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' I 

r -.« i . r. 

. I 


^'^^'~'AT>-fminmms'E. ' ' ' ■" 


THE fdlowing A1»nclgmei)t has been made trtna the* LexMAn bi^ pub- 
fished at tiie Umvendty Prem. 

It has been reduced to its preeent oompass by the omiasioi:^ — • 

I. Of passages cited as Authorities^ exoept where exampleai were neoe^- 
ftary to explain more dearly the usage ol a word. 

II. Of disoosi^ioiis upon the d^vation and origin of words; :jbir infinnia- 
tion upon which |Hp|ints the ^r«ader is referred to the original worit 

III. Of words thenuielTes or partieiuar meaningSl of wovds not-in gene- 
itd use, such as itiflfdidtil or scientific terms: bht later wordi used, by 
Theocritus, the.i^ritmi of tihe Anthology, and Lubian^'have been 
with few exceptions lieiiia^ and especial. pare ^ has bem .taken to 
explain all words contained in the New Testament. "* ' 

Words.ore printed in Capitals when they are radical forms, or when no 
fonn nearer the original root is knpwn to exist. In other words, the derir- 
YsAkaif when it can be tu^ciently ascertained, is usuitlh^ pkMied before the 
meaning : when this is acit the case, some notice will be fo^d at the :end 

Many additional tenses and cases, mostly Homeric or Doric, have been 
inserted to give a clue to the simple word, when there seemed to be any 
difficulty or irregularity in the fonitiation. The sign " from^^ denotes that 
the tense is regularly formed fipom the present : the sign " or* that the 
tense is irregularly formed or borrowed from a different Root. The quantity 
o£ every doubtful syllable has been marked. 

August^ 1843. 

The present Edition has been revised throughout, with the help of the 
new Edition of the original Work. 

For the sake of clearness, the different parts of which compound words 
are made up have been marked in their alphabetical order by placing a 
hyphen between them, as, airo-^ciAAo), d<^4i7/u, &-)3aros, Hcfi-obos. In Verbs 
compounded of a Preposition and a simple Verb, this division has been con- 
ffldered sufficient to mark the derivation, as also in some Nouns formed 
from a Preposition and a simple Noun. 

An tenses and forms of words w the GoBpeh that presented aivj ^^csvi^Vj 

Aare been inserted in their place. 


'enieiice, the following Abbreviations have been used :- 

egual or eguiiKttaii to abaoluce, 



ealic, in the Aeolic dialacl 

A Hie tireek 

ie Siibst. has the MUie or a » 
nioo \vith ibe Verb. 
ra.=ciun geaitiro penmtiaa 


ir Cnmp. = Comp»rat!VLe 

the Ionic dialect 
haX. ■> Latin 



aVerb of .Middle 

'loriG Greek 

ipli gratia. 
:pic 6reek 

' imper. => unpentire 


negat.=ii^uivum (n^Mii-e) 

notn. = numiimtivc 


opp. tu — oppoaed lii 

opt. or oplal.B' optative 

ori)t. = originally 

(■art. — panidpli! 

Pais. -Passive 

pecul. = puciiliar 

perf. or pf^ perfect 

pL or plur.-- plural 

plqpf. ^ pluiqilamperftKtiim (plii 

poet. — poetiially 

Prep. = Preposition 
I prei. — present 
I q. v.aquod vide 

qq. v.mqQB vide 

radic ^ radical 

regul.=PBguIsr, regularly 

ihorCd. = ^ortened 
' ugnf.— aJ^ificadon 
! ling.atliignliir 
i aq.viequena (roUoning) 

■ub.iBubaudi. aubaudito 
: Subit — SuUtantire 
' asU.c syllable 
I T™g. = Tragic 

; trisylL^trisyll^te 

I iiarb> A^j.ovecbal Adjective 
' TOc. —voce, vocem 

dfiovKokrjTos — SyaXfia. 

&-PovK<SXv)TOS9 oVy (a privat., fiovKoXio)) urUended, 

&-PovX^o>, •fi<r(ay—ov fiovKofMi, to be unwilling. 

&-PovXt|tos, ov, (a privat., $ov\ofi(u) unwilling, 
involuntary. Adv. -ras, 

&-PovX£a, 7i, ill-counsel^ thoughtlessness : from 

a-PovXoS} oVf (a privat., ^ovXii) inconsiderate , irre- 
solute. II. ill-advised. Adv. -ws : superl. &i8ov- 

a-PovTT)s, ov, ^9 (a privat, piovs) without oxen: 
hence poor. 

&-Bpi9ijs, 4s^ (a privat., fipidoo) without weight, light, 

appo-Pdrr)$, ov, 6, (afip6s, fialvm) softly stepping, 

aPp($-voo$, ovy {afipSs, y6os) wailing effeminately. 

appo-oiairo^y ov, (afip6s, Siaira) living delicately or 
effemmcttely : jh afip. effeminacy, 

aPpo-K(S{]S9 ov, 6, {afip6s, KSfirf) with soft, lucmru 
ant hair. 2. with delicate foliage. 

a-Bp(Sji,ios, ov, (a privat., Bp6/uosi) ufithout Batxhtts. 

a-ppo{i.os9 ov, (a Gopulat., fip6fios) noisy, boisterous, 

appo-ir^iXos, ov, (Ja.fip6s, ve^iKov) with soft sandals, 

«ippo-ir€T«|Xo99 oVy poet, and Ion. for afipo-v^raXos, 
{Jafip6s, ireTYiAov) with delicate leaves, 

aPp($-in)vos, ov, (afip6s, irf\vTi, "^vos) of delicate 

aPpfS-^XovToSy ov, (^afip6s, ir\ovTos) Itixuriant, 

aPp(S-Trovs» 6} Vy t^ovv, t6, gen. rroBos, (afip65, irovs) 
loith soft or delicate feet, 

'ABPO':S, d, 6v, alao 65, 6v, graceful, delicate, soft, 
luxurious. (Akin to ^^), Hence 


aPpoTato), f. dJ^oo, to miss, c. gen. — Ep. word formed 
from afifiporelv, q. v. 

aPp6rr\9y ftros, ij, {afipos) softness: luxury in dress: 
hfiporaros eirt in tender youth, 

cUppoTos, ov, also 7f, ov, (a privat., fipor6s) like &fi- 
fipoTos, afi-fip6(ru)s, immortal, divine, holy. 

aPpo-<|>vi]s> 4s, {afip6s, <pv(o) tender of nature. 

appo-x<>'^'rnS9 ov, 6, (afip6s, xo^'^)'^^po'fc6fji7js, 

aPpo-x^Tuv, (Dvos, 6, ri, {afip6s, x<'r<*'^) *?* o. soft 
tunic, softly clad or covered, 

^-^901x0^ ov, (a privat., fipfx«) unmoistened, un- 
tvetied, dry. Adv. -x*'** 

aPpvvcD, f. iivta, (^afip6s) to make soft or delicate, treat 
delicately. Pass, to live delicately : to grow proud or 
choice : to pride oneself on a thing. 

&-Pp«ii9, wTos, i, rT)^&-fipmT05. 

a-PpuTOS, ov, (a privat., fii^pdxTKui) not having 
eaten. 11. pass, not to be eaten, uneatable, 

a-Pva-cros, av, (a privat., Bva-a-os) bottomless, unfa- 
thomed, unfathomable: generally, boundless, enor- 
mous. II. 77 H-fivo'o'os, the abyss, bottomless pit, 

aydatrBai, aydaade, £p. for HyaaOai, &yaa6€, inf. 
and ind. pres. from 

aYa7€iv, redupl. inf. aor. 2 of 6.y<a : a7aYOV, Ep. for 
^ay^aA^j, jnd. aor, 2. 
^ydYof/ii, Ep. for dydyca, conj. aor. 2 from &yu. 

&Ydtdp>ai, poet, form of Hyafjuu, whence part, aya^ 
(6fi€voi, revering. Also as Act. &ydCa, to slight, 

&Ya0o-ci8ij$, €S, (ayadds, flSos) seeming good. 

iiyado-epyia, contr. ovpy4w, to do good or well; and 

&YOL0o-cpY^> Vi contr. -ovpyia, a good or noble deedr 
a doing good service : from 

&YA0o-cp7<k9 dv, contr. ovpy6s,{ayaOds,*$pyco) doing 
good or well : hence ol *Aya6o€pyoi, at Sparta, the five 
oldest knights, who went on missions for the 

&yaBo-JiroUia, = dya6o-€py4a> ; and 

iLyado-Jiroi.ta,r}, — aya9o-€pylai from 

&Y(i'0o~'"'o^<^S9 dv, (ayaBds, rroi4a>) — aya6o-cpyds. 

*ArA0O'2, ^, 6v, good in its kind, opp. to Kaxd^, 
bad : hence i. in Homer usu. of heroes, brave, 

courageous : noble : later in moral signf., good, vtr- 
tuous, 1. of things, etc., good in tfteir kind ; niat. 
T^ kyoBd the goods cf fortune, wealth, also goodfaare^ 
dainties, but rh ayaBdv the highest good, Lat. summum 
bonum. Adv. -JQQs, There are no r^^ular forms of 
comparison : for which occur Gompar. fieKrlcov, also 
a/ifivcov, Kpelffffwv, Tsxatmv (X/jpwv) : £p. fi4\r€pos, A»t- 
repos, also <f>4pTepo5. Superl. fiiKrurros, dpurros, 
KparioTos, \d>l(rro5 (K^aros) : Ep. $4\raTos, ^pra^ 
ros, ^pcaros, 

oYaOovpY^oi) contr. form of ayaBo^py^. 

aYodvvtt, {hyadds) to make goifd, exalt. XL ia 

do good. Pass, to be of good cheer, 

ayoOoHrvvTi, ri, (ayMs) goodness, kindness. 

iyalo^uaiy {dyri) coUat. form of Ayofxai, iydofiaif 
only in bad sense^ to be angry, displetised at : alao t9 

&YA-icXet]s, 45, (&yav, ic\4os) very glorious, fameius^ 
reriowned : poet. gen. deyaicKrios, shortd. ace. iiyaitkiSty 
pi. if.yaK\4^f dat. d.yaK\4i, 

&YO'-kXcit(Ss, ^, 6v,={or(^. 

aya-KKvrdst ov, (dyauy ic^vrds) like a^a-KAeijs, Lat. 

^ya-Kri^iyr\, (&yay, KTi(a) a poet. fern. » ^v-Krifidyij^ 
well-built or placed, 

L-ydKoKTOif ov, (a privat., yd^jo) toUhoui milk^ 
weaned, Lat. lacte depulsus, II. (a cqpulat.» 

7c£A.a) = Sfio-ydhoKTos, one of a family, 

ayoKkLamSy ecos, ^, exceeding great joy : from 

aYoXXido), more freq. as Dep. ayaWtdofjuu, f. dxro^ 
fiai [a], strengthd. for dydWofJuu, to rejoice exceed- 

ArAA/Vl':S, i^os, 71, a plant, the iris or flag. 

*ArA'AAn, f. olSm, inf. aor. hrfr(KaA,=^o.y\ajbv troiSf, 
to make glorious, glorify, honor, esp. a god : also to 
deck, adorn. Mostly in Pass. dydXKofiai, to glory, 
delight, exult in a thing, c. dat. Hence 

dYaX{i.a, aros, r6, that wherein one delights, a 
glory, delight, ornament : a pleasing gift, esp. for the 
gods : hence, 2. a statue in honor of a god ; the 

image of a god as an object of worship. 3. any 

statue or image. 

dy oAfutrsntK^j — iyytWa . 

tut: henoe tm Siiiuc, a slalaari/, ssulptar. 

'ATAMAI, dLmi iTii^ni or iyaiVai, Bep. meii. : fut. 
■^ftai^iu, Kp. Bfifairafuu : nni. aor. trf^aBtiv, Lui abn 
Jtiai^air (even in Att), Ep. JfyaoffilfiJii', iTmrird- 
|ip> : Ep. 3 plur. pres. iydairfli, inf. irfiairBai : impf. 
(jJpTIi'; — absol. lOfcaniten tnore (ren. lo ii-nader al, 
mtnire a penon or thinB. Tiwi, hnt also ' " 



1^ Tirl, ftp! Tu/es. — Homer uses ia liis siRiif. only 

tar- irfr^Vj sud oi pres. aTciojuai or iyaio/uu, 

tea*™, Svao-o,!!*.] 

..fc^na^TiTO*, «», (u priTBt, TO^ni) carer form forsq. 
tyifot, ay, (s privU., t^^idi) vnmarTiei, muced- 

ib^iBtgle: eiji. ia phnae, ydiios S^yafiot a marriage 

Jhliitui marriage, a /alal marriage. 

JSlrui, eery, mHc4, iwry mucA: ihe word in gen. 

poDly Dor., anil AlC, fdriy being its equiv. iu Ep., 

Md Ian. Heoce 'oo, loa much, Lat. niinu, as in 

■■ provarb fo^p ^^7^^ Lat- no t7E£J^ nimiaj nvC loo 

i»rt of any thing, [fiydji, but liter 

^fDnteriit, iiau, {fejav) to feel im, 

WMri ol a thing. lEIence 

BYaT«Ti|TU[fc, ^, ^f, {ayamnrJui) eaitty nested, 
■nilsUr. Adr> — Kur. 
ifarampA, A, iJH, vcrli. Adj. from irfavmeria, 

'^•'"TUifc, ^, 6y, Ul-huraarad, peevish, = ayava^ 

"VTIkA, ^ V. Adv. -KBt. 

^l'''D<"i poet- for ayayala, dat. plur, fem. from 
iY^>^«4*t, oc, (S701', f/ijjiii) miiefi jnownl upon, 

^V^^ptiMi "> •"> l^or. for sTiiviiaiiar. 

AywJ!, ii, 6s, (a copnl., yii/os, ydrv^u) tmld, gentle, 
Uaillg ! esp. of the arrows of AriemiB, to which na- 
tBra!, ^ opp. to violent death was asiribed. Adv. 
-*ii. Only poet, [iy] 

iyufo-^pooiSv^, 17, gealleiieis, kinillincsa ; from 

ArBV^-^puv, oFj gen. omt, {i7Eii'((i, ^p^*) Aijk/^ 
dupum/-- ifHJ^n. 

iv^nipi Dpeii A, v. Dor. for B7-4i;vp. 

i^T^ojiAL, Ep. form of iya^iai^ but oniy found iu 
put. ayiiftmo!, in act. signf. nrfmirinj). 

^Tairatii, iiru, V. sub BTSirdai. 

ifmuTit, 6y, Dor. for iymnp-iir. 

iya.!™!), ■fiaai, (fi'/n/uu, i7i£fo;«ii) of persons, la 
aeicomf, rnterlain, in which aenea iyairiffni, and 
fcp. frjwniib^i are n«cd bv Homer : generallv, to 
i>ii,feel regard /or, fetl gBti^aelion in. 11. of 

Wngs, to be tccU pleased, canlBnIed: la ie pleased 
■I or icilJi u Ihing : 0. inf. to ie ipont to do, likf 
*■*!"■. [iTS] Bence / 

^Yiiv-^vpi "foil ^i (aTdmin), d^p)=4rofi^v iy*. ' 
irw-, /ocinfr niuiiiinfis, i«mf^. I 

d7iiwT|ir«, (Bii, Ai (iTniriii*} /Aii feoling (if Amq 
affecliaii. ■ 1 

Ai-yitKYr^LN, oil, verb. Adj. from &.yav^, to be toveJL. V 

&Yain]Ti>cik, i, i», ((l7airdai) dinpoied to love, laninfft 4 

AyainiTiSt, A, dv, verb. Adj. Irom iyxttia, btlaumit . 
longed for, dctired; viarthy nf lone. Adv. -irH^ \ 
chterfidlg, amlenledlg ; iymnjTSi ix"* "* ** """^ 
tented, like irfirray: 2. in Alt. preset to at mdf g 

jfiit to conletit one, i. e.onJgjial, iearcefy,=iii\is. - 

iyif-pooi, sv, contr. iydp-pavs, ouv, [liyay, pM- i 
strong or tta'ft-Jbmiing, of the sea. 

ayoju^i, pre»- inf. IKjm &r^iiat- 

iyaa^li, ttaa, iv, part. aor. 1 pau. from iTo^ioi.. | 

SyoTfiiii Tif, (£70^1) tAal ahich it dcfmirnt, «r 
Hionrfer, marvel. ] 

d'yoottpu, poet, irdinra/uu, fut. of Sysfiai. 

d'Ya<nrd(aiT]v, of, aro, poet, for ^yaira^ifp, aor. 1 o£ 

dYd-amros, sv, (KTor, ariya) much groaning, hoteC'^^ 
ing, of the wuv^, laifd'terajing. 

iyaarit, Ai '!•', [iya/iai) admirable. Adv, -.tbi. i 

ByiuTus, Lacun. for £70001)1, aer. pi- 0! hyoBi^. 

^.•ia.Ti%, i), iv, poet, for hyutrtis, q. v., as SaofmTir 
for SouwutTii!. [070] 

dYQuo?, '^, 6y, (£711^x01) iUustrioits, noble. 

ii,ya,vit6i, a, iy, akin to iyiwis, stalely, proud: ao- 
perJ. Adv. £i7oupifTaTa. 

i-fd-<^EyKn)(,di', (fTOf , <fSirfyoiiai) lotid-Mnaiding. 

Ayyijipeuoi, (a77(i|jo<) to rfatpnteA a couriflr or ma*- 
senger : henta to press one (0 iieroe oa such, foroe to 

dyYttpijios, i. Ion. lorm—Srfyapos: bnt ri 477«- 
iriiiay the bueiness a/an i.yyapa\, q. V. 

£rV<'4Mf > *' Persian wont a mauuted eourier, such 
as were kept ready at regular stages throughout 
Persia for carrying (he royal despatches : as Adj., 
mirier, telegrapltio. 

LyytZov, t6. Ion. ayyijiav, (Sttoe) a vessel, pail: a 

(i.yyilM,TI, {iyytKos) messuge, tidings, new a, iTT*- 
\lil! l\BtTy to come on account nf a atetaage. i. 

It proclafialion - a corn-mand, order. 

aYYcXiaH^dpiK, or, [i,yy(Xia, ^Ipw) bearing a <ns»- 
sogei aa SubsL, a taeiaeager. Ion. iyytknt-'f^piis. 

6.yyf\luTr\i, on, 6, {&.yyt\ia) a messenger. 

Ayy'^^i f- '^ ! aor. 1 ^yytiAji ; aor. 1 JfyytAoc : 
pert', liyyt^na: nor. 1 pass. JfTY^^'') W^- ^Tn**-- 
/!«, (£7»). To Iinu' a meuiLye, htVitg IvdViiyi >k 
jfBw, lo proclaim, report, lell: He4. to aTtiwwiof 
nan^; Pass, to 6e rejHirted qf. YVeiwa 

&yy€\iJLa — iyCafffxa* 

aYYcX|JLa, r6y a message^ tidings, news, 

&YYCX0S9 d, ii, {ayy4?Jiu) a messengefy envog^ eau 
nouncer, bringer of news or tidings. 

&Yf/liio¥y rSy Ion. for ivYYtTbv. 

"ATTOJ^, €05f r6y a vessel of any kind, a jar^ pan^ 
pail, etc. 

cLyStiv, Adv., {Jkym) hg carrying, 

oIyc, aycTC, orig. Imperat. from Aya, used as Adv. 
like <>^p€, come ! come on ! weU ! Lat. age ! oft. used 
without regard to number or person in those ad- 

&Y<^pv> f* ^P^y pf* ^yhy^piMy {jSiyDo) to bring toge- 
iher, gather together, to get together, collect, gather. 
Pass, iiyelpofuu, aor. i ^fyOriv, 3 pi. 1iy€p6etf ; pf. 
ityhycpfiai, 3 pi. ayriyeparai : plqpf. ^ITTYfyfJi'Wi 3 pl« 
-aro, to come together, assemble ; in which signf. we 
also have a syncop. aor. of med. form with pass, 
signf., &y4pe<rd€u, h.y4povTo, poet. i.yp6fi€Pos, ri, ov, 
assembled, gathered together, 

^YcCtuv, ov, gen. ovos, (a privat., yeiruv) without 
neighbour : solitary, desolate, 

ay€\a^6vf Dor. for &y€\7iS6v. 

&7cXdSo)&ai, as Pass., (ay4\ri) to live in herds, to 
be gregarious, 

aYcXaios, a, ov, {ayiKti) belonging to a herd, hence 
feeding at large, II. in herS or shoals, grega- 

rious, 2, of the herd or multitude, common, 

ol-Y^Xa(rr£,Adv.,(a privat.,7eA({ctf) without laughter. 

a-yika^rrost ov, (a privat, yeTsjaoa) not laughing, 
grave, sullen. II. not to be laughed at, not trifling, 

QLYcXcta, ^, {^ya, Wa) epith. of Athena, ^Ai^tris, 
Xciav ^yovffa, she that drives off the spoil, 

^yeKi\, 71, (^70;) a herd, in Homer of oxen or horses : 
later any herd, flock, drove, crowd, Lat. grex, 

ayi\'ifi6v. Dor. -jajS6v, Adv., {oLyiKti) in herds, 
droves or crowds. Also &76\7j5c£. 

^Y^^^Oc^> Adv., {kyi\7{)from a herd, 

ayikr^^x., Ep. dat. of ^ycA^. 

<Ly^^6ve\}y.f3k, aYCf&ovcvo), aYCjAcSv, Dor. for ^tfi— 

OLYCV, Dor. and Ep. for idyricrav, 3 pi. aor. 2 pass, 
from 6,yvvfii: also, 2. 3 sing, for ^yev, impf. 

from &y(a to lead. 

cl-Y^^^^~^^Yn'''^S> 01^,(0 privat,, ycvea-Xoy^oci) with' 
out pedigree, of unknown descent, 

a-Y^V€ia, 71, {a-yeyfis) low birth : meanness. 

a-Y^vcios» ov, (a privat., yevetov) beardless, boyish, 

a-YC^S) «, (a privat., y4vos) strictly unborn, un- 
created : but usn., II. of no family, i, e. lowborn : 
hence metaph. low, mean, obscure, opp. to aya66s, 

^-yivr\ros, ov, (a privat., yiyvofiai) unborn, uncre- 
ated, II. not having happened, unreal: hence 
false, groundless. 
a-yGwq^, ts,=a-y€vf}s, q. v. Adv. -vws, 

a-yivv7]T09, ov, (a privat., yevvdw) unbegotien^ un- 
born : without origin, II. like a-y^viis, low-born. 


d-yeyyiia, ^ JJke d-y/yeia, cowardice. 

&Y^<*|MU, Dor. for ^fyiofnau, 

o-Y^poMTTOfi, ov, (a privat., yipas) unrecompensed, 

iiyi^vBiu^ inf. aor. med. with pass, signf. from 
hy^ipfo, q. V. 

i.y€^tv, poet, for ityipQriffay, 3 pL aor. i pass, from 

iiyipovrOf 3 pi. aor. 2 med. from iiyelpcg. 

^Y^P^X^' ov,=s ay dpitxos, 

iyippiHf fut. &yepQ, Aeol. for ivytlpca, 

oytpai^f €095, ^, {&y€ipto) a gathering, mustering, 

&Y^P^o9» ov, in good sense, brave, high-minded, 
lordly : in bad sense, overweening, haughty, fvercCm 
Adv. -x»s. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

k>(i-vrpf».roi^ 6, 7f, (J&yu, arpards) leading the hostm • 

oiyinis, 6, Dor. for ^enjs. 

a-YcvoTos, ov, (a privat., ye^ofuu) no^ tasting : uftih^ 
out taste of, c. gen. 

S-Ytf V9 (iyafjuu) in good sense, wonder, revereneey 
awe, 2, in bad sense, envy, hatred, spite : of the 
gods, jealousy, [&] 

&y4, 71, (&y(a, Hyvvfii) a breaking, crushing, wounds 
ing, 2, a fragment, piece, splinter, [a] 

oLyv), Ep. for idyTi, 3 sing. aor. 2 pass. Ep. from 
Hywfju, &7« to lyreaJk, [a] 

aYViY^pATai, ayTjydparo, 3 pL pf . and plqpf. pass, 
from iyelpca. 

^Y^Y^P*^^' ^'Y^^PM'^9 P^r^* &ct. and pass, from 

&YnXai, aor. i inf. from aydX^M, 

ay-i\\a.riia, or aY-v)X., ^<rw, {&yo5, iXavvai) to drive 
away pollution or a polluted person, Lat. piaculum 
eangere : cf. avSp-riXareta, 

oLYnf&a, r6, (Hyco) Lat. agmen, a body or division of 
an army, a corps, esp. of the Lacedaemonians. 

^Y~'n^^P^^^^> a, ov. Dor. &ydLv6p.,=ayijVQ)p, 

6i.y-y\vopia, t), manliness, manhood, courage, 

iy-i/ivap, opos, d, tj. Dor. ay-dva>p, (J&yav, kvi\p) manly y 
heroic: also headstrong, haughty: and sometimes 
stately, splendid. Only poet. 

aYqcxci) perf. act. from £70), to lead. 

a-YHpavTos, ov,=s({, 

a-Yi}paos, oi', (a priv., yfipas) free from old age, not 
growing old: in gen, undying , undecaying. Contr, 
ayiipws, <avi hence nom. dual h.yi\pa), nom. sing, 
and ace. plur. dtryiipas : ace. sing, kyiipwv or ayfjpco, 

a-Ynparos, ov, — a-yf)paos. 

a-Y^pci)3, cov, contr. for k-yiipaos, q. v. 

aYno-i-x^pos, ov, (ayiojxai, Dor. for i^,, x^P^^) 
leading the chorus or dance. 

aYTnJp, f/pos, Dor. for TjyTiT'fip. [d] 

aYHTiSs, ^1, 6v, (^ryafiai) admired, wondrous, fa- 
mous, [d] 

ayiaX,fa, {oiyios) to hallow, consecrate. 

aYtaa8i}TCi), 3 imper. aor. i pass, from foreg. 

ayiaa'\i.a, utos, rS, (ayid^tc) that which is hallowed, 
a holy place^ sanctuary ; and 

I ■ 



9^fbh £ f>^ Alt. ^ (fiyMt) <o AflOpWy «mI» m- 

liffri^ laL AyMy kngdid. Ion. fomi of trfm^ It 
JM^ «trryj irig 1t§9An^t ua. In pf«. and impt, 
■onnnndyinfiit. DM-] 

WftBJJMfU^tO^w ^^f \'n'"% 'yP^^^^M^J WwMI Off ffllFpiffW" 

OH TattmmU wm diitingaldiBd from the Iaw and 

4Y-Konis for ^bw-MK* lo ilMlm. 

oftlwMini hem • MoiMlM ^£ffi, dWI, vsOqb 
4y-Kpciiio«il» poet for hmMfiidaus^ part, aon i of 

&y-RflXinii9 poet fivr torf-gpHfit. 

kp^^l^^hefKi^ih»h9nd^a^9^ JL 
« iMipIn a oordt .ai|i. Hitf Aon^^tfjbtwfiiiybf wUeh 
itwaihQzled|Latc«inAim; alaol&«jiBMSfiilMlfi 
any l&ov or tMnff^ e. g. A# IkmA of a hounds a 

4YKSXs|Tdt9 4 ^9 ▼w^ -^^ fi^'om trpaOM/mif 
^mtm from the beki arm f as Sobtt r^ AyniX^rdry 

iyicSuory r6, Dim* from AyK^X% « nuiU dmiim 
jiiMSn. IL tA AydS^M uted to tnathto 

tiie £<at» MMriAb 

cyalX Aavif ai^roff Qp ^^ {jtyiu^Mf ooidf ]| mvov* 

myKwKo%f III 01^9 (ayittNP} liat fomit^ MtwftM^ mtmi^ 
rmmd&d{ of the ean*t beak, hooked, 

4YK6Xd^ro|off» or, (&yic^Xof » r^^dr} teUh curved bow* 

d'yKttXo-xc&ilff* Wy 6f (kyitikeg, x^^^) ^"^ hooked 

4yKlXo^X<i|t»' ontf i, (kp[6ko9f xvM) vfUh erooked 

dyicvX^tt, cScw, pass. pf. iryK^^Mfuu^ (jSLyic6\os) to 
curve^ bendy hook, 

iiyi^Xur^if 4» ^^9 {bryK^Xii) of jardins, fumithed, 
discharged by means of a thingy thonged. 

ayicvpa, {^Kosy kyiM) ^, Lat. ancdroy an anchoTy 
so called from its shape, first in Find., for in Homer 
we read only of €hvoi, 

dyicvpCttf, f. Urtay Att X&y (tkyitvpti) to hociky catch as 
widi a fish-hook* 

kyjfsv^wyy rS, Dim. from AyKufM, a small anchor, 

&Yin}p-ovx^> % {6rficupay tlxo>) a holding by the on- 
choTf iv b.yieupovxiats when safe at anchor. 

'AFKA'N, &V05, by the bend or hollow of the army the 
bent arm, like bryK^kriy the elbow : hence II. any 
bendy as the jutting angle of a wall, the bend of a 
river, a bay or creek of the sea; iJso the curved 
chords of a musical instnmient. Hence 

&YKunoico«, by Dim. from kyic^, 

&YX&-^6ctpo«, OP, {b.y\a6sy llOtipa) brightJuUred. 

i.y\iaulaiaiy fut. med. inf. from ayXatCuy with pass, 

ayXStc^ ^, (by^xl6s) splendor, beauty, brightness: 
hence as opp. to what is useful, pomp, sfiou^DccnU'y^ 
and m plur,, vanitiee : also/estive joy, tnumph, vii<S 
loet. for kytnUjy, a^^^n/arm, in plur,, festivities. 

IL metapb. any iJiinff ckw^fy I dyA«tf«, f. /(r«, Att- T«, (&7XttA$^ to fnoke tpUnd 

jaddm: alio to give as an omamenl, 'Paa^* *« 

hfm^ m, er, (Srf*^) denekd to the jfoisy Lat 
~ M^i of penoniy pieuet muret rb tfyMi^ a 
H. sometinies like Lat eaeer^ mo- 
In Att ToaAff eoA alwaji In-Tng. Ayptfr 
hwaiiuleBa. Adr.-i*?. 
■)pevi|e9 ^fn9f ^$ ^ayies/ atBte nft f, aaMMat* 
4|ivfaC» and ItyiMav 4f uMk In pL AoiJir r^^ 
af Hi ftiwiiii 01 l u ai Jua i a j from 

^ poety eqpb Cps aUbtev* fixr tma in Ike 
MBpib of Ae pnp. WB with words bqgjnning with 
% Ob ^Jb]f-aaiiriM Ibr hmnme^etu 

h/mbei^wkt Aee/uUf Pep, mod., (Kyaafy 1^^) ^ Adw 
• imihr, Adr.fcr Ayads^ en lft« arai, i. e. leitfaig on 

h,iM.eMo pressoy also in the arms, 

dy-KaXin^ poet for bva-KoX. 

dynAi^^* (&7K^) the bent army usu. in plur. II. 
mecqifa. any thing closely enfokUngy as the arms of 
the tea, etc. 

d yra X fto |M n, f. dro/mi, Att 7oi;/iai, Dep. med., 
(d!]«nUi|)«&yKd£b/iai, to take or c/cwp in the arms, 

AyaoXCt, ^^ ^, in •ptar.^b.yK^iXai, arms. 

4yRdXuF}ta» t^, (kyicaXlCo/ieu) that which is em- 
' &YnXoa, 6, (byicdXri) an armful: a bundle. 

iyeAif Adv. (kyicb) into or in the arms. 

^^yHcajuu, poet for &wd-K€ifuu. 

sys^ ffy^ayicoSy an arm. 

ifj-Kiifi^iraWf poet, for bya-K. 
. 4yKurrpc{a, rj, (AyKurrpoy) angling. 

AyKurrpcvTiK^ 4, 6vy (JkyKtarpoy) belonging to 
engHing: rh -K6vy angling, 

kytdar^wVf t6. Dim. from AyKterpov. 

isytaaTp6-ttTO%f ov, (AyKtarrpoVy i4u) bound on a 

4yn«Tpo-ci8i4f, 4s, (J&yictffrpoPy ttbos) hook-shaped. 

tynoTpor, t6, (akin to Syicosy kyiciXot) afUhJiook, 

huALru and SyHcXt|Uft, r^, poet for bva-khivtoy 

kptainif ^9 {kyiM) poet for ky^tnU^', ^e ^eniarm, 
wed only in nliu^ 

ayXiiariJLa — ayi/coros. 

adorned with a thing, be proud of it, delight in it. 


, ii.y\aUrii.ay T6y an ornament ; cf. ^yoX/io. [y^a] 

aYXouS-Yviosy ovy {hryXxUs, yv7ou) with beautijul 

cLyXquS-ScvSpos, oy, {ayXatis, 54ydpov) with beautiful 

aYXoLiS-Supos, ovy (07X0^5, hStpov) bestowif^ splendid 

&<yXa<$--6povos» oVf {ayXaSs^ 6p6yos) with a splendid 

ay\a6'Ka(yin9f ov, (&yXxi6sy KopvSs) bearing or be-- 
stowing goodly fruit, 

&7Xa(^Kovpos, ov, {kyXa6sf Kovpos) rush in fair 

kyXa^-Kplavo^j ov, {ayKaSs^ Kpi}vr)) Dor. for £7X0- 
6-Kprfivo5y with beautiful springs. 

aYXa<S-KU{i.os, ov, [kyKais, k&ixos) gracing the feast. 

*KTliKO''X, ^, 6v, also 6s, 6v, splendid, stately, beau- 
iiful, brilliant, bright: of men, famous, noble: c. dat. 
famous for a thing. Adv. -ws. (Akin to c^yXri, ky&K- 

'AyXao-TpiaCvtis, ov, 6, Ace. -w, {ay\a6sy rpiatva) 
the god of the bright trident. 

a7Xa-wt|/, Smos, 6, ^, {&,y\a6s, &^) bright-eyed : in 
gen. flashing, 

6^y}<£VK^s, 4s, (a privat., y\€vKos) not sweet: sour, 

"ATAV^Zj &y\i6os, only used in plur. HyXlBcs, a head 
of garlic, which is made up of several cloves : cf. 

a-y\vK^9, 4s, — a-y\€vicfi5, 

ii.-yXfatra-ia, rj, Att. a-yJitorrla, dumbness: from 

a- YXci)a-a-os» oy, Att. A-yXorrroSf ov, (apriTat.,7\»<r- 
aa) without tongue : silent, dumb, Lat. elinguis, II. 
speaking a strange tongue,^ Mpfiapos, 

ayppa, t6, {Hyvvfii) a fragment. 

dYp.<Ss9 6, {Oyvvfii) a breakage, fracture of a 
bone. II. a broken cliff, precipice. 

a-TvaiATTTOS, ov, (a privat., yvdirru) unbending, in- 

a-YvaTTTOS, ov, (o privat., yv&trrui) of cloth, not 
carded : hence new. II. also rwt cleansed. 

a-Yva4>os, ov,=:for^. 

ayvcCo, ?;, {ayveva) purity, chastity, 

aYvcvp,a, t<J, (ayi/eiJw) chastity. 

aYvruo), 6iJ(ro>, {ayv6s) to observe scrupuloudy, make 
a point of conscience of, c. inf. ; hence to be pure, 
chaste: c. gen., to keep oneself pure from, 

kyvV^<a, f. icro), Att. iw, (ayv6s) to make pure, pu- 
rify, cleanse, Lat. lustrare. II. to offer, bum as 

a sacrifice. 

ciYvios, o, ov, (Ayvos) made of withy or agnus casius. 

ayvur\i.a, r6, (ayvl{<a) a means of purijication, 

a'ofuu, but also 

)(<rc0 : aor. i iiyvSritra, Ep. h.yvoiri<ra, and once in Od. 
3 sing. ayv^(raa-K€ : (as if from *&-yvoos==^&-voo5) 
Not to perceive or know, Lat. ignorare : in Homer 
usu. oitK ayv. to perceive or know well. II. absoL 
to mistake, be urrong; hence in part, ayvo&v, by mis' 
take. Hence 

a-yv6r\aa, r6, a fault of tgnorance* oversight ; and 

&-Yvoi)TiKds, -h, 6v, apt to err from ignorance, 

fi-Y^'oia, ri, {h.yvo4(a) want of perception, igno* 
ranee. II. ^&yv6rifia a fmdt of ignorance, [poet, 
sometines ayvold : cf. ^j^ota.] 

6Lyvoiiio, poet., esp. Ep., form for ay vo4w, q. v. , 

iLyvoiria-i, Od. 24. 218, 3 sing. opt. aor. 2. act of 
ayvo4a> : but if written hr/votfcri, it is 3 sing. conj. 

aYvoovvTti>s, Adv. part. pres. act. from ieyvo4o0, ig^ 

aYV($-pvTos, ov, (ayv6s, ^eiw) pfire flowing, 

o.yv6^, 4], 6v, pure, chaste, unsullied : holy, saered : 
upright. IT. c. gen., pure from a thing. AdF« 

i^o;;. (Akin to &((a, &yios, Sryos, etc.) 

"ATNO^, ri, Att. b,—Kiiyos, a tall tree like the wil- 
low, agnus^astus. 

9,yv6rrr\<ii, Tiros, ^, (ayvSs) purity, chastity. 

''AFNT'MI, irreg. f. 2lt|a> : aor. i ila^a, Ep. ^(a p«it. 
&^as, but also id^as : aor. 2 pass, iiiyriv [d", v. sub 
fin.] : perf. edya. Ion. ^r/ya. To break, snap, crusHk, 
shiver, Lat. frango, and Pass, with pf. act. ^070, i§ 
be broken, to snap, shiver in pieces : of sound, ta 
spread around ; of a river, to flow in a broken, i. e* 
winding course, [d in peif . ^070, Ion. ^777^ : but in 
aor. pass. i(xyi^v, & in Hom., d long in Att., v. tm^ 

ik-yviaykOv4ia, iiffco, {a-yvd)puav) to act without judg* 
ment, act ignorantly or unfairly. 

ct-Yvwf&ocrvvt), r\, want of sense or judgment : senm* 
lessness, ignorance, II. arrogance. c. 

unfairness, ingratitude, Lat. iniqtdtas: in plnr., 
misunderstandings: from 

a-Yvci>)««>v, ov, ovos, (a privat., yvd^rf) wanting sense 
or judgment : ill^judging, senseless, proud, head' 
strong. 2. unfeeling, ungrateful: unjust, 3. 

against the judgment of another, opposed to, rofl. 
Adv. —fi6v(as, senselessly, 

a-Y^wS} (i>Tos, 6, 71, (a privat., yiyvdiCKxa, yv&veu), 
pass, unknown : obscure, indistinct. 2. obscure, 

ignoble. II. act. 720/ knowing, ignorant. Hence 

a-yviaa-ia, tj, a not knowing, ignorance. II. a 

being unknoum, 

ayvuxa-a-atTKe, 3 sing. impf. from a pres. *ayv(oa'<r», 
which is never used : if written ayvdxracrKe, it is 
poet, for i]yv6ria'€, 3 sing. aor. i from ayvo4c0. 

a-YvwoTOS, oc, also &-yv(aTOS, (a privat., yiyv^o'Ku) 
unknoivn : unheard of , forgotten. 2. not to be 

known. II. act. not knowing, ignorant of, riv6s» 

Adv. -Tcos. 

a-Yv«TO?» ov, atiox\vet iarro. ol isnc!^. 

jp»S ^ygS 1,-1, *, a, — faryh.. . (, 

UImm mm m miii l rlmt,km^ Start, a. mj. 
i ll ■ >«^ *»^« Mtawiv * ■JJT*"- 

ii%M«t I. hmkiltn, p&ag mfflek^n, nUU- 

K,(ii iwnirffc 4, ^, Mt ng iap Is Ac ^mo-r^i 

Iyi^I iiJmbt, r^ M< cMtrt ^ At Irrapa-riuat. 

it, nenliled tba bDyine utd aUiae tbere, like the 

ttijp<ii[»Bi, fttt. 'tia^au, DBp. nMd., (*)opi(} Jo nwt 

■ li« mttmUgy lit m debate t dio 

MMM%, IdL concionari : Ja jpau^. A 

H»>ipHH, Dor. fnr. i)«p((<k 

""' ' ' " "»)*«« -,. 

. , . , , , thai KiUaA if Untght or 
■HI nui. iiL pliir. tearei, nerehandiae. 
*T« yu »i< t . •S, J, (A'lofKl^-) A« i'^ wA« Aod to 
ky pnmnoa,, <*« g u me j iw , Ij*t. ofrKiHfiir. 

Vfw^i>^ ♦. ». i>Wi") banging to, fit for 
t^fMng or (rod* : i; -c4, lub. T^nj, mnniMriiH', 
ta^ Adr.-afit. 

I^HnJH, €&nt, ((t)>,^) fa Jpmit, eip. in puMie, in , 

t, Bp. wd Ion. far AtbhL H«m 

I, Ad*., to A« NMMifr or MrML 

na, poet, fiir 47(r4nn s Mr. t nad 

jygjiwwft d ,pi«iwt Im-kgrn. 
■ opM, J, poet «r Ai«^ 

If MM> kenn, mSMm, gttUt, IM. jrfM 
MlA*MrwMltM<ftotwiiw. «.«* 


mf <Mq«; n. AM «piUdk U Mm to ftMrfiv^ 

( «f lUngm rora^ «i>*k 

, muBTiagn Jam, vUdi are i. tlis Iswi ef 
tiire, moral law. i . law, of ciutom. n. Mf 

d-yfAwi Of 0*, (ikyp^) (/ the cmmtry, benoe, rural, 
r/ialu I aba, eiatBHiah, boeruh, like liypoijas. HoUa 
ayp«wKrdn|, j^, cJovnuhncH. 
'ArPEWNA, nj, ii, a Aorrow, rake, 
iyp^uat, or, (Syp") 'oten in huniinff. 

a'^tvp.o, T^, (iypriie) thai uMiA it takttt in htmt- 

in/i, booty, prey. II- a net, toil. 

a7p(vi. Jilt, i, (iyptii*) a hunter. 

t Adj., 

S,t,a h 

: J.T^ 

ayptimicii, ^1, ir,fitfiir,tkilli^ in huataig: trcm 
oYpcvM, (^crw, (&7fM) to Am/, Jojtd iy MmSnt, 

L-alch 1 met^iii. to hunt after, thiritfor. 
iypV AeoL form of fortg., to lake, lay hold tjf, 

mostly in imptrat., Heypv, t* laterjeet, ohtm on/ 

also ayptiTt. 

^ynt ^- loo- f<* Ih'P''' 


i.ypi€\aios — ayxClMkos, 

&Ypi-^Xaio«) oPf (&ypiosy iXala) of a wild olive, 
aYpLO-BdXavos, ^,(&ypto5,$d\avos) imldfid\a»osq,y, 
&Ypio-oaCTT)S9 ov, df (Ayptos, HatwfMi) eeUing wild 

fruits, like fiaXcanii-<fdyos. 
&7pio-X4£x&va, toy, rd, (&ypio5y \dxava) wUd pot- 

herbs or vegetahUsy wild Tmxwo. 
L'>fpiO'\f,vpiKr\, ^y wild fwplicri. [pi] 
iypio-TrouSs, 6yy {Hyptos, ttoUu) making wild : esp. 

of a poet, writing f composing wUdly, 

oLyP^^) ^ ^^9 ^^ ^h ^^9 (^yp^^) living in the fields, 
living wild : hence . I. wild, savage, of animals, 
opp. to Ti0a(r6s. 2. of trees, opp. to ?ifi€pos, 

wild. 3. of countries, wild, uncultivated, unre- 
claimed. II. usu. of men and animals in moral 
sense, wild, savage, fierce, Lat. ferns, ferox. 2, 
in Att. also opp. to htrreios, (as Lat. rusticus to ur^ 
banus) boorish, rude. 3. also of any violent pas- 
sion, vehement, furious, cruel. Adv. -ms, also neat, 
pi. IkypiUy wildly, fiercely. Hence 

&YPi<Stv|s, Tiros, ^, wildness, fierceness, cruelty. 

iLypi6-^vo9, ov, (j&ypios, ^vii) with a rough voice, 
like ^apiia^6-^(ovo5. 

k>f^\.6ui, (&(rWi (fiypios) to make wild or savage, pro- 
voke, Usu. in Pass, of plenty, etc., to grow wild; 
biit perf . iiyplufjuu, to be wild : of men, to be savage, 
fierce, cruel. 

&YpL-ci)8T)s, ^s, (&yptos, 6?5os) of a wild nature. 

&YP^-*<*^^» ^^9 d^yp^o'y ^4^) ^^ looking. 

aYpo-P<STV|s» ov, 6, (&7p^s, fiSffKoo) feeding in the 
field, dwelling in the country, 

iypo-yeirtav, ovos, 6, (&yp6s, yelrtou) a country 
neighbour, opp. to iurrvyflrwv. 

&YPo-86tt|s, ov, 6, {&ypa, SiSafu) giver of booty, 

&YP^0cv, Adv. from irypis, from the country, 

aypoiKloL, ^, (J&ypoiKos), boorishness, coarseness, 

aYp-oiKOS, ov, (&yp6s, oIk4o>) living in the country, 
rustic : hence 2. boorish, rude, rough : opp. to 

iurreios : hence also 3. of fruits, groum in the 
country, common, opp. to yevpoios : but also 4. of 
land, rough uncultivated, like Hypios, Adv. -koos* 

&Ypoici)rr)s> ov, 6, poet, for h.yp6rris, a countryman, 
cloum, II. as Adj. rustic. 

6.yp6yk€¥09, ti, ov, contr. Part. aor. pass, of ayeipoa, 

i.yp6vh€, Adv. from ayp6s, to the country, 

ii.yp6'Vo\i.o9, ov, and in Anth. rj, ov, {ayp6s, v4fiofuu) 
haunting the country, rural : Blao=&ypios^ wild, 

'ArPO% ov, 6, Lat. AGER, a fMd, land: also 
the country, as opp. to the town. 

i.yp6r€po9, a, ov, (ayp6s) poet, for Ayptos, wild, II. 
(&ypa) fond of the chace: hence ii ayporepa, the 

ciYpoTi^p, rjpos, d,=iLyp6Tris a countryman: fem. 
aypdreipa, as Adj. rustic, 

ayp6rn\^, ov, 6, f. ii.yp6ris, iHos, (&yp6s) a country- 
0^/0:19 or £^0un/fywoman, 2. as Adj. ^ living in the 
<^/5^so%^ rura/, rustic. 

&YpoTiK^, 4 ^Vy {Jkypo)fond of the chace, 
&<ypo-^Xai, &KOS, 6, (iyp6s, 4>^XaO a watcher 
the country, [iH] 

&Ypv|t^9 4> caught: fem. part, pres., as if from 
&ypviii B= &ypt^, 

i.yp-virvifa, iitra, (Ayp-vfrvos) to be wakeful, Ue 
awake : kyp. rivi or df$ ti, to be watchful of or intent 
upon a thing, Lat. invigilare rei. Hence 

&YpvirvCa, ri, sleeplessness, waking, watching. 

okYpvirvos, ov, « iihrvos, sleepless, wakeful, waiehfitL 

i.ypmo'aw, also as Dep. -ffofuu,=ih.ypiiw, to catck* 

kypvtv^'i, ov, 6, (ayp6s) = ayp&nts, a countrf-' 
man, II. {&ypa) a hunter : hence fem. ieffA^ 

oris, t5os, ^, huntress, 

aypwrrtSt tos and eus, ri, a grass that mules ISseft 
on. (Deriv. uncertain). 

i.ypwn\9, ov, 6,^h.ypSmisi a countryman, as A^ji* 
of the field. 

&Yvi^ V, {fy<a) a way, road, street : also a puili» 
place ; in plur. a city, town, [jSiyvia] Hence 

&YviaTt|s, ov, 6,^*Ayvi€vs : voc ^Ayviara. [StumQ 

&YViaTi«, i^os, v, fem. from foreg., like KufirJTUf m 
gossip, neighbour, II .as Adj., 'AyvidriSts 0«fm» 

TTciai, the worship of Apollo Agyieus, 

'Ayvicvs, €C0s, 6, {iLyvid) name of Apollo, as gum^ 
dian of the streets arid public places, 

hr-yvp.v(ixriik, ^, want of exercise or training: from 

d-^jAVOoTos, ov, (a privat., yvfAvd(u) without eaww 
dse, untrained: unpractised, tiv6s in a thing: abik 
cfs or frp6s ru 1. unharassed : undisturbed, Adr. 



aYvpiS* tos, 71, AeoL form of ayopd, a gathering, 
crowd, assembly, [&] 

ayvpToJ^io, data, (ayipTrfs) to collect by begging, [ft] 

aYvpTT|s, ov, 6, (jlLyeipw) orig. a gatherer, coUedart 
hence usu. a beggar, mountebank, cheat. 

&Y^pTpic^ 7j, fem. from ityvprfip, 

^TX^-p-^XOSj ov, {Jkyxh /juixoixai) fighting hand l» 
hand: &yX' ^Aa arms /or close fight. Adv. —x^^ 

*'ArXI, Adv. of place, =fy7«5s, near, nigh, close ^ 
c. gen. Compar. iyxtov and diaa-ov: Superl. ttyw 
Xtcrra, hyxoTdra : cf. hyxov, ayxiav, Ayxiirrds, pf) 

^YX^'^o^y oj', also 71, ov, (6yxh oAs) near the aem, 
of cities : but of islands, near the sea on all sidetf 
sea-girt, like &fi<f>i-a\os, 

*YX^-P^®^S, €$, (i7x*> fi<^0os) deep in shore : gene- 
rally, steep, high, 

iLyXi'y€lTU)v, ov, gen. ovos, {jSeyxh y^i'rav) near^ 

&YX^"®*os, ov, (i^YX*? ^*<^^) wear the gods: , i. 
godlike. 2, dwelling with the gods, 

kyxi'^vpoi^, ov, {^yxh ^vpa) near the door, neigh' 
bouring, [t] 

dYX^"'^P^P'''*^> ov, (&yxh KpTifivSs) near the cliffs or 
0Ly\i-p.axi\'r^9, ov, 6,^ayx€fMXos, 
ikyyjk'^\^, ov, (jfiryx^ ti.oX'uv'^ comxtig near: al« 


AYXiP€^lni8^~-*Ar£^N. p 

mi in neut. as Adr^ kYx^fiokaw #X0cIr, rrifnu to 
come or stand near; i^ kfXH'JoXaiio from nigh ai 

"KTSij f. fify§ : impf. ^ywt wx. i frftrfov^ inf. Aypu 
Tctr : len freq. aor. i j^a, inf. a{«/M'' or -ifiMPmt, t 
perf. ^x« rediipL &r^« : ^t- !«■• kjc^opttUj bat 
also fut. mod., li^opuu, with jmm, »i<fnC : Lat. 
AGO. I. to /Ipoitf, Ifoi a/»n^, Idfce iri/& 4iw, of 

penons, ^jpcir being nied of thin^, bcTiC^ in phr— 
mip ^mdmd: ^kwewij eierer, Adr. -w^t or -wm. j ^TCiir nu ^ptw, to pivwler, carry off ike »yM 4f c 
kfi^iAataf^ ar, eoncr. .«A«vr, oiv, (fryx*- vAots} ' ten^, both cattle and morablen, Ifke liat. a^ferg §t 
wm ty Ufa, &7X- ''^P'^ ** *^^- ^<'F*^ ' ferre : Sytuf tit Zltnsr or liKaJ7ri,f,imf , iy. /vt t9W <«• 

A Y K, f aaX i i «■*»» ^ ^ poet. Ayx*''"^^*tf/*yx^ yoAit ; taurrds to carry one before a ooort of ;!i«tiee, Lat. 

pkfxi-wiM, ^, (^i7[<9 n>ew) a ready iH/. »hrewdn£Mt, 
hfjuiryaa^ am, conir. A7x£-r««, «^. (*yx«. «»*) 

Mtr A^ n/§r. dtreHinp im Ae ImdL . rapere in jui. Part. &y»y, ^'/tri^ atr«y. j, to 

: ' ^'ii^ to or in. tm^tort. IL to feof, yv»if tov«rtf».- 

fcfXtvopQC, ar, (*yxi, w p ra a iuii ) poMta^ 
paniDy. n«^. . c. in£ &7«i ^amw it ^^xir t/> death : hesxK to toad^ 

AfXi^naJUs. cHSy 4. i, poec for ^7x^-T<aX..f . &s a 2rr.erai, to S'aU. as tie ^c»^ <te. : «iv> to mi*- 

■Qwra, Saperi. of ^rjfxh ^^Hf ^^ear, r. tyxurras- kad. iftd^tee, £. to fra«a a^, f/a^n. e^4i«a£f. III. 

ifjiOTua, ^, (oTxiarnw) aasnuw ^i^ Aia. II- to c'rav c-vr ir. Ler.^'^ "^'iZ-^ iyf ^ » 'irane a t^u ^ 

di n^ku qfkim^ ri^ ofnMent^ma. vaE. TV, iijce Lat. of^re, to ft/jS^, fA^^/raU^ 

AfjCwrawr. n^ =fiafee. iyxrrr. etc. : alao to hf,jL k^ep^ f/^yetr^. •n^rrj^. cr-j^m 

kfuaroAf^ ^vs, 4. (iv x* * " / ^ ">&^ ^ ^* - ''•^ ^- <<c. : h«£ot £7. ^^>, l^at. 4^^« ■''iar-i. to toaf a 

heiratlawm Heaoe H/e. 1:^4. V. like ^\u^€. U* h'-M^ 'ym»fUy. *9 

hfiyrmm, aiiau, Oryx*^^", ** >f ^'^^ *> <ic*t ^- '='*-^ ir**^ cr fr/f*^^, tr^ iyA.i :r. Ivjry.r. «/;- V|. 

dtt.: cq>. <o le meri t^km^ to ee W*^ a: iiar. JilcA «.'>jcf j, to ?r--.j^ » zzr^.. «. ?. i-/*^ ..»»r. ->,*• 

Ania i \ y, ip0S.^ poet. far aTY^rm* : %»r*T '"Z «:»» r c:'r-:« 3a;*>.:v:. «i- ^'i '»'«r- » r--..-i_ vc^s Chv^. 

^YXtaripaa. % ar- poet, ^stztad. >2r=. -a:' i^T^-rrw- B. M*i- fir*: -a- to r^p^^ rvp-rii /'>» flr*r*?>*. ««>* j; 

v«r, c^u»r ?o .- thr»fie^ ia vapt -s^^^ /. u 7_;';'r :# r « cs. ir/-.«4» 5u«.r frv « r**, : fr>«**«i, 

ama i ui, flTy aopi^L «f Itx- ""^ ^3r *.4ar«y^.- yiw£,c2. Las. ^f/^r^ "l-.v*. v. 'y^.'i '.; -.-ji^if \ 

<^ ftyx- TOTH nearat a£ kfa.: soe^ Stt^-i^w- -.r a-^*: litrj» i!-ii".i. £7«t4b* i; "i^r-if r v..*. 4.*-. '';^ v.^t 

tflCirr«,as Adv. mmtmearly: « frv^j^rs sw ijst' iizrjrr. ". i' v.n-i ^ -r.-f^^ f." ■ .* *;n .- lus r^^u* f*^- 

0/ kin: fK«. C- g<ea. » 8:77; jt-x --jk '*?-:v.r ■■ "^-i Tr-:i r- *?- r»: •>■-'-•■.•■.:-.-■•* rii".». v.. . * :.. -.zvr. 

him. IL •:: liiZi?- r--". Laz. z'l? ^.-u- i' '"r-z. -. «: ■.'-'';•=:. * -^ * ■■. .". .; ■- ','v , 

ayXA-aTpoooc- :y- i^'">.- r-j*o« 7: •" • : ■ -^ : * ■ '1 

te.vv o^j** ■<7»V-.f. -rvr^, >■;:•--. i\,iLrf. z^\r. ; . "^ >..".' . .--' .• ■•'■■ ."-<. '' r- 1 '■.— k 

i7V:^; -■-'«*» Act., r-ii*'. j. vrr -^ '" £-■.-... ?"- :" — -ri-:. 

gyXi-Tcpfaiiy. r^. ^e^. :7;c- ir*7_- --j»«s vr* . .- r-i»a-»*tC.v;. v* -j- jr- /•■>.:-. 

Irjr-Urt, .ci;.- -.>-.'_ n.^/. i-.'tt-i^-iS. :.■■ > rf -■ . ' : -:>• v -^ 

^YX^'^^B'^' ^'- fr?Tl- "'ucic '-?r" - ' '- .:■ r V -'..:^ . 

«YX*^^? AiT. sr-x-"- .■"-■" "-':•■■. i 

ayxofli. A-i-- = rv^:-r. fXT-. •- r»r- i u- - ■ :- .; - ■ 

vyx*'*'^* "- i"'Tt* -'"^rr" ' .' ■'•f " ' " ■ ^'' " "'i ■•'- -' ' ■ 

hit.-:...':. .-■-,- ■ ; . . : 

il *■«■?. 

ayxo^pot: — -'- '-''til. J r- V . ■ - - v »-■ .-j 

'ArX07*= ryv- ^#f -Lr : i..* u. r ■ .--.r- '. 1 '-■ ^ 

'irxn. f' Srytj. Lac .i VT-: 

jfUy. Lat. aevm0 -ASerat 

:- J* ' ■ ■'•■■ '■■■■■.' • - 


i.ypi€\(uos — ayxClM^os* 

iiypi-ikaio^t op, (Aypiosy 4\ala) of a wild dive, 

&Ypio-BdXavos, ^y(&ypio5,fid\avos) wildfid\a»osq.y. 

&Ypio-oaCTT)Sj ov, by (j&ypios, Halwfiai) ecUing wild 
fruits f like fiaXaarn-^yos, 

&7pio-Xdx&va, (avy rd, (&ypioSy Xdxava) wild poU 
herbs or vegetablesy wild Aaxcu^o. 

&Ypio-|iiipCia|, ^, wild fxvpiicri, [pi] 

iLypio-iFoi^f 6vy {HypioSy voUw) making wild : esp. 
of a poet, writing, composing wildly, 

ftYpios, a, oy, also os, ov, (kypSs) living in the fields, 
living wild: hence I, wild, savage, of animals, 

opp. to TiOatrSs, 2, of trees, opp. to ?ifi€pos, 

wild, 3. of countries, wUd, uncultivated, unre- 
claimed, II. usu. of men and animals in moral 
sense, wild, savage, fierce, Lat. ferus, ferox, 2, 
in Att. also opp. to iurreios, (as Lat. rusticus to t«r- 
banus) boorish, rude, 3. also of any violent pas- 
sion, vehement, furious, cruel. Adv. -las, also neut. 
pi. &ypta, wildly, fiercely. Hence 

&Ypu!lTV|s, ifiTos, 71, wildness, fierceness, cruelty, 

a.ypi6-^favo9, op, {Hyptos, t^trfi) unth a rough voice, 
like fic^)fiap6-<f>wvos. 

&ypi6<o, iffto, (&yptos) to make wild or savage, pro^ 
voke, Usu. in Pass, of plenty, etc., to grow wild ; 
biit perf. i/yplufiai, to be wild : of men, to be savage, 
fierce, cruel, 

&Ypi-cS8T)s, €5, (&yptos, elSos) of a wild nature, 

aYpt-«»ir^, 6p, Qleypios, ^if^) ufild looking, 

&YPO-P<Stv|s, ov, 6, {jkypSs, fidffKa) feeding in the 
field, dwelling in the country, 

iLypo-ytlnav, opos, 6, (&yp6s, yeirap) a country 
neighbour, opp. to iurrvyeirup, 

&Ypo-8^ri)S, ov, d, {&ypa, Si^fu) giver qf booty, 

&Yp(S6cv, Adv. from &.yp6s, from the country, 

&7poiK£a, Ti, (j&ypoucos), boorishness, coarseness, 

aYp-oiKos, OP, (Ji.yp6s, oikM living in the country, 
rustic : hence 2. boorish, rude, rough : opp. to 

iurrelos : hence also 3. of fruits, grouon in the 
country, common, opp. to ycppoids : but also 4. of 
land, rough uncultivated, like &ypios. Adv. -Ktos. 

6.ypoi6Ti\Si ov, 6, poet, for Ayp^rris, a countryman, 
clown, II. as Adj. rustic, 

&yp6yk€¥0St Vt OP, contr. Part. aor. pass, of ayeipoa, 

4yp«Sv8c, Adv. from ayp6s, to the country, 

ii.yp6-voiL09, OP, and in Anth. 77, op, {ayp6s, pcfxofiai) 
haunting the country, rural : a\so=^&ypio5^ wild. 

'ArPO'2, ov, 6, Lat. AGER, a fMd, land: also 
the country, as opp. to the town. 

kyp^^pK^, a, OP, {ayp6s) poet, for &ypios, wild, II. 
(&ypa) fond of the chace: hence ri hyporipa, the 

dYpOTiip, ripos, d,=&yp6rri5 a countryman: fem. 
ayporupa, as Adj. rustic, 

kyp6rrr\^, ov, 6, f. &.yp6rii, iBos, (ayp6s) a country- 
marjv or €?oun/fywoman, 2. as Adj., living in the 
^^/!0g/Sy^ rura/, ms/ic. 

&YpoTiK^ i\, 6p, {typo) fond of the chaee* 
&Ypo-^Xa{, &K0Sy 6, (ieyp6s, 4>^XaO a watcher 

the country, [p] 
i.ypvp,hni\, fi, caught: fern. part, pres., as if from 

Aypvfu = hryptlto, 
kyp-vrKviia, iitrw, (&yp'V7rvos) to be wakeful, lie 

awake : iryp, ripi or ^5 ri, to be watchful of or intent 

upon a thing, Lat. invigilare reu Hence 
iiypwvla, rj, sleeplessness, waking, watching, 
aYpv^ivos, op,^6.virpos, sleepless, wakeful, watcf^fuL 
kypvKTiFut, also as Dep. -ffofuu,^h.yp€{i«o, to catch, 
Lypviv^Sy ov, S, {ayp6s) =» i,yp6rnis, a country^ 

man, II. (Aypa) a hunter : hence fem. ieypm-^ 

oris, 1^05, ri, huntress. 
fiYP^i^o^iS) 105 and tws, ri, a grass that mules feed 

on. (Deriv. uncertain). 
&YP<i>^S9 ov, 6,^ii,ypirrisi a countryman, as Adj., 

of the field, 
iiyviaL, ri, (Srya) a way, road, street : also a public 

place ; in plur. a city, town, \&yvta\ Hence 
&YviaTr)s» ov, 6,^*Ayvt€is : voc 'Ayviara, [&yuta\ 
iLyviari^, i5os, ri, fem. from foreg., like KUfirrris, • 

gossip, neighbour, II .as Adj.,*AyuidTiS€s tffpo- 

TTiiai, the worship of Apollo Agyieus. 
'Ayvicvs, 4<as, 6, (hyvid) name of Apollo, as guar* 

dian of the streets arui public places, 
iL-yvp-vaaia, ^, want of exercise or training: from 
a-^livooTos, OP, (a privat., yvfApd(a) without exer» 

cise, untrained: unpractised, tipSs in a thing: also^ 

^s or rrpds ri, 2, unharassed : undisturb&iy Adv. 


&Yvpis> ios, 71, AeoL form of ayopd, a gathering^ 
crowd, assembly, [&] 

o,yvpT6Xfii, dffw, (ay^prris) to collect by begging, [d] 

6.yvpTt\<i, ov, 6, (iLyeipa) orig. a gatherer, collector t 
hence usu. a beggar, mountebank, cheat, 

&YvpTpia, 7i, fem. from ityvpriip, 

^TX^'H-^XoSj OP, Qiyxh fj^xof^f) fighting hand U> 
hand: h.yX' ^Aa armsj^ close fight. Adv. — x^^* 

*'ArXI, Adv. of place, = fy7«5s, near, nigh, close by, 
c. gen. Compar. iiyxiop and duraopi Superl. fty- 
XtcTTO, kyxorirta : cf. iyxo^, &7X^«*"'5 i^TXiffTds. p] 

&YX^~^os, OP, also 71, OP, {firfxh «^s) '"^(^i^ the sea^ 
of cities : but of islands, near the sea on all sides^ 
sea-girt, like ^.tupl-aXos. 

aYX^-P^^Sj ^y, ifyxh fidBos) deep in shore: gene- 
rally, sleep, high, 
ayxi'y€LTU)v, op, gen. opos, (iiyx*) y^iroop) near* 


dYX^-®*os> OP, (i^yx^j OcSs) near the gods: i. 
godlike, 2. dwelling with the gods. 

hrfjni-^po%, OP, {jSiyxh ^vpa) near the door, neigh' 
bouring. [?] 

^7X^"'^P'nH'^05, OP, (&yxh Kp7itiv6s) near the cliffs or 

aYXi-|iaxnTiis, ov, 6, = ayxf fiaxos, 

ikyy^y'^\lo^, ov, (|6rYX^ t'^^^^w'^ comxtig near: al- 





AyXti'€<^^r— 'Ara'N. 

nys in neiit. as Adv., kyx^yLokav iKBetv, trr^at to 
eome or stand near; i^ iyxt/JtSKoio from ni^ at 

hfxi^m^fJjitf ^s, {6yxh f^^s) near the clouds, 
i4yX^*'v^ V* {'f^noCh f^o4co) a ready tvit, shrerodnees, 

kfXfrvoo% or, coDtr. hrfxi-vom, ow, (iyxh yovs) 
reify qfmind: shrewd, diver. Adv. -vi^t or >^w5. 

bff!^^'kooiK^ aWf oontr. -v^uovs, ow, {^Xh ^^vs) 
Bear by seoj &7X* ''f^pos a short voyage. 

hffilrmokk%f cflw, 6y 17, poet. &7x^''irroXiS9(J^<,ir^Ais) 
ivcr l&tf ctfy, dwelling in the land. 

ki(%L-iropo99 oWf QtyXh iropc^/Mu) passing near: 
jgBBmlBjy near. 

kfiiwnkiSi eotSy 6, iiy poet, for leyxl^-rroTus. 

hpiyrra. Super], of ityxt, very near, v. irfx^trros, 

^urrcia, ^9 (&7XMrre^) nearness of kin, II. 
^ ri^Jkte c!/* itin, r^/ of inheritance, 

hfxsaTAa¥f r^=foreg. 

«YX*0*'*^ ^^9 ^7 ('^'^'^a) ^ n^j^if of kin g the 
heir at Uno* fience 

^YX^^'''^*^) €^09, {JSeYx^aros) to be near to one, c. 
htLx eq>. to be next of kin, to be heir at law, 

kif^yirT^i^, TIpoSj 6, poet, for iyxio-Teis : next of kin : 
meCi^. an accessory, or ^ immediate author. 

iyxiorivos, ri, ay, poet, lengthd.. form of &7xt<rTos, 
vear, dose to : thronged, in heaps, 

•YX^'*'^ <"'9 Superl. of ^Xh '^^^ ^ nearest: 
eqi. &7X- T^cA nearest of kin : neut. Ayxiaroy, or 
lYxwro, as Adv. most nearly : ol Hyxiora the next 

</ kin: freq. c. gen. as &yxt(Trd rivos, nearest to 

Wm. II. of time, last, Lat. pi-oximus. 

ayxi-arpo^os, op, (&yxh o^Tpf^) turning near: 
hence quick changing, changeable, sudden, neut. pi. 
oyxtorpo^Ki as Adv., suddenly. 

aYX^'T^PH'***'* ^^i ^^^' o^os, {&yxh TepfjLa) near the 
bonlerSf neighbouring. 

^YXi-Toicos, ov, (^yxh t6kos) near the birth. 

aYXoOcv, Adv. {ayxov)from near at hand. 

ayxoOt, Adv., = a7;^oi;, near, c gen. 

OYXo*^* ^j i^yX^) throttling, strangling, hanging : 
Kpiiffffov ayxovT\5 worse than hanging: ay x^vrjs 
TfKas a5 bad as hanging. 2. a rope for hanging, 


•yxovioi, a, ov, (j^yx^^v) fit for strangling ov 

Ly-Xoptxna, poet, for ^va-xope^oo. 

ayxt^raTOs, drr], arov, Suj)erl. of &yx^y nearest, 
'it-it. Usu. as Adv., like Kyxicrra, ayxordra), c. 
ten. ; 01 ayX' Trpos^Kovres the nearest of kin. 

ayxoTCpo?, a, ov, Comp. of ^7X'j nearer. 

'ArxOT"= &yxh near: absol., or c. gen., also c 
iiL, cf. ayxi' 

'Arxn, f. ^y^Q), Lat. AN GO, to press tight, esp. 
the iliroat: to strangle, throttle, hang. 

aYX~<'P'°^<^9 °^y (^7X'> bfjt.aK6s) nearly e//2/a/: ayx» 
ho-xn a doubtful battle. Adv. -Acvs, also —Aa^ {/o?id^- 
fully, Jbat. Oisyuo Jfar/^. 

"Arn, f. &|» : impf. ^rfovi aor. 1 fiyetyov, infl ^kye^ 
7c<y : less freq. aor. i ^a, inf. aj^ifjuev or ^ftxpoi c 
perf. ^xa redupL hiyiioxa : fut. pass. itxO'fio'Oflou, but 
also fat. med., A^ofiat, with pass, signfl : Lat. 
AGO, I. to lead, lead along, take with one, of 

persons, ^4p€tv being used of things, hence in phrase 
&y^iv fcfld ^p€iv, to plunder, carry off the spoil of • 
land, both cattle and movables, like Lat. agere ei 
ferre : Ayeiv els BIktiv or BiKaarfipwv, fry. M robs 9i- 
Koords to carry one before a court of justice, Lat. 
rapere in jus. Part. Jiycov, taking away. 2. to 

bring to or in, import II. to lead, guide towards: 
c inf. &7C1 Bav^tv it leads to death: hence to lead, 
as a general, to guide, as the gods, etc. : also to mie- 
le€td, seduce, 3. to train up, train, educate. III. 
to draw out in length, rcTxos Ayeiv to draw a line of 
wall. ly. like Lat. agere, to hold, celebrate, 

koprijv, etc. : also to hold, keep, observe, eipfiyriv, airoiu 
Bds, etc. : hence Hy. 0lov, I^at. agere vitam, to lead a 
life, live. V. like ducere, to hold, consider, iy 

rtfip iryeiv or &yee'0ai, to hold in honor, etc. VI. 
like M?JC€iv, to weigh so much, e. g. dyeiv /ivay, rpio- 
Koolovs BapeiKovs, etc., to weigh a mina, 300 darics, 

B. Med. Ayofjuu, to carry away for oneself, take to 
oneself, B&xP^^^y^^ ^^ ^pyvpovoXKoX' liyea^ai : Ay&rdai 
ywcuKo, lax, uxorem ducere, to take to oneself a 
wife ; hence absol. Ayeadai to marry : but also of the 
father, to choose a wife for his son ; Bth ordfrn ftye- 
a6ai fivOov to let pass through the mouth, i. e. to utter, 
Hycadai rt is x^^P^-h '^ '^^^ * thing into one*s 
hands, [a] 

*^Arn, to break, obsol. pres., from which some 
tenses of &yvvfii are formed. 
^70)7010$, ov, {ayooyii) fit for leading by. [d] 
oLYCdycvs, 6WS, b, (^7« to lead) a leader, one that 
draws or drags, II. that by which one leads, a 

rein, leash, [a] 

aYwyti, rj, (&y(c) a leading, carrying, a carrying 
away or off: also in intrans. sense, a going away. 2. 
a bringing to or in, bringing before an assembly. II. 
a leading towards a point, guiding : and intrans., the 
course or tendency of a thing: the leading of an 
army, guiding a state. 3. a traiiiing, educating : 
and intrans., conduct, mode of life, [dj 

d'yw'yXfxos, ov, {pLyoi) easy to be led or carried: ra 
ayuyi/jLU, things portable, a cargo of tr ares. II. 

that may be cari-ied away : of persons, outlaived, or 
delivered into bondage, [d] 

d7W7iov, r6, {6.y(a) the load of a icagon. [d] 

o.yfay6^, 6v, (Hyw) c. gen., leading, guiding : 6 ay. 
a guide : 01 aywyol an escort. II. leading tO' 

tvards a point. III. drawing to oneself, elicit- 

ing, c. gen.: attractive, hence T'b cfyw^iv, attract- 
iveness. [a] 

*Am'N, apos, 6, an assembly^ like cTYopa*. «^s.^ 
/?/ace of assembly : esp. an assembly met to s 

i/yeXjxa — iyCaffiia* 

£YYcX|i,a, t6, a messagey tidings^ news. 

fiyycXos, by ^, {jxyyiKKxo) a messengety envoy, an^ 
nouncer, bringer of news or tidings. 

^Yf/fiovt r6, Ion. for hyyuov. 

*'Arr02, cos, r6y a vessel of any kind, a jar, pan, 
paily etc. 

oyStiv, Adv. 9 (jlyo)) by carrying. 

oIyc, &Ycrc, orig. Imperat. from &7», used as Adv. 
like <l>^p€y come ! come on ! well ! Lat. age ! oft. used 
without regard to number or person in those ad- 

&YcCptt, f. cpcS, pf. ityiiytpKay {&yal) to bring toge- 
ther , gather togethery to get togethery collecty gather. 
Pass. dyelpofMiy aor. i irYfy^f^y 3 P^- ^^p^^v : pf. 
iyfiyepfiaty 3 pi. ayrjy4parrat : plqpf. ^ITTy^pH-'nyy 3 pl' 
^-aro, to come togethery assefnble ; in which signf. we 
also have a syncop. aor. of med. form with pass, 
signf., &y4pe(r0cu, hryepovroy poet. &yp6fi€Vos, riy ovy 
assembled f gathered together. 

OL-Yc^TCDV, opy gen. ovos, (a privat., yeiroov) without 
neighbour : solitary, desolate, 

dYcXd86v, Dor. for ay€\7iS6v, 

aYcXa^oj&ai, as Pass., (jStyeKri) to live in herds, to 
be gregarious, 

aYcXaioS) a, ov, (ay4\r)) belonging to a herd, hence 
Jewing at large, II. in herds or shoals, grega>- 

rious, 2, of the herd or mvltitudey common, 

&-YeXa(rr£,Adv.,(a privat.,7€A({ctf) without laughter. 

^-yiKatrros, ov, (o privat, y^Kdw) not laughing, 
grave, sullen, II. not to be laughed aty not trifling, 

QLYcXcCa, ^, {fi.y<a, Xe/a) epith. of Athena, sXi^tTis, 
Xiiav ^yovara, she that drives off the spoil, 

•&Y^^9 Vi (Syw) a herd, in Homer of oxen or horses : 
later any herd, flock, drove, crowd, Lat. grex, 

dYcXit)o^v, Dor. -dSJv, Adv., {hyeXi]) in herds, 
droves or crowds. Also ky^Xri^d, 

«LY^XT|6ev, Adv., (ayiXvi) from a herd, 

dYcX']f)()>i, Ep. dat. of aycA^. 

«iYe{i.^vru)jia, dYC{i.ov€vci), aYCfiuv, Dor. for Tiye/i-, 

cLycv, Dor. and Ep. for idyricrau, 3 pl. aor. 2 pass, 
from &yvvfii: also, 2, 3 sing, for ^7€v, impf. 

from Hyca to lead. 

d-Ycvco-XiSYnTOS, oy, (a privat., yevea-Xoy^co) with- 
out pedigree, of unknown descent, 

d-Y^vcia, 7if {a-ysjrfjs) low birth : meanness. 

d-Y^veioS) ov, (a privat., yeveiop) beardless, boyish, 

a-Y^nqS) 4s, (a privat., y4vos) strictly unborn, un- 
created : but usn., II. of no family, i. e. low-born : 
hence metaph. loiv, mean, obscure, opp. to aya66s. 

d-Y€Vt]Tos, ov, (a privat., yiyvofiai) unborn, uncre- 
ated, II. not having happened, unreal: hence 
false, groundless. 

d-Y€vvT(js> 4s, = a-y €vf)s, q. v. Adv. -vws, 

d-Y^vvt]Tos, ov, (a privat., yevvdco) unbegotten, un- 
born : without origin, II. like a-y^viis, low-born, 
d-yeyy^a, ?% like d-y/yeia^ cowardice. 

h,yio\fjaXy Dor. for ^4ofiai, 

d-Y^poMTTOfi, ovy (a privat., y4pas) unrecompensedg 

dY^pccrdai, inf. aor. med. with pass, signf. from 
hryeipw, q. v. 

aYcpOcv, poet, for fry4periffayy 3 pL aor. i pass, from 

dY^povTO, 3 pl. aor. 2 med. from hy^lpw. 

Ly4^tx%p^, ovy^ ay 4poixos, 

dY^ppu, fut. &y€pa, Aeol. for iy^lpca. 

S.y€^an^y €09S, ^, (dycipo)) a gatheringy mustering, 

iLy4pwxo9y ov, in good sense, bravcy high-minded^ 
lordly : in bad sense, overweening, haughty y flereem 
Adv. -xoos. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

dY^-OTparos, 6, ri, ( JtTw, arpaT6s) leading the hoHm • 

dY^TTjs, 6, Dor. for ^^njy. 

dwYcvoTos, ov, (a privat., y^^tofuu) not tasting : with' 
out taste of, c, gen. 

^Tt* ^9 (iyafjuu) in good sense, wondery reverence, 
awe, 2, in bad sense, envyy hatredy spite : of the 
godSy jealousy, [&] 

^t1» ^, (&yoi, Ayvvfii) a breaking, crushing, utound' 
ing, 2, a fragment, piecCy splinter, [&] 

ayi\, Ep. for 4<iyri, 3 sing. aor. 2 pass. Ep. from 
&ywfii, &yw to lyreak, [a] 

ayy\'i4po,rQx, &.yrry4paT0y 3 pL pf . and plqpf. pass. 
from ayclpm, 

dYiiY^pKa, ayfiyepfiaiy perf. act. and pass, from 

dYnXai, aor. i inf. from irydX^M, 

ay-r\\ar4iay or dY-t)X, 'ficrw, {&yos, iXaivw) to drive 
away pollution or a polluted person, Lat. piaculum 
eangere : cf. avBp-riXaT4a, 

oLYnfia, r6, (&ya) Lat. agmen, a body or division of 
an army, a corps, esp. of the Lacedaemonians. 

dY-T|v6pcios» a, ov. Dor. &,ydv6p.y=ayfiva>p, 

dY-Tivop^a, Ti, manlinessy manhood, courage. 

i.y-i/iv<ap, oposy d, rjy Dor. oLy-dyupy (j&yavy ij^p) manly, 
heroic: also headstrong, haughty: and sometimes 
stately, splendid. Only poet. 

dYqoxa, perf. act. from £70), to lead. 

d-YHpavTOS) ov,=sq. 

d-Yi}pao9> ov, (a priv., yrjpas) free from old age, not 
growing old: in gen. undying, undecaying. Contr. 
ayiipws, (ov: hence nom. dual kyitpay nom. sing, 
and ace. plur. ayfipus : ace. sing, kyiipwv or hyi}p<o. 

d-YnpcLTOs, ov, = a-yi)paos. 

d-Ynpci>9, cov, contr. for a-yfipaosy q. v. 

ayr\a-i-x<ipoq, ov, (ay4ojxat. Dor. for riy,, x^P^^) 
leading the chorus or dance. 

aYTnJp, f/pos, Dor. for rjyriT'fip, [d] 

dYHTos, "{], 6v, (6,yafmt) admired, wondrous, fa- 
mous, [d] 

aYia^o)* (oiyLos) to hallow, consecrate, 

dYiao-8iJTCi), 3 imper. aor. i pass, from foreg. 

ayiaa-ika, aros, t6, {ayidCu) that which is halloiced, 
I a holy place, sanctuary ; a.ud 

&yiao>u(s'-— A/Xoiif^ 

4|ipCHb 4m^»aq. Mad^ to J&ffw drou^Al Id «•«. 
I|6«^ Ibt. AyMy kngthd. Ion. form of ^fiyn^ l» 
kai, Mny^ M*v iqpfnll«r f Ota. in prak and impf.^ 
Mn junky In liiL JjBfyl-3 

i | i <y |wii4q |, oTy (Ayxwy TP^k^) wittm ^y kupin^ 
jjt^vil ey i d rpflt ^ 'mb, fiiMif cerkOn books qf the 
"~ Tutmmemi at dMnguialied from tha Law and 

Mf or, CBh')'') diRwM io ih§ goit, Lat. MOfr, 
M^x of penwnsy jNimffy flufvi vi l(yio^« 
rjr. IL sometimes like Lat. joiwry 00- 

In Att. mostiy, and always in-Tragii ifp4s 
iineleata. Adr. Jmv. 
o/jftnifit '^nsy ^ (fiyiesy awi flifft f, Aawniw* 
•AfMrcfiaand &Y*^rrCa, ^ nsii. m pL Ao^ Hlsi^ Atf 
■niiv.ff A#inipliorMiictoaryf fimn 
Ima istf n ^ e^m^ (^M&^) ^ |Mi!;^!im $aered rUut 
jgBKU to bi ke^ or pimu, Roe pUnufy. 
i§f ^ftywfjBi oyt&niMm 

itf fl^p> ^^FS "Uiref* for a w w e ■ in tiie 
K. of llie peep. »a with worda bsginning witih 
a^ e^^fcy arigftii «ir Avo-iNiirAu. 
4|niB«»i»ifirayMU| Bep. med., (<(>«». Itymi) fo iak$ 

• Iwaiv^ Adr. ftr kyiBiSf on ift« arm, i. e. resting on 

hfU^eobUo presso, also m lAe offn^ 
&f«aXiM^ poet, for itva-KoX. 

^v"^% 4> C^'^) ^^ ^^f^ <"^9 usu. in plur. 11. 
netspb. any thing closely enfolding^ as the arms of 
theses, etc. 

&Y*iiX£to|&ai, f. Iffofiai, Att. Tov/iai, Dep. med., 
(i7n(^)s&yxdE{b/iai, to take or c/a«p m the arms, 

^BymXCs, tSoTy ^, in pliir.s:&7/c(l\ai, ami«. 

AycdXioiJUfty r4^, (&7KaXf^o/cuu) /^^ irAtcA w em- 

•yKoXocy ^, (&7KeC\i7) an armful: a bundle. 

iyKos, Adv. {bryicfi) into or m ^ arms. 

«YHUi|iai, poet, for &y({-Kci/ieu. 

«y*"h ^y^'h^Kof, on arm. 

&YHn|piiotr», poet, for iiya-x, 

^YKurrpcCiE, 4, (jteyKitrrpov) angling. 

&YKioTpcvTtK^, ^, <(y, {AyKiarpop) belonging to 
oiigUng: rh -k6v, angling. 

iytdarpiaVi '*'^» I^m* from &yKiorpoy. 

&YKurrp^-8cTO«, oy, {firyKurrpov^ $€w) hound on a 

&yici«Tpo-ci&^, 4sf {AyKiarrpov, ttBos) hook-shaped. 
iyKurrpov, rd, (akin to AyxoSf &yK6\of) aJUh-hook. 
&v-itX£ri» and fiYHcXifiOy r6, poet, for dya-KX/f^w, 

ky ■sjsCt»» poefc fig faww^' 

4YHwr(Mb for &i«-ic«r.* lo Aoflm, 

iwRet» ffof» T^, (A)w, AyMyu) a betid or Aoflba^ eflp. 
ofthaarms \immamoimiemj^enfdeU,fmBe§, 

4y-Kp«i^aoi» poet fixr ^bvMp^udEffvr^ part. aoe. i of 

4Y-nMiSeiuu» poet fiir Jbi i spe ^e ^ai . 

4YKA%i|^]ike&y»i^%l)Uteml^<^a^ - IL 
a ^iscgb in a oiord s espw Mltf Ikof^ 4^ a jSswiif^ 
itwashnzkdy LatOflMRhfin; also <Atf jisvcliii ilsslf t 
«mf ihnmg Qt thimg^ e. g. A# teii& of a iMmndi • 

kfMatfi^ 4^ jfr, veib. AdJ* finom hyieokioimif 
^i/roem from A# bnU aarms as 8nbst rh ATunAafrdiry 

«yic^Xior» T^ Dim. from ityic^X^y a emaS dert or 
jeiosUn. IL TJb ftyxsAM used to tnuisbta 

the Lat iNMiAk 

4YK<SAOff» i|y oy, (A)«M» Lat toioMf ) erooM^ euned, 
rounded i of the eade*s beak, hooked, 
4yKiX^-/ro|ot9 oy, (&7ic^f , r^oy) tirt<A emrved bow. 


4YKSXo-x4^'n*> ^ ^ (^kyK^^^y X)l^4) «v^ ertwIM 

&YicvX^», fiS(r», pass. pf. ifyicitXMiuu^ {Jkyie^hJis) to 
curvoj bendf hook, 

&YkvX«»t6c, 4, <(y, (&7/c^Ai7) of javelins, furnished^ 
discharged ^ mean« o/a ihong^ thonged. 

&YKvpa, (&yK05, Ay/cc^y) ^, Lat. ancdra, an anchoTy 
so called from its shape, first in Plnd., for in Homer 
we read only of c^yaf . 

&Yi^p4v» ^* ^<''^9 Att 7w, {&yKupa) to Tiooky catch as 
with a fish-hook. 

b.y\Kv^wVy t6. Dim. from HyKupoy a small anchor. 

kyKvp-ovxlOi rif (SryKvpOf l^x") ^ Elding by the on* 
chor; iy h.yKupovxious when safe at anchor. 

*ArKfi'N, SovoSy d, the bend or hollow of the arm, the 
bent arm, like ityKd\ri, the elbow : hence II. ang 
bend, as the jutting angle of a wall, the bend of a 
river, a bay or creek of the sea; also the curved 
chords of a musical instnunent Hence 

&YKMV101C0S, by Dim. from hr^K&fif. 

h.'{hJ^-i^s\,oo^y ov, {Jky\a6sj llddpa) bright-haired. 

byXaulaiaiy fut med. inf. from ay^jod(»y with pass, 

aYX&ta, 4, (ity\a6s) splendor, beauty, brightness t 

hence as opp. to what is useful, pomp^ shovj^isQeaxty^ 

and in plur.^ vanities : also /estive jo^^ trVumpU^vnii 

^yn>Cn|, i, {ieyia&y) poet for iyWA^r, />J^ 4sw/ arm, //n plur., festivities. 

used only in ^^ 7/. 22/«to/;A ^/j^ />«/V ^^-ftS^/ dyA&l^w, f. f(r«, Att. 15, (^l•YXa6s^ to moke ^plewafi 
enfM^,i£Apa(A9> \adam: tdao to give Oi an ornament, ^«.» ^ 

aykiCarixa — SyvoiToi, 

adorned with a thing, be proud of it, delight in it. 


^ ^YXourfio, r6^ an ornament ; cf. &yaKiJM, \y\a] 

h.yk<aj6"fM\.Q%^ ov, (ay}M6s, yviov) with beautiful 

ay\a6-^€vZpo%, ov, (ay\a6s, t4vZpov) with beautiful 

dyXatS-Supos, ov, (Jky^xi6s, S&poy) bestowing splendid 

aYXa(S-6povos* oy, (ay\a6s, Qpovos) with a splendid 

&YXa(S-Kaf>vro€, ov, {ayXxiSsy KapvSs) bearing or be^ 
stowing goodly fruit, 

dyXoUi-Kovpos, ov, (&7Aa<$5, Kovpos) rich in fair 

dyXatS-Kpavos, ov, (o.y\a6Sf Kp^vri) Dor. for £7X0- 
S'Kprjvos, with beautiful springs. 

&YXa(S-Kfa|Jios, ov, (ay}M6s, Kafios) gracing the feast. 

*ArAA"0'2, "fi, 6v, also 65, 6v, splendid, stately, beau- 
Uful, brilliant, bright: of men, famous, noble : c. dat. 
famous for & ^ng. Adv,~&s, (Akin to c^y\7j, i.ydX'. 

*AYXao-TptaCvt]s, ov, 6, Ace. -dv, {ay^jaSs, rplaiya) 
ihe god of the bright trident, 

ayka-ttty^, ariros, 6, ri, {ayKads, &^) bright-eyed : in 

o-yXcvkiIjs, 4s, (a privat., 7Xev/cos) not sweet: sour, 

''AT AT 2, &y\i6os, only used in plur. HyXiOes, a head 
of garlic, which is made up of several cloves : cf. 

&- yXvktjs, €s, = a-y\€vicfis. 

ik-yXjbHrvia, t), Att, a-yKatTrla, dumbness : from 

o-YXbxro'os, ov, Att. &-7A«ttos, ov, (apri?at.,7A»o'- 
ffo) without tongue : silent, dumb, Lat. elinguis. II. 
speaking a strange tongue,^ fitip$apos, 

aYH>a, t(J, {&yw fit) a fragment. 

&.yyk6q, 6, {&ywfju) a breakage, fracture of a 
bone. II. a broken cliff, precipice, 

o-YvafiiTTOS, ov, (a privat., yvdirrca) unbending, in- 

a-YvaiTTos, ov, (o privat., yydirrw) of doth, not 
carded : hence new. II. also not cleansed. 

a-Yva4>09, oi/,=foreg. 

ayv€iay i], {ayveva) purity^ chastity. 

OLYveufJia, t6, {ayv^ifw) chastity, 

kyvevvt, €{f(rw, {ayp6s) to observe scrupulously j make 
a point of conscience of, c. inf. ; hence to be pure, 
chaste: c. gen., to keep oneself pure from. 

IkyyiXja, f. iaa, Att. tcD, (oryv^j) to make pure, pu- 
rify ^ cleanse, Lat. lustrare. II. to offer, bum as 
a sacrifice, 

oLYVirOS, o, ov, (&yvos) made of withy or agntts castus, 

cLYVUTfJia, rS, {ayvi(<a) a means of purijication, 

dyr^trTfs, ot/, 4 (ayyl^a) a puri^r. [i] 
d-yyo/4», poeL esp. Ep. a-yyoUot, f. rfa-ofiai, but also 

i^ffw : aor. i 7iyv6riffa, £p. ityvolriffa, and once in Od. 
3 sing. ayvdoaaoKe : (as if from *^&-7voos~&-voof) 
Not to perceive or know, Lat. ignorare : in Homer 
usu. oifK ayv, to perceive or know well. II. absoL 
to mistake, be vnong; hence in part. ayvoSov, by mk» 
take. Hence 

k-yv6et\^, r6, a fault of ignorance, oversight ^ and 

&-Yvot)tik69, ii, 6v, apt to err from ignorance. 

&-Y^oka, 7i, (ikyvo4u) want of percej^ion, igno^ 
ranee. II, =kyv6rifia a fault of ignorance, [poeb 
sometines ayvoid : cf. &yoia.'\ 

ayvoiia, poet., esp. Ep., form for kyvo4w, q. y. ^ 

iiyvovtiax, Od. 24. 218, 3 sing. c^t. aor. 2. aCL of 
aypoeu : but if written iiyvotpai, it is 3 sing. oonj. 

aYvoovvTiDS, Adv. part. pres. act. from kyvoimy iff' 

cLYViS-pvTos, ov, (ayv6s, ^4a) pure flowing, 

o.yv6^, "f), 6v, pure, chaste, unsullied : holy, sacred : 
upright. II. c. gen., pure from a thing. Adr* 

vus. (Akin to £^o>, £710;, £70$, etc) 

*'ArN05, 71, Att. 6,=Au7oy, a tall tree h*ke the wil- 
low, agnijS'-castus. 

aYv^Ttjs, riTos, ri, {ayv6s) purity, chastity, 

''AFNT'MI, irre^. f. 6^<a : aor. i fhJ^a, £p. ^a pot. 
6^as, but also 4<i^as : aor. 2 pass, iirfiiv [cT, ▼. walk 
fin.] : perf. 1070, Ion. iirya. To break, snap, ertuk^ 
shiver i Lat. frango, and Pass, with pf. act. ^701, ii 
be broken, to snap, shiver in pieces : of sound, U 
spread around: of a river, to flow in a broken, i.€b 
winding course, [d in perf. iaya. Ion. 1?^^ : but in 
aor. pass, idrynv, & in Hom., d long in Att., v, lem* 

a-yviaykOviia, ^ffto, {a-yviJ^fioov) to act wi^oui judff* 
ment, act ignorantly or unfairly. 

a-yv»}Loirvvr\f ii, want of sense or judgment : sense* 
lessness, ignorance. II. arrogance. c. 

unfairness, ingratitude, Lat. iniquitas: in plur., 
misunderstandings : from 

a-yvtt^v, ov, ovos, (a privat., yvi&firi) wanting sense 
or judgment : ill-judging, senseless, proud, head- 
strong. 2. unfeeling, ungrateful : unjust, 3. 
against the judgment of another, opposed to, rtn. 
Adv. -fi6v(os, senselessly, 

a-yvvt%, uTos, 6, ii, (a privat., ytyu^ffKa, yvuvai), 
pass, unknown : obscure, indistinct. 2. obscure, 

ignoble. II. act. not knowing, ignorant. Hence 

d-Yvwo'Ca, 7j, a not knowing, ignorance. II. a 

being unknown. 

aYvuG-o-oo-Kc, 3 sing. impf. from a pres. *a7vcuo'<r»y 
which is never used : if written ayvtIoa-acrKe, it is 
poet, for 7}yif6ria-€, 3 sing. aor. i from ayvo4<u. 

a-yvwrroq, ov, also &-yv(i)Tos, (a privat., ytyvd^CKot) 
unknown : unheard of , forgotten, 2. not to be 

known, II. act. not kiLOwing, ignorant of, rw6s. 

Adv. -T«s. 

a-YV«TO?, ov, aiiox\veT ioxm ol feit«%. 

