeology 

Brigham, A. P. Text-book of geology. 1901. 
20cm (Twentieth cent, text-bks. ) 

Appleton $1.40 n 
Clear, accurate, concise, well illustrated from actual 
examples. Knowl. 25: 112. 

Crosby, W: O. Common minerals and rocks. 
1903. 15cm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath pap. 40c 

General sketch of forces now at work in formation of 
rock and rock structures, composition, and other charac- 
teristics of rocks. Sargent. 

Dana, J. D. Manual of geology. 4th ed. 1895. 
23 2 cm Amer. bk. co. $5 

S Nearly 1,000 illustrations. 

The most recent (1895) and extensive treatise on 
North American geology, and on historical geology in 
general. Indispensable to student who would be up to 
date in historical geology of United States and Canada. 
Simple and clear in arrangement and terminology. L. & 1. 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Class-book of geology. 
2d ed. 1890. 19cm Macmillan $1.10 n 

SCIECE— Geology 


Geikie, Sir Archibald. Text-hook of geology. 
4th ed. 2 v. 1903. 23Jcm 

Macmillan |7.50 n 

Works of reference, ]>. ">-i2. 

Needed BS complement to Dana's much more detailed 
treatment. Presents broader view of geology as a whole; 
exeels in descriptions of rocks, giving more attention to 
physical and obvious characteristics: terminology less 
simple and less American. L. & I. 

lie Conte, Joseph. Elements of geology; rev. 
by H. L. Fairchild. 5th ed. 1903. 23cm 

Appleton $4 
Excellent general work for student of moderate devel- 
opment. Its strength is its clear treatment of dynamic 
and structural geology, unencumbered by great detail. 
Luminous illustrations. L. & I. 

Lyell, Sir Charles. Student's Lyell; a manual 

of elementary geology, ed. by J: W. Judd. 

Rev. ed. 1S96. 20cm (Student's ser.) 

Amer. bk. co. $2.25 
Scott, W: B. Introduction to geology. 1897. 

20icm Macmillan $1.90 n 

Text-book dealing principally with American geology, 

dynamic, structural, physiographic, and historical. 

Avoids dogmatic statements about matters still in doubt. 

N". Y. 

Seeley, H. G. Story of the earth in past ages. 
1895. 15icm (Lib. of useful stories) 
P S Appleton 40c 

Shaler, N. S. First book in geology. 1884. 
19cm Heath 60c n 

P Excellent introduction to geology, chiefly dynamic. 
L. & I. 

Tarr, R. S. Elementary geology. 1897. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.40 n 
It Y Clear and direct method of treatment and good 
illustrations. Providence. 

Zittel, K: A. filter von. History of geology and 
palaeontology to the end of the nineteenth cen- 
tury; tr. by M. M. Ogilvie-Gordon. 1901. 19cm 
(Contemp. sci. ser.) Scribner $1.50 

Traces development of cosmic, physiographic, dynamic 
and stratigraphic geology, petrography and paleontology. 
Opinions of investigators are given, and their value and 
bearing on advancement of the science discussed. 
- <• nee, 38: 601. 

551 Physical and dynamic geology 

Archibald, Douglas. Story of the earth's at- 
mosphere. 1897. 15£cm (Lib. of useful stories) 

Appleton 40c 

R Simple account of atmospheric activity and meteor- 
ology. Wis. 

Bonney, T: G: Ice-work, present and past. 
1903. 19cm (Internat. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $1.50 

Bonney, T: G: Volcanoes; their structure and 
significance. 1899. 21$cm (Sci. ser.) 
P S Putnam $2 

Dana, J. D. Characteristics of volcanoes. 1890. 
25cm Dodd $5 

The immediate outcome of a visit to the Hawaiian 
islands (1887) but based on lifelong studies. Gilman 


Corals and coral islands. 3d ed. 1890. 

24cm Dodd $5 

All phases of the subject: structure, physiology and 
taxonomy, mode of formation of reefs and islands, geo- 
logic inferences suggested, fantastic beauty, etc. W: N. 
Rice in Amer. natural (B) 

Geological story briefly told. 1903. 19cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.15 
Simple in its language and full in its illustrations. 
Atner.j. sci. 109: 471 (B) 

Eevised text-book of geology; 5th ed. 

ed. by W: N. Rice. 1897. 20cm 

Amer. bk. co. $1.40 

In general faithfully reproduces author's well known 
opinions, but introduces enough of modern views to make 
it a most acceptable addition to elementary text-books. 
W. B. Clark in Science, 32: 147. • 

Darwin, C: R. Structure and distribution of 
coral reefs. 3d ed. 1901. 20 Jem 

Appleton $2 
Original development of the commonly accepted theory 
of atolls and barrier reefs. Rice. 

Dodge, R: E. Reader in physical geography, 

for beginners. 1902. 19$cm Longmans 70c n 

Y Happy in interpreting principles of land sculpture in 

the most homely similes. Compels beginner to relate new 

knowledge to what is already known. Science, 36: 907. 

Ferrel, William. Popular treatise on the winds: 
monsoons, cyclones, tornadoes, waterspouts, 
hail-storms, etc. 1889. 24cm Wiley $4 

S Contains contributions of greatest value to science. 

Geikie, James. Earth sculpture; or, The origin 
of land-forms. 1902. 22cm (Progressive sci. 
ser.) Putnam $2 

Deals with processes involved in development of topog- 
raphy and results effected. R. D. Salisbury in J. geol. 

7: 512 (B) 

Great ice age and its relation to the antiq- 
uity of man. 3d ed. 1894. 23cm 

Appleton $7.50 

Bibliographic footnotes. 

List of authors referred to, p. 833-38. 

Parts of most interest outside geologic circles are those 
dealing with recurrence of glacial epochs, cause of gla- 
cial period, and existence of man during glacial period. 
R. D. Salisbury in Dial, 19: 246. 




Gilbert, G. K., &Brigham, A. P. Introduction 
to physical geography. 1902. 20cm (Twen- 
tieth cent, text-bks. ) Appleton $1.25 n 
Authors conceive geography as a comprehensive knowl- 
edge of the earth, and this book as a first book of science. 
They attract attention to features seen in any walk 
across country, and correlate these with striking phe- 
nomena of high mountain regions, volcanoes, etc. Abun- 
dant photographic illustrations. G. A. J. Cole in Nature, 
67: 147. 

Harrington, M: W. About the weather. 1899. 
18$cm (Appletons' home reading bks. ) 

Appleton 65c n 

Y Explains production and peculiarities of winds, 
clouds, rain, snow, thunder storms, cyclones, the methods 
and usefulness of weather bureau, etc. Helpful illustra- 
tions. N. Y. 

Huxley, T: H: Physiography; an introduction 
to the study of nature. 1900. 19cm 

Appleton $2.50 

Aims to show connection between local and universal 
natural phenomena. Thames valley chosen as starting 
point. Begins with physical conformation, passes to 
springs, rain and dew, snow and ice, evaporation, atmos- 
phere, etc. and ends with earth's figure, mapmaking, 
earth's movements and the sun. Nation, 27: 135. 

Hyatt, Alpheus. About pebbles. 1903. 15cm 
(Guides for sci. teaching) Heath pap. 10c 

What may be taught from a few common stones. Sar- 

Marr, J: E: Scientific study of scenery. 1900. 
19cm New Amsterdam $1.50 

R S Acceptable to students of geology and geography 
and to intelligent tourists. Ath. 1900, 1: 210. 

Mill, H. R. Realm of nature; an outline of 
physiography. 1902. 18£cm (Univ. exten. 
man.) Scribner $1.50 n 

R S Books of reference at end of each chapter. 
Condensed account of earth's structure, physical phe- 
nomena and their relations to its life. Maps. E.R.Shaw. 

Milne, John. Earthquakes and other earth 
movements. 4th ed. 1898. 19Jcm (Internat. 
sci. ser. ) • Appleton $1.75 

P Principal books, papers, periodicals referred to, p. 

Brings together what is known about the nature, causes 
and effects of earth movements. Nation. 

Russell, I. C. Glaciers of North America. 

1897. 23£cm Ginn $1.75 

P S Describes beginnings, development, effects and 

decay of glaciers, and the situation and condition of those 

existing on this continent. N. Y. 

Lakes of North America. 1895. 23£cm 

Ginn $1.50 

P S Outcome of original study and wide experience in 
exploration and observation. Nation, 62: 243. 

Russell, I. C. Rivers of North America. 1902. 

21^cm (Sci. ser.) Putnam $2 

P S Issued also under title River development, 1902. 
On evolution of rivers, and their past and present effects 
on the earth's contours. Excellent illustrations. N. Y. 

Volcanoes of North America. 1897. 

23£cm Macmillan $4 

P S Largely result of direct observation; compiled 
part refers to sources. Picturesque chapter on ' Life his- 
tory of a volcano. ' Knoivl. 20: 280. 

Shaler,N. S. Aspects of the earth. 1889. 24cm 

Scribner $2.50 

P Enlarged from articles in Scribner's magazine. 

Earth movements, volcanoes, caves and cave life, rivers, 
valleys, atmospheric movements, American forests, origin 
and nature of soils. N. Y. 

Outlines of the earth's history. 1898. 

20£cm Appleton $1.75 

P R S Graphic essays discussing earth's relation to stel- 
lar system, effects of atmosphere, glaciers, underground 
water, soil formation, rock building, etc. N. Y. 

features of coasts and 
Scribner $2.50 

Sea and land; 

oceans. 1894. 23cm 

P Describes deep sea life, structure of sea bottoms, 
beaches, harbors and icebergs, noting effects on man's 
life. Authoritative and clear. N. Y. 

Tarr, R. S. Economic geology of the United 
States, with briefer mention of foreign mineral 
products. 1894. 22£cm Macmillan $3.50 

Literature of economic geology, p. 457-65; authors and 
works referred to, p. 467-70. 

Common rock and vein forming minerals and ores, 
rocks of the earth's crust, physical geography and geology 
of the United States, origin of ore deposits and mining- 
terms and methods. Metalliferous deposits in detail. 
Amer. natural. (B) 

New physical geography. 

1904. 19cm 

Tyndall, John. Glaciers of the Alps; a nar- 
rative of excursions and ascents. New ed. 
1896. 20cm Longmans $2.50 

Wright, G: F: Ice age in North America, and 
its bearings upon the antiquity of man. 4th ed. 
1896. 23cm Appleton $5 

Bibliography, pref. p. 7-25. Appendix on Probable 
cause of glaciation, by Warren Upham. 

General account of glacial action and its effects, 
specially in northeastern United States. Does not recog- 
nize complexity of glacial period. L. A. H. 

Man and the glacial period. 1892. 19Jcm 

(Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton $1.75 

R S Appendix on Tertiary man by H: W. Haynes. 

SCIENCE— Geology 


552 Lilliology 

Kemp, J. F. Handbook of rocks, for use with- 
out the microscope. 2d ed. 1900. 2-Urm 

Van Nostrum! $1.50 

Arranged to meet special needs of ordinary field work, 

mining or engineering. Excellent glossary of rock names 

and lithologic terms. Frank D. Adams in Science, 4: 764. 

Merrill, G: P. Treatise on rocks, rock-weather- 
ing and soils. 1897. 22*cm Macmillan $4 n 

Reviews fully and concisely agents of rock-weathering. 
Contains logical presentation of leading facts in lithology. 
Nation, 65: 192. 

553 Economic geology 

Kemp, J. F. Ore deposits of the United States 
and Canada. 3d ed. 1900. 23Jcm 

Engin. & min. j. $5 

Condensed. Extended bibliography refers to original 
sources and fuller accounts. Geologic descriptions mi- 
nute and illustrated by maps, cross sections and photo- 
graphs. Engirt, n. 43: 294. 

Martin, E: A. Story of a piece of coal. 1896. 
loicm (Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

Brief record of vegetable and mineral history, discov- 
ery, early use, mining, products: illuminating oils, coal 
tar colors, etc. X. Y. 

Merrill, G: P. Stones for building and decora- 
tion. 3ded. 1903. 23£em Wiley $5 

Bibliography, p. 528-30. 

Well planned, well executed and exceptionally com- 
plete. Author's position and experience give ample 
guaranty of accuracy. Science, 30: 392. 

See also Public documents list. 

554 Geology of Europe 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. Scenery of 
England. 1902. 23cm Macmillan $2.50 n 

Works referred to, p. 507-21. 

Describes the scenery by explaining the forces and 
causes that have made it what it is. Nation, 74: 369. 

Scenery of Switzerland. 1896. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

List of works and memoirs referred to, p. 367-71. 
Compact and accurate account of Swiss physiography. 
Science, 4: 163. 

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Scenery of Scotland 
viewed in connection with its physical geology. 
3d ed. 1901. 21cm Macmillan $3.25n 

For students and travelers. Contains itinerary of 
routes to geologic features most interesting in their rela- 
tion to scenery. Pittsburg. 

560 Paleontology 

Lucas, F: A: Animals before man in North 
America. 1902. 19£cm Appleton $1.25 n 
Books and specimens, p. 282-85. 
Relates in greater part to vertebrates, with something 

about their forms, kindred affinities, migrations, locali- 
ties of discovery, etc. Nation, 76: 78. 

Williams, H: S. Geological biology: an intro- 
duction to the geological history of organisms. 
1895. 22cm Holt $2.80 

Aims to show what fossil shells tell of natural selection 
and other forms of evolution. Lectures originally de- 
livered at Cornell. Nation, 63: 54. 

Zittel, K: A. ritter von. Text-book of paleon- 
tology; tr. anded. byC:R. Eastman. 2 v. 1900- 
02. 24cm Macmillan v. 1, $6 n; v. 2, $3 n 

German original complete in 5 volumes; English trans- 
lation incomplete. 

Epitome of whole fossil record from dawn of life to ad- 
vent of man. Richly illustrated from rare selections. 
Nation, 76: 130. 

561 Plants 

Dawson, Sir J: W: Geological history of plants. 
1888. 19£cm (Internat. sci. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.75 
Clear, authoritative digest of the relations of plant life 
to the various geologic epochs. For both general reader 
and advanced student. L. & I. 

Scott, D. H: Studies in fossil botany. 1900. 
21cm Macmillan $2.75 n 

In 14 lectures, results of great significance for botanists. 
Evidence and conclusions not too detailed and admira- 
bly clear. Nation, 71: 444. 

566 Vertebrates 

Lucas, F: A: Animals of the past. 1901. 21cm 

(Sci. for everybody) McClure $2 n 

R Y Independent talks on extinct birds, reptiles and 

mammals. Accurate, interesting, well illustrated. N. Y. 

Seeley, H. G. Dragons of the air, an account of 
extinct flying reptiles. 1901. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 
P S Bibliography, p. 231-32. 
Summarizes about all that is known of pterodactyls. 

Science, 38: 67. 

570 Biology 

Conn, H. W: Story of the living machine; a 
review of the conclusions of modern biology. 
1899. 15 £cm (Lib. of useful stories) 

Appleton 35c n 

Huxley, T: H: Discourses biological and geo- 
logical. 1897. 19cm (Collected essays, v. 8) 

Appleton $1.25 
Contents: On a piece of chalk; Problems of the deep 
sea; On some of the results of the expedition of H. M. S. 
"Challenger." Yeast; On the formation of coal; On the 
border territory between the animal and the vegetable 
kingdoms; A lobster: or, The study of zoology; Biogenesis 
and abiogenesis; Geological contemporaneity and per- 
sistent types of life; Geological reform; Palaeontology and 
the doctrine of evolution. 




Morley, M. W. Song of life. 1902. 19icm 

MeClurg $1.25 

R Y Story of the origin and growth of the embryo and 
its subsequent development in plants, fishes, frogs, birds 
and mammals. Nation, 54: 136 (B) 

Parker, T: J. Lessons in elementary biology. 
1900. 18icm (Man. for students) 

Macmillan $2.60 n 

Deals mainly with structure and activities of cells as 
basis of all physiologic functions. Dodge. 

Sedgwick, W: T., & "Wilson, E. B. Introduc- 
tion to general biology. 2d ed. 1895. 22cm 
(Amer. sci. ser.) Holt $1.75 n 

Interesting discussion of structure and habits of the 
earthworm and the fern, and their relations to their 
environment. Dodge. 

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of biology. Kev. 
ed. 2 v. 1898-1900. 20cm (His Synthetic 
philosophy) Appleton $4 

What strikes one most forcibly is the extraordinary 
range and grasp of its author, the piercing keenness of 
his eye for essentials, his fertility in invention and the 
bold sweep of his logical method. C. L. Morgan ( B) 

571 Prehistoric archeology 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. Pre-his- 
toric times, as illustrated by ancient remains 
and the manners and customs of modern savages. 
6th ed. 1900. 22cm Appleton $5 

Balfour, Henry. Evolution of decorative art; 
an essay upon its origin and development. 1893. 
19Jcm Rivington 4/6 

Bibliography, p. 129-31. 

Account of very primitive forms of ornament, both pre- 
historic and among savages of our own time. Sturgis. 

Clodd, Edward. Childhood of the world. 1884. 
23£cm (Humboldt lib. of sci.) 

Humboldt pub. co. 15c 

P R Simple account of man in early times. Describes 
his material progress, first tools, dwellings, etc. and ex- 
plains his advance from lower to higher stages of reli- 
gious belief. Pittsburg. 

Story of "primitive" man. 1895. 15£cm 

(Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

P R Selected list of books, p. 185-86. 
Useful stepping stone; creates interest and develops a 
desire for further information. Nature, 52: 173 (B) 

Grosse, Ernst. Beginnings of art. 1897. 19$cm 
(Anthropol. ser.) Appleton $1.75 

Tr. fr. the German. 

Contribution to ethnology rather than to art criticism 
or history. Contends that only scientific method of in- 
vestigating origin of art is to examine art of present prim- 
itive peoples. Nation, 65: 14. 

Mason, O. T. Woman's share in primitive cul- 
ture. 1894. 192cm (Anthropol. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.75 

P Shows that industrial arts originated with and owed 
their early development chiefly to woman and points out 
her large contributions to social growth. N. Y. 

Nadaillac, J. F. A. du Pouget, marquis de. 
Manners and monuments of prehistoric peoples; 
tr. by Nancy Bell (N. D'Anvers) 1892. 22cm 

Putnam $3 

Life of man during the stone age, specially in Europe. 
Science, 20: 291. 

Starr, Frederick. Some first steps in human 

progress. 1901. 19cm (Chaut. lit. & sci. cir. ) 

Chautauqua press 75c 

Books for reference, p. 255-56. 

Comprehensive summary of views held by most modern 
inquirers respecting the primitive condition of the earliest 
men and the steps by which they raised themselves to 
higher levels. Critic, 28: 18. 

572 Ethnology. Anthropology 

Brinton, D. G. The American race: a linguistic 
classification and ethnographic description of the 
native tribes of North and South America. 1901 . 
20^cm McKay $2 

Races and peoples ; lectures on the science 

of ethnography. 1901. 19icm McKay $1.50 
R Concise and general. 

Deniker, Joseph.. Races of man: an outline of 
anthropology and ethnography. 1900. 19cm 
(Contemp. sci. ser.) Scribner $1.50 

Tr. fr. the French. 

Best compendium in English (1901) W. Z. Ripley in 

Amer. hist. r. 6: 110 (B) 

Hutchinson, H: N. A others. Living races of 
mankind; a popular illustrated account ot cus- 
toms, habits, pursuits, feasts and ceremonies. 
1901. 28cm Hutchinson 14/; Appleton $5 n 

Geographic; not ethnologic or philologic. Its great 
distinction is its remarkable collection of photographic 
illustrations. Spec. Mr '01: 394. 

Keaue, A: H: Ethnology. 2d ed. 1896. 20icm 
(Camb. geog. ser.) Macmillan $2.60 n 

'Ethnology' in its ancient sense, nearly synonymous 
with 'anthropology.' Pt. 1, Fundamental ethnical prob- 
lems, pt. 2, Primary ethnical groups. D. G. Brinton in 
Science, 26: 449. 

Man, past and present. 1899. 20.U'in 

(Camb. geog. ser. ) Macmillan $3 n 

Deals in greater detail and more systematically with 
primary divisions of mankind than his Ethnology, which 
it supplements. Knvwl. 22: 229. 

SCIENCE — Biology. Anthropology 


Quatrefages de Breau, Armand. Human 
species. 2d ed. 1881. 19cm (Intermit, sei. 

Ajipleton $2 

Tr. fr. the French. 

Extremely conservative: a little old but highly useful. 


Ratzel, Friedrich. History of mankind; tr. by 
A. J. Butler, introd. by E. B. Tylor. 3 v. 
1896-98. 25* em Macmillan $4 ea 

Comprehensive, rich in material, abundant ami excel- 
lent illustrations. OuU. 65: 260. 

Ripley, "W: Z. Races of Europe; a sociological 
study. 1899. 23cm (Lowell inert, lect. ) 

Appleton $6 

Supplementary bibliography published separately by 

Boston public library. Special list of authorities on 

acclimatization. ]>. 5S9-90. 

Attempts to co-ordinate and interpret ethnologic ob- 

uions made by scholars in all partsof Europe. Makes 

accessible a vast amount of scattered material. Many 

type portraits, graphic charts and maps. N. Y. 

Sergi, Giuseppe. Mediterranean race: a study 

of the origin of European peoples. 1901. 19cm 

Contemp.sci.ser.) Scribner $1.50 

By one of the most industrious, original, and fearless of 
European ethnologists. Nation, 73: 19. 

Taylor. Isaac. Origin of the Aryans; an account 
of the prehistoric ethnology and civilization of 
Europe. 2d ed. 1902. 19cm (Contemp. sci. ser. ) 

Scribner $1.50 
P Best general presentation of the new views. Starr. 

573 Xatural history of man 

Drummond, Henry. Lowell lectures on the as- 
cent ol man. 1894. 20cm Pott $1 
R Maintains that the altruistic principle is co-eval 
with the struggle for life. Holds essential consistency of 
evolution with Christianity. X. Y. 

Haddon, A. C. Study of man. 1898. 21£cm 
Sci. ser.) Putnam $2 

P Mainly somatology- and folklore. Discusses princi- 
pal measurementsin anthropometry, Bertillon's methods, 
skull indices, color scale in hair and eyes, and form of 
nose. Latter half of book devoted to games and toys. 
D. G. Brinton in 8dt nee, 31: 82. 

Huxley, T: H: Man's place in nature, 1902. 
19cm (Collected essays, v. 7) 

Appleton $1.25 

The first three essays were published in January 1863, 
under the title of Man' 8 place in nature. 

Contents: 1, On the natural history of the man-like 
apes; 2, On the relations of man to the lower animals: 
'■',. On some fossil remains of man; 4, On methods and 
results of ethnology; 5, On some fixed points in British 
ethnology; 6, On the Aryan question. 

Clear; interesting even to general readers, though sub- 
ject and treatment technical. Starr. 

Shaler, N. S. Nature and man in America. 1891. 
19cm Scribner $1.50 

P Shows how the physical development of the earth 
(climate, land and sea contours, etc.) has affected 
organic life and influenced man physically, socially and 
morally. N. Y. 

575 Evolution 

Bailey, L. H. Survival of the unlike; a collection 

of evolution essays suggested by the study of 

domestic plants. 1896. 19cm Macmillan $2 
Baldwin, J. M: Development and evolution. 

1902. 22cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

From psychologist's point of view, largely devoted to 

careful elaboration of theory of orthoplasy or organic 

See also 150 for his Mental development in the child and 

the race and his Social and ethical interpretations in mental 


Clodd, Edward. Primer of evolution. 1895. 
I65C111 Longmans 75c 

P R Abridgment of his Story of creation, a condensed 
statement, and a good general view of the theory of evo- 
lution. L. & I. 

Conn, H. W: Evolution of to-day. 1886. 21cm 

Putnam $1.75 

Method of evolution. 1900. 20|cm 

Putnam $2 
Review of x>resent attitude of science toward question 
of laws and forces which have brought about origin of 
species. Title. 

Darwin, Charles. Descent of man and selection 
in relation to sex. New ed. 1901. 20scm 

Murray 2/6 n; Appleton $3 
Exposition of theory that man is descended from ape- 
like animals, with arguments and evidences in its favor. 
L. &I. 

On the origin of species by means of natu- 
ral selection; or, The preservation of favored 
races in the struggle for life. New ed. fr. 6th 
Eng. ed. 1881. 20Jcm Appleton $2 

No other work of this century has had such power in 
changing the current of thought. It was not speculation 
as to what might be, but a volume of evidence as to what 
actually is. D: S. Jordan in Dial, 3: 2 (B) 

Variation of animals and plants under 

domestication. 2 v. 1900. 2O5C111 

Appleton $5 

Galton, Francis. Natural inheritance. 1889. 

23cm Macmillan 82 

Memoirs by the author bearing on heredity, p. 218-19. 

Gray, Asa. Darwiniana: essays and reviews 
pertaining to Darwinism. 1876. 20 -Vm 

Appleton $2 

Specially valuable essays on relation of evolution to 
natural theology. Rice. 






Hutton, F: W. Darwinism and Lamarckism, old 

and new; 4 lectures. 1899. 18£cm Putnam $1 
R Well balanced, logical presentation of Darwin's 
views in light of current criticism. C. A. Koford in Dial, 
28: 281. 

Huxley, T: H: Darwiniana. 1896. 19cm (Col- 
lected essays, v. 2) Appleton $1.25 
Contents: Darwinian hypothesis; Origin of species; 
Criticisms on The origin of species; Genealogy of animals; 
Mr Darwin's critics; Evolution in biology; Coming of age 
of The origin of species; Charles Darwin; The Darwin 
memorial: Obituary; Six lectures to working men on our 
knowledge of the causes of the phenomena of organic 

Jordan, D: S. Footnotes to evolution; a series 
of popular addresses on the evolution of life. 
1898. 19icm Appleton $1.75 

lie Conte, Joseph. Evolution and its relation 
to religious thought, 1888. 19Jcm 

Appleton $1.50 
Among the best books both as pure science and natural 
theology. Rice. 

Marshall, A. M. Lectures on the Darwinian 
theory; ed. by C. F. Marshall. 1900. 22£cm 

Macmillan $2.25 

Delivered in connection with Victoria university ex- 
tension lectures. Excellent statement of development of 
evolution theory. Knowl. 17: 280. 

Morgan, T:H. Evolution and adaptation. 1903. 
23cm Macmillan $3 n 

Written in support and defenseof the 'mutation theory.' 
Dial, 36: 196. 
Naturalist as interpreter and seer. 1902. 15Jcm 
( Little masterpieces of sci. ) Doubleday 50c n 

Contents: The origin of species in summary, by C: Dar- 
win; How The origin of species came to be written, by 
C: Darwin; Descent of man: the argument in brief, by C: 
Darwin; Mimicry and other protective resemblances among 
animals, by A. R. Wallace; Evolution of the horse, by T: H: 
Huxley; Fighting pests with insect allies, by L. O. Howard; 
Strange story of the flowers: a chapter in modern botany, 
by <i: Ties. 
Osborn, H: F. From the Greeks to Darwin; an 
outline of the development of the evolution idea. 
1894. 22cm. (Columbia univ. biol. ser. ) 

Macmillan $2 n 

Based upon lectures delivered at Princeton and Colum- 
bia universities. Pref. 

Shows that evolution theory has reached its present 
completeness as result of a slow growth during past '-'( 
centuries; clear, candid and catholic statement of its 
origin and early history. A. S. Packard in Science, 24: 21. 

Romanes, G: J: Darwin and after Darwin. 
3 v. 1892-97. 20cm Open court pub. co. $4 n 

P Contents: v. 1, Darwinian theory, v. 2, Post-Darwin- 
ian questions, Heredity and utility, v. 8, Post-Darwinian 
questions, Isolation and physiological selection. 

Vols. 2 and :! ed. by C. L. Morgan. 

Probably best general work on organic evolution. 

Semper, Karl. Natural conditions of existence 
as they affect animal life. 1881. 19£cm (In- 
ternal sci. ser.) (Lowell inst. lect. ) 

Appleton $2 
Wallace, A. R. Darwinism. 1889. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $2.25 

R Exposition of theory of natural selection, bringing 
subject down to 1889. Objections to Darwinism discussed. 
L. & I. 

Natural selection and tropical nature; 

essays on descriptive and theoretical biology. 
New ed. 1891. 20£cm Macmillan $2 


576 Origin and beginning of life 

Hertwig, Oskar. The cell; outlines of general 
anatomy and physiology; tr. by M. Campbell 
and ed. by H: J. Campbell. 1895. 22cm 

Macmillan $3 n 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

Author greatest living authority on the cell: not only 
an original investigator of worldwide reputation, but a 
clear and exact writer. Sat. r. 81: 82. 

Verworn, Max. General physiology; an outline 
of the science of life, tr. & ed. by F: S. Lee. 
1899. 23cm Macmillan $4 n 

Bibliography, p. 589-99. 

Chiefly concerned with the cell. Comprehensive treat- 
ment of composition and elementary activities of proto- 
plasm. Stimulating and suggestive. D. T. MacDougal 
in Science, 32: 650. 

Wilson, E. B. The cell in development and 

inheritance. 2d ed. 1900. 23cm (Columbia 

univ. biol. ser. ) Macmillan $3.50 n 

Clear and complete treatment, well illustrated with full 

bibliography. Deserves to rank as a classic. Bigelow. 

578 Microscopy 

Carpenter, W: B: The microscope and its rev- 
elations; 8th ed. by W. H. Dallinger. 1901. 
23cm Blakiston $8 

Cross, M. I. Modern microscopy; a handbook 
for beginners and students. 3d ed. 1903. 
22cm Keener $1.50 n 

The microscope and instructions for its use, by M. I. 
Cross; Microscopic objects, how prepared and mounted, 
by M. J. Cole; Microtomes, their choice and use. 
Absolutely trustworthy guide. Knowl. 26: 87. 

579 Collectors manuals 

Browne, Montagu. Practical taxidermy: a 
manual of instruction to the amateur in collect- 
ing, preserving and netting up natural history 
specimens of all kinds; added a chapter upon 
the pictorial arrangement of museums. 2d ed. 
1884? 19cm Scribner $3 

SCIENCE— Biology. Botany 


Hornaday, W: Taxidermy and zoological 

collecting. 8th ed. 1902. 22cm 

Scribner $2.50 n 
Bibliography, p, 361-67, 

Complete handbook lor amateur taxidermist, collector, 
osteologist, museum builder, sportsman and traveler, 
with chapters on collecting and preserving- insects by 
W.J.Holland. Title. 

580 Botany 

Bailey, W: W. Botanizing; a guide to field- 
collecting and herbarium work. 1899. lTo-cm 

Preston 75c 
Bibliography, p. 182-41. 

Aims to attract amateurs to study of plants in forests- 
fields and waters. Contains wise advice as to gardens, 
museums and the herbaria. Nation, 70: 19. 

Ganong, W:F. Teaching botanist. 1899. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.10 n 

Theory and practical methods of botanical teaching; 
outlines of useful exercises and topics, materials and 
experiments. Educ. r. 21: 384. 

Gray, Asa. Field, forest and garden botany. 
Rev. ed. n. d. 21cm Amer. bk. co. $1.44 

Rev. by L. H. Bailey. 

Concise descriptions of the more common native plants, 
and of the large number of species cultivated for use or 
ornament. Its greatest value is as a guide to cultivated 
species. Science, 24: 527. 

Percival, John. Agricultural botany, theoreti- 
cal and practical. 2d ed. 1902. 20£cm 

Holt $2.50 

Sachs, Julius von. History of botany (1530- 
1860) tr. by H: E. F. Garnsey; rev. by I: B. 
Balfour. 1890. 19icm Clarendon $2.50 

S Philosophic and trustworthy. Adapted to general 
reader and advanced student. L. & I. 

Wright, Mrs Mabel (Osgood) Flowers and 
ferns in their haunts. 1901. 20cm 

Macmillan $2.50 n 

Personal observations set in slight story, and made at- 
tractive by fullpage photographic illustrations and inset 
drawings. N. V. 

5§1 Physiologic and structural 

Allen, Grant. Story of the plants. 1895. 15$cm 
(Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

Arthur, J. C:, & Macdougal, D. T. Living 
plants and their properties. 1898. 20cm 
E S Baker & T. $1.25 

Bailey, L. H. First lessons with plants; an 
abridgement of " Lessons with plants." 1898. 
18Jcm Macmillan 40c n 

Beal, W: J. Seed dispersal. 1898. 19cm 

Ginn 35c 
interesting account of devices whereby continuance of 
vegetable life is assured. Ed. sel. 

Candolle, A. L. P. de. Origin of cultivated 
plants. 1902. 19icm (Internat. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $2 
Thoroughness, patience, sound judgment, affluence of 
knowledge and felicity of exposition characterize it. Asa 
Gray in Science, 1: 12 (B) . 

Coulter, J: M. Plants. 1900. 20cm (Twen- 
tieth cent, text-bks. ) Appleton $1.80 n 
Plant relations devoted to study of natural history or 
ecology of plants. It is independent of Plant structures, 
which deals chiefly with morphology, including a gen- 
eral review of the large systematic groups. Accurate, 
fresh and original. Knowl. 25: 205. 

Darwin, Charles. Insectivorous plants; 2d ed. 
rev. by Francis Darwin. 1893. 19Jcm 

Appleton $2 

Directs our attention to behavior of the highest plants 
alone. Shows that some of them execute movements for 
their own advantage and that some capture and digest 
living prey. Asa Gray in Nation (B) 

Movements and habits of climbing plants. 

1891. 19£cm Appleton $1.25 

Power of movement in plants. 1881. 

20icm Appleton $2 

Gaye, Selina. Great world's farm ; some account 
of nature's crops and how they are grown. 1900. 
20cm Macmillan $1 n 

P Accurate account of mode of formation of habitable 
part of the earth's surface and specially of the part played 
by organisms in producing changes in their surroundings. 

Gibson, W: H. Blossom hosts and insect guests; 
ed. by E. E. Davie. 1901. 20cm Newson 80c 

How the heath family, the bluets, the fig worts, the 
orchids and similar wild flowers welcome the bee, the 
fly, the wasp, the moth and other faithful insects. Title. 

Goodale, G: L. Concerning a few common 
plants. 2ded. 1903. 16 Jem (Guides for sci. 
teaching) Heath 20c 

Macdougal, D. T. Practical text-book of plant 
physiology. 1901. 22cm 
S Longmans $3 

Morley, M. "W. Little wanderers. 1899. 19cm 

Ginn 30c 
Y About plants and how they travel to new fields by 
flying, floating, clinging, tumbling and shooting seeds. 
Excellent illustrations. N. Y. 

Seed-babies. 1896. 1 9cm 

Ginn 25c 




Parsons, Mrs~F. T. (Smith) Dana. Plants and 

their children, by Mrs W: S. Dana. 1896. 
19cm Amer. bk. co. 65c 

Y Easy entertaining lessons or reading on fruits and 
seeds, mots and steins, buds, leaves and flowers. Pitts- 

Peirce, G: J. Text-book of plant physiology. 
1903. 22 Jem Holt §2 

Full of original suggestions, and differing quite 
markedly from oldtime works devoted to plant physi- 
ology. ('. E. Bessey in Science, 41: 53. 

Rusby, H: H., & Jelliffe, S. E. Morphology 
and histology of plants. 1899. 23£cm 

Authors, New York $3 
Replaces their Essentials of pharmacognosy. Aside from 
study of pharmacognosy and other applications of botany, 
chiefly a guide to determination of plants. Elementary. 
"Ward, H. M. Disease in plants. 1901. 19cm 
( Nature ser.) Macmillan $1.60 n 

Useful summary of present state of vegetable physi- 
ology and of knowledge as to biology of the soil. Ath. 


581.9 Geosrapliii- 

Britton, N. L. Manual of the flora of the north- 
ern states and Canada. 1901. 20cm 

Holt $2.25 
In Rocky Mountain region substitute Coulter's Manual 
of Rocky Mountain botany. 

& Erown, Addison. Illustrated flora 

of the northern U. S. , Canada and the British 
possessions. 3 v. 1896-98. 28cm 

Scribner $9 special n 

P S Besides accurate description, gives authentic por- 
t rait of every North American species. A complete cyclo- 
pedia of American systematic botany. W. W. Bailey. 

Chapman, A. W. Flora of the southern United 
States. 3ded. 1897. 2l£cm Amer. bk. co. $4 

Containing an abridged description of the flowering 
plants and ferns of Tennessee, North and South Carolina, 
tieorgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Title. 

Coulter, J: M. Manual of the botany (Plurno- 
gamia and Pteridophyta) of the Rocky Moun- 
tain region, from New Mexico to the British 
boundary. 1885. 2Ucm Amer. bk. CO. $1.62 

Replaces Gray's Manual and Britton's Manual m Rocky 
Mountain region. 

Gray, Asa. Manual of the botany of the north- 
ern United States, including the district east of 
the Mississippi and north of North Carolina and 
Tennessee; 6th ed. rev. by Sereno Watson and 
J. M. Coulter. 1890. 21cm $1.62 

Substitute Coulter's Manual "/ h'arki/ Mountain botany 
in Rocky Mountain region. 

Hunting-ton, A. O. Studies of trees in winter; 
a description of the deciduous trees of north- 
eastern America. 1902. 2Hcm 

Caldwell $2.50 n 

P Handbook for identification and study. Describes 
about 100 species, with 79 excellent illustrations of spread- 
ing tree, bark and buds; a few in color. Introduction by 
Charles Sargent. N. Y. 

Keeler, H. L. 

identify them. 

Our native trees and how to 
1900. 20£cm Scribner $2 n 

S Y Well written, well illustrated, well printed. Bits 
of the best from poets and prose writers relieve the mo- 
notony of description and the folklore of a number of 
trees is well if briefly told. Amer. natural. 34: 986 (B) 

Small, J: K. Flora of the southeastern United 
States. 1903. 25cm Author, New York $3.60 

New masterpiece of southern botany. Describes 0,364 
species, mainly plants east of one hundredth meridian. 
Admirable keys. F. V. Coville in Science, 41: 627. 

Weed, C. M. Ten New England blossoms and 
their insect visitors. 1895. lOJcm 

Houghton $1.25 

P R Admirably clear and interesting description of 

methods of fertilization. Beautiful illustrations. N. Y. 

5§2 Pliancrogamia 

Doubleday, Mrs N. B. (De Graff) Nature's 
garden; an aid to knowledge of our wild flowers 
and their insect visitors; by Neltje Blanchan. 
1900. 26^xl9icm Doubleday $3 special n 

P Excellent reference book. Groups by color, and as 
fragrant, unpleasantly scented, conspicuous in fruit. 
Points out relations with insects. Good photographic 
illustrations, many in color. N. Y. 

Going, Maud. Field, forest and wayside flow- 
ers. 1899. 20 Jem Baker & T. $1.50 

P Studies of flowers, ferns, grasses and sedges consid- 
ered in succession from spring to winter. N. Y. 

Mathews, F. S. Field book of American wild 
flowers. 1902. 18xl0£cm Putnam $1.75 n 

P One page gives descriptions, the opposite page pic- 
tures the plants described [about 800 species] occasionally 
with colors. Dial (B) 

Parsons, Mrs F. T. (Smith) Dana. According 
to season; talks about the flowers in the order 
of their appearance in the woods and fields. 
New ed. 1902. 20cm Scribner $1.75 n 

Y Describes wild flowers in order of blooming, with 
information about their haunts and habits. N. Y. 

How to know the wild flowers. New ed. 

L900. 20Jcm Scribner $2 n 

P Y Describes briefly more than UK) varieties common 
east of Chicago, grouping them by color. N. Y. 

SCIENCE— Botany 


Rogers, J. E. Among green trees. 1902. 28cm 

Mumford $3 
on life history, flight of seeds, how trees breathe, food, 
reproduce, die, etc. tree cultivation, 80 pages on identi- 
fication of varieties. Well illustrated. N. Y. 

5§3 Diootylcaoinv 

Wallace, Alexander. Heather in lore, lyric 

and lay. 1903. 19cm De La Mare $1.50 

Ward, H. M. The oak: a popular introduction 

to forest-botany. 1892. 18.U-m (Mod. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $1 
Traces lite history beginning with structure of acorn 
and passing through thestructure and physiology of root, 
stem, leaf and blossom to acorn again. Nation. 

5§4 Monocolj ledonae 

Knobel, Edward. Grasses, sedges and rushes 
of the northern D. S. and easy method of iden- 
tification. 1899. 2Ucm Knight $1 n 

5S7 Pteridopliyta 

Parsons, Mrs F. T. (Smith) Dana. How to 
know the ferns. 1899. 20Acm 

Scribner $1.50 n 

P Excellent guide. Gives scientific name and de- 
scription followed by informal description, reminiscence 
and quotation. Well illustrated and indexed. N. Y. 

Waters, C. E. Fern?; a manual for the north- 
eastern states. 1903. 25£cm Holt $3 n 

P Authoritative; with over 200 illustrations, chapter 
on fern photography, and new scheme of identification 
based on stem structure. For home rather than field use. 
X. Y. 

5§§ Bryopliyta 

Grout, A. J. Mosses with a hand-lens; a non- 
technical handbook. 1900. 21£cm 

Author, Brooklyn $1.10 
P Describes 100 of the more common and easily recog- 
nized varieties of northeastern United States. Clear text 
drawings and illustrated glossary. N. Y. 

5§9 Tiiallopliyta 

Atkinson, G: F. Studies of American fungi; 
mushrooms, edible, poisonous, etc. 2d ed. 
1901. 24cm Holt $3 n 

General chapters on character and development, classi- 
fied detailed descriptions, chapters on preservation and 
selection for table use and cultivation. Recipes by Mrs 
Rorer, and chapter on chemistry and toxicology by J. F. 
Clark. Authoritative, clear, fully illustrated by photo- 
graphs, generally life size. X. Y. 

Conn, H. W: Story of germ life. 1902. 15£cm 
(Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

P Clear account of these low forms of life and their 
tower of helping and harming mankind. Knowl. (B) 

Underwood, L. M. Moulds, mildews and mush- 
rooms. 1899. 19icm Holt $1.50 
Brief bibliographies. 

590 Zoology 

Davenport, C: B., & Dstvenport, Mrs G. A. 
(Crotty) Introduction to zoology; a guide to 
the study of animals, for secondary schools. 
1900. 18 Jem Macmillan $1.10 n 

Y Bibliography, p. 369-82. 

Deals with common animals, their habits, home, life 
histories, and their systematic, economic and ecologic 
relations. A modern natural history full of spirit and 
charm. M. A. Bigelow in Science, 12: 442. 

Du Chaillu, P. B. World of the great forest; 
how animals, birds, reptiles, insects talk, think, 
work and live. 1900. 20Jcm 
Y Scribner $2 

Gibson, W: H. My studio neighbors. 1898. 
23cm Harper $2.50 

R Contents: A familiar guest; Cuckoos and the out- 
witted cow-bird; Doorstep neighbors; A queer little 
family on the bittersweet; Welcomes of the flowers; A 
honey-dew picnic; A few native orchids and their insect 
sponsors; The milkweed. 

Jordan, D: S. ed. True tales of birds and beasts. 
1902. 19icm (Heath's home & school class. ) 

Heath 40c n 

Y Animal stories 'true and also good for children to 
read,' by Thoreau, Irving, Joaquin Miller and others. 
Excellent print and illustration. N. Y. 

Long, W: J. Secrets of the woods. 1901. 19cm 
(Wood folk ser.) 

Y Ginn 50c 
Ways of wood folk. 1899. 19cm (Wood 

folk ser. ) 

Wilderness wavs. 

Ginn 50c 
1900. 19cm (Wood 
folk ser. ) 
Y Ginn 45c 

Wood folk at school. 1903. 19cm (Wood 

folk ser.) Ginn 50c 

Y Personal observations of animals and birds. Believes 
training by wild mothers more important than instinct. 
Thinks animal life on the whole more joyousthan tragic. 
See opposing paper by John Burroughs, Atlantic, 91: J9> 
and reply by Mr Long, North American review, 170: 688. 

Long's books have been the subject of hot discussion. 
They are very interesting. If they suggest to children tc» 
watch such animals as they can and find out for them- 
selves whether the animals do or do not do all these 
wonderful things, they may be most wholesome. Ed. sel. 

Parker, T: J., & Haswell, W: A. Text-book 
of zoology. 2 v. 1897. 23cm Macmillan $9 n 

Guide to modern zoologic literature, 2: 651-55. 

Written with a clearness, accuracy and method that 
bespeak the practised teacher; nearly 1,200 illustrations. 
Science, 30: 537. 




Roberts, C: G: D. Kindred of the wild; a book 
of animal life, illus. by C: L. Bull. 1902. 21cm 

Page $2 

R Y Stories of wild animals studied in New Bruns- 
wick forests. Introductory essay on the " animal story." 
N. Y. 

Sharp, D. L. A watcher in the woods. 1903. 
19Jcm Century 84c 

Y Contents: Birds' winter beds; Some snug winter beds; 
Mus'rattin'; Feathered neighbors; From river-ooze to 
tree-top; Rabbit roads; Second crops; In the October 

Best chapters from Wild life near home, for school use. 
Attractive literature as well as interesting and accurate 
natural history. Moral influence strong without any 
sacrifice of fact or fancy. M. A. Bigelow. 

Wild life near home. 1901. 21£cm 

Century $2 n 

Smith, Eugene. Home aquarium and how to 

care for it; a guide to its fishes, other animals, 

and plants, with illustrations. 1902. 19^cm 

i Dutton $1.20 n 

Y Illustrated handbook giving information about suit- 
able plants, fish and other animals, arrangement, hy- 
giene, food, collecting, etc. N. Y. 

591 Physiological zoology 

Arnold, Mrs Augusta (Foote) Sea-beach at 
ebb-tide. 1901. 21cm Century $2.40 n 

P Handbook for identification of seaweeds and lower 
animal life, with advice on collecting. Full and excel- 
lent illustrations. N. Y. 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. On the 
senses, instincts and intelligence of animals, 
with special reference to insects. 2d ed. 1899. 
18£cm (Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton $1.75 

List of the principal memoirs, etc. referred to, pref. 
p. 21-29. 

Animal psychology, anatomic description of sense 
organs of lower animals and discussion of their probable 
mode of functioning. Science, 12: 261. 

Beard, J. C. Curious homes and their tenants. 

1897. 182cm (Appletons' home reading bks.) 
Y Appleton 65c n 

About crabs, spiders, moles, bees, ants, kangaroos, kin- 
kajous, human cliff dwellers, Eskimos, etc. and their 
habitations. Admirable drawings. N. Y. 

Bostock, F. C: Training of wild animals; ed. by 
Ellen Velvin. 1903. 19cm Century $1 n 

Account of traits of animals in captivity and hazardous 
lives of trainers. Author a great trainer. Pittsburg. 

Groos, Karl. The play of animals; tr. by E.. L. 
Baldwin, with pref. & apx. by J. M: Baldwin. 

1898. 19 Jem Appleton $1.75 
A contribution to philosophic biology, animal psychol- 
ogy, genetic study of art, ami to psychology of childhood. 
A protest against the surplus energy theory of play. W. S. 
Monroe in Educ. r. 17: 493. 

Hertwig, Richard. General principles of zool- 
ogy; tr. by G: W. Field. 2d ed. 1897. 22cm 

Holt $1.60 
Clothes with flesh the skeleton of systematic zoology; 
written with genius that holds attention and inspires. 
Clear and compact. D. S. Kellicott in Science, 4: 729. 

Hickson, S. J: Story of life in the seas. 1898. 
18cm (Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 
Compact, clear, interesting. N. Y. 
Houssay, Frederic. Industries of animals. 
1893. 19cm (Contemp. sci. ser.) 

Scribner $1.50 
Methods of hunting, fishing, warfare, defense, social 
economy and architecture of smaller animals, birds and 
insects. N. Y. 

Hudson, W: H: Naturalist in La Plata. 1892. 
21 Jem 

R S Appleton $4 

Huxley, T: H: Manual of the anatomy of in- 
vert ebrated animals. 1901. 20cm 

Appleton $2.50 
Ingersoll, Ernest. Wild life of orchard and 
field. 1902. 19Jcm Harper $1.40 n 

Y Habits of birds and small mammals. Illustrations 
from excellent photographs. Interesting chapter on gen- 
eral effect of advent of civilization on North American 
birds. Nation, 74: 367. 

Jordan, D: S. & others. Animals; a text book 
of zoology. 1902. 20cm (Twentieth cent, text- 
bks.) Appleton $1.80 n 

Each part has also special t.-p. and has been issued sep- 

Contents: pt. 1, Animal life, a first book of zoology, by 
D: S. Jordan and V. L. Kellogg, pt. 2, Animal forms, a sec- 
ond book of zoology, by D: S. Jordan and Harold Heath. 

Morgan, C. L. Animal behaviour. 1900. 21cm 

Scribner $4.20 n 
Author cautious, frank; a competent psychologist and 
a trained observer. Interesting summaries of recent 
studies of animal habits. Acad. GO: 27, 28. 

Habit and instinct. 1896. 23cm 

Lane $5 
Possesses balance and caution, and leaves impression 
that the writer even in theoretic parts of his subject can 
be trusted. Nation, 64: 362. 

Morley, HT. W. Life and love. 1895. 19Jcm 

McClurg $1.25 
Traces with delicacy phenomena of reproduction from 
lowest forms of life up to mammals, with chapters on 
maturity, variability and inheritance, and similar topics. 
Lit. world 27: 190. 
Poulton, E: B. Colours of animals, their mean- 
inganduse. 1890. 19Jcm (Internat. sci. ser.) 

Appleton $1.75 

RS Treats mainly of origin of colors in insects, specially 
in moths and butterflies. Many observations original, 
others taken from recent works of reliable investigators. 
Science, 16: 286. 

SCIENCE— Zoology 


Romanes, G: J: Animal intelligence. 1883. 
UUi'in (Internat.sci.ser.) Appleton $1.75 

P Originally planned as introductory ]>art of his )1<h- 
tal evohttiou. Admirable digest of all yet known about 
mental powers of animals. Grant Allen in Acad. (B) 

Mental evolution in animals; with essay 

on instinct by Charles Darwin. 1884. 20^cm 

Appleton $3 

Full of interesting illustrations of various phases of 

mind, and original suggest ions of great ingenuity. Nation, 

38: 470-71. 

Vernon, H. M. Variation in animals and plants. 

1903. 20U'tn Holt $1.75 n 

S Principles and results of biometric investigations 
brought together and their significance to organic evolu- 
tion discussed. Know!. 26: 186. 

White, Gilbert. Natural history and antiquities 
of Selborne. 1900. 23cm (Lib. of Eng. class. ) 

Macmillan 50c 

Though the scene is laid beneath the soft skies of south- 
ern England it will delight the dweller in prairie states 
who has never crossed the sea. Garden & forest (B) 

Wiedersheim, It. E. E. Structure of man an 

index to his past history; tr. by H. and M. 

Bernard. 1895. 23Jcm Macmillan $2.60 n 

To be compared with Huxley's Man's place in nature: 

does not replace it or cover same ground. Starr. 

593 Protozoans. Radiates 

Agassiz, Mrs E.. C. (Cary) First lesson in 
natural history. New ed. 1899. 15Jcm 
(Guides for sci. teaching) Heath pap. 25c 

Hyatt, Alpheus. Commercial and other sponges. 
1897. 15Jcm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath pap. 20c 

Common hydroids, corals and echino- 

derms. 1897. 16cm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath pap. 30c 

594 IVIollusks 

Hyatt, Alpheus. Oyster, clam and other com*- 
mon mollusks. 1894. 15cm (Guides for sci. 
teaching) Heath pap. 30c 

595 Articulates 

Comstock, J: H: Insect life. 1901. 21cm 

Appleton $1.75 n 

Y Guide to a knowledge of insects through study of 
insects themselves. Clear, scientific, admirably illus- 
trated. Directions for collecting and preserving speci- 
mens. X. Y. 

& Mrs Anna (Botsford) Manual for the 

study of insects. 5th ed. 1904. 24£ cm 

Comstock pub. co. $3.75 

P Systematic account; has technical keys. Felt. 

Darwin, C: R. Formation of vegetable mould, 
through the action of worms. 1890. 20jcm 

Appleton $1.50 

Shows how one of the greatest geologic problems was 
solved by experiments so simple and easy that a child can 
repeat them. Dodge. 

Eliot, I. M., & Soule, C. G. Caterpillars and 

their moths. 1902. 21cm Century $2 n 

Clear directions for rearing and study, with life histories 

of 43 species. Specially valuable in presenting results of 

20 years' experience. Photographs. N. Y. 

Emerton, J. H: Common spiders of the United 
States. 1902. 20£cm Ginn $1.50 n 

French, G: H. Butterflies of the eastern United 
States. Rev. ed. 1900. 19£cm Lippincott $2 

Gibson, W: H. Eye spy. 1897. 23cm 

Harper $2.50 
Y On beetles, grasshoppers, snakes, cocoons, mush- 
rooms, tendrils, barberries, etc. Primarily intended to 
induce young people to observe nature. Author's illus- 
trations. N. Y. 

Holland, W: J. Butterfly book. 1898. 26Jcm 
. . Doubleday $3 n 

P S Limited to North American butterflies. Describes 
550 species, showing over 500 in natural colors. Bibliog- 
raphy, p. 69-74. N. Y. 

Moth book. 1903. 26icm 

Doubleday $4 n 

Bibliography, p. 27-38. 

Chapters on life history and anatomy, capture, prepa- 
ration and preservation of specimens, classification, and 
books about the moths of North America are followed by 
descriptions of over 50 families. Much sound informa- 
tion accompanies accounts of many injurious species. 
Forty.-eight colored plates illustrate over 1,500 species. 
L. O. Howard in Science, 42: 188. 

Howard, L. O. Insect book. 1901. 26cm 

Doubleday $3 n 
P Bibliography, p. 405-16. 

Brief account by entomologist of United States depart- 
ment of agriculture, of bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, 
flies and other North American insects, exclusive of 
butterflies, moths and beetles, with life histories, tables 
and bibliographies. Illustrated in black and white and 
colors. N. Y. 

Mosquitoes; how they live; how they 

carry disease; how they are classified; how they 
may be destroyed. 1901. 21cm 
P McClure $1.50 n 

Huxley, T: H: The crayfish: an introduction 
to the study of zoology. 3d ed. 1881. 19cm 
(Internat. sci. ser.) Appleton $1.75 

Bibliography, p. 357-61. 
Hyatt, Alpheus. "Worms and crustacea. 1900. 
15cm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath pap. 30c 

& Arms, J. M. Insecta. 1898. 16cm 

(Guides for sci. teaching) Heath $1.25 




McCook, H: C. Tenants of an old farm; leaves 
from the note-book of a naturalist. Rev. ed. 
1902. 19cm Jacobs $1.20 n 

Y Studies of common insects, specially ants and spi- 
ders; information exact. N. Y. 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. Life of the bee; tr. by 
Alfred Sutro. 1901. 19hcm Dodd $1.40 n 

Bibliography, p. 423-27. 

Various phases of the life cycle of the honey bee are 
used as pegs on which to hang a series of interesting 
essays on instinct, development, evolution and similar 
topics. Accurate but not technical. Nation (B) 

Morley, M. W. The bee people. 1899. 19icm 

McClurg $1.25 

R Y All about bees: queen bee, workers and drones. 
Tells about their 12,603 eyes, the way they get honey from 
deep flowers, the way they comb their hair and feed the 
baby bees. N. Y. 

Honey-makers. 1899. 20cm 

McClurg $1.25 
Historical and legendary rather than scientific. Much 
folklore. Felt. 

Insect folk. 1903. 19cm Ginn 45c 

R Y In very simple language; all long or technical 

words explained in glossary. Much of its information 
will be new to most people not fairly well acquainted 
with entomology. Nature, 68: 595. 

Wasps and their ways. 1900. 20cm 

Dodd $1.50 
P Evolutionary; many observations on life history. 
Noel, Maurice. Buz; or, The life and adventures 
of a honey bee. 1898. 18cm 

BY Holt $1 

Scudder, S: H. Brief guide to the commoner 
butterflies of the northern United States and 
Canada. 1893. 19£cm Holt $1.50 

Some works on American butterflies, p. 27-32. 

Classifies about 100 common species, giving life histo- 
ries, analytic keys, suggestions for reading, and directions 
for field and cabinet. Dial, 15: 120. 

Butterflies, 1889, Holt SI .50; Everyday butterflies, 1900, 
Houghton $2; Frail children of the air, 1895, Houghton 
81.50; Life of a butterfly, 1893, Holt 81, are Scudder's more 
popular books on his specialty and are all authoritative 
and charmin ■. Ed. sel. 
Weed, C. M. Life histories of American insects. 
1897. 19£cm 

p s Macmillan $1.50 n 

Nature biographies. 1901. 22cm 

Doubleday $1.50 n 
P S Life stories of everyday butterflies, moths, grass 
hoppers, flies, with chapters on use of camera in study. 
150 photographic illustrations. N. Y. 

comp. Insect world; a reading book of 

entomology. 1899. 18 Jem (Appletons' home 

596 Vertebrates 

Hornaday, W: T. 

1904. 25cm 

American natural history. 
Scribner $3.50 n 

reading bks. 

Appleton 60c n 

Aims to enable reader to become personally acquainted 
with each animal and to make clear its place in the great 
system of nature. Pref. 

Jordan, D: S. Manual of the vertebrate animals 
of the northern United States. 8th ed. 1899. 
20£cm McClurg $2 

597 Fislies. Pisees 

Goode, G: B. American fishes; a popular treat- 
ise upon the game and food fishes of North 
America, with especial reference to habits and 
methods of capture; rev. by Theodore Gill. 
1903. 24cm Estes $3.50 n 

Summary of observations and reports of experts in 
ichthyology as well as fisheries and economies. Contains 
information not generally accessible. Pub. wkly. 

Jordan, D: S., & Evermann, B. W. American 
food and game fishes. 1902. 265cm 

Doubleday $4 n 

P R Species found north of equator, with keys for iden- 
tification, life histories and methods of capture. Colored 
illustrations. N. Y. 

59§ Reptiles. Birds 

Bailey, Mrs F. A: (Merriam) Birds of village 
and field; a bird book for beginners. 1898. 
19cm Houghton $2 

P Descriptions, color key, tables of migration, of winter 
birds, of aids to observation, bibliography, etc. Illustra- 
tions by E. Thorn pson-Seton, L: A. Fuertes and J: L. 
Ridgway. N. Y. 

Handbook of birds of the western United 

States. 1902. 19Jcm Houghton $3.50 n 

Books of reference, pref. p. 83-88. 

Comprehensive manual complementing Chapman's 
Handbook of birds of eastern North America. Excellent 
keys and descriptions of form, appearance, nest, habits, 
and landscape setting. Thirty-three plates by Fuertes 
and over 600 cuts in text. N. Y. 

Bateman, G. C. The vivarium. 1902. 19cm 
(Pract. handbks. ) 

Scribner $3 

A practical guide to the construction, arrangement and 

management of vivaria, containing full information as 

to all reptiles suitable as pets, how and where to obtain 

them and how to keep them in health. Title. 

Chapman, 3T. M. Bird-life; a guide to the study 
of our common birds. 1903. 21cm 

Appleton $2 n 

For amateurs. OITers information rather than enter- 
tainment, lint is less comprehensive and less like a scien- 
tific manual in form than his Handbook of birds of 
eastern North America. Exact, clear, excellent illustra- 
tions. N. Y. 

SCIENCE— Zoology 


Chapman, F. M. Bird studios with a camera. 
WO. LUem Appleton $1.75 

R Describes outfit and methods, with photographic 
reproductions. Graphic account of personal experiences. 
Combines scientific exactness with sympathetic touch of 
bin! lover. N. Y. 

Color key to North American birds. 

1903. 23cm Doubledav $2.50 n 

Systematic list of birds, with sketches showing charac- 
teristics and colors. Intended for identification in the 
field. Pittsburg. 

Handbook of birds of eastern North 

America, with keys to the species and descrip- 
tions of their plumages, nests, and eggs. 6th ed. 
1903. lOicm Appleton $3 

Principal works referred to, p. 415-18. 

Exhaustive manual of the 500 species. Useful to stu- 
dent with bird in hand, as well as to bird lover who 
wishes to ' name the birds without a gun.' L. & I. 

So free from technicalities as to be intelligible to a 
14 year old boy, and so convenient and full of original 
information as to be indispensable to a working ornitholo- 
gist. Description of each species followed by geographic 
range, time of presence at different places, descriptions 
of nest and eggs, and brief popular account of habits. 
C. H. Merriam in Science, 24:437. 

Coues, Elliott. Key to North American birds. 

5th ed. 2 v. 1903. 26cm Estes $10 special n 

P Standard key to all the birds of North America. 

Valuable for reference. Two hundred illustrations, 

partly in colors. L. & I. 

Doubleday, Mrs N. B. (De Graff) Bird neigh- 
bors. 1903. 26icm Doubleday $2 

Excellent description of appearance and habits of 150 
common birds, arranged in color groups. Latin and Eng- 
lish names; 51 colored photographs of stuffed birds, taken 
from periodical Birds. X. Y. 

Birds that hunt and are hunted. 1899. 

26£cm Doubleday $2 

Similar to Bird neighbors. Describes 170 birds of prey, 
game birds and waterfowls. Forty-eight colored photo- 
graphs. X. Y. 

How to attract the birds, and other talks 

about bird neighbours. 1902. 22cm 

Doubleday $1.35 n 

Y On habits, nest building, coloration, economic value, 
with suggestions for attracting by calls, providing food 
plants, water, nesting places, etc. Beautifully illustrated. 
Suggestive and interesting to bird lovers who are not yet 
bird students. X. Y. 

Dug-more, A. R. Bird homes. 1900. 26cm 

Doubleday $2 n 

Xests. eggs and breeding habits of land birds breeding 
in eastern United States, with hints on rearing and pho- 
tographing young birds. Title. 

Excellent photographs, sometimes colored. X. Y. 

Eckstorm, Mrs Fannie (Hardy) Bird book. 
1901. 19cm Heath 60c n 

R Y Differs from most bird books in attempting to 
teach intelligent observation of habits, structure, etc. 
rather than identification of species. Adapted to school 
year. Contains excellent short annotated book list. N. Y. 

Elliot, D. G. Gallinaceous game birds of North 
America. 1897. 21cm Harper $2.50 

Formal systematic treatise on quail, grouse, ptarmigan 
and turkeys. Specially well written biographies, followed 
by sufficient technical descriptions. Nation, 65: 441. 

North American shore birds. 1895. 

21cm F. P. Harper $2.50 

Detailed, non-technical descriptions of snipes, sand- 
pipers, plovers and their allies, helpful illustrations and 
carefully prepared keys and analytic tables. Condensed, 
well written and thoroughly trustworthy biographies. 
Nation, 61:435. 

Wild fowl of the U. S. and British posses- 
sions; or, The swan, geese, ducks and mergan- 
sers of North America. 1898. 21cm 

F. P. Harper $2.50 

Job, H. K. Among the water-fowl; observation, 
adventure, photography. 1902. 22cm 

Doubleday $1.35 n 

P Xarrative account of the water-fowl found in north- 
ern and middle states and lower Canada, east of the 
Rocky Mountains, illustrated by photographs from nature. 

Keyser, L. S. Birds of the Rockies. 1902. 
22£cm McClurg $2.50 n 

Field notes of his rambles, with check list of Colorado 

Miller, Mrs Harriet (Mann) 
birds; by Olive Thorne Miller 

First book of 
1899. 20cm 
Houghton $1 

Y R Talks about their homes, clothes, schooling, food, 
how they behave and how to study them. Black and 
white and colored illustrations. X. Y. 

Second book of birds: bird families; bv 

Olive Thorne Miller. 1901. 20cm 

Houghton $1 n 

Y Attractive to beginners and useful to advanced stu- 
dents because of careful personal observations recorded. 
Admirable colored plates by L. A. Fuertes, and black and 
white illustrations. X. Y. 

Nuttall, Thomas. Popular handbook of the 
birds of the U. S. and Canada; rev. and annot. 
by Montague Chamberlain. 1903. 22cm 

Little $3 
Contents: Land birds; Game and wator birds. 
Describes more than 200 species, with much breadth of 
knowledge and nicety of detail. Colored plates of 110 
species. Dial, 34: 364. 




Scott, W: E. D. Bird studies. 1898. 26cm 

Putnam $5 

P Brief, clear descriptions of land birds of eastern 
North America from Florida to Greenland. Grouped by 
localities; e. g. about the house, in the woods, etc. Admi- 
rable photographic reproductions of birds and nests. 
N. Y. 

Torrey, Bradford. Everyday birds; elementary 
studies. 1901. 19Jcm Houghton $1 

Short talks on the kinglet, chickadee, tanager, song 
sparrow, humming bird, night hawk, chimney swift, etc. 
Twelve colored plates after Auduton. Without confus- 
ing technical details. Clear and precise. Critic. 

Weed, C. M. , & Dearborn, Ned. Birds in their 
relations to man; a manual of economic orni- 
thology for the U. S. and Canada. 1903. 2Hcm 
Lippincott $2.50 n 

Partial bibliography, p. 326-73. 

Outgrowth of twenty years study and experience. 
First hand knowledge of birds and their habits, and of 
plants and insects as related to them. Pub. wkly. 

Wright, Mrs Mabel (Osgood) Birdcraft. 1897. 
20 Jem Macmillan $2.50 n 

P Eighty full-page plates by L. A. Fuertes. 

Treats of 200 of most common species, and identification 
is made simple by a color key. L. & I. 

& Coues, Elliott. Citizen bird; scenes 

from bird-life in plain English for beginners. 
1897. 19cm Macmillan $1.50 n 

ST Good descriptions of our common birds, the birds 
being made to tell of their own life. Ill illustrations by 
L. A. Fuertes. Specially for children. Lowell. 

599 Mammals 

Burroughs, John. Squirrels and other fur- 
bearers. 1900. 20cm Houghton $1 
Y Habits of chipmunk, woodchuck, hare, muskrat, 
skunk, fox, weasel, mink, raccoon, porcupine, opossum, 
wild mice. Fifteen colored illustrations after Audubon. 

Ingersoll, Ernest. Wild neighbors; out-door 
studies in the United States. 1897. 19$ cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Y Mainly a skilful compilation from Thoreau, Bur- 
roughs, Abbott and others, yet records many of the au- 
thor's own observations and conclusions. Dial, 23:402. 

Miller, Mrs Harriet (Mann) Four-handed folk; 
by Olive Thorne Miller. 1896. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Y Describes characteristics and manners of certain 
monkeys, lemurs, marmosets, chimpanzees and ocelots 
of the writer's acquaintance. N. Y. 

Porter, J. H. Wild beasts. 1903. 21cm 

Scribner $2 

Y Study of character and habits of elephant, lion, 
leopard, panther, jaguar, tiger, puma, wolf and grizzly 
bear. Title. 

Seton, E. T. Lives of the hunted. 1901. 20cm 

Scribner $1.75 n 

P Y Krag the Kootenay ram, Johnny Bear, Tito the 

coyote, Randy the sparrow, Chink the pup, the kangaroo 

rat, the mother teal and the chickadee. Illustrated with 

over 200 drawings. N. Y. 

Wild animals I have known. 1900. 

20$cm Scribner $2 

Y Interesting adventures and field experiences. Gives 
an insight into habits and daily lives of some animals. 
Not intended as a scientific treatise on mammals. Sci- 
ence, 32: 26. 

Stone, Witmer, & Cram, W: E. American ani- 
mals; a popular guide to the mammals of North 
America north of Mexico, with intimate biogra- 
phies of the more familiar species. 1902. 26cm 

Doubleday $3 n 
P Profuse illustration. Key to genera, bibliography 
and index. N. Y. 

Wright, Mrs Mabel (Osgood) Four-footed 
Americans and their kin; ed. by F. M. Chap- 
man, illus. by Ernest Seton Thompson. 1898. 
Y Macmillan $1.50 n 


602 Compends. Outline!-) 

Spon, Edward & F. N 
book. 18S5. 21. Vm 

Spons' mechanics' own 
Spon $2.50 

P S Complete guide to all ordinary mechanical opera- 
tions. Useful to amateurs, professional workmen and 
general readers. 

6©3 Dictionaries. Cyclopedias 

Hopkins, A. A. ed. 
pedia of receipts, 

Scientific American cyclo- 

notes and queries. 1901. 

Munn $5 

Rf Over 15,000 selected receipts, representing nearly 
every branch of useful arts. 

Knight, E: H: 
tionarv. 18S4. 

Knight's new mechanical dic- 
27icm Houghton subs. $9 

Rf References to technical journals 1876-80. 
trated. Title. 

Spon, Edward & F. N. Spons' encyclopaedia 
of the industrial arts, manufactures and com- 
mercial products. 5 v. 1879-82. 26Jcm 

Spon |27 
Rf Treats fully such subjects as acids, bleaching, cot- 
ton manufactures, dye-stuffs, floor-cloth, etc. An Eng- 
lish work, alphabetic. Kroeger. worterbuch, deutsch-englisch- 
franzusisch; hrsg. vonE. Rohrig, C. Dill und E. 
von Hover. 3 v. 1887-91. 25cm 

Bergman n 42 m 

Rf Contents: v. 1, Deutseh-englisch-franzdsisch, 4. 
verb. aufl. v. 2, English-German-French, 4th ed. rev. 
v. 3, Francais-allemand-anglais, 3. £d. rev. 


Chase, A. , & Clow, E 
1891? 19cm 


Stories of industry. 2 v. 

60c ea 

Educ. pub. co. 
Cochrane, Robert, comp. Romance of industry 
and invention. 1896. 18icm 

Lippincott $1.25 
Ranges from Wedgwood ware to modern developments 
of bicycle and horseless carriage. Dial, 21: 390. 

Moffett, Cleveland. Careers of danger and 
daring. 1901. 21cm 

Century f 1.80 n; cheaper ed. $1.50 

Y Dangers to which steeple climber, diver, balloonist, 

pilot, bridge builder, fireman, wild beast tamer, aerial 

acrobat, dynamite worker and locomotive engineer are 

exposed. N. Y. 

605 Periodicals 

Scientific American; an illus. journal of art, 
science and mechanics. Latest vol. 41cm 

Munn $3 yrly 

supplement. Latest vol. 41cm 

Munn $5 yrly 

Scientific American and Supplement together 17 yearly. 

608 Patents. Inventions 

Baker, It. S. Boy's book of inventions. 1899. 
21cm McClure $2 

Y Graphic, concise, untechnical descriptions of sub- 
marine boats, liquid air, wireless telegraphy, automobiles, 
X-ray photography, tailless kites, the phonograph, the 
modern sky scraper, flying machines. Excellent illustra- 

Boys' second book of inventions. 1903. 

21cm McClure $2 

Y Contents: The earthquake measurer; Electrical fur- 
naces; Harnessing the sun; The inventor and the food 
problem; Marconi and his great achievements; Light- 
house builders; The newest electric light. 

With his Boy's book of invention, a record of great mate- 
rial achievements of our age. Pub. wkli/. 

Hale, E: E. Stories of invention. 1904. 17cm 

Little $1 

Y Accounts of Archimedes, Friar Bacon, Cellini, Pal- 
issy, Franklin, Fulton, Bessemer and others.' N. Y. 

Hutchinson, W. B., & Criswell, J. A. E. 
Patents and how to make money out of them. 
1899. 19£cm Van Nostrand $1.25 

Patents generally; Patent office practice, trademarks 
and foreign patents; What and how to invent and various 
ways of exploiting or making money out of inventions. 
Appendix: forms of assignments, licenses, etc. and for 
organization and incorporation of stock companies. 
Elec. world, 34:100. 

Knight, G: H. Patent-office manual; apx. of 
copyright decisions, etc. 1893. 24icm 

Little $5 n 

Purpose to facilitate labors of inventors and attorneys 
in the United States patent office by a convenient sum- 
mary of the more important rulings governing its pro- 
ceedings. Pref. 





Mowry, W: A: & A. M. American inventions 
and inventors. 1900. 19cm (America's great 
men) Silver 65c n 

Y Considers in a simple direct way important topics 
connected with growth and development of our country, 
grouping them under headings heat, light, food, clothing 
and letters. Buffalo. 

Williams, Archibald. Romance of modern in- 
vention. 1903. 20cm Lippincott $1.50 n 
R Y Untechnical recounts of Nile dam, Panama canal, 
Tower bridge, Brooklyn bridge, Trans-Siberian railway, 
Niagara Falls power company, Bermuda floating dock 
and other types of modern civil engineering. N. Y 

See also Public documents list 

609 Hi§tory of useful arts in general 

Byrn, E: W. Progress of invention in the nine- 
teenth century. 1900. 25cm Munn $3 
P Attempts enumeration, with some description, of 
inventions and developments practically applied. De- 
rived from Patent office records; of much value in spite 
of omissions. Well illustrated. N. Y. 

610 Medicine 

Gould, G: M. Student's medical dictionary. 

11th ed. 1900. 21£em Blakiston $2.50 

Health and healing. 1902. 15 Jem (Little mas- 
terpieces of sci. ) DoUbleday 50c 

Contents: Escape from pain: the history of a discovery, 
by J. Paget; Jenner and Pasteur, by J. R. Bennett; Pas- 
teur and his work, by P. Geddes and J. A. Thomson; 
Tuberculosis and its prevention, by T. M. Prudden; 
Malaria and mosquitoes, by G. M. Sternberg; Art of pro- 
longing life, by R. Roose; Natural life and death: rules 
of health, by B. W. Richardson; Care of the eyes, by 
B. P. Colton; Progress of medicine in the 19th century, by 
J. S. Billings. 

Holmes, O. W. Medical essays, 1842-82. Riv- 
erside ed. 1893. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Mitchell, S. W. Doctor and patient. 4th ed. 
1904. 19km Lippincott $1.50 

Contents: The physician; Convalescence; Pain and 
the opium habit; Moral management of sick or invalid 
children; Nervousness and its influence on character; 
Outdoor and camp-life for women. 

Park, Roswell. Epitome of the history of medi- 
cine. 2ded. 1899. 24£cm Davis $2 n 


Hampton, I. A. Nursing; its principles and 
practice. Rev. ed. 1898. 20cm 

Koeckert $2 n 

In compact form, for hospital and private use, from 

author's experience as superintendent of nurses, and 

principal of the training school for nurses, Johns Hopkins 

hospital. Ed. sel. 

Shaw, Mrs C.S. (Weeks) Text-book of nurs- 
ing, for the use of training schools, families and 
private students. 3d ed. 1902. 19£cm 

Appleton $1.75 

Grew out of a familiar consciousness of needs and diffi- 
culties of nursing, with the experience of the working 
teacher, and has thus acquired excellent method and 
clearness and directness of style. E. L. Youmans in Introd. 

Stoney, E. M. A. Practical points in nursing, 
for nurses in private practice. 3d ed. 1903. 
21cm Saunders $1.75 n 

Shows thorough medical and surgical knowledge. Sug- 
gests helps for good nursing where not all hospital appli 
ances can be had. Lit. world, 27: 368. 

611 Anatomy 

Gerrish, F: H: ed. Text-book of anatomy by 
American authors. 2d ed. 1902. 27cm 

Lea $6.50 n 
Illustrated with 1003 engravings in black and colors. 
Gray, Henry. Anatomy, descriptive and surgi- 
cal; ed. by T. P. Pick and Robert Howden. 
Rev. Amer. ed. 1901. 26£cm 

Lea $5.50 n; col. illus. $6.25 n 

612 Physiology 

Allen, MrsHL&xy (Wood) Marvels of our bodily 
dwelling. 1896. 19Jcm Wood-Allen $1 

R Y Introduction to physiology and hygiene; written 
in an allegoric narrative style. Fully illustrated. L. & I. 

Bowditch, H: P. Hints for teachers of physi- 
ology. 1897. 152cm (Guides for sci. teaching) 

Heath 20c 

Attempts to show how a teacher may supplement text- 
book instruction by means of simple observations and 
experiments on living bodies or on organic material- 
Science, 13: 388. 

