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Full text of "A late eighth-century Latin-Anglo-Saxon glossary : preserved in the Library of the Leiden University (Ms. Voss. Q⁰ Lat. n⁰. 69)"

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(MS. VOSS. Q** LAT. N**. 69) 



8T John's college, Cambridge. 



Cambridge : 


• • • 



Introduction vii— Ivii 

Prefatory remarks (§§ 1, 2). 

Plan of the preseot edition (§§ 3, 3*). 

Description of the MS. ; its contents (§§ 4 — 6). 

Age, handwriting and place of origin of the MS. (§§ 7 — 7*). 

The whereabouts of, and other details connected with the MS. after 
leaving St. Gallen (§§ 8—10). 

Further description of the MS. (§§ 11—23). 

Number of leaves (§ 11); ruling and number of lines (§ 12); 
its scribes (% 13). 

Cmitractions (§ 14) ; different forms of letters (§ 15) ; ligatures 
(§ 16); Capitals (|5 17); Greek letters (§ 18); Illustratian (§ 19); 
Numerals (§ 20); Punctuation (§ 21); Sigiis of reference (§ 22). 

Corrections (§ 23*) ; division of words, syllables, glosses (§ 23•») ; 
insertions (§ 23^); marking words or glosses by strokes and an 
insulated V (§ 23*^) ; omissions (§ 23•) ; signatures (§ 23') ; signs (§ 23«) ; 
spots (§ 23*») ; strokes (§ 23') ; transposition (§ 23"^) ; uncertain words 
(55 23^) ; underlining (S 23™) ; vacant spaces (§ 23") ; wrong letters 
(§ 230). 

Bibliography of the Glossary, pp. xxxvii — Ivii. 

A. Headings or Titles of the Chapters, pp. xxxvii — xli. 

B. Sources from whence the lemmata (aud some of the interpre- 

tations) are excerpted. — Books and MSS, used and consulted 
in tracing the lemmata to their soiux^s. — Abbreviations 
employed in the references, quotations, &c. (chiefly in the 
Latin Index), pp. xli — Ivii. 

Text of the Glossary 1—50 


I. L•ιtin Index 51 — 217 

II. Index of Latin Numerals expressed by Roman Signs . 217, 218 

III. Qreek Index 218—221 

IV. Hebrew Index 221 

V. Germanic, but chiefly A,-S. Index 222—239 

Corrigenda, Addenda 239—241 

Photographic Plate representing Fol. 26, and (the 

PART of) Fol. 27»* At end 


the pi-eface to my editioa oi the Corfnu Glfxiaary, publiehi 
in lt!90* by i\\v. iSyuditit of the Oambridge University Prew, I stated, oil•' 
pp. XL, XLiv etc., that already in 18ϋ5 I had made η tranuuiipl uf the 
kiadi'ed tilostiary preserved in a MS. of the Leiden University Library 
(Toss. Q". Lat. No. 69), with the view of publishing it iu< a companion 
■volume to the Corpus tilonaary, But the editing of the lattei- had caused 

such ditKculties and labour that I shrunk from immediately taking the 
Leiden (Jlossary in hiind, especially as work of another nature left 
little time for a task which would not be easy and would requii« 
editor's undivided attention. 

^ 3. Meantime much valuable material on glosees continued to 
published in the Archiv für Lutein, f^xicw/raphi«, in the great work: 
Steinmeyer and Öievers (AlthoehdenturAe Ghenfu), Ooeti (Corjnin Gloeta 
orum Latinonnn) kc. Uo that, when Prof. Henry Jackson, who takes 
keen inlereet in studies of thin kind, expreesed tu me, iii June 190?, 
his wish lo see the Leiden Cilosaary published, and the iSjTidica of the 
University Press, afti-r carefully considering uiy suf^estions for the 
edition, consented to bear the expense involved in the publication of a 
book of this abstruse nature, which is not likely to be remunerative, I felt 
BUtticiently encouraged to undertake the editing. On my application, 
Dr S. de Vries, the Leiden University Librarian, kindly sent the MS. 
again to Caiubridge to enable me to collate it with my transcript, which 
I had been unable to do in Ιίίίί^, because the MS. liad unexpectedly to be 
returned, after Dr du Hieu, the late Libraiian, had left it ■ 
k>ng time. 

Plan of the pvmnt e'Hlioii. 

§ 3. The present edition Ϊά an exact reproduction, as far as type could 
make it, of the Latin- Anglo-Saxon Gloeeary preserved on the pages 20 — '■ 
(see Iwlow i^ 6) of the above-mentioned Leiden MS., the notes at the foot 
of the pages recui-ding nothing but the graphic peculiarities and scribal 
alterations and emendations noticed in the MS. 

An Ε ightli- Century Latin -Anf{lu-SniQn GloHtury, preeervcd in tlic Liliiury at 
Curpua Chmti College, CaiiiWiilKB {MS. N'l), UJ), cditud liy -F. R. Ht^-cK L'unibridü^j 
at Ü1E UniverBity Preen, IHM. tt". 

.sea I 

the , 



■J "' I 


Äfl«r Ulis trxt follows (oii p. 51) the First Inden: (Latin), which iis, in 
reality, α tOinplete repetition of every one of the Ulosses lu alphabelical 
order, end embottiee all editorial eoiendatiunH, uorrectionR, elucidatioas of, 
or suggetttions for emending, the Glosses. Tlie system adopted for the 
compilation of this Index, may be seen from the first three or four article»: 
(o) under a are given the word« in which a represents some other letter, 
or combination of lettei«, or from which α ie omitted. So also under h, e 
and all the other letter« of the alphalvet. In this way I have endeai ouretl 
to cmmpile fur this Glossary tables similar to those printed on pp. xxi to 
XXXIX (S^ 3'J— 60) of my Introduktion to the Corput Glmsari/*. {β) the 
lieoond a, or prejMnntion, records all the places whei-e it may be found in 
the text, (γ) the hmmaUi ai-e printed in Clarendon or Mack type, ex. gr. 
aablta (3rd article of the Index); the Ügures after this lemma and thi» 
Glossator's iiiterpnlation or glo»» on the lemma, refer to the text 
{see p. 5•: Chapter ii, i/funn 87); then follows, between ( ), the source 
froni whence the lemma has been exlra«ted, with λ uhort quotation f 
from this source showing the l^mnia hi its contest. After this follow 
editorial observationn wherever neeeeiiary. 

The Second hidex (p. 21T) records the Littin IfKiiierah expressed hy 
the Glossator in Rotitan figiw; the Third Index (p. 218) registers the 
ffiwA words quoted or referred to in the I. or Latin Index. These Greek 
words are printed exactly as tliey are quuted. The Fourth Index (p. 231) 
registers the Ilebretn words also quoted or re/erred to in the I. or Latin 
Index; while the Fißh Inihij: (p. 232) is a register of all the Anglo-Smson 
or other Gerjnanic words which either occur in the Glossary (and then 
printed in Clarendon or bUuk ^yV^) ■t'lelfi or have Ixwn (juoted from oilier 
GlossarieH or other works in the I. or Latin Index hy way of explanation 
or elucidation. 

§ 3". The affinity, which, in many instauces, suggests identity of 
sources, )>etweeii certain part») of the Leiden Olossury, and the Cor/iux, 
Ejiiiud, »ad (FiKt) Er/m-H}\>i has lieen pointed out in the I. (f.tUin) 
Index under the vai-ious glosses; the idmUily ot Glosses being indicated 

* Here und there I h»ve, no iloulit, su^geeted HpellintiB or ciueDdatioite, which would 
not agree witli the gpeUinKS of tbe paB[-claa»i[^al MijS. with which oar Oloesitry luuBt 
be EluBHed. For ioBlnace. under e I {irint (IL 34) msnicbfi {mauichufi), which me&ng, 
DOl Lhal ihe Ittter apcllint; U lo bu ^ubntituUd for Iho former, bat that the olaasical 
lomi hnH ui' ; hoc αΙκο under U (hareua) Ac. Again, under /I ^ve acnilection of words 
which have/ for ;>/i ( = #), uot as a novelty, but aea help for tttudieti of this kind. 

i Without theve tiuotntious it would not alwuye be eaxj lo reahae the meaning of 
certain Bipreesious or the graioinatical furnie of words. Ex. yr. iu Ch. xv. 40 orncir^NM 
is eiplAiDed b; two acousatiTes ; the quotation in the Lat. Index (p. Ιοί)'') froiu Exi-vh. 
abowa tliat thie in done becHUec nnir'ilHNi is used there in the accus. Uu the other 
hand the Oloa^ator turned the gen. ttrntri of Rtsecli. i. 4 into eUctruiit. 


■by the syiubol = *. When there in inurely simUnrity tlie v/ora cuiif. («f-n^ 
I used. Thexe inferences will show the importance of the« {iiveeiit'l 
BloBsary for the gloss-literiiture, ettpecially for the study of the Corp., Ep. j 
nd Erf. Glossaries. 

Deneription of IM MS.; ila voiitiiil» dx, 

The Leiden Manuscript, in it» present condition, consists ol^ 

II folio velluui leaves, besides '2 blank pu^jer leaves (ilunibered'.l 

t 60 and 51, und bounil between the vellum leaves 49 and 52), all con- Γ 

eeculively numbered 1 to 54, by a modern hand, and divided into! 

8 quires ur gatherings c^l/ctle/y/i" i which would have made 62 letivea, J 

_ if the iatit three leaves of ijuire c, the last four of ijuire y, and the hrtit (^1 

^uire h had not been out away. 

§ 5. These S2 leaves are bound in a simple, comparatively iiiodem,-4 
'. paper binding, measuring, including the margins of the bindinj 
pO^ inches or 261 mm, in height, and {slightly more than) 6^ inches 

a breadth. Without n^ckoning the hiniting, the vellum leavea 
I inches or 250 mm. in height (except the fii-st G leaves whiohf 
i a little «hortor, and menaui« Oj; inches or 346 mm,), and 6/^ inchM 
I i)reailth. 

S 6. CofUenU^ of the MS.: Fol. \'~i• Vinn Ζ (the SHiij/tim profaecieeM 
P^hcipitJ VBKFXi'iQ IN LiBBO SiBiug; FoJ. 4' 11. 4^-4" li. 27 (a jiMjwM 
l;[TJlBI igitur xpist« cum patre spirituque sancto gloria; Fol. 4* li. 38— l^fl 
■ li. 20 (n sertiKm) [Α];;οιτε itaque karissimi fratres ut filii; Fol. 

,1 Hvcvs«. Athanasivs (on an image: hycona ι>/ Chiiet) fßJAl 
f ΤΕΜί-εβίΆΤΕ apuil eandem ciuilatem; 6* H, 2-^li. 17 (nnnther /Tat/tnent ο 

' Diat the affinity or ainiiUnt; (Iocb doI. iu all osseB. amount to identity, is, purhape, 
BiOwiuH to illernttonE or mod ilical ions dd the pait of one or inorti of the (JloBeatots 
» copyiete. Even the Leideu M8. does, perbapH, not always repnwent iLnt on^^iial 
EUusaary from which >1bo parte iif the Coiimii, Epinal sod ΕιΓηΓΐ are duriivd, thuuh'h, 
1 lor itH )-n.>aleHt part, it stuidE on an earlier atnge than the latter three. We meut. Lere 
and there, with lemmata in the present Gloaeory, the corruptiun of whieli miLkee it oleur 
that the Corp., E|>. and Erf. Olosoariee could not have been eupied trom it, though they 
all iKiint to the name nouree. For inetatice, the corrupt απιηριψι of Leiden xxiv. 130 
appears correctly aa ariapaijita in Ep, and St., and partly corrupt as aripagila in Cp. , 
L jLgain, Leiden x>xr, 93 has «loJucrii'it for inn/nirfviril.iirhereBBCp. and Ef. have io(M«rufll, , 
d Ep. iohurunl, oonected from ιοΙικγηηι. 
t 8ee βίκο Citol. Ilibliotbetae UHiver:Lugd..BaUn;ie{&"nK,p.se3): Steiumejerl 
|;(jl(AocAd. OloiatH, iv. 4Θ1 sqq.; Paul v. Winterfeld in Neuet Areliir rfrr OeiflUch, ^ 
W.f. sit. d. Ottchiehuk. xxv. 3T'J sqq.)- ^ facsünile of it« Fol. 45* (which is unoonneoted 
Hritb oar Olossary) ii given iu Vol i. p. 2M of Sitcvngtbrr. der pliilm.-phHol, uiii hin. 
Will, der k. bnjtr. .fkad. drr 1Γίί«π«•Α, ni MttiKhrn, 1898, a* appendix to a treatise by 
«arl Kiick, nil N<ilttr.,I!> Hi'lorl,• de l'liiuu-> im MitMaltrr. 
t M\ till.' hviidioK» "t tlie Chaptei β are in ritatii: cnpituU. 


eniion) [0]βτεπα qu^ eecuutiir; 6' li. 17—6'' li. 30 (Frayr>u»U of the 
ntory It/ the Α'η«ι elotk »mit by Chrüi ίο King Abga/r; (dso the letter of Kiny 
Abgar to Christ, anil lite leUer of Vhritl to Khu/ Äbyar) Ikcipit ΤκΑίτΤΑτνβ 


OPTIXK CONOKVIT. [RJEkbmptok igitiir et aaluaWir noster; 7* blavJc; 
V* [here the pages begin to be divided into 2 coluuina, and the headinga 
of tlie (haptens wrillen in rustic capitals, mixed, here aod there, with 
uncials]— 7''" li. 25 Incipit oi-va Fvrtvkati in LAVOEa Sanctae Mauiae 
(cf, Mon. «cnn. Auct. antiij. iv. 371); 7'''' li. 2Ö— (i'* li. 16 Hakc est 

VISDICAVEKVST XrlSTVM; «'" li. 17 — 0•'' li. 3 {Poems) VeRSVB de KSIK ET 

DE VMVERSi MVNDi HOTA (cf. Pertz in Abhatidl. der Jiirl. Akiul., 1845, 
253 s*)q.); 9•'' H, 9— 9'"* li. 26 De sex pTATiBva mvndi (cf. E. Diimmlor, 

I Zifilechr. für lUutteh. Alt. xxil. 423); S•" H. 27—35, and 9'''' li. 1—25 
blank; S'••' li. 26— lO"' li. 16 Inoipit UESSva dk aduentv dohim (cf. 
Dumeril. Portia, iuedilM, 280): 10•'' li. 17—10'" li. 13 Item versub me 
Ibesu nonrso Χιίβτο; 10'« Η. U— 35, and 10'•'- !i. 1—12 blank; lO'* 

, 13--12'"' li. 25 Item rEHsvs de Ihesu Chrihto domino (Mon. O'erm., 
Poetae Ijit II. 252); 12'" De bone (sic) βαγεβοοτε {Hon. Germ., Poetae 
Let. I. 79); 13•'• De* nialo siicerdote {Md. i. 81); 13'" De iliiiite et 
paupero Laz&rQ (E. Ddmniler, in 2<si(tchr. f. d. Alt, xxiii. 271; P. v. 
Winterfeld, Ix. p. 392 sqq.); 13'''' Incipit yiiinue ad gallicantum atul ot/ter 
hymtte qf Pruii«ntiiis (Ul Iljnmne in honure Qiiirini, ending 17'"''; IS" 
Versus DaniaKi L-piscopi Vrlits Honine (De H. Paulo ap.; see Migne, P,L. 
XIII. 379); In'" (nu heading) Cuntinet li^it aru reliquis l>eati gregorii pape; 
Ephilafiuiii Nancli üregorÜ ΙΉρβ ui-Ihh Koinae; 18'''' Item eiusdeiii sancti 
ijregorii Pape; In icuua Sancti Petri hii duo sunt uersi; In BaeilicH 
saucti Pauli apusttili Roma«.-; In uelo quodani Ctiintilane rege Rome 
dictum t'sl (Riuse, 494); Kphitaliun) papiu' Dauiasi <{uod nibi edidit ipse 
(MJgne xiii, 40Η); 19•• Bphita6uin l>eHtae Monnice genetricis Sancli 
Agustini (Rie»e, G70); 19•'• Uersue in nvia ecctosie in uqviü palalio {Mon. 
G., Poetae lAt. I. 432); 19'"" Oratio Eugenü ToUetane sedia epiecopi; Rex 
deuB inniensi quo constat inachina mundi &c (Migne, P. L. Lxxxvti. 359). 
Foil. 20"— 36" t/tc piftnit G/vtvarg (see fui-ther below, Jjg U, 12 ic). 
Ftill. 36•''— 40•''ί ExtraOs from οατ-ϊοΜβ οκίΑοτ* and trealiem (for 
which Bee Steinmeyer, i.e., p. 482 sq.); Fol. 46'" — 47'•'' (in a hand of the 
end of the 9th cent.) Letter to Alcuin on Quadragesima ( üilectiDsimo 

>lil1 all ii 

cupiUlK. though π 

* The beadinga of the Chapter: 
printed hers in capitals. 

t Foil, 3B'', eeooai] col. to 4IC eecood col., coDUin the cxoerptn from Pliny's 
U'l; I'ubllxhcd by Karl Kück in NittangibericMe mentioned above, p. ii, note i. 


magistro nobieque cuiu umore uomiuantlo Albino al>bAli <&c. : cf. Jal 
BUd. VI, 403); Fol. 48"— 48" (in a hand of tlie xi"• txaL) /raginent (li 

I of quire A has been cut away) of a poem on the rnartyrdom of S. Fides 
(Dümmler, ϊηΛ'βΜΜ Jrc/(./iraiierei/. CiscAifAiei., χ. 336 sq. ; Winterfeld, 
ibid. xxiii. 741 uq.); Fol. 49* — 49'' (lo a hand of the χι"• cent.) inter- 
jiretatioiis of Latin worde; Foil. 50 and 51 blank paper lenvesj FoL 52" 
Friigmeat of a vellum leaf, on th« recto of which is written n. Charter 
of IL• Monasfery of St. Galle-n of A.D. 1262•; Fol. 53' to end of Fol. 53* 
(in a hand of the xii. or xm. cent.) T/ie «rf«« uxnuiem of the world; 
Fol. 54», by a tirat hand, a Cataloi/w. of (Ae AbbaCi of St. HalUn till 
VdeUricua (A.D. 1277), and continued, by another hand, till "Franciscua 

aupertlee" Anno hdxxi" (see S. GaUer Millnil. xi. 135 sq.; Holder-Egger 
in Jio», Germ., 88. xiil. 326 eqq.); Fol. 54'', in a hand of the 16th cenl "^ 
five lines recording; Ceiistuilei moncuterij S. Gnlli in Tv/rgoeu), Madack 

§ Γ. Ag€, handurriliiig and place of oriyin of the MS. The uco 
panying facsimile (which represents the verso of Fol. 26t in natural size, 
and exhibits the two hajul» that wrote the Glossary j eee below g 13) 
ahowB that it was written (from Fol. 7 to the end of Fol. 46 recto) at 
α time when the Roman cursive, the Lombardic and the Merovingian 
minuscules, after having done duty, side by side, for a long period, 
&1I merging, or had already merged iuto one kind of writing which ia ng: 
called inmlar ( Weat-Frankiah). 

§ 7*. This iuaular writing, chiefly formed by natives (Scottish 
Irish monks) of the British Inles, who Hocked to the luonasterie« of Wi 
Frankland (Salzburg, Fulda, Wiirzbuig, St. Gallen, Loi-sch .tc), shows, 
besides the chief characteristics { of the three minuscules which it 
supplanted, also some tracesg of the Hibemo-Saxon handwritings of the 

* On the verso, a hand of the Itith cent, hse written "An. Chmti 34!l," and another 
hand of the «anie ceut. "Von der geburt Chrisli l)istt νβ S. Othmarij ist 720 .Isr, Vun 
SkDt OUinuirii bis« vB Abt Frnntisei todt ist HU'J Jar. So man die zwo inleu zn eamon 
thul bringt eij 1,ΐ39 Jar vud ist recht." 

t The photoBrapbei- having, in the course of hie woih. accidentally taken aXm a 
portion of (he finit column of Fol. 27, though reduced in eiie, it was not obliterated 
from the [ilate, «iuce it wili, no doubt, be found as helplul in Judging of the writing of 
the MS. as the full-sized page. 

: To point out these character! sties would require a number of special types, which 
it was uol considered advisable to procure tor this work. They may be seen, atill in 
their unmixed condition, in The Pnlaeographical Society, Ser. ii. pi. 51 — 53 (iiuituiii 
eHT'ive, 7th cent.), pi. 33 {Rom. eunh-e, late 7th cent.). 59 {Han. curt., 7th Or Stb eunt.), 

II (ΛΤίΐΌΐ'ίΒίίίαΗ, 7th cent.), 8 and !t {Loiiihardic, 8th cent.). Plate i of Cbroust's 
Sth part gives a more or leM atntely Merovingian bookhand of the beginning ul the 
gth cent., and the capital Λ' seen i>ii this plalo closaly resemble those of 

I ThcBU traees especially enable us to distingnieb tliis wrilin;; from 
employed, about Üie tiains time, iu Upp«t Italy (Bobbio). 

u. ί 




XU iNTiioDurnoN 

Ulli ceiil., especiaHy in its contractions (see below g 14) auJ puuctuation 
(see below § 21). After a comparatively biief career, however, it was, 
towards the latter end of the 8th, and the early years of the 9th cent,, 
superseded, in its turn, by the Caroline minuscule*, which, however, 
preserved several of the peculiarities of the writing which it replaced. 

g 7''. On examining the handwritings of the first 25 years of the 
9th cent., figured in The Palaeoi/raphical Society, Ser, I. pi. 185 (a modified 
and rounded Ix>mbar(Iic ntinuacule of c. A.r. 800), pi. 45 (c, a.D. 804—820), 
pi. 122 (a.D. 821), pi. 123 (a.D. 823); and in Chroust's Monunumta 
Palaeogi:, Pt. ν pi. 5 (a.d. 800), pi. 6 (c. a.d. 800—825), Ft. vii pi, 4 
(c. A.D. 802—804), Pt. I pi. 1 and 2 (a.d. 818), pi. 3 (c. A.D. 822), Pt. ii 
pi, 1 (after A.D. S33), it will be found that all iheite writings, though etiU 
showing many peculiarities of tlio writing of the Ijeiden Glossary, exhibit 
the Caroline minuscule either fully developed, or \ery nearly so. And 
as this development may be observed, even In its best form, as early as 
A.D. 781 (ot Steffens, Latein. Paläoijr., pi. 3.5, and pi. 43 representing a 
Carol, min. of the beginning of the 9tli cent.), it follows that we must go 
back to a period before a.d. 800 to fix the approximate date of the present 

g 7'. Plate .15 of Tke Pa/aemjr. Socielt/, Her. ii, exhibits a lain 
Stlt ciiüuri/ hand, in the transitional style Ijotweeii Merovingian and 
Caroline, but it has alivady more of tliß latter than of the former. 
Decisive, however, for fixing the approxiniate date of the Glossary, 
are pi. 31 of Steffens' Lalnii. Paläo'jr., which exhibits an attestation 
of Guudohinus, written, a.d. 754, in hülf cureive minuscules; pi. 32 a 
St. Gallen charter dated a.d. 75Γ; pi. 33 showing («) a. document of 
Wbiithar of St. Gallen circa a.d. 761 ; (6) the Lord's Pmyer in German, end 
of the Sth cent.; (-■) a St. Gallon Chm-ter of a.d. 782; pi. 40 a St Gallen 
Charter of A.D. 798 (792);— pi. 184 of The J'alatogr. Sue, Ser. t, giving a 
page of a Lkji Saliea MS. written at St Gallen, in a.d, 794, in Lombardic 
minuscules uiixed with several of the characterietics of the writing of the 
present Glossary; — three facsimiles in Vol, ii of the Scrijitt. Sei-tiiit Merov. 
{MoHum. Germ. Hi»t., 4" colL), taken from Cod. Lugd. Voss, quarto. No, Λ, 
and Cod. Vatic, bibl. Christ, reg. No. 713, both ascribed to viii/ixth cent., 
showing the very same hand as the Glossary; — Chroust's Pt. xi pi. 5 
A.D. 795, 79G, in the Monastery of Lorsch; ^nd. pi. 6 and 7 the Kado 
Bible, ca. a.d. 790^808 in North, France; Pt. vii, pi. 3'' Alcuin Lettei-s, 
A.D. 798 or soon aftei-, by a scribe who accompanied Bishop AniB of 
Sakburg on his travels to Rome. 

§ 7''. Among all these writings, dating from A.D. 754 to 800, especially 

among those executed at St. Galten, the Leiden Ulossary takes a natural 

* Except in legal docimients. 


place, whereas amung the handwritings uf the beginning of the 9th century, i 
it looks α comparative stranger. Honue we have, as far as I can see, no 1 
choice but to ascnbe the Gloesary to the /(titer eiid, say the last decad«, [ 
of Ü»B 8ίΑ renluri/, and regard Si. Gallfii as the place where it was written. 
It is difficult to say whether the writer waii an Irishman or a South German; . 
several glosses are interpreted liy O.H.G. woi-da, but the scril» may have 
found them in the MS. which he copied*. 

g 7". Other circumstances point to St. Gallen as the birthplace of the 
MS., and to its being, moreover, a copy from some earlier Glossary, which, 
in its turn, may be supposed to have been preserved, if not actually written 
or compiled, in the Monaeterj' there. First of all, several of the Leiden 
glosses occur likewise in glossaries etill preserved at St. Oalleu, with 
ocoasionally slight modilicabions only. For instance, Hattenier {DeiA- 
maJiie des AfUteiitltere, i. 237) records from a St. Gallen MS. (1395, 
9th cent.) "tnuremda (De prologo Job), piscis similis anguillae mannae j 
sed grosaior, i.e. lantprida," which reads in Leiden; "mnrvnula, 
similis angiiile marinus sed grossior." On the same page Hattemer quotes J 
from the same MS. (from Job) "Clarea, lapides modici, i.e. chisilinga"; I 
the Leiden MS. lias "Glai-ea, lapidee modici" The same St, Gallen MS, f 
has (De libro Tobiae) "Bra^ieUc, clieuuu"; the Leiden MS. Branlte, chyun. I 

r^ 7'. The siuiihirity of the Leiden Gloeeea to tlioee of the St. Gallen .1 
MS. 299 (Hattemer, I.e. p. 338 sqq.) is still more pronounced. From / 
Bester the latter has (on p. 241) tenia, giteid ; aeri, hasye ; iaeinthinU, 1 
idest suidur haye; lecltUi aui-el, benanhed gildi bilegid i.e. tragaltetli mit 1 
goldo bilegit; purpura, uilucbiesu; eocciu, uurumbtesu cornvurma; rubejun, j 
yretebEUHu ; the Leiden HS. : tetula, trabus gezelt ; aeW, haue ; iacyiitini, 
syitor heuuin ; lecii aurei, beiinn beed de-auratura ; purpura, uuylocbos 
^Leocaie, uuyrmbaso ; rubeiim, uuretliaso. 

^B. ^ T. These similarities and identities f suggest that there wue, or ' 
^^^ad been, at St. Gallen, a Glossary or several Glossanes (i>erhaps all Latin- 
^Hjntin), still in the tirst stage of their existence, that is, arranged under I 

^H ' I'lia aliove remaikit tcgurding llie age &c, ot the MS., yetei cxcluaivel}' t< 
^BluDdwritini; of the leaves 7 to IS vrhicb ioolade the Uioneary (see aboTe 3 6). But (he 
writing ol the llrot 6 leaves, wliiub form a cguire by themselves (»ee abovK t^ i and 6), 
differs entirely troai tliat of the rest nt the MS. volumr , though it points to the aame 
time and tlie same looulity. Λβ neither the cwntenta {described above % G) nor the 
writing of these jeavea come wilbin the scope ol this work, I need not »s,y more than 
thst the writing is also insubr WeBt-Piankieh, similsr to timt figured on ChrouBt'a 
pi. a" Pt. vn (Alcuin Letters, a.D. 79B). except that it has not the open o, though it 
slions the anoiul if Μ the eommeticement of a word in the bodj of s sentence. 

it Many mote of the same kind could be quoted from MSS. preserved in other Swiss 
{dbraricH (Basel, Bern, Einsiedeln, Engelberg, and at CatUl'ubc, ErfuTt. Manich .tc.), 
•11 desciibed aud publislied by Steiumeyer and Sicvets, 
I : 



the titlfie of the books from whicli, in an unslplialtutical order, the tlifliciilt 
and outrof-the-way words with their interpretation a had been excerpted, 
and that from this Glossary, or these Glossaries, various other UloseHries 
were compiled, perhaps by different perwona of diHerent nationalitieK ; 
some of tlie compilers omitting all such lemimita with their inter- 
pretations which they considered unsuitable to their purpose, others 
substituting vernacular (O.H.G., A.S., or other dialects) interpretations 
for the Latin ones*. 

S 7^. At the end of the MS., moreover, there are three documents 
relating to the St. Gallen monastery, although these documents, being 
of a much later date than the other portions of the MS., may have been 
added to it at any time during or after the t3th century. 

§ 7'. Further it eeenis probable that the Leiden MS., Ijefore it came 
into the possession of Isiuic Yousius, was ία the Library of 8t. Gallen, 
and that there it became known to Melch. Goldaat, who had worked 
in that Library, and resided for a long time in Switzerland. In his 
Faraeneticorum Velerum Pars I, published in IG04 (Insulae, 4"), he refers _ 
to various glosses occurring in the Leiden Glossary, as, p. 61 Gtossae 
anonymae: Sarabaitf &c. (ll. ICI); p. SB Intorpretutio sermonum de 
Itegulis ; mtygectinruna (sic!) AC. (ll. 1G7); p. Uli Gloss, vet: Cartiit, 
nomen hominis auari (!) ice. (XLiii. lil); p. 100 Glossae in Histor. Eccles. : 
txüiiJi Sta. (IV. 39); p. 100 in üaäaiaiiUlli : Ullieo &(:. {iitXlV. 3); p. 114 
Glow, vett. : i/ratiilas &c. (ii. ti3) ; p. IIS Gloss, in Histor. Eccles.: 
i^ecit &C. (iv, 118); p. 123 Glossae vett. in Eedram : eralera Ac. 
(XXIII. 7); p. 123 in C'letnentem : dimaelarna iko. (xsxviii. 2.^); p. 126 
Gloss, vett. in Eadram : memorea italit 4c. (xxiii, 12); p. 131 Glos«. 
vet.: Kyrieleieoit Ac. (ii. 98); p. 136 Gloss, vett. in Lib. Hotarum ; 
/aria <tc. (xxvii, 2) ; p. '236 Tnterpretatio sermouuin de ReguL : reijuln Ac. 
(II. U6) ; p. 2+1 id. : acidionm Ac. (ii, 9) ; p. 423 Gloss, vett. : lalpa &c. 
(xLvii. 79); p. 430 Glossae in Dialogorum Grpgorii: feilomuM &c, 
(xxxix. 6); and three others which cauuot he traced, as p. 39: Glosii. 
vett. : »torenftn, culpa, reatus ; Eiedem : araau, sententia, noxa (see 
11. 117); p. 85: fi/ipowijuiie, alternis vicibus (see xl. 5 alternandis, inuicem). 

* In tbia vay we may. perbapB, βχ[ι1βία whj', for iuflUnce. some ifloaRnrice linve 
eloeses to all. at nearly all, the pnts ot the Bible. wberenK otberit (ex. gr. the Cambridi.'e 
MS. Kk. 4. 6, vholly Latin Latin; the Leiden Μα. Voss. 60, pertly Latin-Latio, partly 
Latiu -Λ. Sax.) begin at Paralipomenon ; or, why in some of these kindred );loBsariel, 
the lemmata extracted ftoin some books ot the Bible, arc all, or nearly lUl, tlio same in 
the varioiis MSS.. but have Latin interpretatjona in some caties. anil (leriiianic (in 
different dialectH) interpretationa iu otbere. A MS., which seems (a have been copied 
from α source Rimilar to that of Leiden, bat bas none of tlie A.S, Glossen, is in the 
Ambrosian Library at Milan (Cod. Ambroaiaa. Μ 79 sup. Saco. in. fol. ISl— ) ; a 
Mpeoimon of it ja publislted by Goetz, Carp, ulutiar. Lul. v. pp. 43fi — 431. Another 
is mentioned by Glogger aa being in the Bern Towu Library (3" 25S). 


Tlie vsJierealiniiU "f, ami other dptJtitu connected with, the MS. 
aßer leavin;/ St. G'al/en, 

g H. Isaac VossIuh is known to have gone in 1C41 on a tour tlirough 
France, Italy, Switxerlanrt iec., and to have returned to Leiden, after 
an aliNence of alwut five year», with great treasures of MSS., and it is 
possible that among them was the ilS. now known as Voes. Ijat. 69, 
«hicli contains the present Glossary. 

g 8". In 1649, on the invitation of Queen Christina, Vossiua went 
to StiXikholm to teach her Greek, and to collect a royal library, for which 
purpose he sold her his father's library for twenty thousand Horins, 
re-Herving to himsfilf Hn superintendence. He withdrew from Sweden 
in I6Ö3, and Oatt«iu-CalIeville {Ilistoire de Chriatine, 1815, i. 330), 
without adducing any evidence, accuses him of having carried ofl' " rich 
but HcandalouK spoÜN " from the royal library. 

§ S^ In IG55, when Vosaius may lie supposed to have been in 
possession of the Leiden MS., Franc. Junius, jun,, published at Amsterdam 
his Otisifrwtliomii in WilUrami AbbatU Franciram Pnmphrasin Cnniiei 
CmUicontm (8"). In this work he often alludes to filossaria Λ, B. C, D, 
without, apparently, making any mention of Yossius ur of a Glossarium Έ, 
or any other Glossaria mark<-d with letters of the alphabet. 

But ten years later he publisheil (Uurtlrechl, IGG-'i, 4") his Qttatuor 
D. If. Jesu Ckrieti Euawjeliornm V«reioiwe perantxqtuie diiae.,., and in 
the Gothicim fJlosgarium, which lie added to this work, makes referen« 
to, or extracts from 13 Cilosaaria marked Λ to N, which he says, 
fol, 12' (••'4) of his preface, were all copied from, or forming part of, 
Library "propinnui mei Vossü"•. 

g 8". In ItiTO VoRsiua came to reside in England, was preseni 
by King Charles Π to a vacant prebend in the royal Chapel of W: 
in 1C73, and died 31 February 1669 in I^ondon. 

He bequeathetl his Library to the two children (Gerard Jan, Councillor 
of Flanders, at Middelhurg, and his sister Aofje) of hie brother Matthieus, 
who tirst negociatedt with the Oxford University, but declined the 
latter's offer, and, by the intervention of Van Bevemingh, one of the 
Curators of the Leiden University, offei-ed the library to this Institution 
for the same price (33,000 Guilders ^ X3000) that Oxford had offered. 

The Leiden Academy effected the purcha'^e, and 34 boxiw (five 

* In tbe text he menllonn uoie aiouarles, ex. gr. OIom. B (pp. βΟ, 102, 190). 
t See It. IffHtlrii el liort. rir. EpUUilm; ed. P. T. Fn'eilemftn {IBSS}, p. 153 ιηΐ|, 


d in 1 



which contained the manuscripts) were deliver«! to Van Citl^ra, the 
Dutch Ambaxsador at London, from whence they were taken by a Dutch 
tnaii-iif-war t« Texol, and thence to I«iden, where the whole arrived Ϊιιη* 
October 1690•. 

§ 9. The ix)ities or apoj/Tapha made by •Ιυηίυί) (see above S ii''), %< 
all in the Bodleinii Library t in 1694 J when Frid. Roslgaai'd made α copy 
of then), wliicb in Erasui. Nyerup's time was prenervi'd in the Royal 
Library at Copenhagen (see pp. xxv, xjivi of his S^uiboUu ad Lifwalnram 
Teut. ant. ex Codd. manu eXaraiUi, rjui Hnwi'ue aewrvantar, Hnunia«, 
1787, 4°), In 1697 they are described as Jwiiaiui 116, 117 on p. '255 of 
the Cattd. Jfttontm Angliae et Ilibernia« (Oxon. fol.), and again in 1705 
on p. 324 of Humphr. Wanleii Ltbrorum Veil, aeplentrionalium qui in 
Angliae Baiiotheoie rxtanl...CiUal. (Oxou., fol". = VoL il. of Geo. Hickesii 
Lin^uaricm Veit. Septentrimutlium Tkeeaurtu). 

§ 9*. From Frid. RoHtguard's transcript an {inexperienced) amanu- 
ensis made again a copy which came into the possession of Barth. Chr. 
Sandrig, and with the help of this and Rostgaanl's copy, Krasra. Nyerup 
published, in 17S7, on coll. 360-382 of his above-i{uoted SymMae, a large 
number of glosses contained in the l^den Glossary, but not always in 
the same order, omitting many, and sometimes substituting other words 
for thoae of the Leiden M8. For inetanee, of the present editioD he 
prints of Chapter ι the nos. 13, 17, 20, 22, 30, 6.5, 81, 92, 101, 127, 128, 
90; of Ch. II, nos. G, 14, 12, 7, 13, 33, 43, 151, 119, 152, 5, 58, 69, 72, 
100, 101, 98, 99, 110, 113, 156, 97, 95, 129, 149, 175; of Ch. iii. nos. 6,7, 
8; then again II. 15,80,161; ill. 11, 12, 17, 34,41, 19, 35,40,4«, 37, 38, 
44, 53, 53, 54 in the order given here. 

§ 10. L. Bethmann appears to have been the first who published, 
in 1845, extracts from Voss. Itit. 69 itself, in Mori» Haupt's Zeiudir. für 
drtUiches Aherihwn, Bd. ν, pp. 194— 198, confining himself to the Germanic 
glosses. In 1869, in Bd. xiv, p. 191 of the same ^ettocAr-, Ernst Martin 

* For the abore details and turther partiealare οΓ the purchase of Toeeius' librorr, 
we P. C. Molhaysen, Geiehitd. der Uttiiitriittiti-BibUotheek te Leidtn (Leiden, 1905). 
p. Se sq.; T^deniait in ilneniotyne, 1636, pt 15, pp. SSg— 290. Also Van dec Aa. 
Itiograph. WovnleHb.; Dielion, of National Hiiigruphy ; Setiq. Ilfnm. i. 205. '2(Mi 
(ed. lB57]l Evelyn, Diurii, ni. 30(1, 308. 

t Jimiu» diea 18 No». Ifi77. and bcc|Ueellied hie MSB. to the Bodleiau Library. 

% One of theiD, marked R, oi H'tiicb Jnniun Ksid in 1ίίΓ•ϋ "itidüm deacripximuii ex 
membranis ejusdem V'obbü," is an extract from the preeenl QIoHsary (Voaa. Lat. 09), 
as appears from the eitracts which .Innius published iu hie "Glomitriiim G^itliiaim" 
(m>e above §8"), 


)oiT«Kt«?id Λ few of Botlunaiin'ii rtutdingii, und pulili.s)i>>d Hnnif< glniiws 
nitted by the Utter. 
§ lO". Of later editors of extracts El. äteinmeyer and Ed. Sievera J 
■jAiould be mentioned, who, in their monumental work Die aithoch-^ 
Ttkuliie/ien Glossen (Berlin, 1879 &c.), beginning on p. 460 of Vol. 

Β all the Genuiinic glosses under the specific titles of the books of the ' 
Bible under wliicli they nppear in the Leiden Cllossary and numerous 
other kindred Glossaries. In their second volume they continue the same 
plan with respect to all the Kcclesiostical and other authors whose works 
r httve been glossed by Germanic interpretations in the Leiden and other . 
Gloesariea; cf. their Vol. i, pp. 460, 470. 4T5, 481, 488, 496, 525, .549, 
" 589, C40, 656, 566,676, 678, 708, 738; ii, pp. 41, 154, 344, 334, 341^ 
I 356, 596, 597, 746. See also Steinmeyer in Zeitsfhr. f. d. AUer< 
\ Vol. .xxxiii, p. 248. 

0'". CJeo. Goetz published copious extracts from the present GloBBar| 
) 5tli Vol. (pp. 410^425) of hie great Cor}ma (Ho»»ariomiii Lalin^k 
I ontm (8', Lipsiae, 1894). 

A complete edition of the Leiden Glossary was published in 1901 a 
Augsburg by P. Placidus Glogger, O.S.B., under the title: Das Leiden 
Glossar Cod. Γη«. /«/. 4" 69. I.Teil: T<-xt der Handschriß. Prog«imB| 
des kgl. human. Gymnasiums St. Stephan in Aufpburg zum Schlüsse dee 
Schuljahres 1900/01•. 

' I only became aware of this publication aft^r a good part □( my t>• 
In type, and nearly nil my preparatione for it had been completed. In April 190 
I accidentally found Gloggei'e name and edition mentioned in a list of Scholars w~ 
had used the &fS., paatod in the Mij. by the autboritiea of the Leiden Library. 
I Bav no notice of it in any of the German hibliogiaphieai Catalognea accesBiblff< 
to mc, I wrote to Dr OloKger himaelf, and it then came ont that he had forwardetV 
a copy to me on 17 Oct. l'.K)2, but addressed to 'Corpus Cliristi College,' w' 
not reaide, and the Libraitan o( that Cullejfo, to whom it had beeu delivered, had, 
inadvertently, not sent il 

Glogger generously offered to destroy his οττη edition rather than do anything whiob 
seemed to interfere with mine. Bat, though regrettin« that he had not informed me 
of his plan in the first instance, I requested him to go on with hia worii, an, in my 
apiuion, there could be no barm in publishing two separate editionN, in two different 
oountries, of this interesttnij and difhcnlt Glossary. 

As Qlogget sent me, in September 1903, the second part of his work, containing 
is eiplonalions of the text, I have been able to ΠΒε it with e>^eat advantage to toy own. 
Cnder the circumxtanoes I am naturally prevented from criticiaing his edition, fant 
I have no lieiitatiou in saying that it is excellent in every respect; and it is to be hoped 
that, in the proposed third part of his work, be will deal ivith all the material still to 
be found in a number of kindred OlosnarieH and other sourcex, but not touched by me 

I or my predecessors, and yet so necessary for the further elucidation of the present^^^^^ 
Kiost ifflpurtant Ulossari'. ^^^^| 


Furthi-r description of the I 
nnviber of Hue» : 

ΓΑ ; niimber of hnvee ; rtdinff und 
its seriiivti ; rotilraclwiit. 

§ 11. The Glossary, as stated above (g 6), is written ou the leaves 
20* — 36, begitmiog uti tlie recto of leaf 20, and «iidiug at the end of the 
first column of the i*cto of leaf 3G ; and each page lieing divided into 
two colauiDiJ, the Glossarj occupies 16 leaves and one column οΓ a 17th, 
or 32 pages and one column of the 33rd page, or G5 columnä in all. 

§12. Ruling and nwi^fr qf lines. The division of the pages into 
two columns haa been effected by the drawing of three pairs of per 
pendicular blind lines ou one aide (either on the recto, or on the rerso) 
of each vellum leaf with a hard point, namely one pair of liiieH (a space 
of about 5 or 6 mm. between theui) on the left-hand side, another pair in 
the centre, and a third pair on the right-hand side of the leaf. The 
impression made by the drawing of these line« on one side (recto or verso) 
of the vellum leaves, served to mark off the other side (verso or recto) in 
a similar manner. 

§ 12". Within the coluunia formed by these 3 pairs of perjienilieiilitr 
lines, are drawn, in a similar way, fmrimiitul blind lines fui- the writing, 
namely 35 on the leaves 20—27 (recto and verao), and the versot of 
leaf 30, and 3<) j: to the columns of leaves 28 and 20 (i-ecto and veiso}, tlie 

• I/, in the nuiiiliering of the leaves, sccouul Iiad been luken of ibe three leaves 
out anaf after quire r, the leul on which tlie OloRttary begin« woulil hnve been 
Dumbered 33. In otber u'ords, the Glongar; be^iHH on the lirst leal ύΓ quire Ü, and 
ende OD tbe flrsl leaf ul quire /. 

f Tllie page ia ruled tor Άϋ linen aa on the recto of the leaf. 

ί Apkrt from the uaual 36 and 3<ί linea to each colnmn. the scribe wrote 0flca9i>>nallj 
one or more words, which he wan unable to bring within. At the foot of, the column , he: 
one word below col. 21'''; six words below col. 32"; font ejllableB below col. as"• 
(preceded b; L, gee below g 32) : one word below col. 36*'' (preceded by L) ; two (a 
gloes) below coL 36*''; fonr gloaeus (a whole lint?) below Ihc two oolumuB of leaf 
;reo; one word below col. ai"'': two below col. 34*' (preceded by L); two below 
eol. 85*'>; one liue above col. 35*", aad two words above ool. 35'''' (preceded by Γ. 
Μ below g 33). 

On the other hand, in several phkcee lines are left blank, but quite irregular!;, 
rom tbe fiivt Chapter, where the glosses are arranged alphabetically according to 
tbe first letter of eadi eloss, it would seem that the original plan was to leave a vacant 
space between each letter of the alphabet. But Che plan was not strictly carried out, 
.e (here is no hlvik left between the λ and B, nor between the C and D, and after it 
(as abaudoned altogether. Hence we only β nd tbe following blnnk lines: on Pol. 30**, 
the lines 19—31 (between the Β and C OloBBes) ; Fol, 20^ the lines 23 (between the Ε 
and F), and 38 and 39 (between the F and 0); Fol. 30''* li. 6, IB and 33 {between the 
I and L, Η and and andP); 31** one h. between Chapter t and»; 33•" the lines 
27— β£ between Cb. iv and v; 33•* lines 11— IS between Ch. vii and viit; 94"' lines 


i-ectoof leAf 30, the leaves 31 to 3"> (recto iinil verao), and the last, column• 
(leaf 36"). 

Aa a space of about 20 mm. is left between each of the three pairs ot 
Ituundiiig lines, and the two margins on each page take up about 27 niiii. 
of the width of tho page, a width of about GO mm. ia left for each culuniu. 
The length of each column, as set off by tlie jinrizontal blind tinea, is alwut . 
19G nim., giving a space of about 5i mm. Iietween each tioriuintal Hue, i 
Hence the wnting occupies about 196 mm. of the length, and about 1 
1 20 mm. of the width of α page. 

At the commencement the Hcribe appears to have ntade, here and 
there, attempts to separate the interpretation from the lemma by a more j 
or less well -regulated space, and to sulidivide, in this way, each column | 
into two, so as to bring four columns on a jiage. But after fob 23 verso 
these attempts cease. 

g 13, Two ecriheg appear to have l>een at woi'k ; one who begun the 
Glossary on Fol. 20", continued it till the end of Fol. L'S•* (vi. 31 inequi- 
perabilist) in one universal style of writing and siite of letters, and with 
th^ same colour of ink. The next column (Fol. Ü3"') is evidently written ' 
by another (second) scribe. But the first hand begins again on Fol. 24*• , 
in his usual style, and with the sanie colour of ink, though occasionally 
writing auniewhat finer lettei-H, and continued till Kul. 26"» 11. 5, when J 
(beginning with Ch. xvi) he proceeds, with slightly blacker ink and 1 
heavier writing, till Fol. SG'" li. 1-5, when he «topped at the word 
"Oriona," and the second hand again begins with the word "ebirdhring," 
and conlinue.s till li. 28 of the same column (26''), when the first hand 
resumes till the end of Fol. 26''''. On Pol. 27'" the second hand resumes 
and continues till Fol. 27'* li. 2 1 (porcia). At the word " Symphonia " in 
the same line 21, the first hand commences again and continues till Fol. 
28'* li. 27 (rejwtitur), when the second hand resumes and continues till 
28'''' li. 6 (expboatur). At li. 7 of Fol. 2ö'''• the Jirat hand resumes and 
continues till Fol. SS**'' li. 14 (anctorale); then the eeeond hand begins 
again at li. 15 {Item incipiunt verba) till 34" li. 26 {Neutncis nouis). 

. sibb^ 2β«, 27«., ϊΒ"", 32", 34•^, öG'" one line each 
tv and ivi, iivu and uvin, xxvm and xxtx, \ix\ and 
uivi. xLii and xliu, xlvii and XLvni respeotively; 2S^ three U. betiimn Oh. lui and 
iiv; 2!V* Tout lilies between Ch. uv und xv; 2^ too li. bettreen Ch. xvi and xvn; 
»ι'* two li. at end οΓ col. bet^*een Ch. xxivi and xliru; M•" one li. between the head- 
line and the first gloM of Ch. xi.iv: 3G" at end i>[ col. before the scribe's final line 
'Sicut inaeni Λα.' 

' Here one line is left blank betvreen the laat line of the text, and the ocrilie's 
^explanation of hia work (Sicnt inueni Ac). J 

^■t t The referencee refer to the present edition. I 


The fii-st hand resumes at It. 27 (sut.rinator), and continues till tlie eiiil of 
Fol, 36"", whew the GloHsary ends. 

g 13', If this analysis of the scribal work is correct, it may I>e tabu- 
lated as follows : 
Fir»l itaHil; 

20" (Commeneement of Glossary) till end of 33''" (vi, 31 inequi- 

24" (viii. 14 Blena) till 26" li. 5 (xv. 48 leuem facere). 
26" li. 6 (xvt Incipit) till 26''" li. 15 (xix. 17 Oriona•). 
26'- li. 29 (XIX. 31 Rinocerus•) till end of Fol. 26•''• xxi. 5 (eerum*). 
37'• li. 21 (XXV. 7 Symphonia) till 28'« li. 27 (xxvm. 72 repe- 

28'•'' li. 7 (xxviii. 79 Epe.fergasia) till Sa"*'' li. 14 (xxxix. 73 aucto- 

34" li. 27 (xLir. 6 Hutrinator) till end of Fol. 36" (ead 
Second liaiiii : 

aS''!• H. 1 (VII De Paral.) till end of 23'•'' (viii. 13 incedit). 

26•- li. Ifl (XIX. 17 ebirdhring") till 26'« li. 28 (xix, 30 eterelis•), 

27" li. 1 (xxi. 5 significantes) till 27'•" li. 21 (xxv. 6 porcis). 

38^ li. 38 (xxviii. 73 quando) till 38'''' li. G (sxviii. 78 explicatur). 

33'''' li. 15 (XL tit. Item) till 34" li. 26 (xLii. Λ iiüuis)^. 


§ 14. Conttaclion»X (i.e. the omission of one or more letters from 
Λ word or syllable) are indicated in the MS. by 

(A) ft horizontal (Honietimes waved) stroke, 

* Bee Facsimile. 

t Some parts of the writing aeoribed ftbove to Uiefint li&nd, might be attributed to 
a third, some even to α fourth hand, »b, here and there, we obsene words or whole 
Unea in much finer und thinner nriting than Uwt wbioh the Erst hand natmllj' prodnoee. 
And with the heodine of Ch. ixix., the ink be^nnB to be biticker till the end of gloss 
N°. 35. Bnt it is inpositible to apeak with certainty on these points. This much is 
eertkin that the writing of the sreonil scribe, thoagh not differing, in itn chief ohsrae- 
teristies, from that of the ^int, is yet finer and more αιι^ιιίατ: the up-strokes of his 
b, d, f are taller and often reach the line above them ; the down -strokes of his /, ρ &o, 
longer, and his / (long t) is usually taller than that of the Bret hand, and has oc- 
oasionall; no tack on its left side. His work may further and ohiefiy be distinguished 
from that of the firrt scribe by its having no other mark of pvnrliMlion tiian a mere 
point (.) between words and at the end of glosses or lines, wliereaa the first scribe ha» 
a more elaborate system of punctuation (see below g 21). 

; This general term includes all snspensions. abbreviations or other cnrtailments 
of vcirdi or syllables. Horiisontat ot perpendieular strokes often represent one or two 
letters omitted in, or at the end of η syllable or word : in many cases only the beginning 


(η) ftlwve voted». 

Λ the stroke == ( 1 ) in : i. 2 («luodani) kc. (2) tm : xxv lit. (JohAnn«). ! 

(3) oeir : xxvtii. 51 (notlr^). (4) ine : I. 19, 22, ii. 107 (latine). | 
(5) an and ί : svi. 23, xxi, 18 (eewcia). 

θ - (1) in: I, 12 (ciusdeJn), 95 (exwipli) .to. (2)βί: ι. Ill (βίί j 
ροΙωί}Αϋ, (3)jwi ii. 18« (ejwe ; above final e). (4)*: XLiii. 
30 (festiuitiit^a, not Utem, the lemma lieing plural). 

i = (1) »i; II. 189, xii. 42 4a (enini) ; xxvtii. 4 (extimplo) Jtc 

(2) ciinr: XXX. 20 (aicilur). (3) ieeojo : xu. 2 (□horeptiKo^i). 

(4) nn and (: IT. 86 (sanciiticatuB). (Ü) β: xxx. 20 (An; but 
perhaps here for dicsfiolt), 29; xxxv. 17, 147 (dei). 

ο = (1) m ; I. 25 (co»tmeRa-), 94 (aninia), ii. 33 (oommune), 39 
{cummiBsuin, coniiuendatum) Jic.* {2) atul: xxxvi. 1 {(\aando), 

(3) niaiii: xxxviii. 57 (quoriiam). (4) ννηι: sun. 29 (notiutn). 

(5) ae ; iv. 27 (sJnagogn«). (6) itcop : xl, 1 (epwoiipOH). (7) « : 
XXXII. 3 (diiot). 

u = (1) n» : I. 2 (Induwi) Ac. (2) er : i. 90 (diaem) ; χχώιι. 24, 
2ö, 30, 37 (uerbft ; u«-boruni) Λο. (3) fcm : xvi. 27 J xxxi. 2, 3 ; 
xxxitl.8; XLiv. 1 (aufeni). (4) <7 : l. 135 (indicauii). {b)ita»: 
XXX. 2G6 (ciuiiffli•). 

{b) above (Kinamtani«. 
Β = (l) ^ : XL• tit. υ&ΆΒΛ. (2) = BIS : xui. tit (ubb /.ϊ). 
c ^ (1) OM : I. 19 (consilium), 25 («muiuia) *c. (2) ^ ti : xiii. 57 
(creacii) ; xxxiii. 8 (facii) Jw;, (3) ^ «i : xii. 9 ; xiii. 59 (eicwi). 

(4) = itur: xv. 22 (dicttar). (5) = undum: XLiv, II (seom- 

uncial ö = a, i/jf and i' : xxxiii. tit, (bbcitätilti). 

g = reM: i. 3t (gMie). Sometimes the stroke in over an t 

I vord ίΐ Kiven, a stroke over the Uet letter, or the last tvo or three letters, 
?i]ting the omitted remainder. 

All the contraotions are expamled by italics in the present edition. It should be 
pointed out tlint the prceeiit puDigrapha 14—16 cnnnot adequately expresi the pnlaeo- 
Rrnphic reatnrea of the MS, Bnt what has been «aid aboie (p. xi, note J) about the 
ipeciai typea required far pnlaeographic discusxioDR, the reader wilt indulgentl; bear in 
mind with regard to the tj^es iieoesanry for showing the 
the letters, lijiutuTft ttc. mentioned here. Λ good many of tli 
iu the photagraphic plate added to this work. 

■ For com- petliape con- wan intended, as the scribe w 
I. W), and an original comparatio ii actually oorreoted intt 

Hp't Here 

Bouparatio (aee note li 

•e the sign for α n-eight. 


following the g = (1) wi : I. G, 19, :?2 &c. (gr'c•). {2} ecos : xuv. 
18 (gr.^^)•. 
above g = ο : sxx. tit. (prologo). 

„ in - (1) en : i. Ill (uomert ; t*m«i ; frutnentorum) Jjc. (2) mm : 
xxtx. 66; xxxix. 52 (onwi««). (3) ni : xxi. 12 (homiHilmB). 
(4) iHw: XXXV. 1G4 (houiixw). (5) ««i« : xxii. 13 (men««). 
(6) (»re: xxvii. 33 (te.mpof*), (7) ffram and afaw : xxxv. 147 
(tetraj^rarninaimi). (S) an and iu : iv. 14 ; x. 1 (saMCium). (9) 
uncertain : XLtv. 1 1 (οϋΐ), 29 (dnm»). 

„ nr.(l) on: viii. 19; xxxiv. 19 &c. (non). (2) em: xv. 38 
(omtionom). (3) orai and «: xxi. 17 {dominus). (4) i and 
red/: X. 11 (Bignifieai)• (^) ""' ■ ί"•'^• 1' (designwiii). (6) 
tCTt: ΧΧΧΠΙ. 13, 16 (diVwnt). (7) nm'.: xxxvii. 13 (tnnwn). 
(8) a: xLiii. 4 (panra), 

„ nn=£«ne: iv. 93 (nom-n). 

„ ρ - (1) re : I. 44 (pciteritÄ), 52 (pcesto) ; xxviii. 21 (pridicentiat), 
(2)ii: XV. tit.; xix, tit. Ac. (incipi/). (3) m and otens: xxi. 
17 (omntpoieru). (4) iritu: ii. 7 (spiriius). (5) ores: xxvii, 27 
(ecriptore«), (6) iunt : xu tit. (incipiu»i). (7) er : xxxviii, 13 

„ <i = (l) tw«; XXXI. 19, 39, 30 (siliq.««). {2} «i: xxxiv. 44 
(qiMstio). (3) WW : Kxxiii. 27, 30 {siliqiia«). 

,. γ=^(1)μ: I. 23 (nuditonw), 104 (pre*biteiOi-uui). (2) as: vii, 3 
(ligaturo« ; conposituma). (3) unt : xiu. 43 (uidoruMl ; man- 
Herttnt) Ac. (4) inl : viu. 3 (ooacuerin/). (5) tiui: xxii. 13 
(mariiite). (6) icUu : ii. ICl ; ill. 61; Vill. 12 {dicitur). (7) 
eitu: II. 118; xiii. 35 (diMiitr). 

„ Β - un/ : VIII. 2 ; x. 8, 14, 18 (aunt) ; xxxviii. 42 (presunt). 

„ t=(I) er: I. 4 (intirdum), 51 (uiolenter) Jtc. (2) «» : xv. 36; 
XLiii. fit.; xuv tii. (ittm). (3) Mi: six, 28 (potini)• (i)a»: 
XIII. 26 ; XLtL 3 (ciuito«). (5) es : xxii. 9 (Requentef) Jic. (6) 
i» : XIII. 13 (ueBtis). (7) a« l iv, 98 (collectoig). (8) « and em : 
xxxiil. 13(aut*m)- (9) uow ; ii. 172 (preBUmptiMwe). (10)(iand 
ί«β: I. 31. 80, 114 Ac. (letwie). (\l) mh : xixiii. •'i (simt). 
(12) ici : XXXI. 32 (dfcit). (13) at : XLVii. 89 (habit«/). 

„ x = ii: X. 1 (porrexii) ; xii. 4 (seduxii) &c. 

* ΤΙιΪΗ expkneion, not .qnwce Sto., is niggeeted b; greco (ti. 18β), tpWKis (ii. IHä) itc. 
wrilten in lull in the MS. 

t Here ia η ilot nbovc the stroke an a mark for insertion, the ρ being added above 

> The eeribe, ία this case, mierettd the pp with stroke above (for proprinm) of his 
example («re below, \' pp, and ppi). 

^ The mark nf contraction above the ( in more like an open cun^ire ii. 



iver huo or niori letlrrs. 

).— »ccipit (it) = Η 

aocip (ip•) = accipiV, xx.xvii. 9.— »ccipit (it) = iiccipi»n<t, 
lUBT(tlBT) - AGl'ST/.VJ, XXXVII. tit.— apoet (poat) - uposte^K, X. II. 
baln (In) = balnfu»), xxxix. 14.^ — baptein (apts) = ImptiBniaie, X. 3 
cel (ca) - cnUidiM, xlvi. 23. — ciuit (it) = ciuitaii«, xxxv. 256,— ciuit I 
it) = ciuitoj, XIII. 26 ; xxiii. 17 ; = ciaitaiee, xi. 7 ; = ciüitn /ίβ, xuii. 17. | 
diftc (ac) - diaconiu, xxxix. 22,^dicr (or) = dicitur, xxxix. 
Bcunt (nt) = dicuntMt-, xiii. G, — dicut (ut) = dicuiitur, xi. 5. — diniin (in) 1 
= diniiniiiuHm, xix. 60; xxxv. SG.^dimiiii (πιπί) = diminittuufK, 
10.— dint (in) = dicwnt, xxviii. 55.— dne (ue) = doniiite, ii. 98.— dni (ni) | 
- domtni, xxt. 18, — dns (nn) - donnnne, xxi. 17.— drag (tig) = dragnio*, 
,χχχΐΐ. 8, II ; = dragiitn, χχχιιι. i ; = draginis. xxxiit. 6. — dragm (gm) = 
.(u, XXXII, 7, 9. ' 

βθ = e**o II. 67 (prodewie),— en (fu) = ens, XLl. 9 (lucene). — episc (isc) , 
episcopt, XXXIX. 56. 
feeit (it) = faciit»t, xxxv. 43,— femin (in) - fem im »w, xxxv. Hi. — 

(rn) = fornirationie, iv. 72. 
gen (en) = genite, xxxvii, 4.^grec (ec) - greciwi, xliv. 1 1. 
hoiuib (mi) = homiiiibuH, xxi. 13, — honiin (in) = hotnine«, xliii. 6. 
incp (cp) = incipt^ VI, til. ; XIV, lit.—iaUtr (tor) =-■ iabonae, iv. ίίί. 
lat (ftt) = latijie, i. 19, 22; ii. 107; xxxviii. 16; ^ latiiM», ii. 161. 
nauigat (at) - uauigfttione, xxxviti. ii. 
ordiiiAt (at) = oräin&ttonejn, xxxix, 22, 

plur (ur) = phira/i?, XLiii, 17, — pote (te) = potoj•', xxxv. 193. —pp (pp) , 

pi-Dpier, XXI, 16; - pivprium, xxxviii. 11, 12, 14; xxxix. lU, 26,— ppt i 

pp and t), XXXIX. 9 (propier or proprtMfnter),^pfbri (rbr) = pretbiieri, | 

XXXIX, 22. — prolog (og) = prologo, xxx, lit. 

qa (qs) = t\uasi, xxxix. 48, — qund (nd) = quando, XLVir, 28,— quo (uo) 1 
: quartrfo, xxvii, 4 ; XXVIII, 32 ; = quontnm, xxYiii. 47. 

sacer (er) = sacertiuo, XLVi, 8. — eci (oi) = sawcii, χχ,χνιΐ. iii,^eoriba-l 
ibe) - acribsii, xLili. 25, 27. — script (pt) - ecriptoree, xxvii. 37. — senu 1 
(eerm) - eeTmonum, ii. fii.^signs (gn) = eigni^ontis, xxviii, 39. — siliq 1 
.(Uiq, tbrougli tbe l) = ailiqtuu, xxxiii, 8. — siliq (iq) = ttiliqitoe, xXXiit. 29.- 
etnagog (i^) = «ini^ogrte, IV, 27, — sold (through the id) - aolidoram, xxxii. 
~ soltdi, XXXIII. 21. — superumerai (ral) = supenimeral«, 
temp (mp) = tempore, xxvii, 33, 

uerb (erb) = uerboiiiiri, I, ίίί. — uiigent (gent) = ungentorum, x. 3. — | 
mt (nt) - unttn*, xxxvii, i) ; xxxix, 36. 

xpiana (pi) χρύίίαιια C'bmt-, iv. 84 1 ; xpuiiaDorum (^ Ohriiit•)^ 
;xx. 35. — xpianiam (pi) = xpieiianiam (wrongly for Christianam), x. 5.— ίϊ 
[po (xpo) = xpeeto, X, S.^xps (ps) = χρι>ίκβ, χ. 1 . 

written are hoio prinlL<<t between [ ). 
'293, but without tbu affi lot cuulrtwtioD. 

((/) drRwn through the up-Htrokea of the tall letters b, d, I. 
through b = (l) ia: ii. 98 (nobw) ; x\X. 38 (uerbi*) Jw.— (2) er: ι. 3C 
(gubernationibue) ; xiii. U (defeiuber).— (3) rem.: xxii- Π 
(muliebre»»). — (4) Unm : xvu. 7 {nmhilum, or ambuin/Mnieni?). 
—{^) ec end ilera : i, 104 (presbiierorum). — (6) ee, ί and er : 
II. 130 (preebiter).— (7) μ and iter: xui. 1 (Preebiieri).— (8) 
el : xsiii. 20 ; xxxiii. I, 4 (babei)- — (9) e»ti : xxxix. 7 (liaben/). 

„ bb = atem : u• 161 (abbaient). 

„ d - (1) tue: η. 8ö (luediu*).— (2) tw : I. 67 (intollerandwi).— 
(3) ia: IV. 78 (turgidii) ; XXll. 7 (uiridts).— (4) est: viii. 13, 
16, 19 *c. ; XV. 13 ; xxviii. 58. 61 (idwi).— (5) (with : 
following) = βϊί: I. 36 ; xv. 45; xvii. 20 (ideei).— (6) (with . 
following) ~ ent: v. tl ; xi. & ; xiii. 25 ; xsvm. 21 ; xxxix. 
42 ; xui. 25 (ide»l).—{7) β : xxvril. 18 (lade).— (8) tw : i. 76. 
101,109,111; ii. U6aic.(q<w»d).— (9) ic«: xxiii. 17 (modico). 
— (10) 9iUee: xxii. 1 6 (descendeniw). — (11) et: xix, 50(laMdes); 
XXXIX. 7 (pedw).— (12) olen : xxvii. 7 (eaoerdoie*), — (13) on: 
XXXI. 5, 7; xxxii. 5, 28 (solido*).— (1*) «'» »"d " ■ xJ^Xt^- 6S 
(secuttdum). — (15)«^, ut», aiidw: xiii. '25(aecnttaum).—{l6)iiu: 
xxiii. 1 (incenditur). — (17) βί: xsvui. 44 (ideei). — (18) mii ; 
XXXIX. 7 (mandunt). — (19) ae: xxxix. 34 (calido«); XLllt. 17 
(kalendiie).— (20) em : xxxtii. 1 (pondsm). 

„ dd = dtmid : x. 24 ; xxiit. 17. 

I = (I) lie : I. 4, 19, 27, 28 Ac. (»d)•.— (2) * : i. 4, 38, 30 &v. 
(ae\)-. XXII. 5 (guMll); v. 9 (xuperumcrale) ; xxxvii. 5 (üiiuile). 
— (3) w ; II. 128 (dittperabilif ; inreuocabil/e) Ac — (4) ο : x. 2 
(apottti»!!). — (5) em: xxiii. 17 (liicrusalem)— (6) «ifi : i. 6 

(anal'-f/Ki) (7) rt aud m« : i. 80, 114 ifec. (latiiie).— (8) eei : 

IV. .37 (ecclewi) — (Ö)«: XIII. 15 (diurnalcs) — (10) «t ; xv. 
36 (ulüc).— (11) i and >wi : xxxiii. 26 (HiliqiMt) (12) (uncur- 
tain) : XL. 6 (criniful-fuuicul). 

(β) drawn through tho down-ntroki; of 
ρ - ei" : I. 49 (super), 73 (ypeiberetheus), 84 (pi^i-uiuleiv), 94 and 109 (pe»)• 
ρ (curving ruuud in front of) - ro: I, 61 (procacibis), 85 (pcoecrilnntur) <I:c, 
q = (1) 111 : XIS. 23 (q«( ; loquitur) Ac.— (2) iw ; Xxviii. 67 (qtcando). 
„ (waving stroke) ^ (1) ua«: i. 112 (qua«, nom. plur, n«ut.) ; xliii. 51 

{quae, nom. plur. fern-).— (2) ttt ; xvii. 19 (quia) — (3) no : XLIV. 16, 

26 (q«.Kl). 
„(slanting stroke) - (I) ut : ii. 104 and xiv. 36 (quibus) ; iv. 99 

(qttideni) ; xiii. 43 (sliqui) &o. — (2) ttam : xiv. 9 (q«ai«uie). 

* In two oucK (1. 22, It. löl) tha { has, beuidcE the etrokc, twu duts (0 uii He left 
■nil one on ita liijbt. 


{/) a liomoiital (waved) stroke altocliei] tu 
the right-hand aide of : 

49 (quae, num. plur. 
: XI. 16 (noiD. aing. , 

1(1) with a dot \utdernenth the utroke = ua 
neut.). — (2) with a dot «hove the etruke 
two Btmkea attached in the same way (written like <) = uva: X, 21 

(B) a ptrpendiaular somewhat carved, or twisted stroke. 

(a) ahow a Utter, 
c ^ an and tu : u. 7 ; xsvii. 10 ; xxxv. 50 (aaiicins). — i - eitu: n. 

35, 188 (diciiwr).— u = (1) omt : xxviii. 33 ; xxix. 63 (domine). 

— (3) o»4t and 4( : ii. 7 (dtiminum). — ji - {I) irit» : II. 7 (spiVtiifa). ] 

—(3) U : XXXV, 293 (xptetian«),— r - tctitt : in. 62 j xxii. 4 ; ] 

xxviit. 62 ; xxxv, 144 (diciiur). 

(6) above l/it line 
Lido^e: 1. 109; xxx.29(deo). — between da = en: 1.39; x.wiii.öä, 
53 (d«ua). 
1(c) above an i lengthened Itelow the line after e - us : vtit. ti (eiiiJi). 

(d) drawn through a liorizontal stroke uttuohed to the 
final stroke of 
m+ = f«: I. 36 (dumwe), 38 (protulimiu) Ac. ; in xxviii. 40 {congrega- I 
He) it is like the contraction for tu in co). I, li. 22 of [he facsimile. 

n^.^ (ίβ : I. 72(Mnchomeii«i) ; II. 89 (inportumte) ; III. 18 (niunuecula) ; I 
1 XIX. 24 (asiniM) the contraction is-@, as may be seen in cul. 1, li. 32 of f 
e facsimile. 

(β) drawn thiuugh the lengthened right, slopuig ati'okc tit 
+ = um : I. 23 (catafrigarum), 49 (culuuinaiu»«) &c. 

(C) by Λ mark i-eenmbling α comma above, or on the right side of, 
e = ue: xxxix. 4β (eiuf). — i-w«: xxii. 4 ; xxiii. 1 ; xxxi. 24 (eitta). — 

a = (l) n: I. 100 {religamwr) ; (2) «e:Xxil. 13 {prirat«).— η = κβ : 
I xxxviii. 28 (cacodemonit»), XLiv. 13 (IsemerintM), 14 (Exemerintw).— 
I ρ = (I) ϋβί : 1. 39, XLUi. 43 (poet); (2) ri: sxviii. 33• (propria; 
■ ItropW). — t-(l) iif : 1. 39 (habet«i•), 47 (experiuntwi•), 49 (ponunttii•), 
IfiS (informatui'), 70 (mnucipantur, cupiantur) ; ill. 19 (cluditvr)+ ; xix. 

* Here the mark mo; be tor i, toi which nee below nader G. 

+ The mark ia on the left mde of Ihc stroke for I when this forms 

oudini; ii; olhcrwiiB it ia above the (. 

I ligature witb a 


33 (loquitur); χϊιι. IC (ilatiin|ue; perficiant »>■}.— (2) 

(D) by a murk retietublmg α HeiiiiiMtlon (;) on the right side of 
h - tiB : I. 25 (meretribitd), 3G (gul)ernKtionibu«), Sic.* Tt occurs alao 

after Β (= us) •. i. lit. (CAVOMiBt'«). Tins mark in occaeionally ι 

Ithe Λ colon (:), as \i. 15 (foHInu). Sometimes it bos the fortn 3 : ii. 104 


p = ii»: Tin. 43, xxxis. 33 (corpui) ; xxxv. 7 (topi«); xxxi.v, 19 


q^u«: I. 106 (qiMiellam); ii. 104 (quibuiu;umqti<), 134 (atqiie) ; ill. 

41 (laqt(«ana) ; xix. 53 (aq««). 

(E) by eloU. 

: (1) after i/ with burizontal stroke through its upstroke - esi : i. 3ti 
(idrji) ; (2) after i ^ tleal ; XII. 3 (ίώβί). 

. after i - tfcei : xi. 1ft ; xii. 24, 41, 42 .fee. {ii/tfei)t- 

. on both sides of i^deel: xxi. 20; xxii. 7, 9, 12, 13; xxxi. 17, 23, 
U {ide»t). 

- =wi: xxKiii. 11. 

^ = Giree, XXXI. 32, 33, SIJ. 

(F) by Γ (a Binul) arc of a small circle). 
(1) above i {which is drawn out below β)-«»; xxi. 5 (eii«) ; (2) 
above ρ (jS) = rr : Xxvil. 7 (Luperei), 9 (Lupercalia), 1 1 (Lup«-cal). 

(G) by a Mnall letter written above another letter. 

i (like a perpendicular stroke) ( 1 ) above ρ = ri : xxviii. 43 (propriorea) ; 
XXIX, 39, and xxs. 26 (proprium) ; (2) above q = « : i. 39 ; II. 149 ; xvi. 
26 ic. (qui) ; Kv. 9 (qwibus). 

ο (1) above q - li ; xxviii, 33 (qwn), 44 (qiioties) ; (2) in one and the 
same word above q - u, and above m = ilo: xxxili. 5 {ψιι^ΐΏοιία) ; (3) 
above u^Mul: xxvii. 4 (qunrido). 

Special contractions. 
Η (curved perpendicular stroke over the loop of the li) iv. 98 (usually 
for allium ; but here it is uncertain, and may mean hoc i-M). 

η (thiK sign, which resembles c turne«! round upside down docs not appear 

* In onp Daw this contmction has been expanded !>}' er ; xee ιχχτ. Tl. 
t Occasionally thu ι uemn Ui hare been written between two dot«, bat the dot 
on the left was, perhape, meant ss α mark οΓ puuctuatiun. 
% The do! on the left may be meant as a mark of punctualioi 


before Oh. xxviii ; in tlii> previous Chapters cmi is ulway» expressed by c) 
-con: xxviii. 30 (con tliiuatio), 31 (congeminat), 45 (roniunctio ; oonclu- 
duntur), 67 {««luerao); xxix. 21 (consilium), GO (iwtcup-), 64 (contempl-), 
68 (coiipos-); xxx. 9 («owtextum}, 13 (co» tempi-), 18 (co-nflictus), 2G (eon- 
flictua ; iu this case there is η dot above the sign), 31 (uonaiutagmata ; 

I here eon stands wrongly for eins iio.). 
t = β, I. 2, 68 &c. 
R (following q, perhaps meant for g) = w, xxxv. 195 (qwisquilea), 
4f(= enim). It may be that we have this contraction in xxxv, 1 ; see 
the note ibid. 

Dij/'iir&iit /omie of some of the letters. 


a, three varieties: (1) open at the top, resembling (in a few cSiSes u, 
it mostly) two c"; (2) the form λ; (3) formed Momewhat like c, and ι 
written above the line, usually on a perpendicular stroke which connects ι 
it with ft following m, »i (se« facs. 11. 31), r, (long) s or t. 

c (1) our present ordinary form ; (2) having the form of two c", one 
written on the top of the other, linking on with its top-bow to a following i, 

d, always our ordinary form; in one case (viii. 7 domus) it has the 
uncial form ö, and might be read as capital, though it is smaller than 
the initial οι Domatiü, which ia also uncial. 

e (1) our present ordinary form, occasionally linked on, with its ' 
tongue, to a following _/i τιογ r; (2) formed like an epsilon, and mostly, 
though not always, appearing in ligature with α follewing e, m, n, p, 

Besides the ordinary form which may be seen in the Eaosiniile, , 
g has occasionally an extra curl to its base, as I. 133 (angor) ; sxviii. 63 

i (I) the present ordinary form, but without a dot on its top; it 
often linked on to / or I, more especially to the cross-bar of a preceding ' 
or following t, or to the L fonti of t ; see face. li. 10, 11. — (2) lengthened 
and drawn out below the line (like ^), and linked on to a preceding c, 
/{the two ha\-ing nearly the form of b), /, r, t; (3) resembling a c()mma, 
and linked on, below the line, to the final stroke of m, η or I ; occasionally 
to the bow of A or to the tongue of e, or below the bow of A, as in | 
xxviii. 28 (inridebit). 

(I) the ordinary form; (2) resembling the delta, and appearing, 
.mostly, in ligature with the right-hantl bar of a preceding r, though it u 
»lao found separate, after <l, m or t. It twice commences a word 
[{(xxxv. 66, oma; xxxix. 57 oroccerura). 

p, always the now usual form, except in vii. 7 (carpttUa, written by 1 
second hand), whei^e it is in ligature with a preceding r, and has the j 


peouliai' foriu in which it often occurs in ligatui-e in the Roman cursive 
writing, as early as the 6th century, for which see pi. 2, a.D. 572, of The 
Palatographieal Society, Series I, li. 6 (c yjullicutur), 15 (inter/josita) ; 
pi. 68, li. 10 (perywtuie) ; also li. 1 (reci/iiati), 3 (uianepoloa ; rt'/xmeiitli), 
4 (opponet), 7 (aperi). The same furni ticcurs again xxxv. 1G6 (tm-pes), 
in ligature with the preceding r, and again xxxv, 293, after, and linke<) 
on, by its top, with a: Another, slightly diBerent form of Roman cursive 
ρ appears in the last line of the Glossary (the advertisement of the scribe 
ne rep-); this resembles the ρ of " sponsione " in li 15 of pi. 3 of The 
Palaeogr. Sodely, First Ker. 

r (1) the now ordinary forui. In two instancee (xill. 7 discernuutur, 
and XIII. 15 diurnales) the r reminds us of earlier A.S. writing, and 
might be misread aa n, though Jn both oases it differs sufficiently from the 
following ii to guide a careful reader. In xxviii. 88 (fonn^), however. 
we have an η corrected into r, and xxxv. 295 has cathsiujs for catharos ; 
(2) somewhat like the numeral 2, always after o, also aft«r the capital 0, 
and then written larger, as in iv. 51 ; (3) the right-hand stroke lengthened 
and slightly bent, to link on with a following a, β (e or «), i, m, n, o, 
(long) /'" ; (4) left-hand stroke lengthened below the line, and the top 
bending down to combine with a following t or e, and ho resembling a 
long f (an r of this kind appears xiv. 22, in fatores, but so niis.shapen that 
it seems more i corrected into r). 

H, long f, which is nearly always C, except occasionally in the hand- 
writing of the second scribe. It is frequently linked on, by a roundetl 
top, to a following /. 

t, (1) with α flat top, is found in three varieties : (») its cross-bar is 
curled round + (like c), or (b) ends in a mere down-stroke (like i) on its 
left-band side ; (e) when final, the right-hand end of its cross-bar is curled 
upward towards the left. — (2) having the shape of an epsilon, and linked 
on (o a following lengthened «', or to r, or forming witli following ri, one 
ligature (tri). — (3) resembling a slightly twisted /, and combining with η 
following r or i. This t is mostly wiitten on the final stroke of π drawn 
out towards the right }. Its form is smaller when combined with a 
preceding epai Ion-shaped e. 

ν is never found in the text, except by way of correction ; ex. gr. ii. G3, 
where it is written above the line to be inserted in place of an omitted « ; 
III. 27, where it is written above an e, which it is to replace. For other 

* The aama appeare aUo t. 19 (giect) as Gnal r. For s somevrbat similar r, lending 
iUclT to receive the oontraotion for urn, &ee above g U B•. 

+ This curl aud stroke are oooasionally dieeonneoted from the crose-bar. and might 
be read as a separate c or /, as i. Η (allectat), 60 (mittect]; n. 167 (ueterem); m. 1 

; See Faoeim. tj. tl. 11. Id i. 117 (uontra) its abape ia g- 

^^^^^^■^ iNTRoniTCTioN xxira 

r btBtancR», nee iv, Γι; xv. 33; xxviii, 53, 54; xxx. 73; xxxiv. 10 J 

XXXV. 170 ; xxxviii. 27. Vor η Migii resembling this υ eee below g23rf. ■ 

w ; Anj;Io-Siison w is written as uu. Its old fomi p appears misread J 

ae ;> in uuld-poexhsut (for uultl-w-). I 

y has nearly alwayn a dot on its top, an in facs, col. 1 li. 18, 1 

I ool. 2 li. 11. 1 

ζ may be seen ϊ» face, col, I li. 17. 

§ le. Ligature» of eonibinatioiai of two or more letters are numerous; J 
«X. gr. J 

te (= ae), appears in this form only three timee : xuit. 41 (suie aid), I 
iLVii. 90 {sniegl), and c.elo* in tlie title of Oh. xuv. In one place | 
(xxx. 37) the ligature consists of the left-hand stroke of an open a, and ] 
an ordinary e. Otlienvise the diphthong ae ia represented often by e, | 
eee 1. '24 {sepulture), 1 20 (aubnixe ic.) ; ii. 88 (materie), but mostly by ς; 4 
I. 2 (tabul^), 68 (qu?) 4c. ; so hIso ak by g {litle to Ch. iv). CoiMnedW 
appear mostly: ci; cr ; ct ; cti ; dtc; ect ; em; en j ent; enti ; ep; er/1 
eri ; es ; eat ; eati ; et ; ex ; fe ; ΙΪ ; fit ; i ; j ; ici ; it ; li ; Ij ; lx (Roman ■ 
numerals) ; mi ; ni ; nt ; nti ; or; ra ; rei ; ret ; rg; ri ; rm ; rn ; ro; rs; ■ 
rt ; st (two forms) ; str ; tj (three forms) ; tri ; tro. 1 

g 17. Capitah. The titles of the Chapters are all writtcu in nislia I 
capitals, indiscriminately mixed with uncial». ■ 

Every lemma has either a capital or on uncial as initial, In the few I 
Instances where this is not the case (ex. gr. Ch. ii. 139, 144; iil. 13-16)^1 
we may suppose the scribe to have been unaware of beginning a new Μ 

The capital initial of the first lemma of tlie Chapters i — iv, zxiit, 1 
zxvi, XXX, XXXI, xxxvii-xxxix, XLivt-XLVii, is somewhat larger than J 
ihe initials used for the other lemmata, and more or less ornamental, in I 
ihe style of the Capitals in the St. Gallen MS. of the Ι*χ Öalica (a.d. 794), I 
figured on pi. 184 of T/ie J'alaeoi/r. Socitty, Ist Series. I 

In the first two Chaptere (which are arranged alphabetically according I 
to the lirat letter of the lemmata) some attempts have been made to J 
eommence each new letter of the alphabet with a larger or more I 
distinctive initial. Ex. gr. the initial of the first lemma of the D glosses I 
(t, 35 Dogma) is a capital (D), but the initial» following are uncials (ϋ). I 

18. Greek leltern. There are a good many Greek words in the I 
Olossary, but all written in Latin characters. Greek letters, however, J 

IhJB ligature is really mimuaule, but writteo larger than usual ; it is here printed a 
lU capital, I 

+ In Ch. il:t. the gloBiPs 24 snd 28 have also ornameutal capitals, I 


rtppi'jit' ill IV. 101 (no, iu gnrsutas), and it whole Greek word sviii. 1 
(cYN^fuNuN). Aud as üueh we must also describe the xji iu "ClirüitUh" 
aud its derivativen, sue abuve § 14 Ac. 

§ 18. Illustration. See Sigtui, licluw g 23;/. 

g 20. ifuvierals (for which see beluw, hidex of iMtiii mimerals, 
p. 217) are usually placed between two dotn. 

g 21. The Punctuation of the MS. haa everywiiere be*•!! strictly 
adhered to. It hiw Iwen pointi^i out above (S 13•, note t) that the .■«■cond 
hand employed no other mai'k of punctuation than a point (.). 

Thoßrst scribe, however, used a more elaborate system of punctuation. 
There are firat the three ordinary marks (. ; i) to divide words from each 
other or to indicate the end of lines &c. 

The point {.) is sometimes written level with tlie line; sometimes 
raised to the centre of the word preceding it. 

The semicolon (;) and colon (;) can, in many cases, hardly be dis- 
tinguished from each other, as the , of ; is often eo small that it looks 
almost like a point (.), while the lower point of the colon is very often 
more hke α comma (,). 

Besides tliese three marks of punctuation we occasionnlty find .: 
(see 1. 13), or :■ (i. 87), or ! (i. 125), or :; (ii. 131), or ;: (il, 132), 
apparently without any special meaning. 

§ 22. Signs of reference. When there was, as frequently happened, 
no room for the whole gloss on the line where it had been commenced, 
the scribe wrote the remaining words or äyllubles either on the line above 
or beloii' the i)roper line, prefixing r to the words or syllables written 
a£oce, L to those written beloiv the line. In one case (xx, 12) the r is 
followed by a colon (:). In sii. 9, there being no further room in the line 
after "habens", the scribe wrote :■ after it, added "aliquando de ςΓζ" 
two lines higher up in the space left vacant after gloss 7, prefixing '■ to 
these words, and wrote the remainder of the gloss (mento sicut et olla) on 
the next line aft«r gloss 8, dividing these additions t« the lines of glosse.s 
7 and 8 and the mark ( ; ) of reference by the hook r- 

In I. 91, 93, the reading of the MS., in strict accordance with these 
signs, leads to two wrong glosses ; see the note to these glosses on p, 3. 

For a further use of these signs see above, p. xviii, note J. 

g 23. Λ few more features of the MS. have to be dealt with, most of 
which have already been pointed out in the foot-notes to the text, They 
will, however, give a l>etter idea of the MS. when classified under such 
headings ns correcti>»ie {% 23"), division of words, syllables and glosses 


; 23% iruerlioiu (g 'iZ'), iiutrkinij words (S 23"), omienone (S 23" 

^ tifftuUitres (§ 23'), ή^ηβ (g 23«), »pots (S 23''), Jiiroie* (§ 23'), trampoiitic 

fg 23''), u«tc«riatn words (S 23'), underlining (g aS"), Jic. 

§ 23". Correelimne seem λΙΙ to have been made by the scribes I 
themselves, and not afterwards by some <:orrecli>r. Tliey are indicated J 
I or elfect«d by (A) writing the letter to 1« substitutwi above the one tu be• 
I replaced; see i. 103; ii. 9, 1ÖS, 164; in. 27; iv. G, 106; viil. 18 Jkc— 1 
I (B) altering one letter into another, which was sometiniea done distinctly^T 
I Mil. 71; iv.2,52,65; nometimeB indistinctly, as i. 115 ; ii. 29; in. 43.- 

I (C) erannff one or 
II. 134. In some CI 
■till be discerned, 

I letter or letters an 

3 or more letters, a 

lore letters and leaving a blank space insteud, a» 
is the erased letter or letters or parts of them may, 
39; II. 36, 112; VI, 7; in other cases the origiuJJ| 
entirely effaced, ii. 45 ; in. 63 ; iv. 89.— (D) 
tnd writing the required letter or sign on the erasure,! 
II. 39; ϊπι. 41; siv. 11 ifec. Occasionally the wrong letters have bei 
erased without the correct letters Ijeing substituted, ii. 10; xvi. 6. 
(E) marking a letter or stroke te be erased by (a) a dot: xxsii, 8, Hi 
(both these coses are doubtful) ; (stroke to be erased) ii. 1 _ 
XLiv. B.^(i) two dots (one above and one below, or one on each elde ol; 
I the letter, or both underneath the tett«r): xvi. 22 ; xxviii. 48 ; xxx, 33 
I XXXI. 8; xxxii. 4; xxxiv. 10"; xxxv. 179; xxxviii. 24; xxxix. 1, 5 
XLIV. II; XLViii. 47.— (c) three dots: iv. 55; vi. 7; xiv. 3; xvi. 29 
xxviii. 49; xlvii. 22.— {(/) four dot«; xxviii. 20; xxs. 35; kliii. 13.-^1 
(e) five or six dots, XXT. 73, — (F) marking a. letter to be eriwed by {«) one 
I dot, and writing the letter to be substituted above the line, xxviii. 
; xxxvii. 6; xlvii. 82; (with the correct letter below the Ii 
. — (6) two dots: XXXV, 27. — (c) three dote: χι,νπ. 22.— (t/) ; 
I in XXVI. 5. — (e) -^ above η wrong word, referrbig to a similar sign abo' 
Γ the correct word written in the margin within lines forming a aquiii 
I XXVIII. 77.^(/) a dot underneath the letter to be emäed, and another; 

1 the right-hand side of the letter to be substituted written abovi 
\ the line, xxxviii. 37. 

g 23'•. The ciiuMMfii between words, syllables and gh 

^ very defective, in spite, or perhaps on account of the rather elaboral 

system of punctuation described above in § 21, For instance, in i. IS 

the MS. has ' ame rao ria ' for ' a memoria ' ; ι. 36 it has ' par r 

and HO on. It was not considered necessary to follow the MS. 

^ respect, except in a few cases where the gloss is obscure. 

^h As regards the individual glosses, at the outset the scribe seems to 

^Λ have intended to reserve one line to each lemma and its gloss, however 

Η but 





in thisl 

i above the Itni; betwetin two dote. 

xxxn iNTRonucTloN 

short these inigiil be, and to write, wherever practicalile, words or 
syllables which could not be brought into their proper line, either above 
or below it, as i. 12 &c. Somewhat lengthy glonseH, a^ i, 36, 90, 95, 100, 
115, 137 occupy two lines, the second line slightly indented. But the 
soribe Beeius soon to have realised that, in this way, he would leave a 
good deal of vacaiit space, and so, at and after in. i'2, 43 he comiuenced 
Η secund gloss wherever there was any vacant space left in the line 
after the first, adhering to his former plan of writing any words or 
syllables that could not be brought into the line either above or 
below it*. 

§23'. Ijisertion is indicated by writing (1) the omitted and to be 
insertef] letter, or letters, above tlie line over or between the lettor or 
letters where the insertion is to be made, ii. 19, 56, 62, 173, 180; 
III. 34, 43, 48; IV. 1, 77, 93 Ac.— (2) the letter to l»e inserted above the 
line with a dot underneath, or on its left-hand side. n. 39. — (3) the 
letter to be inserted above the line with a dot on its left, and another 
dot after the letter where the insertion is to lie made, ii. 71. — (4) the 
letter, or letters to he inserted, above the line Itetween two dots, iv. 91 ; 
XLIV. 1. — (5) a word to be inserted above the line between three dots, 
II. 182. In XXX. 52, 9.Ί, 96 some Latin words are written over Greek 
words to explain or translate the latter. — (6) an omitted syllable (p = pre) 
above the lioe. with a dot above the Btroke, xxviii. iil. — (7) the letter to 
be inserted Mow the line (attached to A), xxx. 46. — (8) a worfl tij lie 
inserted alnve the line u'lth a mark of reference ( ι ) before It, and a 
similar mark after the word after which it is to be inserted, xxii. 12.— 
(9) a word to be inserted on the left of the lemma within lines forming a 
square, with a mark of reference ( -ί- ) above the word, referring to a 
similar mark written altove the place where the insertion is to come, 
XXX. 7. 

j! 23\ Markinij words or glosses. With a few exceptions t all the 

* To prsTent confaaion the indlTidunl bIobbcb have here been numburud. The Bret 
innUDcea of two gloBses being written in one line are ii. 138, 139 and 143, 11 1, hut Ibey 
seem attributable to inadvertence or ignoraaee on the port of the scribe, as in both 
cases the eeoond gloss does not begin with ■ capital, »hich seems to show that the 
scribe «as not aware of having begun a second gloss, At n. 113 we meet with tvro 
lemmata In one line, without α gloss ; but the scribe left some epioe between the two 
words, probablj intending to write the glosses afterwards, in, 13 — 16 are three gloBses 
written together, but perhaps by mistake, as the scribe does not seeui to have understood 

t The exceptions are: in. U (briudid), 3U tbsealin), 44 (su), 48 (iiastruiig), 
u3 (floda), Γι7 (pox): it. GG (borgenti), 71 (gaeauup^), 77 (tanderi), Wi (miiin); v. 2 
(iDmum), 5 (pocoas); vii. 4 (dunn«); xa. lU (breod), 17 (eUirdliring), 19 (fezra). 3G 
(hanhit loh), 36 (hoefuc), Ββ (chelor), 41 (ositclti). 54 (^maeti gold), Sfi (ualdputiheue) ; 
U. 3 (ohyuii), «xn. i (gexell), Sta. None of these words are marked. 


ur MS. tiilhtir by ;i horizoiUtd (MOinerfl 
by all insulated v, aleu written above f 

ther tlie strokes or th 
LS Wen pointed out in 
i tlie possible meaning of J 

Uerinanie* glofisus aiv markeil i 
tiiues waving) etroke above them, 
le or more lettem of siioh glosses. 
As it was found impracticable to print ρ 
itbove the words, their presence in the MS. Ii 
Eootnotes. But it is necessary here to discui 
the latter mark. 

Tlie Klrolau occur in. 11, 13 (here wrongly over a Latin word), 35, 37^ 
M6; IV. 24, 74-76, 93 (here wrongly over a Latin word); v. 11, 15, 
19, 22, 30; (vm. 15); xvi. 28; xix. 29, 35, 59, 63; xxii. 11; XLVii. 31; 
XLViii. 28, 54, Gl, and are obviously intended to draw special attention to 
the words over which they are written. 

'he V occurs first of all xii, 18, and thenceforward (excepting the 
^asea jiiat mentioned, where strokes are employed) regularly above 
Germanic words: xui. 24, 34, 35, 4(ϊ, 50; xv. 4; xvii. 11; xviii, 2j 
XIX. 35 (see photogr., 1st col. li. 32), 43 (ib., li. at foot), 60 (ib., 2nd col. 
. 15), 61 (ib., li. IG) ; xxi. 20 (ib., add. col., li. 17) ; xxii. 3 (ib., U. 22)i 
XIV. 3 ; xxvii. 25 ; xxxiv. 3 ; xxxv. 3, 6, 35, 54, 55, 59, 66, G9, 73-76, 
122, 1S7, 158, 16.5, 175, 176, 203, 288; xxxvi. 7, 10, 14; sxxvii. 7; 
Xxxix. 6, 12, 20, 27, 30, 37 ; xui. 6, 27 ; xlvi. ItJ (here a stroke above 
ι was corrected into v) ; XLVii. 36 (v written sideways with top 
towards the left). 

η none of theeo canes does the ν differ from the ν df^cribed abovei 
(§ 15), which latter in never used in the iexl of the Glossary, but only' 
above the line, by way of correction, whenever u had been omitted ; henoe] 
AS clearly intended for ν (=m). There seems, therefore, no reaaoa 
ist accepting the ν above the Germanic words likewise as ν (= η). ' 
t is true, in your instances (.\iii. 41 ; xui. 3; xliu. 38; xLvii. 19), 
the mark looks more like y ; in one case (xxii. 8 ; see photogr., add. col., 
li. 26) wo could hardly reail anything but y ; in two cases (xlvii. 33, 65) 
it may be said to resemble χ ; in one case (xix. 43 ; see photogr,, last word 
of li. added at foot) it is v- ; in another (xxvi. 6) y: ; and in two instances 
(xLti. 4 and XLVi. 42) it is more y with a dot above it. But these 
deviations seem to l>e notliing but the result of the scribe having 

»accidentally drawn down the right-hand stroke of the ν a little more than 
was strictly necessary t• 
, * There are, apparenUy, no Oermsnio ; 
(n. 101), whiob hae been regarded t.a such, i 
nee the Index. 

t In moRt caees the realyhfts adolaboveit, as; Kyrieleiaon(ii, 9H(; Typo (n. 179); 
MyrtDB (xio. 48); Bynioiafl (xv. Ü); aud (by HMond hand) iiuyloobaso (i<n, 1β); 
üUyrmbMO (ΐϊΐι. IB). Oooaaionally it has nu dot, as: hymnura (ii. 85): orjpta(»Tl. 3), 
But wherever we oxamlni: il, it was dearly formed by firet wcitinu tbc v, and Ihen adding I 
the duwn-Btroke to it. The scribe, thererore, kuew when bu bad to write y not v, 


It in iiiiiHMMihle Ut my wliBther liio »cri>K fulrkil tlii; ν a>tovK tlie line 
irnioixlUtely nftcr hnving written the wnnl to be marked, <ir whether in 
all CM«« il WBH added afterwsrdn either by the Hcribe liiniaelf or hj λ 
corrector. In lacmt cae<w the ν looku, in duction and colour of iok, 
exiustiy like the lettere over which it standN, bat here and there it looks 
finer than luuel of the other V, »nd alio finer thftii the word over which 
it Ntauds, wiience we aiay infer that, in these casee, mine corrector adrled 
the V. 

Ail thie marking of the Uer manic glomes commenced with tlie 
horizontal ntroke, and the ν woh adopted afterwardii, it secmi not 
utireaaonaltle Ui nay that it originated with our scribe, and that he did nut 
merely follow the Mi:!, from which he copied. If bo, the ν muel have 
benn intended to be ν (— u), and only became, in a few instances, more 
like y or X by oecident. 

If blie MH, which our scriW followed had, wy r(for inxtmice), above the 
Germanic glomes, he might have minread this for y ; but then we should find 
the latter chiiracl<T more frequently, or perhaps »onie other mark for the 
mi»under8tood Γ in our M8. Tlic corruplion might even go bock to an 
earlier MS. than that copied by our scribe. None of these gueeees, 
however, will sufficiently explain the regularity and uniformity of the ν 
in our MS. 

Hence it seems more reasonable to oHsunie ibat the mark ν really 
means ν and is the initial of the word " veriMc^ile" which would be most 
appropriate to our cose. 

In one instance (XXXI. 4), indeed, tlie ν is found above a Latin word 
{u»c\aa*) ; in another (xxx. 6) over the word fax. The former may be 
due to inadvertence of the »cribe, or to some other unexplained cause ; 
and aa Ut mx it« meaning is eup[M>sed to I« taxonice, and if this be the 
caec, it would not Ite inappropriately marked by our scribe with ν 
(~ vonincule). 

S 23*. Omutwm nwy Ito notice«! OGCuaionally as: (1) of inleTprHatioiie, 
I. 14, 18, 23, 2«, 42, 43. 72, 75, 70, »3, 09 ic. It is possible that in auch 
coscH the original (.llossator had exceφted the lemmata from liiii sourccä 

1 tlie intention of adding the interpretations later on — (2) of υηυ or 
I l4Uer$, I. 25 meretribus (for raeretrictbue) ; ii. 100 (uestmenta for 

8 23'. Sv/mUuree to the quii-es do not appear in the MS., though it 
{■ poniblo that tliey have been cut owny by the binder. 

g 23•. Two Sijfns for weights occur in Ch. xxxii. 2, »oe Latin /n-hx 
(C. opud latinuii ic); another in xsxii. 4 (see ibid. 0/iolue) and another 
XXXii. 6 {aee ibid, aneia) ; α sign for α shepherd'» crook occurs iu Cli. XLV. 

* Gloggei Huugests that tbia may nler to an original A.S. yiue, ur la O.H.O. uiua. 


8 (net ibid- [mkIum). Uther eigne, the (iitmiiiug of which is Dot certain^ 

■e (I) three doU above t, tu. 18 ; (2) two dots above au open a, iv. 77 (a»l 

le a is much like two cc, tlie scribe, perhaps, indicAted that the dotted 1 

ip« h&d to be eraned); (3) t in the margin (to indicftt« something wrong), I 

II. 13, a]«o by the nide of a line left blank, xui. -53 ; (4) l• above the Mne, I 

mark of liiujuwii (T), xiv. 9 (see also above -i '23 li). Μ 

ξ 2Ά'•. Spot, in the vellvni, »nd hence a blank left by the scribetl 

n. 91,— Accidental (ink) «pot, iv. 75. I 

ΐ3'. Strokes. B^nideH the strokes employed to indicate contracHomM 

(see above ^ 14), we find ■ 

J'erpettdictäar stroke», (1) meaningless (I), or perhaps the tt^V 

of a wrongly commenced b, d, I or other letter, i. 126 and xxx. &7% 

[above u); ii. 11 and 167; xxxv. 33 (above 71); x. 22 and xxviii. 38; 

;xxv. 44 (above r) ; xiii. 36 (above o) ; xxxv. 227 (above i) (2) as 

of transposition, xv. 14 (perhaps here^ii). — -(3) to separate two 
8to(iBee(t), II. 144. B. HorizojOal strokes. (1) to mark A.S. (or J 
nppoeed A.S.) words {eee above § 23(/). — (2) to mark a Greek word, 1 
ixviii. 1. 1 

23*. Traiisponilvm is indicated by writing above the words to be 
transposed (I) three dot» (:•), iv. 105; xxviu. 68; xxxvi. 3. — (3) the 
mark ^, XXXV. 195; xh. 17. 

23'. Uncertain words, letter» or tiigna, or expansion of conferoctioiis, 
xii. 27 J XIII. 43 ; XXX. 85, 95 ; xxxii. 5, 7 ; xxxiii. 5 ; ixxv. I, 236, 297. 
23™. Under/ininij both lemma and interpretation (meaningless?), 
XLVii. 97, 82. 

g 23". Vacant ipacet left. II. 112 ; iix. 13, 17, 18. 
§ 23". Wrofig leiten, 111. 36. 

It is hoped that the t«xt of the Glossary is free from serious blemishee 
eapeciatly as I was able to compare my readings of the MS. with] 
Glogger'e carefully prepared edition (see above p. xvii, note). 
Tliat my critical Indexes will be free from errora and shortcomings is . 
re than I can expect. But those who use the work will, 1 trust, pardon 

a uccount of the hundi'ede of difficult, obscure and intricate poiutft'] 


that had to be ascertained, examined and solved. There remain certainl 

obscure points, ex. gr. amatorie, ars philophie (?). What is meant by thef" 

»latter word ? — antesignato, signatore euepectMm.. What woi-d or whftfcV 
meaning is hidden in i7i«peci«n» T— arcticoe, here the sentence after] 
vmtarliaui does not seetn to be quite correct. 
In view of all that has been published during the last fifty years 
Glosses, I felt that α mere reproduction of the text aud a mere Index \ 


■MS Mwi ^Kw Js i fc mfa ^ ■ fcMT ^^ far ι *l w M w Trim ami 

'i-r li |i I Hint 1i II J ΐ n ifl I T'Tj ' ' ' ij 

Ike ArAitJ^ ΙΛ. Laie; J^Im; Jbw«. V" 'KM^ 'Ui'^ 
iw.i»;>. B«tf ■^bcoCTwJfaf ■yi^lfat.w^iigrfiiiiiJiBiii^, 
I hMl to fMd noKof the HMnn Myadf ^b, m tfce «aiannr le fi^ 
if pMible, tlMB ««M* «Ibcli tkef b*d hem nal^ le Mmtt. I raid 
Jm / 6 > im ive στ mx tuecs, μ the (ΆBlm*J -*—*-*— az oolWrtMt of wwda 
«βνηρ1«1 friijn Ua (nc aext p^>. Tbr Comm», tb; Ββψύ» S. 
SmaHeU, « Jtrome» LOtr A Twit iemttrUm nd otker ■ 
thfw «r bw timm, bpciw Ifce g^uMC frve tl 
mtptmJMtimaj, ml, tbcR&ni, no loDger m tbe enler a< I 
Ihv• bMune mbfjaeed faj tbe »eribt». fliwinliw i^ OowMwft. on the 
fmtmm I read two or three tiBe•, »put faiMn tix tine I ^Kot ϊβ tnong 
th• wonl> of Cb. xxrm U> htm, as the O\om»ry dos aot M cri h a than 
Ut Mo, favt tA Uie liber Antooii. tiioit^ onl; β ^ιμΙμ^ι cC ifaen are 
«xavpMd from this lut maree 

Tw ditoifrrr, if powtlilf, the mum« n( the vivd» gloeed in Ch. π 
f apared n«< HKirtN, and an M>T(-ral nf tben had a poetica] look «hoat 
tiMsa, I read Dmoontiiu, Prodentio» uid other Latin poetf, ImI in Tatn. 
They hin now bMn traced to GUdaH (»« bek>ir p. χχχτϋί). 

Mpu• do« DUi allow me to point out eitfipr the tniportaBce of v&rious 
ΚίοΜΜ for Icxieoipaphic») and other porpoees, or tbe special featun» of 
Ihi» tiUm»ry in ronnection witli uiber Gloeaaries. Such further remarks 
I rcanrvtt (or another wurk which I am preparing for the London Philo- 
kff^eal ttociely, »ud which will deni with the Corpus, Epinal and Erfurt 
UluM«ui«M in oomUnatiou with the preiteot Glossary. 

To nonclodc, I diKbarK^ λ pleasant duty in tlianking the Syndics of 
the UnivKmtty Pnam for Itesriiig the expenses) involved in the publication 
Ά lliU edition ; the Reader of tlie wme Pre» for bis anremitting atten- 
tion to ÜM οοΓΓΜΛπβΗ of the work ; Prot John Κ Β. Mayor and 
Mr ΛΙ«χ. Honter (of >taiM&eld College, Oxford), for reading the proof- 
■heet« aod hel|iin(t me with corrections and observations ; Mr Israel 
ΛΙητιΙΐΛίπ«, Mr »I. T, Fmnci«, Prof. Henry Jackson, Mr F. J. H. 
J«iiklii»ni, Mr H. L, Pnwi, f)r Λν. Aldis Wrii-bt, the Bev. the Master of 
Ht. John'" <!olle((<-, for help in various ways ; and the Council of Trinity 
Uollego for the loan uf one of their copies of the Augsburg edition of 


of St Jeranie'n LUmr <ie Viri« Uluntnbti» (süi? Iwlow p. slix). 
rot. W. W. 8keat has not only read all the proof-eheets, but aaeieted 
te in the A.S. portion of the work by copious notes, observations and ] 
^rrectionM with the utmoHt readiness and generosity. His notes, cor 

ι 4o. appear with respect to some words in the I. (Äitiira) Index, 
rith respect to others in the V. {Germanic) Index in a more or 
bridged form, for which 1 alone am respooEible. 


Λ. Tablf, o/Vonteiile, that is; Headings or Tltlee ol" tlie Chapters ] 
the Glossary. 

B. SoarCM from whencp the himiuiUi (and some of the iiiterpreta- I 
wb) are excerpted. — Books and MSS. used and consulted in tracing the 
niraata to their sonTeiin.^AbbreviaiiQnji employed in the referem 
lotationtt Ik. (chiefly in the Latin Index). 

A. The Glossary is divided into 4Ö Chajitera with I 
[endings or Titles: 

Qlosae Terboruin de üauouibiis ..... 
For fnither iurormatiaa on Cbe chapters see below (B) Sou 

Canoiu, *c. Λο. 
'.. Interpretatio Sermoniin 

p. 1— 31- 
I, art. Crtti. 

ulis {see below Bened.) p. 3''— 7" 

I. Verlta de Sancti Martyiii Stoi-ia (see below Sttl/iiciae Severua), ■ 

glosses I to 52 p. 7*^8' ' 

[Vita S, Antonii, aiictore S. Athanasio, Evagrio interprete {me below I 

'ita S. Antonii), gloeses 52—66] p. 8• 

This Source is not indtcated in the Olcstiary in any way, unlesa, perliaps, ti; I 
the word Antoni {Qloet S3), nee I. Index {Latin], BUb v. Aatoiii. 

IV. Liber Ecclesiasticae istoriae (120 glosses) . p, 8•— 

V, De Eocleeiastica Mtoria (32 gloaaes) ... p. 10•— Ιϋ*" J 
,ΧΧΧν. De Eusebio {306 glosses) .... p. 33*— 3 

These three chapters consist o( ßve or six collections οΓ glosacs to the ni 
-' Books of ItuSnus' Latin Itaneliilion of Eusebius' Eocleeiaetical History and to t 
Book« X and it which RulioDS added of his oirn to Eosebias, The Cliaptere 
und V are evidtntl; two independent eolleetionn, the one being the Srst 111 glonses 
of Chapter [V, for the most part arranged {uiiiiliihubelkallii) in tlie order in nhich 
the leinmata occur in ttulinax' text. The second {•iliihelielieiilly arranged, and, 
therefore, no longer foltowing the order of Bilfioils' text! extends (as far as the A 
and Β glosees) from gloss 113 to the end (gloss 120) of Chapter iv, and (for the G 
to Τ gloBses) till the end of the Ji/lh (Jluvplur. Tliis urrangument, thoccfure, 


ühüHs lljnt the hctuline tu Cli. ν {Üe Ealfiüiitwa SWria) h out of pUi». uid 
Bhoald have como before the 112th gloBH of Ch. iv. 

In Ch, XXXV. we have thrtf (pcrhape/irur) iadependent oollectione, in whicb tlie 
lemmats are arranged, not alphaheticall;, bat. with a few eiceptionii, in the order 
in which they occur in Ru&nas' text. The^ril, which deals with his eleven Book; 
eitenda frum nloas 1 to Ti. The jxcoiid (which likewise deale with the eleven 
Booha) extends from ({Ιοκη %H to glues 247. The third seems to have been κρίιΐ up 
(perhnpB in tlie ptoceaa οΓ copying) into two portionn, one (glosses 300 to 3(M)) 
dealing with BiiRnns' Books : to iv, the other (gloB.^es 'iiii to ^J9) witli his Books 

A fotath oolleetion ras.y be traced in the glosses 74 to 87, the lemmata of which 
ate extracted From BuHdds' Books i, πι, iv, vii, vin, x, ii, tx. 

It is to be remarked that in the ftrtf, urcunil, and /uuriA ooUeotioos of Ch. xxxv 
the glosses to liuSnos' ninlh Book follow, not after those to the eighth, but after 
those to the imth and rteeeiilh Boot. 
VI. Ibcipit breuis exsolutio (= Gildae, De Excidio Britanniae Lib.) p. 10'' 
All efforts to identify the glosses of thin chapter had hitherto been nneucctasfiil, 
till (llogger recognised them by Schlatter's reference (see Tlu Journal of EniilMi 
and OcTiHanir PbilohiBy, Vol. v, p. 466) to a line in Gildas. As he kindly pointed 
thie out to me on 1 Jnn.. 190β (after my text and Latin Index bad been printed), 
the references nf all the word» identified are given in the Adäenda. Only three or 
Conr remain to be tmced. 

The heading, fireiii« tiiohiiin, is, apparently, not derived from Gildas' work, 

and is, perhaps, to he attributed to the Glossator. 

Vtl. De Fiirulipouienon (i ami ii = Clironicc. ι Biid ii). The lemmata 

of Chapters VII to sxv are (with few exceptioiia, specially ]>oiiit«d 

out) excerpted from the Vulgate ....[>. 10'•— 11- 

VIII. Dc Salamoiie (-LiborProverbioiiim) . p. 11•— U'• 

IX. Db Eclesiasten (= Eccleeiastes) .... p. Il•' 

X. Ill Cftiitico Canticorum {= Caiiticuin Canticor.) . . p. 11'' — 12* 
XL De iiapientift (= Liber Sapientiae) .... p. 12'' 

XII. De Ecclesiastico (= Ecclesiaaticus) ... p. 12''— 13'' 

XIII. In Libro Isaie prapliet« (Isains) .... p. 13''— 15' 

XIV. Incipit in Hiereiaia (Glosses 1—31, 3i— 36 = Joremias ; Olosaea 
33 and 33 = Tlireui, itl eat Lauiöntationes) . . p. 15"- 16" 

XV. Incipit in Hiezecliiel (GIoBsea 1—31 aud Zl ^iS ^ ExechUl ; Glossen 
32 — 36 - Ogee^, though quoted in the GloMSury as fiOUi Eiechiel ; but 
the heading ' It«m Alia,' found after No. 36 may have been meant as 
title lo these five Glosses) p. IC— IT" 

XVL Incipit in Danielem p. 17»— l?"" 

XVIT. De Johel uel de Prophetis minoriVms (lemmata extracted from 
JwJ, Atiion, Jotuu, AHc/acean, Nalium, Uabueae, Sophoniae, Zacha/riaa, 
Malachia») p. 17''- 18• 

XVIII. De Ose specialiter (Repetition of xv. 32—36, except No. 35 
which is hero omitted) p. 18" 

XIX. Incipit in Job p. 18•— 19'' 

XX. Incipit in Tobie p. 19'' 

XXI. Incipit in Judith p. 19"— 20" 

' See also Ch. χϊκι. 



ΧΧΙΓ. De Ester p. 20^— 20" 

XXIII. Iiici|iit in Eadm (= 1 Plsilnie; 2 EsJrus or LiUer Nehwniiw-) 

p. 21• 

XXIV. Incipit in Mallieutu p. 21»— 21'' 

XSV. De Marco et Luca i^t Johanne .... p. 21'' 

XVI. In Libro Offioioriim (= 8. laidori De Eecleeiaeticie Officiia Libri ' 
duo) p. ""■"" 

XVII. In Libro Rotarnm (= 8, leidori Liber de ifalura Renim ; 
below, Ch. xuv) p. 22"— 22'' 

SVIII, In Libro AnUinii (tlie^rdi part, i.e. Uloaswi 1 — 17 and 22 and 
= Vila £ea,ti AntonÜ Anbütis ; the second [wrt, i.t. Gloeseit IS — " ' 
24^88 = Magni Aiii-elii Cairiodori in Psalterium Expoeitio). 

p. &- 
in to be obaerred that the tecoiid portion of this oliapter consists 
mostly of exiTitcl» (limiun'n as well aa intfepretaliimi) from CatiiUidorut. For 
iast. ΙΙΤ1Π. 20 (diap'aimn Ac.) ocoura, word for woid, in Ouaeiodoce. The 
diEFereocee between tba üloeaar; and CnBeiadoie'e text bare heeo pointed oat ' 
Latin Index. 

XXIX. Incipit Uerlwruin interpretatio (-S. Eiia, Hieronymi Commeiitt. ] 
in Evangelium Matthaei) p. 25''- """ 

N.B. Qlosa No. 71 (p, 27•) is from the Catalogue S. Hieron,, und ihoald have ^ 
oome in Chapt. iii. 

XXX, Db Caria]logo Hieronimi {= S. Ehh. Hieronffmi Libor, or Cnta- 
logus, de Viris illuatribue) p. 27•— 29» 

iXXXL Do Ponderibua incipit .... p. 39•— 30• 

ixXXlI. De Pooderibus p. SO'•— 31" 

For tbeae two obapleta no leit on Weinhta 4ο. could be found entirely agreeing 

Kith the extrncts and explanations of the Olossaiy. Hence no BugKaatione as 

regards the Qloasea have l>een made. For instance ixil 3 the nom. libra must be . 

wrong, but «bcther the Gloasator uteaat libra« or some other form cannot be 

ΧΧΧΙΠ. Da Pondcribus necimdum Eucleriuni . . p. 31"^ 
See below, Eiicheriiu. (Tlie Qlosaea 17, 18, and 31 to 31 do not seem to ■ 

in the editions of EuDherius now knonn to as.) 

XXXIV, De Caesiano (= JoUanues Caisiajiiii) . p. 32•- 

See also below, Chapter xltiii. 

XXXV. De Eusebio (see above under Chapters iv and v) p, 33•- 

XXXVI, De Orosio (= Pauli Orosii Historiae adversnm paganoa) 

p, 38"— 39• 

XXXVII. De Sancti Agustini (- either De libris Serraonnin 8. Augus- 
Hni, which is the title given by two MSS., or = De Scrmonibus Sancti 

Β Av^tglini) p. 39"— Sg•• 

^fe For some of the words in this ohapter special referenoes to other works of 

^B S. Augustine have been given. 

^EKXXVIII. De Clemente (= 1 S. Clementis Homani B«cognitionea, 
^B Rufino Aqulleiensi Presb. i[iterpreto ; 2 Epistola prima Clementis ad 

Η Jaoobmu fratrem Domini) p. 39''— iO•• 


χι mill.IOfiRAPHY OF THK ill.OSSARY 

XXXIX. Dl- Diftlogorum. [The Ciloasee \—U, 46, 47, 48 (J), 54(1). 
72 (1) ^ S. Grei/vrii Magiii Dislogofuiu libri qiiatuor ; tilossiea 45, 
49 — 53 = Λ' Grugtrrii Magni Lilicr Regula« pastoralie, iwrtee iv. ; 
tilusaes 53, 54 (1), 55—71, 72 (Ϊ), 73 are excerpted from the Camnei', 
see above, Cliapter i, and below, Cli. Xli] ... p. 40'' — 42'• 

XL Item incipiiint Uerbii |.. 42'' — 43» 

Xeorl; nil the IcmniBlii in this cbapter bare aleo beeu traced to Gildas 
(see above the note to CL•. vi). and the refereoces vill be fonnd in the 
XLI. It«m do iiomiiiibus diuewia .... p. 43* — 43'' 

TbeGlosaes 1 — 6 are excerpted from the Canont», in continuation to Noa. 53— 
73 or Ch. XXXIX (see also above Ch. i). The Ulossee 7—16 ore ten names οΓ 
precious stoneB. excerpted, it seems, from Äjioc. ui. 10, 20, as the lemmata all 
follow there in the eame order as in the preaeut Gloeaary. They are also 
mentioned, tboagh in a different order, in Exod. xiviii. 17—20 and ixix. ID— 13, 
and Ezeh. xxviii. 13. They all ouour in the Cp., Ep. and Ef.' OlossarioB (except 
that NoH. 7 and 8 are wanting tn Cp., and β alao in Bp. and ΕΓ.'), and in Ep. and 
Ef.' (vhich have, in spite of their later date, in certain parts, a more primitive 
alpbaLeCical arran^einent than ϋοφαβ}, in the same order under their respective 
initial letters, as here. 

Certain parU of the explauatious of the names of tliese stones appear in the 
present Glossary under different stones than in the Cp., Ep. and Ef.' Gliiaaaries, as 
is indicated in the 1. Index [Latin). 

The GloHses 17 — 21 are probably all from Sulpiaias Sevems' Diahyi (where 
No. 17 occurs) or Vita S. Martini (where No. 19 is lound); hut Nos. IS, 20 and 21 
haTB not yet been traced. 

XLII. luL-ipit ex diiiiTsis libris p. 43''— 44" 

The Glüseea 1, 3, 5, 10, 1:ί, 15—19 occur in tlie Dlalogi of 
Sulp. Severus. No. 4 is found in the same author's Fito S. Martini. 
Glosses 2, 6—9, 11, 13, 14, 20, 22 have not yet been tiiiced; 21, 
23—27 oceur in the Vita S. Eugtniae Virgmis et Marlyrix (Migne'e 
Pair. LaL Vol. Lxxiii, col. 605 eqq., and id. Vol, sxi, col. 1 105 sqq.). 
XLIII. It«ui de diuei'aia nomirdbua (On divera noun»)— Donati Ar» 
ίΐι -ainnuUiea (Henr. Keil, Orammalici Latini, Vol. iv, Lipsiue, 18l)4, 

p. 3C7 sqq.) p. 44'— 45" 

Some of the leininnta do not occur in the text of DoiuUus ua 
known to us, but Luve been isxcerpted from other gram mat i cut works 
specially referred to in the I. (^Latin) Index. 
XLIV. Item alia ; de Caelo = S. Isidoii de natura Herum (uee also above 
Ch, xxvii) in Vol. vii of Areval'e ed. of Isidore's Opera, Roinae, 1803. 
Kepiinted in Vol. Lxssiu of Migne'a Patr. Lat. ; to this last ed. moiit 
of the Inferences are made ..... p. 45"- — 46'' 

XLV, Uerba de multis {= Ära Phoeae de nomine et verbo, in Henr, 
Keil's Gmmmatici Latini, Vol. v, Lipsiao, 1868, pp. 405 sqq.) 

p. 46''— 47- 

XL VI. Item alia [Gioeeea 1— 30 = Ara Phoeae, like Ch. xlv. For the 

Glosses 40— 43, see the I. (ioitn) Index]. . . p. 47'_47ii 

XLVIL Item alia p. 47'•— 49'• 

None of the 103 OIosseB eompriaed in this Ch. have as yet been traced (o any 
Bource with certainty. But perhaps the following are exoerpted from Aldhelm : 


. p. 26i).i 

N". 6 (<iiTi»=A. p. Wi. Θ), 13 {pcriui = \. p. 251), 15 (Mpjiul-i, tip-^ 
Se {eieonia = Α.. p. S57). 87 (ciufnnii« : bpc A. p. 364), 113 {fCi-ufa = K. p. 2' 
Ihia be right, poaaibl)' olher lemmata might be triu'cd la him. It will be seen Iromfl 
tbe I. ILiUiii) Indei that they nil occur in the Cp. and Ef.' (ilouBariee, and moitl 
of Iheni also in the Ep, OlonBary, 
XL VIII. Item tie Cnasmno {sae iibovt!, Cbupter xxsiv) p. 49''— 50* 

Sources from whence the lemmata (and some of the interpreta- 

iiofis) are excerpted. — Books and MSS. used and consulted in tracing the 

lemiimta to their souroee, — Ahbrevialünui employed in the referencee^ 

iitatiouB, kc. (chiefly in the Liitiu Index). 

ita SS. = Acta Sanctorum, Fol. Antv., Furis., Brnx. 1G43- 

.Ifr. = Ji/Hc Cl-v.). 

[&fnc. - Africaui ; see Can. 

AguBtini ; see Aug-aatinue. 

Juh. Vocab. = Archil. Al/rk'a Vocafnilary in Wright-Wülck.-r' 

Saxon and Old Engl. Vocabularies, col. 104 sqq. 
Aldli. = Aldhelmus (S, AlUhelmi Optra, ed. J. A. Giles. 8" Oxon. 1844; 
Alia (heading of Chapter XLVi) = Jrs Phocae (q.v.). 
Alia (heading of Cliapter xlvii), refers to rarioits unknown sources; am 

is, therefore, alwuys followed by (= )) in the Latin Index. 
Alia : de Caelo (heading of Chapter SLiv) = /Alter Rotarum (q.v.) = Isid( 

(q.V.) Liber df, natara rertim. 
Amos (one of tlie Minor Prophets, for which aeo Chapter xvu). 
noyr. = Ancyrani ; see Can. 

Zeitechr. für Englische Philologie, 8". Halle. 1878— 
^ntioch. ~ Antiocheni ; see Can. 

Anton.; AntoniVita; w Lib. Anton. ; iwAntoni Storia =S. Antonii Vita, 

A. Vita b, Anlmiii Abbatis, auctore Saiicto Athaiiaeio, epieoopo 

Alexaiidrino, interprete Evagrio preabytero Antiocheno [Migne's Pi 

troUxjia LaL, vol. L.xxiii {Vilae Patrwm], col. 126 Bqq.]. 

Β [Fol. 159• of] IJ. Athantutii Archiep. AJexandrii 
ojnnio. Fol. Coloiiiie, 1548. 

C [p. 77' of Apjiend. to] Liber de Ptinsitme D. Ν. Jesu Chri»ti, 
&c., ed. Wolfg. Lazius; Basil. 1552. 

D. Athanasii 0pp., Paris. 1573. 

E. [p. 35 sq.] Herib. Roaweydi Fitan Patnim, id Antw. 1615.| 

F. [torn. II. Jan., p. 136'•] Acta Sanctoimm (1643). 

G. Athanasii 0pp., ed. Monach. Ord. S, Ben. e Oongr. 8. Mauri, 
Paria. 1698. 

Η. Cambridge Univ. Library MS. (pressmark Mm. 4. 28), fol. 3• 
to 21''. 
Apoo. = Apocalypse. 
Apoatt. = AjKistolorura ; see Can. 

KKMmurtn ηψ τηβ οϋΜΚΑΧτ 

Ληλ. f. L• U.-, 'If An*, f, L»L Ln.; or ArcUr- JmAntyiiir /mCbm. 

β" I>rii»ii. ΙΗ«4 . 
An ΙΊηκμι ία firatnmatiei lAtiiui «z msem. Hcnr. Κ«ίΙα, &* 
IfW», *»l. r, f>. ΊΟΰ M|i|. 

AtiNUMniiu (H.), Rpfate. Aim., ΓίΑι A iJn/imu; we Anion. 
Avu. ■'Auffiulittu4 (<|.v,). 

Aagnatinru (H.), Htamant», in Mifpw^ii /*(Ura/. /^ina, voU. limit «nd 
ixxix (H, Aii((UKtmi (Jp/tra, to». », ptm 1 Λ 2). — Fnr ««me of the 
wnrtU »fKijMl ntfurmi»« l/i ritbtr vorfcn of H. Aoffostine have been 
f(ivM) (mu• »eUioni»). 
B-Ur»t H-I'lmcht HÜllun nf Üw C»UU>igiu .S^. Hiawtpni (q.^.)- 
O^nrol. Γ"({. ■ ■''. Rnuidirli llttgnla. 

(Λ) BMMitlioti B'ffula Monnrhorum. R«c. Ed. Worffflin. 8" 
Ιι1[Μ>Μ! (Tmibuvr), ]β9Γ), All reference« ar« to thv chapters and 
tine« ιΛ thin •■«litum, with Llie corrcapuiulmg diapK-r« and lines u( 
the (.'aminii Mlition (It) liHween [ 1 Wlierever rrfenmcR ia made 
t/i C, li *c. thwn work»! are Nptvially mentioned by their title*. 

(U) Htgulivi H, lienwiicli Traditio Oodicom M8H. Caeinpnainm... 
oum ot »tudio MoDitcboram in nrcliicoenoliio CaxtnenRi degmtium. 
Frtl. M'mtlitcMini. 1900. 

((^ ΛιψιίηΗ. Patriii11«nedicti...rec.aP. Bdm η ndo Schmidt. 8» 
Ttiitiiit)onae, ]H80 |hil>. tl of Vitn et Regula SS. f. ßevedieii una 
mum (I.ili. ill) i-jrpnMilioru! liri/uUu^ a IlUtlmuiro tradita, 8" RatiH- 
Ixinac. 18HÜJ. 

(D) Mi((nii'N ]'atriJo(iia Λα/, torn, lxvi : α. Benedict! opera omnia 
{ml. 20fi «qfj. H. Itiniodicti Jiej/tda, cum Comm.]. 

(B) /isi/ida H. P. Bi'nedicti...rec. a P. Edm. Schmidt. 8" Ratieb. 

(K) Di« Bftnediklinerregel (MS. 916), herauegeg. von Paul Piper 
(Bd 162 of Jo*. Kurachner'H DeuUe/ui Nalvmal^IAtUratur, 180»). 

{U) TextgetchichU der Regula S. ßmedieti, von Ludwig Trau)>e 
[Band XXI, Alrth, ili of AbharullHTtgen der kiti. Classe der Kön. Baytr. 
Akademie der Wieteiuehii/leit, 4° Munoben. 1808]. üf. sleu KeroniM 
Munachi S. Qalli /nterprelatio Voeabulorum Barbarieorum in Reffula 
S. BmedicU [in Tom. ii fol. 69 of Μ. Η. Ooldaati Herum Ataman- 
nioomm Scriptoret, Fol. Fmncof. 16611; Am. Schröpr, /Jie Winlewy- 
vertion der Beynlii S. Benedicti, lutein, u. Engliach, 8" Halle a, H. 
1888, H. l^goiiiim, The Kule of Η. Benet, Ut. A Λ.8. interlin. 
vfmion, 8" Lond. (E.E.T.8.), 1888, &c., Ac, 
Hlumo- Blimwt (F.), K. lAchmunn nnd A. Rndorff, /Jü Sehri/Um der 
Hümieelken /'eldiiteteer, lioramig. und i>rlaut«rl. 2 R<li% 8", Berlin, 
184H (AIho quoted nnder thn title Orotnatiei wUivii). 



, Bonif. = (Pope) BouifaciuG, see below Can., Canmt. 

jsw. T.; or Boeworth T. = Bos worth (Joe.) and T. Northoote Toll», 
An Angloiiaxon Dictionary; iv parte, 4", Oxford, 1882—1892. 

I Breti. exeol. = Breui» extioliitio (heading οί Chapter vi), which Glogger, 
guided by a i]iiDtation made by Schlutter (in vol. ν of Joiim. of 
Ewjt. aiid Germ. Phihl.), diseovei-ed to be a collection of words ' 
extracted from Gildus' De exeidio Britnnniae (for which see the ] 
Addenda, at the end of this voJunie). 

I Brit MuB. MS. (pressmark 28. h. 7 ; Cotton, Veap. B. vi fol. 106'') ; 
Bee Eucheritu. 

uachbibliachen Aiterthume. 8" 

I Brüll (Ad), Trachten der Juden 
Fpankf. ο. Μ. 1873. 

I Bülbring (Karl D.), Altengl. Elcraentarbuch. 8" Heidelb. 1902. 

ί-0 = 1βχΙ C^Augsbui^ edition of the Cutalogus .S'. Hieronymi (q.v,). 

I Cacciari (Petr. Thoic), Eccleg. Iliel. Kmebii Pamph. libri novem Hiiffino 
int«rpr. ; see below, Rnfinna (edition C). 

ρ Calch. = Colchedonensis ; see Can, 

\ Canibr. MS. ; ur Cambridge MS. ; or Cambridge Un, Libr. MS. (= one 
of the xiith cent., Pressmaik Kk. 4. 6) contains (1) on foil. 41—44, 
a wholly Latin-Latin (without any Germaoic interpretiitions) Glossary 
to tlie Old Tt«tanient, fiOUi Genes, to Job. It i« »kin to onr Leiden 
GloBsary, a? ie evident from the Glyssea from PaiuHp. (Chapt, vii) 
to Job (GIl XI.1, gloss 38), which occur on fol. 43'• to 44^ and 
to which references are made in the I. or Latin Iudex. (2) on 
ff. lÖO•" — 176''Sancti Hieronymi (q.v.) Catalogue virarum illustrium. 
This latter work is also found in another Cninbridge MS. referred to, 
which belongs to the xvtb cent., and bears the Pressmark Dd, 
7. 2. rt is, however, imperfect, and the Greek words are not written 
in. Another Oanibridge Univ. Library MS. of the xiith cent. (Press- 
mark Mm. 4. 28) contains, on foil. 3" to 21'', Vita S. Antonii...ab 
AthanBsio...tranci!. ab Evagrio. 
Q.; Canon. - Canones. — Can. Apantt. (= Canon es Apostuloruin) ; Can. 
Cone. A/rie. (= Canones Concilii Africani) ; Can. Cone. Ajtei/r. (= 
C. C. Ancyrani) ; Can. Cone. Anlioch. (= C. C. Autioeheni) ; Can. 
Cone. Cd/eA. or Cltale. (= C. C. Calchedonensis) ; Can. Cone. Carth. 
or Carthag. {—C. C. Carthaginenais) ; Can. Clone. Cotutant. (=C. C. 
Oonstantinopolitaui) ; Can. Cona Gtmgr. (= C. 0. Oangrensis) : Can. 
Cone. Laad. (= C. U. Laodiceni) ; Can. Cone. Neocae». (= C. C. 
Neocaesarienids) ; Can. Cone. Nie., or Niaaen. (— C. C. Nicaeni) ; 
Can. Cone. Sard, or Sardic. (=C. C. SardicenaiB). 

(A) The Canons and Decrees of the Poijea, transl. into Latin, and 
collected by Dionysius Exiguua (cuOa a.D. 514^.'>23), published in 
(pp. 97—274) Btblioilieca Jurw Canonici V<tlerie...Ex antiqiiie Codd. 
AiSS. Biiliol/tficeii Christ. lustelli..., cum v^rsionHma Laiittie..., opera 
et atiidio Gul, Voelli.,.et Henr. lustelli.. .Fol. Lut. Paris. 1661. 

nr mULHHJKAl'HY ΟΚ the CiUlSiiAHV 

The (first vol. of tliia) work contains (on i»p. 1—96): 

1. Uodex Canoimm Eerf^<v Uiiiiyereie a Concilio Calchedonensi, 
et Juetiniaiio Ini]j. confirmatUH, Gnece et Latine, cum notis Chr. 
luetelli: (a) a.D. 314 Concilii Anoifrani CiinuneH xxv; (6) a.D. 314 
done. Xeocir-mrienait Can. xiv ; (c) A.n. 325 Cone. Ificaaii oeoumenici 
1 Can. jix; (d) A.D. 325 Cone. Oatigrengit Can. xx; (e) a.D. 341 
Cone. Antioefimii Can. xxv ; {/) a.D. 364 Cone. Loodieeiii Can. lix : 
(j) A.D. 381 Cone. ConetniUhtojMJiUtni oeoumenici ii Can. vii ; 
(Λ) A.D. 431 Cone, Ephetim oecunienici iii Can. viii ; (i) A.D. 451 
Cone, CakhedoNfneiK oecumenici IV Can. xxix. 

2. Codex Cnnonuin Secleeiaeticorwn DionyeÜ Exigui, sive Codex 
CanoiMtii Vetiu EccUmte Romanai, ab Kadriano Pa|>a I Carolo 
Magno Romie quondam oblatiis...Cui acceeserunt autiquiora Ponti- 

ßeiim RonMuorum dtcreta, ab eodem Dionyaio coUectn, μρ. !)7 — 274, 
Tliie Collection was used by our Clossatur, and contains, beeide» 
Dionygiue' second redaction of liie Latin iiitei'pretatioti of tlie above 
Uanons [excluding Λ1 pertaining to the Greek Clmi-cli, also («) Dioiiy- 
«mii Pr^faee ; iiiu« Canonura Jcc, (j)].. 97— 1 1 1) ; (6) siW «/«(., Regul'ie 
(SO) iCcclee, SS. ApoeUJorum, |>iOlatee [>er Clenieiitem Ecclesia; Eo- 
monffi Potit, pp. 112--11G ; (c) a.D. 343 Canonee Synodi Saydiceiieit 
XXI, pp. 137—141; (d) A.D. 419 Synodiis apud Ctirfhagitiitm 
A/riettn»rum, qiue conetituit caiiones cxxxviil (Praef. ; J'rii/eitBw 
ßdei A'icieni Covcilij, and Oaun. i — cxxxvtii), pp. 141^174. — 
(tf) Epwtola .Sj/iiodicet S. CyrilH et ConcUii Ahxandrini oonlra 
Nevtoriwm (a Dtonysiu Exiguo in Laünuin eermonem translate), 
pp. 175 — ISO. — (/) Collectio Deereturwii Pord^ßatm Honiaitorum, 
autliore Dionysia Exiguo, pp. 181 — 248. (This Collection contains 
Decrees of the Pontiffs : (1) Siiiciun, a.D. 385, pp. 100—194; 
(2) /wHoccniiiM, A.D. 404, pp. 194—211 ; (3) Zozimiis, a.d. 417, 
pp.211— 212; (4) /fowi/uitw, A.D. 419,pp. 213— 215 ; (5) CMexlinua, 
A.D. 439, pp. 215—222; (G) Leo I., A.D. 444, pp. 222—239; 
(7) Gelimw. A.D. 492, pp. 239—245; (») AnaaUmus, A.D. 498, 
]tp. 245— 248]. ^(i/) Collectio II. Deeretwn Pont^ieum Humajuimm 
ab Hilario ad Gregorium II., pp. 249—274. This (second) Collection 
contains Decrees of: (1) Hilariun, a.d. 461, pp. 249—253 ; (2) Sim- 
li/iciu«, A.D. 467, p. 254 ; (3) Petix, A.D. 483, pp. 255—257 ; 
(4) Si/mninchm, a.u. 497, pp. 257—267 ; (5) Honniiida, a.d. 514. 
pp. 267—272; (6) GTnytyriuv jun., A.n. 715, pp. 272—274. 

The whole Collection hae been reprinted in Migne'e Patr^ Lot. 
Toin. Lxvii. 

(B) CnUnetio Ciinimicm S. Teidoro Iligjud. aacriplfi (contain, (a) Ex- 
cerpta CsnonuDi ; (b) Graecoruni Conotlia : (e) Africte Concilia ; 
(d) Uallite Concilia; (i) Concili« Hispania;; (/) Epwtolae Dccretalet*), 
in S. leidori Hispaleusis e|iiscnpi O/m-n Omnia, torn, viii [Migue'H 
Patrolugia Latina, vol. lxxxiv]. 

(C) MftMSsen (Dr Friedr,), Crgrhkl.h- ,Ιη- Q.irlhn nnil drr Lilrm- 
lnr den caiwiiUchen RechU im AIkmIIuiuIo bis zum AiieyHn•)!'. das Mil- 


xlv J 

tiUailmv. Ereter Band, 8" (ir&tz, 1S70. [As Λΐψ^κΟχ, \}\>. 003 at\C[.•. 
(1) Oieuilian'e Vei-eioii der Canoiipu von Nicaen; (3) Die galliscb- , 
b)i)inische Version dm- Caiioaeii von NicHcu; (3) Die galliache < 
Vei-sion der Oaiinnen von NicKea ; (4) Dhh FwgmeBt der Ireisinger 
Haiidscbrift, der nicaenixolien Canoiien, c. 15—19; (5) Unknown 
vm-aion of the 13tli and '20th Caiion of Niwniioi in λ ΜΗ. of Saint 
Germain ; (ti) Die isidoristrhe Vereion der Cauotieu von Nicae«, ι 
Aucyra, NeocaeeareB, Qangra in ihrer ältesten Oentalt; (7) CanoiieQ« 
von Ancyra, Neocaeean-a, Gangra und Antiochien in der galliitcheal 
Version -, (8) A Canon not found among the known Canoiix ( 
Autiocfaia (in n MS. of Saint Germain) ; (9) Die Cnnonen 
Con Stan tiiiopel in eigenthiimlicher Vereiou ; (10) Die Canonen voaj 
Chalcedon in eigenthilinlicher Version; (11) Die Canonen νοα^ 
Eplieaua in eigenthUui liehet Version, &c. &c]. 

(D) Sacroitnii Coneiiiorum Nova, et ampliieima CoUectio, in qua 
praeUr ea quae Pliil. Labbeus, et Gabi•. Coaaartius, et Nicobua Ooleti 
in ItteeiH edidr-re ea omnitt ineiipttr vm« in loci» oplimr. ditpoeita 
ex/tibenlur quae Joannes Dominicus Mansi.-.evulgavit. Editio 
novissima ab eodem Fatre Mansi...tiurata. Fol. Floreutiae, 1759. 

(E) El. Steinineycr u. Ed. Kievere, AltJtochd. f/loasen, Berlin, 
1883, 8", 11, μμ tili -152. 

(F) Turner (C. Hamilton), Ecclegiae OcndenUdi» Moniiui 
Juris nutiquiiintna. Fasciculi I pare prior (Canunes Apostolorum, i 
pars 2* (Nioaeni Concilii Praefat. Capltula Symbolimi Canones). 
Oxon. 1899, 1904. 

Cant. - Canticiini Cantiuoruin, in the Vu!g. 

Carth. ; or Carthag. = Cai-tliagineuaiii ; see Cn», 

Case.; or Caaaian. ; or De Cumi.; or De Cons. Inst, - De Caüsiano (heading 
of CliaptetB xxxrv and xlviii)- Johannes Cassianus, /lutitutiontiiu 
libri XII, ox ret-ens. Miiliaul. Petsclieiiig (vol. xvii of the Vienna 
Οοψν^ Scriptt. EcaleB. £rtf in., Vind ok 1888).— Nest. =Joh.OaasiaiiUB, 
De lucarnatione Domini Vontra Neetorium, libri vil, ex receue, 
Mich. Petsclienig (ibid.).— Conl. = JoU. Casaiauua, C&rdaUones, ed, 
Mich. Fetsclienig (vol. xiii, pars 2, ibid.). 

. Psalni.; or Cass, in Psalm. — Magni Aurulii Cassiodori tn Pealterinm^ 
E£poiiHit> (vol. Lxx of Migne's PiUr. Lai). — Caseiod. Hist. Eccl. = 
M. Aur. Cassiodori IlieUma Ecclee. vocata Iripariila (ibid. vol. lxIXU 
; Catal. ; Cat. Hier. : Cat. HieiOn. = Catalogu» Hierf)nymi = 8. ' 
Hieronymi (q.v.) Vatalogiu ur Liber de Vine illiistribus. 

Oent, Diet ■= The Century Dictionary., .of the English lAngitage, ed. Will. 
Dwight Whitney, 6 vol«.. New York, 1889—91. fol. 

Ohalc. = Cbalchedonensis, see 0<in. 

Chron. I ii π (also ent Pai-alipomenon), in the Vulg. 

Olem. ; or Olem. Recoguitt. ; or Clem. Row. Rocognitt, = De demente J 
(hoiuling of Chapter xxxviii)=S. Olementis Koniaui R'coynitvm 
Uufino A{|uileiensi Freab. interprete, ed, E. U. Uei-sdorf, 8" LipN. 18381 


(reprinted Mignp, ΡοΛτ. Gr. ι, col. 1201 si[q,). — Epintol» primH 

CleraentiB ad Jacobiini Fratrem Domiui, in Migiiu's PtUr. Lat, cxXJt 

col. 19 sqq. 
done. = Concilii ; see Can. 
Coul. - (Caseiaui) Coiiktionea ; see Cos». 
ConBtaiit. = Coiietantinopolitani ; nee Can. 
Coiinac'a Glosauiy, in W. Stokes' (ij.v.) Thrre IrUh Glomni-ies. 
Corpus Glossary ; nee Ileesde. 
OotgtHve (Rändle), A Dictionarie of the Frencli and Engüali tongues, 

Fol. Lond. 1011. 
Cp. ; or Cp. Gloss. ; w Cp. Glossary ; or Corp. GI. ; or Corpus; or Corpus 

Gl. = Corpite Glogsary, ed. J. H. HesseU (q-v,). 
Cp. Int. = The Intei-|)raet«tio or First Part of the Corptu Glonaart/ ; see 

Cyprianus De op. et eleera. (in the Viennu Corp. .^erijiU. Ecel. Latin, iii, 1). 

= Dutch or Deuteches, 
Dan. = Daniel (heading of Chapter xvi) ; see (besides the etld. of the 

Vulgate) Migne'a Pair. Lat. vol. xxviii. 
Deer. ; or Deeret. - Decretum or Decreta {Deer, llonif. — Decret. Caolest. 

— Decret, Gelas.— Deer, IUI. (Hilar.)— Deer. Horm.— Deci-et. Innoc. 
— Decref. Leon. — Deer. Siricii — Decret. Sy nun.— Decret. Zosimi) ; 

see above Cun., Cnmn. 
Def. fid. Chalc. (Calch.) — Detinilio tidei Ohalcedonensis, ap. Mane, (q,v.) 

VII, 752». 
Def. fidei Cone. Nie. ^ Defiuitio fide! Conoitii Nii;aeni (for which see 

Chapter cxsxvii of the Cati. Cone. CartK.); see above Con.; Cntwn, 
Defin. - Deßnitio ; see Vetun Deß'i. 
De Vit, Gloss. = Gloewiriuni (iu Aeg. Ροιι,ΌΐΗηί Totius Lutiaitatie Lexicon, 

ed. Vine De- Vit, v.J. vi, p. 461). 
DiaL = Sulpicii Seven Dialoyi ; soe Mart. (= S. Martini Stoiia). See alsu 

Grey. Dial. 
'Dief. - Diefenhauli (Laur.), Oloseariuni Ijitino-Uemian. mediae et intiniae 

aetatie. 4" Francof. H*57. 
Die» (Frietlr.), Etyni. Wörterb. der ßomaiiiMelien Spi-achen. 5'" Ausg. 8" 

Bonn, 1887. 
Dion, praef., or Üiouys. Praef. - The Preface of uuntynu« Sxitfuite, tu 

his Latin translation of the Canonee ; see above Can.; Canon. 
div. = diverais ; see Ex diiiersis libris. 
Don. Ars-Donati Ai-h Uraminatica (in Grainniatici Latin!, ex I'ecens. 

Henr. Keilii, vol, iv, μ 3.'j3 sqq.), 
Draeont = Draoontii Caiinina otiiuia (in Aligne's Pair. .Lai. vol. lx, 

tol. aar, ^,,.). 



l)ii C. ; or Du Gange = Gloswki-iuin inediiut I't infiiiiHf I^tinitAtit oondituni 

a Oar. Dufresiie Dnrii. Du Cniigt•, «1. G. A. L HeiiHchel, 7 vols., 

4" Paris, 1840— IMO (Edit, nova, λ Ltiop. Favit-, 10 vols., 4" Niort, 

1883— 1K87). 
- Ειι}(1ϊηΙι. 
Ε = text Ε -Cambridge Univeraity Library MS. (prrasiiiark Kk. 4. 6) 

containing tlie Catalogu» 8. Hieroiiynii (q.v.), 
Eccl. let. ; or Eccl. ΓηΙογ. ; or Bccles. Fstor. - Eccleniastic» Ititoria 

(heading of Cliapt^r iv). — Ec<?l. Stor. - EccleHiaetica ätarin (heading 

of Chapter V) ; see BuKbim. 

Ewles. = Ecclrainsticus (Vulgate pd.). 

Eclesinst. ~ EcclofiiaBtos (Vulgato ed.). 

' (^Glonsary Erfuit') ; Ef." (=GloHsary Erfm-t') ; both published by 

GwH-g. Guetz (Cor|ms Olossariornni Lalinaruni, vol. 5), the tirat (ae 

Oloumriuiii Ampluüiaimni |u-iniuui) on pp. 337^401 ; the second 

(as Gloaeaiium Aniplonianiim uticiindum) on pp. 2Γι9— 337. See 

Ooetz' Preface (ibid.), p. xxvi, 
ilason (Sreinbjürn), Lexiuon Pui'ttciiin autiqtiiie Linguae Septentrionalia. 

»■' Hafniae, 18C0. 
Engl. Dial. Diet. -- The English Dialect Dictionary. eJ. Jos, Wi-ight, 

6 vola., Lond. IgO«— 1905, 4". 
Ennius. Ennianae Piieais Reliquiae, recenn, Joan. Vahleii. 8" Lips. 1864, 
Ep. = The Epinal Glossary, Lat. and Old Eng., Fol, Loml. 1883 (Philol., 

and Early Engl. Text Societies). — Ep. — , nieuns thnt the word is 

wanting in tlie Ερίη. (^tloseary. 
Ep. S. Cyr. Alex. = Epistola Synodica S, Cyrilli ; .lee above Can. ; Canon. 
Esdr. ; or Eedra = Esdraa (in Vulgate ed.). 
Esther (in Vulgate ed.). 
Etyni, Magnum = Etymologicon Magnuin, ed. Thorn. GaiEforJ. Fol. 

Oxon. 1848. 
Euch, de Pond. = (Λ) in CliHpUTs De Ponderibus et De Mensuns, 

p. 1-18 aqq. S. Euclierii Lugdnn. InMruclionum lihri duo, ed. Carol. 

Wotko (voL XXXI of the Vienna Cori>u» Soriptt. Eeelea. Lat., 1891); 

(B) MS. Brit, Mua. 28. h. 7 ; Cotton, Vesp. B. \^, fol. lOGi•. 
Eucher. Instr. ; w Eucher. Instructt. ; or Euclierii Inatmctt. ; or Eucherius = 

S. Euclierii InstmcU. (aa above). 
Engeniae (VitH B.), quoted as Ex dirersU I'tbrie (heading to Ch, Xlll) ; 

published in Migne'e PfUr. ImI. vol. lxxiii, col. 605 sqq. 
Eu», ; or Euseb. = Eueebius Painphili (Eccles. Histoiia) = Äii^Hue (q.v.). 
Evagriufi, Presliyt. Antinch. ; see Ajtbm. 
Ex div. libris (heading of Ch. XLii), )>artly - Sulp. 8βν. Dinlot/i \ partly = 

Sulp. Sev. i'ita ,1. Martini ; partly = Ι'ίί« .V. Ruge^iiae Viry. 
Exod. ^ Exodus, in the Vnlg. 
EkboI. ; Exsolntiu; see Breii. /ixKolulio. 


liUAi'IlV np THE (5I.OSSAH 

Ezpctl. ; 


■ Ezek. - Ezechieh^ Hipzichiel ^lieaUing of Cli. xv), in Vul- 

Fuciiudi Def. = FBcundi tlermiau. Ep. Pro defeiidoiie trium <Jii]iituloruiu 

Concilii Clialcedoiienais libri xii (in Migiie's Pair. Lat. lxvii, 

col. 527 sqq.). 
Fann. [Priwi.j = Q. KLeiunii Fminii Palnemonis De jtoncleribue et ineniiuns 

carniina (ad oalc. Liicne pHcti de mensuris et ponderibns Roinaiiiü et 

Oraeuis...Hbt'i quinque, 4" Venet 1•'ϊ73). 
Florio (John), A worlde of wordee, or.,.dictiouat'ie in Itatmn and Eiigljfili, 

4° London, 1598. 
Foioell. ; or Forcellini ; e»• Forcellini-De-Vit Lex. = Aeg. Foi-cellini 

Totiua latiuiUdB Lexicon, ed. Vine. De-Vit, 6 vols. ίο!. Prati, 

1875—. Id., Onomasticon, ed. Vine. De-Vit, 4 vole. (A— O), fol. 

Prati, 18Ö9— . 
Franck; or Frenck, Woordenb. = Franck (Job.), Etymologiscli Wooi^den- 

boek der Nederlandeche Taal. »" 'sGravenhage. 1892. 
G.=<!.™.„. ■ 

Gaiaford (Thorn.), see Elifia. Miu/num. ^ 

Oall^e (Johan Hendr.}, Old Saxon t«xts (with fHCsimiiefl). 8" Leiden, 1891.'^ 
Uaugr. --- Gangrennis ; see Cait. 
Gebhardt (Oscar von), editor of Soplironiue' Greek traiislatioa of 

St Jei-ome's Catal. de viiia illuwtiiliiia; aee llm: 
Gen. ; or Genesi. — Genesi». 
Georg. ; or Oeorges' Wortei-b. ; or üenrgea Wrtli. = Georges (Karl Ernst), 

Lat« tu. -Deutsches Hamlwört^rliucb, Tth ed., 2 voIh. 8" Leipz. 1879. 
Oerniania. VierteljabrsHchrift fur dentscbe Alterthiiitiskunde. Heransg. 

von Fr. Pfeiffer, Κ. Bartsch, Otto Behaghe!. Jahrg. i— xxxvii, 8" 

Stuttg.. Wien, 185G— 1893. 
OeseniuB (Will.), Hebrew and Chnldee Lexicon, transl. hy Sani. P. 

Tregelles. 4" Lond. 18Sa. 
Oilttas Sapiens, De &'xci(lio ßriUiimia«, receiiH. Joh. Stevenaon, Ijondin. 

1838, 8". Also in Migne'a Putr. lat. (1848), vol. lxix, coI. 327 sqq., 
and (ed. Tli. Moinmsen) in Monuni. Germ. (C/iron. Min. vol. iii). 
Glogger (P. Plac.), O.S.B., Das Leidener ÜloHear (Cod. Vosb. lal. 4" 69). 

2 parte. 8" Augsb. 1901—3. 
GlosB. Werth. -Werden Fragmente of QlosBaries, published by J. Η. 

GaU^e (q.v.), p. 33U sqq. 
OonUt; or Goetjs' Corp. Gl. Lat = Corpus Glossarioi-um Latinorun) η 

GuBt. Loewe incohatum...ed. Georg. Goetz, 7 vols. (2 — 7 published). 

8" Lips. 1888—1901. The 6th and 7th vols, contain elaborate 

indices to the Corpus. 
Giuff(E.G.), Althochdeutscher Sprachschatz, e vols. 4" Berl. 1834—1842. 
Oreg. Dial. = S. Grt^rii Magni Diaiogontm libri quatuor (in Migne's 

Pair. Lai. ι,χχνιι, col. 149 sq<j,). 


iing. Reg, Paet. - S. Grejiorii ÄUgui Lit«'!• rnguhf jmntoivil!/', imrtes iv 

(in Migne'n Pair. Lai. Lxxvii, col. U sijq.). 
£trimni (Jacob i Willi.), Deutschea Würterbiicb, vols, i — , 8" 

Leipz. 1854—. 

■ (Jacob), Gesch. der tleutscbcn Spiuclie, Ά' Aufl., 2 vols. 8" 

Leipz. 1868. 
DeiitHcIie Mythologie, 4te Ans«. Bi-sorgt vou E. H. ^teyfΓ, 3 Bde. 

"■ Berlin, 1S75. 
Habac. = Hnhacuc (ill Vulg. ed.). 
HftjEien (Hemi.), Αιέ Anouyoia Berneiisis (|>p. 62 — 142, Siipiileinentum 

contiii. Auecdotai HelveLicn, v\ recciis. H. Hugeni in Granimatici 

Latini, ex i-ecens- Henr. Eeilii). — Id C'ommentiim Einaidlense in 

Donati Artom minorem (ibid. pp. 202— 2Γ4), 
Hattemer (Huinr.), Deiikmahle de» Mittel el tfra. :i vols. S" St Gallen, 


Helmreich (G.) ; HenieuB (WiUi.), cnutributoi-a to tlie Ari-Uiv /. f,at. Lex. 
Hestiele (John Henry), An Eijjh 111 -Century L*tiu-Aiiglo-Saxon Gloaftai?: 

{Coqius ChiiKli College, Camliriilge, MS. No. 144). 8" Camv! 

bridge (Univ. Press), 1890. ' 

Heyee (TLeod.), Biblia Hacm fjiitiiia Vet, Tcstamenti Hiemnyran 

prel«. 8" Lips. 187^1. 
Hier. ; or Hierein, = Hieremia (headiug of Cliiipter .\iv), or Jeremia, ii 

Vulg, ed.— Hier. Tliretii (in Tidg. ed.). 
Hier. ; or Hieron. = S. Ειιβ. Hiermiymii». 

I. Hieronynii Cntitlmjit« or /.Uim• Ί•• Vin» Hhmlrlbnt. 
A. For geneml i«fei-ences and qiiotatinnii regarding this work, j 
Migiie's edition has lieon used (I'alrol. Lai. xxm = S. Hieronymi 
Opera, vol. ii, p. G02 sqq.). 

Further rpferences are made to 

Β = Liber de Viris illustribue [Utrecbt, Ketetner Λ• De Leempt, Ι 
e. 1473, 26 leaves, amall fol. Copy in the Cambridge University J 
Library, AB. 9. 38]. WiÜMul Gennnttiue. 

C - Liber de Vina illustribue, Augglmrg, U. Zainei*, c. 1470, t 
OfrmadtttK 38 leaves (1^38), fol. [The vol. contains various otherl 
tracts. The Lihraiy of Trinity Oollege, Cambridge, possesees twol 
copies of this edition.] 

Ώ. Hieronymua Liber de Viris illustribus,.., herausg. von Ernetrttrl 
Cusbing Itichnrdsou [Bd. Kiv, Heft 1 of TexU uiul Untersuch. z\ 
Geethiaite der AltdtrieiHehen Literatur, liorauageg. von Oscar 
Gebhardt und Adolf Harnack. Thi Latin ΙλχΙ.—ΒΛ. XIV, Heft l"•^! 
Hieronymua de Viris illuatribus in Oriechiacher UebersetKitng (der¥ 
sogenannt« Soplironius) heraimg. von Oscar vim Gebhanit.^Bd. ΧΙΙΙ,Ι 
Heft 3 Die Griechinche Ueheraetznng der Viri Tnlusti-eM des Hiero-I 
nymua, von Geo. Wetitnel], 



jriptof the 12tb century, in tlieCaniln-idge University 
Library (pressiiiarlc Kk. 4, 6), containing »inong oilier works (for 
which aee the Hat. of MSS. pi-eserved in that Librai-y) elso the 
CiUaJogtis of St .Trronae. This MS. is mentionPtl by E. C. Richnrdwoii, 
but not, it would seem, used for hie edition. 

F. Anotlier MS. of tlie xvth cent., likewise in the Cambridge 
Univ. Libr. (pressmark Dd. 7. 2). 

For references to the other works of St Jerome the vole, of Migne's 
ed. {Pair. Lai. xxii — xxx) have been used. It is to l>e noted that 
Hier. Comrn. in Matth. (- Uerborum Interpretatio, heading of 
Ch. XXIX of Glossary) = S. Bus. Hierouynii Commentt. in 
Evangelium Mattbaei (vol. xxvi of Migne's Pair. Λη/.).— Hieron. 
Kzposit. Interlin. libii lob (vol. xxiii ibid.). — Hieron. Comm. in 
lib. lob (vol. XXVI ibid,).— Id. trmialatiou of Bk, of lob (vol. xxviii 
ibid.). — Hieron. Praef. = his Praefatiouea to the various books of the 
Bible (in the Vulgate, q-v.).— Cf. Goelzer (Henri) Etvde t/e la 
Latiniti de St. Jervme, 8" Paris, 1 884.— Pauckei- (0.) d« Lathiilnl« 
B. i/ieronymi Ohnermit 8" Berol. 1880. 

Hiciwch. =■- KiezecliicI ; see AsecA. 

Hil. = Hilai'ins; see above Can. 

Hitdebrand (Geo. Friedr.), Gloseanum I>atiniim bibliotli, PariK, aiitiq. 
soec. IX. »' Ooett. 1854. 

Holder (Alfr.), Alt-Celtiecher Sprach schätz, 2 vols. 8" Leii«. 189G— 1004. 

Holthauspii (Ferd.), on Glosses (in Angtia, ibc.). 

Horm. = Hormisda ; aee Cnn. 

Innoc, = Innocentiue (Decret. Innoc); see Can., Cnnmi. 

Inst. - III Btituti ones ; see Caxs. = Caeeiaiiun. 

Int. = Interprnetatio ; see Cp. 

la&i. ~ Isaiah (in the Vulgate). 

laid. = 8. rsjdorUB.- Isid. Difl'. ; οϊ• de diff. Verbb. = 8. laid. Liber de 
dilferentiiH Verborum (in Isidore's Opera, ed. Faust. Arevalo, toin. v, 
]ip. 1 — 76 ; Migne, Pair. Lai. Lxxxiii, coll, 9 — 70). — laid, de natura 
rerum, or Liber de nat. rer. (Arev., torn, vii, pp. 1—62; Migne'a 
Pair. Lat. lxxxiii, col. 957 sqq.). In the Glossary this treatise ia 
entitled Liber Hotainnn, on which see Areval i, 659, — laid. Oflic. ; m• 
de Offig. Ecclea. -S. Isid. de Ecclesiasticis Officiie tibri duo (Ai-ev. 
lom. VI, pp. 3G3— i71; Migne, lxxxiii, coll. 737— 826).— Isid. 
Etym. = S. Isidori Etymologiae, Hbri xs (Aivv, lomm, iii i!b iv ; 
Migne, Lsxii). — laid. Lib. Gloss. = Liber Gloesarum, ex varus 
Glosaariis, quae sub Isidori nomine circumferuntur, collectus (Arev. 
torn. VII, p. 443 sqq. ; Migne, iJtxxiii, col. I33I sqq.). — Isid. contra 
Jndaeoa (in Napier's Old English Glosses, p. 205),— Isid. Epp 
(Arev. VI, p, 557 sqq. ; Migne, lxxxiii, col. 893 sqq.). 

Ist. ; or lator, = latoria ; see Seel. let. 


■Ter, = Jeremia = Hirrifmia (q-v.). 

Juroiue ; Jeroniö'n Cafalotfite ; sep Hieroiij/mii». 

Joiknn. = Joannes = Jülianiies, q.v. 

Jol> (liendiiig of Ch, κιχ), in Vulg. 

Joel (hoading of Ch. xvii), in Vulg. 

Joh. (= Joliiiniies, heading of Ch. xxv), in Vulg. 

Jon. ^Jonaa (heading of Ch. xvii), in Vulg. 

Journal of Germanic Philology, ed. hy Gust. Ε. Karsten, Ac•., vols, 1—5. 

8" Bloouiington, 1897—. (Vol, ν ent. The Jouvn. of Englinh and 

Gemianic Philo!., «I. by Albei•! S. Cook and Gust. E, Karsten.) 
Jud, = Judith (heading of Ch. xxi), in Vulg. 
Keil (Henv.), Gramiuatici I^tini ex recena. Henr. Keilii, Τ vola. (cum 

Siippleni., ed. Henii. Hagen). 8" Li|>s. IS.i?— 1880. 
Kern (Hendr.), Notes on thf Saliu Iaw (in Lex Satica, ed. J. H, ΗηββπΐΗ, 

i" Lond. 1880). 

IlDge (or Kliige, Wrth. ; or Et Wiirt, ; or Diet.) = Kluge (Friedr.), 
Etyniolugisclies Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, 6' Aufl. 8" 
Strassburg, 1899.— Kluge, Leeeb. (or Α. 8. I^eab. ; Ang. Lee.) = 
ÄngelsächsischeH Lesebuch, 3' Aufl. 8" Halle, 1902.— Kluge (Friedr.), 
Vorgeac lachte der altgernmn. Dialekte (in vol. i of Herrn. Paul'» 
Grundriss der German. Philol.. 8" Strassh. 1901).— Kluge (Friölr.) 
A F. Lutz, English Etynioloyy. 8" ötraasb. 1898. 
Körting (Gustav), Latein. -romanisches Worterbuch, 2" Ausg. 8" Pa<lerb. 

Liindgraf (Gust.), contributor to the Archiv f. Lat. l.nAe. (vol. ix). 
Laod. - Luodiceni ; see Can. 
Ιλ«η8 (Wolfg.); see Vita S. Anton. 

Lchdm = Leechdom (quoted by Bosw. T.) = Leeclnloms, Würtcunning...of 
Early EngUnd, ed. by Cockayne (Master of the Rolls' .leries, .1 vols.). 
Leo (Pope), see Can.. 

Leutsch (Ernst Ludw. von), see Paroemioffr. 
Lew. and Sli. ; or Lewis & Sh. = Lewis (Charit. Τ.) and (Charles) Short, 

Latin Diet 8" Oxf. 1879. 
Lib. Anton, (Liber Aiitonii) = 8, Antonii Vita; sef Aniim. 
Liber de illustribus viris, see Hieronifniw». 
Lili. Rot. = Liber Itotanun (heading of Chapter xxvii) = S. Isidori (q.v.) 

Liber de natura rerum. 
Liddell k Sc. = Liddell (Henry Geo.) and (Rob.) Scott, Greek-Engl. 

Lexicon, T" ed. 4" Oxf. 1883. 
Lril'stedt (Einar), on Olossee, in ArelixO fiir Lat. Lexicogr. (vol. xiv). 
Loewe (Gust.), Prodromus corporis glossnrionim Latinonim. 8° Lips. 

Lomm, = Lommatxsch ; see Riifiuite (Origen.). 




..des CHUOuiechen R«<chte.. 

' Roniae, IS39 

Luc. = LucHH, in tlio Viilg. 

Lilt)! (P.), w* Kliiift. 

Miuutieii (Fnetlr.), Ufischiuht« der Quelli 

Μ I. «" Ciratz, 1871. 
Mai (Aiig<<lo, Uard.), Spicilogiuni Rooionum, 10 vote. 


MaW'h. (heiuling of Cli. xvii) = MalacUas, in the Valg. 
M&n.; or Mune. = MariMJ (Joaiin, Dniniii.) Sacroimm Coiicilioi-iini.,.col- 

lectio. Fol. Florent, 1759— 
Me. Sangenn. (Kaint-Onniiain MS. <)iioted by Sabatier, ιχ.ν.). ^M 

Maiv. = tlie ϋοαρηΙ of Mark, in the Vnlg. fl 

Miirt..=8. MartinuD^H. Martini (M«i-tyiii) Storie. — 

A. äutpicii i^'eri Lihri i|tii siiperauut, receneuit et cummentiirLO 
critico inetruxit diroliis Halm. 8" Vitidob. 1866 [In vol. i of Coipua 
Seriptortim Heckeinetieorum IaUximtkih. Editiini conaiiio et impcnsio 
Acitd^miae Litteraruin (Joeitivivaü VindoboneiiHia, 8" VindoU 18GG. 
— («) Vila Sanclt .Varltni epincopi et tMiifetmoriK, pp. 107 — 137. — 
(6) kjiittulan ill., pp. 138— 151,— (c) Diiüogi [ii., pp. 152—216]. 

B. ViUt It. Martini Sal>arienais, opiscofii TiimnenaiB, η Kulpitio 
äeiiero Khetore Latine conacripta [pp. 1 — 18 of vul. ii of Liber de 
Paatione O. N. Jesu Cliiieti, canuiuo Iioxatuetro, iiicerto autore ad 
Don&tiiiii Bpisuopuin sciiptuB. Abdine Babyl. epiBCopi...<lc Iiiatoi-ia 
certaiiiiniN apostwlici, libri χ &•:., ed. Woifgsngiiä Laziu». Fol. Basil. 

C. Steinnieyer it Sievers, MlhiK-lul. GUms'-n, n, pp. 746 — "fiO.— Cf. 
Uf!ia• fiie Weltehninik ώ•Λ togeiiaiiHten Severua fiulpilhif mid Siidgal- 
liechfi Απιιη1(-π dea fiiiitlen Jiibrliunderts, vjii Dr Oswald .Holdcr- 
Egger. R" GHttingeii, 1875. 

Math. ; Mallh. = Mntheuni (beading of Ch. xxiv) = the Gospel of Matthew, 

ifi the Viilg. Sue also Hier, t« Mattk. 
Mich. = MiüliiieftB (one of the Minor Pi-ophets, tiuoted, witliout name, 

ill Cb. xvii), in the Vnlg. 
Migne - Migne'» Pair. Grate., or Mignc's Patr. Lai. 
Mitnut. tJloBB. soe GeUlee (J. H.), Old Saxon tpxu p. 332 9ψ\. 
Muh. Μ. = Mtiftenm ManiiRcript^ British Mueeuiu Manusciipt ; see ßrit. 

Mmi. MS. 
Nfthum (one of the Minor Prophets, quoted, without name, in Ch. xvii), 

in tiie Vnlg. 
Napier, 01.; «r Napier, EG. = Napier (Artb. 8.), Otd English G/oigen. 

Oxfortl (Anecdote Oxoniensla) 1900. 4". 
Neniiiu»; Nennius Viiidicatiis...von Heinr. Ziniuier. 8" Berlin, ΙΘ93. 
Neoooee. ~ Neocaeaarienisie ; see Can, 
Nest. = Contm Neetoriuni (see Caetitiniie). 
Nio. or Nicaen. = Nicaeni ; see Can. 

amm. (q.v.). 
..ed. W. Μ. 


Nomin. - nomJnibus - Dc ilivoroia nominibiis - Uoiiali Ara 
Nnu. =: NoniuH MarcelluH, Du uonipeiidiosa doctnim libros χ 

Lindwiy (Bibl. Teub.). 8" Lips. 1903 - 
Num. = tlie Book of Numbers, in the Vulg. 
Nyeru]! (Ernsmus), iivniboUe nit lit^raturam Teiitoiiicam antiqiiiorem. 

4" Hauuiiie, 1787^. 
OHO. -Old High German. 
Oiigen. - Origenes ; see Rußnus (Origeii.). 

Οι•ο8. = Pttuli Orosii HiHtoriiiniiii ailversiini [lagnnos libri vn, ed. Car. 
Zangemeister, Vimlobonae, 1882, 8" [vol. ν of Corpus Soriptt. Ecclcs. 
Lat., Acnd. Vindoliuiieiisia]. 

" Usee (beading of Ch. xvui), see, Ijeeidds the Pmef. Hier, in Xtl 
Proph. in the editions of the Vnlg., aleo Migne'H vol. xxvm col. 
6xi. D., or Diet. - A New Engl. Diet, on biator, principle«, ed. James 
H. Murr*y, Henry B«idley &c. Fol. Oxt IRS'J. 
ral. = Puraliponienon {»leo entit. Chi-oii. t & ii), in tlie Vulg. 
wmiogniphi Oütting. = Pftroeiitiograplii Grueci, edd. Leutecli & Schnei- 
dewin, 2 vota. 8" Giitt. 1839. 
Patr. Lat. = (Migne'a) Pfttiologia Latino. 
Pnul (Henu.), Urundriae; aefl A'/iw/f. 
Phoees - Arn Phocae; iwe Ars. 

Piper (Paul), Nachtrüge zur alteren deutschen Littemtur. S^'Stnttji. 1893. 
P.L. =(Migne'H) Patrol. Lat. 
_ Fond. ; Ponder. ; ponder. ^ Panderibus (iu tbe liendiiigK of the Oliaptei -β 
^L• XXXI and xxxii, the soui-ces ofwbicfa are not known). 8oiue refei-enoee 
^H are made to Bliiiite (q.v.); cf. also Lucae Ptuli de menHuns et pnnde- 
^U ribiie Rotiiaiiia et Graecin. ..libri quinqae, i" Vdnet. 1.^73 (ad calc. Q. 
^B Rheninii Fannii Paloeiiionia de ponderibus el ntenauris cni-iniua, 
^H wbicb is identical with Carmina dr. pomleribn» el itv/u>urie, publisbed 
^Λ by äteph. Ladisl. Endlicher, as frucinni Uramm. de laude Inipera- 
^m toris Anastaaü et de Pouderibus et Mensuris, 8" Vindob, 1828). 
^M — De Pouderibus, Nummis et Menauris libri v, Auct. Jac. Capello, 
^Λ 2 pte., 4" FrancoL 1606, 7. — If« pond. Euch. = De ponderitiua 

^K secundum Eucberium ; aee Suclierine. 

^BPost^te (John P.), Corpus poetarum Ditinoitim. 8" Loud. 1893— . 
^^naef. HieiOu. = Praefatio Hieronymi (besides bis pi-efacoH to the varioua 
^B bookx of the Bible, in the Vulg., aee also Migue'e Patr. Lat. xxix). 
epraef. in Ps. = Pruetatio Camixlnri (q.v.) in Psalterium. 

Frobi Cutholica (vol. iv p. I aqq. of Ginmmatici Ijitini, ed. Hcnr. Keiliiis). 

prooeni. -prooemium, see Jiuf. 

Prompt. Parv.; Prwniptoiitim Parvulorum sive clericoruiu, ed. Alb. Way, 

3 vols. 4" Lond. 1843—65. 
ft. = Psalterium = Cassiodori (q.v.) Comment in Psalterium. 

Vlhj% (ΛΛλ), Cytie Britaia (Ri« Λ}. β• UmL 1883; (TUri ma.) 9• 
Lmi 19M. 

Bkk.;«- BidMnIm c Bkbc^M (&». Ci^nf t h» text of tbe Chla- 
b«M ft ffimmymi (^.t.). 

BMwqrdMi (Hmfc.); aw Vita ϋ Ji^MmL 

Be•.; •« £ίέ>. A«. 

B«iK. (Origi«.>-0rige«ii0pwoitM,«ACIir. Ht«fciM«.Lrw— faaicli, 
S> TCk. Bmt. IttSl Ac 

Bat = BafnM, |w«4iyt. Aq«a (U• tnariaüm int« laAia of ΕμμΙμμΓ 
BrdMJealiea tlitlarit, in U Bookx, wilk a xlk aad iitb «f Ua βπ 
wliM). Birf. proorm. (- /moemiam, or bis gMWf»! ptrfaee) — Bvf- tl 
jvMcni. (= prrbo! to bii and rbapler). — BnC E|l ad CknoL (= hn 
l^rber to Cfamtnatiiu, |>vfix«l lo the eAuoM of the Beda. Hiat.). 

Λ. I>. K«Hi-1.ii PaiD|.hili CAMUMe FkkaÜBW Ερκοαρ X«(^ 
naetirae AuTurUM Ιϋ•π u [Riifino (ivtsJnl. Ai|«n. nleffrcte]...Baliiu 
.„Kcrianaitieai! hütarwf Uhn II. mL Beates Rhoauna. An t>t >y if v 
ΙΜβ, M«I1 »•. 

B. BaMlMiFhun|Ailiaie«.librinMiMi.R«lE(M>iBterpRtc. Βηβηί 
...libri dao. ed. BcaUn Bhtnaans [pf^ 1 lo?60<if : JiiAnv* Uttariae 
Be^aioMiUaf, BmUm, 1535, ΐί>ί]. 

C ErHerinntimf //utorvi^ Ens«lüi Puuptiili litiri ιμιτοβι Rnffiao... 
iuterifnrt«, HC d»o ijatinH Kuffitit libri, κίικίίυ F. P«tn TliooMe Citccuri, 
2 fU» , Mcceü. ItiMerUt. <le viu, tide, ac Euaehiutt ί^« Raffini Trans- 
ktione. V ftoaue, 1740, 41. 

D. eteimiM7«r it Sievcre, .4'rAocft<£ Glow», ii, pp. 50C — W". 
K. KoMhiiu KVriif, ZweiMr BMnd. Dif KirrheiisetcititkU, be^r- 
Wlet.-.von Ed. Hcbwartx. />w LotoiwurrJ^ ΓΆίητί^ί»^ rfe» Ru/tnut, 
liearlinle(» Th«od. Hcminwen : «rsfa ^o/f}« = Band ix. I of />ie 
Orvtrhuehm ChrietlKluta Schrt/UuBtr dr-r ertttH lirfi JalrkuaderU. 
8" Lri|«ig. 1903. 

Tlu: rpferencex in the LaL Iudex ar« all Ui the rditiuii Λ ; the 
cditioi)* ll and C «re bpecUUr uamed, where rtira«ice is made to them. 
Cacciaria edition (C) would b&ve beeu useii as the primary oue, if 
it tuul Iweu accnoiible to me at the outeet. OdIv after I bail 
mul edition Λ four or five limes, and made all my refer«ncefi to 
it, (lid J Ifsm that a copy of thie ajiparvntlr rare work (which is 
luHth•^ in tiie f?nmbridge University Library, nor in the British 
Mmunim} wna in the [XMNeeioti of the Rev. Prof. John Κ W. Mayor, 
who kindly I'inl it to me for further reference. 

1 1 wM, for varioiiH retwoiis, not pmcticable to uae Momin^ii's edition, 
or to verify ϋιβ references to the Bheniuiiis ed. of 1548 wilJi hin test. 
Finrtly, MomnMen's edition as yet does not go fnrlher than Rufinua' 



fifth Book, BO tliat, in any case, the work of veiificiitioii would have ■ 
remained incoiiipletc. iiecondly, the an-aiigemeiit niid |>agiiiation of 
edittoa Λ difler so widely froui that of Mommaen's that a ^'ei'Üicatiou 
of all the references wokild have been too great a labour. Those who 
use the present work are, therefore, requested to make these veriüca- 
tions theiDHelves if they require them. Tlii^ differences between 
Mommsen's t«xt and that of the earlier edition do not seem to be 
f material. 

feb. : or Siibat. = Btbliurum Sacrorum Latinae versiones ontiquae, seu 
Vetus Italica...Op. Petri Sabalier, 3 tomm. fol. Rerais, 1743. 

|klam. = De Salanione (heading of Ch. viii) = Liber Pi-overbiorum, in the 

ξ. (HeeSanctua AiiffuHintte) ; S. Hier, (see S. l/ieronyjiivn) ; S. Isidorue 
(see S. leidoriig) ; 8t Jerome ; tSt Jerome's Catalogue (see J/ieroiti/- 

. Mart. Stor. ; m• S. Martyni Storia ; see Marl. 
lagerm.; ttee M». Snngenit. 
^p. -Sapientia (heading of Ch. ;ίΐ), in the Vul^. 
I- Sardic. = Sardiueiisis ; ra*• Can. 
üfaade - ächatle (Oskar), AlUleut^hea Wurterbuch, 2" Aufl. 8" Halle, 

ihluitor (Otto B.), Articles on Glosaes in Jmtnial (q,v.) of German ^ 
I'kiliiL] AvgUa (q.v.); JrcA. (q.v.) / Lalein. Uxiaitjr. 
Schmeller (Joh. Andr.), Bayerisches Wörterbuch, 4 vols. 8" Htuttg. 

Schmidt (Edni.), Regula S, Benedicti ; see Bened. reg. 
Sclineidewin (Friedr. Wilh.), see Paroemiogr. 
t. — Se])tiiagint. 

= Sen II ones, see Auguelimte (S.). 
nes de ReguHs (heading of Ch. ii) ; see BhimL reg. 
IS Comm. in artem Uonati (vol. iv p. 403 s<|i|. of Gmmmatici Latini, 
ed. Henr. Keilius). 
= Severu8 (Sulpicius) j see Marl. 

; or Sievers; or Sieveni, Gr.; or Sievers, A. Λ'. ffraiiti«. =Sievcrs 
(Ed.), An Old Englieh Gramntar, transl. and edited by Alb. S, Cook, 
3rd ed. 8" Boston and London, 1903. 
fteat (Rev. Prof. W. W.). An etyniul. dictionary of the Engl, language, 
3rd ed., 4" Oxf. I8Ö8. — A concise etymol. dictionary of the English 
language, new ed. 8" Oxf. 1901.— The Vision of William concerning 
Piers the Plowman, 2 vols. 8" Oxf. 188G.— The Complete Works of 
(ieoffrey Chaucer, 8 vols. 8" Oxf. 1894— 97.— Prinoiplee of Engl, 
Etymol, 2nd ed., Ser. i. 8" Oxf. 1892. 
Sonny (Adolf), contributor lo Arehir f. Lni. Li-xieoffr, 
ίορίιοη. - SophouiiiH, one of the minor prophets excoqik-d by thti 
Glossator (under Chapter Jtvii), in the Vulg. 



Sopliron. - Soplironiiie, translator of St Jerome's Cat. de Viris illiiHtnbns 

into Greek ; nee Hinr. 
Souter (Alex.), A Study of Aniln-oeiesber. 8" Ciinibr. 1905.— Z>e eodieibti» 

matixtecri)>iie Aiigustini Jii Sitzuiiffubrr. iler philii». hitl. Klatte d'r 

Winner Akwl., Bd. 149 (p. 1 sqq.). Wien, 1905, 
SS, ^Sanctorum, see Aela Sanctonini. 
Steinm.; or Stenini. A.H.G.; or St«iimi. ALd. Gl. - Hteininever (Eliiu,) 

und Edimrd Sievera, Die altlioobdeutscliRii Glossen, gesainiiielt mid 

bearbeitet 4 vols. 8" Berlin, 1879-98. 
Steplmnus (Ilenr.), Theeaunis Graecae Linguae, edd. C. B. Hase, 

8 vols. fol. Paris, 1831—65. 
Stokes (Wliitley), Three Irish Glossaries. S" London, I8C2. 
Stor. = Storia ; see Eixl. Sior. 
Suidae Lexicon, Cambridge (Lud. Kiister, 170Ü) and Oxford (Tlioin. 