' dyovta- 

iTOrCo, ^ unjruilfiilneiii : from 

l^i/am^ BVj (a privat., yof^) paM. Tnibof/i, I] 

ttt. lal produciiiff, nn/Tidlfiil, barren: c gen., no 
y fcetipg q/^ h«ai]e, dfstilatt of: riKBt (tysvai 
Duail wAtm fAe mother dies before the ehUd i 
Ian. 1. 1^ chitdioB^ 

S-ifoiii, or, (a ptivst. 71(111) anmoumed. 

fl^fopo, oj, ^j £p. and Ion. iyofr^- (iyrfpEn) ony 
amailj/, esp- an aaembly 1^ Ihe peopU, opp. to the 
amdl (fiovA^). HOC only for public debating, elections 
udtnais, but aiaofarlntyingBndselling.eM. " 
tlnflauiifaiisrmblyormaTlcst^IaDe, linx-foruvi. 
■ff UWtf u tranaacied iherej a apeechj apet^n^ 

•fiftakiiiff, Lat. fonpi'o. IV. t/lingisold 

itifi, esp . ;m>f iciDnt, Lat. annona : beuix irfopir 

"ffXi"', etiT., to hold a in<H'tW. V. 119 hduuI 

JmBt.ayopi-r\-iiSouira, or frjwf^i ir\i]il{ipij, (Au.^frf- 
Mni, wfaeii Uie market-place was fiilJ : o^p. to iyop^is 
Uhm, Ae time jtal after mid-dai/, when thev n'eiit 
luiiK frotn msj'ket. [07-] 

fcni£aa4c, -i pi. ind. pna. for ivojiairfic, from 
fcToiilirii, l^arfipaatrBl'] 

■^itpii^ daa, (ayopi) lo bs it) the marltel-placn, 

IS then 


ri: Med., IB bus for oneself. t. of idle . 

■tjbnm; the taarkel placf, lounge there, cl. eq. 
^^Pf^^Bll «■, in, q^ or b^onging to the m 
Mw.mepltli. of )evenii |:{:ods. 11. freqten&mg 

W»mriitt-place ! lience ol AyDpaioi, with or vidnmt 
bltiumw: I. Aucfra/ers, pe(/y traffickers, relail- 

A«frn, etc, also 3. irf/erj or loungers, like Lnt. 

ffci Mf n y i i i, and so in gen- the conHRon wrf : also of 
tioBgi, hit, mean, vulgar. III. in gen. proper 

I* &e imembit/, nnied tojbrenmi; apeaking, busini 
Skt: ap. ij ifopBdOS (ec -fi/ifpa), a court-dag. A 

^yopa-nifujc6s> ^, 6v, belonging to the ayopa-v6[xoi 
* hit t^ce, Lat. Aedilipias. 

hiofa,-r6fLuiv, ri, Ihe eiHirt nfthe fryopa-fpuoi. 

i>f»fa^6^o%, 6, (i.-fopi, vi)ua)o clfrkoflk^ market, 
■rt* regulsted tiie buying and telling there, like the 
San. aedilia. 

ifopu^uu, fut. ^aojiot, Dep. Tned.^ [ayapA) to meet 
A tie tutejnbly, sit in debate : also to address Ihp 
anmbly, Lai. cimcimiari; lo tpeak, tell. 

iifopArSw, Dor. for. irfopiCi,. 

4)4puru, ttas, il, (iyapi^m) buying, purchase. 

■i^jpiuriiA, t6, (iiyiipii{ic) Ihal tchiah ii bttughl or 
nU.- 1UU- in plur. wares, memhandise. 

iirapiwnfl, ov, i, (irfBpi^) the stave utAd had to 
hv proviaJons, the piaveyar, Lat. obsoiialoT. 

ty op im i M CJ S , It, !&, foTopdfoj) belanging lo, fit for 
'—" ' ' r Itade : !j -K^, Buh. T^x"l> conuaeTce, 

AYBn™!^ P>M. tar inpf4iimru 3 ■>■ 

A.^ i (* 1if l i m i) & rtp «> ywpir tf 

Kyopai, a, poM. ftr*rif£ 

MtfcAfaf . n. Aal hAM fc Mat t« HiwWi^ 

■^M^M the iwwi'IM m monu Iwr t <£< Wf " • 

hrBMMlrrv4»lh«jMbt Son 

fUM, tMwWften fmi, irtikb ■ 
nature moral lav. 


awM, AyfHrn 1 phir. impent. fivm ^fpia, q. 
Homer ai Adr., jiut like iyi, 

Avpdoc, a, or, (jtypdi) q^ As ayuntry, hence, rwral, 
ntttic ,■ ajao, e/ounigA, feoruA, like Sr/poim. Heoea 
liVp<WM'^*^i 4> ctorniaAneu. 
'ATPEItNA, m, 4, n Aiitraw, nrfw. 

a7p«|ici, t6, (iypria) that tehieh is taken in htrnt- 
ing, boolg, prey. II. a net, tail. 

&YP<vf> '■>> ') i^yp'^) " AunJer. 
AYp*vn^p, ^poi, J, and &YpniT^, au, J, a htatar, 
like i7p<ii: alao ai Adj., aied in Aunlinfr: irfp, 
xirts, hoanda. 
i,yfi*vnK6i, ii, ir,Jilf or, skUUd in hunlinf! tram 
Aypritt, ((WW, [iypaj to htmi, lake bg hunHtlgf 
atch: metaph. lo ^iml cffler, Ihirttfor. 
kypiu, Aed form of foreg., lo take, lay haU ^ 
mostly in Import., Itypti, u Inteiject, coma not 
alao iyptiTt, 
iyptj, ^, Ion. for tf/pa. 
I iypialirv, f. int, intr., (^tivpun^ to be MMOQB, Ifn 


dYP^'^oLi'OS) 0^9 (^yp^h ^^^<t) of a wild olive, 

&Ypko-B<£Xavos, ij,(&ypio5ffid\<ivo5) wildfid\avosq.Y, 

&Ypio-oaCTii|S, oVf 6y (&yptos, Baivvfmi) ecUing wild 
fruits^ like fiaXoani-ipdyos. 

i.ypiO'Xdx&yO'f o»v, rd, (&ypio5, \dxava) wild pot- 
herbs or vegetables^ wild Xdxoiva, 

kypw-^vpitctii fly mid fivpiierj. [pi] 

&Ypio-iroi^S, 6vf {&ypi05y vot4aii) making wild : esp. 
of a poet, writing^ composing wildly, 

oLYpios, a, oy, ^so os, o¥, {&yp6s) living in the fields, 
living wild: hence I. wild, savage , of animals, 

opp. to rt0aa'6s, 2. of trees, opp. to fiixepos, 

wild. 3. of countries, wild, uncultivated, unre- 
claimed, II. usu. of men and animals in moral 
sense, wild, savage, fierce, Lat. ferus, ferox, 2, 
in Att. also opp. to &oTe<os, (as Lat. rusticus to ur- 
hanus) boorish, rude. 3. also of any violent pas- 
sion, vehement, furious, cruel. Adv. -{<as, also neat, 
pi. &ypta, wUdly, fiercely. Hence 

kyp}Ani\'i, Tjros, ^, wildness, fierceness, cruelty, 

&Ypi(S-4Mt>vos, oy, {Hypios, <pwpii) ufith a rough voice, 
like fiapfiap6-^yo5, 

iiypi6ia, dxru, (&ypios) to make wUd or savage, pro^ 
voke. Usu. in Pass, of plenty, etc., to grow wild; 
biit perf . ^pla/xai, to be wild : of men, to be savage, 
fierce, cruel. 

clypi-c^Stis, €5, (Aypios, etSos) of a wUd nature. 

AyP^-c^^vS, 6v, {jSiypLos, &^) wild looking, 

aYpo-p^rris, ov, 6, (itypSs, fi6(rKu) feeding in the 
field, dwelling in the country, 

iLypo-ytiruv, ovos, 6, (&yp6s, yelray) a country 
neighbour, opp. to hrrvyelrcov. 

&Ypo-8^Tt)s, 01;, 6, {&yp<t, mtofu) giver of booty, 

&YP<^^^» Adv. from hyp6s, from the country, 

&YpoiKCa, 7], {HypoiKos), boorishness, coarseness, 

aYp-oiKOs, oy, {ikyp6s, oikM living in the country, 
rustic : hence 2. boorish, rude, rough : opp. to 

&(rr€<os : hence also 3. of fruits, grown in the 
country, common, opp. to y^wcMS : but also 4. of 
land, rough uncultivated, like &ypios. Adv. -Ktos, 

&YpoU>>TT)s, ov, 6, poet, for ity p6rri5, a countryman, 
clown, II. as Adj. rustic, 

kyp6p,wo^, 71, ov, contr. Fart. aor. pass, of iyelpw, 

Lyp6vZe, Adv. from ayp6s, to the country, 

aYp(S-vo|i.os, ov, and in Anth. 77, ov, (hyp6s, vinoyucu) 
haunting the country, rural : also=&7ptos, wild, 

*ArPO'5, ov, b, Lat. AGER, a fMd, land: also 
the country, as opp. to the town. 

^YP^i'^P^) ^ ^^» {o-yp^s) poet, for &yptos, wild, II. 
(&ypa) fond of the chace: hence rj hyporipa, the 

aYpon^p, rtpos, 6,=i.yp6r7is a countryman: fem. 
ityporeipa, as Adj. rustic. 

iLyp6rr\9, ov, 6, f. kyp6ri^, t^os, {&yp6s) a country- 
man or countrywoman. 2. as Adj., living in the 
^au/g/rj^, rura/, rustic. 

iypiikaios — iyxi/ioXos. 

iiyporiK^ 41, 6v, {&ypa)fond of the ehaee. u_ 

&Ypo-^Xat, dico5, b, (i.yp6s, <>^Aa|) a watcher .r 
the country. [0] 

i.ypropAy^, ii, caught: fem. part, pres., as if from u 
&ypvfu=iiyp€6(». .^ 

kyp-wrviia, 'fio'w, (dyp-wrvos) to be wakeful. He u 
awake : ieyp, rivi or ^s ri, to be watef^ul of or inieni \ 
upon a thing, Lat. invigilare rei. Hence (i 

&YpvirvCa, rj, sleeplessness, waking, watching. 

aypvrrvoq, ov, » Avirvos, sleepless, wakeful, watehfuL u 

kypwrvfA, also as Dep. '^ofmi,='&yp€6w, to catch. 

6iyp6aTr\%, ov, 6, {ayp6s) = iyp^rris, a countrf» i 
man. II. {&ypa) a hunter : hence fem. &7pd» 1 

arris, tSos, 71, huntress. ^ 

&ypwm9, los and eus, ri, a grass that mules fSsed 
on. (Deriv. uncertain). 

&ypwn\'s, ov, b,^h.yp6T7is I a countryman, as Adj.^ 
of the field. , 

kyviA^Tj, {iyw) a way, road, street: also a public 
place ; in plur. a city, toton. \&yvia\ Hence 

Lyv\.6jTr\%, ov, d,='*Ayvi€^s: voc 'Ayviarcu [07010,] 

aYViaTi9, lios, ri, fem. from foreg., like KUfiiiris, » 
gossip, neighbour. II .as Adj.,*A7i;c^T<8€s 0«pci- 

TTCiot, the worship of Apollo Agyieus. 

*Ayvicus, 4as, 6, (ayvid) name of Apollo, as guar^ 
dian of the streets and public pkuses. 

^-Y^fivcUrCo, 71, want cf exercise or training: from 

a^lxvo^TTos, ov, (a privat, yvftvdCu) without exer~ 
cise, untrained : unpractised, rtv6s in a thing : also 
ets or irpds ri. 1. unharassed: undisturbed. Adv. 

AY^pks, tos, ^, AeoL form of kyopd, a gathering, 
crowd, assembly, [&] 

ayvprraJ^ta, data, {aylprrns) to collect by begging, [&] 

&YvpTif)s, ov, 6, (&7€tpa>) orig. a gatherer, collector t 
hence usu. a beggar, mountebank, cheat. 

&Y^pTpk(&, 71, fem. from kyvprfip, 

^7X^"l**X05j ov, i&yxh Mt^X^A"**) fighting hand to 
hand: ayX' SirAo armsj^r close fight. Adv. -x^^* 

"ArXI, Adv. of place, =#yytJs, near, nigh, close by, 
c. gen. Compar. &yxutv and iartrovi Superl. &y. 
X«<rro, ^yxordrof : cf. iyxov, kyxiav, &yxt(TrOs. p] 

oIyx^'^oS) OV, also 7j, ov, {&yxh aA.s) near the sea^ 
of cities: but of islands, near the sea on all sides, 
sea-girt, like &ju4>(-aAos. 

°'7X''-P*0TJs, €s, {&yxh fidOos) deep in shore : gene- 
rally, steep, high. 

kyxi-yelrav, ov, gen. ovos, {Hyxh y^^'rav) near' 

kyxi-B€09, ov, (&yxh BtSs) near the gods: i. 
godlike, 2. dwelling with the gods, 

^YX^-^^pos, ov, (ii7X*j Ovpa) near the door, neigh^ 
bouring, [t] 

ayxl-Kp7\pkV09, ov, Qi.yxh KprtH'^^s) near the cliffs or 

aYXL-(iaxT)Tijs, ov, 6,^ayx^fxaxos, 

^yy^^'Y-ohi^, ov, (&7X^ K>o\cTv) coming near: al* 

aijcM i»» 'A rtw. 


■IJl' ■■■■! «i^* 1*770^ ''"•J 
Adr. -Wtpt or -mt . 

igipiw^ Simeri. of <fm» <wy ^m""'^ ▼* M tj fx *i9Tm , . 

4^<i|xm«) «# iWBif ^ Mir ^ 

iiMr » one. e. 

1. of iyxPi MMif or niflfMf f 
f of kikt nout. tfyx'^*'^ ^^^ 

^fci»t4aa. «. gen. m tf^MTtE rirof, near^ to 

Ub. II. of tone, ia«<, Lat. prosnmiis. 

^yx f npi>4 > u 9y oi^, (<h7C'9 orp4^) iurmng near: 
heood fmak thangmgj ekangeable, sudden, neut. pi. 
^yx^tf^vYie^ M AdF., auddenfy. 

iyXi-n^PIMfr, ov, gen. ovos, (Ayx^ repfta) n^ar the 
ionien, nnglUiOuring, 
' iyxfrtmaomy or, (Hyxh rSieos) near the birth. 

^BfxjS^tr, Adv. (hyxov) from near at hand, 

kyjifl^ Adv^=&yXov, near, c gen. 

wfxfunif riy (6yx») ihrottlmg, strangling, hanging : 
Kfwffodf ayx^iifis wOTse than hanging: dryx^yv^ 
-v^or ag bad as hanging. 2. a rope for hanging, 

• ^Yx^MOf, a, or, {&yx^) fit for strangling or 

4y-x®P*^^ }io^ for &ya-xop€^. 

&YX^T«iTOs, tin}, oTov, Superl. of t^TXt, nearest, 
next. Usu. as Adr., like iyx^f^'ra, h.yxori.T^, c 
geo. : 01 ayx» TrporfiKovres the nearest of kin. 

iyx'&Tt^eity a, er, Comp^ of Ayxh nearer. 

•ArXOT"= &yxh near: absoL, or c. gen., also c 
dat, cf. &7X'* 

'ATXn, f. fty{«, Lat. ANGO, to press tight, esp. 
the throat: to strangle, throttle, hang, 

4y x ^ |* & X fl f , tfy, (&7X<9 ^AMtAxJf) nearl^f eg^itai .' kyx» 
ti^Xn & doubtful battlA ^</r. -^l«o^ aZR> -/i^ dtmbt" 

yw I Mi ftoq. Mr. f 4|Sis laCr ^ t ^ j wr or iiAmmt 

yOTM ^^KJB WMIfL 0W|IJ|^t uHa yOM« fl|J|fM|r^l0lj|_O0t 

alto te. aodL, ^to^ iiMi pMU i%nCt ufc 
i<6a I. * ted; fawT oJbi^ tefo f0ttl OM^ oC 

pwiMMy f ^F***^ beliyiMed of tfafaiy, hence layiaM 
w)wr MH ^ijpeii^ w fttsMU^f eofTf eff M# Jjpofi 4|^ oi 
liiM^ bedi oMili ond.aiQmdilBi, Ito Irt ly -^ 
fmrrtt Kynr «2ff 8iiin|r or SteaariliiHor, iy. M ««^ iNi 
MMTrtb ii oBffy ono iMliorB' o ooiot of JoillBi^ I«b 
n^Mfv l» Jnf. Pitft. Kyvi't laMiv oiMgf* t. ip 
MyAiorlfiyloMMHL IL <» Ini^ fiiidlff iNianlir 
e iM^Ayv AwAr it liMb to doMhi Imm <» 
at a genend, tojfMey m tbt godi, etd t alto * 
lM<iiAiofc- 5, t^tminmj^lmkif otftiwiHi, IXL 
lo dhMT mU in length, r^of !(y«iy lodNir « Km^ 

w^tT^Ty OOB* S ' tHt RP nOMy Hpttp^ ODaWty Ol|H|rmi^ 'OwB^* 

Mt, olB» t Imea tty. iMari Lat if^^iv vilan^ it ta^A 
Ubylim y. IflBt d«fl0>«, ito JM( oanaMr^ 

T^^ iywr or ft y i o#a i » to hold in henor, ete. VL 
Uke IXiMir» It weigh to aradb, o.g. tffw i09mf rpuif 
■MrCtvt ii^wkeuty tu^ to iraigh a tninay $00 4ailet, 

^ B. BCied* tffofmuf i» eorry attay ^ mwte ff , Adw fl» 
otMtt^atypwfNi'TVJBBioip^n^piriNMn' ayftfVti'S aytovac 
TwwMiBa, Lat. <hw f w i AMm, to take to o not t y a 
wife; hence abtoL iywfliw It w o rrj fi hotaltooftlie 
firther, to ohaom a wife jfbr Ait ttfi ; ZA ar4im iyi- 
o^aif(u0oyldM|MiMlhroagiithemoatih, i.e. to otter, 
&y€(rOai rt is X^'P^^y ^ **^ * thing into one*< 
hands. [&] 

*^Arfi, to break, obsol. pres., from which some 
tenses of dyyvfju are fonned. 

&Yi#yalos, or, (ityofyfi) fit for leading by. [&] 

&Yc«YcitfS, ^»s, ^, (&71W to lead) a leader, one that 
draws or drags, II. that by whu^ one leads, a 

rem, leasih. 


o.ywff{, ii, ifiyta) a leading, carrying, a carrying 
away or off: also in intrans. sense, a going away. 2, 
a bringing to or in, bringing before an assembly. II. 
a leading towards a point, guiding : and intrans., the 
course or tendency of a thing: the leading of an 
army, guiding a state. 3. a training, educating t 
and intrans., conduct, mode of l{fe, [&] 

&YcSYl(ios, ov, (&yci)) easy to be led or carried: rk 
iiyd^ifxa, things portable, a cargo of wares. II. 

that may be carried away : of persons, outlawed, or 
delivered into bondage, [a] , 

aY^iSyiov, t6, (Ayoo) the load of a wagon. [&] 

iyiaySi, 6v, (tya) c. gen., leading, guiding : 6 ity. 
a guide : ot kyooyol an escort. II. leading to- 

wards a point. III. drawing to oneself, elicit- 

ing, c. gen. : attractive, hence t\) hr^vi^hv^ aliTUfiV- 
iveness, \a\ 

'Ara'N, &V0S, 6, an ossemblt/, laike ^-yo^A.*. ^^o 
p/ace of assembly: esp. on • assembly imX ^ 



games. a. a place of contest^ the arena or 9/a- 

dium, II. esp. the assembly of the Greeks at 

^eir great national games, as, &yiiv 'OXvfimdsy *OAv/i- 
vue6s, etc : hence the contest for a prize at their 
games. 2. in gen. ang struggle, trial, danger or 

hardship, 3. a battle, action. 4. an action at 
law, trial, question, 5 . metaph. iarlu aybtv \6y<av, 
fidxnsy etc., now is tlie time for speaking, fighting, 
etc. [&] Hence 

&Y»v-^pX'nf » ov, 6, (&iyt&y, Hpxu) a president or judge 
qfa contest, 

icfwvi^^n, dffa, to be engaged in a contest, to com- 
pete, like kyavi(ofMu II. to strive eagerly, to be 

anMous about a thing, [euro)] 

^YcovCSarai, Ion. for ipyo»yi(rfi4yot clffi, 3 plur. perf. 
pass, from sq. 

iLyiavCCoy^ai, icofiai, or more usu. Att. Xov/xat : aor. 
I pass, ijywvladriv I pf. pass, ijyt&vifffiai, with Ion. 
3 pi. ii.yuyidarai, Dep. med., (dyt^v) to contend for a 
prize, esp. in the public games : &y. nvi or irp6s ripa 
to contend with one. 2. to fight. 3. to contend 
for the prize on the stage, act. II. to contend or 

struggle against : ky, Ukuv, ypaupiiv, to fight a cause 
to Ae last, ky. ^6vov to fight against a charge of 
murder : hence also 2. in Pass, to be won by a 
hard contest, but rarely save in perf., e. g. iroXKoX 
kyav^s ayuvtSarat (Ion. pf. for iiyoovurfttvoi fitri), 
many battles have been fought, [d] 

&Y<^vios, ov, (ayt&if) of or belonging to the contest : 
but cxo^v ay^vios cessation from combat, [d] 

aYcovKTis, 7], ikytaviCoiMLi) a contending for a prize, 

dycdvio'ii.a, to, {aya>vl(ofmt) a contest for a prize, 
in gen. a contest, combat : in plur. also achievements, 
exploits. II. an object to strive for : the prize 

of contest, distinction. III. that with which one 

contends, an essay, declamation, 

ayiavicry^^, 6, (&ywifl(ofuu) rivalry, 

ayavurriov, verb. Adj. from aycoviCoficu, one must 

aYwvum^S, ov, d, (oLycopi^ofmi) a combatant, rival, 
esp. at the games: an advocate: also an actor ; hence 
vpcoT-aycovKrHjs, hevr^p-ayoovurriis, etc., qq. v. 

&YfavumK<Ss, "h, ^v, {kyaviCpfuu) fit for contesting 
or striving : also fitted for winning : hence t], -ici\, 
sub. rexvriy the art of winning or prevailing, — Adv. 


ayiavo-Beria, 'fi<rw, to be a judge or director of the 
games : in gen. to direct, promote, II. to judge, 

decide: from 

aYuvo-O^rqs, ov, 6, (aydv, riOrifxt) a president in the 
games, a judge, 

d8aY|i<$Si <3, Ion. for ohayix6s, an itching ^ sling, 

&-8dT)|jLovCa, Ti, (d-5a^jUftji/) ignorance, unskilfalness 
in doing, 

a-8aT]|jiooT5vT|, ^5 = foreg. : from 

a-Sa^juofy^ oy, (aprivaU, Za^/xutv) unknowing, igno- 
ra/2/q/j ou/qf/ZtereacA or Ajioivledffe of, c. gfii^-, e. g. 

iyoivipx^s — ibcKircvTos, 

ptdxris, but &6. KOK&y beyond the knowledge, i.6u 
r^ac^ of ill. 

&-8ai(9» ^5, (a privat, *$(£», $a^i'(u)sforeg., tM- 
knowing, ignorant of, c. gen. : also c. inf., unknovh 
ing how to... ■ ^ 

&-8<£t)to$, oy, (a privat., Sa^i^oi) unknoum. [S&] 

&-^aios, oy, (a privat., Zdios) Dor. for dSiftbt. 

&-8aiTos, oy, (a privat., ^aiyvfuu) not to be eaiens 
unlawful to eat. 

a-8aKpvs, V, gen. vos, (a privat, lidKfn/)s=-it'tdKpvr99 

I. Ihssk-^dKpVTOS II. 

o-SaKpvrC, Adv., without tears : from 

&-8oucpvTos, oy, (a privat., Haxp^) without team 
hence I. act. without cause for tears, happy. TL 
pass, unwept. 

&-8dXi(s, 4$, Dor. for k'Ti-liXitrros. 

&8a(idvTivo9, ov, (i^dfios) adamantine, of ete&it 
hence, hard as adamant, stiibbom. Adv. -v»s. 

&8&}i.avT6-8€Tos, oy, (iiHi^Mis, B4w) iron4>ound. 

&8a|&avTO-ir^8iXos, oy, (jSiZdfias, 'K4ii\oy) on bate ef 

&-8<£|, ayros, 6, (a privat., Hafjuita) unconqutr» 
able : hence, I. usu. as Subst., adamant, L e> 

the hardest metal, prob. steel : later of a compomtd 
of gold and steel: also the diamond. II. as A4j» 


&-8d|jia(rT0«, ov, (a privat., iafidod) strictly of lionet 
unbrc^en, untamable : inexorable. 

&-8d(i8,T09, ov, Trag. form of for^. : also of £l» 
males, unwedded, [dSo- : but also d$<- as in d-ddyaros.] 

a-Sdiravos, ov, (a privat., Sdirdj^) without expenat^ 
costing nothing. Adv. -vws. 

a-8av|A09, ov, (a privat., ^acfidi) tribute-free. 

a-8ourros, ov, (a privat., ^odto) undivided. 

&88€^S, poet, for aSe^s, 

&88T)K<STes, poet, for aUriKSrts. 

a88T)v, poet, for ^rjy, though some read &hpr 
with d. 

a88T)-<^aY^(i>, etc., v. sub a^7i<f>, 

a8e, 3 aor. 2 of avSdvu : inf. aSetv. [d] 

08^0, Dor. for TjSfia, fem. from rjS^s, 

&-8cifs, €s, Ep. k'^ctifs, aB-Sefis, (a privat., $6os)/4»ir- 
less, shameless. 2. fearless, without fear or care 
for a thing, c. gen. : rh ctSeh, security. Adv. &$€Sf, 
without fear or scruple, confidently, 

a-8€ia, 7j, Ion. ^-$6(77, (o-Se^s) freedom from fear, 
safety, security: k^cirjv dtB6vai to grant an am" 
nesty, etc. 

d-8eiijs, 4s, Ep. for a-Bii]s, 

a-8€()i,avTos, ov, (a privat., dfifialvw) undaunted t 
also c gen., without fear of, confident in. Adv. —rtos. 

aSeiv, inf. aor. 2 of avddvoj. 

a-Sciirvos, ov, (a privat., diiirvov) without food, 

d-8^Ka(rTos, ov, (a privat., 5€/c(£fa) unbribed, im- 
partial. Adv. -t«j. 

d-BcKaTCMTOS, ov, (a ^"dvaA., SckoLtc^) not tithed. 

I : 




AtArof— iturJw. 

Vf (a private, S^x"'"") '^ 

E, ij. Dor, for iSiX^. 
'', Ion. for iSrt^^. 
', Ep. for tSe}i<pis. 
\vtn, on, loD. for &StA^o-icTdi«t> 
I, d, Gp- mid Ion. for iSth^6i. 
i, 4, fetn. from iiSe\<pis, a titler. 

s, ev.i, oontr. -toii, oii, i, (Wti^) « 
■isicr'i itm, a nephea. 
UAfS^ 4, An. Gootr. for Ht^-pah,, (Mdif*) • 
'^* ~'" ir julsr'f daugltlaT, a niect. 

«v, T<!, Dim. from iX(?^6s, a SUk tf«- 
r. p] 
IStl^ftH, Itm, AtL iS, {lattjpii) to adopt MiraAfr. 
JUk+Mcrdvot, or. Ion. UeAf cd~ (£BeA^ anh w) 
nRferiiut a broAer or ju^^r. 
ad^^c (x copuL, Jcxf tti.) I. BR SnlNt, J 

ItAfji, Ion. -peir, Ep. -^idi, u brotfm, in pL 
jlrtfii£ brothers and talera. It, Adj. Uth^, 

4 i", sod ifr, ffv, brolherlg or nitrrly : lieim I, 

u* I^t. jwminui, in poiVi, (inii, also Arin to ■ 
ihf[,jtul Sice it. Hence 
ttafdnic, DTDi, j^, brotherhood, brolhnfy M 
MB. 5, B /ai)R(!/ o/ brothers, the brolhgrhaod. 
B-ScvSpas, □>', (a privac, Sei'lpdi') uritAoiit frMi. 
>-5J{uic, or, (a private S(£iijt} avrleward. 
LZtficip, is, (a privat., i(pKBiiai)=sei. 
i-ttpCTOti ov, (a privst., tlpKoiiai) not se^nji,tt 
ml lipbl. Adv. -TUT, toiMouI looking. 
t-Mffjut, o)-, (a privBC, 5cit>u!t) iinfetlered, iin- 
JRDirf, JU; ^Xwi^, Lac. /i&sra ctalodia. 
i-t«w^, Is, (a privHt., SfVKos) not «UWi 
fittir. Lot. acerbus. 
Liiiftm^ oy, (o privat., ii'^ta) untanmd. 
"AAEO, to please, obsol. pres., whenco irtini hai 
lb foe oSi^ou: aor. i SSav, aStu' [d] : pf. Uijira [s], 
taipf.2 taSa, Dot. (aSH. 
•"AiE'fl, ill satiate, obso]. prta., whence come 4!- 
tinit and iXtuKiTa: fut. Sa-n ; i^or. i iLaa: inf. 
ta. iifityai or S^rai (from £u) in same senie. 
i-SAa<, contr, i-tgu, or, Dor. iSJiios, (a privat, 
Hbi) tmimaUnJ. 
Hyt To t , OF, (a print., iiiam) not gnatufd or 

i-t)|Ui>, (&-ti)Aot) (0 £e <if a loM a£ouf a thing.^ 

t-t^Xto, (Jt-JhlAi)!) uneertatnfy. 

(-SiiXof, ov, (a priTBt., fjAoi) untnotm, ig- 
ttbU. IL uiulnunon, U7u!««n, secret. Adr, -Aui, 
wrefAf : mperi. ittlKkaTa. 

l4i(Un)t, 1JT0», <^ fi-BijXoi) wieertaintg. 

tSuimrfu, ^im, to i« ciut iwtni, troui&d, fo ie in 
tHiiu or angmsh at a tbJn^. (Deriv, uocertain.) 

ai|T, Adv., Ep. MBiTK, Att, !Bfl», ("iJfaF) Lat. 
uSsy gnOBj^ abtaiAmilg! oft. e. gen.: SS^ fx""! ^'^ 
^jt hare mo^fi ^s cSn^. [nf \ trans, 

•ife, J jure:. 

'AiSn, 41m, w. J, AtL, but iba 'Atttr, iw, nd 
m, Sadn, laC Phlo, <b and cb 'Attoa, lika Attio 
)>• and fc^AAa, (wMi or widmit 8^) in <r Into 
thelHMiMalHadca. IL latv, Of^Mo^tbwlk.' 
AH4«yK £ ins, to U grttdr, mt te tMmt 

UlfwraiiW, (a'print- B^)iHl nmM. 

irotwJ, iMBMagb. 
&-St.4^«T0h (T, (a Tin*, Bi^i^) rndtoUMr 

ir«U-iiptra|, «r,Ha print, Sw-apbw) iw( » 1» 
jMrfK^undU^vuliiaUti «flii«M%i6b. l. WU 

Ut^iXkwrai, «r, (a prini, h-aUitraw) (rrfana- 
ellaU), oOMviiv "• r*— -"■-"— 
kijMn^ m, (a 

» M19 ^ i (m print., i?pitj miigia T(H/e, 

d-Bw-v4qm, or, (a pri , ... 

kaaMUt. n, act. not undnvtoiulb^ fl%. 

i-Sbinvti a^ ako 11, w, (b print, >«<»«) wb 

tMl ia t* (q^mai^ (fuiiorR. 

(a print, I m %< i is i ) Ml to fo 

(a privat., Bia-mrclii] noi Aim 
(UTDuiffr, unAroJttffi. Adv. .-rvr, 

i^id^rpcVTM, or, (a privat., Iio-rplxw) imnoiNiMf, 
headstrong. Adv. ^^vj. 

&-Sui-^8apT0i, or, (a privat., In-^^tlpv) tJKor* 

i-B«t.40op[a, fl,/rM(fom/riini ciwTupiicnt from 

&-Gi^-4toi>att o>', (a privat., Stn-fi^dpai) ituiamifit, 
incorrujjfiA^. TI. imipen^u^Ae- Adv. —ptss. 

&-8i^-<^pof, Dv, (a privat., Riu-^/pu) not di^renti 

kilSmcTOt, av, [a privat., SiBi£<rKu) of perions, un. 
taught, arUearTted, rude. II. of things, not learnt t 
alio, learnt vAthout teaching, [i] 

&-Si-t{- jpyooTK, of , (a privat., ti-<f-(f>y(((|b/uH) not 
fo be wrought out ar finished. 

L-hUi-a6ai, or, (a privBt., Sii, il, USs) aithimt Out- 
let. II. aist. unaMe to get out 

A-St-JpYOOTOt, Bv, (a privBt, ii-t/ryd^oiau) not 
marked out, unfinished. 

i-8i-ijyi]T0f , Of, (a privat, Bi-ifyAi/uii) indeseribaile, 

i^SUcurnit, or, (a privat., 3ii[i££w) iciOmvt jui^- 
ment given, undecided. 

iBuiiL)Urat, BoGOt. for ifiiioatiyot, part. perf. gau, 
from 4-!u(Ad, 

acc pers, to do one lorong, to wnmgi w- 
dupl, acc.j iB, Tivd ti, to wrons oo« *^ ' 


gZCicrifia — ibvTos^ 

thing.— Pass., iZucovfjuUf f. dZuefiffofuuy p£ iiBiKfifuu, 
to be wronged or injured. 

&-8Cict|(ia, t6^ (it-iiK^a) a wrong done, a wrong, in- 
jury, Lat. injuria, c. gen., a8. rtyos, a wrong done to 

d-SuniT^, verb. Adj. from h-luciu, one ought to do 

&-8lic£a,^,(&-5(K^») a wrong, offence, « aZlioifuu II. 

&-8CKkov, r6,=hi''6iierilJM, an act qf wrong. 

a-8lKos, ov, (a privat., iiieii) of persons and things, 
doing wrong, tmrighteous, unjust ; most freq. Att., 
6Jli. €U Ti unjust in a thing, v€pi riva towards a per- 
son: liSiKos \dyo5 a plea of injustice: UUgotten, un- 
righteous, IL wrong, improper ^ Ul-matched, as 

horses. III. &8. w^poh ^* ^* ^^^ Sikuv, a day on 

to^ic^ the courts were shut, Lat. dies nefastus. Adv. 
-lews, without right or reason. 

oStv^, "ft, 6v, {J^Jiv) strictly close, thick : hence i. 
crowded or thronged, close^packed. 2. vehement, 

loud, esp. of sounds, more freq. as Adv., aSivmz also 
&5iv6v and a^wd, vehemently, loudly : Gompar. dSx- 
vdyrepos. [a] 

&-8k-oCicT)ros, ov, (a privat., Zi^oiK&a) unarranged, 

&-8i-(Sp6flrroSy ov, (a privat., ^'Op06co) not corrected, 

a-8»|ros, 01^, (a privat., S/if^a) t&i^ii< <4ir«/, not 

&'-8}i.i{s, ^ros, 6, ^,=&-9fi7iTos. 

a-8|JiTJTiv, ace. from &.-ifiriTis, fem. form of sq. 

a-8|jii]Tos, 17, ov, also &-^(iijs, ^os, 6, ^, (a privat., 
9a/Acia)) poet, for a-$(£^(rros, untamed, of cattle^ t^n- 
Jl^roken, wild : o£ msiidena, unmarried. 

'Ai,8o-pd'n)s, ov, 6, (aS97s, ficdvu) one who has gone 
to Hades, [d] 

a8kov. Dor. for ^^tov, neut. comp. of tjS^s, 

S8ok, 3 aor. 2 opt. of avtdvw. 

&-8<$KT)TOS, o>', (a privat., 8oiCf») unexpected. II. 
inglorious. Adv. -rtvs : also dSi^/n^ra as Adv., un- 

d-SoKCficurros, ov, (a privat., ioKifidCu) untried, 
unproved, [*] 

a-8<$Ki|JLos, ov, (a privat., 96kiiaos) unproved, spu- 
rious, base, mean. II. rejected as spurious, re- 
aSo-Xeaxeo), 'ficw, to talk idly, to prate : [d] from 
dSo-X^ffXilSs o'^y ^1 ^so &8(S-XcffxoS9 ov, (iSos, \4- 
o'X'?) « prating fellow, II. in good sense, a A:&^ 
subtle reasoner. Hence 

. d8o-X€ffx^ci> Vj prating, frivolity, II. keenness, 
subtlety, [d] Hence 
d8o-X€axLK<^, ii, 6v, prating, frivolous, [d] 
d-8oXos, ov, (a privat., Z6\os) guileless, artless, in 
Att esp. of treaties without dishonest intent, II. 
of }}gujdsj unynlved, pure. Adv. -Xcws, without fraud. 
aSoy, JEp. for eaSou^ aor. 2 of auSdyw. 


fiov, impf. from ^t<a. 
8(Svcvros, ov, (a privat., Sov€iS») and 
&-8^vi|Tos, ov, (a privat, 8ov^) im«Aai«iir 

&8ovCs, i^Qs, fi, poet, for arfiovls. [dr] 

&-8(S|oKrros, ov, (a privat, ^d(tc) unexpected, 
not matter of opinion, i. e. certain. 

&-8o|^u, •fio'v, (&-8o|os) to be qf no reputation, 
in HI repute. II. trans., to hold in no 


a-8o{Ca» ^,qfno estimation, ill repute. 

&-8o|os, ov,|(a privat., ^6^0) in ill repute, shampfnh 

''AAOS, €05, t6, satiety, loathing. 

&809, €os, t6. Dor. for ^8os, Jo;^. 

o-SoTOSy ov, (a privat, 8(5»/u) without gifts. 

a-8ovXo9, ov, (a privat., tovKos) wiAout 

&-8ovin(|T06, ov, (a privat., Sovir^)) and 

a>8oviros, ov, (a privat, Sov^os) nmaeless, 

a-^pavilisy 4s, also o-Spdvcos, a, ov, (a priTlty 
8pa(v(i>) inactive, listless^ feeble, 

'ASpdorrcui, Ion. 'ABfyfioreta, ^, a name of Nemeii^ 
from an altar erected to her by Adrastus : later m 
Adj. joined to Ne/ico-ts, not to be escaped, as if finom 
BiBpdincu, cf. sq. 

a-8paoTOS, ov, Ion. H-Bpriaros, (a privat, Mipdnm) 
not running away, not inclined to run away, 

cUSpcvTos, ov, (a privat, Bpeira) unpliuAed, 

a-8pii)9T0S, ov. Ion. for ASpoffros. 

*A8piaviSs, ii, 6v, Ion. *ABpiriv6s, Adriatic 

a-8pi|i.vs, V, (a privat., Spiftis) not tart or jMm- 

'AAPO'5, (£, (Jv, strictly thick : — ^but usa. /tiU'grown, 
ripe : well-grown : hence stout, large, fat : in gen. 
strong, great in any way. Hence 

d8po<rvn|, ^,=sq. 

a8p0'njjs, rtros, rj, (oSp6s) ihii^cness : ripeness, fvi' 
ness, esp. of body. II. abundance. 

a8p<SojjMi.i, as Pass., (a5p6s) to grow ripe s to come te 
one^s strength, 

a8pvva», i/vw, (aSp65) to make ripe. Pass, to grow 

a8v-YXuKr<ros, -cmfs, -ficXvis) Dor. for ^Sia-. 

a-8vva|i.Ca, ^, (a privat., dvvafiis) want of strength, 
weakness: poverty, 

d-Svyouria, ^,=:^foreg. 

ii-hvvari<a, iio'ot, (d-Svvaros) to want strength, power 
or ability. Hence 

d-8vvaTCa, rj, = a-Svvafiia. 

a-8vvaTOS, ov, (a privat, Bvvaros) unable to do & 
thing, c. inf. 2. absoL without strength, power- 

less, weakly: of things, disabled: — t^ d$. warU qf 
strength. II. pass, unable to be done, impossible, 

rh d5. impossibility. Adv. -ras. [iJ] 

dSvs, 4a, {), Dor. for TJ^is. 

a-8vT0S, ov, {0. Y^rWttt.) ^^^ ifioC <o he entered: esp. 





foi9 dcjuyri* 


■ floh*.. 


•PW^ ^ 09iW ftp MlBiBl^y Mf H^pAnNj^WiV* 1*1 

VHpi^^^ I' vHN^WW ^^f^^v HHRW|w 

Epb and Ion. Ibr a9A«^ 

«ry aba % mv^ (ifiMr) i iwwli^ ^ Ae 

t MA. /ulXir tha- affle 

Spt aod loo. fer 30Aok 
and Ion. for 20Xof, q. r. 

<rf>o ^dfos^ oy, Sp. and Ion. for oBXo^pof. 
■ iai^ Adw^ every alwayt^ far ever : 8c9p^ &ci ever up 
to ^bh tune : also c^ itl or ctsocC With the Artie., 
I ibA Kpatrmv the ruler /or the time bemff, whoever 
k zoler; A &«l fiannXtis the rm^mtn^ king: be- 
■dn A«£ the Ion. and poet, fbrmt aid and aliv are 
wj oommon : also eUs, iJs, and Ai Dor. [&~] 
• 4rf ppXot, oy, (&fi, /9ciAAfl») eantintmlfy thrown. 

iet^y^virrfSf poet. aUi-ycvrnis, ov, 6, (&ef, yiyrofMi 
et *yiw) epith. of the gods in Homer, like ol^y ^- 
nsy ever existing^ immortal, 
, ia-ynn^ cs^ Att for &«t-7ci4rT7S. 

osiSc, Ep. 3 imperf., or a imperat., from &c(5a». 

i^lScXof, or, (a privat, *«fS«) tin«60n, dark, 

k^aXftfii 4sy (*a priyat., f^iBm, Lat. video) unaeeriy 
mUwiU bodifyform, II. (a privat., tii^vai) un^ 

htewny obscure. Adv. -8»f . 
. baManfToi^ awy (&•£, StWw) ever revohing, [(] 

'AEI'AAy Att. oontr. ^^ : fot. iniirofuu, Att. ^(rofiM, 
ittdy &c((rfl9, Att. foriB9, Bor. ^oiw. — To sing : hence 
^ill kinda of vcieeMy la erour, twitter, crocdc, etc. :^ — 
aho of otiber aooad% as the twang of the bow-string, 
tki vind wk i t ti mg , a stone ringing. 11. trans. : 

^.-i. c. ac& xviy £a siai^ aAatnU, deseani on, 2. c. 
As sia^^ jmosuK s* ^'^ea,, /b resound 


mivimg^ eventUHng^ 
•HMMMllf Atl. oootv. aiMfl% ^* ▼•) ovIfvi^p^ bifwAL 
A sHsflUf 1% or, dip ofj of. Adr.«4i9fspoet.fiii3di 

for ft). : eontn ala^^ior. 
4U4uo)9i aff Att. CMBtr. awiis, es^ ^a priFaL, ibeff] 

ufuasmils P^Hf^* <Man» thamrfni. Adv. -.ffOf { loob 

-a^l Att afidif t AtiMr also •■ Adr» 

d-SMc(a» ^ -i&-«UKtfl|. 

Araialtiik Im^ (4-«idit) Alt eenfer. afe({^ lb Unsf 

•^v^^^wF^F^"»^^^p a wa^^» a^^FVtt s^w^ ^w(^^Fa 

dti aii^ni%y M^ v*^ tcunmj ever wovingj in petjie* 

4Bucta6if|uvmi» inf. aor. i pan. fiwm Atutf^ 

asiiaavavvaiy JBpu for atiaiswftiij^ int aor. z mod* 
from ibtudCm, 

dfuoA, fat from iieud(m, 

idUXlXat* OF} (My kaX4m) ever htMBng. 

AetXa ry C a, #, aa Att ]air-tenii» tV MAtfylar ««^ 
^X«yf s ffid t a^ to eonrt evnkmmllnqtdrf : ftam 

l^siXai^ SIS (a privat, 4Xir) tBimniMd 

M p Hu i ii ' iDt y oi^ ite ir« '^ (^ /wi|HH!«nRVw*) ^ 
AwrAitHn^ remembrance: ever memorqhlef, everhtfi' 
mg. AdT. -^i^s. 

4utl-¥vmf ve^kdj y«hi) » Jt-^wM, everjhmtngz eontfw 

Atti«Xlrav» or, (At 4 vAaMlsAMu) f P tfr w tuu h r in g, 

diipa» poet for #ftfMy aor. i- of Mpm, 

dcipoi, inf. aor. i from &cipw. 

dcC-poo«, oif, oontr. M-povs, »sq. 

dc(-pvTO«9 ey, {hti, ^4ai) ever flowing, 

*AEI'Pfi, Ion. and poet, for Att. cSpcoyfot. hepSa [A], 
contr. hpla [d] : aor. i act f^ipa and Aci/me, 3 conj. 
a^p(rj7 : med. ii^ipdfirip, ^pdfiiyv, kpdfjLtiP, the other 
moods usu. from aor. 2 Ap^tfoi : pass. ii4p9iir, poet. 
i^pSriu : pfl pass, part ii9pfi4vos, 3 sing, plqpf. pass. 
Ep. &«pro. To lifty heave f raise up^ hence to bear, 
carry : to carry off as plunder : but also, to hand, 
offer, — Med. to lift up for oneself, i. e. bear off, twn, 
take for oneself, 2. to raise or stir up : — Ac^»a- 

oOai tA IcTTia to hoist saiL — Pass, to rise up, arise. 

dcurai, part pi. nom. fem. from &ijfiu 

dcConfOy for Aeteai, imper. aor. i med. from Af/8w. 

acuTffca, r6, poet and Ion. for ^(T/ao, as Ae($w for A8«. 

dcCo^^ai, fut. of &€ld<o, 

&ci-^vi^, is, (&e(, ipairofuu) ever shining or op" 

&cC-<|>povpoS| ov, {atl, <ppovpd)^ever watched, or 
ever watching, ever wakeful, 

aci-^Y^°'> ^, {h/ti, ^uYh) exile for life, 

&ti-xP^^^99 or, (Ac/, XP^^) everlasting. 

A-CKa(<$|i.cvo«, 11, or, (A-^icwy) tmwUling, resisOng^ 
usu. in phrase ir6\}C Acaa^i^fAcvoS) Vit^« msatta ve-* 

d-«infAcofy OP, for A-«iK4Aios. 

i-^Tt or A-fKV|T(, (4-4ie»r)E^. AjBw,, ogcww* 


&€KO'6<nos — iCrjfuos, 

will, oft. in Homer, c. gen. cev itiicrirt, Lat. invito te, 
Btav &4KiiTiy Lat. non propitiis Diis, [&, t] 

&-CKov(nos, ov. also a, ov, Att. contr. hKoiffios, (a 

privat., licot((rfos) against the wUl, forced, involuntary, 

&-^K(t>v, ou(ra, oVf Att. contr. lSic»y [d], (a privat., 

^Kdov) against the will, unmlling : without design or 


&-^XucTos, ov, (a privat., ^\i<r(rai) uncoiled, 

d^Xkos, 6, Dor. for ii^Xtos, fjMos, 

&cXXa, i;^, 17, (Jito, &nixi) a storing wind, esp. a whirl- 
wind, 2. metaph. of any whirling motion. [&€] 

^XXaio9, a, ov, (^cXAa) stormy, swift as the storm, 

dcXXos, dSos, ^,=foreg. 

ocXXi^Ss eS) (&€AAa) eddying. 

ikfkko-ykdxoq, ov, (acAXo, /idxofiat) struggling unth 
the storm, [a] 

acXX<$>7ros, Horn, form of sq. 

&cXX^-irovs, 6f Vf frowy to, gen. voSos, (^cXAo, 
vo6s) stormfooted, swift as the storm: in Homer 
a.i\K6'iros, like hp/ri-Tcos, vovXC-iros, etc.: dat. pL ocA- 

o-cXirr^w, (2£-cAvtos) to he without hope, despair, 

&-cXipni)99 h, (a privat., tikvo/uu) unhopedfor, un- 

CL-ekKrla, ^, an unlocked for event : ^| iuXtrrlris, 
Lat. eof insperato, unexpectedly, 2. despair : from 

&-€Xirros, ov, (a privat., IXn-o/tai) — &-€AirH}S. 2. 
unlocked for, unexpected : to be despaired of, II. 
act. hopeless, desperate. Adv. -ras, also itkirra as 
Adv. unexpectedly, 

iui'Vaos, ov, {a^i, ydw) also Ep. a€i-vao5, contr. &€(- 
vcos, ever flowing, 2. in gen. everlasting, never- 

failing. Adv. -(£a;s. [d^vd] 

&c-v<£ci>v, ovea, oy,={oreg, [d, dj 

&^v-vaos» oy, poet, for ii-yaos, 

d^vTCS} part. pi. from &rini. 

oiii-yvun, oy, (&c|fi0, 7vtof) strengthening the limbs. 

&c|C-voos, ov, contr. de^i-f ovs, ovv, (i^^o', vt^or) 
strengthening the mind. 

&c{C-^XXos> 01^, (d^{», (^t^AXov) nourishing leaves, 

&c|C-<|>vTOS, ov, (&/|6i), ^vr<(>') nourishing plants. 

*AE'HA, Ion. and poet, for A^THA, 'ali^dyot, Lat. 
u4 UGEO : used by the old poets only in pres. and 
impf. : later poets have a fut. del^trw, aor. ^4^<ra. 
To increase, foster, strengthen : to heighten, multiply. 
Pass, and Med., to increase, waa great : prosper. 

d-cpycCir), ri,=*a-€pyia, idleness. 

a-cpYiis» d5,—&-€py65. 

d-cpyCa, Ti, a not working, idleness, [t] 2. of a 

field, a lying fallow or waste : from 

d-cpyos, 6y, contr. hpy6s, (a privat., *tpry<a) like 
a-€pyfis, not working, idle. Adv. -7«s. 

d^p8T)v, contr. ApBriy Adv. (^c^pw) lifting up. 

dcp^Oo|jLai, Ion. 7j€p4dofiat, q. v., lengthd. form of 
aeJ/?oyua/y iohanp, he suspended, Iwc&rz metaph. bm'Ko- 
^-^^^jp/f^es ^epeffof^cu the youthful mind is flighty. 

&cp9cCs, aor. i pass. part, from iuipv. 

ficpOcv, Dor. and Ep. for ii4p&ri<ray, 3 pL aor. i 
pass. £rom ieipu : &4pOri 3 sing. 

d^piosy oy, also a, ov. Ion. ii4ptos, a, oy, (&4p, 9h 
^pi) in mist, or thick air: cloudy. IL m the atr, 
Aij^A tn air. [d] 

fi-^picTos, Of, (a privat., ^pryu, ^pyta) unfeneed, open. 

dcpo-pdWca, iffw, to tread in air, walk the air: from 

&epo-p<£Ti)99 ov, 6, {(otiip, fiaiyw) one who treads m 

&cpo-8lvi{s, 45, (d^p, Biy4w) wheeling in air. 

&cpo-8CvT|Tos> ov,=foreg. 

dcpo-8^vii)Tos, oy, (^"hpi ^oyeal) tossed in mid otr, 

dcpo-8pou.^», -fia-off, (difp, ipaficTy) to traverse the air* 

dcpo-ck8i{s> 45, Ep. and Ion. ijcpo-eiJ^s, (jHp, clSsf) 
like the sky or air, misty, v. ijepo-ei^s, [dj 

dcpo-|i.axCa, ^, (difp, fiuixn) <i 60/^/0 m /Ae air» 

a£po-pL€rp4<a, {<Sl^p, fiirp4a) to measure the air^ henoe 
to lose oneself in vague speculation, cf. depo-jSor^ii. 

dcpo-n|X'4«» ^^> (^^p9 yhXoi»M)floaiing in airy of ^ 

&cp(S-<^kTos, Of, (d^p, ^oir(£w) roaming in air^ 

oAppia, Aeol. for aeipto, 

dcpoi-KdpT)vos, oy, (jkeipw, Kdffjyoy) carrying Ae 
head high, 

&4paiQ, 3 conj. aor. i from dcfpo;. 

dcpoX-ir^TriSy ov, 6, (dcfpw, vordofuu) hovering mi 

dcpart-ir^Ti)TOS, oy, (acipta, 'ir<yrdofiai)=^{oTeg. 

dcptrt-irovf, 6, rj, irow, t6, gen. voSos, (oi^tpu, voafif) 
lifting up the feet, briskly trotting. 

dcpTow, lengthd. form of aelpco, whence come 3 aor. 
I ii4pT7i(r€, and pf. pass. ^4prqfjLxu, 

dis. Dor. for k^l. [&] 

accra, h4tTaii€y, &<rafi€y, Heo'ay, inf. a4o'at, aor. ly 
prob. from an obsol. root aeco, ^ eS^, to sleep : no 
other tenses in use : akin to Urifii, 

a€<n-^poavvi\, r], silliness, folly, in plur. dco'f^po- 
ff^yai: from 

dc<rC-<|>pa>v, oy, gen. oyos, (idu, <pp(iy) injured «i 
mind, hence witless, silly, infatuated. 

dcT<$s, or alerSs, also poet. airyrSs, ov, 6, an eagle, 
(Hrffu), II. an eagle as a standard. 

dcT-cS8T)s» fs, (a€T6s, €l5os) eagle-like, [d] 

**AE'n, to sleep, v, &€(ra, 

''AZA, ff, strictly dryness, heat : also mould, (v. sub 

d^dX^os, a, oy, (&(a)) pass, dry, parched: hence har^ 
cruel. 11. Qjct, parching, scorching. Only poet. 

o^ayta, (^^w) to dry or parch up. 

d-(T)Xos, ov, (a privat., f^Aos) like h.-Qi\KxaT05, un- 
enviable, miserable, 2, not grudged. 

d-{tjX(i>Tos, oy, (a privat., f7?A(J&>) not to be envied. 

d-||tjp.u>s, ov, (a privat., (vi^ia) without loss, scot- 
free : not deserving punishment : not amounting to 
punishment, hAs , -l«s , ^Dit^, impumif/. 





ItifTcuy 3 GODJ. iirei. pass, from &(», 

4-t'4n|Tos, opy (a privat., Crjr^) unexamined. 

^11X4*9 ^'9 uneeaaingy excemve: more freq. as 
Adr., be^fond measure. II. hard, rottgh : (Deriv. 

i-t&yo«, or, ss&^v(, unlike, ill matched: unmarried. 

&>Ci|MC, OK, (a privat., (6firj) unleavened : rh &Cv' 
^ ihefeaat of unleavened bread. 

Ir{v{, ^Syosy 6y ^y (a privat., (e^uvfu) unyciked, un- 
foredj hence unmarried^ unwedded. 

'AZfi, to dry^ dry up, parch. Pass, io be parched 
», pine away through grief. 

AZO, in Homer as D^ect. Dep. used in pr. and 

inpt only : io stand in awe of, dread the gods or 

floe^f parents : also followed by inf. or fi-fi . . , , to 
Jmr lest . • , also intr. to be awestruck. — The act. 
C* nurdy occurs, cL trifiv. 

jEf^hotos, ov, (a privat., C^ypvfti) ungirty from 
kuiy : in gen. not girded. 

t^ 3 impf. from &rifn, 

4ri|ftff, 4sy (a priv., i|8os) unpleasant, annoying : of 
loions, unfriendly, morose : rh hrfiis an unpleasant^ 
MB. Adv. -iSas. Hence 

i-ifSCa, ii, a being displeased, disgust, dislike. II. 
tnpleasantness, odiousness. 

hifiAinoty ovy {SiTfi^v) of or belonging to a nightingale. 

4i|8avCs» iBoSy 6, ^ hfidv, a nightingale. 

istfiAyAsL £or itrfi^, only found in gen. hidovs, dat. 

Aajft4v, 6roSy contr. ovs, ^, Att. 6, (ieiSa) the night- 

&-9J&€ia, fi, Ion. a-ri6iri, (oL-'f)9ris) unaccustomedness, 
novelty, the being unaccustomed to a thing : ar)d. ri' 
f6s inexperience of a thing. 

A-i}0^inru, poet, for a-TiOioo, to be unaccustomed to a 
thing, c. gen. [d] : impf. aiidetro-op [d] . 

&^6hi|S, €s, (a privat., ^dos) unwonted, uniLsual, 
strange. 2. unused to a thing, c. gen. II. 

vfithout ^0os or character. Adv. -Ous, unexpectedly. 

kjifiiOf Tj, = a-'f)0€ia, q. v. 

«Ui|6((o|ui.t, Dep. med., (oc-^^t;;) to be unaccustomed 
to a thing, c. gen. 

aT)|La, r6, a blast, wind: from 

ai^ftcvat, poet for ar\vai, inf. from $.j}ii.i. 

"AHMI, inf. a^vai, aiifi€i/ai, part, aels : impf. 3 sing. 
ill, dual &rfToy : Med. and Pass. &rnAat, pai*t. arifxevos : 
3 impf. &tfTo, To breathe hard, blow, of the wind : 
the med. and pass, forms sometimes mean to be 
beaten by the wind, but more usu. to toss or wave 
about as if by the wind ; hence to be spread abroad. 

Atproi, inf. from &77/U. 

&i{p, hfpos, 71, Att. 6, Ion. and Ep. aijp, ^4pos, 77 : — 
in Uom. and Hes., the lower air, the atmosphere, 
thick air or haze that surrounds the earth, opp. to 
aitf^p the pure upper air, v. esp. 11. 14. 288 : hence 
vusty darkness, mist, j^loom/ but later usu. In gen. 
otr. (Fjtm *i», ^v/'^') [dj 

&t)oxiy cwf, 4, (&ijfu)a:&ij/ia, tf blowtf^. 

&-i(<rot|TOt9 OK, Att. ii-'fyrniToSy (a privat.^ ilfftrdst) 
unconqueredy not beaten, a, unconquerable^ 

Adv. -T«j. 

&i((r&Xo«, for afovAos, wicked, 

Ai^crCpot, ov, (*&w, &i7fit) light as air: little, 

&nrv], ^,=sq. : poet. 

&i{tii|«, ov, i, (&w, &7Au) a blowing, a blast, gcde* 

&T)TO, 3 impf. pass, from &i}jtu. 

aT)Tov, 3 and 3 dual pres. from &i}jui. 

at)To«> ov, an old word, only in II. 21. 395, prob. 
from &17JU1, hence orig. stormy, and so violenty tetribley 
like cdfijros. 

&-6aXcuroio9» oi', Att. -rrosy (a privat., dciXoo'o'a) 
without sea, inland, [&0&] 

a-O&XdMnrttrrof, oi^, Att. -rrorros, (a privat., daAacr* 
a6w) never having been ttt sea. 

&-6dv(£o^a, Tj, (i-Odyaros) immortality. 

L-$avaritt»y {&-6dyaros) to make immortal. Pass, io 
become or be immortal, II. to hold oneself im^ 


&-6<£vaTos, ov, also 17, ov, (a privat., dcd^aros) ui»- 
d%^ng, immortal, opp. to 0v7it6s and fipords, hence 
addvaroi, ol, the ImmorttUs, of the Gods, also of any 
body that is kept at a certain number : of things, 
everlasting. Adv. -revs. [d0dydros] 

a-6airTos, ov, (a privat., Bditrw) unburied, II. 

unuforthy of burial, 

'A0A'PA, i}, Att. hJdifni, also hBiipn, groats or m^oi^ 
porridge made of it. [dda] 

d-OavfiaoTOS, oi/, (a privat., dav/A(£^(v) 920^ wonder" 
ing at any thing. Adv. -rcos. II. wo< wonder- 

ed at or admired. 

a-Oedrof, oi^, (a privat., dedofiou) unseen, invisible : 
secret. II. act. not seeing, blind to. 

d-6c€i. Adv. (o privat., OfSs) without the aid of God, 

a-6€XKT09, ou, (a privat., deKya) implacable. 

a-6€p,iS, tTos, 6, 7], (a privat., 0e( lawless. 

d-0€^ios, ov, and d-0^|xiaTOS, ov, (a priv., Oefiis) 
laioless, without law or government, godless, Lat. 
nefarius. Adv. —rtas, 

a-0co9, oj', (a privat., Qc6s) withotit God, denying the 
gods, esp. the recognised gods of the state : in gen. 
godless, ungodly. II. abandoned by the gods. 

Adv. -<wy. Hence 

&-0€<$TT)9, rjros, 7}, godlessness, ungodliness. 

a-Ocpdirevo'va, ^, want of attendance or care : usu. 
c. gen., neglect of a. thing: from 

a-OcpdireuTOS, ov, (a privat., Oepatre^o)) not attended 
to, neglected, H. unhealed, incurable. Adv. 

-Tws. [pa] 

a-0cpit(i>, f. /(To;, later l^co, (a privat., 94p(o, depa- 
Tret^ctf) to slight, make light of c. ace. 

d-6^p|i.avTos, oi/, (a privat., 6€pjxa(v«') unhealed ^ uot 
ea^cUed by passion. 

a-$epfioq, ov, (a privat., OcpjULis") uoithout ^DttTmih• 
a-OearCoy tj, (H-Q^tos) iinsteodiness, jickleness. 




&-6^o^ros9 oPf ako iy» ov, (a privot., BtSs, ffnjfd) 
if^espressibie : hence monatrousy huge, vast, 

.ft-0rro9y or, (a privat., riBrifu) not placed or or- 
ranged: hence Adv. -Tm,^&04(rfia5, lawlesefy. 

cUOnXos, ov, (a privat., 6ifX'4) unsuekled, weaned, 

&-6i{XvvTOf, oy'^ (a privat, ^(qX^w) no< made wo- 
mamsh: masculine* 

'A6v|va, asy ri, contr. from 'AOrivda, also 'A^kij, 
'A0i}f ato, *A07ivctirj, Dor. *A0{(i^ AeoL 'A^oycia, ^/A«- 
no, Lat. MinervOy the tutelary goddess of Athens. 

'AiOif va{c, Adv., to or towards Athens : from 

'Ad^voty uvy at, the city of Alliens, like 6^i3ai, etc., 
in plur.> because it consisted of several parts. 

'Alh\vaXoVy T&y {*A$ripa) the temple of Athena, 

*A6v|valos, a, ov, ^hdrivai) Athenian^ qf or from 

'A0i{vii)6cv or -6c, Adv., from Athens, 

'A6iJKn(ri, Adv., <U Athens, 

&0ipaa», to long to he at Athens, 

'AOijvoOcv, Adv., yrom Athens, 

*AeH'P, 4pos, 6y the beard or spike of an ear of com, 
an ear qfcom itself. II. tfie point or barb of a 


&-4i4paT09, ay, (a privat., Oripdui) not to be caughL 

&-6i{pciiTos» ovy (a privat., 67}p€^),=foreg. 

dOripTi-XoiY^s, b, {bJ^pt Xoty6s) consumer of ears of 
corny d a winnowing machine : cf. adripd-fifiwros. 

&9v|p^-ppb>Tos, ov, {bjd^py fii$p(&aKot) devouring ears 

fUOtipos, ov, (a privat, 9^p) without wild beasts or 

jUOiKTOs, ovy (a privat., Biyy^^y Biyuv) untoudiedy 
usu. c gen., untouched by a thing. 2, not to he 

iouchedy holgy sacred, IL act. not touching, 

bffkeOiay contr. from Ep. cK^Act^w, e^o**), (SdXos) to 
contend for a prize, combaty wrestle, II. to stntg- 
gle, endure, suffer, 

&6X^», £ iiau, (i&Xos) to contend for a prize, 2. 
to endure, suffer, 

. Qd\i\iuLy r6y (&0A^f) a eontesty struggle, toil, II. 
an implement of labor, 

iJiX'^vflp, Tjpos, 6, older form of sq. 

^Xt|Tii)s, contr. from b^OKtirfis, ov, 6, {aBkto)) a 
combatant, champion f esp. a jytize-fighter, lot, 
athleta, II. in gen. one practised or skilled in, 

master of a thing, c. gen. 

a9Xiov, r6y contr. from Ep. k^dKiov » <8iB\ov, the 
prize of contest : hxxt s^—tidKos, contest. 

a9Xios, a, ov, also os, ov, contr. from bAQXioSy (^c- 
6\oy, diBKov) toilsome, painful; hence in gen. un- 
happy, wretched, Lat. miser. Hence 

&0Xi^Tt)s, JiTos, 7), toil, suffering, wretchedness, 

aOXo-OcTTJp, ripoSf 6, (did\ov, T(0t7jui)=sq. 

^Xo-0^9, ov, d, {did\ov, riOrifu) one who awards 
the prize, the judge in the games, also fipafieus. 

Zi^AON, tJ, atntr, from Ep. JSxdXov, the prize of 
^fon/Sffs/, in gen. a ffifify present: a reward, recom- 

pense, II. in plur. alson^^Aos, a eontesty 


''A&AOS, 6, oontr. from Ep. &cdAof , a contest either 
in war or sport, esp. contest for a prize: toil, tro(tM^ 

&9Xo(ruvif|, 7},=dtd\o5, a contest, 

&9Xo-4^po«, ov, {di^Xovy ^fyvi) bearing awag Ae 
prize : in Ep. form keO\-^ 

o-doXos, ovy (a privat., 0o\6s) not muddg, dear* 

cUO^XwTOSy oVy (a privat, BoK&u) not muddiedy tdi- 

&-6opvpT)TOS9 ov, (a privat., Oopvfiitt) undisturhtd, 

4-6^pvpos, OVy (a privat, 66pvfios) without uprtrntf 
undisturbed, tranquil. Adv. -fins, 

a-Opavorros, ov, (a privat, Spain) unbroken, soumd^ 

*AeP£'fi, £ ^<r«, Att. oBpwy to look at, view, ek 
serve. 2. later, of the mind, to considery thkak a% 

a0pii)T^ov, verb. Adj. from bBp^y one must eonnitinm 

bApoV^ta, f. o/itrcD, pf. pass. IjSpour/uuy (&$p6os) to |W- 
ther together y colleety esp. to levy forces. PaM. to b 
gathered or crowded together : of armies, to mautm 
Med. to gather for oneself, 

S0pouri«, 6i»f, ^, {adpoiifii) a gatheringy coUcetk^ 

oOpouTfiiei, T6y (jStBpoiiu) that wMdh is gaAered^ • 
heap, mans. 

6BpounioVy verb. Adj. &om oBpoi^, one mmi td^ 

a9p^of, a, ov, old Att aBp6o5, contr. Ik9pavfy Ct^ 
6p6o5) assembled in crowds, collected together, XL 
aU at once, once for aU, rh bBp&ov the whole bodp^ Ac 
mass : collective, aBp6a irdvr* cLTnTurtv he paid dit 
penalty of all at once, hence Adv. bSp6ov and bBpimCf 
at once, suddenly. III. immenscy vasty also 

iinuous, incessant. 

cUOpvirros, ov, (a privat, dpivrru) unbroken, is 
perishable. II. esp. 710/ enervated, 

&-0v|jLcu, £ ^(Ttf, {fk'QvtJuos) to be disheartened ; 
despond at or for a thing. 

a-6v|Jkt)T^ov, verb. Adj. from a-dvfi4u, one mutt Imt 

4-0v(iCa, 1}, (&-0vfws)want of heart, faxn&saariedmm^ 

o^fios, ov, (a privat., OvfiSs) without heart or 
spirit, spiriUess, fainthearted, desponding. Adv. -^Miif> 

&6vp|u^ t6, {aOvpw) a game, toy, an amusemmU^ 
Att. also advpfia, 

a6vp|MiTiov, t6, Dim. of foreg., a little game or lof^ 
a pet. 

a-0vp(S-YXa>TTos, ov, (a privat., Oipa, yKurra) taOc* 
ing without restraint : chattering. 

a-0vp6-oTOfjkO9, ov,(a privat., d6pa, ar6fM)=itrOvp^ 


oUdvpcros, ov, (a privat., Bipaos) without thjfrsuc 
'A6T PA, to play, amuse oneself, II. c. aoc to 

^ "play at a lYiVng, do tl m play, ^^oflv^ 



» «^ (« pnvaty #i») not q^^nv^ imi it be 
M^ aoa fp i irf •» M0r{/fiMr in gen. mrnkai 

m, not Mm% (a primt., 0|H|) unpumtktd^ 
s. ft gen. iMifNmuAaf by, htuobfim 

iTOi^ «r, (a pSVat., ^Hrt^) iin/inWiriirfi 

ivnof^ or, (a prirat., 0«pdjd£i») tMlAmil 
liu [«1 

ndBor.ibrc^jfx inHooieroiilydfMaad 
or. tfbofiy ^ofii^f MO ihaiy Lat. Anwiiodpu 
of tCraiig tabe, O Ma</ wotitf Aol/ 

flU/ «0iif/ 

mi* of astonithmeiit and 

wLffSf^Kwrniftf ov^ Jjy V'^^ mar} gtui^JbtittL 

wiy i wo mt bf if wmuff r^y gen. «a8os^«>fiing» 

•l ) fi » w pa t» b, (tUtf mSp) a phot vith a vad 
of which ffoaiB ware fbod. 

•Uil* iSar, 4k A* Mi% or dbiaU of Zeaa, dHBrfMl 
in 115.7381 (iram«0'a%tori«fcoraMwaMMib^)t 
hoioa 9. later « miAJagi sium, hmtfimm, tut* 

rible aa the ahalBan. a^gia*. IL inm tl^ m goab* 


Mkiiv^t Does, fir oItMu** 

olyXii^ ivrar, contr* for &ng. 

S§hifffiil9rfiu$tr9f§kir9faiTBitML ».inahi^i 

aplenthr, ^irp» fiaaea 
■ al'^niimf ffavik ci^ Maaniii^ nMiani* 

tttyX o ♦i h n jt y ^9 Od^A% ^aCpouMtt) bemmimg r Mt* 

•l^o-PooK^ ir, (ally 3^mf) Utidbig gomitt 
cAfs^ poet £Dr 7Bu% 7^, MTii^ AnhI. I Subat. a ^oaM^rdL 

Ti^ waiSng: fiom 

» 4t ^» veih. A4J. ftom <udC», btw&Utd^ 

^ loD. ahfifiity pxob. from a^£, and 10 
wmtmtHmgg hanea M wai' i MWi^tftomay titan 
• pait^i, tRHrtmnff, 

^' avy ^, (Alfltfy -flyrof^ «on </ ^l)" ' ^^ 
a ailM(0» qf ^ tribe Auarrtsy named after 

» Adv., (alai^i)ybr ee^. 
^nyA / exclanu of.di8gu8t or astonishment. 
1^ ar, Aegean : My. v4Xayo5 the Aegean, said 
■Ued firom Aegeus : Aiycuov 6pos mount Ida. 
I» i» i"'^) o> hunting spear, javeHn. 
, m. Ion. 11, ov, (oiQ lengthd. for dy^os, of a 
oats, Lat. caprinus : also as Subst. ^ alytli^f 
, a goai*8 skin. 
*OS, hf the black poplar, 
r«|S) ov, 6, (a^, iXavvto) a goat'herd, [a] 
Oy OFySfldPycios^ q.V. 

nfBy ou, by fern, -irif, <$os, cm the shore: from 
f, 6, the sea-shoreyftat beach, strand, (De- 

nct €0*^9 ^> (aS^, 06aicM) a goat-pastttre, 
nr|S9 ov, b, (oX^, fiori^s) feeding goats, 
ro«9 ovy (cd!^, fiScKa) browsed by goats, 
\X0i9 Vi & bird, the tit, Lat. parus. 
HiAfy oy, (a2^, lar^fjai) goat-shanked, 
Mic, ^v, oc, (odi|, KopivwiM) feeders ofgoatSy 

|p!y nroT, d, fly {aS^y Kclva) strictly, deserted 
'oatSy hence, steepy sheer, [yt] 

» % (*^) ^''^ ^^^ ^/ «^^*^^ ^oa/S9 are fond, 
Mty or, (al^9 WfMr) browsed by goats, 2. 
b a«7b a goalherd, 
99, oyj (ify^^f ^x*^) ^e^'s-learifijff. 

f Afb ai pin , tir,|raii.iiyaka al y aB fp ii^ tira^ 4^ (dl^ 
t4fm) pMU^kom^l IL ai Sohat a afy^ Gqwi* 

eantin the ?ftM^im% 

olwabMrninak bm.tmminMt^hmam 

•Mp-^X^ (cd^ ^)I0 ihrne jpooff Mr. 
•lytfrnet ^ (7^) ^ vmAmw* 
AlYWTurr^ Adr., j» lia J^pfplkw 4o«fM 

AtyvirTOff, d, <Atf nwr Nile, II. 1^9 -^i^^iKPf ' 

hence AXyimrSySt, to Egypt, 

oly-wwl, i^osy by if, (a^, ^|) goaUMofed, 

*Ati8a«, Dor. for 'AiSi;; , *'Ai9i^. 

alScio, imperat. pies. &om sq., for aSJbUo alao cMt, 

ArAE'OMAI, f. 4o'ofiaiy poet. 4ir(rofiMy also ^ov^mk, 
Dep. c fut. med. et aor. pass. ^fii4er^y : alao pf . part. 
^becfidyosy in pass, signf. reconciled: — Ep. prea. et- 
Bofjtcu. To feel shamey be ashamed eat fear : alao io 
respect y reverence a person :— c inf. to be as hmmed w 
afraid to do a thing. 2. as Att. law-term, tefmi 
pity fory hence to pardon, esp. in aor. i mBbiffUffBou 

al8€or6^v» for aib4(r0riffay, 3 pL aor. 1 fitm fbreg. 

aVSia^Tiy imper. aor. i from tdbiefuu : and 

alZiaxyuoiy oy, exciting shame or retpedy venerable, 

atSco-ify 6C0S, Tiy {a*b4oiiat) eon^MUsion, 

olS^avofioi, poet. fut. of a l b ^^ai , 

&48t|Xos, opy (a prifat, tt^) making unseen: 
hence annihilatingy des^vying, U. pass, unseen, 
unknowny obscure. Adr. -At»5. 

alSij|M)v, or, gen. oivs, (oI^jmu) bashful, modest^ 
Adr. -fx^mu 

d-i8ij«, ^j, (a privat.9 ^«0 w««»» • destroyed, 

bXbviiy €9, alK % ar. (At eoerbuting, ioc ^ 

^^-SWl^ i<^> (« privat, »€ty) poet, iox i^W^ 
' f^en, hidden, dark. * 


games, a. a place of contesty the arena or sia- 

dium, II. esp. the assembly of the Greeks at 

their ffrea4 national games, as, ieyity *0\vfjarids, *OAi;/i- 
vueSsy etc. : hence the contest for a prize at their 
games. 2. in gen. any struggle, trial, danger or 

hardship. 3. a battle, action, 4. an action at 
law, trial, question. 5. metaph. iffrXv hy^v \6ywv, 
fj^Xyi'f etc., now is tlte time for speaking, fighting, 
etc. [&] Hence 

ii,yiovipxi\^t ov, 6, {hydiv, Hpxof) a president or judge 
of a contest, 

iiywviAM, dffo), to be engaged in a contest, to com- 
pete, like kyayi(ofiai. II. to strive eagerly, to be 
anmous about a thing, [acv] 

iywrfZarai, Ion. for ^fywvurfiivoi €lffi, 3 plur. perf. 
pass, from sq. 

AYwv£(o|iai, iffofiai, or more usu. Att. ^ovfuu : aor. 
I pass, ijycoviffdriy I pf. pass. iiyt&yto'fJLcu, with Ion. 
3 pL irywyi^arai, Dep. med., (jSi,y(&y) to contend for a 
prize, esp. in the public games : &y. riyi or 'Kp65 rtya 
to contend with one. 2. to fight* 3. to contend 
for the prize on the stage, acU II. to contend or 

struggle against : hy, Hiici^y, ypa^iiy, to fight a cause 
to the last, ivy. ^6yov to fight against a charge of 
murder : hence also 2. in Pass, to be won by a 
hard contest, but rarely save in perf., e. g. voKKoX 
&7WVCS ayoavlhartu (Ion. pf. for iiyooyicfityoi eitri), 
many battles have been fought. [&] 

&Ycavi09) oy, {hydty) of or belongirig to the contest : 
but cxo^v ayivios cessation /rom combat, [a] 

&Y<uvurkS, 71, {iiyoiylCofJiai) a contending for a prize. 

dkyuviayLO, r6, {aycoylCofuu) a contest for a prize, 
in gen. a contest, combat : in plur. also achievements, 
exploits. II. an object to strive for : the prize 

of contest, distinction. III. that with which one 

contends, an essay, declamation, 

ay<av\,ay.6q, 6, (&yotyi(ofiai) rivalry. 

iLynvurriov, verb. Adj. from kyuyl(oiiai, one must 

kyavifrrffi, ov, d, (aycoyl^ofuii) a combatant, rival, 
esp. at the games: an advocate: also an actor ; hence 
trpcoT-aycoyiarfis, Bevrtp-ayiayur'rfis, etc., qq. v. 

&YfavumK<Ss, ^, 6y, {kyuyl^ofiai) fit for contesting 
or striving : also fitted for winning : hence rj, -ici\, 
sub. rexvVi the art of winning or prevailing, — Adv. 


ii,y<avo'Q€T4<a, 'i]<rto, to be a judge or director of the 
games : in gen. to direct, promote, II. to judge, 

decide: from 

iiyuvo-BiryfS, ov, 6, {ky^y, rlOrjui) a president in the 
games, a judge. 

a8ay\L6qy 6, Ion. for oZayfiSs, an itching, sting, 

a-8aT)|jLovCa, ti, (a-da'fjfj.ay) ignorance, unskilfidness 
in doing. 

d-8aT]|jiooT5vT|, 77,=foreg. : from 

a-Sa^juofy, op, (aprivat., Sa^jMay) unknowing, igno- 
ra/2/t2/; c>u/q/'//tereacA or /ciwwiedffe of, c. gen., e. g. 

iyiiivipxris — &b€KiT€VTos> 

/Jtdxns, but a5. KOK&y beyond the knowledge, i. fli 
recwh of ill. 

&^ai(s, 4s, (a privat, ^8(£a;, 9ariyat)=foreg., tm* 
knowing, ignorant of, c. gen. : also c inf., unknown 
ir^ how to... 4 

&-8dT)TOS, oy, (a privat., Zariym) unknoum, [S&] 

&-^aios, oy, (a privat., tdios) Dor. for dSiftos. 

&-8airos, oy, (a privat., Haiyvfjuu) not to be eaieng 
unlawful to eat, 

a-8aK(>v«, V, gen. vos, (a privat., lidKpv)=-it'9dKpvT99 
I. II. SB it-idKpvTos II. 

4-8aKpvrC, Adv., without tears : from 

&-8aKpvTos, oy, (a privat., daxp^) without tears s 
hence I. act. without cause for tears, happy. II. 
pass, unwept. 

&-8aXi(s, 4s, Dor. for k-tii\iirros, 

&8a}&dvTkvos, oy, {iiZdfias) adamantine, of steel t 
hence, hard as adamant, stiibbom. Adv. -yios, 

a8(i(iavT6-8cTos, oy, (iJidfias, i4a) iron-bound. 

&8a|&avTo-ir^8iXo9, oy, (JkZdfias, v^iKoy) on base qf 

&-8d(ias, ayros, 6, (a privat., Sa/uctw) ujiconqueT' 
able : hence, I. usu. as Subst., adamant, i. e. 

the hardest metal, prob. steel : later of a compound 
of gold and steel : slao the diamond, II. as Adj. 


&-8d|j.a(rros, oy, (a privat., 8a/ai») strictly of horaei 
unbroken, untamable : inexorable. 

&-8d(iaTos, oy, Trag. form of for^. : also of fe» 
males, unwedded, [&8dr-- : but also d$- as in aSdvaros,'] 

a-8<£iravo9, oy, (a privat., ^Trdyj)) without expense^ 
costing nothing. Adv. --yus. 

a-8ao'|i.os, oy, (a privat., SaafiSs) tribute-free. 

a-8ourros, ov, (a privat., ^cda) undivided, 

&88€^s, poet, for aJb€4s. 

&88Y)KdTcs, poet, for a8)}ic(^es. 

a88T|v, poet, for }Su5riy, though some read &$i}k 
with d. 

&88T)-<^aY^a>, etc., v. sub aZr^, 

a8€, 3 aor. 2 of av^dyco : inf. a$6iV. [d] 

a8^a. Dor. for ^ScTa, fern, from rfiis, 

d-8cvis, 4s, Ep. d-Sei^f, d5-$6^s, (a privat., 94os)fear^ 
less, shameless. 2. fearless, without fear or care 
for a thing, c. gen, : rh dSccf , security. Adv. dScwf, 
without fear or scruple, confidently. 

a-86ia, ri. Ion. a-Zeiriy (i-Se^s) freedom from fear, 
safety, security: ^Stlriv ^iB6yat to grant an am- 
nesty, etc. 

&-8cii{s» 4s, £p. for &-8f^s. 

&-8€Cfi.avTos, ov, (a privat., t^ifiaiva)) undaunted: 
also c gen., without fear of, confident in. Adv. -rcos. 

d8€iv, inf. aor. 2 of ayddvca. 

a-8ckirvos, ov, (a privat., duTrvov) without food, 

&-8^KaaTos, ov, (a privat., BeKd^co) unbribed, tm- 
partial. Adv. -rws. 

d-ScKaTCVTos, ov, (a privat., Sck&tc^) not tithed. 




J^ Ep. and Ion. te Mif^. 
■D. from Ait^if^. a iiiilw. 
Mr» ^ eiMtr. ^afir, ov, I, (MA^)« 

M4i8%4, Alt. flonfir. te ttiA^Mi (tt«M^) « 
MMh^ Im» Alt i8^ (AlfXf^) «9 wfc^ 

BAAIlt (• copoL, SiX^.) L •■ Solift* a 

ifcftffcj Ion. ji< i, Epb -f«^^ « 5ro<l«r. in pL 
te#rf iiwiiin mmT tiii^rt. IL Adj. iB^Kph, 

i^ mA it» ^(r, * i igfl > g n |f or il i tori ^f hence 9. 
Mt liil* ^MMMMtp fn p&tn^ twffikf MOMO liRfi Ai e 
w »• jfoHoe 

JflVlf l|y OfvHMflHPlKiy vTlWMny jniMI* 

«r, (s nrivaty SMoor) WUkwl Irver. 

oirt a^fftt. AdF. -nw9, folill^0iif lootHng. 
tZurjfuo% Wy (a privat., ti€&/i6s) unfettered, tin- 
iemd, O. fuKcuai, Lat. /t6era eustodia. 
ipScMofCy ^5» (« privaty ScS/ros) no< «to&e<^ «(mr, 
^itfer. Let. aeerhus. 

^ *'AAFn, to jpiekeej obsd. pm., whence ca^dim has 
its lilt. 08^09: aor. 3 £80^^ oScu' [&] : pf. &6rnKa [a], 
and pf . 2 SoSS, Dor. U»L 

*'AA£'a, to saOatef obsoL pres., whence come &9- 
^(rtu and &8Si|ic^cf: fat. Kcro*: aor. i dica: inf. 
act. U/icyat or A/iepou (from &w) in same sense. 

^S^ios, contr. &-Bpo5, ov, l>or. &-$c(ldf, (a privat, 
Vibs) unaetaUed, 

Ui|KTOf, OF, (a privat.9 '^'w) 910^ gnawed or 

&-8i|X^ti, (&-817X0SO to be at a loss about a thing.^ 

U^Ca, (ft-SijAof) uncertainiy, 

£-Si|Xos9 01^ (a privat., S^Aos) unknown^ ig- 
noUe. IL unknoimif unseen, secret. Adr. -A»Sy 
secreUy : snperL &8i}\(^ara. 

4-8v|X^Ti|«9 ^os, 4> (tt-8i7Aof) ttnc&rtom/;^. 

&Si||iu»vlM, ^0'w, to 6^ ca«< efoton, troubled, to be in 
^stress or angmd^ at a thing. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

otipf, Adv., £p. SSSriVy Att. SSijv, (*&$^) Lat 
satis, enough, abundantly : oft. c gen, : iSf^u ^fty 
ri96s Xohasve m»ot^ ^s tb/z^. [d] 

^It^9ilpt9f ««5 4f ^^ (apnmt., S^ptt) urilAouf sfri/e. 

'44k|piTDf» eTy (« print., d^pCii^uu) wiAeitf ilr|^or 
boMet smooMlfitficC. IL iMOONTiMraMil, 

4Mp% IVit. of AiMw. 

*Aivi|i^ fS<n» Mr, ^ Att, bat alib *Aift|r. dw^ and 
iw, JSMIf% Lttt PAitey cbf and «2r *A(8to, Bke Attte 
Ir and Ir Aifev^ (with or withoat S^Mt) in or into 
tiiahoawof Hadea. IL later, ih$ grao9f d ba aft . 

A8i|«4*'lP^'S ^ 90^ '(^ ^ ^fwd^ #s# le 4Mwr< 

niiiltofMift* flvwnf* oMMiMiibMr. 
4-S|(«fT0f, er, (a pfivat^ 8|jdt») nol wuM. 
dr8i4-plrrot» er» (a pmat^ tm^fitibm) tui to be 

A Btsl Cp t T O^ er, (« privatt, 8i-«i^) untMdtfdt 

A-8idpflcpi9fiDt> eTtUa vrimt, dm-icpipu) not to be 
parted, vadMngumallet unioMt^bie* 2, im* 

&-8i-4XXaier0t» er, (a primt, 8l-«^Xd0WM) iff #aofi« 
ettrM^ olloifFiNf 110 fWMieiffa^feft 

4-8i4-XlT0tt ^> (• privat, 9i»-x6m) undUsohed: 
kuSstoiubie. 2. irreoonetfuAJS^. 

4-8t«-v^i|T0|y er, (a privat, Bm-wlofiai) InoMiipfV- 
ket^Me, n. act 9ie< tmdiwvlaiiiiini^, eittg, 

bMoano%t er, aho if, er, (a privat, Siadw) «r« 
wetted t metsjfii. not to be aqftened, Hubborn. 

A-SUUvwwoTot^ or, (a j^rhrat, ticMni^) nol lo 5tf 
eHUedi tneeesenU, violeni, 

&-8(d-<nnurro«, ov^ (a privat., bia'<nrdu) not torn 
asunder, unhroketu Adv. -t(»s. 

&-8uUTpcirTos, ov, (a privat, Sio-rp^iw) immovable, 
headstrong. Adv. .-rv; . 

&-^u&-4^apT0f , oy, (a privat., ^ta^^Otipoo) ineor- 

bL-Bia'^opia,ii, freedom from corruption: from 

&-8id-4^pot, ov, (a privat., bia-^elpai) incorrupt, 
incorruptible, IL imperishable. Adv. -p»s. 

&-8u£-^pot9 OF, (a privat, Sfa-^/p») tm/ different: 

&-o£8aicTos, Of, (a privat., ^cSeUrKO)) of persons, un» 
taught, unlearned, rude. II. of things, not learnt t 
also, learnt without teaching, [t] 

&-8i-c(-^pYaoTos, ouy (a privat, ii'€^'€pydCofiai) not 
to be wrought out or finished. 

&-8i-i{-ooos, oy, (a privat., iid, i^, Ms) without out- 
let. II. act unable to get out. 

&-8i^pYaaTos, oy, (a privat, bi-epydCofjiai) not 
worked out, unfinished. 

A-8t-i^Y»|Tos,oi',(a privat, bi-rfyiofuu) indescribable. 

&-8CKa(rT0$, oy, (a privat, biKdiu) without judg" 
ment given, undecided. 

&8iKC4i^vos, Boeot for ^'bixniiivos, part perf. pass* 
from b-biKi», 

A-StKiv,f. ^croff, pf.^8£icT|ica,^&-BiKos^ to doujroug. ^» 

trans, c. ace. pers. to do one tiorong, to wrofng, w- 

jure:^^, dupl. ace., &8. tivA ti, to rwoifig 00a w. ^ 


gZCicrifia — &bvTos^ 

to be wronged or injurecL 

&-8£icir))4.a, r6, (&-iiK4fo) a lorong clone, a wrong, in- 
jv/ry, Lat. injuria, c. gen., a8. rtyos, a wrong done to 

a-8un)T^ov9 verb. Adj. from it-^ucw, one ought to do 

a-8lK(a,^,(&-$M^») a torong, offence, = iiZliaifuu IL 

L^Lkiov, T6, — it-dliaiiM, an act qf wrong, 

a-8lKos, ov, (a privat, iiia{) of i)er8ons and ihings, 
doing wrong, unrighteous, unjust ; most freq. Att., 
lis. ets ri unjust in a thing, vepi riva towards a per- 
son : $j6iR05 Xi&ryos a plea of injustice : UUgotten, un^ 
righteous, IL wrong, improper, iU-matched, as 

horses. III. &8. Tj/JiSpa, i. e. aa/ev ^ik&v, a day on 

which the courts were shut, Lat. dies nefastus. Adv. 
'-KW5, without right or reason. 

cStv6q, 'fi, 6v, ij^v) strictly- close, thick : hence i. 
crowded or thronged, close-packed. 2. vehement, 

loud, esp. of sounds, more freq. as Adv., aZiywsi also 
iu5iv6v and huUvd^ vehementlg, loudly : Compar. aZi- 
ydrrepos. [a] 

a-8i-o£icir)TOf, oy, (a privat., di'ouc&a) unarranged, 

a-8i-^0«tTos> ov, (a privat., Si-^pOSa) not corrected, 

a-8ii|ros, ov, (a privat., ^ir^a) without thirst, not 

&-8)4.ijs, rjros, 6, ^,=^&rSfi7iro5, 

&-8)4.tjriv, ace. from ^-Surrris, fern, form of sq. 

oU8fi.T)T09, 71, ov, also &-81&1JS9 ^05, 6, ^, (a privat., 
Za/xdoi)) poet, for d-Scl/uurros, untamed, of cattle, un- 
Jt>roken, wild : of mbidieas, unmarried. 

'Ai8o-PaTt)s, ov, 6, (a^Si7s, $odv<o) one who has gone 
to Hades, [d] 

oSiov, Dor. for ^diov, neut. comp. of ^is. 

a8oi, 3 aor. 2 opt. of av^dvoo, 

a-8<Sicir)Tos, ov, (a privat, BoKea) unexpected. II. 
inglorious. Adv. -rctff : also w6icr^a as Adv., kt^ 

a-8oicC}i,a(rros, ov, (a privat., SoKifidCa) untried, 
unproved, p] 

&-8(iKXfi,os, o)', (a privat., 66x1/105) unproved, spu- 
rious, base, mean. IL r^ected as spurious, re- 

aSo-Xeoxcu, 'fi(ra>, to talk idly, to prate : [d] from 

aSo-X^oxTiSy ou, d, also &8^Xcoxos, ov, (&8oy, \4- 
oxv) « prating fellow. II. in good sense, a keen, 
subtle reasoner. Hence 

. aSo-Xcox^fl^ Vi prating, frivolity. IL keenness, 
subtlety, [d] Hence 

a8o-Xeaxi'K^> ^» 6v, prating, frivolous, [d] 

a-8oXos, o»', (a privat., 5(Ja.os) guileless, artless, in 
Att esp. of treaties without dishonest intent. II. 
of}}giuds, unmired, pure. Adv. -\«s, without fraud. 
dSoy, ^p, for ea^ouy aor. 2 of ayddvw. 

■ ^ 


a8ov, impf. fr<»n ^^. 

a-8<Svcuros, oi^, (a privat., Zov^vti») and 

a-86n)Tos, ov, (a privat, SoWw) imsftaiS^eft; 

a8ov(9, ilos, r\, poet, for ar^vis. [or] 

a-86{cMrros, oi^, (a privat, Zo^iffo) uneapeeted, 
not matter of opinion, i. e. certain. 

a-8o{^a>, ^oca, {&-6o^os) to be of no reputaOan, 
in iU repute. II. trans., to hold in no 


a-8o{£«^ 7f,qfno estinuUion, ill repute, 

a-8o|os, ov,Y^a privat., t6^a) in ill repute, sham^fidt 

"AAOS, COS, r6, satiety, loathing. 

&80S, €05, t6. Dor. for ^Bos, joy, 

cUSoTos, ov, (a privat, diScofu) without g^U. ^ 

a-8ovXos, ov, (a privat., iovKos) UfiAout «Armi^ ^ 

&-8ovin(|T09, ov, (a privat., doim4co) and 

flUSoviros, ov, (a privat, dovvo5) noiseless. 

&-8paviJ9» ^^9 also a-8pavcos, a, ov, (a priTSty 
Spad'w^ inac^v^, listless, feeble. 

'A8pcurrcut, Ion. 'ABfyfiorreui, ri, a name of Nemorii^ 
from an altar erected to her by Adrastus : later m 
Adj. joined to N^ft/eois, not to be escaped, as if finam 
BiBpiicrKu, cf. sq. ' 

o-SpaoTpS) ov. Ion. H-Bpriorros, (a privat, B^pdtnm) 
not running away, not inclined to run away. ' 

a-8pcvT09, ov, (a privat, Bpcww) unplv4:kedm '^ 

a-8pv)OTOs, ov. Ion. for iripatrros. 

'A8ptavds, 4i, 6v, Ion. 'ABpirivds, Adriatic ^ 

a-8pi)4.vs, V, (a privat., Bpifi^) not tart or ptoi* ^ 
gent, ' 

'AAPO'2, <£, (Ji', strictly thick : — ^but usa. full-grown^ * 
ripe : well-grown : hence stout, large, fat : in gen. ■ 
strong, great in any way. Hence 

a8poflrvinr|, ^,=sq. 

a8pon{s, rjros, ri, (aZp6s) thickness : ripeness, ftdr 
ness, esp. of body. II. ahundarux. 

a8p6o|iai., as Pass., {abp6s) to grow ripe : to come i§ 
one*s strength. 

a8pw(0, vva, (aZpSs) to make ripe. Pass, to grmo 

a8v-YXAKr<ros, -4in{s, -|jl€XiI(9, Dor. for rfiv—. 

&-8vva)4.(a, 71, (a privat, B^va/xis) want of strei^fih^ 
weakness: poverty. 

a-8vva<ria, ^,=foreg. 

&-8vvaT^6>, iiffm, {a-B{)vaTos) to want strength, power 
or ability. Hence 

d-SwarCa, 7), = a-Bvvafila. 

a-8vvaT09, ov, (a privat, Bifvaros) unable to do & 
thing, c. inf. 2. absoL without strength, power- 

less, weakly: of things, disabled: — rh &8, want qf 
strength, II. pass, ufiable to be done, impossible, 

rh &5. impossibility. Adv. -t«s. [t;] 

aSvs, ea, t(, Dor. for tjB^s. 

a-EvTos> ov, (o. \vYW&X., B^^ uoC (0 he entered: esp. 