Browne, Lennox, & Behnke, Emil. Voice, 

song and speech; a practical guide for singers 

and speakers. New ed. 22jcm Putnam $2 n 

Excellent practical manual from the combined view of 

the vocal surgeon and voice trainer. Drexel. 

Foster, Sir Michael. Text-book of physiology, 
rev. and abr. from the author's text-book of 
physiology in five volumes; with apx. on the 
chemical basis of the animal body, by A. S. Lea. 
6th Amer. ed. 1896. 23.1cm Macmillan $5 n 

S Abridgment effected by omitting all histologic mat- 
ter and all discussions of a too theoretic nature; shows 
wide knowledge, fine sympathy, gift of style and delicate 
sense of balance. W. T. Porter in Science (B) 

Huxley, T: H: Lessons in elementary physiol- 
ogy; ed. by F: S. Lee. 1900. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.10 n 

Capital introduction to formal study of physiology by 
one of the greatest scientists of our time. L. <& I. 

USEFUL ARTS— Medicine 


Martin, H: N. The human body; an account of 

its structure and activities and the conditions of 

its healthy working. 8th ed. 1904. 22cm 

Amor. sci. ser. Adv.) Holt $2.50 

standard college text-book in human anatomy and 

physiology. Ed. sel. 

Peabody, J. E: Studies in physiology, anatomy 
and hygiene 1903. 19&cm 

Macmillan $1.10 n 

613 Personal hygiene 

Baker. M. N. Potable water and methods of 
detecting impurities. 1899. 15cm (VanNos- 
trand sci. ser. | Van Xostrand 50c. 

Object to present clearly and briefly essential qualities 
of potable water, how it may be obtained, and signifi- 
cance of chemical, bacterial and microscopic tests. Dis- 
cusses value of pure water, relations between water and 
disease and typhoid fever records as index of purity or 
impurity of public water supplies. Engin. n. 42: 278. 

Bergey, D: H. Principles of hygiene. 1901. 
24cm Saunders $3 n 

Accurate: useful to medical students, physicians and 
health officers; also to architects in giving sanitary re 
quirements for buildings. N. Y. 

Billings, J: S. ed. Physiological aspects of the 
liquor problem; investigations made by and un- 
der direction of sub-committee of the Commit- 
tee of fifty to investigate the liquor problem. 
2 v. 1903. 23cm Houghton $4.50 n 

Holds that use of alcohol impairs mental work, lessens 
physical power, does not protect against cold and fatigue, 
and diminishes resistance to infectious diseases; con- 
demns and exposes fallacy of some misdirected efforts to 
promote temperance. N. Y. 

Crandall, E. M. How to keep well. 1903. 

20£cm Doubleday $1.50 n 

Aims to give definite rules and principles for avoidance 

of disease. Handy guide to keeping well, and treatment 

such simple ailments as do not require a doctor's care. 

Pub. wily. 

Gerhard. W: P. Guide to sanitary house- 
inspection: or, Hints and helps regarding the 
choice of a healthful home in city or country. 
3ded. 1902. 19cm Wiley $1 

Notter, J. L., & Firth, R. H. Practical do 
mestic hygiene. New ed. 1902. 19cm (Long- 
mans' pract. elem. sci. ser.) Longmans 90c 
Elementary human anatomy and physiology; Elemen- 
tary hygiene: Domestic economy. 

& Horrocks, W. H. Theory and practice 

of hygiene (Notter and Firth) 2d ed. 1900. 
24cm Blakiston $7 n 

S Original work by J. L. Notter and R. H. Firth, pub- 
lished 1896. 

Comprehensive, founded on E. A. Parke's Manual of 
praitiinl hygiene. 

Parkes, L. 0. , & Kenwood, Henry. Hygiene 
and public health. 2d ed. 1902. 19cm 

Blakiston $3 n 

Aims to cover the whole field of sanitary science, and 
gives such elementary information on every topic as will 
enable the reader to refer with advantage to the larger 
textbooks. Science, 14: 301. 

Pyle, W. L. ed. Manual of personal hygiene. 

1900. 21cm Saunders $1.50 n 

SB, Full of good sense and useful information about 

the various powers and faculties of the body, their use 

and incident ailments. Spec. 86: 394. 

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow), & Talbot, 

Marion, ed. Home sanitation; a manual for 

housekeepers. Rev. ed. 1904. 17cm 

Whitcomb 25c 
Books of reference, p. 77-80. 

Stillwell, J. S. Human hair, its care and pres- 
ervation. 1900. 18cm Maple pub. co. $1.25 

Object to present in easily intelligible form facts con- 
cerning human hair, particularly those pertaining to 
cause, prevention and cure of conditions and diseases 
which result in injury and total loss. Pref. 


Chapin, H: D. Theory and practice of infant 
feeding. 1902. 23£cm Wood $2.25 

Bibliography, p. 317-20. 

Hutchison, Robert. Food and the principles of 
dietetics. 1903. 23cm Wood $3 n 

S Compilation and study of modern knowledge of 
chemical constituents of foods and of their relation to 
production of energy. Information on meat juices, jellies, 
and extracts particularly valuable. Sat. r. 1901. 

Pequignot, Mrs M 

of invalid cooking. 

A. (Boland) Handbook 
Rev. ed. 1900. 19Jcm 

Century $2 

Literature, p. 313-14. 

For professional and unprofessional nurses. Explana- 
tory lessons on food properties and values, recipes, menus, 
with chapters on serving, feeding of children and district 
nursing. N. Y. 

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow) Food ma- 
terials and their adulterations. New ed. 1898. 
17£cm Home science $1 

Bibliography, p. 175-79. 

Importantto housekeepers. On water, tea, coffee, dairy 
products, sugar, tinned goods, spices, etc. perishable foods 
and principles of diet. N. Y. 

& Woodman, A. G. Air, water and 

food from a sanitary standpoint. 1900. 23; em 

Wiley $2 

Elementary, with descriptions of laboratory methods 
for analyzing air, water and food. Tables of relative 
food values. Bibliography. Engin. n. 45: 82. 




Thompson, Sir Henry. Diet in relation to age 
and activity. 4th ed. 1903. 18icm 

Warne $1 
Well deserves its established popularity. Instruetions 
for attaining comfortable longevity, adapted to all intelli- 
gent people, and the more acceptable from their felici- 
tous style. Xation, 74: 289. 

Winthrop, A. W. Diet in illness and conva- 
lescence. 1899. 20£cm Harper $1.50 
Large variety of recipes for beverages and foods, and 
much practical information of miscellaneous nature. 
Chapter devoted to diets suitable for various specified 
diseases. Lit. world, 30: 125. 

Yeo, I: B. Food in health and disease. 8th ed. 

1901. 19cm Keener $2.50 n 
Nutritive values, digestion and assimilation, cooking, 

dietaries, animal and vegetable food, food in special dis- 
eases, etc. Comprehensive and practical. N. Y. 

613.7 Hygiene of recreation and sleep 

Bancroft, J. H. School gymnastics. Rev. ed. 
2 v. 1900-03. 19cni 

Heath v. 1, $1.50; v. 2, $1.75 

Contents: v. 1, Free hand, rev. ed. v. 2, With light 

Systems used in Brooklyn and Waterbury, Ct. public 

Distinctly good. Detailed courses for boys and girls 
covering first 8 school years. Educ. r. 21: 396. 

Photographic illustrations. 

Benson, E: F:, & Miles, E. H. Daily training. 

1902. 19cm (Imp. athletic lib. ) 

Dutton $1.50 n 

Concerning exercise, diet, stimulants, water, heat, 
sleep, rest, etc. under ordinary conditions. Manly and 
practical. Authors agree on broad principles, differing 
in personal practices. N. Y. 

Blaikie, William. How to get strong and how 
to stay so. Rev. ed. 1902. 19£cm 

Harper $1 n 

Author is justifiably loyal to the exercise of walking, 
laying great stress on carriage, and to home gymnastics. 
In these respects the book is stimulating and offers a real 
guidance. Nation, 67: 370 (Bj 
Call, A. P. Power through repose. New ed. 
1900. 17 Jem Little $1 

The gospel of relaxation, as one may call it, is preached 
in this admirable little volume, which ought to be in the 
hands of every teacher and student in America of either 
sex. William James, Talks to teachers (B) 

Faries, Randolph. Practical training for ath- 
letics, health and pleasure. 2d ed. 1899. 
19£cm (Outing lib.) Outing $1 

American manual approved by I). A. Sargent. 

Nissen, Hartvig. Rational home gymnastics, 
with health-points on walking and bicycling 
and the use <~>f water and massage. Rev. ed. 

1903. 18cm Bacon $1 

614 Public health 

Abbott, A. C. Hygiene of transmissible dis- 
eases; their causation, modes of dissemination 
and methods of prevention. 2d ed. 1901. 
24cm Saunders $2.50 n 

S Places before unprofessional readers compactly and 
intelligibly much widely scattered matter. J. Y. Bergen 
in Educ. r. 20: 194. 

Harrington, Charles. Manual of practical hy- 
giene for students, physicians and medical offi- 
cers. 2d ed. 1902. 24^cm Lea $4.25 n 

Complete, authoritative, practical and modern. Chap- 
ter on hygiene of occupation. Science, 37: 730. 

Prepared by specialists for practical aid of communi- 
ties and individuals. Points to a final triumph over the 
scourge of consumption through persistent, intelligent 
effort. N. Y. 

New York charity organization society. 

Handbook on the prevention of tuberculosis. 

1903. 24cm Charity org. soc. $1 

Sedgwick, W: T. Principles of sanitary science 

and the public health. 1902. 22^cm 

Macmillan $3 n 

S With special reference to causes and prevention of 
infectious diseases. Not too technical for intelligent 
readers. N. Y. 

Sternberg, G: M. Infection and immunity. 
1903. 21 Jem (Sci. ser.) Putnam $1.75 n 

S Pt. 1, General discussion of causes of infection, use of 
disinfectants, and immunity; pt. 2 treats specially of 
origin, death rate and method of prevention of infectious 
diseases. For non-medical readers. 

Sykes J: F: J. Public health problems. 1892. 

19cm (Contemp. sci. ser. ) Scribner $1.50 

Tyndall, John. Essays on the floating-matter of 

the air, in relation to putrefaction and infection. 

1902. 20Jcm Appleton $1.50 

See also Public documents list. 

614.3 Adulterations 

Blyth, A. W. & M. W. Foods: their composi- 
tion and analysis; with introd. on the history of 
adulteration. 5th ed. 1903. 23cm 

Van Nostrand $7.50 

S As a manual of the composition and examination of 
human food it has a leading position. Exact reference 
to every authority and a scries of bibliographies make 
easy confirmation of quotation and further study. Legal 
relations are to English law, but they suggest ways of 
right doiiif,'. Nation (B) 

U14.8 Protection of human life from acci- 
dents, casualties, etc. 

Doty, A. H. Manual of instruction in the prin- 
ciples of prompt aid to the injured. 4th ed. 
1902. 18Jcm Appleton $1.50 n 

Practical, useful, up to date. Ed.sel. 

USEFUL ARTS— Medicine 


Dulles, C: W. Accidents and emergencies. 5th 
ed. 1899. 19$cm Blakiston $1 

First published in 1880 under title What to do first in 
accidents or poisoning. 

For household use. Includes chapters on electricity, 
accidents and poisonous Sowers, and some excellent pages 
on domestic emergencies. Lit. world, 28: 379. 

Hardy, W: J: Lighthouses; their history and 
romance. 1895. 20cm Revell $1.25 

Y Notable lighthouses and lightships of English coast, 
with brief history of use of lilesaving signals in England. 
X. Y. 

Hill, C: T. Fighting a fire. 1897. 19Jcm 

Century $1.50 

Y Account of the organization, methods, dangers and 
heroism of the New York lire department. Unit. 

Appeared in S) Nicholas, July 189G-Oet. 1897. Pittsburg. 

615 Therapeutics. Cures 

Hudson, T. J. Law of mental medicine; the 
correlation of the facts of psychology and his- 
tology in their relation to mental therapeutics. 
2ded. 1903. 19Jem McClurg $1.20 n 

Object primarily to assist in placing mental therapeu- 
tics on a firmly scientific basis, and incidentally to place 
within reach of the humblest intellect the most effective 
methods of healing by mental processes. Pub. wkly. 

616 Pathology. Diseases. Treatment 

Frankland, MrsG.. C. (Toynbee) Bacteria in 
daily life. 1903. 19icm Longmans $1.75 n 
P It Treated in a general rather than a detailed man- 
ner. Author assumes only as much knowledge as the 
average educated man may safely be considered to 
possess. Ath. '03, 2: 97. 

Gardiner, C: F. Care of the consumptive; with 
chapter on Colorado as a resort for invalids. 
1900. 18cm Putnam $1.25 

Bibliography, p. 168-72. 

Aims to give clear, practical rules governing use of fresh 
air, sunlight, food, rest and exercise. Not intended to 
supplant medical advice. X. Y. 

Mitchell, S. W. Fat and- blood; an essay on 
treatment of certain forms of neurasthenia and 
hysteria; 8th ed. with additions by J: K. Mitch- 
ell. 1902. 19k-m Lippincott $1.50 

Muir, Robert, & Ritchie, James. Manual of 
bacteriology; Amer. ed. rev. by N. M. Harris. 
1903. 23cm Macmillan $3.75 n 

Bibliography, p. 534-52. 

Clear and well developed exposition. Includes re- 
markable discoveries of Reed and his colleagues about 
yellow fever. Much larger and more complete than the 
excellent first edition (1897) Nation, 70: 331. 

617 Surgery 

Howe, J. W. Emergencies; etiology, pathology 
and treatment of accidents, diseases and cases of 

poisoning which demand prompt action. 4th 
ed. 1884. 23cm 

S Appleton $2.50 

61 § Obstetrics 

Davis, E: P. Mother and child. 2d ed. 1902. 
19£cm Lippincott $1.50 n 

Not intended to take the place of the family physician, 
but to help him in care of his patients by placing at their 
disposal information which physicians commonly give to 
their patients. Introd. 

619 Veterinary medicine 

Mayo, N. S. Care of animals. 1903. 18cm 
(Rural sci. ser.) Macmillan $1.25 n 

P Takes up surgery, medicine and obstetrics in relation 
to farm animals and admirably translates the technical 
into the simple and intelligible. Contains directions con- 
cerning general care and quarters of farm animals, care 
of pets and the judging, handling and shoeing of horses. 
Nation, 78: 130. 

See also Public documents list. 

620 Engineering 

Burr, W: H. Ancient and modern engineering 
and the Isthmian canal. 1902. 23Jcm 

Wiley $3.50 n 

Expansion of 6 Cooper union lectures. Concise, accurate 

accounts of Nicaragua and Panama canals. Written with 

good judgment and full knowledge of latest thought and 

research. Engin. n. v. 49, Jan. 15, sup. p. 8. 

Carpenter, R. C. Experimental engineering and 
manual for testing. 5th ed. 1903. 23£cm 

Wiley $6 
S Standard methods for testing materials, engines 
and machinery. Aim not to teach how to generalize 
safely from experiments, but rather how to make the ex- 
periments themselves. Much of the information is found 
elsewhere only in scattered papers and articles. Engin. 
n. 28: 202. 

Cochrane, C: H: Wonders of modern mechan- 
ism. 3ded. 1900. 20cm Lippincott $1.50 n 
P The trolley, electric light, 30-story building, horse- 
less carriage, kinetoscope, and other marvels. Clear, 
forcible English. Providence. 

Haswell, C: H. Mechanics' and engineers' 
pocket-book of tables, rules and formulas per- 
taining to mechanics, mathematics and physics. 
69th ed. 1903. 16£cm Harper $4 

Rf Including areas, squares, cubes, roots, logarithms, 
hydraulics, hydrodynamics, steam and steam engine, 
naval architecture, masonry, steam vessels, mills, limes, 
mortars, cements, etc. Full index. N. Y. 

Johnson, J: B. Engineering contracts and speci- 
fications. 3d ed. 1902. 23cm Engin. n. $3 

S Contains synopsis of law of contracts and complete 
list of descriptive and technical clauses of various kinds 




of engineering specifications, for students, engineers and 

contractors; specifications complete and carefully worded. 

Elec. world, 32: 634. 
Johnson, J: B. Materials of construction. 2d 

ed. 1898. 23km Wiley $6 

S Main results of foreign investigators. Indicates 

where details of any particular line of work may be 

found. N. Y. 
Lane, Mrs M. A. L. ed. Triumphs of science. 

1903. 18cm (Youths' companion ser. ) 

Y Ginn 30c 

Merriman, Mansfield. Strength of materials; 

text-book for manual training schools. 1897. 

19km Wiley $1 

Patton, W: M. Treatise on civil engineering. 

2d ed. 1903. 24cm Wiley $7.50 

S Bibliography, pref. p. 18. 

Aims to present essential and fundamental principles 
and a selection of practice without attempting exhaustive 
treatment. Engin. n. 34: 79. 

Thurston, R. H: Materials of engineering. 
3 v. 1899-1903. 23km Wiley $8 

Contents: pt. 1, Non-metallic materials of engineering: 
stone, timber, fuel, lubricants, etc. 5th ed. rev. 1899. 
pt. 2, Iron and steel. 9th ed. rev. 1903. pt. 3, Brasses, 
bronzes, and other alloys, and their constituent metals. 
4th ed. rev. 1900. 

Trautwine, J: C. Civil engineer's pocket-book; 
rev. by J: C. Trautwine jr. and J: C. Trautwine 3d. 
18th ed. 1902. 17km Wiley $5 

Rf Bibliography, p. 1008-23. 

Perhaps the most consulted reference work for civil 
and mechanical engineer. Tables trustworthy and of 
great intrinsic value. Sci. Amer. 88: 165. 

TJnwin, W: C. The testing of materials of con- 
struction; a text-book for the engineering labo- 
ratory and a collection of the results of experi- 
ment. 2d ed. 1899. 22km Longmans $6 n 

621 Mechanical engineering 

Archbutt, Leonard, & Deeley, R. M. Lubri- 
cation and lubricants; a treatise on the theory 
and practice of lubrication, and on the nature, 
properties and testing of lubricants. 1900. 
22km Lippincott $5.50 n 

Barber, T: W. Engineer's sketch-book of me- 
chanical movements, devices, appliances, con- 
trivances and details employed in the design 
and construction of machinery. 4th ed. 1902. 
22cm Spon $4 

Text consists of diagrams, with descriptive notes on 
opposite pages. 

Repair and maintenance of machinery; 

a handbook of practical notes and memoranda. 
1895. 22km Spon $3.50 

Barr, J: H: Kinematics of machinery; a brief 
treatise on constrained motions of machine ele- 
ments. 1899. 23km Wiley $2.50 

Elucidates and supplements Unwin's Machine design. 

Barr, W: M. Pumping machinery; a practical 
hand-book relating to the construction and 
management of steam and power pumping ma- 
chines. 1893. 24cm Lippincott $5 

Details plainly described and well illustrated; with 
caution and advice evidently derived from practical 
knowledge. Engin. n. 29: 326. 

Blaine, R. G. Hydraulic machinery, with an 
introd. to hydraulics. 1897. 22cm (Finsbury 
tech. man.) Spon $5 

Theoretic and practical data under each head, with full 
illustrations of late applications. Engin. n. 38: 128. 

Bodmer, G. R. Hydraulic motors and turbines. 
3ded. 1902. 19km (Specialists' ser.) 

Van Nostrand $5 

Gives theory and practice of turbine construction, de- 
scribes various systems in use and typical installations. 
Requires considerable knowledge of mathematics. Pitts- 

Brown & Sharpe manufacturing co. Provi- 
dence, R. I. Practical treatise on gearing. 7th 
ed. 1902. 23cm Brown $1 

Compton, A. G:, & De Groodt, J. H. Advanced 
metal-work: pt. 1, The speed-la-the. 1898. 19cm 

Wiley $1.50 
A practical instruction book in hand-turning in wood 
and to a lesser extent in brass. Amer. maeh. 22 : 290 (B) 

Durand, W: F: Practical marine engineering. 
1901. 23km Marine engin. $5 

Authoritative and cyclopedic; subject reduced to its 
simplest and most exact terms. R. H. Thurston in Sci- 

Frizell, J. P. Water power; an outline of the 
development and application of the energy of 
flowing water. 3d ed. 1903. 23km 

Wiley $5 
Comprehensive and up-to-date; in no sense elementary. 
New practice plainly set forth and illustrated by exam- 
ples from existing power plants. Engin. n. 45 : 79. 

Goodman, John. Mechanics applied to engi- 
neering. 1899. 19cm Longmans $2 n 

Much condensed, but clear and logical. Engin. 11. 
42 : 312. 

Hiscox, G. D. Compressed air; its production, 

uses and applications. 1901. 25cra 

Henley $5 

Compilation of all sorts of information from books, 
papers and trade catalogs presented in a semi-popular, 

semi-technical manner. Engin. n. 48: :«). 

USEFUL ARTS— Engineering 


Horner. J. G. Principles of fitting; by a [ore- 
man pattern maker. 1893. 18cm 

Macmillan |1.50 

Directs attention to cardinal matters at basis of the 
trade. Pref. 

Hutton. F: R. Gas-engine; a treatise on the 
internal-combustion engine using gas, gasoline, 
kerosene or other hydrocarbon as source of 
energy. 1903. 234cm Wiley $5 

Bibliography, p. 467-69. 

Describes American typos. Craver, 

Kent. William. Mechanical engineer's pocket- 
book; a reference-book of rules, tables, data 
an-1 formulae. 6th ed. 1903. 17Jcm 

Wiley $5 

Rf Aims tooover mechanical engineering as thoroughly 

as Trautwine covers civil engineering. Notable feature 

is quotation of authority on which rules, tables, formulas, 

etc. are based. Engin. n. 33: 328. 

Lineham, W. J. Text-book of mechanical 
engineering. 5th ed. 1902. 21cm 

Lippincott $4.50 n 
Pt. 1, Workshop practice, contains general operations: 
pattern making, molding, forging, machine tools, fitting 
and erecting, etc. pt. 2, Theory and examples: strength 
of materials and structures, energy and transmission of 
power, heat and heat engines, hydraulics and hydraulic 
machines. 732 drawings in text, 18 folding plates. Good 
index. Ath. '95, 2: 495. 

Low, D: A., & Bevis, A. W: Manual of 
machine drawing and design. Rev. ed. 1902. 
22cm Longmans 75c n 

Text concise and plain, illustrated by dimensioned 
shop drawings. Adapted for students but also full of 
practical workshop hints and suggestions. Engin. n. 
29: 463(B) 

Roberts, E. W. Gas-engine handbook. 4th ed. 
1903. 13 Jem Gas engine $1.50 

Details of principle of internal combustion engines, va- 
rious types, fuels and heating values, operations and care 
of gas and gasolene engines, internal combustion engines, 
building and designing of gas engine. Requires knowl- 
edge of simple equations in algebra. Elec. world, 35 : 799. 

On marine motors and motor launches. 

1901. 16cm (Rudder on ser. ) Rudder $1 
Devoted exclusively to gasolene motor. Pittsburg. 
Robinson, S. W. Principles of mechanism. 
1903. 23 \ cm Wiley $3 

Aims to treat whole subject of mechanism so systemat- 
ically and comprehensively that by its aid any machine 
may be analyzed into its elementary combinations, and 
the character of their motions determined. Pref. 

Robinson, William. Gas and petroleum en- 
gines. 2d ed. 2 v. 1902. 22£cm (Finsbury 
tech. man.) Spon $8.50 

Aims to aid students and engineers in studying engines 
and principles that underlie and control their action. 
Traces evolution of internal combustion engine. Chief 
types of motors shown by many illustrations. Pref. 

Rose, Joshua. Complete practical machinist. 
19th ed. 1903. 20.]cm Baird $2.50 

Lathe work, vise work, drills and drilling, taps and 
dies, hardening and tempering, the making and use of 
tools, tool grinding, marking out work, machine tools, 
etc. Title. 

Smith, A. W: Materials of machines. 1902. 
19cm Wiley $1 

Short discussion with particular attention to physical 
and mechanical properties of iron and copper and their 
alloys. Intended to aid in selecting materials for various 
parts of machines. Pittsburg. 

Tayler, A. J. Wallis- Refrigeration, cold stor- 
age and ice-making. 1902. 23cm 

Van Nostrand $4.50 n 

Elaboration of Refrigerating and ire-making machinery. 
Appendix: Useful tables and memoranda; Bibliography 
of refrigeration. 

Traces mechanical development of different refrigerat- 
ing processes and describes machinery and appliances 
employed in modern and improved practice. Copiously 
illustrated. Engin. n. v. 48, 18 Dee. lit. sup. p. 4. 

Unwin, W: C. Elements of machine design. 

Rev. ed. 2 v. 1901. 18cm (Text-bks. of sci. ) 

Longmans v. 1, $2.25; v. 2, $2 

Admirable and unique. Fairly complete account of 

methodsof proportioning parts of machinery, specially of 

steam engine. Science, 16: 10 (B) 

Usher, J: T. Modern machinist. 5th ed. 1904. 
20cm Henley $2.50 

Compendium of shop methods, showing a variety of 
special tools and appliances. Ed. sel. 

Van Dervoort, W: H. Modern machine shop 
tools, their construction, operation and manipu- 
lation, including both hand and machine tools. 
1903. 24cm Henley $4 

Describes minutely and illustrates 673 tools and methods. 
N. Y. 

Wilson, H. S. Practical tool-maker and de- 
signer: a treatise upon the designing of tools 
and fixtures for machine tools and metal work- 
ing machinery. 1898. 23Jcm Baird $2.50 

Wood, De Volson. Turbines, theoretical and 
practical. 2d ed. 1896. 24cm 

Wiley $2.50 

Seeks to simplify solution of turbine problems by de- 
ducing from wheels of commercial proportions certain 
numeric results. Engin. n. 33: 232. 

621.1 Steam engineering 

Forney, M. N. Catechism of the locomotive. 
2d ed. 1890. 21 Jem 

Van Nostrand {3.50 
Based on Georg Kosak's Katt chiamus der locomotive. 
Clear, simple description of construction and working 
of the locomotive engine. On many railroads the stand- 
ard for examination of firemen for promotion. Van 
Nostrand, 19: 25. 






Kent, William. Steam-boiler economy. 1901. 
23Jcm Wiley $4 

Eminently practical and useful. Sci. Amer. 85: 44 (B) 

Neilson, R. M. Steam turbine. 2d ed. 1903. 
232cm Longmans $3.60 

Includes short history of development, sketches theory 
and describes in detail the De Laval, Ra'eau and Parsons 
types. Chapter on propulsion of ships b> turbines. Pitts- 

Peabody, C. H. , & Miller, E : F. Steam-boilers. 
1897. 24cm Wiley $4 

S Authors professors in Mass. institute of technology. 
Illustrations excellent. Engin. n. 37: '272. 

Reagan, H. C. Locomotives: simple, compound, 

and electric. 4th ed. 1902. 19cm 

Wiley $2.50 

Ed. 1-3 issued under title Locomotive mechanism and 

Deals largely with handling and emergency repairing. 
Engin. n. 36: 3Q4 (B) 

Reeve, S. A. Thermodynamics of heat-engines. 
1903. 19£cm Macmillan $2.60 n 

Contents: Theory: Application of theory to practice. 

Appended: The steam-table, comp. from various sources 
by S. A. Reeve, 1903, 42 p. of tables, 35c n. 

Ripper, William. Steam-engine theory and 
practice; with 438 illustrations. 1899. 22|cm 

Longmans $2.50 

Sequel to author's elementary book Steam. Pref. 

Most useful portions to American engineers are those 
which give the applications of thermodynamic analysis 
to actual engine conditions. Amer. maeh. 23: 97 (B) 

Spangler, H: W. d- others. Elements of steam 
engineering. 1903. 23£em Wiley $3 

Intended 'to bring before beginner examples of various 
forms of apparatus vised in modern steam power plants, 
to explain simply and briefly construction, use and 
reasons for using these various parts or machines, and to 
give him a working vocabulary. Pref. 

Thurston, R. H: History of the growth of the 
steam-engine. 4th ed. 1897. 19$cm (Internal, 
sci. ser.) Appleton $2.50 

Manual of steam-boilers. 7th ed. 1901. 

2.'»cm Wiley $5 

S Exhibits fully progress of boiler in construction and 
adaptability for various purposes. Chapter on operation 
nod care of boilers clear, concise and worthy of close at- 
tention. Van Nostrand, 16:35. 

Manual of the steam engine. 5th ed. 2 v. 

1900-02. 23Jcm Wiley pt. 1, $6; pt. 2, $7.50 

Contents: Structure and theory; Design, construction 

and operation. 

For educated, practical engineers and advanced tech- 
nical students. Combines long established tbermody 

iiainie theory of the heal engine with wastes in practical 
use, or losses of beat, and energy, and thus establishes 
complete theory of the machine, its operation and effi- 
ciency. Engin. n. 26: 212. 

621.3 Electric engineering 

Atkinson, A. A. Electrical and magnetic cal- 
culations. 2d ed. 1903. 19cm 

Van Nostrand $1.50 n 

Covers the definite theory of electricity and magnetism 
and enforces each phase with admirably clear and prac- 
tical computation. Numerous problems illustrating text 
fully worked out; judiciously selected problems for solu- 
tion. Exhaustive index. Elec. world 40: 142. 

Bell, Louis. Electric power transmission. 3d 
ed. 1901. 24cm McGraw $3 

R Aims to set forth as simply as.possible present prac- 
tice. For business man rather than student; treatment 
eminently practical. Engin. n. :S7: 192. 

Value appreciably increased by addition of short chap- 
ter on recent achievements in high-voltage transmission. 
Engin. ».43:63. 

Power distribution for electric railroads. 

3d ed. 1900. 24cm 

Street railway pub. co. $2.50 

Important problems connected with design of system of 

conductors for electric railways fully considered in light 

of existing conditions and satisfactory solutions reached. 

Elec. world, 29: 296. 

Crocker, F. B. Electric lighting. 2 v. 1896- 
1901. 24cm Van Nostrand $3 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Generating plant, v. 2, Distributing sys- 
tem and lamps. 

Practical exposition of the art for engineers, students 
and others interested in installation or operation of elec- 
tric plants. Title. 

& Wheeler, S. S. Practical management 

of dynamos and motors. 5th ed. 1903. 19£cm 

Van Nostrand $1 

Originally published in Electrical engineer, Sep. 1891- 
May 1892. , 

Practical treatise for engineers and an excellent hand, 
book. Gives careful directions for examining and testing 
generators, also for localization and remedy of troubles 
in all kinds of dynamos and motors. E. ass'n. of phy. 
teachers (B) 

Cushing, H. C. jr. Standard wiring for electric 
light and power, as adopted by the fire under- 
writers of the United States; containing national 
electrical code explained and illustrated. 1903. 
17£cm Author, New York $1 

Foster, H. A. Electrical engineer's pocket-book. 
2d ed. 1902. 17 Jem Van Nostrand $5 

Author practising engineer of reputation. Compend of 
useful facts for daily use of electrician and electric engi- 
neer. Engin. v. 46: 469. 

Hanchett, G: T. Modern electric; railway motors; 
a discussion of current practice in electric rail- 
way motor construction, maintenance and re- 
pair. 1900. 23cm Street railway pub. co. $2 

Contains table of principal dimensions of all types of 
street railway motors now in general use, American and 
foreign. Elec. world, 85: 878, 

QSEFUL ARTS— Engineering 


Herrick, A. B. Practical electric railway band- 
book. L901. 17-U'in Street railway pub. co. $3 
Construction, testing and operating of electric railway 
systems, according to best American practice. Avoids 
mathematics as much as possible, and Illustrates by 
cats and diagrams appliances and methods proposed. 
. n. 16: U : 7. 

Houston, E. J., & Kennelly, A. E. Alternat- 
ing electric currents. 3d ed. L902. 17icm 
(Elem. electro-tech, ser.) McGraw $1 

Fundamental principles necessary to correct under- 
standing of subject developed in simplest language and 
without any mathematics except arithmetic. Practical 
applications described in terms as free as possible from 
technicalities. Elec. world, 26: 653. 

Electric arc lighting. 2ded. 1902. 

17Jcm i Elem. electro-tech. ser. ) McGraw $1 

Mechanism of different types of lamps shown, giving 
good idea of present practice. Elec. world, 28: 341. 

Electric heating. 1895. 17£cm 

Elem. electro-tech, ser.) McGraw $1 

rs subject very thoroughly, though not a general 
treatise. Chapters on elementary principles, heating of 
bare conductors, covered conductors, fuse wires, electric 
heaters, electric cooking, electric welding, electric fur- 
naces, miscellaneous applications. Elec. world, 27: 321. 

Electric incandescent lighting. 2d 

e«l. 1902. 17icm (Elem. electro-tech, ser.) 

McGraw $1 
Brief history of early art of electric lighting, descrip- 
tion of arc light generators, lamp mechanism, and vari- 
ous processes in manufacture of carbon electrodes. 
B1 Louis. 

The electric motor and the trans- 

mission of power. 1896. 17jcm (Elem. elec- 
tro-tech, ser.) McGraw $1 

Electric street railways. 1896. 

L7$cm (Elem. electro-tech. ser. ) McGraw $1 
Sketch of history, brief statement of elementary prin- 
ciples, descriptions of parts of an electric railway system, 
and chapters on storage battery, traction and electric 
locomotives. Non-technical. Elec. world, 28: 764. 

Kapp, Gisbert. Transformers for single and 
multiphase currents; a treatise on their theory, 
construction, and use; with 133 illustrations. 
1896. 19Jcm (Specialists' ser.) 

Macmillan $1.75 

Perrine, F: A. C. Conductors for electrical dis- 
tribution; their materials and manufacture, the 
calculation of circuits, pole-line construction, 
underground working, and other uses. 1903. 
24cm Van Xostrand $3.50 n 

Gives in authoritative and systematic form the benefit 
of extensive experience. For student and practising en- 
gineer. Engiii. n. v. 49, 16 Ap. lit. sup. p. 42^13. 

Poole, C. P. Electric wiring. 1900. 17cm 

Power $1 
Assumes merely familiarity with Ohm's law. For prac- 
tical wiremen and electric engineers. Elec. world, 35: 447. 

Rosenberg, E. Electrical engineering; tr. by 
W. W. II. Gee and Carl Kinzbrunner. 1903. 
I'.i.lcm Wiley $1.50 n 

Practical [non-mathematical] Explains construction 
Of machines and how construction affects running; how 
speed, voltage, load, torque, etc. vary; what troubles 
arise from reversed connections; how a machine will be- 
have under special conditions, etc. Engin. n. lit. sup. 
50: 15. 

Sheldon, Samuel, & Mason, Hobart. Dynamo 
electric machinery; its construction, design and 
operation. 2 v. 1901-02. 20cm 

Van Nostrand $2.50 ea n 

v. 1, Direct currentmachines, 2d ed. v. 2, has title Alter- 
nating-current machines. 

Shepardson, G: D. Electrical catechism; an 
introductory treatise on electricity and its uses. 
1901. 26cm Amer. elec. co. $2 


Sloane, T: O'C. How to become a successful 
electrician. 12th ed. 1903. 18 Jem 

Henley $1 

Containing studies to be followed, methods of work, 
field of operation, professional ethics, etc. Title. 

Thompson, S. P. Design of dynamos. 1903. 
23 Jem 
S Spon $3.50 

622 mining; engineering 

Foster, C. Le N. Text-book of ore and stone 
mining; 4th ed. by L. H. Cooke. 1901. 22cm 

Lippincott $10 n 

Greene, Homer. Coal and the coal mines. 1889. 
17cm (Riverside lib. for young people) 
K, Y Houghton 75c 

Shinn, C. H. Story of the mine. 1896. 19Jcm 
(Story of West ser.) Appleton $1.50 

Mining conditions as illustrated by history of Comstock 
lode, with side chapters on mine litigation, speculation, 
mechanical problems, etc. Picturesque and authorita- 
tive. N. Y. 

623 Military and naval engineering 

Fyfe, H. C. Submarine warfare, past, present 
and future; with introd. by Admiral Tremantle, 
and chapter on the probable future of submarine 
boat construction by Sir E: J. Reed. 2d ed. 
1903. 22 Jem Dutton $3 n 

P Short bibliography, p. 331-32. 

Sociologic and metaphysical sides discussed with ani- 
mation. Reviews American invention and enterprise. 
Much technical data and admirably illustrated. Elec. 
world, 40: 426. 




624 Bridges and roofs 

Baker, I. 0. Treatise on masonry construction. 
9th ed. 1899. 23£cm Wiley $5 

Most valuable and complete treatise on masonry in any 
language. Engin. n. 42: 211. 

Howe, M. A. Design of simple roof-trusses in 
wood and steel; with an introd. to the elements 
of graphic statics. 1902. 23£cm Wiley $2 
Useful to those without special training in structural 
engineering. Includes tables giving the properties of 
standard steel shapes. Craver. 

Johnson, J: B. & others. Theory and practice 
of modern framed structures; for schools, and 
for engineers in professional practice. 8th ed. 
1904. 28 x 22cm Wiley $10 

Maginnis, O. B. Roof framing made easy. 2d 
ed. 1903. 21cm Industrial pub. co. $1.50 

Reprint of articles in Carpentry and building and the 

Gives simple, practical method for laying out and 
framing timber roofs of various forms. Concise; illustra- 
tions profuse and clear. Engin. n. 41: 111 (ed. 1) 

625 Railroad and road engineering 

Baker, I. O. Treatise on roads and pavements. 
1903. 23£cm Wiley $5 

Discussion of principles from engineer's point of view. 
Considers economics and location of country roads, con- 
struction and maintenance of earth roads, hard surface 
roads and pavements. Pittsburg. 

Homans, J. E: Self-propelled vehicles. 1902. 

23cm Audel $5 

Practical treatise on theory, construction, operation, 

care and management of all forms of automobiles. Title. 

Shaler, N. S. American highways. 1896. 19cm 

Century $1.50 
P List of important works on highway construction, 
p. 292-93. 

Road materials, methods of construction and adminis- 
tration, machinery, cost, effects of climate and topog- 
raphy, importance of specific training and education in 
highway engineering, etc. N. Y. 

Spalding-, F: P. Text-book on roads and pave- 
ments. 2d ed. 1902. 19cm Wiley $2 

Tillson, G: W: Street pavements and paving 
materials. 1900. 23£cm Wiley $4 

Comprehensive, authoritative review of best current 
practice. Illustrations. Engin. n. 45: 32. 

Tratman, E: E. R. Railway track and track 
work; 2d ed. with sup. chapters on "Signals 
and interlocking" and " Street railway track." 
1901. 22£cm Engin. n. $3 

General principles with numerous details of material, 
appliances and work, and methods of practice, with 
drawings. Various subjects treated critically and descrip- 
tively. Pref. 

"Warman, Cy. Story of the railroad. 1898. 
19£cm ( Story of west ser. ) Appleton $1.50 
Picture of the life of the man who built the trans-con- 
tinental lines across the plains and mountains. Also, a 
history, in brief, of the five principal companies whose 
roads have crossed the continent. Lit. world (B) 

Webb, "W. L. Railroad construction: theory 
and practice; a text-book for the use of students 
in colleges and technical schools. 2d ed. 1903. 
17£cm Wiley $5 

Railway work from surveys to track construction. 
Engin. n. 45: 7. 

Wellington, A. M. Economic theory of the 
location of railways; an analysis of the con- 
ditions controlling the laying out of railways to 
effect the most judicious expenditure of capital. 
Rev. ed. 1887. 21£cm Wiley $5 

626 Canal engineering 

Mead, Elwood. Irrigation institutions. 1903. 
19£cm (Cit. lib. of econ. pol. & sociol. ) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 

Discussion of the economic and legal questions created 
by growth of irrigated agriculture in West. Title. 

627 River, harbor and general 
liydraulie engineering 

Harcourt, L. F. V. Harbours and docks. 2 v. 
1885. 23cm (Clarendon press ser. ) 

Clarendon $6.50 
Their physical features, history, construction, equip- 
ment and maintenance, with statistics as to their com- 
mercial development. Title. 

Rivers and canals. 2d ed. 2 v. 1896. 

23cm Clarendon $8 

Contents: v. 1, Rivers, v. 2, Canals. 
The flow, control and improvement of rivers and the 
design, construction and development of canals both for 
navigation and irrigation, with statistics of the traffic on 
inland waterways. Title. 

Thomas, B: F.,&Watt, D: A. Improvement 
of rivers. 1903. 30£cm Wiley $6 n 

Principal works consulted, pref. p. 5-6. 

Treatise on the methods employed for improving 
streams for open navigation, and for navigation by means 
of locks and dams. Title. 

Treats also of improvement for flood protection. 
Authors have had charge of some of most important 
recent slack water navigation improvements. Engin. n. 
v. 49, 14 May, lit sup. p. 59. 

Wegmann, Edward. Design and construction 
of dams; including masonry, earth, rock-fill, and 
timber structures, also the principal types of 
movable dams. 4th ed. 1899. 30J x 24Jcm 

Wiley $5 

USEFUL ARTS— Engineering 


62S Sanitary engineering 

Baker, M. N. Municipal engineering and sani- 
tation. 1902. i9,Vm (Cit lib. of econ. pol. 
dcsociol.) Macmillan $1.25 n 

P Practical, authoritative discussion of problems of 
transportation, communication, water, lighting, slaughter 
houses, sewage, street cleaning, smoke, noise, etc. public 
policy and finance. N. Y. 

Author's wide practical experience furnishes many tan- 
gible examples. Brooks. 

Billings. J: S. Ventilation and heating. 1893. 
24otn McGraw $6 

S For architects, engineers and non-professional in- 
quirers. Comprehensive discussion of principles and 
practical applied science. N. Y. 

Folwell, A. P. Sewerage; the designing, con- 
-t ruction and maintenance of sewerage systems. 
5th ed. 1904. 23km Wiley $3 

Gerhard. W: P. House-drainage and sanitary 
plumbing. 10th ed. 1902. 15cm (Van Nos- 
trand sci. ser.) Van Nostrand 50c 

Reprinted from Van Nostrand? a magazine. 

Sanitary engineering. 1898. 195cm 

Author, New York $1.25 

Reprint of Franklin institute address, 1895. Indicates 
broad, general principles. Semi-popular. Engin. n. 
S9: 248. 

Goodell, John. Water-works for small cities and 
towns. 1899. 23cm (Engin. rec. ser.) 

McGraw $2 
Refers to successful methods; not technical, of service 
to trustees as well as executive officers. Ed. sel. 

Goodrich, W. F. Economic disposal of towns' 
refuse. 1901. 22cm (Engin. times lib.) 

Wiley $3.50 
More than a description of practice: discusses princi- 
ples and criticizes. Strong bias in favor of cremation. 
Engin. n. 46: 198. 

Hill, J: W. Purification of public water sup- 
plies. 1898. 23 5 cm Van Nostrand $3 
Sums up case against impure water and the remedy. 
Discusses quality of water supplies and relation to ty- 
phoid fever; sedimentation, sterilization and filtration; 
description of American and foreign filter plants. Engin. n. 
39: 2%. 

Mason, "W: P. Water-supply. 3d ed. 1902. 
23 z cm Wiley $4 

Omits chapters on chemical and bacteriologic exami- 
nation, now published separately. Engin. n. 48: 52. 

Merriman, Mansfield. Elements of sanitary 
engineering. 2d ed. 1899. 23 2 cm Wiley $2 
Adapted for college use. List of topics for further in- 
vestigation at end of each chapter. Engin. n. 40: 424. 

Rafter, G: "W., & Baker, M. N. Sewage dis- 
posal in the United States. 1894. 26 z cm 

Van Nostrand $6 

Rideal, Samuel. Sewage and the bacterial puri- 
fication of sewage. 2d ed. 1901. 23Jcm 

Wiley $3.50 
Best on subject. Burgess. 

First comprehensive and satisfactory work on sewage 
purification since such bacterial methods as septic tank 
and rapid filter beds. Judicial rather than partizan. En- 
gin. n. 45: 33. 

Waring-, G: E. Hrjw to drain a house. 2d ed. 

1895. 17£cm Van Nostrand $1.25 

Practical expert information for individual house- 
holder. N. Y. 

Modern methods of sewage disposal for 

towns, public institutions and "isolated houses. 
1894. 19£cin Van Nostrand $2 

Expert, practical discussion of general problems and 
methods, sewage irrigation, filtration, chemical treat- 
ment, needs of hotels, country houses, etc. N. Y 

Sanitary condition of city and country 

dwelling houses. 2d ed. 1898. 15km ( Van 
Nostrand sci. ser.) Van Nostrand 50c 

Papers on country and city houses, and correspondence 
regarding them in J merican architect. States some essen- 
tial? of house sanitation. Engin. n. 41: 372. 

630 Agriculture 

Brooks, W: P. Agriculture. 3 v. 1901. 22cm 

King $2.75 
Contents: v. 1, Soils, formation, physical and chemical 
characteristics and methods of improvement, including 
tillage, drainage and irrigation, v. 2, Manures, fertilizers 
and farm crops, including green manuring and crop rota- 
tion, v. 3, Animal husbandry, including breeds of live 
stock, general principles of breeding, feeding animals; 
discussion of ensilage, dairy management on farm and 
poultry farming. 

Burkett, C: W: c(- others. Agriculture for begin- 
ners. 1903. 19cm Ginn 75c 
Contents: Soil; The soil and the plant; Theplant; How 
to raise a fruit tree; Diseases of plants; Orchard, garden 
and field insects; Farm crops; Domestic animals; Farm 

Conn, H. W: Agricultural bacteriology. 1901. 
21 Jem Blakiston $2.50 n 

Study of the relation of bacteria to agriculture, with 
special reference to the bacteria in the soil, in water, in 
the dairy, in miscellaneous farm products and in plants 
and domestic animals. Title. 

Gregg, Mrs Mary (Kirby), & Kirby, Eliza- 
beth. Aunt Martha's corner cupboard ; or, Sto- 
ries about tea, coffee, sugar, rice, etc. 1898. 
19km Flanagan 40c 

Roberts, I: P. The farmstead. 1900. 18cm 
(Rural sci. ser.) Macmillan $1.25 

On selection and purchase of farms and location of 
buildings. Chapters on household administration, water, 
supply, sewage, etc. Clear cut and practical. Nat 




Woll, F. "W. Handbook for farmers and dairy- 
men. 2d ed. 1900. 17icm Wiley §1.50 

Compend with tables, formulas, receipts, statistics, etc. 
Compiled largely from publications of experiment sta- 
tions, scientific divisions of United States department of 
agriculture, farm papers and standard works. Includes 
full summary of main results of 12th census as pertaining 
to agricultural interests. Pref. 

See also Public documents list- 

631 Soil. Fertilizers. Drainage 

Hall, A. D. The soil; an introd. to the scientific 
study of the growth of -rops. 1903. 20icm 

Murray 3/6 

Bibliography, p. 277-79. 

Deals with origin of soils, their physical and chemical 
properties and composition, methods of analysis, the liv- 
ing organisms within the soil, causes of fertility and 
sterility, soil types and the natural flora belonging to 
each. Original and suggestive. Nature, 68: 52. 

King, F. H. Irrigation and drainage. 1899. 
18cm (Rural sci. ser.) Macmillan $1.50 

Deals with relations of water to soils and plants, pre. 
senting practical problems with underlying principles. 
Avoids engineering problems. N. Y. 

Newell, F: H. Irrigation in the United States. 
1902. 19icm (Lib. of econ. & pol. ) 

Crowell $2 n 
Geographic conditions, methods of storing and distribut- 
ing water, and results. But slightly technical, of prac- 
cal value to farmer, abundantly illustrated. Author hy- 
draulic engineer, U. S. geological survey. N. Y. 

Roberts, I: P. Fertility of the land. 1897. 
18cm ( Rural sci. ser. ) Macmillan $1.25 

Summary sketch of the relationship of farm practice to 
the maintaining and increasing of the productivity of the 
soil. Title. 

Storer, F. H. Agriculture in some of its rela- 
tions with chemistry. 7th ed. 3 v. 1897. 
2l2Cin Scribner $5 n 

Not only is agriculture dealt with in its relations to 
chemistry but very largely in its relations to physics, physi- 
ology, botany and zoology. Of very great value to stu- 
dents and farmers alike. E. B. Voorhees in Science, n. s. 
6: 374 (B) 

Voorhees, E: B. Fertilizers; the source, charac- 
ter and composition of natural, home-made and 
manufactured fertilizers. 1898. 18cm (Rural 
sci. ser.) Macmillan $1 

632 I'csiv Hindrances 

Lodeman, E. G. Spraying of plants. 1896. 
18cm (Rural sci. ser.) Macmillan $1 

Succinct account of history, principles and practice of 
the application of liquids and powders to plants for the 
purpose of destroying insects and fungi. Title 

Massee, George. Text-book of plant diseases 
caused by cryptogamic parasites. 2d ed. L903. 
192cm Macmillan $1.60 n 

Smith, J: B. Economic entomology for the 
farmer and fruit-grower. 1896. 21cm 
P Lippincott $2.50 

633 Grains. Cirasses. Fibers 

Beal, W: J. Grasses of North America. 2 v. 
1887-96. 23cm Holt v. 1, $2.50 n; v. 2, $5 n 
Bibliography, 2: 671-75. 

For farmers and general readers who have not studied 
botany. ' N. Y. 

Myrick, Herbert. American sugar industry. 
1899. 25cm Judd $1.50 

P In four parts; pt. 2, The cane sugar industry, by W. C. 

Practical manual on production of sugar beets and 
sugar cane and on manufacture of sugar. Title. 

Shaw, Thomas. Forage crops other than grasses; 
how to cultivate, harvest and use them. 1900. 
19cm Judd $1 

634 Fruits. Oreliards. Vineyards 

Bailey, L. H. Principles of fruit-growing. 
1897. 18cm (Rural sci. ser. ) Macmillan $1.25 
Modern arts of growing, storing and marketing fruits 
on a large scale. Buffalo. 

Card, F. W. Bush-fruits. 1898. 18cm (Rural 
sci. ser. ) Macmillan $1.50 

Horticultural monograph of raspberries, blackberries, 
dewberries, currants, gooseberries and other shrublike 
fruits. Title. 

Botany, treatment, diseases and specially persecuting 
insects of each fruit very fully and carefully treated. N. Y. 

Fuller, A. S. The nut culturist. 1896. 19cm 

Judd $1.50 
History, varieties, methods of propagation and culture, 
diseases, properties and uses of the almond, beechnut, 
castanopsis, chestnut, filbert, hickorynut, walnut and 
other nut trees adapted to climate of United States. 
N. Y. 

Giflbrd, J. C. Practical forestry. 1902. 19£cm 

Appleton $1.20 n 
For beginners in forestry, agricultural students, wood- 
land owners, and others desiring a general knowledge of 
the nature of the art. Title. 

Green, S. B. Principles of American forestry. 
1903. 19cm Wiley $1.50 

List of best books on forestry, p. 318-19. 
Elementary. Treats tree growth, the forest, forest 
influences, planting, propagation, forest, regeneration, 
nursery practice, protection, rate of increase, mensura- 
tion, uses of wood, durability, forest economics, etc. 
N. Y. 

Thomas, J: J. American fruit culturist; 21st 
ed. by W: II. S. Wood. 1903. 22£cm 

Wood $2.50 n 
Over 800 illustrations. 

Contains most available accounts of varieties of fruits. 

USEFUL ARTS— Agriculture 


Waugh, F. A. Fruit harvesting, storing, mar- 
keting. 1901. lS.Vm .lucid si 
Practical guide. Working illustrations. 
5 -< Public documents list 

635 Kitchen garden 

Bailey. L. H. Plant-breeding. 1895. 18cm 
(Garden-craft Ber.) Macmillan $1 

Lucid account of various methods adopted by gar- 
deners to secure new and improved varieties. Deals 
with subjects of variation as influenced by physical en- 
vironment, the struggle for life, the division of labor, etc. 
Ath. '96.2:261. 

Principles of vegetable-gardening. 1901. 

18cm (Rural sci. ser.) Macmillan $1.25 

American books on vegetable gardening, p. 244-63; 
Recent experiment station publications relating to vege- 
table gardening, p. 263-70. 

As indispensable for householderas for practical market 
gardener. Chic. trib. 

Henderson. Peter. Gardening for profit. 1903. 

19cm Judd $1.50 

Marked an era in American horticulture. The secret of 

its success and of the author's was invention of new 

methods adapted to operations on a large scale. Cycl. of 

. hort. 2: 729 (B) 

636 Domestic animals 

Coburn, F. D. Swine husbandry. 3d ed. 

1903. 19cm Judd $1.50 

Practical manual, with suggestions as to the prevention 
and treatment of diseases. Title. 

Henry. W: A. Feeds and feeding. 1898. 
23Jcm Caspar $2 n 

Excellent authoritative handbook for stockmen and 


Jordan, W. H. Feeding of animals. 2d ed. 
1903. 17km (Rural sci. ser.) 

Macmillan $1.25 n 
Account of chemical constituents of plants and animals, 
processes of nutrition and digestion, functions of food in 
the body, description of different cattle foods, and the 
most recent results of scientific investigation and farm 
practice. Intended for reader with some scientific 
knowledge. Pittsburg. 

Miller, Mrs Harriet iMann) Our home pets; 
how to keep them well and happy, by Olive 
Thome Miller. 1894. 17.}cm Harper $1.25 
On characteristics and proper rare of various kinds of 
birds, dogs, cats, and such unusual pets as the raccoon, 
alligator, etc. N. Y. 

Shaler, N. S. Domesticated animals: their re- 
lation to man and to his advancement in civili- 
zation. 1895. 23£cm Scribner $2.50 

We have seldom seen animals so fairly treated and have 
never known them to be more reliably characterized. 
Nation, 62: 20 (B) 

Shaw, Thomas, Animal breeding. 1903. 19cm 

Judd $1:60 
Stoddard, H. H. New egg farm. 1900. 20cm 

Judd $1 
Management of poultry on a large scale for commercial 
purposes. Title . 

Watson, G: C. Farm poultry. 1901. 18cm 
(Rural sci. ser. ) Macmillan $1.25 n 

Bibliography, p. 331-34. 

Gives working details on every part of subject, written 
in a really scientific spirit; language clear and simple. 
Principles that underlie good practice brought to front. 
Nature, 64:575 (B) 

637 Dairy 

Conn, H. W: Bacteria in milk and its products. 
1903. 20£cm Blakiston $1.25 n 

Partial list of recent literature, p. 291-301. 

Thorough, concise discussion of action of bacteria on 
milk, their use in manufacture of milk products and con- 
nection between milk bacteria and distribution of certain 
diseases. Not too technical for general readers, though 
intended specially for students in dairying, health 
officers, sanitarians, etc. Pittsburg. 

Wing, H:H. Milk and its products. 1897. 18cm 
(Rural sci. ser. ) Macmillan |1 

Gives latest results from many agricultural experiment 
stations; especially useful to students; contains bibliog- 
raphy (p. 259-67) and dairy laws. N. \". 

63§ Bees 

Root, A. I. A B C of bee culture; rev. by E. R. 
Root. 1903. 25cm Judd $1.25 

Biographies of noted bee-keepers, p. 407-39. 

639 Fishcnlture 

Norris, Thaddeus. American fish-culture. 1868. 
19Jcm Coates 81.75 

Embracing all details of artificial breeding and rearing 
of trout, culture of salmon, shad and other fishes. Title- 

640 Domestic economy 

Campbell, Mrs Helen (Stuart) Household 
economics. 1897. 20jcm Putnam $1.50 

References at end of each chapter. 

States the problems of family life, driving home the 
conviction of their importance The organic relation of 
household activities with all others is made plain. C. K. 
Henderson in Dial. 22: 286 (B) 

Clark, T. M. Care of a house. 1903. 19icm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Valuable handbook on the repair and maintenance of 
houses, for non-technical leaders. Craver. 

Herrick, Mrs Christine (Terhune) First aid 
to the young housekeeper. 1900. 18cm 

Scribner $1 
About marketing, kitchen fire, cooking processes, tidy 
and sanitary housekeeping, management of servants 
N. Y. 




Holt, Emily. Encyclopaedia of household econ- 
omy. 1903. 21cm McClure $1.60 n 
Treats kitchen, closets, repairs and restorations, house 
cleaning, laundry, plumbing, sanitation, 'keeping- 
things,' lighting, heating, water, sick room, lawns and 
gardens, bleaches, disinfectants, healing simples, family 
sewing, etc. N. Y. 

Parloa, Maria. Home economics. 1898. 19cm 

Century $1.50 

Authoritative manual of household management, inclu- 
sive, accurate, useful. Well indexed and practical for the 
housekeeper on a small or large scale. N. Y. 

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow) Cost of living 
as modified by sanitary science. 1899. 19cm 

Wiley $1 
Attempts to indicate best methods, and the proper di- 
vision of incomes of from SI, 500 to 13,000 between food, 
rent, running expenses, clothing, service, the emotional 
and intellectual life, etc. N. Y. 

641 Cookery. Gastronomy 

Abel, Mrs M. .W. (Hinman) Practical sanitary 
and economic cooking. 1900? 19cm 

Amer. pub. health ass'n 40c 
Appended: Food of children and some remarks on 
household management, 1900. 

States clearly food values and proper methods of prep- 
aration; gives recipes, bills of fare and prices. N. Y. 

Ewing-, Mrs Emma (Pike) Art of cookery. 
1899. 19$cm Merrill $1.75 

Author experienced teacher of cooking. Manual of 
principles: marketing; food materials; methods of cook- 
ing; mixing; seasoning; serving and garnishing. Well 
indexed. Buffalo. 

Farmer, F. M. Boston cooking-school cook 
book; rev. with an apx. of 300 recipes and an 
addenda of 60 recipes. 1904. 20cm Little $2 

Food and cookery for the sick and con- 
valescent. 1904. 20cm Little $1.50 n 

Kirkland, E.. S. Dora's housekeeping. 6th ed. 
1899. 17cm 
Y McClurg 75c 

Six little cooks; or, Aunt Jane's cooking 

class. 10th ed. 1900. 17cm McClurg 75c 

Y Recipes tried by girls from 9 to 12 under careful 
supervision. In story form, recording a summer's expe- 
rience. N. Y. 

Lamed, Mrs Linda (Hull) The hostess of 
to-day. 1899. 21cm Scribner $1.50 

Suggestions as to table service, formal and informal 
dinners, luncheons, teas, etc. Many compact recipes 
with approximate prices. N. Y. 

Lincoln, Mrs M.. J. (Bailey) Boston school 
kitchen text-book. 1887. 19cm Little $1 
Study of food and explanation of general principles 
in connection with practical lessons in plain cooking. 
Adapted to use of classes in public and industrial schools 

Lincoln, Mrs M. . J. (Bailey) Mrs Lincoln's 
Boston cook book. 1900. 19k-m Little $2 
Trustworthy guide in practical cookery. Arrangement 
of topics systematic and directions for work concise and 
exact. A useful outline of the chemistry and physiology 
of food. L. & I. 

Parloa, Maria. Miss Parloa's young house- 
keeper; designed especially to aid beginners. 
1894. 18^cm Estes $1 n 

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow), & Elliott, S. 
M. Chemistry of cooking and cleaning. 2ded. 
1897. 17gcm Home science 50c 

S Books of reference, p. 153-54. 

Excellent practical manual. Assumes elementary 
knowledge of chemistry. N. Y. 

Rorer, Mrs Sarah (Tyson) Mrs Rorer's new 
cook book; a manual of housekeeping. 1902. 
21cm Arnold *2 n 

Terhune, Mrs M. . V. (Hawes) Breakfast, 
luncheon and tea; by Marion Harland. 1900. 
19Jcm (Common sense in the household ser. ) 

Scribner $1.75 

Marion Harland's complete cook book. 

1903. 22cm Merrill $2 

A practical and exhaustive manual of cookery and 
housekeeping, containing thousands of carefully proved 
recipes. Title. 

Thompson, Sir Henry. 
10th ed. 1899. 20£cm 

Food and feeding. 
Warne $1.75 

Whitney, Mrs A. D. (Train) 
to the cook-books. 16cm 

Just how; a key 
Houghton $1 

A " little grammar of cuisine", giving details that most 
cookbooks assume as known: list of utensils, timetables, 
order and methods of mixing, measures, etc. Contains 
tested recipes in sufficient variety for most tables, with 
explicit directions for preparation. N. Y. 

Williams, M.. E., & Fisher, K. R. Elements 
of the theory and practice of cookery; a text- 
book for schools. 1901. 185cm 

Macmillan $1 n 

Williams, W: M. Chemistry of cookery. 1902. 
19km Appleton $1.50 

Explains in simple terms chemistry of boiling, roasting, 
grilling, frying and stewing. Discusses nourishing qual- 
ities of foods and effect of cooking. Clear and authorita- 
tive. N. Y. 

643 Food 

Richards, Mm E. H. 

a study in dietaries. 

; Swallow) Cost of food; 
1901. 19cm Wiley $1 

Bibliography, p. 155-58. 

Study of food requirements and economical means of 
meeting them for infants, school children, brain workers, 
the aged, etc. Working tables and menus. N. Y. 

USEFUL ARTS— Domestic economy 


645 Furniture 

French, L. H. Homes and their decoration." 
1903. 22cm Ootid $3 n 

Qoes into great detail In descriptions and suggestions, 
those concerning color being particularly good. Many 
illustrations. Pittsburg. 
Wheeler. Mrs Candace (Thurber) Principles 
of home decoration. 1903. 22£cm 

Doubleday $1.80 n 

Deals with theory and specific applications, art being 

understood to imply both appropriateness and beauty. 

Color, fitness, kitchen, bedrooms, walls, floors, draperies, 

furniture, among subjects discussed. N. Y. 

646 Clothing 

Brovghton, Mrs J. Practical dressmaking. 1902. 
18Jcm Macmillan 75c 

Besides giving general directions for cutting and fit- 
ting, tells how to patch and do plain sewing. Olcott. 

James, T. M. Longmans' complete course of 
needlework, knitting and cutting-out. 1901. 
19cm Longmans $2 

647 Servants: training, duties, wages 

Salmon, L. M. Domestic service; 2d ed. with 
an additional chapter on domestic service in 
Europe. 1901. 22£cm Macmillan $2 

S Bibliography, p. 317-22. 

From economic standpoint, based on statistics gath- 
ered from employers, employees and census returns. 
Sketches history and suggests possible remedies. N. Y. 

Springsteed, A. F. . The expert waitress. 1903. 
17£cm Harper $1 

P'ainly written directions concerning all phases of the 
work. Instructions for carving, serving, care of rooms, 
dishes and lamps, picnic and traveling lunches, invalid's 
room, etc. and chapters on truthfulness, adaptability and 
a servant's contract. Buffalo. 

64 § Laundry 

Balderston, L. R. , & Limerick, M. C. Laun- 
dry manual. 1900. 19£cm Avil 50c 

649 Nursery. Children. Sickroom 

Griffith, J: P. C. Care of the baby. 3d ed. 

1903. 21cm Saunders $1.50 n 

Manual for mothers and nurses, containing practical 

directions for the management of infancy and childhood 

in health and in disease. Title. 

Harrison, Eveleen. Home nursing. 1900. 
18cm Macmillan $1 

Simplest rules and remedies to be used in care of sick, 
some general directions regarding nourishment, and 
simple recipes for invalid cooking. Pref. 

Oppenheim, Nathan. Care of the child in 
health. 1900. 18£cm Macmillan $1.25 

A physician's practical counsels to parents. Beginning 
with preparations for child's advent, discusses feeding, 
bathing, sleep, habits, education, detective children, 
common diseases, relations of parents to children. N. Y. 

Uffelmann, J. A. Manual of the domestic hy- 
giene of the child; tr. by H. R. Milinowski; ed. 
byM..P. Jacobi. 1891. 23Jcm Putnam $1.75 

Scientific and comprehensive. For trained readers. 
L. &I. 

Wheeler, Marianna. The baby; his care and 

training. 1901. 17zcm Harper $1 n 

Plain and sensible in the last degree. Nation, 74: 289(B) 

650 Communication. Com- 

652 Writing 

Jackson, John. Theory and practice of hand- 
writing. Rev. ed. 1894. 21cm Harison $1 
Claims of vertical writing, forms of letters, and direc- 
tions for teaching. Brief history of former use of upright 
handwriting, its decay and revival. L. <fc I. 

653 Abbreviations. Shorthand 

Kimball, Duran. Business shorthand; present- 
ing a method of swift writing for the use of 
amanuenses and reporters in accordance with 
the principles of Lindsley's takigrafy. 3d ed. 

1902. 20cm Kimball $1 
Kitt, C: W. Shorthand dictionary; containing 

characters written in accordance with lessons in 

Pitman phonography. 1901. 15 h x 73cm 

Rf Powers $1 

Munson, J. E. Art of phonography. Rev. ed. 

1898. 19£cm Putnam $2 

Pitman, Sir Isaac. Isaac Pitman's complete 
phonographic instructor. Rev. ed. 1900. 
16 Jem Pitman $1.50 

Shorthand dictionary; prepared by P. B. S. 

Peters. 1901. 15 x 8cm Powers $1 

Rose, R. F. Stenographers' aid; shorthand il- 
lustrations by J. L. Kapus. 1900. 20cm 

Author, Chicago $1 

Torrey, Bates. Instruction in practical short- 
hand; a simple and progressive arrangement of 
the essentials of Graham phonography. 1902. 
20cm Heath $1.50 n 

654 Telegraphs. Cables. Signals 

Bright, Charles. Story of the Atlantic cable. 

1903. 19£cm Appleton $1 n 




Houston, E. J., & Kennelly, A. E. Electric 
telegraphy. 1897. 17£cm (Elem. electro-tech, 
ser.) McGraw $1 

Duplex, quadruplex and multiplex methods described 
and illustrated, giving good idea of process of sending 
simultaneously several messages over same wire. Two 
chapters on submarine telegraphy. Map of world show- 
ing cable and some overland connections. Describes 
methods of laying and repairing cables. Elec. world, 
29: 540. 

Electric telephone. 2d ed. 1902. 

17Jcm (Elem. electro-tech. ser. ) McGraw $1 
From elementary principles to the complete modern 
systems, including line work, switch boards and other 
apparatus. Chapter on radiophony, telephony with a 
beam oflight as a carrier of wave impulses. Elec. world, 
29: 428. 

Lodge, Sir O. J. Signalling across space with- 
out wires; a description of the work of Hertz 
and his successors. 3d ed. 1900. 22cm 

Van Nostrand $2 
Largely Royal institution lectures 1894. Account also 
of later applications of wave experiments to wireless 
telegraphy. Not severely technical. Engin. n. 46: 64. 

Maver, William, jr. American telegraphy and 
encyclopedia of the telegraph. 5th ed. 1903. 
24£cm Van Nostrand $3.50 

Clear and complete description of various systems and 
apparatus. Excellent for reference. For practical 
advanced students and engineers, ('rocker. 

Miller, K. B. American telephone practice. 3d 
ed. 1900. 26£cm Araer. elec. co. $3 

Clear and logical; entire field is carefully covered. 
Engin. n. 44: 84. 

Williams, J. A. Manual of rural telephony. 
1902. 18^cm Manual pub. co. $1 

Condenses instruction for organizing and financing tel- 
ephone companies; intended to aid rural electrician. 
Elec. world, 41:207. 

Wittbecker, W: A. Domestic electrical work. 
L902. 20cm Williams 50c 

Appeared as articles in the Metal worker. 
For amateur electrician. How to wire buildings for 
bells, alarms, annunciators and for gas lighting from 

batteries. Title. 

655 Printing. Publishing. Copyright 

DeVinne, T. L. Practice of typography, v. 1-3. 
1900-02. L9Jcm Century $2 ea n 

V. 1, Plain printing types: processes of type-ma king, 
point system, names, sizes, styles and prices of plain 
printing types, v. 2, Correct composition; a treatise on 
spelling, abbreviations, the compounding and division 
of words, the proper use of figures and numerals, italic 
and capital letters, notes, etc. with observations on pune 
tuation and proof-reading, v. 8, Treatise on title-pages, 
with numerous illustrations in facsimile and some obser- 
vations on the early and recent printing of books. 

Pennell, Joseph. Modern illustration. 1895. 

19£cm (Ex-libris ser.) Macmillan $3.50 n 
Putnam, G: H. Authors and their public in 

ancient times. 1891. 19icm Putnam $1.50 

Principal works referred to, pref. p. 13-17. 

Sketch of literary conditions and of the relations with 
the public of literary producers, from the earliest times to 
the invention of printing. Title. 

Books and their makers during the mid- 
dle ages. 2 v. 1896-97. 23£cm 

Putnam $2.50 ea 

Bibliography, v. 1, pref. p. 17-27. 

Study of conditions of production and distribution of 
literature from fall of Roman empire to close of 17th 
century. Title. 

ed. Question of copyright. 2d ed. 1896. 

20cm Putnam $1.75 

Comprising text of U. S. copyright law and a summary of 
copyright laws at present in force in the chief countries. 

& J: B. Authors and publishers. 7th ed. 

1900. 21cm Putnam $1.75 

Contents: Publishing methods and arrangements, by 
G: H. P. The making of books, by J: B. P. 

Manual of suggestions for beginners in literature, com- 
prising a description of publishing methods and arrange- 
ments, together with general hints for authors. Title. 

Rawlings, G. B. Story of books. 1901. 15£cm 

(Lib. of useful stories) Applet on 35c n 

Outline history of making and preservation of books, 

manuscript and printed, to about 1550, with brief chapter 

on modern bookmaking. N. Y. 

Thompson, J: S. Mechanism of the linotype: 

installation, operation and care. 1902. 20cm 
Inland pr. co. $1.50 

Articles originally published in Inland printer, revised 
and amended to include latest improvements. Pref. 

656 Transport at ion. Railroading 

The American railway, its construction, develop- 
ment, management and appliances; with introd. 
by T: M.Cooley. 1897. 24Jcm Scribner $3 
Reprinted from ScrSmer's magazine, 1888-89. 
Papers by T: C. Clarke, John Bogart, M. N. Forney, 
E. P. Alexander, H. G. Prout, Horace Porter, Theodore 
Voorhecs, Benjamin Norton, A. T. Hadley, T: L.James, 
C: F. Adams, B. B. Adams jr. 

Brooks, E. S. The American sailor. Rev. ed. 

1899. 23cm Lothrop $1.50 

Published in 1888 with title Story qf thr American 


Story of his development and deeds on merchant 
\evsrl and man of war to 1900. 

Haines, H: S. American railway management. 
1897. L9cm Wiley $2.50 

Addresses before American railway association, and mis- 
cellaneous :iiMivsses and papers. Title. 

I ) S E FU L A RTS — Communication : commerce 


Knight. A. M. Modern seamanship. L901. 

24cm Van Nostrum! $6 n 

Modern in method and in scone: a valuable manual for 
yachts and merchant vessels as well as for men of war. 

Mag-inuis, A. J. The Atlantic ferry; its ships, 
men and working. 3ded. 1900. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $2 

Relates to trans-Atlantic steam trade, giving account of 
•:ective lines, vessels and workings. Well illustrated. 
Important tables and chart show development of steam- 
ers. r<ni Nbstrand, 21: 103. 

Patterson, Howard. Patterson's illustrated 
nautical encyclopedia. Rev. ed. 1901. 26Jcm 

Marine rev. $3 
Rf A work of reference for naval revenue, coast survey, 
transport and light house services, and adapted for use of 
the naval reserve. Title. 

Weyl, W. E: Passenger traffic of railways. 
1901. 25cm (Penn. univ. ser. in pol. econ. & 
pub. law) Ginn $1.50 

Valuable as summary of statistics gathered from prin- 
cipal European countries and United States. H. of. r. 
25: 379. 

657 Bookkeeping. Aeeounts 

Arnold, H. L. Complete cost-keeper. 1900. 

2-icin Engin. m. $5 

Si mie original systems of shop cost-keeping or factory 

accounting, with an exposition of advantages of account 

keeping by means of cards instead of books. Title. 

Dean, W. F. Bookkeeping for retail stores. 
1900. 19cm Stern $1 

Practical treatise, with forms. 
Gilbert, A. L. Modern husiness bookkeeping; 
text-book for schools and colleges. 1902. 25jcm 
(Bo wen-Merrill ser.) Merrill $1.50 n 

Goodwin, J. H. Goodwin's improved bookkeep- 
ing and business manual. 10th ed. 1889. 
26cm Baker & T. $3 

Keister, D: A. Keister's corporation account- 
ing and auditing; with an introd. by H: C. 
White. 8th ed. 1901. 23£cm Burrows $4 n 
Practical treatise on higher accounting. Title. 
Moore, J: H:, & Miner, G: W. Accounting and 
business practice; for use in schools. 1902. 
24cm Ginn $1.40 

Seavy, Manson. Practical business bookkeep- 
ing by double entry; for schools and for self- 
instruction. 1893. 26x20£cm 

Heath 81.40 n 
Soule, George. Soulo's new science and prac- 
tice of accounts. 7th ed. 190.3. 27cm 

Caspar $4 n 
Exposition of double entry and single entry bookkeep- 
ing with the most approved forms of merchandising, com- 

mission and other lines of business. Joint stock company 
and corporation bookkeeping and expert work in corpo- 
ration accounting and limited partnership companies are 
special features. Title. 


Business manuals. 


Cromwell, J: H. American business woman. 

1900. 22cm Putnam $2 

An endeavor to teach women in a serious but readable 
way how to handle bank accounts and to deal with real 
and personal property, with cautious advice as to general 
principles of investment. Nation, 71: 191 (B) 

Hooper, Frederick, & Graham, James. Intro- 
duction to modern business methods: the home 
trade. 1901. 22cm (Mod. man. of commerce) 

Macmillan $1 

Guide to operations incidental to the trade of the United 
Kingdom, with customary documents and correspond- 
ence. A reference book for business men and a text- 
book for commercial students. Title. 

Palmer, O. R. Type-writing and business cor- 
respondence. Rev. ed. 1900. 25|cm 

Lippincott $1 

Business letters based on actual correspondence, giv- 
ing commercial forms and expressions; brief rules for 
punctuation; directions for proper fingering of keys; ex- 
amples of law forms, statements, specifications, etc. re- 
produced from type-written work. Pref. 

659 Advertising; 

Fowler, N. C. Building business. 1893. 23x18cm 
Publicity pub. co. $1.50 

Comprehensive and practical book about advertising. 

060 Chemical technology 

Blount, Bertram. Practical electro-chemistry. 

1901. 23cm Macmillan $3.25 n 

Discusses economic aspects of every branch of electro- 
chemistry. Masterly discussion of economies of elec- 
tricity. Nation, 73: 173. 

& Bloxam, A. G. Chemistry for engi- 
neers and manufacturers. 2v. 1900. 22ctn 
(Griffin's sci. text-bks. ) 

Lippincott v. 1, $3; v. 2. S4 

Bibliography, 2: 438-41. 

V. 1 includes chemistry of materials of construction, of 
fuels, waters, lubricants, and the metallurgy of iron, cup- 
per, lead, zinc, tin, mercury, silver, gold, etc. Engin. n. 
35: 392. 

V. 2 treats briefly chemistry of manufacture of sul- 
phuric acid, alkali, artificial manure, lime and cement, 
glass, sugar and starch, oils, etc. also of destructive dis- 
tillation, petroleum, clay industries, brewing and distil- 
ling, textiles and bleaching. Handy manual for gen- 
eral reader. Engin. n. 36: 424. 

6 KI 




Cremer, J: H:, & Bicknell, Gr. A. Chemical 
and metallurgical hand book; containing tables, 
formulas and information for the use of chem- 
ists, metallurgists and mining engineers. 3d ed. 
1903. 16£cm Authors, Cleveland $3.50 n 

Meldola, Raphael. Coal and what we get from 

it. 2d ed. 1897. 17k-m (Romance of sci.) 