Gaisford, li*34) ediW. of. —Reprint of tlie Oxf. ed. by God, Beinhardv, 

Halis, 1813-53. 
Sulp. Sev. = Sulpicins Severus (Dial.; or Vit. ur Vil. S. Λίηιΐ.; or E/>iH.)] 

see ilitrl. 
Synini. -(Pope) SymmacLns, see above Ciin., Cnium. 
Thalhofer (Vulent.), Erklär, der Psalmen, 7' AuB. S" Regensb. 1904. 
Tlies. L. Lat. ; m- Tliei*. Ling. Lat. ; w Tliesaur. L. Lat. = Tliesaurus Linguae 

Latiniie, eilit. anct-iriUte. . . A cadeiniaruni . . . Berolin. , Golting. Ae, 

4' Lips. 1900— 
Tlieeattrus Graocae Linguae ; sw Henj•. Slei'/iittiun. 
Thren, = Threiii ; see f/iei-emiit. 
Tobias, in the Vnlg. 

Toinninseo (Nice), Diidonario della lingua italiaua. 4" Torino, 1861. 
Tniul« (Lndw.), Tcxtgescbichtc- der Beg. Benedict!, 1898 (seu Bemdiva 

UtrecLt ed. (B] of tlie Catalot/u» Uieronynii {q.v.). 
Valileu (Jiibann) ; see Stiniun. 
Uerba (heading of Chapter xl; the sources of wbid] liave not yet tieen 

Uerbft de niultis (heading of Cli, xt.v}^Arn (q.v.) Phocac. 
üerba de S. Martyni Storia; see Sutp. Ser. 
TJerb. Int. ; Uerb. Interpr. = Uerbonim Interpretatio (heeding of Ch. 

xxix) - Uieroni/mi (tj.v.) Cnmni. iu Mattli. [In certain cases this 

heading refers to St Jerome's Cat. or Liber de Vir. illustr.] 
Verdnm (J.), Middchiederl. WoordenUiek. 8" 'sGmvenhage. 1882— . 
Verg. ; Vergilins, see Vii-giliu«. 
Vers. ant. Sab., see Sabatiei: 
VvL Dctin. fid. Chalu. or Vetus DeÖn. fidei Cone. Cl^alc (in Mansi's 

Sacroruin Conciliorum Collectio). 


t Corpus Scripll. Kcelos, Latino 

' Vindobouw 




;. Ed.; Virg. Geo.; Virg. Aen.-P. Veigili M.iroiiia Kclog., Oeoi^., 

and Aen., ed, John Coniiigtoii, 3 vok. 8" London, I8«l— 18i(4. 
fit. S. Ant. ; Vit. 8. Aiitou. ; Vita S. Aiiton. ; Viu S. Autonii ; Aiitoni 

Vita ; Aiitoni Storiu ; or Libei- Anbonii ; see Anion. 

; or Vita 8. Eugeii. ; see Euchen. 
'its. a. M&rtini ; set; Mart. 
^nlg. = Viilgatn, or Vulptte = BiWia Sacra Vulgntae editionie, 4" Antwerp 

(Joan. Bapt. Verduseen, 1715). 
'ace (Henry), The Apocryplm, 2 vols. (S|>eaker'« LOmmentary). 8" Lond. 

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Altertli.)^/eitiichrift Ifir dL'uttiuli(.-s 
Haupt 8" LeijiE. 1811- 

[ (AugiLstinua) of the Vi, 

■'%.. 1 


Η Pol. 20» 


IJ Commessationes ; luxoaa . con- 

■ [l]OLOBAE*DERBOnf/aiDECAM0inBL'.S•: 

uiuia cum meretribu« 

^f I Alentor . ludor cupiditati». 

,6 Condactorea ; 

3 Alea . ludum ta,bul(; a, quodam 

IJ ConibenteB : conaentientes : v.e\ 


coiispiranteit ; 

38 Coetus : conuentua : uel comgre- 

^^ 4 AJiaa . alibi . ««1 inUrdiwi lu-l 

cacio : uel sociua : 

^U nonnumquam. 

iQ Cütiüinnaot 1 consonant : 

^H s Ambone aualoi^ia 

^H t Absidani . gnwre . sedem episco- 

ce^nscius : 

■ pslem. 

31 Catholicus : greie . IwttiiB . uni- 

^H 1 Alligare insiuuere . mittere. 

uerealis ; 

^H 1 AJiectat : expectat : 

Fol 20•'• 

^V 9 Adeptus : consecutuii . indeptuH : 

3j Coniuratio : conaensio : conuentio 

^^ ,o Admittere : exequere : 

II AdnisuB : conatue : 

,5 Dogma : doctrina : m\ difinitio τ 

(6 Diocesia : parrochiie : ide«i adia- 

^V 13 Autenticum : auctorale. : 

ciena dontu« uel : gubr>matio- 

H,. Arcimandritist : 

nib-M : 

^Vt] Aboleri : a memoria tolli : 

^f ιβ Barbari iferocea . iniiiites . atroces ; 
ij Byrrus : cuculla breui» : 

js Dopromaimua : protulimiiw 

39 Diuua ; imperatorll . q«i ροΛί 

.^ NotrS 

mortem ut de»a habetur 

■s Barbftmsg 

^m 19 Concilium : grece . tati'iw : con- 

,1 Diaconico ; miniBterio : 

^b xiliu'n : conuentua ; »el cun- 

„ Deciaio : 

^H ceatua . coetua ; 

43 Deuocari 

,4 Dieaimulat . conticiflcit : preterit« 


^Hu Caticumini : grece ; latiiM : in- 

,s Emergit : eurgit . udl . exuperat : 

^H Btructi : uel auditories : 

^H.u CaUfrigaruni : 

47 Exi>eriuntu7- . explicantur . uel 

^Bi4 CTiniterin : sepulture : 


^H * MS. leavea apaoe for oiie letter betwMn and S. | 

^H + The Hreond τ ie blurred, β,ηά not olea 


^B 3 The words numbered 17" and IB are Wl 

-itten (Note nr Nolk? in eapilaU; BarbaruB, ■ 

^B in MomealMii larger chomctm Ihnn th/ otht 

glotita) in a »acaot apaoe left betneen tlie 1 

^Hb Mid eloflsen, in faint ink, but apparently b; the earns hand as the rest of the f 



^H H Between the in and ^ a letter (apparently ,f , for tiro) has been erased. ^^^H 



-, -...'.ffifitlfti «bI— «— f 

pwhttca . 

7 VcgDÜK «κίΜΗΒΐία 

t OMk, CwpM •. ttl, M. » foiA Mm ^mm « ud tt *w: Μ " '" 
lafcl u w W iw b » pMponm >i >epMM iapv^; (M) F tw^i liw taM |μιι•|ιΓι. 


MdhMM«aBHtfea*MMlM*fa>M: Me, hoWPW. biiov. Ch. (UIX. 18. β. 

1. DE CANONIBUS, 101 — 133; π, DE REOULIS, 1 — 17 

1 Procurfttores ;qiiöduicecur(it«riM 

fungantur : 
1 Proeequor ; deducor : 

ib Quenmoniam:querel1ant grauen«: 

7 Buris : uille : 

8 Redigerit : reuocatiit : 

ig Betigio : qiiod per ea*« uni dw 

religamur : 
α Besipiectint : amisGam . recipiant 


I Sicera : est omniH potio . que 

extra uinum inebiiare pol«ef . 
cuius licet nomew liebreum sit = 
tamm latinum soiiat . prn eo 
qu»d ex Buco frumentoruni . et 
pomorum : confieitur : 
Λ-, Stipendtiet quae mil itibttedantur : 

3 Sacrilego ; profano : 

4 Synodus : gr^« : lotiiie comi- 

tntus : νΛ coetua 

s Seecopla§ : eemi . dupln : μΛ 
semi.triplauelsedeciu) prnuno : 

fi Seditio : rixa . tunmitus 

7 Secus . contra . difinita . aliter . 

ig Simbulum : grer« . IntiTie . Sig- 
num , H*l . cc^iiitio : 

19 Sciamatici : diaRensatores ; so- 

Β Subnixe . subpoaite : subiecte : 

FI Secta . hereais : inaeeutio ; 
Fd. 21" 

II SanctioneB ; iudicatiünp.s : ue\ 

difiniciones : 
II äcotasticus : 
■4 ätipulatio : teetatio : 
ij 8aiixit : iussit : tribuil . 

cautl . ditiniuit ! 

. iuili- 

rA Spectacula : tibi ornnia pubticisV 
uisibfte prebctiw inspect' 

ιη Strionea : qui muebri indumenta 
gestuä inpudicarunt feminaruoil 
exprimebant ■ 

ιβ Secretalein . penetrabiliorent ;;■ 
ocoultiorep* . 

^9 Suspicio : coniectura : 11Λ . argu-fl 

« Bexus : natura : 

t Sinceritas : integritas : 

i3 Satagiuiue : delibamite . fiel c 

tamue : 
.1 Scrupulum : axieta.s ; angor :V 

moles tia : 

I AdtonitiM : intentis 1 

> Anachorita : grece . horemita : 
j Angarizanti : cogenti : uel coDpet<j 

t Abba : syruni . pater : genitor : 

; Antiphona : uox . reciproca : 

fi Analogtum : lectorium ligneutn J 

in quo leguntitr libri ; 
; Alleluia : laudate domtnuni : si« 

pater : filius : apiWfus eanctus. I 
a Apostatare ; retrorsum ire 
9 Acidio!tu3|| : ocioHus : instabilia > 

tristifl : uaguB ; 
la Ad miasas . ad nitas^ : 
II Absurdum : inconuenienii ; tui 

pe>n•• : indignum; 

II AnxiuB ; angustioHus : 
Μ BiMioteca : reconditoriuT» libra 

IS Biberes : potiones : 

•β Aptet : congruet ; impltit : 

IT Angariati : portati ; 

* MB. PrimiceriuB, with t above the t. 

t A letter (e) eruBed betweeD the ii of BtipcndUa. 

g MS. appatentlj Bespopla ; but perhaps was badly oltered into u, 

Ti MS. has a pprpeiidieulnr Btruke over Ihe 11. 

II MS. AccdioBUH, nith 1 above the r. % Two letter« urased belwEeu ad and η 

*• MB. has pBrpendioalw etroke over the p. 


DE REOULIS. 18 — 77 

ig Aditum : introituin ; 

■9 Adhibenda"; prestanda; 

» Aliiaenün : cibis ; 

Fol 21"• 
II Adsignato ; trodito ; u«\ deputAto : 
)■ Aoconnuodentftr ; prc8taiitt4r ; 
)) Adolatur : plaiidus ; adsentatur : 
14 Causetur, mamiuretMr ; 
ij Contuentee : coiispictentes ; con : 
jb Contentpt» : pn-tinnx : durus ; 

s; CrapuU : ing1uui»9 : itA uomitum; 
iB Continuanda : iugiter . semper . 

perpetno : 
ig Conlatioiies : conlocutioneat ; con- 

ferentes§ : 
]D Condatur : repotmtur 
}t Congruus aptus. 
]t Contentoe ; patiens ; eufficiens ; 
ij CeDobita : gr«e : 

)( Catholicus : uniuersAÜH ; 

]i Candela : a candendo : dinhtr 

36 Contuinall contradictor ; 

jj Canonicfui : reguUres horas ; 

js Cocnlam : 

^ Coi/itnissuin : conimendatuni : || 

to Deificum luDiffii . diuiuum : lumen : 

4t Desidioeus : ignauus : pigi'us : 

43 Degradauerit : depoeuerit : 

43 Oioc«eim ; guhemationeni ; 

44 Discretio ; aeperatio . diuisa ; 

45 Deaidia J ignnuja ; 
«6 Deaidene : negligens ; uel otiu») 

cnpient) : 
IT Digessiuiua : coiigrecauiiuti« ; or- 
* h added nbove the line, between the c[ and i. 
t The letter fullowing th« I seeins to be υ altered to 
S MB. conterenlss, but abova the q is a small elantiog perpeDdiouIar stroke ( = i). 
with a dot. Bi maik for insertloD. andemeath; hence leg. conrerentifB : the vord 
required ia, apparentl}', eenfennliat or eon/trentiiu. 

I One or two tetters etnfvd after the a : trarea of χ ate still vUiblo. 

II The first : on an eraanie. ΐ 3everaJ letters erased between the lemma 
and the interpret, '* The h niJded iibove the line, between χ and 1. 

ft V added abore the line between ί and rf. 
gg The i lengthened bv a stroke below the line. 

ΐ1 The h added above the «econd a with . on ita left iid«, and , after the second a. 

4« Dinim : asperuni : dunun : 

49 Diasimulat : preterits neglegit ΐ 

ja DiHcussIo : examinatioi 

}i Digest! ; dispositi : excocti : 

,1 Deuterotiomii : seounda : lex : 

sj Decani : a decim nominantur : 

J4 Demum ; poHt^a : 

j5 Deliberatio : 

Fol. ai»- 

if Exhibita*• : ndtributa : prestita : 
}7 Excesserit : oblitu.i tuerit : cul- 

pauerit : 
a Eulogias . aalutationes ; 
59 Exp(^it : prodest : conimodum 

63 Exceseus : cxtulit se ; 

ci Excedere , abire . effugire ; 

61 Examine . ivdiciott. discussions. 

63 Efficacitier . uelotiter^ ; 

64 Edacpw» ; oomniedenlem ; 
C; E^xcussunt : obliuionem : u«t de• 

relictuni : 
66 ExplicAntur. 
*j Expedire : prodeejie : »A com- 

luodare : 
i9 Expenso : expleto : 
fij EptaticuHt; septem . lihronitn : 

u«\ Heptenariui/i. 
JO Exigent : poposcerit ; ticl peli. 

7. KxUillit . nbstrahitl!^ ; 

;] Experiineitto : probuiurato : 

7) Emutatioue ; zell ; 

u Feria : 

TS Fomenta : nutrimeiitA : 

76 Fortuitu : subito : 

77 Fat-ile: citius ; uelotiter ; 


^^r ^^^^^^H 

js Fungi . administrare ; 

tos Loquacitate . uerlxisitate : ^^^H 

79 Feruentissinio ; ardentisaiiuo : 

>o6 LegumiDum : ouine genw '''^^H 

Bi Gradu auo i hoiiore priuato : 

Si Gestnfltea : portantea. 


B^ Grauitns : modestia : 

ιοβ Mcrito : iuste : ^^^H 

ε^ HeremiU : reraota. 

tog Modulatis : ttuauiUrl cantatis ί^^^^Λ 

ti Ilyinnu/ii ; lauder» ; 

uo Minwis; aminsos . uel finite : ^^^| 

ec Himina : iiiediun sextariue : cy- 

,,, Morbida : languida. ^^H 

atos. III. 

„> MatUt . Mappula. ^^H 

B7 Aabita" : dicta : constituta : 

113 Morosa . diuturna ; ><el longa : ^^^H 

t» Instrumerata : periti^ : utensilia : 

U4 Maturitas. ^^H 

tiil matene r 

Hi MunuBcula : parua : dona ^^^H 

»s Inprobiw; iiigriitus ρι•οοιχ . in- 

lie Materia : origo : uel initio : ^^^β 


.17 Noxa : culpa . crimen ; 1 

■ ιβ Non detegere . nott publicare . 1 

Fol. 2 Ρ" 

now luauifeetare J 

,., Nonnos : patr«. : ^^ 


.„Norma; .-egula: ^H 

go Inbicilles : in£rtui . Hebilee : 

i>, Non prodicua ; non auperduue. ^^H 

93 Inleoebris : iniicitis »ollitationi- 

.=, Nijniua . Guperfluus. ^H 


11] Non expedit : no» conuenit. 

94 Inrogalis. 

lit Moderate : temperate : 

» Ing Boamnie . in subsellÜsä : 

us Magnopere : forti aiiinio ; iiil 

9S InprobitÄM ; jnwacitaa : inpnr- 

raaiore opere 

tunitas : 

Fol. 22" 

97 Ralende : uocationeH : 

,Λ Officina : 

9S KyneleisuD : domtne , roieeivre . 

117 Obiurgetur ; increpetur ; i:ulpe• 


tur : 

99 Laetania ; nigatio : poatulatio 

»β Obstinatue ; diaperabilu . uel . 

ISO Lectiateroia r uestnieittalT lecti : 


uel , ordo lectoriwii 

»9 Ortodoxie ; recte glorioeis ; ^^ 

mi Lena : tOHcia 

ijD Pr««b>ter ^^^| 

131 Fentecosten ^^^^| 

103 Licet : quamuia 

.31 Plane : aane : cert« ; : ^^^H 

1D4 Libet : quibwitumqiie 

■33 Procaciter : superbe : ^^^ϊ 

* The uutial capitul 1» diatiocLIy A 

; but the place »hure the word appears 1 

eaggeata Hnbila 

t- Owing to BDine spot in the veUuin the scribe lefi β. blmili fur about four or five J 

letters between In and cou 

g These four wurd» are written in on 

aleo possible that we hare here two lemmata. 

^h to which interpretfttiune nre wanting, as ii 

3 scamnis appears in 11. 10, and in BubuellÜB 

Η in XI. 6 of the Regula. 

1 So in MS. 

Η II Ooelz, Corpus τ. 413, G9, piints euoouit. aud suggests euauiter in his Index. Bnt | 

Η the MS. has diitinctly Boauiter, not auoooi 

^B t MS. leaves a vacant space tor aboat 


^B β II. DE IIEGULIS, 134—187 ^^^^β^Η 

^l JM PaaBiin : hue* atq>^* iliuc : u»l : 

taSagatitas . iiiuestigatiu ; uelu- 

Η leuit«r : 

citae : 

^H 13J Fealiuti« : caiitus : 

t., Sarabaite ; lingua egypliaca : m 

^^k >j6 Priuatis ; olienatis . seporatis : 

lattJjo dtcifur reniiuite : tiiii 

^^M 117 FrodiuUH : diaeipatur : substantia 

refutant , ahhatem habere ; 

^H x^ Penso; cenaot; 139 prelatus . pre- 

Fol. 22"' 

^H positust. 

61 Subiectioiie : aubditionc : ^^^H 

^H Hü Pedulea . 

Gj Spernendu : deepiciendo : ^^^H 

^H ■,■ Prouide : caute : iuste : 

64 Suaderill ; censeri : hurtari : ^^H 

^H M> QuantitaE . meuHura : 

(■i Saue ; certe : ^^^H 

^B M3 Quippiant . modia : ,„ remota§ . 

w Sincere liutegra; 

Η ablaU 

^H MiHeculicet. reculcet; reu 

indtcationei» ; sufFragatiouem : 

^H 1,6 Kegula dicta . eo <|Uod recte 

6a Uilicationi« ; prepoaiture ; 
6g Ubi et ubi ; ubicuiftqtu : 

^H ducil 

f, UerbuteQUs ; xicut dieo ; 

^H betur; 

7. Uerbigratiotie : Meriiiutiiiatione : 

^H i4< R«creare : 

jj Temere ; sine conailio : uel [ire- 

^H !!<> Reeponsoria ; qui all uno inci- 

suniptttOjM : 

^H pilttr et ab aliis ibsponditur 

jj I'iraniiidem**; crudeluiu : aiue 1 

^^R ijo Rubor; uorecundia : 


^^Λ iji Sinaxie : iKtleniiiitafi ut^peHin- 

^H oruin : tiel . coÜectio cuadunalio 

7s Teterrimuui ; iiigerrimum : ^^^| 

^H m Senpectae ; sapienteu : uel seDioreK 

;6 Ternpenusft ; tempera mete to ^^^| 

^V pectore. 

η Tftxauimj« ; designauimu* : ^• 

^V ijj äcru}x>lositHa : iJubietas : uel . 

)β TiranoideB; iniquas putestatea ; 

^Λ auxietas . uel animi oioleHtia : 

79 Typo : inÜatio cordis : uel : 

^B 1J4 tjcapulari) : 

superbia : 

^B lij Suepeudatur : eupareturll : 

fc Tueri prot«gere . uel custudiregg : 

■ Were ßllow Ute «!ord« Sara 

a, Uiolentia : fortia : 

^Λ iwita : reunuita, but croseed 

8j Uorbi gratia : ut si forte . uel 

■ Ihrowfh.] 

uerbilli «austt, _^^ 

^Λ IJ& Stirpator : descrtator : 

sj Uioibtwj unuf/i post uuum : ^^^B 

^1 lii Mm alias . ain aliter : 

Bt Uti : quentadniüduM sicuti : ^^^| 

^B ijB δί quo minus : alioquin ; 

8; Uerbera ; Uagella ; ^^1 

^K 1» Subrogetur ; submittitttr : uel . 

86 Utatur ; fruatur : ^^ 

87 UetueUim : ueteröm : 1 

^H * An eraenre betweeu Ihese two wurde. 


^V + Hera Uli] in a yreut many foUowiiij,' oase 

ti the MS. maküB one eutry of two gloseee. ' 

^V S There IB a etioke over tue rem, sod Goet 

t prints remmota. lint the stroke diflere 

^l from the ueual βίκο Γαι contraction. T)ie sc 

ibe probably mcuot to eeparate the tno 

,. 1 

Η II us. ausdere. with τ above the eecood e. 


^1 ΐ Δ perpeodicular etroke above the first ρ 


Η '- MS. Tirandeni, vilh ni above the line b 

«tween the a and d. ■ 

■ -i-t MS hoa-ovet tbe u with a dot sboTe t 

θ stroke to mark it for eraellre. 1 

■ Sä The t Ib sdded above the line. y'[ 

Added above tbe \ine between three dots. 

II. DE REGULI-S, 188 — 103. ΠΙ. Η. MAItTYNl STOillA, 1—51 7 I 

Ige Coenobium . ex greci 

conposituin enee dii 


i&i Monastei-ium : unius 

eef habitatio inono eniMi 
grecoe solum eil : 
ige Farcitate : abstinentie : 
■gl Prodideril ; manifestauerit 
igi Pueilliuiiiiiee : inbicilles ; 
19J Precipu 
Fol: 22' 

HO Meroceni ; uomen piscis , 

II Ad Beduforuni : pro aimilibudinem 

11 Burnaculit ; gcn?M ignia ; 

13 Non obeecundare : höh obedire : 

14 Sücro tegmini : domini martiui : 
35 Agelhmi ; agrum ; 

i6 Baculu : uticca : 
17 FviibundusJ; feiueiia ; 
as NiitabunduB ; agiUitus ; 
ig CIadei/1 ; inforens . 

30 AppuUi ; iiiuitabaiit ; 

31 In {uii^o ; in ιιϊαο : conpetis 
j.< Patera : uuh regia ; 
3j In sirtini ; luun; arnnosa ; 
3t Fatescit"• : brjiidid : 

35 PiOtnontorhini ; hog+t : 

36 UiUiha^ ; uiscei-a ; 
Fol. 22'•'• 

37 AbenJB^ LalsledirUH 

38 Tontcina ; haeelin ; 

39 Cai-ricibua ; genua ligni ;. 

40 Coitclauia : porticos ; 

41 Laqttearia ; oeliim ex ligiiie ; 
41 Flagris : Ilageltis; 43 Mautigia{||| 3 

genus flagellieji 

44 Soeue : SU 14} Fi-elus . 
fidens , 

46 Ap|Mirabi]iii; uiinietratio ; 

47 Indeceiitius ; inai)tius . 

45 Mumiur:uastrung***.49LugDriitH 

so Neotricia ; noua fide : 
uiata ; signa : 

I Uetemoruin : ueterum : 
■ Ainbiemäum : proiuDtie, 

3 Quartane ; xiiii liinu : 

4 Inficiubor; contradico ; 

5 Atniculo : ainiülo ; 

6 Toroniciim ;: genu« ligni; 

7 Bymttn : cocula breuis . 
aIÄcern»Tn; ptvlixor cocula ; 
g Tnniodo ; 

in Hispida : defortuK nodis : 
11 Anäbula; oberlagu• : 
II Bigiriciuii ; breuem ; 
13 UuluuBcuIumt; μ I"^ aggerem : 
Pro excrcitu ij appulli : biiiii- 
tabai'§ 16 reda ; uouieii iie- 

•} Nitidulam : is aenimo 

MuntMcula : .g hf ereliauai|| 

Pesauli : quo cludibur curnu : 

* MS. has ovur thie word a horisoiitBl waving stroke, wbioh orosHes through the h 
of the b and I ; and from thi» stroke a pcrpendiaular atroke odiuch down, which ma; ba3 
the top of α b or I, or some enoh letter, erroneoualy commenced by the scribe. 

t The gloBBBS 13— IG are written αβ two entries in the MS. But uulnnaculum ia a9 
lemma without inteqiretationi likewise per agg-; Fro ez- belongs, apparent!;, to Tedajfl 

I but app• and huaitabur, for (h)inmtabat, go together (cf. Iwlow no. SO}. 
§ MS. has waving stroke over laiH. 
ΐ MS. baa a stroke throagh this eeparatoly written h, whieh belonge h 
U M8. baa three dotx over the i. 
X MS, Ferebundus with ν aboie the first, and i alwvc tlie aeoond, β. 
** The 9 written above the line Iwtween thee andc. ft MS. has stroke over the off.l 
g$ So in MS. tor uitalia. %'i MS. liaa a waving stroke ο 

IUI The first letter is apparentl; Ν ; but an alteration has been made at the 6 
ttroke to make Μ ; Mastigia is the word required. 
a Tlie e ia written ahove the g. *** Tbe η bas been added above the line. 



}■ Ankiui ; si Ucunu : floda : 
Μ Enrusft ; dapulas ; a Inuitiat ; 

jfi Epunditen ; tonica ; ne\ cocula ; 

»«1 : ornnis ueetia : dosuper 

aliis uestibiM pendece : 
;t Lurida : pox ; jg Memoria : ao- 

pulcrui» ; 
i, ExploBa : disa : iicl exgwrtA : 
to SofiBuiatuM ; queetianuin ; 
6• Έχρίσκα; mortua; Si Uiridiirim«; 

II uirido : dieifur . 
6) Laltofacart' : agledcl^go :* 
«4 Ultro ; oitro : hidirandidirt 
6j Arguta : orduncas^ : μ Exeiiia : 


. PannigericiBll : in laiidibus ; 
I Coagmeiitarc ; coiigregaro \ : 
J Ilix nomefi ligiii : 4 Mainbri' : 

homo : ue\ . ciuitii» ; 
s Ftttea ; prophete : a EdilUK : os- 
tiariva"• ; 
Editum; tenipluwi; 7 Curia: cqii- 
uenliiH : 
g CuTMiiieiitatuä ; tractatun . g lasbi- 

hut : lilma : 
10 Ogdoade . nouuin U»taiu«itu»i : 
,, Tmgot^lia; hictua ; ivc clad in ; 

II υ neun : Idpra : 
13 FascibiM : onoril»«* ; ■, ÄHitiim; 
acmciuui : n Plexiu : truncatua . 
ibAsiliuTn; diiiinum; 17 Fadus . 
aliud DOQien eiOdifl : 

IV. ECCLES. tSTORlA, 1 — 52 

a Urbanw) ; sa 

Q PuugioH : pulli 


; 33 ApoHogeticus ; 

,4 Callae ; uan'astt ; η In eJito ; in 

excelBO ; 
li Adatipulatione ; adiiltorio; 
~; Ario]>agitia : princeps : einagOfj;rte ; 
is Mulcatiia; percusaua; 19 Exiliali; 

;o Diapicatis ; diuisis; 31 Prenta- 

tio^j cuetodla. ; 
31 Deijendieset ; sastiuuieHet ; 33 In- 

tiaatui» . iniiiaiiin ; 

34 Ffstuluni; lumina aurea ; 

35 AiitclucanuTK : ante calli cantua ; 

if, Meandruifi . uoiue7i Dioniiü . 
37 Tralltüj nomen ecclejn; ; jg Facee- 

eat; latwssat; 
]y Inceasur» ; accusaixi; 4aduellia; 

bollum ; 
41 PeaeiniOB darcut ; circut?idareiit ; 
,3 Quatere : mouere : υ Gnostici ; 

Bcientea ; 
44 Äroatorie; are. philophje : 
4j PiiretUria ; niinisteriia; 4s Pi""- 

cacia : adrogautia ; 
47 Hlailiujn : ubi iocuaagit»r; 4a Mti- 

49 Furtunataifi ; proaperi taten 1 ; 

30 Caiuorum; tectum; 51 ΟκαΙσήβ : 

eloquentie ; 
;i Monaivliia : rugimiuiii culraen tiA 

pugni;1Iir . 

• MS. has etrake OTer gtrddf, croeaing tlirough the topa of tha Ζ and dd\ uleo BKoke 
over the final 0, Some letters have been erased after the 0. 

t MS. has stroke over idir, croeaing through the top of li, and anothur stroke over 
ndidi, crowb»; through the dd. 

% MS. has stroke ovor rdanc, crossing throngh the top ot A. 

li MS. has stroke over niim, crossiug through the top of d. 

II The e added above the hne. % MS. eongregitre, but it altered into a. 

** MS. ostiarias, with ν above the second a. +t US. has stroke over the rr, 

S§ MS, has P. with oontraction for re above it, therefore Preetatio ί but ßuSniis has 
p«r stationes. 

TU MS. puun?, with the lower part of g added under the first d sooe to form one letter. 

IT. ECCLE8. ISTUKIA, 53 — 11Ί 9 ^^Λ 

sj PsalU-s; castus : ^ Motalla; uiu- 


leuta; fetida; ^^H 

si auapiciis•; iiiixüüs i j6 Encra- 

So Morboreog^jteproaitaaignCallesj ^^^| 

tiani; corttinentee; 

lapide«^ ^M 

g, Cewenta. : gluttiuaHH; g. Paslo- ^H 

ii Oudipia ; obscene ; Dbjioh : otr- 

foria : gazofilatia; ^^H 

aiutn infimtiiim ; 

■)i Angiportos {{1; noirutn porti : g. Co- ^^H 

y, Functo : pede : 60 Neraam : uiii- 

iiiculuiii ; a uoaando ; ^^H 

cnlu»« ■ β. Muuurun» 6, nun- 

9; Fiiutoribu« : conaentientibud : ^^H 


«e Stomatu»! opud uai-iatun»; ^^^| 

ijPuwi|Mi; fallatia; ut Fiaciini : 

qj Tlioracua ; capud ut jxsctUH, ^^^| 

trifautuin : 

^ Cumellas b uniuBCuiusqu« inier- ^^^Λ 

6j LicinioBa t ; questiusa; m Tei-e- 

pretia ti-anslatio in unuin col• ^^^| 

braotes; boi'genti; 

lectAe : et e i-i!(;iuuL> iMwitu; ^^^| 

6; Mc-tiüulosi : pauidi ; «8 Elogia ; 

» Qtiadruplas die ; hoc val ill hoi? XX ^^H 

uurbis : 

qii^ concrcMCunt iu quarto ^^^H 

«9 Piuculuin : pollulbj 7« Fibras; 

anno quando fit quulein bis- ^^^H 

inteeüiias ; 

sextus ^^^H 

71 Pe7-i|)siiua,, giieauü[>t ; 71 P)-osti|iu- 

loo BtiatUH, tutiiiduin : uel ub ustuiit; ^^^H 

lum; locus [omicalioriU . 

iDi UOi-üutas motatoi-ee ; ^^^H 

jLital; immolat; ,4 Trogtöisg; 

lai Oataccssoos : doctnnai-u»( ^^^H 


luj Sinisaecas ; Bocialricea : 104 Ma- ^^^H 

1 Latnuncula ; berEt|; ji FimLi j 

iiius : demonus, ^^^H 

brundas ; 

133 Propotiitiis'** uotitis i-egie ; pi-o- ^^^| 

lCüut«re••; tumWift; 78 Supiiu- 

[KisUiim***; ^^^H 

ratis; tuTjpdü : 

id6 CaadtiuttMttt:ardeut«e:io7Scrip- ^^^H 

f Db triuio : de tribtu uiis ; io Spur- 

tiuneni; culouiit; ^^^| 

ca : iumuiida ; 

toB Exceesuni : cauatum; 109 Defeca- ^^^H 

t Calones. saltantiuut turba; ej Co- 

purior; ^^^H 

dicibu«liminibiui : 

■ 10 Defecatum : liquidam; m Pu- ^^^H 

) Ruder : mixlii ; n uoli compus ; 

nt7n exlersuin ^^^H 


III Adiirt;nt: suiveuU«: 1,, Aim- ^^^H 

Fol. as'" 

sThecU : cuatodüa; ss IiiiciatUH, 

114 A theologia; a diuina genera- ^^^| 

saficiiiicatuu ; 


. * MS. AuuHpidU, but the A marked bjr three dgta (or taaeare. ^ 

t The c in a correolion from i. 


g The I aeema tt correction from eome olhnr letter. | 

W MS. hoe stroke uver this word, which 

croBseB throutih the top« of htd. 1 

11 US. h»s stroke over Üiih word, and an 

iukepot ubove tlio t. 1 

- MS. has stroke over raiul. 

" MS. baa two dole over the a. 1 

t+ MS. tundri, with < above the line between the d and r. 

^ One or two leltera are erased between the e and ; read : Motbu regiu. 

^1i The Qret t ΪΒ ndded ^ove the lioe, between two date. 

nil The η hae been added above the line. 

U MS. liaa a stroke over ore. 1 

•" MS.hosthreedota {markeoitranapoaitioa) over thefirst oofTropoeitua-, over | 

he e o[ nestie : over the first β of regie, and 

over thi! I uf propoailuni. 

m MS. oondente« with β. above the 0. 

ΙΟ IV, ECCLES. ISTORIA !15^120; V. ITEM, 1—32; VI. BllEVIS EXS. 
iij Aiutjiiciid . luliiitoi-ijs : 

ri6 Acoiuthos . (icceDSOres : ■■; I 

coemetoria ad eccIeeiH 
iiS Afficit iditauit; ug Aulesignut 

Mgnatore tme|)«ctum j 
iw Bibciuieiu : aecuris binam acte 


Fol. as*• 


STOaiA : 
I Cyati ; menHiiin minutuni.; 

lomellMt*; loiuuiii 
i Oonolae : qu^- cuntiu uocant ; 
I C»nto : uectis ; 3 Oarbuneuli 

6 De octoadf! : De octaoa die . 

; Durturfi : indiculunt ; g Aiioi 

iitj iOA . »«[iWmplici ; 
9 Ephod :eup>n-aiiicmle; m Exedre 

[Mtrue domtwi 
■ I Lafaintm . amboumi . ideii haetf 

19 Ldbriit : iientiti nomen 
ij Oi»ei'iunt : cuKsinciiint 
It Oedipptt : de oilippo 

ginent : bleci§ 
16 PodRgra : tumor jiediiin 

dm» ; prestigiiitn 
iS PHiMliredia : pnietrigue 

Hi« ; hanimell 
κ Quontu/» ; quocufiHjuc 

tioiie» . theBliHuir 
»Fibrarumj darmana||; 

ditans : proticieDB, 
(4 8iibrigeris : eleiuu'ie ; 

, Pruri- 
,, Pare- 

,., Pub- 


36 Bubealtare ; ttotiare : 17 SiniticaH 

uel Beiiiscutaa : 
iBäimbnlis; conHtliia umpoctis 

19 SinibulioD : pactum ; 
f) Seecuptum : dridehalpf { : 

β Crusti- 

. Aibri : 

ji Sugtlluto : stntnguillahi ; ji Tfio- 
racee••, Imagüit» : 

ι Ne ; uel : 3 Uiscide ; uiscetwje ; 

i EatentM ; actentu 
4 UersuB : contra ; ^ Boriali : aqui- 

6 Meliorata ; omata ; 

7 Ambrouenft 

s Aet ; ütatiro 
t} Tbiticum ; 

cisj bucellialifl; 
ti CataatniTi; lupatn^ 

ij Fur : eueiitus;, ■, Diint nomine : 

ciuitAlis . 
•s Perigaraini : Mernbranu : t£ Leo- 
nine : de leon« ; 
17 Laiiio; lucetur; it Keniphe, mi- 

uiHtri neqiiant ; 
1^ Modoli ; lateria ; ro Molosi -, caDee, 
11 Cunueliicns ; apj)ellatie ; ,1 Pia- 

üoriii : tiolun : tatiu 
;j HaucuK . mspaatett, 14 Intentox ; 

üXtensDs ; 
IS Defetimur ; renitinmr. 1/, Peroe- 

sus; abhominatus; 
j; Paijguitur; pinguitur; gg Clue- 

tello ; cleustro ; 
1:, OlIitH : de ollitim ; jaQuoadquo; 

aduaijue ; ^i ineqiiiperabjlis ; 
Fol. 23'''• 

I In nabliH . In cimbalu« <{u^ per 

[ledus jionuntur . 
1 Pro uctaua . In nouis»iiiio die 

J Coli 


ligaturoe : 


• c correated from 0. t MS, hae waving etroko ovur ,icl. 

i MS. bae stroke over Uci. % MS, bae stroke over anini. 

II MS, has itroke over daniKi. croHsinH through the top of the d. 
ΐ MS. hiu Blroke over dridehal, cioBsing through the tups of the dd and h. 
" Μα. Toracee, with h added above the o. 

tt ΪΙΗ- Aambrone, bnt a marked by Ehiee dots for erasure, and 1 added above t. 
t Ad hae been eraaed over the (, ^t MS. bulellie, bat the ΰιΛ I oorrueted ial 

^VII. PARAI.. 4—9; Vill. SALAM.; IX 

KCLE.SIAST ; X. CANT,, 1— H 11 

, lApidee onichinoB . diiiine . 

3 Pttsanaiit; de oi'deo fiunt gnuia . 

j Ci'eAcraa . fusciniilaa . 

que decorticantur in pilo u«l 

6 In inausilio . In monumento . 

uaae lapideo ; 

J Cai-|ionla . caim . 

> Si usque ad lacuin fuurit. ideei 

» OI>tigit cutiltgil 

si atagnuni facial de tuiuguinc 

^ In fastu 111 digiiitaU! . 

noil aatiabitnr; 


ο Oller . adduc qui no» Baliitntur; 


ii CoHimandit ; uianduunt 


3 CoocuerwU . uerH^ aani in ucActuni 


j Ne iniiatftri» . ne inouiitbeiis . ne 

■ Lnsti-ans ; cIrcuHtienag et inlumi- 

considus . 

naiia ; 

1 AucuptM . aucelUtuiH« . 

.C«i«a; uacuaj j Gontegnalio ; 

, UcmpelliB . peruureus . 

teatio domiM ; 

6 Fornicwi wgnu». uictori^ 

( Amiütaliim . arbor nuutim : 

j Donialis . doniu« niue tecto . iiel 

ί Cap|>ari8 . urbu bona ad co»i- 


β lu Bceriio BUircuiii . conBiiotudi- 


netn bubtiUttUt aiiilmlnutiM in 

A Auaoufaleoe ; reuupitulatio : 

^_ uU nbi He]ndtus esi mercuriuH 

^L lapidem iactai-e in aceruiiin ϊρ- 

^H eins unusiiMiraiue pro lionoie 


■ uiu^ . 

, Oscidetur me ; ista usciila que ex- | 

ll^S LamuLel . iigiioiut7i siilauioiii-s , 

ec'Ioeii! porrexit xpinlua quuin ^^^H 

Bleut eccli,^iaateH ab actione . 

baptiaud nitore uiundat«»t el ^^^H 

Id Oonflatorium . ubi fei-ru7n net 

oi-iihIa»! per apiriluta aanvtnm ^^^H 

odoria ^^^H 

11 Cinanium . cortix duluie . 

fctJaena , άίαΐΐκτ \ter quam a(|iiH 

ra; ιΐ|ΐαΗΐο1ί ; ^^^H 


s Odor uugeutof-uni, donunt quod ^^^H 

I] lu Bublimii . idest a&licrieluti . qui 

in baptiemo^e accipimtu . ^^^H 

quasi feliciter incedit . 

4 Ui»a; [D-ophcte; ; Nomen tuurn : ^^^H 

(Foi. 24-) 

xpuiiauiani a X|)wto el chrixinant ^^^H 

14 Blenit didtur ; per qnam aqua 

6 Ungueulum ; exinanitum. ^^^H 

ourrit . 

CliriHia« uocabulum dedictiir» κχΐ ^^H 

1} Fiaueucit : color olei : glitiuut• : 

qtuid no» ante dicilur chrixDia ^^^H 

li Mala aurea in lectu iirgeulelH ; 

quam sup«r boniiuM/i fiieiil ^^^H 

mila : idest jMjnia de auro in cir- 

f usu>» ^^^H 

tinitii lectoru»! pro omamento ; 

7 AduliHcenltdy ; euclexi^ . uel aninie ^^^| 

.jNitru/n; in terra, inaeaitur : in- 

de numera gentium ^^^H 

star atraiueftti pro aapone Labe- 

a Redimioula; went oniamenta cer- ^^^H 

twr : 81 in acutum mittiliir 4μΓ 

uicis ^^^1 

mhiluT/i soluitur qui atrunique 

9 Nanlnm spica undo faciunt un- Ά 

amamecit . 

guenta ; 1 

• U3. has atroke through the bat of the eecond 1, whioh Iwke like η hook (Γ) that ^J 

>emain»d after νοκι.; wotd, wtitlen by the lidc □[ ffUtinoi, Viid be«ii «nwed. ^^H 

t MS. I'ti-iiifts. with Ί above ih« ««ond 

§ u corrected trom i, ^^^H 


ta CypruH : urbor (ml nimilis salict! 
liabene floree miri odoris ut 
butroe . siciit erba piuteariiiii. . 
11 Tigtu teotn ciMiri natura ar- 
boitini cedri inimtribili uigore 
Fol. 2i''> 

quarunt eucua uermibiw eei ob• 
uiiiB; üigmiical iipoetoloi ■ 

vj Fiuus pmtiilit groBsoa kuos tloi« 
i|)äiue . anlequnm njieriantur* 
sic diciuilur 

1} Feruulunt lectuwt imt <juu(l {rortui-i 

14 Amanii : ut liliauiui . sutiir ut licr- 

mun rnonteH καηΐ 
■5 Eniissionus tii^ : luunertt ilelec• 
Ubilia ; 

16 Crocus bevlje ilos e»i uiodice mil« 

17 Fiatola : arbor uat boui uUoris uoii 

buni 8H[K>riM ; 
iH Munu et alo« . herbe 6unl ; 
19 Gutta . de arbore currit ; iilesi 

no Oaesia . erba est »imilis coabe ; 
ai Elat^ palniantni ; folia paltiiarunt 

<{Ue eleueutwi• sursun* qui« non 

puDdeiit dtioreurfi aicut aliancm 

« Areotut (lici'urubiaquadiriuatui' 
iu urtu»! ot Htat in uioiliuo atag- 
nello ipiM du?tlur ereoU ■propter 
iorigatioQem ubi ci-eecunt aro- 
mata; 13 Amioab : propriuni. 
nomen uiri : 

ji SHlamitis uoticubiua dauid qu<ä 
miiiiiitnibat ei iu neoeclute, 

15 XJimuii candidum : [liperatuni , 

uel iiR'ILituui ; 

16 Muxtunt facitur il<; iiwlis granatin . 


Xll. ECCL£S. 1,2^ J 


11I>II?>ITI1 . " 

I FuHciuatiu : laudittio stulta ; 
, Subtatio§ : quod subito lit ; 
3 Laitugo : et alugiuatio . pene idem 

Squalor lanugo ia carnü ; 

4 Torax . lurica matiicas nun 

habiitiH et tunic« sine iniinicio 

sic dictiur ; 
J Uitiilamiua . ideet . lilii α uitulis 

dicuntui*, qui de adulteno uati ; 

6 Supi'euiiiin : extromuiu : 
7 Feutapuliiu ; u. ciuitoto qug ar- 

Hertint : 
Fol. 24'- 
9 Kletrix ; electrix : 9 Abene ; oor- 

rigia fretiorunt ; 
] Sigiiutn . hubentes ; eurponUn» 

1 In aqua ualehat ignis ; fulgura 
I Malagma 

i In 

lulte herbe contrite ii 

1 Poderis : iiestis eet sacei'dotum a 
pedibf'.e usque ad umbilicum 
pertiugens . et ibi atriugeliatur 
cingulo in cuius anbteriore parte 
habebiiutur 5i tintinnubtila eb 
mala puniua ; 15 Id foribiu tuati : 
ideal loth ; 

t Bonani escani . manoa . quae itul- 
uebatur a sole noii. ab igne . 

1 Euergetiü ; boni operis ; uel fac- 

I ijcaudiiligoris ; scandal izaueris : 

* The η IB udded above the laut. 
t HS. hjia a perpendioular stroke 1 
ammenced b, d ur oilier letter. 
S MS. has almost «iibttotio* the word required 
ΐ The I) baH lieen added above the line. 

whiuL ie. pcrbupB, tlie lop of a uioagly 

XII. ECCLES. 3 — 48; XIII. ISAIÄS PROPH., 1 — 9 

IObduetiojUH . dilectionee . irfeei 
mortis ; 
4 Inplaoauit : seduxif inmieit : 
5 Magnato ; niagoo : s Acide ; 

J Placoreni ; placationem ; 

^^ Rusticatio ; ctiltura terre ; 
f Cacflbua ] de testa est duas tnanii- 
brias hahens . aljquando dc 
gr^metito sicut et olla . 
ID Ceruicatns; «uperlius ; u Inpen' 

diia; rebus; 
II CalculuBjmmiitieeiinapetniarcn^'; 
1} Alacriter*; mne gratia . amaritei' ; 
Μ Loramefitnm; ligametitum ; 15 Cp- 

mmtta ; petre molliores 
.s Tnfninite ; infrenate ; 
ij Platamts ; arbor esi boni odoris ; 
>B AHpnltiim; epaldurt ■ ii> CalliatiwH; 

pigiiii?ntUTn album 
3D Aromatizans ; redolena ; 
It Ungula et gutta ; pigmentuiit de 

arboribuj ; 
η Shirax . incenaiim; ij Non tricee ; 

»non tardea ; 
Μ Dorix . uleet propnwm nomiii 
fluminia ; 
■s In ornientunt ; in omBmentiiin ; 
ssAjmria; abominabio ; subitaiiiag; 
.7 Tortura ; torqiiemiiirtH ; ^ Solide ; 
Fol. 24'''' 
14 Lingua t«rtia ; discordians lingua 

»el rixesi 
,0 Celera; nausia ; j, Aiiocare, oc- 

cupare ; 
31 Fnigis; parcus; 33 De traiectione 

de datione : \<\egi maluiit 
j4 Tnfrunita sine freno : iiel niodera- 

3S EquiiH eiiiissariiis : qui miflitur 
ad iumeitta : 


i& Similaginein ; genus tritici . 37 lor 

■S Sophistice ; concluaione uel rejnv- 
liensione ; 

19 Plestia :abundantiaueUndegene8; 

in Cyneris nablis . ideef citbaris 
longiores qnatn pBalterium . nam 
psalteriiim triangulum 6t 
theodorus . dixt'i ; 

II Liao crudo; ideet uiride non 
cocto ueete ; 

ij UaeacaBtTOniTit :armaexBrcitii>n. 
idegC milioie c^li ; dtctiur enim 
quod belle futura poEsent pr«- 
uidero . in sole et lima ; 43 Ago- 
niare ; certare ; 

14 Inpingaria : inpelleris ; 

15 Caupo; qui uinum p-?nniscet ad 

p«rdenduni ; 
ift Accoiumorante ; conhabitautea ; 
17 Offusio ; effusio ; ^s Pidulent ; 
intjl in miracidis 


. üucuroerarium : hortus in quo 
cuctimerus ercscit . bona erba 
ad manducandum aiue ad mcdi- 

, Uermiculu»:aaimilitudineuennia; 

4 Fisaum ; eciaaiira ; diuiaura ; 

ΐ Commolitiia , extenninatua ; 

6 Lunulas ; quas inulieree in oollo 
habent de auro uel argento : a 
similitudine lun^ diminitiue 
dicuntur; ; Diacriminnlia; unde 
diacei-niintiir crinea de auro . 
jiA . argento itel aere ; 

t Pi'riacelidaa ; armillaa de tibüs ; 

■) Olfactoriolal; tunbula mo<lica . 
de aura . uel argento niulierea 
habent pro odore : 

MS. has here t in tlie margin, tn indicate, i 

; the word nhoald be iieHlrr, Aftfr tile i of aj 

t MS. liaa ν nboTe the ■>. % MS. f 

H MS. bos torquem, with Btroka over the m, I 

« tbe line. 
II The • has been added above the line. 

doubt, that there ia something 
I one letter haa been erased. 

itli ί above tbe r. 
vhich ie atlBchpii c 

I Third correoted from n. 



ΧΙΠ. ISAIA8 PRdPH., 10—53 

ΙΟ Mureiiuliut ; cftt«niiUia ; 

FoL 35" 
11 Mutatoria : uestimeiita ; alia uie- 

liora et mundiora 
ti TerUtra : Miilttilissima ciirtina ; 
13 FnBcia pectomiis , ueetis cirnt pe«- 

tus uohiititr ; 
ii LnmbruBCaa ; malae uiiaH ; 
15 Decent iiigera uinearum ; χ . iti- 

geree . uel . diumalee . 
>s Tabehel ; proprium nomwi iiiri : 

17 FftTMm . ]»ΓΐΐΗΐπ ; 
iS Sarciiluni ; ferrwm fossoi'ium . 

duos dentea habeiis . 
ig Sarientwr ; fodieDtur : » loniti , 

confiai . confideutes ; 
II Carcamia : nome» loci . iiel . ciiii- 

■a Calanan ; eirailitM' ; ij Ganniret ; 

quasi cnm ira imidcret, 
J4 Pilosi : inciibi . moiistri ; xdftt 

IS De i-adico colubri . nascitiir regu- 
lus : qui manducat aiiuellas ; 
lAest basiliscus ; secundum 
hrätoriam dieüwr de colubii 
nasci ; >« Uabaa : ciuitoM 

3^ FUccentia; conlnuttA; >e δίΐΌπρ. 

luulieroi marine 
99 Mede : iiomer» loci : v. In triiiÜs : 

in tribits uiiii ; 
31 Papii'i ; unde fikcinnt cartas ; 
yi Riiii . «ggeiitnit; congrojiatii) a- 

quarum ; 
33 Bige . equituj« : Huoruiii exer- 

3j Tela»! orditne : imiiiei-[)an nu(^p§ 

' US. has V above ihc m. t First g itdded above the line. 

j{ MS. has V above the nccond η oF uocrpan, and above (he »ecand u oi Doep. 

H MS. bftB τ above llic i. 

II US. haa perponiliculni alroho above the o, perhaps tor i, or tlic stroke of a wrongly 
((Mumenced dl % MS. has τ above the )i. " er written on an cranare. 

++ lee written on nn eraeure. gg MS. hae ν (almost lookinR like y) oboye the a. 

11 MS. has most, with a somewhat lengthened bar through the I, and a stroke above 
it ; thersrore moatcr, or mostutn ; perhaps tor monatruni. 

nil A stroke over (he t has been erased. ΐΐ MB. has τ above the second 1. 

*" There in. apparently, a perpendicular stroke over the seooad i of Gil, but it is 
(he , belonginK to (he ; aftei: aibore. 

3s Uiciam ; pisaH agi-eattu ; '\ilesl . 

fugles H beane, 
36 In serris ; serra diüiiiir lignum 

habeiis multas dentes quodll 

bones trahent; 
]} Malus nauis : caput in arbore 

uauia a eimiliCudine niiliii ; 

3B Artum ; angustiini ; 
;9 Migma ; et mixtum : idem est ; 
40 F^i'jxmdiculum ; modica petra de 

pliimboqualicant infilo quando 

edilicaut pariete« ; pundarl^ 
,1 Paliunis; erba qm; crescit•• in 

tectiatt domoitiiii grossa folia 

habens fullae^; «i Epoceutau• 

rua ; fiquo ; 
OnocentauruB osino mixtum ; 

moster nil. 
,3 L•ιmia ; dea eilu? iicitur habens 

pedes similes caballi caput et 

mautta totuin corpus pulcry; 

muliens : et uidenini niuiti 

aliqut mauseruni cum ea ; 
^^ Foutt : cubat cnlefaciendo ; 

Fol. 25"• 
ij ApotecaHllll : cellaria . ,b Cataplas- 

inai'ent : contrito« inponerent ; 
17 Flau st rum ; in Gimilitudinemarce 

rotati Italiens intna : et ipe<' 

deutes hahent quasi rostra Ai- 

cifuv in quibu« frangcnt spicas; 
ic Mjrtua . modicua arbor boni odo- 

ria, sempn- niride . 
,g Piastre; figulna; 
SU Runtime; pidiigio : uitubilH ; 
siOalamum; pigmentiim ex arbore; 
5> Lima;qualiniatiirferrTim; Sil••• 
53 Circiuo ; ferrum duplex unde pic- 



tores fficiimt circuloe 


Del et hnabot 

Aclcolat . et acota idem aunt ; 
;β Uellentibt» . tallentibiM pilos 
de geuis : 

Saliimcula : erba mediciniilis ha- 
ben» spinas miri odoria, crescti 
in moutibu« : 

In lecticis : a eiinilitudine lecti 
dicuntur . 

Feretri ; in quib«* portantwr 
filic Dobiliuni super .iiii. equi» 
CMOiitfrtis desHper cortina sic«' 

Droraedari^ ; coatrati cameli : dro- 

y In ungef adamantino . qua7rtuiB I 
modicum sit sicu' ungula tarnen I 
iusolubile sicu/ ndamaos petra ι 
durissima ; 
Fol. 25'- 

10 Miric? : iirbor est : latin« : tra- 
maritius dieiiur ; 

■ 1 Perdix : auie iu deaerto . alter . \ 
Iierdit•• alitei- fouit oua 

11 Domatibue poi'ticibu« uel atriin \ 
qu§ rum tegent; 

13 Sinopide ; petra rubea unde [ 

14 Calati . caniatii de iiirgis fiunt an- J 
gusti in pr»difl lati in oi-e ; 

15 Caeleuma ; exoi'tatio in naue ; 
i6 InchiBor ; qui gemmae inclusit I 

i; Arreptititini ; demnnioBUtn ; iB 

ua : teiratt 
19 Ariigo; color aicui pedes accipitris, i 
to Scalpelhim : ferrunt e»l . quad 1 

hiLbent Rcriptorcs ande incidunt ] 

cartas et pennaa . ocuent ex 

terapartektuingicujgrapliiuin* I 
II Torta panis ; inciens pania; 
,j In fatoree : nom'-n loci ; 13 Rata ; 

placita ; 
14 Stipulationis ; promieaiiinis ; 
9$ Pout«; mundate; 36 Lidii; gene ■ 
37 Stratores ; con|MMitores, js Ster- \ 

nent«rn ; ailidente/n 
>9 PicariuB τ qui fiuoa coHcgit 
30 Pedalia^ : mcneurain tehi quaudo I 

uolunt incidem 

* After tbia vord one line ie left blank, with t in the Tight-hand margia. 
t Tbe (a corrrctt-d trum Borao other letter [it?). 
% Arter thi« word, and after inuenitur of tlio next line, eoine norde have been erased J 
which bad evident); been ndd/d in the Grel instance, as the Γ. ububIIj- prefixed to such | 
addilione, is still vigible after oontani-. 

if The t is sniTounded by three dots. || The ' in adiled above the line. 

i MS. InnnKe, with bori:ioiital strobe betvaen two dots above the line belnecn the | 

it π and u. As the toxt has in unjfiir, thm stroke above the line seems to be meai 

• mark of divUion. •• The il is written on an erasure. 

The two wordH of N" 18 are written in tlie MS. as one word, so that tlie so. 

Mroke of the open a is connected witli the back jiart of the bar of the I, bat : 

iDierted to mark the division. 

5g MS. Pedales, with 1 above the aeoond e. 

ConstrujMiuerHJii , c"ntaminauer- 


Nitruiit ; in tenii iiuieiiitur ; 

Uorith ; erba eei . de ipsa panesH 
faciiuit quoa erimticas appellant 
et siccant illos ; hsbentqiw pro 
sapora . 

Pedica ; tenticula ; ; Placentas; 
dulcesll faciunt de eimila . et 
oleo; »«ladipeotinelle; eresina 
de ar)>oi'e ejti fticttt et pix . 7 lig- 
num in pane : crucem . in came; 
» Ijiimbare ; bragaa utodica« . 



)■ TyroDBü•; iioui mÜites . 

ji CrocfiiH : er1)a bona ad modioinaiu . 

jj Lacinins : pxtremus parted ui»<- 

3, Uitiilam constemantem . losci- 
uiantemaut aeGteprouermibufi . 

35 Thimiamatei-ia ; turibiila ; 

36 TJrceos : nana erea in qi/jbus 

aqua7fi portjint; 

ιβ Mozel : mauiittkiii : 17 Nundinis ; 

niercatis . 
I» Tnuoluero; quandoinuoluiturucB- 

timentum in corio, up] in B&go ; 
19 Gazarum; diuitiarum; » Sabuli : 

,1 Foramina ; tibi mittunt gemmas : 

m Spetiea frie , de erain«ito dicttur; 

5j Syeres ; proprium nomen loci ; 
„ Pollinctores ; qui sepeljunt 
homines pro pecunia ; 

2; Hecthetae . 76 periboliiB >; ari- 

is Fomacnla ; 

19 Thalamiia ; altior locua ubi ecdpt 

jo Cikta mane ; iiixta mane 

}i Salinas ; loca ubi sal inueuitur ; 

31 Sinchronon ; umiw toinporis : 

ä) Uinacia ; qitod *• remanet in uuis . 
qvando++ pr^mnntiir 

ji Foi^i : foederamni ; 35 Terajihin ; 
idolutn flic nominatnr ; 36 Lap- 
pa ; elite ; ITES/ ALIA ; 

37 ElectnMfi ; de auro : et argento^ 

38 C'onectura; au^ria ; 39 Exertui»; 
Roll ici tum ; 

10 Oraciilum ; oi-alioniem ; ii«l locu- 

I Atranientariunt : utis ntranK»ti ; 
I Syniciaa ; uituporana : j Uas trans- 
migrationis ant carrnni aut iiax 
alterum par u um ; 
t Litura; inpensa : lini§ iinl clam^; 

Fol. SS"•'' 
3 PaxilluB ; fusticeltua qui in »tnn- 

twn mittitur . negil|) 
t. Rtruices ; congregationes - 
7 Nonconpluta; sine pluiiin, β Con• 

plofli ; planauTn feci : 
9 Ti-anatra ; tabula . qn? iacent in 
trans uersu nauia in qititntK «c^ 
dent remigitntea, 
IK Ebor : arlmr inpiitribilia nigro 

II Preteriola : domunciila micina in 
unue uniua cubiti . in quiliun 
abacondnnt cibos βηο» ; 
II Bibli : aitificeH qui faciunt trape 
zitaa : itA proprinf» η omni 
genttB ; 
13 PigniPi : homines cnbitales . id*•»* 

n HebensnonJ : iwl *ΊΜ>ΓηηοΗί ; lie 

iirlmrp hebore ; 
i; Dan : proprium nonien genti» . 

• I, corrected from i. 

g MS. lias τ above the m. and lim uel 1 

Μ MS. bfta τ above the 11. 

X MS. haa a perpendleular etroke ο 
f of GberecDB, probably an marks ot trsnHpoBttioit, ae tbe text ban (xivii. 16) deates 
ebnmeOH et heben itioe. 

•* Written on an erasure. 


nacula ; 


„ Gulin 


Fol. i 

43 PuliiilloR ; plumatios micinon dnos 
coniiinctoB habent in aella ; 
4< Projiliana ; deforma . 
e 4i lacincto : idMt de jielle iacincUno ; 

46 PtiHillurain'u : paulominu« ; 47 
Liraati; miindati : 

+ MS, NIE-, bm Ν corrected into H. 
I a β one word Umiit. 

II MS. gil, wilh He written above the line. 
ΙΓ tlie third f of Hebencnos, and over the third 

ft MS. qando, witb ν above the line betwc 
S§ Tbe Γ is a corrected letter. 



4ί Ad leuicftndum ; leuem facere ; 

nie ; uel lapidibiie 

» Trinte artab?; xi^ modioa faciunt; 


fj Agiografa : snncia eoriptura : 

1 Pistrinam : ubi panes : coquuntur; 

14 luge eacrificiuni ; legale officium . 

> Offa; morsua; 3 Crypta; spehinca 

js Arioli; qui in|| ara contecturam 

periiia ; 

faoiunt ; 

4llicu8; arbor efli : folia modica 

16 Magi : qui maeicam arten) faciunt 

habetia* fruotueqwe äictii gkndi 

siue philoBophiam 

modici 1 

ij Malefici ; qui sanguine et uictimie 

s Lenliacus ; arbor folia niodiua 

Fol. 26•" 

habene et fructue aine grana , 

et sepe contingunt corpora moiv 

idetl muraa rubraa ] ursi : 

tnortim coneuotudo aiiiem et 

6 Diecofor m t : diBciim portanteni . 

sernio conimunia : niagos pro 

7 Ariispices ; qui araa iospiciunt ; 

meficiii) accipiunt Magi uero 

t Satmim : priDcepsg perearum r 

apud chaldeosj philosophi ba- 

g Malleolis; quodcumqwe tunguitwr 


ad excitandiim igneTii 

.sCubitum; elin•*; 

10 Nappa : genue fomitis 

19 Chaldei+I auntquos uutgua math»-. 

malic OS uocat^ 

apud caldeos : 

]o Aruapices; qui exta inapiciunt b(i 

„Regina; uxor . nabuchodonosor 

ex his futura predicant ; 

pro reuerentia 

13 Efiemtua .eel. Λ ferocitatediciiKr : 

bis pwftgunfc ; 

14 Ex latere regni : de iidulterio 

31 AuBpicea; qui auee inapiciunt; 


■3 Ab exitu sermonia : ab esordio aer- 

monis ; 


le Dilione : poteatate ; 

17 Castrum : modica ciuitas ; altiori- 

I Area aitiens ; atccans in tritura ; 

h,ie inurie 

I Ligonett : ferrum fiiaoriiim : idett 

>B Trieres : iifcii nauei a tribii* ses- 

tyrfahga ; 


3 Occurnbere ; cadere . uel mori ; 

19 Apethno . piYipriuni nomen loci; 

t Torriellll ; arrura qu? de ign« 

^ Siuigtnata; uriguenta . 

rapitwr : 

• Ä letter or something elite has been w 

ped «way after habena. 

t The r is a oorreetad latter. A letter 

perhaps 0) ernsed, the scribe, or corrector. 

ItHttngto write the reqnired letter inetead. 

β «5. written on an erasure. 

f MB. xm, but the last two immemU 

re each marked tor erasure, by a dot abor• 

ud underneath. 

II in added nbove the line. 

ΐ The h h added above the line. 

" MS. hea a waving »troke over iri. 

tt Ck<ild ίΐ written on an eraenre ; above the a Üye etroke of b or d. or some sndt 

letter, ii still visible, una the upper parts of the strokes of the pteeent 1 and d are thä 

»mains of a former I or d. 

§g US. nocant, bat (he it marked b; three dote for erasure. 

Uf After this word one letter has been erased. Illl US. Terns, but < altered to 0. 

11 Coo ad uti : oeciiliiti 

il Pile : {ιπφηαπι Dotae» ätätmtm . 
•β InfuBri» ; <4**ria wua tnufe in- 

fnndnot Inoettu« 
i; Hocvidi ^ tiit«rfia ; it T«iie lawrea« : 

fkc Ub*mn . 
If Hrrfaa fnlloDam ; borit qtitk iode 

&ctent npomn 
wMyrieta, ubi nulti; rant mirt^ 

idat ; «rtxirai fmctnoavM ) 
.1 Coafit^t ; crunfijgpiit, [XVIII] 

I CfJtxroKoxl ; aaia* temporia : 

I lappa ; ckt«1 
I Uinatift; que mnaiwit io tini• 

ijiiuulo prenrantHr ; 
4 Foedf ; foedciiwai ;|| 

ΛΛ 26»• 

[XIX] INClP/r I>- ΙΟΒί 
I Obelu; ulr;giH; • Ajiteriacie; at*^l• 

piVM : proeMiw : 
nd prAaaaf 
)j llgri*; geon« leoois oano oolora 

1« Carectam; hrewltt; 

•7 Orimw : ebirdJuing 

i> iBqniliuig; niintatn . 

•) Pedic« . km . ligiinieN . 

■β Tympuiam . in qnattoor lignis 

extmsft pellü 
» Cilarrn . Upidee media . 
>. Coquiion . Qauioii 'mieauynim 
I] Hiuumtt . ijui in aiirem nmr- 

uturwiB loquitur . 
la Onager . atinu» eilusticuB . 
n S«ba . proointia . 
»e Gapitin , haubit loh, 
■r ConpingeWitiir . pingniKebant, 
ii Inliilo . Igtitia qn? ntwi potd 

iirrbu expotti . 
I., Ilibicum . fiipngata^H 
>> Term HaUuginie . terra Kterelie , 

• Thnr» ύ xmi* nurk (pvrhapn -) crier the lul *. 
t U8. hu V «bote the a. 

I Ηβ. ba« a itrolu (net ctHroao. 
^ US. hu τ above the a. 

Μ Tfai» gloH hu been kdded »l the foot of tbc coluiun. 
ί Tbo laat < la ■ oomotion from o. 

•■ Here «pmce ii left for about Dve or aii lettere, prebabl; for the mterpretatiun. 
ft Tbl h added aboTc llie line. 

Μ Th« third I of Imioilini ύ writtMi over an efunre, and between Inq. and miaiitri 
pace for «boat β or 8 letter« U left, jaet aa between Otiona and eb- in the preceding hne. 

II U8. baa itroko οτογ gin and another uvei ta. It diTide* firgin gata. 



XIX. lOB, 31- 

IRinocerus•; nnricomu . in nari 
ηατηηΐΜ comu bitbet 

jj ArcLurunt; eepteotrio; 3, Adlu- 

uio ; Uuatio ; 
3j Herodion : unlchefucg : ]4 Acci- 

pitree ; haefuc; 
3j Ueeiuotli ; bestia ignota ; 
j3 QiirguittiiiM ; chelnr ; 
Μ LeojMirdiiB ; ex leone et jiai'do 

genemtiiB ; 
μ olla^ . de ternt et de eramento 

fit; „ IticiiB : onifolti . 4> Torax : 

poctUH : tjArmUU; erroboeg]|; 

Fol. asw 

14 T^de ; factile : de ligno jtini . de 

quo picein fachint ; 
I) AdtoDilos : sAteiiUiB ; 4« CoHsia ; 

pigm«nta ; 
l4jAruina; pinguituUo; 

■ Necroiiiaiitia : diuinatio de mortifl 

f Lacertos ; pars brachii ; 
Oamiina in Docte ; laude« in tvi- 

bulätiono ; 
i• Fabula ; )>o(<tarufi( e»t . gigai)l«H 

Urram tiiietentare Bttl) a<]uie ; 
5> Olieetricatit« ; minietninte, 

iGurgitniD ; modica oongregatioj 
aqu« a pluuie : 
Obrizum : ymaeti gold : 
Concenturn; caatum; •/■ Molae ; 
intim i dent«e ; 

XX. TOBU, 1 — 12; XXI. lUDlTH, 1—3 19 

sj Flumecwit : mutat ; sb Iunii>er : 

arbor : 
5} Gartiltago : uuldpaexbeuo . uel 

«o Lagunculiuft . ex Ingioa dimini- 

ituum : croog^ ; 
eiSaltüL'a; Halhanllll, 6> UJri cor- 

datiljll ; bono forde; 
«j AnciJlie : atiiiuaübua ; tigl XI ; 

64 Apontata ; disceMeuH a lide ; 

65 Sternutatio : nor; [XX] INCI- 

t Manoipantrtj : tradideinint; 
1 Nason : muns ; j Brantie : chy- 

4 Accito ; iiocato ; s Extricat••• ; 

exterminat : forae mittit : 
6 Ext«iitera;)niciuinexcoriandittt : 
; Niitarut ; dubitaret : 
a Tnemig; aque calide . et balnea 

lapidea : ejc nominantur ; 
9 De ca^eidie . pera pustoralis ; 
■α Infnla : oniameiita : 
II Arigor; adöictio; n Didoecalium : 


■ In expei^tionc : iq preparatione 

, Lucubi-aciuncula : uniua noctis 

iiigilantia . 
3 Subal ; noniMi iiiri unde oriatur 

IT AD eratere «hiob reaches to the next line. 

^ The top of first is written on the lower part at the eraiore b«({ua on I 
preeeding line. 

g The first c aoil left-hand part of the k are written on an craeure. MS. liai 
ahove the word, lielween the 1 and c. 

I'i The words filla to maoig are added In one line at the foot of iha page. 
II us. hae V- nbove the o. t The r leelnB an altontion from t. 

** UH. has stroke over the rigbt-hand part of the bar thcDOgh the t. 
+t The [T ia a correction from n. 
gg ΜΘ. han ν alxive the line between the τ and o. 
■[^ MS. hat τ over the flt»t a. 
IUI c (Nirreotod from 0, and or written oa an eratare. 
ti HS. hai a Htioke over Che g, 
'" c is an alteration from t. 
t+t u is a qorreolioi» irom d, 
I ■ I I -■ 

20 XXI. lUDiTH, 3—20 ; xxii. εβτρ,η, 1 — 19 

ilia gens ; , Arge ; nonieii moji- ; Tonda . trab«« gezelt§ 

s Cum coronia; circuli« ftureia . in 

capitibu« eoruni . 
Fol. 27- 

aigoificautea uictoriani eius ue\ 

in diorie cantantea . 
6 Abra . ancilla . ^ Femur nirginis . 

idesl ding 
t Discriminauit . dbisit . 9 In cim- 

tta . in lanuia . 
α Sandalia . caluiamenta qii^ non 

habent de§tiper corium . u Ree- 

lia . funia ex herbw . 
:i rilii titRii . filii aolis qui aunt 

fortiorea homimbu« 
.3 Aaoopa . sdmilis ntri . n Cincin- 

,s et 
; he- 

. fan'na subtiliBsima 

6 CoDOpeunt . in aiinilitudine 

contaxtuni propi*»• miiaci 

braice dicttttr . 

7 Adonai . dominus eKereituum ui 

om7itpoiene , 
β SawUa doHii'ni . primittaB aA ά< 

ciniaa de oleo et uino . ig I 

anathema . in obliuione . 
In iieparatione ; ident a, t 

in dona rtd templum . 
ID Idbastea . in eimilitudine eculdre* 

de ligno duas talea faciunt inter- 

ponentea ficoa ne citiiia putres- 

caot . 


1 Themate . oonpoaitione iwl ordine . 

τ Tentoria . Tectura . 3 Aeri . hauef . 

4 Eburuei« . de osaib»« elef&utia . 

ebur . OS eiiM dicitiir 

icyntini , syiUir heuuin . j Car- 
biiaini . color gemme . iJeU 
iiiridiif . s Lecti aurei . berianll 
beed . deauratitm 
9 Fediaequua . pedoa sequent^is . 
ideiiC obsequeiites . 

ID Diadema . corona aurea . 

11 Munduin muliobrem . miilto (em- 
pöre debuorunt unguere uariis 
pigmentia et indiü neetib«* 
regal i hue illud dicilur mundui» 

II TJma idat uas aureiim rotimdum 
longiim aliqutd aubtilia in iluo- 
bu« finibuejl dueum undiqu« 
exceptis foramiaibii* modicis in 
lateribtts liabeua . intua xn 
ciatoa modicoa plunibeo« haben- 
F'.•!.. 27•'' 

tee XII meneca acribtoB in eis 
linde acirtiuntur quiuuiiiqii« 
prirao eKÜtperforam*« uertente 
iiase aicut ante oondixerttnt . 
ij Niaan . primiM mennie iihsl 

14 IVbetht idest december . ■; Suita 
irfcsi monita . 

16 Uei'edarii dicuntitr a ueendo qui 
festinant«T* in equis currwni non 
dpscpodenles de eqiiia antequani 
liberant rea|>onsa sua habent 
{«unaa in capite ut inde intel- 
Ifgatuf featinatio itineris . da- 
tiii-qiie eia aemper equua paratue 
no« nmnducant nisi auper equoa 
ant«quani |>erGcianlur . ,} Pur- 
pura . uuyloobaBo|. 

is Coccua . uuynnbaso : •β Rubeum . 
unretbaao . 

* M8. hae τ above the r. 

+ MS. has τ above the line between the α 
§ US. baa geitlt, with atioke through the I- 

IS. has (not v. 
II finibuB ΪΒ «ΉίΙβ 
and betöre fioibue. 
ί The j ia ft oorrt 

e) Τ above the a. 
above tbe Uao, »ilh maika {■{■) ot refeience both after 

η ot a iitroke belon the Uoe. 

: daobaa I 



inueiiiunti/r in conca . 6 Pnbli- 

cani . qui publicam rem faciunt , 


non a jieccando . 

1 ExeJra . serpens eii . si occiclilur 

7 Stater . in . aolidoa . β Tributum . 

»urgent de c&pite elite plures 

qiiod aeTnper fit . 

serpentea niei cicius incendi- 

» Censunt . quod repente indicitur . 


.o Altilift . saginata de auibue tan- 

* Filii (aro8 , duo lu ilia genera tio nie 

tum dicituT . 

aumenit qui in captiuitale nati 

11 Nomixma . aoltdus . n Exolantes. 


mundantes a colendo dioitut . 

3 Latomi . qui maiurea Upides inci- 

ij Alabaatrum . propiiiun nonien 

diint . 

lapidia et uaa sic notninatur de 

4 Cymintarii . qwi minores doknt . 

illo lapide factuwi . ., Tyrua . 

s lÄpide iupolito . ungebat . ne- 

ineula . 

stane . nun exciso . 

1} Sidon . ciuitaa . i6 Camiiius . a i 

6 Staljur" naaannai . nome« tin. 

caumando di'ctiitr ] 

minis . 

ij Clibanua . desuper apertua , is Pre- 

7 CraU-ra . patena siue calls . 

toriiim , domua iudicaturia . 

s Reoensflnini . legerwni . 9 Porta 

etercoris . ubi eto^cora pro 

10 Ualiiae . tuodicuH miirus ante 


poilain , 


I Catinurn . dieuum modicum IJg- 

lire cibo poauit sal , u«l doctri- 

neum uel laptdeuni 

nam . 13 Nemias . alio nomine 

, Murratum . amaruwi . 3 Siröfe- 

alereatha . 

nis8a . de sirüs qui in uanauea 

I4 In dnmat« buo . in soUrio siio . 

sunt . 

) Coliectawi . congregatioiien» . ,6 

Seoatorea . iudices . 

5 Scoi-pionee . in aiuiilitudine can- 

f Ciuitaa dauid . archia in liicriisa- 

cri . uauda longa . e De siliqwia . 

lent uodicu ciuitov altior . 

fructuB ai'boria . colligitwr por- 

cie . 7 SyDiphoiiia de tibüa et 

tiioBitni . 

cornu ; β Bysaua : in arboi-e na*- 

, Mulanm . dulce . « Frondes dici- 

lut quando folia habeil 

9 Decuriu : priiiceps eupw χ homi- 

•a Salim ; oiuitaa ; >. Enchenia , 


dedicationea ; 

I Fiele . in aimilitiidineni calicis . 

i> Inatitia : suithelon : 13 In pelu&/ii : 

I Perna . foasa . 

uaa lOtunduMt ügneu»i| : n 

J Umecta , gebyi-aec , 5Γ 

Lithostrotufi : cunpoeitio lapi- 

4 Dimitte earn . al>8ulue earn . 

duni•• : 

Fol. 27•« 

5 Mocuin . quasi fabg albo colore 

aintii : 

• Ii corrected Γιοιη I. f MS. bnbet, but flret h oorreoted to A. | 

g MS. hsB a long downatrok? (like Ion) 

{ i) added to the U. as il ooircetiiig U to Y. 

H MS. has V over the a. II II ie 

a correction from some other letter (.ί ?). 

ί ί, corrected from η. " MS. 

kpodum, but Becoad a corrected to J. 



,, Uaporat; exurit; 13 Lustmm : 

inluniiDatio ; 

[XXVI] m UBRO 0FF1CI0R[/Ji: 

1, Anoniala : diaeiDiilia; ij Mapna- 

1 Commolita : molata : , Caeuloe ; 

nue aiwUo; 

dumuuculas : 

16 Hyadaa : a. tauri similitudine ; 

,7 GeDthliabici : gentiles j 

,i Secuuda : proaperaSi . DEODEAf 

uestis groBsiorf; 


fi Pronuba : : herduauepeg . 

19 Feriatus ; eancius nel requiea : 

7 Simila : dinetumall ; β Mitnw : 

« Menatruuni : qiiaudo Imia 

haetasjl : 

diatruitiij- . uel instriiitur ; 

9 Decrepita; fracta; iiel uetorosaj; 

.1 Ecli|Mia ; defectio : » Fatescit : 

Fol. aT"" 

soluit contriuit . 

,o Melodia ; moduktio 

9j Fhoebe : aol ;. >4 Hiebemis : hie- 

iiAuguriaj tiuapicm ; 

in alib us ; 

11 FoJJioantee ; «eatia grosaior ; 

i; Orion : eburdaungllll; 16 Atria : 

13 Uaruasei : de uana ; dictum ; 

nigria . tetria . 

a? Qenlhüatici : gentiles . uel iititu- 

ralium ecriptwe* 


^e lu georgicia; ubi de culturn agri 

. Deliquium : defectio ; , Faria ; 

cecinit : 

eloquia•* ; 

Uia aecta ; iringesnuec j 

} Frugali : larga : «el lata ; 

=g Titania ; solaria j jo Muloiicolia . 

4 Suprima ; quojiciu sol ail occasum 

humor, fellia; 

Bubprimititr : 

31 Tethie ; aquia ; 31 Opago tempore : 

s Scinatt : iioitatio «el : gfiiia; 

deuso . uel ^tiuo : jj ai-tiifilax : 

6 Kxi)loBi - extincti : 7 Ltipei-ci : 

custos aqtiilonialll . 

uaoerdoies liipercales : 

g Bnima : breuitas ; g Lupercalia : 

ipsa 8Rcm; 


taZoziacunt; eideraleni; η Lujier- 

1 Defioiet ; fatiget ; , In sgillo ; in 

oal ; te/npjum panos ; 


or ; erased after the i; and e with : , {as 

+ First written aa αα erasure. 

S MS. has τ : (or rather) y : above the r. 

^ MS. has τ above tbe tt. 

1 MS. has τ above the et. 

; toro written un au oramire. 

" loqa written on on erasure. 

++ The Sc and a alone aie distinct, but between these letters aometUng has been 1 

ecased, and after the c now foUowe a email thiok stroke wLich appears to be roeaul tor | 

i; after this stroke folio ws what rcBemhlcs 

a dot or α blot large enongb to be Uten 1 

as t; then, after a vacant «puce (suOicient for one letter), loUows (next to the a) | 

a letter which ma; be read aa 11. tbough it 

a blurred, and might also be read as rf. 1 

It ia. therefore, possible to read seiiria, or bc 


gg ^ on an erasure. 


ΙϊίΙ MS. Uaa * aboTe the Grat a, and a horizontal stroke turned iipwarda to the left | 

above the anal nj. 


nil One letter (1, h or b) baa been erased between the and n. 1 

XXVIII. ι,ΐΒ. ANTON., 3—17, 22, 23; cassiod. psalt., 1 8—21 , 24—38 23 

InfrstionibMs ; iniuriis; 

J, Exti/ii- 

js Scema tmC . figura dicliooia in 

plo ; statim ; 

ordine uwboKiiii oum deoore 

Itjfitiandi ; negaiidi ; 6 

Friigali ; 

conpoeitii ; 

lui'ga uel Ittta; 

36 Paradigroa ; narratio ρ<τ exempt» 

ΤϊΓοη ; Siiua : eaturni : 

SpitUcuni ; »piituxt ; 

Fol. 28" 

nymia . ti-ausiiouiiuatio ut eei 

Satumus ; rex greooniii 

; ,« Luri- 

quihabitatiDceliainridebit+t- ■ 

dairt ; luto aonliduw 

V) Exallege : permotatio ; y, Ejiem- 

Ditttia; filift* iouia; 

, Stipau- 

babia ; iteratio enumerationiB 

tur; conplentur; 

studio , nerba repetens, 

lonan ; filia uiilconi : ι 

ExploMJ : 

ji Ausesia quQ addeada quedam no- 

extincti ; 

mina per membra siugula i-erum 

Laodee; nomen regine; 

6 Argula; 

acuta. : 

31 Climax gradatio <\aando quibu«- 

I&polaetie; inpugnaatis 

t ; ud i.i- 

dani gradibu« sempei• accrea- 

pingaastis : 


^Apo tu pt :saum : β 


53 Tropua esi dictio ab eo loco in quo 

ext inde quiiJam psalm 

uni uolunt 

propria vat tranalata in eiim 

dici cogitDSce iietO 

quod iati 

locum in quo pi'epri non eet nt 

tantum pro excellentia eui di- 

(tat BXBiirge doniiue 

cantMi• [laalmi J 

34 Figura nietojioeallli que personia 

Sympsalma : uociuji ad 

[latair C'l- 

eemper cognoacit certiesime ap- 

pulrttio ; 


Diapsatma ||iiero : 


31 Neniaa i meiMlatiiim ; 36 Penaia ; 

rupta eontiniiatio; 

fit et reeponeio ; 

Sophismatunt ; qosati 

j7 Metabole ; ideii iteratio unius ret 

Iouia ; Hlius satHrui nouis«iinue : 

sub uarietate uwborwm . 38 Per 

YpoKeuxts; quandodiu 

rsa"" uer- 

figura»i : 7perbolea|||| . pet- 

ba eingulie apta clau 

uHb appa- 

quant aoiwit aliqua in magnitu- 


dinef/( exaggerationia extendi . 

re eicerpted. not from ihe VitB. S. Anlunii, but 
loept Nob, 32 And 'i'A, wbich are taken Trom the 
maken no meotion at tbia fact, aud combineB 
ta coosidered advianble to naniber the gloHBea 

* li are added above the line. 

+ The fl ie a oorrection from n. 

g The GloaaeB fotlawing till No. ΘΘ ι 
from Gansioduri Commfitt. in PealUrium ι 
Tita S. Antonii). Ab, huwever, the MS 
the two eolleotioue in one Chapter, it ' 

I-onaecntivoly till the end of the Chaptei . 
U Something bae been eioeed sboTe the ßret a. 
II MS. Diaepealma, bnt Grat ι markeJ for «Tasiire b; foar dots. 
ΐ prif (p) ia added above the line, with a dot above the Btroke. 
** Μα. duierBS, oorrected to dint'Tsa, by lengtbening the Grat Btroke of u to i. 
Ή The . . after iutidebit are written aliove tbe tine, on the rigbt-liand side of the t, 
nd above it some lettera [cut? Bee Pa. n. 4) have been erased. 
gS The > hOB been added above the bne and before gradibusaomething has been erased. 
1i^ The aecond ο added above the line. 
nil Theie ia a perpendicnlar stroke above the r. 


Fol. 28•^ 
19 AUegorift• . ideii iiiuei-aio aliud 

dicena aliud aigitiÄeaust . 
fd SUeniaU; quoties casus discre- 

pantes in uiiEirfi si^iiicalioneni 

congregamiui ; 
II Siiiecdochen : a tolo partejn ; 
i> Idea : cum speciem rei futuifi 

uelut ocujiit eSerente motum 

auinii concii&mus : 
,3 Caracterismos quaodo aliquta . aut 

per formain discribitur . aut 

per actus proprioree indioatur ; 
14 Hjpallage : idest . permutatio 

quoties in aliuni tntelkctum 

uerba qu^ dtcta Bunl transfer- 

is Zeuma : idesi . coniuuctio qiiando 
niulta pendentia atit uno ii«rha 
aut una atiDtentia co/icludun- 

,6 Aetilogia 

ij PftTeutbesü 

idesi cause redditio 
jwü missed rei ratio 


: idwi . interpoaitio- 

aem : quoiitaift in sensu medio 

recipit nerbft quedam quedam 

ordineniH eententie uideontiir 

poBse diuidere 
Λ Parabola : conparatio |[ 
ig Feriscema iconj : que latini di- 

n'Cttr imaginatio : 
» Catepenon : latini per laudein ; 
;i Hvpertheeie : idetrfauperJatio curn 

aliquam rem opinione omnium 

noto aeutentia nostra,** exaupe- 

13 Epizeusia : qu^ latine coniuuctio 

• The 6rat t added above Hie line, + s eonecUd from n. 

g m corrected from n. % d corrected from i. 

II MS. comparatio, but the final stroke of m marked b; two dots for eras 
! MS. PeriBcemDigicoti, but the g marked by three dots for erasure. 
" Μα. has aft, therefore properlj nam, but the text has noetra. 
t+ MS. mous, but the u ίκ indiatinct and ma; be rome other letter, <>, 
irillen over it ; above tlie e there is a stroke like [hat over the preceding t\ 
Se The final i is a correction from Bome other letter (ii*). 
Hit The V hae beeu added above the line. 
III! The Γ is a correction tro&i BOtne other letter (i 7). 

diciiur ut est dies diei . et deue 

3 Faraprosdocia . latine inopiuutus 

exitus cum aliud pi-oponitur 
aliud explicatur . ut est deUB 
dene mevatt iupolluta uia eiua . 

4 Aposiopesisgg : ideii dictio cu- 

ivfillll finis reticetiir . 

3 Meiaforan . latini per translationem 
dictiut cui» rem aliqiiam aub 
breui preconio qug sit osten- 
dinii« . 

6 Auxeaia : augmsfituni paulatini 
eni/ft ad superiora concreFcit : 
57 Figura est aicut nomine ipso 
datur . intellegi quedam confor- 
matio dictionis a coinniunigne 
remotu quam ostentatiouem et 
habitum posHtinitM nuncupare : 
FoL 28•- 

s Apostropei ; idesi conuei^aio quo- 
ties ad diuersas p^rsonas crehro 
uerba conueitimTM 

9 Syiicriflia : conparutio||]|; ό Enthi- 
uietna : interpretAtiir , mentis 
conceptio ; 

1 Aniphibolta : iaest dictio am- 
bigua . dubium facienti peudere 
seilten tiam : 

1 Tapynosin . que latine liuniijiatio 
aicitur quotiea magnitudo niira- 
bilis reb»s huQiiliaaimua con- 
paratur ; 

3 Sinatrismoe congregatio . quoties 
inulta in unuin colliguntur : 

4 Epitrocosmoa ; idenl dicti rotatio 
cum succincte ea qu^ sunt effu- 
sius dicenda perstringit ; 


; Epiphoaima '. ideet ailclaintitio 
qu^ post narratas rebu« breuiter 
cum exclamatioue proruQipit : 

6 Exoetosmos : idest extjueeitio . 

7 Anatitrophe . ide»l p«niereio quaii- 

do proniiniue ordine . conwereo 

Β Anadiplosis* : congeminatio dic- 

tianis sermonem goniinut od 

decoren* t ; 
9 Emphasis : ideiC exaggeratio quod 

grtidatim creecit§ 
β Sinchrisia eat . cu)n causam sua»( 

quia adueraarÜK nititur eSicere 

1 Ephichireiun . exsecutionee ubI 
approbationea uocare malue- 

j Anaphora, i^uelatioquotieBunuin 
uerbum per comatuui jirincipia 
repetitur ; quando res secuturQ 
pro [ireterititi secutitur . υ Epi- 
muue . re|ietitio . 

4 Iroma.i(/e«tinmioc]iiolieijaliquül 
HUoa nah laiidö äieitur int^l- 
leclum uitiiperationis habere 
monetratur . 

<j FrolemaiH . pr^occupatio crebra 
HenDonia qiig multe colligit 
unius uerbi iteratione decursa . 

4 Metafora . i<leet tran»latio cum 
Foi. 28•^ 

niutatur nomen aut aerbarii ex 
CO loco tu quo proprium est . 

7 SiniutriiiiDiiH . qug uno tractu 
atqu« circnitu creminall multa 
concliidit . 

ja Hyperbaton , cum sua|ieimuH ordo 

iierborunt inferiua explioa- 

t«r . 
79 Epexurgasiii : iguotics uiü chub; 

duos probatiiiues odponimu« ; 
So Diaforeais : per quam fit diSer- 

eutiall ptreonanim; 
si Per energiarn : qu^ actum rei 

inoorpore imaginatioite repre- 

Beutut ; 
ti Efexegresia ideef explanaCio 

dicti BUpenoris, 
ej Riinoeiuatice ; uotio hec utiatn- 

quantqne rewij per id qitod 

agit ηυα per id qutiU eel uonatwr 

Β4 HYpotheticua**; idort conti oiialie 

ss Figur» sardiHinoe ; qug linguart^m 

Beriiper periiiixtione foriiialur ; 
B6 Eptthalaiuium ; laue thalumitt 

iutcrpretatur : 
t; Yperbaiun : ide«t troiuictiiieio ; 
BB Diatiposin latini tixjirraio duriiur 

ubi rebiiH penonieue siibiMtu 

et form^^ ipe^ et liabittis ex• 

priniunlui* ; 

I Altegoria GguralU dictio : 
1 Ahügogeu : eiiperior eetisus : 

5 Asse . niimmua : 4 autentlcum : 

auctoria ; 
i Auguatiaaimo : fatnoeiwimo, 

6 ProeiniuRi ; prefatio 



* The ρ iai correction ttom tarne othor leller, and ia partly written on an eraran). 

t US. has sennDuem ad decorem geminat, »ith thiee dole met tbe flnt t of 
äeaorem, and over tbe t οΓ gemiuat, indiealJuK Uiat the vorda eliould be tnuwpoeed. 

I US. i^ewil, bnt the g marked bj ■ dot fur eraaure. anil e wcitten above it. 

% MB. nomina, «itli ~ above tbe Bitt r o( nomina, «hieb rufet« to a «iinilar 
mark uid the word oremina inserted in the left-hand marüin between line* forming 

Κ Seoond / seeniB to have been corrected from 1' {j}. 

i Tbe € hu a Ua nndemeaih, and abuve tbe r ia a utrok* (für m) with . abore it. 
' ' Tbe a bu been added in the margin. tt The h added abote tbe lina. 

SI I corrected from a. 


7 Neoias : 

bens di 
α Uiola . herba 
t Mauris 

a^ndatiiini ; i 
genus nuritiu 

incinctiiia ; 
facta in toiiica 

i EIucii- 

ideeit ■ gespan^; 
u ComiuuB : cauhttor uel avtiCex 

aeculariura caiiticoruw» . 
Fol. 29- 
1} Frixi cicerie ; fitu^ siccate in sole ; 
n lAnternia ; uasa lampadis yer- 

lucentia ; 
ij BatroperileV qui portant cil>os 

in utriH : 
■6 Friuolis : frugalis ; 
17 Emulunientiim ; meroi» hiburuni ; 
is FlacidiuT/i : aeruiira : .9 Fnitruelie ; 

lilins fratiis 
no Quiaqnilta : inmundicia erbartti» ; 
■1 Curia ; ubi ordo cmteilium iniit ; 
η Meutus : uaeDe modic^ : 

13 Decipula»! ; tenticularn qua auee 

capiuntur . 

14 Inlecti ί iDcitalt : >i Exuuia ; 

spolia : 
>6 Frotojilaatru»! ; prima : plamatio : 
>7 Ideouati : coneuetudini : 
i3 Strofa ; fraus : a» Tecnam : ar- 

ja Pitatioln : nieoibranula ; 
]i Decapolim : X' ciuitatce in una 
pTvuintia ; 

]j Nummisinutn : soliduin : 

3] Deut«ree : reiionationea ; 

3, Nardum : arbor ; 

]j Pifiticu»! : herba i-ubiuunda {[ . 

uel nardum pisticuin . id^et 

Bpicatunt υ «I tidelia : 
)6 Siloam : stagnumif ; 37 Duel- 

liouis ; belli : 
ja Hyin^ ; nocUiruuwi monatruni*• 

;g Fi-orueu louibo : pi-uniau inaula 
faciunt ilia 

40 Ferrugineaa : 

nibicundue : 

41 Caumate ; ai'denter 
4a Trapezeta : et 

coiobiata . idem aunl qui iii 
mis feuerantur et Ullis uegoti 

43 Perpera : causa . uel prauitaa ; 

44 Xe II Oflox iorum ; colleclionum ; 
4i Pragmaticam : nBgotiftli«Ii ; 

Arne : terrajii ; 
47 Lagonam ; una lapidi 

ident crog;• 
4gCauUculi; raniunciili : 
49 Eyuum : beneuolus ; 
so PrathuB*•" et prapatlieian ; [ 

fit probatio 
Fol. 29»'' 
5, Epyuision; pension; Exian 

precipuuwt ; 
ji Ecacusen ; aut in aut in ac 

illam ; 
Si Epiasis ; Eupersaniis ; 
S4 üraniiiiateoH ; gra?fiinatiuit 
s; EmuruscT» : fluxns sanguinii 
;a Metempschosis ; uiotatio 11 

ali^ ill alteniDi hominem 
;7 Agora . fonts ; js Lutugiep 

lembott a quo ibi 
jij^ uestinienla1l5I ; 
palUduflllll; »el . 

i>llo . 

* The /1 udded above the line, 
t Tht.' il is s correction from n. β MS. 

1! MS. haa a hook ( f) above tlie ir, wliioh it 
ime after the a. The M8. divides Bslro pente. 

II The ί written above the liue. 

Ή* The e ie blarred. and is now merely a blot, 

g§ The Sret t hae been added above the line. 

Ijf The top ut the ί hoe faded awa;. 

III! One or two letters have been erased between pal and lidui. 

horizontal stroke above the e. 
lADt, perhaps, for a c which shoutd 

1 The D IB a 

iXIX. VERB. INTERPRET., 59 — 73; XXX. UIERON. CATAL., 1 — 33 27 

59 Tu thimisiun : pleuum ir^ : 

60 Til epitiiuitisuu ; cencupiaoibili.; 
6i Puriiya, ueng; 6» De cttiuis : de 

iusBQiB ; 

63 IleusuQ c^ri^ ; jM'opitius esto 

domtne ; 

64 Theoritieeii . et practicen : con- 

templatiuum et actiuiim ; 6j 
Ciiiinftreua : princepa uUle ; 
66 Oma uorpua 6; eumenumerua quod 

pro 1 

■ l>'o 


GB OataaiitU : contrariiiB : 
6j Siiitiiema Epica cojipoeitio 
7D Spodasten ; amaloreiik ; 71 Din- 
trihas : diseenaiouea : iiA dis- 

ΪΙ Nuymeysee consilinriuB ; 
ji Qni dixerit fratri siio racha ; reiia 
erit ccmcilio ideal I'ecoucilia- 

g Feridioa : contextum idest uniiis 

ο Pjloniinos; amator; 

:t DiaphoDian§ : dissonantiam . n 

ierelicos eacenlotale ; 
ij Peri tea zoee; tlieericas : idcetV : 

de hac uit eoitteiiiplatiua ; ^H 

14 Ho platon ; hie pluto ; ^H 
f'ol. 29'° ■ 

15 Ton philona ; hiiiic pbilonem ; ■ 
L« Acoloythei ; seqiiitur h Ion pla 

ton α aut huuc platonein 
1; philon . hec philo } is Arcliere- 

toye . coiißictua ; 
19 Pantocrunto ; emniu/n : 
Fo Puturia theo ; de potentia dei : 

conünentia eo dicitur : 
FI Ämphitheatfuni || j circum sjeo- 

taculum ; 
'] Deuterouu : secunda lex ; 
'] Apologieticuwi : excueabile : 

14 Fhiluluguie : uerbi am atom ; 

15 ElegOB ; caatigatio ; 
'6 Diatripas . conllictHB proprium 

aomen loci ubi discunt diapuli ; 
I, De piiiBiiia : fractura uel are : 
β De philoxeuia : de umoce ospicium ; 
i Capuu [terieua inatvuctio ; 
Matuytu : de deo corpore iiiduco : 

iiel de iMritia dei : 
iQ Phi-aysi^iaeuBus jieub**nomiaeni 

coTiaintoguuLta docunienta : 31 

sjatagtiiatt documextiiDi ; 
13 Pseud oepliigrapha ; falso euper- 

acribta^ : 


■ Feripattbieus : ambulator ; 
> Canitius : qui a canitia prouintia 
in gn^ia uocatur 

3 Ypotheaeon . diapoaitioniini*; 

4 AuarchiuB : 11 bi nullius poteatua; 
; Monarcbia : ubi unius 
a Polarchia ; ubi multuriuu ; 
7 Bibliothecaf : nomen loci ubi 

libri ponuntur; 
a Praxeou : actionum ; 

* Firat oorteoted from u. 

t h aädeä aboTs the line. Above the : (oolon) after Bibliothec» the MS. hu -i-, 
vrbich refers to -- nomfn loci, which le written on the left el the lemma between liuea 
(ormiug a square. 

J The second stroke of the Grat a ia nritten on ita erBBure. 

^ MS. baa id e, therefore ideal eit. \\ Tbe »ecoiid Ί ia addetl above the line. 

X The k ia added above the line, between tbe Ρ and r. 

** or No. 31 the lemma ia nintaiimala ; aub nomineni con ia a miaread sub nomine 
eiua, which St Jerome «rote; aee bia Ciitul. Ch. xiin. U in, therefore, neither a lemma, 
nor an interpretation, and should have bad no plane in the Qloanary. 

+t 7itag written on an erasure; the ^ is a oorreotion from f or v. 

SS Tbe b corrected from p, and the down-stroke of tbe latter markt^d by two dota for 

XXX. HIERON, CATAL., 34 — 80 

31 CAtaceaaeun ; doctriuarum jj ua- jj Ertadioct«a : opens conpulaoren» : 
netae'atroniactUdestcmatione ;6 Aethiinologia : (iropnetale : ij 

utfi paganuni in 
riinit coUeguiit 



tuluuarictatia; j« Praitefanescn ; 
]] Orunogru])hii)a ; teTnjMiralie ficrib- 

]S Archiitonian ; autit|uitatcni ; oe\ 

priDciputiim ; 
jg Teeeeroes : quaciris : 

40 ExtftHei excesflu : idegl nientie ; 

41 Aecesi : intellectui : 41 Oliri |] 

fiscus ; fane : 

43 De moDoganiia ; de Hingnliiribwr 

HUptiÜ ; 

44 Cutha manthan : »ecimOuni ma- 

theuin ; 
4i Dialectica : dualim dictio : 
«» Arethinieticat ; numeralis : 
«7 Muaica : modo labiie ; 
a Qeometrica : terre menHum : 
4« Qrammatica : literati ; 
;α Retliorica ; eloqufntia ; 
)r Aetronotniu ; niilentm•• lejc ; 

Fol. 29'-'' 
sj Exca (vi) : uai {pt)tt : decerida : 

sMlecenaleni : 
j} Eniieafe : decerida decern noua- 

j4 Et procominn ; oarrationutn ; 

• quasi ex lec- 58 Uenealogia ; generutio&e ; 

Punngericon^ : laudabileiii ; 
£0 Euchandttoa ; gratiai-um ocliunee; 
ii Metarrusiu : inteipretatiunem ; 
£3 Eorüttica ; soleniues : tj Para- 

sclieue ; preparutioue 
64 Catheron ; mundorum 
fi« Epitomen : raeinoria : usl hre- 

c6 Exenteseon : quesiionum ; 
£7 Catacesseos : doctrine . u Pto- 

cheiiB : inopie . 
69 Siiitagnialon : documentoriim 
;d Moniiptolnion : luaciu{||| ; 
71 SinpLoHin : iterarium . ukI uiaruin ; 
73 Otheporicoti ; it«nerariuiD : 
73 EpimehneJJ : memoria ud ]<re- 

74 AL-eiiun : oratio : 

75 EyHggencea ; apodosios . euange- 
licettt pi-edicaciones: 

;t Ruag);encc)i . parasueueft : euun- 

gelice preparation is 
j7 Croiiicoü canuon . temporalium 

[■egulanim : 
78 Tropicon : maralium : 
jf ApologiiH ; exüueatinnes 
So Kt simcosion 1 aimilitiidinem ; 

* 0(Na. HS thclcroma is [alromadis^] ΐτροιματ/ΐι, »ηά unrietae tlie inlerpreMtion. 

t HS. hu ecpinnorum, with liorir.nlital stroke over the ρ and i: the c ia marked, 
by four dotH. for eTasure, add the c corrected into x. 

g The ie ft cotrectiou from eome other letter, 

H The « U a eoiub'inalinn of the left-hand atroka of an open a ind on e. 

II MS. ahould have a stroke over ChH, for ChriXi? but see Cp. C 888. 

S The first i is added below the line, attaehed to the A. 

" The I has been lengthened bj the addition, to its baie, of a elroke, the lower 
part of which has been erased. 

t+ VI is written in the MS. above en, and ct above eai, but without ( ). 

ϋ MS. Pannagericon, but the first η marked for erasure. 

1% MS. preuiarium, bat ρ corrected into b. 

||[| The first u Boems a correction from 0. 

ΐΐ The h, which U a oorrcotion from aome other letter (n?). maj alio be read as b. 

*" HS. priuiariarium, but above the aecoud a is written ν with a stroke over it 
< ■= vm), and the remainder of the word hue been marked, bj five or six dote, /or erasure. 

ttt The c hae been added above the line. 


I li Peichiexodo aaime exitu 
1 Do onkietroiuito : de6ic 
eariini diMpositionum 
L ij KkgoB : castigtili 


6 SoIidoB tree tryniinas : βλκΙΙΙΓ . 

7 Litirft Lxiii B^^lid(w greci Lxxxitti 
solidos ppndica : 

8 Emilia <:t CDtile|l|| racdius sex- 

g Coraor minor sept«»« eextaiioa , 
et . υ . pars eextarii cotilo di- 
mediuni : 

□ Äquila dixii . Bexttiriutn ill mo- 

1 Ephi te^ eextHrios : Iterunt ephi 
ill π Bextarii et pai-uiint 

1 Sata quiiiquaginta eextanoH in li- 
quiilie .inaridisueroxxuii sata;' 

3 Sarre Villi SBxtarioa et . u . par- 

4 Hiu maior . xuiii eextArioi , 
Minor üiii : 

! Sicltis LXXii siliquae : i6 Regalis 
xxxui . ailiqua 

7 Grece idest ceroetea; Cercetea iiii 
grana ordei ; 

β OboluH . xuiiii nliqtiae; >g Obo- 
lus medicinal 18 in eiliqucM; » 
Toletum : tmntnia xxu Hbras : 

1 Cathoa : eexta pare eextarii ; 

1 Epiphaniiia dicit dragma xxuiii 
ailiquas ; 

3 Siliquaa argcoa idmil pendiciim ; 

4 ChoroH XXX . modios greesus et 
uestigia eius : idest pes . int«r 
dune . ideil duos ctiltitoa ; 

* The secoDil a is not quite clear; it ma; be read us ic or cc. 
f The π is not clear, and aiipeare brahen at the top, 

g There is a short perpendicular stroke above the u, perhaps the beginning of 
a wrongly eomraenced letter, 
% The II may aleo bo rend aa a, 

I in the MS. abore i'po, and hoQ above tyoi, bat withunt ( ). 

i. After prino the MS. has eome oharacter which ma; be desciibed as a r tnrned 

npatde down, like the mark of contraction for iron, except that here there is a dot above 

It is evidently a misread Gr. υ belonging to the word prino. A MB. ia the 

[ Cambridge Univ. Library (Kk. 4. H), containing Jeronie'a Catalognt. Iiaa here ΠΡΙΝΟΙ. 

η the MS. above i'po ; hoc above lot and stinn above fdno, bot 

I «ithont ( ). 

tt The second ο is added above the line. 

3$ MS. has τ above the a. T«! MS. ha? ν above the x. 

II MS. coQtile, bat η marked, by a dot above and underneath, for otaenre. 
tt Something above the u haa been erased. 

^ »J Ointicta onitttltaon"; ratio |το- 

[ B6 Temoys . libros ; 
I «7 Otheporicon t r itemrium . \xf\% 

SB Cataatrofoii ; 
Bg Ominag ; lociitiones^ i 
9P Ascetron : iutellectum ; 
gi Feri pthocheae ; de paupertate ; 
Fol. 30" 

93 Cataracteras : stilo ii«l tigiiiit ; 
' S3 Ypophesion : iuBti'uctiooum : 

94 Ortodoxon ; glorioei uel perfect! 
, Ypo (.ub) . »JO. (hoo)ll . prino 

prinenae secet te ; 
J BeYpo(siib)toa(hoc).aciiio(8cimi}** 
scineoosett scindat te ; 

I Gomor maior in one XIT modius : 

Modicua ante 

ί gomor 

. XXII sex 

tarios ; 

Sextai'iua aiiiern duo 

libra Pt di 

medium ; 

Libra . XII 


i Uucia 

ui . fiolidos 

J— I 


1} Pe» uocatur qiundo una uice . 

calcnt paseua ideH fetim . tut 

ciiliikinim : 
>6 Conurliiciis . xxui uiioias : 
3j Libm et pondem idem sunt* . 
Ig Tres argeuteoa sol id um Eaciunt . 
39 Solidus xsitiit siliqune : 30 Scii- 

putua sex Giliquru pcDBator ; 

ji Sestarius : im librae pen Rat ; ji 
Sextariiis Greee diiae libraii et 
dimidium pensnl^; 

,j Mina QrKt mina sen iincias ; 

2t Stntera Grece Lxxn siliqiias ; 

3i Ctmina ronmna tlimedius eexLa- 

}6 Sata nnu»( et diniediu»! modi- 

uiuH habens . 
3} HieroniiQue dicit ütatera dinilitr 

qui duo didr^inn babetjl ; 
38 DftDHriua . [>er χ nuiuiiiis deputa- 

Pj Chiitosi . Ιι•βΒ 

bet ; 
,α Amphora . 111 . πι 

itl . modioFi . 



I Dragiua ponduB eat denarii αιν 
gontei quod pensat eiliquoe 
xoui a grecis fit sie : 
9 C apud latintts tit eic :^ . ab aliis 
fit sie % 

3 Scripulus pensat ailiqxa« ses ab 

aliquibue fit dito 

4 Obolus pehtMt eiliqurM . 111 . »ίΙΙί- 

quoe . tres fit f•* . j uncia 
fit eic : Ύ qu^ uncia pensat sili- 
qua* cxLiiiitt . hoc ett Bolido» 
ui . 6 CiatOB hnbene peneum hoIi- 
Aorum . vi . ; Acitabulus Habens 
dragniae xu . ide«f^ scrupulus 
XLiiHH .quod uncia uua seraia et 
ecrupuloa . uuii . s Cotule habet 
cc- XDiJI quod fftcit uiiii; 
9 Miiiahabetstateras.xxii***. ideii 
dragmoe . c . Bcrupulos ccc quod 
facit libmiH uuaui et aeiuiun- 
ciani j 10 Talentuwi habet pon- 
ders Lxt++ . ψιοά fucit Hbras 
LXXii^ : 11 Libra habet acu- 


* Orer the i there ίβ a hoiiKODtal stroke with dot aboTs it, to mark the itroke lor 

t After τττι η λ long letter or Btroke has been eraeed. 

I The t is a correction from 11 or 0. 
H The firnt stroke of the final m is a corroction from an oritflnal i. 

II didragma ha, and the up-ntroke of llie A are written on an erne 
the a of Im. a αοηιιπα, which apparently belonged to the erased word, ia at. 

X The ft has beoii added above the line. 

" Through this sign, which has the form □( ■ long thiok a, runs the lengthened 
top stroke of the 1 of &t, with α dot aboTe and underneath, which mark this part of 
the stroke tor eraenre. 

Η U IB possible to read here cxntt, as the l and first i resemble tlie capital U 
vtsewhere in the Μα. 

gS Above the back of the d is the stroke of some wrongly commenced letter slül 

HI It is poisible to read here xn (see above note ft). 

nil The c is a coireotion from r. 

tZ The dots, which are written within the cc, mark them, perhaps, for 

*** May be read as ιιτ. 

ttt LX is formed hy an t. will) a stroke through Us bottom-etroke. 

§§g Tlic L and first i arc here again combined as above (note ft). 

ler Τ 



puloe c-c- LXXUttt* 
dragmrw . xcvi + . 


tüM . EUCHEllIÜMg; 

1 Tali;ntum . Iiabei pondfrn LXII 

quad faciunt Lxxx Hbrg attice : 

I Minu ent libra »na etseniJunmu 

3 talentuni habet Li [niiiias] 

miDH gi'ece latioe mine lUeilur 
t Dragma hiiW acrupiilua . tu 

5 dedragtna due 11 Üragmae 

sunt . linde . mirar . quomado 

in libro hebraicuruni queatioti- 

um eemeuncias ecribitur . 
6 Stat«r nuifimiie est beheun ut 

qitidatn adßrniant unoiairi u- 

aarn , 'nieKl aureoe . τι . ut 

Fol. 30" 

pntant . in j in euangelio enim 

pro X üuobu« diOginie stater 

dalur; 7 Sicel qui latine lingue 

compH' eicloe dtotur . ui ques- 

tioniliuB. Buiira scriptis. uncia,** 

ponduB habet ut alibi Bcriptutn 

repperitt . scmpula . χ . quod 

ipse . Brbitror : Nam sjclus ipse 

uel sicel de propinquitAt« pon- 

deris quasi siclus son at ; 

* The data within the cc mark the latUr, perhaps, Tor β 
re Reaia combined ae before. 

+ Tbe dot within the c markii tiic latter, perhap«, lor erasure. 

g See the Vienna Γογ//ιμ Scriplt. Eecleiiaitlroruni Latinorum, Vol. siii. 
W(ß. Eneherii Lngdnn. luitrmU. Libri it, p. 158). 

It Here tuUoura in the MS. », which eeems to have no meaning, and was, perhape, 
■mitten by the scribe in place of the uanal ; . 

II Alter alii two or three letters have been erased, and one or two olhar letters, on 
I: the right and left of Iho erasure, ai?em to hare been wiped away. 

ΐ The ρ seems a correction from ο ; the mark for to attached to its down. stroke is 
litlen on the pioce of an erased letter of which traces are still visible. 

** For anciae. tt The second ρ added above the line. 

Sg The third i hoa been lengthened by α kind of nndulating perpendicular stroke 
I ImIow the line. 

HIT The/ IB α correction from some other letter (iri). 

III! Here the word est followed, hut it has been erased. 

JJ Koe. IT and IS do not appear in the printed texts at Eucherios. 

β ObutuB n*t scnipulo dimediu 
tjuod fiicil ftiliqiiod 111^ . 1 
hiezecliielo . »iclus nxitem [xx}l 
oboluB liabet ; 

y ChoruBL-sf modii . XXX. tabatuecet; I 
Auiphora una . ideet modii . Iii ; 
1 1 CliatuH grece amphora Mf 
Imbens uriias . ill; n Ephi. 
siue ofallir . in . tnodii; Ephi 
idem raenHurg habet in ai'idis 
et in liquidia; Batus ■] uietitita . 
menaura una ut qutdant I 

dicuiit halte η t eextarioa 
ineuHura . autem grece metrum 1 
dtniur. uudeelmetretadtetiur iM 
Notandum uero quod meiiaiii-«T 
hebraicumllll nomen eat; „ Ar-1 
tab^ in asaie egyptiontm luetw 1 
sur^qu^ .III .faciunt mod iofi 

.J Sata idem sjijU quod et ep 
idest luodii . 111; 

6 Gonior meTisura eat attica . habet» f 
ut qnida»! oppinaiitur . oonicee I 
lit . idesf sextarioa XII ; 

A.lii gomot' dtatiit nextarioe . V ■ 
quod etia[m] i|)ae sequor eo 
quod decima pars sit epht : 

7 Hiii]:| . sextiirioa . 11 . ιΐ abat- 
tidis . V . ig Nebel . quidam 
putant niodios ill . in sextariis 
eat liquide speciet : •α Cota- 

'ho L and Qist i 



mmft* cut : in hiexechielo 

■ ] 8copuIoiJUs; petra; •6 Secunda; 

decim ίηφίί«! cotili^ . gnnioi-t 

proBpera : 

11 iincta una «οΐύΐί ui . 

„ Cautea 1 lapides ; .a Ijsntiecere . 

molliacere ;: 

et pondns idem βΚ7<ί . 

,9 Non officit : aon reeiatit ; » 

1« Urliicaa et «extarius ^uali men- 

Catalogutn ; aeries nominum : 

sur> 15 ni\ii]ua una . iiii grtina 

ji Atauna : ini : pater : n CWfec- 

ordei peneat >« eextari us librae 

toa : inaculaboa : 

1} Lautiorea; pulcriores; μ Cicona; 

unnm; ,8 libra i.xxti solidir* 



li Piosit ; denaluido ; λ inlecta ; 

■9 Obolne . lit . Biliquo« . HoUdiu . 


XXIIII . r> tiiliijurce . Tre« argen- 

.jOppleta; inpletai is flxaggerare; 

teue Holidum fnciuiit . }■ itili(iiias 

comukre . 

Bfix , acripuliiiu utium («n- 

1« Theonce : aiiii^nitM inlellectna . 

»antg; finit . 

Tabo•" :morbiM; 

3. Repagulia ; atabnlia : „ Cod- 

Fol. SO"" 

aerto ; conpoeito ; 

[XXXIVl DE CAßSIANO; . Maüa : 

}t Comminua : prop*; j5 Abdicans ; 

<>x maxilii» ; 

contradicans - 

1 lAstheo ; luortali ; j Spiatliio ; 

mattael : # 

3, TyrtiatnUB ; jrt-edator; ja Diruit 

4 Enticam : sublectilem ; 

obniit : 

i Xerofa^ia : lierbe tjug come- 

3,Stalionei; uigilatione ;; 

dunlur incoct« 

HO Prerogatina tt ; priuilegium ; 

6 Omofagia : qiip non niHi cocte ; 

7 Aeou . integritesll ; a Utpute ; 

deptum : adquisituin ; 


43 RaDgor : »«jttilia : 4« Sillogia- 

g Caualicia; aaijeria . firmiuribtu; 

inue; quaatio ineuitabilieliU 

ID Auxeain ; aucmentvm J : .. Fro- 

,i DialMtioU . fecundia . ; .6 Coni- 

eiDÜH : Tirefucioaibu« ; 

cere; i η tel legere ; 

„ Cünodoxia ; inaiiis gloria . 

47 Siigillationem ; iniuriani ) 

13 Cunfutatiia ; veji7-«lnvtiia ; 14 In- 

4B Saitentibitcllll . ti-edeiiti ; .9 Dum- 

centor ; auecilator ; 

taxat, maxime 

• Cot;la hcmina in the printed tefta, 


-t Here the printed texU ot Enolierius end. ^^H 

j There i> an erasure aboTe the t in the MS. ^^B 

ΐ MS. baa r itbore the ftmt 1. 


II ia oorreoled from ti. 

I MS. aooroenta, but abore the final a 

(which is not marked for erasure) there ia a 

Τ with stroke above it ( = vm) and a dot on 

both sides. After the final α something baa 


** The α is a correction from aome other letter (n7). 1 

tt MH. Preregatina. with above the eecond «. | 

ii The first u ie α oorrcotiou Irom a. 


HH MS. menit-, but tbe firat stroke of m corrected into 1. ' 

nil After the α attme letter ha« been wiped aWBj; only a jellow apot is now visible. 

1. ä 


ο Expers : ignarus : ji GaracterieH 

scri|)turiB• ; 
■,i DecreBti s.unt : congreguti sunt ; 
,] Deflornro ; eiiellai'e ; 

14 Coiiilere : abecondere : 

15 Eneruatiie: inualidus : 

Fol. 31*" 
[XXXV| ■ Trogoedia . bellica cnn- 
tiea , DE EUSEBIO; . wl 
fnbiilatio . ud hiruHiiiaf: 

I Coti 1 dolores ueotris : j Prorigo : 

urido cutis , id««i g^ccae*! 
4 LuridiiB ; patlidus : 
i HydiOpicus ; aquaticus : 
6 Tentigü : tenacitas uentria . idMl 

»bindll : 
) Toparcba : loci princep : To- 

: loc 



§S Age ; uelociter ; 
circiiiiuitantia ; 
le Apparitorium ; auditorium; 
Ti AdutipiilRlio; con film a tin ; > 

ati : calicee ; 
1] Coneultoribiie . conailiariis ; 
14 Dirigueie : pro etupore palli-s- 

cere•• : 
■i Quadriga ; a ttti equis dicitttv : 
>e Stromatum ; lectorum : i? A 

itiieologia ; a. d«i gonilogia : 
s Oppeiiunt : inueniunt . rep[)0- 
g Uiherciili; mifortiett I » Magni 
eabbati . idesf [wecbi; 

I Subregerii 
. Curi 


snbieceris : 

curai/i gent; =3 
pnplicationia pro- 

Editionia ; 

I>oaiture ; 
Auapiciis; qui aues inspiciunt; 

ne\ . Iiominee obuiantee 
Tbieateas : com meaeati ones : 
Oethepia ; coitum inatris et so- 

raria ; aiutt/ inanicliei in oc- 

cultis : iiUit in occulta loca 

idolorum ; 
Puncto^; fonimine ίη quo ]>edes 

iiinctoruniiffl in ligno tenentur 

cubitali Hpatio inUrieuto inter 

ninctos : 
Munerum ; diebite reiDuneralionte 

mill tum ; 
Härene ; thealrü : γ> Genefrix : 

de frigia : ciuitate 
Legio; sex milia ; 
Ceteriorem : ulterior^m ; 
Bachantes . lur|)iter|||| ludent«s : 
^laiin . secles . uel loea alta ; 
Tesserae; tcautaaJI; j« Mutafm- 

iiiu : interpretatio ; 
Oraria ; niup]>ae . uel linteaiiiina ; 
pudicaa . uel absli- 

33 Sinefactas 


X, TJngulam 

digili ; 

,0 Ti-ociei•• 

Fol. 31•*• 

41 In aculois 


rotis modicis . 


' The <■ In a eorreotion from •, 

g Tlie riga or letter betöre iroun differs do 
tmind in Bonie of the headings of the clinptei 
Buch. It may also be UkeD tte the ligati 


ligature doeH not occur aleewherc ία the MS. 
IT MS. Lob τ above the S- II 

I ρ oortpcted from 6. 

" H8. pBlUeoere, but the ί marked bj' a dot for 1 
ff MS. inifortee, but the e marked for erasure, al 
§J MS. Ι'ηιΐίΐΙο, but g marked b; two dote for erai 
ΐΐ Thr η added above the line. |t|l MS. haa β 
ίί MS. ban τ above the e. •** 


ferris ligno in terra 
pOHito infixis et cuniia; 
Stibiis : coloribue xtibia erba de 
quo faciMiit . 

t The first t added above the line, 
materially from the ordinary capital λ 
t. and baa. tboreforo, been read hero as 
but the püint cannot be tested, 

MS. has r above the n. 

raaure. and it written above it. 

d 1 writteu above it. 

ure, and e writton above it. 

perpendicular stroke abuve [he p. 

The < i« a ooireotioii from 1. 


XXXV. DK EUSEEIO, 43 — 8ί) 

] InülLricBtiil•« : inext^rmuisbUea ; 
4 Adiirtnii; iiichoai»" exoriarit ; 
<) Happnmti* ; inmnia flnirntu ηκΐ 
pH rn Inn tut ; «« Tliiftij ; matCT•- 

4) MotropoÜK; mate-r ciaitattiTnll ; 
4tC'oni[>oai gMrttiwpe; «^ Lociilo ; 

β Aallluni : Ioclih ri^aipi ata»aHut ; 
κ Gotta ; Huripfai ; ;> Gniiibtüitw : 

j I.udnx litennim ; nctiln paniu- 

lorum legontiiim ; 
4 FediBKeqiiJH : conuiAtor gegeiitAÜ; 
t Lacerttt ; wIhxs J : s* Nout^lUf« i 

iiouun uimiailiwum ; 
) Cuiiutiuliim : uui in iiuo incL-nt 

a Uix ; Mtatim ; w Fomiw . ncelb*• : 

oel (Ireptt; 
ο HiboniiBin ; eeciircTfi bis aciituni : 
I lExvdrv; Hcabelli &d^ oüioh . uel 

subülli ; 
6i Paatuforie; mtxlice dumiu; 
(ij Fucum ; coloroniHH ; β4 Miirtyrinm ; 

modicum oratoriiini 
6) CnoninntariB ; eccIeHJ^ ; 
6 Igniit ncor; onia||||; o, CiHMiim ; 

sectura ί 
69 Cunoidura ; iiiuiiliirti ; 

f^ Uixilla et labniDi . idem : 
^i Calonum ; BOmert genti« . 

.. Caloi 

73 lAninaihfiK qui••• berbice«••' 

II«! purcott iacidunt ntembratjm 

et uendnnt ; 
;] Codicibu» : li^is in qaibue inci- 

dunt codex ; etofiinttt ; j< 

petigo ; ttrtrafaglg ; 
7, Jugeres; gycerliUH ; uniDs dii-i 

opw« : amtoiii ; 
76 Feeeat : dtouinat : 77 Subnixi»; 

js Parotliis ; niiiiietm ; 79 Clatia ; 

ίο Madidnnt ; oontusum, ιικΙ con- 

tri tum i 
Sr Uaeri : uirge ferret; > 
Bi Sub axe pontico ; sub ilia parte 

ubi jtontustJI eei; 
J-'ol. 31'- 
9] Aniplam ; lataiit S4 Parum ; 

pnruufn; Ss Adti-acto; breiii ; 
«ftHusta••••; incisa arbor mmis 

truiiguti>ittt+ . 
Bj Afficit ; amaiiit : uel onoi-Hiiit ; 
B9 Paim^^encis : laudabJlibuH; a^ Vri•- 

ditis ; omittis 

* Tliu h i> Β oorrcctiun from luiue oilier lottei (1?}. 

+ Äbovo tbu aDOond r there is ■ porpendlculkr stroko hardly larger Ih&u β dot. 

I TliD Τ Ulli lufl-Imiid itroke of thn h written on an arviure. 

^ Tho iioauili] I 1« oilbor blurred or a oorreotion frotn Bome other letter. 

II MH. I1U * above tUo firtt e. ΐ MS. haa τ above the ad. 

" MH. ban τ above the e. ff MH. has τ above the rt. 

II Tliu flret «truke of llic open α li a oorrention ftoni 1. 

in 'i'linn; In a dot, or the heRlniiinti οΓ an atiUniHhed letter, above the r. 

nil &IB. Iia« τ above the m. ΐΐ MS. hae τ above the s- 

••• MS. ha« iiuibiu bioea. ttt MS. has τ above the 0, 

III MS, hai τ above the r ; the Bmil 11 may bo read aa ic. 
liTlll MS, liai * above the y. 

lUlll The η la a iorreotiori from »orau other letter, or from two other letters. 
Ill The " hnn b«n added nbovc the line. 

•••• Thu α la a comictlon from or u. Between »he <i and ; one or two letters 
have born «nuul. 

tttt 'riw (i are oorr»elloiie from <!(?). 

XXXV. DE EUSEBIO, 90 — 144 

ga Ad ilicetu*; geniuiiibri; gi Mam- 

bret; nomen loci; 
91 Procestiorea ; excelsi : 9j Molue- 

Tunt : manaerunt : u«l neiiu- 

gt TlieoiDHchie ; deoruui pugn^^ ; 
gi GJgHuteiü&chie ; gigantui/t pugiie ; 
g6 F)M cnit; iue ei'at, uel iuettim ei-at ; 
9; Ualia ; [»-ophela ; 9a ProBapia ; 

,g Aeditui : osiiarü ; 

cogitata ; 

SB Oomnienta ; 
FftstihusH : 

.». RaU ; 

lihrie ; 
>□) FaHcibiia : dignitatibw« : lo« Ola- 

dihue . uiitdictiBJI ; 
101 ArcetJ; depulit; 106 Stephan w« : 

cnrouatuB ; 
lo; Ulcus : lepra** uel uiilaus : 
loS FrofuxiuB i hftbundanttuit ; 
IV9 Peroraiis; adloquL-ns ; hd limimii- 

lai-i^ ; itcciiBaret uel iDsultai-cl ; 
III Cutiiciulianli ; cogitabunt ; 
■ !■ CoiiBtipalio; circumatatio, 
itj Cunuionaretur; loquei^turtt ; 
114 Uecors : inalo covde : n; Antmi- 

nicula ; adiutoria ; 
iii In proetibulo; in domo forni- 

Ti; Territoria ; loca modica terre, 
118 Qlebaiii ; cispitem ; 119 Coales- 
caiit ; paactiiit ; 

α Per hironia/» ; per mendatiunt; 

III Manuni ; tiirbain, 
1 CalloB : tensnni uutem : idesi 

113 IncusaiiH ; 

eulto ; nort intffrrogato, 
nsProbra; obifrobriallfl ; ι>6 Tro- 

pia ; aigna ; 
137 AdiientiuiteB; aduenientes ; 
iiS Mrilitio ; uieditatin Rmli[|||; 
rig Adetipiilutio : adfii-matio ; tjo 

Amopaga; archiBinagogiiaJJ est 
131 Multata; p^rcussA ; 133 Fefeltit : 

fraud ulenter*•* mewtitwr 
IJ3 Metrum : niodium ; i« Dispi- 

catis ; diemptts : 
ijj Eripiaisseiil ; iiiniiuscnt ; 

136 Effiiibantttf ; mortui sunt ; 
Fol 31"^ 

137 >Sumiitu puplico ; adiutorium 

regali ; 
13E Tabö; putvido : ij^ InfAustiorern; 

infolictorru) j 
HD Purtantm indnmenta; itXeal coria 

qui'btM portg mdute sunt ; 
141 Excidium; caHiiiu , Hei discea- 

149 ProceritOB ; celaitudo; 

uj Per mctalla : \χτ diuersaH artoa 

fem , uel alias 
144 Enixa eef ; geniiit nguiiTnabHI!^ 

agno dieitur femiuini 

• Tlic (irat i JB attaahed to tbe d ot Ad below (be line. 

t Mij. lioe Htroke above the a ; heace (he reAding of the MS. is Majumbro. 

ä Tbe g ISA ciirreelioD from n. 

ΐ The ί writtin ou an erneure j Ihe b'la a oorreetion from or tcom ci. 


II Tlie i mid first «troke of tbe π are con 
t Tbe Γ ia a correotiou from i. 
+t The rt have been added ebove the lii 
^1! The 1, whioh ie combined with the r 
IUI The (1 ie written over an erasure. 

:tionB from the Grat two »trokea of an m. 

** There is an erasure above tbe epr. 

^ §g HS. bas τ above the Brat r. 

ΐΐ Aller tbe li a letter has lieen erased 

*•* The bow of d ie writlen over the remainder of si 
whiob has been erased. 

tft Atler EI two or three lettera have been erased, and u vacant apt 
two more lettera. 

§$3 After the η two or three letter» (diiTj have been erased. The s 
may be read as /. 

nu MS. er, bnt marked for Omission, and ab written above it. 


XXXV. DE ECSEBIO, 145 — 194 

14J Niuninia : iiirtutia ; 

14« Luxus ; luxoriit : nel lasciuia : 

i47Fetaliim; in quo scriptum est 

noniCTi dei , uel tetraymm- 

TfB Insolentia ; inqnietudiae . nel 

liuiciuia ; 
149 CoMulari delectus ; dignitati ad- 

diictue ; 
■;□ Fttceesat ; deninat : i;i Expis- 

cabar ; capiebam ; 
151 Sceptritm ; uirga regaÜB ; 
153 Apologiticum , excueabilem ; i^ 

liicesseret . incedere^ 
ijj Ärcebatur ; inpelehatiir; 
156 Ad Stadium ; ad locuni certa- 

15? Ftirtunam : fatum ; geunflt; 158 

HogUB ; beel|| : uel aad J : 
159 Confectorßm ; interfectoreni ; 
i6a Idiotae, stulti ; i«i Paalteti ; cy• 

ιβι In comniinns ; propius ; i6j Lu- 

culeiitisBiine ; splendiesime 
i^ De figmento : de plasmatione 

ho mini* ; 
i6i Ffttumjuyrd••; leeScenaaturpes, 

inceeta coin qui nata 
tS; Eliceretur ; extorqtMretur ; iM 

Ergaetulo ; carcere ; 
169 In myrthece ; in domo ungiien- 

17a Nutatioiie ; duLitatione . 

FI Haren«' . locus . uel pauiineiitum 

theatii ; 
!t Nundinae ; negotiatioties ; 
rj Ouans; gaudcne, i74Tnpudiaret: 

uinceret ; 
IS Oraticulistt fei-reis factia , lierst^ 
7t Barati-um : .loliUH; u«I dal||l|, 

18 Ea tem|ie8tale ; eo teaijiore ; 

79 Horas diurnas. Doctumaque coo- 

putantee . idffii pro xlJ J diebiis , 

XX etatuvnt••• ; 
lo Fieco publicu ; doniinio cesaris ; 
![ Regio niorbite corpus afficif co- 
lore siciii pedes aeeipitris, 
Fol. Sii" 
ji Simultantem ; contentionem ; 
S] IiRciniosa : slitendg : 
34 LiberaIealitera.qunHseciilare8tt+ 

homines legunt ; 
Si Ex[>olituni , ornatnm ; 
»6 InfestUH, inimicus : nel grauia ; 
87 Terebifintes perforantes ; 
is Flrtgris; flagellis; 

sine bartm ; 
;» Fibres; iienaa; .9. Affatibiia : 

91 Basis ; omne quod funilamentum 

poni sub jioteei 

93 ContribulibtM : nininl coutribu- 

latis ; 

94 Expolieril . onauerit, uel decla- 

* MS. has tetraiD. wilb stroke over the πι ; tliD ru written over an eraeure. 

t After Inceasere two or three letters have been wiped away. 

% incedere ia added above the line, prcoeded by the UBiml [, The η it «ritteo 
an eraaed [, which showa that the wribe STnt »rote \ce,lere above the line, whiah «an 
afterwarda coirectcd to \ittcedere. 

t MS. baa γ over the Gral 1. |{ MS. has τ above the first 

ΐ MS. has y above the second a. " US. baa τ above the y. 

ff After Graticulis eoroething ( ; t) has been uraaed. 

§9 MS. haa ν above the e. 

HH MS. haa τ above the n. IUI MS. has τ above the <i. 

iJ There 1b a atioke throiiah the upper part of l, bat marked by two dote for 

••• The V has been added above the line, 
ttt The final 1 baa been added above the bne. 


§§3 The J ia a aorreation from 1. 


^^^^^ XXXV. DE EUSEBIO, 195—257 37 ^^1 

^H igs Feripaitna ; pui^niiinitum * : iiel 

11} Aduta, occiiltaH . 1:3 Labris; 


^^K^teceeoB : doctrine : .97 Sulv 

719 Dispicatis ; iiicisia ; am Esesum ; 

^^HBIttptare : intrepetan ; 

BubtUie ; 

^^^|HBunui ; ab iure a«cclesie abi- 

ly Patulis ; apertis ; iji Numinis ; 



■99 Oärrientium per luduin dicen- 

,]j LiQeolia : drcdnm ; 334 SuggU- 


]ato[ : tnclinato; 

. a» Reiuti : iterum usti . »i Cautere ; 

33} BuHta; iibi homines conbui-uiitur. 

ferrum melius tindre . 

Fol. 32"• 

K» Bxta ; intestina ; ^, Extale, 

jjs Fimeetaret : crnentare; aj? Coe- 

snedil t diteriu ; 

menteria'•; sepulture; 

an Pnplites . homiu^; »; In metallo : 

13g Do ti-iuio ; de tribua uiis ; 

in c&rcura ; 

IJ9 Prefocatus ; etrangulah« 

1Λ6 Salariie ; pecuniis diibitis ; 

HB Angi|tortue ; angustua locus ; 

»7 Proecribendo ; dumnando ; los 

,4. Extorree ; exulea de patria ; 

Fliiit«ns, fluens : 

141 Ponte molniott; propter pontU 

»9 QdleriuB propter nomini; 

iuxta roma; 

9ΐα Sexcuplunt; »ledecim pro uno sed 

semiduplunt puto ; 

Fomite ; materia . 

lit Ciiniculum; foramen nel canalis; 

■4; Conpaginatum ; coniiinctum . 

111 Fautoiibua; adiutoribt«; 1.3 lu- 

a46 Spurca ; inmunda; 14; Auditorio, 

feneo ; iruto ; 

scole legentium ; 

(14 Obuiicana ; obiurgans ; i<s Fra- 

>4ί FirgOB ; ^ turris ; 149 Fompam : 

gur : uox ttel sonitua, 

ιιβ Obices ; reeLslentea : n? Ferpera : 

ijg In exameron ; sex dierum com- 

Bine causa ; 


„s Anulnra ; fidei libertatem ; >.« 

as. Otii ; quieti ; jj. Meandrum ; lo- 

Cnntinenta, petra 

cnm oel stagiiumflf; 

*u Globus; i-otuiiditaa ; i?i Munili- 

ass Solaria ; mvmera ; 

centia ; largitas. 

,54 De octoade : de nouo teeta- 

»I Coiitrouerai^ ; odiiersitates ; 


nj Ex preton^; de pretorio§; n« 

isj Conpendiosis ; breuiseimis ; 

Detubra ; teinpla deontm : 

is6 Actio : p[ro]pter nomen ciuitolte; 

,n Scurioea; aordida : ,^ In chaos; 

as7 Oolumellas : diuer«ifl tini- 

in profunduni : «el in aera ; 


but the two words are each marked (or 

t MS. hae V above the e. 

g There jaaD uwiure Over tbe «1. 

■1 Tliece is a amnll perpendiculac stroke above the (. ■ 

II Tbe Qrat <; has been added above the liue. ■ 1 

ί To the top-etroke of F, on the right-hand aide, ia added s, wilhont, epparcntl?, | 

■ny meaning. 


%i The ( : written on an Braeore. 

HH The !f is a correction from n. ■ 

IKl The il are writlea υπ an eraeare. 


38 \xxv. DE EUSEBio, 25b— 306 ; xxxvi. DE nuosio, 1—5 ^^H 

:qa EffetoB ; euacuatas ; 391 Stipis ; 

muliertimt ; 

esca iQodica ; 

1» Geetire ; desiderBre, 

19g Ruderibiia ; mixinnniii ; 

:6d Lacesfiit . i>7'ouocat . α[β]1 fre- 

193 UoticopoexpMtiaua"•; i^Tlie- 

queuter lacemt . 

ciett cuBtodiis; fabricai«^ 

>ei Inceseit; incurrit; >e> Illo : un- 

de argtiito 


99; CatiiRiioH ; luundoB ; ^ Prrspi- 

363 Infestus . inruena molcstus ; 

oem; ingt;niiiiii ; 

964 Inceseere, inpuguai« ; »6; Coii- 

.wExin!ll1l deinde; ^ S pi rid on ; 

cinnant ; comgrpgant : 

nom^i hominia; 

>66 Antinoitas ; c'mita» in eg;^pto ; 

399CypriiiB; prouiiitia; j«. Rata; 

167 Faction itme aiib dolibus ; i«e A- 

con6rniata ; 

gellts ; terre |>arteH 

3S1 PnigH ; modeatia ; 

16, Pla8mft,foma: =7=ElogiiHi uerbia; 

joi Seminou ; houeaturu»i coniicn- 

17. Ciidat ; fabricat i 

ticuluiu ; 

37• Fatricius ; seoator consiliarius ; 

303 Μ ulcata : uiucta ; ja* Pugionibiw . 

jji Delibratum : cogitatiim ; in Ax« ; 



j»; Fessiim ; int«i'ituiii : jc« Fuco ; 

>7; Editors ; excelaioreg ; 

pigmeiito ; 

9;6Reilitus; racultat«B; 177 Iugu»i 

-J78 Litftl, sacrificat ; 

[XXXVI] DE OKOSIO ; . I"i-i [ovU) ; 

379 Oratoriairt ; eapientiaT« secular- 

ideii porte tenipli iiint dei jia- 

iarnil ; 

ganorurn qu^ ante jiatebaiil . 

sBo Infecti : iiiciati; ^ei Operiremui-; 

unaqueque nd genleiii »itam 

expectai^mur ; 

qiiaWo contraria fuit loinania 

iBj Duceiinarimu ; presidemU 

nomine guiitia ipsiiia ^.-ribUt 

lii Sinisactaa ; xociatrices : : 

euper irorla ; 

I Aruieniae pilas : iiorawi motitiuin 

batur . exitwr ; 

uel geutia . uel ailue : iiel clan* 

Fol. 32- 


186 SodatibuB ; miciliuii ; ,tj Adsfiuu- 

J Prom on tori utrti ubil«n-a|||| intrat|i|| 

ratu>- . adtiUQliatiir j 

in mare ; 4 Stnnm ; iibi mare 

lee Naiicisti ; iiiueniri; 389 Inuisum; 

inti-at in tCTTaiit ; 


5 Fares : tiirres ciiatodniii ; 

■ MS. LfUüQobua, wilh 1 above the eecond o. | 

t The li are added above the line. 

SThe.isaeorreclionfromi. J 

^m % The Beoutid π is α oorreation from son 

™ other leltei-(i.?|, , J 

L II After tlie first e the MS. has a parti; 

(faced c with a little stroke ULi.lenieath. •Λ^Λ 

■ • MS. haa τ aboTe tbe lu. 


Η +f After tbo ( !>otiietbmR has beeu erased. \ 

^Λ SS rerhapn the itroke over the wcond a 

ie to be eipanded bj tii. 

^H 51Γ Attei Eiin foUaicH a mark (of puuctaation?) whtcli ΓeβeIublt^B a eoLiuim. haviiiK 

^H another oonima, tnmed apside dovn, od the top of it. 

H^ 111! MB. intrat terra, but the two words have each been marked by three dote for 





^H eBuniH; dexter; 7 Choncia j he• 

gregorii . vi untio« ideit medium^^^H 

^H beinuni* 

precium acciptl . puolla : ^^^H 

Η s Scabroe; piscee Buut; , Piruica« : 

MutUabü ; dubitabo ; ^^H 

^M continuum ; 

. Auibieres ; mnnieres ; ^^H 

■ .oUiÜginem; blecif; « Muscii 

3 Oi-e camerato ; multuTii claraantent^^^H 

■ cauina ; qu^ in C8ne§ haUitatH 

a earner« ν'^*^" dtoitur; 'l^^^H 
Passim ; pAfnnia : ^^^| 

Η i> Foetontis : ideel sol ; 

^M ijÄHtu; aatucia; <, Uitricmii ; 

«SatiouiB; BeminiB; ,5 Uiudicativj^^H 

Η Bteuffederll; 

defenditiir ^^^H 

6 Taxatio ; deputatiu ; ^^^1 

16 Pellcxerat ; uocaiierat ; 

; Addicitur ; damnatur ; .a Fallef^^^H 

X, III Iftti ; in itaüa ; ,s Conmaiii- 

bat, timebat ^^^H 

pulare» ; iaest HoOales ; 

9 Laurus ; arbor eet unde militeft^^^H 

19 Stiuani ; nmnubniiin ; 

coronas eibi faciunt in uictoria^^^^H 

» Toga : diguitas ; ^^^H 

(I leser; piguientum ; n Uiteleos; 


Fol. 32'•'' ' 


1 Examnsnini; inquisitiue; 4 


collocare ; Μ 

. Obsorioruni; tuigotiatiuuuin ; 

4Gattaä; murice|>a; ^^^M 

= C-uolk8i 0-nuramos; 

ί Chantari ; uertnes qui cantan^^^^H 

3 Fidelia ; farris uas tritici : 

nocte sicut locuete; ^^^^| 

4 Fidelia; uus . fer . geniw tritici; 

β Stragula ; curtina pulcra . uari^^^^H 

s Ca]iBaces ; lentiaula . ide*i uue 

täte depiütaim [^^^| 

nitre uni simile floeuoui ; 

7 Columuae uitreas . idfst in aimi^^^^H 

e Caligam}: ; calciamentuni•• sub- 

uitie scalpantur ^^^^H 


e Genesim ; natura : ^^1 

7 Odonia uitam; niiheett uotitluu; 

<! Epicuiiiie ; uoliiptarius oor|ioris 

β Odon ; lineiim eet iu [lede . 

Phitagoras : uoluptai-ius mentia; 

4 Tabulas legal . ideii tabulaa nia- 

Fol. 33- 

troiialBB; quia omnia scribuntur- 

I CalistratuH ; in-upi-tuin uiri ; ,3 '' 

in curia eteubatnntiasdisponujit 

Idastelea ; pmpriunt uiri. 

ill xii^ uncias quajimis mag- 

3 Diodoiue; properter uiri; .« Ade- 

nae . uel niodicae ; et ad mari- 

piadea ; propW«»! uiri ; 

tnm pertinent : Π111 : ad mu- 

3 Hyife ; quae beluas uocant , ide^i 

lierem iiii; Uude in dialogo 

bestie ; 

• M8. bBB V above the tr. 

f MB. has y above tlie ^^H 

% The t eeemfl to be n oarrection from u. 

H The }\ ie a correulion Irom n. ^^^H 

11 MS. h«i< V above the <i. 


I MS. Cftlicom, bat c marked by « dot 

above it. 


** The (irst stroke of the second η is a correction from 1. ^^^B 

Ή- MS. bos τ above the line, between the 

m and ^^^1 

Sä A later hand hait ineerted : ifler xii. 


Ht The de are added above the Uno. 


. ■ 


*0 XXXVIIt. DE CLEMKNTE, 16 — *5; XXXJX. DK DIALOO., 1—15 

iG Üchitn') ; Ιιυΐ'ΙΐΒ est c\u•; laliw; «■ Totcgie ; |>ro«:il& ; 

cutAgngn, 41 Hienifoiitietf ael ifopheti» (]iii 

auditis pr^uni . 

I] NiuitologiB ; inercedue ijn^ <Untur 

□Autia; propter regi mm natiie : 

κ ßpibatis qui |f«ruenient et (Unt 

n»buliiin jiru fiauig»t«tm« ; . 

It Sitatum : malleiun diiratum ; wJ 

1; Cntlcra : |Atciin; 

ii Οη•ίΛ comiun , iliptAdiini niiUJl; 

tg Tholiutj tectum de petrie sine 

w Pidin«* opura ; o\ien (lei ; 
II AnocefalMiMii ; rttcnpitulaliii ; 
■1 Doitcfllion'mi ; mimen irgie muIi 

dilaiiiiitn fitctum e»t nou gene- 
•J 8iiruiHw( : (lubiULtiuijcn ; 
14 PyriflegttonU ; igniH ebulliuiief ; 
I) ClitiiacivrtM ; parten <a:\i ; 
Λ Muthems ; dootrina antrologiae : 
17 Tetnigotto ; qiinttiior^ aiigvlonH . 
.1 CacodoiiioiiiMi iiihIub dcniuu ; 
igTrapeKita; qui in mensa nuiit- 

taorum pT rimtAtiuiiea uictum 

iintitit ; 
«αΡαΙηκΙηβ; Iiictiitio; 
ii lIocAiioniinll ί ((iii perf x' nnm- 

mos auguriantiii' 
iiTbeiiia^ doctriiia; n Scema; 

w Paonilopie : uxor; achilia; 
ij Ex diametro β rugiono ; modietHH 

lA Kiiidutuii; Ii}(atuni8 : 
ji Uiintmiitiui•• ; idcui 

js Hatirum ; inculiuni ; 

uUkI qu: 

. _..._. π ; iiicuiiuni ; 
Aides : plut4i diuiti^ : 4'> Peleiirn 
pater achttlie 

I A primeuo 6ore^; a [inuio Hure 

1 CoIuDua ; a coleiido ; 

) ϋοΏϋχΐΓ» ; iuditium ; « Bulncum 

cicei-onie ; a, cicvroiie roiiiauo 

prefecto qui fecti illnd ; 
i MaDHioDanua; ho8ti»riiiii qui cuh- 

toditlTD edeni lj|| ; β FltMlomutn ; 

blodsaex JI ; 
7 Eruc^ ; modici uermes qui mau- 

ditnl folL• multoH pedu Uidieni 
i In grumio; in medio doiiiue 
f ΙηΙΐ'Γοηαα ; prviptfT nouieit loci ; 
Id Auearet ; i>roiyriHm umntn flu- 

It Uiiii fiisor; piucenia; .1 Uaiigatt; 

IJ Aurelia; ίυιτα eeC; uel jnvuiucia . 
Μ äabaimni; lintenmiidttt InitnerjMi 
υ Ferula; IxkuIuh arundinuuH du 

nittiore genera . ei ίκήπ dv ipso 

ardet ut tiim eat libidiiin 

* Tha «eoond i ban been added aliovu tbe line between the d and a. 
i US. qralUoni, but llie down-alrokc of ji luftrlud by two dote for erngiire, iiiil η 
MtCKku (for b) added to It« top. 

I MH. Iia» <iaattao«. 'S ΜΗ. anyoloii. but tbe flrat ourreotol inUi t: 

II Tho Z) in a oonettloii fron 0. * Betnrp per α letter (o 7) ha» bven urawJ. 
** Mil. coribantee, but the t eubiiuncted, and a with a, dot on itx riftht liJe written 

abuvo Ihn line. 

tt Htireiiaholo in tbcvetUimruutid which thieand the noil gloss have been writtcu. 

Η M8. from, but llmt r marked by two dots fur eranure, and I writti'o above it. 

%^ MH. cufibidiunt, but the »eeoud n, and tbe π oiarked each by α dot nbove and 
uudutnealb for eraBura. 

III! odom, and the oaxt two «urdxarc added in üncr writing. 

tt MS. bu τ above the n. "* MS. has t aboi 

t+i Itefuro ad a letter liiu buoii i.'rftBed. 


XXXIX, DK DIALOG., 16 — 51 

h Modernoe ; 
, 8a).u 


Β PnritoreB : niinistTOs : 

., Freiiicicue•; inennue ob φ.Ιοη^ΐιι 

capitis : ad teOTpue quiinultum 


» III mare adriutico ; ab hdrianu . 

imperatoi-e . qui jieii^biit hoog 

Diare cuiH catenia in jtrofuDdum 

31 riniis . bordit reniuni 
13 Fitvbitera ; uxor{| preeb^eri quam 

habuil acte ordinatione»« J ; 
9j DiaconiiiBa;qiia)ndiacontMhabiiil; 
III AduucatuB . diciiitr qui uocatur 

in ailiutorium bHcuiub cautut . 

iiel per pecuniam \Ae»t dingere ; 
ig Uulgari ; huiii ; 
■6 Eraoφhiun^ ; proprium 
J7 Exactio ; moniing•• gaebleett ; 
>B Qui in niimero optio fuit niimerue 

dicifur quando inilites fiuut ; 
Optio; dispenaator . qui diepensat 

§tipendia militur/t ; jirepositux^ 

Fol. 33' 
9 Oaesari 

ta»t ; dobend^H . 
ii Curabum ; modica nauia 


I 3* Daimaticfi ; t«nit:a liila habeiiB 
maniotBllll imHalii 

] Porta laurenti ; (jtiia jxir ijmam 
corjnut eius {KirtAtti?»^! eet; 

; priqwrt taring ca- 

, AagiiliiJ 


xAbiI tteniui' iu iuuen- 

j6 Sl'X uiitüut . lueiliaiu jiartent uniiie 
uille, ujiiBuetiKln est roman- 
orum tolam »uletantittm xti : 
untioedicere siuo magna Hit eiue 
modica; 37 Arboi•; maeütttt; 

]E Claui . pcrditi : 34 Hiniitt : cinum . 

.oFamliaiii : ' 

11 Crepido ; a creiiaudo dtctCur ; 

43 Altare : dtctiur . qiiud nlta πή : 
idwt diuin» in eo agitur 

43 Duas coroniiB ΊΙ' [Miiea [«rtuasoH 
similes coronet 

4t Gltibii»! : asceusuni aiiigulaiöe uia; 

4s FuIeatraruiK . Uictantium ; 

4β Caiuisa ; lineum ; 

47 Siiicopin : defuctio Etomacbi ; 

4B Calciilum Aidlav : iiifirmitae eitM 
qui DO» pot»ti iningere . qufut 
Japie obdnrat1I1l5] iiirilia ; 

49 Colirium dieiltir . multa inedica' 
miua in ununi cotlecta; 

30 Sentina aiciiur . ubi mult« aqn^ 
tiiiut coUecte iu uaui 

;. Byesus . io term aä'ricana crescib 

* The 1 aeema a correction from l''. 

t Above the ( the MS. has an inkapot, perhaps the top uf a wrongly comioKDced I 
lb, at Rome anch letter. 
i The c added aboTe the line. 1! MS. has ν above the 0. 

11 The X seems to have bran coitected ttom i, t The ιί is a eotreotion Irom 1. 

" MS, bui τ above the seoond n. 
tt M8. haa ν above the line, betwuen the a and e. 

gj The down-Btroke at the first ρ has the ηβαη] Eurled atroke (or m, therefora pro, 
I without any mark of correction ; but above the ρ is the ordinary alroke for re. 
re may read pro- or prt: 
1I!1 MS. has ν above Uie c 

1:11 The flrel alroke of tlieflrat open α iea correction from i. 
ΐΐ MS. postatuni, but the combined 1 and t corrected into rt. 
"' After the first ί an/or ( has bees erased. 

f+t MS. has τ above the a. JufiS ΊΊΐΕ ( is a uorrection from i. 

IllIF The J ia a oonection from t. 

XXXIX, DE DIALOG., 51 — 73; XI_ VERBA, 1 — 21 
arliiistiN laua alba, sicut 

,1 Otnnes dies eeptiniAng sabbata 

dicebaotur ; 
,} In pulj>ito ; in gradu . tibi lectores 

legunt ; 
^ In dioceai : in parrochU ; 
,; äcinici : sctnnenas* : 
ύ Ante abaida . aot« sedeiu vyiscopi ; 
17 Hiutrionibt/* t ; orocceruing 
ίβ Fitoicie ; tlispensatio pniiporui 

Q Xenodochioru) 


>> Alae : geuuall . Indi; ai Muui- 

cipii ; tribvtarn J 
.1 PiUcteria; ttcnptura diuersa qu^ 

propert intiiinoB babentur ; 
ij Per pnigniatiaw»•• focniain ; per 

principalia Jmperia iieI negotia ; 
■4 Didascalum : dnclorale ; 
is lufvlas+t; diguitaU«; 66 Elicitum; 

■7 üonpotia ; iiiplelis ; 
β Catalociii« : eecundtiui iiiinnTum ; 
9 Scttduk ; carte : 
■a Adstipuiatione ; coiigregatione ; 
I Typuni ; inflationem ; 

I UiBcide . Ineluctabile . idesi maius 

3 Fatere . laudare . j Deuotatum . 

male dictiirio :, inconparari , 

4 PaiigebanttirUH : iungeblur 
ä Mtf.rna.uuis . inuicem . 
6 Falantibue . (tendentibiM j Crini- 

cut . funicullllj . 
s Ad infiriiiationef» . ad nlibula- 

tioncm . Huecitationem . . 

Iieragrata . intransita . 
~' ' . gconietrica . n Ualua . 


9 Fuliiicratatur . initiatur . 

chal . multi idolc focdc . 
4 Ueis , inniuudis . ,s Momentaueas 

6 Ollilani . seiiee . ij Iiieigniri j;^ 

κ ITiiarati . 

, Cui 

npagc . 

* MS. has r »bove the ι•. 

+ The second i and [do ο are wiitl*n on an ernBiire, 

g Before Lhis word a letter (c?) hue been pnrtly eraxed and [lartly effaced. The 
first resembles the Greek i, and might Ihcrefore be read aa d ; but liiis form for 
ο ίβ not niicDmmou in the MS.; in the prenent case the top-curl looks fainter than the 
circle forming the o; it ha», bowever, this faintnes»! in common with some other letters 
in the tines above and below this word. 

fl The h has been added above the line between the c and i. 

II The jT in a Doireclion from n. χ MS. tributarti, but the liret ir corrected into v. 

" The ρ is a correction from some other letter {ol). 

t+ The F is a correcdoo bom i. 

IS The i appears to have been added later and crosses the lower iwrt of the first 
stroke of the second open n. 

lit MS. plangebantui, but the / marked hy three dots tor erainre. 

nil As the source of this gloss has not been found, the contiaotions cannot here be 

ti HS. has -i- abore the 7 of Insigniri, and above the iit of inuri, as marks of 

**' After Ibis word is a^n the hole mentioned above, p. 40 note ft. 

Ixl,. νΕΙΙΒΑ,22; XU. NUM. DIVERS., l• 
9 Bigentia uigentia . 

20; xui. EX υιν, i.ibhis, 1-26 43 

obkientes otiiiie jireiwgiü iiel 

I Preebiteri ψιϊ βιοιί in agria . βρΪΒ- 
tolas dare Don possunt Ad doloit 
hintuin uiciiio§ eptwn/wa lit- 
teras dietinabuDt . j Cliorepie- 
co/ii• qui Rtiiii inrejirehensi- 
biles dai« posaitnl pacificas . 
ideit gene 
Fol. 34- 

rules epiatulae . 3 Sidonicis . 
hiiHpicia pauperunt . « Orthodox- 
iim . recte gloriHiitiu»! . 

5 Dioccaia , adiacens domua . 

et »liridem colorem habei 
t aajihinie . mari eimHe-H et ^umi 
aui-cae atellHU habena . q CeiI- 
cidon . ut ignia lucenet 
,is SniaragduB . uiridein culorem 
)ibIW hoc est prasinum . n Sar- 
donix . habet colorem sanguinis 
qui eat oiiicbinua . 
> Saidius . colnref« imriiin siingiii- 

■j Criiwiltttia . auri colorem et atellas 
lucnleiit)ia bit bet . 

4 ByrillustameJt iitatjuitrespleodit. 

5 Topation . ut aurii'» niicat . 
:6 Cypreeaua . uiridem baliet colurem 

ut est poiTus et atella« aiiivae 

7 Maatigia . lora cum uiicia ferreis . 

Λ Initiatuni . ordinatUTn . 
g FaguH . poRsessio magna . 
D Lance . uienaura . n Obtimiantea . 

i-nniuiphi ; 

I Excipiiuitwr . sepai'antur . 
I Tapelibua . ribuuj^ 

3 Memphitica . reginall egypti itel 

i ElleuB . uabiyi'tll . ; Neutricis . 

6 Sutriuator ; scoeben 
! Priuigna ; nifl ; s 

dryctgiinia ; 
q Ceriienie; caiiis lui bo»tiariuB 

infemi aieilue ; 
ο Seuit ; glimitb, „ Poue : |ioHt ; 
! Fomactiluut ; h«rth ; 
} Keriuofroditua ; androgiiitia homo 

utriuequp aexus ; 

4 Ruscus ; cneliolHii ; ij Scithia 


har«na ; 
a Auipbibabiin : cocuIuh . 19 £gre 

difficUe•• ; 
α In iiiridurio doitiiis; in atriu pro 

iiiricIitAte herbaru»» 
Foi. 34"' 
[ Bastei'ua . siinilix ciirru de coreo 

tote ; et iJortatiir semper ab 

asiiiia . \w\ bomiuibtM nulbkm 

rota/n habet ; 
I Typo ; aigno ; »3 Quartane . qnp 

(juarta die uenit 
t Uectandi : gratia exercendi ; 
i Platoniett ideaa : iafst species; 
β Furcifer furci; ide«i cruci dignus; 

D from Bome other letter, 
-f The π is more like the onlinar^ r. 

J US. divided ri hnm, and baa τ (looking more lilie j) above the ii. 
ΐ Before this word a latter has been wiped awa;, and part of Ihe r is wri 

1; MB. divides uala yrt, and has ν (or perhaps y) with a dot above i1 

ί MS. has τ above the n, ■* The ri have been added above the line, 

tt Altef this woid soraethiog (a aigu of punctuatiuo i) has been erased. 

>i AgttppKi tfü in pedes n— cttgr 

HIM iMtim; 
i«Coawida; edftx; i» Pakpv geaiu 

|ilaniJe sic«/ Kalwwjae 
r Κ«ηη• ; den• ιηκή• ; 

tnnnortem iliei/ur . in in 
MtMlli f CrotU; tulei»; 
Β EatradiiM ; ocmanl ttiraantu 
η CmUanw; twnis noi» de tu 
biM ςιιίβ ί 

In «MS; 

41 FtMtbriiUe; |hm< 

QHMini ; (|iure . 
Μ EfMl ■ Mttor ; Pa 

«« Pimond« . doMiu in unQitadi- 

US. dirUea «b«r *eo «iddo, and fniaii« mtj be re«l 

• H8. bH 

i AboT* the Imi ; wmetliiag liu been «»wd. 

I KH. CclbMtka. bol th« thira < ύ marked b? fonr dots tot OBran. 

^ UndMDMUi bominia tfaer« ύ ui «rmiure eitending from the ft till tbc g of qoL 

I Ska I« hMTt ben ^ded mbove the line. 

t lU. fcM V kboT« lb• fint u. 

** Tb• d I• ■ MtMCtiOD from Γ. Tbe MB. dhrida huidit rjng, mnd it haa ν («bid 
Is UÜ• MM loolu mm• Uk• j) abov« tbc lioe between lh(«e two «orda. 

tf Ηβ. dhidM hUii rin«, Md it baa τ »bove the accond r. 

Η MS. hM bv Kid Μ «Μ word. 

mi M8. bM »M aid Μ one word, «nj * above the a. 

nil t>{n Ida nwt b una Bürd ία tlic HH., »nd tfaere in τ, «itb • dot on ita right m 

Ια Anim&lufl ; fifaldae* ; 4s Cedo ; 
die , val perdano ; 
Μ Parent : quae miainifi {»I'cant ; 
jd LucuB quod miniuie liiceat ; 
SI Piscina ; qu^ pisctis tiun hubet ; 
s> Faceenu ; fecere ceseo : uel se|ie 
I. 53 Eunienidee : ϋΐίς noctis ; iileel 
4 Genius ; arnia picturuni ; ;; mh 

t sjAptotuni; iiiflexibtle . «el in- 

XLIII. DE DIVEns. NOJIIN., 47 — Oß; XLIV. ALIA DE Cj«LO, 1 — 15 45 

ad aquilonem expectaDs boreue 
alto" teiTg obpositus auatrono- 
thus dictiis eit 

g Hieinis{)eria duo sunt quorum al- 
tentm est sujier terra/« alterum 
Bub tejTa••; 

4 Celum , all oi-iente . »d occidentem 
semel in die et nocte iierti 
Bapienteaft aeetimant; 

α Cardines quoqiie axis ipeius sunt 
extreniggg . partes sunt quoe 
iiisertos orbi discribunt sperico 
lit ipsis cglum iuuolualur in- 
uisis : et ita imlum philoeophi 
iii propria semper in buo axe 
torqueri arbiti'antur . a qnibus 
igiionitur opifex qui niundufx 
in suuui orbeni absqtt« ullo nxis 
tnoderamine eregit ; 

I Clima atiqnando . pro cardiiio 
accijiitur Bi aepiueilli pro qua- 
liciinique ceti paii« et maxinie 
pro Oriente et meridi^ oliinaa 
aliqiii designont . no8{||| : se- 
Qujulum grecum om c^li ad 
euperna conuexaa . ita undique 

I Partea . autem^ , eiue; couB . 

axis . clinia . c&rdines . conuexa . 

poli . liiemispemll . 
1 CouK esl quo c^Oum contgnetur 

unde eniae uix eolum conplere 

coum teiToribus caeli ; 
^xis : linea recta qu(; p«r medium 

pila»! spere tendit ; 
4 Clinm cardo uel pars cell . ut 

clima I onentalis uel meri- 

s Cardines . extreme partes axis 

sunt ; 

6 Conuoxa extrema c^ili; 

7 Poli ex celestibite ciclis cacumina . 
Fol. 34•* 

quo maxime spera nititur alter 

.Arctiooa; septentrionalieJi ab 

arcto ftdiectuni•"• 
i Terinos ; ideei bestialis, 
t Isemerinue ; idest raeridianus ; 
s ExemeriniM ; ac ai ex oieridi^' 


* MB. has V above the seoond u, f The r has been ailded above the line. 

% als nuie have been written in Qner nritiag, and are probably a later addition. 
H auiiin (aüj lias bees added above the liue between two dots. 
II MS. himeaperia. with c added above the line between the Grat 1 and the m, and 
I the fint e altered Co t. 

ΐ The I ie a correction from eome other letter. 
' Above the a the MS. has a stroke, which U marked, by a dot above it, tor 

a US. has a comma after tide word, whioli has parti; been wiped away. 

SS The I ia a correction from i. Ill The i writteu on an era> 

le ( haa been added above the line. 

XX The lecood e had — above it, but it haa been erased. 

tfS. haa η atmke above the 11, and the anal stroke of the ni is marked for 
oy a dot above and below; the correction anggeste the apparently required 
h.word adiectiuum, 

46 XLIV. ALIA DE C*:LO, 16—29; XI.V. VERBA DE MUI.TIS, 1—25 

6 Antarticiis * ; artico cuntrariue 

horuHi primiM qui eat erga 
arcturum . a polo poreo . iiii 
muroi-um sputiia diatat a quo 
secundus . u ub eo . ni . ui ; 
Item ab eo . iiii . ui . muris 
distat : Item . u : circuluti : u . 
apatiie ab eo . ad ]x)1udi naa- 
tmlein . Iiti . idf»t ad uerticem . 
nil stmt moera e|mtiie . ut 
figunt astrogi ; 

7 Cous , dicilur eo qwod Bibi iu- 
uicem in mundo . nil . coeunt 

«lementa ; 

Poll Bumnm 

ctlon<m cacum 

Fol. 35- 


1 . a)iut greco» 

tur qiiod 

noa uerticejii 

■K Anomala : in^'qualJa ; 

71 Conuexa; nrdua ; 

11 PliadQ ; uii Htiiit stelle in cnuda 

ij Zodiacus ; aidei-aJis ; 

24 AlciiuiKs j artiorea fi'aiigil ; 

IS Destera : luutatur quando' aibi 
uertix in circiuiu decliiiaae 
ad eunt subi-egttauHtronothum; 

j6 a U^vgo . dioitur errare du7)i 
austronotbo in sublimi erecto 
uertix ae in Hunimui/i ]ioli 
demergit ; 

9; Leun deiude cum Be aubleuaiis 
in boreum uertix auatronothuin 
precipitaus obiecitt et Bursum 
aU|U# deorsam dicimua quo<i 
cftum nicut in ortu eurgens ; 
eregitur ita et in occaau deaier- 
Hii sunt . Uii uiotus c(1i qui 
soleni et lunant dum polo autit 

tardiorea in diuerais oni-i-S et 
ocuidere I'Ogunt orbibits . 
e Kxlremi quoque duo septeutrio- 
iiales . i« Axem c^li i|«iua dumtt ; 
bina hiemisperia {lef tnediiiiii 
orbem terr? aed nulhis corjwralia 
intell^tur axie quod uii'tua 
diuina cgli glubuDi rolitiiH pi»r 
axeni incoii>oreum in orbeiti 

1 Oymnoeiuin ; locua exercitationin 

ubi diuerae arte diacantur; 
1 Eriiere ; diecere ; j Ιλλ . igtäa ; 

i Fore ; u^^rd ; 
; Fax . falcia; 6 Glia; egle; ; Lonx ; 

unde lancia . 
i Pn;x unde : prQcia ; g Far ; fru- 

ιneI^tum ; 
luOytH^ gentt« Hemiiiis herbiH mi- 

nuta bona in imneH mittei'e ; 
II Op»|| ; iipiit iiiitiquOB tenii nicUiir 
unde inopB tTihumatuti ; i> ('<•« \ 
in>.ula . 
13 Massica : moiie ; 14 tieniuni ; na- 
tura { 
Fol; 35^' 
i5 Ador : geuite fininiCTiti ; 16 Antes . 

iieilar . ordo uiiit«r!iiit . 
., Toraca ; lurica ; 
,i Pedum . fustia . queyii pastorca 

balient in modum yv- 
iq Lanistva ; macellariua in mucellu 
carues diuidit : «> Daninia ; 
elha . 1, adaecln minietir; 
II Pediaaequa; ministra; >] Uerna ; 

mancipiuni . 
I, AJeo i teblheri : ^s Alea"; tebl ; 

* The i is a oorreeticin from aomo other letter (a badly formed ί ?). 
t The r ΪΒ a Borreotioii tiom some other letter. 

ξ The rir are written od an eraenre. IT The y is a correctioii from j. 

II MS. haa a horizontal etroke over the p. 

t Above the τα there is a spot. ρΓοΒαΜ; caused by effacing something written ο 
lie two leltera. 
** A tetter haa been erued before the A. 

IXLV. VERBA DE MUI.TIS, 20 —31 ; ! 
■α Hiatrio; ecurree . leea•; >η Gur- 
guUio ; drohbolla ; 
■B Actio; disputatio; i, Uligo; Ictt^ 

naturalte ; 
]α Mango; comit^tor equonifit; 
31 Popa; tabernarii ijui hi Uonio 
tabemarii «ani 

XL•^X\ VTBM ALIA; . Ueru; aiiaaaf ; 
■ Pugil ; niiliii ; n Tunaquil ; uii^ 


4 Cos . ueostun ; j Rien§ ; litmUa ; 
β Lien; niiltiH; 7 Tybicen ; ιγη'ι 
tibia cantat ; 
I 8 Flainwt; Bacei-(/(iÄioiiin :9FiUici!n; 

harperiji ; 
^ » Liricen : qui lira cantat ; 

I Lucar : uectical ; n Lucunnr ; 

ij Tuber : in dorao canieli : 
t-u Suber; geniw ligni ex hoc cortiii 
in calcimenta ponitur 
) lAser ; genite hevb^ ; i« Liser ; 
genus ligiii minuti; 
' lir, eunuchiis ; is Fidis : 

iti Fi^iies ; auiii ; >a Seres, otioauB : 
,, Pollie; grot•• 
a SciOpie : grooptt ; ij Astiis : 
astutuH ; Uel ; c&Uiiltui ; 

; lana qu; crescit in loco 

i.vt. alia; xlvh. alia, 1—8 47 

qu^ caret sole . uel podtio; 

35 Cliutex : cortix . uel tapis ; 
16 Carex . seic gg ; 17 tJarix : ota- 

pr^lili in cruribue hominu») 
18 Matrix . radix . iiel uterus ; 
79 Pemix; uelox; ja Celox . naiils; 
ji Epitorta; adbi-euiatio ; 
}7 LitwrtAbuH : friuluctuni |||| 
13 Giine ; ciltrog . unde cunabula ; 
,4 Inferie; hostie mortuorum . 

Exubi^ ; exuendo . 
j6 Manubi^It; a manu diet? faciil- 

n Miigalia . byrae; jB Olisco; crencn; 

3, Simplöx; aeuli•"•; 

tilittt ι ,. Triplex . 



torHflf : 
3 Abctape; tysBe|{|||| . 

Fol. 35'' 

I Abellana : lielj^l : > Uequ-^u»- * 

qiifl , niultuni : 
3 Rigor . frigor iiiflexibitis ; 
^Ancones; uutinofi; j CoriuiliJH : 

iiauibua ; 
6 CirHs ; crinibus ; 7 Calomaucua : 

bet•••• : 
β Mubcub; bcBtia; et sanguis eiu< 

boni odoris eil : 

' MS. bne τ above tbe first e. 
i. has τ above the flrst a. 

§ The 1 IB written over an eraxure. 

J. has y above the i. 
II US. hae aver tbe iir a waving atroke, corrected into τ 
ΐ MS. bae T, with a dot above it, over the at. * 

tt Mti. hue V above the Kret 0. $1 

^1i MS. baa ν nbove tbe p. II 

tX Tbe firnt ntrokf of the open η is a corrcetioD From ί 
**• ΜΗ. has V above the fii. 

MS. has τ above the ro. 
MS. has τ above the i, 
MS. has V above the a. 

til MH. ha« V, with a dot above it, over the n. 

Dull Thin kIobb ha« been added at Ibe foot of the colamn. 

Xtt MS. hae τ above the t. ••" MS. haa i 

XLVll. ALIA, 9 — 60 

; hmn• r 

: foic; » BftlOT« : 

■ lUiuMiam; [nwln•; 

III* t ; hMnlh«r» ; 

■tala to fbifUm : 

■ I T«P{>dU; Dtmui* <|ui otirrit luper 

■quail ; 
>iU«TUg(>i cclukll<;11 ; >; Bnculnii i 

nonllMwigll , 
.1 Tniffiilu«; Mmpnc; >•> Knmf«lv- 

crM] : lMMiiiiKiM**j 
»Itmolumioi uuWtti 

■ ■ Munlatiun ; ulitx : » Er|jica ; 

VI Wffi : niiac ί >« Οηιπν : ndnr : 

>t pcwnl . lorr^Hi 
ιΛ 0|il]aiitt; fpffitdiu<; >j Colostnim : 

beuHt ; 
It ΗκΙηΐΓίαι |||{ dictftir quando 

miltuiilur ill tiauem qiismlo 

klia iioti liitbnnt; 
«TnIcu; tyndri; )u ΗΙαυτιίαί μι- 

• MuiUont : 

> IteuinAiNtreuiii*' 
groiiÄwttt . 

14 Manticant : hondfal 
It MitTiIi»tiit ; Myhend 

η ArgelU WmiJIi >i Aocntriain 

Kt Saupnwt ; Mnliid : «» B^niene 

Wir nynrUHtt ; 
t< Tnliolo fmU ; ,> anileciA broml• 

41 Unriiatt ; «triti;d : ^ Baltnt . 

41 Lurdim, lt!in[ibitld : ««T^rcMli: 

4r r>oIiil>oIlii ; bradficuii ; 
4t Scalprltiini ; tiiriiB ; «q Cincillii 

haerdhae» ; 
y, Auricnlom ; droo : j• Oariklli 

l.roc1]fl1Iil : 
κ Piirula : nuutaii; jj Sturntr«; %U; 
u Noctiia; ti<^tli(n>fn {{|||||{ ; 
„ TunWlaiitJ i drwitlfte*••••; 

Cicoiiin ; «torhc : 
if Arj«; ariigeiiftttttt . jiiKi--urelu 

^cega; holtliona; 
loAphiincf,• ; 

CncnzHta ; 

H MH. baa ν abore tlie u. 
■ oiirrMliun from u, or two il 

* MB. haa V alfovn tli« το, 

t A IcttOT liai benn eraxMl batwMn tbu moooucI a 

I MM. lia* * nbnia tho flnt f. 
{| MH. liBi• τ above tliu ί, J Ύίκνίι 
" ΜΗ. ban (nioni jr ibaii) τ nbnve tlia flrnl r. 
tt MB. Iiai Τ alnvn tba tUrd u. 

II MR, «Rblae. wltb ν abnTO tbn a. Dut tbn I aiid Bnal r are marked, eaoh hj 
thrM ilota, tnr ητΜαη. and an I ha» hwn addiwl above tbo g. 

in MH. baa τ abnvo the Dnt r. IUI The Η added above tlie lino. 

II MB. Iiai V above Die rt. 

••• MH. ba• «Iroko over tbe in. ttt MB. hi« » above tbe n. 

HI MH. ba» 1 abovp Uie woond <i, "ITt MS, bM * above the n. 

mill To tba up)>eT «Iroke nt tbn r. «borohy It 1* JoIiiin] to Uin r, in apparootly abided a 

IwrlUnn »idmrt/i, with it* top tuwardi llie ΙοΠ. 
HI Th• a«»!!!! a bai hnott added abovu thci line, aud a τ aliov« Ibe llrsl u, 
•••• Tbam li a alniko through tha I. tffi MH. haa τ above tbe y. 
HH M8. ha• τ above the n, ^HIIII MS. haa τ above the o. 
IIIIHH MS. ha« τ above Uin leoond r, 
OTT The Γ li a oorrmitlan horo I, and llie d wwniB α «irrcotion Trom η or r. 
MS. ha* 1 above Ih» n, 
tHt<' Arpa and amiioui• nni iiii>l«rliiin<l In Üw MH. with faint ink. 
IHH MH. haa * abovo the m.i. 

XLVII. ΑΜΑ, 61 — 103; 

ti Tilarie ; launce ; 6? Ruscinia ; 
Fd. 35'''' 
^ Tunlus : eoruc; <,, Perdvlnni* ; 

hragra t ; 
IsSticuliis; gneuog; ee Picnx ; 

higi^f : 
7 MarsopiciiB : uiiiu|| ; ea Ficetula : 

^Frmgella : nine J; r> Cardella . 

■91 Tinct hIü ; ;: liipiie breiiiB : 73 
Porco piKcis ; slyratt ; 
r« Sardinus ; lii!ringiiH§§ ; 75 Ginis- 
culaaim . idem : 
Lft Furunculaa; maorth ; 

τ Notila ; herraa||||; 78 Mhbi- 
nue; BcraeuaJt ϊ 
lygTalpa : uoonj ; b» Striga hueg- 



9 Bulinus ; uermis . laccrt^ similie 
ill cliomacho liominiii haliito/ ; 

Manicai snipgl•**• ; 91 Maialis : 

3 Porcaatrunt; fooi-; ^jScnifafttt ; 

4 Birrus ': baärlfflUÜ ; ,5 Philocain : 

Β AcrifoHum ; holem : : 
7 AcorafuhiH ; mapalUurt••••* ; 
Β Inuoliiuo ; uiidnbiadlae ; ^ Δ1- 

n»8+tt+t; aWr; 
sj Tilio : liud ^^^ : im almcnta . 

oj Piitat ; snpdit ; 103 RuRCua ; cre- 

liolegu; fimt||l|||;||l . 

\tf Inciiba ; maerae•*• . «el atl.urus ; 
li Tabauddttt ; britDisag^ ; gj Ca- 

comican«« ; logdw ; 
^ Londioa ; hnitu ; e; Aqiiiliua : 
onga ; 
\iiricula ; (niiggallltl!; 
Bb7 üaatoriuK : beliorj{{||| ; se Scini ; 

* The V is a oorreclion from n< 
f MS. has τ aboTB tlje first r. 
U MS. \iM r above the r. 
i MS. han τ above tlto 1. 
tt The 3 in a eorreolion from 
HH The fi iH an orcUnarj 

I tiiere in a perpendicular slrake, nc 
II MS. hax V above the r. 
" MH. hfte V above the flret 
^ MS. priusa; but ρ canente. 
I&t underneath, and abore it is 1 
luma and its interpretation 
TltH MS, has τ above tba 1. 
ίΐΐ The r is a correction from soma 
t The c in nn alteration from i. 
Htm; MS. hau τ above the a.i. 
titt MS. bae V above tlie op, 
tlH-t The right-hand stroke ot the 
SSSSS MS. h«^ V abov« thp «. 

rcgantiii'il JtJ : loquantiir 

> Adacitu» ; inuitatiia; 

3 Inextricabdea . an atre ten **••"• : 

t Uacillantei» ; fiigantem . 5 Qnes- 
tiis ; substantia 

G Flagitiorai« ; adiilteriorurn ; 

7 Biothaiiti : laqiiei ; β Inpiigit : 

g Diriniit ; diuidit ; 

other letter (o?). 

g MS, has Τ (whioh rEsemblce x) above the e. 

II MS. has τ above the i. 

" MS. has τ above the eeoond i, 

gg The h liaB been added above the Uao. 

J «ritten largely to make a oapital, ^n its top 

«rite Gnt an h. 

igBseting an ntton 

SX MS. bae τ above the fir»t a. 
r. ftt The second π in a oorreotioii from u. 

i into b. The 11 in marked For eraeiire bjr a small, fine 
«ritten mi, in email fine writine, and henoe brimiui. 
are underlined in (ainl ink. 

{{ II li MS. has τ above the e. 
other letter (i?), '••• MS. lias τ above the Λ. 

SgIS MS. has V above the ug. 
Illlllll The lower part of written on nn erasure. 

""■* MS, has τ above tbo u. 
1 is an alteration from e, 

ΙΙΙΙΙΤη MS, hat τ above the e. 

II This word i» written in faint ink. or pcrliap« au attonipt »as made li 
in ΓΙ Between the £ and rap has been erased or wiped anay. 
•••*•• MS. has a stroke over irtte». 

50 XLVin. CASSUNDS, 10—74 ^^^J^^^B 

>a Corpulentioribue : crassioribue , 

,,1 Scanderc, ascendere; „ Pistabui; 

It Oeetiimt : uolimt; .1 FvugaliUfi ; 

tubefiicbUH ; 


,5 RetlitiiB; subxtiuilia; ,6 Fautor<';i' ; 

1] Ca§euae* ; ruintiu ; 

„ Faatiifl . mflabio . u«rl timor ; 

ij DJHtrauntiii-; nondenturl; 

Fol. se- 

,e C'Q'fimectant»! , tinotatore* ; η 

ll Inliiir : lunieit : aA s]ilemloi' ; .s 

Ueraiurt contra; 

Manue; turba, 

50 Suffuaionp, οΐι-οιιιηΓιικίοπβ; ji San- 

1, Conpellarp ; imudBre f ; ,a In- 

giiPRHiigea ; lexan ; 

hibere ; iH-öhilifn' ; 

;> Iiiinuneti : mundi ; jj Aborsiim ; 

19 Prerogntiiia ; exccUentia ; 

abiectio infautia; 

» AlMlicnre - abicere : n Leporei» ; 

54 C!itra;bihiiiu.**;ssSunciis:hrooc; 

decorem ; 

^ Extorea; extmnpf« 

im Tinnumtatie ; cHstitatis ; 

s; C'laesica ; tubfl τ s* Opere pre- 

jj Expolita ; lUniafi» ; ^t InJoleni ; 

ciitm ; necesiiariii7n 

ingdniumiiiuentutie; ., Aci-oii ; 

S9 Tt-lopagen; : bil»ere ; 60 Reddibi- 

oinitaa ; 

liotiex; rebributionfHfl ; 

96 EffViborum ; Btiiilioruin ; η Tes- 

(,, Multbi^; celdreSgi 6. Nanctua ; 

bitea; caMellA ; 

■mens 11^ ; 

.s Iiisoleecit ; unetillitg ; ^ Delcctn 

6, Aspeleo; lwthlem|||| «4 eai-culun. ; 

eiii« . legHtiones ; ci?« 

65 Itifwttante; iiiiumTfi fiwicutuJI : 

jeAdfecit; diRtantt; 3. Pwnitii•» : 

«6 Scftlpeum boor*•* 

tielociU» ; 

G7 0uilis; uelotius; en HiiinxeoH ; 

31 Concidemt ; aeciderat ; ^ Per- 

celebrationea ; 

peti ; u('.loci>8 ; 

t-jOeao; luto; ,„ Enthetiim : mh- 

■j, Adfectardii, adficiendn; 

I»ellectilem ; 

js Exp«rtini1I : igiiorari || i 3Λ Faus- 

tiia i su]ierbiii ; 

it Postere : jiort? : 38 Oontigiiis ; 

7} Ailulti; maturi : 74 Eiimhiiiientii ; 

iu^e . ir«l i^onpeUtntea 

liicra ; 

„Übet; imiidet: 

Siciit Inueni st-ripHi ; nt• re]>iit*H 

4< Synaxiios ; oura ; ,g Scita : docu- 
m.;nta ; 


• The seconi a iB unlike the otlipr oiwn a of tlie MB., .nd mlMht le rfiul ns « | 

or If ; the teit lifte here " cfteiia aa niina«.' 

