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Wtxmtieia daily <&i$tm> 

Commercial # froUtttQl 

VOL. XII.'] 

WEDNESDAY, Slptembkr 9, 1812. 

O*- 3744 

5ALI-.5 AT VLNiJUn. 
On every Tuesday and Friday, 

At the Vendue Si ore, corner of Prince anil 
VVtter streets, 

A Variety of Dry Goods, Groceries, 

Particulars of which will be expressed in the 
bills oi the day. 
\\\ kind of good* ffltiet) are on limitation 
.-■-■! til luii-.-. of which urc established, can 
at astf time be i i iwi ! sid purchased at tha 
lowest limitation and prices. 

P. G. Marftcllcr. 


In pursuance of a Decree of 

the Honorable the United States' Circuit 
Court of the District of Columbia for the 
county of Alexandria, hy ft wherein Ben- 
j iniiri Botts and Timothy BrujuUge, Assignees 
<f Is.tjc WPhersoii and Nathaniel EJiicott, 
are complainants, ;.nd William Cash is defen- 
dant, will be sold to the highest bidder on a 
credit of 6, 12 and IS months, to bear interest 
hum the date, a HOUSE and LOT on the 
suath. side of King street, between Washing- 
ton anil Columbus streets* in the town of A- 
lexandria, on the 23J jjy of September next) 
J on the premises : there is on the Lot a framed 
MFDICINES House and Shed adjoining. The preniisca 
are subject to inspection at any tidie previous 
to the sale. 

EDMUND I. LEE,? C()9»wm- 
G.DENEALE, 5 atoncrs. 

AtlgUSt 12 ids 

JiltY 1.Y 



nnrfrio, Fai ■■■/.'.> 81 ■ eel, off 
ffAMPSOM'S, a»d next - 
1 I OYD'S— 

H\ ■> fust recoil ad in a Idition to his fdr ; 
raer Stock- a general assortment of 
M ,1 e lev of the first quality, "11 of which he 
will sell wholesale and retail) on as good 
term* as they can he. purchased in Baltimore 
or Philadelphia Cduritry Merchants and 
Physicians can be supplied on the best of 
terms I. jr cash, or on a good credit — He 
h-us also received a general assortment of 
Surgical Instrumental^ liki «yi e 

Th' following Pafe»t Afsdicines viz ;— 

Whejton's Jaundice Bitters, 

Co Itch Ointment, 
Conley's Vegetable ElWir, foi Couch-,, 

Colds-, Astli,ntas, Coniurrfptransi Bee, &c. 
Rawson's Worm Powders, 
Thompson's fooihe Pus to, 
Essence o Must- i' I, 
Bin t'a •<■ U**ji \\m :nt, 8cc. '-'c, 

JO 5 * l'fT-:^iii-U c^t_t:fl sli price given for 
SnaltE R 

WIN;. 5, I KAS, &c 
fi Pipes old London P. Madeira 
1 1 do. Sicily Madeira 
10 do Lisbon 

8 pipes and 40q.r. casks Sherry 
80 quarter casks Malaga 
25 cases Claret 

Joseph Mar.deVille, 

Corner of King and Fairfax Streets, 
Hi Chest 1-2 and 1-4 Chests new Teas — 
Gunpowder, Imperial, Hyson, Young Hyson, 
Hyson Skin and Souchong 
&, -'I'Olb. Coffee 
"5 hhds. Mutcavrido's 
100 barrels do. 
IS" 1 lb. loaf anH lump Su^ra 
I7'i barrels New 'England Rum 
-5 puncheons West indu 00. 
120 barrels W hiskey 

4 pipe* Prpn< h 1 " [ " 
30 Hogsheads retailing Molasses 
■ bags Pepper an 1 1'ink-iho 

fi I!.. Spanish Indian 
1 Q ID lb choice Madder 
■' ' lb icfmed Salt Pcire 
73 casks Gun powtti r 
V it h with his usual general assortment 
oFtbihcst Wine-, Liquors arrd tijweeries, 
he 1 ' dispose of on reasonable terms 
Aug "i. 

For New-York, 

jL>xri 1 he. htst-esilblg Schooner 

;-a liENKILUA, 

Captain Long, 

.^CS® L y" m S at Dayne's Wharf. For 
Freight or Passage, apply to 

Lawrason Si Fowle. 

Seplember 8. 

Public Notice. 

A Meeting of the Pi-vel lera of this 
I '" nty, ^t the t:.,urt Huu - thereof 
o;i Saturday the 13th is requested, lor 
the pwuposc of appointing depu: e>, tu 
d puti n from other counties i Ju'sviate at 
MaUirt'iii in Aueu- ': I ouui), nn Mond; y the 
'-' 1st in:,!, tn foi in tickci .-,1 electors foi f 
sidei.t, aim Vice/Presi .1, ■ 1 ,! foj »ti*h oi 
I ■- , 111 ,« ■■■ 1 .*> shall I t di tn (I ci n« bi* 
lionui and prtfpei respeeivij !u pren.Isefc 

Mar>y Freeholders. 

Ftirfiw C*mntv. (V».l ■ ■ 1 «i_8. 



Y virtue of a deed of trust from Opie 
Lindsay to iiie subscriber, beaeing dale 
40 chests gunpowder, imperial and young the 27th day of December, 1811, for the pur- 
hyson Teas, of a very superior quality, pose of securing the payment of orie hundred 



An sssortmont of the above article maybe 
had ai the Miuoufactory, lowftr end of Prince 
Street — Handsome putterns and low prices. 

Richard Horwell. 

August 24 d3m 
N. b. A !:■'. of Hof*cll*3 patent and ex- 
tra quality Net'. Suspenders, finished in a ve- 
ry superior stile. 

""new -cheese. 


2000 lbs of new milk Cheese 

from Bonnet ticut, iu excellent order, and 



__ A U '.; USt tO t f 

FOR SALrl '"" 

At the Ollice of the Alexandria Daily 6a- 
svettc and at l he different Book -stores in Alex- 
dria, price ?o cents, a few copies of 


Of Members of the House o!' Representatives 
oftln. United States to their Constituents os 
the s-Ubj Ct of the War with Oieai Brittin. 
July 16 

The Vaccine Lottery. 

Second Class " i/75 Drawing — Contains 
t, Capita] Prizes <■' 5, 10,0 

2 0l S ' 00 

10 of 1 ,0OO 

This Lottery will be finish* d before any o- 
,-i i; > Lottery in lialtimere — Present pnceiul 
Tii :... 1 B J ill 'i ■ 1-1 uiavj-ic txpeeted to 
advance rfipMly/as tin first droiyh number 
on the 1 iih fi >' ol drawing will bea pr'nec of 
80 1 D'bH rs 
The Medical College Lottery 

Now drawing in v/i.i h lhe>e 1. 2 prizes «i 
■ - , t ■■ > ! J resent price ol Tickets 

1 ! t)oll 1 5 

Susquch-mpah Canal Lottery, 

P, 1. 1,,-, to di" w on the '■■'■ n ■■!' tlie pr^esen 

11 b, i' 1 "■ -' !| "'■ e number nun dr iv, 

•....' 1 m Dollars^— and may di-nv 1 O.OhQ l)ol- 
1. 1 . I 1 - I rickets 1J Dollars 

TickeVs 1 oi. SdU 

Robert Gray, 

I 1 ... ii !,, W»sli]n . ton 1 ..vein. 
September 2. ' _ 


V CONSIGNMENT of a few hhds and 
nu iici 1 b ■'■ 1 0! Murdi c , Vinlir.W'.uj- 
top s« Co', hi stLQND.PN MARKET MA- 
d genuine -i:- impi rted. 
i>lj when I am not in WWJ lo William 
■ ., Esq. 

Win. Hodgson. 

August V co 

20 puncheons 3d proof Antigua Run, 
10 do. northern do. 

30 hhds. Molasses, 
10000 pounds Loaf Sugar,' ' 
1500 pounds bright Madder, 
40 pounds Nutmegs, 
70 bags Pepper and Pimento, 
40 kegs race and gound Ginger, 
50 bajes Upland Cotton, nice quality, 
700 pound, Bengal anJ Spanish Indigo, 
' 80 boxes mould and iipt Candles, 
40 do. No. 2 Chocolate, 
100 (lo. Pipes, containing 3 gross each, 

" " .nnc lyrjting and wrapping Paper, 
2O0 sacks Liverpool line Salt, 
60 hhds. N. Orleans and \V. India Su S sr, 
250 -jo lbs. green Col]', c. 

With 11 general assortment of other GROCE- 


Aiie-nst 25 


i Eatnpsoh & Co. 


A/ t)U will please to take nonce, mat on the ! 

-I- first day of the. Circuit Court, of the ■ 
1 1; - n t o( - olurnbia, to be held for the coun- j 
ty "1 "'■ JHtndria, in April next, or «s soon | 
ttiei -nic-r as counsel cju'i be heard, I shall 
move that coun t-i award judgment against, 
'>'■'■' '■• '-•''''■ ol LheCfttnnioirCoiiiiclIol kl«. 
an-iwa, tor the sura ol i'llty Nine Dollars 
S'xly En. hi Lents— bei ;ie the amount of 

I *t - due from y« u to t l)c Common Couu- 
1 1] "• kJexondria upon yetii Lot. situate at! 
the comer of Cj i.een nh I Fairfax streets, for 
thi years IS04 5 fi. 7, 3, 9- lo, II. I 

According 10 ■ 1 ol j ongn ., passed 25th 
day t'ebruar) , [SO l 

John L>. Sirnrhs, 

.da. for the Com. Cutinl. of Alexandria,. 
Augus t .7 (join 


1 'IK Pairfta .1 irfctty Club llaces will 

and sixty-three dollars, with interest and costs 
thereon, due lo Joseph Smith & Son, will bo 
sold for cash, on Saturday, the 26th instant, at 

; 1 1 o'clock A. M. on the premises, a LOT of 

i GROUND with 3 Brick and Frame DWEL- 
LING HOUSE, situate, lying and. being upon 

1 the north side oi Cameron street, begJhniog 100 
and 28 feet five inches, to the eastward 

; of the intersection of Patrick with Cmcron 
street ; ?nd running; thence with Cameron 
street fin the north sid., snd binding ihereon, 
easiwai-dly, twenty-two feet ; thence north- 
wardly, with a line parallel to Patrick street, 
oire hnni'.^d and fiifty six feet sevsn inches ; 
thence tvestwai'dly, twenty-two feet; thence 

soothard'y, one 1 dred fi!u-v>; l"i,ct seven 

inches te the place of beglnnii ■:- 

September 2d. tds 

H)R RE:\T, 

A weU-iituated and convenient JJricfr dwelling 
House. — Apply to 

John G. Ladd. 

August 20. dtf. 

Five Dollars Reward. 