E. & J. B. Young $1 

Origin of coal; history and manufacture of coal gas; 
history and description of substances obtained from coal 
tar. Knowl. 14: 172. 
Sadtler, S: P. Hand-book of industrial organic 
chemistry. 3d ed. 1900. 24|cm 

Lippincott $5 n 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 

Describes raw materials and process of manufacture 
and products of several industries, and gives analytic 
tests and methods, bibliography and statistics of impor- 
tant industries. Engin. n. 36: 352. 
Thorp, F. H. Outlines of industrial chemistry; 
a text-book for students. 1898. 23cm 

Macmillan $3.50 n 

Brief bibliography, pref. p. 19. 

Treats subjects under "Inorganic industries" and 
"Organic industries." Descriptions of processes, con- 
cise, clear and interesting. Frequent reference to Ameri- 
can practice an important feature. W. A. Noyes in 
Science, 32: 150. 
Thorpe, T: E: Dictionary of applied chemistry. 
3 v. 1898-1900. 23km Longmans $50 

Rf Essentially a dictionary of chemistry in its applica- 
tion to arts and manufactures. Complementary to Watt's 
Dictionary of chemistry, general plan and arrangement 
similar. Pref. 
Wagner, Rudolf von. Manual of chemical tech- 
nology; tr. and ed. by Sir William Crookea. 
1900. 26£cm Appleton $7.50 

662 Pyrotechnics, explosives, etc. 

Poole, Herman. Calorific power of fuels. 2d 
ed. 1900. 23$cm Wiley $3 

Authorities consulted, pref. p. 15-17. 
Based on translation of Pouvoir calorifique des combus- 
tililes by M. Scheurer-Kestner, with changes necessary to 
adapt it to American methods and data, omitting many 
portions and adding new matter. Engin. n. 39: 360. 

663 Beverages 

Matthews, C: G: Manual of alcoholic fermenta- 
tion and the allied industries. 1902. 19cm 
Longmans $2.60 n 

665 Oils. Gases 

Hornby, John. Text-book of gas manufacture. 
L902. L8cm (Tech. handbks.) 

Macmillan $1.50 

Concise little book setting forth the chief points in gas 
manufacture in a manner that students may readily 
grasp. F. H. Thorp in Science, 20: 815. 

666 Ceramics. Glass 

Bolas, Thomas. Glass blowing and working. 
1898. 18£cm Lane $1 n 

Bibliography, p. 207-9. 

Chapters on glass work in miniature, tools and appli- 
ances, methods of working and blowing glass, coloring 
and modifying materials, making decorative, articles, etc. 
Practical guide. Illustrated with outline drawings. N. Y. 

Davis, C: T: Practical treatise on the manufac- 
ture of bricks, tiles, terra-cotta, etc. 2d ed. 
1889. 24cm Baird $5 

Meade, R: K. Chemical and physical examina- 
tion of Portland cement. 1901. 15xl2Jcm 
Chemical pub. co. $1 
Describes standard methods in detail. Intended as 
guide for inexperienced chemists and engineers. Pitts- 

Powell, H. J. Principles of glass-making; with 
treatises on crown and sheet glass, by Henry 
Chance, and plate glass, by H. G. Harris. 1883. 
18cm (Tech. handbks.) Macmillan $1 

Randau, Paul. Enamels and enamelling; tr. by 
Charles Salter. 1900. 22cm 

Van Nostrand $4 n 

Introduction to preparation and application of all 
kinds of enamels for technical and artistic purposes. 

667 Bleaching, dyeing, etc. 

Brannt, W: T. Varnishes, lacquers, printing 
inks and sealing-waxes. 1893. 19cm 

Baird $3 

Includes description of properties of raw materials used 

and simple methods for testing them. Appendix gives 

receipts for putties, stains for wood, bone and ivory, etc. 


Hurst, G: H. Garment dyeing and cleaning. 
2d ed. 1901. 20cm Lippincott $1.75 n 

Practical work by English chemist. Treats also of 
cleaning garments, bleaching and finishing fabrics, scour- 
ing and dyeing skin rugs and mats, feathers and gloves, 
and straw bleaching and dyeing. Fully illustrated. 
L. & I. 

Painters' colours, oils and varnishes; a 

practical manual. 3d ed. 1901. 20cm 

Lippincott $3.50 n 

Iiehner, Sigmund. Ink manufacture; tr. from 
the German by W: T. Brannt. 1892. 19cm 

Baird $2 

Deals with raw materials, chemical constitution, vari- 
ous kinds of ink, preserving agents, extracts and powders, 
etc. Most of the receipts have been practically tested. 

Eng. ed. 1902 tr. by Arthur Morris and Herbert Robson, 
pub. by Scott, Greenwood & CO. 5/ n 

rs KFUL ARTS— Chemical technology 


60* Oilier oi'ifailie cliemieal 


Rideal, Samuel. Glue and glue testing. 1900. 
22cm Van Nos-trand *4 n 

669 ^Metallurgy and assaying 

Brown, W. L. Manual of assaying gold, silver, 
lead, o.ppor. 9th ed. 1900. 18Jcm 

Bpon $2.50 
Campbell, H. H. Manufacture and properties 
of iron and steel. 2d ed. 1903. 23cm 

Engin. & min. j. $5 

S In part a second edition of author's Structural steel, 
lvX>. but practically new. Enlarged to cover all kinds of 
iron and steel. Valuable to student of methods, engineer 
who uses steel in his designs, and to political economist 
and statistician. Engin. n. v. 49, 19 Mar. lit. sup. p. 33. 

Peters, E:D. Modern copper smelting. 7th ed, 
1895. 23icm Engin. & min. j. $5 

Flchards, J. W: Aluminium; its history, occur- 
rence, properties, metallurgy and applications, 
including its alloys. 3d ed. 1896. 23£cm 

Baird $6 
Bibliography, pref. p. 13-14. 

67© Ma ii n fart ii re* 

Rocheleau, W: F. Great American industries. 
3v. 1896-1900. 19km (Home & school ser.) 

Flanagan 50c ea. 
Y Contents: bk. 1, Coal, petroleum, iron, marble, slate, 
gold and silver, bk. 2, Products of the soil. bk. 3, Man- 

671 Articles made of metal§ 

Blinn, L. J. Practical work-shop companion for 
tin, sheet-iron and copper-plate workers, with 
receipts and manipulations. Rev. ed. 1904. 
19cm Baird $2.50 

Chase, I: McK. Art of pattern-making. 1903. 

19cm Wiley $2.50 

Notes and short essays on pattern-making and pattern 

makers' tools. Describes construction of some difficult 

patterns and gives useful tables for shop use. Pittsburg. 

Compton, A. G: First lessons in metal-working. 
1890. 19cm Wiley $1.50 

Well illustrated exercises in iron and steel processes, 
designed for first year college students. Clear and prac- 
tical. N. Y. 

Fuller, John. Art of coppersmithing. 1894. 
25cm Williams $3 

Specific lessons in making many kinds of copper uten- 
sils, graded according to difficulty and thoroughly illus- 
trated. N. Y. 

Sharp, John. Modern foundry practice. 1900. 
22Jcm Spon $8 

Dealing with green-sand, dry-sand and loam molding 
processes; materials used; also detailed descriptions of 
the machinery and other appliances employed, with 
practical examples and rules, including revised subject 
matter and tables from N. E. Spretson's Casting and 
founding. Title. 

Smith, J. B. Treatise upon wire, its manufac- 
ture and uses, embracing comprehensive de- 
scriptions of the constructions and applications 
of wire ropes. 1891. 25cm Wiley $3 

Smith, Oberlin. Press-working of metals. 1901. 
23cm Wiley $3 

Principles and practice of shaping metals in dies by 
action of presses, with description of construction of such 
implements in their various forms, and of materials 
worked in them. Illustrated. Title. 

Watt, Alexander. Electro-plating and electro- 
refining of metals; being a new ed. of Alexan- 
der Watt's "Electro-deposition;" rev. by Arnold 
Philip. 1902. 20£cm 

Lockwood 12/6 n; Van Nostrand $4.50 n 

Wilson, H. Silverwork and jewelry. 1903. 
19£cm ( Art. crafts ser. ) Appleton $1.40 n 
Not historical but a practical guide to some simple 
processes. Describes operations of each process consecu- 
tively from beginning to end. Pref. 

Woodworth, J. V. Dies, their construction and 
use, for the modern working of sheet metals. 
1903. 23Jcm Henley $3 

On design, construction and use of dies, punches, tools, 
fixtures and devices, with the manner in which they 
should be used in the power press, for cheap and rapid 
production of sheet metal parts and articles. Illustrated 
by 505 engravings. Title. 

672 Artieles made of iron and steel 

Ede, George. Management of steel. 7th ed. 
1901. 19cm Spon $2 n 

Woodworth, J. V. Hardening, tempering, an- 
nealing and forging of steel. 1903. 23^cm 

Henley $2.50 
Practical treatment and working of high and low grade 
steel. Illustrated by 201 engravings. Title. 

675 Leather and artieles made of 

Modern American tanning. 1902. 24$cm 

Jacobsen pub. co. $5 

Practical treatise on the manufacture of leather, comp. 
from articles in Hide and leather and written by well 
known tannery foremen, superintendents and chemists. 




676 Paper and articles made of 


Butler, F. 0. Story of paper-making. 1901. 

20cm Butler $1.25 n 

Ancient records on clay, stone, papyrus and parchment 

described, and history of modern paper making sketched, 

with detailed account of various modern processes. Kin- 

derg. m. 13: 468. 

Cross, C: F:, & Bevan, E: J: Text-book of 

paper-making. 2d ed. 1900. 19cm Spon $5 

Bibliography, p. 311-12. 

677 Cotton, wool, silk, linen, ete. 

Beaumont, Roberts. Woollen and worsted 
cloth manufacture; for the use of persons em- 
ployed in the manipulation of textile fabrics. 
3d ed. 1899. 18cm (Tech. handbks.) 

Bell 7/6; Macmillan $2 

Bell, T. F. Jacquard weaving and designing. 
1895. 22cm Longmans $4 

Cole, G: S. Cole's encyclopedia of dry g Is. 

Rev. ed. 1900. 23£cm Caspar $15 n 

Rf Descriptive and historical account of standard 
fabrics, garments and related articles of merchandise 
[with history of materials] and explanation of processes 
of manufacture. Kroeger. 

Taggart, W: S. Cotton spinning. 2d ed. 3 v. 
1901-02. 18£cm 

Macmillan v. 1-2, $1.75 ea; v. 3, $4 

Todd, M. P. Hand-loom weaving; with introd. 
by A. W. Cooley. 1902. 18£cm 

Rand, McNally 90c 

Bibliography, p. 148-58. 

Illustrated manual for school and home, describing 
tools, materials, processes and the weaving of a variety 
of articles. N. Y. 

Wheeler, Mrs Candace (Thurber) How to 

make rugs. 1902. 19cm Doubleday $1 n 

Plea for revival of domestic rugmaking, specially in 

rural communities. (lives details as to coloring and 

weaving. N. Y. 

Young, T: M. American cotton industry; a 
study of work and workers. 1902. 19cm 

Scribner 75c n 
Detailed report by an English specialist. N. Y. 

67* Rubber and articles made of 

Seeligmann, T. & others. Indiarubber and 
gutta percha; tr. by J: G. Mcintosh. 1903. 
25cm Van Nostrand $7.50 n 

Bibliography, p. 385-96. 

Complete practical treatise on Indiarubber and gutta 
percba in their historical, botanical, arboricultural, me 
Chanical, Chemical and electrical aspects. Title. 

68© Mechanic trades 

Bourne, R. "W: The home mechanic; by Jonn 
Wright. 1903. 23cm Murray 12/ n 

Contents: Joinery; Squares; Planes; Saws; Chisels; Tools: 
Repairs; Soldering; Tools for metal work; The turn or 
bow-lathe; Wood-turning; The lathe; Steam-engines; 
Metal work; Chucks, etc. Drilling; Boring. 

Bower, J: A. How to make common things. 
4th ed. 1902. 18£cm 

Soc. for promot. Christian knowl. 3/6 

Y Carpentry, binding, sailboat models, metal working, 
simple apparatus for chemical experiments, how to copy 
a model or cast, electric appliances. Ed. sel. 

Burr, S. D. V. Bicycle repairing; from articles 
in the Iron age. 1896. 23cm Williams si 

Various mechanical operations involved are described 
in detail, and so as to be clear to ordinary workman. 
Engirt n. 36: 32. 

Craigin, Harry. Boy's workshop, with plans 
and designs for in-door and out-door work, by 
a boy and his friends; with introd. by H: R. 
Waite. 1884? 18$cm Lothrop $1 

Y Teaches use of tools and tells how to make all sorts 
of useful things. Wis. 

Hopkins, G: M. Home mechanics for amateurs. 
1903. 21cm (Sci. Amer. ser. ) Munn $1.50 
Deals with woodworking, household ornaments, metal- 
working, lathe work, metal spinning, silver working; 
making model engines, boilers and water motors; making 
telescopes, microscopes and meteorologic instruments, 
electric chimes, cabinets, bells, night lights, dynamos 
' and motors, electric light and an electric furnace. Prac- 
tical, by noted amateur experimenter. Pub. wkly. 

How to make and how to mend; by an amateur 
mechanic. 1901. 19cm Macmillan $1.25 

Brief alphabetically arranged receipts for useful arti- 
cles .and operations indoors and out, from eolian harps to 
washing woolens. Illustrated. N. Y. 

Leland, C: G. Manual of mending and repair- 
ing; with diagrams. 1896. 19cm Dodd $1.50 
Copious, clear, exact and trustworthy. Reveals many 
craft dodges. Ath. '96, 2: 329. 

Lukin, James. Boy engineers. 1901. 20cm 
(Kniek. ser.) Putnam $1.25 

Y Describes making tools, building workshop and con- 
structing machines. N. Y. 

The young mechanic. 1902. 20cm 

(Knick. ser.) Putnam $1.25 

Y Containing directions for the use of all kinds of tools, 
and for the construction of steam engines and mechan- 
ical models, including the art <>i turning in wood and 
metal. Title. 

681 Watch and Instrument making 

Britten, F: J. Watch and clock makers' hand 
book, dictionary and guide. 10th ed. 1902. 
22cm Spon pa. $2 

USEFUL ARTS — Manufactures. Mechanic trades 


689 Blaeksmitliing 

Richardson, M. T. ed. Practical horse shoer. 
L889. 19Jcm Baird $1 

Reprint of articles in Blacksmith and wheelwright. 

<;•»:> Look and yiui making 

Greener, W: W. Gun and its development. 
7th ed. 1899. 23xl8Jcm Scribner $4 n 

Bach Information as is most frequently sought by a 
sportsman. Pref. 

684 Carriage and cabinet making 

Cabinetmaker. 1892. 21cm (Pract. mech. ser. ) 

Ward $2 

Appeared originally in the Industrial si //-instructor. 

Specific instructions for making over 70 pieces of simple 
furniture, with many drawings. Adapted to any one not 
an absolute novice. N. Y. 

Cockerell, Douglas. Bookbinding and the care 
of'books; a handbook for amateurs, bookbinders 
a- librarians. 1902. 19$cm (Art. crafts ser.) 

Appleton $1.25 n 

Aid in selection of sound methods and supplement to 

workshop training. 120 cuts. Ranks with Zahnsdorf's 

and Crane's manuals. Author trained in Cobden-Sander- 

Bon's shop. N. Y. 

Crane, W. J. E. Bookbinding for amateurs. 
1885. 19cm Scribner $1 

Descriptions of various tools and appliances required, 
and minute instructions for their effective use. Illus- 
trated with 156 engravings. Title. 

Zaehnsdorf, J. W: Art of bookbinding. 1900. 
18cm (Tech. handbkal) Macmillan $1.50 

Reissue of ed. 2, 1890. 

Glossary, p. 173-79. 

Chief value is in exact account of technical processes 
now in use in England. Nation (B) 

6^7 Clothesmaking 

Hasluck, P. N. ed. Tailoring; how to make 
and mend trousers, vests and coats. 1901. 
17Jxllcm ( Work handbks. ) Cassell 40c 

6§9 Other trades 

Firth, Annie. Cane basket work; a practical 
manual on weaving useful and fancy baskets 
l-t&2dser.) 2 v. 1896-1901. 19cm 

Scribner 60c ea 
Practical elementary directions for teachers and ama- 
teurs. Fully illustrated. Adapted specially to English 
conditions. Pittsburg. 

Morse, Mrs T. V. Basket making. 1902. 17$ 
xl3cm (How to do it ser. ) 

Art craft inst. 25c 
Eighty-two designs illustrated from baskets woven in 
classes at the Art Craft institute, Chicago. N. Y. 

White, Mary. How to make baskets. 1901. 
19Jcm Doubleday $1 n 

Practical illustrated manual, describing clearly and ex- 
plicitly materials, processes and special designs. Chap- 
ter by Neltje Blanchan, "What the basket means to the 
Indian." N. Y. 

More baskets and how to make them. 

1903. 19£cm Doubleday $1 n 

690 Building 

Byrne, A. T: Inspection of the materials and 
workmanship employed in construction. 2d ed. 
1902. 18£xl0cm Wiley $3 

A large amount of information in compact and accessi- 
ble form embodies latest available practice in construc- 
tion and inspection. Engin. n. 40: 256. 

Kidder, F. E. Building construction and super- 
intendence. 2 v. 1900-03. 24£em 

Comstock $4 ea 
Contents: pt. 1, Masons' work, 6th ed. 1903. pt. 2, Car- 
penters' work, 3d ed. 1900. 

Essentially practical, but founded on good engineering, 
architectural and business principles. Written in light 
of most recent practice. Engin. n. 36: 352. 

691 Material*. Proeesses. Preserva- 

Boulger, G: S. Wood; a manual of the natural 
history and industrial applications of the tim- 
bers of commerce. 1902. 19cm 

E. Arnold 7/6 n 

Select bibliography, p. 351-52. 

Golinelli, L. How to use Portland cement; tr. 

by S. B. Newberry. 3d ed. 1904. 19icm 

Cement & engin. n. 30c 

For masons, contractors, etc. Accurate and simple. 

Spalding, F: P. Hydraulic cement. 1897. 19cm 

Wiley $2 

For ageneral account of chemical composition, physical 
properties and testing of cements, an all around good 
production. Engin. u. v. 49, 19 Feb. lit. sup. p. 1. 

692 Plans. Speeifieations, ete. 

Clark, T. M. Building superintendence. Rev. 
ed. 1903. 22 Jem Macmillan $3 n 

Primarily addressed to young architect, giving bints as 
to selection of materials and direction of building opera- 
tions generally. Divided into three main heads, stone 
buildings, wooden buildings and steel framed buildings; 
a typical building of each class described from the foun- 
dations upward. Founded on practical experience. Na- 
ture, 68: 414. 

693 Masonry. Plastering. Fire- 

Freitag, J. K. Fireprooting of steel buildings. 
1899. 23£cm Wiley $2.50 




Hodgson, F: T: Plaster and plastering, mortars 
and cements; how to make and how to nse; ap- 
pended is an illustrated glossary. 1901. 19cm 

Judd $1 

Practical stone-cutter and mason's assist- 
ant, 1899. 25£cm Industrial puh. co. 75c 

Collection of everyday examples showing arches, 
retaining walls, buttresses, skew arches, vaults, domes 
and semidomes, quoins, groins, etc. with explanations of 
approved and economical methods of working them out- 
description of tools used by stone cutters. Title. 

Maginnis, O. B. Bricklaying. 1900. 23£cm 
Author, New York $2 

Written by experienced bricklayer. Contains amount 
of useful information that usually belongs to craftsmen 
alone. Engin. n. 45: 139. 

Siebert, J-: S., & Biggin, F: C. Modern stone- 
cutting and masonry; with special reference to 
the making of workingtdrawings. 1896. 23jcm 

Wiley $1.50 

Treats subject with special reference to everyday 
engineering and architectural practice. J. Franklin inst. 
141: 398. 

694 Carpentry. Joinery. Stairbuild- 

Fletcher, B. F. & H. P. Carpentry and joinery; 

text-book for architects, engineers, surveyors 

and craftsmen. 1898. 19cm (Builder stud. 

ser.) Macmillan $1.50 

Mainly republished from Builder. 

Goss, W: F. M. Bench work in wood; a course 
of study and practice for schools and colleges. 
1902. 19cm Ginn 70c 

Y Introduction; Interpretation of mechanical draw- 
ings; Bench tools; Bench work; Elements of wood con- 
struction. Has measured drawings. Ed. sel. 

Hodgson, F: T: 

Modern carpentry. c 1902. 
Drake $1 

Appended: House plan supplement; perspective views 
and floor plans of 25 low and medium priced houses. 

Guide to correct working and laying out of all kinds of 
carpenters' and joiners' work; with solutions of various 
problems and treatise on carpenters' geometry. Pub- 

Practical treatise on the steel square and 

its application to everyday use; a collection of 
steel square problems and solutions. 2 v. 
1903. 20$cm Drake $1 

Pt, 1, 3d ed. nearly 100 engravings; pt. 2, an extension 
and enlargement of the original work, giving new prob- 
lems, new methods for shortening work and increasing 
accuracy of workman. Publishers. 

Kilbon, G: B. Carpentry for boys: elementary 
woodwork; a series of lessons. 1893. 20cm 

Lee 75c 

Y Also published under title Manual training; elemen- 
tal- ij woodwork. 

Descriptions of work very clear and drawings singularly 
good. Useful to boy seeking to instruct himself. Educ. r. 
6:307 (B) 

Lydon, F. F. Woodwork for schools. 1902. 
25cm Low 3/6 n 

Y Good clear print, illustrations and measured draw- 
ings of exercises. Ed. sel. 

Salomon, Otto, & others. Teacher's handbook of 
slojd, as practised and taught at Niiiis; tr. and 
adapted by M.. R. Walker and William Nelson. 
2d ed. 1900. 20cm Silver $1.50 n 

"Wheeler, C: G. Woodworking for beginners. 
1900. 20cm Putnam $3.50 

Y Practical carpentry for amateurs of all ages, treating 
of the workshop, making of toys, implements, furniture, 
boats, and simple house building. Alphabetically ar- 
ranged descriptions of tools and operations. 706 illustra- 
tive figures. N. Y. 

695 Roofing 

Roofing, cornice and skylight manual; practical 
articles on laying flat and standing seam roof- 
ing, cornice shop practice and skylight con- 
struction. 1901. 24cm Williams $1.50 

696 Plumbing. Gas and steam fitting 

Baldwin, W: J. St J. Baldwin on heating; or, 

Steam heating for buildings revised. 15th ed. 

1900. 19£cm Wiley $2.50 

Kitchen boiler connections. 5th ed. 1902. 

23£cm Williams $1 

Practical book on water-backs and their connections, 

and on heating rooms from range boilers. (B) 

Lawler, J. J. Lawler's American sanitary 
plumbing; a practical work on the best methods 
of modern plumbing. 1896. 20jcm 

Excelsior $2 

697 Heating and ventilation 

Carpenter, B. C. Heating and ventilating 
buildings; a manual for heating engineers and 
architects. 4th ed. 1902. 23£em Wiley $4 

Bibliography, p. 493-95. 

Careful study of existing pieces of mechanism, now in 
market, one of its chief sources of value. Providence. 

Christie, W: W. Chimney design and theory. 
2d ed. 1902. 23cm Van Nostrand $3 

Collects and sifts most of the available data, and tabu- 
lates and illustrates many examples of modern construc- 
tion practice. Authorities cited. Valuable tables and 
diagrams. Elcc. world, 34: 285. 

I'SKFUL ARTS— Building 


Lawler, J. J. Modern plumbing, steam and hot 
water heating. 10th ed. 1904. 25&CDQ 

Popular pub. co. $5 

Principles of plumbing and heating In clear, plain lan- 
guage, supplemented by ample sketches and other illus- 
trations. Knirin. ft, 42: 172. 

Snow, "W: G. Furnace heating; a practical and 
comprehensive treatise on wanning buildings 
with hot air, with an apx. on furnace fittings. 
1900. 231cm Williams $1.50 

«»«»•» Painting. 

ii lazing, 


Denning, David. Polishes and stains for woods: 
how to use and prepare them. 1895? 18£cm 

Scribner 40c n 

Wax, oil and French polishing, methods of staining 
and darkening woods, and preparation of stains and pol- 
ishes. Pittsburg. 

Hasluck, P. N. ed. Wood finishing, compris- 
ing staining, varnishing, and polishing, with en- 
gravings and diagrams. 1903. 17£ x 10cm 
Work handbks. ) Cassell 40c 

Comprehensive digest of articles which appeared in 

Pearce, W. J: Painting and decorating. 2d ed. 
1902. 20cm Lippincott $3.25 n 

699 Car, ship and boat building 

Davis, C: G. How to build a launch from plans, 
with general instructions for the care and run- 
ning of gas engines. 1903. 19$cm (Forest & 
stream lib. ) Forest & stream $1.50 

The " How to" series consists of 8 practical little books 
giving details of the building of different kinds of small 
craft specially for salt water. Ed. sel. 

Holmes, G: C. V. Ancient and modern ships: 
pt. 1, Wooden sailing-ships. 1900. 20cm ( Vic- 
toria & Albert mus. sci. handbks. ) Chapman 4, 
Small, popular English history of shipbuilding. Craver. 

Hope, Linton. Small yacht construction and 

rigging. 1903. 24£cm Forest & stream $3 

Author a designer of note whose experience tells on 

every page. Careful and complete specifications given. 

Lit. world, 34: 125. 

Mower, C: D. How to build a knockabout. 
1902. 31cm (Rudder how-to ser. ) 

Rudder $1 

Neison, Adrian. Practical boat building for 
amateurs; new ed. by Dixon Kemp. 1901. 
19cm Scribner $1 

Containing full instructions for designing and building 
punts, skiffs, canoes, sailing boats, etc. Illustrated with 
working diagrams. Title. 




701 Philosophy. Esthetics 

Bosanquet, Bernard. History of aesthetic. 
1892. 23Jcm (lib. of philos. ) 

Macmillan $2.75 n 

Bibliography, p. 495-98. 

Only adequate historico-eritical survey produced out- 
side of Germany. Gayley it Scott (B) 

Brown, G. B. The fine arts. 2d ed. 1902. 
19Jcm Scribner $1 n 

Has the double merit of being scholarly in treatment 
and fresh and spirited In style. As an introduction to the 
general theory has few rivals. Gayley & Scott (B) 

Hamerton, P. G. Landscape. 1890. 18$cm 

Little $1.50 

Very full account of landscape art, its purpose and his- 
tory, and its character as practised by different nations at 
different times. L. & I. 

Knight, W: A. Philosophy of the beautiful, 
being outlines of the history of aesthetics. 2 v. 
1891-98. 19cm (Univ. exten. man.) 

Scribner $1 ea n 

Contents: v. 1, Its history, v. 2, Its theory and its rela- 
tion to the arts. 

As a guide to literature of subject has no superior. 
Gayley & Scott (B) » 

Lessing, G. E. Laocoon: an essay upon the 
limits of painting and poetry; tr. by Ellen 
Frothingham. 1904. 17£cm Little $1.50 

Not less important as a contribution to esthetics than to 
literature. Perfectly intelligible to beginner. Gayley & 
Scott (B) 

Buskin, John. Eagle's nest; with introd. by 
(': E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 1893. 195cm 

Longmans $1.50 n 

Ten lectures on the relation of natural science to art, 
given before University of Oxford, 1872. Title. 

Lectures on art delivered before the Uni- 

versity of Oxford 1870; with an introd. by C: E. 
Norton. Brantwood ed. 189.3. 19 2 cm 

Longmans $1.50 n 

Contents: Inaugural; Relation of art to religion, Rela- 
tion of art to morals; Relation of art to use; Line; Light; 

Schiller, J. C. F. Essays aesthetical and philo- 
sophical; inch the dissertation on the "connec- 

tion between the animal and spiritual in man." 
1875. 19cm (Bohn's stand, lib. ) 

Macmillan $1 n 

703 Dictionaries. Cyclopedias 

Waters, Mrs Clara (Erskine) Clement. Hand- 
book of legendary and mythological art. 19 5 cm 

Houghton $3 
1, Symbols of art; 2, Christian legends and stories which 
have been illustrated in art; 3, Legends of place; 4, An- 
cient myths which have been illustrated in art; 5, Cata- 
logue of pictures of legendary and mythologic subjects. 

704 Essays. Lectures. Addresses 

Arts and crafts exhibition society, London. 
Arts and crafts essays, by members of the society ; 
with pref. by William Morris. 1899. 18cm 

Longmans $1 n 
Design and handicraft, textiles, decorative painting, 
wall papers, fictiles, metal work, stone and wood carving, 
furniture, stained glass, printing, bookbinding, etc. dis- 
cussed by Walter Crane, William Morris, T. J. Cobden- 
Sanderson, L. F. Day, W. R. Lethaby and others. 

Morris, William. Hopes and fears for art. 1901. 
19 2 cm Longmans $1.50 

Of the five lectures only the first has heretofore been 

Contents: The lesser arts; The art of the people; Beauty 
of life; Making the best of it; Prospects of architecture in 

Ruskin, John. The two paths; being lectures 
on art and its application to decoration and 
manufacture; with introd. by C: E. Norton. 
Brantwood ed. 1893. 19 5 cm 

Longmans $1.50 n 

The law which it has been my effort chiefly to illustrate 
is the dependence of all noble design, in any kind, on the 
sculpture or painting of organic form. Pref. 

On the deteriorative power of conventional art over 
nations, the unity of art, modern manufactures of design, 
influence of the imagination on architecture, and ihe 
work of iron, in nature, art and policy. X. Y. 

707 Art education 

Ruskin, John. "A joy forever" (and its price 
in the market) with introd. by C: E. Norton. 
Brantwood ed. 1894. 19cm Longmans $1.50 n 
The substance (with additions) of two lectures on the 
political economy of art, delivered at Manchester. Julj 
10 and 13, 1857. Title. 





7©9 History of art in general 

Blashfield, E. H. & E. W. 
1902. 21 £cm 

Italian cities. 2 v. 
Scribner $5 

Contains some of the sanest, most catholic and most 
conclusive art criticism of recent times. Based on full 
technical knowledge, but expressed with great literary 
urbanity and an almost entire absence of strictly techni- 
cal phraseology. H. W. Preston in Allan. 

Goodyear, W: H: History of art, for classes, 
art students, and tourists in Europe. 16th ed. 
24cm Barnes $2.80 n 

P Excellent outline, profusely illustrated, including 
architecture, sculpture, painting and music. Pittsburg. 

Renaissance and modern art. 1894. 20cm 

(Chaut. reading cir. lit.) Macmillan $1 n 

General view of development and spread of the renais- 
sance and of relation to it of our modern art is clear and 
sound, and characterization of work of individual artists 
usually excellent. Nation (B) 

Roman and medieval art; rev. with new 

illus. 1897. 20cm (Chaut. reading cir. lit. ) 

Macmillan $1 n 

Written with a grasp of its subjects not common with 
books of its kind. Not overloaded with detail. Nation 

Klaczko, Juljan. Rome arid the renaissance, 
the pontificate of Julius II; auth. tr. by John 
Dennie. 1903. 22£cm. Putnam $3.50 n 

Itself a sympathetic review of the period, it has found 
a no less sympathetic and learned translator. Considered 
with special reference to the Pope's patronage of art and 
his relations with Michael Angelo. Powers. 

Lowrie, "Walter. Monuments of the early church. 

1901. 20Jcm (Handbks. of archseol. & antiq.) 

Macmillan $1.75 n 

As an introduction to the subject, invaluable, specially 
in view of the select bibliography [p. 415-26] Includes 
results of entirely independent researches. Dial, 32: 93. 

Lubke, Wilhelm. Outlines of the history of art, 
rev. and largely rewritten by Russell Sturgis. 
2v. 1904. 25£cm Dodd $10 

The basis of this English edition is the translation made 
under supervision of E: L. Burlingame and editorship of 
Clarence Cook in 1877 from the 7th Ger. ed. Pref. 

Lubke' s books have long been standard works to readers 
who enjoy his observations on social conditions and his 
brilliant summarv of tendencies. Powers. 

Reber, Franz von. History of ancient art, rev. 
by the author; tr. and augin. by J. T. Clarke; 
witli glossary of technical terms. 1882. 23cm 

Harper $3.50 
P Compact, lucid, trustworthy. Nation, 36: 150 (B) 

History of mediteval art; tr. by J. T. 

Clarke; with glossary of technical terms. 1887. 
23cm Harper $5 

Ruskin, John. Val d'Arno, with introd. by 
C: E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 1891. 19£cm 
Longmans $2.40 n 

Ten lectures on the Tuscan art directly antecedent to 
the Florentine year of victories; given before University 
of Oxford, 1873. Title. 

Symonds, J: A. Renaissance in Italy: the fine 
arts. 1877. 22^cm Holt $2 

R Forms v. 3 of author's Renaissance in Italy. 

Analyses of styles of architecture, of sculptures and of 
painters, with some inquiry into causes of their formation. 

Tarbell, F. B. History of Greek art, with an 
introd. chapter on art in Egypt and Mesopota- 
mia. 1896. 20cm (Chaut. reading cir. lit, ) 

Macmillan $1 n 
Displays both grace and accurate scholarship. Dial (B) 

710 Landscape gardening 

Bailey, L. H. Garden-making; suggestions for 
the utilizing of home grounds. 1898. 17zcm 
(Garden-craft ser.) Macmillan $1 

R Authoritative, practical handbook for amateur; ad- 
mirable on esthetic side. N. Y. 

Robinson, C: M. Improvement of towns and 
cities. 1901. 19cm Putnam $1.25 n 

General statement of problems of civic esthetics and 
the known ways of solving them. Nation, 73: 80 (B) 

Modern civic art; or, The city made beau- 
tiful. 1903. 22 Jem Putnam $2.50 n 

Practical, authoritative, stating general principles and 
applying them to specific problems of convenience and 
beauty which confront cities. N. Y. 

712. Private grounds. Lawns. 

Parsons, Samuel, jr. How to plan the home 
grounds. 1899. 19cm Doubleday $1 n 

Authoritative, practical, interesting. Ed. sel. 

716 Plants. Flower* 

Ely, H. R. A woman's hardy garden. 1903. 
20cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

Management, selection of plants and their arrangement 
dwelt on with sufficient fullness to make it a safe guide 
for amateurs. Photographic illustrations have great 
value because dated. Nation, 1903. 


Taft, L. R. Greenhouse management. 1898. 
19cm Judd $1.50 

Manual for florists and flower lovers on the forcing of 
flowers, vegetables and fruits in greenhouses, and the 
propagation and care of house plants. Title. 

Expert, practical. Ed. sel. 

FINE ARTS — Landscape gardening. Architecture 


720 Architecture 

Longfellow, W: P. P. ed. Cyclopaedia of works 
of architecture in Italy, Greece, and the Levant. 
1903. 25Jcm Scribner $6 n 

Bibliography, prof. p. 15-22. 

Geographic dictionary of the most important monu- 
ments. Its peculiar value is probably in its treatment of 
the cities of the East, as the Balkan peninsula, Syria and 
Asia Minor, for which no adequate guidebook exists. 
St A K. 

Ruskin, John. Lectures on architecture and 
painting, delivered at Edinburgh, 1853. 1902. 
Ut.Uin Scribner $3 n 

Plea for Gothic architecture and its revival; Turner 
and his works; Preraphaelitism. 

The seven lamps of architecture; with 

illustrations by the author, and introd. by C:E. 
Norton. Brantwood ed. 1892. 19cm 

Longmans $2.40 n 
The first treatise in English to teach the real signifi- 
cance of architecture as the most trustworthy record of 
the life and faith of nations. C: E. Norton. 

Statham, H: H. Architecture for general read- 
era 2d ed. 1896. 22cm Scribner $2 n 

Treats essential truths of architecture in order of sub- 
jects. Valuable chapter devoted to architecture in rela- 
tion to cities and landscapes. Sound, intelligent and of 
great use for thorough study. St. & K. 

Sturgis, Russell. How to judge architecture. 
1903. 25cm Baker & T $1.50 n 

P Guide to appreciation of buildings, in chapters deal- 
ing with recognized styles in order of development. 
Well illustrated. X. Y. 

ed. Dictionary of architecture and build- 

ing, biographical, historical and descriptive. 
3 v. 1901-02. 27cm Macmillan $18 n subs 

Editor foremost writer in America on architecture, and 
the 60 contributors largely men of the broadest training 
and highest technical skill. Nation, 72: 219. 

Van Brunt, Henry. Greek lines and other ar- 
chitectural essays. 1893. 202cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Work of a practising architect. Differs from most crit- 
ical writers in finding far more that is good in modern 
architectural work than they. St. i K. 

History of architecture 

Cummings, C: A. History of architecture in 
Italy to the renaissance. 2 v. 1901. 24cm 

Houghton $7.50 n 
S R List of authorities consulted, v. 1, pref. p. 9-11. 
Nearly 500 illustrations. 

Fergusson, James. History of architecture in 
all countries, from earliest times to present day. 
5 v. 1893-1902. 23cm Murray £6 6/ 

V. 1-2 have binder's title: History of ancient and medieval 
architecture; v. 3 has special t. -p. only: History of Indian 

and eastern architecture; v. !-■"> have special t.-p. only: 
History of the modern styles of architecture. 

V. 1-2, ed. 3 edited by R. P. Spiers; v. 4-5, ed. :? rev. ed. 
by Robert Kerr, 1902. 

Accuracy of information and excellent illustrations 
render it a standard work. Useful manual for the stu- 
dent. Diet. not. biog. 

Contains [v. 3] only consecutive account in English of 
styles of India. L. & I. 

Fletcher, Banister & B. F. History of archi- 
tecture on the comparative method, for student, 
craftsman and amateur. 4th ed. 1901. 
22cm Scribner $7.50 n 

Short bibliographies. 

Intended for reference. Devoted to an elaborate com- 
parison of different styles. 160 illustrations well selected. 
St. & K. 

Hamlin, A. D. F. Text-book of the history of 
architecture. 1896. 20cm (College hist, of 
art) Longmans $2 

P Intended mainly for study. Surprisingly complete 
list of "monuments'' and judicious selection of books 
with each chapter. St. & K. 

Sturgis, Russell. European architecture; a 

historical study. 1896. 23cm Macmillan $4 
A minute study of the monuments. Historical record 
from Doric temples of the 6th century B. C. to French 
revolution. Pub. wkly. 

Waterhouse, P. L. Story of the art of building, 
with an account of architecture in America. 
1902. 19£cm (Lib. of val. information) 

Appleton 35c n 

P Issued in England under title Story of architecture. 
Selected list of books, p. 210. 

Clear, reliable statement of well ascertained facts. 

721 Architectural construction 

Freitag, J. K. Architectural engineering. 2d 
ed. 1901. 23|cm Wiley $3.50 

Treats of steel framework of buildings and matters 
bearing on its design. Broader and more comprehensive 
than original issue. Draws for material on existing high 
buildings and illustrates all details with drawing and 
views. Engirt, n. 47: 485. 

Kidder, F. E. Architect's and builder's pocket- 
book. 13th ed. 1897. 17£cm Wiley $4 

Mathematical tables of formulas, strength of founda- 
tions, walls, buttresses, piers, arches, beams, etc. statistics 
and tables relating to carpeutry, masonry, drainage, 
painting and glazing, plumbing, etc. lists of architects, 
architectural schools, table of costs, contracts. X. Y. 

722 Ancient and oriental architecture 

Anderson, W: J., & Spiers, R. P. Architecture 

of Greece and Rome; a sketch of its historic 

development. 1902. 24cm Scribner $7.50 n 

List of selected books relating to classic architecture, p. 





Morse, E: S. Japanese homes and their sur- 
roundings; with 'Mas. by author. 1886. 26cm 

Harper $3 

Excellent descriptions; suggestive for home decoration. 

723 Medieval 

Moore, C: H. Development and character of 
Gothic architecture. 2d ed. 1899. 23£cm 

Macmillan $4.50 n 

S Examination of its essential structure and resulting 
Ei inns. St. & K. 

724 Modern 

Anderson, W. J. Architecture of the renais- 
sance in Italy. 3d ed. reprinted fr. 2d. 1901. 
24em Scribner $5 

SR List of selected books relating to Italian renais- 
sance, p. 178-80. i 

Blomfield, R. T. Short history of renaissance 
architecture in England, 1500-1800. 1900. 20£cm 

Macmillan $3 

Excellent; full of clear perception and showing abun- 
dant knowledge of detail. Well made abridgment of his 
History of renaissance architecture in England, with a fair 
selection of the illustrations. Nation, 73: 137. 

Statham, H: H. Modern architecture. 1898. 
21 Jem Scribner $3 

Considers application of principles and motives of 
architectural design to problems presented to architect 
oi to-day. Springfield. 

725 Publie buildings 

Allsop, R. O. Public baths and wash-houses. 
1894. 22cm Spon $2.50 

Originally appeared as illustrated articles in Building 

Berg, W. G. Buildings and structures of Amer- 
ican railroads; a reference book for railroad 
managers, superintendents, master mechanics, 
engineers, architects, and students. 1900. 
30 J x 24cm Wiley $5 

691 illustrations of buildings in different parts of the 
country, with descriptive text. Osterhout. 

726 Ecclesiastic and religious 

Bell's cathedral series; ed. by Gleeson White 
and E. F. Strange. 1897-1903. 19cm 

Macmillan 60c ea 

A series of monographs by different authors 
furnishing accurate, well written, well illus- 
trated, inexpensive guide books which include 
sufficient information for all ordinary purposes 
<m i he history and archeology of the cities and 
the architecture and associations of English and 
continental cathedrals. Possibly no small li- 
brary would find it wise to buy the whole series 

of 35 volumes at first, but might choose a few on 
the more noted cathedrals; e. g. Canterbury, 
Ely, Lincoln. St Paul's, Salisbury, Westminster. 
Ed. sel. 

Bond, Francis. English cathedrals illustrated. 
2d ed. 1901. litem Lippincott $2 

S 180 photographic illustrations. 

Clear, succinct accounts of origin and growth. Arch. r. 
(B), P: H. Cathedrals of Great Britain, 
their history and architecture. 1902. 19cm 

Lippincott $2 n 

Traveler's handbook; mainly architectural history and 
description, with brief account of sees; tables of building 
dates, dimensions and neighboring objects of interest; 
plans and illustrations. Treats Scotch and Welsh cathe- 
drals briefly. N. V. 

Van Rensselaer, Mrs Mariana (Griswold) 
Handbook of English cathedrals. 1893. 19cm 

Century $2.50 

The first edition was issued under title English cathe- 

Canterbury, Peterborough, Durham, Salisbury, Lich- 
field, Lincoln, Ely, Wells, Winchester, Gloucester, York, 
London. Illustrated by Joseph Pennell. Title. 

Wilson, Epiphanius. Cathedrals of France; 
popular studies. 1900. 352cm Churchman $3 
More than 200 illustrations. 

727 Educational 

Wheelwright, E. M. School architecture. 

1901. 27cm Rogers $5 n 

Authoritative, from point of view of architect. Chapter 

on manual training describes at considerable length 

several leading schools. Pittsburg. 

72§ Residence*. Outbuildings 

Book of a hundred houses; a collection of pictures, 
plans and suggestions. 1902. 22 x 18cm 

Stone $3.20 n 
Gibson, L: H: Beautiful houses; a study in 
house-building. 1895. 23£cm Crowell $2.50 
P Foreign examples in domestic architecture; a collec- 
tion of American house plans; materials and details for 
the artistic housebuilder; the architect. Title. 

Convenient houses. 1889. 23 Jem 

Crowell $2.50 
P Architect and housewife; a journey through the 
house; 50 convenient house plans; practical housebuild- 
ing for the owner; business points in building; how to 
pay for a home. Title. 

Halsted, B. D. Barn plans and outbuildings; 
rev. by E. C. Powell. 1903. 19cm Judd $1 
Home building and furnishing. 1903. 19cm 

Doubleday $1 n 
P A combined new ed. of Model houses/or utile money, 
by W: L.Price, and J aside of ion hofnee, by W. M.Johnson, 

FINE ARTS — Architecture. Sculpture 


Moore, F. C. How to build a home: the house 
practical. 1897. 19Jcm Doubleday $1 

P Authorities consulted, p. 158. 
Suggestions as to safety from Are, safety to health, 
comfort, convenience, durability and economy. Title. 

Taft, L. R. Greenhouse construction. 1894. 
19cm Judd $1.50 

Admirable in compactness and completeness. Garden 
■ B 

729 Architectural design and decora- 

Baldry, A. L. Modern mural decoration. 1902. 
25$cm Scribner $5 n 

Describes technical processes involved in mural paint- 
ing, mosaic-, sculpture in nil kinds of materials, gesso, 
Sgraffiti >. ceramic decoration and woodwork. Illustrated. 

Robinson, J: B. Principles of architectural 
composition; with introd. by Russell Sturgis. 
1899. 25cm ( Architect, rec. ser. ) 

Arch, record co. $2.50 

An attempt to order and phrase ideas which have 
hitherto been only felt by the instinctive taste of de- 
signers. Title. 

Ruskin, John. Stones of Venice; with introd. 
by C: E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 2 v. 1897. 
193cm Longmans $3 n 

v. 1, 8th ed. v. 2, 5th ed. 

His greatest work. Chapter on the nature of Gothic the 
central point of his whole teaching. J. W. Mackail. 

Van Pelt, J: V. Discussion of composition, 
especially as applied to architecture. 1902. 
21 Jem Macmillan $2 n 

Scope includes all the elements of design. Contains 
many valuable suggestions, shows evidences of knowl- 
edge and a sound feeling for fine art. Nation. 

Ware, W: R. American Vignola; pt. 1, The 
five orders. 1902. 32cm. Amer. arch. $3 

Subject to be continued in a separate treatise. 
Wornum, R. N. Analysis of ornament; charac- 
teristics of styles. 10th ed. 1896. 22cm 

Scribner $3.20 n 
Incl. several bibliographies of illustrated literature. 

730 Sculpture 

Flaxman, John. Lectures on sculpture, deliv- 
ered before president ami members of Royal 
academy. 1892. 184cm (Bohn's art. lib.) 

Macmiilan 81.75 n 

Contents: Memoir of author; Lecture!, English sculp- 
ture; 2, Egyptian sculpture; 3, Grecian sculpture; 4, 
Science: 5, Beauty: <;, Composition; 7, Style; 8, Draperyj 
9, Ancient art; 10, Modern sculpture; Address on death 
of Thomas Banks; On death of Canova. 

Marquand, Allan, & Frothingham, A. L. 
Text-book of the history cf sculpture, n. d. 
20cm (College hist, of art) Longmans $1.50 

S Bibliography, pref. p. 1"). References at beginning 
of each chapter. 

Devoted to European sculpture. A really invaluable 
help. Illustrated by 113 halftone prints. St. & K. 

Ruskin, John. Aratra Pentelici; 7 lectures on 
the elements of sculpture, given before the 
Univ. of Oxford, 1870; with introd. by C: E. 
Norton. Brantwood ed. 1892. 19.Vm 

Longmans S2.40 n 
Much also relating to the artistic aspect of numismatics. 

732 Ancient 

Collignon, Maxime. Manual of mythology in 
relation to Greek art; tr. and enl. by J. E. Har- 
rison. Rev. ed. 1899. 19cm 

Lippincott $2 n 
Bibliography, pref. p. 16-16. 
Mitchell, Mrs Jj. M. (Wright) History of an- 
cient sculpture. 1883. 28cm & atlas 37 2 x 
34cm Dodd $7.50 

Excellent manual for general use. 500 illustrations. 

St, & K. 

733 Greek and Roman 

Gardner, E. A. Handbook of Greek sculpture. 
1897. 20Jcm (Handbks. of arclueol. & antiq. ) 
Macmillan $2.50 n 
Select bibliography, pref. p. 17-20. 
Best account in English. Nation (B) 

735 modern 

Taft, Lorado. History of American sculpture. 
1903. 26cm (Hist, of Amer. art) 

Macmillan $6 n 
General bibliography, p. 539-12. Illustrated. 
Fairly comprehensive and accurate. Greater part of 
book necessarily deals with men still living. Shows crit- 
ical discrimination in dealing with work of earlier 
sculptors. Nation, 77: 487. 

736 Carving 

Jackson, F. G. Wood-carving as an aid to the 
study of elementary art. 1902. 24cm 

Chapman 3/ 
Sound and sensible book for beginners, both as regards 
technical instruction and the patterns. Spiv. 90: 748. 

Leland, C: G. Manual of wood carving; rev. by 
J: J. Holtzapffel. 1891. 22 x 17icm 

Scribner $1.75 
Careful instruction regarding use of tools, keeping them 
in order and general suggestions regarding their selec- 
tion. Each variety of work is described. Pub. opin. 11: 188 




738 Pottery. Porcelain 

Elliott, C: W. Pottery and porcelain, from early 
times to 1876. 1878. 25£cm Appleton $5 

With 105 illustrations, and the more important marks 
and monograms. Title. 

Moore, Mrs N. H. Old china book, including 
Staffordshire, Wedgwood, lustre, and other 
English pottery and porcelain. 1903. 21cm 

Stokes $2 n 

Works consulted, p. 284. 

Shows plainly what is valuable and why; tells history 
of manufacture and gives marks. Many specimens 
minutely described. Well illustrated. Pittsburg. 

739 Bronze*. Brasses. Brieabrae 

Erskine, F. J. Bent iron work. 1900. 18Jcm 

Scribner 40c 

Practical manual of instruction for amateurs in the art 
and craft of making and ornamenting light articles in 
imitation of the beautiful medieval and Italian wrought 
iron work. Title. 

Leland, C: G. Elementary metal work. 2d ed. 
1900. 22cm Macmillan $1.50 

Y Explanation of the processes of cold metal work, 
chiefly as applied to decorative or industrial art, and 
specially with a view to their being taught in elementary 
and preparatory schools. Pref. 

740 Drawing. Decoration. 

Hamerton, P. G. Graphic arts. 1902. lS^cm 

Little $1.50 
Treatise on the varieties of drawing, painting and en- 
graving, in comparison with each other and with nature. 

741 Freehand. Crayon. Sketehing 
from nature 

Adel'borg, Ottilia. Clean Peter and the chil- 
dren of Grubbylea; tr. by Ada Wallas. 1901. 
20£ x 28$cm Longmans $1.25 

Y Tells in rhyme and with many comic pictures how 
Peter washed the children of Grubbylea. Pub. wkly. 

Caldecott, Randolph. Hey diddle diddle pic- 
ture book. ii. d. 20^ x 24cm Warne $1.25 

Y Containing: Where are you going, my pretty maid? 
Hey diddle diddle and Baby Bunting; A frog he would 
a-wooing go; The fox jumps over the parson's gate. 

Exhibited in beautiful engravings, many printed in 
colors. Drawn by K. C. Engraved and printed by K. 
Evans. Title. 

■ Panjandrum picture book. n.d. 20£x24cm 

Warne $1.25 

Y Containing: Come lasses and lads; Ride a cockhorse 
to Banbury Cross, and A farmer went trotting upon his 
grey mare: Mrs Mary Blaize; The great Panjandrum 

Exhibited in engravings, many in colors. Drawn by 
R. C. Engraved and printed by E. Evans. Title. 

Caldecott, Randolph. Picture book. n. d. 
23ix21cm Warne $1.25 ea 

Y Contents: v. 1, Diverting history of John Gilpin; 
House that Jack built: Babes in the wood; Elegy on the 
death of a mad dog. v. 2, Three jovial huntsmen; Sing a 
song for sixpence; The Queen of hearts; The farmer's boy. 

Exhibited in engravings, many in colors. Drawn by 
R. C. Engraved and printed by E. Evans. Title. 

Cross, A. K. Free-hand drawing; a manual for 
teachers and students. 1895. 21cm (Nat. 
drawing bks. ) Ginn 80c 

Francis, J. G. Book of cheerful cats and other 
animated animals. 1903. 17x232cm 

Century $1 

Y Nonsense verse and funny pictures from St Nicholas. 
Sargent, 2. 

Maginnis, C: D. Pen drawing. 1899. 19£cm 

Bates $1 

Clear, comprehensive; excellent manual for beginners. 

Describes style of best illustrators. Helpful illustrations. 

N. Y. 

Ruskin, John. Elements of drawing; in three 
letters to beginners; with illustrations by the 
author. Brantwood ed. 1902. 19gcm 

Longmans $1.50 n 
Bibliographic note, p. 5. Collation of the editions, p. 

Thompson, L. S. Manual of drawing, to pre- 
pare students for the regents' examination. 
1902. 25cm Heath $1.12 n 

At head of title: Thompson's educational and industrial 
system of drawing. 

Viollet-le-Duc, E. E. Learning to draw; or, 
The story of a young designer; tr. by Virginia 
Champlin. 1881. 20cm Putnam $2 

Y The right way of studying art practically is consid- 
ered, and much suggestive advice given. L. & I. 

Illustrated by the author. 

Walker, "William. Handbook of drawing. 1899. 

Y Scribner $1.75 

742 Perspeetive 

Brush, Mrs Christine (Chaplin) One summer's 
lessons in practical perspective. 1890. 18cm 

Little 75c 

Y For beginner's use in connection with object draw- 
ing. Sargent. 

Longfellow, W: P. P. Applied perspective, for 
architects and painters. 1901. 28cm 

Houghton $3 n 

Miller, L. W: Essentials of perspective; illus. 
by the author. 1887. 19 x26cm 

Scribner $1.50 

FIXE AliTS — Drawing: decoration 


Ware, W: R. Modern perspective; a treatise 
upon the principles and practice of plane and 
cylindrical perspective. Rev. ed. 1900. 19km 
and atlas of plates. Maemillan $4 n 

S Enlarged from articles in American architect and 
building news. 

Assumes a thorough preparation in mathematics. 
Most authoritative work on linear perspective in Eng- 
lish. Nation, 71: 67. 

744 Mathematical and scientific 

Bartlett, F. W. Mechanical drawing. Abridged 

ed. 1903. 23Jcm Wiley $1.50 n 

Written for use of cadets at U. 5. naval academy. Title. 

Fox. "William, & Thomas, C: W. Practical 

course in mechanical drawing. 1899. 20k m 

YanNostrand $1.25 

Simple ami practical, text clear without mathematics. 

Engin. n. (B) 

745 Ornamental design. Woven fab- 
rics. Carpets. Wall papers, etc. 

Brown. F. C. Letters and lettering. 1902. 22cm 

Bates $2 

Illustrated by examples of Roman, Gothic and Italic 
styles. Useful hints on tools, materials and methods. 
Engirt, n. v. 49. 19 Feb. lit. sup. p. 11. 

Crane, Walter. Bases; of design. 2d ed. 1902. 
19km Maemillan $2.25 

Influences affecting design, utility, material, climate, 
symbolism, etc. in architecture, mural decoration, tex- 
tile fabrics, bookmaking, etc. N. Y. 

Line and form. 1902. 19km 

Maemillan $2. 25 
Full of practical knowledge. Profusely illustrated with 
sketches by author and reproductions from works of art. 
Nation, 71:447. 

Of the decorative illustration of books old 

and new. 2ded. 1901. 20cm ( Ex-libris ser.) 

Maemillan $2 n 

Examples and historical and critical value of the text 
make it an indispensable handbook. Dial (B) 

Day, L: F. Alphabets old and new; over 150 com- 
plete alphabets, 30 series of numerals, and nu- 
merous facsim. of ancient dates, etc. withintrod. 
on art in the alphabet. 1899. 19km (Text- 
bks. of orn. design) Scribner $1.50 

Shows development of letter forms and the shape they 
took at different periods, and suggests endless variations. 

Nature in ornament. 3d ed. 1902. 19cm 

Scribner $4.50 

An inquiry into the natural element in ornamental de- 
sign and a survey of the ornamental treatment of natural 
forms. With numerous illustrations of design and treat- 
ment in ornament, old and new. Title. 

Day, L: F. Pattern design; a book for students, 
treating in a practical way of the anatomy, plan- 
ning and evolution of repeated ornament. 1903. 
23cm Scribner $2 n 

Suspersedes his Anatomy of pattern. Fully illustrated 
N. Y. 

Jackson, F. G. Theory and practice of design. 
Newed. 1903. 22km Scribner $2.50 

Advanced text-book on decorative art; being a sequel 
to author's Lessons on decorative design with 700 illustra- 
tions. Title. 

Jones, Owen. Grammar of ornament. 1865. 
34km Scribner $18 n 

With contributions by J. B. Waring, J. O. Westwood 
and M. D. Wyatt. 

Superb colored plates reproducing decorative designs 
selected as examples of the historic styles of ornament. 

Mumford, J: K. Oriental rugs. 3d ed. 1902. 
28km Scribner $7.50 n 

Authoritative information on history, materials, weav- 
ing, dyes and dyers, with accurate descriptions and dis- 
tinguishing details. Rich and valuable illustrations, 16 
in color. N. Y. 

Pennell, Joseph. Illustration of books; notes 
for a course of lectures at the Slade school, Uni- 
versity college. 1896. 19km Century $1 

Practical, compact instructions to pen draftsmen who 
wish to work for reproduction, by an enthusiast for the 
art of which he treats. St, & K. 

Petrie, W: M. F. Egyptian decorative art; lec- 
tures at the Royal institution. 1895. 20cm 

Methuen 3/6 

Wilson, V. T. Free-hand lettering; a treatise on 
plain lettering for engineering schools and col- 
leges. 1903. 23icm Wiley $1 

746 Art needlework. Fancy work 

Day, L.: F. , & Buckle, Mary. Art in needle- 
work. 1900. 19km (Textbks. of orn. design) 

Scribner $2.50 
Practical handbook on embroidery, describing many 
stitches and designs. Admirable illustrations, many 
showing back as well as fare Of work. X. Y. 

Jackson, Emily. History of hand-made lace. 
1900. 25cm Scribner $7.50 n 

Bibliography, p. 98-105. Dictionary of lace, p. 107-20ti. 

Dealing with origin of lace, growth of great lace cen- 
ters, mode of manufacture, methods of distinguishing 
and the care of various kinds of lace.' Supplementary 
information by Ernesto Jesurum. Title. 

74§ Stained and iridescent glass 

Day, L: F. Windows; a book about stained and 
painted glass. 1897. 23km Scribner $10.50 
Rather a history than a theoretic treatise on principles. 
Nation (B) 




749 Artistic furniture 

Morse, F. C. Furniture of the olden time. 1902. 
21cm Macmillan $3 n 

American, 17th to early 19th century. 300 illustrations 
from existing examples. Excellent medium sized refer- 
ence book. N. V. 

Turck, Eliza. Practical handbook to marquet- 
erie, wood-staining and kindred arts. 1901. 
18jcm Scribner pap. 40c 

750 Painting 

Champlin, J: D. ed. Cyclopedia of painters 
and paintings; crit. ed. C: C. Perkins. 4 v. 
1887. 30cm Scribner $20 

S Bibliography, v. 1, pref. p. 19-36. 

Authoritative. Powers. 

Sketch of artist, with list of his works and bibiliographic 
notes, often with portrait and an occasional reproduction 
in outline of important paintings. Brief descriptions of 
celebrated paintings. Kroeger. 

Xia Farge, John. Considerations on painting. 
1895. 19cm Macmillan $1.25 n 

R Authoritative. Lectures in Metropolitan museum, 
New York, 1893. 

Buskin, John. Modern painters, vol. 2. "Of 
ideas of beauty " and " Of the imaginative fac- 
ulty " re-arranged and rev. by author; with 
introd. by C: E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 2 v. 
1903. 19£cm Longmans $3 n 

Author's most important and safest writing on art. 
Nowhere else are the moralist's and the nature lover's 
view of fine art so well expressed as in the 3d and 4th 
volumes . St. & K,- 

Van Dyke, J: C: Text-book of the history of 
painting. 1894. 19£cm (College hist, of art) 

Longmans $1.50 

General bibliography, pref. p. 15. List of books reeom- 
mended at head of each chapter. 

To later 19th century. Enumerates principal extant 
works of artists mentioned and tells where they may 
be found. Pittsburg. 

"Woltmann, A. F: G. A., & WOrmann, Karl. 

History of painting. 2 v. 1894. 25cm 

Dodd $7.50 

V. 1, ed. by Sidney Colvin; v. 2, tr. by Clara Bell. 
Condensed from German original. Many illustrations 
of well chosen subjects and useful for reference. St. & K. 

752 Color 

Chevroul, M. E. Principles of harmony and 

contrast of colours, and their applications to 
the arts; tr. by Charles Martel. 3d ed. 1899. 
18£em (Bohn's sci. lib.) Macmillan $1.50 n 

755 Religious. Ecclesiastic* 

Bell, J//-* N. It. E. (Meugens) Lives and leg- 
ends of the evangelists, apostles, and other early 
saints. 1901. 22£cm (Saints in Christian art) 

Macmillan 84.50 

Hurll, E. M. Life of Our Lord in art; with 
some account of the artistic treatment of the 
life of St John the Baptist, 1898. 21cm 

Houghton $3 
Authorities consulted, pref. p. 19-22. 
Published as v. 6 of Mrs Jameson's Writings on art. 

Jameson, Mrs A.. B. (Murphy) Legends of 

the Madonna; ed. with additional notes by 

E. M. Hurll. 1896. 21cm (Writings on art 

of A. Jameson) Houghton $3 

Authorities, pref. p. 19-23. 

Abundantly illustrated with sir;ns from ancient and 
modern art. Title. 

Legends of the monastic orders; ed. with 

additional notes by E. M. Hurll. 1901. 21cm 
(Writings on art of A. Jameson) Houghton $3 

Authorities, pref. p. 22-26. 

Interpretation of works of art in churches and galle- 
ries. Sargent. 

Sacred and legendary art; ed. with ad- 

ditional notes by E. M. Hurll. 2 v. 1896. 
21cm (Writings on art of A. Jameson) 

Houghton $3 

Authorities referred to, pref. p. 22-26. 

Abundantly illustrated with designs from ancient and 
modern art. Title. 

Excellent for reference in recognizing a sacred person- 
age by his attributes as given in a picture, and as to the 
proper way of representing each personage. No better 
book readily accessible. St. & K. 

759 Various schools of painting 

Ady, Mrs Julia (Cartwright) Painters of Flor- 
ence from the 13th to the 16th century. 1901. 
19£cm Dutton $2.50 

Bibliography, pref. p. 10-11. * 

Sketches, mainly biographic, from Giotto to Michelan- 
gelo, with 17 excellent representative reproductions. 

Bate, P. H. English Pre-Raphaelite painters, 
their associates and successors. 2d ed. 1901. 
20Jcm (British art. ser.) Macmillan $3 

P Account of rise, progress and results of the move- 
ment. Makes no pretence to elaborate research or to 
subtlety of criticism. Ath. '02. 1: 631. 

Berenson, Bernhard. Central Italian painters 
of the renaissance. 1897. 19.1cm Putnam $1 

Florentine painters of the renaissance. 

1896. 19Jcm Putnam $1 

FINE ARTS — Painting. Engraving. Photography 


Berenson, Bernhard. Study and criticism of 
Italian art. 2dser. L902. 23cm 

Macmillan $3.50 n 

Seven essays aiming to establish a scientific method of 
Studying history of art. by which works of art may be 
rightly attributed independently of documents. Pitts- 

Venetian painters of the renaissance. 

1894. 19Vm Putnam $1 

Sis works on renaissance painters] show ingenuity 

subtlety of reasoning and wide range and thoroughness 

of knowledge which make him a person to be reckoned 
with in all future criticism. Index to works of principal 
painters most valuable. Nation, 66: 462. 

Brownell, W: C. French art, classic and con- 
temporary, painting and sculpture. New ed. 
1901. 20cm Scribner $3.75 n 

Though devoted to criticism of recent art, general prin- 
ciples governing all tine art are clearly expressed. No 
better criticism to be found. St. & K. 

Fromentin, Eugene. Old masters of Belgium 

and Holland; tr. by M.. C. Robbing. 1882. 

21 x 17cm Houghton $3 

Admirable book, full of soundest criticism. St. & K. 

Hamerton, P. G. Contemporary French paint- 

1901. 18jcm Little $1.50 n 

Broadminded and elevated manner, keensighted and 

eclectic. J?, o/r. (B) 

King, Pauline. American mural painting. 1902. 
24cm Noyes $3 

Studies of work of La Farge, Hunt, F. D. Millet, Abbey, 
- -rent. Puvis de Chavannes, Shirlavv, Blashfield, Cox 
and others, as shown at Columbian exposition, Boston 
public library, Library of Congress, Capitol at Albany, 
Appellate courts building in New York, etc. Fully illus- 
strated. N. Y. 

Kugler, F. T. Handbook of painting: German, 
Flemish, and Dutch schools; re-modelled by 
Prof. Waagen, rev. by J. A. Crowe. 3d ed. 2 v. 

1898. 21cm Little $8 
Italian schools of painting, based on the 

Handbook of Kugler; 6th ed. by A. H: Layard. 
2 v. 1902. 21£cm Little $12 

Cover-, entire field to 19th century. Trustworthy. 
Stands midway between cyclopedias and works of 
exhaustive criticism. Powers. 

Monkhouse, W: C. British contemporary artists. 

1899. 28 Jem Scribner $5 
Contents: George Frederick Watts; Sir John Everett 

Millais: Baron Leigh ton, of Stretton; Sir Edward Burne- 
Jones; William Quiller Orchardson; Sir Lawrence Alma- 
Tadema; sir Edward J. Poynter. 

760 Engraving 

Huskin, John. Ariadne florentina; six lectures 
on wood and metal engraving. Brantwood ed. 
1890. 19 Jem Longmans $2.40 n 

Six lectures at University of Oxford, dealing with rela- 
tion of engraving to other arts in Florence, to the tech- 

nics of wood a i nl ni el al engraving, and to design us re] .re- 
sented by Diner, Holbein and Botticelli. N. Y. 

Singer, H. "W. , & Strang, William. Etching, 
engraving and the other methods of printing 
pictures. 1897. 22 x 17£cm Paul 15/ n 

Wedmore, Frederick. Fine prints. 1897. 
21cm (Collector ser.) Longmans $2.25 n 

Bibliography, p. 24f>— 19. 

761 Wood 

"Woodberry, G: E: History of wood-engraving. 

1883. 23cm Harper $3.50 

P R List of principal works useful to students, p. 21 1-15. 

767 Etching 

Hamerton, P. G. Etching and etchers, with 
etchings by the author. 7th ed. 1902. 24£cm 

Little $5 n 
Extremely valuable as at once a treatise on the practice 
of the art and a history of its development from 15th 
century. St. & K. 

770 Photography 

Abney, Sir W: de W. Instantaneous photog- 
raphy. 1895. 18jcm (Photog. prim. ) 

Low 1/ 

Instruction in photography. 10th ed. 

1900. 19cm Low 6/n; Lippincott $2 n 

Treatise on photography. 10th ed. 1901. 

18cm (Text-bks. of sci. ) Longmans $1.75 

Adams, W. I. L. Amateur photography; a 
practical guide for the beginner. 6th ed. 1903. 
20£cm Baker & T. $1.25 

Baldwin, T. S. Picture making for pleasure and 
profit. 1903. 20cm Drake $1.25 

Illustrated handbook on modern practices of photog- 
raphy in all its branches, for amateur and professional. 

Black, Alexander. Photography indoors and 
out. 6th ed. 1898. 18k>m Houghton $1.25 
S P Books for reference, p. 238-39. 
Also in Riverside lib. for young people at 75c. 
Excellent manual, giving primary principles and prac- 
tical directions for amateurs. N. Y. 

Brothers, Alfred. Photography. 2d ed. 1899. 
23£cm Lippincott $5.50 n 

Its history, processes, apparatus and materials: com- 
prising working details of all the more important meth- 
ods: with plates by many of the processes described and 
illustrations in the text. Title. 

Brown, G: E: ed. Finishing the negative. 1901. 
22 Jem Tennant $1.25 n 

P Handbook of all the processes between fixing and 
printing: with a special chapter on films. Title. 




Burton, W: K. , & Pringle, Andrew. Proc- 
esses of pure photography. 1889. 232em (Sco- 
villphotog. ser.) Scovill $2.50 

Caffin, C: H: Photography as a fine art; the 
achievements and possibilities of photographic 
art in America. 1901. 26cm Doubleday $3 n 
PR Republished from Everybody's magazine and Cam- 
era notes. 

Emerson, P: H: Naturalistic photography. 3d 
ed. 1899. 23Jcm (Scovill photog. ser.) 

Scovill $3.50 

Marion and co. Practical guide to photography. 
6th ed. 1898. 18£cm Marion 2/6 

Photo-miniature, a monthly jxiagazine of photo- 
graphic information; ed. by J: A. Tennant. 
1899-date. 20J-21cm. Tennant yrly $2.50 

A photographic magazine beginning with April, 1899, 
published monthly as a monograph on some topic or 
process. The numbers are more useful separately bound 
and classified. Ed. sel. 

Robinson, H: P. Picture-making by photogra- 
phy. 5th ed. 1902. 19cm Hazell 2/6 n 

Story, A. T: Story of photography. 1898. 
15£cm (Lib. of useful stories) Appleton 35c n 

Not instruction for beginners, but a manual of infor- 
mation on optical, chemical and historical developments 
of photography. N. Y. 

Epitome of gradual development of photography from 
1727. Just enough of physics and optics to give reader a 
good idea of basic principles of photography. Science, 
8: 959. 

Taylor, C: M. Why my photographs are bad. 
1902. 21cm Jacobs $1 n 

Calls attention to some common mistakes of beginners, 
illustrating each. Pittsburg. 

Todd, F: D. Amateur portraiture at home. 
1899. 19£cm Photo-beacon co. 50c 

Vog-el, Ernst. Practical pocket-book of photog- 
raphy; tr. and ed. by E. C. Conrad and E. M. 
Cobham. 1903. 16icm Macmillan $1 

Wilson's photographies. 1881. 
Tennant $4 

Wilson, E: L 
22 x 17 \ cm 

Authorities quoted, pref. p. 11-12. 

A series of lessons, with notes, jjn all needful processes. 

Woodbury, W. E. Encyclopaedic dictionary of 

photography. 1898. 31cm Scovill $5 

771 Materials. Photographic chem- 

Beck, Conrad, & Andrews, Herbert. Photo- 
graphic lenses; simple treatise. 2d ed. 1903. 
l!).]cni Tennant $1 

Bolas, Thomas, & Brown, G: E. The lens; a 

practical guide to the choice, use and testing of 

photographic objectives. 1902. 222cm 

Tennant $1.25 n 

Good elementary treatise. Not mathematical. Pitts- 

Cole, R. S. Treatise on photographic optics. 
1899. 19cm Van Nostrand $2.50 

Cooper, F: W. & others. Photographic apparatus, 
making and adapting; ed. by G: E. Brown. 
1902. 21 £cm Tennant $1 n 

Reprinted with additions from articles in the Photogram 
by F. E. Cooper, D. W. Gawn and others. 180 diagrams 
and working sketches. Title. 

Dallmeyer, T: R. Telephotography. 1899. 
252cm Longmans *4 

Bibliography, p. 117-18. 

Elementary treatise on construction and application of 
telephotographic lens. Title. 

Harrison, W: J. Chemistry of photography. 
1892. 23£cm (Scovill photog. ser.) 

Scovill $3 
Historical rather than practical. Ed. sel. 

Townsend, C: F. Chemistry for photographers. 
3d ed. 1902. 18£cm Dawbarn 1/ 

772 Silver and dryplate proeesses 

Abney, Sir W: de W. , & Clark, Lyonel. Plat- 
inotype: its preparation and manipulation. 2d 
Amer. ed. 1898. 18icm (Scovill photog. ser.) 

Low 2/6 
Maclean, Hector. • Popular photographic print- 
ing processes. 1898. 19cm Scribner $1 
Practical guide to printing with gelatino-chloride, ar- 
tigue, platinotype, carbon, bromide, collodio-chloride, 
bichromated gum, and other sensitized papers. Title. 

773 Gelatin and pigment processes 

Sawyer, J. R. "A B C" guide to the making 
of autotype prints in permanent pigments. 5th 
ed. 1899. 18 x14cm Anthony $1.25 

777 Photo-engraving and photo-cli'4 - 
trot) ping 

Jenkins, Harry. Manual of photo-engraving, 
containing practical instructions for producing 
photo-engraved plates in relief-line and half- 
tone; with chapters on the theory and practice 
of half-tone color work, by F: E. Ives and S. H. 
Horgan. 2d ad. 1902. 20cm 

Inland pr. co. *2 

Practical guide. Methods given are those in actual 
commercial use. I'hoto-miniattm . « 

FIXE AKTS— Photography. Music 


??* special applications 

Dugmore, A. R. Nature and the camera. L902. 
L'lU'in Doubleday $1.35 n 

Advice on choice of apparatus, dark room, printing', 
etc with detailed directions Cor photographing live birds, 

animals, flowers, trees, fungi. Many photographs. N.Y. 

Elmendorf, D. L. Lantern slides: how to make 
and color them. 1000. 20cm Anthony $1 

"Walnisley, W: H: ABC of photo-micrography. 
1902. lSJcm Tennant $1.25 

Clear, simple, accurate instruction as to equipment, 
methods of photographing, developing, printing and 

lantern-slide making. Pittsburg. 

780 Music 

Apthorp, W: F. Musicians and music-lovers 
and other essays. 1894. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Musicians and music-lovers; Johann Sebas- 
tian Bach: Additional accompaniments to Bach's and 
Handel's scores; Giaeomo Meyerbeer; Jacques Offenbach; 
Two modern classicists, Robert Franz and Otto Dresel; 
John Sullivan Dwight; Some thoughts on musical criti- 

am; Music and science. 

Bellaigue, Camille. Musical studies and silhou- 
ettes; tr. by Ellen. Orr. 1900. 19cm 

Dodd $1.50 

Contents: Sociology in music; Realism and idealism in 

music: Beethoven, and his nine symphonies; Italian mu- 

and the last two operas of Verdi; Three symbolic 

operas; Italian sources of the Orpheus of Gluck; Exotic in 

music; Silhouettes of musicians. 

Elson. L: C: National music of America and its 
Bonrces. 1900. lT^cm (Music lovers' ser. ) 

Page $1.50 
Traces progress of musical interests and origin of popu- 
lar songs. Illustrated with portraits and musical nota- 
tion. X. Y. 

Fay, Amy. Music-stud} r in Germany; ed. by 
Mr? Fay Peirce. 16th ed. 1896. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Letters written 1869-75 while studying under Taussig, 
Kullak, Liszt and Deppe; entertaining and suggestive. 
X. Y. 

Finck, H: T. Chopin and other musical essays. 

1889. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Content-: Chopin; How composers work; Schumann; 

Music and morals; Italian and German vocal styles; 

German opera in Xew York. 

Grey, Robin, ed. Studies in music, by various 
authors; reprinted from "The musician." 1901. 
23cm . Scribner $2.50 n 

Grove, Sir George, ed. Dictionary of music and 
musicians; with apx. ed. by J. A. F. Maitland, 
and index by Mrs Edmond Wodehouse. i v. 
cv index. 1900. 22 Jem Macmillan $25 

Rf Covers whole field of music from 14.50 to 1889. Eng- 
lish music and musicians given special attention. Signed 
articles by prominent writers. Kroeger. 

Henderson, "W: J. What is good music? 1898. 
18Jcm Scribner $1 n 

Chapters on form, instruments, how to listen, etc. For 
average music lovers. X. Y. 

Hughes, Rupert. Contemporary American 
composers. 1900. 17jcm (Music lovers' ser. ) 

Page $1.50 

Partly reprinted from Godey's magazine, Century nvaga- 

zinc, and Criterion. Foreword. 

Biographic and critical notices of living composers, 
about whom information is not easily obtained. Por- 
traits and facsimiles. X. Y. 

ed. Musical guide. 