9^W— A^iOJTU 


M Sobst, iSvroj^ T^y 1h§ mnermott samcitiofy or 
Arme^ Lat. adtftum : also 6 &8vrof . 
oSn, Att. contr. for &flSai, q. r. 
«84r, ^9, If, Dor. fior &i|Sc^, the nightmgttle. [&] 
'A&&rw, TcEy the mourmng fir Adonis. 
'AliwwttCo, (io-M, <o itreep <^ ^dlonui. Hence 
*h%mnmtr^69, ovy ^ the mourning Jbr Adonis. 
'AImpi*, tBas, 6, jidoms, 2, *A8e^i8of lerfwoi, pots 
fcrsonving quick-growing herbs in. [&] 
48it pm TD S » oVj (a privat., 8aip^^iai)=2i-9(v/>of. 
&-8iipo-8tfinpvt9 or, (a privat., Swpo-dcwc^) » sq. 

ti l i yi S^nin^ or, (a privat, Scvpo-Soic^) ttfidri^et/, 

I hp n , om, (a priTBt^ Sdpoy) withoui gifts\ taking 
Mgiftsy unbribed. a. &B»pa 9&pa gifts Mai ttre 

m gifts. Adv.-/wf. 
^•6n|S, ov, dy (a privat, 8(8a»^) ontf who gives 

HBor. ibr &#/. [&] 

I dl wi, or, (a priyat, SSra) undowered. 

li i X g ^ , Ep. and Ion. for a6\€{fof. 

MUh, Ep. and loo. for iBkdm. 

Mbpnfss poet, for &0\iirfis. 

MXior, T^, Ep. and Ion. for aJ0\or : strictljr neat, 

4tfXm, ov, also a, oi^, (^c0Aoy) rtmntTt^ for the 
prim, &. tnros a rocv-horse : &€^A.. fi^Xoy the apple 
qf cfiMordL 
&4IW, T^y Ep. and Ion. for a0^x)v. 
ofttXos, if Ep. and Ion. for a0A.os, q. v. 

oc^Ao-^pos, ov, £p. and Ion. for a6\o-<p6po5. 

ielf Adv^ ever, always^ for ever : 5eup* act ever up 
to this time : also els ckel or elsaeL AVith the Artie, 
i ael Kparuy the ruler /or the time being, who^w^r 
is ruler; & cUl ^afftXc^s the reigning king: be- 
sides eUt the Ion. and poet, forms aUl and aiev are 
very common : also cues, dcj, and a4 Dor. [a'] 

aci-PoXo«, oy, {aci, jSc^AAo;) continually thrown. 

dci-YcvcTqs, poet. cdei-yiv^Ttis, ou, 6, (acf, yiypofxat 
(ff *7€v») epith. of the gods in Homer, like cuhv idv- 
res, ever existing, immortal. 

aei-YCvi]«y «s, Att, for &ei-y€V€T7is. 

ociSe, Ep. 3 imperf., or 2 imperat., from detSw. 

a-<i8cXos, ov, (a privat.» ""^eiSoi) unseen, dark. 

d-ciSijs, €s, (*a privat., FeiSw, Lat. video) unseen, 
without bodily form. II. (a privat., etSeVa*) «/i- 

tnourn, obscure. Adv. -5c3s. 

dci^ivi|Tos> oJ'j (def, div4<a) ever revolving, [i] 

'AEl'AXi, Att- contr. ^a : fut. aeltrofiai, Att. acofiai, 
rarely aciaa), Att. acrw, Dor. ^(rw. — T'o 5»n^ .• hence 
of all kinds of voices, to crow, twitter, croak, etc. : — 
also of other sounds, as the twang of the bow-string, 
the wind whistling, a stone ringing. II. trans. : 

— >i. c. ace rei, to sing, chaunt, descant on, 2. c. 
ace. pers., to sing, praise. 3. Pass., io resound 

teith »o7i^, [&J 

At (-t«oty OV, Att. oontr. iei'^ws, cvr, (del, (of^) ever* 
living, everlasting. 

&-€iKCi^, Att. (xmtr. auda, q. v., outrage, insult. 

&-€iicAio«, a, ov, also 05, ov. ASlv. -4us z poet, fonn 
for sq. : contr. alK^Ktos. 

&-ciJci{t> ^s, Att. contr. atiefis, 4s, (a privat., ^Ikos) 
unseemly, pitiful, mean, shameful. Adv. -iws ; Ion. 
-K^ODS ; Att. oiK&s : dctK^s also as Adv. 

^-cikCo, ^, — d-cficefty. 

&-cucC(»9 /<r«, (d-cftjc^y) Att. contr. aiKlCw, to treat 
unseetiily, insult, abuse. 

&ct-KCvv|Tos, ov, (def, Kiv4ai) ever moving, in perpe* 
tual motion. 

dciKurOiffuvai, inf. aor. i pass, from deucf^w. 

dciKCoxrcurdai, Ep. for oxuciffoffBai, mf. aor. i med. 
from atiKi((a, 

dciKiM, fut. from defK^^w. 

dcC-XoXot, ov, (dc/, KaXia) ever babbling. 

dcir-XcyCa, ^, as Att. law-term, r^v iLtiXayiav vap» 
4x^tv, vpor€iv€o6at to court continual inquiry : from 

dcir-X<$yos, ov, (de^, \4ya>) always talking. 

cL-ciXof, ov, (a privat., cTXtj) unsunned 

dcC-i&KviOTos, 01^, also ty, ov, (dct, fufiv^artcofuu) in 
everlasting remembrance : ever memorable, everlast- 
ing. Adv. -ra>s. 

dcC-vaot, oi',(dc/, vdw) — h-haos, everfloteing: contr. 


&c£-TrX&vos, ov, (dei, ^Aavc^o/uei) ever-wandering. 

ocipo, poet, for Ijetpa, aor. i of def/xn;. 

dcipai, inf. aor. i from dcfpoi. 

dci-poos, ov, contr. afi-povs,=sq. 

dcC-pvT09, ov, {aei, ^6w) ever flowing. 

*AErpn, Ion. and poet, for Att. afpw, fnt. dep« [&], 
contr. dptS [d] : aor. i act. ¥ieipa and Heipa, 3 conj. 
atpoT) : med. i]€ipdixr]v, ijpdfirfv, apdfxriv, the other 
moods usu. from aor. 2 apcardai : pass. ijepOrjv, poet. 
k4pd7]v : pf. pass. part, riepfievos, 3 sing, plqpf. pass. 
Ep. HvpTo. To lift, heave, raise up, hence /o bear, 
carry : to carry off as plunder : but also, to hand, 
offer. — Med. to lift tip for oneself, i. e. bear off, tvin, 
take for oneself, 2. to raise or stir up : — aeipa- 

adai Tck larla to hoist sail. — Pass, to rise up, arise. 

atlarai, part. pi. nom. fem. from &7j/xi. 

d.cCo'co, for 6.€i(raiy imper. aor. i med. from de/Sa;. 

aeurp.a, t6, poet, and Ion. for acr/jxi, as de(5w for ddot. 

dciaofxai, fut. of de/Sw. 

dci-({>avi]S, €s, {ad, <l)aivoixai) ever shining or ap- 

d€i-(f>povpos, ou, (ael, <ppovpd) = ever watched, or 
ever watching, ever wakeful. 

dci-<j>vYia, 7), (aei, <pvYfj) erilefor life, 

dei-xp^vio9, ov, (de/, xP^^^s) everlasting, 

c,-CKa^dp.cvos, 71, ov, (a-^Ktuv) umoilling, resisting, 
usu. in phrase irc^AA* deKa(($jX€vos, Vit^V^ muUa te- 

a-efcifXtos, ov, for d-€iic^Xios. 
d-dKrjn or d-€Ki]Ti, (oi-€kmv) Ya^. Mv., agaxivsl 1 


ieKoiSo'ios — iCrjfiLos. 

wiUt oft. in Homer, c. ffen. trw hiicirrt, Lat. invito te, 
0€up &4ieriTip Lat. non propitiis Diis. [&, i] 

d-CKOvaMV, OK. also a, oy, Att. contr. hcoifftos, (a 
privat., lKo^<rios) against the will,foroedj involuntary, 
&-^K6>V9 oi;<ra, ov, Att. contr. ^wi^ [d], (a privat., 
Iicc^)') against the will, unwilling : without design or 
&-^XiKTO«, ov, (a privat, k\l<T<rui) uncoiled, 
&^Xios, 6f Dor. for ii4\io5, ^Acos. 
acXXa, riSy ri, {&to, lirifii) a stormy wind, esp. a whirl- 
vjind, 2. metaph. of any whirling motion, [ae] 
acXXato9, a, oy, (&cAAa) stormy, swift as the storm, 
&cXXa«, ci5os, ^,=:foreg. 
dcXXi^S, 6S, (&€\A.a) eddying. 
aeXXo-)4.dxoS9 ov, (&eAAa, fidxo/uu) struggling with 
the storm. [&] 

dcXX<S-vos, Horn, form of sq. 
icXX^-orovs, 6y 7iy vow, ro, gen. iroBos, (&€AAa, 
TToOs) storm-footedy swift as the storm: in Homer 
&€XA.(J-iros, like d^i-vosy vovXi-vosy etc.: dat. pL &€A- 
d-cXirr^o), (l(-cArros) to be wUhout hope^ despair, 
cUcXirrfjs, 4sy (a private £\iro/Aou} unhopedfor, un- 
d-cXiTT^a, ^, an unlocked for event : i^ &€\irrlr}5f 
Lat. ex insperiUOy unexpectedly, 2. despair : from 
a-cXiTTOS, ovy (a privat., ^A^o/aou) =d-€AtrT^s. 2. 
unlocked for, unexpected: to be despaired of, IL 
act. hopelessy desperate. Adv. -ra>f, also &€Airra as 
Adv. unexpectedly, 

o^-voos, ovy (ae/^ vim) also Ep. ^eZ-i^aof, contr. &ef- 
yctfs, ever flowing, 2. in gen. everlasting y never' 

failing. Adv. -<£ay. [d^m] 
&c-vdtt)v, ovcro, ov^^foreg. [d, d] 
&^v-vaos, ov, poet, for ke-vaos, 
ahnei, part. pi. from &97JUI. 

dclC-yuios, ov, (de^w, yviov) strengthening the limbs. 
&c{£-voos, oy, contr. ae^Lyovs, ovyy (&^^«, ySos) 
strengthening the mind. 

&c{£-^XXos9 oy, (a4^w, ipiXXoy) nourishing leaves, 
&c|C-(^vTO«, oyy {hifyo, <f>vr6y) nourishing plants, 
*A£'HA, Ion. and poet, for A'^THfi, ai^dvu, Lat. 
AUGEO: used by the old poets only in pres. and 
impf. : later poets have a fut. d€f^<r», aor. ^e^i7<ra. 
To increase, foster, strengthen : to heighten, multiply. 
Pass, and Med., to increascy wcue great : prosper, 
a-cpYcCv), Tiy^k-epyia, idleness. 
a-cpyiis, 4s,—a'€py65. 

iL-epyia, ri, a not working, idleness, [i] 2. of a 

field, a lying fallow or waste: from 

d-cpvcis, 6y, contr. kpy6sy (a privat., ^i^pycci) like 
a-tfyyris, not working, idle. Adv. -yQs, 
d^p8t)v, contr. UpBriy Adv. (ietpw) lifting up. 
dcp^0o), Ion. ii€p40ofiat, q. v., lengthd. form of 
afJ/Hf/ta/, io hanpfhe su^iended,hofcer: metaph. 67A0- 
^-^^ ^/f/jf^es ^epdffoyrat the youthful mind is flighty. 

&cp6c(s, aor. i pass. part, from i.tlp». 

&cp6cv. Dor. and £p. for ii4pdriffay, 3 pL aor. ( 
pass, from ^tlpa : d^p^i; 3 sing. 

iuipwt, oy, also a, oy. Ion. ^4pioSy a, oy, (&4Py 4^^ 
i^pi) in mist, or /AtcAr at>.- cloudy, IL m <A« oft'y 
high in air, [d] 

a-cpicTo«, oy, (a privat., Ijp7«, elp7«) unfenoed, MttL 

acpo«paT^a>, T}(7-a>, to tread in aiVy wtdk the air: ham 

ii^po-pdrqs, ov, 6, {pAipy fiaiyw) one who treads t» 

&cpo-8tvi]S, 45y (d^p, diy4u) wheeling in mr, 

&cpo-8£n)ro9, oi',=foreg. 

At po-S6n)Tos9 oy, (^"fipy doy4ui) tossed in mid akr, 

&cpo-8po|&^a>, 'ia'Uy (&rfp, lipofieTy) to traverse the aip« 

&cpo-€i8i{s, 4sy Ep. and Ion. iitpo-ei^s, (&iip, cl8tff) 
like the sky or airy misty, v. ^6po-€i2hf s. [dj 

&cpo-)Jiaxia, ri, (mlp, tJ-dxt) ^ battle in the air» 

&cpo-p.€Tp^a>, {wlip, fi€Tp4oji) to measure the air, henoe 
to lose oneself in vague speculation, cf. d€po-/3ar6ft»t 

At po-VT|xi^> ^^9 (&^p, y^ixofMi) footing in ixiry of difl 

dcp6-4>oi.Tos, ov, r&^p, 4>otrf£w) roaming in air, >• 

d^ppw, Aeol. for ae^po). 

&€poi-KdpTivos, oy, (aeipoy Kdpfiyoy) carryir^ ttl 
hectd high, 

&4p<r(\, 3 conj. aor. i from i^tpa. 

6xp&t^6Ti\S9 0^9 ^9 (^clpiOy vordoftai) hoverinff m 

&cpoi-ir<STt)Tos» oyy (aeipw, iror(£ojucu)»for^. 

ocpfK-irovs, 6, 71, vow, t6, gen. iroSo;, (oi€(p<», vs^t] 
lifting up the feet, briskly trotting. 

dcprcUa, lengthd. form of aeipoty whence come $Mr. 
I ijepniffty and pf. pass. ii4pTrjfJuu, 

&^S, Dor. forde/. [d] 

cUoo, d.4a'afi€y, Hca/iey, iea'aVy inf. dc<rcu, aor. Ij 
prob. from an obsol. root &4ot, ^ €d9», to sleep : nc 
other tenses in use : akin to &rifu. 

ifuea-i'^poavvri, ri, sillinessy follyy in plur. hutvt^ps- 
(T^yaii from 

&fO'£-(^pa>Vy ov, gen. ovos, (iAu, ^piiv) injured tl 
mind, hence witless , silly, infatuated, 

dcTiSs, or ai6T($s, also poet. cur}r65, ov, 6, an ee^ie 
{ii^fii), II. an eagle as a standard. 

&ct-cS8t)s, €5, (aerSs, elSos) eagle4ike, [a] 

**AE'Xi, to sleep, v. Heo'a, 

'^AZA, 71, strictly dryness, heat : also mould, (v. sol 

&(&X^09, a, oy, (&Cu) pass, dry, parched: hence hanih 
cruel. II. act. parching, scorching. Only poet. 

d{dva>, (&C<^) to dry or parch up. 

a-(v)Xos, ov, (o privat., C^Aos) like d-ftAawos, wn 
enviable, miserable. 2. not grudged. 

&-(i{X6>Tos, ov, (a privat., C^Ada?) no/ to 6& ^nvtee^ 

a-(iljp.to9, ov, (a privat., Cvfiia) without loss, scot 
free : not deserving punishment : not amounting l 
punishment. Xdv. -t«s, voxth vm^uniiy^ 

ifijni iOtvta. 

Vlirfb ^i, unanuinff, /iiceni 

II. hard, rtrngh I {Dmtr. 

Ii* Sym, i, *, (a prirat., friyre/u) 
Jtind, hence unmarriedj untucildeit, 
'AZa, to dry, dry up, panA. Pan. * i* ptrtkml 
m, pine aicag throngli grief. 
'joa, ia Homer as Detect. Dep. uaid in pr. tad 
ttft <Mi]y : to ttand in owe <ff, drtai thB gudi dr 
. Wi puents : hI» followed by inf. cr #4 - • ■ > f* 
fmiat.., also tntT.A> 6e awg-strudi. — Tba *M. 
' Vi nielj occun, cf. a-fSv. 

j4{wTiK, ow, (a privat, f^vyu^i) Mfw^ frm 
' ttrrj : in gen. «ol girded, 
bt, i impf. from ftij/u. 

<<ti|8i)t, 6, (n priv., Tjaoi) iniytwaont, ■ wn ayh y t of 
gHisni, un/runf%, morote : rb (lijlt'i im mtplmml 
ML AdT. -Ssii. Hence 

i-i/H», q, a ifin^ diepkaud, dagatl, MMilm. n. 
— '" fneu, orfiotisn^H. 

,«>■, (&il«^) <{^or bdmgmg to m w^ l hyt r . 


r, cantr. ovi, i^, Att. J, (itXm) Ih* nigM- 

i-^liiM,^ Ion. i^^Biit, {i-ifiiis) unucotulomtdiiett, 
otreUir, lAs being tinaanatoraed to a ihing : iifi. rt- 
»St auxpeTieime of a thing. 

ttfi ia vu, poet, for i-TiSia, to be unaocutiomed to a 
tfriojl, c. gen. [o] : impt aii9tviroi' [d] . 

k4/hfi. It, (a privBt, ii$os) unwoaled, untuval, 
strange. t. iiaiaed ia b thing, c. gen. II. 

•atlunit ileal or Eharacler. Adv. -Bms, unexpmtedig. 

'AHMI, ii^ iqpH, iiiittmi, pan. (U(i : impf. 3 ring. 
^ dnml tar"" : Med. and Fan. ^/ui, part, i^/ttrai : 
J mpf. Sirro. 2\) brsatbt hard, bbm, of the wind : 
tha ined. and pats, fomu aomeCimea mean to be 
ImIm ij A< unntj, but more uni. to tou or imns 
tffHl Qtifbg the aindi hence A> £b ip^od oArood 

Unu, inf. from Jhtfu. 

lib, Uptt, 4 Att. ^ Ion. and Ep. lifip, Vfwi, 4 =— 
ia Ikm. and He*., 164 buBtr air, Ikt almo^ihere, 
ttiefe sir or Aon that lomnuidi the earth, q:ip. to 
akfp Ikapmt uppar «tr, t. eap. IL 14. a88 1 henee 
aiMhr darfaMs, mM aInEn/ fur Jtco- nm. iagen.l 

Fef, (• pifrat, Mum) 

rfa) flflwr hariM law* ol «m. 

Ltt w wnt, er, alw % <r, (■ prirat., > Jw i»rt w 
<^liBf, im m e rlal, app. to Anfi/j and ^par^, IiaoM 
Udvwrei, ol, M« Jwiaartnh, of dw Godt, alao of any 
body that li kept at a oeRaln nnmbK 1 of tbingi, 
mttrtuAif. Adr.-nn. [A" ' ** 

t fcaiut, or, (• prira^ H 

'AeA'PA. 4, Att UK ■>» WW «n>«^ or "~^ 
porridge majt qfit. [IW] 

IrJavfuurTcn, or, (a piivat, Sou^fiv) not tsonder- 
ing at an; thing. Adv. -tsi. IL not leonder- 

tdai or admired, 

A-Manw, or, {a privat., ^fita^uu} unMen, {nvinftb r 
lecret. II. act not teeing, blind to. 

^■9ttltAiT.{apnva,t.,et6s)urilhoul the aid <if God. 

a-fiiXimif, OK, (a privat., 9iXyu) implacal/let 

S-hfin, iToi, j, 4, (n privat, N^i) lawleit. 

&-S(|i(o-ru>i, ov, and &-6^fiiurrii«, or, (b priv., 9iiut) 
iawlesa, uiiihoai taw or ffovemfoent, godUtt, Lat. 
nefariai. Adv. -rwt. 

a-BiD<, or, (a privat., hit) taithoat God, denying the 
godi, eap- the recognised gods of the fitate ; in gen- 
godleia, ungodly, II. abandoned bg the godi. 

Adv. ~ut. Hence 

j>-6«<iTi]s, •fi't, ii, gadleasneti, ttngodlinefi. 

^-Bipanrmrla., -^i want C(f attendance or care I uiu. 
c gen*, neglect qf& tiling; from 

&-EI<pdit«VTOti sv, (a privat., Btpaxtiai) not attended 
to, neglected. IL tmheided, incuTdble, Adv. 

-,«,. [p4] 

&.4<p(tw, f. Imu, later (£(>, (a privat., Btpit, Bipa. 
iriiia) to ifight, taake light nf, c ace 

JL-WppAVTOt, or, (a privat., Btpiiaira) unfLeoled ; nnt 
SMtied bypauiott. 

o-^/UK , OH, (a privat., flipriii') iMlhout uamdk. 



&-0^<r^Tos9 ov, also ti, ov, (a privat., Ms, (pvi/d) 
Uneapressibie : hence monairousy huge, vast 

.&6rro«, ovy (a privat., rlBrifu) not placed or ar- 
ranged: hence Adv. -rasy^iodfffuasy lawlesaly. 

a-6i|Xo99 oVy (a privat., Qrikii) unstudied, weaned. 

&-6i{XvvTo«, oy, (a privat., dmX^eo) not made wo- 
manish: masmline. 

*A9i|va9 asy ^, contr. from *Mriv6a, also ^A&firn, 
'Aenivaia, 'Aeijyairiy Dor. 'Addd^o, AeoL *A0aifday Athe- 
noy Lat. MinervOy the tutelary goddess of Athens. 

'AOnjvofc, Adv., to or towards Athens : from 

'A6f|vai9 mfyotythe city of Athens, like 6^i3«u, etc, 
in plur., because it consisted of several parts. 

'A^vivalov, rSy {'AOmva) the temple of Athena. 

*A6T|vato9, a, oVy (*A^yai) Atheniany of or from 

'A6i4vi|6cv or -6c, Adv., from Athens. 

'AOi^Kno-i, Adv., at Athens. 

&Oi|Viau» to long to he at Athens. 

'AOiljvoOcv, Adv., from Athens. 

*A0H'P, 4po5j by the beard or spike of an ear of com, 
an ear of com itself. II. the point or barb of a 


&-6i{paTOS9 avy (a privat, Oiipdu) not to be caught. 

^U6i{pcvro9, oi^y (a privat., 9npiw)y^ioTeg. 

&6t|pt)-Xoiy6s, 6, {&Hp, Xoiy65) consumer of ears of 
com, of a winnowing madiine : cf. iiOrjpd-fiptoros. 

&dT|p6-Pp«*Tos, oVf {&BiiPy $i$p(&<TKat) devouring ears 

a-6i|pos, oy, (a privat, d'fip) without wild beasts or 

a-6ucT09» OK, (a privat., Oiy/di^Wy Beyuv) untotu^ied, 
usn. c. gen., untouched by a thing. 2. noi to ^ 

touchedy holyy sacred. IL act. yio^ touching. 

&6Xcva>, contr. from Ep. a€0Xct((», et^trw, (S0\os) to 
contend for a prize, combaty wrestle. II. to stntg- 
glCy endurcy suffer. 

iMkivty f. Vo), (2dAos) to contend for a prize* 2. 
to endurcy suffer. 

. a0Xv)|ia, r6y {iiB\4u) a contesty struggley toil. II. 
an implement of labor. 

iMXtfciltpy rjposy by old/BT form of sq. 

&6Xt|tt|9» contr. from ike6\rrrfiSy oO, 6^ (&dAc») a 
oombatanty champion; esp. a prize-fyhter, Lat. 
fUhleta, II. in gen. one practised or skilled tn, 

master of& thing, c. gen. 

&0Xtov, T6y contr. from Ep. h4BKtov » dBXoVy the 
prize of contest: but al8O=sS0Aos, contest. 

a0Xios, a, oy, also 05, oi^, contr. from otBXiosy (&c- 
OAov, diOXou) toilsomey painful ; hence in gen. un~ 
happy, wretchedy Lat. miser. Hence 

&0Xt6TV|«, )7Tos, )7, /otV, suffering, wretchedness, 

&6Xo-6cTi]p, ^poy, ^, (SflAoi', Tr^/ii)=sq. 

&6Xo-6Itt)s, ovy 6, {diexoy, riOri/u) one who awards 
the prize, the jiidge in the games, also fipa&vlts. 

''A^AON, r4 contr. from Ep. iitBXovy the prize of 
^nau^s/, jn giea. a ^7/7, present: a reicard, recom- 

pense. II. in plur. also«=c[0Aof,.a contesty 


'^AOAOS, dy contr. from Ep. &td\os, a contest either 
in war or sport, esp. contest for a prize: toily troubk. 

id\oarvvr\f ^,=:20Aoy, a contest, 

&0Xo-^po«, oyy {di0\oyy <p4pai) bearing away ike 
prize : in Ep. form &€0X-i. 

a-6oXos, oyy (a privat., 60X65) not muddy, clear, 

a-96kuroi9j ov, (a privat., 0oX6(a) not muddiedy «»- 

&-6opvPir)To$, oy, (a privat., Oopv$eu) undisturbed, 

a-66pvPo«, oy, (a privat, dSpvfios) without uprom'j 
undisturbed, tranquil. Adv. -fiots. 

a-0pavoTos> oVy (a privat, BpaiKo) unbroken, sotmd^ 

'A0P£'fi, £ -fiffMy Att. o^pco), to look at, view, •&• 
serve. 2. later, of the mind, to constder, think en, 

aBpiyrioVf verb. Adj. from aBpfot, one must considers 

adpoC^ia, f. olffa, pf. pass. Ijdpourfuuy (iiBp6os) to gm^ 
iher togethery collect, esp. to levy forces. PaM^ to Ar 
gathered or crowded together : of armies, to wOTtof^ 
Med. to gather for oneself. 

aOpoto-t«, cctfs, ^, (a6|po/C^) a gatheringy coUeeOi^ 

. oBpourpMy r6y (ikBpoiiu) that which is gaOmred, m 
heapy mass. 

dOpoiortfov, verb. Adj. from hBpoiffty one ntintf «■& 

bAp6o%, a, or, old Att a0p6os, contr. &0pouty (4l^ 
0p6os) assembled in crowds^ collected together. IL 
all at once, once for all, rh aBp6ov the whole botfy, ike 
mass : collective, hBp6a vdyr' airerurty he paid tbm 
penalty of all at once, hence Adv. oBp6op and itBp6me, 
at once, suddenly. III. immense, vasty also e8»- 

tinuous, incessant. 

a-6pvnTos, oy, (a privat, Bplirrai) unbroken, mi- 
perishable. II. esp. not enervated. 

a-6v|Ua>, f. iio'u, (&'9vfMs) to be disheartened $ eip. ie 
despond at or for a thing. 

a-dv|&T)T^ov, verb. Adj. from ardvfA^Wy one must laee 

a-6vp.(a, 71, {H-Ovfiosywant of heart, fatntheartedneetf 

ajOv|jio«, oy, (a privat., OvftSs) without heart at 
spirit, spiritless, fairUhear ted, desponding. Adv. -ftrnem 

&Ovp|ta, r6, {aO^ca) a game, toy, an amusemeni^ 
Att. also SBvpfAo. 

aOvpffcanov, t6. Dim. of foreg., a little game or lof^ 
a pet. 

a-0vp<S-YXa>TTos, ay, (a privat., dipa, yKurra) taik' 
ing without restraint : chattering. 

a-6vp6-OTop.os, oy,(a privat., Oifpa, arr6fM)=i-&up6» 


oU6vporo9, oy, (a privat, Q^paos) without thyrsus, 
'A6T PXl, to play, amuse oneself. II. c. aoc te 

play ai a tiling, do it iu play. ^aflw"i 

i-liip«Taci or, (a privai^ 0u, 

(a privat, W«) fi 

j0ii"i, not (U'tfi^ilfii Ja gaxrificsi in 
Mwrl II. act. iFifAouI gactijicins. 

, {aprivai., S^tn) 
', gen. anpuniahed iffj 
inn. ±1. aoi. Asrtn'eu. 

IrMnvTOC, iw, (a pTtVat., ^wteku) uI 
tttUiU^leTy, rough, harsk. 
tAnpnrKTTOS, a>'i (n privac., 9upiiKi)|i<) 


•Wl^ sod Dor. for <£, i/': in Mooier 

itm, Dor. defied, if only, ao thai, Lat. iiuami^ 

l^oeUm. of strong desire, O llmt ! itmM Ik^t 

4 eicLam- of astonishnient and grief, *ft / MM / 


If A, q, gen. aTiiT, poel. for yiua, -ri, eaf0t, Itmi, 
Jt'OLo, T(t, trailing : frum 
.^^■•j i Gc^ (a erv bI or ob .' to imii, and B, Mb !• 

'rirti, 4, &•, verb. Adj. from a 

tlSw^t, it. Ion. oligii^j, prob. [torn bIA nd M 
tMtf,etrriatlinff t bencetssiinsanf, ii'ArMawi diai 
pBoally /Hcn/uf, diilreiiing, 
JJumiiB, ... «, (Mm, -ar.,) „„ ./«i., U 
Uent, a tBtiaen nf the tribe Aiainit, nmwd iAw 
be Hod. 

•iwwiAdv., {alarJii)/or ever. 
j aipci,/auffh ! exd&ia. oS.ditgaat or Bstoaiilmiait. 
JUyuiaifiHf, yteffEOa i Aiy.TriKaryo! Mf --liyean, laid 
■a be w called froni Aegeui: AiVoiot ipai rnmtntlda. 
■^■^1 ^. (otE) a himling tpear, jaBflia. 
■Ifaos, ■, Ion. n, 01', (olj) leugthd. fnr eSym, ufa 
tM or goals, hat. capririun! aho Hf Isubsl. i ^yti^ 
ab- Sofid, a ffac£a nkin. 
AITElPtXS, i, ibe hladt popUv. 
AfAAmty M, 6, <a]{, bMim) a goat-herd. [&] 

■hJMnii, at i, fan, -trt^ ijai, on thoAarei fivm 
atyOMfeA, (4eM>i-«k)»,jbJi«iaA,<fni»il (Da- 

ilyl.BMi«. «MT, 4. [^. Siftrim) « goal-patlure. 

^fiMnit, ov, i, (idt, Boris) ftedmg goata. 

«lf{-P«ra«> or, (al{, fiiaat) broatmi hg gaatt. 

^fcXltm, 4f > biid, 1A« «/, Lu. pariu. 

rfl|t w y m, IP, (ii% >v^) goat-thamkad. 

~'- '-h4ur,otf[a/^,iiofbiniu)feederi Iff goalt. 

•V^iiMif, Hot, t, i, (^ Kitwu) (trictly, deterled 
rmthtgoaUy'baaix.MepjiheeT. [yX] 

•tft-iniiwfc IT, (dt, r^ur) browMd bg goat*. 

of vfaldi fioli mra fDD>£ 

■M^ On, 4, A* Mlii or ibMd af Z», tevawl 
laIL5.738| (fiMBi Jtm^tonutof 

^yX^M, Dor. ftr alrAfM. 
■CyUti arrs^ conB. ftr faw. 

•ptexlgr, ytiry; HoM 

flmt, JMitnH. 
nW«P»— J i. f^ (■)(. iB'nw) CMdbv «****« •■ 
SnbK. a ^QnMard: 

K4fn)gMiJi«ni«d. IL u Siibrt. «■»/., C«w^ 

MntmthaZ -^^ 

Al-yvarot. A, the rimer Nile. II. i, Egfpl t 

henoe Af)virr^i4(, to Egypt. 

aky-imi, i^u, i, i, (olf, but) JWil-A«itAil. 

'AtSat, Dor. tor 'A»nT, 'Attqi. 

olSiLo. impeiat. pro. £R)m sq., for lui^ alao cdSia. 

Al'AE'OMAI, f_ iffofioi, poeU ioaQpsi^ alio i^o^tai, 
Dap. c fut. med. ec aor. pua. ^irAjv : ■!» pf. part. 
^S((r/i6'Ds, in pBH. lignf. recoaaied i — £p. pns. of- 
Sa/iai. To feel t/ume, be aihamed or fear: alio A) 
reaped, reverence a penon : — o. inf. lo be as/mmedar 
qfraid la do a thing. i. a* Alt. lav-tenn, lofeel 
pity for, bence to pardon, esp. in aor. i alSiaaaOai. 

aiStatir, for alt^rrOiKrai', 3 pi. aor. i from foreg. 

at&^94tfT^ imper. aor. i from alSio/tat : and 

dtS^mpit, Dv, ^jvifinji sAome or retpeet, venenJile. 

oJStvw, IKS', 4) (liSVofini) rMfRpawton. 

aIUinni)iat, poet. fut. of aSSioiuu. 

U8i|Xat, Dv, (a privat., iSnv) makiiig uiiaeen: 
hence annihUating, destroying. IL pau. wuMn, 

unjbtoutn, otiGure. Adr. -Aaii. 

olSijpiUv, or, gen. am;, (afS&^uu) bashfvi, nuufoC 
Adv. -fiJiwi, 

d-iE^t, ^i, (a pHrat., Citu-l unwfn .- deatroyed, 

USiof, ™, »lw u, w, (4.1) «i " 

; (af)A, ^fi) ji^i-Searui^ 

dtSwt, Dv, al>o II, ov, (ill) nerloifm^, f 

/ d-i8t4i, )}, if, (o prirtt, iiiu>) poBt, for MM\i> ^ 
jsem, hiddea,daTU. 


alboti(rT€pos — aUCCio • 

alSoi^oTcpos, -iffraros, Compar. and SuperL of 

alSoiov, r6y mostly in plur. rh oxSoto, the genitals, 
pudenda, strictly neut. from 

alSoios, a, ov, {ai^iofiai) regarded with awe or re- 
verence, august, venerable: of women, deserving 
respect, tender : of things, valuable, excellent, II. 
act. bashful, modest. 2.. reverent, Compar. and 
Super]. -4(TT€po5, -ioraros. Adv. -o>y, reverently. 

A'IAO'MAI, aJSSfiriv, £p. for aiS4ofiai. 

*'Ai8os, "AiSt, £p. gen. and dat. of *ATSrjs, from an 
obsol. nom. "Ais i "AXSSsSt^ and tls "AXSSsSe, to the 
dwelling of Hades : and civ ''AXSos sc oiKt^, Att iv 
|5ov, in Hades, [cuS-, but a sometimes.] 

al8^-<^p&>v, ov, gen. ovos, (ai^tl^s, *ppiiv) feeling re- 
spect in mind, compassionate. 

&-i8pc£T), 71, (&-XBpis) want of knowledge, ignorance, 

&-i8pTitt), fi, (&-tdpis) Ion. for alSpelri, 

a-kSput, Ti,=it-idp€lri, 

oUiSpis, (, gen. 105 and eos, (a privat., tSpis) tm- 
knotving, ignorant. 

&-l8po-8Cicir)s, ov, 6, Dor. ^-i^po-^Uas, (&-tBpts, Biiai) 
unknowing of right or law, lawless, savage, [5t] 

&-t8pvTOs, ov,=i^y-lBpvros, unsettled, unsteady. 

ArAA'2, 605, contr. ovs, ^, sense of shame, bash- 
fulness, modesty : a sense of shame or honor, awe : 
regard for others, respect, reverence, II. that 

which causes shame or respect, and so i. a 

shame, scandal, 2.=:r& ouSoIo. 3. dignity, 


aUi, Ion. and poet, for ^el, 

alek-Ycv^Tt)9, 6, poet, for aft-yeyerris, ever existing, 
(For compds. of alci here omitted, v. sub de(-^) 

«iUX-ovpo99 6, 71, Ion. for alK-ovpos, 


aUv-virvos, ov, (altv, Sttvos) lulling in eternal sleep. 

aUs, Dor. for ac/, aiei. 

alcrcis, 6, lengthd. form for a€T6s, an eagle, 

al^i^ios, 6, lengthd. form of al^Tids. 

al(t)<Ss, lengthd. ol^^ifos, 6, lively, active, vigorous. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

avqroi, — iriros. 

alv)T6s, 6, Dor. for iLer6s, cu€76s, an eagle. 

alOoXt), 71, (c^dw)='oCldaKos, soot. 

cd0aX£a>v, tovos, (dftfoAof) swarthy, dusky, 

al6aX<Scis, eaaaf tv, contr. ovs, ovatra, ovv, (alfda- 
Xoy) smoky, sooty, black. II. burning, blazing. 

AI^dAAOS, 6, like Xiyyius, a smoky flame, the ihick 
smoke of fire, soot. Hence 

al6aX<S6>, to burn to soot or ashes. Pass, to lie in 

atOc, Dor. and Ep. for eXQc, O that ! would that ! 
Lat. utinam. 

«ilOcp-cp.-PaT^(0y {cuBiip, i/A-fiartw) to walk in ether. 

al0^pu>s> oLf ov, (alOiip) of or belonging to the upper 
air, as opp. to ii4pu)5, and so i. high in air, on 

jifjfi^yi, 2» e/A^riaJ^ heavenly. 

olOepo-P&Ww} {cd$^p, $aT4€o) s al0€p'§fi-'fi«ritt, to 
walk in ether, 

ai9€po-hp6yuo%,ov,(aidiip,dpafifiv) skimming Uieeffier, 

al6i{p, 4pos, in Homer always ^, in Att. prose al-^ 
ways 6, in Pindar, Trag., and Aristophan^ common, 
(ot&Gtf) : — ether, the upper, purer air, hence hmtven, as 
the abode of the gods : also the clear sky or heaven, 
opp. to ^ip, the lower air or atmosphere, 

Al6ioirv)a«, irregular pi. ace. from Aldiof^. 

Al6£-ot|;, OTTOS, 6, Horn. fem. AiBiovis, IBos, (alOv, 
d$T|/) an Etfuop. 

olOos, r6, and 6, (aXOca) a burning heat, fire. 

al6d«, ^, 6v, {aXdm) burnt. 11. of a burnt color: 

fire-colored, fiery. 

aXBovira, ii, sc. trrod, (c^Oai) the corridor, porch, 
usu. looking East or South, to catch the sun,— 
whence the name. 

aI6-ot|r, OTTOS, (al66s, &yp) fiery looking, of metal, 
flashing: and of wine, sparkling. TI. metaph. 

fiery, Iwt, keen. 

atOpY|, it, later aXdpa, (tuBiip) a clear bright sky, f ok 

al9pv)^Yev^Tt)Sy ov, ^,=sq. 

al6pi|-Ycvi^s, 4s, {aXBpri, *y4va>) bom in ether, sprung 
from ether, 

al6p£a, ii,^aildpfii, used absol. in gen. tuBpiasj (sub. 
oiffTis) in fine weather, Lat. per purum, II. Ike 

open sky, 

al6pio-KOkWa>, 'fjaoo, (aidpla, koItti) to sleep in the 
open air, 

atOpiot, ov, (atdprji) clear^ bright, fair, II. in 

the open air : nence cold, chill. 

aI6pos> 6,^td9pr}, the clear chUl air of mom. 

AI^OTIA, 7), a water-bird, diver, Lat. mergus. 

AVQT'^^n, ^|a), (akin to aX0w and 0tW) to ptU in 
rapid motion, stir up, kindle. Pass, to move rapidly, 

AVQQ., only found in pres. and impf., to light up, 
kindle : Pass. aXOofjuu to bum, 2. rarely intr. to 

bum or blaze. 

ai6a>v, avos, 6, {c^doo) strictly fiery, burning, II. 
of mQtil, flashing, glittering. III. of animals, 

fiery, fierce, or tawny, like hat. f ulcus, rufus. 

aiKa, Dor. for eT kc, 4dv, c conj., if. [icd] 

ArKA'AAA, f. &\u, to flatter, wheedle, fondle, c ace. 

atKc, oUkcv, poet, and Dor. for idv. 

aUcU&, 7i,=cuKia, q. v. 

diKi^, Tifiito'a-a) rapid motion,flight, Lat. impetus. [cU] 

&iici^S> €5, poet, for aeiK^s, q. v., contr. aliens, un- 
seemly. Adv. oukws, [aX] 

alxCa, 7j, Att. for the Ion. deticc^?} q. v., injurious 
treatment, an affront, outrage, oft. also in plur. 
blows, stripes, 

ahcV^fo, {aiicfis) to treat injuriously, to affront, out" 
rage, esp. by blows, to plague, torment : usu. as Dep. 
med. atKi(ofiai, f. lovfjuu. Pass. aor. i TJKlaBrjvi 
perf. "JKurpLou 

Unwfy tfr, (« piiwat- IkW<vhu) iwyjmMM*<iMifi 


AfMA, arat, rd^ ibod^ ako in pliir. jItmom ff 
NmL IL Ifmmtd, mwdtr. IIL lUu 

Tat wiylff, Wotrf rilfftfiomlhtfjj, iriii. 

Mfu) fMiiNji ff Wg g rfj made apoa ^ gmva to ap- 
•i|Hurr^ 4^ ^y Terii. Adj. fimn td/adffvm, dmmi 


l|w»> A i^ g i > xMidaoaay/wMi^atpafl;Lat. 

liM^ Jtem wUh hhodt hence ilo «NNmd^ drom 

MnfafMit. II* alio ffiwiitilMiff ofbioodm 

«l|&&ritiM, /(Ttf, (oT/ia) A> <<dm tcrt/A 6/ood!. 
ci^fiMfiis, co-o-a, cy, (af/ta) bloody, covered with 
Hood, 2. blood-reds or coruitting of blood. 3. 

«l|iiLTi>-Xoix^ <^^> (ol/uay Xc/x») licking bloody fytts 

9S/1. thirst ybr blood, 
ttlft&TO-f w& Tu s^ ov^ d, (o&a, vlyti) a blood-drinkery 


olfiaTop-pd^os, oy, (af/Ao, Po<p€ai) blood-drinking, 
ai|MLT^p-pvTO<, oy, (ofjua, ^^) blood-streaming, 
alfuLTO-«rraYi{s, es, (c^fut, orci^of) blood- dripping, 
al|jLaT^-<^pT09, oi', (of/ta, 4>^fM0) bloodstained, 
aliiAT^ct, iawf (oT/Aa) /o ma/r^ bloody^ stain with 

aifL&T-^S8v|S9 €5, (oliuo, cTSos) looking like blood, 

ai|iaT-«»ir^ i^i', (al^a, d^tf') bloody to behold^ blood' 

ttainedy but also bloody, murderous, 
o2|i.iaov, r6f (of/xa) a 6a«tn ^or blood. 
«l|&o-6&^i^ ^s, (a^/io, /Sedrrof) bathed in blood. 
clpj6ivffoi9f ov, {atfiOy 8/i^a) bloodthirsty. 
ati&op-p&Yi^ 4s, (alfJM, ^iiyvvfu) bleeding violently, 
al|i^|>-pavTOf, ov, {eJfia, ^aliw) blood-sprinkled. 
a l |top-poA», (jidfia, ^m») to lose blood : to have a 

discharge qf blood. Hence 

ATlloa, 4. a Aora. 

•IfM-oriiY^f* ^» "" d^ M fra-^Prar ytf, drtpfiii§ wlA 

aI|M-4^p«iGT0t> or> {titita, ^ofdnm) itfUi oM 

alii^iii ^a2iu(awifu 

olfiiXa-|Mfn|t» ov» 4» (a^H^Xaf « M^ra) (|^ wfwi iiw f 


AfMrVkOa, lb ar, ako of^ ar, jUaMin$^ wianiiy^ 
wAiirffiiyy ar%. 

aTimr, opot » i^ •» Sa^oiry >aibn>#, AnoMPiiVy aUI- 
>W. IL («4«)^^^ 

al » i | > ^im» 0V9 ^ (aJydfy ^^P*v<il) <mtJ&% 6nNW» 
AlvaCoi* «v^ 3^ Amtas^ £p. gsn. Atyitto^ but also 

^bremi^ ant, 4!> (aMi) a pndgingt predm* 

alvardtt ^ ^9 verb. A^j. |»rBiM(^ jiraifMWfflyr 

a ii4 ii » f. Im^ Ep. ifav* 1 aor i ^wirai ]wk£ Iffaai^ 
pais. IfrwMut aor. pais. ^W^: — stricUy 'ia i«ff or 
sfMiair ^ ((£ aliras), but nso. to jpaair it» |»«is9 ^9 
jprmiMg apprmf§y o. aoo.^ Lat AmJara. «• to ai^ 

tow, fwoonaMndl 5. like ^byavar, to 6# opiiton^ 

mih, aeqmieaee iru 4. to (feeiwia eoiirtoaiid(y> like 
Lat. /iBittiiBfir. IL toptvaitoforooia. 

Af'NH, i^yHoIyDf, praise, fame. 

atvi|)jii, Aeol. and £p. for oii^^ 

alKQat, Ion. for oIpous, dat. pi. from ahf6s. 

alv^T^, "fl, 6v, poet, for ohfeT6s, 

atviYffca, arcs, t($, (ouvUraofiai) a dark saytr^^ 
riddle: oft. in plur., as ^ik or i^ alviyfidruy in 
riddles, darkly, also iy aiuiyfuuny. 

alviYfJiaT-uOTis, €5, (aXviyfia, etSos) riddling, dark, 

alviYfi,^, 6, {(dviffffoiMi) a speaking in riddles! 
usu. in plur. like oXyiyfM, 

alv((o), Dep. med-^ouvcu, 

olviK'n^piof, ou, (cuyitrtrofuu) riddling. Adv. •4cts, 

alviKT^s, 'fi, 6v, expressed in riddles, riddling: 

oXvUnro^ax, Att. alylrrofxcu, f. ^ofuu, Dep. med. 
{cdyos) to speak darkly or in riddles, to hint a thing, 
give to understand. II. also in Pass. aor. i 

^vix^^v : pf. •fviyfiai, to be spoken riddlingly, 

alvo-PCas, Ion. aivo-fiiris, ov, 6, {alvSs, fiia) fearftdly 
strong, [i] 

alv2-Y&|ios, ov, {ouy6s9 yofidu) fatally wedded, 

alv^cv. Adv. from aly6s^il aiyov, in the phrase 
aly66€v cuyco5,from horror to horror, very horribly. 

alv6-6puirT0«, ov, {aiy6s, Bpiwro{uu\ dreodfuU'^ 

al|i4p-pota, 4, a ^Otafye qf diiwd, (^ blo<kfy\ alKO-Ao|iiii{«, ^s, (^alv6s, X&|jW^ luymd-gUamVag. 
^' I aM-Xcrrpos, ov, ^ouyAs, Xiicrpov^ fatoIHl weddad 


alvoXifav — ^Al^'PH. 

■ aXvo-kUwy 0PT05, 6, {(dv6fy Aciwv) a dreadful lion, 

alv6'\ivoSt ov, (cuv6s, \lvov) of fearful destiny y in 
allusion to the thread of life. 

alv6-XvKOS9 ^y {auv6sy KOkos) a horribU wolf 

alv6-)Jiopo9, oy, (cuv6s, lUpos) doomed to a sad end: 
come to a dreadfid end, 

olvo-vaOifs, 4sy {cXv6sy rraBetv) suffering dire ills, 

alvo-variip, iposy 6, (cuvSsy var4\fi) urJutpptf faUier, 

ArNOS, 6, a taley story, eLsewh. ftddosj cdvttv cUvov 
to tell a tale : hence afablcy like Aesop's : in gen. a 
saying, proverb. II. later that which is 

said to one*s praise, praise. 

ArNO'2, ^, 6v, Ep. word =^€iv6s, dread, dire : of 
persons, dre€ul, terrible, esp. of Zeus. Adv. --y&s, 
terribly, i. e. very mttch, exceedingly, aivas 'tcucp6s 
terribly bitter : also <uvd as Adv. 

alv(SrT|«, nfTos, rj, (aivSs) Ion. and poet, for HfivSrris. 

aivo-r6KSia, ri, as fern. Adj. {aiu6s, r6Kos) tmhappy 
in giving birth, unhappy in being a mother. 

alvo-Tupawos, 6, (01^65, ri/powos) a dreadful ty' 
rant, [u] 

AfNTMAI, defect. Dep., used only in pres., and 
impfl without augm., like cdpa, Aptntfuu, to take, 
lay hold of, c. gen. : also to enjoy, feed on. 

*AfNfi, ace. to Gramm. the root of ^i-alvt». 

at(, olYdf, 6, ^, dat. pL aifywiv, {iAinrm) a goat : 
aUt^ aypia or Hyptos, the chamois. 

&t{aoicc, £p. 3 aor. from Haaw. 

&t{a>, fut. from aiacw. 

Al'O'AAH, to shift rapidly to and fro. Pass, to 
change in color or hue: ifupoKes atd^Xoyrai the 
grapes begin to color, Lat. variegantur, 

aloXo-Pp6vTT)s> ovy 6y (al6Xos, fipoirrfi) wielder of 
forked lightning. 

i^oXo-9fapT|{, riKoSy 6, (cu6\os, 0(^pi}|) either with 
glittering mail, or, swift, active in mail, or, momng 
lightly in maiL 

aloXo-|jM]niS, ov, 6, =sq. 

aloX6-p.T)Tis, tosy 6, 71, {ou6\osy fjajjis) fuU of various 

cdoXo-|jiCrp«|s, ov, 6, (aidXos, fihpa) with variegated 
girdle, or movable girdle, cf. cdohjo-Bdpri^, II. 

with variegated turban, 

aloX<S-irci>Xos, ov, {016X05, vSaKov) turning or ma- 
naging steeds: ace to others with dappled or swift 

AVO'tiO^y 97, w, easily-turning, quickly-momng, 
and so nimblcy active, of worms, wriggling : as epith. 
of armor, easilywielded, manageable. II. oh angeful 
of hu£, glistening, glancing, at. u6^ spangled night : 
al6\a (TC^I flesh discolored from disease. III. 

metaph. i. changeful, shifting, varied. 2. 

wily, slippery. 

B. as prop, n., proparox. AtoTios, ov, 6, Aeohis, the 
god of the winds, strictly the Changeable. 

adoX<S-<rTop.os, ov, (cd6Ko5, <rr6fM) of various mean- 

i|t4ox. Dor. dat. pi. of ^tdsv. 

alorciv^, ^, 6vy (ouTt^s) highy lofty, o£ dties on 
heights : metaph. lefty, high-flown, 2. ^eep, 

hard to climb. 

alimicis, 6<ro'a, ev, poet. fGecdiretvds, 

al-TToX^u, 'fioay {cu'v6\o5) to be a goatherd. Pass, ft) 
feed, browse. 

aliroXiK^, ^, 6vy {alTr6K05) of or belonging to goa$' 

al-ir^Xiov, r6, (ai-irtJXos) a herd of goats. IL 

a goat'pasture. 

al-ir<SXo«, 6y for al'yo-ic6Xos, (oK^, rroXin) a goat-herd. 

At'nOlS, €0Sy t6, a height, a steep. 

ArnO'2, "h, 6v, Ep. for aXirOs, hi^, lofty, usu. of 

alirv-p.ifj'n]^, ov, 6, {cutt^s, /itjtis) u/ith high thoughts 
or aims. 

alirv-vttrros, ov, (jaMs, vSaros) high-baeked, on a 
high ridge. 

ArnT'S, €ta, {>, high and steep, in Homer esp. of 
cities on steep rocks : fip6xos cdv. a noose har^ghig 
straight down. 2, headlong, sudden : alirbs x^Kk 
towering wrath. 3. metaph. ?uird, difficult: oM 
ol icatircu it will be hard work for him. 

aWcrif&oSy ov, (aipeu) that can be taken, 

atpcais, €us, (ou'pcw) a taking, conquering, esp. of a 
town. II. {cdpiofxat) a taking for oneself, choos- 

ing, choice. 2. choice or election of magis- 

trates. III. a deliberate plan, purpose. 2. a 

sect, school. 3. a heresy. 

alptriov, verb. Adj. from alptooy one must take, 
choose. II. alpCT^09, a, ov, to be taken, desirable. 

alpcTiK^, "fl, 6v, (cdpeu) able to choose. 2. here- 
tical. Adv. -Koas. 

ctlpCT^, 4l, 6v^ verb. Adj. from alpivo, that may be 
taken or conquered. II. (alp4oftai) to be chosen, 

preferable, desirable. 2. chosen, elected. 

Al'PE'A, fut. aXpi\(r(a: pf. riprnKo, Ion. hpaiprtiKO, 
pass. iipalprifiM : aor. i pass. "jpcBrjv : fut. pass, aipe- 
d^trofiat : and from the root *cA.a), aor. 2 tViOv, inf. 
IXfly: med. ^iK&fttiv. 

Act. to take with the hand, grasp, seize. 2. to 
take away. II. to get into one's power, conquer, 

overpower, seize : to kilt. 2. to catch, take : to 

win, seduce. 3. in gen. to win, gain. 4. as 

Att. law-term, to convict a person of a thing. 5. 6 
\6yo5 alptT, Lat. ratio evincit, reason proves. . III. 
to grasp with the mind, take in, understand. 

Med. otptofMi, to take for oneself. II. esp. to 

take- to oneself, choose : hence to take in preference, 
prefer one thing to another : also ixolKKov otpeurBai 
to choose in preference, Lat. potius malle. 2. to 

choose by vote, elect to an office. 

&-ipo«, 6, "Ipos "A-Xpos, Irus unhappy Irus. 
AI PA, lengthd. Ep. and poet, oxipto : f. apa : aor. 
^pa, med. iipdfiTiv, and in Hom. iipdfiriv without 
augm. Act. to raise, raise or lift up : to carry. 

kMca ma. Jbom^ U gm vmitr a^K i"*^ '*' i^ 

mmwki Stmt, f rim Umim^t^lmerMm. III. 
Utfim^ laki amm i, mt^» MBayijNKMt tmdloi 
JiMn|F4KBfa,yaiN. IL * Adw iVM «WMjr, 


Jkk,l^i. J ' mm^ JLlk»JitM4ttMI*i*gai, 

m, m§ ^b»«b>ft Jitrmilhj Jon. %. one's 

^ftMtdU,fiiU,imStift iiu» «n^t thar* or lot in 




Mpir. te« #>Ar>rfwi Dqh iMi. {tt«, «>«.). 
Mr alM !■ tMT, iMmt * JBk Mtipf 

WMii^ m^. *y ft Jn g . but ^ by yng, l«ri 

■lotfTuiJc, ^|, iv, (alirAJn^Hu) qj^ beltmgit^ lo, 
t^mili if pereepUon. i. pa». that tehidt u jjni ■ 
a«i>4 pereepHbU, Adv. -kus, 

■l»di|iJt, 4, iv, verb. Adj. from olo'^ii'iifuH, per. 
im»d tf, Mtuible. 

iiwtu, ('Sbi, iauu) lo brealJie out, ^ i,n-iry4ii : Bu/iiy 
fiMc be gBva np the f^imt. 

•Sldrifiot, or, alio ^ w, (ola'a) LaL/otufii, appointfd 
If /oCr, fitted, defiled, ^ai)a>v Jiitap the .^iteij day, 
L e. the day i>f de^h. II. agreeable to fate, 

meet, ng^ tSirifia cli^i luunring utAa< ii r^Af uni/ 

tamot, of, also a, ov, (oJca) inAnf weT/, Juci-^, 
hmpg ; opportune, 

i-urot, ov, ( n prirat-iliroi) = iy-uros, unlike, vnet/ iiul. 

'Al^m, Alt. fmm or ^ttu : fuC. Ittia, Att. ^lu : 
aor. ^ifo. An. )[{a : la move with a quick ihoothin 
tmiion, la liutot, dart, glance, lot. ruere, impeht 
ferri i — ao abo in ear. Med. ilfyur6iu, sod in Vas.': 
liXSqMH. t.iMa,to be eager ^er, II. tmn- 
■it., to mme ft thing gaiMy. [ii in Homer ; in Trag. 
i when triayO.] 

i-um(, or, Att. oKrrgi, (b prival., IIiu') tmaan , 
I, nil lo bt taen and heard: beooevanL-ifi/, 
II. act. aei Mfiag m kaoii 

deslmfi laeUffUU. 
aiirrmm^fiwmf J |]L aoTi I paa^ bob bwt^ 

ilui'JiMr, s pL Mr. i aft. fl^ Umfa. 

alirSXai, a^ app. M ^kmw^ iwaaiw t i r , wi^ te- 
piofu. (Dsriir. ttWMtiln.) 

Blffii|u>4Mk 4*-. (•b>) * «<«• «M& kk dimt U 
appaimin bMM I* nw, a; aao. BMMi '' 

BLnfu^i^^ aai; ^ a ny J aJw cf pMa, afaawa 
tiy ti« paapb^ ja4i» m — ft na IL ■ fair, 

Mn/, alp. OM duatn bf ft 

diorxlOT, av, MB. aaw. Cm 
or, i^upad. ofalrWi, br' '- 

Al'^toa, aa^ T j, aJtaa 

.tgxii i r ^ lw a , 4, aortt baa 4^1*1% aaaataa- 

" ^u ii^ l ^l, h, (.^rerit, «*aai) aanidStrffM^r 

of gain, mMKif ai u a i iaa. Adr. -Ma. 
uUrxpoMf**! ♦i^^ ft**""*^ <»*■«« ' *»" 
(.ItfVa-XifM, a*, (ata^ A^} mn<r /W tm- 

ipiape, ahuiite. 
alvxp''|U|nfc let, J^ fc ("laW^ f»w)>i w i l a j 

■t ^ « ■■■ < >■ M fj-ynr**, -«*•) •«*» *»-••- 

fidhj, bam. 

aXirnfit, i, if, alao it, i», {ArX") >" Hams 
cauiing afumw, liupracin^, eip. tdirxp^ f"n abuehe 
u'orda. IL opp. to KoA^i i i . ttglf, ili-finor- 

c'L 1. in moral aignf. aham^itl, diigrac^fiU, bam, 
infamout, ri mUr khI t)i ataxpi', lat. Aanw/vni ef 
luFpn, virtue and vice. Initead of the re^. Camp. 
and Suparl. atfXP^'P"! alujcpi^aTBS, uau. niirxW, 
aiax'irTos are used. Adv. -pas. Hence 

altrxpirift, )rrM, i, vgSneti. 2. shame, ii^amw. 

ulrrxp-wpYi^ i, concr. for aioTCpo-tfijia, {niaj^pii, 
ifiyati) leted conduel. 

oiaxmt^rax, inf. tar. i pass, from aiirxint. 

oXirf<i<rn, if, (olffxor) ahame done one, disgrace, (&- 
honor. 11. shame lor fto ill deed, Lat. pudor : 

hencs in geQ., lAatne, fAe serue o/jAain«. 

alCT^WT^of, verb. Adj. from iwrx^FD/uu, ofia muet 

<i.lrfym\p6%, d, 6y,=alrx">'^'>l^^i bashful. 
aiirxiivu, f. Oiii, (olirxoi) <a mahe uglg, diffi- 
■nrc. IL lo Aame, disgrace, diihonor, bring lo 



' rmed, feel shame : \)ut Hwra few\. to be aslvo«> 
tiling, G. Boc ra : abo cwc^en-ite Jm^ ^ 


Al'TE'Xl — iKaipta. 

hefbre one : c. part, to he ashamed at doing a thing : 
but c. inf., to he ashamed to do 2k thing. 

AI'TE'Xl, f. ^<r» : impf. ^reov, without augm. air%ov. 
To askf heg, usu. c. ace. rei, to asky crave, demand 
something ; iShv edr, to beg leave to depart : c aoc. 
pers., to ask a person, hence our. rufd ri to ask a 
person for a thing : c. in£, to ask one to do. Med. 
to ask for oneself, for one's own use or purpose, to 
claim. Pass, to have a thing hegged of one. 

atTT)|jii, Aeol. for cdreco, 

atrv|(n«9 fcts, ti, (odrdu) a request, demand. 

alTT|T^ov, verb. Adj. from cur4ot, one must ask. 

alTV|T^9 ^ 6v, verb. Adj. from airdw, asked for, 

AI'TI'A, 71, a cause, origin, ground: 4)Ccasion, cdrUw 
vaptx^tv to give occasion. II. esp. the occasion 

of something hady and so a fault, a charge, accu^ 
sation, Lat. crimen: remonstrance, expostulation 
"with a friend : curlay ^x^^'^9 ^^ crimen habere, to 
be accused : ourtau ^4x^iy to lie under a charge : 
r^v ouriay hrupdptty riyl to impute the fault to one : 
itxaXiuv Ttvh TTJs alrlas to acquit of guilt. 

alridaardoiy £p. in£ pres. from turidofiau 

aln6io^xUy as Pass., (euWa) to he duirged or accused, 

alT£afi,a, arcs, r6, a charge, guilt imputed : from 

o^Tidoi&ai, {, daoftai, Dep. med., (odrla). To gjive 
as the cause or occasion ; esp. of a fault, hence to 
charge, accuse, blame : cur, rivd rivos to accuse of a 
thing. II. as Pass, to he accused, in aor. TJrtdOriy, 
perf. T^riafiai. [d in fut.] Hence 

alr^aais, eas, ^, a complaint^ accusation. 

alTiaWov, verb. Adj. from alridofuu, one must tzc- 

alril<a, itru, (cur4oc) to ask, beg for a thing, c. ace. 
rei : c. ace. pers. to beg, solicit. 

atriov, t6, strictly neut. from oitrios, like airla, a 

atrios, a, ov, more rarely os, ov, causing, occasion- 
ing; hence chargeable wiih. a thing : but usu. in bad 
sense, causing ill, hearing the blame, guUty; 6 oXrios, 
the party to he blamed : h^ice the accused, defendant, 
Lat. reus. 

alri^vrai, Ep. 3 pi. indie, pres. from alridofuu. 

alri^tpo, aln^iipTo, £p. 3 sing, and pL opt. pres. 
from aiTidofjLai, 

Alrvaios, a, ov, of or belonging to Etna : of a horse, 
Etnean, Sicilian, 

Af'&NHS, Adv., = dif>pu, iSupvws, on a sudden. Hence 

al^v(8u>s, ov, unforeseen, sudden, quick. Adv. 
JSlas, also Slav, suddenly, 

dlx^y^i'' ^^* ^^^' I psiss. from iicffca, 
iMx!^Tt\v, 3 dual aor. i pass, from idccrtc, 
alxixd^u, dffa), (alx/Ji-'fi) to throw the spear, to fight 
or arm with the spear, 
alx\L-aKianK6s9;flt ^v^ (ouxii-dXwros) befitting a pri- 

^^X^-&\4vr/if, /SffSy ^, a captive woman : from 

aixp.'dXiaroii ov, (alxfJ'-'fi, aJiwrds) taken by the spear 
or in war, ot tdxi^'dkorrQi prisoners of war, rh aixf-^' 
Xwra booty. 

ArXMH', 71, the point of a spear, Lat. cuspis. II. 
hence a spear, dart, javelin, arrow : a sceptre. 2. 
as collective noun a body of spearmen, as offTcls a body 
of shielded men. 3. war, battle, 4. also, 

warlike spirit, spirit, 

alxiif^cis, wffo, €v, (alx/cA^) armed with the spear. 

alxP'tird, 6, £p. for aixf-V^s. 

alxti>i)n{s, ov, 6, (alxf-'h ) a spearman, warrior. II. 
as Adj.^ warlike, brave. Fem. alx/iiiris, i6os. 

alx|&o-(^po«, ov, {aXxpihi <p4pu) hearing a spear. 

Ar^A, Adv., quick, tvith speed, forthwith, on a 

ali|nf|po-KAcv6o«, ov, (jBu^p6s, k4\w0os) sw\ft' 

ali|nf|p<S«, d, 6Vf {ai^a) quick, speedy, sudden. 

*Arii, used only in pres. and impf. : to perceive, be^ 
come aware of, esp. to hear, but also to see, observe^ 
know, c. gen. and also c. ace. [a, i] 

'At'hj^^&u, &7ifu, to breathe: to breathe out, eT' 
pire, like ^jrcTrv^w : impf. <pt\ov &iov ^op I breathed 
out my life, like Ovfibv ktade. [a] 

iSiuv, 6vos, 71, Dor. for ifu&v. [dfj 

AI'n'N, &VOS, 6, also ^, sometimes with shortened 
ace. alci; : — a space or period of time, esp. a lifetime^ 
life, Lat. aevum : also onel*s time of life, age : an age, 
generation, definite period. 2. a long space of 

time, eternity, like Lat. aevum. II. Ste marrow, 

spinal marrow. Hence 

aUSvios^ ov, also a, ov, lasting, eternal. Adv. 

aUSpa, ^, {iieipw) a machine for suspending bodies : 
a chariot on springs : a swing,, II. afiying or 

hovering in air. 

a\Mpi<a, f. ^(TO), (&e/pw) to lift up, raise : to hang up, 
let hang, and so to wave, or set waving. More freq. 
Pass. aiwpiofMi, fut. -i}<rofMu, to hang, to vibrate, to 
wave or fioat in air, hover or fiit about. 2. me- 
taph. to he in suspense, Lat. suspensus esse : but 
aioop. tv rivi to depend upon a person, Lat. pendere 
ah aliquo : €doDp€iarOou inhp fitydkmv to play for a high 
stake. Hence 

al(0(n|p.a, aros, t6, that which is hung up. II. 

a being hung up, hovering : a hanging, 

aUSpTiTos, ov, verb. Adj. from alwpcaj, hanging, hO' 

*AKJC or *AKAr, Adv., — hcfiv, softly, gently. 

*AKa8T)(4,(a, 71, a gymnasium in the suburbs of 
Athens, where Plato taught: hence the Platonic 
school were called Academics. 

d-KaOapaCa, tj, (^-KdOapros) uncleanness, 

&-Ka6dpTT)S, 7yTos, ^,=foreg. 

&-Kd6apTos, ov, (a privat., xaJdalpw) uncleaned : un* 
clean : unpurified. Adv. -tods. 
^Kaipla, 71, {0. ^tw?A,., Koi^^^^ an unseasonable 

^Kotpos — iiKiktmnos. 



II. want qf opportunUf/y unseawnable- 

III. tmportunity, 
ovy (a privat.9 KoifxJs) ilUHmed^ tmteeuon' 

aUe : is iiceupa voyeofy Lat. operam perdere : impor- 
tmaie, Lat. malestus i Hi-suited to do a thing, c. inf. 
Adr. -fM0S. 

i-iHun|Sy ovy 6, poet, for &-jcwcos, guUelesa, 

&Hcain|Ta, Ep. for h-KOKtrniSy^lk'KaKoSy guileletSy 

iHoSadOf ^y fftUleletsnets : from 

o-K&icoSy ovy (a privat., muc^s) unknowing of ill, 
gtuleless : esp. wilhoui malice. Adv. -icofr. 

iraXoyOCst ^^> ^> ^ Akoi^/s, iucav&vXXls, the gold' 

kKaXap'OtOrq^y ov, 6, (iicaX^s, ^^00) sqft flowing. 

*AKAAH <frH, ^, a nettle: the 8ting as of a nettle. 

o-RoXXifs, ^Sy gen. 4oss (<* privat, kcUAos) without 

&HEaXX-iipfV|Toc oy, (a privat.^ icaXA-icp^) no/ ac- 
o^ t» saerificey til-omened. Adv. «; . 
inX^ '^y ^, (^uc^v) like fficoXcf, peacefuly still, 
int^wToty Of, (a privat, koXi^w) uncovered, «n- 

vmried with the spear. 

i«a|Mrro-fi^Xn^> ov, by {Jk-KdyMS, fidxri) unwearied 

i^cafMrr^^rovSy 6, ^, vow, t6, gen. xo^os, (^.-Kdifms, 

vAi) woMring of foot. 
a-Ka|uurro.^dpfiias, b, {a-KdfMS, x^PM^) unwearied 


a-KoiuKy am-oSy 6, (a privat., Kdfivco) untiring, un- 

d*icd|iaTOS, oy, also 77, oy, (a privat., Kdfiaros) with- 
out sense of toil, hence untiring, unresting. Adv. 
-Tus, also aKafiara. [d/cafi&ros.] 

SrKojL'KTO^y oy, (a privat., Kd/nrru) unbent, stiff. II. 
unbending, inexorable. 

ojcavOo, 77s, rj, (aid]) a thorn, prickle: hence i. 
a prickly plant, thistle : also a thorny tree, 2. the 
back-bone or spine of animals. 

oKavOivos, 77, ov, (&KOLyda) thorny : of thorns. II. 
ofifte thorn tree (&Kay0a). 

fiucavOiSy i^os, Tj, {&Kay6a) a gold-finch. II. as fern. 
Adj., prickly. 

aicavOo ^rri«, ov, 6, fern, ^^ris, iBos, rj, (&Kau6ct, 
^vu) going on thorns. 

"AKAS&O^, ri, Lat. acanthus, beards breech, a plant, 
used in Corinthian capitals. 

aKavO-<u8T|s» ts, gen. eos, (^ai^da, clSos) /u// 0/ 
thorns, thorny. 

4-KairvurT09» ov, (o privat., Kairvl^u) unsmoked. 

a-Kairvos, of'? (a privat., KaKy6s) without smoke, 
free from it : not smoking, making no smoke. 

a-KdpStos, oy, (a privat.^ HopBta) wa/i/in^ tAe /leari: 
metaph. hearfle^, Lat, eavors. 

&-Kdpnvo«, ov, (a privat., KdpTjyoy) headleu. 

&-K&pi{Sy 4s, (a privat., K^ipoo) strictly of hair, too 
short to be cut, hence in gen., short, small, tinyy most 
U8U. of time, aucapds a moment, iy lutapu xp^vov in a 
moment : hcap^ duiKiirii>y, so. xP^^^^t having waited 
a moment :— but also neut. rh iueapds a morsel. 

&-icapidio«, 0, OK, (it-KOfyfis) smaUy tiny. 

^-Kopirtoy ^, (&-Kapiros) unfruitfulness. 

&-K<£pirurT09, oy, (a privat., KafrKi(ta)^i^KdpxoiroSy 
where nothing is to be reapedy unfruitful, of the sea. 

&-Kapirot, oy, (a privat, Kafnc6s) without fruity 
barren. II. act. making barren, blasting. Adv. 
— nws. 

A-K<£ptrMTO f , oy, (a privat., Kapw&w) not made fruit' 
ful, without fruit, fruitless: of an oracle, tin/u{J&/^ 

''AKA2KA'', Adv., gently. Hence 

&Kaoxaio«y a, oy, gentle. 

L-KardL-fi\j\jo9y ov, (a privat, Kara-fid^Xca) not to 
be overthrown, irrefragable. 

^-KaTO-yvwoTos, ov, (a privat., Kara-yiyyf&incM) not 
to be condemned, blameless. Adv. -^ws. 

&-KaTd-KpXTO«, oyy (a privat., Kara-Kplyu) uncon* 
demned. Adv. —rus. 

&-KaTa-)&dx'nTO«, oy, (a privat, Karct-fidxofxai) not 
to be subdued, unconquerable, [/ii&] 

&HcaTa-v^t|Tos, oy, (a privat, Kara-yo4w) not to be 
conceived of or imagined, 

&-KaT(£-vavoTos, ov, (a privat., Kora-Tada) not to be 
set at rest, incessant, that cannot cease. 

k-Kara-VTOffUiy ri, a state of disorder, confusion, 
tumult : from 

d-Kard-oTaros, ov, (a privat., KaB-itTTtifii) unstable, 
unsettled : unsteady, fickle, 

&-KaTa-^pdvT)TOS> ov, (a privat., KaTa-cppoviu) not to 
be despised, hence important, considerable, Lat. haitd 

d-KaT<£-i|favoT09) ov, (a priv., KaTa-^a{)(a) not to be 
touched or handled. 

&-KaTd-i|;€vaTOS, ov, (a privat., Kara-rl/evBofiai) not 
feigned, real, 

cLKaTT), ri,=&KaTos, a light vessel, 

aKciTiov, t6. Dim. from &Karos, a light boat, esp. of 
pirates, Lat. actuaria. II. the mainsail, a sail 

in gen. 

"'AKATOS, TJ, or 6, a light vessel, boat, Lat. actuaria : 
esp. a transport vessel : in gen. a ship. 

d-KavoTos, ov, (a privat, Kalco) unbumt. 

dicaxcCaTO, or dKaxi]aTO, £p. for iiRdx^iyro, 3 pi. 
plqpf. pass. V. *aKax«. 

dKaxC^<», aor. ^kuxov, (&/c(£x«) to trouble, grieve, 

dKaxH'^vos, Vi ov, (^Ki^) pointed, sharpened, a part 
form without a verb in use. 

*6.Kdxiay V. sub * &x^' 

aK€io[Lai, £p. for^ to remedy, '^WiiKi&^ulk- 

^«reiD€-K^fAaSy ou, d,=&Kcpa'€-K6|Ji'ns,f\.v. 
d'K€A€vtrT0S9 ov, (a privat., k^X^W^ utihWW** 


Aic^yTT/roff— dic^'Tyroy. 

d-K^vTvp'os, ovy (a privat., K€pr4oa) imgoeuied, need' 
ing no spur. 

ijiUo[uUf f. etrofjuii, AtU ixovficu : Dep. med. (&kos) 
to heal, cure. 2. to stanch, quench, 3. in gen. 
to cure, amend, repair, make good, 

&-K^pau>S9 0^9 (a privat., Kepivvvfu) unmixed, pure: 
pure in blood: guUeless, Lat. integer, II. 

unharmed, unravaged, of countries, in gen. unim- 

&Hc^paaT099 OP, (a privat, xepilafvvfii) unmixed, pure 
from a thing. 

a-K^paros, w, (a privat., K4pas) without horns. 

&-Kcpawo9, ov,=s8q. 

&-Kcpavv*>Tos, ov, (a privat., Kepaaj»6tci) not struck 
by l^fhining. 

a-K^p8cia, 71, (i.'K€p^s) want of gain, loss : from 

&-Kcp8i]s, 4s, (a privat., KcpBos) without gain, bring- 
ing loss, 

d-KcpfutrCa, rj, (a privat, Kipfui) want of money. 

&K€p<rc-K<S|i.t|s, ou, 6, (a privat., Kelpu, K6firi) with 
unshorn hair, epith. of Apollo : hence ever young, 
as the Gred& youths wore their hair long, till they 
reached manhood. 

a-Kcpc*9, tcy, gen. <o, and 

a-K^p<dT09, ov, (a privat., K4pas)^^'K4paros, without 

oLK^o-aode, imperat aor. i med. and 

iLKivoyLoiy fut med. from iuc4ofuu. 

aKco'C-voo'099 ov, poet iucftraiv-, (iuc4ofuu, v6<ros) 
heaiing disease. 

aKcais, eas, rj, (ouceofiai) a healing, cure, remedy, 

aKcapia, r6, {hc4ofiai) a remedy, cure, 

oLKccrcr-, for words so beginning, v. sub hxeff-~, 

aice(rri]p, ijpos, 6, {aKeofuu) a healer, restorer, phy- 
sician : aK. xf'^tvis the rein that tames the steed. 

&KconJ9, ov, df^oueecrrfip. 

aK€orT6q, ii, 6v, (ojcco/icu) curable : to be cheered or 

cuceoTpov, t6, (iuc4ofJuii) a remedy, 

aKcorvs, 1U05, rj. Ion. for HKetris. 

aK^oTup, opos, 6, (aK4ofjuu) a healer, saviour, 

aKca-ct^pos, ov, {jSucos,^4p(a) bringing a cure,heaiing. 

oKco'-cSSiivos, ov, (hK4oiiai, 6^6vri) allaying pain, 

o-K^^aXos, ov, (a privat., fc€^>a\^) without a 
head, 2, without beginning, 

aK4iav, aKeovcra^ {hcfiv) in form a part, used by Hom. 
as an Adv., stilly, softly, silently : usu. in sing. nom. 
even with a plur. verb : the dual hK^ovre occurs once, 
the plur. form never. Although fem. ajceovaa is 
found, yet aK4wv stands also with the fem. [d] 
. ''AKH, Tj, a Subst. said to have 3 signfs. i . a 

poi7it, edge, (whence ukis, aKcoxht aKfiif, ouxM'^, aK6v7f, 
&Kpos, and Lat. acies, acuo), 2. silence, (whence 

aKi}v, oKecov). 3. healing, (from aKeo/xai). 

d-K-qSeoTos, ov, (a privat., foyoceo) uncaredfor, un- 
y$^4^aira^ esp. tffilhout funeral rites, unburied. Adv. 
-T-ivsj act. ofi/Aou/ Aeet//br ant/ 0716) remorselessly. 

k-Kifi4», daw, later V», to neglect, dighi, c. gVL 

k-Ktfiff^ 45, (a privat, ktj^os) pass, unoared for, 
unheeded, slighted, esp. unburied, II. act tviA- 

out care or sorrow, laL securus. a, heedleti, 

careless. Adv. -Swy. 

&ici^8T)(r£, 3 £p. aor. i from o.'Krfi4<a. 

dm^Koo, perf. of hKo^, 

&-ic^Xt)tos, ov, (a privat, Kri\4u) to be won by n» 
charms, proof against enchantment, not to be duirmed 
or won over : inexorable, inassttagable* 

aKT)p.a, T6,ssiiKe(rfjLa, a cure, retnedy, 

oKijv, orig. aoc. from iuefi, occurs only as Adv., s^ly, 
softly, silently, there is also a Dor. dat &k$, or tn 
Adv. ^LKu, in signf., gently, calmly, 

orKtlpaaxoif ov, (a privat., Kepdjwfu) unmixed, 
pure: hence, untouched, Lat integer: in gen., 
fresh, [pa] 

&-ici^ pares, ov, {a 'pnva.t.,K€pdvwfu) unmixed, pure, 
clear : hence of persons, incorrupt, upright. If. 

unimpaired, in full vigour, fresh, unbroken, 

&-ihipios, ov, (a privat, icfip) unharmed by ^ fates, 
in gen. uninjured. II. act. unharming, har ml em, 

d-Ki^pios, ov, (a privat., laip) without heart or jod^ 
lifeless, dead. II, without heart or eouroget 


d-KtipvKTfC and L-Kt\pviKriy{k-iaipoiero5)AjdLV,yUnOh 
out proclamation : esp. without a flag of truce, 

&-ici{pvKTOs, ov, (a privat, icrip^aovi) unannmrneiif 
unproclaimed : cck. 7r6\€/xos a war ufithout annmme^ 
ment, sudden : or in which no herald was admittei, 
implacable. 2, inglorious, unknown, 3. 

unheard of, sending no tidings, 4. Adv. -4iii8i| 

cMci)pa>Tos, ov, (a privat, Krip6co) not covered tctA 
wax, unwaxed, 

atctixiZarai, Ep. for dm/x^arcu, ijicfjxviyrai, 3 pL pf* 
pass, of obsoL ^dxo^, 

aici\x4\L€vos—oKax'fiiJ'fyos, part. pf. pass, widi pr^ 
sent signf. of aKaxiC""' 

a-K£p8t)Xos, ov, (a privat., kI^^Kos) unaduUeraU, 
unalloyed, pure : also gutless, honesL 

oLkiSvos, 97, ov, weak, feeble, faint, in H<Hner only in 
compar. &KtBv^€pos. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

&-KC0apis, I, gen. los, (a privat, Kiddpa) without ike 

oLkIkvs, vos, 6, 71, powerless, feeble, (Deriv. un- 

aKlvaicir)99 ov, or 60s, 6, Lat. acinaces, a Persian 
word, a sfiort sword, [j/o] 

d-K(v8vvos, ov, (a privat., nivhvvos) without danger: 
hence shunning danger, cowardly. Adv. -^(as. 

d-KtvT]Tos, ov, also 77, ov, (a privat., Kiv4(a) unmoved, 

motionless : hence idle, sluggish. 2. unaltered, 

settled, steady. II. immovable, hard to move, 2, 

not to be stirred or touched, as I^at. non movendus, 

\ inviolable : not to be divulged. ^l\ 
















Xkio»— jUrofA^f. 


my (sprifit, ie(f) ^Mwut womu^.noi 


0% 4^ (ibd|^ Lttt. ooim) apolfii^ barb t hflnoe 

nBt» or, (ainiTSty luxfi^) n<rf lo 6« rmwhml, 
tbU: noiio be reached bif prayer, mexombit^ 
MUy Depu mteUbmcA) te pretend indl^gkremoe 
%9 to affiui eeifneu: in gen. to feiffn, db- 

•fofy Dor. ftnn of &-jieX4p«T0f . 

TOfy or» (• piiTat.y JcXdU»} im6rolfc»ft. 

rrot^or, and 

rpf, or, (a primtt leXo^) Pan. unwept i 

atmenUUkm* II. act. not weepkng, 

ly ^Sy gen. wr, ao& JbcXfo, Ion. AjcXtiyy poet 

n priTst., ic^iof) i»tlAotil /oiRtf, if^loHoic^ 

> #9 (&-«Adif ) tfi^2orioti«ncif . 
1^ 4sf poet, finr A-nAc^f » Adr. &icXcifif . 
T0«» or. Ion. 4-icA,4Zmi, contr. ft-icAfiaTef, 
i, jd^cM»): not dmty noi bolted w farmed. 
\^ 4s, poeL for ft-jcAti^s; 
iTOt» oontr. -|y<rTOf^ oi^, Ion. for &-mA«i0Toi. 
Hy' or, (a priyat.9 jtX^fws) tot/Aocil A>t or 
MDoe pooTf needjf, 2. f0tlA<»t/ a ehare 

IL unaOiitedf without an owner. 
Mrett or, (a privet^ K^3iip6ctl) wWuKui lot or 
»« tiling. 

m% ovy Att. for A-kkturros* 
•Oi, Wy (a privat., KoXita) uncalled, unhidden. 
^%fhi {a privat., kKivw) bending to neither 
rot, ov, also 97, oi^, (a privat, icAiJ^w) i^n- 

V fl (£<r0, (^K/A^) to he in full bloomy he at 
r or perfection : hence to flourish, abound in a 
npers. aKf»d(€t, c. inf. it is high time to do : 
c. inf., to he strong enough to do. 
if a, oVy {^ucfvfi) in full bloom, at the prime, 
y vigorous: iucfi. tp^civ in the prime of 

II. just in time, seasonable. 
r, (^bc^, iwies) a point, edge: proverb, ^irt 
t,^s on the razor's edge, i. e. at the critical 
: ofipiJbt^iot bjctud both hands, like vo^Stv 

2. the highest point of any thing, the 
owery prime, esp. of man*s age, Lat. ./Km 
—in gen. strength, vigor, 2. esp. of time, 
is, the timcy i. e. the best, most filing time : 
Ti) c. inf. 'tis high time to do : eir* iucfi^s 
if. to be on the point of doing : cf. sq. 
strictly aoc from Sucfiii, Adv., in a moment, 
IL even now, still, like Uri, only in 

«, ^, 6vf {bK/i'h) full grown, in full vigor. 

«, or, faaHnp, wWwu/ybat/. (Derir. un- j pie, plain, Lai. simplex. 

eloquent^ rude of speech. 

&«|ftV|T0i9 or, (a priraty uAisrm) mmwemM, tni- 

is^fjoJbknfh 0v» ^*iq* 

iMt^MsffWy *r6y (Ibcyiwry rl9if/u) A# mmeUlMt* 

"AKMXlNy oros, J^ «» wmrik 

ft-icnovef» «r, ornther i-MfCoot, (apiimt^«Ffo»} 
toUAoiciyid^ etp. wiikemi ike fat qfeaeri/loe. 

dRoil{y 4» £p> ^iiC0v4 (A«o^) i h iw ii^ L tho 

sense tifhearmg: bonoe Atf mt, eqk in plor. 11. • 
hearkifff HOenmg lo, hcs^s ^ws worth keminff. III. 
<^ JA^0p AMrrd^ a report, saffingyfimef iua§ «2Mwi 
ri to knoir • thing if hoetna$. 

A^Ne(|U|Tet9 or, (a prifaty aoifdofuu) . sJeopl es Sf 

4 •ei yd tr n Toty oi^ (• priyaty icoipifrl») noi ihared 
in, not common. II. act. not Aminff in, noi 

partaking qft hmiee tmsockd. ■ 

&-ico£Ti|f, ou, 6, (SfM, Kotni) a bedj/eUew, spemse, 
hstsband : fan. &HaMnf» loi , % a u^ 

A^KoxAmvToty oTy (• piirat., koXmm^) noijiotteredf 
noi won byfUMory, not to be wen over. 
■ &-KoX&oia, 4^ (4^icdXa0Tas) Uoentlousness, intern* 
peranoet excess oeextntoaganoeiQp^.tO€m^pooirfh 

bMokojTvoirm, (i-JcdXcurros) io be Ueenttoms, de* 
basu^wd, or inientperate t io Hve a riotous ^. 

A-K^XttBTOfy or, (a primt, icoXdi(jm) Lat. noit ow- 
iiffatus, ^mchttstenod, un^&sdpiRined, fmbrkUed-: siao 
uneducated. 2. intemperate, opp. to oA^pmr. Adr. 
-T«s. Comp. -Toripws ^x**'' ''P^* '''* to be /oo tn- 
temperate in a thing. 

&-KoXo9» ov, 6, (a privat, k^^Aov) a bit, morsel. 

iLKokoMw, ii<reo, {b.-K6\ov6o5) to follow one, go after 
or with. II. metaph. to follow, obey one in a 

thing. Hence 

&KoXov^oas, €<o5, a following, sequence. 

&KoXov9i)Wov9 verb. Adj. from iucoXovOtw, one must 

&icoXovO£a, 71, {oKoXovddco) afoUovjing, attendance, 
traifi. IL agreement or conformity with. 

&-k6Xov0os, ov, (a copulat., k€\€v6os) following, at- 
tending on, hence usu. as Subst., &-k6XovOo99 6, afol» 
lower, attendant: ot b.K6\ovOoL the camp follow- 
ers, IL following after, c gen. : hence agreeing 
with, suitable to, like, c gen. : but also c. dat Adv. 

&-k6Xv)4.Pos, ovy (a privat, KSkufifios) unable to swim. 
b.'Ko\Litrria, ij, want of tending or care : from 
&-K(i^urTos, ov, (a privat, KofilCu) untended, 
oUko^os, oi', (a privat, K6f*.n\) without hair, baJdt 
of trees, leafless. 
d-KiSfAiraoTOfi, ov, (a privat, KOfiviiu) unboastfui. 
a-KO)4.iros> ov, (a privat., K({juiiros)={OTQ^. 
a-Kofii^, or, (o privat, KOfuVis') unadoraed, wa- 

11. aickward, wg. Viv- 


iiKOvixA — iLKparlCoiiai, 

. &KovaM, ^<rfl0, (&Jcoi^) to sharpen^ whet. 

oUk<Sv8vXos9 oVi (a privat., KovZvKii) withottt blows, 
. &Koin{, Tl, (djcfi) a whetstone, hone, 

&-kovIt£, Adv. of o-kSvitos, without dust, esp. with- 
out the dust of the arena, hence tviihout combat, toil 
or effort, Lat. sine pulvere, 

&K0VTita>9 f* ^(Toi, {&Kotv) to hurl a javelin : also to 
throw, fling, dart: later c ace. pens., to hit or strike 
with a javelin, to wound, and Pass. aKovri(e<rBai, 
to be so hit or wounded, 2. in gen. to throw, 

shoot or send darting forffh, absol. to shoot forth 
rays, II. intrans. to dart or pierce. 

&K^yTu>Vy T(j, Dim. from 6xwv, a dart, javelin, 

iLK6vrXaiJi, ii, (iucoyri(u) the throunng a javelin, 

&K6vTur|ia9 ro, (htovriidi) that which is darted, a 
javelin : ivrhs ^KOvrifffiUTos witliin a darfs throw, 

&KovTum{p, ripos, 6, and &KovTurnjs9 ov, 6, (iucov' 
rlCu) a darter, hurler of javelins. 

aKovTioTiKtSg, ^, 6v, (iucovriCu) belonging to, dcilled 
in throwing the dart. 

aKovTi9TV9, ^s, 71, lon. for iucStfruris, the game of 
^he dart, a contest at throwing the dart, 

a-Koiros, ov, (a privat., kovos) without weari- 
Tiess. I. pass, unwearied, untiring. IL act 

not wearying, easg, 1. removing weariness, re- 

aKop^oraTos, most shameless, a Superl. either from 
iL-Kopiis—a-K6p^(rro5, or from hc6p€(Tros, contr. for 
iucopeffr^aros, like ftifftraros, vearos. 

A^p&mq, ov, (a privat, Kop4ywiu) insatiate, un- 
ceasing. Adv. -roos. 11. act. not satiating, 1. 
not disgusting, 

a-K<Spi|Tos» ovy (a privat., Kopivwfit) insatiate, un- 
sated, c. gen. II. (a privat., Kop€te) tmswept, 

uncleaned, ungamished. 

a-Kopoq, ov,=&.-K6pr}ro5, insatiate: hence metaph. 
untiring, ceaseless, Lat. improbus, 
"AKOS, 60S, r6, a cure, relief, remedy, help, re- 
source for or against a thing, c. gen. 

&-Ko<r|Uw9 f. -^09, (fi-Kocfios) to be disorderly, un- 
ruly : to be out of order, to offend, 

&-K6(r)&v)T0S, ov, (a privat., Kotrfiew) unarranged, 
disorderly. 2. unadorned, unfurnished, 

&Hcoo-p.C«i, ri, (&K0(rfW5) disorder, confusion : extra- 
vagance: unruliness, 

.a-icoo'|JU)«, ov, (a privat., KScfios) without order, 
disorderly, confused: in moral signf., unruUy, rebel- 
lious. Adv. --iJMS, II. K6(rfio5 liKOfffios a world 
that is no world, like ydfios Ayofios, etc 

iLKooTOM or &KocrT^o>, only used in aor. part., ouco- 
<rTfi(ras, weU-fed, and so over-fed, restive : from 

*AK02TH', 71, barley. 

aicovato|jiai, Dep. med., = ^ot^co, to hear, hearken 
or listen to, c gen. II. to be called, bidden. Souths 
iucovd^eadov ye are bidden to the feast, like KoXe^a^i, 
JmL tfoearL 
dtcotnf, 4 Ep, for iKO"^, hearing. 

a-Kovpos, ov, (a privat., Kwpoi) childless, witktmt 
male heir, II. (a privat., ttrntpd) unshaven, am* 


ijtaCtniav, Ael. form of ducoio'cufv, 3 pL opt. aar.x 
from oKo^of, 

&icov<rcC«, Desiderat. from iueo6ot, to ufish, kmg to 

oKotKK-dcos, ov, {hKo{Ko, 0€6s) heard of God, 

oKoiiifnfftos, 71, ov, (&Koi6a) audible, 

^Kovo-tos, ov, contr. for a-tKo^crios, unwiUing, t md tt 
constraint, forced : also unwelcome. Adv. -Mts, «M- 
willingly, or in an unwelcome manner, 

aKovoT&a, t6, (oKoico) a thing heard: a rmaom, 
report, tale. Hence 

ikKovayAnov, t6, a little tale. 

&icov(rWov, also okovotIc^ verb. Adj- from iacsiu, 
one must hear, hearken to, c. gen. 

&KovaTi{s, ov, 6, (jSucoixi)) a hearer, listener, 

aKovoT^s, ii, 6v, verb. Adj. fnmi oKoiw^ k umi^ 
audible : that should be heard. 

'AKOT'a, f. kKo<HrofMLi per£ Att dc^Jroay Bob 
&KouKa; plqpf* Ajci^icticty: pf. pass. ^Jcovcr/iacs aob 
i}Ko^(r9r}v. To hear, nsed both with gen* wi. 
ace 2. absol. to hear, give ear, iueoMTt h4 

hear, O people. II. to listen or give ear ia, OHU 

c. gen., more rarely c. dat., hence to obey, T3L 

only post-Horn., to hear oneself caUed, be caUed, 
for, like Lat. audire, either with an Adj. or 
OLK. KaK65 to have a bad character ; or with an AiKf. 
ed, KOKus &K., Lat bene, male audire, 

cucpa, 71, Ion. iSucpT), (strictly fem. from Ibcpof) Af 
end, point, esp. the h^hest point, the top ef a VMf 
peak, headland, Kar* &Kp7is vepOetv, Att mtr* Anj^Mj^ 
strictly to destroy from top to bottom, L e. mtiir^h 
Lat funditus evertere, or from above. 

aHcpdavTos, ov,=^-Kp«vro5, without resuU^ 
filled, fruitless, Lat. irritus, [fcpd] 

&-KpaYi^, 4s, (a privat, KpdCu) not yelttng, 
less, mute. 

dxpat), contr. form of Sucpa^a, masc. aoc. of lU/m^ii 

&Kp-ai{s, 4s, {&Kpo5, &i7/i<) blounng strongly, and m 
brisk, fresh, fair, 

&Kpai4vt)S9 45, contr. from cb-Kepcuo-il>avisX^iMcfptumf 
<palvoc) unmixed, pure, sheer : hence, II. un km rt f 
unharmed, Lat integer: c gen., untouched by ft 

oUKpavT09, ov, (a privat, Kpaivw) unacoompUAti, 
unfulfilled, fruitless, idle. IL endless. 

d-KpoUr^o, 7j, (a-Kpavfis) the character ofan^Kporfftf 
incontinence, Lat. impotentia, opp. to iy-Kpdr€uu 

a-KparciOL, ^, earlier form of foreg. [&] 

&-KpaTi]«, 45, (a privat., Kpdros) powerless: nat 
having power or command over a thing, Lat t0i|io- 
tens, c. gen., esp. in a moral sense, without power or 
command over oneself, incontinent. Adv. -rSs. 