STR \Y ,D or stolen from Ceo. Lee's 
stsule in Alexandria, on Wednesday night, 
the 26th of August list, a bey Griding, [I e 
property of W .liter Jones Junr l.sq about 
I i Ii (ids bii; h, 4 or 5 years old. n good head 
attdiiffck, siiio lo y. n iontr husliv tail with 
some white h.iirs about the tOul — he looks 
like a colt, bill has been', broke tath(* saddle, 
is easy in Ids guits >n 1 has un airy appear 
ance when mounted. The * ove rewacJ a »d 
all re isonable charges will be paid to nny per- 
son who will deliver htm lo the su5seiil ei in 

Charles Lee. 
September 4 

T.< 1-. rail-las JOCKfiy i-iuu Ktice.s 
'■ irrunenci .11 this placeon Wednesday 
Llio 23d day ol September nent. And the 
subsuiil rhivingheen prevailed upon* lo 0- 
pen a rr.'i'iini; St ,hle, Inreby notifi s all 
those that may wish lo entrust him with the 
hi in .,.- 1' 1 11 en' of their horses, that he is now 
ready to receive them, the owner sending 
rithi ten horse 25 dollars ki Advance. 
•1 he gro.und is us good as any in the state. 
The Purses were punctually paid last Pall, 
and at the post. 

John M add ox. 
Paii fax Courthouse V. . July 2 tl 


THOSE who have Jiaacd of the wrii 
ol Emanuel Swedenbor^, but will 

other than an imperfect account ol them, 
or such as nuiy have, been furnished 
by persons under the influence of prejudice, 
ii 1 may be denrfous dF |u Iging for them- 
selves, are informed, that there are now de 
posited at Mr Robert Ofay's Book. Store se- 
ver id eo[)ics of one of the author's numerous 
worksj being a treatise on the nature of 

1 n and Hell Th'ei ifci arislng.froni 

hese books being ilrsiined to Che 

poor of Alexandria, Tliii 1 n 

cumstanic, it in hoped, mil be some hidul - 

rut tu to iru- pun hwsc of so important a work. 

The price i» lixetl ut a ratio uuder the fust 


August 31 «09t 

Jjv S! 

ire of tlie 


ON Sunday evening last, in or ne»r the Ma- 

IHoUisr MllK.TING Hoi'SK, door, 


The finder will confer a favor by leaving 
it with the 

September 5. 


Just Hecbived and foii Salm ar JAMES 

JCJi.Y.Y&DY, 6£,v. 


you tub 



Of the Iifantnj oft&C United Stoles. 

Drawn up Et adapted to the m -..uu tion of the 

Minxii ami IluouLwt Titoors. 


Dr qhouh qf run HeatE-rAxr of War. 

With 24 Explasaiory Plates. 


Eighteen Huivmd and Eleven. 

J FOE St. 

Bv Anna Letiha Baruauld. 



a povm [_v r.nni 1 in VF.RSB, 

l* y RlCHB. CyWM»iHLA~ri Esq. 

Augukt % codtf 

\ aiuable I*ai in and ivl 1 j 1 


Under tbfc au(h*rjti of a decree o l !he Court 
of Fairfax CEtninty in the commonwealtll 
of Virginia, in the case of Mortlecai Lew« 
is's Executors, against W iltium il-rts* 
ho'iic,— Ihe suhscrjbers Will offer foi a b. 
ut ptiultc auction on the premises, on Mon- 
day the lAtli djy of Septemuer ntxt, 

That Valuable new Mill and 

Farm now occupied by William HarisboiWoj 
known by the,name of Itrawberry Hill. &tlu« 
a ted on Holmes's Run, and the Little River* 
To npike Road, in the l.'ounty of l-\iirl/x, 
about three miles from Alexandria; the tract) 
contains 236 acies, of which SO arc in young 
thriving timber, 70 in good mesdlow, tha 
greater part of which may be wafer/ed from 
the Creel; and Mill Kacc— and the residue i9 
well tmpix>ved arable Land. There are on 
the p -cumes, ddc peach »nd tw,e apple oj« 
chardsi a "".rgdaetive garden Ol two 
h ..-I omely laid off— A; rramed ?« ■ 
House two s to- its high, 60 'feci Fjj i with 
two wings, a large Kitchen, a pump of Rood 
water >it the doors Stables, Stsne Spii g« 
House, &c. Also a Ux^c w>-.U finished new 
Brick Mill 5S leei by 45 lour stories hii;!i 
will, thri t pair ol large Liu r and our p h< of 
country Mill Stoned capable of in nu/actur* 
ing ten thonsand b»rreis ol (lour Mutually* 
The stream is large air! eons ant, and nffortld 
.i i ill n.Tuieutfor Waterwheels 19 feetiiliil. 

The situation is remarkably healthy^ afid 
the place attor Is a number of adv ■ :- 

d^m found unite! P<.s r ,u i. ^'I 1 be dl 
| veivl or the firsl day of i) ■-' . ■ i 

ject to ihe 1-n.rl;' oj the presold i M in 

remove the gj-owifig rropi Persoi s deiit* 
ous of viewing the i ren.i e ■■, wit] apj>l) at 
the Mill or dw«llii g I Ion e i \ne i icd of 
the pftrcluise money wi.i bi i bijuj e i in In ndj 
-in I e t.C i'lne a ere lii ol nine un 1 eighteen 
iioh::s wni he .ill wed. the payments ft ie 
Sei in i.l by endorsed negotiable notes, anil ii 
deed of trust on i he premises and to bear in- 
te slfrom the day o> sale! 

R. I. Taylor, 
John Janr.ev, 

Jacob I-kiffhian, 
Ja;nes fCeith Jr. 

Alexandria. July 7. 1812. 


ON Mond»y, the 14th duy, of September 
next, between the hours of 3 and 4 o' 
clock in the afternoon, will be exposed to sale, 
for cash, at (he Tavern of Nicholas Peers, in 
thouown of Leesburg*, 


(formerly belonging 1 to John Spcsfer) lying 
in the said count) oi Loudoun, near tin Qum 
Spring, and through which the Turnpika 
)! :.. -i f/rom Aiexand^nt lo the Ford of Liul* 
r .i ■■ passes lui' a cons d:rablc distanc-— 
COfl . ii ' ci by an actual and rcccol survey, 
400 Acres. 

James Sanderson, 
Colin Ail Id. 
August f ts 


Till' Si.-,, : iih- M chaniek'i 

p. nY ol ■' lex ' rta i tl I" reby nottfli d i h <<. 

ft i i i 8' ibni'-n oi one dollar pershar* 

,. ;,;,>,! ioc pa; ahle fl tin I nl in( Rij 'm 

00 Km. si'-et on I'linis.l.; till &M\ day of 

Octnhcmext , 

By orderof t\VPre»idf.rt and Dirtewri, 

V\, t . PA ION, Ii. t.»Vr. 
Septdmber 1st, 1813, JuwtiO 



a; w*A#»ttl v daily 



Saiflte, 6 Dolfor: 





Bnt if such was th<: p'»Ucy of the memora- 
ble embargo, where (hall language be found 
lo-dcpici that which we hatre recently - 
«cd* Spain.uf whose injurie* «e firstcotn- 
plained, is no longer the subject^ our resent- 
mci.t Her mangled body pierced bythcfatigB 
of ilia monster who denmri nor, now bleeds at 
every pore k oxcitn our fl*ep«»t commis i ra- 
tion E .gland has reteii««l her ord 
council, .it the very inttanl i" w'nch wo Imm 

i ,.! her. While thi 
,. . preparing in L ind. n, . iir 

,,1,,.,, isn [ion was industriously forcing at 

.,„„, ihc thuodef boll* ol war. It n 
; .U ,i, e decision o\ Napoleon to hurl 
them bi i.i- foe. Amidst this busy " note of 
I ion" what was the language at Wash- 
ington i " Writhe return of the Hornet from 
» o If Mr. Barlow d»fl not a 
tncntof our difference*, if 
any uncertainty even, shall remain in our re- 
i to ttia: country alter the arrival of the 

II et.our war shall tie against both nations." 

Alike intiteir wrongs, tfuty shall alike feel 
■ ■. .hi i' ntment. W« 11 ! fellow 
ci ,/i->, months el.ipaa am! 'he Hornet re- 
turn* not only without « treaty, but without 

able hope of on*-. Bnt (he Wasp 

U promised. And. lo, without waiting her 
ajm-l,ii8 if mi prepat I thuhderMt* might 

Cuol, they arc duclmrg 

ed at England alone. 

,s said, and repeated, " should the 

Wasp, winch h expected in j fortnight, not 

ui of immediate justice, France shall 

For it." We are' at war, ycu perceive, 

Enftl in i, an I the »d ninUtmiiou waits 

Ihi irriwal ol the Wasp, t--» determine on war 

M i,i, Frani e, A fortnight, you may say, was 

.. delay in keep off b double war] 

. inival of the Wasp, however, eon- 

grt»g odj i rn , 10 meet tevrtdl montjia heiitc. 

i ..\ p returns,'—- Butthe Wasp, like the 

I ... n ■-,.■ ) . and <>nr with 

j,.,,. :,,■, rthe^ess, continues. TuthiSsiek- 

hii-w, what eWe have we to add J 

,,, . ,.,,.. ,ln li from the cabinet of Na- 

[,. , un, through the bauds oi Mr. Harlow, an 

■ ir. jj,vc him dated 
mmerituii a twelve month before its puhlicif- 
[ling u-, that the Berjiii and Mil m d ■ 
. i . ircai i'ndcd. W hen ? On the 
Sth ol \ugustl8ll), the dateof the memura- 
bli . i ol tlie duke ol Cadnre. No ! On 
i .,. i ..f Mwmiber i tt i<>. as Mr. Madison's 
. tuition issured su • Sn i fellow ci.iz ns, 
but on lite S8ib.o( April l&l 1,. after wi had 
purchased iiod paid for their repeal, by sus- 
pending', at the loss of 20 per earil ol the va- 
lue -.I our exports, our whole importations 
from England, and taken the first step id- 
Warda the present war. 