+ The fliat r haa bmn ailded Abnve the 


S MS. haa alroke over natil. Tlis fiiinl 

1 has been adde.! above the line. 

H A strobe (fur er) throDgh the foot of 

he ρ is Btill vinible Ihouali an atlcmiil hue 

been mode to eSnce it. 

II MB. iijnorare. bat the e in marked by 

a point on it» lop for eraaurv, and under- 

neath it is a stroke to mnke i. 

i The icoond η has a dot above and nnderneath for erasure (7), | 

*• MB. hneawavinwetrokaoTerina. 

++ After Uie » α letter (m jy iia» been erased. 1 

g^ MS. has a waving stroke over this word whieh goiv right ttaroiiKh tbe upper | 

Btrokea of the 1 and d. 


f U The uppor part» of the tu are wrilte 


nil The hlf are written ou an craanre. 

X* After the final r the MS. has a atroke which maj bo read as 1. J^^^B 

"• MS. has a naving atroke over the 01 


INDEX (/xl,im). 

A lilHt of llici iihlirrrl'illiiHi al pTi>p 
fnuiid Bt tho and »I ttin I'mtMii. 


A for BP (tabulu (or tebule»), — for uu 
(urutfu fuT «urii((o).— tnr r (outmniitiiriit fnr 
ocMfnatrrU; fauanvrlu» nnil {«niiuoriiwn 
(or jMitgyrieiii lie.].— tor It (ubita for 
Aablu)— (or i {Itineteri« for iDiiltatiD].— 
br α (mIIih for eulloi: ounto for crnitoi 
fniniiiiki tor infrnnito; nmnllüm for 
IBnrklium).~ri)r u {baanU for IxMalni 
eunlciuHiol for -nunt: Kalatnltiii Tor Sul). 
— α imilllod (labrntn for Iftbitnini). 

a, prop, 1.2, 15, m•. ti. SS, K8; tii. G3', 
IV. »4. tUfbia); X. C; II, C. U, Ifl; 
nil. S. β. 87, S8i MI. 1», 18; xii. SH. 
M; m. 19; xxti. 10; xxiv, β, Ιίί, 111; 
»νπ. 1Πι XXVIII. \ϋ, «1. ΒΤ[ xxu, SU; 
»χ«. 3ί χιιιι. Ij iMy. 15, ΠΙ«.•); 
Mtvii. 12 ; xiiii, t (hUt. 3. 1, 41; xmv. 
10, l(l(bfi).3ei %MtM.~Utoa aUn ahmt 
{tw a bene) : arprlto (for a tptltn). 

uUta, dloU OonitituU, ii. HT (/I'm"!, 
nj). SH. 34 hiUfo (41 habtU, Kbits] Μπιιιη 

«I>, II. 149 IM»): vm. D; ii. III; xvi. IS 
(bu); iiviii. »3; xxxii, 2. »; xuv. 144. 
\W i mit. 30 : iMt, 21 ; luv. 9, 13. lit 
[ier).- ab lutum, ΐϊ. 1 00 for ii mlxulum 7 

tiWtttdUv. [v\AuztnHM7\,txxn\. 1% 
[Kuch. T>t l'imd. 1), Thi* word dw* not 
■plirar in (he printod taxU nf Rnoheria* ; 
nur !■ it in it» Urlt, Man. MH. 

ftbtw. njTiim pator (Wnitor, ii. 4 [lltiud. 
n^2. T|»*|). H<wüp, Int. Hfl; ΚΓ.'ϊβΒ, 4. 
abb«t#iii, II. 101, MO KtTohaitt. 
«bcMp•, tviiK, iLvi. 1» {Alia^An 
Phocael). KlUR« (/f. H. Leib. p. 11) (uu- 
■Aa tapulla for iibctopt; bot BcliliittBr 
Onim. »«m. /'Aif, I. ilI1anil.4npJfa, xxvi. 
Ml) amphitapr, uod it iimiu« = Atdh. p, 
no ampliiliipttt ^enaN vuitimontl iitrin- 
qno viUunnn L-t hirnotuin ; nee aliiü Noii. 
HO; (et. Cp. AM4 srnpliiUrD [Bp. 3A13 
BDd Iir.> 889, 60 amplilUp«], «enna D»tl- 
nwnll ntritniiiM aillniaro). Ct. Inid. Rlym, 
lix. in, It, Hcliluttnr iAnfflia. !,•>.) thtiih* 
tbal (;fur aiiKwcra t« ihi• Ο,Η,Ο. ituci, 
whkOi uxplaini /»iJij in Btuinin. ii, 37 β, 83, 

I, onnlradioiini, xxxtv. IUI {Df 
CtuM.t). AcoonlliiR to thn order In wbiih 
tliln uloM OMUt« In Ifin (lloKiuiry. abdiea«• 
ii to be lookeil for b«t*oon Ch. %. 8 and 
ΧΠ. β tit Cat. Intt.. and Cllogecr rofar• 
to χ. 13 nnn glodlo cumali «ii addleetu, 
«ed.,.iiltB• nil intrrdieraii «nlxtAntlaiii ; 
a HI. Uallni MM. roada uMlrav, eimtra- 
ilietnt. Heo rurlbir iiMlciirr. 

abdloan, nblwro, xi-viii. 30 (Dt Cau. 
Inn. V. 11, 3 nnn uuluit ubtllcurt; rii ~ 

3aiia...iibdleaTt douoaimu* i iv. 86, 1 
le.i,lS: V. 113, 3 abdleiiull; vii. 18 β, 

hel. ΙΙ.ΪΙΙ. IMW'ii , 

Iwu; [lia«l, »tid • add«d abov» th* Ifi 
hawl. Co. Aw»; a-, aMil, Kp. 2AS1 . . 
banl. Kt.' 840, IH. Vt. abrlrna, hoHol- 

hnatn, Cp. A3; oillina. brntn. Bp. 1Α3β; 
u., hniitu, ΚΓ,>88β, 48. 

■iNtia, oorrlitia fmiiorum, xi. 9 (Sap. v. 
33 bkniiiaftiu η btttr eervalo «ran nablan] 
nlemiinabuntiirj. Tti« iiloKMbir nmd 
(hiabent; and tba CamliHdev ΜΗ. ΚΚ. 4. 

ItfO. 30. W>. 3β: IV. p. 377. 10. 

■AMU, halaludir, iii. H7 H" H. »Ian. 
8U,r.~»utp. H/v. DM. I. IH, 4 Ιοίίκ luilu. 
nit). Ct. hal^nii RU|>aldl(«rnni, Cp, 1I8T. 


aliliüDiinatua, vi. 3(t, κοβ ptrmtiu. 

abiiMini, ixxt, 108, mo ablarari; xi 
30i ue aiiilteart. 

abicctio. ».vin. S8, hu abormm. 

ahin. ti. ei, mo njcidrrr. 

Nhlla. H« aabila. 

aHBFUl, nb iuro ar^aloilo [Mclnirian] 
abircn. uiv. 108 (Τίν/. vii. 3» tol. 13» b 
neooaaarluiu eit...hiiaa.,.ahljal nt abiu. 

abuts, II. 144, aen remain. 

abolerl. a momorla tolli, i. 15 (A 

IN'DES (/ abom. — ; 

Canon.; Deertt. Innoe. Ln p. 208'' ahoirri; 
Cr, ibid, xm p. 197 aboUlur). See Cp. 
Aea. »0, 91 ; Er.< 2G9, 10. 11, 3«. 

nbomiiiatio. xu. 26, eee aporia ; ahhiimi- 

aboranm, nbieotio infantis, it.vnt. S3 
(/»• Cum.?). The word does not seem to 
occar in CaaeianoB' vorkti. CI. Rata. 
(Origea.) 3: in Cant, ui p, 53 
(LoQun., Vol. 13); in Rxod. horn. x. 2; 
Aug. Strm. 97 9 3; Thtiaar. L. Lat, 
{aborivi) Ae. 

Urn. ADdilU, xu. 6 (Judilk <rm. 32 ego 
exeam cnm alira mea; i. 10 ahrn ejiiH; 
I. 2 and ivi. 2S abram nuam ibc.) = Mbni 
SQCella. Cp. Λ10 ; Ep. 3021 ; iibra. ancillu, 
Ef,' 340, 47. 

ftbaconiltre, xxxiv. 51, see camlerf. 

abfloomluiit. xv. 11, eee preteriula. 

abalda, xxui. 6G, see uLiidam. 

aboldaiD, grece Bedem epiacopalem, i. 
G {lye Ctiuon.): ante ftbaldft, ante eedem 
episonpi, xxiix. 6β (not Grfji, Din!, bat ■■ 

in. Cm 


II p. 1.50 (I 

ji impoQBtur). 
abaidem, neo abnidant. 
abaintlii [for abiinlMi], 

absnthii, see hgmpo. 
■bHulue, uiv. 4, sea ilimiile rum. 
iil)»iue, xijv. 10, am eenfini'ii. 
aliatinentcfl, χχχτ. 3Θ. Boe «jiif/iiei 


ahelnliit, I 

IT. 1!)0. f 



β turpem iiidig- 
.... 11 [llened. ri-.if. 65, 9 [16] Qiiod 

Saum ait abnardum). 0Γ. abiorduum. in- 
ignani, Cp. ADS ; 'iluUTdii; ruationa 
indignan. ibid. Λ7Θ and Ef.* 250, 17. 
abtet, aee ujifef. 
abundantia, iii. 39, aeejilettia. 

'. 11; 

f. 16. 

D [aoet-J, vm. 2. aoe coneumiit. 

acboohnrotmi, eeo cintMii. 

Aciftmn, aoo Acrnn. 

accearlniii. elf\. it.v:i. 38 i.1lia-?} = 
a-, Blvli. Cp. Λ127 and Ef.< 340, 17; 
«■. Bt«üi. Rp. 2ΑΜ. For (iMMnrii™=) 
aeiannm, nee Körting. WiirlerL•. 12C. Fur 
«tri [or Ktela, or stali, as tho Ηβ. haa 
Btroke throaflh I] ice Boa«. T. (itile, ttile, 
ateel; O.H.Q. ilahal, $Uil, Se.). 

accega, accSia, HOe acfga, 

■ecenaorea. iv. Ill), see iicolitthia. 

aeceraire, i. S3, see txhibere. 

acciderat, xLvm. 32, ace raneidirat, 

iMmidiosna, ic« aridirmui. 

ecoipicne, iv. 48. seo muiwraritu. 

ttcwipiniHB, i. S. «ee odor ungmtonim. 

acclpit, mxvii. 9. see tnbiibit Ugal. 

aeclpttrea, haoruc, iix. 36 {Job ixiii. 

13 Pelina struthionia similis est pennia... 
aci-inilrii). hatfiK, Λ hawk, Buaw. T. 
(Unfoe) \ Skeat : Oxf. D. [liavk). 

Hcaipitria, xtr, 19, aee itrtuji) ; χχχτ. ΙΘ1, 
see rrgio morbwr; aee aleo mufpitrri. 

acolpltur, xuv. 11, aee cl/iiin. 

acoipiunt, xvi. 37, see innJr/Ici. 

ftodte, nooftto, II. 4 [Tnbia»; PtatJ. 
IlifTim. p. ΧΙΠ.'' and Minne, Ailr. L. iiix 
oul. 26^, areiUi notariu). 

acclnmatione, aee epiphoniinii. 

nccek, see adcohi. 

ncooRiTnodantca, tiee aecomtaoranU. 

ftccomniodentur, preatantur [pranst-], n. 
as (Briir.i, rffl. Mti. .16 ul...BOlacia »fama- 
dfntvr eis [62] iiffrvninKHlciitiir, acroNm-), 

Mwosunonmt«, aonhabitaiiteB, χπ. 4β 
{Ki-citi. ΙΧΪΪΠ1. 39 aceimnuHlanlri ani- 
niam aiiam). The gloSB (oonhab-) i^ree» 
nitb aceoBinuiTaale of the Glossar;, not 
«ith aecommodania ol the text. 

Bceonjodentur, we aecoiHwiodeiitnr. 
I. 32, see c/inuij•. 

r. 123, Β 

'■". no, a 

aocuaarct, i 

aodncmnton, aee rinticla. 

ocedioBUS, aee aeidiunu. 

acega, holthona, xlto. 69 (Alia = ?) 
= n. b-, Cp. A126; a-, holtliann. Ep. 
urn aetfua, holtaiia, Εΐ.•34(),9. For 
aerga (a snipe; also written angia, aee 
Cp. A138 Aeegia, anite, and Boaw. T. 
in voce mile) aee Krirting, Κα. 84 {McHia); 
tor hnri-/HiTKi, Aulf-frimi itc {imH, a holt, 
wood ■<- fuina, a cock), a wood-oook, see 
BoBw. T. (holt-liana), Cf. cardiolus, uudu- 
anite, Cp. C2se. 

aeegin, aee acrga. 

acephalo, aee riiimebne. 

I. ne, t 


acerabulun, aee aetTa/aliu. 

aoersfnlua. mapaldnrt, xlvii. 97 (.4ltii 
= 7) = Deraiii;ui. mapnldar. Cp. A130,■ 
(1crrnh>ιIuJl. mapiildur. Ep. 2A14; actrra- 
bulun. maefuldur. ΕΓ.> 340, 1. The 
leadings of the Cp., Ep. and Ef.' (lloe- 
aariea ani-geBl iiceniiiu'iiii (prob, a ditn. of 
aerr, the uinple-lrov, (Icrm. Ahorn-baHm), 
aee Kürtinu. 113. For mapaldurt, mapul- 
ijurdta.aec Bnsw. T.fnuipublir), and Kluge, 
ff'rlb. {ahorif. miutkuldeT). 

Mewu. oratio, xxx. 74(»;at. Hier.^) = Cp. 
A15t'> aeeiion, oratio. Aeconling to tlte 
order in which this ^loss oceura in the 
Uloatiarf, Uie lumma abould occar in Ch. 

INHEX (/ 1 

, bul there ia tiulhini; in 

^ kIi(;ne'H or RicltBtdson'a textn aaireBiwiid' 

ins to iti unlesB it be axti/iaXu {άιι/φιι\<ιν, 

Higne) in Ch. hxtt, tor wlucb tbe (ilus- 

Bator perliHpB read Ακοή* or ιϊχή*. 

Bohalantis, SM rutcinia. 
^^ achedioene, nee aridiotui. 
^^F AoheliB [tor Aehillit], ixxmi. 40. see 
^H Ptleum. 
^^M Aohilie [tor t!lixii\, xlxviiL iti, w<o 

^* Aohillis. SCO ferriiM. 

ncianmn, toe accfariimt, 

uldi, tiiat«, 3UI. Ιί (KecUi. iv. 1) nou 
anide faraa in Aninia lua). 

MldhMiu [altered from nccil-]. ocinKiiH 
[at-] inBlabiliE Iriatis us|;ub, ii. II (Ilencl, 
Ttg. 48, 38 Iruter aeiHamt; [G8] f. iichf- 
dionu, aceidioiiu, mtiUatm). 

kcient, IV. 130, *ee bibemtem. 

actHOUlua, Boe ciKilliu. 

BtdUibaliM habeuH droKmait xu idmt 
icrupulQS υ.ιι ijaod ancia una ms\»\a et 
BcrlipnIoB Dim, mil. 7 {De ponder.1). Ct. 
BUime, 1. 370, 3; 374.28. 

AGotu^^tlwi, Kix. Ill, Bee An pitilmi. 
MOlUlboa, ni^ccnxorpa, tv, ΙΙΙ!(Λ'η/. vi. 

,33 (i.l, 115" vidflbat...neuisiM- fw 

lOTtiou— mlfinn. 

aotione, viii. Θ, nee Lamuhet. 

BOtiouuH, XXX. Οϋ, BOO eufliafittiot 

ftotioniini. XXX. M, nee firm run. 

Bctiuuni, ixix. 04 ithmriliten). 

aRtum, I. 77, mu iMifntin ; xxviu. al>V 
eao jiffi" enrrgiam. 

nolui, xxviiL 43. ub raractfriteutt. 

wjluum, loopiOÄiwi. 

ttonent Itoi aruunl). xiv. 30, «on κβΐΛ 

UiulaU. IXXT. 41 [ultber a di: 
readiiiH for, or a ourruiitiun frooi, ecuUlt], 1 

auulvuB. SCO a^HlMui. 

aouto. xxvin. 10, ao« arffuta. 

HCUtaln. XXXT. βΟ, «ne (liiimni«, 

Ocuunt, Boe irrit/irilum, 

lul, II. 10(liJ>); iii, SI; ir. U7(bw)i 
VIII. 17, 19; ii. &i ii. 11, 14; xii. 8Β,4βΗ 
xui. l(bii>); XIV. 38- xv. iH; xvi, 9; xtbl 
M, M. MjJ 

. Rl, 16β< 


i lu. In 

at:ol]'thoe, aee iieolutho•. 

urUollnm, holera, ilvii. yti (.llui^?) 

I BoeriTuIiM, Ιιο1ρ||πι, Cp. Al'JS; Ep. SAU; 

I Et.' 340, S. In Lewi« and Shnrt'« Diet. 

I α«η/αίΊΰπ (acfr+ZoI/uni) ia Miiil to bean 

f ΜλκΜΊΐ tree of iU omen. The reading 
hoUsn of the Cp., Ep. and Bt,' (ilouurie« 
[b the Bantu word as lioU» ih"llj/), whinb 
IB Boen Id {ene)lioUgn of the prWMUit 
(iloBsary (for which b« πι«•ι«) aild ('"'ο) 
Anien of the Cp. Oloss.; see Bimti. T. 
(holm); the Oxt. 0. ibullia, liaUm). Tho 
abore holera auKgeetB the plnr. of lioliu 
{ere eteium. in Zeilitkr. /. d. Alt. xiuii 
p. 240 Dote), oabbaee, oolewort. 
amiloltiB, see acrl/oliitm, 

. AoniB,'ciiiitaa, χι,νπι. 2.1 φι Cai:.ln•!. 
I I. 1, 2 Boelzebab deum Atcartin connileic 
' ÄstinHBBel), 

acteunB, VI. 3, «ee ralfiuu. 
octerabuluB, tee aetrafuliu. 
Actioeo, eea Aclia, 

utia. dispatatio. xi.v. 3β (Urrba de 
maUh = Jn Phoote. p. 413, 12 aetio). 

Aetto, propter Iproprimn) nomen cioi' 
tatia, luv. 256 {Ruf. vi, 13 toi, lOS" in 
Acliaro littotc). 

(biH); XXXIX. U, I'Ut ii,, »(bla); 

il.iv. 7,11, II, III (bl«), SC. 

ad aeetuiii, nee aitidnm eotutrmantfvir\ 
adaiilan«; m»in«ntlllo, xiv. U, Mo ~ 

nngt ndaiaanlino, 

adbrvuiatio, xt.vt. 31, Mo tpllorta. 
lulalamatio, xxviii. 05, me fpiplumivM, 1 
ad ooetDaioila, ad ocelMi« [l], ι 

adooU Ol acoU idorn aatit, xtii. SS (iie 

i.iv. IS Oii'o/u vonintl. 

Bdcnminiidniitur, «ni aei-innmiHifntttr, 

oildniidn [dnl, xxviii. 3), «ve niwri 

addinatiii, adiliovn*, b«o abdicatu•. 

addlelliir, damiiutnr, xxxvn. 17 (S. 
Auii.'l). See rhtä, Uno. l-at• t. fi7G, 46-». 

addue, VI». 20, mo äßtr. 

adductnN, χχχτ. 14Ö. ββη ruiuufnr/ it• 

)Λ«ίΛ»Α»*[\'οτ AfrUpUutttl], pruur 
[iiuiiit'n] uiH, xxltiii, 14 (L-r<>in.j, 


adi:pto). Ct. ttdrfiliu, ndMou(iiii,(:p. Alil?; 
aiUpliu. oonaonutuii, itf.' 361, β. 

■Jlexiw, 1. S2, MV exhibrrt, 

adfadt. di*taiiil, ii.viii. 30 (/>< Can., 
cimira Neil, v, 1 Hcrilo^li Iniuria doum 
uJ/kiI). diilauUloldlUiUllt Koetltunfflea. 

artTtWndl, atlucianda, itviii. a( {Dt 
Cat;, liut, i. Ill ilia.,,* nobiB qauqaa ai• , 
ftetanda ceiiaeinua). Mm ibid. adfeetatit,^ 
L 2, 1: adfeetaluT, iv, 14 ( adfeelatt, f\ 
IS: aaftctanda, id. Cm/, i. β. I. 

Bdecianda, ii.vtu. 34. •« aiftrlawia. < 

adünnant, ixxiii. β, ««e itattr. 

•dBniiatio, ixxv. I2U, toe adttipaiatiofk 
MO alHi (XU 8) "d infirmattofitm. ^ 

Μ wni lulmilUn}. 

, I. 11 (/ν Ca« 
Can. Cone. Caleh. iii qai boa minimi 
fnerit); MC ttiioM, ormalDi, Cp. Vl<H. 

aJiilKntur, «ilolalar, mm adoialHr. 

adoUMr. plwvluD ( for r^nd«• T) wUra ■ 
talor, II. S» (/l(n«i. rrtf. AS, 17 hi dam 
ailolanlur {32 adulataar] partibiu). If 
IJh! Glouatur niDant Bdalatur, pUinätu 
mmr be read w blaiuUlur, or. jwrluip•, 
ptaudlt ; \t ηάιΛιΛοτ, ailHnlatui ulifiuld b« 
•dwuUbir. Cr. iul«oaUtor, •iloUlor.bUn• 
dilor, C|i, A258; ft<I«-, ad-, hlandittir, Ru. 
iAStl; adMraKir, adulator b1 audi lu>. EfJ 
M4. IS ; idMnUtuT. adoUtur, bUnditur. 
ZL* 261. Se. 

I5e {rfir /;«j.), ee< Haäiam. 

od itibnlatioiieai, χι- 8 ((or adrtipala- 
tioDcm?], aee dil inßrmaUirKrm (for ad- 
OnDatioiielii ?). See tUpalatio. 

adat^Hlatlo, confirmatio, ιχκ. 11 (fV 
^:iULl; adrttpnlatlo. adfiπuatk^ ιζιτ. 
129 (Zv f^u*.) ; a^nipDlaUoiu. adiaierio, 
tv. ϊ(ί (Kerl. Hin.) : adtttpnlfttlon•. οαη- 
Krecatione, uux. 70 (ησί Greg. Dial., bot 
Clin. Cane. Carlh.). see »ίϊριφιΐϊο. 

adlentoa, m. 46, aee adlonUM. 

adtOBttl•, intenti•, u. I {Brittd, reg., 
Trol. aO [34] adumitU auribuB) — adtoid• 
to•. Bdlento*, lu. 15 (Job ζτ. 13 lUatiUot 
habea mdIoi). Cf. adionUuM, hljsnendc, 

INDEX {ι,ΛΤίχ) ailtoiu — afficit 

Cp.A328; ιιΙΙηηιίί, hlytiDmde. aFythte, id. 
87C; «iioTiitiii, inleutUB, Ef;'3Bö, 13. 
adtonltOB, adluntoti, m. 4B ; net! atl- 

Mtncto, breuj. %%%\. US {Ruf. χι. 21ί 
Ιοί. ΐυΟ atliactn oollo). 

adlribntn, ii. S6, see txhibila. 

»dnenieotee, ΐϊΐν. 127, eee aduei 

adnentaiitM, nduenienlee, ii> 
(nu/. II. 25 Fol. Λ3'•: uiibu,,.aimtil ad- 



:. 70, Η 

ailnituitur, aee lulolatiir. 

ndulatur, Boe ικίοίιιίιΐΓ. 

ftänliacentnlf, eoclesiq uel anituij de 
niiiDcro sentium, i. 7 {Caiit. l. 8 'iiiofri- 
cftUuIue (ΙίΙβχβηιηΙ te). 

adnlter, xLni. 8, eee nrptu. 

ftdolters. iliii. 6, «ee nafha. 

«dnllerio, ii. 6, seo ufeuiaNitua ; ivi. 
14, eee fz lutere rtgni. 

■dDlteriomni, xlvih. 6, sm ^a^linrunl. 

adnm, maturi, xLvm. 78 [i)f Ca-., 
liut. Yt. lä iiiiulti...uaUditires ingargeot). 
er. aduiii, iDmntuii, Cp. λ1»1 ; Ep. 2A4 ; 
&!.' 339, 4β ; adtiitu«, matarua, Cp. A1S2; 
Ep. -, Er. — . 

adunatn, iivai. Iß, aee tympnalimi. 

ftttVQWtni, dicituriiDi nouuturiu adin- 

Btorium Kliuuiae caaen uel per pecuoiain 
Ue«t dingere, ιϊϊιχ. 24 (öfcfl. Dial i». 
Μ col. 360* qoidam adiiotatv» 
fDDOtus est) . — aduocatm, ^axgeto, Op. 
Α3β3: cf. Napior 2687. Kor diniere, t>in. 
gere (au advocate, interoeeflor), eue Boaw. 
T. in voce [^mgert i uf. SUlam. it. 'iM, IB. 
iwluiiiiue, VI. 30, see qauitd. 
adnta. occulta, xxxv. 227 |1ίη/. χι. 24 

iibl. Ιαθί- in illiii, qa; diccbant ^St^a). 
adylis, see/iiiliM; Aiirru/inliii. 
ae fur diplilh.. naed ixi. 37, otbcrwJHe 
dieaall; e at f -,—Ιοί c : aCdiCuiu (for 
Hfluui) ; iK^culeeic (toc FOcl-) i nelhiato- 
loKia (dym-) ; coeleama (cel) ; αατκΛ 
(ncna) ; unene (ixnae) ;— [ut ir (Foi i| : 
laetaoia (Utiuiia=lil-) ;— For 0«: cnnueo- 
taria (owmeteria). 

aeccleeie [ecoleniae], iixv. 1U8, aee 

wdein, aee matuionariiu. 
oediSoant, see pcrptHdtciilum. 
^^ aeditionia, Für «ililjoiii• (q.v.). 
^^^ aediti regia, see editui. 
^B Mdltni, oeliarii, xxxv. 9» illiif. i. 4 Fol. 
^^H S* KliuB. templi Apollinia arilitBi ; i. 6 

^B llDetUrii, Cp. Λ325 : Ep. SCIB; EF.' »42, 
^H 41; editui. hoatiarii, Cp. E43: Ep. — ; 
^HEI.' DSD, 3. See alan tdila: 

aegre, aee egrt. 

Aegypti, Aegyptiaaa. -ptioriiiu, -pto, 
aoe Egypti &a. 

aetuulatioocB, aee tiaulatione. 

■emnlnm, einBileni rei atudioHUiu qunai 
imitatorem, i. 12 (Di: Canon.; Vetiu 
Dffin. fidei Conc. Clialc, Up. Mana. vil 
150* hDDD...adveTBue omnium nobia cod- 
cessit prinoipem). Cf. leid. Etyta. x. 7 
{n<mului, oiuadem cel itudioauB quaai 
mutator) ί ofmulut, imitator, Op. A3!J3 
and Et.' 2G2, 30. 

Aeoeae, see ctBUmrat. 

aenuimi, xi. 10, aee >i|/niini. 

aeojtjeiosen, see deulerotin. 

aephi, aee cphi. 

aeqnnii, see {qiiiiti. 

acre, im. 7, see diierlminalia : aee also 

aerea, «eo urceoi. 

BBrl, haue, xxii.BlEJdftm. poodebaot 
ex omni parte tentoria arnj calorie) = Cp. 
Α35β (<i(Ti, iaciatini ; with whiali ai. belonr 
iaeynliNi], For haue (blue, azure) ace 
Boaw. Τ. (ftteiMii); Oxt. Diet, (ίωιο, a.); 
Stainm. t. 4ββ. 7; aod the preaent Uloa- 
aary xxti. G (iacfntini, a^tor heauiu). 

[text ExiXiDiuni], i 
opago Icmport. 

> (?); " 

) ujfutum 

aetUmolOKla, proprietate, xxx. 56 (Cut. 
Hier. Lint col. 675^ Hebraica rli/iaoloj/ia; 
Ώ: hebraica ethinioliitlia; C: hebiaioa 
(blank]) = tikinuilngia, proprielaa, Cp. 
E.tlS ; Ep. — ; ftlwinologia, propriotaa, 
EF.i AaS, 28. 

KetilDEt», idmt oauee rodditio qnotiea 
promiEtao loi ratio decora aubinngitnr, 
χχντπ. 46 IC'iti. PtalnL• iv. 10 fignra... 
leliiilngia, id eat cauas r.n. pnemisan rei 

aetiologia, eee nelHogiii. 

onUbiu, dictia, xxxv. 191 {Ru/. vti. 
11 fol, 120*...(ljguiB remuneratur afati• 

afler, see lißtr. 

affldt. ditaait, :v. 118 (£rel. Iiior.); 
nlBtdt, Buiauit uel onorauit [hoa], χχιτ. 
87 (Pc Äi«((i.)^(fl(f/. IX, i fol. 148• mnl- 
tie(|ueeos.,.iiiuncribuB}>riiP|ic(r). Cacciari, 


IKDKX (Ζ,.ίΓ/.ν) ilffr- 


p. 513 muueribos affieil, adding, ia not-, 
■•Vnlgnti praejitil." CI. Ruf. ii. 10 fol. 
ISG• paribUB βιιρρίΐοϋβ ruflcil ; aßeit, 
Bmsuit bonorat, Cp. A37Ü. Sco sleo 
above adfteit, distanit (tor ditauit?). Ftur 
afficit (ixxT. 181), gee also r«f/fo ntorhiu. 

ASricana [Afr-J, zxiii. 51. «ee byu\a. 

Aflrice, eee liaphaiin. 

•ge, uelociter, iiiv. 8 {Ruf. π. prooan., 
rol. IS- .49e iam iiuuo).=U|i. A4Ü4. See 
bIbo aui). 

aBellla, ten-e [-ταε] partee, xxxv. αθΗ 
IRu/. Ti. 7 fol. 100* in... 11 If d Η I» aecreliori- 
baa) ; »gellniD, agnun, ai. 25 (S, A/urt. 
Slor. = Svlp. Sep. Dial. u. 12, 2 praeter 
ai7r(i»in.,.pravleriret) ; in agillo, in a^m, 
xxTiii. 2 [Lib. Anton, m ooL 128^ erat... 
in audio vidno «onox). 

agBUo, λχνιη. 3, see agrtlie. 

agallum, agram, in. 20 (S. Mart. Slur.), 

agKBTsm, con^rttefLtiEinein de ligolB uel 
lapidibufl, xvi. 21 (Z>(i[i. ii. IS compor- 
tabil a^ircrcm).— per aKEUwn [siiio inter- 
pret. 71, III, 14 {Dt S. Mart. Sti>r. = Sulp, 
Sev. Dial. 2, 8, S interim per aggeretn 
publiduni plena militantibiiH niiia Bscolia 
raeda ucnielDit).— rlnl aggmiun, cungre- 
gatio aquarum. nil. 32 (I»ai. xix. 6 suxur- 
buntar riet amierum). 

aeKemm. xiu. 32, «.it riui aggcram, sub 
V. aggfrcm. 

agillo IFor •ιπβη,}\, ixviu. 2. see in 
agilli) aob v. agclUs. 

BglogT»f&, suiicla Boriptara, zvi. 23 
(Dan,, Pratf. Hieran, p. »vi.'' qui hagio- 
grapha conicripHerunt..., et in liagio• 
grapha; Migne izTiu ool. IVH^ 'AyiA- 
•γραφά). =agiagra]iluui, aanota ίβιίρίητα, 
Cp. A381; Ep. 2ClUi iigogmßa, Β.β., 
Et.' 340, 45. Ttie Oanibr. Uü. : agio- 
grapha, iilcBt Bancta Bcriptura. 

^t, xt%. S, see Kichenuititnitaoi ; iiviu. 

ngitatua, in. 28, see imtabuitiiiii. 

agitnr, vr. 47, tee tliutittin ; xixii. 43, 
Bee aUare. 

Bgno, zixv. 144, sea enixa at, 

agnomen, viu. 9, see Lamuhel. 

Dgnum, xiXT. 144, sec enixa tit. 

agon, aee diülripaii. 

■goniare, ccirtare, xu. 49 {Eeclti. iv. Sil 
Vul^. : pro iuetitia agoniiare pro aniina 
tua). Sab., in note, agoniare trom MS. 
B. Ocrm. IS. 

Bgonizare, mu agoniare. 

aeon, forae, ixix. 57 {C'cri'. /liter• 
I»-. =Hier. in i/utlh. ii. 16 Col. 73° sede. 
runt in foro, aive it dyu^). 

agrestea, Uli. SS, see uiciuvt. 

Bgri, xivil. 28, see in geotgieii. 

AgTlppa, i|ui in pede« nascitur eins 
natura, iloil 13 (Df die. »οηιίΗί/ιηί = Do- 
nati Am gramni., p. 37S, 11 Agrippa) = 
Agrippa (Agrippago, Ef.' 263, 29) q.i.p.n. 
Cp, Α3Θ2: Ep. 4C19; Et." 344, 44.— ei™ 
natura tor contra naturaml see Non. 55(! 
Agrippae, qui cum labore matris ednnlur, 
hoo eat per pedoa contra natural» die.; 
Dt. Loewe, Prodr. 396. 

agrie, XLi. 1 , aee preibileri. 

ttgro, iiviii. 2, see in agillo sub v. agelli: 

agram, in. 26, eeeagellumaMb v. agelli». 

AatiBTiMi [Aug-], ιχϊνιι tit. 

oiatkibae, see liiatripai. 

aldei, plttto diuitiq, xxivtu. 39 (Clem. 
Ιίπ«. Itecognitt. i. 33 quia inTieibilia 
lacla est, ΛύΙαι appellala tint, qui et Oroue 
Tel l'l«to nomiuatur; x, 18 dlJus qnem 
Aiden appellotunl). Seo Ooeti, vi. 510 

olAbastnun, proprium iionten lapidis 
el ΟΛΛ κϊυ nomiuatur de illo lapide tautom, 
III«. 13 {Math, iivt 7 luuliei habens 
alabailrmn unguenti) = ii(ulifUtruNi, uaade 
genmiu propri nonien lapiilifi ot uaa nomi- 
nat de iUo Upide fBoturo, Cp, A442; a•, 
uaa de gemma, Ep. 2C37; Bt.i 340, 53. 

alacrltar [for acriter]. Bine gnlia, 
amariter, xii. 13 {Ecelee. ivtn. 18 Btultoa 
aeriter impmperabit). The Cambridge 
MS. : echariler eine gratia ideet omaritu'. 

alae, geuuit ludi, iiiix. 60 (wit Qreg. 
Dial., but Cuh. Aiimtl. xlu) ; aee aUa, 

alauda, nee tilarit. 

alba, xixix, ul, see byuitn. 

ulbo, XXIV. S, eoe nuicum. 

albri, uaB apium, vi. 12 t^Breu. ex- 

alliuni, XII. 19, aee calbanan. 

aldanui, arborcB traogit, xlit. 24 
{Alia; de cielo — leid. de not. rrrum 
iixvii, Ε iwL 1008 <luo...Bpiritux taagui 
quoti) venti, aura et attaHui). See aleanut 
(for <ill-), Men, Cp. Α4β2. For buden, 
Bee ΰοΒ«. Τ. in v. 

ιΙβΛ, ludam tabalq a qnudam mago, 
t. 2 {De Canon.); alae, ganne ludi, xxxix. 
60 (not Greg. Dial., but) = (Ca7i. Apottt. 
XLII<ae...deBeiuienB ; ib. 
XLiii tit. si permauacriut in alee). — alea, 
tebl,XLt.aö(i/erI«(i<i«iii(i.). TUa latter 
glosa («hiob^aka. tebt, Cp. AIU ; a., 
leblae. Ep. 1A3B ; a., lefil. Et.' 338. l»i 
ΕΓ.> 273, 18) aeenia to be merclj' a further 
explanation ol alto (q.v.) in Ars I'hucar, 
p. 413, 5.— Fof Ubl (from Lnt. tabula, a 
board for the playing of a gamo, and a 
ydme played on euch ft board), aee Boew. T. 
((.ζΛ).— See «Ua, prodigua, Cp. Ä465; 
Ep. 4C29; Ef.' 344. 54; Ef.< 204, 3 tad- 
ding oHifine); Εί.>2β9, 13 Cf. Landgraf. 



INDEX {l-iT/.v) aleae — alter. 


in Arch. /. L. L. a. 3fi3. 363. 

aleoe, see ait a. 

•ieator, ludor cupiilitatie, i. I (Cnn. 
ApoMtt. xut til. Quod EpiacopUB.,,nrca- 
tor...eBBe aoa debeat) = a-, luaor a,, Cp. 
A4(iti; Ep. 4Cit0i Ef.' ΐίϊΊ. 5 ; η-, lussor α., 
EL' 344, &e. Sve also nlea. 

tileotat, for alUetal, q.v. 

&1M, tablheri, xlv. 31 {rrrlm de inu/- 
ti> = drt Phocae, p. 413, 5 hiu gaoeo aico 
labeo). teblhrri-tirfiere, agΛιnetι^eI,Λioeτ, 
»ea BoHW. T. Oloi^ger euepects the h to 
havH ttriaen from η long f (for Saxonieif) 
ubuve the line. See alealor, teblere, Cp. 
Α41Θ i Ep. lAa? ί m.' 33», 20. 8eo &Uo 

llgt., uuac, iLvu. 23 {ΑΙϊα=Ί) = αΙιια, 

ΚΛτ. Cp. A434 ; α-, [pwir. corr. lo| uanr, 
p. 2A2ä; u-, oiu, B[.> 340, IS. For 
{huuc, wtodrIj fur) iiiHir = wnt (Bea-wecd, 
w&ur, wurt), BAi Bosw. T. (loiir) ; Oif- 
Diot. (ore»t; Napier. 33, 13. 

. II; 
u III., 2i 

'. 3ti; > 

αΐίαηιπι,χ. 31. 

Blloa, &libi uel inttinliim iicl □uiitinm- 
iiuitm, L 4 [De Cuiion. ; Can. Cone. 
Nicaeii, t iuueniuntiir...iiiiuii dignisisiitu ; 
ib. a per neceaaitalem ant αΐίαι uogontibne 
homiaibuB). See aleo (it. 157) 'in atiiui 
(iixv. U3)perm<tallu. 

aUbi, I. 4 ; »iitt. 7. 

aliouiua, I. 77, see «egotia ; nxxii. 34, 
see adaocaluM. 

αΐίς [-Λο], ιχκ. SC. 

kllejuuB, I. β4. see peruu-Urr. 

alienatis, ii. ISIt, aeo priiiatii•. 

alii. xxxm. β, 16. 

aUis,it. 149; i[ xxxii. 3. 

aUmentU, cibis, u. 30 (UrMit. rrg. 37, 
e [Θ] I - - 

[. 13, t 

aliiiua, xxvai. 38. 

aliquam, ixviil 51, 56. 

aUquando, m. 9, sm caeehiu.; jli-iv. 11, 

aliqaem, ζιτιιι. 26. 
■liquJ, XIII. 43; XLiv. 11. 
aliquibuH, XXXII. 3. 
Altquid, xxi:. 12; ζιτιιι. 74. 

aliter, 't. 117; n. 157. For alterl see 
(Itv. 11) perdue. 

aUnd, IV. 17 ; xix. 5 (bie) ; χχτπι. 30 
(bis), 63 (bi»). 

alium, xivm. 44. 

all«etal, expeelat, i. β [De Canoa,; of. 
Can. Cotic. CaicKed, lU qnidaui, qui in 
clero Tidentur ailreli).-alectal, special. 

Cp. A470; Ep. lCa4; Ef.'344, 5U; all-. 
Ef.' 2ti4. 17 \ Bee Steinm. ÄHG. ii. 101. 1 
(altiiati, oleoti). 

allecti, see alleclat, 

nllegare, allegaremiiB, allcgarcntur, 
allegat, aUegatom. allcganeruDt, see 

allogorla, idest inuemio aliud dioenB 
aliud BJgntlloana, xxvtn. 30 {Ca». Pialm., 
proef. vn nchnma... allegoria, i. i.a.d.a.s.; 
Bee also ixxi. 13). «llagrala, Sguralis 
^ctio, ΙΪΙΪ. 1 [Uerb. lnt. = Hier. Cimm. 
ill 3!<iUb. XI. 16 col. 73' alUgoriie inter- 
pretalio), =allrgoria, Ggnialie diotio aliud 
dioora et aliud JntelliKore, Op. A413. 

allogoriae, nee aUegoria, 

■llalula, Inadatc domtouiu siue pater 
Hlius apirituH sanctua, ii. 7 IBined. rtg. !), 
30 oum AlUlilia [33 all-]; id. II, IS [33]). 
Cf. Α., laudate dominuin, Cp. Int. Vj ; 
Euchei. Imtniett. 14G, 12. 

allidenteiu. xiv. 38, see ttemeattM 
sub V. ttratoFct. 

slUeu• [αΙΙ^β,ιηΙ iDainuare miUere, i. 7 
(l)c Canoii.; cf. C'un, Coneil. Afrie., Praef. 
p. 143* proferatur coinmonitöriuin qaod 
tratr«s,.,in wiim...aUcaaufrunt ; xutn al- 
Ugaremn» loripto ; xcivt cum...legatioiicB 
diuersaruni proaiuaianuu allegareulur ; 
on allegel ; Ciiuv p. 171' altcgiitiai^. 

Cf. (dkgut, ϊΏΆΟΜ,ί, mitliti Cp. A473i 
Ep. 4C37; Ef.' 315, 3; Kf.' 364, 38; 
alUgare, uerba imperatorie ad iudioem 
oiuitatiB mitlere. Op. A457 ; Ep. 3C34, 35 
{ulUgiin) ; Ef.i 343, 57 {iMigaTt). 

allavioDe, eee uiUuuio. 

aHuanta, alerholt, χι,νιι. 101 (Alia = ^) 
=.atneta, alerliolt. Op. A433: almeta, alter 
liolt, Bp. 3A37; aimeta, nlerholt, Ef.' 
310, U. [Aimenta, for) alneta (ulituo, an 
alder), a plaeu full of alders, an aldur- 
«uod = (ilir-Aoli, for which see Boew. T. 
{aleT-,alor-Ml); Kings, Wrtb. [trie). 

almeta, ulneta, see atmaila. 

ftlaiM, aloer, XLvti. 09 (AUa.=1) = a-, 
aler, Cp. Α43β ; Et.' 340, 3 ; a-, aloer, Ep. 
3A1<1. For iilaer, aler, tbo alder, see 
Boa*, T. [attr. alur) ; Kluge, »'rtb. [erte). 

Hot. I. ID, eee iKurra. 

alU, zxzv. 34; xuii. 43. 

altaiiuB, see aleiainu, 

alUre. dicitur quod alta rea ideal diuina 
in eo agitur, xxux. 43 [Oreg. Dial. ui. 17 
Dol. 264* ah altarii crepidino ; ib. ui. 3 
ooL 334b ab alturi uiiene). 

altari, altarie, see aliare. 

alter, χιτ. 11, KD.perdix ; xui*. 7 (bia), 
aee poU, 

altera, χίτ. 20, Bee tcaXpeliuni. 

ttltenuumU, inulDem, ti.. ä [Verbal). 

atlernni, iv. 3; xzix. o6 ; ii.iv. β (bis). 

INDEX (ur/y) altU.- 


Bltllla, en({inata de aaibus taDtnm 
didtui-, ixiv. 10 {Math. xxii. 4 allilia 
□aciwi Eimt). Cf. allilia, focdile, (Jy. 
A4I>T; u.. uolatilia. Ef.< 204, Gl, and 
OoeU VI. 35 (altiJii). 

altior. IV. SO; uni. IT. 

ftltiaribDB. ktl 17. see emlrum. 

alueum, sae utrtigo. 

olueua. aeo tunnu. 

uluginatio. ii. 3, see l<iitu>/ii, 

Anuna ct Ubuiiu lanlr el bennon 
■DOntee Hiiiil, ϊ. U (C.ini. iv. Β Vul«. : 
veni de Lib(ino...veniooruDalHJriadt!CiLpite 
ΑηιαιίΛ du vartioe Sajifr et Jlermon). 
lu. 17, see Hitruin. 
[. 13, see alaeriUr. 

tttiuitores, BOO phihiliiiiaii. 

uiutOTle, aiB philophie [phibphiliae?]. 
cv. 44 {Ruf. tv. θ ΓοΙ. 5&• perorab&t Ae 

amaUniie, oee 

nrnnuit, iiiv. 87, nee aj^il. 
unuunei, Bemiu8t(t[-tae). xxxvi. IS 

iOisii. I. 15, a fvii]iiuti,..tiulriuDt inuBtie... 
eiteriuribue iuaiumillie...uiide Amazvnet 
iliotae ; i. 2, .'lO regio., ..Jmotcntuni; i. 21, 

Aiubianeueium, >ee AmbittuiHin. 

AmUendnm, provintie [-oiae], in. 2 
{Ue .S. J/arl. Stnf. = Salp. Sev. Vit. ,S. 
j/nr(. ^. I ID pnrts AmbiaveniiniH ciui- 

ambtties, mumcret!, xxxtii. 11 {N, 

ikmbi(;iia. xivii:. Ιίΐ. eco mapbibolia. 

aiuliiluiu, peril, toi {iier)iimbulabnl, 
iviL 7, «« «iniui. 

unbDua, snEÜo^io, i. S [De Onium. ; 
Can. Cone, ijiod. civiii tit. iu anibont, 
id uBt In pulpito). 

■mboueut, V. II. wc lubrum. 

tmlooiiM, dCDontoruB. vi. 7 (Oreu. tt• 
(oL?) — amtfrinwa, deuoiKtorw, Ep. ΐΑΙί Λ 
4B17i Ef.i 339,50 d: 345,31; Ef.> 2Θ5, 
0; of. αηιΙίΓοιια, gredi^B. up. A519. Mui^h 
hftB been »id on the ineemng end di-rivH. 
ÜOD οί the lemma; soo OuC, lu voce 
iiubro; FaroeUini. ID hie Lex. and Ono- 
mast. Sonny {Arch. f. Lat. Lex. t. SCfi) 
sees in ambronei tbe Gr. 'AjSpuw (from 
dJ^pit) of tbn Or. proverb 'jipfUttit ßlot 
(Buid. β. V. ; ίΆΓΟίΐπίοκτ. üoUing. ι. pp. 2, 
180). Cf. Heinr. Zimmer, Neimiiu Vin- 
dicatM, p. 104, and (or interpietaliunB or 
the word In A. ti. we A. H. Napier, 0. K. 
Gloitei (iadex), — It may be obnervcd that 

the Cambridno (17α'ί) and Oxford (1834) 
cditians of Suidas print 'AßfHjun with the 
smooth breathinK. Liddet) Λ Scott print 
it in tbe same way: noaleoOod. Bernhardy 
inhiBrepriat of the Osf.eiÜ tion, blithe eaya 
in a note leg. 'Aßpuroi (with rough breath- 
in|{). See alao Henr. Btephanns' Thr- 
muTtiiOr. Liiiiiuar, «.ad Ktymol. Slagiiam, 
ed. GaieCord 765, 3. The editors (Lenteoh 
& Schneidewin) of the FarofiHiiigr. Onieci 
[Om. 1839) print (pp. 2, 180) the word 
with tbe rough breaUiiDH in their texts. 
rol(^atin|{ tbe reading with the amooth 
brettthing I« their notes. 

ambulontee. viu. 8, «ee in aefnio m-, 

amblibitor. ixx. 1, see peripalthieiu. 

ambuatum, aee fiunlua. 

amSbalo, se« n^fihuUi. 

amlotalnm, arbor nnoaoi, li. 4 (AV/fti- 
ael. XII. 5 florebit amyniiatue ; Heyse mi'i/du- 
Juni, amigilalarn Iu note). Of. KNlij^iIafiiHiii, 
quidam arbor. Op. AÖ31. , 

amicto [-tu], in. S, e66 amiculo. 

ainiotn. Bee amtculo. 

•inltmlo. amicto [-tn], in. 5 (Dc S. 
Hart. .'itar.^Salp. Sev. Dial. I. 16, 7 
iimieulo oiroomteotus). Cf. amiculo, 
hr^gli, Cp. A54tiia.. hraedi, Ep.SE8; a.. 
hraegl, ΕΓ.> 341, IS. bat this mure likely 
from OroB. v. \), 2 (detracto umieulu) : see 
Schlatter in An-h. /. L«(. Ler.ic. x. 3fiB. 
For hregli&c,, a gtument, rube, rail, see 
BoBW. T. (hrffigcl) ; Skeat iraif], 

amigdaluDi, see mnietalinn. 

Amlnab, proprium nomen uiri, x. 33 
(dml. VI. 11 Amiiuulah). 

Aniinadab, sev Amiiiiil•. 

I. 110, see reiiipitfunl. 
II. IIU, seemiua,. 

, adintoria, xxxv. 115 [liiif. 
II. 13 Γυΐ. 3-1* iujminicniit...maiara Bup- 
peditans). Cf. ammiuieiUiiiH, adiutoriiim, 
Cp. A511; Et.'365,aa. 

ainopi«», aruhiBinaeoenB [archiByn-] 
est, xixv. 130 ; see iiriuiHijiilii. 

amore, xxx. 28, see de phiUiitnia ; eoe 
also peri pthncheag. 

ampliibalo, ainphiballliu, aee ampbilHt• 

UDpUtMlnm. cucoliis, xui. 18 {Ex die. 
liiTi•): anfllnila, oberlneu, πι. II {Ih S, 
Marl. Sliiria-Sulp. Sea. Diiil. li. I. 5 
p. 181, 8 intra aniphibnlum aibi tuniratra 
latenter eduiit; indutum amphibaln. ih. 
u. 1, 7; itirtfiMum, fimphimalttm,iinißb<ila, 
in note). coculiie = cooala (i].<.} = auou!la 
(q.v.), a m^tle. Cf. amphibaliu, bireus 
bolloaua. Cp. AS51; Ep. 3£10; Et.' 343, 


INDKX (LATIX) lUllph.— 

(Cait. Piuifin.ii.lS »chema, ..aviphiboluiiiu, 
id est d. a. dnbiam f.p.e.). 

einphiboloRia. see nmphiholin. 

unphinialuni, see amphibalum. 

ampbitnpe, nee tibctape. 

amphitheatrc, see anyphilheatruni. 

ampMUiaatnuii, oiroautepectscnhiiu 
ΙΧΪ. 21 ((.■«(. "" 

piHwitfi-.T). i;r. aiume. i. a7C, u. tor 
amphora see sleo (iixltl. 10) butu« ; 
(ΙΪΙΙΙΙ. 11) en«/.», 

■τηρ1«.ιιι, latsm, ISXV. Ij3 (Riff. X. 1*2 
lol. 167'' απψίαπι lemporie,..oa(iiuiaaeni), 

BinnrcH. Bee aiinVuitiiH, 

amassim, see cxamu—im. 

amygdnlui, eee amiclohtm. 

assoetelme. recapitulatio, ix. G (Eclc- 
titut.1 Cr. Cattiod. in Putha. cii[i. 32 
quae figiiru dicitur anaetphtUwii idett ϋΤ (C'lii«. I'ealm 
rteapitalatio ; 5. Hifr. in Ei. vii. SB, in Ac). 
Migne'B fair, ί-αΙ. xiv ool. 222" : liksla 
anacephnlaoti). — tnaoeblecwln, recApitu- 
latiu, iziTiii. 31 {CUm. Rfcognitl. rtn. 39 
anacephalaemin facere eonini quae diota 
rant). Ct. anacephaltotin, repelUionem 
net recapitulatio, Cp. Α63β; im., rep-, Ep. 
1E28 A Bf.i 346, 31 & Ef,' 265. 47. 

BQflCepbalseoBin, -bib, Bee anaeefalroi, 

luiachorcta, Bee aifiekorita, 

KIwADnU [-rata], graece hereniita(er-], 
u. 2 (Briird. reg. 1, 4 [5] genus... aluicftnri- 

onaflhoriUraiu, see auaehoritii. 

anadtplMla, cengGiainatio diatiunie Bcr- 
monern gominnt od dmorein, xxTiti. G8 
ICais. Paalta. xxiii. 11 aaadi]ilimi...ooTig. 

concilium con gregnnit; Β: oee.iiHiiri^hiai, 
ideBt principatuB aooa. eatig, ; : oeo. 
anapxiae oona. conj;.', E: atapiuii, ideet 
Bine prinaipatu ;— moiiUOlil&, ubi ιιαίιω, 
XIX. 5. Tbia latter gloee in, it eeeum, α 
further explanation of the preceding 
tauiTchiiu ; so alao polstrebla, ubi multo- 
mm, III. β. Thie latter Ib not in the 
Catalugnt at all, but vwnarehia ooours in 
Chftpt. xxm col. 641 (inonanhia Dei) Mid 
in Ch. XXIV col. β40 (de imHarehia). 
The vhole — Atiarchiai sine priacipatn uel 
nbi nnlline poteetas ; moQarcnis nbi 
ωύαβ: polBrchianbi mnllornm, Cp. Aü'Jl; 
anarcLiaa sine prinoipntu, Ep. 304 and 
Ef." 342, 36; oJ. monarohis, wiwald, 
Cp. M2S3 ; Ep. 14025 ; E'. »71, 4. 
anaatrcplM. ideet perueraio quando pro• 

miutcegea, aapenor seneaB, iiii. 3 
(I/rrb. inteTpT.=Hitr. Comm. in Uatlh. 
τ. II. 10 ααΐ. tiS* ieeundnni amiiiiieeii)^ 
asaeoyen, BUperior eenaUH, Cp. Λ634. 

analogio, i. 5, see ambone. — Hialogluili, 
leoturium liKHenm id quo legontur libri. 
tx. β {Bfned. rrg. 9, 11 [1^1 euper ana- 

•aaplun•,, rcuelatio quotiee uuum ner- 

bum per comatam principia repetitur, 

quando rea seculurq pro preteiitie Becun. 

tnr. mm. 72 (Vax'. P«ii«i. xxvi. 6 

I tgatu...aiuiplwra, qoolteB u. τ. per eom- 

1 MotHm p. Γ. ; xuii- 15 per flyaram ana- 

' phoram, quae Latine retatiu dieitnr, 

Verbuui ipaum ilcratum ; i.n. S anaphora, 

j id est Tclatia, qnoties u. v. fruqnenti 

iterotione repetitur). — qoando tea Bee. die. 

' belongB to (iiTin. 75) proi(7B»i» q.v, 

' nnapxias. Hnftrohias, see aiiarehiai. 

Anucliliu, ubi nullius potcstaB, xxx. 4 
I (Cirf. HiVmicoI. miA occaaione (Ιορχία; 

.abliominatio.i. 3(/)eCnitoii.; 
Can. t'oTK. Gangr. lii, lx ιΐα. analhrma 
eit; Cime. Laoä. cxxxii anathfiiai BJnl α 
ChriBto) =iiniiIAcin,abbominatio,Cp.A&5e'. 
of. aiiallKimi, abhomkiabiliB deieotus, Cp. 
AGBS.— 1& anathsmA. in obliuione in ee- 
paratione ideet a Be nel in dona ad 
t^mplum, ixi. Ill [Judith ιτι. 23 Judith 
iini versa vam bellica HoloferniB...etoono. 
]iBeuiu quod ipau Bastulerut de cubilj 
ipaiUB obtulil lit anathema oblivionif). 

anoilla, xxi. 0, nee π 6m. 

UKdUli, aniTualibuE Hgl, ici. <33 (Job 
XL•. 24 Namqoid illudee ei quasi avi, aut 
ligabi« eum aneillii tuie). On this quota- 
tion Jerome eayv {Kri>oiil. Interlin. lihri 
Job, Migne Pair. L. iiiii ool. lieS•") : 
" In taatum Deo hutniliabitar draconia 
istius fortitado, at umntno pro ηίΐιίΐο 
erit. et ab animabut taartU deladetnr, 
quae sunt aneillae Cbrieti," and (Com«. 
»I liU. Jab, Migne, P.L. xxvi col. ΤΜΗ») : 
" Kio itoque aUigatur atijue Uludilur a 
innclit atiimiibiu Del, quae sunt aneiUae 
Chriall." These quotations wonld soggert 
animabiu tor animaUbvt and Jigwraliter 
tat figl (over which the US. ho« a stroke) 
in the Leiden Oloiuary. — Steinm. (Zeiliiehr. 
f. d. Mlerth. ixxiii. iMll) referrinij to the 
game i;1osb, quotes (Germania vin. S8B) 
from a Γβπβ MS. (3685, olim Colbert 
41)51) nneeUie, annalibns fignli, aad re- 
gards ßguli as Latin. But theu the bIobb 
would remain unintcUtgibIa — Jerome'• 
translation of the book of Job (Migne, 
Fair. Lat. ixvtit col. 1120^) bas : '• Num- 
quid illudea ei quaei avi [h. passeri] 
aut ligabiB cum {-41. eum] aucillU pf. 
puellis] tuia." Migne's uuciVIii (wliich 
would = ouccil((i) ie printed ancillii la 


INDKX (/..ΐΓ/.ν) luic — ante 

VftlUraiiii.' ed. or 1738 eoL 1150. If 
aurilli• (litUo bitda) Ü not a miaphnt, 
bnt aciaailj found in Migue's US. or 
MSS-, it would mire« with the Glosnry 
if we altered ortriiii* into auc/Hf», uid 
Kgaid ßgl (addiuf; eome letter or letters 
to tepreeanl the »troke over the j) »β « 
fatm (doid. or obliiiue?) of the ordinary 
Ä.8. fngel, JV90I, fugid (a bird).— It a 
(o be noted that the Bebrew has 

τα,ΛΙψ ti 
le Vui« 

i' βίτί» iSffTtp üTfwi'Öt«' (sparrow 1 
ir out iigithU «um πηΗΙίιΊ luti oF 
., lUid Jerome knew this reading 
of the Sept. aa, in his Cnrnm., he sajs 
(Migne nvi col. 789•): "AIM diienint 
Alligahie bdid eiont foiitrtm intaiilnlo, 
qnod eat, ab iufontulo teneatar praenpto 
imperii roei, el velut ligatue in poteetatcm 
Iradrtor. Hie eel ille infans, de quo 
Isaias ait : lofaiu ab obere in foraniinii 
aspidum nianum mittet Λο." Soo abio 
Migne, Patr. Lot. ι-ϊχιιι col. 177, note 41. 
It secnie. Ihererore, clear that there was 
a Latin leit in Jiirorae'e time atfreeing 
with the Sept. . Bud, perliape, the Olowary 
nifera to lliis text in the preEont inntaucc. 
All the MS8. of the Vnlg. at Ciunhridge, 
and in the Brit. Mub., which 1 have ex- 
amined have αΝΓΐΙΙί'. 

uuMDM, nntiooa [iinciiioe], iLvit. 4 
[,iifa = ?) = aniM«i(«, uroenoe, Cp. AS75 ; 
a. iiDConoe Ep. 3A32 & Ef.> 940. 1». 

uideda, brondtB, xi-vil 42 [Aiia^t) 
= 11- brandrod, Cp. A562; a•, brandrad, 
Bp, l*äl;u-, brondrad, ΕΓ.'838, 3. For 

Stuieaa, tat) andena, a gridiron, aee 
α 0-, and Uoeti, vi. 68; fur brovdrad, 
bnmdrad, brandrod (=0.N. hr'ind-reif, a 
grate, from briind-r, brand, burnili|;+ reili. 
carriage, Tehicle). boo Oxf. D. bratuirilL• 
audena, see aiulrda. 
undroginiw [-gjinue], xui. 13, »ee Air- 


anflbula, oberlaBU, 111. 11, eeo amphi- 
ulkuIbU, i>ortati. 11. 17; angarlianU. 

oogentl utl ooopellenti, 11. 3 (ßcntrf. re(i. 
7, ίΠ nnfldJ'ituli [in note, and 15T <"i- 
l/urii'i] iiiilliario vadunt et duo). For 
ανψιήια-πΐί see Kdm. Schmidt, Hegiiia, 
p. 20, note «. 

anKMlsantl, cogenti uel ()aDi>e1l<!nti, a. 
D, Reo nngariati. 

angarizali. aee angariati. 

Anga, Bee arge. 

ugiportoe, nomen porti, iv. 93 ; angi- 
portni, aogQiitua locue, χζχτ. 240 (ϋυ/, 
II, θ toi. 161• per plateae omnee et iingi- 
^rlut) = angiponut, angnntQe locus, Cp. 

A61S; Ep. 2C33. On Ihi 
porti. eee I*wie Λ 8h. 
anglpontu, eee angipurtot. 
angOT, addictiu. 11. 11 {Tobiat 
the Ynlg.!J. For angur ae« 1 

angoile [tor angaiUat\, 
■ngtiillae, β« murcrmla. 
Angnlaiiis, lee AHgalinii. 
AngnUala, piopert |for proprium no- 
nvii?] termQ calidae, xxiii. 34 {Greg. 

ÜJitl. ir. 40col. 31)7'iD Jn^u 

lavari debnieaet) = Ätiguliyi: 
nomen. Cp- A62Ü. 
angnlos. xiitiil 27, see telragona. 
angUBti, 1ΙΪ. 14, aee raiaii. 
angustioBUB, 11. 12, tee anriut. m 

auguülom, jua. 38, see nrlunt. J 

aognsIUB, xiiv. 240, acu imgiportut, I 
animae, aee Duinn; pnichiexada. I 

auimalitins, ni. 63, eee ancillit. ^ 

unimc [mae], xxix. &G, u« inrlem- 
pichoiii ; ixx.Hl, »ev piiMtxoilo; lUiL• 
31, Bce mitui. 

anini^, x. 7, eee adulüeenluli. 
anim&Iiia, fifaldae, luu. 47 {lie dit: 
Ruininibiu?). Tbia gloaa appears in the 
Oloaaar; among η number of vrorde 00- 
curring in Donnti An grnnim., but the 
lemma ii not foand in the printed texts 
of this work. Qlogger euggeets that 
animalai may be a corniption tor ani- 
muliu ( ' ψυχάριαι, dim. of ^i^. a batter- 
flj, Uoetx, VI. 71] meant as an interpreta• 
tiou of an omilleil lemma pn/iiVin (Dun. An 
p. 376, 18). Ct. Cp. P168 ; Ep. 21A28 i 
Ef.i384,44: Sldnm.iv.lHl,17. Vorß/al- 
dae (butterfly) see Bosw. 'I.ififfralde.J^il- 
de); Buge. Elijm. H'rtb.H. Spr. {F<Uur). 
.1. 153, see terupolotii 

42, see idea. 

animo, n. 12ϋ, see «uignofere. 
animuluB, see animdltu• 
anni, xxxviti. 35, see fx dumet, 
anno. iv. ίΙίΙ, s«e qiiadraplat ; χ 

diesimilia. ixvti. 14 {Lib. 
Bof.); anomola, in^qualia. luv. 2(1 {Alin. 
dt C(tbi) = [Uid., Lib. de nal. rer. xxil. 3 
Hideia, aut anomala Sunt, ant retrograda; 
iitu. 3 uRomala effioiuntnr)^a-, diaai- 
milia, Cp. A623 & Ef.> 849, 37 ; anomalo, 
d-, Ep. 3CI6. 

■ ■■ [-arolicoa], xliv. 16, sec 

ante. it. SS; ι 

antea, 1. lOl. 
ante sbsldA, m 

8; ΙΧΠ. 12; 

1. 6fl (bis). 

e aodem apiscc 

1. 10; 

INDEX (lat/n) antef.— apor. 


ftntetuiA, antetuike, uitefanU, eee anti- 

oDte&asin, see cntaantii. 

autelnMDOg, nee anlijucanuin. 

ftnteliicaniiii), ante tnlli [rkIü] oontua, 
IV. 35 (fill/. ΠΙ. 82 (ol, CO" βηΚίικβποι 
hjiimoB * ΪΙ. 2 fol. 95» cum...eum...a7i- 
tflucaaiim pT(>nimporB.,,praeaenaiBBet). 

■nteqnam, i. 12; ϊιη, lü (hU). 

»atei, dicitar ordo uinearuni, ii.v. IG 
(i/crftii lU mwllii-Au Phoear, p. 438. G hi 
imte4). — a-, cztremi ordinee nmkrura, 
Cp. kmc <t Ef.i 346, 46 ; i-, extrime 
ordineH iiiDenram, Gp. GCSI. 

unleeignano, eee aHtenpnadi. 

uiteelgiUita, Bignatore eoBpwtniii, iv. 
IIW (iiu/. II. 22 (ol, 187• deliaunt Otyinpum 
qiieDdttiu...qiio antrrignano orcem de- 
Tenderent). On tbe gloss cf. Ooety., vi. 
76 antetignniui», propngcator sii^nomm 

BDlicbriHtae, see «iit/rrüCiu. 

SntiunBtue [antichr-), VIII. 13, eee in 

ADtifranin. nee en fun iili«. 
AntlnottM. ciuitae in eKJpto [n^K-]. 
XXXV. 2G6 (iiu/. VI. » Γοΐ. lOO» epiBto1iE..,Bd 
AnliHuilai wniptiB). 

. οη», uox reciproeit, it. 5 {Bened. 

Ttg. 9, 7 cum iinfi/aiui [8 antiphom]) ; cf. 

' [11] earn anhr/anii [cum αιΧφλοηπ«!: 

11 [IG] Dam antf/(ina> [earn anti- 

, photuii] : in. 4 A xiii. 5 sine antefana 

[antiplunuQ &e. 

aiitiphoniui. Bee ntitiphona. 

ontiqiiiutem, xxx. 38, eee arekutoinam. 

»ntiquoB, xi.v. 11, see ops. 

intOBl [sine interpret.! m. 52 [De S. 

Siari. Sior.=Stiip. Srv. Dial. ι. 17, I duo 

beatt Antoni [ÄHlonii, in 3 M8S.] mon- 

»Bteria odii). The Qloieni? has this word 

and 14 otlier glneses ander the heading 

UerLa de Saiuti Mnriyni Storia. But, 

^^ though Antoui BOtoillly oucura in Snip. 

^^Λ Sev. OH above, the word seenis to benutliing 

^^B but the remains of Komo Bueh heading as 

^^M "Anton! Tita" or "Antoni Storia" bb 

^H 11 or 12 or the other gloBaea Following the 

^^K word Anbnii ore excerpted From this Fi'lu 

^^B (eee Antonii). 

^^Λ Aktomi (In Libra), ixvm tit. ( = l'iln 
^^H B, Anionii Abb,, aactore B, Athanaaio. 
^^B interpr. Eva|{rio ; lügne, P. L. LXXtlt.). 
^H ωηίαιη adel, lilwttateiu, xixv. 21B 
^H {Ruf. X. 28 Γοΐ. 174' onu/um fidii raoipit) 
^^m =aiiulunilidei, liberCatemfidei, Cp. AGIG; 
^H Ep. 2C23 ; EV 340, M. 
^^B auxiet&a, ll. 153, see lentpolotitai ; see 
^^H ftlso axietat, in v, icrapalum. 
^H inxiui, anguatiosne, ii. 12 IBrned. Teg. 
^H 64, 30[54joon ait...afuiw•). CI. «nxi'tu, 


sorgendi. Cp. A6171 Ep, 3K3: Ef.'341,8, 
nnd Bos«. T. {largiaii). 

aotejojoy. see piiehiexodo. 

Apadoo, Apedno, see Apeihtw. 

aperiaatur, i. 12, eeeßeui proluUt. 

spertis, xiiT. 231, see patiilii. 

a]n;rtua, sxrv. 17, see clibanut. 

Apathuo. propnum noroen Inoi. xvi. 10 
{Dan. XI, 4S flget tabernaoalam....4p'i(lnu}. 
HcjKc ; äalmt., in notes ; Migne, uvtn 
col, 1318^, and tlie Cambr, HS, Apidno. 

apium, vi. IS, see albri. 

apleatia, eeapleWia. 

ftpo tn ptaanm, a tangendo est inda 
quidam paalmum uolant dici cognosoe 
aeio i]v]od ifti tantum pro eioelleiitia sai 
dicautiir psalmi, xxvm. 18 (Caie. Pialm,, 
Praef. IV col. 15° diri τοί φαύίαι, hoc eet 
a tiingeiuiii; for cognoKt — piaXmi, Bee id. 
Praef. IV col. 15'), 

kpodozloB, XXI. 76, see eyaggfnen n-. 

apolijeon, see eyagsenett apod-. 

AgiuUo, Kxvn, 16, see Mappanui. 

apollogfltlaiu, excaBanx, tr. 3B (Ruf. ii. 
18 fi>l. 211' apologrtielu libei),^&pQlo- 
KleUonm, exouaabile, iii, 23 (Cat. Uitr. 
XI col, 630* νο1αηιβο...αρΊίορί(ΐΕΗΐ« pro 
ChriatianiBi B: Apologftieon idest ci- 
euiabiltm p. criatiunis; Cr apvhgrliema 
pro DrietiiuiiB), Cf. ib. mxv col. 6ä5* : 
Seripeii...ApalogetieuM pro Origone; B: 
apologetieim. Id eat excunabiltm pro origine ; 
C; apologetieuM pro oiigene. — apolt^tl- 
cnm, excusabilem, zxxv. 163 {Raf. iv. 3 
fol. S4''.iJjioi'Mfi'lic«m librnm obtnlit) = apo- 
logiticum, eicusxabilein, Cp. AGQl; Ep. 
3C7: Ef.' 342, 20. 

apologeticoD, see apalogUticum. 

apologeticam, see npologietieiim, -aiti' 

apalogeticiiB, see apollogetictu. 
apoIogUtlaaiii, cxcnaabile, xix, 23 (Df 
Cat, Hier.), eec apaltageliciu. 
apologue, see aimtogit. 
apologim, see apologiu. 
apoloEi• l-eiis], cieusutionibua. xLvin. 

λογία• pro Origone libri aex; B: apalngita 
pro ongine libroa sex; C: [blank] pro 
origene Ii. ^i,)=apologiaii, eioasationoB, 
up. Αβ93; α-, exooasatioueB, Ep. 3C14 A 
Ef, ' 342, 36; apotolgai, excueation^s, Cp, 
A697;<ipi'tHai,cxcaBWtioneB,Ef.> 346,48. 

apologltlcnin, eicasabilem, ixiv. 163 
[De Eat.), see apolhigeticiu. 

Bpolog:a>, excDsationea, xxx. 79 [Cat. 
Hier.), ae« apolugii, 

apoTlA. abominatio Bubttanlu [-nen], xii. 
26 {KcbU: xxvtt, 5 aporia buminia in 
cogitBtu illiaa). 

INDEX (; apos. — arb. 

■.poBlopMls. HpNt aietio cuius finis reti- 
cftiir, siviii, "il (i.Vui. Pmtm. IVIl. 4fi), 

apoiUita, iliMccfixiiB a fide, xix. (i4 (/"b 
ilxiv. IS qui dioit rewi, apuKtata] = Cp. 
AlliP2 ; E|i. aCl3 ; Ef.' 342. 35. 

Apostatare, retroream ire, n. 8 (Ocnrii. 

:_ 40. 14 [34] ainum apuilataTf faoit... 



»poatTopel, ideet coiKienuo qnotieH ad 
diaomas personiM crebro ucrbn conuerti- 
apotlraphf i.e. η. ito.). 

apostroplie, see apottropei. 

Kpotacaa, cellana, τιτι. 4ή {hat. iixti, 
S oiileiiilit...nj>n(/i<'MJ< Bapelleplilis cane). 

api>llii«a», see ii/inr^riu. 

ajxilu l=iiri roC], eee Mtio (aubl tynt 
(boc) .tc. 

apparabUli. ministratio, ni. 4β {S. 
Marl. St<ir. = Sulp. Srv. Dial. ii. 0, 5 oon- 
pouilur caetDH n^nae msDiline appara- 

BppamtDR, (lee apparabili: 

iLpparentibuB. xt.. 20, ene pallantilnu. 

apparitorcB, «ee parilurei. 

, auditorinm [for nwli- 

iulim^mll χχτν. 10 (iiw/. n. 
18 fol. Sli* CI apparilonau sqorum un- 
mero) - ajiparitmai», sdiuloriniD. Cp. 

Αββ4: Ep. 1ΛΙ8; apparalorivin, odiu- 
torinm, ΕΓ.' 337, IS. 

apparitoram, see αρραπίοη'κπι. 

appellan«, π. 21. eec eanimihtii. 

ttppellanl, iiv. 3, aec iiarilh. 

appetenteSi ■■ 31, nee conpettntn. 

appelitua, xiiiv, ίΐβ, aee gialrimargia, 

applieari, t»vm. 34, «e/j,.,™ ™.. 

apponllntar. ilTiti. 'ii, aev jipntnuca. 

approbationei, iiviil. 71, see tphi- 

appnli. ece nppulli. 

apjmliBBe.-see apuliui•, 

appnlli, liutiitabar [for hiaiiilabar, for 
itniiUibaTl], ni, 16; appnlll, iauitabaiit 
[tor in» ii/i(ur7],in. 30 {Dt S. «art. Star. = 
Sulp. Srv. Vita S. Hart.. I'M. 1, 5 cum 
primnm Bnimuiii nd Bcribenduiii appuli^. 
Cf. Steinniejer, in ZeiUehr. f. D. Alt. 
ixitii. S49 ; see αΙκο below αραΐΐικ. 

a pliiiiena Here, a prtmo Sore borbe, 
xxKix. I iOrrg. Dial, ι Pral. col. 149>mihi 
a pmntnO jDventutin_A)rr,,.o1ifltrii!tua]. 


. 02, I 

:. 24. H 


aptet, conKTuet implet, u. 10 {Btntd, 
reg. 2, 71 [107] lU no omniboe eonfomipl 
at apttt ut...). Cf. abtet uob. impleat aoe 
Op. Λ64-, Ep. 3K30: Ef.' 343. 33; BF.' 
25», 3; Rptet noe. impleut uoi, Cp. AU'je. 

aptin, u. 91, nee inconpenttnUhut. 

npinton, dec aploltim. 

aptotnm, infleiibile uel inisaealQ. τυπ. 
50 (De dip. noiuinibui ^Ooanii An grai«- 
mal, p, 370, IQ >ut trium |](enemm est 
aplolon, nt FruRi nlhili ; in note aplotum). 
InciuiiU for incaiuale ; of. Hnfien Art 
Anon, Bern. p. 109 aauni uomcn iiptolaii, 
hoc ent ituaitmlt ; see coiaalit (Lewis 

« sb.i. 

aptlu, Π. 31, Bee eongniut. 
apud. II. 189; χϊΐ. II. 37; xxxii. 2; 
see alw aput. 

apoUue, piilaasiie, τν. 113 (/Im/, ε ~' 

fol. 40* appa 


uimnm trad 

ntnr); Bee 

above ..pp«ll 

aput. ΧΙ.1Ϊ 


KLV. 11; flee 

hIbo apud. 

aquii, viii 


■e «tttuo, 14 

see bleaa ; 

X. 22. Me a 


e in uj«a 

uaUlinl; xu 


■ee byrillM 

aquae, see 


: Cermf. 

aquaro, ir 



mi. S3, Hee rim' aggeruui. 

aqOftB, ILV 


see f«w.«ia 

■que [aquae], χ 

tx. 53, a«, 

gurgilHm ; 

aqufl [aqnue], ixs 

aquila, nee iirji», 

Aquila dixit η 
XXKT. 10, Bee ifiUiriui. 

ai|uilinia, see aq«iliai. 

aqnllliu, oagB., ir.vit. 8S {Alia = r) = 
aqvilium, ouga, Cp. Λ716 ; a-, ang», Ep, 
3A24 and EF.> 340, 11. Ooetii (v:. 20) 
identiSeEi the lemma with afnieuf, a 
ating. For aiiga, ongii (O.H.G. an/^o), 
a fltiog, see Bosw. T. {vngii). 

aqnilonem, χι,ιν, 7, aoepnli. 

aqnilooj, vi. 6, nee Imriati. 

aquilouiB, ixtu. 33, see arlnfitaj:. 

aqnii, xot. 51, see fabula ; xxvii. 31, 

arae, iTi. 7, see anupieei. Η 

aratorin, xxxv. 75, «ee ivgereM. Η 

arbittantnr, xlit. 10, see caniine: | 

arbilror, ixiiii. T, see «ifrl. 
arbor, 11. 3, see «mfiiaiiiin ; i, 10, eee 

eypnii, 17, βββ Jutala ; xii. 17, see plal/i- 

niu; XIII. 4Θ, see myrUtt; xiv. 10, Rce 

tni'ri^f; sv. 10, Bee rW; xvi. 4, see ilinu. 

6, see, eee iuniprr-, xxix. 

34, Bee nantum; xxxv. 80, see l/utta; 

xxivii. in, fnurui. See also tigna, 
arlwr, maeat, iixn. 37 (Greg. Dial. 

III. 36 coL 304"^ ei nani elavi pcrditi. 

arbor absciKsn rntt). For imirnl (a |inli', 

mast) Beo Buflw. T, {τααιΙ). 


atbnreii, τνιι. 30, see imjrietii : li.iv. 2i, 
hee aliAanuf. 

arboribun, xit, 21, seamigala, 

niboriB, ΙΙΪ. e, neo de liU'quit. 

aiborara, x. 11. gee lignn, 21, see cbiif 

Brlmetis, iixn, SI, see Injiiw. 

ftrcadei, gens dicitnr ΐ|ας oolebat puna, 

ariMuIi^ l-diftp], xi.iii. 3, nee Pun. 
STcac, arce [nrcoe], κιιι. Ί7, see plnti- 

areelmtiir, Inpelebatur [inpetl-], χχκν. 
165 ^H•^f. ΐϊ. β Fol. 55« ab omni regioue... 
aretbatar). Ct. arcebal, repütlobÄt, Cp. 
A733.— wert, [lepnlit, xitv. 105 [Ruf. i. 
19 fn], li• haao arcel oflioio). = iirril, 
depnlit. Bp. 2C34; Er.i S40, 50; cf. 
urcel, Detat depulil prnhibet, Cp. A7GT. 

•roheretOTi, cimäictDa, nx. 18 (Cat. 
HitT. xm (<ol. 0^9« iiurlpBit...lil)rua.,.dlioa 
'Α(ΐχοιΛττΐΓοι ttdversum Appionem ; Β : 
aer....t...,(l. araehaiiiitloi ident conQicIua 
aal. npp. 1 C:,duoH [blank] adv. 
app.; Ε: αρχηωρηθο!). Αβ Uie Gr. word 
Bignifiea aittiquiiij, tbe Dolioa oC the glons 
"conflietQB" refers, wrhaps. to the word 
"ndversLini." — Bj this paaeago we have 
the ke; to Cp. A72-'> arehioritat oan&ietaa 

i=Cp. Aeia and Ep. 8U20 arcarttot eoa- 
iotne), and El.> S42, 13 .irrnrtloi con- 
iflictoB, and Cp. A77W and Ei.' 346, 17 
archioretii libroe dao = Ep. 5CS2 arehiore- 
\yt libros dno. 
archikionan, eee archulamam. 
ikrohimftodritU. see arfimandrilii. 
arcbia [for un Sfonl], xxm. 17, see 
eiuilat daniij. 

archieiDagogns [anhiayn-], χχιτ. 130, 
Bee umopaga sab v. nriopaffiiu. 

Brchie;nagogUB. see αηκιρυ^η snb v. 

anliutomasi, antiqnilatem nel prioci- 
patnni, XXI. 38 {Cat. Ilirr. ixiviii col. 
663" qai in similitudinem Josephi ipx<ua- 
yariariioyBi et Jndaicae gentia aaseverant ; 
II: qui i. ». iosepbi nrchilrronaa ideat 
principio temponim moyai et indaiee 
geotie aaReruerint ί C: qni i. a. ioxephi 

11>lank] m. eE i. g. a»eeuecant)=arrhota- 
«inn, a. Del p., Cp. A811; arxhulaaiam, 
a. u. p., Bp. 3Ce, and arciotonim. anü- 
quitalura, 3C21 ; arcxotontan. a. n. p., Ef.i 
843, 30 and arciotoniam, antiquitatam, 
ΕΓ.' ;t43. 44. For prindpatma ne bave 
to read, it neems, principi'i trmparum, 
wLicb IB found in text Β (prineipiv I.), 


and in F (prineipia t.). 

■rdmandrltU [aino interpretat.], i. 14 
(De Cniwn. = Dccret. llnrm. iv tit., fol. 
271'' Hormisda preBbytori»...nrriiiniait- 
dritif) : of. archhiuindrilit, 
onilium, Ei.' 2Ü7, 25. 

arctlcoR, Bcpt<>ntrionBliB ab ai 
tum [adiactiuum ?], i 
idesl beetialia, xliv. I^ 
raeridiannB, njv. 14; 
ei meridi^ [-die] remotior, xliv. 16; 
antartleas, artioo [arct] contrarius hnrnm 
primus qui est er^a arcturucn a polo 
porta |l)oreo} :tit tuarorum [inocrorutnl 
flpatÜH din tat α quo secunduB u ab eo tii 
□i Item ab eo ini ni muris [mxcris] distnt 
Item η cireulna u spatii« ab eo ad [«liiii 
australein thi [dest od nertioem im »all, 
inoera Bpntiis nt figunt aetrogi [aatrologlU 
xuv. 16 {Alia; de cifla = de itMT 
remm x. I, ool. 978 oirculu» Arctieu*,,, 
cirouluB TArHnu«...circalas /««Hirrfnuji , . . 
circulua C'i<ineriniit...circaliia Antaret!- 
cat..,; 2 llorvm pn'miu Bepteotrinnalia 
est). Cf. al«o leid. Elym, xili β, 2— R. 

arctieuB, aee arctir.ot, 

arelo. xuv. 13, xc 

;)tontrio, xix. 33 {Mi ix.'fl 
Qui focit Arctunm; cf. ibid, ΐϊΐτπ. Γ 
ArcMro; xxxviii. SI Arctiiri) = anihlum 
eeptom, Op. AT43. See alao (xl 

■ *1. 

ardentes, iv. 106. see enndeiitei. 
ardeutiaBimo, it. 79, aee fenieniiaimo. 
ardel, xxxix. Ι.ΐ, aeefernta. 
ardia, aee jwnjuiuni. 

ardoB, xi.iv, 31, aee eomirxa. 

ar«& iltleiw, aiccane in Iritura, xvn. 1 
(Joel I. 20 area titiens). 

arenae, aee raieul'ii; härene; nabuU. 

arena [-nae], xv. 30, see Mbuli. 

aren;, xii. 12, eee calculu*. 

arenoea, m. 3i), eee in lirtim. 

areola, dicitnr nlii uqaa diriuatur [der-] 
in ortum {horl-] et etat in modioo etag- 
nello ipse [ipsar] dicitnr ereola [ar.] 
propter inrigatlonem ubi creacnntarnroata, 
X. 22 (C'unl. V. 13 genae iUins aicnt iireola- 
aromatum ; ντ. 1 areoUani 
Cf. areoli, aroinatnm orti, Cp. A733 ; Ε 
106 : Ef.' 383, 29. 

areolae, areolam, see areola. 

areojxmitam, see uriopagitiM. 

arepticium, arepticiua, eee arreplitiUBt. 

arethlmetlca, nnmeralie, xxi '" " 


INDEX (latia') arg. — arpn. 

^iiiUriica. CI. arlliimrtiea, diainitlo ael 
niinierftUH, Cp. AT19: arrihiiucliea. dc- 
finitio, Ep. lAlSanfl Ei.' 887, 15; aritlii- 
nutiea, Dutacralis, Ep. 3C10 nnit Et.' 
3*2, 3i, 

Arse, Domen ποιιΐίαπι, χχτ. 4 (Jniliih 
π. 13 ven'it ad πΐίψηοβ moiites Angr), 

us«Ua [ = aTgiUa, «litte clayl, Ibbih, 
XLvi:. 37 {Alia^l)^«-, lanm, Cp. A730; 
Ep. ΪΑ30 ; α-, eraiD, Et.' 340, IG. 8ee 
hoc argillum, Ixm (Napier, 3Θ, 32), and 
WriRht W. (indeil. For loiim (O.H.O. 
(«■im, Qena. /ί)™), loam, κββ Boew. Τ. 
(läni); Kliige, Etym. M'rtt. (i.-Am). 

ar)tml«i, xxxit. 1, ece dragiaa. 

krgfeiiMa, vin. IG, nee mala atircn... 

KTgcnleoH, ixxi. 28, see tm argnutoi; 


antento, ΙΠ1. 6, see lunuiiui, Τ, «ee ιΐί«• 
eriminalia, 9, act oi/acturioiii ; xv. S7, sc« 
i/ecirum; uxv. 294, aue thecit; see bIho 

argentum, τπι. 10, tee ciH^itonnm. 

ert;eiM, ιΐΐΐ. 2fl, nec «liiqjifu. 

Argilln, areillDiD, see argeHa. 

kignla, acDta, ιιτιιτ. 1β [Lib. Anton. 
ιι.νι col. IBS" arguta BophiBiuBtnin inlcr- 
mgiatione). Cf. argnte, »cule. Op. Λ737; 
Ep. 2C3S ; Ef.i 340, 51. Bee alBo urgxta. 

argumenta, aee arguta. 

argmneiilani, 1. 11^, eee itupiriu. 

■TKnta, onlAncae, m. 6£ {not d S. 
Mart. Star., bat f'ifn Ä. Anton, 
Oot. 15BB niterentiir arguta Bophiematmn 
int«iTogationc de divina omce eum illu. 
dere). The lemma, if it rcfern to tbU 
quotation, Trould i¥i|uire (irbancf (abl. οΓ 
Uie adj. ar^nc, conning, akilful) an intct- 
prebitian, whereax orilanaii {tar or)>•) la 
llie plur. ot the nabnt. or^aii/• (wit, Dnder- 
standing, artifioe, device). Steinraeyer 
{Alih. at. n. 740, a») wotdd read »rjTU- 
nuntii, «liicli ocoara Vit, S. Aiit. iltqi 
ool. 1C(K, and acluallj (|!οβμ>η ar\<anitu in 
other texte (nee Βοβιν.Τ.οφιΐΗ•). QlDgner 
ROKgeala argvtiaie]. Hee argntnfutn, mit 
orHnee (Napier, Aldh. Ul. ΥΛΆΙ. 3214; 
el. ih. 30ie, 3899), and also above anruUi 
(tor argata). 

ariculum, »ee niin'rulum. 

aridie, xxxt. IS, see taia; xxiiii. 12, 

and, arihel, see anhiHio. 

aiUiemo (wntlen as one vord], it. 37 
(Ettch. ΧΜΠ. 1δ, 16 Ariil quatnor onbj- 
tornm : et ab Aritl aaque nd enrsmn... 
et Anel duodeoim cnbitomin). ari}irl = 
hψ^^, henrth, alMr of God. It (lu in 
meant as an interpretatiun, it may be for 
tto, lion («Itiob 111 the moaning of tlie 

Hebr. '"W; see Qesenias], or, bb Qlogeer 
BiigitegtB, for A. 8. hleo(w), proteotion, 

arioll, qai in nra conieoturam faeiant, 
ΧΪΙ. 25 [T'an. II. 2 nl conTOcarentnr «rinK; 
Ihia. II. 37 and it. 4 arfoli ; anoiia 
1. 20 1 flrioio Π. 10; ariolanim it. 15) = 
arinli. q.i.a.o.f., Cp. A823. 

arlopagltlj, princeps sinnBogne t«;n-]- 
IV. 27 {Errl. J5(or.): unopaga. archinl- 
nagoRUB [arcbieju-] eat, ixiv. 130 (T>t 
A'««f/.) = (B«/- 'Π- * 'αϊ. 35' Dionyninm 
Artopaaitam) = aTipagilu, archiflynagoftna, 
Cp. A7SU ; ariojiagita, arcliiHinauoKua. 
Ep, 1A20 and Ef.' 338, 2. 

ariemetioam, ariametrica. ariemetricam ; 
sec diaUetita. 

ArietolcleB, see CalUlratiu. 

aritbimatica, »« aTcthimeliea. 

anthmeticam, «ee arelhimetiea. 

nrma, xii• 42, see ufuu; xun. 54, lee 

Amieniaa pllae, nomen montium nel 

Rcntis nel eiliie [-aae] uel clnusnre [-ne], 
xxxvi. 2 (Oriii. I. 2. 40 ad Armenia» pyloM-, 
in three MSS. pilai). Cf. Armenia* pilot, 
nomen loci, Cp. A73S. 

amlll«. ermbof«, xii. 43 {Jab xi.. 21 
ormillö perforabie maxillam eins). For 
tnuioeg (an arin>riiig, bracelet) see BoBW. 
T. {tann-Uah), 

armilloa, xiu. Θ. seepmicrlfifiu. 

, rodbloQB, τα. 20 {Eceta. 
XXIV. 20 Hiout.,,balBamnm aromalitniu), 

miiw. anigeuH. xlvh. 37 (.ΐ/ίη=7) = η-. 
earngeot, Cp. Ä7iiil ; n-, earogeat, Ep. 
2A21; n-, aenigeup, Ef.> 340, 8. For 
ατρα ( = Qr. Oprii, a bird of proy, milvuB 
ater, the Egyptian kite, Liddell Λ Sc.) »ee 
Do 0. [arpa 1 A 2 ; harpa'. falcon). Aa to 
grai (Wright W. 117, 34), targeat (ibid. 
258, 4 ; 351, 14), all exptaiuiny arpa and 
ramgrap gloasing I'ullnr (ib. 132, 19) and 
ainpa {tor arp•! t Cp. Αθβ2), Beam to be 
not componndB, but two dllTcnmt, altema- 
tive vorde, the first of which (ftrn, mm, 
[WTM, invn, mr) meane an eagle (Oit. I). 
rmt), »nd as sooh is a gloas to aquila 
(Wright W. 131, 10; 258, 3; 284. 3; 
317, 44 ; 361, IS). The Becond (flfu•, 
gtuf, grap, grot, geai) aeena to be the 
Or. 71^ Latiniwd an gnu (ioHteail of 
gups) or ySwa Latinised as geup (instead 
of gup.). The totm jjrap aroae froni rn 
bcinii Anglicised a« to, and this pave rise 
to the aorrupted geat. and Anally genl.—^ 
Boew. T. eipiaina ramgeOp aa α vultun, 
ipieir• of/alam {earn, BD Mgle + th« adj. 

INDKX (LATIX) arrep. — asin. 


Reap, no« uenJIj written gfep, ihreied, 
running), and ttiTit-grat, na a goat-engle. 
Toltiire. But A.S. C-a does not become 
E, mi, and in &□}> case tbe compound 
would mcKii eagle-gout, not uoat-eagle. 
Klu^e {.Jg(. Lc»eb. p. 172) explains tbe 
simple earn »s adltr (eagle), but the com- 
pound eitm-geat (-geup) aa neier (vulture). 
— EgilBson [Lex poft. ) gives □. N. giupi, 
liaali. a nea-king, pirate, irhicli ma;, for 
. iU scuBe, reit on yvr-a. aeaociBted, bj 
|K>pntnr etymology, vith □. N. guvpn, a 
lynx (of. A. 3. geap) and o. N. gtiutr, A. 3. 
G>'at, a Goth. 

■rreptltliun, dcmaiiioeum [doem-]. xiv, 
17 (Ηί(τ. xiix, aO »upec omuem virom 
iirrrplilimii) = artptieium, dem•, Cp. A795; 
iirr/ifiriu«, [nrioeins, Ep. lESD and Ef.' 
~"; of. Tepticilu, demoniosua, Bf.' 

ί pim 


nee pentapolim. 

»rtati;, in asaie egjrptiorum mennnr; 
qwi III faaiunt niodius i, ixiui. 14 {Euch, 
lie Fniid. p. 159, Η Artabae in Emia 
AeKjiptliicum uienBarae quae tree Γ. m.i.). 
Cf. drtaha, modi ϋί, Cp. ΑΘ13; Ep. aCWt; 
Ef.'843. 2. Euch, refers to Isai. V. 10; 
Of, Hier, in id. (ed. Vail, it, 75). For 
arlahf eve also (ιτι. 23) Irintf. 

arte [fur arleii]. xlt. 1, see gymniai nm. 

»rtem, ϊίΐ äfi, Ηβο niagi ; ϊϊιϊ. 39, nee 

143. a 

also gi/mtinii 
orthimetica, see 
artliro, see cuimc 
■ttico (arcticoj, ii 
urtifex, xxu. IS, I 
'. 13, Μ 


mrhilla ; sec 



^V {Lih. lial.T^lsid. Lib. iL• η 
^^^ nrctoiihyliix), 

ixtnm, angustum, im. 
SO dnbit,..DouiinuB panem arelum), 

anu, terra, xiv. 18 (Hierem. xxin, lu 
areFaota sunt arva deserti ; xxv. 37 : aon- 
ticuerant'in-a pacie). — ama, terram, ixix. 
4Ü ((7cr6. Interpr.^ Hier, in Mallb. v. 43 
ouin subjeota sibi arfu rif^t). 

aiUKO, color aicut pedes acoipitria, in, 

119 (HiVrim. xii. 6 conrersae sunt nni- 
versae faciei iu aangimm ; Ciunbr, MS. 
aiiriigo siout p.a.). 
amina, pingoitndo, xi 
de lateiibuB eins nruini 
o™.ii.r, ri^el ( = rjBel,D. 
ar undine ue, ixxli. 15 
amaptoea, qui araa i: 

Lx. 47 [Job xv. S7 
I dependet). Of. 
reu^el), Cp. Δ7Μ. 

nspiciunt, xri. 7: 

aroBploea, qni eita innpicmnt et ex 
futura predicant [praed-], ivi. 30 (Diiii 
27 magi, anoli et nnupieee nequeunt 
indicare ; of. arutpicft it. 4; v. 7 ; pria- 
cipem anapicwn τ. II), Of. Op. Α818, 
831. The Cambr. MS. adds : Aurtupieei 
qui Butu inapiciunt; lee aiapicet. 

arx. see eiaitai dauid. 

asaie [Enaia], xxxni, 14, see urUihf. 

asapa [tor acpaf], see arpa. 

asoecon, see aacelron. 

aBeendere, ilviii. 43, neo leandrrr. 

aeoenBum. xxxii. 44, eee gi*iiii(H. 

awMd, intellectai, xxx. 41 (Cot. Uier. 
xLi col. ΗάΤ^ epistolae auctoris aui 
ieiHiiiei et Titae congmentea i B: ep.a. a 
arkttoy idest iotelligentie et vite oong. : 
C: ep. aaot. sni [blank] et vite oong.) = 
arcfi, intelleotni, Cp. A77S ί arehtn, in- 
tellectui. Ep. 309; aeeetui. intelleotni, 
Cp. Αβ3(> ; aieem. intellectui, Ep. 1A33 ; 
luetiiu, intellectui, Ef.' β3β, 16 : arceeai, 
inlellectni. Ef.i »43, 31.— aaeetron, intel- 
leotum, XXI. IHI (Cat. Hier, citi ooI. 707= 
elaboraoit,,,et dinurni»; B: ei,,.ct aiec- 
emi, läeei ialetlretum: 0: el. et π [bUnkj) 
-norrlraN, iuCelleolnm, Cp. ASIU; Ep. 
3G11 : Ef.> Άί'Λ. 33. 

inteUectuni, xix. 90, see 

m^aJRulua, «ee eiuilbu, 

Asclepiades, see Calittratut. 

aaoopa, similia utri, xii. 13 (Judith x. 
5 imposuit,. abrne suae aieoprram vinij 
Heyse, iu note ; Migne, Pair. Lat. ixii 
col. 53 note *■, and Sabat. aienpam). Ci, 
aicopa, k;lle ( = cTll = Lat. culleua, caleuB, 
a leather bottle, Itagon), Cp. ASGS; atenpa, 
in simililiidinem ntri, Ep. 3E3 it Ef.> 
343, 6. 

BBCoperam, see aieopa. 

aaUlnm dlumum, tv. IG {Ruf. π. 10 
fol. 23' Tiiei diiiianm affuLSHCt uuxiiitini). 
If this rcfereDce to ii. 10, wlieie the lemma 
should occur, according to the order in 
which (ho gloss appears in tbe MS., ie 
correct, aailiutii diuinum xeemK to be a 
lemma without interpretation. Bat it is 
possible that Uie glossator having explaioed 
lu^Jum by luncliiiii (see aiitiim. IT. 14 in 
T. atitlaiii), interpreted aurilium by diui• 

aaUlom, locus refugii »anctua, χιιτ. SO 
(I>e£M«i'i.|;aaitum, sanctum, IT, U(£ecl. 
/<(.) = (Λη/. Π. Ü foL 21» templnm,..iiood,.. 
porduraui'rst aiijlHm). Cf. aailum, tem- 
pluBi refugii, Cp. Αβ4β; Ep. 2E37i Ef.' 
341, 41. 

asilo, aailns, see Uibanai. 

asino, xln. 42, see rpoctntaiinii. 



INDEX (LJTIX) aain.— atr. 

aeinne, %n. S4. see onagrr. 

oakeaeoD, eee pEorAriu. 

KMUtli, plaue factU, χτιι. 9 (Ναλυπ 
I. η eollee dötolnti «h«(). From the gloss 
(plane fact») it eeeme d^ar that the final 
> of the lemma obb reg:arded u bdoogine 
to it. There ie, apparantl;, a etroke in 
the Μδ. over the > (therefore sunt), but a 
point above it marks it for erasure. Aiolaii 
(turnuuluti?) point« to a reading different 
troni the Ynlgate. 

a«On. int^ritas, mrr. 7 (Df Cati., 
Iiul. VI, 4 in affectum intwrilntix uel in• 
imrrnptiouig tmuire. qaod dicitat iytiw ; 
in note ,ιιΝΟΝ ; rmi.VOiV). 

aapaltnis, spaldur, ϊ«. 18 iKcelti. xiir. 
30 Biaat oinnnmomani et baUnmum aro- 
•itatitam odoreni dedi). Sab. points oat 
in note that the Gr. has dg-TdXafot dpu- 
μ^τωι*, and the MS. Sangenn. 19 aipaltuiH 
iiruBiiilimiu. Jtpallum is also in Heyse's 
toil (note). The Corp. Gl. ΑΘ39 haa 
«iipallNm, fpaMur; Ep. 2Α36 Π(«'πΙ(Ηπ, 
qiblr with a added above the line; Bf.i 
S40, as rufa/Cufn, ipatdtir. It is, therefore, 
poeaible that upaldiir is an λ. 9. Hpelling 
fat aiphaltum^ bat the Cambridge MS. 
Kk. 4. Γι has lupallum, igtialor; a Leiden 
MS. (Voaa. Lat. fol. 24) ai/altum, ipalar 
(Steinm., tv. 278, 1), and other MSS. 
•ypaldor and apalor (SIciniD. I. 5G1, 1 and 
nolCB 1 & a). Tbe Or. aaraXaBot meoDB 
Λ ptiokly nbrob yielding a fraRTunt oil, 
hut a confneion between this word and 
tupkiillun ia apparent. 

«ajMlM, bethlem, XLViti. 03 φι Cau., 
Iiut. IV. 81 non ionfte fuit a tpelatn, in 
i|iio dominnii noater ex nirgine nasci 
dignatUB eat : in note tpflen, •ρτΙιι»ίιι). 
S«e ipeleum, aainm cauitm, Cp, 848C 
anaBf.<!l93,4fiiieivUeum, BBinmcaniiiii, 
Ep. äSCSG. 

aaperis, inrr. Θ. see eaiatiei: 

aiFpertun, ii. 48, see dirum. 

KM•, nnmmuB, »ix. 3 ( Utrb. Inlerpr. = 
Hier. Comm. in lHaltK i. 29 col. 66« Nonne 
duo paaaeree aiir veneont). Gf. ai βηβΪη, 
genuflnummi, Cp. Ä861; Ep.SEia; Ei.' 
348. IB. 

uuwcla. Bee aditcla. 

oseolBti, see aiolalli. 

a«t,Bl4tim, vi.8(«oi.7). Gt.AtI 
hominemnon terreparit...,i>r.if<in(.i. 388; 
tul iierum nel »toüm, Cp. A842 ; nil nUtim 
uut □cmm, Ef.' 368. 84. 

Mte [for hattar'], ivn. 12, see fulga- 

-aaler [termination], nee poreialrum. 
arterUda, Htelli^ ττχ. 3 (./nb; Praef. 
HiiTuH. p. iiv, and Uigae. /'. L. χίπη 

col. 1079' votomina Origiite« obelis ai 

iifiiq Qedistiineril)=uilmiiti*,fltellie.Cp 
A819; MtertKit. stellia, Ep. SClä; niti'- 
riilit. etellie, Ef.' 842, 84; Mtleriicai. 
Stella, Ef.' 3G8, 32. The Cambr. HS. 

a«tro(a [astrologi]. i 

. Ifi. I 

antrologi, «ee anlarticuii. 

aatrolot(iae, iiivm. 26, see mnili/Mh. 

aatronMnlk, aiderum lex, xxi. Ü1 (Ciii. 
Hier. Liv ; not in Migne'a nor in Riahard- 
son-s text, but in the Utrecht ed. [B]: 
eee the qaoUtion sub v. dialfclim}. Cf. 
aitmnomia, lei astromm. Cp. A827 ; Ep. 
1AI6; Ef.'387. 16. 

Mtn, astaoia [-tiaj, ixivi. 13 (Ortw, i. 
«. 7 and n. 7. 3 ojtii). Gf, atlu. facni 
(Boew. T. MiM, fdctn) nel fraefeli (Boew. 
T. frafele). Cp. A814 ; αιΠι, facni, Ep, 
2ET: Ef.' 341, 13.- aatoa, aetutiis uel 
eallidna, xLvt. 33 {Alia = Ari Plioeae, p. 
420, 6 hie cottUB Inins aeoatus attu• ne- 
tua...), Cf. atttu, ealliditaa, Cp. Λ856 ; 
Ep. 5G19 ; Ef.' 346, 44. 

aalacia [-tia], xxxvt. 13. nee ί>ιιι. 

aitoi, aetutna ael calUdaa, xi.v:. 23, aee 

BBlutai, XL». 33, Bee anvi. 
afylum, sec <ιιι7ιιιπι; luiViitn; itti, 
asyndetUB. see lindelus, 
atanu, iin pater, χχιιϊ. 31 (/»<■ ι 
[ntt. XI. 11 regie u (α um). 

a tergn, luv. 20, aee rfrjieru. 
aternatha. xitn. 18, see nrmiiu. 
Alheniensinm, nee Atlicaram. 
• tbaolotl>, a diniiia Reneroiinn 
[Eccl. /iH->-- "—•—'- 

111 [jhcci. jeioT.i; a thMlogia, η del geni- 
logifl [geneal-]. iiiv. 17 (Of Κι•$ιΙ•.) = (Ku/. 
in. 24 fol. 46' a theuloBia... »umit eior- 
^nm.) = thenlogia, dei genelOKia, Cp. T137: 
Ep. 36AS6; Ef.i890, 8. 

AtherEBthn, Bee Nemiai. 

AlliinenHium [Atbeniena•]. xiivi. 30, 

atqne, ii. 134 ; xivci. 77 ; luv. 27. 

Btrsmantariom, miH atramenti, xv. I 
(Kiicfi. IX. 3 ntraiiii-nlarimii eoriptoria : 
aleo II. 3 & 11). 

atramenti, vltl. 17, aee nifruin; xv. 1, 
Bee atramfntiiHwti. 

atriis, χιϊ. 13, eee dnmniifim. 

atrio, xui. 30, eee in uiridario ijmniu. 

atlla, nigriis tetria. ixvii. 30 {Lib. 
iio(. = lBid. Lib. de nat, rer. i. 1 alH dies 
■Dnt). Ologger aaggciets a conneiloo 
with Isii Lib. de not. rer. xiiii. 2 
vioeribua t/lrit, in which oaae eiftne of 
transpoBitiou uiUBt have been omitted in 
the MS. But Λ3 the Uloaaator, while 

IHDEX (LATTlf) atro, — aiir. 




qnoUnK (χινη. 2β q.v.) tn Otarriki» from 
hiilore'B Lib. de nat. rer. x, 1. uioerpta 
(«itbout Isidore qnotinR it) ui'o iteta from 
Virg. <lei>. I. 23Θ, it eeeros poeuble that 
the aboTe atria ia likewise quol«d from 
Qea. I. 2:i6 (imbribue alris}. Cf. also 
Ooeti, VI, 109 {airr). 

Btrocea. i. 1β, eee barliari. 

Ati'tmiquefforutr'?], τπι. 17, see nil ηιπι. 
mi. 1β, «ee po»nr. 
, athinensium [atheoienti-]. 
xmvi. 20 (Umi. n. 13, 2 legum AlUeanm 

Attice {-cae], ixxnt. 1, see taUntum. 

altrikolu, see adimelo, 

an tor a: auditis, for adytia ; see above 

aocellaa. xiii. 25, nee dr radice. 
auuellutorea, vni. 4, see aueujti', 

[ftDgm-j Ϊ1ΤΙΙ1. 31, Bce 


aucmentata [augm•], 
nODtorale, 1. 13 and xxii 

auc tori tan. eee autenticim 
unctua. 32, see mae 
ftuenpM, auoelUtores, τπ 

δ de Diaiiii attcupit). 
aocupi«, Bee aiit-apc«. 
uuditie [for fidytii], ii 

aiiditoree, i. 22, aee ealiei 
tudltOTlo, iicole[-la«] lef 

247 {Ruf. ^ ~ ■ • —- 

auauorio ; xi. 9 Γοΐ. 182• anibo de audilorio 
dJKfiisiti). Gt. auditurium. locaa legendi, 
Cy. Ä960, 

BiidLtorium [for auilitoruniJ']. xixv. 10, 
sec appiiritiiriiim. 

auditncum, see appariloriura. 

BUm, XVI. 32, Bee autpicett xxix. 23, 
see decipulam; xxxv. 24. eee aiupieih, 

augiueDta, se« aiu/iit. 

an gin en tum, xxvm. SU. see aaxfiit• see 

mgnrlft, aasiiiala, xxvi. 11 (laid. Oßc. 
I. 41, 2 aiiguriit profanantar). For 
anguria, see also (xv. 38) conrctara. 

ano, -i- utj oza, «eptemplioi, v. 8 (liii/.T). 
Tilt' MS. lias Auo, but tbe place wliere it 
ocfltlrp iu the alphabetically arranged Ch. v. 
would auggeat f>uo or Euo. and -r usuaUy 
Stande for idr»l, Ologger thiulis that quo 
may be β corrupt agr (Ituf. n., prooem. 
fol. 18" or tn. 24 fol. 45") interpreted by 
tiif— «a perh»pfl=iiaxXä {Raf. VI. 18 
fol. 103'' cxeniplaria ipaa nominitiiit 
^ΐαιτλα. ideat K-nplici ordine eonscripta ; 
Cacciari, p. SiS : (farXs, ideal lex limpliei 
ordine oautioripta), wbieh the UloHsator 
miicht have wiahed to explain by iiptem- 
pUei, and correctly so, as there are actually 
leren not niz texts ; see Cacciari's note e, 
p. 348, and Migne's P. Gr. xi col. 668 
note 3. 

auocare, ooeupare, xii. 31 {Eede•. 
XXIII. 16 iilio arocon et iiiic Inde). 

anrea, iv. 84, see petulum ; viii. IG, aoe 
imilii uurea ; xxii. 10, see diadenva. 

Htireas, XLl. 8. Bee laphlnu; XLl. 16, 
Bee rypfmnit. 

aurt'ie, xxt. 6, see mm roront«. 

AnrallA. terra est uel prouincia, xxzli. 
13 («rcfl. Dial. m. 17 col. SliV « " in... 
Aiireli'ir partibiiB ., ; in ^u«Iio). 

anrem.itx. ΐ3, seei»M»rrat. 

nuteos, ixxitl. β, see lUiter. 

anrenm, mi. 13, see iirna. 
~BUri, iij. 13, see crieatitiu. 

aurichaloum, see aurieulaia. 

»nrlcnta, iruigga, xlvii. 8G {ÄUa=7) = 
am iciilum. eaxyicga, Cp. ABfll; aurieubir», 
earauigga, ¥,p, 2A25 ; uuriiMiIum, aerunioa, 
Et.i 340, 12. Tbe Oxf. D. (v. earwig) 

angnriiuitnr (I), χ 

;. 31. 

Buganis, see auguria. 

Augustioi. Bee De aancti Aguilin 

angnitUBlino, famoBiBnimo. x: 

(l/'erl•. lnleTpr. = Hitr. in ilatth. ί 

13 col. 160* auffiulunnui in tot 

»lemplo Doinini) = Cp. Ä966. 
auibuH. xxiv. 10, see ullilia. 
auis. xiv. 11. see perdif: ilvi. 

„ tori 


(auriculariB, Boew. T.), bo called from (be 
notion that it penetrates into the head 
throu)ib the ear, and it is pneaible that 
this adj. gave rino to the above lemma, 
though Cp., Ep. and Ef.' all have aiiri- 
ruIiON. A Had. MS. 1002, quoted in tbe 
ProBipl. Parr., 1*3 note, has nurioiu*.— 
See also uiiri'culuin. 

aaricularia, anricnlariB, see auricula. 

«nrlonlnm, dros, xLvii.ßO M(ja = ?) = ii-, 
diireoB, Cp. A889; a-, drr-B, Ep. 2A20; 
ariculum, drus, Ef.' 340, 7. The Cp. 
OloBB, interprets attricidiim not only by 
dornoi (ABBfl), but aUo by αιτγίι-ψι (A891), 
and a Uloesary of the Ilth cent. (Wright 
W. 380, 3fi) liUB (irtridi/iim. earwioga. ojfüe . 
droH, and ai^ain (353, 20) nuTieulum. drOK. 
On the other hand, rfroi, drotita, drome, 
(droBB) iuteriirete faex (grounds, dreea; 
see Wright W. 129, 7; 23», 26; 330, 34; 
649, 4), also auricula and unurfa (BoBW. 
T, droi, dros; droinu). The Promptor. 
Pan. (of c. 1440) eipUine ruieum. rut- 



INDEX (lati.v) aiir. — bach. 

euiiim by drome or fjlthe. The Oxt. D, 
{Droll, ah.) nnderBtsndB dro», which in- 
terprete aiirieulum, to be ikt iciim throim 
off from metaU in the prooeea of malting, 
which would make anHculiim = aun(hal- 
euiu (for oricholaam ; ece the form ari- 
otiium in Ef.'). 

enrienliim (earwig), see auricula. 

anrinlnn, see aurieula, 

aura, τπι. IS. Bee main aurea uii. ti, 
see luinilm, 7. Bee diieriminalia, 'i, sue 
otfaclorialfi ; «v. 16, we inchifnn x». 37, 
see eUftruiH; ixix. II, see miiuria. 

auruginem, Bee nriigo. 

aurum, xu. 15, see lopatinn. 

[tiiruepicea. see arutpictt. 

Auiaret, propriam nomea fliiminie, 
ixiii. 10 {Greg. Dial. in. Β col. 233>• Ä\i- 
trrit äaWus: eome MS9. have Autarit; 
cl. Mlgne's note A). 

AtiBBiTie. AuBeris, see Auiarei. 

•nwMU, qn; addenda qaedam nomina 
per membra singula rerum auomentn coD' 
Reminat, ixvni. 31 {Cm». Pnilm. m. 2 
col. ii° Bohema unod Oraeoe dioilnr 
uuxuiii, qaae addendo qaaedam n. p. m, 
s. Γ. Bugmenta a.}. — aoxealii, auomentvm 
[angm-], τιτιν. 10 (De Cum., Init. r. Β, 1 
inoieputioniBau^MinCacit).— aiuu«U,aue- 
mentum paulatim entm ad Buperiora cod. 
äre^il, izvm. S6 {dut.Pialm. χτίιι. IS 
lehama, , .aurfiit, I^tinc auginentum p. e, 

«ιιρΙβΜ, qni anes infpiciiiiit, wi. 32 
(7>mi.?). It is not in the Vulg., and 
seema to he merely a Turther eiplanatioa 
n! itrutpim (q.v.) in lYi. 7 and 30. For 
miTiupieet qui aaes Inspiciunt of the 
Cambr, MS., see above arutpieei. 

riuspicia, xxvi. 11, »ee auguria. 

KOXfAM». aaxiliie, iv. 5£ {Eccl. Utar.); 
ftntplella.adiutoriiB, IV. IIG {Ecel. iiror.); 
aniplolli, qni auea inepiciunt uel homincB 
obniHDtes, mv. 34 {De HTaeb.) = {Ruf. 
IT. 26 fol. TO'ObeomaatiaehniuHaru^ieru 
eleunlnm). Cf. armpieet. qui Intendunt 
signa oorporis nel obuianteg hominuni 
to!.. Cp, ASaii Ep. 5*38: Ef.' 846. U. 

aUHtrnlem, xlit. 16, see iintnrtiViiji. 

aUBtroiiotho, xlit. 26, s«e a tergu, 

aoBlronothoni, jut. 25, eee dextern, 37. 
Bee teua. 

BOstroaotbiiB, 7, sec pull. 

aul, iiv, 34; it. 3 (bis); XXTUI. 26. 
43 (bis). 45 (liiB), 76; ixx. 16. 

ant m aut in {the flmt nuf in for (he 
Gr. αύτήτ; the second is dittograjih;}. 

KQlenUcnni, auctorale, iiiix. 73 (nol 
Greg. Dial.but) = (Can. Couc. Garth., pnn-f. 
p. 143' atithmlicum coiiailinin| = (itit»i(i- 
»itn, auctorale, Cp.ASlO; Ep. SASfi; Bt.' 
342, 9. — antenUenm, anctoris, iirx. 4 
{Uerl. InUTpr. = HUT. in Matth. iii. 13 
col. 7β* in ETangelio,,.qQod Tooalnr a 
plcrisquo Uatthsi atithtMieum). See Ef.' 
270. G anetentUum. euilotitne. 

autexnnio, sea ptiehieiaiii. 

authenlioum, see auleiiticum. 

anxeeln. aaomentnm.xiiiv. 10 ; anzeila, 
augnienlum paulatim do., ιχτιιι. .^6. see 

HUiiliis, IT. 5fi, see atupieiU. 

auxililiro, sue niiltum. 

axe, polus, xxiT. 374 {Sitf. Til. 36 fol. 
12a'' Bub...&eptentrionis axe). For axe 
see sIho (xkiv. 82) tub axe pontico ; (χιίτ- 
10) eardiiiet.—Kxam c^li An., xut. 39, Bee 
eitremi. — υύ*. linea reota qu; permediam 
pibtm spere tcndit, xuv. 3 (Alia; de 
eiila = lB\ä. de nat. rerum, xil. Ά ool. 9Θ3 
.Ij;!*. ί. Γ. ^1(2 p.m. p. tphitra Ifnitif}, 
Ct. nether polum axis caelum, Cp. A340. 
For axi» see aUo (iliv. 1) purif«; (iut. 
S, 10) airdine»; (xut. 29) lUiiu. 

axiolas [ani-J, i. 133, see <i^» 

azlt, line« recta *e., «.it. 3, eee axe. 

(ftzjra-]. Til. 2. see pro 

- 27; 

. a. 3; 

sut«QtlCDm.uiiclorale, 1. 13(/)fC<iirDn.): ib. p. 379, 11 SalnnuiUa Vulcanalta. Caa• 

azyniontm. see 

h for /; bomueuk (for /orn-) ;— for p: 
bibeunem (biji-); puMile forpo;>1itei mrib- 
üt, scribCa. Bcribton. BOribttinie (acri^-) ; 
sitperBOrifcta (-pta).— for u (τ); fterrno* 
(uer-) : conitientes (eonix.); conil«utia 
(ooniii.); uli-ftum (for aliiiiim); liUdnm 
bacchanalia, see baehiii. 
bncchantea. see h<ichunlei. 
bacohuB, nee hachiu. 
iMObal, multi idnle foede, xl. 13 

bsobaatH, titrpiter ludentee. xxxv. 33 
(Ruf. V. 16 fol. SB" contra fldem Christi 
haechiintei). Cf. backatu, ludens, Cp. 
BIO : liurbani, torpiler Indon» nel discur-- 
rena, Ep. UAll; Ef.' 347, 33; baehanla, 
nuoedendo (Bohw. T. wedaii), Cp. B48. 

baabniuau [for bacchanalian XLin. 39; 
Bee bachui. 

Buliat [Bacchus], liber pater dioniBins 
[Uionyi-ne] numoii unius hominis esl, 
χι,ιιι. 38; floralla. bachunalla [bnei-han.], 
satnmall•, Ilberalla, nicanalla [nnlo-], 
feetiuitate« ut'l saorn puKanonim cat, 
xuii. 39 {De div. nominibta = Dot\ili An 
^rammat., p. 370, 33 Fhrnlia Saturnalia ; 

INDEX (LATiy) Uct. — betb. 


pitalia). GEoBs Να. 2Θ (with nbioti ct. 
buoliiim liberum patreui, Cp. Bf•) is, ap- 
parently, Λ further Biplati&tion to bnccha• 
luiliu Hnd libtriiliii of So. UU, whialt two 
terms do not seem to ooour in Ihecurreut 
teita at Datia tU4. 

Bnctroperitoe, see balroperite. 

bacula, uaoca, m. 26 {De S. Hart. Slor. 
= Sutp. See. Dial. u. Q, i aeasoi in 
bueuJii) = bw:ula, uaccB, Cp. B'ilS. 

baculua, xzxix. 15, see /erula. 

badare, see baltat. 

bnemis, tee bfiTui. 

balaena, balena, see balera. 

bftlen, hron, u-vii, 10 (Alia^1]^bal- 
Una, burn. Cp. Βΐΐ; b-, liran, Ep. tiCH; 
b-,hroa,Ei.'3i7,ie. Ct. Napier (Index, 
baltna}. llaltra (ΓοΓ balriio, Aitiufnu), 
« wbale; for Am», An)n,awbale,eeeBoBv. 
T. (Ära«). 

ballen u, see biifera. 

baloen, xx. 8, see Cairi»;. 

balneum, lUix. 11, eee Sabttnuai. 
iHÜiieiun doenmli, a ciuerone romano 
prefecto qui fecit illud, ixui. 4 (urea. 
Diiil. I. 4 col. 165' mooasLerii quod ap- 
pellatui Val'ieam Ciceronie). 

balMmum, x. Ill, see gutta. 

baptiamate, x. 8, see odor ungenlurum. 

baptiemi, X. 1, Bee otealeinr me, 

bare (bra m, see iarotnm. 

bftntmm, lob uul dal, xxxv. 176 (Au/. 
V. 15 fol. n^ in. ..baralhnim deducebant) 
= barnIniiH, dael. Cp. Βίϋ; of. burutnliit, 
Bepulerum, Cp. BUD. For (O. U. G.) loh, 
= A.8. Joe, an nulonire,/alä, hale, abywt, 
pit, lock. Bee Bosw. T. (Foe) ; Eln^e, Kr. 
IfVlb. (LocA); Skeat(J(irA): OxF.D. (Ισ^λ, 
eW). For dal (A. B. ώι•ί. Q. thai, D. liai) 
α i/d^, vale, valky, pit, gulf, see Bvbw. T. 
(dal) ; Skeat (tiule) ) Oxt. D. (dalt ■). 

barba. iiiv. 189, see infetta. 

iMTbui, feroceB itmiileB alrocee, i. Iti 
(De Canon.; Can. Couc. Nie. i ai quia 
...a barbarie absoiBUB; of. Can. Cone. 
CiiTib. Lxxii multoB.,,a barbari» rcdi- 

bar'baiut [βιηβ inturprctat.], i. 18 (Zle 
(.'(ΐποη.ί), see iorfiori. 

barbe [barbae], siiix. 1, see u /irimruu 

basiliecuH, xiii. 25, eee rfe radice. 

but«, omne quod Cnndameutum poni 
aiib [for subponi T] potest, χχιτ. IÜ3 (Huf. 
VII, 11 fol. 121* biuU qiiaedam). Cf. 
bam, sjl, Cp. B.5Ü. 

tHWtema, similis curro de coreo tota et 
portatur eemper ab uainin uel liominibua 

IDullam rotant habet, xui. 2t (£i dii: 
libri,^Vila S. Eu'j. 3; Mignc i-xuii col. 
SOS* juxta biul«main...«t ?acua pertrana- 


eunte 6ii»iernn) = iiii»if™ci, b. o. de oorio 
t,e.p.B. a homimbus uel aeinie uullam 
latam (rotaui) habeiiti, Hp. 5Ε31; Kf.' 
34Θ, 5. cr. batttrna, beer, Cp. B«: Ep. 
CAIO; Ef.' iJ17. 21; battema, scrid, Cp. 

batat, Be« bnuat. 

bathOB, m modioB. xxxl 41 {De pun• 
(irr.?). — 'batoB cut amphura una ideet modii 
in, ixxiii. 10 (Euch, de Fond. p. 159, 3 
baXiu amphora una id eet modi tree). Cf. 
Bzech. 46, II, 14. For batia (B. bath) 
sea also (iziui. 13) ephi. Cf. Blume, t. 
376, 6sq. 

batropwlto, (lui portent oibos in utrie, 
ixix. 15 [Verb. laUrpr.^Uier. in Matth. 
X. 9, 10 col. en* arguit philosophoB, qui 
vultfo appellanlur ]laclToptrila). 

bkttat, ginat, 44 {AHa = 1)=^b-, 
Keonatb, Cp. Β24ί bnfal, ginatb, Ep. 6C6i 
batUxt, ginath, Ef.' S47, 50. For battel, 
batat (from °badare, to open the mouth, 
tu yawn) see Körting, WbrUrb. 1150; for 
geonath, gihiit, ginath, yawneth, see Bosw. 
T. [geanian, giaian); Klage, El. WBrterb. 
{Sähiiaij, Qoetx, il. 132. 

iMLtus eat amphora &a,, xxuii. 10, Bee 

Behemoth, eee Vcemoth. 

Bel, see dti. 

beiia, ΧΠ. 43, eee wma. 

belli, ixa. 37, Bee duetlionii. 

bellica, xxxv. 1, mv tragoedia, 

bellum, IV. 40, iee dueitit. 

beluaa, ixxTiu. 16, aeo hyg(. 

bene, see abetit {for a bene). 

beueuolug, iiii. 4{l, see es""'"- 

benigne, ι. 82, see operant. 

berbaticae, sen iwril'i. 

berbliwB, ixxv. 72, see laniuaibut. 

beriUus, see bj/rillui, 

iMimca [for nnruea, a wart], uaert^, 
Ϊ1.ΪΠ. 36 (JJ(n = ?) = fc-, uearte, Cp. B71 ; 
t>-, uuearlae, Ep. 6C11; b•. uaertae, Ef.> 
348, 2. For uaertt ate. see Bobw. T. 

berrue = nerriii, see bfmu. 

MπΊl■,baaΓ,XL•vu. 91(.4Ji'i-?)=^rierri«, 
baar. Cp. B70; Ep. ÖC»; Et.' 3J7, 63. 
Bfrrut (lor Ixemu), Iicrni( = ncmw = clBBB. 
vtrret, veirii, a niäu swine, boar-pig ; lor I 
toar (<i boar) see Buaw. 'Γ. {bur] and below, 

berylluB, Bee byrilltu. 

besliac, see bygj. 

bcBtialie, xi.iv, 13, see Terinoi. 

beatie [bostiac], xxxvtii, 15, see ligyt• 

beth, nee cliattii, 

betlilein, ilviu. 63, see aipeleo. 

INDEX (LAT/.V) bjb. — biei 

inbinaiu nciem habena. 
'. lao {K,:cl. Ist.) ; mbennem »ecui'tm bia 
DilUm, HIV. 50 [De f.'iu.) = iRu/. ii. 23 
il. 188• cotreptam t(iiiiin<n....iulidit) = 
tiipeJiium, aeaaiera bie BcnBteiii, Cp. B]32. 

bibere, iltiu. S9, κββ Itlopiifiere. 

Uberu, potioiiOB. t;. 15 lllennl. reg. 35, 
I8siDgulBBbth«rcir; [30] BJngulos Mhro). 
Ct. WölfflininJreAtV/.Lui. Lex,, 1.650; 
Du C, sab V. biberie. 

UUl, lutiSoes φα faciant trapesitaa 
uel proprium nomeu gcnlia. κν. 12 {Eteeh. 
9 Vul([.: SeneB Giftiij! Heyw, in 
DOte: bibti; Sabal., vers. aol. ; eenea 
TlieCambr. MS.: Bibli, art. cj.f. 
tapetar Ac). Cont. 3 Rrg. fi. IB Giblij 
praeparauenml ligna et Upidee. For 
trapezitas probably Ivg. trupftian, or anj 
of tbe otbcr formn [ = tapeta] found in 
Da C. and Dief. 

Biblii, eee hibli. 

Mbllotaaa, recoudiloriam libra nim, ii. 
13 {Bernd, reg. ilyiu. 29 de biblivth/ca, 
[60] bibl^orhrca).— blbllolbeoa.uouien loci 
nbl libn p»nnntur, xxt. 7 (Car. Hier, in 
co). eis* in OnoearienBi bibtiolheta). Ct. 
biblialheea, Ubrorum ΓβροιιΐΓΙί]ο, Cp. 

bibliotheca, biblyothecs, see biblioleeii. 

biroriuH. «ee uiuurimn. 

bi(!se, eec birje rquilum. 

U^ «qulttun, duo rum eieroitnm, 
[Cambr. US. eiercituum], im. 33 [Imi. 

equitnm et respoudit. On this ρ&ββ&ι<β 
CI. the variouti tranelatione and coni- 

bigerimam, bigerricam, bigerriyom, bi- 
gerrimam, tee bigiricum. 

Uffiilcilin, breaem, in. 12 (!>« S. llai-l. 
StOT. = Satp. Sev. Dial. 2, 1. a bigerricam 
[bigerimam, higerrimam, higrrrigaiii, iu 
note] ueeteni,.,Tapit). 

bllex, tiU. iLvi. iO; tUptox, drUi, xlvi. 
il [AUa = ATt Phocatt). Ah bilex and 
triplex do not occur in tlie aurrent texte 
of Plioca {biUi tor duptix, p. Ί21. 3?), 
they are, perhaps, further eiplanatiuuB ol 
IiLvl, 3iJ) rimpiii (i|-v.}. Tili for liettS 
(double, t«iU; Boaw. T.); drili^lrüi 
(triple, Bosw. T.). Bee Op. Int. 3U3 tri- 
iei, drilij cf. Ooetx, Tt. [bipltx, biUi, 
bitiz): VII. ((riiix). 

bina, luv. 29, aea axein. 

binam, iv. 120, see bibmnem. 

biothanali, see bioClianti. 

btothantl, laquej, ilviu. 7 {Dr Can., 
/ntt. Til. 14. 2 JudaB...uitant.,.bia(Aiin(i(i 
conolnait). Cf. biothanauu, seolf- 
bonan (a snicide), Cp. Β11Θ. 

bipeuneiUi eee bibciaiBi•. 

^^L bonan (a 

^^^1 bipeuni 

bl fur u: bleaa (<i-y.) For uena. 

blanditur, eee udolalur. 

bland us. »ee platidut. 

blana, dicilnr per quam aqua eurrit, 

bona, II. 5. eee eappari'•, im. 1. nee 

10. sec g>jt. 

bonam ateam, manna quae «olucbaliir 
a Bole uon ab igne, il. IB {Sap. iix. 20 
Sanunao. ..□□□.. diHBoIvebajil illam. quae 
facile dissolvebatnr sicat glacies, bonan 

boni, X. n.teoßitola; m. 1, eet euer. 
gtlii, 17, see piatantH; xiii. *β, eee 
myrlut; iLvii. 8, aee mutcui. 

bono, III. 1)2, tee urn eurdali. 

boruD, Bee antartietu (anbt. aretieot). 

boreuiu, iLiv. 27i see Una. 

boreoB, KLiv. 7, aee poli. 

borlall, aquilom, vi. S [llreu. exioLJ). 

borit [ = boritL, Hebr. nn3). xvit. 1!), 
»ee herha fatlonian. 

boritb, see h*rba /utlonum•, uurith. 

boTuenla, gcDuu ignie, in. 33, eee 

^"ZnT^u.SG «eei-.«m.. 

bracas, »ee liimbiirf. 

braahii. iii. 40, aee liictrtv: 

bTMUe, lona, n, 14 (Bcned. rrg. 1.1. 30 
[64] bracil.-). 

bragas [bracaa], uv. 8, eee lumbarr. 

briLnchiam, nee brantit. 

bro&Ue, chyun, u. 3 (Tiibian vi. 4 
Apprehend« bratKhiam ejan) = braeUit, 
cian. Op. Β1Θ9; brantiae, cian, Ep. U0S2; 
brande, cian, £(.■ 348, 13, See Sleinm. 
I, 476. 3, 4 (cyan, cbyuti), 10 (kio) ; 476. 1 
(cheuon), 4 (chcnua) ; 478. 43wlq.: 4S0. 
3; KIugc,.lNfi. i,i».lC6; id. mWrri, d.'i. 
Spracht (A'icwi) ; Frauok, W«.mi. Std. T. 

breiiem, τα. 12, see bigirifum. 

breui, xxvm. 65, see metafoTan ; xxxt. 
85, Bee adtraeUi. 

breniarlum, in. I>5, aee i^ilumrii; see 
also epimekne. 

breuia, 1. 17, see bi/rnii, sub ». bgrrum ; 
111. 7, nee br/mitn; vi (i(. ; xii. 6. ave 

brenJB (error for A. 8. brrrf-barrt, a 
pcroh), ILVH. 72, eee liipiu, 
breuieeimia, xiiv. 255, eee conpeniliiitii. 
breiiiCaa, iivii. 8, «ee bruiaa. 
biuuiter, iiviii. 66, aee epipbonitiui. 

INDEX (£.ir/.v) brillli.— 


bnUDA, brenitBB, xivii. 8 {Lib. Rot. - 

leid. Lib. de nat. rrr. vi. 2 Prinoipiüm.., 

κΐίί Λ bntma putent) = bfumft. bre- 

uilan, Cp. BISO; Ep. 5E33; Ef.' 317, 6. 

baccnla, eee bwttiut. 

bucellid, vi. 10, eee cnulici«. 

bucula, one barula. 

bnoolni, nordba^, xltii. 17 (.Jiia = '?) = 
bucu/iM, roüdbaes, Cp. B208; b-, rand- 
beag, E)). 6G1I ; boeuiui, rondbaeg, ΕΓ.' 
3ie, I. Buculua^buccuU, the boan of a 
shield; (nord for rond^) rund [β. brink, 
edge, margin; ehield); baeg = brag, beak 
(a tiag, bracelet, collar) ; hence rund-beas. 
tbe boBs uf a shield, or a ehield; see 
BuBw. T. (ruiiii-ttoA). 

Bulgar, Bee uitlyari, 

bulimuH. nee bulinat. 

bnliBUi [for biilimui. as in Cp., Ep.. 
EC], aennie lacerlq [-tae] eimilie in 
ohomaoho (for itom•] houiinia habitat, 
xi-vn. H9 {Atia = t) = bidi«iui. u. niin. U- 
c«rtae in atomaoho b. babitans, Cp. B'JOd ; 
Ep. »C14; Ef.i 318, i. 

Inul«, incisa arbor ramie truDgatia 
[trancatiH], iixv. Θ6; baits, ubi holoineB 
conburantur, χιιν.33α(Οί£ω.); bnatili, 
tumulum uel ab astnin, ιτ. 100 {Etel, 
Stor.) = {Ruf. ΚΙ. 27 toi. 190• uetemoes 
butltt deieota nnnt; xi. 2Θ fol. 190'' li... 
biHla reperiri potuerunt). Q" IniHui for 
buetiim? and ab vetum for nmbiiiliim? 
Tlio kIubb xixv. 86^b(ula, incisa arbor 
■ "a. B208. 


1. Cp. 1 
bnitni, tumulum ael ab luluni, r 


I. 10, » 


I)yTllliu tanitn ut aqi 
[-det], IM, 14 [Ut iiomiii. div.^Apö 
30 bcrilliii; nee also E.aid. xiviu- :ii>, 
xxiii. 13; Elik. xivill. 13 ίΐ£π/11ιιι} = 
birilliir ut aijua Hplendet, Cp. Bit7; bir., 
lantum α. a. βρί.. Ep. ΒΕ3•2; Ef." 347, 5. 

li;rnun. oocula [eiifulla] brenls, m. 7 
iDe S.Mart, Stor.^Sutp. See. Dial. i. 31, 
4 lit bijrrum iieentem...texat; ί>ίη-ιι«ι in 
note), bymu, Duoulla brenie, t, 17 (Ue 
Vami».; Can. Cottc. Qangr. L•ZX qui... 
i im»... utuntnr). 

bTTBena [= ßviufot, Λ tanner], ledir 
uyrota. xlvie. 40 {Alia = f)=:b-, te<Iera;rb- 
ta, Cp. B233; b-, lediiuayrela. Bp. eciü; 
Ιη /rreut, lediiujrhta, Ef.' 34», 3. For 
leder-wyrbla (leder, leailier * oyrhta, a 
icrigbl, Korknuin) sec Boaw. T, 

bjBM), Bee byiriiK, 

ttyeina. in arbore naHCitnr ad nesti- 
menluia, xxv. β {Lue, χτι. ΙίΙ induebatur 
porpura et hgiio).-O1. byituin, airioum 
letorluni. Cp. BU3; bi/fM""' "*ί»' ^^l'' 
Β330; bj/nuHi, tuiim, Ep. GA14; byiium. 

taigin, Ef.' 347, 35; byisum. tortiim bi- 
ricum, Cp. B233.— byiüii, in terra iitfii. 
oana [aftic-] crescit in nibuatix Ian» alba 
aicut nix, xxxu. 51 {Oreg. [not Dial., but] 
Reg, Patt. ii. 3 DoL 30* euperhofflerale ex 
anro, fa; torta fieri byim piae- 
oipitnr; col. 30• torta byttat). Id. l'i'ii. 
rv. 33 col. 373» (quoting Liie. xvi. Ill) 
dives, qui iadnebatar purpura et bguo. 
bjthalaama, aee filalum. 

c tor re: «acelli (for Baccelli),~f(ir eh: 
anticrietus (antic/ir); Caldeos {Ch-); eif 
ractories (rAar-); uarantoriBmoH (ehnr-)•, 
cBrcamiB (ch) ; caticamini (catecAumini) ; 
ohoni^i« {conchia); rolera {cliol-); conca 
(coneAa); fronographiaB (cbron-); molou- 
colia (melanc/iolia); acenia (schema) ; acie- 
matici(Bchiani-); srala,scolaBtiGas^Bc/Kil-); 
[ernam (tefhnam); troclei (trocftleia). — fur 
r(: mulcata (muldata). — loi g: aiuietalum 
(for amy^dalum) ; Bucmentam (au^m-); 
L-albanUB (inilb-) ; catalocnm (-lojjun) ; cir- 
ciimua^antium (-uanantlum); congreiiacio 
(-iratio); congrefanmius (coii((reii-); orea- 
crna (creagr-) ; leaicandum (leuiir-) ; licant 
(li;-); octoade {ogd-); proilicua (prodJ!/-), 
— fort; BBtueia; etriua; cougT<.'|,-ario ; di- 

fiuicionesi iadufo (induro); inii'iuiuB; 
inicium; inliciabor; inmundicia; lucu- 
braduDCula; milicie; odoeuB; oi'ü; oupi- 
riam ; preciuin; pFefacione; praeforio- 
nibua; pr^dicadonee; uieiati.— for Or. *; 
paraproBdoeia (-J«io).— for Gr. ir: aim- 
eoHion (s^mpoBium).— c omttted: nrtnm 
(arctum, in text); bacliantee (bacc/ianteE) ; 
exolaulea (eicol-); dialcticam, djnl- (for 
dialectioam) ; pilatiola (pii;t- = piit-J. — ο 
inierteii : iaciuctino, iaciucto (byaciatbiao, 

α apad latinue [-noa] fit βία ;(c ab aliia fit 
eioi|e, xxxit. 3 {De ponder.!). 

cabalü, im. 43, aee lamia. 

oftCftbn«, de teata est duaa raanubriaa [Ij 
habena aliqoando de qr^mento [aeratn-] 
aicut et olla. lu. 9 {Eecle». Kui. 3 Quid 
oommunicabiC eaeabvi ad oUam). The 
Cambridge MS. omita de before Caifii. Cf. 
caceabiim, cetil, Cp. 06; Ep. βΕΐΚ; Bf.' 
349. 31, and Bob«. T. {cttel}. 

cacastroloo, B6e calatlrnfoit. 

cacodaemon, -mooem, eee caeoitenumnx. 

caooaemonnB, malaa demon [daemon], 
xxxvii:. -in iClem. Reeogaitt. ix. 17 cncu- 
rfn-'Hiou Venua ; :x. 22 cacoilaemonem Ve- 
nerum ... babuerc) . 

cacomlcuma [=Or. καιομιίχατβι, mis- 
chief platting, malicioue]. logdor, xlvii. 
83(.<lia = 7)=c-.logaur,Cp.C128;Ep. — ; 
i-, loüdor, Ef.' 353. S3. For loffda,- 4c. 
(which also gloeaes martiiu, Wrigfat W. 




HS, 9) plotliag miBohivt, ornft;, nee Boew. 
Ί. llagdor). 
»»»ipprolHjii, eee catattriifuii. 

codere, svQ. 3, see oeeumiitrt, 

codae, see rhattu, snb v. eathi», 

caeCB, eaecilBB, see crctinu, 

oublna. haerdhera, iltii. 13 {Λ1ϊα=7) 
= ce(alus, heanlhara, Cp. ü311; Ep. — ; 
Er.' 353, S5. UaefBlae = ßr. αέφαλβι, ■ 
Inrge'headed aea-Qsh, perhapH α kiud of 
laiillel (Liddell & Sa.). Hnerdhera, beard- 
li&ra ( = heardrft. Bosn. T.), thv name of η 
fish {nilllus νά magilie, Aelfr. Ut. iu 
Wrigbt W. 1Θ0. 81; mnllne ibid. 819, 14; 
of. mygil. heardbara, Up. M339). Cf. 
ürimm, ü'Srlli. (Harder); Kloge (Eium, 
Wlirtb. V. iJxnJrrj ie of opinion that 
tbe Δ. α. ronnB indicate a Compound 
huTt-haie ( = E. hard Imre); cf. id. in 
V. htrl and Jk/w'; üoetz, ϊΐ. 178 

CMlennui, cxoitatio (exbort-] in nane, 
xiT. IS (Hier. iiv. 30 cilruma [Heyee 
ciulevma ia note] quasi caloantium con- 
Oinelur-, zlviii. 33, u. 14 celeuma). 

eaeli, iLiT. 2, aeecoui; eee also c«li,c{li; 
clima; tlinacterae; canaexa; uaia eat- 

, ecclesiq. xxxv. 65, eee 

MemcntatÜB, see cyaientarii. 
OKemento, see commeula. 

oaeporicou, see olheporicoti, HUb y. «fn- 

Caeearis. see j'ucv. 
cacstuB, aee cetlai. 
0*1, ΧΐΧ. 52, see rx cu. 
oalaniaucua, see calomatu:iu. 
caljumiin, piguientuui ex arbore, xiii. 

ii.ui. 24 nOD eiDa%i...calam\m•, xit. 6 
calamut; xiir. 7 viror calami). 

Galanan, xiii. 22, bcc carcamit. 

oalanne, colano, see carcamit. 

calathi, oalathus, see calali. 

cmlatl. caniBtri de lüc^a ßunl anRneti 
in prodis [Cambr. MS. pra/uiidU] lati in 
ore, xiY. 14 {Hier. ixlv. 1 duo ealatl-i 
pleni Soia; iiiv. 3 calalhta unus). 

oalbanni, piHiui^ntum album, iir. 19 

iÜrelre. xxiv. 31 quasi elatex, et galbaiiui. 
'iiB Cambndgu MS. gaUninum). 
oalcat, xxxx. 23, see pii. 
euloB- -■ --- - -"■ 

caluiameiita, xu. 10, see tand 

calciamentum, xixvn. S, aee ci ,. .-^^ 
oaJotdon, ut ignis laeenB, xu, Sl (De 
iiomtn, div. = A^c. xxt. Ill ailcidomun \ 
cf. calcidOt ut ignis luoet. haeo eBt pra- 
Hinum, Cp. C77; Ep. 8C11; Ef.i aSä, 31. 
For hoc at fircainuoi iu Ibe present Ulos- 
sary nee auira;idttt). 
calcimoata [oaiciam-], xlvi. 14, see 

calculum (?), see ecriptionem. 

ealculnm, dicitur infirmitaH eius qui 
Dou potest mioKere quasi lapis obdurat 
Qirilia.iiiii. *8(Ccti(,Dfoi.?). VaUulum 
diMiB not seem to oecur in ϋιτκοΓ}''» liial. 
Ülogger suggests that it maj be a fiirtber 
ciplanntion to {xxxix. 47) nncopi« (q.v.). 
The Corpus υΐ. {U127| and ΕΓ.' (»53, 5N) 
have calettlum (-lue) infinnitaa dicitur 
(quae) nou poteet nugare (mitigari) quasi 
lapis oblurat (obdurat) uiritia. — oalcnlui, 
minutiBsiina petta arenf, xn. 12 (Ecclet. 
xvui, 8 caUulut artnac). The CaniUriil)!» 
MS. : cakulut aren; ips^ minutf peti^. 

calcum [=calculuni?], iv. 107, svc (cti/i- 

caldariUB. χτ. 4], see leliei. 

oaldeoB [Cbaldacosj, χτι. 11. see ii<ira• 

cftlKtacieiido. iiii. 44, see foait. 

oalioes, xxiv. 12, tsoe I'f/ulj. 

caliois, xxiT. I, see Jiolr, 

colidne, xxux. 34, see ungulinit; aee 
also taermt. 

calide (daej, IX. β, see lu«r»if. 

i^l'gniiii caleiamentam subtalHre. χιχτη. 
(S. Jug. Serrn. 29, S Migne P.L• luiiii 
ool. 187 quaeriB,., coll 17am ; 73, S ibid. ool. 
401) velis hiti]ei«...ritlisfaiu; 339, S ibid, 
ool. 14β2 catigam nou vie habere mabiai) ; 
aee alao Serra. 83, 14 caliga*: 107. ϋ 
ealigam; at. eatigo, BOob {thot). Up. C141. 

oaligine, see efcunii. 

Oallpto [-ypso], inaula, xMti. 2, see 

CallstratUB. jiRipriuiii [iidd: i(.m.ri.| uiri, 
xiivm. 11 ; IdastelBs, proprium uiri. 
ixxviii. 12; Sladorui, propurti^r uiri, 
iiivui. 13; AdepladM, prupriuui uiri 
(G'/ini. Rtcognitl. τιιι. 15 CiiUUlrulii• . . . 
AJtmaeou.... AnaiimandruB.,., Anaiaitu- 
taB.,,, /JiutlonM..,, .iiclrpiiiK [.in-lrjiunlrH 
in Migiie'» nole],,.iri.ioi(in), 

oalix, xxiH. 7, »ee cratera. 

ullta, uatraa, iv. 34, aee ealloa. 

eallBi, lapidea, iv. SO (/iu/. i. 37 Γ0Ι. 
176'' calee cementoque, in editl. 1.548 Λ 
1535; Cacciari, p. Ü4 : caicei, cnmentaque); 
of. (1Ϊ. 91) cnnenla, 

calli (for g-illi}. iv. 35, see anUlaciinain. 

calUdus, II.VI. 2. 

CalliBtratUB, tiee 

teiieatii ci 


C190; HUdebrond, p. 43; Archiv f. Lai. 

Lex. ΤΛ. am-, 1.305. 
Calypno, see Tht-miiU). 
canieli, iifl. Θ0, see dravtriiari^ 

I. 12, t 

„ lectam. ly, 50 {Ruf. iv. IB 
fol. β3^ in modum (aiMret). 

OBmlniu, A oAamando dioitur, luv, 16 
{Maih. um. 43 in couiiniim ί|{ηίβ); eman- 
ando for csumnfet 

oamlHi [for cami'fiaT], liueani,XKXti.l6 
{Grtg. Dial.?), üloggec auggeete Dial, i. 

In col. 197* sine ίίπία...8Ϊοβ tuniuu ruvette. 
batnr: bo thut lineum mnj have been 
moant ns Icmnio. Ot. cdmini, haam, Cp. 
G109 : Ep. SE31 ; eamina. hum, ΕΓ.' 353, 
a*- .. 
cBmiaia. β 
Caiiaoea [ 

V. 3, Me >i 

■. 2i 

L(£wi: ItCoT.) = (ititf. a. Ü3 fol. »1' orando 

Wtellot laceret in Benibus). = i'(iilo), peorrae 

• ucl ill. Cp. C161 ; ealliif, paar, Cp. G265. 

For Kufcui, Ptorrat eee Bosw. T. (ιγλιγγ, a 

^ece of hard skin);- t'lf, in C]>.,«e« Boaw. 

T. {ilt = a. Fria. ffi, D. etil ; see Fniiick, 

ΒΌοΓίΙ. Ntd. Γ.). 

oalomaohus, calomacae. eee eidiiiHau- 

I ealonuMioiii. het [a lial], xbvii. Τ (.^ίια 
=;?)-ra{iiMiicAii(, baet, Up. C134; Ep. — ; 

' BRbmuieiu, haeth. ΕΓ' 363. S4.— ttolilutler 
(Juurn. Cer«. Phil. I. 338). refenine to 
(be glo«ee8 iiaUnin, pjtieam ( = pileuiii) 
pastorale deiauco factum ((ioetK, v. 468, 
84} »od 0«lm», aιL•«faHcoι fib. v. 4.0Θ, a&). 
thinks that ealamauciu ia oonnected wiUi 
the late ür. καλνμαύιιΐΗΐ, und (by metath.) 
KOfitt^a.i^'itor, shortened to λ^αμτ^Χαύκί in 
modern Ureek (a nionk'e cap), and that 
the word luaj' have developed from καλιιμ- 
jidTK». Cr. Du C. in V, ciimelaacum ; Ar- 
chiv, VI, 113; GoetK. vi. 1β.ί. 

' aionaa, naitautium turba, iv, 81 {Eccl. 
Itlor.); T'lffTmm. nomen gentix oum 
troDüiti, iixv. 70; caleniun, mililum Del 
aeraorum. nxxv. 71 {l}elitt,tb.) = {aiif. ix. 
9 hi. 1ό4• tiirbiB...i-alo;iuni). As cahmuRi 
occiira only once in Uuf., TO is, perbapa, 
a further eiplonation of 71 by the Glos- 
sator, referring to CatalanHum (Chiloi 

— Capp, 

I*. 6, Bee icorpioTut, 
a candendo dicitur. ii. 36 
(ßidfff. «fi. 22, e[91 conrfrla„.ftrdeflt). 
coadendo, ll. 3H, see camUla. 
candeutBs, aidentea. iv, lOG (itu/. τ. 1 
fol, 7&* candentei laminae aerie et feni... 
adhibeboDt). See also vrri candeiila {Itu/. 
VIII, 13), Bob voce puili. 

candidmn, i. 26, eee tiiuuin eandidum. 

oonietri, xiv. 11, see calali. 

Canitia, xix. 3, aee Canitiui. 

Cknltlui. cjai η cnnitia proiiintin [-cia] 
in gr^aia uooatur, xxi. 3 (C'ltl. Hirr., 
Pro). 1)0.1* AntigonuB Canjäiim; texts Β 
£ C Cnruitu«). 

. regulareahoroa, 11.37 (i)#n<rf. 
Tey. 37, 7 [9] proeveuinnt bora« nmani- 
ci»; »7, tt[9] per omneH canoRieat boras). 

□. 6, aee thaniari. 

GOntat, X1.III. 3G. aee liriciu; u 

•ee tgbieen, 10, see lirieen. 
cnntatia, ii. 1011, aee tNuflKfufii. 
cantator, ixii. 12, aee ciimia•*. 
Canthari, eee Chautari. 
cantica, xiiv. I, sen Imiioedia. 

I. 13, see comicot ; ciN- 

cuaa', ueotia, v. 4 (/iiy. ii. 33 fol. 198• 
pronimoe qooaque cniilo, teliB,.,8temit). 

cantor, see ptnlirt. 

cantum, xix. 65. seo eonttnttan. 

oantUB, II. 135, see ptalmia-, IV. 36, see 
aiiUlueiinuja ; «ee also ptalta. 

cannaiL, xxz, 77, see crouicon camuiu. 

caotaatrifon, caotoatHfon, see codulro- 

oapiautur, i. 70, see πιαικίριιηίΗΤ. 

capiebom, xixv. ISl, see rxpiicabar. 

capite. xiii. 16, aee uerrdarii; xxiii. 1, 
•ee fxedra. 

capitella, i. Vi, see epiilHia. 

capitibua, xii. fi, »ee cum earonit. 

MplUo, baubit loh, xix. 3β {Job xii. 18 
cniiilio tnnicae suocinxerunt niv). Uaubit 
loh is the O.H.O. houbilL•h [see Schede], 
neut., opening for the head. TbeCRinbr. 
MS. bss: dijn'fii) BumraitaB taoic^. 

capiunlor, siix. 23, see drcipulam. 
CApp&rla, erba [herbs] bona ad oom- 

INDEX (LATJX) caps.- 

iscitui' ill mosUbuB, IX. 5 
i dimipabitar eapparit). 
(a^iii;i]. lenticula idtsL 


e ßd^ti 

raile β 

5 (S. 

capUiiitatc, xxni. 2, eee filH (-. 

cs|>ud [caput], iv. <J7. aea tliurarn. 

ospnn pMleni iastnictio Hfttojta de 
deo corpore induoo [-to] uel de petitls 
dei, XII. 29 (Cat. Hirr. ixiv col. 643> 
»«ii 'Ετβωμίτβυ θιοΰ librum ; ft Val. MS. 

Heu« Irg, (as in Bich.): ™i Vo» »tpi 
^ητνμιίταιι Steu [vliich reading ia cleorly 
traced in B), instnictio de ävo corpore 
indulu uel deperitiadei; Hee Migne'e note. 

CBpDt. xiil. 37, see miiliit utiai•, 4R, 
9ee lamia; see also Ihorarei. 

cu&bDm, niodica nauis minor quam 
Ecafa [Bcapha], luti. 31 {Grts- Ι><<Ί- κ*- 
ΰΤ αοΙ. iäi" poet naaem carabuia regcliat, 
u eodeni cni'nbo). 

ouaeMrlea, earipturie [-turae?], iiuv. 
61 {Dt Can. luil. iii. 29 eharaeltra eias 
...eiprinuunusi in note caraetertt}. — c»- 
tuuteru. stilo uel Ggura. iii. ϋί (C<it. 
Birr. civu col. 70i)^ SecutDs eBt...Pale- 
nem dicandi rhnriicUr«: ßichardeun : 
öwulus ΐβΙ,.,ΙΌΙίΐιΙΟηΪΒΙΒ dicendi χβρβι'- 
τ%α; U: ScoutUB est.,.polenu>niiini di- 
ceudi charaettT; C: Seo. eet.,.poluitotiium 
dioeudi [falRukjj^rnrnrtn-, ntilna uel dgu- 
ra, Cp. ϋθθ; Ep. BAST; Et.' Βάβ. 10. 

earaeterlemoi, quoodo aliqais aut per 
formani diBcribitnr aut per uctoB propti- 
orcB iudicatur, iiviii. 49 (Cn», I'mtm. ix. 
36 eharacUriimiif, q.a.a.p.f. deeoribitur, 
i.a. proprioa i.). äee iIbo id. ix. 3; 

oarbuncnU, poccsa. τ. 6 {Itaf. ii. β tol. 
ISü'' hiimiuia corpora vlceribuB...qui di- 
Gontur cnrbaiicaii replereutur). Forpoe- 
eai (plur. a! pore, a pocli, pustule, ulcer) 
eee boBw. T. (pocr), 

Carcamli, nomen loci uel ciaitatis; 
CaluuM. aimUiter, xiii. 21 & 22 {Uai. x. 9 
Vulg. numquid non ut Vhareamii, ώα 
Calaitui. Heyne, note : carebamii aic eha- 
tam; Sab.. Tera. aut. Clialatu; Cambr. 
MB. Cala«nf. 

oaroere, hit. ICB, see ergiuliilo; 306, 
Me in «iftaUa; earcan, u. IS, see in 

Carchnniie. see earcaiiii«, 
cardella, distjItiRe. ii.vii. 70 [Alia = ;) 
= c-, biettdtuigo. ή». C1221 Ep. — ; t•. 

thiatil, 1 

.' 333, 61. The lemma, perb. s 
infiit tlie Üiietlp, aeenia another 
ardutliK. tbe ihislle-fiach, gold- 
finch. For diBtrltige, Heteltnige (from 
\<iiitt, a tbiBtle, &nd taigt, perb. Fram 
licieeian, to pluok, («itoh, for which see 
Skoat. in VT. laiteh. taeak] see Bonw. T. 
{t-iilrl, I-iiti-Mwifl') : Steinra. «1. 4(12, 11 
(O.H.O. tlhliliia), 4U3, 4β (O.U.U. ili•- 
cardine, iliv. 11, sec ciinia. 

XLiv. 5 IJliu ; de ctclo^leiii. dt tint, rtrum 
III. 3 ool. 983 cardiaa «irrniot axit par- 
t). λ further eiplnnnlion οΓ the 
'" perhapa, luv. lU: eardl&u 
i|iio(juu aiia ipaiue Bunl exlremij partes 
BUnt qooB instrrtOB orbi diBcribunt aperico 
{deecr-sphaericoJutlpeiBc^luni inuoluatui 
uitiieiB et ita polnm philoaoplu ui propria 
»eraper in buo aie lorqueri arbitrsotur a 
[juibuB ignoratur ορίΓβχ ηηϊ mandum tu 
anurn otbem abHi|ue nllo aiia moderainine 
eregit [erigit]. See aleo (xuv. 1) purlt». 

oardo, xliv. i, see elimu. 

caiduelia, cardua. see eardfUa. 

cmreatlun, hreod, xix. 16 [Job vm, 11 
careftum) = caTtclnm, hreod, Cp, 0120; 
Ep. —1 Ef,i 361, a». For hreod, a reed, 
Be<^ Boa«. I. 

«w^t, »I-Tt. 24, see fff»i. 

euMt, aeie, χι,νι. 2β (Alia = .in Plmear, 
p, 430. al haeo caTex)^carix, eeog, Cp. 
CllU: £p. ~; carix, aech, ΕΛ> 363, 34. 
ÄV(V = A.S. ia-g (BoBW. T.). E. Mfdge. 

Cariatitii>, se« Caniiiuii. 

carmiiia, i. UO, fj^pliilarteriii. — cixmliui 
Is noct«, lauilcB in tnhulatioue, iix. 50 
Uob ixnv, 10 (|i]i dedit enrmin.i in tiocte). 
On the gloaa see Hierou. Cnnim. in Job 
ixiv. 10 (Mifue, Parr. Lai. Χίτι col. 
732•), and id. Eipot. inUrL im Job ixxv. 
10 (Migne, P.L. zim ool. 1466•) consola- 
tioncm ill tribulatione. 


. 7, see 

comea, ilv. 19, aee laHülm. 


eupenta, aarra, vii. 7 (1 Fatal, ii, 3 
fecit »iupereoB.,.IerrBta(^<irpriitii trnnsire). 
Cf. earpentum, oarrum, Cp. Clt)2: Ep. — ; 

E[,> 36S, 21; Ef.< 274, 29. 

carperetnr, cunanmerelur, i. 34 (De 
CanoH.; din. Cone. Ciirtli. i.ti nt ei 
maasa dioecesinm nulla earpercfur). 

carra, \ii. 7, see earpenUi, 

eaiTlcltnu, ^enua 1ι(,ό1. hi. all {Dt .S. 
Mart. Stur.^Sulp. i'cv. Dial. t. 20. i hie 
...!tei...curi<;it BQslcntari). 

INDEX (1.ΛΤΙΝ) carr. — ciita. 


i. Ά, see Hrii irantmigriitwHU. 
\. 31, nee p-ipiri; UV. SO, KC 
I »eaijK- 11 II «1; 

carte [-Uej, xxiii. 60, see serdvle. 

<Arti1itgo, nve curli/bipo. 

carttllAgo, auHpAeihRiie cii-l i^oEt, m. 

I 5K ('/nb XL. 13 eiiTliltnjo illius qoasi lamiDW 

Γ ftoreiBi HejBe, iu imif, eartillaga). uuld• 

I varxhiut, ill unulliei MS. ^uipa uAkik^ 

I Tfor nuldwaeihuie — A. S. woldweai?^ 

I U.H.Q. miitomiliM), nervue, a sinew, 

teudiin, nerve; of. Oif. D. (jmjrieiu•); 

SteiriDi. I. 497; GrRfl i. 680; Schade 10S6; 

Sohmeller 11. Η3β; Uriiuui (Urn-h. drr il. 

^r. ββϋ); KiDge (,Ji,fl. /.ίκ6. aiei• weald- 

weax) : Hoblutter f/uuf». derm. Phil. 1. 

68); HoltliauM!» (AngUa ui. 339) finnC 

, (=U.H.U.0r(wfiIu,r;/.niiniJn;iiee8teiDiii. 
I i.5U7,l»-25J, in another HH.{rr'<t = A.S. 

Cp. 014;cartiUga((tartBlaKu),niui^n«lIi(r, 
Ep. 7AS A Ei.i ai9, iS (i.e. »««-gr/tlle). 

Cixni, nomcQ hominis qui tcaoHportare 
dicitur ίο inferaum, xlui. 18; omda, 
ualenn, jelid. lt> (f>< <Jic. naiH/i(>bn( = 
Dunati Jri irmniniiif. [Ha)(en, ΐ'αηιηι. 
Simidl. in Do«., p. 33.1, 27] ut VirgUiue 

iAtH. VI. iXH] de (.'harDiif. l»m seoiut 
Reil's Vol. iv., p. 371, 32 nt lam «eniur 
fto.] Bed cTvda dec niridiique suDectus). 
CarysliuB, lu Caiiinini. 


. 1. 39 (Griff. Dill). 

. 44 ool. 404» ante ilium judioia justi 


ouiU, erl« [herba] eat Bimilis ooHle, 
[. 20 {Ciiat. ?). To({elber with the gloaaea 
1. 1Θ & 13, we niaj' perhaps refer to Psaini 
iLiv. 11: myrth» (inuira, vers, ant.] et 
gutta et caetu [cntwiai vers, ant.]; ooHtc 
tbr coBto, or, perhaps, tor a dat. coatu«, 
iem. of GOBtai,— MMlft, pigmentu, xii. 46 

gob it.n. 14 noioen seunndae Ciutiam; 
Bjtt!, in note, (/dum; Migne. Pair. L. 
XXVI od. WM-Catia). 

: ■ 






. 13 qui 

[De Ciia/.. 


:perti Buut). If the 

is pasflBgG. tlie above 

I t)loe.-ar)• 

words are (wo itiniunu wiidoui an, 
I pretation. A St Ualleo M8• has 

ruinae, with which of. Caesian. Iml. vii. 
33 fructUB..,i7iu><i« uoluntatJB uitio penli 
dieee; ih. iv. 16 catit [al. eaiiu] aliquo. 

oaBtella, ilvui. 37, see labiUi. 

castigatio, m. 23, β3, see ekgm. 

castigationis, see rlf 2^ ; rurtatiea. 

caatitatie, XLV111. 32, oee inmunilatU, 

castor, see cafterlii». oaitor. xun. 41 
^biB). see epul. 

OMtoilna, bubor, xlvij. Θ7 [Alin = r) = 
e-, beber, Cp.C12e; Ep.— ; r-, bebir, ΒΓ.' 
353, S7. Caitariut, a deriv. ot fiutor. Ihe 
eiutor, beaver (see Ooetx, vi. 187). For 
beluT Λο., the beavor, see Boaw. T. {btber, 
beftr, btiiftr Ac), and Oxt. D. [beaver'). 

oastratl, xlii. BO, i>ee liramnliin'f. 

Castro, see ciilriim. 


tilcttuii; see aleo 

11:. 40, » 

X. 68 [Verb. 
Interpr. ^ liter, in M.itlh. χϊνΐ. 50 Ver- 
buro, Ami«!, id κατί άττίφραιτιι• intelü- 
gendumj. Cf. aatifrasin (antefraun), 
oontrana locutin, Cp. Αάβΐ; Ep, 1Λ11; 
Ef.i 337, 14. ölnggtr rafere also to xvi. 
32 SutuNcii interpretatar advereariua, sive 
roatrariui; but mtuiuia, a well-known 
word, would bnnlly be corrupted into 

doe trine [-nae]. iiiv. ISO 
(De Kut.) ; catMeSMM, doctrinaruiD, tv. 
1U2 [Keel. i,tQr.) = [R«f. ΪΙ. 19 tol. ΙΟβ" 
Herai-lae...(ari)xitat>tii auditorium derelin- 
qoens; vi. 33 fol. 109* auditorium καπ). 
X^rcw(..,tnulidit). eata«eu«M, doctrine, 
XXX. 07 (Cat. HitT. 011 ool. 707* Ex- 
atant ejus ιατηχήσητ ; 11: Extant eiua 
citi hHcon ideBt tlootrinanun opueoula; C: 
EiUDt eins [blank]. Cf. Cat. Hier. 
LXix col. 677'^ Bcholam ιατηχΐιβίντ... 
tenuit; B: acolam doctri 
C: Boolam [blank] tenuit 
doctrinanim, xxi. 34 {Cat. Hiet 
ool. 653* ιΐΒΠ7χψΓ(ω•' magieter; B: eate- 
cheaeon idest doote mamm magiator; C; 
[blank] magiBter) = i;ii(nc(>iru, dootrinae, 
Cp. 07βι Ep. 808; falaeeueU, doetrinae, 
Et.' 353, IH; calactiinn, iloctriDanim, Cp. 
C62; ίοΜίΜΓοη. doetiinnrnm, Ep. 8A31; 
ciita'-enieoii. doclrinnrum, Ef.< 3Si. 4. 

., doctrinamm, iv. 102 ; o«ta- 

INDEX ( cataf. — cati. 

I. dootriac. 

:. 34; 

.. 07; 

{De Canon. ; Can. Cone. Laod. cii cod- 
nertuntur ab haereei quae didtur Cala- 
phrygarum; ib. Eil. ab hfLereiii Cataphry- 
iruntiH), er. eatafrigia, genua bereticoraiu 
\a irigia, Cp. C3G; Ep. 7Λ33; Ef.i 3,ΐΟ, 
15 ; catafrigat, «ecundiim frigae, Cp. C63 ; 
Ep, 8A82; Ef.' 352, 5. 

cataKDga, xxxvm. 16, eee ochiwo. 

cktaloonm. eecuiidum numurDtu, ixui. 
6Θ, we ealalugo. 

a De Ciitahgn.- 

cataKvom. eeriea doiu 

mim, ixiiv. 20 

(De C<ii>.. Inil. ii. tO. 

1 ut praekti-ani 



(i8 (Hoi iu OreK. 

Dial., but Cai'i. .ipot'tt 

IX. p. 112 ex 

SBUurdotali cUaloiio). 

cftUtnuuu, iuxta mau 

B, XV. 30 {Eiceli. 

iLvi. 14, 15). 

eaUplumaraiit, contritOB[add: Jir.oi?1 


xxxviii. 21 jurait 

leoias Hl tollereul uaiBam de Scib el caUi- 

pliunuireiit super vuluns 

fiaara, »ix. US. see curuc 


cata». prophou. nee ία(ΒΐΙη'/"ΐι. 

1 («rf". fj.«;.?). 

Cf. i-aKula. genu« euppU 

ii, Cp. C5l ; Εμ. 

δΑ4; Ef.' 351. 36; eal 

«W, «eloed, Cp. 

CWI; f-. Kloed, Εμ. 8E3 

r-, B«leod, E(.' 

362,411. For cfliiuto Bdc 

Napier, 44θβ; 2, 

340; ι 

cUutrofon, coDuersatiotieiu. xxt. US 
(Cut. Hier, ex: col. 705" quod Vuoavit 
χα^αντρβφίΐ'. aire Hiipov ; Β ; quod vocaliit 
kaCatiTupht» ideel eiinumotiunem siuo 
perau idest |ieram ; C ; quod uooaoit 
[blank] siue peima) = ealaiin>foa, oou- 
uertiationfim. Cp. C69; Ep. 8C1; fnca- 
((ru/on, 0-, Et.i 362, 11. Cf. calat. 
prophon, eonprehcnsio uel pena, Cp. 
ΰ14β; laeaa pnibon, couprebuDsio uel 
opera, EI.' 354, 60, 61 ;— eaoto.(n/UH, 
uteiem, Cp. CM; caotmlri/on, nlerem, 
Εμ. 8C2D; BI.' 363, 30; -tro/on, oonner- 
Mtionem, Cp. T3.i6; Ep.26CST; Ef.> 395, 
48; Mte Sublutter, Journ. Urn», Phil. i. 31B. 



cateohimieni, see a 

uatenulas. lui. I{ . 

eAMpewm, latini per laudem, iivnL 50 
(Can. Fialm. tvi[. 1 Uic duodecima Rp«ciee 
dellnitienia est. qaae Oraeoe dioitnr tar' 
Inirot. Luline per 1.). 

calexlnttuT. iobnitur, i. 20 (I)e Canon. ; 
Can. Cone, iiie. il ei, qui eoMcAuafur). 

mallir'.ni} = oitiini">ion, Becundnm ma- 
thoum, Cp. Uei ; eiiiamaqMia, Geeuudnm 
malheum, Ep. H016 ; Ef.' 352. 2Ö. 

catliamntlieon, see caflia mantluin. 

caUumoi, uiuudoa, xxxv. 2S-^ iliff. <■ 
l> toL 1Γι2• Et Calluiroi; vi. 53 Γο!. 114'' 
κΛβαρούί, id eat mundoa).- — Mtberon. 
mutidorum, xxi. 64 (Cat. Hier, lxi ool. 
Uei' Novatlanorum, quod Oraeoi' dicitur 
Καβαρύ' dogmn ; Β : nonat. quod greoo d. 
kalhareo id eat mundonim dogma; C: 
Douac. q. grece d. [blank] doijnia) = 
Calanm, mundorum, Cp. C70; Ep. HC4 ; 
Ef.' 352, 14. ' 

CaCaphrf garum, eee calajrigiirma. 

cnthttroH, aee calhanoi. 

catheaeon, see caUicetieot, aub v. cata- 

eatbulica, catboUcai, catbolicam, eee 

cathollcne, grec«, latine nniucraalie, t. 
31 i/Ji Cunon. ; of. Cub. Cowc. Nie. tni 
ad Eonleuiam CathoUeam \ Catholieie,., 
Euclusia« duputtta; ix CuthoItc<i..,Ecclo- 
aia).— eatbollcui,uaiuuratüie, a.ii\,Uentd. 
reg. (ι, 10 [2«] a nominatis doclorum 
□rthoduxia •■acMiWa putribua; 73,111111] 
liber aanulorum eathoUeiyrum patrumj. 
CI. cathnliua, aniuerealiB, Cp. CTä ; Ep. 
HC14; Ef.'352, 24. 

(mtluM. sextB pan wxtarü. xixi, 21 ; 
oliatOB tree miidioB habel, xxxi. 39 [De 
puuder. '!). — oliatua grece ampbora est 
haU-na urnaa m, xiiui. 11 {Euch. Dt 
Pond. p. l.Üil, 3 cailiu Oraeoa a.e. Iiabet 
u. Ires). The Brit. Mua. Mtj. addn : Beth 
inparalypPioeDoma triasaCkOBpit. iiatum 
uero meuBura eat XLvrit aeltarioruiu quod 
lacit modii ni. Cf. also Wotke, ia note 
to Eucb. CI. coittii, amlirae, Cp. CU ; Ep. 
βΕ35 ; Ef.' 34<l, 37. See E. cade Ία Oxf. 

D. (Bbi). 

Mttoninliil, grece. uttuio instruoti uel 
auditores, i. 22 (Dt Caytoa. ; Cuii. Cone. 
Ancyr. xixi tit. onni ataeal ciitechnmeni ; 
cf. CiiM. Com: Nie. χιτ De eatechumenit ; 
Neoeaei. xui De eiittehunienii, eateehit- 
Hirntu ; Laod. «xxii super aUrehitmeno• 
iVc). Cf. raleeomittiii, deforis audieas, 
Cp. C73 ; Ep. eC7 ; Ef.' 352, 17 ; eaUea- 
minu., inilrucloa, Cp. C74. 

cauniun, diacum modioom lignetun nel 
lapideum, ιχτ. 1 (Mare. iiv. 30 intingit... 

nuuium in catiiio ; et. Luc. xi. 30 eatini) 
-ratiii'ii, diecue modicUB, Cp. C61i Ep. 
8A2(l 1 caitiHw•. d.m., Ef.< 333, 2. 


CBtt&B, eee gälte•, 

!. lOH. Β 

■ee pliaif, 

I caadei, see Hiulex. 

I eftnllonll, ramanciili, im. AB {Uerb. 

' Intrtpr. = Hier. in Matlk. jutiv. 32, 33 
qnando teneri (neriut in nrboie ücue rauH- 
cuH. Ct. Mi;{n(i'e note. ool. 179). 
caiimaDdti[(or('auniaff? heat], xxiv. Ιβ, 

MunuM, arJenter, xxix. 41 ( Uerb. 
Ittttrpr.-IIirr, in ilalth. iiv. Β eiorto 
caumaU, ureRoal). Q'itrdiiitirtoTiirdiiTe? 
nee Napier 3214, 3779. chaumatt, ideet 
nrdore. Cf. taumati, auole, Cp. C237 : s«e 
BoBw, T. («wüJ) i Franek, Woord. Ned. 
Τ. (tvioel). For iraurntli- see nlxo caini- 

. qni uinum permiacct ad pcrden- 

, anm. iii.«(Keefei. ιιπ.28), Cf. cnupn, 

qai alnam cum aqan uiieoet, C|). C20 ; 

Ep. 7Λ29; rauio, q.u.c.a.m., EU' 360, 

« MTJii gratia ; isix. 43 nod xiiv, 217, 
ttfOfera ; xxin. 34, eee adiioratui. 

" ' M, «ee aetilugia. 

Bin, iKvm. 70. see «'(ichmü. 
e [•ΒΜ], XKviii. 46, «m aetilogla -. 
(Utiuf [-SU], ixvm. 79, dm tji/i«Tga»a. 

OMuMur, inurmnretiiF, ii. 24 [Beard. 
rtg.i.lH[lK\ aecauteturae minore Torte 

emiutleli, aspcria Srmioribnn, xxxiv. 9 
(De Catsiuito, Inii. i. 7, 6 eamtieit medica- 
inentiB witiare). 

oaute, II. 141, see proiiide. 

lAiiten, luDderi, ir. 77 (£nl<i'. htor.); 
eanten, ferrnin mdina lindie, xxiv. 3i.11 
{De ßuifli.) = (««/. vin, 13 ful. 142• 
p0flit6... cauirria debiliUto). CLeautere, 
ftam, Cp. C16 ; cautfr'. teimni id Mt 
hftam, Ep. 7Αβ; cautere, fertum fam, Ef.< 
3*9, 4β. For (Niufiri, liiidre (perb. iiwii•. 
ottUNilfr, or = iiHiilri, Q.Xwidfr, D. (i»t- 
drf, tinder, fnel), lee Bosw. T. (tynder) ; 
Fninck, H'oord. N-fd. Γ. i,lo«dt\). 

eautw, laplUes, xxxiv. 17 (De Ca**., 
Intl. II. 4 HOB yemicioeis, „eaulibu* inli- 

CBUtibiiB, aee ρακίπι. 

oeoinit, xxvn. 2H, see in gtorgid: 

cedo. die uel peidono, xiliit. 4β (D; iliii. 
nomini'6iu ~ Donati Art gramtnal. p. 385, 4 
Sunt verbn defrativa alia per modOB, nt 

Ietdo; ibid. 3W3, Ifi and 8B5, 7 eed.i). Cf. 
Hlgen, Cumm. Kiiuidt. in ZJun, 2BS. 13 and 
267, 31 cedo. id est dio. 


eedri, x. II (bis), me ίί^α. 

cednna, codraii, gee figiiii, 

cefalue, eee cnrfiiliii. 

celebrationeB, ilthi. ίίβ, eee liaaitoiiM 
iee also (j/noiroit oura. 

cetcBtibai [ooel-], xlit. 7. see poli. 

celeuma, see eaelniiia, 

celi [eaeli], xuv. 4, 11, eee rlinia. 

c^li [oseli], xti. 43, see niu'i; ii: 
25, aee climactera* ; xliv. G, see «um 
11. see fiimu, 27. see dexitra, 29 (bis), iW'| 

cjlis [caelie], ιχνπτ. 3β, aee itiilongmie. 1 

cellaria, xin. 46, aee opurrcui. 

e^loinm |ciie1-], xliv. IS, eee po 

oaloz, nanis, 30 {^(iVi - An Phoeae, L 
p, 421, 22 linee eeloz quod acapham eigni-l 
fioat [iiniiii]}. Of. ί'ίΐλϊ. oeol (Ε. ϊμΟ^Γ 
Cp. C3y3: Ep. ΘΕ4: earlor, ceol, EMi 
362, 50. 

eelaitado, ixiv. 142, eeepruemfe». 

celiim [caeiam, coelam], iii. 41, eee 

ctlnm, ab Oriente nil ocoidentem semel 
in die et nocle uetti Hapienten aestiniant, 
XLIV. η {Alia ; dt e,rli> = lBia. de wit. 
rerum, xii. 4 eol. 984 Coelum antem ab 
O. adO. B.i.d.e.ii.u.s. exiatimant). For 
eiluHi, see also (xliv. 2) coqb ; {xuv. 10) 
cardinei ; (xuv. 27) ieim. 

eeinuit>H glQttina, tv. 91 (Eeel. litnt.) : 
eommenta, petra, xxir. 219 (De Eiueb.) = 
{Hu/. I. 37 fol. 176'' oalce ermenlaqae 
adhibitie. in editt. 1S48 & 1536; Caoiuari, 
p. 64 : caloes cffmiiiinqne odliibila) ; o(. 
jiv. 91) fulifu,— oementft, petre niolhorBB, 
iti. 15 (EetU: xxit. 21 eaementa eine 
impensa pasita...Don permanebant). Ct. 
CfifUntuiH, liim lapidum, Cp, C3^0; cemen- 
tnm. limlidnm. Et.' 354, 33. 

oemento, «ee eemenUi, 

oeiitts, aee tema* turpei. 

oeno. luto, χι,νιπ. β!) {De C/iu., Intt^ 

caeiium, latum, Cp. C29 ; cf. eaemim, i 
Cp, 0128. 

oenoUt«, graeae in oommane niueni 
33 {nened. reg. 1, 3 ± 38 [3Θ] gern 

oenodexla, monis glon». χχχιτ. 13 [De 
Ciuu. iiitt. V. 1 eeplimum [nitinm] ceno- 
duxiae.naoA sonat nana seu inaois gloria ; 
XI. 1 contra apiiiloin «ivsioffBi quam nOB 
aanani siue inanem gtoriam poesumna J 

II. 164, si'E iuadrre. 
.1. 13S, eeeptiuo. 
1. qnod repente indicitnr, χ 
.vn. 24 aFi;iplunt...C(rniinM ; 

, indiliuin t-ciumi, xxx 


INDEX (r.ATlX) petit. — chri. 

ifJrfff, Dial. 1. I cnl. ISC' in«giitri intinij 

MDtaerw. nsui« DDOx de nkoihoi fnie 
lAsnaw], it-iii. SI, me eumiehu». 
centum, xni. 30, hp taUlnin -, mc al«) 

MphkloK. ne eat/olui. 
oBTlwTUt, «*e cerumu. 

II. 17, «en Oi•/« rdot 

ccTtAminli. (xi>. ISe, Me ud itadinm. 

MrUro, tu. 43, »m agnniari. 

iwrle. II. 1112, we flan/, ItA, «h taae. 

certlwrime [ίοι*]. xxvin, lU, Me 
fiffura meloponi. 

otmanu (oerb-], etnl» qui hMlUriua 
Infmii dicilnr, xui. β (Λχ diu, lil/riit). 

, napetbii•, iii. 10 iKftlri. 

:iii, I. Η, ue rtdinieula. 