&-KpaTi(ofJbai, Dep. med., fut Xovfuu, {fk-KpSeros) to 
, drink pure wine, ^merum^ •. Vveasft, II. to ^ i wtfr 

















ap^ hmdngbrealifiuied. 


o-<vi&Ti|f,oo9^ Ion. &-icpqro-ir^9^iKF-jqpar«fft 
^Mifar ^ ummiMed wine, f^ 

Miiaaei^ l**!*** aAmt, tmamUmrmte t mp, of 
( &-fl;pm^ tab. olpvfy «rjn# tmAMi< iMiiir, 
io£^ IiBt. mtfriMR, Ai^MT. IVV9 j9ur» inid- 

Etf, tnofen/. Con^ and Superi. Aiy a r cJ tu yf, 

■•p»apof,6,»&-aiyMrr45,tn</^oaf<opiilrt2. [i^ 

,oXot» or. Ion. &a(y4*x*^^^ C^^P^^ X^^) 
tfaMitte lo ang§r^ patdfMUUe : — ic^iwr Mf. an 

IT, opof y ^, (2^^) iteiotly a 6o«|^ or bramAf 
lAi in amaUer bnndbes and twiga s a ^ffvaoly 

vqMff» or, {iKpoSf laripa) at the hegmmbtf 

Ia% ar, (&cyws^ %^) in earUgst uouih^ awy 

•t> iTy Ion. for Anijpttrafy vmauw^ pttv«. 

i^ aec; pi. from &Kpts, 

9Mf fly (^oLKpi^s) exactness, accuracy, pre- 

j^erfection : strictness, severity, [i] 

If, 4sy exact, accurate, strict, true, perfect in 

; of arguments, close, subtle ; of thoughts, 

finite : very freq. in Adv. S(os, IT. of 

exact, strict, scrupulous: — ailsofn^al,stin- 

tce oKpifiws Kcd ^?as, Lat. vior ac ne vix 

(Deriv. uncertain.) 
-XoY^fioi, (iucpifi'hs, \6yos) as Dep., to be 
^curate, precise ; but also c. ace rei, to weigh 

m, f. <i<r», {ixptfiiis) to make exact or accu- 
arrange precisely s but usu. to examine or 
Ue accunitely: to understand thorough^: 
n accurately. Pass, to be perfect 
-OiJKT), 71, (Jixpls, Tl6r)fii) a locust-cage, 
IDS, rj. Ion. for &Kpa, but in Odyssey always 
Axpus ify€fji6€a'(rai the windy mountain^p : 

2y iSoSf ^ a locust. 

£a, Tj, (i-KpiTos) want of distinctness and 

6 8«c|ws» v^ geaa. vos, {&'KpiTos, d<SKpu) shed- 
kU of tears. 
6 ||i80 o a, or, (A-M^rar, /ut^os) /al&inff recJIe- 

m gplffatt tp^ (ft |iiival*y joMNf) 

fitL a. w^/ iid l^y twi lr to f yflfpawaBaanAtiifafi, 
a. g. iatipfr^ twa cnrfrav, to ^ to death wUhStd 
trials IM. tediofa aamif— alaa nai emti^oi U 
irioL HL act, •alffaiay a >i4paiaaf, s.iiif 

A-K^M-4aXAoib ar,(tt-ff|pn«i^ ^4lU«p)^ 
A-KpM-dwpTBtt or, (tt-Njpfrofy ^^) fw<iih%yiim 

A wnorffon iHi "T jibirffft ff ff Hf i ii 

A a prffilMi, T^i (ibcpodb/ttu) Lat ajr ai wB, emg My 
Aaard^ eqib Aaartf wUk pJ et umn, mug Hkimg wmdf 
reeiiedy pkiged ar eimg^ »i r w w y ft i a play, laaatoaf 

'AKPOA'OMAIy flit dffoiuu [d] t pf. ^iip^d^t— 
Dap. mad. to kemr, keaHbem at UMem iOy aap. ie kemr 
or attend lectures, henoe 6 iucpe^ifuwof a heiofwrf eh$^ 
dent II. 4» oAiyk 

&KpdS«ia» «Mff, 4^ (ia^o^UnHB) a A«aiiN|^, jbaoriwi- 
<H!^ or IMmJii^ la. s^oMimofu 

Aap oi ln l ay, vertK Adj. from tutpodo/Aatf ene ami^ 

^wnoSfrfflt edf 6^ (impodafuu) m he a rer ^ Uetemert a 

iepo^pMm, {MKpeej fitdtm) io waBt a» Ifp iw ar 

&icpo-pS4^ ((iKpos, fidnrrm) voetted (A Hieend. 11. 
tinged at the point, or slightly, 

dxpo-PcXija, ^s^ (iKpos,fi4\os) with a pdniat the end, 

dxpo-poXcti, (&HyH>-iS^\os) to be a slinger : to be an 
iucpo'fiikos, throw from afar, to siing, skimush. 

aKpo-PoXJ[to)i.ai9 (&icpo-/9oXce») Dep. mod. :•— lo 
throw or strike from afar : to provoke the enemy to 
attack, skirmish. 

&icpo-PdXAoia» cfl^r, tj, (oupo-ZSoAi^o/ucu) a throwing 
from afar, skirmishing. 

&Kpo-PoXur|ji^9 oO, d,^iucpO'fi6\ia'i5. 

&Kpo-PoXum^S, ovy ^,=sq. 

&Kpo-pdXo«, 6, {&Kpos, j3cUx») as Suhst. one that 
throws from afar, a slinger, skirmisher : but II. 
proparoz. iKp6-fio\os, ov, struck from afar, 

&Kpd-PvaTos, ov, (&Kpos, fiia) uncircumcised. 

^Kpo-PvoT^a, ^, {iucp6-$v(rTos) uncirottmcision, 

&Kpo-7uviatos, a, ov, {Jixpos, ymvia) at the extreme 
angle, iucp. Xidos the comer foundation stone. 

djcpd-ScToS) ov, (Jkicpos, 8e») bound at the end, at 
the top, 

^LKpo-ikueroi, ov, {jSxpos, iTdetrw) twisted at the 

&Kpo^7i{a9 ^f 9 (MCjfMS, BiTffiv) touching on the eur» 
face or lightly. 

• / ^po^yidtm, (iuepo-e'mov) to take an <^mn^ toe 
I the gods from the top qf a heap oC \jW3te^,\iea» ^ 



decUcaie: van, in med. ^Qajuu, to take of the best, 
pick out for oneself. 

&Kpo-6£viov9 r6, (pucpos, Ols) usa. in plur. : also 
hxpi'Biva : — strictly the top of the heap, i. e. the best 
or choice parts : hence usu. the firstfruits of the 
fields of booty, etc, like &.Tr'apxcti : — strictly a neut 
Adj., from oucpo-Oivtos, whence 0^ hnpoMvia offerings 
of first-fruits. \Bi\ 

&Kpo-KcXaiviaa), {&Kpos, K€\aiv6s) only used in 
part. hcpoK^\xuvi6o»Vy growing black, darkening on 
the surface. 

&Kpo-icv^^ios, ov, (&Kposy Kv4ipas) at the beginning 
or end of night, in twilight. 

&Kpo-Kvc^s, 4s,=£oreg. 

&Kp6-KO)&os, ov, (&Kpos, K6firi) with hair on the 
crown. II. with leaves at the top. 

&Kpo-i€V)&aT^, {J&jcpo^, Kvfia) to float on the topmost 

&Kp6-XiOos9 ov, (&Kpos, Xidos) with the extremities 
of stone. 

&Kpo-Xiviov, rS, (&Kpos, \lvov) the edge of a net, \t] 

aKpo-Xo7^a>, {jSucpos, \^(o) to gather at top. 

&Kpo-Xo4>£Tt|S9 ov, 6, iJ&Kpos, A($^os) a moun- 
iaineer. [i] 

&Kpo-XvT^(ii>, (&Kpos, \^(o) to untie only at the end. 

&Kpo-)&&vii)S, cs, (^Kpos, fudvo/iat) at the point of 
madness, or at the height of madness, raving mad. 

&Kpo-|&6XiP8os, oy, (&Kpos, fiSKifiios) leaded at the 

.&Kpov, ov, r6f neut from thcpos, the highest, top- 
most, last, hence, a point, top, height, peak. 2. 
metaph. the highest pitch, the height of a thing. 

&Kp6-vvxoS} ov, (J&Kpos, vv^) at nightfall, at even. 

&Kpo-ir6v6i{s, 4s, {&Kpos, vivBoi) exceeding sad. 

AKpo-iroStirC, or aKpo-iroSbrC, Adv., {jStxpos, irois) 
on tiptoe, stealthily. 

dxp^-iroXis, c<as, vj, {&Kpos, irSXts) the upper or 
higher city, hence the citadel, castle : in Att. esp. the 
Acropolis of Athens, which served as the trea- 
sury. II. metaph., a tower of defence. 2. the 
highest point. 

aKpo-^($XoSy ov, (&Kpo5, fl-oXew) high-ranging ; in 
gen. high. 

&Kpo-ir(Spo9, ov, (&Kpo5, vilpco) boring through, 
piercing with the point. 

aKp($-irrcpov, to, (&Kpo5, irrepSv) the tip of the wing. 

&Kp6-^irT0Ais, 7], poet, for iucp6-vo\is. 

axpos, a, ov, {oucfi) outermost, at the end or edge, 
Lat. extremus, esp. at the top, Lat. summus, and so 
pointed, sharp, high : Homer has &Kpa x^^Pt ^poi 
vSSes, etc., the end of the hand or feet, etc., ir6\is 
&Kp7} — &Kp6-^o\ts, the citadel ; 05a>f) &Kpov the surface 
of the water : hence ovk av* liKpas <l>p€v6s not from 
the surface of the heart, i. e. from the inmost 
heart. II. of Time, &Kpa ktnripa the end of 

freninsr, njghtfaih JJJ. oi Degree, the highest 

jn Jis Ic/ndy jfrsf, ejrceedin^ ffood, excellent: txpoi 

^avaJuv, voiTiruv the first among the Ore^s, tlie 
poets : ^x^*' ^^'^ Hucpos not strong of mind. IV. 

as Adv., &Kpo»s, &icpov, and &Kpa, very, exceedingly 

&Kpo-cr£8t)pos» ov, (&Kpos, aiIh]pos) pointed or skoi 
with iron. 

LKp6-fro^o9, ov, {&Kpos, aoip6s) high in wisdom. 

&KpoTdTt|, fem. Superl. from &Kp05. 

iicpo-TcXcvTioVy t6, (&Kpos, rcX€vr^) the end o£ any* . 
thing, esp. of a verse. 

&Kpo-TO)&^a>9 (&Kpos, rifivcci) to lop off, shave A$ 

&Kp-ovx^«>» i&Kpov, lx») to possess or inhabit tlm 

aKpo'^^oxov, r6, {&KpoSf ^vffa) the snout or pipe ^ 
a pair ofbeUows. 

&Kpo-x&vi]s, is, (&Kpos, x^^J^^) wide-yawning. 

&Kpo-xetp(|[w, {&Kpos, x^^p) ^^ ^^^^ ^"^^ ^^ ^P* 4f 
the fingers. II. more freq. in Med. to strug^ 

at arm's length : esp. of a kind of wrestling, in if^loh 
they grasped one another'^s hands. 

a*KpvirT09» ov, (a privat., Kpvvrai) unhidden. 

&-KpvtrraKKoqf ov, (a privat., KpvaraXKos) withmi 
ice, unfrozen. 

6LKp-ia\ivioVy r6, {axpos, a\4vri) tlie point of Af 

&Kp-cav(a, r\, usu. taken to mean mutilation : but 
both meaning and deriv. are doubtful. 

ijcp-iavvxicii Vi i&Kpos, Ijwl) the tip of ihe naUt 
hence any extremity, the top or ridge of a moimfotn. 

&Kp-(avi!X099 0^} {&Kpos, uw^) with nails, clawif 

aKp-wpcia, 7j, {&Kpo5, lipos) the top of a mounii^ 
mountain ridge. 

&Kp(0Tt|pid(ci>, to cut off the extremities, esp. <l# 
hands and feet, to mutilate: from 

&Kpci>Tiipu>v, r6, {&Kpo5) any topmost or prominmd 
part, e. g. he, oCp^os a mountain-peaAr, vriSs a ship^ 
beak, Lat. rostra. i. in plur. the extremiHes ^f 

tlie body, hands and feet. 1. in sing, a promontoffft 

&KTaiv^,— sq. 

i.Kraiva, seems to be a strengthd. form from &ym^ 
to put in motion, raise, support; if intr., to mo9$ 
rapidly, be strong and active. 

dicraios, a, ov, (aicrfi) on the shore or coast. IL 
'Aicraia, rj, sc yrj, Coast-land, an old name of Attica^ 
also 'AicT^. 

'AKTE'A, Tj, the elder-tree. 

&-KT^&vos, ov, (a privat, icriavov) without property, 

iL-Krivitrroq, ov, (a privat., icrevl^w) uncombed, un» 

6.Kr4ov, verb. Adj. from Aya, one must lead: §lp1h 
vr}v kicriov one must keep peace. IL intr. one 

must go or march. 

&-icTcp^i<rTos, ov, (a privat., icrcpct^w) without 
funeral rites. 







lucripunos — dXeiofuu. 


^y {dytnt/u) the sea-beach, strand: strictly the 
here the waves break: in plur. iuerai vpO' 
: also a tract by the sea. II. in gen. any 
iiace, edge, like the sea-coast, Lat. ora* 
ffy (Seywfu) strictly fern, from iuer6sy broken, 
and so ground, bruised com, Lat. mala, 
meal, bread made of it. 
»M¥f ov, gen. ovos, (a privat, icr^/ua) Ufithout 
fy needy, poor, c. gen. xpvooui poor in gold. 
"Of, ov, (a privat., ktAoiuu) not to be aC' 
not worth acquiring. 
(raxv^iucri(rtv, dat. pi. from iieris. 
|8dK, (cucris) Adv. lAe a ray. 
or &ktLv, 7yos, 17, a ray, beam, esp. of the 
snce, fi4oaa iuerls midday, but also of fire and 
g: metaph. brightness, splendor. II. like 
dius, the spoke of a wheel. 
OS, oif, (a privat., ktICu) uncultivated, 
, opos, 6, {&y») a leader, chief. IL a 


;pyT|T0S9 ov, (a privat, Ku$€pydoa) without 
4 eieered. 

kOSy ri, an esculent acorn, fruit of the itpivos, 

BTTos, oy, (a privat., KUfwivoo) not washed by 
oes, waveless, calm, where the wanes do not 

oc, ov, — a-KviAairros : metaph. calm, serene. 
Mr, ov, gen. ovos, (a privat., Kufioj^^^-K^' 

iM¥, OV, gen. ovos, (a privat., KU€a>) without 
r offspring, barren, [u] 

Ds, oy, (a privat., Kvpos) without authority, I. 
, sentences, etc., 710 longer in force, cancelled, 
d, set aside: aKvpos yiyv^crdai, clvai to have 
B, be set aside. II. of persons, having 

t or power, c. gen. Hence 
iia, w(T(a, to cancel t set aside. 
iiTos, ov, verb. Adj. from iL-Kvp6o», uncon- 
unratified, [y] 

wvurros, ov, (a privat., KCDdcovi^ta) untried, 

, 7}, {cLK^) a point, edge, Lat. acies, 
uTos, ov, (a privat, kwXvco) unhindered, free, 
^8t)to9, ov, (a privat., KufjupSeco) not made the 
of comedy: in gen. not ridiculed. 
ovTos, 6, {ojcf}) a javelin, dart, smaller and 
than €7X05. 


oKov, gen. —OVTOS, 

Att. contr. for 
II. = cwcou- 

against one^s will, perforce, 

voluntary, [d] 

•OS, ov, (a privat., Kwini) without oars, 

MTTOS, i, aXaPaoTiTT]s, 6, dXapdoriOK, t6, 

T hx6,j^<rrpos, q. v. 

urrpov, T<J,=8q. 

urrposy 4 ^^ 4 ^ calcareous spar, a/am /sometimes 

baster. II. that which is wrought or made qfit^ 

a box, casket, ease. 

SXoSc, Adv. (BXs) towards, to, into Ihe seas in 
Homer also mIs 2Xa8c. 

&X^-8po|&os9 ov, 6, by some derived from ^UAofuu, 
9p6fios9 the bounding race, by others from S\s, 8^ 
fios, a race over the sea, 

iXalovnta, ii, (dXa^c^y) the character of a braggart, 
arrogance, vain-boasting. 

&Xattfytv|Mi» t6, a piece qf arrogance, impudent 
pretension ; from sq. 

&Xatoviv^|uu, f. €6o'ofuu, Dep. med. : (dXa^c^y) to 
swagger, use false pretensions. 

&Xat^, 6yos, 6, ti, (&A17) orig. a wanderer about the 
country, vagttbond : ^-^hence like iey^pnis, a quack, 
juggler, impostor. IL as Adj. in gen. arrogant, 

vain, boastful, braggart, Lat gloriosus. Superl. &\a- 
(joviffraros or -(ototos. 

&Xd9cia, &Xa9ijs> I>or. for kK^B^ia, hXiiHi* 

&Xa9t£s, Dor. for kKnOtis, part aor. i pass, from 

hXaivm,^h3<6oyuu, to wander, stray about, 

AXflucdro, ^, Dor. for ^XoKfCnj. 

&XaXii, j^, alala! a war-cry, esp. at the banning 
of the fight : hence the onset or fight itself, in gen. a 
loud cry or sfuntt. 

&XaXa7i{, ^, (d\aXdCui) a shouting, 

iikaXay^Ai, i,ssd\a\ayfi. 

&XaX<£t«, f. d^ct, also d^ofioi : (&\a\4) to raise the 
&XaA.(£ or war-cry: in gen. to cry or shout aloud, 
usu. in sign of joy, yltcnv &\a\d(€iy to shout the 
shout of victory. 

&XdXT)fiai, a perf. form from ^dofxai, but only used 
in pres. signf., to wander or roam about, like a 

a-XaXT|Tos, oy, (a privat., \aX4(a) unexpressed, un- 

&KaXi\r6s, ov, 6, (dXoAc^) the war-cry, shout of vic- 
tory: also a cry of woe, wailing. 

dXaXKC, 3 sing. aor. 2 ; opt. oAcIAjcoxs, -koi, —koicv, 
infin. a\a\K€7v, —Kffiev, —Kefievai, partic itKoKKdov, 
formed from an obsol. root *&\Ka> = a\€^(i), with poet, 
redupl. ; to ward or keep off, 

'AXaXKO-ficvT|f9, iZos, the guardian goddess. (De- 
ri v. uncertain.) 

d-XaXos, ov, (a privat., \6Xos) speechless, dumb. 

dXaXvKTTifiai, a perf. form as if from aKoKria 
(oAuw), but like a\d\r}ixai only used in pres. signf., 
to wander about in anguish: to wander in mindfrov\ 

d-XdfiircTos, ov, (a privat, Ai£/A7rw) without light, 

d-XafJiTrljs, 4s, =foreg., dX. riXiov without the light of 
the sun. 

dXdofiai, impf. ^}J)pLt\v\ aor. ^Xi^0T\v,"^QeX..oX4\Qn(\v^ 
I Dep, pass., (HAtj) to wander, stray, ot roam dboult 
lsometimf»H q. acc. oK. yr\v to tcander thTOugH w 


^oos— 'AAEI'*i2. " 

over the land : also to wander from home, be bo- 
nished, II. metaph. to wander m mind^ be dis- 


aka6si 6vf not seeing, blind : hXaol, as opp. to $«• 
ZopKSrts, the dead : hkcAv eXxos ofifidrctv a wound 
that brings blindness. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

dXao-CKOtrilj, tj, (0X065, ffKoir^a) a blind, i. e. i^^- 
less, careless watch, 

aXa6m, <i><r<o, {pXa6s) to make blind. 

dXa'B'ciJBv<$S9 4, 6w, (aKavd^ai) easily mastered, weak- 
ened: powerless, feeble. 

d-XoLiroCwi £, d^u, (a euphon., \avd(M) to empty* 
drain, make poor: csp. to drain of power and strength, 
overcome, slay, waste, 

SXaS) aros, r6, (JSlKs) salt, 

oXaaraCvw = sq. 

&-XaoT^Uy (2l-Acurros) to be wraOhful or implacable, 
bear hate, 

d-Xdorropos, ov, {k-Xjixrrtop) tmder the influence of 
an avenger, 

a-XooTTOSy oVf (a privat., XavOdvoiMx) not to be for- 
gotten or forgiven, insufferable, unceasing: abomin- 
able, accursed. Hence 

&-XaoT«p, opos, &y the Avenging Deity, Lat Deus 
Vindex, with or without lialfiay. L in gen. an 

avenger, persecutor, tormentor, so ^ovk6Xoov h-}Jurr(op 
the herds-men's plague., II. pass, he who suffers 

from such vengeance: hence the sinfier, evU-doer, 
accursed and pollttted man. 

oXdros, 6, Dor. for itX-firrfs. 

dAdrrcfoy ri. Dor. for aXTjreia, 

oXaro, 3 imp. med. for iiKaro, from itKdofJUu, 

aX.attTvs> ^s, 7}, (&\xt6oi)) a being blinded, blinding, 

aXy€iv6s, "h, 6v, {J&.\yos) giving pain, painful, 
grievous. 11, wA. feeling pain, suffering, Ady. 

aXyecrC-SMpoSy o¥, {jSiXyos, iupov) bringing pain, 

akyia, 'fiffco, (^70$) to feel bodily pain, suffer pain .* 
to be sick. II. met^)h. to feel pain of mind, to 

grieve, be troubled or distressed: to suffer pain at or 
about a thing. 

oXynSuv, 6vos, 97, (a\y4a) a sense of pain, pam, 
grief: usu. bodily pain, but also of the mind. 

oXYnK'^ aros, t6, {hiKyito) pain felt or caused. 

oXync'^f c<v^9 ^9 \aKyioo) sense of pain. 

oXyiv^cis, €<r(ra, w, ifiKyos) painful, grievous. 

dXy^cav, ov, gen. ovos, irre^. Compar., and aXvi- 
irros, 97, ov, SuperL of kKyetvSs, as koXXIoov, koK- 
\i<rTos, formed from Subst. &\yo5, more, most pain- 
ful, grievous or distressing, p Ep., but * Att.] 

"AA-rOS, €05,r6, any pain, whether of body or mind ; 
trouble, grief, distress. II. later, any thing that 

causes pain. Hence 

aXyuvw, f. vvw, to pain, grieve, distress. — Pass, to 

Jeei or sitfferpmn, be grieved or distressed at a thing. 

dASa/yuf, £ aye5y ^o make (offTow, nourish, strengthen, 

ijxBope fi4\€a, she filled out his limbs : to inereasey 
multiply. Only poet. (From *iAa, hat. aio,) 

&X8if owtt, to grow, wax, increase, thrive. TL 

trans. = a\Zcdvw : from sq. 

^''AA.AH, root of kfsjUalvw, etc. 

^X^o, ^, Ion. hKhi, OSlKt}, oKwim) an avoiding, at- 
caping, flight from a thing, shelter from it. 

'AAE'A, tj. Ion. &A.677, Att. aX^^ warmth, heat, eip» 
of the sun. Hence 

aXeoUvcA, Att. oK., to warm, make warm, sun : vaSXm 
to grow warm, he warm. 

oLX^acrdai, &Xiaa6c, Ep. forms of the aor. i of 

aXcY€bV($s9 "hi 6v, {kK€y<e, cf. hXy^a^s) griewmtf 
sad, troublesome, tmroi aKeyftvol Jk^x^ftevai honm 
hard to break. II. act. causing or bringing paim, 

6.-\€yV^a, (ji-\4yw) to trouble oneself about athii^ 
to care for, mind, heed: c gen. rei. 

aXeyvvtt, (^^0) in Odyssey with Sa?ra and So^ 
ras, to care for a meal : in gen. afterwards to 
a meal for guests. 

MAyw, (a copul., \^a) only used in pres., to 
ble oneself, have a care, mind, heed, usu. with iki 
negat. oIk. kK, to have no care, heed not; nuni^ 
without negat., Airal hKeyovfft Kiovffai they are h^gt 
ful in their course ; also c ace., vel gen., to emr^f^ 
mind, heed a person or thing. Pass. ixfy^grBai m 
riffi, to be regarded or counted among, 

aXcciv<Ss, 1^, iv, {oKia, Jkku) warm, hot. 

dXccfvtt), =aA.€0/uu, &\ct^/iai, (hxia, &Aif) toflm^J^I^ 
give ground : but usu. c. ace. rei, to shun, avoid, 

iXivi, 7), Ion. for a\4a warmth, 

dXei^S, €s, (oAea, ^Kco) warming or warm, 8irF«s to*. 
sleep in the warmth, 

oXeCo, 71, (&A.77) a wandering about. 

aXciap, aros, r6, (&Xc(tf) wheaten flour,'='^be 
HXcvpov, in plur. 

aXci|&)&a, aros, t6, {iLK€i(pa>) any thing used to 
with, an unguent, fat, oil. 

oXeCs, euro, 4v, drawn together, hence either 
ing, shrinking, or collected, standing ready; 
aor. 2 pass, from idKyjv, and belonging to €t\m, ci\Ai. 

a-Xci<rov, r6, (a privat., \eios) an embossed oup^ fa 
gen. =d4iras. 

&XcCTt|9, ov, 5, (j&Kri) one who leads or goes astr^ 

a sinner, 
aX6u|>a, r6,=sq. 

oXei^ap, aros, r6, (otX^'KJxo) unguent, anointimg' 
oil, oil, fat, used in ^neral sacrifices. IL is 

gen. any thing for smearing with, hence pitch, AeoL 

'AA.El'#n, y^<o, usu. aor. pass. ^\^i<p07ivz p& 
^\oi<pa, Att. ciA^A.i^a: pass. aX-fihiyLficu, thoiu^ 
&X^\6</A/iat occurs ; To anoiht with oil, oil umb 
skin : Homer joins aKelypai or aXel^ltaaBai XtVa i\ai^ 
with another ace, as XP^^ Ka\6v: oOara &\«a^ 
to stop up the ear^ es^. of anointing for gym- 


ofuXA^fiora ttie tuiJaiQfiif contEit of jn^ 
i^iKTpaheiaciaaeAAdv. mlhoul marWiy, 
piKuva, 17, a hen, emaie fern, of &>jicrptm> fc 
JAcKTapij, by ODalogy of \fdii'a. [i>J 

UuTpCvr, (Ws, i, Ti, a cocJi or A^=sq. 

'ilAE'KTQP, Dfiaf. d, o cock, hoiae-eack. 

'AAE'KC, less lum- lana for ±A^k, fp uurrf ^ 
■kt/, ru^ TI : hence aor. med. iX^wrftu, fa wmrii(f 
jrm imeself, repel. 

OtBr, Dor. and E:p. 3 pL oor. a paib from dXa^ fir 
Uiiifw, Mejf E^reio Aocir, retired, 

(Uv, r. ^<fs. 

•X^-ar8pos> o>>, (nX^fe, Mp) defending HKn, IL 
% luu. name qf^sru in tlie Ilisd. 

iXcf-avtfUDS, av, (iki^ai, ^rcfwi) keeping ^ tk 
miJ, ikeiteriHgjiram U. [fd] 

(U^crfloL, BUT. I inf. med. of oA/fui, q. v. 

lUh^'Ai "ij « defeaee, guard, help. 

U4l<n^ ™., ^, (iX/£«-) a Aeepiw of, tmUl' 

kiper, guardian, 4\. (uix'Ji 

if ihc FHt, a cbampion. Hence 

oXitiitT^piot, o, ar,^! or able to keep off, dejaf»dm: 
idp, sp. 91 <?pit]i. of the gods, like Lat. liufmmd. 

iii^^TSf, opos, i, = aA(£irrftp. 

i^H^-ipH, Tt, (^^v, ipii) <As that keeps off a 
caTK, or {from nA^fio, 'Aprji) she that guardt fitm 
imSi miJ ruin. \&p1 

Uit-pac|j.v(K, w, (aAJ^, piKiiaav) keeping off 
«mv or dorli. 
> ilitC-RoKa*. or, (iA^Em, nwJv) keeping off HI Or 

iXiJtu. BpoTOt, oi-, (oA^f&F, Bpirri^) pralecting mar- 
Ui{C-popo<, ov, (oA^fw, ^jKi;} utnnfttif off f ale ac 

'AAE^a, or iXei,iw, q. v., ful. oAEf^™, fuU med. 
lU{Vof«u : 3 aor. act. opt. ifu^ata, aor. inf. med. 
bi^miat, part, ^(ji^tfrai, conj. iAtEt^/icoda, bi if 
bn &X^i»- Alio the poet. aor. 9 JiXo^uu', rare line 
Ugm.ftAoXjtoi', inf. &A[i\ic<u',BairframIlAicu: In moid 
f hop off, htm iBBay or aside, hence f defend, at- 
id, <Ad : — Construct., c. dat pen. et ace. rci, sepa- 
nady, ai oA. tvi /d AeJp one, Zci'i -riy' aK^t"i* 
KqiJove onerl tiua; but mast freq. to(tether, e. g. 
il. AuKUMi Kiw&v iiiuip (0 a«er( the day of evil from 
b» Dumi : c£ i\aXsf ; med. oK^aaBai tivb, lo keep 
"i^fnm oneeelf, d^end oaeietf agaimt him, Lat. 
^fimden. / 

"^■-1. toatt. iXfijuai a de&ct, Med. whoneAet I 


part. iArifUMi : bnt diieBjr OMd bf HcDWr fai aoni 
H 3 ling. V'jan or faftara, in£ itJ^toi, i)ai- 

I«U. Kxmai, axW«* t— fa anid, jAn, wo. e. MB. 
Ml, tX. 0A^ MfVMi nreljcan. p«&i ■!«& 
iii£ io avM iiabig, emit (n do > almiL to me^a,Jktr 
amUi m mgltet ! dL toiB. 
■Xrw, E^ lor biffmi, 3 «Dq}. ■■ 


>, tBengthd. from iJuL, fa ^rii^ 


UUC, or IXn, pnfa. ihortHMd fir bJt, bapw. 

orjfew-, on. in nbu:, dWwiiidied fron IMm. 
U«j-, (IXv, bfa I.) Act wy nMi fa rawiM, 
tMBjb-«mV(Ait.fa«in>i dw Mad. JArfups,- 
iMa^ 1 £ir tha aim tenw t. nb Wsywu. 
'AAt!a, £ Iras iinp^l frnri pfa£ aot. Att. JH4- 
L«a, peri: pMi. b^Awyiai I fa jriwA trMb^ jw— > ■ 

Ui»4,4, Att &X»|ai, (tola, Ju£fUB) M <rmU- 
ty, rt a M i f, >aBapi wp t aaaae ■ j —m tf n t^ t, 

d^enee, theUer, from a penon or tUiig : abwd. it 
d^eate againti an enemy, heip, rueeour. 

AAH, $, {iAdofjju) a wandering or roatning withont 
reM. 1. metaph. a watidarmg qfmiad, dU' 

traelion, madnete, Lat error insnClf. II. act. 

ikoi fiparm', things which lead men aatray, of BtartOA. 

AXijfcM, $, Ion. iMfiftv, (UD^itq, (&\>r0A>) 
frutA. II. the lAaracler of one who ipeaki frtuA, 
frankaets, ancerily. 

iXrfitiit, (lt>LT)Biis) to tpeak truth 1 of tbingi, fa be 
true; of divinatianB, toforeieB the tme eeerttt bnt 
also in Pass, io ame true, befiilfilled. U. c. 

ac& id, to ipetdi at Irvth, at real and true, d\ii- 
Btvaov rivra speak nought but truth 1 hence fa keep 
one's wont 

Ui|0i]tt], j^ Ion. for lAiieiia. 

d-Xi|tiji, tj, (n privat., *\itSai, KaSto') aHhout re- 
serve 1 open, true, sincere ; frank, hanett ; real, 
aclval. Adv. iAjfiis, Ion. JAiiSAgT, Iruig, TeaBg: 
also oil iXiiBSs. 1. also neut. as Adv. with 

ironical signf . ; proporoi. SAi|6(i ; ilane ? indeed f 
in tooth ^ but ri &AqMs, in twry truth, reai^ end 
truly. Let. reoera. 

Ui)SlCofuu, Dep. med.>^&Aii8(^. 

UiiBlvIt, i,, if, i^rfitit') agreeable (0 li-utfL, (ratK- 
ful, honeit. i. real and true, actual, gennuiu. 

Adv. -rSt. 
ikifio^-m^ is, {hKifi^i, fcrot) (peolnng trulK 



&Xt|6^avTis» €W5y dy 7iy {iKijOiis, fidtrris) a prophet 
of truth. 

&XT|6oon^, Vy poet, for iiX'fidetou 

'AXi^iov ircSCov, r6, {j&Krj) land qf wandering^ in 
Lycia or Cilicia. 

o-Xijtos, oVf (a privat., K-fiXov) tcithout corn-land or 
fields^ poor. 

«IL-Xt|ktos, ov, (a privat, \4ua) unceasing^ inces- 
sant, in Homer always AXXtjictos : &W. x^^ov abating 
not from wrath. Adv. -^ws^ also ^&>J\.7\ktov^ 

AXifXcKo, &Xi{Xccrfiai, Att. pf. act. and pass, from 

&XijXX^,' &Xi(jXi|&|&ai, Att. pf. act. and pass, from 

oXTii&a, r6y (&X/(») strictly thai which is ground, 
fine flour t hence metaph. a subtley wily fellow. 

&Xlj)Mvai, for kKrivouy Ep. inf. of id\riv, aor. 2 pass, 
of ^\w, to recoil) retire. 

&Xi{f&ci>v, ovosy 6, 71, (ixdofuu) a wanderery rover. 

aXfivai, V. dx^jucvat. 

«UXT|irros, ovy (a privat, Xofifidyoci) not to be laid hold 
of or caughty hard to catch, Compar. aKrjfirrirtpoSy 
less amendable. 

'AAH'2, 4s, also &Xi{s, Ep. and Ion.— Att. iLdp6os, 
thronged, crowded, in a mass, Jjat. confertus. [a] 

a-\i\m9, oVy Ion. for 6}MffTos. 

aXT)Tai, 3 conj. aor. 2 med. of SXAo/xou. 

&XT)T6£a, ^, a wanderingy roaming : from 

aXT|Tcva>, (aX'fiTTjs) to be a wanderer, live a vagroTU 

&Xi{Tt|s, OVy 6, {SL\dofiat) a wanderer, stroller, rover, 

''AA.0n, Lat. ALOf to make to grow, heal, restore, 
found in impf. pass. &KQero x^^P the hand became 
whole or sound. 

aXla, 7j, Ion. oKItj, (a\^s) an assembly, gathering 
of the people. 

ciXid, 7iy (Si^s) a salt-cellar. 

oiXidSai, &y, ot, (&\s) seamen. 

4Xt-dcTos, poet. aXtcderos, 6, {&\s, &cr6s) sea-eagle, 

&Xi-aijs, es, {&K5, &rifJLi) blounng on the sea, blowing 

&-X£aoTOS, ov, (a privat, \idCofiai) unbending, un- 
yielding, unabating : neut. as Adv. h^hiaffTov inces- 

dXC-Paros, ov, Dor. for ^Kl-^aros. 

dXC-ppcKTos, ov, {SXs, 0p4x<if) washed by the sea. 

dXCyKios, a, ov, resembling, like. (Deriv. uncer- 

dXi-Sovos, ov, (£a.s, doveai) sea-tossed, 

aki-€pKr\9, 4s, (oAy, epKOs) sea-girt, surrounded by 
the sea. 

aki€v\ka, OToy, r6, (aXie^co) =aKt€(a, that which is 
caught at sea, a draught. 

dXicvs^ 4ois, Ion, ^os, 6, {SXs, oKios) one who has to 
ai? ur//A //ie sea, and so l. a Jishev. II. a 

seaman, sailor : with another Subst. ip4ras &XH}8f 
rowers on the sea. 

dXicvTiK^y "fl, 6v, {aKiwOta) of or belonging iofiahimfm 
Adv. -kSos. 

oXicvtf, (S\s) to fish. 

&X£|;«», f. iffu, (d\4s) to gamier together, auemMgi 
Pass, to assemble, meet together. 

aX£C«, f, iffw, (£\s) to salt. 

a.Xi-|[a>vos, ov, {j&Ks, d&vri) sea-girt, 

aX£T|, iiy Ion. for oA^o. 

dXi-i^pT|s, €s, {<&Ks, ipiffffoa) sweeping the sea, 

&Xi,iJTop9 opos, d, poet, for aX^is, 

dXCiQcri, Ep. dat. plur. of d\/i}. ■• 

dXCOios, Dor. for ijXlOios. 

&-Xi6os, ov, (a privat., MOos) tvi^out 9t€ne»j 

aKiKia, ^, Dor. for rikucta. 

&X£-icXvaTOs, ov, (HXs, kX^w) sea-beaten. 

dX{|Tos, ov, {&Ks, Kdftvot) wearied by (he 

oXXkos, a, ov. Dor. for t\>Skos. 

dX£-KTviros, ov, (oAs, icnnr4ct) lashed by (he eea^ 
beaten. II. act. roaring in or on ^ sea, .^, 

dXX-Kvfiuvy ov, gen. ovos, {j&\s, kv/m) surfmrnM^* 
by waves. HC. 

dXi-fi^o>v, ovros, 6, {&\s, fiHotv) lord of the seOm ^i**^ 

a-XC|&cvos, ov, (a privat., Xifi'fiv) withotU /k aid tMj H ^ 
Lat. importuosus : in gen. giving no shelter, 
pitable. \X] Hence 

d-XY)i,cvdn)s, rj, the being without harbours. 

oXl-i&vpijcis, €(ra'a, ev, {SiXs, fiipw) flowing or 
muring into the sea. 

dXivS^u, aor. aXiffat, usu. as Pass. 4ofiau, to 
like a horse : also to wander up and down, 
about. Hence 

dXivS^Opa, 71, a place for horses to roll in. 

I ■ 




volutabrum. . <i 

aXX'VT)X'nS9 4s, {&Ks, viix") swimming in the seOm ^^ 'M 
aXXvos, 97, ov, (&As) made of ov from salt. ' ^ 

oL-Xivos, ov, (a privat., \ivov) without a net, wlAe % 

out hunting tolls, ^ • ^c 

&Xt{, Dor. for ?Xt|. •''. V 

dX£-{avTos> ov, (oUs, ^aivui) worn by the sea, k: 

dXios, 6, Dor. for ^Mos, the sun, [a] •* *,\ 

aXios, a, ov, also os, ov, (fiAs) of, from, or b^oti0» <\ 

ing to the sea, Lat. marinus. [a] ^| 

&Xbos, a, ov, —ixdraios, fruitless, unprofitable, idte, \^ 

erring : also in neut. as Adv., in vain. Adv. -Mtt^ '^ 

[a] (Deriv. uncertain.) . , '^ 

dXio-Tpc(|>ijs, 45,{a\ios, rp4<p(o) fed or living in <!»' \ 

sea, • ^1 

dXi($a), d^cra, (&\ios II.) /o make fruitless, disappoini, \^ 
d-XiTrdpi^s, 4s, (a privat, \nrapi\s) not fit for tt \ 

suppliant. ^ 

oXiircSov, r6, [SXs, ireZlov) a plain by the sea, m y 

sand, tract, esp. one near the Piraeeus. ^^ 

dXC-irXaYKTOS) ov, {a\s, TrAcifw) roaming in or iff ' 

the sea, ; 



IX(-vX«Krot» Dor. for &\f-irXi}irroi, q. ▼. 

IXi^vXSmft, isf {SxSf vXdygi) sea-wanderinff, wan- 
immg over the sea. Henoe 

iXiVX&rCay ^9 ^ wandering over the seoy' wandering 

IXC-vXiirraf 9 oPf (£\9, vKfyroui) lathed by the eea. 

iXC-^XoNBffy ovy oontr. &X/-irXov9, owy {fiXs^ ir\i») 
ttnered with waier. 

4Xi-«itfpof » oy, (fiXi, mifm) ploughing ihe sea, 

4Xir«6p^po«, owy \&K5f rop^6pa) qf sea-purple, of 
imp purple dpe. 

IXif-p&yiff, isy {JSi^h piirymffu) breaking the waves, 
mnnsl wAtcA the Hde breaks. 

t X £p-ptt V Tot, oy, {SXs, paiim) sea-surging, 

lUp-mirrofy oy,=^hXtp-f€ryts* 

UUp-pAws, oy, also if, oy, {&\s, p6Bos) roaring with 
ffRMy sea^beaL 

i]ilp.po0of, ay,^{oreg. 

U^piiiTOt, or, (fi\9, ^4)) washed by the sea, 

'hhSX, Adv. (a\4$) tn heaps, crowds, swarms, in 
^kmdanee : henoe enough, Lat. satis. Also c gen. 

iXa IfT^pov silver ^notf^A, Lat. sat argenti, also c. 

pL, as in Iiat. with satis, B\is ly^ ''''^'^^ ^ ^^^^ 

a ny fc of a thing : rarely just enough, ^furpUts. 

mrot, in£ aor. i of bXiy94<o. 

'AAHrE'Oy to pollute. Henoe 

4X(ffyi||i«, error* T(j, a pollution. 

iXmofiai, a defect. Pass., the Act. of which is 

KppBei by alpito : impf. iiKto'KSfniy : fat. StK/Aaofuu : 

ior. lyncop. 1i\<»y Att. usu. IdXaiv, inf. a\wvou, part. 

oWf, conj.a\fitf, in Horn. oAc^: opt. oA.o/?;!', in Horn. 

skfify: Peri, ^\uKa, idXwKa: all in Pass, signf. : to 

k taken, conquered, fail into the enemy* s hand, i , 

to be caught, seized. 3. to be taken or caught 

in honting : also absoL to be overpowered* 5. 

nidy in good sense, to be won, (whieved, II. 

to be caught, detected in a thing : esp. as Att. la\r. 
term, to be convicted, and so condemned, c. gen. 
criminis : a\<ayaL KXninis, to be convicted of theft. 

oXi-aT^<^vo99 oj',=sq. 

iXi-oTC+ijs, es, {aks, (rr4ip<a) sea-girt, 

•U-OTOvos, oy, {'Sl^s, orivto) sea-resounding. 

oXurr^^, i], 6v, {aKi(<t>) salted, pickled, 

iXC-oTpciTTOSy ov, (fiAs, arpe^d)) whirled or roiled 
to and fro in the sea, sea-tossed, 

iXlToiytt, f. '^(Tco, aor. act. ijKirov, and aor. med. 
\Kn6iiriy, 3 pi. Ep. ii^irovro, inf. okiriaBai : later also 
aa aor. '^AirT7a'a: part. oA-tT^/ievos : (JeA?;) /o &'m, 
«^</ against, to transgress, to stray, 

iJCtTdvcvTOSy oy, (a privat, Xtroj/ei/a)) 720/ to he 
Meecf ^ prayer. 

•Xl-T^p|Miv, ov, gen. ovos, (£A.r, r^p/xa) bounded by 

Hie tea, bordering on it, 

•XlnnLOy aros, r6, (kKiraiwi) a sin, offence. 

^Til)|icvos9 ^ part, of &\itouv(o, q. v., with accent 

&XlT-i{)icoot9 oy, (&\iraiyo», ifi^pa) missing the right 

day or right time : henoe untimely bom. 
&XlTij|&*iv, oy, gen. 01^09, {k\iT€iv) sinful, wicked, 
AXXn^pios, oy, (&Air6iy) sinful, wicked, laden with 


&XlTt|p^, 6y, Y, &XlT^pl09. 

&X(tovto, for 1}?droifro, 3 pi. imp. from it\ir4w» 

iXM-isvo§, oy, (jkhartTy, ^4yos) sinning against a 

iyXro-^pov^&yyi, ^, (&\irciy, <Ppiy) a wicked mindm 

iXvrpim, a iKiraiyw. 

iXirpla, 4i, {bXirp6s) sinfulness, wickedness, mis-» 

iXirp^voof , oy, {jkkn'p6s, y6os) wicked-minded. 

&XiTp^, 6y, synoop. for iL\trfip6s, (&Airciy) sinful, 
sinning, wicked : knavish, 

&X£-TpvTOf , oy, also 71, oy, {&\s, rplno) sea-beaten, 

&X£-Tihro«, oy, {&\5, r^irrw) sea-beaten, sea4ossed! 
as Subst., a seaman, 

aXi-^op£(&9 ii, a disaster at sea, shipwreck : from 

&Xi-^66pos, oy, {&Ks, ^flpcai) destroying on the sea: 
as Subst., a pirate. 

^Xkouos, a, oy, (&Xic4) strong, mighty. 

&XKap, r6, oiUy used in nom. and ace. (&Xic4) a 
safeguard, bulwark, defence, help, 

&XKf s, §yro5, 6, ^, Dor. contr. from iKKdtts, » 
iiXiefiets, q. ▼. 

**AAKK, 4i, {*^^^Jcw, iXaXKtiy) bodily strength, 
force, prowess, esp. in action : in gen. potcer, might : 
in plar. hKKai, feats of strength, 11. spirit, cou- 

rage, III. a safeguard, defence, and so help, 

succour, IV. battle, fight, 

&Xici]€is, ecraa, Dor. aKKius, contr. hXK^s, oXk^vtos, 
{a\icfi) valiant, mighty, 

a\Ki, an irreg. poet. dat. of aXicff, formed as if from 
&\^, esp. of bodily strength, 

aXKi}xos, ov, also rj, ov, {aKicfi) strong, stout, of men 
and things : warlike, brave, 

a\KC-^pav, ov, gen. ovos, (&Ak^, <pp^J^) stout-hearted* 

oXktijp, rjpos, 6, (♦AXkoj, a\a\K€7v) one who wards 
off, a protector, 

aXicvoK£8c«, at, with or without Tifispat, (aX/ci5w»') 
halcyon days: the 14 winter days during which the 
halcyon builds its nest, supposed to be quite calm. 

dXicvwv, 6vos, 7}, the kingfisher, halcyon, (Deriv. 

**'AAKn, assumed root of AAoAkcTi', cf. &A.^|(w. 

'AAAA', Conjunct., neut. pi. from iWos, and so 
strictly in another way, otherwise, I. to oppose 

single clauses, b?ii, Lat. autem, II. to oppose 

whole sentences, but, yet, Lat. at. 2. a\\d is 

used, c. imperat., to encourage, persuade, etc., like 
Lat. tandem, esp. dAX' Wi, a\\* &7€. \1\. *^cJvcv^ 

with other particles. i. SiXX? o?)V, hut thcu^hoiK- 

and signf. of pres., as if formed from dAlT7;/ui, dA/-lever, 2, oAXi 7ctp, Lat. cmmveTO, hut TealU 

•njfwu. I certainly, 



o^XayiT — akkork. 

J^&T{> ^9 (aKKdnrirw) a change, 

&XXavTo-^wX^«i, to sell sausages : from 

&XXavTo-*ir«&XT|s, ov, 6, (jkKKaSf vu\4w) a sausage- 
" &XXd{aadai, inf. aor. i med. from SLWdcffu. 

oXXotis, €us, rif {itWdaffoi) a changmg^ inter' 
. 'AAaATS, ojrroi, 6^ a sausage, 

&XXacronw, Att. oXXfCrrw, f. c{|» : aor. i pass. ^X\^ 
X^v', aor. 2 pass. ^AXdKyiji'^ (&AAos). To make 
oihenmse, change^ alter. I. to give in exchange^ 

Xepay. 2. to change^ and so leave^ quit, II. 

to take in exchange, exchange one thing for an- 
other. 2. to go tOy c. aoc. loci> like Lat. mu- 
tare. Med. to change or alter one's own, but usn. 
to exchange for oneself, exchange^ interchange: 
hence to barter^ traffic, i. to buy. 2. /o seU, 

^XXaxtj) Adv., (&\A.os) elsewhere, in another place. 
, &XXax(S0t9 Adv., (&AAos) elsewhere, somewhere else. 
" dXXaxov, Adv., ss oAAax^* elsewhere, somewhere 

, oXXcyov, kKKifyu, H(»n. for oyiKeyoy, ^aX^ai, v. 

SXkQ, Adv., strictly dat. fenL from HxXos ; I. 

Adv. d Place, i . tn another place, elsewhere. 2. 
to another place, elsewhither. II. Adv. of Man- 

ner, in another wag, somehow else, otherwise. 

&XX-T)Yop^u, (&\Aos, hyopf^) to speak so as to 
imply other them, what is saidy to express or to inter- 
pret allegorically. 

aX-XT|KTos, ov, poet, for &-\nicT05. 

aXXT|XoH^aY£a, ij, an eating, devouring one another : 

&XXt|Xo-^d709, ov, (^Wi^Awy, (p&yeTv) eating, de- 
vouring one another. 

4XXT)Xo*<|>ov(a9 7), mutual slaughter or murder: 

&XXir|Xo-^vos9 QV, (&AA^\»y, ^ve^eo) murdering 
one another. 

dXXifXwv, gen. plur., which has no pom. : dat. &X- 
XitAois, cus, ots : ace. &AX^\oi;s, as, a, (j6x\os) of one 
another f to one another, one another, hence mutually, 
reciprocaUly. Adv. -Kus, mutually. 

aXXT|v, ace. fem. from &AA«s, used as Adv., else- 
whither, to another place. 

&X-XiTdvcvTos, ov, poet for cUXit-, (aprivat., \ira- 
veia>) inexorable, 

aXX<S-7XiMr(ros9 ov, {JiiKKos, yXStffffa) of a strange 
or foreign tongue, foreign, 

aXXo-Yvo^a), (&AA.os, vokta) to take one person or 
thing for another, mistake for another, hence to be 
unacquainted with, 

aXK6-yvwn^yOVf {&Wos, ytyv^ffKu) known to others, 
hence strange to us, unknown. 

aXXoSairn, fem. dat. sing, from sq. 

oAXoSairos^ ^, 6vf strange, foreign, belonging to 
an0//i^ jffeop/e or /and. (Deriv. uncertsdn.) 

^LXXo-ciSijs, 4s, (&KXOS, clSor) </ d^ffbreni fk» 
looking differently, 

aXXoOcv, Adv., (&)<Xos)from another plaee. 

oXXoGi, Adv., (&AXos) elsewhere, in anotl 
place. II. in another way, in another oa 


&XXd-6poos, ov, Gontr. dtXK6f6povs, ow^ (6\^ 
6p6os) speaking another or foreign tongue, hence 

dXXoioty a, ovy (6}iXos) of another sort or kit 
different, other. Comp. &KKoi&r€pos, different. A< 
-CDS, otherwise. 

dXX.oi^«i, f. dxrw, (&AAo<bs) to make ^fferenty 
change, alter: in Pass, to become d^ereni^ 
changed. 2. to become worse. 

oXXoKO, Dor. and Aeol. for AWore. 

oXX^KOTOS, ov, {&Wos) of an unusual kind, noit 
or form, hence strange, monstrous: also uUb 
changed. Adv. -t»s, 

"AAAOMAI, fut. a\ovfuu : aor. i riXdfiriv, inf. £ 
adeu : aor. 2 tiXj&iuhv, inf. oKMoi : syncop. 2 and 
pers. 2X010, dxro Epic without aspirate; 3 conj. ik^ 
and £Xcrcu: to spring, leap, bound, Lat. salioz 
leap, rush upon or against. 

&XXo-vp<Ss-aXXos, 6, L e. 6k\or€ wp6s &XAoir» < 
who turns now one way now another^ who ts«fii 
first to one side then to the other, 

''AAAOS, 17, 0, Lat. alius, another, other, i. eu < 
besides what hB& been mentioned. i . ft\AAS ^ 

or rls &AA01, any other, some other: cf ris dA^ 
Lat. si quis alius, whoever else. 2. &AAos is < 

joined with other of its own cases or adverbs dwv 
from it, as IkKKas JSlKKo Xtyu one man says one ikk 
one another. 3. joined with the Art., b J(A^ 

the other, the rest, in plur. ol 2lAAoc, aU the otkt 
the rest, all besides, Lat. ceteri : rit &\Xa, Lat* eei 
reliqua, in Att. oft. used Adv. for the rest : ol 
2lAAo( Kai . . aU others and especially • . , whence 
phrase &AAetfs re KoiX both otherwise and, i. e. M 
daily. 4. &AAOS is used with numerals, whei 

means yet, still, further, etc., vifim-os Tortt/Jihs 1 
Aos, yet a fifth river. II. more rarely like oAAa 
of other sort, different : hence, i . other than w 
is common, strange, foreign. 2. other than w 

is, untrue, unreal, 

oXXooc, Adv., (&AAos) to another place, elsen 
ther, to foreign lands. 

oXXoTo, Aeol. for sq. 

oLXXoTc, Adv., (2UA0S, ^e) another time, at anat 
time, at otfier times, &XAotc . . , opposed to &AAoTt 
at one time, at another. 
oLXXo^i, or rather aXXo rt. Adv., (^AAos, ris) w 

else ? Lat. numquid aliud ?- when followed by ^, 

sentence is elliptic, e. g. &AAo ri ^ iretv^o'ovrcu ; i 

&AAo T( -Kfiffovrai, ^ irciv^ffovTou ; what else shall i! 

feel but hunger, i. e. how shall they escape hungi 

but ^ is sometimes omitted. 

A>L\oTfitamla t i » wm \t k w 4 l >ll . 

■Urrpio-«rk-<rKcnro9, aVj (^AA^pJOS, M, irnftKro- 
/m) a butTf-bodff in nihir mwi'j maUtn. 

iiX^fiias, a,ov,{&i>Xat) qf or belmginy la another, 
1ml cJieaoB, opp. Ici fSiai, iu^mpiiei' xnfilm'l'ii to 
iBbDaiidfal o/whai UanoOieT'i, il\AiiTpIiiii TtwH^uii 
f^ to Uugh wilh a face uniiAe Om'* own, Uorece's 
ftfio/ianu^ II..Arrijnii lot p<ri|frin«i.' hence 
^Ihnur, sfiro ; alio ealranged, heatUei «a Adv. iA. 
iayfaia ^w >o be nlTanged, Beaee 

MtU^ or iil-ditpiaed. Pan. fo Aeconig eilrangsd, 6t 

, _ la/aU iaio slrangert' Aandt. Hence 
Alirrplwcnc, twi, ^, etlrangemeni : a makiag ever 

, itrictty gen. from i\ADs, eiKinhtTt, 
^nother piaee, 
iJUm^k , oy, Ep. for S-As^m. 
|Ub-i^(wv^ (KXAoi, ippavia,) la ba iff moAer 
IM: hence fi) give no Ited to a thing, to tMitk 
Mv'i'- II- to IhUik olhenxite than as one 

"^ " be abaent or uriAeafin^. i. la ie lenis/Mi, 

lUi^^Aac, or, [iMas, iivKii) qf anoihgr tribe or 

^ -. . -..•", {iAAoi, 

■SKU-xP-*, aroj. 4, i,-foreg. 

VekiMtTwith&AADT, e.g. biAvSu KaAdi one Uthec 

iXXvovtra, [u] Horn. Ep. for ovcAuc, 
'. irw-Xia. 
Adv. from fiAAoi, i" onalAer vay or man- 
rwiie, SAAbt Twr in laiae ofA«r way : JfAAni 
boih vIAahtua and $o , , , i. e. fspfcialip, 
ibM a£ IL etAcrwiir f^n lometlung implied, 
tfirenlfy: heoee in good senu, icHrr, 2. other- 
thmdd be : heedlessly^ without purpose : 
n .- alio in nam ; fw nolhino, lilM 
l^i. gratia; hence^^^fuJv 
_ , ti, (oMjiiioj) a tprmg, I , , 
Okjii}, ii, (oAi) aea-aiater that haa dried: alio On 
Mm. 3. aalt-tpoteTt brine, II. aallnesj. 

Ufwpdt, II, ^, (i\l«l) tall, bring. 3. metajih. 

Uffr, diataateftU, viaoelcome, like Iiat. oroaru 
'A&OA'O, 4<r«i ID old Atu aleo poet. iUd 
IXwEru [do-] , to thresh, threth out: to eudgel. 
khearl 7Viaul,\ike c&ttle irben treading out ibi 

DldPoc, Of, (a priFaL, Ao^c!?} urilA a lobe ic 
#tbe liven of vidiiiiB. 

tKoT^ai, ^u, (fi-AoTvi) fo ^lOji no regard to n thing, 
kkirto heed 0/ iK, Ijot, TaUmtem ret turn habere. 
1> he out Iff one'a aentet. Hence 

4 X«n{ai ii, wojU ef regard at ealeem, eaiiBm/ti. 
*aat ifreaum, txu r Ait a ta.Jb^ 

a., lit, t, (Jae*.) aiiwiW ^ ar i i wi W M '* 
US«, A^ <IU)>ta. or tirt i^«« «M. 
ilMfa, bi 3 1>9. Abv texAi, 
UaSsltt. to«^ PNL br toM- 
Uofar, opt. Bar. • ctltdtmam. 
k uXi n,,, . «s (• I-i< - - ■ 

MfrallHlafr twfMMrwp . 

i 1> Ji f , <p, (« print, taAHM) Mi*Ma(«v« 

UmM, 4, (iUI^) flv Mv wU «*<>* •M «K 
■MWOTMMMt tmBKamit^lm^p-mmfan 
jHvtgutnti gata^,4iintm»Ht,rmntUi,ptllit. 

iXMJt^ (>Mi>* lmm/i m » m$, to «riM, *•». 

AUm, [A] dol fwt; aM of bimcufnu. 

<M. •««, i > PMk «-B «f >>>w6 iwr* Ml in 
notn. rfofti ■ ^ l Oi ploBgh«< la ■ Ud t h*Mi 

'aWjIth. ^ @h>, Mr**) At wlw » » SU^ 

&X-0VpYtl> "ot, 4t (iA-«y7>I>) a purjile rtbe. 

iX^mfyit, ir, and &X-i>vfyl}t, ii, (lAi, 'tpyu) dged 
wiA aea^finrplo, i.e. ^ a goKuine purplei m pL 
Tik oAovf'y^ purple robea. 

iXo^ IXavtro, aw. 1 part, of ixitnmiuu. 

A-Xovrte, it, (S-Aavrst) o Mn^ untooii^ icant ^ 

UkavToti (• prtrat, \titt) uTwaiuAen, nef iotttvi 

'* ' ' Hom.JCX-Aa^i,(apriyat.,A^i)wiA> 

q, (a copoL, X^Dt) fA« porAMT (/i>n«'f 

nperst. preS' from AAiio^uu for AXcCdv, 

q, (r, SuperL fnm olxoL tXrrts, 
aaeetett, loeelieal. 

*AA3, iXdt, 6, laityin ring, a^roin or lumpof tail, 
in plur. toil u prepered f<ir use. 

'AAZ, &Xit, i, the tea. 

jUuro, &Xtb, aor. 1 of lAAs^uu, q. T. 

SXiniti (ot, tJ, I«t. «aitu<, d p/OfW groom u»A 
frroj and jiroM, a grove, cap. a nuTAl grove .■ alio 
onjr j;n>c« or teood, any hallowed pAicc tx loumi. 




oXrticc?;— djLia^j^, 

&Xtik^9 ^9 ^^9 (fiWo/icu) belonging to leaping^ good 
at leaping, 

&XvKTd|«, dffWy (a\^) lobe in trouble or distress, 

&-XvKT0'ir^8i|, 71^ {&'\.vieros ii^ leihi) indissoluble 
bonds or fetters, 

oXvKTOf, OK, (&X^) troubled, II. (a privat., 

X<^)=s^-Xvro5, indissoluble, 

&Xv{ai» inf. aor. i from &\i^(ricw. 

aXv{is, fusy 71, {HtKiaicof) an escaping, avoiding, 

&-Xvin)Tos, ov, (a privat., Kinciui) not pained or 
grieved. II. act. no/ paining or distressing, 

a-Xihros, oy, (a privat., Xinni) without pain or grief ^ 
ttnpainedf unhurt, IL act. not paining or trou- 

bling, causing no pain or grief, harmless. 

&-Xvpos9 ov, (a priv., Ai^/mx) without the Itfre, uncus* 
companied by it : hence moumftd. 

SXvavSi ^A)s, fi, a chain, bond. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

&-XvcrX-TcXii}s, h, (a privat., Xuiri-reX^s) useless, un- 
pri^able : hence hurtful, Ady. .^ws. 

&Xvoric(£Cwi c£(r», strengthd. for itkAa-Kw, used only in 
pres. and impf. 

&Xv(ncdv«, lengthd. form from iXdffKw, 

iXvcTKO), fut. &\ti(a} and itX^^ofuu : aor. ffXvfa : 
(aA.e»). To Jlee from, shun, avoid, forsake, 

ikkvaaw, (aA.tW) to be uneasy, have no rest, 

&-Xih-os, ov, (a privat, Kito) not to be loosed or 
broken, indissolvhle : continuous, ceaseless. Adv.-rus. 

a-Xvxvos, ov, (a privat., Xi^i^os) without lamp or 

'AAT'A, used only in pres. and impf., (0X77, &X<£- 
Ojuat) to wander, of the mind, to be HI at ease, be 
irotibled, distraught, be beside oneself: to be at a 
loss, like hropeiv : more rarely to be beside oneself 
for joy. [v in Horn., v in Att.] 

'AA*A'Nfl, aor. ^\<f>oy, opt. &X^oi: to bring in, 
yield : get, acquire : metaph. <j>66vov &\<pdvtiv to in- 
cur envy. 

&X^6cr(-Pou>s, a, ov, (a\<p€7u, fiovs) strictly bringing 
in oxen : hence of maidens whose parents received 
many oxen as presents from their suitors, much- 

&X4»t)OTi^S, ov, 6, (a\<pdyo», ^X^elv) always in 
phrase S.vdpcs ^(fyriaral, gain-seeking, enterprizing, 
industrious men : esp. applied to trading, sea-faring 

aX<t>iT-a|&oiP^, b, {&\<l>trov, kfi^i^w) a dealer in 
barley meal, 

"AA^ITON, TO, peeled or pearl-barley, Lat. po- 
lenta : a\<plTov aicHi, barley -meed, barley-cakes, in 
phir. ^(pira, barley-groats, and the cakes or porridge 
made of it : in gen. any meal or groats ; metaph. 
one^s substance : and so rrarp^a &\<l>, one's patiimouy. 

oK^ro-iroiia, rj, a preparing of barley-meal : from 

&X<|>iTO-iroi<$Si b, (voieu) a preparer of bartey-meal. 

dX4>tTO-o'iTe(i>, (&\(l>iToy, cTiTew) to eat, live on 
barley-meal, or bread made of it, 
aA^oi, J opt. aor. of oA^dya. 

&X«i, aoc. fxoTCL fiX»s. 

&Xu, conj. aor. 1 of k/doKOfuu, 

&XfMiv<Ss, ^, 6v, {B>Ms) belonging to, used im a 

&X«rff, ri, sometimes written &Ket4i, a poet, word 
for Att. &\ms: Dor. ctXwcL I. a threshing' 

floor, II. any levelled plot of ground, a garden^ 

orchard, vineyard, etc. 

aXcSn, ^P' ^^ ^Vy 3 ^^* conj. aor. 2 of hximn* 
fiat. II. oKtfrj, Ep. for oXoli}, 3 sing. opt. aior. 

2 of same verb. 

oXidrtTtis, ov, 6, (&\wii) a husbandman, gardener, 

aXfi^eyaif £p. for oXmvoi, inf. aor. 2 of a\itricofuu, 

&XcSficvos, 17, ov, part, from ixdofuu, 

SXmv, MVOS, ^, = &Kus, 

aXwvaiy inf. aor. 2 of aXio'KOfJuu, 

&Xftnrcirij, 17, Att. contr. from Ion. &Kiinr€K€ii, flabu 
iopd, (&Kdnnji) afoxskin, 

&XwircK(a9, ov, 6, (it?ix&irriOfojnf : brands wilh afoM, 

&XAiirfKi8fvs» ^»s, 6, (&Xc^|) a fox's cub, yotmf 

AXttMrcK^Cw, f. Uroi, (&Xc^^) to be a fox, plop lft# 
fox, Lat. vulpinari, 

iXunriKiov, r6. Dim. from kK^hnj^, a little fox, 

oXonrcKCsy i^os, ri, (dXc^f) a mongrel between fi0 
and dog. II. a fox-skin cap. 

'AAA'nHH, fKos, Tff a fox: metaph. of men. 

"AAHS, u, ri, ace oKw, a threshing-floor, IL Af 
disk of the sun or moon. 

aXi0crt|JU>s, ov, (aX&vai) easy to take, catch, win, or 
conquer. 1. of the mind, easy to apprehend. VLt 
{oKooois) of or belonging to capture or conquest, 

aXucris, 60)5, 71, (a^IoKOfiai) a taking, capture, eotk* 
quest. II. as law-term, detection, convicHonm 

aXcSot>)iiai, fut. of oXioKOfMi. 

aXa>T^» "fl, 6v, verb. Adj. from oKSovai, to be takem^ 
caught or conquered : to be acquired. 

aXc&o, Ep. for aXw, conj. aor. 2 of oKioKOfuu, 

&I&, for ivA. 

*'AMA. I. as Adv. at once. II. as Prep, a 

dat., ai the same time with, together with, 

afio, and a)&(^, Dor. for ayua. 

*A)&a(«0v, 6vos, 71, usu. in plur., the Amazons: tim> 

a-|&aOa£vtt>, (Sk-fxad^s) to be ignorant, stupid. 

&-fi&9ijs, is, (a privat., fwJduv) untaught, unlearned, 
stupid, dvil : also coarse, rude : also without knom^ 
ledge of 9. thing. II. pass., not learnt, unknown. 

Adv. -JQm, Hence 

a-)&&9£a9 97, want of learning or knowledge, igno* 
rancCf coarseness. 

&fi&0(Scis, etrffa, €v, contr. &|&aOovs, owro'a, wv, 
(&juado;) =Ep. iifiad6€is, sandy, 

^'AMAOOJS, 71, l&fJios, dfifios) sand, a sandy soil, opp. 
to sea-sand (rl/dfiados). 

oLfjiaOvvca, {&fjLados) to level with the sand, utterly d$' 
stroy, 2. to hide in the sand. 

dfiatfuljceros— ifAjSpcSo-iOff. 


i-fUU|ft^rrot« 1I9 oKy lengthcL fonn of &'/uaxof, 
irraiisiibief huge^ enormous. 

. 4|iaXS«Mi^ poet, for &^iaA^!iw» (^i^ua\<is) strictly to 
t^it^ ' hence io crush, destroy, ruin. 2, metaph. 

IfftoXXa, ^, (itfiAof) a bundle of ears of com, sheaf, 

i|MXXo-8cTJ|p, ^poy, hy (^E/ioAAAy 8^) a binder of 

ifSXitt ^9 ^9 Att afJMK6st^airaK6s, soft, slight, 
ItL tener, 2. weak, feeble, 

c|&a(«, 4» Ton.. iiiJM^aia, Att. aitafyt, (&7w) a car- 
liage, esp. a wagon or tomn. 1, the carriage of the 
fkngh, Lat. currus. 3 . Charles^ wain i n the heavens, 
tke great bear. 4. a carriage-road. Hence 

•|ui(cvo|MU, as Pass, to be traversed by wagons, to 

me wagon-roads through it. 

4|M{-ifX&ros, or, (ifjiia^a, iXxtitw) traversed by 


■ V*t~4p'*l*» *'» (^V^'^A/ '^) attached or belonging 
toe iNt^oft or carria^0. 

i|Mi{inYot, «> ov, (^ffM|a) ^ /<>'' o wagon : large 

mlmgh to load a wagon, 

ifiiiif (S0S9 Vt IHm. from ifui^a, a Utile wagon, 
hsLplosteUum: a go-cart. 

i|Mt»n|t, ou, 6, {dfjux^a) of or belonging to a wagon. 

ifml^ritf 6¥y (Sfia^a, tJ/u) traversed by wagons : ri 
ifuifyris, a hiffh-roadfor wagons. 

ifmfp^wkjfjdifi, 4s, {Jkitai^a, vKi^Bos) large enough to 

«fu4-0f«pY^, 6w, (a/io^a^ * ^pyo") making wagons or 


afiap, aros, to. Dor. for ^/xap. 

*AMA'PA, rj, a trench, conduit : a drain, fojuapd] 

k-fLapavro^j ov, (a privat., fiapaiya) unfading, 

^UjiapaTos, oy, = &'fJuipayTos, 

'AMAPTA'NH, fat. a/iaprfiffofxai also afiaprija-uf : aor. 2 
%taprov, inf. ofjutprety, for which Homer has also Ijfi- 
fipoTovz perf. rifuipTTjKa. — To miss, miss the mark, 
cgen. : hence 2. in gen. to fail of doing, fail of 

«ie*s purpose, go wrong: to be deprived of a thing, 
hte it. II- to fail, do wrong, err, sin. 

ofuipTC, Ep. for ^ixaftre, 3 aor. 2 of for^. 
OfiapTQ, Adv., {&fJM) together, at the same time, at 

oiiapniorofXrai, fut. med., afi.apnf|OcCs, part. aor. i 
pass, of i^jMprivw, 

a|id(»TT|f&a, t6, {c^mprdy 00) a failure, fault, v. sq. 

afiapTCa, rj, (afxaprdyu) a failure, fault, sin. 

k^uoLprri'Vooqt ov, (ofjutprdyco, v6os) erring in mind, 

a|LapTiov, t6, s= a/xdprrifia. 

k^Lajprro-€nTri9, 4s, (afioprdvca, ^vos) failing in words, 
jpeaking at random or idly, 

arftapTvpT|Tos» ov, (a privat., fiofyrvptw) without 

&|tapT«Xi^, it,^afutfnla. 

&fkapTMX0i» ivf {ofAoprdvoi) sinful, hardened m «m. 

&|i&pvYi{, ^,=fiapfMpvyii, a sparkling, twinkling^ 
glancing, of objects in motion, [if, but in Ep^ &] 

&|L^Lpv7pA, r6, a sparkle, twinkle, quick motion i 

'AMAPT'SSfi, |w, to sparkle, tufinklsy glance. 

&|ia«. Dor. for j^/ios. 

&jia-Tpox^» (^^ 'Tpcx^) ^ *'*<'* together, run 
along with. Hence 

ifto^poxM^ Vf <s running together, clawing t^ 

&|iavp^, d, 6v, dark, dim, faint. 2, having m 

light, dusk : hence blind, sightless : gloomy, II, 

metaph. dim, faint, uncertain, 2, obscure, im- 

known. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence 

&|iavp^, ^cof, to make dark, faint : usu. in Pass. 
to become dark or dims ^Wi to come to nothing. II, 
metaph. to eclipse : to weaken, 

&-uiax<Cy Adv. of &-fiaxos, without stroke of sword^ 
without resistance, 

k-}fA\vro%, ov, poet, for i-fidxTos. 

A-jioLxilTCy Adv. of &-fi<ix>7Tos, without fighting. 

A-f^dxiiTos, ov, (a privat., fidxofiai) not to be fought 
with, unconquerable. II. never having fought. 

&-fi&X^ Adv. of &-fMX05, ^ikfiaxfi' 

a-|&&x*^» ^'^i (^ privat., ndxv) without battle, and 
so I. ufith whom no one fights, unconqueredt 

unconquerable, of persons : of places, impregna- 
ble. II. act. not having fought, 2. disinclinea 

'AMA'n, i\(T(a, to reap, to mow : also to gather in, as 
a reaper does corn, to collect, [in gen. d Ep. : a Att.] 

dfip-, for avafi^, at beginning of words. 

ap.paiT), Ep. for avafiairj, 3 aor. 2 opt. of ava-fiaivco, 

a}xpaXX(tfficOa, Ion. and Ep. for avajSoAA. 

ap.-pacris, V, poet, for avd-fiaois. 

d)i.pXvvci>, vvw, (djujSXus) to blunt, dull, take the edge 
off, Lat. hebetare : in Pass, to become blunt or dull. 

'AMBAT'2, eta, tJ, blunt, dulled, with th^e edge 01 
point taken off: metaph. dull, faint, weak : of per- 
sons, spiritless, sluggish. 

dfiPXv-onnjs) fs, (ajui3\i5s, &^) dim-sighted, short- 

6L\i,^\-iaTr^, 6v, = afifiXv-ayirfis, dim, 

dp.pX-w\|f, Sfvos, b, i}, = afj,fi\-onr65. 

d}x-PoXd8T|v, Adv., poet, for ava-fio\dSr)v, {kva-^dK- 
\(o) bubbling up. II. (di/a-jSoA.'^) like a prelude, 

d}x-poXds, oSoy, ^, for dva-^oXas, {&va-$d?<X(o) y% 
earth thrown up. 

dp,-poXi-cpY(Ss, 6v, (itva-fidWa, ipyov) poet, foi 
avafio\., putting off work, lazy. 

dfiPpoo-Co, 7}, Ep. and Ion. Skfifipoolrj, (strictly fern, 
from afj,-fip6ffios) q. v., amtrosia, tlic food oj the god 

dfi-Pp6<no9, a, ov, lengthd. forra. oi It^Jt-^^vros, \ 

^>^A^rro^o%i ov, (a privat, /c4?rvs) u^y^u/ ui/ness, morial, divine, of divine nature. 11. Q»^ X>k 

umutesud. I belonging to the gods, ambrosial, dtvwcly Jtt\T 


ofipporeiv — diJcrjfxP^^* 

&|fcBpoTCiv, Ep. for ctfic^rreoff in£ aor. 2 o£ t^Jtaprdtrw,' 
. Sfi-ppoTOS, «r, (a privat,, 0fHn6s) inmoriaiy tUvine, 

&|ji^<6o«9» loo. for iofofioffitreis, part. aor. i from 

&|&^, Dor. for ^/las. 

&l|&jfyapTot9 <'''» (a privat., fieyaipw) unetwied, un- 
enmahle^ unhappy .* as a reproach, tsretched, miser- 
able : also horrible, 

'AMEI'BA, f. 1^0) : aor. lifieirffa : Act., to change, 
exchange : x'^c" xp^^^^ r€^€a &/i. to exchange 
golden arms^>r brazen : esp. of place, to change i/, and 
so to pass, cross : like Lat. m^ito, either to quit a place, 
or to go to it. II. intrans. in part., ^y itfieifiov- 

ri^hfuoifiau^is, in exchange : ol.&fulfiowTfs, the rafters 
that cross each other. Med. to change one toith an- 
other, do in turn or altematelg. 2. to answer, 

reply to. 3. to repay, requite, avenge. II. 

like Act, to change, esp. of place, to jpo^^ either out 
prin: 3Ietaph. to surpass. 

&-)i,c£XiKTos, ov, (a privat., fitOJffO'u) tmsoothed : 
harsh, cruel, 

&-|u£Xixot9 ov,Bforeg., harsh, severe: relentless, 

&|uCvtt>V9 or, gen. ow>s, irreg. oompar. of &yaB6s, 
better : of persons, abler, stronger, braver. 

&-|uCpa», fut. iifupco, (a privat, fielpofJiai) to rob of 
onei^s share, deprive, bereave. 

ifjicu|r^cvos, iifitilfaiTBat, aor. i med. from iLfitl$<o. 

'AME'Ara, ^w, to MILK, Lat. MULGERE. II. 
to j3re«« or squeeze out : metaph. to drain, ex- 
haust. III. to sip, drink, 

&-fiiXci, strictly imperat. from afi€\4w, never mind. 
Hence, as Adv., by all means, of course. 
• Aft^fio, ^, (&-/A6\i^s) heedlessness, indifference. 

d^fAcX^TTiTOs, ov, (a privat., fifXtrdm) unpractised, 

&p|icX^«, f. -fitra : (A-jucA^s) to be careless, heedless, 
negligent, 2. in Homer to neglect, have no care for, 
slight. 3. to overlook, and so to /^/, suffer, 4. 
to neglect to do. — Pass, to 69 neglected, slighted, over- 

&-|AcXij«, 4s, (o privat., /tt^A.«) careless, heedless, neg- 
ligent. II. pass, uncaredfor, unheeded. 

L-^£kt\ro^, ov, {hi-iieKiai) like A-jueX^y, ?io^ carec? 
^r ; unworthy of care, 

&-|&cX£e^ ^, poet for k-fi4K9ia, heedlessness. 

&.|jiiXXir|To«, ov, (o privat, (xiKKta) not delayed: not 
to be delayed. 

af&cX|is, e(W9, ^, (a/xeXyw) a milking. 

S-}&cf&'irTOS9 Of, (a privat, fiefupofiai) not to be 

blamed, blameless : of things, perfect. Adv. -t<ws, 
■so as to merit no blame. II. act. no/ blaming, 

well content. 

k-)».€}i.^9, 4s,^&-lJL€fi,Trros Ji, finding no fault. 

d-zis/i^^a, ^, (SUjueju^s) Namelessness, freedom f ram 

£|Mvai, Ep. for hjkyuevai, S.€ip, inf. pres. firmn His to 

&-|uvt|v6«, ^y, (a privat, fi4vos) faint, fsebies 
weakly or sickly. Henoe 

&-|jicvT)v6u, c&o'w, to make weak, deaden the force ef* 

hj^^a.. Dor. for ^ju^po. 

'AME'Pra, \ta, to pluck or joutf, Lat deoerpere. 

&|&^p8a>, f. o'w, (iLfielpco) to deprive of one'*s «Aan^ 
bereave one of. Pass, to 6« 6^^ of a thing, lose If. 

a-fi.^pi)&vos, ov, (a privat., fUpifiva) free from cmre, 
unconcerned. II. pass, uneared for, ntiheml' 

ed. III. driving away care. 

&|i^pios. Dor. for rjfjJpios. 

&)&cpo$, Dor. for ^fitpos. 

oficparc, ofUpcrai, aor. i from kfiipHko. 

lL\fA.%y Dor. for ^jueTs. 

&-|&CTd-icXa<rro99 ov, (a privat., juerti, icXiw) not to b§ 
broken: unalterc^le. 

&-|jicTa-fiiXT|Tos, ov, (a privat., ficra*>/ii^Xf{) 
pented of. II. act. no^ repenting, firm. 

&-fi6Ta-v^T0S, ov, (a privat., fjuera^vaiot)^ 
pented of. II. act. unrepentant. 

afilrcposy Dor. for ^pircpos. 

&-|&^pT)TOS, ov, (a privat., ficrpdw) vnmei 
immeaswable, immense, Lat. ttmn^yutM ; abo m* 
numbered, exhaustless. 

&-)&CTpo-cinis, ^s, (i-juerpof, ^09) tmmoctoralf 4ft 
words, unbridled of tongue, 

a-f&CTpo-ir^n)$, ov, 6, {&-fi€Tpos, rrlvu) drUMstg il 

a-ficrpos, ov, (a privat, iierpov) without measm9i , 
immense, boundless, incessant. 2. immoderatOm 

&fi.€iHr(-iropos, ov, (&/ACt^, 'ir6pos)=rpt'-c9os, Lit 
trivium, where three paths cross. 

AfAcvw, = afjL^lfict). Med. hyx^HratrOai, to surpass,i»emlf 

"AMH, ^, a shovel or mattock, 2, a ujater^bueUt, 
pail, \j&t, hama, 3. a harrow, rake. 

AfL-g, or &p,fj. Adv., Att. a/A^, strictly dat ftsk 
from &jU($s— ris, in a certain way: ecftifyemf, dift^ 
yivoi, kfiriy^irov, ^7iy4ir<os, in some way, somehom or 

&ffci{v, (Hebr.) Adv., verUy, of a truth: so ho Ut 
also as noun, rh &ju^v, certainty, 

a-p.ijviTos, ov, (a privat, firiviu) not angff cr 

"AMH^, 77TOS, 6, a kind of f?M/Af cdke, 

afATio-dftevos, part. aor. i med. from bjjuliM. 

k^i\Tf[p, Tjpos, 6, (ifidw) a reaper : metaph. a it» 
stroyer. [d] 

af&T|Tos, 6, (ajU(£eu) a reaping, harvesting, harwotU 
time, [d] 

a-^u-qriop, op, opos, (a privat, fi'firrip) without fli0- 
iher, 2, bom of a mean mother, II. tmKki 

a mother, 

a-|it\x,av^a>, "ficct), (jk-fi-fixavos) to be at a hss or «» 
,\ want. 


lifAopoi — iiivvoVp 

«IL-)i,opos, ov, (a priyat., fiSpos) tvUhout share qf, 
destitute of: alraol. unlucky^ wretched, 

i'^p^Co, 7i, ill shape J deformiiyy from sq. 

&-|M>p^os> ov^ (a privat., tiop^) misshapen^ ugly ; 
Compar. iifiop^^ar^pos, 

&|tos9 ^, 6vf Aeol. and Ep. for ifi6s, rifiirtposy our, 
ours : in Att. poets also for ifiSs, my, mine, 
'^&|L^, Att. afi6sf an old form for efs, and 80»r2s, 
hut only used in the Adv. forms afiov, ofirj, c^i&Sy 

2,)&os9 Dor. for ^ims, as, when, 

cl)&OTOs, ov, furious, savage : but more usu. in Adv. 
tfjLOTov, insatiably, incessantly, restlessly, (Deriv, 

&I&0V9 Adv., Att. o/iov, of ^fiSs, some^chere, 

&-)iiOV(ros9 oVf (a privat., Moi/o'a) without the 
Muses f without taste for the arts, unpolished, rude : 
of things, coarse, vulgar, gross. 

&-)&oxOcCy Adv. of H-fMxBos, without toil or trouble, 

S-l&oxOos, oy, (a privat., i^x^os) without toil or 
trouble, IT. not toilsome. 

&)i,ir-, poet, abbrev. for iiyair-, under which wUl 
be found all words b^inning with ifiir-, 

&(i-irc8Cov, a}ji-irc8i^pcis, ^fi-irAaYOS, should be 
written &/i vediov, i. e. iiuk vetloy, etc. 

a)&-irAa'yos, for avh ir4\ayos. 

&fiircXcwv, wvos, 6, poet, for &juircXc$v, a vineyard, 

&^Xivos, oy, also 17, ov, (&fiir^\os) of (he vine, 

&)fcirAiov, r6. Dim. from &/iir€\os. 

&l&ircX£s, IZos, i7,=foreg., a vine-plant, II. a 

kind of bird. 

&)&ircX^bS, €(T(Ta, €v, (&fj.'jr€Ko5)full of vines, rich in 

&|fcircXo-cpY^, oV,=contr. iLiJLV€\-ovpy6s, q.v. 

&}jiircXo-|&i|£e^ ri, (jHfiir^Xos, juf^ts) an intermixture 
of vines, 

''AMIIEAOS, ri, a vine. 

&)&ircX-ovpY^«, (h.iace\'Ovpy6s) to be a vinedresser, 
to work in or cultivate a vineyard. 

^lAircX-ovpY^S, b, {^nveKos, *tpiy<e) a vinedresser. 
Also as Adj. df(7r6Aovp7({s, 6v, culHvaiing the vine, 

&fi.'ircX($-(|>^vp> opos, 6, {&fiv€\os, ^t^) producer of 
the vine, 

&|fc-irciraXcSv, £p. for hfoireir,, redupl. part aor, 2 
from ityairdWct, 

&|&ir6p^S, Adv. only found in Compd. Iii-afivep4s, re- 
solved, as, 8ick S* ofivepis, for diafiirephs B4. 

&^VT), Tfj {h.fji.7F'4x<a) a fine upper garment, 

^ir-^Wy also a|Jiir-£ox«'> fut &^t^4^o) i aor. ijfim' 
ffxoV) inf. afitriffx^^t part afiviffx^y. Med. iLfiir4xoficu, 
also h/JLTrlaxofJuu, and afnriirxyovfiai : fut. afjul>4^ofMi : 
aor. ijfjiviffx^iJ-fiyi {^<l>if ^X^) To put round or over, 
Lat. circumdare. Med. /o jsu/ on oneself, also to ^at;^ 

&fi.irij8Ti(rc, for cu^cTr^^ijo'e. 
^-iriirAtifii, for iufa-irlfiirKrifu, 
^ir&ax'iyy iaf. aor. 2 ofd/iir-^x^' 

&|fcirHOXv^o|iaiy &uirury wvfMU^ ▼• sub afir-^x>^''»* 

&iiir«£<rxM9 "^^ sub o/xir-^w. 

&j&irXflucclv, inf. of aor. ^fjotXoKoy : also finom tlie 
same root fut. A/xTrAoK^o-o) : pf. pass. iif»,ir>JLKiifiaLm 
oftaprdyu, to miss, fail, fall short qf, c gen. Hence 

ifiiirXaieiifia, aros, ro, an error,fault, offence, 

&)&irXain)Tos, oy, {ikfivXcuceiy) sinful, loaded wiA 

^fLirXaKCa, ^f^hfixXiiieniuu 

&}&irXdKiov, r6,^£oTeg. 

a|t-irvcv|Mi» &p.irvcvcrai, etc, poet for hvaarv, 

&)&irvvc, Ep. for &y(£ina;€,imper. aor. 2 from lufa-vyim* 

dp-irvvvOii, Ep. for ayetryi&rj, 3 aor. i pass, from 

a)i,irvvTO, Ep. for cLy4iryvTo, contr. aor. 2 from saiiMb 

&|&-v^vov, for iyh vdvoy, 

&|&irra)uvos, &)&irr^, poet for &ycnrr, 

&J&irvKdta>, do-u, (&fnrv^) to bind the hair vnth « 
bajid : in gen. to bind, wreathe, 

&|&irvicTi{p, ripoSi 6, = (J&fixvO a band, fillet s alto # 
horse*s bridle. Hence 

&|&irviCTi{pios, a,oy, of a horse's bridle or frontleL 

a)i,irv{, Hkos, 6, ^, (^'ir4x<») a band or fiUei toe 
binding the hair, a head-band, snood, XL 4kl 

head-band of horses : also a bridle. III* flmf 

thing rounded, a wheel, 

&|&-ir«*Ti«,6ctfs, Ion. los, shortened from &vdUire»rif te 
hyi-^oiffis, (&ya-iriyofiat) a being drunk up, henoe of 
the sea, the ebb, 

•AMTFAA'AH, ^, an almond. Hence \ 

&|&vy8clXivos, ri, oy, of almonds. 

a)iiVY}AA» aros, r6, (afi^ffcco) a tearing, that w) 
has been torn : a scar, 

&f&vv)&<$s, b, {&fA{Kr(ra) a tearing, mangling, 

a}jivob$. Adv. =01/10, of time, together, at the 
time ; oftener of place, together. 

'AMTAPO'2, d, 6y, akin to afiaup6s, dark, dim,famig 

&-}jivt]TOS, oy, (a privat, fiv4<c) uninitiated, profane^ 

&-)i,iS6hi)Tos, oy, (a privat., fAv04ofiat) not to be toU 

&-)&vici(|Tos, oy, (a privat, fivKaofiai) without Uiwmgt 
of places, where no herds low, 

a-|&vXov, t6,—s({. 

a-)i,vXos, b, (a privat., juvAi?) a caA:^ of fine meal, sa 
called from the meal not being ground at a common 

&-|&v}jiwv, oy, gen. ovos, (a privat., fiwfios) irreproaeh* 
able, blameless ; sometimes of things, m whii^ ther^ 
is nothing to blame. [S^v] 

af&vvaOe, dftwaOciv, aftwaOov, from iifivya0oif 
aor. 2 o{ ^fivyu. 

dfivvai, &|&vvaa6ai, inf. aor. i act. and med. from 

*A)i,wCas, ov, 6, masc. pr. n., as Adj. (&ju^v») on its 

ajiiwov, im^T. aor. \ from, ^{ivoi. 



« I 




di n ir f i i." r | Mf»>yriW. 

ifirrrior, verb. Adj. from ^din, Ma «■< aaW ; 
MIDu iftiiyrea. II. .«.e mmt rt f t l . 

JfHn-njp, ^pas, i, (ofii^u] a ilfmilt, ' 

Med. to keep or unr</ offfrmm MMnfTt * 4[friJ 
^m^f: ulso Co avenge oihaelf t^ MUdili, iwjiddl. 

XSC, Att. V^*™. fuC- <■> l* 4Mr,MinaM, 
: (o tear in jaecei. U. itHlipTi 4(f^ 

;<taiiifiiia tluxi wilt uMMa^ pMW ibf bcMt 

■rrc, Adv. (a prirau, •<■) MttKlf wMmH 

tf rtgjiwMd,i.»..afim« *wi»W. B«BM 

|4h>M>n«, iM tati a»t, 4, « iMy *« M i h of 
|«ik. IL a iargt cup. Mil tyih» TOlwrtaM, 

■••il|4-> oH> "id P<w^ Blibniv. &r fciif ■< dll^M^^ 

I mtthoe, trail kindly, trreet Vim m l f. 

pafilic!y. opinly, Lai. pulam. Fnaa • 

i^-^iS6t, Adv., publicly, optnfy, iriMoU A^uiM. 

flMw, K> *4»«fc. (J^ %x<v») to «M» 'nmi 

« nut (» frtm all 

^ , „__t.f<)r , 

iUm,JbUttT orjbmt arnmd. 
^-4wUr, Adr. poet, for ira-ifiaiiy. 
im^mrimir, poet. Ue lnoforA', inf. fat. from tm- 

Iff JtpaP<M, 1^, (V^ VM»] '0 raftto, Hn^ 
if ^a<rfn. 4i poet, for tt-^aaia, tpenAlmmu from 

- ■, [i] 

I|i^ii4itin'. for if't"^', put. pr. bom !otrg. 
It*mwr<i, «or. » mod, of ift^ltfifu. 
ift^-Aunit, ir, poet, for i^i^tA., ooUtd nmnd, 
ip^-aXivoH, Att. ifi^.4Klvni, f. Ifru, poet, for i^ 
■ - - tptfM, or ■ ' 

V+>)W^ ^*9» ■«*' ' 

Vf'my, j pL aar. s or «f>fl#r«u. 

H|^Bg, /irM. llMiph:, Mat (riff wr hA 
>uit, JUk* or imiteuinM. 

•HkRMb '■, (<W> 4^) •".'^ >>■ •• •■*« 

idtt, Uenoe ' 

B^Mfa, 4, ^, Inkier ft inrt «<sT«Brf If Hrfk. 
pwTot, w, (^^ Jp[^] aMOMdnf «■ MA 
luA^iI, diqwM. 1. (9«Mf fM tb mUnt 

'AH*f, Pnep. c gen., dat., ft ko. i— fiadb; linft 

a «)r., aboml,MiM ">* ■■*« 4^* Alnr. 3. 
Ateul, f. e. eoBMniiiv • tUiig> qf It. U. nnlf 

oTFtaEB, abai^ a i' u— rf. 

I. of PIm^ oCeW, aroMu^ fwmrf 
of, er, near, uUh.- atoiK, JV, on m. 

Henea by n««iu of. 

C. ACC, ^otU, around, M, of r- nmr cfeML 
HoMly wim motion impIW. 

Without case, u Adv., about, arotaid, rmmi 

abotil, on aU lidei, 

Iv CoMTOs., about, tm all lidei, an both ndei. 
ti^^-iijii, av, l&li^i, SAj) tea-girt, np. baaing Iht 
tea an belh tidet, between two teat, Lat. Mmani. 

t^-iiky:u, [i)i^l,iij(ai) lo lound on all lidet: iofiji 
abiyul thridcing, in irng-. pwt. perf. Ifi^Iax^i "io. 

^^i-pa£vu, fut. Miaoiuu, perf. fii^KO, (V^> 
^olra) Id ^, Fsatt nioiif or around! henoe Ai gnard, 
protect. II. iu JUfTounf^ ertcampasg, vrrap round, 

ilifiBaXJirtai, in£ nor. i Med. from i/upi-pdfAm. 

&Jii^piiXfu)Mi, Ion. for B^i^oAov/uu, fuL mod. 

i(u^i-P^XX«, f . A£, pf. BiP^n"' •■ pau. pf. 3'3A)iruu: 
(ifii^f, ^iUao). TV) Mrote or })uf round, eip. of 
clothes, etc, to put them on n person, ImI. einram- 
dare. Med. to put on onetelf, put round one, put on, 
La.t. acoingi. 1. eap. to Ihrow tme't arms round, 

embrace: aba to graip. 3. to turround, eneom- 
paiia ! but also la strike on all aidei. Intr. lo ^ Jo 
another placet so in Med. alio. 

iju^pdl, part. aor. 1 of i/ifi-Balm. 

ifi^-Btcri*, 4, T. tfi^ufi. 

ijii^C-Paini, fas, 17, (iftf i-£b(v») a f otnir round, tfib 
rompiutinjit hence aproCsUion, de/cnc*. 

iftipl-fiXtiiia, aroi, tA, (i+M5ii-^l\W) sumethm 
fhrmen around, an «nchwure. 11. a Boirment. 

» <««^«it'A<r rtr 4b,/ d^^(.|3Xi]<rrpo», ri, (iH.i.9ixW) ai*!) *toMJ thw 



&|i4t-«oTdo|Mii, Dep. med,, tojiy ox flutter around. iiJ^i-r^ykvmj to out round, lop off, ourtaU, 

&)ft^i-irTvo-(rw, |w, to clasp around, Henoe &fi^i-T(9i|fu, f. ^V» : aor. i iBiiKa : to lojf or pmi 

k^jj^-trruiyf^j ^, a clasping round, embrace, round, to put on : also to deck wUh a thing. Mad. 

&|i4C-iri»Xos, oy, (^^4 ^^v) <<^A ^^^ doors or «»- to put on onese^. 


iL^i-nrv^oij ov, (&fut»iy ^vp) surrounded by jwe^ 
with fire all round, 

&l&<^ip-pfiSt» Srfos, (^M^^y MfY^vfJ^i) cracked around, 
•full of clefts, 

&fji^(-pvT0S9 "n, ov, (ii^Jupt, p4a) flowed around, «ea- 
^irt : — also &fii(l>ippvros, op, 

'AM^l'S, as Adv. i, on or at both sides: 

lience 2. apart, asunder, ycuow Kcd ohpaphv &/i- 

^«s ^x^iy to keep heaven and earth asunder, 3. 

in gen. around, round about. II. more rarely 

&fi<^i-Ttvdo-<rw, f. dfye, to shake around, 

&|A^i^nTTCpC{», (&ful»l,rirTvfil(oi>) to tmUermMrp 

&|&<^i-Td)A09, ov, (^<l>i, refivco, rofiiiv) Art. ouUmg 
on both sides, two-edged, II. Pass. hfjupWoiuvs, m^ 
cut round, 

ii^i-ropvoq, ov, (&/t0f, ropv6w) toell^rotrnded, 

&|&^i-TpcfAw, to tremble all over. 

&fi<^i-Tp^X"> ^ ''^^ round, surround, 

i^^i-rpn^i, /jros, 6, ^,=:sq. 

&|A^£-Tpi1TOS» ov, (iifji^l, *rpdea) bored through, opm 

as Prep., c. gen. around: apart from, far from, on both sides, with double entrance. 

Rarely c. dat., like ^t/A^i, round about : c ace., about, 
around, when it always follows its case. 