•• There shtdl be no neutrals," saidlheem- 
penn nl France, long ago His minister 
lol ! our*i '■ war exists, then, in fact, between 
i ind, and the U Sunt 9, snd his majesty 

1 . it is ikcl.'.rt-d " We were, through 
the same organ t reminded " that unless wc 
si, regarded it, wc would be a people, without 
policy, and without energy, who might, at 
least tic induced to fight for interest, afh r lia- 
eing i, fused to fi^lit fur bonur." There are 
(iellow citieena, no longer any "neutral " 
Wc are at wa , ind iU I 1-nd." Bui it 
yet remain* " : bi provi d, that'll is j war dhcr 
'■ For interest," or "honor" The honor o| 
Mr Mad! on, arid wc think the non-lnttr- 
c.ur±e Iuk, under which lie professed to act> 
o ci r<rbade lum io rerivc n^ proviMona a- 
g ui>' England, until France, besides repi d 

strenirtn I" manhood ? How must the re- 
maining friends ofliberty, In Europe, regard 

■ n wl o labor* toally b.r^iiu) the 

hot foe, that freedom «er knew. F ■ 

Lhe> are in number, but the i»« 
respected, as they si ifid sbiu amidM the 
tempest which has*' ,!,s; fiamms a- 

round litem. Ah*! ■ pWbilwhavi 

ceased to eififl in the ■ ■ . ■ ' ' l f 

yejrs. The rocks and lonely valleys ol Hf- 
vciia have long ceased W n sound the J I'd 
i„l notes oi liberty. Vvnice, <■. m*- Luc 
St. Marino, u >erc i- ■ 6 n '■■ |! " ■'' ' 
decline, )' i loved d ■ li ■■'.''■ ■■ 
—Blotted edtfrum the map ol t m I — "" 
and fost, like so many "n' * »«i ' 

beneath the dead sea of It lian tyranny. 

Fellow-tltizens, we i n «l ;i "' '""Ir" 

you wilba'dcudly lietred nfFram t F enp- 
men have Llieii > ; t.uei bIm Est ped '" ,; | 
a horrible revolution, which overthrowing ill 
I«« a,,d order, Hghtt i ths u n b md oerti 1 

tlie arm of the midwiglu i 'diary ai] I 

si.. ; whii li an-aying in bank ■ itrist ea h 

other, fathat -, ion< in ■ brotbej i, choaked thar 

.... li ■ . i ind delujed 

,,,. ,, . _,. ;, blood, they h:^-e 

.sought,!* many n ' ■ done bc&re 

. a sitd refuge fro n a thousand ttl 
, the arm- ofone. A- '. rcti bi « : ' 

■ i nvy Hum ii i li lusive ;lory. -'' s 

I nun. they ought ever t" bo objects of our X-- 
ncvoleiice ; and as such, l resent, they fill 
us equally, with pity and with Uevnji'. Tlieir 
l mn I- ofcWQUeat are -i lined wttli the bjfO'l 
of innocent' men: Their song ol triumph is 
lost in tlie cries and groans of bun ■ 
Their pAtli sbroad is 
saddened with desolation The i mbi ' 
ments of their proud capital ar,e the •>i 1 " us " ! 

otiier nations, and to* aurviving f ■■ ' 

of that liberty which they li^ve deiuoyed.— 

Trance annually offers up thi 

dren, as a propitiatory sncfMi J o| 

th« bloody Moloch, Who b»s adoi 

with these garlands and wreaths j btil Bba 
knows not'when the justice ol heaven n ) 
strike off the shackles of the nations s 
subdueii, and the sword of veng 
that btisomtiaw swelling with U'hj 

As liule, fellow citiaans, are we di 
to be the apologists of (lieu 3ritBin;ui 
minlstrv. We have n->i *utd, tliiit wt ■ 

ns -cause of war against her, bnt il ,v « 

cbustafoe, we hesitate not to coudein 
choice, which our administration has w 
us. Wc ure ii<.t here. UYtpg cjie qur*ti'.n ui 
lorce between Great Britain and the V. 
'A'henever ibal is required of us "t sn ill 
found <m the side of our cotuury, ai i h 
witnour hopes, otw atrengtli, and oUi ,■ 
The administfaiittih noi satisfied wj h 

ling, has anlully sought lo mtirp the |) CC i 
our country in our understandings md 
ii u'ia, und to find in our patriotiam, m ample 
cinak for us ivetikm b*, indiscretion ai.U fully 
■Ve will not ullon things, so distinct in thttji- 
Ircs, ii< b« confounded i" our Hhame, itiO'ti 
ficaiinn and diagracC. What i», ai all lin.ev, 
.in undoubted right] becomes in the present 
unhappy circpmvtances of ourcountrj | mo*l 
solemn duty; to scnitiniz'' tlie public conduct 
i I the servants of (he nation, and lo discard 
them if unwoi tl ) »1 trust. 

\\ '- do not aih'ocateja disgraceful peace 
with Great Britain, evt » though it would ter- 
minate an iin politic and unnecessary n ir. But 
We caroestly corjteudj that li'-. >vli>' h is so un- 
uissly irrvolved us in the warj is not lik< ly lo 
bring it to b speedy oi an honorable issu . und 
we do most solemnly believe^ thanlic best ex- 
pedient fur th accomplishmefiiot both, is the 
removal nl Mr. Madison lioin the station 
wlm h he holds. 

We are told, "thai our terror of an alliance 
w'nl i Francs in aid of it'i , > war" is sain and un- 
founded. II*, who makes ibis assurance* on- 
ly prove* that he has not surveyed th< whole 
oflheputb before him Suppose this war 
should prove calamilou*, nbtwithstandiu uui 

best cflortb to prevent it i That the till 

nation which our admiuisti'a has madi 

gainst G Britain; in favour ol ii . 

.',.;. ii.,i u>, as it was so well c-. , ul 
to do, all her people? The war will endure 


I 1 Plwnte-i -'•-" '■' 

■ ■ ' ■'-'■ ! ■'■'" l ■ 

Willi., 1. ■ :i -— l '"' L f « e ' •°' 

to-coiidirctibe ""' '"* *-* lch ** BTC tj; ' li: ' pl> ' •' 

■■i.i.i, i,,.. I ihetfo invarmbl] r-dtoffed the 

Mend I N r ' '" ■ Mvm( > ""' 1 ' cl " lcr<:tl 

tohim tin ri htur«Hu*i g ftr its an enemy, 
n(ft . nol om-Jibcriy and independence hcrcar- 
ter follow! We cannot, fellow cttiscns, take 

am assurance, sin rfol i al,ctri uuy, 

such dangers. TUa ageoi freedom is pa.Mii 
Eur. pe, «e trust, the age ol confidence lias 
past in America. 

ConRress', after much deliberattan, once so- 
lemnly determined ■' that »'Uih.- cause hu war, 

ui, agaiust both the belligerents, w.,- Jps rcnewe 
' ion lo the oilier." den I In utr 


LONDON, July \- 

Mawene, o'n bis return fflom Portuga.1 wb« 
sent into exile. We find this confiVmod by 
ttie la.t Paris papers, which say Uiat he is 
eonfm lire waters ol Burh 

The ebaiiccllor of iba Exchequer brought 
forward ihe usual »utc »f credit, in the House 
Df-Commons on Tuesday wjjh^7? r "-lie euyi 
I three inillionsj which was earned. 

On Wednesday niorniiig ihejfr 

i, her 11 Un and Milnn dv« rees, should have monj reai-aat lensi, and its unpvoid„bl« con, 
restori I to oin merchants the property ini- sequences must be calamitous to m, as well 
ii , i hat of Rambouillet. **'totherti, When'Mr. M»dist- n's n election 

t i.i : [lev citiz n , It tin . .... been secured by' these delusive as- 

I ihi ii tance, bj the seci mcea^-Wlien those numerous taxes which 

. ol i i I srm ui ■ ■• istratioo baa recoramended, which 

■ ■ ■ a i"-..i i"i I auwmriofmiG. ' ngress has resolved upon* and which are 

But, no !| ■ ■ i int'determiniitinn ; merely deferred shall call upon uvf ur contri- 

o!" ituiij and Ao«or, lie isiued his pcoclamatton, I bntions to tl hi lie War n,, || will 

Hard t<> the ho ve deprived us ol tin I cilit) ■ ' naying— 

i tice .'..•■ tells Win n those 1 ■■■ bii h bave bi i n , ,; .-, 

ilioul an i u'al r.niiuiion with" difficulty t ahatl be atiemptrd | )G] ,. ;,ii (1 , 

[i ■ :,i .■. iihottj a flnmiif •/ with still greater dilTi- ullj [o be renewed, and 

I i 'ii. yety teeth of his uwu in- funds sh«ll be required to rcimbu ■- ii,em 

With one would be submission lo the 
>'ou n<.w behold their proposition reaiiii d by 
their own act. It reaw with yo« «* sanction 
ii by your approbation. 

You luvc in Frapce alone, lo contend with 
the cimniug.of the fos ihe farocitj of the ly. 
|i c, and the strength of the jion The fol I is 
:, lh,, I Ihc .lirpherd nE ihe (lock sleeps 
upon his watch. Awake! feHow eiiiiens, to 
a sense of your dinger. 

If true tooiirsi Ives, we shall, with tlie Eiivor 
of hey vi n- li ffl and subdue all our enemies 

jei i h a.. .Us us, however is b.df 

great, as wbidh is veiled beneath the 
unconstitutional doctrine, thatbecauss ourad- 
miwt ,i -ii n has^jnvolvedusin war, we musi 
mi : ....lei io it, our sehstsand our liberty; 
that we mu i neither, diaceirn ourselvea, nor 
out !■• others, its incapacity and n.iacon- 
du t, 

T:-e "bnd;- of the rrncs,' i indeed r-Ji! ol 
.,1 . ■ ;i,i.. sj rnptoms Tyrunpy ha* ratsi A h< I 
. oi ... Hgamti me Ei<ccdom of speech and ol o- 
pinion. After silencing truth and eloquence 

■■■ ■,.,!.* theapplicati i arhiir 

I debate, she is t 'h ploying 
one ... l . « i "i |> iwer in sidle and tmolhev 
u,-. n in their nuia< i y, the pjies's 

I iw 1 1 iz ins, we repeat, that the (jtirslion 
whicll w * h,*e been trying i» not the one be- 
ll li HDiii and America j that i*, now. 

com led to Hie danger and utrtertainiy of 

...j . I be decision afaicli We .->.k you to pro- 

,i is between iheatlmuiianation of bur 

i n.i nt and the iff^bt*. interest, und ho 

ntui ol .;:.■ i.iin,iii ■,'. :1 'i.i-etn our ancient u- 

i 1 1 - d to the mode, ol cbusjng j 

. iti . ind mi..i pracitce which a ma 

j'j it) m! the . ■ n< r il "blyj ad ler'mg to a 

ud j ... i-.,.. ui ,-. .1 up 'i ii t. v. ii h a \ few i" 
i, i . lei ii. .ii ol Mi - M iVlison. 