L Sa, i 

(Π<- itJB. π 

k pkUm 

n (prot-l. ujii. 5* 

. bat Κ•11 li, Prolii Cuifcii. 30, 
is 'H[*ndnule]hlaecfliu,tai)iMVvnem, 
hDinii ctttl, hie iurffui jmgUum huiu« 
CHMtDo: V«rgiliiii{/I.v. 4101"η)ΐί4 liqaia 
cMMta« tpfiuo" et arthottn>p(il> dixUuil et 
dMlIiulioiMi). Witl] thi* kIom Olotcger 
«oaldeunnMtifa nvftotiuii. ÖG, jietliapii 
aormpUd fnttn A.H. >ίπω, ■ oord. rope 
IDoiiw. T. litD• i Klau«. EifKi. ίι. Hitite). 
Ho «UHReiitii that the rIom uriKinnU; miy 
have liren »iiimi «(amnicel ; »« note J 
on p, IS ot the pruwiil llloswry. 

oeteriorem, olt*riniem, ι«ϊ. .Ti (Bw/, 
V. lU (bl. )»■ ad Indiarti i-ilrrinrrn). 

eMbrtlM [tor finita), piHWPwiiiB, X[jii. 
13 : κβ omanitna. 

dYi im f. rAatoR, ehatua (for f*due) : 
cftunolit (for riinnhiali enrhcDia (enfaeoU) ; 
ocMmnfociliio).— TurA: [wiriftrediii (parhe- 
drii).'-fQr <J: r/iomacbo (ilmii-). 

ehalatD, ohaUoe, lec tarcamit. 

Cbalduri, we Chaldei. 

Chaldaeo«, nea maUfici \ larabalia. 

Oluddel XI η I laos Dulgni mntheniaticoa 
nocat, iTf. W {Da», τι. 'i iit oonvooarentur 
...Chaldati). K\m> VhuUlati ii. 4, 10; ill. 
Hi 1*. i. — t'haldarorum, I. 4. — ClinlitiirU, 


thtoe, HIT. 22β, Μβ f« fhaot, 

character. chatKCUt«, «ce luitaraelrta*. 

aharactena, fee earaetrriet. 

charaetemmo*. tee raraelerUmot. 

charcamia. aee eanami: 

Charone, aee Can: 

ohaUa tre* roodion liabel, iiii. 311 ; 
cbrtu, grace aiiip)uira eat haboi• uma« 
m, iiiiu. 11, MC riitluu. 

eliaamale, nee eeuinaU. 

ohimerinna, »O! ciimrrinui. 

ehlnim, chlaia. h« fpo (anb) igot Ilioe) 

cholera, MB eolera. 

chomaclin (for »utm-\ 80, na 

...uiiereaolemiiB: innoteronehh ronrii); 
lubtrnum, abl. pliir., irtiA rnihi (tilMall; 
with gea-houaee, troni Ivh^iai-t. re», and 
rrn = eni,aD haliiUlion. bonw), Mr Klnge, 
.4. S.Lf. p. lei (U/ Λ liirfeni); et. 
coHcit. Kellnm. Cp. C75H. 

αΙΟΤβρίΜΟρΙ, IM. it lift NujHin. did.); 
«p pr»bilfri. 

chorii. III. ΰ, Me eiiai rimmii. 

eboroa iti inodiiM ftriwiia et neKtüna 
ei DB ideet pea inter dtuM iilnt duoa 
onbitoB, IUI. 24 (ht prmdtr.) : dionu eat 
modJt XII, xixtu. U (Itr poiiiJ. AnrA., 
p. 15U, 2 corui [al. rftiiri») mit modi |bI. 
modiS] iii)=cAnriu, iii ntodioa habet, 
Cp. C3A4; Ep. 8A19; Et.' 361. r,\. Ct. 
Blume, I. S7G. 13, 13. 

Chrl Bacna, Γιιι. ffor tnmi: κν Cp. 
ΟΗβΜ, Fl-Wl. III. 42 {Cat. Uhr. ur eol. 
WS* Bein (atiijliamn ob eonfeiuiiiiiera 
Ckriili fitfui oeeapavernt i li: Kein f. ob 
eriiii ounf. fitau ooeiipauerat ; C : R. f. ol> 
oool. Critti .rfiriu occ.). Thia raailinK ot 

the b 

•ti fnr . 

.".by 11 

οηιΐβκίηη of a atroke. But a ompariaon 
irith Cp. C«8S (criatoiioi(rafon eirient fiscn» 
fratiH r(<|pilia| wonld also miggeat that ehri 
may be the remainder of aome auch glaae 
an χρβτο-τιηφάοψ |XPO = Chri*lii], irriem 
temponim: noe heioir rninographiai. 
chriuna, i. ft, «ee nngumlum rxinani• 

Oialdeoa {-duoa), in. 17, aec maltfiei. 

ehMiUai. Qemwa qui eantant noola aiont 
tociiale line], iixviii. δ {CUm. Ittfognill. 
VI, 10 quod elal in du hla Don admonuiaMt, 
no» ul eanlhiiri libenliT TalvcTn>miir in 
■tem>re7). PurconlMri«, ld.a = «»Sefi(t? 


I. 6 



Cbriati, aec 



uoti cnmpn.. 

and rpl,- 




niam, CI 

ri.U., WW 

^^H ohronloomin, «μ eronieim. 

^^B ohrcno. ehtrmoffTMphiwi, «cc rr• 

^H praphion. 

«htyiKililhnii (•Ιαιι). Me erituUiu*. 

dAlM lislNinn ptnuatii «oltdonim 
~, «ee cgati t for einlo• hm ι 

INI>EX (lATIfl) Phro.— eise. 


. 12) υ. 

:. 20, MW allmenti: 

Cioeron«. iiitx- 4 ; OleenmU, i 

tee batntum dcrronii. 

I, Beotnetria, xi., KHI'rrba'!]. 

I alto ciiiiu. 
cieliniror cj/rlii, 
oloona, oMiUi 
Cauianol). Aeco 
which cloina uooi 
Dhoiild ttn linked 
Bot it !■ not Γόοι 
to *. »* OCLlli...« 
ewMJUUi rumtintu 
tnit.zi. β? 

eirculii], χ 


(»«iUi [csec-l. xiiiT. 24 {/>« 
7). Aecorainii to Iht oriler 
which cliMnii uoonti iii tho Oloninry, 
Dhoiild ttn linked for In /tut. ii. 19 to I 
Bot it !■ not foDiiit thore. Could it ttter 
imI ratigiBt 
iUUi ron ' 

, β? 


I, «torha, ιι,ϊιι. δβ (-Jfia = ?| = e-, 
■toiG, Cp. CW6 nod ΚΓ' »Ε». 4S ; Ep. ~. 
For florhe, Hort, « »tork, aee Bosw. T. 
(tlore) : Hebitde (iCnrA;). 

oicu•nu^ »*e otfu•. 

eimbalia [cjmli-]. *n. 1, bm i« luitii«. 

[Dt pondfr. Γ). 

cortix [lei] dulciB, ym. 11 

17 aH))en<i oubile meum... 




Ina. Cp. C437. 

Inoliiiio•. orinm, xxi. 11 {Jiiilith xvi. 
10 colUKitvit eiHPiHnot buob mitr•). 

oiQ)(iilo, II. 14, see poilfru. 

dnloo, cuniiio, lu. II t'>« ικηπιπ. iliv.^ 
Con. Cinur. Cond'inf. clxt μ. I»S, De 
Haiimo Cyiiieu). 

Dlniiamomu. aee dnarnu«. 

otntlcta onltiltun [or ■laltiean, or 
.ίΒΐίί-ίίΐιι], rfttic impulonira. »xx. 85 (Cu(, 
HiiT. IÜVII1 col. ΟϋΟ et&lioravil ία Ecele- 
■iwtiui deoem et wptem volumin», et 
ffi'juJirai•' fijTTj^nlTtiW Mi ; Β : elnb. in 
«oeL xviij volumin» et »inöiii• ji-injalon 

I'iAetl dogmata populoriun sex; C; elab. in 
eoe. X et vi] volnminn et [blnnk] sex). 
1[ In fl Ü2 (II. xl) oi my pref»te to the Up. 
Qloiukrj I couneoted the above gloM witii 
AAHRHToy, rHitin populomni, found In 
tho Cp. (iluiie. Biiiou^ the Λ wordii 
(A 3>J3), But at that time I hud not 
itudied, aud thought it uDneceerar; to 

«tod J, St Jerome's d 
above rnulinü of Text Β clcarl; patntH tt 
•ημμίκτί/ΐτ fi)TT|>, and the Leidea 
cintieta rmi may be identified with σνμ- 
fiicrwt. Bat there is diflicuttr ii con- 
necting the Leiden taltaon (or taUieon, or 
Uilleeau) witli fi|T-q»(iTur j il rather aeemB 
to be tho remains of μηόφβαΧμβ•', of which 
the GliKHtor explained monna (i|.v.) in 
the preceding gloiw (xil. H4). II this be 
■0. tbete woB, perbape, another text οί 
the CiiCaloffiu which had ΛΑΩΒΗΤΟ^ΐ, 
ratio popalornm ol the Cp. Gloee. ( = 
acboehnrotan, Ep. 3C26, and aodocroalaa, 
Ef.> 342, 49). 

einyriH, aee eynerit. 

oiroa. ΙΠΙ. IS. 

etrdno, fermm dnplei aade pietoree 
Taoiant oironloB idest ^boriod. xin. 53 
(Iiai. iLiv. IS in eircino toroavit iUad). = 
rircitino, KKhulrond. Cp. C416; c-, gabel• 
rend, Ef.' S54, 96. Gaborind, gabiilrond 
■to. for the Irish gaboMnd, see Connao'e 
(iloKUr; in W. Btokea' Thrti Irhh 
GUn$ariet: Ceroenn...ideiil β oircino, idest 
ogabulriud; of. Windiech, Iriiche Ttxtt, 
t. 5β5 isabul, Q. Gäbet), and Bo«w. T. 
{geaftl. gaftiti ; gabal-roid for ffabul-Tond, 
pa/ol-rand), a pair of oonipaaseB, 

cireium, iliv, S6. «ce drxtera. 

eiranita, vnt. 16, eoamola aurra•, xivm. 
77. *ee fiHOitrlimut. 

circnliii, ixi, 5, eeeciiin eoTOHii; see alao 

eirculoB, im. 53, lee eim'no. 
cironlna, iLtv. IG, eee anlarticu$. 
oircomdarent. iv. 41, see pfitimoi 

circumfueione, xlviii, 50, see tuffutiiinf. 
ciroumienB. ix. 1, see luMlraiu, 
oircumspectaculum, iix, 21, see amphi- 

xxtv, 112 I» iiarrounding crowd or troop, 
a oirole], see amttipatio. 

clrcumuaDantiuia [oireumuag-], n. 80, 
see giroaagura. 

oÜTli. orinibo», xhvu. 6 (Jiia=T) =Cp. 
C409; Ep. — ; Ef.' 363, 03. 

dnsUlna, haerdhaea, ilvii, 4» {Alia =?} 
= riKu)iu, beard hean, Cp. 0408; Ep.— ; 
fiicillut, heardheni, Ef.' S63. 47. For 
ciKiÜu», eiicului {'! = aciiienlu>, perh. for 
•iieiciiliu, a little adze, chisel, see Ijewia 
Si Sh.), see Kürtiog, »'rlb. 2210 ('cieelluB). 
II aeril-haeu, heard -heaa, heard- heui (prop, 
a hardy, strong hewer), from heard, hardy, 
strong + ftiO», htaaa, a hewer, hoe; see 
Bo9w, T. Ibfard-hrüKa Λ heütran}; Oif. D. 
{Iiard and hoe <<b.<). 

eisoulUB, ciaellna. see ciieilbii. 

INDEX (L.iTlX) Cisp,- 

ciepitem [cpap-], i 

67 (ft«/. IX. β fol. 150' proepere cunett 
cexuni. . . piamiurat). If teelura were 
oorrect. tbe QlomiatoT mnet bo iiDpposed 
k> have thonght of kUiuth. 

cittaara, we piitlta. 


[. 40.11 


», Ti. 77, «M /oeilr; lu. 20. ee• 
'; »oe aUo rfciUf 1 eztdra. 
dtta, bihina, ilviit. 54 (I)c Co«, /η«/ 
V. 3β, a cjtra Nili äaminu aliieiim). Cf 
r/ifw, Ulli». Cp. C380; Ep. 7E15; Ef. 
S6I, 10. Bihioa = A.8. hi-hriman, hthto 
Fan {O.H.O. binana), on thia Ridr; tet 
B«w. T. (bi ftfofua). 

«. 4, »ee nuirnJir«: Xlii. 26, ee« 

K« eiuita* 


ixM: 1 

. IS, *. 
mempkiliea ; 


I. as. 

dnltta dmld, archil in hieniinleip 
modJca ciuitan alitor, xiiii. 17 (3 A'nir. m. 
IS usque ad RmlDB qni deHccndniit de 
Cipitatt David ; ι'ίιίΊ, iii. 3Θ in grudihue 
ciptfalij David. — Archie in hitruHalem. 
for "an Sioii in JeruHslem"? See 2 Ilrg. 
». 7 ; 3 iteji. ΪΙΙ1. 1 ; 1 Paral. xi. 6 *c.). 

oiniUle, ixiv. 30, »ee geurfrix; M* »Iw 
«ίνίΐαι diiuid, 

duitatee, XI, 7.iieeprntiipii'iin ; xxii. 31. 
■ee dreapoliiR, 

Diaiutiti, vr. 14, we Dum ; xut. 31. aee 
Carrinnii; xili. 15. we Filf ; illv. 2.Vi. 
tee aellii ; tuii. 10, see Jiu-m^. See atan 

oinitatoin, χιιτ. 47, aee melropolii. 

oUdem inivrene, in. 29 ilie S. Mart. 
Slor. ?). Cladtm does not Mem to ocour 
in StUp. SrF., and, perhaps, the gloa» in, 
like NUfubuiuJiu. aHitatiin(iii. 28}, a further 
explanation of /urifcimdm [ill. 27]. For 
■•Bellum iQferene"cf. Snip. ,SVü. Vit.SO. Θ; 
"reccne fratemae cladit (eruebat inaidia" 
(A ωοί. ι. 7, 6. 

cladibui, see gtadibut, 

eladjti, IV. II, tee traaoedia ; and 
ΟΏ nota. wng. efjuii'i, see Geor^jee, Ζ.ί(. 

clamaQlem. xxivn, 13, see ort tarnt- 

64. SM intigtit. 

Wb», itviH. 57 (X»i CeM.T) = 
eUuiea, tuba. Cp. C493i ctaitira tnbae 
BooDB. Cp. C4ße 1 F.(.> 3fi4, 4βι ef. Uoetz, 

1, lu(te, xuv. 7U (Jti(r. IV. IG Γοΐ- 

64'' apero bacnlo a« eiaun reriendoni). 
Cf. eloaa, stfog. Cp. C450^ einmi. SU^, 
Ep. 7E7 ; claiia. Blutig, Ef.' 351, i; prOT. 
E. (faitff. 

DUni penUtl [iiiiie Inlerpret.}, xsxti. 38 
[area. Dial. m. 36 eel. 304" ex aaii elavi 
prrditi. arbor abRciiBa e*t). 

clauntro. vi. 38, »ee clutlelto. 

elaiUDlia, iivui. 24, aev tfpoituri: 

claOBurae. see .if muitiiu. 

elausure [-rae. gen.. of a caslle, tort), 

Clkhkxtk, xiiviit HI. 

cltlMinB. deauper apertn«, iii«. 1? 
{Math, VI. 30 foenuni Β+[π.,.ίη rlibnKum 
mittitur). Perhaps the gluiu slianld rvad 
tlibania, fumue des. ιρ.^Χΐρ. C430 bfts 
eiibanoM. tutnax. 

oUma. card« ael pam wli [caeli] ut 
elinia oHentalis ae\ meridiana. iu>. 4 
{Alia; de ralii = {?] Iiid. iJr ualura rtru« 
III ; but not foDiid in the text* luinwn at 
present). It would eeam that α further 
eiplatiatiiin Ihe Oloneauir Kivea xliv. 11 : 
tUlBM. aliquanda pro online acfipilur ri 
sepiUK [saep-] pm iiaalicaitique cvti (caeli) 
purte et maxiiue pro Oriente et ineridifl 
(rrecDiu [KTaec-] uin [nuinr*? and «αρρΙ. 
pnrla"!} cfli (caeli] ad impemn conoeiaa 
ita Dndiqae uoeamas. For elima see aliio 
(ΧΙ.ΙΪ. 1) p«r(«. 

eUmacMna. parte>i c^li (caeli). ixxviii. 
ΐδ {Cltm, lieeoimitl, ix. IS cliieaelera» 

SnoBdam iutroducunt... ; Climaelfrat.. 
icnnt qnasi perimili lempiu; i. 12 at 
eliauxeUrat dicerent). 

climax, xi.iv. II. see tlima. 

""'■'". ijriidalio qnando quibnadam 
Kiadibus wniper accreecit, uvin. Ά2 iCaH. 
Pmlm. III. 2 Hitura quae dicilur elimaj, 
Latine gra<lBtia, i\. ponitia quibnedam %., 
. ..semper a.| — climai, gnulatio. Cp. 

ellnt«x. cortix (tex] net lapis, 25 
{Alia^An Phocae. p. 420, 23 [?] hie todtz 
( = candex] oodicis), Cf. eandix, eoitii. 
Cp. C113; »ec further fodicitau. 

cUvum, Bee gttbum. 

,vi. 2a (Brfu. *■«"/. r). 

dastorlocae. Ep, Θϋ23 : rluifcl/o, dualer 
locae. Ef.i 352. 32. 

olannm, xxii. 12. see uriui. 

Ook, itunla, xlv. 12 {Vtrba at tiiuUit = 
Λ Γ) Phocae, ρ, 427. 23 vina Coa dicimiu). 

eoaciWTliit, nen« sunt in acaelnrii[Bcet-], 
vm. 2 {Sakia. ; Pratf. S. Hirron. «cripta 
...quae HOD in lertiuni vas Lnuufusa 

INDEX (latin) coad.^colir. 



condunalio. ii. 151, see linaxii, 
coagmenUre, eonnrpgi»™, iv. 2 (Ru/. 
Praatm., fol. I'' lJaaecanque,.,roajinenlan! 

owuewant. psBcaut, xxxv. 119 {Eiif. ii. 
17 fol. 'Π' kd perfe<;tBm..,TiUm etudiis 
ingibun fi>aleKmif) — eoaleKunt, paeouut, 
Cp. CT37; Ep.— ; ΕΜ354, IS.-cwdeKew. 
adoleecete, tLvni. 72 {De Ca••., Itut. ii. 9 
ne ill Irin KccuH quidem foiileKere,..palM' 

eoftleeciiiit, nee eoaleicant. 

ooootu, iiMyrmbaBO. xili, 18 lEitlierf 
not ill Viitx, ι Bind perbap». onlj a further 
explanation ul mi. 17 purpura, q.v.). 
Curciu — coocam, learlet ; for uuymi 
(worm)- (iM 10 (blue-red, purple, oMmoleiii), 
as« Boaw. T. (ιπίΓτηα, ayrma, wyna. 
xyriH-bam} ; of. eoccum, hit tinctnin 
lAolDOread, Cp. CöäO; cooaum, bie tinatnm 
uoilocreadi Ep. βΕ34 ; c.b.l. nualuareud . 
ΒΓ.' MB. ati; cf. E. eochinrtil {Oxt. D.). 

CDcbleae. for tlie corrupt eotwlnt (ΐ|.τ.|• 

ooalea. ae« pu'ntca. 

eo«te [-t*e], xxx:v. 6, Bee omofagU. 

eo«to [for cacia 1], xii. 41, sea lin« 

cocula [lor eiicuiiu]. iii. 7. see byrrum ; 
In. 8, βββ Iticemiim; ni. 66, see ependitfv. 
OOGQlUD [Bine ίηΚφΓι]. π. atl [Bfued. rrg. 
S6, β A 7 (1ϋ Λ 11] Euffioere oredimua 
monachie cueullam ; IB [3Θ] eucullat; SI 
[S7] cutullar, SO {6S] niriiJIa). 

DOCulUB, IUI. IB, Bee aniphjba/uNi. 

Cucyti, Bee Coquilon, 

codex, ixxv. 73, nee eoJicibia i aee alao 

oodicea, see r.ii(licibu4. 

limbus, IV. es (fieei. /tfor.) : 

cxu ad haereticorum cntmtterln ; 
/ntior. Ϊ per comulrria). 

coemeteTiA, Bee eottnrntrria , 

coemetcnla [ooemeteria], π. 117, see m 
coemetoria in ϊ, coementrria. 

toeiiobÜB. eee coeaabium. 

coeuobita, coeuobitaium. eee cetuAHa. i 

ooenoUum, ci (^reuoet latino coopoeitaA 
CBKH dicitur : cat eoito habitaculum ptm' ' 
morura, II. 188 lUmcd. reg. 5, 31 [31] il 
caeii/thiii deitentee). 

coeuDuitarum, see eenobila. 

coetn, see eoetvu. 

coetQB. oonueotus uel oi 
[-gatio] uel aooius, l 3Θ (/>« Canon.; Can. 1 
CoHc. Carth. Pnet. p. 142• de tantae 
congregationin iotlu : id. π in hoo foriu 

dotali est) ; uel iorimit Beems to beloni; k 
t. 30 {tollega Ac. c^.t,). For coiiiu ae 
alBO (i. 19) fOTU-iIium; (i. 114) rynodv. 

coeunt, iLiv. 17, see eoat. 

coKenti, ii, 3, nee anearitaiUi. 

cogitabant, xxxv. Ill, see cvnii^banL ] 

cogitamua. l 132, see talagitnus, 

eogilatum, xur. 273, sae delibralum. 

cognitia, i. 118, s/te limliulum. 

oognoioant, i, 47. see txprriantaT. 

aognoKe. xxviii. 1Θ, eee apo tu-. 

cognoacit [-citur], ixvin. 34, 
figura metopaea. 

coguel, iLrv. 27, Bee dextera. 

cobum, BeefHirlri. 

colbatnr, exilnr, iixv. 380 (Ruf. ν 
fol. ISS*- Coibalar Λ fratnbuB.'.no 
OBpiendoB pieces ). 

ooinquinata, χ ι it. 106, see t 

INDEX (ΐΛΠλ') collat.— comic. 

bnt] Reg. Fa4t. i. 11 col. 35» [quoting 
from Apoe. iii. 18] cotlyrio inunge oculos 
tuoa. [and adding] ciiUij'no...oC!a\oB nt 
videsmae inungimus). 
oollationea, ooUatiouum, see conla- 

ooUect», iiiii. 49, eee eolirium. 

ooUeotoe, iv. 98, Boe romtfie». 

oollBctua, GDQgregationem, ixiii, 15 
(S Eidr. vm. 18 [eoGFUDt,.,in die oatavo 
CO) lic tum jo»ta ritnm). 

ooUeote [-tue], ixui. 50, nee ifntina. 

colleotio, II. 151. aee linaxii, 

oolleationum, xxix.44, aee IeιιoιL•xϊoruιn. 

oolleKa. oonrntutipalarius uel aonaolus, 
1. 30 (Di Canon. ; Con. Cone. Carth. liv 
irater et cotlrga noatei; Lxvin id.). The 
explanation -uel tuciu», which ia out οΓ 

Ε lace ia ι. 28 (see eotlut), \» probably to 
Β oonueated with thie etons ; cf. com- 
ηαηϊραΙαπΗί,,.ΜΑ oonsoiua socius ooUega, 
Cp. CG96; Ep. — : cummaiitpularius, con- 
scium conlega, B[.> 279. Ifl. 

ool legit, XIV. 39. aeeficariiti. 

coUegnntnr [colli g], ixx.SS, aee ιιαπΧιιι 

coUigit, xxvtil. 75, «ee prolenuta. 

coUigitnr, ixv. 6, see ut tiliguU. 

oolliguntnr, ixvm. 63, aoe (inadi'imoi. 

oollo, sin. 6, see luniilm, 

ooUooare, xixvm. 3, see tlocare. 

eoltooet, Bee rauUeH. 

oollj'biataB, see Irapezeta. 

oollyrio, nee enHriam, 

DOblUlU (for xxtx. ί2, nee 

ooloboatnim, aee eolottrum. 

tie linimentie [linciLm-}. 
XXXV. -2ί>7 (De Euteh.) ; ooinellu h[oo est] 
uniuscainsque interpretie trADstatio in 
nniiui oollGcloe et e regione p^ta, it. 9β 
{Ecft. lilar.) = {Ru/. Ti. 13 fol. 103' per 
aingnliu eolumnutiu {toliimeltai, in edit. 
1630, Λ edit. Caociari, p. 3)θ), A redone 
aeparaltm opiu InterpTetis uniuaouiuaque 
deacripeit). Lnmum (v. S) ia olearl; not 
the inatc. pL of loma, a tool {forvbich aee 
BoBw. T. lonui, and-fftliinan, aad-luman, 
gttßman; Klage, A.S. Lttcb. geluma. 
ruel; Urn, m. gerät, gcAMrr) ; nor of 
Uoma, a t»y at light, radiance, for wbicit 
see Napier, index (Uoma). Sobluttei {An- 
glia ixvi. 304) would leed Umum, from 
Ume = la'u, lanu, a lane, narrow path : ho 
also SQggeate timum (limba) for lnmum. 
But the gloaa diutriii linimenli• (for 
lintamenlii, line« or etrobes) of xxxv, 2J7 
»thor points to fonujn for ieonttini froui 
Uoma (also written {«πια), trotn A. S, Ιϊιπ. 
a limb, joiiit, eapeolally a branch. 

eoloniu. a oolendo, iinx. 2 (Qrtg. Dial. 

1. 1 eoi. isa^coioBiH). 

oobr, vn:. 15, aetjlaaeieil; xiv. 19, see 
anigu: xin. T, aeecnrbnrini. 

Dolore, IT, 10, see tbor; xix. IS, see 
liffTi»; xxrr. 5, eee muium; mv, 181, see 
Ttgio morbui. 

colorem, χιχτ. GS, ses^ucuiN: lU. 7. 
see impii, 10, aee miaragdut, 11, see 
lardonix. 13, Bee lardiiui, 13, tceeriiolitui, 
16, aee eypreatai, 

coloribns. xiiv. 42, see lUbiii. 

colostrom, beust, xltu. 27 (aiiVi = ?) = 
foliMnm, boost, Cp. 0658 ; Ep. — ; 
coiobcxtntin. beost, Εί.> 353, 46. Fur bfutt, 
broit (biest, biestinita, beestinga) set Boi«. 
Ύ.; Oxf. D.: Bkeat, Clot.; Klnge, J. 5. 
Ltitb. (beost). 

colubrl, ΧΤΠ. 25 (bia), see dt radiee, 

xixv. 257, »e« fu/umr/l'ji. 

culumnarum, i. 49, see rpiitilia. 

eolnmnu nltrea«, idest in aimili nitis 
acalpantar, xxXTltl. Τ [CUm. ReeagniU. 
ΤΊΙ. 12 it 26 Tidendi... gratia.,, cofumniu 
viUa») = eiihimnai uiltat, ideat niteamiu 
similitadines sclnptae [sonlptae] erant, Cp. 
C642 ; Ep. 8E3 : Ef.' 352, 48. For ■• in 
aimili uitia scalpantur" another M3. has 
" in aimililudinem nitis «oolpentni'." 

oolumualas, aee colomilliu. 

MnuuD, ιτχτπ. 18, see eMa eoiMM-. 

oomatum [oommatcun], ιχτιπ. 72, aee 

comedendum, see crueei». 
comedentem, aee edacin. 
comedia [comoedias], iLlii. 23, see 

oomedo, ednx, xliii, 14 {Dir ilii'. nomi'ni- 
bui=Donati Ari grammat.. p. 374, 18 
comedo]. Cf, eoiaeda, totvt edax, Cp. 
CÖ471 Ef.'279, 2*. 

comeduntur, ιιχιτ. 5, aee xerofagia. 

oometlu h[oc est) nniaBCoiaeqae intei- 
pretia translatiu Λα., it, 98, aee eolomelliu. 

OOmeaeatioDibuB, aee eummetiationei. 

oomlena, eantator nel artifex aeonlarinm 
canticonim, xlti. 12 (Verb. Inltrpr.= 
liier. Comm. in Mattli. vn. 18 ool. 48° 
Comieu» dixeril),— oomlciu, qui comedia 
[comoediae] ecripeit ; tnloni [tragicas], 
qui tcaica [tragica] scribeit ; Urion« [lyr-]r 
qui per liram [lyr-] oantal ; aatnricm• 
[iiaiyi']i l^i per aatarioaTii eeribsit, iuil 
23 — 26 (Dt diaeriii nominibu»). The last 
four gloaaes, prtoeded, ία the M3.' bj the 
heading " ita genera pofCiirum " aeem to 
be further explanations of tlie pasaage 
from IJonati Art arammat. quoted sub v. 
πιηηγΛιη., q.v. The first of the four = 
romiciu qui («media eeribit, Cp, CSOS. 

INDEX (latin) comin- 


Ο, Bee tanngo. 
le tynodiu. 
L, breuia p&ra, xtx. β {Job; Praef, 
Hiernn. p. χιτ^, and Migne, F.L. xxvnt 
cnl. 10t(2 pftrvum a/mmii quod reman^t). 
Cf. coiunoi. breaie diotio, Cp. C817. 

oanunuidlt. mauducBt, vm. SI {Satam, 
ixx. 14 coiirNHindir mcilaribae suis). 


htH. V. 34 laborei 

[ti. 48 

<B 01^ 

oommodare, ti. Ii7, βΒβ aspedire. 

e Dm mod u in, ir. 59, eee txpedit. 

commollU, tuolatn. xxvi. 1 <liid. Oße. τ, 
18, β grAnA...eoiHini>lila) = coiiimilita, mo- 
lota.Cp. C739; Ep.— : Ef.' BM. 16. For 
niolaru V. Du C. {molnre = πιοΛκιβ ; ιηαΐαίια, 
ita. ). See alea cuninuili'iru. 

cqmnjolitia, see rommnlitus. 

oominolitiu, extcrminatuB. iin. 5 fliai, 
III. 15 Qusre atUrltia popiiliim meum et 
faciifB pauperuin ι•οΗΐημιΙί((ΐ1. See also 


I. 6, w 

oum meretribu 
[raeretricibuit], i, 25 (De Canon. ; Can. 
CoBc. LuiiiJ. CLViu tit. Hon coDgruere... 
Cbriatiatiis comiiiitationibia mteresee. 
Qaod Don oporteat eaoerdoteg.. .ex coUttiB, 
Tel comenationibiit conuiaia oelebrare). 
Cf. roninveutiD, oonuiuio meretriotun, Op. 
0087 ; coitmeiatio, uoiamaia cum mere- 
triaibuB miita, ΕΓ.' SSO, δη. — Fot com• 
ι Bee also (uiv. 2d) lltialeai, 

I. 39. 9 


comminieque, : 

eommlnuB, pcope, xizir. 84 {De Can,, 
lift. X. 3 coiRiniNui) = eomiHtmu, prope, 
Cp. Cse4.— Is ommiilnua, propiae. iixv. 
ie2(Au/.v. iSfot.HS' fneonimiunemant; 
IV. 21 fol. 6a'• eoiaittiu penirgendo). 

commlunm, conimendatum, ii. 89 
{lienaL Tea. 31, 28 [58] offlEinia aibi coia- 
mietum; <18. 4 [6] Rr^em eibi commitmm; 
tee alea 42, 13 [24] sdeigDato aibi eom- 

COBunlaBitnu, liMaturaa uel oonpoBiturae, 
π. 8 (I Par.ll. x«i. 3 ad nomviittura,). 
t. eommimra. (lycticlaS, Cp. C507. 

η libroa iopcadere.., 
eommentiitoriim Icomiftentorum, in nole] 
inBtitatioDJbiig iadigere). 

uommedenWtii [comed-j, ii. 64, see 

eomtaendatlUU, ii. 102, aee littrit eom- 
ciimiuendBtiiiti. ii, 39, see eomniiunm. 

I. G tol. 10* eommcnta qnoedam). Cf. 

[(or raeneiiUi], pe'lra, »XXT. ai9, see 

comrueutarium. see tab namltitm. 
cointnentatB. E<ee commenlatui. 
ooi(iincnt»to»nm, see cominectJinim. 
commentatmi, itaclatiu, iv. 8 [Buf. 
tol. 11" tiaec.. 

, see cenobita. 
ΙΓ -οΓίΙ ixvm- 57, see 

oommanis, xvi. 27, Me ma^flci. 

eominauitotiain, muoitiotiaiii, xxvi. 8 
(Itid. Oße. II. 22,2 IβIia...flal^Ure87IIlbol- 
Ilm tradiCur, quaei eontHionilorium fidei ; of. 
GoelK VI. 240 anumoiiitnriuiii ftod 241 com- 
ΠΙΙ1 niton urn). Cf. cummonirarivn, paali- 
arium, Cp. 0833. 

eomoedia, aee runurhui. 

oomoediaa, aee pomieiif, 

Minor mliuir, noptem Reitariai et u 
[quinta] para seitarii colile dimediam, 
xxxi. 9, Ηββ ßamor. 

compaRinaLam, see conpaginatum, 

compitiB, Bee in piigo. 

componititt, aee conpoli; 

οοιηροΒ. particepe, ixiv. 48 (Or Eiit.) 
= compoii, parLiuepa, Cp. C7fi5; uotl eom- 
PM, xpistiana, it. 84 [Eccl. I/i.): aeU 
copoa, ipieüana, χιιτ. 293 (D< E<u.) = 
[Ruf. X. 8 fill. 1Ά3'• regina voti compoi 

camputum, xxxv. SüO. aee in rxnn- 

comulare lonm.], xxnv. 28, eee ixag- 

oon [the beginniDg of an unfinished 
inlerpretation], u. 23 {Bened. reg.). 

conando, iv. 94, aee ctmiculnm. 

coiiatur, xxviii. 83, aec riinoematice. 

oontLtua, T. II, aee adniiui. 

oonbnrnntuc, χχιτ. 235, see biula. 

dOQca [concha], xht. 6, see mocum, 

aenoantuniCatitamiXix. 55 {Job xntiii. 
37 coiietatum omli quia dormire faciei) ; 

oonceptio, xirnt. 60, see eiithimema. 

concha. Bee tnocuiii. 

eonohilift [for the oorrupi contia], see 

coDciiis, at« ehiiu'it, 

concldenit, acciderat. ilviii. 32 {l)t 
Coii,, Imt. I. 1, 2 de quo con- 
t;ifi<raf),~eonald»e. Incidere, xixv. 68 
(All/, a. θ tol. 151* ία medio conatua 
inualidi ...conci derel). 





—con ib. 

egncldlitl. occidintT, ιτπ. 13 (Hiibne. η. 
ΙΟ foneidiiti ροραΙοΒ rnnltoe). 

eonoiliaie, t. 82, βββ opcram. 

conciliatoribu«. ixxv. 308, tee Unonibus. 

coDcilio. na. 73, eoe qui dixerit... 

cendllQin, greoe. Ifttine consiliura con- 
UEQlus oel coocentne coetos, i. 19 {Dt 
Cnnon.: cf, Dion^i. Proef. p. 101 regaltw 
...ronf (7iaruin,..dii!eBBiiiiD»; ibid. Calahe- 
donenaia ContUiJ deereM iie. : Can. Apaiti, 
xxxvta Eplieopernm Concilia celebren- 
tnr: Cur, Cone. Nie. tr contra iua(!Dum 
Coneilium ae efferene). 

eonelBiiaiiti ooDsonuit, 1. 2i) (Ο« Ciiaon-i 
of. Can. Cow. Carth. (jn pceebyteri... 

Εοητϊνίίβ sibi fotuinnoiOft ptebem ; 

Ibiil. propter... praue eonfinnnla eansilin). 
If thU (iIoBS cimtatani refers to these 
quntatioos it aeeroe olear that the 
QlosBstor «aa thinking of roncinm (not 

active eeose, to ce.ase la sinft toRether, 
to canae anyone tn »Rree, — oonolimuit, 
cüngregant, iiiv. 365 (itii/. vi, 7 fot. 100* 
..aduereum earn infame, ,, 

oouelMilft, porticoa [I), n:. 40 {H. Mart. 
Sliir. = Sulp. .?«<. Diiil. i. 31, 4 conatrnit 
multA ronctaula), 

oonclndil, iivin. 77. aee nimiitriiim«!•. 

conoladnntur. ιιτιΐ[- 15, aee tfutiui, 

coQcluaicine, xn. 3β, eee mphiitiee, 

coneretKunt, it. 99, aee qnadraplat. 

^oncabina, x, 24, see Saliimili». 
conciibitaa, iv. 57, aee llitileai. 
ooncapiaoihili (-1e), xxn. 60, see tu epi- 

Γ, reponstur, n. 30 (Baifd. rtg. 
5S, 3 nee ibi qaioquBm..,faiiifariir), — oon- 
dan, abaoondere, χχ«τ. 54 {De Can.. ΙπιΙ. 
τ. 4. 2 monachum apiritalia mella eoitdere 

cnnditiaDaUs, aee bypolfufictu. 

condito, aee uinuni eamiidum, 

condixernnt, iin. IS, see «mu. 

oondnatorei [aine interpret« l.]. i. 26 
(De Canon.; Can. CotK. Cakhed. iir roij. 
ducloret alienanun posaeaalonnm ; Cone. 
Carth. rvi Bpiaoopi . . , non eint eondue• 

i, angnria, xf. S8 iEs/ch. Jii. 

υ eapiet coiyecturatn). 

(storam, interfectorem, ιχττ. 15!) 
{Ruf. IT. 15 fol. es'' inesenint propiiiH 
■oenlere conftctorem). 

I. 42, β 

maculatoR, χτιπ. 22 \De 
Ca4»,,Intl. II. 11 oanapici» dnoa niros tarn 
iiietos.,,trmmphia BiiiB...faiaae eonfteto•). 

coaferentee [for fonfermtiat, or fnn- 
/iivn(fa.7] Π. 29, aee conlationrt. 

oonferentise, Donferuntiaa, see ivinlit- 

confice, xvii. 14, see lubigent, 

oonfiritnr. i. Ill, aee lierra. 

oonSHens, in. 45, neefrftiu. 

oonfidentea, xni. 20, ae« inniti. 

conflgant, crneifleent, χτιι, 31 {Znehar. 
xm. 3 configenl eum). 

oonGrmata, xht. 3O0. ue rata. 

ooniinnatio, xix». 11, see aditipOlatin. 

οοηΙΪΒΪ, iiii, 20, Bee ίηηιΐί. 

conflatoTJo. see (onflatorium, 

conflAtOTllim, ubi ferrom ael argentam 
conflatur, τιπ. 10 {Salam. ixvn. 21 pro- 
batur in conlfntorio argentiim). 

contlatiir. viii. 10. see eonliatoriitm. 

conflictas, 1ΪΙ. 18, see iirrherelos: 36. 
see diiitripiiii. 

oonfurmatio, ιιται. 67. eeeßgnra, 

oonfntatns. reprobatns, xixir. 13 {Df 
Cat»., /nif. «L 2 coiijvtalia inoentor). 

congeminat, iXTtn. 31. nee auieii: 

congeminatio, ιιτιιι. 6β, see anadi• 

conf^ccncio [eoDgreeatio], l 28, aee 

[connreg-], Π. 47. aee 

XTiTi. 40. see lileHuit. 
,, „ :v. 2W. aee conciiiiuiltl. 

«ongrettare. iv. S, aee roagmenlnre. 
oongretiatas, see in cxnploii. 
eongregate [-tae]. xix. 11, see in ex- 
dongregati, xiilv. 52, see degttli tunl. 

xti. 5•!, aee suTgititm: xxrni, 63, aee 
"—■'—'■'—'«; aee also cofd«. 

, 70, see adttipa- 

coDgregBtionem, xvi. '21, aee aggerrm; 
xiiTi, 15, see eoHeelam, 

coaeregationea, iv. 6. see itrtiicn. 

coDgregauimaa, aee digenimut. 

Gongniet, ii. 16, see aptel. 

οοηκτηη«, aptus. u. 31 {B/ntd. reg. 5S, 
4 [5] omnibiiB congrum honor exhibntnr ; 
cf. 24, IS [30] Hatislaationeeonffnut; 4ίΙ, 
39 [t)5] ad emeiidationem eor^raam). 

conhttbitantea, in. 46. aee arcommorautt. 

conlbanlea. conaentientes ael conspi- 
rantea. i. 27 {De Canon. ; Can. Cone. 
Chale. ixvn cooperantea uut conniueiiK« 
rnptdribna): «ee also conihenlia. 

conlbentla, «iBsenaus, xixv. 53 {Jtiff. 
X. 32 fol. 173* ordinationia eonuenitntia 


VtUculBtur; CaiKUui p. 47 coititlventia)-, 
' — ftlH> (ottibeMtt. 

vJ>iilMr•. intellegere, uiiv. JC (De 
Cim., I-att. III. 27, 4 tecita iotre w vordls 
iiolutiiitioiie conitctat). — utinlaletiviti cogi- 
tabant, χιιτ. Ill [Ruf. ii. 6 ΓυΙ iV• 
eoHiieicbant,,.ex hoc) = oQnioiebaiit, cogi- 
»baiil, Cp. C738: Ep. — ; Et.' 354, 14. 

coniceti, xtittl. lli. tiee gimor. 

coniciebBiit. cogitabaDt, iixv. Ill; nee 

ouQiectut (t), see ei 
coniectuis. i. 13», 

also coneciura. 
eoniioiebant, sec 

& coDundo [ouD-?], IV. Si, 
eatia, aee ronibrritiil. 
iee epiievtii. 


{De Canon.; Can. Cone. Calth. XTtii til. 
b. cottiuratioitii crimen). 
[. IG, Bee connpeuiii, 
^^ ei, coulocutionea coulereiitBe 

^^l• leon/ertntitu oi eoa/ertHiiiul] li. 2!) 
^K (Anal. >-i0. 43, 7 [Q] lettat unaa eolla- 
^■«ionei; 73, 13 [19) (,'ιτηίβΕιβηΜ P<ifni>n,.. 
^y quid aliud sant niii... i 4i, 12 [10] ad 
lection em cullalioruim). 
conlocet, see rtcitliccl. 
CDulocationeB, n. 29, see cotiUilionf*. 
BonmanipnlaraB, ideat eodalee, iixvi. 
^^ 18 (OrtH, II. 9, 4 oognati et eomiaanipuiitrei 
^V^ ...oooubuerant ; in note comBl•, ciiiKm-, 
^^m. eoHia•). Cf.eoHiniiHtjjular«, canmiUtonea, 
^H Cp. C8S« ; cf. ibid. Cfl05. 
^V oonmanipoUriuB, i. 30, aee cultrga. 
^^ conniaenlea, eee eouibenlti. 
couniuentift, era cunibtnlia. 
coBoUa, qeq contUt nocut, v. 3 (liu/. 
IV. 15, p. 83, ed. 15i)5, and Caoaiari, p. 
306 ; marinoa cor:hletu, ijiif conchUiit 
uocant : the ed. of 1ά4θ. ΓοΙ. CI* : inarlaae 
cocliUai qnoB mnrioes vocant. The L)1ob- 
Batot, therefore, has added no interpre- 
tation of his uwu), Cf. cocUat, uniolocas 
[B. vihelkt], Cp. 0660; Ep. — ; cocleat, 
iiuylooa«, Ef.' 363, 63. 

ooiLopenm, in aimilitudine retie con- 
teitnm propter muscaa et onlioes nam 
onlix [oulei] conii hebraiee dicitur, xu. 
^H 16 {Jaditk xm. 10 abstolit eonopaeain eiaa 
^^L m colomnia: eee aUo xni. 19 cimopofum 
^H ίΙΙίιΐΒί XVI. 33 eoiiopotum; x. 13 in fomi• 
^^K foeo). Coiitx pcih. for Or. αώταψ, a goat. 

Cr. coiwpeam, rete maeoarum, Gp. CGSl; 
Ep. 7C6; Ef.' 350, 34; compeiiia, retia• 
ciilmn aub quo soUnt [ho]miDeB dormiie. 
Et.' 281, 35. Cf. fikeat (cQHopj,). 
□oDDactiB, T, 2β. aee limbulii. 

I, porrectioue, xl. 19 [ϋ/τίαΊ]. 

{Ruf. IX. 10 fol. 158'' compagiiiatam 

oonparatio, sxvm. 48, aeejiiirabol«! G9, 
Bee tyiUTUU. 

oonparatar, ιχτιιι. 62, aee tapyntniii. 

cdnpellaT•, traodare, xltiii. IT {De 
Coäi., Iiut. vn. 23 DiBi...Bo1itDe faiaaet 
oreditoa aibi luculos eonpilart ; vii. 24 
loculoe olancule eanpilarc). The inter- 
pretation {/raudart) anreaa only with 
rmipilari, not with eonpellere, which 
ocuure ti. 17 (quamuia eum conBuetndo 
diurna liora eolita euigilare conptllal) ; 
V. 33, 1 (qoae oanonicam refecüonis 
liorani praeueniri eonpelHi) ; tu. 9, 3 
(conpeüit ntilitaa); vii, 10 (laborere eon- 
pellit); Til. 14, 1 (deaiderare eonpilUt); 
villi. (peccare conpellitM). Oonpvllare 
ia not found in Casa. Cf. ampilat, 
spoliat, Cp. CIJ32 ; eonpilat, atilith (ateals), 
Cp. C859. 

oonpellenti, Π. 3, Bee antfuriianli; con- 

pellere. eee conpellart, 

coupeniUoilB, breuieeimiii. xxxv. 255 
(Jiu/. VI. II ful. 102» öonplutBni...i;om- 
pendioeie dieser tioniba β explanauit). 

conpetentea, appeteatea, i. 3L {De 
Vanotl. ; L'unc. Can, Aatioch. xiii ap. 
Migne, Patr. L. Liiiiv ool. 136* iiuoidibct 
actus illi Eoclcsiae campeUntet). Cf. Isid. 
Etym. VII. 14. 8 ; id. de Oße. EecUi. xxti. 
For conpetentet aee aleo (xLvin. 38) eoit- 

conpetia [ = oompitie], in. 31, eee in 

coupilare, see ampellare. 

conpln^bBUtiU'. pingui»cebant, xix. 37 
{Job ixxviii. 38 quand{)...glcbae eompinge• 

oonplentur, xiviii, 13, aee «(i/xinlur. 

Ileum feoi, xv, 8 lEieeli, 

ία eoBiplosi tnanaa meoa). Cf. eoii- 

pL•/!, iubilali, CIp. C743 ; conphri, iub-, 
Er.> 354, 26. 

conplnta, xv. 7, see no;i eoupluta. 

conpoaita, xxvm. 35, see icema. 

conpoaitio, xxv. 14, see lilhoitrotim ; 
XXIX. 69, see tinthema. 

conpoaitione, xiit. 1, see theaiale, 

conpoaito, ixiiv. 33, eee conierto. 

conpoBitores, χπ. 27. aee itratoret. 

conpoiiituin, ii. I8S, aee eoenobium. 

cunposituras, vn. 3, see cummisatirui. 



. «ia, inpletia. ata. VJ (aot Gn«. 
I>iaL. bat. peiiiapa. Deer. βααί/. p. 31» 
4111 eoiicU üqo• modostione eompvilii). 

eonpccbeiuio, «ee ceCwtra/o». 

oonprohetiiT, iL 147. ate raliocieiit. 

coDpnlaotan, lu. 50, «e n-lu^loetta. 

■-- 179, see hprat 

eonieealiu. 1. 9, (ee mt^tu. 
eooaennu, 1. 33, aee nfinitratio; i. 33, 

απ. 33 {De Cain.. 
Intt. I. 3 coHtrha pcoctio). 

eotuiidu. mt. Z.aeeue imtalnm. 

ouueiluhis, HIV. 13, ne rvnmltorüiu. 

cooBÜlahtiB, zxiK. 73, »ee ■uyiacyiu ; 
XXXT. 272, tte patrieiui. 

ooDeiliü, T. 3Θ. lee timbvXh. 

ooosüia, IL 172, ue Irmete. 

eoDailinm. I. 19. MeetfRctlium; nn. 31, 

EMiaiBUgBiA(K[ror ijMajKtIa], ixi. 31, 

MDiutnnt, (. 11. lee tigna. 
eoneonMit, t. SU, aee toncäauuU. 
aone^cienles, α. 25. «ee WRluMa. 
Mnepiätlfit, V. 13, itec operiunl. 
oonBpir&nläi, i. 37, w« ronibcnt". 
eo m p lr rtto. oonaensia. t. 33 [Dt Camm. -, 
Van. Cone. Caleh. iviii (if.»upini- 
">. corupiratitmiii crimeu). 
, 84, eee ikIhIciih 

oonatlpatio. ciicumBUDlb, xiiv. 9 iDe 
Emeb.) ; comtlpUlo, drcamslatio, sikt. 
113 (i»f /;iui6.) = (/iu/. Π. 6 toi. 32• 
plDri[Di...ptiipna camlijiatume percuUi). 

COCBtipHtil '" ' 

.. 87. I 



•nmt.contamiiutaeratit, i 

1 {Hier. IL le hhi...eimttaprav 

□ODBlDpniaemiit, see cnwtrufHiKfrunt. 

oonBuetudineiD. vui. 8. eee in acrmo m•. 

coiiauetudini, nii. 27, »ee idtoruiti. 

noniiiiKtnd'i. xn. 37, see malefici ; niti. 
86, tw »T nnti«. 

consul, iLiit. 20, tea tnnuclmt, 33, see 

oonmlul deleetiu, dignitati oddoclus. 
1. 14U (/tu/. III. 3ΐ toi. fiU* CluistianDS 
tiMri deUtui, in editt. 1SB5 £ 1548; 
UMciari p. leil: Chriatianaa Attioo Con- 
lUftiH dfriitiu). Tlie HS. has diatinctly 
ätltetui, Uinngh there aeem" to he eome 
craBiin abovB (he aecoad t ; perhapa an 
■tkempl WH made (ο «ue the lop of e 
and so nuke a ont o( c uid «. 

L 34, EM earptTttar. 
tontani inanenm 1. 111. 1, aee nnuf/ w pa - 

eontognstto, lectio domai, ix. 3 (K- 
clfiMrl. X. 1Θ rant(^ü(io|. 

contemplatina. iii. 13, an: imtimi. 


i vitriirirti*. perljnax du toe sapertnu, 
a. 36 (Bemrd. rtg. 33. 4 [6] si i|ni*...coii- 
trmptor repertos fberit; 65, 34 [66] een- 
Itmptor, contemtor aaactae lt«giil»e). 

oontomplor. eontcmtor, s« conUmptQ. 

contenäiDiu, iirnt. SI, aee hypetihetit. 

conl^nelDr [coDtin-}, luv. 3. aee nw. 

eoatantna, paäea» mffieieiu, 11. 33 
iBtntd. rrg. 7. 112 [179) omni vUiUte... 
ronlniiu sit Monachos; 61. 5, 7 [δ, β] 

ooDlecnaDle, tee uilulam eoiuUriuiHtem. 
eoUkztUAi, Ut IB, β(« eonop*um ; Ux. 

contia (tor conehilia], <r. 3. nee cmola*. 

conligit, vu. β, eee ebligil, 
coDtign&tio, Bee eontrgiuitiu. 
contigiila, iugie iwl onupelent««. iLviti. 
38 (Dr Co«.. Iiul. a. 5, 3 eoHtigMit net- 

oanliaeotea, i*. 56, aee tmratiaHi. 
contineiitia, lu. 20. aee piinlocranti/. 

coDtingnnt, ivi. 27, mx laaJtjiri. 

oDntimundA, iugiler semper perpetuo, 
□. 38 {Brnrd. rrg. 41. β (13] prandit MXU 
...Cimfiinuiniln eiil). 

continnatio, iitiil 20, !ee ilinptnlaa. 

cuutionalU [for coHtli't-]. iiitui. 84, aee 

oonttopem, oontenlionem tumultuoaUD, 
um. IS (3 Kidr. v. 7 oonitiGgavi adveraiun 
eos eonnonen magnaiiil. Tlii« ia Ibe only 
iastanee in Esdna οΓ cuiitio, but meanüig 
OHrmblu, whii^ disagreea with eOHUtUi«. 
Conliu. hovever. also meaning a uiuuunt. 
oration, would a^ree with iMiitrnfionm 
which ooours 3 Etdr, ix. 17 (quui pel 
eontentiorum) ; «o Ibnt poeeibiy rnHtra- 
(looem wai intended to b« the lemma, 
and eontiontm (urn- the iDtcrpretatioii. 

^^^^^^ INDEX (latin) cont.— cort, S7^^^| 

^1 eotMM, III. g. see in conlif. 

aee ^^^1 

^H oouto, see canto. 

conoTblcuB, χΐΐ.:ι uiieius, iiu. 36 (ΐ>«-^^^^| 

^H oontorqntet, iliv. 30, tee axem. 

ponder.'!). ^^H 

Η dontra. I. 117. ice »ciu; τι. 4, see 

coopettie, xiii. 50. eee/<re(ri, -■ 

Η u«»tM ! ΧΤΠ. 13. gee futgoranta ; xlviii. 

eopoa [oompoB], χχχτ, 20», bco uoti 1 

^f eontraota, lui. 27, see^ureenti». 

^ contrftdicftni, xmv, 36, βββ abdkane. 

coquiton, Saaiaa infemorum, xix. 23 ^^^M 

contradioat, in, 56. we inaitini. 

[Jul XXI. H3 dulcis fuit gliireiB Coeyti). ^^^H 

coDtrsdicens, see abdiean*. 

coquuotui. xci. 1, BeepuMniim. ^^^^1 

cDQtradiea. ui. 4. see inficiabor. 

cordAti, xti, β2, see uiri rer^tt. ^^^H 

eorde, XIX. 62, see uiH cordali; ixir, ^^^^1 

^■^ contraria, xiiii. 1, nee /uni. 

114, secuicor«. ^^^H 

^m contrarius, ϊιιϊ. Ca. μι« aU<ianti$: 

cordie, 11. 179, see typo. ^^^^| 

^^m xuT. 16, Bee antnrücn'. 

eoreo, ilil 21, see baittrna. ^^^H 

^P oontΓibιιUti^ xxxv. \9Ά. see eonlribu- 
coBtrltmUtuB. nimul oontribulstU. ixxv. 

ooria, ζχχτ. 140, Bee portamm inrlin• ^^^^1 

corlbuitu, idest qui recemnt «oaituai,^^^^| 

IMS {Ruf. ti. 5 fill. 20' pro rontribaUbui, 

xxxTiiT. B7 [Clem. Iterugnitl. x. 18 Cury-^^^^M 

sals luilOeie}. 

banloi iguosdam crmbala fecit ae trmpank^^^^^l 

contritlle, see nuitaiiniii. 

coHmbla [corpah- ; Mrved clusters toc^^^^H 

^K conlritoa, xtu. 4S, lee catajiUitmartnt. 

the oraameDCiDc of ships], minibus, ilvh^^^^H 

S {AIiii-1) = Corimbiu, luuibuB nel oacn-^^^^H 

men. Cp. Clt61 ; Ep. — t corimbi; n-<^^^^H 

Ef.' 353, 60. Cf. coriffltojr.leac (rogaa, Op^^^H 

C65e 1 ammbtit, leao trocas, Ep. βΕ34 Ji^^^^l 

{Raf. 11. 21 iol. Ιοβ•• multae cotUruuenine 

Ef.< 353, 27. The A. S. leiK-trog propet^fi^^^H 


meana vegclabU-biiiiiri, tee Bosw. T. (IrM^^^H 

oosUuntei, oonspicientee con [sic], ii. 

a garden heib, Bud trog, a trongh, tubu^^^^l 

25 {Htiiid. ng. 40, 6 [6] inflrmorura mn- 

ve88et):ED|;l. Dill. Diet. (tray.ebi.aeneelir^^H 

QOrio, XV. 18, see inuoluere. ■ ^^^^H 

coHum, III. 10, see tandiiliii. ^^^^H 

comu 1. an oil cruet, in. 10. see peattO.^^^^ 

reg. 33, 2[1] fratcr fOHim.ioi; 71, 1β [2B] 

—3. a horn. ili. 31. see rnioftr«:—^. ^^^^1 

born, trumpet, ixv, 7, see njmphonia. ^^^^^H 


corona. XXII. 10, nee diadema ; see aIm^^^H 

contuaani, ixxv. 80, see mafiidm«. 



coronas, ixivii. 19, Μβ luuru« ; xxiU^^^^H 

Ί3, xee riui» corona«. ^^^^H 

ooiiuenit, :i. la.^, tee non e^tpetlit. 

coronutus, xxiy. 106. see .tepbanu.. ^^H 

oonuentioulora. xxxv. 302, «se teimiw». 

ooroDQ [-uae]. ixxix. 43, see duüi «ironm^^^^H 

eonnentio, i. .sa, nee conivratio. 

ooniili, XXI. 6, see cuvt eoroai: ^^^^H 

coniorH, XTI. 27, see ntaleflei. ^^^^H 

^L Mitu.; lY. 7, Bee curi'i. 

corporalis, xliv. 3D, see u.rnn. ^^^^H 

corpore [for corporeo], iii. 29, n»^^^^| 

^^1 conuerBio. xivui, 68, xee apontroift. 

ο'ίρΗπ jwrffn«. ^^^M 

Η conuerao. xxvm. 67, ace «,>a,lrophf. 

corpone, xixrlii, 0, see epieuriiie. _^^^^M 

^H oonuertimua, xxvra. 6B. sen apoitropti. 

^M oeniuu. eitrem« c^li, xmv, θ (^»n; 

{I>t Ca,,., Ιη,Ι. V. 7 qui ab eaois eorpttJ^^^M 

^H (l<c,£(« = lBEd.<i««at.rcritmxii.8o»1.98S 

(»i|jaribiu...temperareiit). Cf. below #»^^^H 

^F Ci>nc»ii, cxtmno mcli]. A farthet ex- 


^^ ulanation αϊ tbia gloss is. perhaps, eoa- 

corpus, xnt. 43, see luiniri; ixix. Εβί^^^^| 

ΐη», ardaa. xliy. 21, For tonut.w see 

see man; iiiv, 161, gee regio morbt^•^^^^^ 

klBD (xuv. 1) peri«. 

XIX1I. 33, eee-porta laurenti. ^^^^H 

couuexDH, XMV. 11, see eiima. 

corrigia, ii. 9, see abtnt (for α brae). ^^^^U 

^^ conniator, ϊχιϊ, 54. iee j«iiii<e(U(<, 

oorrigi^. fee abtne (tor α btni). ^^^^M 

Donupte, eortnptf[-te], xiiiii, 7, Ml^^^^H 

■ Ac, 



cortex. Bee Hnamum: cHutex; ntber. ^^^^U 

eortiua, idi. SO, aeeffrelri. 

oortii [-tei], viii. 11. lee 
Ibvi. 14, Bee ni'vr, iS, tee cliutrx. 

eoca», see ehonu. 

eorjlmate», nee eoribitHi/u. 

corTinbiia, see rerimliir. 

CM, ueoKtiiii, ilti. 4 {Atia = An Phorat, 
p. 419,4 li«ec rm, lisec iIoh). For utoilun 
^bwet-KUnl- O.H.O. teitUltia, tteui- 
•lein; Oenu. ireli-itlin-. D. ufMMfn). b 
whnUtone, «ee Bos«. T. (hael-ilän) •. tor 
the miaiing ft, »e« Siev. Or. g 217 ; tor the 
ιηίβ(ΐίπ){ (, cf. E. bal~A. S. btUt. 

cOBtae [dat. oFcoHtuiT], >ee auiia. 

cuHt« [tor contd, or nottar). x. SO. see 

cothumo, «ee turaodo. 

uotidmnui, xl. 15, see momrntaatiu. 

eotUe [for tolula, or cofyla], lui. 8. 

ootitf [cot^lae], iiiiiL• 20, see colamina, 

ootole btibct dragrou utxii ideiit scru. 
polo« coivi Ac.. uiiL 8, »ee emina. 

cotUTDO, »ee lumodo. 

oaljla, tee colamina; tvmor; eatirut. 

cotjloe, Bee colamina, 

Coum[cboiiiii,ODham], luv. 2. seecauf. 

ocrae cBt cfuo c^lun coDt^DeCuT unde 
eniiw nix eolum conplere couiu terroribus 
ouli, luv. 2 lAlia, de cifo-leid. ilr not. 
rentm, xa. 3 col. 9Θ3 Choui quod oo^lum 
cunlioet (gua eoclum nnlin<rur, in note). 
Unde Enniuii [Ann, 645 (ed.* Vfthleu) ; 
560 (ed." Vahleii) ; 670 (PoalgBte. Corp. i|] : 
" Vii iolam complere chonm terrorlhua 
oMli "). A further explanation eeems to 
be ; coni, dicitar eo ijnod mbi iauicem 
in nmodo mi coenat eleinenta, luv. 17. 
eaiii ( = xaOt, mound, beupr) see alxo 
V. I) panel. Cf. PorcrlL (coAuni). 
"aKaeus, «ee poreopUcii. 
«pulA, inglnoieii Del uoniitum [eic], 
II. 27 («rnirf. rea- «'J. 13 [21] remote,,. 
(rapiiU: cf. ib. 14. 16 [24, ϊβ]), 

araenoribus, xlviii. 10, see furpuffirCi- 

ratwa, palennniueealix.xxti:. 7 (1 Ktdr. 
. 27 rnilf rf. nnreoa ; Heyae, in note, 
<riii).— cr«ter», paten«, luvii:. 17 
(Clem. Rteognitt. vni. 27 in cmUre aliyuo, 
..OmnibuB ei eratere eumtii). 
oraleraa, oralere, oralere», tee eratera. 
cratioula tor laMiincula, q.v. 
' eraticiili«. ■•« gratic«ti: 
oistoria*, aoe /HiiitiKruntD. 
mtenM, fuicinulae, τιι. 6 (2 I'anil. 
I*. Π. 10 f«il,™i(riu). 
crenBras. ece ι 

orebro, ιιτπι. S**. st* »potlrapri. 
eiedenti (?), xiiiv. 44. see Mfalt»libut. 

crepando. xnti. 41. are rrtpldo. 

ανι/ΛΔο, a crepando dicilnr, xnn. 41 
{Grrg. Dial. iii. 17 col. 2β4> ab allaris 
erepidiiu pntierem uollenit). 

III. 1, H 

I. 22, Β 

■ *i. 


creatram, eee tnlMin 
Crete «muun dlptai 

le [Clfni. Btcognitl.. Kuflni Prnef. Creic 
coman diutamni miltitu There is no ϊη- 
terpreUlion. Ou dipt-, nx Ooetü, vi. 340 
{voce dielamniu); Oil. I>. ; Skeat, D. 

oiimina. see Miniulriinnu*. 

14, see eiiteiHnot. 

ctioibue, iLvii. Ii, «pe eim•. 

erisicaf, fanicnl. il. 7 {t'erbti'!). As 
the «oncce of thin g1o»ii ba« nut jel been 
traced, the cootractioDH caoiiol be ex- 
panded. Cf. inculla crinirnl-initH eaisarie 
[Aldh. de laud. Tirg. p. 17) ; nwiti oindn- 
οιαπ criaiculii lid. p. 681 gloesed by locca 
and loecun (Napier, 1211, 4173). 

oulortni et etellae lucu- 
leiitaa habet, xi.1. 13 (Üc nomiii. dir. =Apoe. 
XII. 20 ehrymlilui : see aUa Eiod. xxvilt. 
20, uxix. 13; Eirk. xivni. 13 cliryto- 
IHhnt) = crisolitDS (crje-J aurioolorein et 
Blellas habet. Cp. Ceaii; Ep. 8C12 A Ef.' 
332. 22. For lueulentat iiTCp., Ep, and 
Ef.' βββ bi-loW iardoflii. 

crispuiles. *t. 28, see rxuroi. 

crifti, see cftri^ciu. 

orietonografan. see ckrifiiciu. 

XIV. 32 (Hier. = ΓΑγγπ. iv. ö uutricbantur 
in croccia). The Cambr. M».: crociubcrba 
bona ad oomedenduin. 

croooi herbe [-boe] Boxent raiidice|-cae] 
mire [for miri',] odoiia, x. Ιϋ (CVirif. iv. 14 
nnrdua et ΐ'πκιυ). See also rroceit. 

cronlcon oanuon, temporaliiuu regu- 
lerum, XII. 77 (fni. Hitr. lxhi m1. 
689* Chronictirum PaHo;iiiBi..,hietori«; 
6: lo eronteorvm Mnnnnm ..hjutoriam ; 
C : chronlcorum emioiium. ..hietotiam). The 
temaa is crideutly taken Irom the Or. 

cron/con, temporale, Cp. CBSS ; Ep. Θ09 ; 
Ef.i .ΐ52, 19. 

INDEX (LATi.y) cron. — cun. 

eronognpUu. temporalis ticriblurae 
l t«oript-], »XI. 37 (Cm, //in-, xiimi col. 
1 669* Hinninit..,el Caaiajii cajuxdam χρο- 
I rry^^Iai: Β: Μ. ..el Casewni ο. erono- 
I gniphie; C: M..,el osBsiani c. chrono)^ 
enmojirafiiu, brenis eeriptura, Cp. cese; 
of. cronograßtim, (emporelis »criptura, 
Gp. 0883; cronografiim, tempornlis ecrlp- 
turie. Ep, 802; cinoerafum, tempora uel 
eoriptanii, Bf.' 352, 12. 

oronograpliie, see croiiographiat. 

crucem, iiv. 7, ίββ lignum. 

cruoi, xi.ii. 26, eee flircifer. 

crucifigsut, xvn. 21, see con/igent. 

omda, Diilena, u-iii. Ill, see Canu. 

onidelem. ii. 173. see lirannidemA 

omdO, III. 41, flee Una cnida. 

craBntare, ixiv. 336, tee /untitart: 

emn, in. 11, see laraballa. 

oniribui), zlvi. 27, eee uarii. 

onutloU, buoellia, vi. 10 (firru. mot.?). 

oiTPta, epelunca puruia, χτι. 3 IDnn., 
Fraef, Hier, γ, xvi**, and HJttne iivui 
col. 1292" p«r cryptam anibuIllQB). 

ctetioa, see etllutica. 


onbi tales, . 

oubiUH, X 

Ί4, > 

. IS, see pigmei. 
;v. 27, leepancta. 
.1, see preleriola; 

η [for tuhilo.1), IUI. 

cnbitOB, XIX] . 24, lee clioroi. 

OQUtnin, elio, xvi. 2Θ (Dun. iit. 1 fecit 
«tatuam.. nlHtXidiae eubitorum Beiaglntai 
euhitii ib. III. 47). For «(in, an ell, bob 
BOBW. T. (<rln). 

ααοα, see eueuiata. 

caculli, I. 17, aee bi/rriu; bco bIbo bgr- 
rum; corutam; ipfniUtrn; iaceniam. 

^ullne, auonllaiD, cuculla«. aee co- 

ucnluB, eee «1 

, borttiB in qn 
meruB [Cuitibr. MS. cu*umerii]cref 
erba [uerba] ad manducaudum 
medicinam xiii. 1 {Iiai. i. β tagurium 

u., Cp. 

. b. hecba a. ι 

U, laepiDincq, ilv:i. 60 (JIi<i=7) 
= ■:■, lepeuuiaoe, Cp. C951; Ep. —; e-, 
laepaemticae, Bf.' 358, 49. cwuiota is 
aleowrillencHciiraW (Wright W. 285, 11). 
For laepi -τιίιιας Λα,- (a lapwing, whiou 
ateo filoHseB ciieii, Wright W. 260, 2; 
367, 29, and »pipa, Prompt. Parv.), see 

iVrtb. (kibitz). 

endal, fahricat, xiiv. 271 {Rii/. v'l. 1 
fol. 116'' Septimum nobin eeoleeiiuticae 
histoiiao libruin.,,ciKlot,.,Dionjsius):^ru- 
dii. fftbrioat, Cp. 0924; ηΐίίαί. tabricat, 
Ep. βΕϊ3; Ef,"3W. 3B. 

ciilatla,h[]idirT;iif, 11,111.37; mwtr&Ui, 
bidirrin;, iLni. 38 {Be diu. παΗΐΐΝίύΐΗ = 
Donali An grammat: p. 379, 3Π in note, 
in one MS. eniatU nottnitU; ibid. 380, 
32 euiatit noelratit). For htiidirryiii ( = 
ΑιιιίιίίΓ = whither, andryiie, a course, ran, 
or originating, and hidir-iyttt { = hider = 
hither, and ryof) hither-running, from 
our coontiy, see Boew. T. 

cnlnumia, princeps iiUle [-lae], xxix. 
65 [Uerb. lHlerpr. = HieT. inMiilth. xxi. 10 
Propheta. queiu et Mo3'seB Bimilem Bui 
dixerat eiiae veuturum, et qui proprie 
apnd Oraecoe cum arthrn eoribitur). Ad- 
cordiDK to the order in which thiB gloss 
follows in the QloBsary, ruimariiu can 
only refer to the above i|UotatioD, cum 
arlhra being, perbspe, mianndeistoud by 
the Glossator, who was, evidently, tliinlc. 
ing of καμΛμχηι•, or it may lie that his 
text liad this lattel word. 

flBioe. 1. Ill ; II. H; ϊϊτιυ. äi. 

colioes. III. 16, eee f oirnpntiiri. 

culioet, nee reeulicel. 

oulinoe, eee culine, 

enUne, fornacula, xv. i'i {Kztfh. 
23 ciifina« fabricatae erant..,). 

ealix [-lex], iii. 16, see cwiapeiim. 

cnlmen. iv. 52, see moniirrhid. 

cnl])B, II. 117, see iioxa, 

eulpauorit, ii. 67, nee cxeeiifi'il. 

oulpetur, ii, 127, see nbiargelur, 

cultura, xn. 8, see ruilic-ilio; ixvi 

cum, I. 25, 05; iiii. 23, 43; xxvu 

43,51.53,55,64, Θ6, 70,76,78; ixi< 



[. 17; 

i. 27. 

I artbro, see cuiiniirnH. 

Gtun ooronli, oimuliB aurets in capitibus 
eorum BigniHcant«» nietoriani eius uel in 
choris cantautea, xil 6 {Judith ni. 10 
exoipientes eum cnm coroiiia..,ducenteB 

oamulare, see exaggerart. 

Dunabuln, χι,νι. 33, aee cuim. 

eunabulia, see cuitabulam. 

cnnabiiliim, naa in quo iacenl infantes, 
iiiv. 57 (/ill/. ΪΙ. 2 fol. ϋ4ΐ• ex ipaie ««»a- 
hiilie; aleo in ed. of 1535; Caociari, p. 
319: ei ipeis incunnbalit). According to 
tlie place where the word ocanis in the 
GIOflBary, it might refer to u. 16 (oL IW 


canabaht, where bIm a reading runa- 

huli» may have eiisted. 
cnn•, oiltrog nude cunnbnla. iLtr. 33 

{AUa = Mn Phoeue. p. J2K. 8 cunaf). Cf. 
', cildcUftu, Cp, 0066: con« (for 
i) atatmn iDfantain, Cp. C;J64. Foi 
^ (scild'trog, a child's cradle) cee 

BOBW. T. (ciWo ires and Img). 
oulonliuil, forameri ael oanallii. luv. 

211 φι Kui.\; Gonicalnin, a cuoaadg 

' .?!, IV. 64 (Errci. /iti.r,) = (Ttu/. X. 13 
IBS• in eeceaeus cunictuiim)~fnnieul• 
urn, r. n. c, Cp. C93ai Ep. tlESS; EC 
S49, 34. 
cnnioiiliu^ see moruea; (ηγ/«ι». 
0. BOllM, 0. nununoR, xxxTti. 2 (,ΐ. Ju^. 
5cm. i6. 3 [Migne, i-. /.. xxxviu col. 263] 
ηαΐ contemliit centum /off'i.,.inveDiBti 
n DontemneDlem faUtt eentum; Htm. 
I, S [Higne, F. /.. txuz col. I7(M] 
r-rnfnm /u(jci,,,juuit erogaii). For other 
iDBtaneee Irom Aug. eeo Lew. sod Sh. 
(/"iiii, C). 

ODpiditatu, t. 1, fict alealnr. 
cnpienn, it. 4U, see dnideiu. 
onn, ii.vit:. 41, «ee lynaxfoi euro. 

Durealio, nee gtirgullii: 

enrli, conuenluv. iv. Τ (Rn/. i. 3 ΓυΙ. 8^ 

ex coTiHeuu nriar; cf. rariii ibid. viii. 16 
fnl. 143^).— ooTta, ubi ordo eonBilium iniit, 
XXII. 31 (L'trb. Interpr. =^ Hier, in ilatth. 
xiT. 11a censoribufl pnlgum ruriu). For 
curin nee also (iiivu. 9) tabiiliu lenal. 

βαζίοηβ, 'loi curam gerit, uiv. 33 (Hu/. 
IV. IS (υ1. GS* mi8<<i...CurioNr). Cacciari, 
p, 210, note X : praeame, deearione. 

SUir.)•. eyatl, calicei. xxir. IS fDeEwuh.) 
= {ltu/. in. 6 M. ae* oaiaa panie, aat 
tyalhi farlnae).— dUM habens peitBtiro 
eolidomiD \i, xan. G [De ponder.?). Cf. 
Bliline. I. B7S, 25 {cgaliit)-. 374, 37 
(eiuium) : 375, 1 (ci/ili).—Ci. tailiieT Kyatot 
(ii. en, enb V. At'miiui); urn«; and ryntiu, 
ealii, Cp. C973; Bp. 6E28; äetiu, «alix, 
Ef.' 319, 30. 

cjclie (?), Bee eiclu. 

cvuibaliH, see in nablU. 

cjrmMitarll, qui minoree [lapides] dO' 
lant. lun. 4 (1 Eidr. m. 7 Dederoot.,. 
pecuDias latemig et cirMtntiiTiit ; m. 10 
fitDdato...a eifmenlorii) templo). See also 

1, 24, Bee coeMen- 

cynetli. iiAblie. ideat citharia longiorea 
quam pnaltcnnm mun pealt«riam trian- 
gnlam Bt theodoma dixit, xn. tO ^EetUt. 
xixii. 21) Valg. confiteimDi illi in voce 
labioram veetrorum, ct in canticia labi- 
ornm et eitharii], Sab. records iii a Dole 
that a Saiigerm. AIS. Iiaa eim/rii for 
ritkarif. The Cambr. MB. hae : Cineri•, 
nabtis. It ia dilficnlt to sa; who "Tbeo- 
dorui " was. Glower soegeetK rilher 
Tb. of Heraclea. who died about i.i>. 
S5S; or Th.. of MopeaestiB, d. about 
A.D. 438. or Tb. ol TharsuB, Aichbp. of 
Canterbaiy, who died t.D. 695. 

CYNipoHON, unius tempotiB, ivm. 1 
pie; Prat/. Hier, in XII Propft-, p- X»Il' 
lyiirhmnoii laaiae ; Migiie, P. L. 
col. 1016« aiyxpenr]. 

Dypraasiia, airidem babet coloreni nt 
ent pomiB et elellas aareae habet, ii.:. 
16 (De nomin. dii'. = .ipof. xxi. 20 cliryii- 

tiaiut]=cypraMu», niridem h. e. aureum 
oc oBt et Btotla«, Cp. C977: Ep. β013; 
Ef.' 353, 33. For u( -ίΙ porrtu in Cii., 
and Et.' aee the pieaeDt Oloasaty in 
voce topalion. 

ojpn, Bee eyprui, 

Difprlue, pTouintia (' 
(/(«/. I. 5 fül. 1(10^ Spiriiiion Cypriv. 

eypnu, arbor est einiiliH «alioc [lalici 
habenn florea mlri odorie et butroB aien 
erbft [herbn] praleaium [pratorDinT ob in 
the Cambridge HS.], χ. 10 {Cant. i. 13 
Vers, ant. Sab.; Nardua cjrpri; ib. Vulg.: 
Botrun eyjiri). 

l^Tlf, iiii. 68, tee iltumn cyrif, 

cyrieleieon, ae« kyritWton. 

cfthara [citli-], ixiv. 161, see paallea 

INDEX {latin) daem, — dec. 


doetnonee, Bee manitu. 

dAemonioHuiD, nee arreptitium. 

d&lalura, see iiolabella. 

ikUca, tanioa lata babeae maaicAS 
miBAlie [ = inUsalü, -lei, of or belonging 
to Ihe m.«a], ϊχϊΐι. 32 {Ong. Di-il. tv. 
40 col. a07' (/niino(icaBi...teligil) = Doi- 
miiUca, tQQim lata» manicaii habeas, Cp. 
DlO: Ep. — ; E(.' 35fi, 72. 

(Uunma. olhs, ilv, 20 ([/<γ(νι ilr multu 
= Am Fluicaf, p. 413.30 maBculici goiierie. 
hic..,('MrniN<i) = fj(iinnia, beatia idest eola, 
Cp, D12; Ep. — ; Et.'357. *. Vat flha. 
toUi, an elk. »ee Btuw. T. («oM). 

dntnnaudo, xiiv. 207, see pnumbni'lo• 

damnatur, ixivn. 17, see uiWfr/rur. 
, propriam nomeii gentle, it. 15 
{Kirch, iivii. ISCnnetUraeoia; el. ibid. 
ϊΐ,ϊΐιι. 1, 2. 32); 

ΟίΜΙΚΙ,ΕΙΙ. %Vl lit. 

I>KtiiheliB, see v;w (aub) lyo« (hoc) £c. 

dftnt, xxxvili. ii, see rpibath, 

dantur, i. 112, we ttipeiidiif ; iiitui. 

is, I 

oedipia, sub 

dapuUfl [for alijutCiu?), tit. S4, see 

dare, xu. 1, sec preibilin', 2, tee 
r>iorepiirt>pi ; tmie, I. S2, see operatn 

dueat, IV. 11, we patiiiiot darrnl. 
datione, xu. 33. nee dr traiectione. 
datur, xivm. 57, eeit figiira; ixxni. 6, 

dalurquo, xiii. 16. see iiertdarii. 

dauid, X. 31, see Sitlamilit; xxiii. 17, 

e elulta» dauid. 

de, 1 tit.; tl (ΐί.; Ill lit.; lv.7Ö(biB); 

fi(. ; β {bis), 14; vi. 16. 311; viu. 16, IS, 

i; X. 7, 19. 211: XI. Si 111. 9(bia), 21, 83 
(bis)i ΧΠΙ. 6-9. 25(biH), 10, 66; xiv. a, 5. 
6, U ; xr. 14. 33, 37, 46; xvi. 11. 21 ; χτπ 
tit. (bie), 4 ; xu. 10 (bit), U (bii). IB ; xxi. 
18, 30; XXII. 4, 16; xxiii.l; xxiv.lO, 13; 
XXT.3,4,7: XXVI. 13; ιχτπ.2θ; xxix. 11, 
lis (bis) ; III. 13, 30. 27. 28 (bis), 29 (bis), 
86, 13 (bin), 8fl(bis}. 91; mm. 7 ; xixv. 
SO, 43, 164 (his), 333, 238 (bU), 241, 254 
(bis), 294; iiivm. 19; ixxix. ISJbia); 

Jt. 21; 

., 21; 

γ til. ; 

de, see dtlato tiv» (tol: de lecto). 


dea, 1 
dearum. xt. 
deaaiatum , 
dcbitin, iiiv. 206. see laUiriit. 
debueruiit, xxn. 11, see inuHiiHin m-. 
decani, a deotn [deoem] nominantur. 
'3 [Brned. reg. 21, 4 conntituantnr dt- 
ί ; 6 [8] decani tales elegantur; θ [13] 

decani; of. 91 ίί(.. De deeanit; (12, 12 [21] 
ΒΛτ-ιηί.; 65,31 [12] pet iIienno<).—aei!an- 

ornin, qui per i nurainos aURuriatitut (1). 
xiivni. 31 (Cifiri. Eecamiitt. ix. 26 ie- 
candum numenun dtcannrttm). Goetz 
(VI. 306) suggests to read numetot for 

decsnin, decanoE. nee d^eani. 

decanornm. qui per χ nutnmos aogu- 
riaotnr. iiiviii. 31. sue dteaui. 

dMapolün. I ciuitalee in oua proniotia 
[■eia]. xiu. 31 \Vrrh. Interpr. = Eier, in 
Miillh. tv. 24, S de Üalilsia et DeeapoU; 
Vnlg. Deeapoiim). 


d« MMidla, pera iiastorolis, xx. 9 
(Tnliint Till. 3 protulil ilt auiidili sno 
partem jeeoria; He;ee, in note, de ai*. 
lidilc), Ci. natiideU, pung (a bag, pnrne). 
Cp. eise; Ep. — ; Ef.' 351, 40. 

DB Ct[TA]LO<I0 HlEHONlMI IK FU 01.000, 

ixi tit. [in praloga seems to tefer to the 
first two lemmnta {ptripultbient and Ca- 
nitiut) of the Ohapter, whioh are eiti&cted 
from St Jerome'n Preface to hie CalaluiJiit, 
or Litter dt iUimtribiu I'iri'a; see the "Ad- 
monilio" in Migne's ed., ool, 397, and 
note • on col. 601 ibid.]. 

decern, see ΐ'θΙαηΗ?ιη ; dcciiiii. 

december, iiu. 11, see Tebelhl. 

deoem Ingera nlneanun. χ lutieres uel 
diuniale», xiii. IS (isai. v. 10 deetm... 
juijera i'iiirur»;nfiu;ient IsgunciiUm unam). 
For iiigerei sue also below sob v. iageret ; 
Forcellini; Maii Spirit, ix ad fln., ülgne. 
nor. Lat. p. 34 (iii.'frr. ris, Ken. maso. 
OpuBO. vet. MS. in Isaiem Decern iugeres 
vcl di urn ales). 

deoemnoiialem, xxi. S3, see cnnenft 
dccerida, aub v. ejc ni. 

dMsrlda, xu. 52, 53, see ij- i-.i. 

deeim [decern], il. 53, see drr.ani ; xxxiir. 
20, sec roiuuiirbi. 

deoLuiB, XXXIII. 16, tieo j/'imor. 

deoiniBe, IXI. IS, lee laneta iluuiiiit. 

dedpulaia, tentiouUro [tend-) qaa auea 
capiuntur, xiix. 23 {Utft/. liiterpr. = Ritr. 
in Matth. III. 1 col. 131> ut deeipulam 
ournni traneeat). Cf.dfCipiilR, bienicfalle, 
Cp. D33. 

dedelo [sine interpretat.]. i. 42 tOe 
Canoa.; Can. Vane. Carlh. Lii deciiio 

da ciavla. de insanie. iiix. K3 {Uerh. 
IiUerpr. = Hi fr. ill Mallb. Χϊ. 3 1 Ds nuXXnii 
tacuit; xv. 39, 30 τυλλοιίΐ and KaXUs). 

dcolarauerlt. iiiv. 1Θ4, see ezpotirrit. 

Df. Clkmsntb. xxxvm (f(. 

declinans, xliv. 2ti, see dfiteia. 

decora, xxviii. 46, see aetilogia. 

. (LATJ.y) dec•-— di-if. 

. 6R. 


III. 31, Bee Itporem, 

decorticactur, vin. 1&, aee ptiianin. 

deereptta, fracta uel uetdriiw [iiet<:i'- 
noeft], mi. Ü (leid. Oßc. u. 7, 4 propter 
dterepitan eeueot litem). — dMiepltftlll, do- 
beud. mil, 30 [Greg. Dial. iv. -ia cul. 
413" uetjue ad Bi^tatem ilfrreptlam)-de- 
crepil«, dobgendi, Cp. ϋ4β: Ep. — ; dr.- 
crtpita, dobendi, Et.' 35(i, 6. For doheiid 
Ac., doling, see Boew. T. dofung (dotsge), 
dlt^un (tu gink): Eluee, A. S. Ijscb. 170 
[diifian, toben) ; Fnnck. ΙΓοσηί. Ned. T. 

deenilo, priiicepe supur χ homiuee, χιτ. 
9(M(irc.Ky.43iiobüieiiFci<r;n; Lac. siiu. 
60 qui erat dccurin). 

decntione, see curioiie. 

deoarsB. ixvm. 75. nee iiruj;nui>. 

deouB, I. 57, see grnuinam ilecii». 

De DiALouaBDM, ixxn tit. 

dedicationes. x\v. II, eee mc'ieui'ii. 

dedictum [ΓυΓ il/dicalumi]. x. 6, see iiii- 
Ifiii«(nm fjiiiant'dim. 

dMiragma dui> DraKiusc eunt undo 
miror quomodo in liUro hebraicsrum 
questioiiuta aeroeuneiae icribitui, xxxiii, 
6 iEuth. De pnnil., p. 158, 11 didragma 
drsgmse duoe, uude m.q. in I. H, quaes- 
tioDum lemutuia κ.). The Brit. Muk. 
US. tait: dklmeiiui habet gGripuli n. 

Cf. Wotke'i note (ibid.); of. dedrapiaar, 
duae menEaiae, Cp. D14il. and see below 

deduce, ECG ilrdiicor. 

dedncor [ίσι dtdueo], i. ΙΙΚί, see prosc- 


At eatoetromito, deflicto [for d« βα,ιΊ 
toifielvt d. Cp. FU, 313; HS13] diuer- 
sarum diepoBiUonum, xix. 82 (Cat. Hier. 
LxilT oqI. 6Ö1(^ de Engattrimjitho ; Higne'a 
tir. text: rr|ΛΈyyaaτpιμύθoι■•,B,v:hΛτdι^on : 
De ΐγίοστριμύβ'^; Β: de rnlaTiairitfOn; 
C [biftnk]). Diuertanim diipotilionaai ia 
beie uut of place; it clearly refers to Cat. 
Hier. Lttxn col. 693* : multaque rff- 
litrtarum irreeiaiuv raripslt VolutniilB. 
where Β has : m. diutr»aTum rxpotitionvm 
B. viil. ; and C ; taaltaqne liiuerHirTim 
[blankjs.vol. Cf.$;iDl(ti'uii,diBpo8itioniuii, 
Cp. Tl ; Ef." 401, 5. 

Dk [eJodüu Libra [heading lo a eecand 
ouUeotioD fFom the Lib. RataTvm = Itid. 
Lib. dt natura reruiii], xxvli. 18. 

De Ehteb, Χ1Π (if. 

De Edhebiu, mv lit. 

defatiget, see drßeiel. 

defBcatlor. parior, iv. 109 {Hi•/, ii. 3G 
liil. ley'' ai[ua..,dr/VfMfior ac purior red• 

. p. 108: da/ece 


Further esplanalion» of Ibi» gloBs aeein 
to be IV. 110: defecatnm, liquidam, and 
IV. Ill : pnmni, eitersum. See aleo 
de/eealurn. uinum punficntum, Cp. DT9; 
Ep. — ; F.f." 33(!, 56. 

" liquiilani. iv. 110, eee de- 

defectio, xini. 1, see lUliguiiiM, 31, see 
nlipii» ; zxm. 17, see lincopin. 

defeotionie, see obduclionii, 

deienditur, xxitu. 15, see uindiiatur. 

defensor, i. 87, see prttul. 

detanwies, custodes pieaides [praes-]. 
1. 40 {Df Canon. ; Can. Cone. Carth. lxxv 
ut iJc/eiMorc« eis... deinen tut; de de/eiuo- 
ribui EcclttBiaram. ib. ttl. ; dent faoultalem 
defeiiiore' oonetituendi, ib. icvn.). Cf. 
Can. CoHc. CaUhed. ii * ϊιιιι \4e/en- 

defetimur. renitimur, τι. 2S (Breu. 

deScientes, i. 37, see delirantei•. 

defldet, fatiget, ixvni. 1 (Lili. Anion. 
IV. ; Migue, P.L. i-xiiii col. 136" uon tos 
aat toidium dffaiigel) = dt^tigel> fatiftet, 
Cp. D61; Ep. ~; defigel, fatiget, Bf.' 366, 
15. Cr. defaligel. suencelh, Cp. D52. 

d• Bgaanto, de plaainatione bomiiiiB, 
HIT. 164 (Iluf. IT. 26 tol. 70" DtfigmeMo). 

Cf. figiiunta, pUematio humimun, Cp. 

dBänita. Bee nernt. 

deQnitio, see do0inii. 

definiliones, see laactionei, 

deGninit. eee /atuit. 

defixiezodo, see piichinodo. 

deflioto (for de ßetoJ), xxx. 83, see dt 

daBonire, euellare (I), χιχιτ. 53 {De 
Cati. litit. T. 4, 3 uuamquainqae uirlutem 
...dt/larare; Ivo iiSB. htve dtplorare). 

deforma [deform is?], iii. 10, see Ai'i- 
pida ; for deforma -df/oriniu. XT. 41, Bee 
pmphiinu . 

deformiB, see hirpida. 

degessImuB, »ee digemiiniiK. 

degMU snilt, cougregati snnt, xxilVi U3; 
see digeiiimut. 

d^radattarit, depasnerit, ii. 49 {lletird. 
reg. 63, 14 [34] ho» quos... abbas... de^fra- 

dei, '•" 20, see pantocranlo, 2U, eee 
capun prrieiu: xxzv. IT. see a lUeoliiffia. 
liT, see prtalum; xxxvi. 1. Bee lani; 
xxtviit. ao, see ßdiae operu; eee aleo 
fpiini>/iNe, HUb T. rpitomia. 

ileicio, xLiii. 45, Bee pgiittu. 

deUcniB liuneii, djumMm lumen, n. JÜ 
{lltntd. rrg. Prol. 20 [Ϊ8] ad deijicuvi lu- 
men) ; ef. Et." 386, 12 {defieum, diuinnni). 

INDEX (la r/.v) dein. — de rad. 


delatae, see eoniuhir! Jeleclii». 

rlelectaliilin, i. 15, tee rmhiioiut Ulf. 

daleclionia, eee obductionin. 

dalMto aiiu, legatiouea eiaa, ilviu. 2!) 
(Di Ca«., /n.». 1. 1. 2 prior.., miaaliB ad 
Inorepandaa nuatioB Oahaziae...eo qaod 
...propheta desceoBiiPi de tretv ei [«i'ui, in 
three UäS,} in quo ooDciderat dene^BBect, 
decumbenti regi expoeita uentitua qaitli- 
Ute conpertixs est). It U clenr thai the 
Oloasator regariied de Irclu ae one word 
referrinit Ιο tbe menea'/tn oF King Ocbn- 
Bias to EUjah ; nee πι H/g. i. 1 aq. 

dalactni [for ilelnliur], hit. 149ί see 
I poiuulori (Irkiti«. 

Sal et biubot [sine interptet.}. xiii. S4 
' (i«.ii. XT.TI. I confraatua eat Hit. contritun 
eat Sal-o; Heyne in note Nahulh). 

delibamua [delibererana], [. 132, nee 

delibemnins, nee nalagiinut. 

deUberaitlo [Bine interpret.], ti. 59 
(Dtned. rig. 58, 34 [41] llaliitn secum 
iltlilirratioiu). Cf. dfliberutio, jmb^rio- 
dnng, Cp. DG'2; d-, ymbdritiing, ΕΓ.' 
356, 30, and Buew, T, {ymb-^rrodian, ymli- 
, . delibemtione, i>ee dflibiratio. 
I deliberatum, Fiee delibratum. 

^y πι. 12 fol. 12ϋ<- continao eibi et dtlibfnt' 
tum asserit, et., .oonfirmatum). 

daUbutni. nncCus, ixri. 4 ihid. Oße. 
II. 26, 2 myitioo Tngiiettto eat deliliutoM). 
Cr. delibiitui, perunctus infusns, Cp, Di)8: 
d-, periuictua Del perruKaa. Ef.> 2β3, 58 

^U and Ooeta, τι. ÜW {delibutiu}. 

^^m dallqnlnm, defectio, ιζτιι. 1 (Lib. Hal. 

^F =Cp. D95; Ep. — ; Ei.> 366. 6β. 

^™ deUrantM, menle deficientea. i. 37 [Ot 

Canon. ; Vtt. üejin. fid. Ckalc, Maoa. τη. 
754'' Ipeie...figuraiD delirantri ve] ineani- 
entea dicimue; 756* drliranlti extenninat). 
dalnbi«. temp!» deorum , xxxv . 224 
(Ru/. II. 38 fol. laO'' quae,, , «tare deliibra 
potQerant; xi. 22 fol. 18T* impnritatea 
ditMbri; ii. 23 (ol. 187*' iDterioria dtlilrri 
parietea). Cf. detubra, tem{i1a iilolnmln, 

ICp. D201. 
Dk Mxboo et Ldca et Iobasne, iit 

demerfiil. xlit. 30, aee a tergo. 
demergitur, ilit. 27, aee Iriui, 
deminot-, see diminit-. 
demon [daemon], χχιτιιι. 28. ai 

, de singalaribuB naptüa, 
1 (f.ii. Hirr. um ool. 603* texuit 
Volumina de pljdieitia,,,ife moitogamin). 
Cf. mimogiinia, RiQgulaJΊS nnptiae, Cp. 
M200; Ep. 14013; Bf.' 370, 40. 

dsmem, postea, ii, S4 (Berud. reg. 3. 
22 [31]; 73. 19 [33] tono dtmum). 

denarii, xxxii. 1, eee itragiaa. 

denarlua per i nnrnmia Mputatur. xixi. 
38 {De poader.). Cf. Blums, i. 374, 1 

deneitudo, ixiiT. 25. aee piiait. 

deoHO. xxTii. 33, lee opago tetnpore, 

dentee. xni. 18, we ^reuluni, 36, Βββ in 
lerrii, 47, see platutrum; xtx. 56, eee 

deo, I. 109, Bee religio; xii. 29, »ee 
riipuii periena. 

de octoade, de-octaua die, τ. 6 {Keel. 
.Slor.); de ootoade. de nono testamenlo, 
xxxT. 254 {De But.) ; aee ogdnade. [for de eodem\ χχτπ. 1». 

Da Obobio, XXXVI (/(. 

deoreum, i. 21. aee tlalf pnlHuirnm; 
deomun, xlit. 27. aee dexiera. 

deonim. ixiv. B4, eee theomachie, 224, 
eee delubrii. 

De Obk βΡΕΤι»ι.ιτΐΗ [epec-], ivm tit, 

tiT, FAit*i.ipoiiiENON, VII III. [otberwiafi 
entit. Chra«. i. Λ ii.]. 

depa&dlieet, suatinuiBeet. tv. 32 {Ruf. 
III, fill. 37" Bupplieium ciuitae depeniHe- 

de pUIoxenla, de aniore oBpicmni [boa- 
pitimii], χιϋ. 28 {Cat. Hier, xitv col. 
(i43" de phiioienia [de <fu\i^iflif, ßich.] 
libnim; B: de philogenia ideal hOHpila- 
litate librum; C: de liospitalitate libmm). 

de pl&Bnta, Iraatura [faolura*] nel ars, 
XXX. 27; see pimmo. 

depiota, xiiviii. 6, aee ttragula. 

depingit, depinguit, see piiL ' 


; Dep. 

I ill. 

deposnerit. ii. 42, aee degradaiterit. 

dapronuliiiiii. piotulimns, i. 38 {De 
Canon. ; Can. Coac. Carthag., Praef. p. 143* 
Praeter iata, qaae liejiraiiuiNiiM octia). 

depteronominm. aee deuleronomii. 

depiilil. ixxt. 103. Bee arcet. 

depuUlio. ΧΧΙΤΠ. 16, aee taxalio. 

deputato, n, 21, see adiignato. 

deputatur, xiu. 38, See denariut. 

de ndiee colutui nualtnr ragnliia qui 
manducat aucetlas ideal baeiliRcua se- 
c im dum bistaiiani dlaitiir de oolubii 
Dasei, xm. 25 {liai. xrv. ΐ9 de radice... 

iJtDEX (LATis) der.— <liad. 

batiliik. OxI. D. 
düTalietuiii, π, 65, tea riruui 
Aengaien, nee dirijaert. 
d«riiutur. Me areola. 
Dr HiuwoKi. Tiu lit, 
D» tA%CTi AacBtnri {Aug-}, i 


I. IB. ■ 
dHcrlbitor, m« earaeun 
■ d*Mrftiant, nee cariitm. 
da— rtator. Π. Ι£β. «ee ttirpator. 
deitrto, (IT. II. >ec ptrdir. 

ββΛΛβΒΛ, afgligan nel otiam mpwiu. 

II. 46(/irtU(l. r(!fi.?). The lew ma do« not 
Mvm to occur in the Reg. Uenrd. ; it ie, 
{«■iliB)«, a Inrther fiplwiKtion uf dnidia 
(i(.T.)i we klra deiiäionu. 

dekidenre, luv. ΐΐ9, lee geifirt. 

dildla. lensaU, it. 15 {llened. rrg. 
ProL 6 [C] [>«t itioboedietitiae ilfii'iliam). 

deaidiftis, «ee ditidia. 

dMidimi•, nee dftidiowai. 

dMidlen•. igoaan« pignu [sie], it- 41 
(ßmni. rrff. J^. ll[73]Siqaie...if(vi4iu(ii• 
(uprit^ pF. 73. Iß [3it] NuUb ..ib^niiJofu 
. rubor confnaiooiB cat). 

JuHigoant, iLiv. Il, eeeft'nui. 

dealuimuiinDii, ii. 177, eee ι-ιζιΐΗίηιιι. 

da lUiqnli, fractns uborii culUgitor 
poroiB, »ΪΪ. G : we liliqna, 

desinat, i»v. 150, see /aetiiat. 

dualati miDl, see moUlit, 

detolutto. tixn. 40, eee paraliiin. 

deeoD&t, xuv. TG, we fatal. 

deaperabilü, nee obttinalat. 

doipiMtis, aeo diipkatu. 

despicieiido, ii. 163, see tpertiendo. 

dMtiiiabaiit. «ee prabiUri. 

deelrnitnr, nee ntrniiruum. 

detupet. III. 56, »ee rprudittn; un. 59, 
ten /rrttri: xxi. 10, lee mndaiia^ xxiv. 
IT, nee clibanui, 

deUcvn, II. 118, see non deltfiere. 

deterrent, ιιτπι. 3G, see paradigma. 

diüDcri, I. ea, see iuhilien. 

de tnd««tioii«, dcdatione, ideet malum, 

III. 83 lEecUi. xxxvii. 12 tru:tu...cum ue- 

de triolo, de tribus 

1». 79 I 

nen regie enb [quo] 
diluiiium raetum eat η on K^nerare, ιιιτιιι. 
■^3 (CUm. Hecognitt. vni.50 Deue dilnvJQm 
muntlu induxit, quod τυκ sob DeueaXUme 
taotam didtu). Cf. Üoeu, vi. β35. 
Uloggor ■uggeita that Son gtnerart may 

be for «on gnmU, Um( is boC lAc gemeral 

denocazt [aine ioterpretaL). t. 41 (D( 
Canon.: <;<». Cone. Carl*. LH mjn lieoH 
clerienni in indiaain . . . deMoeari eum, 
qui ..). 

denoratores, n. 7, eee ambrmrt. 

danoUtniB, male digtono incoiiparari, 
v^3(Cerbii?), Cf.dmeUtiiW, maledietnii. 
Cp. D180. 

deal, I. 39, aee <lnuu: xinit. 53|bu>). 
■Be epimiii, S3 (bU), see paraprotiliieia ; 
lua. 3. eee Pan. 17, see S'trtm. 

dentarH. renooationea, χιιτ. 33 (rVrb. 
InUrpT. = Hür. in IfaHS. nil. 23 Pharieaii 
traditionmn et obeerratiomim, quat ilU 
iiin-tpurta Toeant, jnititiam praferebant*. 

dMiMroBoaiU, cecanda lex. It. Sä (/{«lAf. 
rrg. 13. II cantiFom DtutfTomimii-, [32 cao- 
ticnm dealhenmomium ; in note dduter-, 
and deptcrT>iu)inium]| = DeDteronamiuiD, 
■. L, Cp. Int S3 (Each. 105). 

AeuteroDomiaiD, aee dtuteronomii. 

OMiteTVilii, Ncunda lei, iii. 32 (Cii. 
Ili/T. irm <B)1. 837• Hio dicitor loille 
annomui Jndaicam edidiaie itvrlpiiniui ; Β ί 
atoytyeroteti, ideal nouitalem ; C (blauk]|. 

deatlierODominin. see dmtmmnntit. 

deiler, urn. 6, eee tunu. 

deztars. mnlatur qaaado βϊΐή tiertix 
[-teij in circium declinans ad enm lab- 
re^t austroDotlium, ilit. ib;—t. terco, 
dicitor errate dum anatranotho in aabtimi 
ereolo uertii st 'va anmiiiaiii poU demonit. 
ILIV. 36 ; — ImiA, detnde cum ee aubleuane 
in boreum nertii anetronotbum iiiecipi- 
tan• obiecit et fimniiii alque deoiBimt di- 
iHmDa quod c^lum aicut in orln auri^viia 
eregimr iu et iu occoaa demergilor. Hii 
BUDt oii luotUB c^li qui eolem et lunaui 
dum polo sunt tardiares in diueriis oriri 
et oociderp coguul orbibua, luv. 27 {ΛΙΊ,ι: 
de crdi^Ifiid. dt mil. r«ruiii xii. 5 quod 
molum inerrabilem habeat, aiijuidem sex 
alii motua errabilea enol, aMt, a ttrt/o. 
dtxtra, lumaqat, mrium, dtortttm). 

dUooulM, miniaterio, i. 41 [Dr Canon. ; 
Clio. Cone. Load. cixtT lit. a diaeonieo id 
eat a aecretario; ibid, xtoa oporleal aub- 
diacoDoa habere locum in diaeimv-o). 

23 UlTcg. DM.'•). Tlie word diiieoni-a 
doca not iieem to occur in Oregnr^'a 7>iiii., 
and the preacat gloaa ia, pcrlmps. mere]; 
a further expiaiiatiou of the preoediHR 
pmbilera (q. τ.). CI. Can. Com. Calf lud. 
15 DefliaconJiiiimulieribDa. DfaronfJiaia 
non ordinaadam. 

diaconu», ιιτιχ. 33, see diaeonina. 

dUdenia, corona aursa, lui. 10 (Knlhrr 
ti. IT poBuit diadiiiM regni in oapite ejui ; 

Rim diadtnui•, 
ι, diseonaatin, 

INDEX (lATI.V) diaf.— (iici. 

I, 57; ■ 



dIalDretii, per qaam 6t dilTereatia pec- 
Bontrum, xxviii. HO {Catt. Pfolm. uxn. 
32 diaphiiretir p.q. f.d. p.). 

dlAleatlca, dueliB dictio, m. ί5[ = ΰρ. 
Di£9: Er.> 3G6. llj: &rethlnietlcB. im- 
nenüis, iix. 46; miulci, miidu liiblle 
ΙΙοτ modulabilii'l'i. xxi. 47; greometrica,. 
torre mcoBurn, x«, 4H ; grunmatlci,, 
literali, xi>. 4!) [-ΐζτ-, litteralis, Cp. 
Q144]: retboTlc«, eluquentia, xii. ϋΟ 
[=:7ethorica, prsiiJara eloquentia, Cp. 
Ββ2]; Mtronoinlk, »iderum lex, iii. si 
[ur. '(-, lex astrorum, Op. Αβ27} [Cat. 
Hitr. Liv eoL ΒβδΓ din iici ice m... at geo- 
mrtria», et arithmeticam, muiieam, gmm- 
matican et rhetoriaiin, omniumqaa philiv 
«optaornm BectaB,..dicUcit [iiaXciiruri}••, ntl 
■γιίΛμπρικΙί•', άριθμηπιφ•, μβνβιιΐιΐ, ■^ραμ- 
fiaruH)!'• ιοί ^Toptaijii, tat Tiirrur...]; Β: gtomrlriam et ailronomiam 
et arimelrieaia, tniuiMi»^ griimnuUieam 
et TelKorieam, omoiumque phil. H.d.; 0: geomttHeam, aritmelicam, 
mtiKeam, gnmmalieaM et rfcelorifvim om- 
niarnque ph. a. d.). Cf. Cul. Hitr. (,ιχιπ 
ool• ββ3* : arithmetiea, geomitria, attro- 
Kfmia, gramuHtita, rhttvrka, diaiKtiM; 
Β ; in afiMmetrUa, geomelria, aitronontia, 
gratnatica, rethoriea, djiaUtica; C: in 
arinmtrieata, geonittriiuaa, attronontiam, 
gratamalicam, Theloricam, diaUticatn. 

dialed ticam, see diaUcliea. 

dlalNtlda, fecuodia, xixir. 45 (De 
Ca»., Iiul. XII. 19 gjUogiamiB diaUelich 
et TuUiana fiicundia). Acootding lo 
Glogger λ St Uallen MS. ha« /ni-undii 
instead oC frctmdia. 

dialetioo, see diaUcliea, 

dialogo, xxxvii. 1), »ee Infciiioi Ifjul. 


Dianaoj, ree Diana. 

dlkplMHilail. diaaonaiitiam, xxx. II (Cul. 
Hier. a. ool. 623' ηβ.,.ίιαφιβιΊω' (diaao- 
niuitimiD),..tollit; D: res diaphonian id 
eat diuiituiiil(uiu...taliti G; reset [blank] 
idem diuonanciiini... tollit). — dlafcmla, dia- 
sonantia, xix. ST (Cul. Hier. L•^uι col. 
ϋ7ή• Baper itn^url^.. dieputst; B: eaper 
J^apAoiiiii,..diBpntBt: C: auper [blank].,. 

djaphoreeia, ece diaforttit, 

tinualio, χχϊΊιι. 20 {Catt. Fmlm., Fraef. 

11. d., u. a. Γ. c. ; ae« also id. in Pi. iv. i 
diaptahnatit eilantinm: ix. 16 ouetioum 
diapiiilmatir) = diaptal7iia, eermonum rap- 
ta continuatio, Cp. Int. 87 ; of. Bjmpslma, 
diapsalma, Ep. 3>iC31, and avmpaalina, 
dispealma. ΒΓ.' 3βθ, 32. 1 □ the latter twn 
UloHsaries, therefore, we bave merelj two 
lemmata without the interpretatioua; see 
tympiatiivt ; ικτυ in the above gloss refers 
lo the preceJin)! claaae in tlie text. 

dlftUpoeU, latini eipresio dicitur ubi 
rebue perBonisne suhiectia et faimg ϊρβς 
et habitus eiprimuntnr, xivni. tiS {Ciiti. 
Paalm. XIX, 11 li|;nra diatypoiit, quae 
Latiite eipeaiio d.u.r. p.e.e. fonuae ipeso 
e. b.c. Uee alHo ibid. H), 

xux. 71 (['erii. Jniirpr.).— dia.ttipM, oon- 
lliclua proprium nomen loci nbi diseunt 
dispuli [diicipnli]. iii. Z& = (Cat. Hier. 
xxiii αοΐ. 641^' : aumin urbe Bomababeret 
ίίο,τμβί,ί-. Β: cum in π. Rh. aiatkiba, 
xAeeXdiaentioneteti-.iniflielui; C: cutn in 
V. röna h. [blank]). There ia nothing in 
the abuve readings militnting against the 
variuUB meanings of βιατ/κ^τ), and in Cp. 
D202 and Ef.' 3S6, 14 «e find Diatrif.iH, 
eonflictue, Bui ulogger «uggepte tbat n 
lemma hae fallen out. namely: gymniouB 
agon (yivirijcit ίγώτ) which OOCUrs ΧΧΠ 
col. ϋ41«ι el. Cp. Θ1ΪΙ2 ( = Ep. 10020; 
El.' asy, 3): Qymniens agon locus abi 
lesuntur dioersae artes. 

diatrifuH, see dialripat, sab τ. diatrilini. 

dlatrlpM, confiiatua ibc, xxx, 2ΰ, »ee 

diatjposis, see diatipotif. 
die, xun. 48, Bee ndu. 
dioantur, xivin. ΙΘ, see apo In-. 
dicebantur, xixii. 62, aea ommu Ain,,.. 
dioenda, xirni. S4, see epitrocaimot. 
dioena. χχτιπ. 39. see alUgoria. 
dioentium, xxxv. 199, see garrienlium. 
ilicere, iixix. 36, see ax untiui. 
dici, nvtii. 1β, see apo tv,-. 
diolmns, luv. 37, see leua. 
dioit, XXII. 22, 37. 
dicitur, n. 35, IQl, Ιβθ; iii. 62; viit. 

12. 14ί X. 6, 32(bia)i χι..4ί xii. 41ti xiil 
2S, 36, 43; xir. 10 ; Iv. 22 ; itl 13; in. 
16; xiu. 4, II; iiiii. 30; iiiv. 10, 12. 
16; ii«iu. 49, S3, 83, 74. 88; xxx. 30; 
XIII. 37; ixim. 3, 7, 13 (bU); ixxv. 15, 
141; xxxni. 13; ixxix. 24, 38, 41, 43, 
48-50; xiJi. 9; xun. 4, 18; luv. 17, 18, 
26; iLv. II. 16; Xl.vlt. 38. 

dicitur, XIII, 47, for dieuntnr, teeplaia- 

INDEX (latia•) flico — dioc. 

dioo, n. 170, aee utrbolemit. 

diet», II. Θ7, see aabita, 146, see rrguUi ; 
xxviR. i4, see hypaliage. 

dictamni, bm ertta eovuim-. 

dletare, i. 97, eee prectn ßictare. 

dict^, ii-vr. 3β, MC nuinubi;. 

diati, ximi, 64, »ee tpilroeatvioi, Si, 
see tfexegrni*. 

dictio, xxviTt. 33, we rrnpiu, 54, eeo 
n^HujojKiJi, 61, eee unipftüalja; xxix. 1, 
nie ailrgoria; ixi. 4S, see rfiulfpfiea. 

dictionifii ximi. 25, eee jKrmn, 57, nee 
figaru, 68, see niiadiplaiu. 

diotie, XXXV. 191, gee nßnlibiti, 

dictum, XI11. 13, see Maraatii. 

dicturio, XL. 3, Bee ilruolntuni, 

dietaa, xuv. 7, »ee poli. 

diount. XX1I11. 65; iixiii. 13, 16. 

dicuntur, i. 13; ii. 5; im. 6, 5H; xiu. 
Ifl; aee also plaudniw. 

didaec&lioam, see dUrtiriWun). ȟb v, 
il idaieoliiim, 

didawallnin ,maKiHt«riale.xx.l2( Tob im ? 
not^iii tlieVulg.]. PerhapH^diduotliun, 
dortorole, XXXIX. 64 {not in lireg. Üial., 
Iiul Deer. Iniiiie. viii p. 196'' reKUl^mm 
Imnc Lbnim, i]uasi diiljiiicolicum ntcjue 

didmgms, xiii. 37, see itatera ; ditlrsR- 
miH, tee alatrr; «ee alao didragma. 

die, V. 6. nee ifr nclondi'; vii. 2, nee jto 
octrtiw; IUI. 23, «β qumatif, mv. 9, 
see r{fKni.~dle, iv, 99, eee giiadroptai 

. 17», ι 

dieai, ivn. 7, nee Ninine. 
dieperdalum, see perdnlum. 
diernm, ivii. 7, bm Niiiiue; 

! horai diurnai ; 


see mnnei dltt... ; zliu. 42, see poitlridii 
diOerentU, ιτππ. Θ0, we dmfvrriU. 
difficile. lui. 19, see fi;r<. 
difiniciuiiee [definit], i. 133, see iindi- 

di'finiU [def-], i. 117, bss ueui. 

difinitin [def-], i. 35, see doffma. 

difininit [def-i, i. 126, itee «iiiiril. 

dlgMadintu. coDtjrecaniniDB [nongr^-] 
onlinauiniuB, n. 47 {Bened. rrg, 17, 3 [3] 
il/gttiimiu urdinem ppaltnodiae ; digei- 
•imui, in note). — dl£MU, dispoaiti ex- 
oocti. II. AI {Btitrtl. rrg. 8. 5 [7] iitlii 
drgnli Biiniiuit; ct. 18, 39 {70] digeilo 
nrdiiie).— detreiU nmt. uougregati flunt, 
XiiiT. 58 {De Ciuf.. Intt. y. 1 poet... 
libelliiB, ^ai. ..dieetli lunt). 

dlfMtl, dispoBiti eicocti. ii. 51, Beo 

aigiuivna ; digesti Bunt, Bee degtii 
sab V. digeiiimiti. 

digiti, iixv. 39, see ungulain. 

digitia, i. 95, eee portentuone. 

dignitaB, xixrn. SO, Bee Uga. 

dignitole, vn. 9, *ee iii /oitu. 

dignitatea, xixii. Θ6, see (u/til<iir. 

dignitati, xxir. 149, «ee ecmialiiri Λ 

digniUtibuB. XXIV. 103, see famihiu•. 

dignus, XLa. 26, lee furcifer. 

dilectionea [for dilertioniM. or dele 
tioniil], in. 3, see obdaclionü. 

dilectiODie. see obduetionit. 

diluninm, ixxviii. 32, nee deiiealionew 

dimedium, xixi, 3, see lextahut. 9, m 
eoyaor, 36, see lala; xxxni. S, eee obuliii 

diinedius, XXXI. 3S, nee cimlHii. 

dimidiaiia? nee dunii, auli v. tJIremi. 

dimidium, xiii. 33, see ifxtaritii. 

diminitioe [deminnU], iiii. 6, see ( 

dimüiitioi [demitiut-]. xvit. G, tee >i 


dimiDitiuiim [demiuut-]. 
^ιenieuL•r^m; iix. 60, Bei' i'ig 
ΙΙΙΪ. 56, eee noutlfnn.. 

dlmltte aftin, abeoloe earn. 
{ilalh. XV. 33 dimille earn). 

Uiiiite, see femur uirginit. 

diui [tot iiinae\ xxi. 7. see fei 

dioceBeto, nee dime t im. 

diooeeeoB [dioewseoB], i. 93, 

. 10, I 

reji, 64, lO ad euius dioereiim pettjnet 
luciia ipsB [17 dieretim. dioceirm)).^ 
dloctwlB, pamxihiia [paroccia] idest adia• 
eienB domaa uel gabeniationibnH, i. 3fl 
{De Canon,); tUooMii, adiacenB domuB. 
XM. 5 (7)i nrnn/n. ιίίιι.) - (Deer. IUI. p. 351* 
semper huius ciuilalia Eocleeiae tmusp 
dinectiis Dotietet; of. Con. Coac. .Intioch. 
xicvii p. 136* ad Buam dioeeen»•. Cnii. 
Colli. Couilanl. olxiv p, 1S3 De ordine 
Bmgiüarum dioeceiton...; super diotcetim 
Epiecopi.. dioeceieot ΕρΪΒοορί...ϊη Abibiu 
dioteen ba.; Can. Cone, Carth. lvi in 
diotcaibm..., diotettim, dioeeeiet, id dioe- 
cai Ac,). CI, diociia, gobematio. Cp. 
D36I & Ef.i S56, 17; pamehiii, losa adU- 
ccDtia eccleaiae. Cp. P34 ; Ep. 1RE6 1 Et.' 
379. 33.— BMU dIooMlnin [sine inter- 
pret.], i. 74 iDeCatiOH.•. Cnn. Conc.Carlh. 
LVI ut ex matiü dfoeceiium nulla carpere- 
tur. — Id diocMl, in parrochia [panscik], 
xxili. 64 {Greg. Dial. iv. 5S col. 117' iu 
diaeceii CenttinioeUeiisie urbis). It !■ poa- 

INDEX {latix) dioc. — diasi. 


üble that referfnoe η here made nol to 
Greg. Dial., but Co Can. Cutii-. Cnmlant. 
ct.xtv p. 133 (nee above), or Can. CotK. 
Carth. Lxxi ad...Etx\eeiata in diaeeni 
aoiiatltotam : or ib. cxvii Eooleeiae tit 
iliorrtti coDstitulae ; or Drer, Sirieii it 
qui in tua eant iHarctii; or Deer. Hil. 
p. 251• in liioertii sua. Oo gabemalionein, 
(ttibemiitionibuH, eee Can. Coneil. Conti. 

diooMl«. parrocfaiU lAeal adiaciena do- 
mufl ael gabemationibuR. i. 36; rtlnnnali. 
ailiacen» domua, ilt, 5; see dioetiij». 

tUoceemin [diwcefinmt i. li, ate nuuuii 

dioee>i. sab i 

dioeowibna, dioeceeim, dioeeenis, nea 

dioeceaimn, see Jiuiiia dioetiiam, sub 
voce diocaiui. 

dionisiiiB [for Diongnw]. iLni. S8, see 

Dionj'saB, »ee bnchtu. 

eiptamlnl [ = dictamui], uxviii. Id, see 

dilifflWTa [der-], pro etapore palleioere, 
xuv. 14 [Ruf. in. fol. 38' immanes 
quanuie animi dirigiirrr) = diriguere, pal- 
lenoere. Cp. D260; Ep. ~; ΕΓ.' 35G, 20. 

dlrbnlt, diaidil, iLTm. β {Dt Ca» , 
CiraJ. HIT. 3ß, BJ?] tratmm dirimil fa- 
enltatem eonteatioBa diuieio). 

dirinatar [d^r-], x. 23, see areola. 

dimt, obrnit, lutv. 38 [Dt Cmi., Ιπ•Ι. 
ΧΠ. 3 ciuitatem diniit). 

dlnun, aapenim, durum, u. 48 [Bened. 
r'g. 2, 52 [7fi] (liniin magirtri, piam patrie 
oxteDdat aEFeetam). 

diseantur, u.t. 1, Bee gytmiatiiim, 

diaeensnm [for diictttuntT], xxxv, 141, 
see ixeidiv 

LV. 3, IM 

diaDemnntuT, i 

1. 7, see diiMTiminaiia. 

ilist^eeanii, m. 64, see apottnta. 

die[vijpuli, xxK. 26, see diatripat, 

dieroferum, see ditco/oTuvi. 

diecotor{n]in. diBCQin portanieni, xvi. 6 
{Ilaii.. Pfntf. Uirrott. p. ivi."• and Migne 
ixvni col. 129.t> dimophornm leotitaret). 
Miijue rnjorda a reading ditraniftTeiilfm; 
(he Cambr. MS. hae diKofrnm. 

disoophoium, see diteqfomm. 

discord ans, see lingua lertia. 

discordiaUB (discord ans], xii. 29, ecc 
liniiaa. Ifrlin. 

discrepantes, ixvin. 40, sae lilfiuiii. 

dltentla, seperatin [sepnr-] diaiea [di- 
meioT: but see U. Körtins. no. BOol] ii. 
44 (Bfiteit. reii. Ii4, 34 [63] oogiCnns dit- 
rrttiuHtm eauoti Jaoob ; 37 [CS] tesCimoma 
diicntionii : 70. II [17] sine dUerfliont). 

disoretioue, disoretionem . disereliuuis. 
Bee ditrretio. 

discribitar {deecr-]. iiviii. 43, see ca- 

diflnribiinl [deacr], i 

. 10, I 

dlsarlmlnallA, nnde diBoernantur erines 
de naro nel areenlo uel nere, Xlll. 7 lliai. 
in. 30 auferet DominUB..,<ii«;riminii[irt). 

diecTliiiiiwtüt, diQisil, xxi. 8 (Judilh x. 
3 diicriminavit criuem). 

disoum, XVI. 6, see iliiai/orum; xxv. 1, 

iliBCuniferentem. see ditenfamm. 
diseunt, iix. 26, sec diairipai. 
diacnaalo, eiamioatio. ii. 50 {Benrd. rtg. 
2. 13 [18] racieDdaeritdiiiMuito-. 87[I39] 

dispeusatio, xxxtx. Sä, see ;nlniei(. 
dispensationibua, i. !)1, see ptorhiit, 
diepensator. ixiii. 28, see qui in ua- 

disperabilis [deep-], ii. 138. nee ohtti- 

diiploatu, diuisis, tv. 30 (£<vl. Itlar.) : 
dlaplcatli, diemptis, xxxv. 1S4 {De J^'iu.) 
^(Ruf. m. Η tol. 8«» deipiiratit loribus). 
Cf. lUtpiralut, diaraptns, Cp. D21 ; Ep. — i 
Ef.' S65, 53.— dlapleatll, iDCisis, ixxv. 33U 
{R:if. XI. 24 fol. 18Θ* vineoatis pamulis, 
ilttpicatUqite... virginibue ) . 

diapoDUnt, xxivii. ίΙ, see tabuliii legal. 

dispoBtti. □. 61, see digeitl. 

dispoeitionum, iix. 3, see ypotheuon, 
82. see de entoelromllo. 

dispuli [for discipnli], zxx. 36, see 

dispntatio, xlt. 23, see actio, 

dinpulationes, ixix. 71, see diiitriboM. 

disputationum, see ypolhetemi. 

dieruptie, ixi', 134. see dinpieatii, 

disBeneatorea, i. 119, Bee tcimnaHci. 

diSBensiones, ixii. 71, Be« diatribai. 

dieeentiooes, see diatripiu, sub v. dia- 

dieaimilia, χχτιι. 14, see anonuifu. 
diBBimiilans, dieaimulet. see ditiiin-alat. 
dlaaiinDlat, coutidsait preturita [praet-] 
□eglegitar [neglegenter], l. 44 I'v I'-itutn-x 


INDES (LATiy) (üsa.— dom. 

of. Can. Cone. Sard, ν ei ooDneutae literie 
(Moerit, et iliuimnlauerit•. Can. Cone. 
Carth. Lxv ut de hseretioortim,.,inBidüi 
...nMomooiidufimulfmut; xom [p. 163''] 
qui...iii«iniiiliini! Can. Cone. Nie. χ per 
ordiaenttiiin (li>(tninfiittDnem).^-d]Mlinn- 
Ut, preterita [praet•] neglegit, tt. lü 
{Bened. reg. 3, 6β [82] Neqae ditimiUt 
pecoaU; 74 [113] ne äimmtäaM [112 
dUnnadet, in note] salntem animitiuro). 
Cf. dUeimnlat, midifi, Cp. D272. 

dieaipator, u. 137, aae pradicut. 

diisonantia, lu. 57, see diafonia. 

diesonwitmm, «.ut. 11, βββ diapfumiaa. 

dlrtktral, tabefiKtna, xLvni. 14 φβ 
Catt., In$t. V. HO, 1 Intignore ifiidiiiiij. 

diaUt, iLiv. m(biB), «« .Intartfeiu. 

dieUllit, ΙΙ.ΪΙΙΙ. 30, aee od/wif. 

diBtionbont [deet-], xlt. 1, see pretbiitri. 

diatolüt, see fxlollH. 

diBtTiihiintut, see diilrauntur. 

dlatniintiir, nen-ientur, ιι,ηπ. 47 (W« 
Ciiit,, Jnil. ly. 14 quae tribus uix denariiii 

dietraitar [deetr-], iirn. 20, see iwii. 

ditauit, IT. 118, see aßeit. 

dltlone, polesUte, xvi. 16 {Dan. ii. ö 
dorainabitac ditione; n. 38 suli dilione). 

diaersa, i. 90, See phibicteria ; xxviit. 
24. 8ββ ypouvxii; xiiti. 63, eee filac• 

; de I 

dinereaR, ιιτιιι. Eg, see apnilropri ; 
ζιιτ. 113, Bee ptr melalUi. 

diuerse [-see], xlv. 1, see gynnarium. 

dinersia. iiiv. 357, B^e tolnnellai ; lu, 
itn, ΙΜΠ tin.; xuv. 27, βββ etxtera. 

dinidere, ιχτπι. 47, see parenihuin. 

dinidit, XLT. 19, Βββ ianUtra; xlviii. 9. 

diuina, ir. Ill, iee a throlegia; xxxti. 

49, Bee aUare; ilit. 39, see ruvn. 

dloinatio, xn. 4S, see nrcrununliti. 

dinini, xl. 18, βββ thiarati. 

dininilatia, tut. 332, see numinü. 

dinmnm, n. 40, see dtifimm; tr. IG, 
■ee iMiIium, 31, see fa*. 

diuisa [for diuüio?], ii. U, sec dh- 

dinitio, »ee dUcretio. 
diaida, rr. SO. see diipieatii. 
dinint. III. 8, nee diierimiTiaiiU. 
diaJBtira, un. 4, aee flisura. 
dinite, t. ee, tee liberaliliu. 
dinitiarum, it. 19, aee gaianim. 
dinitrf , «xxnn, 30, nee uidet. 
diumaiee. xiil. 15, see tlerrm iiiiiern. 
diutnne, xxxv. 179, eoe Itorat dinrnai. 

dintuma, ii. 113, see momin. 

diani Imperator qui poet mortem nt 
deus habetur, i. 31! {Di Cani>n.7) = diuuM 
imperatur qui poet mortem qaaBi dens 
TactuB est, Gp. DSOfi; ci. iliuiu dens uel 
Imperator qiü post mortem qunBi dena eat. 
Et." aee, 30. Cf. laid, dt diß. Vtrbb. t. 
16β Inter Detim et Biuiiiit qaod Dtwi 
semper eet, Ditius fit. 

dlxerit, xitx. 73, see qui dixrrit. 

dixit, in. 10 ; XXII. 10. 

dnms [?ror dimidiana?], ilit. 39, see 

■do, aee iuniodo. 

doctorale, xxin. β1, aee didotatUun. 

doctrina, i. ΆΆ, aee dogma; xxxviu. 36, 
Bee muthtin; 33, Bee thima. 

dootrinae, see eatacteut. 

doGtrinam, iini. 12, see memore• $ali$. 

doctrinarum, it. 102, see catacattoi; 
XII. 31, sec calaeeeteun, »ab v. ealaeeeot. 

doctrine [-oae], iii. 67, aee eataeeneoi, 
sub v.eataceeot; XXXV. 196, Bee calaceeM. 

doc tri X, see eJetric. 

documenta, iii. 31, see luh amaiitrm; 
ii.vm. 42, aee ncita. 

dooamentoram, iix. 69, see äntagma- 

documentum, Ug. tor iloriiini (q.T.)7 

dommentam, iix. 33, see irii nominem. 

dogtiu, doctrina nel difinitio [del-], i. 
35 φβ Canon.; Can. Apoilt. χχιτιπ at... 
dogmaln pietatis eiplorent; Can. Cone. 
Hie. Tm Bcclesiae dogmata). 

dogmata, aee cinticia; dogma. 

dolatMlla, biadacae, iltii. 47 {,Alia=7) 
= doIatnra. brasdlast-^cns, Cp. D346; 
Ep. — ; daUilurar, braedlaeBta aeso, Ef.' 
356, S. For dolabella (a email piek-axf, 
luitehei, dim. of dolabra) see Levla λ 
8h. ; for dalatura of Cp. A Ef.> Bee Du C. — 
Bradaeui (from A.S. brad, bnmd + uciu 
= <Ex, an ai, for which fcut, for acut in 
Cp., and ueic in Ef.' = O.H.O. acMj) = 
broiid-a.i: (an ai with a brood head), Oxf. 
D. (earliest qnot. Λ.η. 13.52), and Boew. T. 
{brdd'itx). liraadlatt in Cp. and braed• 
laritii ill Ef.' maj, perhaps, hSTe the 
Bame meaning aa the simple brad (from 
broad, braed, broad), and font, biaihi, a 
foot, track, a ImI; aai Oif. D. ibroad; 
tati, tb.'): Eluge, El. D. {LeUUn). 

dolant, luii. 1, aee eymenUirii. 

dolatnra, bco dolnbtlla. 

dolorem, xxxtx. 10, sea /rtnitieta. 

dolores, ιιχτ. 2, see coli. 

[domat•] In donwte ano, in solario sao. 
mil. 14 (2 Eidr. im. IS tecenu]t...t«ber- 
nacula uQUequieqae in dvmalr no). — do- 
mattbus. porticibna uel alriie quf nan 
Ugeut, XIV. 12 (Hin. xrx. 13 * iixii. 29 

INDEX {latin) dinn.- 

ίη . . . domiirTbuf).— donutla, domuB eine 
leoto upI npinarum. τιπ. 7 (Salnm, χϊι, 9 
ιΐ XXV. ΐ4 ill kneulo do»iatu). Cf, lioHKr- 
l.'bw, BokriB. Cp. DSAO; Rp. — ; ΕΜΐ}56, 
•>ri : ilomaiii•, lineee, Cp. Dibi. 

doraine, il. 98, 8ββ Ktjritttitm; ιινιπ. 
33, see rrirpru; ιχικ. 68, Me iVniiun 

IH, «ee 

J. 31. I 


dro mi ilf I rii; Heyie liromtdurliie in note) 
dromedarii, «ce droiiiedarit. 
dromedariuii, κιιι. KO, we drantrdarie. 
'lualin, ιχκ. 4ö, see diattclica. 
(luas, m. 9, see ; ixi. 'JO, s« 

I. 7Ö, ante rptxtrgaiia \ nK. J 

i: patiRx perMissoB i 
\<%. 43 {Qreii. Dial, r 
.oblation iiui r.orottat di 

dubiam, ( 



domo, XXXV. lie, eee i« prtntibulc, Ιίί' 
see ίπ myrüifct: ILV. 31, Bee popii. 

domnnim. »ni. il. see paliunit. 

duintiDDiilA. ml. '2. see fujfiirtun; i 
11, aee preUriuUt. 

iotannaaXa», xxvi. 2, nee ciuulut. 

domuB, 1. se, nee dioceta; v. 10, w 
titdre; viii. 7, He? domutu; IX. 3, bi 
eoateguatio; x»iv. 18. eeepriioriittn; ixx 
es, aee pantoforie ; ixxix. 8, see in greaiU 
ILL 6, see dloeain; xui. 20, see in utr 
darie ddiNU•; iLiii. 46, sec piraondit. 

dona, Π. 113, see nittnumila ; xii. 1Θ, Ef.' 3S5, 53. 
•M in iimitl-ena. ducant 

donatio, 1. en. see ΙίΙκταΙίΙατ. duciC, 

doanin. /eff. tot dorium (q. v.)? 

lee ampliiboUa. 
a. 1S3. BO« (irujwfoiirai. 
dubio. 1. BG, see pTonat. 
dubitabo, xxxvn, 10, aee mutiUibo. 
dabitaret, x%. 7. see nutartt. 
dubitatione, xxxv. 170, β 
dubilatiooes, xxxvui. 28, 
1 [for dubtiiiu], I 

iTliun, prenidem. »xv. 
. SO rul. 138• te magie i>M. 1 
quam epiBcopum videri vtillet). I 
Cf. duce«Mrius. pratist», Cp. D371 ; Ep. - 


(. 3. S 


, iJiculum, V. 7 (»flu/, f lor 
doniimt Cf. eachnrislin Haseipiena da- 
mm, ΤΠ. θ tol. IIa' — or for dvrHmaitum? i 
tenUtloDom dofUBieniii prubattie, xi. 21 
tol. 18«'•). Cf. Gall^e 33M, 61. 

doilx, ideal propriam Domen äutDiniH. 
zu. 34 {Kcclri. xxiv. 41 et;a quasi fluvij 
Dioryx | = 6ιΛμ>^, α treiioh, coudail, 

dorBO, XLVi. 13. Bee tiibrr. 

drifDU ponduH cat denarii argentci 
qnr>d penaat siliquaa xviii a rtvcm Qt 

»orupnloB III, ixim. 4 [De pond. Euch. 
V. 15β, 10 d. h. KriptttUt Cria). The Brit, 
line. MS. Iiaa d. h. tcripula tria, and 
tdde: nl[iquaaj xvdi, liiii dragmae 
effioiant libratn, draugma deoatium ag• 
nifioat, octn denarii, id eat drsLeoiae, 
efficinnt naoiam, ii oboli fiuiiiDl dtag- 
nu-/ — See alxo Wutke, in note.—Bpi- 
plkanliia dicit dlkgm* xxviii siliijuas, 
ixii. 22 (Oi pondrr.7). Cf. Blnme, i. 
373 aqq. 

dragmae, xxiui. 6, see dtdra-jtiui. 

dragma«, xx^iii. T. aee acitabulm, 8, seo 
eolult, 9, Bee mina, II, see Uhra. 

dragmia [al. dMragmi•]. xxxin. G, Bee 

. «ee paraipeiidtiu. 
uuuii, II. 146, aee regula. 
da;, ΧΧΧΙΠ. 5, see deUragtna. 
duelUonls. belli, xxtx. 87 ( Verb. Inierpr. 
Hier, in Malth. ιιϊπ, 24 ptrdutUionii 
ilii oontra CKBurein criuien impingitarl. 
dnallla, bellnin, it. 40 (Jiu/, iv. G tol. 

duloia, ΐ 


. 14 i 

dumUtzat, maiiiue. xxiiv. 49(0« Co»., 
Inii. in. 2H in hac dnwiaxat reKioBe). 
Hee alHO ib. i. 11, 3; ii. i; lit. 7, 2; iv. 
13, 1; vui. 1Θ, 3. 

dno, xiiu. 2; XXIX. 9; xxii. 3, 37: 
xixtl. 3; xuv. H, 2H; see alBo auo. 

dnobua, iiii. 12, aee uma-, iixui. 6, 

[>[. 33, t 

! biffr. 

dromedariaB n 


I. ao [Ua 

•mlwt« 1»>Λ*1 η. η. Μ tnUii t 
~ 'dtilliftMiitf; uiT.Ü, McauMoUi 
>!■» rrelnlar. 

^B »cllpcU. defectio, ιχνυ. 21 (Ι,.'Λ. Hol. = 
^^1 Itiä. Lib. de lutt. Ttr. vi. 3 quod dUnlur 

tclipiii; ib. iviii. 4 iclipiU fleret; iz Ci(. 

De enUpii solii ; ib. xx. 3 telipiit 

miraMrium; ib. xxi Itl. De Ιχμλλ ecUpti). 

= ecliptit, defectio, Et.' S57. 21. Ct. 

■ rdipiiirdeieotio aolia Hut Inminia, Cp. E14 ; 
Ep. - 

INDEX {LATiy) ecles,— =eiüs. 




ecthetoe. aee hrrlhttai. 

GCukie, see in aciileii. 

«dkcam, commedenteiii [comed-]. u. 64 
{Beiitil. rtg. 4, 23 [ül] Noit ease noper- 
baiii...non muitum eÄieem). Ci. edax, 
eommijdeiiB, Cp. ΕίΙ4. 

edai, iLin. 14, see comedo. 

edem [acdem], ixxtx. 5, see ηκιικία- 

edepol, 8ce tpul. 

edlflcAnt [aed-]. Km. 10, see ptrpendi- 

editionea, :ii. 11, we in ejaploit. 

wllUoiiBB, Cbealisuir, v. 2t [De Eccl. 
Sior.) ; eiUtlDnli, puplioatlauia [pnbl-J 
propoBJture [for jirarptaituTaetl, ixiv. 23 
(De Eft.) = (/tui. tv. 15 fol. 63• quia iitm 
ardilirmi» [edilionit, Cacciari. p. 311] suae 
tniinnB [the performance, or manogetnent, 
of hie gladiatorial ebovr of exhibitioii : the 
Or. hiu iwrXitpiiitii τβ twrtieia.) e\- 
pleaset). As editio mean« an exhibition, 
show, epectac1e.piiAficarioni>pruipotJturar 
ma; BigDifj "the offioa αΓ the super- 
intendenl of a public show."— Aa to 
XhtUittiir (tor which α Berne MS. haa 
heitivU) it may be for IhyttUieat, and iF 
Μ it would be an unexplained lemma like 
editionet. Bchlulter (in Jtnu'ii. for iJtrm. 
Phil. I. 331) BuggeatK ambtAffi Miir.—Ct. 
tditione• duplicaliunea [for public-], Cp. 
Ε25; Ep. — ; Ε f.' 357, 24. 

•dltinUa, pa plication IB [publ-J propoai- 
ture [Γοτ proepos- f], hit. 23 ; eee 


Bee editore. 

•dltO. 1 

. 35, aee in edite 


eicelaioce, iixv 

375 {Huf. vn 

14 toi. la 

• in loco ediHor 


6 {Keel. lit.) 

Bee editai 


ee fdltu•. 


ostiariua, tv. 

1 (Eccl. l.t.) 

appears in Ch.l 


nentna), which Hti/. has iu i. 3 



therefore, it is not ont oi place, thü 
üloaaator aeems to have mietakeo iditim 
(born, created), which ocours in R«/. t. I, 
— ' '-- printed {diiuj by Bhenanae on 
correeponding to aedili reijia on 

fol. 12* [Hi./. I. 7). -ÄäJ-liiccc, "rriifuiir, 
lemplum," which follo»H,ui thu MS. after 
OKliariiiir, was, perbnpH, 'added, b^ the 
OloBsator a» a further explnhation' of 
"edituB, oBtiariua." On the other hau J. 
aeditai (q.v.) oeeura Rvf. i. i fol. Ef. an•] 
attain i. Η fol. 11*. while "editum, lem- 
plum " >ve may. perhapa, refer to ab ipei« 
qaidem adijtit. Riff, i, S fol. 9^ Cf. 
edil'ii. hosliarii, Cp. E43 ; Ep, — ; Et.'342, 
11, 35», 3. 

efexBgreila, idcat cxplanatia dicti aupe- 
rioria, xiviii, B2 (C,i... Pialm. xxxviu. 3 
Sgora est epexegfiit, id eat e. d. b. The 
same vii. 3; aee also xi. S achems... 
epexegtrit, Latine explanatio ; xiis. 11 
schema.,.«. L, e-, ubi priora dicta vertiie 
BubBequentibaE eiponuntnr). 

effebonun, etuiÜoram, ilvqi. 26 (C< 
Cat:, iiuf. Ϊ. 12, 2 de ipbtboruia lucta- 
mine ; in note cffeborum, efoeborwn). 
Ooetz, VI. 392, auggeata itudioioniiit for 

«BvnOu eat, a ferocitate dieitur, xvi. 
13 (Drin. vm. 7 ffleratvi el in eum). 

eSeroute [for offereaiei], xiviii. 42, see 

βΙΤβΐΜ, ouDcnataa, xxiv. 290 (ilu/. tx. 

Η fol. IW c/(i«ra«...Begetea derelinqnil). 

elBcaclter, uelotiter [ueloc-], ii. 63 
{Beiml. rtg., Prol. 4 ulmoQilionam pii 
piitria.,,cj^(i[riC(r comyle ; ef. Woelmin 
in arcft./. Lai. tiifi. X. 56U) = e£aoBoiter, 
Qelocitec fromiioe. Op. Εββ. 

efficerc, xivui. 70, aee tinehritU. 

effljtbaiit, mortui aunt, ixxv. 13U [Ruf. 
iiL e fol. S7'mnlü,..ijBn&aui) = Cp. BÖ2: 
Ep. — ; Ef.' 357,28. 

effoctaa, see effeliu. 

effrenat^, aee infninite. 

eflugere, bm txceätre. 

effugire [eflugere], It. 61, aee ticedtre. 

affaeio, XII. 17, aee q^Ciorio. 

eSuHiu)', iivni. A4, aee iTrttrociwnivi. 

effuBum, aee uiigrunlraa. 

egre, difficile, xlii. IB {Ex div. Ubrit^ 
Sulp. Sit-, IHal 1. 14, 4 p. Ιββ. 24 acgre 
patiebatnr: ib. n. 3, 3 p. IBS, θ atgrt 
cxpediuntnr ; ib. at. 1, 7 p. IDO, 13 
arjrr«.,.obIinui). Cf. egre, earfedlice, 
Cp. E94 ; i^, erabedlioee, Ef,' 857, 17, 
and BoBW. T. learjo^iiee). 

Egypti [Aeg-], xlii. 3, aee memphitiea. 

Enyptiaca [Aeg-]. "■ 'β1, aee »arabaile. 

Egyptionim [Äeg-]i xxxi". 14, see 

Egyplo [Aeg-], xxxv. 266, see Auti• 
ei, I. 34. 

: '^t&t palaanm, (oli* poltiiMiun qvt 

dectri, ue el^tram. 

elratrü. «ι. β. ace tttlrii. 

•iMttimi, de knro et argento d φ^ [tot 
litre], τι. 37 {Eieeh. t. i apecie* rlrcin, Ϊ7 
villi Rpccivm effrtri ; νατ. 3 »ώίο eliciri). 
er. tUetrum, elotr, Cp. ΕΙΙβί elfctiruin, 
eloUir, Ef.' 3S9, 10; clfctrain. Burum et 
atfCentam miitum, Cp. E118 knd Ef.' 
aS9, 9. 

elcTanti* [eleph-], nn. 4, we ebumfit. 

degot, culigAtio, iKi. 2S (Col. Hier. 
mil col. 641": qouluin [lolnmenj 
ιΐ(1«βι*αι U«DteB, cai titolniii pnwnotaiiit 
t^fyX"; ^: cuit.p. fiflcftot; C: cai I. p. 
jbUnlf]).— eleEM, cutigktio, ui. 83 {Cit. 
Uitr. ■!) = rUgoof, CBaü(fetio. Cp. EH5: 
lUgeo; es«tig»tio, EL> 356, 37. Accord- 
ing to the order in itbich this g!oM occun 
in ΐΛι$ pieaenl Gloa«ai7 it ahonlJ be loukeJ 
Tor ID) or After, Ch. lixiti, fiat aeither 
Uignc^B nor KiohftrdnoD'e teil reconJ -it 
there. The Utrecht ed. (B), however, 
has in Ck. liuvii : forlaitikai id e»l 
caiiigaliotia epiatola, arhioh seeme to show 
that either "id eat castii^atiooeB " of U 
«traced awaf fioiu Ch. luii (bcb nbove), or 
that A(7xat was again in Ch. i.xxxvii 
ill some text, loKether with (DpriufTmiJ 
(stw below fiirtaliciiL• which ie in Migne'a 
and Uich. text, but which, meaoinK 
fealive, could not be oloeeed hy tiutigatio. 

elementa, luv, 17, »ee coum. 

elenchoBi see etego». 

elsphnntie, see ebumeli. 

elatchos, see tiegof. 

•letrlx, electrii, xi. tt (.S'ao. vui. 4 
[napientiaj doctrii enini est diHcipliime 
Dei, et rleclrix operum illiae). Tbvre i» 
here ditlojfraphj in the MS., or elcetrii 
wan adiled as a curreclion ol elelrix ; or 
itaclrix, iu tended to be gloiued, wea 
porliapa omitl«], and β wrung word written 
lu ita plaeu, oausing the omission of the 

eleunrla, τ. S4, eee lubrigrrii. 

eleuentur, x. '21, ee» elatf palmarum. 

eUo«r«tnr, vitorqaeratnr, ixxv. 1β7 
{Üu/. τ. 1 fgl. ΤΙ" quo. .tale aUquid 
elierreluT ■ oobtt ease oommlBauni) = Cp. 
El 17; Ep, — 1 Ef.'aili, l.-tUettnoi, tnci- 

5». me afUm. 
naliTTt. lui. 4 l£i Jim. hbfit 
Sftf. Sn. ru. S. Mmn. 6. 5 p. 117, t 
helUbonm [other MSS. flehonim, rUboH] 
neDeDatam. nt lerant, gnnwo). For 
ualayrl (lit. torei^ root ; «allsolt, 
dwarfeldeit ae« Boev. T. (■rralA-vvrf). 
Moist of the lemmata of Cli. xui bmre 
been eioentled from Sulp. Snr. Mai., and 
it u possible that thr abore waa tdtea 
trom hie I'll. 5. Man., thmiiib it auema 
identical with tbilo, wvlwrrt of Aldhdin's 
Aeni/n, (p. 266, 14), lor which ux Napier, 
p. 195. or. liuiam, pÜDjit, L'u. Ell; 
Ef.> 359, 4.5. 

«btcu•, oolluc&rr. ixxriii. 3 ICIem, 
Retognitt. nt. 73 ne.. mortem meaai pel 
intiidiae eloeatvl). 

•logUi, uerbis, hit. 270 {lit £w.) ; 
elDgU, Derbie, t•. t» {Krtl. Utur.)^iR^. 
Til. 1 foL 116' cudal tlogiu) = tlotiit, 
uetbii, Cp. Ε13β; elogi; ncrbje, Ef.> 
30». 53. 

elogli. oerhis, it. ße ; we tlogiit. 

cloquentia, xu. 50, see rtlhunea. 

eloquentie, it. 51, «ee vratorit- 

etoqnia, iITii. ä, easforia. 

elocabnitAQi, vx rlatubratmn. 

•liicuta»tiiin,eDigilanleiD, XXII. β(Γη4. 
eubraluta acribendi diligcntiiuu), Cf. 
W>lL•ΊιhΓα(nnι,euigίItllDul.Cp, ElI2;Bp. — ; 
Et." 357, 72. 

■mandpeiit. manuni millent, >.aO(CaR. 
Cuiie. Cartli. X.XIV til. I't Episcopi...uun 
locile Hlios euos TnuiiinpfHt). Ct. cmauei- 
pal. raanutu niitlit, Cp. E177. 

emblem«,, fodor, xuii. 30 {tir div, 
iruiiiiiiibiK = Duuatt Ari grammal. p. 879, 
19 quae a Uiuecie eumpsimnB, ul tmbltma 
epigramma...)=r(ii('ifmrt, fothr, Cp. E160; 
eiiilrmma, tullir, Ef.' 35a. U7.-.emblem•, 
inlaid worit; (odor, (nditor, fothr (see 
Boaw. T.) = O. H. G. /«niiir (Graff, 
•SjirachMch. ili. 378 *qq. ; Schade. Alld. 
IIV(.); Genu./«(trr. 

eiuetiidee, see <Hmeiiiitt'. 

einvrgentes, xee emergit. 

emerelt, surgit uel cxuperal, i. 45 {lit 
fiiiKiii. 1 cl. t'"«. Ayotll. IXXviU emergmlen 
...contentiones aiuoueant ; Vau. Cone. 
Calehed. xn oorn^re aingnla, ei qua... 
emerneTiat; Can. Conr. Cirlh. \i ei qui«. „ 
rmmtiH ; llerrtl. Symm. n, p. aöe' 
deqaibaacertalueii emtmeriti, Cl. tmrrrit, 
exBurgit, Cp. EISS; emergil, eisul^t. 
Ef.• 357, 43, 

INDEX {LATIlf) cini. — enr. 

[lOlula, or coli/lu], ιορΊιιιβ 

i{De jMiHilrr. "*) — lilwitnf 

tuediUH Huxtariuii oyetos [cjathoa] iii, ii. 

elt ^leiifd. ug. ill. 5 [S] credimue 

viiii,..guffioeTei Edm. Schmidt, Regula, 

ρ 41 hrm/iiriiH). — eotol• htibet dragmas 

II ideal acrnpoloB ccxvi qiiud rncil vtii[, 

□. β [Οι poniicr.l). For «uiua ηΓ. 

Blume t. 37S. 3, 4, 7; for ealile. Fann. 

[Priao.] 13 [07]. 

eininam, «oe Aiiniiiu. sub v. eiaiiui. 

•mXultHiN tut, mnaera ddeelabilia, x. 
15 (C«ni. IT. 18 emiuionti tiHte pwadisaB 
malorum puniconim). 

emolninnit», luora, XLvni. 74 life (Ίικι. , 
Iiitt. VI. 13, 3 einolunienta laliorum},^ — 
•mnlamBiinim, tncroia [meroea] lalioruiii. 
XXIX. 17 (Urrb.IiUen^.^ ilatlh. 
»It. 8 absque emoUmunto populi ; xin. 44 
muiiili enioUtmrnto oontemnere). Cf. 
πβοίοηκηίιιπι, luonini luercia Uborie, Cp. 
G155i Ep.— : fmoIuincndiin.ineKislaboria, 
Ef.i 367,74; (nuJilniflituin,nierciaUbotuai 
nel Incrie. Ef.* 3811, 1β. 

αιοη^ηιιι. prapriutn [add numen\, 
ϊίιιι. ae (ÜTfjf. ίΗοί, ly. 30 col. 877= 
vidua .,, EumorphUim ... javenem Qlium 
habebkt: EvmorfkU. ibid. tit. ool. 870°; 
JIvmorpAitu.ibiil. eol. 380*), 

•lll|Aiell, Ideal exaggaratio quod i^rada. 
tim cceaeil, ixvlli. θ» (Cum. Vtaim. xziv. 
Ii ; KLtii. 10 and ui. 1 empliaaiii, id eat 
eiBgi^ratioi xxivn. SOhoo aclicmadidtnr 
enipkaiii, guad gradatim pretcit ad motum 
MDimi conoitandiim). 

•mnlaUime, K«li, ii. 73 (llrn/'l. rri/. ΙίΓι, 
13 Hioc auBciMutor inviditte ...iicmiiln. 
tioiuif ; [20 eniilatioaei]), 

eninlalionea, eee eimiuitioHC. 

«nnlnmentniii, mercia Inborum, xxix. 

mnamMm. Iluxus saiigiiinia, ixii. öS 
{Verb. I>iUri>r.^ Ilitr. in Mallh. ct. 37 de 
Inf iwrrhoiiiia... mallere; χι. 30, 21 quo- 
modo et ία hemorrhoutii]. Th« origiual 
tnay have had enturaie { = alii^UtoSiea) ϊ• 
(=iiti), and hcnoe ih« stroke (for m) on 
the < nlW the >. in the HS. Ooctx (v. 
417, β) actually print« ewnrui e*t. 

enchariBHon, roe juiiiayrricon. 

•ncbenlft, dedication ea, xxv. 11 (>Γυλ.χ. 23 

facta aunt,., £n>-tFnia; Wordaw. and White 

' 1 text, inchrnia,dK:.ianote}. Cf. 

nitia ul deHieutioncH, C^. E213. 

anentlukl, contiuenleB, iv. 51! [liuf. it. 

9β tol. 71" ad haeresim, quae dicilur 


= m(Tuifioi,conlinente»,Cp.ElÜ(l; cHrni- 

ea, £f.> »SS, 8Θ. 

enocatitoe, enotetitnrnm, tee encrati- 

enerpfiain, χχτιιι. 81, ae« per energiavi. 

βΐΜηίΑΐαι, mualiduB, xiuv. &6(D<C'um„ 
hit. 1. 6, 2 Ββυβ.,,ηνπΐΗη»), 

engnatriinytlio, eee de enUietromllo. 

Eniaa [for Kiiuiui], xliv. 3, see roua. 

Gaie [Aenese], xuii. 31, eec MiKaurt», 

cnim, II, 1»β, 1»ίΙ ; xil, 43 ; χιτιιι, 6ϋ j 
xxxui, fi, 

enizft eit, geniut agnun] ab Agno dicitur 
femioiiio, iiiv. 144 (itu/, in, 8 fol. 40* 
vitu]a,,.rii(i(i til upnam ; from tlita it 
Bp[>eara Ihnt the word Π0ΐιαπι has been 
omitted after eil or oCtei ffeniiU : cf. enUa 
eit penult BKnum, Cp. E310), 

ennaafa decarldAi decern naualem, iix. 
63 {Cal. Hier. Lii) ; tee ei ca. 

ennelaecaterim, see ex en, 

eanoemi.tlc«, tiutio liec uuatnquamquo 
rtm iier id quod agit non per id quod eut 
conulur oatendeie, xxvill, 88 (Co«. niiilHi. 
XXXIX. 4 per.,.Bpecieui deSiiitioiue ex- 
primitur, quae (Jraeco nmiiemaiice, Laline 
iiancupatur. Uaeo uuaniquamque 

1 and i 

dieitur, Latine notio, 

enmaa, dapolaa, m. 64 [Vit. S. Antuiiii 
[suctore S. Athaoaaio, Evugrio interpr.J 
16, Migne, P. L. lxxiii col. 13βο DamiDU« 
ad lob dicena : Arbitratnr enim fenum ut 
paleai, nramentain ut lignum putridum, 
mariu ut terrain, tartarum profundi tan- 
quam aaptivum aeetiniHTit). "Maria ut 
lerrain " in Cilia quotation IB an addition 
to Job xu, 1Θ [27] wuiCin^ in tbe Valg., 
which reads: Keputabit Buim quaai paloea 
ferrum, et quaai liouum putridum aes ; 
[81] Ferveaeere [aaiet quiui oUam pro- 
fundummnre, eCpoDel quftBi flamuoguenta 
biilliunt.— Thie addition is also found in the 
texts of the I'ilu publiahed at Baale in 1663^ 
(p. 77* Append, to Liier di Piuiion 
h. N. Jeeu Chritti, Λα. ed. Wolfg. Lasini^ 
at Antwerp in 1ϋ16 (p. 4.2" Herib. Bogweyl 
Vitae Patnini) »nd 1648 {Acta SS. Jm 
turn. It. p. Vie*). But in Athanasii υρρ,™ 
ed, Monach. Ord. S. Ben. e Congng. 
8. Mauri (Par. 1696). Vol. i. p, 3, wheie 
bj the aide of the Or. ηγ^τολ St 0d\aff<rav 
äe-wtp ifd\tirrpo•, a Latin Cranalation 
gives mare repulat qua»! ται unDuenlartuni, 
the rrrfio Erugrii, at the foot of the page, 
hM man'a ul eraia, with a note appended : 
" δια quidam MSS, BollnnduB ut (ΐττα, 
alia M88. ut a^a, quae poBtretna t 
quadrant cum OraeoiB." This text i 
leprioted in 1057 in Uignc'a Patr. ι 

l.VDEX ( enl, — epi. 

Vol. tivi M. urn*. TliH Mtniu rnwiini; 
martii i'( T'iiu in found in α CmnbtiiliK 
Vn. Ulir. MH. (llin, iv, as fol. 7"•) o( 
Uii> littb mnt. Ληιΐ « tliiid rMding •. 
tfbir'ii Mr loki tTiiui i>oaurii ill D. Athinuii 
OpT- Onion, 1B4H ΙΤοΙ 1(UI>] and PuU. 
lllftt |nul. UKKI|,-To «ooount for theec 

AiliHiiHalit«' Vil* S. Ant. wn must, per- 
hitl», owirlUr iiii« vnrxipn lu KvKgrias, (o 
«li.tiii lit* IniMiJiilinn tu «πΜίηαηΙ^ mttri- 
>>i>^n(, »ivl »ii.^h« ΛΛ 8. J4>r<,>w«, «hu is 

Μ ««>«<•<•>*>»(«•■■• HM «tunk Ml MM *-- 


to, I. Ί6, Ul; II. 146i i 
tu-W: uiiii. 11): ικτ. 17 
tu». βι IUI. 1β (Mr), 17. 

uvu. IN. SM dMHt. 

■urtwtUui, H« rlifM 1 lorMr'Mi. 
«•tWHw. BolcmnM, uu. CaiC'oi. f/i>r. 
K(U oul. GT!l> Gat vjm >d Dionjnum el 

Slttdjuium iillDra epinola. el ieimfrttmi 
I^MobR plurimju ...ooDtoTiDUei B: Kit 
' 1, ftilera epislulk rortatiltai 

, .ni» de iwschm ptuiitDK... 

«««•oriptit : C : Est e. el kd d. ot a. d. 
tttn* cpietola [bluik] de paeea plorime ., 
^WMlipte) = eortaliee. solBmnce, Cp. E'I2» ; 
0^Ulkt, i., Kr.> 357, 13; toriaitieai, 
'<r.E227: KirtMicBi.B.,Er.i35e, 

tG : ef. eariaiittui, epidnkmni. Cp- E336 ; 
Ef.i 858, ίδ. Conf. Cal. HUr. Ltxivii 
col. BH8• el (opraimnl epUlala ; U : 
cortafllikuL ideEt caslii^lioais epUlolc ; 
G ; [blank] epiatnle. Fur " id «<t casli- 
Kaliooie," which text Β hne liere in ÜK 
wrong (?) plane, of. etryor. 

«ottatikiu, see eorliitiea. 

Fomni, XII. 5; ivujt. 28. 

epsmbabla, iteratioeniinierfttionie studio 
uprba rEpptens, iivni. 30 (Ciui. Ptalt, 
ui. t Haec Ggora locutionie dicitiir epeia• 
^mιit,ta.βL•ll. r.; XXI. 5<;ii-ui[HU>fi, Laline 

«piaetUa. Ionics [tunica] uel cociiU 
[earällaL iwl omnis uretis desupet alüa 
M* fl w i pcodnn. ΤΠ. 56 {iml S. Uart. 
Sh*, b«i t'if. 5. Anton, xxm col. 147° 
livil tft^firm Hnun). Cf. ependiten, 
— -^ KSei, »»; Ef.' 960, as and 

I uni launii dua 
i. xxTui. 7'J {Ciw 
>• Ü tprietymiia, q, n. caues 

»anr. T. < 

-. — — η ephi in ii 

etnuü Μ puuniD, ixn. II (Λ ponifir. ?) ; 
«fkl no* ub lit modii Eplü idem ιη«ηΒΙιη 
tübet in aiidüM in li>|oidiB Bains, iixiii. 
19 (AbtA. fV Pmfi. p. 159, 3 : Oepki sine 
Uvpha mudü Ina. Ocfjlü i. ni«nearae h. 
i. a., «lood i. L Banu). Cf. Blumi•, i. 376, 

10 («11*1, Hebr. rfk»A). Cf. ύη,Μ «I botas 
aoiualia. Cp. 0131 For rpAi «ee also 
(»ΪΪ1ΙΙ. Ii) MM. (xixiu. 16) pnmor. 

•pUcklMDft. exsFcutiou« ucl appto- 
fmlm. »Ml. S rfrckirtma Latiui c.ii.a.u.Di. 

•pUcrapha. I 

β aphl. 

•plMd. sutvnunonl• IsUiwThuin-l, τ. 9 
(Ka/. I. It luL 1β9> ad ponanduin posi μ 
φ *n4 sawtduUk). 

•ftMl«. HlperMUU«. MIX. 53 IVtrb. 
Ixtrrpr. = ffirr. Η .Uull*. »in. 14 ut 
(■ιη«ιι turlitndiDis indicetur). 

tplbMU, qui penieuieut el daiil tiabaliiin 
pni naui^atioue. xxivm. 4( IVIrm. Rom. 
Κρύξ. aij JatvtmM in Mice's ftiir. /,, 
till col. 34» tfiiaii• lotiui lialenittalia 
ninltiludu similis ni; col. 9S> ibid, «i- 
twfw id (βΙ taici). 

rpichinima, see lyAicAtfyaM. 

Bpienriiu, nolnptarin* corpoHs, ixxnti. 
9 {CUm. RrmfMitl, «a. 7 ΛΊηγηπ Kholai• 
bwiDcnUvi; THL IS A>icHrM ; Tin. Ιβ 
qui erit Kpituro loctu). 

INDEX ( tpi. — eqiiit. 

ίβ Kpiy 



e, mamoriii uel preuiaiiuni [br-], 
III. 73, aee cjiitomen. 

•ptmone, repetitio, xivm. TS (C'ii••. 
Finim. xxTm. 2 egtua,,.epiiiioBr, Latine 
rrjvrifin; ct. Id. cxijn. 1). The additionttl 
explan stion of this Hgura, in Ml|[ne'e 
lent ool. 199» "orebrai serraoniB qnae 
multa eolUgit uniue nerbi iteratione ds- 
oorea," je in tha Leiden MS. wrongly 
under prolemiie (q. v,), xxvui. 76. See 
also CatB. χιτ, 1 tjiimune, quando Bimilui 
dicta erebra lepetitione geminantur. 

Bpipbuiliu (licit Angina iiviii siliquae, 
«II. 22 ; Boe drngma. 

i'piphunema, tiee epi}ihoniiaa. 

eplpbonlma, ideet adclamatio <)ΐις poHt 
narrate« rebna breuiter cum eicliuiiatione 
prorumpit, iivm. 66 (Com. Ftitlm. iiii. 9 
epiplumfiao, id est a...,quae p. n, rti b. υ. 
Hrdamntiaue p.). CI, ib. iix. ^iepiplicauma , 
id eat a. quae p. n. Te$ b. a. earLmattont 

epiwopatem, l ti, ee« abiidnm. 

epincopi, iixii, 56, see ante alitidii. 

episcopoB. XLi. 1, aee pretbileri. 

epietelia, nee epiililin. 

spiitlU«, grece qaao super capitelln 
columnanim ponunlur, i, 49 (/λ- CiiHun.?). 
The interpretation pointe to fpiili/limii, 
Β erou-beam that rente on colotnuB, the 
aroliitrsve ; but tbio word does not eeetn 
tu occnt in tbe Cnnonea. Coulil tlic 
Driginal Qloaaatiir have extracted fpiitotiu 
(Can. Coite, Catch, xi lit.), and another, 
mistaking the word, added the Inter- 
pretAtion f See also tpitlolio In Cun. 
foiieii.Carin.cxixivp. 171*. C(. Euoherii 
Iiutraett. ii p, 14Θ, 9 ; laid. Etym. it. H, 
15, XII. ID, 34; and tpUtelia, capitella, 
Cp. E335 and Er.' 358, '23 ; Ep. — . 

epietolaa, xli. 1, nee preibiteri. 

epJBtolia, «ee tpUtilia. 

epletiiiaa, ii-i. 3. eee chorepiecopi.inyoa. 

epietjlium, aee rpirlilia. 

epittialainliun, hiux Ihalanii interpre- 
tatnt, XXTTII. 86 {Cat,. Pial«. iliv Fnet. 
Epithiibimitim iDterpretBtDr 1. t.). 

epitbonja [epltoma), see epitmta. 

65 (Cur. Hit 
upetis TertullI 

preaiariDDi [fnr bren], iix. 73 (Car. iih 
Lxix coi. 087" H.BberauB,,,et friroiiV 
ejusdem operis in libru tino aoephalo 
{άκίφάΧψ, Kich.j ; B: ΆΛ. ...epitomnt 

uel breniuiuni, xxx, 
IX col. 681« iriTOßi,, 
raclenx; B; rpitavitH 
vel mtmoriiim operle 
; C: [blank] op. Ter- 


idsBt brtuiaTtam aiuBttem u|wK8 in libro 
iaketalo idest viiioni« titl memorit dti; Q: 
Hab. . . . [b1 ank] ein tdomoperis libro [blank]) 
~ Kpilomrm, memoria uel breulacum, Cp. 
E337, Er.< »58, 31 ; epomi; memoria, 
Cp. E332 ; tpitouun, breuiarum, ΕΓ.' 358, 
44 1 tpinome, memoria, Ef.* 357, 11. As to 
the reading of text B, see Slatta aapo• 
dimeoa de praedieatione uielonii del, Cp. 
S347.~apltoTta, adbreulatln, xi.vt. 31 
{A lia = Ai> Pliacaf, p. 425, 24 note chaljbiB 
rpillioma) = tpitlionui, ailbrouiatjo, Cp. 

epttOTta, ailbrcuiatio. xlvi. 31. boo 

epltrocutnM, IdoHt dlctl rotatio cnm 
Bucelucte ea, qu^ aunt eOuBius dlcenda 
perHtrlngit, xxviii. 64 (C'lui. Pialm. Xili. 
9 Sgura... «11 trocho «mo« id est d. r. c. b. ea 
quae a. e. d. p.). 

epitrochaemoB, see epitroaumo». 

■{disaila, qu^ latlne ooniuncUo dioitur 
ut eat diea die! et deua dens mena, ixviit. 62 
(Ciiu. Fmlm. χτιι. 12 epizmii», quae 
Latiue c. d. [ut ret, the OloBsator'a 
addition) d. d. d. m. ace also 
xixiv. 24). 

epizeuxie, Bce fpiituti$. 

mixtum, inoater [Tor momlramf a.e in 
Cambr. Uti.J, xiii. 42 (Uni. »xiv. 14 
occurrent dtumonia uiioccHtiiui-u ; Heyes 
oHorfnUmrut, in note; epocentauria [ = 
blppoo-],ff 110 ieperhapa added aaafarttier 
explauation). C[. oaucruUiurai, asino pei- 
miitum. Cp. Ü177. 

•ptatiaiun, aeptem Ubrorum uel «opte- 
narium, ii, G9 {lltntd. rig. 13, 8 logat.„nou 
£jiiui((:ui«,{ll]ipioiicuiii, in noteiifp(«t(- 
cuin) = heplutäucbOB. 

epul. cuter, per pnllux, pec castor, 
xjjii. 4J (ϋΐ div. Biim/niftm = Donati An 
gramm. p. 386, 15 adver bia,,.Iurandi, ut 
tdepol, tcaitor). 

epTQlaioii psrlilonExlareton preoipuum 
[praec-]. »xix- 51 {lUrh. Inlrrp<: = Hier, 
in Matth. n. 11-13 yiiod noa «uper- 
stuutiolGin eipreaaiiauB, in Oraeco habetur 
fTioiwie*, qnod Terbilm mi interprelee 
*'i|iiD(n7iof...trBDaremnt. Couaidcravllima 
ergo In Uebrsn, et ubJcumquelUi ircpioi^iui 
eiproBaerant, noa inTeoImue ag«jla 
(n?11D), quod Symmachue ίζαίριτ», id 
eet piatcipuHnt, vel egreRium traaatulit). 

qqaali [aeq-], sziin. lU, »ee urbieiu. 

•qoM, equester uel equl, xuv. 243 
(Itu/. IX. 9 fol. 153'' equa ac praeeuraor). 

cqueBter, equi, xxx*. 243, Bee e^uet. 

equia, xlll. 50, een ferrtri; ixu. 16 (bia), 
Bee iimdani ; χιχτ. 15, Bee quadriga. 

equilum, xm. 33, see bige. 


equoa, utt. lit, nee 

equuB, i»i. Id, a 

INDEX {L.iTlX) uqlli 
"'■'"'■«'■ Ep.- ; 

I, -27. 

! interrogiuta. ££' 

equui emliurliu, qai mittitur ad in- 
menla. tii. H.i {licctt: ixiiil. It|. 

-er- (or rfte : prrpetl fur praepeti. 

emnento [»«■], iv. 33, see ipetien trie; 
in. 40, Be« οΐία, 

«rat, zxxv. ue (tor). 

otbk {herba], ix. 6, wo Εα]ΐ]»ιπι ; i. ID, 
■M ejipnu, 30, m« ruiitii ; iiu. 1. »ee 
eucumrrtirium, 41, tee pad'uni«, 67, nee 

r. 49. « 

' ttibiit. 

rrbarum [herb-], 

erbaticu, χτν. 3, see uorith. 

Vi [for aerr]. %v. 37, nee eleelrum. 

em [aer], χιτ. »β, lec ur«M. 

ur«cto, luv. 3G, tee u (erpn. 

•nguitnT, loquantur, ilviii, 1 (/>r 
(Vfu., /fu(. II. 41, 3 HI tibi uel aniquam 
ennnicla, *i inrogaiitur iniurUe, esto in- 
niobilii,..; Id,, ibi•!. vni. H, S lapides et 
maledicla. , , f nm^trf 1 ; nui, it em-mii I'lt. 
/iM. t^ 7. 3 oiim Is. t|ul oratiuapm c"l- 

ptriler trigunlHT]. CI. LAbtedl, in Arctiir 
/. L. L. xn. lU, «bo would read tUgattter, 

«rctP' ['^'W']' u-iT- 10. nee oirdina. 

cngitor |eiig-l, lUi. 37. see Inui. 

ftenwuto, xti. 9. tea m>-s6m. 

•TMuiu, «e mmrhoriia ; ArmMto. 

Mwla (ar-l, i. 83. ■•« ■neb. 

i^Ue, ILlll. 33 |Jii4=?) = 

crpiVu. egHe, Cp. Ε293 ; Ep.— j trfk*. 
Ltidne, Ef.' 3611, 47- For npira {a bun>«) 
sue Körting. K'iiri., No. 4576 tkirpaUtad 
hirpex.irpexfliewif Λ Sb.). TbeO.H.0. 
rgida (Scbade. p. 125) ia. io the pKacnl 
QloBBftry. an alterslicm Γτοιη an or^iiial 
esldat (for egidae ? ee« note ^ on p. 48). 
Cf. tbe A. 8. e^eSe. tg•^ iBiww. T.) ; If . B. 
eytht ; Oeriu. and D. Eggt. 

arrare, luv, 36, we α frrgo. 

ertoauogten. lee erleilJocUM. 

smof, modici uermes qui manduDt folu 
mulU»! pudm habent. »ί^ π 7 {Qng. 
Dial. I. 9 col. 197* hortam, magna... 
erucae maltitudincinTeniteaaeeooperttmi; eaedem rruciu}. 

ernme, discern ιι,τ. 3 (Cerba 4t meltit 
= Art Phoeat. p. 411. 10 Tetaniin tnert 

erant [for traut],!. 100, see ynanitoli^i. 
eijnnia. see iin'fni. 
Esaia, see artabf. 

eilipU. SeealMüico. 

-I- ii-maTiriMinnr.. i-u» dum allUd 

loiiuitur aliud agit. m. S {Jai ; Frar/. 
liirnn- p. »Λ. and llJeue. f. L. υ 

ool. lOei' iex^iioTiaiiim dtunqoe i 
bquiuir, aliad ««it). 

eaenleotiorcs. see tittlUntiorti. 

EanK^ um iil. 

Alt. Tft* in rfiMifuKi 

All. n' noil in rr9wtiib...oonolu»). 

Mtiilliir, MvmgnMV. 

«)%»Ι)(ιΙΓ. M^ rfvraHlHr. 

«dpMWMV innttmwnl. tirr. IS3 (R<. 
til. η (<il, Hil^ (I <(iH mmittiil)BtttptH• 
«•I, IniHia-rni. IV KSTO; Kj«. -; Kl.' 
ΜΑΪ. W, 

|rlt, <ϊ, as. .«> .f*»t« fnt 

Mil. VM«. n. wr f»• ttiMrit-. 

•rlMtlMlW, <')iM 1* »»tiiulMu-vm, iii. hi 
(< nl. »«<-•. V.XI ntl. itTH> .>>^,tar^ mat 

.. 53 1 ». ϊί». 

lubüMntia, ι. 46 (f>c Caeou.; 

CmiL• Cone. Cartfc. cuiin [Dt). ji^etCoae. 

Xit.] ex alia tubeiantia, vei rm-nfw : £p. 

U'M. ,S'. Cft. Jlei., p. m* de illiae ettnliti ; 

IGS iSuf. T. 3 I>f/- ><1. CMJr. ap. Maiu. τπ. 7ί9' de 

if! |bl*nk|*uui 

oivllo|llvi I. I*, ij.mtfinlit. 

Ptalm. I, 1 htum Uiriirn tlnuv« ΊΐϋΙΙηΓ 
•iimn, t.alliii< iHirriiiMlt.•; ot. al» 
r, l)a miKHw, Uituirofaliu, C'(i. BWO; 


cat, I. Ill; n. 59. ΙβΧ, 1β9 (bu); tv.99; 
ππ. β; χ- 6, ΙΟ, 11, 13, 16, 17, 30; a. 3, 
U; ui. 9. 17; lUI- 3»; uir. 3, 6, 10. 3Ü; 
xn. 4, 13 ; ivii. 7 ; iix. SI ; zxm. I ; 
»nn. 18. 35, 38, 33 Iqoater), 5ί, 53. 67. 
TO, 76. «i: xux. !>: xixii- 1. 5; uiui. 3, 
6. »-U, 13, 16, 1». 30; xxxr. S3, 130. 144, 
147 ; xiiTU. <t, lU ; ixxvtit. 16. 33 ; XiXli. 
IB, 15. SB, SA ί tu. HI, 11, 16 ; luil. 3», 
39. 46 : xuv. 8. 7, β, 16 ; iliil H. 

«itiuo [aest-], iim. 33, ew i^a^ 

M, i'. eo. ill 1 II. 14U, 160. in8 ; ve. ΘΤ, 
Hi K. I; K. 1, 5. 10. U|bia), 18, 33; tl. 
3. 4. 14 (bu) 1 xn. It. 31. 43 ; iin. II, 39. 
43 (bis), 47, 34, 55 ; xlv. 3, S (bis), 6, 30 ; 
XV. 37 (bti) : ivi. S, 97 fter), 30; iii. 15, 

INDEX {LATIN) et— exag. 



SU, ΊΟ; XI. θ; XXt. 1β, 1β; κη. 11; ιχιν. 
■" [Χϊ ιίί. (Μβ}, 7 ; χχϊΠΐ. 3ß (bis). 53. 
Β (bin) ; ΙΧ1Χ. 42 iter), 60 (bis), Μ 
On.*), Η7 ; iix. »δ, 53 ι χχχι, 3, 8, Ο, 11, 
' 13. 21, 3Τ, 92. S6 ; Kim. 7. Βι ιχχπι. 2, 
\ 12, 13, 15, 23. 24 ; χκχν. 36, 41. 69, 72 ; 
ιιχπι. υ (bii) ; xxxviu. 44 : χιχικ. 16 ; 
ILL 7, 8, 18, Iß; lui. 21; xmi. IS; 
>uv. U, 10, 11 (bifl), 27 (quaterj; xlvi:. ». 
et, iee expolita. 
etheoae. see Itecthetiu. 
ethimologia, see aelhitaologia. 

({.'.(1. m<r. LH col. 671" HippolyluB,.. 
BDrip(üt.,,ct ΏροαομΛΙιιί de Uade Domiai 
Salvatorin [RicbKrdBon, id.} ; Β : tpicom, 
Id est tuiTTatione iö de Inuite salnaturie ; 
C: [blank] et de laude domim saluatgtiB). 
The Or. text οΓ Migne mid Gebh. { = 
ΒορΙίΓΟΠ.) hae : κροσαμιλιώΐ wtfl τύψ 
twainir ταν κιιμίον ημΰ* Ίηαον XpitreU. 
And in a note Migne remarks " that a 
Verona MS. hiut jmnaomelian, ttom which 
wc ma; read with Fabrictus ψρνβομι'Μαΐ', 
and that lormer edd. had wrontcly Tpbi 
ίμιΧιΰν, or vrpl ομιλία*". — prmiomeant 
narrationem, Gp. Pa«! ; proecmian, am- 
mlionem, Ep. 17E17 i pmtomm. narra. 
tiooeln, Et.' 377, 3β. Cf. pramataiu 
narrationem, Cp, Ρ5βϋ; proiepitm, nnr- 
nttiünum, Cp. P624. The (does " nurra- 
tiuDuNi " at the present Qloeear; would 
agree with ιτίΐοίΓΐι^λιώτ, but the ending 
-eaii, -ian, -nam of the lemmata, and the 
»wua. form "nerration™" of all the 
kindred GtossarieB, distinetl; point to 
ίροβαμΜατ as the true reading. 

* '"~ imilitudinem, ixx. 80; 



«r. 2ϋϋ, see φίαι. 
Lranieiui, euaniüeiice pre- 
pftrationie, iii. TU, see eyuggencet. 

eunngelicae ; enaogeliearum ; euungtlicc 
[cae]. III. 75, 7β, *ee tyagtinices npoil. 
euaugelio, ixini. 6, see Kintrr. 
«ebailitlM. gratiumm aotionea. iix. 
IJO, nee panagericori, aub v. paiiagericii. 


enellare [for eutlleec Ϊ], xxliv. 53, aee 

BnerEsUs. boui operia uei lactorie, xii. 1 
{Kccln., Ptol., p. 560 of Antwerp ed.: 
in, ..lemporibuBptolamaeiffrrscli« regis). 
For opfrii the Cambr. MS. Kk. 4. 6 has 

eaigilantom [I], xxix, M. «on elucu- 

cuigilatum, see elandmtliini. 

•ulOslM, salntationes, n. 58 (Beued. 
refi- 64, i NnllatenuB lieeBt...r»(<ijfui(,.. 
occipere, [4] colofliaB, oul- and eul- in 
fit. tor lilttTot, in some HäS. ; of. Edm. 
äohmiilt, nesHla, p. 54). Cf. Woelffljn in 
Arch. f. Lat. Lrxic. x. 550. 

eum, xxvui. SS ; luv. 25 ; see also 

enmenidea, filiq noctis ideet hegitisBQ, 
Djn. 53 {De div. nujHi«i6i« = [nol7 Donati 
dri gramnuit., but] Ha(^n An Aiuin. 
β<ΓΗ.,ρ.132, 33uot«rgfN«Riifriiejmenido8, 
24 nninidtn emiaidie) = EwiiiHidet, fnrie 
iii, Cp. EBSa ; Ep. — ; Ef. — ; KmntniHet, 
baehtiBBe, ib. ES64 ; Ep, — ; E(. — , For 
hegitiii{, harhtitie. aee Hoaw. T. {hagttnt, 
a witob, hag, farj); ΟχΓ. D. {hag, sb.'). 
See also itriga. 

Euniorpliium, Hee nuurphiNiH• 

eunuehnw, ix-vl. 17, see «miufc 

«unaclins, consul romanus, xuu. 30; 
centauma, nauis unus dc nanibua qnje 
[Aoneae], xuii. 21 {De dh: «ominibm= 
Donati Art grommai., p. 375, 24, 3S lunt 
...aliaaoiiomasculiua, intollectu femiuins, 
ut Eitiiuchiii aomoedin [Terent. Af.], 
Orestes tra«oeilia [Burip.], (-Vncautun Davis 
(Virg, A. v. 132]). 

Btiriia, deitn-, ιχχτι. β (Clrw.t. 2, 1» ad 
A'urum ; ib. 01 In eurum; ib. 55, 67> 58, 

B3, 1)8 ab furo). 


Γ. 85; 

14,30; XIX. 91), GO; xxt. II; 
XX. 35 : XXitv. 1 ; IXxf . 223 ; 

exaoHe, monuug gaebles, 
{(ire-j. Dial. iv. 30 mI, 3β!Ι* . 
caQoniBet<erat) = u:acrtD,geabuleB monuug. 
Cp. E3I8 ; cjocifo, geblesmonung, Et.' 
S&n, 40. For iruiHuiij/, (a claiming or 
exaction of debt, tribute), see Bosn. T. 
(monunff) : 0. H. G. irumurtpu (Schade) ; 
for garbUi, gciibulet, geblei (tribute, tax), 
BoBW. T. {gafel, gafol, gafel, 4o.). 

exa«tumM, idest eiijuesitio, xxTiit. 6β 
{Can. Plaint. xx[n. S &gDnt...fxeUumoi, 
ideat exiiuiiilio). 