2 v. 1903. 23cm 
McClure $6 n 
Rf Pronouncing and defining dictionary of terms, in- 
struments, etc. pronouncing biographic dictionary, stories 
of operas, biographic and critical essays by authorities in 
England and America, charts, etc. Pub. wkly. 

Huneker, J. G. Mezzotints in modern music. 
1899. 19Jcm Scribner $1.50 

R Reflects chiefly author's experience in studio and 
concert hall. Includes chapters on Brahms, Tchaikovsky, 
Richard Strauss, and Xietzsche, Chopin, Liszt and Wag- 
ner, and an elaborate disquisition on etudes for the piano- 
forte. Nation, 68 : 338. 

Krehbiel, H: E: How to listen to music. 1896. 
18£cm Scribner 91.25 n 

To help lovers of music without technical training to 
some understanding of musical forms, aims, and means 
of expression. X. Y. 

Lavignac, Albert. Music and musicians: 4th 
ed. by H. E. Krehbiel. 1903. 20Jcm 

Holt $1.75 n 

R Aims to be practically a condensed cyclopedia of 
every branch of music. Includes discussions on the voice, 
orchestral instruments, orchestration, music of ancient 
nations, modern composers, with brief sketches of more 
important ones. Appendix by H. E. Krehbiel on lead- 
ing American composers. 94 illustrations and 510 ex- 
amples in musical type. Nation, 68 : 402. 

Musical education; tr. by Esther Single- 
ton/ 1903. 21cm (Appletons' mus. ser. ) 

Appleton $1.75 n 
Practical questions answered from experience of pro- 
fessors of harmony in the Paris Conservatoire. Char- 
acterizes briefly leading conservatories of Europe and 
America. X. Y. 

Riemann, Hugo. Catechism of musical aesthet- 
ics; tr. by H. Bewerunge. n. d. 18cm 

Scribner $1 n 
Singularly lucid statement of some of the most ab- 
struse matters. Sat. r. 80: 183. 

Encyclopaedic dictionary of music; tr. by 

J. S. Shedlock; rev. to 1897. 1899. 23cm 

Scribner $6 n 

Rf By a distinguished German professor, musical ed- 

itorof Meyer's Konversations-Lexikon. Accurate, compre- 




Story of music. 1889. 

hensive and of high artistic as well as historic value. Of 
later date than the more voluminous and expensive 
Grove. Ed. sel. 

Hitter, F. L. Music- in America. Newed. 1890. 
2O2C111 Scribner $2 

"Musical examples," p. 508-13. 


Elson, L: C: History of American music. 1904. 
26cm (Hist, of Amer. art) Macmillan $5 n 
General bibliography, p. 367-68. 

Henderson, W: J. How music developed. 
1898. 19cm Stokes $1.25 n 

Critical and explanatory. A vast amount of informa- 
tion presented in a lucid and direct style. Nation, 68: 228. 


Longmans $1 

Contents: Making the elements of music; Birth of art- 
melody and secular music; Handel and Bach; Instru- 
ments and instrumental forms; Great instrumental writ- 
ers; First operatic reformation; From Mozart to Verdi; 
Wagner and the opera of our future. 

Not a conventional history, but pleasantly written and 
suggestive essays on some of the phases through which 
music has passed. St. & K. 

Hunt, H: G: B. Concise history of music from 
commencement of Christian era to present time. 
16th ed. 1902. 17cm Bell 3/6 

Designed for schools. Includes a chronologic and bio- 
graphic record; tables of musicians and musical events; 
asummary tracing growth of the art. Excellent book for 
systematic study, hut also helpful for quick reference. 
L. & I. 

Maitland, J: A. F. English music in the 19th 
century. 1902. 18icm (Music in 19th cent.) 

Button $1.75 n 

Parry, Sir C: H. H. Evolution of the art of 

music. 3d ed. 1901. 19cm (Intermit, sci. 
ser.) Appleton $1.75 

New edition of his Art of music, which the Natiori said 
it would unhesitatingly select if asked to name a single 
book that every student of music ought to read and re-read 
for its facta and opinions. 

Schumann, It. A. Music and musicians; essays 
and criticisms; tr. ed. and annot. 1)}' F.. R. Rit- 
ter. 2 v. 1877. 2(i.]cm Scribner $6 n 

7M2 Dramatic iiiumU* 

A-nnesley, Charles. Standard opera glass, with 
prelude by .lames Iluneker. 1899. 19cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Includes VS.) operas. The story of I he opera is the main 
thing, though a lew biographic and critical remarks are 
prefixed. Nation, til: 72. 

Apthorp, W: F. The opera, past and present. 
1901. 19cm (Music lover's lib.) 

Scribner $1.25 n 

R Shows exceptional taste and judgment in eliminat- 
ing unessential facts, while important ones are presented 
in excellent perspective. Nation. 

Barber, G.. E. Wagner opera stories. 1901. 
19£cm Public school pub. co. 50c 

Y Contents: The Rhincgold ; Die Walkiire; or, The story 
of Brunhilde; Siegfried; Die Gotterdanrmerung; Parsifal. 

They interpret the music to the childish heart as I have 
seldom seen it interpreted. What was too complex is 
left out, what was sweet and true is re-woven with dainti- 
ness. Elizabeth Harrison. 

Frost, W: H: Wagner story book; fire-light 
tales. 1894. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Y Dramas of Wagner from Tannhauser to Parsifal in 
form of narratives to a child; enriched with original 
designs and 'made to subserve new purposes. St. & K. 

Krehbiel, H: E: Studies in the Wagnerian 
drama. 1891. 19cm Harper $1.25 

L.ahee, H: C: Grand opera in America. 1902. 
18cm ( Music lovers' ser. ) Page $1.50' 

Gathers in brief compass scattered information con- 
cerning singers, conductors and managers, prominent in 
history of opera in America. Pittsburg. 

Iiavig-nac, Albert. Music dramas of Richard 
Wagner; tr. by Esther Singleton. 1898. 20£cm 

Dodd $2.50 
Practical guide to Bayreuth and an invaluable hand- 
book for those wishing guidance to intelligent enjoyment 
of Wagner's operas, sketches dramas, analyzes music, 
giving leitmotive, diagrams showing their recurrence, 
orchestration, Bayreuth casts, etc. N. Y. 

Newman, Ernest. Study of Wagner. 1899. 
23cm. Putnam $8.75 

Synthetic table of Wagner's life and works and synchro- 
nous events, pref . p. 13-20. 
Appreciative, sane, discriminative. Hale. 

Upton, G: P. Standard cantatas: their stories, 
their music, and their composers. 1888. 18cm 

McClurg $1.50 

Standard light operas, their plots and 

their music. 1902. 18cm McClurg $1.20 n 
Less is said about the music than about the plots, which 
are clearly and briefly told. Ed. sel. 

7M3 Sacred iiiukm- 

Mees, Arthur. Choirs and choral music. 1901. 
19cm (Music lover's lib.) Scribner $1.25 n 
History of choral music, critical study of composers, 
chapters on amateur choral culture in Germany, Eng- 
land and America, and the chorusand conductor. N. Y. 

Patterson, A. W. Story of oratorio. L902. 
19cm (Music story ser.) Scribner $1.25 n 

One of the best and most practical chapters mi choral 
organizations and the future of oratorio. Appendixes 

FINK ARTS— Music. Amusements 


give list if principal composers and their works and rec- 
ord of first performances of important oratorios. ADi. 
'08, 2: 70. 

Upton, G: P. Standard oratorios: their stories, 
their magic, and their composers. 1887. 18cm 

McClnrg $1.50 

7S4 Vocal music 

Aikin, W: A. Tin- voice, its physiology and 
cultivation. 1900. 19jcm Macmillan $1 

Crane, "Walter. The baby's bouquet, n. d. 
ISA x 19cm Warne $1.50 

Y A fresh hunch of old rhymes and tunes arranged 
and decorated by Walter Crane. Cut and printed in colors 
by Edmund Evans. Title. 

Companion to Baby's opera. Publishers. 

The baby's opera, n. d. 18$xl9£cm 

Warne $1.50 

Y A book of old rhymes, with new dresses; by Walter 
Crane: engraved and printed in colors by Edmund 
Evans. The music by the earliest masters. Title. 

Pan-pipes. 2d ed. n. d. 23 x 32cm 

Warne $2 

Y A book of old songs, newly arranged and with ac- 
companiments by Theo. Marzials; set to pictures by 
Walter Crane. Engraved and printed in colors by Ed- 
mund Evans. Title. 

Finck, H: T. Songs and song writers. 1900. 
litem (Music lover's lib. ) Scribner $1.25 n 
History, appreciations and depreciations; with biblio- 
graphic footnotes for students. N. Y. 

Forsythe, Clarence. Old songs for young 
America. 1901. 26 x 30km Doubleday $2 n 

Y Thirty songs, including such familiar ones as Baby 
Bunting. Bobby Shafto, Yankee Doodle, London bridge, 

nd's burning, Three blind mice, etc. 

Ward, Mrs "Lydia (Avery) Coonley. Singing 
verses for children. 1897. 2l£ x 28£ cm 

Macmillan $2 

,Y Words by Mrs Ward; pictures by A. K. Tyler, music 
by Eleanor Smith, J. L. Gaynor, F: YV. Root, F. K. Atkin- 
son, jr. Title. 

785 Orchestral iiiu»i<- 

Elson, Arthur. ( Orchestral instruments and 
their use. 1903. 20cm (Music lovers' ser. ) 

Page $1.60 n 

'jiving a description of each instrument now employed 
by civilized nations and an explanation of its value and 
functions in the modern orchestra. Title. 

Goepp, P. H: Symphonies and their meaning. 
2 v. 1898-1902. 19£x20cm 

Lippincott $2 n ea 

Untechnical, but lor persons with some knowledge of 

music. Takes up in detail certain symphonies by Haydn, 

Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn 

and Brahms. X. Y. 

Grove, Sir George. Beethoven and his nine 
symphonies. 1903. 20cm 

Novello $2.40 
P Analyses from program books of the Crystal palace 
concerts appended with notes and interesting historical 
data touching the composition of the works and their 
early performances. Most suggestive and interesting 
commentaries of their kind ever written. St. & K. 

Henderson, W: J. Orchestra and orchestral 
music. 1899. 19cm (Music lover's lib.) 

Scribner $1.25 n 
P An attempt to give to music lovers such facts about 
the modern orchestra as will help them in assuming an 
intelligent attitude toward the contemporaneous instru- 
mental body and its performance. Pref. 

Upton, G: P. Standard symphonies, their his- 
tory, their music, and their composers. 1889. 
18cm McClurg $1.50 

7§6 Piano and organ 

Bie, Oskar. History of the pianoforte and piano- 
forte players; tr. and rev. by E. E. Kellett and 
E. W. Naylor. 1899. 24cm Dutton $6 

The careful completeness and elaboration of the work 
and the author's evident enthusiasm for his subject com- 
bine to make it a valuable addition to the literature of the 
pianoforte. .Spec. 83: 790. 

Xiahee, H: C: The organ and its masters. 1903. 

20cm (Music lovers' ser. ) Page $2 

A short account of the most celebrated organists, with 

a brief sketch of the development of organ construction, 

organ music and organ playing. Title. 

Perry, E : B. Descriptive analyses of piano works, 
for the use of teachers, players and music clubs. 
1902. 20£cm Presser $1.50 

78 7 Stringed instrument* 

Hart, George. The violin: its famous makers 
and their imitators. Pop. ed. 1887. 20cm 
R Scribner $3 

79© Amusements 

Beard, D. C. New ideas for American boys; 
the Jack of all trades. 1900. 20cm 

Scribner §2 

Y Directions for treetopand underground club houses, 
lish ponds, work shops, toboggan slides, trapping and 
taming animals, indoor entertainments with chalk and 
scissors, circuses, Christmas doings, etc. N. Y. 

What to do and how to do it; the Ameri- 
can boy's handy book. New ed. 1903. 20cm 

Scribner $2 

Y Directions for making kites, boats, aquariums, pup- 
petshows and all sorts of games and toys. Classed under 
the seasons. N. Y. 




Beard, Lina & A. B. How to amuse yourself 
and others; the American girl's handy book. 
1901. 20cm Scribner $2 

Y Directions for games, entertainments, holiday cele- 
brations, needlework, decorations, drawing, painting, 
modeling, gymnastics, candy making, etc. Classed 
under the seasons. X. Y. 

New ideas for work and play ; what 

a girl can make and do. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.60 n 

Y Work with hammer and saw, Easter and Christmas 
possibilities, valentines, picture collections, basket weav- 
ing, rugs, tableaux, gardens, outdoor observation, basket 
ball, cheap devices for entertainment, etc. Valuable 
illustrated handbook. Companion to American girl's 
Tiandy book. N. Y. 

Champlin, J: D., & Bostwick, A. E. Young 
folks' cyclopaedia of game.- and sports. 2d ed. 
1899. 21cm Holt $2.50 

Rf For boys and girls. Written from American stand- 
point with illustrations and historical information. 
L. & I. 

Gaines book for boys and girls. 1897. 23^x18 Jem 

Dutton $2 

Y Old and new pastimes, with original illustrations. 

Contents: Indoor games; tricks and puzzles; outdoor 
games; occupations; collections; home pets. Pittsburg. 

Kelley, L. E.. Three hundred things a bright 
girl can do. 1903. 21£cm Estes $1.20 n 

Y Instruction in bead, worsted and thread work, join- 
ery, wood carving, pyrography, basketry, rug making, 
clay modeling, paper flowers, athletics, taxidermy, bee 
keeping, suggestions for entertainments, girls' clubs, etc. 
Dial, 35: 477. 

Lucas, E: V. & Elizabeth. What shall we 
do now? 1904. 21cm Stokes $2.15 n 

Y A book of suggestions for children's games and em- 
ployments. Title. 

1 irections for house and outdoor games, care of pets, 
candymaking, gardening, etc. Useful hints for mothers, 
as well as for children of all ages. Unit. 

791 Public entertainment 

Hopkins, A. A. ed. Magic; stage illusions and 
scientific diversions including trick photography. 

ls<. 17. 24cm Munn $2.50 

Bibliography with notes by H: R. Evans, p. 689-60. 

Explains conjurors' tricks, modern stage effects, auto- 
mata, magic mirrors, photographic diversions, etc. and 
outlines history of magic. N. Y. 

7f>2 Theater. Pantomime. Opera. 

Clapp, H: A. Reminiscences of a dramatic critic. 
1902. 21cm Houghton $1.75 n 

R Opinionsof a qualified observeron prominent actors 
of the last 30 years. N. Y. 

Fyles, Franklin. The theatre and its people. 
1900. 19cm Doubleday $1.25 

P Explanation of business, mechanical and artistic 
methods, relations of actors and playwrights to manage- 
ment, etc. By N. Y. Sun dramatic critic. N. Y. 

Haigh, A. E. Attic theatre. 2d ed. 1898. 23cm 

Clarendon $3 

Description of the stage and theatre of the Athenians 
and of the dramatic performances at Athens. Title. 

Hastings, Charles. The theatre; its develop- 
ment in France and England, and a history of 
its Greek and Latin origins: tr. by F. A. Welby. 
1902. 22cm Lippincott $3 n 

Bibliography, p. 342-46. 
Hubert, P. G. jr. The stage as a career; a sketch 
of the actor's life: its requhements, hardships 
and rewards. 1900. 19cm Putnam $1 

793 Indoor amusements 

Ballard, H. H. Open sesame. 1890. 15Jcm 

Knight $1 
Answers to charades in Bellamy's Century of charades. 
Eellamy, William. Century of charades. 15cm 

Houghton $1 

For answers see H. H. Ballard's Open sesame. 
One hundred bright and entertaining charades, not for 
acting. Incomparably the best collection extant. L. & I. 

Foster, B. F: Foster's complete Hoyle; an en- 
cyclopedia of indoor games. 1897. 19cm 

Stokes $2 
Frazer, Mrs Lilly (Grove) d- others. Dancing, 
with musical examples. 1895. 192cm 

Longmans $2.50 

Treats of the dance in every country. Sat. r. 81: 52. 

Gunnison, Binney, ed. Hinds & Noble's new 
dialogues and plays, primary, intermediate, 
advanced; adapted from the popular works of 
well known authors. 1898. 20cm 

Hinds $1.50 

Hale, L. P. Fagots for the fireside. New ed. 

1894. 19cm Houghton $1.25 

More than 150 entertaining games for evenings at home 

and social parties, ranging from ingenious games of 

words and proverbs to games of pure sport. Lit. world. 

Lewis, A. J: ed. Card and table games; ed, by 

Professor Hoffmann; 3d ed. with a section on 
bridge, by Archibald Dunn. 1903. 20Vm 

Dutton $2 

Mott, Mrs Hamilton, ed. Home games and 
parties. 1898. 15Jcm (Ladies' home journal 

girls' lib.) Doubleday $1 

Describes games for children's home parties, Hallowe'en 

romps and frolics, and miscellaneous amusements. Also 

FIXE ARTS— Amusements 


• s suggestions for lawn parties, arranging tableaux, 
and simple menus for evening companies. Pittsburg. 

Newell, "W: W. Games and songs of American 
children. Now ed. 1903. 23Jcm 

Harper $1.50 
Collections oi children's games, p. 267-<S9; Comparisons 
and references, p. 270-82. 

A magazine oi games and ilu'ir local variants, counting 
out rhymes, etc With notes on sources and history. Melo- 
dies used in singing games often given. Bibliographic 
notes. N. Y. 

Pratt, C: S. Stick-and-pea plays; pastimes for 
the children's year. 1899. 19cm 

Lothrop 75c 

St Nicholas book of plays and operettas. 1900. 
Vm Century $1 n 

Y simple plays, acted ballads, shadow pantomimes, 
tableaux, a children's symphony, etc. reprinted from SI 
yirholas. X. Y. 

White, Mary. Book of games with directions 
how to play them. 12th ed. 1902. 18£cm 

Scribner $1 

Originally published under the title: Book of a hundred 
I, 1896. 

794 Games of skill 

Froeborough, E., & Ranken, C. E. Chess 
openings ancient and modern, rev. to the pres- 
ent time from the best authorities, with original 
- ggestions by G: B. Fraser, Dundee, W. Wayt'e, 
London, and other eminent players and analysts. 
1903? 21cm New Amsterdam $2 n 

Gamier, Albert. Scientific billiards, with hints 
to amateurs. 1880. 17ix22cm 

Appleton $2.50 

Steinitz, William. Modern chess instructor, 
pt.l. 1889. 24 km Putnam $1.50 

Theoretic application of new principles and of the 
reasoning by analogies of positions which have been my 
guide in practice. Author. 

795 Games of chance 

Foster, R. F: Foster's bridge manual; a com- 
plete system of instruction. 1900. 17^cm 

Brentano $1.25 

Hamilton, C. D. P. Modern scientific whist, 
illustrated by over 60 critical endings and anno- 
tated games. 1894. 20 Jem Brentano $2 

Shelby. A. B. Standard whist. 1899. 15Jcm 

Stone $1 
An exponent of the principles and rules of the modern 
entitle game, as adopted by the American whist league. 

796 Outdoor sports 

Athletics and out-door sports for women; with 
introd. by L. E. Hill. 1903. 21cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 
Contents: Physical training at home; Gymnasium work; 
Dancing, [esthetic and social; Cross-country walking; 
Swimming; Skating; Rowing; Golf; Running; Lawn 
tennis; Field hockey; Basket-ball; Equestrianism; Fenc- 
ing; Bowling; Track athletics. 

Bear , D. C. For playground, field and forest; 
the outdoor handy book. 1900. 20cm 

Scribner $2 
Y New edition of American boy's book of sport. Direc- 
tions for outdoor games and pastimes, with instructions 
for making all equipments for them. Unit. 

Camp, W. C. Walter Camp's book of college 
sports. Rev. ed. 1900. 21 Jem 

Century $1.75 
Regulations for college track athletics, rowing, base- 
ball and football, with much entertaining reminiscence; 
authoritative and manly in tone. N. Y. 

Clyde, Henry. Pleasure-cycling. 1895. 17£cm 

Little $1 

Capital manual for beginner. Useful hints for choosing 
a machine and for riding with safety and comfort. L. & I. 

Dalton, Davis. How to swim. 1809. 18Jcm 

Putnam $1 
Practical detailed instructions, by an expert, on how to 
acquire confidence, different strokes, fancy swimming, 
rescue, resuscitation, etc. 

Dent, C. T:, & others. Mountaineering. 2d ed. 

1892. 19£cm (Badminton lib. ) 

Longmans $2.50 

Frazer, P. D. Canoe cruising and camping. 

1897. 17£cm (Forest & stream lib. ) 

Forest & stream $1 

Many kinks -which will tend to secure comfort. Sci. 
Amer. (B) 

Heathcote, J: M., & others. Tennis, by J. M. 
Heathcote, with contributions by the Hon. A. 
Lyttelton and W. C. Marshall; Lawn tennis, 
by C. G. Heathcote, with contributions by L. 
Dod, H. W. W. Wilberforce, H. F. Lawford, 
S. W. Gore, R. D. Sears and Herbert Chipp; 
Rackets, by E. O. P.-Bouverie; Fives, by A. C. 
Ainger. 1890. 19cm (Badminton lib.) 

Longmans $2.50 
Hutchinson, H. G., & others. Golf. 6th ed. 
rev. 1898. 19|cm (Badminton lib.) 

Longmans $2.50 
Pollock, W. H., & others. Fencing. 4th ed. 
1897. 19£cm (Badminton lib.) 

Longmans $2.50 
Complete bibliography (p. 239-93) by Egerton Castle; 
Boxing, by E. B. Michell; Wrestling, by Walter Armstrong. 
Illustrations from instantaneous photographs. Title. 






Track athletics in detail; comp. by editor of "In- 
terscholastic sport" in "Harper's round table." 
1896. 23cm ("Harper's round table" lib. ) 

Harper $1.25 

Contents: Track events; Field events; Bicycling. 

Useful book about running, umping, walking, vault- 
ing, putting the shot, throwing th hammer, and bieyling. 
Illustrations from photographs of prominent athletes in 
action a particularly valuable feature. Critic, 29:211. 

Travis, W. J. Practical golf. 1901. 20 Jem 

Harper $2 n 
Deals with the game as modified by American climate 
and soil. Publishers. 

797 Boating and ball 

Camp, W. 0., &Deland, L. F. 


Football. 1896. 
Houghton $2 
One of the most thorough and comprehensive books 
ever written on the subject. D. A. Sargent. 

Kenealy, A. J. Boat sailing in fair weather and 
foul. 6th ed. 1903. 17Jcm (Outing lib.) 

Outing $1 
Good and practical. Stunt/.. 

Knight, E: F: Small-boat sailing. 1902. 20Jern 

Dutton $1.50 n 
Clear and comprehensive. Explains plainly all that 
the amateur need know in regard to choice, rig and 
handling of small boats. Nation, 73:51. 

Lehmann, R. C. Rowing, with chapters by 
C. M. Pitman and Guy Nickalls; ed. by B. F. 
Robinson. 1897. 19 Jem Lane $2 

Author one of the best coaches of present day. Much 
information about the University boat race, the training 
and dieting of crews. Chapters on rowing at Oxford, 
Cambridge, in Australia and America. Illustrations. 
Spec. 81:284. 

Webb, F. R. Manual of the canvas canoe; its 
construction. 1898. 19Jcm (Forest & stream 
lib.) Forest & stream $1.25 n 

Avoids use of involved technical terms and explains 
clearly the simple lines on which canoe is constructed. 
Working drawings give details for two designs. Nation, 

799 Fialiing. Hunting. Target 

Gibson, "W: H. Camp life in the woods and the 

tricks of trapping and trap making. 1881. 

18cm I larper $1 

Contains comprehensive hints on camp shelter, log 

huts, bark shanties, woodland beds and bedding, boat 

and canoe building and valuable suggestions on trap- 
pers' food, etc. Title. 

Holder, C: F: Big game fishes of the United 
States. 1903. 21cm (Amer. sportsman's lib. ) 

Macmillan $2 n 

Author a most experienced angler, and from his rich 
store he enlivens his account with many an entertaining 
tale. Affords excellent fishing by proxy. Good colored 
plates of fishes in action. Dial, 35:128. 

McCarthy, Eugene. Familiar fish, their habits 
and capture; a practical book on fresh- water 
game fish, with an introd. by D: S. Jordan. 
1900. 19Jcm Appleton $1.50 

Practical book on fresh-water game fish. Describes 
varieties, gives details about rods and tackle, hints as to 
methods, outfits, camp life, etc. N. Y. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Wilderness hunter, an 
account of the big game of the United States 
and its chase with horse, hound and rifle. 1900. 
17cm ( Sagamore ser. ) Putnam 50c 

Continued in his Hunting the grisly. In 1893 the two 
parts were published as one volume under title The wil- 
derness hunter. 

it- others. Deer family , by Theodore Roose- 
velt, T. S. Van Dyke, D. G. Elliot and A. J. 
Stone; illus. by Carl Rungius and others. 1902. 
21cm (Amer. sportsman's lib. ) 

Macmillan $2 n 
Entire contents bear evidence that they have been writ- 
ten by men who have a loving and educated interest in 
their subjects. Nation, 74: 493. 

& Grinnell, G: B. ed. American big- 

game hunting; the book of the Boone and 
Crockett club. 1901. 21 Jem (Boone & 
Crockett club) Forest & stream $2.50 

14 contributions (with appendixes) by various authors. 

Literature, p. 319-25. 

Articles by members of the Boone and Crockett club 
ranging from bear and buffalo hunting to photography 
of game, covering widely separated times, places and 
species of game. Preface by the editors perhaps the most 
pleasing. Nation, 57: 399. 

"Walton, Izaak, & Cotton, Charles. The com- 
pleat angler; ed. by Richard Le Gallienne, illus. 
byE. H. New. 1904. 19Jcm (Crown lib.) 

Lane $1.25 

The charm of the book is not so much in the matter, or 
even in the manner, as the unconscious picture of the 
. writer's own disposition. Chambers' rye. Eng. lit. 1: 613. 
It breathes the very spirit of innocence, purity and 
simplicity of heart. Charles Lamb. 


*01 Philosophy. Literary esthetics 

Gayley, C: M., & Scott, F. N. Introduction 
to the methods and materials of literary criti- 
cism; the bases in aesthetics and poetics. 1899. 
19cm Ginn 81.25 

References interspersed. 

For library and Students invaluable book of reference. 
Bibliography prepared by specialists, suggestive, well 
planned, well executed and thorough. Nation, 69: 488. 

Saintsbury, G: E: B. History of criticism and 
literary taste in Europe from the earliest texts 
to the present day: in 3 v. v. 1-2. 1900. 
23cm Dodd v. 1-2, $3.50 n ea 

From early Greek criticism through Aristotle, the Byzan- 
tine, Latin and early medieval critics to Dante, Chaucer, 
Froissart, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Gavin Douglas. N. Y. 

Winchester, C. T: Some principles of literary 
criticism. 1899. 18 2 cm Macmillan $1.50 

Attempts to define the qualities found in all writing 
serving to be called literature and to lay down some 
principles of sound critical judgment. N. Y. 

§03 Dictionaries 

Brewer, E. C. Dictionary of phrase and fable. 
Rev. ed. 1902. 20cm Lippincott $1.50 

Kf Derivation, source or origin of common phrases, al- 
lusions and words that have a special meaning. Kroeger. 

Reader's handbook of famous names in 

fiction, allusions, references, proverbs, plots, 

stories, and poems. Rev. ed. 1904. 20Jcm 

Ef Lippincott $3.50 

Champlin, J: D. Young folks' cyclopaedia of 

literature and art. 1901. 21cm Holt $2.50 

RfY Concise accounts of masterpieces of literature 

and art, including music, painting, architecture and 

sculpture. Kroeger. 

sol Essays 

Bates, Arlo. Talks on the study of literature. 
1897. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

In essay style, full of well sorted talk, criticism, anec- 
dotes and advice. Xation, 65: 419 (B) 

Brandes, G: M. C. Eminent authors of the 
nineteenth century: literary portraits; tr. by 
R. B. Anderson. 1886. 20cm Crowell $2 

Contents: Paul Heysc; Hans Christian Andersen; John 
^tuart Mill; Ernest Kenan; Gustave Flaubert; Frcderik 
Paludan-Miiller; Bjornstjerne Bjornson; Henrik Ibsen. 

Dowden, Edward. Studies in literature, 1789- 
1877. 2ded. 1882. 21cm Paul 6/ 

Contents: French revolution and literature; Transcen- 
dental movement and literature; Scientific movement 
and literatur • Prose works of Wordsworth; Walter Sav- 
age Landor; Tennyson and Browning; George Eliot: 
Lamennais; Edgar Quinet; On some French writers of 
verse, 1830-77; Poetry of Victor Hugo; Poetry of democ- 
racy, Walt Whitman. 

It is as a critic on poetry, in a volume full of suggestion 
and guidance, that we find him at his best. Spec. 74: 
822 (B) 

Matthews, Brander. Aspects of fiction, and 
other ventures in criticism. 3d ed. 1902. 
19£cm Scribner $1.25 n 

Contents: American literature; Two studies of the 
South; The penalty of humor; On pleasing the taste of 
the public; On certain parallelisms between the ancient 
drama and the modern; Importance of the folk-theatre; 
Two French dramatic critics: Francisque Sarcey, Jules 
Lemaitre; Two Scotsmen of letters: Andrew Lang, Rob- 
ert Louis Stevenson; Aspects of fiction: The gift of 
story-telling, Cervantes, Zola, Kipling & co., The prose 
tales of Francois Coppee, The short stories of Ludovic 
Halevy, Charles Dudley Warner as a writer of fiction. 

Trent, W: P. Authority of criticism, and other 
essays. 1899. 20cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Authority of criticism; Apropos of Shelley, 
Literature and morals; Nature of literature; On translat- 
ing Horace; The Byron revival; Teaching the spirit of 
literature; Mr Howells and romanticism; Tennyson and 
Musset once more. 

Discusses some questions leading toward a science of 
criticism; shows breadth of scholarship and clearnecs of 
vision. N. Y. 

§07 Study of literature 

Corson, Hiram. Aims of literary study. 1895. 
135cm (Miniature ser.) Macmillan 75c 

To get at the being of a great author, to come into rela- 
tionship with his absolute personality, is the highest re- 
sult of the study of his works. Author (B) 

§©§ Rhetoric. Treatises. Collections 

Alden, R. M. Art of debate. 1900. 19cm 

Holt $1 
Highly useful. Discussion is lucid, and illustrative 
material is of the most happy sort. Dial, 29: 237 (B) 

Bartlett, John, contp. Familiar quotations. 9th 
ed. 1902. 22 2 cm Little $3 

Rf Collection of passages, phrases and proverbs, both 
poetical and prose, giving sources in ancient and modern 






literature; chronologic arrangement. Index of authors 
and of most important words of quotations. Kroeger. 

Bates, Arlo. Talks on writing English. 2 v. 
1896-1901 . 20cm 

Houghton v. 1, $1.50; v. 2, $1.30 n 

R Sensible and helpful. Buffalo. 

Buckley, J. M. Extemporaneous oratory for 

professional and amateur speakers. 1898. 

20cm Eaton $1.50 

Expert's understanding of the art; comprehensive and 

practical, effectively detailed, and sensible. Lit. world, 

30: 292. 

Genung, J: F. Practical elements of rhetoric, 
with illustrative examples. 1900. 19cm 

Ginn $1.25 

Index of principal quotations, p. 485-88. 
Strong points are method, clearness ami copious use of 
illustrations. Lit. world. 18 B) 

Gummere, F. B. Handbook of poetics. 1885. 

19cm Ginn $1 

Careful outline adapted to beginners, introducing 

problems not only of the older but of the more modern, 

specially the German, criticism. Gayley & Scott. 

Harbottle, T: B. comp. Dictionary of quotations 

(classical) 1897. 21cm Macmillan $2.50 

Rf Best dictionary of Latin and Greek quotations. 

Translations given and an English index. Kroeger. 

& Dalbiac, P. H. comp. Dictionary of 

quotations (French and Italian) 1901. 205cm 
Rf Macmillan $2.50 

Hoyt, J. K. comp. Cyclopedia of practical quo- 
tations, English, Latin, and modern foreign lan- 
guages. Rev. ed. 1896. 25cm Funk $5 
Rf First ed. 1881, by J. K. Hoyt and A.. L. Ward. 
Arranged under subjects, giving exact authority as 
fully as possible. Full index to quotations from English 
authors and the English translation of foreign quotations; 
also an index to Latin and modern foreign quotations. 
Jones, H. P. comp. New dictionary of foreign 
phrases and classical quotations. Rev. ed. 1902. 
21cm Lippincott $3 
Rf Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, Spanish, 
Portuguese. List of authors quoted. Kroeger. 

Knowles, P: L. ed. Treasury of humorous po- 
etry; a compilation of witty, facetious, and satir- 
ical verse selected from the writings of British 
and American poets. 1902. 19cm 

Estes $1.20 n 

Judiciously chosen. Aims to give only extracts amusing 

to modern readers. More than 100 authors represented. 

Dial, 83: 338. 

Legouve, G. J. B. E. W. Reading as a line art; 

tr. from 9th ed. by A. L. Alger. 1886. 17cm 

Penn 50c 
He teaches by example (he is famed In France as an 
admirable reader) and by examples; his pages are filled 
with pertinent anecdotes. Nation (B) 

Lewes, G: H: Principles of success in literature; 

ed. with introd. and notes by F. N. Scott, 1891. 

19cm Allyn 50c 

Admirable discussion of fundamentals of literature. 

Gayley & Scott (B) 

Library of the world's best literature, ancient 
and modern; C: D. Warner, editor; H. W. Ma- 
■bie, Lucia Gilbert Runkle, G: H. Warner, asso- 
ciate editors. 31 v. 1902. 24 Jem (Teachers' 
ed. ) Internat. soc. subs. 

Rf Contents: v. 1-27, A-Z. v. 28, Songs, hymns and 
lyrics, v. 29, Biographical dictionary, v. 30, Synopses of 
noted books; General index, v. 31, Guide to systematic 

Authoritative, introductory sketches, biographic and 
critical, of authors quoted. Selections well chosen and 

Longfellow, H: W. ed. Poets and poetry of 
Europe; with introductions and biographical 
notices. Rev. ed. 1896. 25jcm 

Houghton $5 
Grouped by language and arranged chronologically. 
Meiklejohn, J: M. D. Art of writing English; a 
manual for students, with chapters on para- 
phrasing, essay-writing, precis-writing, punctua- 
tion, and other matters. 1900. 19£cm 

Appleton $1.50 

Meredith, George. An essay on comedy, and 

the uses of the comic spirit. 2ded. 1898. 20cm 

Constable 6/ 
First published in New quarterly magazine for April 1877. 
Of value from its subject matter and its author's place 
in English literature. Bowdoin. 

Perry, Bliss. Study of prose fiction. 1903. 
20cm Houghton $1.25 n 

Bibliography, p. 364-71. 

Deals with novelist's materials and his use of them, plot, 
background, realism, romanticism, the short story, etc. 
Suggestions for study in appendix. N. Y. 

Raleigh, "W. A. Style. 3d ed. 1898. 20cm 

E. Arnold 5/ 
Brilliantly written, novel and suggestive treatment. 
Gayley & Scott (B) 

Riddle, George, ed. Modern reader and speaker. 
1900. 20cm Stone $1.50 

I have had in view, specially in the orations, the union 
of that which seems modern in the works of old, well- 
tried authors, with the literature of today. The selec- 
tions are adapted to the modern natural method of speaJ 
ing. Pref. 

Schlegel, A. W. von. Lectures on dramatic art 

and literature; tr. by John Black; 2d ed. by 
A. J. W. Morrison. 1902. 19cm (Bonn's 
stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

Scott, F. N. , & Denney, J. V. Composition- 
rhetoric, for use in secondary schools. 1897. 
19cm Allyn $1 n 

LITEKATUKE — Rhetoric : collections 


Spencer, Herbert. Philosophy of style; with 
an essay on Btyle by T. II. Wright; ed. with 
introd. and notes, by F. X. Scott. 2d ed. L895. 
19U-H1 Allyn 45c n 

Most Important. Attempts to explain the effect oi both 
prose and poetry on the principle that thai language is 
most forcible which best economizes the mental energies 

and mental sensibilities, Gayley & Seoli B 

Stedman, E. C. Nature and elements of poetry. 
1892. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

He furnishes not petty measures hut great principles. 
It will do much, attentively studied, to deepen one's 
sense Of that connection between poetry and life which 
is the finest result of literary criticism. H. E. Scudder (B) 

Wendell, Barrett. English composition; eight 
lectures given at the Lowell institute. 1901. 
19cm Scribner $1.50 

Westlake. J. W. How to write letters; a man- 
ual of correspondence. 1901. 17Jcm 

Sower 84c n 

Probably the best manual for the inexpert letter-writer. 

Wood. K. B. comp. Quotations for occasions. 
1898. 20cm Century $1.50 

Rf Book of bright, apt quotations to add spice to 
lunches, after-dinner toasts, etc. Osterhout. 

Woodbridge, Elisabeth. The drama, its laws 
and its technique. 1898. 18iem Allyn 80c n 

Bibliographies, p. 175-78. 

Founded on Freytag's Technique of the drama and better 
adapted to modern American use. Good, short bibliog- 
raphy. Ed. sel. 

§09 History of literature 

Botta, Mr» A. C Lynch) Handbook of uni- 
versal literature. Rev. ed. 1902. 20cm 

Houghton $2 n 

Bird-eye view of world literatures; indicates most im- 
portant works, and the distinguishing characteristics of 
many authors. Publisher. 

Brandes, G: M. C. .Main currents in nineteenth 
century literature; in 6 v. v. 1-3. 1901-03. 
23cm Macmillan v. 1, $2.25 n; v. 2-3, $2.75n ea 

P S Contents: v. 1, The emigrant literature, v. 2, Ro- 
mantic school in Germany (1873) v. 3, Reaction in France 


Shows multifarious learning, catholicity and geni- 
ality. Nation, 73: 72. 

Elton, Oliver. The Augustan ages. 1899. 19£crn 
< Periods of Europ. lit. ) Scr ibner $1.50 n 
R A clear survey of classicism in European literature, 
which naturally resolves itself into a resume 1 of French 
and English literature in latter half of 17th and first 
quarter of 18th centuries. Buffalo. 

Matthews, Brander. Development of the drama, 
1903. 19 Jem Scribner $1.25 n 

Rather a study of dramatic construction than of the 
drama as literature. Pittsburg. 

Simonde de Sismondi, J. C: L. Historical view 

of the literature of the south of Europe; tr. with 
notes and a life of the author, by Thomas Roscoe. 
4th ed. 2 v. 1895. 18Jcm (Bohn's stand. 
lib.) -Macmillan $2 n 

81 American literature 

Bronson, W. C. Short history of American 
literature. 1900. 17Jcm Heath 80c n 

Harris, A. B. American authors for young 
folks. 1887. 18£cm Lothrop $1 

Y Contents: Irving; Cooper; Prescott; Emerson; Haw- 
thorne; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Alice and Phoebe Gary; 
Bayard Taylor; Thoreauand other "out-of-door" writers; 
Parkinan; George William Curtis; Donald Grant Mitchell: 
"H. H." and others; Lowell. 

Sketches of 14 leading American writers, designed to 
awaken desire to read their works. N. Y. 

Higginson, T: W., & Boynton, H: W. Read- 
er's history of American literature. 1903. 20cm 

Houghton $1.25 n 
Based on Lowell institute lectures, 1903. 
Lists for study and reading, p. 311-16. 
Concentrates attention on leading figures, ignoring 
minor names and details. Brief, but complete and con- 
secutive. Pittsburg. 

Howells, W: D. Literary friends and acquaint- 
ance; a personal retrospect of American author- 
ship. 1900. 21 Jem Harper $2.50 
Contents: My first visit to New England; First impres- 
sions of literary New York; Roundabout to Boston; Lit- 
erary Boston as I knew it; Oliver Wendell Holmes; The 
white Mr Longfellow; Studies of Lowell; Cambridge 

Mitchell, D. G. American lands and letters. 
2v. 1897-99. 21 Jem Scribner $2.50 ea 

Contents: v. 1, The Mayflower to Rip Van Winkle, v. 2, 
Leatherstocking to Poe's " Raven." 

Graceful and kindly biographic sketches, including 
much personal reminiscence. Admirable illustrations 
and typography. N. Y. 

Pancoast, H: S. Introduction to American lit- 
erature. 1898. 17£cm Holt $1 

Bibliographies interspersed. 

From colonial period to present. Best brief manual of 
the subject. Nation. 

Richardson, C: F. American literature, 1607- 
1885. 1887-89. 23cm Putnam $3.50 

Useful large manual. Broad, sensible and scholarly. 
Nation, 44: 172 (B) 

Trent, W: P. History of American literature, 
1607-1865. 1903. 20cm (Lit. of the world) 

Appleton $1.40 n 

Bibliography, p. 581-93. 

Excellent outline packed with historical facts, critical 
evaluations, names and titles, deftly combined and in- 
terestingly discussed. N. Y. 




Trent, W: P., & Wells, B: W. ed. Colonial 
prose and poetry. 3 v. 1903. 16cm (Handy vol. 
class. ) Crowell 75c ea 

Attempts to present such passages from colonial authors 
as reveal most of literary art, of individual genius, and 
of national mind in process of differentiation. Pref. 

Tyler, M. C. History of American literature 

during the colonial time. Rev. ed. 1890. 

23cm Putnam $3 

Thorough, exhaustive chronicle of American literary 

annals, down to the revolution. L. & I. 

Literary history of the American revolu- 
tion, 1763-1783. 1897. 23cm Putnam $3 
Fully represents both whigs and tories. Follows his His- 
tory of American literature during the colonial time. N. Y. 

Wendell, Barrett. Literary history of America. 
1900. 23cm (Lib. of lit. hist.) Scribner $3 
Authorities, p. 533-55. 

Not a complete history; vivacious though rather sketchy 
essays. Comment on individual authors fresh and pene- 
trating. W. C. Bronson in Amir. his/, r. 6: 807. 

Woodberry, G: E: America in literature. 1903. 
20cm Harper $1.50 n 

Originally appeared in Harper a magazine July 1902-Oct. 
1903 and Harper's weekly. 

Contents: The beginnings; The Knickerbockerera; The 
literary age of Boston; The South; The West; The 
achievement; Results and conditions. 

SI I American poetry 

Aldrich, T: B. Poems. 1890. 20 2 cm (House- 
hold ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

His predilection is for the picturesque; for romance 
combined with simplicity, purity and tenderness of feel- 
ing, touched by fancy and occasional lights of humor. 
Lib. of world's best lit. 

Brown, A. F. Pocketful of posies; illus. by 
F. Y. Cory. 1902. 19cm Houghton $1.50 n 
Y Poetic, humorous and fantastic. N. Y. 

Bryant, W: C. Poetical works; Roslyn ed. with 
chronologies of Bryant's life and poems, and a 
bibliography of his writings by H: C. Sturges, 
and a memoir of his life by R: H: Stoddard. 
1903. 21$cm Appleton $2 

Pride, honor, country throbbed through all his strain. 
J. R. Lowell. 

Bunner, H: C. Poems. 1896. 18cm 

Scribner $1.75 

Contents: Airs from Aready; Rowen; Ballads of the 
town and later lyrics. 

Burton, Richard. Lyrics of brotherhood. 1899. 

17 Jem Lothrop $1 

Carman, Bliss. Low tide on Grand Pr6; a book 

of lyrics. 1894. 18cm Small $1.25 

Cary, Alice & Phoebe. Poetical works. 1882. 
20Jcm (Household ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Crandall, C: H: ed. Representative sonnets by 
American poets, with an essay on the sonnet, 
its nature and history, including many notable 
sonnets of other literatures. 1890. 20 2 cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Dickinson, Emily. Poems; 1st ser. 10th ed. 
1892. 17 Jem Little $1.25 

Dodge, Mrs Mary (Mapes) Rhymes and 
jingles. 1903. 19cm 

Y Scribner $1.50 

AVhen life is young. 1894. 19 2 cm 

Century $1.25 

Y Many originally appeared in ,St Nicholas. 
Dunbar, P. L. Lyrics of lowly life; with introd. 

by W: D. Ho wells. 1896. 16cm Dodd $1.25 

Eggleston, G: C. ed. American war ballads 

and lyrics. 1889? 16 2 cm Putnam $1.50 

A collection of the songs and ballads of the colonial 
wars, the revolution, the war of 1812-15, the war with 
Mexico, and the civil war. Title. 

Emerson, R. W. Poems. 1904. 20 2 cm (Cen- 
tenary ed.) Houghton $1.75 
In his Complete works in class xi-t: v. 9. 

Field, Eugene. A little book of western verse. 
1895. 18cm Scribner $1.25 

Love-songs of childhood. 1894. 163cm 

Y Scribner $1 

With trumpet and drum. 1903. 17cm 

Scribner $1 

Y Child poetry collected from others of the author's 
volumes celebrating the "big tin trumpet and little red 
drum." Ed. sel. 

Gilder, R: W. Five books of song. 4th ed. 
1900. 19 2 cm Century $1.50 

Includes The new day; The celestial passion; Lyrics; 
Two worlds; The great remembrance. 

Harte, Bret. Poetical works. 1902. 20 2 cm 
(Household ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Hay, John. Poems. 1899. 18 2 cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Pike county ballads; Wanderlicder; New 
and old; Translations. 

Holbrook, Florence. Hiawatha primer. 1898. 

Y Houghton 75c 

Holland, J. G. Complete poetical writings. 
1900. 21cm Scribner $3.50 

Bittersweet, Katrina, etc. formerly issued in separate 
volumes. Kd. sel. 

Holmes, O. W. Complete poetical works. 1895 

2Ucm (Camb. ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 

The Riverside ed. of the Poetical works in 8 v. is uniform 

with the Prose works [claS8ol7] and is desirable, but the 

single volume will do at first. Ed. sel. 

LITERATURE— American poetry 


Hovey, Richard. Along the trail; a book of 
lyrics. 3ded. L90S. I7$cm Small $1.50 

Jackson. Mrs H.. M. (Fiske) Hunt. Poems. 
1902. 19cm Little |1.50 

Knowles, F: L. ed. Golden treasury of Ameri- 
can songs and lyrics. 1898. 17}cm Page $1.25 

147 poerus by 61 writers from Freneau to Lloyd Mifflin. 
Roughly chronologic arrangement. X. Y. 

Lanier, Sidney. Poems ; ed. by his wife, with 
a memorial by W: H. Ward. New ed. 1891. 
19hm Scribner $2 

Larcom, Lucy. Poetical works. 20>cm (House- 
hold ed. | Houghton $1.50 
Biographic sketch, pref. p. 3-6. 
Lawton, W: C. The New England poets. 1898. 
17. Win Macmillan 75c 
Biographic and critical studies of Emerson, Hawthorne, 
Longfellow, Whittier, Lowell, Holmes. X. Y. 

Brings a cosmopolitan culture to the consideration of 
American themes. He applies the eternal standards to 
American poet-. Matthews. 

Learned, Walter, ed. Treasury of American 
verse. 1897. 19$cm Stokes $1.25 

Excellent collection which preserves many good things 
not always found in similar books. Grouped by subject 
and sentiment. X. Y. 

Long-fellow, H: W. Complete poetical works. 
1893. 2Hcm (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $2 

The complete Poetical works, Riverside edition, 6 v. 89, 
is most desirable also. Ed. sel. 

Lowell, J. R. Complete poetical works. 1896. 
21cm (Camb. ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 
The Poems, Riverside ed. 4 v. 80, is very desirable also. 
Ed. • 

Markham, Edwin. The man with the hoe, and 

other poems. 1899. 19 z cm McClure $1 

Title poem, inspired by Millet's famous painting, a plea 
for oppressed humanity. X. Y. 

Matthews, Brander, ed. Poems of American 

patriotism. 1882. 19 2 cm Scribner $1.50 

Mifflin, Lloyd. At the gates of song: sonnets. 

1897. 21cm Estes $1.50 

Moody, W: V. Poems. 1901. 19cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Morrison, Mrs M. . J. (Whitney) ed. Songs and 

rhymes for the little ones. Newed. 1896. 20cm 

Y Page $1 

Peabody, J. P. Singing leaves; a book of songs 

and spells. 1903. 144 x 11cm Houghton $1 n 

Poe, E. A. Complete poetical works; ed. by J: 

II. Ingram. 19cm (Home lib.) Burt $1 

Sooner or later the 10 v. edition of his works published 

by .Stone should be bought. Ed. sel. 

His poems convey no moral, they echo no call to duty, 

they celebrate beauty only, beauty immaterial and eva- 
nescent; they are their own excuse for being. Brander 

Rand, T. H. ed. Treasury of Canadian verse, 
with brief biographical notes. 1900. 20cm 

Dutton $2 
Riley, J. W. Poems and prose sketches. Home- 
stead ed. 12 v. 1897-1902. 191cm 

Scribner subs. $18 

Contents: v. 1, Xeghborly poems and dialect sketches, 
v. 2, Sketches in prose; Jamesy; A Christmas story and 
others, v. 3, Afterwhiles. v. 4, Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury. 
v. 5, Rhymes of childhood, v. 6, The flying islands of the 
night, v. 7, Green fields and running brooks, v. 8, Poems 
here at home. v. 9, Armazindy. v. 10, A child-world, 
v. 11, Rubaiyat of Doc Sifers and Home-folks, v. 12, 
Book of joyous children. 

The Homestead edition can be had only in sets. Libra- 
ries may wish to begin with a few volumes only and they 
may be had separately as follows: v. 1-7, 9 and part 2 of 
v. 11, Bobbs-Merrill Co. SI. 25 each; v. 8 and part 1 of v. 11, 
Century Co. SL50 each* v. 12, Scribner, 81.20. Ed. sel. 

Roberts, C: G: D. Poems. 1901. 19icm 

Page $1.50 
Scollard, Clinton, ed. Ballads of American 

bravery. 1900. 19cm (Silver ser. of Eng. & 

Amer. class.) 

Y Silver 50cn 
Sherman, F. D. Little-folk lyrics. 1897. 20cm 

Y Houghton $1.50 
Sill, E: R. Poems. 1887. 171cm Houghton $1 
Stedman, E. C. Poetical works. 1901. 20 2 cm 

(Household ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Poets of America, n. d. 20cm 

Houghton $2.25 
Contents: Early and recent conditions; Growth of the 
American schools; Bryant; Whittier; Emerson; Longfel- 
low; Poe; Holmes; Lowell; Whitman; Bayard Taylor; The 

He has honesty, versatile sympathy, exact knowledge, 
and withal is a poet, its critical delineations are clear- 
cut, its matter is solid, its style strong, incisive, sugges- 
tive. H. N. Powers in Dial. 

ed. American anthology, 1787-1900; selec- 
tions illustrating the editor's critical review of 
American poetry in the 19th century, n. d. 
215cm Houghton $3 

Grouped chronologically. Attempts to represent best 
work, not to select the imperishable. Followed by com- 
pact biographic notices, alphabetically arranged, of 
poets represented. Indexes of first lines, titles and poets. 
X. Y. 

Stoddard, R: H: Poems. Complete ed. 1880. 
21cm Scribner $4 

Story, W: W. Poems. 2 v. 1886. 17cm 

Houghton $2.50 
Contents: v. 1, Parchments and portraits, v. 2, Mono- 
logs and lyrics. 




Tabb, J: B. Child verse; poems grave and gay. 
1899. 20 x 16}cm 

Y Small $1 

Poems. 10th ed. 1903. 14 x 11cm 

Small $1 

Taylor, Bayard. Poetical works of Bayard Tay- 
lor. 1903. 20 Jem (Household ed.) 

Houghton $1.50 

Thaxter, C. L. Poems. 1902. 19£em 

Houghton $1.50 

Thomas, E. M. In sunshine land; illus. by 
Katharine Pyle. 1895. 20cm 

Y Houghton $1.50 

In the young world. 1896. 20.] em 

Y Houghton $1.50 

— Lyrics and sonnets. 1887. 18k'in 

Houghton $1.25 

Thompson, Slason, comp. The humbler poets; 
a collection of newspaper and periodical verse, 
1870 to 1885. 9th ed. 1899. 21cm 

McClurg $1.50 

Van Dyke, Henry. The builders, and other 
poems. 1897. 19cm Scribner $1 

The Builders written for Princeton sesquicentennial 

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of grass. 1903. 19]cm 

Small $1 

Including Sands at seventy, Good-bye my fancy, Old 
age echoes, and A backward glance o'er travel'd roads. 

Selections from [his] prose and poetry; 

ed. with an introd. by O. L. Triggs. 1898. 21cm 

Small $1.25 
Selected bibliography, p. 251-57. 

Whittier, J: G. Complete poetical works. 1895. 
21]cm (Camb.ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 

His Poetical works, Riverside edition, 4 v. $6, also desir- 
able. Ed. sel. 

Preeminently the singer of the anti-slavery crusade, the 
most representative of New England poets, and the poet 
of religious sympathy and hope and trust. J: W. Chad- 

Woodberry, G: E: Poems. 1903. 18£cm 

Macmillan $1.50 n 

Includes earlier volumes, My country. Wild Eden., 
Players' elegy, North Shore watch, odes and sonnets, with 
some hitherto unpublished verse. N. Y. 

812 American drama 

Howells, W: D. The mouse-trap, and other 
farces. 1889. 19cm. Harper $1 

Contents: The garroters; Five o'clock tea; The mouse- 
trap; A likely story. 

Howells, W: D. The sleeping-car, and other 
farces. 1892. 19Jcm Houghton $1 

Contents: The parlor-car; The sleeping-car: The regis- 
ter; The elevator. 

§13 American fiction 

Abbot, A. B. A frigate's namesake. 1901. 

19cm Century *1 n 

Y Story of a little girl named for battleship Essex. For 
readers of 12 and over. Unit. 

Abbott, Jacob. The Franconia stories. 10 v. 
in 5. 17$cm Harper $5 

Y Contents: v. 1, Malleville; Wallace, v. 2, Mary Ers- 
kine; Mary Bell. v. 3, Beechnut; Rodolphus. v. 4, Ellen 
Linn; Stuyvesant. v. 5, Caroline; Agnes. 

Stories of Rainbow and Lucky. 5 v. 

1887-88. 17cm Harper 75c ea 

Y Contents: Handle; Rainbow's journey; Three pines; 
Selling Lucky; Up the river. 

Alcott, L.. M. Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. 6 v. 
1900-01. 17.Vm Little $1 ea 

Y Contents: v. 1, My boys, etc. v. 2, Shawl-straps, v. 3, 
Cupid and Chow-chow, etc. v. 4, My girls, etc. v. 5, Jim- 
my's cruise in the pinafore, etc. v. 6, An old-fashioned 
Thanksgiving, etc. Sequel, Rose in bloom, same publishers 
and price, isperhaps rather advanced for 14 years. Ed. sel- 

Eight cousins; or, The aunt-hill. 1903. 


Little $1.50 
Hospital sketches and camp and fireside 



stories. 1892. 18cm 

Based on experiences in 1862-63 as a hospital nurse in 
Washington. Almost a literal reproduction of letters to 
her family. N. Y. 

Jack and Jill: a village story. 1902. 

17Jcm Little $1.50 

Y Story of the busy and happy days of a boy and girl 
recovering from results of an accident. N. Y. 

Jo's boys, and how they turned out; 

sequel to "Little men." 1903. 17.5cm 

Little $1.50 

Y Illus. ed. 1903, Little $2. Ed. sel. 

Little men; life at Pluinfield with Jo's 

boys. 1901. 20cm Little $1.50 

Y Edition illus. by R. B. Birch 1901, Little 12. Ed. sel. 
About the boys in Aunt Jo and Mr Baer's school; fol- 
lows Little ivomen. 

Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and 

Amy. 1901. 17$cm Little $1.50 

Y Illus. ed. 1902, Little 12, desirable. Ed. sel. 
Following the growth of 4 wholesome girls to woman- 
hood. Baker. 

An old-fashioned girl; illus. by J. W. 

Smith. 1902. 19cm Little $1.50 

Y Illus. ed., Little S2. Ed. sel. 

City life of a winning and sensible little country 
girl. N.Y. 

LITERATI' KE— American fiction 


Alcott, L... M. Spinning-wheel stories. L902. 
17cm Little $1 

Y read to a party of children during the Christ- 
mas holidays. N. V. 

Under the lilacs. 1901. 17cm 

Little $1.50 

Y Story of a stray circus boy who found friends for him- 
self and his remarkable dog at a country house. N. Y. 

Work. 1900. 17Vm Little $1.50 

Life of a New England tnrl of superior birth, who goes 
out to earn her living, and shows energy and adherence 
to the right. Baker. 

Alden, W: L. The moral pirates. 1904. 18cm 
Harper's young peop. ser. | Harper 60c 

Y Exciting adventures of -i New York hoys on the 
Hudson in a row boat. Sargent. 

Aldrich. T:B. Marjorie Daw, and other people. 
1901. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: Marjorie Daw; A Hi vermouth romance; Quite 
A. young desperado; Miss Mehetabel's sqn; A struggle 
for life; Mademoiselle Olympe Zabriski; Pere Antoine's 

Artful stories, wit characterising not only the style but 
the manipulation of plot. Every tale is logically worked 
out, complete in itself, and usually ends in a surprise. 

Prudence Palfrey. 1902. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 

A nearly impossible plot, worked out with wit and 
plausibility. Baker. 

The Queen of Sheba. 1877. 18cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Novelette connected with Marjorie Daw by character of 
Flemming. Compact of humor and sensation. Scenes, a 
New Hampshire village and Switzerland. Baker. 

A sea turn, and other matters. 1902. 

19cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: A sea turn; His Grace the Duke; Shaw's 
folly; An untold story; The case of Thomas Phipps; The 
white feather. 

The Stillwater tragedy. 1880. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Various aspects of life in a manufacturing village, the 
passions and calamities of a strike, realistically depicted. 

Story of a bad boy. 47th ed. 1897. 

20Jcm Houghton $1.25 

Y Other good editions are illustrated ed. Houghton 
S2, and Riverside school library ed. 70c. Ed. sel. 

Story of a mischievous but truly good, natural New 
England boy. Puritanism is characterized NY. 

Two bites at a cherry, with other tales. 

1894. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Two bites at a cherry, " For bravery on the 
field of battle," The Chevalier de Resseguier; Goliath; 
My cousin the colonel; A Christmas fantasy, with a 
moral; Her dying words. 

Allen, J. L. Aftermath. 1896. 15xll.]cin 
(Harper's little nov.) Harper $1 

Follows Kentucky cardinal. 

Meditations and fanciful disquisitions on life. Domi- 
nant motive the conflict between love of nature and the 
humaner love of wife and home. Baker. 

The choir invisible. 

1898. 174cm 
Macmillan $1.50 

Story of Kentucky in years following war of independ- 
ence; very delicate in analysis of feeling, and in the sug- 
gestive and poetical use of landscape. Baker. 

Flute and violin, and other Kentucky 

tales and romances. Biographical ed. 1899. 
19£cm Harper $1.50 

Contents: Flute and violin; King Solomon of Kentucky; 
Two gentlemen of Kentucky; The white cowl; Sister Do- 
lorosa; Posthumous fame. 

Stories of Blue-grass region of Kentucky, and of its 
hardy agricultural folk. Mostly pathetic in motive. 

A Kentucky cardinal. 1898. 15xll£cm 

(Harper's little nov. ) Harper $1 

Followed by Aftermath. 

Extremely delicate study of personality and motive, 
penetrated with a tender love of nature. Perhaps of 
most interest for its descriptions of Kentucky. Baker. 

Reign of law; a tale of the Kentucky 

hemp fields. 1900. 18£cm Macmillan $1.50 

Andrews, Jane. Seven little sisters who live 
on the round ball that floats in the air. 1893. 
18cm (Class, for home school) 

Ginn 50c 

Gives a vivid impression of the shape of the earth, of 
the distribution of nations over it and of the essential 
brotherhood of man. T: W. Higginson. 

Ten boys who lived on the road from 

long ago to now. 1886. 18cm Lee $1 

Y A good birdseye view of progress of civilization, in- 
terestingly told tor boys and girls. Pittsburg. 

Aspinwall, Mrs Alicia. Short stories for short 
people; illus. by M. L. Danforth. 2Hcm 

Dutton |1.50 

Y Bits of pure imagination, having that impossibility 
in which children delight, that fresh vigor which carries 
attention along, and that suggestion which even children 
vaguely feel of deeper meanings. T: W. Higginson. 

Austin, Mrs Jane (Goodwin) Betty Alden: 
the first-born daughter of the Pilgrims. 1891. 
18£cm Houghton $1.25 

Sequel to Standish o/Standish. 

David Alden's daughter, and other stories 

of colonial times. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

12 stories, each representing some noteworthy character 
or epoch of colonial times. L. & I. 




Austin, Mrs Jane (Goodwin) Dr Le Baron 
and his daughters; a story of the Old Colony. 
1901. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

The doctor is son of the Nameless nobleman. Deals with 
later phases of social life, embodying many traditions 
and legends. 

A nameless nobleman. 1881. 17$cm 

( Round-robin ser. ) Houghton $1 . 25 

Standish of Standish, a story of the Pil- 
grims, n. d. 19cm Houghton $1.25 

Tale of the pilgrimsof Plymouth colony in 17th century. 
Baby days; a new selection of songs, stories 
and pictures for very little folks; with introd. 
by editor of St Nicholas. 300 illustrations. 1903. 
24icm Century $1.50 

Y Embraces about 40 pages of the earlier edition; the 
rest made up of new favorites from recent numbers of St 
Nicholas. Pub. wklv. 

Bacheller, I. A. Eben Holden; a tale of the 
north country. 1903. 21cm Lothrop $1.50 
Novel of life in the Adirondacks 50 years ago, the inter- 
est centering in Eben Holden, a faithful old servant. 
Graphic pictures of nature and of life in woods and fields. 

Bangs, J: K. House-boat on the Styx. 1896. 

mem Harper $1.25 

Shakespeare, Mozart, Dr Johnson, Delilah, Lucretia 

Borgia, Barnum, Artemus Ward and Phidias are among 

the dramatis persons: of these absurdities. Baker. 

Barbour, B-. H: Behind the line; a story of 
college life and football. 1902. 20cm 

Appleton $1.20 n 

Y In a small New England college. N. Y. 

Captain of the crew. 1901. 20cm 

Appleton $1.20 n 

Y School athletics and character building. Follows 
For flic honor of the school. N. Y. 

For the honor of the school; a story of 

school life and interscholastic sport. 1900. 

Y Appleton $1.50 

The half-back; a story of school, football 

and golf. 1899. 19§cm Appleton $1.50 

Y Tale of a preparatory school and of freshman year 
at Harvard. Closes with account of a Yale-Harvard foot- 
ball game. Pittsburg. 

Weatherby's inning; a story of college 

life and baseball. 1903. 20km 

Appleton $1.25 n 
Y A young man's struggle against untoward circum- 
stances in a small New England college. N. Y. 
Barnes, James. Drake and his yeomen; a true 
accounting of the character and adventures of 
Sir Francis Drake. 1899. 20Vm 

Macmillan $2 

Barnes, James. For king or country; a story of 
the American revolution. 1896. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 

Y Interesting and instructive story of twin brothers 
brought up in a Tory family in New Jersey; one remains 
a loyalist; the other becomes an ardent patriot. For 
boys over 13. Unit. 

A loyal traitpr; a story of the war of 1812. 

1897. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Y Full of adventure; interesting to boys of 12 and 
upward. Unit. 

Midshipman Farragut. 1902. 20cm 

(Young heroes of our navy) Appleton $1 

Y Story of two years of Admiral Farragut's boy life on 
Commodore Porter's ship during war of 1812. N. Y. 

Barnum, Mrs F. . C. (Baylor) Juan and Juanita. 

1888. 22cm Houghton $1.50 

Y Mexico and Texas form background of story, which 
sketches the Indian graphically. Baker. 

Barr, Mrs A. E. (Huddleston) Bow of orange 
ribbon. 1893. 20|cm Dodd $1.25 

Story of New York in 1756, with a romance between a 
Dutch maiden and one of King George's officers. Pic- 
turesque, natural and amusing. L. & I. 

Friend Olivia. 1898. 19cm Dodd $1.25 

Historical study of Quaker life in early days of Crom- 
well, full of sympathy with puritans and severity toward 
cavaliers. Cromwell among the dramatis personse. Baker. 

Jan Vedder's wife. 1885. 17£cm 

Dodd $1.25 

Story of the Shetland isles and the primitive inhabit- 
ants, descendants of the Norsemen, with sketches of their 
homely yet picturesque life. Baker. 

Maid of Maiden lane; sequel to "The 

bow of orange ribbon." 1900. 19cm 

Dodd $1.50 

Death of Franklin, large influx of French refugees, 

and division of opinion regarding English rights in the 

lost colonies, enter into the story. New York city, 1791. 


Remember the Alamo. 1898. 19cm 

Dodd $1.25 
Tale of the revolt of the Americans in Texas against 
Mexican rule. Davy Crockett, Sam Houston and Santa 
Anna figure prominently. L. & I. 

Baskett, J. N. As the light led. 1900. 17. Jem 

Macmillan $1.50 
Country love story of northern Missouri, when political 
issues of that region were seriously affected by disputes of 
Immcrsionisis and Paedobaptists. Baker. 

Bellamy, Edward. Looking backward, 2000- 
1887; with introd. by Sylvester Baxter. Me- 
morial ed. 1898. 19Vm Houghton $1 

Picture of a socialist state in 2000 and retrospective 
view of the industrial life of the 19th century. Marot. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Bennett, John. Barnaby Lee. 1902. 19}cm 

Century $1.50 

Y Boy's adventures with pirates and in New Amster- 
dam at period of English capture, 1664. Local color care- 
fully studied. Among characters arc Peter Stuyvesant 
and Governor Calvert of Maryland. N. Y. 

Master Skylark; illus. by R. B. Birch. 

1898. I9$cm Century $1.50 

Y Blaster skylark, a Stratford boy in Shakespeare's 
time, who. fulling on hard places in London, seeks theaid 
of his feUowtownsman. Dial. 

Boyesen, H. H. Gunnar; a tale of Norse life. 
10th ed. 1903. lS.hni Scribner $1.25 

A Norse romance following a hoy's growing life and 
love. X. Y. 

Modern vikings; stories of life and sport. 

in the Noreeland. 1887. 19cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Y Contents: Tharald's otter; Between sea and sky; 
Mikkel; The famine among the gnomes; How Bernt 
went whaling; The cooper and the wolves; Magnie's 
dangerous ride; Thorwald and the star-children; Big 
Hans and little Hans; A new winter sport; The Skerry of 
shrieks; Fiddle-John's family. 

Collection of Norwegian folk tales and stories of 
modern adventure. Hardy. 

Norseland tales. 1894. 19cm (Norseland 

ser. Scribner $1.25 

Y Contents: Zuleika; The sunless world; Life for life; 
Tlie adventures of a "dig;" A runaway's Thanksgiving; 
A Lorn chieftain; The feud of the wildhaymen; The little 
chap: The sun's sisters; Little Alvilda. 

Adventures of Norway boys at home and abroad. Sar- 
Ktnt 2. 

Brady, C. T. For the freedom of the sea. 1899. 
19cm Scribner $1.50 

War of 1812. Vivid account of right between Constitu- 
tion and Guerriere. N. Y. 

Briscoe, M. S. Jimty, and others; illus. by W. T. 
-medley and A. B. Frost. 1898. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 
<ontents: Jimty; The price of peace; An echo; The 
Christmasmummers; Concealed weapons; Annie Tousey's 
little game; Princess I-would-I-wot-not; It is the custom; 
Salt of the earth; A goose-chase; An entomological woo- 
ing; The quarter loaf. 

Brooks, E. S. A boy of the first empire. 1895. 
19$cm Century $1.50 

Y Hero is in the personal service of Napoleon, and the 
domestic side of the emperor's character is pleasantly- 
shown. Originally published in St Nicholas. Unit. 

In Leisler's times: an historical story of 

Knickerbocker New York. 1886. 19£cm 
Y Lothrop $1.50 

& Alden, John. The long walls. 1896. 

20cm Putnam $1.50 

Y An American boy's adventures in digging out re- 
mains of a buried city in Greece. N. Y. 

Illustrations excellent; local color, and even fireek 

quotations accurate. Gives very correct impressions in 
regard to localities. Nation. 

Brooks, Noah. The boy emigrants; illus. by 
Thomas Moran and W. L. Sheppard. 1903. 
19£em Scribner $1.25 

Y Adventures of some boys who started from Illinois to 
cross the plains shortly after the breaking out of the 
"gold fever" in California. Hardy. 

Boys of Fairport. 1898. 19cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Y Originally published as The Fairport nine. Will ap- 
peal to any boy with a wholesome love of athletics. N. Y. 

Tales of the Maine coast. 1894. 17£cm 

Scribner $1 

Contents: Pansy Pegg; The apparition of Jo Murch; 
The hereditary barn; The phantom sailor; The honor of 
a family; The waif of Nautilus Island; A century ago. 

Setting of the tales mainly in and around the ancient 
town of Castine, Me. 

Brown, A. F. The lonesomest doll. 1901. 
19jcm Houghton 85c n 

Y The rescue of a doll confined in the treasure house 
because too splendid for her little mother to play with. 

N. Y. 

Brown, Alice. King's End. 1901. 19cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Originally published in Ltppincott' s magazine under title 
April showers. 

Quiet story of life in a New England mountain village,, 
full of insight into rustic character. Baker. 

Meadow-grass. 1899. 18cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Contents: Number five; Farmer Eli's vacation; After 

all; Told in the poorhouse; Heman's ma; Heartsease; 

Mis' Wadleigh's guest; A righteous bargain; Joint owners 

in Spain; At Sudleigh fair; Bankrupt; Nancy Boyd's last 

sermon; Strollers in Tiverton. 
Short tales of New England village life, characterised 

by a joyous, outdoor spirit and a keen delight in the open 

air. Baker. 

Tiverton tales. 1899. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Contents: Dooryards; A March wind; The mortuary- 
chest; Horn-o'-the-moon; A stolen festival: A last assem- 
bling; The way of peace; The experience of Hannah 
Prime; Honey and myrrh; A second marriage; The flat- 
iron lot; The end of all living. 

Stories and character sketches of New England country 
folk. N. Y. 

Brown, H. D. Little Miss Phoebe Gay. 1895. 
19.}cm Houghton $1 

Y Story of daily adventures of a little New England 
girl 10 years old. N. Y. 

Brush, Mrs Christine (Chaplin) The colonel's 
opera cloak. 1904. 19£cm Little $1.50 

The happy go lucky life of a southern family in a north- 
ern town. N. Y. 




Bunner, H: C. Love in old cloathes, and other 
stories; illus. by W. T. Smedley, Orson Lowell 
and Andre Castaigne. 1896. 19£cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Love in old cloathes; A letter and a para- 
graph; "As one having authority;" Crazy wife's ship; 
French for a fortnight; The red silk handkerchief; Our 
aromatic uncle. 

The midge. 1902. 18£cm Scribner $1 

Story of the French quarter in New York. L. & I. 

More "Short sixes." 1894. 19£cm 

Keppler $1 

Contents: The cumbersome horse; Mr Vincent Egg 
and the wage of sin; The ghoollah; Cutwater of Seneca; 
Mr Wick's aunt; What Mrs Fortescue did; The man with 
the pink pants; The third tigure in the cotillion: Saman- 
tha Boom-de-ay; My dear Mrs Billington. 

"Short sixes;" stories to be read while 

the candle burns. 1891. 19cm Keppler $1 

Contents: The tenor: Col. Brereton's aunty; A round- 
up; The two churches of Quawket; The love letters of 
Smith; Zenobia's infidelity; The nine cent-girls; The nice 
people; Mr Copernicus and the proletariat; Hector; A 
sisterly scheme; Zozo; An old, old story. 

Clever, humorous tales in which the artist keeps turn- 
ing up the unexpected. Critic, 17: 333. 

Story of a New York house; illus. by 

A. B. Frost. 1887. 19icm Scribner $1.25 

Study of typical local and family history-r-quiet, un- 
eventful American realism. Baker. 

Zadoc Pine, and other stories. 1891. 

IS Jem Scribner $1 

Contents: The Zadoc Pine labor union; Natural selec- 
tion; Casperl; A second-hand story; Mrs Tom's spree; 
Squire Five-Fathom. 
Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson) Haworth's. 
1879. 19cm Scribner $1.25 

Tragic story of the lowly domestic life of the Lan- 
cashire work people. Baker. 

In connection with the De Willoughby 

claim. 1899. 19£cm Scribner $1.50 

Country life in Tennessee about time of civil war 
(1861). Baker. 

Little Lord Fauntleroy. 1897. 19cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Y An engaging boy born in America in poverty is the 
grandson and heir of an English earl. While the story 
is neither original nor probable the circumstances are 
prettily told. Ed. sel. 

, Louisiana. 1880. 19cm Scribner $1.25 

Portrait of a simple and beautiful type of southern 
girlhood. Scenes of life in the mountain region of North 
Carolina. Baker. 

That lass o' Lowrie's. 

1902. 19cm 
Scribner $1.25 

Story of the author's native Lancashire. Loving and 
thoroughly realistic portraiture of the humble life of 
the working classes. Baker. 

Burnett, Mrs Frances (Hodgson) Through one 
administration. 1901. 19cm Scribner $1.50 
A poignant drama enacted amidst the brilliant social 
life and political corruption of Washington. Baker. 

Burnham, Mrs C. L. (Root) Dr Latimer; a 
story of Casco Bay. 1893. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Next door. 18£cm Houghton $1.25 

Delineation of life 50 years ago in a sequestered New 
England farmstead. Baker. 

The wise woman. 1895. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Bynner, E. L. Agnes Surriage. n. d. 185cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Love romance of colonial times, based on story of Sir 
Charles Henry Frankland. Baker. 

Cable, G: W. Bonaventure. 1888. I8.U111 

Scribner $1.50 

Idyllic love story, with humor in the character sketches 
of the Acadians exiled in Louisiana. Abounds in natural 
description. Baker. 

Dr Sevier. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Story of the struggle of a young married pair in New- 
Orleans before the war. The old Creole town, streets. 
houses and people very completely delineated. Baker. 

The Grandissimes; a story of creole life. 

1880. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Romance of New Orleans and its Creole inhabitants a 
century ago. Baker. 

John March, southerner. 1894. 19cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Story of reconstruction in the South. The rapid career 
of various financial companies, intrigues, quarrels, fights, 
and final collapse make a vigorous story. Baker. 

Old creole days. 1890. 17cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Contents: Madame Delphine; Cafe des exiles: Belles 
demoiselles plantation; Posson Jone; Jean-ah Pouquelin; 
Tite Poulette; 'Sieur George; Madame Delicieuse. 

Canavan, M. J. Ben Comee; a tale of Rogers's 
rangers, 1758-59. 1899. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Y Vivid picture of wholesome boy life in Lexington. 
Has historic value. Pittsburg. 

Carryl, C: E: Davy and the goblin; or, What 
followed reading Alice's adventures in Wonder- 
land; illus. by E. B. Bensell. 1896? 22cm 

Houghton |1.50 

Y Fantastic adventures of a little boy who wouldn't 
believe in fairies and goblins. N. Y. 

Catherwood, Mrs Mary (Hartwell) Romance 
ofDollard. 1889. 20cm Century $1.25 

Dollard was "the man of courageous heart" who saved 
New France from the Iroquois in 1660. Buffalo. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Catherwood. Mrs Mary (Hartwell) Story of 
Tnnty. 6th ed. 1901. 20cm McClurg $1.25 

Romantic adventure of the one-armed lieutenant who 
shared the hardships and triumphs of La Salle's discov- 
• i ks v - ib. m. 

Chambers, R. W: Cardigan. 1901. I9}cm 

Harper |1.50 

Revolutionary romance ol love and adventure. Hero 
I hew of Sir William Johnson. Scenes, Mohawk valley, 
Pittsburg and Lexington. N. Y. 