We Lave lo ihc Virginia college of elcc- 
torai with due deference, its constitutional 
power '.I deliberating atid determining wlic- 
thCr he si i.i II be re-i lectod, or who shall be his 
■ n< i . ...i-v ; expressing a« we have * right to 
do, uui serious obi' ciions to htm, and furbi ai ■ 
inr lo press upun their bhoice any othei can- 

Wc have in our slate, characters, whom you 
in common with us must delight lo honor, — . 
The remnants of an heroic age, to whii li pos- 
terity will look back, as did ancient Rome, 

T 6m the dege ■ > nl her empire, to the pu- 

r'ny and simplicity of her commonwealth 
Obi eli i toiiil coHi g'e will doubtless, imparti- 
ally w.l.h no'. :i:iV the pretem^iis c! V:::;i 
niu, but those of her sister at: tl ). Much is 
idwi,ys due to tneir wishes; lOmetlting, at 
present, we think, to ihc tint s. W* ha>e en- 
jovi I, latter I j al mitcli expenije, a. worse than 
empty hi r, in Fu idsltine three presid ■ 

the United Slates it it nils our nt ii;hbo' s and 

friend*, « ith jealousy. Envy of ihnr /iros/tr- 
rity. we have never kit The aspal si"ii, come 

f... .,ii wii lei • 'i i t may, merits ouc dis- 

dain, Howe^or, «c may disapprove of ihe 
p61icj "I i"me ot our aKit./Miicn, we d . not 
hesu%w i" discountenance an inanuiiitSon false 
ill {, ■ j, and calculated la plant <\<:cr> ronttd 
|, . [udicesamoiig our couruiy men elseu here 
Wii in ier has been tlie general p lu v of Vlr- 
. , i. wards fon ign ngti^mt, hoi I ■■ Imgs t<i- 
ward; her shjtcr stale* are hot unfriend I j to 
the pro perlty pf any pa>t of America, Wc 
hue the land miWhich the son <f American 
,,,,]. p< ii .. i,i . first slied his orieni fust re ; and 
we v 

isi stone of 
tl n\ [son's monument e as laid, w the arc^a 
j rhe new < m hangc bu)ldiiigs. 

\vik„i hv. < ;.|,uiei,c--d a considerable re- 
duction in the Uoi den market. 

Itls-saiditwo mtllioi - luishels qf wheat are 
in C i,,h- in ,.i d ucui p!4»-Y»i* ■""" i " h1, L "■ f 
soon be expected It" n , iii ci nscquence ol ihe 

rreocali '< tin "" l ' '**•' epundl, 

h Iras beenconfitleiitlj ssscrtcd and - 
sertad in the newspaper*, tliat Mr Cm U is 
arrived in this coniivy fvom Amanca, and 
ed his engagement at Covent Gai^ 

July 14. 

Lejter* received by the hist Anholt Mail, 
not only confirm the i ews of the com luaion 
of Pence bi t^ci n tl i J url e and the Rm 
bnt add, thai ih" cabinet ol Petersburgh, some 
lime ago, i b iftdnni (I > i war wilh Pi rsia, m 
order thai tin ati utioi ■ I tin Si i n nv ni and 
the power of tlie empire nug ■' ; ■ di 
exclusively b jaitisl Fr ru e", 1 h s«nie I tt rs 
encourage the molt Ruttefirig hope* qi the 
Crown Prince of Sweden. He is said to 

... -I S« ' di b tri ops ui der an-" . 
ci Ihi.'ly HisctpHm ' ■■ i ' ' I 

000 men 'P adron of ? fclirjl* 

01 thi line ind st ■ Frigai ■■■ which, it ii re- 

portrd, will tukc Iff.OOO RussianB on board in 
Ertgli nd r and l -nd in. n. on ihe Continent. An 
expedition against Deni t i.,ih, ally bl France 
is epokcii of a* the fiist operation of these 
troopn, in cbnjum lum with [hose ol Sweden. 

Advir.cs were yesterd f rtci i'ved from Gib- 
raltar, ajatiftg thai the British towmandep in 
Sitilv had taki n tdvoi | ge of the tibsei ce of 
Murat his d. ini.ii.,, *, and hsd ordei*ed 
the citib.irkalinn ot 6/100 troop*, undci tlio 
command of geheial M lillatid. These forces 

«trc in proceed lo M c* & Muiorca, where 

they were to be strengthened by about 4,600 
Spaniards, aiid I e whole- to nlake b descent 
On th>- piuvince of C (afeciii, The offpct of 
this enterprize v;\l probably he to prevent 
Snchet Irum leirdorcin^ either Drouet in An- 
d.dusij, or Marmont, in Castile, and also to 
pbsirnct ihc sending of Ji.y reiarTw^cemeiit to 


Governmeni hove (TWncd it esnedTent to*l 

ntuke ui alteration in ihe liceboesffranted to 

-\. ;n ' i. un* x ii .11 '.'.ijis were aflou i d to 

export only goods of British irai ufuciure; 

thoy are now at liberty tocxport such ;■! deles 
49 by law maybe exported'. The licence* 
will, beside*, protect the return, of the said ar- 
ticles m Great- Britain, should (he govi nlment 
ol ihr Uiutiil States icfuse thein.sdiuisstoo 
into tlur poits of America. 

A Mon'n. nr «'f the tOtli, has brought the 
Tbird Bull \in t dated fi qm K*wno,oli the 26th 
ult. On the itiglit ol the SSd ult. ibvee 

bridges ivuv I i.i ■ mi is iU a . nu'ii, ai,d 

at noon the next d- 1 -'- KoWno was taken poa- 
sc ■.. on of. Ir l: e even -nj,- 1 •■■' le '',■;■ I . i' ua- 
|i;ine entered the town, and the whole of, that 
..i v and th< m m. the army was Bltrig across 
in. river. The Russian's, atloplii .■; the de- 
fonsive sys'«m, retired aSthe French . . 

cd. Gen. PogOl, Who 1' ok pisses si, in of KOW- 
no, is said tolmve di i\. n I cforp him " n cloud 
cfPCossackii/' awd ''"■ D^l e i f Elchingan Sc 
Murat, wiih the i avnlry, dashed on to £or- 

innlon und Jig'.hgroni; beyond i hi_ N'k 

" huve driven in the Russian light troop*, and 
pursued them on every |ide. M 

The French cavalry, hndcr Murot, oijcujiy 
the. plain, tn »ntiii, t<i. I, ..ii'.i. 3 ui Wllna. 
I Tlie Prussian .ind French corps under I ha 
Hoke of Turentuni havini* passed the Nicnicp 
,81 Tilsit, have moved ii|)nn R.issi. ii.,. 

Dav.ousi has pushed on t> Roumcbicl 
the Dni l i Slchi] i. to K,oi meh a. 

The Emperor ol Russia is gtill ul Wilna 
whlrtbe Imiierlal Guard*) snd part of the 
Russian army occupies Rqnikontoni ahdNe/w- 
i trocki. 

fhcRussisn Gen. Bagawort, with another 

r dallied 

l . ;. he nul only iimi- 

on, but after n-niting 

o/fier, hi; ha* 

i • ■ ud '1 W i '■■ nl, C- Briiuin alone, is 

', , ■. , . ! I: v. ■ i. .• H i,.,\ wc iill- 

i , in our anxious modify, 
'. . i foi horiiii I Doe* honor bid ui 

When the exchequer bills whit h in,,, threaten 
to p'uir into 'circulal ion at once, RVe millions 
of dollars si ol be doubled, trippl, 
diopi^ii, over and over a jin, m t| 1BV must 

I" . 1 1 - y lo ■ bi iv on the » n ,r caiujoi other- 
wide Ik- 1 1 id, and when (hey shall be reduced, 
from ilieir present minimum of one hundred 

ami* with those ■■!' the despot of dollars, io five, and pernapa.a tingle dot- 

Em ope, against (h< I ly, 1 d ,- ndence, tt 

I mankind ! W*li«t will ihe 

S[..n isli 1 .i ■ ■■ "■ ,i ■■■■." , what will 

.'■...■ ,1 'he peo- 

i ally look Up 


I wi i , ... .. bi i li tl ild o*j con- 

lar, in ordor to glM to them j 0>ora diffusive 
quality, and m displace their rivals, the note* 
of our bhiik^ — When without fi. eta, or ,.,le- 
quatc fortifications i" protej i then), our cities 
oiub^rded ; and without foreign markets, 
for its products, ou^agvic«liurt,ai it hai ever 

done, dc( lines ivith OUT eummeice When 

.it the sii of tin , i, v ..I ihe human for want nf niilimry liilrnis or expr 

it the onJ ■' has power pur commander*, who will be ,,.n 

infant growth, and rear their and there, a* lh* *upporl of the adiaiuistration 

part of the Rutshin army i-> said io have been 
ir i .1'- 1 1 .. soil fir bt . .1 ... h 1 1 i he ' forced to pioi ■ <i towards the Dwirm, having 

blood 'I oui fathers. The shores oi the Mr, b ■ u t t)l off from Wilna. We apprebei d it 
tie und the Hudsop are only, leas dear io ua, will be fomrd that he uetn ted toward* tHa 
than our ow n natii • fields. Like the plains <>f Dwina, !■' < an 1 equor>ce ol ihe prei oncericd 
i i ,;' \'.)i '■'., H.i.', i -tin , | is>ii ground' j plan of beginning the campaign on tho dqfen,- 

ofihat glorious revolution, in which, as the 1 sire, m I ■ fing th« French- on. 

children <>l one family, mivi fathers together j The^first'opi ration ol impoHance on the 
com tided agatnsi a comolon enemy, tor libi r- partdfihi ( n n< h, altei pi bing'al ross the 
ty „ their common inhejitancei | Nieinen, [s to be again I Wilna, " the puaaeW 

Fellow cifizen*, we, submit ro you, with j aion'of whieh^'aay* the bulletin, "will b< the 

much restieeu Coondcnjco and »fiection, this 
explanation "' nur views, in asking your eon« 
current in the form'mg'of ; an.*! ctoral ticket, 
prepai iiouy to i hi appi o u hinfi ■ \\n'n r "I" elec« 
tnra of president and vice president <>f ihe 
1 Slates: and most devoutly pi v ihal 

our juiiil i ff. -i i hi iv Ii d to the 'I uid j 

chicl m if; i iir lie, i ip ible "i healing the divi- 
sions, confirming the union, «id re Wring th* 

peace, coi ■ and prosperity, i\ ihe same 

time, thai he uphold*, the rights lionor and 
independence of our beloved coiintr\, 

(Signed) W. Uuadley Txtca,") r> 

W. NoLanO, I 3 

C F. Mx&csa, J r 

Augatt 3S, U12. 

first fi ii. i ■'! ■ 

We Hi 

U |, 

i'» at« 

tempt will be mtude to dcrci d WilnaJ but that 
the En pcroi of Russia will fall back to i 
I}.... ina. * 

We rchiork, that in this Bolh-iin not the 

■ : mi nl > made <d tb< Fr m h 

bavi lictl i ■ im s, < t found in tl 

R« , ..i i. ui'.., ..■ inj -,U| ;.!'■ :. [" i- il, ., 

On the conn .ui | n i ilka of rec< ■■..-. 
ham their re ^ and of tb*i b«nd>i Hour anil 
biscuit, ih,i i. carl-vlng from Dflntaie und l'.o- 
nigshi ■ difficulty t»l pVocui Ing sup. 

pl'u a will be im - dial mce from 

Daniejck ir« ■< ae< ■— u.e plmi af ihc Russian* 
bi ii.g to dcattoi what they cannot remove, fe 
to lay wiibi* tii<J ooimtry rajher than suffer it 

& »u%(ennn« '° ti>e enemy. Upon this 

n] /'n tl*C) have ■*"• "''■ '' , . !l " K> SCt, 

Tne Austi i in ■■ ■ < ; ■ i '■ ' ■' rfflwfci moved at 
the time he Fi meed toKhc Ntenien, 

It is repoi ■" thai t Lj ■ Gtnuao tta pi have 
j^-, ly deserted i!) great numbers to tba Rus- 
sians, an 1 til it ilie Mun . n ian* i«M refused to 
maruh. '1 bis is mentioned in accounts ftoiu 

Jult ir. 