Bxaggtma, eomnlare [cum-], xiiiv. 38 
(De Cm»., hut. vin IS uitia nun solum 
neniare, ueram etiara e-iaggerare oon- 



INDEX (/-ίΠ.ν) eial. — excue. 

»kllklte, m aaUrgr, 

oallaC•. {κτηηΜΙίη. iinii. 39 (C'iu. 

Pfoln. II. H txullagr. J«tine prrmutaHo ; 

we kliK• itiu. 4) = rMitiugt. pifnuolalio, 

Cp. Είββ; Ep. — : ixailagr. grtce penno- 

-., Εί.'Μ5•.Ι, 28. 

Ιο. tt. 50, WC dUriutio. 

I [bei-l, xiiT. 2fiO, Me tn 

indicio dlBcaiirioiie, ii. 62 
ItifVfii. reg. I, β [11] traten)• tz acit % 
but rnlemo rtamitu, Hattemer. Drnk- 
TMhU, 1. 34 and Paul Piper. SarhuBgr, 
p. 31, IH, 1!)). 

•xuBtualm.iniiuiHiCiiie, iixvti[.l((.'UiN. 
Rtengnili. X. 47 iti qaie capit fxnmiutin 
*«rit«teiii...H!nowere). üae alao tn. S8 : 
■Ocipiu quod de vifril&te ad aumtnm 
rwiui ■ 

1. n,, 


■ppcar •* Hfeppre. glppre : t^|' uu« tn to 
Ule H. K. )pp Ixx }«ρ ίο ϋΙι«Ισικηη} ; 
PH Wright W. V,r. i-fruf. ge*pUce, in 
index). Cl. aboT« atrjmlaitioribut. 

eiMtle, XXXI. 93, ate fTOtmorei. 

eXBaäatt, xxxv. 273. see tditort. 

eie«l>o, IV. 25, Bee tu ediU. 

eieeptia, iin. IZ, see «πια. 

ezeMMflt, oblitDB fuerit cnlpAoeril, it. 
57 [Itentd. rrg. 46, 6 [7] 8i qau ..aliqaid 
tictHtrii; ef. 67, 7[I2)exoe«iiu.«ioemaB; 
4S. -Ί etcefleiace|. Cf. ui-oirnl.ctllpftuerit, 
Cp. E410 : excesKTit, calcanerit, Ef.' 358, 
24. and below. firuniuL See Woelfflin in 
Areh,/. Lal. Ltxic. i. 550. 

eiceeao«, eee exrrifTit ; ezemtu. 

η e» fvi) cal (vt) decerU«, i^ecbDalFm 
l-ceDDalem], xtx. Öl: «niiaafa deoerldA. 
decemnotiaielu, »i. 53 {Cat. Hirr. Lit 
ool. ß71*e »«Jeeim aiuiarntn circalnni 

CD üiBci intiuifiatniiAla Vocant...; 
m et noveni aunomin ciicnlDm, id est 
OnaKAiiftamj^Ba ; B: Bed. ann. cät. H- 
KreotqifalmniideMsei et decern annamm 
voeaiil...iioDeriidecini aDU. cir. fiinelee- 
ralerim ideal dfcem noacnalcm ; C : xvi 
aunoruin cir. n- ftrcci [bUnk] voran t. . i et 
viiij annoium circulum id eat [blftali)) = 
txataidae erlrrida, sedecennalem. Et.' 368, 
40, 41 1 enHeiieaide celeridu, decen- 
nuaenaleni, Cp. B201 ; tnneeaide ceurida 
dMetiDoiieiiBleni, Et,' 368, 41. 

cicatptio, BBC u-arpmat. 

«toMtar•, abire esngire [effngere], ii. 61 
(/tenrd, reg. 6H, 6 [8] i<i...airium eoarani 
menitiiratu uiderit pondiu oiieris txetilttf).; xLvni. 
lU. laa premgatiiia. 

w e rtK att o fi, gipparre, xlvui. 40 [Dt 
Cau., Juni. Pnef. 9 exctUenlior progenieB : 
v. se OTdinem, qal ezcellmtior halietiir). 
Tbe form rxctilentiortt oocora neither in 
tlie hui., nor in the Conl.. whicli. latter 
only gives ticrllentior (ι. 11. 2), -orit 
(IV. Η), -ortm (XI. IS, 7 ; xxt. t, 2. 33, 3), 
■orr (II. IH, 1). But Inßl. v. 7 we »ad 
(iciilrtilfuro mbi. for wbicti Ihree MSH. 
liave txcoitniioret, and v. 23, 1 aeouia- 
tioribUB epuliii et uttiUntiitTiba: Can 
tbiB be the word that whb meant to 
be i{1oeic<l f it waB more likely to re- 
i|UJre explanation than the well-knuvn 
rxetllmtlof. uiii}Ki7Tr»eeinBto bennotlier 
fomi o( the A. B. Houppre (oomp. otgeap) 
whidistho Lat. rallidioT in Oen. 3. 1 
iBuHw. Γ. gtap) and witli an Unilant wonld 

Bioeanla. cxtnlil ee, ii. 60 [litntd. rtg. 
t)7. 7 [12] propter riceuat {ezteitotl ; cf. 
15. 4 eice^BQ). With this lemma " extnlit 
Be" does not agree. If the latter «ere 
correct, the lemma might be "eiceesit," 
which, however, does not occur in the 
Itegnls [but tee above «■««eriij. Cf- 
ectasi, enceeBUm, expelb, Cp. E17 ; tteemt, 
egylt. Cp. E500. For egylf, a (anil, tiee- 
puBH, eee Boaw. T. {egijU. apgU). 

eicelra. eee eredra. 

exddinm. casum uel disceOBum [for 
diicurnni ?], XXIV. 141 {Kh/. m. 7 lol. 39• 
poat vrbiB ra>'ii(iiitn, beito...atque ex• 
cidio cinitatia: m. 11 fol. 41'- ciuitatia 
exeiilium). Cf. rxcidiam, diacidium, Cp. 
Ε37Θ ; exfidivM, eipugnatio, Cp. E379. 

excjpigntUT, Bcparanlnr, xlu. 1 [Es 
dh. Ubri. = Sulp. Sip. Dial. ii. 3, p. 183, 8 
miaera ipsa aoioialia conglotutntur.,, 
dumque aegre tijiediuntur). 

eiciao, iiiit. 5, aee lapidt inpotiUi. 

1. U, Bee iri-ilUoii,. 

ixviii. 65. a 

ue epi 


exoooti, It. 51, 

eee digetli. 

eicogitata, ixx 

V. 100, eee mm« 

eicolantee, eee 



eicariandi, ii 


exeubiae, »ee t 

e«ouaabile. xxx 

. 23, Hea apolngi 



XXV. 153. eee 


23. aee apoUugeCicui. 

excuaationeB. iix. 79. aee apologiti. 

excuBtttioDibuB, ilviii. 71, eee apologii. 

azonaaiun, ubiruionem uel dereliotum, 
II. 65 {Iieiied. reg. 4, 34 [51] rieum niultam 
aut»riuniui non amare; q' foiii'cciium? 
see excfitenl oblitua fuerit, in ii. 57. and 
of. WuellBin in Arrb. f. Lat. Lfzic. x. 

INDEX (LA TIN) ex dia.— exp. 



uxTin. 35 (Clna. HecognUt. x. II ftliquie 
enimm tunm aepexit μ ritiimilru aut 
eoniunctae aut io oeutro). Cf. iHametro, 
duplioi mcDkura. Cp. D265 ; EC S55, 62 ; 
Goetz, VL *11 {fx diameiro). 

eiedeaie (for eecUiiae], x, 1. nee oteulttur 

cxedr», Herpene ent ei oociditur iurgent 
de capite eiuB plares BerpenteB >UBi cioiUB 
- ■ ] inoenditur, ΐϊΐιι. 1 (iiulra«; Jliemn. 
f/, p. xm'• lioet hyiirtt «ibilet ; Heyee, 
p. iLviti* lioat et eifeim aibilet ; Migne, 
Patr. L•ιt. xiviit «ol. HOS• licet et exeetra 
dbilet, and in not* iq/i/ro ; trrpeni ; extra 

exedrae, eee tiidre, 

eiedre, parue domue, v. 10 (Eecl. Slor.) ; 
UMlre, soabflUi [!] aä oihoB uel Babeelll [l]. 
ΙΪ1Ϊ, 61 (De F.iu,.) = lRitf. ii. 23 fol. 187* 
ipatia oooupant txliedrae, in ed, IS43 : 
ahtdrt. in ed. 1536, p. 255; exfdrat, 
I Cacoiari n. p. 102). Cf. exfdrt, Boabelli 
' »d cibo«, Cp. E420; cf. aleoCp.ESise. 415, 
ίΓι2, and GoetE va. 411 {extdram)- 

eX«neriBtti[furCftinii!riniu = χιιμίριτίι], 
nc ai ei meridifl [-die] remotior, luv. 6 ; 

uiempla, ixviii. 86, eee paradigtna. 

esempLi, L 9^i ^ee porlrnttioie. 

•xemptli, uiolvnter anblata, i. Gl (De 
Canon. ; Cun. Conc. farift. I,vi exempta 
de filBoe multamm). Cf. exrmta, anoiet« 
(for Hublftte ?), Cp. E53« ; Goetz, vi. 111 


ezeoia, miuimaa, πι. 66 {Vit. S. Anton. 
ΙΙΪΙΙ col. 150C xeiiia; but in note 65, 
cul. 181 fxenia). For madnuu (preoioua 
things, ornamenta] eee Boaw. T. {nvi- 

eloiitera, aee extrnlcra. 
BxantMwn, queatiaiium, zix- 66 {Cat. 
Hier, uxxt ool. 68,1* viginti liuinque 
ίίτϊ'ί"'*' Origenie yolamina; Β : viginti 
q. ejtieUN ideet jufiiiunnni n. v. ; C : iiv 
fbknk] orig. y.| = MffiW-ioH. expoeiti« 
qnaemionuin, Cp. Ε4Ι2 i extnteiitm, 
quaeetion, Ef.> 363, 32. 
exequere [ = rxequi], ι. 10, aee ad- 

eiequi, eee exequere. 

eieniendi, xui, 24, eee ueetandi. 

eieroiUtionia, xlt. 1, see ifi/niiuuium. 

exeroita, in. 1*, aee per aggerem, and 
note t on p. 7. 

exerciCum [-taum], xii. 43, »ee uaia ; 
xiu. 33, see tiige. 

exercitue. xxi. 1. aee in expedUione. 

eiercituum, xxi. 17, nee Ädonai. See 
also bige eguittim; 

braoblum tuum er» exUiitum : Heyee, in 
note tlertwn) = exertum, aillioltuin, Cp. 
E382. The Hebrevf haa Π^ΐίίΤΙ (made 
naked). Ct. Wright W. ι. 230. 37, and 
Steinin. ι. 643, 50. 

ezuiun, BublilU, xiiv. 230 (Di Em.) : 
excemun cauatum, iv. 108 {Ecct. Jifur.) 
= (iiii/. II. 25 fol. 199* aimulaohnim.. .» 
tergo txf$um: nbenanna' ed. oi I6H5 haa 
rxeiiam ; Caociari, pa. n. p, 106 exenim, 
aliaa ex.eirum) = exetum, «nptile, oorasnm- 
tum, Cp. E520. 

eihedrae, exhedrq, aee eztdrt. 

Biblben, aneeraire [-eiri] adesse nel 
preato [pr»e«to] ease, i. 52 (De Canon.; 
Call. Conc. Carlh. lxxvii iit...»uain prae- 
aentinm nun differat exhiberf). 

exhlbtta. adtributa preatita [praeat•]. 
IL 50 (Βι•η«ί. rfjj. 2, 18 (26] cura ex- 

exborlatio, see catlenma. 

[for α,Λΐρττογ\ III». El, Βββ 



«ilgerlt, popoacent uel petierit, ti. 

(Beiiii. Ttg. 48, IS [23] Si..,neWBai. 
loci,..iiiiiirie [and oocreolly T] exigtHl). 

eiiit, Mil. 12, aee iirno. 

«ün, deinde. xxxv. 2B7 [Itnf. i. 9 fol. 
la• ; H. 9 fol. 163• ; n. H fol- 167" 

exioanituni, i. 6, aea unaiienlum txin•'• 

exietimanl, βββ c{Iuni. 
eUtlAll. mortftli, iv. 28 (««/- '"■ C t°\ 
35* fxiliali quadam manu ; in. 8 fol. 3«'' 
txilialibui Salamis). 

Mitn, »VI. 15, eeeotfj-fw lermonii; ixx. 
81. eee ptickiexodo. 
exitnr, xiiv. 285. »ee eoibatur, 
exitna, xiviii. 53, eee paraprvtdocia, 

ex latere regnl, de adulterio reglne, xvi. 
14 (Dn.ti. ΪΙ. 4 principe»... qnaerebant 
oooaaionem ut invenirent Danieli rx Utteri 
regit ; Heyae, and Migne xxviii col. 1308, 
in notes, ex latere rigni) = ex latere regni, 
de adiilterio tegtn«, Cp. E409 Λ Ef." 358. 
22 ; Ep. — . 

exolautet, mundantes a oolenoo [co- 
laiidol] dicitut, xxiv. 12 (Math, iliu, 24 
duces CBci,(j-coian(«ouliceni) = eJoian<i•, 
mandantes, Cp. E36S ; Ep. — ; exolantet, 
mandaiLtes, Ef.' 357. 16. 

exordio, xvi. 15, see ab exitu lermom•. 

exortari, ixiv. 44, aee adofttu. 

eiortatio, χιτ. 16. see caeieuma. 

eipeetana [for »i«rlan<], xi.iv.7,seepoIi. 

expectaremur, xxxv, 281, see operi- 

aollicitura, iv. 39 {Etech. ι 


eipecUt [for ex/ptcM], 

expediat, see expcdit. 

expedln, proJesse uel coir 
U7 {Bentd. reg. 64, 23 [51] Lit TideHt 
cnique iij-edire ; cl. G'l, 19 [»»], 26 [HO] ; 
88, [17]). 

eipedlt, prodeat oominodum est, ii. .59 
{Bcnfd. reg. fi, Π (23 marg. Λ not,] ne 
videntur plus loqui qunni txptdil ; 3ti, 13 
[20] qoDtienii expedit; cl. xiiix. 12 [19] 
txjiediai).—Tiim expedlt, non conuenit, it. 
12B (ileiiciJ. rtg. liG, 14 [26] qaia...>t(ni 
txptdit aDiQiBibus «oruni}, 

Hcpedltlona. expedition cm, iii, I.xefi in 

ei]>ediuiitur, nee ncipiantar. 

espeiuo, eipleto, ii. 68 {Beaed. reg. 18, 
IT [38] ifji-'RiO ergo psalmo). 

experimento, probaiuruto, ii. 72 {Benrd, 
reg. 59, 17 [27] quod eiptrimrnto didioi- 

eiperiri, see exprrtiia. 

•qMTlnstnr.explicsntnroel co^oseant, 
t. 47 [Üe Canon. ; Can. Cone. AMioch. 
icTiii omnea S^nodi erperlaMai-eiinKD). 

Bzpen, igoATuit, xKxiv. 50 [De Cam., 
Iiut. xn. 29, 3 fjjiiri patienliae eel; n. 3, 
5 experU»). 

Eiparta, m. 59, see uplata. 

eipertein, expectps, see tTpertim. 

axpertlin, ignorari, τίΛτα. 35 (Di Can., 

pertn). If npertt• is the Oloeaator'B 
lemma, ignorari is perbapn corrnpted rram 
iffnari. There itexperlem oaelestia panis, 
ibid. V. 21, 8 ; qui innumcroa diuersorum 

neo apiritales pugnas merebimur txperiri, 
ibid. T. lU. 2. The Utter two qnotationa 
vould auggeat tj-periri, nmi ijiitorare. 

expUeatiar, oapiebam, χχιτ. 161 {Ruf- 
π:. 30 fol. 521' ab ipso Hailulo expUcnbar). 

expleto, ti. 68. see experuo. 

■zpUoantiiT [sine ioterpret.], n. Ill) 
IBerifd. rrg. S, 16 [23] ambae ieB.,.citinB 
tiplicaittur). For ficplieantur see also 
(I. 47) eiperiunlur. 

explicatar, xivni. 5:i, aee paruproidocia, 
78, see hyperliaton. 

BzplOHi, eliiu uel experta, :tt, 59 ; 
esploaa, mnrtim, :ii. 61 {nnt De θ. Mart. 
Stor.. but Vit, S. Antoa. χωπ ool. 168* 
cnm , . . puella jaceret ciplnin] = exploea, 
eliaa, Cp. E41T. See aleo expJoii. 

explOBl, extinoti, sxm. 6 (nof in laid. 
Lib. ttot.); exploal, extincti, ilriu, 14 = 
{Lib. Anton, xxvi col. ISO• lata... exploit 
mars atque eneMli prodigii) = explati, 
extiuoti, Cp, ESOa ; Ep. ~ ; Et.' 367, 1β. 

INDEX (LATi.v) exp.— estcn. 

expolleilt, onaiterit [omaueril] α 
clarauerit, xxxv. Id4 (Ruf. τι. 18 fol. 1 
Oraeoo earn (epiBtoliim),..eermone, nan 
tarnen Hcnaibue expalinfrit). 

expollta, faiuata, xlviii. 33 (De Cmi.. 
Itul. Praef. 6 quae..,diHDasaa non faerint 
(■< polita; one MH. has ft eJ'polila). Far 
faniata (Joetn, vi. 420, Buggeatn/anRQta; 
of. /wi/iiim, limatom, Cp. P521. 

■xpoutum, oroacuui, χκχν. IBS (An/. 
VI. 15 foL 105' iugenjum .,, expolitHM 

eipolioerit, see expolierit. 

exponi, iix. 28, aee iubilo. 

expoaitionis, eee eyaggencti apod•. 

exposition η in, νββ dt «»tncCrnnilo ; 

expceaio [eipcesaio], xxviii. 88, see 

Bi pielon, de pretorio, xxiv. 23H {Rnf. 
XI. 21 fol. 1S6" ex praetart Vrbano ^cale- 

eiprimebant, i. 127, see tlrionei. 

eipriraantnr, iithl 88, see dialipoiin. 

expulaarpn], aee rriaiUocten. 

expulane, i. 48. see exlorrit. 

exqueaitio [exquiaitio], iiviu, K6, we 

exapectat, see rrpretat. 

exauperare, ιχτηι. 51, see hijprrthetii. 

exeurge, xxviil. M3, see (ropun. 

exta. intestina, iixv. 202 (Ii«f. viii. Ιβ 
fol. 143^r.rla..,persarutabantur), Gf. «xld, 
ieaen, Cp. Ε43Θ. For exta, «ec also (xvi. 
30) 'inurpic». nni exialt. 

ezlale, anedil-daerm, ιχιτ. 203 (Ruf. ?J. 
Qf Sotexlulitf (aeeLewia* Sh. ; Foroell.j, 
and, perhaps, togeüier vith the Oermanic 
worda, a further expUnatiuu of «ita (q.v. ), 
inteetina. For tncdildaerm (the great iiot) 
aee Bosw. T. (inadel, ntadel |tninn) = ntaU, 
anaediltiearm, Cp. E419 i extate, anaedil 
uel thearm, Εί.> 359, S. 

extalie, see extale. 

extuei, exoesBU ideat mentis, xxx. 40 
[Cat. Hier. iL col. 655» qoae soripeit Ttpl 
(i[iiTiiiT(ut[[>e(<irTii0ci, Rich.]; andt.iiisol. 
Θ03* de r»lii(i ; Β (xl) : quae aorlpsit de 
exeeHii mealif, (r.llt : deextati); C {πΛ : 
quae acripait [blank] ; (un : de extati). Cf, 
cxioiißi, celaa, Cp. Ε«2). 

extemplo, see txtimplo. 
extendi, χιτιιι. 38, aee per ßguram 
extenea, xix. 20, see tympawiia. 
. at, see inteW 

INDEX {latin) eite.— fab. 

axtentei«, inicinm [init-] Bicori&udi, 
IX. (ΪΊΑί'Μ Tl. 5 rxftiltra hiitic piecem ; 
Hejee, ill uote, exienUra}. ijee Levis 
A Shorl. in »oce exinlero; ct. txintfra. 

f HisMAt (the boweU, Boew. T.) ; rxlmttra, 

\ »aeeot. Ef.i 86β. 26. 

eiteiminat, ti(. 5, see rxtricat. 
exteriuinatns, iin. S, see commoiilnt. 
eiterHoiu, iv. Ill, aeepnniia. 
•xUmplo, etAtim. xiviti. 4 {Lib. Anton, 
tx ool. lü'i" corporis dolor exiemplo deletn» 


III. 14, t 


extoUlt, abBtrehit, n. 71 (Β«κ</. n-ff. 
M. H5 nlioe exfoliie [61 tUttoltit ; ef. ibid. 
no(f]: ef. 34, 7 [9] fxloJbitiir; 57, 4 [6] 

exColiilnr, see trttiUil. 

. se, see 

I fUcfTltUT. 

extorqneretur, ικχν. 167, »ι 

aztoirei, eiulea de patria, ΐίχτ. 241, 

•xtotrli, ni eipnlgoa qaaei exterria, i. 48 
(Cc Canon. ; Cone. Gun;^., Praef., αρ. 
Migne, Patr. Lat. liixiv col. liai> nb 
eccleaia habeatur «χίΟΓΓί'κ). — eztereii ei- 
ttaneoB, iLViii. 56 (Be Cm«., /mi. v. 38. 
1 qoi tmineraia racultatibus palemia eaaet 
exlorrii ; id. Conl, ixi. 9, 1 exlarreai 
facere). — •χΙοιΤΜ,βχΐ]ΙεΒ de putria, xxxv. 
341 (Su/. n. S fol, 161'' extorra patria). 
Cf. Isid. Elym. i. S&, βΤ: and exlorrei. 
praeccan, Cp. E5I5. 
eitra, I. Ill, aee tietra, 
extraneoe, XLVin. 56, fee txtoret. 

I, xtv. 33, Bee lacinia». 

extreme [.mae], iut. G ; eittem^. iliv. 
10, «ee cardinet. 

Bztraml qiioqae duo Beptentrionates. 
bin» liietniei«tia pot medium orbetn tetr^ 
BeduilUuaaorporalia intellegitUT axin qnod 
uittiiR diuioa c^li globnm rotons pet axem 
iaootpotetim in orbem aperi contorqaeat 
conirainiique luoliri, ιυτ. 29 {Alia; dt 
eato ?). Tbeae two aiiiclea ars, perliapa, 
in [tifther explanation of the tireiilj-eeven 
pixceding gloesee οί Ch. ilit. 

Bitremum, xi. β, aee tupremum, 

•ztil<nt. Gxterminat foraa mittit, xx. 5 

{Tobiai 1 



italit. II. GO, see eicii«u. 
^uberat, m. 49. nee lugona. 
exaUf, cxnendo, XLVi. 35, He 

exuendo, i 

,vi. 35, ( 
!. 241, ( 


[uperat, I. 45, see rmergil. 
exnrit, xxm. IS, aee imporai. 
exnnla, spolia, xiix. 35 {Verb. Interpr. 
= HitT. in Matth. xiti. U, IS veatem 
pollntam, id eat Teteiia hominia rxun'i«) 
— fxagiae, spolia, Cp. ES25; excubiae, 
■polia, ΕΓ.• »69, 57; exuaiat, apoliae, 
El.>392,7. Cf.r.(^Miiiaf,neiiteaniortiiorati], 
Op. B5St. — exDUf, exuendo, xlvi. 35 
iAlia^An Phocae. p. 428. 8 exuviae; in 
note exculiiiie. trubint). 

«raeEwaa apodezioa, euangelioe [-one] 
prt'dioacionee [nisj, xxx. 7-ϊ : enaffEMUM 
tt>taep-], XXX. 76 (C'll. Uitr. Llxxi col. 
6BQA Eii^YjtXtKTJi' kraiiiirun Ubri viginti, 
Έίατ(γ\ικ7)ί npoirapaixti^t [Yiiay• rpe- 
idfciiH rapaattviii, in Uigne's Oi. text] 
libri quindeoim ; B: ^lungelice α^<αΙι;«<ιη, 
idest eitangelice exfoiitiami Itbn viglntl 
euangeliea tproparatkenet ideat eunngeti- 
caniiH preparationum libri quindecim i C: 
[blank] libri Tiginti [blanic] libri viginti 
Haintiae) = Euaggeliea apodixa», euange- 
licae oatenaioDeB, Cp. E358 : Eaanggititei 
paniiceiiei, euiMgeUcke praepotationee, 
Cp. &349 ; KuangelUcn apodixto• ; Eitan- 
gelicae pratparationtt, Ef.' SSS, 34, 35. 

eymenides, aee lumenidet. 

eynimi, benetioliiB, xxix. 49 {Uerb. 
Interpr.=Hier. in Maith. v. 25 ΙΉι... 
ooneentienB, in Oraecia aariptum eat 
Eii'oüii', qood interpretatnc benetalut). 
SlIoTiimrXa?], Bee auo. 

Eisechiele, β 

colamina ; obiilui. 

■p•). — for ph 

t fat p: e/exej^eaiB ((b 
BRiogra/a (hngiograp/m) , 
-/aleoHiQ (anacepA) ; atCo/itax ; cae/ali 
Oatafrigarnm ; dir^foreeiB; ela/antis; ftX- 
leriu: /area; /nron ; /idiae; /ilactetia 
/ledomnm ; /oetontia ; /reniticua ; frix 
^gia; gazo/ilatia; hetmo/roditiu; tueni. 
/ontiB ; meta/ora ; meta/raain ; paeto. 
/oria 1 pyri/legitonta ; aoa/a; airo/eniaBa; 
Bo/iamntiim ; atro/a ; ti/on. — (or ii ( = τ) : 
/»tea: in/eatea.— ef for ph: e/eborum 

fabae, see frixi aetn» ; moeuM. 

fabarum, eee ieSHinfnuBi. 

fab^, XKIT. 5, Bee vwcum, 

fabricam [for fabrieatiij\ xxxv. 994, 

tabrioat. i 

(. 371. ί 

ßtbolft poetamm etil gii/ante» terrain 


INDEX (lati.v) (ah. — ^t»8t. 

-e sob k^nu, ui. 51 [Job un. 5 
Eec« gigcuOa gemnill eob »qtu*). 
[»bulatjo, lUT. I, tee tn/oedia. 
he. im. le. see m« (tlrmn. 
facere, i. 82, e«e aprmM ; it. 48, see iuI 

firnwtl. ImoesMt [for lattmat ?]. n. 3β 
(AVrl. lilor.); f>WM»t, dtgino, ϊιΚΓ. ΙπΟ, 
uiJ filMiT. deaoDit [Cor derinatt^, iiiv. 
76 (/V Ew. 1 = {Ruf. m. 30 ίοΙ. SI» /ο««οΐ 
iiiutdia); et faemit. d«stn>t. Cp. F113; 
/rHdl, dfsuDat, Up. FUG 1 see ■Isa/nwI. 

niiiwii, boete oeMO od eepe [eaepe] 
fkcio, nun. 53 (/'c dir. miminib>it = 'i>aDxu 
H. p. 385. 5, 7 factao). Ct. 
faefiil, dno mnt, ideal iBoen: ecsMt et 
frequenter belt, Cp. Ρ9β. 

facial. Yin. I», »ee ti wfiv md. 


I. 61. I 

I. 65, see (i^lWtaaft 

neu», ciUDS neloeiter, u. 77 iHnted. 
rtg. 65. 9 [17]/aei7< adTcrtitar). 

fado, »Liii. 53, aot/arrwto. 

tmai. txxn. S-11 ; iijuii. «. 

tacitur, I. Se, see maituai. 

faciniil, X. 9; xm. 31, 33; χιτ.3. S; 
IV. 13; ivi. 33, 35,36; Ιτπ. 19; xli.44; 
lU. 30; ΐΜϊ. 6; mi- 39; mi. 38; 
mm. 1, 14, 30; παϊ. «3; üuto- 19. 

I, mbdoUbm, hit. 367 (»«Λ 
π. 7 toi. 100* faclioniliiu ciroiuiilleniie 
ptuant earn). Q> snbdolibua for todalibut 

taetU, ivti, 9, eee luoMit ; see also 

faotis [for/rcfn?], xiiv. 175, see grali. 

taoloris, »t. 1, see eutrgelU. 

taotom, xiiT. 13, nee alabaitrum ; 
xxxviti. 23. aee deiKnUonem- 

factnra, see de piiuma. 

faenUe. tee ifdr. 

facale [lae], iix. 44, see /fd«. 

bicultatee, χχχτ. 276, see reditut; xlti. 
36, lee manabif. 

fapundia, facmidie, see diaUcticii. 

tadiu, aliud noiu en ecodis [Her-], iv. 17 
(«»/. II. II fol. 24• FBdo,o6i,. aod Fadns). 

taen-, aee/en- j fom-, 

foex, nee aurtcuÄim. 

fala, XLTit. 41, «ee tuboL•. 

talois, iLT. S, tee fax. 

talUoia, fallatia, iv. GS, eeepompa. 

lUInaa. taUitatee, xui. 16 {Kx div. 
librit^Sulp. Srv. Dial I. 37, 3, p. 179, 
in note phalera,). CI. /arelat {toT/alerai} 
brjHte, Cp. Fill. For hiyU see Bosw. T. 
i'ni'H, an oniamenl, Irapping). 

false, »cc jHtvdu rphiyrapha. 

falsa, ttx , S3, see pteudo 


•falienu. ^^^^^Λ 

Ida τλίι^νΜ^^Η 
I il™.. 2». SM 

famfalnea. *τλ /amfelarai. 

funTtiTC•«. laesnn^ae, ιι,πι. 19|.4f ία ^ ?) 
— /tm/dliieii. bam. leasnni;. Cp. F2-5;/-, 
leaeang ue] faam, Ep. äC13; /-, laeanng 
aelfaAtii.Ef.'360,4C For leuiun^ (leuing. 
lyiait. vun or frivolous speech, decep- 
tion, artifice) . see Bosw. T. For farafeliicaB 
(trifles, fineries), see Rortiod, WSrt. 3630. 
The dnivation of this word ^m Gr. row- 
^λι< is etteDetbeoed b? the additional 
eioes/odiii, foam, α water-bubble, in Cp., 
Ep. and Et.> 

famoaisumo, xxn. 5, ate augtatitama. 

tanonem, see Itbnim. 

fans [for /raiu]. xu. 43. tee thri ><-■». 

tar, xzxvii. 4. see fidtlia /αττΰ.—Λχ, 
fnuneDluiD, xlt. 9 {I'erba di multit — An 
Fhucaf. p. 412, 5 neatri generis ..fae far 
gill. Cf. far, gmoa ^menti, Cp. Fe7; 
Ep. ΙΟΑΙβ; Ef.' 363, U. 

hnm, see/aru. 

cosUtdam, xxin. S [Orot. 

. 3. 71 altiisimam 

aria, eloqnia, xxva. 3 {Lib. Bol.^Itid. 
de ml. rtr.. in. 1 F^nVi (jnoqoe n fftndo 
dicta est. qa»si brif^Cp. P31; Ep. 9C31; 
Efi 360, 54; of. Goetx τι. 435. 6; l*id. 
Lib. GliHi/. /aria, verba rnnlt«. 

larina, xxi. 15. seepalfMle. 

fkro•, ΪΧΠΙ. 3, »ee filii fanu. 

Orria, iiivn. 3, teeßdelia /arrii. 

famm, see/arr*. 

Ika, diuiDom, it. 21 (Jin/, u. 30 fol. 99^ 
ine/diqoe). — tarn ant, loa eist uel tustam 
erat, iiiv. 96 («a/, i. 1 foL 3^ quantum 
fill eml ; ibid. fol. S* quantum, .yo« trat}. 

(Uda pMtoralis, uestia [Cambr. MS. 
sddH qu«] oircs pectus nolnitur. xm. IS 
lliai. iiL 24 /atria peelamli 

hMtbiia, ouoribua [hon.], it. 13 (Rief. 
ίχοΓ.); ftaeUma. dienitatibne, xixr. ID3 
(DiEu>.) = {Ruf.ii. 6 fol. 31' omnibus qui 
Bomanis /ateiliui subiiuent|. See also 

fftadaaUii, laudalio alulta, xi. 1 {Sap. 
it. 13 /njctnalfu.-.DOgaDitatis obeeiuat 

batibiu, Ubna, it. 9 {Eetl. Itlor.); 
and id. HIT. 103 IDe EuM.) = (Ri,f. t. 6 toL 
It» uullia oonacriptioDum /attilm). Cac- 
ciari, p. 31, priuls /dtcihii, and aajs that 
3 Vatican HSS. have/uctü. 

faatts. fastoB, see tn/mfii. 

tutn, VII. 9, see ia/aita. 

futoB. ΙπΗηΐίΐ) itel timor [titmor ?], 
XLVHT. 1Ί: [aiutna. auperliiti. xltiii. SG 
(De ("im.. Ιιΐίΐ, ϊ, ι Ο »nperiiiae calc»ndiiB 
eBt/aidi" ι π. a, 3/<j<ii«Hilaoi iv. S omni 
/mfii liepoiito muadisli) =/aituä. superbii, 
Cp. Flu; fiura,, superbift aal über, Ep. 
1UA30: Ef.> sea. 16. äeealeo Jn/oitii. 

tnetaK, itec. plur. 4tb deol. ol /atli, see 

taten, laiidare, it. 2 (ürrftni). 

bitei, propbeU, rv, 5 ; aw uaii«. 

lateecent«, falincenlo, see/ui«cii. 

fatesoit. Iiriiulid, m. 34 (S. J/ur(. .TWr. 
- .SriJ/i, \,r. /Im/, i. 11, 3 oorpoe tnrfia 
f.iiii.'i-li.ii ; iUiil. [. Iti, 8 Btomacho iatu 
f,ili',;->ih• [ΐι•ΐ:.•,••ιΐ^, in note]). Sleiu- 
iiiejer (JiiJi. (iloiien, u. 746) retore the 
glosH to faetttal a quoquam qui sub Deo 
uiait. isla snapicio (Dial. iti. 6, S), re- 
marking tbat briudid \» oonneeted with 
O.H.O. ΙίτΜΪ, crippled, weak (see Schade, 
in vdce). For briiidid, gone to min, come 
lo grief, from A.S. breojian (Boew.T,)prop. 
intranailive, but sometimea alw trau«, to 

rnin, Oif.D. (subv. brothei) 

tftteicit. Boluit oantriuit, xivii. 23 {Lib. 
Rot. = hid. Lib. de «at. tut. vil 3 terra 
fati*cH0l• pnlnerem). Cf. /aleicit, n- 
Boluitni•, Cp. F4ß and Ef.' 383, 14. 

fatiget, xivitt. 1, see dtfieiet, 

i&tiscebai. [atlBcit, iee/ataeil. 



fttom, uyrd, xiiv. 185 (flu/, iv. 80 

tol. 72» de /nio...dialogna). For /alum 

see aleo (hit. 157) /urtuiiam. For uyrd 

\ tee Bosw. T. (ayrd, fate, fortane), and 

below, /on. 

fane [fabae], xiri. 18, βββ/π>ί cicmi. 

Uaor, plausuB, i. S6 [Dt Canon. : Can. 
Cone. Carih. Lm illicito /auorf ; Deerrt. 
Innoc. ΪΠ1 p. 198" fin. popuH fauorem 
Bequentes). Of. plautiu, fauor, Cp. P444. 

fanoroni [fabaram 7], a. 106 ; aee 2cfru 

faoatui, Buperbia, xlviii. 36, teefiitlut. 

bntorem, laaitatorem, ilviii. 46 (Dr 
Ciu•., Iiut. V. 31 fabuiftiuni diabolmn 
e«ae /iiutorrm,,.doclaraait).— fiLntorlbiu, 
oonasntientibuB, tv. 9E {Eecl. liter.) ; 
&.ntorUnu, adiutoribns, χχιτ. 213 (De 
£w,) = (üu/ Jt. 15 tol, 169*/«uioriiw„. 

ίΛι,ΜΒΪβ,χίΥ. 5 (Verba de mulHi = Jrf 
Phoeite, p. 412, 1 feminini aencri«,..Kene 
fntxf.<x faei). 

tecerunt, xxxviti. 37, «ee eoribiiMat. 

teei, xr. 8. Bee cviiplati. 

feeit, xmx. 4, Bee balnmia cireronii. 

feaundia [for /amtHlui f or /aeundii F], 
IXIIT. 4E, see dialecticU. 

feiellerant, aee/f/ 

lUaUlt, fraiiduleuler t 
132 {Huf. lit. 10 fol. 41" Nee me de eoram 
teBtimoni" /efellit opioip ; t«. 6 fol, 3β• 
de bis qui /i"/<I/fni«i). 

feliciter, Tin. 13, see I'li iiililimt. 

lellis, iivii, 30, lee mnloHcntiit. 

feminarum, i. 137, Bee Urioiui. 

feminino, ixiv, 144, neo enuta ttt. 

team ntiKlnia, idest din« [Dinae; see 
aeiitf. IXIIT., and Steinni. i. 4141 note 1], 
III. 7 {Juititli II. 2 deuudaTcmnt femur 

fenetantur, xiii. 43, aee irapeieta. 

feouB, Bee/iifitu». 

feronluni lectom est quod portari potest, 
I. 13 (Cant. in. 9 Vulg. /ereuluni feeit sibt 
rex Salomon). 

fBretrl, in quibus portantnr fili§ nO' 
biliom super iiii sijuia coopertta deanper 

in the Vulg. ; perbaps a further explana- 
tion of XIII. S8 in lecl/eü. Conf. ferrlmm 

3 Beg. 3. 31). 

feretrani, »ee/eretri. 

tbrla (sine interpret.], ii. 74 (Beiied. 
reg. 13, β [11] secimda /crii ; cf. 18, II 
[18] primaui ... secundae frriat [feri^] 
«0.; 41, 6 [7] Beita feria). ace alao 

fbiiatnii sanctus uel requien, xxvn. ID 
{Lib. Rnt. = Uid. Lib. ,le »at. rerum, ni. 1 
dies sabbati ab initio frrioiut habetur ; 
of ib. I. 4 feriali Λία») c /triiiriu sanctuB 
requie», Cp. Ρ13Γι ; Bp. UC20 : ΕΓ.> 
360, G8. 

terif, see feria. 

feria, xiiii. 15, aee/enda. 

ferooea, :. 1Θ, aee barbarl. 

ferodtate, ιτι. 13, see ^/frratu• eit. 

ferref, uxt. 81, see iiaeri. 

ferreia, κχχτ. 175, nwgralieulii-, XM. 17. 
aee natligia. 

ferri, xxxT. 143, nee per »letalla. 

1. 41, a 

1. 13, 8 


ferruKliieai, pallidufi nel rubionnduB, 
ΪΙΙΧ. 40 (('tri-. IiHerpr. = Hier. in Uatlb. 
xxvn. 45/«ΠΊΐ[(ίπ<(Μ fecisBs tenebraa), Cf. 
Jeruginiut, greig (gray). Op. FllS. 

lernim, vtii. 10, aee eonflalorium ; iin. 
IS, see tamiUim, 63, aee limn, 53. aee 

see ligontt, S, aee trulUi ; xxxv. 3D, aee 
nngalam, 301, see cautert. 

feruena, iii, 27. eee/iiribumitw. 

teruenteH, t. 69, aee taieiuientei. 

ftnuBnUiilmo, ardentiMimo, ii. 79 
{Benrd. reg. 73, ß [6] hunc.lelnm /er- 
vrniitiano smore eierueaat). 

ferula, baeulua aruudineuB de maiore 



INDEX (LATIX) fer. — fil. 

fiuete d feriB de ipso nrdet ct non est 
libidum [tiuidum], uxix. 15 {Orfg. Dial. 
in. 20 col. 2S1» <iuoB../i™ifl.,,caedebal ! 
ictali ftnilue pertimeacebont). 

rcrunculaa, see fttraneulai. 

fesMt, deeooat [deeinat ?], tuv. Τβ ; 

fe»tin&Dter, feBtia&tio, ixii. 16, see 

featiuitates, XLni. 29, see backui. 

fetids, IT, β8, seepuruimCa. 

fltaftnun, darmana, v. 32 {Ruf. ii. 34 
ΓοΙ. IStTob^iiraruni inepeotiODem; ϊι. 33 
fol. 191'' ex ßbrajum praeecientit). — 
fllmw, inteBtinaii, iv. 70 (Ecci. /Mor.) ί 
Bbru, uenu. xxxv. 1!I0 (ΰ« fiuiO^fAu/. 
Ttt. 9 rol. ΙΙ!)* hamAiiiis rimari...^i<rai) 
=ßbrai, nenas, Cp, KITS. For durinuna 
jOen. pi.) eee Bosw. T. i^arm, a gat, an 

ficaruB, ECB flea n'lu. 

Oearlaa. qai Boot coUegit. xiv. 2<J IHier. 
t^ 3Θ droconea com fauEinjicania). 

fleetola. Buca, xlvii. 6β (Jli'a^?)^/-, 
BUfe'ga. Cp. P17)i aiid Ep. ilC8; /-, Knega, 
Ef.i 3(10, i2. The lemma (=>irfHia or 
fictcuUi), Λ email bird, the Hg- pecker 
(Lewis Λ eh.); Γοτ snea, eaRga, naoga 
(the name of a bird) eee Bobw. T. {tucga). 

fioos, XIV. SD, xee ficaritn ; ixi. 20, see 
lahuCM. tjee also ciKa^iiuimirrnc. 

Hoto, Sctus, see ät cntoftrimito. 

flouB protalit giouM me•, Sore [flores] 
ipsias aiitequnm aperiantur bio dicunlar, 
X. 13 (C'niiC. tt. 13 /irut prnfulit ιτη»«» 

fide. 1 

. fiO, i 

. ϋ4, Β 

ndel, mv. 2ie, Bee niiu/Nmjftlii. 

fldolla fkiTls, uas triticJ. iixvti. 3; 
Qdella, uub; far, geous trltiei, xxxvii. 4; 
okpHOM, lentienln, ideat aa« uitieum 
simile ftaHConi, ixxvii. 6 (S. Aug.). These 
gloBBeB evidently refer to the reading 
"fldelia farrit non deBciet et eaptacri 
olei non mionct" in i (ui) Reg. 17- 14 
reoorded b; Oyprianae (ilf op. rl ritrm. 
c. 17, in Corp. Seriptl. Reel. Latin, tu 
pt. 1. p. 387 : we alBo Sabal.), for nliich 
the Vulg. hsiB : " hudria /arinat non de• 
Gciet, neo J'eylAiuoTeiminnetur." Augnst. 
treating of tliie paeaage (9enn. 239, 3; 
Migne uivm ool. 112Θ) aa;« Benedixil 
eanctQB Elias hjdriam farius, et oapeacem 
olei. For eaptatei see Also Migne Lxvii. 
Gift» (Facundi Dif.). 

fidelU, XXIX. 35, ttee putieum. 

fides (u ttring of a muaical inatnununt), 
Bee fidii. 

quadom poaitae, in qna Phiifio« opera... 

adioen, harperi, ilvi. 9 {Α.ΙΪα = Ατι 
Phaear, p. 415, 4 hie fidieen). Cf. Cp. 
PltW; Ep. 0E22; Ef.i »61, 34. For 
harperi = iieacpere„a harper, see Bosw. T. 

adla, snsr, zlti. IS {Alia^Art Phoeae, 
p. 417, 9 [?] fide» fidei, epes spei). It ie 
pOBBible that tbia reference is wrong, and 
tliat the present glosfl la a further expla- 
nation to}i if iren (q.v.). For<n^,tbeBtring 
of a mnsiCB) iostiunient (D. miaur), aee 
Bosw. T.; also ib. anruru; Klage. Α. S. 
Leifb. (p. 204) sncarh obt. tnenn, (. etriek, 

flgl [tor figuraliter? or A-8. /swi?), 
iix. 63, see ancillii. 

Bgmento, iiiv. 164, see de ßgmento. 

fignluB, nil. 49, see pliuM. 

figunt, XLiT. IG, Bee anlarCicia, 

figura, XXVIII, 25, see teenta ; ra, 93, 
Bee calaraeUrai j xxxviii. 33, see leema, 

ngara est sicut nomine ipao datui in- 
Kllegi quedam conformatio dictianin a 
communione remota qoam ostentationem 
et habitnm pnesamoa nuncupare, ixnii. 
57 {Can. Pialm. n. 1 Figura eat a.n.i.d. 
intelligi, quaedam β. d. a oommnnione [lor 
commiiniorf?] r. quae interJoribus ocnüa 
velut aliquid vultuosum nemper offertur, 
ignam traditioae tuajoram oal. eih.p.n.), 
See Rgura a oonlirmatione, Cp. Fltl2i Ep. 
ΘΕ34; ΕΓ.' 3β1, 16._ακιιτβ metopoM, 
que perBotiiB semper oognoacit certieaime 
applicari. iiTiii. 34 {Cans. Ptalm. rv 
Praef., eol, 47" aub figura mylhopaia, 
Ecoleaiam dicamus loqui, qnae p.a. oog- 
uoBoitar certiasimiB applicari). — Bgnik 
«udlimo•, qaq linguarum semper per- 
mixtione formatar, xxvui. na (Can. Pialm. 
xj.i. 11 figutam teoemnt lardismo•, quae 
I. R. p. Γ. — Cf. Ln. Üfiguram faoiiint «injia- 
nuw quae St diTeraarum commiitione lin- 

figtiralia. iiii. 1, see iillrgoria. 

Bgnnun. iuvni,3S. seejiir^surum j(-. 

llUetetla, soriptutH diiieraa ςιις propert 
[for proprer] iiifirmoa habentiir, xnii. tit ; 
-- philac: ■ 


. 11, e 

: Diar 


filiae. Bee ferelri. 

m<i [filiae], ΙΙΠ. 5», nee ftrrtri ; xun. 
53, see eumaiidet. 

filii, I. 60, see oNimuioii ; u. R, aee 
uilHiuHina ; III. 13 (bla), aee > fit liUin-, 
ilhi. 7, Bee nepui. — Bill Ikroa, duo milia 
geuerationis numeral qui in oaptiuitale 
nati sunt, xxm. 3 (1 Kidr. a.iFilii Pfcuro», 
diioiuillia centum aeptuagiiita duo).— filli 
titan, filii aolis qui sunt fortiores homini- 

INDEX (ΐ.ΛΤί.ν) fil.— foed. 


U {Judilh x\t. ft ßUi Titan 



II 7 aee 

allttiiia ; ixviu. 7 


, »ee io« 

u: xiix. 19, «w 

lun. 7, Bi 

u. 40, aee 


fiuibue, XXII. 12. 

see urwi. 


xviii. 54. 


iim. 31 1 


[ß]nitae. 11. 10, 

see ad mi>>ot anb 



[tor ß,iitu 

.oryimt«?], 11. 




floU, fiolae, Keefiolt. 

flole. in eimiütadinem caliois, xiiv. 1 
[Mnlh. ? not in Ihe Vulg-, but Sb tbe 
words, coUetiled from the Oospel ο Γ 
Matthew. Ιοϋοη in the Oloaasrj iinme- 
diktel^ after thoBG extracted from ExdreB, 
this gloss is perhaps misptaced. and ßole 
=phial,if, in 1 Esdr. i. 9 phiala aureo). 
Cf. fioli. similimdo oalicia, Cp. Fm-.fiulii, 
similitado calicis, Ep. SC18; fiolae simili- 

fioli. BoeJioU. 

flrmioribus, xiitv. 9, see eaaHich. 

Sim, pnblioo dominio oee&ris, uiv. ISO 
{Di Eu*.) ; Aaouin, tributnm, it. M [Kcct. 
J$lor.) = (Ru/. ΪΙ. 3 fol. 95" oensus pa- 
tern nB,../I*;o.,.Bcioi«tuee»t) =Jiiea, puplioo , 
Cp. F161 : fanca, ραρίίοο, Sp. »All ; Geao, 
publico, Ef.< 3ti0, 9.—βΜ0 puplico. domini 
eaeBuie. Op. Fld3 ; /ueo pnptioo, dominia 
eeearia. Ep. 9E26 ; fiico publico, domino 
weBBTii, Et.>3«I,87. 

Diciun, tributam. it. β1, see ßieo.— 
&Mnu. XXX. 42, sec elul fliciu. 

llieen,, sciBBUra diuianra, zai. 4 {Iiai. 
II. 21 ingredietnr tcitturat petrarmn ; 
Eejee reconJa, in note.ßuurai). 

ÜBBurai, see ^u urn. 

flatol«. arbor uet boni odoria nun boui 
wporie, X. 17 (Cant. iv. lifiilula). 

fistula. me^Mola. 

corruption ; of. Haeridum, conlractiiiu, Cp. 
Kal.5 ; Ep. 9A23 ; Ef.i 360, 18. 

flagplln, II. Ιθα, see urrbera. 

fiagellis, m. 42. Keßagri». 43, see niau- 
ligia ; xixv. 188. wefiaijrU. 

flftgiUonun, adulteriorum. xlvih. β {Bt 
Cat»., Itut. \. G ad...flngi"iioruiii praeci- 

Aacrli. tUgellia, i«; 42 (De S. 3['irl. 
.Vior. = Sulp. Sep. Dial. ii. B. -i, U Martinum 
fliigriii nrgnere eoeperaot).— fl»trl«, fla- 
geUia, xMT. 188 (De F.ii>. = Ruj: n. 31 
fol. 113*: fiagrit hino inds uerberanlibuB ; 
VIII. 7 fol. 137• ßagrii...X>ii\ mattyres atx- 
peUantnr; τιιι. 10 Γοΐ. las'* verbeiabantur 
...flagrif). Cf. ßagrii. »niopum, Cp. F223. 
and Bosv. T. (sub τ. iiftpu), 

llunen. aacerdos ionis, xlti. 8 (.4/i'i = 
Jr» Phoeiir, p. 415, 3 hicßanien [eacerdoB 

ÜBHCotii [ = 0r, φλίί,α']. χχιτπ. β, see 

ι, color olei, glilinot, vm. 15 
ISiiliiei. xiiii, 81 vinuni naAnio βανικϋ). 
er. ßawicit, RUtinat albeecit, Cp. F262 ; 
ßaufieiC, albeeoit, Εί.> 2Θ5. 14. For 
glilinot, glUitiat (from elitinian. to glitter, 
gliaten) Bee Bob«. T. ^Utinian) ; Bievera. 
dr. 9357 n. 1 and 3, and i412 n. S. 

fiabilea [weali, Fr. faibte], n. 92, see 

fledomnm, blodsaei, xxxix. (Grrg, 
Dial. I. 4 col. 169" jn linfua men medi- 
cinale ferramentum, id est phleliolomiuti 
poanit} =^bDtDiMa. blodeaex, Cp. F25S. 
For blod-taex ( = blod-BeB», a l-taod-lniifr., 
laiieet), see Bosv. T. (sub v.T. hVnl-teax \ 
blöd; tiax). 

flegma, aee newiia. 

Flora, eeefrora. 

Bonlla, xLiii. 29 ; bbs biu^hiu. 

Hon, mil. 1 (bia), see α primeao Jtore. 

fiore [for/iiTi»], i. 12, see.iiei« protutit. 
ajpruf ; see also JieiM 

fit, I 

[. 40; 


fiabris, aee labria. 

flaccentla, oontracta, ini. 37 (Im 
10 eruQt irri({u*i eiue/acemifa) =ftii. 
conlnicU, Cp. F217 ; fiacccntiii, cod 
Ep. 9C35 ! Ef.i 360, 69. 

Qaecidnm, arejincidiuni. 

LOaofaUnin, senium, xxix. 1Θ lUerb. /ii- 
UrpT.^Hier. in Uatth. xm. 3Ϊ ool. 90" 
nihil vitale demonstrat, sed totum fiatci- 
iiua marddnmquej. Sentum aeeniB a 



i.36,80i XXIII. l,2(biB}, 

. 38, see qui i 

I. to. a< 

208, aee^uifani. 

Hiientia. ιιχτ. 46, aee tvppiiTatis. 

flulUnt, anena, ιζιτ. 208 (Au/, τιιι. 
17 fol. 144^ omni disBolntionnm genere 

Quminia. xii. 34, see Dorix : xim. fi, 
Bee Slabitr; ixxix. 10. see uiMirrrl. 

Hnuiua, iii. 22, aeu coqaiton. 

ÜniUB, XXIX. 55, see emunuem. 

fodi, aee/uedj. 

fodiantur. iiii. 19, see taritnlur. 

foedo, XL. 13, Bee bachal. 

foederamni [for /ordtniui ?], XT. 34, *ee 

roederaui, ιτπι. 4, teefoedi. 

Ö— 2 

iiFOBX iLtrnr) fbwL— fbniL 

m. xxrm. 13, m» emcftra^^H 


[sine inlerprat.]. 

■ - — ^^^_ ^^ Ml Mab tbmaiuti 

1^ • riam Μ IT. 37 'irihet {KimL•. 

Cp. past). Th« Cu 
qoilma t 

^nvOtal. m. t4.p,:iU{. Sod/» 
U. Wfiif. I. U Μίμβτ fimaruLimi. Cf. 
>» ! ■< «■ . ben. Cp. nOA. For bcrtli 
Η^ηφ. • iMutti. Sn-plao•. we Bimw. 
T. {hmiff. For /omacu/a. a« lüao {xt. 
For the ibuve qaobKl rylnw 
Bl. ■ Ii»ui-woni &TIDI the IM. 


«1.1 >. 

J*nu» Μ «^r.' »β*. •' 
lU. OJ. LMe.t6«J«M 
L••. mtn. It. »r. β Oanioi'««» od 
>b^; fif. t ad M>|: Bt. S9a 18 

<rOnUM ««» ul A«b^ II HOD• the 

wow u A.S. Kpff <Ben. T.t • peO. 
urvif. turtvt. iHiumtde• α> teil/i. « dieU, 
ledr•. Hunt : h» Οήκικ. in tin-«, in. 4 : 
Umt*. £. £1. (ibalfl ; Skrat μ*</;); ύηρ 
■iw-Lm. tniA•, O. Ft. trif t• bWB, 
» UmbM. nx>f|; Ε (Arm (3>ηΒ>). « 
««bar i>( ihMTw of «hml; etc QiiBm, 
I •. |h 3. 

(Sutuw. u. 

36 inciiiTkt I 

r ««/«r- 

. I. Μ liV Camw. ; Can. Com. 
'«iiniic. III! d .auldine«, kttt aeliaUalieDa 
ib> liHu, aiit π BdmluumlioDe Epiwopiu 
fiwtii iHotuUlUB). The iolerpreUlion of 
it^v Ijr ,1(14, become« demr bj Co«. Cow. 
...... udetil taooltateni deleDBores 

I, M« ^Ι»««ΙΜ||Ν»| 



I. ILT. 4 irrrta «b mnbü = An 

INDEX (latin) fort. — fuco 


f Photnt, p. 412, a femiaini ßenerii,.,ree 
' »p«BK)ri]=/oiji,pyr<l,Cp.Fa85;of.sortem, 
pfrd, condioionem, Cp. S433, and ßoeti 
Tii. 281 {mn). Cf. /or, and tor wyrd wee 
alao above falam. 

forte, II. IBS, WS lurbi gralia. 

hiti, II. 12S, Bee magmpere, 

fortia [Fr. force ; see Karting. Lal.- 
Γύκ. tfljrt. in voce], u. 181, see uioltMlia, 

fortiores. xxi. 12, eetfilii titan. 

rortiMUDi, ΙΙ.ΠΙ. 5, aoe polidfueei. 

loititer, ΧΠ. 2β. iwe totide. 

fortoito, aee /ortiiitu. 

fortnlta, subito, ii. Τβ (BeHti. reg. 3H. 
3 [2] fortuUa caeu ; /ortuitn casu, in 

fortnnam, aee/iiriuu'ini; /uriunnlum. 

forom, ■iee forinnada». 

foBsa, luv. 2, »ee ptma. 

fossorium, iiii. IB, aee larfulam ; aeo 
also tigimet. 

ionlt, Qubat calefacieodo, iiu, 44 (Itai. 
luiv. 16 fmit in umbra). For /oufl eee 
also (iiv. lljjiiriiij;. 

fracta, iivi. 0, see decrtpita. 

rraotuia [for/ac(uru ?]. xxt. 27, eea dt 

fragile, fragilia, see friaolii. 


(Ruf. I. 17 ΓοΙ. 170" /ragor 

fraocia, nxxv. 70, see ailomoH. 

frangent [fur [rangnnt], im. Ί7ι ace 

fraogit, Ι1.ΙΪ. 24, see alciamu. 
fraugaut, see plauitrum. 
frasi, see tffraii, Bub t. phrayti. 
fratema, fratemo, aee txamine. 
batri, ixix. 73. see qui dixerit Jeatri, 

fratcie, XXII. 19, aee /rn true Ii*. 

fratraalia, titioe fratrie, χχτχ. 19 [Vti-b. 
lHterpr. = Ilier. inMalth. xiii. 52, quoting 
from Cam. <nL• 13 nova et Vetera, /τα- 
Irui'itmeus, aervavi tibi', of. note'', Migne, 
F. h. ΧΧΪΙ, !I3, and Babatisr). Cf. fni- 
tiulii, geaduliug, auhterga, broSoiaiina, 
Cp. Fai8-320, for whiuh see Boew. T. 
{Bicdfling; luliteriiia; bniSor + tanu). 

fraudare, xlvhi. 17, aec coiipfllare. 

Iraudulenter, xxxv. 132, eee/c/eKit. 

frallB, XXII. 2B, aee itro/ii; see alao 

ftenlUon•, iuBanuB ob dolDreru capitis 
ad tempiis [temple of tbe bead] qui 
multitm uigilat, ixxii. 19 (Grfj. Iliiil. iii. 
SScol. 301*' menteo^uB... quern toedici... 

iphrentlicam appellant) = frtniticiit, in• 
■anuB ex dolore oapitia, Cp. F390 ; Ep. 
9C7; E(.> 3110,41. 
freno, iii. Ά4, Bee iajrumta. 

frenorum, xl. !), aee ahene. 

frequrntvr, xnv. 260, aee laeeiiit. 

rrolns, coutideos, in. 45 (De S. Mart, J 
3lor. = Sulp. Str. Dial a. B, 8 /rituij 

frigia [Pbrygia], ixxr. 30, Bee geiufrix. 

frigilla. rse/riiujelia. 

frigor, ιι,νιι. Ά, nee rigor. 

MngeUa, nino, xLrn. 69 (Alia = 1)i 
=fring(Ua. fine, Op. F3S1 ; Ep, 9C9j I 
Ef.' 360, 43. For fringtUa (frinailla, ' 
frigiila, fringuUla, perh. ffte tvbin-rtd- 
breiut, or CA« chaßnch) see Lewia Λ 8h. 
For nine, fine eee Bobw. T. {fine). 

fringiUa, Mnguilla, B^e/ringella, 

ΓτίΒΟΐΙ», frugftlia, xin. 16 (('ίί*. /η'ΐψι•. 
= 11ίη: in Matth. xii. 36, 37 do rebns 
friroUt loquamui). Cf. frlboluui. fragilü, 
Cp. F321 andEp. 9A21 ; (ribolum,/raj)iiJai•, 
Et.' 360, Π; Ooetz i\. S19, 23 (Olosaae 
affatim) friunlaa, uiUs/rujiifiji ; id. v. 296, 
32 (Ef.i) fribola/rfgii/i. Sx. 

friuolus, aee Irugaliu. 

flizl doerlB, fauQ [Cabae] sieoal« [-tael A 
in Bole, xxii. 13 {Verh. Interpr. ='Hier. in I 
Maith. XXI. 13, 13 inQnuscnla..,/rix4 1 
ΐίΐΐπι)— frixi ciceriB, fauae aicoat^ in I 
sole, Cp. FB48. f 

trvaOM dioltor quaado foUa habet, ( 
ΪΙΙΙΙ. ao (2 Eidr. »m. 15 ailerte fn/ndei 
olivBe, et/rDfi<l«< ligni puloherrim! Jca.), 

froia, mater dearum, xi.itt. 37 (De div. 
Hominibiu ; perbaps tor Flom, and, aa 
suoh, a tartber explanation ot lUll. 29) : 
nee fioralia. 

fruatnt, ii. 186, see utatur. 

fructuoeae, xvn. 20, eee myrirla. 

troctos, ΧΪ1. 6, aee ItiUiieiu ; iiv. G, 
see de riliqiiU. 

ftuetuHiae, ιτι. 4, see I'li'ciu. 

tnea. modestia, χχχτ, 301 \Iit{f. ii. 1β.Β 
fol. 26* fragi eorum sobriuque couuiuia) 1 
=/r«ffi, inodeBtia. Cp. F3Ö4 ; friii, mo- Τ 
deetia, Ef.° 3t)(i, 37,— bugiii, pareue, xti, J 
32 (Kceli«. xxxi. igbomo/ruffi). ' I 

frugaU, larga uel lata. χχπι. 3 {Lib. Μ 
Rut. = ltid. lU mil. rtr., but not Found ] 
there) ; ftngali, larga uel lata, lin 
[Lib. Anton. ?). Cf. (nigalU, largua, 
F333 ; Ep. 9C19 ; Ef.' 3(50, 53. 

frugalis, xzlx. 16, nee /n'uulif. 

frugalltaa, penuris. XLvm. 12(0e f7a»., I 
Iiut. Ϊ. 9 tantmn... /rujalitaiia indioere). 

frngalitatia, aee frugiuitai. 

frugi, eeefraga ; fi-ugii. 

tngS», parous, xa. 33, aee /ruga. 

frumenti, ilt. 15, aee iidor. 

frumentorum, i. Ill, aee lierra. 

frumentam. ιι-τ. 9, eee far. 

tuco. pigmfnto, xxxv. 3IIG {R<tf. iv. β 
lül. 67* adnlterino maledicurum /uiu).— 

INDEX (LATIir) fuer.— gnz. 


twmm. coliircm. xxxv. 83 (Ruf. xi. 85 
fol. IBÜ' adullerii (ueum). 

fuerit, II. ST : viii. 19 : x. 6. 

[uganleiu. xLvitL 4, see uarillanlrni. 

fOBurit, see >i utque ad taeiim/-. 

ftilconuitw Mte, qnBiido falgorant 
ooDtra Bolem, xvti. 13 iNahum tu. 3, 3 
<lox,.^ulguranti> luutat ; Habae. ut. 11 
in tpleuaoro fulßurtinti' hotlae ; cf. Migne, 
J'. J,, iuicol. 1028»»^ ft,fj(Uivjn(« inutne). 

/□tgura, XI, 11. see in aqiut. 

Mgarant, xvii. 12, toe fvlgoranttt. 

riilHureiitie, fKR futsoraWei. 

Iiilitto. see uligo. 

Iiillonum. ivii. 19. see herba fuUmium. 

fulmentatnT, iaitiatnr, a.. 12 [Oerba 

ruDdiunentviiD, xxiv. 192. s«> hatii. 

fnneitu«, eruentore, xxxv. 336 (iiii/. 
XI. SS tol. 190• mori gratiua habenles 
quant... piaculo fantstari). 

fuueatftri, eee/un«tar«. 

fliBMtii, moiiiterii• nel BCeleetis, i. 53 
(ßc Canon.; Can. Cone. Aneyr. xiiil 
/iin«i(t> sacriGciis admoverent). 

fungwlat, I. 101. eeejjToanraiDri-ii. 

fongl, adniinisCrare. ti. 78 {Urned. rtff. 
62, S [4] qui diguuti ait aaoeTaatio /wigi), 

lanlaai, zl. T, see erinient. 

funis, xn. 97, see lor; ui. 11, aee reHU. 

fund (I), IUI. 26, see yurW/tr. 

fUrdler, farci (I) idest onici dignnt, xlil 
36 {Ex dir. librit^ Vita S. Eng. 14, Migne 
Lxiin coL DIU" Die ηηηο, /artifir, quae 
te teiQBrita8coegil)=/iirei/'rr,crnci dignun. 
Cp. F873 ; Ep. 9C19 ; E(.' 360, 47. 

f uria, see itriga . 

turibunda, eeefuribuntUit. 

nulbimdnB. feruene, iii. 27 (De .S. Marl. 
SUir. = Siilp. Siv. Dial. III. 16, 2 Brictio 
/«ribuntiiii inmpit ; Dial. □. 9, 2 nacca... 

furiius. Bee clihaaiis. 

rununBJn, fatnm peuiif, ιχιτ. 157 {Dr 
Ett',); fnrtnnatem, proBperitatem, it. Μ\ 
IKcfl. Itlor.)~iRu/. IV. 15 fol. 62'' iura 
fvrlunani Caeaarie...; ibid, vt /orlunam 
Caesaria iuraict Ac). For yfuiif (Cor 
geuulf) a wob ; face, fortune, see Oobw. T. 

tnrtpnatein. pruH]Mritateiu, iv. 49, eco 

nmnml&i, luacrlh, xltd, TG {.(tin-?) 
=/i(ruiiirt«, inettrtS, Cp. FäHS ; /•, inearth, 
Ep.aCU;/-, meard,Ef.'860,43! (/iirun- 
eutim, for) I'll rnndilui ia known nlrekd; in 
ClasB. Lat. as meaning a prtiy thir/; aee 
Lewis & Sh. In this case it ia αρρΑΤεπτί; 
a dim. of /iinmeii* in the Cp., Ep. and 
EL> UloBsaries, and meana a little TeircC 

1, 43, see idtn. 

(Oerin. FrelU-hrn. sii> Klune. D.] 
maerlh. «uarfi <ic, |a marttn. 1 
weasel, Oerm. .ilardrr, fee Kluge, , 
BoBW. T., where some forme /er- 

furancas, sae/unmculai. 

[uscinnlaB, m, 6, aee ereaerai. 

maor, isxix. 11. see uinlßuar. 

fuaoria, Bee uinifutar. 

fnaorium [for /otionam f }, xvil. 

fnate, xxiT. 79, see cliiiia. 

fueticelluB, xv. 5, see imxillut. 

fnatis, XI.V. IS. Bee prdtim. 

fUBUm, X. β, «ee unguei ' 

tutnra, xn. 43, Bee hd 

R for r : braga« (fur bra<;«B); follij^antei 
iioilip-i; jfattaa; pladibus ; ulebnm (fot 
cliuum); praticulis; opago-,migiir;traa- 
gnüa.^oreh: trojileia (trorftleia). — fotc 
scandalii^eriB (-liierie).— g emitted: träte•, 
trai'cus (tragica Λο.); ^eoma (zeujTina); 
Bee also Eu;;illat- or m\gg-. 

Mbu. ciuitas SaulJa. xm. 2G (hai. x. 39 
Gulia aedoB nostra. ..unbuufhBauliefQgit). 

Gaboath. see Gabaa. 

gaibanum, galbanua. eee ealbaniu. 

Oaleilni, propter [proprium] nomen, 
ΧΧΙΪ. 3011 (UM/, »m. 19 fol. 146• Galtritu 

galeros, galerum, sec cu'uHi'iuriM. 

galli, Bee antelucanum. 

KUllina, sea icarpmat. 

Kannlxet, i|uasi cum ira iiirideret, xm. 
23 {Imi. X. 14 aperii-et op ot gannirtl) 
= ganuirft, cuiu ira quasi ridet, Cp. Ω3. 

gUKUiu, hroc. iLvn. 51 ( Jiin = 7) 
^yr-iUui, brooe, Cp. Q154; Ep. 10B4; 
Ef.' 363, 18. For (garallv; gnülia=] 
gratnlai, λ jackdaw, tue Kürting, 4310; 
öoetü, VI. 4911 {graciilai). For hror, hrooe 
ace Boaw. T. [lirM, a rook, raven), Kluge 
Λ Lut;:, Engl. El. (rwift) ; Skeat. 

KBiTieatiuin, per lud am dioentintn, 
xxxv. 199 (Huf. ΪΠΙ. 10 fol. 139• garHn- 
Hum dicta). 

gaatritnargla, appetitait uentrie. xxxiv. 
36 [De Can., lixtt. xii. 3. 3 gtulrimargia, 
id CBl a/lpriitni utnlria ; see ibid. v. 1 aqq.). 

sattSB, moricepB, xxxviu. 4 (Ciim. Re- 
cngnitt. V. 20 alii bi>veca...eotendam 
tradidere, alii hircum, alii catUit). 

gaudens, xxxv. 173, eee oiiatii. 

gaMmm, diuitiariim, iv, 19 {Kieeh. 
XXVII. 34 gaainimqae prelioHaruiii). Cf. 
gata, diuitiae, Cp. Olli; gii;ii, eeiiauu nel 
diailiae, Ep. lüE3; Ef.' 3ύΆ. 17; geiiae 
(for giuiif), dinitiae, Cp. (171): gtneae 

INDEX (ςλτιχ) gaz.— gin. 

[B«H}Dd e mBrked for eroanre], diuUiae, 
Ep. llA-2; ßfK-iat, diuitiae. Et.' SG3, S6. 

guz'ifilatik [t-azophylaciu], iv. 92. see 

gsKopuylaoia, see piutnfoTiii. 

gerainat, χιτιπ. 68. see aiutdiphieii. 

gemmftH, see rarhaiiiiii, 

gennnKH, XIV. in. gae itKlwiiir; iv. 2t. 

gemme [-mae], ϊϊπ. 7. see carbiaiHi. 

Eenealogla, gecerBtioiie, xxx. SB {Cai. 
Hier, t.xni col. 6Te* in ijenealogia Sal- 
TBtoris; B: in yeiieologia s. ; C; inni 
[bUiik]i=i|!«iMaI<i{|iu, genenitio, Cp. QSS; 
^n-. generations, Ep. 10010; gatiielogiu, 
generntio. Ef.> 362, 41. Foi einralojfiu 
«eo also α Ihealoaia. 

tpauirlx, de triein [Pbr^gia] oiuiMte. 
xxiT. 30 {Ruf. y. 3 foi. TT' Aletsnder 
quidun getirrt Pkryx), 

gener•, xun. 3il, aee nii. 

generale, see dnuattonem. 

generales. xli. 2, eeecliorfpäcopi,invoe. 

gencTare [fuc genrraUl], χχχτηι. 33, see 

gener&tione, iv. 114, see π tbeaUiglii; 
XXX. 58, eee gtntalogia. 

generalioaiB, xxm. 2. see JUii. 

generaluB, ux. 39. see iniparifu«. 

eenete, xiiix. 15, tee feniUi; βββ iJsa 


generiB, lun. R, see votha. 

gtmtßSm., nstura, ixxtui. H (C7fm. Be- 
cagnitt. vui. 4 geiietiin dioo esse; vni. 7 
introduxi gtneiim; viii. 57 extra jfriiMini ; 
geiutim, ix. SU). 

genetfaliaci, sea gtnlhliallci. 

KULlaalomm, genunm dimiultinani. 
xvn. 10 {Nahiim ii. 10 diBBoIntio gmi- 

genieulum, see giniieiilat. 

genilogia [geneöl-J, »xv. IT, see α 

genis. XIII. 66, eee uelttntibut, 

geniscula, geoiaculBe, geoisculaB, see 

genitor, n. 4. atfe nliba, 

EtBlam, natura, xlv, 14 {Verba ilt 
muUii = An Phocae, p. 4SI. 26 pulvis 
nuguia gtniu*.,..). 

genins, see rfeii ' 

■ 4, I 

i I.idii; 
β arcadti. 

■ I. I 

KWithHattct, gentiles, xxvii. 17; Kenth- 

' 'Ol, gentilei uel natunlina aiiriptr>Te)i, 

1. 27 (Lib. Ral. = Itid. Lib. de mit. rtr. 

. 13 Genelhliaei...dioaDt)=iieMkiia- 

' tiei, KeutUiJB, Cp. UoO; Ep. IDE?; luntlii- 

Ualiei, g-, EI.> 363, 31. 

gentium, x. T, nee ailiiliKenlult. 

g^enolmun deoua, naturule uel intiiuiini. 
I. 57 {I>f L-ailoii.; Can. Coae. (i.mni•-, 
praef.. sp. Maassen Canon. ReM, i. 93(i 
gniuini decoriii Higne, Patroi. 
I.XXXIT col. Ill" III.). Cf. genuimim, in- 
timnm. Cp. 07β; ^cnuina, tuac naturale, 
Cp, 062; Ep. — ; gemiinam, intimum uel 

I, Et.• ; 
1 uel deuii qui ii 

Bosw. T. Λ Bkeat, in τ« 


genuit, XX 

XT. 144, see 

xiix. 60; XI 


15; XLVi. U 

15, 1β. 

Kenunm, : 

VII. 10, see 


n, eei- Bfom 


β ho- 

Bub V. dia- 

(Mtmettlca, terre menaurs, xxx. 4β; = 
f/iMomtirrVa, terrae toeoeuratio. Cp. (il; 
gtamtlria, terrae menEoratio, Ep. IOCS; 
gtomttrica, terrae mensuratio, Ef.' 362, 42; 
aee eub v. diaUetica. For giometriea, see 
aleo (IL. 10) cinmj. 

gtatfflii», iivn. 28, see in georgieU. 

gerit, XXXV. 32, see curianc. 

EBrta, scripta, ixxv. 51 [Ruf. !. 17 ΓοΙ. 
170*' gata in liuno modum ficta).— gMta 
manlolpAUa, ual publica. i, άθ (De Ciinon. \ 

per (/«ία,,,ΙΒ»"!- 

Keatante», pQitaotes, 



gaiUre. deaidcrare, ixxv. 259 (Biif. vi. 
16 Fol. 106>' gejtire covpit; x. foi. 1Θ4' 
flfMtire ut.-.j.—KeiUuiit, uolunt. xLvm. 
II (I>< Ca•!.. Inil. VII. Iß ad aunra de- 
aiderium gtiliiml deprauare). 

KeetuB, I. 127, aee »iriuiut. 

Öiblij, eee bihli. 

BlssnteinMlite, gigantum pugne, xxiv. 
a.5 (Huf. Ϊ. 1 foi. 3" Oigantoiaüehiat exortao 
Bant) = gi.qfinlani<icte, gigoatuni pu^rna, Cp. 
G98i giganUmaeit, gigantum pugnae, Ep. 
IOCS; giganiimaciae, gigantium pugnae, 
Ef.> 363, 33. 

gigantes, xix. 51, See fabula. 

gigantomaobiae. aee gigantemaehit. 

gigMitnm, XXXV. 95, aee gigaiuenutehie, 

glsliCQlU, idem, Xl.\a. 75 (Alia = 1) = 
geaiaeubu [for -laa], mnacellaa, Cp. Q65; 
gemKuUm. mnaoellas, Ep. 10E6; genit- 
nilur. muacellap, Et.' 863, 19. Aa tbis 
gloss IoUdVp's alter iardiiiu• [tor -unaj, 

ISDCX (latis) gir. — gr»l. 

c^ lAlfr. Vook . la Whcb W. 1 18. 3«) ; 
<MBm, «nn. q^aa (iL (OS. 33 * 
m, ^: oMa. i«lt (ib. T7S. n): »m•. 
Im^ [far Bvtar•] MBS. tffe t>l>- >U. U); 
' " ^BB ttOto «wan (At. U7. »); 
(Λ. Ul, SB; S33, 3t>. " 

f«C 20* bU de IndMonmi ffniita» nfat; 

U: o« gladiU.. vtcraatn, n. V bl. X9*, 

oMinre. 1. 1 foL e>. bat eterfOw » I 

tfae riehl aord: «t. eUdibm, rotdirtin, 

(^. Ct53. 

eladiii. we iladiivi. 

gkdiai, π. 30, aee pimgim. 

gbuide«, «ee iliru. 

glandi (I), td, t, He iUetu. 

tpiat^ ύ|ά(1α modki, in. 21 (Ji>t m. 
33 dald• tnit glartit Coejrti ; ski. β mpa 
gWff m). Cf. glareii, dslctu, Cp. Olli; 
jrlar«. einl, Ep. I0C21 : (f^ar«, cimJ, Ef.' 
SAt, G4. For the A.B. words id Cp.. Ep. , 
Ef. M« Bo««. T. iaöifl, eUil-tfa». gnrd. 
Mild); Verdjuu, Wixrrdmb. (Kail; Kftl- 
tUen = D. KititUUmj ; Pnaek, Etvm. 
Woordenb. {KUul). 

glarauu, glareU, ne gtana. 

gUMm, ciapitem [ee«p-L xnv. IIB 
(ßu/. II. 17 loL 27• wi...|«tri>e gkboM). 
Cf. gleha, eenpeii dura. Cp. O103. 

glebnm, Bcceatum Bingularü nU, itin. 
1 1 (Urrif. /)>n/. nt.G col. Ϊ29> ad FaudaDom 
cUrvia \Knauea»)=^cIiimi», afceniue aiae 
■ingulariH, Up. CteS; •Ί>&ιιιπ, aectmeiu 
■tngiUariti uiw, Ep, 8Α1β: cliuium. aa- 
ceniue «ini;ularia niae. Et.' 3S1. 50. 

KU«.«f|le. ILV. 6 {Verba de miiUU = An 
Phoeae, p. 412. note 1 fax iraus fei Una 
0^fi [ten fflof] lax lex: note 2 [gl<») glii, 
ulU) = Cp. (iUH igtii. eglo); Ep. lOEö 

Srii.eelae): Er'Hi'>a,20(>Jü, egilae). Aa 
β weTl-ktiowii Lat. giit (gUriil means a 
donnontia, egU &c, have been taken in the 
■ame μπμ; Me ex. gr. Kluge {A.S. Leieb. 
p. 173) β;1ν, apltzinaue, But Bchluttei 
\AngUa, iii. 474) i* of opinion that egU 
Ac.= E. ΊΐίΙ«), the awn of barley or other 
corn (Oomi, Aehel), for which »ee Oif. V. ; 
Cent. Uirt. Thin In eonflraied by other 
gloM«• ai i/lumala. wale nol hule, u«l 

nad ylu). a Gbo. let. Or. 

> ^fsMt a «a'fiik, lor wkiefa 

Db C. peopoe ea to read Irwufo , a wlet- 

planl.iaaii•! liM i|aiiifi ii bi*.tbcR- 
tart, nat faapo w ible llial e^ Ac oaj 
have had mcM« Wfaaingii than oof; at« 
et^ in Terdam. JliA. Sea. Watr^ab. (If 
bedgduf ; W = hiTDdo. a leech. Sm 
fnitfaer FoReUiBi: De VU. ObMa. p. βΙ5; 
DiefnibacJi; Dn Cbb^ 

suae•, cnaeo, ii.TL 38 1 J 'μ = J π J'teroe, 
PL 4». 34 Jl««). 

BÜX. aee gU*. 

nlobiiin, xut. 39. eee axem. 
I. rMandilas. 

•. 2» (B•/. I. 

39 foL 177 fhbiu iiaidam ignia; n. IS 

globus, piU lotnndihUt Cp. GllO. 
gloria, HUT. 12, ere eritatliicia. 
gloriantiam, ili. 4. see orlAudniaai, 
gloriosi, iix. 94. w 

o* CixoiriBCB. t tri. 

gnaaiter, see nauitrr. 

BSOMId, ccieotu, it. 43 {Ruf. it. θ 
fol 56* qui GaottKi appellantut). 

genior, meii»ara est allica habenH nt 
qaidam oppinantur csnicee id ideat eei- 
tarioe XII Alii gnmor dieuct witaiios ν 
quod etiani ipee eeqnot eo qnud drcima 
par* Ml ephi. iiini. 16 lEiieh. lit Fond., 
p. 139, 10 gonor m.e.A.h.u.q, opinantni 
c. tree i. β. in a. g. d- paolo miDue a sei- 
tariie quinqne, q. tc\. — gamer malot in 
□er [iti. 2, Hebr. it Or. text»] x'l mixlioa, 

oeiUrios. xxxl. • {De punder.^^i Vf. 
lllunie, ι. 37t>, 13.— comor (^uiiioi] minor 
«epleui MiIarioB et u [qoLnla] par» eex- 
tuii ootile dimediiim, iiii.'J(i«< pinuler.]• 
—For 0<mior, see aJKo (ixiin. 10) re- 
gorgonieoin. gorthonicnin, gortonienm, 

gracianUD, see yaimgerleon. 
gracDiUfl, Bee garallu•. 
gradatiiD. ixTtn. <>U, itee emplmi 

IKDEX (/,.ίΓΛΥ) grad,— gyt 



ito. n.ei(ite»irf. 
η ultimo gradii recipi&tac, 29, 5 
[6]; yradvm bonum Bibi adqoirit, 31, 12 
[31]). De grudu lun deiwerint euia ovcurs 
Chh. Cane. Cartk., Prol. p. 142^ aod it 
tH poBuble tli«t this ({loee may have 
■trtiyiid rcom its proper place iu Ch, i, 
ot the ÜloBsar; into Oh. ii. 

gmeee. aeo grere, 

gmeconim, iee Saiurnm, 

graecos, aee hienitperium. 

graooum, see rtinui. 

gritllUB, nee garatlut. 

BranmiateQi, RnminiHtine {-tiooB?], 
»XIX. 54 {Verb. Intrrpr.^Hier. in Maltli. 
viii. in, ao litteralcir eral, quod eignlli- 
caiitiuH Qroece dicitur -γραμμΑτιΜ), 

rrumiiAtlCa, literal] [fai literaliil], 
XJLx. 49 ( = i|riiNimurrrci lltterali«, Cp. Θ144; 
Ep. lOCBi'Ef.• 8Ü2, 43), see dialectics. 

grammativaui, see grammatica. 

grammaticuH, see graminaitot. 

grsmmatiuB [-tianBF], xitx. H, aee 

grana, viit. IS, Bee plitaitat; ivr. G. 
Me UnliKia; iixi. 17, see Qreet; xxini. 
25, ere liliqiui uiiil. 

f^ratiatiii. x. 26, eee mialiini. 

grauii. Bee Uniiicia. 

graphiiim, xiv. 20, eee tcalpellilm. 

gratia, X. 1, Bee oiaiUtiir me; xii. 13. 

«ee alacrittr; iLu• 24, aee uMimti 

Sn,tlft, Π. 182, see uerbi gratia. 

gratiaram, ixx. βΟ, see eueharUli<u. 

gntlODlla, ferreie faotia [flecUa, abl. 

Pplur. ot ßecta, a hurdle?] heral, xxx*. 175 
(Jill/. *. S fal. laf• ut...craltciilü exuBta 
gaaderet). For ΛεπΙ ( = hearst, hierat, 
• email hurdle?), gridiron, aee Bobw. T. 
(heantf) ; Wrigtil W. 214, 40. 
grauem, i. lOti. nee qtierinonuim. 
grauiB, XXXV, 186. aee iii/mIu«. 
granltM, modeatin, ii, 83 (Beiud. reg. 
7, IHG [21»]; 22, 13 [31]; 42, 31 [37]i 4.<i, 
£ [6]; 47, » [14) cum grauiUilr). 
RTBuitaUi. eee grauitai. 
grece [graeoe], i. Θ, eee nbsldiim. Vi, aee 
cotieiliiim, 22, aee catieimini, 31. see 
eatholinu, 49, nee epiililia, Θ0, aee omou- 
Η lion, 114. aee rynodut, 118, aee äimbulum; 
^L II. 2, Hee anachorita, 83. aee wnofrita, 107, 
^H Me «tonaehue; xixt. 17, B2, : 
■ S3, 

■ee laltHtvm, 11, xoe fbiifua, 1ϋ, 
Ϊ6, eee p'lilocaiw. 
Grace [Greece] Ideat csroete«, i 
II grana ordei, xxxi. 17 {De puml 

greoi [graeoi], xxxi. 7, eee lilira. 
grqciit [graeeia], xxi, 2, eee Canitius. 
grecis [groeciB], xxxn. 1, aet' dragma. 
greco [graeco], ii. 1ΘΘ, eee coennbium. 
grecorum [graec-], ιχπιι. !), see Sa- 

greooB[graecaB], n, le9,eee moniuteriuin ; 
xi.iv, 19, see hiemiiperium. 

gmcum [graoe-], xuv. 11, see if/nw. 

grcgoni, xxxvii. 9, nee tabulat legal. 

gremlo, xxxix. 8, aee in gremio. 

greaeuB, ixxi. 24, Bee choroii. 

groBBa, XIII. 41, see paliunu. 

groaaior. iix. 8, see mitrinida•, xxvi. β, 
see /olligania, 13, aee foUicantet. 

groaKM.i. 12, soeficiuiprotalitgTBtioi... 

guberaatio, see ilioettit. 

gubernatiouein, u. 43, aee diocfim. 

gubeinationibuH. L 3Θ, see diocefi4. 

guigltnin. modiea coogregHlio wjue a 
pluuie. XIX. 53 {Job xxxvi. 37 eHundit 

imbree ad iuatar gurgilum). 

KnrKHlua, drobbolLa. ilv. !T (1/<τύα ((β 
muU'u — ÄTi Phocae, p. 413 rAtrcuUo; in 
note g-argiilii>)=gurgutio, Srotbolla, Cp. 
0180; Br.i 362, 45i gurgtilio, tbrotbolla, 
Ep. lOCll. Drahbolla Λα. = t>rol-bolla 
[Boaw. T,), the gullet, windpipe (KroOi, 
the thro&t, -i- tioifii, A round vt'ssel, cup, 
bowl), cf. E. thropfXe. 

gnzsniUnm, chelor. xix. 38 Uob xl. 36 
Nnmquid implebis Hageoaa pelle luua, et 
(juryiwiiiini piacium eapite illiufl?). Gnr- 
giutiiaa, a email dwelling, hovel, hat; 
cAcior, O.H.O. (see tkhade. in vv. i-ihir, 
Mti)=A.8. βίοΐοτ (^Geroi. Kehle, throM, 
Keller, cellar, aee Schlutter, in Aiiglia 
XIX. 493) from the Lat. eellariiitii (aee 
Kluge. AngtU. Laibucb 1U6). Cf. Sbdnm. 
III. 7, 41 gargnatium, relur; lit l. 497, 6 
gurgUBtium, chelor (eelor. caelor, ailor). 
The Cambr- HS. hae: gurguetium, ubi 
pieocB mittnnt capti, Cf. Cp, GITS, 177, 
181, 183, 187. 

dfl arbore currit idast baliamom, 
X. 19 {Caul. V. 3 oaput meum plenum est 
rore, ot aiucinui mei galtia noetium). For 
gatta see also (xii. 21) ungiila et gulla; 

guttia, Bee gulla. 

gymnaoitun, loeus eiercitaCiotiiB nbi 
diueree [-a«e] arte [artes] dieoantur. xlv, 
I (i.'erfiii de multit^Arf I'hotae, p, 411, β 
aiiwiiMniiim sapientiae). 

gymuieuB agon, see dtalTipat. 

gyrouagum, eee girouagam. 

gjt, genua seminis herhis miaata bona 
in panes mittere. xlv. 10 {Verba de mull» 

INDEX (t.irw) h— herb. 

^AnPhornr, p. 412, 5 neulri Benerie,.. 
Im Γβγ jf(C). C(. jjt(, oluB, Cp. GHll; Ep. 
10C13; Εί.>862,46. Cf. Ε. ffifh (Uzt. D.). 

b iitarrCfft: abAominatio (far abom-): 
oetAimologia (etjinol•): scitAi« (ecitii)). — 
dropptd or omiited: abeme (hab); agio- 
RTB&i fhiie-) ; scoimaadritiB (aiefi-); aDton- 
tioum (>DtA-); sate (hastoe); bibliuleca 
(-theo*) : oiatas, ejati, eystos (-thoe, -tAi, 
-Uob): dintrauntar (-λαηΐυτ); eptotionm 
(Aept-) ί erba, frequenüj (A»-); erodia 
(//er-); eiortatio (eiAort-); iacincto, Ja- 
), iacjntioi (/ijacintMoi Sx-); om- 



(iion-); orUms (Λο -J; ortodoiie (ortii-); 
ortum (fio-)'. oKpicmm (Aoa-); ridbmua 
(rh^Lhin-); rinocerne (rUn-); acismatici 
(echUm-) ; euperumerale (enperh-) ; teriiitra 
(t/ier-); torai (lAor-): neendo (ueAendo) ; 
jrperbolen (ftyp-); ypoieu™ (liyp-}.— pre- 
ßred: Aarcne (nr- ) ; Aeremita (ei); hibiüum 
(ib-) ; ftironiam lit-).^tiiinipairil: eiiantori 
b[rK etl, ol iiutem], iv. 9β, see ru- 
ht ^ ή], iix. in, see ho jiiaron. 
habebant, viii. 8. sec i'ii acrruo m-. 
habebantiit, xi. 14, eoe poilerii. 
habene. fee ahciu (tot a brne). 
faftbenie, see ribfn/i. 

habeoB, I. m-, IV. 120; x. 10; xi. 4; 
I. 18, 36, *1, *S. 47, Γ" 

1. 18; 

I. 36; κ 

;ii. 6, 7 

MIHI. 6 11 

Ifil ««1,32; WJ. 8. 

babitnt, i 

1. 0, n. 47; ΙΙΪ. 2«; ΙΪ. 

iit. 10: lu 

. IB; ΙΪΙΠΙ. 13; iiiix. 

*!,». 18; SL 

ra. 28. 

XI. 10, see «Vriuu habctit 

ΧΧΠ. 12, »« 


II*. 3, see iwrith. 


.90; ΙΪΙ.27; x»xw- 63. 

habere, ii. 

lei ; ΙΙΪΙΙΙ. 74. 

habet, %ix. 

31 : iiui. 20; xxxi. 37, 

um. 8-11; 

xixHi. 1,8.4,7. 8, 12; i 

7. 10, 11, 13 

16(biB): IUI. 31; lUlL 

liabetnt, i 

ey; Ϊ11Ι. 17. 

habiUs, l. 

RS, see ίΊοικα. 




m, Π. 188, aiie coeiiubiiim. 


ΙΤΠΙ. 2B, see tannnsim 

xuvi. 11, see miuca rnntrui; iLVtL 

BM bulintu. 


η. ΙβΟ, Bee maniuunum. 


ιτιη. 67, see figum. 

habitus, u 

Till. 88, see dUaipoiU. 


see prwiifenn. 

hahqit, II 

iR. 32, 3.1. 


ιιΐ". ϊ»χν. 108, »ee pro/«* 

—lue, ill baa parte, i 

in ilia parte, lun. 36 (De Ίι'ν. niiiniRibiu 
-Donali Ait yrunim. p. 386, ΐ2 adioiunt 
qnidam etiam per locom, at hae ilUu), • 

Hades, see aiilta. 

haectbetas, see hrcthetat, 

baemorrhouu, see tmumten, 

haereeiB, see irciti, 

baereticam, aee lirTttirum. 

hagiogtapha, aee ngiografa. 

harena, ii.ti- 17, see lirte. 

barene, theatri, iiiv. 29 (/)« £««.); 
buuie, locus nel panimoiitum Ibeatn, 
ixiv. 171 (,>c K<i>.) = {R«f. Ϊ. 3 fol. 76" 
in medio «remii; id. ibid. ϊ. 8 fol. 78*) = 
harenae, paDimtintiiiD theatri, Cp. U22; 
hartiiat, locus uel pauiinentuin theatri, 
Ep. IICIO; hartiinr, Ibcub Uel pauimen- 
lum theatri, Ef.' 364, 14, 46. 

harpa, see urpa. 

hastae, see hdporanten arte. 

bebenenoa uel abeTanos, de arbnre 
liebore, iv. 14 (A'lifA. xivii. 15 dentee 
ebumeat ct hebeuiHoi aomautaueruet). 
For kfbore, ebore, see also ebor, 

hebenioos, see kebinnniu. 

hebenuB, see rbor. 

hebore, IT. 14, βββ hcbeitewu. 

hcbroeniu, see lierra, 

hebruicarum, iixtii. 5. si'e aednigma. 

hebraice, ixi. 16, see cmiopeutn. 

LebraiGuiD, iiim. lit, see mttrtta. 

hebteum [hebraeum], i. Ill, see atcfrii. 

hec ( = haec],^iviii. 83, see fNitoemütiet; 
XII. 17, see Λο pla Um. 

IiHUMtaa [sine interpret.], xv. 36 
IKttch. lu. IS, 16 meHBUs B&t...ethteat 
ex vtraque parte oenlum oubitoruiii...fe- 

He;ee, ία uote, tethfliu in 15 & 16; 
Migoe, P'ltr. iMt. iirui ool. 1001, note 
b heetketiu, haeetbetar Λα.). 

ludtnffl, ibaei, xvii. 11 {Jotuu n. 6 
praeparaDit.,.Deue hfilcruiN; tiederamileo 
IV. 7, 10; IT. 6.9 super htdtra). Cf. tdtr, 
ihga. Cp. E33; Ep. — ; tdtra, ifeg, Ef." 
350, 40; Steinin. i. G7G, 1, 677. 41; (or 
ibaei ( = O.H.G. iba-bewi, M.H.O. βρ- 
hSu, ϋ. cpheu; A.S. ifij, short for it-bij) 
aeo Klage, £. Etym. [ivij) ; Bos«. T. {ifig); 
Kluge, El. Wrt. {epheii). 

helcesei, tm. 8, nee nauiri. 

hemiuB, see eolamina. 

heminam, sec Aimriui, sub v. tmina, 

hemisphiicria, »ec hifinitperia; partet. 

hemiBphaoriain. see hiemitperiam. 

hemorrhoosa, see emumiieiu. 

hcortastlcae, see eorliitiea. 

heptatenchoe, see fpUUirvm, 

beptaticuiu. Bee rplnlictnu. 

herba, lui. 10, see uiuin, 36. mv piili- 
cum; ixsvtii. 16, see oehimo. See also 


INDEX {latia-) herb. — hist. 

iMrbft fmioDQnj, bunt [ = lKiritb, UeljT. 
n*^] iinia inde racUint uporam [for 
Mpuiirm], xvn. 19 [Malarh, m. Ί qutüi 
heriwi /uiimuim). 

hecbne. secfroriu; malagma-, murru. 

herburum, xi.ri. 20, see in uiridario 
ilnmu». See Kino ijainquilia. 

lietba [-bae], 

[. 13, e 


, 10, s 


hercule. see mibtreuti. 

heratnltK, remota. u. M4 {Beiifii. rtg. 1, 
5 [li] RiaiiB...tLii>chariUniED, id est hrrr.• 
iHilaram). For heremita [^ertmila] gee 
bIho (ti. 2) nntieAoriln. 

liereeiK [hoer-], i. 121, sec leetii. 

bereUouni [nine iiiterpreL], m. ΙίΙ (/)« 
S. Murr. Sior.-=Sulp. Sep. Dial. it. 13, 9 
nhgUieia ...hanvlicnm indicaeeel). 

htrmsphroditiis, 9Pe htrmofrmlitiu. 

hennobodltw [lienoapbr-], androginiu 
[-eynas] hiiiiio iitriusqae «exus, xui. 13 
(Λλ dir. librit?] = hfrma./rodilun, andtoei, 
Cp. Ηββ. 



henidii, at« heroilion. 

hBTOdion, ualctiefuo, itx. 115 {Job xxxix. 
til PeuDii Htrutbionia aimilie ml pennia 
/i[Tiji/y) = /irroifiiii, paloh hatiuc. Cp. HH3; 
Aiiroiiiiuuualhhebnc, Ep. 11C36; harodiii• 
miftlhbuebnc, E(.i3ß6,ll. Cf. Wright W. 
liiidei). Tbe Cambr. MS. baa berodioii, 
genua accipitria.^For wilc-he/ui, forElgti 
liuwk, BOB BoBW. T. Iwealh-hafiK, tiafocj; 
Kluge. Klym. ii'rlb. d. Spr. {Ilabiekt). 

Hctodis. see /ndat. 

heiamerun, see in txuiaeTim. 

hi be rn ig, see hithemh. 

Ubiolun, drgingata, xix. 39 (Job -nxtxx. 
1 tempuB partus ihieHm; Beyae, in nate, 
hibicum. The Cambr. MB. haa; Ibix, 
CKpra mootnosaj^ifiic«, flrgengaet, Cp. 
112; Ep. 12Ε33; Ef.' 3(17. 50. Yatfirgin- 
gaCii ( = οΓ monii toi D -gout«), see Bosw. T. 
{liraen-gat, firshi-yOI), 

bic, XXX. 14, BCG A« fbitan. 

lilBbanila, hieinalibus, ιχτι:. Si {Lib. 
Iiot. = liid. Lib. de «αί, Ttr. TU. 3 hibtrni» 
llatiblis; c(. Virg. Geo. II. 339). 

hiemalibue, iivii. 34, see hitbirnU. 

Uamlaperla duo snnt qaomm alterum 
uRt Slip«! terrain ulterum sob terra, XMT. 
fi(A}iii; <Uea;O^lsid.ilem1. rrrum, xii. 
3 nnle beniitphaeria dvoe.q.A.e. β.Ι.Λ. tub• 
let Urram). For ιυύΐτ (imim Bee (text) 
nolu •* OD p. 45. Shb alao luv. 1 (purtf«), 

and (lUv. 39) ,ueem. Perhnpe a fluther ex- 
planatioti of tbe above U; hiemlaparluia 
[hcminphaeriiiin] aput grecoB divitur ijilod 

bierophentia, aee hiirufomit. 

Uemflmtla, oel prephetta ijni anditia 
prgflunt, xiivin. 4ϋ {Clem. Knm. liteognitl. 
I. 5 birropluiniii rfl prophetii qui adgtii 
pro fill III, amiciii clfioiar). 

hierutialeni , xitti. IT, see cinititt datiid. 

HiEzecatKi-, xv HI. 

hiezechie]a[EEecb-], χιιιπ.β, eeeobuttu. 



hii, > 

Minlna, medins Bettarina ayab 

<. 37. ( 

. ΧΙΪ11Ι. 17 (ϋκτίι. lit 
Faiid.T). Hin does not appear in tbe 
printed texte ut Eucberius, bat tlie Brit. 
Mn«. MS. baa; Nebel ijuidain putant 
modii m. Hi« sextnriua eat liquiiUe 
Bjnnjiei. See below nebel, where in ttx- 
inriii i», perhaps, to be read an hin, 
texUtriiu. — UntDftlor loiiieextarioe Minor 
Dili, xxxi. mUe pundtr.•!). 

hinuitabar (for innitabar]. »ee appnili. 

hippiKentauroB. eee rpoecni/mriM. 

bircania, ixxv. 1, see trago'di». 

hirou«, xxxv. 1, see irmjofdia. 

blronlkm. xxtv. 120, see jitr hir-. 

, defnn 

bJB, X' 

blapldft, defnnna [?</i/orwiji?J nodie, 
lu. 10 [De S. Marl. Stor. = Sttlp. Sev. 
Dial. 3, a, 3 ucBte hi'pidii; cf. IHal. I, 
3, 5 herbam bhpidam, and 3, 1, Η ucstcra 

biHpidam, eee hitpida. 

hietoriam, xiii. So, ace dt mdicr. 

UatrlD, «oture«. lees, ii.v. äß ({'n-fru dr 
—-"■■- '- Phoear, p. 413, 8 ' ' ■ ' 
; let« being marked ae λ.β. ij 
KHrret may be for tcHira. ur Kumt. at 
teurtax (aee Ooeli, vol. -nt. p. 3461, aud 
Uet = k.i. leiu, loose, false, deceitful, ae 
eiib8t.adeceiTer(BosiT.T.).— blitrtombna, 
orocoeroDi, xxiii. S7 (not in Greg. Diiil., 
but Can. Goncit. Afrit, xlv p, 130 Vt 
scenicia alque h »(Hon ι 6νί,,. gratia vel re- 
oonoitifttio η on negetur). Omcrfruui 
(mifiead rfroeicriim), a derivation, jier- 
bapB. from ore (Lat. urcw«), the infenia] 
regiona; of. Bobw. T. in voce, art, orten 
(a eea-moiiBter) -, Kluge, AUii. Dial. p. 
341: id. (in Paul Λ Braune'a l>. Spmchr, 
IX. 18β). — atTlmn. qui inuebri [muliehrij 


ludnmento i^tus inpndiciiralo femioamiu 
exprimebaat, i. 127 {I>t Coimii.; Ciiii, 
Cone. Carth. L-xiix Oraiies,.,nuiiWtni<r(; 
ef. ibid. xt.T, and i.zni hUtTtonibut). 

rNDEx (latix) hiiab. — Lyi, 

30; I 

.10; X 

r:. I*. 

hodiporituni, see linphonu. 

hodoeporioon. sec linphmin. 

holera (ii>? pluT. οΓ ΙλΛ. holiu, cabbage, 
eolewort; or conniption nI A.S. holen, 
ImUgn. holly?), xlvii. 96, see amfoliuw. 

holograSa. see otagrafia. 

homeliae, liamillas, see ominat. 

horainem, x. e, see utiffiitnliim fxin• 
aiiifum; xxix. SO. see melempiehoiii. 

homiaes, xv. lU. see piitniei, SI, sea 
jwiriHCfor«; iiv. 9, aee rfrcMrin : ixxv. 34, 
see αΜΐρίη'(>, 1B4, see tHieraUn I., 2Ά5, ete 
biuUi; ihOl. 5, see polidnieef, 

honunibns, xit. 13, see^IJi' titan; xui. 
91, Bee baitcrna. 

hommis, ixxv. 161, see dt Jigiatnto, 

bominnin, t 

S9, BBS buUmit. 


, 11, f 

homo, IV. i. see mtimbrt; xlo. 13, fee 
bomufagiU. liontofagie. see amnfngii. 
boiQon.vtna, uee onumimi. 
honeBtornui, ιχιτ. 302, see Jirini'nun, 
lionanuiit. see nS^it. 
honore, ti. SI, sec grmlu; viu. 8, see i« 

hoDores, seeioMriii. 

honoribu«, see /atcibia. 

ho pUtOD, hie plato, III. U; ton phl- 
lOOk, hune philaneni, xxx. Ιό; AOOloyUiel. 
seqiiitur Ii ton platona aut hano platoiieni, 
XXX. 16; ρΐιΐΐοη, bee philo, s:ix. IT (Cat. 
Hier, ii eol. 11«»* De boo [Pbilo JudieuB] 
vnlRo apud OraeoOK dicitur ^ ΪΆΑτα• 
^iMiiii η φίλων rXsruvifci, idest Aut 

^L I'hilon. — B; De boo vulgo apad Greoos 

^H dicitur platoD pliiloiiizein phiiou platoni- 

^H nein id est aiit plato philonem sequitur 

^^k aut philo plalonem sequitur.— C: De b.v. 

^^b a.g.d, [blank line) ideal aut p.p. seii. u. 

^^H platODem philo). It in clear that the 

^^H Qloseator bad a leit before him which 

^^V read, or which he interpreted to read, ή 

^B 6 llXdTwr ri>. *l\wr<i άιοΧοΐ'βι!. ή τίν 

^B IlλιiΓurαiΦlλwl'.-E bas: HO- πΛ&ΤΟΝ- 


^B THCHTUN- πίΛθοΝΑ- φιΛυΝ• idcstaut 

^^Λ plato ph^lnneni seiiuiliir . aut Slo plato. 


ϊΧϊν. 17!) {Uli/. V. 24 f"l. ül* (luidatu... 
putatit uno tantum die obbcruari debere 
ieiimiiiiii,,,iiuniinl1j etiaiu qnadraginta', ita 
ut huriii diurniie iweliirnaiq'ie computanlf, 
diem statnant). 

hor^, ΙΪ. SU, see qmidrnpla*. 

homo, hoc anno, ιυπ. 34 (De dir. 
noininibtu — Dot Donati Ars graianist., bnt 
Serv. C™™. in Oonnf., p._ 138, li, lö 
Aiinio...Dihil est aliud nisi hoc anno), 
er. Iinrno, bys gere, Cp. H13T, 143; homo, 
thjsgeri, Ep. HC18; Et' 361, äl, 

hortniiB, see parailigmii, 

hortnri, n. IM, sec tiiudtre. 

hortum, see areola, 

hortus, im. 1, see tiicumnrarium, 

horum, xuv, 16, see unlarirciu. 

hoepicia, it.1. 3, see »Jdunieiir. 

hoepitalilate, boBpilioin, see de phiL•- 

hostiorius [oat-]. j 

:. ö. see ntiiKJio- 

hoslie [-tiac], ilvi. 34, leo infene. 

hue, n. 134, aee pafim. 

banioniim, iv, 29, see iui. 

humihatio, ιχππ. 62, see tapynoim. 

humiliseimua [for humfiliniia], ixmi. 
63, see Utpyiuinn. 

humiUimis, see lapynotin. 

humor, iivii. SO, κ» moloiicolia. 

hone, XII. 16, 16, see ho piaton. 

hnni (majr be for Lat. llunai, or for 
Δ.8. HüHt, or O.H.O. Äuiii), xnn. 3a. 

Hnnni (Lat.), see uutynri. 

buuitabiir [for hinuilalmr, luuifafcnr], 
m. 16; see appulH. 

hyacinthiaa, nee iiiola, 

by nein thin i, aec iacijntiai. 

bjacinlhJDo, h3'iicintho, see iaciiieto. 

bjtOam, a Uiui aiiuilitudioe, xxvii. 16 
{Li'A. ΒοΙ.=ΐΜά. Lib. de »at. Ter. χχτι. 1 
[quotiüR ■'■■!' \\. !»] Qui facit arctBrum, 

ainiilil ■■ \ VA ' 365, fi. Cf, 

/™,.i„. ■■ . i ■ , - i. Ίΐιΰ; Ep.llCl; 
E(.':ic.i, ;i. :■■■■ \u. ι,.α.• i.) Isid. xivi. .i 
(p. 3',) in .λΓιναΙΉ cd,): Alii addnot... 
llsinlet taat qninqae.,.iii fronte l'auri 

hyaeoae, see hym; hyinf, 

bj'dra. see exidra . 

hydri«. see ßdelia farri.. 

hrdroptcna, aquaticus, xxxv. .ί {Itaf. i. 
g fol. 12'' >iydrnpii..,tamOt). 

hydropie. nee bydropklu. 

hygf, qoBS belnas nocanl idcst beHtie, 
x.xvm.l5: ..e hy.v;. 

byiii(, noclunium monalrum buuiIis 

ISDKX (ί.ΑΠΝ) hym.— iac. 


■L I" 

^B ml 

I {Verb. lnlCTpr. = lIier. in 

Matlh. xxm. 3S col. ITS-^ [quoting Jer. 
I». %] (aetu est mihi hsreditae men quasi 
BpeliinuB liyieaie) = h!/ai, n. m. B. o-, Cp. 
Blue, aud ot ht/ia, uaectgeoKe (nigbt- 
Roer, Bosw. T, nilit-yenae), Cp. H130. 
The Tulg. htu qonsi leo in sjlva. See 
Mi(;ne'B note. ibid.. and Sibatier. — hygf, 
quu belOM noouit ideat bestio [beBtitwl, 
xKivm. 15 (Weui. Recogmtt. viu. 25 ^nf-, ({'Kit betuan Ibiltuat, MigoeJ vocaDt). 

bynurain. laudem. ii. 95 [BcNed. reg, II, 
IS incipiat abbas gtanum [29 Aiimnuni; 
and umiiam, in note], 21 [35] sabsequatuF 
...nbbaa hi/amam}. 

hypallitn. ideat perniulAtio quotas !□ 
alium inlellectam nerba qu^ diota sunt 
tranaferuntur, xivm. Ί4 [Ciiii•, Piulm, 
XIII. S Eobema dicilui hypiilugc id eat p.q. 
i.a.i.u.quaed.B.t. See hit. I h'jpailage). 
C(. ypalUige, uurbum pro ueibo, Cp. V3; 
Ef.• 401, 11. 

li;p«rtatou. cum suapensua ordo uerb- 
orum iufeHuH explicatur, xivitl. 7β (Can. 
P«Uin. xixvi. 10 hyperbutoii. c. a. O. U. i. e.). 
— TparlMLton, idest tranacetiBio, xiviti. 87 
(Cn«. Pialm. iliy. 11 hyp/rbaton. i. I.). 

HjrpetbeKtBii, Hjperberetaeou, see men- 
til yperbtretheui. 

hyporbolen. see per jigiiram y- 

hyiwrtbeili, ideal BUperlatio cum ali- 
qaam rem opinione omniain niita aententia 
uoatra exeuperare ooDteodimae, iitui. 51 
(Cii'i. Pialm. ivti. 12 hyperthai» ideal b.c. 
u. Γ.Ο. o. notam s.n.e. o. And again l. β). 

hypolhaaeoD, see ypopfurion. 

hypothetleni, ideat contionalia nillogiB- 
mua, UTiu. Θ4 [Cami. Puilia. It. 1 hypo- 
thetical... id est cottdiliunalit n/Uogitmui ; 
idem Vit. 6). 

hypozeuxia. see ypoieaxU. 

IijMpo,ijaaimilitndiDein abainthil-thii]. 
utT. 15 (Joh. xJi. 29 apongiam plenam 
Boeto. hyitopo; Wordsw, A: 'White hyiopo). 

hysitopo, see hyiopa. 

i tor υ : liciuioaa (tot Ino-) — for ae ; 
ttopie, [for tropbaf a) — for t : adnlincentui^ 
(for aduliBcentnlae] ; agillo (agrllo); alli- 
gare (ali«g-); amatoris (•Γ<β]; Hiiaohonia 
(-rrtal; apologitionm (apulogit-); an'opa- 
gitie (arropagiCaml : oaticumini (oakahu- 
niiiii); dispitem (cesp-); cissara {aeet-); 
cortji (cortfx) ; cymiteria (ooemeteria) : de- 
cim(dec«l>l);diflDicionea. difinita.ifec.ldif-); 

SdfHcr-}-, diaperabilia, dJspicaliB {detp-); 
istinabunt, diatruitur (dfat-) ; entioam 
(enthfcam): erip- fercp-); etlimpb (ex- 
tern-): hi'mioa (hi^m-); inbicillCB {iubic); 
interfioi (-feci); lagina (lagena); lantfacere 


f-t«Hcere) ; mausilio (-leo) ; molliacere 
[-IfBcere}; mi herculi (me bercul«); pao- 
nigerioie (paQigjrieifl) ; peripai'ma (-ef uia) ; 
pyritl^'touta (-getbonte); redigerit (re- 
d^-); Buiniei (awn-); aubitaoia (-nea) ; 
BuprinlB (-r<ma) ; uatis (uatn) ; uettix 
{-tex} : uixill» (uex-). — for ο t mansilio 
jmatiaaieo).— tor y : aethi'mologia (etirm-) ; 
androginna {-g^nus); archisfnagogun (ar- 
ohia^D-); artofilai((irctoph^lax|; aaillum 
(aepl-), aai'tum (asplnm) ; aaditis (adytia) ; 
aEtmoruiu (axi/m); Calipao (Caly•); oiatOB 
(cyathos) ; uimliaUa (c^mb-) ; eolirium 
(ooUyr-l; Coribantaa (Oor^b-I; corimbiB 
(confmb-); diatipoeia (diatvp-); ependiten 
('di/ten) ; epiatdia (-tylia) ; filacteria 
(phal-) ; frtx, frigia (Phra-); gazofflatia 
(gaKiipbjfl-) : girouagum (gyr-); taoinsto, 
iaainctino(bya<!-);HrR,iiricuB(l^r-); Lidii 
(Lyd-); Mioene, mirtf (m^-l; omonima 
j-nyma); onichiDOH (onych-); paptn 
(pi/ri) ; paraliain (-lyain) ; phtlaateria 
(phyi-); phftagoraa (I^thag-); pictamm 
Wet-): Polideuces (Poigd-); piiliouima 
(pol^nyina) ; preabftera, preabiteri *o. 
ipreabi/t-); satinim (aaty-) : Silla(äy-}: 
B/Uogiamus (a^ll ) ; BimbuliB, aiiubulani 
(sj/mbo-); afmcosion (ai/nip-); ainagogae, 
Bincopin, BiDaxie. BiuchronüD, eineodocheo 
(b^u-): Binphoaio (^mposium); ainUl•!- 
mitiA [syni•] ; Striie (Syriie) : Birofenieeft 
(Syr•); Sirte (Sj/rtenj; Telhia (-bye); 
tbieateofl (Thy-): thjmiamateria (thyni-); 
tifon (Typbon) ; tjrannidem, -den (lyr-).— 
i omillril : oanectQt» (com'-) ; editore (edi- 
tiere) ; alogis (-giie);Spiridon (-dion)i ueat- 
merita(ueBtim-).— iinxirtfif; apparilorium 
('tomm) ; auditorium [-torum); cnpiaiB- 
aent (erepaieeent) ; etrangaillato (-gutato). 

■i-, V. Sl = idtitiy. neenuo. 

iooent. iv. Θ, eee Iratulni ; χχιτ. 67, 

iacinctina [hyacinthmal. xxix. 10, Bee 

iaoinotiop.'Ihjf.ieinlhiiiu], χτ. 45. Bee 
iaeinrlo. *^ 

ladncto, tdest de pelle iacinctino [bja- 
cinthino], xv. 45 {Kzeeh. ixin. GTeatitoa 

iacjuthini, aee iacyntini, 

lacyutliü. Bfitoi beunin, ixii. 6 {Either 
I. 6 tentoria aeiij ooioria, et CBtbaaini ae 
hyacinthini; Heyse, in note, tacynthini; 
IUI. 15 veatibuB regüa, hyitrinthinii). 
Bytlor tor »wiSot (?) comp, otewifie, very 
mooh (aee BoBv. T.) ; hfuuin = hawen 
(Bo8w.T.),blne, azure. SeeSteinm. 1.4Θ8. 
12; IV. 273, 4; and the preaent Qloaaary 
xiii. 3 {atri, haue); see bIeo Arri iacin- 
tini, Cp. λ»66. 

INDEX (LATiir) iak. — \ga. 

iakelalo, see c/iimehiir, 

iane (!), xxxti, 1, see Ιαηϊ jnirle. 

lui porte, idest porte templi iune ['.] 
dei ))a|tiLDOTum qu^ ant« paMbfuit una- 
ijuequc Bd gentem Bium quando contraria 
fuit romaDJn iioinina gentia ipsiua Boribta 
[wiripta] super purta, iixvi, 1 {Oron. i. 1, 
li laniportae oUuaae euot}. 

lAtpia. nigrum et uiridein colorera habel. 
ΧΙΛ. 7 {Df •ωηιιη. dii-.^Ajiac. xii. 19 fnn. 
damenlmi) pTimDiuj<ii<j>u; eee a\so Ilsmt. 
xzfta. IS, XEiii. 11; Eifk. xxviii. 13) 
^iaipi; u.e. u.cli., Ep. lIB9l Ef.' 365. 
ai; Cp. — . 

" XI. 14; xxtx. 39l see also ub! rl 

17. 51, 61, .58. 61, 6ί-β7, 69, 74. 7ft, «2, 
m, »7; Χϊΐχ. 11, 35, 47. 73; χϊκ. 9, 1.1, 
40; XXXI. 17, 23. Q4 (bie). 95; xxxu. 7-Ui 
iixiii. (), 10.15,16; xlxv. 3. 6, 30, 3β.ΰ9, 
123, 14U, 179; ixivi. 1, 12, 1β; xixvu. G, 
9 (bU); ΧΙΙΤ1Π. 7, 15. 37; xlin:. 24, S6. 
.25, 26; xuil.SB; 


ibicam, eee hibi 
leon. IX vm. 49. 
Id, I 

I. Ö3 (bis). 
'" ■ Ariitottltt"!], proprium 
[aaa : τιιιηκπ| iiiri, ixiviii. Γ2 {Clem. 
Rtco'jnitt. VIII. 16); see Caliilralui. 

lOe», cum apeciem rei future nelut 
ocniia eDerenle motam aiiimi concltamna, 
xxTni. 42 {Cant. Pialra. χτπ. 9 Hoc 
aohema dicilui idfa, amn s. r. [uturae n. 
0. offerentes m. n. o. C!. ili. xxxii. lü 
I den, Latine epMiea dicitur, qnanilo 
velut effigiem rel Tuturae ocalie offtr- 
mtti, aniini vniim ad aadienili ntadiuin 
oonoitamua; ib. xlvii. 16 idfa, Latiue 
speoies, quando aliquid Tuturuui veliit 
Qonlia oQereDlea, nutum animi coDoita- 

Idms. xur. 25. see PlaUmie ideal. 

Ideoutl, conauetailiiui xxix. 37 ; eee 

Idlonui, proprietAB, xix. 7 {Job; Frarf. 
Rieron. p. χιτ''. and Migue, P.L. ixviu 
col.ioei" propter liiiKiiaBiiiionto) = idiOmo, 
proprietaH linguae, Cp. 119; iodioma, pr-, 
Ep. tlKlO; iodiamn, proprietaa, ΕΓ.' 365. 
22. The Cambr. M8. : idiajaa jiroprietae 
un'iOBcuiuaque lineiiae,— IdBOuatl, oouaiie' 
tudini, ΙΙΙΪ. 27 (Uerb. Intrrpr. = Hier, in 
Mauh. XXII. 30 Latina uonBuetuilo Graeco 
idinmati nuu respondet). 

idiumati, «ee idioma. 

idlotu, atnlli, xxxv. 100 {Ruf. tv. 16 
fol. 66' iraperitt uel idioliu obeeniant). 

■dole. XI:. 13, tiee baehat. 

idolotom, ιιχτ. 36, eee otthepin. 

idolam, xv. SS, Bee teraphin. 

idem. ii. 3; xm. 39. SS; xxix. 42; 
XXXI. 37; xxxm. 13, 15, 29; xxxv. 69. 

idem, iltu. 7ä< Bee geniicuia: 

idest. L 36; v. 11; viu. 13, IQ, 19; 
x. 19, 36; IT. 5, 16; xii. 3, 24, 33, 40-42; 
xm. 34. 36, 35, 53; xv. 13, 45; in. 5. 
Id; XVII. 2, 20; XIX. 6, 13; xxi. 7, 19; 
1X11. 7, 9, 12-13 ; ixvni. 21. 37, 39. 41- 

I. 13, 14. 16. 

utilis habilis, i. 03 [Df 
Canon.; ViiH. CoiicSard. XV idoiiea pcacdi• 
habere eognoBCUQtQr). 

ie Tor e: apologirticuiu (apologrt•}. 

leretlcos, BaaerdDlaie, xxx. 13 {De 
Catiil.); petl tM loei tliaorlcu, Jd eil 
de hac uit[a] ooaleiuplatiua, xxx. 13 
{lie Catiil.). In these cases tlie original 
GloBnator had. perhaps, two. somewhat 
different, versions o( the Cat. lUenm. 
before bim. As rettards " iereticos, saoer• 
dotale" it ma; refer to Cat. Hier, ii ool. 
613' dc genere sacerdotali (Qr. trantl. 
7i»oi/i ieparnai;) or to xi col. 635 de 
genere flocerdotnni (Or. -y^vevt Itp/u»). But 
as the OloBHslor apparently made bis 
oxtrauU from a Latin text (or lexta), in 
which the Greek words were vrritlen in 
Latin charaaters, and the order in «rhiofa 
the present gloeans appear in the Qlossarj 
auggeats an eitrant from ch. ii, or there• 
about, of the Catal., the two gloases 12 
& 13 seem to refer to Ca!. Hier, χι col. 
(12ίΙ« liber., .da apoaloliois virie quem et 
inacripait rtpi ßlau βιωρψ-ααΰ ίιπΰΐ'. If 
this be the caee ieretim (of 12) refers, 
perhaps, to Uerür, and the (t may be 
misplaced, and belong to throrieat (of 
13), to make Ihettriticat. For ^ov of llie 
present texts some MS. must have had 
icnjt or (brill, which appears in tlie Qlos- 
Barj'. The Utrecht ed. (B) has traces of 
these two words in ■'libium,.,dfl apoato- 
lioifl viria quem et inscrjpsit perino oythe 
ijroti koij id est de t'tia conttmplatina," 
where to (of periao) points lo ζο• or {id-, 
and m/ (of oythe) to of (of ßim). The 
Angabuig ed. (C) sheds farther tight uq 
the gloss (13J, it having; "librDm, 
apoatolieis vim quem et iasoripsit [blank] 
de hue vita contemplatiua." Ε lias: nipt 
τ•η\ {uqi ieoirigiiai. 

ignaii, see expertim. 

ignarus, xixiv, 50, Bee expert. 

ignania. ii. 45. see desidia. 

ignnuuB. ii. 41, see deiidiomi. 

igne, xt. 16, see bonata tieaia; ivii. 4, 

ignem, ivi. 9, see vialUolii. 

ignis, ία. 93, see bomtKvta ; ixivm. 24, 
see pt/riftegitanta ; ili, 9. sen eaieidim ; 
xun. 46 (bis), tea piraondf; %hv. S, see 


' (Jlifi. 


to\. 150" vlceribu 

^uU&ntar) — igni tacmm, omBu. Op. 137. 

" ., omon, eryeipeUe, see Bo>w. T. 

INDEX (LATIX) ign.- 

6« (Ru/. I 

I. 3G| Bee expirtm. 
jv. 10, we fardinei, 
37, «ee ueemoth. 
I cyri;. propitias eiito domine, 
I. 63 {Verb. Iatrrpr. = Hier. in Matth. 
XYi. 22, S3 Ιλ(ώ! a»t, Ki/nt . . .hao wt pro- 
pitlQe sia tibi, Domine [jiropiliui nlu 
Do/nine, UJgne in note ■]). 

ilice, Hee ilieru. 

ilioem, eee ili'j•; lUcem, xixv. 'JO, ace 
ad Uieem, sab τ. ι'Ιίΐ. 

ilica, see iliciu. 

lllciu. ubor eet foli» modicn habenn 
fructuBque aiout glandi modioi, xvi. 4 
(Quit., Prae/. Hieran, p. ivi" and Migne 
uvrn col, 1293' ut, vetLi gratia, di- 
0&Ü1U9 ab arbore Uice diiiaee earn, Uico 
[Mi^ni? Illien] pereae). The OloHsator 
raistooli tile iidverlji/rco, used bj St Jerome 
to iltnstriLte the l&ise et;moloey i» bis 
preceding eentenee. Tor the name of the 
tree nice (ilex). The Csmbr. MS. has: 
VIr.r. a, e• f. m. h. f. h. glandfi modicf. 

asx. nomen ligni, iv. 3 [EecUt. lit.); 
ad ilioem. Kenne mbri [rubi]. xxxv. SO 
{De Eut.) = {Ituf. I. 1 M. 2' sedenti ad 
HiritK Mambraa). In iiiv. 90 the MS. 
hasiidilietm, whioh — nifi Jie; πι gUDQe rubi, 
" "•■ 338, 14. 

noram oooiniu illine inimolaHoHe ßnita est ; 
cf. Can. Cone. .Ancyr. iii, i\u imiiio• 
lauerunt; immolantes Λα.; Isid. Etiim. 
VI. 19. ai). 

imp-, see inp-. 

impandiis, see inpendiii. 

imperator. i. 39, see diutu. 

imperatore, iim. 30, ace in man 

imperia, :, 92, aee pragmutifa; xnxix, 
GS. see ptr pragmatieam fann-im. 
impiogana, — ■' — ■ '- 

ilia, I 

I. Ȇ; 

Ϊ. 82; 

lllae, in ilia parte, luii. iI6; eve hoc. 
illam. xxix. 53, see eeactaen. 
illico, Bee ilictu. 

illo, iiiv. 13.— lllo ttsqaa, illuo, luv. 
262 (Ruf. VI. 15 ΓυΙ. lO.J'' Origenem iUo 

illos, ] 


imitatorem, i. 12, eee aemulnm. 
immolat, iv, 73, eee Ulat. 
Immolatlo. maolntio, i, 60 (Or C.inori.; 
Dtcret. Lean, xii p. ΐΙΤ multoram »κ- 

ι. U,t 

iplanautt, ι 
iinpleat, see aptet. 

implet, ii. 16, eee aptet. I 

improboR, improbue, see fiijmibui. 
impunitae. eee inpeaniiu. ' 

05 (bis). 91, 100; n. f>, 33, m lbi>}, 
31 (big). 33: IV til., 1, 35 bie), 
I. I ihi^i a a ik:.i 


9»,9Θ; VII. l(bia).a, 6(biB), 9(biB): ν 
2, 8 (ter), 13, 16 (W), 17 (bie), IS; iz. β ; 
X tit., 3, 32 (bie), 34; u. 3, 11 (bis), 13, 
13 (bis), 14. 15; in. 25 (bie), 42, 48; ini 
tit., I. G. 30 (biB), 36, 37, 40, 41, 47 (bUI. 
57-5B; XIV tit.. 3, 7 (biaj. 9. II, 14 bie), 
15, 22, 30, 36; XV (it., 5, 9 (bin), 11 (biti). 
18 (bie), 33, 43; »vi iU.y 35; xvn. 1, 7: 
lym. 3; in lit., 11, 20, 23, 31, 50 (bis); 
II 111.. Ill til.. 1 (bis), δ ibie), 9(biii), 16, 
19(qiULtor), SO; ixu. 13 (ter). le(biB); 
Mill III., 3, 14 (bU), 17: XXIV til.. 1, 6: 
XXV. U, 5, Θ, IS. 15; xxvl tit.; xivii III., 
2S: ixTtii ril.,2(bie). 20, 28, 33 (ter), 36. 
40. 44, 47, 03, 76; lira. 11, 13. 16, 31, 
5-^. 18 (bis), 14, 20; iiiv. 2« (bii), 27 
(bid), 41 (ter). 57, 73, 116 (bie), 147. 163. 
169 (bis). 206 (bis), 326 (ter), 250. 366; 
iiiTi. 3, 4. 11. 17 (bie); nxni. 8, 9 (ter), 
19; ιιΐϊπι. 7, 29; xixii. 8(bia), 17, 20 
(biB), 34, 38, 36, 43, 49. 60, 51 (Mb). G3 {bin). 
64 (bie); XM. 1; xi.ii. SO (bis), 2T; xi.nt. 
13, 18. SS, 86, 46; xliv. 9. lO(biB). 17. 23, 
SS. 2G (bis). 37 (ter). 29 ; xlv. 10, 18. 19. 
81; ΙΙ.ΪΙ. 13. 14, 24, 27; iLvn. 2Θ, 89. 

in [tor hm?], xiiiil. 1», see nebft. 

in, ϊΐιι. i>2(bia; tbe first to be joined 
to iiul =οι'τήιτ, the aeeoad, diltograp)iy). 

In ftcemo merctirll, canauetiidineiu 
babebant smbol antes in nia obi eepultus 
est mercuriaa lapiden iaotare in acemum 
ipsius DQDsqniBque pro honors ein b. τπι. 8 
[Salam. iivi. 8 Sicut qui mittit Inpidem 
>» acnmm JWtrcBrij). 

In &mil«l>, in ferriB ligno in terra posito 
infiiia et cumis, ixxv. 41 {Ruf. vm. 10 
lol. 110* in eciileit eiigebant; in rquuUii, 
Cacciari p. 483) ~ in tcuUit. in felreis 
lignu infills et curbiq in terra positis, 
Cp. 185, 86; Ep. 11E23; Ef.i 365, 3*. 


INDEX (LATIX) inae. — incu. 

Eqnnleaa, or eoiileus, η icootlen rack 
(Lewie & Sh.). 

iuaequaliK, »ee aiwmaUi . 

In aeillo, ID ARru, ixviii. i {Lib. A iiIun.). 
fteo a genu. 

Ill uiatliesu, in oliliiiioue, Sk., xit. IH 
(Judith XTi. 33), see η«Νΐλπη<ι. 

iouitfl, xuiv. VI, see crmxloxia. 

inaptiuB, m. 47. see inrfecnidi«. 

in aqua lulsbat Ignis , fiilgur& in piuuiA 
ad impios mieaa. ii, 11 {Sap. χ•η, 17 in 
iiqua. ijuae nmnia extinguit, plus ignii 
valebal. See Sup. m. 19 ignia in aqua 
valebat, and for the gloss cf. Exo4. ii. 33, 
31, and Waoe'e AjHier. p. SI6). 

inbecilles, inbecillibua, » inbieillet. 

inbicillea [inW-], ii, lira, *oe pmril- 
Ιαπίπι».— InUeUlu, infinni, flebilee, ii. 
93 [BeiKil. rei/. 35, 5 |ti] Inbecillibat ... 
procureutUT aolacia). 

HiEZKCamL, iv lit.^rN Job, hi fti. — ^di 
Judith, hi tit. — IN libbcm edclegubtil'; 
laTORiiK, IV (ii. — IK Mithbuu [Mat- 
thaeum], ix:v (ii,— in Tum a, xx tit.— 
uBBBOHD» ntTi[&pBBTAtiD[=Hieron.C(iium. 
in JIfiillhiinim], ixix til, 
incipitur, «. 149, see rtipontorUi. 

V. 31, ee 
1.34, ! 


In OBTcere atne ferro, in mare rnbro, 
XI. 13 (Slip. ivii. 15 uaetodiebator in ear- 
c<r< .in.ßrrp). 

inoasale [for ineaniaU), zLiti. 5G, see 

jncasuale, see aptotum. 

inceden?, iiiv. 1G4. see ineeiiert. 

ioccdit, vm. 13, xee in ιιιίιΐιιηΐ. 

inoenditui, xxni. I, ne« cxtdrn. 

incitatum, xxux. BO, see i-iicfhiiu. 
inolinato. xiiv. 234, see tuggillata. 
includit. see iirirlrHur. 
incluait, xn. IG. nee incluior. 
inelnaor, qai gemmae itidiu-il [Cambr. 
MS. includit] auio. iiv. IS {Bier. iiii. 2 

incocte [-Ue]. ziiiv. 6. see j-rro /α^ίη, 
in comminiu, propiui, sxxv. 163, see 

incompeleiitibuE, see ineonpfnlnilibai. 
incoiulltoi. indieoipli"•"*"- — ■- "i 
(De Caa.. Imt. viii. Κ 

incongruis, i[. 'Jl, tee 

inconparari. xi. :l, sei 

InoonpenUntibiu, noi 
Π. 91 {B«.ed. reg. 4B, 




apti« iucnDgruio, 
38 [m] hona in. 

I, 23, at 

I. 14 {Dt Can 

looHHTe.accDsare, ιν.3η(Ι?<^ΐί<<./ίΙυτ.); 

, .___._... '. 154 (De Eu..); 

, inpuKnare, xxsv, 204 (De fiin.) 
= (Jiu/. IV. 'i tnl. 54'' qnidam haminea.,. 

. 2(11 (Bu/, yi. 6 tol. 9fl• 
rut) = ineteiit, inauirit, Cp. 

Inoetta. xixv. ItiO, see icenat tiirpei. 

' I profandam iiel in seia, 
', 23β (iiu/. II. 23 fol. 188• lecra... 
Bolueretnr in ehaai). 
ineliaane, xxiv. 44, see adortui. 
inoidere, ιπ. 30, see pedalia: 
see rimeidere. 

ineidaDl, ut. 20. see icntprllu . 
3, see hitoMt; iixv. 73, see lanionitm, 73, 
tee eadieibtu. 

; Incutt 

(a pole, pikej a .. _ , . . ,__. 

LewisÄ 8h. in voce]: otbecwiae the nbnve 
auggests two lemmata wilbout 


. — 11, see abiurdiim. 

inoorpore [for iNioiynreoe], ixviii. : 
see per energiam. 

incorporeae, see per taerginm- 
incorporeom, iijv. 29, see a 

epelur, u. 137, aee obiurgetar. 

•ΐΗ,ιιηι, >—E>iK. uel satuniB, xi.vii. 81 

{Alin^1)^iiKuba, maere, Cp. 1326; i-, 

□el satjTus, Ep. 13E14: liiruba, 

I ncl saturnua, Ef.' 367, 3». In- 

ΐ incubiu, a nigbtmare. inoubua. 

cubus, I night) mare, see Boaw. T. {mora, 
, 1- iiu leg. «iiljiruf, 


^V monbui 

^^ incnbui 

INDEX {latin) incu. — infen. 

[. S4, ! 


IncnbuE, see inaiba. 
JDCumberie, vui. 3, see 
incnnabulie, eee citnabuiuni, 

lnciu, osifelti, iix. 41 {Job xu. 16 mal- 
leatorin iiicm) = fMiurfa, DaHIti, Cp. 1137 ; 
xee Steinm. t. 4S7. 1Θ, beaidee the above 
also j/tiffllo, ueliti. nnnboz = O.B.O. anu- 
/αί/. Mod. α. Jmbi»•; ύΐ. I. BOT, 62; 509, 
33 ; Wright ν/. 14t, 23 iDoos, nnrtifi : id. 
426, Sl moa», onftllt; id. 627, 35 incae, 
an/eld, Ü. aanbeeld. Ct. Bosw. T. iu 




iizv. 123 

23 tol. 32'• 

ontra legem gerere 

mde. ivn. 7, 19i i 

III. 16; ΙΪΪ 

ra. 18. 

Stör. = Sulp 

Stv. m 

ί. 11. 8, 3 





in, 39, eee 




um, um 

42 [De 


Π. 11,1 


ton tun beatitedinem 



[. 167, 

monacliü Ifc'iti 



indicitur, xxir. II, see ein 

indioiiluni, v. 7, see dnrit 

Indlgerlw, ίηβΐηαϊββ, □. ^Ü(.Bened. 
89, 13 [2'2J ut Dumquam enbripiat 
indigtrita). For ind/jfCMeeeaJBopfiJinci- 

indignum, n. 11, see abeurdKi». 

In diooed, in parroebU [parochia], 

iDdieciplinatoe, xxuv. 30, BeeineoniiitDf. 
üiitiBoretaa, iv. 57, see thefttat. 
Indolun, iuReniucn iuaeDtutiH, κίτπι. 
24 {Df Cata.. Inet. v. 12. 1 iadoUm bubb 

Cf. indoUm, iauentäteiD, Cp. 1308 ; Ep. 
12C19; Et.>366, S2. 
indaoD [for iadulo], iw. 29, βββ enpun 

indni, XIII. 11, Boe nmitdum in-. 
IndomenU., xxxv, 140, βνβ porlnnim 

indumeDto, i. 127, eee lirionet. 
indutae, see porlarum, 
indnte [-lae], iht. 140, eee pnrlantia. 
induto, see tndufu. 
inebriare, i. 111, gee lieera. 
In edlto, in exoelsa, iv. 25 {Ruf. ii. 23 
positus nppareas om- 

inequiperabilie [aine interpret.], vr. 31 
{Breu. ejfoi.?). 

ineuitabiÜB, xiiiv. 44, eee tillogiimia. 

In esameron, sei dierum compuluai, 
ΙΙΙΪ. 260jJin/'.T. 13 fol. 84'•ίηΗι;ιαι»ίΓοιι 
coinuieutariua). Cf. tiameron.vnduaaTa 
conputatio, Cp. ES22; ezameron, Ti di- 
etUDi eonputtttio. Ef.' 369, 51 ; Ooetz n. 


In expeditloni, in preparntione [praep-] 
exeroitus, iil. 1 {Judith ii. 7 diniiiDeravlt 
viros tn fxpi/Sitiotitm; Huyte, in note, in 
expiditiane). Cf. expedilio, praeparatio, 
Cp. E558. 

ineiterminabiles, ιιχτ. 43, see iniiiri- 

InextricaMlM, incxterminabileii, χιιτ. 
43 {Itaf. Till. 15 fol. 142'• iiieitncabila 
Ungnores).— InextrlcftbUes, an a treten, 
iLvni. 3 {Dt Clin.. Intt. m. 3, 6 pane- 
trans intxtrieabiUt Tartar! tenebras; ib. 
VII. 6 infxtritabilii neqaitiae fomee). Ana- 
tTtteii for tin-a-tredtn nnpossed, nntroddeii, 
inaceeSBible, see Bosw. T. [tredan ; α- 
tredan-, be-tredan, &e,)\ of, Sohlutter, in 
Joum. Qrrm. Phil. i. 62. 

infantes, iixv. 67. see CHnaiiuIum. 

infanlibuB, xix. 48, see n<eronMNtia. 

infantis, xlviii. 53, see abormm. 

infantiiim, ir. 58, see oedipia, enb v. 

1 fUIn, m digQitate, nt. 9 (I Parol, 
xivii. 34 noD est relatns in fattat regU 
David; id. Heyne, but in /iu(u• in note). 
Uieroii. quotes tbis paisage (Migne, xxni 
col. 1388) as: injatlit regis David. The 
Glnnealor seems to have deed a text which 
had the acoas, pi, /ai/ui {=}axtos), and 
miatook this for/u«««, pride, hanghönees. 
The Cod. Coib. 4951 (Migne, Pnfr, Lat, 
iim col. 1554) and a Bern MS. have " in 
fiutot, dignitates." 

In falam, nomen looi, xir. 23 {Hier. 
zLiv. 15 omnis popniua habitantinm in 
terra Aegypti in Phatarei; iLiv, 1 in 
terra Phatnrtt). 

InCauetlomn, iafelioiorem, xiiv. 139, 

Inlttcti, uioiati [uit-), ixxv. 3β0 {Ruf. 
VIT, 26 ful. 128• qui. ..tali doctrine irt/eeli 

infeliciorem, iiiv. 139, eee infaiatiorem. 

Infenao, irato, xxxv. 213 {De En».); in. 
lenina, inoffenBiie [for ofciuiuf], iv. 87 
[Ecd. liter.) = {Ruf. I. 17 fol, 169" omnas 
...infenm aDimo.-.oonueniunt). 

tXOEX {lätis) infens. — iniit 

34 iAlia^An Phaeat, p. Ϊ28. » in/m'afV 
Ct. >n/cruu, suni taonaoram. Cp. 1365; 
inferialr. Mcn moTtuomm, Ep. 13E30: 
lit(«riaif . racTMoenUi. Ef.> 367. 47. 

infcriiu, Hin. ΤΘ, see ftyjMTtaton. 

iuleini, xui. 9, wc crrucnw. 

inftTDoniin, xii. 82, ne fOfBilm. 

[nferDom, iLtn. Ιβ, we ennu. 

tnlBitaiite, inioriam hdente. u.TUt. 65 
(D< Ciui., Itat. π. 3 panUtem noetri 
coiporia iitficttank). 

inteftalioBibo«, aee iB/Mtimtlau. 

blMtM. line bub>. uit. 189 {Ruf. 
m. 9 fol. 119* poeron iimata ioRidui 
iabebBt) ^ iniujtü, aiae bube, Cp. 1343. 
C(. Cuciari, πι. 9. p. 410, note t, «ho 
ta,j% Ihet some Vatic. MSS. hate iMiterboj, 
and three other HSS. paero* 1π/αη(«, 
which latter he prefers, as aereraiR better 
with "atqne in lenetis Tisoeiibas" &e. 

InlMtionDnii. iniuriU, »ναι. 3 {Lit. 
Anion. iitT coL 148' filia immiuidi 
■pirilna in/ritafionibiu qnatiebator). Cf. 
in/eitaciona, tiotuui {iee Boaw. T. Itüaa 
hann, anni^aiice), Cp. 1360. 

Infaatni, inimioiu nel giaoie, nxv. 1δ<> 
iDc Eut.)\ Infeftui, inniciu) tooleetaa, 
nxT. 263 (De £ω.) = |Κΐ(Γ. π. 29 toi. 
Ill' in/tiliu easet Pbilippo). Cf. infeitut, 
moleetiiB, Cp. 1400. 

iBflelftbor. ooDtradico, in- 4 (Df S. Marl. 
Slar. = Sulp. .S'rf. Dial. ι. 12, 3 nec,.,i)i- 
filiabur ίιιβίΜ ΪΙΙί caOBO« inirum ίωβΒβ).^ 
inat.uniii π«και><1>. n«ui. 5 (Lib. AltU«i.). 
and InnlOat, contradioat. tu. S5 (not 8. 
Uarl. »tor., bul) = (KiI. 5. Anton, χκττπ 
ool. 151'^ tetuB delictum novo infieiatuli 
angere delicto)={nj!t£a>i'ii, negandi, Cp, 
1189; inuUiandi, negandi, Ep. 13Α3Θ; 
ΕΓ> 366, 34. 

inficiandi. see infiliandi eab i. i'n- 

lofllmatlotieta, il. 8, aee ad inßrma- 
lionrm (for adßrmalioneinl). 


iiux. 48, SM calculiim. 

90, BuephilafUria: xi 


lee inßciabor. 

negandi, xivm. 6; see 


ίηβιι», XX 

V. 41, see in«™ W«. 

inBatio, u 

ns.eeelypoi iLtni. 14 


, xiin. 71, βββ typum. 


XLVii. S, see rigor. 


infimatae, aae infrtmiU. 

infrenate {->■«}, m. 16, see iii^mHte. 

tn lTBalla sine Creno nel modenticme, 
III. 34 iEeclft. xiiL 23 (ortora riro in- 
/nmiioj.— Inftvnlte. inftenate [tae], m. 
16 (EetUt. xnn. 6 aniinae irrererenti et 
infrumitat De tradas me). The Cambridge 
MS. ha« n/naitt rfreaalf. 

intnuiitae. see infmitt. 

in&nnito. see in/ruiiiUi. 

tttfulK, oraamenta, xi. 10 iTobiat ? not 
?ϊη the Volg., and perhap« the same aa 
*-*•1— , dignitalea, iiiii. 6ά ; not ίο Gtcg. 
DiaL, bat Dtrr. Innoc. li p. 30» ad 
inftilai tumini sacerdotii). Cf. Cp. 198, 
117 (^Ep. 11E32; Et.> 365,451.490.429. 

infnodant, χτιι. 16, see infiuuria. 

infasori». see in/ur 

a onde infnndont 
. 2 Septem 

16 (Zaehar. I 
in/iuuriii lacemie). 

ingeaiaia, hit. 296, see ptnpitxm; 
XLvm. 24, eee indalrm. 

In SMTiilcit, ubi de cnltnn kgn ceoinit, 
nla aecta, iringesnnec. ixm. 2e(LitL Ret. 
= Iiid. Lib. de nal. rer. i. 1 Hae [zonaa] 
Virgilioa in OeargirU [i. 233] ostendit, 
dieens: Qninqne teoent caetam Eonae...). 
Uia iteta, which is a separate line in the 
Olosaar;, occnre five line» further down 
in Virg. Gfo. |i. 338), but is not qaoted 
bj Itidore. uia secta, iringesaaec — Cp. 
υΐ74: Ep. 2βΑ6; ΕΓ.> 39Θ, 40. Iiingee- 
naeo, millj wsj; ct Bosw. T. in voce; 
Orimm,ß.JlfytA.|297)332; id. D. Htldrju. 


ίηκΙαυΪΜ, ti. 37, : 

I erapula, 90, ι 

io eremlo, in roedio domus, mi\. θ 
(Kreg. Diitl. ni. 7 coL 229'' in grtmh loci). 

Inhlbere, detineri morare [ = morari, see 
Dictt.], I. 63 (De Canon .: Can.Cont. Carth. 
Lnhoc.inAtbert ...debetl.—lnliltMre, pro- 
hibere, iLvm. 18 [De Can., Intl. v. 30 
adpelitne inliibrrt non pot nit). 

inhibari, see inhibere, 

iDbumatas, χι,τ. II. see api. 

iniolatiti, iiaiiclificatns. rv. 86 (Jiu/. x. 10 
fol. IBR• aondum iniiiaiui in eacrie}.— 
m, ordinalum, lU. IS {Dt nornm. 

η [inIt-1. XI. 6, see rxtenlrra. 


INDEX (LATiy) iuim. — in peoD. 


. XII*. IM. Bee iu/tiliu. 
miqtute, II. 17li, sen ίίταηηϊιίη. 
InlUatum, ordmatmn, xu. IH, me i 

miciatui, IL•. 12, eea falmeatatHT. 
initialOB, «ee ittUiitta*. 
initio [inttinm], n, 116, «ee mattria. 

torum. Cp. II42: in mtrothitf. in it. u., 
Ep, 12Aal; Ef.' 36(1, W. C(. kIw Cp. 
M133, ΙίΙβ: Ep. UC3C iX UEil» ; EF.' 
371. 14, ßl. 

In natOlf, in cimbnlta [cjriiib-] qu« per 
pedes ponantar, τιι, I (1 PnriU. iv. 16, 
20 ■ ... 

I. GS, « 

xxrv. 4T. ■« 

I. 3, Μ ' 

) (upiJIotioi 


[ = ieid(,r. 

de eccU: oßei 
ιιυ> [-Uxiot. 







ivD tit. [On 





of. Arev»l'a ed 




Opera, to 

itie. 11. OS 

m. .. p. Ü69 ] 

see inltrebri: 

. 1. see luifmn«. 

iDinisit, m. 1, we inpruntiuit. 
inioiteB, I. 16, Bee barbari, 
inniiuicla, iv, UO, aait xxxv. 


ininundicia. Iiii. 30, lee quitqnilia, 
iomundiii. IL. 14, ace «i«. 
ininunilitia, tee quiMqaitiii. 
Inmanw, maudi, ii.vm. 62 {Df Cai>., 
Inil. T. 34 Bi...ruerint a oaligine cne- 

ImnilnlUtU. caetitatie, XLTtti, 82 (Ad 
Ciui., /ruf. V. 12, 1 inmuniCütu priailegio 

In myrtbaoa, in doino unijiienturum, 
III», 169 llt'if. V. 2 fol. 76' in myrolheca 
conolusi) = in mernlheee, in domo angnen- 

jh.; Oeaenius ^^i Λ ^SJ. 

iB UU, in italia, xxxn. 17 {Onit. ii. 4, 
18 Lalio). 

lidwalMl•, inlioilia soUitationibna {eol- 
UdtAt-J. IL Θ3 (βιπι-Ί. »0. 1, 84 [84] 
gnlae inUetbrii nernenteii). CI. inUctbrU, 
t^chtingum, Cp. I1S5 ; i-, tyctinnum 
(inatr. pi. of lyA(«n[n], allnremeut, bajtj, 
Ep. laAlB; Ef.' 36β, 12. See Boaw. T. 

Inleota, BQBcitatB., iiiir. 26 {Üe Cat:, 
liul. XI. 15 ΒηίηΐΒ,,.αϋκίΙιΐίοηηιη iiütcta 
dulaedine).— InlMtl, inaitali, »ii. 21 
(l/erfc. Interpr.= Hier, in Matth. xvl. 1Θ 
per quae ilUeti honaines daountur), 

In iMttcU. ■ aimililudioe lecti dlcuDtnr. 
im. 6H {Itai. Livi. 20 addDoeDt...fmtreB Iteticit). 

IS LIMO Αντομπ, ziviii lit.— libho 

InnlU, coufiai eoufidonMs, iiii. 20 (Ικιΐ. 
I. 20 inniti HUper eo|, 

iDoSeOBDs [fur q^cTuui?], Iv. B7, see in- 

inoieucrant, aee mahitraal sob τ, ίΠ' 

liLOlnilt, increnit intormatar, I. 59 (De 

Canon.; not found), Cf. (no(«frfv,creBcere, 
Cp. 1321; imU»cit, inogit,,Cp. 1315.— 
moinenut, nianeerBnt uef «euuerunt, 
iiiv. SiS (/ill/. 1. I Γοΐ. 3^ si qua.. .in ipsia 
bum aeiuina ,. inoUuerant) = ίοΐα^ταηΐ, 
manaeront. Cp. 1470 Λ Ef.' 365.25; to- 
Uuninl [βοΓΤ. from ioloermtt^ mansenint, 
Ep. 11E13. 

inopiae, see inopif. 

iaopie [.ae], xxi. 68, aee pCocAcua; tiee 
also prrl plhochtat. 

inopiu&tus, xxvni.ßS, seeparaproidoria. 

inopa. ii.v. 11. aee opi. 

la onnentnm, in oiuameniuni, xii. 2S 
{EteUi. Iivi. 21 in omaiuenlam doniua). 
ii tliere ia uo dillAgraphy bere, the gloas 
IB, perbapB, II correeliini, not aii inter- 
pretation, of Ibe lemnia. See EccUi. 
xixii. 7 in omamrnUi nan. Tbe Cam- 
bridge MS. agTMa witb the pttaeai 

In pBffO, in uioo conpetis [ = cempitis], 
III. 31; see pagi, 

InpegU. tradit, ΙΙ.ΤΠΙ. β (De Caa. . JiuC. 
V. 6 illoe,..niioietBB paaia...iu}iejr<'l). 

iupelebalur [inpell.], ιλχτ. 156, see 

inpellebtttnr, see inptlrbatur. 

inpeJieriB, iii. 44, see inpingarii. 

In pMnem. uaa rotundam lignenm, xiT. 
13 {Joh. nil. 6 mittit aquam in pttcini; 
Wordaw. Λ White in peluem. Jce.). 

InpnuUli, rebus, in. 11 (KccUi. iii. 9 
qui aediticavit domnm suam imptndiU 

In pannlaa. ober aooeiddo, ilii. 27 (Ex 
div. librn = 7 lila S. Eugen. 14, Migne, 
Liiiii col. 614* ipsa impunitai ad hoo 
erim perduxil. ut etiam doioiaae meae,.. 
cubioulutu iinpudentei ingteasus). Olog- 
ger, wbo ButtgpBls impnnitai (Bafet; from 
puniabment, or hurt, diHolateneaa) for 

β— 2 


iiH)_, ., . .. 1. , . .iljpiiumarent, 

iupvUlm'iU». 11 111, imi i'npn>t>t<u. 

tupuilvwua. I' Of. «M fafotow; II. 89, 
IM j^yitihw. 

imemu«, (. DT, w# iMotfM. 

Ιΐφηί1Ι4Ιι k^tH^ulUi. 1. 61 |IV ConOtt. ; 
ΙΛιιι. iVuu. .V-trJ. II K|>i»ooponim im- 
tiiufcitui; Cii« <Viti> Cerfh. Iciii p. 163• 
(nijiuAii-ii uiitiil iBpnUtM, proeadtaB. 
InpiutUiiiWi. II. Wl««"!. «?. Λ2. 6(9] 
IWU iuiwlului kltoriii« tiifirubtriilr). 

lu^tuUil«l>>, M• iHfraUtat. 

lniiebu^ ίΐ)|1[*1ιι• piiiemx inportanua. 
II. SB iUtutJ. r<|f. as, ain inprobut «it 
[IS iwl.1 li *. βϋ IW) inproto«] impnbo, 

tn {OMUbKltti 111 duDto ronjic&ria, lur. 
Ilvi «110 (irddijMtlum. 
inijuilitianiui. i. ΙΪ7, aee (trianri. 
lupUHiiar«, «nv, liW, »ββ inreiierr. 
lupuiiiiatll•. 11VI1I, 17. He inpoJjiiIif. 
U> PHlpttOi ill κ'1'Ίί u^i leclores legunt. 

t. Bi ii>i I'ltu'iu.): Id pnlrtto, in gnulu 
ubt («otiuoit lutiunt, iiiu. 63 (tuii in 
Qrm. Hial,, hu») = {Can. Cone. Laod. citiii 
til. y. ISÜ in ftmbone, id wt In jiufjifia 

Inpntribill, i. 11, lee tigna. 

InpDtrlbille, xv. 10, aee et«r. 

inquid [-qult], xxxm. 30. aae eoUtmina. 

inquletudiDe, ιχιτ. 14Θ, see Imiilrnlla, 

InqnlllBl, mmietri. m. 18 (Job xii. IS 
tnf itiJi'nJ domue BieM...habiJeriint nia). 

rnqnisiliae, ιχιτιιι. 1, »μ rxumuiiini, 

inrepreheDBibiJeB, lU. 2, ae« c 
wopi sub r. prttbiteri. 

inreuoeabilia, It. 198, see obttinatvt. 
inrid^bit, iivm. 28, see TRiIot^r>tia. 
inrideret, im. 23, see ganniret. _ 
inrigatianvm. i. 33. see areola. 
iaiido, τκνιη. H, see ironi< 
LDrogantur. aee tregantur. 
bnsUll [sine interpret.]. U- 94 Π 
T*il•. 7, 80(137] in-.-inroffot« ininnie). 

« tripuiaetit. 

lUL 63, see ^ eitiui: 
mil. 19, aee/rinilfnu. 

inaaiDnibilia. we e/ir. 

la «»^η-ι. iu gnbeelliie. □. 9S IBentd. 
rt/. 9. 10 [13] Η mmaü; 11, 6 [7] ι« 
»bvUrii', ef. above, p. G, note ξ). Ct. 
niiiellia, sounnu, Cp. S61S : i-, Mamnia, 
Ep. SIAM; <-. BcamiiB, Et.' 390, 4S. 

insecitlio, I. 121. tee leeta. 

IB MRU, seiTa dicitiir ligonm habeDi 
multas deDl«a qood boaeg traheiil [-hunt], 
uiL 96 {/«at. xiTtn- 37 non ..i» terrU 
triianiliitar gith). 

inaertoa, hjt. 10. we caruinei. 

luden•, nobile clsre, ι. β1 [Dt CiiniMi.; 
Can. Cd«. Carih. uu imignt inaDÜG 
tnae leDemuB Tolam). 

inaigniri, tu 17, see inttri. 

UuUttttUttt. aocusai«t nel iiiiult4nl, 
ΙΙΪΤ. 110 (Huf. 11. 6 foL Sl• eom in 
cacteris ... itiiimufnrti ludaeosj. Cf. ><•- 
jiinul.ll, aceutsat. Cp. IR3; Ep. ΙΙΚ1Θ; 
f-. accunat, Ef.' 36ö, SO. 

ioniiaari!, inxiniiat, i. 7, Bfe alligarf. 


33: I 


Isaolen•. inporlQDDs inpolois inlol- 
Icnndna, i. 07 Φ' Canon. ; Can. Cime. 
Carth. t.iilx propter... ι uolfittni insulta- 
tioaem haeretioonrni).— InaolanUk, in- 
qnlDtudine uel iMcinia, iiiv. 14Θ iSuf, 
III. 33 tot. 49" ei imclentia popnti). Cf. 
ininUMl». iti<|aietuJo, Cp. 184; EM 366. 
33; UuiUnUa, i-. Ep. 11E21. 

Inaoletolt, UDKtmit, iltiii. 3β [Dt C«*•., 
/ν•(. r. 14 iaBciuiam earnis, quae fota 
esMmm iioliemeiitiiuiiuaI«aei(). muliUit, 
from unittllan, to be restless, not itill, 
■ec Bmw. T. {un-ttillaa, ϋϋΐΐίΐίίαιιΐ ; of. 
agilatio, unitilnia, Cp. Λ399. 

inaolabile. ιιτ. β, aee in unge. 

inspMtio. I, 126, see tptctaeula. 

inspiuuDt, XVI. 7, 30, aee aruipiea, S3, 

Tira i »ϊΐ». 24. see avtpiciU. 

üilis, II. 9, See aciäiotut. 



InMltU, auithelon, uv. 13 (Jak. i 
plodiil qui fucrat mortuua. litj^tos ' 
et ffiouDB iruCiiu). Ct. inMiiui. suei 


Β INDEX (LATIN) instr— IDUit. 133 1 

Η Cp. 1119; inititei, inedilBB, Bp. 12A4; 


■ Et.' 306. 2. wiiftilon (Idatr. piur.). from 

^ »ui[Äei = A.8.iirffwi.»icioH(Boew. T.), a 

swaddling- band; OM.O. ^idel. intM; 

D. iwachUl. 


inetroitnr, ιΐϊΐι. SO. see nuralmum. 

intCTrogato, χχχτ. 124, see intoiwafw. 

inttnimanta, peiitie ntetiBili« ael ma- 

intoetine, ϊχΐϊ. 202, see exia. 

terie [meteriae], u. βθ (ßtiuii. η^.. 4 fit. 

i(u(runi<n(<i boDoram opeium, 50 [76] 

inttrummta artia apiriUlia; 73, 16 [26] 

Can. Cone. Carth., pr«ef. p. 142>adsedein 

iniirumtiKo virtutnm). 

VeDerandam...iniimare po»aitia; id. LVi. 

p. 1S4• ut...Taleat intimaTe). 

qui quaei felioitcr inoedil, ττπ. 13 (Salam. 

Intimi, iix. 66, see molat. 

XXX. 32 Eet qui «tnltQB apparuit post- 

intimum, I. 57, ue gemiinum. 

W quam elev&tns est in auIiUme; cf. i'A. xu. 

intoIleranduB, I. 07, see imoleni. < 

Η 3Θ Tria aunt quae bene (tradiuntar et 

Η quarlnm quod incedit /elidier). 

■ insula, zxiv. 11, see Tyrui; xxix. 39, 

see linum. 

Η Mepronuu; luii. 1, eeo ΤΆηηίιίο, S, see 

In trtuilB, in tribns niis, xm. 30, see 

■ Calipio; xlv. 13, e«B Cwi. 

introitam. n. 16, aeexdiliirn. 

■ integre, u. 1Ö6, see ./ιη:«•ο. 

intuB, XIII. 47 and xxn. 12, tiee unia. 

■ integritae, 1.131, aeennwrife«; iiiiv. 

7, see aion. 

intellectni, iix. 41, sue aieeti. 

^{liuf. m. 8 hi. 40- τίπ... in/at« t> pro- 

74, see ironia; ixi. 90, see ateelrun. 

tein, infelioiotero, xiiv. 139 (ßi Em.) = 

^ intelleGlus, ixiiv. 29. ίββ [Aron'r«. 

[Ruf. III. 6 fol. 37» fnieui£wrim,..protu. ^^ 

^ intellegatar, ixn. 16, aee titredaTii. 

liBsel aetatem). Of. xn/aHioT, inlelicio^ ^^^^1 

Η intellegere, iiii». 46, aee conieert. 

■ inletl^i [intelligi], χιπιι. 57. eee^Iiiuni. 

ΕΓ.' 3β5, 32. ^^H 

Β intellegiCur. xur. 29, see axem. 

inueni, xLym. 74. i^^^M 

inlelligentia, nee aicHi. 

inueniens, see naneliu. ^^^H 

iolmtii, Π. 1. see adUmitit. 

inueoiri, iiiv. 286, see nanewei. ^^^H 

Intent«, extensoB, vi. 24 {Bre». eaoU). 

inter. XXXI. 24; xxxv. 37, 

XT. 31. see lalinai. ^^^U 

int<rdicens, see abdicaiu. 

interdnm, i. 4, seo atiat. 

inucninntur. xxiT. 5, see monini. ^^^H 

interfeci, we ntcctiJi. 

inuentus, see aanelui. ^^^H 

inueraio, ιχτιιτ. 39, eee alUgaria. ^^^H 


inuestes, eee infeilet. ^^^H 

inlerfloi (for i^Urffci\ xvji. 17, bm .«c- 


inuioem, XL. ε, Bee altematuiU; XUT.^^^^| 

inleriecto. xixv. 27, eaejiunifo. 

see COTU. ^^^1 

interior, njn. 23, Βββ /orinnodu.. 

inuidet, χι,τπι. 39, see libet. ^^^M 

interitum. ixxv. 305. teepeumn. 

Is nlrtfUrlo domu, In atrio pro uindh^^^^H 

täte herbomm, xui. 20; sec uJndartum. ^^^^H 

Interorliw. propter [torpröpri u m] nom en 

inuisis, XLIT. 10, see cardiaei. ^^^^H 

loci, xxxix, 9 {Or,g. Dial. i. 12 ool. 213» 

innltnm. luad, xxiv. 289 {Ru/. ix. T^^^H 

In eo etiam looo Interorina vallie dioitnr, 

fol. 150• inui(u>n...hominum geuuBi tx, ^^H 

quae a multis vetbo rnstico Jiiliroiriiui 

lOrol. 155''Maiiminue...Deoatqnehoim- ^^^ 

nibna inHim) = inaina, lath. Cp. 1239 : V 

El.' 367, 20; )'«υι•ι», laath, Ep. 13E5. ■ 

For (nullum see also (iv. 33) inuiuEum. J 

interponentes, xxi. 20. see liliattri. 

Far (Imd far laad = ) liA, Lateral, hated, ■ 


. inuitabant [for inuitabarJ], m. 30, »f^^^U 


A U: «1 U. m. an, «9 mMbmlM, aao- 

boMC sidBr Ac« «nwfrr (GoM. iricbt- 
teM ; tf. Klage. Λ.Β.ία.γ, MB; 8 A« fe . 

the kbofc A.8. wiw. «aJliv (O.H.G. r«i- 
(mA. nuWbxJtj us tbe Mme «otd aa 
KraJnc=»M>iue, • «helk (m Ptor. B. 
(Bore cDiTMtJj inUi, tbo«|^ it may aba 
mran " innoiiieniBi " from ■ root iriJ-, 
Indogmii. kW, «ith ■ gradation roJ. u 
In uU. nol-ii-eie: time« ivroloc and ia- 
voIafniH are fom the «ud« πμΙ. The 
ericiBal funn «aa |«rlia|>i Ίπΐιΐΐ, which 
ba a pliMii mtolue. as 1 beeocnei to bj 
D-QDiLMt (at. A.S. meolot, nuolae, milk- 
Ootb. miluii. bom 'mÜM). aoil might 
alio boooa* vulur, b; the aclioa of », 
Jut aa tb« old A.ii. icidu (wood) aiiiatljr 
appear• aa amla. Ho that 'ciluc. leeobie, 
wuinc art vquivalent«, meanini; (1) a 
tUnii lwiil«il; (3) Lat, iuuoluaTim, a 
wra|fMr, Mvcnug, elolh, U. ΗΊ'ΐλΐί- 
(luob)! (S) a Iwwtcd ihiill, hmc« a 
wh*lk-ihBlX and flaall; Ibe wbolk it- 


Inuiilueui. iM fntioJucrui. 

InaMMT•. ijaandü iniiuluiliir aunti- 
tDaiilnm In eiiiia uel in mgn, iv. IS 
{ttich. 11*11. 'J4 nugotlnlure« tui luulti- 

nam, ιζπ. tU^wpfOM. 


INDEX {latis) item — labaa. 
ILU, IT. 3β, ί• perbap• title to eh. sv. 32 


lniilper, arbor, xii. 58 (/06 in. 1 radii 

Iren »LU; Da e*to, lu» Hi. [ = 8. lei- 

juidperorutn erat cibuB eomin). 

dori Ηίίφ. dt i«i(u7-e «ram. cap. m tit. 

inniperoioiD. see iuniptr. 


lanontm. see ioiur. 

ΙΤε» DI CueuNo. ILVni ((■(.— D« w- 

iore, HIT. lite, see abiurari. 

ins, HIT. 96, see /a. «-αί.— Ini. hnma- 

num. IT. 23 (Accl. /.tor. = ii»/. n. 20 fol. 


iowit. t. ISä, ue «tui't. 


inet«, 111Ϊ. lOl.eeeraia. 

iter. ΙΪΠ. 7, eee Niwiue. 

inite, n. 108, we nurito. UI, lea jnw 

itCTBrium Ifor itiner-l txx. 71. eee tin- 

uidr. a 

phain. ST. ue othi7<>nV»n. 

ia«ti, u. 15, eee in fonbuj imlL J 

iuetum, HIT. 9«, >ee/o» erat. ■ 

Me nttaboU. 

inneoee, mvi. 22, eee uiifii«. ■ 

iDttenlor, idest senior in ioDentsM 

itenim, iiu. 11, lee (yJii; hit. 200, 

mil. 35 {Grrg. Dial.! Glogger Baggert! 

Bee Tiiuti. 

m. 38 col. 316» Joannis jixiiorU prae- 

itilwia, for tilarii (q.v.). 

ilineiftriani, tee olheporieon; ilnphotia. 

deeeeeoria inei tempore). 

itinerii, lui. 16, see ueredarii. 

InbK, liunen nel splendor, ιι,νιπ. 15 

ianentntii, zlviii. 24, tee indolem. J 

{Dt Cm:. Itul. im. 13 epirilne saneü 

iait>, IT. SO, eee cata mant; ι^Λ 

242, see pmte moluio. ^M 

InbUa, Iftiti« qn; non potent oerbis 
exponi, xtx. 2» {Job luiu. 26 ndebit 
fBciem eioB id jubtlo; cf. tut. 21Jubtiu). 

indei, I. 07, eee prent. 

iudieslion»; I. ]i2, aee taneUona. 

indintaiia, xiiv. 1Θ, ete prettrrium. 

ludicaait, i. 135, see tanxit. 

indices, iznL 16, eee imatortM. 

indicio, ti. 62, see exandne. 

indiclam, see cmtara. 

iaditiam [-ciam], u»i. 3, Bee«iuur<i. 

logen, XMi. 15, see decern iugrra.... 

InSBm. Rycer iiniiia diei opua SinttoriB, 
HIT. 75 {Ruf. in. ao iDl. 43- in ^aad- 
rftgintB iugeribui). For iagerri eee also 

Iiiii. 15) deetm iugera ; and of. Papiaa 
ap. Du C.) who has this gloBB cicept 

origin and cognate with 
borrowed so earl^ that g became c (at. 
Liil. agrr, Α.Θ. teter). Cf. O. Jnehert, 
Jaiiehen (KIqcg, If'rlii.); Ώ. juk (Franck, 
Ifnordenb.) : E. yoke (Skeat. Uicl.). 

lnfCe Μβτΐΐΐοΐαα, legale ofliciuin, ιτι. 
24 (Dun. Till. 11 sb eo tulit ju0e 'uen'- 
cr. also viti. 12, IS ; 11. 31; in. 


iUglB, 1 


xilT. 277 (!{«/. Tii'. 25 fol. 126* ad sum- 
mum alpium {ugum), 

iamenta, xii. 36, eee ί^ιιω cmiiiariut. 

iungebtur, il. Ί, aee pangebantur. 

kaitonperien goo ato;thyo, see tapu» 

kalendse, iLin. 16. see ^ietni; see also 


k&lendu. aee Aalende. 

imende[-dae], aocaliones, n. 97 {Bnud. 

reg. 8, 2 a kalntdU novembrie. [2 a kattti- 
ddj nobembreBi a kalnuj ύ nunembribaB] ; 
Β [12] ad kalriida• novambriB; 10, 3 [1] 
ad kaUndat noTembris). -^m 

kalendia. see tdffnij«. ^^Λ 

kaiaecropheo, see catattToftM. ^^Λ 

kathareo, see eatluroti. ^^Λ 

kyrie eleison, eee kyritUinm. Η 

^ΓΐβΙβίΕΟϋ, domine miserere nobis, α. 
98 {Bened. reg. 9, 32 suppliculio lelaniae, 
id est Kyrie rleiion [36 kyrieteiton. in 
marg,, & quirii eleiion, ία teil] ; 17, Θ, 
12, 20 Kyrie eUiion [13, 18, 35 quirie 
eleiion, in teit, and eyneleima, in marg.]) 
= Cp. /ni, 186. 

I Tor U : angaile (for anguilfae) ; cooa'a 
(oucuiia) ; colirium {eolljtiam) ; culobiata 
iooJifb-) ; inpelebatur (inpci2-) ; puJnlent 
jpoil-). — I for t; argufa (argula).— 1 
diiitliled : apoUoKCticuB (apofoR-) ; asi/Jnm 
(anjiain) ; cartiUago (cartilago); fafleras 
(phaleiaa); etraugniilato (•gnlato).— 1 a- 
mitud : casaidie (-dife). 

labarum, lee labrum; uixUla. 

lalMUtea. in simtÜtudine seoldre de ligno 
duas tsIiiB faciunt interpoDentea Bcoe ne 
citiuB putreetanl, hl 20 (Judith x. S im- 
poBDit...abrae enae aeuoperam τίηί et vas 


INDEX (latIx) labef. — laetan. 

olei, et polealam et paUithtu et panes ; 
Heyee. in note, and Migne, Pair. Lai. 
ΙΙ1Ϊ col. 53 note'' lapaU» ; äabat., in 
note, lapiacti ; the Sept. ηιΜθηί). Some 
MSS. hare lapaUi, ideet in einiilitudine 
palae (ahoulder-blade) ideet EculdtQ ; c[. 
Steinm. i. 431, 6, IS ilapailfi, cane«) ; 
i81, 3 ; i87, 47. Palaiha of the Vul«. 
meane a cake of preaerred fruit, uauall; 
figs; bat "de ligno" in (he above gloBS 
would HHggeBt that the Oloaeator under- 
stood tlie word to be Ubelai, baeiiiB, pots 
or JBTB; Bee lapaUt, οΐΐς minorea, bracco, 
Bleinm. i. 4S6, 27. For aouldre, aonldr«, 
see Boaw, T. (teutdor, ahonlder). 

Ube&umn, agledd^go, m. 63 {Vit. S. 
Anion, ιύι col. 140> non potea labtfae- 
tare coofltautiam). Tlie MS. has tliia 
gloBB in a Chapter entitled Uerba de β. 
Mnrtyni Storin, and lience Stein meyar 
refara (n. 746. 30J lo Stilp. Sev. Dmt. iii. 
11, a totis auimi» labt/aetati mussiUre et 
trepidare coeperunt. But aa the ülaua 
ocoors among a number οΓ glosaea all 
derived hma Vit. S. Aalon., itia bare re- 
ferred to the above quotation. A verb 
agltddian ie not recorded, but gitddian, 
to «patter, is quoted by Boew. T. from 
Lohdm. ui. 392, 14. Gloggei (p. 14) aug- 
geat» that agieditofgo may lie a oausat. of 
glidaji, to Gaase to glide or nlip. or totter; 
of. a-glMan (to glide or elipj, labaecere, 
Boaw. T, 

labefactare, see tabefaeare. 

labiia, xil. 47, aee miuiea ; aee also 

laborom, iiix, IT, see entuIuniciiluN. 
labria [for labiii ?], xiiv. 328, see Ubri: 
labil•, labria [tor laiiUl], xxxv. 938 

Situ/. 11. 24 fol. ise" ibi inrantam capita 
leaecta inauratis labrit inuentn). 

lalni«, aentis nomen. v. 13 {Ruf. ?). 
AccordiuR to the gloss, the temma could 
aot be labrit [lips] which ooeurs in Rof. 
w. 10 fol. 156•, and xi. 34 fol. Ιαθ"-. 
Perbapa for ftahrit [not found in Ruf., 
bot] ct. flabra, flatus iieulorum, Cp. F231, 
and Albrtf, uentus [for nentia] tempestaa, 
id. FSöä 1 flabrii, uentis lempeetatibus, 
Ef.' 395, 17. 

labmia [labarum], xxxv. 69 ; seeuiiilla 
et lal/mm. 

labrnm, ambooenj. Id eat haet, v. 11 
{Ruf. IX. 9 (ul, 163* aignnin quod in 
^Λ coelo sibi fuerat demonstratum, in mili- 
^B taria vaiilla trannfonnat, ae labamm quern 
^H dicunt in apeciem dominies oruois ex- 
^H aptat). Amtionrni (a pulpit or reading 
^B desk) cannot explain labarum, a military 
^B standard, and may be a lemma without 
^B an interpretation, or, perhaps, a corrup- 



tion for/anowm [for whloh see Du C). or 
for «mbonem, the full part or swelling of 
a garment, and a toga: hari.a hood, hat, 
would, in caae it is meanttoglose labarum, 
probably aignify a head-band, ooif. Cf. 
lubruni, segu [a sign, token, tiee Boaw. T.], 
Cp. Li ; L•banιtπ. eeng, Ep. 13A30 ; la- 
banint, Begn, Ef.< 368, 35; see SchJutler, 


I. Phil. 

see liimbnaeai, 

laoerat, iiiv. 260, aee laceliit. 

laeenum, prolixor [-xior] oocula [eu- 
culli], III. 8 (De S. Marl. Stor. = Btilp. 
Sev. Dial. i. 31, 4 haen nt flnentem teiat 

lacerta, odeia, ixiv. 55 {Jtuf. xi. 7 fol. 
ISl"- oculi...qnoB,,,io«r(u< luibent) = [a- 
cerla, aSexe, Cp. LIE. For adexa (for 
iiErxa), a liiaid, newt, see Bobw. T. 
[aSeit], and for its final -a, see Sievers, 
O. E. Or. § 376 note 6. 

lacertae. see bulinut; laeirla. 

laoertfl, iLvn. 89, aee buiint«. 

lacertoB, pars brachii, xii. 49 {Job i: 

t [for 

IftceMlt. proaocat nel freqnenter laoerat, 
ixiv. atiO (««/. V. 3 fol. 78'' Beat»,,. 
BlandiQa,,.innQiQens iotibus laetuiCa). 

lacetur, vt. 17, aee lanio. 
laolalu, eitrenias partes uestiani, xcv. 
33 {IIieT. = Threu. iv. 14 tenuernnt laci- 

lacütlaaa, alitand^, ixiv, 1Θ3 {Dr Em.]; 
lldnloia, questiosa [for quafiliuiia, lucra- 
tive, abundant 7], iv. 6S {Eccl lilor.) 
= {lliif. VI. 11 fol. 1ϋ3• libroa Euoa crrpu- 
ματίαι appellauit, ideet laciniota quadam 
et naria dineraitnte contextoe). For >li• 
t^ndf (patched ; ptc. of tlitan, to alit, tear, 
rend), tea Bos«. 1. {ilUait]. 

lacam, vin. 19, see li >a<iue ad laeum... 

lacuna, floda, m. 53 (Vita S. Anion. 
27, col. 150' qiiaerunt saltem collectam 
pluviis Iai^KnaTn) = I(intu;ar, fiode, Cp. L37; 
iMunar, flodae, Ep. 13E13; Ef.> 3ϋ9, 31. 
For Jloda (which is, perhaps, tbe original 
furui) i£c,, a channel, unk, gutter. Bee 
Bosw. T. (Jlode); for the final e, inataad of 
o, see Sievera % 376, note 5 ; cl. cloacamtu, 
flodcna (Wright W, 872, 1, and also their 
index. Jlode Sc). 

lacunar, see hicunar. 

laetania. rogatio, poslulatio. ii. 09 
{Benid. Teg. 9, 33 [3.Ϊ} BuppHoatto («lo- 

13, lairlaHia.lailitania.lelania.laetania]; 
17, IT [38] UlaHia, litmia). 


INDEX {latin) laet. — laipear. 

laetitia, aee itihiL• 

iBt^HB, aee lagunculat. 
lagenaiu, see lagonnia. 
logina [lagenaj, in. flO, aee lagtiaoulat. 
tegonam, aia Ispidenm oUo [oUaj ideet 
orog, ΙΙΓΪ, 47 [Verb. Interpr. = üier. in 

iMatth. iivi. 18 [quoting] Et invenietie 
ibi quemdam, portantem lagenam aquie. 
Cf. Marc. uv. 13) = faoga«ia, orog, Cp. 
Lal ; lagoena, croog, Ep. 13C25 ; Ef.' 
869,4. Forcrof. a email TSSBel, or bottle, 
■ crock. Bee Bonw. Τ. {crog, croc). 

laguscula«, ex login a Ilfgc"^] diniini- 

timiin cioog. xii. <10 {Job xixu. 1θ liigun- 

culat DOVBS diarumpitj. For cTopg, a 

US all veeeet, fiaek or bottle, a orock 

fOerm, Krug; D. kruik) et* Bobw. T. 

,. (crog, croc) ; eee abovo laganam. 

lambent, »ee /umiire. 

lamlwuBCBs, malaa uuas. iiii. 14 (Jnit. 

V. 2, 4 fecit labruicai), Cf. tabniKo, arida 

nba.Gp.Iiei;, (subv. fuJiniiie). 

lunlA, dea eilnq dicitar habens pcdee 

siDiilee caballi caput et manua totnm 

corpus pulcrq uulieriR et ajderant multi 

■liqui mnnsarant cum ea. iiii. 43 {Iiai. 

XiiiT. 14 ibi cnbavit Ιαπιια) = Ιαπιία, d. Β. d. 

h. p. B. c. c. maniiB et I. o. palohrum aiioili 

mulieriB. Cp. Li•). The Cambr. MS.: 

ILaiuiii d. β. d. h. p. β. e. caput aeru et m. et 
totnm 0. pulchrum simile mulicris ; it 
omita the reBt. The Aathor. Vera. haB 
lamiaa, see pelahim [!oi pclalHm}. 
lampadis, xxix. 14, eee tantemii. 
LamnlMl. u^nomen BBlamonia Bjcut 
eoclf eiaetex ab actione, νπι. β (Salam. xxxt. 
1 Uerba Lamiirlii regia ; ibid. 4 ΰ L•ιιnuel ; 

I Hey Be in bath plocee Lamuhel). The 
Author. Vers, ha« Lemuel. 
lana, ixxii. 61, aee byuu4 ; xlti. 24, 
Iftnce, mensura, tu. 20 {Dt nomia. 
div. ?). Cf. laneii, menauratioi Cp, Ii42 ; 
Ep. 13Ε24 ; El.' 3119, 42. See aJiO Iain. 

loDceia, see tn contii. 

laDcie [for taneeii], xxi. 9, see in eontii. 

lanoia, xi.v. 7, Bee lanx. 