A kinu r and a few dukes; a romance. 

18%. 19cm Putnam $1.2,5 

Maids of paradise. 1903. 19$cm 

Harper $1.50 n 

Romance of love and adventure during Franco- Prussian 

war. Paradise is a Breton village and the hero an Amer- 

• mployed by the imperial military police. N. Y. 

The red republic. 1895. 20cm 

Putnam $1.25 

Minute study of the Paris commune of 1871, including 
■ :ure of the guns on Montmartre and murder of Arch- 
bishop Darboy. Dial. 20: 337. 

Chase, Mrs Jessie (Anderson) Mayken; a 
child's story of the Netherlands in the sixteenth 
century. 1902. 20km McClurg $1.20 n 

Y Adventures at court and during siege of Leyden of 
little daughter of William of Orange. Main characters 
historical. N. Y. 

Chesnutt, C: W. 

The conjure woman. 1899. 
Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The goophered grapevine; Po' Sandy; Mars 
Jeems's nightmare; The conjurer's revenge; Sis' Becky's 
pickaninny; The gray wolf's ha'nt; Hot-foot Hannibal. 

Sketches of southern negro life. Baker. 

Chopin, Mrs Kate i O' Flaherty) Bayou folk. 
1. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Stories and characterizations of descendants of Acadian 
exiles in Louisiana. Baker. 

Churchill, Winston. The crisis, illus. by H. C. 
Christy. 1901. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Scene chiefly St Louis, just before and during civil 
war, and the fierce political movements of the time are 
personified in a representative set of characters, includ- 
ing Lincoln, Grant and Sherman. An honest and pains- 
taking attempt to disclose the causes of the struggle. 

. Richard Carvel. 1899. 


Macmillan $1.50 

Autobiography dealing with period of American revo- 
lution. Scene, Maryland; contains also a graphic and 
detailed picture of Georgian London. Baker. 

Clemens, S: L. Personal recollections of Joan 
of Arc; by the Sieur Louis de Conte (her page 
and secretary); freely translated out of the 

ancient French from the original ms. by J. F. 
Alden. 189(5. 19icm Harper $2.50 

A prose epic which seizes the undying charm of Joan's 
character. Storyputinto the mouth of an actual fifteenth 
century knight. Nation, 63: 52. 

Clements, S: L. The prince and the pauper, by 
Mark Twain. 1903. 20£cm Harper $1.75 

Y Through a misadventure the boy, afterwards Ed- 
ward VI of England, changes place with a street waif. 
N. Y. 

Coffin, C: C. Daughters of the revolution and 
their times, 1769-1776. 1895. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Y Story of outbreak of the revolution. Describes state 
of public feeling, Boston massacre, tea party, battle of 

Lexington, etc. N. Y. 

Connor, Ralph, pseud. Black Rock; a tale of 
the Selkirks. 1900. 18£cm Revell $1.25 

The man from Glengarry; a tale of the 

Ottawa. 1901. 20cm Revell $1.50 

Appeared in the Outlook, v. 68-69, July 6-Nov. 30, 1901. 
Frontier life in forests of northwestern Canada. N. Y. 

The sky pilot; a tale of the foothills. 1901. 

18 Jem Revell $1.25 

Scene: frontier village in foothills of the Rockies. 
Sketches of cowboy life and character, and of the moun- 
tains and the prairies. N. Y. 

Cooke, Mrs Rose (Terry) Happy Dodd; or, 
"She hath done what she could." n. d. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Somebody's neighbors, n. d. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: Eben Jackson; Miss Lucinda; Dely's cow; 
Squire Paine's conversion; Miss Beulah's bonnet; Cal 
Culver and the devil; Amandar; Polly Mariner, tailoress; 
Uncle Josh; Poll Jenning's hair; Freedom Wheeler's con- 
troversy with Providence; Mrs Flint's married experi- 
Stories of New England country life. N. Y. 

The sphinx's children, and other people's. 

n. d. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The sphinx's children; The deacon's week; 
Ablacksilk; JerichoJim; Lost on a railway; Doctor Park- 
er's Patty; Doom and Dan; Some account of Thomas 
Tucker; The forger's bride; Too late: My Thanksgiving; 
How she found out; Ann Potter's lesson; Aceldama 
Sparks; Sallathiel Bump's stocking; Sally Parson's duty; 
A hard lesson; 'Liab's first Christmas. 

Steadfast: the story of a saint and a sinner. 

1889. 19$cm Houghton $1.25 

Life and trials of a young minister in Connecticut val- 
ley in early 18th century. Baker. 

Coolidge, Susan, pseud. The barberry bush, and 
eight other stories about girls for girls. 1893. 
18cm Little $1.25 

Y Contents: The barberry bush; The lady in white 
satin; Angels unawares; In the cathedral; The engineer's 

story: A quiet girl; What the pudding brought; A chance 
word; N'ika. 




Coolidge, Susan, pseud. Clover. 1888. 18cm 
(Katy did ser. 4) 

Y Little $1.25 
In the High Valley; being the fifth and 

last volume of the Katy did series. 1904. 19cm 

Y Little $1.25 

Little $1.25 
Y A Connecticut girl's summer at Newport. Contains 
excellent advice about social etiquette. N. Y. 

What Katy did. 1900. 17£cm (Katy 

did ser. 1) 

Y LitJ : $1.25 

What Katy did at school. 1901. 19cm 

(Katy did ser. 2) 

Little $1.25 

What Katy did next. 1886. ITAcm 

(Katy did ser. 3) 

Y Little $1.25 

Cooper, J. F. Afloat and ashore, a sea tale. 
Mohawk ed. 1896. 19icm Putnam $1.25 

Sequel, Miles Wallingfnrd. 

Sketches of the earliest years of the country as an inde- 
pendent nation. Houghton. 

The crater; or, Vulcan's peak. Mohawk 

ed. 1896. 21Jcm Putnam $1.25 

Scene, an unknown volcanic island in the Pacific 
ocean. Adventures of two castaways described. Hough- 

The deerslayer, a tale. 1900. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Opening story of the series, called from the pioneer 
hero, the " Leatherstocking tales." Succeeded dv The 
last of the Mohicans; The pathfinder; The pioneers; The 
prairie. Full of adventure and descriptions of forest life 
and scenery. Buffalo. 

Last of the Mohicans. 1900. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Second of "Leatherstocking tales." Story of adven- 
ture among northern New York Indians during French 
and Indian war. N. Y. 

Miles Wallingford. Mohawk ed. 1896. 

21 Jem Putnam $1.25 

Sequel to Afloat and ashore. Published in England as 
I/ucy Hardin ge. 

The pathfinder; or, The inland sea. 1900. 

19cm Macmillan $1.25 

Third of "Leatherstocking tales." Scenes on and 
about Lake Ontario. N. Y. 

The pilot, a tale of the sea. Mohawk ed. 

22cm Putnam $1.25 

The daring exploits of Paul Junes in English waters, 
about 177K, furnish the theme. Chief creation Long Tom 
Coffin. Baker. 

Cooper, J. F. The pioneers; or, The sources of 
the Susquehanna. 1901. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Fourth of "Leatherstocking tales." Story of pioneer 
life on the banks of Lake Otsego. Pittsburg. 

The prairie. 1900. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Fifth of "Leatherstocking tales." Covers the adven- 
tures and death of the "Deerslayer" and completes the 
series. Hardy. 

Red Rover. Mohawk ed. 1896. 22cm 

Putnam $1.25 

Tale of adventure on the deep, with racy characteriza- 
tion and lively episodes. Baker. 

The spy, a tale of the neutral ground. 

Mohawk ed. 1896. 21£cm Putnam $1.25 

The hero, the spy, is employed by Gen. Washington in 
service involving great personal hazard and little glory. 

Water-witch; or, The skimmer of the 

seas. Mohawk ed. 1896. 21 £cm 

Putnam $1.25 
Story of the Dutch occupation of New York. E. S. 

Wing-and-wing; or, Le Feu-follet. Mo- 
hawk ed. 1896. 19£cm Putnam $1.25 

Founded on adventures of Raoul Ivard, commander of 
a celebrated French privateer, 1798-99. Sargent. 

Cox, Palmer. The brownies: their book. 1887. 
25x21Jcm Century $1.50 

Y The series of 6 volumes is the delight of little chil- 
dren. There is little story and the pictures exhibit the 
adventures and antics of the brownies. In their present 
form they do not wear well. Ed. sel. 

Craddock, C: E. pseud. In the "Stranger peo- 
ple's" country. 1891. 19cm Harper $1.50 
Story of the Tennessee mountains. Baker. 

In the Tennessee mountains. 10th ed. 

1885. 18£cm Houghton $1.25 

Eight studies of dwellers in the Great Smoky mountains; 
reproducing dialect, and depicting scenery and aspects 
of mountain weather. Baker. 

Prophet of the Great Smoky mountains. 

1885. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Story of Tennessee mountains. 

The story of old Fort Loudon. 1899. 

19cm Macmillan $1.50 

Story of frontier life, and the struggles between the 
Knglish and Cherokee Indians in 1759-60. Unit, 

Where the battle was Eought. 1884. 

19^cm Houghton $1.25 

Young mountaineers; illus. by Malcolm 

Fraser. 1898. 19$C3D Houghton $1.50 

Y Contents: The mystery of old Daddy's window; 
'Way down in Poor Valley; A mountain storm; Horrow- 
ing a hammer; Conscripts' Hollow; A warning; Among 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


the I'litTs:. In the "chinking;" On a higher level; Christ- 
mas day on Old Windy mountain. 

Stories of boy life and ad ven tore in the Tennessee moun- 
tains. X. Y. 

Crawford. F. M. Cecilia. 1902. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Relations of a modern Roman heroine and hero, each 
strangely conscious of a former life in pagan days. N. Y. 

Children of the king; a tale of southern 

Italy. 1893. I9jcm Macmillan $1.50 

This is the surname of a rare of Calabrian peasants, of 
whom the last representative, a heroic, primitive charac- 
ter, is drawn in strong relief against a cultured but worth- 
less aristocrat. Baker. 

A cigarette-maker's romance and Khaled. 

1901. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

The first, a romantic and touching little drama of two 
days in Munich, with a small group of foreign charac- 
ters. Baker. 

Corleone. 2 v. 1896. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Fourth of Saracinesca stories. 

Sicilian episode in the story of the Saracinesca, where 
they are brought into contact with the Corleone, "the 
worst blood in Italy," and with the Mafia. Baker. 

Doctor Claudius, a true story. 1901. 

20cm Macmillan $1.50 

L< >ve story, with an Admirable Crichton as hero. Time 
that of Lytton's viceroyalty and the second Afghan war. 

Don Orsino. 1892. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Third in Saracinesca series. 

The corruption of public life is disclosed, and the ob- 
scnre forces that agitate the financial world are the sub- 
ject of special study. Baker. 

Marzio's crucifix. 1887. 192cm 

Macmillan $1 

Realistic portraiture of lower and middle class Italian 

life. Chiefly a study of a single personality, a born artist, 

true descendant of Cellini and the renaissance. Baker. 

Mr Isaacs. 1882. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

A ~tory of Indian life; the central character being an 
esoteric Buddhist. Baker. 

Paul Pat off. 1898. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Life of modern Constantinople painted in vivacious 
scenes at beginning of story. Chief characters, two 
brothers, one of whom disappears mysteriously, and a 
bewildering tangle of sensational events result. Baker. 

Pietro Ghisleri. 1892. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
An adaptation of romance to manners and usages of 
modern society in Rome. Baker. 

A Roman singer. 1893. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Career of a fortunate Italian peasant boy, who became 
a great tenor. Highly romantic tale of love and other 
adventures. Baker. 

Crawford, F. M. Sant' llario. 1897. 19icm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Second in Saracinesca series. 

Saracinesca. 1902. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
First of Saracinesca series, followed by SanV llario, Don 
Orsino, Corleone, Taquisara. They afford a panorama of 
Roman society from 1865 to present time, in the form of 
annals of a princely house. Xational types and modes of 
thought are reproduced with extreme fidelity, and the 
political, social and financial history of Rome related with 
ample knowledge by one who has familiarized himself 
with all classes of Italians. Baker. 

Taquisara. 2 v. 1895. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Fifth in Saracinesca series. 

The heroine is a young girl, last of a wealthy and 
princely house, a strong unconventional nature, with 
high ideals of duty and a will to realize them. Baker. 

Via crucis. 1899. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Romance of the days of Stephen and the second cru- 
sade. Eleanor of Aquitaine is prominent. Baker. 

Cummins, M. S. The lamplighter. New ed. 
1902. 20£cm Houghton $1.50 

Curtis, G: W: Prue and I. 1899. 19Jcm 

Harper $2 
Popular ed. 50c also Unit books; H. W. Bell-, pap. 16c, 
cl. 46c. 

A quiet humour and reverent faith in goodness and 
charity give these fables and reminiscences a charm and 
grace like that of Lamb's more personal essays. Baker. 

Cutting, M. . S. Little stories of married life. 
1902. 19cm McClure $1.25 

Contents: Their second marriage; A good dinner; The 
strength of ten; In the reign of Quintilia; The happiest 
time; In the married quarters; Mrs Atwood's outer 
raiment; Fairy gold; A matrimonial episode; Xot a sad 
story; Wings. 

Daskam, J. D. The imp and the angel. 1901. 

20 Jem Scribner $1.10 n 

Other stories: The imp and the drum: The imp and the 

author; The imp's matinee; The imp's Christmas dinner: 

The imp disposes; The prodigal imp. 

The madness of Philip, and other tales of 

childhood. 1902. 20cm McClure $1.50 

Contents: The madness of Philip; A study in piracy: 
Bobbert's merry Christmas; The heart of a child; Ardelia 
in Arcady; Edgar the choir boy uncelestial; The little 
god and Dicky. 

Davis, R: H. Gallegher, and other stories. 
1891. 19£cm Scribner $1 

Contents; Gallegher; A walk up the avenue: My dis- 
reputable friend, Mr Raegen; The other woman: The 
trailer for room no. 8; "There were ninety and nine:'' 
The cynical Miss Catherwaight; Van Bibber and the 
swan-boats; Van Bibber's burglar; Van Bibber as best 




Davis, R: H. Ranson's folly. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Contents: Ranson's folly; The bar sinister; A derelict; 
La lettre d'amour; In the fog. 

Soldiers of fortune. Playgoers' ed. 

20icrn Scribner 


A South American revolution is a main episode 

Stories for boys. 1891. 19£cm 

Scribner $1 

Y Contents: The reporter who made himself king; 
Midsummer pirates; Richard Carr's baby; The great Tri- 
club tennis tournament; The jump at Corey's slip; The 
Van Bibber baseball club; The story of a jockey. 

Van Bibber and others. 1903. 19cni 

Harper $1 

Contents: Her first appearance; Van Bibber's man- 
servant; The hungry man was fed; Van Bibber at the 
races; An experiment in economy; Mr Travers's first 
hunt; Love me, love my dog; Eleanore Cuyler; A recruit 
at Christmas; A patron of art; Andy M'Gee's chorus girl; 
A Leanderof the East River; How Hefty Burke got even; 
Outside the prison; An unfinished story. 

Davis, W: S. A friend of Ciesar. 1900. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Tale of the fall of the Roman republic from pagan 
point of viewt; 50-47 B. Q. Baker. 

Deland, E. D. Oakleigh. 1896. 19cm 

Harper $1.25 

Y Unaffected story, with sentiment, but no sentimen- 
tality, for girls just entering the novelreading period. 

Deland, Mrs Margaret. Dr Lavendar's people. 
1903. 19£cm Harper $1.50 

Contents: The apotheosis of the Reverend MrSpanglerj 
The note; The grasshopper and the ant; Amelia; "An 
exceeding high mountain;" At the stuffed-animal house. 

Dr Lavendar appeared in Old Chester talcs. 

Mr Tommy Dove, and other stories. 1893. 

18cm Houghton $1 

Contents: Mr Tommy Dove; The face on the wall; 
Elizabeth; At whose door? A fourth-class appointment. 

Old Chester tales; illus. by Howard Pyler 

1899. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Contents: The promises of Dorothea; Good for the soul: 
Miss Maria; The child's mother; Justice and the judge; 
Where the laborers are few; Sally; The unexpectedness 
of Mr Horace Shields. 

Qood fori Ik sau /and Where the labour) -is an ft ir standout 
among these chronicles of the old country town that 
forms the little world in which most of Mrs Deland's 
characters move. Baker. 

Sidney. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Deming, Philander. Adirondack stories. 1902. 

15cm Houghton 75c 

Contents: Lost; Lida Ann; John's trial; Joe Baldwin; 
Willie; Benjamin Jacques; Ike's wife; An Adirondack 

Quiet, realistic stories picturing life In the wild Adiron- 
dack region of northern New York. Baker. 

Devereux, Mary. From kingdom to colony. 
1904. 19cm Little 75c 

Scene laid in queer, loyal old Marblehead in revolution- 
ary days. Lit. world, 31: 74. 

Diaz, Mrs Abby (Morton) Polly Cologne. 
1881. 18cm Lothrop $1 

Y How a precious rag doll was lost and found. N. Y. 

Dix, B. M. Hugh Gwyeth; a Roundhead cav- 
alier. 1899. 19£crn Macmillan $1.50 

Y Time of Charles I. 

Hero, a stripling brought up by a Roundhead grand- 
father, rights in the king's army and finds his unknown 
father. N. Y. 

A little captive lad. 1902. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Y Cavalier's child, adopted by his Roundhead half 
brother. Very well studied and written. Perhaps over 
somber for children, though ending happily. N. Y. 

The making of Christopher Ferringham. 

1901. 20cm. Macmillan $1.50 

A love story, opening in 1652 in Massachusetts, with 
some careful pictures of the times, e. g, Quaker perse- 

Soldier Rigdale; how he sailed in the 

" Mayflower" and how he served Miles Standish. 
1899. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Y About a boy who came over in the Mayflower, how 
Miles Standish befriended him and what he saw among 
the Indians. Nt Y. 

Dodge, Mrs Mary (Mapes) Donald and Doro- 
thy. 1901. 20cm Century $1.50 

Y Entertaining everyday doings of a merry boy and 
girl about whom an interesting mystery lingers. N. Y. 

Hans Brinker; or, The silver skates; a 

story of life in Holland. New Amsterdam ed. 
1896. 20£cm. Scribner $1.50 

Y Skating journey of 4 boys from Amsterdam to the 
Hague. N. Y. 

The land of pluck; stories and sketches 

for young folk. 1894. 20cm Century $1.50 

Y First part, an interesting account of Holland and its 
people. Second part, stories. Unit. 

Doug-all, Lily. Beggars all. 1903. 19-Vin 

Longmans $1 

Preaches love for one s neighbor as the sole philosophy 
of human life. Leading characters are a little family of 
American ladies, in utter distress through disease ami 
poverty. Baker. 

Du Chaillu, Paul. Ivar the viking; a romantic 
history based upon authentic facts of the third 
and fourth centuries. 1893. 19cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Y Romantic adventures of a Norse boy 1,500 years ago; 
careful historic and archeologic details, N. Y. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Dunbar, P. L. Strength of Gideon, and other 

stories: illus. by E. \V. Kemble. 1900. lS.W-m 

Dodd $1.25 

Contents: Strength of Gideon; Muininy Peggy's pride; 
Viney's tree papers; The fruitful sleeping of the Rev. 
Elisha Edwards: Theingrate: The ease of " Ca'line; " The 
finish of Patsy Barnes: One man's fortunes; Jim's proba- 
tion; Dncie Simon's Sundays out: Mr Cornelius Johnson, 
office-seeker; An old-time Christmas; A mess of pottage; 

The trustfulness of Polly; The tragedy at Three forks; 
The rinding of Zaeh; Johnsonham, junior: The faith cure 
man: A council of state: Silas Jackson. 

Among sketches of southern life, these have not been 
outdone in truth, delicacy and the art of happy omission. 
Xation. 70: 461. 

Duncan. Norman. The way of the sea. 1903. 
20cm McClure $1.50 

Contents: The chase of the tide; The strength of men; 
The raging of the sea: The breath of the North; Con- 
cerning Billy Luff and Master Goodchild; The love of the 
maid; The healer from Far-Away Cove: In the fear of the 
Lord; A beat t' harbour: The fruits of toil. 

Fresh, realistic stories of the comedies and tragedies of 
tishermen along the Newfoundland coast. Pittsburg. 

Eggleston, Edward. The Graysons. 1888. 
20cm Century $1.50 

Detailed picture of the turbulent life of the pioneers; 
scene Illinois, and Abraham Lincoln is introduced. 

Hoosier school-boy. 1890. 19cm 

Scribner $1 
T specially arranged by the author for use as a school 
reader, with definitions and occasional notes and ques- 
tions. Title. 
Picture of life and manners in Indiana about 1850. N. Y. 

Hoosier school-master. Rev. ed. 1893. 

19£cm Judd $1.25 

Picture of the lawless and homely pioneer life of mid- 
century Indiana, by a man who was an itinerant preacher 
in the West, and knew that life intimately. Baker. . 

Eggleston, G: C. The big brother. 1875. 20cm 
(Big brother ser. ) Putnam $1.25 

T Sequel Captain Sam. 

Story of Indian fighting during the war of 1812. Hardy. 

Camp venture. 1901. 19cm 

Lothrop $1.50 

Y Boy's adventures in Virginia mountain logging 
camp. Moonshiners and discoveries of mineral wealth 
furnish excitement, and useful information is given. 
X. T. 

Captain Sam; or, The boy scouts of 1814. 

1876. 20cm (Big brother ser.) Putnam $1.25 

Y Sequel to Thebig brother; followed by The signal boys. 
-arn. leader of a company of boys, does admirable serv- 
ice for General Jackson. Boston trav. 

A Carolina cavalier; a romance of the 

Eggleston, G: C. Last of the flat boats; a story 
of the Mississippi and its interesting family of 
rivers. 1900. 19£cm Lothrop $1.50 

Y Four boys' trip down Ohio and Mississippi to New 
Orleans during great flood. N. Y. 

Signal boys; or, Captain Sam's company. 

1878. 20cm ( Big brother ser. ) Putnam $1.2.") 

Y Sequel to Captain Sam. 
Story of war of 1812. 

Southern soldier stories. 1898. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

American revolution. 1901. 19cm 

Lothrop $1.50 

Struggles of partizan troops in 1779-80. The interest 
• - in events than characters. N. Y. 

Short stories of the confederate camp, written from ex- 
perience and free from bitterness. Baker. 

Wreck of the Red Bird. 1903. 20cm 

(Knick. ser.) Putnam $1.25 

Y Adventures of 3 boys on an island jff the Carolina 
coast. N. Y. 

Elliott, S.. B. The Durket sperret. 1898. 
19£cm Holt $1.25 

Story of Tennessee mountains; scene near Sewanee 
university. N. Y. 

Jerry. 1891. 19cm Holt $1.25 

Story of a mining town; strong nnd dealing with the 

sterner side of life. N. Y. 

Fernald, C. B. The cat and the cherub, and 
other stories. 1896. 19 Jem Century $1.25 

Contents: The cat and the cherub; The cmel thousand 
years; The gentleman in the barrel; The man who lost 
his head; The pot of frightful doom; Chan Tow, the 
highrob; A little liberal; The tragedy of the comedy: 
Enter the Earl of Tyne; The spirit in the pipe; The par- 
lous wholeness of Ephraim. 

Six of the stories deal with the Chinese and are written 
with a sympathetic insight into Chinese character. N. Y. 

Field, Eugene. A little book of profitable tales. 
Cameo ed. 1895. 17cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The first Christmas tree; The symbol and the 
saint; The coming of the prince; The mouse and the 
moonbeam; The divell's Chrystmass; The mountain and 
the sea; The robin and the violet; The oaktree and the 
ivy; Margaret: a pearl; Springtime; Rodolph and his 
king; The Hampshire hills; Ezra's Thanksgivin' out 
West; Ludwig and Eloise; Fido's little friend; The old 
man; Bill, the lokil editor; Little yaller baby; The cyclo- 
peedy; Dock Stebbins; The fairies of Pesth. 

Simple dialect sketches, fables, allegories, fairy tales 
and pictures of home life which take their color and 
meaning from the author's love for children. First five, 
Christmas stories. Pittsburg. 

Finn, F. J. That football game: and what came 
of it. 1897. 19£cm 

Y Benziger 85c 

Foote, .!//•* Mary (Hallock) Coeur d'Alene. 
1894. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Rocky mountain love story describing the Cceur d'Alene 
mine riots of 1892. N. Y. 






Foote, Mrs Mary (Hallock) John Bodewin's 
testimony. 1886. litem Houghton $1.25 

Story of mining interests and civil engineering in west- 
ern Arkansas. N. Y. 

The Led-Horse claim. 1883. 17£cm 

Houghton $1.25 

A California Romeo and Juliet, with a happy ending. 
Feud between two mining superintendents; the wild and 
perilous life of the region gives a specific character to the 
story. Baker. 

Ford, P. L. The Honorable Peter Stirling. 
1894. 20cm Holt $1.50 

Study of New York municipal politics with an accom- 
panying love story. N. Y. 

Janice Meredith. 1899. 22£cm 

Dodd $1.50 

Romance of the war of independence. ,The battles 
and other historical incidents, and the celebrities, e. g. 
Washington, Major Andre 1 and the English generals, pre- 
sented with accuracy. Baker. 

Foulke,E..E. Braided straws. 1898. 19£xl6em. 

Y Silver 40c n 

Twilight stories. 1895. 19 x 15£cm 

Y Silver 36c n 
Fox, John, jr. Crittenden; a Kentucky story of 

love and war. 1900. 19£cm Scribner $1.25 

Emphasizes that happiest incident of the Cuban war — 

the welding together of confederate and federal feeling 

by the common upholding of the American flag. Nation. 

Little shepherd of Kingdom Come. 1903. 

20cm Scribner $1.50 

Pictures sympathetically boy life among the Kentucky 
mountaineers; life at a blue grass college before the 
war; class feeling between the mountaineer and the 
"furriner;" the way in which Kentucky was rent asun- 
der by the civil war; and the romantic glory of Morgan's 
men. Pub. wkly. 

Frederic, Harold. In the valley; illus. by How- 
ard Pyle. 1890. 19£cm Scribner $1.25 

Life among the Dutch of the Mohawk valley, the battle 
of Oriskany, etc. (1757-80) Baker. 

French, Allen. The junior cup. 1902. 20cm 

Y Century $1.20 n 

Boys athletic contests at a summer camp and in school, 
making for courage, respect for authority and moral mas- 
tery. N. Y. 

Sir Marrok; a tale of the days of King 

Arthur. 1902. 19cm (St Nicholas bks. ) 

Century $1 n 
Y Warfare of good against evil in tale of knightly valor 
and sorcery overcome. N. Y. 

Fuller, Anna. A literary courtship under the 
auspices of Pike's Peak. 1893. 15£cm 

Putnam $1.25 

■ One of the pilgrims; a bank story. 1898. 

litem Putnam $1.25 

New England love story told with delicate humor. X. Y. 

Fuller, Anna. Pratt portraits; sketches in a New 
England suburb. 1892. 18Jcm Putnam $1.50 

Contents: Aunt Betsy's photographs; Harriet; A domes- 
tic crisis; Ben's wife; A Yankee Quixote; A New England 
quack; A New England conscience: The schoolmarm; A 
valentine; Old lady Pratt; Mary Anne; Well matched; 
Uncle Bobby. 

A Venetian June. 1896. lSgcm 

Putnam $1.25 

Garland, Hamlin. Captain of the Gray-horse 

troop. 1902. 19£cm Harper $1.50 

Love and adventure on an Indian reservation. Hero, a 

cavalry officer, who succeeds a corrupt agent. X. Y. 

Hesper. 1903. 19£cm Harper $1.50 

Vivid picture of a mining camp. N. Y. 

Main-travelled roads; new ed., with ad- 
ditional stories. 1899. 195cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: A branch road; Up the coolly; Among the 
corn rows; Return of a private; Under the lion's paw; 
The creamery man; A day's pleasure; Mrs Ripley's trip; 
Uncle Ethan Ripley. 

Stories of the Mississippi valley. Earnestly realistic 
pictures of the hard-worked farmer. Baker. 

Gladden, Washington. Santa Claus on a lark, 
and other Christmas stories. 1890. 235cm 

Century $1.25 

Y Contents: Santa Claus on a lark; A Christmas din- 
ner with the man in the moon; Tom Noble's Christmas; 
Strange adventures of a wood-sled; An angel in an ulster: 
Mr Haliburton Todd's surprise party; Emil's Christmas 
gift; Santa Claus in the pulpit. 

Glasgow, Ellen. The battle-ground. 1902. 
20cm Doubleday $1.50 

Virginia love story of civil war period, from southern 
standpoint but without bitterness. N. Y. 

The deliverance. 1904. 20cm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Romance of a large Virginia tobacco plantation in last 
quarter of 19th century. N. Y. 

The voice of the people. 1900. 20cm 

Doubleday $1.50 
Virginia social and political conditions during period 
following reconstruction. Fortunes of a man of sturdy 
honesty who rises to high political position. N. Y. 

Goodwin, Mrs Maud (Wilder) Head of a hun- 
dred in the colony of Virginia, 1622. 1900. 
20cm Little $1.50 

Story of settlement of Jamestown. 

White aprons; a romance of Bacon's re- 
bellion, Virginia, 1676. 1901. 20cm 

Little $1.50 

Goss, W. L. Jack Alden; a story of adventures 

in the Virginia campaigns, '61-'65. 1895. lilcm 

Crowed $1.50 

Y Story of civil war; patriotic, just to South, and not 
sensational. Unit. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Goss, W. L. Jed; a hoy's adventures in the 
army of '61-'65. L889. L8$cm Crowell $1.50 

Y A story of battle and prison, of peri] and escape. 

Grant, Robert. The bachelor's Christmas, and 
other stories. 1895. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: The bachelor's Christinas: An eye for an eye: 
In fly-time; Richard and Robin: The Matrimonial tontine 
benefit association: By hook or crook. 

stories of Boston fashionable life. 51a«. 

Jack Hall; or, The school days of an 

American hoy. 1903. 19Jcm 

Scribner $1.25 

Y Boston boy's doings at home and at boarding school; 
describes baseball and boating contests. X. Y. 

Jack in the bush; or, A summer on a 

salmon river. 1893. 19icm Scribner $1.25 

Y Holiday of 6 boys in the far northwestern corner of 
the province of Quebec. Sargent. 

Greene, Mrs 8.. P. (McLean) 
1881. 19icm 

Cape Cod folks. 
De Wolfe $1.25 

Vesty of the Basins. Illus. ed. 1892. 

19cm Harper $1.25 $2 

Story of the coast of Maine. L. & I. 
Grinnell, G: B. Jack among the Indians; or, 
A boy's summer on the buffalo plains; illus. by 
E. W. Deming. 1900. 19cm Stokes $1.25 

Y Continues Jack, the young ranchman. Information 
about Indians authoritative and boy's adventures stir- 
ring. X. Y. 

Jack, the young ranchman; or, A boy's 

adventures in the Eockies. 1899. 19cm 

Stokes $1.25 

Y A New York boy's six months on a western ranch, 
where he learns to ride and shoot, collects Indian relics, 
etc. N. Y. 

Grover, E. O. The sunbonnet babies' primer. 
1902. 20cm Rand, McNally 75c 

Y Delightful primer forchildren just beginning to read. 
Colored illustrations by B. L. Corbett suggesting Kate 
Greenaway style. N. Y. 

Hale, E: E. In His name, and Christmas stories. 
1899. 20cm (Library ed.) Little $1.50 

Story of the Waldenses at end of 12th century. Con- 
tains also: Christmas waits in Boston; They saw a great 
light; Daily bread: Hands off: Cromwell's statue. N. Y. 

The man without a country, and other 

stories. 1898. 20cm (Library ed.) 

Little $1.50 
Contents: Author's note to The man without a country; 
The man without a country: My double; The rag-man 
and the rag- woman; His level best: Round the world in 
a hack: Did he take the prince to ride? The children of 
the public; The skeleton in the closet; The modern 
Psyche; The happy island. 

Title story is a fictitious memoir of an American officer 
who said he wished never to hear of the United States 
again, and for punishment had his wish fulfilled. Baker. 

Hale, E: E. Philip Nolan's friends; a story of 

the change of western empire. 1899. 20cm 

( Library ed. ) Little $1 . 50 

Founded on troubles incident to transfer of Louisiana 

to United States. Sargent. 

Ten times one is ten, and other stories. 

1899. 20cm (Library ed.) Little $1.50 

Y Contents: Ten times one is ten; Neither scrip nor 
money; Stand and wait; Hepzibah's turkeys; Our new 

The origin of the Lend-a-Hand and Harry Wadsworth 
clubs, the precursors of the King's daughters and 
Y. P. S. C. E. 

Hale, L. P. Peterkin papers. 1891? 22cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Y Twenty-two absurdly funny stories of the unsuc- 
cessful efforts of the Peterkin family to become wise. 

Hardy, A. S. But yet a woman. 1883. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Study of the inner springs of human nature in the 
light of high ideals of conduct; scene, an old French 
town. Baker. 

Passe Rose. 1890. 18£cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Poetical romance of the Franks and Saxons of Charle- 
magne's times. Passe Rose is a lovely Provencal waif. 

The wind of destiny, n. d. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Story of subtle psychologic quality, its scenery and 
characters partly French and partly American. Lib. of 
world's best lit. 17: 6926. 

Harland, Henry. The cardinal's snuff-box. 

1903. 20cm Lane $1.50 

Story of love in an Italian villa. The charm lies in its 

artistic quality and in the brightness of the repartee. 

N. Y. 

Comedies ami errors. 1898. 19}cm 

Lane $1.50 
Contents: The confidante; Merely players; The friend 
of man; Tirala-tirala; The invisible prince; P'tit-Bleu; 
The house of Eulalie; The queen's pleasure; Cousin 
Rosalys; Flower o' the clove; Rooms; Rosemary for re- 

Miscellaneous stories, gay or sad, delineating the ordi- 
nary people of his own bourgeois world. Scenes in stu. 
dios and in petty courts. 

Gray roses. 1895. 17icm (Keynotes 

ser.) Lane $1.25 

Contents: The Bohemian girl; Mercedes; A broken 
looking-glass; The reward of virtue; A reincarnation; 
Flower o' the quince; When I am king; A responsibility; 
Castles near Spain. 

The lady paramount, 1902. 20cm 

Lane $1.50 
Love comedy, alternating between England and Italy. 
Modem in setting but romantic in spirit. N. Y. 




Harland, Henry 


My friend Prospero. 


Romance of an Austrian princess and an English noble- 
man and a naive child. Scene an old Italian villa. N. Y. 

Harris, J. C. Balaam and his master, and other 
sketches and stories. 1891. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: Balaam and his master; A conscript's Christ- 
mas; Ananias; Where's Duncan? Mom Bi; The old Bas- 
com place. 

The melancholy and pathetic side of the negro charac 
ter predominates in these stories, which, however, pre- 
sent a great variety of types. Baker. 

• Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann. 1899. 

21cm Scribner $1.50 

A typical colored auntie's doings, with rich discourse 
on the affairs of her former master's family. N. Y. 

Little Mr Thimblefinger and his queer 

country; what the children saw and heard there; 
illus. by Oliver Herford. 1894. 21£cm 

Houghton $2 

Y Fantastic tale interweaving negro animal stories and 
other Georgia folklore with modern inventions. N. Y. 

Mr Rabbit at home; sequel to Little Mr 

Thimblefinger and his queer country; illus. by 
Oliver Herford. 1895. 21^cm Houghton $2 

Y Animal stories told to children. 

Harte, Bret. Colonel Starbottle's client, and 
some other people. 1892. 18£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Contents: Col. Starbottle's client; The postmistress of 
Laurel Run; A night at "Hays;" Johnson's "old wom- 
an;" The new assistant at Pine Clearing school; In a pio- 
neer restaurant; A treasure of the galleon; Out of a pio- 
neer's trunk; The ghosts of Stukeley castle. 

Eight stories of the south and west and one of England. 
N. Y. 

Condensed novels. 2 v. 1899-1902. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Short parodies on the writings of Cooper, Charlotte 
Bronte, Marryat, Dickens, Reade, Dumas, Michelet, Vic- 
tor Hugo and others. N. Y. 

Gabriel Conroy; Bohemian papers; Stories 

of and for the young. 2 v. 19£cm (Riverside 
e( l # ) Houghton $1.50 ea 

Scene, California during the forties and fifties. Vivid 
pictures of life at a mining camp. Lib. <>/ ti'orhl's liest HI. 
■II: 269. 

Luck of Roaring Camp, and other tales, 

with Condensed novels, Spanish and American 
legends, and earlier papers; introd. by the 
author. 1902. 19£cm (Riverside ed. ) 

Houghton $1.50 

A new gemreoi short story. The "Luck" is a babe 
whose corning among the miners in the Calif ornian se1 

tlemenl makes their lives better and more Immune. 

Harte, Bret. Mrs Skaggs's husbands, and other 
sketches. 1900. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Mrs Skaggs's husbands; How Santa Clans 
came to Simpson's Bar; Princess Bob and her friends; 
The Iliad of Sandy Bar; Mr Thompson's prodigal; Ro- 
mance of Madrono Hollow; Poet of Sierra Flat: The 
Christmas gift that came to Rupert; Urban sketches; 
Legends and tales. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Doctor Grimshawe's 
secret; ed. with pref. and notes by Julian 
Hawthorne. 1883. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $2 

■ ■ The Dolliver romance, Fanshawe, and 

Sfptimius Felton, with an apx. cont. The ances- 
tral footstep. 1884. 20cm ( Riverside ed. ) 

Houghton $2 

Posthumous and unfinished romances, mostly dealing 
with psychologic and ethical themes. Baker. 

— House of the seven gables, The snow 

image, and other Twice-told tales. 1898. 20cm 
( Riverside ed.) Houghton $2 

Chiefly imaginative portraiture of the last generations 
of a decaying family, a series of quaint, fanciful and 
grotesque figures, rich in eccentricity and the subtler 
essences of character. Baker. 

The marble faun; or, The romance of 

Monte Beni. 1888. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $2 

Also in Unit books; H. W. Bell. pap. 42c, cl. 72c. 

Scene laid in Rome. The development of a soul 
through the knowledge of good and evil. 

Art and nature in Italy, the architecture, paintings 
and sculpture (especially American sculpture) of Rome, 
and Catholic ceremonial are the subject of exhaustive 
passages of description. Baker. 

Published in England under title Transformation. 

Mosses from an old manse. 1898? 20cm 

(Riverside ed.) Houghton $2 

Unlike any other stories ever written anywhere else by 
anybody else. Strangely interesting, novel, varied and 
ingenious, full«of fancy, and often with a hidden alle- 
gory. Brander Matthews. 

The scarlet letter and The Blithedale 

romance. 1898. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $2 

Scarlet letter: A strong story of the workings of con- 
science embodied in a romance of puritan Boston. 

Blithdale romance: Largely idealised reminiscences of 
the "Transcendental picnic," the communistic settle- 
ment at Brook Farm. In the main, a light and joyous 
tale. Margaret Fuller said to be the original of Zenobia, 
and Hawthorne of Coverdale. Baker. 

Tales, sketches, and other papers; with 

a biographical sketch by G: P. Lathxop, 1883. 

20cm ( Riverside ed.) Houghton $2 

Includes tales of early period, Bioyrapkwal atorfoaond 
sketches, l.if> "J~ PraiMin Pierce and ha throp's sketch of 
Hawthorne. . 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Twice-told tales. L898? 
20cm (Riverside ed.) Houghton |2 

imaginative renderings of traditions from pre-Revolu- 
tionary times, several Involving supernatural Incident 
The ethical purport is more or loss transparent 
throughout. Then there arc compact pictures of New 
England life, and contemplative sketches, full of his 
calm, earnest philosophy. Baker. 

Henry, Arthur. A princess of Arcady. 1900. 
20Jcm Doubleday $1.50 

Dreamy and idyllic story portraying a number of un- 
worldly and beautiful characters who are very much out 
of their element in the midst of modern civilisation. 

Higginson, T: W. Studies in romance. 1900. 
19Jcm Houghton $2 

Contents: Malbone: an Oldport romance; The monarch 

of dreams; Oldport days. 

Holland, J. G. Arthur Bonnicastle, an Ameri- 
can novel. 1901. 175cm Scribner $1.25 

The bay-path. 1902. 17$cm 

Scribner $1.25 
Story of the early settlers in the Connecticut valley, 
aiming at quiet portraiture of life and character rather 
than romance. Baker. 

Miss (Gilbert's career; an American story. 

1901. 17.]. in Scribner $1.25 

Study of contemporary life in a factory village, exhibit- 
ing with keen perception and lively humor the virtues 
and foibles of Yankee character. Baker. 

Sevenoaks, a story of today. 1903. lTJcm 

Scribner $1.25 

Holmes, O. W. Elsie Venner. 1892. 20cm 

(Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Depicts a human nature developing itself in conflict 

with characteristics impressed on it during the prenatal 

period. Pref. 

Guardian angel. 1893. 20cm (River- 
side ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Psychologic study of inherited aptitudes and tenden- 
cies, particularly of a girl in whose blood a taint of In- 
dian savagery is at war with her higher nature. Baker. 

A mortal antipathy. 1892. 20cm (Riv- 
erside ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

Hopkins, W: J: The sandman: his farm sto- 
ries; with illus. by A. C. Williamson. 1903. 
20£cm Page $1.20 n 

Y For young children. Notable for simplicity and 
skilful recognition of child's love of details. X. Y. 

Hornibrook, Isabel. Camp and trail; a story of 
the Maine woods. 1897. 19£cm 

Lothrop $1.50 

Y Story of hunting trip of 2 English boys and an 
American collegian in the Maine woods. X. Y. 

Hotchkiss, C. C. The strength of the weak. 

1902. 19£cm Appleton $1.50 

story of the French and Indian war. Pittsburg. 

Hough, Emerson. The Mississippi bubble. 
1902. 19cm Merrill $1.50 

Deals with the fortunes of John Law, the financier and 
projector of commercial schemes. Pittsburg. 

Howard, B. "W. Aunt Serena, n. d. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Guenn; a wave on the Breton coast. 

1884. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Pathetic picture of the hopeless love of a Breton peasant 
maiden for a painter. Richardson. 

One summer. 1900. 17cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Love story brightly told. Scene, a New England vil- 
lage. N. Y. 

Howe, E. W. Story of a country town. 1889. 
18cm Houghton $1.25 

Howells, W: D. April hopes. 1888. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 
The April time of courtship: the quarrels, reconcilia- 
tions, and vicissitudes of comedy and tragedy that 
checker the loves of two young people. Baker. 

A chance acquaintance. 1901. 19»jem 

Houghton $1.50 
A highly educated gentleman from Boston attaches 
himself to a party of tourists from the West, and wins the 
heart of a romantic and unsophisticated girl. Their 
mutual attraction and incompatibility are subtly exhib- 
ited. Baker. 

A foregone conclusion. 1902. 19|cm 

Houghton $1.50 
An international novel, the canals and palaces of 
Venice being the scene of the love drama. Baker. 

A hazard of new fortunes. 2 v. 1890. 

iScm Harper $2 

Mr and Mrs March come to New York, where he is to 
conduct a magazine; their experiences in search of 
family apartments are a main episode. Baker. 

Indian summer, n. d. 192cm 

Houghton $1.50 
A love drama, of which the persons are Americans in 
Florence; worked out entirely by means of conversation. 

Lady of the Aroostook. 1879. 19k-m 

Houghton $1.50 
A young New England girl's voyage in a sailing vessel 
from Boston to Trieste and its outcome. N. \\ 

Letters home. 1903. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 

A group of people from Boston and inland towns of 
Iowa and New Y'ork spend three months, 1901-2, in New 
Y'ork City and their "letters home" tell an ingenious 
story. Excellent descriptions of up to date New York 
Pub. wkly. 

The minister's charge; or, The appren- 
ticeship of Lemuel Barker. 1887. 19]cni 

Houghton |1.50 




Howells, W: D. A modern instance. 26th ed. 
n.d. 19icm Honghton $1.50 

Called his representative novel; faithful, though purely 
external, delineation of the whole life of a village in 
Maine. Baker. 

Rise of Silas Laphani. 1885. 19cm 

Houghton $1.50 

History of an ignorant and coarse-grained, but manly 
character, who is first brought into humorous contrast 
with the refined society of the city, and then is shown 
making head against commercial disasters, which chasten 
without weakening his character. Baker. 

Their silver wedding journey. 1900. 

19cm Harper $1.50 

Sequel to Their wedding journey. The middle-aged 
Marches sail to Europe and wander through Germany. 

Their wedding journey, with an addi- 
tional chapter on Niagara revisited. 1899. 
19^cm Houghton $1.50 

Experiences, impressions and talk of a pair of Boston- 
ians on their honeymoon. Few incidents, much moral- 
izing and humor, and a good deal of word painting of 
New York, Niagara, etc. Baker. 

Howliston, M. . H. Cat-tails and other tales. 
1899. 19Jcm Flanagan 40c 

Y Attractive nature stories. Pittsburg. 

Hughes, Rupert. The dozen from Lakerim. 
1899. 19Jcm 

Y Century $1.50 

The Lakerim athletic club. 1898. 19^cm 

Century $1.50 

Y Club comprises 12 sturdy boys, who learn football, 
polo, golf, and many other sports. Pittsburg. 

Ingersoll, Ernest. The ice queen. 1885. 16Jx 
13£cm Harper 60c 

Y Adventures of 4 young people who attempt a jour- 
ney over the ice on Lake Erie. N. Y. 

Jackson, Mrs H. . M. (Fiske ) Hunt. Cat stories. 
1898. 19cm Little $2 

Y Contents: Letters from a cat; Mammy Tittleback 
and her family; The hunter cats of Connorloa. 

Nelly's silver mine; a story of Colorado 

life, by H. H. n. d. 17£cm Little $1.50 

Y Story of the life of a New England family who moved 
to Colorado and how a little girl found a silver mine. 
N. Y. 

Ramona. 1903. 19cm Little $1.50 

Indian romance of southern California; strong plea for 
justice; to the Indian. N. Y. 

James, Henry. The American, n. d. 19^cm 

Houghton $2 

A self -made American goes to Europe to enjoy his 
" pile," and becomes engaged to a French widow of no- 

ble family. The pride and meanness of the old nobility 
are sharply contrasted with the American's pluck and 
good nature. Baker. 

James, Henry. The better sort. 1903. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Broken wings; The Beldonald Holbein; The 
two faces; The tone of time; The special type; Mrs Med- 
win; Flickerbridge; The story in it: The beast in the 
jungle; The birthplace; The papers. 

The Bostonians. 1886. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Very faithful and delicately humorous pictures of the 
life and scenery of Eastern Massachusetts. Richardson. 

Daisy Miller. 1901. 21cm 

Harper $1.25 
A social tragedy turning on the experience of an 
American girl traveling in Europe, who gets into risky 
situations through innocence and high spirits. Ed. sel. 

An international episode. 1902. 21cm 

Harper $1.25 
A social comedy turning on the problem whether an 
English nobleman is to marry a beautiful American girl. 

Portrait of a lady. 18th ed. 1897. 19£cm 

Houghton $2 
Story of an Albany girl's life in Europe; elaborate 
character study. N. Y. 

Roderick Hudson. Rev. ed. 1882. 19Jcm 

Houghton $2 
Roderick is a resume in little of the strength and weak- 
ness of genius, an example of the artistic temperament. 
He is a young American sculptor taken to Italy by one of 
Mr lames's rich virtuosi. Baker. 

Jamison, 3Irs C. V. (Dakin) Toinette's Philip. 
1894. 21£xl8£cm Century $1.50 

Y A romantic story of New Orleans life. Baker. 
Janvier, T: A. The Aztec treasure-house; a 

romance of contemporaneous antiquity. 1893. 
19cm (Harper's quar.) Harper $1.50 

Y Tale of search after and finding of a great treasure, 
hidden among the Mexican mountains. Buffalo. 

In the Sargasso sea. 1898. 19cm 

Harper $1.25 

The passing of Thomas; In the St Peter's 

set; At the Grand hotel du Paradis; The fish of 
Monsieur Quissard; Le bon oncle d'Amerique; 
five stories. 1900. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Jewett, S: O. Betty Leicester; a story for girls. 
1890. 16cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Young girl's summer in a New England country 
town after a life of travel abroad. N. Y. 

Betty Leicester's Christinas. 1899. 20cm 

Houghton $1 

Y Sequel to llclti/ Leicester. 

A 15-year-old New England girl, living with her father 
ill London, spends a delightful Christinas at Danesly 
Castle. First published in St Nicholas. N. Y. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Jewett, S: O. A country doctor, n. d. IScni 

Houghton $1.25 

Simple story of quiel and beautiful life in rural New 
England. Baker. 

Country of the pointed firs. n. d. IScni 

Houghton $1.25 
studios of life and character in a Maim' seacoast vil- 
lage. X. Y. 

Deephaven. 1900. 15icm 

Houghton $1.25 
Two young girls' summer in an old New England sea- 
port . 

Old friend? and new. 1879. lSjcm 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: A lost lover; A sorrowful guest; A late sup- 
per; Mr Bruce; Miss Sydney's flowers; Lady Ferry; A bit 
of shore life. 

The queen's twin, and other stories. 1899. 

18cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The queen's twin; A Dunnet shepherdess; 
Where's Nora.' Bold words at the bridge; Martha's lady; 
The coon dog: Aunt Cynthy Dallett; The night before 

Stories of rural life among the homely farmer and fisher 
folk of New England, with two bright, lively Irish 
sketches. >". Y. 

Johnson, Rossiter. Phaeton Rogers; a novel 
of boy life. 1881. 19cm 

Y Scribner $1.50 

Johnston, Mary. Audrey. 1902. 20£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Virginia romance: historical setting, early 18th century. 
X. Y. 

Prisoners of hope; a tale of colonial Vir- 
ginia. 1898. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Published in England under title Tlie old dominion. 

To have and to hold. 1900. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Published in England under title By order of the com- 
Virginia romance of reign of James I. Baker. 

Johnston, B: M. Old times in middle Georgia. 
1897. 19cm Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: Mr Eben Bull's investment; Mr Cummin's 
relinquishment: Mr Pate's only infirmity; Shadowy foes; 
Their cousin Lethy; Old lady Lazenberry; Our witch; 
Weasles on a debauch; Ephe; A case of spite; Mr Pea 
nearly nonplussed; Lost; Mutual schoolmasters; Miss 
Clisby's romance; Ishmael. 

Juvenile round table: stories by the foremost 
catholic writers. 1901. 20jcm Benziger $1 
Y Twenty stories by as many writers. 

Kaler, J. O. Mr Stubbs's brother; a sequel to 
"Toby Tyler." 1903. 18cm 
Y Harper 60c 

Kaler, J. O. Toby Tyler; or, Ten weeks with a 
circus; by James Otis. 1881. 16£ x 13$cm 

Y Harper 60c 

King-, Charles. Between the lines. 1889. 19cm 

Harper $1.25 
Story of the civil war; excellent description of battle 
of Gettysburg. N. Y. 

Cadet days. 1903. 19cm 

Y Harper $1.25 

Describes West Point customs and ideals in a spirited 
story for boys. N. Y. 

Captain Blake. 1902. 19cm 

Lippincott $1.25 
Sequel to Marion' s faith. 

The colonel's daughter; or, Winning his. 

spurs. 1892. 19cm Lippincott $1.25 

Followed by Marion's faith. 

Light novel, sketching life at a southwestern army 
post. N. Y. 

Marion's faith. 1893. 18cm 

Lippincott $1.25 
Sequel to The colonel's daughter. 

King-, G. . E. . Tales of a time and place. 1892. 
19cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: Bayou l'Ombre; Bonne Maman; Madrilene; 
The Christmas story of a little church. 

Stories of Louisiana Creoles, marked by a strong and 
delicate touch. Nation. 

Lee, MrstlL.. C. (Jenkins) In the cheering-up 
business. 1891. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

A Quaker girl of Nantucket, n. d. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

London, Jack. The call of the wild. 1903. 

20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Story of wild life in the Klondike. The hero, a mag- 
nificent dog, finally obeys "the call of the wild" and re- 
lapses into savagery, because his last and best friend was 
killed by the Indians. Pub. wkly. 

Son of the wolf; tales of the far North. 

1900. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: The white silence; The son of the wolf; The 
men of Forty-Mile; In a far country; To the man on trail; 
The priestly prerogative; The wisdom of the trail: The 
wife of a king; An Odyssey of the North. 

Grim, powerful stories of white men in Alaska. N. Y. 

Long, J: L. Madame Butterfly; Purple eyes; 

A gentleman of Japan and a lady; Kito; Glory. 

1898. 17 Jem Century $1.25 

Rather sad tales of Americans [in Japan] who loved 

and rode — that is to say, sailed — away. Bost. trans. 

Longfellow, H: W. Hyperion, a romance. Rev. 
ed. n. d. 18cm Houghton 50c 

The musings, love-making and dreams of a young poet, 
a pilgrim in Germany and Switzerland. Baker. 




Longfellow, H: W. Kavanagh, and other 
pieces, n. d. 18cm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: Kavanagh; Driftwood: Ancient French ro- 
mances; Frithiof s saga; Twice-told tales; The great me- 
tropolis; Anglo-Saxon literature; Paris in the 17th cen- 
tury; Table-talk. 

Lynde, Francis. The helpers. 1901. 20cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Scenes, Denver and mining regions. N. Y. 
Major, Charles. When knighthood was in flower; 
by Edwin Caskoden. 1899. 19cm 

Merrill $1.50 
The romantic love story of Mary Tudor, sister of Henry 
VIII. N. Y. 

Martin, Mrs George (Madden) Emmy Lou: her 
book and heart. 1902. 19$cm McClure $1.50 

Appeared in Mr CI tire's magazine, v. 17-19, 1901-2. 

School days of a bewildered and very real little girl. 

Incidentally satirizes some school methods and manners. 

X. Y. 

Matthews, Brander. Vignettes of Manhattan. 

1894. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Contents: In the little church down the street; The 
twenty-ninth of February; At a private view; Spring in 
a side street; A Decoration-day revery; In search of local 
color; Before the break of day: A midsummer midnight; 
Avista in Central Park; The speech of the evening; A 
Thanksgiving-day dinner; In the midst of life. 

& others. With my friends; tales told in 

partnership; with an introd. essay on The art 
and mystery of collaboration. 1891. 19 Jem 

Longmans $1 

Contents: The documents in the case, with H. C. Bun- 
ner; Seven conversations of Dear Jones and Baby Van 
Rensselaer, with H. C. Bunner; Edged tools: a tale in two 
chapters, with W. H. Pollock; Mated by magic: a story 
with a postscript, with W. H. Pollock; One story is good 
till another is told, with G: H. Jessop; Three wishes, 
with F. Anstey. 

Merwin, Samuel. The whip hand; a tale of the 
pine country. 1903. 20jcm Doubleday $1.50 

Stirring story of the hero's right in Michigan pine lands 
against a lumber trust. N. Y. 

& Webster, H: K. Calumet "K." 1901. 

17Jcm Macmillan $1.50 

Calumet "K" is a 2, 000, 000-bushel grain elevator, which 
Charlie Bannon has to build against time. How he suc- 
ceeds in doing so is the story. Baker. 

Mitchell, J: A. Amos Judd. 1901. 19cm 

Scribner 75c 

The heir of an Indian rajah is educated in New Eng- 
land. Clash of heredity and environment make an un- 
usual tale. Ed. sel. 

Mitchell, S. W. Adventuresof Francois, found- 
ling, thief, juggler and fencing master, during 
the French revolution. 1898. 19Jcm 

Century $1.60 

Mitchell, S. W. Characteristics. 1892. 19cm 

Century $1.25 
Selections from table talk of an intimate coterie of 
highly cultivated men and women. Baker. 

Hugh Wynne, free Quaker. 2 v. 1897. 

19cm Century $1.50 

Autobiographic story of the revolution. Introduces 
Washington, Andre, Dr Rush and others. Excellent in 
portrayal of times and character. First published in Cen- 
tury. N. Y. 

When all the woods are green. 1894. 

20cm Century $1.50 

A camping out summer spent by cultured people in the 
Canadian forests. Capital descriptions of salmon fishing, 
bear hunting, etc. Pub. wkly. 

Munroe, Kirk. Campmates; a story of the 
plains. 1903. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Y Two boys accompany an engineering expedition 
across the continent. N. Y. 

— — — Canoemates; a story of the Florida Reef 
and Everglades. 1903. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Y Adventures of 2 boys who take their canoes through 
the Florida waters and learn many interesting things. 

Dory mates; a tale of the fishing hanks. 

1903. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Y Captain of a Gloucester fishing schooner, finding a 
baby floating in a barrel, adopts it. The child has thrill- 
ing adventures, and finds its true parents at last. Sargent. 

The flamingo feather. 1887. 16£ x 14cm 

1 1 arper 60c 

Y French boy's adventures among Florida Indians in 
16th century. Pittsburg. 

Raftmates. 1903. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Y Chase after a runaway raft on the Mississippi and 
adventures with counterfeiters and river boats. F. J. 

Wakulla; a story of adventure in Florida. 

1903. 17$cm 

Y Harper 60c 
Norris, Frank. The octopus; a story of Cali- 
fornia. 1901. 19£cm Doubleday $1.50 

Deals with the war between the wheat grower and the 
railroad trust. Author. 

The pit; a story of Chicago. 1903. 

20£cm Doubleday $1.50 

The fictitious narrative of a "deal" in the Chicago 
wheat pit. Author. 

Norton, C: L. Jack Benson's log; or, Afloat 
with the flag in '61. 1895. 19cm (Fighting 
for the flag ser. ) Wilde $1.25 

Y Sequel .1 medal of honor man. 

Boy's life in the navy during the early civil war. N.Y. 

A medal of honor man; or, Cruising among 

blockade runners. 1896. 19cm (Fighting for 
the flag ser.) 

Y W T ilde $1.25 

LITE R AT V K E — American fiction 


Page, T: N. Among the camps; or, Young peo- 
ples stories of the war. L902. L'Uein 

Scrihner $1.50 

Y Contents: A. captured Santa Clans; Kitty kin, and the 
part she played in the war; "Nancy Pansy;" "lack and 

Klsket, and other stories. 1891. 18$cm 

Scribner $1 

Contents: Elsket; "George Washington's" last duel; 
I'iaski's tanament; "Run to seed;" "A soldier of the 

— - — In ole Virginia: illus. by W. T. Smedley, 
B. W. Clinedinst, C. S. Reinhart, A. B. Frost, 
Howard Pyle and A. Castaigne. 1896. 20cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Contents: Marse Chan; "Unc' Edinburg;" Meh Lady; 
Ole 'Stracted; No Haid Pawn; Polly. 

Old gentleman of the black stock; illus. 

by H. C. Christy. 1901. 18Jcm 

Scribner $1.50 

Finely etched portrayal of a southern gentleman of the 
old school. Critic, 31: 821. 

Red Rock: a chronicle of reconstruction. 

1898. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Story of the civil war and of reconstruction, centering 
in the history of the Red Rock Plantation and its vicissi- 
tudes of ownership. 

Two little Confederates. 1888. 2Hcm 

Scribner $1.50 

Y Adventures with confederates and unionists of 2 
small boys left on a Virginia plantation during the war. 
X. Y. 

Parker, Sir Gilbert. An adventurer of the North ; 
being a continuation of the histories of "Pierre 

. and his people" and the latest existing records 
of Pretty Pierre. 1898. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Contents: Across the jumping sandhills; A lovely bully; 
The filibuster; Gift of the simple king; Malachi; The lake 
of the Great Slave; The Red Patrol; The going of the 
white swan; At Bamber's Boom; The Bridge House; The 
epaulettes; The finding of Fingall. 

The battle of the strong; a romance of 

two kingdoms. 1898. 19cm Houghton $1.50 

( ipens with battle of Jersey and is continued into the 
great war between England and France at close of 
lsth century. Scene chiefly Jersey, sometimes Brittany. 

Donovan Pasha and some people of Egypt. 

1902. 19£cm Appleton $1.50 

15 dramatic stories of Egyptian life and character. Pub. 

Pierre and his people; tales of the far 

north. 1898. 17|cm Macmillan $1.25 

Stories of love and adventure, chiefly from the Hudson 
Bay territory: a presentment of native character and life. 

Parker, Sir Gilbert. Rightofway. 1901. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 

A poignant romance of the life of a brilliant Montreal 
barrister who wanders, temporarily crazed by dipsomania 
and an accident, into a French Canadian village. Ed. sel. 

A Romany of the snows. 1898. 17icm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Contents: Three commandments in the vulgar tongue; 
Little Babiche; At Point o' Bugles; The spoil of the puma: 
The trail of the sun dogs; The pilot of Belle Amour: The 
cruise of the "Ninety-three;" A Romany of the snows; 
The plunderer. 

Stories continuing Pierre and his j>rnjil< , preceding the 
Adventurer of the Noi th. 

— Seats of the mighty. 1898. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 

Historical romance, culminating in battle of Quebec. 

When Valmond came to Pontiac; the 

story of a lost Napoleon. 1898. lT^em 

Macmillan $1.25 

The romance of the coming of a supposed son of 
Napoleon into the life of a French Canadian village. 
Ed. sel. 

Perry, Nora. Hope Benham; a story for girls, 
illus. by F. T. Merrill. 1903. 19cm 

Y Little $1.50 

Phelps, E.. S. Doctor Zay. 1882. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Story of a woman physician in an obscure New England 
village. L. & I. 

Fourteen to one. 1891. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: Fourteen to one; The bell of St Basil's; Shut 
in; Jack, the fisherman; The madonna of the tubs; A 
brave deed; The sacrifice of Antigone; Sweet home; Too 
late; The Reverend Malachi Matthew; His relict: Mary 
Elizabeth; Annie Laurie; The law and the gospel. 

Gates ajar. 1896. 18cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Imaginative glimpses into the celestial paradise, where 
she imagines the interests and occupations of terrestrial 
existence will be carried on. Baker. 

A singular life. 1895. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Poe, E. A. Tales, with introd. by H. W. Mabie. 
1901, 20cm (Century class.) Century $1.25 n 

Contents: The gold-bug; A descent into the Maelstrom: 
MS found in a bottle; The murders in the Rue Morgue: 
The mystery of Marie Roget; The purloined letter; The 
fall of the house of Usher; William Wilson; The man of 
the crowd; The black cat; The telltale heart; The assig- 
nation; The masque of the red death; The cask of amon- 
tillado; The pit and the pendulum. 

Exhibit his power chiefly in that dim region which 
Stretches from the very utmost limits of the probable into 
the weird confines of superstition and unreality. ,1. R. 




Poulsson, Emilie. Child stories and rhymes, 
for the little people of nursery and kindergarten; 
illus. by L. J. Bridgman. 1898. 24cm 

Y Lothrop $1.25 

Through the farmyard gate; rhymes and 

stories for little children at home and in kinder- 
garten; illus. by L. J. Bridgman. 1896. 

Y Lothrop $1.25 

Pratt, Mrs Ella (Farman) The play lady; a 
story for other girls. 1900. 192cm (Sunshine 
lib.) Crowell 50c 

Y A young girl supports herself by taking charge of 
all the little children of a village in her own home each 
morning. She cares for them and amuses them in bright 
interesting ways. Ed. sel. 

Pyle, Howard. The garden behind the moon; 
a real story of the moon angel. 1895. 2l2cm 

Scribner $2 

Y Illus. by author. 

Sometimes disapproved, partly because many difficult 
words are used, partly because of the little "moon calf" 
hero. The story, wpven about the fancy that the real life 
of the little "moon calf" is not lived in his dull body but 
in a fairy world of training and conquest, is too beautiful 
to be entirely omitted from the list, Ed. sel. 

Men of iron. 1904. 22cm Harper $2 

Y A boy's story of the time of Henry IV, of England, 
who, with the men of his court, are the " men of iron " 

Otto of the silver hand. 1903. 23cm 

Scribner $2 

Y Spirited story of the robber barons and the feudal 
strongholds of medieval Germany. Mr Pyle tells a story 
well and illustrates it even better. Hardy. 

Pepper and salt; or, Seasoning for young 

folk. 1886. 29cm 

Y Harper $1.50 

Some merry adventures of Robin Hood, 

of great renown in Nottinghamshire. 1902. 
19cm ( Scribner' s per. ) Scribner 60c 

Y Illus. by author. 

A 83 edition is also issued by Scribner. 
A continuous narrative of the episodes of the life of the 
famous outlaw gathered from the older sources. Ed. sel. 

Story of Jack Ballister's fortunes. 1895. 

21.]cm Century $2 

Y Exciting narrative of adventures by land and sea. 
The hero has many narrow escapes, but lives to return to 
England and enjoy his rightful inheritance. Cleveland. 

Twilight land. 1895. 22cm 

Y Harper $2.50 
Wonder clock; or, Four and twenty mar- 

vellous tales, being one for each hour of the 
day; illus. by Howard Pyle, verses by Katha- 
rine Pyle. 1904. 25£cm 
Y Harper $2 

Pyle, Katharine. The counterpane fairy. 1898. 
19$cm Dutton $1.25 

Y Illus. by author. 

Ralph, Julian. Alone in China, and other 
stories. 1897. 19cm Harper $2 

Contents: House-boating in China; Alone in China; 
Plumblossom Beebe's adventures; The story of Miss Pi; 
The "boss" of Ling-foo; Little Fairy's constancy; The 
love-letters of Superfine Gold. 

Book of travel in form of stories and sketches. Notably 
good illustrations. N. Y. 

Rayner, Emma. Free to serve. 1897. 20cm 

Small $1.50 
Colonial New York in early 18th century. Romantic 
adventures of a well-born English girl as a bond servant. 

Remington, Frederic. Crooked trails; illus. by 
Frederic Remington. 1898. 23cm Harper $2 

Men with the bark on; illus. by the au- 
thor. 1900. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Vigorous sketches of rough life in Cuba and on the 
western frontier. Lit. world, 32: 55. 

Rice, Mrs A. C. (Hegan) Lovey Mary. 1903. 
18cm Century $1 

Appeared in Century, v. 65, Dec. 1902-Mar. 1903. 
Mrs Wiggs' cheery philosophy still pervades the Cab- 
bage Patch, where Lovey Mary, the tender hearted orphan 
heroine, and Tommy, her 3-year-old protege\ find a home. . 
N. Y. 

Mrs Wiggs of the cabbage patch. 1903. 

19cm Century $1 

A bright, cheery story, showing the good in human na- 
ture in the midst of dire poverty. W. Mass. 

Richards, Mrs L. E.. (Howe) Captain January. 
1902. 192cm (Capt. January ser. ) Estes 50c- 

Y Edition illus. by F. T. Merrill 75c and 81.25. 
Story of an old lighthouse keeper and a little girl res- 
cued by him from the sea. N. Y. 

Five minute stories. 1895. 20cm 

Estes $1.25 

Y Short stories about little children and animals; also 
some amusing nonsense rhymes. Unit. 

The golden windows; a book of fables for 

young and old. 1904. 20cm Little $1.50 

Joyous story of Toto. 1885. 19cm 

Little $1 

Y About a little boy who had passed much time in the 
woods, with animal playfellows. N. Y. 

More five minute stories. 1903. 202cm 

Estes $1 n 

Y Companion to Fire minute stories; stories for very 
small children. Pub. wkly. 

Queen Hildegarde; astoryforgirls. 1889. 

1 7.1cm Fstes $1.25 

Y The wholesome experience of a young New York 
jjirl during a summer on a farm. Ed. Bel. 

LITERATURE — American fiction 


Richards, Mrs li.'E.. ^Howe) Quicksilver Sue. 

1899. 19cm Century $1 

Y Summer's experiences of several country children 
and a badly brought up city girl. X. Y. 

Three Margarets. 1897. 17Vm 

Estes $1.25 

Y Three cousins, one from the East, one from a raneh 
in the West, and one from a Cuban plantation, come 
together for a summer visit to an uncle whom they have 
never seen. Dial. 23: 401. 

Riis, J. A. Children of the tenements. 1903. 
20 cm Maemillan $1.50 

In an earlier collection under title Out of Mulberry street. 


Roberts, C: G: D. The forge in the forest; be- 
ing the narrative of the Acadian ranger, Jean 
de Mer, seigneur de Briart. n. d. 19Jcm 

Page $1.50 

Heart of the ancient wood. 1900. 19cm 

Page $1.50 

Intimate and affectionate description of life in the for- 
ests of northern United States. Baker. 

A sister to Evangeline. New ed. 1900. 

19 Jem Page $1.50 

Story of the expulsion of the Acadians. Baker. 

Robertson, Harrison. Red blood and blue. 

1900. 19£cm Scribner $1.50 

Robertson, Morgan. Masters of men; a ro- 
mance of the new navy. 1901. 19icm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Rohlfs, Mrs A.. K. (Green) The Leaven- 
worth case, a lawyer's story. 1901. 18cm 

Putnam $1.25 
Round table of the representative American 
Catholic novelists; with portraits, biog. sketches 
and bibliography. 1897. 19£cm 

Benziger $1.50 

Rowland, H: C. Sea scamps; three adventurers 
of the East. 1903. 20cm McClure $1.50 

Contents: Back tracks: In the China Sea; Jordan 
Knapp, trader; Off Luzon; The treasure box; At the 
break of the monsoon: In the whale-boat; At the last of 
the ebb. 

An adventurous voyage in the China Sea. Pub.wkly. 

Runkle, Bertha. The helmet of Navarre. 1901. 
20cm Century $1.50 

Romance of cape and sword, with a young adherent of 
Henry of Xavarre for hero; scene Paris, at moment when 
the Huguenot king entered the city at the cost of a mass. 

St Nicholas Christmas book. 1899. 24Jcm 

Y Century $1.50 

Saunders, Marshall. Beautiful Joe; with introd. 
by Hezekiah Butterworth. 1894. 18km 

Amer. Baptist 60c 

Y This story speaks for the dog as Black Beauty does 
for the horse; teaches kindness to animals. For children 
between 9 and 14. Unit. 

Scudder, H. E. Bodleys telling stories. 1878. 
21x18cm Houghton $1.50 

Y About historic men and events. Sargent. 

— Doings of the Bodley family in town and 

country. 1903. 2Hxl8cm Houghton $1.50 

Y Stories, poems and anecdotes woven into a story. 

Several more Bodley books exist which may be added 
in libraries where these prove successful. Ed. sel. 

Seawell, M. E. Decatur and Somers. 1894. 
20cm (Young heroes of our navy) 

Appleton $1 

Y Story of the Tripolitan war, describing the burning 
of the Philadelphia and the explosion of the Intrepid. 
N. Y. 

History of the Lady Betty Stair. 1897. 

18cm Scribner $1.25 

Story of a young girl who fled from France during the 
revolution to court of the French exiles in Holyrood 
palace, Edinburgh. E. B. S. S. 

Little Jarvis. 1890. 20cm (Young he- 
roes of our navy) Appleton $1 

Y Story of a boy midshipman in the United States 
navy in 1800, and his loss of life through obedience to 
orders. Unit. 

Midshipman Paulding. 1891. 20cm 

(Young heroes of our navy) Appleton $1 

Y True story of the war of 1812. Hero becomes an offi- 
cer in the navy and takes part in the battle of Lake Cham- 
plain. Sargent. 

Paul Jones. 1893. 20cm (Young heroes 

of our navy) Appleton $1 

Y Story biography full of his adventures in British 
waters during the revolution. Based on good authori- 
ties and in fictitious parts consistent with his recorded 
life and deeds. X. Y. 

A Virginia cavalier. 1903. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 
Story of Washington's boyhood, with sketches of old 
Virginia life. Unit. 

Seton, Ernest Thompson. Biography of a 
grizzly. 1903. 20cm Century $1.50 

Y Illus. 1- y author. 

Author writes as if he himself had been first a little. 
forlorn, soft ball of a baby bear and afterwards an embit- 
tered monster, prowling for food. Literature. 

Two little savages. 1903. 21cm 

Doubleday $1.75 n 

Y Adventures of 2 boys who lived as Indians. Teaches 
practical lessons about camping, trapping, uses of plants, 
etc. Author's illustrations. N. Y. 




Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty. 1902. 20£cm 

Page $1.25 
Y Best book published to cultivate a spirit of kindness 
for horses. Pittsburg. 
Skinner, Mrs Henrietta (Dana) Espiritu 
Santo. 1899. 19cm Harper $1.25 

An unusual study of love and life among opera singers 
and artists. The spiritual power of Catholicism is pic- 
tured. Ed. sel. 
Slosson, Mrs Annie (Trumbull) Dumb fox- 
glove, and other stories. 1898. 19cm 

Contents: Dumb foxglove; Apple 
Malann; Davy's Christmas; Clavis; 

Seven dreamers. 1891. 





A transient 





Contents: How Faith came and went; Botany Bay; 
Aunt Randy; Fishin' Jimmy; Buttemeggs; Deacon 
Pheby's selfish natur; A speakin' ghost. 

An account in rich dialect of various eccentrics, or 
people with a touch of mania. In the six tales that fol- 
low, a series of rustic visionaries are portrayed, in such a 
way as to show the psychic value of these phases of men- 
tal history. Baker. 
Smith, A. C. The monk and the dancer. 1900. 
20cm. Scribner $1.50 

Contents: The monk and the dancer; Trot, trot to mar- 
ket; The peach; The senior reader; Some old families; 
The eye of the harem. 

The expression of a well comprehended art, at once 
strong and delicate. Nation, 71: 156. 
Smith, F. H. Caleb West, master diver. 1900. 
19^cm Houghton $1.50 

Characters and action center about the building of a 
lighthouse on the Connecticut coast. N. Y. 

Colonel Carter of Cartersville, illus. by 

E. W. Kemble and the author. 1892. 18$cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Describes with humorous and loving touch, an unre- 
constructed Virginia gentleman and the friends he 
endeared himself to. Nation. 

Fortunes of Oliver Horn. 1902. 19Jcm 

Scribner $1.50 
Study of southern society at outbreak of civil war and 
of art student's life in New York about 1860. N. Y. 

Tom Grogan. 1900. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 

Tom Grogan is an Irish woman and a contractor. Her 
troubles with her workmen and her ineth d of averting 
a strike described from capitalist's point of view. Mass. 

Smith, Gertrude. Arabella and Araminta stories, 

with 15 illustrative designs by Ethel Reed and 

explanatory notes by the author. 5th ed. 

1902. 23cm Small $1 

Y Two later books, in much the same manner, Tin boo 

boo book (Estes75c) and Roggit »»<\ Reggie stories (Harper 

81.60) may be added if the first is liked. Ed. Bel. 

Smith, Mrs M. . P. ( Wells ) Four on a farm . L901 . 
19cm Little $1.20 n 

Y Summer doings of 4 New York children dm a New 
Hampshire farm. N. Y. 

Jolly good times; or, Child-life on a farm: 

by P. Thorne. 1902. 19cm 

Y Little $1.25 
Jolly good times at Hackmatack. 1903. 

17.1cm Little $1.25 

Y Entertaining story of life in an inland village of 
Massachusetts about 1K30. N. Y. 

Jolly good times at school; also, some 

times not quite s<> jolly. 1903. 19cta 

Little $1.25 

Y Four more books in the " Jolly good stories" series 
exist and may be safely added if desired. Ed. sel. 

Smith, N. A. Three little Marys. 1902. 19£cm 

Houghton 85c n 

Y Scotch Mairi, English Molly and Irish Maureen 
Buwn are the heroines of three pretty stories. N. V. 

Spearman, F. H. Paughterof a magnate. 190.'!. 
20cm Scribner $1.50 

The magnate is the president of a great western railroad 
who takes his family to the Rocky mountains where some 
marvelous feats of engineering are being done. Pit*>. wkly. 

Held for orders, being stories of railroad 

life. 1902. 19£cm McClure $1.50 

Vigorous, full of adventure and heroism in emergency. 
N. Y. 