■'. . we anticipatee 1 ■■ ■ ■''")'. the Rns- 

is n U'wntig i" ii-<-- 15 a ina An Au- 

i,.iii i. ,■ . . i this morning, with papers 

... . i.. the i ': st. which state 

I ■.,,.'.' pen R g . » ' i a 

thi m urn ul i .ii i 1 !* r. Admiral M uim'a 

.;, r. ufl I h it p it. He lud a very 

In. fidlv i ■■ i nutticnMon with the govi l nor, — 

1' <.,..' w i i. E ,l >n : imt S vetfen wpa ex- 

pt Clod. l() lV p Ocl lllW 'I Oil t !lC S'L-tlll'll df Mil 

n . ii i i fvunj this country. TH* follow- 
ing n .hi extract from the. Gottenbuvgh pa- 

pei s : 

" f!nTrr\nuiiGH, July II. 
" Some trifling skii mi- Ik have taken pine, 
and the Ii. a us art ri Ire [ting towards Riga, 
iih.i having ii. ii. mi 20,000 hols, ol grain into 
tint sea ;n ! i. 1) ut. 

•> The ]■ '!■■: m h array c mtimie to desi n — 
The whole ' o i ■ df Mack hus&ira have gone 
over to '.in ftu isians 

Itis expected peace with England irilt' "be 
proclaimed litre on (ho return of the cou- 
rier, who went io England by Che but Pack- 

" Ever) thing seeing else amicably arrange 
ed betw ■ ■ ■ i 1 ' -. B 1 am. Admiral 

Mann) is on" Rig .i, where he h in Intel .i very 
friendly cum u ii t.hyij u ih the governor ; 
and c 'ptdin At klutfl h is been ashore to assist 
in ensuing h teji /.- Lpli, and insp' cling their 
guu-hoals. In eve i) pj/tof'he Russian coast, 
t..e greatest energy pret ais; and orderi are 
given to snip off every thiog especially grain 
and provisions, from Liebau " 
" \Ye Have received Mime more Parts papers 

to (in i ni! Tbej state thai Oavqusi was, on 

the 15 h u!t. at Tioki, which is only six miltfS 
from \\iiii-, ai '".'i date, the bead quai'Kfsol 
the eniperoi ol Russia. 

July 30 
The eat'un»te of the anny under the F.reneh 
Ki.i.-.-, cm nprenending iIil forces ol (he allies, 
i, , ., Lhe irar ■ ffice at Pari*, in the 

following exaggerated statement; 

CoPEKBAOEK, June 1'. 
His majesty has ordered the merchant* of 
in- . ..", to give .hi account «■! nit the stuns in 
ibeii hands In Danish rooiw 

1 l"i> ■tj-ners or to the inhabitant* of the two 

Dm In. v. 

It seems that in Copenhagen tli.- p< | I lift' ' I 
hail Ueeii inuclt diaticaaed foi pvoriw^iia-i hnt 
HCcordioa; to our pretfcnt uccounUJi within ^ 
ii'"r day« JOO vessels. had arrived in tlw . 
ii i.r.iclesul luba^tmce. 

\\ 'inusok, July 15 
The hint; is not so well today as he l)*s 
been foe these few days past. 

I'.-iitsmouth, July 15. 
A very alarming .i 1 "' mi i ncbuly accident 
h i|ii.i-n d yt itcrchtj op board tfiCf Queen tiflbs- 
port, capi -hi n. ,,iii, tying at Spuhcad, with 
troops on board ir.nn L kbon. On cl< 


wr.DNF.SDAV MORNING, Srfifetnber 9 

" I " 'HHW 

;, | sllol inizoii ol powilet, in ordi t to its be- 
tn • '■ m on fchb're •Man. of the a .hlicit h vti g 
a ltglue,d pipe antuktHKi th'- whole blevi ujp 
by v. iiich the quarter decji i-. much sbai 
and some lives afc lost: the particulars b*VO 
not transpired. 

Naples, June 15 
Vesuvius, wlnrh bad b« i n quiet I'-n* scversl 
veart. I,:.i "j Idi H 1 .> ■ .i "in At nine 
o'ejoak on the morning <>f llw UMi, l>ul re- 
ports pi'Trctdcl i"i i mi tllfl bQaOftn ol ' lie maun* 
tain; whirl).' waa foHowd by an irruption nf 1 
cinders 3 d smoke, After thia, the m urtia 
rem ii.i ..: quiet i ■ abnut an hour, A\ ■ ', km 
o'i lock] twg fitsli reports wen- heard, wlnn 
the ci'.itcr vomited forth hie and sipokc, 
which completely covered the horizon! On 
the ISlh and 1+tli, the mnuiHain w.-.* c dm. uji 
ut the insiant we art ivriting, the voli wio is 
ag-ain in action, jinl it^ araiei 1 is covered with 
an immense column ol inn ike. 

Journal dc /' A/c/nrr, of June 26. 

The Editor lias tin* Satisfaction of 
antioiidcuig to hria Bubitlribcra. lltHt a %en- 
tli m i ol lliit town, n li">e RJlUUiea f mi- 
nenily qnaltfj fiiin tor i!h- «npi'Thi(cn«Hince 
of :l.e pits-., h;if lii-iiniic jointly interested 
with him iu the A&BXAVOUIA Ga3»TTBi 

and %% 1 ? 1 co lenee liis edjtoi'ial office on 

the first day of October next. This sr- 
' | rangemeot renders it indispcnsnblv neees- 
Barj , ( -<\\\ the old business of the i-tn- 
blislimenf should be closed before thai 
time. Iff therefore respeetXuHj requests 
nil those who are in arrearto sel'lje tiirir 
accounts prior to the I'm*! of October next. 

p ,1 




F n i 

25 1,000 

Xtati ns 






Total 640,000 
Jult 28. 

AniOTIK 4 ' ll,L ' diplo ii " ■!,,. n.Tients which 

the Frew h pM" ''■ ' "■' ■'' ' '■ " ,L ' f> ' ' r " ; ""■' 

tore made !■• our tr>'V tin lu*l April — 

1>he I tier nl tin t 7 ' ■ m I ui i- 1 ■■'■>*■ -ttii g 
i, i,. .,, ,., j of ..i .,,.. ..■ i For I C re t "■ ■ 
, , ,,i tranquil iy. !"■ ceeds to i «y down l)u 
following ■ I ' b<rs"'S ol a Li 

.. -l'. lh i - rity ol V dw *h dl lie (juarnn 
tee i rr.,-,c -.h dl rem tince all idi i 
lending h r d' >, "' ,, ''* lts u " t ''" ui ll "' 
m , . Tut" l"'' c ,! 'Vna* 1 ) '■"■ dj i! ■ 

I ex 

P i i. 
.- ;,i 
indepoudi m ; ''I ■ -'■'■ Ml - J '" 

a N..'"" al Const tuilon ■ I H ■■ '"■■ I ■ 

h The n ii pi nd( n< e and integrity ol P ij-tu 

R i sh.ill also be i*u»™nic*i t! j i i 

J i,_ .... | ..i,a;i lrifif< lite soVereigi|uithori- 

' « Tl« Islncdqm of Maples shall remaiQ n 

p , ..■ ion ol the p Pit monarch i tin 

kingd I" Sicily ■ hall be go&rauteed to th< 

pi-ekenl famii) ul Sii dy. 

u \.. ., i i, . qiiencc i i th ■ stipul - 

Spyn, p on e ,i i id Si ily, sl«l] i i ui 
by the Ffeuch bud English land a: d naval f H 

« With respect in the other, objectsof dia- 

■ i, lion, tii v mwbe ne-vn ■!' d up i the I);'- 

..,.,,., er ,| l ■. that id "Inch 

the rrth- i ci uld Ii p '"- il ' y waf'" 

The i.'i'H ol I- i C lereash to the above 

■ i i. Ion thi ■ 1 1 bf April, tfil i. and 

.,„ . ,„;,t tbc Prince Re^ni *^ d - j 

an explanation of that pUn'of the Frem h imu 
laler'a letter. in wbtchil i 

, U8 lJ «li H 1lbc decUi'cdu' l"P rn ' 

1 prmh "'■ mil ap in 

gavernodbv i '■■' ' " , - : "" 11 "' " ! •'" 

{• , rlt . s " !i;-. lotiMiip Cc( -eawbeinl irm- 

•M, Whether flv brotlwn- ol the French ruler 
UnwAPh or Ferdinand VH If the former,. 'I 

amc mmde.u" f* bis.I^d '-h-p. ," frankly 

fcexplie'U) tod [flawtoyom excel mil 

,.., olllifi ■ jOotl In-. (I pBfl HI 

royal In ihiv ■■■ I ' '■-'' ll "' •' P ro P n ?! "'" 
I ,,. peace, I ■" '■ ,! ■ , ' 1 "■ " ■' !■ 
anmeot nl Sp m, » uch 

, ■■ i ■;, ii. v 'I- the i "I F< 

VH up m ft" wuimw ml I ■ ■■■■' ' Ibwcjj to 

, . ,.., ,,, lV pri tee Regent will led linq- 

. d i" '""'■ into a full explanation 

,, , |, ■ :.. is which h:«s been transmuted. \y 

, h ,,,.,, c maidjeration bj bii 
Roy.,1 ii, ;,.,. ..nd it being Ida roosiearn»»i 

no tribute, in concert with Ins ulhee, 

in the repose o( Borope.ind to bring ahout j« 

i I i, may be at once hmio ibis, nol 

. i .. | 1 ■!:■ e, buj tlsn : ■ 

tboae „, ltl .. ' ■: rcfauon ofatoitywidi 

But if 'J> 

cited »hove. apply " «-*•■ 

tlio *•• 

di d 

r.wi wli m lord Castlertagh a 

letter f 

Thl ; ,i act of aletUfliom 

the Danish capital ; 

NEW YORK. Sept. 5. 
Latest from England — liv the Liverpool 
Packet, arrived at Boston, we lia»e received 
London and Liverpool papers, tn-.the 20th ol 
July i'nclbsive. They i out iin ittany articles nl 
eonsiderable ithpQr'tance, which we shall givi 

i soon'as we a,n find ro for th ni. Wai 

iaa actually commenced between Russiy ■ 
France, and three Bulletins of tne Grand 
French army lute been piilili»hed Titc St ■ 

-I ■ l ..ii the 20th ol June i th< ■ or 

th 2 A and concludes with the frdlowingpro- 
cla nation which '.ad heen inserted in the ol- 
der* ul the .ti mi . 