IsQguida, Π, 111, nee norliidii, 

laulo, lacotur, τι, 17 (Brtu. ixiol ?). Cf. 
tunio, qui lacerat, Cp. L17 ; Ep. 13CBI ; 
Ef.' 369, 10, 

lanionibna, qui herbioes nel porcoB in- 
cidunt membratim et uenilunt, xxxr. 73 
(An/, IX. 10 fal. 157'' laiiehal...lanioKibue 
unri). Cf, lanioiet, qui berbicca inciduut, 
Cp. L3; laaioaei, qui berbicea inoidnnt 
nel porcoa, Ep. 13A15i Ef.' 368, 10. 

lanistK, Bee laniitra. 

lanlatn, macellariug in maccUo carnes 

lanternia. uaau lampadia perluaenlia, 
ixix.lHUtrb. Interpret. ^HUr.inMalth.. 
but not found). OlogRer Bu^testa that 
the Glossator may have fODDd laBtemii 
in XXVI. 56 (ool. 201*) after "cum gUdiie 
et fustibug," jaat as in Joann. xrai. 3 
(venit illuQ cum lantemit et fooibua et 
armiB), and that Jerome's "in nocte quasi 
latitantem " may refer to this. 

lanugiuatio. aee Innugo. 

lumgo et aluginatio peue idem est, 
equnlor lanugo in carne, XI. 3 iSap. τ. IB 
spes impii tamquum lunugo est). The 
Cumbr. MS. Kk. 4. 6 haa ; "lanugo uel 
ienuginatiB pene idem sunt ideat iquolur 
lamtga in oame, latMginatio in Tellere." 
PerhspB leg, iamigo tqvalor... 

lanx. untie lanois, xlv. 7 {Vtriia d« 
mattis^Jrt Pbocae, p. 412, 3 feminin I 
generis... ίο ft! more inerx...). See also 

LoodM. nomen regine [-nae], iitni. 15 
(Lib. Anlim. xuil col. 15^ ille mudulatus 
ales Ledaoi petivit amplexua). 

lapatea. see labiales. 

lapide, iitv. 13, see alabailrum. 

lapiden, xx. g. see tatrvtt- 

lapide Inpollto, ungebatne stane non 
exQitio, iiin. 5 (1 Etdr. v. β ad domam 

Dei...qnie «dificatur injiiiic impoIifD; π. 4 
de lapidibua inipolitis), Ungebatne itatte 
= ungebialiit ttant, unbeaten stone, in- 
Btrnm.. Bee Bobw. T, {ge-beäian ; liün). 
lapidcro, vi 


;e ,.if« 

'. 17. β 

lApltletoBlaliJnoi. dunnq, τιι. 4 (1 Paral. 
xiix. 2 lapidfi miycliinoi)•, dnnnae (ao. 
atilnn«]. from dun, black-brown, swaillly, 
dnakj; Engl. dun. 

47, see lagoiiam, 

lapidibuB, xvi. 31, see aggerem. 
lapidia, ixiv. 13, sec alabailrum. 
lapidiim. χιτ. 14, see lithoitrotia. 
lapia, XXXII. 4β, aee ealeiiltim •, xcvi, 25, 

lappa, clit«, xv, 36-, lappa, date, xvin. 
2 (Otfi, IX, 6 lappa in tabernaculie eorom; 
x. 3 lappa et tribulus sacendet) = (afpa, 
clibe, Cp. LM ; Utypa, oli|>ae, Ep. 14A13 ; 
lappa, clifae, Ef.' 370, 7. For clitt. elate 
(olilie,cli|)ae,olifae), the herb clot- (or more 
correctly clote-) bur, aee Bosw. ΐ, {eltite, 
elite) ; Oxf. Diut. {dale). 

lapsaoea. aee labatl/t, 

celum [eaehim, caelum] ex 

'.SM. W), r«r 

. lNw4bTk«Md M7,M4_ _ _ 

Ml, ■*• harm. T, tUftnU-, httMt- t^nM, SHO. % MB I 

f«*>M, • UfUmjmt- ΙΙΒΜί « BÜB, zxxn SI l&^. τ. S 

tow», M«. W. «M im^tlUm ; sm, S. M. (β* ia lefiaat ^/m^tm} = bv». si 

INDEX {latin) legi,— libra 


legione, see legio. 

legmnlnnjn, omne geiim («αοηιαι [fa- 
iamin]. II. lOG {Umtd. reg. 3fl, 7 [10] unde 
poms But uaecealia Itgrimiiaim). 

legunt, I. 65 ; xxui. S3, Bee in puipito \ 
uiT. 1B4, we liberaUt lilera. 

legQDtar, ii. β, itee anaUigitiia. 

lemtio, uix. 39, we ^ironiiu UbiIio, 

leu [Ueoa]. tasoiB [ = Iobr], π. ΙΟΙ 
(fixud, r<<j. GG, 35 B&gum el Una et capitale ; 
iina in note [43 Una, laeiia]). Λβ regards 
toiEJa = (nzn, of. Du C. : Elngo, AngeU. 
Ltiehueh, S• Aufl., p. 10, wlio reKarda 
loKia »I A.S. = lyKt, iDBntel. Jt is iloabt- 
fnl. Iiovever, whethei lotcia could be 
Λ.Β., as there are no Α,α. gloBses in Ch. 
Π. aee SchlDtter, in Anglia, »vi. p. aOl, 
who gives further leteteDoea to Bteio- 

Undliia, hniln, ιι.τπ. <H {Atia = 7) 
!=UnAi«e, hnitn, Cp. LIST; Ep. 13ES ; 
Ef.' 'άβν, 22. I^ndina {tieriv. tiom lent, 
lendi«) ■ lonee'B egg, α »it ; for kniiu see 
BoHW. T. in voce. 

lanonllnu, conciliotoribua mulierum, 
iiiv. 258 (Bu/. VI. 5 fol. 98• ewu,.,i<iHiBi- 
du trsderet), Gf. Itnonei, conoilutoree 
Bieretricum, Cp. L103 ; Bp. 13A17; Ef.' 
868. 13. 

lens, see Uadiiia. 

lenieecere, nee Imtiteerr. 

lenticula. xxivii. G, see eapiaeti. 

Imttaoere, raolliiwere [muileec-J. iiitv. 
18 {De Coo., Iiut. ii. 8 Uiitccerr. ho- 

lenUwne, arbor (oUa modica habens et 
fructuB Bine grana idest uiuraa rubral 
nrei, X»l. ß {Dan., Praef. Hieran, p. tii<•, 
and Migne ixvui col. 13U3• a UntiKo). 
For iKuroa perhaps leg, menu, another 
fotm for morum, a mulberry, »blackberry. 
The Cambr. MS. bae : lentiecue, a. eet f. 
m. h. e. f. sine jfrnnu i. morai mbraB.^ 
Vni IB not clear ; it may be a oiiKrcading 
(■ee SteiniD. t. 656, 3 rubT), oi a corrupt 
λ.β. word. Ologger, on account of the 
reading uiti in Bern MS. lo. 15b/I,BuggeKte 
uiTi = iBir, myrtle. 

lea, see anhtUio. 

leone, τι. 16, lee leonine •, ui. 39, Bce 

iMDln•, de leone, n. 16 {Breu. txiol. 7). 

leonia, iix. IS, Bee llgrii. 

iMpardni, ex leone el pardo generatua, 
XIX. 30 iJobJ Not in tlie Viilg.). In 
Job IT. 11, we read ligrii peKit, ior 
which, aeoordiog to Hieron, (t'oeim. in 
Ubr. Job, IT, Migne, Fair. Lat. χχτι 
eol. 628•) aaotlier text (which oee in 8aba- 
tkr) baa " msrmlcoUuH, id est, formica et 

leo." Cf. myrrnUaleon, formicaloo uel for- 
micamm leo, Cp. M3T9. 

leperam. deaurem, xlviu. 21 [Dt Can., 
liul. Praef. 3 uon leporem «ermonia in- 

lepra, it. 12, Bee uncut ; χιιτ. 107, see 

lepioBitas, IT. 89, see nutrbo regio, 
lesera, tee peiiul. 

, letauiae, see L•ei^tnia. 


le Itlheo 

lathea, mortal], xxtiv. 2 [De CoMiiano 
Innt. T. 31, note 8 Letheo qnodam sopore). 

l^titia. in. 2β, Bee ιΉίιιΙα. 

laiu [laeua], iut. 27, see dexttra. 

louelD, XT. 48. see ad Uuieandum. 

leolotiulnm [for leuigandum], xv. 48 ; 
see Uli Iruienndam. 

leaigandum, see ad leuicandum. 

leniter. n. 134, Beepnui'm. 

lex, n. 52, Bee deuteronumii ; ixi. 22, 
eee diulerofin, 61, »ee uilranomtn. 

leiaa, xtviii. 61, see tangaeungei. 

\\ for u : ociliB for ociiis. 

UlMUlIU, X. 14 ; eee Amana et libanm. 

Liber, xuii. 28, see Bachia. 

llbendM liter», qnas seculares homines 
leguut, ΧΧΧΤ. 1$4 {»n/. vi. IS fol. 104» ύ liberalibu* iiri!rii...exerDerentnr). 0Γ. 
in liberaliliut Uteri; n. 6 fol. 20^; erudi- 
t\oiie..MbtraliHm Utteraram, vin. 10 fol. 
13if 4o. 

llbaraUft, χι,πι. 2<J, see Uachut. 

liberalibuB, Hee liberalf litfTa. 

llUenülta«. donatio qu^ a diuite St, l 
68 [De Canon. ; Coji. Cime. Carlk. ixxu 
8L...ip«iB,.,a1iquid Uberalitate alionias,.. 
oboenerit ; Deeret. ä'yinin. iv ρ 263• cam 
WieTatitati Uli alia itinera resernentiir). 

Uberant, zm. 16, Bee ueredaril, 

UberUbu•, CriuUotam, xlvl 32 (AUa 
-Ατι Phoeae, p. 427, 8 liiwrMio») = Hier- 
(oiiiu, frioletan, Cp. L177. For /riulae- 
lum (tot frialStnm I., from /riultftil Β 
treedwoman) *ee Bosw. T. {/reolata, /ria- 
lela, m., a freedman) ; Rluge, A.S. Leteb. 
p. 177 (freolel, m.). 

libertatem, hit. 318, «ee aiailvm. 

llbet, inuidet, iLvrii. 39 [De Cae$.. Imt. 
v. 22 hie, dum Ilu^t [libit, in note], paruD- 
1am., .Be probat). 

llbet, qnibuBcumque, n. 104 (Betied, 
reg. 7. 80 [127]; 82, 4 [8] quibut Übet 
isrogstis iniariiei. 

hbidnm [for iiuidum], xxxrx. 16, see 

libra, XIII. Ά, see leilariiu ; ixim. 2, 
see mi till. — libra, lxxii eoIidoH penaat, 
xixni. a« lEuch. be PoNd.?).— Ubl» et 
pondera idem sunt, uii. 27 [De ponder.?). 
— libra et pondtt• idem sunt, lum. 33 


IKDEX {iATjif) libram — lio 

{Eueh. De Pond. ?}.— Ubn hnbet ecupulos 
[Borup•] co:.xiüt:t qnod facit dmgniaü 
ICTI, xiiu. 11 {De ponder.'!).— Ulaa, liiic 
■olldoi greoi Liiucn aolidos pendica, uxi. 
7 (Oe poniUr. ?).— llbn in ΒαΕΐΒ», liii. 4 
IDe ponder. ?). Cf. Bhime, i. 374 sqq. Ab 
tile MS. hits a τ &bovo unclHs, Qlogger 
thinks Chut it ms; refer to an origmal 
A. 3. !/nce (an inch), or the O.H.O. unui. 

hbram, xixii. 9, βββ τηίιιο. 

librne, zxxi. 20, see talelu, 

I, 33, Β 

1. 10, Β 

(olinium; XX 

m. 26 see iixtariiu 

librfl, ΙΙΙΠ 

. 1, Bee (aimium. 

libri, II. 6 

«ae analujiium ; xi. 

.7, BM 


Ubrie, I». 9 

aite/astibm; ιιιτ. 

102, Bet 

/a,tibu, i «B 

la, XMi lit. 

libra, iiTn 

18, see De eodem libra 

XXXIII. 5, eee 

dtdragma; LiBno, 

III (ii. 


. is/eee biblioteca 

69. Kf 

τ til. 

ii^atu«?) x^ 
ligBeum, : 

,. Τ. in voce. 

li^meii, iil. 1Θ, Bee pedica. 

liiiaroentum, m. 14, Bee toramentum. 

ligant, ieo perpendkiilum. 

ligaturaa, τη. 3, eee covimitiurai; (fa 

" ■ "' m. 36, see lindttui. 

!. 49, Bee loculo. 
II. 6, Bee ana^ogima; ιζτ, 1 
Bee catinum, 13, we in peluim. 

llgni, in. β, Bee toronieum, 39, eee carri 
cibui 1 IV. 8, see ilix i xlvi. 14, see tuher 
16, Bee liur. 

ligniB, ni. 41, aee Uiqtu'iria; xvi. 21 
weeaggrreya ; xn. 30, see tympnniim; ixit 
73, see codi^bui. 

lien», xtx. 41, see ΐζάί; xxi, 20, «e 
Idbnalo ; xxiv. 37, eee jmncta, 41, see ii 
neufei»; ixxviii. Ill, eee liioii«. 

ÜHnam, xiii. SO, aee in terrii. 

ligniini In TUie, cnioeni in oarne, iiv. ' 
(fiurMt. XI. IB mittamne Ugnwn inpanm 

lioftDt [iot ligant\ im. 40, sea ptrpen- 

lioet, qnamnia, n, 103 {Beaed. rig. 37, 
3 [1] Licet ipaa nature hnnuitia trahatur 
od miBericordiam 1 of. 40, 11 [17]; 49, 2 
[1]). For ljr«l aee also (i. Ill) ticera. 

Uotidina,qneatioBa[rorjuniutiH)»(, lucra- 
tive, Bbundimt ?], iv. 66 ; see lacinioia. 

LtdU, gens, «v. 26 (Hier, 9 Lydij 
Βτηρίβα1«Β . . . aagittas) . 

lien, miltf, ιι.τι. β [ΛΙΐα = Αη Fhocae, 
p. 415, 1 hio Urn lieQia) = ii'ni, milte, Cp. 
Μ73! lien, nuUi, Ep. 13E10; Uen, milti, 
E(.' 309, 37. For miltt, the milt, epUen 
( = A,9. milte, O.H.Q. mt^^t, Oerm. Mill) 

eius). Cf. Hieran, in Jer., Iiligne, J 
HIT eoL 756". 

UffonM, temim fugoriam [fox fotmrium^ 
ideat lyrfahga, xrii. 'i (Joel, τα. 10 Conoi- 
dite...ir0on«i vealros in lanccaa ; Hieh. iv. 
3 coucident.,.haataB auaa in ligonu). Cf. 
ligonei, nieottucBB, Cp. LI6I ; ligon£t, met- 
tacas,Ep.l3El; lagonri.metooaa, Ef.'seS, 
la. See Steinm. i. 678 note S.— BoB«. T. 
record turf-liaga an enclosed plooeiovered 
with turf, α giasB? encloanre; but the 
above tyif-ahga ovidantl; meaDs α mat- 
tock, liofl, from lyr/, a turf, sod, piece of 
earth with grass on it, and ahga, α mattock, 
hoe = D. Λ G. egge; sea Venlani {egge, 
rgtde, whioh latter, =A, 3. ege^e. has an 
additional suEBi), 

lima, qua limatur ferram fiil, ini. 63 

iUiii. XUT. 13 lima operatns eBt)=Iinui, 
il, Cp. L25I. For Jii(, fil (=/(θί, f. 
Germ. FeiU, D. vijl), α Sie, eee Bosw. T. 

limati, mundati, xv. 47 (Ezech. xxi. 15 
gladii,,.iiNui(i od fulgeodam). 

limatur, iin. 53, aee lima. 

Umax, Boe nuinea. 

limbo, aee prortau. 

liment, χτιι. 5, aee tnilla. 

liminibns, it. 82, see codieibn». 


ίβ also ei 

lineamentis, see cohimellai. 

llnmlU, dredunj, xxxv. 233 [Ruf. ii. 25 
fol. 189* ΙίπΙ«ι2ιΊ obductisi Oaeciari, n. 
p. 106 Uiuolii obductis). The reading 
bneol. (dimin. of linea, a lino, thread) is 
alao in other edd. of Bnt. For dredam 
(instr. plur. of Sred, Kried, a thread) aee 
Bosw. T. Vrrad). 

lineum, χχχτιι. 8, aee odan ; xxxix. 46, 

lingua, ii. 161, see larabaite. — llngnA 
teitU, diacordiane [dUeordaiu, aa in the 
Cambr. MS.] lingaa Del rixoaa, xu. 39 
(Ecclei. xxvm. 1Ü. lU lingua tertia) ; for 
tingym aee alio ticel. 

linguaium, ixvni. 85, see ^jjura lor- 

hngae [-gna], xxun. 7, see tieel 

llnlunantlB, aignis, XL. 21 ([^frbii T). 

liaimoutia [lineatn-], ΐχχτ. 267, aee 

lino crndo, ideat niride non eocto [!] 
neate, in. 41 [Kccle». xl. 4 naquo ad earn 
qui opeiitur fiiio erado. Cambr. MS.: 
Lino crndo. Viridu nccduin cocta ueata). 

iintcamen, i. 81. sea orariunt. 

linteamina, xxxv. 37, see vniria. 

linteoUa, sea liBeolii. 

hnleam, ixiix. 14, aee lalmniim. 

Uo, XT. 37 [for leo, lion, or the A.S. 
AIjo(w),proteotion, shelter f J; see urtAfUio. 

INDEX (latin) liq.— lucul. 

liquidam, tv. 110, see defecabm. 
liqaidc [-dae], ixim, 19, see nebel. 

liq«"" '" — 

tt^MTclia, 91, see Mainbrt ; xxiii. 9, 

I Iroptii, 76, 

0, Bee liHeen, tor litifenf 
η [lyr-], 

en [?1, qui lira oantat, ilvl 1Ö 
{Alia = Art Phocat, p. 415, 4 hio itiicen). 
Cf. titiern. qui oum Utao eaait, Cp. LHS; 
lieiter qui aata lituo cauit, Ep. 14Αδ. 

llrtcu• [lyr-], qui per Urwn [lyr-] pwitat, 
XLitt. as ; see comicui. 

llHT, ({ciiiiB ligni ιηίπαΜ. ilvi. 16 {Alia 
= Art Phocae, p. 415, 16 hoc liler, hoo 
iter, hoc cicer, hoc ti»er). Cf. «I'i^r (a kind 
of brook-willow), «enua Ugni, Cp. 8360; 
Ep. 26Ä36; Ef.' 303, 6. 

litania, htani;, eee laetania. 

litat, immolat, iv. 78 (Ecri. Inlar.); 
lltat, iaorißoiil. «ΐϊ. 27S (Ue i'l«.) = [Ruf. 
ΤΠ. 26 fol. laß" iteram litM). 

lltera [literifl], ixtv. 184. eee liberaltt I. 

Utersli [for firirai»?], iix. 49, see 

literalie, see griimmatica. 

Utemrum, ixxv. S3, see tuduf 'iter- 

jee fitfn'i contiN<ndalitiJi. 

Ii(«ri>*, Bee liberale» litera, 

llterli oommendatitlle {sine interpret.], 
II. 102 {Benrd. rug. Θ1, 2H Caveat. ..abbaa, 
ne..,njoiiachuin,.,Btieoipirit eine consKOau 
ot iiliera comiwndaticia» [49 
lilerat eonmeitdatieiai, in note Utter» 
eommmdaticiit]) ; cf. Edm. Schmidt 
Regyda: tilerai cowonendatiliai, literU 

litboBtrotoB. tea Uthoiiroita. 

jlthoattetu•, conpositio lapidum, xxv. 
14 {Joh. III. 13 in loco qui dicitur Litkn- 
itrotut ; Wordew. it White lilhoilrolm). 

htioen, Bee lirian. 

litteras, lU. 1, see preMteri; ftee nleo 

Iltniii, inpenia Um uel olam, xv. 4 
lEttek. τιιχ. 13 ubj eat titura]. For Um 
(Uinei (ierm. Leim, D. Ujm), see Boaw. T. 
(lim) ; Kluge, Etijm. W. d. Sprarhr (telm) ; 
for clam {oloam, eiay ; Oerm. Λ D. Klei) 
Bee BoBW. T. (ctam) ; Oxf. Diet, {rloam); 
Kluge (KUi). 

liaet, lee libet. 

liuidum, see ferula. 

locA, IV. SI, see taliitas ; xiiv. S6, see 
oetliepia, 84. see lolaria, 117, see ierri- 
fortu ; Bee bIbo diocaU, 

I loci, xni. 21, see tartamit, 39, see nude; 
Ιΐν.23, Beefn/uior«; xv. 33, see Sjf er« ; 
ιπ. 19, see apellmo ; tix. 7, see biAJio- 
Ifteco, 26, Bee dialripat ; iiiv. 7, eea 



1.24, Ε 

loculo, uase ligneo, ixxv. 49 {Ruf. i. 15 
fol. leS*" brach ium loeuh delatum).— locn- 
lam, portatorium de tabuli•, ixv. 4 {Lue. 
Ϊ11. 14 totigit loculum). 

locam, xxTin, 33, see Irapui ; xixv. 156, 
Bee ad itadium, 252, eee ratandrum. 

locuB, IV, 72, eee proflipalum; xv. 39, 
Bee {'laiamiM ; xxiv. 7, see lopaTcha, SO, 
Hee atiUani, 171, see hareru, 240, see 
angiportui; ιχλ. 1, me gymnatium. 

loouBtae, see ehantari. 

locuBte f-tae], xxxvni. 5, see ehantari. 

loeutionam, xv. 40, eee oraailum, 

loontiones, iix. 89, see ominai. 

logismoi, see pauloeranlo. 

longa, II. 113, Eee vioroea ; xxv. S, eee 

loDgiores, xii. 40, see eyncrii, 

lODgiB, XIX. β, Bee untiaUbut. 

lODgum, iiiL 12, see uriui. 

loqnacltate, Derboeitatc. ii. 105 {Bmed. 
reg. 49, 14 [ai] de loq^atcilati:). 

loqaantur, xlviii. 1, see ertgantur. 

loquendi, see pan (ocra η fu. 

loqiieretur, xxxv. 113, see cmtciona• 

loqaitar, iii. S, see euhematitmeno*, 
23, Bee »uurrat. 

lor, funis, in. 37 {EceUi. xxxii. 27 
jugum ct lorum curvant eollum). 

lonii xu. IT, Bee maifigia, 

loramMitnm, ligamonlum,xu. 14(&i;ei«i. 
IUI. 19 torameiiCunt ligneum). 

lordicare, see Ιιιΐ'Ίιω. 

lonim, Bee tor. 

Loth, II. 15, see inforibui iuiti, 

Intmr, aectical [•β^]> ilvi. 11 [Alia 
= ATt Phocat. p. 415, 8 lioo tucar), Cf. 
luear, nectigal puplioani, Cp. L30e. 

luceat. luu. 60. Bee lucui. 

luoene, xLt. 9. »ee iafcirfori. 

luceruas, χτιι. 16, eee i'lfamria, 

lucre, ILVI 1 1. 74, see eimlumeatu. 

luorura, I. 54, eee/oenm. 

luataatiuiD, ixxix. 45, see patairaruin. 

luotatio, nivni. 30, eee paltilrii. 

luotu. XL. 1, Bee uiicide. 

luctuB. tv. 11, see tragMdia, 

lucnbradDncnla, uniua noctiB uigilan- 
tia. III. 2{Juiiilh: Prae/. Hieran. .p. tiv•, 
and Migne, PiUr. L. iiii col. 39' haio 
uuam lucubraliunctilam dedi). 

lucubratiunculain. Bee lucubraeiun- 

lucnlentaB, xli. 13, see eriiolititt. 

INDEX {latin) lucul,— lut. 


Incnlenlluime, splendissiine [eiilemli- 
diBB-], "IV. 103 |Ru/. IV. 36 fol. 69" libroa 
...lucHientitiimt eunaoriptos). 

Inounu, camera, ilvi. 13 (AUa^ÄTt 
Phncae. p. 415, 9 hoc laeiiitar). 

tncni, qnod mioime luoeat, iuii. 50 {De 
div. noRuniiiuf = Doaftti Angrainin. p. 403, 
4 luriM ea quod noa looeat), 

luJentea, ixiv. 33, sca bachante: 

liidi, ) 



InpercAllft, ipsa xacra, i 

Lnperd, Booerdotes lapereitlea, utii• 7 
|Lii, Rol. = Iiid. Lib. de nat. rer. tr. 4 
Februarii]m...a febrnis eaoris Ivptreontm 
appellftuerant) = (iipcrci, sacecdotes Inper- 
calcB, Cp. L317. See also ixtu. 9 Lnptr- 
eftllB, ipsa Bftcra i-lapercalia, ipsa eaora, 
Cp. L33G) and iivn. 11 LapetC4l, 
templnm panoa {βί. hiperenl, haerg, Op. 

IndDB IKsnnun, iKtola [Robola] paniu- 
lorum lejientium, iitv. 53 (Äii/. x. 33 
fol. 175^ ladai literamm... patera decernit) 
= Iu4iu lilUrarum, acola legeutinm, Cp. 
L371; Ep, 13A11 ; i-, i-, soola littemram 
leBOntiuiu, Ef,' 368, 6. 

Ineorla, einberal, m. 49 (Di S. Hart. 
Siür. = Suip. Sill. Dial. ii. 10, 4 herbie 
fecanda ItLiuriat, toeni in ea frnctua rxit- 
berat), Q;. are there here tno lemroata 
without explanation)!, or is txubrrat, whiob 
also appears in the text, meant to be a 
g]oBa to (luiariat^) luinriat? at. eiiiberat, 
habnndat, Cp. E454 ; exuberat, exundat, 
BDperäiiit, Cp. Ε49Θ. One M». has lux- 

I, bragas [bracas] modicat, xiv. 
8 {Hier. mi. 1 poseide tibi hinitiar« 
lineniD ; also xni. 2, 4, G, Τ Ac. liimbare, 
the accQB.). 

liuubi, eee lumhire. 

Imnblre [sine interpret.], III. 13 {Job ?). 
Perhaps : Job xixii. 30 piilli tambrnt 
sangainerD. Or perhaps corrupted for 
iunilir, see Ιακώοι Job xvi. 11, ixxvtit. S, 

XL•. 2. 

lombie [for lunihu* ?], ilvi. 5. se« 

Iiuabus, see ri^n. 

lumen, u. 40, Beedeificunilamen; iLvni. 
15, see iubar, 
lumina [for lamina'], tv. 34, «ee p((ufMm. 
luoa, til. 43, see uata; χχτιι. 20, ace 

η idol, s 

i. T. 

jv. 27, ei 

iQii«, XIII. G, KCe binutai. 

lunula•, qUBS multerea in coUo liabent 
de anro uel argento a similitadine Iiuiq 
diminitiue diountnr, xiu. 6 {lial. in. 18 
auferet Domin as.. .lunula•). The Cambr. 
MB. : tun, q. m. i. c. fa. d. a. u. a. ad BiQiili- 
(udinem Ιιιης. 

lupaia, vt. II, aee catailam. 

Inperoil, teinpliim panos, iivii. 11; see 

lapercalea, xxwl 7, see L'lpcrct. 

Inpua, brenis. ilvii, 72 [Alia =?) = (up»«, 
brera, Cp. Γι397 ; I-, baers, Ep. 13E7 and 
Ef.' 3(19. 24. For /uptit (the «olf-fish or 
pike) see Lewis b Sh. ; for {fireuit, error 
tor tn-inw?) Inert gee Boaw. T. {bam, heart, 
a peroh): ΟχΓ. Uiot. {bati, eb.'|; Skeat 

= 1-, lempbalt. Cp. L3%: I-, Inenpibalt, 
Ep. 13E4 ; liirdur. lerophilislt, Ef.> 369, 31. 
For lardui (trom luridiaf pale ;eUaw, 
Rhastlj; putrefied; slow; limping) eee 
Körting, WSrlerb. 5760 ; Dn C. hirdut, and 
Inrdieare (which he derives from the Or. 
λορίϊι, bent supinely). For Ump-kald, 
lemp'hall, laempi-hall (limping-lflme) see 
the Out. D. Hmphall and halt ; Bosw. T. 
luricD [lor], n. 4, see torax; itv. 17, 

Inrldli, pox, m. 57 (not Dt 8. Mart. Star. 
bat, like Intldatn, Into soididam, xxvin. 
10 ^Liii. ^nron. XX col. 144» Illioo turidatK 
tnciem Korpputia ngnovi). Cf. luridam. Into 
pollutam.Cp. 1.301; Ep. 13E3I; Et.'SeS, 
39. ;iiix for *t>o.r? = Ä.S. rfox (translating 
Lat. ßauiu, Wright W. 239, 26), E. dtuk 
(Skeat, Cime. Ktym. D., ed. 1901, and 
Oxf. D., enb T. diitk). Cf. Napier, p. 15, 
note to S38 ; Schlatter, in Anglia xxn 
p. 301, who refers to gt\nixiaV, Be Dim. 
D105, tor whicll see Boaw. T. (|>tiAnnn). 
For h and d. ct. E. dim, 0. Bax. Ihinni.— 
loridoi, palliduH, χχιτ. 4 {Ruf. ι. 8 fol. 
I'J'' humor liquidus et birtdui) = luridu*, 
pjillidua, Cp. L973; Ep. 13A22 ; E(.' 868, 
17. For luridut see also larditt. 

luscinia, see ruieima. 

lascue, xii, 70, see muriaplo/moii. 

loBor, loaaor (or iuitir, eee uleator. 

Inatraiu, oircamicna et inluminana, ti. 
1 {Kflt^iait. I. 6 liutrana u 


= Iiid. Lib. de nat. rer, vi, 6 iuitrum qain- 
quennii tempua eat) = Cp. L302; Ep. 
13E22 : Ef.< 369, 40. 

1. 13 ( 

lato, 1 

I. 10. Β 



mau. — maur. 1*. 

^Λ niBiiDB, im. 43, see Eiimid.— manna, 

aagallia [1]. m. 43 {Df S. Mart. .Seor.):• 

^P birba, xLviti. 16; aee manum. 

^V mapolia, see magalia. 

miiBtigiae, see nuwiiflia. 

mater, utiv. 47, see melropoli* ; xun. 

Bot. ?]. See Ooeli, vl. 680. who referi•, 

27, aee/rura. 

Bt the Eneeestioii of Soblntter, to J. Etbys, 

materia, χιχτ. 344, eec/omitr.^outeila, 

Ctllie Britain, p. 238; Holder 414. 

origo uel initio [iajtium?]. ti. 116 {Bnud. 

muppuB, xxxy. 37. »ee oraria. 

mapula, see modo. 

materiae. see fniirumenta. 

^^ roeralium [roor-], xxi. 78, «ee impiecin. 

materie [maleriae], n. 88, see iiwlnt- 

■ MlBCO, XIT til. 


^B mare, lu. 33, we in ιιΥίΙιη; tt. 13, see 

matertera, χχχτ. 48, Bee thia. 

■ in fareert: xxxvi. 3, »ee prnmoHtoHum. 4, 

V IM «inn«! ΧΙΪΙΙ. 30 (bis), bm in ma« 

^ adriaffco. 

36 {Clem. Recoguill. ix. 12 qui . . .caloolis * 

HUM [for mart], iiiu. 30, ees i» Toare 

nuithetit deoipiunt; κ. 18 nnuraqiiodqae 


Bohema matheiia ; ii. 36 diBoiplina 

mari, xli. Θ, Bee laphinu; «ee bIbo in 


■ marinam, vi. 9, see thiticum. 

m marine, xm. 28, Bee .i.o... 

Η mannna. %n. 8, βββ miirin«/a, 

Canon. ; Can. Cane. Garth, xiiin Ilti ■ 

V maris, iliu. 17. see nertoi. 

Vt...nulli Epiecopo Uoeat rem titnUS 

^ maritum, iixvii. 9, BRUtabvhu Ugat. 

nialricii Eooleaiae »sorpare,.. ; neo E^ ■ 

marpioi», see mariapicus. 

Bcopo lico&t matriiit Eooleaiae... rem titidtH 

marnica, see manua. 

HUi VBQrpare). ■ 

DMnoploiu, uina, ii.yu. 67 (Jiio=?) = 
«■-, fina, up. M3S; Ep. 1EA95; marjiiaii, 
pina. Ef.i 373, 23. Goeti (n. 181. mer- 
pieut) thinks the lemma to be Martint 
picui (^Uerm. Martipecht), a wood- 
pecker. For tiinii (leg. Hfna = ) fii 

■ich,JtLU. ■ ■ ' 

matrimonialea, see tahulai Itgat, 

matria, iiiv. 36. see Oethepia. 

matrix, radix nel nterue, xi 
{.ilia -An Phoeae, p. 431, 8 haec nuifriz).,! 

matronalea [for matrimonialeil], xi ' 

Θ, see labulai Ugat, 

Ippilla [tviol amwi^tn, yiHinn« 1 


INDEX (latin) mall.- 


nuJleolll, qaodcumque tungmtur ad (Uerba dt miilfie. 
eicilandanj ignem, xvi. 9 {Dan. in. 46 hio maniia]. Cf, 
BuccendbTe foruufem naplitha, et etuppa 
tt...malUolit). The Gr. has JCuloiTtt tV 
κίμινοτ ψάφθια καΙ.,.κληματΙίΛ bandies o( 
wood, faggot-wood. The Olosautor seems 
ia faave regarded malUolii aa anjtliing 
that ooald be tinged, beemeared (tungaitar 
(or tmgaitar?) Tor etimulatiog the fire. 
Cf, malleoliu. genus foroenti «pnt persfts, 
Cp. Μ2; Ep. liC19; £(.'870.53. Cover- 
dole traDslated/rifjgolt«. 

rnalleum [Tj, 

t Fhocae, p. 413, 33 
iijo, negotiator, Cp. 

Μ4β; EI.' 372, 30; 'numgo, negotiator, 

Ep. 1507. Q> comitator fi 

α bftrterer? tcom eommulart 

see dalmalica. 

maaiciiaei, see Oethtpia. 

manicbei [inauichaei], 

r. Hi, Bee ureor«. 

mains, olua, il. 11 {LWhal). Cf. 
malua [E. vi'illoa], hoco, cottuo uel gearpan 
leaf, Cp. M43 ; malua, cotuc ucl georamant 
lab, Ep. ISAaS. For haee, eoltiie, «ofuc 
(maliow), see Bosw. T. in w. ; for gearpan 
leaf Ac. (jarrow). see Boew. T. [garauie, 
gtoTva) \ Bkeat, D. (yarrow), 

malnerunt, χχτπι. 71, lee ephickirema. 

malum, xtt. 83, see de traiccliont. 

mains, liivm. 28. see cacodemonat. 

mains nanle, eapnt in arbore naais a 
Bimilitndine milui, im. 37 (Isai, xxx. 17 
relinquamini quasi malai «lat'i'i). 

Mambrae. see Mambre. 

Mambre, liomo nel cinltas, it. i {Eccl. 
litar.); Hambre. namen loci, iiiv. 91 
(D( £!«.)= |flii/. 1. 1 fol. 2" ad ilicera 
Mambrae). For Mambre, homo, see tlen. 
ilT. 13, 34. 

manclpuitar, manu capiantur. i. 70 
(D< Cawm-; Can. Apiiill. ivin ([aae pnb- 
licis spectaoulis mancipanlHr ; of. Can. 
Cone. Nie. it raancipatit. in mancipntur 

manalpBiimt,tradiderant, XX. 1 (Tobiai: 
Prae/. Hieron, p. xjii'' [Migne, Patr. L. 
XXIX ool.24*JlibrQm...qaeni Hebraei...his 
i]nae hagiograpba memorant, manei^a- 

manoipatur, see maneipant^r. 
mancipium, II.T. 33. see μττλο. 
mandncandum, xiil. 1, see eaeumera- 

r. le. w 


manduoant. : 

mandncat, »iii. '.il, see commandii; 
ΙΠΙ. 35, aee dr radice. 

mandunt, xxxix. 7, see traff. 
mane, it. 30 (bin), see caia mant. 

div. nominib'u = Douftti Ar$ prommai. 
p. 373, 2β eemper plunllia, ul nuinn 
Quirites.,,). Cr. Uildebrand. Gtoniir. Lai. 
p. 306 (Nian«, ilü inorluorum inferi), — 
mknina, demoaes [daem-], iv. 104 {Buf. 
VII. 37 fol. 130" Uanti quideiii). Cf. 
viaiifi, deae. Cp. MIO. 
masgo, comitator eqaornm, xlv, 3Ü 

manifeete, i. 84 
Qumliu, demon 

i [daem-j, iv. 104 ; see 

16, see bonam eecam. 
iiti. 43, eee lamia; xixv. 

hostiariuB qni eoatodit 
edem [aedem], ixxix- 6 [Greg. Dial. i. δ 
col. l??" De...nicinirionar>o... ; mannonarii 
functus ofEcio; in. 25 ool. 280 nuiuf- 

see eata matUnafi. 
mantioa. eee manlimm. 
mantlcnm, hondfiil baenes, xivn. 34 
{Alia=1\^m., boiidful beopes, Cp. H32; 
πι-, handful beouuaa, Ep. IS.^21; m-, 

handful beoaaee.Ef.> 1172, 19. AstbeA.B. 
interpretation menna π handful of com or 
bartit/ (A. 3. handfuH, and liaeuei, beofti, 
Λο, grain, gen. of banc, btoa/, cf. Sievera, 
J.S. Gramm, i 350 (1)), the Ismllia manti• 
cum Heeroa to point to nutntica (a bag 
for the hand, wallet) or taanipultu (the 
Koman pule with a handfal of haj or 
straw twisted about it), or manua {a 
handful : see Lewis Λ 8h.). 

manu, i. 70, see mancipantur, 76, see 
maniiiniiiia ; XLVi. 36, see mnnubif. 

manublf , a manu diotq focnltatee, xlti. 
3« {Alia = Ari Vhoeae, p. 428, 8 ma- 

manubrias [! for miiKuAHri ?}, xri. 9, see 

manubrium, iizn. 19, eee (tiunni; see 
also mamtbriat. 

mauuui. i- 50, see rnunflpFnt.— munun, 
turbam, χχχτ. Ul (Ah/, n. 30 foL 39> 
oonquiTentes...penlilonim iuticnuin...tnii- 
)iuin).~manns, turba, ii.v:u. IG {Dt 
Can., lH4t. II. IS nee epiecopi euadere 
?iiiiniu potui ; ef. i. 1, 5 tradent in maniiJ 
gentium [from Act. ixi. 11]). 

maiMimbiito. eu quod mann mitterentnr, 
I. 7B {De Cannn. ; Can. Cone. Carth. liit 
Do manamüsianibu,; iicn r6., id.). 

INDEX {lati.v) lliaü,- 


. 43, eee fumia,— mann*, flftgeUia [I], m. 43 (De S. Mart. Slor.) = 
{Sulp. Scv. Dial. u. 3 p. 18», 24 ooneumit 
OaUiuaa mularum poena maitigiiu). 

maatiiüiiia, see ntaitigia. 

mater, xxnv. 47, aee melmpolU ; xuii. 
37, eee/rora. 

iiialerii>.iiiT.a44,flee/i>n>Ct^.— mateilA. 
origo uel initio [initinm?], □. tlG (Bttttd. 
Ttg. (iS, 10 [1Θ] ab ipeo iaitio onlioatioaiB 
maifria ei datur euperbiendi). 

iioi.?). Bue üoeti, VI. 680, who refers, 
at Üit en^geHtion of Saliluttnr, to J. Rliye, 
CtUic IlTiimn. p. 228-, Holder 414. 

muppae, iiiv. 37, »ee oraria. 

nwppaük, It. 112, see vtatia. 

mapula, see miiftn. 

marslium [mor-], xii. TS. see tropieon. 

Μλβαο, XXV tit. 

iD&re, III. 33. eee iri iirttin; ii. 13, see 
ill careen: luvi. 3, eee jurumonioriuni, 4, 
Bce lirium; uxa. 20 (bis), eee in mart 

β [for muri], xxxix. 30, «es in mar« 

β tapkirtu; eee also in 

u, iLTTi. 67(Jiia = T) = 
m-, Ena, Cp. M35; Ep. 16195; Ni^tpieua, 
pina, Ef.' 373, 22, Ooetz (xi. 181, nuir- 
pieiu) thinks the lemma to he lHartiiit 
pieiu ( = Germ. Mamptcht), a wood, 
pecker. For uinu (leg. aina = ) fina, 
which latter gloBees also pimi [q.v.} in 
Cp., Bp. & EV, and iturfui (Wright W. 
49, 3), see Boaw. T. (fiiut). 

mattiDi, in. 24, see lacra tegvtlni. 

HartioB, int. 13, see Niian; see also 

MuiTTMi, m lit. 

martyrtimi, modieum oratoniim, ixxv. 
64 (liuf. II. 27 rol. 190 ex uoo latere 
martyrium, ex altero consurgit «ccleeiu). 

munea, sniSKl, ilvr. 90 (Alia=1) = 
narnica, suegl, Cp. M37 ; marvca, enegl, 
Ep. 1Ελ3β; Et.'—. The lemma is, 
perlmpB, a deriv. of mum, the purpk 

■ for ί 

, the I 


* §nagl, tntgl, which also glosaea coclea, 
euniculut, and Knuac, aee Boew. T. Imuegel, 
tnegtl, α snail). 

a diooeainin [aitie interpretat. ], 


L. 12. a 


Mossica, mona, xlv. 13 {Uerba de mui- 
ti« = Art Phneaf, p. 427, 24 TJna Coa 
diciinua et Maieiea). 

maatlgla. lora oum oiiaia ferreis, xu. 
17 (De nomin. die); mantlglB, geniu 


tnaterie [materiae], ti, 88, see iiutru- 

matertera, ιιχτ. 46, see tMa. 
matbemnticDB, ivt. 29, aee ekaliti, 
matbealB, docttina aatrologiae, xxxviii. 
20 {Cltm. Rfeognitl. rx. 12 ςυί.,.οιϋοοΠβ 

mathi$U dcdpiunti ix. 18 aoumquodqae 
Bcbema mathttit ; ti. 26 diaciplina 

matheum. ux, 44, see cntn tnnntAan ; 
MttBBOu [Matthtetim], iiiv tit. 

matrlda [aine iiiterpretat.], i. 75 (De 
Canon. ; Can. Cone. Carlh. xxiui (fe. 
Vt ... nuUi Episcopo lioeat rem tituli 
niatncii Ecoleaiae tsurpare...; neo Epi- 
Ficopo WceM matrieit EccIesiae,.,Tem tituli 
aui Tanrpare), 

tDatrimoDialea, «ee tnbuliu Ugat. 

matria. xxiv. 26, aee Oethepia. 

matrix, radix nel uterua, ilti. 23 
(A lin- An PhiKiie, p. i2l, 8 haec ιπαίπΐ). 

matronalea [for malrimo'iia^i?], iHTO. 
9, see tiihulat legut. 

matta, mapimla [two lemmata, withoat 
interpret,? see note J on p. ö], π. IIB 
(Bened. rtf. SG, 24 [43] Btiaineuta...le«U>- 
ram aufQciat πιαΙΜ,.,ι 31 [55; also mofmla] 

(□att&e, izxiv. 3. see ipialhio. 

Matthaum, see Mallunim. 

I. 73, t 


oterprel.], n. 114 
(Btned. rrg. 6Θ, 3 [4] senex...ouiltB ma- 
turilat euiu non ainat vogftre). 

niktnytn, xxi. 29, see eupun periem. 

maollitia [ = μΛυΚιατήι, a puidar], 
Boyhend, χι,νιι. 35 (A!ia=1) = m-, w^end, 
Cp. U40; n>-, sayhend, Ep. 16A30; Ef.>— . 
For icghend, leyerul, α aeduoer, oormpter, 
part. ab. of tcyha», icyan, to peianode, 
aee Boaw. T. (teyan). 

UMUTia, de aura facta in tonica [tunica] 
i>lest gespan. iiii. 11 (Uerb. lnterpT.= 
Bier, in ilatth. τιι. 28-30 coi. iß^ violae 
aero purpuram, nuUo snperari mariee) = 
mttTtca, nenpon, Cp. Μ3ϋβ: miirira, gespan 
aureuiQ in tunica, Ep. 14030 ; nuriea, 
RBBpoD aureum in tonica. ΕΓ.' 371. 8. 
From these I'eadings it would seem Ibat 
the above niauria stands for maarica or 


146 INDEX (LATiy 

,„„,_ 1 

niurica, & deTelopment of miirei, the 

membra, iivm. 31, aee auietU. ^H 

membruno, vi. IS, tee ptrigaM^lii.Jt^ä 

pointed rook or utone ; (2) η ahnrp mnrei- 
ahell used for a. bridle.bil i (ϋ) ft caltrop 

mcmbrODula, xm. 30, iee ρίίιιίίβ^^Η 

with ahsrp painU \ [I] a spike of iroD (see 

Lewie Λ Short, Lai. Di•^'.), and hanoe. 

memore« aalif, pro oibo posuil eol uel 

poseiblj, murioa=the A. 8, ρίΐραη («β 

dootrinam, iim, 12 (1 Etdr. it. U nos,.. 

Bosw. T.).aolMp. 

nemorei talis qnod in polatio oomedimoB). 

mBUriUni, iv. Ιβ. see mojei. 

memorU, aepulcmm, m. G3 (T'tt. S. 

nuualUo [soleo], vit. 6, see in mauHlio. 

Anton, vn ool. 131>'° cum in an* 

maueolto, sou in muiutfio. 

nunnoria supra dictus frater earn olaoma- 

ηίΑΠαιίΛ, eenne flagelUa [1], m. 43; 

act). For ια/αιοτία βββ ajao ((. IS) aboUri; 

(hi. 05) cpilomen ; (in. 73} epinuhne. 

maiLilliB, χιϊιϊ. 1, Βββ matii. 

memorie, see epimeknt. 

maxime. ixiiv. 49, see dumtaxat ; xlit. 

mempmUea «fjina pgypti [Aeg-] uel 


ciiiitas, IUI. 3 {Ex div. librU=Sulp. 

maximls, u. 193, aee preeipiiii. 

Sil'. Dial. I. 23 p. 176, 11 bio Aegyptum... 

me, I. 1, see oieutetur me. 

mcndflcinm, aee iiinta* ; per hiromam. 

Iifor.) = {li«f. m. 36 fol. 51• oiuitati, quae 

raendationi [-oium], ιιτιπ. 3fi A iiii. 7, 

euprs M.ifaminim iaoet). — Meanilruin, 

loonm uel BtaKmim, ιχϊτ. 262 (Dt Eut.) = 

monsa, χχχτηι. 29, see trapetila. 

. IS fol. 86" »pud Apamiam, qu^ 
est supra ileaiidnim poaita). 

meatna, uaene [uetiae] modicq [-cae], 
nn. 23 lUfrb. Interpr. = nier. in Matth. 
XT. 17, 18 per occnitos mealiu oorporis) = 
m., uenae uKKlioae, Cp. M143. 

Heda, Dotnea loci, xin. 29 [Itai. xxi. 2 
□bside Medi). 

mediam, lun, 3G, seeii/ uiilio«; iut. 

medioamina, xiiix. 49, see eoUriitm. 
medicinalia, xiu. S7, see laliuniula; 
I, xxxt. 19, aee ιΛοΙια medixi• 

\. 12, i 

laeuBis, IUI. 13, »ee nisaii. 

mend« jperlMreUieiu [aiae iaterpre- 
tat.], I. 73 {De Cnnon.; Can. Apottt. 
ιχχϊΐπ sec undo Tern xn. dio memit 
HyperberrUei ; cf. Can. Cone. Antiocli. 
icTin metiHiB Ootobris, quem Hyper- 
beretaeoQ ürscoi oognomiaaut). 

menstrnnm, quftodp luPH dietnUtoi 
[deatr-] uel instTiiitur, ιιπι. 30 (Lib, 
ΗοΙ. = ηί4. Lib. de mt. rer. ιτιπ. S 
lunA,,,nKnf(ruii eompletiooibua defidt). 

aeannm. τ. 1, see eyati. 

I. Ii2, iee qiianlilat; Itv. 30, 

iiiiu. 13 Iter}, see mttreta, 16, aee gonurr. 

medietas, xiivm. 3.Ϊ, Hi>e ei diaiaetro. 

24, aee arbiBOt; ill 20, »ee <ance. 

medio, iiTin. 47, aee parenlheiin ; 

xixtx. β, see rn grtmio. 

menaure [-rae], mm. 12, see ephi, 14, 

meditatio, xxxv. 128, aee mnlUio. 

see artabf. 

medium, ιιχτπ. 9, see labulai Ugat; 

mente, L• 37, see dMrantti. 

ojv. 29, see ai-ew. 

mentia, xirm. 60, iee enthia%ema\ ixx. 

mediua, □. θβ, aee himina \ ixii. a, aee 

40, aee cxl-uei ; ixiviii. 10, aee pMta- 


raentitur, ixxv. 132, seefi/ellit. 


megale [ = mygale], see netila. 

me heroule, see mihrrculi. 

meroes, see emta«menlum. 

mercis [merces], mi. 17, see tmulu- 

merouTil, τιπ. Β, see Γπ aceruo nurcurii. 

melius, ixx». 201, see caulerr. 

meretribua [for meretricibtu], t. 25, see 

mellatum. i. 25, see uinum eandidun. 


melle, iiv. 5, see placental. 

meretrioibUB, see commeiialioiui. 

molMll», modolatio, xivi. 10 {Ttld. 

meridiana, ilit, 4, aee (ftnw. 

Oße. π. 12, a Vüi,..habene, .meiodiani 

meridianua. ilit. H. see /icmeriniii. 

aanctae religioni coDgruentom). 

meridii [-diej, lur. 11, see elima, IE, 

see extmerinui. 

INDEX {latin) mer. — mil. 


nwilto, iuste, η. 103 {Bmed. reg. 7, 
' 47 [76] Dooemur...>n<ri'(o noetram Qon 
beere uoluatatcai). 

meroc«m, Domen pUcU, ni. 20 (De S. 
Marl. Stor. = 3ulp. Sev. Dial. ui. 10, 4 
Immsnem aoeen ; esotiaaceiu, ieocom, in 
nott. The initUi m of the lemma arose, 
perhnpe, from the final nt οΓ immauem). 

metabol», ideet iteraCio uniue rei aub 
narietate Derbornm, XI vm. 37 {Caji. 
Psalm. V. 2 gcbevoa...>itctabote, idesi i. u. 

nwWoift, ideat tnuislatia oum matatnr 
nomen aut ueibum ci eo loco in i^iio pro- 
priuin eat, xiTm. 76 (Co«. Piaim. iiu. 9 
!m\ metaphara id est tr.a.m.n.s.u.c. c.l, nbi 
proprium est, in eum in quo aut proprium 
deeat, ant tranelatum proprio nioliuB 
est). — metafoTUi, iatini per tranalationem 
diuunt cum rem aliquaia sub breui pre- 
eonio qii« ait ostendimas, ζιτιιι.65 (Cime. 
Piaim. xv-ni. 7 apeciee deQnitiuniB ^aam 


il uerborum, 

Cp. M13'J:m.(nmln/ura), 
1, Ep, HE38 4 Ef.i S71, 

.letpretalionem, xu. 61 
(Cat. Hier, lxy col. 675" aoripait et 
Ιΐιΐτί.φραιΐί» in Ecclesiaaten brevem ; Β : 
aoripait utetaphrann Ideet InirTprctaltonem 
in ec<1. b. ; C: aoripait et eocleaiaatea 
breiiem), — mataftftels, in tcrpreUtio. iixv. 
86 («u/. ΤΠ. 35 fol. 137• Metaphrann... 
aoripait) = niclu/rafin, iiiterpraetatio, Cp. 
t&XH; Ep. UCll; Ei." 370, M. 

matalla, nincula, it. 51 (Ectl. ΙιΙοτ.) = 
(Hu/. IV. 23 fol. (Η)• per mitalla friitribaa 
relegetia).^per meUJU, per diaereaa artea 
fern uel alias, xxxv. 143 [De £u<f.| = (Au/, 
in. 7 fol. 39• iunennm.,,reliquOH...*iiiolo» 
ad opera fgfpti per melaUÄ denlinatoe ; 
I. 4 fol. 160° ptr mrtalla damnauerat). — 
111 ineUUo. in caroare, «it. 3Ü5 (fi»/ 
viti. 14 fol. 142• in vietiUlo Faneom ί viu. 
14 fol. 142' ia. ..melaUa)^in metallo, in 
cftrcere.Cp. 187; Ep.llE23; Ef.' 365, 3δ. 

metallo, xxiv. 205, aee in mttallo aub 

metapliora. «ee melafom. 

metaphrasin, see mclnfraiin. 

metempMluwb [-paychoeia], motatio(!) 
aninie [-mne] ali^ [-ae] in alteram 
homioein, xxii. 56 (Urrb. laltrpr.-Uier. 
ill MnXth. II. 14, IS [|Uoeilam hnriftieoi 
qui μ.tτtμ.'^ιύχuιβt^ inlrodaouot ; «V. 1, 2 
μίημψιιχύΐίί ('), and ιατιμψίιχώσιΐικ). 

metempsjoboei», aee Hitieii\p»chaii». 

mmcnloU, pauidi, π. 67 {Βμ[. vi. SI 
fol. 112'' ad morisndniii.,.i>Mtic'tto(i vide- 

matoiiTtnia, trananominatio ut eat qui 
habitat in o^liB inridehit, iivm. 28 (Ca»». 
Pealm. u. i haec flgura Greece dioitur 
meioni/Mia, Latine traninominalia ; [nt 
eet, added b; the GloBeator, referring to] 
qui b. in coelis inr. eon [quoted by Caaa.J. 
See alto ii. iO) = metirmnnia, traoanomi- 
Qatio.Cp. M169 ; in-,greoe trausnominatio, 
Ep. 16Ü15 ; m-, grece trananoniina, ΕΓ.' 
372, 38. 

metopoaa, ixvin. 34, eeejigura nutopoea. 

metreta, men aura una ut qaidam dicunt 
habenl aeitsrios ο menaura aatem greoe 
■netroin dioitur unde et metreta dicitur 
Notandnm uero quod menanra hebraicam 
nomen eat, xiim. 13 {Euch. Dt ρσκίΐ. 
p. 159, 5 mftreta nua, ut quidam d. babot 
aextarioH ocntum, m. a. Oraeue METBON 
d. u. e. m. appellaltir, a. a. q. m. Hebraeum 
n, e.). 

metroD, aee melreta. 

matropoUe, matpr oinitatam, hit. 47 
(Hu/. I. 6 fol. 161'' MttTopoUtani epiacopi). 

metropolitani, ae« melmpolU. 

matnim, modjum, ixiv. 133 (Au/. u ' 


menti) = nutmta, modium, Cp, M138 ; 
Ep. 14E11 ; Ef.' 371, 29. For mtlnim 
aee alao (uiui. 13) metreta. 

nucat, lu. 16, aee Ι/φαΗση. 

Hleeiie, oomen cioitatia et plurale licnt 
Kalendae, xuii. 16 {De div. nominibtu = 
Donati An grammal., p. 374, 2 Agamem- 
noniaeque Mycenae [Yirg. A. 6, 838]; 
id., p. 377, 2 qaaedam...plureJia.,.nt 
Athense Oamae,..ifycniae; id., p. 376, 
27 pluralia, nt Kalendae nnudinae...). 

micidue, aeeprrfmola. 

micioa, it. 11, see preterhla. 

micinoa, ir. 43, see paluiltoi. 

mifortia, iiiy. 19, see iniAtTeuIi. 

migdallim, see amietalum. 

nilgnia ot miitum, idem est, im. 39 
lliai. III. 21 eommiatnm miymn αυιηβ- 
dent). CC nii^nui, commixtum, Cp. M2S0. 

mitietOnli, mifortia, xiiv. 19 {Rn/. it. 
tol. 58• BK fareuii). 

miU, vm. IC, «ee mala uuri^.... 

inilea, eee pugit. 

milia, xim. 2, ΒβββΙϋ fnroe ; nxv. 31, 

milicie [militiae], xn, 42, aee u<mi. 
luUia [lea], ilti. 2, aee pupil. 
milJtea, xiv. 31, ace tyronet: ιχχττι. 19, 
aeelaunu; xilll.SS, aee 1(111 iit munrro,,. 
militiae, aee luua «uirorum. 
militibua, i. 112, aee »lipendiit. 
"'' "■ ■ IV. 38, aee iniinirum diituj, 


a jui i 

148 INDEX (lati 

V) roil,— mod. ^^^ 

miliii, xia. 37. eee mahie nauii. 

Bee note] recitetur leaüo una. πύιαι, 

Milyio, meponit nwlnio. 

12 [ID; nee note! miuiu, 17 [36] miuati 

mliu Orece mina tiei unciae. iiii. 33 

35, 20 [35] nsque ad mi..«. ; 38, 5 [6] post 

(Di ponder,?).— τοίΆΜ. habet etateraa iin 
ideat dragmaa c serupiilos ccc quod Taoit 

mi»a»\ 60. 9 [13] mw«« tenete.— »4 

mUMta, ad [filnitae, n. 10 [B/vtd. reg. 85, 

SO [35] uaqne ad miuat). 

poH<Ur^).-miwL est libra una at eami- 

mitru, liaetas, xxvi. 8 [Itid. Oße. π. 

nnou. UU11. S fDe pond. Euch., p. 158, 9 

5, 3 impousB eia mitral). Cf. mttra, haet, 

mina e.l.Q.B. letauncia). For miria see 

Cp. Μ227. For noita«(aocua.pliir., head. 

sUo (nxm. 3) (affntton. Of. Blume, i. 

bands, lurUana) see Bosw. T. [h<rt, hett); 

37*. 16. 

cf. Napier. 6243. 

minae, mine, xxxnt. 3, see talentum. 

mittent, i. 60, Bee enuimipent. 

tnitigere, imx. 48, tee calculwa. 

mittele, i. 7, see ailigare : ilt. 10, ow 

minime, iLm. 49, see parcj, 60, aee 



mrnieUr. xi.v. 31. nee aditcln. 

toittit, XI. 6, aee filrfcol; mtttlt, 

miniBteriie [miniBtria?]. iv. 4S, eee 

iiivm. 18, aee creta comam-; see also 



nitttitur. TUi. 17, aee nitnim; in. 36, 

mitttiDl. IV. 21, eee/oraminn. 

mioietratio, m. 46. see app<irabili,. 

miitum, im. 39, see miyma, 43, see 

ministreWr, n. 1Ö9, MB mbrogtttir. 


minietri, vi. 18, eee nemphi ; m. 18, 

mna, see taltnlinn. 

aee inmtilini. 

mohilis, xiiiv. 41, nee nutabundru. 

mtmam, quasi fab^ [fabae] albo colore 

also parrtftri«. 

inneniuniar in eonea [concha], in*. 6 

minifltroB, mix. IB, eee paritorei. 

(ΜαΐΚΐ not in the Vulgalef). Cf. Papiae 

minor, ixii. H, see hin ; sixrx. 31, eoe 

(Da C): moaim, simile eet fabae, legumen 

ml. Ital. moco (Tommaseo, Diz.) ; K«, 


Elym. W'irterb. 385 [moeo). 

minoree. ixni. 4, eee eumentar'ii. 

moderate, temperate, ii. 124 {Bentd. 

miniiB, see yuiiiluHitiia• ; mlstu, Π. 158, 

reg. 22. 15 [26] inricem Be iRoiiemt« cohor- 

see «i juo minui. 

ttmtur). — ^moderate [for inoderatiu?] i. 71, 

rainut», IIII. Q. see qiuidram: ilv. 10, 

aeo mod/tU. 

see gyt. 

minutae. aee calcnlm. 

minuti. w.ti. Χβ. see littr. 

modernoi, nonos. αχα. 16 {Ortg. DiaL 

III. 25 col. 280^ od moil^rwu Patre«)» 
v,odirno>. tiouos, Cp. M263 ; Ep. ISASB ; 

Er.' 372, 20. 

modette. moderate uel recte, i. 71 {D* 

mire [for miri ?], x. 16, aeo rriKi«. 

Canon. 1 Dieret. Gelas. ii modatae oon- 

miri, 1, 10, see cspna; im. 67, see 

oacaationie; of. laid. Elym. i. 169). 

lafiuncuk; see aUo erociu. 

modeetin, 11. H3. aee gmuiUie; ixxt. 

301, aee /rvj,«. 

tamarieiiu, the (amariskj dicitur, uv. 10 

modi, see balui; eboria. 

{Hitr. xm. β erit...qaaei myricat in 
deeerto; ιι,τιπ. % id.). 

modioa, im. 9, see ol/actoriola, 40, eee 

perpendif Ilium ; xvi. 4, see liicm, 5, aee 

miroi, mm. 5, aee dirfraflmn. 

Uniiieat.n.aeeeaitrum; χπ. 63, aee «it- 

mirte [myrtae], ivn. 20, see nyrttta. 

gittim; xxiii. 17, aee eiuitiu dauid; 

HIT. 117. aee Cerriloria. 291, see ιίΐρίι ; 

the niiia], mn. 32. aee fJuImnCica. 

mil. 31, aee carabum, 36, aee lex unliat. 

miBerere, ii. 98. see KyHtUi,<m. 

raodioae, aee eroeat ; nuatut ; paito- 

missa. xi. 11, eoe in aqua... 


mudicae, ιιϊ. θ. see Iiiin6ar<; uivii, 0, 

aee tabnlaM legat. 

mlHU, auiisaas uel SdUc [flnitoe, or 

raodioe [-oae], i. 16, Bee crorat ; my. 

ßnitas?], η. 110 (Bfwni, rijf. 17, 9 [13; 

62, see paifo/orie. 

INDEX (Latin) mod.^mon. 

> ilttvt; in. 31, see 
[. 13, see uma; ixxr. 40, 

■ee catinum ; ιιχτ. 64, see nuirt^riutu ; 
Bee alao quippiam. 

moaloa• &atem gomor ziii seitarioE, 
XXXI. S ; see ganior. Far modieut eee also 
(xm. 48) myrta» ; (mu. 10) «aitwi. 

modü, xxittt. Θ, aee chonu, 10, see 

eiioro», 39, Bi 

See bathot; xiun. 14, ea 

iDodie [for laodiciimJ], i 

:. 47, t 



modokUi, see modutatii. 
moduli, lateria, π. 19 (fir«u. ex 
mod nlab ilia, aee miuica. 
mciduktiü, iivL 10, aee tnelodi, 
modolfttla, auauitar cantatiB. 
{Bentd. reg. 11, 4 [5] modolatii [modu• 


ot lä, 27 modnla- 

MogjEcl, aea Moitl. 

molaa, iottmi dentea, iix. 56 (Job i 
IT ooDlerebüm moUu iniqui). 

molaCa [I), iivi. 1. sec eommolila. 

molealia, i. 133, aea scrapitbtm; n. 153, 
Bee icrapotoiitat. 

moleatuB, xixv, 203, see inftttui. 

moliri, xuv. 8Θ, see axrm. 

molttlo, meditatio mnli. xxxv. Ι2Θ [Ruf. 
u. 36 fol. 3S'> noQarnm rerum moliliomb\a). 
Cl. motitionibun, dispositiQuibne, Cp. Μ3β2. 
which Sclilatter Üiinks ia taken from 
OiosiOB, ΐϊ. 14, 5, aeeÄrch./. Lot. Lexic. 

X. 363. 
^^ molitionibu 
^B iDollescere, 
^H molliores. 

.16, see eemeala. 

mallincere [molleao-}, ι 

. IS, see 

molooeoUa [melancholia], hamor tellie, 
XXTU. 30 {Lili. Riit.=Itid. Lib. de «at. 
rer.?\ = meUmcalüi. ucQor fellis, Cp.M183; 
Ep. UC37; Ef.' 371, Ifi: cf. laid. Etym. 
tr. 6, 6 mtlaneholia dicta, βο quod ex 
nigri Biui(;iiiniB tueee admiita ail abuu- 
dautia fellia. 

mohMi, caiiea. vi. 20 {Breu. rxKat.l). 
Cf. Draeoiil. i. 279 El rauooe liniuil 
diacuiTEDa dama malomoa; and Napler, 
3641, 4746. 

molneront. manseruat nel aenuerunt, 

molnlo. iixv. 242, aea^ntf moluio. 

momentuiBaB, cotidianae, xl. 10 

modaehi. u. 189, aee monoiterium. 

monftdniB, giaeoe singularis laline, n. 
107 (Bened. reg. 1, 1 [1] De generiboe 
monachorum. ΛίαπαΐλοΓίΐΗΙ., . genera ; 7, 
112 [180) Bi...cautentUB eil «uxiockue). 

manaptolmon, luacas, ixi. 70 (Cat. 
Hier, xcviu col. 699* Äeacins, qnera, 
qaia littetu erat, μαιόφθαλμοί' nancnpa- 
baDt ; B: Äc. qaem q.l.e. monathalmon 
mouocalum nanc; C: Ac. quem q.l.e. 
rblank] noncupababunt). Cf. monotalmii. 

ly. 62 (Ruf. lY. 18 toi. 66''; 
Ab regards pugiit, see > 
monomaohia) pugna 

η uel pugnq. 

'. 20 fol. 88''). 

moQBrcba (for 

laiis.Cp. M273. 

le iiwnaiterium. 
□uins monachi eil habi- 
u apud greooa eolam eat, 
aenea. rtg., Prol. 103 [135] in 

monilia, see reiiimiitulii. 

moDO, a. 1ΘΘ, see moiuiileriuvi. 

Cf. Hierou, CatNm. in tibr. Job xxxix. 
9. ap. Migne, Fair. Lat. xxvt col. 7700 
' Niunquid Tolet rhinooeroB eervire tibi, 
aut morabitur ad praesepe tuum?' Sive, 
aC alii dixeruDl; 'Xnniqiiid Tolet mono- 
cerue eervire libi?' Ei diyerea edilione 
Irans feienti um advertitnus, qaod ipaum 
Bit rhinoeeroi quod et monoeerot, et Lktine 
intelligatnr unkamii, sive super nusB 
DOma habeas). See further äabatier, in 
loe., versio ant., and alao below rinoeenu, 

} monaptolmoni mamm. 

t.43, ee ■ 

φβαΧΐ»•' nnnctipnbaiit; Β: q.q.l.e. monO' 
thalDion monouulum nanc. ; C: q.q.I.e. 
[blaok] no onpababant). Gf. also nuinaptol- 
iiui«. For mono» see also einticta. 

■nonotbalnioD, Memoaaptolmon ; πκιπαπ. 

moiui, IX. 2, Bee ifaion; ilv. 13, see 

. xxviit. 74, see ironia. 
[far monitral], xat. i• 

r. 86, 

nee eapparii; 
lee mtandrum. 

') mon. — niul. 

Cp., Ep. end Ef.', ίτοπι Ä.S. eleöfan, ti 
epiit, and^tlie mod. E. eL•vf (Oxf. Did. 
clove, Bb.i, one of the sdibU bulbs wbioh 
make up the compouDd bulb of garlic, 
sliallot, etc.). Tb« application to the 
mordiDt may have been that the elioe 
of metal or gem which compoeed the 
mordant somewhat resembled a bit of tt 

mod, XTU. 8, Bee occambert, 

morois, diu turn a uel longa, □. 119 
{Btnrd, reg. 5Θ, 29 enh tarn πιοηχα deti- 
lieratione {SO morotam] ; cf. 48, 9 [11] 
moroie volumua dioi). On thie moranu 
(lingenng, slow, from mora), see Lewis Λ 
Sh. (3 rmroinu). 

montium, ) 

■ee iagum monlium ; xxivi. ΐ, eee Armftiim 

monnmento, vii. β, see in taauiilio. 

moraliuui, see Iropicon, 

morare [ — morari], I. GS, see inhibere. 

moras, see ItatiKiu. 

morbtiU, lan^iiida, a. Ill (Benrd. reff. 
a», 17 [31] ovia morbida; cf. S, 17 [34] 
nuirbid is... uclibut,). 

morbo re[gl]o, leproHilas. ιϊ. 89 {Keel, 
litor.siiuf, s, 25 lol 172" interiue es- 
teriuaqiie niorlio regio oorrupCaa). — ragio 
morbm, lorpna afficit colore sicnt pedes 
aocipitria, my. 181 (De Eiu.^Ruf. vi. 7 
Γοΐ. 101)^ ne rigio norbo oorrumperetar... 
morbo reffio-.repletur ahine eonsumitur) 
= Ttgiu» morbid, corporis color etlicitui 
eiout pedes aecipiltlc, Cp. RSS;, 
β. o.e.«. pede aocippitris, Ep.33M6;')'.n., 
D.o.e.B. pedes aceipitris, Ef.' 3θβ, S5. 

morbuB, xxiiv. 31, see tabo; merbne, 
ixiv. 181, see morbo rtgia. 

mordacius, see mordaUui. 

mordaUna, doi. xltii. 21 {ΑΙϊα^Ί)- 
nuirdaci•!», clouae, Cp, MJM ; τα-, clafae, 
Bp, 1S&29* and ΕΓ.' 872, 2i.—mordaeiut, 
nurrdatiai = O. Pr. mordant (Oodefroy, 
DiDt.) = N)ourifaunt ill Chaucer, Itum. RoMt 
(Chancer's Woiks, ed. Sheat, I. 139) 
11. 1094, «here the Fr. text (li. 1083) bos 
mordent (Iroro Uie Lai. murdere, to bite, 
grip) ; it differed from the boucU (Fr. text, 
li. 107S}. HalliwcU and otbera explain it 
" the toDi^e of a buckle," but ece Skeat'n 
note, ib, p. 425, whoeaye it wae'"probahlj 
the metal cliape or lag Sled to the end of 
a girdle or strap, viz. to the end remoin 
Crom the buckle," and refers to Fairholt, 
Coitume in Knglatut, Gloss., Vol. a. p. 388 
in ed. leeC. Cf. also Ctiit. Diet, in τ. 
Clox is α miswrlliti([ for clouae, clofae, ia 

roortati, iv. 29, see eiiliali ; 
lee leiht". 
mortalium, see iriipicoii. 
mortem, i. 39, see diwii. 
mortiferJB, i. S3, see/iraeilii. 
mortis, iii. 3, see oMaclionii 

Qi. 61. I 

• tßaban 
xn. 37, at 

> exploia ; mortoi, 

Moftel, see Mutel. 

moster [for morutnimt], uu. 43, gee 

motatio, xxii. 66, see laetenipeehorii. 

motatores, iv. 101, see rornitat. 

motum, uvui, 43, see idea, 

molus, ii.t». 37, Bee dexlera. 

njouere, iv. 43, see guaUre. 

Diojsica, see muiiea, 

HdisI, mauricani, iv. 16 JEiech. xxvn. 
19 Vulg. ; Dan. Moiel : Heyee. in note 
Moiet ; Sabat. in uote Uoiitl). 

muoronibuB, ιιιτ, 304, aee pugioitibiu. 

mnHbri [mniiebri], t, 137. see «EHone«. 

mulcaU, uiucto, χιιτ. 803 [De £ui.l; 
mulcatOB, percusBiiB, iv. 28 {Eccl. Ittor.) ; 
miiltatK. perouEsa, xxxv. 131 (De Eiu.) = 
{Rii/. m. S tol. 86^ «ens ..vniuerea ntule- 
lattt aitl. Cf. muUata, perouaaa, Cp. 
M330 ; Ep. 14E34 ; Ef.i 371, 52. 

molc&tni, percuBsoB, iv. 38, see mul- 

mulctata, see mulcata 

mulctra, see multhra. 


nialieliri, see tirionet 

mulierem, xixvu. 9. 

tee tabnUu Itgat. 

mulietea, iin. 6, b> 

e lunula; Θ, at 

olfa'torioia, 28, see lirene. 

mulieris, xiu. 43, see 


muUerum, »x»v, 368, 

INDEX (latin) mul. — mur. 

molEnni, doJce, um. 19 |2 Eidr. Tm. 


ne interpret.], ir. Öl (EecJ. 

1 cometlite pinguiB, bibite muUum). 

I»tor.) ; mune 

multa, xi-vm. 4ö, 63, 75,77; »iu.49. 

militum, xiiv 

•2a lö,- Ku,.) = (Haf. Y. 2 

miilt&e, see mullf, maligma. 

fol. 7«" Melu 

TOS 4 Sftnchie...maniniw 

multAB, xm. itü, see in territ. 


ntor in medio arenae) = 

multftl«, peicBBsa, x: 

. 131, see 

le maiaffma ; i: 

multH [-tae], u. 
60, See leniina, 

mult^ [multae], xvn. 20, see mgrteta. 

τοΜίΟαΛ. celdre, u.viii. Ol {De Cau.7}. 
The lemma is not Tuund in CasaianilB' 
workn, but eeems = muJucira, oeoldre, Cp. 
M314. Ab hardlj bdj CansiaDua glossee 
appear in Cp., the above is, perhapa. one 
wroagly arranued among tliose eioerptod 
from liim. ΜμΙιΗγ/ι, muluelra - cIshb. 
Lat. mulcira, a milk- pail, and etldre, 
perhaps a ktttU. derived from caldariutn, 
Λ oaldr{on) ; see Kluge, Aug. Leetb. p. 
166•; Scbiattet, in Angtia, ui. 488; 
HolthauBeu, ib. ixi. 3S7; Eloge, AUg. 
Dial., p. 335 ; Qoetz. vi. 714. II malclra 
were the milk in α milk-paii, eeldre might = 
A.3. etalre {preeaed curds). Cf. Boaw. Γ. ; 
Orimm, D. Wiirt. (v. Kelier). 

niulti, x:Jt. 43, see lamia ; il. 13, see 

mul tie, x^ 


Cp. U331; Ep. UE35; Ef." 371. 58. 

mnuloipaUa, i. 58, nee getta munieipalia. 

mnnldpU, trihntarii, iixix Gl (not in 
Greg, Dial., but Oecr. Hilar, praef, p, 
2dl* Ecoleaia illiuB munieipii; Diet: Leon. 
iLii p. 238* BolitarÜB municipUi). 

muoierea, xixvii, 11, see am-bieret. 

munl&Miitia, largitan, χιιτ. 231 (flu/. < 
XI. 19 fol. ler," religione et munifii:e%nia)= ' 
Cp. M333 ; Ep. 14Ε3β ; Ef.' 871, 64. 

munitioDem, ιχτι. 3, me cemnunl- I 

mnlliuooa, iliii, 1\, eee voUomma. 
multu, xxi[. II, aee mtindnin muliebreM. 
multcmm, xix. G, see vumarckia. 
mull«B, xxxn. 7, Βββ eruci• 
multum, xiiTU 


Muiuio, ace ponte molujo. 
mandBDlee, xxir. 13, see exolantti. 
mundatam, x. 1, Bee otcidetar me. 
mandate, xiv. 25, teapolilt, 
mundati, iv. 47, Bee livutli. 
nundi. xLvm. 62, Bee inmwiet. 
mundiora, xm. 11, bbB mutatoria. 
mundo, xuv. 17, aee com. 
mundoram, xxx. 04, aee catheroa. 

, patua dona, ii, 115 {Bened. 
Ttg. Ö4, 5 [5] quaelibet muntueala acoi- 
pere). Foi muiuurmla aee also (in. 18) ' 

Domedebant.,.abomiiiationem et murem). 

tnnminlk, piaaiB aimiÜB angnile [anguil- 
lae] marinuB aed grosBior, iii. β (Job; 
Pratf. Hieran, p. xiv' angnillnm vel 
iRurmuidJM BtriotiB (enere manibnB), 
Migne, P. L. xxvin cot. lOSl* anguillam 
ant muTtetiulaia..., but muτenuL•n in note 
; Seyee, p. l ιπυηΐΐηυΙαιΠι but martnu• 
lam in note i. The Cambr. MS. has 
murenuUjm. PisoiB marinoa Bimilla an• 
goillq. — mnrennlas, catenulaa, nil. 10 
(Iiat. lu. 20 auf^rot Doiuinufl,,.in«ri- 
nuUi). The Cambr. MB. Murenulat, 
oatenaa de auio mirifice factas. 

ia[ = 

VI. 17, Ε 


indoa, I 


mnndum mnUebrem, malto tempore 
debuerunt unguore oariiB pigmentis et 
indni ueatibuB regalibuB illud dioitur 
mandum mulielirem. ixil 11 (Either ii. 
3 accipiant tnundum mulieh-em ; ii. 9 uC 
acceleraret mwidim muliebrem). For 
mvnduia aee also (iliv. 10) cardinei. 

Bee antarticm. 

moimoT, uaatrung, lit. 48 (Dc S. Marl. 
iSror. =,S'ulp. Bee. Dial. ii. 13, 3 oonlo• J 
qnentinm murmiir audimus i Λ Vit. 
Mart. 23, 6 murmur. - mul tarum nooum 
audiebattir). For uatlrung = hunutrang, 
ng, a whiBpeiing, murmuring, aee 

Γ. T. 

myrrha et nine ; Heyae, in not. miiTra) = 
mumt et ataf herbae sunt, Cp. M313. 

S3 dabant et bibere myrrhaUm vinum ; 
Wordaw. Ä White mnmitiim) = jnurra£ui«, 
1, Cp. M974. 

mniue, ixm. 10, we ttaluaa. 

moio euilna. qu; in cane habitat, 
xxtvt. II [Orot. I. 10, 11 post mwca» 
caninat ; id. vii. 27. 7 mmeae cnninui).— 
For mnecBB (xii. IG) see canup;um. 

nmeoiu, beetia et Bangnis eius boni 
odoris est, ztvn. β (ΛΙια-% Oerm. 
Jfofchui, see (itiinm. D. Wirterb. ; Qoetn, 
Tl. p. 721. Cf. mmciu, genua herbae, 
Cp. M312. 

mnile«., modo Ubiia [for moduiabiiu?], 
ixi. 17 1 see dtn/rrljca : - moyiica, moda- 
labilis, Cp. M233 ; moyijcii. modolabilie, 
Ep. IICIS; moiiäiea, modo Ubüia, Ef.' 
370, 45. 

mUHicam. see niaiica BUb v. diuifctiea. 

nweJnmu», ecraena, iLvn, 78 (Jiin = r) 
^m-, acreauua, Cp. U33U ; πι-, Boreaiut, 
Ep. 1SA30; ΕΓ.' ~. For (mutirumii leg.) 
mu< aranrui, a email moDie, Ihe (Ariir- 
mmu«, aee Lewia & Sb. (2 anifKui); 
Ooetz Ti. 721 (ηιωίηιτκκ) and vi. 720 
(miu Jiaratietu). Foi tcraeua (to., a 
sbienl-mouBe}, Bee Bobw. T. [lereaiea). 


L. 57. Bi 

Γ) raiir. — nar. 

nyimiooleon, Bee Impardut. 
mjTotheca, n^e in myrlhefl. 
myrrha, tee eaieia ; marra. 

myrtae, Bee myrtKiu. 

myrteta, uiii luult^ eunt mirlQ [myrtae] 
idest arbocea fructaoeae, ivii. 20 {Zachar. 
I. 8, 10, II Btabat inter myrleta). 

myrthece, xi<v. 161), Bt>e fn myrthecf. 

myrtum. see mijrtut, 

nvi^iu, niodicQS arbur boni odorie 
semper uirJde, xni. iS {Uai. ill 19^rfum; lt, 13 pro artioa ereaoet 

mythopfflia, eeafiavra mtlopota. 

η for I: unouts (for alouii). — for ni; 
ideonati (idiomati) ; teraphin (-phim). — 
forr: cathafios (-ros); communione (-ore), 
—for I : diaoeitanm (diaceiaam). — η itt- 
»erled: ooetnentaria. ooementeria (ooeme- 
tcria) ; inconpententibus (-peten(ibua) ; 
aimultantem(-tatem),^iionii([rd: ailetae 
taul-) ; elegos (elengoa) ; netoroea (neter- 
iioaa). — nn for η : dnccTtnarium (daoe• 
naKum) ; pannigerieiB (paTiegyriDie). 

NaaesoD, aee Naton. 

Dublia, III. 10, see tynerie; nablle, vti. 
1, «ee III mbli: 

Nabo, Xaboth, see Del. 

NabuohodoDosor, ιττ. 12, see rej/in/i. 

Dabnlum, ιιιτιιι. U, eee epibalU. 

., gronae, ilvii. S3 {Jlia=?) 
π, granae, Cp. H335; Ep. 16A20; 
io, graoae, Ef.' 872. 18. For 
ia, α moiiitach!, see Körting, 
WäTit'b. no. 6413; for gronae, üranae. 
Bee Schade, AltdfUtichri tt'rlb. {graua}; 
Kluge, Elym. T\'rlb. {Urannt). 

mvitnm, facitur de mulin granatis idcAt 
malia pnnicie, i. 3fi (Cnrii. vui. 3 dabo 
tibi... mui (Hm raatomin Hnmetorum meo• 

! ptumuiit. 

mutatorlA, nestimeiita alia meliara et 
mnndiora, iin. 11 (Itai. ill. 22 [nuFeret 
Dcmin u b] , . , mutnl orid ) . 

35, ece dextera. 

mutual», dubitabo, iiini. 10 (,S. 
Aug.1). Q' for muteUaba? Tbie form of 
the »erb.does not aecin to occur ia Aog., 
bnt we find Quid miiaUanI homines inter 
»e, Berm. 72, 4 (Migne iiitui ool. 4118) ; 
adhac mnuitat Berpeits, et non Ucct, 
Semi. 341, 6 (ibid, iiiu ool. 1406). 

Mycenae, see Uieene. 

mygale, eeo nelila. 

myricae, Bee miricf. 

nanciaol, inueniri, xxiv, 2θβ {Jtu/. ix. 9 
fol. HT• quiequid...naiK:iici potnit). 

nanctu, naena, iLvm. 62 (Dc Cati., 
Iiut. V. 39i 2 tarn iUe naaelUM [iiaelut, in 
three M88.] occaaioneiii). Niieiu for ιΉ- 

tua, Cp. N4 ; Goet'z, vi. 724, &' (in w. 
niincitro : nunclut ram, iDueni; tmiiefiu 

naphtha. Bee nappa. 

nappa, genua fomitiit, iri. 10 {Dan. m. 
46 Bnccendere fomacem ικτρλίλαί HeyBe, 
in note, napta), Cf. napla, blaec tooni, 
Cp. N17lEp. 16Α23; Εί.ΐ374, 14; napta. 
tynd^r. Op. N33; napta, genus fomentiid 
eat tyndit (Ef.' ryndir), Ep. 16A38 ; Et.^ 
374, 31; tieptam, tyndre, Cp. NSS. For 
blaee teoru (black-tar, Ur, naphtha), see 
Boa». T. (hl-ec-teru) ; for tynder, tyndir. 
tyndre (tinder, fael), see Boaw. Γ. (tynder). 

napta, nl'C luippa. 

nardum, arbur, χκιι. 34.— pliUonin, 
herbs rubicund a uel nardum piaticum 

INDEX (lATi.V) nard. — aeot. 

153 \ 

Idest apicntnm nel fidelie, mx. S5 {Uerb. 
I Inttrpr- = Hier. in Matth. κινι. 7 iiarJiim 
pUticam posuit...hoc eat, yaram et absque 
dolo). Ct. mrdiu, arbor, Cp. NI9; Ep. 
16Α37 : Ef.i 374. 30 ; nardum pittiain, 
ex ivlin herbia conficitar, Cp. N49 ; piati- 
oum nardum, Cp. P405.— uudiuu, epioft 
ande taciunt auguenta. i. 9 {Cant. i. 11 
Tere. ant. & Valg. : nardiu mea dedit 
odorem auum ; iv. 13 Tulg. : Cypri cam 
nardo ; vi. li ib. nardui et croaaa). 

□BrduB, see ndnium. 

Dari, III. 81. a 

narralsa, iivm. 65, see fpiphoaima. 

narratio, iiviil 26, »o^ paradigma. 

narrationc, aee phrayti. 

narrationtim, iix. 64, aee et pracomian. 

naeoi, UQ. 36, aee de Tadice, 

naacitur, ix, S, aee cappan'i ; ιιτ, 8, 
Bee byiem; xun. 13, aee aiirippa; imidI- 
tnr, Uli. 26, see dt radier. 

, XI. a {Tobiai 1. 1 eupra 


tlftatoIoglB, mercedes qu^ ctautnr oaatia 
propter regioieo nanie. ιιιγιπ. 43 (Clem. 
Rom. Epi't. ad Jacobunt, in Mice's 
Pair. L. CHI col. 24" tu qni catechizant 
navtoloiiii oonferantiir ; ibid. col. 26* 
Nautologi de loercedibua oommoneaDt). 
See Qoetz, τι. 738 (β. τ. nmietolnipiii), 
Forcell. (a. ν. nauioiojiw). 

nati, f. S6, see portenluoii ; u. 5, aee 
vtlufamina; iim. 2, eee filii /aroi. 

natara, i. 130, aee lefTU; x. It, nee 
tigmi i ixxvin. δ, aee genetim ; xuii. 13, 
aee agrippa ; ilv. 14, aee genium. 

uataraie, l 67. aee genuinaia, 

naturalis, zlt. 39, see vligo. 

nBtaraliam, nvn. 27, see genlhliatici. 

naue, xiv. 16, aee eacleuma; iv. 11, see 

Dauern, xlvii. 38, Bee laburica. 
nauea, xvi. 18, aee irierei. 
naui, mil. 60, aee lentina. 
nanibua, xLin. 21, eee centaanu ; ii.vti. 
6, aee eorimbii. 

nsnigatiotie, xiiviri. 44, aee epibatii. 

aee mutotogii; xixrx. 31, aee caTabam; 
XhUl. 31, see cenlauru», 22,eeefoTinnadai; 
iLTi. 30, see eelox ; unU, xm. 37 (bit). 

itis, xxiTin. 43, see luutotogii, 
Ltologi, nautologia, aee luutologü, 
ΛΛΒΜΐ, xxm. 6| Bee Stabiir natannai. 
le, vui. 3 (ter); xxi. 20; 
w, uel, ΪΙ. 1 (Brm. eaol.l). 
lebel, quidam putant modioa ni in [fori 
? Βββ hin] Beitariia [tor »ei" 
] eat liquide apeciei, iiun 
paud., p. 159, 13 ntbel q. 
' liquidae specie)). 

19 [Euch, J 

ί pre- 

diuinatio de mortia ί 
fantibuB, in. 48 {Jab 1 not in the Valg. t). 
8, Jerome uaea toe word twice : Ci/mm. in 
Eiaiam xxix [ed. o( 1533, vol. v. 54^ 
BigaiBcet magiinim 
Comm. in Ezteh. iiu [i'b. τ. 184'] per J 

ram diuinatio, Cp. Μθβ; Ep. I6C39; I 
Ef.' 374, 62. ■ 

Neeiuiae, aee Nemiat. 

negandi, χιτιιι. G, see inßtiandi. 

neglegenter, see diuimalat. 

negleifit, i. 44, ii. 4!l, aee dutinulat. 

neglieens, ii. 46, see dftidtja. 

αβ^αίΛΛ, 1. 91, see ptochiit; iiui. 63, 
see per pragmaiicam fornutm. — aeffOtlK 
ecoleaUaUcR, actutn rei alionius, i. 77 {Oe 
Canon. \ Can. Apoitl. xxiii negatiantni 
EecUtiattieoTam ouraoi ICpisoopne habeat; 
Can. Cone. Caleh. it Ecelaituiiea lujnitiii) J 
Can. Ctin. Antioeh. ici super... £cf(»ia 
lieii Mgotiii). 

neRotialis, xxii. 46, see pragmatieam. 

Degotiationea, ιχιτ. 173, tue naadinoM. j 

negotiationum.iixvii. l,eeeobtoriorHm.^ 

uegoliia, lUx. 13, eee trapeitln ; ι 
also neguliti. 

negotiurutn, see negotia. 

ne limatula, iie inoumberie ae cousidaa, I 
vm. 8 (Salam. i " ... 

dentiae tuae). 

Memlas, aJio ηοιαίαβ ateraatha, xiio, I 
13 (2 E.dr. VIII. 9 Diiit... Ntkemiiu (ipse I 
eat AlhtrmllHi} el Eadrae ; Heyse, in note, f 

namplie, ε 

ri nequain, it. 18 {Brea, m 
iioi. η. 

ttenl&s, meudatium [-cium], i 
'Jati. Pialm. it. 2 qui adhuo idolorwHifl 
amiat iDi|Qirebkt.,.inf'"i(tc'tunt idola sig->f 
nificat^ ; nraiu, meudatiuin [-cium],.! 

OMilMr, nalde, i. 78 (De Canon.-. Can. 

XXII. Ϊ {Urrb. Merpr. = Bitr. in MattK\ 

Frol. col. 20* omnea apoDCfphorpm 


nauioin. eee/nrinnodM. 

ueotericis, aee nentrieis. 

Raum helcesel, pater ipsiua, itil 8 

neotridi, DDUa fide, ni. 60 (Dc Martin. 

(Kahum, 1. 1 liber visionia Nahum Eleetai ; 
Hejae. in note, lUlctiei). 

.Slor.) ; nentiloU, nouis, lui. S (Kx di». 

librU) = lSiiIp. Sfi: Dial. i. 6, 2 in libtU ι 

naa»ia, xu. 30, see eoUra. 

neoterici, IneaUticii. in one MS.]). | 

INDEX {latin) nep.— nom. 

1.7; η 

' (Ζ)ί diii. nominibui — 
Donati Art grammal., p. 073, 23 ηιη)θΐ). 
neqcmm, π, IS, gee ntmplie. 
nequitiii, xiziv. 43, see rangor. 
Kareni, deua maris, luii. 17 iDe diu. 
noininibui = I>oDAli An grammal, p. 373, 
27 mssculiDft aut id dee eieuiit...aut in 
eriou a Ntreo]. 

, uinculum, iv, BO (Ruf. r. 2 
iol. 75' aeptimo ..puncto in ntrvo pedae... 
distenti). Sec below, puncto. 

"iR. henna, ilvii. 77 (Alia=?) = 
, heannK, Cp. NGO; Ep. ltJA20; 
Ει.' 374, 11.— For nciiia {-niUla, nitella, 
email mouee, a dormouae), see Lcwiti & 
b.; Kflrtint•, 6547. For henaa, kearmn. 
>ee BoBW. T. (htarma, a ahrew-mouee >) ; 
Eluge. A. a. Lath. p. ISS {htarmn, 
Wieael) ; id. Wnb. {Hrrmtlin) ; Olf.. aad 
Skeat Diet, (fmfnf) ; Eöiting, 4496. This 
herma. htanna nlao gloaaee mtgalt ( = iiiy- 
gale, mua araneuii, in pure Lot.) Cp. 
H16G, Ες. 16C14, Ef.i 372, 37 ; and the 
latter is, in its turn, traualated bjiguirio- 
tut, a Bquiirel (Ooetz, vi. 603 lamgiillui) ; 
see aleo nilela, ίιι-ίρόβάττ]! (id. τι. 740). 
neutfrieia, see neotrieii, 
aentricia, nonia, ilh. 6 (Ex dia. Ubrii). 
eee neoirieU. 

m. Π. 176, s 
[. 21), aee a 

: 10, Μ 

nimina, euperfii 
41, 6 [12] Bi ocalai 

17, Β 

. 123 {Benid. reg. 
ίβ letvor nimiat fuerit ; 
; tiimiui et obstlnatua ; 
ct. 30,~6 [7] tales, dum...ieianiiB nimiii 
adflifiuntar. As to "enperSnoa" of. 61, 
13 [22] ei tuptrfiuuM ant TitioeDB inventuB 
fnerit ; 36, 6 {8] Don fvpcrftnxlate sua 
oontrlBt^nt Tratres ; 61. 6 [7] iioii.,.ru}>rr• 
ftaitaU sua perturbat monaat^riom). 

MliLlDa Lrinm dienim iter iiide ubi in 
temni proieotus eat unam diem per rim- 
hitum, ivn. 7 [Jon. ni. 3 λ'ίπίιΐΐ erat 
civitaB magna itiTtere frium dimmi [at 
three daje'journ«j]J. TheglQe8"iDde... 
per ambitum " ia, purhap«, with referenoe 
to vers. 4, to be read "'inAt.,.peramb\ila• 
Aal" (MS. has per amb'), from lliBDoe where 
he waa oasl on the earth he traTeraed one 

ntaan. primus men sis id eat martina, 
XXIt. 13 {Either ΠΙ. 7, 12 ; ii. 2 Nitan ; 
see the qnotatioD nndet %tma). 


10. see od » 

nitela, nitella. aee nelila. 

niUdolam [aine interpret.], tu. 17 {Dt 
S. Marl. Sior.=Sulp. Srv. Dial. ii. 8, S 
quia...uii)uam aagam, niIi(Iufam,..obiiir• 
gauerim) . 

!β lincAri»!»; luv. 

nltrnm, in te 
meuti pro aapoue habeCnr si in acutum 
[acet-] mittitnr ad aihilum Eolnitur qui 
[quod?] atramqne [utrumque!] ai 
vni. 17 {Salam. xiv, 20 aceli 
nttnun in terra inuenitur, 
laveria te nt'Ire). 

. 2 (Hin 


n. 61, I 

61, t 

:. 63, β 

2, see lucubraciwieula ; 

noetna, uectbtrefn, iLvn. 54 {Alia = 1) 
:n-, naehthraefn, Cp. N146 ; n-, naeoht- 
hraebn all dicunt neetigalae, Ep. 16ALG ; 
R-, necthraebn alii dicitur nacthegelae. 
Et.' 374, 6. NociuQ, a night-owl; for 
ntctht-rtjn Ac. (properlj a night-raven), - 
Bee BoBw. T. [ntaht, niht-hrirfn). 

lUMttiiiiMiaB [lor -nuagite], χχχτ. 179, 
Bee hura» diurnat.... 

noclurnaiqne, see honu diunuu.... 

noctaraniu, ixii. 38, see hyint. 

nodis, [II. 10, see hitpida. 

Dodo, see lurnndo. 

NoLK or Mora?, i. 17*, see note § on 

. Ill, I 

. 16, e> 

reda, 20, see mtroctm; tr. 3, aee ilii, 17, 
aee/ofliu, 36, Beemeun(lnin,37, aeetraUii, 
2'A,teeiaigiporto*•, v. 12, eee tabria; i. 23, 
see Aminab; ui. 24, see Dorix; xin. 10, 
see tabehtt, 21, see carcamit, 29, see vude; 
xrt. 22, see fn fatoret ; it. 12. see titii, 
IS, aee Can, 23, see tgtret; χ-η. 19, ace 
upethno; ivn. IS, see pile; xu. 3, see 
Sabal, 4, aee arge; uni. 6, aee ■tobur; 
iiiv. 13, see alabaetrum; iivni. IB, aee 
Laode; 76, see nutafora; xxx. 7, see 
bibliolheea, 26, »ee diatripat; iziul. 13, 
ace TiKtrtui•, iixv. 70, see ea/onum, 91, 
Bee Uambre, 117, aee petulum, 209, see 
Qaleriiu, 256, see actio, 29β, see ipindo»; 
uivi. 2, aee Amuuiat; xuTiu, 23, aee 

INDEX {LATiy) nom.- 

diuealiontm ; 

[. 16, ί 


ai'hu«.— noiuen [omitted?] 
Bee ponte moluio; see also anffuUtiii. 

nomen tniun. ipuitiauiam a xpUto et 
ohrJBiiiam, x. δ (Cane. ι. 2 oleum eSusnm 
nomen tuum; tbe Cnmbc, M9. Ek. 4. 6 
hftB Chriilianiam toi Xpianiam, und critma 




1. Sl, eee auieiU ; 
[. G3. aee dtcani ; 
. US, Bee teraphin ; 

solidnB, xiiT. 11 {Math. xxti. 
19 oslendite,..nuinuina oansne ; Words. Λ 
White nontüfflu). See below niimoiiimuni, 
and of. nummiBmuiu Bolidum, Cp. tilTö; 
nomiBma m^lt, ib. N144 and Ep. ΙΒΑϋ ; 
nomjama, munit, El.' S73, 49 ; liuni- 
misma, mynet. Napier Gl, Ά2, For iDjliit, 
mnnit (a coin; O.H.O. muiiü, muniia. 
nutttta ; Qerm. Miliiit ; D. πικκΐ, from 
the LRt. BMJuta). see Qobw. T. (rHifiiEl). 

not), Q. Ql, IIH Iter), 131 (bis), 12B (bU)j 
m. 2S (biB): vm. 19, 90; x. 6, 17, 31; 
XI. 1, 16; xii. S3 (bis). 41; ilv. IS; iii. 
28; XII. 10; Mil. le(bifl); urn. 5; ΐϊΐτ. 
θ; ΙΙΪΠ1. 33, 83; xaii. G, 19 {bie}; 
iixv. 124; ixiviii. 33; xixix. Ig, 48; 

non oonpluM, sine pluuia, iv. 7 (Btech. 
XIII. 4 tu ea terra immnndu. et nun ioin- 
plala in die furoria). Cf. eonptuta, plumis 
[for plnuiit] repleta, Cp. C74a and Ef.' 
354, 37. 

non deteEBn, ηυη publicare non mani- 
feature. ii. US (Bcned. re.«, 46. 13 [1Θ] 
BCiaiit...Bliena Tnlnera nalt drttgere et 

[. 16 m 

tardeB, xii. 33 {EecUa. 
I. 130 (Bened. reg. 73, 



= Cp. N142: E(.• 373, 44; ef. normn, 
menanra aeqnat forma exemplum, Ef.^ 
314, 31. 
noa, iiav. 11. IB, 
uoatra, χιτοι. 61. aee bgperihetii, 
nortratU, hidinin^ , 38 ; Bee 

Dota [for nolam], ιιτιπ. 61, Bee hyper- 

Qotam, see hyptrlhfiU. 

notandum, i '" ' ' 

Note or Nolk ?, 1. 17>, see note § ol 

notlu, adultera co (iQod incerti aeneru, 
luii. 6 {l>i diu. iioRtint(iua = Douiiti An 
gramm. p. 373, 20 Bunl [nomina] inter 
Qraecam Iiatinunque formam, quae notha 

DOtio. xxTiii. 83, see eanotviatice. 

nous, nt. 50, aee neotricii. 

□ouaai, ixxv. 56, see nouellam. 

nonellain, nouam diminitiuum, ιιιτ. 
50 {R'if. XI. 9 fol. 183• oliüMDm..,doinini 
gerniinauit noutllam). 

noui, iiv. 31, see tyranri. 

nauiB, XLii. 5, see nrulnci«. 

noaiBsimo, tiu 3, Bee pro aetana. 

DOuiBsimiiR, πτιπ. 33, tee Iimii, 

Doultalem, see deuieronti. 

nouo, τιχν. 254, see di ucloade, 

nauoB, iixix, 16, see inodtraot. 

noaum, 1Ϊ. 10, Bee ogdoade. 

aoza, culpa orimen, n. 117 {Bened. 
trg. 35, 3 [1] frnter qui graviorie onlpae 
noxa tinetur). Cf. Noxa, culpa, Cp. N13G 
and Ef.*314, 11; Ep. — . 

nucum, II. 4, see amiclahita. 

nneDB [for imiiitieni', or inuiului], χιτιπ. 
Ü3, Bee luincti«. 

nuiB, XLm. 56, see (it; eettus. 

nuUam, 31, see baiUnia. 

nuUiUB. XXX. 4, see anarehmt. 


nuinoralis, iii. 46, see arelhimetiea. 

non expedlt, non conuenit. ii. 133; see 


nnmero, i. 7, Bee adulucentulf. — ttn- 

QonnOB. patree, n. 119 (Btiied. reg. 63, 

33 [40] iuuioteB... priores buob Tumnoi 


nnmeruin, iixix. 68, see talalocum. 

nonaumquHm, I. 1, Bee aliai. 

numeruB, xxxu. 38, see i/ui in numero..,. 

nomlnle, uirtutia, xixv. US (Ruf. m. 8 

(Di S. ]\tan. SU.r. = Suip. Stv. Dia), ii. 

fol. iO" numinii...motuB).— nnmlnia. diui- 
ißUtiB, XXIV. 333 {Ruf. χι. 35 fol. 18»• 

mihi Don licet). 

mnti nuniini>...nU(Hjiiio). 

Bon omdt, uon reniBtit, χχχιτ. 10 (De 

Can.. Intt. XI. 8 noa eolum uon aßcit...]. 

uummi, xiix. 9, see qaadraiii. 

non prodloua, uon aupeiQuuB, it. 131 ; 

nnmrois, liii. 43, aee traptuta ; nil. 

Bee prodiciu. 

38, see rfnuiri«. 


INDEX (Lati.v) uura. — obr. 

nununlamiuu, aolidum, ixix. 33 {Uerb, 
Intcrpr.-Hiir. in Mallh. xxu. 19 oaten- 
ditc mihi numiima ceiiene) = Cp. Ν 175. 
See above nominnii. 

IUI. 29, aee Iraprüta. 
3, see C volie4 ; riQia- 

nmnnmlnriut, χ 

L 31, it 

nun cu pare, xxviii. 67, eeejlgnra. 

mmdinu [sine inlerptet.}, iv. 63 (Eecl. 
htvr.) ; mi nil In—, negotUtiutiefl, xixv. 
173 {De E>u.) = lRuf. v. 3 tol. 77^ nuii- 
(JiniM..,ligcre soleiit) = nu«dtna«. negotia- 
tionea, 0|>. m83; Bp. ISAG; Ef.i 373, 
46. — muullDiB, merealia, χτ. 17 (£t<ch. 
iiTii. 17, 1», and xlti. 11 in nufitliftii)^ 
nuudinii. niercutix. Cp. II171. 

nuplÜH, ΙΪΪ. 43, Bee de monogamia. 

natabundtu, agitntua, :n. 38 {S. MurC. 
Storia; but not touod in Snip. Stt;, and it 
ig, perbapfl, a further eiplaaatiou of ni. 27 
/uribundat q.v.).— untkbiuidDB. mobilia, 
xxiiT. 11 (DfT Cati., Init. xn. 1, 3 inata- 
bilia..,Bo niifaiiiiiidiii effeftue). 

nntarst, dubitaret, xi. 7 {Tobiai vu. 11 

nntaUone, dubitatiüne. xiiv. 170 (Ruf. 
V. 2 fol. 76'' abB{|iie...aDimi nutaiiojie). 

nntrimeuta. ii. 75, see/omenia. 

nuymeyaBB, oonailiarinH, xxix. 73 {Urrb. 
lnterpT. = Hitr. in iialth. iivn. 57, 58 
Joseph Ute ßov\<i-ri)t appelktaa, id est, 

ο fi>r η : fanoram (Cor fubaruni) ; hermo- 
froditus (lienuaphr) ; hienifonlia (hiero- 
pbantie); molnaccliB (inclu ncholia) ; uEter 
(after) ; olio (ollii)i eolaria (aul.). — for at: 
propoeitQrft (proirp-).— for e : coematoria 
(-t^ria) ; moloucalia (mrlancholia) ; oete- 
Toaa (uetrraoes).~for ot: dioceeim, dio- 
ceaiuin (did«i-): odippo (o(dipo). — for u; 
odolatar (adulator) ; cocula (cuomla); colo- 
mellaa (colum-); ooroulAre (cum-); Satola 
(-tula) ; fulgorantea (fulgw-) ; iuioria 
(luxur-J! permutatio (permul-) ; procon- 
Botaria (-aularie)! proriga (prur•) ; scrupo- 
lositaa (ecmpul-); tonica (tim). — for y: 
colabiata (oollyb-).— ο omitted ; injrthece 

ob, iiiix. 19, 

oUnctionli, dilectionea ideat mortia, 
in. 8 {Jieeiei- ii. 2 ne featino« in tempore 
ubductionit). For dilectiunca the Cam- 
'bridge MS. has dilectionia, perhaps fur 
drIeotiiiniB. a eliiwaing, ohoice, separatiou. 
□r for de/fctionii, failing, deliciency, ex- 
haaatioD, which would agree more with 

the lemma. See further Ecela. τ. 1 : in 
tempore viudiotae et abductianii ; v. 10: 
in die obduetianit. 

ohdurat, Kiiii. 4β, see caXaibim. 

Dbedire, lii. 23, see Ttoii obttcundart. 

obelis, αΪΓκίκ, xii. 1 {Jab \ Pratf. Hier. 
p. iiT", and Migne, P. L. χχπη col. 1079* 
Volumina Oriuenea o6(iii...diBtinxerit) = 
obrli; uirgia, Cp. 033; Ep. 16E32i Kf.> 
376, 45. 

obBrnumtei, obicleates omoe preaaeio 
uel Bigoo, ijj. 21 [De diu. ιιυιιιίπ. ?). 

oMceB, reaiatentee, χικτ. 21Θ (Huf. ι. 
19 Γοΐ. 171'' uelut obt'cii ualidisaimi obie«- 
tione aublata). 

obicientes, lu. 31, aee obfirmayitet. 

obicis, aee ohictt- 

obiicierie, tee tubrtgeTit; nibrigeril. 

obiurgans, xxxv. 214, aee obimcanM, 

oblurKetor, inorepetur culpetur, it. 137 
{Bentd. rtg. 23, 7 [10] Si nun omendaTerit, 
obiutgttUT publice). 

obÜKiu, obscuraa, xii. 3 {Job; Pmef. 
Hieron. p. iiv', and Migne, P. L. xxviu 
col. 1081* obliijutu..,tot»& Über fertur). 

obliquuB, aee obligut. 

oblitaa, u. 57, see txeemtril. 

obüuioue, ixi. 19, aee in analhema. 


L• 65, 81 

□boloe, eee rieel. 

oboltw, luiui ailiquae, xxxi. 18 (De 
ponder, 7). — ^obolui pcnaal ailiquaa ni aili- 
quaa tras fit f, iiiu. 4 {De poniler.7). — 
oboliu III ailiquaa aolidoa xxitn, uim. 29 

SEuch. De pond. ?). — Dbnlni eet aoiupule 
limedium quod (aeit ailiquaa in In hieze- 
ehicIosicIuB autem xxobolua habet, xxiiti. 
8 (Euch. De pond. p. 158, 19 obolui e. 
icriptnläm [Muf. MS. ecripulani] dimidium 
q. f. B. trea i. Ezeehiele a. a. il oboloa 
habet). After habet the Brit. Μηβ. MS. 
adda: Quod ai nd earn ratline 
quam ipai aestimant ponden 
Uncia eaec pondua quod in libria ι 
non reppeiia. Ergo obolue habet ailicaa 
vti. et partem quiutam ailiquae. See alao 
Wotke'a nule, and Blume, i. 373 aqq.— 
obolni medtdiuJii ui ailiquaa, ixxi. 19 
{De ponder. ?). Foe oholiu aee alao (xixm. 
8) obuliit Bub V. oboiu>. 

obpoBitus, XLiv. 7, see poll. 

□bprobria, xixv. I3,'>, see pra&rii. 

obrlnun, jmaeti gold, iix. 54 {Job 
iiTiu, 15 non dabitnr aurum obrizun pro 
oa ; lb. IXM. 24 ofcWw dixi) — oIirfmiB, 
amaete gold, Cp. 024 ; {ymaeti for) imKi, 
tmSte, beaten, reHned, from imilan, to 
beat, elrike, aee Boaw. T. [imSle); Kluge, 
Etym. Wrt. {lehmeiiren) : Napier'e Index 
(obrymm, obryiua). 

: {iATiy) obr. — oop. 



[. 1Ά übst, 


obruit, xxxiv. se, e«e diruit. 

obeoene, iv. Βθ, see oedipio 
(ibsDuma, III. 3, aee obUgvi. 

η ejus). 

{S. Ji,a.7). 

□betatrUBJite, eee obielricante. 

olMtiiialua, iliBperabUia [desp-] uel in- 
reuocdbitifl, li. 128 (Beiied. rig. M, 30 [SS] 
□ϋπ eit nimius et abiUnatat). Ct. obeli- 
natui, desperatae, Cp. OSS; obetiaalut, 
deeperatus, iaieuoc&bilie, Ep. 17Α3Θ ; 
Ef.' 376, 39. 

ott«iitn [tiiiio interpret.], i- 79 (I>> 
Canon. ; Can. Apotlt. VI sab oblentu 
religio □ ia ; xl eabobliiilu rsligionla : Can. 
Cone. Gangr. LXi tit. Uhnatioaitatia ob- 
Untu). Cf. abUnlu, intaita. Cp. 018 ; id., 
Napier, 3915. 

obUglt, oontigit, VII. 9 (1 Paroi, xivi. 
14 obtigii plagn Septentrionalia). 

obturat, see ealeulum. 

obfliantea, ixiv. 24, see autpiciia. 

obuloa, z. 11, see ligna. 

obnlni eat Bcrapute dimediam Ac, 
ΧΙΧΠΙ. §; see obolu». 

Obnnouu, obiurgaDs, xxiv. 214 (i?u/. x. 
17 fol. 170* illi...obiiirgaut Timotheam) 
= obuiKaiii, obinrgana, Cp. 025: Ep. 
1«E8; Ef.' 373, 21, If obuacitiu be the 
rigbt ΙβπιπίΒ, it wat>, perhaps, another 
reading oat now found in the current 
texts, or, perhaps, the mark (or traDs- 
poning the tvro wordn was rorg9tteu b; 

the Boribe. 

Γ. 37, aee Uua. 

!. 27, Bt 

ocoiditnr, ixm. I, see txedra. 

occulta, iixv. 26, aee oelhepia, 227, aee 

occultiorem, i. 126, see lecretalfin. 
oocultia, xxiT. 26, see oelhepia, 
oooofflben, endere uel mori, xrii. 3 
(Joel αι. II oceamberej. 
ocanpare, lu. 31, aee auoeare, 
ocUmo, heiba ent qo^ latine catagoga, 
xnvni, le (CUm. Becognitt. vm. 26 de 
ocinia). For oehimum, oeimunt, also written 
ocymum, azgmum [ = Gr. ύχιμα; an aco- 
matie plant, baail) and ocinitm ( — Qt. 
UKUDr, an herb for fodder, perhaps a kind 
ot olover) see Lewis Λ Sh. 

oellii, aelotiua [-oina], χιτιπ. 67 {De 
Can., /ml. n. 8 ociut peraeniant ad 

ocimo, see ocMmo. 

ooioBOB [otioBUB], It. D, see acidiot\ 

iDd ixzv. 264, βββ de 
oclwiile sub v. ngdoade. 

oculie, ixvrii. 42, see idta. 

□daporikon, aee otheporieon, mb v. 

odeporicon, aee tinphotin. 

odippo [for ()edi})u\, v. 14, aee Oedippiy, 

odon, lineum est in pede, nivii. β ; aee 
odanit uiCnm. 

odonia nltMH, mihea nostlun, xxivn. 
7: odoo, lineam eat in pede, xixvn. θ 
(5, Ang.l). Odonie does not eeeni to 
occur in Auguatine'a works; itmaf = H(io, 
a sort ot fell or fur, and idtam may be 
for Kittam, a baud, Rllet, whiah two other 
MB», have (aee Steinm. Λ.Η.Ο, u. 41. 4). 
If mibet — odonii, it would be the gen. of 
men, a shoe (see Bosw. T.) ι nottlun, dat. 

¥1. of A.S. nu't;«, Β fillet, band, see Bosw, 
. Ct. O.H.G. nutta, Verknüpfung; 
ntatila, Bandecbleife (Sehade). λβ re- 
gards olfon, lineum, cp. liniinrt (O.H.O. 
ΗιΐέΛ; A. 8. linen) nestiinn, and limfnee 
neatiliim in the two MSS. quoted bj 
Steinm. I.e. The two glosses are, per- 
haps, a further explanatioti of cntigiim, 
odoportcam, see olheporicon, sub v. liti- 

odoTHtu, odoratam, see liiaUan. 
odore, X1I1. 9, Bee olfactoriota. 

17, see pUdanii» ; xm. 4β, aee myrta», 57, 
%?e ialiuHcala; XLVii. β, Bce muii-Mi. 

Odor imKeDtonun, douum quod iu bap- 
tismnte oMipiraoa, I. 3 {Cant. i. 2 Vbib. 
ant. Sab. : odor Mftiriiriitontin taoram ; 
I. 3 Vulg. & Vera, ant, : ourremuB in odorem 
uitguentonim; iv. 10 odoT unguentonoH 
[Vers. ant. veiHmfnlomm tuonim] tuo- 

Odyaaeus, see Polidca 

oe for Si : foetontie lor Phaethontia,— • ■ 
foio: fii«di for fodi. 

oedipi«, obscene dapes ci 
tiuin, IV. 59; see lA<(fr<i>. 

Ocdipo, see Oedippa. 

Oedlppa, de odippu [Oedipo], v. 

Oepba, see ephi. 

IKDEX {LATIN) Οθρ. — onit. 

Oephi, Bee rphi; lata. 

ODCuUJB idesl in 

nmiiiohei [Maniehnei] 
ocoalta loca idnlorum, : 

1, min. 12, Bee epki. 
k, moraup, ivi. 2 (Da«., fraif. Hinan, 
■i", and Migno iivm, col. 12B3• o/a 
pioiB) = (uro, mareu* [for mornnB], Cp. 
01S7 ; at. offa, pars frnotae uel fruati, Ep. 
17CI4; E[.T ϊ76, 55. 

oBeuduDt, see OTirriunC; opperiuiit, 

□SeDSUB, see (nffruiu. 

otAr, adduo qui [lor quia?] ασα bbü- 
ftDtur, vnt. 20 {Salam. χτχ. IG eaDguiBURae 
...diceutee Aßer. affer. Tria Bunt inaatD- 
rabilia). It ^ηϊ \% not for quia, "qai αοα 
BHtialilar" maj be a gloBB to iiuatura- 

oOerentes, see iiira. 

oncUu [eine interpret.], n. 126 [Btned. 
reg. 4. 55 [Si] cuJic-»«). 


offldt, iliiT. 19, see non oßcit. 

offidum, XVI, 24, Bee iuge taerifirivm. 

omuto. effusio. III. 47 {Ecclrs. ϊϊϊπ. 16 
effvtio Banguinii). There is no record of 
a reading offuaio, which effiuio aeeme in- 
tended to Bipluin. 

egdoftde, aouam toBtameDtam, τν. 10 
(Ewi. UVtT,); 4« oQtMUIe, de wlana die, 
V. β (ürct. Stör.): d• oetokd•. de uouo 
testamento, χιιτ. 254 (D« A'iu.) = {Auf. 
T. 80 fol. 88' 8cribit...Ireniiene De Og- 
doadt lib mm). 

olearia, ivn. 16, r»e in/iuuria. 

olei, yni. 15, tfsjlaucirit. 

oleo, zlv. 5, Bee placentu»; xxl. 18, eee 
$antln domini. 

oUaetoülolA, tnribnla modica de anro oel 
arRenln [Cumbr. MS. adde qn^] mulieren 
habeiit pro odore, x[ii. β {Itai. ut. 20 
auferel Tiota>na»...(i{faetoriola). 

olitto, Boe idigo. 

tiOk, de terra et de crumento [aer-] Ut, 
in. 40 (Job XLi. 11 alhie eucceniae, ib. 22 
oUam). For olla Bee alBO (iii. 9) cacabiit ; 
(xxrx. 47) tagmutm. 

olloe, aUam, eeo olla. 

olllta, de ollitim, τι. 39 {Brett, titot. ?). 
Ol. olUta, neter&na, Cp. 0143. 

oUilani, aenei•, il. IG (t/rrba?). 

oUititu, VI. 29, Bce οίίίΙ<ι. 

olla [for οΙΙά\, im. 17, see tagonam. 

tHognSa. [hol-], totutn leriplio, iiin. 
72 (neidier in Qreg. Dial.l not in any of 
the Can. Conee.J). Of. holioglapha, tota 
Beriptura, Cp. HllISi lutlographia, propria 
toaua totnm coaeoriptnm teatamentnni, 
Et,' 301, 4. 

14, locutionL's, iii. 
mvi col. 707" elaborarit... 
homiliai ι 

OJaeliae u ; C : el.. eitameron hanieliai 
Tiiü) = oBieiia>, looationes, Cp. 0169 ; EI.' 
S75, 42 ; omeliiu [with ί above the <], 
locDtioneB, Ep. 1βΕ2θ. 
amne, :i. 106, see Uguminaia; xxxy. 192, 
ε haiii ; iLi. 21, Bee obßrmantet. 

Reg. Past. lu. 

See IHal. n. 
paschali Sabbi 

t. G7, f 
septimAn; labtat« dice- 

52 (Greg, [aot Dial., bot] 
28 eol. 106' [quoting lea. 
flUBtodierint labbuia men). 
33 ool. 372' : 

« piutim, 126, aae ipecta- 
se tabnlat, 13, see paiiim. 
II. 17, Bee Adanai : Bee 


poUonlsu, nmltiuoea, iLtii. 11 ; cethetlcft, 
poHseflaiua, ιι,πι. 12 {Dt div. nominibu» 
^DouBli Art grammat. p. 373, 21, 22, 28 
8UDt [nomiaa] alia homanyma..., alia 
sjnonyiDa vel pDfyoruniui,,..suiit etiam 
etelica {lAelica, theiga, in note], id est 
pniiarii'ii). For omonima, see Op. 0158; 
Ep.l6E13; Εί.' 375,20; (or poiioniiBn, 
Cp. P510; Ep. 19E23, 

omoiuton, graeee latine ana EubBtanlia 
patrig et &Ui, i. 80 (De Canon. ; Can. 
Cone. Carth., praef. p. 144• Prof.ßdei Nie. 
Cone. utiiuB eubstantiae oain patro, quod 
Qraeoi dicnnt onuiiufen), 

ooigBT, BBinua ailuatieus, ui. 24 [Job 
rugiet οππι] 

nagn, : 

onanerit [omanerit], r 


!. 194, B, 

oniohinuB[onj'ch-], iLi. 11, eeeiardonii. 
onltkltaou [or -talticou. or -taltoooe), 
XXI. 85, see cinliHa omfuUoon. 

INDEX (lATlX) onoc- 

onoranil [honor- ], ϊχιτ, Θ7, eea aßnit. 

oDores [hoDoree], v. 26, see loluria. 

onoribns [boD-], it. 13, Bee/(i«cibui. 

onjohinoa, See lapidri oniehinoi. 

OD;cbinuB, »ee tardanix, 

opflco, Bce o/iiiflu. 

opago lenpon dcnao nel ^etiuo, iivii. 
32 iLib. Rat.^Iiid. Lib. dr «at. rer. xv. 3 
au\.,.upato tempore coQfonsl bodob). Cf. 
opacuia, Aentiaam, C[i. O209; Ep. 1ϋΕ34; 
Ef,' 375, 47. 

open, ΐϊΐνιιι. 20 (bis), heeßdiae. Foc 




operae pretiam, See i^ere preciurn. 

op«TMll dars, bcniRtie faoere uel ooD- 
(dJittre, 1. 82 (De Canon. ; Can. Corte. Carth. 
L•Σ^xn dare operam). 

opere, II. 125. see magnoprre. 

opere pncdnm, neaeBisriaui, iLviit. GS 
(De Cor«.. Iiul. 1. 'dS, 1 Operae prelium 
mihi uidetur) — operfpreliiim, uecessariiim, 

Cp. oiea. 

ορβτίΓβιηατ, expectaremur, xxxv. 2Θ1 
(iiu/. vn. 20 fol. 128• adaentum illiaa 
operiremuT; opper-, Caociari, p. 441). 

operis, xn. 1, aee eitergttii; xxx. US, Bau 

operlunt, conapioiunt, τ. 19 [Eect, 
5ior.).-^pperltintj iunpoimit Teppeduul, 
ΧΧΧΪ. 13 (De £nJ.) = (7Ru/. iv. 15 fol. 
61': Et ingreBai ipanm quidem oßendunt 
in BDperioribtisquioeoeDleni). Ct.opfriant, 
inueniimt, Cp. 01Θ7; Ep. 16E10; ope- 
rientei, ioiieoiuiit. Ef.' 376, 28 ; operiunf, 
eipeotanteB, Ef.' 370, 24. 

ο pbtlon, xxx. 17; see ho plalon. 

opitei, xwv. 10. βοβ enrdine». 

opU&nll [nbp-, opp-], gigiadiio, iltu. 2S 
(Älia=1) = oppiInuit, olaueit, gegisote. Cp. 
O206; oppillauit, gigiaodae, Ep. 1βΕ2Ι ; 
ο-, ξ Badae, Ef.' 375, 34. Foi ge-giecan 
(witlilong j7), to atop, ebnt Dp, eee Klage, 
Λ. S. Lei. p. 1Θ0. 

opinaotar, see gomnr. 

Dpiuione, ziviii. Sl, eee hypertbesii. 

opperirGmnr, see operiTtmur. 

oppeilimt, inoeniunt repperiunt, χιχτ. 

oppilauit, oppillauit, aae opilauil. 
oppinantar [opin-J xxxiii. 16, bm 

anria, iiiappaB uel lintMimiiH, xxiv. 37 
(Bh/. tu. 26 toi. 128" oraria moiieri... 
eipectabat) = oraria, Unteainintt, Cp. 
022ä.— σήτΙΟΜ, mappam nel lin teamen, 
I. 81 (De Cation.; Ca». Cotie. Laod. cn» 

□ηΓίαιη, mappam ae\ linteamen, i. 81; 

orntionem, xv. 40, »» oraculnm. 

oratoTlain, Eapieiitiani eeonlariun 
[.rem], ΙΪΧΪ. 279 (Di Elu.) =(Λιι/. τπ. ϊδ 
fol. 127" ora(Driani...dMuerat); onfavle, 
eloqaeiitie. it. 61 [Eccl. /niw.) = (Ki./. rr. 
16 fol. 6S* oratoriam docens). 

ontoTle, eloquentie, iv. Gl ; see οτα• 

orbi, xLiv. 10, Bee cardintt. 
orbibus, TUT. 27, see dexlera.• 

ordeo, Ttii. IS, seepdianai. 
ordinationem, iiiii. 22, eeepn 
ordinalum, xli. 18. 
□TÜinnaimuB, ti. 47, see digtit 
ordine, IUI. 1, eee themate 
aee ncema, 67, nee anattrophe. 
ordinem, χχτιπ. 47, sea par 

16, Β 

Γ. 14, Β 


opplat«, inpleta, 

, 15 animi 


= Ar$ Fliocae, p. 412, 3 ft 

muKum clamnDtem a 
camera tamen dicitnr, xhitu. 12 {S.Aiig.t). 
TliiB cxpifBsioD doea not seem to ocaui in 
Aug. Sermons. Forcellinl records ddh 
cameralD oloqnio Oaperie (Csesiod. 1 Hist. 

xxxlT. 27 {De C<i>i., Eccl. 1). and eiplaiiia "hao eel multum 

...his oppltfa simnl- elaborato." CF. Du C. Nod aliqneca 
quaerlB Terbie nti camtratU (teotna, in- 

gpo (Bub) tyot (boo) Tolutos), Aota SS. Febr. i. β9θ in Mirac. 
S. Amandi. 

IB temt dicitur unde Oresteii, »ee eunuchta. 

T. 11 iUerba de miiltii oriatur. xii. 3, see Subal. 

arichalcuin, eee aun'mfuRi. 

[ (LiTTM) 

> kMMH (Lrmm 
Λ Bk.);— «Mr. ttmr^e^ar tB«w. T.). > 
kae: l^_e <«J *-* örti»- «» 
> a«W (Ba*«. T. »r^^ CL 
i>. J^tfoL. Uh e«. pp. S^ CK. 
jtMrtL mmer, «Air. ia 8ta»na. J.H.O. 
I.MT.M. n« 

■«^ iBK (Bot. T. wmit^ Of. C 
am. MM«. >!. HK» ni EL• 37^ SI 
For MMa t=Gc fcp4, > mmO. oMr. 
ae Oecta. τη. U (■»—. BpoΠtt=E^ 
mnS: Mi «.■««. ST Μ ' 

L <<if . 3 C». C<mc CMdk. ζπ 
p. Ur «4 βτίΑαΙαοη fidcm; et Ocjta. 
jM. Cenc. CJkeic.. «φ. Maori ni. 7&3> ad 
«Irrt» 4am mm dogntali 
8«E brio« ertaiMu.. 

oftbodni, IM artodozuu «ab r. orte- 

«nhodosü, ne ortodorii. 

ortbadDiomm, we orlAnl 

itr1»cl0Ki, ae« »rlodaion «ab τ. ortodaxh. 

οηοβΜαΛ [ortbodozM], rede glurioau, 
ir. 1311 ΙβπΑΐ. rcft. », 18 [28] qua« a 
lunniaatia doctomm arlhoiiiiii catbolide 
ptttribiu faoUe iDiit).— «rtodozim, gtorioai 
net pcrfeeti. xix. ΐΜ (CoL ifirr. cni* 
eol- 717» AllerealKHkem Lneiferiaiii et 
Ortkodoci; B: altetr:. Inciteram el arfo- 
ieaii C: altere, lociferiaiii et orutdoxi^. 
or. orleinii, lAtinaä. Cp. 0227 : orthodoji, 
OoiUm not perfMti, Ep. 16E30 : Et.' 375. 
«3 ; mtadoxi; gloiioria siae perfrctis. Ef.* 
316, 83. Sm above orthoäoxam-. aod ef. 
NapUr, 1367. 3634. 

OTtD, lUT. 37. we Uua. 

ortDOi. X. 23. «ee areola. 

«la, ht. 11, ne ferdi 

confinnatioDein). BBBdeot«•, C|i. OttL 

prostifniliun ; ριφίϊ- 

{ffhmemo); ίήψ» 
ftropikaea); (rpoitjpko); trpom (ty^kitBi]. 
— for pp: apolisae {*tT-)• pperiramiT 
(opp-).— fur prt: posti lyrnnti). — p ivt- 
blfd : oedippa (Oedipia); odippo (Oedi^). 
pacificaa, lu. S, see £kore)N*f)ipi in too. 

paetam, v. 39, aee timhuUmi. 

ΤΜηϋαρΙι, mor achilU [for Γΐΰΰ], 
uinti. 34 [CUn. Rteognitt. x. 10 Tide- 
bimor telmn teiere Pttulapri). 

I, M« otevUtur Ml. 

I, see /αηΐί zun. 39, see 

pagere. see felopagtrt. 

pafl. pmnintif j-ciae],xxiii. ll{3E»ir. 
in. 15 prineepi ρα^τΟ-— IB p«go, in aieo 
ooDpetii { = eompitii\, m. 31 (i>( £. ilazt. 

INDEX (i^r/.v) pag.— par. 


StoT.); pftgiu, poBBesBio inagQA, xli. 19 
(Df noBiin. dip.) = {.tiilp. Set: Vit. S. Mart. 
IS, p. 125, 1 ID pay. Aeduonim). For 
"in ntoo" nee Id. ibid. 13, li 1*, 1; Id. 
Dial. III. β, 4. Ct. iiaifui est | 

ampl«, eed eine aliijtio iure onde et pa- 
genoa dtcimtiH alienoe β iure ue] »acris 
oonatittitie. Ef." 318, 31. 
palaeatrarum, palaeetrie, see paleitta- 

palam, i. 8.5, see proterihantur. 

palanUboB, pendentibue, χι..6 {UcrbaJ). 
— pallantlbna. nppnreiitibUB, XL. 20 

palathae, nee labiutei. 

pklBstramm, Inotantiuni, iizii. 45 
{Greg, [not Dial,, but] Rtg. Patt. iii. 37 
ool. I33' pal/uttraTum more). — palMtrll, 
Inctatio, iixvin. 30 (Cttm. Rtengnilt. ix. 
26 GrMOOB non eieroer) p<]bi«ini). 

pallnnu, erbn {lierlm] qnq creacit in 
tectie domomm grossa foUa bHbene fallae, 
Uli. 41 [Itai. τιχη. 13 Orienlor Spinae... 
vi p'iHuTusy For filinrat^wMavpat, a 
plaut, Chnat's-thorD, nee t^wis ie Rh.; 
/uUa« ia, perhaps, the ranie a« rin-juÜe 
(of. paliuTHt, liuialle, Cp. PISO ; paluru», 
■iufullae. Ep.2UA29: parimnu, nnfollae, 
Ef.i 3Θ3. 39 and Bosh. T.), «bioh is 
explained ae houu-Utk, i/mpmivnia 
Uctoniia, whiob would agree with the 
OtoBKator's denription. Cf. Steinm. 
Ä.H.e. I. 590, 25 ; Schlutter, in AmjUa 
iivi. 303; Kluge, Λ. S. Lteeb. 177- 

pBlIftntlbnB, apparent! biiR, kl. 20; see 

IMllebkt, timebnt. lixvil. 18 (5. Aag. ?). 

palleBcerc, iixv. 14. see dirigiiere. 

pallidus. ixii.40, aveffmigineut; χιχτ. 
4, Bee liiriiiiur. 

palmamin, i. 21 fbis). see ίΐαΐς pul- 

palpo, aee panpo. 

pan, dens arcadiq [-diHe] nel pnstoium, 
luii. 3; see Tlumhia. 

Paoa. iLtn. 1, aee areadti. 

panaeratoB, aee panarrthot, 

puiageilda. laudabilibnü, xxiv. 88 {De 
Evt.); puinlgrarlola, in Iniidibne, iv. t 
(Eeel. Λί(η•.) = {/iu/., fip. orf Chrom, tol. l" 
Paneffyrieit tractaiibuHf. — pajiajrartooa, 
laDdatnlein, xxi. G9 ; encliailatiM, gratia- 
ram actianea, lii. 60 (ΐ'η(. Hier. ΐΛν 
οπί. 675" : Tlieodurns proäcieoenB rar»- 
>ΐ'ρΐί*» [Paneg^rioum, Rich.] /ίχαρ>στίαι 
acripflit Origeni; Β: Theo. piof. parwgirt- 
I'liiii - Encharitfon ideet graciarum acripBit 
ürigeni ; C : Theo. prnr. pun« gericam 
[blank] BOripait Ougeni] = pmuigericum 
•■eiuiiriiiiiai, Uudabiletii eruditionem, Cp. 

PaS; Ep. 1SC27; EM 379, 16; «icAo- 
Tiiiim, gratiaram aetionee, Cp. B341 ; 
Ef.' 308, 80. 

panaretbOB, eapientia, vni. 1 (Siilom. ; 

Praet. a. Hier.Fertaret PanaeTetoi\ra»i- 

ptTot, Migne ixvin col. ΙΜ42; Panerrllun, 

Heyne, note 10] Jeeu ülii Biraeh liber). 

pane, xir. 7, see Ιί^ηιΐΗΐ in pane, 

PBueKerican], panegiricam, panegyrioie, 


. 3, a 

IX. 43, 1 

iLv. 10, *ee sat. 

pang«baiitar, inngebtnr, il. 4 ( UeTba?). 

panguitDT, pingnitor, vi. 27 (Brau. 

putla, XIV. 21 (bia); eee tortapimtt. 

pannlgBTlcia, in landibtii, iv. 1 ; we 

paoog, lira, 11, see lupercal. 

panpo, gennn piacia, luii. 15 (De div. 
numiniliuiE^Donati Ar4 grammat., p. 374, 
13 palpu), Palpo, a aatterei (Levris Λ 
Sh.) ; cf. SlPinm, ij, 160, 8 sqq. 

lÄntooTuilo, omnium, ixx. 19 ; pktnrU 
theo, de potentiadfi continentia en dicitur, 
HI. 20 (Col. Hier, xin col, 631' liber 
ejtiN ηηί inBOribitar ripl α/ιτο'ράηροι 
Χνγιβμύΰ; Β; lib, eins q. i. pmeratepiu 
iogitnui ideal de patentia loquendi; C: 
lib. eins qui inacribitur [blank]). Cp. 
Piao Λ 121 has: pautocruHlo. omniam— 
patiiiia Ihto, de potentia d^i ; P50 ; pan«• 
eraton. omiiipolenB, and Ρ1»8 [ = Ef.i3TT, 
43]: pirlei eratoriai loyfy, de potentia 
dei. Taking aS these readings together 
it wonld aeem (1) that St Jerome wrote 
repl TBtrenntrepoi λογσμαν ; (9) that 
warr- was gloaeed b; "omnium polena," 
or by " omn ipotena " (omnium being a 
miaread oinpe) ; (3^ thai palurt'u theo arose 
from aome imagined or really eiietiog 
warrotanTopia βίου, OX rather τ<ρ1 ϊρατορίοι 
βιοϋ ; (4) that continontia eo dicitur ib a 
gloaa tu some such word as enoratia 

panloeralon, see punfiwanlo. 

pap• [sine interpret,], i. 99 {Dt CoMtm. \ 
Can. C<HK. Carth. praef, p, 141* Anteline 
Papa, US'* Bsnote Ραριι Anreli; of. also 
pp. 328•, 331'). 

papiho. see iinfnialtu. 

paplii. uode facinnt oartaa, xni. 91 
{Isai. xvm. 2 in vaais popyrt). 

papyri, aeepiptri. 

parabole. conparalio. xxvin. 48 (Ca»». 
Pialm, XTi. S eohemn quod Oraeoe pura- 
bolf, Latins comparatio dicitur). 

paradigma, nanatio per enempla ortana 


INDEX (LATIN) para. — part. 

nliqueoi act deterrecB, xxviil. 2ϋ {Cot*. 
Psalm. 1. fi paraditjiaa, n. p. β. hortanB 
a, a. d. See also τη. Η ; χχιιπ. IS ; xxxvl. 

paraJliln. denolutio [disiol-] 
luembrorum, χχχπ. 40 {Greg. Dial, tv. 15 
eol. 345* e» qatini...paralytia voeant 
moleBtüi..,percueia eet)=paraIinR, dieso- 
Intio omnium meiDbToraiil, Cp. Γ127; 
Ep. SOAIS; paraliiin, deeolutio ommam 
membronim, Ef.' 388, 22, 

paraJyein, fee paralüin, 

puüliiiiilil, dryctgnmA, lui. β {Ex 
div. Cihtir?) = jKiranynipkut, drjhtguma, 
Cp. PIl Λ ISO. Fsmnimpliiia, a bridee- 
niMi. For dryetgunia = driicr, dryhl, a 
compftnj, Itttin +gu>na, a mau ( =O.H.ü. 
truhiigomo. Schade), see Bohw. T. idryht- 
guma); Eluße, A. S. La. p. 170; Eern, 
»Ol» on Salic Ln-w % »3. 

pai»proB4ocU [-doxiaj. latine inopi- 
natua eiitne cum aliud propouitur aliad 
expUoatuT nt eat deuB dens meve inpoUaU 

βαΙ. 1S2<^ &f,\an.,.pixrapTotdaxia, Latlne 
inopioBtUE e. o. a. p. a. e. [at est, the 
OloBsator's addition, and ool. 133>] DeuB 
metw. impollnta nia eiuB). 

paiaaoheae, pceparatiooe, nt. 63 [Cni. 
HitT. Liix eol. GT9b ίορταατικαΐ de FaitohB 
plntimae). Cf. pariuefntn, praejuiratio 
eibi, Cp. Int. 247 ; panueruf, praepiralio, 
Cp. PIOS. The gloBS "prepai-atione" in 
the ablat. case eecms to show that " par-, 
prep•" are not intended to explain ixx. 
76 (eyaggiiKfi) or xxx- 76 (fuafflfnfn) 
of the preaent ΟΙοβωο'• but poiDtB to 
■< parasoheiie " {ιπιραΒκίΐτή) being nnother 
reading for "Pascha," (hongb none of 
the existiug texts have any traces of it. 

ρατΒΒαΒπβΒ, IX I. 76, aee tii/iggepctt 

pnratns, ixi:. 16, see ueredarii. 

parcae, aeeparcf ; ttiiga. 

paroanl, iLiii. 4Ö, eae parcf. 

parot, quae laiiiime parcant, iLtn. 49 
{De div. finniinibu( = DonaU Ar4 Gnimmitt. 
p. 402, 6 Pareae eo qnod nulli percent). 
Of. parct, pyi^e. Op. PIS ; parcae, nnyrdae, 
Ep. 18C17; paret, nnyidae, Ef.< 379, β; 
Napier, S480 ; 8, 413 ; 8•. 5. For pyrde, 
nnjrdae, plur. of Kijrd, E. weird, see 
Boaw. T-, the Fatea, weird aiHtece. 

paicbredli, preBtrieiie[prneHligiiB].T. 18 
(Eccl. Star.) : parethlB, minifllrie, xixv. 78 
{De Sim.); paretbrlj, miniBteriia [mini' 
BtriB?], IT. 4S (few. IitoT.) = {Riff. iv. 8 
tol. se* de.,.dftnaniiB Parhedritl = par• 
chedrii, minislria, Cp. P78 ; Ep. 19E7.— 
I, prestigium [praeet-], v. IT {Eeel. 


■Λ, abatinentie [-tia?], τι. 90 
(ßinfil, reg. 39, 18 [80] sen-ata in omni- 
bus parcitalf). 

parcue. \\\. 32, teefnigit {tot /rugi). 

pardo, XIX. 39. see lenpardnt. 

parednm, preatigium [praeet•], v. 17: 

paxanthsEln, idest interposition em quo- 
niam in sensu medio recipit uerba qaedam 

3uedam ordlaem sententip nideantiir poeea 
iuidere, xxriii. 47 {Cat. Ptalm. xvi. 5 
Qui TcrauH figuram continet ρατιπί/κηη 
id ('S! i. q, i. s. m. τ. α, qu^am qns 
orilinem stnteotiff a. p. d.). 
parethli, I ' * ' ' 

paretlirli, ministeriis [roiiiisttis ?], it. 
45; see iiarelliii. 

parhndria, xee pai-cbredit. 

parietein, see paxillut. 

parietee. xm. 40, eee perpendiriilum ; 
xvu. 6. see iruUa. 

puttoree, ministro», xixix. 18 (ur«^. 
Diiil. 111. 31 col. 292• anoa ayparilore» ' 

9 ; in dioEtil (sub t, . 


paroeoia. «ee dioeesim ; piirrocliia, 

parra, see parula, 

pkireohU. ίίυτ paraecial [sine interpret.], 
I. 83 [De Cauim, ; Can. Aptalt. xiv paro- 
cAiaperaadatur...; alieuaiD piirurMiiniper- 

adiacentia ecolesia, Cp. P31: parrorkia, 
loca adiaoentia aeclesiae, Ep. ΙίΈβ; paro- 
chia &a., Ef.' 379, 33; parrochia, etatata 
loua, Ef.' 318. 57. For parrochia see also 
(xxiix. S4) in iJiar«t, sub v, diociiim ; and 
cf. Napier, 886-, 2033; 3,38. 

parrocbiia, i. 36, see dioeeiis. 

pamila, parras, seepnmlti. 

pars, ία. 6. see γοιηπιλ, 49, see Jer.erlot; 
XXXI. 9, Bee comor, 21, nee caiha>i xxxin. 
16, see gomor ; iLni. 32, see /orirmadat ; 
lUT. 4, see cUtna. 

parte, it. 14, aee pmlmi; x:v. 30, see 
iralpeUiim i ixxv. 82, eee «ab -ixe p- ; 
XLiu. S5, aee hat, »6, see iliac; xuv. 11, 
see elima, 

partem, xiviii. 41, aee lintcdocheni 

partes, xiv. Sil, see larini: 
mx agetlit; iixTili. 3S, ee 
XLiv. 5. 10, see cardine: 

dines oonuexa poU hiemisperia, 

{Alia; de rttto = Itid. de »at. rmm. in. 3 
col. ^3 Partes ftutcnt ejua; choiu, iixii 
[cli'nia not in teit], cardiiiei. ronrej^u, 
poll, Biders [bemUphitria in DoteJ). Of. 
the words, printed in italicn, with their 
explonationB, in their regpeotive alpha- 
betical plnccB in the preeent In<tei. Cf. 


3 sqq. 

1 MiKLit 

Vol. I 

partiaepa, xizv. 48, see compos. 

parun, II. 115, see munuietilii. 

paruo [paruoe], v. 10, nee txedre. 

parntpendMU, pro nibilo bkbenfl nel 
dacena, i. βθ (De Cunon.; Can. Cone. 
Gangr. lux paruiptndfiii quod geritnr; 
οι. Can. Cone, Antiocti, xc baea parui- 
pfndeniM; Can. Couc. Calch. m Dei.,, 
ministerinm paruiprndentti). 

pamipendeoleB, see paruipetidtTU. 

pimlA, niaaae, iltii. 52 [Λ11α= 7)=ρ•. 
aiase. Cp. Ρ12β; pamila, maeoe, Ep. 20A13 
4 E(.' sea, 33. Parulii. ραιτιιία. diroin. of 
jwrru (the eommon or bum nml ; or, accord- 
ing to others, Ihr gret« icaudpeelUT, or the 
lapici-iig ; see Lewie A Sh.); vuaar, mane 
■ ( = A.8. mrt«, O.H.G. m«*-e. Germ. A/iiMj 

ι Htm 


BoBW. T. (maie); Qoot2 vii. 50 (pam, 
parriu, aiyieaWos) ; Klage, Kl. mrt. 

pftrum, parunm, xni. IT {Ini. vii. 13 
niiniqnid pamia vobia est ; tu.. 14 haa- 

riatur panim aquae ; lux. 6 parum est) 

pamm, jiaruuin, xxiv. 6i [Ruf. χ. 30 toi. 
174'' parum flrmaueriio ; χ. 36 fol. 176• 
dicebat se... dolores purum sensisee ; xi. 28 
fol 190° Par••«• diierim). 

parualoium, xixv. 5H, «ec tiidui lite- 

paniulua, see pungioi. 

parunm, xn:. 17, b«c parum : xv, 3, aee 
IUI* traiumiffralioiiii; xixi. 11, see ejilii; 
xxzv. 94, Bee parum. 

pascant, xxxv. 119, see eoaleicant. 

poBcha. Bee pariucheue. 

pasehq, xxxv. 20, see magni labbali. 

paulm, promiscne publice nulgo uel 
per omnia, i. 94 {De Canon.; Can. Cone. 
Calch. xu Clerieos. . .ficcunantesEpiacopos, 
aut ClericOB patsim ; Can. Cone. Carlk. 
xuT pa»im vagand(>).^paaBiin, bno at- 
que iliac uel leuiter, ii. 134 tllrned. reg. 
70 tit. Ut non proesumat paiiim aliquis 
coedere).— passim, per amnia. xxivn. 13 

pasaio, pesaionem, xxix. GO, see prath^u. 

puBBaB, nil. 25, eee pe*. 

pastoforia,. gazofiiatia [eszophjlaoia], 
IV. B2 {Ecu. III.); pMtotorie, modioe 
[.cae] domuB. ΙΙΧΪ. Ga (üf Κ«,.) = {Βι>/. 
XI. 23 fol. 167" patlopluiria)^patio/oria, 

163 ' 

modiea domue, Op. P79; Ep. 19ΒΘ; EL> 
381, 38. 

paatofDilei modice [modicae] domus, 
xxxv. 62, nee paitofaria. 

paatopiiona, see ραιία/οπα. 

posloralis, ii. 9. see de cattidie. 

paatores, II.T. 18, see pedum. 

pastornm, lun. 3, aee Fan ; see aleo 

patebant, xxxv:. 1, see lani parte. 

la. 40, 

I. Tjx: 

I PtUuv 

jMrtem, una resia, m. 33 (D< ,5. Mart. 
StoT.^Sulp. Sfv. Vit. S. Mart. 20, S 
pa teram rcgi miniater obtlllit ; 6 paieram 

patiens, n. 32, a 

patreii, □. 119, I 

patria, xxxv, 241, see txlorree. 

mtrldai MWrtor, coneiliariaB, ziir. 
272 (flu/. VII. 13 tol. ΙΒΟ•• uir BomanM 
nrbis lenator, patHciut). 

patris, I. 80, nee otnotuion. 

patulli, apertia, xxxv. 231 (flu/, ii. 25 
fol. 189* patiiUn erepebat eanerois). 

patnrUi tlieo, xxx. 20, see patitoeranto, 

patnmm, fetor, xlti. 42 [ΛΙϊα = Αη 
Pbocael). The Cp. IjIosb. {P253} hasprdo 
uel patumm feotiu^Ep. 19011 t Et.' 
381, a pedo uel patnmm fetor. This 
suegeBts that fetor etanda tor /eior, and 
= A.8. /toter, /tolur. a fetter (eee Bosw. 
T. in V. feolfr), not tha Lat. fetor {fast-, 
foet-), a Btench; of. also prdica.—kt 
regards pedo, Glogger euggeata that it 
may be connected with 'pediola (K&rting, 
Wrterb. 6978); polurum aeema^yiulo- 
Hum, quod Italie paitoja dicitnr (Du 0,) ; 
cf. Körting, 6914; Skeat, Cimc. Bt. D. 

pauidi, iv. 67, see nuCimf«i. 

pauimeutam, xxiT. 171, see harent- 

patilatim, xivm. 66, aee aiutiit. 

paulominnB, iv. 46. aee ptuillunimu. 

paupertate. xii. 91, see peri plhocheoi, 
Hnb V. ploeheui. 

paupertBtia, ace plorhetu. 

pauperam, i. 91, see ptoehiu ; xziii. 5Θ, 
iee pitaieii; xLi. 3, Bee lidonicit. 

pauxiUnoi minns, see pusHlutninu*. 

pulllui, tUBticellns qui in stantem 
[Cotnbr. MS. adde parietem] mittitur 
negil, XV. 5 {Ezeeh. xv. 3 fabrioabitnr do 
ea paxillut). Cf. paxillus, fuBtioellus qui 
in stamen mittitur in pariete. id eat 
nagal, Bteinm. AUhoehd. Gl. τ. 640. Ö; 
paxiihim, palum naegl, Cp. PIOT. For 
negil-ntegel, nsgl ( = E. ιιαίΐ)• see BoBW. 

U— 2 


INDEX {latin) pec. — por 

T, [luTjii'l). StSDs — duDiiiB, habitatio (Du 
0.); cf. also Da 0. {ttantia); Körting, 
Lat. R. W. 9023 ■ätanlia, dwelling-place; 
Ital. stensa, dwellinR, tooiD ; Fr. ftauoe, 
prop, aupport — G. BtaniM•, tea Cent. Did., 
and Skeat, Cone. Et. Diet. (mama). 

peocaiido, ΪΙΙΪ. 6, fee fablicani. 

peotarali, s^ fateiii pectoralii. 

p«otorall<, ΙΠΙ. 13, see fmeia peetu- 

pectore, ti. 1S2, see lenpeHai. 

pcotua, IV. 97, see thoracen •. iiii. 13, aee 
faiHa prclnniU•; xix. 43, Bee loraa. 

pecnnia, »v. 34, see poliinefurr«. 

peoaniam, xinx. 24, aee nduocaluM, 

peouDUB, ixxv. SOe. aee latanii. 

pedaUi, nennnra in tela qunndo [for 
juuni?] Bolnnt iooidere, xtv. »U (Hirr. u. 
13 venit ΙϊηΪΒ taue pidalii praecieionia 

pede, tT. S9, eee puncto ; tnvii. S, see 

pedum, raatiH quem paatores habenl in 
niudum Λ, xlv. 18 (Verba de Timltil = ari 
Phaeaf. p. 413, 14, 15 pedum). 

Palenm, pater nchelie [Acbillis], xixvnt. 
40 {CUiii. rtom. Rrcogaitt. x. 41 Peltum... 
at Thetidem n;mphaln...ponulit l %. SO 
Peteo ouidatn AaX earn). 

pelle, IT. 45. see iaciwto. 

peUnerat. uooauerat, xiivi. IG jOroi. 
II. 4, 6 Sabinornm, quae fuadere ludieqne 
pelUxerat; vn. 6, 6 legiunee...Bd aaara- 

. IS. 



jMiIitejuiu ; xixv. 2T, see ^iincfn. 1Θ1. ι 
r«i^o morbta; niii. 7, tee enii-f, xlui. 
13. see aprippa. 

pedesaequa. aee ptdiarqwi. 

pedibas, zi. 14, see podtris \ xii. 10. see 

pedlca. tenticula, xiv. 4 [Hier. v. 96 
ponentefl,«).— pedlc», feira liga- 
men. xii, IB (Joh xvni. 10 peiiico) ; fetra 
(O.H.O. /tjjtrit). a frlter, see Bubw. T, 
i/eoWr, /roiwr, feter) ; a Bern MS. hna 
JictOT; see fetor enb v. pntiirum. 

pediCBB, tee pedica, 

pediola, ace patiirum. 

pediaequft, see pidimequ'i, eub v. prdi- 


pedlsequai, pedes eequenteB ideat obso- 
queiitt'3, XXII. 9 [Ealhtr ii. 8 ptdiiiequaa 
eiuB ornaret; Heyee, in note. pfdi'i-quai). 
— pedlBBeqiu.. ministra, xlv. 22 [Uerba de 
ntiaiili = Ari Phocat, p. 412. 37 bic et haao 
pediifqiuii in note pedtHttqua). — p«dU- 
•eqnli. oonuiator gegeola. χκιτ. 54 (De 
Eu«.) = (Bu/. xi. 4 fol. 179• oura duobua 
ptditteqai•). geffenia for gegen Ca = fff- 
gtuga, going nilh, troTage-, OdllectivG, and 
genge, adj. going; see Bosw. T. (ginge). 

pedisaeqiiaii. Bce pediiequai. 

pedliieqnl•, conuiator geRenta, iiiv. 
£4, Bee pediiequas. 

pedo. Bee paturum. 

pttdnles [Bine interpret.], i". 140 [Bened. 
reg. OS, 9 [14] Hntficere credimua nioDBohiii 
...indumenta pedum peduleM et calienB, 
iaj31];)i(itiie>...reddBnt. 30 [5H) iirdulei. 

pedum, v. 16, tee podagru. 

pellia, xrx. 30, aee tyiapaitui 
peluem (pelvim), ixv. 13, aee in pehttai. 
pena. see eatattrofon. 
pendena, iii. 56, aee epeadilen. 
pendent, x. 31. see einie palmarem. 
pendentia. ixviii. 45, eee leuma. 
pendentibuB, ii,. 6. tes palantibat. 
pendere, xitiii. 61. see amphibolia. 
pendiaa(?), ixii. 7. see libra. 
pendioum. xixi. 33. see eiliquia. 
pene, xi. 3, Be« lanugo. 
Penelopes, see Paeniiopii. 
penetcabiliurem, l. 13a. see leeretatem. 
pennaa, xiv. 20, aee iralptllmn; xzii. 10, 

Jl. 27, κ 

π peniuiu. 

penaant, xixm. 31, see lUiqiiat lex. 

pensat, ixii. 31, 33, see mturiui ; 
IIII1. 1, see draginn, 3, Bee κτίρνίνι, 
i, aee oboliu, 6, aee iineia ; xixui. 32, see 
irinivneia, S.i, flee riiigufl ill»', 28, Bee libra. 

peoBBtor. xxxt. 30, Bee ecripalu». 

penu, censD, ii. 138 (Bened. reg. 49, 10 
angeamua uobiB aliquid solito penio [16 
pema; p/iuum] serritntis noatroe; 50, 8 
[11] servitutiB fi»iium.,. redd ere). 

penaa. Bee peiun. 

penaum, xxxii. β, aee cialot; aee also 

penta.)Mllin, u ciuilatca qii; oraemnt, 
II. 7 (.S'lip. X. 6 deacendente igne in penla- 

pentecoBte, 8*>e peniecoiten. 

pentecoaten [sine interpret.], it. 131 
{Hened. rcg. 16. 2 QBqilepeiitiiOiiiH; peute- 
coate. in note, [1] pentecoatea, 41, 3 [1] 
usqae ad penleeotten). 

penteooBtHB, see peniecoiten. 

penuria, iltiii. 12, tee frugaliliu. 

per, I. U4, 109; vn. 1; vm. 13, 14] 
I. 1; 1ΙΠ. 13; ΙΧΪΙ1Ι, 26, 31, 38 (We), 
43 (bis). SO, S6. 72, 80, 83 (bis); xixi. 88; 
XXXV. 120 Ibis), 143 (bis), 199: iilvii. 13; 
XXXVIII. 29, 31 1 xiiii. 24, 33, 63 (bis); 
ILI1I. 3''>, 36, 44 (Ua) ; XLii. 3, 39 (bin).— 
SeealeopuriiLvniii.— per [prep., corrupted 
lo pref. Ι'Γ(-|, iv. 31, see prettatio. 

INDEX {Lätis) pera — pcri. 




p«ra. XX. 9, see <ji tattidie. 

pernfjerü, sw leliipagere, 

per «euerem [sine interpret.], ui. 14; 
lee aggertta. 

peragimt, ιτι. 81, iee incaMaiorts. 

per ambitDin, ίνα. 7, perbaps for p«r 
ambulabat, nee Nintut. 

percunatatio, xxviir. 3β, see peutii, 

percuesa, »xv. 131, Bee multubi. 

perouaeni), iv. 28, see mufculiu. 

petcutiaris, eee ypo (auli) fifoi (boc). 

perdendum, ui. IS. eee caiipo. 

perdit, XIV. 11, eee perdix. 

perdlu, XXXIX. 3Θ, Bee claui juriiiti. 

perdlx, suiit in deierlo ulter perdit »liter 
[tor niter•?-] fonit ou», iiv. 11 {Hier. xva. 
11 perdix fovit qnae dod peperit). Un 
Jeremiah's atorjr οΓ Ibe partridge, adopted 
b; the old Lat. BeatiarieB. nee SkeaC'e 
note to Bichard tbe Bedeles, paeeue m. 
li. 38, in Vol. n. p. 2y7, öf biü ed. ot Piere 
Plowmau (Oxf. 18Θ6). 

perdono, iLlll. 4Θ, eee cedo. 

peril uellibuB, see dueUi». 

ptirduellionia, eee diiellionh. 

perdnloin, hragra, xlvii. 64 (.'IJia— ?) 
=ardia, hragu et die perdalum, Cp. A729 ; 
ardta el dieperdiilum. hrai^a, Ep. 2A'J3 
dl Ef.> 340, 10 (id.). For dUptrdulum see 
Bteinm. ir. 1Θ5, 43 eq. Ardea (in Yirg. 
G. I. 304) A heron; far hragra, hrasa 
(a heron) see Bubit. T. {krtigra]; Klage, 
Etgm. Wrtb. {Reihrr); Oxf. D. Iherou). 

peregrinorum, iixix. 59, aee senodo- 

ptffend• [for pertndie], oter tna nest, 
«.m. 41 (De div. nominibai = aon Donati 
An gramm.1); ujcr, over, bejrond; lun 
= twa, two; n»l for nici, nigbtsover 
two cif^litB, the day after to-morrow; see 
BoBW. T. (o/er; iioii; iir«-niWe; iiiAii). 

perendie. Bee per ende, 

per enersiam, qu^ actum rei inoorpore 
imaginatioue tepreeentat, xivm. 81 (Co». 
Ptalni, zixvi. 37 per eiurgiam quae a. r. 
ineorporeae i. repraesental. See also id. 
IV. 3; and id. xxxiii. 3 etitrgia, id eat 
imaginalio. quae aotam rei incorporeis 
ooulifl tmbminiatrat}. 

pecCfcti, XIX. 94. see orlodoxoii, 

perfiuiantur. xxii. 16, eee uerrAirif. 

per asQTUn yperbolen, per qoiun Bolent 
aliqua in magnitudinem oxaggeratiotiiB 
extendi, ΧΧΪΙ1Ι. 38 {Caii. Pialm. vi. 7 
Sive boo per ßgiiram hyperbalen potest 
accipl, per quam β. a. i. m. e. e.). 

perCoraatet), ιχχτ. 187, see lerebniitteii. 

per hlTonlam, per meudalinni, hit. 
120 (fid/. II. IM fol. Βϋ'ρΐΓ ironiam). Ct. 

Chironiam, Sorh bosp, Up. P239 ; per 
ini'am, permendaaemiooum, Ep. 1ΘΕ7; 

pru liirvninm, pro mondftcem iooum, Ef.' 
379, a4. For fiorh (througlil. Bee Boaw. 
T. {^iirh) ; for bosp (reproaoh, conteinpt) 
id. (Awp). Cr. Napier, 5201 {per ftironiom, 
per allegoriam. hux, hoip). 

periooia, see piiridion. 

parltNlliu [sine inteiprot.], xv. 26 [Eteeh. 
11,11. 7 peribolus exterior). Cf. peribuliu, 
iu cirtuitn domus, Cp, Ρ249 ; penbului, id 
eat in c. d., Ep. 1ΘΑ38 and Ef.' 3B0, 49. 

perieratopos, skb pantocraMo. 

periddoD, ieeperidian. 

peildloii, conteitum idest nnins sen bub, 
XXI. 9 [Cat. Hier, vii eoi. 619" τιμ&ίανι 
Pauli, ..rnler apocryphae scriptaras ooni' 
putamae ; Β : periaiiit ideat responaionem 
pauli...i. a. κ a.\ C : periodoaa pBuli,,.int. 
ear. ap. conp.}. Cf. periodoiai, contextus, 
circntuB. Cp. Ρ1ί(7 ; ptriodoy», oircuitn« 
oonteitus, Ep. 17E20 ; Ef.' 377, 41 ; 
periddon, conteitum, Cp. P236 ; Ep. 
18032; peridon, conteitum, Ef.' 37fl, 20; 
peridoyn, actus panli, Cp. P199 ; yerfo- 
doyn, actUB pauli nel pitonicmn, Ep. 
17E35; peridony, aetus panli oel pyConi. 
CQUi, Ef.' 37f). 46. 

perlena, ixx. ΐθ. eee capiin perietu. 

psrlgamini, membrano. vi. 16 {Dreu. 

pciiodoias, penodone, periodoyn, peri- 
odojie, aMpiridion. 

perioi. Bee peri pthoeheae. 

periotcEaion, perloteajon, see peri In 

peripetetious. eee peripatthiem. 
paripatthleni, ambulator, xix. 1 {Cat. 
Ilier,, Prul. (103* Hermippna peripate- 

peripeeiuB, see peripsiiiia. 

paripaiiiia. gaesuopq, iv. 71 (Eecl. 
Islor.) ; perlpalouL, purgamenttim nel 
quiequilea, xixv. 195 (Dt Eut.) = (Ea/. 
vi:. 20 fol. 122° effect! sunt eorum,..irEpi- 
fi)fia). C[. tamquam purgameDta hoiae 
muDdi facti snmuB, omnium peripiima 
usque adbuc, I Cor. iv. 13. For gae-Buopf 
(j^O.U.Ü. gaiopha, peripaima, qniaquiUae, 
Schade) Bee Boaw. T. (ge-rwSpa, -iväpo, 
Hweepiuga, dust), nod for other forms, 
SteiDra. A.H.G. n. S96, 4; Trigbt W. 
(Iudex) ; Napier, 4165. 

perl ptboclieaB, de panpertate, xxx. SI ; 
Bee ptocheui. 

perlBcelldas, armillas de tibiis, iin. θ 
(laai. in. 20 anferot Üoimnus..,pmii^(- 
lidai, Cambr. MS. penicelidei, armillaB 
de argeatii). Cf. perscrlidet, armillaa in 
pedibua, Cp. P303 ; Ep. 19EI1; Ef.' 381, 

UiDKS (ΖΑΤίιή peri.— pee. 

3 hijpallage ; 

lutio. xxvnt. 49 (Cow. PicUm. xn. Per 

tehevxa icon, quae Latine d. i.). 

perisiou [far rc^sinrii»'], ττπ , 51, see 

perl tM nMi theoiicai, ideat de liao 
nit[a] contemplatiua, ixi. 13 (Cnf. i/i'rr. 
« ool, 629* ; Bee ieretUm) =perileryon, de 
hftc uiM, Cp. F33T ί periotenjon, d. h. u., 
Ep. 18C33; periolemon, d. h. n., Ef.' 
87Θ. 21. 

peritisi xzx. 39, see capHn^rfmit. 

peritiac, see iniitritmfnta. 

pnltlf i-tifte], u. 88, see initnmenta. 

perluceDtia, xxix. 14, see lanteniin. 

per metallB. per dineisas arles ferri Del 
alÜiB, XXXV. 143; nee laet'illa. 

permiBoet, xn. 45, see ranpo. 

permixtiotie, ixvin. βδ, sec figiira mr- 

permotatio, xxvu 

permutatia, xivi 
aee aIbo txallege. 

permotatione, eae irapezUa. 

pema, flicci, iLvn. 13 {Aiia — 1)=pcma, 
aicci, Op. FaSO; Ep. 1904 & 20A10 (p-, 
flioii) ; Ef.' ■im, 64. For flicci. fiitce, 
a aitcb of bacon, see Bohw. T. 

penu, ioBBS, xuT. 3 (AfufA.? not in the 
Tiilg.?). U tliQ leniiiia is the vell-kniinn 
word /jfrn.i, a flitch of beoon (see Wright 
W,; Cp. P250; Ep. 19C4. 20410; Ef.' 
3β0. 51). it cuQnot bo L'xpkined bf the 
equally well. known word /d«u, β dilcb, 
tnncli (eec Uoutz, vt. 466, foi*a). Nor ia 
it explained b; Fapiee' ptniae dicuntor 
vnlgo proeellne de montilian. Beeides 
that of Leiden only one other MS. h&n 
the filoBB; ptnia tots» Hycci (Steinm. i. 
70S, 1). Perhaps the two worde are two 
lemmata, without interpretatione ; /tuaa 
would not dieagtee witli Mtnecta (q.v.). 

pemioiee, pernicitae, see pimiUci. 

pemltiee, uelocitas, xlvdi. B1 {l)r Ciut., 
lett. viii. 18 egui iDfreDeB,.,iioriaB ad prr- 
nicitm aarigae,.,prorumpunt). Prrnicifs 
does not Agree with uehciiai, and heuce 
Qoeti (tu. 74) ineerta thin gloee ander 
pentieitat. CI. Ef.> (Goetz, v. 3IU, S3) 
ptmicif, malitia oel uelocitas. 

penlx, ueloi, zLvt. 29 {Alia - An 
Phoeat, p. 121, 10 hie et haec et hoo 
peTnix)=ptrnix, uelox, Cp. P216. 

peioiMU, adloqueoB, xxxv. 109 (Ruf. 
π. 5 fol. 20'' perorant apud Cttiaro)=pera• 
, adloqaeng. Cp. PS03; Ep. 19E3: 

fllo quando edifiuant [aed-] paiietes ρ 
dar, im. 40 (/.«f. xixiv. 1Ι)=ρβϊρΜ 
eulnra, punduc, Cp. Ρ2Θ4. Fol pnndai 
(which IB DOD-uennanic, and merely late 
Lat. pondartnm in A.S. spelling), see Buew. 
Τ. {pandar, pundur, a plnmb.line); cf. 
Steinm. i. 590, 19—24. 

parpen, eine cauea, ixif. 317 (üii/. i. 
27 toi. 173» perperam gesta).— perpe«, 
causa uel pninitne, ixix.43 (7t7crb./nriTjn'. 
=HirT. in MaUh.1). 

perperam, eee perprra. 

perpetl, ueloce», xltqi. 33 (Dt Cati., 
Init. V. 17, 2 praepeti eonacientiae deou- 
tione; perpfti in Mö.). 

perpettio, ii. 28. nee contin\ianiUi. 

per praKmatl[c]un fomuun, per princi- 


, 34. 

, KbhominntuB, vi. 2<ί {BTtn. 
Cf. Ut moliua fnertt thalamie 
aaruJHHe pcrotii, JnvencuH m. 4ΘΙ). 

parpendlctilam, modiea petra de pluniba 
qua ücant [jiuiei ligant, Cambr. MS.] in 






oel uegotia, nxii. Öi-, see 

r. 8, see inirapa. 

UTI1T. eO, eec diaforaU. 

III. SS. see apattropti. 

ui. 34. aee^iiura ni-- 

tvui. 8g, aee dialipotii, 
perspicacem, see pfripicim. 
perqrtcem, inKcnium, ixxv. 895 {Ruf. 
I. 9 fol. 1G4'' Frumentio...qoeni quasi 
peripicacem deprehen denkt). 

peretringit, uviu. 61, Bee epitroeatno*. 

pertinai, n. 2G, see contemplo. 
pertinent, xxxvii. 9. see tahvlat legal. 
pertingenä, xt. 14, ace podiri». 

pomadere allenam rein manifmle prae- 
aamere, i. Θ4 (I'« Vaium. ; Can. ApotU. ilr 
alieoam pnruuhiBm.,,pm(aiJfr«; of. ibid. 
XXXI tu. e«cleaitt.,.pcriuidoiiir; Can. Cone. 
Antioch, xciv Bedem peruadat). 

peruenieot, iixviii. 14. lee epibatit. 

pemersio, χχνιιτ. 07, see anaitrupht. 

peroeraun, vm. Ö, see tienipelliii. 

peruia. xri. 3. Bee erypta. 

pemioax, continnum, xiivi. 9 {uro», i. 
7, 1 pfniicoi proeliijm...geBBFnint). 

pea. XXXI, 24, see chonw.— ρβ• uocatur 
quando una nice calcat paasuB ideat fetim 
TUT cubitoriun. iixi. 2S {De ponder. 7). 
Fol /fiini Ulogger Huggesta to read "Jet 
(acu. plur. of fot) im," and " na cubitot" 

peuliiioa darent, eiroumdarent, iv. 41 
(Eccl. M.] ; peseom. interitum, ιχιτ. 305 
(Di Ea,. ) = (Huf. IV. 7 foL 60• fideUnm...« 
quOH.-.deoiperent, yciiuticiarini). 

ρβΒΒΟί, leer, iLvn. 26 [Alia = 7). Ct. 
peiiul, haecu. Op. P311; p., boos. Ep. 
20A9andEt.i382, 20. tftr coald hardly 
be a aorraption οΓ, «r another word for, 
haeea lutea, of Cp., Ep. A ΒΓ>. The 
aioitat Ninninum (Uoetz, u. Se9, 23) have 

INDEX (LATIA') peSS. — phJI. 


Kiiiliiia, Itiera, claQQu liRneaB paruae. 
e ariitiüal glose mnyhaTe been peiSiilum 
[peeeujle, Bera *o. ; or an O.H.Ö, rigil, 
□Γ A.9. reagol ma; bave beaome corrupted 
to leer. Ct. Körting, n'iirlerb. No. 7089. 
Iter cannot oorreBpond to O.D. Iter {Uder, 
leeddre, Utddere, lodere), a ladder, and 
alao II η irutrumeitt far torlurinij (eee 
Terdam, lodere), as En^l. doen sot drop 
d in this nay. It ia, porbape, related to 
piov. E. Iiir, or larra, a bar (nee Engl. 
Dial. Diet.), and may be a aynon. of 
haeea, kaea (D. heft), which eeem to have 
meant α hatch, grating, a gate of lattice- 
work : a hook, holt or bar. Cf. aleu tho 
Gr. τάσιταΧοι, a peg, and a ffag.— peMUll, 
quo cluditur oonu [an oil-cruet), m. I'J 
(ßi S. Hart. Slor.-Sulp. Sev. Dial. m. 
8, i obdendi pntuli, qno claudi diligentiua 
■eraanda oonauenint, in nitro iUo epatiam 
non taiiiee ; cf. Id. Kpiit. i. 13 cum pei- 

p^BuIo. eee peetiil. 

pesnim. interitum, xiiv. 305; see pet- 
limoi ilariiit, 

pesBundareut, see peifimoe darenl. 

petalom, in qno soriptiiin est nomen 
dei uel tetragrammaton , ιχχτ. 147 {De 
Eai.); petnlnm, lamina [for iuntinujaurea. 
ΙΪ. 3* {EcH. Iii.) = (Jfu/. ni. 31 fol. 49'• 
pöBtifiMle irn-aXo» gietaufl; cf. id. T. W 
fol. i)0' ponliBcale tiraXor geeeit) =pf(a- 
lum, lamina anrca in fronte in qua scrip- 
tum numen dei (dumini, Bp.) tetra^ram- 
malon. Cp. PaiO; Ep.lSEO; Ef.'379.36. 

petierit, ii. TO, see ezigtrit. 

patlgo. tetrafa, ixxv. 74 (Ru/.7). Ac- 
cording to the oriler in which this glose 
appears in the üloesary, peligo might be 
looked for in üb. ix-, or in Üie first two 
Chapters of Bufin us' work. But it does not 
aeem to ooour there, nor im-lin-)petigo ; 
and as it is written in the MS. with a 
nmall p, it is perhaps a further explana- 
tion of igiiU uncer [Ruf. m. 3 tol. 160"), 
or of lentigo or pnirigo [liuf. i. θ fol. 12"). 
The Corp. Ol. (I 79) has inprtigo, teter; 
Ep. llBaS inpetigo. telr; Ef.i 36S, 37 
inpegit, teg. Fa of Ulra/a \a distinctly no 
in the HS., but the open a ma; be read 
as ie, therefore j!e, which a Sc Oallen MS. 
(Steinm. u. 6B7, 17 petigo, telrafic) has, 
while a God. Seiest, bas^;; {id. ii. 098, 36 
petigo, tetrafig), which, like the LaC ßem, 
means a disease of the skin, the piles. 
Tetra would be good Latin and make, with 
peligo, a suitable gloss to tfjiriga; but the 
Tarions readings above, and petigo... idcst 
ilirda in another MB, (Steir- - ' — "■ 
point to the λ.9. (et(e)r, tttl• 

Bee perpendiculum ; iiv. 9. a 

Μ in ungtt 

13, see ιίηφάί : xxxiv. la. set 

petrae, see coIiTulut; eem/itU 

petre [-rae], xn. 15, see crmenta. | 

petcie, xiivnt. 19, see ihotu 

petnlnm, lumiua [for (am-] 

iEeel. /ii.), seepiiuiiHB. 


fit et respoQsio, ixviir. 3β (C 

au. Plain. 

u. e. i. f. e. Γ. i again ym. 

■ at. also 

. 5). 

ph for /; propftaua (proftna) — for p: 
ephichirema (epicb-); epAigrapba (epigr•); 
IiJjitagoraa (Pyth-). 

Phaethontis, see /aelontu. 

phalerae, see fallerat. 

Pharos, eee_fli('i/«ro». 

Phatures, see in fatorei. 

phialae, seefioU. 

Phidifie, se^fiHiae opera. 

phllacterla, soriptura dinersa qu; prop•^ 
ter infirmoa Imbeijtur uel carmina, t. 90 u 
{De CiiHon.); fllaoteria, soriptura ^aersa 
qufl propert [for prop*"•] infirmos haben- 
tnr, xxxix. «2 (not Greg. Dial., but) = 
(Can. Com. Laod. oxxxii facere phijlac• 
tiria', qui phyUtctmU vtuntur, ihitt. tit.). 
Cr. philartari'i, oannina uel i praecepta 
legis, Cp. PSeS ; philactiria, carmina, Bp. 
19C37 & Bf.' 381, 29 Sc ΕΓ> 321, II. 

philo, iix. IT, see hn plalon. 

pbllocaln, grece ncopon, xLVli. 96 
(ΛΙία = '/). Neither the lemma nor the 
gloss fiopon are clear. The nearest 
approach to pliilocain is the Gr. φΛί- 
cawgr, a love of novelty or ίηηοι * 

Kluge (Α. S. Leub.) take« «iopoil a ^ 

iceop (tatp), a poet ; see Bosw. T. («Cop). 

pbilngenia, «ee de phitoxenia. 

philologoa, see philalagui: 

pbUon, III. 17, see bopUton. 

phiinna , philonem, XXX. IS, see Aofl 
plata«. W 

philoplue [for phHophi\iaeT\. iv. 41^| 

philopbilise (?}, see niiuitorie. 

pbiltnophi, xtl 27, see molejiei; i 
10, see carditiet. 

pbilosophiam, xvi. 26. see magi. 

philoBophos, see philttlaguit. 

philosten, see pylnminoa. 

phlloxenla, XIX. 28, see de phitoxenia. 

pblloluKuii, uerbi amatoris [res], xxi. 
24 [Cat. Hier, ii col. ϋ39Λ spud ph(b>- I 
li'joi; B: apadp/iiloiopAiu; C: apndpfifio•^ 
L•go^]. Cf. filologai, rationea uel uerUl 
B, Cp, ΡΪΘΰ; JUologoyt, ratiomin 

INDEX (LATJN) pit.— poll 


xivni col. 1393" earn me in linguae hujus 
j'ialrinHiH reclusisBcm). 

plWUola. membranula, «rt. 30 {Uerb. 
Interpr. = UicT. in ilatlh. iini. G ool, 
168' pictatiala ilia Diicalogi, phylacteria 

pltoleli, diepeneatio pauperam, iix». 
58 ; eee ploehiit, «üb v. ptoehtui. 

piluiU, see tieania. 

placatiotiem, xn. 7. see pUtcorem, 
plaeentM, dulces faciunt de stmila ct 
□lea uei adipe et melle, xiv. S (Ilkr. vu. 
iS ut (aciaut placenliu reginae ; xlit. 1!I 
feoimua ei plaeentai), 
placiU, uv. 33, see raia. 
ptUMOvni. plocatioDcm. iii. 7 {Heitlei. 
IT. 13 qni rigilaviirint ad illam, compleo- 
tentnr placarem eiue; mix. 28 placor], 
— plaoorla, auluiiUtia, vi. 23 {Una. 
exml. ?). 

"a [for phumalio], xiix, 26, see 
ι protiiiilaitriim. 

, plauduB [for blamliuf\. n. 23, ee« 
I Btioiiiiiir. 

»ne, oerte, u. 182 [Dtnrd. reg. 
I IS. 30 [32] plaiu agenda matutina ; 44, 
ί IS ila plant ; in note «απ« ; [IT, plane in 
Γ note ; in teit lan«]). For plane aae also 
I (l. m) pronto ; (ivn. 0) aiolall: 

' 1, foraia. xwv. Μ9 {Ruf. π, 33 

for. 115< iieliit □ouum ptaima : I. II fol. 
18" confecta ptiiimate].—AB plasma, frac- 
■ tor» [faotucar] αβί us, ui. 27 {Cat. Hier. 
xnv cul. G43 lie platiaale Ubrum ί teila 
Β a lid C idem), 
plasmnte, see de piaiina sub τ. platnia. 
plaematio, eee protoplaitriiai. 
plaamatione, ixxv. 164, nee lii- ^meii(i>. 
plMtei, figulus, im. 49 ilini. lu. 36 
plaitai concoloans hamum-, ilv. II, Ιβ 
plaelei : luv. 9 plaitae idoli... nihil annt). 
plktanos. arbor est boni odoiia, m. 17 
(Eceii«. XXIV. 19). 
plateasa, platies, see ρίαΙίΜΐι. 
plattaaa. Iolc,ii.Tii. 9(J'('i=7)=pfuCi>a. 
Qooo, Cp. Ρ4β* and Ep. 30Αβ ; plaliva. 
&oe. EF.' 892, 1». Lewis & Sli. p/afuwa, 
Β plaice. FotfoL• {lot flic-) sea Bosw. T. 
{fifif, a sole, kind of flat fieb) ; Oxt. U. 
{fiuke, Bb.>) ; Kluge, Diet. {Flack). 
I plato, plftbm. XIX. 14; plfttonft, xxx. 
16; platonem, xii. Ιβ; see An plaloa.— 
Pblonla Idea«, idest species, ilii. 25 (£,1: 
dip. librit- Vita S. Kugeii. Z, Migne i.xsui 
col. G07° Platoni» tileiu] = Plalonii idcui, 
speciee, Cp. Ρ4β6; Plataait ideai, idest 
■pecies. Ep. 30A30 ; EV 392, 30. 

IpUnitnuD, in eimilitudinein nrce rotas 
babeuH intuB et ipse dentes liabent i^uasi 
n>Btra dioitui in ituibus fraugent xpicas. 


u trilucans) I 

mi. 47 (/wi. XM. 13 ρ 
= P1. in Himililudine arcae r.n.i. ei ip 
(ideil rotae] d.h. qui rostra dicuntar ii 
fraogeut [For fraogtiatl e.. Cp. P4S1. The 
Cambr. M9. agrees with up. but omits all 
alter habent. See further Isai. τ. IS 
(pUuslrl) ; xxv. 10 (planstro) ; xxvm. 37, 

S Iplanstri). 

Pleiades, 1 

53, see/ouor. 

abundanlia uel indegeriee [in- 
dig-]. III, 39 {Ecclet. xxxvti. 33 aeiditiit 
apprupinquabit usqne ad cholcram). Sab. 
and Heyse record, in ootefl, the reading 
npU>lial = ArXi/irria] (or avidilai. Cambr. 
US.: Pifffiu, habundantia siue ituiigeriei. 

pleii, eee plexui. 

plezui, trupoatue, tv. 15 {Raf. a. 9 
fol. 33'- capite pitxi sunt ; cf. lA. vi. 9 
fol. W capite pltxia). 

plüdf, uii sunt stelle [-llae] in eauda 
tauri, ZLtv. 2-J {ilia; dt eielo = Iiid. de 
nat. rerum an. I ool. 09β* [quoting tram 
Job xxxviii. 31] fUiadei; ibid. 6 ool. 
aua" PUi'ide» ; ibid. xxxTi. 3 ool. ΙΟΟβ• J 

ptumacios, see μαΙαίΙΙιιι. 

plnmalios [for plnvuieiai], xy. 43, bi 

plutubeos, ixn. 12, see urnn. 

plombo, iiu. 40, w^ perpeiidiculuia. 

plumeacit. mutat, ux. 57 {Job xiit 
26 plameicit occipiter]. For mature, I 
moult, see Eürting. »'rib. Ho. 6122. 

pluralu, xlhi, 1(1, see micene. 

plures, irm. 1, see exedra. 



uin coiiplutu. 
pluuie, XII 

39, see Aidtt. 
see III aqvn... 

■e uurgili 

.. , ... ι.16(Λιί/. t. 1δ \ 

fol. 17* ilium. ..poduffru InboTanlem). 

podarla. uestis est eacetdotum a pedi 
usque ad umbilicom peitingens et 
Btnngebatur ciugulo in cuius sabteriore 
parte habebaulur tintinnabula et mala 
panica. xi. 14 (ό'αρ. irm. 24 in vesta 
poderit). j 

poetarum, xix. 51, «ee/abuia ; ileii. 9B, I 

X. 6, ! 


polenUt, rahna subtiliseima, 
{Jndxih X. S imp09Uit...abrae 

polentam, see ροίϋπίη. 

poll, χι,ιν. I, sec partes, Mb, see α tergo. 
— pcIl, ex celeatibas [coel-] oiclia caciiniinB 
^uu maiiiDe apcra nititur alter ad aquilo- 

XL a: Si. »: 

I ■■■«. am '.^^m.wL «^ i^ZcmS' 

pofw^ SSV*. 79; «c ImmmAml 

^U porochia, see parraehia. 

^V purreotioTie. xl. 19, see conpage. 