&)A^Cs-paiva, rjs, if, (&/Juf>(s, fiaivco) a kind of ser- 
pent, ^at can go &ther forwards or baekuMirds, 

^^iS-poxrir\, 4i, Ion. for itfMpis-fi'nrriots, q. v. 

i^^L^ii'paa^St ^os, Ti,^04ifpis-P4tTri(ns. 

oJ{^\^'^Tw, i. 4\<rw, impf. iifupisfiifTow, or iifi- 

(pfofiTJrovy, aor. iifjupisfiiirrjoa or ^/A^etrjSi^njfra, (&/a- round. 

&fA^-rpofA^«>, (V^^ rp4fua) to tremble for. 

&|A<^i-<^acCv», {afjupi, ^xiu) to shine around, 

ai^C'^BXoq Kvveti, tj, a helmet with ^dAiii, Leu 
6os««« all round. 

a|&^-<|>&vi{99 ^9j (&A^^) tf>alvofJMi, ^avrivat) vidib 
all round, 

&p4^-^P^|Mii, (iLfut»if <t>ofifa) to fettr, tremble flV 

if>l5, firjvai). To stand apart, and so to dispute, differ, 
argue. Pass, to be the subject of dispute. Hence 

^^iS-P^TTii&a, aros, t6, a point m dispute, 

iii^iS-pviTi^o-iiMs, ovj disputed, questioned: ques' 
tionable, doubtful, 

ofM^is-Pi^TTiins, cws, f}, {jkiJb^iS'fiTjfrlu) a controversy, 
ground or occasion of dispute, debate, 

afA<^is-piJTT|TOs, ov, disputed, debatedble. 

afA^-C<rTa|uii, v. h.fup'ioTjffji.i, 

&it<^i-<rrAXw, to fold about another, invest with. 
Med. to fold round oneself, deck oneself iru 

&|A<^i-<rTC<^av^, {hfKpi, aT4<l>avos) to wind round 
like a crown. 

e4&<^i-<^opcvs, fats. Ion. rjos, 6, (ofi^, ^^pw« ^of4m) 
a large Jar or pitcher unth two handles, 

&|A^i-^pa(o)u&i, Med., to consider on aU sides, 

oJ^wjuaivfA, to yawn or raven round : to yaum tptfk 

dftif^i-x^aLf inf. aor. 1 of 

&fJi^-X^<i>, f. X€^»9 to pour or shed around, AbaoL 
afiKpix^taQai, to embrace, 

hj^^i-yfivvo^, ov, (afitpi, XP^^^^) ff^^ded all over. 

ap.<^i-Xv0cis, part. aor. i pass, of &/a^i-x«w. 

&|i<^C-xvTos, ov, {jkix^i'X^^) poured around, heapti 
np around. 

L'^^'\viko9, ov, lame in boOi feet, 

afA-<^opcvs, ias, 6, shortened form of kfjupi-^^^j * 

&p.<^i-<rrc<|»i{s, €s, {StfKpl, ar^xa) placed retard like jar^ also a cinerary urn : as liquid measure, b^ Bo- 

a crown : entwined, crowned. man amphorae, or nearly 9 gallons. 

&|ji<^-i<mr|p.i, to place round: Med. hfupiorafiai, dfK^OT^pg, as Adv., ((S^6Tepos) in both ways^ Lrt* 

with the intr. act. tenses, aor. 2 kiupiornv, pf. &/&• utrinque, 

ff>4a^Ka, to stand around, ap^^cpos, 4pa, epov, (dfitpa) Lat. uterque, boA f 

&p<^C-<rTopiOS, ov. (itfi<l>t, orSfia) tcith double mouth kut* iifjup^rcpa en both sides, Lat. utrimque t ^ 4^ 

or operiing : double, (pdrepa towards both sides. Hence 

&p<^i-<, {&fjuf>i, orparSs) Dep. med. : — to &pi(|>oT^pa)6cv, Adv., /rom or on both sides, LAb «# 

beleager, besiege. 

olp.<^i-aTpc<^9» 4s, (&fjupi, orp4<l>w) twisting round, 
turning all ways. 

&|A^C-<rrpo<^os, ov,=for^. 

&p4^i-Tdpv««, Ion. for afupt-r4fiv», 

&p<^i-Tavv<i>, = afjL^i-rtivto, 

dptj^i-T&pdo'O'w, to trouble all round, 

&|ji<^iTc9e£s, cioa, 4v, part. aor. i pass 

dp,(^i-TclCv6), to fling around. 

utraque parte : from both ends. 
dp<|>OT^po»0i, Adv., on both sides, 
dp.<^T^pcas, Adv., in both ways. And 
&fA(|>oT^paNrc, Adv., to or on both sides, 
dp>^ov8C9, Adv., (&.fjuftls, olBas) on or from (he 
dfM^pdoxraiTO, poet for ivatppda-oatro, 3 opt. aor. ly 
of &/A0(- from>pd(oiJMU 

d|ji-<|»vfi», poet, for itva-<f>v<i). 

d|ji<|»<i>, T(o, rd, T^, also ol, at, rd. Gen. and Dat. d/ii-' 





I ■ 

4u^i-rfi;(fi$Sy 4s, {^jui^l, rcixos) encompassing the (poTv, Lat. ambo, (d/x^Q both. 
*^'^'^' dii.^><ttt\%) cs, ^&tJt4«, oSs^ tiDO-carerf) two'handied. 



iff/^-mrviif ov,Bfor^., tw<h-eared, ttcoJumdled. 

^|M^> 3 plur. opt. pres.'for &/buioicy, from iifjLdu. 

iriMfL-qrot, or, (a pri\'at., fU0fi4ofuu) unblamedy 
hhmeless. Adv. ^^ws. 

2-|Ui|M>g, OK, (a privaty /i»/uos) without blame, 

i^fAtt Att. ofiAc, Adv. from tlia obsol. ifi^5»r2r, 
C^ in compd. aiutS'jyi-'fcws, in a certain manner, in 
mme way or other, 

"AN, a conditional particle, used like the Ep. and 
Lyr. particle icc, jcci^, Dor. ico. 

A. WITH iMDiCAT. ftv makoB a positive assertion, 
depend^it on circumstances: hence t» cannot be 
joined widi pr«s. or joei/., because that which is^ or 
Aof heen^ cannot be made conditional. With fut. t» 
eqmnes that which oertoinly will happen, \f ttome- 
Aing else happens first. With the imperf. fkv ex- 
puMU the frequent repetition of an act under cer- 
tnn drcumstances, tKeyw $» he teas in the habit of 
■yiBg, wovid say ; kkaiwK^v $y he would keep on 

& WITH OPTAT., it turns the wish, which the 
mood expresses, when alone, into a conditional aS' 

C. WITH cx)XJnNCT. JBlv belongs rather to the 
ptfticle on which the verb depends, than to the verb 
itself. ■ 

D. WITH IKFINIT. &y is uscd in cases where the 
udic or optat. would be joined with it. 

E. hf never begins a sentence, and regularly fol- 
lows the word whose signf. it limits, Jis tixov &v : 
hnt when words, dependent on the verb, ])recede it 
in tilie sentence, Hv may follow any of them, because, 
in sense, they follow the verb, as vp6(paaiv tv tlxotf 
acTyoy &jr -Kpdipaaiv. The conjunct, indeed iisu. fol- 
lows jb', but there fkv limits not so miicli the verb, as 
its particle, [d] 

Sv, Conj., = idvy with conjunctive, 
or, or av» sliortd. Ep. form of &vcL 
Sr, from &ya, for h^iffnti, like tvi for tpe<rri, he 
stood up, arose. 

hr-y sometimes for a privat. before a vowel. 
'ANA', Prep, c, gen., dat. ct ace., tised also in forms 
hfy ay, kfJL— : in general signf. opp. to Kard.. 
c. GEN., on board : okvk vri6s on board slii]). 
c DAT., on, upon, 

c. Acc, the common usage, implying motion 
upwards, I. of place, up. 2, through- 

out. II. of time, throughout. III. in 

numbers, up to. IV. taken distributively^ e. g. 

ivB irwray iifiepav day by day : for hfk Kfxkros v. sub 
As Adv., thereon, thereupon : throughout, all over. 
IV COMPOS, up to, upwards, up, opp. to nard : 
hence with signf. of strengthening. Also b/ie/r^ back' 
«iani«, = Lat. re-, retra-^ [dyd] 

Sv<&, vocat. of &ya{, king, only as an address to godi* 

&vaPa, Att for &v^Pv|Oi, Imperat. aor. 2 from iro- 

&va-P^l8if|v, Adv. (&ya-i3a/yw) going up, moxtnting t 
being up on high, aloft ; opp. to xara-fidl^y. 

&va-pa9|fc^» 6, a means qf goitig up, a fiighi qf 
steps, stair : from 

&va-PaCv<i>, in fut. iLvafi^au : aor. i iLvifiriora, tran- 
sit, to make go up, esp. to make go on thipJjoard, 

In pres. with, f . kva^trofMi : aor. 2 Mfiftiv and 
iifcfirio-dfiiiy, pf. iwa$4firiKa, intrans., to go up, mouni, 
to go on ship-board, put to sea, 

&va-paicxcu<i>» {^vd, BdxKos) to rouse to Baochie 
phrensy, to madden, 2. Intr. to rage, exult. 

&va-paicxt<Sfi>9 = foreg. 

dva-P^UJ^w, f. fiaka, {hard, ^d\Ku) to throw or toss 
up. II. to put back, put off, Med., to l\fl 

up, esp. one's voice, to make a prelude, begin to 
sing. III. to put off, delay. FV. to throw 

one's cloak around one. 

dvapdsf MTo, d», part. aor. 2 of iifa-fieuyu, 

iiva-piavi, eus, ti, {iu/a-fiaivw) a going up, mount-* 
ing, 2. an expedition up from the coast, esp. into 
central Asia, like that of the younger Cyrus. 3* 

the rising of a river. II. a u>ay up, the asoent 

of a moxmtain, etc. 

&vd-pdTT|9> ov, 6, poet shortd.d^-/3e£Ti}r, (&ra-i3aiy«) 
one who is mounted, a iMrseman, [&] 

dva-pariK^s, ^, 6v, {hva-fiaivoa) skilled in mounting, 

&va-PaT<$s, 6v, Horn. kyL-^uros, (ovo-jSatVco) that mag 
be mounted or scaled, easy to be scaled, 

dva-p^Pt)Ka, pf. of kya-fialvw : part. -c&s. 

dva-PcPpvxc^i P^'^* from an obsol. iiva-fipxrxju Or 
—PpvC(o, to bml or bubble up, 

dvdpT)0i, di/a/37))/a( impei*. and inf. aor. 2 of dya- 

dva-PtPdtu, f. (£(ra): fiit med. fiifidaonai, Att. contr. 
fiifiw/xai, to make go up. i. /o mount one on 

horaeback. 2. /o draw a ship 7^/). 3. in Med. 

to put on board ship. 4. to bring up to the bar 

of a court of justi(«. Hence 

dva-pxpaarc'cv, verb. Adj., one jnusl set on or 

dva-Pi<S(i>, f. cj(To/xai : aor. avefiluu, inf. di/ajSicDi^at, 
rarely di/ciSioxra (ai/a, /3^os) : to come to life again, re- 
turn to \i(o. Med. kvafiiuxraffdai) to bring back to life, 

dva-pXao^dvw, f. o-T^trco, to make shoot or sjmng 
up. 2. intr. to shoot, «)r grow up again. 

dvd-pXc^^a, aros, r6, a look cast upirards : from 

dva-pX^irw, ypo), to look up. 2. to look back 

upon, Lat respicerc. II. to see again, recover 

one's sight, 

dva-PXii8t)v, Adv., poet, sliortd. d/u-jSA^Sriv, (dvcu 
jSoAAojuoxj boiling up: with sudden bursts. 

dvd-phr}a-ii, €(wy, r), (di/a-poXXoa'^ a putting off ^deltt'y • 
dFa-^Avfd), f. ucw, fo 7Jir//ce to gush, forllv. '^« 

i/itr. io push forth. 


ivafiSajxa — &viba<nos. 

>&va-P^|jMft, aroSi r6, poet. &fi$,—iufa-$Sri(ns, 
•^ra-Powa, fut. iiaofMi : Ion. aor. iii£ afifiwffai for 
ayafioTJaeu : to cry or «^^/ aioud^ utter a loud cry : 
to cry out something : also, to call on. Hence 

&va-6^oxs, ecos, 4, a crying aloud, celling out* 

&va-poXa8i|v, Adv., poet, shortd. kik-^oktaiv, {hfo- 
fioXii) bubbling up, II. as a prelude or begin- 

ning of song. III. with delay. 

iLva-pokdiif dSoSy ri^ shortd. hfi^oKhs (ava-/3cUA») 
7^, earth thrown up, 

^va-poXi{, 11, poet, shortd. iLfjifio\ii, (&va-/3(i^Aw) tfiat 
which is throvm up, a mound of earth, 2. that 

which is throum around one, a cloak. II. a 

lifting up, esp. of the voice, a prelude, a. a 

pouting off, delaying, 

^va-ppdovw, Att. iwa-fipdrrcoy f. |w, to make foam 
or boil up, to boil. Hence 

^vd-ppooTOfi) oy, boiled. 

&va-ppdx»> {ojfd, fipdxdo) of which only Mfipax^y 
occurs, to clash or rattle loudly, to open with a noise. 

&vaPp<Stcic, 3 opt. aor. act. from obsol. *&ya- 
fip6x<», to swallow again, gulp doum : also the part, 
aor. pass. kyafipox^v» swallowed back, swallowed 
down again, 

&va-Ppva(»9 fut. ^<u, (jSipd, fipvdCot) to shottt aloud 
for joy. 

&va-ppvx<iM>|uii» Dep. med., to roar aloud, 

&va-puo-ai, Ion. for ^vafiori<rcu, inf. aor. i from 

^yayydikai, inf. aor. i of sq. 

^v-ayy^XXw, f. €\w, {&vd, iryydjiKco) to carry back 
tidings of a thing, report, Lat. renunciare, 

^va-ycXao), dffa, to laugh aloud, [euro;] 

ava-YCwaa>, 4\fTw, to beget anew, regenerate, 

av-aY^o|uii, Dor. for au-rrycofjutu 

ava-yevta, to give to taste, 

ava-yiyvwTKia, later avarfwdxTKOi i f. iufaryv(&a-oficu, 
aor. 2 hf^oiv : to know accurately, 2, to hiow 

again, recognise, own, Lat. agnoscere, 3. to distin- 
gwsh, discern : hence to read. II. in Ion. Greek 
the aor. i wiyvuaa^ is used in signf. to persuade, 
' &vaYKat«a, cCo-w, {hfdyiet{) to force, compel: to con- 
strain, esp. by argument : also to force by torture, 
and so to harass, annoy. 2. to prove of ne- 

cessity, to demonstraie, 

^vayKaCvi, ri, £p. and Ion. for hvdyiai. 

^vayKaios, a, ov, also as, ov, {hvdyicri) of or with 
force : I. act. constraining, pressing, 2. forci- 
ble, convincing, 3. of things, requiring to be 
done. II. pass, forced; hence painful, 2. neces- 
sary : ra ayaryKcua, necessaries : also absolutely ne- 
cessary, barely sufficient, 3. connected by 
necessary or natural ties : ol SufoyKaToi, Lat. neces- 
sarii, relations. Adv. -ws, necessarily, of necessity. 
' dvayKcurr^, il, 6v, verb. Adj. from kvayKdQu, 
^/Ifrtae^t^ c&ns/raifted, 
'AJVA^rKH, yy loxu and Horn, ayaryKoirj, force, con" 

straint, necessity, often in dat as Adv., ianSryxp pet* 
force, of necessity ; also forcibly, by force* i. 

necessity, natural want or desire, 3. adud 

force, violence: hence poet, bodily pain, tufir* 
ing. 4. like Lat. necessitudo, the tie of kin, n- 

lationship, « 

&va-Yva|iXT«»» y^w, to bend back or round* 9. U 
undo, loose. ■ 

avaYvoCi|v, opt., ivayy&yai inf., aor. 2 of Jb«- 

av-aYvos, oy, (a privat., orpf6s) impure, unahatHi 
in gen. unholy, guilty, 

&va--yvup£C», f* iffu, Att. i», to know agatn, reeof^ 
nise. Hence 

&va-Yv«Spi(n.$, €us, fi, a knowing again, reeogniHm 

dva-YVfi^ais, cas, ri, {&ya-yiyy^Ka) a knmidHf 
again, recognition, owning. 

dv-ay^pcvoxs, ews, ri, a crying aloud, proclamaiimi 
from ' 

dvayopcvw, to cry aloud, proclaim publicly, 
to be proclaimed : to be generally called or su\ 

dva-YpaiTTOs, oy, {aya-ypdtjHa) written up or 9tL 

&va-Ypa(^vs, 4(as, 6, {kva-ypdjipa) a writer, pM^ 
notary, secretary, 

iya-yp&^fq, il, a writing out: that wfMsh M.mitfMJ 
out, a public record : from 

&va-yp6j^, r^a, to write up, in gen. to enter ^ 
a public register or record. Also to write tnU, dl^ 
scribe, [ypa] 

iiva-ypvlifa, f. ^<o, strengthd. for yp(>Co>, to muiterm ' 

av-dyio, f. &y^w, aor. hrfiyaryoy, I. to Imf 

up from a lower place to a higher: henoe isMf 
the high sea : to put out to sea : in Homer aim 
to conduct, carry, 2, to lead up into the intena^ 

of a country. 3. to lead up, raise up, 

duct, hence to celebrate. 4. to bring up, 

cate. IL to bring back : to refer, 

Intrans. to withdraw, retreat, sub. iavr6y. 
Med. and pass., hydyofiai, to put out to sea. H< 

iLV-ay(ay€vs, 4a>s, 6, strictly one that leads «p# 
hence usu. any thing by which one draws or leads ¥f, 
a rein, thong, etc. 

ay^ayiayi^, ^, (dv-cCyo)) a leading or taking upt M 
putting to sea, 2, a leading back, referring. 

av-aY<^09) ov, (a priv., dywyfi) without guidane^Ct 
educatioti, ill-bred: of horses and dogs, unbroken. 

av-aYuvioTos, ov, (a priv., hyavi(o^ai) without AM* 
test, never having contended for a prize. * 

&va-8atu, f. Sdoofiat, to divide anew: in gen. H 
divide, apportion a conquered land. 

&va-8aCci), poet, iy-daiw, = iLva-Kala, to light up, 

&va-8a<ra(r6ai, aor. i med. inf. of ii/aSaiw. 

ikva-^av^^i, 6, (owaSaiw, SdffaffSai) a re-distrilbvr 
tion : in gen. a distribution, division. 

&vd-8a<rros, oy, (&ya-Sai<o, SdcaffBat) divided afMtf^ 
\ re-distributed: m ^cxv. dxslTVbuVed^ 













If ■■■> |Wfff. • of hm-rp4x^ 

Inriu and 4Mir8ciacriii^ fut. 8c£|w, iol{ftup 

■^ Mmt&9^lf^m Urn to W ttU tt pwMiOf tm^ 


iMy Ion. te fem fcifi uy Inf. aor. i fiwm lMt> 
^m^ (M, S^pMyuu) lo look tip^ lo opm HU 

^tlie fear ii m woond, Lat. rtfrkaro mkou g 

«% % (M^ StTiH^) a btmd or /0el >^ 

nvi, or, (Apd-Mi) dowicf «i|i or 5adir. ft. 

XliiMtty & S^^^Mu, Jkij^ med^ & pMi. port 
IfyuH. TV) Iciv tip, f«B0iwf alto to toko 
n. io toko «poi» onoaefft hmuo to wi- 
prvniiv lo do s aho lo te mnvlSy lo oiM. 
H^ poet, shortd. Arl., £ AiM» t perf . pMii Bi- 
to iimd fipt MimI rotuH^ &r. riMi tioyyikm 
i one ftr one*! good newn. IL AmM^dWi 

Ir TVS to traco vp one*! fiuniljr to a fbunder. 
» Jkoion toith a ropo to ovmmJT, e^. AniBiB^ 
Mbbf (sc. Kavs), to take a ^ip in tow. 
m#Kw, f . a|w, to teach over again : to teaeh 
m or better, hat. dedocere ; also simply « 
V lo teach. Pass, to feam better. lu to 


8if|u, poet, shortd. M19,, f. Sc^crw: aor. i 
lo give tip : to give forth, esp. of the earth, to 
iitr^ of springs, fire, etc., to burst forth. II. 
vund, distribute : also to ^V0 ftocAr, restore. 
Kosy oy, (av(i, Sdn;) /ri^c/ ov^ again. 
wXim^ (ayd, ^nrXovs) to make double. 
rros, ovy (&ya-8(S»/u) given up, or to 60 


ly Att. for &y<i8o(ro, imperat. aor. 2 from 

iroiy inf. ; ityaiois, ovara, part. aor. 2 of &ya- 

iXiifs ^ (dya-S^X^M^''') ^ taking up, accept- 
yaioj^ irStwp the receiving of a labor f^m 


i|m£v, inf. aor. 2 of kva^rp^x^* 

'«^ inf. aor. 1 from sq. 

irts to come to the top of the water. 

io|MU» f. ^{uroyMi, Dep. med., c. act. aor. 

and pf. imAAvKo, (di^ci, ^(mo) To come up, 

lb firom the sea : but absoL of the sun, to rise, 

^ to guok forth. 

g mko/9 

M# orUmfivda^ toiMovl orUmt 0^§tk 
Ararfpati in£ aor. i finm eq. 

MUfMrroib or, (a prir., (Uffvpu) t wJ bjM d ^ «•• 

Ivrnp-iprdCiH leogdid. Ibr Iv'-ad^ 

4»a-ti i <Y»*F * *>>A 4»>- tw ryr< % f. («4ti»» to fflio 
or h m m mi ogtdmt benea to oroprnw to $0 mmm 
offutn^ m. with an armjTy ^ onut mp^ mam e^i 
and ao of ahipa, rffao Ak, to Ml aatf o^oktu %• 
intr., aob. orfo/ri^^ etc., to moroft <^ 

dv»{lM^ f. filSpWy iokoUot btMo fip, 

hmrtiffrimf t ions, to 000k or Msrol tela, odMnaiii^ 
Imu tmauSrote g to ooank oui^ ^ooooor. Henoe 
fiif , #, a aa rffay into, iaoCTHyglfen. 
to fokiitdtOf fioAl ap nwifft, FImm* 
to 00 ftaaiiMiiSoi^ poki^ ^w* ^j^f • 

4w a ia f o nl M » Att i i y y fe , to rmaia oa«^# ooanv^. 

Ara la ptf i wi» Att. ii ^ <pa» (dri, ^l^^oor) to ^ 

d»<a-idv«Hin£; hfoBth,uara,ytgtJoar.9dtkm-vl9fi^ 

AWI iya» aroty «^ (diWHHA|^) «iiy iMiy dlnwto^ 
— M-^iitfia : eip. any thing dooktd to ovil, moowmd. 

A» a ty j tC Cm j to aialao aoo i in w f, to omrae. 

dva-Mii^ f . dt^onfuu and Booowfuut to nm iqi^ notf 
MMWy fnolam. 

4wi> n Xlis 4ow^ Iflu dMi-dld\A#, (Ml aSAvf) to 
grow green, Uoom or sprout t^firesh. 

&y^-9i||ia, aros, r({, (^i^a-T^^fu) that which is set 
up, esp. as a votive offering: in Homer only in signf. 
of a delight, or ornament. Cf. 6ya\fMu 

dvoOopclr, inf. aor. 2 of itFa-BpdoKu. 

&vd-9pc|i|i>a, orof, t({, {i»a'rp4^) a nursUng. 

6i,V'oBp4», f. ^(Tw, (&yc(, kBpiu) to look up at s ob" 
serve dosely, 

&va-6pflSoic», fut. hfoBopovyMi I aor. MBopov, inf. 
hvoJdopuv, to spring up, bound up, rebound: to 
spring upon. 

dv-aCScio, ^, Ep., and Ion. &y-ai9cii7, (Ai^-oiS^i) 
shamelessness, assurance. 

&y-ai8ct$o|uii, Dep. Med., (^i^-aiS^s) to ^eAavtf tiRjDtt* 

&y-aiSi{t, 4s, (a'priv., aili4ofMi) shameless, un» 
abashed, reckless: the stone of Sisyphus is called 
\axu ivcuMis, as i£ pitiless. 

&y-a{Ovatrw, » sq. 

&y-a{6w, (jhd, tUBn) to set on fire. Intr. to 6^tf 

dv-oifuucrC, Adv. of sq., without bloodshed. 

&y-aC|«.aicTOS9 op, (a pnv., olfAdoacai) bloodless, un^ 
stained with blood, Lat. incruentus. 

&y-aC|i&TOt, oy,s=8q. 

iv-oAfioty ov, (a priv., aTjuia) bloodless* 

tk forth. 3./odraariat*,reHre}\ tic-o^MN'.oy, gen. oi>ot,°>&i>-cuuos. 
'*^*"*» '"^''""V- I iy-atfuM, Air. like &i-*iM«ifrl. \Ti\ 

S8 ^pareu^-^ip^apim, 

^fjiBpoTciV) Ep. for afiapTfp'f m£ aor. 2 €£ a/Mfnthto.'. 
. £|ji-ppoTos, 9P, (a privat., fiiporSs) immortaiy divine, 

&|jkPcio««, Ion. for htafioflftraSf part. aor. i from 

&|t^. Dor. for ^/aSs. 

&-|jUfY^pTOf , Wy (a privat.9 fieyctlpv) unenvied, un- 
enviable, unhappy ; as a reproach, wreichedy vmer- 
able : also horrible. 

'AMEI'BH, f. if'w : aor. ^/bi€(if'a : Act., to change, 
exchange : x'^^ XP^^^^ T€^€a &pu to exchange 
golden arms/or brazen : esp. of place, to change it, and 
fo to pats, cross : like Lat. m>^, either to quit a place, 
or to go to it. II. intrans. in part., ip itfitifioy- 

Tt^ ifioifiaSis, in exchange : ol.iitielfioPTtSf the rafters 
that cross each other. Med. to change one unth an- 
other, do in turn or alternately, 2. to answer, 
reply to. 3. to repay, requite, avenge. II. 
like Act, to change, esp. of place, to pass either out 
fir in: Metaph. to surpass. 

&-|«.CiXiicTos, oy, (a privat., fi€iXl<ra-a) unsoothed : 
harsh, cruel, 

&-|mCXixos, oy,=foreg., harsh, severe: relentless, 

^iffccivoiK, oy, gen. oyos, irreg. oompar. of kyoBSs, 
better : of persons, abler, stronger, braver. 

&-|mCp«», hit. hfitpSo, (a privat, /uipofuu) to rob of 
one*s share, deprive, bereave. 

&|Uii|rd|icvos, iLfielyjnurOai, aor. i med. frtmi iLfitifico. 

'AME'ArXl, fw, to MILK, Lat. MULGERE. II. 
to press or squeeze out : metaph. to drain, ex- 
haust. III. to sip, drink. 

&-|iiXci, strictly imperat. from ^€X«w, never mind. 
Hence, as Adv., by all means, of course. 
. ApAcio, ^, (&-/AcX^s) heedlessness, indifference. 

a-|«.cX^TT|To«, ov, (a privat., /acXct(£a)) unpractised, 

&r|jieX^», f. iiffw : (&-/t€A4s) to be careless, heedless, 
negligent. 1, in Homer to neglect, have no care for, 
slight. 3. to overlook, and so to let, suffer. 4. 
to neglect to do. — Pass, to be neglected, slighted, over- 

&-|&cXi{t, 4s, (a privat., fi4\€i) careless, heedless, neg- 
ligent. II. pass, uncaredfor, unheeded. 

&-fjiAv|Tos, ov, (&-fif\4o») like i-/u€X^s, not cared 
for : unworthy of care. 

&-|icXCa, 77, poet for &-fi€\€ia, heedlessness. 

&-|jiAXt|tos, oy, (a privat, jucAAcc) no^ delayed : not 
to be delay ecL 

a|&cX|is, €ooi, fi, (itfjiekyu) a milking. 

&-|&c|JiirTOS) ou, (a privat, ii4fiipofiai) not to be 

blamed, blameless : of things, perfect. Adv. -t«s, 
so as to merit no blame. II. act. not blaming, 

well content. 

4-|U|A<^t, 4s,^&-iJt€fiirros 11, fndir^ no fault. 

d-/i€/t^/a, 4 (a-/ueM^s) biamelessness, freedom from 


fifMvoi, Ep. for ^fityat, itty, inf. pres. fimn &» to 

&-|iicvi)i^, 6y, (a privat, /bi^ov) /otn/, feeble: 
weakly or sickly. Hence 

d-fJicvTivtSw, c&(rw, ft) moAre tt'^oJSr, deaden the force qf, 

&|upa. Dor. for 7iix4pti. 

'AME'PrXl, {c0, /o phiok or pti^, Lat deoerpere. 

dfi^pSo), f. (Tw, (iLfielpco) to deprive of one*s share, 
bereave one of. Pass, to be hereof a thing, loee it. 

&-|ji^pip.vos, ov, (a privat., fjJpifu^a) free from oaire, 
unconcerned. II. pass, uncared for, unheed- 

ed. III. driving away care. 

&|&^pios> Dor. for rifjJpios. 

&p.ef>os. Dor. for ^fiepos. 

ap.cpcre, dfA^poui, aor. i from iLfiepBco. 

&p.^99 Dor. for fififts, 

&-|iCTd-icXa<rros, oy, (a privat., fierd, leKdu) not to be 
broken: unalterable. 

&-|&CTa-|UXv|Tos, oy, (a privat, fiera-ii4\ti) unre» 
pented of. II. act not repenting, firm. 

&-p.€Ta.-v^TO$, oy, (a privat., /ii€Ta-M>^)»tiiifV- 
pented of. II. act. unrepentant. 

^fjilrcpos. Dor. for ^i&lrcpos. 

a-p.lTpi|Tos, ov, (a privat, fierp4w) unmeaeurei^ 
immeasurable, immense, Lat. immcnstu : aho im- 
numbered, exhaustless. 

&-p.cTpo-€in{$, €s, {A-fierpos, fhros) immoderate im 
words, unbridled of tongue. 

&-p.eTpo-«ir6TV|9, ov, 6, (Ji-/xerpo5, irlvw) drinking It 

a-ficTpos, ov, (a privat, jxerpov) without measure, 
immense, boundless, incessant. 2. immoderate. 

&fAcvorC-iropos, ov, (&/ue^, ir6pos)=rp('oJios, Lat 
trivium, where three paths cross. 

dfieuci), = ifielfio). Med. ii,fA€6ora(r0ai, to surpass, excel, 

''AMH, 7f, a shovel or mattock. 2. a water-bucket, 
pail, L^t hama, 3. a harrow, rake. 

dpi-Q, or &fJifj, Adv., Att. afjLrj, strictly dat. fern, 
from &fi6s=rl5, in a certain way: kfi-ifyiwri, &fnf- 
ytiroi, &firjy47rov, it^Mfyeircos, in some way, somehow or 

dfbifv, (Hebr.) Adv., verily, of a truth: so be U: 
also as noun, rh ofxitv, certainty. 

a-fAi^vlTos, oy, (a privat, firivlai) not angry or 

''AMHS, Tiros, &, a kind of milk cake. 

ap.T)<rd|icvos, part aor. i med. from ifjuiu. 

&fAT|Ti{p, vjpos, 6, (jSifidos) a reaper : metaph. a de* 
stroyer. [d] 

ap.T)Tos9 ^) (JufxAjb)) a reaping, harvesting, harvest- 
time, [a] 

a-fiiJTciip, op, epos, (a privat, fiiirrjp) unthout nuh 
titer. 2. bom of a mean mother. II. unlike 

a mother. 

a-p.T|xav^«>, ^(Tw, (d-ju^x^'^oO lobe at a loss or in 
\ want. 


< *-t"IX*>^ V, (i-^^iuws) wan* o/iBeone, ftp/pto*i. 
•(», dislresa. II. Aarddflip, tnittle. 

- i-(nix'^*vCi ov, (n privHC, ^q^ciini) HifAanf tkaitm oi 
fnource, kelplea. II. more freq. in Paas., im- 

^nc(Kia/>^, imsijii A^ .■ aim murplieadle, 
^^(■.rriBCB or, (a privHt., fiiaivtki) und^ied, pure. 

Mmmglinff wiihol/iert, viuociaile, aaaage. III. 
)Wl Ai £« minjrferf : irrMoiwUiM;. Adv. -tvj. 
'AHIAAA, iji, ^, a eeiUetl, tlnfifoT luperiorliy, ri- 
wfry ,- generaBy, a (IrUji^iTj roHfiial. H?ncF 

< iftiXXaOfiu, Di>ti. G. flit. Tned. A<ni|Uai: et BOr. 
fUn. itbisn i to mmpele, iiie, Lut. aemulan, to eaii- 
Imif mth one. II. in gen. to atrice, straggle, 
tnrl oneself. Hence 

■|UXXi||Ui, ri, a nnlesi, conjUa. 
l)uXXi]Tijp, npoT, (BfuU^i^iai) a arnipelihr, rtnaL 
'tiuffiii q> (G-^otTDt) punt^. z. leant qfialer- 

av, (fifia, tmr) alimg n 

1, (o pri.a 

at) (nJAouC hatred, nof 

i.-|iur4C, Adv. of i-;uff(ioj, unllmul rneanl. 
'S-itui4(if, ov, (a priraL, /iur^i) tcilhtal hire ai 
, fut! I. pass. HHpairf. 1. wA. giving no pii'j. 
^V^ixAaiTtn, or, {a privat., niaeia) nut hi out or 

t-fiiTfM'xlTuvct, ol, (a p rival., filrpo, x'ni'') icear 
■V ne ftrtffe iHwr or iinibr lluir coal of mail. 

A-fux^oX^Lq, firffUt rr, lifn^thd. form ot' &-fiiKTor 
iaaiKeBiMe, inltaipitablt. 

i|tf>-, poet, for iran. for wordB omitLed undei 
ii/iit-, see >indGr o^a-, 

l^^a, BToi, Tri. (£ttw) any Hiing Herl or nontr f< 
lie. I. a knot. i. a noojt', halter. 3. 1 

lord, band. 

S|t|u, old Aeol., Dor., and Ep, for Ji^at. 

i|L^UvB, piiet. fur ava-iLfvai. 
'fafLCi, did Aeol., Dor., and Ep. for Ttiui^. 

I(L|u(n, Aeo\. for i^fiir. 

i^yjaav, pneL for iv^ /iJaar. 

if.^Jttv, Aeol. fur niUSr. 

tjt|u, oftfMv, old AkoI., I>ar.. ind Ep. for fiiila/. 

tf.-iM.lya, Adv. pout, for ijiii.,ui7a. 

IfifiiKHm, BfiftrdnKti, Dor. for inuu^o-ri, am 
)BPl(ir#<cr, fiJt. and aor. irf &fa-/u;uH^MU. 

4(i-(iopiii, -ii, (fiji-^poi) uiAfl( J> no* one'* /afe o 
jMune: or bal foThine. 

fi^-fLopos, o**! potc for &-^opo9j 6.-fUttp(is, wiHtoitt to 
mthart tn a thing 1 hence absnl. vnhoppg. 

'AMM02, ^, also a|ifiof, naiid: also b tandy place 

&|iv^, ^, fpuj. of aiiyis, a lamb. 
d-iAviffi^vnTov, Of. (a pHpat., furfj^iovfine) unmnt^ 
iiincd, anlit»dtd. 

a-^vi)r'W^>^ V"i « *• i-fu^iaur, be ulmindJUU, 
niaJre no rnenlion if, pan over. ' 

il, fan/etfiilnm : from sq. 

i-piVnfioowi(, Hi 

•ilim) unmiiu(ful,J6rgeffal. 

r, (<■ privB 

, ji«iff' 


A-(ii»T|»TiM, (S-fu^iTTD!) lo Sr immtniyu/j (0 forget. 
?iui. lo be forgoUen. 

a-|tvi|irT(K, DV, (b privat., iLviotuu) fori/ollen, ne 
lonyer rentembereil. 

&P.v£qv, r6. a tioai in lehich the blood of victims toaa 
fauyht. {Beriv. nHcertain.) 

ijivo-iun', oBvTO!, t, (i/iinSi-, no™) ulieep-mnJed, 


'AMNO'S, i, u (ami: ippdi, ipvl, tpviL, ns if from 
I noBi. 'ip!f ttr* used inguud of Ibe oMique cases. 

iftvo-^ifOi, cf, (i/iyi!, ili'pa) bearing lambs, icHh 

a-p.crYii|Tl, Adv. of iq., viOinut toil or effort, 

d-ji^Y^TOi, Dv, (a pdrat., /luy^u) irifAouf tail, sn- 
nearieit, nntinng. 

&p,Mtv, Att. B^Bc*, Adi*., (d^ili) /Tom some place 

r o/Afr 

&flU»^, lUoT, 

111. ifivinjr 

ijiriSL, or dfioBd, Adv., (li^id) someahere, 

ap.oi. Adv., (i/iris) snnietelutlUT. 

a|j.oiPa8ios, a, Dr,™d^0ij9aTffT. 

ifioigoSlt, Adv., (aiai&k) by luTUs. 

sifiai|lal«f, B*, Biaa 1;, or b, or, [ikiuapii) inlenAang- 

Iff, alleraale, ol' i-erses, amoebaean, amicering me 
lautlier. IL Jilted Jw dinnginy. 

■ibulive. Adv. -iM. 
T), pecul. fem. of aji 
a^ipni a citaKfor a rhajtge. 

'fU'iP^i ^> (^I3a) B i?eam;if»«r, return : hence 
a rPpajmCN*, oyonflmmJ ; mtencf . 1. art on- 

sirer. Jl.ehanne, barter. 

dliaL^iiGii, Adv., (i/ioiB^) attenialelg. 

dJiSLpift, a, (i/iff^w) a mccefsnr,follmrT. As Adj, 
ill rei/a'Ual or in eicliange for, 

£.^aipat, or, (a ))rivat., ^Tpa] eoiAouf lo' m thare 
in u tiling, and m> bereft of it. II. ahiot. un- 


dfiaXyaura, n, m', (d/i^A7u)n/initt, maifeTSiJA tajK. 

ifioXYcuc, 4ais, 6,{i.iit\ya) a milk-pail, Lat. niu/rfro. 

&|uXYd% i, {i)iifiyu) Ike milking lime, i. e. morning 
and eveiiini/ tailight ; Ike four koiirs either i^ftrB 
duybteak, or after laHset, and no in gen. tiiyhl-time. 

a-pi|iu^(H, or. (0 privat., (uip(pf|^ = 6.-jiiiontis, uw 
. bhmeil, blamelesi. 

I (i^^pytfot, ov, made 0/ the Jltic oj Amorgos: ^* 
/ ^ofrfii,aoi,TijfintJla>ibwa.^ue,'ySaLtkAii»M 


HfMpOS iflVVOV, 

a-|u>pos9 oVf (a privat.^ fiSpos) wUhout share <jf, | &|&irHoxv^o|&ai» kuneufrjfyw^ML^ ▼. sub o^v-cxoamu* 

destitute of: absol. urUucky^ wretched, 

&-|iop^Ca, ^, t// shapey deformity, from sq. 

S-|u>p^os» oi', (a prirat., fJMfxpi) misshapen, ugly ; 
Compar. hjiap^itrnpos* 

&|xot> "h, 6v, Aeol. and Ep. for riiiSs, rifiirtpos, our, 
ours : in Att. poets also for i/Jt6s, my, mine, 
'^&|A^9» Att. oflds, an old form for tts, and so^rU, 
f>ut only used in the Adv. forms afiov, afirj, ofAws, 

&I&OS, Dor. for ^yios, as, when. 

af&OTOf, ov, furious, savage : but more usu. in Adv. 
fyiOToy, i7isati€U>ly, incessantly, restlessly, (Deriv* 

&I&OV, Adv., Att. ofiovy of ^65, someijohere, 

S-|&ovot>S9 ov, (a privat., Moi/ora) without the 
Muses f without taste for the arts, unpolished, rude : 
of things, coarse, vulgar, gross, 

&-|i.oxOcC, Adv. of A-/tox'Bos, without toil or trouble, 

a-f&oxOos, oy, (a privat., fu^x^^O ^Hhout toil or 
trouble, IL not toilsome, 

Afiiir-, poet, abbrev. for hfav-, under which will 
be found all words b^inning with a/biir~, 

&l«.-Trc8Cov, &|A-«irc8i^pci$, &|«.'^AaYOs» should be 
written Ufi irt^iop, i. e. &yck rrettoy, etc 

&|fc-Tr Aayos, for iw^ irfXayos, 

&|AireXc<6v, wvas, 6, poet, for iifiireX^y, a vineyard, 

&j&ir^iyos, oy, also 17, oi^, (^i^ireXos) of the vine, 

u^vikiov, r6, Dim. from &/iircXos. 

afjivcXCs, /8of, 4,==foreg., a vine-plant, II. a 

kind of bird. 

&|i.vcX^ci$, €ffffa, €v, (&fAVf\os)full of vines, rich in 

ifLircXo-cpY^, i>V,=contr. hfivcX-ovpySs, q.v. 

&|jiircXo-|i.i|£a9 ^, (2(/AireXos, fii^ts) an intermixture 
of vines, 

''AMIIEAOS, ^, a vine, 

&|i.vcX-ovfiY^»9 (&/biir€\^vp7($s) to &« a vinedresser, 
to work in or cultivate a vineyard. 

&|&ircX-ovpYd9| 6, (d/xirc\os, *tpyu) a vinedresser. 
Also as Adj. hfiire^iOvpySs, 6v, culHvating the vine. 

&|i.ircX<S-<|i>vTwp, opos, ^, (2i/AircXof , ^<^) producer of 
the vine, 

a|i-TrciraX<i>v, £p. for kvavvK,, redupl. part, aor, 2 
from hj^avdWa, 

&|iircp^$. Adv. only found in Compd. Si-a/iirfpes, re- 
solved, as, 8ick 8* iifiveph, for Biafiirephs B4. 

a|€x<SvT|, ^, (&ixv~4xo») a fine upper garment. 

&|jiv-^Wy also a|ftv-Cox»9 fut. hfjup^J^a : aor. ^/litti- 
(Txoy? inf. a/biiriaxctv, part, afivicrxf&y. Med. afiircxofMi, 
also hfxvlaxoiuu, and hiiviffx^oi/fxtu : fut. aiJj(f>4^oixai : 
aor. inxTTKrx^fAijyi {^fi^i, ^X") To put round or over, 
Lat. circumdare, Med. /o pt</ on oneself, also to ^ave 
on, tr&ar. 

dfAinjSTKre, for &V€ir48i7(r€. 

4,M.-viirAi9/iiy for iiya-vlfivXrifiu 
^max'iv. Inf. aor. 2 of ofinr-^xea. 


dfAir-CoxW) ^* sub o^v-cxw* 

&fjiirXaKclv, inf. of aor. ¥ifiir\xucov i also from tihe 
same root fut. ^irAcud^crw : pf. pass. iiiM.wKdKniuum 
afiaprdyo), to miss, fail, fail short of, c. gen. Hence 

&|AirX^in||fca, aros, r6, an error,fault, offence^ 

&iivXdin)Tos» oy, {kfivKoKtip) sinful, loaded with 

&|jivXiiiciov, r^,sforeg. 
ap.-irvcv|&a, &|ftirv<vo-aiy etc.» poet, for hvanry, 
afAirvvc, Ep. for &i'(£iryvc,imper.aor. a from kya-irvim, 
a|&irvvv0i|9 Ep. for ayeiryiOrj, 3 aor. I pass, from 
ap,irvvTo, Ep. for iufhwro, contr. aor. 2 frt)m samflb 
&p.-v^vov, for &vck ledyov, t 

&j&irTa|uvos9 &|fcirrd«, poet, for ^i^airr. 

6anef ; in gen. to ^'W, wreathe, 
a|i.irvMn{p, ^pos, ^, = (&/Ain;() a hand, fillet : also a 

horse's bridle. Hence ] 

&p.irvKTi{pios, a, oy, of a horse's bridle or fronUeL ^ 
au.irv(, Hkos, 6, ri, (&/iir^w) a band or fittei fat ^ 




binding the hair, a head-band, snood, 
head-band of horses : also a bridle, 
thing rounded, a wheel, 

Sfb-iruTiS,€»s, Ion. 10s, shortened from &yidUiiwrif tat 
iyd-iraffis, (Jkva-vlyofMu) a being drunk up, hence ti 
the sea, the ebb, 

*AMTrAA'AH, ri, an almond. Hence 

&p.vY8aXivos9 Vf oy, of almonds. 

ofJivYiia, aros, t6, (&.fii(r<r<i>) a tearing, that whitk 
has been torn : a scar. 

aiAvvfAdsy b, {k^LdfTiroi) a tearing, mangling, 

&p.vois, Adv.=afux, of time, together, at the same 
time ; oftener of place, together, 

'AMTAPO'2, d, 6y, akin to afiavp6s, dark, dim,fauU, 

&-|i.vr|TOS, oy, (a privat., jxvea) uninitiated, profane* 

&-p.vCh(|TOS, oy, (a privat., /xvOeofixu) not to be toid, 

&-|i.i{icT)To$, ov, (a privat., fivKdoixai) without lowing s 
of places, where no herds low, 

a-|i.vXov, r((,=sq. 

a-|ivXos, b, (a privat., fivKri) ^ cake of fine meal, so 
called from the meal not being ground at a conmum 

a-|ivp.a»v, oy, gen. ovos, (a privat., fiafios) irreproatA* 
able, blameless ; sometimes of things, in which there 
is nothing to blame, [o/av] 

&|jivvaOe, .a|Jivva0civ, dp.vva0ov, from ii/xvyoBoy 
aor. 2 of iifxwu. 

&fjivvai, &|&vvour6ai, inf. aor. i act. and med« from 

*A|&vvCas, ov, 6, masc. pr. n., as Adj. (&fivyu) on its 

a^wov> im^r. aot, 1 {torn a44.^vQi. 

•MMilvt l^ft Hf fcA« Afruiw mmiBr. 
»t ; a p , ^ f. A lr»*rtftklto— r,.*«»irfan 

'iWrtnl, £ wis, O JkMp i|^, vorrf 0^1 Lat. i«- 

i f —»i« t M* aid ilk^ 4) • Jnv t *" ^*' of 


of Hi^Oft jtinM. -JMMgb^ Aof wiff ««(. fad 
KCfti/abt or omA^^tMW. 

V44)Mfc, 3 Mr. 3 Crbm faf^ixg^uu. 

i;4-i,|MMf> '», t*Mf, i^) «w«rf « fS *tal 

nan. bodcb 

^uBo^wn^, Lat. fuin. From' 

if fJJMr, Adv., pviliclg, openly, leilAout Mmiiiie. 

if ♦■f y , poet, for ira-^aln>. 

ift^ itiiiiiHiMi. ((Ifi^i Uovai) io ruA on /rmn all 
nia.JliaUr orjioat oTMad. 

J^>wUv, Adv. poet, for htmrfurUr. 

Imifw r i t iiw, poet, for ira^artir, inf, fat. from ^a- 

4pf-XpXpb, itra, (Jv^4 ipB94>) to ratUe, 

t|i ^mrfu, 1^, poet, for i-^oirla, qjeacAinowM fnna 
fcv, amazement, orn^e. 

faiA «i>r<». V», (^f, &vt/di} fa rtxnmd, ring 

" , fttr i/i^BfSirSai, inf. prat, med. 

ll, 4(>({w) PmiNtel an. MA 
... a. aru/ In (l« oariM. 

'AH*I', PrBap.cs(n., d#t.,etaa;.i— Aad{ci.^ii£ 

CftKF., •(«M;j^,JbrttaMl«qfatiUDe 9. 
ateuf, I. e. emMmo^ ■ thing; qf It U. m^ 

rf FtMa^ «imi^ oraaaA 

C. DAT. I. of FIms, otoNf, mnnmd, rvmd 
alout. 1. a<, iy, floor, wUA i otwl, ^r, ax a» 
RnmJ 4^, Jbr tt« Jdlw ^i rtgartSag, MUuui ti Hii. 

C Acc.] oAoHf, arotoirf, on, of i- iMiar •fivMl 

tp4 «XtCTA, ^, poet, for ifujiu^, onM rounri. 
tH^iXfaoM, AtL ifi^-aXlrrru, f. Ifo, poet, for V- 
^uX., (• wr^t/old, or Iwina rmad. 

:, u Adr., B&m/, anmii^ nmnd 

yfif^n.'^mh Dq>. iBBd., aar. 3 4ef*i1«A»- c 

Moatlf with n 

Without C: 

about, on all lidei. 

In CoMPOt., abovl, an all tidei, on both Met, 

ip^L-SXot, Dv, [iil^i, S^O lea-girl, esp. having the 
sea im Mh tidei, ietieeeH laa teat, Lat. bimarii. 

&fi4-^X"> (Vf'i ''xi") lo Kntndon all tidet! tofiy 
about ihrieking, in irng. part. perf. ifi^ax^i ■"<■■ 

Witf oUvw, fut. fitiaa/uu, perf. fiifiriKo, (ifi^t, 
fitarii) lo go, aalk almit or around! beaot to guard, 
prolgcl, II. to turrotaid, axcOTnpast, turap round. 

I &(i^>BaXio4aL, inf. aor. i Med. from iLiupi-Pi/Otw. 

ifi^ipaXnijiat, Idd. for B/tfiduAoi/uu, fut. med. 
from sq. 

(ippt, jSJaAv). 7*0 lAnw or puf rmind, asp. of 
clothes, etc, lo pal Ihem on a penon, Lat. dreum- 
dare. Med. lopulon B7tese(f, pul roand ont, put on, 
Lat. ocoin^ 3. eip. W (Amu one'i htub rouRii^ 

embrace : bIm (o graip, 3. lo mrrotmd, enocm- 
piat ! but alio lo ilrike on all tidet, lotr. to go to 
another plaee I bo in Med. alio. 

if^tfiiit, part. aor. 1 of d^i-^iw. 

if4C.etaU, tl. T. V^fi. 

i.ji41.pairit, cwi, )), (i^t-^ng) a ^oinp round, eih 
rompiunn^ 1 henos a proleotion, defenctl. 

/ Ikrown around, an (ncloiure. 11. • jormeftt- 

afMf>v7rOTaafj,at — dfi^uitjs. 

i|i4t"**T£o|iAi, Dep. Died., bijig arfluOtr anmnd. 
i^i-TrritTini, {u, to clatp aroand. Hence 
iji^i-irrSxi^i ^i " Gasping nund, embrace. 
i^^-wtKat, w, {i^l, vikti) tmM tieo ttoara or m- 

if^irripo%, or, {iifi^ iri^) narouTtded by Me, 

vAthfire all round. 

^Lp-pil>{, vyoi, (i/iip', ^hyvfi) cracked armnd. 

&ji^l-pvrot, 1), or, {tfpl, ^f") Jimced around, aea- 
girt I — aIbo Afj^ippvros, or. 

■AM4>I'S, at Adv. I. on or at boOk lidea; 

lience 2. aparty asunder, yruav kbI ohpwhv iifA- 

tftit $X'^ ^ keep haaven and earth aeunder. 3. 

in gen. around, round about. II, more rarely 

Ba Prep., c. gen. aroand: apart fnun, far from. 
Bnrely c. dat., like iM^i, round about : c aoc., aiou/, 
arouriEf, when it altrays foUowB ica case. 

Ati^Ct-^LTo, m, 17. (Vfi'ii Bairu) a kind of ser- 
pent, that can go either /orwon/j or baeheardi. 

i^^vi-Baiill\, Tl, Ion. for ipfiii-^nrqa-it, q. t. 

&fI^M-Pi|T^ f. titrm : impf. j|/if ufiifrov)-, or 4^- 
ipfirMroar, aor. f|f($i!^TTiira or Jtn^ur^r^aa, (i/i- 
^Is, P^yai). To stand apart, and to to dispute, di,ffh', 
OTfrue- Fogg, to be the subject of dispute. Uence 

dp4*4-|4^l^ "^o'l "^^1 " pc^nt iri dispute. 

Iif^i % -pifr^<nfu>t, Dv, disputed, questioned: ques- 
tkntaUe, douitfoL 

jTrouniJ or oecasUm of dispute, debate. 
iliifriS-P^TiiToi, or, disputed, debaleable. 

ifi^i-irrAXH, fa /a'li about another, invest teitb. 
Med. to fold raiaul oneself, deck oneself in. 
if,^^ivito, (i/t^, (rr^fiarai) to wind rowid 

iifi^i-im^i, h, (Vf'> ori^) placed roand like 
a crotcn: entwined, ctoumed. 

^^-itrrt\]u, to place round? Med. ifJ^iFrafiai, 
with the intr. act. tenses, aor. 1 ifipianir, pf. ijU- 
^4im)Kii, to stand around. 

&fi<^C-OTDfiiov, or. (i/i^f, cttJ/^ci) tciih douhle mouth 
01 opetiingi double. 

i^i-iTTp&tiefjii, (i/ifii, mparit) Dep. med. ; — to 
beleager, besiege, 

Aiu^L-oTpc^t, is, (<l>tf I, oTpii^) taisting round, 
turning all icays. 

ijift-Ti^ivu, Ion. for o^i^-rf/uw. 

&p^<^iTiip^<nn>, lo trouble all round. 

iju^tTttift, (tea, (V, part. aor. i pass, of ifi^. 

ifi^i-Ttlvia, toeing around. 
^^-Teixit, ft, (i/i^, rtixof) eneompasang the 

ifi^i-TiiLvm, to out rouiu^ top ^, oarbM. 
dju^i-TWii)^ f. Ajoa : aor. i i%^a : te tag Or 
tomid, -' - • ■ ■ - •■ 

a on : aim to deck toith a thing. 


i|i4*Ttvd<nrw, r. dia, to shake around, 
if4i.^nntpHu, (iii^l,TiTTvBiC>') lo tviOwotMrp 

A|i4(-T^|iott or, (lu^f, Ttfira, To/uij') Art. eutttKf 

on both eviet, taio-edged, II, Pan. iftplrBitar, nr, 


If, (ifnt>t, rapvrju) uiell-rotmded. 

ojihf L.^p(pu, to tremble all over. 

&|i4'-^p^<ii lo run round, lumnmd. 

dfi^i-Tp^g, Jtoi, b, ^, = 9q. 

A|iii|iI-Tpi]TOt, Dv, (i/u^f, 'rpia) bored lhrough,opM 
on both sides, teilh double enirance. 

i^ji^i-TpoiiLiit, {4*1^, Tp/fm) lo tremble for. 

Afu^i^julvu, (o/i^l, ^kIu) (a tAtnc around. 

i^l.^6Xot lairiii, q, a helmet idlh ^d\oi, L a. 
£ouej all round. 

i^^-^v^t, EI, (i;i^(, ^ro/uu, ipat^na) viMlw 
aU round. 

Afu^-^MiP^orKU, (^(, ^£^a>} to /ear, trtnMt dl 

Ion. floj, t, (i/i^, f fp., ^«p6i) 
o larpe jiir or ptiaier unth tiBO handles. 

afL^^pntonai, Med., fo consider on all sides. 

aft^i-Xaim, to ijaam or raven round ; la yam wifc 

afi<inx^ai, inf. aor. 1 of 

&|ic^i-X^u, f. x^""", t" pcur or shed around. AbaoL 
i,li^iXtiir6ai, to enbrace. 

^i^(-Xpi''>'ot, or, (a/i^t, xp^'^^^ gilded all ever. 

dfM^i-Xi'tft^, part. Bnr. [ pass, of d^^j-;);^. 

ap<^I-X"^^<i 0', CW'-X™) poureil arDunrf, Aaiipfrf 

d|uM-x<*>^ot, or, lame in »ofA feet. 

d|i-^p«iii, lais, 6, shortened form of l^t-^opt{it,*. 
jar, a\ao a cinerary um : Ha h'quid measure,— ^ BiK 
man amphorae, or nearly 9 gallons. 

i^^orifrg, as Adv., (b^ip^ipoi] in both teags, JjUL 

dp4'^pot> ^PS cfN»', (^l*4x') Lat. ulergue, bafft t 
kbt' A^dTtpn on iotA sides, Lai, uMmf u« r fa' 1^ 
ipdrfpa towards botb sides. Hence 

i^^trripuBtr, Adv., from or on iolA niin, I^it «v 
utraque parte i from bath ends. 

ifi^oWpwSi, Adv., on both sides. 

ifn^oWpuf, Adv., in bath aags. And 

ap^MiWpuo^, Adv., fo or on boA sides. 

Jiji^ovGh, Adv., {i/uph, dMoi) on or .fnm At 

d|u^pi£ovaiT0, poet, for iirii^ipifo-aviTa, 3 opt. aor. t, 
from ir,,^pd{oim^ 

dfA-^vof, poet, for Ava-^iu. 

ofu^i, rii, ri, rii, also oj, oi, rii. Gen. and Dat. i/f' 
ipoir, LAt. ambo, (iiifl) both. 

.Ayi^th r' ' i »afMC»*: 


fKOy vDeiL of . fait tar, floly M an addiMi t» fodk 
MjfMt Attjor iMhjki laqmit. wn afroii Anf 

Am-pttliS Adv. (AmHSo^mi) joi«v tMj^MMM'i*V^ 
«r, (a privity Mf^Mw) uriAptt/ blamt,' being ^m^hi^\ ^^kfii <W^ *<i> iwffi JW|»i. 

3 ffaSi o||l.pnt.''fbr it^dtua^. Cram I^mUi. 
(f«i9 or, (• privat, ^wyUi^yu) miMMMd^ 


Itt. A|tfit» Adv. £rom ^ obwL J^a-rW, 

ompd. iifms^yl^irws, in a certain mamnet, in 

f mr Mer. 

eonditioiial psrtidey used like iho ^pi» aad 

tide x^ Kffr, Jkt, wbl 

TH iHDiCAT. b' mak^ a poiitivit MHrtioa, 

It on ciffflinMitanciw ; beoce &r cannol be 

\iStk prea* or |mi/^ becanse that wUiii if^ «r 

» aumot be mada ooiidldoaal. 

( that wideh ctriehay wiU happen^ jfaemm- 

e h&ppene flint. . With the imperf . Kr es- 

he frequent rqietitkm of aa aet under oet- 

mnaCaaoes, ikrfw fSof he teas in ike hal/ii of 

99tdd wKfi kkiimnsw tfrhe wovid luep on 

ra OPTAT., it turns the withy whieh the 
preaees, whm alone, into a condHientd e#- 

TH coirjiTKCT. tfr bdohgB rather to the 
n whiish the verb depends, than to the vetb 

■H htfikit. tfr is used in eases where the 
would be Jmned with it. 
b^ins a sentence, and regularly fol- 
) word whose signf. it limits, as c7xov &y : 
n words, dependent on the verb, precede it 
itence, Hv may follow any of them, because, 

they follow the verb, as irp6(f>aaiv hf cTxoy 
y 'Kp6<l>curiy. The conjunct, indeed usu. fol- 
but there &y limits not so much the verb^ as 
le. [&] 

j.,s=^ay, with conjunctive. 
kv, shortd. £p. form of ai^ 
n &ya, for &j/4(rTri, like 6^1 for tyeariy he 


netimes for a privat. before a vowel. 
Prep. c. gen,, daU et ace, used also in forms 
jur- : in general signf. opp. to Hard, 
f.y on board : ia/it yrjSs on board ship, 
r., on, upon, 

z,y the common usage, implying motion 
, 1. of place, up. 2. ihrough- 

II. of time, throughout. III. in 

, up to. IV. taken dUtributively, e. g. 

fp Tf/Upav day by day : for wk Kp6rros v. sub 

Iv., tiiereon, (hereupon : throughout, all over. 
MPOS. up to, upward:!, up, opp. to Kurd: 
th signf. of et/rengtheninp. Also 6ack, book' 
■Lat. re-, rw^ro^ [aya] 
y, agp/ arise/ 

sffpiysMrt from 

hiifUr^obm^ iaiht ^mMff^ > sor. i Arjtfv0% 
i&X>i»mek9g^wp^^^mAe0bimMjpi$mHL ... 
In pros. wiih. f. lufaMaofuui mm^ t drdfcp . eait 
drij9i>eiri^lf^ pf. fc>^Mfri<B,ifaitrMi»y mpof^ m om ii 

Arft^paucx«StH (!»( lUfjCPMsi. te fowsi Is AoBtM* 
p/kfffiMf, to nuiidefu ,«• Ivtr. 'Is foga, ionft 

&ytti-peicyidii« ^fbceff* 

Asii-ldJjU, f: /teXA^ (M /S^KaAm) i^ iikw or Isv 
tip. U, to fnU htidf^,.mU <{^ < Ifed- «s Jfff 

ttp, etp. en^t Toioe^ <o miwr « preM§y mv^ Is 
SNVW m.lo|Nil^dWk||b. IV.IpAf«iP 

ONs's eCoair oroiaMf floeu 

4v«pdib ^B**} ^9 ptut. aofw « of hmrfiaUm, 

Mir9Mm%t wtp i, ijharfiabm)' « ptiiip t^i, msmi^ 
ia^ t. a» si sa gjdi rt s w ttp/rosi (te ooast, asp. hitft 
central Asia, like that of the yonniger Cyrus* 8* 

the fitlng id A iit»^ IL e is^ ty^ <i# a s ss X 

of a mountain, etc. 

dy^-pdryi e>, d, poet shertd, V-jBrfn|i^ {im $ tJm) ' 

&va-B8TUcd«» 4, ^, (Ai«-/3a6>w) sMBfetflmws iii i rt iy; 

&va-p&Td«, 6y, Hom. iifA^fi^Ss, (&yct-/3b(yw) Iftu/ flM^y 
60 mounted or scaled, easy to be scaled. 

&va-p^Pv|K«9 pf. of kvaJfiaivm : part -165. 

&va-p^ppvx<v, perf. from an obsol. Ayo-jSp^tf or 
^fipi(<Of to boil or bubble up, 

&vaPT|6i, &va/3^i/eu imper. and inf. aor. 2 of &ya- 

d,va-pcp^fc(e, f, dcrw: fiit med. Mdooftoi, Att contr. 
$i0&fMi, to make. go up. i. to tnoim/ one on 

horseback. 2. to draw a ship up. 3. in Med* 
to put on board ship. 4. to bring up to the bar 

of a court of justice. Hence 

&ra-pipa0*r«ov, verb. Adj., one must set on or 

&va-Pi^, f. (iffofiai: aor. iiyffitwy, ia£. byufiuovaiy 
rarely iyefiiwea {aa/d, files) : /o com« to /i/0 again, re^ 
turn to life. Med. iyafiuioaoBat, to bring back to life. 

&va-pXa(rrdv», f. ori^M, to maAr^ shoot or spring 
up. 2. intr. to «^oo/, or ^roto up again. 

d,vd-pXcu|Jia, aror, rd, a look cast upwards s from 

d,va-pX«rai, 1^, to /ooAf up. a. to tooAr 6ad(r 

tfpon, Lat respicere. II. to see again, recover 

one*8 sight. 

&va-pXifSi|v, Adv., poet, shortd. &fu0k(\^) V^a>o«» 
fiixxoftm) boiling up : vnth suddeu bursU. 

di^6XiMn«, €«s, 4|, (^&v«-&dXXu^ a pultmg off ^dcUm- 
&va-pXvttt, f. Ww, to make to gush JorOw "^ 
iotr. to gush forth. 


ivafiSajxa — &viba<nos. 

'&va-P<Sa|JMft, aroSf r6y poet. &fifi,^itya-$Sri<rtt. 
'^va-poM>, fut. 'fitrofjMi : Ion. aor. in£ iififiwrai for 
&pafiori<rcu : to cry or «^^/ aA)ti(/, utter a loud cry : 
to cry out something : also, to call on. Hence 

&va-6^oxs, €cos, 71, a crying alottd, calling out, 

&va-poXa8i|y, Adv., poet, shortd. iifi'fio\&riv, (&fa- 
fioXil) bubbling up, II. €ts a prelude or begin- 

ning of song. III. wUh delay, 

&va-poX<i«, cCSos, r\y shortd. hyJ^Khs {lofw-^&KKto) 
7^9 earth throum up, 

&va-poXi{, ^y poet, shortd. A/ajSoX^, (^j^a-jBiiXAw) /^a^ 
which is thrown up, a mound of earth, 2, that 

which is throum around one, a cloak, II. a 

lifting up, esp. of the voice, a prelude, 2, a 

putting off, delaying, 

iLva-pp6jtr<rv, Att. h^a-fipdrrwy f. {», to make foam 
or boil up, to boil. Hence 

^vd-ppooTOfi, oy, boiled, 

&va-ppdxw> (^<^ ^^X^) ^^ which only hvifipax^y 
occurs, to clash or rattlB loudly ^ to open with a noise. 

avaPp^{cic, 3 opt. aor. act. from obsoL ^oi'a- 
fipSxO) to swallow again, gvip down : also the part, 
aor. pass, ivafipox^y, swallowed back, swallowed 
doum again. 

iiya-ppvaiiu, fut. ^w, {h^d^ fipvd((a) to shotii aloud 
for joy, 

&va-Ppvxdo|&ai» Dep. med., to roar aJoud, 

&va-ptto-ai^ Ion. for hvafiiniiTai, inf. aor. i from 

dvayyciXai, inf. aor. i of sq. 

^v-ayy^XXw, f. cA(^, (ayd, &ryy4Wai) to carry back 
tidings of a thing, report, Lat. renunciare, 

iLva-yikoM, dtrw, to laugh aloud. [S^ai] 

ava-Ycwaa>, iiffw, to beget anew, regenerate, 

av-aY^o|Jiai, Dor. for iuf-ifyioiuu, 

dva-ycvw, to give to taste, 

a,va-yiyvia<rKio, later ayayty<&<rKan f. &yayy(&ffOfiM, 
aor. 2 kyeyvoty : to know accurately, 2. to hiow 

again, recognise, own, Lat. agnoscere. 3. to distin- 
guish, discern : hence to read, II. in Ion. Greek 
the aor. i aytyyaxra^ is used in signf. to persuade, 
' &vaYKdt«a, iira, {itydyicri) to force, compel: to con- 
strain, esp. by argument : also to force by torture, 
and so to harass, annoy, 2, to prove of ne- 

cessity, to demonstrate, 

^vayKaCvi, ri, £p. and Ion. for kydyiai. 

^vayKaios, a, oy, also as, ov, {kvdyicri) of or with 
force : I. act. constraining, pressing. 2, forci- 
ble, convincing. 3. of things, requiring to be 
done, II. pass, forced; hence painful, 2. neces- 
sary: ra ayaryKcua, necessaries : also absolutely ne- 
cessary, barely sufficient, 3. connected by 
necessary or natural ties : ol avayKoioi, Lat. neces- 
sarii, relations. Adv. -ws, necessarily, of necessity, 
' Jyayjtraa-r^, if, 6v, verb. Adj. from hrayKd^ta^ 
^/^mieit^ ikms/raitied, 
AJiTA rKH, ^, Ion, and Horn. ovayKoirj, force, cwi" 

straint, necessity, often in dat as Adv., MeyKjf per-, 
force, of necessity ; ^^so forcibly, by force* 2. 

necessity, natural want or desire, 3. aetual 

force, violence: hence poet, bodily pain, tuffisr^ 
ing, 4. like Lat. necessitudo, the tie tj^kiny fv- 


&va-Yva|iXT«»» ifw, to bend back or round. 9. to 
undo, loose, 

&vaYvoCi|v, opt., ivayy&yai inf., aor. 2 of iam» 

av-aYvoSt oy, (a privat., arYv6s) impure, unoha^ 
in gen. unholy, guUty, 

&va--yvupi(w, f. Icrw, Att. i», to know ogam, recoff^ 
nise. Hence 

&va-Yvupun«, €eos, ri, a knowing again, recogniiiom 

iivd-Yvwri^, €as, ri, {hya-ytyyt&o'Ka) a knowing 
again, recognition, owning, 

&v-aY<Spcvoxs, €ws, ri, a crying aloud, proclamaticni 

&v&Yop€v<i>, to cry aloud, proclaim publicly, PUk 
to be proclaimed : to be generally called or sumamei, 

iLvd-ypaim>9, oy, {aya-ypdtjxa) written up or ovi, 

&va-Ypa<|>€v$, ^cas, 6, {hva-ypd/pui) a writer, puibSo 
notary, secretary, 

&va-YP&^, 'hf A writing out : that which is ,writim 
out, a public record : from 

i,va-ypdj^, i^foo, to ufrite up, in gen. to enter Is 
a public register or record. Also to write out, i$» 
scribe, [ypa\ 

&va-Ypvt«) f. ((V, strengthd. for ypitCoa, to mutter, 

av-dyio, f. &yf^(0, aor. carfiyaryoy, I. to lead 

up from a lower place to a higher: hence into 
the high sea: to put out to sea: in Homer »A>«^ 
to conduct, carry. 2. to lead up into the interior 

of a country. 3. to lead up, raise up, oon- 

duct, hence to celebrate. 4. to bring up, ednh 

cate, 11. to bring back : to refer. 

Intrans. to withdraw, retreat, sub. iavrSy, 
Med. and pass., ^ydyofuii, to put out to sea. HenoB 

ii,v-ay(ay€v^, 4a)s, 6, strictly one that lettds fipt 
hence usu. any thing by which one draws or leads np^ 
a rein, thong, etc. 

av-aY<»Y4, ^, (hf'dy6») a leading or taking up: m 
putting to sea. 2. a leading back, referring. 

&y-6y<ayoi, ov, (a priv., dyuryfi) unihout guidance Ot 
education, ill-bred: of horses and dogs, unbroken. 

av-aYuvioTOS, oy, (a priv., ay coy i(oixat) without eon^ 
test, never having contended for a prize. 

&va-8ai6), f. Sdaofiai, to divide anew: in gen. to 
divide, apportion a conquered land. 

&va-8aCci), poet. &y-Balo), = &ya-Kal(a, to light up, 

&va-8d<ra(r6ai, aor. i med. inf. of &yaSalu, 

&ya-8ao'|Ji6s, 6, (iiya-Bala, Sda-offSai) a re-tUstribu- 
tion : in gen. a distribution, division. 

ava-Ba<rro^, ov, ^^va-Wu^ ^dxrcurBai) divided aneu^ 
I re-distribulcd: m ^<&iv, dvslTVbuled^ 











tmnma, and 4Mir8ciacriii^ Ait. 8c£|w, ioUftup 

i{iiB» «tRr, 4^ « tkewinpftifAy diipfaf . 

wDfi^ Ion, iar Apn^4?yo»iai. 

X4««9 0iS (• pn^*> JkS«Af^) wKAoMi ftrollWr 

|m. Ion. lior fem fcifi u, inf. aor* i fiwm lMt> 
pmi^ (M, S^pMyuu) lo look tip^ I0 opm HU 

pii^ i, t^pAy tojhif, irmw ^Ao JHn^ mp» to 

' the fear oi a woond, Lat. r^flriearo mhfu g 


0M9 % (M, StTiH^) a btmd or /0el >^ 

r jUr, a AmnUmmL 

rit» 0IS (^b«-Mi) doNficf lip or badf, ft. 

XlQIuuy f. Mg«yiai, Bq[iw mod., & pMS. port 
fuu. To Uike upt f0oehet alto <o tako 
n. lo teilrtf «poi» ontaefft hm» io wi- 
promiiv <o do : aiao to bo tureif to OM. 
m, poec shortd. Arl., £ A^oiw t perf. iMMi Bi- 
lo bind ftp, bind f mmd , hf. rum timyYikm 
^onefiir one*! good newf. IL AmM^owi 

to rofu to traco vp ooe*f fiunify to a fbundor. 
fiuOen wi& a ropo to onoodf, mp, AmiBb^ 
JMDT (sc. vavi\ to take a «Atp in tow. 
(MoKoi, f . a|(tf, to /eocA over a^atn : to ieaeh 
te or better, Lat dedocere ; also simply » 
r lo <0ac^ Pass, to learn belter. IL lo 

L interpret. 

Miffcty poet, shortd. ayil9.y f. 9(i6irw: aor. i 
^o^ up ; /o give forth, esp. of the earth, to 
ntr., of springs, fire, etc., lo burst forth. II. 
tnmcf y distribute : also /o ^ve btusk, restore. 
KOf , ov, (av(i, Btietj) tried over again. 
irX^, (&yc£, ^tirXods) to make double. 
iT09> oy, (aya-8iS»/u) ^tven up, or to be 

9f Att. for iurdJSoo'o, imperat. aor. 2 from 


PTOiy iii£ ; bvaSHo^tSf ot/tra, part. aor. 2 of Ams- 


x4> ^> (&<^a-8^X^M<t') A taking up, accept 
Mi-^X^ vJywy ^ receiving of a labor yh^i 


ft|MiV9 inf. aor. 2 of kvorrpix^* 

*QXf Inf. aor. 1 from sq. 

rrw, to come to the top of the water, 

io|fca^ f. ZioofMiy Dep. med., c. act. aor. 

and pf. bvoB^vKOf (&vc£, 8^) 7V> como up, 

I. from the sea : but absol. of the sun, to rise, ; 

^ to ffUth/or/A» 7. /b d^^rar ^g;^ reHf^ ; I 

' akoAf d^a^^do, avoid doing, \ 

9/^o^p'^K/to^^ %^ (a piiTay wnrl 
M# ofwImfivdM^ MwAoaf hridtt 0^tit 
Ararfaai, iii£ aor. i finm n. 
Ar-actpts (AmI, Mpv) iolfficr ndm mp* 
MUfMrraib «% (a prir., Ii^vvjmk) t wJ bjM d ^ tM- 

Ivrnp-iprdCiH leqgtlid. Ibr Ir-af^. 

4va-tiidyni|u and 4i«-ti«Y<^ ^ C«^» * SWi* 
or h u m tm ngtdm banea lo vroprnw to $0 mmm 
eifftiny mp, with an arnijry ^ MiMlr «^ aioM ^ 
and ao of ahipa, rffat k^.^ to mt oM eijfttku «• 
intr., aob. orpofrSiff otc, lo aiaroft <^ 

dv»{lM^ f. C^ toboiiot btMo apu 

dMi-ti|TliHt4M»»lajMiror«iaral folo, adMnaiii^ 
Lat. afMMirffVf Ioaoara4o«^dltao90or. Henoe 

hmrVfnintt oaf, #, a aa rffay ia«i, iawif^palfeii. 

dpa-ti og » a lii » lo fiaHadfe; %iU ap ayaia. FImh, 
lo 00 Tokiiimlody ^ata ^wa l|fv« 

4w a t a po nl a , Att i i y p fe , lormrfa oao^« ooanv^. 

Aoa la ptf i wi» Att. hipphm, (di^ ayf^oar) lo ^ 
floiM/iina ooiN^apai 

d»<a-idvaHin£; dMiir(f,f«ja,partJM)r.2of liw^rl^q;^ 

AWI iya» arot) «^ (dra-rfti|^) aap tkimff doootodf 
->M-ai|tfia : eip. any thing dSrooM lo «irf( ooofi^^ 

WVpaMMTltaif 90 W tSU tt MOWrOOm, to 9Wf0B» 

dva-#tii^ f. 0t4oifuu and tftvottv^^y lo nm iqi^ raitf 

MMWy ftflam* 

hmf49fJmt itrm, Iflco Ami-«0Ua#, (Mi B^kn) to 
grow gtieny Uoom or oproutafire^ 

&v^-9i||iay oros, r6y {bj^a-rlBrifu) that which is set 
up, esp. as a votive offerings in Homer only in signf. 
of a clelight, or ornament. Cf. SyaXfuu 

&voiOopciy» inf. aor. 2 of b»a-BpivKm. 

&vd-9pc|&|iay orof, t<{, {jkifu-rpi^) a nursUng. 

b.V'oSoi9», f. ^w, (&yc(, kBpioi) to look up at : ob* 
serve aiosely. 

&ya-9pflSoic», fut. bvoBopovfxai; aor. b»49opov, inf. 
iivaBopeiy, to spring up, bound up, rebound: to 
spring upon. 

dv-oCScio, ^t Ep., and Ion. iiy-atB€iri, (&y-m^s) 
shamelessness, assurance. 

&y-ai8cvo|uiiy Dep. Med., (kv-cu^s) to behave impu* 

kv'oMi^i ^Sf (a'priv., alB4ofuu) shameless, un^ 
abaslied, reckless: the stone of Sisyphus is called 
Xoas kyaMis, as i£ pitiless. 

dv-oiOiMnrw, ^ sq. 

&y-a£9w, (ityd, af0») to set on fire, Intr. to blage 

dv-oifuucrC, Adv. of sq., without bloodshed. 

&y-a{|MiicTos, OP, (a priv., oifjuioam) bloodless, un* 
stained with blood, Lat. incruentus. 

&y-a(|i&TOt9 0¥, =s sq. 

£v-oi|io<, ov, (a pnv.) diio^ Uoodlets* 

&v-a(|Miv, ov, gen. ovot^s^-cupAS. 
&v-ai|Mrr(, Adv. Uke iy-oijuurrV* \.Tt\ 


^LPoCvofiaL — ivoKOLvSti^ . 

avaCvojiai, impf. iii/cavSfirjy, poet. &yttiv6firiv, aor. 
Tlvrivd/jLTiVf inf. h^craffBM, subj. cwiivriTM, I)q>. med. 
To refuse, reject, spurn : also c. inf. r^use to do : 
hence to excuse oneself from a thing, renounce, dts- 
own : to repent, be ashamed cf doing a thing. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 
&vat{a«, part. aor. i from &y-dt(r(rw. 
. &vaipc9i|vaiy inf. aor. i pass, from lut-ajLpiia, 

&v-aCpc(ri«, c»s, r\, a taking up or away, esp. of 
dead bodies : hence absol. burial, 2. a taking 
upon one, an undertaking, II. a destroying, 

destruction. From 

&v-aip^w, f. i\ff(a, to take up, Lat toUere, and 
8O9 I. to bear away, carry off, esp. of prizes : 

bimply, to take up, lift. It. to take away, de- 

stroy : of laws and customs, to abolish. III. to 

appoint, ordain, esp. of an oracle's answer: but 
absol. to answer, give a response, 

Med. to take up for oneself: hence to gain, unn, 
receive : exact, 2. esp. to take up dead bodies /or 
burial, 3. to take up newborn children, Lat. tol- 
ler e, suscipere liberos, 4. to conceive, 5. to 
kike up money at interest. II. to take upon one- 
self, undertake. III. to take back to oneself, canceL 
" av-a(a6Y)Tos, ov, (a priv., cdaddvofiai, aiaOkaOoj.) 
unfeeling, without feeling. 2, without common 
sense, senseless, II. Pass, unfelt. 

6i,v-ai&i\k6a, (a priv., aTcra: the simple alffifiSa 
being never used.) An Ion. word,=Att. kv-aXlaKto, 
to use up, use ; of time, to spend ; of food, to con- 
sume. Hence 

av-aurCfJiufia, aros, r6, tliat which is used vp,^ 
Att. SairduT}, expenditure, outlay, 

dv-atcro-u, f. |«, Att. ov-^ttw, also av-atrffoo, {aud, 
ictffffa) to start up, rise up quickly, spring or burst 
forth : c, ace. to leap upon, [avd-'] 

Lv-aiaxvvrifa, {ap-alffxvvTos) to be shameless, be- 
have impudently, 

dv-aurxwrCo, rf, shamelessness : from 

4v-aC<rxwTos, op, (a priv., alax^^) shameless, tm- 
pudent : of things, abominable, detestable, 

av-aCTT|Tos» rji ov, (a priv., air 4a) unasked. 

&v-a(Tios, ov, (a priv., aJnia) without cause, ground- 
less ; of persons, guiltless, not chargeable, not to blame, 

&va-Ka6-t{|(i>, {avii, Ka6-i(a>) to set up or upright. 
Med. to sit up, II. Intr. to sit down again, 

ava-Kaiv<$ci), (i.vd, Kaip6s) to renew, restore. Hence 

ava-KaivoKTis, €<as, t], a renewal, restoration, 
. dvaKOiov, t6, a prison, corrupted from itvayKcuop, 

ikva-Kalia, f. Kavaw, to kindle, light up. Med., to 
light oneself A fire: metaph. to fire, rouse, encourage: 
}n Pass., to bum with anger. 

&va-KciX^cri, poet. ay-Ka\€(a : fut. cow, to call up, 

esp. the dead. II. to call upon or call again 

and again, and so to invoke the gods. 2. to sum- 

tnon. 3. to call by a name. III. to call 

^^aa^j re'ca//, esp. /ram exile. 

ava-KaXvirrw, ^ta, to uncover, unveil, XL infr. 
to unveil, 

dva-K^iTTAi, 4'^, to bend upwards or back, 9. 

intrans., sub. iavrSp, to bend back, return, 

&v-aKavdos, ov, (a priv., &KavBa) without thorns or 
bones : without a spine, 

ava-Kairrw, if^oy, {Swd, KdvTce) to snap up^ iwaliow, 
gulp down, 
dvaK^aroi, Ion. for hvdK^ivTat, 
avd-Kci|, poet. &y-K€tiuu, f. Kticofuu, Dep. med., 
to be laid up, as a votive offering; and EOy to b§ 
dedicated : also, to be set up, as a statue. XL io 
be referred to, depend upon, 
*AvaKcu>v» t6, (^Avokss) the temple of the "AMWWf 
or Dioscuri, 
dva-K^xXofiai, poet, for ava'KaX4w, to call out, 
&va-iUXaoo9, 6, (iwd, KiXoiuu) a loud shout. 
ava-K4o[, Ion. for hvd-Kuixai. 
ava-Kcpdwv|&i and &va-KCpavv^«», f. Kfftdav, (di"^ 
Kepdvwfu), to mix again : in gen. io mix upy mix wM 
&va-icc<^aXauS<i>, (ii.vd, K€<pa\ii) to sum up,oonelud§! 
in gen. to comprehend in a whole, 

&va-ict|KCt», {hyd, KTiKica) to spout up, gush for A: 
also, to throb violently, [i £p.] 

&va-in|p^afrc0y Att. Krip6rTC9, f. ^^c», to pubRtkf 
to jyroclaim : esp. to proclaim as conqueror : te i^it 
by voice of herald : and so to put up to tKUOtitm^ 
which was done by proclamation of the icfipv^. 

ava-Kiv8vvcvc0, to rush into danger again, to rtm c 
fresh risk, 

ava-Kiv^<i>» iicra, to move upwards or sway to and 
fro, 2, to rouse, awaken, I<at. suscitare, HencB 
ava-KCvT|o-i$» &»$, ri, a moving upwards, swingUig 
to and fro. 2, excitement, emotion, [id] 
dva-K(pvT|p.i, =3 hva-Kepdvuvfu, 
ava-KAi£(<i>, f. K\dy^w, to cry aloud, scream outi 
of a dog, to bark, bay, 

ava-ie\a£w, f. KKaitroyLOi, to weep aloud, burst ini9. 
tears , also to weep for, io bewail, 

ava-KXocn, d(ra, to break upwards or back, to break 
in pieces, 

avd-KXi|o-i9, €WJ, 71, {h/a-KdKi<a) a calling on, tl»- 
vocation : a summoning : a recalling, esp. from 
dvaKXi6t], pass. fut. from ava-ie\ivo>. 
oLvaKXivOcCs, later avaxXiOcCs, poet. aor. i paak 
from sq. 

dva-KXCvw, poet. ay-K\iv(o, f. Xva, to make to lie baek^ 
io lean one thing against another : Pass., io lie, sisdg. 
or lean back. II. io push or put back, and flo 

to open, [i in pres.] 

dva-KOYx^Xia^o), {aud, K6yxv) Io open and coun- 
terfeit a seal. 
dva-KoifAdo}jiai, to lie down to sleep, lie asleep. 
dva-KOLvda», f. t&aoi, (hfd, K01V65) to communicate or 
impart something to another : to communicate with 
1 another, consult '^xa. 

ivaKoKvaCm — ianikkoiiai. 

M«d. & pf. pus. ic€Moinifuu, to oammunieaie what 
ii one's own to another : to impart. 
Avft-KoXir^M* (^u^ ic6\'ros) to gird up into afoldy 
(liBt. sinus,) Intr. to gird oneself up. 
hmrKO^Jtimf poet. &yhco/a-^ fut. ^<ra», Att. i£, to carry 
up : esp. to carry up or against stream : Pass, /o j^ 
up. II. to bring bade, recover, Med. to bring 

^edevOh one : to recover one's oum : to bring to pass 
again. Paas. to go back. 

iy-oKovrCCMy lir»y (&m(, Himy) to dart or Jling 
M. IL Intr. to shoot up, as blood from a wound. 
wta-K&im^^y to beaty force or drive back, Pasi. 
tsstop shorL 

4ra-icov^CC**» (^^9 kov^s) to lift or raise up. 
fuL to be lifted upj lightened in spirits. Hence 
horwaC^xiavit «f 9 ^9 a lifting up: a lightening, 
nSiffrom a Mng. 

hirKp^lia^ f. d^ofuu^ aor. hy4KfxKyo¥, to cry out, lift 
wp ike voice. 

luarKpaSc^Bt part. aor. i pass, of iu^a-Ktpdmn/fu, 
4ra-Kpffi^vwfLi, itya-Kp^fjidw, poet. ky-Kp^fi-, fiit. 
sfttdem^ (iu^ k^kimAm) : to hang up upon a thing. 
Pm to 6e hanging up : metapL to be in suspense, 
JM.suspensus esse, 

knrtplvsf fiit. «y£, to examine well, search out. II. 
to eeamine beforehand, Med. iurnKpUftaOai irphs iav- 
nk to quetiion one with another. Hence 
M-cpunt* ^<»s, 71, poet. 6y-Hpurts, an examination, 
ttfwry. 11. esp. at Athens, 1 , the examination 
vftheArdions to prove their qualification. 2. the 
premom examination of parties concerned in a suit, 
to see whether an action should \)e allowed. 
.^-icpoW«>, iiaw, to lift up and strike together: 
bence ai)sol. to clap with uplifted hands, applaud 

&rd-icpovoxs» co^Sf Vj (ava-iepo^) a pushing back, 
checking, esp. pushing a ship back, backing water. 
&ra-icpov<rr^ovy verb. Adj. from &ya^po^a, one must 

ava-Kpovw, f. cu, to thrust back, stop short, check. 
Med. esp. of a ship, ayoKpo^cffdat 4v\ 7rp{)ixvr\v to put 
i«r bacie stemwards, by backing water : in music, 
to strike tlie strings, make a prelude, like ovojScU- 

iva-KToofjiai, f. 7i<rofiai, Dep. med., to regain for 
oneself, recover, retrieve. II. to win a person 

over, gain his favor. 

AvoKTco'Ly Ep. for &va|t, dat. pL from &va^. 
avcucTopui, 71} {<SafdKTap) lordship, rule, management. 
&KaicT^io<», a, ov, (aydicToop) belonging to a lord or 
king, royal: rh iwcucrSpioy—sq., a temple. 
ivo^acTopov, r6, {iLydxroop) a king^s dwelling, palace: 
also a temple. 

&vaacTMp, opos, 6, {amia'aa) a lord, king. 
&va-iniicau, -fitrco, to stir up, mix : to confuse. _ 

ava-KvicXiw, (^4 t^^^s) /o /urn round apain, IfeeUe^ 
PaM. i9 fw^ffhf^ coffi^ rffundii^ain. Hence 



a. li 

&va-iotfKXi|oi«9 sms, 1^ a coming nttnd 
cuit, revoliUion. 

&va-icv|«.p&Xi4«>, (iiyd, K6ftfisJim) ie 
icOpfiaXai HUppoi &ycicv/i^aAi^«r tbe 
overturned with a rattling noise^ Uke linK 

dva-Kvimi, «fw, to l\fi up the 
up out cf the water: hence to riae mit ef 
to recover, emerge. 

iLva-Kmncvw^ iom, to wait aloud. 

&vaicuff, Adv,,^ iwifuXm^ tmnfulkg^ 
Tiyos to look weU to a thing. (Fram 

kyQrUM%t:wsj (iu^-^xft ip~ox^) to ktU 
of ships, to keep them riding mt anehm 
T&¥w r&v inrXaw to keep up tbe 1 
ropes. 2. intr., sub. tianim^ to keejp 

dv-cucwxilf hi (A»'^X») « «<«»» 
arms, truce. 3. a kmderaskoe. 

&vaXaP«iy, inf. aor. 9 of 

&va-XdCouai, (krd, hdCopm) i» Msr 

&v-aXaXat«k £1 («», lo r( ' 
nerally, to cry aloud, 

&va-XiE|ftPdKit, L A^tfwfioi, to i^ke 
one's harids : in gen. I0 lefa^ §0^ 
take into one's eenriee, to aispL 
cipere, to take upon ones sim ao 
resume, II. I» UJse imekf 

repair. III. to pull ^Uei m^ it m, 
to gain quite over, aftmeii U mistif. 

dva-Xofivfli^ f. Aifdw. t^Jimme «^ 

av-oXYncrCa, ri, {iuhWffrvi, tMenhhUily^ 

av-dXYvrroff, ov, (« prfr., <A7«i) withuut /mm, u 
persons, unfeeling, hmrdJkAQrtfd, ruthlesn : iil liuiikk 
not painful: Adr.-^m, unfeelmgly. 

dv-aXSh^, 4s, (a prir., hiMw) not thnn/H/,, -mm* 

&va-X^, L Xf(im, to pick up, gather nu, ^l^u. • 
pick up for oneself: to recount : to nxkon i^ 
to read aloud, 

dva-Xcix*** ^, to lick up. 

ceptance. II. a taking atnttn. • ic -■« „ . » . 

tw^. a. a repairing, maktttv tntt mu^. 
av-«X0iif, ^»f (« priv., &vdb 

dvdXiiros, ov, for Dor. ir^.uxvr 

&v-aX{oicw, f. iurdXmnt: 
AwKO, di^dAoMra. pass. JamA 
and diojXfi^r (ora. i\^T« 
rare. To use no, , 
squander. MeOBtu 
enjoy sleep, ZL c 



-niiiU y 





tl TT"^ 


— 1 ^ra 


ivaXfios — dvc^ios^ 

&v-a\^Mtt oy, (a priv., Shfirf) not aaUed. 

dva-XoyC^oiJiai, Dep^ med., io count up, sum up : to 
think over, calculate, consider. Hence 

&va-XoYur|fc^» 6, a counting up, calculation, rea- 
soning with oneseif: also a course of reasoning, 

&v-&X6«i, a rare form of hj^-fiSiffKw, q. v. 

ay-aXT09> ov, (a priv., &A0w) 710/ to he fiUed, insa- 
iiate, Lat. inexplebilis, 

ky6k-\^xn.%, ecos, ri, (^i^a-XtW) a loosing, releasing, 

ava-Xihi(p, ijpos, 6, (&ya-X^) a deliverer : a recon- 
ciler of strife, 

iLVOL-XCn, {htw, Ion. and Ep. hx-xiw, pf. \4\vKa : 
pass. p£ \4\iifjLai : to unloose, undo again : also to set 
free, II. to do away, get rid of; to stop, put 

an end io, [i; by nature, but v before <x and k in &ya- 
XixTio, ay^Mcra, &Ma\4\vKa, and in Horn, forms &X- 
X6€(rK€, iiW&ouffa,^ 

&v^XwKa, perf. of av-aX6co, &y-aXta-Kw, 

&vaXw|Aa, arcs, t6, (&y-aXJw) that which is used or 
spent : expense, cost, outlay : in plur., expenses, 
^vaXcMTO, dvoXwoxii, aor. i of kv-aLK6w, kv-aXlffKu. 

&y-(iXaKn$, ^tos, ri, {Jkv-dKdw) expenditure. 

&v-(iXwros, ov, (a priv., *aX6to, aXia-KOficu) not 
taken, not to be taken, impregnahle, [ova] 

&|jiau, ^(rw, to rage through or throughout, 

aya-|Aavvdv«», f. fti&O^arofMt, to learn again or anew, 
learn differently: to inquire closely, 

av-a|i.d{evTOS, ov, (a priv., ofuxJ^iim) impassable for 

&y-a|M£pTt)T09> ov, (a prir., afiaprAvw, afiaprctv) 
without missing or failing, unfailing: in a moral 
sense, faultless. Adv. -t«s, without fail, 

&ya-|iaordo|uii» Dep. med., to chew over again, Lat. 
rumtTiart ; metaph. to ruminate upon a thing. 

&va-|jid(nr<i>9 Iw, Att. itvaftdrrw, io rub, wipe off, 
^pyov, h of K€<t>a\^ &vaju(£|cis a deed (as if a stain) 
which thou wilt wipe off on thine own head, Lat. 
capite lu£re: hence to defile by contact, pollute. 
Med. io knead one*s bread, 

&va-|ju£xo|&ai» f. x^<''OA^< siid y^^arofjuu, or xovjtuu, 
Dep. med., to renew the fight, and so io retrieve a 
d^eat, [/u&] 

&v-d|i.-paTOs, ov, (a priv., h^a-fiaivw) not to be 
climbed, inaccessible: of a horse, that one cannot 

&va-|jiAir», i^», to begin to sing. 

iva-^ivio, f. ficvu, to wait for, abide: absol. to 
wait, stay, 2, to await, endure, 3. to put off, 


&v(i-|iC(ros, ov, (avd, /bi^o-os) in the middle, 

^vd-}jiccrros, ov, {avd, ficffi 6s) filled full: hence 

&va-|jL€<rr<S<i), (^oca, to fill up, fill full. 

&va-|jicTp^6), ijffw, io measure back, measure ot^er 
again, esp. the same road one came by : in gen. to do 
or say over again, repeat. II. to measure, 

dyd-fiiy^et. Adv., s= aya-fil^y confusedly, promiscu- 

Ava-lUTV^iiJii and &va-|fci7v^, f. \iiify», to mix up^ 
mix together, 

&ya-|i.i)fcvi{<rKw, f. iwafiviio'cg, poet, ikfiftviiau, (&i^ 
fju/xv^CKu, fivdta) to remind one of a thing : c. inf. tc 
remind one to do: also to recoil to memory, makt 
mention of. Pass, to remember. 