" KnLDircus! — The second war 1 of Pnhind 
has co ii'iiencrd — Tne first was br iu Jn to i 
jiost ilFrirdland .nd Tilsii. At Tilsit, Rus, 
si. i swone eternal alliam t with I >i ce ai d w ■' 
ivitJi England. She now violates hcmails — 
She refuaes t<i give uny explanation •■( Ii- 1 
I ange c-mnuci, in til the eagles of France 
s-all have re-pasaed the Rhine, leavings by 

such ft movement, allies; at h'ei oriei'cv — 

• • ,^ u ls a . d Ion b) a I it liij 1—H i 
nipiea mu t be a< > oinplislu d, Should ■ i ■ 
I |, u i on ider us du reiiei'«« '■ Arte WC no 
., , e , i- t ., be '■■■ I- 'I upoii as the s i] ! 
Vnateflitz? — She offers Us the dternaiit 

, : .,- or iv ir. The chotc< cannot admit " 
i ,,i i. ion. — L it u*then inarch forward I — Le"l 
-r. pass the Micmon !— Let us carry the «*v 
in' . In r tenilnrj'. The second war £P land 
trill b:aa gloriods to the French mms as tht 
hVet: bui the peace which we shall'concludt 
. ,11 in its own guarantee, and »ill pnt an end 
, , [he pi u i , id i...<i -h'ty ihfluence tvhii n 
Russtfl has for 5J years exercised in the abVtrs 
■ I Europe. 

■' At our Head (juat'tcrs, Wdkcwski, June 
Ii, 1812. 
Authenticated'', (.Signed) " t?\»0L«o* 

•< Pi inc. of Mli UFCiiATEI,, Wij;G ll." 

Tne third bulletin is dated " Kniflno, June 

26," where the In td u ■ i dI ,p "' »rmy »ere 

il iht ti'in. The mllpwinf; is the description 

place taken from the hnil nn 

• The Miemeri is navigable for vessels of 

two or three linndrcd tons ai far as Kowno. — 

1'hi* coinmni'ieations liv water aTe aho secured 

as-far as Dantaic, and with tjifr Vistula, the 

ul r, and the Elbe, An immense supply of 

brandy, flour, and biscuit, is passing from 

i m -,, -, Koriifi;aherg tnWards Kowno The 

\ ilia, ivhich flows by Wilna, is navigablr fo' 

llv small boats from K. i vno to Wilna. Wjl- 

riai the capital of Lilhuanta/ia also the chiel 

mtvfiwf Polish Russia, The EmpeYnr of Rus- 

,ia Ins heen for several mo iths In thi i citj 

with a part of his court. TAe frontt ■ 

,. . . ■-,. '!••■ Jir,i /:■■■ ■■■ .■ 

Ii d ies iv»t appear unv ii thtiu : Ol ■ on- 
icqiienci has taken place, The H i 
v.-v.-, atine and layinft wasw the ■ ■ ' 

.. u ,\ imt appear anxious to c«i>e with ' !i ' I '>' 

I in a pitched buttle. Nupolcon was at 

Ko^pio in person at the date of the last bulle- 

France had made an overture of peace to 

(";,,, -t Briiain. wluch had been rejected The 

editor of the Courier of the 7ih of July says: 

.. m,. Sheridan in h ver) manly manner^ i .1 

I ,i t he mt. ntion ol the H • Si Con ■ 

, ,.!,,. io ,i, overture from Frame whicB 
'he eefy pr* parly eaJled insi ■ ill p Wioue, 
| nd ,,,,,,,,„,,_ ddiirg that our r. jecumi I 
[ u ,l bi i n wise. dignified, and spirited-- 
I ., , SMM | de< lacariori ol War. by out ■■<• 

T ent leainai Great Britain, was i 

,1 on ti.o.Mth July, and waa publish- 
ed in liai citj the same day. 

MuchVae we condemn the present war as 

foil ■! l>ofi ^ross partial it) , untrrci ssarjf S: 
improvident, t»e moat hi artilj i. i iii in thosi 
..trim, veinents whicli pi ice bur g itlant uftjeerf 
and hardy tues on tin veiypiunach ofihi I 
hill ul boner, and which estahlish the neci -■-! 
iv and utility of a navy This honbl and use* 
fulness must thtindeV in the oars of the navy 
i [n high plttccs. Give ti* a navy t "' 
-ive us leave to e#/«Wta/i inefflr otinetv i .' 
Ho:,i. Centinrt. 

(.'.il.inel Dl'.vf.. in npehkinj; of Hull's siir- 
,..,i i . , ■, ,, ■• Siich disasters were o h ■ 
i mated Upon, in-', h'i i '"■ ••nil .-al. nUied up- 
i, iii. lens tne meas in s i "■ conducting the 
w u s.siiine a new cliarai fe 

[fsoifand we fullly rfgre* with Inm i*i opi- 

■■i n.) wuat folh , « i'.-' madness ii t ruler , 

to plun : ii-. into a uate of waff ! As to " tlw 
iie^sures for corsducting ilie war assuming i 
new ' h.'i-.n tcr," to e'xpeci ■•<•: th'niK likvi this-. 
In mi i uradministraiioir,\i liirh litis so long per- 
> n i ■ .1 ii, ., Ii. in, m j, wmiki lie '.iiivM..iy tOicic|ie- 
1 1 n .. A change of niea*iiro« b rcla,ti 

'.'. ■ . is llkelf-to r .;.■ |>l ■ . o»J I -i- ".I - 
ing fi :n u ' ! i iiiga ul" I-,, n. And fortun ■ t^ 
■, v nil] noon liaee aii njip-t 

., u .1 ......ii:.i> Oiir warriors' at g 

ion how that is to beef) ■ led. CtnitAdv, 


. fie RaWgh Stari 

Ii is how as i!ruined from the Election Re 

,,: sol mis State, that three filintUs of the 

M mhei'S elei i are di cidedlj opposed to th« 

lal Law oflast session 1' 1» therefore 

;. duty to peii inn thi Governei fc 
Cmmcil to call the I in OclbblBr.iii 

,,,,., for that body to lay tin- SUile off into Dis- 
tricts, bo thai tin- peoph may make ' h : 

■ is of PreVidcn'i and Vice Pn 

fj, f ties, This carlr c.sll ut ile L-- 
gialaiu're will not only enable the Members io 
discharge the pledge they have given to ihe 

proachinjf general election, to repreiant tl.ii 
ntstnet in the next CoCgress 'it the United 

By or«!ei of the Convention] 
ROBERT RITCHIE, Cliairroaiv 
An' '. 
Cohn».lics S'tevRNSoH. Sec'i*y. 
Ye»t< i" . ption was opened at ih» 

M .''., ! L>use ■ ■ raise ■* fund in 

l Captain Hnil and E'lruti i 
: ' " ■ ■ oprbite medal ■ f heir lat« 

y..ll.nt viciajry. About 2000 dollars waa in- 

ii -.rher lubaeripiiod 

ii ■ .iiv. an:, ntj .he fOdii)( 

m ii l.. i the Society o( Fienos. 

p ii iplcsare opposed 10 Ban 

1 ' ■ "' thit mi,,., , jptii ii is to afford 

■ ■-■ famili s di friends ol 

those gal] ii ., ,.,., [ k , i, | (V , » i„ rnaltta 

tainiiig the hmmi s< d ri ft i.t* of their cuuuief, 

The following txttaortiii >r; iVcqhieht wftl 
copied hum the Albany Gazci e ol Thurada)) 

smre pQr paper was at ;. ■■ i i<a rt 

luruinltrd with the (ollowinn P'oelauiati n of 

the British general Brock, by whii p- 

ptars that in addition to the full ol n.u.ii, 

Um ■ i i the American arms i 
P'l-t, n ct .. . ma 

: iht vJioie iftn^rxi *f .1/,. .,..., in 
the capi leieti inio In nen. Hull. 


By Isaac Brock, Esq M joi General com- 

niaiidiii" i.i-. Majesty's lorccs in the pio- 

i U ! ;■■ l Lai,ada 

vlas, me tcriitory of Michigan «»■ 

ibis d.v. ■, >. i ituli rjon, i ■nil 4 to tin arms of 

..i- Britannic m jesty, without anj othbi con" 

ilii'on ih: [' .■■ ■ ii.iu ni pi ii.. ■ propel ty j 

d ■■■ i in ii i giv( .ni earlj pn loi tui md 
der ion and jiisti-.c of the govcmrtVJni, 1 do 
bere'n announci to ell thi ihabii -.1 he 
mi : ' a . hoi j ■ li i r..- law ■ ii, ex* 

i-.te > ■ ■ i ■< in fmccf until hi» Ma* 

j. n ... ... long ni the) 

;. . . - ■ i. 

nit tl — Anil I do hereby aho dci fere 

the said iuhsl itanu that 

t ■■■ shall DC ptoleciediji the fidl ex rche and 

..i'ii r, li...i.ii, ul r.h ch '11 p r* 

s ■ 'iin ivtl and mill t j ) ^ id take nolle* 

i eli ■ tfuigl) 

All persons having hi thvir p ,t. s\ion. •* 

.... 'I k i«l :;t.- 1. 1 any public prapr , 

sh |l finth^i ii deliver in the same, or i v« 
tiol ic : thereof to the officei . immuuding i f 
I, . t'i'l Mlcbol, wlln are hei b] u .. nism 'O 
, . ii i ■ . p ■, i i i ■ ■ ..■ |. - fn'i tha ^sn t. 

Officers of the mititia jviU lie held i , ... ,- 
ble thai all arms in possession ol tbc n-ilitia- 

iii ii In ' li iters ii- Iii ■. ti ii up, an ! 