Η porreiit, i. 1, eee aicnUlur me. 
pon-Q, I. 85, Bee proieribantur. 
pomiB, XL•!. IG. see cijpreifut. 
miTsatu, mat&toroB, iv. 101 {R>if. vu. 
38 fol. ί'ΛΪ'• 1 Hai>e »utem finrticula, 
prima ei duodecim, vernale eat sqni- 
nDatium, et ipaa est iDitiuin meDeiiim et 
caput circnli et absolutio curauii atellamm 
νλάναι [ateUnrnoi, iguae rXirai planeta>, 
UBcoiari, p. 4,53], id eet vagae ilicuotur, tic 
Hnia duudeaimie parliculn et lotios circali 
lenninua). Tlie gloea niataturrt aeemn to 
refer to these Btara, Aad it is poeeible that 

porta, ΪΙΙΪΙ. 1, see Ji/Ht. — ports 
Ifturentl. quia per ipsani ourpua eiue 
poTtatum est, xixn. 39 [Grig. Dial. ir. 
54col. 416*iuMaperianiBainiti/,aur(n(ii). 
—porta BMreorla. ubi etercora pro [for 
proiciuntuT ?J, xxiu. !) (3 Etdr. ll. 13 ad 

INDEX {latis) poru. — praep. 

171 ■ 






Β portf iodute [-tue] Bunt, 
«n». 140 \Ru/. τα. 6 fol. BT" trntorum 
indnmentn, in edit. 1548; PorUinm in- 
dumenta, in edit. 15äS and ap. Cacniari, 
p. 123, who points otit that one Vatie. 
MS. has (Ciilonini) =porlarum indumenta, 
oorie qoibua portae aunt indutae, Cp. 
P495 ; Bp. läES ; purlatöntm in-, ϋύήί. 
q.p.B.i., Et.' 379, 3S. The diCtcrent 
readiDtjs {icutoTum; portaTum) an• appa- 
tentl; due to a ooiifuEioti between tlie Cir. 
evpur and Bvpiiar. 

portam, iini. 10, see iialiun. 

portant, xiv. 86, aee »rerun; τλιι. lii, 
He bairoperite. 

portantem, xTt. H, aee diieoforum. 

portantee, □. es, eee gettaiilei. 

portanlur, xiii. 59, see fcntri. 

porlari, x. 13. see frTi-ului». 

poTtanun Indomenta, ideet coria .tc., 
ixxv. 140; see above piriii. 

portati, it. 17, aee angariaii. 

portatorinm, χχτ. 4, see locrtlam. 

portalam, ixxix. 33, see porta liiiirruH, 

portatur, lui. 21, see bunlrraa. 

port• [-tae], ιιχτι. 1 (liia), aee /u»i 

portfl, IXXV. 140, see portarum iiidn- 
ptenld. sub V. porta ; XLvni. 37, see 

portentosa, portentuoaa, see porttMiioie, 
portemtBoae, monainiOBe exempli caOBa 

com sex dtgitJB nati, i. 9S (Or Canon. ; 

DeJm.Jid. Calch.. ap. Man. vii. 761• eon- 

tueione pnrtentmua, 75S' portfaiosaj. Gf. 

laid. Ktym. xi. 3. tl A 7 ; Id. Diff. 457-^59 ; 

Helrareich, in Archiv/. L. L. in. 311. 
porti, IV. 93, aee aiigipottot. 

portieibus. XIV, 12, eoe dumalilmt. 
porticoa, in. 40, aee conrlaaia. 
poaite, IV. 98, aee comtUai. 

poaito, Iiiv. 41, aee in aeultit. 
posse, xxvm. 47, Bee parentheiin. 
poaaent, xn. 42, see uasa. 
poBBesnio. xu. 19, aeepa^iu. 
poaBeaalonea. i. 98, see predia. 
poBBesaina, ii.m. 12, aee cethetica 
poaanmaB, ixnn. S7, aee^.^ura. 
posaunt, ili. 1. aee preibileri, 2, se« | 

poet, t. 39; 11. 1S3: xiviii. 65-, ilei. 

11 1 XLnt. 43. 

poatea, u. 54, see detnum. 

poaberae, aee^HMferr. 

poslen, portQ, xlvui. 37 {Dc Ctiti., 
hut. V. 11, 2 Mihs.. ptuttTae UDinB,,,pro- 
ditione noBtabitni). 

poatoniin, aee magalia. 

pocttrldle, post ni diea, χι,ιιι. 42 [De 
div. Βπηιί«ΐίΐΜ = ηοΙ [?] Donali Ατι gram- f 
nwf. ?). 

poatulatio, ii. 99, see lattania 

poBoit, xiiii. 12, aee mtmaru 

potentia, xix. 20, ι 

poteat, I. Ill ; i. 13'; m. 2Θ : xi. 
192 ; xixtx. 48. 

poteataa, ixi. 4. aee (itkitvAi'iu, 

poteBtate. xvt. Iß, see Ailiom. 

putealateB, n. 178, aee titamudtt. 

potio, 1. Ill, aee iic/ni. 

potiaoea. u. 15, aee \iü>tfn. 

praettosn, xxii. 64, aee Ihteriiitrn. 

praebctur, see rpecUitvia. 

praecedenlia, aee proici'miina. 

proecipitane, aee Itaa. 

praecipna, praeoipue, prascipuia, aw^ 

pcaecipuom, see tpynitxon. 

praecooe, see ciinoni. 

praeconio, aee ineia/uru«. 

proedator, se« li/rninilM. 

praedia. e^e predia. 

praodicanC. aee iint^ice'. 

praedicationia, see ej/nggencei. 

praedioentia, aee pruUiomena. 

praeditia, see pTtdili: 

praefatio, aee proemiuin. 

praefstinne, aee prota. 

piaefationibus, aeeprocnliM. 

praefecto, aee balneum Cieeronit. 

praeficit, aee o^it. 

praefocatus, see pre/aeatui. 

praelatua. see prelatitt. 

prBemis.<iae. see iietilogia. 

praeoccupatio, see pi-oUmiiii. 

praeparatione, see in expedilione. 

praeporstioniB, aee eyaggencti apod-. 

praepes, aeeprr/ur«. 


INDEX (LATrs) prill. — prom. 

principslia, i. 9S, aeepragmaliea ; uxix. 
B3. sea per pragmaticam /onaam, 

priacipiLtum, in. S8, see archatonunn. 

priucipia, xiviii. 72, •see atuiplvora. 

piUeo•«, pitno, prinu. priite, %\%. θή ; 
lee ypo (»ub| iyoi (boc) Ac. 

prliutli, alienana sepeialis [iieparatis], 
u. 13Ü {henrd. reg. 13, 1, 3 [til. * 1] 
priuatii dUbiu}. 

pnnato, ii. Bl, aeegradu, 

pilnlsiu, nift. xi-ii. 7 {Ex div. Ii6r«7J; 
^priuigna, uift, Cp. Ρβ04 i priuiynn, Glia 
saroris, ideat nift. En. ISAli; Et.' 378. 
13; priaigua, α step-oaughter ; ni/t. like- 
wise etep-d., bat also a, niece, grand - 
daaghter; see Boew. T. ni/l. 

prinilegimn, xxxiv. 40, see prerogatiua. 

pro, 1. 88, 111, 110; tii. 31; vm. 8, IS, 
IT; ΧΙΠ. 9; ιιτ. 3, 34( xv. 24; xvi. 12, 
27; ixiu. 12; stvia. 18, 72; iimi. 67 
(bis) ; «ΪΙΙΙ. Bj ΙΙΪΪ. 14, 170. 210; «χϊιπ. 
44; IUI. 20; luv. 11 (Mr). 

pro. III. 14 (sue note t on p. 7). 

probamunto, ii. 73, aee uprrimfnlo. 

probatio [lor propaaiio], xxa. 50, aee 

probationea, uviii. 79, aee tpextrgaiia. 

probra. obprobria, i»v. 126 \!tuf. ii. 
24 fol. 33* Longum eilt,., probra eiue.,,de- 

prooaoU, adragantia, iv. 40 (Ruf. vn. 13 
fol. 61''prornciit.,,et temeritate). 

procncitas, l Gl und ii. 96, bgc inprohitat. 

prooMlter, BOperbe, ii. 133 {Beiud. reg. 
3. g [12] proeacitir dercDderej, 

procBX, II, 89, see iiiprobnt, 

prooella, ixxvai. 41, see totegit. 

proceree, eee proctttortt. 

procerita•, c^lsitudo, uulv. 142 (Au/. 
»:, 7 iol. 39• proiirita« oorpurin), 

procesBorea, eiceisi, ixiv. U2 (Ruf. I. 1 
fol, A'pTocerti magnificantar); d.pivccee», 
geroernn (leevee), Cp. F327. 

procomian, ixi. ö4, see rC procomtan. 

prtKOiiMlarla, in nice oonaalie quia 
suftecti etunt [eront] ooDanlibuB, l, 100 
(ϋΐ Canon.; Can. Cone. Carlh., praef. 
p, 142* proninciae Prncoiuularie ; ibid. 
ΧΧΕ1Π Epiaoupi procontularet). 

proconnulat^B. prooonBalariii, aee pro- 

prooul, ;. Θ6, Bee proriiu, 

pntcnialOTM, quod nice euratocia Γηη- 
gantui, I. 101 (Dr Caum.; Can. Coac. 
Cartli. ivi ut βρίΗΟορί.,,ηοη sint,,. pro. 
cum Coro). 

prodeaee, il 67, aee exprdire. 

prudeBt, II. 59, see txpedil. 

pnHlloiii, dtnaipator nubntaiiti^, ii. 137 
{Beiial. rrg. 31, 17 [3i] neque pmiligui 
lai)^ prodigal, dieaipalot aubBtuiliae, Cp. 


4 [6J Gelleralii^^^l 

P7 47. — nan prodleui, 

II. 121 (Bfiud. reg. 31, 4 [6J C 

prodlderlt, maairoBtanerit, 
{Baud. reg. 46, 8 [10] prodideril deliattun 

priidigUB, aeeprodiriM. 

prodia [Cor profiinilit^], in. 14, nee 

proemlis, pcofaoienibas [praefiition-], 
ixxiv. II {De Cam., liul. x, 7. 3 taDtin 
tUn differebat; in Dote: 

. [for 


proof nil 

pioemtimi, prefatio [prnef-], ixn. G 
(i/erd. Interpr. =Uier. m Matlh., Pro/. ooL 
18' Qt ipee in firuum/o oonStetur; ibid. 
col. 19* in illBd proiiiHi>im)=prnfirniiutn, 
praeCatio, Cp. PG25 Λ 745. 

pTofana, eee prophana. 

profano, t. 113, »ee taeriltgo. 

proSoicne, V. 23, see luppedilaiu. 

protnndiB. see talali. 

profnndam, ustv. 326, see in ehao»; 
ixxii, 20, see in vuirt adriattco. 

profoaliii, haliundantiue, ixiv. 108 
{Ruf. II, 3 fol, 30• profiuiiu effunderetor 
dill ins dignatio), 

proKeiiiea, ixxv. 98, »ee proiapiii. 

pruhibere. ilviii. 1β, eee iiiAtb^rii. 

proiiOtuB. ivii. 7, see Niniuf. 

pro[icLuntut], xxiii. 9, see jjorM ttereori: 

prolegomena, see proletomtna. 

prolemila, pr^occupalio orebra eermooia 
qu; multa colligit unias uerbi iteratione 
deonraa. xxvril, 75 (Can•. ΡιαΙτα. xim. 8 
prtAtptit. Latin β pnuoecupatio, quaodo 
rt!B Becuturae pro praeteritis ponuutur). 
The above "orebra eem»oiiis,,.dMurea" 
iH wrongly added in the MS, to tbi« 
lemma ; it belongs to xxTm. 73 {epimom, 
q. V,). wfaereaa " qnando— ponnntlir " 
(wronglj (ifiinfitr) i« in the U3. wrODgly 
under annpliora (xxvm. 72). 

proleHmana, ideat predioeotia [prae-]< 
xxvni. 21 (Cuijr. Pnalm. Praef. xvn eol. 
24> prolegomeiui, ideit pracedtnlia). 

proUxor [-liorl, HI. 8, eee loeerRMI. ^H 
FBOLOOO, ixx lit. ; eee De Catalasn, ^^Λ 
promaeaii, see ct proeomian. ,^^Λ 

promimuB, iiviii. 67, see dmtitrepk&^H 
promiscue, i, bl, see patiim. ^^ 

promiase [for praenutiae], xxrm. 4β, 
see ueCilogia. 
promieaioDia, iir. 24, eee tlipulalionit. 
promonloilnin, hog, id. 35 {S. Marl. 
Storia = Sulp. Stv. Dial. i. 3, S promun- 
(iiriii, and ju note prumunrturi'ii. promuH' 
taria, promoiitaria). For hug, a heel, 

INDEX (latix) prep. — prin. 


preparatione, ixi. I, see in cxpediilene ; 
— I. 63, eee paraiclitue. 

preparntioniB, (mum [piaep-], m. ΤΘ, 
Me eijaggencei npod-. 

prepee.auie, xLvi. 19(^Iin = Jn(PA(ieef, 
p. 417, 23 hio et haeo praepct). 

prepoeitm'e [pnepoeitanu!], ii. 168, see 

prepoBJtus [praep-]. Π. 189, seeprelatui ; 
XXIII. 3β, see qui in nnnero... 

prerogatliui, priuileRiiim, iiitv. 40 ; 
prerogtitin», eieeUentis, iLvm. 19 {/)< 
Üat»,,Iiut.yni. 1,3 ntteliam praerogaliua; 
zu. 4, I nirtatem, tantac poKintino prat- 
rogatiua deeontftm). 

preaogio, ili. 21, nee obßrmanUi. 

pmlilter[eine interpret. ].ii. \30iBeafd. 
reg. 63, 2 [Ij prabytcntm ordinate; 63, 
Vi [20] preibyt/Toi iudicaaeruDt).^pras- 
bltni qui aunt in agria cpintolas dar» non 
possuDt Ad Buloa tantum aieiDoa epieeopoe 
~ litteraa dietiuabUQt, %ut. 1 ; OhonplaMipl 
qui tiuat iorepreheDaibilea dare posaunt 
pacidcaa ideat geneialee epietalae. xli, 2 
(De itnni. diuemii = C'in. Cime. Aiitioch. 
iicTi p. 126* Preibf/Uri, qai b. i. s. 
oanonicaa epiatola« d. ii, p. Λ. b. t. u. t>. 
litems deatin»bant. ChortpUci^ii autem 
q. a. i. d. p. p. i. g. epiatolas). — pieibttara, 
uxor preabiteri [-byteri] qitam habuit ante 
Ordin&tioneni, iixlK. 33 [Grtj. Dial. iV. 
11 col. 836• pretliyicram aiism ut aororem 
diligens). — praHteiu, uiorea preebiterO' 
mm [preabyt-] quan nntea {lie ; tappt. 
habuerunt), i. 104 (De Ciitum.; Can. 
Cime. L•ιod. c\iy til. Sob Doa^TOtie prn- 
byrcM« . . . ordinari) . 

prMbltera, axor preabiCeri Ac, χχ,χιχ. 
22 : prMbltert•, nioree preabiipriiruin, 
&0., I. 104; aee preibiltr. 

preabiteri [-byteri], xxiii. 32, see [irei- 

preabiteromm [preabyt'], i, 104, eee 
pr fhilerat in v, prabiUr. 

preebyteram, preebyteraa, prasbyleri, 
preebytororum, see prttbiler. 

pieabyteroa, preabyterum, see presbiter. 

preaideio [praea-], luv, i>i'i, eae dncen- 

presideua [praea-], i. 87, ββφ pratü. 

preaidea [praes-J, i. 40, see defmtortt. 

pieatanda [praeat-]. n. 19, aee adhihenda. 

prestontuT [praoat'], il. 22, see aecnmnxa- 

preBtktiD, euBtodia, iv. ΆΙ [Ruf. :n. G 
!i>\. Άύ'• per ttationet boftium). 
prestitjium [praest-],v. IT, see parrdiiiii. 
prealita, li. 56. eee tThibila, 
prealo [praesto] eiae, i. .iä, spe eihibert. 
[ireatrigiia [praefltrigiin ?], ν. 18, see pur• 

prssnl. iudex uel preaidens [praeaidena] 
uel defcnsur, i. 87 {He C.iimih. ; Dioagi. 
Praef., p. 101 sancti pra«(uic(...muni- 
antar ; Can. Cone. Aneyr. ιχχπι vim 
pratialibui , , .in ferre) . 

prfBunt [praes-], xzivm. 42, we hiiru• 

preterlola, domuncnla micina in nane 
nniua oubiti in qnibuB abscondant ciboa 
BUOH [refers, perbaps, to Temiganttt o( 
XT. 9], XV. II \Etech. xxvn. feoerunl... 
prartoriala). Por miHna tbe Cambr. MS. 
haa Kicina; bat in iv. 43 ocoura rnUinot; 
micinui probably — inicidue. nieauing 
imatl. er. Du C, ruicina, ano vase de nave, 
OrioBBOr. Lat. Ital. MB, ; praetorioU, do- 
mnnaula in iiane, ΰρ. Ρβββ ; priutariala, 
d. i, n., Ep. 19Alli practvTiocla, d. t. n., 
Er.' 880, 22. 

preterita [piaet-], :. 44, aee ditiimulal; 
II. 49, aee dininuilal. 

preterit! Β [praet-], ιχτιιι. 72, eee 

pretium, see labulm legat. 

pratore, preturio [praet-], χχιτ. 328, see 

pretorlnm, domne indicaturia, xxir, 
18 (Math. uvii. 37 militeB...suBCipiente* 1 
Jeaum in priBtorium ; Wordsw. & White, J 
in note. inpme(orio iipret.) = praetoTiujn, 1 
dotuue indioarU, Cp. PG39. See Göett, 
Tl. 126 (pTaetoriun). 

preuiatium [tat breu-]• ">' 73, see | 

preuidere [praeo-], xil. 42, aee uoin. 

prauati [^pmenati]. for pmti (q, T.J. 

prfx, undo prfoia, XLV. 8 (Vtrba i 
miilti$ = Ari Phoeae. p. 412, 3 feminiai | 
fteneris ops prtx pars.,.). 

prima, inx. 26, aee protoplattruin. 

priinaeuo, see π primeiioftare. 

prlmatun dlooeieoa [aioe interpret.}, i, 
33 (Df ÜHiioii.; Can. Cinic. Calcit. IX 
petat Frimalrm diirceirot ; ιτπ Bpnd j 
Frimatrm rfiircMt'iM). 

prtmano [primaouo], xxux. 1, ae 

primiceriua, see priniicfriin. 

pilmlcMiu [aiue inteipret.], i. 103 (Dt 
Canon.', Append. Cone. Caleh. ap. Mans. 
TU col. 747= prinicrriiu). Cf. Isid. Epp. 
I. 13. 

primitiaa, iii. 18, see »aneta domini, 

primo, IUI. 13, see urnn ; xxiix. 1, sea 

primus. Kill. 13, Bce iiUan : lUv. 16, ι 

priiiceps, it. 27, see ariopagitii ; xvu 
Θ, see salriipa : ixt. Θ. see deeurioi 


INDEX {LATIN) pros. — ptis. 

... , , progenies, ιιιν. Ββ {Ruf. ι, 
1 fol. 7* de Noa...omiiiqQe ρτοιαρϊα ecri- 

proicrlbuitiu'. ροπο αοΐ polam scribon- 
lur, t. 05 φι Canon. ; Can. ΛροιΙΙ. iL 
neo Epiücopi, val eius proiiinqiii,,,jirD- 
«criiiuiiriir). — pmsOTlbaiulo, dnmDsnilo, 
IMV. 207 (fin/, till. 17 fol. H4' aliua... 

proeoriptignem (?). see icHpliancm. 

proeeänMen. ustendit. iii. 36 {Cat. 
Uitr. ϊχχϊΐπ ool. 663* liber imue, qnem 
pioprie Aieiaodro, Hieroeolymoillm epi- 
ΒΕορθΓρβ»φώνΐ)ι7ί [•17«*, Bich.]; B: liber 
qne p.a. ilieroaoümomni e. proiplia- 
oitendit; C: I. n. quem p. a. ier. e. 
[blank]) =proirfantiin, ostendtt, Cp. Po6S ; 
prottfanaeen, oBteadil uel carct«ri, ερ. 
ΙΤΕΪ3 ; ptrte/antterm, ostendit ucl carac- 
teri. Ef.' 377, 41. 

prosepioD, ate it pnxominii, 

progeqnastnr, comitaDtur, 1. 811 (Dt 
Canon.; Can. Conr: AatiocK tic« qoi... 
pro He i Keen («m λοΗ proirqtiantur epiiioii»). 
— proaaquoT, deducor [for deduco], t. 103 
(U< Cniinn. ; Cun. Cone. Carlh. xicri 
pmegii'ir ca qaae...geElti annt; conf. ibid. 
X quae.,.prui«cului eel). 

proeotnean. proeoniiai], proeoDam, see 
et prxninian. 

proepera, iivn. 18 & ϊιϊιϊ. 18, §ee 

pruaperiUtem, rv. 48, ece/urinnai<im. 

proBphoaesen, see protifaneten. 

proaiibulo, see proitipuliim. 

PTORtlpQlnm, locua foraicatianiB, iv. 72 
{Eccl. Iiitor.) : In proiUbnlo, Id domo 
* .ioaria. iiiv, 116 (lie En,eb.] = {R«/. 
3 ful. 'H'' quae. ..ID proililmlo steterat) 
— in pruelibulo, in domo romicaria. Cp. 
I]i3; EC 366, 19; in pr-, in domo 
Foricani, Ep. 12A23. 

prot^ere, n. 180, see lueri. 

protoplMtrum, prima pUmatio [plaa- 
matio], xxra. 26 (I'frlr. Inltrpr.-ilitr. in 
Matth. IX. 13 protopiaatum iotelligi). Cr. 

irotuplatumm. primus ägaratum, Cp. 

protoplastnm, t^ protoplattnim. 

protnlimun, 1- 38, see depmmtinau. 

jvolnlit, X. 12, eeeficutpToiMtit.... 

pronida, caute iaste. n. 141 (Bened. rtg. 
3, 'ia\n]promdeetiUMle). 

pronidere, xxxv. 3S4, see comulere. 

promnoia, uxn. 13, see Aurelia. See 
alxo C'anuiiM ; Cypriut; Deeapolim; Saba. 

prouindae, see Ambieniium; pagi, 

prouintia [-cia], xn. 25, see Sab» ; 
sux. 31, see deeapolim ; m. 2, see Can- 
iiiii» ; XXXV. ^JO, see Cypriut. 

prouiutie [-cioej, ui. 2, see AnAiewiam. 

. 18, we Tim 

proninli? [-oiae], χ 

prouocat. xxxv. 260, see lacfin't. 

pruilglnem, bleoi, v. IS {Ecel. Hitt.) ; 
prorlKO. iirido [for urigo?] cutis Ideet 
Ejooae. xxiv. 3 (Oe Em.) = (flu/'. L β fol. 
12'- pni ri(;o... in toierahijie). The latter 
gloHs^yniri3o,gyoeniB,Cp. Ρβ92; prurigo, 
nyeiniB, Ep. 19E5 ; prurigo, fiyoinis, Ef.' 
3S1, 36. For bleei. bUce. blatoh, see 
ßoaw.T. {blSeo.blacpa.paieneai, leprosy); 
Klage A. S. Let. (bUee, kantaXz) 1 Oxf. D. 
it Skeal (blight). For ^ytcnr, itcb, see 
Boaw. T. (jjiccun); Oxf.'D. * Skeat, D. 
(Hell, sb.). 

prurigo, see pnirlgiuein. 

psulmi. pealmum, xxvm. 18, see apo 

psBlmas, cantuB, n. 135 {Bened. reg. θ, 
6 [6] tcrtiuB pmlmiu ; paalmum, in note ; 
12, 4 [3] Bextae p$almui, &c.). 

pealterium, xn. 40 (bis), sec cgntrU. 

paaltu. GiLBtUJ! [for canliu or aiKiar^], 
tv. 63 {ICeel. /it.) ; pialte•, cjthara, 
[cith-]. ixxv. 161 {De £1«.) = (ii.i/. [v. 18 
fol. ftii'' alius [liber] qui supersoribitur 


paeudo Gphigrapba. faleo euperaaribU 
[-pla], IXK. 33 (Cat. Hier, xxxii ool. 647» 
quasi ψ^νϋτίραψΛ repudiantur; B: qutud 

picudo epigraplui iaest falie tupntmp- 
iiDirticep. ; C; quasi [blank] repudiantur; 
Rich, ; qaasi ψιαδινί-γραφα repnd.) = 
pieodoppigrapha Ipteudo epigraffa, Ef.'], 
(a!aa eupersoripta, Cp. P835; Ef.i 877. 
30 ; pte'idoepigrii/a. taXao Bupurecriptura, 
Ep. 17E18. 

pseudo epitaph a, see ptrudo ephi- 

pseud of urum, pseudotliyrum, see ad 

pHiBthio, peiatliium, peiatinia, see 

pilcUaxodo, anine eiita, iii. 81 {Cat, 
Hier. Liixni col. 691» de Auteiuiio 
[Riohanlson ; De abrtioiitiif ; Uigee'B (it. 
text: wtfl hiTt^evelev]', B: de aoteioiog 
tdeat antni« exiUiia; C: [blank]). In a 
note to Mif^e's text, it ie curivctlj re- 
marked : pro Anteiueio perpeiam,,.d« 
amtnae exiln ; but there must have b«ea 
some reading, de ψίιχίίζοία, to aooonnt for 
Ibe lemma in the Leiden ΟΙοββ. and tor 
animae exita; οι. piyebi eiodo, anima 
exItuB, Cp. ΡΘ3β, and deMiezodo, de eiila 
animae. ib. D59. 

pByobi ezodo, see ptiehiexodo. 

ptlKKheaa, xxx. 91, aee prri pthocheat, 
Bub Ϊ, piiicheu*. 

ptUanaa, de ordeo Hunt granit que 
deoorlicuitur in pilo [for pila t] ael nue 

iNDKX {LATIN) ptoch.— purp. 


lapideo. Tiir. 18 {Salam. ϊϊϊπ. 22 βϊ COD. 

tnJerie Btiiltiim in pita qaaei ptitanat 
feriente desuper pilnj. 
ptoeheui, inopie [-piae], tx%. βθ (Cat. 


η fol. f 

i> CanfU 


άβϋ-ήανι» et Bppetitorem τηΐιιηΐι 
[lertRtia taietie; Β: ConeUt hnnii mire 
atketeoB ideat inapit et appelitorem vutan- 
tuie paupertatiB ; C: Couelat hano mire 
[blank] et app. τοί. γαηρΛ =prexia>, Jn- 
opiae. Op. P66a ; Ep, ISEIS ; praexeot, 
inapiae, El.' 379, 41 ; ptoceot, ίιιορίς, Cp. 
Pe40j Ep. ITEIB; Ef.i 377, 37. The 
Gr. teit has: ΊΙμοΧΛγίί'Ήΐ ίί τίΡτο» -rfli τ« 
dffiiiffinrt KOi itoviiiav ιττωχιίαι yeyitii-reiit 
ipttonjc.— perl pUoclWM. de piupertflte, 
IX». «1 [Cat. Hier, οχνπ ooL 709• npi 
^λβττνχίοΓ; Β: pfrioi popfochi ideHt de 
amore inopie; C [blank]. — For άσκήιηΐΛ 
of. amti, intellectui, Gp. A7TS; areheti, 
intellectui, Ep. 3C9 anil atceni, intellectui, 
ih. 1A92; aK'lron, iDtelJectum, Cp- Αβ49; 
Ep. 3C11; Et.' Hi. 33; atctii, ingem, 
Cp. A8G1 4 Ep. 3C22 ; arceui. iagenii, 
Ef." 8i2, 43, Ct. alBoj«Ti///ifii«<M, antue 
quidam, Cp. Pi.H; Ep. 18C28; prny- 
gttoriai, actus quidam plomonion. Ef.' 
879, IT.— ptoobilB. in diapeneationibuB 
pauperum uel ne(;otia||uFi nrgof in, belouRB 
to I. 92 pnigmntiai farma, q. v.], i. 91 (De 

Canon.): pltOlcU, diapentiRtio peupemm, 

Ulli. SB (not Ureq. DiaL, bat) = (Caii. 
Conc. Cälch. ναι De clerieie, qui eunt in 
ploebJ('«...Cleriat. qui praefioiontnr pU>- 

ptoohiia, nee ptoclitai; iHdonieit. 

publica, t. Sä, eee geita. 

publieam, ixiv. 6, nee publteani. 

paUUcaai, qni publieam rem faciunt 
non a peaoando, xxiv. Ιί {Math. ν. 4G 
pablicani hoc faciant ; ii. 10 malti pub- 
lieam, Λο.). 

pablioare, u. 118, see «on detrgere. 

publimtioniB, see edilioniM, 

publice, i. 94, aeepouini. 

publioia, l 126, eee »peciaetila, 

publico, »iv. 180, aeejlicop-: eeealeo 
nintpto pnptieo. 

pnbllte. hamme, τ. 19 {Etcl. Hitt.) ; 
pnpUte«, hommi, xiiv. 204 {Dt Eru,) = 
(Ru/.nii. 13Γο1. I4a*popiiie,.,debilitato; 
cf. id. I. 4 fol. IftO"; X. 17 fol. 170• 
poplitt). For liamme, hommf (llie bam, 

ithe inner or bind part οΓ the knee), see 
Bmw. T. {ham, horn. hnmm}. 
pudicae, XXXV. 38, eee linefaetai. 

pnetla, ώλϊτι. 9, aee tnbulat Ugat. 

pngil, milie [-lee), ii-vi, 2 {Atia = An 
PhMiie, p. 414, 20 hie piifftV). 

pnglonllmi, mucronibuH, xxxv. 304 (Br 
Kiu,]: pnivlM, ραΐΐαβ [for paruulutl] 
eladius, IT. 20 (Eeel. Itl.) = (llii/. n. 20 
fol. 29'Occnltatia puffionibuaj. Cf. pu]7ii>ni- 
bii; Klannis (for gladHi T), Cp. P847 ; pu- 
i7iuntiiiM, glodÜB, Ep. lElAlS ; Ef.' 378, 20. 

pugno [piignae], xixv. 95, eee gigaiUe• 

pugnq. IT. 53, aee vumarehia ; ii 
eee Iheomackie. 
pulora, xiiviii, 6, aee itragiiln. 
pulcrq, mi. 43, eee ^nifi. 

(. eee piiluttnl. 

: 20, ee 

'. 94. 

puUux, lun. 44, see e/>ul. 

pnlplto, I. 65 and uxn. SB, see in 

pulsaeee, it. 113, see apuliuc. 

pulnUlM. plamatios mtdnoe daoa oon- 
iunotoB habent in eella, iv. is {Eieeh. 
ΧΠΙ. 1δ quae oonimunt puiviOat ; 20 ad 
pulrilUii). For plumatios (= plumacioa) 
see Du C. ; KortiuK, WnrUrb. 7263 ; Wrigbt 
W. 124, 20 (ptamacim, bed-bolster). 

pnlolmt, areecunt in miraculia, -at. 48 
(F.celtt. Χ1ΛΙ. 14 it xlii. 13 088a (eornm) 
pulluitnt de loco boo). 

prmeto, pede, iv. 69 (Äfcl. /«(.) ; 
piüoto, roramine in quo pedes uincComm 
in ligDO teneatur oubitali apatio interie^to 
inter uinotoe. ιχιϊ. 27 (Di En*.) = (/tu/, 
ν, 2 fol. 75'' eeptimo (ut dicuat) pvncto in 
nemo pedes. ..di8teDti)=yitn<;(o. toramine 
in quo pedes uinctorum tenentur in ligoo 
cubitali epatio iuteriecto ideet βοβρ, Ep. 
1ÖA3 ; Ef.i »SO, 15 i cf. puncto, coep, Cp. 
Ρβ66. See also abovs niruum. For eotp, 
a fetter, aee Boanr. T. in voce. 

pundar, in A.S, epelliiig, for late Lat. 
jioriiiiiriuHl ; see pfTBendicuiuyn. 

pnnglOB, puUus [iorpMroii/[ij?]gladins, 
TV. 20, aee pagionibae. 

punica, Xl. 14, eeepeiimii, 

puplioationis [puMjo-], χιχτ. 23, see 

pnpUM [pub-], XXXV, 137, see «ntpln 

Poplitea, bommq, xnr. 204 (Be Etu,), 

purgamentum, xixv. 195, seeprripiima. 

purior, iv. 109, see defeeatior. 

purpura, uaylocbaso, xxii. 17 {Ftiher, 
tv. 9, ap. Sabatier= Vulg. xv. 9 ipse erat 
reetitue pirpurn). See Steinm. i. 4tJ8, 
note 18; BoBw. T. in ττ. wtnlnr (n kinii ol 

rsDEx (LATjy) ρπΓοΙ. — quant. 

ebell-ßah, Λ whelk, cockle), ictoloe-liaiH. 
wfalh-bata : ΚΊαμ», Atig. Lereb. p. Itil 
(bdfU, btaia). 217 ftcroloi); SkemI, Et. 
I). iiehilU): tbe present index [etKeiu, 

pnrnlanU, fetido, iv. 8Θ {Ruf. vnt. IS 

Γοΐ. 145'' liHtiilie...}ninilentu) parnlentia. 

xiiv. 45, eee mfpuratU. 

pnnun. «xtersum. π. Ill (Ku/. VI. 14 
fo!. 104* ChristaDi...homiiieni piirtim ease; 
cf. Ruf. in Lommalzsch Origen xi. 78 
ChristDin DoD purum homieem diciroae). 
PErh&ps this gloss is merelj a further 
eiplanatioD of tbe gloaeee it. 109 {di- 
frraHor, parior) tmd tv. 110 (rfe/rcofura, 
licioidam). For partim see üso (iij. 12) 

ens [-nne], xxn. 

lil {IJerb. 
Λ. IV. 17, IRpet... 
Graeci iripovi vo- 

pmUltuniniu, pftulomiotis, iv.4G iKctcb. 

ivi. 47 neque ecoundum aoelern eamni 
feoieti pnuiillam mi'iue ; Sabat. egisti 
paiitu mjiiua). 

PUSH, braniiiis, π, 76, βββ rtvfli. 

ραΜ, Bce uipule. 

put&nt, xxxtn. β, see liarei; 19, see 

SnM.%. ΒαξάίΙ, XL•\■^l. 102 [Alia = "!). This 
gloHS, whicb appears among a group of 
Bubetantive glosses all recorded in tbe Cp., 
Ep. and ΈΓ.' gtosaarie«. is not found in 
any of ibene. It is evideml)' 3πΙ p. King, 
pres. of pulare, lo trim, prune or lop, and 
henoe = A. S. •ιιιΐί•ι1ίΙ {be snathes), from 
enndan. Id sliec, prune trees ; see Bobvi. 
T. {-nadan]. 

puto, XXXV. 210, see lei^captum, 

putiedo. see tabo. 

putreioant. ixi. 3D, see tabatlei. 

putrido, nxv. 138, see labo. 

pjctarum, »ee ctitut. 

ρ]Ίακ, see A muniaa piliit. 

pylemlnM, amator, ixx. 10 {Cat. Hier. 
Til col. 6iyc TcrluUinBUB...reiörl.,.queni- 
dam in Asia arouSasriir apostoli Pauli ; 
Β: Tert...,ref. q. in Asia philoiten ideat 
aviatorem paoli apostoli conaioCnm ; C: 
Tert....ief. y. in Asia apostolo paoJo 
ooninncluin; E: in Asia ιπιρισωτ)) apostoli 
pauli). In Cat. HUr. ν ool. 617" PhiU- 
motif, but the gloss does not seem to refer 
to tllia word. Cf. ρ)ιϊΙικοη\ρια, amator 
iaaluntiae, Cp. Γ8β9 ; -put, a. i., Bp. 
210»4 : EI.' SSS, HI, 

pyrauiidea, «ce piraondce. 

p^rlfl^tonta, iRnii ebnlliens, xxxviii. 

24 (Clna. Reeogaill. n. II flnvinOrl 
PyriphtfiftthoBta nomi]iaDl...Dane Λ 
PyriphUgrthimta aJducas; i. 4 Pgripir 
(Aoiiri fluvio). 

PTriphlegethonta, em pDriße^iloitla 

I^ttiagoras, κβ philaiiorai. 

pythonissa, see Jlriga. 

pytlHO, sputum deicjo. 45 {Dr 
itir. nominiiuJi = Donati Ar• gmmrnnl. 
p. 382, 4 pitUtn). 

IUI. 40. 

qnadnuu, genas ιιηιποιϊ est babens 
dun minuta, xra. « {Vfrh. /nlrrpr. = Hier. 
ill Matlli. v, 25 col. 3fF qiuulranM genu* 
cat nuniiut. qui habet duu minuta). 

qtwdnpl&a dl•, hoc est at borq qoq 
conciescnnt in quarto anno quando ßt 
qnidem bieaeitne, it. 99 (?itu/.? rn. 9β 
tol. lül'': ondecimo calendaa Aprilia in 

β sol 
disse prim am partem, 
tani iam in ea die [iiol. quortam in 
diem] habere, id eat, in prima ex d' 
decim parti bus). 

qtuUÜgft, a iin equis dieitnr, ieit. 
(ßu/. tn. Τ fol. 40* visi sunt ourraa 
gua4rii)ae; m. 26 fol. 46'' guadriga). 

qaadrigae, see quadriya. 

qnadris, xxx, SQ, see toteroe: 

quae (aom,, neut. plur.) i. 40, 119; 
xxvin. 44.— (aom., fern., aiug.), xi. 16. 
See further que ; qiif. 

qnuedam, see autmU; ßgiira-, parett- 
thftin t gufdnm. 

quoerit, aeeqiurit; traprtita. 

quaestio, see qiuttio ; tUlogittaiu. 

quaeationibus, see qiittt-; licel. 

quftostionum. see dedragvut-, qae»t-i 


quaestuosa, see que»i- \ liehiiota, 
quaeslus, see qiieitii». 
qnaliuumqaei xi.iv. 11, see eliiiui, 
quam (pron,), vui. 12, 14; x. 1; xsvin. 

Se, 67, SO; xxxix. 22, 23.— (adv.) X. A; 

Xtl. 40; xxxtx. 31; ae« also pedalii; per- 


quamuis, n. 103; χιτ. U; χχχτιι. 9, 
qusndo. iv. U9; im. 40; xv. IS, Sfl; 

[. 13; I 

1. aOj 


24, 32, 43, 46. 67, 72; zxil. SS) 
xxxvi. 1 ; XXXIX. 28; xuv. 26; xlTH. Γ" 
(bit]. For qnam {?}, xiv. 30. 

quntitu, mensora, n. 143 {Bentd. 
reg. 10, 4 [3] psalmodiae q}uaHitat teneA- 
tar: 30, 17 [38] aervetor quantUat-, or. 
10, U [14] paalmomui quantiUitt). 

qoanlilate, see qwtntita*. 

qaeationibuH [qaaeet-]. 

(Sulp. Str.. Vit. S. Hort. 19. 1 oun 
giinrtntiae febribu» ureretur; qiuirtan 
in uote). Of. also Vit. S. Eng. 
MigDB 1.1x11t aol. ei2> quartana να 

quaitanie, nee qitartane, 

qnartö, (y. SB, aee quadruplae, 

qnamm, x. II, aee «yiiriu. 

qasB. 1.104; χιτι.θ;χχιν. 184; xziv: 

qUABJ, I. 12, i8; vin. 13; im. i 
XXIV. 5; XII. 36; iixm. 7; xum. f 
8. For sui(?) I 

iv. 42 (Ruf. n. 1 

aouete, όρ. Q6; quält 
Ef.= 32e. 81. 

qaattaor, xn. 20, see tym-panum ; 
Χϊΐϊΐ«. 27, see tctnigmio. 

qae( = qDiie, iiom. fem. eiog.), 1. Uli 
X. 24; xvm. 3; xxvm. 84, 62.— ( = quae, 

noni. neat, plur.), viti. 18.— ( = et). eee 
atque; fructatque ; lutlieiilqw.. 

quo ( = qQae, doiq. fem. Bing.), i, Gg; 
ΧΠΙ.4Ι: xvn. 4; xix. 28; uvm. 31, 49, 
53. S6, Sä, 75. 77, 81, "" 

t, U; X 

I. 16; X 

,π. 34.~(=qua«, nom. 

10; xx«m. 44, M; xxxix. e3.-( = quae. 

aocUH. Heul, plur.), i, 1 ; see also olfae- 
lurr Ulli.— (für qui. m. elog.), xlvi. 24. 

qnetiUm [quaedam], xivin. 31, 47 (bis), 

quem, ilv. IS, see ptdum. 

quemadmodtun, ri. 1Θ4, aee uti. 

querellatn, t. ΙΟβ, see querimoniam. 

querimonlun, qnerellatn grauem, i. 
10(1 [Dl C<miin, ; Can. Cone. Carlh. 11 ei 
'/ueriffloiuiinf iuatam ... itan habnerit ; 
cxKiv scripta. ..babentia querinuiniam ; 
of. Decret, Inline, xxxv querimoniam ; 
Drcrft. Lron. xiv ]!. 228•• ΪΛΧ Ct. 
iniifi grauia querella, Cp. Q7 ; 
'!; graoie quatrela, id. Q29 ; 
ΐ^ρ. :!lj<:29 ; Ef.> 386, 9 ; ^uaerimonia, 
RrauJB querella uel aocasatio. Ef.* 92β, 

querit [quaerit], xxxvni. 29, aee Irapt- 

questio [quaestio], X);iiv. 44, Ee<> lillu- 

qaestiosa [for qwie»t\tatal\ iv. 65, see 

qiMMna. anbitanti•, xlvui. 5 {De Cati., , 
Imt. VII, 7, ö a ape quaettui deoiittnt; | 
IV. 14 de tanto operie nui qaaeitu). 

qui (ηοιη, Bing.), i. 89; vru. 13 
85, 4G; xiii. 26; i " "" 


:, 73; 


III. 7; 

XXXIX, 4, S, 19. 20, 34, 9β bia), 49; xu 
11; xui, 9; xuii. 13, 18, 33-36; xut 
10, 16; iLvr. 7, 10; ilvii. 10,— (nom 
plur.), I, 127; n. 161; toi. 30; xi. B; xv, 
13, 34; XVI. 7. 3G-37, 80-82; xil. 12 
χκη. 16; ΧΧΠ1. 3. 3, 4; xxiv. B; xiv. 3: 
xiiK. IS, 42; χχχν.34, 73; xxxviit, G, 31, 
37,43,44; ixxix. 7; 
ΧΙΛ. 31,— (for qiiodi) viu. 17.— (for quia] 
or quaen it. 149. 

quia, 1,100; χ, 21 ; xvii. 19; χιζνπ. 9; 

quibus. XIII. 47, 59; iiv. 36; xv. 9. 
xixv. 73, 140; luv. 10. 

ijuibuBoumque, 11. 104, aee Übet, 
quibnedam. izvm. 33, see rlimax. 
quibnelibet, see librl. 
quloumque, xxii. 12, see iima, 
quidaoi. xxviti. 18; xxxm. 6. 13, 16, 


unldnl, quaie tion. ZLiit. 43 {De div. 
n<>Nii'nfbiu = Doiiali An grammat. p. 386, 
8-10 Bdverbia... adfirmandi, at etiam 
yujnni; in Dote quidni). 

quieti, XIXV. 261, see υΐίί, 

qnl In nunero optlo Ililt, nnmemi 
dicitui quaudo milites fiunt. Optio, dia- 
penaator qui dispenaat Blipendia militum 
prepuaitOB [praep-] eoruiii, xxxix. 28 (Greif. 
Dial. IV. 35 col. 877* qaidam StepLanua, 
^ui in numero Optio fiiil), Cf. optio, 
dispenaator in mtlitum Btipendis, Op. 
0207; Ef.' 375, 35; opih, diapenaatar in 
militum atipondiii), Ep. 16E22. 

quinm. aee quidni. 

quinquaigiiita, iixi. 12, aee inla. 

qnlppiam, modis [for modioam ?], 11. 143 

piam, moilioumque, Cp. Q63 ; Bf.' 380, 3ä; 

INDEX {latin) quit.— red. 

quipjieam, luodicnm oiitcque, Ej). S3A6 ; 
qnippiaiH modiouia, ΕΓ.' 32ti, US, 

qnirie Bleison, eee kyrieUiiion. 

guiB, ΪΙΪΙΠ. 70. 

quinquilea [-lia], iiiv. 19S, see ptrip• 
■iniu.— qnliqnill«. inmiiDdide [-tia] erbo- 
rum [lierb-), öli. 20 {Utrb. Interpr.= 
Bier, in Jl/ullh. xm. IG, 46 quasi pnrgd. 
meats comemoit et quiti/uiliai; xtvi. 19 
quitqailiat). For guujuitia, eee bIbo 

quieqailma, see ;uujuiiia. 

i, 15Θ; 

1. 19; 

1. 1: 


.. 33 (bis). TU; 
42, 57. 147; xuv. 2, 7. 16. 

[quo], Bee lUticalivniia. 

qooBdqno, aduaqae [(or quoftd, quoad' 
iiaquoT], vi. 30 (Breii. cxial.T]. 

quocumque, r. 20. see guorium. 

quod(pi .» ... ~ . . ~~ 

r»maiicu1i, ixix. 4β, sei' eaulKnU,^ 

langor, neqaitin, xxiir. 13 {De ί 
iinl. III. 27, 5 ooutra fralrem r, 
qQendaiu,..conoeperit: iti. 27, G odueriiaa 
fratrem raiu'or•, xil. 29, 2 in reBponsiane 
rancor. Λα.). 

rapitur, ivii. 4. see torrii, 

rus, insCa, ixsv. 101 ; rat«, continuat•, 
ΙΙΧΪ. BOO {Huf. I. β fol. 11• Γαί«...»^Ββ 
iutejjTa genetaCio; Cocciari p. 32, note g 
eaje that hia M3. adda iiUit ßmia after 
Tata).~n,U., placita, xiv. 23 {Bier. 
xixii. 11 Bccepi... atipulationea et rata 
et signs...]. 

ratio, Π. 147, see ratiaciniit ; xxviii. 
4ti, aeo aetilogia ; ixx. 85, see eintieta. 

ratlooiiilli, unde ratio oonprobetur, tt. 
147 {Bmed. Teg. 2, θβ [13S] de alienii 

zxiT. 8, 9: ΙΧΤ1Π. 74. 03; xlxn. I; 

xixm. 15; xiiv. 192,— (pron., aeens.). 

rauMM, orispantee, »i. 23 (flreu. βιιοΐ.ϊ 

= i>raeü«M. 279?eeeF«.to»i). 

7, 16; ΧΙ.ΙΪ. 19.— (oonj.), i. 76, 101, 

raboB, in. 11. Bee inpendiit; ιχγιπ. 61, 

109, 111; n. 146; x. 6; xn, 48; xivin. 

■ee tapsiwiin, 8Θ. see diatipaU; rdiUB 

10, 6Si XXIX. 67; xxiu. 7-11; xxxi». 1, 

8, 13, 16; XXIII. 42; xuil. 6, GO; xLiv. 

recapitulntio, li. 6, see anactfaleoi; 

17, 27. 2B. 

xiiTiil. 21, «ee anaetfnlfotin. 

quodam, I. 2, aee aUa. 

reoenaemiit, legeruot, iiui. 8 (1 E,dr. 

quodcumque, xvi. 9, see mciHf ulii. 

w. 19 Tecewnemnt iavenerunWiue; τι. 1 

iiuoraodo, »mil. 6, see dearagmn. 

TtKimmm in bibüotheea libronim j ef. 

quoniam, ixvm. 47, aee pare iti/ic«i"ji. 

Ιϊ. 15 rtcewta* iu librie; ϊ. 17 reeeMtat 

quoque, luv, 10, see cnrdine«; 28. ace 

in bibliotlieca regis). 

, jn, quooumque, τ. 20 \lltuf.l) 

^quortunt, quuaumque, Cp. Q76 ; Ep. 
21E21; Ef.> 386, 1. 

qaorum, XLtr. 8. 

qaoB, xiv. 3; κτι. 29; χυτ. 10. 

quoties, xxvtil. 40, 44, 46, SS, 62, 68, 
72, 74, 70. 

qnotni, hu aid, xLin. 39; totni, bur> 
aid, iLTii, 40 (De div. nominibut = Oar\aXi 
An yranaiiat. p. 380, 1 Ut ijuolut totia). 
For h» (how); auffl (=iu!lS, eo); abl (a 
Mercian form = A.S. ealil, old), aee Boe». 
T. aub vv. 

Γ tur I; troTa. (for (Jora).— lor n: vge 
(toranite); aapDrom(farBapoiiein). — forrr: 
aarieutur (aarr-). — r omitted; onauent 
(orn-) ! paredum (-dnim). — r imtrted : 
laniatra |-ta); pralhas (pathos); pre- 
Btrigiü (praeatiitiiB ?) ; pioloplastmm 
(■tnni); nibri(rubi); tram aritus (tarn-). — 
r doubled: parroohia (pftrosbia). 

raca; nudu, xxix. 73, see fui ditent. 

ndlM, im. 25, aee Je tadiec. 

radii, ILTI. 28, see vtatrix. 

raeda, laedam, aee redii. 

recipiant, I. 110. see rtiipitraiU. 
recipit, ixvin. 47, eoe partnlheiin. 
reoiprwia. ii. S, see antiphona. 
reaollicet, recollooet, see reculicet. 
recoDcUiatione, xxix. 73, aee g'lj ctix- 

reeoodiloriniD, ii. 13, sec bibliottea. 

reer»re[Bine interpret.], IL 148(iie«rf. 
reff. 4. 10 [12] paupcrea riCTeare). Cf. 
reereare. nutrire, Cp. B36. 

lenta, XLIV. 3, see nzii. 

reete, n. 129, see orlodoxU, 146. see 
regala; XLi. 4, aee orlhoiLixtaa, — [for 
rectae], i. 71, see modeile, 

reeulcet, II. 145; see ricuiic«. 

recniloet, recnloet reu[ertaturi], ti. 146 
{Bened. reg, 43, 17 qui ae ...rieoltoertt 
conloeit in note [26 culieet, nxottacet, 
reeollicet, colloeet]). Cf. Du C. cuUoeart, 

rada, nomen uebieuli [pro exeroito?], 
111. 16 (De ,S'. Mart, Star. = Sulp. Sev. Diuk 
It. 3. 2 Saculis raeda, and rtda, rkeda In 
note; ibid. n. 3, S raedum). ('Λ. Fitealii 
redii, ijHbelliouni fiegnfearn, Cp. F200. 
For "pru eiMKitu" see above p. 7 note t, 
nnd the qunlatioo sub v. aggerem. 

INDEX (l^TI^) Tedii. — resp. 

TBdiUtiltloil•!. n-tributiunen, xi.vni. liO 
m. 1 quod&m redhibiti- 
□te reddibitiunie, redibi- 

ledditio, izvm. 46, sea aetihgia. 

redditus, nee reditui. 

redegerit, MO redigerit. 

redliibitioniii, ledibitionis, see rtddibili• 

rodlgerlt, reuocanil. 1. 108 {De Canon. ; 
Con. Cone. Catch, η Tudtgeril Riatiam). 
C[. Ttdigitnr, reuucatar, Cp. KItiO. 

mdimlcQlA, sunt ornaiiientii oenaicix, 

aicut redimicula; Vulg.: collam tuuni 
ucnt moailia]. 

redltnj, tBCullslea, χιιϊ. 276 (flu/, vn. 
25 fol. 12Ö'' proediuitee mlilu«,..pnuistB- 
b&ntuT ; Cacciari. p. 433, riddilai). — - 
nditu, Bnbseontia, u.vut. 4δ {De Cats. 
Innt. IV. 14 tAaioB...rtdila* oonfemt 

redoleni, κα. 20, see itromatiiant. 

refugii, xi2v. 50, Bee anllum. 

refatont, □. 1Ü1, see »αηύκιϊΗ. 

regali. XXXV. 137, m» «tmptu piiplico. 

regalibtiB, ixii. 11, see mundum πι-. 

regalJB, xxxv. 163, see letjilnim; 
3, Bee tanaquit.^ngiHa, ixici eiliqua. 
IXII. 16 {De pofuUr. 7). 

regift, m, 33, see patera. 

regie, iv. lOS, tea propoiitiii, 

regiuieii, xxxvui. 4S. see »unlufogi«. 

Γ^[1η•, αιοΓ nabnchodonoeor pro reae- 
rentia, zvi. 12 (Dun. τ. 10). For regimi 
Bee »lao ( 3) memphitiea. 

regiDte, Ree reginr; Laodtt. 

regine [for reginaf]^ χτι. 14, see ex latere 
regni; iiviu. IB, see Laodtt. 

re[gi]o, ΓΪ. Θ9, Βββ nwrho regio. 

regio inoitni*, corpus afficit colore 
Bicut pedes Bcctpitrie. xixv. ISl; see 
TKorbii regio, 

r^ioDe, IV, 98, see comellae; xizvin. 
BE, see ex diameiro. 

regis, ixivtil. 23. see deucalioaem; «ee 
alio ex latere regni. 

I. 14; 


XXVIII. ί)7. see metabnle. 12, see idea, 46,. | 
βθβ aelilogia, SI, aee per tnergiam. 

reis, inmandin, zl. 14 [Verbal). 

relatio. Bee anaphora. 

religamnr, t. 109, see religio. 

religio, qood per earn nni deo reltgamor, 
I. 109 [Dt Canon. ; Can. Apotlt. τι enb 
obtentu Teligionit, Wr in oauBa Teligionit; 
Can. Cone. Carth. lΛτeligiBttit...ΛwetmΛ). 

religioDtB, see religio. 

rem, XVI. 31, gee ineantatorei; χιιτ. θ, 
see jiiiftiieoni; xxviii. 5t, see hyperthait, 
56. ste melaforan, 83, see 
rem. I. 84, see peniadere. 

reina, for reuma (q-v.). 

regula, :i. 120. aee norma.— npUm, 
dicta eo quod recte ducit, it. 146 {Iltned. 
reg. t. 4 [4] militana sub regula; 3, 14 [19] 
BeqnaQlorrepuIaNi, Ac.; Bdit. Uasiu. 1 (it. 
textuB regale, regula appellatiir ab hoc 
quod oboediaiitiim dirigat morcB). 

regulam. see regula. 

regnlareH, (l. 37. «eo canonieai. 

regalarum, xxx. 77, see eroiiicon. 

remigsnteH, xv, 9. iee tranttra. 

rernota, ablata. □. 144 {Beaed. rtg. Ά . 
IS [20] rentola...crapala). For rrmcta Bee 
also (u. 84) htremita; (ixvm. &l)figura. 

repasQll•, stabulis, 
Intt. VIII. 1Θ equi 

repeote, χχιτ. θ, ι 


, η. 25, see defetimnT. 
π. 161, aee tarnbaite. 
aea, xin. S3, see deuteTes. 
torre[i7i> (q.v.). 

30, see tpembnbit, 
73, e<?e epimone. 
72, see aaaplioni, 
. see eoniiatur. 

. 18, see opperiunt. 
repraeaeniai. see per energiarn. 
repreheuaione, xii. 33, see lophiitice, 
representat [repraeg-], xxvni. 81, sc 

repetitio. xi 
repetitar, i: 


reptioiua, ai 
reputes, xli 
requiee, XXV 

!. 13, s 


tolle reiiiiam; li. 8 toUite retinam). 

iBaam recipiant aafd• 
liO {De Canon.; Call. Cunt. 


INDEX {LATiy) reap.— roy. 

tesponsa, xm. 16, see luredarii. 

Γΐ<β)>οαβΐο, iiviTi. 36, sec peatii. 

Teaponeoila, qui Kb Quo iuuipitor et sb 
aliis reepoodillir, Ji. 149 {Bcrud. rig. 9, 
13 [16] trea rttponioria cantentur. Duo 
ri<poii«irin...<iii!»iiHir; 20 [30] Poet bae 
...tree lectioDea com rapotuoria sua; 
Taponioriü in note) ; of. breuia retpon- 
loriut, ibid. 10, 7 [10]; in quarto rripan- 
forjo, ib. 11, » [11]; leotioiiea oum rt- 
fpotuoriU Βπίβ, ib. 11, IS [19]; post 

äa«rtum.,.re<jXMKnri"uiii, ib. 11, 17 [27]; 
«...reqwiuuHu, ib. 11, 36 [43]. Tbu 
intetpretation qai &c. r^ere tu the Torm 

reaponanriie, rssponaotio. reBponeorium, 
reBponxDriaB. see reipontoriu. 
rastibua, see rtetii. 

mti•. fants ei faerbie, xu. 11 IJiulith 
vt. tt viuctum reitibvi am ' 


diaUctica; ef. rethorica, praeolara clo- 
qnentia, Cp. M'J ; r<(Auricn. eloquentia, 
Ep. 33Λ34 and Ef.• 386, 32. 

retieetnr, ϊΐηα. 51, see apoiiapeiu•. 

retis. III. 16, see ftiHOjiciiin. 

relributiunee, ilviii. liO, Bee reddibiii- 

t. ti. Bee apoitatare. 

tea [for rciufMnfur?], u. 145. B«e rc- 

reuelelio [for relaliu]. xxvm. 72, see 

reueTGDtia. xii. 13, see regiiui. 

reu[ert*tnr], see reruUcrt. 

rmuu [-rheODiH]. Btreom, ilvii. yi 
{^Ι(<ι = 7| = ΓΡηα, Htreain, Cp. R51 : Ep. 
a3A3S; Ef.'SHe, 43. Pocafriiim^titreani, 
■ flijw, streun, see Boaw. T. {tireaiii). 
Bee also liaiHta. 

ranma ( = rheuma, η catarrh), see 

rsuocauil, I. 10Θ, Bee redigerit. 

no•, XXIX. 73, see qui dixerit &c. 

mutl, iteruin uBti, xxiv. 200 {pt 
Etutb.); pnitl, brandaa, iv. ΤΘ (Kcei. 
/star.): luterl. nitge ferre^, xuv. HI l/J« 
A'.(Mii.)=(fiu/. ΪΠ1. 13 fol, 141^ edit. 
lS4e, atid ed. 153G, p. 193 Foemiuia... 
verua oandentia et retuta, ardeotia.-.iii- 
gerebÄiitor). Cacoiari. p. 489 "Foeminia 
...vtnia c&ndmtiB et sades pratatiae iu- 
ardenteninKtaebantur," adding, in auote: 
'■In EditiB BanilicDBibua 1623 legitnr: 
Foeminia qowiue iitri candentes et riuili, 
ardentes. Natat tanien IthenanuB quua- 
dameiu lovum ouietidasse : ier<i candeotea 
fuBtea." Hence, for pmti, leg. prtutli 
l=BraeiuU], the atroke above the p, to 
make pre, having been for{;olteii. With 
aemi of. uerji Ni'r^ue. ierreae, Cp. A3'Jtl; 

aerii uirgae, netreae, Ep. 1A349; 
nirg;, ferreotj, Ef.' 33B, 18; 
uirgae ferrae a^aDionim, Ef.* 

23A21 1' Ef.' 386, 39, Cf.'wffii. 
in Arch. f. L.L•, τ. 522. For 
aee Boew. T. ('rrnntl, bratut, a ' 

rex. xxvn:. Ö, aee Satumiu. 

rheda, Bee rrda, 

rhvtoricam. see rellwrica aub 

rbiiiooerus. Bee rinoceiia. 

thytbniuB. ace lidhmiit. 

ildlunui, dulcie sermi) sine 
UK. 10 {J,Ai Prut/, aieruit. p. i 
Migne P.L•. xiviu cul. 10Θ1' t 
{rhythmKi'^ ipae dulcie). 

tlaii, lumbia [for lumbuB*], : 
(Mia^Ari Fhwat. p. 415, 1 hie « 

rlgsatla, uigentia, xi.. 33 {Vtri 

rl(or, bigor inHuiibitis, 
{Alia = ?). VU rigor, a frigotB d 
indexibilitas. Cp. 1(197; rigore, \ 
□iBBo [liardneBB ; see Bobw. T. heardi 
Cp. RieS; rigun, beoidniesBe, Ep. 3 
*Et.>887, 14. 

rlmla, bordremuni. ix 
cinum, mix. ä'J (Oreg. Dial. 
uol. 3041^ rimü... paten Cibua intravit mue). 
The firet glosB oo«ura also in another 
ΤΆϋ. iStemm. A.H.Q.u.'ii6. i5). Burd- 
remum, iuatroni. p!ur. of bardrevta, an 
early spelling of bordnma (for em ohaoced 
into im cf. A. H. Irnipbealt^ limp-halt, 
limping), literallju buunJ-rJin, from bord, 
a board, plank (Bobw. T.) and rtnia, rima, 
a rim, border, edge, joint (Bobw. T. rima). 
From the same ruot rem- are derived A..U, 
reuma, and the A.S., Qerm. and D. rtxad 
(et. Kluge, Ktgm. H'rtb. v. Rand). Ηβποβ 
the A.9. bord-raiuj is a variant of bonj- 
rema (-riHKi). Cf. Steinm. ii. 244, 10. 
For eiiiu, a chink, fissure, aee Bos«. T. 

tlsooeruB, narioiiniu in uari n&mi|Ue 
comu habet, xii. 31 {Job iixis. 9 num- 
quid volet rhintKvri)• eervireJilii). ■ 

riEioneui, xixv. 249, see ροιηριιιη. 

rlul affgenun, oungregatlg aquarum, 
xm. 32; aee na/Kf™. 

riia, :. 116. »ee ttditio. 

rixoaa, xii. 29, see liiiijua Icrlia. 

ro for rae : proponitura for procpoBi- 

rogatio, 1[. 99, aee Uirtania. 

rogUB, hm\ uel aad, xixv. 158 (ii'i/. iv. 
15 fol. 63• extruoluB eet nigui). For 
biel = bäl, the tire, llauie of a luneial 

INDEX. {LATiy) rom. — siib. 

rotanim, iitu tit., see in libra ro 
rotas, iin. 47, see plauitnim. 


■. IS, 

rubea, iiv. IB, see liiiopiiU. 

rabenm, uaretbeso, mi. Itl {Hither 
? not io Vul«., and perhaps merely a further 
eiplanation of xkh. 17 aud 18 tiiiriHira 
and eoaiu, q.v,). nucet-baeo literall; 
" omament*brown, " or "artifice-brown," 
bom gb. wrätt (Bosw. T.), a thing 
curiouslj GQt, a vork of art, jewel, oma- 
aant, a derivative of srUan, to out. ornn- 
I Blent, draw, wrtte + btua, brown, purple, 
[ Kiulet. The colour was artiucistlj pro- 
I duced by the eoccut, therefore art-brown, 
)l dye-lirown ; the aamo uolour being aim 
denoted by wealoc-baia {n-v.) = nhelk- 
brown (or purple), and myrn-biuu (q.v.), 
vorm.biown. Ct. Kluge, Aug. Lit. 219 
(ur<tri, a trinket, jewel, ornament, and 
mtrtlbiuo, ortiftciiu brown) ; Bosw. T. 
Bub V. vtralt (croeewort) wrongly quotes 
(JiDiiiiuIuiii, warance, wrotle (from Wn. 
Voc. I. 110. S), ae Vfrmicttim m the Vulg. 
(Enod. J.XXV. 25) is the tcarUt morm ((or 
eoccuia, scarlet colour. Lew. ΰ! 8h.). 

mbi, see mfcri. 

rubiannda, xiti. 3S, see pi>ticum. 

mbioundDS, xiii. 10, see fcmigiiuai. 

rubor, aerecundia, π. 130 \Betied. reg. 
73, 17 ηιΙιοΓ,[23 rubur\ oonfuBioni»). 

rabras, ivl. 5, see ü»titcn». 

rnbri [mbi], xxiv. 90, see ad iiicem. 

rubro, li. 13, Bee in carctre. 

rubor, see rubor. 

rnder, niiun, it, β3 {Eeel. lit.) ; 
nderlbni, tnixinnnm, uxv. 292 [Dc 
Eiu.) = (Ruf. X. 7 fol. 163' purgatis 
Tuaxrihut). Fur miiin, iiiixinnum (Inatr. 

■ ^ plur.), we Bosw. T. {laitcen, a niixun, 
^B dutig-heap. alno duni;) ; Eluge, Klijin. 

■ Wnb. (jlfiKl). 


nidarlboi, mixiuu 
rufo. Bee proniiu. 

mnUn«. pidugio uitubil, iin. 50 {liai. 
xuv. 13 formavit illud iu ruTicina) i. 
pidugio tor bidugio = bidal)iun), a bush' 
hook. Bee Du C; ct. 8teium. Λ. H.Q.l.' 
&90, lOS. {uidubio; bidnglo). For uiiuiil 1 
= itidn-bii, of. Bosw. T. , wiidutiil (a wood- 
bill); for HI (bilI) = Oemi. Beit, D. bijl; ' 
cf. Kluge, i.'t. HVii. (Βίίί). 

rupta, ixvm. 20, see diaptalvva. 

roTla, uille, i. 107 {De Caium.•, Can. 
Cane, fiewaei. hin Preabjteri nirii). 

ruwdnla, uectigalae, iLm. 03 [ΑΙΐα = Ί) 
^roieinia. naectegale, Cp. B201; roteinia, 
neotMgKlae, £p.38A37: ranctiiia, necegle, 
Ef.i 386, 15. Cf. achalaatii ucl lueeinia 
uel roBcinia neht^gale, Cp. Λ121; a-, oel 
Inaeiim ueL roBciua notigalac, Ep. ΙΕβ; i 
u-, ael lusciaia uel roscina n^ctfgelkJ 
Ef,' 333, 11. For naeinia, roicinia (T 
rmignotj, see Körting no. 6751 ; tor ni 
Ιι^ιιία' itc. (the nightiagale}, see Boew. Ύ, J 
{nihtr-'jate) ; Skeat, Cone. Diet. 

ruaculum, rusuum, see uuriculun 

msciu, cnebolen, lui. 14 (Ex div.l 
iiljr«?). τηιβω, creholegn, i"^ •™•ι 
A lia = ?) = Γ.. enioholen. Op. B215 ; r.. onioif 
bolaen, Ep. 22C3y; r., cniol 
38. Jtuiatt (or ruscum) butcber'a-brooowM 
Foe (crebolegn, tor) cnehoUgn Λο. (ϊη«β•'9 
holm, or bolly, from encrüu', a iaee + ho!eH,W 
InUgn, holly, holm), see Bosw. T. (ineSw- | 
huUi<); Oxf. D. {knet-lioUy. knee-liolm). ^ 

rueso, see proriua. 

nuttcaUo, cultura terre [-rae], iii. 8 
(EccU•. in. 16 QOn oäBna,,.riutic'UioneM Λ 
oreatam ab AltiBBimo; ixvn. 7 ru(ti«a[fefl 
de ligno osleudit tniatum UlJaH). 

nun, see pronuu. 

rylhnius, see ridkmui. 

β for ζ : aiiliam (aof il-) ; ames 
esis) ; epizeufie (-lie). — a drop 
omitted : expectal (cxip-) ; Ho 
flore«); plamatio (plaim-); toraci 

(or It : suggesaiouem tfo 



Saba, pronintia [-cia], ui. 2S (Job r. 

sabantim, linteom ad balneum, ι 
14 iGrtii- Hial, m. 17 col. 2Mi veitl^J 
mentie indotnm et eabano oonatrictuna i^ 
IT. 55 ool, 417 tahana praeberet). 

■abbata, xxiii. 52 ; see iiiiini-i if. 

aabba«, ixxv. 2U, Hte ια-ιηιύ mbbati. 

eabnll, arena L-naej, iv. 20 (Etee! 
iLTn, 3 ad tumuloe •αίιιιίί OrientftUs). 

INDEX (f.Arr.v) *ab.- 

lalntiK, is romana nrbe, inn. IT 
idrro. Dial. m.*30 col. 28»» in r»^n« 
orbig hma» qiue SuhKra iliei(iir). 

nlmilcK, dicitni qnando tnittimtiiT ία 
D&D«ai qiUDdo »lia aon habcnt. iLVU. !8 
{ΛΙία = Ί) = iaburra, d. q. lapida el U5I1» 
miltant in D.qaaa dod haben I alia booeim. 
Cp. see ; Ep. MA2; Ef.' 390, 24. 

Μίαπα, see laburira. 

mccetli, oomctl; for laeeUi (q.T.). 

NC«111. teAa, dimjnitini, ini. 6 {Mi- 
ehofai, Ti. II jiut>Gcabo...«afriW pon- 
deiB doloaa ; Uejae, in note, alto wroDgl; 
MMUt = [tbedeeeitfDl «eiKbtaJof the boff). 
Sed*$ tot the A.S. gea. nan. >t"df, κΛάα 
Irom lead, Köd. m., a moaej-baa, pane, 
pooch; cf. Stciatti., i. β7β. ISinduotoö; 
iff. tv. 2Θ4. to and not« δ : Wnght W. 
teod, teodai. Λα. (in lud.) ; Boew. T. {teäd, 

HMerdo«, iLvi. S, smflamen. 

Mcerdotale, iix. 13, see ierelieo•. 

Bacerdote«, nvn. 7, bm InperH. 

aaoerdotmn, m. U. teep^drri: 

30. see Li^Aui. 
umfieat, iiiv. 27Θ, aee iidil. 
iacriSriom, xvl. 24, see iuir« taerifi• 

«acrilega. Herilgfac, we lacrilrgo. 
HcrlleKO, profane, i. IIa (DeCaaan. 

of. Can. Cone. Carlh. »cu mtcrilfga dii 
«eniiouc; Ittrril. Lion, u p. 234" ««ίτ. 
iiflfli pCTBumionii). 

■Kcro legmlnl, domitii η 
(Di S. Jfori. .Siur. = Suip. S«'. /itui. 
14, β bctaiu mcru leym 

■Olaite. onoRs [hon-], V. 33 {KnL S 
Mbiia. maBent. lu*. 353 (Zte 1 
K^aila. tedea uel loa alia, uit. 3 
£■..). proUWy »U=(B-/. r. 1β ΓΛ "< 
qui lalaria prvcsMt piaedicanlibiia imiMuu 
mum}, thou^ the laiier glois is appa- 
rentlj etplanabnj of lolaria (Bat hmm- 
tops, leiracea, balconies^ vliicb doca not 
uem to oocoT in Baf., though ve lta*e 
rei...iit ex«cl*o •αΙιιπΌ ttmbana, n. 10 
r«l. 23^ = talarii pecQoie drbitiB. Cp. ST6 ; 
Kp. tiCSi : Έ,ν 39), 31 (a. pecimiis d.). 
C(. timmatlit, aalatia pecimi« debitis. Cp. 
S353: Ep. 34E36: tymmallh, fallaris pv- 
caniis <Icbilie. Ef.' 3tl3, 31. 

«aliee [-βϊ), i. 10, sec cgpm*. 

nllCM, ulluu, iix. 61 (^(^ xu IT eir- 
eamdabaDt earn talicr$ torrentUj. Par 
■uIA = sealli. a wilL.w Iree. E. ealJow. sallj. 
»» BUBVC. T. (ftaih) : Klage, A. S. La^. 
203; Stemni. I. 497. 3; Steal, Did.; ct. 
•alU, raib, Cp, Ö40 : £(.< 3β9, 34 : *alix, 
aalch, Ε p. 23C33. 

aalid, Bee iyprui. 

Sallm, cinilas, iit. 10 [Job. lit. 33 
imta Siilim). 

nJlnaa. loea ubi ai ' ' 
{Kuch. «-ni. 11 in «, 


nagnailan, naRaeitate, aw nagatiiat. 

lafktltaa, inuoetigatio udooltai. n. 100 
{ΰ/παΐ. rfg. 37, 13 [iU] debet.. .omni ta- 
aacitatf.. .auiieTe). 

BBginala, iiiv, 10, eee altilia. 

■βκΟι κν. Ιβ, tee iniiüliurf, 

iai, IV. βΐ, IM lama,; xiiii. 13, bcc 
RMmoTM talii. 

Salamltl•, oonaubina iluuid que [quae] 
minlatTKbat d in lenectute, x. 24 (Cunt. 
TI, 19 Vulij, Swlamitii; Vera. »nt. Sab.: 
8ttnamitii; vii. 1 Tulg,: Qoid ridebia in 
Snlamite; Ven. ant. Sab. Snl/inifiilr]. 
The Glomulor was evidently Uiiukine uf 
Abiug SiiBomlti; tlic concubine of David. 

Halaudnb, viiid'r. 

SniHiiioni)•. viii, !), »e« LriniuArl. 

nlajll*. pcounÜK debitis, ιιιτ. 30β 
{Bu/. vitl. IT fal. 144• latariu ndditia).— 

saltunca, » 

haben Β Bpini 

u dabODtnc). 


erba [herba] inedicJDaUs 

[Cambr. MS. ipicut] miri 

η montibne, lui. ö7 {Itai. 

13 Vulg. Λ Cambr. US. taliuitea ; 

'. 34 MlRno. P.ilr, Lut. uui «>1. 1003'^). 

Ulräglnte, 1IX. 3(3, See terra taliiigiHÜ. 

aaltantium. iv. 81, aet ralimrt, 

BaIntationeH. 11, 'S, aee eulogiiti. 

suncta, XVI. 33, eee agiografa. — HUietft 
domlul, primitiaB nel decimas de nleo et 
aino, ixi. Ιβ (Judith xi. 13 lancta DoMinl 
...qua« praecepit Deoa non contingi, in 
fmraento, vino et oleo). 

BanclificatuB, iv. 86, see iniciatta. 

tanetlon••, iudiealioneB nel difinioion^ 
[-tionee], 1. 133 {Dt Canon.; Can. Cone. 
Carth. iciu p. 162* quae.,.fraquentibuH 

tanctionibiu condemonta est). 
sanotionibuB, κι 

■. 14, 1 

:. 1, β 


sauotas, Π. T, see alleluia; xxni. 19, 
see /friatui ί iiiv. 50. see aiillum. 

aand«lla, caluiamenta qu^ non habent 
deBuper corium. xxi. 10 IJuditli x. 3 in- 
duitque landalia pedibua buIb; xvi. 11 
laudalia eine) — tufidnf in, caIciamenta.Cp. 
S76; laiidalia («ekndalia, E(., andtaiatt; 
in Ep.), calciaiueutiL quae non babent de- 
Boperoorium, Ep. 24C3S; Ef.> m. 37. 

INDEX {LATIN) San. — Barr. 

«ane, certe, li. 163 [Bened. reg. 18, 12 
IUI] itn »int, ol... ; cf. 44, 12 note [17]: 
Μ. 30 [SäJ; ei, β [11]). Fur tan», see 
„ho {II. \m) planr. 

UBgUMSUgM, lexaH, xlvui. SI (De 
( 'um. t). .SnnifiiMiruirM [for iani;uinwBir ?] 
14 not faand in Οαββίοοηβ' works, vbence 
it IB said to have been eitracted. Lexat 
IB not marked as A.S. in tbe Leiden MS., 
uither by the usiml τ or b; a strake. and 
ΆΐάΆΛ.Ι,Χ'ίΙκΗΓ. filrd.Alt. xxxtnp. 34Θ) 
thiDka that it ia Med. Lat., not tbe A.S. 
Iitft, an α Schlettatadt CasBioD-Glnsaary, 
wliioli, ftpparenllj, records the identical 
gloBB, but ehoirg no traces of A.9., has 
minguitwjriff, lexat tgila (Hteinm. A.H.G. 
II. 15!1, 66). This woald, however, be tbe 
onlj' inetaaoe of trxa» ocourrinR as Let. 
On the other hand, we find tanguinnga, 
laee (Wright W. 131, 37; 331, 28; 477, 
Ö); mngniimge, tyea (ibid. 85, 11); 
phintlQ; Uceai (Cp. P3B3). 

sangnine, Tin. 19, e«e «t uiquc ail,,, ; 
xvL 27, se« ntaUfici. 

■auguinie, xxn. 56, nee emunucm; ill 
11, see lardotiix, 13. see tardi»*. 

aanRniB, ilvu. B, see niun-io. 

Saslr, X. U, see Amana. 

tanzlt. iaBsit tribuit iudioauit diRninil 
(lie/-]• '■ 12fi (D' Canon.; (Jan. Cone. 
Canlt. ¥ dinina acriptura tanxit; Dtcrel. 
CaeUit. h: lanxil) = Ef.• 329, 57 ; rf, 
mixit. inseit, Cp. Β3β ; taxit, tribuit, Op. 
890; Ep. 35Ε3ϋ; EM 394, 3Ü. 

upblnu. mari aimilem et quasi aureae 
Klellaa babens, zu. β (Dt ntimin. div. 
= Apoe. zxi. 19 taphiTiii•, eee also Kxod. 
nviti. IH i! mix. 11 tapphiriu; Etek, 
xxvm. 13 id.). 

sapiens, it. 18. see arbania. 

aapientes, ii. 162, see taipcctat•, luv. 


[[I. 1. 


Safientu. II M. 

^pientjam, i. 110, see r• 
nXT. 379, see araloriam. 

sapune. Tin, 17. see nitnm 

sapooem, see lurba /uiloHum. 

sapore [for taponel], xiv. 3. β 

Mporem [for taponem]. in. 
lurba /uttonum, 

aaporis, i. IT. stteflilula. 

saTabaitariim, see larabaitr, 

aaisbalte, lingua c^ptia 
latin nm die itn r rennuite [i 
Dn C] qui refutant abbatem habere, 
lei {litneii. reg. 1, 12 [171 genue...» 
baitanni, 26 [36] vagi et...deterioreB » 
bei 111). 

1 [fteg-] i 

aarabaitie, »ee tamhnii,•. 

sarabala, see narnhaUn. 

aanballa, crura hominum uocsnt apud 
oaldeoB [Cbaldaeo»]. xvi. 1 1 (Dan. lu. 34 [27] 
tarabala eorum non faiasent immntata ; 
Sabat., In note. tarabaUa ; Heyse, in 
note, iara6arae...iiilDntatae) = ia™6QiIa, 
apnd caldeoE cara (frura) homloniD di- 
cuutar. Cp. B74; Ep, 34C34; Ef.' 391, 
36. The Cambr. MS. : Sar-, c. b. chal- 
daice uooantur. Cf. aleDtarabnrr.braeflee 
dieitur, Cp. ij'.l6; ιαταίιατζ, braccoe lingui 
persaniiu, Ep. 26B3H; uirahaTa, braccaa 
liD)!na persarani, Ef,' 394. 2Θ. For tara- '' 
balla, »arnbora, tarabarae (wide trow* ' 
aersl, cf. leid. Ktym. xix, 23, 2; Lewia 
it 8h. (»nraftflrn) ; Oeaenine' Hrbr. LfX. 
(PIIS); Liddell Λ 8c. (aapißipii); Ad. 
BriUl," Truchlen dtr Judtn, p. 87 sq., βΙο. 
For the Lat. braeeet. hriiccae. trnwsera, 
see Lewis & Sh. (bracae) ; cf. also Skeat'a 
Cone. Vict, [hretche•). 

earabarae, aarabare. see larabaUa. 

sarculi). see lanuhtm. 

Hrenlnm. (erram foesoriiim dnos deat« 1 
Habens, xii:, \H [Itai. τιι. 25 montrs qal J 
in lareuUi aarrientur). — aaronlimi [sine 1 
interpr.]. iltui. 64 {De Cam. lam. \ 
80. 5 nam »arculo deors 

BaTdlniis, beringas. ilvii. 74 ^Λlin=^ 
tandinat, hcriogas, Ef.' 390. IS, For 
{taTdin-a; error for) lardiniu (ace, pi. of 
tardim) the Bsh turdini!, aee Lewis & Sh, 
For hering see Bobw, T. (hitring). 

■atdlamoe, xxvui, 85, see ßgara tar- 

■ardtn*, cotoreni pnruin asjiguinis, ill 
12 (Oc Homin. div. = Apoe. XXX. 20 lardinat; 
tot lardiai aee Kxiid, xxvm, 17, xuix. 10, 
Eiet. ixvin. 13) = Sardiui colorem purum 
BangoinU, Op. 833; Ep. 24E3S; Ef,' 
393, 43, 

saidoniz, habet colorem sangainis ijai 
est OQichitins [onjoh], χι,ι. 11 (De nmnin, 
div.^Apoc. XXI. 20 >ardonii) = tardonix 
habet colorem sanguinis, Cp, 863; Ep. 
24E23; ΕΓ.> 392, 10. For aaijekinut cf. 
Kxod. xxvii:. 20; iixix. 13; of. alao Sper 
[Ef.' ler] qui est onichinus luculentas 
habet, Cp. 8466; Ep. 24E34; Ef.' 39B, 

saricB, see niricui. 

aarlantUT. fodieutur, lui. 19 (/eai. vii. 
26 montea qui in aaniulo tarrieiitur ; 
Cambr. M3. »ircuntiir, fodinntur). 

18β IKDEX (LAT/y 

sarrieDlur, see larientur. 
Mta idem aant quod et ephi idest modii 
Π1, mill. 15 {Each. De parul., p. 159, 
1. i. s. qood oeplii Λα.). — Uta quinyua- 
ginU sextarioe in liquidis in nridis uero 
(II «stA, IUI. la (De ponder.'!).— tita. 
itn et dimediutD modium babenn, iiir. 
(Df ροιιάιτ."!}, Ci. tiita, modius et 
dimediuB, Cp. 848: Ep. 33030; Ef.' 889, 
Cf. Lewis Λ ah-, in voce tatuiii. 
aUfflmot, delibsmas [deliberamua] nel 
coKitamuB, 1. 182 {be Canoii. ; Cau. Cunc. 
Curth. p. 155* de his, qui infantee 
b&ptiKBti HUDl, (ulaffiHiui). Cf. inlagit, 
deiiburat cugilat uel omnia perafpC, Cp. 


Baliabitar, πιι. 19, see ■/ tuque ad... 

sBtiaiitur, vin, 20, see offer. 

nttonli, semini^ xxxvii. 14 {S. .iug.-f] 
= ialiimit, eemiaia. Cp. SSIl. Cf, Aug. 
Over, de Gen. ad lilt. {Siimm. in Zfcba'e 
ed. p. 448, 8) ex cauaali tatione \ Au^. 
(ivaeM. ill Heft. u. IGO (Eiod. 34, 21) 
Satlom et meese reqaieeees? Videtar 
eaim dicere, Tempore lutionit eC meania. 

u,Unim, inoubuin, xxxviij. 38 [Clem. 
Eecuffniti. X. 32 Antiopum Nyelei veretia 


jJS, principe peraaruw, ϊ 

ui, 3 ad congregandoa lutrujii» 
gregati punt III tripiu. Λα.), CI 
proefecU persfkrum, Cp. 834. 

satrapue, «Ltrapas, aee satrap 

eatum. Bee chatut. 

ealuiiuom txaly-]. xun. se, 



IS [Hatyr-]. qui per antumiiin [1] 
BCribeil [«crip-l. luii. 30 {Bt dir. noud- 
■ nibm). 

^B Htnznalla, xun. 39; eee bacht». 

^H Batumi, χχνυι. 7, see Tifon. S3, see 

^H utnnLoa, rex grenoraui [grae«-]. xxviu. 

^H 9(Lib. Jnion. xi.vicol. IS'J'pmleat iSulunii 

^B tnüie). Foi mtuniiu see aieo 

I 1 
I ^ 

, [for . _ 

Balyrioam [I], satjricue, 
satyruni, see tulinim. 
estjruB, see iiuruhi. 
e«u1ia, XIII. 28, see Gabaa. 
,z [A.S. for »i>, or Lai. for Siuoni 

eatoie; Jtienas, 
ecabelli, xxxv. 6 
acateoa, piecee ι 


Hoalpello, nee lealpeUuiit; icalpeum.^ 

Bcalpelliim, see scaliieum. 

(CftlpeUum, ferrmn ext qaod ) 
EcriptoreB utidc inciclunt cartas et penn•• 
aoaent [Cambr. MH. di^uuriC] ex alten 
parte latum eiflut eraphium, χιτ. 30 [Hier. 
28 scidit illud Kulpelio scribae), — 
boor, χι,τπι. ai {I>e Con», iitrt. 
nil. ly, 3 coutni calaiijam.,.oc>ntnae 
tcnlpetlam; id. Conl, I. 6, 1 pro lealpello). — 
HBlpellnin. biriie, iLvn. 48 (.ilia = ?| 
= Meιιlptll•im.baτ,Cp.8^^3■, tcalpm.hon, 
ibid. S136: Kalpellnm. byrie, Ep. 23E39; 
ΕΓ.> 390, 12. er. tcalpram. byre uri 
tiuarm, Cp. S12S ; acalpmni, \iyra uel nt 
all tliuearm, Ep. 28C21; lealbrum, byri• 
uel ut alii duaeram, Ef.' 389, 93. Uf. 
also icalpeUiim, brediWrn, Cp. SIIS ; teal• 
iellum. br-, Ep. 2ί)Α20; »cabellum, btedi- 
BBCin, Ef.' 888, 33. For lealpetlllia (a 
email knife, luncel, dim. of icatprum), see 
KöctinR, SlOe ; tot hiriii (for buna, byrie?), 
byrii, hyri (0-Η.ΰ. tmriici), a borer, ■•• 
BoBw, T. (ftjiru) ; for boar, bur, bore 
(inetr.), a borer, gimlet, id. {bTir; eo, tor 
short D?); Fraiiak, Waordenb. {borm), tbr 
bred-item Ac id. {bmdiien). Cf. dtuile, 
boor, Cp, lul. 8'J- 

•oalpetim, boor. iLvin. 66 ; Bee KaU 

scolpro. BcBlpnini, see Kalpellum. 

BCamnis, ll. 95, nee in «-uiunui, 

acandallgerla, BcandalizaueriB, in. 9 
{EecUt. 1. 37 Dou icaadiüittrU in UbÜ• 
baie; ihitl. ix. 6 ne forte icandalimHi in 
decore illiuB). 

BDandalizaueriB (»oandalizeriBj, xn. S, 
see lennilaliffent, 

acandere, asceudere, xlviii. 43 {D« 
Caei. Iiiet. IV. 8 ncdiKjerc.culmina f 
feotionie...prteualeal). On 

inciiuJerr iiisleadof «amirfe . .. 

Cf. ibid. i\.iS leandere ad perteocionem... 

aoanaio, see learpmat. 

acapha, see carabum, 

tcapnlare[Hiuc interpret.], II. 154(/I«n«(f. 
rrg. ϋό, Ü [13] auificere ciedimiui,..oaeol- 
1am, ..ot icapiilare). 

Ecarpinate. ecarpinat, see ncarpmal. 

■earpmat, sccibid, rLvn. 39 {Aiia=1) 
-tcarpinal, Boripifl, Cp. SI42 ; «β-, 
BcripitWen, Ep. 23Ε2β uid Ef.' 390, 11. 
Scribid [b perhaps forji), irripilt, leripit, 
from A.S. ι(τιφαη (Boaw. T,), to sontpe, 
scratch; Αα»« in Ep.AEf,', η hen, poiuta 
to an omitted j/nliina ufter the lemm• 
icarpiniif. which is perhaps corrupt for 

jlmina per- 
MS. ^u 

iNDKx (iar/.v) t 

loilpuril, or may be no uoreoorded Kiir- Ol 
piimre (to Borapc).ti'aaeNoF which Sohlutter dc 
[Anglia, xix. 47Ί, 5) eeee in teatuia (Cp. 
SiaO) fDr«e<ir<i0=B ramal). txcarptio; me 
Kortiug, Wiirterb. 3313-3347. 

■catentUnu, oredeati, xxuv. 48 {Dt 
Cati. Init. XII. 2Ti Ά tolam Be uet tca- 
teiilibiu aermibuB uel BautiaaiiniB sudibuti 
credat insideie). As nniie of tUe wordn 
excerpted (ram ConsianiiB arc gloeeed by 
k,3. words ID the present Qlos&ary, it 
would almost seem as it credrnli were 
Let., BugsGHted by creilat inaidere. But 
we find tcalurirent, cridu (Steinm. ΑΠϋ. 
t. aaa. 30); icaturit, rnid (ΰρ. S150) ; 
- ■ - :ril>(Napi(ir.OEO.p. Ißfi.lM); 
(ebnlliat}, orifi (Napier, 15Θ, 

>1). Ct. (loetz, VII. 2Ü9 (ecalene, Ac., 
rhere Klage BUggeate crieiiai, Sie vers 
'Uredr.Mi); Napier.' OEG. p. 168 note to 
101 ; SoWutter. in Aaglia (ϊχϊι. 30ϊ), and 
Journ. Oefm. Phil. t. 63. The iafln. of 
the A.S. words is ejüdan (pi. β. rrgätp, 
pt. t. crlad), to crowd ; Bee Oxf. Diet. 
{crowd, vb.') ; Skeal. Corti;. D. icroKd\. 

KWlnle, carte, xixii. 69 (not in Oieg. 
Dial., but, perhape. Can. Cone. Afric. ο 
p. 164 cum leota iuiaset theda). 

eceleetis, i. 53, iee/u>v)ii>. 

loenu, BBt figura diotionie in ordine 
nerborum oum decors oonpoeita, xxviii. 
36 (Co.: Ftalm. i. β tcheina autem est f. 
d.i.o.U.o.d.o,). See n-eiii«, figure, Cp. 
8130 : »ccma tignia uel parftbula, Ep. 
23C4and Ef.> 3ä9, S; thema, Qgura, Cp. 
TH6; Ep. aeEl and Ef.' 395. 49; cf. 
Bohlutter, in Areh. /. L. L. x. 198.— 
■eenu, Ügura, xxxvm, 33; see thema. 

■MBU lurpes (add comvuiiationei]. In- 
oeata coinqainata, xxxv. Ιββ {Buf. v. 1 
fol. 74* ThyeBteoB eotaiit et inceila Oedipia 

^^ Kill una t 

^Eei). C 

^Blrliere I 


Bcaptmm, uirga r^alia, xiiv. 1ό3 {lUi/. 
IV. it fol. 64'' ID Kcplra sUFcedit)=:icr^- 
trum, uicga regalis. Cp. S162. 

Bclieda, see tctdulr. 

ichema, see ptriKema ; tcenut. 

eabiBHUtiai, Bchiamatieia, Bolusmalico- 
e iei»Bialief, 

Bchola, see ludtu iiterarum. 

gctaolaeticuB, Bee icolaitiniif. 

ssienleB, iv. 43, nee gnotliei. 

Boiiria, see acijui. 

kUm, imitatio ael grins [for grima? a 

I mask], xxvii. 5 {Lib. βοί.Ί). .'idna is an 
VOcertaiTi leading, and may al&u be Te«d 
W icoria, tit »curia. According to the 

and identifiee it with SiHui, the dog-ntsr 
{Lib. de nal. rrr. xxvl. 14 3. Stella est, 
qnam vulgo conem appellant. Sirino 
quippe appellata propter flammae c 

and an Ambroeian MS., quoted by Goetx 
V. 4ΐ6, 20, baa «ctnn, imitatio. The gloss 
appears in Cp. (S137) ae icina, nititio; 
Ep. 94E30 Λ Ef.' 392, 16 irina, nitalio 
ael grima; and Ep. 3iIE36 and Ef.' Ü90, 9 
have again Kina, grima. Glogger adopts 
(he teadinu leimt, which he connects with 
diem...>wni> et luxuriae Baorauerunt, in 
laid. De Offie. L 11. 1. See lurlher Ooetx, 
VD. 241 {fcimi); Beroenn, in Anh.f. Lauk 
Lrx. X. 514. For <ciiwi = ic<iia, outward 1 
show. Bee Lew. & Sh. {tcaena) ; fol I 
griiiui, a mask, spectre, see Bosw. T, Γ 

acindaria, soiudat, s 
see ijpo (aub) lyra (hoc). 

•dnlel, eciuaenas, xxxii. 65 (not in 
Oreg. Dial., but Ca». CoikH. Afr. χι,τ 
p. 160 Vt irenifu alque histrionibos .. 
gratia uel reconoiliatiu non negetur) = 
KUniee•. ecinnene, Cp. 31β£ ; teitnicit, 
ecinneras, Ep. 31E2fi; Mimicü, Uineraa, i 
Ef.' 303, 11. SciMn*™» (for idimeniul,,. 
eiil spirits, spectree, magiciane, see BobW^I 
T. (*ci«, ,ein/rf . .e,»,«rt) ; Klage. ΑΙΙψΛ 
Dial. p. 344: id. A. S. Lttb. p. 90Lf 
(«einx, «cinnu, Meinaere). Ct. Iiittriontt, ] 
aaltatores uel (i:«ii<:r, Cp. H05; emaotut, 1 
BciuneraB, Cp. E170. Lewis it 8h. (inuno, 1 

■dno, Bcinu, xxx. 96, see upo (sab) lyot I 
(hoc) Λ0. ■■ 

■dza, acuina, 
= icirra, aquGoma, Cp. S17Ö ; teira, J 
aqucoma, Ep. 33Β33 ; >i-irii, aquorna, 
E(,i 390, 1«. Scira^K-iunu, a squirrel; 
for ac-nrna *o. see Bosw. T. (äc-meni) ; 
Klufjp, [Trill. {Eiihkoni). 

diesetiBa tores seperntoces 
[separ-], i. llB {Dt Catun. ; Can. Cone. 
Laod. tntxi\iaetchitmatieU; e\ua...tehU-i 
malicii ; Can. Cone. Carlh. lit ae...tchi»- m 
nuilifDnim..,inBidiie, lxix de,.,iihümati- 
c»f; Deerrt. Catlat. %i ut uhiinvOiei... 

BcisBora, eclesuras, xni. 4. Reefitmra. 

■dta, ident mooita, xiu. 15 {Etthrr oi, 
U regis icita conteuiDeue). — ecite, docu- 
menta, XLvm, 49 (De Cat: /rut. ν " 
seniorumici'fudiseerecupieiiteB). — idtltli, ] 
15 [Kx die. liln-ii = Su^ f 

1^7 ^^1 

τα, ^^1 

INDEX (lati.v) seit. — scriip. 

Srv. IiUil. m. 

idtie aulIibuB 
ecil&tuiii, aee litat 
»dUllI, gpecioBfLS, 

ecola [schola], : 

see ludui 

Bcolae, see uiiili'Ioria. 

eoolaeUcuB [nine interpr.]. i. 123 (De 
Canon, ; Cuii. Cnnr. Sard, ziii ifkolat- 
tleiii de foro, ant ex odDiinietmlioiie ; 
Cun. fiHif. Ciirtb. Χΐΐη icholailieoi qui 

acole [-lae], lixv. 247, see aadiluriu. 

SCollB, SHC tilipkOtill, 

■oapulMoa, petra, ixxiv. 15 jZlr Catt. 
Inil, XI. 3 qDidam pemieioBiBsimuB ico- 

Boopulufl, see icapulntui. 

Bcoi«llus. aee tcoreliit. 

•oorelo•, emaer, xLvn. SB (ΑΗιι^Ί) 
= .-. omer, Cp. S16G: --, emer, Ep. 
23E31 sjid EI.' 390, 14. Soorelae. aleo 
writtea i^orrllui, in glMaed amiire, Wright 
VI. 2C0, 37, und <:\odh,,mtr, ih. 287, 17. 
For emaer, omer, emer, ac. (tbe yellov 
bontiDJi or yeWov- hammer), loe Oif. D. 
(feiinmiT, eb,"); Boaw. T. (»wr); Kinne, 
Et. Ώ. [Ammer] ; Bke&t, Ccntr. Et. D. 

HOTiriona, in eimililudiiie oancri caadn 
lODgi. ixv. 6 (Luc. I. lit sapra Bf^rpeotea 
et >«Π7ΐίοηπ}. 

scribiiiitur, i. 86, t/ie profrribiiHliir. 

Boribitur. xxxtu. 5, ece dtdragmn. 

sciibeit [scripBJt], xi.iti. 24, aee iTaimt, 

26, sei; «liuriEin. 

eoribU [-pta], ΙΪΙΤΙ. 1, ste /iiiii. 
«nibtc» [-ptoe], uu, 13, see urna. 
scribturiHt [«oript-], iii. 87. see crtiiio- 

MiribaDtiir, xxxvu. ϋ, eee Eabufiu 

Bcnpei, iLviii. 74. 

KTipHit, iiiin. 23, sae comicat \ see alao 

Nripta, XXXV. 61, aee geita; aee alao 
ecribta ; latii parte. 

Bcriptio, xiilx. 72, see οίορταβα. 

■cilporäeiii, oalcum [ = calciilau]?], tv. 
107 (7 flu/. VI. 3 roL θδ»- per pmicnp- 
tionini? Ct. v. 1Θ iol. ΘΗ* «iiiHrripiion«, 
Uld TU. 2G fol. 130* tubKTiplioruvi). 

Boriptie, XXXIII. 7, bee tieel. 

BCriptores, UV. 20, B«e ica f^wIFum ; izvii. 

27, aee genthUatici. 
eeriptori, iLvni. 74. 

euriplOB, see icribtti• ; iirno. 
BCtiplula, tee druiinia ; iiirtl. 
Bcriptulum, bci^ ubuhtt. 

23, « 

soripturke, e 
soriptnriB [for 

acripDln, aee dragTna; tirei. 

Boripuluin, ixxiii. 27, bcq tiliquiu m 
31, ΒΡβ liliqaai tex i seo ftUo obulut. 

•eilpiilni sex eiliciuSH penaa . 
SU {De pnnder.fl. — acrlpnliiB ]«πββΙ i 
qnnH nex ab aliijulbua fit duD. ixiti. β-Η 
jjuiiifcr.•). Cf. Blume, l. 373, 37, ι 
temple, a, amatl wei|;tit. 

sciobis, see tcrapii. 

saiuia, aee eenifa. 

•cropU, groop, i^Ti. 32 {Äiia β 
l'hocae, p. 41t^, 16 haec icrobii). 
Kluge, A. S. LtHb. p. IBl, RKip = gl__„ 
grcp ; BoBW. T. grep [far grip ?], a furroi», 
borrow; O.H.O. grimba, [fruopa, «nw6a, 
truopii fScbade, ßruiv ; (irnb). Behlutter 
{Attglia, xxvi. 303) regarda ^onp aa κ 
miareaJ or oiiswritten groof, wbenca he 
dellven E. groare (eee aleo Kluge, Leieb. 
p. löl gtiif, gnibi) referring Ιο Steiiim. 
A.IJ.G. i. 44il, 3 Latnnas cdaacas aque- 
ddotue iitest ^nrun.— But lb« Qlouaries 
related tu tlie present cue all have ρ; Bee 
icrobibut, (groepuiQ, Cp. SlSl and Bp. 
24C14; «cnipili«•, groepum, Ef.i 3»1, 17: 
latriiui, genge, grocpe, [atgue. for] aquae 
dactuB, aloacae, Cp. L3U. Graop, dialeDt- 
ically BtiU exiata, aee Eng. Uial. Diet. 
Igroap); Oxf. D. (gronp); Verdara, Mid. 
IPoord. {tjroepa), anddiOera from E. groove, 
toi whiuh Bee ΟχΓ. D.; Skeat, Coiic. £(. 
Diet.; Verdam, I.r. {graeve). 

κηιΑ, Bugu, xLviL 93 {Alia = ?) — 
tcr«f,i, sugu, Cp. 8172 Λ Ep. 23BS4; 
icro/u, ruga, Ef.f 390, 17. 8orut»=«r<!/e, 
a breeding- how; tor A.S. augii, a sow, aae 
Bosw. T. (in T.), and Kluge, Etym. Wrlb. 

κτηρβω, dobitationea, ιιχτιιι. 23 
{Clem. lietognill. vm. 61 ίβΐΐ per devi» 
ineedpntea et tcnipem vi^iborum dilEeul- 

icmpoloaltaa, dubielna ue! aniietaa uel 
animi molcatia, ii. 168 (Üiwid, reg. 40, 
3 [4] coiu atiqua ei^riiputonilate). See alao 

Bcrupula, ixxiil. 7, see tieet. 

sompule [aurupulum], ixxiii. H. see 

HcmpuIoB, ixxil. 7, "ee aiilabulut, 8, aee 
eoliite, 0, see minii i xxiiii. 4, aee drngma; 

INDEX (latin) scnip,- — sen. 




sernpnlositaR. aanipulositate, eee tempo• 

Hrapnlum, Biietae [anxietaa] uigor 
moleBtin, i. 133 (Dt Canon.; Can. Cane. 
Carth. Lxxii abeqne ullo icrupitio ; cixv: 
■i...Bliqiio mortis periauloao jcrupulo com- 
pnnota flierit; cxxxii iii:nipu/o...coDacI- 
enti»). See &1κο icrupoloiilä). For scni- 
palnm, see also obuliig. 

Bcrupnlas, iiiii. 7, see uriiabiilu». See 
ftleo (cripttliw (far terup-). 

Bcillpentar, see eoiumnoir iiitreiu. 

BCUpUloM [NTUpillOt], IXXII. 11, BCC 

■ourlOM, Bordidn, χιχτ. ΐ2β {Ra/. χι. 
23 Μ. 187* TetnBtM) eariaia; so also 
Cacciari n. p. 100. icurinia (for ifonofa?} 
may hftve been uiother reaiUnK) = icariora, 
aordids. Cp. SUB; Ep. 33Α34; ΕΓ.> 38β, 
47 1 see Ooetz, rii. 3(3 (ncoriiim). 

aoutorum, tee pvrtanim. 

BCylla, nee uertigo. 

soyna. see leina. 

ae, Π. 60; xxt. lEI; xt.iv. 36, 27. 

aeoet, ixi, 93, sec jipu (anb) tyon (hon) Λα. 

wcreUlNii, penetiabil ioceinocaaltiorem, 
I. 13B (Di-f.fiiL Cuiiii.. ap. Mans, vii ool. 
753^ »tcrttaltm iucBTuatioriem, 754'' mh- 
Btaatiftm ttcretaUm). 

aeeta, heresia [haerest«] inaecatio, i. 
lai {De Canon.; Can. Conr. Calch. ϊγγ 
nzoremiectnealteriuBaceipera; Can.Cone. 
Carth. LTii eiuadem lecla^ eleriBi) = >ecta, 
bereeis, Cp. S210. 

Λ [tor BOcuturaT], 

, 67. I 

aecularem, see oratoTiam. 

aecalare«, xixv. 184, see lilieralen litera. 

secQlariaiu [-rem], xxxv. S79, aee nra- 

seGularium, xxix. 12. «ee eomicus. 

aecunda.ti.SS, eeeilenlerononii ; ui. 22, 
nee (faiiisroiin.— ββοοοιΐ», prospera, xim. 
18 (Ub. Iiot. = Ui<l. Lib. de not. rer. ixvi. 
18 proot caiqae annt motua, ita leeunda 
Tel adneraa portendere), — aecnniUi, pros- 
per*, xxxiv. 16 {Dt Call. ln,t. xi. 3 
ttenndii nauigantibne uento; xi. U lerum 
tetandariott . . . aucceasuH ] . 

seciindo, see »tcnaila. 

aeoundiim, xiii. 2S, nee de radice; ixi. 
44, eee tala numthan ; xixix, tW, see eata• 
{uDUDi; XLiv. II, eee cUma; Sectiniiuii, 

I a, 

aliterprope, i. '. 
{De Co noil. ; Can. Cone. Antioth. icvn 
*ecui cnnlra definita factum tnerll). 
teeut, aliter, Op. 8267. 

aecutare [-n»i\ xiviu. 73, ae« anaphora 
aed, \π.. 8; ixiv. 210; xrir. 29. 
aedecenulem [-cenualem], ixi. 

ly. 310, 

Bedeoim, t. 115, t 
eee texcuplam. 

aedem, i. 6, aee abiidam; xxxix. S6, aea ι 
ante abiiiia, 

aedent, xv. 9, eee traiutrn. 

aedea, hit. 34. aee nolaria; for i 
lendei, XTii. 6 ; aee tactlli. 

aedet, it. 39, aee Ihalamm. 

aadlUo, rixa tumultua, 1. 116 {DeCam 
Can. Cone, Ancjfr. xxxvit teditionet.,, . 
citAndo; Ca». Cone. Nie, χτ propter tedi- J 
lionet ; Ca«. Cone, Carth. lixit aedilio• % 
nibiu). Cf. tutuultua, seditio, Cp, T343, 

aeditiones, BedilloiiibuB, aee leditio. 

Hdafoniffl [pseudotorum], in. 31, ι 
nd iedufnrum. 

eoduiit, III. 4, aee ϊιψίαπααίί. 

aelU, IT. 43, aee ριιl^ιilL•s. 

Berne], iut, Θ, see ctlitm. 

semeanoiae, iiini. ö, »ee dtdnigma. 

semi, I. 116 (bie; aemi dupla; be 
tripla) ; Bee letcopla. 

aetnidnplum, hit. 310, 

10. a 

:. 14, I 



a ooDTieiiticalumtB 
xixT. 302 (Ruf, η. 17 Μ. 3Τ βι^•~α„., ' " 
Doatra lingua sign iScare potent hoitettor 


HmlalT, eunuchtie, ibvi. IT (.Uia =Ar^ 
Plioeae. p. 416, 3 bio lemipir). ι 

aemlunolA, iii peiiaat, xxxui. 22 {Eueft.1 
De ptind.?) ; aee also (xiuu. 2) i ' 

aemiuKte [-tae], ιχχτι, IS, see anuuime»,m 

iienipecta«, see letipectai. 

eeiDper, 11.38; xm. 48; xxu. 16; χ 
a ; XXVIII. 32, 34, 86; iLii. 21 ; (UT. 

aemitnoia, me dedragnia; mina. 

aenAtor, IIXT.27S, seepatrietus.^» 
tona. indices, xini. 16 (Kidrail no 
the Vulg., but cnm lenalinibui Prov. χ 
93, and teiialnrei et jadices Dan. vi 
In 1 EBdras in. 12 and vi. 14 a 

INDEX (ί,ΛΤίΧ) sex.— sid. 


ι Äquila dixit, in 

Hxtarlna antam duo lib» et dimedium, 
ΧΙΪ1. 3 (Dt ponder. ?).—»ert»rlue nn libras 
pensAt, ml. 31 iDe pmiiier.'!i. — HztViiii 
Qteoe duaa libras et dimidiitm p«tisitt, 
xxxt. SU (Dt prnuirr. ?).— HzUuliu, libriiB 
till, ixiiii. 36 {Euch., De poMd.?}.~Aitnila 
*' ' ' [I modioB, iixi, 10 {Df 

•e aUo II. BG, 

. [nil 

ω] mediam partMn 

Hxni, nMnra, t. 30 {Dt Canon.; Can. 

Caiic. Carlh, i.iil Dec texwm eioaeandnm 

eaec. cxxxTm p. m' propter jffiu). Fnr 

irmi see alao (xidi. 13) herma/raditus. 

»1. Π. 182; vin. 17, 1Ö (bis): xxm. 1; 

I xxiix. IS: xMV. 11, 15, 

I il qao rnlBD•, alioquin, ii. 15S {lleiied. 
Teg.l). Thie eipreaeion (for whioli eee 
Soutar, Slitdg of .imbrotiiuttr, pp. 75, 
7S), whiiih does not eeem to ooonr in the 
Ittfi. llr.nrd., \i here, pechapa, a forlhar 
eiplanatioQ of (ii. 1ΰΤ| tin alia* (q.v.). 

Λ naqne Ml lacum fnerll, ideat ai atag- 
nnm faciat de sanguine aoa satiabitnr, 
vin. 19 (SuUim. xxvni. IT Hoiutnem qui 
Mlumniatar auimae aauKuinem. it atqitt 
ad locum fugtrit [Heyaa fuerit, in note] 
nemo austinet). 

. aibi, χζιπι. 1Θ, eee lauru«; xliv. IT. 
'\ see dexiem. 

.. 12; 

r, 86; 

[. SO 

. , :ii. 1, 2 (bia), Ö. 

■ ilcull, gUdiBtorea, iv. 19 (Ritf. 
fol. ai)'' »icarii plebibua udmixti). 
ikariux. gladiator, Op. α335; Ep. 33Ε17; 
Et.' 389, 57. 

ksiccant, χιτ, 3. see uoi-ith. 
aiccate [-tae], ixix. 13, teej'rixi eietrit. 
■leel qui latine lingue corrupt^ atoloa 
diciturin qaeetionibuB supra icriptiB ancia 
ponduB babet at alibi soriptiira lepperi 
B«rupnla χ quod ipae arbiCror Nam aicloa 
ipse ael eiocl de propinqoitate ponderia 
quaiii aiolue eoont, xxiiii. Τ {Ur pund., 
kveh. p. 158, 15 ireel q. in Li'lina llnnua 

Ieomiptt nclnt [Μαβ. Μ. sicloa] d. ut id 
qnaeationibue »aprndicua iiidiuatur uiiciae 
p.h., u.a. a. r. neripluJu [Uua. M. ecHpiiln] 

decern q. et ipae a. [Mas. MS. adda qt ail 
i.x] ii.fl.i.u, "rel ile pp.q- tiriliciit s.}. 
The BHt. MciA. adds after aanaC: Habet 
HUtem BGcel xx oboloa; see also lieliia. 

ΛύβίΛ. CHt omnieputio que extra ainara 
ioebtiara potest ouiiia lioet nomeo hebreuiii 
[hebraeum] ait tarnen latiuum aonat pro 
eo quod ei soco firumentornm et pomorum 
conficitur, i. Ill {De Canon.; Can. Apoilt. 
iiiofferat, vino iici-Tam]=iiceTa (disi- 
tur. Ep. it Ef.). omnia poCio quo (que. Ef.) 
inebtiari potest eioepto uino, Cp. 3361 ; 
Ep. 24Ε-.ί7ί El.' 392, 13. CI. ticera, qui 
(quod, Ep.} tit dactylo (daot;li, Ep.. Et.) 
encas, Cp. S3S0; Ep. 2ΊΕ21 ; Ef.> 392, 8; 
laid. Elym. xx. 3. IQ ; Euoher. /mir. 
p. 121, 12; 148, 10. 

aiceram, eee lietra. 

aioilicuB, see nrcl. 

aioloH, xxzni. T, eee läctl. 
■ aiolua, ixxin. 7 (bia). aae tictl, B, Bee 

alalni Lxxn siliqaas, xixi. 15 {De 
pondtr.l). Ct. Lewis & Short, in v., 
Olid Isid. Grip. XVI. 25, 18; οί. above, lieel, 

■leiuUA, gibreoi, xlvii. 30 iAUa = l]. 
Ab ffebree interprets jiituita in Cp. P398; 
Ep. 19Ca (p., ^ibrec); Ef.i 380, 56 (p-, 
Hibreec), also raiinio in Cp. B58 (r-, «ebreo) ; 
Ep. 23Α36 (γ-, Kibrecl ; Εί.> 3ΘΘ, 44 (r-, 
gehrec), and miuta, Cp. U316 {ti-, Hibrec; 
and below xxiv. 3 κ-, gebyroec), it eeems 
that licuttla. ot whiob there is no trace 
elEiewhere. is a miaread reumrt ( = rbeums), 
a How, cnlarth, rfaeam, ei being a uiisread 
A.8. r in) and πι tor »i. The A.S. ffibrfci, 
grhrtc, gibrec, gebyraee, Ac, quoted aboTa, 
are all eubstt., derived from breca», to 
break) {1) those which interpret reuma 
{rlieuma), aiid pilaila refer to the noite of 
coughing, and hence Uie Oloasariea alip 
e:(plain the Lat. /ragor {a crash, noiae. 
Trom frangrre, to break) by the RBme word. 
eee WriRbt W. 404, 17 ; 400, 17 (fragore, 
gebrec«, instr.), while (2) those which 
ioterpret umecta refer t« the brnken (un- 
aafe) state of marsfay ground, bronjl-land 
( = Ä.S. briio, E. brook, a amall Btream ; 
Du. broek ; U. Brwh, a marsh) ; of. Klage, 
K'nb. {fir(i«A<) ; Pranok IBrotk). 

aieut. It. 170; nil. 9; x. 10, 21; xd. 0; 
xi:t. 59; xiv. β, 9 fbU), 19, 20; xvi. 4; 
ixli. 13; ixviii. 5T ; XXXV. 30, 1β1 ; 


t. 51; 

I. 10) X 

r. 3Ti 

aideralem, i 
Bideralia, xlit. US, see ludiaeu*. 
aiderant, xxx. Θ1, see utritnamin, 
Bldon. ciuitas. xxiv. IS {iiath. XI. 21, 93 
1 If. ai) ! see Tyru; 



(De div. Λ 
be Ihe «an 

INDEX (latin) sid. — sii 

hoepicia pttuparum, ili. 3 

(TJe div. nomin.T). TbU glose Beems to 
be Ihe *ame ta Cp. STSS ij/iioifiirnM (Ep. 
24E33 ^nwfieir'f -. EfJ 393, 1β ij/ imwlirii) 
■uweptionibuB peregrtnorum. aod to poiut, 
Λ» itB βοαιαβ, to Can. Coiic. Caleb, vtu 
p. 1H5* Glerici qui praeSciuntar plochiii ; 
witb traoee, perhaps, in the Erst part of 
the temniB, of xeaodocliiaruni, which 
ooeure ibid. Can. t. Cf. xenoilofiorum, 
ooIlectioDum, Cp. XI xenadochia, saeceptio 
peregriDorum. Λ tb. X2, and the preeeot 
GloMary xxxix. 6β, 6Θ. 

Sitret, Me Syerei, 

pigna, III. 53. see ttiümutu ; χιχτ. I2(), 

'. Hü, Β 



Bignificftt, I. II, nee iipia. 

eigDiQaationein, uvm. 10, see »iUiittit. 

Hgnie, XL. 31, Bee liniamentit. 

signo, XLi. 21, aee obfirnuxnlet; ii.ii. 22 
see rypo. 

BigmlOJ, I. lie, BSG n'nilmfuBt ; vui. 6 
nee rumiVrm. — iljnnin babenteB, serpen tea 
oeliuUtD, II. 10 [Sap. xvi. ν,»ίηιαι«ι habenU 
Ballitie. For the glosR cf, ΛΊιιπ. xxi. 9). 

(lleinBtB, quntieH ciutiB iliecrcpunbw ii 
HDBin eipificitlioiiem cangregamus, »viu 
to {Ciut. I'taim. viil 1 &gacA...,i/lUpii 
' ' I. Bipiiecantiiuu c). 

Biler, s 

»iliqua, XXXI. 16, see regalU. 

■Ulqnii nnft mt graoa ordei penaat, 
xxxiii. 2fi (Bufft. Of ;Vii.rf. 7|.— elllqtlM 
tex. mripulum unmn, xxiiii. 27 (£'«i:Ä. 
De ΓιιηιΙ. ?|. — sillqiue tret argüiiteon uoli- 
dum faULUUt, xxxiu. 30 (Euch. Df Ροηά.Ί). 
— ΒΐΙΙαη&Β Ββχ. acripulum uuum peimaDt. 
fiL•», ixx[ii. 31 (ί,ΤΒ-Λ. Dt. Pcnd.1) — 
1111 qnwi argeof ident pendicum, xxxi. 23 
[Dt Ponder.).— ύΛ lUlaiiU. fnictuB arborie 
oolligitur iwrcis, xxv. 6 (Luc. xv. 16 inplere 
ventrem anum de tiliguii, quae porci 
manduoBiit].— For üliquae, see also xxu. 
IS (tiflui), 18, 19 (obolui), 22 {Kpipbaiiim), 
39 [tolidui}, 80 {tcripului), 34 ialalrra) ; 
xxx». 1 {dragraa), S (Kripulut), i {obaltu, 
bli), C (uiieia) ; xxxm. β (obului), S9 

eitiquae, ailiiiuae, see liliqua. 

■UlqiiiB, XXV. 6, Bce de Miqai; sob v. 

. queBtio [quaeBtio] 
lAbilie, xiiiv. a {De Can. Irut. xii. Vi 
itylhigUmU dialeclicie; in note niUagimtiii). 
Cr. tiUogwaa. inebitubUe, Cp. Int. 309. 

For lillagi'iaiif [eyll-], βββ alai: 

lUouii, atagnum , xxii. 36 ( Uerb. /bIl. 
= HUr. in JJalth. »xm. 85. 36 eol. 1 
Siloani dncllDt), 

siluae, see ArmenL•». 

silnaticna, ui. 34, eee onager. 

silne I-aae), xixii. 3, eee Armei 

«iluQ, ΧΙΠ. 43, see Famui. 

Bimbolum, eee liinbiili: 

Rimbttlion, paotum, v. 99 ; Bee tim- 

BlinbiiUi. coDEililK coopactia, v. 2β (Ruf 
viii. 17 tol. 144*diniiialiomb«e Bcin/mftofti 
adiiaieeceret). — lünbnllon, pactum, ν 20 
(? Bnf. ?). This »eetns a furtlier ' ex- 
planation of ». 28. Acoordinn to Glog^fer 

a Men MS. has timbvlon, oompactum. 

■tmbnlum, graeoe latine eignum uel aoeni 
tio, I. 118 (De Cnium. ; Oia. Cone. Ι^αά. 
CI lu...iioatrae doceantur lidei lymhalutn ■ 
Cait. Cone. Cartli. cxxxm Huie eymbolo 
Bdei). Ct. limbulum, birebenc, Cp. S37S; 
lyiHbalum. herebscun, id, 3ΤΞ1 ; limbulum 
heiebaecoD, Ep. 34Λ8: i^RbulHtn, here^ 
becoD, Ef.' 390, 30; nmbnlttm, canlatnm 
uel confesBio, Ef." 8B2, 29. For A.S. 
Iirrebenr (for herebecn) *c., a uiilitarr 
enBign, alandard, see Boavr. T. (here- 
beaten ; from Aire, an »rmy + beücen, α 
beacon, tiign). 

■ nirorisinpoiiniii], XXX. Θ0: see 

■Unlla, emetuma, χχτι. 7 (/»id. ojle, 
I. 18. S neu corpus Domlni potest eseo 
»imihi Boltt). For eimila, tee also (χιτ. β) 
ptaeeiitnt. For imettivui —imeoduma, ime- 
drnui. (Tiicudrniu See. (Qne flour, meal), see 
BoHW. T. (iiiiedenla). 

elmllagliieiii. aenns tritici, «i. 30 
{Eccler. ixxv. 4 qui offert aiiriilaiifHen) 
= Cp. S3M. Cf. Stwom. .4. H. G. i. 661 

simile, xxxvn. 6, see i<a;»acei. 

aimilem, χι,ι. 8, see taphinu. 

siniilee, ml. 43, see lamia ; ixxn. 43, 

gimili. luvin. 7, see ralumnan uitrea». 

similis, i. 10, see cypru», 20, gee camia ; 
XIX. 8, see murrnulu ; txi. 13, see ateapa ; 
XXIX. 38. Bee hyiiif. xtu. 21, see battema; 

XLTIL 89. see buliiiut. 

aimilitDdine, xiii. 3, aee utrmieului, 6, 
Bee lantilae, 37, see malta nauü, 58, saa 
in Uelieit ; xxi. 16, see eonopenm, 90, see 
iabaitet ; xxv. S, eee leorpiouet ; xxvn. 16, 
Bee hgaiiat. 

nmiiitndinem, m. 21, see ad nduforami 
ΧΠΙ. 47, sti• plnuiilniui ; xxiv. 1. see fiat»; 
xxT. IS, see byiopu ; xxi. 80, see et timco- 

INDEX (latin) e 

I. 46, see piraondei ; 

^H almphoaiiim, ne »inphimn. 

■Implex, ΛΒοϋ, xLTi. 30 (AUa = Art 
Phocae, p. 431, 3 linipJei). Cf. hilex. 
For αβηίι (eimple, aingul&r, oaly) see 
Boaw. T, {SnVu:. απίκ). 

flimponioiD, eee «t timcotion, eub τ, 

aimnl, xiiv. 1!)3, see i^onlnfiultbiui. 

tlmiiltuitetii. conteDtiotiBm, ιχχτ. 183 
(]lie uidetur inferre). 

aimultatcin, eee (imuIMnicm. 

Bin, Π. IS7 (bia). 

einagoflfte [a;n-], iv. 37, tee ariopagilii. 

aln ftllM, ein &litet, ii. 187 {Bfited. rcg. 
3, 41 [GO] ./« alim, ; 60. 9 [13] id.). 

■InutrlEmiu, qa; ano tiaatu atqiie cir- 
cuita oremina miilta concludit. ixvin. 77 
{Caii. Ptalm. ixiv. 4 lynathroii 

— Ci. XX«. 27 

>(, Laline cangrfgalio, ubi in 
nnum, &iic multa crimina. not multa 
benefioia coUiijUDtiiF).— ■liwtilanioi. cau' 
greektio qnoties mulla in iinuiu colli- 
guntur, ixTin. es {Cati. Pialm. xili, 1 
«yiintAroii mo•... c. q. m. i. u. o. See also 
XI. 1 per fignram lynathnKimnt), 

■Inäxli, aolamDitBB uenpertinorum uel 
oollectio coodtinatio. n. 151 {Bttitd. reg. 
17, 14 132] Vespertina tyitaxU qanltaor 
psalmiB-.-tenninetiir).— «liwxwe, celebra- 
tionea, xi.vni. Ιίβ {Dt Com.). ^irniXMi 
mm [aine interpret.]. xLvlil. 41 (De Ctia.) 
= {De Π αΰ.,.η/ηαχίοι mira 
eommittitnr ; n. ll,3sd Saera lynaxeoi...-. 
baticliDm tynaxeot). A.ccording to a St 
Oallen MB. the interpretation, which is 
wanting here, is : ourae uel celebrationee, 
for whioh see alao the pieoeding gloaa. Cf. 
Jrul. Π. 10, 1 aoUemnitatea qnas Uli lynaxii 

ill. aiTUxn) uooant ; m. 5, 1 tynoixin \ li. 
e, 1 in ryaaxi ; iv. 10, 3 dimlBsa »Miuiit, 
■inceia, iiil«gra, ii. 166 (iirnrä. rttj. 
73, 11 [18] abbat«in.,.«infiTn...CBritate 

ilnMTltu, integritaB,]. 131 [De Cavon.; 
Can. Cnne. Carth. ι.ϊΐ p. 164• cnm appro, 
banerit veatia tincrtitai ; icm p. 1G3* 
tinceritat Catbolica). 

9Bt c 

Bduereariii njtitnreffioerenieliorein, i 
70 ; aee tynCTiiu. 

AnoIirDUon, unius temporia, iv. 32 {S. 
Hier, in xii Propftrdii Pratf. Oeee ign- 
chronoH laaiae). The Cambr. HS. has : 
Sgncronoa nnjua t. vel contemporanena. 

■lnoDpln, deteotio stomacbi, xixix. 47 
{Greg. Dial m. 33 col. 397" qaam... 
moleeltam.,.>vncopiN voeant}. 

lienturaa, ixxvm. ββ (Clem 
Recoffnitt. x. 11 quia in hia oj 
aliquia ant atrumlttui tail cnm mala, antl 
invisibilia; Migne, in note col. 1426,^ 
lyndetiit]. Glogger would read fi'fraClw'fl 
for iiitnlurm, aa two MSS. havi " 

Bine, It. 172: τιιι. Τ; n- 4, 13; m. 18,J 
84 1 xv. 7 : ΧΪ1. .1 (with accoa.) ; m. 
τχχν. 18», 317 : ux'in. IB. 

■Ineodoolien, a toto pattern, xxvtn 

(Cn -ω. Psalm, ii. 1 Uaua Scriptnca 
est per »ytfednrheii figuram, quae ai 
fieat a toto partem, dicere omnia; Beo 

38; Bee tiuitaetai. 

I. 34, see ypoarux 
siatricea, xixv. 283 (Ot ■ 
BuHtb.]. — ainanuitai, pndieaa uel abidl•^ 
ueotes, xixv. 39 {De Easeb.) = iyntfaclia, , 
pupliDae,Cp.S710; Ερ.23λ32; lyntfactai, 
pnblicaa, Ef. ' 388.45; lynftaelai, podicaa, 
Op. 8711 ; tyiifiaelai, pudicas uel abeti- 
nentei. Ep. 33Α3β ; tynefaetai, p. u. a., 
Έ.ί.' ses, 49. 50 ; lonhücliu. sociAtricei, 
Cp, S395, Ep. 23A31; ""' "■ ". "" 
linlBueai. aociatrice». iv. 103 (ficcLa 
/•(or.).— efnliCM uel aenlicatai (sine in 
terpret., but a St Oallen MS. baa as gloa , 
•ocmlriMi], ¥.27 (Brri. Äioria) all = {fiu/. 
Tii. 26 foL 12S'' De mulienbuB...quRB 
ffumffctHToit appellant). 

Binlaaacaa, sociatricea, it, 103, see iinii- 

•InliCM uel ••nlaoatM, r. 37, aee linii- J 

ainoktezetnjaton. see 

■Inopltle. peira rubea unde pingentl 
[-gunt], lie. 13 {Hier. xui. 14 pingitqoef 
tini'pide). Cf. tiuopede, redestan, Op. Τ 
Β3Θ6. ' 

ainpeatas, aee lenpeclat. 

■inptUMtn, iterarium [itiner-] uel ui 
[uiaticiiui?], XII. 71; otbeporlcon, itener»• 
rinni, ixx. 73 {Cat. Hier, ι,ιιι col. fiB7" 
HabemuB ejna Syinpaiiiim, quod adolee- 
centalas ecripeit ; 6ί<κνορικίΐί de Afrioa 
naqueNlcomedlani ; Β: Hab.e.ftiKpAaiiHHn. -_ 
ideal limililudiium quem adol. 
inieoliiAffrice el odeporiroaiaeet vi 
vel itinera de affrica vaque in 
C : Hab. e. lynpoiium quod ad. ι 
nirioe et hodipariluia de at. uaqiie i 
conmrdiam). From (heHe readings 
aeema ulear that tlie gloea to lympoiiu 



f ■ ' 

^ ' %a^ f V 


.1 I 

I 1 1 1 . i ',*. :. 

INDEX (latin) smar. — spect. 

«maragdiu, airidem anlorem habnt hoc 
est prasinum, ΪΙ.1. 10 [Dt lunaiit. die. =■ 
Äpoo. X(I. 19 tmaragdUM-, aee alau Exod. 
xxvm. 17, xiin. 10; E:ek. Ιϊντιι. 13) = 
tmaragaia uiridem b»bet oolorom. Cp. 
3378; Ep, 24E22; Ef." 392. Ö,— For ■■ hoo 
eetpraBinum"inCp.. Ep. AEi.'aeeabove 

■mlgmatft, ungueDta, xri. 20 (Dan. xiii. 
17 Aflerta m\:in...tnigmnta). 

Sabal, aee Sabal. 

Bociatrioes, it. lOS and xixr. 283, we 

■ooibus, iixv. 286, see ladalibat, 

eociue, I. 28, see eaetiu, 

■odales, χχχτι. 18, λββ eoimanipularei. 

Mdallbiu. iocibaa. ixir. 2Bti (Ruf. v:i. 
29 toi. 132^ mel Attioam η »odniilm» 
uoearetur ; τιπ. 6 fol. 135^ ex Dorothui 
loilalibur). Cf. above /aetionibut, aud 
ModaUi, Boaii, Cp. S3S3. 

■oene, an, in. 1« {De S. Hart. Stor.= 
Sulp. Stv. Dial. η. ΙΟ, 8 tuei paecit ; one ^, aee coiu. 
US. ba« oiia paacit; of. ibid. in. 10. i aonariE, itx. 4. 

oaptiaumque nitm). For A.S. au, β, now, eouare, τ. 26, 8 

female pig, also written fMffu, aee Boaw. Γ. aonaE, i. Ill, 1 

in ΪΤ. ; Skeat, Cobp. Diet. lirel. 

■oflniiatDiii, queBtioDum [qnaeet-]. ni. »anitum. ixivi 

60: Bee lophimtatum. 

Bol, xxTii. 4, Bee miprima, 23, eeeP/uiebe; 
111ΪΙ. 13, eee/cKtonti». 

Solamitide. see Salamitii. 

Bolaria, xivii. 20. aee (ίίαηίο. — ululA, 


longs to the lemma {lotidoi) or to lrt/m\ 

[plur. ot trumit, a. coin) j aee Boeworth T/^ 
Irimei. Above sax tbe MS. liaB τ, whioh ^ 
it usually neee to mark A. 3. wordi. It 
ia donbtfnl wlietlier it oould be α Teiilonio 
form for «ij? or for Snjnuii«? — loUiliiin, 

aee crei argmteoi ; xiiin. ϋΟ, Bee lili- 

qaar trt> ; ae« κΙβο loUde. — aolidaB, χχιτ. 

11, see nomiMma. — lOlldnB ixiiii siliquaa, 

-■■' [De pottdtT.t). üi.Blutne, 1. 374. 

filii t 

1 B,iq_. 

BoUicitatinnibaa [li. 

aolliwtnm, x». 39. eee ftcirtum 
eoUitationibna, foe aollieitat-, 
Boloi•, XLi. 1. see presbHtri. 
Boluebatur, xi. 16. aee honam aeatn. 
Boluit, xivii. 29, setfalaeit. 
floluitur. fill. 17, eee tiitrum. 
solum, II. ISO, aee tnoiiaittTiun \ xu 

m. 7.« 

i [hon-J, 

„ Bedea uel loca alta, 
XXXV. 34 1 all for salaria ? see fnlaHii. 

Bolario. xxni. 14, see in ilumitte πμ ; aee 
alao lolaria, sab τ. talariii. 




62, se« eorlaliea. 

Bolemnitaa, n. 1β1, see linaxii. 

sotempnis, aee fOTtatiea. 

aolent. xxvm. 3«, at6 per figurata ij-. 

uUd•, foititer, xii. 28 [Ecelt». xxix. 7 
Bi,..potuerit reddere, adveraabiCor, lolidi 
vii reddet dimidium, et compatablt illud 
qnaai inTentionem). Sab, and Hejae 
record, in notea, tbe reading lolide and 
Sab. aiBo tolidum. On thla poaaage see 
Waoe. ApocT. n. 148. 

Bolidi, xxxltl. 31, see uneiu ; see aUn 
aaftJs.^aolidoram. xxxn. 6, aee eialoi. — 
BOtidos, xrrv. 7. aee itater; ixxi. 5, see 

uncia': xxxiii. 28, se« tibni. 29. aee uboliu. 

hIMm trea trymiaaa sax, sixi. β (De 

ponder. ?J. Jt ia not clear wbelhsr trei be- 

;tiii. 37, aee corffinnMs. 
i. 21.5, Kefr-igor. 

que St ion urn [qaaeat-l^.fl 
xxnii. ΐΐ. — BOflBmatnin, qnestionaM^ 
[quaest-], m. 60 -(tit. Antan. χ 
138° argiita iitphiimalum interroKationei| 
at. alBO XT.viit κφΑί'ηκιίΗπι,,.οοηβΙαΒΪι 
aud XL•lx■ιιμλlJl»ιαCιιn(...τerBUtiιte)=^■ophl 
ntdl'im, qoaeatioDum, Cp. S120 ; t. qUM-fl 
Htioneui.Ep. 24E28; a, qaaatioonm, Etl^ 
392. 13. ■ 

■opblitioe, coDolnsione Del repreben 
sione, xii. 88 (EeeUi. xxxvn. 23 qoliB 
tophulict loquitur). 

aordicta, xxxv. 225, see scuHoia. 

eardidam, χιτιπ. 10, eee laridam. 

Boricem, xilt. 61, see murein, 

sororia. xxxv. 26, Bee aetbepia. 

aortinntur. xxn. 12. see urn«. 

epatÜB, XUT. 16 (tsr), see nnlarif'cua 

apalio, XX XT. 27. aee puneto. 

Bpecialiler, see ipetialiter. 

epeciei. mm. 19. see wbel. 

Bpociem, ixvin. Ί2, eee idta. 

BpeoieB, xLii. 26, aee Pla.tonit ideat ; 
also rpeliea trii. 

apeoiosae. XLli. IS, see tcithit. 

■pectacnla, nbi omnia pnblicia niaibneV 
prebetur [praeb-] itiipeatio, 1. 196 [Dflfl 
CanoH. : fun. A^itl. χτπι quae publieial 
ipeclaeulit maocipanlur; Can. Coiie. Laod•^ 
CLVii Indicria ip«(aca/iji intereaai , 
Cone. Carth. χτ tptclaeula taeoalaiia;A 


— ^: 

• ' 

INDEX i^LATIN) stat. — stor. 

■tatlone. αϊκϋηΐϊοηο. χ 

ixiT. 30 {De Can. 

Iiut. KU. 4, lex.,.aDgelo 

fltalionea, aee preeta 
Btatannt, Χϊχν. 179, w 

ίο [ior p^ ,W. 

β ΛοΓΟ» diitrwiu. 

Stellas, iLi. 8, Bea «α^ίι 

nur, la.Beeiriie- 

Ii(H>. 16, see q/preaiu. 

Btclle [-Uae], iliv. 22, 


)<telliB, <ix. 3, aee aHtrUch. 

ixiv. 106 (Jilt/. 

Upidiktiir ab hia. 

qui et dotuinum ocaiderunt, per quod et 

nominia aai ercparui [for 

<πtφάyιf\ do Qatar 

Β OhriBto). Cf. .tf/anu, 

Int. 2a4( = Euch. 92). 

atercora, tteioorli, k 

HI, 9, see porta 

Bteralis [stsrilial. ux 

90, aw ferro 


etenitttioüe, in. 35. 

«e iiariilas iiru- 

•terseiilem [for item 

»t am: Hee the 

quot. Bub y. straloral 

•t«rnnUtlo, DOr, m. 65 (Jub lu. 9 
iterautalio eiua Bplendor i|tn>B) =Btenia• 

I tatiu, fnora, Op. 8521 -, Ep 2aC13 ; 

L tUTHutatio, huora [for Ληοτβ], Ef.' 

I &Θ9, U; tor nor (for hnor). Hee Klnge, 
. Wort, itr ά. Spracht (Sieitn) ; id. 

! Ang. LeacL•. (hiior) ; Steinio. Alth. Gl. I. 
497, 17 Λ 26 sternutntio, nor, mu, byuoaa ; 
Wright W. (index, aub vv.) lUrmlalio, 
/κότα, /neoiung ; Bosw. T. (fnora, /nefl- 

, »mg). *hDor, 'boora, are ttam an unie- 
corded A.S, slroug verb 'hnt'Uan (eqaiva- 
leot to Noraa hnjOta), a parallel imitatiTe 

I fonn o( /nloian (wheuoe /nora Λε.), Mod, 
E. more; see Bkeat, Cone. Oiet. [mete, 

Sth&rbuzaniti, Stharbazsonai, aee Sta- 

Btibia, ixiv. 42. aee ttibii». 

tttUl•, QoloribuB atibia erba de quo 
fiiciunt, xiiv, 42 (Ba/. v. 18 tol 88• itibii, 

BtibuUtionem (ad), xl, β, for luUtipula- 
timem (7), see ad iTtflrmationiih (for ad- 

■tienlnl, gaeno, xlvii. 66 fJIia = ?), 

There ie nothing reaembling thie i^om in 

the Cp. OloBBary, nor in Ep., Ef,' The 

lemma looks like a dim. of itietu recorded 

bv Du C. But this taeaoe a fiih. perb. 

' the tinea, wherena mUciiIiu appears iu thu 

, preeent Glnaaarf among a group oF bird). 

Perkupa ili- ia a oorruption for cu- tbe 

onckoo, bF. eiicuhu.gneo, Cp.CSie: Ep, — ; 

I enculae, g^c, ΕΓ.' 953, 60, but gSf. peSc 

\ (eiickoo, gawk, aee Boaw. T.) has no final 

ο like gaewi, wliioh latter, ι 

reason, uouid not be another form for ^ 

(Wright W. 258, 7). or giu (ib. 413, 31, \ 

22), or gioa (ib, 3Θ4, 6), all meaning ■ 


BtiouB, Bee (tifului. 

RUffmaM, aigna, in, 51 [Dt B, Hart. 
Stor. = Sulp. Set: Vit. S.MaTt. 34. 7 oruoia 
itigtitaia praeferentem). Cf, itigmala, 
ignea, Cp. 8495. 

atilo, xix, 92, aee cataracterai. 

iUpuiIar, oonpleutar, ixvin. 12 {Lib. 
Antan. XX col. 145' Bolitudiuee...monA- 
ohorum ilipantur ohoria). 

Btipcndiii, iixix. äe.aeejuiin ιιιιπκΓο 

■tlpeildils. quae militibuB dantur, t. 112 
(IJe Ciiiion. ; Cait, Apottt. XLi neo miles 
ilipendiii propriia oontra hostea arma 
auatulit ; Decret. Zotimi I, p. 211* diotnis 
tlipendiiteraaHne,). Cf.tliperHFJa.mimara, 
Cp. S491. 

Rtlpl«, eeaa mudioa, xixv, 291 {Rvf. 
ti. θ Fol. 150'' itipit petendae gratia), 

etipulas <?), nee dapuUu, 

sUpnlatlo, teatatio, i. 124 (De Canon. ; 
cf. Can. Cone. Carth., praef.. pp. 142», 
14i• Hub adflipulatione literarura; id. 
cixxTi p. 173* sab fidei adtlipiilaiioi 
cF. Steinm. A. H.a. n. 117, 44).— itipa 
tlonli, piomi.talonis, xiv, 31 {Hier' 
ixxiL 11 U!cefii...tlipulatiottti; the gen. 
ting, repreaenta, perhaps, another i ' 
lag,). — aditlpnUtlo, confirm atio. ixi 
(De £iu.) ; adstipulatlo, ottfirmatio. i 
129 \Dt £»». = Cp. A174: Ep. U 
adtUpnlatlMie. odiiatoriu, :v. 26 {Ec'cl. 
let.) = (Bit/•. «'■ 8 fol. 34" velerara od- 
ttipiiUitionf Srmabiuiua; id. m. 34 lol. 
4S° adttipulatiime diuinf) rirtiitia indigeat), 
~*d«tlpalBtioiw, congrei^atione. xxxix. 
TO (not Ureg. Dial., bat Can. Cone. 
Carth., praef., pp. 142", 144*, aee above 
tUpulatio). See further ad infirpuxtianem 
(for oii/irmaiienim?). Cf. Isid. Etgn. v. 
24, 80; ».258; id. Dif. 162. 

Htipulationes, see »tipulatio. 

itlpnlatianla, promiesionlB. iiv. 
{Biemn. xixii. 11), aoe rtipalalio. 

stirpator. desertator, a, ISti {Betted, 1 
ng. 31, 18 ]3G] lUrpalar subatantise 

etlnam, manubrium, xxxvi. 19 (Oroi 
II. 12, α qiiaai itiuam tenena). 
Htomacbi, xxxli. 47, aee (incppin. 
Btomacho, eee liNlinui. 

ISDCX (ijr/.v) strag.— enbL 

pm•. ιιχπα. 6 (Clinu £«o, 
«ti'a7¥la polcim coinpoime). 

■Ukiiculatas, in*. 939, κ• ft^heatut. 

■tntOTM, conpoutoro. or. S7 ; t»me- 
irntfin, ^lideatem, nr. η (if i<r. ii.ttil 
13 mitum ei . ttracora Ugnttenlimm. et 

■trtea, haigti«, iLvri. 80 MJia = ?) = 
If-, hmgtiii, Cp. S538 ; Mtrigte, baagti«, 
Bp. 23E35 ; itrifa, begtu, Ef.< S90, Ιβ. 
Striga, ■ hag. witeli ; (or hiffltrn, heitti• 
^ «itch, h»g) aee Sotw. T. (h«;taH) ; 
Eloge, ITrfb. (Aeu). The A.S. «ocd kUo 
gl(WKa(E Tenia =) fntiutu, hcgtei (Wright 
W. 303, IH; Cp. Rita Erewi•, twefftu. 
rntia) ί Emtnide; haxtBea (ib. 393, 19 ; 
Cp. ES&4) : fuTHi, hmttewe (ib. «H, 33, 
34; Ii33, 31; Cp. F4M)-, i^lAonud..., 
bcRleue (ib. 1ΒΘ, 33) ; Farcat. b«gte»e 
(ib. 1β9. 13). 

■tnogebktiir, XI. 11, see p-derii. 

■trimm. i\ai maebri [maliebti] toda- 
mento <tc., i. 127 ; nee λύΐΓΐη. 

nnXk, finaB, ιτα. 38 yUerb. Inlrm.= 
Bitr. in JJallh. lu. 13, 13 col. 150>Βκπα 
■ίηφΛαπι eorum erebn teountium ΐηορ» 

, xtra. 53 IJ2m = 
«Mr, Cp. Seae ind Cp. ä3E30 : . 
Et' 390, U. Pot itmnu (■ ' 
«teie) ne Le«n Λ Sh. ; tai 
(with ιίκνΐ «, u>d heiK« I . 
«Uo En^ Di>L D.) m Boo. T. {m 
Etnge, Jf•. I^wfr.. prinle long « ( ~ 
id. e^nL ΙΓη6. I-Slar), «nd Kfa 
O.B.G. »ην, »hkli Schade prial• « 


. 35, I 

ruTD. xxiT. 16 {Dr 

m {Kccl. !,Ior.\ = \Huf. til. 39 lol. 1«^ in 
tertio libto •ιτραματύ<ι (I): c[. vi. 3 fol. 97* 
in opere ντραματέιαιι ; τι. II Γοΐ. ΙΟΙ** 
ντρωματίΐΛΤ iJLri oCto=tlrumatum, opOA 
oarie coDt«itam, Cp. SS16 ; ilnmatum, 
ηρα« oariae teitum, Ep. 33A19 ; El.' 3ββ, 
33).— naitet*• [gloie. not lemma) itro- 
maotl•, du Btematione obi puanoram et 
ipiiliaoonim aoUegantar (collig-) qnaai 
el lectulo narleUli«, xxx. 35 {Cat. Hier. 
IXXVI1I Rol. OSH* Ε ijuibue ilia sunt ατρω- 
ίιατίϊί, libriocloi Β: E.q.i.e. ilniniaiticoi 
idoxt vaTirlatim; C: Kx q. i.H. [blank]). 
Cf, ilmmrtr. iBloti htiiuw uarietati«, Cp. 
8S44 ; ulriomatr, inlat haiua uarictatlH. 

Ep. Ϊ4Ε16: El.' 892, 3. 

Rtrapbain, nee itrufa. 

■tiuei, see itTuien. 

■troleea. oiingreKationee, iv. 6 {Eitch. 
luv, Valg. dum pone.,. Wnir• owiuiu ; 
HejM, it) note : jlrutcri oshuuiii). 

■tudio. ixvlll. 80, iwe eprmbabit, 

■tndioium {liiv Uudiotirani'!], xltiu. 16, 
■ea fffiboTum. 

■liidioiornm. sea eßclorum. 

■tudiu»uui, 1. Vi. »e.- .u-mtilam. 

■lulla, XI. 1, tmfiuc'iuuio. 


hort». o. 1*4 taiM 

res. ; cf. 49. 4[51 

al&MioD in th« 

wtl. Ai aoaderi te ■■ 

il OD p. 6), the aenbe 

periiap« meant u 

eqnaliw i&adert «nd 

ecDMTJ to boFUr. 

■nam. ππιι. 7< 

; »«i»l. L 

inaoitet [see note |i oa p. 5^ n. 109, 

>ee modalatii. 

iTTn. 37, 5S, 74; xn. 

31. 95, 96; iii» 

^3 (hU); xrxrm. 39; 

sob {rar luiponi 

?].uxT. 193; seeftoni. 

üla parte nbi 
pODlu» est. λΐιτ. 63 (flu/. 1. 10 fol. 165• 
gene, qoae rut axe F/mtico iawt). 

Bnbäl. DomeD uiri nude otiatnr ilia 
l^llB, XII. 3 {Judilh m. 1, 14 So6al: 
Hej'se, in notes, Subal). 

subililione, □. les, eee tubitctione. 

Bubilulibns, ixiT. 367. see faclionilmt. 

•aber, penQB tigni ex boo cortii [-tez] 
in caloinitnta [calciuo-] ponitur, xlti. 14 
{Alia = Jn Fhoiar, p. 419, 15 lioc niber). 
Cr. luber, Uenum, Cp. 8639; Ep, 34Λ11; 
Et.' 390, 33, 

auhieceri«, χιιτ. 31. see rubregerit. 

eubifclt [-lae]. i. 130, see tubnixe. 

•nblj^eni, uonGce macera, ivn. 14 {Sa• 
bum HI. 14 intrn, id latum, et calea, 
(uti^riu tt^ue laterem). See below tnu 

BuUteUonei Eubditiotie. ii. 162 {Bened. 
reg. 3, 9 [11] aum omni bomililatia tub- 
iectione; 6, 16 [33] cam...iuut<cttoiii). 

enbiectia, xivm, 8Θ. see dfatipuiia. 

snbiijeria, see nbregerii ; tubrlgarit. 

BobilanetL, sen aporia. 

■ubitauia [-nea], in. 36, aee aporia, 

iubitetione, nee lublatio. 

■nbito, ti, 76, aee fartitita ; xt. 3, aee 

nnliiuDotiK. xiiT. 77. eee lubnixii. 

Eiibiuu);ilur, xxvm. 4Ü, see aetilogia. 

Hublala, I. 51, aee eiempta. 

INDEX (lati.v) anbl. — sunt 

. 13, aue ill lubtim•!. 

: 26, see a lergu, 
BubmitUtur, aee tubmittitur. 
Bubmittitar [-stur], ii. 169, eee tub- 

subninae. eabnixiB. see lubnire. 

■ntmtxe. suhpoHite [-U-e], anbieete [-toe], 
I. 120 (De Canon. ; Can. Cmtc. Caleh. in 
omilalee...»i())ni*oi euul; ci. Ep, S. Cyr. 
Alex. p. 179'' conreaeiunibue veritate tob- 
ηίχίή.—βνΛηΙχίΜ, BnbiDoetJB, ιχιγ. 77 
{Ruf. IT. β fol. 56'' asEertionibas vera 

eubpellectilem, iltiii. 70, see enthetam. 
subpoui, See biah. 
aubpoeile [-tae], t. 130, see labnixe. 
snbprimitiir, nvji. 4. Bee taprijrui. 
■nbreererlB, Bubiecerie, xxxr. 21; see 

Bubregit. XLtv. 35, Bee dtxtera. 
■ntelgeiia. elenaris, v. H {KccL Slor.) ; 
•nbregerlü, aubiaceriB, ζχιτ. SI {De 
fiiMfft.) = (Ru/. tr. 16 fol. ea»• Bestias 
habeopontoB, qaiba» obiicierit ; Cucoiari, 
p. 210 qnibas lubrigeri; and in note: 
lUbrojiaaerie Λ tubigerU. Cf, beatliB tub. 
ristiniur, ibid. i%. β fol. I48'') = iiuiri'jifTf«, 
labieeeris, Cp. S6e8 ; müirffferU, Biibie- 
eerU, Ep. 3ÜA37 ; Et.• »98, 51. 
Biibra)<ftDeriB, eee tiibrijierii. 
mbTOgrelnr, Htibtiiittitur t»ubinittattiT] 
ael minUtrelur, ii. 1611 (lltned. reu. 31, 12 
{30] qui diRDUB ent luecedul ; iu DOte mib- 
[ TOu'tur; 6δ, 3Θ [74] qm dignus est ia 
Β mfiniifeiur), 

lUie, eaaare. τ. 26 ; snbBaltare, 
intrapetan, tot, 197 (flu/ m. -26 fol. 
' 12ä>• pedii...nibiallare). ¥οτ iin-)lri-peltii•. 
to tread, dance, Bee Bosw. Τ. (Ire^i»n, 
ietr/r^an): Bteinm., d.H.G. n. 697. 37 
I vbo Kfere to O.H.O. trepiian {ZeiUchr. 
J. d. A. IV p. 98 No. ea): id. n. 674, 

subaelli, hit. 
BDbeellita, il. { 

BObBtantiae, see nepiii; ptWitu*. 
BQbBtaQtiam, uxn. 30, see »ex unlidf. 
BubBMDtian, iitvii. 9, see tabula$ legat. 
BnbBttuitie [-liae], xun. 9, aee ntpu$. 
BObetantie [-(ΰΕί, η. 1.Η7, see prodiem. 
BnbtaUrp, xxivn. 6, aee caligam. 
mbtftUo, quod subito üt, ii. 2 {Sap. *. 
I in lubilutione inapurstae Bftlutie). 
aubler, Bee hieminpfria. 
Bubleriore, xi. 14, see podtrii. 

IS, nee poUnta. 

ijubura, Bee Sahara. 

racddl, iDterfioi[-reci], ιτιι. 17 {Zaehar, 
II. Η mccidi treB paetorea). 

" \, see epitroeanniu. 

1. Ill, I 
X. 11, 1 

BuS^ti, I. 100, Bee proconiotarit. 
suffloieiiB. II. 32, Bee eonleniut. 
Buffraeationem, ii. 167, aee iiigget- 

aaffnaloiie, circumfnsione, xLvm. 50 
(De Cam.Iatt. v. 34 Bi,..fuermta«u^uiione 
uel caligine oaeoitatis ümtunea). 
suggeiere, i. 66, aee ivtimare. 

lUlonNii, Buiiplioatioiiem indioa- 
aui[ca((atioi ""' '" ' 

reg. 68, 7 [14] pont luggalionen 
BU){f(ealioiieta, Bee niggemiont 
BUgKiUatioiieni, aee tugillatwi 
mggillato, inclinato, ixxv 




iguillato [-^nilato], v. 81 
|• sugglllato, inclinato, xixT. 
234 {Dt Eaub.} = {H^f. ii. 96 fol. 190• 
atttnoto coUo et quasi tugiltato). Cf. 
mgillatwit, indiontum, Cp. SSSB ; Ep. 
'£)Λ33; Ef.'3ee, 46. 

Bui, I. 1: xxTiii. 1Θ. 

Sulamilia, aeiatamili: 

Btuuenomenu, quod pro uno omoea et 
pro muitis unue, im. 67 (tifi-6. Inlerpr. 
= Rier. ia ilatth. xxvl. β, S neaoientee 
tropuiu, qui vocatur auWii^it, rel ajnec- 
•loche, quo et ;iru uno omnti ei pro miiltU 
uiiui nppellaci aoleat), Of. alao χιτπ. U 
per tropum, qui appellatur αύλλτιψίί. pro 
uno latroae nlerque Induoitar blasphe- 
maaae. Migoe, ibid, note i>. reooi^ the 
Teadinga σι)»ι;ιι£ΐ[, αύμΗΚη<, Ot ανμ/ωξίί. 

Bumma, xuv. 18, aeepoli. 

BUrDinum, luv. 26, see a lergo. 

■nmptu paplioo, adiutonum [-torin?] 
regali, ixxv. 137 («κ/, πι. 6 fol. BT* 
luiiipla publico aepelire uiortuos ina- 


e Ά,Ιαι,η 

:. ». 14, 16; ini. 65; 
VI. αβ, 31; xviL SO; xxt. Vi; xkui. 2; 
XV. 8; xxvin. 44, 64; xxtx. 43; zxu. 
7; ΙΧΧΠΙ. 6. IS, 38; xxxiv. S2 (bie); 
iiT. 69, 13«, 140; xiXTi. 8; nj. 1, 2; 
LIT. ,-5, 8, 10 (bie). 16, 22, 37 (bU); 
LV. 31. 

INDEX (LATjy) syn. — tab. 


pMlm», which 

ΓΒ tvo lemmBita without 

the interi>relttti 

hk; «ce [ίύι;»<αΐΜΐα. 

«ynagogae. «β. 

. synatroeamufl, eee tina- 

»lrimi.«i >i«alT 

[sLdb interpret.]. XLvm. 

il; Beeiinaxh. 

Bynaiis, Βββ n 



lee nncbronoH and c^n- 


synoopin. eae 


■yncrlili, oon 

paratio. ιχτπι. Sil iCai/. 

n-iiii, Latiot comparatio; 

euam quia ad 

nereariie nititnr elKcere 

m«liore.u. «vu, 

κ 10 {Ca». Pialm. xiv, 11 

■ehema ij /ηπίη 

est c.o.B. quia ab adver- 


Bynecdüchen, see tinfcdoehen. 

eynfoBio, Β;ηΓο)>ίοη, aee linpkoiin. 

«ynlda«, Ditnperaoa, iv.2(£(ech,;Praef. 
5. Hier., αρ. Migne, Patr. L. ixvni col. 
940: Vert-or ne illud eie eueniat quod 
Qraeco significantiuB dicitur. ut uooentur 

eiyoXoliapei. quod eat mulrducantf« lannai; 
Bf 80, p. Lxii note i : φα•γο\υίοροι hoc est 
isaiid'ii:anUi itneciUM. The Cambr. MS. 
Ek. 4.6: FaijolydoiOB hoc eBt manduaanB 
lenfeiai), Migne, I.e. Teaurds another 
reading lenidai. The gloBB uitiipeyam 
eiveB tht itme of what tu given here as 
St Jerome's eipceraton ; aa regards the 
leionia tyaiciai or $entciai cf. Forcel- 
lini, in v. imtcia, imicia, lenitia ; Du C. 
in TT. fagoliäori, tijitdo, where tliere is a 
oonfusiou between it and tentcio, ground- 
Bel, whence Fr, tent^n, gronndsel (Cot- 
gtaTe), prov. E. irucion, limpion (Eng. 
Dial. D.). The Gr. name of the plant 
was iipiyipun (Lidd. Λ Sc.), of which Lat. 

u (fron 


■t uf tra 


tian. Gf. Steinm. i. Ii41, 41. 

synnodicis, aee Midiynicii. 

Bjnodi, nee lynorfun. 

BjnodioÜB, Bjiiudicue, Bee ndoni'cii. 

synodua, eee lyiwdui. 

•ynoduB, graece latine oomitaloB nel 
eoetUB, I. 114 [De Cution. i Can. Cone. 
Aticyr. iiv ante hano lynodum; xxivt 
praecepit Bsncta tynodtu ; Ciin. Cone, Nie. 
m k ivn tyiiodiu; Dion. prat}, p. 101 
Bjnodi, synod urn). 

■jsUgma (XXX. 33) ; Bjntagmata, see 

Syriie, see Sirofmiaa. 

Syrophoeniaea, nee Sirofeniita. 

Syrien, SjrteB, Syrtim, aee .S'irie. 

Byram, ii. 4, see obAi. 

plamnlioB; prouinCia. prouinti 
sagafitas ; sermofiDatione ; spetialiter jjV 
spefieB ; ueloliuB j uinacia ; nurialibas ; 
antias: unCinoa. — for cA; hranfie (brai 
c/iiae). — for c(: artofllai (acctophylai).- 
rord; amioralam (amygilal am]; octoads 
(ogrf-): pareihrie (parhedria); lenticulam 
(tend-).— for (: aBitam (asji-).— for th: 
apotecae (apo(A-) ; haratram {-thrum) ; 
celali [-thi): cjari (-rAi); enticam (.(he- 
cam)! ToelontiB (PhaeCh-); iacinolo, ia- 
cincrino (hjaciufha, -l/iino); phlfagoraa 
(Pjihag-); pyriäegi(ODta( ihonta); terinos 
(fAerinns): fesbites (TAesb-).^! droppid: 
lobefaeare (-faciare); inulratus (mulet•). 

tatalKU. brimiea, ιι,τπ. 83 i,AUa-1)^ 
tabunut, briosa, Cp. T20 ; Ep. 37Α1Τί 
tabamu, briosa, Ef.^ 396, 46. Tahanju, a 
gad-fly, borse-Sy, ox-fly, breese, called 
also atihu (Lewis Λ 3h.). Brimiia ia a 
oorreclion ol an original printa, oorrected 
into briuia (see note g§g, p. 49 aboTe). 
This original form, together with bricaa 
ofCp,, Ep. and ΕΓ.', puima to the Eagl. 
brrtee, breeze (see Oif. D. bree%e, sb.'), 
while brimiia points to E. brimte (aee 
Oxf. D,; Klnge, Wrtb. brerm, bremte). 
Observe that briota GXplains nUo oiiJui 
or<uilo(Cp. AS33i Ep. 1E7: Ef.>339, 13 
luilo, brioBa] ; see ώβο atilia. a drane 
(Wrinht W. TH7, 1β); labamu. a hiimb*l ■ 
bee lib. 767, 30); crwimm, a breee "' ' 
767, 34|. 

tabe, ees laba. 

Tabeel, Bee Tabihtl. 

tabefaotua, xltuj. 44, see ditlabtd. 

TalMliel, proprium nomen uitj. lui. 
<i«ti. vn. 6 Qlium Tubed ; Heyee reco 
Tabfbel in note). 

tabetnarii, xlt. 31 (bis), aee pripa. 

tal», morbus, iiiiv. 31 (De Co«». ΙηΛ,Λ 
X. 7. Η οβ.,.ΒΒηκΒ membromm partes toMfl 
HSrpente comimpat)=^ln6a, morbo, Op,9 
TM9.— tabo. putride [putride], i """ 

[Ruf. III. 6 toi. il•• CQm...pen)idiaMt... 
hurnani oorporis tab« palriam lerram 

Gaociari p, 132 tabo) = tat>0, 1 
Cp. T7; Ep. aeE20; Et.' 896, < 



I. 9. Bl 

aee labulni 


talnilaj leaat, iduet tabulaa matronales 
[matrimoniales] quia omnia scribuntiu | 
in curia et Huletantiae dixponunt in i 
aacia« qnamuia magnae uel modicas et ι 
mar! torn pertinent viii ad mulierem ii 
Unde in dialngo grc^orü [Hee the present 1 
GloBBary, xxxix. 3(i] vi uatiaa idest η 
dinm preciuni accipit pnella, uxvu. 
(S. Aug.). Tabula» Iryat, which ssems 


INDEX (latin) tab, — tel. 

be the temma, appears not to be found in 
B. Aug. Opera. But he speaks of labalat 
(mBtrimuuiuJei)) in Serui. 9, 1Θ (Migne, 
xxxviii col. ββ) Hum id etiam tabulae 
iudioant, abi eoribitur Ltberorum pro• 
ereaudonim eauBH.,..— Sarm. 37, 7 (ibid, 
col. 335) labuliu matiiinonislee inetru- 
menta emptioiiie Euae deputat. — Serm. 
SI, 32 (ibid. col. S4S) oootre ipasa tabulm 
facit, qnibui earn duxit iixorem. Beoitan- 
tur vooantur tabulae niatri- 
mottialeR ^.— 1Θ3, II (ibid. col. 091) 
imple tabalat niatrinioDialea...(col. ΒΘ3) 
tabulai UgarmiM...eff> tabu,Uu lego. — 336, 1 
(ibid. ooL 1125) Diatrinionialee...taliuJai 
RudiamiiB.~268, 4 (ibid. col. 1233) matri- 
moniales tdbuftu ί^^ί,— Append. Serm. 
292, 3 (ibid, xixii col. 3298) Inbuloe 
matrimonialeB hoc ooDtiuent. — Aug, Coa- 
fai. villi. 19 tabulae quae matrimoDiales 
aocBntar,— -id. De geiui. ad litt. xi. 11 
conacriptio tabulaTum ; id. Ειιαττ. in 
Fialm. 1.11X1. 21 (Migne iiivii col. 1015) 
nod um non ibi teneat proescriptani 
talmlU, liberonim ptocreandorum cuuaa. 

tabulq, I. 3, see alta. 

tabnliB, xxv. i, see lociifum. 

tabunus, eee tahanut. 

taennq [tbermae], acgue calide et balnea 
lapidea nie nominantur, xi. β (Tobiat•;-, 
not! ID tliv ΊνΧ%.)• 

Udentnm habet pondera i.i quod Tacit 
librae bxxii, iiiu. 10 [De poniler.f).— 
talantam habet pondera Lxn quod faoiunt 
UrtX libre attioe, xxii«. 1 (D* potiil. 
Euch., p. IBS, θ talentuiii eet pondo l.xit 
aemia q. f. Ac) ; laluitnm babet lx [minas] 
mica Rrece latine mine dicitur, zxiiii. 3 
(Dt poud. Each. p. 168, » tal- minae 

habet lx mna Qraeo«, Latine inina d.) 

toletnm [lor iaiinluiii], centum xxv librae, 
xixt. 30 (Df ponder.). Cf. Lewis & Sb.; 
Blume, ι. 374, IB. 

tale», ixi. 30, see labaiiei. 

talpa, uoond, xltii. 79 (^[/a=?) = i-, 
pond, Cp. TIB; f-, pand, Ep. 37A15'; (-, 
nuond, Ef.' 396. 44. Talpa. a molei (or 
uoDiui, pond &c. (id.), eee Boaw. T. {uiaHd, 
wamle-aeorpe) ; Eng. Dial. D. (prov. E. 
wanf) ; of. Kliage. Wrtb. iHJavlviar/). 

taltaon [or talticon, or taitccon\. aee 

XVII. 13; 
zLi. 14. 

Tanaqnll, uirga [-go] regalie, xlti. 3 
lJlia = Ar• Phpeae. p. 414, 31 haeo Taiia- 

tangendo, xxvtu. 1β, see apuia. 

tantum, zxiv. 10; xiviu. 18; XL•!. 1. 

tapetaa, see bibli. 

ta|)etia, see abctupe. 

tapetibns, ribniu, xi.n. 2 |£» 3 
iibri•?). For riAiim (inatr. plnr., i 
[ugd, blaakete), see Bosw. T. (rghe, rjHk 

tapiiioeiu, eee tiip^noitn. 

tappnU, nermis qui crnrit super aqoM. 
ιι,τιι. 15 fAlia = f] = tippula [the watat• 
spider], uermis aquattcus, Cp. T181 ; Bp. 
27C31; Ef.iä97, 44. 

tapynocla, que Utine boinlliatio didtar 
qootiea magnitudo mirabilis rebu htuni- 
liasimuB conparatur, xxvni. 63 (Cdat. 
Pmlin. III. 6 per tiguram dicitur lapinotin, 
quae Latine b. nuncupatur q.m-m.r. 
humillimis e.). 

tardea, xii. 33, see non trieet. 

tardioree, iliv. 27, see dextera. 

tauri, xxvii. IG, see hyada* ; xuv. 23, 

UuoLtlo, depuUtio, XXXVII. 16 (S. Aug. 
Serm. 166 Append. Miflne xxiu col. 20βθ, 
Salutis mandi rediviTa 
libertas nun modica taaatioiie reqaiiitnr; 
JutiaD. αρ. Aug. op, imperf. eontra Julian. 
It. 141, Migne ILV ool. 1300 etsi equalis 
easet grati<e peocatique loxufia), cf. Por- 
eellini, in v. 

la:u,ulmaa, deeignanimnti, ii. 177 (Br- 
iied. reg. 18, 41 [74] sicut aupra taxavima» 

te. ixx. 95, 96; see i//>n (enb) tyt» (hooj 

Tebetb, eee Tebetht. 

tebetht, idest deoember, iiu. 14 {Btth^r 
II. W niense deoimo qui vooatar Tebeth). 

tecbnaiUi see tecnam. 

tecnam, arlem, ixtx. 39 {Verb. Ih- 
Urpr. -liier, in Maltk. ixi. 12, 13 ool. . 
150° excogi taue runt et aliam Cechniux), 

tecto, X. 11, see tigaa,. 

tectio, IX. 3, see canUtpuitio. 

tectia, im. 41, see piilivru«. 

tecto, vuT. 7, see <JointilJ>. 


le thoU 

lectura, xiii. 2. see Mnlorjo. 

tedae, »ee Ifdf ■ 

tfde, facule [-Ue] de Ιΐ^ηα ρΐηί dejj 
picem faciunt. xix. 44 {Job χι,ι. '" - 
tedae ignis acceusae). 

Cegent, iiv. 13, see domatibia. 

tegmiiti [roof, bouse], iii. 34, a 

tela, xiT. 30, a^pedaiit. 

taUm ordltna, ionuecpan unep, xiii. S4 
(/boi, iiv. 7 praecipitabit,..ieliim, qaam 
ordiluf est super anines natiouea) ; in• 
vutrpan, to begin α web (cf. aearp, κ 
warp, BoBW. T.|; for ιιιιηι, η web, eee 
BoBw. Τ. (web, wetA); Mapier (Index of 

INDES {Lati.v) tel. — ter. 

Engl, worda); for Uie ρ of aaep. see 
Siei-era, Or. § 190. 

telo, Bee ulopagere. 

MIopagtre, bibere. itvin. δη [Di: 
Can. ?). These wordfl are. perhaps, cor- 
ruptioQB. For pagcre aud bibcrt Glogger 
Baggests to leod peragrrt and vivtrt, le- 
fening Co Casa. Conl. xxi. 1, 2 aum,..Iiia 
uuiiu Inalri tempua eum οοηίηκ» pert- 
piiiet. And teJo mny refer to Cbsb. Intt, 
XII. 4. I angelam ilium. ..r«lo aapcrbine 
uulneratum,' id. Nett. m. 10. 2 peree- 
querie QpinioniB impiae tr.lo ; id. Conl. t. 
2. I (riu> hoc est finem. 

telos, see ttlopagm. 

(«mere, eine coaailio oel praeBumpCaoBe, 
K. 173 [Brned. reg. 3, 15 [30] iieqoe ab 
[loguls] teinere deoiiaetur). 

temoya. libroa, xxi. 86 (Cat. Hier, cii 
ool. 705* JQ iBaiam tomoi deoem et oeto; 
B: ID ys&sam thomot octodecim; 0: id 
ysniam (),™o. i 4 vm). 

temppmiiieQto, n. 176, eee trmprriut. 

temperate, II. 134, see moderate. 

lemperie, see tempericm. 

temperlein. modaratione, ii. 174 (Hi- 
wd. Teg. OS, 3 BeeLmdnDi...aeTaiu lem- 
peritrn, [4 lemperUm. oorr. from temperie]. 
Edm. Schmidt, Regula: temperiem; tam- 
perie; temperiee),• Cf. (enij)m>»i, nueder 
[see Boew. T. Ktdtr. ireather]. Cp. Τΐΐΐ. 

teiDperieH. see temperiem. 

temiMiiaa, temperauieDto [?], n. 176 
[Bened. reg. 11. 3 ÜoniinicJB diebu« Irin. 
jHiriUji BUrRatur, [1 temperiiit; ttniporiue; 
feiaporibut]; 48, 11 Agatarnona (emptrim 
[19 lemperiiit, lenipnriiu)) . 

tempMtate. IXXT. 178, see ea tempeitatt. 

templa, xixv. 'J24, see delubra. 

templi, χιχτι. 1, gee /iini. 

templum, iv. Ö, see editat ; zxi. 19, see 
III atuithema; xxvQ. 11, see lupereal 

temporaÜH, xii, 37, see cronographitu. 

temporalinm, xxx. TT, see cronieoa. 

tempore, xiii. II, see muiidum m-; 
XXXV. 17β, eee ea tempeitate; t«mpoi«, 
xxva. 32, see opago Untpore. 

taiDporiB. XV. 32, see siachroiion•, zviii. 

temporiUB, see temptriiii, 

MuijiuB {temple of the bead], xxitx. 19, 

tenda, tcubuB [Irabti ot trabe•?] gezelt, 
iiii. & (Either? out, id tl.e Vulg.). These 
three wards would seem to be α further 
eiplanalion to xxti. 2; tcnloriVt tectura; 
cf. (enlortmii, geteld, Cp. T76 ; leiitoriuiii. 
papiUonem, Ep. 26C11; Ef.' 3B5, 22. 

203 . 

0IaBaai7. has ' ' Tcnda quae ruetice trahii 
dioitur. Cod, alius trabea ptaefert. OIobb. 
Sui. Aelfrioi: Teuda, t^ldsjle, i.e. domus 
limen." See further Diefeobach (traben) ; 
Qoetz, V. 260, 3 (trabea, porticus teota 
dicitur) and A.S. trae/ (from trabsT) in 
BoBW. T.—gextlt ib O.H.G. for tent (of. 
ScliBde, 280; Bteinm. i. 4gS, G) ; A.S. 
(Boew. T.) geteald. geteld. 

tendieulam, see decipiilam. 

teudit, XLTV. 3. see oxi'i. 

teae laterem, lac latercm, xm. IS 
(Nahiim m. 14 subigens leite lalerem). 
Se« above nibigeni. 

teneiilur. xxxv. 27, see puncto. 

: 133, t 


l«uta, see lenda. 

tentieula, iiv. 4, see pediea. 

tenticqlam, im. 23, see dicipuiom. 

untlgD, t«iacitaB aeiilnB idest ebiad, , 
XXIV. 6 (itu/. I. β tol. 12" l^nCiffo obscoena 
,,,et execmnda). The rIobb points lo a 
meaniag of itnligo different from the ' 
clasB. tennioQ of the privy member; per- , 
haps hardnesH, stiSDesa of the bowels, 

leanl; see W. W. 23^ 32: ' 

gebind; id. 6IS. 47; ef. fiteinm. a. Gd7 ' 
n. 2 «ho refers to 0. N. abbindi. Bea 

aohlotter. Jour. Germ. PhiL• i. 380. For 
«-bind, gr-hind see Bogw. T. {gt-bind, L• I 

binding, faateiiing). 

tantoria. tectura, xxn. 2 {Etlher i. 6 
et pendebanC ex omct parte tFiiferiti aerij 
ColuriE). For teiiloria see also above teiida. 

teraphim, see teraphin. 


r. SB 

n (a 

Hit uf It 

knl) c 

Vu C, who also, qoutiug from Papiaa' 

{Oiee, III. 4 sine terapliim). The Caaibr. 
MS. hag ; cArrq^n, idolum tie DominaCuiO. 

UrabeUiia, n^huganr, xLvn. 46 lAUa=?) ' 
= t; nnbugaar. Cp. T8T; trrrebetliu, nab- I 
foaar. Ep. 27A13; teriiwi/u«, naboger.Ef.' ] 
396, 41. For tertbeUut. -um (dinün. o( 
terebrum), a small borer, anger, gimlet, { 
see Eflrtius, 94tiO. For ntlnigaar, nabogaaf 
&0, (literail}', nave-borer, from Risbu, nafa, 
the nitre, of a wheel -l• <f'Ir, a Bpear, abaft, 
borerj, nee Bobw. T. (πα /u, nafitgar, gar) \ 
Kluge, £f- ΤΓίΙι -t. (Ntiie); Οτί.Ί). {auger); ι 
Skeat, Gone. Diet, {auger) ; Klage Λ Lutz, 
£. F.ti/m. {auger). 

• — •- — '-- borgen ti, it. 66 {Eeel. 

oaiamis tirtbranlet). 

taigo, xuv. 26. see α tergrt, 

Terlnoa [for tberuinB = eip<rit], idest | 
bentialls, xuv. 13; see arcCinw. 

Mrlitra, Buhliliaaiuia vurtinn, iin. 13 
{liai. III. 23 aufeiel DuiiiiiiUB.,.(Äin-i<tra. 
Ciunbr. MS. Iheriilra, tiabtiliaaima corona). 

INDEX {LATiy) term. — theo. 

. 17; 

[. S4. Β 

II. 30 (bia). 40, see olla; 
uxv. 41, see in aculeii; χιιτι. 3, nee 
prattumtorium; xiiix. 13, see Aurelia, 51, 
Bee byttiit; luv. 8, see hietaiiptrta ; iLv. 
11. see opt. 

terra lalaiigütis, terra aterelis [aterilie, 
λβ in tbe Cambi'. MS.], xix. 30 (Job xxxix. 

terrae, sevagelliti riuticalio. 

terram, ivn. 7, tee Niiiiue; xn. 61, «ee 
/abula; xui. 4C, see orue; ιιιϊι. 4, ββθ 
■inuni; iliv. 8, see biemitpcriii. 

terre [-rae], m. Θ, see rriftjcniia; xix. 
48, Bee geamttrica ; xixv. 117. see lerri- 
ioria, 368, Bee ttgiUi,. 

terre [.rae], xutw. 7, see poli, 2W. Bee 
axetn; XLi. 29. aee align. 

(«rrebellDB, see Unbellut. 

toiiltOTl», loca modica terrt;, xxiv. 117 
(Hu/. n, 17 fol, sy per ainnula quaequa 
UrTitoria) = lerTiloria, laca modica, Cp. 
T72 ; Ep. 26ÄS7 ; Ef.' 396, 10. 

terToribuE, iut. 2, eee coua. 

tertla, ΧΠ. 29; nee lUigua tenia. 

tM. XII. 13, BOB Uretitoi. 

TMbltes, cantella. ii.v:ii. 27 (Oe Cait. 
Intc. I. 1, 3 [trom uu BeK. i, Ö] Heliaa 

Theibitti est). 

tetteelU. aeo leetei'ai. 

Uauraa, teenliLg, xixr. 39 (Ruf. v. 18 
rol. 88* B<1 IffKcroj Indil}. Cf. tatera. tnaul, 
Cp.T84; leorra, Usui quadranguli 


, Ef.i 


re^rd» Inuliui, Steium. (n. 6Θ7 
UiinkB ll U Lat.; U bo, it migbt be a 
corruption (or tettellai or Uiterula». But 
the word is marked in tlie MS. by v, nod 
it ma; be ace. pi. of A.S. taiul (or iciul, 
borrowed from Lat. temelta ; Bee Boew. T. 
Bub voce Itutol). m.. » die; υΓ. BUlbring, 
Allengl. EUmeiiiarbueh 9 417 : Klage, 
Angell. Lrirb., p. 309 laiol. 

M, quadriB, xii. 3t) {Cat. Hier. 
XL• uoJ. »55i> ludit et triicru ; Β & C i 1. e. 
tciirrii) = Itnirou, qundrie, Cp. T78 ; 
Uueroit, qnadriB, £p. 2GC3C; Ihetiroii, 
quadtie, Et.' 395, 47. 
teaBecola, see tentrat. 
teetu, III. 9, nee cacabui. 

ixiv. 264, Bee df nctoiiiie. 
a, IT. 10, see ogdoade. 
24, see ttipuUitio. 
, niperrimum, n. 175 {Bened. 
. 12 [17] TertiuDi.,, moDBchoroiD 


a est), 

Lib. de nat. rtr. xl. S [qooting Luean.'] 
quum litora Ttili!/>) = Thcdi», aqais, Cp. 
T75; ihelhie, aqnis, Ep. S6C18 ; Γλιτίί«. 
aquin. Ef.i 396. 29. 

TethvB, aee lethii. 

tetcafB, xiiv. 74. eee peligo. 

tetraeono, qunttnor βο^οΙοβ, »ιττα, 
27 (Clem. Reeoi/nill. ii. 17 ex Ulrofano 
reapoxerit...; achuma tetragonum habens). 

tetragTBinmatoD, iixv. 147, see petalum. 

tetria, iiiii. 36, aee atrii. 

th for d: oethepia for oeilipia. 

thalami, ιιτιπ. 86, aee rpichnlamium, 

thAl&mnB, altior loone ubi eedet aponaa, 
ιτ. 29 (£t(vA, il. 7 [mcDsue est] tbalamum 
...el inter thalamoi quiiique cubitoa ; 10 
thalami portae; 12 marüineta ante Ihe- 
laiHoe Ac). 

theatri, XXIV. 171, aee härene. 

theatrii [for theatri], xxxv. 99, Bee 

theoia, castodiis, iv. 86 (Ecel. lilaf.) ι 
thaoto, cQstodiia fabricam [tat /abrieaiisT\ 
Je arRento, xxiv, iU (De Euieb. ) = (Ruf. 
X. 8 fol. 163'' partem... fA«et( argent^ 

tbama, dnetrina. xiivni. 33; aotaa*, 
Bgura, iiivici. 33 {CUm. Recognitt. κ. 
32 audi oonjuKia meae thema, ct ίανβαίβΒ 
ichrma oujua eiitus aeoidit). Cf. thema, 
£gu», Cp. Ttl6i Ep. 26Elj Bf,' 30β, 
49. — Uieiiiat•. coDpoaitioae uel ordine, 
ΙΙΠ, 1 {Either •. Uieron. Frae/. p. iti-• & 
Migne, Pair. Lat. xivm col. 1433" annipto 
iheiaaie). For Thema, see also Tkrman. 

T&Binaii, ideBl prouioti;, iii. 19 (Job 
VI. 18 coaaiderate aemitaa Thema ; Migne, 
P. L. iiviu col. lOHD, and Hey Be. in notaa, 

tbemata. oonpoBitione uel ordioe, iin. 
1; see thema. 

TliBinlato, iaeulni CallpBo, insula; Fib 
dens arc<idif [-diac ; dS. Yer)i. eel. x. 36] 
uel paatoram ; Arcades, uenn dicitur quq 
eolebnt pana, iliii. 1^ (De dif. tionänibut 
= Do>iati Λη gramra. p. 373, 17. 18 aonl 
nomina tola Qraeoae declinationla, nl 
Themiito Calypio Pun). Areadet aeeme 
to be a glosB to arcadif. 

theo, III. 20, nee pantocranto. 

TbewlorUB, lU. 40, Bee cijnerit. 

theologla, IT. 114 and χχχτ. 17, eee a 

tliHOinachiae, gee Iheamachxe. 

tbeonwcble, deorum puBiig. iiiv. (H 
(lUif. I. 1 fol. a»- Theamachiae...eXOTUK 

tbeoretica, tLeoretiuam, theorioa, see 

m.Zl (Lib. Ri>i. = l$id. 

INDEX (latix) thet 

theorloaa, iir. 13, eee itreticat. 