&va-|i.Cu,v«0, poet, for &va-fi4v», 

&ya-fiC{, {hfa-ydywfu) Adv., mixed up, all together, 

Lyok-^iirffa, poet, and Ion. for &va-/dyvufu. 

&va|ivi)<H9cC«, part. aor. i pass, of itva-fUfurfiaKw, 

& €vs, 71, {ivO'fUfivfio'Ka) a calling to mind, 

&va-|i.oXciy, dv-^jioXov, aor. 2 with no pres. in um^ 
to go up, go back, 

&va-|&opiLiiSpo, to roar loudly, foam up, of the sea. 

iiva-^Ufx^ieCfa, {&vd, /lox^^s) to lift with a lever i 
hence io force open. 

&v-a|i.-^Xaici|Tos, ov, (a priv., kfnrXoK^iv) unerring.^ 
unfailing : unthout wandering. 

&va-|ivx6C{o|uu, Dep. {&.vd, twxj^iiu) to bretUki 
hard, groan deeply. 

kv-aJ^i-\orfO^,ov, (apriv., d/x^f-Xoyoi) undisputed^ 

&v-a|&<^iS-pi{TV)Tos, ov, (a priv., ii^i5-pfryr4vi) w^ 
disputed, indisputable, about which there is no (Hi- 
pute, II. Act. without dispute. 

av-av8pCa, ri, unmanliness, cowardice : from 

&y-av8pos, ov, (a priv., &viip) i,^&V€v kv^pSsy 

without a husband : without men, desolate, II 

unmanly, cowardly, unworthy of a man. Hence 

&y-dv8p«i>To$, ov, widowed. 

&va-ycd(w, Acr<a, {avd, v4os) io make young again, 

&va-y^|M>, poet. hf-v4fui), io divide or distribute anew, 
Med. to count up, recount. 

&ya-y^, poet. &v-v4ofiai, Dep. med., io mount up. 
rise, II. to go back. 

&va-ycdtt : {avd, v4os) usu. as Dep. med., to renew 

dva-yciSw, strictly to throw the head back in toker 
of denial : hence io deny, refuse. 

&va-y^cdoa$, cms, ^, {kva-v^^) a renewal, 

ay-ayT<&, Adv. of aV'dvTfjs, up hill, opp. to Kdr-ama 

dy-avT-aYc^urros, ov, (a priv., hvr-aywviioiJLaiC^ 
without a rival, without a struggle : undisputed, un^ 

&v-dvTT|9, 65, {iofd, hnda) up-hiU, steep, opp. t( 
KOT-dvrris : hence like Lat. arduus, difficult. 

"ANAH, avaKTOS, b, a lord, prince, king, applied tn 
all the gods, esp. to Apollo. II. any earthly 

lord, prince, chief king : so too the sons or kinsmen <2J 
kings, and in gen. the chief persons of a state, 9> 
so too the master of the house, Lat. herus, 3. it 

gen, of mastery over any thing, as Kt&mjs dvaicrts 

cf. x«'p-^''«l» [^"l] 
&vd{acr6ai, inf. aor. i med. of hvdffoto, 
&va-{i)paCva>, f. &v&, to dry up. 
&va(Ca, ^, {kvdxrtra) a command, charge, 
\ &,v-a4^o«) <*^i ^"^ a, ov, V5>. Y"^*-* ^«>*\ vsMOorthy. 

"omi/i c gen. : absol. teorlhlem. i. 

ffo/evil. Adv. -J(ui. 
Ih{l-^P|»Y!> 'Tf'i *j 4t (infiffio, fSp/iryi) lord 
^At tyre. 

inlvptScs, fSoir, al, Ilia trmners worn by rastem 
■ationi. (Perwnn word.) 
Ir-aaCfH, \u, poet, for iv-afyai. 
ira'TMSciSu, lo educate afreah, 

rroc, 01', (ira-italiii) tlifick bark, rebound- 
Subst., & AjfdvM an aaapaeBlj r. e> a dactyl 

-iJj'owoSI'i'ti). JJ 

AvairJAriva, p»rf. of iva-^ali'u. 

ifo-iTTiYniiii or imfYV^ui, f. rlliw, pf. itmr/a i to 

iiVa-in]SaH, tFitu, poet. il^ir., <a /eB/i, iipHn^ up or 
/orrt, liar/ up, At. 4it' Ipynv lo jump up to work i Ot 
springs, to ^lA /oi'lli. II. to leap or torinil 

in. t 

dr. back < 


htirtra\iua, f. , 

IMion. Med. or Pais, (d i/orJ or spring up. 

'ivifnunn*, f. Arm, In scalier upon. 
lra-ir<uiXa,iiT,^, (iFO-ndu) Tiul,Tepim-, eaie Irnin 

Mhing; hence of watches, jkit' ivamiuAM Sip^irBoi 

Mle divided into teliefi. II. o TetUng jilace. 

, n, poet. S^r., (om-ira^J real, re- 

^on a thinf^r cessalian^ 

, OP, Ion. ^T., {ira-naiai) belong- 

■V'o Telling or resl. As Siilwl., t!i ivilr. a reilinp. 

jbie: the lime or Aour of real, in form iim-aiyrii- 

fW>: bIso, sub. inifuroi', the sound of trumpet /or all 

- Jm-*«n-i]pios, on, V. foreg. 
iv»-«aJi«i, f. jroitTB, Ion. 4/iir., lo nrnke cease, slop 

.fitmailiing: iater lo piee reif, rcReve from a thing. 

ilid. le oeaae, leave off', detiit from a tiling : nbsol. 

A) foif inuTa rest, »leep i aim to die, 2. lo tlop, 

ItaU, rat. 3. to regain strength. 

iHt-wiUo, f. irda-B, rt bring over to another opi- 
nim, butusu. simply lo penuede i alio in bad sense, 
toredueej nsialead. 

iva-nipui, f- iaa, Jon. ii<rs, and M Dep. med. 
in^Ttipda/uti, to Irg or allempl again, in gen. ^ inline 
a ^ria/, egeay. II. as a iniLitary and naval term, 

b ennue, practice. 

Ara-*c£p», f. *tp^> 'i? pierce through, spit. 

i*a-v(urT^puH, oi', and a, ni., (ira-TttWu) pw- 
taaiite, teduetiiv. 

tn,-wi\iint, ij'ts, poet, ifi"., lo scad tip, send forth i 
Jif6. lo send up from oneself. II. lo lend back. 

imirn-rap^et, i|, oy, part. perf. pass, of aya-wt- 

i*n,-»«Ti*v5iii and iva-wn 

«Ti; : poet i;iirsT, 

ro, (jip, part. aor. 1 of 

also ij^- 
e.Tpttad,imfol<l,unfur!. Part, 
jt paw. 4j-air*irTa/iii'Dj, )j, ar, open, [do-oi] 
ivtL-ir^Ta|uu, f. rriiaoiau : aor. dumfj^ini or in- 
■* and alw irimjr, cf. Frra/uxi. To jfy ap, 

iva-irUvojiai, (ivi, ir(Ani>ii} fo spring vp orfirtk, ', 
hvi-irlf.nijif.i, f. 4hiiiAi|d-of, lo^ll up, Lai. e.TplOV, 

to fulfil, acamplish what ib destined. II, M 

^i up, appease. III. lo fill full nft. thing, esp. 

with the notion of deliling : whenca in Pass, to be 


tofallliack. 1. lo /all back, give ground 1 henoa 
lo slacken, lose heart, Lac. eoneidere oninio. _ 

Ava-viTVdd, poet, for ita-vtmo. ' 

dv(i-v(TVi)fii, poet for /ws-wirirrvni. 

A.v-airXdinfTof , ov, ^ ^-ttfLrXdjcqrBif q. V. 

Ava-irXi£(nrA>, Att. rKimie, fut ir^sffu, fo ,jbf1IK'i 
anein, remodel, recall, in gen. lo mould, shape. ' 

dva-ffUKO, in, ta fallen up unVft a plait, to wreaAt' 

&vairX«i!cKir4(u, inf. fut. med. of iq. 

&va-irXfu, f. r\ttraiuu or T\<v«vuf«u, Ion. lw»- 
irAiiu, lo sail vpoards, to tail up stream 1 also to put 
out la sea. II. lo sail the same wag buck again, 

sail back .- of titb, to iwiin back. 

dvJ-irXiwt, tap, gen. a, also feni. AvbtXAi, Inn. and 
Att for iyi-vMO!, {h/i, it\ius, irX/oi) JUled up, quite 
full qf a thing. II. defiled, infected urith a thing, 
cf. ^a-Trifxir\Jtfu fin. 

&va-wXnpd-, lo fill up, fill fall. II. lofillnp 

again : PiKi., la return lo one's /u// size, of the sun 
after an eclipse. 

ivairXiioui, irairX^troti aor. I act. of iya-Trlfi- 

a.H£-irX(MCi ^f contr. ipit-wKavs, [&pa-ir\iu) a 
iipirards, e«p. up stream 1 also a putting out t\(£u. Ion. for ipa-vKitff, 


1, 3 opt- » 


breathing again, 
II. B liroui- 

Ava-wfucrrat, or, TriJAouf [frniDinj; breath, breath' 
lest, poet for B-itkuotoi. 
dva-irviw, f. »uiiir», poet, ajiiri-., to breathe again, 

&/nrnn, HjiirfiTD, and iianiipeTj, v. inb vocc.J II. 

ta r/raw breath, breathe, Lat rcspiro. III. (0 

breathe forth, sendjbrth. 

Avo-irvoi^,A,(if«-i[i'i4i'JreooLfTi((ij'breath,Test. ^. 
a drawing breath, Lat. reipiratio. 

Arairwi, poet. imperM. pres, rf tira-ini4ia. 
4MMro8({di, t. [(TB, AU. 15, t^tfi, -"o^^ ^ '"* 


ivdvoivos — ivappd viwiu. 

step back, catt hack and question : avairodlCeiv koarr6v 
to correct or contradict oaeseU. 2. Intrans. to 

step back. 

av-wKowo^y ov, (a priv., Arroifa) without ransom or 
reward: neut. hvdvoivov, as Adv. without recom^ 

&va-voX^», poet. &/iir., strictly to turn up the ground 
again, plough up : heuoe to go over again, to repeat, 

&va-iroX(C<0) = &ua^-iro\4ca. 

ava-irofAin{, ^, (&ya-ir^/iiirw) a sending up, BuitraaipSav 
&y. a digging up of treasures. 

dva-vofAir^s, 6, {Jkvaririiiirv) one thcU sends up or 

d.v-air^-viirroSy ov, (a priv., dLvo'vifrrco) unwashen. 

^va-^ordofAai, Dep. med.j=:cci'a-ir^o/Mu. 

ava-irpdo'O'Ctfy Att. irpdrra, fut. irpd^to, to exact, 
levy: hf. {tv6(rx£(raf to exact the figment of a 

&va-irpi{6a>, f. aa, strictly to set on fire, light up : 
ddxpy* ayairmiaas letting hot tears burst forth. 

ava-irrcpMi, (h^d, irrcp6ot, irrepSv) to furnish with 
wings or to raise the wings for flight : in gen. to 
raise, set up : hence of the mind, to set on the wing, 
excite vehemently. Pass, to be on the wing, long to 
fly : hence be in a state of excitement. II. to 

furnish with new wings. Pass, to get new wings. 

dvairrqvai, h^airrdffBai, hfairr4<r$ai, inf. from iiv- 
4'Krriv, weTrrdfiriv, hvexriiiriv, aor. of hni'v4rofJLai. 

itva-ima-anoy fut. i^ca, to unfold, undo, esp. of 
rolls of books, and so like Lat. evolvere, to unrol 
for reading : hence to unfold, bring to light, Lat. ex- 
plicare. IL as military term, riiu i^ulikarfya 

h/avr. to fold back the phalanx, i. e. deepen it by 
wheeling men from either flank into rear, but con- 
versely T^ K^pas dvawT., to open out the wing, i. e. 
extend the front, Lat. explicare. Hence 

ikva-irrvx^y Vy o,^ opening, unfolding: an expanse. 

dva-iTTva), i<ra, to spit up or oui : absol. to sputter. 
[u" Ep., but V Att.] 

ikv-dtma, f. xlta, to hang up or on, fasten on or 
to a thing: but aydXiMra avd.irr€iv,=ca/ariO€yat, to 
hang up votive gifts : fjMfiov avdTrrew to fasten dis- 
grace upon one. Med. to fasten for oneself: but 
also to fasten to oneself, and so, to carry off. Pass. 
to be fastened or fasten oneself on, cling to. II. 

to light up, light, kindle : metaph., to inflame. 

ava-'irvv6dvo|, f. treixrofxax, Dep. med., to search 
cut, inquire into : also to learn by inquiry, 

ava-irvoTos, ov, {wa-wu6dvofJuu) searched out, aS' 
certained, notorious. 

avd-iroiTiS, ews, rj, {owa-rrlvos) a drinking up : esp. 
the ebb tide, returning of the waters. 

avap-^ in compds. of ayd with words beginning 

with p the p is usually doubled, as in ayap-pcd((t), 

etc., though in poets and Ion, Greek it is sometimes 

&vapat|n|Ki&«9 Ion. for tar^pn^&s, part. pf. from 

dv-dpyvposy ov, (a priv., &pyvpos) without silver s 
usu. without money. 

av-ap6pos, ov, (a priv., fkpOpov) wiffunU Smbs or 
joints : disjointed, nerveless. 

&v-apiOfA<^a>, f. iiffo/jiai, to count up. Med. to thkik 
over with oneself: to recount. 

&V-&pC0fAT1TOS, oi',=sq. 

&v-<£pi6fAo«, ov, (a priv., iipi0fi6s) withotU number, 
countless: without bounds in a thing. 2. not 

taken into (wcount, unregarded, Lat. qui in nuih 
numero est. [waptQiA.'] 

av-apKTos, ov, (a priv., J^px^) '^^ governed or ndf 
ject : not submitting to be governed. 

av-ap|u>oTCa, ^, unsuitcdtleness : discord : from 

&v-(£p(MMrTo«, ov, (a priv., apfi6Cu) vtr^, t»ciMi>- 
gruous: of sound, inharmonious: of persoiUy o^ 
surd. 2. unfitted, unprepared. 

&v-apiriSr7ij, rj, a carrying off: from 

&v-apird(a», fut. dffw and <i|a>, to tear up, mtUeh 
up. II. to hurry along, to carry off, to drag ty 

force, esp. before a magistrate, Lat. rapere !» 
jus. III. to take by storm, and so to plumAr^ 

in gen. to treat with violence. 

&v-0Lpir(£{-civ8pos, ov, i. e. &yaprd(ai 6p9pas, snmlek^ 
ing away men, 

ikv-afrtratrrds, 6v, also 4\, 6v, (av-apvJ^ai) tarn €C 
snatched away, carried off, esp. into Perna, cf. M^ 
(ncaxrros : treated with violence. 

*avap-p^a>, to speak aioud, only used in aor. paM . 
avappridrivai, to be proclaimed. 

i.vap-fUia, f. €{KrofJLat, {&.vd, pia) to flow back or U 
the source. 

avap-pi^Tvvfiiy f. p^^oi, avap'prjyv6a, to breakup^treak 
in pieces. 2. to break through or open, IL 

to make break forth. Pass, to burst forth. III. 

intr., like Pass, to burst forth. 

&vappi){as, part. aor. i of foreg. 

avap-piiTT^at, cf. sq. 

ivap-pCiTTu, \lfto, also avap-pi'irr4to, (iLvd, plwrmf 
piicrioo), to throw up, kvappitrruv &Ka mfi^ to throw 
up the sea with the oar. II. kvappiirruv idw" 

Bvvov, to stand the hazard of a thing, run a nfife ; 
also without kIv^vvov, els &irav rh thrd^xov kvapp* to 
throw for one's all, stake one*s all. 

dvopptXttofAat, •fiaofMu, Dep. med., to clamber vp 
with the hands and feet, to scramble up. (Deriv* 

&vdp-poia, Tj, {hvap-p4<a) a flowing back, ebb, 

avap-poipSco), to swallow back, gulp down again» 

avdp-pvo-is, cois, T], a snatching away, rescuing, a« 
the third day of the festival 'Airaroipia. From 

dvap-pvco, v(To), {avd, ^xm, ipvto) to draw biwk : espb 
to draw the victim^s head back : hence to sacr\fioef 
. slay. 
\ avap-^vv>)y.v ^ixv^i kv<».^-^wiW^ inX^ V^t^^ te 



1 IwBOi AoiMB^ wMfMMow* ImsIv* 

•Im te 9Mkt§ : Pwi., alto o. 
linw^ Arl fnir w wlio hm 9nrv tiling da* 

\B ydhnfti| ■piwf) wiMiM^ ^^^ ^ 




iImi^ (Ap% 0«i|ps) te ^iilf tair fpttft 

f gMMnDfylara«(f«fi«f<ft»«iMil 
Il8p* wttA*^ ooSftt. forin oc omk- 

f . «((rw^ pf. pen. iip€eK€6turf*ai : opp. 
toMnMnwvdt{i» ; strietly lo jnkMt up the baggage {rh 
ndif), liBt. ffoea oMgere : henoe of an army^ io 
hmk ^ ihmr quavten, mareh awag, 3. to 

M^tdik, diamtmHe a place: Med. io ^smantle 
mfe iMmaa. 3. fe waHef ravage* 4. in 

Phi. <» te bmmkrf^y break : ki^WKwdap^a we are 

&l^-o•vl|aia» 4i, want ofpraeHee or eserdse t from 
Ar-^tgm|TD S» 01^9 (a pnv^ Aoidw) vnpractieed, «n- 

lvi»-««(Bvigu» Faaa. AmwicfSra/uu^ {kifA, tntiByafjuu) 
le w&Uar ai^read, 

hmrwwianrAt^ L ^lam^ to leap vp or book. 

hm, v t uu kmrn it imt iam, to fiar en a pole or stake, 
■yto. Fat. med. infl damarKoXortuaiat oocun in 
PlMkBgiiC Henoe 

4am-vmokMSi9%^ €mty ^ an trnpoRng* 
•lim-tfaaXeincnidiy ^wforeg. 

hmHMW o mi m^ vat, mti^/uuy to took at, view atten* 
ova^y aa^atifv wntOm 

hm-mwmpAertnhf* ^9 *o ^^"^ *<P* 

lid ■■—■rati or, dmwn or draggedupy esp. earried 
from oH^e eomntrg up nUo central Asia, i, iji 

a door, dhiMiw koA, i^A epenadL From 

km-owi^ £ dtn^ poet, if^-ewdm, tfitm or. pitii 

«qir Ip'dhnaftrfbipajk «. todhnaorjiMlir^r 

to drmmbmek, iL db teeUr iFwi w Br to dbwM 

ftp Vie eysnowiy end 10 pot on m important nrs 
lience kiyoot dp a iraBr Io wtttr fteai(fWf ^mrdfc 

1^ Ani« Ircni Imi^ h owaiiy hm|^i| wukfwtt^ 

f i«n> dw i <rf fai« 

■pd0Vii^ '• (M| ^wsc) 90 09 wtOf MMrtPfy ie yiML 
fw^ Med. T^ Mtioiw yhem M^, lb Am 
fvJ^iMd fer three genentiona. YhM.'lto'ArniM"' . 

4r-^^ov«i^ Att. nr dritfwiai. . 

AadoTBf Inperat* mt* s otaMaTiiA^noni fb^faviip^ 

dyv-orttdr. Adv. (Ar-tenx^) tqvMl. 

diMb^fwif apuii'i^ai^ part* and infl mk^ '4-4f li^ 

ivi-vTivift tuffy Ion. m^ 4^.Aot -(Ip^mipt) ^ 
flMMii^ iff fftma OP fia9 up, oiMiMMf^a 9* ttjw 

• w a a i fa iy<gfiag«iidli>aiwlMrjrfhtie,fw»owtf> wl 
in bad leiiae^ ktg^ wattty dmiruetion, 3. • 


Fwm. (hdorofua) a etandkng or rUkig mp^ en» 
intokenofieqieeti dy.^AnwBnmwikenlqf s a# 

4pa- u ' iii 4 i> » 4pot» ^ (Ar-£0*nyu) a dMrvyfr. 

wPB*wam|^ e9f Oy ^HMt*e^ lai i|p* 

drdrorirott or» (dii40Y<vuu) laadlv ft) Hie ^g^ mid 
departy drtvett j^vai mv# noane aho A#ai#f "f^^ 
kddwao§i^ t iwiyi^iiiif Henoe 

' sMt-tfTwretiy 19 TtKitf pvt Iff ooi|^cfMit* 

diTtt-crrttvpdii, (Ard, orovipof) to in^^alo or e^Ke(/)^ 
like ityw-OKoXorlin, Henoe 

dva-oravpoNnty eaw, 4, an impaHngy erudftxum, 

dva-crr^XXM, f. cAd, Io «en<f tip, raise tip. Med. fo 
ptn/ tip one*8 clothes. 2, to keep baeky theok* 

Pass, toga back, retire, 3. teeminglj in^., sob. 

iauT^y to withdraw. 

dva-crrcvdt««, d^y^kroHrrivw, 

dytt-OT t r &x ^w, ^kifo-orivw. 

dva-o*rtWLx^ (^^ ^rrhm) to groan ahud ooer, 
bemoany bewail abmd, 

dva-orlKa), to groan aloud, 

kra-oT4^y ifw, fo croton, wreath. 

&vaimli«ro|iai9 -crr^irw, med. and act. fut^ of h^ 

dva-irrb|&d«9 to fumit^ wOh a ffieuiA? henee to 
open wider y eniargey esp. &y* rd^v to open, efeor oti^ 
a trendi. 

dva-OTpl^«i, f. ifw, p£ pass. Marpofi/uu i to turn 
upy turn upttde down: to tuim up by digging. TL 
to turn baeky around or about: iawrrp. ird?aF to 
repeat: to rally. Seeminglj intr., to turn hm^y 
round or abeuty return. 

Pass, c iaX. med. orpS^o/uu^ to turn oneself 
about in a place, taarry there^WVLfi Vftiu veriQiii^^fMwr 
iva-ffrpi^iMx to go and dueR la ^\BaA \ *^» ^^ 

de busied in a thing. ^. to tewAioe* V ^^ 

soldiers, io raUy, 


ivacTTfHxfnj — avaifijjvai.<rTpo^9 ^9 a turning back or aborU, a return : 
a turning about in batde, whether to flee or rally. 2. 
a turning about in a place, dwelling in a place : hence 
ilie place where one tarries, an abode. 

dva* frrptt^dMy'poeLforiwa^-orpi^yto tumeveryway, 

ava-<rvpc0y f. ovpS, to draw or pull up^ hence in 
Med. to pull up one's clothes, \y pres., i; fut.] 

kvoxr^^Uwf contr. dvao-xcdcij', inf. aor. 2 oiw-4x^i 
q. V. 

dvourxctvy &vaax^<^<u> inf. aor. 2 act. and med. of 

&va-«rx<T^, i{y, Ep. &y-o'x^<^^9 {aif'4xoiJMi) to he un^ 
dergone or steered, tolerable, 

iyturxfivf &yairx^Vy aor. 2 of &U'4x<», 

kva-vxitif^t f> ^<r«9 to «p/t7 up, rip up. 

ava-(rwC«, f. o-c^crctf, to recover what is lost, Med. 
to regain for oneself, 2. to bring back^ restore. 

Pass, to return safe, 3. to "keep in nUnd, re^ 


dva-Tolpiicnru, Att. ra^JtrrrWi fiit. rapd^ta, pass. pf. 
ayarerdpayfuu : to sHr up and trouble : hence to 
excite^ rouse to fhrensg* 

avaT^Opa|t|iai, pass. perf. from h^a-rpitpmi part. 

&v-aTcC, also w-ari. Adv. of Ib^-aros, u^t/Aouf harm, 
Vfith impunity, 

&va-TcCv», fut. Tiv&y poet, hn^ivw^ pass. pf. &ya- 
rira^xai : to stretch up, lift or ^o/J ?//>, x^'iPA ^' to 
/i/if ifp the hand in adjurations : to stretch forth, 2 . 
to hold upy propose as a prize. 3. to exait^ in- 

crease. II. intrans., to reocA up, stretch up. III. 
to stretch or spread out, as a line of battle. 

ava-TCix^t^y ^t* ^c^> Att. to;, (&y<^ reix^a) to raise 
new walls. Hence 

&va-Tcixur|i.^, 6, buUding of new walls, 

ava-T^\Xa>9 fut. rcAxD, {iufd, reAAw, T€\40ui) to 
make or let rise up : hence to ^71^ forth, bring to 
light. II. intr., to m« up, come to light, rise, 

esp. of the sun and moon : of the rising or source 
of a river : <^A.b{ cu^areAXo^en? a flame blazing forth : 
to grow, 

kva-riy.vto, f . rc^^, pf. ririxriKa, to cut up, cut open : 
to cut off, 

iy-ari, Adv,,—iw-are(. 

ava-ri9i\[i.i, f. ituaB^aw, to set up upon: to lay 
on as a burden; but also to attribute, ascribe in 
token of honor : to entrust. II. to set up as a 

votive gift, dedicate : hence t?ie votive gift was ^d- 
Orj/JM. III. to J7U/ back, remove : c. gen. to remove 
from, TTposQuffa KOvaBeura rod y€ Kardavc^v adding to 
or tctking away from the necessity of death. Med. to 
take upon oneself, undergo, 2. esp. to pla^e dif- 

ferently, rearrange: in Att. usu. to retract one^s 

&va-Tl|, iiaeo, to raise in price, 
Aya-rtvdtraw, ^of, to shake up and down, brandish, 
dyarAdg, part. pres. from sq. 

&vd-TXi|fAi, £ tX^o-o/mu, to bear, Muffer, smikAn* 

&va-ToX^, r\, {hva-riXKu) poet. hof-roKi^, a rising, 
esp. of the sun and moon. 

av-aTOS, oy, (a priv., &rfi) withoui harm, unpu» 
nishecL II. Act. not harming, harmless* 

&va-Tp^iruy f. Tptt^fw, pf. rirpo^ to turn up ot 
over, upset. 2. to overthrow. Lot, eomimt. 

Pass. c. fut. med. rpit^ofuui to be east dowm, dif* 

&va-Tp^4^, fut. iufo-Opit^ to restore by nourish* 
ment : to bring up, nourish, educate, 

iLva-rp^x^ ^^^' ^oBp^ppm, and kvaJ^papjoviMOA : p£ 
ityaJSeSpofjta : (&mE, Tp4xu, 9pafjkew) to run back, wiik^ 
draw, flee. 2. to start up, 3. iogosiraigki 

up, so, ityaS4lipofif ir4Tpii, perf. (with pres. sig^) 
the rock runs sheer up, 2. to run upy shoot up^ 
of plants : thence of cities. IIL to run back over, 

&va-TpCPa», ilf09, to rub clean: to rub in pieoet: 
Pass, to be worn away. 

&va-TvpPat««, dtrot, to sHr up, confound, disorder* 

dv-avvviTos, oy, (a priv., auT^) rayless, 

&v-ttvoifros, oy, (a priv., avidu) unutterable, ImL 
infandus. 2. speechless, 

av-avSos, oy, (a priv., ovS^) speeehiess, veiee* 
less. 11, secret: unutterable: preveniinff speech, 

oLv-avXof, oy, (a priv., ad\<{f ) without the musie tf 
the flute: heace joyless, sacL 

*a-vav«, gen. Ayaos, 6, ri, (a priv., yavs) tmSkenA 
ships, yats &yaes ships that are ships no more, LaL 
naves nenaves, 

kva-^aivia, poet. kfuf>-, f. ^avS : aor. ^4»i|va, also 
later in part, cwoupdj^as [d], to mdke shine: henCB 
usu. to bring to light, shew forth : to proclaim, Pasfc 
c fut. med. kyo^Hty^aofjuu, et perf. act. iiva^4^npm, 
to be shetvn forth, appear plainly : also to reappears 
to be seen or shewn to be, hence to be accounted, 

dvo^vavTcs, plur. part. aor. i having made to ap* 
pear, having come in sight of. 

&va-^v8d. Adv., {itya-ipaiyai) visibly, openly, 

&va-(|>av86v. Adv., sforeg. 

ikva-^avtisy part. aor. 2 pass, from a;^ a-^olvw. 

&va-^p<i», poet, aful}- : f. ayolau : aor. iar^tyKM, 
Ion. carfiyeiKo, also &v<p<ra, {ayd, <p4pw, olfftt) to bring 
or carry up, esp. into central Asia, df. oyA-airaOTOs, 
Pass, to rise up. Med. to cart^ t/p j^ oneself or 
ti^^a/ i$ one*« own : ^vaveiKaffdat absol., to ?ieave U 
deep sigh. 2. to lift up, praise, 3. to «|)AaU^ 

toAr^ tfpon on^. Intr. to 7'ise, as the stars. II. to 
6rt72^ or carry back : i, to bring back tidings, t, 
to bring back from eanJe. 3. to throw back upon 
another, refer something to him: hence absoL to 
refer to a person, consult him. 4. to 6rin^ bade 

to oneself, restore: also intrans. to refresh oneseffj 

iva-^vyu, f. (o^ax, to^& 5acA: or away. 



ir-u4fJji9f 4s 9 (a piiv., a^) utUouchedy not to be 

& r * ^ M^yMi f Pass^ to be undone^ perith utterly, 
hm-^tkiyH I^S to ^^ HP> rekindle: 

krof^ikimf ^«, A> bubble up like boiling water. 

4ni 4o P^» ^^> to frighten avoay. 

4r» ^p^ OS, i^ (di^o-^^) a carrying up^ rait' 
kig, a. intr, anting. U, a carrying backy i. 
i re pa r Hn g, 3. a rrferring, a reference. 3. a 
jMoy iodfc^ giving way, 4. intr. a ^'n^ iodlr .* 

• memu cf reco v er y , 

M-^opor, rdy {ium-^pa) any thing to carry with ; 
«|riDf or beam for carrying. 
Im 4 |*tf 0|*^^» ^« ^ofuUf Med., A) observe again. 

kmr^pmfim^ to come back to one's senses^ come to 

km ^^o irrQ iu^ f. Ur», Att. XQ, to think every to 
flwfilafo upon. 

^■va-^&yif 9 4, (&ya-^€^7w) a fleeing back, escape, 
rtbesefrom. IL a retreat. 

hmr^npm, f. fip«, A> mix up, confound, defile, [y] 
kmr^vmm, f. ^o'w, to brdiihe up or for Ui, Pass. 

te if puffed up or arrogant. 
^Mr^wifdM, to y^to^ up a dec^p-dlratm breath, 

knr^lim, f. ^v, to fnaAr^ to ^roto up, to produce. 
Med. c. aor. 2 iu^dtpvy, to grow up : to grow again, 
oFtt ^t t ri faf f. ^CGt^, to ca// aloud, proclaim, 
ava-xallth ^- f^tv? to fTioAre j^iv^ tra^, (/n v« back : usu. 

as Dep. med. iLya-x^C<^^^''^f ^* dxrofiat, £p. aor. Su^excur- 

ffdfofr, to retire, draw back : in gen. to /ur» 6acAr or 

&va-x<uvw, cu'w, to op^n /^e mouth, gape wide, 

dya-X*^'''^"* ^* ^^^9 (^<^» X^^''^) of a horse, to 
^rot& /A« mane back, rear up : but usu. to r^ ar up 
anrf throw the rider, hence in gen. to /^row o/f ; 
metaph. to overthrow, 

ava-x<3Mnc», = ova-xafvctf. 

ava-xvo<uvo|, (ai/(£, x*'^^^) ^ Pass, to ^^Z /Ae 
JEr«^ ctoum on the chin. 

flura-xopcwy (di'ci, x^P^^) ^ 6£;^7i a choral dance, 
Intr. to dance on high. 

kr^-jfywi, ftos, 71, (jkya-xfof) a pouring out, spend- 
ing, excess, 

ava-x«^v%ni|JLi, f. x»0'a>9 to heap up into a mound. 

&va-x**P< ^9 ^ ^*''**'> to ^0 back, retire, withdraw, 1 1. 
to came back, revert to the right owner. Hence 

•»^"X**Pl<"*> €a>s, Ion. los, % a going back, retir- 
ing, retreating: also a means or place of retreat, 
Lat. recessus, IL a return. 

^a-i|nr|^£|[», fut ^(ra>, Att. Xw, (cwd, ^nj^os) to put 
to the vote agcUn. Hence 

dvo-ilrfix^, 4» a cooling, refreshing. II. reoovery 
from a thing : rest. From sq. 

iivck-y^^n, fut. 4'^{^9 (^<^ 4^^') to ivoivf 2y 
hence to fresh air, to cool, r^fredi : in gen. to oA«0r .• vavs iuf. 
to overhaul the ships^^moArff than sound again. Med. 
to breathe fresh air again, revive. 

ikv-^aim, poet for &ya-9a(«. 

&vSavw» (^s, 4}8o/Mu) imperf. I^Kdayor, ^y^dyor, 
and j^ayoy : fut. o^o'w : aor. •fiSdv, poet. c(t&8oy 
and &oy [&] : perf. cd8a, Dor. loSo. 7o please^ 
delight, like ^o/mu : in fiomer and Herodotus al- 
ways c. dat. pers. a»^6»u /un impen. drScEyti /jun 
iroiety, like Lat. placet, 

&v8i|pov, r6, mostly plur. rh i>f9ripa,*»Miip€i, the 
raised banks or edges of rivers, a raised border, 
flower 'bed: any earth dug or thrown up, 

&v-8lxa. Adv., (&y(£, 9(xa) asunder, in twain. 

&v8p-&Y&6Ca, ^, {iurtip, ieya06s) the character qf a 
brave good man, bravery, manly virtue. Hence 

&v8p4i7&8(to|fcai, laofMi, Att lovfxai, Dep. med., to 
act bravely, honestiy, play the honest man. 

&v8p-<£Ypia, ooy, rd, (&yfip, &ypa) the spoils of a 
slain enemy, 

&v8p&Kds, Adv., {ayip) man by man, like icai^ &y« 
dpas, Lat. viritim : in gen. separately, apart. 

&v8pav^f9ox, irreg. dat of &y$/)^iro8oy, for h^pa- 
ir6Sois, as if from iuf^pdirovs. 

&v8p&iro8(t», fut lorw, Att. t£, and as Dep. med. 
iivdpavoilCofJMt, f. lovfuu, (ia^^pdrroSoy) : to ree^uctf to 
slavery, esp. to ««// freemen into slavery, (and so 
worse than Bov\6od,) Lat. vendere sub corona. Pass. 
to £« «o/£{ into slavery. Hence 

&v8pair(S8uris, icos, ^,=sq. 

dv8pairo8io'|j,^, 6, a selling a freeman into slavery, 
enslaving : of individuals, kidnapping : and 

avSpairoSion^Sy ov, 6, a slave-dealer, one who 
kidnaps free men or slaves to sell them again. 

*ANAPA'nOAON, a slave, esp. one [made in war 
and sold : Homer uses it in dat. av^pcnrii^eeat, as if 
from ai/Spdirovs : a slavish fellow, [^pci] 

&v8pairo8-«i>8T|9» cs, [i-ySpdiroBoy, eTSos) slavish, Lat 
servilis : opp. to i\eidepos, low-minded, brutal. Adv. 

dvSpapiov, t6, Dim. from ayiip, a mannikin, 

avSpoo'i, dat. plur. from ay^p, 

dv8p-ax6i{s, fs, {ayftp, &x^os) loading a man, as 
much as a man can carry, 

dvSpcCo, 7}, = 6.yBpla, 

avSpcios, a, oy, Ion. ay^pifCos, {hfiip) of or belong^ 
ing to a man, manly, masculine : Att. neut. t^ dy- 
^pehy, manliness, II. rh dySpcto, the public 

meals of the Cretans, also the older name for the 
Spartan ^ctS/rto. Hence 

dv8pci(STV)s, 7JT0S, i],==^dy$p(a. 

iLvBp€i-^6vTi\^, ou, 6, l^iiyhp, ^ovtW^ mau-ila^j^Tv^' 

dySpciuK, wfos, 6, poet, iot ^v^9(<S}V. 

/ a 

i»Q.-^^unt,a't,^a/>uitinf(oaevoteaffain. / orSpcwrn Ep. for iiv«()A(n,3iafc.^Vu:»itanv'WV». 


^aCvofJMi — iLp(Uioaf6<» . 

dvaCvofiaiy impf. iitfcavSfJLtjVf poet. hvaiv6tM\v, aor. 
TivTivdfjiriv, inf. iu^trao'Bat, 8ubj. curfivriTcu, Dep. med. 
To refuse, reject, spurn : also c. inf. r^use to do : 
hence to excuse oneself from a thing, rerMtunce^ dis- 
own : to repent^ be ashamed cf doing a thing. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

ivattas, part. aor. i from hy-cicrcrda, 
, &vaipc6^vai9 inf'. aor. i pass, from iLit'Cup4u. 

dv-aCpco-is, c»s, Tiy a taking up or away, esp. of 
dead bodies : hence absol. burial. i. a taking 
upon one) an undertaking, II. a destroying, 

destruction. From 

&v-aip^ci>, f. iiauy to take up, Lat. tollere, and 
so, I. to bear away, carry off, esp. of prizes : 

dimply, to take up, lift. II. to take away, de- 

stroy : of laws and customs, to abolish. III. to 

appoint, ordain, esp. of an orade^s answer: but 
absol. to answer, give a response. 

Med. to take up for oneself: hence to gain, tvin, 
receive : exact. 7, esp. to take up dead bodies /or 
burial. 3. to take up newborn children, Lat. to/- 
lerct suscipere liberos. 4. to conceive, 5. to 

iake up money at interest. II. to take upon one- 

self, undertake. III. to take back to oneself, cancel. 
" &v-aC9dT]TOS, ov, (a priv., aladdvofiai, aladkffdai) 
unfeeling, without Jfeeling. 2. without common 

sense, senseless. II. Pass, unfelt. 

&v-aio-tfA6o), (a priv., cHaai the simple alaifiSu 
being never used.) An Ion. word,=Att. iuf^aJsJffKu, 
to use up, use ; of time, to spend ; of food, to con- 
sume. Hence 

^v-aio-CfJiufAa, aros, r6, tJiat which is used up,= 
Att. SavavT], expenditure, outlay. 

dv-afccu, f. |ctf, Att. av-^TTCD, also dy-o<ro'a>, (civ<ii, 
dLiffaa) to start up, rise up quickly, spring or burst 
forth : c. ace. to leap upon, [ovd-] 

dv-awrxwT^ci), (a»'-a^o'xv»'Tos} to be shameless, be- 
have impudently, 

dv-aioxwrCa, ri, shamelessness : from 

&v-aC<rxvvT09, oy, (a priv., alcrx^vrj) shameless, im- 
pudent : of things, abominable, detestable. 

av-aCn^ToSy 77, ov, (a priv., olrfw) unasked. 

&v-aCTios, oj', (a priv., ah-ia) without cause, ground- 
less ; of persons, guiltless, not chargeable, not to blame. 

ava-Ka6-i||«>, {avd, Kad-i^fa) to set up or upright. 
Med. to sit up. II. Intr. to sit down again., {it,vd, Kaiu6s) to renew, restore. Hence 

dva-Kaivoxris, €«s, ri, a renewal, restoration. 
. dvaKOiov, r6, a prison, corrupted from hvayKcuov. 

ava-Kaio), f. Kaixrw, to kindle, light up. Med., to 
light oneself 2k fire: metaph. to fire, rouse, encourage: 
}ii Pass., to burn with anger. 

ava-KoLX^o), poet. ky-KoXita : fut. €crw, to call up, 
esp. the dead. II. to call upon or call again 

and again, and so to invoke the gods. 2. to sum- 

fzk?/i. 3. to call by a name. HI. to call 

^aa^ reca//, esp. from exile. 

&va-KaXii'rrTCi>, ^ta, to uncover, tmveil. II. infr. 
to unveil. 

dva-K^fMiTCA, i^w, to bend upwards or back, t, 

intrans., sub. ikaurSv, to bend back, return. 

&v-aKav6os, ov, (a priv., &Kai^da) without thorns or 
bones : without a spine. 

&va-KdirTfi0, rjfM, {iSwd, icdfirrw) to snap up^ swallow, 
gulp down. 
hya.Kia.rax, Ion. for kviKcivru. 
&va-KCi|tai, poet. &y-K€tfxai, f. Ktlaofuu, Dep. med., 
to be laid up, as a votive offering; and so, to b$ 
dedicated: also, to be set up, as a statue. II. to 
be referred to, depend upon. 

'AvoLKCiov, t6, ("Avaiccf) Uie temple of the "Apokms 
or Dioscuri, 
&va-K^KXofAai, poet, for ca^a-Ka\4o9, to call out, 
Lva-KikaJSo9, 6, (&yd, KiXofuu) a loud shout, 
4va-K^o|iai, Ion. for i.ud-K«ifjuu. 
&va-KcpdwvfAi and &va-Kcpavvv«, f. K^pdata, (ibdE, 
Kepduwfjii), to mix again : in gen. to mix up, muc wM 
&va-Kf(|>aXai(Sa>, (hfd, K€(f>aXii) to sum up, concludes 
in gen. to comprehend in a whole. 
ava-in|KC«» (hvd, tajKito) to spout up, gush forA t 
also, to throb violently, [t £p.] 

&va-in)pvotrw9 Att. laipirrrw, f. i^0, to pubRak, 
to proclaim : esp. to proclaim as conqueror : te tifftr 
by voice of herald : and so to put up to audhm, 
whidi was done by proclamation of the ic^pul* 

ava-iuv8vvc^u, to rush into danger again, to not M 
fresh risk. 

4va-KXv^u, iiaw, to move upwards ot sufay to and 
fro. 2. to rouse, awaken, hat. suscitare. Hence 
ava-KCvT)o-is, i<os, Vt a moving upwards, swingm$ 
to and fro. 2. excitement, emotion, [ict] 
ava-KCpvT)|ii, =* kvarK^pdvvviii. 
ava-KAoCu, f. K\dylw, to cry aloud, scream ouii 
of a dog, to bark, bay. 

ava-icXaCw, f. KXavooyuau, to weep aloud, burst into. 
tears , also to weep for, to bewail. 

&va-K\da», data, to break upwards or back, to break 
in pieces. 

dvd-KXiio'iS) €«s, 7), {hfa-KaXidi) a calling on, •»- 
vocation : a summoning : a recalling, esp. from 

dvaK\i6i](rofiLai, pass. fut. from aua-icXivw. 
avaKKivdeU, later dvaK\i6cCs, poet. aor. i pass, 
from sq. 

dva-K\Cv6>, poet. ay-K\iv(i), f. Xva, to make to lie back, 
to lean one thing against another : Pass., to lie, sink 
or lean back. II. to push or put back, and to 

to open, [i in pres.] 

dva-K07xvXid||ci>, (avd, K6yxr)) lo open and coun- 
terfeit a seal., to lie down to sleep, lie asleep. 
dva-KOLv^, f. c6a'C0, (hfd, koiv6s) to communicate or 

1 impart something to another : to communioate wiA 
another, consult \mxL. 

&vaKokva(m — iiniXkoiuu. 



Med. c. pf. pass. HMKohnnuu^ to communicate what 

it one's own to another : to impart. 

^bu-KoXvdltt*, {kifd^ KiKtoi) to gird up into a foldy 
(Lot. sinus,) Intr. to gird oneself up, 

Ara-KO|i(C«a» poet. ir/ncoiJ^ fut ifftt, Att. t«, to carry 
up : esp. to carry up or a^nst stream : Pass, to go 
ffp. II. to bring back, recover. Med. to bring 

haekvnth one : to recover one*s own : to bring to pass 
egain. Pass, to go biusk. 

iv-asunrr€Cia§9 lam, (ib^ Ukuv) to dart or Jling 
■p. II. Intr. to shoot up, as blood from a wound. 

iva-K^iTTtt*, ifw, to beat, force or drive back. Pass. 
tostop shorL 

iya-Kov^£C»9 (&y<i, xov^s) to lift or rai«« tfp. 
Psas. to be lifted up, lightened in spirits. Hence 

hta-Kov^un^t fws, ri, a lifting up : a lightening, 
felieffnnn a Udng. 

Ara-KpdC«a» f. d^ofuu^ aor. hv^Kparfov, to cry out, lift 
«p ike voice, 

Am-KpoOcifBs part. aor. i pass, of hva-Ktpiwvtiu 

4ra-icpc|i^vwfii., iya-icpffidw, poet. &7-j^c/u~, fut. 

ipffuEirM^ (ia^df xptfiAu) : to hang up upon a thing. 

Pml to d!? hanging up : metaph. to be in suspense, 

LsL suspensus esse. 

AroripCvc*, fut. ty£, to examine well, search out, II. 

lo eMtmintf beforehand. Med. iycucpipfoOai vphs cov- 

TD^ to question one tri^ another. Hence 
M-Bpumt 9 cctf^j ^> poet. Sy-Kpuris, an examination, 

tifttiry. IL esp. at Athens, i . the examination 

tftheArdions to prove their qualification. 2, the 

preriotu examination of parties concerned in a suit, 

to see whether an action should be allowed. 

.&ifa-Kporitj •fiaoo, to lift up and strike together: 

hence aitsol. to clap with uplifted hands, applaud 


^va-Kpovcris, €<as, rj, {ava-Kpo{Ko) a pushing back, 
checking, esp. pushing a ship hack, backing water. 

dva-Kpovoriov, verb. Adj. from ^ya-Kpovco, one must 

ava-Kpovo», f. oo», to thrust hack, stop short, check, 
Med. esp. of a ship, cufcacpoveaOai ixl Trpv/xyriP to put 
her back stern wards, by backing water: in music, 
to strike tlie strings, make a prelude, like ou/a/ScU- 

ava-KTdo|&ai, f. rjcoixai, Dep. med., to regain for 
oneself, recover, retrieve. II. to win a person 

over, gain his favor, 

avoKTco'i, Kp. for ^va^t, dat. pL from ISlvo^. 

dvcucTopia, rj, (avdnrcop) lordship, rule, management. 

avaKT^ios, a, op, (audicTcop) belonging to a lord or 
king, royal: rh iivaKT6piov=sq,, a temple. 

avoKTOpov, r6, (avdjcrap) a king^s dtoelling, palace: 
also a temple, 

avoKTwp, opos, 6, (ayda-ffu)) a lord, king. 

aya-miKow, -fiaco, to stir up, mix : to confuse. 
CLva-KvicX^a*, (ijfdy KifK^ios) ^o ^urn round affain. 

Pass, ia tvva/v^ come rou/iaf a^ain. Hence i 

&va-icvicXt|<rit, ceo; , ^, a eoming round again, a eSr- 
cuit, revolution. 

dva-mifipSlXULC**, (iivd, ic^fifiakow) to rattle Hke 
ic6fi0aXa: Hiippoi a»9Kvfifia\ui(ov the chariots were 
overturned with a rattling noise, like that of tcifAfiaXa, 

ava-Kvim*, ifw, to Itft up the head : esp. to come 
up out of the water: hence to rise out qf difficulties, 
to recover, emerge, 

&va-K«Kv«*, icot, to wail aloud, 

dvoKuty AAv,,™hrnuB\S»s, carefuUy, iu^cucAs ^fii' 
riyos to look well to a tiling. (From &ya(, (SufOKos, a 

&va-iMix<v«*> {kih^xv, ay-ox4) ^ hold book, stay, em. 
of ships, to keep them riding at anchor : but iv. ror 
T<{yov r&y HvKaty to keep up the tension of the 
ropes. 2. intr., sub. iavrSv, to keep stilL 

&v-aKuxi{> Vy (J^^X^) ^ ^l^t/i cessation : esp. qf 
arms, truce. 2, a hinderance, 

&vaXap«iV» inf. aor. 2 of ium'-\afA.$dyu. 

dva-XdCoiico, {&yd, \d(o/uu) to take again. 

&v-aXaXa(w, i. (w, to raise a war-ery : hence ge- 
nerally, to cry aloud. 

&va-Xa|iiP<£v«», f. X-fy^ofuu, to take up, take into 
one^s hands : in gen. to take, get, receive. 2, to 

take into one's service, to adopt, 3. like Lat. rtf- 
cipere, to take upon one: also to take up again, 
resume. II. to take back, regain, retrieve,, 

repair. III. to pull short up, of a horse. IV. 
to gain quite over, attach to oneself. 

&va-Xa|j,irci>, f. Xdfx^pu), to flame up, take fire. 

av-€LKYt\a-La, ri, (iw'dXyrjros) insensibility, want of 

av-aXyriTOs, ov, (o priv., iXyoi) without pain, of 
persons, unfeeling, hard-hearted, ruthless : of things^ 
not painful: Adv. -t«s, unfeelingly. 

av-a\8i{9, ^s, (a priv., hxhuv) not thriving, feeble, 

dva-X^yco, f. Xf^w, to pick up, gather up, Med. to 
pick up for oneself: to recount : to reckon up, II. 
to read aloud, 

ava-\cCx<^) {<*'9 to lick up, 

avd-\T|^iS, (COS, 7j, (aya-Kafifidyco) a taking up, ac- 
ceptance. 11. a taking again, a means of regain- 
ing. 2, a repairing, making amends, 

av-a\9i]9, is, (a priv., ^d<a) incurable. 2. act. 


avdXixos, ov, for Dor. oi/^Aiiros, barefoot, 

dv-dXiCKQ), f. auaLK<i)(T(a : aor. aviiXucra : perf. avi\- 
KwKa, avdhcoKa, pass. avdXtafiai : aor. pass. avoKdidTiv 
and av7]K(&0r)v (avd, aXlcKoo) — the pres. d.y'd\6a is 
rare. To use up, spend, esp. in a bad sense, to 
squander. ]\Ietaph. av. ^woy to use to the full, i. e. 
enjoy sleep. II. of persons, to kill, destroy, 

dv-dXKCia, 71, (a priv., aXicf}) want of strength, feC' 
bleness, cowardice. 

dv-aXxis, tSos, 6, tj, ace. -i^a ot -iv, V^** Y'^^'^-*^^ 
feeble, cowardly. 

dv-dXXd|iLai9 l^ep. med., to leap up. 


ivaXfws — dvd{ios^ 

ILv-ikK^Mty Qv, (a priv., SA/i?;) not salied. 

dva-XoY^tofAai, Dep. med., to count up, turn up: to 
think over, calculate^ consider. Hence 

&va-XoYMr|t^9 ^9 a counting up^ caieukUiony rea- 
soning with oneself: also a course of reasoning, 

&v-SkX<$«*, a rare form of &y-a\lcrKafy q. ▼. 

av-oXrof, ov, (a priv.^ &\.0<a) not to be filled, insa- 
tiate, Lat. fnexplebilis. 

d,va-Xvo^s> fias, ^, {hfa-}M) a loosing, releasing, 

&va-Xvn{py ^posy 6, (itya-Kdco) a deliverer : a recon- 
ciler of strife. 

ava-Xvctf, ^aw, Ion. and Ep. ii\-\^, pf. K4\vKa : 
pass. p£ \4\ijfjiiu : to unloose, undo again : also to set 
free, II. to do away, get rid of: to stop, put 

an end to. [p by nature, but before c and k in itfa- 
X^coo, wikOaa, hfaKiXvKay and in Horn, forms &\- 
A^€(rK€, hJOJfouffo.'] 

dvoXttKO, perf. of kv-oK^, hv-dKlvKto. 

d.vdXa>fAa^ aros, r6, (hv-ak6w) that which is us^ or 
5p^n/ .* ejppense, cost, outlay : in plur., expenses. 

^vaXoMro, dvoXwcrai, aor. i of h,p-aK6w, kv-aXUriw. 

&v-<£XftKriS9 f(os, 71, {hv'OX6(a) expenditure, 

&v-<£X«yro«, ov, (a priv., *ak6oo, aJiiaKOfuu) not 
taken, not to be taJcen, impregnable, [ova] 

&va-fAaifAdA), i\<r<a, to rage through or throughout, 

&va-|j,avv<iva>, f. fjuaJS-ficroiuu, to learn again or anew, 
learn differently: to inquire closely, 

d,v-a|i<£{€VTO«, ov, (o( priv., a/M(|6<W) impassable for 

&v-a|Juipn|Tos, ov, (a prir., afioprdva, afxaprcui) 
without missing or failing, unfailing: in a moral 
sense, faultless, Adv.-rcos, without fail, 

&va-|j,aori£o|tai, Dep. med., to chew over again, Lat. 
ruminari ; metaph. to ruminate upon a thing. 

&va-|Aaovw, ^u, Att. ivandrrw, to rub, wipe off, 
^pyoy, h a^ K€<f>a\^ dvofjid^fis a deed (as if a stain) 
which thou wilt unpe off on thine own head, Lat. 
capite lucre: hence to defile by contact, pollute, 
]\led. to knead one's bread, 

&va-|ji<£xofJ>ai, f. x'^^^t"'^ ^^^ X^<rofiai, or x^^M^y 
Dep. med., to renew the fight^ and so to retrieve a 
defeat, [/ii&] 

d,v-a|i-pS,TOs, ov, (a priv., hva-fiaivw) not to be 
climbed, inaccessible: of a horse, that one cannot 

&va-(xAirft>, ^w, to begin to sing, 

&va-|j,^vu, f. /xevw, to wait for, abide: absol. to 
wait, stay. 2, to await, endure, 3. to put off, 


kv6k-Y*vQ%, ov, {hfd, fi4(Tos) in the middle. 

&va-fico^os, ov, {avi, fi€a'T6s) filled full: hence 

kva.-\L€vr6ia, dxrto, to fill up, fill full, 

&va-|j,CTp^ci>, ^(Tctf, to measure back, measure over 
again, esp. the same road one came by : in gen. to do 
or sai/ over again, repeat, II. to measure. 
dyd-/iiY^a, Adv.^ ^ dya-ju/^y conftisedly, promiscu- 

&va-|j^7v{i|ii and &va-|ti7in^y f. m/{», to mix up, 
mix together, 

&va-|{a*K««) f. kvaiMrl\<rta, poet. i^jLfurfitrw, (&i"^ 
fuyarfiaKw, /avou) to remind one of a thing : c. inf. to 
remind one to do: also to recall to memory, make 
mention of. Pass, to remember, 

&va-|t£|tvtt», poet, for ia/a-fjk4vt», 

&va-|t£t, {ia^a-fjUywfu) Adv., mixed up, all togeiher^ 

4va-fiC<rya>, poet, and Ion. for ava-/jdywfju, 

&va|tvT|<H9eCf , part. aor. i pass, of ia/a-fu/urficKct. 

&v(£-fAVT|oxs9 tws, ri, {jkvo^iufurfiffKu) a calling to mind, 

&va-|ioXciv, iiV-ipMXoVf aor. 3 with no pres. in use, 
to go up, go back, 

dva-fAopuiSpw, to roar loudly, foam up, of the sea. 

&va-|u>xXcv<tt, (&vd, fxoxX6s) to lift with a lever z 
hence to force open, 

&v-a|t-irXdia|To«, ov, (a priv., ifjnrKoKHv) unerrinffy 
unfailing : without wandering. 

kvok-^vyfiHo^Mx, Dep. {h^i, iwx9i(») to breathe 
hard, groan deeply. 

ky-oj^i-'koyo^fOV, (a priv., hfxj^l-hoyos) undisputed^ 

&v-afJi^iS-Pi{TT)Tos, ov, (a priv., iLfupis-Pvyriv) iM- 
disputed, indisputable, about which there is no <&• 
pute. II. Act. without dispute, 

&v-av8pCa, 1^, unmanliness, cowardice : from 

av-av8po«, ov, (a priv., iarfip) i,^&M€u kvip^t 

without a husband : without men, desolate, IL 

unmanly, cowardly, unworthy of a man. Hence 

&v-<£v8pa>TO$, ov, widowed, 

&va-ved^a>, do'a, {avd, v€os) to make young eigain* 

&va-v^|ici>, poet. oLv-v^fuo, to divide or duttribute aneuh 
Med. to count up, recount. 

&va-v^ofAai, poet. ikV'v4ofiat, Dep. med., to mount up, 
rise, II. to go back. 

4va-vc^ : (clvA, vios) usu. as Dep. med., to renew* 

&va-vcv», strictly to throw the head back in token 
of denial : hence to deny, refise, 

dva-v/oMTif, ectfs, i\, {luKL-v^^fo) a renewal. 

oLv-avTO, Adv. of hf-hnr\s, up hill, opp. to Kdr<ana* 

&v-avT-aYC0VurTO9, ov, (a priv., hrr-arYoovlCon»Cj 
without a rival, without a struggle : undisputed, un- 

&v-dvnr|s, 65, {Sivd, hndu) up-hiU, steep, opp. to 
Kar-dvTifis : hence like Lat. arduus, difficult. 

"ANAH, SkvaKToq, 6, a lord, prince, king, applied to 
all the gods, esp. to Apollo. II. any earthy 

lord, prince, chief, king : so too the sons or kinsmen of 
kings, and in gen. the chief persons of a state, 9. 
so too the master of the house, Lat. herus. 3. in 

gen. of mastery over any thing, as Kdtmis iya/crtsz 

cf. x^^P'^*'^* [^**l] 
dvo^aoOai, inf. aor. i med. of hfitnrw, 
&va-£iipaCvci>, f. &va, to dry up., y\, {avdo'tra) a command, charge, 
\ &v-a4vo%) ov, t^so a, ov, ^o. y^n.^ tiJ^vos\ unworthy f 

IHtdeaned trorAy. c. gen. : absnl. wirthlcss. 
,mdaeTTinff (tferil. Adr. -fui. 
■tn{ii-^4p(tiYE, lyyet, 6, ii, (inia-o-ui, f ^/uyt) !onI 
if Ac lyre. 

i)>K£iipt8(S> IBmv, nl, (ie Iroirtera worn by easlern 
MUD*. (Persian wnrd.) 

4v-ae£Yw> {«) poet, for iw-oSya. 

txL-vaiSciSu, fu educate afrexh. 
.'IvB-vnurroc, ov, (im-rafiu) jlnick back, rrbound- 
Ifg, At Siiljat., i Wir. aa anapaesl, i. e. a doctvl 

Ara-nUi, <0 s/riite again, at Imdi. 
W-rtXi», (iri, riKai) Adv. lac* aj,aia, II. 

Iter again. III. rteeriels. 

Ivd-voXXu, f. (US, to fii'in/r f0 and fro, la put in 
Sled, or Pus. (D rforf or ipting up. 
m, f- oLrw, '0 icalter vpon, 

[lifting ; hence oT watches, hot' isairatoju BipjiSo'*'" 
<1i lie divided info reliefs. II. u rating place. 

, T'W-«av0i«, tan, 17, pdet. Ii;m-., {im-irafiaij Tcsl,re- 
BSM ; rest from a thing, ceaation. 
vawnjpun, cfv, Ion, ^ir., (ifo-iriLi^) belong- 
-,-- rioting or re^/. As Sulisi., t^ di^. a rf^^fiii^- 
'))■»: C^ (one or flonr of rest, in furm Awnrnur^- 
—■■ ■ bL», snb. OTiiijiUiv, ihe souiid of inimpet/or o// 

.. i. I", '-. foreit. 
i-^mw, f. iraiJ™, Ion. *;!»., lo make cease, slop 
JfiMiAhig: isutrtogivereitjTt&aiafTenn'Staag. 
IM. M teat, leave d^, tMit from * thing : fthaol. 
*M>M«*>nf>^>fMp: slufadM. a. loitop, 

M, retL 3. to regain OrengOt. 

Im-viltM, f. rAtm, to bring over lo anollter Opi- 
■il*,batim]. nmplyM jwrraaib: alio in bad kom, 

iCpiiy f. **pu, la pierce Ihroagh, ijAI. 
ruFT^piof, €v, and ^ of, (wh-nMAff) per- 

tn(-W|t'n, if«, poet, l^r., to send up, tend forth : 
Hid. to tend up from oneteif. II. to lend badi. 

Of, put. perf. past, of hn-tn- 

iuf., Jbwnir^, oEiro, Jr, part. aor. t of 

1 FindsT bImi i*ii-*lTvt|^, 
n ^irMif out or open, expand, vnfold, u^fuTt. Part. 
lii pan. i*vmrra^i6vt, if, or, open, [dint] 
toa gf rojiuij f. ■wrlfaepen : aor. dnn((uin "^ ^' 
■T^fiqF and alto hrHrrm "^ frraflai, 7b Jfy up, , 

It or «i|l^ £«iit>,p£«fcn» If 

^ Vt ^ f W W - , . 

vhh the MtkB rf diflllHt whaioela 

vXAm, 6t, to Jbrim Mp wM a pM^ I* wtmO. 
rXf<ns«at, tn£ fat. nad. rf iq. 
wlkfa, f. «A»*w)iai cr wluemitfim, Ion. Jbw. 
w)ui^iaMa«pwanli^Ja«aUttpjfrMMt alMltjM*- 

jxU ftM* .- of IU^ to MiM Am*. 

AvA-wXnit, «', gm. at, alio fern. iravAfc, Ion. and 
Att. for iri-rXtai, [iri, ta6>t, tA/si) ,Ab<f up, ?<'''* 
/«;; o/n thing. IL defiled, infected aiOt a thin^ 

cf. JtRt-ir[>tirAi|/u fin. 

iva-vXi|p^ tofOlupffiUfuU. II. tofiUnp 

again i Pan,, lo return to one's Jiill liM, of the nin 
a/teran edipn. 

JmvXiivu, AvovX^vw, aor. i act. of hra-riit- 

in£^rXao(, i, contr. ird-wiiavi, (im-irKiti) a iMng 
vpteardg, eap. up stream : also a putting out to BCa* 

dv<i-irU«>, Ion. for im-t-Xfa. 

&,m.^imlii. Ion. Ifurv., Ep. for Ara^wvita. 

ivairvfOnu, 3 opt. sor. i of ina-wyia. 

li-d^invvnt, twi, t), (iiv-KWw) a irtfafAin^ again, 
and n a reipite, reit from a lliing. II. a draa- 

ing breath. 

Avd-THvoTof , DC, uilAouf dmun'o^ breath, brealh- 
lett, poet, for fi-Tfiinrror. 

ira-vWrn, f. wWra, poeL i^n'., lo breathe agtan, 
hace a retjAte, reel oa^elffrom a thing : (for fomn 
&ftrnjtf iftrvvTo, and ^firvii'&rij V, Bub voce.} II. 

to draw breath, breathe, Lat. retpiro. III. A> 

breathe forth, tend forth. 

iva-imt^, % {ira-irvfo) recoiWn|0/6reatii,t«tl. U. 
a drateing irealh, \itX. reipimtu). 

it'dwwt, poet inpetftt. 'pna. (X b«or'>vUi> 


ivdvoivos — ivappd viwiu. 

step back, ccitt back and question : &vairo9lC9ty k(un6v 
to correct or contradict oasseU. 2. Intrans. to 

step back, 

av-avoivos, ov, (a priv., Airoufa) without ransom or 
reward: neut. hvdvoivovy as Adv. without reconi'. 

&va-voX^», poet. &^ir., strictly to turn up the ground 
agam, plough up : hence to go over again, to repeat, 

&va-iroX(C<0) = h^a^-iro\4t». 

&va-iro|tin{, ^, (&ya-ir^/iiirw) a sending up, BriaaupSav 
ay, a digging up of treasures. 

d-va-vofAir^S) 6, (jSa^a-irdfjLw) one thcU sends up or 

^.v-air^-viiTTos, ay, (a priv., &wo-i»firT«) unwashen. 

&va-iroT(io| Dep. med.j=&va-ir^o/Mu. 

&va-irp(£(ro'C0y Att. irpdrrto, fut. irpct^Gi;, to exact, 
levy: w, {nriffx^caf to exact the figment of a 

ava-irprifita, f. era, strictly to set on fire, light up : 
ddxpy* oLvairpi^aas letting hot tears burst forth, 

&va-irTcp6<0) {avd, vrtpSa, irrepSv) to furnish with 
wings or to raise the wings for flight : in gen. to 
raise, set up : hence of the mind, to set on the wing, 
excite vehemently. Pass, to be on the wing, long to 
fly : hence be in a state of excitement. II. to 

furnish with new wings. Pass, to get new wings. 

&vairri)vai.9 wairrdffBai, &yairr4(r$ai, inf. from &y- 
4imiv, ia^eTrrdfiriv, civevrSfjiriv, aor. of ia^-icirofUMA. 

6afa-VTva-aWf fut. i^a>, to unfold, undo, esp. of 
rolls of books, and so like Lat. evolvere, to unrol 
for reading : hence to unfold, bring to light, Lat. ex- 
plicare. II. as military term, r^v fpdXocyya 

h/avr, to fold back the phalanx, i. e. deepen it by 
wheeling men from either flank into rear, but con- 
versely T^ K€pas apairr,, to open out the wing, i. e. 
extend the front, Lat. explicare. Hence 

iva-irriix^j Vi «» opening, unfolding: an expanse. 

ava-iTTUtt, {HTa, to spit up or out : absol. to sputter. 
[tT Ep., but V Att.] 

dv-dirrw, f. }p<o, to hang up or on, fasten on or 
to a thing: but aydikiAaTa itv(iTrr€ip,=ituaTiO€yai, to 
hang up votive gifts : /juifiov wdirrew to fasten dis- 
grace upon one. Med. to fasten for oneself: but 
also to fasten to oneself, and so, to carry off. Pass. 
to be fastened or fasten oneself on, cling to, II. 

to light up, light, kindle : metaph., to inflame. 

ava-inivddvo|, f. veiffofxai, Dep. med., to search 
out, inquire into : also to learn by inquiry, 

avd-irvoTos, ov, {kva-wvddjfofxax) searched out, as- 
certained, notorious, 

ava-iTiimSi fo^s, t), {ava-jrivui) a drinking up : esp. 
the ebb tide, returning of the waters. 

dvap-, in compds. of Siyd with words beginning 
with p the p is usually doubled, as in iLvap-poi(<a, 
etc., though in poets and Ion. Greek it is sometimes 

&vapai|n|Ki&«9 Ion. for hn^pn\K&Sy part. pf. from 

dv-dpyvpos, w, (a priv., &pyvpos) without silver s 
usu. without money. 

av-ap6poS) ov, (a priv., &p6pow) uMout Umbs or 
join^ : disjointed, nerveless. 

&v-&piO|ji^a>, f. "ficofjuu, to count up. Med. to thkik 
over with oneself: to recount. 

dv-&pC0fAT1TO$, ov,^%(\, 

dv-<£piO)u>«, ov, (a priv., api0fi6s) without number, 
countless: without bounds in a thing. 2. not 

taken into account, unregarded, Lat. qui in nulh 
numero est, [ovaptQik.'] 

&v-apKTos, ov, (a priv., &pX'^) ^^^ governed or eub* 
ject : not submitting to be governed, 

av-apiuMrrCcL} ri, unsuitabteness : discord : from 

a.v-dp|iooTO«, ov, (a priv., apfiSCu) ur^, t»co»- 
gruous: of sound, inharmonious: of porMKis, o^ 
surd. 2, unfitted, unprepared. 

&v-apira7ij, rj, a carrying off: from 

av-0Lpirdt»9 fut. dffco and d^w, to tear up, tnateh 
up. II. to hurry along, to carry off, to drag ty 

force, esp. before a magistrate, Lat. rapere i» 
jus. III. to take by storm, and so to pttrnder^ 

in gen. to treat with violence, 

&v-apir(£{-av8pos9 ov, i. e. &yapr(i|as 6p9pas, snmttk^ 
ing away men. 

av-apvcuTTfSsy 6v, also ^, 6v, (iv-apml^ai) tarn €C 
snatched away, carried off, esp. into Perna, cf. M^ 
ffiraaros : trecU&i with violence. 

*dvap-p^a>, to speak aloud, only used in aor. pan. 
SivappriO^pai, to be proclaimed. 

avap'piia, f. e^co^iai, {ikvd, p4<a) to flow back or li 
the source. 

dvap-pi^Tvvfii, f. p^Jioi, avap'prjyviu, to breakup^treak 
in pieces. 2. to break through or open. XL 

to make break forth. Pass, to burst forth. IH. 

intr., like Pass, to burst forth. 

dvappiljfasy part. aor. i of foreg. 

avap-pinrriio^ cf. sq. 

4vap-p£irTa>, xlta, also kvap-piirr^, {hvd, flwrm^ 
pinrriui), to throw up, avapplirreiv &\a xr^S^ to throw 
up the sea with the oar. II. kvap^irr^w ai^ 

dvvov, to stand the hazard of a thing, run a rifife : 
also without kIv^vvov, els &irav rh xnrdpx^^ ityappm to 
throw for one's all, stake one*s all. 

6,vapptxdo\Lai, iiaofuu, Dep. med., to clamber up 
with the hands and feet, to scramble up. (Deriy* 

&vdp-poia, ^, {h/ap-pia) a flowing back, ebb, 

dvap-poipS^co, to swallow back, gulp down againm 

4vdp-pvo^S) cois, 71, a snatching away, rescuing. a« 
tfie third day of the festival ^Avarovpia. From 

dvap-pvco, vffoo, {^d, pv<a, ipva) to draw back : espb 
to draw the victim's head back : hence to sacr^ioef 
\ &,vap-^vv>)y.v ^iXidi kv^^-^wrW^ ^a&^ ^^^^^ 4» 

ivdpirtos — di^aorpe^iv. 

» ^ 


ilmigihen again* Pm. to regtAn strength or sfiirit. \up: to draw a ship up. 3. to draw or tuck up : 

4r-ip9iot» or, also a, or, (a priv., &p«, Upcriof) not 
fttmg together : hence hosHle, unpropitious, impla^ 
cable : of things, untouford, strange, monstrous, 

ir-oproM, to hang up or upon, to attach to, make 
iepemteni upon. Med. c pf. pass, iatfipryifuu, to 
ittMft to oneself t also to subdue : Pass., also c. 
p£. iw^pTfifiaif to hang, be dependent upon: Ht^ 
tJana tls iavrhp iarfipnrrai who has every thing de- 
pendent on hiznaelf : but irfiprriftm c in£ to be pre- 
fored to do. 

Ar ^p n oi, OK, (a priimt., &/)riof ) tmev^n, odii, cf. 

ir-«px^ ^> (^K-c^'X^) lowlessnessy anarchy: at 
Atibens this name was given to the year of the thirty 
tfnmts, during which tiiere was no archon. From 

y •p x og, OP, (a priv.,- ipx^) without head or 
dU^. 3. without beginning, 

iMrcnipoLCwy (i<r«, (&y«^ (rc<pa) to |mff ftocA: with 

km wd *, poet, dunur-etlw, to ^dke up or ^ocXr: 
to tieing to and fro, brandish ; to make threaten" 
Wi§gBsturesy to threaten with, to utter ufith violent 

ii«visvp|iirof, part. pf. pass, of hya-iHfpta. 

fa »OT <ii, to mooe upwards. Pass;, c. synoop. aor. 

■ed. Arcov^/ityy, to spring up or forth. 

M-oi|Mty 0^9 (^<^» eifi6s) Lat. r^«tfim«, uKlA a 

tanei up nose : genially, turned up at the end. 
km-wKkwTOfkatf Dep. med., cx>llat. form of &va- 

dra-OKCvdi^tf, f . dca, pf. pass. hofeffK^vafffJucu : opp. 

to KaTa.(nc€vdCo9 ; strictly to pack up the baggage (t& 
eKfifi), Lat. va«a colligere : hence of an army^ to 
ftreoAr up their quarters, march away, 2. to 

dit/umish, dismantle a place : Med. to dismantle 
one's house. 3. to waste, ravage. 4. in 

Pass, to ^ bankrupt, break : avecKtvacfitOa we are 

av-<unn)cria, tj, want of practice or exercise : from 

ay-dancT|Tos, ov, (a priv., &aric€u) unpractised, un- 

&r«-oic£8vT||ti., Pass. kvcurKtBua/xai, (&i^ ffKiSyafuu) 
lo scatter abroad. 

&ya-<rKipT«£w, f. ^(Tw, to /^a/} tfp or bade. 

oyo-oicoXoirCt^ ^<''>^» to fix on a pole 
mpale. Put. med. inf. ityacKoKoirteiaOat 
Pass, signf. Hence 

&iu-9KoX^irton«, co^s, ^, an impaling. 

&ya-oicoXoirur|i6s, 6,»foreg. 

ii'ar<nc9W»9 fut. o'Kv^fOfuu, to look at, mew atten- 
tively, inquire into, 

&va-orirap<ior<r«>, f . d^», to tear up. 

&WL-tnnupro«, oi^, drawn or dragged up, esp. carried 
from one's country up into central Asia. 2. of 

a door, drawn back, i. e. opeTied. From 

or stake, 
occurs in 

to draw bade, II. r^ b^tfws ivaoinv to draw 

up the eyebrows, and so put on an important air: 
hence \6yovs iyaairw to utter boastful words. 

fivoovo, 4i, fern, from &ya(, a queen, lady, mistress. 

dvaoxrcCaoncff, or -ccricc, £p. for iaf4<rsu, 3 imp£i 
from bva'cruw. 

ivounrw, f. |w, (&va{) to de lord, master, to rule, 
reign. Med. rpis iLydiaadai y4yea kv^pw, to haoe 
reigned for three generations. Pass, to be ruled. 

iiv-tfarav, Att. for iw-oiffffa. 

dvaoTo, imperat. aor. 2 of&y^aniOt, from ia^ionifu, 

&va-vT&8^v, Adv. (&y-((m7|u) upright. 

dvoords, ai'acrr^i'ai, part, and inf. aor. 2 of &y- 

&vi£-aT&oit, c«s, Ion. 10s, ^, Act. (ar-^oTv^fu) a 
making to stand or rise up, awakening. 2. esp. 

a making to rise and leave their place, removal : usu. 
in bad sense, laying waste, destruction. 3. a 


Pass. (h^OTOfJuu) a standing or rising up, esp. 
in token of respect : av. 4^ fhrvov an awakening : the 

&va oT&njp, vpos, 6, {&M-i(mnfu) a destroyer. 

Ava- u 'i d iii n , ov, d,s==^a-0TaT4p. 

avd-oT&To«, ov, (&y-(crTa/uu) macfe to rue tfp, and 
depart, driven from one^s house and home: hence 
laid waste, ravaged. Henoe 

&va-<rr&Tda>, to ruin, pu/ m con/t»um. 

&va-<rravpdw, (^<i, (rravpof) to impale or (Tft^q/^, 
like Ava'tTKoAoir^fw. Hence 

&va-o^avp(iKris, ews, ^, an impaling, crucifixion. 

&va-oTcXXci>, f. 6A£, to send up, raise up, Med. to 
gird up one^s clothes. 2. to Ar^cjD 6a<;Ar, check. 

Pass, /o^o AacAr, retire. 3. seemingly iutr., sub. 

kaan6v, to withdraw. 

&va-«rrcva(ci>, d^<i),=&ya-a^4v<a. 

&va-o^cvax^C^> = &va-a^4ufc. 

Lva-frr€v6.x<a, {itvd, (TtcW) to groan aloud over, 
bemoan, bewail aloud. 

oLva-oT^vw, to groan aloud. 

dva-oT^<^w, yj/cD, to crown, wreath. 

dvao^o'0|Aai, -or^trctf, med. and act. fut. of &y- 


dva-<rro|A($», to furnish with a mouth: hence to 
open wider, enlarge, esp. kv, rd<f>pov to open, clear out 
a trench. 

4va-oTp/<|Ka, f. ^<a, pf. pass. Sofdarpemfiai : to turn 
up, turn upside down : to turn up by digging. II. 
to turn back, around or about: hvaarp, irdKLV to 
repeat: to rally. Seemingly intr., to turn back, 
round or about, return. 

Pass. c. fut med. arpi^onai, to turn oneselj 

about in a place, tarry there^ like L^X. •ocraan^^taSw; 

- , aya-ffTpifppixM to go and dwell m?k^asv^.•. i.« 

/ de busied in a tlung. ^. to TC^o\^e% * 

&va.awi^ i{: 1^*5. /wfc df^-tnrdo,, /o drew or pull)^ soldiers, to rally. Henoe 


ivacrrpotlnj — ivafprjvai. 

&va-<rTpo^9 ii, a turning back or aboi^ty a return : 
a turning about in battle, whether to flee or rally. 2. 
a turning about in a place, dwelling in a place : hence 
the place where one tarries, an abode. 

dva* arpfl*^d«»,poet.for &ya-<rrpe^,to iumeverywap, 

&va-<rvpUy f. avpS, to draw or pull up, hence in 
Med. to pull up one* 8 clothes. [0 pres., ^ fut.] 

dvooxcO^ciVf oontr. hfourx^Oeivy inf. aor. 2 oihv'ix^i 
q. V. 

&vaox«tv, dvoox^v^oi, inf. aor. 2 act. and med. of 

&va-oxcT^, ^y^ Ep. hf^x^^h (^-^X^/mu) 'o ^^ ^^- 
dergone or st^feredy tolerable. 

kvaaxtlVf avaffx^^i ^^^' ^ ^^ &y-^X^* 

&va-<rx CC«9 f> ^o^w, to fP^>^ tfP, ^P «/>• 

ava-a2t«, f. (rc^o'co, to recover what is lost. Med. 

2. to 5rtn^ 6acXr, restore, 
3. to Are^rp in mindy re- 

to regain for oneself. 
Pass, to r«/ur» «q/^. 

iiva-TapdaaWf Att. ra^JtrrrtOi fut. rapd^u, pass. pf. 
ayarcTcipay/Mu : to «/»r up <m</ trouble : hence to 
excite, rouse to phrensg* 

&vaWOpa|t|MU, pass. perf. from kva-rpiilm: part. 

&v-aTc£, also w-ari. Adv. of Ib^-aros, wOfiout harm, 
Vfith impunity. 

&va-TcCvu, fut. r^v&, poet, hn^lvoa, pass. pf. &ya- 
r4rafuu : to stretch up, l{ft or ^o/J «/>, x^'P^ ^' to 
/i/if tij9 the hand in adjurations : to stretch forih. 2 . 
/o hold up, propose as a prize. 3. to £jra//, in- 

crease. II. intrans., to r^ocA up, stretch up. III. 
to stretch or spread out, as a line of battle. 

&va-TCix^t<i>'> fut. ((Tw, Att. (», (^(£, rcfxca) to rat^e 
n«t(7 u^o/^. Hence 

&va-Tcixi(ni^, 6, buUding of new wails. 

ava-T^XX<0, fut. rO<xa, {dofd., riKKa, T€\4da) to 
make or let rise up : hence to brir^ forth, bring to 
light, II. intr., to rise up, come to light, rise, 

esp. of the sun and moon : of Uie rising or source 
of a river : <^A.b{ hfareKKofiivri a flame blazing forth : 
to grow. 

ikva-ri^kva, f . refiw, pf. Tir/MriKa, to cut up, cut open : 
to cut off. 

^.v-arC, Adv., =» iip-areC 

&va-TC9T||ii, f. ayoB^o'caf to set up upon: to lag 
on as a. burden; but also to attribute, ascribe in 
token of honor : to entrust, II. to set up as a 

votive gift, dedicate : hence the votive gift was ^yd- 
OrjfJta. III. to put back, remove : c. gen. to remove 
from, vposdeiara KwaB^ura rod ye KarBavuv adding to 
or tcidng away from the necessity of death. Med. to 
take upon oneself, undergo, 2. esp. to pla4;e dif- 

ferently, rearrange: in Att. usu. to retract one's 

&va-Tlfidu9 iiau, to raise in price. 

2iya-Ttyairtrta, ^ta, to shake up and down, brandish. 
drarAdf, part, pres. from sq. 

Mk-rkt^px, i, T\'fi<rofuu, to bear, suffer, susittin» 

&va-ToXJj, i, (&ya-r/AX«) poet. &y-ro\4> a ristng, 
esp. of the sun and moon. 

av-aTOSy ou, (a priv., &ni) without harm, wipu^ 
rushed. II. Act. not harming, harmless* 

iiva-rp^ieti, f. rpvpto, pfL rerpwpa, to turn up or 
over, upset, 2. to overUirow, Lat. evert0r9m 

Pass. c. fut. med. rp^oiixui to be east doton, ifif- 

&va-Tp^^y fut. hifo-Bpi^, to restore by nowruk' 
ment : to bring up, nourish, educate. 

&va-Tp^a», fut. iiyaBp4^ofiai, and ctyaSpoftavfuu : pf. 
ityMSpofjta : (&mE, rpixu, dpa/jieiu) to run back, with* 
drauf,Jlee. 2. to start up. 3. togosiraiffhi 

up, so, ityaB4lipofit verpri, perf. (with pres. tignt) 
the rock runs sheer up. 2. to run upy shoot 1^ 
of plants : thence of cities. III. to run back 1 

&va-TpCp«», r^w, to rub clean: to rub in 
Pass, to be worn away. 

&va-TvppdCuy dffu, to stir up, confound, diaorderm 

&v-avY¥|Tos, ov, (a priv., atryii) rayless. 

&v-aiSoi|TO«, ov, (a priv., ahiw) unutterable^ 
infandus. 2. speechless. 

av-av8o9, ov, (a priv., ovS^) speechless^ 
less. II. secret: unutterable: preventing epa§ek, 

av-avXo«, ov, (a priv., av\6s) without the mtmc ^ 
the flute: heaoe joyless, sacL 

*a-vav9y gen. Hvdos, 6, if, (a priv., vtais) vriAaui 
ships, vaes &va€s ships that are ships no more, LaL 
naves nenaves. 

&va-^Cva>, poet. &aW^) f* (pavw : aor. ^i^yn, alao 
later in part, hvaffxivas [a] , to make shine : henoa 
usu. to bring to light, shew forth : to proclaim. Paifc 
c fut. med. avo^>aj/^(rofJLai, et perf. act. dyair^^qva, 
to be shetvn forih, appear plainly : also to reappeari 
to be seen or shewn to be, hence to be accounted. 

&va<|>dvavTcs, plur. part. aor. i having made to ap* 
pear, having come in sight of. 

&va-^v8d) Adv., {iiva'^aivai) visibly, openly. 

&va-(^av86vy Adv., =:foreg. 

&va-(|>avcC9, part. aor. 2 pass, from kva-^alv^i. 

dva-^pu, poet, a^up- : f. hfolca : aor. kvfyfsytt^ 
Ion. iiviiveiKa, also ikvtpffa, {avd, ^4pu, oXo'u) to bring 
or carry up, esp. into central Asia, cf. avdronraffros* 
Pass, to ri«« t^jo. Med. to carry up for onese^ or 
what is one's own : avavtlKaadat absoL, to heave tf 
deep sigh. 2. to lift up, praise. 3. to upAoi^ 

take upon one, Intr. /o rise, as the stars. II. to 
6rtn^ or carry 5aeA: .* i. to 6nn^ &acA: tidings. !• 
to 6nn^ ^ocAr /rom exile. 3. to ^^rozo dociX; upon 
another, refer something to him: hence absoL to 
r^<?r to a person, consult him. 4. to 6rinj^ ftaciir 

to oneself, restore: also intrans. to refresh onesdf^ 

oVa-(^cvYCi>, f. \Qyjix, to flee back or away. 








i'M>-^aCB|tu, f. ijiafiiu, Mtd., to ai« wu » ^^Iw 

I fra-^pot^w, io coma back l» «w*( nmw, ogws A 

.tn-^porrfta, f. W, Act. U^ to Mit MfT, * 
'wA(ai« uposi. 

■ pllatt Jrom. II. o retreat. 

Mt»»4Sin^, f- ^ffo, '0 breollie iq» CtfirA. Pim 

ftie j,»ged up or arrogant. 

^bv-4^iiruud, fa /efcA up a im p Jkt ma Irtafk 


iw , i/iiv, f. ^u, fo maA^f Io grve tip, to proAnM 
]U.».Mr. 3 iri^, togrouvpt to grvw ag^B, 

iumF^mtit, t, lira, to es^ itloud, prodaitn. 

i f , j fi/tt f ■ iff a, to taaln yiw nmy, drivt tack i luu. 
MDi|h mod. ir^x^Ov^ t do^uu, £p. aor. ir<ix(V' 
mIrv, to naiira, lA^ng iaeit: in gen. Io tern ioci or 

&Mr. to dBMM on 

f. fn>, (JM, x^Tii) of a hme, ft 
■HSB DM man* ioot, nnir upi but oiii. to raor vf 
nrf Ikrov the rJd«T, bence in gen. to lArou off: 
B»it«|ili Io merOtnu. 
kra^xfi^mm, — &ra-xaiim, 

JMdiKnt m the eliin. 

(iv^ XPpit) Io begm a Aorat dance. 

•mt, ^ (jbu-xlii) a pouring out, tpend- 

IpB yiftftm, i. 'iaa, logo back, retire, uiii/ulraie. IT. 
!>««■» Mdfc, r«wr< to I'm H^At <>ini«r. Hence 

ifs jcdpijnf, fui. Ion. loi, 4, a pim$ ioofc, r«fir- 
kf, rttnatmg ; a3ao a mearu ta place <if retreat, 
Imi. wece ti i a . IL a rtlum, 

Ira f^4tb^, Alt fin>, An. [£, (in(, 4^>) to jiuf 
toOtevaU^am. Bmea 

fi«m ttma^t ratU noniq. 

JV»k air, to «bL ft#«dk > in iM. to ator ^ Mfa fa. 
towwrfc w rfihiJjpv ^ dbl fc imtotoi rf ^ati. JM. 
to braaOtefiaik ukr ^^aiM, rw tofc 
Irtifa nnit fir fan Ufn 

«*ua', like Lit. i)bML 

i haaJu or «i^ of rivM^ « raftotf 


irMWfMrfaM«t,inMOTK«a»4> «''*'■ "mmb 
met trmailf, kinmHf,flaii Ik* Itemert mm. 

MpUU, Mr., dUp) mm If mm, lik* rai' ^ 
■pu Let. virMmt in g«D. warilto^i, oart. 

MaairAMWi. lci« ta. of irbiMr, Sr iifai- 
>AW4 M If frnn Mb<inM. 

t»<p«waSt&i, &t. iaii. Att U, and ■■ Dm. Mi. 
M^MMjifM, & mI^ (M^nMt) I to nrfMMlo 
ifaw ry, tap. to mC firemen into danerjf, [and to 
worn llun louA^t,) I«t. iMnil>r« lui iionina. Pan. 
to be told into (fniwy. Hence 

iv8p&rfSmt, hk, i^,— iq. 

&vSpfiwoItw|i4, A, a jeflinff a freeman into tlaeery, 
emlatmg : of individuals, Jtrirfnapptrv ■ ■"■^ 

^vSpSiToSLOT^, sf, d, a tloBe-deaier, one t«Ao 
kidnaptfree men or iJaticw to *«If iAein opOM. 

'ANAPA'HOAON, a tlave, eip. one^iDiide In irar 
and xdd : Homer uMB It in dat JMtpo'Araxn M if 
Irom ijfSpinavt : a ilaviih felUm. [Ipft] 

&v8p&toE-^Sti«, f I, (IMpdvotar, tiloi) iJiiDijA, I«t. 
(srvihi ( opp. to iMMtfBs, loa^minded, brutoL Adr. 

from iriif, a maruwJtin. 
from i»^p. 

^Sp~ftx^> <>< C"^P> ^X^i) InuJiniff a man, at 
much at a man can carry. 

AvEfwCa, ii—iirBpia. 

IvGftloti a, w, lOD. irSpffin, {irip) <tf oi Mwv 
ini; to a man, mimjy, taatcvtine i Att. neut. ri av^ 
3p«5>ir, manJinett. II- ri Mp•u^ the public 

meaJi of the Cretans, alio llie older name for the 
Spartan ^ciEJtui. H«Qce 

dvEpctirnt, i|toi, i^^ii^pJa. 

AvSpw ^ v t fi , ou, i, (,&vlifi, ^tU\ tMRVMiliiv*4- 

it'jpcui)', firai, A, poeu i<n Iuitpc&'. 

AvSpdpwv, ri, Dim 
' ■ • ■ .plur. 


&vbpeifJL€Vos — aviOrfv, 

&v8pcvfAcvos» Vr ^*^y lo^* ^o^ Mpo6fievos, part. pres. 
pass, from dj^dpSca, 
^vSpevofAaiy — iafSpi(ofiai. 

■ iofhpt^Vy &VOS, by Ion. £Dr Mptbif, 

■ &v8piifi|, ^, Ion. for AfSpc/a, iv^pia, 
dvSpi^ioss 7?, oi', Ion. for itvUptios, 
&v8p-TiXaT^u, to banish from home: from 

. &v8p-i|XdTT|«, ovy 6y {it^p, i\avua)) he thcU drives 
one from his home, esp. the avenger of blood in 
cases of murder. [&] 

hfhpla, rjf also dvSpcCo, Ion. &vBpiftrif {&viip) man-' 
Uness, manhood, manly strength or spirit, courage, 
Lat. virtus, 

&v8puivTO-voiiw, (iLydpuurrO'Voi6s) to be a staHtary 
or sdUptor. Hence 

&v8piavTO-voi<i|Tuci{9 if, sub. rdxvri, statuary, seulp' 

&v8puivTo-«oita, ^,=sforeg. 

&v8piavTo-^oi6s9 ov, b, {Mpuis, iroi4cai) a statue- 
maker, statuary, sculptor. 

&v8pid99 dtn-os, b, {iarfip) the image of a man, a 

&v8p£Ca>, f. lara, {&trffp) to make a man of, make 
manly. Pass, to become a man : hence to think nd 
act like a man, 

&v8piK^y 4i, 6v, (hfi\p) befitting a man, masculine, 
manly : ako of things^ strong, stout. II. oom^- 

posed of men, 

&K8pCov, r6. Dim. from iarlip, 

dySpurr^ov, verb. Adj. from kv^iQu, one must play 
the man. 

&v8purTi, Adv., after the manner of men, 

&v8p(S-PovXos> oy, {iurflpy fiovX'fi) of manly counsel, 

av8po-PpfiSs9 Sros, b, ii, {ayfip, fiifipdoKui) man' 
devouring, cannibal. 

&v8po-76vo«, oy, (itvfiPi *y4yai) begetting men. 

iivB^-yvvoq, op, (iivfip, yvy^) a man-woman, her' 
maphrodite. II. b dofhp., a eunuch : also a 

weak effeminate person, 

d,v8po-8^KTo«, ov, (jMip, 9cCt(cci) slain by men, II. 
Act murderous. 

&v8po-8<£|&as9 oPTos, b, ri, {^yfip, Bofidw) taming 
men: man-slaying, [&] 

&v8po-0viJ99 VTos, b, 4i, {iurfip, QyhoKw) murderous, 
bringing many deaths. 

av8po-Kfii{99 wos, b, 71, {iarl\p, icdfivw) bringing toil 
and pain to man : hence deadly, destructive. 

&v8p<S-Kp,Y)T0f , ay, {^p, icdfuw) wrought by men*s 

&v8po-icTa0ia, ^ (cu^P) icrtiya) slaughter of men, 
esp. in battle : murder, 

av8po-icTov^u, to slay men ; and 

av8po-icTovCa, ^,=^8po-Krao'/a: from 

4i^Po-ict6vo«, oy, (jkyf)p, icrtiyco) manslaying, mw- 

^y^f>-^X^mpu, ^, (Siy^p, ^A\vjlu) a murderess. 

&y8po-|ti£xoS9 ov, {hv^p, fjuixofjuu) fighting with 
men : hence prop. n. Andromache, [d] 

&v8p6|Jico99 a, ov, (iarfip) of man or men, human, 

&v8po-p,i{ia|99 €S,^{&y^p, firiKos) of a man's heig^ 

4v8p6-irats, aiios, b, [iv^p, vats) a youth near 

dySpo-TrXijOcia, ii,'=&vSpwy rrX^os, a multitude 
of men, 

av8p6-o^iY£> tyyos, b, (hnfip, "S^iy^) a man-sphisuf. 

&v8p(STV)99 77TOS, rit = Mpla, manhood, 

&v8po-'ri}xi{s9 ^5, {iaf4\p, rvyx^^i rvx^lr) getting « 
man or husband, wZp, fiioros wedded life. 

&v8po-4>aY^ci>, to eat men : from 

&v8po-<^Yoc, ov, {harfip, (fKiyeiy) eating men, eon- 
nibals : at 'Aydp., a people mentioned in Herodo* 
tus. [a] 

&v8po-(|>0(Spo9, oy, (aarfip, ^Bcipw) man'desU'Oy* 
ing. II. Pass. avdpS^Oopos, ov, hence offta Mjp. 

the blood of slain men. 

&v8po->(^vo9,oy, (iwfip, (l>oyebti>) man-slaying^wotdf 
of slaughter in battle : fern. ^ &y9p, murderess of hit 

&v8po-(^vnr|s> ov, b,^h>tp^i'^yTris, a man aloffeTf 

&v8p^, c^w, {ay^ip) to make a man cf, etrengOums 
Pass, to become a man, reach manhood, 

&v8p-ca8T|99 €s, {b.y^p, cTSof) Uke a man, suni%b 
Adv. -5a)s : SuperL ovSpcuSeoTara. 

&v8pw6c£99 part. aor. i pass, from avBp6», 

&v8p«iv, avos, b. Ion. kv^p^dnf, {bviip) a mmCs 
apartment : also hf^ptavlris, iBos, rj, opp. to yvvautAr^ 

&v8paiviTi,99 tSos, ^,— foreg. 

avSvcrai, poet, for bvct^ercu. 

av8a>icc, poet, for MBeoKe, from &va-Siio9fu, 

&viPT)v, aor. 2 of iwa-fialvco. 

dv^PoKTC, Ion. for iiy€$6ri<r€. 

4v-CYcCpai, f. tpu, to wake up, rouse, esp. from deep 1 
metaph. to rouse, encourage: Pass, to awaken. HencB 

iLV'VfipuMV, oy, gen. ovos, waked up, wakrful. 

&v-^-kXtito99 ov, (a priv., iy-tcaXico) not aeoutedt 
without reproach. 

&vcyv<£|ji^Ot), 3 aor. i pais, from ^a^yvd/jorru. 

iLviyviov, aor. 2 of hua-yiyvt&OKca, 

avcMYiMOo, I pi. £p. contr. aor. of ^jw-^^x^A''^ 

&v^8ci|a, aor. i of itya-dtiKyvfu. 

av-^8t)v, Adv., {iaf'lr]fu) lei loose, witfiout restraint s 
carelessly. II. without more ado, simpiy. 