Ji idu iia n ban vei h ho li .i in their pos- 
ses nil i . r iv ., i ,,, y !.i fll !, d liver the p 

ut delay. Gin i n ■-■ h nd, 1 1 Uc* 

. his i 6lh 'I } nl Augi St, S I'J, and m 
the ti ■■ ■ ■ ■ i ■ Majesty's n i i 

ISAAC BROCK, M<y>r General. 
A true Cupy, 
J Macii^h.1, //. Col Af.r-aWJ I) C. 

to them their elei loiial 
gb'ta, hut it will also give to tbc Legislature 
H i) opportunity of providing arms foi our rni- 
litia. Fits annual business of I 
, ,,,, .,; „, be performed and the membera re- 
turn to their families and private business by 
the first of December, The Tar-River die- 
, n(l c- n n |io ii- laid "if in, time (o send a 
Member to Congress, whii h will otherwiae 
be unrepresonted at the next ie «oo "' thai 

bodv'. .'■,-, 

i ii, writer ofthis communtci i i 

opinion that il" the Legislature nukes tin 

,,i Electors, that Mr. M idison will ""' 

oto from this st i« ; but as he is in 
i ... I, ,i..'i.. ; beipg properly '■ l"<- 
m the Electoral College, this llivita 

,„„-, [, given The leniimetits ol 90 - 

bcrs are already kno«n to be opposed to \\ it 
.,,,1 Madison, and n be loses all the notrs-.i 

( hi, siate. it cannot be said Out Ins friends 
hud no i< -I" Ay. 

Ywurs, &c. 

get a 

f . v.. r 

g, nl< ..I 

B C. 

PH11.AUFLPH1A, Sept. 1. 
pint < 

i . . .„,;„„ f iv h -an ■ iii" theCityahd 

C.iunty of Philadelphia and C y ql Dele* 

of the 

• are. 

At a meeting of the Representatives 

Ncat.v executed ut this Office. 

- nftbia district, held a< Eh- 

0(l . d |: v thi Wi ' Aug pursuant 

_ ; to public notice—] ■ ■• *S ie *° 


JOSEPH 6 1 1 wis, 

S* MU! i H VR 1 

Be recommendctl bj tbis nm i tog <o the 
suffrages of tkeir fclloii-CHittM, at ths ap- 

A^il/.L Or BK1 AU 
t>!xi<lf of Hufinjliu Jiurr l-tour. 

The 8 i>ouud loaf to be sold for 46 cts. 
4 pound Idaf 21 

2 pound loaf ^2 

l patina loaf 6 

f.4M&& fURRISS, C. At. 
SrptMuher 9. 

SU V 1 ) 

1 K !>AI E, 

0* ro *• tifSWD rcnt-rBf, svajicr T9 
AlfSUiL QapuHO asVVi 
L'Vl i:\ I/ I I ■ .'. (he Town of Warf 
i..i.i > i\ at Fauquier Court- 
[, use \'.i in. 1 1. and hn orp y n lata 

I .; . i , ...... Warren l um t» titu- 

.i, ,,i the extrBUjity of'an elevated rii!^e, 

■ u- l, s pal '■■ thi h ters ii .■ into the 

\\ , pajj, i,,,... k Riv t on iheoi 
., r. ,.n, c Rivei on the other— ah-n'it fifty 
aulas from tens dria and \\a hu i,t-n— 
i: i, f, lertih . *nd the i oun'yol 

i atiquiec iv i" li ioiprovli i ul UK, 

. ■,: ,. i i; i.v leitled wim subatanii l and re* 

,- i iniuii*. Sin h is it. character 

mi ite, th ■' during the 

«cklv sex'soq on the hiveiv it Is « piece of 

i ,,., ... ;,,. \ , udinarlans and personscare- 

■ i their health. To u t h mica who are 

. ., Wairj mown o£- 

lopp ntiinitj ol inectii g Witli con- 

itant finph ymeiit 

lor ifio.s AppW to the suVscrtbet*, who 
,li i , . ! ,i \\ airen'ovvndniii.i- September; 
,nd wim reaidcf in Alex mdrip. 

Charles Lee. 

Septcm'ier 4 1 **« 


WILL be ^ild m the highest bidder for 

,,n the I8ti> day <d next month 

lundfy balf ?ero LOTS OF 

rrOI NP, in the town <■( Providence! .st 

. bnuse ; v huh town and sale 

.i .he Virginia l.egis- 

id faf which, and i 1 " lots, tn •■ bi 

time previous to, and on the sail 


Augu.C.'i. , Hwu 

Public Sale. 

WEthcsu^cNb.^m of.acieed 
, J , .HBAhii *i**. dearth No- 
i Rl' li Hie purpose ol securing 

da, oi Oct h.p next, between the hour* ol 

twelve tmd three °'*<«* of that dB * bBfo - rc 
th C coffue. House in the town ol Ale»an-na, 

,,n to thi* highest bidden Tor ready money, 

Thirty Acres oi Land, 

or so tnu. h ihi reoF hs may be necessary to 
pay the said dfbt, interest and costs o sale 
indadvotising ; which land is annate on the 
*ide ol ihe road leading from Alexandriato 
Lee»»«ntf and on the west side ot Mrs Sl*- 
cum'* farm, hi the county pf FaivfiX and 
si ue of Virginia. The trus'ecs sell only 
the vi.'lu whi< h the said Charles L Neveti 
baa, and d<. iiot warrant th«i title to the (and. 

Edmund I Lee, lr r ,-», 
Jona.han^cholfveld, ) «»■ 
AuRU*t -• i T ** 

Tfyi abore land was bought of Jonathan 
Sr iHnfi-Hl, and sel nred lo me by a gelier-U 
„..,...,„.,., ; for the complete performance 
ol which. Andrew Scholfield was security. 
I therefore appear* to me. to be unnecessa- 
ry to insert at the fool of the above iidvcr- 
tiseniem, tliat the title will not be warrant- 
ed hv 'lie trustees, as one of them, to«e- 
liv i with tie principal, has already done it 
/ mnment on this transsptfftn is unneces- 

Chs. L. Nevitt. 

said ea 

are re- 

rid . this Kth day of 

orphans Court, 

Alexandria Countj, Aut.uM Terms l' :, ~; 

i hi.ehbd that the administrators- of »>'• 
WcK«iGHr, deceased, ( h.iv, S( rt the lolloping 
B.ivcrtis merit three times in each week tor 

two weeta in the Alexandria newspapers. 
A copy. Tejrtj 

Alex. Moore, Reg. 
This is to give Notice, 

That the subsci ibeis ol Alexandria County, 
intbc Di«rietofCownua.-i,inweoMirtnedirorn 
tin iifiiiuim Co rtof'efcid county. Lent n of 
admit ration on the personal estate of 
William vcKmght, late of the county 
a j,. ,,ui, deceased. All persons having 
claims » ei .ii'9tt)<eJ>atJdaecedera arc hereby 
warned 10 exnibit thcsamewith the vouch- 
ers thereof inthe suscriberS, on or before the 
35th d y of Jittery ne*tj or they may 
!«.* be exejuded fmm all beffcfirto 
Ute ; »ml ihos^ indebted thtielo, 
quire I to make immediate p'ayme"' 

Given under bur 

August, 1812. 

John McKnight, 
Charles Mcknight, 

Administrators *f IVm. Mc Knight 
Annual 16 sittwaw 




HAS removed his Shop from Fairfax 
Stfeet.ini" tin- house lately occupied by 
Join, Withers kCo.on King Street, whi re lie 
ha* Fin sale a Re ieral Assortment of DRUGS 
b. MEDICINES) which he cau recommend 
lr their purity. 

\1 , v 14 d3w2awlF 

' i h ■ Mi dr.r (Jul lege s-cttery,"" 
T^e no\r /"mt.LJtsr & Splendid ever 

nffei-ed ii-, tins tuimttytia 
JvOSV Dli iWlNG i" the Cry of Baltimore 

The Two Grand Capital Prizes of 


are still zx r/iK wasaty 

And .ik. wiwr th«s.e ol 




In cm Pwec id Tk kits (warranted un- 



The Medical College 


2 prztB of S5 50,00o ;ii c 

glOu, -00 

1 prize of 30,000 is 


1 do of 10,000 is 


3 prizes of 5,000 air 


10 do. of 100 Tu.keis each 1-0*000 

20 glDOO 


15 • 500 

12, SOU 

25 200 

5 000 

75 100 


109 50 


500 20 


1000 15 

15 I 00 

loooo r2 


—— — — 

1 i7fi L .J prizes f JWtf two blank} 
23J.;3 blanks i to a prize 

X 350,000 


i i ' 

35000 tickets. 

,1 .!,,) HI- ont DvKarn and Jifty Cents. Re- j 

, :l ;,, , L I ... i . I [jfesi ni i : - - ■!■<.- is NO BISK, a* ; 

'J'licfirtt ilvawn six- 'Ihwwnd Blank* 

aiu: r.M'iiLun to TltiZEa. 

ThercFore, fe*e'^aiiwie, but tiftfily immediately \ 

to eith" r "I the snbKtnbcrB yrha have foj .-..lo j 


in a large variety of N timbers, 

fcj'Oiti'tif- /■■> THokerit, from any part oT 
tliu- union. eneloaiilR the Cash (post paidj will 
be promptly auciided to, and the earliest ad* 
ixt sent ol success. 

Kearny Wharton, 

Ao. 8. South S:rcet. 

P. H Nickiin, 

A r o. 202, Marker Street,or 

]. ) C hen. jun. 

Midical College 'Lattery OJficr, .\o, 110, 

Market Street. 
Baltimore, Sept *— J 2aw 4w 



1 he Spirit ui the Book ; 



:■ BUHCH. 

Edited bv THOMAS ASH£, EsqViM. 
pint Am riemn/rem the thud tundon MJuitn 
-* j9 


Subject to a deduction of Hfteen per cent. 

Stationary prize* as follow : 

first drawn ticket entitled to giOOO 

50u0 blank* S'2 each 
The next 1000 do. 15 

do. Ticket after the 6000 blanks £5000 

First drawn Qck'et on the 15lh and unfl the 

25th day 8500 each 

Do. 25th to 35th (except-1 
in K the Tickets constituting V 100 Tickets 
piize^ ) J 

Ihe said Un prizes to consist of the num. 
hers from 1 lo 1000 inclusive, each hun- 
dred of the s-id 1000 to be one prize, the 
first drawn hundred or lowest number for 
the 25th day, and so regularly ascending to 
the 3 ith 

First drawn ticket on the 35th 85000 

Do. to 41st 500 

Do. . 41st to 50lh inclusive 10o0 

Do. 55th day 50 000 

77/e prize books to consist of J 1 * os 1 a 1000 

The object contemplated to be accomplish- 
ed by the above scheme, is eminently enti- 
tled to the favor and patronage of the citi- 
zens of Baltimore. '1 he WUbl'ishttiBM of a 
Madical College will vmque imnabiy have a 
beneficial influence on the genera) literary 
cluia. ter of our city : on it perhaps may be 
hereafter engrafted the other Colleges, and 
thus an university he constituted. 

It will however give us other important 
advantages — it will promote a spirit of in- 
vesication in the faculty, it will induce 
youn^ men of talent*, to establish themselves 
in our city, and thereby permanently secure 
to mis community the b;sl aid iha* can be 
aflorded by the medical profession It may 
also be proper to remark- th'it if this school 
should prosper, as is anticipnted, it will 
cause large sums to be expended annually 
in this city, which would otherwise be dis- 
bursed in other places 

We presume that those gentlemen who 
i are anxious for the advancement yf *he In- 
terests of Baltimore, will give us their sup- 
port on the above considerations. 