The nerve of Foley, and other railroad 

stories. 1900. 18£cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: The nerve of Foley; Second seventy-seven; 
The kid engineer; The sky-scraper; Soda-water Sal; The 
McWilliams special; Million-dollar freight-train: Bucks; 
Sankey's double header; Siclone Clark. 

Ten vigorous stories of excitements, dangers and hero- 
isms of railway life. N. Y. 

Spears, J: R. The port of missing ships, and 
other stories of the sea. 1897. lSgCim 

Macmillan $1.25- 
Contents: The port of missing ships: Skipper of the 
Nancy C; Story of a second mate. 

Stimson, F. J. King Noanett; a story of Devon 
settlers in old Virginia and Massachusetts Bay. 
1897. 19£cm Scribner $1.50 

Romance of pioneer life and adventure. Critir. 

Mrs Knollys, and other stories. 1S97. 

20cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Mrs Knollys; The three achievements Of 
Eileen; our consul atCarlsruhe; A Brsl love-letter; In a 
garret; A daughter of Spain (Los Caraquefios) ; Dynevor. 

Stockton F. R: Adventures of Captain Horn. 
1901. 19cm Scribner $1.50 

Story of adventures met witli in a quest for a treasure 
..f the Incas. Much of the interest depends on the char- 
acter drawing. Raker. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Stockton, F. R: Captain Chap; or, the Koll- 
ing stones. 1897. 20cm Lippincott $1 

Y Rollicking story of 3 boys accidentally carried out 

to sen. and picked ti |> and landed on south coast of 
Florida, where they have numerous adventures. N. Y. 

The casting away of Mrs Leeks and Mrs 

Ah'shine. 1898. I9jcm Century $1.50 

A comedy of incongruous and improbable Crusoe adven- 
tures of two most excellent New England women, related 
with unvarying gravity, in a matter-of-fact manner that 
i~ very diverting. N. V. 

Includes Tin Dusantes. 

A chosen few. 190:5. 16km (Cameo 

e<l. i Scribner $1.25 

Contents: A tale of negative gravity; Asaph: "His 
wife's deceased M>ter;" The lady, or the tiger? The 
remarkable wreck of the 'Thomas Hyke:" Old Pipes and 
the dryad: The transferred ghost: "The philosophy of 
relative existences;" A piece of red calico. 

Fanciful tales; eel. with notes for schools 

by J. E.. Langworthy; with introd. by M.. E. 
Burt. 1904. 19cm (Scribner's ser.) 

Scribner 50c n 

Y Contents: old Pipes and the dryad; Bee-man of 
Orn: Clocks of Kondaine; The griffin and the minor 
canon: Christmas truants. 

The floating prince, and other fairy tales. 

1881. 21x18cm Scribner $1.50 

Y Most of the stories appeared in St Mchotas and Har- 
per's yetutgpeopU . 

House of Martha. 1891. 18cm 

Scribner $1.25 

A jolly fellowship. 1880. 19Jcm 

Scribner $1.50 

Y Good times of 2 boys and a girl in Florida. Evanston. 

The lady, or the tiger? and other stories. 

1884. mem Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The lady, or the tiger? The transferred 
ghost The spectral mortgage; Our archery club; That 
same old 'coon; His wife's deceased sister; Our story; Mr 
Tolman: On the training of parents; Our firescreen; A 
piece of red calico: Every man his own letter-writer. 

Mrs Cliff's yacht, 1896. 18km 

Scribner $1.50 

Deals with the fate of that portion of the treasure 
which fell to the Peruvian government and to Mrs Cliff, 
who appeared first in The adventures of Captain Horn. 

Rudder Grange, illus. by A. B. Frost. 

1885. 18cm Scribner $2 

Hurnerous experiences of a young married pair, who 
begin housekeeping in a derelict barge, and retain the 
name of Rudder Grange when they move to a more 
Stable dwelling. The drollery arises from unstrained and 
ordinary situations. Baker. 

Story of Viteau. iss4. 19km 

Scribner $1.50 

Y How 2 boys, sons of a count, lived in the days of 
knighthood. N. V. 

Stockton, F. R: A story-teller's pack. 1897. 
19Jcm Scribner $1,50 

Contents: A few words to begin with; The magic egg; 
The staying power of Sir Rohan; The widow's cruise; 
Love before breakfast; The bishop's ghost and the 
printer's baby; Captain Eli's best ear; As one woman to 
another; My well and what came out of it; Stephen 
Skarridge's Christmas; My unwilling neighbor. 

Ting-ading. 1882. 18cm Scribner $1 

Y Fanciful and humorous tales, dealing with things 

magical, as well as with dwarfs and giants. Hardy. 

The watchmaker's wife, and other stories. 

1893 19cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The watchmaker's wife; Asaph; My terminal 
moraine; The philosophy of relative existences; The 
knife that killed Po Hancy; The Christmas shadrach; 
The Reverend Ezekiel Crump. 

Stoddard, W: O. Dab Kinzer; a story of a grow- 
ing boy. 1881. 18km Scribner $1 

Y Story of a growing boy's outdoor life on shores of 
Long Island. Hardy. 

Little Smoke, a tale of the Sioux. 1891. 

20km Appleton $1.50 

Y Exciting and instructive tale of Sioux Indian life in 
and around the Black Hills, illustrated with many curious 
pictures of Indian weapons. Hardy. 

On the old frontier; or, The last raid of 

the Iroquois. 1893. 20cm Appleton $1.50 

Y Adventures in western New York during last Iro- 
quois raid. N. Y. 

The quartet. 1881. 18km 

Scribner $1 

Y Academy and college life of Dab Kinzer and his 
friends. Wis. 

The red mustang, a story of the Mexican 

border. 1890. 16km (Harper's young peop. 

Y Harper 60c 

The talking leaves. 1903. 17km 

Harper 60c 

Y Interesting story of a white child's life among the 
Indians, and how she escaped. N. Y. 

Two Arrows; a story of red and white. 

1886. 16km (Harper's young peop. ser.) 

Harper 60c 

Y Story of an Indian lad in the far West. Sargent. 
Stories by American authors. 10 v. 1884-85. 

1 7cm Scribner 75c ea 

A collection of short stories contributed to periodicals, 
or included in publications not easily accessible. Pub- 
lishers' note. 

Stories of Italy. 1894. 13cm (Stories from 
Scribner) Scribner 75c 

Contents: Espero Gorgoni, gondolier, by F. H. Smith: 
The anatomist of the heart, by T. R. Sullivan; Thesong of 
thecomforter, by J. J. A'Becket; The house on the hilltop, 
by Grace E. Channing. 




Stories of New York. 1894. 13cm (Stories 
from Scribner) Scribner 75c 

Contents: From four to six, a comedietta, by Annie 
Eliot; The commonest possible story, by B. Perry; The 
end of the beginning, by G. A. Hibbard; A puritan 
ingenue, by J. S. Wood; Mrs Minister's view, by Edith 

Stories of the army, 

1894. 13cm (Stories from 
Scribner 75c 

Contents: Memories, by B. Matthews; A charge for 
France, by J. Heard, jr; Sergeant Gore, by L. Armstrong; 
The tale of a goblin horse, by C. C. Nott. 

Stories of the railway, 
from Scribner) 

1893. 13cm (Stories 
Scribner 75c 

Contents: As the sparks fly upward, by G. A. Hibbard; 
How I sent my aunt to Baltimore, by C. S. Davison; Run 
to seed, by T: N. Page; Flandroe's Mogul, by A. C. 

Stories of the sea. 

1893. 13cm (Stories from 
Scribner 75c 

Contents: The port of missing ships, by J. R. Spears: 
The fate of Maria Blunt; Captain Black, 
by C. E. Carryl; The last slave ship, by G. Howe. 

Stories of the South. 1894. 13cm (Stories 
from Scribner) Scribner 75c 

Contents: No Haid Pawn, by T: N. Page; How the 
Derby was won, by H. Robertson; Aunt Fountain's pris- 
oner, by .l.C. Harris; Tirary Soult, by Mrs R. H. Davis. 

Stowe, Mrs H. E.. (Beecher) Little Pussy 
Willow; also, The minister's watermelons. 
1899. 19$ x 15£cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Happy, useful life of a country girl who received 
from a fairy the gift of seeing the bright side of every- 
thing. Sargent. 

My wife and I; or, Harry Henderson's 

history. 1899. 19£cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $1.50 
Followed by We awl our neighbors. 

Oldtown folks. 1897. 19£cm 

Houghton $1.50 
Portrays a Massachusetts town a century or more ago. 
N. Y. 

Uncle Tom's cabin; with introd. by the 

author, n. d. 20Jcm. Houghton $1.50 

Bibliographic account of Uncle Tom's cabin, pref. p. 

A story of plantation life before the civil war. 

One of the most famous of 'timely ' books. It was not 
half true, it was written with passion and prejudice and 
it accomplished what all the cool, judicial statements in 
the world would have failed in. L. & I. 

We and our neighbors; or, Therecordsof 

an unfashionable street. 1901. 19.jcm (River- 
side ed.) Houghton |1.50 
Sequel to My wife and I. 

Stuart, Mrs Ruth ( McEnery) In Simpkinsville; 

character tales. 1897. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: An Arkansas prophet; Weeds; The unlived 

life of little Mary Ellen; The dividing-fence: The middle 

ball; Miss Jemima's valentine; A slender romance. 

Moriah's mourning and other half-hour 

sketches. 1898. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: Moriah's mourning; An optical dilemma: 
The second Mrs Slimm; Apollo Belvedere, a Christmas 
episode of the plantation; Nearest of kin; (On the planta- 
tion); The deacon's medicine; Two gentlemen of leisure; 
The Rev Jordan White's three glances; Lady, a mono- 
logue of the cow-pen; A pulpit orator; An Easter symbol, 
a monologue of the plantation; Christmas at the Trimbles; 
A minor chord. 

13 short stories, mainly of the southern negro. N. Y. 

Story of Babette, a little Creole girl. 1894. 

19cm Harper $1.50 

Y Story of a little Creole stolen from her New Orleans 
home and growing up aniong strangers. N. Y. 

Tarkington, Booth. The gentleman from Indi- 
ana. 1899. 20£cm Doubleday $1.50 

Main interest, the contest between White Caps and a 
young newspaper man who tries to purify polities. N. Y. 

Monsieur Beaucaire. 1900. 20cm 

McClure $1.25 

A little drama of intrigue, laid in Bath during the Beau 
Nash regime in middle of the isth century. Baker. 

Taylor, Bayard. Boys of other countries. New 
ed. 1901. 20£cm Putnam $1.25 

Y Contents: The little post-boy; The pasha's son; Jon 
of Iceland; The two herd-boys; The young serf; Studies 
of animal nature. 

Stories of boys in Sweden, Egypt, Iceland, Germany and 
Russia, full of information about the customs and pecu- 
liarities of the countries. Pittsburg. 

Hannah Thurston, a story of American 

life. Household ed. 1903. mem 

Putnam $1.50 

The story of Kennett. Cedarcroft ed. 

1903. 19£cm Putnam $1.50 

Y Story of country life in a Pennsylvania town at end 
Of last century. L. & I. 

Thanet, Octave, pseud. Knitters in the sun. 
1887. 18£cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The ogre of Ha Ha Bay; The bishop's vaga- 
bond; Mrs Finley's Elizabethan chair; Father Quin- 
nailon's convert; A communist's wile: Schopenhauer on 
Lake Pepin; "Ma' Bowlin':" Half a curse; Whitson Harp, 

Short stories exhibiting people of strongly marked 
character in the stress of moral conflict. Baker. 

The missionary sheriff. 1897. 19cm 

Harper $1.25 

Contents: The missionary sheriff; The cabinet organ; 
Els duty; The hypnotist; Thenextroom; Defeat of Amos 

Six stories of a certain " plain man who tried to do his 
duty" N.Y. 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


Thanet, Octave, pseud. Otto the knight, and 
other trans-Mississippi stories. 1891. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Otto the knight; The conjured kitchen; The 
tirst mayor; Sist' Chaney'a black silk; The lou f of peace; 

The day of the cyclone; Trusty, no. 49; The plumb idiot; 
The governor's prerogative; The mortgage on .lefty. 

Stories of a western town. 1893. 19cm 

Scribner $1.25 
Contents; The besetnient of Kurt Lieders; The face of 
failure: Tommy and Thomas; Mother Emeritus; An as- 
sisted providence; Harry Tossing. 

Sketches of workaday life in Iowa, showing the trials 
of business, the injustices caused by competition, etc. 

We all. 1891. 20Jcm Appleton $1.50 

Y Story of a Chicago boy's winter with his Arkansas 
cousins. N. Y. 

Thompson, D. P. Green Mountain boys. n. d. 
19cm Burt $1 

Romance of the settlement of Vermont, embodying 
hero tales of Vermont, and stirring episodes like the cap- 
ture of Ticonderoga. Baker. 

Thompson, Maurice. Alice of old Vincennes; 
illus. by F. C. Yohn. 1900. 19cm 

Merrill $1.50 
Story of events during the revolution centering in an 
old French town in Indiana. Ed. sel. 

Tomlinson, E. T. Boys of old Monmouth; a 
story of Washington's campaign in New Jersey 
in 1778. 1898. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Y The series of " Revolutionary stories," of which this 
is the earliest, includes four more books: (2) Jersey boy in 
tin- revolution; (3) In the hands of the redcoats; (4) Under 
colonial colors; (5) A lieutenant under Washington. Ed. sel. 

Search for Andrew Field; a story of the 

times of 1812. 1894. 19Jcm (War of 1812 
ser.) Lee $1.25 

Y The series on the war of 1812, of which this is the 
first, includes five more books: (2) Boy soldiers; (3) Boy 
officers; (4) Tecumseh's young braves; (5) Guarding the bor- 
der; (6) Boys with Old Hickory. Ed. sel. 

Tourgee, A. W. A fool's errand, by one of the 
fools. 1902. 20cm Fords $1.50 

Pt. 2, "The invisible empire," p. 385-521. 

Experience of a federal officer who went south after the 
war and lived there fifteen years. A picture of the " car- 
pet-bagger" period; the Ku Klux Klan is incidentally 
described. L. & I. 

Trowbridge, J: T. Cudjo's cave. 1892. 19cm 

Lee $1.50 

Jack Hazard and his fortunes. 1899. 

19 Jem (Jack Hazard ser. ) Coates $1.25 

Y The series is carried on by four books, as follows: 
(2) Chanei for himself ; (3) Doing his best; (4) Fait friends: 

Young surveyor. 
The books are somewhat old fashioned and are more 
popular in some parts of the country than others. Ed. Bel. 

Trowbridge, J: T. Neighbor Jackwood; rev. 
ed. with a chapter of autobiography. 1899. 
19 Jem Lee $1.50 

Sketches of home life and of homely character in rural 
New England. Baker. 

True, J: P. The iron star and what it saw on its 
journey through the ages from myth to history; 
illus. by L. C. True. 1902. 19 Jem 

Little $1.50 

Y Short history of primitive civilization told in the 
adventures of a meteor which fell to earth in the cave 
dwellers' age and is now a precious relic in Plymouth, 
Mass. N. Y. 

Morgan's men; containing adventures of 

Stuart Schuyler, captain of cavalry during the 
revolution. 1901. 19cm Little $1.50 

Y Sequel to Scouting for Washington; continued in On 

A young cavalry captain's adventures with Generals 
Greene and Morgan, Colonel Tarleton and Lord Cornwal- 
lis, in Carolina, 1780. N. Y. 

On guard! Against Tory and Tarleton; 

containing adventures of Stuart Schuyler, major 
of cavalry during the revolution. 1902. 18Jcm 

Little $1.20 n 

Y Major Stuart Schuyler'sadventures during Greene's 
retreat through the Carolinas. N. Y. 

Scouting for Washington; a story of the 

days of Sumter and Tarleton. 1900. 19cm 

Little $1.50 

Y Boy's adventures as American spy about New York 
and with British in South Carolina. N. Y. 

Vaile, Mrs 0.. M. (White) The M. M. C; a 
story of the great Eockies. 1898. 19cm 

Wilde $1 

Y Story of mining life in Colorado, and a boy's faithful 
work. For readers over 12. Unit. 

The Orcutt girls; or, One term at the acad- 
emy. 1896. 20cm Wilde $1.50 

Y Story of the struggles of 2 sisters to gain an educa- 
tion. For girls of 14. Unit. 

— « Sue Orcutt; asequel to "The Orcuttgirls." 

1897. 20cm Wilde $1.50 

Y School and college life of a girl who is ambitious to 
write for publication. Unit. 

Wheat and huckleberries; or, Dr North- 

more's daughters. 1899. 20cm Wilde $1.50 

Y Story of 2 western girls who visit their grandfather 
in New England during a summer. N. Y. 

Van Dyke, H: J. The blue flower. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Contents: The blue flower [from the German of Novalis] ; 
The source; The mill; Spy rock; Wood-magic: The other 
wise man; A handful of clay; The lost word; The first 




Van Dyke, H: J. The ruling passion; tales of 
nature and human nature. 1901. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Contents: A lover of music; The reward of virtue; A 

brave heart; The gentle life; A friend of justice; The 

white bint; A year of nobility; The keeper of the light. 

Dramatic French-Canadian and Adirondack sketches. 

Wallace, Lewis. Ben-Hur; a tale of the Christ. 
1901. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Romance of oriental life in the first century. Baker. 

The fair god; or, The last of the 'Tzins. 

1901. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

An archeologic reconstruction of Mexican life at time 
of conquest. Baker. 

The prince of India. 2 v. 1893. 17 Jem 

Harper $2.50 

Hero takes the character of the Wandering Jew. Gives 
a florid picture of the Byzantine empire in the 15th 
century. L. & I. 

Waltz, Mrs Elizabeth (Cherry) Pa Gladden; 
the story of a common man. 1903. 20cm 

Century $1.50 

Stories of country life in middle west, deriving unity 
from the personality of a childless, large hearted and sin- 
cerely religious elderly farmer. N. Y. 

Ward, H. D. Captain of the Kittiewink. 1892. 
18cm Little $1.25 

Y Two boys' voyage in search of health along the New 
England coast in an old fishing boat. Sargent. 

Warman, Cy. The express messenger and other 
tales of the rail. 1897. 17Jcm 

Scribner $1.25 
Contents: The express messenger; The locomotive that 
lost herself; A wild night at Wood River; Wakalona; A 
locomotive as a war chariot; A ghost train illusion; Story 
of engine 107; Catching a runaway engine; A railway 
mail clerk; The mysterious message; Scraptomania. 

Snow on theheadlight; a story of the great 

Burlington strike. 1899. 19Jcm 

Appleton $1.25 

Warner, C:D. The golden house. 1895. 19Jcm 

Harper $2 
Story of New York life, continuing the fortunes of 
characters in A little journey in tlie world. N. Y. 

A little journey in the world. Biograph- 
ical ed. 1899. 19 Jem Harper $1.50 

A picture of New York society. Baker. 

That fortune. 1899. 19 Jem 

Harper $1.50 
A picture of New York life, particularly in the finan- 
cial world. Baker. 
Sequel to The golden house. 

Their pilgrimage; illus. by C. 8. Reinhart. 

1887. 19Jcm Harper $2 

The love plot a mere thread; minute and sometimes 
satirical descriptions of southern watering-places. Baker. 

Warner, Susan. The wide, wide world, n. d. 
19Jcm (Home lib.) Burt $1 

Pictures of past life and manners in New England. 

Waterloo, Stanley. Story of Ab; a tale of the 
time of the cave man. 3d ed. 1897. 19Jcm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Webster, H: K. Roger Drake, captain of in- 
dustry. 1902. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 
Story of mining ventures, rivalry in love and business 
and formation of great copper combine. N. Y. 

Webster, Jean. When Patty went to college. 
1903. 20cm Century $1.50 

College pranks, told by a Vassar graduate of 1900. 

Wells, Carolyn. Patty Fairfield. 1901. 20cm 

Dodd $1.10 

Y Fourteen-year-old Patty makes the acquaintance of 
4 aunts and their families. 

Westcott, E: N. David Harum; a story of 
American life. 1898. 19cm Appleton $1.50 

David Harum is 'a shrewd country banker in central 
New York, sharp at a bargain, kind-hearted, with an 
unfailing flow of dry humor. N. Y. 

Wharton, Mrs Edith. The greater inclination. 
1899. 20cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: The muse's tragedy; A journey; The pelican: 
Souls belated; A coward; The twilight of the god: A cup 
of cold water; The portrait. 

Stories dealing with various phases of modern social 
life. Cynical and sad, but not devoid of humor. Baker. 

Sanctuary. 1903. 21 Jem 

Scribner $1.50 
Deals with a question of heredity. Pub. wkly. 
Appeared in Scribner's magazine, v. 34. Aug.-Nov. 

The valley of decision. 2 v. 1902. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 

As a study of Italian society on the verge of the French 
revolution, deeply interesting; as a study of tempera- 
ment, sympathetic and judicial. Sat. r. 

White, E. O. Ednah and her brothers. 1900. 
19Jcm Houghton $1 

Y Everyday doings of 4 children who flit between city 
and country with their artist parents. N. Y. 

A little girl of long ago. 1896. 19Jcm 

Houghton $1 

Y Story of child life in the Boston of colonial times 

When Molly was six. 1894. 19$cm 

Houghton $1 

Y Twelve realistic studies of red letter days in a child's 
life, one for each month. Pittsburg. 

Wintcrborough. 1892. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

LITERATURE— American fiction 


"White, S. E: The biased trail. 1902. 20cm 

McClure 11.50 

Pi. 2 appeared in Mcdurefa magazine, Dee. 1901. Jan.- 
Feb. 1908, under title The forest runner. 

A young lumberman's straggle with a powerful and 
unscrupulous firm. Realistic descriptions of life in Mich- 
igan logging camp. X. Y. 

The magic forest; a modern fajry story. 

1903. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Y Modern fairy story about a little boy who spent a 
whole summer with a tribe of Canadian Indians. Pub. 

Whitney, Mrs A. D. (Train) Faith Gartney's 
girlhood. 1893? 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Xew England story, tracing the life and growth 
from girlhood to womanhood of Faith Gartney and con- 
taining something of the thought and life that lie be- 
tween 14 and 'JO. Publishers. 

The Gayworthys; a story of threads and 

thrums. 1893. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Girl's story of Xew England village people a gener- 
ation or more ago. Full of shrewd observations and 
kindly humor. X. Y. 

Hitherto; a story of yesterdays. 1897. 

18cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Home life in a Xew England country place some 
fifty years ago. Baker. 

The other girls. 1901. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Y Fourth volume of ' Real folks ser.' 
Follows Real folks. 

Real folks. 1899. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Y Third volume of 'Real folks ser.' 
Follows We girls. 

Two orphan sisters, adopted one by a city aunt, the 
other by an aunt in the country, and how they fared. 
X. Y. 

A summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's life. 

1894. 18cm Houghton $1.25 

Y Story of a young girl's season in the White Moun- 
tains. Evanston. 

Followed by We girls; Heal folks; Other girls. 

We girls; a home story. 1898. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Y Second volume of ' Real folks ser.' 
Follows Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite' s life. 

Pleasant story of home and social life of 3 New England 
girls with cultivated tastes and limited income. N. Y. 

Wiggin, MrsS... D. (Smith) The Birds' Christ- 
mas Carol. 1889. Houghton 50c 

Y A story of mixed pathos and fun; the pathos in the 
life of an invalid girl; the fun in the amusing perform- 
ances of a large family of small poor children whom she 
befriends. Ed. sel. 

"Wig-gin, Mrs K.. D. (Smith) A cathedral court- 
ship, and Penelope's English experiences. 1893. 
18cm Houghton $1 

Humorous, appreciative narrative of travel in Eng- 
land. Pittsburg. 

Penelope's Irish experiences. 1901. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Sequel to Penelope' s progress. 
Travel in Ireland bound by thread of love story. X. Y. 

Penelope's progress. 1898. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Sequel to Penelope's English experiences. 
Edinburgh and its neighborhood as seen by the three 
heroines of Penelope's English experiences. X. Y. 

Polly Oliver's problem; a story for girls. 

1893. 18cm Houghton $1 

Y Lively story of a bright girl's solution of the ques- 
tion of self-support. X. Y. 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. 1903. 

19cm Houghton $1.25 

Y An original, attractive child is adopted out of a 
large, poor, happy go lucky household by 2 maiden 
aunts. The child's natural capers and the elder aunt's 
dismays and disapproval are told to a pleasant ending. 
Ed. sel. 

Story of Patsy. 1889. 194cm 

Houghton 60 c 
Sketch from life, droll and humorous, sympathetic 
with the weak and unfortunate; the hero is a cripple. 
Far from unpleasant as a picture of slum life. Baker. 

A summer in a canon; a California story. 

1889. 20cm Houston $1.25 

Y The holiday of a party of bright young people of both 
sexes camping out in southern California. Baker. 

Timothy's quest; illus. by Oliver Her- 

ford. 1895. 20cm Houghton $1 

Wilkins, M. . E. A humble romance, and other 
stories. 1887. 17£cm Harper $1.25 

Realistic sketches of homely, penurious life in a Massa- 
chusetts village. Baker. 

Jerome, a poor man. 1897. 17Jcm 

Harper $1.50 
New England village life. Study of character as 
developed in a boy struggling to make his way in the 
world. N. Y. 

The Love of Parson Lord and other 

stories. 1900. 17£cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: The Love of Parson Lord; The tree of 
knowledge; Catherine Carr; The three old sisters and 
the old beau: One good time. 

A New England .nun, and other stories. 

1891. 17 Jem Harper $1.25 

24 stories of New England country life. X. Y. 

The portion of labor. 1901. 194cm 

Harper $1.50 

Story dominated by questions of capital and labor, of a 
girl's development in a New England factory town. N. Y. 






Williams, J. L. The stolen story, and other 
newspaper stories. 1899. 18cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The stolen story; The new reporter; Mrs H. 
Harrison Wells's shoes; The great secretary of state inter- 
view; The city editor's conscience; The cub reporter and 
the king of Spain; The old reporter. 

Winnington, Laura, ed. Outlook story book 
for little people. 1902. 25cm Macmillan $1 

Y Collection of short stories and verses by many 
writers, reprinted from Outlook. Clear type and interest- 
ing pictures. N. Y. 

Winthrop, Theodore. John Brent, n. d. 19cm 
(Ajaxser.) Dodd 75c 

Wister, Owen. Lin McLean. 1903. 20cm 

Harper $1.50 
Short stories forming a continuous narrative, a cowboy 
being the central figure. N. Y. 

Red men and | white; illus. by Frederic 

Remington. 1896. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Adventures on the Indian frontier, a mixture of inven- 
tion and actual experience. Gen. Crook is a portrait. 

The Virginian; a horseman of the plains. 

1902. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Capital study of the best type of western cowboy, in- 
trepid, level headed, rough living but right hearted and 
deserving a good woman's love. N. Y. 

Woolson, C. F. Anne; illus. by C. S. Reinhart. 
1882. 17£cm Harper $1.25 

Scenes at Mackinac and about Ne*v York. N. Y. 

The front yard, and other Italian stories. 

1895. 17^cm Harper $1.25 

Contents: Thefrontyard; Neptune's shore; Apinkvilla; 
The street of the Hyacinth; A Christmas party; In Venice.' 

Zollinger, Gulielma (pseud.) Widow O'Cal- 
laghan's boys. 1898. 18 2 cm McClurg $1.25 

Y Account of how one woman brought up her boys and 
promoted them for good behavior. Wis. 

814 American essays 

Aldrich, T: B. Ponkapog papers. 1903. 18£ 
x 12cm Houghton $1 n 

Contents: Leaves from a note book. Asides: Tom Folio; 
Fleabody and other queer names; A note on " L'Aiglon; " 
Plot and character: The cruelty of science; Leigh Hunt 
and Barry Cornwall; Decoration day; Writers and talk- 
ers; On early rising; Un poete manque; The male costume 
of the period; On a certain affectation; Wishmakers' 
Town; Historical novels;. Poor Yorick; The autograph 
hunter. Robert Herrick. 

Burroughs, John. Birds and poets, with other 

papers. 1891. 17$cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Birds and poets; Touches of nature; A bird 

medley; April; Spring poems; Our rural divinity; Before 

genius; Before beauty; Emerson; The flightof the eagle. 

Burroughs, John. Fresh fields. 1891. 17 2 cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: Nature in England; English woods, a con- 
trast; In Carlyle's country; A hunt for the nightingale; 
English and American song birds; Impressions of some 
English birds; In Wordsworth's country; A glance at 
British wild flowers; British fertility; A Sunday in 
Cheyne Row; At sea. 

In-door studies. 1889. 17Jcm 

Houghton $1.25 
Literary criticism, including papers on Thoreau, Gil- 
bert White, Matthew Arnold, Emerson, Carlyle, true 
realism, etc. N. Y. 

Literary values and other papers. 1902. 

17£cm Houghton $1.10 n 

Magazine essays discussing style, criticism, art in 
literature, Gilbert White, Thoreau, Emerson, nature in 
literature, the secret of happiness, etc. N. Y. 

Locusts and wild honey. 1891. H^cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The pastoral bees: Sharp eyes; Strawberries; 
Is it going to rain? Speckled trout; Buds and birds; Abed 
of boughs; Birds'-nesting; The halcyon in Canada. 

Pepacton. 1891. 17icm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Pepacton; A summer voyage; Spring; An 

idyl of the honeybee; Nature and the poets; Notes by the 
way; Footpaths; A bunch of herbs; Winter pictures. 

Biverby. 1895. 17Jcm Houghton $1.25 

Eighteen essays on wild flowers, birds, Kentucky blue 
grass, Mammoth cave, the southern Catskills. sportsmen, 
the chiyjmunk, etc. N. Y. 

Signs and seasons. 1891. 172('m 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: A sharp lookout; A spray of pine; Hard fare; 
The tragedies of the nests; A snowstorm; A tasteof Maine 
birch; Winter neighbors; A salt breeze; A spring relish; 
A river view; Bird enemies; Phases of farm life; Roof- 

AVake-robin. 1893. 17£cm 

Houghton $1.25 
Contents: The return of the birds; In the hemlocks: 
Adirondac; Birds'-nests; Spring at the capital; Birch 
browsings; The bluebird; The invitation. 

Winter sunshine. 1891. 17£em 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: Winter sunshine; Exhilarations of the road; 
The snow-walkers; The fox; A March chronicle: Autumn 
tides; The apple; An October abroad. 

Chapman, J: J. Emerson, and other essays. 
1898. 20cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: Emerson; Whitman; A study of Romeo; Mi- 
chael Angelo's sonnets; The fourth canto of the Inferno; 
Browning; Stevenson. 

Crothers, S:M. The gentle reader.. 1903. 19cm 

Houghton $1.25 n 
Contents: The gentle reader; The enjoyment of poetry; 
The mission of humor; Cases of conscience concerning 
witchcrafts; The honorable points of ignorance; That his- 
tory should be readable; Evolution of the gentleman; 

LITERATURE— American essays 


The hinterland of BCience; The gentle reader's friends 
among the clergy: Quixotism; Intimate knowledge and 
Most reprinted from Atlantic monthly, v. 81-92, May, 
- --Oct.. 1908. Pittsburg. 

Curtis, G: W: From the easy chair. 3 v. 
1892-94. LVVm Harper Ilea 

Selections from the Easy chair papers in Harper's ;/;n;/a- 

:i«f. N. Y. 

Literary and social essays. 1895. 21cm 

Harper $2.50 

Contents: Emerson; Hawthorne: Works of Hawthorne; 
Rachel; Thackeray in America. Sir Philip Sidney; Long- 
fellow: Holmes; Washington Irving. 

Eliot, C: W: American contributions to civili- 
zation, and other essays and addresses. 1897. 
2Hcm Century $2 

19 essays and addresses, mainly social and political, by 
president of Harvard university. N. Y. 

Emerson, R. W. Complete works. 12 v. 
1883-93. 19icm Houghton $1.75 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Nature, addresses and lectures, v. 2, 
Essays: 1st series, v. 3, Essays: 2d series, v. 4, Represen- 
tative men. v. 5, English traits, v. 6, The conduct of life. 
v. 7, Society and solitude, v. 8, Letters and social aims. 
v. 9, Poems, v. 10, Lectures and biographical studies, v. 
11, Miscellaneous, v. 12, Natural history of intellect and 
other papers, with a general index. 

Fiske, John. Century of science, and other es- 
says. 1899. 20 2 cni Houghton $2 

Contents: Century of science; Doctrine of evolution: its 
scope and purport; E: L. Youmans; Part played by in- 
fancy in the evolution of man; Origins of liberal thought 
in America; Sir Harry Vane; The arbitration treaty; 
Francis Parkman; E: A: Freeman; Cambridge as village 
and city; A harvest of Irish folk-lore; Guessing at half 
and multiplying by two; Forty years of Bacon-Shakes- 
peare folly; Some cranks and their crotchets. 

Excursions of an evolutionist. n. d. 

20£cin Houghton $2 

Contents: Europe before the arrival of man; Arrival of 
man in Europe; Our Aryan forefathers; What we learn 
from old Aryan words; Was there a primeval mother- 
tongue? Sociology and hero-worship; Heroes of industry; 
Causes of persecution; Origins of protestantism; The true 
lesson of protestantism; Evolution and religion; The 
meaning of infancy: A universe of mind-stuff; In memo- 
riam: Charles Darwin. 

Godkin, E. L. Reflections and comments, 1865- 
95. 1895. 21cm Scribner $2 

Articles published in Nation during last thirty years. 

Grant, Robert. Search light letters. 1899. 
20cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: To a young man or woman in search of the 
ideal; To a modern woman with social ambitions; To a 
young man wishing to be an American; To a political 

Higginson, T: W. Outdoor studies; Poems. 
1900. 19 2 cm (Riverside ed. ) Houghton $2 

Higginson, T: W. Studies in history and let- 
ters. 1900. 19£cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $2 

Holmes, O. W. Pages from an old volume of 
life; essays, 1857-1881. 4th ed. 1884. 19 2 cm 
( Riverside ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

Howells, W: D. Literature and life. 1902. 

21 2 cm Harper $2.25 n 

Short studies in gently humorous vein, of various 

human relations, summer pleasures, the short story, 

editors and contributors, Bernhardt' s Hamlet, etc. N .Y. 

My literary passions. 1895. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 
Retrospect concerning books which have waked and 
strengthened his love for literature. Nation, 61: 156. 

Lodge, H: C. Historical and political essays. 
1892. 20cm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: W: H. Seward; James Madison; Gouverneur 
Morris; Why patronage in office is un-American; Distribu- 
tion of ability in the United States; Parliamentary ob- 
struction in the United States; Parliamentary minorities; 
Party allegiance. 

Lowell, J. R. Writings, in prose. 7 v. 1899. 
20 Jem (Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 ea 
Contents: v. 1-4, Literary essays, v. 5, Political essays. 
v. 6, Literary and political essays, v. 7, Latest literary- 
essays and addresses. 

Mabie, H. W. Books and culture. 1896. 17 5 cm 

Dodd $1 
On the charm and teachings of literature. Illustrations 
drawn mainly from Homer, Shakespeare, Dante and 
Gothe. Literature, 3: 460. 

Essays on work and culture. 1898. 18cm 

Dodd $1.25 
On right conditions of work, ultimate tests, value of 
relaxation, of concentration, special training, imagina- 
tion, etc. N. Y. 

My study fire. 2 v. 

1899. 21 2 cm 

Dodd $1.25 ea 

Pleasant collection of indoor reveries and firelight pic- 
tures, with a few notes on books and authors. Nation, 

Martin, E: S. Windfalls of observation, gath- 
ered for the edification of the young and the 
solace of others. 9th ed. 1901. 182cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Brief conversational essays on climate, courtship, wills 
and heirs, the travel habit, Christmas sentiments, etc. 

Mullany, P. F. Essays miscellaneous, by 
Brother Azarias. 1896. 20cm 

McBride $1.50 

Contents: Literature, its nature and influence; Religion 
in education; Sonnets and plays of Shakespeare; Culture 
of the spiritual sense; Our Catholic school system; What 
is the outlook for our colleges? Church and state. 




Potter, H: C. l>p. The scholar and the state, 
and other orations and addresses. 1898. 21 ^cm 

Century $2 

Contents: The scholar and the state; Character in states- 
manship; The scholar in American life; Scholarship and 
service; Heroisms of the unknown; Relations of science 
to modern life; Rural re-enforcement of cities: Christian- 
ity and the criminal; A phase of social science; Nobility 
in business; Ministry of music; The gospel for wealth; 
The Christian and the state; Higher uses of an exposition; 
A hundred American years; The lifegiving word; Signifi- 
cance of the American cathedral. 

Repplier, Agnes. 

Essays in miniature. 1895. 
Houghton $1.25 

Bright, brief essays on literary subjects. N, Y. 

Points of view. 1891. 18£cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Contents: A plea for humor; English love-songs; Books 
that have hindered me; Literary shibboleths; Fiction in 
the pulpit; Pleasure: a heresy; Esoteric economy; Scan- 
derbeg; English railway fiction. 

A plea for cheerfulness in literature and simplicity in 
criticism. N. Y. 

Varia. 1897. 18Jcm Houghton $1.25 

Contents: The eternal feminine; The deathless diary; 
Guides, a protest; Little pharisees in fiction; The fete de 
Gayant; Cakes and ale; Old wine and new; The royal 
road of fiction; From the reader's standpoint. 

Sill, E: R. Prose of E: R. Sill; with ah introd. 
comprising some iamiliar letters. 1900. 17ijcm 

Houghton $1.25 

Originally appeared in Contributor's club of Atlantic 
monthly. Cover a wide range of topics, are full of quaint 
and original conceptions and sparkle with witty sayings. 

Spalding-, J: L. ftp. Opportunity, and other es- 
says and addresses. 1900. 18cm McClurg $1 

Contents: Opportunity; Woman and the higher educa- 
tion; The university: a nursery of the higher life; The 
university and the teacher; Goethe as educator; The pa- 
triot; Empire or republic. 

Author Roman Catholic bishop of Peoria since 1877. 

Socialism and labor. 1902. 18cm 

McClurg 80c n 

Contents: Socialism and labor; Basis of popular gov- 
ernment; Are we in danger of revolution? Charity and 
justice; Woman and the Christian religion; Emotion and 
truth; Education and patriotism; Assassination and an- 
archy; Church and country; Labor and capital; Work and 
leisure; The mystery of pain; An orator and lover of jus- 
tice [John Peter Altgeld]; St Bedc. 

Torrey, Bradford. 
1895. 18Jcm 

Birds in the bush. 8th ed. 
Houghton $1.25 

Chiefly studies of birds in rambles In various parts of 
New England. They are among the best literature about 
birds. L. & I. 

Van Dyke, Henry. Fisherman's luck and some 
other uncertain things. 1899. 20cm 

Scribner $2 

Reflections on fishing and outdoor fires, meadows and 
mountains, landscapes and lovers. N. Y. 

Little rivers; a book of essays in profit- 
able idleness. 1903. 20cm Scribner $1.50 

Contents: Little rivers; A leaf of spearmint; Amper- 
sand; A handful of heather; The Restigouche from a 
horse-yacht; Alpenrosenandgoat's-milk: Au large; Trout- 
fishing in the Traun; At the sign of the balsam bough; A 
song after sundown. 

Series of angling sketches on a more serious background, 
worked into a combination simple and charming, full of 
the spirit of pastoral and woodland scenes. Treats of the 
various rivers visited and fished by the author. Nation 

Van Dyke, J: C: Nature for its own sake; first 
studies in natural appearances. 1898. lSJcm 

Scribner $1.50 
Points out the beauty of light, the sky, rain, snow, the 
sea, streams, mountains, etc. N. Y. 

Warner, C: D. As we go. 1894. 15cm 

Harper $1 

Brief papers from Harper's magazine, mainly about 
various phases of human intercourse; graceful, humor- 
ous and incisive. N.Y. 

Fashions in literature, and other literary 

and social essays and addresses. 1902. 20cm 

Dodd $1.20 n 
Contents: Fashions in literature; The American news- 
paper; Certain diversities of American life; The Pilgrim, 
and the American of today; Nathan Hale; Some causes 
of the prevailing discontent; Education of the negro; The 
indeterminate sentence; The life-saving and life-prolon- 
ing art; Literary copyright; The pursuit of happiness; 
Truthfulness; Literature and the stage; "H. H." in 
southern California. 

Relation of literature to life. 1897. 19jcm 

Harper $1.50 

Contents: The relation of literature to life; .Simplicity; 
" Equality; " What is your culture to me? Modern fiction; 
Thoughts suggested by Mr Froude's "Progress;" Eng- 
land; The English volunteers during the late invasion; 
The novel and the common school; A night in the garden 
of the Tuileries. 

Reflective essays on worth of literature in conduct of 
life, etc. Gayley & Scott (B) 

Whipple, E. P. Character and characteristic 
men. 1894. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: Character; Eccentric character; Intellectual 
character; Heroic character; The American mind; The 
English mind; Thackeray; Hawthorne; Edward Everett; 
Thomas Starr King; Agassiz; Washington and the princi- 
ples of the revolution. 

Wilson, Woodrow. Mere literature, and other 
essays. 1896. 19Jcm Houghton $1.50 

Contents: Mere literature; The author himself; On an 
author's choice of company; A literary politician [Walter 
Bagehot]; The interpreter of English liberty [Edmund 

LITERATURE — American oratory. Humor 


Burke]; The truth of the matter; a calendar of great 
Americans; The course of American history. 

Opening essay a spirited plea for the study and appre- 
ciation of literature as literary art. Gayley & Scott (B) 

Woodberry, G: E: 

Heart of man. 1899. 18icm 
Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: Taormlna; A. new defence of poetry ; Democ- 
racy; The ride. 

Four papers, loosely connected by unity of purpose: To 
interpret history, literature, democracy and religion, by 
the touchstone of modern idealism. Harv. grad. m. 

§15 American oratory 

Curtis, G: W: Orations and addresses; ed. by 
C: E.Norton. 3 v. 1894. 23cm 

Harper $10.50 

Contents: v. 1, On the principles and character of 
American institutions, and the duties of American citi- 
zens. 1856-1891. v. 2. Addresses and reports on the reform 
of the civil service of the United States, v. 3, Historical 
and memorial addresses. 

On patriotism, educated men in politics, slavery, woman 
suffrage, fhe puritan spirit, higher education, the English 
speaking race, etc. N. Y. 

Admirably illustrates wide range of his interests, 
strength and soberness of his convictions, his keen sense 
of political honor, and his hopeful public spirit. L. A. H. 

Johnston, Alexander, ed. American orations: 
studies in American political history, with in- 
troductions; re-edited with hist, and textual 
notes by J. A. Woodburn. 4 v. 1901-4. ISicm 

Putnam $5 

Selected rather with a view to historical value than for 
oratorical excellence. The introductions are admirably- 
clear and effective. Xation (B) , 

Watterson, Henry. The compromises of life, 
and other lectures and addresses. 1903. 20cm 

Fox $1.50 n 

In his own way, and choosing his own illustrations, he 
preaches the gospel that the life is more than meat and 
the body than raiment. Best and most authoritative 
chapters deal with conditions in the South and with 
journalism. Jiial, 36: 51. 

Webster, Daniel. Speeches and orations; with 
an essay on Webster as a master of English 
style, by E. P. Whipple. 1902. 24cm 

Little $3 

§17 American satire and humor 

Clemens, S: L. Adventures of Huckleberry 
Finn (Tom Sawyer's comrade) by Mark Twain. 
New ed. 1896. 19£cm Harper $1.75 

An epic of boyhood; his adventures in a raft voyage 
down the Mississippi bring out his shrewdness, his humor 
and hisstru^KliiiK conscience. Faithful in the rendering 
of southern dialects. Baker. 

Clemens, S: L. Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by 
Mark Twain. 1903. 20Jcm Harper $1.75 

Based on reminiscences of author's boyhood in Missouri: 
very full picture of life in the Southwest. Full of inci- 
dent and fun. Baker. 

Innocents abroad; or, The new Pilgrim's 

progress, by Mark Twain. 1903. 20icm 

Harper $2 
Account of travels in the Mediterranean and the adja- 
cent countries. The party of Innocents adopt the role of 
impervious philistines, with no reverence for works of 
art and antiquity. To some extent a satire on the Amer- 
ican globe-trotter. Baker. 

Life on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain. 

1903. 201cm Harper $1.75 

In the main a veracious record of bygone phases of life, 
observed by author when pilot on a Mississippi steamer. 
Characteristics of the people, effects of slavery, family 
feuds, lawlessness, lynching, etc. are all noted down 
with the zeal of a reformer. Baker. 

Pudd'nhead Wilson; and Those extraor- 

dinary twins, by Mark Twain. 1903. 20£cm 

Harper $1.75 
Serious delineation of life half a century ago in a little 
Missouri town, with character sketches of some vanished 
types. Baker. 

Roughing it, by Mark Twain. 1903. 

20£cm Harper $2 

A tramp abroad, by Mark Twain. 1903. 

20£cm Harper $2 

Facetious narrative of author's travels over the globe, 
full of broad jokes, hilarious incidents and mock serious 
criticism, stamped by the same Philistinism that charac- 
terized the Innocents and by a serious insight that looks 
below the surface. Baker. 

Curtis, G: W: Potiphar papers. 1900. 19Jcm 

Harper $1.50 
Dunne, F. P: Mr Dooley in peace and in war. 
1899. 18cm Small $1.25 

Mr Dooley, a typical Irish-American, talks in humorous 
brogue on topics of the hour. His satire is acute, good- 
humored and entertaining. N. Y. 

Mr Dooley in the hearts of his country- 
men. 1899. 18cm Small $1.25 

Genial satire, with a hearty laugh on every page, as 
well as merited rebuke of many iniquities in the English- 
speaking world. Dial, 27: 370. 

Holmes, O. W. Autocrat of the breakfast-table. 
1892. 20cm (Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 
Full of alert wisdom, droll humor and shrewd obser- 
vation of life. The scraps of poetry are among his finest 
verse. Baker. 

Over the teacups. 1896. 20cm (River- 
side ed.) Houghton $1.50 

The peculiar note of these talks is the confidence with 
which the author speaks of his past to the army of friends 
whom his kind wit and wise heart have gained, Lit. 




Holmes, 0. W. Poet at the breakfast-table. 
1893. 20cm ( Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Professor at the breakfast-table; with The 

story of Iris. 1898. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $1.50 

Irving, Washington. Bracebridge hall. 2 v. 
1897. 18cm (Knick. ed.) Putnam $1.25 ea 

Sympathetic picture of pleasant phases of English 
country life; recalls the similar sketches of Addison in 
Sir Roger de Coverlet/ papers. Baker. 

Knickerbocker's History of New York. 

2v. 1897. 18cm (Knick. ed.) 

Putnam $1.25 ea 

Comic history in which fact and droll fiction are in- 
extricably mingled. Introduces a good deal of kindly 
satire of the old Dutch inhabitants of Manhattan Island. 

Reviews and miscellanies. 1897. 18cm 

(Knick. ed.) Putnam $1.25 

Contents: Reviews and miscellanies; Stories and le- 

Salmagundi. 2 v. 1897. 18cm (Knick. 

ed. ) Putnam $1.25 ea 

By William Irving, J. K. Paulding and Washington 

A serious miscellany of essays and sketches, including 
Addisonian memoirs of the Cockloft family, and satirical 
letters from a Turkish exile in New York, after the model 
of Goldsmith and Montesquieu. Baker. 

Sketch-book. 2 v. 1897. 18cm (Knick. 

ed.) Putnam $1.25 ea 

The best example of his powers, mild, cheerful, fanci- 
ful, thoughtful, humorous; "Rip Van Winkle" and 
" Sleepy Hollow " are among the finest pieces of fiction to 
be found in any literature. A: H. Welsh, Development of 
English literature and language. 

Tales of a traveller. 2 v. 1897. 18cm 

(Knick. ed.) Putnam $1.25 ea 

Knowles, F: L. ed. The poetry of American 
wit and humor; selected by R. L. Paget. 1899. 
17$cm (Cap and gown ser.) Page $1.25 

Mason, E: T. ed. Humorous masterpieces from 
American literature. 3 v. 1886-88. 16cm 

Putnam $3.75 
Well chosen and representative. N. Y. 

Warner, C: D. Backlog studies. 1900. 18cm 

Houghton $1.25 

Being a boy. 1897. 19jcm 

Houghton $1.25 

Y Reminiscences and reflections on actual boyhood 
lovingly remembered. 

My summer in a garden. 1898. 172cm 

Houghton $1.50 

\n attempt to tell the truth about one of the most fas- 
cinating occupations in the world. C: 1). Warner. 

§1§ American miscellany 

Alcott, A. B. Concord days. 1872. 18cm 

Little $1.50 

Flint, M. B. A garden of simples. 1900. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Legendary and therapeutic lore of plants and flowers 
furnishes matter for a series of entertaining sketches and 
essays. Pub. wkly. 

Garden of a commuter's wife, recorded by the 

gardener. 1901. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

A year's record of the fashioning and blooming of a 

country garden near New York. Outdoor delights are 

matched by charming domesticity within. N. Y. 

Mitchell, D. G. Reveries of a bachelor; or, A 

book of the heart, by Ik Marvel. Rev. ed. 

1892. 18Jcm Scribner $1.25 

Love idyls in form of day dreams "over a wood fire, by 

a city grate, over his cigar." Ed. sel. 

Thoreau, H: D: Autumn. 1893. 20cm (Riv- 
erside ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

Extracts from the daily journal of Thoreau who "had 
atched nature likeadetective who is togo on the stand." 
J. R. Lowell. 

Early spring in Massachusetts. 1896. 

20cm (Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Excursions. 1895. 20cm (Riverside 

ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

Miscellanies; with a biographical sketch 

by R. W. Emerson, and a general index to the 
writings. 1893. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $1.50 

Summer. 1893. 20cm (Riverside ed. ) 

Houghton $1.50 

Walden; or, Life in the woods. 1897. 

20cm (Riverside ed.) Houghton $1.50 

Describes his attempt to ^olve the problem of simple 
living by building and occupying a small house in the 
woods. Keen observations on animals, plants and birds. 
L. &I. 

Contains the sum and essence of his ideal and ethical 
philosophy; written in his most powerful and incisive 
style. H. S. Salt. 

Winter. 1893. 20cm (Riverside ed.) 

Houghton $1.50 

820 English literature 

Blaisdell, E. A. & M.. F. Child life readers. 
5 v. 1899-1902. 19£xl5.1cin Macmillan 

Y Contents: v. 1, Child life, -25c n. v. 2, Child life in tale 
and fable, S5c n. v. 3, Child life in many lands, 86c n. 
v. I, Child life In literature, 40c n. v. . r ., Child life fifth 
reader, 46c n. 

LITE K ATU R E— English literature 


Brink, Bernhard ten. History of English lit- 
erature: tr. fr. the German. 2 v. in3. 1883-96. 
201cm Holt $2ea 

S Title varies: v. l. Early English literature ( to Wiclif) 

tr. by H. M. Kennedy, v. J, i>t. i. History of English lit- 
erature (Wyclif, Chaucer, earliest drama, renaissance) tr. 

by \V. C. Robinson, v. 2, pt. .'. History of English litera- 
ture i from the 14th century to death of Surrey) ed. by 
Pr A. Brnndl. tr. by L. 1>. Schmitz. 

The work of a muster long familiar with his materials 
and tree and bold in his treatment. William Minto in 
Acad. 24: 173 (Bi 

Brooke, S. A: English literature, from the be- 
ginning to the Norman conquest. 1898. l^crn 
Macmillan $1.50 n 
Bibliography, p. 325-34. 

Brownell, W: C. Victorian prose masters. 
1901. 21cm Scribner $1.50 n* 

Critical studies of Thackeray, Carlyle, George Eliot, 
Matthew Arnold. Ruskin, George Meredith. N. Y. 

Chambers, Robert. Chambers's cyclopaedia of 
English literature; new ed. by David Patrick. 
3 v. 1902-4. 27|cm Lippincott $15 n 

R Critical and biographic account of English and 
American authors and characteristic selections from their 
works. Thoroughly revised by well-known writers, and 
brought to date. Kroeger. 

Dawson, W: J. Literary leaders of modern 

England; selected chapters from "The makers 

of modern poetry " and " The makers of modern 

prose." 1902. 19cm (Chaut. lit, & sci. cir.) 

Chautauqua press $1 

Bibliography at end of each chapter. 
Essays on Wordsworth, Tennyson, Browning, Carlyle 
and Ruskin, with selections from their works. 

Gosse, E. "W: History of eighteenth century 
literature (1660-1780) 1898. 19cm 

Macmillan $1 n 

Bibliography, p. 401-4. 
Harrison, Frederic. Studies in early Victorian 

literature. 1895. 20£cm 

Lane $1.50 

Contents: Characteristics of Victorian literature; Car- 
lyle: Macaulay: Benjamin Disraeli; Thackeray; Dickens; 
Charlotte Bronte; Charles Kingsley; Trollope; George 

Hawthorne readers. 6 v. 1901-4. 19cm 

Globe school bk. co. 
Contents: Primer: Story friends, by S. L. Blaisdell, Isa- 
bella Austin and M.. L. Gilman, 24c n. First reader: Little- 
folk tales, by M.. L. Gilman, Isabella Austin and S. L. 
Blaisdell, 24c n. Second reader: Story land, by M.. F. 
Hall and M.. L. Gilman, 36c n. Third reader: From 
many lands, by Florence Holbrook and M.. F. Hall, 
48c n. Foil rih reader: Nature and life, by A. W. Sterling, 
Florence Holbrook and E: E. Hale, jr., 5Cc n. Fifth 
reader: Literature, by E: E. Hale, jr. and A. W. Sterling, 
60c n. 

Hutton, R: H. Literary essays. 1892. 18£cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Contents: Goethe and bis influence; Genius of Words- 
worth; Shelley and his poetry; Browning; Poetry of the 
Old Testament; Arthur Hugh Clough; Poetry of Matthew 
Arnold; Tennyson; Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

Johnson, Rossiter, ed. Little classics. 18 v. 
1900. 17cm Houghton $1 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Exile, v. 2, Intellect, v. 3, Tragedy, 
v. 4, Life. v. 5, Laughter, v. 6, Love. v. 7, Romance, 
v. 8, Mystery, v. 9, Comedy, v. 10, Childhood, v. 11, 
Heroism, v. 12, Fortune, v. 13, Poems narrative, v. 14, 
Poems lyrical, v. 15, Minor poems, v. 16, Nature, v. 17, 
Humanity, v. 18, Authors; biographical sketches of the 
authors represented in the series, with a general index. 

Jusserand, J. A. A. J. Literary history of the 
English people; from the origins to the renais- 
sance, v. 1. 1895. 23cm Putnam $3.50 n 
Swift running recital of origin and development of Eng- 
lish letters down to pre-Elizabethan dramatists. Book 

Minto, William. Manual of English prose litera- 
ture, biographical and critical, designed mainly 
to show characteristics of style. 1901. 19cm 

Ginn $1.50 

Serviceable as supplement to treatise on rhetoric. Na- 
tion, 32: 430(B) 

Mitchell, D. G. English lands, letters and kings. 
v. 1-4. 1889-97. 19cm Scribner $1.50 ea 

R Contents: v. 1, From Celt to Tudor, v. 2, From Eliza- 
beth to Anne, v. 3, Queen Anne and the Georges, v. 4, The 
later Georges to Victoria, v. 5, Victorian age (in press) 

Gives much touching personal traits and habits of 
English writers. Nation, 61: 352. 

Moody, W: V., & Lovett, R. M. History of 
English literature. 1902. 20£cm 

Scribner $1.25 n 

R Reading guide, p. 385-411. 

Suited to students and readers who have graduated 
from their Stopford Brooke's Primer. Dial, 33:96 (B) 

Morley, Henry. English writers. 11 v. 1887- 
95. 19£cm Cassell $1.50 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Origins to Beowulf, v. 2, Csedmon to the 
conquest, v. 3, Conquest to Chaucer, v. 4-5, 14th century, 
v. 6, Chaucer to Caxton. v. 7, Caxton to Coverdale. v. 8, 
Surrey to Spenser, v. 9, Spenser and his time. v. 10-11, 
Shakespeare and his time. 

Vol. 11 completed after Morley's death by W. H. Griffin 

Bibliography, 11; 335-460. 

Pancoast, H: S. Introduction to English litera- 
ture. Rev. ed. 1896. 17cm Holt $1.25 

Based on his Representative English literature. Each 
chapter includes one or more bibliographies. 

Saintsbury , G : E : B. History of nineteenth cen- 
tury literature (1780-1895) 1896. 19icm 

Macmillan $1.50 
, A handbook of clear general statements, orderly ar- 
rangement, little prejudice, much knowledge, and gen- 




orally sound acceptance of average sensible opinion on 
most subjects. Ath. 1896, 2: 790. 

Saintsbury, G: E: B. Short history of English 
literature. 1898. 19Jcm Macmillan $1.50 n 
B, From Anglo-Saxon period to present decade (1891- 
1900) Critical rather than historical. N. Y. 

Scudder, V. D. Social ideals in English letters. 
1898. 20cm Houghton $1.75 

Study of literature as affected by and as influencing 
social philosophy and conditions from Langland to pres- 
ent day writers. N. Y. 

Stephen, Sir Leslie. Hours in a library. New 
ed. 3 v. 1899. 19£cm Putnam ■ $4.50 

Contents: v. 1, De Foe's novels; Richardson's novels; 
Pope as a moralist; Walter Scott; Nathaniel Hawthorne; 
Balzac's novels; De Quincey; Thomas Browne; Jonathan 
Edwards; Horace Walpole. v. 2, Dr Johnson's writings; 
Crabbe; William Hazlitt; Disraeli's novels; Massinger; 
Fielding's novels; Cowper and Rousseau; The first Edin- 
burgh reviewers; Wordsworth's ethics; Landor's Imagi- 
nary conversations; Macaulay. v. 3, Charlotte Bronte; 
Charles Kingsley; Godwin and Shelley; Gray and his 
school; Sterne; Country books; George Eliot; Autobiog- 
raphy; Carlyle's ethics; The State trials; Coleridge. 

Taine, H. A. History of English literature; tr. 
byH.VanLaun. 2 v. 1900. 20£cm Holt $5 
What makes the book unique is its thoroughgoing at- 
tempt to explain a whole literature in terms of national 
character, inherited culture and environment. L. E. 
Gates (B) 

Woodberry, G: E: Makers of literature. 1900. 
18 2 cm Macmillan $1.50 

Enlarged from his Studies in letters and, life, first pub- 
lished in Atlantic monthly and Nation, 1878-1900. 

Essays on Shelley, Landor, Browning, Byron, Arnold, 
Coleridge, Lowell, Whittier and others. Title. 

§21 English poetry 

Arnold, Sir Ed-win. Poetical works. 2 v. 1889. 

19 2 cm Little $4 

Arnold, Matthew. Poetical works. 1903. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.75 
Austin, Alfred. English lyrics, ed. by William 
Watson. 4th ed. 1896. 18£cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Brooke, S. A: ed. Treasury of Irish poetry in 
the English tongue; ed. by S. A: Brooke and 
T. W. Rolleston. 1900. 20 2 cm (Globe ed.) 

Macmillan $1.75 

Aims o be systematic record of best poems by 19th 
century Irish authors, not a select list of poems of intrin- 
sic value. Biographic notes and short critical notices by 
well known critics. 

Browning, Mrs Elizabeth (Barrett) Com- 
plete poetical works. 1900. 21 2 cm (Camb. ed. 
of the poets) Houghton $2 

I Ins biographic sketch by Harriet Waters Preston, notes, 
double indexes and portraits. 

An inspired singer, if there ever was one — all fire and 
air, her song and soul alike devoted to liberty, aspiration 
and ethereal love. E. C. Stedman. 

Bryant, W: C. ed. New library of poetry and 
song; with his review of poets and poetry from 
the time of Chaucer. Rev. ed. 1903. 24cm 

Baker & T. $5 
Popular poems and poetic extracts, classified as poems 
of infancy and youth, friendship, love, home, religion, 
nature, peace and war, the sea, adventure; humor, etc. 
Indexes of titles, first lines and poetical quotations. Many 
facsimiles. N. Y. 

Burns, Robert. Complete poetical works. 
1897. 21 Jem (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $2 
Includes W. E. Henley's essay Robert Burns, life, genius, 

Selected poems, with an introd. by Andrew Lang, Scrib- 
ner $2, is also desirable. Ed. sel. 

Burroughs, John, ed. Songs of nature. 1901. 
20cm McClure $1.50 

English and American selections representing com- 
piler's preferences. Accurate observation as well as 
poetic expression is his test of fitness. N. Y. 

Byron, G: G. N. Byron, 6th baron. Poetry of 
Byron; chosen and arranged by Matthew Ar- 
nold. 1901. 162cm (Golden treas: ser.) 

Macmillan $1 
The Cambridge ed. Houghton, 52, is announced, and 
the Library ed. Crowell, $1.50, is also good. Ed. sel. 

Campbell, Thomas. Poetical works; ed. by 
W. A. Hill; with sketch of his life by William 
Allingham. 1900. 18cm (Aldine ed.) 

Macmillan 75c n 
Chaucer, Geoffrey. Student's Chaucer; com- 
plete edition by W. W. Skeat. 1895. 21cm 

Clarendon $1.25 

Short introd. dealing with Chaucer's life, character, 
writings and editions, grammar and meter; a careful, 
scholarly text of all Chaucer's ascertained works, and an 
admirable glossarial index. Ath. 

Child, F. J. ed. English and Scottish popular 
ballads; ed. by H.. C. Sargent and G: L. Kitt- 
redge. 1904. 21 2 cm (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $3 

One selected version of nearly every ballad In Prof. 
Child's edition in 5 volumes, with general introduction 
and brief introduction to each ballad. Ed. sel. 

Clough, A. H. Poems. 1903. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan |2 

Coleridge, S: T. Poetical works; ed. with biog. 
introd. by J. D.Campbell. 1903. 19 2 cm (Globe 
ed.) Macmillan $1.75 

Printed authorities, pref. p. 6. 

Couch, A. T: Quiller-, ed. Oxford book of Eng- 
lish veree, 1250-1900. 1901. 19Jcm 

Clarendon $1.90 

LITERATURE— English poetry 


Courthope. W: J: History of English poetry. 

4 v. 1895-1903. 23cm Macmillan $3.25 n ea 
Cowper. William. Poetical works; ed. with 

notes and biog. introd. by William Benham. 

1902. 19. 1cm (Globe ed.) Macmillan $1.75 
Dana, C: A. ed. Household book of poetry. 

Rev. ed. 1903. 23xl9icm Appleton $5 

Classified collection of finest minor poems quoted 
entire. Class and author indexes. N. Y. 

De Vere, A. T: Selections from the poems of 
De Vere : ed. by (I : E: Woodberry. 1894. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Dobson, Austin. Collected poems. 2 v. 1895? 
17 Jem Dodd $2.50 

Dryden, John. Poetical works; ed. with a 
memoir, rev. text, and notes, by W. D. Christie. 
1897. 21cm (Globeed.) Macmillan $1.75 

Eliot, George, pseud. Complete poems; biog. 
introd. by Esther Wood. Personal ed. 1901. 
20cm Doubleday $1.50 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Poems, plays, and essays; 
with introd. essay by H: T. Tuckerman and 
memoir by John Aiken. 1884. 20icm 

Crowell $1.50 

Gray, Thomas. Poetical works, English and 
Latin; ed. with introd., life, notes and a bibliog- 
raphy by John Bradshaw. 1903. 18cm (Al- 
dine ed. ) Macmillan 75c n 

Greenaway, Kate. Marigold garden. n. d. 
27Acm Warne $1.50 

Y With original pictures and rhymes. Printed in 
colors by E. Evans. Pittsburg. 

Under the window; pictures and rhymes 

for children, engraved and printed by Edmund 
Evans, n. d. 24cm Warne $1.50 

Y Since Stothard, no one has given us such a clear- 
eyed, softfaced, happyhearted childhood. Added to this, 
the old world costume in which Miss Greenaway clothes 
her characters lends an arch piquancy. Andrew Lang. 

Hazlitt, William. Lectures on the English poets 
and on the English comic writers; ed. by W: C. 
Hazlitt. 1903. 19cm (Bohn's stand, lib.) 

Macmillan $1 n 

On poetry in general, with 7 lectures on individual 
poets from Chaucer to Southey and Coleridge; originally 
given in 1818. X. Y. 

Hemans, Mrs F. D. (Browne) Poetical works; 
with memoir, explanatory notes, etc. n. d. 
20cm ( Library ed. ) Crowell $1 

Henley, W: E. Lyra heroica; a book of verse for 
boys. 1891. 17^cm Scribner $1.25 

Y Collection of stirring English and American ballads 
from Shakespeare to Kipling. X. Y 

Henley, W: E. Poems. 6th ed. 1904. 21cm 

Scribner $1.75 

Herbert, George. Poems; added selections 
from his prose, and Walton's Life; with prefa- 
tory notice by Ernest Rhys. 1885. 15cm (Can- 
terbury poets) W. Scott 1/ 

Herrick, Robert. Poems, a selection from Hes- 
perides and Noble numbers; with introd. by 
T: B. Aldrich. 1900. 20cm (Century class.) 

Century $1.25 n 
None of the English lyric poets has shown a more per- 
fect. sense of words and of their musical efficiency, none 
has united so exquisitely a classic sense of form to that 
impulsive tunefulness which we have come to consider 
as essentially English. Ernest Rhys. 

Ingelow, Jean. Poems. 1896. 19£cm 

Little $1.50 
Keats, John. Complete poetical works and let- 
ters. 1899. 2Ucm (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $2 
Globe edition, Macmillan, $1.75, also good. Ed. sel. 
Kingsley, Charles. Poems. 1902. 19£cm 

Macmillan 75c 

Kipling, Rudyard. Departmental ditties and 

Ballads and Barrack-room ballads. 1899. 20jcm 

Doubleday $1.50 

The five nations; [poems] 1903. 21cm 

Doubleday $1.40 n 

The seven seas. 1896. 19jcm 

Appleton $1.50 

Liang, Andrew. Ballades and verses vain. 1902. 
18cm Scribner $1.50 

Langland, William. Vision of William con- 
cerning Piers the Plowman, according to version 
rev. and enl. by author about A. D. 1377; ed. 
byW. W.Skest. 8th ed. 1900. 17£cm (Clar- 
endon press ser. ) Clarendon $1.10 

Locker-Lampson, Frederick. London lyrics. 
1893. 16cm Stokes $1 

Lucas, E: V. comp. Book of verses for chil- 
dren. 1897. 19icm Holt $2 
Y About 200 selections, from Robert Browning's Pippa's 
song to Edward Lear's nonsense rhymes. Illustrated. 
N. Y. 

Macaulay, T: B. Macaulay, 1st baron. Lays of 
ancient Rome. (In his Works, class 824, v. 8) 

Macpherson, James. Poems of Ossian, with 
introd. historical and critical, by George Eyre- 
Todd. 1888. 14Acm (Canterbury poets) ' 

AY. Scott 1/ 
Meredith, George. Poems. 1903. 19Acm 

Scribner (1.50 




Meynell, Mrs A. C. (Thompson) ed. Flower of 
the mind; a choice among the best poems. 

1897. 19£cm Mansfield $1.25 n 

Milton, John. Complete poetical works. 1899. 
21 Jem (Camb, ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 
Life of Milton, by W. V. Moody, pref. p. 9-34. 

Introduction to the prose and poetical 

works; comprising all the autobiographic pas- 
sages, the more explicit presentations of his ideas 
of true liberty; Comus, Lycidas, and Samson 
Agonistes; with notes by Hiram Corson. 1899. 
HUcm Macmillan $1.25 n 

Aim to encourage students in such study of Milton as 
shall bring them into vivifying spiritual contact with 
loft Lest of English poets. Has two main sections: Milton's 
autobiography; passages which set forth idea of liberty. 
Dial, 28: 204. 
Moore, Thomas. Complete poetical works, col- 
lected by himself, with explanatory notes and 
biog. introd. 1895. 20cm (Stand, lib. ed. ) 

Crowell $1 

Moore's poems are full of color, while their melody is 

almost faultless. His verse is sensuous and sweet. Thomas 


Morris, William. Defence of Guenevere, and 

other poems. 1903. 17|cm Longmans $2 

Earthly paradise. New ed. 1896. 22cm 

Longmans $2.50 

Reclothes the choicest and most famous legends of Asia 
and Europe with the delicate fabric of its verse. E. C. 

Life and death of Jason; a poem. 1902. 

19£cm Longmans $1.50 

Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the fall 

of the Niblungs. 1904. 21cm Longmans $2 

In his own judgment it stood apart from the rest of his 
poetry because the subject was the story which he counted 
first in the world, and because he was convinced that he 
had treated this story with fidelity and largeness of man- 
ner. J. W. Mackail. 
Palgrave, F. T. ed. Children's treasury of lyri- 
cal poetry; selected and arranged with notes. 

1898. 16|cm (Golden treas. ser.) 

Y Macmillan $1 

The golden treasury; selected from the 

best songs and lyrical poems in the English 
language and arranged with notes. 1st ser. 
Rev. ed. 1903. 16£cm (Golden treas. ser. ) 

Macmillan $1 

Edited with the advice and collaboration of Tennyson, 

and the anthology after 40 years still holds its popularity 
and influence. Ed. sel. 

Percy, Thomas, comp. Reliquee of ancient Eng- 
lish poetry, consisting of old heroic ballads, 

songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets, with 

some of later date; ed. by J. V. Prichard. 2 v. 
1900. 19cm (Bonn's stand, lib.) 

Macmillan $2 n 

Made an epoch in history of English literature. It pro- 
moted with lasting effect the revival of interest in our 
older poetry. Dirt, of not. biog. 

Phillips, Stephen. Poems. 13th ed. 1902. 

19cm w Lane $1.25 n 

Pope, Alexander. Complete poetical works. 

1902. 2Hcm (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $2 

Procter, A. A. Complete poetical works, with 

an introd. by Charles Dickens. 1903. 16cm 

(Cabinet ed.) Houghton $1 

Raleigh, W. A. Wordsworth. 1903. 20cm 

Arnold $2 

More exclusively critical than Myers, less biographic. 

Repplier, Agnes, ed. Book of famous verse. 
1892. 23cm Houghton 75c 

Y Well chosen for children, and embracing martial 
strains, tales of brave deeds and romance, somber ballads 
and joyous lyrics; mainly 19th century verse. N. Y. 

Rossetti, C. G. Poems. Author's ed. 1899. 

19cm Little $1.75 

Rossetti, D. G. Complete poetical works; ed. 

with preface and notes by W: M. Rossetti. 

1903. 19 Jem Little $1.75 
Illustrated edition by E. L. Cary, 2 v. Putnam 1903, 

S6.50, desirable. Ed. sel. 

Ruskin, John. Poems, now first collected and 
ed. with notes by W. G. Collingwood. Brant- 
wood ed. 2 v. 1891. 19cm. Longmans $3 n 

Schelling, F. E. ed. Book of Elizabethan lyrics. 
1903. 19cm (Ath. press ser. ) Ginn 75c 

Arranged nearly chronologically. Introductionongen- 
eral nature of Elizabethan lyric, briefly treating sources of 
the selections, questions of text and authorship. Pub- 

Book of seventeenth century lyrics. 1899. 

19cm (Ath. press ser.) Ginn 75c 

In all respects, selection, editorship, commentary and 
annotation very near perfection. Nation, 09: 433. 

Scott, Sir Walter. Complete poetical works. 
1900. 21 Jem (Camb. ed. of the poets) 

Houghton $2 

Biographic sketch, pref. p. 11-23. 

Other good editions are the Globe, Macmillan $1.75, and 
ed. rev. by W. J. Kolfe, Houghton $3.1)0. It is convenient 
to have also editions of the "The lady of the lake," "The 
lay of the last minstrel," and " Marniion," e. g. the Stu- 
dents' ser. ed. W. ,1. Kolfe, Houghton, 75c each. Ed. sel. 

Scudder, V. D. Life of the spirit in tin- modem 

English poets. 1901. 20cm Houghton $1.75 

study of poetry as Influenced by and Interpreting 

modern democratic, scientific and religious ideals. N. Y. 

LITERATURE— English poetry 


Shairp, J: C. Aspects of poetry. 1891. 18cm 

Houghton |1.50 
With respect to the poetry of nature, no more sug- 
gestive a critic. E. (.'. Stedman (B) 

Shelley. P. B. Complete poetical works. 1901. 
21 loin (Camb. ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 

Ed. by G: E: Woodberry. 

Globe edition, Macmillan $1.75, also good. Ed. sel. 

Shute, K. H. ed. The land of song; selected by 
K. H. Shute. ed. by Larkin Dunton. 3 v. 
1S9S-99. 19cm 

Silver v. 1. ode n; v. 2, 48c n; v. 3, 54c n 
Y Contents: bk. 1. For primary grades: bk. 2, For lower 
grammar grades: bk. 3, For upper grammar grades. 

Sidney, Sir Philip. Lyric poems; ed. by Ernest 
Rhys. n. d. 15 2 cm (Lyric poets) 

Macmillan $1 

Southey, Robert. Poems; chosen and arranged 
by Edward Dowden. 1895. 165cm (Golden 
treas. ser. ) Macmillan $1 

Spenser, Edmund. Works; ed. by R. Morris; 
with a memoir by J: W. Hales. 1899. 20cm 
( Globe ed.) Macmillan $1.75 

Stedman, E. C. ed. Victorian anthology, 1837- 
1895. 1895. 21 2 cm Houghton $2.50 

A truthful exhibit of the course of song during 60 years, 
as shown by the poets of Great Britain in the best of their 
shorter productions. Designed to supplement his Victo- 
rian pints by choice and typical examples of the work 
discussed. Pref. 

Victorian poets; rev. and extended to 

the fiftieth year of the period under review. 
1903. 20 2 cin Houghton $2.25 

Interpretative in a very real sense of the period it sur- 
veys, and likely for that reason to possess permanent im- 
portance. H. W. Mabie in B'kman, 3: 424 (B) 

Stevenson, R. L: Child's garden of verses; illus. 
by Charles Robinson. 1900. 19 2 cm 
Y Scribner $1.50 

Poems and ballads. 1896. 18cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Contents: A child's garden of verses; Underwoods; 

Swinburne, A. C: Selections from the latest 

English edition; ed. by R: H: Stoddard. 1884. 

20 2 cm Crowell $1 

Contains Atalanta, Erechtheus, Chastelard, Bothwell, 

Mary Stuart, Poems and ballads and Sonnets. 

Thacher, Mrs Is. W. comp. The listening child; 
a selection from English verse, for the youngest 
readers and hearers. 1899. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

The introd. 'A short talk to children about poetry ', is 

clear and attractive and the selections are of a very high 

Older. The whole book is, as its title signifies, adapted 

to be read to children rather than by them. Ed. sel. 

Vaughan, Henry. Silex scintillans, etc. sacred 
poems and pious ejaculations; with mem. by 
H. F. Lyte. 1897. 18cm (Aldineed.) 

Macmillan 50c 
Ward, T: H. ed. The English poets. Students' 
ed. 4v. 1894-1903. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1 ea n 

Contents: v. 1, Chaucer to Donne, v. 2, Ben Jonson to 
Dryden. v. 3, Addison to Blake, v. 4, Wordsworth to Ten- 

v. 1 and 3 published 1903; v. 2, 1902; v. 4, new ed., 1894. 

Invaluable collection, with prefatory critical notices 
by scholars and writers, and a general introduction by 
Matthew Arnold. L. &. I. 

Watson, William. Selected poems. 1903. 18cm 

Lane $1.25 n 
Author's own selection. N. Y. 