&W8piuccy, 3 aor. 2 of ava-d^pKOfuu. 

&v^pa|j,ff, &v4SpafjLoy, irreg. aor. 2 of kvorrpix^' 

avc^pY«>> imperf. avUpyov, old £p. form from kp^ 
^pyia, kv-ilpyw, 

dv^Tlcro, aor. i from iLva-iday. 

av-^^co, a<a, {^vd, 'd^u, H(ofuu) to set up, 

&v-c6^T1T09, OV, (a priv., i04\(a) against the wiily 
compulsory : not to be wished : hence melancholy. 


•*">?, «» 

i»6] — ay< fJ)H) ! MHfc 

litvim, ^ (a prir., EUitUvm) without the aid 

tr-tik^H, to tcind up, ro'/ together! or to jirAii 
ibw together. ¥an. lo erowj or throng loge- 
ttr. II. later, fa uaroll, un/ald. 

(nCXii^a, -clxijfi^uu, acC and pau. perf. of Ju-a- 

tr-tiXiow, J«, poel. for ir't\lraia. 

liviXsv, ~-<j^TiK, act. nnd med. aor. 1 of ir-tupi'u. 
.Jmw^vsic, Adv. from ^i^^i, part. peri'. pDU. 
|m ay-tijfu, iet loose, caretestJj/ : without resirainL. 

b-(L)u, (ii-tt, (!/") (0 Jiu dp .- to go up to, nanint .- 
%tiMoat lo »ea 1 \mt ai^ lo go vp Mand. II. 

*l)fin>iM'A, Bt suppliant. III. to go back, go 

srai, (a priv., tr^ia] wWuiut 

', (Arif, ciVtii') lo say aloud, proelaiia, give 

j^^lpyu, £w, fo Aw}) fact, aard off, in poet. impf. 

J^i-i^af.iu^ £p. and Ion. ov^pufioi, (&>^, (IjgofUu, 
fatu] (0 oifr, gtialion, ini/uire. 
'jT iinvw, ^Ai, povt- und Ion. ior Av-cpw. 
'j nl pM, fut. offpu, to /tufen on or lot to mrealhe 

lanU, part. sor. i from or-fijfu. 
iv-isKla', (lUw. tT^) Adr. of place, yram aliOTSi 
cf. STBtSw. ir. of ^me,/roio the first. 
bt-mit. Adv. (Avar, liciit) upwards, on high, hut. 

ir-Zc-Atret, or, (a priv., iK-^alva) teilhout outlet. 

t*-<t-^i^iffifnit, or, (a priv,, iK-ii-trjionai) ii,de- 
leritaUe, axlraordinaTy. 

ht fc lara i , or, (a piivat., fK-latos) not gieen in 
PWii^. nof affianeed. i. not puUulied. 

' ' " ly, (a ptiv., ^Klpa^r*) without escape. 

bnAiBt^t aor. i pasa^ from ii^-KXixro? ^ &jf4n\tva 
ur. I act. 
lr-a-wt|i,TXi]|», fut okktaV", '0 J'H "P •" 

b-^inrXi|iFro«, ov, [opriv,, /K,]rAVi'«) undannled: 
rt ir. daunllesmesi. 

Ir-fHTJt, i!f, later ii, id', (iy^ixoiiai) bearable, i 

4ir-iic-^f>aim>t| or, (a priv., fK-^dfiu} unuUn-ai 

tr-Ottyicrot, or, (« priv., ixiyxa] safe from hei 
patii/iud 1 not to be refuted, also tmrefated. 
. inXJvfloi, int aor. i mpd. nf iv^aip^i. 

Up raff or Nhrf >n winrf fiMBiA Ftv. to Mtf 

lelb, and M fwri aiitf a^JUa. 

to iX j«<«^ t*», T, nb K^ 

to-OM^ £ {■, but mm nao. «)m<«w i mk i <{m 
wn, frmn<aBii.toi«xri«i M AMvwparaMvrdi.- 
ta iaU wt iqi. to *M» *7 * bo<r, to Ms >« 

^> to *iwt to i^M, to *iv teto lym ww* 
Ued., to <lhm to ouMfT' toA«M«i^* towwA 
MM hair.*wiM*. 

'A1^4U<1f^ *H, I, \, (> prir.,*EU^) a«M;iwlV 
Kr-«X«i|, ilif, l> 4t (« prir.) Jluib) wMMrf kf^ 

Z-Oattrai, (v^ (« prir, Jkwlfr} mHw^A 
lepktdjbr- TLA^ ' ■ ' 


ft iqitoVui, ar, (a prir., nt^wmlv} fim fimm 
Mm^ viMaitl q^taw. 

4^4»|TM. •». (■ frir., v^} w( ribtottstoii. 

ftMfiltatMit (iMfut) ai Paaa., to te (Mm* wU d« 

ftrafiv^otip', aor. i para, of ira-fUiiriinai. 

&M|iMtt, Mwo, w, (in/iai) miidf, fiiU of i^»d, 
tifoti to the mmi: tike mbtd, twift at wbtd, 
aiTf. [a] 

AN£HOX> i, a ui/id, breext, gale, storm : BattXa 
ard/toio, a vthtrhoindi irtfiot cori fiopiar iimi- 
nil Iht mad being ia the north. Homer and Henod 
mentJOQ four \vinds, Boreas, Eunu, Notiu (in Has. 
ArgeiCe*), and Zephjnis : Aristotle gives twelve, 
vhich served as points of the oompass. 

Aw|ui-ffxn^, is, (Sniui, rifrrq] sheltering from 
the vind. 

kn^-a^i^yot, or, {irtiat, n^ipar/os) echoing to 
the wind, [a^] 

Avitui-rpa^ijt, J', (Sytf^s, -rpepf) ftd, i. e. raittd 
by the teinrf, of a wave. 

&v-<|i-v68u'rot><»', (a priv.. J/t-nSI£ig) unAinilmif. 

dn|i-ii«i|«, «, (irt^uii, IttAs) nrj/I Of the wmA 

An^^Xioti or, (iriiioi) loiru^, metaph., nrin, idle, 

ivivuca, poet, for iuiiiriiKa, aor. acL of irt^^ipu i 
UirrtUurro, aOT. med., irtruxMs part. aor. i put. 
So pna- 6r-*niKti appeois ia uie. 

ftiwnivo6(, r. Mirttt. 

ivfont, ^ part. aor. 2 fKsn bw-liip, 
/ ^•>-<{-^iXn«T«t, e», (a pnT., ^-•^*^«^ VndeUUc 


dtf€(4TaaT0S &P€V$€, 

the proqf, not convicted or refuted : safe from ques- 
tion : not to be blamed, 

&v-c{-^Tcurro«, ov, (a priv., ^|-cT<i^») noteearched 
mUy not inqtdred into. II. filos kif. a life wi(h- 

oui inquiry. 

&v-c{-nvpcTO<, oy, (a priv.^ i^'tuplffKoi) not to be 
found out. 

&v-c{C-KaKOS, oyy (ia^'4x», kcuc6v) enduring evU: 

&v-^-oSos, oy, (a priv., ^|, 6d6s) with no outlet^ 
without return^ Lat. irremeabUis, 

avcoi or &vco£, v. sub Avfws. 

&v-^opTOf , oy, (a priv., ioprii) without festival^ op. 
hp&y wi^out dhofte m festal rites. 

av^oXro, Ep. for &ycir«Ucro, 3 sing. aor. 1 med. 
£rom &ya-7(£AAA>, with pass, signf., he was thrown up, 
rushed up. 

&v^iravcr«v, 3 aor. i from iiya-va6o», 

^v-cir-axO^Cs ^s, (a priv., ^-ox^y) «o/ 6t<rc2?n- 
some, without offence. Adv. -dais : &y. <f>4p€af not to 

&v^irc<rov, aor. 2 of &wi-ii^irT«. 

&v-ciri-PovXevTos, ov, (a priv., ivi-fiovKc^) without 
phts : act. not plotting. 2. not plotting against. 

Av-cirC-SiKoss oy, (a priv., ^/, dlien) undisputed; 
of an heiress, tUnnit whose marriage there is no 

&v-ciri-8^iCT|TOS9 oy, (a priv., hri^ toK4») unex' 
pected, unforeseen. 

Av-ciri-eCKcia, y\, unfairness : from 

av-ciri-ciinljc, 4s, (a priv., hri-eiicfis) unreasonable, 
unfair ,* Adv. -k&s, 

d^-cirC-icXTp'os, ov, (a priv. hri-Kdkiai) unhlamed. 
Adv. -T«s. 

&v-cir£-XT|irTos, ov, (a priv., iiri-\afxfidyofMi) not to 
be laid hold of or attacked: blameless. Adv. -tms. 

&v-ciri-$caTos, oy, (a priv., hrl, |c(rr<Js) not polished 
over, not finished off. 

&v-cir£-irXT|icTOS, oy, (a priv., ^i-irXi^(r<r<n>) not to be 
reproved : faultless ; but in bad sense, incorrigible. 

Av-cirCp-pcKTOf, oy, (a priv., iwip-p4(u) not used for 

Av-cirC-oiccirTOC, oy, (a priv., iiri-ffKiwrofiat) not 
examining, inattentive. II. Pass. Tiot considered. 

&v-riri-(rTT|p,o(rvvT|, ^, ignorance, inexperience: 
want of skill or science: from 

. &v-ciri-(m^jx»v, oy, gen. ovos, (o priv., hr-i<rro^iai) 
unknowing, unskilful: unscientific : c. inf. not know' 
ing how to do a thing. Adv. -fi6yo»s : also —fioa^yofs. 

&v-cir£-TaKTOS) oy, (a priv., iiri-rdira'CD) not com- 
manded, subject to no one. Adv. —rcas. 
. &v-eirL'nlj8cu>s, oy. Ion. ap-tvirfi^tos, 17, ov, (a priv., 
hriTfj^eios) unfit, incoftveruent, not suitable : preju- 
dicial, hurtful. 2. of persons, ill-disposed, un- 

dy'g^£-^ovo9, OFy (a piiv., hrty <l>$^yos) without 
^ntfy or repraacA f not invidious. 

Av^irvcvcra, aor. i from hnritvin, 

&vtirTd|&T|v, kyhrrfpfy aor. % med. and act, of 

&v-cp^|iai, aor. hfi\pia^, (&m(, ^pixt) to Inw 

&v-^p(urros» ov, (a priv., kpitt) not worthy qf^om^ 
ir. Act. not loving, 

av-epYOS, ov, (a priv., ipyoy) not done, fyy* i^ 
epya, Lat. facta infecta. 

&v-cpc6£taa, f. tffu, to provoke again. 

^Av-cpcCiroiMii, (&V1I, 4ptlvce) Dep. med. only iHad 
4>y Homer in aor. 1, 3 pers. pL hrtip^v^rnvTo s to snakk 
up and carry off. 

&v-cp€wda», ^o'tf, to seart^ out. 

&v-cpcuvi|T0S9 ov, (a priv., iptwda) not eenwHkti 
out : not to be searched out, 

&v-^po|MU, £p. kytlpoiMA, aor. kyrip6faiv, {Mty ^is^ 
fiai) to question, ask. 


&v-^piraa, to creep up. 

&v-^ppw, f. pliaai aor. dyiippfia-a, to come or fp 
au;a^, with notion of bad luck : &yfpp€, away «W 
pou, Lat. abi in makan rem. 

dv-cpvo), f. Iffa, Ion. ky-tip6n to draw up, 

&v-^pXO)fcai, fut. &vcA.€i(o'o/iai : aor. &v^A00fr, tt 
usu. avijXdov, to go up : of trees, to grow up g flf 
the sun, to rise, of fire, to blaze up. • TL 

to go or come back, return : recur to a thing. % 
cfir riya to be referred to or made dependent upom om> 

dv-cpbH-ow, f. 'fiffoo, to ask again or repeatedly. ' 

&v^<raip.L, Ep. opt. aor. i of iw-irifii. 

avcouv, 3 plur. aor. 2 of av-(rifii. 

iLv4iravT€99 part. aor. i from av-efa, q. v. 

6Lv4fr€i, Ep. for hy^ffci, 3 fut. from hf-irifu. 

av-cais, 6CBS, Ion. tos, ^, {hv-ii\iu) a relating, m rf 
the strings of a lyre : but &y-€ais Kox&y an aba^nyfi 
evils : hence relaxation : Ustlessness. 2. a lettiHg 

loose, esp- of the passions, license, 

iLv4craMro, Ep. 3 aor. pass, of kya-ceioo, 

av^OTviv, aor. 2 of kv-lorrifu : 3 pL iiytamqirtm V 

&v-^<moS) ov, (a priv., eor/a) toithout a hearOkVC 
home: vagabond, homeless, 

av^oxeOc, it,y€ax4Bofify, poet, lengthd. for ^k^^X** 
kv4ffxofji€y, aor. 2 of dv-ex«. 

dv^TciXc, 3 aor. i from Ava-reXAw. 

dv^TXriv, lyy, 17, etc., aor. 2 from *&vc£-tXi7jui. 

0V-6TOS, ov, {&y-i7)ixi) relaxed, slack ; strictly rf • 
bow. 2. let loose, licentious. 

dvcTpa4^T|v, aor. 2 pass, from^. 

ovev. Adv., and Prep. c. gen., toithout, Sivtv dtflr, 
Lat. sine Diis, witlwut divine aid: av*<» tow itpof* 
yoyros, Lat. injussu regis. II. atray from,fef 

from. III. in prose, except, besides. 

aveuOc, before a vowel Hyevd^v, {&y€v) I. Prsp. 

c. gen., without. 2. apart from, far from* 11. 
.\ Adv. far auDCu;, distant : out of thie 'U»a|f, 



% ■ 



i ■ 








aveiOvvos — dir/jvoOt. 


ip-dSivMi«» Off, (a priv«9 cM^) not havinff to ren- 
kr wn aeoowiU^ irreiporuibte, opp. to &w-€^i0vyos: 
^otB guiUiets. 

Apf«pclr» inf. aor. 2 of hf-wpivHtt, 

kw <tp t gK» ciff, 4, (jSv'WplffKw) a finding mtt. 

Ar-flMrrof , or, (a prir., edpio'icop) nof found out, 
tut to be found out. 

hr-tvpiaumf f. ai<r»y aor. ivtvpor, un-Att h^tvpd- 
PfPy pMB. iu'€tfpHhiWy to find outy make out, discover, 
Fm. to be found out to be. 

y tm 4 " ll*^**» ^' ^<^ (^^ c^^/1^) to ihout aloud 
^aOijojf i ace. to tome, to erg out cd^/tici. 

ir-c^ofiAi, (AmE, c0xo/mu) Dep. med., to pray 

agaiu 3. to recall a prayer. 

M^fXov, avy (a prir., yc^cAr;) cloudless : unveiled. 

y-iXr^Yf^'^^* ••'> (® P"^'* ^X'^T/^s) unwarranted. 

yi m rty ▼. sub sq. 

ir^^^ impf. ia^txow : also ir-fo^M, hvlirxpv : f. 
In^ also ityeurxAffw : aor. ivitrxoy, Mex^^ov : pf. 
MvXi|Kay aor. pass. iiytax^9riw : a 3 sing. ind. pres. 
WxifO'c also oocurs, as if from iiyixnfu, {lu^d, lx», 
by*) ^0 AoA/ «|i, A[^ up, esp. one*s hands in prayer, 
or in battle : to hold up and shew to one : ay. (fxios, to 
yUvp a light, esp. in phrase ^^cx^* *^cx< ^'t or 
ihiply &^cx^9 ^^^^(^*9 ^^ *^P f"^ ^^^ the light to 
lad the nuptial procession, and so make ready, go 
«. 2. also to exaUy extd. 3. of land, dv^eiv 
iV &cpi|r to put forffh a headland. 4. /o uphold, 
wpport : (0 continue to do ; c. part arip^as Mx^i 
eottJ^uestolave; so of the nightingale, iy. Kicra-Sv to 
keep constant to the ivy. II. to Iiold in, keep in : 

Zf^T arexur, opp. to Scoy, holding up, stopping the 
nun. III. intrans. to rise up, rise, esp. in form 

iiy-iax*^} <*f the sun : to happen : c gen., to rise from, 
recorerfrom, 2. to come forth, project : esp. of a 

faesdland, to Jut out into the sea. 3. to hold on, 
keep doing. Med. ^y-exofiau, f. ityf^ofiai or iycurx'h- 
vofuu : Att. impf. and aor. c. diipl. Mii^\.,iiy€ix6fJirjv, 
^a-x^f^'H'^ • — strictly to hold oneself up, and so to 
hold up against a thing, endure, allow ; eitlier c. 
ace. or c. gen., but more usu. r. part : ahsol. to hold 
nut, last : so in part, iyey^fifvoi <p4pov(ri tliey l)ear 
itith patience. 2. ^v4x€a0ai ^tlpovs to alloir the 

fresence ai£ guests, and so to receive them. II. fo 

hold up what is oriels own, hence iLyix^aOai xe^par to 
hold up one*s hands to fight. III. rarely, to 

hold on by one another. 

'ANE'VIO'S, 6, a first-cousin, but also any cousin, 
a kinsman : fem. iLye^jfuL 

av^drvxOcv, 3 pi. aor. i pass, from &ya-\pvxo. 

&v-cuy an old pres. of hy-lrifii : whence iLvtovrai is rh 
pix'^t*^^ for bjyUvrai they are destined for . . 

arty, V. &y€to, in $vt(os. 

Mtffay Att. perf. 2 from iy-oiyw, part, hvetfrydis, 
always intr. 

bn^itfrn, inaperf. from iy-ofytv. 

hyiitia, also ^yotia, aor. i from &y-oiyw. 

Svffctfs gen. 09, h, ^, is Att form of an obsol. Ac^. 
&i/avos, &ydo5 (a prir., oAta, *&» to ery)y without m 
voice, mute : 6yt<^ nom. plur. 

&vc^0t|v, aor. 1 pass, from by-olyw. 

&VT|, ii, (Jiyw) a fulfilment, 

&v-T|Pd«», f. •fjo'u, to grow young againy Lat repu- 
crascere. Hence 

&v-f|Bvpi(piot9 cb ov, making young again, 

&v-T|po«, oy, [a priv., l}/3i}) not arrived at man*s 

M^YoyoVy aor. 2 from &y-(fyw. 

by-ii\yioikfUy f. ^cofiai, Dep. med., to tell as in 
a narrative, relate. 2. to advance, be borne 


dn^n, Ep. for hy^, 3 conj. aor. 2 of iy-tri/xt, 

byrfitvoiy ij, oy, l&yjiOoy) made of dill. 

'ANH60N, t6, dill, anise, Lat. anethum : also Ayyii' 
Boy; Ion. Ayytiffoy or Hyricov : poet. Ayytirov or 6yriroy. 

dvi^av, 3 pi. aor. i from iu^-edtrffw, 

&vnu>v, €S, c, Ep. for iaqfciy, imperf. of 6y-€tfu, 

dvi^Kafi, &vT|Kcv, aor. i of dv-frj/u. 

dv-^KCOTOf, ovy (a priv., iuc4ofiai) not to be healedy 
incurable : hrfix^ora iroiciy riya to do one irremedi' 
able hurt : MiK^ara vdax^^ to suffer the same. IL 
Act. damaging beyond remedy, most destructive. Adv. 

&v-ilJKOo«, oy, (a priv., iuco-ff) ufithout hearing, 
deaf. 2. Jiecer having heard a thing: hence 

ignorant of it 3. not willing to hear, disobe- 

dient. II. Pass., not to be heard, 

dv-T)Kov(rT^(i), f. ^(Tw, to he disobedient : from 

av-iJKovoToc, ov, (a priv., dKot5«) inaudible: un- 
heard of. II. Act not having heard: not obey- 
ing, disobedinit. 

&v-i{kw, f. (w, {b.vd, l^Ku) to have come vp to a 
point. II. to come bark, return. 

dv-i^XiKOS, oy, (a priv., ^Ai|) not yet arrived at 
wiflw'.v estate. 

&v-i{Xio«, oy, 'a priv., ¥i\ios) sunless, gloomy. 

aKqXtiros, 01/, Dor. aifd\., unshod, barefoot. (I)e- 
riv. uncertain.) 

dv-i]Xv(ri«, 6CBS, r}, {ity-^pxofJiai) a going up, 2. 

a coming hack. 

dvi]Xwaa, aor. i of h.v-a\i(TK(a. 

dv-'tjficXKTOs, ov, {a priv., d/A^\7ctf) vnmilked, 

dv-i]ficpos, Of, (a priv., ^fiepos) not tame, wild, 
savage : of plants, wild : of land, untilled. 

dvi]va<rdai, inf. aor. from ityalyo/xat, of which tense 
are also avrji/aro and ay^V7)Tat, 

dv-Tivcfiifi, 7}, a calm : from 

dv-T|vcp,o«, ou, (a priv., AyefAos) without wind, calm, 
hv-i]Vffxos x* *A«y''w for ivcu hfiyiov xctfwSvcwi', without 
the hlast of storms. 

dvi]voOc, Ep. perf. 2 c. intr. ^^e?*. ^\^l. \ Wwosst 
has it twice, al/na dWivo6€V i^ wr^iX^s gu»>vcd. Jtom 
l/wr/A the wound ; and KvWcni avV^^^v >5afc ^\««a^ 
mounted up, (Root unceitaaii.'^ 


avrjiwoTOs — avOlaTrjiu. 

&v-iljwaT0«9 oy, (a priv., okuw) not to be accom' 
plished, endless, aimless, 

&v-i{v(t>p, opoSf 6f (a priv., iarfip) unmanly^ dastardlp, 
like &y-aylipos, 

^vifirrai, 3 perf. pass, from ity-dnrw, 

&v-T|irv», f. <rw, to cry aloud. 

'ANH'P, d, gen. kifZp6sy dat. -8f>r, aor. -9pa, voc. 
livfpf plur. iif^pes, -ZpS»Vy -ipdffi, -^pas, £p. also 
hfipoi, etc., dat. pi. 2b'8f>c<r<rt : a ma?*, as opp. to 
woman^ Lat. vtV. II. a man^ as opp. to God, 

xarijp kpHp&y r« 0f&v re. III. a man, as opp. 

to a youth. IV. a many emphatically, a man 

indeed ; opp. to HvOponros : 'n-oAAol fikv &y0punroiy 6\i' 
yoi 9h &ulip€9, V, a husband, VI. atrfip 

was commonly joined with titles, as &i^p ^ixatrHis : 
also with names of nations, as Aylipes ''AOnvcuoi. [in 
^p. usu. d in arsi, a in thesi ; but in trisyll. cases 
av4pos, etc. always a : Att always &.] 

&vt|p^6t), 3 aor. i pass, of av-aipita. 

dv-npiOiJios, ovy poet, for ia^-dpiOfios, 

av-ijpoToSf OK, (a priv., &p($») unploughedy untilled. 

aKijo'ov, r6f or avw|<rov. Ion. for &u/i0ov. 

&v-iljaarT)Toc, oy, Att. ov-^mTroj, or &-^mjTos, (a 
priv., rjartrdw) unconqueredy unconquerable. 

am^Tivos, T}, ov, Dor. for hrfid, 

avi)TOV or avwiTOv, r($, Dor. and Aeol. for ^arriBov. 

av-^TTtiTos, ovy Att. for ay'^ffffrjTos. 

&v-ij(t*ai(rTos> ovy (a priv., '^H^atirros) without tJte 
fire of Hephaestus. 

&vi^4^9t)v, aor. I pass, from &v-({trr0. 

avi]4>0cu, 3 imperat. perf. pass, from iv-ciirrctf. 

avi^X^^> aor. i pass, from ay-dyco. 

&vijt|rcv, avi)t|rav, aor. i 3 sing, and pi. from aV'dirru). 

avO-aip^ofiai, f. 'ficrofiaiy Dep. med. {ami, alpia) 
to choose a thing instead of another : to prefer, choose 
instead. II. to dispute, lay claim to, 

avd-aXCaKOfiai, f. a\ii><rofiai : aor. ^Xwv, pf. eoAwKa 
or jjKcDKa : (ovr^, aKiffKOfiai) Pass, to 6^ caught, over- 
thrown in turn, 

av6-afJkiXXao)Jkai, Dep. c. fut. med. -^cronat, to vie 
with another, be rivals : to race one another. 

avO-airrofiai, f. ^ofiai, Ion. avT-dvrofiat, Dep. med., 
to lay hold of, meddle unth, engage in. 2. to 

lay hold of seize, attack. II. to lay hold of in 


CLvOciov, r6, (&u6os) a blossom. 

OLvd-eiCT^ov, verb. Adj. from ayr-exwt 0^^ must hold 
to, cleave to, 2. one must resist, 

kvB'ikKia, f. ^0), to draw or pull against. 

CLvOcfia, arcs, r6, poet, for ayd-Oefia, or avd-0r]fia. 

av6€p.i£, Dep. med., {^vdefits) to pluck afiotcer. 

avO^fiiov, r6,=&vBosi ayOe fiioy iariyixivos tattooed 
vnth flowers, 

avOcfiCs, iZos, ^,=&v0os, 

Jiy0£/i6€is, ftrtrof ^v, also ^u, €y, blooming, flowery: 
of works in metal, embossed wUh flowers : from 

&v6c|iovy r6, (ay04w) = &vOo5, a flower : metafili. 
&y0ffia xRvffov ^flower, i,e.^ chmcest of the gold. 

&v6c|ji.^p-pvToc, oy, (jiy0€fioy, pl<o) fknoing frtm 

&vOcp.-ovpY^9 6y,{*&y0efioy, Kpyai)workinginJlowtlf$, 

&v6c|&-woi)s, €s, contr. for ity0tfio-€t9^Sy (iy0€/U¥fd' 
80s) flowery, blooming, 

&vO^{, fut. med. from kyr-4x^' 

avdcoy Ep. for h^dJQwo, ovdBov, imperat. aor. 2 medf 
from ^va-rf^/it. 

dvdcpcuv, &yos, 6, (ivOew) the chin, Lat. meniunu 

avO^piKoc, 6,=iiy04pi^, a stalk of com, 

ivBipii, Mos, 6y {pB^p) the beard of an ear of oonii 
the ear itself. 2. a stalk, 

cLvdcoxiv, £p. for Avcdco-av, 3 plur. aor. 1 fron 

'Av6c(rn^pia, wy, rd, strictly, the Feast of Flommtf 
the three dap* festival of Dionysos at Athens, in die 
month Anthesterion. 

'AvOcoTTipicov, &yos, 6, the month Antheeierkt^ 
eighth of the Attic year, answering to the end tf 
February and b^inning of March, in which ik$ 
Anthesteria were celebrated. . 

*Avd€o--(^<Spia, coy, rd, the Anthesphoria, a tetini 
in honor of Persephone, who was carried off whSh 
gathering flowers : from 

avdco--^pos, oy, {&v0os, ^4pta) bearing flowers* . 

avdcTo, £p. for av40ero, 3 sing. aor. 2 med. fni^ 

ikvBita, iftrto, to shoot up, sprout: to bloom, blotmmt 
metaph. of the sea, dy0€7y yexpoTs to be overtprmi 
with corpses ; of coloi*s, to shine : then of prosperity s 
dv0, dvZpdffi, to flourish, abound In men : to be at M# 
height, as a disease. 

av6i), Ti^—&v0os, a blossom. 

&v6t)P($S, a, 6y, {dy06Q)) flowering, blooming: heocB 
fresh, young. Metaph., in full force, in petfrn^ 
tion. 1. bright colored. 3. of style, florid, 

&vd-T|aaaofjkai, pf. dv0i^<r<njixai, as Pass., to be beaUll^ 
in turn, give way in turn. 

avBr\-i^po9, oy, =dy0€<r-<t>6pos, flower-bringing. 

&vdCt», f. icTM, {liy0os) to strew with flowen ; # 
deck as with flowers ; and so to dye with colon. 
Pass, to bloom : to be dyed : 7iy0ifffi4vo5 metaph. of 
one whose hair is sprinkled with white. 

&v0iv^, if, 6y, {&y0os) of flowers, blooming, fresh* 

av6-iinra£ofiai, f. dcrofiai, to ride to meet, ride ^p 
against. Hence 

&v6-i'inrao'£a, tj, a riding against, a sham-fyJU ^ 

av6-iirircvu, = iLy0'Vmrd^oiiai, 

&vO-L<rTT|fii, f. iu/TiffT^crco, (ayrt, Iffrrifu) to Ml 
against, esp. in battle : to set over against : to com* 
pare, Lat. componere. II. intrans. perf. kif* 

0€ar7]Ka ; aor. 2 iLV04(Tr't)v : to stand against, with' 
stand, oppose. III. Med. ay0'l<rTafMu, to unth-' 












ivMUurci hitii^f'^ntia 


Mo-G£turot, Of, (Sveot, tlana) Mngmjimin. 

Mb-E^co«, or, (Sv«ai, SfX"!^) r M l MM gJhwtn. 
i'Ma-K«|iiw, lo tenil Vomers : from 
bk-EVo«, or, (li>«a[, KOiiiw) teaSHg^mtlt. 
hto-tpimot, OV, (Uveal, KpiKo) WMM V WMiW 

Mo-Xirrla, i, a pietin^ or galhermgjittttn r 'Ar- 
Ai*»Tlaiwere colleetion> oT smnll " 
wveral authon, which one editm 
vfr«^ mto a not^aj/^ From 

irfo-Xi^t. o>', (GiSnt, A<7u) gathm^Jhmtt. 

I Ma-rof4t^ to feed on Jtmtert: fi«m 
Md-hIkoI. op, (trSoi, v/^^uu) fa 
■ 'M^rXtCw, f . fiwo, lo arm againal. 
Uh armed, arm one f If againal. 
httft, poet, for irtiopi, 3 aor. 3 1 
U-op^A^ f. 1^, h Re at anchor, tt MM*W 41- 

P ("ft 


'ANeOS, COT, W : lAnl u-Mch bvdt, m 
I iprml ; a finret ; the bloom of a fik 
ffingi, the froth or jjchib on uioter ; fr 
^^ «i, the crust on old vinea. Mm , 
lw/o»n- of a thing : in gen, graet, pMl, 
M» lie height of anf thing, bad M Will M gooai 
mfaiMfAlnBH of color. 

Ku^Cm, <r>, d, [irrl, hsf.'^] TeUBavfJhmmt 
HlillRL mreel-gceTiled, at epithet of whM. 
[ Mo-4op^ to bearjoaeri : and 
V 'toBo ^ pia. T(f,='Ar«ci-fiiipia : ft«B 
r M>-^«, or, (Ki4ai, ^</ki>j iaorn^ fkmen, 
I Jfcwrtj: Miiminx). 

I tApiaif, ias, i, {lii9ptt(j a chareotU-trumer. 

I MfStKitt, {htepaxfis] lobe a charcoaUmmer! to 

I hra to a cinder. 

hliliU. SI, 4, ('•■'^ « Am;i ^«imi/ or Aoreoal, 

' * ~ ' t, Aow, {Srdpeii) to turn into coal, ium 

'AM9PAS, Skdi, J, raol at charcoal, i 
'U(ePH'NH,4>a«^'i'-i^-- in gen.. 
Mf^vtov, T^ (A< hoaeyeomb nf a 


bee. Hence 

') i^iSriptmi, ip4om) a man- 

MpwAplor, ri. Dim. fivm bSpanroi, a nonniA^tn, 

MpmAf, oontr. irO)m»Ti , ii, Ion. irSponiAf, pib. 

ktpAw a o t , B, er, Lm. irSpwrjbi, i], ap, (&4pig- 
•w] ^ or beloBffiBg la man, befitting man'i nature, 
fit, hwmatti Adv. -wf, Ay Auman ni«aiu, in aS 

•MMi Hri. (0 taiw kwKan nalan. An j!; iecane 

to Mm, Ammmj ««> vl l H |w b r w i> ill *MnHi<' 

M. Ifi^ii^iir to 

wm-fDA i •■ a MM MM, AM 
MpM«*«S4«, h, (M>«M> Am) Of or tedU 

MpMr*-cmi«t to MMir mm, *. L fiir M|pM*- 
«f»wi thnt 

MpiMV-nAvit iVi { to |nwr m . vrvW) mmlrrliM 
mtn, kemitilM: H. m>fmK. M fn4 Kn ni jlJ 
■ fcedfaf M Wk>W*tor*K IM». 

WpMM — (h , ^ J ■■r H w y </■■!> > from 
M fmw* WMitt iiti {li*fir*n, smAi] wMiy «MN. 
'ANePOnOa, J, mm, phir. of &>«pMH, wn ^ 
Mn«rB^ wW wd f hl /idlimu, finrn irtpJm^ 
mcMt or Imm of ilL Uke Mh It fa Jobod to aiu 
oCher Subrt., « fe^ ittnit ■ wiT&rii^ men. A* 
app. to Jb>4p, it axnr c we i oontmpt, h Lu. Amm 
mnk to vir I lued in addraalng kEbvo, t trtpKwe'. 
The fern. 4 If^fmat, (Uke Asau fan. in l^x.) * 

fatpM^o g^lylwi (fErdjpvnr, it^ttw) to jJIqp or 

impOT-ovpYJ*, if, (IpBpwai, *lp7u] =&)<B(M1«- 
nufi, moMnf; man. 

A*(pHTO-^>iw, to eat men or tnon'i JfeiA .■ from 

&i4|Mflro.^7ot, 0*, {irSpaiwB!, ^irftlf) eatiTig men; 
eannibal. [i] 

i.r^fttwo-i'i^t, is, {Sreptrrot, pi4) qf man's naJurA 

ir-B f i imM , ihortd. for )irii-9piiffiiu. 

i*fl-uppCt«, iim, to altiie one another, aoute in 

ib^-inr-^-Yit, lo bring lo trial or indict in turn. 

At^-vrirvtM, to be pro^coiuid ' from 

&rB-vir&Tot, 6, a procontui, for iyrl MeraVf Let. 
pro conjufc. 

&r6-inro-Kp[va|iu, fut. KpTvoSiuu, ((bri, ^ro-Kplra- 
>iBi) to dissemble or niafce preteneet intlead. Or In 

AvS-iflT-mTUSti, {Ityrt, Sr^rrtia] to tutpecl tau- 

LrB-vit-oiipyiti, (irri, ir-ooayiu) lo return a tinrf- 
neu. Hence 

Z'&sj oneself under a thing tn antfiust-fc ileoA, ' 
^»*» m onetel/, imdertakejvt aiwSoer. 


'ANI'A — &vobos. 

'ANI'A, 71, Ion. iWij, grUify sorrow, distress, trouble: 
Homer uses it act. of a person, Soirbs iLyiri the annoy- 
ance of our feast. [£p. atvi-i later i or 7, as 'the 
verse requires.] Hence 

avi<£C(t>, to grieve, distress, IL intr. to be grieved 
or distressed, feel gri^, sorrow, [T] 

&v-ido|Mii, fut. OffofMi, Dep. med., to cure again, 
restore, [I, but also < ; cL in pres., d in fut.] 

&viap<$c, d, 6v, Ion. and Ep. winpSs, (&yi(£») griev' 
mis, distressing: irreg. compar. kvlripiffTtpos, II. 

grieved, distressed. Adv. ^ws. [In Homer and 
Sophocles always dyl- ; later T.] 

dv-Caross oi', (a priv., iiofiau) incurable : of men, 

&via(t>, fut. ^», Ion. iiffa, (di'^a) to grieve, distress. 
Pass. c. fut. med. durofuu, to be grieved, etc. : hfia- 
cBai rovTo to be vexed at this. Homer has part. aor. 
pass. ayiriOtls absoL for a joyless, melancholy man. 
hfi^aro. Ion. 3 plur. opt. pres. pass. \l in Homer 
always, later also t.] 

dviociv, inf. aor. from a pres. *&y-c£2t», to look up, 

&v-C8pvTos, ov, (a priv., {$/><}») unsettled, restless : 
esp. having no fixed home. 

&v-i8pa>T£, Adv. of sq., without sweat : hence /a- 
2!i/y, slowly. 

&v-£8pa>ros, ov, (a priv., t8f><Sw) no^ thrown into a 
sweat, not exerting oneself. 

avUi, 3 sing. imp. of iaf-ii\fu, 

dvCcfiai, Pass, and Med. from ia^-irifju. 

dvio'ai, inf. pres. from hj^-itiyLi^ to send up, 2. 

inf. from Ay-eifii (elfii to go) to go up. 

dv-Upos, Off, (o priv., t€p6s) unholy, impious. ['»] 
' dvCco-Kc, lengthd. Ion. for SivUt, iipiri, imp£ from 

dvLT|OeCc, Ion. for &yia0els, part. aor. pass, from 

dv-iT|p,i, imperf. hfir]v. Ion. and Att. auUiv, €is, ti, 

lengthd. 3 sing, iv/ecr/ce : fut. aviiffu, also ivtoru : 

aor. I ainJKa, Ion. ov^ko, Homer also &v^ffa : aor. 2 

not used in sing, ind., but in inf. hfcTyai, though 

Homer has 3 plur. AytaraLy, conj. carffp for &vy, opt. 

d.v€ir}, part, c^veures. Pass. iifUfuu, aor. aycGriy, perf. 

iLytifiai. {avd, Irjfii). To send up or forth, make 

spring up, produce, as the earth : esp. to send up 

from the nether world. II. to send back. HI. 

to let go. 2, iuf. rivi to let loose against one, set 

upon him, like Lat. immittere alicui : hence in gen. 

to set on, 3. to let alone, let. 

J\Ied. ayUfxai, to loosen, undo. 

Pass, to be let go, go free, part. pf. pass, avuficvos 

going free, left to one^s will and pleasure : hence in 

gen. dvei/ueVo; ets ri wholly engaged in a thing: 

hence, IV. like Lat. remittere, to relax, strictly of 

a bow, to unstring : hence to neglect, give over, remit. 

Pass, to be slack or unstrung, V. intrans. in Act., 

to relax, be remiss, Lat. remisse agere. [cm Ep., wl 

&viT|p^, ^, 6v, Ion. for it^iapds, 
aviKO) Dor. for rfuiica. [t] 

dv-WrcvTOt, ov, (a priv., (kctc^) noi €nireai§i: 
act. no/ entreating. 
d-vCicif)Tos, ou, (a priv., yucdEor) unoonquerBdf wmm- 

&v-vXius, «y, gen. w, Att. for dir-iXaoi, (a prir., 
7\e05) unmerciful. [£] 

dv-lfUUt, f. ^o'», usu. iiffofiai, {ityd, liids) to dnm 
up, as water, strictly by lesser straps. 3. intr. 

sub. kavr6v, to mount up. 

CLVios, ov, (&v/a) '^hvuxp6s* 

&v-iinrcvaa, to ride on high, 

cLV-iinroc, ov, (a priv., Xincos) without a hone^ mt 
serving on horseback : of countries, tmntited fm 

&v-iirTa|&ai, Dep. med.,=&va-ir^o/Mu, q.T. 

d-viiTT^-irovs, 6, 71, TTovv, r6, gen. toUos, {iL-vapna^ 
vois) with unwashen feet, 

a-vnTTOSy ov, (a priv., vlirru) unwashed, a. mat 
to be washed out, 

&vif , Boeot. for &v€u, also Megarean. 

av-uros9 ov, also 17, ov, (a priv., Vros') tmequait 
even : metaph. unfcar. [I Ep., i Att.] 

dv-ur^, to make equal, equalise, Med. and 
to 6« eqv4il in a thing. 

dvCora and dv£«rn|, for hfimnBiy imperat. fiom 

dv-urrdvu, later form for sq. 

dv-CaTTip.1, f. hvatrriiffa, aor. i ioniffa, (di^, tnrf 
/u) I. trans, in pres., impf., fut. and aor. i, li 

make to stand up, raise up, set up: esp. to rani 
from sleep, and from the dead: later, to «l i^ 
buUd: also to 6ut/(i tfp again, 2. to roiMf lb 

action : to stir up to rebellion, 3. to moAre people 
rise to leave their homes : transplant them ; tlioiipi 
in Pass., and intr. tenses, it usu. means to be «*• 
peopled, laid waste; X^P^ wearrTiiana a wa^ti 
land : also to make suppliants rise and leave jmhw- 
tuary. 4. to raise men for war. II. in aor. 

Med. also trans., dvoo'T^o'adrdcu 7r6\iv to raise a dtf 
for oneself. III. intrans. in pres. and impf. "Ptmtt 
and in act. aor. 2 av4ar7jv, perf. icTtiKa, and plqpfl 
€(rrfiK€iv, to stand up, rise : also to m« from tmiia 
seat as a mark of respect, and from sleep : also fxoa 
the dead : to start up for action, dv. ran to rise Mp 
against one : to rise from an illness : to rise to ge^ 
set out. 

i,v-iaTop4ia, to make inquiry, ask. 

dv-CoTw, for aviaracro, imperat. from hv-Urrofua, 

dv-£ox«>>) = dv-exei', to raise, lift up; intr. i^texu 
9l\ios the sun rises. 

dv-ixvcvcu, to track, search after. 

dwclrai, poet, for dvavelrcu, from itya'v4ofuu, 

dv-{T|paCvu, poet, for ava-^rjpaiva. 

dv-o8os, ov, (a priv., 6d6s) having no road, c 






Ir-aSot, q, (ari. Hit I a way up i esp. into orntral 
ia^ li. a Kay back. 
B-aKpa|uu, Dep. mad., lott up a icailing. 
Jrvsq|uw, in/, gea. «wt, (b priT., m^) Mnjrigw. 
i-wiqro tt av, (n prir-, rotei) wif Ihoashl on. Mtf <a 
ftdaH^on. 11. AdL sol vaderitan^ag, foot- 

it: laiTeotatiable, gieitiji way Id poiiion, Lot. ohkhs. 
tef|, (ivaos) vHtat vf umiarstandrng, f/Jly. 
vfu and Lr-otpi, Ep. irWyyil^i, f. avoltH ; 
IfcAqd. uigiD., B> iuipf. iiiri^r/oT : Ma. t iyiifia, int 
~ 1, also &rif^a^ pf. i ayi<f}(a, pf. 2 luiifyt,, bUo 
ad.c. pau. Hgn£ dveiv^B/uu: (Ju^,af]w). i. 
^Cfwn, ujiillB. l.iQetx(Ai.liilagepen,iiuiUoae, 3. 
kaautical tenn, iduoL, fo ^^ into lA« ofi^n tea. 
f^lo be open. 

it-w M ij, 4<™i '" mv// up ; fti jiw/' uM paasioa, 
I i>^uc(tu, fut. liru, Att i«, /o reiuiJif. II. to 

tkt aDOChrr cAoiijM Aii dweUmgt lo remove B penon 
f^hii abode. Pus., and M«d., fanitmiM. i. 

.(. 4>. xJhu' fo dupeopU a city. IlL in Pua., 

jkfe iiti// up Ihe emnlTS, aaayfrom lie matt. 

jwSgfi^u, 'iiHii, [iri, Bluo-iaitiii) fp build 
IL (i> rviuiU. III. lo mall Up. 
I, or, (a priv., •!»!) fiau)ff«i, hamtleam. 
jtf-ounimr, vsrii. Adj. fram^-(i>')>a,<»utBu<f opsn. 
'^^LrTurroc, ok, fa prtT., oucri" 

priv., ofrrsi) piii7e*(, rulhlea, 

Mil, <o imi/ idoud. 

from sq., rdiAouf «>ai/>n^: b1h> 
W<l»XMiJ lo waU, i. e. u^ impuni/y. [i] 
It lAiMiiui, Dv, (a priv., oiiiii/') tavoomtud. 
Imwi, m£ Bor. 1 from in-tiyti. 
■fawftfc —a, 11, (&r-alywiti) tut apeaiag. 
l»«i«Tfar, verb. Adj. of iva-^poi, orw ntiuf r^porj. 

tilmnifir tUadm. 

b>t>w, Alt. of ifn-f tp». 
&aiTOf 3 opt. prea. pass. &om £fu. 
biixMtnv, 3 pi. Bor. i coDJ. |«u. from hi-vlyw. 
fc <>(!(■, lb (bHiA^st) areUhtdneia, iha Xalaofan 


'{afm.,li,fitt)u7iblesl,vmUJKd. II. 
■»(£!((, in/Uwi^ail. 

tr-AaSoM, or, (a priv., GAtSpoi) iis( rumed. 
. J> ■>»% ^ (ar-<[Am} a drainiaig up. 
' ' • ~ s fit- *H ('«'. *^oA"Ci.) (D <n* aloiid, 
wiAjej/: aisii, from fear. 2. lo 

I, 11. Act. to make one thout. 

D^. ined., (hri, oVsf d/Ki>u») lo 
bnak ialo loud aa^ng. [ii] 
Ir-ofj^poc, Of, (a prir. , K^i^Spai) tn'fADUf rain. 
' ' ' '" i) lo ael lawle. 


l-«M% «v ante. bMMs «»»{• j/m^ 



Ml, i w iiBliB» J, or from Im^— Inaftp^t, lijatiwd^ ^» 
fMlbairi T-i|-inl h i f i w iii iwi f i— . rtlag It 

- -. ^.__J,(«»*T,^At)-llMt- 


irjpwh a, w, (inbi) aiai^r, eauragMm, Oa 

ar-afWw, M M( uprif U ofom, jf< iqi wAai bw 
faUen ; lo ut ilraighl again, jd tvAl^ 
Sr-fpftni, w, (a piiT., Spfist) without harbor, {«• 

w-opo^H, oOmi, ta ttmrt vp, lamp up t to nnwf 

iv-^pa^oi, »v, (a prir., Vf«) roqfitu. 

iv-opTaXtt«, fTu, (dvii, ipTo^^B} to flap Ihe ain§i 
and CTOa, ta tirui. 

iv-apdovw, Att. -rrm, fut. {», (&kI, Jp^rrgt) to 4o 
up what hai been bmiad : i», ripav la break open a 

Ai^'Opx^Bf"! 'ficof^ to jwnp up ontl dawe aiawf. 

iv-4vM(, av, or a, Dv, (b priv., So-wi) unAo^v, iRsIw^ 
liBt. prqftnuf : irioiot Mnii a coipte trilA nil the 
ritet tmpaid. 

t-vmrai, av, loo. tvmovi, (a priv., r6ina, raiirei) 
teithout ticlmeii, AaoJAy, ravnif; of (hiiigi, ,^w 
/ram all defect, hsalthg : i-vaaoi Ktudir untovclM 

4-vJaTi|wti •I', (a prir., rivrifioi) =»n. !!■ >M>( 
to ie rcfraiinj. 

£-raaT0«, Of, (,■ prir., crfarei} vilA«u< r«(unk 

dr-araritM, (inl, irvrtiL) to break iMt mta vMilN»B. 
, ir-eiS.Tx>t, of, [ b T>nT*i Ml') vsUlMut tw t wOmw 


S,VOVS &VT€KTp€X(0. 

&-vovf y ovy, contr. for &'Voos, q. v. 

&-vov<ros, oPy Ion. for i-i^offos, q. v. 

&V-0VT&T0S9 ovy (a priv.y odr^v) iint('ot<tid(?(/. 

&v-ovTY|T^ Adv. of foreg., tcithotU wound, [i] 

kv-oxA* ^> (^"^X^) ^ holding back, stoppingy esp. 
of hostilities, an armistice. IL (Av-^x^A^^) ionQ- 

steering, forbearance. 

avoTOy £p. shortd. imperat. for ia^durroy itydtmiOi, 

ivtrrdsi &v(m^p.cvai, &v(m^(rcif i &voti{9«»V| &v- 
oti{tv|v, £p. shortd. forms for iofuffrds, etc 

&vaTp^ilrciav, for hfaarpit^tiov, 

&¥aX^i€iVf &K0XC0, for ia'aax^^^^t ^Affxov, 

&v-(rxcT(Ss, for &i^(i-<rx< 

SvTO, (&yT^) Ayn/jv) Adv., over against, face to 
face. II. as Prep. c. gen., over against ; Aina 

irap€iduv before the cheeks, of a veil: confronted 
with .• most freq. in hostile sense, against, &in-a Aihs 

&VT-&YOpdC«*, dffa, to bug in return. 

iiVT-ayopvun, to speak against, reply s to contradict. 

&VT-&Y«*v£tofUii, fut. itroyLoiy Att. Xovfiai, Dep. med., 
to struggle against, vie with, esp. in war : to dispute 
with : as Pass, to be set against. Hence 

&VT-&Ywvum^fi, ov, d, an adversary, rival. 

&VT-acCpa», = iarr-atpa, Med. djfratipeffOat x»fx^ rivi 
to raise one's hands against one. 

avT-aOXoss ok, (i^rf, c^\os) rivcdling. 

&vT-ai8€op.ai9 f. iffofiouy as Med., to respect one 

&VTaios, a, or, (&yra) 5ef ov^ against, right op- 
posite : kvraia, so. frKijTffi, a wound in front. 2. 

hostile. II. besought with prayers, hence t& &Krcua 
6CC0K prayers to the gods. 

&VT-aCpw, f. oif>cD, /o rat«e against. II. seemingly 
intr., ^0 ri«« up against, 

kyT'ttxrita, to demand in return. 

'ANTAKAroS, 6, a sort of sturgeon. 

&VT-&KOVM, o^arofjuu, to hear in turn ; to listen in 

&vT-aKpo(io(uii, f. dffofiai, Dep. med.,=foreg. 

&vT-aXaXdtw, f. d^u, to return a shout. 

&VT-dXXaYfJka9 ctrros, r6, that which is given or taken 
in exchange ; an exchange : from 

&VT-aXX(iarww, Att. -ttw, fiit. ^ot, to give or take 
in exchange : Med., to take one thing in exchange 
for another. 

&VT-&f&cCp<0, ^Q>, to give or take in exchange : Med, 
to exchange, 2. esp. to give back bad treatment, 

to requite : also to give words in exchange, answer. 

&VT-afAcit|ris, €(0S, 71, an exchanging, 

&VT-ap.iJvo|Jiai, as Med., to defend oneself against 
another, resist. 2, to requite, 

avT-ava-PiPd][a>, f. dew, to make go up in turn, 

dvT-av-d'yw, to lead up against, esp. to put out to 
sea apainst : in gen. to attack, 
dyr-ay-aXCa-Kw, Ac^cu^ to use up, destroy in return. 

ivT-ava-piw, to wait instead. 

&VT-ava-ir£p,'irXT|p.i, to fill in turn or m op|Mftlioii.' 

&vT-i£v-ci|&i, (iurri, &ni, tlfu) to go up agmnat^ 

&vT-av-Urn||ii, to set up against or instead qf. Med* 
to rise up againsL 

&VT-d{iot» a, ov, worth just as much asy eqidtnUenL 

&VT-atidi», to demand as an equiwdent, or in tufiL 

&inr-air-aiT^«i9 to demand in return, 

&VT-airo-8cCicvv|&i, f. 8ef|», to prove in r^um of 

&VT-airo-8£8»|ii, fut B<&(r», aor. 3 ^kiP : past, lot 
~ZoQi\iroiMi : aor. i -JtZ6Bj\v ; to give back, reqink^ 
repay. II. to render, i. e. make so and lo. IIL 
to answer : intrans. to correspond with. IVi 

to deliver in turn : to explain in turn, Henoe 

&vT-aird-8o<n«, €ws, ri, a giving bade in him, W- 
payment : reward, 

&VTairo8ovvai, inf. aor. 2 of &rr-cnro-8(8wfU« 

&VT-airo-8vo|Jiai, (iun-i, dtiro-96ofuu) Med. c. Mt 
aor. idvv, et perf. J6&vKa, to strip against another f 
hence, to prepare for battle. 

dvT-diroiva, up, rd, (&yrf, &iroiva) repajfrnenL 

&VT-airo-KpCvo|iai, to answer again. 

drr-airo-KTcCvw, f. lerwvw, to kUt m return. 

i.vr''6\kv}^%^todestroyinretum. Pass^andMeii 
c. perf. 2 act. ^6Kxo\a, to perish in turn. 

dyr-airo-flHiCvM, to shew, prove on the other ha n i w 

dvT-i£irTO)Jkeu., Ion. for iu^O-Airrofieu. 

&vT-apK^w, 4(rw, to be a match for or hold out agtdndt 
absol. to hold out. 

&VT-a(nr(£(o|i(u, f. dffofjuu, Dep. med., to greet it 
turn : to receive kindly. 

avr-avyita, to rqfiect light : ahsol. to glitter. 

AvT-avyiijs, €j, (darrt, aiyfi) reflecting light, gSt' 

dvT-avSdtt, f. iiffto, to speak against, answer. 

ayr-oAia, iiva, to sound in turn, answer, [u] 

dvTdw, Ion. iunico, f. ^<r0, (JSarra, kmi) to 
opposite to, meet with, fight with : of things, to 
with, take part in, 

&vtcP<$Xt|oxi, aor. i from ityri-Po\4», 

&VT-ciKdta>, f. darot, or dtrofxai, to compare in reha% 

dv-TcCvci), poet, for ava-^^ivw. 

ivT-clirov, (wri, itrw) aor. 2 without any prea. in 
use, to speak against or in answer, gainsay. 

&VT-c£po|Jiai, Ion. for hn-ipoyiai. 

&vT-cis-aY(i>, ^<o, to introduce instead, subsHtute, 

&vT-cis-<t*cp», f. oitra, to pay, contribute for A*- 
other, cf. €ls-<popd. II. to substitute one thing fef 

dvT-cK-KX^irTw, i^fco, to steal away in return. 

dvT-€K-K<5irT«, f. i^w, to knock out in return. 

avr-€K-ie\iia, to sail out against, 

dvT-cK-TcCvw, to stretch out against : hence to com' 
pare one with another, measure with or by another* 

iLVT-CK-T^iyjA) i» ^9^iV^\)yM.V) to sa/^v out against. 








JbrtXfl/fc ^ i y ■ h fT tfi bff. 


M|npr» aor. 9 med. of hrri^ha^tfii^m. 
•nyDor. ftr hrrdhXawrOf p«rt.iBai. from t^ 

Mil pO0t* fiV cbw>T^AM« 

•Qh^ fdt (f)v, Att. », *9k&p9hui9ad. 
P^XXity f. jBlAA^ Intr., A» fMlsf «m <MrHHf In 

P^P^Ch^ f. dEsiaf^ to|»ttl o» ftoortf inttBod. 
iMy 3 oo^j. aor. 3 pan. from iq. 

MBii|u, f. Sifow, lo^ifwmiff inliiffk 
iyMi f . ifytf to egpmi initemL 
■|M» io mmdk cmi offobnt. 

Sp|U|arH» •«, ♦, (*rrl, !(, 4pimC») a tMng 

atWiit £ «0ii, A» innoiM {» rsfuni. 

lUMy Io nuA ifpon, ttttaok. 
j^4jm9 t,fy»,topooui effokui. 
If ai fi i> A> mtareh out agAut. 

Io form ootmUr^detigm* 
k, f. Sc1£m, A» ihowjorih <r» lum. 

mtmpim^ to help fa tvlvm. 
■fnXcofiai, Dep. c. fat. med. ^iroiuuy et aor. 
1^ 19 gwe heed fa fifm. 
•)iiAX«>, to be altpops about to act in return, 
-OTparevoi, to take the field against. 
•TMnro, f. |a>, /o enjoin in turn. 
-yevji^o^MXy Dep. med. c. perf. pass. rrre(- 
• bt/M forts against in retaliation, 
•TC0i||ti, fut. G^o'oty io appoint in turn. 
^c», loof, (ovTt, ^pavos) to contribute one*s 

rrqs, ov, 6, a rival in love : from 
», to love in return : io rival in love, 
8«0, f. (Tctf, io fix or prop against^ to plant 
II. intr. io set oneself steadfastly against. 
LaXflon,-€ipo/JLai,(avrly4ptofiai) io ask in turn. 
»|Mii,, {Sanri, ipico) io make equal in weight 
ace, to value equally with. 
f (iufrtf ipia) fut. without any pres. in use ; 
ipiiKa ; cf. avreirroy : io speak against, gain- 
t. med. c. pass, signf. obd^y ayrtipiitrerat no 
ill be given. 

8, 09T0S, 6f strictly return-love, love-for4ove. 
TOM, f. ^0, io ask in turn. 
|v, ind. aor. 2 from avQlcrTHfU. 
•pycT^a*, to return a kindness. 
^ct, io wish well in return, 
^ or &vT-£axw9 f b.vdilo», (atni, ^x^y ^<rx®) 
wnst, X^H^ Kparhs hfr. io hold one*s hand 
no's head ; &j^. ri ti)xjAairt Io Aoid a thing 
b'» eyea. IL intrans. /o Ao/dou^ a^amsi, 

Mad. la heUl out tutAtui lofnathfagt lalir^ e; 
gen. oiil7» la Mi a» Ak Mef Up, abOTV 19. 

4rr-4Xiaty oti (An^ f^Ms) mofto l&a nmr L a. 
looMaf Mvl^ eeutefnt lienea MjEMan iariAMc, ita- 
tueiofgodswhidi«i0otffallba#wi. II. agwifA» 

ai^niVy AflT»| (aiff^ Mff wMi f ooflr a yaiiufc 4. 

fofwetrdtt kn freest fitee iof^eoe^ openly. 

M^<^ipan|ay ovy a^ ^oTfy ^pvniff^ ana waa fWf 
c^^Kafailaiiochari lngen.ariaaA 

7«l ar^wia y Arribfif Uowi a< i a «f at tha matt* 

Arr^ipdt ^>> 4* (^krr-t0fff8i«) a tfty, im»p ; • beam 
to euj^oH iStm outer tfanban of a lUpIs bcnr, in eua 

Amfoaiiy 3 opt aor. firam &rnfa. 

Arr^mlii, Dor. -^x^ (^M» fe^) ^ «v-aeAa. 

'ANTry(Prap. e. gen.) t cn^. rignf. e/oer ejaimft I. 
of plaoa onlyi opj^eUe^ b^fS^ H. nta. to danola 
wcvth, vahia, putforffbr, Lat. /wv, fatlar, Arrt vox- 
Afir Xodf' la<ri, ha !■ ybr, L a. tsorA many peopla x 
henoe i. fa talofii^. ^^fhr^eakeqf. 3. 
<7Ml0a€f<{/^^. 4. to mark oompaziton, Ir M* 

Ir^ one aet ageinet the other, e ompa redwith it. 5* 
with Terbs of entreaty, like wp69 c gen., Iff. 

In Compos, it lignifiee i. over ^^8fafff,ae in 
kmUicopos. 1. in opposition to, as in &m-iroXc- 

/x/w. 3. one against another, mutually, as in &m- 
8c|t($ojua<. 4. in return, as in iam-fioriOdcff, 5. tn** 
f^eoef, as in ityr-^ipap. 6. e^utf/ /o, /lAre, as in 

&i^(-deo;. 7. corresponding, as in kml-fiopipoi, 

dyrCo, Adv., s= iarnjv, strictly neut. plur. from &rrfos. 

dyrULav, &VTUUur6c, inf. et ind. pr. from h.miAu. 

&vTtd];», dcTM, Dor. ify9, {jkmri) to come or go towards, 
meet, as friend or foe. 2. of things, to meet with, 
obtain, II. to approach toith prayer, entreat. 

avTi-^v€ip&, 71, fern. Adj., {ivri, iurfip) a match for 
men ; but II. orcfcts kyridyeipa faction wherein 

man is set against man. 

&vTiaa», f. do-Q), (ami, ian-Us) io meet, as friend or 
foe : to match, measure oneself with : rarely in signf. 
of coming io aid, 2. of things, to go io meet, go 

in quest of c. gen. rei : of an arrow, io hit : of the 
gods, to come io meet an offering, i. e. accept gra- 
ciously of ill so in gen. io partake of a thing. II. 
c. dat., io meet with, light upon. 2. oft. absol., 

iunidaraSf = & rvx^iVi any one, a common mor- 
tal. III. c. ace, to arrange, prepare. [&] 

avTi-PaCvM, f. ^o'ofAat, to withsiandy resist .* to 
stand in the gap : iuni fiits ^Xoj'to pull stoutly against 
the oar, going well back. 

avTi-pdXXu, f. jBoXo), to throw agamst) ox \n turti. 
dm-pCtiVf Adv., against^ witH /orce to force, ^XrisX- 
ly ace. fern, from 


'ivrCfiios-^PTUcfri. ' 

&vt£-Pu>«, o, op, also os, ov, (hvri, fiia) opposing force 
to force : in Homer only in phrase ianifiiois hti^craiy 
with lorangling words. 

&VTi-PXiir«», ^00^ to look straight at, look in the face. 

&VT{-PXc^if, e»s, 4, a looking in the face. 

&vTk-BoT|6^M, ^0*09, to help in turn, or mutually, 

£vTL-poX^M^ i^<rc0, (&yTi-i3(£AA») to m«&/ by chance^ 
hit upon, esp. in battle. IL to meet with, partake 
qf, always c. gen. rei. III. to meet as a suppliant, 
entreat, c. ace. pers. Hence 

aKTi-B^XT|oxs> €ws, riy and 

&vTi-poXia, 71, an entreaty, prayer. 

inm-yiYtava, c. pres. signf., (Sarrl, yeyotveto) to re- 
turn a cry. No pres. in use. 

&vn-YCvca-XoYCw, to rival in pedigree, 

iLvn-yviayi.ovita, t "fitrw, to be of a different opinion : 

avTL-TVwfiwv, 01/, gen. ovos, (ami, yvdaiiri) of a dif- 
ferent opinion. 

&vTi-Ypa(^cii«, «aSf d, (Stvri'-ypd^) one who keeps a 
wunter-reckoning, a check-clerk. 

&VTi-Ypa^y i\, (&yTt-ypd<fno) reply in writing. II. 
as law-term, strictly (he answer put in by the defend- 
ant ; but also of the plaintiff, an indictment, 

avT£-Ypa(|»os, ov, copied : hence as Subst. ret ami- 
ypa^f copies : from 

&m-Ypa<|M;, f. ^w, to torite against or in answer, 
write back. Med. c. pass. perf. y^patuxai, to put in 
as a plea, to plead against : cf. iun-iypa^. 

&VTi-8dKvca, f. dii^ofiai, pass. pf. St^ffy/jMi, to bite at 
or in turn. 

&vTi-8c£u^p,ai., (olptI, Sf^iSs) to give one another 
the right hand, to greet in return. 

&VTi-8ipKO|Jiai.9 = dvTi jBAeVo). 

avTL-S^ouai, ^ofiai, to receive in return, accept. 

&VTi-8ia-paCv(i>, f. fii}(rofJUu, to cross in turn, 

d,vTi-8X8(i(rKaXoSj b, (cwtI, BiddcrKoXos) usu. in plur., 
the poets who bring rival plays on the stage : cf. sq. 

avTi-StSacrKO), f. Ztbd^ta, to teach in turn or against : 
of dramatic poets, to bring rival plays on the stage. 

avTi-8i8cu|j.i, f. BJaffof, to give in return, repay. II. 
as law-terra, to offer to change fortunes with one : cf. 

dvTi-8L-6$-eLu,L, to go through again. 

dvTi-SlKiu, i}(r<i) : impf. ^vrid'iKovv : aor, iivrtSiiaia'a, 
to be a defendant, or in gen. party in a suit : from 

avrC-SiKos, ov, {ami, tlicri) an opponent in a suit, 
strictly the defendant, but also the plaintiff. Hence 
in gen. an opponent. 

dvTL-Soo'is, ectfs, 17, (avTi-^idcDfjii) a giving in return, 
an exchange. 2. at Athens, it was a form, by 

which a citizen charged with a Xnroupyla or €is<popd 
called upon any other citizen, who had been passed 
over, and whom he thought richer than himself, 
either to exchange pr()i)erties, or submit to the diarge 

&vTt-8ovXcv«a, to be as a slave to another, to he no 
better than a dave : from 

&vt£-8ovXos, oy, (avri, liov^J)5) instead qf a dam, 
no better than a slave. 

&VT£-8oviros, ov, (Junl, $oOiros,) resounding, 

dvTi-Spdu, f. Jura, to do in return, to requite, 

avTi-8»pio|Mu,, Dep. med., to present in return wiA 
a thing. 

&VTi-tTiW», to seek in return, 

avTi-Ocofi, 71, ov, (&ml, d4os) godlike^ equal to thegedL 

avTi-Ocpaircv«0, .to take care of in return, 

avTi-O^co, f. de^crofidi, to run against : to run a ratt 

ivrC-OpooSs ov, resounding, 

dvrC-Ovpbs, ov, (Sanl, Qipa) opposite the door : K 
Subst., TO av, the inner part qf Ae house opposite tin 

dvTL-Ka0-^o|uu, to sit over against, 

avTi-KaO-cv8(i>, f. cvS^crctf, to sleep opposite ta, 

&vTi-KdO-T||, Ion. dm'i-KAr-,^iimi.Ju^4(o/uu, 

&VTi-KaO-Ci|(i>, Ion. avri-Kar^^ fut. -KoBifyirm ui 
KaOia, to set opposite. Med. ^ amutaB4QoyML, to M 

avTi-KaO-urniiJii., f. hmMaraurrtiirt^ to lay doum.9 
establish instead : to set against, oppose : to aiei w 
c^ain. II. Pass., c. act. aor. 2 -ian^ and pn 

-4crT7iKa, to be put in another* s place, suooeedy eupth 
sede. 2, to resist. 

avTi-KoX^u, f. €0-0), to call, invite in turn. 

&VTi-KaTa-0vi{aKtt, aor. 2 iOavov, to die in turn, 

avTi-Kar-aXXaavw, |», to exchange one thing fit 

dvTi-KdT-T||uii,, Ayrt-KftT-iu i i||Mj 
Ion. for avri-Kdd. 

dvT£, f. KelaofMi, to lie opposite to: to tt 

dvTi-KcXeubi, to command in turn. 

dvrC-KCVTpoc, ov, {avrl, Ktvrpov) sharp as a goaL 

dvTi-icT|8cij«>, to take care of instead. 

avTi-KTipvatrb), v^ta, to proclaim in answer to, 

a.vTi-KXd{(i>, f. K\6.y^(a, to shout back, 

dvTi-Kviij|j.iov, r6, [avrl, KvfifiTj) the shin, leg. 

dvTL-KO|jiC(ofuii, f. larofiai, Att. Xovfjuu, to receive ii 
return, carry off again. 

Lvri-Korma, f. ^u, intr. to resist, oppose, 

dvrC-KpovaiS, €&;s, ii, a striking against : hencfl^ •■ 
hindrance, sudden check : from 

dvTL-Kpovw, f. ovffco, to strikc or pudi bade^ stOft, 
hinder : intr. to resist. 

dvTiKpv and avriKpvg {avrl, &vrriv) hatre generally 
distinct meanings. 

I. avriKpVf over against, right opposite, 2, in 
Horn. B.\so = avriKpv5, straight on, outright, entirely* 

II. &vriKpvs, straight, right, never in Homer. «• 
outright, thoroughly, without disguise or reserve. 3» 
of time, straightway, [i Ep., X Att. : in Horn, v in 

i gen. ; in Att. v.] 







i££s|tai anil &VTi-XdL£v(iDi, to take hold of, 
r aim to lake a iJiare nf. 

ii^^vw, f. A^iJiOfHU, (0 receive i'lilead of m 

, c gen,, to iajf hold qf: beitce, i' to take 
A, aJBiUt. 3, to las ■^^■"i 'o- 3- to lake 

\ thing. Iai< i{ in hand. 4. lo take hold 

■epvTpoaeofJindtagfttuU. 5. la rapli' 

arm, 6. of plants, M lake hold, late 

J, toffraxpvrith Ihe mind, apprehend. IL 


■fjtnii i^«, to /i$A< u^ in lutit. II. intr. 

Fyx, f. Ac{», ft) Ejwoi: agaiiul, gaiiaai/. 

tKrim, verb. Adj., on£ iru»< goinaay ; and 
iKToi, or, qiieatianabie, lo be digprited, 
htr, oi-ras, i, {irrl, \iwii) lian-like. 
^wrier, rerb. Adj. of im-XoftB^iia, one 

imS, objection. 

lytoi ^, [4»Ti-xf)«) conlrovi 

xpUUio ! a plea : in gen. ojiposilion, ri 

tyiidftoA, Dep. meil., to culeulale on 

VY^'^f ^1 ^^1 i&i'fi'Xf^M) ffiven lo coi 

BXOiia., f. ^^x^ao^ai, tojighl againal. [i) 
tt-umifU,, tut. rrrfiaia, lo niaotie from one 
the other! lo revoltUianine. Med,, c. act. 
rr/jv^ and perf. timjiraj lo pats over to the 

ifiojuoi, Dep. Taed,, ta diame in hmi, I 

irrt-iL-nxavioiMt, Dep. ined., lo MriMcw or sehtoie 

againit 1 lo counleraci, 
6™-|i[|ii|(n* ivt, ii, cUae imitation, aping. 
ivrl-ftJ^jitt on, {ifti, lii/iiepaij elotelf/ imitaling, 

apmg ; modelled after. ~, 

&VTL-)^iii, lo halt in relum. .4 

im-iiurtfo, ^, a miwrd, reipdial i iroai (q. *4 
&rTl-)iui4o(, o¥, far or inilead of a reaaird. m 

iiiTL'|ioiip(a, ai, i), {i.rr{, ^ipa) a ODMcnwMrmi. 
ifrl-jioXirai, of, (irrl, ^^^) wmmns agaiml! 

benct different in mlfK^ /rom .' uIhi wmiufinj; in. 

itcad of ! irTl^l•l\1n>ll Ims Btttou toiig, jleep's tiihsli' 

it-n-vau-miv^u, (4itI, i'ai/-irir)'«ij) (t- ftwjW sliips 
agairut,fil out a naiHI agairul. 

JnTt-VLHiCtf, to Bongtiar in turn. 

AvTL-(»^ia, lo set oneielf agairul : from 

ivrC-lnot, or. Ion. li-ri-{aii(, eur, (irrl, (iuj Btrictly 
icraped againal; HSU. opposed lo, hoilibj : -rh ivrt- 
(aor oppoiiiian. 

avrlov, as Adv., (i«-Ios) againut, opposite lo ; v. 

b-Kor, ri, {arrt) a part f^ the loom. 
ArTuSojicu, Dep. t. ful. med. ^iro/wi : aor. pSBs. ^V' 
tuWtiv, = i>^ufB, fa mas', eap. in bUlJe, to rMii', 

Avrtot, a, or, (arrt) Ml agmnti, and bo, I. ouer 
againsl, opposite : 0. gen. mealing, confi ofi/iiij. II. 
o/i^iuile, FonfrST^. III. aa Adv., ^i^la and it- 

Tlof, like fiiTi)!! and trra, againal, alraighl at, 2. 

ArTLo-iTTaT^, pnet. lor BV^loTofiBi, 
^VTI^Wt v. flub EtiTiiw. 

raftjs, e'j, iirrl, ttJAoi) in 1 

1 oppoti 


» fo^- 

play one trith anather. 

ovrt-TTBrt, iroiBoi, i, J7, (itwi, iroTs) fits a child, no 
^B»Br fAon n nhild. 

AvrC-irtLXot, <w, (4jt(, irri^rj) strictly arestling 
igainst, bvnce (mfo^oniii/, rieah mulched agaitml 
!arh other, and bo neartg balanced t correaponding 
0. II. fyhting againal the enemy. III. 

IS Subsl. i <b^. a rival, adversary. 3. a cham- 

Avn-irop-aYY AXw, f. t\i, 

oitnlermand, li 
II. ii 

lead on againsl- 
parollel v<ith. 
im-vapa-ttu, f. Stiiroiiai, lo run againsl and 
■o'ind : hence (0 outfiink. 
im-vufm-KSXiia, f. iao, lo amnmim in. tun 

avTi-TTOpa-KiXrioiuii, as De^., lo eiKoTl \i 
r lo iAe contrary. 


ivTvnapaXvnifA — Aj/rforao-ty, 

&VTi-irapa-Xvir^«i, to annoy in turn. 

&VTi-irapa-irX^w, f. irXctJirojuaf, to sail along on the 
other side, 

«vTi-irapa-oiccv<£Co|iai, f. iffofiai, as Dep., to pre' 
pare oneself in turn : to arm on both sides. Hence 

&VTi-irapa-onccvi{, ^, mutual preparation. 

^vrL-trapa-TcUrotMy Att. —rrUf f. Iw, to draw out 
against, in order of battle. Pass, to stand in array 

&vTi-irapa-Ti6i]|iiy to set out against, compare one 
io another. 

&vTi-irdp-ci|ti, to march over against^ 

&VTi-'irap-^pXO|&ai» » &vri-vdp-tifju. 

^VTk-irap-^w, to supply in turn. 

&m-ird<irxw> f« vtUrofuu, pf. irhropOa : to suffer or 
endure in turn : rh kvriie^ieov665, neut part, perf.^ 

&VTi-iraT&7^fii>, to clatter against. 

avTL-iri|&irM, to send back an answer : to send in 

&VTi-ircv6iljfi, 4sy (jStyri, vtpdos) causing grief in 

dvTi-ir^paioCy a, ov, lying over against, esp. beyond 
sea: from 

&VTi-iripav, Ion. hni-irfpTiv, Adv.,=sq. : also as 
Adj., in phrase *A(r^a8' kmvKffniv re Asia and the 
opposite coast. 

&vTi-ir^pds, Adv., over against, on tlie other side 
of: hence 

ivTi-ir^pTjOcv, from the opposite side. 

avTi-iripTiv, Ion. for &vriv4pav, q. v. 

dvTi-ircpi-XaiJipdva), f. \-f}}pofiai, to embrace in turn, 

avrC-ircTpos, ou, {avri, itcrpa) instead of stone, 
hard as stone, rocky, 

dvTi-irqf, ir^os, 77, {hyri, Trffyvvfii) a wooden chest. 

dvTi-irC'irTw, f. v^crovfiai, to fall against : to strive 
against, resist. 

dvTL-irXicu, f. v\€V(ronai, to sail against. 

dvTt-irXijJ, ^yoi, 6, ^, {avri^ tXi^co'w) striking 
against. II. Pass, stricken, beaten by the storm. 

dvTi-7rXT)p<$cu, to fill in turn or against, esp. to 
man ships against. 2, to fill up by new mem- 


dvTi-irvoo5, ov, contr. amiirvovs, ovv, {avri, wioa) 
blowing against, caused by adverse winds, 

dvTi-iroSecii, to long for in turn. 

dvTi-iroi^bi, to do in return, opp. to avrnrd- 
o-^o). II. Med., to lay claim to: to contend 

with one for a thin^ . 

dvTi-iroivo?, ov, {avrl, ifoivi]) in requital: as Subst, 
TO. auTiiroiva, = &'iroiva, requital, retribution,, to wage war against one, 

dvTi-7roXc{xios, oi', = sq. 

dvTi-iriiXcp,os, ou, warring against, esp. ol ai/Tnr6- 
Ae/uoi enemies. 

dvTi-iroXiopicicu, •fjaa, to besiege in turn. 
dyri-TToyoSj oy^ (duri^ irdyos) toilsome. 

dvn-'iropc^ofMU, Med., c. aor. pass, t^tfiyr, >to oA* 

vance against : march to meet another. 

dvTL-iropO^w, f. 'ficot, to lay waste in return, 

dvT£-iropO|Jios, oy, {iarrly vopd/Us) on the oppotiiS 
side of the straits. 

dvri-iropos, ov, {aini^ irSpos) on the opposite eoattf 
over against. 

ii.m-vp&craw, Att. .-rra. Ion. irpfia-ffv, fat. {m, io 
act against, oppose: 6 ivr. one who is phi^mg 

dvTi-irpco-pcvo|&(u, as Med., to send eounter^am* 

dvn-irp^o'ow. Ion. for iam-frpduiTirco* 

dvTi-irpo-ci|tL, to come forward againsL 

dvrC-irpouca, Adv., (dirf, irpouca) for next io no^ 
thing, cheap. 

dvTi-irpo-KaX^o|Mii, Med. to challenge in retwnu 

dvTi-irpos-afAdo|&ai, as Med., to heap m turn, 

dvTi-irp(Ss-ci|ii, to go against. 

dvTi-irpos-ip«0» fut. wi&out pres. in mw, io adireu 
in turn, 

dyn-irpos-t^pw, f. vposoiffct, to bring in ium, 

dvTi-irpiSs-anros, ov, (dkvrl, vpSs-onrov) with the feot 
towards, face to face. 

dvTi-irpo-TcCvai, f. t€vS>, to hold out in turn, 

dvTi-irpwpos, ov, {<SLvrl, irpt&pa) with the prow ie* 
wards, prow to prow : hence fronting, face iofaee* 

dvTi-^Xos, ov, {avri, irliXyi) opposite the gaie. 

dvrC-irvpYOSs ov, (iun-i, v^pyos) like a tower, HeoOB 

avri-TTvpy^to, to build a tower over against : dm 
7r6\iv to build up a city as a rival. 

dvTip-p^irco, to counterpoise. Hence 

dyrCp-poiros, ov, counterpoising : &y€iv A^m^f drr- 
&X^os to bear up (against) the grief that weighs doien 
the other scale : hence in gen., equivalent to. 

dvTi-(n)K<$cu, to weigh against, to compensate, S* 
intr. to be equal in weight, to counterpoise, 5ls hnunt- 
Kwo'ai poTT^ to be twice as heavy. Hence 

dvTi-fnJKbxris, ecus, Ion. los, rjf a restoring the bt* 
lance : hence, compensation, retribution. 

dvTi-aianrdu, 'ficrco, to be silent in turn. 

dvTi-o'Keud^, f. dtrofiat, {avri, OKwd^v) Bep. 
med., to arrange in turn. 

dvT-io'^cu, {avri, Itros) to make equal in turn. Pan. 
to stand against one on equcd terms. 

dvTi-(nraa'|ji<$S, 6, (avTi-trirda) a convulsion. 

avri-aieatrro^, ov, (avrt'O'Trdu) drawn in the eoH' 
trary direction : hence spasmodic, convulsive. Ai 
Subst. 6 hn., an antispastus, a foot made up of an 
iambus and trochee : e. g. 'AA.e|av5pos. 

dvTi-oTrdft), f. da-Q), io draw in turn, 

dvTt-aTa0p.os, ov, (avri, arrddfiri) balancing : eqw* 
valent to, 

dvTi-OTdaid^b), f. dcra, {avri, (rrdffii) to form a 
party against, 

dyrC-OTocris, ews, t), {avO-lcrr-qfjii) an opposite faction 
^ or party. 








,1 ' 





T^Tqyoqy 6, (oarrl, arpaTriy6s) a general 


TparoircScvo, more usu. as Med. ofxaiy (&yriy 

•eSov) to encamp over against, 

Tpc<^«», f. if'w, pf. €<rrpo<f>ay to turn to the 

le : to retort. II. intr., sub. ka\n6v^ etc., 

about, face about. Hence 

Tpo<^, ^, a turning back or about, II. in 

:e of the chorus, the antistrophe or returning 

*horus, answering to a previous a-rpoip'fi, ex- 

t they now dancelHrom left to right instead 

riglit to left : hence the name given to this 

the choral song. 

Tpo^oSy ov, {kmi'trrpi^) set over against: 

^ ion-, the opposite of a thing: also tlie correla- 

ounierpart o£ it. Adv. -(pots, contrariwise to, 

^OLplia, f. Iffw, Att. X&, (jSanl, otpaTpa) to 

heU against, 

K«r, inf. aor. 2 of iarr-dxu* 

(C00C, 2 plur. imperat. aor. 2 med. oUarr-lx!^, 

Xvp£C«», fut. Icrw, Att. XSi, (&vt/, i(fxvp6s) to 

en against : Med. -ofiaiy to maintain stonily 

vry opinion. 

X«9 ooUat. form of ivr-tx^* 

afic, €oos, 71, a setting in array against an- 

Ine of battle : from 

davw, Att. rdrrco, fut. rd^a, to range in 

'foinst another. Pass, to be ranged against. 

cCvw, f. r€VM, to offer in return, repay, II. 

id Med., to strive against, counteract, resist, 

cix4**» fut. icM, Att. t&, {<hnl, Ttixos) to 

waU against. Hence 

&vTi-ToX|Ji<£«», 4i(r<o, to dare to stand against another. 

&vt£-toX|xos9 ov, {iarriy T6XfM) daring against, over* 

&vtC-to|m>S9 ok, {hni-rifivoi) cut as a remedy for: 
rh avriropuov a remedy, antidote, 

&VTi-To{ru«i, {&PTi, r6^ov) to shoot arrows in turn, 

&VTi-Top^«i, (hni, rop4o») to bore right through, 

avrlross 01^, for kt/i-riros (Jufa-riva) requited, re- 
venged, ivTira tpya the work of revenge, 

&VTi-Tp^X^» ^* ^P^^oiuu, to run in turn, 

kyn-TvyyjLvfa, f. rf^^ofuu, to meet unth in return* 

&vT(-T&iroc9 ov, (&mi, rlnrrw) struck or thrown 
back, echoed: ityrirvTra, a» Adv., backwards ; T^mr 
ion, blow against blow, II. Act. striking back x 

hence resisting: stubborn, obstinate: adverse: hn, 
Ai6s the adversary of Zeus. B. (&fnr^ riwos) 

formed after, copied : hence rh iun; a copy, 

iuvri-rvwrta, f. ^to, to beat in turn, 

&vTi-(^cp£tw, {iam-<f>ipa) to set oneself against, 
match oneself with another : to fight with one for a 

&vtC-^Pvos9 ov, {kinl, fptpvii) instead of a dower, 

&VTL-<|>^pM, i, oiffw, to carry or set against, Med. 
and Pass. iurn<f>4pofuu, to set oneself against. 

&vTi-^cv7W9 f. 4>€^^ofjuu, to flee or go into exile in 

&VTi-^| f. t^diy^ofuu, to echo, 11. to 


Lvri-^fkiyfo, f. |a>, to light up again : to light up to 

&vt(-^voc» ov, {kvrl, <f>6voi) in return for slaugh* 
ter, II. Odywroi &vr. deaths by mutual slaughter. 


ivTL^apCCoiixii — ipv<l)atvoi» 

,i,vn'xapitoiuUf fut. Iffofxcu, Att. tovfjuu, Dep. med., 
io sltew kindness to in turn, 

avTi-xcipoTov^co, to vote against. 

avTi-xopTiv^Uy to be a rival choregus: from 

AvTi-x^pwiVOC, 6i {hnif x^f*^^^) <* ^^^^ choregus. 

&vtC-xP^» 8or. I &vr4xfni<r€ : impers., (&i^/', XP^) *^ 
is sufficient for. 

avTi-t|rdXX«[>, /o play a stringed instrument in ac- 
companiment. Hence 

&VT£-t|raX|Jkos, oy^ responsive. 

&Kr£-i|n)(^, OK, voting against. 

4vT£-i|nixoS9 ov, {aurly ^vxfi) instead of life, given 
for life. 

&vtX^«[>, 'fiffOD, {Am\os) strictly, to bale out bilge 
water, bale the ship : in gen. to draw water. II. 

Metaph. to drain, use to the last, exhaust, of re- 
sources : of toil, etc., to drain, i. e. bear to the last, 
like Lat. exantlare, exhaurire : but also to squander. 

&VTXCa, 71, also avrXcCa, rj, (&yr\os) a baling out of 
bilge-water. 2. bilge-water, filth. II. the 

hold of a ship. 

avrX^ov, ri, (irrXoj) a bucket. 

"ANTAON, T<J, = 8q. 

^'ANTAOS, ty the hold of a ship where the bilge- 
water settles, Lat. sentina: also the bilge-water 
itself: 2b^rAov Sex^ffBai to let in water, leak; &vr\ov 
eipytiv, Lat. sentinam exhaurire, to pump it out. 2. 
poet. ^Ae sea, sea-iuater. 

avT-0LKTc£p», to jpt/jr in return. 

&vtciktC^(i), =f()reg. 

&VT0X1J, Tj, poet, contr. for o^aroAi^, a rising. 

avTO)xai, defect. Dep. only used in pres. and impf. 
(AvTa, avri) to meet, light upon. II.=di/Tt(£f», 

to approach with prayers, entreat. 
. &VT-<$|j.wp.i, fut. ofJL6cro), and opLovfuUf to swear in 
turn. II. as Att. law-term, to swear one against 

the other, take an avnafioffla (q. v.) 

avT-ovop.a£cu, dfrw, to call by a new name. II. 

to speak in tropes. 

iLvr-opvctna, i^u, to dig against, dig a counter-mine. 

&vT-o4>c(X(i>, f. xiiffof, to owe another a good turn, 

avT-o4>0aXp.^cu, (d.yTl, oipdaXfiSs) to look in the face, 
withstand, bear up against, 

ikV-rpiira, poet, for cu/a-rpeirot. 
. dvTpias, ddos, 7}, (&mpoy) of, belonging to a cave : 
hence NvfjL<pai km. ^»o^-Nymphs. 

avTpoOc, Adv. y from a cave: from 

"ANTPON, t6, Lat. antrum, a cave, grot, cavern. 

avTp(u8T]s, €s, (livTpov) full of caves. 

"ANTTE, Oyos, 7j, strictly any rounded body, and 
so in Homer, i. the rim of the roun</ shield. 2. 
the rail or high rim of the chariot, sometimes made 
double: it rose in front to a point, on which the 
reins might be hung. II. post-Hom., the cha- 

riot itse/f, in p\. 2. th^ frame of the lyre. 3. 

^^ 0r3// of the planets. 
dyr-v7ro-Kp£vofi.€u, Ion. for aue. [i] 


&vT-inr-ovf»YCMy Ion. for &i^. 

&vT-<|p8^, 6v, (jkvrl, &oili6s) singing in 
to. 2. sung in answer. 

&VT-w|j.o(rCa» 7), {avr-Sfiyvfu) an oath taken by one 
against another : and so as Att. law-term, M« oa^ 
taken on the one side by the plaintiff, on the other by 
the defendant, that their cause was just. 

avT-«n^, Dep., to buy instead. 

&VT-iinr(Ss» iv, {hvri, &^) looking straight ai,^uan§x 
in front : in gen. straight opposite. 

avT-oK^eX^aa, to benefit in turn. Pass, to derive fi«- 
nefit in turn. 

&v-v8pCa, 71, want of water, drought: from 

av-v8pos, ov, (a priv., t^oap) wanting water : 4f Ibrv 
Bpos, sub. yTJ, or rh &yvdpoy, sub. x^f^t ^ regien 
without water. 

&v-vfJk^aios, oy, (a priy., ^/Mevouos) without ^ nup' 
tial song, unwedded. 

avv|Jicc, Dor. for fjyvfjjey, i pi. impf. from sq. 

awfii, awfuu., = oj^, IjyvTo ip/yow the work w§i 

&v-vp.viw, (^(^9 ^fiyos) to praise in song. 

&-vv)M^cvT099 oy, (a priy., w/u^ctW) unwedded t 
dv^^cvTov yoy^y ^x^^ ^ ^ ^^^^ of an ill marrii^ 

a-wp.(|>oSj oy, (a priv., vifKpftf) not bridal^ tab 
wedded : San)fi^ y&fuoy ofuAXi^/iaTa ttnhaUowed oa* 
braces. II. without bride or mistress. 

&v-inr-cv6vvos, oy, (a priv., irr-t^Bvyoi) not Uabie !§■ 
account, irresponsible, absolute. 

av-viro-SccrCa, t}, awtroBeriia, &nnr^8cT0Sy op, nt 
later forms of ayvvoB7]0'la, -Siyrfw, '-97rros. 

div-viro-8tf (Tia, t}, a going barefoot : and 

&v-ii7ro-8tfT^u, to go barefoot : from 

dv-inrcS-STiTos, oy, (a priv., t7ro-d4<a) unshod, bare* 
foot : also tvith old shoes, ill-shod, 

av-inrtS-KpiTOs, oy, (a priv., bro-Kplyofuu) uwS^ 
guised, without dissimulation. 

a,v-VTro-v6ni\T099 oy, (a priv., {nro-yo4u) vnstupectedt 
unexpected. II. Act. unsuspecting. 

dv-vir-oirros, oy, (a priv., wr-oirros) without *u»» 
picion, T. pass, unsuspected. 2. act, wi" 


&v-vir<S-OTaTos, oy, (a priv., ^^-((Ttt^/iu) fwt to be 
withstood, irresistible. 

dvvo-CLC, 3 opt. aor. i from ayvw, 

dvv<ri-cpY<$s, oy, {avita, Hpyoy), industrious, 

avvo-iixos, oy, (dvvo)) = ayvariKSs, ay\niK6sy efi* 
cacious, effectual. [C] 

avvcris, €(05, ti, (6j/v(i)) accomplishment, end, 

awaT(^, 6v, (dvt^) accomplished, fuljilled : that eon 
he accomplished, possible : aiyg ws kvv(rr6y as silently 
as possible. 

&VVTIK<$S, i}, 6v, = h.W(TriK6s. 

avvTo, Dor. for ijyvro, 3 pass. impf. of Ayvfu. [d] 
dvvTco, or dvvTcu, Att. form of iur^, only used in 
pres. and impf. 
avu^alvtiS, i^vL^ \)(\>a\.vu^ to iJoea>^e oaevi* 




itPtfiffWB OlMlllfliPtf'WII* 

Bm^ ittnsDgtihd. for A|^ fo fwiw on ib^ 
$0m,M^ Av^rw or better &i4r«ypoet. Im^ 
•p -past. Mflrinw : (&m*) fe aocoMplEiAy oom- I 
4it. flonjioMV; Abaol. oJSSly l|iruf Ae did no 
t. io m a ka an end qf, drntraf, 3. ei^ 
to Atf «iMf ^ is jtmmeify abtoL Mth^ «If II9 
m"« flMMT to B -fiaoe ; aooMl fine prep. Mrwof 
tar hrirtm mSt cb •dUc^Mr, to orHve erf the 
4. to otfstn to, ffetf proeurB. II. 

CL9 •Mc unof ^ftffMiwtt / jwin notliiiig^ by 
If : in Att. Eke fMw, with dgnf. of douw ft 
MtfcK/y, HmM irparrvy make fuute about u ; 
eftvq. Miras^ e. impent. maise hat$g and . . , 
Kwif iyocTt mIw hatle and open, ete. : also 
ne, make hade! diapateh! TIL len fteq. 
^rpcrr^t ffivM ««par l3ie army «tM;c8mbii7 & 

f §a aeeeaijmtn Jiot emos ewn adeamiage* 
, to fo .^bw&ed^ and of persons, to grow ^tp. 

nnpeiria ipivF, to aeeampRi^ Jkti^, Pbsil to 
an endybefiniAed; esp^of aperMoftfane^ 
•w die nightdrmwtoitofnd; froiMjiMPsr 
itii^ year, [a] 

Ldr. (ftri) ftp, iipiMfrif .• c gen. viBipm ftpw 
Aer: nsn. ahwe^ en high, 3. of die 

I of the heaven, northwardt, app, to ledrw 
pA; 3. of eountries, Inlenu^ «p.A^ 

L 4. of time, former fy, tit rh tarn niketu 
vards : ot iSano Stol the Gfods above, Lat. m- 
nt o< fSivw the living, opp. to oi Kdrw the dead: 
jtcfrcD up and down, topsy-turvy: also up and 
7 and fro, always in the same place. . II. 
. c. gen., above. Compar. ioPdrripco, hv. 'Sfi^tov 
Samos : Superl. kmrrdra, 
onj. aor. 2 from hflri/it, [Si] 
, old Ep. perf. c. pres. signf., I command, bid, 
Lat. jubeo : also to advise, urge one to do : 
roarya we have i plur. ind. Avayfiev, Imperat. 
etyayerco, kvdrfcrt, and irreg. iof^Bw Ayux'^^i 
om ay<&yr}m : plqpf. i\v6yciv, and sine aiigm. 
', Ion. ^pfSrftai but there is a 3 sing. pres. 
; whence we have in impf. tvtayov, it.vdr/wv, 
6(a>, aor. i ^vta^a. 

oiov, r6, (&/», ycuoi) strictly any thing above 
: a raised building, the upper floor of a house : 
a dining-room, like Lat. coencwulum. There 
o the forms civ^cov, r6, kifdrycwv, €», r6, and 
IS, a», d, 71, 

•V, Ep. for hv4(fycv, 3 imperf. for kv4ifyev, 

rcc»v, <a, r6, and avcu-Y«i>9, 00, 6, 7i,=&vt&'yaiov. 
i«y, Ep. syncop. i plur. ind. from Aiwyeu 
Ivvos, ov, (a priv., 6d6v7j) free from pain. II. 

jr. Dor. fbw0a, Adv. (Huea) of place, from 
^rom Aeawnm 2, adove, im k^h, and so,. 


vt SMv^fTy Atf dhdofffvopp, to of airrmt e. gen. tbmlh 
79' ^haee gimmd. IT./roM iha hegSadeiff^ 

"Wt'oaa^ nit* tftfilAi WM tsMf, to paeh lyi ot fi^wk^ 
of ft ship, to «Aotw ^; Mttnan^ vKhm^ K. pafllTi 
/Vy jgwJ w f tf^andtriiea. lIed.;to]Ntf 

Ar dSE gr o t, or, (a priv^ ofo/Mu) unlioiftMl ^y in» 
fureaeaUt H* ^to^*eioTfe, (lpa'^t|Mi^ v^^j^ivfwi^ 

ttt^mUtoif to ft ptfMB* 

4 r ^X< ipo t, oTi (• jKAwn^'tM^ofi) IndMrMAUf. 

A y 4 fid Ufc or, (a prir., 6timkk)f tmtnan, Knyiwrfi 

iflfVl^nitor ; rh 4r« fMMfOMJWM of gMOJld. 

Ar Mn o TJ , Adr. of aq., wiCAouf oal^ - 
oiMMio'vo^ or, (• pn^*f i^^Myii} tmiiMfn, mM mmw 
^ocwL * 

4i w»& m « fui, oTy (ii prir., itrnfidfa) noi I0 "be 

fUMMNfy tfMtolOfWflMB^ II. fUMMnfttf f^ptofwW* 

Ar-«irO|M(» and &riim|ftL Adv. of Mimtfm, 

w avViMtt or, (a p'^*) oMma, Aen* ftr Mtnfmj wuk^ 
oui name, not named. IL nameietefit^iieiriitm, 

dydfafty in& aor. i from obad. J b irf T Wp 'i tL hury w . 