Uieorlcs, eupecaaii intellectus, im*. 29 
(D/ Call, Imt. II. le diuiuae thtoriae... 
inhaerere ; of. Conl, i. 8, 2 in tkforia sola ; 
1. 12 hnie lheoriee...%dixae•, <!». Ac.)• 
See also Cnnl, i. 1 theorttica nirlute; id. 
ΙΙΪ. H, 3 thtorelUam disciplinam ; id. xiv. 
1 βιωρψ-,κή: id. χ». 5 theoreiicn (llieoriea, 

not^) Bl 


t Bctiuum, ΙΪ1Χ. 64 ( Utrb, Inlerpr. - Hier. 
Η ifntih. x<:. 1 iniait duoe diacipulos bhob, 
βιωρητια» Kai i/rfom-iiar). Olber MSS. 

ihorace juBtitlam). Cf, toraz, laiiaa, Cp. 
Τ19β.— torai, pectne, xii. i2 [Job xu. 17 
Bubaietere uon poterit uequa haeta, iieque 
(hnrnfi nee Sabat. τβη>. ant.; hasUe 
elevatio et tAn'oirfi; and in doI«: haetam 
et Viora!:em)=:thoTax. peotun, Cp. T1B8; 
Ep. 3βΑ38 ; torax, pcotoe, Ef. ' 896, 11. 

thotai, itee thorace». 

thyeateaB, eee editimtei ; leaioi turpa; 


■e iyhic< 

π et pmutiei 

Latla chacacteis the 

tberinns. see lerinoi. 

Iherietra, eee teritlra. 

thermae, see fofmif. 

ThesbiteB, aee tetbitet. 

^Iieiteaa. indisoretaB connubitas, iv. 57 
<t oedlpUi obBcene Dapea carnium inCaU' 
tiora, iv. SB {Kcct. btar.) [leg. Thyeateae, 
obnaeoe DapuB oarnium iufsntiiini — Oedl- 
pta, iiidiBcretaB aoucnbitai«] ; thleatsaa, 

Oedlppa, de odippo [Oedipo], τ. 14 (Kccl. 
Slur.) ^_OathepU, ooituni matris et Bororia 
BJuut maDJcliei [Maaichaei] in occultia 
idest In ocoulta lue a idolorum, ixiv. 36 
(Di £«..) all = (fln/. V. 1 f.ii. 71• Thyfilea, 
cvnaa et JnceHta Oedipia perpetraQteii). 
er. Thyetteat, comeaationee, Cp. T15U; 
Oethippia, ooitum inatriB, Cp. 0130. 
Iheetiauir [Qr Latin or A.S. ?], v. 21, see 

V. 4fi (fii,/. I. e fol. 
IBP Tel Borote. vel dtta). 
thtaratl, diniiii, xl. Ih ((Vrbi?). 
tblMteu, canimiUBBtiDnrB, xxiv. 25 ; 


ri rhiiii 

tbltlciun, marinam, ri. 9 {Dreti. fxiol.7). 

tholiB, Bee tlioliu. 

Uiolna, tectum de petrie sine lifniOi 
ixxvni. 19 (Ciiiii. Recognitl. vii:. 18 qui 
ssdiBciorum cJioI(u...inBtn]iint). 

thomoB, Bee lemoyi. 

tborace, aat torax euh v. thorucii. 

thonwM, oapad [caput] et pectna, :r. 
97 [lirnL Iitor.) ; Uiaraaes. imagines, ν. 
32 lEeel. Star.)^{Raf. ii. 39 fol. IW 
fftoracfi [bualsj Serapia,., abscisEi sunt). 
— toTM». lorica [lot-], xi.v. 17 {Verba de 
multia = An Phocat, p. 425, 22 ut Ihorux 
tlioraoia).— Wnw, lutioa [lor-] uianicas 
□on babena et tuniua sine manide BID 
diditut, II. 4 {Snp. v. 19 Indaet pro 

tibÜB, xni. 8, see periacflidai ; ιιτ. 
Bee nimphonio, 

Tlfon, filiuB aatnrni. iivm.7 [Lib. AM 
iLvi ool. ISO" Podest. ..TOB insidiari 

tlgna, tecta aedri natura arborum aedri , 
iaputribili nigore conaiatunt quarnm bqoui 
uermibuH est obuius Bignificat apoatoloB, 
I. 11 (Cant. I. 11! Vulg. : tigita domomm 
noatranim cedrina; Veri.anl. Sab. : tiabea 
domomm onetraruiD reiiri). It ia clear | 
tbat tecta ia a gloss to Cijinn ; cedri nritura 
iiiaj be Β corruption for eedrina, and arbo- 
rum perhapB tor arborei. But the Cam- 
bridg•^ MS. Kk. 4. R, omitting " significat 
apiiatoloB," has; "Ctdnn arbor natura 
coins inpntribil) aigore conaiatlt. Cnins 
etiam aaciiB uermibae obums est," which 
se^nia to give the aeoBe ot the kIobb (ϋβοΓιΙ 
of cedar, owing to the DaCure of oedar | 
trees, are of incorruptible force). 

tlsiis, genua leonis uario colore et I 
uelociasimaB, in. 15 (Job iv. 11 tigrit 
periit). For ligrii gee also Uopardiu. 

tllailB, hiurice. ιι,νπ. 61 lAtia = ?}^ 
tilarei, lauricae, Cp. TI79; tilarii, lanoet- 
cne, Ep, 27A14 ; ililartt, lauuercae, Ef.' 
39β, 43. For laariee Sco. (a lark : whieh 
also glotises alauda, earadnon, laudat Λα.) , 
Bce BoBW. T. (laicerce) ; Dif. D. Λ Skeat 
Diet, (lark) ; Kluge, £1. Wrtb. ILerctu). 

tilia, »Be [i7ta. , 

tilio, lind, XLTii. 100 {ΑΙΙα=Τΐ= tilia, 
lind, dp. TlGl ; lilio. Und net baest, Bp. 
27Α18 ; tilia, liad nel best, ΕΓ' 396, 47. 
Tilio ( = tiUa, as in Cp.) tlie lindrn or linu- 
tr« = A. S. »π4, seeBosw. T. (ftnif). Pot J 
biuit, belt. E. bast, the inner bark (of the 
linden, a iiecond meaning of ttlia), ot the I 
Ep. and Ef.' Qloss. see Boaw. T. (*«i 
Oif. D. {bail); Skeat, D. {batl). 

timebat, iiivn. 18, see pallebat. 

timoi [for lunior?], XLVUI. 14, see/oflUJ. 

tmet, alii. iLvn. 71 (Alia=1) = lineti, 
ali, Cp. T169; Ep. 27ΑΙ6: Ef.' d9R, 45. 
Tiacl aeetna au error for tinci, a ero,all 
fiah, peril, the lench. For ilH, lU (Gerin. 
SchUie) see Bosw. T. {iliw). 



INDEX {ΐΑΤην) tin.— trag. 

tinKuitur. nee matleolit, 

tlnnnliia, son&DS, xii. i {Job; Prnrf. 
Hieran, p. nv'. ftod Mit-oe, P. L. ool. 
1081* rhythmDB ipae dulcis et Jinnului 

tintinnftbultt, ϊι. Η, ^eefodtrit. 

lipho, tipd, aee typo. 

tippula, see lappuia. 

tipu, aee ij/po. 

tlmmldem. Drud^lem ein? duriter [llie 
latter two words belong, perbupi), to li. 
173 ; βββ temcre], n. 173 (Bencd. reg. 27, 
16 Novetit..,a?,..eufiuepi(ise.,,lion tyramti- 
dem [24 tyrannidem, eoxx. lijrannidu] ; 
65, 5 [Θ] adnnmeiitea sibi tyraimide»i.). 

UnmnldH [tji*-], iaiquas putentat«s, ii, 
178 {Btned. reg.; of. fyrannirf« in 27, 15 
[34] qaoted above sub v. tiTonnidem). 

tttas, ixt. 12, ■ee/JJi Hlan. 

UtMllt, Bolutia, xxvn. 29 (Lib. Bot.^ 
Itid. Lib. de nau rer. xxvii. 2 titaniaqiiv 
oslia). Cf. lilania, mderalia, dp. T1S7 ; 

Ep. aecig; ei.i sss, bo. 

TOBU, XI tit. 

toga, dignitae. «<vii. 20 (S, Ju;,,•). 
For toga, aee aieo friMi. 
toUentibiiB, xiii. 5β. see utlUntibut. 
tolii, t. 16, see aboleri. 
tomoB, aee tevuiy; 
ton, xu. 1Ü, see Iw pinion. 

. II. ai 

!θ iurther fi< 

e tia^ 

;. 16; 

ui pit Ian 

topajiaa, see Cnpnlfuii. 

topkrolut, loci priucapa lopita locaa, 
ΧΧΪΥ. 7 (Λη/ 1- 16 fol. 1(J* lV.pcircM = 
tnjKircu, loci princepa. Cp. T203 ; Ep. 
36033; Ef.i 3<JÖ, 34. 

topftUoa, ut sunim mical, xli. 15 (De 
nomitt. div.T = Apoc. \xt. 30 topadiae ; 
Exod. IXTTU. 17, xixix. 10; Etek. xxvui. 
IB iopaiilu; cf. Pia. oivin. 137 dileii 
mandata toa super nurum et iiipaiioii) = 
topacion ut nqna micat ut eat porniB, Cp. 
T210 : Ep. 26Ea ; Ef." BOO. 50. For u( 
eil pmrui in the preaeut ΟΙοΐβπΓϊ aee 
above ryjireuut. 

topaz ion. lopaziua, aee topalion. 

topicon, aee Iropicon. 

topue, Kir. 7. aee toparclia. 

ton«•, lurica [lor-}, ii.v. 17 ; aee 

tomdiia, baesliQ, m. 38 [Dc S. Hart. 
Star. =SuIp. Sen. Dial. i. 19, 1 ilaracjiuini 
oirgftm). CF. Werden tragm. toraeia, 
haealiu (Gall^e. 0. Sax. TrxU. 344, 2Bt)|. 
For haatin (of bezel), cf. Boaw. T. {hailen). 

tonx, lurica [lor-] nwnicaa non babena 

, 4; toimx. peolna, iix. 4Λί Η• 

irca, tormina, eee urrtigo. 
licain, aee toronlcum. 

genne lipni. ut. {De 8. 
Mart. Stor.lj. Cf. Sulp. 8eT. Dint. I. W, 
2 audjetia me,,.ut Gurdanieum [ία note: 
gorlhoiiicuia, garlanieiim, gurlonieuM, gor• 
gonirum] honiinem, nihil cnm faoo kol 
oothurno loqnentem). Witli thia ifurd, 
however, the intecpretatioD (genua li^) 
doea not agree, whiuh waa, perhaps, in- 
tended (or toraeina q. ν If this be the 
ease, the interpretation to toronicvtn ia 
wanting. Cf. the Werd. Gloss, tororticam, 
genis lii^ni (Qallae, 0. Sax. itxU 344,238). 

lorquemina, iit. 27, see tanuru. 

torqueri, lUv. 10, aee cardinei. 

torreoB, see «urtcua. 

tonll, amira qa; de igne rapitur, xtu. 
4 (Λπιοβ IV. 11 facti estis quaai lorrit 
raptUB ah inceodio}. Cf. lorrii, pnat 
{Λ.Β. and M. E. brand), Steinm. I. 673, 
61 ; for ΙΙΓ7-ΗΓΠ perhaps leg. anura (Da 

torla puda, incisus pania, iiv. 31 {Hier. 
ixivni. 20 daretur ei iorta panii). 

torture,, torqupmina, xn. 27 {Ecclet. 
xxxi. 23 Yigilia, cholera et turlura vire 

toi (hoc), iix. 36; see ypo (sub) Uu 
(hoc) ibc. 

loBcia [ = inxa = topij], i:. 101, see le»a, 

tola, XLli. 31, see bailerna. 

totam, uxii. 36, aee irx uMia*. 

totegle, procella, xiivm. 41 {CImn, 
Rom. Reeognitt. x. 33 Eanu jirowUoM, 
quae (αταιγίι Oraece appellataij. 

totu, xxvtu, 41, aee linetdochen. 

aee olografia. 
totoii an« aid, xliti. 40; aee ^uatui. 
tola, aee ifiia. 
toyty, eeep.irii<icr'inW. 
trabea, trabe», trabia, see lenda. 
trabue, ΧΧΠ. 6, aee lenda. 
truclatores. ILHtt. 48 

tractu, xxviii. 77, aee «inairtrf(iRii<. 

tradiileiunt, ix. 1. aee mancipiinlnt, 

tradilo, :i. 31, aee adeignato. 

trogica, tragicua, aee traicui. 

trago, XXXV. 1, aee trugoedia. 

tiaeoedla, luctua ao cladia, iv. 11 ι 
tngoedla,, belUca cantica uel tabalatio 
nel bircania Trago Uiicua, iixv. 1 {Auf. 
I. β fol. 12* Tragitdia maRia quam hiatoiu 
teii uidebitur; in. β fol. 3«* οιοηίΒ...1οα- 
tnosa Tragofiliit). Ci-trngoedia, bebbioan- 
lio, Cp. Τ2β3 ; tragorditi, belli cantia uel 
bbulittiu, Ep. 26fil8; tragixdia, belU e. 

INDEX {LATIX) trab.— troc. 

'BJOB [tra^ca], xuii. 34, see traitia. 
raloua [tr&gious], qui traitui [ttogica] 
iisit [eorip-J, iLin, 24, see eomieiii. 

. 10, 

tranacensio, ixvtii. BT. eee j/perbaton. 

tranaferuDtur, ixvili. 44. *ee hijpallage. 

triLnalatai, iiiiii. 33, see tropa». 

trunalalio, :v. 98, βββ Cornelia«; «viil. 
78, eee metafom. 

trsnalationeiii, ιιτιιι. öS, lae mttaforan. 

tmiiBmigrelioniB. xv. 3, eee um irant- 

» tUHtUCipil. 

aaportare, iLiii. 18. see cam•. 

L, Ubniii [Cambr. M8. tiihult] 
if-i lavcut in trauBuarau [Oambr. MS. 
Eriiiinwrium] iiiiuis ia qalbua seilent rvtai- 
ganlee. ii. 9 {Each, xxvit. 6 tramtra tua 
feveruDt). Cf. E. lAiiurl (n aeaC acroes 
the boat OD wbich an oareman nite, Cent. 
Diet.) and traiaom (Skuat. Coni-. llict.). 

, IUI••••» ot eoIobUU 

idem sunt qui nummia leneiaDtur et uilis 
Degotiia, xxit. 43 (Verb. InteTpT. = Hier. 
in Matth. xiv. 2Θ-2Θ ool. ItJS' qni dari 
debuit numniutanii et irapriili«; ibid. 
ixi. 13, 13 ool. 1S0° pro nummiilariit 
cotlybütai faoereiit...uaurae aacipete non 
poterant rotlybhUt). Cf. IrapUtta, men- 
aulariue, Cp. Τ375 ; Ep. 37039 ; Ef.' 397, 
52.— trapeötft, qui in menaa nnrnmoriim 
per motationaa uictura queril [qaaerit]. 
inviii. 29 iCUm. RfnoffniU. ix. 24 ϊβΐ 
Bculptorea vel Irapeiitiu etbciat...nuu- 
quam inventtur trapeiila). Ooetz (vii. 
3β3| augpeata to read pemmtalioae tot 
per mutatiowt. 

trapezitaa [for Irapetiai ?], iv. 12, see 

traps zt eis, see Iraptteta. 

trea ( = tria), Hee Tttptituorin. 

tree, IUI. 6, see tolidot; 11, see epbi. 
39, aee chalot ; xxxii. 4, aee obolut ; trei. 
ΧΧΧΙΠ. 30, aee tUiquar frei. — ITM kTgan- 
tacw Botidam fooiuDt, ixxi. 28 {De pan- 

triangulnm, ztt. 40, 
tiibiuC 1. 136, lee « 

tribuUtione, ϊιχ. 
tribua, iv. 7», see 

238, see lU IrUio. 

tiibutarii, uxii. f. 

tiltnitum, qaod ι 
(WiiiÄ. xvit. 34 a«ipiiiiii tributum). For ' 
Iribiitum aee alao (iv. 6t]fi*cvia. 

trlcw. III. 23, see iioii iricei. 

trie, aee innre artabf. 

txisrm, ideet naaea ■ triboa aeaBiumbaB, 
ivi. 1Θ {Dan. ii. 30 Tenieat sDper enm 
triera). Of, (riiru, magna nauia trihus, 
Cp. T2fi3 ; (., m. n. t. remigia, Ep. 26026 ; 
C, m. D. t. remit. Ef.> 3S5, 37. 

trifulnB, aee Iruffulu*. 

trilei, aee bilex. 

trlnta ATtabf.ii modioa faciunt, xvi. 22 
(Oun. II V. 2 impeudehatitur...8iTtiilaenria- 
bnr ducdecim). For ii the Olosaar; had 
xtit, bot the last two numerala αιβ marked 
for erasure. The Corobt. MS. haa Tril 
ortiibi Decum modios faciant. Cf. Irwi 
arlabae I modiOFi foeiunt, Cp. T348; Ep, 
2GC21 E(.> 390,14. 

triple, I. 115, see leifopUi. 

triplex, drill, ilvi. 41, aea biUx. 

trlpndUnt. uiaeeret, ixiv. 171 (Ritf. , 
V. 3 Col. 78^ Bebat, at in oerbmbut ] 
ir/pudiarci). Cf. tripjirffar«, uinoere, Cp. 
T3tiG ; Ep. 26ΕΪ3 ; EfJ 396, 13. 

triate, HI. 6, aee acide. 

[trlnltun] In trinlli, la tribua uiis, % 

in tribuB uis. Cp. 1115 ; in tniiii», in tribas 
nüa, Ep. 12A25 ; in triuii, in CHbas uiis, 
Ef.> 366, 22.— «β trlnlo, de tribua uiis. iv. 
79 iEcel. Itlor.) and xxiv. 238 {De Elu.) 
= {Rii/. IX. 6 Col. 118'• mulieronlaa d» 
Iniiio oonqaisitaa). 

troableis, Bce irocUi ; trogUU. 

trodel, rotia modicis, iiiv. 10 {Dt I 
Ktucb.): trogleli, hlQdrq, iv. 71 {Eccl , 
IttaT.) = {Ru!. ϊΠΐ. 10 (ol. 139^ alii... 
tfochteiw distent!). The first gloas seems ' 
to ηιββιΐι "putleTS with amall wheele." ι 
TruckUa. trocUa, is eiplained (by Jjewia 
and Sh.) as "a mechanical contmance 
Cor raising weighta, a oa?e or aheal eon- 
taining one or more pulleja, « block." 
The Or. τροχΜα, the aheaf oC a pulley, 
roller of a windlaaa (Liddell Λ Sc.|, and 
this from τραχίΛ (1) a wheel : (2) a conrae, 
piace Cor running. Some GloEuatore may 
have undeiBtood it to mean "a thing to 

U*HL IS (Cat AafaL HI. • aL au rr 
M> ΜβΟΒ α« Α. •. a. L ί. φ. k. (. t. ~ 

Km. KAM; mtfiitm. *Λ»- 

E- -uUer•': Μ Skoi, co-i. e»i«L Die*. 
(#r«iV Ct. JobD Florto «ίί. {159β). 
" fn^artBo, • eraftir, iioacniDir, dxstiiie, 
iWiläiletrwwc. fikfaintt kmre." The doaUe 
■Mitlne Itijtditi, tnfeimii itill Bppcan in 
β. Κ, Wi*. (re/f. 

Imfnlaa, •*• Inifuliu. 

mtfat. Imatn Islutti and« pariMM 
liiMinl, 1ΤΠ. £ (,!>»»*, tti. 7 in manu diu 
tritlla awnientafii ; *ii. β Ιπι/ίαηι). Ε. 

(ninwll*. «Μ Jnulu. 
IftifKBlua, IT. tB, »tu pUxiu. 
tniomlU (tnlne-l. ΙΙ»ϊ. HC, «β buMU. 


Mbtv, In Amil ιιλπ•Μ. tv-n. 18 (.11ια = 
An l'hoca'. ν *^''< ■•'' >><« toW). Cf. 
lutitr, luuKJT, mmiulliiu, Cp. ΤΙΙ3β; (., t. 

{iHTdtla. tardtUa. eine kleine Droaad). 
Kor droiilae. ihrottlat. Srottle, > throadL 
β« Bo.-. Τ. (jTO.fIi) ; ΚΙηκβ. Kt. Vrtb. 1 
tltrottel); SkeftI, Cime. l>te(. ((ftrofU«), Γ 

MTdaa. accDC, 63 (dIia=T)=C-, 
eoric, C(.. Ta31 ; (-, ecric, Ep, STAIÖ ; f-, 
Bcrec. Ef.' 396, 43. (urrfui. • thltlall, 
lleldbre. For («me, io Üie M8., nad] I 

INDEX (/..)Γ/.ν) tiirß,— iianR. 

«rife, lerfc, teree (α shrike ; ikrike, 
aoreeob), see Bosir. T. {tcrie). For lurriiu, 
Bee also tuniellu, 

lurKidiH, :v. 78, »ee mppiimtii. 

turibulB, xin. 9, «ee olfiicIorioUi ; xiv. 
35, aec lliimia materi ii, 

latno; eee lurnodo, 

tuiBOdo teiue interpret.], iiL 9 {De S. 
Marli/ni Sloria ?). Olo^seT anggeeta aa 
lemma coiAurno [elevated style] in Sulp. 
Sev. Dial. ι. 27, 2: aadietis me. Gar- 
donicnm homiDem, niliil cniu fuco aut 
eolhurno [coluruo, in some MSS.] loqoen- 
tem. Hü re^^'da -do aa a (wmipted A. 8. 
word, retemne to ΟοηιΟΒ C840: Cotürno, 
podbnii (inatr. <il ρα)>, eloquence), wliich 
taaa been minnnderatood bj WiUcker 
{Vocab. 15, H3), where colamo ia tahcii 
aa^cotomix, and a wood-hen made of 
it; we Sdhlutter ία Anglia. xxvi. äOt(, 
and cf. Werden OUitM. tamo -i. oodo 
(OalU«, O. .Va.T. texU 345, 26(i) ; and 
MUnat. 0L•^» cntnmo crineq (ibid. ίΙ36, 

tnrpem, ii. 11, tea abmrdiaa. 

tntpee, xxKV. ice, seL'icrnni hirpes. 

turpitcr. xxxv. 33, gee bachatttei. 

tnrrie,' uxv. 3 JH, ace pirgns. 

tn thlmlilaQ, plenum ir;, xxix. Sil 
{Vab. hittrpT. = Hitr. in Malth. im, 33 
rA βνμικ^τ quud dioamua plenum irn). 

tnnm, i. 5, nee ηοηι<ιι tuuM. 

t^rMcen, qui tibia oantat, slvi. 7 (JIi(i = 
Jr> Phocfie, p. 415, S hio Ubiern). Cf. 
libiceii, qni oum tiliiB oaoil, Cp. T176; 
Ep. 27C24 ; Ef.' 396, 50. 

tyio, aee typo. 

^mpantun, in quattuoT Ιί^ίβ extentia 
pellia, iix. 30 (Job ixi. 12 (enent tijm• 

tfoa (hoc), IIX. 95 ; aee ypii (auh) 
1)101 Λα. 

t;pho [the ooiTect form for) typo, q.v. 

Typhouia, aee tifon. 

tjphum, aee typmii. 

^I» [for typim], inflatio cordia nel 

«uperbia, ii. 179 (Jlmrrf. rrg. 31, 25 

"'" " η ftnoonam eine aliquo Itfpiio 

Cp. T1S3; lipo, dioco, Ep. S7E23 ; ti'pe, 
dnteo, ΕΓ.' 398, 20.— -tnnun, indalionem, 
XXXIX. 7! (not in Greg. Dial., but Can. 
Cone. Carlh. cixxir p. 172^ non aumuB 
iam latum typbnm paesuri ; id. cixiviii 
p. 174'' ne fnuioanm iypliun B«cu]i.., 
videamnr inducere). 

t^po, aigno, 32 (£« div. libritt). 
. laid, eonlra Judaeoi. in Napier'a Old 
tgl. GIoM», p, 200, 17 {tipo, hiwe). 

typntn [for typhnm], inäationem, xixn. 

71. saetypa (tor lyplu>). 

tjrannidem, aee tiramiidem. 

tyrannicleB, see tirannidem, tiranilidet. 

tyrannuB. aee Ii/rfirini». 

tyroseB, noui militeH, x:v. 31 {Hier. UL• 
35 probabat lyrontt). 

tjietnaa. predator [praed-], ixiiv. 37 
{fie Cwa. IiM. iij. 3, 2 Ιτ/Γατιπι«ι...αίαί• 
latem dirait), 

TyniB, insula, ixiv. 14 {Math. xi. 21 Si 
in Tym et Sidone footae oaaeat »irtote»; 
xi. aa Tyro et Sidoni remieaius erit; xr, 
21 Jeaua «cccxait in partes Tj/ri el Sidonia). 

□ forii ; lucunatlfoiloc-); lumiiia(Inia-) ; 
petulam (petulum) ; ptatissu (platisBii).^ 
for b : Ceruerua (Oerb-) ; fauQ (IWiae) ; 
fauorum (Caiarum); uontb (bontb).~>for I 
/: inttutuin (iu/aasti); uiiUes {/oUea).— i 
for i: tunguitor (tingaitur).— for r>: ado- ] 
latur (T for adaUtar) ; adsentatiir {1 tor ad- 
aentator) ; aduliecenlnlq {adoleaceDtulae) ; 
emulumentum (emol-) ; fiirtnnam (fort-); 
fnrtunatam (furtunami ; hierufontia (hiero- 
phantie); inruBttria {-aoria); liirlea (W-) ; 
philiiliiguiB (pliilnlogoB); publite (poplile); 
pitplitee (peplite) ; simbutis (sjinbaUs) ; I 
aimbulum (aymbehim). ^for y : aaturiene 
(aatyr-) ; aalunu (aatj/mi). — xi(y)amittrd: 
eipoliirit (-liuerit); aomilttd'. inimitnin 1 
(infauati); aeetura(aeeutura)i ungentomm 1 

□acBsse, aee unruuui, 

uacca, in. 30, aee baeuUi, 

naeUlaulem, tuganlem, iLvni. 4 (D« 

etaa uociliflniriii,.,reddit). 

uaeui, dicitur per quam aqna car 
Tin. 12; blett*, dicitur per quam aqua 
currit. Tin. 14 {Siilam. τ. 18 Sit vfiiu taa 
benedicta ; i. 1 1 itma vitae ; xxv.äßi'rrui ' 

uaene [uenae], xxtx. 9S, see mealiu. 

uasri, iiirge ferref , χχχτ. β1 ; see the 
explanation in τ. rnuti. 

nagas, n. 0, aee acidionui. 

Dalde, 1. 7S, aee tuiuiter. 

oalalMt, II. 11, aee in aqaa aaUbat. 

ualena, XLni. 19, aee ernda. 

lulau, modieuB murna ante portam, 
XI1U. 10 (2 Eidra in. 1 atatuerunt πισινή ι 
* : aee alao ibid. τα. 3, β, 13 Ac). 



nangas, apacdun, xixii. 12 [Grtg. DiaL 
ni. 14 ool, 245" lerramenta qaae uaitato 
noa nomine ran^at Tooamua.,,; toivangaa ' 
in hortum projioite, ilto. /nur rim«) = 
iKiFiifiu, Bpadan, Cp. UlS; Ep. 2eC'J5i 


INDEX (LATIN) UftD. — liel 

EC.1 399, i -Λ. riinsn. a kind of mattock, 
ot a BpiLdevith&croBii-bar(Luw. BndBli.]; 
lor tpardim, ipadaii. Bee Boäw. Τ. {tpailu, 
ipadu, Λ epttde) ; Skeat, Cone. Ü. {tpade'). 

uono, Ke uanuusi. 

napoMt, eiarit, xivii. 12 {Itid. Lib. 
Rot, = Lib. de Hilt. Tfi: Til. 3 aMimi ipHum 
iiaiiornlt = Cp. OlO; Ep. 28CG ; Ef.' Η9ί), 
24 uapiiTiit, inanL 

luriiitain, tv. 96, see ilomaiuni. 

nuloftt [he Btroddlee, stridex], atrit^d, 
XLvn. 13 (AIia-i) = u-, etridit, Cp. UI3; 
Ep. 2β&24; Et.> !I'J9, U. For ilii'l{d, 
flridil, he Btridee, see Boew. T. {itridan) ; 
Skest, Corn-. D. (»irtrftj. 

de ; 

pseumniiii et xpistianor 
gmuii ex lectulo u ' ' '' 

II, IN inuiuliiNt w-. 

I. 15, a 

umribuB hommum, 
IL«. 27 (.ί//ΰ = Jr< i'Wiii, p. 421, (i Lie 
rarix T«rioie) = unrii•, aiiiyre, Cp. U8 ; 
varii, amprae, Ep, 2ΘΑΜ ; aarix, omproe, 
Ef,' Βϋα, 19, For omprt, amprt, cf. the 
Oit. Diet, antprr (a tuuiour or swellini^). 
atiliarg ; Schlatter (in Aaglia in. 493 sq.). 

nftnu«il, de Dana [uaDoF] dietum. 
XXTI. 13 [Ind. Oße.T). tilogger »uggeeite 
VBc[u]aBae; see laid. Offie. i, 1β. 9 ii(i- 
eoai« ab opere, and Steinni. it. 31Ϊ, 47 

oaa. Ti. 13, »ee altiri-. it, I, see iifm- 
taenlariuia, S (bis), eee uoi Irunimiifra- 
Ιίηηίκ ; XIII. 19, see nma ; xxiv. 13, see 
alabaitnim; ιιτ. 13, see iiiprliiein ; ixix. 
47, see lagaiiaai ; χιχτ. 67. see πηιαύυΐυιη ; 
XKXvii. 3-6, «te^rfi/fa/arrf..— (fem., no• 
rtgia], m. 32, aec patrrit,— nu truiuni- 
gnUonla, ant curmn aut iur aherum 
patnum, xv. 3 [Euch, in, 3 fac tibi rairn 

oaatronun, artna Giercitutn [-tuum] ideiit 
milicic [militiae] αςίί [oaeli] dicituc enim 
qaod bella fulura poBseat preuidere 
[praen-] in aole et luna, in. 42 {EtcUt. 
χυπ.9 van caitntrum; Camb. MS. Γαία e., 
a. exeraituum Mihtie cfli dicimtur q. b. t. 
poMint proulderi i. b. e. 1.) = uiun cti/lro- 
Tum, anna exercitnnm, ideat militiae caeli 
diooDtur. Ci>, VSl. On tbiH ptiraKe see 
Waoe'B Apoer. ii. 207. 


β nnrittat itro- 

aee above, BUh τ, iiui, 

□aso, vni. 18, nee ριίιαηαι ; ml. 13, see 
iimu ; xixv. 49, ece /oeiilo. 

lUtla, propheta, χχιτ. 97 (Oc EiiMb,); 
fatea. prophets, is. 5 (fire/. Ι,ιοτ.) = {ΗμΤ. 
I. 1 fol. G* Dauid magnifieus t'litri; L• 1 
fol. 3'' ratfi Enaiae). 

nbeis. apoetolj, x, 2 [Canl. i, 1 inelioni 
BDnt ubfTa tna vino ; i. 3 menore• 
aberum tuoniiii ; l. 13 inter ubera tneft). 

Qhi, I. 05, IS»; It. 1611 (bis); iv. 4? i 
Till. 8, 10; X. 22 (bis) i χτ. 21, 29,91; 
XTL 1; ΙΪΙ1. 7, 20; ixm. 9; xivn. 28; 
xivin. 30, 88 ; ixn. 31 ; iii. 4-7. 2β, W ■ 
xiXT. 02, 23S ; χχιτι. 3, 4 ; iixix. SO, 53: 

XL•». 1, 

ubieumque, ii. lOU, iee ubi et utn. 

nU at nU, ubieumque, n. 109 {Bmed. 
r«!f. 4B, G iJii: note ubi et.uhiubi; [7 «fci; 
note ubi ubi, ubl ucl ubi]) ; Edm. Schmidl 
Begula, nbiubi, aod obi et abi ; 63, S9 
ttbique : in MS. Τ ubiubt ; in HS. β ubi tt 
ubi; [60 ubiiibi, uli tt iibi note]. 8m 
further Traube, Tixtguehichtr, p. ^S. 

ubiqne, ubiubi, eee ubi et ubi. 

udo, see odonit iiitlam. 

-ae, iiTiii, BS, see pertnaime. 

neoon, malo corde, ικιτ. 114 [linf• tt• 
11 to), 'ii' veenrdiae eius indulait). 

Dcetandl gratia, eiercendi, lui. 84 (£« 
div. librin^l Vila S. Kugea. 3, Uign• 
Lxxiii ool. 607" nt tpeclaruli gmtia per- 

(audi gratiH, exereendi, Cp. U91 : iiwIawH 
gralia. ideet exeroendi, Ep. 38.^36; Bf.' 
399, It). Urciuudi seems U> be a af- 
ferent readiUR. 

uectioal [-gal], xlti, 11, see (ufnr. 

necligal, eeelucur. 

uectis, Τ. 4, »ee eanto. 

neemotb, bpBtia ignota, xix. 37 {Juli XL. 
10 Ecoe Dfhfmoth \ Ueyep, in note, veht• 

ueendo [iiehendo], xxn. IQ, see uert- 

veliemoth, see ueemoth. 

nehendo, eee ueredarii. 

nebicnli, ni. 16, see reda. 

uel, I. 4 (bie), IS, 22, 27, 23 (bia), 30, 
S5, 36, 45, 47, Ö2-54, 67, 58, 71, 91, gS, 
80, 87 (bia), 8β, 90, 91, 94, 114, 115 (bis), 
118, 122, 129. 132; ii, 3, 21, 27, 46, ββ, 
67, 69, 70, θβ, 100, 110, 113, 116. ISSl 
138, 134, 151, 162, 163 (bi»), U9, 173. 
179, 180, 183 I III. 56 (bis), 59 ; it. 4, 63, 
100 ; T. 27 ί ΤΙ. 1 ; vn. 3 1 viu. 7, 10, 18 1 
X. 7, 25 ; XII. 1, 29, 34, 38; 39 : xin. β, Τ 
(bis), 9, 16, ai ί χιτ. 6, 12 ; χν. 4, 13, 14, 

DEX (LATIN) uell. — uert. 

18,«; x»i. 31; ivn. hi.. 3; in. li, 69; 
XXL 6. 17-19 : xxn. 1 : xxiti. la ; χχτ. 1 ; 
iXYi. 9 ; um. 3, 5, lt>. SO. 37, 89 ; xxvin. 
G, 17. 71 ; xin. 12, 85 (bis). W, iH. 71 ; 
XXI. 27. 29, Se, 66, 71. 73. ffl, 93. 94 ; 
xixm. 7 ; xixv. 1 (ble). 24. 84, 37, 3Θ, 45, 
69. fil, 71, 73. 80, 67, 93, 96, 107, 110, 
141, 143. 146-148, löB, 171. 176, 186, 194, 
lOS, 311, 316, 336, 343, 253, 300 ; xxxvi. 
3(ter); 1XXT1I.9: xuviii.43: xxxix. 1», 
34, 63 : lU. 21 ; lui. 8, 31 ί xliii. 3, 39, 
48, 53, 56 ; xliv. 4 (bie) ; xlh. 38-26. 28 ; 
XL•va. Θ1 ; XLTiii. 14, 15, 38. 

nellentibiu, tuUeutibua pilus ds genis, 
iin. 56 {Iiai. i,- 6 dedi...gcnna nieM vel- 

vellete, ece Iiinugo. 

nelooea. xi.rni. 33, seeyipeii. 

ueluciesiiDUB, iii. 15, see tigri•. 

ui'looit»s, «. 160, see lagntilan ; iLvin. 
31, Bec^niiiiei. 

uebciter, xixv. 8, see ape ; Bee aIho 
ueiotiter; ^eaciter. 

uetoeiaB, ties ocitü. 

nelotiter [αβίοο-], π. β3, «ee fßcidtrr, 
7Τ, eee facile. 

ueloßiw [-oiusl XLvin. 67, aea ocfii«. 

oelox, xT.vt. 39, see ptmii. 

uelut, xivm. 43, see idea. 

η«ιη, BN UnM \ »ικηα, 

Deooe, Bee meolui. 

oeiiBB, xiiT. 190. tUKfibra: 

nendeiitur. χι.τιιι. 47. see ditttaimliir. 

nendnni, τχχν. 73, eee lanionilmt. 

aen^ [-nae], im. 61, B«e puntg: 

□euit, IUI. 33, gee qttartani. 

□entiB, V. 13, see labrU. 

ueotria, xxxiv. 36, see uaitrimargia ; 
XIXV. 3, Bee coli, 6, eee tetitigo. 

uerba, xiviil 34, eeo i/jmiruxi«, 30, see 
epetalHibii, 44, see hypallaffe, 47, ~~ 
parentbetin, 58, eee apotlrupei ; xl (i 


nerbert, flagelU, ii. 166 {iientd. rrg. 2, 
ni [91] acrbrnim vel corporie cutigatiooe ; 
38, 5 [6] uerberum vindiclae; SO, 7 [9] 
acria xurberibat ooeroe&ntur). 

oeiberibni, aerheruin, eee utrhera. 

□erbi, π. 1H2 Ibis), eee urthi gratia; 
xxTu:. 76, see pfoieauit ; xii, 34, aee 

uerbi geratione, lee aerbigratiimr. 

nerbi fratU, at βί Cotte uel tierbi cauna, 
Π. IMS (JJeiUNl. reg. 34. 10 [16] ά rtrhi 
gratia ; 63, 15 [36] at verbi gratUi). Ct. 
turbi gratia, uuordeB intini^R (for the etike 
of a wnrd; Boew. T. iron'; mringa), Cp. 

nerbtgratloDe. scruiotinalione [eer- 
mocia-], it. 171 {Bened. reg.J Uoetx ta bis 

Index priDta verbigeralione, and ο 
word at. O. Landgraf in Arehiv f. Lotj 
tea. II. 440). 

uerbie. ΙΪ. 68, see tlogii'; xti. 31 
f ncriniof or« ; iix. 28, see iuiito; i 
370, see elogii,. 

nerbo, xxvtn. 46, see trrnna. 

nerborun,! tit., Bee glotae; χιτιιι 
nee Ktma, ST. eee metuboU, 78. see byptr- I 

■. 73, 

anaphora, 76, I 

uete, I. 86, see prormt. 

uereciiDdia, tl. 150, see rubor. 

uaredarll, dicuotur α ueendo [uehoDdol I 
qui feBlioanter in eqnia cnrrunt non de• Μ 
BOendentes de equis anteqaam libelant Ί 
re«pout<a eaa habenl pennas in oatäte Dt ' 
iiide inletlegatur festinatio itiaena da- 
turque eis aemper oquuB pnratuB nan 
inandDCBDt niei super cquoa aDteqnam 
perSciaotar, xin. 16 (Eitbtr rai. 10 
epi8loliti...raiea« per i-eredan'ut ; Tin 
etireBsi sunt vertdarii). See Steinm 
488, note 17 ; 8keal, Cone £(. Diel. J 

ueruies, xisvni. S, β« cbiBiart ; mtli 

uermiboB, i 

II, 1 

.31. see 

Λ Himilitadino nemiie, ziu. 
3 {luai. I. 18 si tuarint peocata veatra... 
rubra quasi iienaiculiu). Cambr. MS. 
lermiciilut. Tinotura ad aimililndinem 
vermie. Fomimiicuiiu see also nifcemM. 

uemiis, xni. 3, aee urrmievliu ; ilvii. 
16, Bee tappula, 89, eee butinuM, 

nerna, mancipium, xlv. 33 {Uerba de 
nmi(ii = .-Jr« Phocae, p. 413, 37 anriga 

I. 13, 

1. 18, 30; 

[. 12; 

uemiDa, see berruca. 

nemie, see ϋζΓηα. 

uersf , ΪΙΙ1. 3, aee eoaeuerinl. 

neralpelUe, pometauB, viil G (Salam. 
xjv. 36 profert mendacia vfTMipellit) 

ram, contra, xlvui. 4" ■- " 

9, see ctlum. 

uerticem, xixv. 277, see iugum »,on- 
liiim; iLiv. 16, nee antarticut, 19, Boe 

nerttgo, eduall;, iltu. 16 (ΛΟα = 1) = 



ΙΝΠΕΧ (latin) uert. — Iliad. 

vtTtigo, edunclle, Cp. D8fl ; u-, cdwalln? 
Ep. 2SA33 ; u-, edualla, Ef.' 3»0, 13. It 
would seem that tlie A. il. inCeipretation 
vatj mtan giiidineu, diitineu, rb perbnpe 
here, or a mliirlpaol, eddy, rorlex, ae Cp. 
ki90 (olnenm, ednaell), F300 (noHei, 
ed)<elle), δΙ2θ (soylla, eduuelle), T2I1 
(toreamn for torminn? ednuaelle) ; tiee 
ed-uifllf, η whirliioul, dinainei» (Boiw. 
T.)- Kluge [A. «. Liiii. p. 172) κϊϊβΒ 
□nl; atruifrl (whirlpool). Ct. Ooetz, tu. 
407 (iiertign). 

uertii [-tei], slit. 25, «ee deittni, 26, 
Bee α trrgo, 27. see fruit. 

ueni,Bnaae, ilvi, 1 iAUa = ATi Fhoeat, 
p. 41*. 13 ι>ι•πι)- For i«aat. a apil. akewer, 

v. T. (am 


neauH, insani, ϊιϊϊ. 177 (Λκ/ ϊ. 10 
fol. 85'' Hftaiii et... bacchantes). 

uespvrlinorum, a. 151, Bee (t'n'urrii. 

ueite, lit, 41. Bee Umi er«d,i. 

Deatibufl, m. 56, see fiimdiim ; (tii. 11, 
see niuNilum m-. 

aeetigia, iiii. 24, sec chnroe. 

nestiments, xin. 11, see maiatoria: 
xux. 39. Beepronini; «ee O\ao Uctuttmie. 

ueatinieiitun, xv. IS, bn innolutr* ; 
xzT. 8, are buitn». 

neatia, tn. 6β, sec tjirnditen ; iv. lOS, 
■ee pmjwiilui ; it. 14, see poderln ; xm. 
IS, lee/iucia peetoralii ; ixn. ■'>. ate/olli- 
ga«le; 12. aeefoHUanlti. 

neatiiun, xtv. 33, aee laeiuiat. 

nestnienta [ueatim-]. □, 100: bc« leeii- 

netelloB, nee vilflio*. 

. 1S7. see i. 

■roro.111. HDr.S.i;art. 
Salp. Seo. Vit. S. Marl. 1, 3. 5 

uelemoBii, aee diercpita. 
uetorom [nelerooML], 

ni for y ; Coqiii'ton for Cocyli. 

see paraprotdo. 

^■rt ; XXXIX 

— nl* aeota, iriDgeeuuec, i 

ui'atfeuiH?] XII 

71. Boe ir 

aifttionm, ae 

uioe. I. IfHi. 

jmcuratoTM ; i 

nletam, piaan agreatea ide«t fugles 
beane, xm. 35 {Iiai. iiviii. 25 pooet... 
I'l'cium in QdiIiub βαίβ); οΙοΙαι, fo^lues 
benae, ιι,ϊιι. 3S iAlia=1) = iiicimti. taglw 
bem, Cp. U182; (i-, tugtaeB bean, Ep. 
28023; ii-, flaglcB bean, Ef.> 399, M. 
uieia, a veti^h; phai agreitei, wild peM; 
tor fügtet (gen. oifugel. a bird) liiatie Ae. 
(vetcb 1 Bit. bird-beans), aee Boaw. T. 
ifiilll" iwif» ; /I'S'i) : on the form flHglt$ 
aee Skeat, Cime. Et. Diet, [foiel). 

□iciati [Eiit-], xixv. ΐβΟ, aee ta/eet{. 

nldbm, unum poet unum. a. IN 
{nened. reg. 3Θ. 13 aic sibi uicibiu mini- 
Btrent fratree [20 uieinim•. Edm. Schimdl, 
Regula iiicispim ; nicibue]; 32, θ uiciMIW 
Buccf dunt [11 nioissim, uicibns, nil« ; 
Edm. Schmidt, Beg. oiciBsim, uioibus)). 

nioina, see preleriola. 

uictoria, i: 
DJctoriq, Ti 


nigentia, i 
DJKilat, XXI 

υ i gore, 
uiia, tv. 79, i 

ΙΤΠ. 19, see lounif. 

:xi. 6, Bee eum eoroHlbl 

I. fi, aee/ornieein. 

¥«:. 29, aee trapaita. 

iTin. 47, ί 

π. 43, aee lamia. 

,. 22, eee rigthti 

.XI. 2, see lufubractui 

IX. in, see fTeniliai», 

β iiatiotit. 

II,- SI 

[«liiin«. .^^H 

» lie t< 

I. 30, « 

nllloatloiila, prepositare [praepoaitaitte], 
□. lee [Bentd. Teg. 04, 17 [30] redditnro• 
eet rationero uilieatioalt aate; also niUica- 
tionis). Ct. Luke xvi. 2 redde rationem 
uiliealiottii (uill-) luiw. «^^ 

uilie, xiix. 42, see trapeata. 

uille [aillae}, i. 107, see nir/> ; xxn. t6. 
Bee ruiinnriui ; xxxix. 3G, aee nu nitiicu. 

uillicntionie. nee tiHieationit. 

ulna, prophete, x. 4 ; see uiTiiim. 

uliutcla, quod remanet in onis quando 
premnutiir, xv. 33; ninnttn, qae remunait 
io uuin qu&ndo premnutur, xtiu. S {Oiet, 
m. 1 diligunC vinacia uvnrum). 

uincerel. xixv. 174, see tripudiaret. 
uincU, xxxT. 303, see mnleata. 
uinetorum, uincloB, ΙΙΧΪ. 27, flee p«ii«e. 
uincula. iv. 34, aee metaUa. 

INDEX {L.\TIA•) uilicl,— Ult. 

_...„.. Η col. iJllO) incipiatis vos vette 
vindicare de inimicis vuHtria. 

□indictiB, luv. 104. aee ghidihut. 

nliuainm, xm. 15, see decern iugera 

nisi nuor, ρΐπκΓοα. xxxix. 11 {(Jreii, 
Dial. ΠΙ. 6 col. sas vini /u<orit...ammum 

ttiDO, III. 18, see laiicia diiiiiini ; Bce 
aliw Tiiniim eandidiim und tiina eiib v. 



— alaam cMididom, piperatum nel mella- 
tum, X. 35 (C'anr. viii. 3 Vnig. dabo tibi 
pooulum ei ritio condito\^uinum eondi• 
tum, pipEratum et melleatom, Cp. UIS5. — 
nln», piopbete, s. i {Cuiit. i. 1 meliora 
eant ubera Ena virnt ; i. 3 saper iiittum). 

nlol», herbs iacinotins [byocintbina], 
iin. 10 lUerb. ItileTpr. = Hier. in Matth. 
TU. 26-30 ficil. 46* VioUe vero purpuram, 
qdHo auperari maricu). 

uiolenter, i. 61, see exemptn. 

nlolmtlft, rortiiL, II. ISl [lioieil. reg. 
48, 44 [7Θ1 neo viotentia Uburi» oppri. 

uirgB, iixv. 163, twe icrplruin ; ΓυΓ 
uirjTo (T) 3, aee Γηηιι^ίΙ. 

uirgoe, seetuiirij jiiuiti. 

uiige [nirgae], iixv. 81, see lum-i, 

Virglnit, in. 7, eee/nniir mrgittit. 

uii^iB, XIV. 14, nee cafati : xti. 1, aee 

uiri, I. ΐό. Bee .imrnnb ι uii. 1β, see 
Tabehel; ixi. 3, see Subul; iiiviti. 11- 
14, see CiilMratu: — o^ eordttU, hoao 
Corde, iti. Θ2 (ιΓκύ iixiv. 10 uiri cartlali 
Büdile me) = ulr( conJiiCi, bono cordv, Gp. 
U194; Ep, 28610; Er.' 4U0, II. 

niildBilo, XLii. 20, «ee in uiridaria 
domut, sab v. uiridariam. 

nirido dicitur, ui. 62 


XLII. 20 

{lix dip. libri,'!). 

Duide, III. 41, see lino eniiio; 

IUI. 48, 

ses murtitt. 

nindem, ili.T, lee iaipU. 10, sei 


du: 16, Bee q(jw««iH. 

Hindis, lui. 7, see carixwini. 

niriditaCe. ii.n. 20, see tn 


domiM, BQb T. iiiridariiim. 

Qirido, III. 62, see iiti' 

nirilia, iiitx. 4Θ, see caleulum 

uirtutiH, IIXV. 116, Bee nuitiini'. 

uiaoera, iii. 36, see uifiiAii, for ii 

aiseerade, vi. 2, eue uiicide. 

nUclde. uiscerade, vi. 2 (flrcu. e 
nlactds, iDsluotabile idest luaius 
IL. 1 (Uerbii?). See Addenda. 

uilja], I 

uiiibHB, ι. 126. see ipeetaciila. 

8, see irreticoi. 
era, m. 3Θ {I)e S. Marl.t 
Slor. = Salp. Sev. Dial. i. 16. 3 doloribncl 
iiiiiilia uuiuersa quatereotur) = nilalia, | 
uiicera, Cp. U2UU. " 

itnlia, eec uitahii (for 

α [tot > 

■"?), 1 

■II. 7, a 

ulteleoB. inueneB, iiivi.22 (Oro 
BratuB.,.iiiorie «use frutrea, ΓίΙΐΙΙίι» | 
iuufnef...jn conlionem protraiit i in note I 
uiKlJo». Cf. ujttlli, Bueoras, Gp. U177 1 
and Ef.i 399, 3-, uilrlli, suehoraH, Ep. I 
28A24. The iiuotstiiHi from Oroa. ehowafl 
that «itelfon riiufar« in the present QIobb• Γ 
sry i» (1 icniNui without an interpretation. ' 
The first word (altered to a nnm. plur.) j 
has orept into the Cp., Ep. and Et QIobi., 
supplemented by an apparent inCerpreta- 
tion (ijworan, luekanu, ddiii. plur. ol 
miäfr, from iwiufcir, Bce Bosw. T. tirtor, 
nwelior^G. SchicHher, Hehieager. Sehmie- 
ger. Du. imager, a lenn whiob. accord- 
ing to Kloge, oriftinally meant a wife's 
brother). The first word appears again 
(as a nam. ting., with the same interpre- 
tation, also in the aing.1 in Ef.i 400, 43 
(v(1«IJni, saeor). BnttLeA.S. wordit do not 
interpret a tnord { Vitetliot), but explain tlie 
fact that the Vitellii were "the brothers 
of the wife of Brutus," that is, " bia 
brothcre-in-law (lufDrun)." This vtlellnt, 
eilellan, ahould, therefore, not be altered J 
tn vHricui, aa is Eiigi^eBCeil by Diefcnboeh ■ 
and üoetz ; nor find a pluc« in any Lat. 1 
Diet ■ 

nitelioB. see aiteleiu. 

uitelli, Titellios, see uiuUot. 

uitiatl. see in/eeti. 

olUi^em, bleei, iiivi. 10 {On», τ. β, 
Aef|!7ptii cxiio..,uitiligiiieM pnterentnr ; 
10, llecabiem ac uililiiiiHem) — ailiginem, 
bleci. Cp. U168; uititigo. bleotb», Ep. 
2βΑ34; uililiffo. bleoths, Kf.' 3UÖ, 14. 
For bleci, blfctlui, leprosy (alBO E. 
blight?). Bee Bosw. T. {blaey-t). 

uilia, iiiviii. 7, see ealumnat nil 

nllTSU [for uilrn«], iiiviti. 
columiuu «Ureal. 

uitreum, xxivii. 5, Bee capiaca. 

ultrlcnm. atouHeder, xxxvt. 14 {Oros. l.I 
12, omitto Oedipunl...uJMi!um snan^.fl 
Cf. Tiilrii-iru, ateopfaeder, Cp. D181;| 
H.. atenpfaedaer, Ep. 38A3S ; N., staap^l 
fotar, Et.i Syn, lü. Cf. BoKW. T. (Heap- Μ 
fader); Skeat, Cane. Did. («tfprAf Ml i 

«Mll/-^O.H.Ö. Itiof: ■" 



WDEX {latin) uit— und. 

nitUm, sea odonh u 

aitala, Bee uitulam c 

nltnlam coniteniuitem, laeciuiaQtem 
It aeate pro uemiibua, τη. 34 {Hierem. 
iLTHi. 34 vilvla conumanle ; [vilulam] 
eonilernanUm, ap. MiRne, Pair. L. xiir 
col. lOIO»). Cf. Iiai. iv. 6 vitalam cun- 
ffrntintcm; Cp. CS3T (eantteriiantcm, in- 
domitam) ; aat ante (wbioh begina a new 
line in the US., but with no capital A) 
perh. for (IN( aeitnanlemJ Qlogger, how- 
ever, caakes a soparale lemms of il, te- 
ferring it to Hieran, xiivi. 30 cadaver 
eiuH proicietar ad antam pei diem. 

uttnlunlna, ideet filii a altulie dicantur 
qui de adulterio natj, ii. 5 {Sap. iv. 3 
spuria vitulamina non dabaut radicee 

□itulie, XI. 5, Bee uittUamina. 

uittiperans, iv, 2, gee lynieiai. 

□itaperatiouiB, iivm. 74, see ironia. 

ntaulum, pisdna, xlvh. 11 lAlia—'!]= 
bi/ari"•, piBcioa. Cp. B112; Ep. GC9 : 
Et.• 347, 52. 

uitiGDs, II. 33, eee ceiiohiia, 

uiuere, lee telopagere, 

nix. statim, xiiv. 56 (Eaf. xi, 12 (ol. 
18*• rixdiim coepto beUo ; Caeciari p. 90 
vix ilum 0. h.; of. ϊ. 1 fol. 75* iiii oredi... 
potest; VII. 8 fol. 118" ri'z α nobie eo- 
hörtatue; vn. IB foi. 133• *o.). For um 
(xUT. 2) Bee cau«. 

niidum, see iiix. 

nlxlllapt labmm idem «ant, ideet segin, 
UIT. nu (fill/. IX. 9 M. 152• ill militaria 
vtxiäa tratütormat, ao labarHia...ex- 
•ptal). Ct. iicxUla, BeiKn, Cp. U85. For 
•«pin, lungn (from Lat. •ΐί;«Μηι}, a Bigo, 
token, Bi<e Bobw. T. {ifgi, ifffm). 

ulcanalia [uulcan.], xliii. 90, see 

nletta, lepra uel uulnus, xxtv. 107 {De 
F.Tueb.) ; imcoB, lepra, iv. 12 {Eccl. Iitor.) 
= (iiii/. ri. 1 fol. 10* Berpit.,.eenno...iiioDt 
life ω in gtegibus). 

nllgo, terr^ naturaliB, xlv. 29 {Verba de 
ιαηΙΙϊι = Ατι Phocaf, p. 413, 20 haeo caligo 
futigo; in note oli'jfa). Cf. utigo, fatiniar 
terrae. Cp. 0236 ; Ep. 28Äin ; Ef.' 398, 

nllxH. xLiii. 5 ; sea polideiKn, — Ultxia. 
Bee PneniL•piι. 

nUo, XLtv. 10. Bee cardines. 

ulteriorein. iiiv. 32, nee celeriorrm. 

txm, oitro, hiilirandidir, lli. 64 {Vit. S. 
Anton, xuvt ool. 169» tiUro iiiroqne). Cf. 
nltroqiie eitrmjiie, ludcr ond hider, Cp, 

-urn omitted, by the 

stroke over r : tor for /oruni 

um belles, see uml-rellai. 

of I 

nmbiliiam, xi. H, see poderit. 

umbonera. oee Uibruui. 

ombrellaB, stale to fuglam, 
U)iii = ?) = unf6refi<u (for Qmht-), ί 
foglnm. Cp. U259 ; Ep. 28Α32»; Bf.» 
399.12. Tlmhrellaa=uin5W;i», Bua-8fa»da 
(Lewie A Sb.). Stalo, ulalu, pi. of «(el, « 
plaee, atead, stall ; see Kinge, Btewt. 
WiWteTl. {Stall). 

nineota, gebj^ec, xxiv. 3 {MatK.f not 
in the Vulg, D^umrcl:. ({ibrec. Op. ϋϊ4β. 
The y in gtbijraec is, perhaps, a mis• 
reading of a mark written above the word 
in the MS. which the Eoribe foUoweit. For 
Se-brati; gebree Sec. see BoBw. T. {br^e, a 
breakbg, dowing, rbenm) ; Klage, Wjib. 
{brach ; Brachceaer, Urueh' Ac). — For 
umeeta, see also »;" 

81 ί 

. 12; 

21, 26 (tili^THi una). 

miaquftcque, see laid jtorte. 
unaqueqn« [nuaquaeigiie] χ 

7, I 

1.7, Β 

lieel. — αηα1>ι i 

i^olidi», xxti. 5 (7> ponder. }]. tmela fit 
aic ; \ qn; tincia pensat sjliqaas cium hoo 
cat Bolidoa Di, iixn. 5 (De ponder, ί). 
nnda nna, Bolidi ui. xxim. 21 {Euch. De 
ponil.r]. Cf. Blame, i. 373. 30, 374. 2 Ao. 
—MX unUaa [uncias] mediani partem 
unius uille [-lae] conauetudo est romtui- 
orum totam sabatanliam iii ontiAB [nn- 
ciaa] djcere alue magna sit siue mo^c«, 
XIX«. :■« (Greif. Dial. in. 21 ool. 878• 
nihil. ..ei alind niai aex uneicu unius poa- 
eeasiunculae lar^etur...ex eudem fnndo, 
quem in erx uneitt a patre perceperat). 
For »ex iineiae cf. the preeeut QloeaaiT 
(ixxvii. 9) labulai legal. 

unoialiboe, see unlfolibiu. 

uneiam, ιιχπι. 6, see i(<irer. 

unciaB, xixi. 4, see libru, 96, aee eott- 

onoia, XLi. 17, see nvutigiti. 

unctuB, xm. 4, see delibatiii. 

Diunili lepra, it. 12; aee aleut, 

iinde, n. 147; x. 9; xiu. 7. 31, 53; 
UT. 13.20; IV«. 5. 16; xxi. 3 ; xxii. 13; 
[xiiii. 5. 13 ; ixiyii. 9. 19 ; XLi». 3 ; ητ. 


12, β 

- 11. 

INDEX (lati:v) ung. — uNq, 

äuge [unguis], iiv. 9, eae in miffe. 

nnsentonun [ungaentoruni], x, 'ä. see 
odor uiiyeHlonim, 

UQgue, aee in unge adamniilino, 

ungneata, x. 9, aee nardum ; xvi. '20, 
aee imigmala. — unguentorum, xxxv. 169, 
eee in mi/Hheee. Mügamtoia exliunltum, 
Chriame uocabulum dedialuni [for dedi- 
oatiitn? w iu Β Bern MS.] est quod noQ 
ante dicilur chriBma quam eaper bumi- 
nem fuurit fuanm, χ. 6 {ϋαπΙ. ι. 3 vera. 
ant. Sub. ungurMum eiinanilum [»leum 
«/ftuiin, Vnlg.Jeat nomen tunm) ; aee alao 
odor uiigtntaTuni. 

ungoere, xin. 11, aeo »lunduj« ™-. 

unguis, XIV. 9, aee in unpf.—impila at 
(pttta, pigmeatnm de arboilbus, xii. 21 
[EceUt. xxiT. 21 quaeintarBi et galbanun et 
v^gula et gut (a).— anffnluu, fentimourDum 
nt diniti, χϊχν, 89 (am/. Tin. 3 foL 135• 
vngulii fodiebantar ; Tin. 10 Γοΐ. 139'' 
vngulii exarari ; fol. 140• ad vugaes m- 
gnta peiaeoiebul) = u«gHla, lerrum cur- 
bunt (aic) digiti, Cp. Ua55; £p. 28C7 ; 
Ef.> 399, 26. 

nngulia. see ungulam, 

imi, I. 109 : xxTin. 79. 

nnibrellai, Tor umbretlai (q.v.). 

onieoniiB, in. 32, see tmntocenu. 

nniuenalis, i. 31 ; n. 34, aee catboHeia. 

Bniue, II. 189; xv. 11, 13, 83; xvm. l; 
izi. 2; xxviii. ST. 76; xxx. Ö, 9, 84; 
zxzv. 75; XIX». i)3; xuii. 2A. 

uaiueouiuuiae, ii 

. 115; 

. 149; 

'. 210. 

nitUaUbiu, longia, xix. 9 (•ΙιΛ•, Prar/. 
Hieron. p. xiv". and Migoe, P. L. ixriil 
ool. lOes• HtuialibNt. ut valgo aiunt, 
litteria) ^ uncialibiit. loogoi, Up. U254 ; 
nneialibiu, longia, Up. 2äC4 ; Ef.> 399, 

antiae [iinc-], xxivii. 9, see tabalat 
legal ; untlaB [unc-], xxxix. 36, see itx 
unlfoi, BDb T. uneia. 

nntioos [far Hncitwi], χι,τιι. 4, we an• 


I. S, I 

i unfltiEHftini txi- 
■tv, 11, eee ctima, 19, see 
:, aee conulat; 

β hyat. 

uocttre, ixTm. 71, aee ephieliirrimi. 
^Λ QOcut, XT[. 29, aeo chaldri. 
^B uDoatiotieB. n. 97, see kalmde. 
^^B ODOato, IX. 4. aee aecilo. 

UQcauerat, xuv:. 16, aee pelUremt. 
uocum, iiTin. 19, aee lympMlma. 
nolle« [for /olio], ixivn. 2, see β. 

uoluitur, in:. 13, aeefaieia pectoralii. 

Toluminum, aee liiilagiaatoii. 

nolunt, Xiv. 30, see ptdalit ; ιιτίπ. 18, 
see αμο tu- ; iLviii. 11, eee gettiuat. 

noluntatie, π. 22, eeeplaeorii. 

Uüluptariua, xixviii. 9, aee ipieliriu», 10, 
see phitagorat. 

uomitum, n. 27, see crapvla. 

norlth, erba [lierba] eat de ipea panea ι 
faciunt quos erbaticaa (Cambi. MS. ter- 
batica») appellaut et Biooaat iltoa babent- 
que pru iiapore [sapone ?]. xir. 3 {HUr. u. 
22 miiUipUcBTeria tibi berbam borith). 

notl DOmpoa. xpiatlnna, it. B4 ; uaU 1 
oopoa [I], ipiatiana [chrialiana], xiiv. 29β; 
gee rompu«. 

Doz, Q. 6, see aittiphotta ; hit- 315, eee 

upipB, aee eucumla, 
uibana, see urbnniu. 
urbanna, BBpiena. it. IS {Ruf. η. 18 toi. 
20* uita iirbutiti). 
urbe, XXXIX. 17, see Snbara. 
Orfaiena et urtuliu Qyu&li memutA, ' 
24 [EMh. de paml.7}. Ot. c ' 


XI. ae. 


urgentes [to be read for mirgealei], sea 

urido [(or urigo ?]. xixv. 3, see prorigo. 

urtgo, lee prarigu. 

uma, ideat uaa aareum rotundum Ion- 
gum aliquid subtilis in duobua Unibus 
ulna urn iindii|ae eiueptia foraminibua 
modicia in laterlbua babena intus xii 
oiatva [cjalboa] modicun plumbeoa ba- 
bentes xn mcnaeB aoribtoa [aciiptoe] in eia 
unde aurliuntur i|Dicumque prima exiit 
pel fonuuen uertente unxe eicut ante con- 
diieruut, xiu. 12 {litllirT III. 7 Menae 
prima, cujns vocabulum eat Niaan, . . , 
nüsBa eat eora ϊα uriium. . .qua die et quo 
menae geua .Pudsoruin deberet inlerfioi: 
el eiivit menaia duodeuimua). Ci. Steinm. ' 
I. 4Θ9, 2Θ. 

urnam, aee uma. 

umaa, xxxiii. 11, teechalm. 

urai [?] iTi. 5, aee IttUticus, 

□aque, Tin. 10, aee "' tui/ui• ad...; Ii. 14, 
aee pitderit ; ixxv. 262, see illu tuque, 

nMlite quaque, inuttnin, xltu. 3 (.4Ιύι I 


INDEX (LATIS) list— ϊρο. 

Dt, ι 

. 182; 

ΐ. Se. 33. 62. S3 : mat. Κ, 7. 13. 16 ; 
ηχτ. 39 ; *U. a, 14Ί6 ; lUr. 4, 10. Iß. 

sUMt. frnMur. ii. 18β {Benal. rtg. 3. 
•UlVil^euioTaia ..ataturtaaaAio-, 28, 15 
[ΐϋ] atatur abbae feiro abrcUioiiisl. 

Dteniulia. ii. 48. Bee ii 

Dtenu. iLvt. ϊ$, »ee π 

Ml. qaemadniodum eicuti, ii. 181 (cf. 
Stiud. tig. 37, 5 ideo uli debet omni modo 
at Μφύη« medicoB). 

ntilU. I. 63. ax idonea. 

Dtiiote, MG utpute. 

n^ata. ulaat. χΕατ. β (£>e Cauiana. 
/wt, VI. 3 Ht puta use, trietitiae ; τα. 3 
ul pMti caroie Bimpticee motua aoaoB 
nidemnfl... ; »iii. 4, 2 ul pufa. — iVa*/. p. fi 
Ii. β tttpote [Mpnu, in note) itui ; v. 30. Ί 
alpole [ntpalt, in not«] iudicane; x. 2, 1 
•iff»M [iilpuU, in note J). 

utri. ui. IH, ue Μ•ηΐ}>ιι. 

utrie, u». IS, aee balr^'pcrit•:. 

ntrinKque, lui. 13. ae» hrniio/rintilii'. 

atnimqiie, we nilnm. 

uuaa. am. 11, ace lumbruiciu. 

uutcamtlia, eeu baehui. 

nnlcaiii, xiviii. 13. see lunan. 

nnletri. Iiuni. xxxii. 35 (ϋι-ί-ρ. THat. iv. 
96 Bol.361» t^hthatiaa Ilulgur... Bnlgitic^ 
UnKua lountuB eel). Himi may be (nr the 
Iritt. HuMiri, 01 be correct as it stände, αα 
earlier form (βββ MicTure. A.S. Gramm. 
I 1B3•) o( Λ.Β. mm, a Hun (Buew. T.); 
ef. 0. U. υ. Hri»> (OmS. it. ΟβΟ : Bobade. 
13U), er. äleinm. it. 214, lU, where oaa 
MB. bau Imn. 

uulg"). I. 94, Hoepawim. 

□ul({UB. XVI. 39, nee CluiliUi. 

uolneruiD. xi. 13. eee malnaimi. 

uulnui, XXXV. 107, aee iiUui. 

tmluiuculiua [alne iolerpret.], n:. 13 
(i)e S. Mart. SUir. = Hulii. Sev. Diät. 3, 3, 
6 prope ipBum uulnuKuluin}, 

vultar. na arpa. 

iixor, XVI. 13, MO« rrijinii ; xixviii. B4, 
»ee patHilopit t xixix. S3, aev prcbilrm. 

uxorei, i. 104. »ee pretbileivi. 

χΓοιτΑι leDodojiorum (lor leDodoi-fii. 

IX. 39 (not in Gre«. Dial.. 
Cmu. Calchfil. i. y. 133 ant ptocfaionn, 
aal rtno^iM^hivni*! rebni) = iimiÄmUe, 
Et,' 401. 4. r. . i~ . 

«MWdtaianim [-dochioraml, eoOecfi- 
onam. iii\. 44 ll<rri. lmterrt.=Hier. ύι 
UaUh. 1 I = sfmodariaruM, ooUeettoaDBi, 
Cp. XI. See alao ridoHieu, 

xtn&Si». herbe [-^^e] qoQ ooDtedanter 
incocte (taej. xxuv. S (Dt CoMieno, Imt. 
tv. 31 at xtrvfagia ooDlenti esecnt ; tu 
note txtroftigia, xtrofagiU χ ibid. rr. 9S 
i|Di maxime xfru/rifriü...atiiDtDr). 

xerophagia, aec nrro/ajiut. 

xp for rhr: xpiatiatia, xpistianiiun, 
ipiaiianonuu ; xpielo ; xpiiUie (tor ChHH-), 

xinstiana [chnst-]. tl. β4, aee noti eoM- 
poi ; XXXI. 293. see uoti πφο*. 

xpistianiam [for Chriatiani 7]. x. 5, aee 

xpialianoroui, ixi.35, see uarUUu tlfv- 


nj.—for I : 

bjmini lliirrumj ; cynoriB (cinyiü) i 
tlura Ici'th-) ; dynletiuui (dialuet-) ; gjt 
igit) ; iacynlini (hyatmthini) ; ta)>yi)oBin 
(tapin) : tybicen (lib-).— (or •κ : cymiteri* 

ylex [for ilex], see ilieiu, 

ymnam. sec %niHiini. 

yperbaton, idesl Iraneecnaio, xiviu. 87ί 
see hj/prrbaton. 

yjierberetheuB. i. 73, see memU yprr- 

ypertwleii, xnviu. 38, see /Mryijmnnii y-, 

ypo (Hiib) toa (hoc) idiia (scinn), Md• 
neooae aciu<iat to, xxx. 96 {Cnt. Hier. 
Lim), for wliioh sea ypo («ib) tyoa (hoo) 

ypo (sub) tyoi (boo) prltto prtneoae. 
Becet tu, 1ΛΧ. 9ό ; ypo (eub) lot (hoe) 
adno fsciiiu) adueooie, «cimlat le. xxx. UO 
inn. Hin: i.ini col. 67.i* Hujus [Julii 
Africani] eet epiatola sd Origenfm super 
quaoBtione Busannae ; eo qaod dioat in 
Hebrtieo hanc fHbnlani noti haben nee 
□onTenire oum Hebraica etymologU iwi 
ToS νχίγαι•σχΙααι,ΐίαΙ άιιΛ ταΟ rplum• vplvati 
Itieh.! HujuB e. e. α. O. b. .|. B.ooq. d. in 
H. h. f. Π. h. nee conv. c. H. et. iwi roil 
wplroii rplaai sal dri τοΡ σχίι-οιι αχίβαί \ Β; 
...uec οαπν. a. h. etb. apotu priou prise 
kni Bpolu chinon cliiaau ΊύχΛ onginB 
prino percutiarie ; et a ecino aciudaria ; 
; ...uec conu. oum hebraiea [bera follow• 


ft whole blani line, after ehioh thia 
AngBb. ed. hau tlic tolloniog five worda] 
eppoiiliunet Danilulü ml eoiiuiiitendoi 
tttiei, whioU are not in uny ui the edd. 
that I have seen). — The meaninii ot the 
aboTe is " this story ot SuBanoah oannot 
have been io the Hebrew, becanse only in 
Greek ;ou can derive κρΙ^ια (r^liriu), to 
«aw, from tlie name ur the trae oalled 
Tfimj (prinita. Lew. 4 Sh.l, and the verb 
<rxlt<" {ιτχίσαι), to cleave, from the name 
»t the tree called βχΐκη (eclünue, Lew. Λ 
Sh.)." — Tbeee etjinologieB are wronB, but 
not the argumeut, eepecially if the author 
hod eaid "it can't be Hebrew becanse 
both the tree-aBmeB are Or»il'."— The five 
words in the Augab. ed, are correct, and 
in the blank line it may have been said 
"for we find these tree-names when we 
lead " opfHuid'nH« Danihelis (i.e. Daniel's 
queBtions) tending to convict the elders. 

ypoteeeon, see de enioftroinito. 

y|)otheseoQ, see ypoplieaon. 

ypoeheneon, eee ypophetion. 

ypaphBHon [for hupotlmeint], 
tionum, ιϊι. 93 (Cnl. HUr. c. 
7011" varinnim hypaiharoii libelll . 
ardiim : Vuiarnm irwaeiirtut libelli ; Β 
variarum ypochneoa idcst eipoaitionum 
libelli ; C : vsrionun libelli [blank] : oonf. 
dxv col. 713^ diaersamm hypotheteon 
tractatus ; Β : diaersarani ypotheieon 
Idest expositionum tractatus ; C : diu. 
[blank] tmcwtne). Ct. if If« ft« on, etmcti- 
onum, Cp. Y4 ; Ef.' 401, IS and Cp. Yl. 

ypoUieieon [for huputijpogton], disposi- 

NDEX (cat. NVMERALii) 
{Cat. Hier. 

; Rieh- 


elemens ir 
Clemens ii 


UpolypuKoH id est 
vel intortnetioDum ; C : 
[ [blank] Hoc est infnrma- 
E: ιταιθηαηβιι idest diniulAtl-J 
onum) = ypoUiam, dieposilioniuu, Cp. Yl};r 
ypoteitcoH, disposition om, Et.' 401, S. 
ypotyposeon, see ypothricun, 
ypotenxli, qnanda diuersa uerba singu• I 
lis npta clansulifl appanuntlir, xivni. Μ 1 
(C<i<i. Ροπίπι. I. 1 col. 23• Quae figur«~| 
Jicitur hypoifixU, q. d. □. a. a. C. a.). 

ζ (or cÄ : oaleiiiatur (cetecftii-). — for| 
d ; ZD^iaoum (xod-).— for g : proles on 

zcti, II. 73, see tMulatiane. 

quanda malU J 
uerboaut unase ' 

45 (Cow. Pialtm 
. q. m. p. a. u. u 

D;iacuni, eoh v. Bjdin. 
, «ideralis, xliv. S3 {Alia; 
cieh) ; loilacum, sideralem, xxvii. 
{Lib. üoI.)^(Inid. Je nnf. rentm IT. 1 
96!) luna Zodiacum circolnm perdncitiu^a 

= 2o(iacu»i, Bideialem, Cp. Z6; " 

sideralem, Ef.' 401, IH. 

I. 14, Ρ 

> tmc 



II. INDEX {Latin Numerals exprei 
by Ilomaii Signa). 

N.B. The reference- are to the 

(1.) Index (Lntin, pp. 51-317). 

11 (duo), ixit. 11, see ephl; ιχϊπι. 17. 

Ill (tertlus). iijv. 1β. see ant-irtieu*. 

lee ill« 1 xxiix. 43, see .la,u (uraiuf. 

iiu (quatuar), ini. 59, ieefintri , xiii. 

Ill (tres). Π. 86, see bimiim j iv. B9, see 

17, sfs Oreet. 36. seuj'», 31, see n-x Jana«;: 

ixxui. 35, see tiliqm una, 36, see itxtn--• 

iMeeAquita, 19, eeeoboiui, 40, eee amphora. 

ri-ii; ϊχχν. IS. see awuirfffa; xnvli. 9v 

41, Reeiainoc xxx:i.4, seeofcoiiM; xxxm. 

see labulai legiit ; xliv. 1β ter, see antar• • 

; 4, see dra'jma, 6, see »later, 8, see obului. 

tieu,, 17, see cmu.-llll GENERA., 

,10, seebiliM, 11, eeecitatiu, 13, see ephi. 

PQKTARim [heading to xuji. S3— 27ij 

' 14, see αΠαΙζ, 15, see sola. 16, see uoinvr. 

seecowicu,]. *l 

- 19, see lubel. 33, see nemiiincia, 39, see 

obol,u i ii,.u. 43. soepoitii-idie. 

xuv. 1«. nee aiiltirlici«. 

^^^^a INDEX 

SI9 ^^H 

ii-ö, see αρο (u-i ypo (nnb) (^05. 

i-wer\i,pw>iti, see cdiCtuiMi. ^^^| 

άτοδίίζιΐιΐί, see ei/tiggeiicei iipod: 
ιίτοΧογΙβ). aee apoiojfu«, sub v, apolo- 

ivLovviw, aee tfnjuUui'i. ^^^^Λ 


tirWiiatt, xia. hi, see epiaiU. ^^^^1 

άριθμτιηκίι•/. see Jiuficiiea. 

VtitdM"• "ββ Ερίίοπίΐη. ^^^^H 

ϋρΐΐ, Bee nrpn. 

ί*<ψ. Me pic«4. ^^H 

ά(.ι:οιηο)•1βι•. see nrehnlnmnm. 

^ραατή>, see ptofbeiu. ^^^^^M 

ifrfaaTmlm, aee (/«οηΐι•«!!. ^^^^^| 


άρωμίτω•', see lupotliim. 

ΑακήΒΐι, see luee/i. 

ddtVfui, tee placheui. 

e£»«U>, eeü «iftiitni. ^^^H 

aainp-iKÖr, see (iicftriHi, Bub T. (wreii. 

(iXifKiTTior. see jxmaflirieon. ^^^H 

(ΙνπιΙλαβιπ, see atpallum. 

.ύχή.', see aceuan. ^^H 

airtioiwloi/, aiTtiowIv, see piicii/r^ido. 

fijrirMTUf, see dnticl.i. ^^^H 

βίηί». we ecuiuitrn (where wronglj aut 

^>ili, see ierttkia. ^^^^H 

in »at in). 

fuiii, aee ierriicoK. ^^^^1 

J), ΒΜ aneillii ; h ; ho platoii |UU, ^^^H 

^ίομ, Bee icreticat. 

Η ^^H 

yV^si. aee ιηπίΛΐ. ^^^H 
il/iuit. see cE }iroe"iiiiuH. ^^^^H 

βι,ρβιύί, »« iijfr«™#. 

iipiyjpu», Bee ^nic.Vn, ^^^H 

ytytvriaeiu. tee ptoeAiu». 

edXaairar, see «nrtoa. ^^^H 

γ/ρουι, Bee ifrrticae. 

ecla, see thia. ^^^M 

γωμιτμφ. see liiafafiiM. 

γ^ημματηίϊ, see ffTUmlaatto•. 

9.οΰ. we .ep«.. p.rU,u -. i,«„tocra,Uo. ]^H 

Ίραμματιιτιι, Bee diultctiai. 

etptrdi. Bee Terino: ^^^^1 

θιωριμικτ}/, βιωριττ"^. Μβ IheorUiten. ^^^^Λ 

yna, see Qfpe. 

θιαρψ-ίΚόϋ, aee irreticiM. ^^^^M 

γιΐ^, aee arpa. 

it, see »mm ; ptochiiu. 

öftSpoßa-nii^ see niHia. 

llif. Bee tiiKnjrmtifoii. ^^^^H 

ä(i/Tfpiifffi!, Bee deuleres. 

iifnrwDÜ. see frriljcu«. ^^^^H 

»turipuniy. Be» rffUlerunu. 

Icpiat. Bee ientico». ^^^^H 

ίήαιίί. Bee anfiflu. 

ΊΐΜβΰ, eee r( uraciHuiun. ^^^^^H 

ίιαλΜτκήν, Bee ilMerliea. 

aee ^^H 

iiarptßa!, ΒιατριβΊι. see dmirifc-i.. 

ΙΧίώι s«, Ki/pit. sou ittvitin Cyrif, ^^^^^Λ 

i^aφιΛι^^ι^, itafmrlaw. flee Jinfiftuiiiun. 

iim>L>|Wi Ιχβύι, see ulia. ^^^^^M 

auS/iuf, see ifon'.T. 

i>7«i7Tpi(iifliM; [and -iv), see dt entot- 

Ισταρίαι, Bee croniran. ^^^^M 

^ΎίριίτΕΐα, see vanUxrantu. 

ίχ$ύί, aee glU. -^^^M 

iKi^t» α.Η•. Bee <eucH«n. 

καβαρίύι. Bee eatbanai. ^^^^^U 

iKKoiiiKntniplia, Bee fi en. 

tasäpäu•, aee eat/uran. ^^^^^Λ 

«αϊ, see cupun prnViu ; dialccfictl j ^^^^Λ 

iwriffi.. itatiefuit. Bee cilasei. 

vmlUMf.ptocheuf.HnphonH-.theoritUan ^^^M 

εκωωιο, <ee A« pbileii. 

ypo (sub) tyot. ^^^H 

IKtyxBi, see 'Ugoi. 

(aloFTd, aee malttoli». ^^^^B 

ir ayof4. Bee ο^οΓο. 


^ΐΊ<ίη>:α>ί<ι»ιπηρ1ί<ι, Bee ex fa. 


ίίσωμίτον, »ee ropuii peritia. 

1ξ&\(>ιηρ0ΐ', ΙΐαΜΊ"••, see cinua. 

■αμΐ|Χαιΐτι. to^ifXaiiiioi', aee CfUoniaucui. ^^^^^| 

<fax\a. Hee aao. 

«ifuiOr, MC ιπιι£Ι<αίί(. ^^^^H 

'EfairXoii, aee ill eiapluU. 

■ofPopli' Bee chimlari. ^^^^1 

ifrrrvirtiar, aee tieHfaron. 

«ατί^ωμ. Bee cronJiTM panuo». j^^H 

ioin-aoT<«oi, see elioos : iordiiitu ; puni• 

κατά, see cuCaaiiti«: οαίλα nuiKhan; ^^^^| 


metVora. ^^^H 

iiraiM», B«e cniipinon. 

■ίαταιγί), see liittgU. ^^^^^H 


• »^,•*¥'^ Λ0ί^ Φ0 »i*f*9^r 

0t/i^/0 M0 Ή•**•»•^ 


0tifiHftßti*L '^^ ^ffftt^h*^^. 

0^lttflfif0 , *^^ pftf0/lHHl 

ntfa. pM• Htfiun iiftlHi• , ήρ ^ftto0homll^ ; 
hl iiinnmihm , Ihnthut^ piitiUtt fnnUi, p0rk 

lilwii lihHK , μΙ mill• Iff 

HtfilHfiHIHf, ΜΦ f ff If Ultimi. 


Ύ0β^ «<• fU)€hfMM, 

ΤΜ/;κΤέΜΝ, Μ« Αο pimlem. 

rh /)riih>Acifrar^y see ί« epitimitUmm. 

fh ΘνμιιΛψ, fee f» (Aiatui m. 

r^f M• eapun periems; ko platan. 



τοπικών^ see tropicon, 

του, see apo tu• ; et pracomian ; ypo 
(sub) tyo», 

τούτον^ see ptocheus, . 
• τροχΐΧΪία, Tpcx^Sj see troelei, 

τωΗτω, see ho platon. 

τω¥, Bee et procomian ; sintagmaton, 

νΊΓοθέσ€ω¥, see «2« entoetromito ; ypophe- 

vTOTVTTUHreunft see ypotheteon. 

φαΎοΧοίδοροι^ φαΎοΧνδοροΐι Ree nfnicias, 

if>i\6Kcu¥0¥y see philocain. 

ΦιΛΟΝ, see λο platon, 

φι\οξ€νΙφ^ see d« philoxenia. 

φλλοίΓΤϋΐχίατ, see ptoeheus. 

Φίλων; Φίλ(ΰτα ; ΦίΛωΝΑ; 0tXa;W^ci, 
see λο platon. 

φ\άσκω¥^ see flasconi, 

φράσ€ΐ. Bee phraysi. 

χαρακτήρα, see cataracterat. 

X€ißA€pi¥6Sf see exemerinxis, 
Xeip2, see »intagmaton, 
χοιη, see coim. 
χριστού, see ίί procomian. 
χρονικών, see cronicon. 
χρονοτγραφέΐον, see cAri fi»cus. 
χρονογραφίαί, see cronographieu, 
ψαύ€ΐν, see opo tu ptsaum. 
ψ€υδ€πίΎραφα; φ€υδ6τγραφα, see paeudo 

ψυχάριον, see animalus. 
ψυχή^ see animaltu, 
ψυχΐ€ξοδο, see paichiexodo. 
ώκΐβίον, see oehinw. 
ώκιρον, see ochimo, 
ωμΛ\6rfηfΓCLl, see ptoeheus, 
*üpiyivovs, see sintagmaton, 
ώστ€ρ, see aftct7/f«; enrusa. 
ώστ€, see sintagmaton. 

IV. INDEX {Hebrew) 

records the Hebrew words quoted in the I. Index (Latin). 

^TK. see AriheUio. 
^ί<ηκ, Ree AriheUio, 

1. .-.J 

n^'>3 , see 6orii ; λ^ΓΟα fullonum. 

(npife'n) ^^, see exertum. 

nniJTIpj see «ηπιβα. 

73 J; ^5?., see in ηαδ/ιβ. 
(η*η'ηΐ?3^) n-ja, see anciZ/w. 
n^UDj see epyuision. 
ΡΡ^ΊΡ, see sarahalla, 
♦(«n^pni) ΊΒ^ζ, see awjirti«. 
H/b^, see sinthema. 

* Bead so instead of the word printed in the I. Index (La^'n). 

V. INDEX (« 

».». Αβ am 

hit düeAf AMax.y 

A MtoM« l»A*ft»ta.ltoin. ■«■■ awä. prftti« - i^d^^^ 

utt-mmHf i tt i K ill rta.rfc«ifcc»tTo.^i— IwiBrihnSa^SaCSr 
■ i> UMt np« Μ >o Λ> T. or Leto tm»m (y». a to »71 : Umk η 

HCBt Τ. bin («. ν- ■■dw a*^ ntwaii« ia naJe b, ^eeta m 

1. Mi rn r' rmit Ίι j-fi ίητίί " fi^n) 

M« (M). iiiv. UA. tV^M. ^-x of Β 
faaenlplU; aJumrrMfiU: ate nC"*• 
MM, Cm huMD. Kp.: &m. M. -Πκ 

tMn. ssd'h 

holh Kp- Mill Bf, gin »liia 
lu tdo«•. Bai in ibe pmcnl 


hj dMdn'i, tD knnllMa by "fermm mrtiiu 

ki, M. «^. 

IdMafroraSfu: aKrii!. Cp.). iiir.S.i. 
<f lltarä, nnel; tu UMrU. «od l«ln« 
βΚρΒβ i hofiitlt. 

Ml|lb-|, ic>: Mcliäri. 

MM-ll ( -»n-lio, ftniio). ιι.τι. »», •ΐΒΐ>ι/ί. 
tingulw; we t l Mp l w. 

arme**!, Of 1*0 wnriM atrtii (an o*|{le| 
and (föi (■ Tuiture); ntw amemt. 

anti, in fffif« ί ant arngt»; 
mrn-yiiMi,, or uro word» ami (an eagle) 
and gtvp (a vnltnr•}; nee ui-npnu. 
MT'iiuioB. απ turaig, •Μ fr-alffga. 
«MO, nn fiij ii«>p iirait-iieun. 
aMil, IM Arl. 

f'l', HP" adlenltl 

a-aMMft« (Inllii. for anliKliIqxon. 'or 
«hioli ην Hinvo», Οηιηιπι. | 3β3)=*(7- 
llluldtan. h> □vorllirow, from <ϊ., JnlBiiii. -f 
plri/iltiin. lo thruw', or from α oauaal. of 
Λ -rilulaH, k> oaiih' to ulldo, στ totter?), 

Kmw. T. Bxplaia th* rrrd nr winf of λ 
Wfawn't Idoii. If to, ibrn tmam %λΑ 
/am ara Αοτταρϋοη*. Hw; an a «ioaa lo 

alM^'telttül.C^AEL: aUcr-hiJt, 
iLtii. 101. «■ πΙ^π- maoti tee ala 


alter holt, we aW-Wi. 
ainUhta seiir, tt« ikmitKtr. 
ambru, Cp., Ep. Λ ¥.t. Iplar. ofai 

ampne. ampfe. a tamar-, m o-niv. 
aa ( = A.S. eaifl. md; s«, 4fj,>^,, 

ana, tor hxna (holt); ne tkoIt-Ama.|: seeonAAi. 

an-ar-bvtaii for mi-tt-lrtden, pp. ol m•- 
a-irrdan (from UN-, Verb, pref. for wttigb 
>ee Sheat, Con«. £t. Did. UH-*+e-, |vaf, 
intene., and trtdan. lo tread), uDp^eed, 
UDtrodden. u 

□ feld, ■ 

i-fille, I 


anga, see onjr«- 

ao-BCeat, Cp. for an-iclal; an-eeot, Bf. 
for en-tfcjjof, (A« boir«l(, (h>m un- (peili. 
(or and- or on•), and the ferb teioUm 
(pt. t. Kiat) to «hoot; perh., therefore, a 
'eliBDnvi' or 'eonduit' tbroofih whieli 
food IB condnctetl or 'Khot'i nee axtati- 

nn-wnld, tnle pouvr (Boew. T.) ; see 
monarchiu, etih v. anarcliltii. 

aq-ueorna ; ai|-uama, α «giiirrf t ; boo 

arn, itn eaglt, see arngmu. 


MDgeiu [tamgcot, Cp.; rarttgral, Ep. -, 
(liTOi/iiiji, Ef.; armigeat, earfftat, ίατη• 
geap. Wright W.). ii-vii. 57, Q» earn- 
poDudH? or two diSereut, alternative word«, 
tbe first {urn, earn, aerii, artn, tar) uieon- 
ing an eauin (E. erne): the second (jjfi«, 
ge»p, grap, gent, geal) a vultiirr, which 
latter seeiiiH tu be the Qr. ιύψ. Latinised 
HB gtiit, ai γϋνα, Latioized na ffeiip, this 
being Anglicised as grop, aad thü oor- 
Tnpted to geot, and tirially to geal; see 

ne-auollam, mea-tualUn. 

a-BQDllen, Cp.: pi. nf ä-iwella», to 
swell; snoUfteii. Ep,; pt. at nptllaii, to 
swell; ftH-BOoUanj, Rf. tor a-tuollaa; pt. 
of ä-ncelhm, to Bwelli a« a sabet., a 
tumor, tteelling; sn tuber. 

a-Rvellan, tomell; tee a-iaoUen. 

aKexa, a'Rexe; aee adexa. 

Mexe, Bee hrgi-tiitf. 

B-treten, for a-tredcD (ar 

beer, Cp., Ep. & Ef.. •ι bin 
Ύ.); Hee bAiIenu. 

be-heonan, see bihina. 

bcuoe. see fugle' b^an«. 

bene for been [here-), see h 

beosl, biett; eee heuat. 

beow, beouuas, beo)>es, 

bfrg (bi>ariie. Cp. it Ep.). 

be-flwic, see bi-mic-falle. 
hetnl^E. belt, rae mi. 
iMUtt {beau, Cp. Λ Ef.). xLvii. 27, 
liiVxf, bieitingi, btentiagi; see colonnun. 
bi-heonan, see hi-himi. 
U-blna ( = A.B. bi-heonnn, be-hfonan), 
" ■' ■ iidf-, see eltn. 

bU, π bill tuidii-, i 


biud (e-. «e-). Bee e-bind. 

»lUi (or biirü {byr; Cp., tj/rrX Ep.), 

b for Τ nee Krihiil. 

Ki.Tit. 48. π borer; eee ictüpellnin. 

baan eipend-). see elpend-biuin. 

bi-Huic-falle, Cp. { = be-ficie, λ falling 

baw id. Cp., Ep. * Ef.), iLvu. i)4, a 

thing, inv + <aUe=Seolte. a ΓαΙΙ, snmrc, 

male ew ne, η boar; see bfnllB. 

see Zeifehr.f. d. Alt. IX. 603, 59); Bos«. 

leecon, htccun (here.), see here-benc. 

T, /etill). a railing thing that beguiles, 

baei (noril., for mod, =rand•): see 

see ovdimlftin, 


bldicD, Bee bUei. 

bäf, see httl. 

hiaec tcoru (in Cp.. Ep, .t Ef.). bin.k. 

baere, 11 pfTcft; see firriri*. 

baeBt. Kp.; Iiett. El., the 


1. b,ut 

Γ bark Ol 


« liltei 

baene», beopes, beouniui (gen. of luiei•; 
ftpütr, grain), see hond-ful, 

baso, brtncH, or purple, crimton. Kartet; 
{wrffitt-, unret-), omameHt-broii'it ; see 
iiunri-inio.— (nnyloo-), iDÄeiJk-immn, or 
purple; see nujloc-inwo.— (anjiin-), Korm- 
bmtrn, OT piirpL•'; see uuynnJjaio, 

fcbaβα (wealh-, weoloe), see iiui/lnc-haM, 
batne ( = beiitne) slSne (un-ge-); nee 
-gt-batiie itaiie. 
beag, beoh (racid), eee iiwd-baeg (for 

bean, beane, eeefuglei bentie. 
bearug, Bee ifr.q. 

bcatne atone ( Bee hatne itdiie. 
beber. bebjr. a beaver % see bebor. 
bebor {bebrr, Cp,; btbh. Ef.), XLvn. 87, 

bled' [ho also in Cp. ; bleciha, Ep. Λ < 
HI. - tf»c«, /.(.«(«(). V- Ιό ; ixiYl. 10, ' 
pnleneti. Uprmy, hlolcli, blight; see pru- 

rlglnem; uiaglnciii. 

blecllia, see bleei, 

blod-aaax (»o alao in Cp.). xxxix. β, a I 

boeg (erm-), »ee erm-lmg. \ 

holla, η cup, botcl; droh-, throt-, Vrot- 
bolle, llie giillft; aee driib-holla. 
honan (eeoit-), a luieide; see UotlutntL 
boor {bur, Cp,; tori, insttam.. Cp.), 
II. Gft, π inrer, gimlet ; see κιΐρβίΐηιιι. 

been, becon (here•), see here-berte. 
bee (hoiobyl-), see ftnniiij/I-iiie. 
beed (bcrian); aee beriiin bee/l, 
bael ( = tSi). «"V. 158, tbeßrr,ßav 
of a funeral pile; η funeral pile; ai 

bord-rand, a board-rim, aee rluili. 

bore {instr. of öor), see boar. 

bord-remum {instr. plor. of boril-remii = 
bord-rima, from boni, a board, ptBnk + 
re«,a. ri<m, a rim), xixix. 31. lit. uiih 
lioard-rinu ; see rimlc. 

borg, in Cp., a pledge, loan; tee fMntt•, 

borgende, see linrgeali. 

boiSBntl, old form for A S. borgendem 
'borjeiiti, pr. pt. plot, of btirjati, older fonn 
of borian, to bore, perforate, IV. UQ; 



borian, W)iin, borjenti, see borgenti. 
biniid-laat ι-πυα, see 6riul-iicui. 

bnd-acna ibr/uut-UiH-fcui, Cp, ; ίτίΐίΐί- 
lafKln uf«•, Ef. : from brail, broad + «ίΐκ, 
fci» for «ΤΗ«, («fiHT = crx, ouai; lait, laeilii, 
ft Toot-UMk, lut), χι,νιι. IT, a brmid-nT 
(ax with η brond head) ; see dolubella. 

brad-, see bred'iteni. 

b>B«d-lueMii MBC, see fT<idnri». 

braoit, tee hruiiiliu. 

bnndu (pinr. of braiiil. η 'iranif. yirr- 
tn-nnff), iv. 7ß; «χι renaU. 

brniid-tad, brand-rod, see lirond-m. 

breo, breoi, breec {fie•, ffi-): see fji- 

bred-iBeru. Cp. ft Bp.; irfij ίοητπ, ΕΓ. 
[ = brad, p&rL uf brSiinn (^brrgilaii), to 
draw, piucl( + <'">i i«nr, iron, au imple- 
ment luade of iron), a tcrapiiig or gmrlnij 
tool.filf; sec scalpaUiUQ. 

bruo)>&n, eee briudid. 

brers, see hreiiii. 

brese. see brimiia, 

bnnU, ti.vii. 73 (error fur A.8. brtn or 
(n-fini; hrm, Cp.; fcnrra, Ep. <t Ef.) = 
bafit, B, peroh; see Inpiu. 

brimlta — Engl, brimir (no altered from 
an orig. yrfina, correoltd into briain = 
brioiti, Cp., Ep.. 4 Ef. ; io-f.c, WW.= 
Eagh biueK, hteerx, a gadfly, lircfse), 
iLVii. 82, a breete, gadßs \ eee taburna. 

brioea, see hrinitm, 

brlndld (3rd sing., frnin A.S. brfn^au. 
to ruin, deetroj), m. 34, gofi l<> ri'iN, 
com« In jin>/i xee iat«iclt. 

briUBa, see ϋτίιιιίια. 

brOe, brwcAn; see bmoc, 

bröo, α »γμΙ/ ttrraiit. brouk ; see fji. 

broud-ra ('Tnud-riNJ, brand-rad, Ep. ; 
braiul-riirf, ΕΓ,), ilvii. i'i, a braiiding- 
rad, gridirau; see MidodB; cf. Bobw. T. 

brond-red, see frroml-ra. 

brooo (! = A.8. briki), brrrcket, XLVitt. 
65; Boe Boriciu. 

broi5ur-BUOQ. Cp., a hioiher't »oh, n 
neplicic ; see ftatmeJli. 

byrae (byre, Cp.), ilvt. 37. coting^,. 
daellitiji•; see mafsJUa. 

bjraeo, for biaec? (Ke-) ; aee gf-byratc, 

byrU, hjrs, see biriit. 



celdre (cfoldrf.Cp.), ilviii. 61,a k 
Dr perhaps ( = 4,3. «ηΐΓί) pmnuä ewnb; 
^ec mnltbra. 

celor, oelQr(O.H.O.J; i 

celel, coLil, <i tfifl« i eee cncobus. 

cbelor (O.H.Ü., also erlar, eelor, tudar, 
rn,.r=fL.S. croliir). χιϊ. 3«, a hovel, IM; 
Hee iniiiutliiiii. 

cheuon, oheuDD. see ehj/im. 

ohrutitula, O.H.G.. see cartUIaeo, 

ahrnn. IX. 3 (η'ηπ, Cp., Ep., Λ BL; 
cyaa, kh•, rfteuon, rhfUHV. in 8teiDID.)i 
the gilU o/ fleh; eee brantle. 

ci&n, see chyuu. 

cil, for eild, η ebild; Hee cil-rnrg. 

cild-trog, see cil-lrog. 

cilur (O.H.Q.), see rhilin-. 

eU-troK { = dld-trog ; from did, α ohilil 
■i-trng, a [rough, basin), ilh. 33, α ΐλϊΙΪΓ« 
fraii^; see onae. 

clnam (iustr. plur. of cinu, a cbiok, 
see rlmli. 

oiHal. cisil, eee riiil-tian. 

eiail.fltan, Cp. {ciiil, Ep.; eital, Bf.= 
oeosel, eleil+stan), grartl, mnij; «n 

clam, XV. 4, L'loiiNi, cloy; eecUtnik. 

cute, ivui. 3; olit^, XV. m {^ciibe, Op,: 


oiute (E.), see oallioa. 
eaeloT (U.H.Q.), Bce eh 
cenlie, see cridrt. 

cti^, Ep.; cfi/ac Ef.). the herb ctute- 
bar; eeu lappa. 

-claS, -dftl•, see ^jcii-ciaS. 

olibe, see elate. 

clifae, see clau. 

cUti, Bee cZitif. 

cli|«c, see elate. 

clofae, clouae. see cUac 

clex(amiiiwrilinK; = pim(nf, Cp.i L ., ._, 
Ep. & Ef.), χι,ηι. 21, a clove-, nee mor- 

olustor-loc, Cp. ; clustor-locae, Ep.; 
ciDBter-looae, Ef., from claitor, bd en- 
closure, prison -I- loe, a fastening, look, 
henoe a priion-forft, lark, bar; see aln•- 
tello; of. Boa«', T, in voce and Skeat, 
CDiie. Dkt. {cloUter and Imk). 

olueter-locBe, see cliuttir-loc. 

cneholegn, see au-holett. 

cue-holen, xlh. 14; cre-bolqpi (tor 
eoe-h.), xi.vii. 103 (miti-Aol^ii, Cp.; enio- 
liolaeii, Ep. ; eni-olai, Ef.), knre-holm, or 
liully; see maoDa. 

cnio.holacn, holen, we^cne-luilen. 

ciii.olen. see cite-kolen. 

cop, Cp. Λ Bf., a cope; eee epandltvi, 

cosp, Cp,, Ερ.,ΕΓ, n/fffrr; eee poncto. 

CottuQ, cotno, miiUow, ece mnliia. 

IN1>KX {OERM.iy/IJ, BUT flllEfl.Y .I.S.I.V.) 

eredenti, matr. plar.(alHo erlda, BteJnn).; 

Itriid, Cp. : rrifi, K»pier; crfS, id., from 

irwia«, to otuwd. pr. β. crgilt^, pt. t. 

crni'I). ixxtv. iH; eee icBtaQllblu. 

ere-balegn (for ciu-liaUgn), ιι,νιτ, JOü; 

cHdu, see rivctrnli. 

criid, Bee cTnfenli. 

crinve, xe« furHmJo. 

οτψ, oriK, aee credaai. 

nrog (bo also in Cp. ; crooff, Ep. k ΕΓ.), 
ΙΙΙΪ, 47, α hirgt eetthtn retell, a croch; 
Bee ι«|•ηπ»ιιι I gee also below croiig. 

dToog-. XII. 60, α crocli; eee licimanlaa ; 
aee also erog. 

crudali, Bee ereiknti. 

cyan, aeeehyua. 

cylinei in Cp., a loan-won] from the 
Let, ciiUna, a kiln; see fimaotila. 

oyll, kylle, Cp. ( = Liil. milteaB, eulrnis), 
a leather bollU, flagoit ; nee ucopa. 

oymin, the herb cammiH; see dnamum. 

t-da, -dae, -ffe, a «nffii Tuund iu r</i>'f'( 
(q.».), eii-dat, r.i/i.Se, eil-Se. 

dnl, a ilalf, vale, valley : see tint. 
iloerni (snedil-), see iiitdil-ilaeriH. 
dal lO.H.G.), Mxv. 176 = A.8, diet, in 
Cp, a ihiU, vtile, vullrij. pit. gulf; eee 


dumuui (ei^n. pt. of A.S. \<earm. O.H.G. 
darin, a, gut, iiiteetine). v. 2*2, u/ llie in• 
reiiirtre: eee flbramm. 

degu. nee btri;'!. 

derda, Ο.Η.(ί., see tetrnfa. 

dhnng (cbir-), Bee ehur-ännng. 

didir = Sidet, tliithrr ; ace liidir-aii- 

dinger« ( - |>ingere), xxx». 21. <in ailro• 
cute, intercemor \ eee adDocatni. 

dltlyl-tlge {jfiitel-taige, Cp. ; thiuit. 
Ef.), XLVii. TO, (he thUtlt-fineh, aoldfineh; 

daung, for dning (ebur-), nee tbur- 

dOlMIld (duhiirndi, Cp. ; dubriuli. El.), 
xixix. JJO. ilothig; eee deoreplM. 

dubgendi, doliay; see dolienil, 

durnue, see dna. 

dox, eee pox. 
■ draca, Cp. ; draco, EU; ilroca, Ep. 
■Ungl. Sax. fomie of Lat. dnun), a nerpent, 
ieeil ; eee typo. 

rlraoe, nilront; aee IktMuini. 

dredimi (iuatr. plur. of Vrfd, irmil, a 
Üji-eitd), xiiv. 333, leilh Ihreadt ; eee 

drep (perhapa = Lai. trabt, a beam, 
a timber, roof ; A. S. frief, borrowed from 
Lat. trabem. E. thrive auite oeilher in 
Bense nor in form, as il «hould be Ihrape 

or llirep. Perhaps drep te meant to be I 
^rep), XXIV. -ΐθ ; aee tBrnlM and of. Κβτ• 

EiDg, »'rtb. ilii^a). 

drtde-luJpf (for «riddehalf), τ. 30, ftro 
iirid a hilf l?| ; see laKopIa. 

drill {drili, Cp. = )<rili), iLn, 41, trip/<; 
aee titplex, Bub v. bllex. 

dritiiDg (ymb-), eee i/mh-ISrioduiig. , 

droocerum, a mieieading for aroeetrant 

droco, eee driirn, 

droh-bolla {Vrol-boUa. Cp. Λ El.; throl- 
bulla, Ep.. from »rodi, the tliroat + bolla, 
Η cup, bowl). ΧΙ.Ϊ. 27, the giitltl, Kindpipe; 
Eoe gurgulllo. 

droB (id. Ep. A ΕΓ.; ilorto>,Cp.•, droiua, 
droine, droin), XLVlt. 50, gromtdt, dregi, 
droit, (rum; eee aniicvluin. 

droena, droane, dross, see droi. 

dmatlu iSroMtU, Cp. : throitlat, Ep. Λ ' 
Ef.), XLVII. 56. α thratk, ihroitlt ; Ma ] 

druiig (ebur-), eee ebar-dnvmg. 

dryeC-Kuma [drylil-giima, Cp.), »f.n 
lit. II r-ompaai}-, or iniin-iruiii : eee pi 
Him phi. 

dryht-guma. see drf/et-gHiiui. 

diiaeram, see ^uotm. 

dnnnf (- dnanae, seil. atnnaB), vn. 4, 
iluN, ncarlby, dniky ; see lapLdaa onl- 

-dur. -durt, unstressed forniB of treiiif, 
a tree, see uiiipal.ilurl, 

ear, for earu, απ eagle, see nrngew. 

oar, iiH car; aee (r-uigga. 

earfed-lioe, Cp. ; erabeddicae. ΕΓ,, ailh 
diJUenltg ; see ^re. I 

ear-geat, or two words ear, for ear* I 
(an eagle), aud geat (a vulture) ; see I 

earn, on eagle, see arn-geni, 

earn-geap, earn-geat, eam-geot, or two 1 
wurdB tarn (an eagle) aiid geap, geat, ; 
(a vulture), aee amgeiii. 

oar.uuigga, ear-piog», an eancOj ; eee 

e-Mnd d/e-biiid, Wrieht W.), xisv. e, a 
bitiditig. fatteniiig ; see liCUUgo. 

■blr-dliTliv ; ^ee ebur-dnung. 

etmr-dnnne, eUr-dluliig ieburSiing, 
Cp.), ΧΧΪΙ1. Μ and t:x. 17. literally boar- 
thringer, or tbronger, i.e. Iioar-hunter, from 
ebxr, ebur = k. 3. eo/or. a boai + dNunj; for 
drang, dhriitg = ]irmg, atliringer, thronger. 
The old form wonld be 'ebitr-dring-a {-ii = 
E. -er); see Oiios. 

ebnr-ISring, see ebar-duung, 

^cuB, for iBoua, 'iR iiT t M'e bradacui•. 

eddy, E., see ed-wiUf. 

ud-naell, see td-ualli. 



V. INDEX (rucHMAM'•. 

ed-DBlla, 9ee td-\iallt. 

■d-uaUf {ed-iaulU, Cp. ; td-iealla, 
Ep. ; e/Uaalla, Έί.; ed-uaelt; ed-PtUt; 
rd-tiatllt; td-uuafUt, Cp. ; probab^ all 
Irom the A. S. pre&t rd- backwards, Again 
= Lat. re-, foimd in E. ei-äy + nallr, 
uHtlle, vmillii Ac. = A, S, vml, a pool, 
golf, Γγοπ) irrallan, O. KalltB, t« boil ; 
henoe eil-ipalUi 'that wliich boils over 
agein' or "to Λ fro,' or 'round and round' = 
irhirlpoot). xi.vii. Iti ; where it meaus 
giddintn. diiiinenf ; see nerUgo, where 
other applicatioiie of the word are gJTen. 
Another fomi has the mutation of <n to 
IE : td-ipalla, nl-irrnfff, and by mutation 
td-mdU (see Boaw. T. in v.l. Mod. E. 
dialects haTe wetl; cf. raod. E. iccll. Cf. 
Bkeat, Cone. DUt. (tAfy). 

ed-uuaelle, ed-walla, ed-weallQ. i&: ed- 

ed-unelle, ed-i«Ue. ed-wiellc, ttec cd- 

eg (if-), ii-y ; see ib-aei. 

eg-dae, eee tgida. 

ette-ile, ege-fe. a umlloek, hor, eee 

egno {0. Λ Da.), a hat ; see tyrf-ahga. 

<^-da(0. 11, u. altered from an origiDal 
igldae, for f-iidurl eg-P<, Cp. ; tg-dae. 
Et = A. B. rui-ile), ΧΙ,ϊΗ. 32. a haritiw, 
hoe, rake, mattiirk = Du. * G, iflpe, with 
an additional enffix ; see erplca ; llgouM, 
and belo« lyrf-ahga. 

egilae, egU, ef(lae, see tgU. 

φβ (id. Cn.; eglat, £p.; ciiHae, EI.; 
egla, Wright W.), iLv. la, a dunitotui ?; or 
the atnti^barlryl; eee Kill. 

egn (if-), iry ; eee ib-aei. 

eg-Se, see egida. 

e-gylt, Cp. (=B-Bylt), a /uhU, tre^inut 
(against the law); HeeaxcMius. 

•Iha (eoUi, Cp. /i ΕΓ.), xlv. 20. a fallow 
dwr, back, doe, rik; see flamma 

eUn, XV), 88, πη eU; see enbltnm. 

elothr. see eloir. 

elotr. Cp. ; elotht, Ei. jA, it. spelling of 
tltetniM q.v.), <i mucd mrlnl resembling 
amber in coloar. (In etalr the c ia dropped ; 
in elo\r uot only η tho r dropped, but the 
f ha>' become )> b; ' LautverBohiebuDe ' 
which proves a pery early borrowing.) 

olpend'haon, Cp., an elrphanl'i bane, 
ivory i see ebor. 

βίΒΜΓ [oiaer. Op-; emer, Έ.γ. & ΕΓ. ; 
ammre. Wright W. ; olodhnwer, lb,), XLVU. 
68, ft song-bird, the yeUow-iiammef, yellow- 
aeuner; see Moreliu, 

etnnm (abl. plur. of fm = ι 
»ee heh-emam. 

fr-olEsa («ar-ficgo, Cp. ; e^T-miega, 
Ep, : ai:j-iiinVii. Ef.|, iLvu.86,(in ettnng; 
nee auicnl». anrlcnlam. 

f /or J,, 


ttMm,Cp..Ep.,Kt.,fiHim, a Koler-bubliU, 
see famfelaca: 

tacni. cji., Ep. ft Ef. (inttmin. of jiim, 
bUo written /acne, ßieat, deceit, gaile), 
irilli decril. giiile; see («hi. 

(aedaec (steup-), see iteuf-ftder. 

faoder fsteop-), see »Uuf-feder. 

bU (id. Cp., Ep., Ef.; whence falod, 
WW.: faliid. Cp.; /κίηΛί. Cp,, Ep., Ef. 
a fold, pen), xlvu. 41, α plank ; se« 
tnbolo. Cf. Wright W. 379. 10. and 
Schlotter. Juiini. Germ. Phil. v. HI. 

falaed, falod, ialud, α fold, pen -, mm • 

fetor, tor/rior? [/rofwr, Cp.; /rtor^^^ 
diEr.; perh. - A. S./co(rf./niliif-.Bfril(4^.ij 
xLvi. ia; eee patnrum; sec also bcdow. 


eola, see tlha. 

(jt-, ear-, un ear; see t'-i'<iltl•' 

wabud-tiMC, MC eiiT/cd-Uce. 

fle]alde (Gf-), aee.A-/Htdur, 

feall. te^le, see i>(-(iiie-/(iJI<. 

learh, eee/oor. 

fesru (ivgn.), vsaggan-joiiraey; 

fedor (steuf-), see uleuf-feder. 

raid (an-), «ee i»i-/<lf(. 

felo-spracci. eee/elo-iprie. 

falo-spTlc i/elu-iprKi, Cp. ; /tfu-i^ 
Ep.; /efu-eprufiW. Ef. ; from /clii', /«J«, 
much -;- «jirie. niimtci, «pcech, '-»—-J 
XLTU. 18, much tallHtig; see truf) 

felti (osi-), an '"«''ί ; see ani-felti. 

telu-ipraeitu, felu-spreoi, see ft ' 

feol, seefiil. 

(eoter, feotur: se 

fet, ace. pi. of tut, nybuf, see/etriB. 

fetlm, xixi. 25, for frlhim = feothm 
(Boew. T.), β /«iJiom? Cf. Schlutter. 
Joum. E. Fhii. v. 4ββ ; see pM. 

fetor, eee fetor. 

feira ( = O. H. O. frnern ; of- nbove 
/cfor), XIX. lü, a fetter; «ee pedica. 

fejtera, O. H. ΐί., u/ilfrr; see fesm. 

fl-falda• (in later A. S. /if-/le}alde, aa 
iu Boew, T., lit. ■ Gve-fold,' a popular 
otymologj', «bich makea nonaenee, but 
gives the word a sort of aeaae ; and it nay 
be a Teut. form correEpoadintt ' '' - 

V. INliKX (•.•KliilA 

papilio ; ji being older tlmn /), xliu. 47, 
a butliTßn; see »nlmpl'^f 

fir.f[H]eliie. %eeji-Mthie. 

Hgel (?). eeeßgl. 

flgl, with fltcoke οϊβΓ the g. xix, 63 ; 
Q> ForA. B. Sgel, or fugel. fugul, α iiivf? 
Dt ii it a Latin vronl (figaraliler?) ? see 

BU (id. Cp.}, Gl=feoI, xm. 52, a jik ; 


, ÜLT CHltFLV .[..S.IX) 

trio-letan, see /riu-/iicluw. 
Mu-Uetnin, ilti. 39 {for fiiv-lMtum, 
inelr. plor. fein., from /riu-iST«? η freed- 

, Cp., ] 

. Ic Et-, a leovtlpirkcr 

Une, aßiieh; aeo ui'tic. 

firgen, eeo ßrgin-iiala. 

Brgls-KatA (gen. plar. ot βΐ'β1η•βΑΙ=ο1 
muantaiu-goata : aing• ßiV^'ff<"'< ^P-i 
Ep. * Ef, ; from ßrgi«, firgta, a motm- 
taiD+j?a(i jfucf, a goat), iii. 39; see 

U«ü (id. Op., Ep„ Ef. : JtU-ii, Ep. ; 
flyoci, Steinin.), xi.vii. 13, κ ßilch of 
bacon ; Bc« penia. 

flieii, «eeßieei. 

ft---e, see fok. 

flodA (ßtde, Op. ; ßorUie, Ep. and Ef,), 
ΠΙ. .ΐ3. α channel, nink, guller; B«e Ikciuui. 

flodae, Qode, Beejlodn. 
. flooe, Beefole, 

flugle», eee/iiglf beanr. 

flyccj, eeeflieci. 

ajoti-okS, Op. (=/i/Ai-Wu|., Bosw. T., 
Trom ßijcti, old form of A. a. flylU — Y.. 
'Hight ' + ciiTS, clolb ; therefore 'flight- 
dotb,' Ui it were fagitiTe, i.e. toteieii, bit 
of ctotli, a patch from another bit of 
Htuff); Bee Klnge, EU Wrlb. (FlMk, 
dicken): On.vlikken. 

fl.Yht-cIa]), tee ßficli-ehiti. 

foora, eee nor. 

tmarifothT, Cpi A-Ef. = Oerm./H(iPr, a 
CHAO). XLtit. 30, (I fair, cacrr. tlienth ; see 
emldeiiia I -Ιμβλημα, that wliioh is put in 
or on, α tiling tliat is fitted on ; and hence 
^fudiir, Λ case, cov«r &c), 

foedils, Cp.,/<iNih, see alUUs. 

folo, torßik (JliHn; Cp. Λ Ep. ; jloe, Ef.), 
U.TII. !), π wie. kiud of ßat jUli, plaiee, 
Hukf ; eee pUtUn. 

toot (id. Cp. & Ep.; for, Ef., pt>rh, for 
'ßrh, which maj be allied to A. S, frnrn), 
xLvii. 92, 11 Itittt jiiti : eee poreaitriun. 

for, '(orb, eee/noi: 

tCA. II /ml ; eee /Ίίιιι. 

fotnr (etaup-), see iteuf-Jeilrr. 

fothr, nee/odor. 

traefeli, Cp. (inatmin. of /rafjel, D. 



3 /1*;. frio. 

iiee + lMle, 

woman of a claaa aboTe that of the sieve ; 
frio-leUiH, Cp.) ; Bee Uberlabim. 

friii'lfflte. see/riii-liicluni. 

Iriu-lKtum, see/nu-tuetioN. 

from-licc, Cp., ttrongljf, ipitilily ; see 


fugel, seofiigiet beane. 

fuglaaa, aue/ayUt beaut. 

fnglam tarfugtam: aeeilalo. 

tagles beane, iiii. 35 ; tnglue* benae. 
iLvii. 33 {/iigle, bean, Cp.; /uglac, (,«,„. 
Ep. ; ßiigif bean, Ef., all for fvglea, gen. 
oi fngel, α bird + 6fein, sing, and hea»«, 
plur. ot bf<i», retch), un. 35, ht. bird- 
beam ; see uldaiiL 

(oglaes, eoefvglet beane. 

fuglmii. see .(.(to. 

(uguH?). aee.rijii. 

till (haii.l•, hond-l. see luiiul-/ui baeuet. 

lollae [l^sSa-fiille, Cp.; fsiaSttilat, Ep. 
& Ef., ever enlire, from ihi-, ev«t+/aU, 
eutire, complete = sempervivani), xiu. U ; 
Bee pallnnu. 

fjrhle (Γι-), see a-fijrkte. 

Kaar (nabo-, o^bii-), see tιξbu-gaar. 
gabar, perh. not A. S., but oornipted 
Lat., on whioh see O. F. Htldebmnd, 

I kind < 
■. ί,οΐ. Lex. i 

, idB; 

I. son. 


gabel-reod, see galm-rind. 

gabal : gabol-rind, see i/abo-rinil. 

gabo-Tlnd (i(iil«ii-roor/, Cp. ; (jni*i- 
El, ; gabiil-roid, lot -Γαιιά ; gafol-niM, 
Bosw. T.; Iritdi ogabul-tiad). borrowed 
from A. S. (from A. 8. gabol, later gnjoi, 
still later giafel, for wlucb see Botw. T., 
a fork, ϋ. gabei + rind, rmul, rand, a rim, 
outer eirclr ; hence gabol-rind, Ac. ' rim 
made by a two-legged inatn 
ot conipasMs), xm. ö'i ; see 

gabul-raid, toigaliul-TOHil ; seegabo-rind. 

gabul-rond, see gnbul-nild. 

gaeblea, gen. of gnebel, a tribute, lax ; 
see moiiung garbte*. 

gaec, giec. Bee jwitio. 

i;ipde-Ung, see geaduMne, 

Ka*-«QOpe [-gp-nctriM, -irifrfpo), n. 71, 
"r,'rjiiiiii>. JiiK; Bee ptrlpaUiia. 

gaat (firmen-), seefirgivgala. 

gaeno. perhapn ί eHckoo, ιι,τιι. Oü ; see 
■Ucnliu (ct. gare, Cp, ; gte, Rf.,=gSc, 
geäe, a cuokoo, gawk, wbiab cannot^ 
gatno •, nor can giu<, giu, giom, a griffin). 

15— a 



^U, ajhrk, m _ 

tßU tfitgm-). BE 

Ijialillil*. gm. of feitel, « Irihutr, Ιλλ ; 
•MMoanv yUn. 

gwdu-lJDg, a nlatiam, kiiuwHii• tin Cp. 
=MtneHt) = &. B. ^ndc-iiM« ; OMh. fn- 
MUfgi : O. B. G. dialing : *ec Oielenb. 
H'rt». ffotM. Spr. a. 373: tirimm. Wrtb. 
IGütlätg) ; Sdiad• (βαΐβίί-ν) ; ee« tatn- 

galel, a /ark, siBt gabo-riita, 

Ι,-αφ, α mltmr. μ« arngriu. 

){eap, i/HietiMK, fofty ; m« gipparre. 

KEappTc (? comp, of jfnip, ijnriuiu. 
la/lg) ; eOK gipparr,. 

Heaipui kaf, gnmit ; sec — *"* 

ge-bUne (— ge-bvAtne) stäne (od-), we 
tm-ge-bitttu Mlant. 

gelwl-licani (=A. S. gaM-lic, ttctX, 
lit. sUiUbk fur Ui At tritiUte) |«glil«*ni 
| = Ρ«9Ν, a vaeKoti+/riirii, jonmej). lit. 
riMviI vagsfi-jiiiirtief ; see Ndk. 

ge-bind, see e^himl. 

getilee, i^. otjtirtfl, <i tributt, lax; lee 
manuBii gaebla. 

ge-bjiMC (for ge-bratc?}. luv. 3i tec 
amecta, and aleimU. 

i;^, see gacao. 

He-tfenca, ge-genga, teeye-gtaln. 

Ιβ-ίβιΙ» (for i/f-flfHfa = i)e-.7(Tiiin), ΙΙΙΪ. 
94, (one) •ιοϊ«0 Wif'i ; nee ptdiutquii snb 
V. pe4i*equai. 

ge-gi«C»u, see gi-yiidar. 

Ke-giscte, see gi-ijiiHae. 

gela (ai;otg.t, eee necli-'jiihie. 

gelfte (oaetliH-)• see titcti-gaiac. 

geleod, see gtlotd. 

IW-toed, Cp.; gloed, E|>. ; ge-leod, E(. 
(as A. S. oe becomee r, umlaat of ύ, the 
alem Ü lad-, and every '^ being due to a, 
the root U bid; «hieb nja.v^Ootli. Ία)•-, 
lur which nee Ktuge, Hub v. Laden, a 
«tall, shop; iionce gtlid, d. Ladtn, peth. 
= Lat. ratatta, a elaiie, «cafluld. etdll) ; 
«ee Mtutam, and. tor KDolher interprela• 
tiou οΓ ge-lord, see Schliitter, ia Juiirri. of 
Bngl. and Ucrm. PliiM. τ. 46«'.. 

genoa, geuga, Renu («e•), eee ge-genta. 

genge (n««l-)i " nighl-guir, see nutcf- 

(iiiuilrttli, y<iUHetli ; Bet yiiinf. 

t."p- (plur. or 9r-r*f«. VI 

oncen: sc« pneea a ont, and cf. SkeaU. 
Ε^*Τ*Λ l=Ep.: .4"Γ<•ο. Cp. « B(.). 

Uli- II. α rlatp ; ■«- "»^ί ^Γΐ« 

ge-ifou. see g<-ffHi). 

ee-«wvf>a. -«Kwpo : see jhu ηκιν. 

ge-tnid (tdald. teld). ^ trxl : see at- 

ge-^uuab, aee laMda. 

K*.ttUf, tot fft.MMif, uiv. 157, a c<4; 
/ale, /iirfiUK ; «ee ronenaa. 

geop. ft rallmre. see «rifjiriu. 

getu |ani-l, aee orHatm. 

gß-vtlä-hSiatu. Cp. (inatr. plur., Γιοηι 
^t-wtald, poVET, and teUrr, leaUier). 
purtr-leathen. rtint ; eee abanl*. 

ge-«eald. tee gr-traUl-XeHrtim. 

ge-pearp (sondl, nee in imd-fft-foaf. 

ge-«eotp (sand), see in tond-gt-ftaiT. 

X«-nK. υ,Η.υ. (~or-iWrf. Op.=#r- 
U.üd. „r-l,rld. Boew. T.), iiii. 5, η lat; 
Me Uttd«. 

gi-bree. see gi-brtti. 

gl-braci (iK-brrc, Cp.; •ιί•ΐΓί•,-, Kp.-, pi• 
brtte, Ef., from brenin, to break), ιι,τιι. 
30, a caUirrli, rheum ; See alCIUIl«. 

gi-hreee, see gi-bmi, 

gi-gisedae, «ce gi-guiat. 

K^ftwlH lir'jrweir, Op.; giginedut, Bp. 
Λ Ef., 3id pret. eiag. oi ge-gUean, to 
■lop, ahnt op), iLvn. Sß. hi hat ttopptd, 
or 'hill up\ see opUMtlt. 

ginat (ι,πΗΜίΑ, Cp.; gi«ath, Ep. & E(,). 
II.VII. 44, ijaantth; see battat, 

gion. tec gaeuo. 

gipparre (? for A.S. 'giepprc^Lat, ™ί- 
lidior, comp, of göip, epaoions, lofly*), 
iLvui. 40, inorr ekilfnl, aHroil; see «x- 

tnscdae, ^ii^dae {gi-), see gi-gitdat. 

Kiu. giw, gee gaeuo. 

gle (oeoe-), gee necU-gatat. 

gledd^go, gleddian (ή-), see a-gUddiga, 

glid&n (Ϊ-), see a-gltdäfgo. 

glimllli (for grmitb, be rages, loa», 
pr, n,, of j/n'iiiNian?, to rage, roar), τχ.η , 
10: see senlt (tor nettit). 

glitinnt, sec glitituit. 

gUtdnOt [fltilinal. Cp. ; from i/IiUiuun, 
to ((litter), viii. 16. y\iner>\ eee BaoMclt. 

gloed, Bee gtloed. 

glntUna, IV. Sl-cementa, ij. v. This 
is. perliBps, an A.S. Hpelliag of a I^t. 
word. The Lst. i/M.rfit U allied te,^ 

V. INDEX (r/EH.ifA.yff^, ΒΓΤ CHIEFI-Y .Ι.Λ.Ι.Υ.) 


L'lü-m, loun. olsf; the μ beiri); oljer 
tban f. 

gold, nee ^nuuft f^uM. 

gr&dig, see gredgr. 

gtiBg. ei« grfiy. 

gcanae, α fuointni^Ac, see graiiat. 

giedge, Cp. (plnr. οί grfdig^gradig, 
greedy; sec Skeat, Coiie. Dirt, sab v. 
tirtedy), ijrttdij ρττιοπΛ; ^ee Aniliroiiei. 

gtejtg, aee greilge. 

grein. Cp. ( = gm«), ifMff, grty. eee 

grep, grüp, see tcropU. 

grime, see grimi. 

grimith (pr. a. of griimnnii'}), see 

grlna (for jirfiwa?), ixvii. S, α Hinnt. 
«fii^lri;; see Mdiu. 

eriflt. eoe (inni, 

grifltlae, gristle (oaefl-), aee nncK-grhltr. 

grialle, see groil. 

groepe, see gnop. 

groepum, Jnetr. pliir.. we group. 

%ταα*Λ (graniic, Cp., Ep., & Et.). xLvn. 
32. II iiioiittache ; see maitocra. 

«rtwp (ijrofpe, Cp. : ijmepai», Cp., Ep-, 
ft Ef.. instr. plnr.). ιι.π. 23, rt fiirnne. 
burroir; see seropls- 

grouve (B.), see «oropli, 

giOp, see leropl«. 

gnwt [also writtuQ (/r/it = Ä.S. gnjullr, 
gruUt; O.H.G. gnvlUit. rl-ruiluUi), ilx. 
69, grielli; see outiUago, and below 

groBtiln, O.H.O., see groil. 

grvt fjjrgtl, Cp.), iLvi. 21, cnftrse menl, 
jrraalo, ffriCi; seepolU•. 

gryatle. See grout. 

gijtt, aee grot. 

guma (drjot-, drybt-). *ee drget-guimi. 

gyocM Qijernit, Cp.; ggcini•. Ep. 4 
ΕΓ), xixv. S. ilflii Bee prorlgo. »ub v. 

gyceuis, iirh, see gtjeatt. 

nroer (A.S.?), n jiijirr or iicrr of land, 
zxiT. TG; Bee iBgarea. 

gycinis, see pyecar. 

gjll (e.), Bee f-yj/it. 

h miBsiiig, see uro-iluii. 

liaam, Keaver'4 reed (?); see aim. 

baam (= ham, bamB. horn. homu. 
BoBw. T.), π eaveriiig, thirl; see nunlsa. 

babuc (I'tloh-), »ee uatr-hefur, 

haon, Bee harea. 

baebnc (aualh-), see uatc-htfue. 

haecB, Cp. ; hnca, Ep. it ΕΓ.. porliaps □ 
liateh, grating; η hook, or bur; see petnil. 

Iivf, jrni. Bee hrh. 

haeg-tiB (id. Cp. ic Ep.: Acq-')'. El; 
n-ifl.(c*, WW.; htrg-let-e.Hi.i.^vii. 80.— 
lMi:l-UUf (Aofh-ti•«'. Cp.), xuil. 68, u 
Ni'lefi. funj, hag; see ΜΐιηβηΙάΜι atrlga. 
Of. also Eienis, luugtit, furia, up. Ε2β!): 
Stri|{a, haegti'. Cp. S628 ; Slrigia, haeglh, 
Ep. 33E35; Sttiga, ArirC'«, E(.' 3!I0. 18; 
furia, haehtU, Cp. F434. Hoeg-tis &c. 
(rüm/.<ii.l• hedge, field + ii« 4o. = O.H.O. 
hagniuaa, tot whiob see Schade, who 
suggests that the deriv. of -lit &c. is from 
A.S. («»», teim, see Bos«. T. =harm, in- 
jury, mlience Ihe verb teiiBiaii, to herm- 
Tlms 'liagi-letae. and hfgi-tetne. i.e. 
hedge -liarmer, destroyer οΓ iiedges. See 
Kliige, Wrtb. [Kidtchte); Fianck, Woor- 
denl>. (UagfdU); Bosvf. T. (oftw, ft 
lizard) . 

haeh'tis, haeh-tissc, a bag ; see haeg-llii. 

haea, n 'icri, see icrihid, 

liaerd-lUMa (heiird-heaii, Cp.; Jwrartl- 
heni, E(.). χι,νυ. 49. a Jiardy heu-fr, or 
Aue; Bee dMtUlni. 

hMTd-han (heard-hai-a, Cp. >): Et.), 
XLTIT. 12. the uamo of a fi-h {iiard hnrr) ; 
sec Easnana. 

haerg^/iffirii, it temple, an idnl; nee 

Imring, see heriagiu. 

haesel. baesi {liiuel), see hel. 

Iiaesel-hniltil, i> hotel••,,,!, see M. 

bMBl-in (adj. of haeHl), πι. :18, ha:rl-. 
of l,iitel\ see toracllia. 

bMI liiid)• " '"«I''- >'"'' Of " i"ad-ba,ij, 
eiiif, V. 11: aee lalnvm.— tkaetae (aceut^. 
pi. of hiet), xiTi. 8, bead-bund», tartiaiu, 
cnift; see mltra•.— Iwt (heti, Cp.; harlb, 
ES.). iLvn. 7, a hit; see (mlmnMicni. 

ItaeWa. aocae. pi. of hal (q.v,). 

hactb. (I l,'it: see Anct. 

Hbeu jheerd-). u Ληηί,ν AiiFi-r, ftof; see 

hBiweD, blur, ιΐΐΐιιτ; see heuiiii,. 

hald (lemp-), see lemp-hiild. 

hair (Sridde-), see dHde-halpf. 

lialpf (dride-), see driiU-halpf. 

bale = A. 3. heals, iieelii see luilt-leitir, 

baU-leAlT (hah = A,S. heals, neei -i- 
ledir = leflcr, Italliri•). ;ii. 37, ntek-leathfr. 

halt (lemp-, laempi-, lemphi'), see 

ham, hama. eee hi,am. 

hamet (clod-), see i-iruiir, 

hamiUB. V. 19 : bommf. xiiv. 304, the 
inner or Liud part of the knee, tl,•• Ι,α,ιι 
(nee Skeat. Cone. Diet.; Out. D. h;m, 
sb' No. 1): «ee pnWte. 

hana (holt-), see lu>lt-hono, 

hand-lul beounaa, beonaea ; nee bond-ful 

220 HI. INDEX 


toTairrpoiiiji•, see ralaitrt>/oii. 

τιρίψτιμα. Bee periptiiiui. 

iflf' frairo•', see ealepeiwn. 

»iroXiW, see jwdiiiiBi, Bub ¥. pelalum. 

«»"IXV"!, "^-τηχήιη,Μ; faTr/x^atm. See 

"p.. Bee ίιτίίΐΐοι. 


ir,pii«xfl. see p!,lo«,tm.i. 

ιαψάιι•ηι, nee caofica. 

πίΛθοΝΑ, see Au (liuloit. 

K<nSo(la,, see critodntia. 

»ίφαΧβί, sea carfahu. 

κληματίδα. see malUoli*. 

ΠΛλτον; nXar«r; llVdr-a ; rhi- 

uparoplat, see panlocrtinlo. 

TWlfti, eee ho pinion. ^^BH 

KvWoh. K-'XKAi, «uWoui. aee dt eiUuU. 

stnniyitta, see editionr•. 

■i^ut, aee puruyi. ^^^^M 

Kiifuc, flee above r\(i&t itm. Kupic. 

rortulai (? Gr. ?), see irorfulnt. ^^^^1 

rpoMTiKljr. see throritiieii. ^^^V 

καμάρχτ,,. Bee iuimrir««. 

»pdf™», see ρτ,ιχίο«. 1 

«ώ-ων-, see conopeiim. 

w/mn/ur, eee jtntMon. 

AAORIITON, see ciniirid. 

ipiffit; ιρίκοι; τρί«»; ir/ilea., flee ypa \ 

Xo7(jc4>•, see Int'isiipnini. 

(Bub) (j(n.. _ 1 

\ByiaMoC; eee yuHiueranfo, 

πραδίΐζκί!, see eyaggeneet npod•. ^^H 

ΧογκΓτιιί*, Bee liilii'iitpnim. 

irpoirdefia», eee ρΐ1λΜ>. ^^^H 

\opSi,. aee liir.'u^. 

■■ρ=.αρα!Γ«Εΐ/ή>, flee ij/ojjfl«««'• ^^H 

ΜιΐΓθαΙι»'. sua crif/iu ιιίιπΙΑ,ιη. 

■Γρ«Ίφώ«,<Γ([»], eee pro.c/01«•«™. ^^1 

μaχ6μιy<ιί, nee iiuif/ninifin«. 

xpeirOMiUiir, ι-ραβομιλΜΐ, aee ei p«- 

μέγιστο", eee liiilanmaioii. 

M^fi<n, Bee linliigmnltia. 

ιττι3/ίβ, see oma. 

ίΗΓ<.0ορ<ύ•. sea mfW/<.ru... 

xT«xtte(, see plurlifiu. 

>HTdqbfxiffiy, Bee mefu/rniin. 

mpyo,. eee pirfloi. ^^ 

μίτινψνχύσιωι. μίτιμψύχναιο, -mi, eee 

^•p-DpiicV• flee 'Itufrffti'a. ^^^H 


irapdj^^a. Bee taralxiUa. ^^^H 

ί,ΐλα, flee mala fl.,«fl. 

(fCMBtrw, see irminon. ^^^H 

,iwifei.Vo-;BeeiiHiif(fl-, iNoHupioimoii; 

o«, see above rXc^t σ«. ^^H 

iiouffnij», see (liolefii'ca. 

στ(ώάτω, for στιφάτω, see Stiphanm. 

•<ίφβιι>'. eee miUeoiU. 

Srpdr».«, Bee ^.-Vflo.. 

κί/ιομβιτΕίαι•. Bee nicroiiniHiio. 

»τροίΜίτύ»• 0). see «romiil.iiB. 

βτρύχ,ΒΙον, eee aiicillii. 

i ; 0. eee fto pl:lm. 

erpw/ior/iti, see (oeiititMn. 

WouropiJio«, see uiftfpuriiOM, äub v. 

β&γχριΗ'οΐ', aee ΟγΝχρΟΝΟΝ. 

iiuAiUF, see !■( ^iroeumfan. 

ίσμή, see oinin. 

» chanRed into c ; aeo iiuK-'wioii, 

irdeoi, see prnlfiiu. 

σιιμμΙιιτΗΐ', see einfirta. ^^^^M 

roijiy. flee aiwitli•. 

η\άθψ, Bee iuioXfi. 

iTVßroeiiiy, aee «iMpfciwi«. ^^^^^ 

τολΙοκροι, see paliiiru>. 

χιιιίρίΓοι, see puiKirflitnii. 

σύ^θttμΛ. Bee ((iitftf-ma. 

Tonryp«*". Bee iKinoifrricoii. 

see tinfagmiloii. 

ixiff«; oxlfcn; οχΙκ«; ιχΙβα., see jrpn 

Tdvrwr, see dialrctica. 

(eub) (μο• (hoc), 4c. 

ταρ«»«^. nee ί«,Γα.ΓΛ.«.. 

Td, aee irfition«. 

Topttotfuii, sec tynnffcncte ajiod-. 

T., Bee ptochfuy. 

^ «dptip»., see ^Mrrdura. 

THiculC, ace /ici pUtton. ^^^J 

^L TdoffuXsi, Bee pftml. 

n>, aee mnflMiii. ^^^H 

^U rtipay. Bee ealatlrafon. 

τψ, see plothi«,. ^^^M 

■ »fpi. eee ™p«iJ p«-/<N« : «fc ,t.tMi™n.,fo ; 

THCHTU)», see ha plato». ^^H 

■^ el jirocnriiaii ; lerrticw; jwnlocrrtulii; p<ri 

tA, sea ίυίΠ'ΐίφινίΗ. ^^^^H 

plA(ic'ii<u; ptoclitut. 

TO /ιτ,βνμηηιιΑ^, see (u ipiiiwiiitS^^^ 

TtpuKJoiw, BCe epyuiiimi. 

TO», see capun perieni; ho platoH. 1 


TtC, we eji» (■- ; ft froeomim,m ; ψρο 
(sob) CyM. 

- τραχΐΚί*, τββχ^. Me iroelri. 
τωΗται, Me fto pUiom. 

rmff Me rt procomimm ; rimtcpmatum. 
6νοίέτ«Μτ, Me ^ ejilortroau to ; ffopkt- 


ne ffuJriai. 
ΦιΑΟΝ, Me ho pUtoiL• 
^(Xe^fyff, Me ^ pkilarmia. 
^cXffrrwxJBt, Me ptockeui. 
Φέλϋτ; ΦίλΜτ«; Φιλ^ΜΑ; ^Xwrtf«». 

Ao plafo«. 
jiKawnmf^ w&t ßaaeomi. 
fpAretf me pkray$i. 
XBfMUT%a, Me eafaracteroM. 

χΒψΛμίΗΛ. Me exrmenmMg. 
Xeifä. Me Hwlaffwtaicm, 

X/urroi•. Me «-f pntcitmian. 
Xpte^LKvtm, Me rrrmiro«. 
yjtmrjfpcj^€im. Bet chri ßMeus, 
χρω^μαφίαί^ see eromifflraphia*. 
V«M<r. Kce ejM» f« pUamm. 


t^^'xi^um. tee amiwtabi*. 
i^X^f Me amimalu*. 
7fax**^oi•, Me psiekitJOilo. 

IMt^MT, Me OCAfflRO. 

wrt^ar. Me oeJbvMO. 
ί»μ»>ΛγητηΛ,. nee ptoehem*, 
'QptTvrmt, Me Hmiagmuiton, 
ιϋσννρ. Me aneilli»; mru*a, 
Cßerrt, Me nmtaffmaUm, 

IV. INDEX (Hebrew) 

reoordi the Hebrew words quoted in the I. Index {lAitin), 

niC, Me AriheWo. 
Sitn^C, Me Arihellio. 

ΠΠ3, we 6oni; herha fuUünum. 

/ηρΚΤη) 'ΚΓΠ, eee fxertum. 

ηη^ΊΙ^^ Μβ ennua. 

73 J; ^31!, Me tn naMi». 
(THI'^W^) nniy, flee Λΐιη7/Μ. 
rP13Dy Ree rpyuUion. 
)ν^ΊΡ^ Bee tarahalla. 
♦(«ΊΒ'ρηΐ) ITp, see ancUli». 
npi^^^ see sinthema. 

* Bead so instead of the word printed in the I. Index (Latin), 


V. INDEX (η KU Μ λ. SIC, BUT rHIKFl.Y J.S.I.V.) 

loce, locca, tooaam, IncL•. fn<- 


& Bf. : perha|>H compounded of fa-, 


w(e»ker), XLTII. Ill, a lark; nee tUUl«. 

Ikuaercu, «ee laiirkr. 

lefto trogAE. Cp, ; l«sc trocas. Ep. Λ Kf. 
(iruc, Λ garden herb + trog, a traugli. 
TGBBet), vtgtlabtf batkrli; nee COrimbU. 

leuf (geari'au). see geiirfiii leiif. 

«Hung, /ill 

e hif 

e hah- 
ledir-an^r«ta, η Irather-tcrighl \ eeeledir- 

todiT-uyret» i,Udfr-uyrhiu, Cp. ; iiiir- 
uuyrrla, Ep.; ttdir-uyrhta, Ef.), xlvii. 
40, a Italhrr-mig/it; «ee bjmBO•. 

ledlr-uyrhta, ii Itiillier-irright; see /^rfi'i'- 

Isw, also IiVfra (perhaps celftted to 
prov. E. fdc or fnmr. α bnT), xlvii. '25, 
α bar (7) i See peuul. 

iMi (? = A.S. lint, looxe, falee. de<<eitful. 
BK «ulMt.l, It dftiver {1), xLv. •1&; nee 
UAle; οΓ. iciimi, Uquib, Cp. 8146) Ep. 
25Α3β; Ef.' 893,7; Hehlntter. Jnam. h:. 
I'hil. V. UB. 

lemft, aee loniUMi, 

letap-tulHlrHip'balt, Cp.; laempi-tiaU, 
Ep. ; IrmpUi.hatt, Ef.). xlvh. 45. limp- 
halting; xee lordu•. 

lem phi -halt, nee Ump-luilil 

leotna. α rai/ of linkt, and π liniiicA; nee 

lepe-uuince, aee lufpi-iiincf, 

leeer», «ee Jci-r. 

leUu (frio-l, aee friu-laeiHiH, 

ledef'Uyrhta, nlniifcir-irrfif/'f; see W'V- 

Uitriim, see ge-uialil-leSnim, 

ieaui«, »ee /i•««. 

KXM, XLviii. SI (it A.S., it woald be 
the plur. o( llhf, a leech ; cf. Igrte, Wright 
W. ; Itfrai, Cp.); nee Mngnesittgei. 

li (aen-), Bftmru-li, 

lioM, lice (eerfed•) ; eee farffd-lirf, 

lioe (trom-i, soe/rom-iirt. 

liim, Cp.; lira, Ef.. crmtiil. mortar, 
liatf. see ocmenU; Urn. xv. 4, see lltora. 

lim.iimf; nee /i im. 

lim {ajnint), Hmum; tee loniiiiii. 

limp-halt, see lemp-hall. 

Und (id. Cp., Ep., Λ Et), xlvii, 100, 
, (Αί lindtn or limr-trrt; see Ullo. 

■linjj, see gredi-ling, gnidu-Ung. 

loe. (1 holt, abya, lock; see foft. 

loe (eliutor-}, Incae (cluster-, alnBtor-), 
■Β pritou-iark, lock, bar; see riiwtor-lae. 

logdor, Hee kydiyr. 

toh (O.H.G.), xixv. 176 = A.S. lur, .in 
fiiclomire. Ιιιύι; nlig»•, loct; see baiKtnou. 
—loh (haiiliit-, honbit-j, see hnnbil-loh. 

loma, a tool; see lamum. 

lomum (iiistr. pl.. not of Ιηπι«, a too): 
Qor of leoma, a ray of light ; nor for 
loiiiliH, from 'one; nor for liuiiim. from 
iiiii, biit)^IuHmin for leuninni, from leoma, 
also nritten Uma, from A.S, /in, a limb, 
joitit, eepeoi&lly α In-uiicft, v. 2 ; see 

lone. loQum; see fomiiM. 
lOMt. for laad (lath. Ci>. Λ Ef. ; loath, 
Ep. = ]HA). ΙΙΙΪ. 289, halr/Hl. hated; SM 


lyoes, see Itxa•. 

r.), ΠΙ. 66, jirMioM lAilj 
niaefiil-dur, tor mn^uf-dur; seem 

m«ertli (»»^rS. Cp. ; mearth, ', 
>«e.irH, Ef.). xLvii. 76. a marttn. kiiia 
tpeiiiel; Hee mnmealu. 

mapal-dnit (mapii'ldur. Cp. & '. 
maefiil-dur, Ef.). xltii. 37, the nuuili-l. 
(mapttl. mripul, the maple + durt, dur, I 
EtreKBed forms of A.S. ti ' 
SiieU, Diet. V. vuiple) ; β 

Riapal-dur, see mapnl-durt. 

muM (so aUn in Ep. A Ef. ; mat*, i 
= A,a. «n't), χι,τιι. 52, (a tit-)>M 

mane, mnse. see miuiai. 
mattM, not A.S., but dat. of I 
malta, xxx;v. H. see i^atMo. 
meard, a nuiften ; see maerth. 
nicurth, mearfi. a pMrtrn; see ι 

INHKX {flK/!MAXn\ Bl'T CHIEfLV ,I..S'.I.V.) 

mcttooafi. η 

Ren. ρΓ IHM', a shoe), sxxvii. 
oduili nltun, 
mlltf {mittr. Cp. <t ΕΓ. ; miirfi. Ep.}. 

iDidiii, Cp., fiF •liitrmbtfi (from iiijitiH. 
cdnceal. dixiionibU). see dlwtmatet. 



•iiiflrr, π Hifilitinnnli•; lee rusdnU tttiil 
negU [aatpl, Cp. = A.8. nanei, nagt). 

monnns KiMbiM ytabaUi iiionuHp, Op. ; 

gMr• moiiHng, Et,), XXXII. 37. Ί elaimiiin 

eee exkcUo. 

mocxle, eee mancelli•'. 

malti, see millf. 

mnHoellna, Cp. Λ E]i. ; niiiBCellac. V.l.. 
plnr. of miitcellt = muxle, iniiixle, n 
jiiiitele or niHiiacJ, ί thell-ßth; nee grlnit- 

Dinxle, eee «ruwfiiiu. 

m^it, Cp. Λ Ep. {miinit, EC. ; nii/nri, 

II for r; wii 


nacthe-gelae, nee nefli-nnliif. 
DiEbu. B«e Hfbn -π'Ίΐ'*. 
naeeht-hcaebu, aee iieetht.rrfii. 
naecte-gale, nee iinli.giihie. 
naect-gengB, Cp., .1 «Iglil-goer ; nee 


D»ge1, naegl, noigl^ eee Heiiil. 

nuiiit-tirsefu. Ke« iifflJif-rrlN. 

uaesgristl«, Cp.; naeK-KMEitlae, Ep. it 
Et., nott-grittU ; nee ea,ntllAgo, aiirl nbore, 

nafn, see «e*ii-;(uiii•, 

D«ti-galae, aee arrii-'jul'if. 

nftni-KMi (ηαύυ-.7θ(ΐΓ, Cp. : mib/o-fiar, 
Ep,; tuilw-.'rc'', ΕΓ.: From A. S. iiirbii, iw/u, 
■ aave + güT, a apear, borer), xi.vit. 46. a 
nave-borer, auger, iiiiulel ; see tr~ "' 

uect, m'lfhl; eee n/er tun netl. 
necl&e-galae, eee necli-galae. 
ii?ot(-gel», see Re(ti-gala<. 
iiect-liraebn, eee neetht-re/n. 
nBettat-retO ^naιht■hraφι, Cp.; imechl- 
hraebn.'Ep.: ntet-liraebn, Ef.), ilvii. 54. 

necU-gftla« {iiaertt-gale, Hrklf-gale, Op. ; 
nntae-gala«, wti-gnlat, nieti-gnlai, Ep.; 
ntee-gle^ nantht-gelar, afrtt-gela, Et.; see 
Skeat, Cime. Diet.), xi.vti. Γιΐ, ii nighl 

nehlJj-gsle, see necli-galae. 

nest tut ntft, night ; 8ee ofrr lua nett. 

mn (id. Cp., Ep. & Ef.), <i tUf-daagkUr, ' 


iiiht-lirffifu, see iieetlit-rt/ii. 

-n-inBae. -n-iwe (heard-), hanhint; see 
lieiird-n-iae (and uu tblH KuRlx, ef. 8keat, 
Princ. dC Rugl. Ktum., Brat Sei•., 3iid ed., 
p. 253). 

nor, for haor; hmra, lac Imora, Ef. 
from an unrecorded .K. 8. strong verb 
'httfauiu; and /noni (Cp. Λ Ep.); from 
A.S./wu»in; |0. H. O. fonuH Riir; hy- 


nord-baas. (Drnxi'Mmr^ (niii(i-(wr[/, Cp, 
Λ Ef., rand-hrag, Ep.), ii-ra. 17, tk•- Im- 
iif a shield, or a nhielil ; see boeiilua. 

qobUiui (dat. plur.' of A. S. mullr). 
•I jUlel. baii'l, xxivti. 7; see odonli 

nur.' 0. Η. (i. : see y.m-. 

otMr-lago, TU. II, iin iii'er (uppet| oloak 
(>Mi) Bosv. T. offr-latg] ; ee« onflbula, «nb 
V. MnpUlmlDiii. 

ober-Moelddo, xi.n, '27. for o/er-ifaeliYttr 
over, exceeding Bcaihe, iusolenoe, min- 
ehiet; eee In p«nnla« (for impHNilnn?). 

ufcr-HCarfiliu (?}, »ee aber-ieoeiilila. 

- t{../er. . . 

lair, two; netl tot neet, Dtght), xuil. 
I, uver lieo niglili, Ihr day afttr ίο• 
„rrmc ; see permde. 

ogaliiil'rind (Ir.), see gabo-riail. 

nlen (ciii), aee ciie-liuleH. 

om«, (umaii, Cp.), xixv, 66, fTj«iiw/o«; 

nmprae, see ompr(. 

omprf {ampre, Cp. ; aiiiprae, Ep. ; om• 

prim], xcvi, 37, η fiimor or eirclUiir, «ee 

on-, see an-teeul. 

und ( = Ä, 8. iiHd. and); see hidir-an- 

on-fclti. on-lilte, on-lliti, xee oii-felti. 

oagti (id. Cp. : aiiga, Ep, & Ef.). 
8-ΐ, Εΐ«ιίπιΐί sue »qnllln•. 

(for <irl«i«cei). III. αϊ, ritli 
\ng. ikilfiil; aee arguU.. 
enuiiidat.plur.; als'i miEread ilmr- 
perh. from orr. a stoge-pUyer. or 

ττ Λ.£Λτ.) 

•,^^ «% l -Mt. cy Λ Ei.; 

(imalDe-L tee **<■'>''-'<' 
, O. IL Gl, ne fmbL 

ι GtMr. pinr. «< rAc=ryk(, i) 
bUnitt}. xui. 9, n(A nif>, blamktu; 

rlnut (bord•). km borrf-mim. 
tisd (eBbo-• BSbol•). we ^6ο-πΊυ1. 
rint (hidir), aee hidir-riitf mnd huii 

ruel, Cp. ( = i7h1, D. miul, krd, en 

nd (Dimnil•). <m bronil ra. 
«Mfiwi (*e ). •^ f/i-rw/an. 
rwnd (i(»bul-), HW iiabo-rind. 
rund'liM« ranit-lif'iy ll.'*.). 
nui« for ηφυ (i|.v.). 

(«τψί«, Cp.; ivripjt ten. Bp. 
A Er. böiB &.S. MTtpaa), A( (rropei, 
«ιτιΜΐλα, ILm. 39 ; NC •Μ>ΙΒ•λ. 

Ktid. It rJtMriot. IitUr (Boaw. T.); an 

■cripil. acripid, «β* ttriVA, • 
lOnc b» Krtic {ttrie. Cp. A Bp. ; • 
Er.|. U.VU. r>3, .1 .hrik,, tkrilu. Mm 



γ. INDKX (riKllMAyrr, BUT CHlKKt.Y ,-1. Ä.i.V.) 

eytaä, we nryhend. 

«oybnti, eee tryhend. 

•ojliaud ( ~ Ep. : icym•!. Up., pui. ib. 
□f trgliUH, irrl^uN). ii.vit. 3β, u irrfiii^rr, 
rm-ni/'lfr : ««« tUOUlUi. 

M-'yir, He« (frill. 

^M teog, sech, tnti;« i «ee •<η>. 

^P wdM (for A.H. gen. ning. ί••ϊιΙ'«, uiidet, 

purif ur pouch ; nee Motill. 

Hgln (Hiifn, Cp.. Β ΙΐΜίη-νοηΙ. from 
the hat. olf/nriM), xlxv. C!l, <i liflii, ΐηλι•» : 
Bee ulxiH»; see ilm ιιίτπ, Cp. Λ El. i 

»•ι•«ίϊ. Kp., aub V, labrmn. 
Μ^ο. «et) ttgiu. 
Mlc (>.-c0. Cp.; «ri'd, VA.), 'ill. 
flcign, lee ugiii. 

«ele (telil-). α (rH(; »c<i lijUl-njlr. 
tieiiK, see (r0<n. 
wTid, Μυ ifdn. 
wioll-bunan, Cp.i » "liciilr; we bio- 

^^ wot, for Hcot (•η-), 

üU (il/, Cp.; Ep.; Kf.=A.a «Ιιν•}. 
xi,vii-71. " lith. pcrh, fAr ir«rli, or jiiuHfl; 

alltalidt (part, of ilitun, to »lit, tenr). 
XXXV. ΙΗΛ, iKiUhed; eeell ' ' 

■mnti i'maetf. Cp.) yoM. '*■" 
reJlHtil imUI. tee ywaeli ffolil, 

nmedenui. aoe muttuiiia, 

«neadema. nneoduniA. tee imttunia 

■mttttiiui (stmnMJiiiHa, mnnlümii, « 
iIfm«), tiTl. T> ,/'">' Jlonf, meal; 

. ( = .» 


. 1, II ψιΓ. 



' "iiicdaiii, eee ιιιςιΐίι. 

nnivJil. aiiaedil-l«arm ; see 'nedil- 
Huttidit, neu iiifdil. 

mimgl (inenl, Cp. Λ Ep.), iltii. UO, α 
inall : we BurtUMi. 
nnearh, snenru, we nur. 
•iL»dll-(U«rm (»iiinJiJ-tvarm, Cp. ; viae- 
dil uel ίλι-ιιι-πι. Ef.), xixT, äOS, fAü irrrar 
mir : eee «ιΜβ. 

ifdlt (^anacdit, Bril pera. Bing, of 
pruDe treen), xlvii. lCm, 
■ fi-ii« ; Hee pulkt. 
HDC^I. aee tiurffl, 

: l^meani, tii^iirh}, 1β, Ιλ< 
of II ι 

anlte. Up. a initf, mipe; nud iiudu-, a 

leaHl-tiiilr. see aeagft. 
«'fiHrp, see in »οιιιί.ΐίΡ•|ΐ""ϊΐ. 
soniBiidi, Cp-, Ep-, Ef., Iviiig anjiw«'. 

nputan. Beo ipaedim. 

■p&ednn (nwiiuH, Op., Ep. it ΕΓ., «oeiia. 
pliiv. of tpada, tpmlu, α apade. iivitliick), 
xxxTx. 1ΐ : »ee luuigH, 

Bpaldr, Me »paldur. 

•pftldm {id. Cp. it Et.; tpaldr, Ep. 
>paior, typaldar; ?A.S.), xil, IS, aijihaU 
»m Miwltum. 

spttlor. see lyaUiiT. 

Bpan, fl|ioii ige-), a cluip ; see ge-tpan. 

epraeoi (telo-), eee felo-npric. 

apraeioi, epreci (telu•), eee /i-iu-iipri«. 

spric (felo-l, wx frln-ipnc. 

sma, for \».m = Umm (q.v.). 

Btffil, xee itaUi. 

ntoer, nee ilfr. 

italo to fnclam {ttaln to fngtuiu, Cp.. 
lip.. ΕΓ. : ιΜίιι, ubitM, pi. of tlitl, a plao«, 
hUII : fugliim tor /ui/Iiiiii, initlr. pi. of 
fugel, belter fonn fugul, a fowl), xi.vii. 
14. '( ptaee. liall'for fmelt; see um- 

Rtaln. «ae hIhI.•. 

Htnn {oisil'), «ee eltU-nta» ; (liiiele-, 
liiicti-), «ee iifiintua ; (rede*), »ee filr- 




Btaup-fotar, see tteuf-frdn: 

sU'Kn, eee ttrug. 

ttel (or ttele, itrli, Cp. Λ Ef.; ifpWi, 
F.p.l, xt.vii, ΆΗ, ttefl; aer Moearlnm. 

«tele, atcli. we flrl, 

eteno. Op.; ategn. Ep.; atfug, Ef-, α 
tlang {Prov. E.); aee cUtUk. 

Htvop-faeder, tee utraf-fedfr. 

■tfT {ttarr, Cp, .l Ep. : «rirm, Ef,), 
xl.vti. S.I, II «tarihig or ttart (with hIioM 
If : ntmr mQanH λ hiatory) : ace atamna. 

Htenn, aee nrfr. 

atenf-fMtr {flfop-furdtr, Cp. ; iieup- 
faedaer, Ep, ; iiuii;i./iiiiir. Et.), nixv" ' " 
attepfalhtT: aee nlMcuin. 

ateup-faedaur, aee $tevf-ftdtr. 

stUith, Cp.. tteali; aee oonpellan. 

atillit (an-), aoe m-ttiUit. 

stilnifl (un-), aeo un.irrini). 

Btoin, see ttojitn. 

atofun { = «tD/n; Pro». E, «οίοι 
ttoHng. ιΐοΐΐΐι«), xxxv. 73, ii tttm, tlmap of 

a, iniiHical instnimeiit ; aee Oi 

Btore, α itork; see ilorhe. 
■terlic (-(OTT, Cp, Λ Ef.). -. 
Ktork ; nee dGonlA. 


V. tnVKX (flKBMAXm. 

thfam, •' ßim. 

•tflMlHm, Vv.. Kp. Λ Rt. (iMtr. pi. of 
ilrl'tl, • irirlKMi•)] <u-f IroeM. 

ttflM (.iH/iii, V.i,.. K]•. A K(.. y w. 
I't tlriCiHf, ίΐΛΚ. tu. hf •ι••ΜΙη, ilndef. 

Mihi, hit tin« luwi•, for liriwil-), «i» "ίο- 

»fn filiri/a, i)|i, i .ΙμΓ/ο, Kj., A Kf,), 
«f.*li. TM, " «luri/riiii ι h«i poroo pUoU. 

nffHr lUj.iti. t(,'i -ιικ. frmaU p'o ; «oo 
•MM. alHi wrlllaii «iifit οΊ^Ί llil, f'p. Λ 
Κ]!.) -Uli.!, Kt.l. (ΐ.νιΐ- llH (Π. ||,<1, .a: 
liuiin ^ii'i I'll, ""HI) Muianite, 

•Hal - "<"ΙΊ, Mil iiiu III' »III, 

ΜΙ«*)« lliwirll I, will Itfrilu 'iirpe. 

mm i'lm•• . "i'. * V'V i '"'ff«]. «"■Vit. 
IW. Iti* «ι•ιιιιι nf Μ l.|ii|. Ol' fi^pr't.••'•): i^ 

■»«MM, »ι* •III'", 

•iiMlllii*, w» iiilllifliin. 
tmii'itt; mi tiimmi, 
miMirwIli, Cfi., U/ilUlrfri \ wui d«&(il(t. 

fA*/iiW II 


JIB, w|i,, aiHi nniveii iiiH-itr-liiii 
{Irttm mh ■lllwl 1» mth- hi A. N. iwtUnt. 
nlil*r torin 111 imlir/', fiirwIilaliiiaHDiM«. T., 
* (h« lull. ■Irr, thii mtii• η Iti K. Ακιικίΐ' 
Mr, iit-Or, mill lün. Tin A, H. nH'eh- 
beeuin« laig. (by Varnar'« Uw) in A. R, 
inr#f/.<r. Aa tn luA-, ιιΓ. ϊαΛ. *oe• In 
mt-tr), a bralhrr'• ion, ii luphrit | hw 
rntnuiu, and of. Hofaxlti Ifuiili-Jo). 

■ulca, Cp. J niiiciu•, Bp. it Bf., a imrtt, 
odour, nee omui, 

aulo-hllu (bi-|. >we iJ-.ii'i'-/<irif. 

aaiopuiD, Cp. (InHtr, plnr. uf twiopu = 
■uifpii, α whii] : D. iv^rp), icffh niOHrjfri, 
iFttA Nifii;iii : bi« aagrii. 

qrltor (lui nrionr, camp, oi t»*oe, nrj 
niiicli) bevaln I = kinfm, bl«, axem. 
XXII. Ιί, Ffry «wh Mar. own ; •Μ 


I;). Cp., II pillar, folian-, lecbiriB. 
*y\L• jlyM-l, a Irar ; «ee IfU-tglr. 
■ypalJor. bm tpatdnr. 

t mliiÜDg. see mia-aniN. 

ΙηΓΙκη•, >«e Itlilheri, 

Imld III)!'), (I tmf ! βββ;«•«!!. 

buol, lunl. α die; w« ten/oJ. 

tcald (κ».), II IfHt; aee j;«-sfl(. 

MUlid. Cp.: ifl<Jii<'.Ep.;i<'JIJ.BI.;J 
toriii [iir I/nl. (iituin), xi<r. 15, a ΙαατΛ ^ 
tliu playiiiit of κ k>I"C. *aä η ffame plajti 
(III auuli It board ; see »ItX. 

(ublιu^, WW Icbl. 

Ii^hlerc, acB tebllirri. 

Mtdbtn {lihlere^ Cp. , Ep. A EI. = U 
xi.v. nil (I {ramc'f'f', iffwr; see alMi. 

MHI, »eeUbl. 

ten, *w litrafa, 

luld (){■>-)■ " '(^ : iiee 0<'£<tl. 

told'Ulu, d Imf; see tyld-nf''. 

loom (hlfteo), Uaei-tar. see Wnrt tnirn. 

tvaul, ned (riiifiii. 

tMulM (porh. ace. pi. of A. 8, Tiuul. in 
C]>. .t Rf. 1 nr Uml; lanol. in Ep.. all 
Imrruwtsl früill Tint, leiitllii, a die), isxr, 
an, ,((«; Ml - 


-. Ep,; iiff.Ef.; 
ma a corruption of 
perh. = A.S. telrr, 

tatnfk (* (rfcr, Cp. ; 
ιΙη•Λι, Htemm. ; /ii aec 

biltor, H ciiUiieo'iia >i 

74; auu pattfo. 

•Se (aulHx), eee -ilii, -iloi anil epi-ilit, 
thearm, eno «nitöi-dai^ni ; («ιιπιι. 

rffli-mnnu : |>cHnii (nnaedil-). lee ini 

thegii, B*c (xflM. 

ί^ϋπ. Cp.; thegu, Rp.; deRti, TJ., <i 
■vaiit, nßcer; mes ftdHCla. 
ttiMtlinlr (? it A.B. perhaps toxamhihit' 
•tiir, charge of offi»; ΪΓ Lnl., peih. for 
thitftaea-). v. 21; gee edltKmei. 
«Ider, thither; tee hidir-,in-didii: 
|>in(;ere. eee iliHgert. 
biaiel. see eardella. 
)>ietul-tDige, see iliilyl-lige. 
thislil, see dittyl-tij/r. 

EiJen, a rioUnl mind; Hee ftlolaiiiu, 
aril (= ^urb, through) hasp (cepronch. 
contempt), Cp.; see per UroiitBin. 
•(lox, see por. 
SnB.I, ΉΓΟα, Bee dredum. 
Sridite-hailf, eee dride-hatpf. 
Ärili, yn\i. triple; teedriU. 
Sriug (ebur). eee fbur-daung. 
ttiioduni; (jmb-), son yaib-VriodiiHH. 
tbruftlac, ϋΓΟβΙΙβ, a llirnntle ; aee drml- 


throt -ΙκιΙΙη, erot-bolU, eee dmh-bolta. 

Srotu, l/u throat; Mx droh-balla. 

bu&rm, Cp. (Ibueiirm, Ep. : dmieram. 
El. ; orig. form properly faar-m. whence 
A. 8. ^aearm. Bob«. T., by the breKkiiig of 
ar to ear. It ίβ vi>r; likely allieil to liat. 
lor^j-uirf, »ml tu the E. ihu-iir-t ; eeo 
Gotli. ymairht in Uhlenbeck'a Ktym. Coih. 
WBrUrb.), a eatting initriment, a liorrr 

thneann, e«e ^uiirm. 
^art, through; KeeSorA. 
tiuieafi (ge-), see lurid«, 
^mirhe (Oolh.), sue ^πν. 
fiwarm, eee tunrm, 
thwart, K., nee |ιιΐΊΐ'πι. 

fj» gere, Cp.; thya geri, Ep. & ΕΓ. 
(I7B, thja, ίΛί' + gere, geri. iUBtr. of gi'r, 
a yfor), in tAi> jfiKr ; see bomo. 

- tige. tnige [tor tvigt, tram la-ieciun, lo 
plook, twllohri (dietyl-, |>iBtel-| 1 we 

tUl (for ΙιοίΙΟ, XLVl. 40. doublf, ticill; 
^ee bilex. 

tindre, tinder ; eee timden. 

tiDga (in-). Bee iii-tinga. 

tionaii, Cp., aiiiioyanrei ; xee InfHtl- 

titi, tinRB, ΙΪΒΒ^ (haeg-, beg- ; haeli• ; 
liegi-) ; see haeg-tii. 

to, to, fur, eee jmM. 

E>nu>r, see tend•, and nboTe dttp. 
redan, tredep, treten (aO. 3^ im-it- 
repetan (in-), see in-trrptta». 
reppan, see in-trepela«. 
reten, tor treden (an-a~. tor un-a). xe« 
nmee, see irjwmujr. 

DEX («A-P.V.r.^'/f, BIT CHIEFLY .I.S.i.Y.) 

trogsB, Imtkeli• ; nee lene troym, 

trymiMU (plur. of trymii - trimn•). xxxi. 
ti. a eoin; Bee lOlldoi, HUb τ. loUdl. 

tuipe Ifor Inige ?), eee lige. 

luigin. Bee ttit'n. 

tain. Cp.; tuom, Ep.; tnigio, ΒΓ., /inrii 

{twjne, twine ; D. tiPiJu ; »ee Bobw. 'Γ. 
ftciN;, tteine); see byanu. 

tunder, see rtindrri. 

tnnderi, tludn (inBlrun.? of liinder, 
or =fiiHrfrf), IV. 77, Under, fuel; eea 

tuiidre. see tuwieri. 

tUBC, Cp., a tntk; 

tuum (for twin?), see tr 

twige, see tige, 

twili. see (iJi. 

tychtiiigDiu, Cp. ; lyotintiain, Ep. & Ef. 
(instr. pi. ol Ujhtea«, an allurement, hait), 
see inlMebria. 

tyctinnum, teetyrhlingnm. 

tybtenn, eee Igrhtiiigum. 

tyld-syle, = teld-trle, η Ifiit-houne or 
dieelling χ see teiida. 

tynder (Cp., ηΙ»ο tyiidrr; tyuAir, Ep.; 
ryndir, Ef.), tiiiiter, fuel; see Uppt, — 
^ndil (lyudrio, Cp. A Et ; ^ndirm, Ep.), I 
xLni. •2•}, Bee Idea. " 

lyndirra. Bee tynder. 

tyndrl, tyudijn, see tynder. 

tyrf-abg«. ivii. 2, a turf {»aA)-mattoek 1 
or liue ; eee IlgoiiM. 

!, blaukel, c 

uaell(ed-), eee (α-ιιαΙΙς. 

naertf {iiearte, Cp.; uvenrl'ie, Ep.; 

nalc-befae iynlth habae. Cp,; iiualh 
hebuc. Ep.; «ludh Juif/inc, Et.), iii. 3.Ϊ. 
foreiij» haink; tue baroiUon. 

uaUo, iisUf (ed-). see ed-»allt. 

luJ-nyrt [γαί-αιρ-Ι, Cji. A Ef. ; leml-teyrl, 
A.MI1. ; from Kralh. foroifjn + 7ryrl, a root), 
xiji. 4, «■atlimrt; aee βΐΐβαι. 

UUTta (pi.; also ivorfii. Cp. ; paar. 
Hing.. Cp.), rv. 24 ami iiiv. 122 = A. S. 
\f earr. a pieee of hard shin : see caUM. 



JULKtrang { = 9iH'iiMtrung, hwattrung), in. 
18, If irhi^HTinfl, ιμμπμμγιμ/;; Beemnnnar. 

ucartr, a inirt ; »ee uaert^, 

ucliti (O. 11. (i.), Nee oaifelti. 

mH>rna (im|-), α Bquirtyl ; μηϊ α<?•Μπια. 

UMHilttB, for hurut-MtüH = hiret-itän 
(huftf'^tan, Cp. ; hMti-etaiif Kf.), XLVi. 4, 
«I whflutont ; see 00•. 

uidu-bil, Hee uitu-hiL 

•uigRE, -uuicA, -picga, -Quigga, α wZ/y, 
froriM ; nee ir-uigtfa. 

iiiif, for uuif (κ«•)ι /^''• /«"'''«ν«; tee 

uina, Hce tiinu. 

nine (fine, Cp.; Kp. A Kf.), χιλίι. 6t), a 
Jhirh ; hcv fHnfftlla. 

iiincae (lae|)ao-)* Moe laepi-uinc^, 

wivkcii (larpi•), see laepi-uinc^, 

nlnii (for MtM<i ; ./fmi, Cp. & Ep. ; piita, 
Kf.), ΧΙΛΙ1. Γι7, (I H'tHHlpeeker ; see mano• 

ttitu-bll ( =: HhUi'hU, teudU'hU), xiii. 50, 
fi tnHHi'hili ; nee nmtina. 

uii-a-treden, hoc an-a-treten, 

un-iPO-lMitn• itane ( - nu-ge-b^atue 
KtAius iiiMirum.), xxiii. /S, tiN2M*af<>a fton/; 
HH> lapide Inpollto. 

un-itllllt (.'iid Hing, from unttWan, to 
1m* r«>HtluKH), xi.viii. 2H, (ht>) i« uot stiH, 
I'fHtUti*; M>0 imolMOit. 

uii-HtilniH (Hohw. T. un-ittiUtteitt)^ re»t- 
lemnt'tai ; KCt> intoleiOit. 

unxa, (). II. (}.» hci» /ι7ιηι. 

ttoond (|«<)M(/, Cp.; |t(fm/, Ep.; nuoml, 
Kf. from tniUilitiH, from the stroug verb 
N-iN(/ifN, to turn), xLvii. 7l>, ii mo/i ; Prov. 
K. inntt ; h(H• talpa. 

noma (ftq•)* " «quirrel ; see <ir-Nniri. 

uricae, urice (la•), wk^ hmrice, 

urna (hc•), <i i*</MinW; hco <ic-iirH<i. 

paar, n j>iVr(' o/' /inn/ «Aim ; see luirra«, 

paar, κλι-ιγι•!•*/, ιγ<ιμγ, iror«•; eee tiMiic. 

uuao, writngly for uuar (|μιιγ, Cp. ; 
paar corr. into iiaai\ Kp. ; uai\ Ef.), χιλίι. 
•2.S, Ufa w fed, »r<iiii•, irore• ; Ht»e alga. 

pH*gu>fearu, HHnjiion-Journey; Hee i/<»/>i/• 

wwl, 11 jxx»/, i/«//; see ed-uulli, 

uuaolle (ed-), nee fd-ualt^. 

wwl-wyrt, joreiffn mof, ini//irorf ; eoe 

paloli habuo, foreign hutck; see iialt*• 

waltl (an•), nee (ιν•ιγ<ι/</. 

uualh haebuo (hcbuc), foreigu haKk ι 
see Hidc'he/iu\ 

whIU (ihI). nee eduallf, 

waltowahHo (0. H. G.). eee cartUlago, 

pul-u.vvt, foirigH nutt, truUirort; we 

pand. Me uoond, 

wandian, nee uoond. 

uuar, see uuac. 

|faae, Cp., ooze, mud, «lime ; see oeno. 

uoda-biude, see uudu-bindlae. 

midttMndlao (ondubiiide, Cp.; uuidu- 
bindlae, Ep; uuydQblindae, Ef.), xlvii. 
98, woodbine; see Innoliico. On the 
etjm. of. Hkeat, Diet. {Wood^); Cent. 
Diet, [n'oodbiue) ; Oxf. Diet, {bind, sb.' ; 

anda-iinite, Cp., a vood-enite (or snipe), 
Hee aoiga, and above suite. 

weald- weax, see uuldpaexh$ue. 

wealh-basn, see uuyloe-baso. 

weallan, see ed-uall^. 

weallQ (ed•), see ed-uall^. 

pearp (sond-ge•), see fa iond-ge-pearp. 

aoeartae, a wart ; see ua^rt^. 

nuee (Iringis-)f see Iringi$-uuee. 

naeder, Cp., weather; see temperitin. 

weel (E. Dial.), see ed-uall^. 

well (E.), see ed-uaUi. 

nnelle, pelle (ed-), see ed-uall^. 

weoloo, see uuiolociu; uuluc. 

weoloc-basa, see unyloc-baso. 

weoloc-read, see fioloc-read. 

weolue, see uuluc. 

weorp (sand-ge-), see in sond-ge-yearp, 

peorras, pieeee of hard ikin; see uarras. 

nnop, a web ; see in-uuerpan uuep. 

naercae (la-), see laurice, 

uuerpan (in-), see in-uuerpan, 

•uuica, -jucga, a wig, worm ; see cr-uigga. 

uuidu-biucUae, see uudu-bimilae. 

wicUe (ed-), see ed-uall^. 

uaif (ge•), see ge-uiif. 

•unigga, see tr-uigga. 

wilk, Prov. £., α whelk ; see inadncmfl. 

wilac, see Inndlacnu. 

uuince (lepe•), see laepi-uinc^. 

windan, see uoond. 

uaiolocas, auylocas fwbelks, plor. of 
iceoloc, a kind of shell-fish, a whelk); 
see oonolaa. 

pioloc-read, uailoo-read, nuslnc-reud ( = 
weoloc-read, lit. whelk-red), scarlet, purple; 

wir, myrtle ; see lenüacas. 

uuld-paozlua• (in one MS. yulpa ex- 
htaey, for wuld-waexhita€::^k.B, weald- 
weax?), XIX. 59, a nerve, »inew, tendoti = 
E. pax wax; see ctrtillago. 

uuUuc, see uuluc. 

vullQoh (O.H.GJ, see inuolucrw. 

uulno (uulluc, Cp. & Ef.; uuluc, Ep. 
weolue, W. ; vulluch and uuolloch, O.H.U. 
probably al\=weoluc=weoloc), xlvu. 20 
8ee Iniidlaertt•. 

podhae (instr. of γογ, eloquence), see 


ίααοε(Ιβηι)α fpt. plnr. of «I'lleii), ihr 
I'lii'i Uli«: ref bMluuitea. 
uuoUooh (Ü.H.<;.). see tmtn.-. 
yanA, unond, eee iiouhiI. 
Uiiordea io-tiagu. S•"' ''" '"'" "S •' •''<"''' '■ 
fop. Bee ]wdlMie. 
wriecoe, wrece» : βββ fraeeeau. 
l-raecean, Cp., plur. of wtsccb. wreecn 
(»ee BoHw. T.), uh ej-iU; see exhnria. 
VTffilt-btM), nee Hurel-bnio. 
mir«t-buo ( — wrftf-haan, lit. ornftioent- 
bmwn, from irrirtr, oraament + biiio, 
brown, purple), xxii. 19; eee rubenm. 
uusliiC'rend, see yiaioc-rtiid. 
wudii-bil, see uila-bil, 
wiild-waeitasM, «ee vuld-pnerhiin. 
uQjdu-blindEie, see mula-bindlar. 
uuylocaa, see iiuioloeai^ 
ηη7ΐοο-1«Η>( - iceolne-baiu.Ktatli-liaiH), 
nil. 17, lit. ahelk-broi"», rriauoii, ;ικψ/< : 
ϊθβ puTpnm. 
nnjToU (lüdirOi see Jrdir-ti.vrcf'i, 
"yrd. I'yr^i/iif; Bee Hyrd. 

nuyrdae. nee pjriii. 

pyrde, Cp.i umjrdiif, Kp. and Kf. (plur. 
L of tryril, η.ν,, fate, destiny, weii'd), Ihe 

η ■ purple) .1 xir.-'^^^H 

INDEX (, ΒΓΤ CHIFFI.Y .I..*!.!!.) 

nuyna-bui] (literally wi 

18. purple, cnrmoini«: xe- 
wyrt (wrel-), see >ial-ng 
uytv.iA (ledir.). He« Itdir-ugreia. 
uyidl^iTtfCii.iiyrd.Cp.), χϊΐν. ΙΘ5 »nd 

si.v. 4, fate, /orlune ; we htnm. Ion, 

und above {tbc plur.) |iynl«. 

iiyrlila (tedir-, letter-), see Udir-mjrela. 
uyrt {ual-, pal-), forrign root, icallieorl; 

see iial-Hi/rt. 

y inserted (by misreading the mark 
above A. S, worda) : ne-bi/raeo for Re-hraec. 

jmuMtl (for emStii gold {»iiiatle ffiild, 
Cp.|. ni. 54, beulen, reßned tjild; KB 

ynib-Briodung, Op.; ymb-dritaag. Ef. 
{^i/mli-Yrtodunii•, from ytitb. about, (onnd 
-f premiitnii, deliberation, froiii ^reodiau, 
1« deliberate), ilelilnnilion: see dalllMr- 

ynce, an inch ; see libra. 

ysi-folto (O.H.t;.), Bee o/i./elli. 

yolp» eiiieaey, (or iFiiM-warxlii 


jlosa 29), the third e in aoDferenles ehould be ;. 
[ p. 11* (gloBB 17). for atriimque, it is posnible to read cftriiniqiie. 

p. IS"• (gloss 43), MS. has really cestare (aot certare). 

p. 13•' (gloee 7 ol Ch. III!.), HS. luis really discennuntai. 

p. 4ä* luioe; of. Aldli. 24, IS justa diBcretiooia lanee. 

p. Ö3'' line t, for (Iheorili'rn), read, see theoritiieu, 

p. S3>>, article ad/rcit, odd : ef. Schlatter in Joam. of Kngl. and Otrm. J'bil. v. 4I>9. 

p. 67*, afier li. 14 add : attoniti, attonitos, attonitus, see ailtaniii'. 

p. 69*. article banitrum, add: Bee Schlatter in ^a'lrn. o/ Engl, and denn. J'hilol. v. 469. 

p. 70*, after li. 2ϋ odd: bidubium, bidngio, see miiiina. 

p. iv• I. 27, after eiriuB add; concionaretnr (aonr•). 

p. 73' li. 8, after peornw add : leiir, 

p. 74* li. 31, for χαρακ: lead χαραα- 

p. 76^ 11, 2,