Whittier, J: G. ed. Child life; a collection of 

poems. 1872. 19 2 em Houghton $2 

Y Poems for and about children. Pittsburg. 
Songs of three centuries. 1890. 20 2 cm 

(Household ed. ) Houghton $1.50 

Gathers up the best of the old ballads and short, time- 
approved poems; draws largely from contemporary writ- 
ers and the waifs and estrays of unknown authors. In- 
cludes careful selection of hymns. Pref. 

Wiggin, Mrs K.. D. (Smith), & Smith, N. A. 
ed. Golden numbers; a book of verse for youth. 
1902. 20cm McClure $2.50 n 

Y Comprehensive, classified selection from standard 
poets, with attractive introduction. Author and title 
indexes. N. Y. 

The posy ring; a book of verse for 

children. 1903. 20cm McClure $1.25 n 

Y Companion volume to Golden numbers, for younger 

Yeats, W: B. ed. Book of Irish verse; selected 
from modern writers, with introd. and notes. 
Rev. ed. 1900. 20cm Methuen 3/6 

Robert Browning 

Browning, Robert. Complete poetic and dra- 
matic works. 1895. 21 2 cm (Camb. ed. of 
the poets) Houghton $3 

Contains biographic sketch, bibliographic head notes, 
and appendix with notes and Browning's suppressed es- 
say on Shelley. 

Except for the convenience of the 1 vol. form, the Globe 
ed. 2 v. (Macmillan, SI. 75 ea.) is perhaps better, and 
Camberwell ed. (12 v. Crowell, 75c ea.) edited with notes 
in each volume and indexes in v. 12 is desirable. Ed. sel. 

The boys' Browning; poems of action and 

incident, comp. from the works of Robert 
Browning. 1899. 19cm Estes 50c 

Y Another collection, containing also a selection of 
poems by Mrs Browning, published by Smith, Elder, 
called The Brownings for the young, is good and somewhat 
more extensive, but is for a little older children. Ed. sel. 




Browning guides, eto. 

Berdoe, Edward. Browning cyclopaedia; a guide 
to study, with copious explanatory notes and 
references on all difficult passages, n. d. 20cm 

Macmillan $3.50 

Alphabetic entries ranging from brief definitions to 60 
pages on The ring and the hook. Gives selected list of 
Browning literature and chronologic list of works, pref. 
p. 11-18. N. Y. 

Brooke, S. A: Poetry of Robert Browning. 
1902. 20£cm Crowell $1.50 n 

Critical essays on his attitude toward nature, human 
life, art, womanhood, love and other passions, with analy- 
sis of greater poems. Chapter comparing Tennyson and 
Browning. N. Y. 

Cooke, G: W. Guide-book to the poetic and 
dramatic works of Robert Browning. 1891. 
20cm Houghton $2 

The best things said of Browning, pref. p. 9-14. 

Alphabetic arrangement of titles, characters, allusions 
and well known quotations, with fairly full information. 
Now incorporated in introduction and notes of 1899 Riv- 
erside edition. N. Y. 

Corson, Hiram. Introduction to the study of 
Robert Browning's poetry. 1903. 185cm 

Heath $1 

List of criticisms of Browning's works, p. 361-67. 

Literary insight and poetic sympathy mark the book. 
It leads distinctively to a perception of the poet's skill as 
an artist. A useful and friendly guide. Poet-lore. (B) 

Orr, Mrs Alexandra (Leighton) Handbook to 
the works of Robert Browning. 6th ed. 1902. 
18cm Macmillan $1.75 

Jhronologic bibliography, p. 365-93; alphabetic list of 
Browning's works, p. 395-409. 

Had the benefit of the poet's close revision and was ac- 
cepted by him as the official introduction to the study of 
his writings. Edmund Gosse (B) 


Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, 1st baron. Poetic 
and dramatic works. 1898. 21 5 cm (Camb. 
ed. of the poets) Houghton $2 

Biographic sketch, by W. J. Rolfe, pref. p. 11-17. 

The Globe ed. Macmillan SI. 75 n is also good. The 
Life and complete works, 10 v. Macmillan $20, is very de- 
sirable, the poems covering 6 v. and the biography 4 v. in 
more attractive form than the ordinary 2 v. edition. Ed. 

Brooke, S. A: Tennyson, his art and relation to 
modern life. 1903. 20 5 cm Putnam $2 

A course of popular lectures; says interesting things, 
some of them new, about Tennyson's art, and in particu- 
lar about his artistic use of nature. Nation, 58: 470 (B) 

Emphatically most critical and complete study of Ten- 
nyson ever written. Lacks finish, but for discriminating 
analysis and sympathetic insight could scarcely be 
equaled. Critic, 24: 328. 

Van Dyke, Henry. 

ed. 1898. 19 z cm 

Poetry of Tennyson. 10th 
Scribner $2 

Chronology and bibliography, p. 353-87. 
Appreciative, judicious and interesting study of Ten- 
nyson's mind, art and methods. N. Y. 


Wordsworth, William. Complete poetical 
works; with introd. by John Morley. 1903. 
20cm (Globe ed.) Macmillan $1.75 

Bibliography, with list of biographies and best critical 
articles on his writings; comp. by J. R. Tutin, p. 897-912. 

Selected poems, ed. by Matthew Arnold. Macmillan, $1, 
and Library ed. Crowell, $1, are also good. Ed. sel. 

822 English drama 

Beaumont, Francis, & Fletcher, John. Best 
plays; ed. with introd. and notes by J. St L. 
Strachey. 2 v. n. d. 19cm (Mermaid ser. ) 

Scribner $2 n 

Contents: v. 1, Maid's tragedy; Philaster; The wild- 
goose chase; Thierry and Theodoret; Knight of the burn- 
ing pestle, v. 2, Shirley's address; King and no king; 
Bonduca; Spanish curate; Faithful shepherdess; Valen- 

Congreve, William. William Congreve; ed. by 
A. C: Ewald. 1903. 18Jcm (Mermaid ser.) 

Scribner $1 n 

Contents: William Congreve by T: B. Macaulay; The 
old bachelor; The double-dealer; Love for love; The way 
of the world; The mourning bride. 

Gayley, C: M. cd. Representative English come- 
dies: v. 1, From the beginnings to Shakespeare. 
1903. 20£cm Macmillan $1.50 n 

Designed to illustrate development of comedy by selec- 
tion of carefully- edited texts with notes, introductions 
and essays. Selection successfully representative. Ath. 
'03, 2: 150. 

Gilbert, W: S. Original plays. 3 ser. 1902-04. 
17cm Scribner $1.25 ea 

Contents: l,Thewicked world; Pygmalion and Galatea; 
Charity; The princess; The palace of truth; Trial by jury; 
Iolanthe. 2, Broken hearts; Engaged; Sweethearts; Dan'l 
Druce, blacksmith; Gretchen; Tom Cobb, or, Fortune's 
toy; The sorcerer; H. M. S. Pinafore, or, The lass that loved 
asailor; The pirates of Penzance, or, The slave of duty. 
3, Comedy and tragedy; Foggerty's fairy; Rosencrantz 
and Guildenstern; Patience, or, Bunt home's bride; 

* Princess Ida, or, Castle Adamant; The mikado, or, The 
town of Titipu; Ruddigore, or, The witch's curse; The 
yeomen of the guard, or, The merryman and his maid; 
The gondoliers, or, The king of Barataria; The mounte- 
banks; Utopia, limited, or, The flowers of progress. 

Grey, Henry. Plots of some of the most famous 
old English plays, with index of the principal 
characters. New ed. 1900. 19cm 

Sonnenschein 2/6 

LITERATURE— English drama 


Jonson, Ben. Ben Jonson; ed. by Brinsley 
Nicholson, with introd. by C. H. Herford. 3 v. 
1893-95. L8$cm (Mermaid sit. | 

Scribner $1 n ea 

Works ed. by Clifford and Cunningham, ;> v. Scribner 

$3.75, good where complete collection is wanted. Ed. sel. 

Lainb, Charles, ed. Specimens of English 
dramatic poets who lived about the time of 
Shakspeare: with notes, including extracts from 
the Garriek plays. 1890. 19cm (Bonn's stand. 
lib ) Maemillan $1 n 

Lytton, E: G: E. L. Bulwer-Lytton, 1st baron. 
Dramas and poems, n. d. 20cm Little $1 

Contents: The lady of Lyons, or, Love and pride; 
Richelieu, or. The conspiracy: Poems; Money. 

Marlowe, Christopher. Christopher Marlowe; 
ed. by Havelock Ellis, with introd. by J: A. 
Symonds. 1903. lSjcm (Mermaid ser. ) 

Scribner $1 n 

Contents: Christopher Marlowe, by H. Ellis; Tambur- 
laine the Great; Tragical history of Dr Faustus; Jew of 
Malta; Edward the Second. 

Phillips. Stephen. Paolo and Francesca; a trag- 
edy in four acts. 4th ed. 1900. 185cm 

Lane $1.25 n 

Sheridan, R: B. B. Dramatic works. 1898. 
19cm (Bohn's stand, lib.) Maemillan $1 n 
Life of Sheridan, by G: G. Sigmond, p. 1-206. 
Symonds, J: A. Shakspere's predecessors in the 
English drama. New ed. 1900. 20Jcm 

Scribner $2 

Thayer, W : R. ed. The best Elizabethan plays. 
1890. 19cm . Ginn $1.25 

Contents: The Jew of Malta, by Marlowe; The alchem- 
ist, by Jonson; Philaster, or, Love lies a-bleeding, by 
Beaumont and Fletcher; The two noble kinsmen, by 
Fletcher and Shakespeare: The Duchess of Malfi, by 
Bibliography, p. 20. 

Ward, A. W: History of English dramatic lit- 
erature to the death of Queen Anne. Rev. ed. 
3 v. 1899. 22£cm Maemillan $9 n 


Probably not many small libraries will buy, 
at first, all the editions of Shakespeare named, 
but sooner or later the need will be felt of such 
editions to answer different demands. Ed. sel. 

Shakespeare, William. New variorum edition; 
ed. by H. H. Furness. v. 1-13. 1877-1903. 
25cm Lippincott $4 ea 

Contents: v.l, Romeo and Juliet, v. 2, Macbeth, v. 3-4, 
Hamlet, v. 5, King Lear. v. 6, Othello, v. 7, Merchant of 
Venice, v. 8, As you like it. v. 9, The tempest, v. 10, A 
midsommer nights dreame. v. 11, The winter's tale. v. 

12, Much adoe about nothing, v. 13, Twelfe night, or, 
What you will. 

Because of its undoubted value in all serious study of 
Shakespeare and because the cost bars its purchase b$ 
many students, libraries should possess this edition when 
it is possible to afford it. It is in the possession of such 
books that the library best fulfils its co-operative function. 
Each volume may be bought separately. Ed. sel, 

Shakespeare, William. [Complete works; ed. 

with notes by W: J. Rolfe] 40 v. n. d. 16£cm 

Amer. bk. co. 56c ea 

Circulating libraries find great need for a good edition 
of single plays, with notes, and experience approves this 
edition recently reprinted. Ed. sel. 

Works. Victoria ed. 3v. 1901-03. 

20cm Maemillan $1.75 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Comedies, v. 2, Histories, v. 3, Tragedies. 

A good, useful, scholarly edition, probably next in 
value to the Cambridge for library use and may be sub- 
stituted where the cost of the Cambridge is prohibitive. 
Ed. sel. 

Text from Globe Shakespeare, ed. by W: G: Clark and 
W: A. Wright. Glossary entirely new. 

Works, ed. by W: A. Wright. 9 v. 1894- 

95. 232cm (Cambridge Shakespeare) 

Maemillan $27 
V. 1, 3d ed. v. 2-9, 2d ed. 

Contents: v. 1, The tempest; Two gentlemen of Verona; 
Merry wives of Windsor; Measure for measure; Comedy 
of errors, v. 2, Much ado about nothing; Love's labour's 
lost; A midsummer-night's dream; Merchant of Venice; 
As you like it. v. 3, The taming of the shrew; All's well 
that ends well; Twelfth night, or, What you will; The 
winter's tale. v. 4, King John; King Richard 2; King 
Henry 4, pts. 1-2; King Henry 5. v. 5, King Henry 6, pts. 
1-3; King Richard 3; King Henry 8. v. 6, TroUus and 
Cressida; Coriolanus; Titus Andronicus; Romeo and 
Juliet, v. 7, Timon of Athens; Julius Ccesar; Macbeth; 
Hamlet, v. 8, King Lear; Othello; Antony and Cleo- 
patra; Cymbeline. v. 9, Pericles; Venus and Adonis; 
Rape of Lucrece; Sonnets; A lover's complaint; The pas- 
sionate pilgrim; The phoenix and turtle; Reprints: Merry- 
wives of Windsor; The chronicle historie of Henry the 
Fift; The first part of the contention; The true tragedie; 
Romeo and Juliet; Hamlet. 

A wholly satisfactory edition for library use, type clear 
and unworn, text scholarly. Ed. sel. 

Works; ed. by W: G: Clark and W: A. 

Wright. 1891. lSicm (Globe ed.) 

Maemillan $1.75 
Libraries need at least one good single-volume ed. The 
references of Bartlett's Concordance are to this Globe ed. 
The Oxford ed., ed. by W. J. Craig (Oxford univ. press 
81.50) is scholarly, and the Lyceum ed. (Pott 81.50) on 
thin but fairly opaque paper, type unworn, is useful. 
Ed. sel. 


Bartlett, John. New and complete concordance; 
or, Verbal index to words, phrases and passages in 
the dramatic works of Shakespeare, with a sup- 
plementary concordance to the poems. 1894. 
28£ x 22cm 
Bf Maemillan $7.50 n 




Brandes, G. M. C. William Shakespeare; a criti- 
cal study. New ed. 1902. 22km 

Macmillan $2.60 n 

Tr. by William Archer, Mary Morison ami Diana White. 
Considers the plays in chronologic order. Makes his- 
torical and social conditions vivid. N. Y. 

Burns, J. J. Story of English kings, according 
to Shakespeare. 1900. 18km 

Y Appleton $1 

Coleridge, S: T. Lectures and notes on Shak- 
spere and other English poets; now first col- 
lected by T. Ashe. 1902. 18 Jem (Bonn's 
stand, lib. ) Macmillan $1 n 

Corson, Hiram. Introduction to the study of 

Shakespeare. 1889. 19cm Heath $1 n 

Study of the plays as plays. Interpretations which 

bring into prominence the dramatic action with moral 

interests involved. Spec. (B) 

Couch, A. T: Q,uiller- Historical tales from 
Shakespeare. 1900. 19km Scribner $1.50 

Y Contents: Coriolanus; Julius Ceesar; King John; King 
Richard II; King Henry IV; King Henry V; King Henry 
VI; King Richard III. 

Dowden, Edward. Introduction to Shakespeare. 
1900. 19km Scribner 75c n 

Elaboration of the general introduction to the ' Henry 
Irving Shakespeare.' 

Shakspere. n. d. 16cm (Lit. prim.) 

Amer. bk. co. 35c 

Sound and helpful throughout; a great boon to Shake- 
speare students. F. J. Furnival in Acad. 12: 313 (B) 

Hudson, H: N. Shakespeare: his life, art and 
characters; with an historical sketch of the 
origin and growth of the drama in England. 2 v. 
1872. 19km Ginn $4 

Lamb, Charles & Mary. Tales from Shake- 
speare. 1894. 18cm Houghton $1 

Y Designed for nursery and schoolroom, these tales 
have taken their place as an English classic. They have 
never been superseded, nor are they ever likely to be. 
Alfred Ainger. 

Lee, S. L. Life of William Shakespeare. 1898. 
20cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

Based on article in Dictionary of national biography. 
Already a classic of Shakespearian scholarship. Equally 
remarkable for learning and for sobriety. Authoritative. 


Mabie, H. "W. William Shakespeare; poet, dra- 
matist and man. 1900. 23km 

Macmillan $2 n 
P He writes easily and gracefully and is not too severe 
or too concise. Nation. 

Moulton, R: G. Shakespeare as a dramatic art- 
ist; a popular illustration of the principles of 
scientific criticism. 1885. 18km 

Clarendon $1.90 

Rolfe, W : J. Shakespeare the boy, with sketches 
of the home and school life, the games and 
sports, the manners, customs and folk-lore of 
the time. 1896. 19cm Harper $1.25 

Helpful to a better understanding of many allusions in 
Shakespeare's works. Unit. 

Warner, B. E. English history in Shakespeare's 
plays. 1894. 19cm Longmans $1.75 

The 10 historical plays covering 300 years discussed from 
historical point of view, with chronologic tables connect- 
ing them. N. Y. times. 

§23 English fiction 

History, criticism, etc. 

Cross, W. L. Development of the English novel. 
1899. 18km Macmillan $1.50 

Bibliographic notes, p. 300-14. 

Howells, W: D. Heroines of fiction. 2 v. 1901. 
21km Harper $3.75 n 

Practically the whole field of English fiction from Rich- 
ardson to our own day. What gives it dignity and value 
are frequent glimpses afforded of bygone manners and 
morals, the atmospheric way in which the evolution of 
society is pictured in standard novels. Dial (B) 

Raleigh, W. A. The English novel. Popular 
ed. 1903. 18km (Univ. man.) 

Scribner $1.25 n 

R Origins of the English novel; Elizabethan romances, 
chiefly their style; development of novel in England to 
advent of Scott, its expansion in France and influences 
exerted across the channel. Excellent. Brander Mat- 
thews in Educ. r. 9: 481. 

Works of fiction 

Aguilar, Grace. The days of Bruce. New ed. 
1903. 19km Appleton $1 

Tale of Scottish war of independence (Edward II i writ- 
ten in heroic style. Baker. 

Home influence; a tale for mothers and 

daughters. New ed. 1904. 19km 

Appleton $1 
Sequel The mother's recompense. 

The mother's recompense. 1891. 19cm 

Appleton $1 

Aikin, John, & Barbauld, Mrs A.. L. (Aikin) 
Evenings at home: tales and stories for the in- 
struction and amusement of young persons, 
n. d. 18km 
Y W T arne 75c 

Ainsworth, W: H. Tower of London. New ed. 
1903. 18cm Appleton $1.50 

Founded on edition published by Richard Bentley in 
1840. 40 plates and 58 woodcuts by George (ruikshank. 

The tragic story of Lady Jane Grey's hopeleas conspir- 
acy and execution. Baker. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Ainsworth, W: H. Windsor castle. New ed. 
1903. 18cm Appleton $1.50 

Illus. by George Craikshank and Tony Johannot. 

The Earl of Surrey and Fair Qeraldine, Heme the 
Hunter. Cardinal Wolsey, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and 
Jane Seymour are Che personages in this romance. Baker. 

Anstey, F. pseud. Vice versa; or, A lesson to 
fathers. 7th ed. 1903. 19cm 

Appleton $1.25 

Ludicrous, blending the modern conte with a motive 

from the Arabian mights. The droll situation is effected 

by change of personality between a schoolboy and his 

staid old father. Baker. 

Arblay, Mme Frances (Burney) d'. Evelina; 
or, The history of a young lady's entrance into 
the world; ed. by K. B. Johnson. 2 v. 1903. 
17Acm ■ Macmillan $2 

Lively sketches of the surface things of London, its 
streets, people and pleasures, life in theaterand ballroom, 
at Marlebone Gardens, the Pantheon, etc. and of the 
smart people of society, the eccentrics, the conceited and 
vulgar. Baker. 

Austen, Jane. Emma; illus. by Hugh Thom- 
son, with introd. by Austin Dobson. 1896. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Heroine, a pretty, wilful girl of sterling character, 

whose feminine rage for matchmaking and capacity for 

making mistakes, get herself and her friends into scrapes. 


Mansfield park; illus. by Hugh Thomson, 

with Introd. by Austin Dobson. 1897. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Brings into natural comparison the several ranks of the 
upper middle class, by the device of three sisters marry- 
ing differently. Social comedy with little admixture of 
pathos. Baker. 

Xorthanger abbey and Persuasion; illus. 

by Hugh Thomson and introd. by Austin Dob- 
son. 1897. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Two stories of English middle class society in early 
19th century, depicting the life she knew. The satire re- 
strained, the comedy all-pervasive. Baker. 

Pride and prejudice; illus. by C: E. 

Brock, with introd. by Austin Dobson. 1897. 
20cm Macmillan $1.50 

English social life in early 19th century. Old-fashioned 
in form but modern in spirit. A haughty lover and a 
high-spirited heroine provide the inner interest of the 
drama. Numerous minor characters furnish types of 
social faults, which are self-displayed rather than satir- 
ized, and make spontaneous comedy. Baker. 

Sense and sensibility; illus. by Hugh 

Thomson, with introd. by Austin Dobson. 1897. 
20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Study of character and manners in miniature style. 
Satire directed against mere commonplace foolishness 
rather than vice or eccentricity. Baker. 

Barlow, Jane. Irish idylls. 1897. 21cm 

Dodd 82 

Stories of a bogland hamlet, rich in queer traits of 
human nature and Irish humor, pathos and fancy. N.Y. 

Kerrigan's quality. 1894. 19cm 

Dodd $1.25 
Sketches of the comedy and suffering of the poorest 
peasantry connected by a slight plot. Baker. 

Barr, Robert. A prince of good fellows; illus. 
by E. J. Sullivan. 1902. 20cm 

McClure $1.50 
Short stories, Haroun al Kaschid-like adventures of 
James V of Scotland. Ed. sel. 

Tekla; a romance of love and war. 1898. 

19cm Stokes $1.25 

Romance of adventure in medieval Germany. Scene, 
Rhine borders; time, probably 13th century. Baker. 

Barrie, J. M. Auld licht idylls. 1897. 17cm 
(Cameo ed.) Scribner $1.25 

Slightly connected character sketches and anecdotes 
of gossips, village worthies, and humble domestic life in 
a Presbyterian community in the small market-town of 
"Thrums" or Kirriemuir. Ranges from scenes of deep 
pathos to broad comedy. Baker. 

The little minister. 1898. 19cm (Lib. 

of famous bks. ) Caldwell $1.50 

Love affairs of a Presbyterian minister and a beautiful 
and sprightly "Egyptian." Sketches of character and of 
Scottish manners and religious sentiments very humorous. 

Sentimental Tommy. 1896. 19iem 

Scribner :J1.50 

Follows the fortunes of a highly imaginative and 'mas- 
terful but human and lovable boy, and gives an inimit- 
able picture of the child world in the homely Scotch 
village of Thrums. N. Y. 

Tommy and Grizel. 1900. 19£cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Later life of Sentimental Tommy. A relentless analy- 
sis of the artistic temperament. N. Y. 

When a man's single; a tale of' literary 

life. n. d. 19icm (Home lib. ) Burt $1 

Struggles of a dour, self-educated Scot, who goes to 
London and wins fortune as a leader writer, with his court- 
ship of a girl of higher social station. Comic sketches of 
life in a newspaper office, and of the author's native 
Thrums. Baker. 

A window in Thrums. 1897. 17cm 

(Cameo ed.) Scribner $1.25 

Sequel to the Idylls; studies of life and character among 
Scottish weavers. Full of humor and insight. N. Y. 

Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st carl of. 
Endymion. 1900. 18Jcm Longmans 60c 

Full of double meanings and of aphorisms expressing 
the writer's political philosophy. Scenes run from 1830 to 
1840. Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III) as Prince Florestan, 
is conspicuous. N. Y. 




Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of. 
Lothair. New ed. 1877. 18cm 

Longmans 60c 

A dazzling picture of the highest society of England. 
Lothair, heir to immense possessions, is object of con- 
spiracy to make him a Roman convert, and of protestant 
intrigues. The late Marquis of Bute has been pointed 
out as original of Lothair; Mazzini and Garibaldi appear 
in the Italian episodes. Baker. 

Vivian Grey. 1901. lSJcm 

Longmans 60c 

The youth of a dandy and adventurer, who makes him- 
self the favorite of a marquis and engineers a new party. 
Largely autobiographic, or rather self-reflective. Full of 
persiflage and fantastic ideas; conclusion sheer burlesque. 

Bedford, Jessie. The harp of life, by Elizabeth 
Godfrey. 1900. 19Jem 

Holt $1.50 

Events in life of the first violin in an English orchestra. 

Benson, E: F: Luck of the Vails. 1901. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 

An ingenious melodrama. The villain interesting as a 
study of the criminal temperament. Baker. 

Besant, Sir Walter. All sorts and conditions of 
men; an impossible story. 1902. 19Jcm 

Harper $1.25 

This sincere and enthusiastic story of London east end 

conditions suggested the famous People's palace. N. Y. 

Armorel of Lyonesse; a romance of to- 
day. 1900. 19Jcm Harper $1.25 

Scene, Scilly Islands; good guide. Ed. sel. 

Beyond the dreams of avarice. 1895. 

19£cm Harper $1.50 

Studies influence of sudden inheritance of wealth on a 
young man's nature. N. Y. 

Children of Gibeon. 1898? 19Jcm 

Harper $1.25 

Poverty, social reform and influence of caste are princi- 
pal themes. Hoxton is the scene; and the life of the 
poor, with the various agencies for amelioration, are 
realistically described. Baker. 

For faith and freedom. 1889. 19-Jcin 

Harper $1.25 

A story of puritans in James H's reign, dealing with 
Monmouth's rebellion and the life of the exiles in the 
plantations of Barbados. One of his most animated pic- 
tures of bygone times. Baker. 

& Rice, James. Chaplain of the Fleet. 

New ed. 1894. 17^cm Chatto 2/6 

Story of the famous jail in George Ill's reign, full of an- 
tiquarian lore about the streets, houses, theaters and the 
society of the times. Baker. 

Besant, Sir Walter, & Rice, James. The 
monks of Thelema. New ed. 1892. 17Jcm 

Chatto 2/6 
Pleasantly satirical of the modern literary coterie, with 
its exclusive claims to the possession of the higher cul- 
ture. Baker. 

Black, William. A daughter of Heth. 1903. 
19icm (Library ed.) Harper $1.25 

Hero, a dare-devil but manlyhoy.son of a Presbyterian 
minister; heroine, his cousin, a half French girl, whose 
sunny and refined character contrasts and clashes with 
the rigid puritanism of the northern village. Baker. 

The four MacNicols, and An adventure in 

Thule. 1900. 17 Jem Harper 60c 

Y Story of 4 orphan boys who make their own living 
in the Hebrides, with adventures on sea and coast. Hardy. 

In silk attire. 1900. 19 Jem (Library 

ed.) Harper $1.25 

Judith Shakespeare; her love affairs and 

other adventures; illus. by E. A. Abbey. 1884. 
19cm Harper $1.25 

Faithful study of manners and customs in England 
300 years ago; a daughter of Shakespeare, the heroine. 

Kilmeny. 1901. 19Jcm 

(Library ed.) 
Harper $1.25 

Macleod of Dare. 1903. 19icm (Library 

ed.) Harper $1.25 

Tragic story, in which shallow and garish fashionable 
life is brought into contact with the simplicitv of High- 
land society. Full of poetic descriptions of scenery. Baker. 

A princess of Thule. 1877. 19cm 

Harper $1.25 

Scenes, Isle of Skye and London. The wonderful 
colors and changes of sea and sky and mountain inspire 
many descriptive pages. Baker. 

Shandon bells. 1899. 


19cm (Library 
Harper $1.25 

Irish story; a fascinating heroine and a clever and 
sentimental hero, whose entry into literary life in London 
is graphically described. Baker. 

Strange adventures of a phaeton. 1901? 

19 Jem (Library ed.) Harper $1.25 

Coaching tour from London to Edinburgh through the 
loveliest scenery of England. Plenty of bright and 
sentimental dialogue, with light character sketching. 

Three feathers. 1901? 19icm (Library 

ed.) Harper $1.2. r > 

Blackmor9, R: D. Alice Lorraine, n. d. 19Jcm 

Hurt $1 
Romance of period of Napoleonic wars; full of startling 
incident and adventure. Baker. 

Regarded by author as his best novel. L. it I. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Blackmore, R: D. Lorna Doone; a romance of 
Exmoor, with special introd. by author. 1900. 
20Aem Harper $1 

TaU- of the Ravage deeds of the outlaw Doones and of 
honest John Bidd, yeoman of the downs, whose chance 
encounter with Lorna makes him a soldier and a knight. 
X. Y. 

Perlycross. 1894. 19cm Harper $1.75 

Scenes of rural life in eastern Devon just before the 

1832 reform bill, portraits of village worthies and much 
descriptive work. Flings satire at modern cant about 
education. Baker. 

Borrow, G: H: Lavengro; new ed. containing 
some suppressed episodes; ms. variorum, vocab- 
ulary and notes. 1903. 20£cm Putnam $2 
Borrow's early autobiography, with a veil of mystery 
purposely thrown over it. Describes his wanderings over 
the three kingdoms, checkered with strange adventures, 
his literary struggles in London, vagrancy with the gyp- 
sies, etc. Baker. 

The Romany rye; new ed. with notes, 

etc. 1900. 20£cm Putnam $2 

Bibliography of editor's sources, p. 393-403. 
Goes on with the story (Lavengro) exactly as if there 
had been no breaking off. Baker. 

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre, with introd. by 
Mrs Humphry Ward. Haworth ed. 1899. 
21£cm Harper $1.75 

Life history of a woman of strong and original charac- 
ter, whose plain face was an innovation among heroines, 
just as her love for an ugly and elderly hero shows a 
recoil from conventional romance. Largely autobio- 
graphic, not so much in incident as in the strong and 
passionate expression of personal feeling, of revolt from 
social conventions and of questioning of narrow religious 
dogmas. Baker. 

The professor; and Poems by Charlotte, 

Emily, and Anne Bronte, and the Rev. Patrick 
Bronte, etc. with introd. by Mrs Humphry 
Ward. Haworth ed. 1900. 21£cm 

Harper $1.75 
Materials of this story used afterwards in Villette. Baker. 

Shirley, with introd. by Mrs Humphry 

Ward. Haworth ed. 1899. 21£cm 

Harper $1.75 
Time of riots occasioned by Orders in Council restrict- 
ing continental trade during French war ( Geo. in) Baker. 

Villette; with introd. by Mrs Humphry 

Ward. Haworth ed. 1900. 21£cm 

Harper $1.75 
Founded on Miss Bronte's experience as a teacher in a 
school in Brussels. The original ending of Villette was so 
painful to the public that a paragraph was added in sub- 
sequent editions which suggests a mitigation of tragedy. 
L. &I. 

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights, and Agnes 
Grey by Anne Bronte (Acton Bell) with introd. 

by Mrs Humphry Ward. Haworth ed. 1903. 
21 Jem Harper $1.75 

A weird story of hate and revenge, laid amid the som- 
ber dales and fells of moorland Yorkshire. Baker. 

Brown, John. Rab and his friends and other 
dogs and men. 1900. 17cm Houghton $1 

Also in class 824 in his Spare hours, v. 1. 

A tenderly beautiful Scotch story of a rare woman and 
a noble dog. Pittsburg. 

Browne, Frances. Granny's wonderful chair 
and its tales of fairy times. 1900. 20cm 

Y Dutton $1.50 

Bunyan, John. The pilgrim's progress from 
this world to that which is' to come, delivered 
under the similitude of a dream. Puritan ed. 
1903. 21£cm Revell $1.50 n 

31 illustrations in puritan costume, by Harold Copping. 

Its form is almost epic; its dramatic dialogue, its clear 
types of character, its vivid descriptions, have given an 
equal but a different pleasure to children and men, to 
the villager and the scholar. Stopford A. Brooke. 

Caine, Hall. The deemster. 1897. 19£cm 

Appleton $1.50 

An essay in the prose epic as conceived by Victor Hugo, 

rather than a novel. Scene, the Isle of Man, 1775. Baker. 

The Manxman. 13th ed. 1896. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 
Elaborate picture of peculiar social conditions in Isle of 
Man. N. Y. 

Carey, R. N. Nellie's memories. 19£cni 

(Home lib.) Burt $1 

Experiences and troubles of a girl of sterling character, 

who takes the place of her dead mother in a family of 

brothers and sisters. Baker. 

Uncle Max. 1902. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1 
Carleton, "William. Traits and stories of the 
Irish peasantry; ed. by D. J. O'Donoghue. 
4v. 1896. 20cm Macmillan $6 

Intimate and sympathetic presentation of the life of the 
peasants, their quick temper and variable nature, now 
moody, now gay, capable of the deepest feeling, of fiercely 
vindictive passions and crimes. These stories record the 
author's actual experiences; their realism is almost over- 
faithful in detail, yet by no means free from caricature. 

Carroll, Lewis, pseud. Alice's adventures in 
Wonderland; illus. by John Tenniel. 1904. 
19cm Macmillan $1 

Y Through the looking-glass; and what Alice found there 
[sequel] 1871. 

A new genre of fairy tale which draws on modern science 
and all sorts of modern ideas for its materials, and finds 
its most characteristic expression in droll irrelevance and 
the fantastic distortion of familiar things. Though 
written for children, the wit, the fanciful humor, and the 
subtlety of many of its comic undermeanings, can be 
appreciated fully only by educated adults. Baker. 






Carroll, Lewis, pseud. Through the looking-glass 
and what Alice found there; illus. by John Ten- 
niel. 1902. 19cm Macmillan $1 

T The two may be bought in one volume if preferred 
(Macmillan 81.25) Ed. sel. 
Castle,. Mrs Agnes (Sweetman) &Egerton. The 
pride of Jennico; being a memoir of Captain 
Basil Jennico. 1900. 18cm Macmillan $1.50 
Fantastic 18th century tale of an Englishman's love 
for a German princess. N. Y. 
Charles, Mrs Elizabeth (Bundle) Chronicles 
of the Schonberg-Cotta family, n. d. 19cm 

Burt $1 n 
Domestic story of Luther and the reformation. N. Y. 
Church, A. J: Chantry priest of Barnet; a tale 
of the two roses. 1884? 19cm (Ajaxser.) 

Dodd 75c 

Lords of the world; with 12 illus. by 

Ralph Peacock. 1897. 19cm Scribner 1.50 
Y Story of fall of Carthage and Corinth, with much 
historical information. I"nit. 

Three Greek children; a story of home in 

( >ld time; with illustrations after Flaxman and 
the antique. 1903. 20cm (Knick. ser. ) 

Y Putnam $1.25 

Clifford, Mrs Lucy (Lane) Aunt Anne. 1892. 
19cm Harper $1.25 

A most pathetic figure. Baker. 
Collins, Wilkie. Armadale. 1902. 20£cm (Li- 
brary ed.) Harper $1.25 

A tragic tale, with copious display of incident and char- 
acter and a free use of coincidence; the mainspring, a 
crime whose effects come to a head in the second genera- 
tion. Attempts to deal imaginatively with physical and 
mural results of heredity. Coquets with supernatural 
matters. Baker. 

The law and the lady. 1875. 20£cm 

Harper $1.25 

Man and wife. 1873? 20$cm 

Harper $1.25 
Plot turns on complications arising from lax Scotch 
marriage laws. L. & I. 

The moonstone. 1873. 20icm 

Harper $1.25 
It keeps curiosity on the alert until the key of the mys- 
tery is given. Baker. 

No name 1873. 20Jcm Harper $1.25 

Less of a puzzle-plot than the Woman in white, pre- 
ferring to foreshadow events. The disadvantage of ille- 
gitimate birth forma the leading motive. Baker. 

The woman in white. 1873. 20£cm 

Harper $1.25 

Designed to enlist the reader's ingenuity in discover- 
ing, the identity of a puppet heroine and the real object 
of a villainous conspiracy. Baker. 

Conrad, Joseph. Lord Jim. 1900. 20jcm 

Doubleday $1.50 

A psychologic study of unusual power, with descrip- 
tions of tropical seas and civilization of Eastern islands. 
N. Y. 

Typhoon. 1902. 19cm Putnam $1 

Describes a great storm and its effects on a handful of 
white men aboard a British-built, Siamese-owned steamer 
in the China seas. Ath. '03, 1: 558. 

Youth. 1902. 19k-m McClure $1.50 

Three grim tales of sea and land entitled Youth, Heart 
of darkness, The end of the tether. N. Y. 

Cotes, Mrs S.. J. (Duncan) An American girl 
in London. 1903. 19£cm Appleton $1.50 

Pilgrimage through typical English scenes of a humor- 
ous girl, who constantly compares British conventionality 
with American freedom. Baker. 

Couch, A. T: Quiller- The blue pavilions, by 
Q. 1898. 18cm Scribner $1.25 

Romance of William Ill's reign. Scenes: Harwich and 
Holland, chiefly in 1691; a crowded episode in a young 
man's life. King James, King William and the future 
duke of Marlborough appear. Baker. 

The delectable duchy; stories, studies and 

sketches by Q. 1898. 18cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: Prologue; The spinster's maying; Daphnis; 
When the sap rose; The paupers; Cuckoo Valley railway: 
The conspiracy aboard the "Midas;" Legends of St 
Piran; In the train; Woon Gate; From a cottage in Gan- 
tick; The drawn blind; A golden wedding; School 
friends; Parents and children; Two monuments; Egg- 
stealing; Seven-an'-six; The regent's wager; Love of 
Naomi; The prince of Abyssinia's post-bag. 

Cornish episodes of wide diversity, poetic, comic and 
gruesome, keenly observed and swiftly sketched. N. Y. 

Hetty Wesley. 1903. 20cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
True story of Hetty Wesley, the beautiful, brilliant and 
unhappy sister of John and Charles Wesley, worked into 
a historical novel. The contrast of character between 
John and Charles Wesley is presented with great care. 
I'nh. )(7.7//. 

The splendid spur; being memoirs of the 

adventures of Mr John Marvel, written by him- 
self, ed. in modern English by Q. 1898. 18cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Royalist romance of the great civil war, particularly 

strong on the history of the campaign in Cornwall and 
the west of England generally (1642-43) Baker. 

Craik, Mrs D. M. (Mulock) Adventures of a 
brownie. 1903. 17$cm 
Y Harper 60c 

Agatha's husband 1902. 19Jcm 

Harper 90c 

A brave lady. 1899. 19icm Harper 90c 

Christian's mistake. 1901. 19icm 

Harper 90c 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Craik, MrsD. M. iMulock 1 ! John Halifax, gen- 
tleman. 1S77. UUcm Harper 90c 
T Quiet story of an Englishman's daily life, common- 
j lace in event but made fine by character: early 19th 
century. X. Y. 

A lite tor a life. 1903. I9$cm 

Harper 90c 

A problem novel, dealing with the nemesis of a repented 
e, and mailing capital punishment Baker. 

The little lame prince; with introd. by 

Mrs E.. S. (Phelps) Ward. 2ptS. 1901. 19cm 
(Heath's home & school class.) 

Y Heath 30c n 

My mother and I. 1904. 19£cm. 

Harper 90c 

A noble life. 1866. lSk-m Harper 90c 

Story of a Scotch earl whose self-forgetful spirit trium- 
phed over unusual physical disabilities. N. V. 

The Ogilvies. 1902. 19icm 

Harper 90c 

A passionate story of first love; told with plenty of 
sentiment, and containing some scenes of pathos. Baker. 

Crockett, S: R. The lilac snnbonnet. 1894. 
19icm Appleton $1.50 

An idyllic Galloway love story, sweet, fresh and whole- 
some. Sat. r. 

Men of the moss-hags. 1895. 195cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Tales and episodes of the persecuted covenanters under 
the scourge of Claverhouse, latter half of 17th century, 
the obverse of that painted by Scott in Old Mortality. 


The raiders; being some passages in the 

lire of John Faa, lord and earl of Little Egypt. 

1. 19 5 cm Macmillan $1.50 

Stirring tale of border warfare and gipsy life. Scene, 
Galloway in early 18th century. X. Y. 

The stickit minister and some common 

men; with a prefatory poem by R. L: Stevenson. 
1902. 19icm Macmillan $1.50 

i!4 short stories (many in Scotch dialect) mainly about 
minister-, skilfully setting forth ordinary character and 
simple situations. X. Y. 

Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. 1900. 22cm 

Lodd $1.50 
Founded on the actual experiences of Alexander Sel- 
kirk. A minutely circumstantial account of the ship- 
wreck, the escape to the isle, and the methodical industry 
■'. ith the s,,]jtary makes himself a comfortable 
home. Baker. 
There are many editions for children, some of which 
undesirable. It is well to have one copy at least of 
the edition illustrated by Rhead brothers, Harper 81.50, 
that illustrated in Color, Macmillan, 1903, 81.25, and 
for hard wear, the Riverside school library edition, 
Houghton, 60c, or Home and school classics, edited by 
E. E. Hale. Heath. 60c. Ed. sel. 

De la Ramee, Louise. Bimbi: stories for chil- 
dren; illus. by E. H. Garrett. 1892. 21. Vm 

Lippincott $1.50 

T Contents: The Xiirnberg stove; The ambitious rose- 
tree; Moufflon; Lampblackt The child of Urbino; In the 
apple-country: Findelkind; Mcleagris Gallopavo; The 
little earl. 

Her Dog (if Flanders is in class 820, v. 10 (Childhood) of 
Little classics, ed. by Rossiter Johnson. 

Dickens, Charles. Adventures of Oliver Twist. 
1897. 18jcm Macmillan $1 

This and the following, except Great expectations, Hard 
times, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Tale of two cities, and the 
Uncommercial traveler, ed. by Charles Dickens the younger, 
with biographic and bibliographic notes, and mostly 
reprinted from first editions, with the illustrations. 

Melodramatic story, relating the fortunes of a poor boy, 
nurtured in a workhouse, whose natural goodness and 
innocence carry him through poverty and temptation to 
a happy lot. An unvarnished picture of the criminal 
classes. Baker. 

Barnaby Rudge. 1892. 19cm 

Macmillan $1 

Historical, giving lurid account of the mad orgies and 
incendiarism of the " Xo popery " riots of 1780, and intro- 
ducing Lord George Gordon. Baker. 

Bleak house. 1895. 19cm Macmillan $1 

A plot novel having two principal threads, one the 
story of a proud lady's expiation of a sin committed in 
youth, the other a satirical history of a huge and inter- 
minable lawsuit. Baker. 

Christmas books. 1892. 




Contents: Christmas carol; Chimes; Crickel on the 
hearth; Battle of life; The haunted man and the ghost's 

Doinbey and son. 1892. 19cm 

Macmillan $1 

The moral purpose is to anatomize pride, and exhibit 
its strength and its weakness. Almost apart from the 
main story, the pathetic episode of little Paul Dombey's 
invalid life and death monopolizes interest to a certain 
point. Tragic chapters lightened by a throng of humor- 
ous characters. Baker. 

Great expectations; with introd. and notes 

by Andrew Lang. Gadshill ed. 1898. 20Vm 

Scribner fl.50 

Hard times, Hunted down, Holiday ro- 

mance and George Silverman's explanation: 
with introd. by Andrew Lang. Gadshill ed. 
1898. 21cm Scribner $1.50 

inspired by Carlyle's philosophical radicalism, a pro- 
test against the tyranny of utilitarianism, statistics and 
political economy divorced from human kindness. A 
hideous manufacturing town created by the two apostles 
of fact, Gradgrind and Bounderby, is the scene. Baker. 




Dickens, Charles. Life and adventures of Mar- 
tin Chuzzlewit. 1899. 19£cm Macmillan $1 

Mingled comedy, caricature, farce, melodrama and 
tragedy; shifting from England to America and back 
again. Pecksniff, Mark Tapley, Betsy Prig, and Sarah 
Gamp have become household names. Baker. 

Life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. 

189S. 18£cm Macmillan $1 

This story fixed public attention on the abuses preva- 
lent in English private schools. N. Y. 

Little Dorrit. 1895. 19cm Macmillan $1 

Satire on the civil service, represented by the Circum- 
locution office. Also a picture of prison life, the father of 
Little Dorrit being also the Father of the Marshalsea. 

— Mystery of Edwin Drood, and Master 

Humphrey's clock; with introd. by Andrew 
Lang. Gadshill ed. 1899. 21cm 

Scribner $1.50 

An unfinished novel, based on a murder and enacted 

amid the picturesque closes and ecclesiastical buildings 

of old Rochester— Cloisterham, with scenes in an opium 

den in Shadwell. Baker. 

The old curiosity shop and Master Hum- 
phrey's clock. 1892. 19£cm Macmillan $1 

The etherealized and pathetic Little Nell is chief actor; 
the comic scenes peopled by such creations as Dick 
Svviveller and the Marchioness, Mr Toots and Tommy 
Traddles, and the grotesque episodes of Quilp and his 
doings. Baker. 

Our mutual friend. 1895. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1 

Personal history and experience of David 

Copperfield the younger. 1904. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1 
Founded to a large extent on the story of his own early 
struggles, and on other cherished memories. Baker. 

Posthumous papers of the Pickwick club. 

1897. 19cm Macmillan $1 

Inimitable for broad British fun. Mr Pickwick and his 
valet, Sam Weller, number among the immortals. The 
whole book expresses exuberant youth, force and a mind 
abandoned to the comic view. L. & I. 

Sketches by Boz. 1892. 19cm 

Macmillan $1 

Random sketches and episodes drawn from life in 
London among the poor and the lower middle classes; 
many are caricatures, nearly all are humorous or farcical. 

Tale of two cities; with introd. and notes 

by Andrew Lang. Gadshill ed. 1898. 20£cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Tin- most dramatic of all Dickens' books. Story of the 
French revolution, presenting a vivid description of the 
horrors of mob rule and the reign of terror. Hardy. 

The uncommercial traveler; with introd. 

and notes by Andrew Lang. Gadshill ed. 1898. 
21cm Scribner $1.50 

Doyle, Sir A. C. Adventures of Sherlock 
Holmes. 1902. 19£cm Harper $1.50 

Sequel, memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Series of detective 
stories that form the life history of the amateur thief- 
taker who first appeared in A study in scarlet. He is a 
man of superhuman powers of observation, inductive 
sagacity and combination, whose exploits are usually 
accompanied by gruesome and thrilling incidents. 
Facile princeps among detective stories. Baker. 

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Rev. ed. 

1902. 19cm Harper $1.50 

Micah Clarke, his statement as made to 

his three grandchildren, Joseph, Gervas and 
Reuben, during the hard winter of 1734. 1894. 
19cm Harper $1.75 

The Monmouth rising in reign of James II, culminat- 
ing in tragic rout at Sedgemoor (1685) N. Y. 

The refugees; a tale of two continents. 

1893. 19cm Harper $1.75 

Huguenot romance in reign of Louis XIV. Scenes in 
France and America. Thrilling adventures with Indians 
and elements. N. Y. 

The sign of the four, A scandal in Bohe- 
mia, and other stories. 1900? 20cm (Home 
lib.) Burt $1 

Contents: The sign of the four; A scandal in Bohemia; 
A case of identity; My friend, the murderer; The ring of 
Thoth; The surgeon of Gaster Fell; John Huxford's 

Sherlock Holmes a character. 

A study in scarlet. 19?cm (Home lib.) 

Burt $1 

Sensational story in two parts: adventures in Utah 

among Mormons; history of a mysterious double murder 

in London, traced by Sherlock Holmes, who first appears 

here. N. Y. 

The White company. 1895. 18£cm 

Harper $1.75 

Episode of the 100 years war with France — the exploits 
of a company of English bowmen in France and in Cas- 
tile under the Duke of Lancaster. Du Guesclin, Chandos 
and other paladins appear. Baker. 

Drummond, Henry. The monkey that would 
not kill; illus. by Louis Wain. 1898. 18£cm 

Dodd $1 
Y Contents: The monkey that would not kill; Gum. 
Du Maurier, George. Peter Ibbetson. 1892. 
19cm ' Harper $1.50 

Melancholy, dreamy; the leading motive being the 
supernatural gift that enables the hero to meet his lost 
love in dreamland. The more realistic parts are reminis- 
cences of a happy childhood spent at Passy. Illustrated 
by the author. Baker. 

Trilby. 1894. L9cm Harper $1.75 

Illustrated by the author. 

A discursive novel, founded mainly on reminiscences 
of Bohemian life and characters in Paris, with which is 
entwined a story of hypnotic influence over a beautiful 
girl, the heroine of a pathetic love idyll. Baker. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent and The 
absentee. 1895. I9$cm Macmillan $1.50 

This and the following illus. by Chris. Hammond and 
with introd. by Anne Thackeray Ritehie. 

Pieture of the varieties of recklessness and misconduct 
which in the course of a generation or two ruined or 
crippled most of the landlords of Ireland. Johnston. 

Helen. 1896. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Aim to show what social troubles arise from addiction 
to fibs and " white lies." Baker. 

Ormond. 1895. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $1.50 
The most vivid of her Irish stories next to Castle Rack- 
rent. Saintsbury. 

The parent's assistant; or, Stories for chil- 
dren. 1897. 20cm Macmillan 80c 

Y Simple tales, with moral lessons, adapting her 
father's maxims to the understanding of children. The 
best known are simple Susan, The purple jar, and Lazy 
Laurence. Baker. 

& others. Waste not, want not, and other 

stories; ed. with introd. and notes by M. V. 
I 'Shea; with 32 illus. by W. P. Bodwell. 1904. 
20cm (Heath's home & school class. ) 

Heath 20c n 

Y Contents: Waste not, want not, by Maria Edgeworth; 
The discontented pendulum, by Jane Taylor; Order and 
disorder, by Mrs Barbauld; The philosopher's scales, by 
Jane Taylor. 

Edwards, A. A. B. Barbara's history. New 
ed. 1897. 18£ x 10£cm Hurst & B. 2/6 

Character and inner life of a girl, her courtship and ro- 
mantic marriage: melodramatic plot based on a mystery. 

Eliot, George, pseud. Adam Bede. Personal ed. 
1901. 20cm Doubleday $1.50 

This arid the following, with biographic introd. by 
Esther Wood. 

English country life a century ago. The narrative goes 
deep into the mysteries of human nature, and is an em- 
bodiment of her earnest philosophy of conduct and retri- 
bution. The famous humorist and maker of sayings, 
Mrs Poyser, and the visionary and fervent preacher, Dinah 
Morris, are studies of actual people. Baker. 

Daniel Deronda. Personal ed. 2 v. 1901. 

20cm Doubleday $1.50 

Chief actors a gay and accomplished girl and her hus- 
band, a selfish despot, whose character exemplifies the 
blighting influences of modern purely materialistic civil- 
ization. Baker. 

Felix Holt, the radical. Personal ed. 

1901. 20cm Doubleday $1.50 

A striking picture of the working of new political ideas 
among the English masses. X. Y. 

Middlemarch, a story of provincial life. 

Personal ed. 2 v. 1901. 20cm 

Doubleday $1.50 

The diversified characters, social groups and complex 
life of a provincial town, delineated with intense realism 

without plot, yet unified, by the conception of moral 
causation, into a tragic drama of deserted ideals and 
failure. Baker. 

Eliot, George, pseud. The mill on the Floss. 
Personal ed. 1901. 20cm Doubleday $1.50 
Deeply significant tragedy of the inner life, laid amidst 
the quaint folk and old-fashioned surroundings of a vil- 
lage and a provincial town. Baker. 

Romola. Personal ed. 2 v. 1901. 20cm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Romola: a stern drama of temptation, crime and inex- 
orable retribution, in the Florence of Lorenzo de Medici, 
Savonarola and the early apostles of the renaissance 
[1492-1509] Baker. 

V. 2 contains Silas Marner, an idyl of country life a 
century ago. Sin and its tragedy, innocence with its 
powers for good, are the themes. Baker. 

Scenes of clerical life. Personal ed. 

1901. 20cm Doubleday $1.50 

Contents: The sad fortunes of the Reverend Amos 
Barton; Mr Gilfil's love story; Janet's repentance; Life of 
George Eliot. 
Ewing, Mrs J. H. (Gatty) Jackanapes; with 
introd. by W. P. Trent. 1903. 19£cm 

Y Heath 20c n 
Jan of the windmill; a story of the plains. 

1904. 17£cm Little 50c 

Y Story of a gallant boy's self-devotion. The best 
known of her many stories. Baker. 

Lob Lie-by-the-fire, The Brownies, and 

other tales; with illus. by George Cruikshank. 
1892. 17cm Little 50c 

Y Contents: Lob Lie-by-the-fire, or, The luck of Ling- 
borough; Timothy's shoes; Old Father Christmas; Benjy 
inBeastland; The peace-egg; The Brownies; Land of lost 
toys; Three Christmas-trees; An idyl of the wood; Christ- 
mas crackers; Amelia and the dwarfs. 

Adventures and pranks of a "North Countrie" brownie. 

Mary's meadow. 1900. 19$cm Little 50c 

Y Story of the outdoor game of earthly paradise de- 
vised by a family of children. The letters give advice to 
little gardeners. N. Y. 

Six to sixteen; a story for girls; illus. by 

Helen Paterson. 1904. 17cm Little 50c 

Y Story of an English soldier's daughter born in India 
and brought to England. N. Y. 

Story of a short life. lOicm 

Little 50c 

Fielding-, Henry. History of Tom Jones, a 

foundling. 4 v. 1902. lo^cm (The Temple 

Fielding) Macmillan $4 

A more elaborate and comprehensive work than 
Amelia, a "comic epic" as it has been called. Baker. 

Fothergill, Jessie. The first violin. 1894? 
18^cm Burt $1 

Pictures of German musical life, hero leader of an or- 
chestra in Diisseldorf. A story of incident as well as of 
character. Baker. 




Fothergill, Jessie. Probation. 19cin 

Fenno 75c 

story of the Lancashire cotton famine of 1863. Baker. 

Fowler, E. T. Concerning Isabel Carnaby. 

1900. 19£cm Appleton $1 

Manners and the humors of a Methodist household 
contrasted with the smart frivolity of London society. 
Bright dialogue and comic epigrams are distinguishing 
features. Baker. 

The Farringdons. 1900. 19Jcm 

Appleton $1.50 

The humors of Methodist society again brought into 
piquant juxtaposition with the fashionable world; story 
a framework for sketches and caricatures of people and 
manners. Their small talk bubbles over with smartness 
and epigram. Baker. 

Gaskell, Mrs E.. C. (Stevenson) Cranford; 
with pref. by Anne Thackeray Ritchie and illus. 
by Hugh Thomson. 1903. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Miniature painting of a little old-fashioned country 
town, inhabited mostly by elderly spinsters and widows 
living in genteel poverty. Humorous descriptions of 
bygone etiquette, tea drin kings, formal parties and gossip. 

Mary Barton and other tales. New ed. 

1902. 18icm Scribner $1.40 

Contents: Mary Barton; Cousin Phillis; My French 
master; The old nurse's story; Bessy's troubles at home; 
Christmas storms and sunshine. 

An intensely tragic story of factory workers in Man- 
chester during the very hard times preceding the enact- 
ment of free-trade laws in England. N. Y. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Vicar of Wakefield, with 
pref. by Austin Dobson and illus. by Hugh 
Thomson. 1900. 19cm Macmillan $1.50 

No figure in our literature is at once so simple and so 
impressive, so ideal and so human as the Vicar, and the 
acquaintance of the Primrose family once made, they and 
their misfortunes become a dear and imperishable mem- 
ory. The purity of style is equal to that of the concep- 
tion. L. & I. 

Grahame, Kenneth. Dream days. 1902. 21cm 

Lane $2.50 n 

Continues his Golden age, describing the child's world 
from the child's point of view with uncommon charm 
and truth. N. Y. 

The golden age. 1900. 20cm Lane $2.50 

Stories of child life for lovers of children, told with ten- 
der humor and sympathy by a man who has not forgotten 
how he felt when he was a child. Full of delightful "pre- 
tendings," happy adventures and the quaint philosophy 
of childhood. N. Y. 

Grant, Charles. Stories of Naples and the Ca- 
morra; with introd. mem. of the author by 
J. 1',. Capper. 1896. 19Jcm Macmillan $1.75 

Contents: IVppiniello; (Jabriele; Don Antonio; Dome- 

Author one of the few Englishmen who have known 
the Neapolitans well. A mine of information as to daily 

life, religion and etiquette of lower classes in Naples 20 
years ago. Spec. 

Grey, Maxwell, pseud. Silence of Dean Mait- 

land. 1894. 18cm (Appletons' town and 

country lib. ) Appleton $1 

Story of concealed sin and lifelong expiation. N. Y. 

Haggard, H: R. Cleopatra; being an account of 

the fall and vengeance of Harmachis, the royal 

Egyptian, as set forth by his own hand. 1900. 

19cm Longmans $1.25 

Lurid picture of ancient Egypt. Baker. 

King Solomon's mines. 1901. 172cm 

Longmans 75c 
Highly colored romance of adventure in the wilds of 
central Africa in quest of King Solomon's Ophir; full of 
sensational fights, blood-curdling perils and extraordi- 
nary escapes, with interludes of buffoonery. Baker. 

Hardy, Thomas. Far from the madding crowd. 
1895. 20cm Harper $1.50 

Every character is of the lower class in England. But 
you have to turn back to Shakespeare for any tale of peas- 
ants and clowns and shepherds to compare with the con- 
versations in this novel, so racy are they of the soil, and 
yet so touched with the finest art. C: D. Warner. 

The mayor of Casterbridge; a story of a 

man of character. 1895. 20Jcm Harper $1.50 

Virtually the history of one man, an impetuous, domi- 
neering personality. Life in a small provincial town, 
with lavish description of the place and its rural sur- 
roundings. Baker. 

A pair of blue eyes. 1895. 20cm 

Harper $1.50 

A love story of two friends and a Cornish girl, ending 
in poignant tragedy. Scene, a little village on the Cor- 
nish coast. Baker. 

The return of the native. 1895. 20cm 

Harper $1.50 

Expresses finely his love of the dark and sinister in 
nature and his feeling of the nothingness of human life 
in the presence of the everlasting heath. Cross. 

Under the greenwood tree; a rural paint- 
ing of the Dutch school. 1896. 20cm 

Harper $1.50 
Practically the first of the Wessex novels. An idyll of 
village life, in which the members of a carrier's family, 
the parish choir and various oddities, figure as a sort of 
comic chorus to the main action, the loves of a rustic boy 
and girl. Baker. 

Harraden, Beatrice. Katharine Frensham 
1903. 19icm Dodd $1.50 

Scene largely in Norway and Sweden. Scandinavian 
songs and music given in text. Pub. wkly. 

Ships that pass in the night. 1900. 20Jcm 

Dodd $1.50 

Scene, an alpine health resort. Leading motive the re- 
generation of the heroine's character by siguts oi liuuiuu 
pathos. Baker. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Henty, G: A. Under Drake's flag; a tale of the 
Spanish main: illus. by Gordon Browne. 1883? 
L9£cm Scribner $1.50 

Y The purchase of ' Henty books' is a question of pol- 
icy. Except lor the great number of them they are not 
harmful, as the boy heroes are honest, brave ami obedient, 
if impossible. It is worth something to suggest to some 
boys that there is history and heroism outside of America. 
Henty's stories on American themes are not true to life. 
Tlie 12 stories named are all on foreign subjects and make 
a fair representation if any are desired. 

Bonnie Prince Charlie: By England's aid; Cat of Bu- 
bastes; Dash for Khartoum; Held fast for England; In 
freedom's cause: Lion of St Mark's: Lion of the North; 
One of the 28th; St George for England; With Clive in 
India. Except Dash for Khartoum and Held fast for Eng- 
land mav also be had in Burt SI edition. Ed. sel. 

Hewlett, Maurice. 

19c m 

The forest lovers. 1899. 
Macmillan $1.50 

A landmark in the renaissance of pure romance in the 
style of Malory. Baker. 

In style alone an extraordinary achievement. In the 
interpretation of nature there are passages in this book 
that I have never seen surpassed in prose fiction. James 
Lane Allen. 

Life and death of Richard Yea-and-Nay. 

1900. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Boldly imaginative study of life and character of Rich- 
ard Cceur-de-Lion. While departing from strict accuracy 
in record of events, the story resuscitates the manners 
and emotions of the age of tournaments and crusades. 

Hope, Anthony, pseud. Dolly dialogues. 1903. 
19cm Holt $1.50 

Witty chat between a society lady and her admirer; 
characters lightly sketched and connected in a slight 
tale. Baker. 

The heart of Princess Osra. 1896. 19cm 

Stokes $1.50 
Nine romantic and fantastic tales relating the marvel- 
ous effects of the beauty of a Princess of Zenda. N. Y. 

Indiscretion of the duchess. 1894. 16ix 

9cm Holt 75c 

A novelette, combining tragedy and comedy in smalj 
compass; characters French. Baker. 

Phroso. 19cm 

Stokes $1.50 

Adventures of an English nobleman on a Greek island: 
sensational fighting, murdering and lovemakingin rapid 
succession. Baker. 

The prisoner of Zenda; being the history 

of three months in the life of an English gentle- 
man; illus. by C: D. Gibson. 1898. 19cm 

Holt $1.50 
Sequel, Rupert of Jlentzau. Two memoirs of the career 
of Rudolf Rassendyll and his extraordinary adventures 
in an imaginary kingdom in Austrian Tyrol. A 
thoroughgoing romance of cape and sword in a 19th 
century environment. Baker. 

Hope, Anthony, pseud. Rupert of Hentzau: 
from the memoirs of Fritz von Tarlenheim. 
1898. 19£cm Holt $1.50 

Tristram of Blent. An episode in the 

story of an ancient house. 1901. 20cm 

McClure $1.50 
English society novel. Plot turns on validity of hero's 
claim to title and estate. Many humorous situations. 
N. Y. 

Hornung-, E. W: Irralie's bushranger; a story 
of Australian adventure. 1896. 16k:m (Ivory 
ser. ) Scribner 75c 

Australian love and adventure. Nation, 62: 459. 
Hughes, Thomas. Tom Brown at Oxford; illus. 
by S. P. Hall. 1889. 19£em Macmillan $1.50 
Sequel to Tom Brown's school days. 
Tom Brown's college life; an ideal picture of the young 
Englishman, athlete, scholar, gentleman. Baker. 

Tom Brown's school-days, by an old boy; 

illus. by E. J. Sullivan. 1902. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Published also under title School days at Rugby. 

Y Tom's early days in the country and his life and ad- 
ventures at Rugby under Dr Arnold. A lively record of 
fights and friendships, bird-nesting and poaching, foot- 
ball, races and various escapades, all related with spirit 
and gusto. Baker. 

The library should own at least one copy of Cranford 
edition, Macmillan, $1.50. Riverside school library edi- 
tion, Houghton, 60 cents, is good and wears well Ed 

Ingelow, Jean. Mopsa the fairy. 1901. 19cm 

Y Little $1.25 

OfftheSkelligs. 1872. 18cm Little $1 

Sympathetic and delicate portraiture of highly sensi- 
tive natures. Baker. 

Three fairy tales; ed. by C: F. Dole, illus. 

by A. J. Ripley. 1901. 20cm (Heath's home 
& school class. ) Heath 20c n 

T Contents: The Ouphe of the wood; The fairy who 
judged her neighbors; The prince's dream. 

Jacobs, W: W. Light freights. 1901. 19icm 

Dodd $1.50 
Contents: An odd freak: A question of habit; Hard 
labour; A garden plot; Private clothes. The bully of the 
Cavendish; The resurrection of Mr Wiggett. A marked 
man; To have and to hold; Brevet ranks; Twin spirits: 
Sam's boy; A will and a way, Jerry Bundler, The peace- 
maker; False colours. 

Many cargoes. 1903. 19jcm 

Stokes $1.50 
Contents: A change of treatment; A love passage; The 
captain's exploit; Contraband of war; A black afTair, The 
skipper of the 'Osprey;' In borrowed plumes; The boat- 
swain's watch; Low water; In mid-Atlantic; After the 
inquest, In Limehouse reach; An elaborate elopement. 
The cook of the 'Gannet;' A benefit perfomaiut'; A case 
of desertion; Outsailed; Mated; The rival beauties, Mrs 
Bunker's chaperon; A harbour of refuge. 




James, G: P. It. Richelieu; a tale of France. 
Fontainebleau ed. 2 v. 1895. 182cm 

Putnam $2.50 
History of Cinq-Mars and his fatal conspiracy supplies 
the main action. Baker. 

Johnson, Samuel. Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia. 
NewAmer. ed. 1901. 18 2 cm (Laurel crowned 
tales) McClurg $1 

Not so much a narrative as a set of moral dialogues 
on the vicissitudes of human life. Sir Walter Scott. 

Keary, A.. M. Castle Daly. 20cm 

Coates 75c 

Irish life at the time of the famine and the Smith O'Brien 
insurrection. Baker. 

Kingsley, Charles. Alton Locke, tailor and 
poet; an autobiography; new ed. with pref. 
mem. by Thomas Hughes. 1878. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Exposes evils of 'sweating' in realistic pictures of 
London poor, and enters indignantly into the broader 
question of the condition of England at time of Chartist 
agitation. Baker. 

Hereward, the last of the English. New 

ed. 1883. 20cm Macmillan $1.25 

Historical romance dealing with the Saxon hero's ex- 
ploits and famous stand against the Conqueror in the 
Fens. Baker. 

Hypatia; or, New foes with an old face. 

1902. 19cm Macmillan $1 

Hellenic Egypt in 5th century, when Christianity and 
paganism were at war; Goths, Romans, Greeks and a 
crowd of minor races come on the stage. Baker. 

Two years ago. 1890. 19 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Story revolves round the life of a rationalist, and, be- 
side the personal interests, opens up many problems of 
conduct and religion. Descriptive passages dealing with 
scenery of Devon and North Wales. Baker. 

The water-babies; a fairy tale for a land- 

baby; new ed. with 100 illus. by Linley Sam- 
bourne. 1901. 19 2 cm Macmillan $1 
Y A poor little chimney sweep is carried off by a good 
fairy, and being equipped with gills is introduced to the 
marvels of the world of waters. Snatches of poetry and 
pithy little fables alternate with gay burlesque and re- 
strained satire. Baker. 

Westward ho! or, The voyages and ad- 

ventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, knight, of Bur- 
rough, in the county of Devon, in the reign of 
her most glorious majesty, Queen Elizabeth. 
1882. 19 2 cm Macmillan $1.25 

One of the noblest, gentlest, most romantic and most 
manly of sea stories and talcs of adventure. Based on 
achievements of sailors of the days of Drake and Ralegh 
and Grenville, on the Spanish main. E. S. Brooks. 

Kingsley, Charles. Yeast; a problem. 1893. 
19cm Macmillan $1.25 

A fierce social pamphlet rather than a novel, giving ex- 
pression to the discontent seething in rural England of 
early 19th century. It also opens up problems of faith 
and scepticism. Baker. 

Kingsley, Henry. Austin Eliot. 1903. 17cm 

Scribner $1 

Boyhood at Eton, reading parties in Wales, excursions 
in Scotland, a calamitous duel which makes an object 
lesson illustrating the writer's indictment of duelling, 
prison experiences, etc. Baket. 

The Hillyars and the Burtons; a story of 

two families. New ed. 1899. 19 2 cm 

Longmans $1.25 

Sketches of character and scenes in Australian colonies. 

Ravenshoe; illus. by R. C. Woodville. 

1903. 19 2 cm Longmans $1.25 

A family romance; incidents often rise to a thrilling 
height of tragic suspense. Descriptive passages, dealing 
with scenery on west coast of England, with music, inte- 
riors, etc.; marvelously vivid and imaginative. Baker. 

Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn; with 

mem. of Kingsley by Clement Shorter. 1899. 
19 2 cm Longmans $1.25 

Family annals. Good story of Australian life, contain- 
ing some of the best descriptions ever written of the col- 
ony's early days. L. & I. 

Kipling, Rudyard. "Captains courageous," a 
story of the Grand Banks. 1897. 19 2 cm 

Century $1.50 

Y Fishing schooner life on the Newfoundland banks 
as seen by a boy washed overboard from an Atlantic 
liner. N. Y. 

The day's work. 1898. 20 2 cm 

Doubleday $1.50 
Contents: The bridge-builders; A walking delegate; 
The ship that found herself; The tomb of his ancestors; 
The devil and the deep sea; William the Conqueror; .007; 
The Maltese cat; Bread upon the waters; An error in the 
fovirth dimension; My Sunday at home; The Brushwood 

The jungle book. 1903. 20cm 

Century $1.50 

Y Followed by the Second jungle book. 

Two collections of fables of man and beast in India. 
The one human creature portrayed is Mowgli, the foster 
child of the wolves, and the friend and comrade of all 
the jungle folk. Baker. 

Just so stories for little children, illus. by 

the author. 1902. 24 2 cm Doubleday $1.20 n 
Y Surprising tales of the origins of things familiar told 
with repetitions dear to childhood. 

Kim. 1901. 20cm Doubleday $1.50 

Kim is a street arab from Lahore: an alert, precocious 
little vagabond, whose relations to the British secret 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


service and journeys through India as the disciple of an 
old Lama bring before the reader a rich panorama of the 

multifarious life of the country. Baker. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Life's handicap; being 
stories of mine own people. 1899. 19icm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Stories of the famous 'soldiers three' and tales of the 
English in Hindustan. Baker. 

The light that failed. 1899. 19cm 

Doubleday $1.50 

Narrative of Bohemian life; intensely realistic. Like 
the short stories, full of the lust of life and joy of action. 
Shady people, travel pictures, battle scenes in the Sudan, 
etc. abound. Baker. 

Manv inventions. 

1893. 19cm 

Appleton $1.50 

Contents: The disturber of traffic; A conference of the 
powers; My lord the elephant; One view of the question; 
'The finest story in the world;' His private honor; A 
matter of fact; The lost legion; In the rukh; 'Bruggle- 
smith: ' ' Love-o' -women; ' The record of Badaha Herods- 
foot; Judson and the empire; The children of the zodiac; 

Mainly stories of life in India. 

Plain tales from the hills. Rev. ed. 

1899. 19Jcm Doubleday $1.50 

-10 stories and sketches of Anglo-Indian life and man- 
n< ra, and of the natives, of Tommy Atkins and others in 
India. Baker. 

The second jungle book; decorated by 

J: L. Kipling. 1895. 19 Jem Century $1.50 

Y See note under his Jungle book. 

Soldier stories. 1899. 



Contents: With the main guard; The drums of the Fore 
andaft; The man who was; The courting of Dinah Shadd; 
The incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney; The taking of 
Lungtungpen; The madness of Private Ortheris. 

Lever, C: J. Charles O'Malley, the Irish dra- 
goon. 2 v. 1903. 20Jcm (Mil. nov.) 

Little $3 

This and the following, except Maurice Tiernay, illus. 
by Phiz. 

Story of the Peninsular war (1808-14); a medley of bois- 
terous fun, humorous character, lovemaking, and martial 
adventure, many being good stories redressed. Baker. 

Harry Lorrequer. 20cm Little $1 

Sketches and stories of garrison life, full of high spirits 
and jocularity, very Irish, very unreal. An inimitable 
example of that once flourishing book, the rollicking 
novel. Baker. 

Jack Hinton, the guardsman. 

1902. 20cm 
Little $1- 

Diverting farrago of lovemaking, adventure, and rol- 
licking humor. Full of portraits, e. g., Curran, and peo- 
ple nearly as well known in their own day. Baker. 

Lever, C: J. Maurice Tiernay, the soldier of 
fortune. 1901. 20 Jem (Nov. of adventure) 

Little $1.50 
Story of the Napoleonic campaigns, the French attempt 
on Ireland, etc. Baker. 

2 v. 1901. 
Little $1.50 

■ Tom Burke of "Ours" 

20Jcm (Mil. nov.) 

Story of Irish soldiers on service abroad, the Peninsular 
chapters founded largely on Napier's history of the war. 
Napoleon's portrait is carefully drawn. Baker. 

Lover, Samuel. Handy Andy. 1901. 20cm 

Little $1 
Hero a simple-minded, awkward-handed young native 
engaged as gentleman's servant, whose mistakes and mis- 
adventures are very funny. Baker. 

Rory O'More. 1901. 20cm Little $1 

Lugard, F. L. (Shaw) lady. Castle Blair; a 

story of youthful days. 1903. 19cm Little $1 
Y Adventures of 5 children sent from India to live 

with an uncle in Ireland. Sargent. 

Lyall, Edna, pseud. Donovan: a modern Eng- 
lishman. 1902. 18Jcm Appleton $1 

With its sequel, We two, an Englishman's religious 
development through agnosticism to a practical Christi- 
anity. N. Y. 

In the golden days. 1900. 

Appleton $1 
Story of the Rye-House plot times, 1682. 
Chiefly concerned with the home life of Algernon Syd- 
ney at Knowle Park, in 'good King Charles' golden 
days' (about 1682) Baker. 

We two. 1902. 18Jcm Appleton $1 

Lytton, E: G: E. L. Bulwer-Lytton, 1st baron. 
TheCaxtons; family picture. 2 v. 1892. 19cm 
(Library ed.) Little $1.25 ea 

A novel of manners in form of family memoirs by the 
hero. Philanthropic and philosophic didacticism pervades 
it. The scenes of high society and of political life are 
the most important. Baker. 

Eugene Aram. 

1893. 19cm (Library 
Little $1.25 


Based on actual occurrences. 

An unusually successful study in fiction of a complex 
psychologic case. Lib. of world's best lit. 45: 37S. 

Harold, the last of the Saxon kings. 2 v. 

1896. 19cm (Library ed.) Little $1.25 ea 

The tragic history of Harold'sfall; elaboratedescriptions 
of battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings and of English 
life in the eleventh century; accurate historically. Baker. 

Last days of Pompeii. 1893. 20cm 

Little $1.25 

Reconstruction of the luxurious Roman society of first 
century of Christian era, founded on careful study of 
Latin literature and of Pompeian antiquities, and on 
observation of modern manners and character. Baker. 




Eytton, E: G: E. L. Bulwer-Lytton, 1st baron. 
The last of the barons. 2 v. 1893. 19cm 
( Library ed. ) Little $1.25 ea 

Tragic narrative, aiming at characteristic effects of 
Greek drama, the subject being Warwick the King-maker 
and his strife with Edward IV. The battle of Barnet 

(1471) represented at length. Baker. 

"My novel," by Pisistratus Caxton; or, 

Varieties in English life. 4 v. 1892. 19cm 
( Library ed. ) Little $1.25 ea 

A sort of continuation of The Caxtons. The amuse- 
ments, the pleasures, and the passions of the idle mem- 
bers of English society, thrown on a very broad canvas. 

Rienzi, the last of the Roman tribunes. 

2 v. in 1. 1893. 20cm Little $1 

More than a romance, a study of an important period 
of Italian history and a striking picture of the Roman 
populace of the 14th century. Pittsburg. 

A strange story; added, The haunted and 

the haunters. 2 v. 1896. 19cm (Library ed.) 

Little $1.25 ea 

One of the most fascinating embodiments in fiction of 
the occult philosophy: Lib. of world's best lit. 45: 549. 

What will he do with it? by Pisistratus 

Caxton. 3 v. 1892. 19cm ( Library ed.) 

Little $1.25 ea 

Zanoni. 1893. 19cm 

(Library ed.) 
Little $1.25 
A Gothic story of the Rosicrucians and the secret of 
attaining eternal youth. Contains bloodcurdling scenes. 

Macdonald, Georg'e. Alec Forbes of Howglen. 
191cm McKay $1.25 

Story of some inhabitants of an obscure village in the 
north of Scotland. Alec's boyhood, his university life in 
Glasgow, his temptation and its consequences are main 
theme. Baker. 

Annals of a quiet neighbourhood. 191cm 

McKay $1.25 
Story of inner life of a Scotch parish as revealed to its 
rector. N. Y. 

At the back of the north wind; illus. by 

Arthur Hughes. 1882. 18icm 

Y Dutton $1.50 

David Elginbrod. 19cm McKay $1.25 

Story Of bumble life, centering in two saintly personal- 
ities, a dignified and pious Scottish peasant and his 
daughter. A vein of mysticism runs through the story. 

Donal Grant. 191cm (Home lib. ) 

Burt $1 n 

A story of mystery and sensation. Donal is another of 

these men of lowly life who Influence their neighbors for 

good, a noble, unselfish being, who wears religion as a 

familiar everyday garment. Baker. 