To those who ace inclined to profit them- 
selves at the s me time that they encourage 
us— we confid-ntly say. that no scheme of 
a lottery so splendid or promising as the a- 
bove, has ever been offered in this country. 



All the high Prizes still in the 

Presant price of Tickets, gl 1 50, but will 
soon ai'vince 

Applications for Tickets from distant pla- 
ces (pist paid,) inclosing the Cash, addressed 
! to either oi the subscribers, at Inch- n^pcc- 
; live Lottery Offices in Baltimore, will U<t im* 
1 mediately attended to. 

No 8, South street. 

No 202, Market street. 
J I COHEN, Jun'r. 
Medical College Lottery Oinee, 
No. 1 10, M.rU-t streoi. 
N. R. Slihn of t-ach d.uj's drawing are re- 
gularly published and will fae forwarded t« 
thoie who m.iy. apply. 

Baltimore July 7— March 17 2awtlOct 


essays & poems, 

The First American, from the 1 Ith English 


Published for the benefit of the Orphan 

Asylum Society f* Economical School, 


Are just received lor sale by the subset* iher 

Trier % 1 75 in boards. 

These excellent Essays Si Poems were 

printed at Bath in England for the benefii <A 

the Ho pi'. tl in ih it t City and have already 

gone through eleven Editions. 

They are i>ow reprinted in ibis country) 
for an eqmlly benevolent purpose. It is 
hoped they will be attended with the 

James Kennedy, sen. 

July IS eetf. 


Double Numba Lottery. 


Positively commences drawing in Balti- 
more, 28th of September 1812, ard to draw 
three da> s in every week 

1?he Scheme consists of 2§,Q0G! Tickets, 
but only (3 000 Numbers, having two ti k- 
els of one number, *o that a person buying 
iwo tickets of the s.-me number, may draw 
the four high si prizes, viz, 
30,000 Dol!ai;.,~l 
33,000 Doll.oi, , in AT-r. 

20 0)0 Doll.rj, f 103.000 Dollars 
20,000 DollaisJ 
Which is.tlmt r— the brat drawn number 
after the Lotttry is half done drawing, will 
ho entitled to the two C&piul Prizes ol S ■''O, 
000, which number may alto come up the two 
£ 20.000 prizes; but as above staled, to draw 
two prizes of equal denomination, n will re- 
quire two tickets of the same Dumber. — Be- 
sides the above Capital Priz.s, the scheme 
ajso exhibits. 

2 Prizes «f 10,000 dollars, 

2 do, ol 5.000 dollars, 

2 do. of 3.000 (I 1-trs, 

4 do. of 2,Vqu dollar*, 

10 d i. of 1,000 dollars, 

Besides :* Rieat man J of 500, lOOj 50,20, 

and 8,000 of 22 dollars each. 

The Scheme ol this Lottery (lifters very 

m;neiLlli from thai o 1 otheis; it not only 

contains by far tlr&ft.rc trsi purober of Ca- 

p.t.d Ptnei. bin are all floftti r, (withatiin- 

gle exceptioi ) and ma\ come dt\t of the 

wheel al any period oi the n ■- wim,-; thev^- 

fore 'hose who buy tickets immediately will 

have a chance uLai l the Prist' 8. 'I he li.'L- 

rts are nearly all sold and amtrticted 'or: 

they may bt- pmtui'ed at any ol the LoUerv 

Offii ns in U fiimore New Vork Phil del? 

pMa. and Savannah Charlestjm, Richmond. 

Georfi;c-Tt wn, Boston, I'lovnieme, Newpoit 

HartfpV'U New Have ,, New-L'mdon. 6cc fee. 

The Managers Bunds to ihe 

?tate, for the faithful drawing and payment 

ol Priz.s 

Robert Gilmor 
Wnu Smith, 
Maik PringTe, 
Sanuitl Smith, 
Wm, Cooke, 
Stewart Brow n 
JolmS'. Hollin, 

Samu 1 ! Slcrelt. J 

G, & R. WAITE 

Having made a large contract with the 
Managers for Ti< keu in the above Lo'tery, 
assure their friend* asd Lottery adventura rs 
generally, that this Lotterj wit] be puiieiuaf 
ly drawn and prizes punctually p id, ami that 
they will promote, and aid oltd assist in the 
sale of tickets in it in prtleience to any o- 
ther in the U States-; for tlurobject they 
Uave forwarded tickets to most .if their a.- 
fventsmtlie Union, and whilst the lottery is 
drawing ibey will also forward once a week, 
the whole of the Numbers drawn, both 
Blanks and Prizes, contained in a fmall 
News-Paper they publish weekly, at 'wo dol- 
lars pcramium, entitled the Weekly Messen- 

After the above lottery is over, G & R- 
WAITE will turn their whole atteniion to 
the nevt New-York Union College Lottery. 
- Their Offers are 

In New.l.rk, at No. 64 and at No. 38- 

In Baltimore, at the Corner of Market & 
Charles Str ct 

In Albany, st No. 28. Stat« -Street. 

At each - if whi h places thiy will prompt- 
ly exe u'e all orders in the Boo, -^cllinK' & 
Stationary line, and ol .11 genuine and wat- 
r no d Patent Medicines —Letters, (post 
p-iiti) duly attended to' 

Price of Tickets n dollors, hut will ad- 
vnnce on the day of drawing (the -SMi Sep- 
tember ) 

September 1. 2awl0t - 

jus t"received, 

For Sale by R. GRAY, 
A new improved Edition of 


Illustrated with a &£ap ol the World, a Map 
of the United States, aiwl a Plan of the Solar 
System. Price one dollar. 
A few Copies of Gas's Journal of L»wis and 
Clark's Tour. 

Hugh Thompson, ~) 
Jo. in Swan. 
D«yid Wiiii-mson, ) 
\\ illiam 1'at erson, i 
Robert Oliver, 
John Sherlock, 
Arch M Callister, ! 

July 24 


AT the request of many respectable 
fnends, I offer myselt to my fellow-ci- 
tizens o! Charles County * candidate for the 
Office of Sheriff, at the ensuing election; 
trusting that my knowledge of the business will 
enable me to execute the duties thereof with 
justice and fidelity. Should I be so fortunate 
as lo be theebjeel of your choice, I will en- 
deavor to evince my gratitude by a lenient 
ami humane discharge of my dutv. 

John C. Reeves. 

April SO .flilawcUiOr 


Neatly executed at this Office. 


THE subscriber intending to direct l,u 
[Ion to some other oljcct thun 
thai of Fai roing, wishes to rent for ihe next 
rear the i'l.AN 1'/. I IG\ T whereon he now 
resides. Upon this tract tharc arc lour com- 
lbrtuble TenenicnL*. 

He will sell i't p ivate B'*le all the Stock 
upon the LandV consisting c-$ Horses, Hogsj 
Cattle, and a remarlsnble Fine flock of Sheep. 
He will also sell fi'. c o' : six as likely young 
Negro Men as any in .Maryland He also 
wishes lo d>- pps« of the Land at present oc- 
cupied by Mrs-. CatKarine C!.,.piii..n, lying 
immediutely oh Z chia Swamp, containing 

about .0' iictes. [ ins land Is of good qua- 
lity and v; ry wtll timbered Any person 
wishiiift io pul'chase afy of ibc. above ciis- 
cribed property, had bc't cr make cil, . p~ 
plication, as in ihe event ol their nol hei 3 
sold at private, he will offer tlicru . 1 lie 

William Cliapir 

Tort Tobacco,- July 28—31. la.' t-lS 

Lottery Intelligence. 
Vaccine Institution Lottery, 

A r 0JV DRAW /A'G in Baltimore, contains 
4 Coital Prizes of £20,000 

s 5,qt 

10 - - - 1,010 

Pive Thousand Eive Kimdrnd Ticket? (11 
days) have been tlvawn, and the above Capi- 
tals remain IN THE WHEEL. Pacsent 

price of Tickets (warranted undrawn) Eight 
J">. liars. 

Thefirst drawn Ticket on thrfftetnth day 

n ill F)<- <■] titled to 


.Susquehanna!* Canal 
Double Number Lottery, 

Will commence Drawing m Baltimore on the; 

28th of thii present month. 


2 of g 30,000 

,000 } j,- , 

; oo5 ?*** 

it Prizes. 

2 \0fiQG 

2 5,000 

Present Price, of tickets in this Lottery, 
Ten DbUvr, < ■ tl f,f » Crnritrvc* 

■in either of the al»!'*< Loueiies, may be had 
in a great variety of Njimhers at 

Cohen's Lr u< ry i office, 

A'o. 1 10," Mrik' : Strertt Baltimore. 
fcy^ Ad*" >iiitr,rs a' a dv tunc will be sup- 
plied with I.' 1 , is tin saitn &s 'if present — 
Orders, incl isipg the Cash (post paid) will be 
immediately attended to. A ReglWr is kept 
of alt the Tickets sold, and the earliest advice 
s n 1.! H .il -file as si-nn as decided. 

Baltimore, Sept. 2—5 2&w4w 


A new Edition of this Invaluable Wo&k, 


is now printing by Subscription' as under. 
Coarse paper, copy in boards, g 12 
Gvod do. do. 15 

Pine do. do. 21 

The first four Volumes containing the Old 
Testament complete, may he seen with tho 
subscriber, s.lso the conditions of publication. 
To those who are already acquainted, with, 
this very excel lent- aw] useful commentary on 
the Holy Scriptures, any recommendation 
would be superfluous, and to jtbose who are 
not, any praisV that could be bestowed on it 
would fall short of its merit. It is expected 
that the last volume will be out in October, af- 
ter which the price will bs raised to 3 Dollars 
per set. * 

James Kennedy Senr. 

July 15 


Hat Manufactory. 


HAVING pi move I liia HAT ilAKU- 
FACTORY to King, sec< nd sq 
above Washtbglbu street] pe rh op| i 
to Mr. T. W. Peyt'n'. store -' :spec tilly 
returns his thanks to his frie'nde Eh< 
lienor past favsv«i and & ■ on n • 

ancc ol then patronage, anil bopi - '■ ■■■■■ 
Ion - experi lice and ■ sdduity and ittosuton 

to. give gem 

il satislaction. 


A general issoi'tfnent of 


Ot the best kind— 

Wool Hats, 

OF a very superior quality. 
June ? *Q 


I will either Sail or Hen: the BRICK 
W \ULIL V .I" and LOT on th i 
ol King street ne.r the Corner of Water 
street, at present occupied by C^ I. Catlett* 
Esq I'oss^sjsion may be had the Uth Oc- 
tober next. Appty ,n 

John Tucker. 
July 1. Uw