Macdonald, George. The light princess, and 
other fairy tales; illus. by Maud Humphrey. 
1893. 211cm Putnam $1.75 

Y Contents: The light princess; The giant's heart: 
The shadows; Cross purposes; The golden key; the car- 
asoyn; Little Daylight. 

Seven modern fairy tales. N. Y. 

Malcolm. 191cm 

McKay $1.25 

Sequel, Marquis of Lossie. Two novels forming the life 
history of a boy, heir to an earldom, who, stolen in in- 
fancy, became the adopted son of a Highland piper, and 
was brought up to be a fisherman. Baker. 

The Marquis of Lossie. 191cm 

McKay $1.25 

The princess and Curdie; illus. by James 

Allen. 1883. 191cm 

Y Lippincott $1 

The princess and the goblin. 191cm 

Y Lippincott $1 

Robert Falconer. 19 Jem 

McKay $1.25 

Scotch story portraying a boy's moral and spiritual 
development in spite of severe repression. N. Y. 

St George and St Michael, n. d. 191cm 

McKay $1.25 
Romance of the civil war in England (1645-1648) 

The seaboard parish; a sequel to Annals 

of a quiet neighborhood. 191cm 

McKay $1.25 
History of a long holiday spent by a clergyman and his 
family on the Cornish coast (Bude) Interest centers in 
the clergyman's talks and conversations, which voice 
author's beliefs concerning things in heaven and on 
earth. Baker. 

SirGibbie. 191cm McKay $1.25 

Whether as the poor dumb waif in Glasgow, whose 
heart is full of love for all men, or as Sir Gibbie the social 
reformer, the hero is a beautiful and interesting char- 
acter. Baker. 

Thomas Wingfold, curate. 1870. 181cm 

McKay $1.25 
Traces the conversion of a clergyman from mere profes- 
sional lip service to a hearty and genuine faith in God. 
Interwoven is the story of a youth who accidentally kills 
a heartless girl. Baker. 

Macleod, Fiona. The washer of the ford, 
legendary moralities and barbaric tales. 1896. 
18cm Stone $1.25 

Old Celtic legends, left very much in the form in which 
they were told the author. Concerned with time when 
Christianity was struggling with Druidism. Baker. 

McManus, E. The silk of the kine. 1896. 
19cm Harper $1 

Scene, Ireland, time of Cromwell's BOOUige. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Manning, Anne. Maiden and married life of 
Mary Pbwell, afterwards Mistress Milton. 
lT.Vm Dodd $1 

Family lite of the poet Milton. Related with fulness of 
detail and written in close imitation of the old prose. 

Marryat. GapL Frederick. Jacob Faithful. 
L895. 19kMn Macmillan $1.50 

Hero tells his own story; his life at a charity school, 
apprenticeship to a Thames waterman and life on the 
river till he is impressed and sees service in a frigate. 

('rammed with humorous incident. Baker. 


Japhet in search of a father. 1895. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Exceptional among Marryat's stories as not dealing 
with the sea: a picaresque story pure and simple, show- 
ing the author's usual characteristics of broad fun and 
humorous idiosyncrasy. Baker. 

The king's own. 

1896. 20cm 



In opening chapters a very full narrative of the mutiny 
at the Nore (1797), followed by adventures of a daring 
smuggler, who impresses the young hero into his crew. 
Contains the famous story of an English captain who de- 
liberately loses his frigate on a lee shore in order to wreck 
a French line-of-battle ship. Baker. 

Mr Midshipman Easy, by Captain Mar- 
ryat. 1902. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 

Martineau, Harriet. The playfellow; contain- 
ing The Crofton boys; Feats on the fiord; The 
settlers at home; The peasant and the prince; 
new ed. with 171 illus. and 8 plates in colours 
from designs by A. W. Cooper. 1895. 22cm 

Routledge 5/; Dutton $2 

Includes: Settlers at home; Peasant and prince; Feats 
on the fiord; Crofton boys. 

Mason, A. E: W. The courtship of Morrice 
Buckler. 1903. 19£cm Macmillan $1.50 

A semi-historical romance after the style of Dumas. 
Opens tragically with a story of Monmouth's rebellion 
(1685) and passes, with episodes of exciting and unex- 
pected incident, from England to the Tyrol. Baker. 

The four feathers. 

1902. 19£cm 


Painful story, worked out with power and beauty, of 
the restoration of a brave man who, in morbid fear of 
showing cowardice, becomes a coward in eyes of friends. 
X. Y. 

Meredith, George. Adventures of Harry Rich- 
mond. Rev. ed. 1897. 20cm Scribner $1.50 

The story is kaleidoscopic, changing from country to 
town, from England to Germany; the personages equally 
multifarious. Exceedingly rich in imaginative descrip- 
tion- of country and town, of sea and forest, both in Eng- 
land and Germanv. Baker. 

Meredith, George. Beauchamp's career. Rev. 
ed. 1897. 19Jcm Scribner $1.50 

Beauchamp is a modern Gracchus, an impetuous and- 
disinterested champion of the oppressed; and his history 
entails a broad view of the politics of mid-century Eng- 
land in the light of Carlyle's teaching. Interwoven is a 
psychologic stjidy of love exemplified in the hero, who 
is successively enamored of three women. Baker. 

Diana of the Crossways. Rev. ed. 1897. 

19cm Scribner $1.50 

Story of a woman of genius, suggested in the main 
lines of her character by the Hon. Caroline Norton, though 
the famous episode of the selling of the secret is not 
authentic. The dialogue is unusually witty and coruscat- 
ing. Baker. 

The egoist; a comedy in narrative. Rev. 

ed. • 1897. 20cm Scribner $1.50 

A psychologic comedy, mercilessly laying bare the soul 
of a spoiled child of fortune, outwardly a pattern of con- 
ventional virtue, inwardly a thrall to selfishness; tragic 
in its exposure of the secret egoism that is in all men. 

Ordeal of Richard Feverel; a history of a 

father and son. Rev. ed. 1897. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 
His philosopher father's abstract system of education 
proves too rigid and unsympathetic. Profoundly tragic, 
bringing unutterable woe to father and son as the ulti- 
mate fruit of blindness and error. Baker. 

Rhoda Fleming. Rev. ed. 1897. 19£cm 

Scribner $1.50 

Heroine daughter of a yeoman, the hero a farmer. 
Rustic scenes provide a good deal of humor, but the main 
action is serious, with scenes of heartfelt tragedy. Baker. 

Sandra Belloni, originally Emilia in Eng- 
land. Rev. ed. 1897. 19£cm Scribner $1.50 

Sequel, Vittoria. Two novels, comprising the life story 
of a noble Italian woman of genius. Deals with the com- 
edy of English society and the domestic life of a parvenu 
family; then with the Italian insurrection of 1S48. Baker. 

Vittoria. Rev. ed. 1897. 20cm 

Scribner $1.50 
Merriman, H: B., pseud. Barlasch of the guard; 
illus. by the Kinneys. 1903. 20cm 

McClure $1.50 
Historical romance. Scene laid in Dantzic and in Rus- 
sia at time of Napoleon's invasion and retreat. Pittsburg. 

The sowers. 1899. 18£cm Harper $1.50 

Story of Russian political intrigue, showing the degra- 
dation of the Russian peasants. Mass. 

The vultures. 1902. 19.]cm Harper $1.50 

Love and political intrigue in Warsaw immediately 
before assassination of Alexander II. N. Y. 

Molesworth, Mrs M.. L.. (Stewart) 'Car- 
rots': just a little boy; illus. by Walter Crane. 
Y Burt 75c 




Molesworth, Mrs M. . L. . ( Stewart) Thecuckoo 
clock; illus. by "Walter Crane. 18cm 

Burt 75c 

Y Fairy story. 

Little Miss Peggy; with pictures by Wal- 
ter Crane. 182cm 

Y Burt 75c 

Moore, F. F. The Jessamy bride. 1898. 19 2 cm 

Stone $1.50 

Oliver Goldsmith is the hero, and Dr Johnson, Sir 
Joshua Reynolds, and David Garrick appear as charac- 
ters in a natural and charming story. Ed. sel. 

Morris, William. News from nowhere; or, An 
epoch of rest, being some chapters from a Uto- 
pian romance. Author's ed. 1901. 18 2 cm 

Longmans 60c 

A socialist artist's vision of Utopia, painting in rich 
hues the dress, furniture, and all the accompaniments of 
everyday life, as they might be, were commercialism de- 
stroyed and the love of art universal. Baker. 

The roots of the mountains: wherein is 

told somewhat of the lives of the men of Burg- 
dale, their friends, their neighbors, their foe- 
men and their fellows in arms. 1893. 19 2 cni 

Longmans $2.50 

The story of the Glittering Plain, which 

has also been called the Land of living men or 
the Acre of the undying. New ed. 1898. 19cm 

Longmans $2 
A medieval romance. It tells of the search for immor- 
tality, for the land of life. Pittsburg. 

The Sundering Flood. 1898. 20 2 cm 

Longmans $2.25 
A delight in sensuous beauty, and a wild luxuriant im- 
agination, are the salient traits. Baker. 

The water of the Wondrous Isles. 1897. 

20icm Longmans $2.50 

In this narrative of Birdalone's marvelous adventures 
the only sense appealed to is the sense for beauty; beauty 
of woods and fields and water, of the human body and 
the good, loving human heart. Nation, 66: 136. 

The well at the world's end. 2 v. 1896. 

o : > )( . ln Longmans $7.50 

A Btory, <>r prose poem, introducing wondrous inci- 
dents, beautiful landscapes, and the atmosphere of 
fairyland; told in a/ simple and direct narrative style in 
imitation of the medieval. Baker. 

Newman, J: H: card. Callista; a tale of the 

third century. 1901. 19cm Longmans $1.25 

Religious story of a martyr in Africa in third century, 

and a study of demoniac possession. Strong local color; 

passages descriptive of theravages of the locusts. Baker. 

Lossand gain; the story of a con vert, 1903. 

Longmans $1.25 

More of a Platonic dialogue than a novel, subject being 
the Roman supremacy and the defects of Anglicanism; 

the hero, a projection of Newman's own personality at 
once shy and bold, simple and profound, occasionally 
satirical. Baker. 

Oliphant, Mrs M. O. (Wilson) A beleaguered 
city; a story of the seen and the unseen. 1900. 
19 2 cm Macmillan $1.75 

How the souls of the just came back to the French town 
of Semur, and put the quick to flight. Brings the unseen 
world into contact with the living and commonplace by 
such realistic touches and character drawing as Defoe 
used. Baker. 

Stories of the seen and the unseen. 1900. 

18 2 cm Little $1.25 

Contents: A little pilgrim; The little pilgrim: further 
experiences; Old Lady Mary; The open door, and The 

Ollivant, Alfred. Bob, son of Battle. 1898. 
19cm Doubleday $1.25 

Scotch story in which interest centers around a breed 
of famous shepherd dogs, of which Bob is the last and 
greatest. Pittsburg. 

Published in England under title Owd Bob. 

Pater, Walter. Gaston de Latour; an unfinished 
romance, prepared for the press by C: L. Shad- 
well. 1896. 18cm Macmillan $1.50 n 

Philosophic romance, tracing development of a refined 
and cultivated mind that finds ultimate satisfaction in 
the things of the spirit, Period that of French wars of 
religion in the 16th century; massacre of St Bartholomew 
(1572) an incident. Baker. 

Marius the Epicurean, his sensations and 

ideas. 1902. 19cm Macmillan $2.25 

History of the mental and moral growth of a Roman 
thinker, a contemporary of Marcus Aurelius. Consists 
chiefly of meditations, philosophic disquisitions, and re- 
views of the great schools of thinkers. Baker. 

Paterson, A. H: Cromwell's own; a story of the 
great civil war. 1899. 19 2 cm Harper $1.50 
Cromwell's home life and the opposing religious views 
of the time portrayed in telling his ward's love story. 
N. Y. 
Phillpotts, Eden. Children of the mist. 1899. 
20cm Putnam $1.50 

Story of the land of Lorna Doone in later times. Note- 
worthy character drawing and descriptions of nature. 
N. Y. 
Porter, Jane. Scottish chiefs. 2 v. 1899. 18cm 

McClurg $1.50 

Romantic tale of which Wallace, the highly idealized 

champion of Bruce's fortunes, is hero; 13th and llth 

centuries. N. Y. 

Prichard, K.. O'B. Hesketh-& H. V. Hesketh- 

Karadac, count of Gersay. 1901. L9cm 

Stokes $1.50 

Issued also under title Daughters of dreams. 
Scene laid in Channel islands about time of Norman 
conquest. Sat, r. 91: 809. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Raymond, Walter. Tryphena in love. 1895. 
L8cm (Irisser. ) Macmillan 75c 

Hero a deformed boy to whom love revealed artistic 
talent. A prose love idyl. L. A I. 

Reade, Charles. The cloister and the hearth; 
a tale of the middle ages; library ed. with 
introd. by Sir Walter Besant. 1903. 20cm 

Scribner- $1.25 

Based on exhaustive study of medieval history and 
literature; a vivid reconstruction of the whole life of the 
time. Hero said to be the father of Erasmus, and his 
story to be true in the main. Filled from beginning to 
end with rapid adventure, with brilliant and diversified 
scenes of life. Baker. 

Foul play. 1902. 19 Jem Scribner $1.25 

Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy. 1896. 20cm 

Scribner $1.25 
A tragic romance; the theme jealousy and the ruin it 
brings on innocent people. Baker. 

Hard cash, a matter of fact romance. 

1903. 20cm Scribner $1.25 

Sequel to Love me little, love me long. 

The genial David and Lucy reappear, middle-aged. 
The hard cash is his hard-earned fortune, fallen into 
the clutches of a swindler. Realistic descriptions of an 
asylum, which evoked rabid hostility. Baker. 

It is never to late to mend; a matter of 

fact romance. 1893. 19 5 cm Scribner $1.25 

Ha< two main subjects: the prison system, which is in- 
dicted for its culture of vice; and greed for gold, as ex- 
emplified in the Australian adventures of two gold-dig- 
gers. Baker. 

Love me little, love me long. New ed. 

1893. 19jcm (Piccadilly nov.) 

Scribner $1.25 
Love idyl with some nautical adventure; chief char- 
acters, the simple, chivalrous sailor David Dodd, brave 
man and passionate lover, and Lucy Fountain, a gracious 
and tender woman of higher social rank. Baker. 

Put yourself in his place. 1902. 19£cm 

(Library ed.) Scribner $1.25 

A novel condemning underhand methods of trades 
unions, and pleading for sympathy in place of hostility 
between capital and labor. Baker. 

Ritchie, Mrs A. I.. (Thackeray) Story of Eliza- 
beth. 1867. 19 2 cm Smith, Elder 6/ 
Novelette aiming at realistic portraiture of character; 
sober in tint, restrained in feeling. Baker. 

Round table of the representative Irish and Eng- 
lish Catholic novelists, at which is served a feast 
of excellent stories; with portraits, biog. 
sketches, and bibliography. 1897. 19£em 

Benziger $1.50 

Ruffini, G. D. Doctor Antonio; a tale of Italy. 

19cm Dillingham $1.50 

Love story of an Italian patriot and the daughter of 
an exclusive English baronet. Baker. 

Ruskin, John. The king of the Golden River; 
or, The black brothers, a legend of Stiria; ed. 
with introd. and notes by M. V. O'Shea; illus. 
by Sears Gallagher. 1900. 19cm (Heath's 
home & school class. ) 

Y Heath 20c 

Russell, W: C. Marooned; a sea tale. 19£cm 

Rand, McNally $1 
Hero and heroine en route to Brazil are left on an un- 
inhabited isle by mutinous crew; situation treated with 
perfect propriety; realistic descriptions of nautical affairs 
and the aspects of sea and sky. Baker. 

A sailor's sweetheart. 1897. 195cm 

New Amsterdam $1.25 

Wreck of the "Grosvenor." 1899. 19cm 

(Famous nov. of the sea) Scribner $1.25 

An exciting account of a mutiny and its consequences. 
May be taken as the type of a numerous series by the 
author, which mingle realistic pictures of life on ship- 
board and of the storms and beauty of the ocean, with 
romantic adventures. Baker. 

Sartoris, Mrs Adelaide (Kemble) A week in a 
French country-house; illus. by Lord Leighton. 
1902. 20cm Macmillan $1.50 n 

Schreiner, Olive. Dreams. 1891. 18cm 

Little 60c 
Fanciful tales which hide deep truths. N. Y. 

Story of an African farm, by Ralph Iron. 

1900. 17 z cm Little 60c 

Very unconventional; the plaintive utterance of a 
lonely soul puzzled by the riddle of the universe. Out- 
spoken in its criticisms of life and aspirations toward a 
new order. Baker. 

Scott, Michael. The cruise of the Midge; illus. 
by Frank Brangwyn. 2 v. 1894. 18cm 

Lippincott $2 

Sailor life; slave-catching on African coast; visits to the 

Cape; cruising in West Indies— a varied narrative of 

pleasures and dangers, flirtations and duels, with death 

always in the background. Baker. 

Tom Cringle's log; with introd. by Mow- 
bray Morris. 1895. 19 5 cm Macmillan $1.50 

Life and adventures of a midshipman during the great 
world-struggle of 1813. Baker. 

Scott, Sir Walter. The Waverley novels. Dry- 
burgh ed. 1892-94. 25 v. 21 2 cm 

Macmillan $1.25 ea or $30 set 

Titles with volume number a>id notes. 

The abbot, v. 11. 

Mary Queen of Scots at Lochleven; battle of Lang- 
side, 1568. Sequel to Monaster)/. Osterhout. 

Anne of Geierstein. v. 23. 

Union of Swiss with Louis XI against Charles the 
Bold, 1474-77. Osterhout. 




The antiquary, v. 3. 

Life and manners on east coast of Scotland about 
1795. Main theme, a dreadful mystery overshadow- 
ing the life of a worthy gentleman. Baker. 

The betrothed, v. 19. 

This and The talisman compose the series of Talcs 
of the crusaders. Time, reign of Henry II (1187) 

The black dwarf, v. 5. 

Jacobite conspiracy before rebellion of 1715 
Scene, the Scottish Lowlands and the Borders in 
1708. Baker. 

The bride of Lammermoor. v. 8. 

The most tragic of Scott's romances, basis of Doni- 
zetti's opera Lucia di Lammermoor. Scene, East Lo- 
thian; date, 1095. Baker. 

Castle Dangerous, v. 25. 

Deals with fortunes of castle of the Black Douglas 
during struggle between Edward I and Robert Bruce 
for the Scottish crown. Period, 1300. Baker. 

Count Robert of Paris, v. 24. 

Story of the brawls that ensued when the paladins 
of the first crusade sojourned in Constantinople 
(1098) Baker. 

Death of the Laird's Jock. v. 20. 

The fair maid of Perth, v. 22. 

Stormy picture of Scotland in reign of Robert III. 

The fortunes of Nigel, v. 14. 

Life in London and at court in early days of James 
I, with full portraits of the King, Prince Charles, 
Buckingham, Jingling Geordie, founder of Heriot's 
Hospital, and other historical personages. Period, 
1604. Baker. 

Guy Mannering. v. 2. 

The fortunes and misfortunes of an abducted heir, 
whose life, a wise woman predicts, will be attended 
by three periods of great danger. Most important 
scenes in Galloway. Dandie Dinmont, Dominie 
Sampson, Meg Merrilies, Dick Hatteraick, and Coun- 
sellor Pleydell are mostly sketches from life, and 
are among Scott's most memorable personages. 
About 1750-70. Baker. 

1 he heart of Midlothian, v. 7. 

Opens with Porteous riots in Edinburgh (1736) 
but mainly concerned with the misfortunes of a 
peasant girl, Effie Deans. Baker. 

The Highland widow, v. 19. 

Story of a mother, hating the English, who causes 
her son to exceed his furlough. Scene, near the 
wild river Awe; time, 1775. Baker. 

I van 1 inc. v. 9. 

Richard I, Templars, 1194. 

Many-colored picture of medieval England. 
Brings together some of most romantic names of 
middle ages, Coeur de Lion, Robin Hood, Friar,Tuck, 
Allan-a-Dale, Isaac of York, and Prince John, Pe- 
riod, about 1194, and Yorkshire and Leicestershire 
i be principal scenes. Baker. 

Kenilworth. v. 12. 

Tragic story of Amy Robsart, wife of Queen Eliza- 
beth's favorite, the earl of Leicester. Period, 1575; 
Oxfordshire and Warwickshire are the principal 
scenes. Baker. 

Legend of Montrose, v. 5. 

Brief romance, dealing with operations of royalists 
under Montrose in Highlands in 1645—16. Baker. 

The monastery, v. 10. 

Romance of border country in unsettled period fol- 
lowing Scottish defeat at Pinkie. Time, 1550. Baker. 

Scene is Melrose. Shows antagonism between 
catholics and protestants; introduces fairy influence, 
and the affected style of speech made use of by 
Lyly in his Euphucs. Sargent. 

My Aunt Margaret's mirror, v. 20. 
Old Mortality, v. 6. 

Scotch Covenanters, 1679-90. Murder of Arch- 
bishop Sharpe (1679) an incident. 

Peveril of the Peak. v. 15. 

Historical basis, the bogus plot of the papists, re- 
vealed by Titus Gates. Peak of Derbyshire, Isle of 
Man and London are the scenes. Charles II, a char- 
acter. Period, 1678. Baker. 

The pirate, v. 13. 

Romance of the Orkney and Shetland isles centu- 
ries ago. Baker. 

Quentin Durward. v. 16. 

Rich and varied picture of the age when feudalism 
and chivalry were about to pass away. Louis XI, 
Charles the Bold, the rebellious Flemings, with the 
outlaw De la Marck, the Wild Boar of Ardennes, are 
the chief contending parties. Period, 1468. Baker. 

Redgauntlet. v. 18. 

Scene, Cumberland and the Scottish district on 
Solway Firth; date, 1763. Personal romance is in- 
terwoven with an abortive Jacobite plot, the most 
impressive scene of which is the young Pretender's 
farewell to Britain. Baker. 

Rob Roy. v. 4. 

Old Pretender's rebellion. Scene, Northumber- 
land, Glasgow, and the Highlands about Loch Lo- 
mond; time, 1715. Diana Vernon one of most cap- 
tivating of all Scott's heroines. Baker. 

St Ronan's well. v. 17. 

Characters and manners and small talk of a rural 
watering-place, Inverleithen on the Tweed. The 
landlady, Meg Dods, has been described as one of 
the very best low comedy characters in whole range 
of fiction. Baker. 

The surgeon's daughter, v. 25. 

Melodramatic story. Scenes, Kileshire and India.. 
time of George III. Baker. 

The talisman, v. 20. 

Vigorous romance of Sd crusade: scene, Palestine 
(1191) Characters include Coeur de Lion and Sala- 
din. Baker. 

The tapestried chamber, v. 20. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


The two drovers, v. 20. 

Pounded on actual occurrences. A simple and 
pathetic tragedy. Baker. 

Waverley. v. 1. 

Turns on rising ol flans lor Prince Charlie in 1745, 
their victories, ami defeat at Culloden. L. it I. 

Woodstock, v. 21. 

Story of expedition sent by parliament to destroy 
the palace of Woodstock, and the coming of Charles, 
afterward Charles II, to England, 1G52. Sargent. 

Sheehan, P. A. Luke Delmege. 1901. 20cm 

Longmans $1.50 
The story of a young Irish peasant priest. Pittsburg. 

My new eurate; a story from the stray 

leaves of an old diary. 1902. 202cm 

Marlier $1.50 

Reprinted from the American ecclesiastical review. 
Faithful study of life in a sequestered seaside village, 
from point of view of an old parish priest. Baker. 

Shelley, Mrs M.. W. (Godwin) Frankenstein; 
or, The modern Prometheus. 1891. 13£cm 

Dutton 75c 

A monster created on pseudo-scientific principles, and 
endowed with life. The best of three tales of mystery 
and horror written in friendly competition by Shelley, 
Byron, and Mrs Shelley. Baker. 

Sheppard, E. . S. Charles Auchester; withintrod. 
and notes by G: P. Upton. 2 v. 1891. 18£cm 

McClurg $1.50 
Musical romance, with Mendelssohn as hero. 

Counterparts; or, The cross of love; with 

introd. and notes by G: P. Upton. 2 v. 1893. 

18km McClurg $1.50 

Musical romance. 

Shorthouse, J. H: John Inglesant. 8th ed. 

1900. 19Jcm Macmillan $1 

Philosophic romance; hero a servant of Charles I, who 

afterward nets as go-between to Anglican and Romanist 

lesiastieal parties. Manners, thought, and religious 

feeling of the period in England and Italy reproduced 

with studious accuracy and deep sympathy. Baker. 

Somerville, E. A.. (E., & Martin, Violet. All 
on the Irish shore; Irish sketches; by E. CE. 
Somerville. 1903. 20cm Longmans $1.50 n 
Contents: The tinker's dog; Fannie Fitz's gamble; The 
Connemara mare; A grand filly; A nineteenth-century 
miracle; High tea at MeKuown's; The bagman's pony; An 
Irish problem; The Dane's breechin'; "Matchbox;" "As 
I was going to Bandon fair." 

- of amusing and faithful sketches of Ireland as 
she is. Nation. 

Steel, Mrs F. A. (Webster) The hosts of the 
Lord. 1900. 19£cm Macmillan $1.50 

Located principally in an old dynastic city of India, and 
dealing seriously with great problem of "the mutual 
assimilation of East and West without injury to either." 

Steel, Mrs F. A. (Webster) On the face of the 
waters; a tale of the mutiny. 1897. 19cm 

Macmillan $1.50 

Elaborate historical story of the Indian mutiny; min- 
utely accurate, fiction never interfering with fact. Full 
of terrible scenes. Careful studies of various native types, 
and portraits of English officers and civilians. Baker. 

The potter's thumb. 

1894. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 

Anglo-Indian society and native life. Native charac- 
ters are drawn with intimate knowledge. Baker. 

Sterne, Laurence. Life and opinions of Tris- 
tram Shandy, gentleman, and A sentimental 
journey through France and Italy. 2 v. 1900. 
23cm (Lib. of Eng. class. ) Macmillan $3 

V. 2 contains A sentimental journey; A political romance, 
a fragment in the manner of Rabelais: Memoirs of the life 
and family of Laurence Sterne. 

A strange medley of burlesque and mere random droll- 
ery, satirical sporting with human virtues and foibles, 
philosphic and moral disquisitions, with little or no unity 
or plot. Baker. 

A vehicle for his sentimental or ludicrous moralizing 
on absurdities, elusive humor and pathos of human life 
and character. The traveler a reflection of Sterne him- 
self. Baker. 

Stevenson, R. L: The black arrow; a tale of 
the two roses. 1888. 19Jcm Scribner $1.25 

Stirring adventure during wars of the Roses in time of 
Henry VI. 

The most satisfactory edition of Stevenson is the Thistle 
edition, which, including the letters and the life by 
Graham Balfour, is published by Scribner in 26 v. at 82 
or S2.50 each. Perhaps few libraries will feel able to 
begin with this edition, which can only be had in sets. 
Ed. sel. 

David Balfour; being memoirs of his ad- 
ventures at home and abroad. 1902. 19icm 

Scribner $1.50 
Sequel to Kidnapped. 

Carries hero of Kidnapped over into Holland and 
France. Pittsburg. 

Kidnapped; being memoirs of the adven- 

tures of David Balfour in the year 1751 written 
by himself. 1904. 19km Scribner $1.50 

Action chiefly in Scotland shortly after rising in sup- 
port of Prince Charlie in 1745. L. <fc I. 

The Master of Ballantrae; a winter's tale. 

1904. 19£cm Scribner 81.50 

Tragic annals of a noble Scottish family involved in 
the Jacobite troubles after 17-15, recounted by a faithful 
steward, who is a typical Stevenson creation, an example 
of moral courage united with physical cowardice. Baker. 

The merry men, and other tales and fa- 
bles. Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 
1903. 19icm Scribner $1.25 

Other tales are: Will o' the mill: Thrawn Janet; Mark- 
heim; Treasure of a Fran'hard: Olalla. 




Stevenson, R. L: New Arabian nights. 1903. 
19£cm Scribner $1.25 

Adventures of a modern. Haroun-al-Rashid in London, 
and other fantastic stories, all more or less sensational, 
but in a semi-burlesque and ironical way. Includes the 
Suicide club and the Rajah's diamond. Baker. 

Prince Otto; a romance. 1902. 192cm 

Scribner $1 

A psychologic drama, enacted in an imaginary Ger- 
man principality. Description of nature a considerable 
element. Baker. 

St Ives. 1897. 19£cm Scribner $1.50 

Adventures of a French prisoner in Scotland and Eng- 
land during Napoleonic wars. Johnston. 
Posthumous romance, finished by Q. (Quiller-Couch) 

Treasure Island; new ed. with original 

illustrations by Wal Paget. 1902. 19£cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Y Story of piracy and of concealed treasure; charac- 
ters nearly all of a sinister kind. Scenery forms striking 
contrast to savagery of the action. Time, middle of 18th 
century. Baker. 

Weir of Hermiston; an unfinished ro- 
mance. 1896. 18Jcm Scribner $1.50 

Fragment of a tragedy, of which the vital motive is 
antipathy between father and son. The father a study 
of the hanging judge, Lord Braxfield. Posthumously 
published. Baker. 

Stories by English authors. 10 v. 1896. 17cm 

Scribner 75c ea 

Tautphceus, Jemima (Montgomery) freifrau 
von. Initials; a story of modern life. 2 v. 
1892. 18£cm Putnam $2.50 

Depicts realistically everyday life in Bavaria, personal 
interest centering in a young Englishman and his love 
for a beautiful German girl. Baker. 

Thackeray, W: M. The rose and the ring; or, 
The history of Prince Giglio and Prince Bulbo. 
1901. 19cm Estes 50c 

Y A fireside pantomime for great and small children. 

Edition by E: E. Hale (Home & school class.) Heath 
25c, also good. Ed. sel. 

Works; with biog. introductions by his 

daughter, Anne Ritchie. Biographical ed. 13 v. 
1898-99. 21£cm Harper $1.75 ea or $22 set 

Contents: 1, Vanity fair. 2, History of Pendennis. 3, 
Memoirs of Mr Charles J. Yellowplush; The history of 
Samuel Titmarsh and the great Hoggarty diamond; 
Cox's diary, etc. 4, Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, esq. 
written by himself; The Fitz-Boodle papers; Catherine, a 
story; Men's wives, etc. 5, Sketch books; Sultan Stork. 
6, Contributions to "Punch," etc. 7, History of Henry 
Esmond, esq.; English humourists of the eighteenth cen- 
tury; The four Georges and Charity and humour, 8, The 
Newcomes. 9, Christmas books of Mr M. A. Titmarsh, 
etc 10, The Virginians. II, Adventures of Philip, to 
which is prefixed A shabby, genteel story. 12, Denis 
Duval; The wolves and the lamb; Lovel the widower; 

Roundabout papers. 13, Ballads, critical reviews, tales, 
various essays, letters, sketches, etc. with a life of the 
author by Leslie Stephen and a bibliography. 

Because of the biographic introductions it seems neces- 
sary to have this edition and to keep it together, as the 
volumes divide awkwardly. It contains Thackeray's 
own illustrations. If duplicates of the separate volumes 
are desired the Macmillan edition, 81 each, is recom- 
mended. Ed. sel. 

Annotated titles with volume numbers 
Adventures of Philip; prefixed A shabby 
genteel story, v. 11. 

Discursive, containing several fine scenes and a 
beautiful character in the "Little Sister," the 
womanly and loving friend of the hero. Baker. 

Christmas books of Mr M. A. Titmarsh. v. 9. 

Contents: Introduction; Flore et Zephyr; Mrs 
Perkins's ball; Our street; Dr Birch and his young 
friends; Rebecca and Rowena; The Kickleburys on 
the Rhine; The rose and the ring. 

Farces and extravagances. Baker. 

History of Henry Esmond, esq. written by 
himself; The English humourists of the 
eighteenth century; The four Georges; and 
Charity and humour, v. 7. 

Esmond (sequel, The Virginians) autobiographic 
story of a Cavalier and Jacobite in time of Queen 
Anne. Introduces Marlborough, Addison, Steele 
and other well known people. N. Y. 

History of Pendennis. v. 2. 

Aims at presenting the young man of the time, 
without flattery and without extenuation, as Field- 
ing had presented Tom Jones. Satiric; humorous 
exposure of many shams and vanities. Baker. 

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, esq. written by 
himself; The Fitz-Boodle papers; Cath- 
erine: a story of men's wives, etc. v. 4. 

Catherine, characterized by author as a narrative 
of 'unmixed rascality, performed by persons who 
never deviate into good feeling.' Directed against 
such romances as Lytton's Eugene Aram, Ains- 
worth's Jack Sheppard and Dickens's Oliver Twist. 
First appeared in Fraser's magazine, 1839-40. Baker. 

The Newcomes. v. 8. 

Contains hardly any distinct thread of story. Col. 
Newcome is one of the most beautiful and pathetic 
creations in English literature. Baker. 

Vanity fair. v. 1. 

A picture of society embracing a vast variety of 
characters and interests, the object being to depict 
mankind with all its faults and meannesses, without 
idealization or romance. Mingled tragedy, pas- 
sion, and comedy. Period, second decade of 19th 
century. An epoch-making work in the history of 
English realism. Baker. 

Becky Sharp, the Crawleys, Major Dobbin, Amelia 
and the wonderful picture of the battle of Waterloo 
are immortal. 
The Virginians, v. 10. 

Follows Henry Esmond. Virginia and London, 
1756-80; introduces George Washington, Dr John- 
son, Fielding and Richardson, etc. N. Y. 

LITERATURE— English fiction 


Trollope, Anthony. Barchester towers. 2 v. 
1^04. 18cm Chronicles of Barsetshire) 

Dodd $1.25 ea 

Can you forgive her? 3 v. 1903. 18cm 

Pari, now 2 Dodd $1.25 ea 

she breaks an engagement because she is infected with 

modem ideas as to the duties and Importance of women 
and craves excitement. A study of half-realized motives 
and minor causes of conduct Plantagenet Palllser, of 
the Phineas novels, a character. Baker. 

Doctor Thome. 2 v. 1903. 18cm 

(Chronicles of Barsetshire) Dodd $1.25 ea 

The duke's children. 3 v. 1903. 18cm 

iParl. nov. 6) Dodd $1.25 ea 

Belongs to series in which duke of Omnium and Phi- 
neas Finn and his wife appear: concerned with fortunes 
of the duke's eldest son and daughter, Lord Silverbridge 
and Lady Mary. Pittsburg. 

The Eustace diamonds. 2 v. 1903. 18cm 

(Pari. nov. 1) Dodd $1.25 ea 

Unscrupulous lying of Lady Eustace darkens the mys- 
tery of the diamonds and brings about many unexpected 
and amusing turns in the story. Baker. 

Framley parsonage. 2 v. 1903. 18cm 

(Chronicles of Bareetshire) Dodd $1.25 ea 

Last chronicle of Barset. 3 v. 1903. 

18cm (Chronicles of Barsetshire) 

Dodd $1.25 ea 
Dominant situation one of intense anguish. The eccle- 
siastical society of Tlie warden and its successors, Mr 
Harding, Mrs Proudie and the rest, make their last ap- 
pearance here. Baker. 

Phineas Finn, the Irish member. 3 v. 

1893. 18cm (Pari. nov. 3) Dodd $1.25 ea 
Sequel, Phineas redux. In this pair of novels purpose 
is to trace 'the changes in men and women which would 
naturally be produced by the lapse of years.' Politics 
occupy considerable space. Baker. 

Phineas redux. 3 v. 1893. 18cm (Pari. 

nov. 4) Dodd $1.25 ea 

The prime minister. 3 v. 1893. 18cm 

(Pari. nov. 5 I Dodd $1.25 ea 

The small house at Allington. 3 v. 1904. 

18cm (Chronicles of Barsetshire) 

Dodd $1.25 ea 

The -warden. 1903. 18cm (Chronicles 

of Barsetshire i Dodd $1.25 

Walford, .V/n L. B. (Colquhoun) The baby's 

grandmother. 1901. 19cm Longmans $1 

Domestic story; mainly a familiar portraiture of a dozen 

characters, grouped round one beautiful woman. Baker. 

■ Mr Smith, a part of his life. 1902. 19cm 

Longmans $1 

Comedy of village social intercourse, plot set in motion 
by advent of a wealthy stranger whom the vulgar genteel 
are in doubt whether or not to receive. Baker. 

Ward, Mrs M.. A. (Arnold) Eleanor. 1900. 
19jjcm Harper $1.50 

Political and social life of modern Italy is studied ex- 
haustively, but main affair is a drama of passion. Baker. 

Helbeck of Bannisdale. 2 v. 1898. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
A tale of character and of passion, complicated by prob- 
lems of thought. Scenery of dales and fells between the 
Lake mountains and the sea plays an influential part. 
Barrow iron foundries described. Baker. 

Lady Rose's daughter. 1903. 19 Jem 

Harper $1.50 
Appeared in Harper's magazine, v. 104-6 May 1902-Ap. 

Story of high class English life, based on the letters of 

Mile de Lespinasse. N. Y. 

Marcella. 2 v. 1894. 18cm 

Macmillan $1 

The growth of a beautiful and fascinating girl out of 

her crude notions of socialism into a deeper perception of 

the moral and spiritual complexities of existing society. 

Lit. world. 

Dramatic scenes illustrate the game laws, agrarian dis- 
tress,»struggles of slum-workers in London, etc.; also 
scenes of life in parliament and in society. Baker. 
Later history of Marcella in Sir Oeorge Tressady. 

Robert Elsmere. 1888. 19icm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Struggle between faith and agnosticism set forth in the 

.life and love of a clergyman, who leaves the church. 

Psychologic analysis very minute; criticism of Christianity 

inspired by older German theorists. Baker. 

Sir George Tressady. 2 v. 1896. 18cm 

Macmillan $2 
Strong study of character development in the heat of 
English politics and social reforms. N. Y. 

Warren, Samuel. Ten thousand a year. 3 v. 
1894. 19cm Little $3.75 

A highly colored sensational story, with elaborate plot, 
which places a weak and vulgar London draper's assist- 
ant in possession of a great estate. A satire on English 
legal forms and persons in first half of 19th century. 

Some libraries may prefer the abridgment by C. T. 
Brady called Tittlebat Titmouse, Funk 1903, SI. 50. Ed. sel. 

Watson, John. Beside the bonnie brier bush, 

by Ian Maclaren. 1895. 19k;m Dodd . $1.25 

Sketches and stories of a Scotch village, with realistic 

delineation of details of manners and idiosyncrasies. 


The days of auld lang syne, by Ian Mac- 
laren. 1895. 19.}em Dodd $1.25 

Contents: A triumph of democracy; For conscience 
sake; A manifest judgment; Drumsheugh's love story; 
Past redemption; Good news from a far country; Jamie; 
A servant lass; Milton's conversion; Our lang hame. 

Further studies of the Scotch neighborhood described 
in Beside the bonnie brier bush, showing equal humor, 
pathos and insight. N. Y. 






Watts-Dunton, Theodore. Ayhvin. 1898. 
mem Dodd $1.50 

A background of Welsh mountains peopled with wan- 
dering gipsies, a heroine overhung by a tragic fate and a 
general atmosphere of mysticism, with several noted Pre- 
raphaelites introduced under a thin disguise. N. Y. 

Wells, H. G. The invisible man; a grotesque 
romance. 1897. 19cm Harper $1 

When the sleeper wakes. 1899. 18J.crn 

Harper $1.50 
London, A. D. 2100. A picture of topsy-turvy institu- 
tions and humanity metamorphosed, socially and mor- 
ally, and more especially of the mechanical wonders of 
the future. Extremely pessimistic view of mankind in 
the coming centuries. Baker. 

Weyman, S. J: From the memoirs of a min- 
isterof France. 1895. 19cm Longmans $1.25 
Sequel to A gentleman of France. 
Imaginary episodes in the life of the Due de Sully. 

A gentleman of France; being the me- 
moirs of Gaston de Bonne, sieur de Marsac. 
1895. 19cm Longmans f $1.25 

Hero a Huguenot Breton, one of Condi's veterans. 

Romance of time of Henry of Navarre. Stirring adven- 
ture and excellent historical setting. N. Y. 

House of the wolf. New ed. 1894. 19Jcm 

Longmans $1.25 

France in the reign of Charles IX. Massacre of St Bar- 
tholomew included in the drama. L. & I. 

My Lady Rotha. 1899. 19cm 

Longmans $1.25 

Opens in Thuringia during the thirty years' war. 

Descriptions of strife and adventure that portray the 

hideous devastation and demoralization of Germany 

overrun by mercenaries and thieves. Baker. 

Red cockade. 1896. 19cm 

Harper $1.50 

Adventures during the French revolution, related by 
an aristocrat in sympathy with the people. Scene, 
Cahors and Nimes. Baker. 

Story of Francis Cludde. 1898. 19cm 

Longmans $1.25 

Romance, in Dumas style, of times of Bloody Mary 

(1553-58) A sturdy young protestant, slow-tongued but 

quick to act, tired of persecution, goes forth to win fame 

by a career of adventure. Baker. 

1'ndcr the red robe. 1894. 19JCBQ 

Longmans $1.25 
Episode of Richelieu's time. Well knit, romantic with- 
out feebleness, Btiring without bombast, sweet and clean. 

Whitaker, Evelyn. Miss Toosey' 8 mission, and 
Laddie. 1898. 16Jcm Little 50c 

Whiteing, Richard. No. 5 John street. 1899. 
20cm Century $1.50 

Story of a cultured man's experimental residence in 
London slums, showing startling contrast between life of 
rich and poor. It has humor, strong feeling, vivid de- 
scriptions and good character drawing. Portrays things 
as they are, without theory of remedies. N. Y. 

Williamson, C: N. & Mrs A. M. (Livingston) 
The lightning conductor. 1903. 19cm 

Holt $1.50 

Automobile travel sketch, threaded about a plot of love- 
making. Tour through French chateaux country to Bor- 
deaux, skirting the Pyrenees, through the Riviera and 
Italy to Sicily. N. Y. 

Yeats, S. K. Levett- The honour of Savelli. 
1895. 18 Jem Appleton $1 

Romance of intrigue and action in the Italy of the 
Borgias, Machiavelli, etc. Baker. 

Yonge, C. M.. The caged lion. 1901. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Story of James I of Scotland. 

The chaplet of pearls. 1903. 19Jcm 

Macmillan $1.25 
Romance of French history, 1572. St Bartholomew 

The daisy chain; or, Aspirations; a fam- 
ily chronicle. 1904. 19 Jem Macmillan $1.25 

Sequel, The trial. 

The dove in the eagle's nest, 1901. 

19 Jem Macmillan $1.25 

Story of robber barons of Germany in the 15th century- 

Heartsease; or, The brother's wife. 1902. 

19£cm Macmillan $1.25 

This and Heir of Hedeli/ffe illus. by Kate Greenaway. 

Heir of Redclyffe. 1891. 19 Jem 

Macmillan $1.25 
Idealized picture of virtuous character and virtuous 
domestic life, manifestly inspired by Tractarian views. 

Lances of Lynwood. 1902. 19$cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Y Story of the reign of Edward III (1327-77) and of the 
Black Prince. Ed. sel. 

The little duke, Richard the Fearless. 

1903. 19Jc!ii Macmillan $1.25 

Y Tale of the little son of William the Conqueror. 
Middle of 10th century. Ed. sel. 

Pillars of the house; or, Under Wode, 

under Rode. 2 v. 1901. 19.jcm 

Macmillan $2.50 

The prince and the page; a story of the 

last crusade. LSOG. 16cm Macmillan $1.25 
Y [n reign of Henry III, 1216-72. Baker. 

LITERATURE— English essays 


Yonge, C. M.. The trial; more link;* of The 
daisy chain. 1902. I9jcm Maemillan 11.25 

Unknown to history. L901. L9Jcm 

Maemillan $1.25 
Y Touching story ol Mary Queen of Scotland's cap- 
tivity, the Babington plot, her trial and execution (1586) 

Zangwill, Israel. Children of the Ghetto; a 
study of a peculiar people. 1895. 192cm 

Maemillan $1.50 

Scenes in life of London .Tows, poor and rich, connected 

by a thread of narrative: copious in detail and in traits of 
character; gives ideas and ways of thinking, as well as 
ceremonial and external features. Baker. 

Dreamers of the Ghetto. 1898. 18cm 

Harper $1.50 

Conversations with and imaginative memoirs of his- 
toric representatives of the Jewish race, particularly of 
such as rebelled against the narrow limits of orthodox 
Judaism: e. g. Acosta, Spinoza, Heine, and Ferdinand 
Lassalle. Baker. 

The master. 1895. 19cm Harper $1.75 

A "circumstantial biography of a Nova Scotian lad, by 
nature an artist, who makes his way through almost in- 
superable difficulties to success, but finds self-conquest 
the hardest struggle. Baker. 

824 English essays 

Addison, Joseph. Selections from papers con- 
tributed to the Spectator; ed. with introd. and 
notes by Thomas Arnold. 1900. 17£cm (Clar- 
endon press ser. ) Clarendon $1.10 

Arnold, Matthew. Culture and anarchy; and 
Friendship's garland, being the conversations, 
letters and opinions of the late Arminius, baron 
von Thunder-ten-Tronckh. 1902. 18icm 

Maemillan $1.50 

Essays in criticism. 2 v. 1902. 18icm 

Evereley ser.) Maemillan $3 

('ontent>: ser. 1. Function of criticism at the present 
time; Literary influence of academies: Maurice de Gu£- 
rin; Eugenie de Guerin; Heinrich Heine; Pagan and me- 
dieval religious sentiment: A Persian passion play: Jou- 
bert: Spinoza and the Bible: Marcus Aurelius. ser. 2, 
Study of poetry; Milton: Thomas Gray; John Keats; 
Wordsworth; Byron: Shelley; Count Leo Tolstoi; Amiel. 

Perhaps the most important utterance on criticism in 
modern times. Gayley & Scott | B 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron. Pleasures 
of life. 1903. 18icm Maemillan $1.25 

Contents: Duty of happiness; Happiness of duty; Song 
of books; choice of books; Blessing of friends; Value of 
time: Pleasures of travel: Pleasures of home: Science; 

Bacon, Francis, viscount St Albans. Essays, and 
Wisdom of the ancients: with a biog. notice by 

A. Spiers, pref. by B. Montagu, and notes by 
different writers. 17£cm Little $1 

Kurh essay, shrewdly discriminative, contains a suc- 
cession of wise thoughts exactly worded. Henry Morley. 

Birrell, Augustine. Essays about men, women 
and books. 1894. 17£cm Scribner $1 

Contents: Dean Swift; Lord Bolingbroke; Sterne; Dr 
Johnson; Richard Cumberland; Alexander Knox and 
Thomas De Quincey; Hannah More; Marie Bashkirtseff; 
Sir John Vanbrugh; John Gay; Roger North's autobiog- 
raphy; Books old and new; Bookbinding; Poets laureate; 
Parliamentary candidates; The bona-fide traveller; Hours 
in a library; Americanisms and Briticisms; Authors and 

Essays and addresses. 1901. 18cm 

Scribner $1 

Contents: John Wesley; What, then, did happen at the 
reformation? Christian evidences; The ideal university: 
Bagehot; Froude; Robert Browning; Is it possible to tell 
a good book from a bad one? House of commons; Peel. 

Obiter dicta. 2 v. 1904, '02. 17£cm 

Scribner $2 

Contents: ser. 1, Carlyle; On the alleged obscurity of 
Mr Browning's poetry; Truth-hunting; Actors: A rogue's 
memoirs: The via media; Falstaff. ser. 2, Milton; Pope; 
Johnson; Burke; The muse of history; Charles Lamb; 
Emerson; The office of literature; Worn-out types; Cam- 
bridge and the poets; Bookbuying. 

The work which established his reputation as a critic 
and humorist. Bright, facile, urbane essays. Sat. r. 

Res judicata-: papers and essays. 1892. 

lTjrcm Scribner $1 

Contents: Samuel Richardson; Edward Gibbon; Wil- 
liam Cowper; George Borrow; Cardinal Newman: Mat- 
thew Arnold; William Hazlitt; The letters of Charles 
Lamb; Authors in court: Nationality: The reformation: 

Brown, John. Spare hours. 3 v. 1883. 18icm 

Houghton $3 
Contents: ser. 1, Rab and his friends, and other papers, 
ser. 2, John Leech, Marjorie Fleming, and other papers. 
ser. 3, Locke and Sydenham, and other papers. 

Carlyle, Thomas. Critical and miscellaneous 
essays. Centenary ed. 5 v. 1900-01. 21cm 

Scribner $1.25 ea 

Ed. with introd. by H: D. Traill. 

V. 5 includes the Early kings of Norway (aiso published 


Latter-day pamphlets. Centenary ed. 

1901. 21cm Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The present time; Model prisons; Downing 
street; The new Downing street; Stump-orator; Parlia- 
ments; Hudson's statue: Jesuitism. 

Ed. with an introd. by H: D. Traill. 

On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic 

in history. Centenary ed. 1901. 21cm 

Scribner $1.25 
Ed. with introd. by H: D. Traill. 

The simplest and most easily legible of his works. The 
French revolution and Hero-worship display a mastery of 




our language as splendid as anything in our prose litera- 
ture. Frederic Harrison. 

Carlyle, Thomas. Past and present. Cente- 
nary ed. 1899. 21cm Scribner $1.25 

Ed. with introd. by H: D. Traill. 

Vehement arraignment of political and religious ideas 
prevailing 50 years ago in England, with a trenchant in- 
dictment of quacks, charlatans and the gospel of mam- 
mon. L. & I. 

Sartor resartus; the life and opinions of 

Herr Teufelsdrockh. Centenary ed. 1897. 
21cm Scribner $1.25 

Ed. with introd. by H: D. Traill. 

The most original, the most characteristic, the deepest, 
and most lyrical of his productions. Frederic Harrison. 

Professedly a review of a German treatise on dress, but 
really a vent for its author's own speculations. 

De Q,uincey, Thomas. Beauties selected from 
[his] writings. 1900. 20cm Houghton $1.50 

The best passages of De Quincey have never been sur- 
passed for sustained splendor of language, exquisite bal- 
ance and modulation and rhythmic charm. W.J.Daw- 
son (B) 

A good edition of his complete works is the Masson ed. 
14 v. Macmillan $12.50. Ed. sel. 

Dobson, Austin. Eighteenth century vignettes. 

3 ser. 1896. 19Jcm Dodd $1.25 ea. 
Small tapestries on which the scenes and the people of 

old London are pictured with a clearness that often 
evades a larger handiwork. Allan. (B) 

Miscellanies. 2 ser. 1898-1901. 17 Jem 

Dodd v. 1, $1.25; v. 2, $1 n 
Ser. 1, 8 papers, chiefly on themes drawn from life and 
letters of 18th century, discursive, written from intimate 
and accurate knowledge, ser. 2, occasional verses and 
inscriptions, some of which have appeared in earliest 
collections. N. Y. 

ed. Eighteenth century essays, selected 

and annotated by Austin Dobson. 1895. 17cm 

Paul 6/; Scribner $2 

34 essays by Addison, Steele, Goldsmith, Mackenzie, 
Chesterfield and others. 

Froude, J. A. Short studies on great subjects. 

4 v. 1900-01. 20cm Scribner $1.50 ea 

Harrison, Frederic. Choice of books, and other 
literary pieces. 1886. 182cm Macmillan 75c 

His advice is to read only authors of first rank in every 
department and every language. Interesting. Spec. (B) 

Hazlitt, William. Essays; selected and ed. by 
Frank Carr. 1889. 18cm (Camelot ser. ) 

W. Scott 1/ 

Hunt, Leigh. Essays; ed. by Arthur Symons 
with illus. by H. M. Brock. 1903. 19cm 

Dutton $1 n 

Jefferies, Richard. Field and hedgerow; the 
last essays. 1900. 19$cm Longmans $1.25 

Jefferies, Richard. The open air. New ed. 
1901. 17£cm Scribner $2.25 

Johnson, Samuel. Essays selected fr. the Ram- 
bler, 1750-52, the Adventurer, 1753, and the 
Idler, 1758-60; with biog. introd. and notes by 
S. J. Reid. 18cm (Camelot ser.) 

W. Scott 1/6 

Lamb, Charles. Life, letters and writings; ed. 
by Percy Fitzgerald. Temple ed. 6 v. 1895. 
18cm Lippincott $6 

Contents: v. 1, Sketch of the life of Charles Lamb, by 
Sir T: N. Talfourd; Correspondence, v. 2, Correspond- 
ence, v. 3, Correspondence; Essays of Elia. v. 4, Essays 
of Elia; Miscellaneous essays; Letters; Rosamund Gray, 
v. 5, Tales from Shakspeare; Stories contributed to "Mrs 
Leicester's school;" Dramatic works; Sketches, etc. v. 6, 
Sketches, etc.; Reviews; Poems; Translations. 

Temple edition by William Macdonald, 12 v. Dutton, 
$16 n, and an edition edited by E. V. Lucas, 7 v. Putnam 
52.25 n ea. also good. Ed. sel. 

Lang, Andrew. Essays in little. 1899. 19cm 

Scribner $1 
Contents: Alexandre Dumas; Mr Stevenson's works; 
Thomas Haynes Bayly; Theodore de Banville; Homer 
and the study of Greek; The last fashionable novel; 
Thackeray; Dickens; Adventures of buccaneers; The 
sagas; Charles Kingsley; Charles Lever; The poems of 
Sir Walter Scott; John Bunyan; Letter to a young jour- 
nalist; Mr Kipling's stories. 

Letters to dead authors; with etched por- 
trait by S. J. Ferris and four additional letters. 
1893. 17cm (Cameo ed.) Scribner $1.25 
One of the minor masterpieces of literature, the keenest 
and cleverest volume of playful criticism since the Fable 
for critics. Brander Matthews (B) 

Macaulay, T: B. Macaulay, 1st baron. Works 
complete; ed. by his sister, Lady Trevelyan. 
Edinburgh ed. 8 v. 1897. 23cm 

Longmans $15 

* Contents: v. 1-4, History of England, v. 5-6, Critical 
and historical essays, v. 7, Essays, biographies, etc. v. 8, 
Speeches and poems. 

Rolfe ed. of Lays of ancient Rome Amer. bk. eo. 56c, 
is also desirable on account of its excellent notes. 

Maurice, F: D. The friendship of books, and 
other lectures; ed. by T. Hughes. 1893. 19£cm 

Macmillan $1.25 

Contents: On the friendship of books; On words; On 
books; On the use and abuse of newspapers; On christian 
civilization; Ancient history; English history; Spenser's 
Faery queene; Milton* Milton considered as a school- 
master; Edmund Burke; Acquisition and illumination; 
On critics. 

4th ed. 1889; reissued, 1893. 

Meynell, Mrs A. C. (Thompson) The children. 
1896. 17£cm Lane $1.25 

The combination of absolute truth with a fine selecting 
judgment makes her book the beginning, in its "\\ n way, 
of a little epoch in the story of the child in literature 
Sat. r. 88: 701. 

LITERATURE— English essays 


Meynell, Mra A. C. ^ Thompson) The spirit of 
place, and other essays. 2d ed. 17$cm 

Lane $1.25 

They have dignity, sincerity, occasional humor and 
delicate fantasy. Hut their central charm is in the fresh- 
ness, the Individuality of their outlook on life. Anu!. (B) 

Morley, John. Critical miscellanies. 3 v. 
1886-88. lSk-m Macmillan $1.50 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Robespierre: Carlyle; Byron; Macaulay; 
Emers' >n. v. J. Van venargues; Turgot; Condoreet: Joseph 
de Maistre. v. 3, On popular culture; Death of Mr Mill; Mr 
Mill's Autobiography; Life of George Eliot; Pattison's 
memoirs: Harriet Martineau; W. R. Greg, a sketch; France 
in the eighteenth century: Expansion of England; Au- 
guste Comte, 

Enlarged from articles in Fortnightly review. 

Studies in literature. 

1891. 18k'm 
Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: Wordsworth; Aphorisms; Maine on popular 
government: A few words on French models; On the study 
of literature: Victor Hugo's Ninety-three; On The ring 
and the book; Memorials of a man of letters [Macvey 

Reprinted from yineteenth century and Fortnightly review. 

Myers, F: "W: H: Science and a future life; with 
other essays. 1893. 18£cm Macmillan $1.50 

Contents: Science and a future life; Charles Darwin and 
agnosticism; The disenchantment of France; Tennyson 
as prophet; Modern poets and cosmic law; Leopold, duke 
of Albany; In memoriam. 

Reprinted from yineteenth century and Fortnightly review. 

Object, to maintain claim of spiritual element in man 
as against materialistic and agnostic habits of thought. 
All well worth study, very able criticism, ethical as well 
as literary. Spec. 74: 89. 

Pater, Walter. Appreciations: with an essay 
on style. 1889. 21cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

Contents: Style; Wordsworth; Coleridge; Charles Lamb; 
Sir Thomas Browne; "Love's labours lost;" " Measure for 
measure;" Shakspere's English kings; ^Esthetic poetry; 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 

An unusually catholic critic; he takes genuine and cor- 
dial delight in the qualities of the men he writes of. A 
predominant sense of beauty in form, of charm in the 
spirit, of truth in the matter characterizes his work. 
G: E: Woodberry (B) 

Essays from "The Guardian." 1901. 

24cm Macmillan $3 n 

Contents: English literature; Amiel's "Journal in- 
time;" Browning; "Robert Elsmere;" Their majesties' 
servants; Wordsworth; Mr Gosse's poems; Ferdinand 
Fabre; The "Contes" of M. Augustin Filon. 

Contains most interesting portion of his literary jour- 
nalism. Ath. 

Greek studies; prepared for the press by 

C:L.Shadwell. 1895. 18cm Macmillan $1.75 n 

Essays, dealing with Greek mythology, poetry, sculp- 
ture and architecture. They show him at his best as a 
writer. He was first and last an esthetic critic of a high 
order. Spec. (B) 

Pater, Walter. Miscellaneous studies, prepared 

for the press by C: L. Shad well. 1895. 18cm 

Macmillan $1.75 n 

Bibliography, p. 6-12. 

Essays on literature, Italian painting, French architec- 
ture, and a group of "imaginary portraits." There are 
many pages of his peculiar, inimitable charm. Acad. (B) 

The renaissance; studies in art and po- 
etry. 1903. 18£cm Macmillan $2 n 

Contents: Two early French stories; Pico della Miran- 
dola; Sandro Botticelli; Luca della Robbia; The poetry 
of Michelangelo; Leonardo da Vinci; The school of 
Giorgione; Joachim du Bellay; Winckelmann. 

One of the most suggestive writers of the philosophic 
school. Of literary rather than scientific merit. Powers. 

Ruskiii, John. Crown of wild olive; four lec- 
tures on industry and war, with introd. byC: E. 
Norton. Brantwood ed. 1893. 19^cm 

Longmans $1.50 n 

Contents: Work; Traffic; War; The future of England; 
Appendix: Notes on the economies of the kings of 

"Traffic" a trenchant attack on the fundamental irre- 
ligion and immorality of modern society; " Work " devel- 
oping more distinctly and with less of compromise, the 
implied socialism of Unto this last. J. W. Mackail. 

- Sesame and lilies; with introd. by C: E. 

Norton. Brantwood ed. 1891. 19scm 

Longmans $1.50 n 
Contents: Of kings' treasures; Of queens' gardens. 
Three lectures on books and their uses, the education 
and influences of women, and the mystery of life and its 

Time and tide by Weare and Tyne; with 

introd. by C: E. Norton. Brantwood ed. 1891. 
19£cm Longmans $1.50 n 

Twenty-five letters to a workingman of Sunderland on 
the laws of work. Title. 

Attempt to continue author's work in social ethics by 
drawing the outlines of a constructive policy toward 
the ennobling of labor and the humanization of riches. 
J. W. Mackail. j 

Smith, Sydney. 
(World's class.) 

Wit and 

wisdom. 14cm 
Putnam 50c 

Spencer, Herbert. Facts and comments. 1902. 

19£crn Appleton $1.20 n 

Chips from the author's workshop. Subjects frequently 

broad and of present interest. Few men can write more 

forcibly or reason more clearly, yation, 75: 58. 

Stevenson, R. L: Across the plains, with other 
memories and essays. 1903. 19£cm 

Scribner $1.25 
Contents: Across the plains; The old Pacific capital 
[Monterey] ; Fontainebleau; Epilogue to "An inland voy- 
age;" Random memories; Random memories continued; 
The lantern-bearers; A chapter on dreams; Beggars; 
Letter to a young gentleman; Pulvis et umbra; A Christ- 
mas sermon. 




Stevenson, R. L: Familiar studies of men and 
books. 1902. 19$cm Scribner $1.25 

('(intents: Victor Hugo's romances; Some aspects o^ 
Robert Burns; Walt Whitman; Henry David Thoreau, 
-his character and opinions; Yoshida-Torajiro; Francois 
Villon, student, poet and housebreaker; Charles of Or- 
leans; Samuel Pepys; John Knox and women. 

Men whom I loved; or, when I did not love the men, 
my love was greater to their books. Author. 

Memories and portraits. 1902 19$cm 

Scribner $1.25 

Contents: The foreigner at home; Some college memo- 
ries; Old mortality; A •college magazine; An old Scotch 
gardener; Pastoral; The manse; Memoirs of an islet; 
Thomas Stevenson; Talk and talkers; The character of 
dcgs: " A penny plain and twopence coloured;" A gossip 
on a novel of Dumas's; A gossip on romance; A humble 

Virginibus puerisque, and other papers. 

1904. 19 Jem Scribner $1.25 

Contents: Virginibus puerisque; Crabbed age and 
youth; An apology for idlers; Ordered south; Ma triplex; 
El Dorado; The English admirals; Some portraits by 
Raeburn; Child's play; Walking tours; Pan's pipes; A 
plea for gas lamps. 

825 English oratory 

Adams, C : K. ed. Representative British orations ; 
with introductions and explanatory notes, with 
sup. volume by John Alden. 4 v. 1900. 
18$cm . Putnam $1.25 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Sir John Eliot; John Pym; Lord Chatham; 
Lord Mansfield; Edmund Burke, v. 2, William Pitt; 
i liarles James Fox; Sir James Mackintosh; Lord Erskine. 
V. 3, George Canning; Lord Maeaulay; Richard Cobden; 
John Bright; Lord Beaconsfleld; William Ewart Glad- 
stone, v. 4, Daniel O'Connell; Lord Palmerston; Robert 
Lowe, viscount Sherbrooke; Joseph Chamberlain; Lord 

§26 English letters 

Chesterfield, P. D. Stanhope, 4th earl of. 
Letters to his son; selected by Charles Sayle. 
17$cm (Scott lib.) W.Scott 1/6 

The result of the large worldly experience of an acute 
and cultivated nobleman. Henry Reed. 

Montagu, Lady Mary (Pierrepont) Wortiey. 
Select passages from her letters, ed. by A. R. 
Ropes. 1892. 20£cm (Seeley's 18th cent. 
biog. ser.) Scribner $2.50 

Her rank as the best letter writer of her sex in English 
is undisputed. George Saintsbury. 

§27 English salire and humor 

Hood, Thomas. Poems; ed. by Alfred Ainger. 
2v. 1897. 18.]cin Macmillan $3 

Contents: v. 1, Memoir; Serious poems, v. 2, Poems of 
wit and humour. 

Whether we look on him as a master of frolic, or a mas- 
ter of pathos, his place is high among English poets. R; 
Garnett (B) 

Jerome, J. K. Three men in a boat (to say noth- 
ing of the dog) 1889. 19cm (Home lib.) 

Burt $1 n 

Comic history of a picnic up the Thames, a medley of 

buffoonery and droll musings on familiar things. Baker. 

Junius, pseud. Letters of Junius; "Woodf all's 
ed. rev. by John Wade. 2 v. 1902. 18Jcm 
(Bonn's stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 n ea 

A series of letters directed against the British ministry, 
Sir William Draper, the duke of Grafton and others. The 
letters appeared in the London public advertiser in 1772. 
Their authorship has been attributed to Edmund Burke, 
Earl Temple and others, but they probably were written 
by Sir Philip Francis. Cent. ci/c. of minus. 

Lear, Edward. Nonsense books; with all the 
original illustrations. 1891. 19cm Little $2 

Y Surely the most beneficent and innocent of all chil- 
dren's nonsense books yet produced. Inimitable and re- 
freshing, and perfect in rhythm. John Ruskin. 

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels; ed. with 
introd. and notes by T: M. Balliet. 1900. 19cm 
(Heath's home & school class. ) Heath 30c n 

Y Master Lemuel's voyage to Lilliput and Brobding- 
nag, the two most interesting incidents of the Dean of St 
Patrick's great satiric sketch. Hardy. 

Prose writings; chosen and arranged by 

Walter Lewin. 1886. 18cm W. Scott 1/6 

There is something great and fearful in his irony, for it 
is not always used for effect or designedly to depreciate. 
There seems often to be a sympathy in it for the thing he 
satirizes. Thomas Carlyle. 

Thackeray, W: M. 

Ballads. (In his Works, class 823, v. 13) 
Book of snobs. (In his Works, class 823, 

v. 6) 
Contributions to Punch. (In his Works, class 

823, v. 6) 
Memoirs of C: J. Yellowplush. (In his 

Works, class 823, v. 3) 
Roundabout papers. (In his Works, class 

823, v. 12) 
Wells, Carolyn, ed. Nonsense anthology. 1903. 
18cm Scribner $1.25 n 

Edward Lear, of course. Gilbert and Lewis Car i" 
prominent, but hosts of others sit up worthily with these 
kings. Nation. 

§28 English miscellany 

Arnim, M.. A. (Beauchamp) grafinvon. Eliza- 
beth and her ( rerman garden. 1900. 21cm 

Macmillan $2.50 

A cultured, humorous woman's record of quiet German 
country life, her adventures among bulbs and seeds, the 
sayings of her babies, etc. N. Y. 

The solitary summer. 1901. 21cm 

Macmillan $1.50 
Farther experiences of Elizabeth. 

LITERATURE— English miscellany 


Austin, Alfred. The garden that 1 love. 1894. 
21cm Macmillan $2.50 

Study of an oldfashioned English garden, wheresome- 
what shadowy human personages occasionally wander 
and discourse. X. Y. 

Burton. Robert. Anatomy of melancholy . New 
ed. 1898. 22Jcm Scribner $2.75 

Result of many yours of humorous study of men and 
books, abounding in quotations from authors of all ages 
and countries. Cent. eye. of names. 

Coleridge, S: T. Biographia literaria; or, Bio- 
graphical -ketches: oi my literary life and opin- 
ions, and two lay sermons: 1, The statesman's 
manual; 2, Blessed are ye that sow beside all 
waters, isms. 19cm (Bonn's stand, lib.) 

.Macmillan $1 n 

Jefferies. Richard. An English village. 1903. 
20cm Little $2 

Hew ed. of Wild life in a south* rn county, with 25 pictures 

Of nature and rural life, made in Wiltshire by Clifton 
Johnson, and introd. by Hamilton W. Mabie. Title. 

Landor. W. S. Selections from the writings of 
Landor; ed. by Sidney Colvin. 1902. 16cm 
(Golden treas. ser.) Macmillan $1 

Selection made with taste and judgment, so as fairly to 
represent the whole body of Landor's work. Nation, 
85: 247 (B) 

Lucas, E: V. comp. The open road; a little book 
for wayfarers. 1901. 16icm Holt $1.50 

Just a garland of poetry and prose fitted to urge folk 
into the open air. Pref. 

Norton, C: E. ed. Heart of oak books. Rev. 
ed. 7 v. 1902-03. 19Jcm Heath $3 n 

Contents: bk.l. Rhymes, jingles and fables, bk.2, Fables 
and nursery tales, bk. 3, Fairy tales, ballads and poems, 
bk. 4. Fairy stories and classic tales of adventure, bks. 
5-7, Masterpieces of literature. 

Separately, v. 1, 25c n: v. 2, 35c n; v. 3, 40c n; v. 4, 45c n: 
v. 5, 50c n; v. 6, 55c n: v. 7, 60c n. 

Adapted to the progressive needs of childhood and 
youth, chosen from the masterpieces of English literature. 

Russell, G: "W: E. Collections and recollections, 
by one who has kept a diary. 1898. 21icm 

Harper $2.50 

Reminiscences of the Victorian era. reprinted from the 

Manclu -'■ I com diary and commonplace books; 

contains entertaining anecdotes about notable people, 

parliament, the cabinet, and social changes. Johnston. 

H2i) Anglo-Saxon literature 

Beowulf. Beowulf; tr. out of the Old English 
by C. B. Tinker. 1902. 17£cm 

Newson 80c 

Brboke, S. A: History of early English litera- 
ture: being the history of English poetry from 

its beginning to the accession of King .Elfred. 

1892. 20$cm Macmillan $2.50 

R Enjoyable, leisurely resume of all that is known of 
our earliest poets and their works. Sp< C. 

Cook, A. S. ed. Select translations from old 
English poetry; ed. by A. S. Cook and C. B. 
Tinker. 1902. 19cm Ginn Si 

Bibliography, p. 172-73. 

Cynewulf. The Christ of Cynewulf ; a poem in 
three parts, The advent, The ascension, and The 
last judgment; tr. into English prose by C: H. 
Whitman. 1900. 19cm Ginn 45c 

Perhaps the most genuinely poetic of all the early min- 
strels after Caedmon. Grant Allen. 

830 German literature 

Francke, Kuno. Glimpses of modern German 
culture. 1898. 18cm Dodd $1.25 

May serve to open the way to many who are unaware 
how wonderfully rich is Germany today in books, pic- 
tures, music and political ideas. Dial, 26: 161 (B) 

■ History of German literature as deter- 
mined by social forces; 4th ed. enl. of the 
author's Social forces in German literature. 

1901. 22cm Holt $2.50 

Indispensable supplement to Scherer. Rich in well 
weighed condensed judgments of writers and in discrim- 
inating yet enthusiastic appreciations of their master- 
pieces. Style clear, crisp and unobtrusive. Dial (B) 

Robertson, J: G: History of German literature. 

1902. 21cm Putnam $3.50 n 
Considers German literature in its relation to other 

European literatures. Nation, 70: 237. 

Scherer, Wilhelm. History of German litera- 
ture; tr. fr. the 3d Ger. ed. by Mrs F. C. Cony- 
beare, ed. by F. M. Midler. 2 v. 1893. 20Jcm 

Scribner $3.50 
Bibliography, 2: 353-416. 

No student of German literature can dispense with it. 
F. Spielhagen (B) 

Wells, B: W. Modern German literature. 2d 
ed. 1901. 19cm Little $1.50 

Addressed to college students and attempts to tell what 
a well educated man wants to know. Greater part de- 
voted to Lessing, Goethe and Schiller. Dial, 20: US 

831 German poetry 

Goethe, J. W. von. Poems; tr. in the original 

metres by E. A. Bowring. Rev. ed. 1891. 

19cm (Bonn's stand, lib. ) Macmillan Sin 

Heine, Heinrich. Gesammelte werke; hrsg. 

von Gustav Karpeles. 2. aufl. 9 v. 1893. 20cm 

G. Grote 31.50 m 

Poems and ballads, done into Eng. verse 

by Sir Theodore Martin. 3d ed. 1894. llhcrn 

Blackwood 5/ 




Knortz , Karl, ed. Representative German poems, 
ballad and lyrical; original texts with English 
versions by various translators. 1885. 22cm 

Holt $2.50 

Nibelungenlied. The Nibelungenlied; the fall 
of the N ibelungers, otherwise the Book of Kriem- 
hild; tr. by W: N. Lettsom. 4th ed. 1903. 
20cm Scribner $1.75 n 

Schiller, J. C. F. Poems; tr. by E. A. Bowring. 
1902. 19cm (Bohn's stand, lib.) 

Macmillan $1 n 

§32 German drama 

Goethe, J. W. von. Werke; hrsg. von Ludwig 
Geiger. Neue ausg. 1883. 10 v. 18cm 

G. Grote 30 m 

— Dramatic works; tr. fr. the German by 

Sir Walter Scott, E. A. Bowring, Anna Swan- 
wick and others. 1892. 18Acm (Bohn's 
stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

Contents: The wayward lover; The fellow-culprits; 
Goetz von Berlichingen; Clavigo; Egmont; Torquato 
Tasso; Iphigenia in Tauris. 

Faust, a tragedy; tr. in the original metres 

by Bayard Taylor. 2 v. 1898. 20cm 

Houghton $2.50 
Lessing', G. E. Siimtliche schriften; hrsg. von 
Karl Lachmann. 1886. 23cm 

Goschen 4.50 m ea 
16 volumes already issued (July 1904); a 17th vol. will 
probably complete the set. 
Bd. 12- published in Leipzig. 

Dramatic works; ed. by Ernest Bell; with 

short memoir by Helen Zimmern. 2 v. 1891. 
lSicm (Bohn's stand, lib. ) Macmillan $1 n ea 

Contents: v. 1, Tragedies, v. 2, Comedies. 
Schiller, J. C. F. Werke; mit lebensbeschrei- 
bung, einleitungen und anmerkungen, hrsg. von 
Robert Boxberger. 5. aufl. 6 v. 1897. 19cm 

G. Grote 12 m 

Works: early dramas and romances: The 

robbers, Fiesco, Love and intrigue, Demetrius, 
The ghost-seer, and The sport of destiny, tr. 
from the German. 1901. 19cm (Bohn's stand, 
lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

Dramas: Don Carlos, Mary Stuart, The 

Maid of Orleans, The bride of Messina, tr. by 
K. I ). Boylan, Joseph Mellish, Anna Swanwick 
and A. Lodge. 1901. 19cm (Bohn's stand, 
lib. ) Macmillan $1 n 
Dramatic works: Wallenstein and Wil- 

§33 German fiction 

Auerbach, Berthold. On the heights; tr. by 
S. A. Stern. 2 v. 1899. 17cm (Leisure hour 
ser.) Holt $2 

Auf der hohe. Story of court and village life, much 
psychologic analysis and comment on life and conduct. 

Villa on the Rhine; author's ed. with 

portrait, and biog. sketch by Bayard Taylor. 

1869. 17£cm 


Car lyle, Thomas, tr. German romance; transla- 
tions from the German, with biog. and crit. 
notices. Centenary ed. 2 v. 1901,1898. 21cm 

Scribner $1.25 ea 

Contents: v. 1, Editor's introduction: Carlyle's pref- 
ace; Museeus: Dumb love, Libussa, Melechsala; Fouqu6: 
Aslauga's knight; Tieck: The fair-haired Eckbert, The 
trusty Eckbert, The Runenberg, The elves, The goblet, 
v. 2, Hoffman: The golden pot; Richter: Army-chaplain 
Schmelzle's journey to Flaetz, Life of Quintus Fixlein; 

Ed. with introd., by H: D. Traill. 

Ebers, G. M. Cleopatra; tr. by M.. J. Safford. 
2v. 1894. 17|cm Appleton $1.50 

Carefully studied portrait of the Egyptian queen in a 
story crowded with detail, yet showing dramatic power 
and vigor. N. Y. 

An Egyptian princess; tr. by Eleanor 

Grove. 2 v. 1901. 16£cm. Appleton $1.50 

Introduces some historic personages, such as Cambyses, 
Amasis or Sappho, and weaves fact and fiction together, 
not refraining from an occasional anachronism. Opens 
in Hellas, passes into Persia, and finally into Egypt. 

Homo sum; tr. by Clara Bell. 1900. 

16£cm Appleton 75c 

Story of the anchorites of the 8th century, who sought 
to escape from the world and from themselves at the foot 
of Sinai. Baker. 

Uarda, a romance of ancient Egypt; tr. 

helm Tell; tr. by S. T. Coleridge, J. Churchill 
and Theodore Martin. 1903. 19cm (Bohn's 
stand, lib.) Macmillan $1 n 

by Clara Bell. 2 v. 1901. 16 Jem