■rv^M, ineg. nit^ of fiiwytt. 

Av iip(a, ^t unHmdinesa t bM.rmiMremAebademi^ 
eon of the year, i. at vpintv 1 finxn 

IiHnpoit or, (a priv., Jkpe) Ike fi-apof, mill ii w^y 
unripe p lax^imimataime* 

Ay-iinirfu|Mii, (AmL ApiKofiac) to JkonI otoiMf . 

Arf(rai» Ion. fbr ikM^anu-'Att. hpepirpau, hd, wat, i 
act. of bwapfyv, 

Aw&oat, tracra, oq», part aor. i of &ir-i0#^ 

Avftfraros, y?, ov, Superl. formed from turn, topmoei, 

AvuT^Ti*, Superl. Adv. from Una, at top. 

Avarrcpucdf, ^ ^, (Jofwripot) upper or higher. 

AvfiArlpM, CkmqMor. Adv. ^-om &i^, higher, above. 

Ay-«0^cXJjs, ^5, (a priv., it^i\4<o) useless : in Att. 
nsu. hurtfid, Kke Lat. mv/i/tf. 

Av-«»^^ifiiO€, or, (a priv., ^^Xlw) fruitless, «m- 
profUable, 1. worthless. 

&v«0X^ Av^6«», &v««x6c, Ep. contr. imperat. PerC 
from ipcoyct, q. v. 

a{ai, otavTO, aor. i from Hya, &ywfu : but 

&{a«r6c, imp. aor. i med. from Sryu to lead, 

a-|civos, 01/, Ion. for A^euos. II. *'A|efror, ^ 

sc. vSuros, The Axine, a name altered to E0-|€irDS, 
/^ Eiupine. 

&t^p,cv, for &(«r, inf. fut. act. from Hyw. 

a-{cvoc, ov. Ion. &-^etros (a priv., lA'os) inAo«pi» 

/a&^ .* uninhabitable. 

a-fcoTOs, ov, (o priv., ^4w) unhewn, unwrought. 

A{Ia, ^, strictly fern, from ft|ios, the worth or oolutf 

of a thing : of persons, worth, rank : in gen. a man'g 

due or deserts: Kar* Afior according to his desert^ 

opp. to btr4p or irap* &^(<xr contrary to h^ de^etl. 

iii-dyaoroiy ov, (^&(ios, fryajwu^ vjwft^ oAiWfiVft^^ 

dli-oKovoTOS, or, (&$ios, iucoWjworiK IvewrVfifl* 


ifiaKpoaTOs — Sxuvos, 

a{i-aKp(SaTOfy ov^ {i^iosy hcpodofuu) worth listeiu 
ing to, 

&|i-a(^-ilJ7T|T0f s oVy Ion. &|iair^., {jSt^ios^ iL^yriyeofiai) 
worth telling. 

&ii-iv-a.wo99 OVy (2i|ios, hraiytui) praisetvorihg, 

&|i-^p(urTO«, oVy (&^ioSy tipafjLou) worthy of love. 

&|£vT|, 71, (Ayjnffu) an axey esp. for hewing wood : 
a battle-aae. [Ij 

&{io-pCuTOS> ov, {&^ioSy $t6<o) worth living for. 

&{io-epY^, 6ift (A^ios, ipyov) capable of work. 

a{u>-Oavp.aoTos> oy, {^tos, OaoffidiQ)) marvellous, in 
Gompar. -irtpos. 

&|io-0^aTos> ov, Ion. .-ifros, (&^io5, Bedoijuu) well 
worth seeing, 

S4i6-9fir\voi, ov, (fi^ios, dprjvos) worthy of lament- 
ation, « 

&{i^-icTi)Toc> ov, {i^ios, KrdofJLai) worth getting, 

Hi6-\oyo9, ov, (&^ios, \6yos) worthy of mention, re- 

d{io-|JiaKdpurTO«y ov, (Ji^tos, fuucapiCu) worthy to be 
deemed happy. 

aiw-\Laxi\ro9, ov,==sq. 

&{i^-p.&X0f9 OVy {^ios, fjuixofjuu) a match for in bat' 
fie ; fit to give battle, 

&|i^-p.lcros9 ov, {JSl^ios, fjutros) hateful. 

&{io-p.vT|p,^vcvTos, ov, (j&^ios, fivrifJU)V€vot) worthy of 

&{i6-viK0S9 ov, (&^ios, vimj) worthy of victory, 

^lo-ircvdilifi, 4sy (jH^ios, irtvBos) lamentable. 

&|i^-irurTos> ov, {i^ios, marSs) trustworthy, 

a{LO-irpe'iri)s> ^s, (J&^ios, irp4v(a) becoming, goodly. 
Adv. -Tws. 

&ii-6paro9, ov, (&^ios, Spdco) worth seeing, 

afioS) a, ov, (&y(D, &^ct) iv, to weigh) of like value, 
worth as much as, c. gen., fiohs ^^los worth an ox : 
ToWov &^iov worth much : also c. inf., as &^ios Oaveiv 
worthy of death. 2. absoL, worthy, goodly : in 

Homer the word gives the notion of high price : in 
Att. it has also an exactly opp. sense, not over- 
priced, cheap. II. post-Hom., worthy, estimable : 
hence befitting, deserving : &^i6s tlfu I deserve to be, 
&^i6s ct/it oiKT^ipcffdai I deservQ to be pitied. 

&|uS-<rKC<irTos, ov, (&^uts, (TKiTrrofiai) worth consi- 

&|u>-(nro«8aoTos, ov, (jS^ios, (nrov^dCu) worthy of 
xealous endeavo^irs, 

&|io-OTpdTi|Yoc, ov, {^Los, ffrparrjySs) worthy of 
being general : in Compar. 

d|to-T^Kp.apToc, ov, (j6.\i.os, T^Kfiatpco) worthy of being 
brought in evidence, credible, 

iiio-^i\r\T09, ov, (J&^ios, ^(Xew) worth loving, 

d|u$-xpcos> ov. Ion. for sq. 

iii6-xp€ia99 cctfv, gen. a, (&iios, ^p^os) worthy of a 
thing, and so worth considering, considerable, re- 
markable, 2. serviceable, sufficient, II. c. 
inf., able, sufficient to do. III. like &^ios, c gen. 
yforthy of a thing. 

&£ida», f. ^a, (&^ios) to think or deem worihy of a 
thing: of things, to value at a certain rate: also 
absol. to esteem, honor, II. but most usu. c» inly 
to think one worthy to do or be : hence i. of 

others, to think fit, expect, require, Lat. postuiaref 
&|. K0fil(e(r$ai to think one has a right to receive: 
absol. to make a claim. 2. of oneself, to think JU 

to do or be, &^ita daveiv 1 consent to die ; &|. vpdurffwr 
I dare, determine to do ; esp. to deign, condescend to 
do ; 80 in Med., &^iov(r6ai fi4\€tv to deign to care 
for. 3. to think, suppose ; to lay down, mainttan. 

&{£w|&e^ arcs, t6, that of which one is tiwught wor* 
thy, and so esteem, reptttation, Lat. dignitas : esp, 
rank, II. that which is thought fU, a decision, a 

purpose. 2. in philosophy, a self-eviderU pro^ 

posHion, an euciom, 

HiitiiiT\,%i C60S, Ion. los, ^, (a^i6(o) a thinking worihy: 
and so honor dons one : reputation, character, II. 
(from Med.) a thinking oneself worthy, a demand^ 
claim. III. a thinking fit, an opinion., maxim. 

&{ov-i]XaTos,ov,(2i|»y, iKainfot) whirling on the aah* 

&{<$vio«, a, ov, {jSiJ^iav) belonging to the axle. 

a$os, 6, Cretan word for ^y/jjSs, 

6,-fyy-Kp6rr\ro99 ov, for curvy k», (a priv. , orvy'KfO* 
r4co) not welded together by the hammer : of rowen^ 
not routing in time, 

&-tvXcvToc, ov,(a priv., |&X€($») unfelled, untfunneif 
Lat. incaeduus, 

&-|vXCa, rj, (j&-^v\os) want of wood. 

a-$vXos> ov, (a priv., ^6\ov) unfelled, unthinnedf 
like &|^\6vros, hence thickly wooded. II. without 
wood, ill-wooded, 

d-lvfA-, tt-jw-, V. &.-(rvfx-, a-avv-^ 

a-|vorroTOs, ov, v. d-<ri}(rT-. 

a$cuv, ovos, 6, (&y(c) an axle : also the whole wheeil'. 
also, the supposed axis of the heavens, the pole, IL 
ol &|ov€s, the wooden tablets of the laws in AthenSi 
made to turn upon an axis, 

ao][oc, 6, an attendant, minister, esp. belonging to a 
temple. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

&oi8i^, Tj, contr. tpZ-fi, {ael^ai) song, a singing : aUo 
the subject of song : hence a legend, tale. 

aoi8u£a>, poet, for aelSoo. 

doi8i|Jios» ov, {kelSa) sung of, famous in song or 
story : in bad sense, notorious. 

aoi8o-0cTT)s, ov, 6, {^oiBSs, tIOtjixi) a lyric poet, 

doi8<$s, 6, {aelBo)) a singer, minstrel, bard, Lat. 
vates: fern, rj aoiB6s, a songstress, of the Sphinx. II* 
as Adj. tuneful, mu^al, 

a-oCKT]Tos, ov, (a priv., olKsa) uninhabited : house' 
less, without a home, 

a-oiKoc, ov, (a priv., oIkos) houseless, withotU home 
or country, 

a-oivos> ov, (a priv., ohos) without wine : not wot' 
shipped with oblations of wine : of men, drinking no 
wine, sober : of a place, having none. 

>►, (a priv., Bk™i) icilhaiil fear or Kenta- 

MKXinSt ace. sing, and plur. from iaXhiis. 
; Adr. of <q., in a bedy, togelhrr. 
<s, (a capii]., dXm} all tapeUiei; in tlironga, 
roteda, Ueoce 

Itne, M btrag iogelher, gather legether. 
itne together, assemble, 

or, (a priv-. inr\w) ajumaed. 
Lap, iopo^f t6, (Acfpiv) a awotd^ vtncxly a 
[jler, any aieapon. 
X. pL for lEaps, from ri iop, a iteonl, 
, or, (s piiv., dpiiw} uiUHn, imiisiblt. 
C ov, (b prJT, iplQn) mlhota boundariei : 
iudelermiiiate. II. b iiptaros, au'i. 

F aorigt tenjH. Adv. *^uj. 
BW, {a priv., fi/wis) uHMoiif Wni>. 
qpof, A, (&c(rw) <> <'''ii}> over the s/umlder to 
thing to, a belt, uni. a suntrd-helt, but oko 
fr, rlrap/ar a hiajaack. 
on. for JjopTD, 3 plqpf- pBffi. from ildpai, 

i)ira,lokelp,aid. (Deriv. uncertain.) Ueooe 
tp> ^fDi, b, a helper, aider. 
or, (a prlT., o^t^) not icauiuled, unhart. 
koi, Jvira'yY<(Xai, inf. and part. aor. i fcoat 

Mo, -ij, a report ifiven m ; a narralive, re- 

hXu, f. fK^, alio (A^a>, f^ bring tidings, re- 
lance : hanra to relate, tell. MmI., TriKiv 
\g bank iidingi. II. (a noToiTia/s, l>Ht. 

AdT.,aiDBy/ begone I LM. apiigs! striftly 
nm ix-irfu, nib. sxivtiJv. 
,f!,{Bpri».,-»^«,fuJno(/™7y>red.. 0/ 

in^ Ion. for air-<£7eif| eap. of pavmg tribate. 

xuw, /o forbid : abaoL (0 dinuiide ; alio ^ 

II. inCr., (0 bidfnretesU to, c. dat., (0 ^iup 

T^of, i, to fail, ihili, give vay/ b1» of 

t ijtrr/optiepTa things ream out. 

,6m, (&tJ, iypios) to ynake uAld or savage. 

ir^tu, firu, =Bq. 

u, fut. d-yia, to strangle, throttle : henoe, to 
diake vtiiA ijiile, Med. to Aanj; imtself: 
ly lo choke. 

, fut. i^M, la lead aicai/, carry off. Med., 
oay ./(W onaie[S II. to bring back, bring 

lU.lOTelam mhat one aines, pag. I" 

iv-term, io bring be/ore a magistrate s 
3. alio lo lead a'l-ag lo death. V. 

jTj perplex : to liivert from a thing. 1 

, sub. lavrAr, lo miihe off, go awag, etp. 

dir-ayvY^, i, a leading or dragging imay. II, 

1 toWni/ Aunt or Aowif, lit. puymiTil, e»p. of tri- 

liule. IV. ai Att. laW'term, a bringing befon 

•he magistrate. 

dvilSdVi -Gjdv, Ion. for l^oJ-, inf. BOr. 1 of h/^nr^ 

AwsBif, al, [dira] jn Find. P. t. iGi ;=irfiairU*i, ri 

iiT-^8u, f. ^o-D/au, lo (iti9 Du/ 0/ iune ; mWaph. ta 
Usaenffivm: lo rrander aicny front , 

a-irilS^t, Ji, (n priv., Ttifloi) mthavt raffering, nol 
niffrring .- tiio 1. unwilling to taffer, impatiml 

n/. 3. no( ftniHnp suffered, unharmed. 

airai, poet, for iwi. 

^inuSniirfa, i, isanl of education or inttmetivt, 

o-nCScvTM, or, (o priv., raiSeiu) uneducaled, iff- 

i-muSU, n/c^x-au) childlrsmeii:. 

air-uBpt^, f. dfTH, (tiw6, aiOpia) rij v^piXai la 
drtBe avjay tho cJoudFt, and make fair itvather. 

air-ii(wjj,oi, or d.iro-aCwfii», Dep., {lari, aXmuM] 
lo lake aimy, mithdrairr : lo pluck off. 

iiroJvwTO, 3 imp. from foreg. 

dnuXilu and AntoX^ to cheat: to perples, am- 
found ; from 

iinudXi], fl, cheating, duping, any means tff cA«(ri- 
ing. (Deriv. utiEertatii.) 

&iraidXi)pa, irrot, tiJ,— foreg. 

Airai^XTjirit, (ur, -^i — i.irai6Xii, cheating. 

b-traxftltt. Ion. for o^oip^^u, conj. nor. i paiH., and 

oiriHp<pT^p/vof, loo. fcir aipjjpijt^iyos, pfirt. perf. 

SB. fror 


dir-aip^u, ion. for Axfi-aipiai. 

a-ir-atpH, f. irHpii, Ep. len^hd. ar-atlpBi : freq. 
Impf. inlpiatmr, {iari, o^b) to lift off: henoB ia 
carry, lake aaay. II. e>p. lo lead aicay a B«a tw 

laTii) force : hence usu. as if intr., lo sail amag, moroA 
amag .' in gen, la tel ant, depart : atao c. gen., iw. 
xflomfr lo depart from tlie lanil. 

Sirait, KiRuioi, i, % (a priv., rail) childleu ■- c. 
gen., tw. fpano! yivou toUhoul male Afirf; Ntirrii 
ira».! Siraa«i children of Nigiit, yet children none / 

Lir-iAmrK, f. (a, AtL ain^irirH, lo rush down .- in 
gen. W (fart atpop. [am] 

i,ir~e.irTii, f. ^ow, lo denumd bock, demand la hate 
relnmed: simply lo demand ijf one. Paiu. lo have 
demanded <tf one. Henoo 

Air-olTiiini, (toi, A, a demanding from or back.,ta, laa, = ijianriic, to demand iack. 

&ir-ai»p^, ijaai, lo make la hang donin, tuspend, 
PaM. armopoiiau, c fut. med. ^oo/uu, lo hang dawtt 
from, hover about, 

iir-aicplpdis f. lioa, pass. pf. mniKpiStiiiuu, {i,wi, 
it«pifl^s) la finish carefully off: sap. in part. paw. pf. 
ivTiirpiBatiivBS, highly wrovghl or finished. Pass, to 
be higli'i/ vmnighl, 




&-iraXaurTos, Wy (a priv., vaXcda) not throum in 
wrestling : in gen. uru^mquerable. 

&-in£XaiOTpos, oy, (a priv., traXtdirTpa) not trained 
in the palctestra, awkward. II. not customary on 
the palaestra. [&] 

&irdXaXKC, 3 sing. aor. 2 ind. and opt. kirotX&KKoii 
from a suppos. pres. *&iraXc(Ajt;a;,=a&ira\€|w, to ward 
offi keep off. 

&-irdXa|&vos, oy,=8q., helpless^ s%Uy» II. tm- 

manageahle, unrrdpy lawless. IIL like h^iixavosy 
impracticable. [ir&] 

&-ir<lXaf&oSy ovy (a priv., wakAfni) without hands or 
without the use if them : hence helpless, lazy. II. 
which cannot be helped, unmanageable. 

aT-(iXdo|Aab9 as Pass., to go astray, wander. 

iir-aXy^w, f. 4]au), to cease to sorrow for a thing. 

air-aXci^, L ^io, to wipe off, expunge, esp. from a 

airaXcti^<rai|fct, opt. aor. i of sq. 

&ir-aX^{o>, t ^"fiaw, (ivS, &\4^w) to ward off from 
another, c ace. rei et gen. pers., as, &ir. fi4\05 tivos 
to ward off a dart from a man : also c. ace. pers. et 
gen. rei, to keep one from, as, kir. rwa kok^ttp'os to 
keep a man from evil. Med., to defend onese^ against. 

iir-aXtjOcvw, (&irJ, aXriO^s) to speak the whole truth. 

&tr-aX6^o|fcai, f. BiiaoiMu, (&ir({, &\0€cd) Dep. med., to 
heal thoroughly. 

airoXOiijcrea^oi', 3 dual ind. fiit. from foreg. 

iir-aXXaTi], ii, (hr'OiKKdffffai) deliverance, release, 
riddance from a thing. II. a removal, esp. a 

divorce. III. (from Pass.) a going away, escape : 

air-aXXaleCb), Desiderat. from a7r-aAA(£(r(ro/iai, to 
wish to be rid of. 

air-a\Xa|i9» ecos, ^, = dir-oAXay^. 

air-aWdo'O'b), Att. —rra, f. |a), pf. iiWaxa : pass. 
^Wayfiai : to set free, release, rid of a thing. 2. 
to put away from, remove from ; also to get rut 
of. II. Intrans. to get off free, escape, esp. with 

an Adv., e. g. cS, kuk&s anr. : to go away, depart. 

Pass., c. fut. et aor. med., arraWd^o/jLai, aiin}\Aa- 
Idfirjt^ ; but also c. fut. et aor. pass., airaXXaxHo'oiJMi, 
airriWdxB'nv or airriWdyTiv to be set free, released 
from a thing, get rid of it. 2. to get off, usu. with 
some Adj. or Adv., e. g. KoKm, affifitos he. to get off 
well, without injury, etc., like the Intrans. Act. : 
hence alone, to be let off, acquitted. II. to remove, 
depart from, go away, hence to depart {rova life, to be 
deceased : iK •jrofScyy air. like Lat. e pueris excedere, 
to come forth from a boyish state, to become a man : 
to be far removed from : also 2. to leave off 

froniy give over, cease. 

oLTT-aXXoTpiow, {a.Tt6, aW6Tpios) to estrange. 

dir-aXodo), poet, \oidca, ^ccw, (ottj^, dAoc£w) strictly 
to thresh cut : hence to bruise, crush. 

aTraXo-Bpi^, rpixos, b, t), [c.ira\6s, Bpi^) with soft 

*PJlKtSf%, ^, 6v, sqft, tender : metaph., Mift^ gm* 
tie: delicate. [&ir.] Hence 

dir&Xdn|s, rj^os, ^ softness, tenderness. 

dtraXo-Tpc<^S, 45, (diroXi^s, rp4<p(a) well fed, plump, 

dir(iXd-xpoo«, ov, contr. airaX6xpous, Xf^^^i (&««• 
\6s, xp^s) soft skinned; also with img. gen. &nf 
KSxjpoos, dat. XP^% ^^ 

diraXvv4k>, f. ^a, (0x0X6$) to soften. 

dir-a}ida>, iicrw, to ciU off. [dird or dira] 

dtr-a)jiPXvvo>, fut. i)pa, to blunt, duU ike edge ^ A 
thing : Pass, to be blunted, lose its edge. 

dtroitppoTCiVy inf. aor. 2 Mififiporow of ibp-t^Mf 

dtr-d|fc€CPo|fcai, ^ofxat, Dep. med. c. aor. i pufc 
7}iJi€l(p&riv (iLv6, aficifiw) to reply to, answerm 

dira|fccCp«i»y to deprive of share in a thing; Faa. 
to be bereft. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

dtr-a|uX^«i», {aK6, d/icX^s) to neglect utterly. 

dtraf&|fc^os, ri, ov, part. perf. pass. Ion. for d^i|p< 
fi4vos from h^pdima. 

* dirafJitrXaKCiv, inf. aor. 2, dmlJiibirXaKOVy voA^ 
used as tenses of oupafxaprdw. 

dir-a|&vv(0, fut. ifvwy to keep off, ward off, to repuUe*, 
Med. to keep off from oneself, and so to dri/Bi 
back, repel. 2. to defend, protect oneself. 

dir-av-dyo, to lead away. 2. usu. intr., to|9 


dir-avaCvof&ai, Dep., (dir((, ayoxpofiai) to r^fam ff 
reject utterly. 

dir-av-aioxvvT^o, {hmo, dvafcrxuvros) to be ulterlg 
shameless : to be shameless enough to do ov say. 

aTT-av-dXCo'Kb), fut. Kdlxroj, {0x6, aifoXloKoo) to fU* 
terly consume or expend. 

dir-avd-crrdo-is, ecus, ri, (dirav/oTa/icu) a remomtif 
from one place to another. 

dir-av8p(Sa), pass. pf. aTrfiv^poj/xai, {airo, iarf)p, itv9p4^ 
to make one a man. Pass, to become a man, 

dir-dv€v6c, and dir-dveuOcv, strengthd. for &p€v0e, 
Adv., afar off, far away. II. as prep. c. g«n« 

far away from : aloof from : but also out from. 

dir-aK[)vaadai, inf. aor. i med. from avavaiiHtfiau 

dir-avO^d), iiaco, pf. airf}y67]Ka, to leave off blooming, 
fade, wither. Hence 

dTT-dvO'qo'is, 6CWS, rj, a fading, zoiihering. 

dir-avOC^d), iVcu, (dir<J, &v6os) to pluck offjlowert. 
Metaph. fxaraiav yXaxTtrav dir. to cull the powers rf 
idle talk, i. e. talk as boldly as they please. 

dir-av6pdK(^b), icco, Att. to), to broil on the coals, 
roast. Hence 

air-av^paKis, iSos, rj, a small /ish for broiling. IL 
a cake baked on coals. 

dir-ayOpaKdb), {airSy ai/6paK6a}), to bum to a cinder* 

dir-dv6p<0-iro9, ot^, {airSy ^pOpanros) far from mant 
and so inhuman, savage. II. unsocial: of 

countries, uninhabited. 
I &ir-av-wrn\v.V) ^\\\« ^t^w^ <o make rise up and de* 



9 «r mmd rnuMff* Bled, '^arttfuut c aet aor. 
y el pev£, -4rn|Ra, lo oriw imcf^ oiMqr; flip. 

.irafi^ Adr^ (mf ) everp when* 

go te flMf^ moranlir^ whether at fiiend or 
tea 49 ruuL 9. to me§i wUh, %Al oefall 
3. of tihiiig^ to kappgn, eame upon one: 
wmrnt wtU^ protptr, ^togootcometo, 
' te jtfwiw i l ats also Ho Am r a cDi i r i e to a 

uep^ Adv. (M^ hnvefii) fif^ oppotUe* 
Cotr, Adv. (My ikrrlor), r^l oppotito, 
kim, to draw of like water from a dup^i 
noe lo /i^pMffiy teMii* 

ii» £ ^oiM^ lo aooompiiA^ >ftitcA tfiUMlif, eip. 
jy ee. Mr. [iSv^ Uni\ 

Adv.9 ofiM, OHM onifify vnoo for eiZ, like 
0/. IL witiiuMit any notioo of numher, 

fl^ itSy eto^ like Lat. «tf Mine^ ^ Ano^ 
iien once he began. 

flrScy euro, &y, (^«^ &rat) usii. Id plor., aU 
eU together. 

mk&99 Adv. (chra(y &vXfl»f), in general, upon 

0, ^9 (&ir((, &{(os) unworthiness, 
oe» ov, (&irj, &|xos) scdi^cilios, unworthy qf, 
imy (aW, &(i(^) to deem a thing unworthy of 
Usclaim as unworthy^ disown, Lat. dedignori. 
iSy ov, Dor. for Miopos, 
ro«9 ov, (a priv., vdmros) with no grand' 
r ancestors: metaph. (pdos obx &ir. 'lHalov 
I unfathered ofxhB Idaean flame. 
rtt». Ion. for hp-dirroi, 

i-paTO«, ov, (a priv., irapa-iSa/yco) imt trans- 
II. Act., not passing over to another: 
\ot passing away, unchangeable. 
u-pT|pivo«, Part. pf. pass. Ion. for ^uppprj- 
om itp-aipia. 

■aLrqroit ov, (a priv., irap-aiTeo)) not to be 
iway by prayers : not to be begged off: hence 
le : of persons, not to be entreated, inexorable, 
wsy inexorably. 

i-KoXvirTOS, ov, (a priv., Trapa-KoA^rTw) wn- 
r hence Adv. ->tws, undisguisedly, [k&] 
£-icXt|tos, ov, (a priv., Tropa-icaA^w) unsum- 
'joithout being called upon. 
i-)fcv$i)Tos, ov, (a ^riv., irapa-fivO^ofiai) not to 
laded : hence incorrigible. IL not to be 

d, inexorable. \y] 




ImXpoiiy 3 aor. i of Ar- iy d U wu. 

4i^wBpa«-0MMM^vt^ evy (a f^*9 

4p^ r a p a we eo ty or, (a priv., iw ya w w w ^ ) «pMe«l 
prajparaiiefiy fMipnjpafwKi 

4v-ftf4ao«S Att rruy lot. |m^ (4ai^ AfMlem)i» 
deuhy eiriko tj^: to ewon fff, Lat. deeutoro^ 

ditagrieMoto, s. Jklad. e. paM. tigalL oA m^m- 
oifror /teMA^ arojpa iwMfi><neae#m one imuft not 
take it ill that a Idng AouU bo ditpimaod, Henee 

AiwoplewoiMy lii£ aor. i med. 0. paM. ijgii£ 

&-wapA^rirrot» or, (a priv., *«pJwit^ ta 
ei^yy w M in g amaidm: in neot. pi. ai Adv. 

4^»dpiivei^ or» (ajnir., vn^Mbwt) noawri a aMrfrfi 
v^fi/^ tofvpiper i nf l Hw oi f t^ A a ^ p wa r ** vfagin wift 
and widew*d nudd." 

km-^p Sf /Jm^ to eemU ooor: toroekonup* 
toroekcnotpapbaek. Hence 

4w-&p(iui|oii|« flwf , 4> a o p t m <iay ewtr. 

diw-opMii^ f . iouy to n^ffiooy ho et^ffieionL 
Intr. to bo oofUontod, aoq moeee , 

dw-«prdo|MMt Bep., e..fiit. mod. ioiuuy and aor. 
paai. ^(9i}r, lo deny uttoriy, denp. Alio ftit. &at^pn|« 
940'fvai in pan. lignll, U AaU ho domed* Bmob 

djv-dpn|vitf cwf 9 4> v'^ dMoA 

&r-aprot> or, (&ir^, Aprlo^Mi) dlm^fity utioriyy Ihrap- 
r^f ^OTt ^^ romir X« (imi«t that he is sidL ; alio c. 
gen., Awapyos oi9tvhs KaOlararo she denied no- 
thing. II. Pass, denied, refused. 

iir-oprdAS iiau, strictly, to hang up from. II. 

to take away and hang up : hence in gen. to remove, 
part : seemingly intr., sub. iaurSy, to remove oneself, 
go away. 

&ir-apTCy (&ir^, Uprios) Adv., completely, wholly : in 
numbers, exactly. II. just the reverse, quite the 

contrary. Ill.^inrh i^i, for iarh rov vvv,from 

now, from this time, [rt] 

&ir-apT£tu, iooi, to get ready, complete. Pass, to be 
completed, exactly made up. 

&tr-apTi-Xo7£(&, 7), (iir<J, &prios, \6yos) a round, full, 
even numher or sum. 

&ir-apTur|i.69, 6, (iarapriiu) completion, perfection* 

^.tr-apwriov, verb. Adj., one must draw off: from 

Lif-apvfa, {fffa, to draw off, skim off. [y] 

&ir-apxii> V} aiid more usu. in plur. anapxoi} the 
beginning of a sacrifice, the first part of offerings, as 
the hair from the forehead, etc. 2. the firstlings 
for sacrifice, ^r«/'/rMife. From 

atr-dpxo|ikab, |o/icu, Dep. med., to make a begin- 
ning, esp. in sacrifice, in Homer always c. ace. rplxos 
aTrdpx^oBaL to begin the sacrifice with the hair^ i. e» 
by cutting off the hair from tVve iot^«BA. wA^tvyw- 
£-|&vOot, or, = fore^.^ inea?orai>/e : un6ending, ling it into the fire. 11. laX«c c. ^geii.^lo cui off 

I, wild [Aescli. dn-apaj like dffdyaros.] [pari of a thing to offer it : to offer part of \ VwRfc 'J-^ 


airdpx<a — iTreikrffia, 

esp. to offer the firstlings or first-frvXts of a thing : 
absol. to begin a sacrifice. 

&ir-apxw> Iw? {aiv6y &px^) io be the first, to lead, II. 
to reign afar off, 

&-iras, airaou, &trav, (fi/io, iras] strengthd. for 
Tras, 9Z^i/& a//, a// together : iy &ir€uri and els fiiroi^a, 
entirely : Att. also like xSs in signf., every one, Lat. 
z<ni^9t<t£gu«. [&«&!' Horn., but aTrou^ Att.] 

&tr-a(nra£p«*, (dir^, hffxaipui) to go on struggling^ 
struggle convulsively. 

a-ircurrCo} ^, a fasting, fast : from 

a-iraoTos, oi^, (a priv., ircio/Mu) fio^ having eaten, 

i.if-a-^rx^^oV'OJh Med., (&ir($, a priv., oxoA,'^) to 
^v^ no leisure, 

diroLTcw, f. ^(Tw, (i,xAni) to cheat, trick, outwit, be- 
guile : like Lat. faUere tempus, to beguiie the time. 
•—Pass, to be deceived, mistaken, 

air-aTCp6c, and &ir-<£TCp6€V, Adv., (&irJ, Hrepde) 
far aparty aloof, all alone : also as prep. c. gen., far 
from, away from, 

avariia, lou. for inrardu. 

• &iraT€oi', &POS, 6, a cheat, rogue : from 
'AIIA'TH, 71, cheating, trickery, fraud, guile, deceit. 

in a less bad signf., cunning, craft : a stratagem in 
war. [&ird] Hence 

dirarif Xios, ov, deceitful, wily. 

&traTT)X6s) "hi 6y,={oTeg, 

• iiraTtiiAC^ aros, T<{,=&ir(irt}. 

airaTi^f&uv, oy, gen. ovos,=avaTfi\ios. 

d-iraTrp'os, ov^ (a priv., itot^w) untrodden, [a] 

air-aTi)Jid(<d, dffo), later form for sq. 

dir-aTifLoUa, f. i^tro), strengthd. for ikrifidu, to dis- 
honour, disgrace. 

*AiraTovpia, <av, rd, the Apaturia, a festival at 
Athens in the month Pyanepsion, lasting three days; 
held by all the Ion. race, except at £phes!is and 
Colophon : whereat, the Athenians had their grown up 
sons enrolled among the citizens. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

a-irarup, opos, 6, rj, (a priv , irar^p) fatherless, or- 
phan : disowned by the father. 

air-av8db), ^(Tw, to forbid: esp. foil, by ju^ c 
inf. II. to tell or bid plainly, Lat. edicere, 

c. inf. III. to deny. IV. to be wanting 

towards, fail : also to faint, sink. 

dir-avOd8(So|xai, {&Tr6, avOd^rjs) Dep. med., to speak 
or act boldly, speak out. 

47r-av6-t)|X€p(t(i>, f. iffw, Att. Xa, (&ir<^, aur6s, Vfiepa) 
to do a thing on the same day : esp. to go ojid return 
the same day. 

dir-avpdo>, never found in pres. ; only in impf. c. 
aor. sigiif., kjrrjvpcov, h.Tn)vpds, dmjiJpd, to take<, ivrest 
away from, rob of: to this belong the aor. forms &ir- 
ovpas and hrovpdfievos. II. to receive, get, whe- 

ther good or ill, and so to enjoy or suffer. (Deriv. 

a-rrawrros, oy, (a priv,, ira{Ka) not to be stopped or 

assuaged : never-ending. II. Act. c. gen., never 
ceasing from. 

air-avTiK(&, Adv., (ikvS, abrlKo) forthufithy on the 

air-avro-^okiu, (&ir6, cdnofioKw) to go cf on^s 
own accord, desert. 

&tr-cu|ȣcrKo>, fut. itTrcufyfitna : aor. liranpoy, part. Am- 
<l>^v, {iar6, Hirrta, acfyfi) Horn, has only iara^ltriui and 
Ijircupe, and opt. aor. med. dirct^oiro in act. signt, 
s=ii,7raTdu, to cheat, beguile. 

dird^iro, 3 opt. aor. 2 med. of foreg. 

dir-axOofJiai, Dep., (&irJ, Ax^ofiat) to be hateftd at 
grievous : to become dislU^ed, ineur odium. 

dtriPoXov, aor. 2 from ifirofidWta. 

i.iri6ni\v, airifhiau, 2 and i aor. of h.tro^tdvw. 

dircoav^fi, oy. Dor. for ^^cuf6s. 

&-ir^8iXo«, ov, (a priv., le^lKov) unshod, barefoot. 

fi-ircSosi ov, (a oopul., ir4^y) even, level, flat 

&ir-^8«>, fut. av-eiofuu : per£ iar^ifioKa, (iir6f ftv, 
iadlw) to eat or gnaw off. 

&tr^oxv, 3 conj. pr. of Hirfifii, (ct/uQ. 

dir^ciirc, Ep. for d^etire 3 indie, from &r«cvc&. 

dirlcpyc, 3 imperf. from &jr0'4pyw. 

&irl6avov, aor. 2 of iaco-0v4i<rKa. 

&ir-ci8ov, inf. aviZeiv, (kv6, Ibuv) aor. 2 sine pveii 
usit., serving as aor. to o^pdu, to look awaff fftm 
other things cU, and so simply to look at. 

&-tre(Ocia, (diretdrfs) disobedience, 

&-irci9^, iiau, (hreiOris) to refuse compiitmoB^ t» If 
disobedient to, II. to disbelieve, mistrust s heam 

to disobey through unbelief. 

direCOr), dircCChricrav, Ion. for ii^eidri, d^c^^cror, 3 
sing, and plur. aor. i pass, from iuf>irjfiu 

4-trci6ii)s, 4$, (a priv., neldofiai) disobedient: vor 
manageable, of ships. II. Act. not persuadiitff. 

dir-ciK<£(<d, do'w, to copy, represent, express by a com' 
parison : hence, to compare with, liken to, IL Hi 

conjecture. Hence 

dir€iK(STci)s, Adv. from sq., unreasonably, 

4ir-€iKci>s, vux, 6s, part. perf. Att. for kireoiKJts, q. T.| 
unlike, unseemly : in neut. of things, unreasmuMt, 

dirciXcCw, poet, for &ir€i\4<a, to threaten. 

dir-ci\^w, 'fiff(a, = airei\(»}, (airS, elXeoj, eX\to) to pfW 
hard : usu. in pass. pai*t. aor. i or perf. aTctiXyfids, 
■ 6.n€i\r}fi4ifos 4s ii.woplr}v, 4s h^ayKalriv brought iiUt 
great straits. 

direiXcw, ^(Tcw :€i\rir7}v, Ep. for '^irciAffnTr, 3 
dual. impf. act. : to threaten, laX. minor, sometimes 
\ c. inf., to threaten to do. II. to make boastjtd 

' threats : in gen. to boasts ^''^.(/j Lat. gloriari : hence 
1 also III. to assure, premise, vow. Pass. &»• 

I eiXovjAai, to be terrified by threats, (Deriv. unoer- 
I tain.) Hence 

dirciXi], 7], mostly in plur. threats : also boasts, 
j braggart words : in sing, a threatening. 









iyfi Xjn4) 'A ffiXiy)^ ' 


l4s and • IfwftiMniaii part. cwrtiA^i^viA^f, 
uand pa«. fiion «v9-Aflv4Si(M«. 
i» Alt. 4v4rd|iw»(M^ «^) lo b§ anoaiffitm: 
» A« «i0mr or mUmi : of taiiu;!! to 5e fl0«il- 
4in. moitly oms impf. &>i|r, M^r, 3 pLifara- 
ifaL imiaeiimi, 

S (Jb^> d^) to po 01001^ ebpori .* the ifld. 
a. in fut rigii£« / wUi go : impenit. An$i, 

luVyB&rcnrciF, r. sq. 

«S ibL Avanrtflr, £p. iirofari^: later abo 
rfnra, and iamwJifirpf t flit. Anififi^ perf. Art (• 
»^ flirtfir) oClMr temes lupplied ij imi^mu, 
Aw : 7*0 ipeak, jcy. or Iftf out. II. to 

^«M^ opp. to MTuvtM*. IIL lo/wM^ Uke 
Aw: r& iar€ipiifAin»f aJMUdtm things IV. 
ryifw^ w iF, &«m8&r, ilo rsnonfM^ difM0% pfcw 
ikraurAou rbr vUr lo diastcm hia ton : &v. A^ 
a ▼ision fly <^erinff$, V. intraaa. lo pfcw 
•r» oiU;>W: c. dat.pen.9lloyW/ or A0 laofiiii^ 

c. part, &r. icaBitfums to be quUe Hnd pf 

VSirii^tmAif onoB in Honu] 
aui, i^, an Apiraetm toeaMii. 
■rra ty or, fa pri^., ^npaa) endletty houmdku. 
wrros, ovy (a prir., ireipcC^w) unfevTip/^dL 2. 
uneed in a thing. 
Ato«, oy, (a priv., ireipdofMu) Dor. for &irc(- 

cLtos, ov, shortfflied for iiwtipaaros* 

yiBuf &ir-cpYd9fli, and Horn. dqro>-cpY^l0a», 

. forms from iifrtipryu. 

lywy in Herodotus usu. iar'4pya, and in Homer 

-fyyv, f. |c0, esp. in aor. 2 innipyaBov, in Homer 

BoVy pass. pf. imelpyfiaif Ep. hr^pyfxai, (inrS, 

o keep away or 5At*i out from, part from : to 

hinder from, to keep one back : of a river, 
kfos, shut out from its old course. XL to 

Ivide, and so to bound, of seas and rivers, 

III. to shut up, confine. 
i^ooos, a, ov, and os, ov, lengthd. form for 

boundless, endless, countless. Also iar^i^iros. 
nfMO, inf. ii.T€if>riK€yai, part, inreipnic^s, pass, 
^vof, perf. of ^irciiroi'. 

it|Tot, &-irf£paTos, oi^, also ??, ov, (a priv., 
eu) without trial, and so I. act. unthout 

trial of : absol. making no attempt : also 
ejrpeHenee of: hence ine^erienced, unskilled 
ng. II. pass, untried, unattempted* 

iCa, ^, (&-«-eip0s) opp. to ifnretpla, want of 
experience, ignorance. 11. (H-ire^s ii.^ 

Injmiigy it^miiude. 

I w mf i B a fi ni a^ gin. «m^(« pflv^ «<riJMi% Map) 

A-^vipdaimty or, (m^^ umM\ intitpmitmotd 
in ill, guUdm* t rb knifimniaw, gmtltmmm, ■ H. 
tmvMdf to «0tiL 

qfiatto: in pinr. wiyariliii .* Ibcm 


ooarse^ 9ukfmr. Adr. 
&-«iipa-Xfit4t» 4$, Ohntpo§f hixn) unmmiimL 

< w at p a i ^ OK I. (a pdr^VAJNi, «tip<^^Mi) fpM« 
otf/ /fW or tttp t ri mue qf a thjng* wnimd to It t 

^^■^•w^r^ ^w^^^aF ^^V •a^^BB^ii^ap ^Rai^^^a^^Pva ^v^^v^vji^^wr ^^^www^^^^^ ^Hr'r^wr^^ 

rani. U. (« prfr., wmjpar, v^fpot) lilw InrtipMWffs 
boundlesSf emueitf eommtkm, . 9. oif gamMBt% aCii| 

endless^ i. e. toil&otii tfiuf or oti/Ml 

m wPftpa#wHy ^■Mnra^pta, MMapfftanoftt 

A^^vtipd-TOKoty or, (iMTffipof , TMcos) noi Aoviaip jwf 
brtmghi forth, 

k m t i^ im ^ or, gen. oror, (a priT», vn^y *4p*') 
boundlestt endless, oouniless. The forms KrMpoi^ 
inr4p(u^T99f fHra^puFiM^ Mro ipwio% Mnijptiioiai^ mth* 
^of, ApsifOio t, Ao ^ao T o f, fta^porot are qnitt (qr- 
non. IL (a pnr.^ *^m) -i Ifampov z, jw^qwrt^ 


&V1C19 Ion. flir A^(r, park aor. 3 from i^ feff u. 

&ir-iic. Prep, c gen., awap out of; but better Air* 
^K, like 81* ^ic. 

&ir-fK-8^|jMu, fat. Ziffoiuu [v] : c. act aor. ^ur, et 
perf. S^SuKo, (&«<{, Ik, 8^) as Med., to strip oneself i 
to put off, as dothea. Hence 

&ir-^K-8iimf, f«f, ^, a putting offihe clothes* 

&WKi{c, a Dor. aor. without pros, in U8e=»&W)3a\«, 
?ie lost. 

&ir.cK-Xav6dvofuu, (&ir^, ix, \av$dya») Med., to^br- 
j7«^ entirely, in imperat aor. 2 med., &ireicA.cA^(0ffo^6 
0(£/i)36os, /or^e^ fTiltrff/jf your surprise. 

4ir-cK-XcXdOca0c, v. foreg. 

dircKp^fMuytt, aor. i from itTro-Kpeftdpyvfiu 

i.iriKravov, €S, «, aor. 2 of ^noKreiva, 

&tr^MTaTO, pi. pf. pass, from iaconr^iwa, 

&-ir^KTnT0«, oi', (a priv., TrcKricd) uncombed, unkempt. 

&ir-cXavva), fut &ircA<io'w, Att. hTfcXSt, pf. &ireX^- 
AoKa, pass. L'KiK'hKatrfMt : but also &ir^a as imperat 
from simple pres. hnxAu, and Dor. aor. hiHiXMv. 
To drive away, expel, remove. II. esp. &ir. crrpa- 
Ttfiv to lead away an army: hence as if intr., to 
march f go away: also sub. Jmrop, to ride away. Pass. 
to be driven away : hence to be driven out or oj- 
cludedfrom a thing : generally, to be far from. 

dir-Aryno, aros, t^, and ^ir-tKiCHV^^ b^-*^* 
^ir-Acy^is, €«$, 71, conwjtion, refulaiwni : i^w*^ 
^Tr-cX^M, f. ^ft>, to cofiDinoe, T^fute ilu]froiM?«»« 


Aw^Xcdpos— i'3r€(r(r€trai. 

&-irAcOpos, ov,{a priv., weXeOpov) immeasurable : 
neut. also Adv. immeasurablp far. 

atrcX^oOai, &trcX^|fccvos, Ion. for &^€X., inf. and 
part. aor. 2 med. of ii^>cup4». 

dir-cXcvOcpCoy ^9 iAe enfranchisement of a slave : 

^ir-cXcvOcpos, 6, (&ir<j, i\€^€pos) an emancipated 
slave, afreedman, Lat. libertusy libertintts. Hence 

dtr-cXcvOcpiSw, (60*01, to set free, emancipate, 

^trcXi^XvOa, ay, €, etc., peif. of hr4pxonai. 

&ireX6civ, inf. aor. 2 act. of ikvcpxofiau 

&ir-^KC0, Ion. for &^-^Xkw. 

&v-€XirCtw, fut. ((TO), Att. (cD, (&ir((, i\vi(ai) to drive 
to despair, 2,^i\irl(€ty kir6 twos, to hope from one. 

&tr-c|fc^o>, f. ^(Tw, to spit up, throw out. 

&irc)Jivi{(ravT09 3 plur. aor. i med. of hro-fUfiv^trKw, 

^irc|fc<$p{aTO, 3 aor. i m«d. from &iro-|&<SpYW)Jii. 

dir-ciitiroXflu, ^cro), to sell for : to barter. 2. to 

ii£^ andf selly betray. 

atr-^-avTi, Adv., (&ir((, l^vavri) over against, oppo- 
site, c. gen. : also 

&v-cv-avTCov, Adv.,=foreg. 

&tr-cvapCt«i», f. l^u, to strip off armSy despoil one of 
a thing. 

iircvfyKCur^ai, inf. aor. i med. of iiiro'<p4pw, 

&tr^vciK(&, as, €, £p. for &irfiv€iKa or MiveyKa, aor. 
•of airo-<p4p<o : pass. aor. inf. &irey€ixOrivai, 

air-cv-^iro, v. iuc-cv-viva. 

&-trcv6i{s, ^s, (a priv., vivdos) free from grief . 

h.'vMt[ro^i ov, (a priv., Trev^^w) no/ subject to 

^ir-cviavT^o, (air($, ivia\n6s) to go into banishment 
for a year, also dir-evtoirrifw* 

air-cv-v^TTu, (airj, ^j/, ^irw) &7-av5(£e0, to forbid. II. 
to or£^ away from, h.rc, rwh. Ba^Afiuv to deny him 
entrance : also to bid keep away, 

&ir-^|, v. aireK. 

air-e|-T)7lo)jiai, f. 4\<ronai, to tell to the end. 

aircoiKws, Att. kv^uctJiS, perf. part, of ktrioiKa, un- 
reasonable, unfair. Adv. -kStus, 

air^irXcv<ra, aor. i of hro'vX^a. 

a-ircirXos, ou, (a priv., wiirKos) without irivXos, un- 
robed, unclad. 

iir^irXo, shortd. for &ir€ir\w(r€, 3 aor. i act. from 

iir^irvcvocv, 3 aor. i of &vo-irv4a. 

aireirT<if&t]v, aor. from d^/irra/uu. 

fiircp, neut. pi. from Ssircp, q. v. In Att. oft. used 
as Adv. =&sv€p, as, so as, 

i-ircpavTos, ov, (a priv., irepalvto) boundless, infi- 
nite, endless, II. allowing no escape, that none 

can pass, 

d-ir^paros, ou,—h.veiparros, cnrelpaaros, 

&ir-cp7d(, f. dcoficu, pf. avclpyacrpMii Dep. 

/Z7<°K^,^ /o tffork, Jinish off; pf. part, hreipyairfiivos 

c0mp/e/e,jimsAed: of a painter, to fill up with color, 

^r^r^sefUperJeci/y: generally to make, form. 2 


to finish a contract. The perf. kv^lpyofffuu is used 
both as act, and pass. Hence 

&ir-cpYaor£a, ^, a finishing off, completing : a making^ 

&tr-^pY«>, Ion. for hveipyn. 

&ir-^po«», f. l<u, to bring to an end, finish. 

aircpcCy Adv.=&sir€p6(, from &K€p. 

iircpcCSoiibaiy f. eiffofiat, (&irJ, ipetHoe) Pass., (9 /a 
oneself fast upon, i, e. to support oneself upon a 
thing : to dwell, insist upon, also to ««///^ m a p•^• 
ticular part : absol-, to /(^ar* or 5«7u/ away. 

&trcpcio'i.os, oy, "poeL, ssaveipeo'ios : in phrase ion* 
ptlcia &Koipa a countless reason. 

iir-cpTiiA^tfy ci>(r0, (hrS, iprjfiSu) to make utterig 

&-'irepi-X(£X'V|T0S9 ov, (a priv., irepi-XaXivi) not to it 
outdone in talking, [&] 

&-ircpi-|Upi|fcvos, ov, (a priv., v€pi, ftJpifiya^ MiV 
less. Adv. -i^etfs, carelessly, 

&-ircp(-oirTos, oi^, (a priv., vepi&^oiuu) not hMll§ 
round about, reckless of, 

A-ircp(-tfK c ipros, ov, (a priv., irepi-trKiwTOfuu) In* 
considerate, thoughtless, heedless. Adv. rwf . 

&-ircpC-OT&T0S9 0)/, (a priv., trtpito'Trifu) defenedm* 

&trcp(-Tp.T|Tos, ov, (a priv., ir€pir€fufw) unc in um 

&-trcpC-Tpoiros, ov, (a priv., wtpirprKui) not rehtnif 
ing :■ also no/ Jieeding. 

inrtppiyaarij 3 plur. perf. 2 from hropptyict. [Q 

air-cpp», (^ird, Ippo)) to 5« ^on« ; esp. to one^s mm 
loss, hence iveppCy away, begone^ Lat. abi in malm 

air-cpvOpido>, fut. dcra, (iiirS, ipvOpidca) to put aweif 
blushes, be past blushing, [acrai] 

iir-cpuKw, |(tf, {it.v6, ipvKu) to keep off, hinder^ scan 
away, Med. to abstain, desist, 

dir-lpXOfiai, fut. eXe^aofiai, to go away, depeni 
from : when used with els, to go from one place if 

air-cpu. Ion. avfpeoi, fut. sine pres. usit. : po^ 
ktFclprqKa, fut. med. av^poviMi, cf. hrrujrovi (i*^ 
^P€cd) /o speak plainly out, II. to deny^ to fV- 

nounc^. III. to forbid, c. inf. IV. into 

to (/iv^ t/jD, «mAr, fail : the act. perf. h,v€iprjKa is ua6d 
in this signf. : like aTrcTirov. 

dir-cpocvs, 4(as, 6, one who thwarts : from 

atr-cp<i»^u, 'fjo'u, to ebb : hence to retire, wiAdrew 
from, II. Trans, to keep back, hirider, Henoe 

air-cpcinfj, ii, a going back, withdrawing. VL tf 


dircpcinljo'Cias» 2 opt. aor. from anepwecD, 

air-cpoiTos, ov, {air6, ^pcos) unloving, 

aires, Ion. for 6up€s, imperat. aor. 2 from iul>irifu. 

&7r-ca^(b), f. hnciZofxai, pf. direS^SoKa: (&ir<{, ISc'y 
iffOio)) to eat or ^««w off: to eat up, 

^ireaK^SoarC) 3^ aor. 1 from arroo'KeBdvvufjLu 
aireav^TaV) tor iLTsi^rwav^ *>> ixax. ^ticic«vyx« 




i I 






U ffom§ ^ i. e. dead, 

fipiA^ 9VT9, Spb eontr. aor. pMi. oCteoowfci. 
I, 3 aor. a at iupianifu. 
'if Mf y ^ dtrm/u) loo., a Mfi^ ^wiyy <>^ 
ibnned ISke fftr^fit. 

m% 3 Mr. a from ianrphm. 

4jl§t 4s, (m prir., viwMivfuu) no! In^nfevrf 

fcnowa, Lat. ^^noliff . II. Act. ^^nonmf. 

(tW<nroiMi— Amor. 


^Mi^ (&n^ fM^) |0 fMriv cAyi^AI d^polft: 
iOffmin: mttajitu, io retiore i fogvidi^tvU: 
'g-fuSs &v. lo ffiide the arms with chaini^ Le. 

!r^ ^9 (&vd|x9/Mu) to be depreoaied, abo^ 

4ii^ dtrtt, to ImU to sleep. 

Srrat* ov^^iur-mMcrSs t from 

;,o|aas {oyuu, Bep. mod., to with awt^y to 

'0%ibAi^^yfiinihthaiitmajfnioihappeti* TL 

/rSy 3 I^qpf. pan. of iarop9bfm, 

)o99 or, strictly &^c^af , (ibpi^) boiled down, 

iat. "XP^^^ Twined gdd, like Lat. ounmi 

bipti, f. 2^: aor. ^ir^x^/'B, lo Aa<f i«l- 
II. to ffloXr^ tttterfy hatrfuf. 

Mvmuu, f. x^<VM<: &<ir* &in)x^ir^s pf- 
Mu, (av^9 ^x^os) to be hated : to incur hatred 
mtf also to be roused to hatred: :o((rc rl 

iple, roused to hate against xne, distress 
II. to cause hatred^ \6yoi iircx^ov^- 
ords that cause hatred: c dat. pers., to be 
le hateful to one. 
^cio, Tjy (SLvexHs) enmity, hatred: in plur. 

.- 8i' iiirex^flas rivi iXBeTy to be hated by him, 
ypyrjs 4\0€aff etc. 

K|f&a, aros, t6, (axex^cb/o/iou) t?iat which is 
he object of hate. 

^S> cy, {av6i ^x^os) hatefvJ, hostile. 
)o|aAi, like &,Tr-€xBdj/ofiat, (^ir6, fx^^'O '^ ^^ 
' hatefid. 

»9 &^t«»: aor. ktrtcxov : to Ao^ o/^ Ar^e/) o/^, 
o/n.* hence topart, Med. d.7r exfoBai x^^P^ rivos 
ne^s hands off: but usu. antx^oSai to Itoldone- 
i thing, abstain, desist from, II. intrans. to 
y or /ar /rom, c. gen. loci, rris Tr6\^w5 oh 
dJIhy &v€xst, it is not far distant from the city : 
i Med. to abstain from a thing. III. to 

receive in full: air. fuad6v to have a full 

», Ion. for ii^^ea. 

«, 3 a<nr. i from kirwdiw. 


4«i|MYMit» Adr. from Aai|\fy4') ^ (^ki^ ^^'^^) 
tffttftoiil omHuigJ^ aay iMy, nolMJIft /iSior Airq- 
Xtywms jfcao ti * ^ to ipaak out iiiriWiat ^oo ma y ww oi yK 

4viiV0or, aor. s of Jbr-^jopo p ai. 

awaifftvm me'HXmta, and lo ois enem^ <• law, wMi 
anadon to fAior, notf ,/biuf ^ batkki^ in Ae nm: 
opp. to ^-i|Xia0t4t. 
W-4Xft{» Ion. for A*-^Xi(. 

L-miffmro^ o», (f P''^** *W«^) tmAannidL II. 
act : ear, fiiort numfriefnm miterw, 

imjaJf^oront, £p. aor. a of kpafu^rim, 

kw ^f^ w for iWi||ur, i pL Ind. inqk. of Ara|u. 

4i-vi||ftou ap i|» % • btSs^f free froui^ h/etm, he t iiA, 
eeffetif. II. Aet. haemieemnt : from 

A «ij |Mir» or, gon. ayvt, (a piir.^ «4i«) un harm e d, 
unhurt : wUhoui iorrow or e^fMnff. IL Aot 

doing mo harm : henoe klndfif .* of tiia goda, pro- 

ivifni, 4, a /wr-fdlMM tampon .* later, aay oor- 
rii^, a aor, ehariei, IL IQca C«^*> ^ l/oke, 

pair, eeuple, (DariT. onknoiwiL) 

3 pL aor. i mad. nom hF-arabfoiimu 
', hanh, rouffh, fDerir. unoertalii.) 
', Dor. aor. a of Ar-4pxoMa<» for M^Xiffvr. 

4r-^ooot, oy, (&ir^, aU»p4u) hanging, hoeering on 
high : uiortened from iiirffoaposy q. v. 

a-in()po«, OK, (a priv., ir^pa) without a scrip* II. 
(a priv., viip6s) unmaimed. 

iLinr6puv, pa, i and 3 sing, iraperf. from hr-avpdu, 

biri^xBeTo, 3 aor. a med. of Air-ex^cU^o/tai. 

&tr-i^«i»po«, oy, (Art^, aJUopiw) hanging or hovering 
on high : later Miopos, 

'Airia 7^, v. &iru>f . 

&ir-idXX«i», Dor. or Lacon. word for &iroir//Air». 

&tr-CT)f&i, Ion. for iKpirifu* 

b.-7F(Bavo9, ov, incredible, unlikely, not carrying con* 
viction in a thing. IL not persuasive. Adv. 


&-irtOc«i», iicw, poet, for &-w€i04(o, (&irc(9^s) to dtf 
disobedient to. 

&-iri6ii)s, e's, poet, for &-ir€i0^s. 

&ir-l6vvTi{p, Tjpos, 6, a restorer : from 

air-i6vvu, ^^ &7- ^vdivw, 

k-vXy&frtra, (a priv., irtyvrcfs) to be without one's 
wits, work folly. 

air-i{i«, cws, ^, Ion. for A<p'i^is. 

fiiriov, tJ, (&iriof) a pear. 

''AIIIOS, ^, a pear^ree : also a jo^ar t/s^^T. 

airios, Ti, oyy (Airrf) /ar away, far off^ far^ IV. 

'Amos, a, ov, ApMin^ \. e. Peloponnemu^ ^\ \ic^ \sa 

lo|uu, Aw-ijyi7^ii, r4 iir-^ytim^, i, Ion. for so called from Apia, a king of At^s»^>bm»* KitVa -^^ 

IX^^y} or 'Airfa alone, the Felopofanew, «k^ At^joU* ; 


dTTtiroo) — diro^aCvdi . 

also 'Arts, l^os, 7], [The former word has &, the 
latter a.] 

&ir-iir<So>, (i.7r6y m6wi) to presSy squeeze out. 

'Atris, los, 6, Apis, a buU worshipped in Egypt, the 
Greek Epaphos. 

a'ir-lfr6a, to make equal or even. 

a-TnarifOy f. ^(rw, (J&vurros) to disbelieve^ distrust, 
doubt a person or thing : absoL, to be unbelieving or 
distrustful. Pass, to be distrusted or doubted. II. 

=i,v€t64(c, to disobey, 

^ir-CoTTilxi, Ion. for o^-^or^/ii. 

i,-7naTUk, riy disbelief, distrust : of things, iroAA&s 
iLtrurrias Ix^' ^^ admits of many doubts. II. want 

{if faith, unbelief: faithlessness. From 

a-iruTTOS, ovy (a priv., iriffT6s) Pass., no/ /o 6& 
trusted, and so of persons, faithless: also, </«£- 
trusted. 2. of things, no/ credible, beyond be- 

Uef. II. Act., no/ believing or trusting, mis- 

trustful. 2. not obeying. Adv. -rws, act., sus- 

pioiously. 3. Pass., beyond beli^, 

i-wwrrocruvT], = ^-moY^ct. 

&tr-ioxvpC(o|MU, f. Iffofuu, Att. tov/Mu, (&ir($, Itrxv- 
p({s) Dep. med., to oppose, resist stoutly. 

atr-£arxA>9 poet, form of hnr-exoi, to keep far away. 

air-tWov, verb. Adj. of Hireifii, one must go away. 

iirXaK^o, airXaKCa, etc., y. sub ifivAjouceta. 

a-vXaoTos, ov, (a priv., vXdffffa) not moulded : 
hence genuine, sincere. lL = lhr^jaro5, mon- 

strous, huge. 

cL-irXaTOf, oy, Ion. H-nXriros, (a priv., ireXdco) for 
iLvreXaros, unapproachable: terrible: hence mon- 
sirous, huge. 

a-irXcKTos, ov, (a priv., irXcKu) unwoven, unplaited. 

cL-irXeTos, ov, collat. form of i-irAaros, Ik-vKriros, 
unapproachable, and so, Ai/pe, monstrous, frightful. 

a-irXcvorros, ov, (a priv., irAcctf) no/ navigable, not 

a-irXt)KTOs, oj', (a priv., irX^tro^w) unstricken : of a 
horse, needing no whip or «pt<r. 

a-trXT)(rTos, ov, (a priv., TrlfjLv\rifu) not to be filled 
up, insatiate, immense : c. gen., 2iirX. cClfiaros insa- 
tiate of blood. Adv. -Tws. 

a-TrXtiTos, ov. Ion. for ifc-irAaros. 

a-7rXoia, ri. Ion. i-irXofty, (A-irXows) waw/ or diffi- 
culty of sailing : in plur., contrary winds, stress of 

airXotto|xai, Dep. med., (aTr\ovs) to behave simply, 
deal frankly. 

airXofs, "^os, t}, (an\6os) as Siibst., a single garment. 

airX(So9, ^V, ^ov, contr. anXovs, ^, ovv, like Lat. 
simplex, onefold, opp. to dnr\6os, Lat. duplex, two- 
fold : single : hence simple, plain : of men, frank, 
sincere : also silly. 2. simple, opp. to compound : 
hence, absolute, sheer. Adv. -irAws, q. v. (Deriv. 

a-vAoos^ ov, contr. ii-firKovs, ovv, (a priv., irAcw) 
^/ sa/////ff. Act., of ships, unJU for sea, not sea- 

worthy. 2. of men, never having been at 

sea. II. Pass., of rivers, etc., no/ iMvigable, 

airX^, ii, 6v, poet, for avhj&os, like ZiieK&s ioe Si- 

airX<STif|S» ryros, rj, {aTr\6os) like Lat. simpHatat, 
simplicity. 2. plainness, frankness : silHnest. 

airXovSi Vi ovv, contr. for afr\6os, q. v. 

a-irXovs, ovv, contr. for ft-n-Xoos, q. v. 

a-trXovTOS, ov, (a priv., irXovros) without riehet. 

airXus, Adv. from airXovs, Lat. simpliciter, simpig^ 
plainly : usu. absolutely. 

a-wevaroq, ov, (a priv., irv4a)) wUhout breoAy 
breathless : hence lifeless. 

*Ano', Prep. c. Gen. only, = Lat. ABy ABS^ 
whether place, time, or any object be denoted. I. 
of place, implying motion from, away from s alio 
down from. 2 . without motion implied, far fromf 
at a distance from. II. later of time, /rotn, ii^fisr, 
since, itirh ^eiirvov yeviaOai to have done saop- 
per. III. of Origin of all kinds, as, i. of 

descent, birth, ovk avh ^pvhs oh^* i.vh ie4rp^s not 
sprung from oak or rock : hence of place, hitb 2«i^ 
TTis of Sparta by birth. 2, of the mea$u or m- 

strument, as anh fiiolo triipvfv with arrow yVont Ul 
bow. 3. of the cofuse or occasiony as hirh Bucau^ 
V7I5 by reason of. 4. of the material of wbiok 

a thing is made, as airh |vAov veirotrjiAeya made i£ 

As Adverb, sine casu : far away : but almait 
always with verbs in tmesi. 

In Compos. i.from, asicnder, as in airor4fumt 

and hence away from, as in airofialvcD. 2. teasing 
from, as in aTroAyew : and hence, finishing, com- 
pleting, as in cLvepydCoixai. 3. back again, as in 

awoSiBojiu. 4. by way of abuse, as in itwoKOr 

Aeo). 5. almost = a priv., as in aTravddto, SnrayopeAtu 
more freq. with Adjectives, as in avScriTos. 

oiro, anastroph. for airS, when it follows its noun. 

&iro-a(w|xai, poet, for air-alw/xai, to take away, 

airo-oip^ofJiaL, poet, for wp-aip4ofuu. 

air^Pa, Att. imperat. aor. 2 for avS^Oi from ibre- 

diro-PoOpo^ Ti, a way for coming down fromy esp. 
steps or a ladder for descending from a ship, /A« 
gangway: from 

airo-Paivb), f. fi^ffofiai : aor. 2 airffiriv : pf. arofii- 
firjKay — ill these tenses intrans., to step off, dismouniy 
aligJU or disembark from. 2. to go away, dt* 

part. II. of events, to issue or result from ; 

usu. absol., to turn out, end or issue in a certain 
way, Lat. evenire : rh airSfiaivov the issue, event; 
ret atrofiaivovTa, awofidvra the results ; rh. airo^a6' 
fjL€va the probable results : but also atrofi. alone, to 
turn out well, succeed. 2. also of persons and 

things, with an Adj., to turn out, prove or be so and 
I so, Lat. evadere, air. koivoI to prove impartial. 3. 

of conditions, etc., air. tts ti to come at last to, end in. 




dvo/SoXXtt iv6d€l{l9* 

la^ only in aor. i hri^tra, to make to dis" 
duembarky land. 

UXkm, f. iSoAitf, fo throw off from : c. ace. only, 
o avooy, 2. to throw away, reject s also 

'JO away, sell too cheap. 3. usu. to lose. 

tdfrrw, to dip entirely. 
£69 fiaaof 0ay, aor. 2 of &,vo-ficUvu, 
iooos, €095, rif (&iro/3a/Ktf) a stepping off, dis^ 
ng; a landing : also a landing-place. 
jvoi, in£ aor. 2 of iaco-fiohfot. 
ia[o|Mu, f. dffofiou, Dep. med., to force away: 
ofiuurBrivcu, Pass., to be forced away. 
Xpdi/Uy f. (io-w, flit. Att. iviroffifiw, to make to 
esp. £rom a ship, to disembark, set on land. 
Xavru, ^o), to ruin utterly. Pass. ^jrofiXxk- 
to be robbed of. 
XaaravM, f. ar^troo, to shoot forth from, spring 

ov, looked at, gazed on by all^ henoe 
/; from 

X^ir», 4^0, to look away from all other objects 
benoe to look steadfastly at, gaze at or upon, 
iifTOS, OP, {avo'^AKXxa) to be thrown away as 

9Uov«i, Att. iSAirra), f. ioto, {airS, fi\la'ffui) 
mU the comb from the hive, take the honey : 
« to rob of a thing. 

ikviiu, aa, (&7($, fik6(<i)) to spirt out, av. otyov 
! out some wine. 

ioM' ^^' ^' {awo'fid\^M) a throwing away, 
2aXi|iiaLOS, ov, (airo/8c£AAa;) apt to throw 

II. Pass, apt to be thrown aside, 
l^oxouai, {aird, ^ScKOfiai) Dep. to eat up, 
lovKOA€Cki, (airtj, ^ovk6Xos) to let or caiLse cattle 
f: hence to make to lose, 2. to soothe, be- 

Ipi^ca, f. |ctf, to sleep without waking, go sound 

\ia^\.o%, ov, {airS, $(i}ij.6s) far from an altar, 


f€itrfr6ia, (air6, yeiaov) to make jut out like a 
or cornice, 

fevofMii, Med., to taste of a thing : so later 

f€^^6io, (oir<J, y4<pvpa) to bridge off: to fur- 
ith a bridge or zrith dykes. 
fi\paaKia, daw, to grow old. 
vipau, c^w, =foreg. 

fiyvo[Lai, in late Att aTro-yivofiai, fut. yejrfj- 
aor. airey€v6ij.'qv : pf. anroyeyivqiJiai : to be away 
have no part in. II. absol., to be taken 

and so to depart life, die : oi aTroy€p6fji€voi 

fiyvwTKfa, in late Att. aTro-yivuaKOi, fut. yv^- 

to depart from a judprnenij ffive up an in- 

, of Aoingy c. gen. : /o reso/ve no^. 2, to 

II. c. aoc., to give up as use- 

despair of. 

less. III. as law-term, to reftue to receive ask 

accusation : hence to acquit. 

An^-yv^MO, ^, (airoyiTyc^itt*) despair. 

iiro-Yovili, 7i, issue, posterity : from 

i.v6'yovo9, oy, (iaro-ylyvofAoi) descended, sprung: 
as Subst., a descendant, usu. in plur., descendants. 

&iro-YP&<|rl{, 71, (&iro-7p{£^) ^ ^^joy, esp. of an m- 
dictinent (7^0^) : a deposition. II. usu. a Ust, 

register, esp. of property alleged to belong to the 
state, but held by a private person. 

diro-Ypdi^, f. r^6», to write out, copy, esp. to enter 
in a list, register. Med. to have registered by others : 
but also to register for one's own use. II. as Att. 
law-term, i . &ir. rivd to give in a copy of the charge 
against a person : esp. to give in a list of property 
alleged to belong to the state, but held by a private 
person. 2. kit. r^ ^dpxovrti, to give in such a 

list of property. 

diro-YVi^w, to make quite lame or weak. 

iifKo-yv^vdJita, f. do'w, to bring into hard e^fercise, 
to ply hard. 

iiiito-Y%nLv6ti, {.* i&trw, (iarS, yvfuf6s) to strip quite 
bare; esp. to strip of arms, disarm. Pass, to be 
stript bare. Med. to strip oneself. 

&iro-8aU«i, AvoSaMrofftOi, to portion otU to others : to 
give others a share qf. U. to part off, separate. 


&tro-8aicvfl», f. H^v, to bite off a piece qf, c. gen. : 
absol., to bite. . 

airo-8aKpvo>, to weep much ; c. ace., to weep much 
for, lament, [u] 

diro-SoUrpiioS) ov, parted off or from, : from* 

airo-8a<r)Ji<$S, 6, (airoSa/w) a division, part of a 

airo-8ci, Ion. uwoSeti, impers. of airodeco, q. v. 

atro-8cL8£(rcro|xai, Dep., to frighten away, 

4iro-8ciKW|xi and airo8ciKvvo> : f. ^tl^u, Ion. de^w. 
Ion. pass. pf. airoStdtyfiai, Att. Sedeiyixai : I. to 
point out, shew forth, make known : hence, i. to 
bring forward, sheiv, produce, publish as a law. 2. 
to appoint or assign; x^P^^ OTroSeSey/icyos an ap^ 
pointed place. 3. to shew by argument, prove. II. 
to shew forth a person or thing as so and so, 
hence, i. to appoint, name, create, 1. to make, 
render. 3. to represent as. 4. to prove that 

a thing is. 5. c. inf., to ordain a thing to be. 

Med., to shew forth something of one's own, esp. 
airo^ei^affdai yv(oiJ.r}v to deliver one's opinion : &iroS. 
aperds to display high qualities. 

airo-8€iXia<d, f. dcra, (air6, deiXSs) intr. to be a 
coward, shrink from danger. 

air6-8ci.{iS9 ectfs, ri. Ion. -Se|is, (awo-Se/ici'u/it) a 
shewing forth : hence, i . a setting forth.^ cteCi- 

very, publication, 1. a sheuoing , prooj^ deTiwm- 

/ slraiion, II. (from Med.") a display, ajcK\e»eTft«n.t, 
I performance. 



&iro-8cif»o-TO|U«i», (^ir6y ^etfyfi, rciivai) to cut off by 
ihe neckj behead. 

&iro-8cCpu, Ion. for it'K0'B4pw. 

&iro-8cK&T<$w, f. ^(Tco, (iiirS, ^eKaros) to take a tenth 
part, tithe. 2. to pay tithe. 

&tro-8^KO|fcai, Ion. for &iro-8^x^/^** 

diro-Sdcriljp, rjpos, 6, (&jroS4xofMi) a taker from^ 

&tro-8^|a<r0ai^ inf. aor. l from &iro-8€XO)uaf, but 
also, 2. Ion. for itiro^ti^aa'dat from arro-Seticvv/ii. 

&ir<$-8€{is, cws, 4, Ion. for aird-dei^is. 

&ir6-8cpf&a, aros^ r6y {hvo^ipui) a hide stripped off. 

&iro-8^p<i), Ion. Zupto, f. Zepco, to flay or skin com' 
pletely: ^ltt. r^v Kc^aX'fiv to scalp. II. to fetch 

ihe skin off one's back. 

h.'KQ-%i%Qy.ox^ Ion. BdKOfiai, f. Si^o/jMi, aor. ^dfiriv : 
pfl 8^8ry/ia<, Dep. med., to accept in full, accept 
gladly, he content tpith. 2. to accept as a proof: 

to admit, allow, approve. 3. to accept as a teacher, 
follow : also hr. rivos to receive from another, agree 
with him. II. to receive back, recover. 

airo-8^o>, f. fi^cw, to bind fast. 

&'iro-8^», f. S€-fia'co, (av6, ^4a, 8€i) to be in want of, 
lack. Impers. &7ro-8e<, there lacks. 

&iro-8T)p.^b), (air<^97/ios) to be away from home, be 
alroad or on one^s travels : &iro$. tis &erra\lav to 
go abroad and live in Thessaly. Hence 

&7r6-8Ti)jiT|T!{s, ov, 6, one who is abroad. 

diro-STifJiCa, rj, a being from home, a going or being 
abroad: from 

d'ir6-8T))jios, ov, (olttS, Brifios) away from home, 

airo-oiSiuncb), f. StSc^w, to unteach, teach not to 
do, Lat. dedocere : to disuse. 

airo-8i8pd(rKb), Ion. SfyfiffKu, f. ^pdaojxai. Ion. 8p^- 
ffofxai, aor. hrddprjv, part. airoBpds, to run away or 
off, flee from, esp. by stealth* 2. in prose also c. 

ace., to flee, shun. 

a'iro-8i8u)Jii, f. Sc^cco, to give back, restore : esp. to 
give back what is due. 2. to render, yield, of 

land. 3. to grant, allow. 4. to render or make 
so and so, like aTroSeiKWfu. 5. to deliver over, 

give up, e.g. as a, slave : also to deliver a letter, Lat. 
redder e. II. intr., €* rh Zfxoiov arro^idoT is ati^rj' 

aiv, sc. ^ Pdyvirros, where it seems to be = iiti^ihaopn, 
q. V. Med., to give away ofone'^s own, sell; also to 
let out. 

&'iro-8iKa(u, f. Affa, (p.v6, BlKrf) to acquit, opp. to 

&iro8iK£iv, inf. from avi'BiKov, poet aor. sine pres. 
usit., (d7r<J, 5(/cw, hXKitv) to throw off: to throw down. 

&iro-8iK^b), (ciTTiJ, SticT?) to defend oneself on trial. 

&iro-8lv^w, to turn or whirl violently about. 

d'iro-8(op,ai, (ajcS, Slu) Dep., poet, for kirodid^Ka, 

4iro-8i-opC^o>, f. ((Ta, to mark off, distinguish. 

^wo-SuuKa, fiiL Sid^o/Luu, to chase, pursue away, 
^iro-SoK€i^ impers.^ (&ir<f, SoKew) iisu. c /u^ et inf., 

hv^oli (Tipi fiii it seemed good to them m^ to do: 
absol. , &s a'(fn &ire8o(€ when they resolved not. 

&tro-8oKlp.d(w, f. dffa, to reject on proof or trial, in 
gen. to reject. Hence 

atro-SoKifJicurr^ov, verb. Adj., one must reject. 

air-o8os, 71, Ion. for Afp-oHos. 

&ir<$-8o(ns. €Q)s, if, (avO'^l9eefu) a giving back, 
restitution, return : esp. repayment. 

&iro8ovvai, inf. aor. 2 of &iro-8/8e0/ii. 

4iro*8oxti) V, (&Trod4xoixat) -a receiving badk, opp. 
to ii.ir6Boa'i5 : reception. 

d'iro-8oxp>dc0, f. t&ffo), to bend backwards or tidewant. 

4'iro8pa6€iv, inf. aor. 2 from a7ro-9apddy<». 

&iro8pds, part. aor. 2 of ind. iiiridpay of &irf- 

dird-Spaoxs, €cds, ti, Ion. aic6^pri<ris, {ieKo^iZpAmm^ 
a running away, escape. 

diro-8p^iro>, f. ^a, to pluck off. Bled., to gaUuf 
for oneself. 

diro8ptivai, Ion. for -^pavw,, inf. aor. 2 act. of div- 

dtro-8pvirTw, f. if^w, to scrape off, to graze 2f i 
slight wound. 

d'iro-8pv<^,=foreg., hence 3 opt. diroSpt^i. 

diro-8vvo>,=diro-8t^, to pull or strip off. [y] 

dir-oSvpofJiat, f. vpovfiai, to lament bitterly, [Sm 

diro8vs> part. aor. act. from itvS^vfu. 

diro-8iiTijpiov, t6, a place for undressing in liia 
bath: from 

dTro-8v(i> or dir^8vp,i, f. B6ffa>, to strip off, esp. iSbe 
arms from the slain. Med. c. act. aor. 2 &iriBw,B,iiii 
perf. airodedvKa, to strip oneself, undress: metaph. 
to put away : air. irpSs rt, etc., to strip for a thingi 
to strip and get ready for. 

diro-cCKb), f. |w, to withdraw from, give way, 

diro-ciir€iV, dird-ciirov, es, c, £p. for direiircri', lor* 
eiTcov, etc. [k-Kbenrwv] 

diro-cp7dOb), poet, for airepyto, avfipyu, to keepftBT 
away, keep off from. 

avoipyto, poet, for aTr-epyco, av'^ipyfa : partic. d*V* 
epypiiirq for ajr€pyojx4v7j. 

av6€pa€, conj. 4pa7i, opt. cpcreie, an old £p. aor. 
only found in 3 pers., to hurry, sweep away, of run- 
ning water. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

diro-^dft), f. (^ffw, to live off, liffov avoffiv enoogli 
to live off. 

diro-(cvYVv)Jii and diro-^eiryvvfti, f. C<^i;|<tf, (dv^ 
(i^vvpn) to unyoke, part. Pass, to be parted firoms 
but hivp* dircftJTTyv v6has on foot did I start and 
come hither. 

diro-(^o>, f. fcVw, to boil off, throw off by fermenting. 

dir-d^w, fut. airo(fiff(o, to smell of something. IL 
impers., an6(€i ttjs ^Apafiirjs there comes a scent from 

diro6avciv, inf. aor. 2, and diroOavoviLai, fut. of 
\ diro-OirficTKw* 



















Anoffappia — ivoKarapp'^yvBfii. 

■im-6apf>6> and ain-Sapaiu, f. ^ 

nge, Aarefiill confidence. 

iTD-Oav|i&tw, f, iaa^ Ion. airoSuvt 
I thing : alisoL, lo uviuler miwft, 

airo-9€£o^L for aToBufioij Goaj. 

iwa-9tpHa, tut. i<Tm, A[L ti. In reap or cnC o^. 
inUtrfiiu, inf. aor. 1 in«l. of dro-TlAit^i. 
inS-B<OT0«, oi-, (aj«i-T(fli7,w) r/rnpind, alihnmvf. 
svo-SrraC, wr, at, a ^oce ill Laeedaemon, info 
iMch all miishapen diildren leere Ihroum un binh : 

M-ScTO), av, (aTsrifn/u) faii £y ,■ 

home, iransplanl: in gen. lo aend at cwry ouwy. 
lo ie settled In a/ar land: to omgralt. II. 

itic£c, fifoT, 4, fern, of £tT-auf0f T a oelony. 
dir-Diico-Bo|i/aj, (0 «i( o^iy luilding, lo aall effi 
lnr-eiK<K, or, [Inri, olKOt) aaayfrom home, abroad i 
asHiibtt, a settler, eoleniit. i. of ci^, lub. iriktr 

iir-owHtofiai, fut. Iso^uu, Oep. med., lo lunpfai* i 
&-iroCfiavTOt, DV, (a prir., troipnlvB) «R/M, (>»• 

air-oifuutw, fut. f«, /D ieiraii loudly. 

airotm, an, rd, only u»ed in phir., [o copul., iroii'lf) 
in Homer, a raniom, or priee jiaid, rather for life oc 
lihercy. II. in gen. compensation, repai/nent: 

f. Btim/iai, to run qffoi aieag. 
ini-Oi{KT|, ii, (i^vtISi)^) an>/ place wlierein la 
lag up a thing, t ffranary: a magasinCi store- 
fcnur. II. any thing bad by or stored vp, 4ira- 

•h^ voalaBm (I: Tim to lay up a Btore of fflvor 
'■ilh anotlier. 

bv-BXCpo, f- V^, to fpuexi oat : presi hard, op- 
jims miieh. 
breSv^iriciii, f. eSfoD/iai, (o die off, die away, in 
jm, lo die : rery fref;. in sor. ix-Aavoi' f d die, be put 
it death. 
IvoSopciv, inf. Bar. 2 of ira-BpifirHsi. 
&n-0|Hiiruyojui,L, f, iii'iiii^iu, (ctTit, flpoirdi) to he 

n or pricw. Med. ta J 

_^raf mucn. 

L goi. fo dif : 
9 it death. 

r off 07 fro, 

•se alt oni 

&«o-e|>ui£w, (iirii, fl/iuii') itrictly, to cut off Jig- 
knet .- in gea, to eul off, curtail. 

ira-SfMiTTH, {. im, la cnith in pieces : hencs lo 
break in epiril, enervate. 

An-fipuoicoi, f. flepoi'/uu : sar. airJBopor, {xri, Bpii- 
9IU0, 9op4Bo) to sprinff or leap off from. II. to 

leap up /rom, rise from : afisoL (u rus sheer up, of 
iteep rocks. 

im-ftv|iLat, ov, (i:rij, Ou^iiit) nsl according to one's 
Kind, unpleasant, hatefal. [u] 

in-avu, f. iiriij, (o qfer up. ["C] 

^..volTfTOf, «', (a prir.j Tu^u) fiof done^ urtdone : 
not to he done. 

iT-outb, (SvomE] to jTO avragfram home, to neltle 
« a foreign oouniry, emigrate. 11. to dwell afar 

eff, in gen. ta live far awoy: ft KiJpiyflo! fj ^futC 
fuiqiibr ifffuttiTD Corinth inu inhabited far aifofi 
Jlvni me, i. e. I «eltled far from Corintli. III. c. 
Mec-j^^iroiKi^u, to colonise. Ilenco 

fcr-aCiCficrK, mi-, ft, emigration, 

Air-oucCii, ft, {iT-oiKoi} a settling away from home, 
tl colony, seltiemeni, j 

Ir-au^i^ fat- ^ ^tt. im, ia said awag yh/Bi / 

&'itaiv<lu, to demand a 
Tfijuile or pimiih. 

AiroivJ-Gtmn, Dv, (Smxva, SIkii] emofiiy fA« jW- ' 
nally : atoning, 

&iro(<ru, fut. of ^vo^ipu : cf. ^(pa.^a,i, fut. x^iTDMO'i pf- i'^VXtl"''' ^^- ined., 
fa ia goneaaay, to be far from .- absol. to begone, to 
have departed : heme lo be dead and gone. II. 

moTE nirely, fs i/o away, teithdraw from. 

dira-KoSaCpai, fut. jpw, to clear off, cleanse. Pam. 
to 6e removed by cleansing. Hence 

iiro-K^SnpirLf , «>>, ft, a tiatratian, expiation : a 

diro-KoO-i^ljiaii to sit apart. 

4ito-Kae-(tQ^ fut. (™, to «( rfown. Med., to *U 

&-irD-icaB-[crTc£vu and iirD-KaS-(im))iL, fuL irrftirai, 

&iro-ica[rV|, to 3urpa.ja, e.ecel. 

Aira-Katpio^i oi',i= j-rrojpor. 

o'^ro-xaCia, fut. Kaiaai, lo burn off: also of intenie 
cold, to/rfP« off. 

Airo-KoA^ f. (o-iu, to call back, recal, eip. from 
exile. t. lo call ateay. II. lo call by a name, 

esp. by way of sbuee. III. lo worn off. 

i,icaKa\vwTu, f, ^u, la disclose, vacover. 3Ied. ip 
reveal oneself. Hence 

d7ro-ici£\vi|iit, fus, ft, revelation. [&] 

Atd-ic^jivi*, f. K&ttuBnai, la groai quite uw»II, lo 
flag utterly : c inf., lo Ofase to do. II. c. aCC, 

ii. Wvor lo flinch from toil 

&ira-i[d)iirT(i), f. ^^Wi Incr. to bend nff, turn aside. 9. 

&ica>icil.iniu, to breathe out, ii. i(iv>^i' to j7iD» up 
the ghost. [C] 
Airo-Kopa-SoK^u, (iirit, Kafu-JoK^iii) to erpact ear- 

awQ-Kapa-hoKia,, earnest expectalion. 
ATro-icaTap-pii-yw)jki, i. p<itu, to break ipjnle 4<"" 
ruin uUerli/. 


^roKaraoTocris — amoKporosl 

&iro-ieaTd-<rT&(ri«, e»s, ^, {cKwoKaBiffTrjfii) a com- 
plete restoration, reestetblishment. 

&'iro-KaT-t]f&ai, Ion. for i.vo-Kd0Tifiou. 

airoKavXitwf f* ^Cf^* Att. w, {iar6f kciv\6s) to brecUe 
short off. 

^<S-icavo\t9 Mtff, ^, (aTTOKodta) a burning off, 

&ir(S-icc4&ai, fut. Ktlffofiai, Dep. med., to lie ateap, 
he laid up in store : hence to be kept in secret, be in 
reserve, Impers. h[6K€ircu rivi, U is in store for one. 

airo-KcCpo, fut. Kepw, Ep. K^pffa, to shear or cut 
•off: in gen. to cut in pieces, cut through, Metaph. 
to cut off. 

dtro-Kcp8aCvo>9 fut. S^cro) and Bay a, (&ir<j, KtpBos) to 
have benefit, enjoyment from or q/* a thing. 

&iro-KC(f^iXCt<i'» fut. iffWy Att. Xm, (a.7r6y K€ipci>A\) to 

diro-KTiScvo), to cease to mourn for, 

&tro-iCT)8i»y fut. ^(r»,=&-KT78cco, to put away care, 
he careless. 

h.vO'Kn\pi6v%rt*j Att rrcv, fut. |w, to announce pub- 
licly, esp. to offer for public sale. IL to renounce 
publicly, disir^ierit a son : also to declare out- 
lawed, III. to forbid by proclamation. 

&iro-Kiv8vvcvox$, eus, ri, Oie making a venturous 
attempt, [u] : from 

diroKivSwevM, to make a bold stroke, make a ven- 
ture. Pass, to be put to the uttermost hazard. 

atriSKivos, 6, {i,7r6, Ktv4cci) a comic dance: hence 
k'K6Kiyov €vp€ find some way of dancing off, escaping. 

*a.'Ko-K.i\fa, supposed pres. of Dor. aor. air^ic^c,^ 
itTcefiaXe, he lost. 

diro-icXa^a), f. KXdy^oo, to ring or shout forth, 

dir-oKXa^o, dtru), {hr6, oK\<i(oi>) to bend one's knees, 
and so to rest, like Kdfiimaf y6w. 

airoKX^^O) fut. ^cd, Dor. for a'KOK\7itCoD, ^TroKXeia, 

airo-KXaCw, Att. imoKKdoi [aco] , fut. /cXat^o/AOx, to 
weep aloud: c. ace, to bewail much, mourn deeply 
for. II. to cease to wail, 

dir^-KXapoS} Dor. for iLir6-K\ripo5. 

ifirO'KkaM, dtrte, to break off. [icXa] 

&iro-KXdw, Att. for ^jro-KKcdw. [d] 

dir^-KXcuns or dird-icX|](ris, c»s, ^, (diro-KA€t») a 
shutting off or out. 

dir^-KXcioTos, ov, shut off, enclosed : from 

diro-icXcC«0, t KKeiacD, Ion. KKrfiof, f. KXTfta-co, and in 
Att. also freq. K\ya, f. K\'pa'(o, to shui off from or out 
of. 2. to cut off, hinder from a thing. Pass, to 
be cut off or hindered from. II. c. ace only, to 

shut up, close : to cut off, prevent, hinder. 

diro-icX^7rTo>, f. ^u, to steal away, 

diro-icXtifu, Ion. for ^voKXtiw. 

d'irii-icX'qpoS} ov. Dor. a.'tr6'K\apos, [a.7c6, Kkripos) 
away from f i. e. without lot or share of?;, thing. 

diro-icXT)p<So>, to choose by lot from among ; esp. at 
Athens, to clwose, elect by lot, 

diroxXtt^els, later d^roicXi^cis^ part. aor. i pass. 
£"0112 sq. 

diroHcXCvw, fut. Xvfo, p£ hacoKiKhuta, pass. -idiiAi- 
/uat : to turn off or a^ide : to turn baek» IL 

Att. usu. iqtr., to turn aside : metaph. to twmqffio 
something worse, fall away, decline. 

diro-icXv^o, fut. ^ffw, to wa^ away, avert by pun- 

diro-KvaCca, Att. KViSuu, to scrape, rub cffi hence 
hnoKv. Tiva to wear one out^ weary to death, Med.| 
to wear away, diminish. 

aifo-KvoM, Att. for foreg. [d»] 

aif-oKviiOj to shrink from, hesitate about a thing, e. 
ace. : absol. to shrink back, hesitate. Hence 

dir-^KVYioos, €W5, Ti, o shrinking from, 

diro-KvC^u, f. Itroo, to nip off. Hence 

dird-KvicfJia, r6, that which is nipt off, a little M 

diro-KoifMcof&ai, Pass. c. f. med. ^aofjuu, to detp 
away from home. 2. to lie down, to get a little siee/k 

diro-KoXvuPoA), f. iiaw, to dive and swim awajf. 

diro-KOfxloij, if, a carrying away. IL (from 

Med.) a getting away or back : from 

diro«KO|fc£t^ ^ut. ia-o), Att. Xa, to carry or condmtt 
away. Med. to carry off with one. Pass, to teik$ 
oneself off, get away. 

dqrd-ico|fcp.(&9 aros, r6, (wro-K^rru) that loAicA it ml 
off, a splinter. 

diro-KoppirdUo, f. dffw, to boast, brag, 

diro-Koirij, Vs (airo-K^vrco) a cutting off: at AthflB% 
esp. art. xpcuv—LoLt. tabulete novae, a canceUia^ i 
all debts. 

diro-K(S«T«0, f. }^a, to cut off, hew off. U, l» 

beat off from a place. III. Med. to smite tkt 

breast in mourning, hence, to mourn for, 

diro-KOpv<|M^w, (a7r6, Kopvipij) to sum up briefly. 

diro-Koo-fxcd), f. ^(TCD, to clear and set in order. 

diro-KOTTaPi(<u, f. iao», {av6, K&rra^os) to dash out 
the last drops of wine, as in playing at the cottabui. 

diro-Kov<|>t(a», fut. icra, Att. iw, {anr6, ^Kovpos) t9 
lighten, set free from. 

diro-Kpdr^fti, to overcome, surpass. 

diro-Kpcp.dvwp.1, f. Kpcfidcru, Att. Kp^fM, to let M 
thing hang down, let hang, II. to hang up, 

diro-Kp€fJidw, pres. , for arro-Kpefidt^injiJu. 

dirii-Kpiip.vos, ou, {hird, Kprifiv6s) precipitou8,cragg!f, 

diro-KpivOeCs, later diroKpiOcCs, part. aor. 2 past. 

aifo-Kpivia, fut. tvoa, to part, separate, to distinguish. 
Pass. aor. i aireKpidrju : pf. KeKpifxai : to be partedt 
separated one from another : avoKtKplffBai els %f 
tvoixa to be separated arid brought under one 
name. II. to choose out, choose. 

Med. awoKplpofjiai, to give sentence on a thing, r«- 
ply to a question : esp. to answer charges : dxoftp^; 
ycffdai Ti to give an anszcer. Hence 

dir(i-KpXo-i9, €<os, 71, a separating. II. {fmai 

Med.), a decision, answer. 

dir^-KpoTos, ou, [clttS, Kporew) beaten or troddeti 
, hard, esp. ot eaxxVv. 










5 Bp. inqieif . of sq. 
rm^ f. ifiii, to Mdefinm^ keep hi^Mmflrmm t 
wivite kUh a thing /Vvm m penon t eke c. 
Ar. rufd n, Kke Lat. Oflarv ^Mquem oJi- 
iA^ iMp ftooir ,/l«M one. 3. lo AM^ 

ifaMM^ ILtoloie/remelf^pei'emi 

i; eq>. «o Idm si^ ef Umd, n in Vu^il, 



r of 

im^-kimruf ^ !(«« (^k»d^ Aivvw) l» Isfi «p JQdb « 
dog, wwiyoti ffwiHy^ 

4ivo-AOiwi^ <tfty i|^ os^fByMMly puunfwi A 9"^^ 
iAtf mAnhiA^ dMooflf >)«ii a tUng I ft«» 

teo-Xa^ fiit. Xoehm, or more wa. Xdbi^pMit 
imp. Jhr4?iww r, aor. Jb^i^jwi w, MWiittmii jdw 4b(- 
Aflwor, &iH|AffNra, lo ieke ef a tfi^H& ^*VMy ' olw 49 
p«< iOBioCfalBgyVoNi 4r h§ HMtiMr, «.g. Ayaflr Ar. 
TiMt* %m imiioMi te oiMo,^boi|f eff^ pfe^l^ 

whoDOt alto in Wd Moai^ «o §tlt httrm or iMt ly s 
(Ung. (Derir. UMortrin.) 

iwoXlxi^ inf^^aor. a tiAmekayxftm* 

Avo-X^Y*^ £ {m, pan. p£ JhraJUXryyiai s lo j iM r oi rf 

JmeXekeyfidem picked mmiL 

4«o-Xi(Bis f . ^ lo III drep e/T^ pemt a 
Pom. to drop or riM d ow t^frmu 

teo-XiCm, f . i(w 1 aor. Ar6uMi^ te Uam 
behhuL IL lOlNwr MlMtfoN^Le.lMii 
lolwmr hMndf m in tbo laoe^ to dbkmee, 
g&a* to eurpmte. ULtopdif fi eea ke f 

^pa vwaaa^avpo a^r ^^^^wa^^r a^^^^^^^^pa ^^^^^Tr^P a^a^^^^^^^^^pa 

Intrano. lo be wanMM§f to be mt m p m 
iifanj tojeiiy eudu %• to be wefeAfiff e^ tet iek 

a thing, bmb r§ee4 pme ^nx^ ^* ^F**^ ^tmiikeet 
wending thiao fingm qffoaae oafaiti. 3. & party 
<o iMori^dolDg. 4. to d ^ p m t fnmu 

Med., lo J!6»O0 beldnd^ dittanee: to Jbnake, 
Pass., to be left behind, inferior to, 2» to be 

parted from^ be absent from, c gen^ iro\2» r^^ &X,ij(M^r 
b,Tro\€\€ififji4yoi being far d&stant frvm the tmth : lo 
de deprived of, 3. to 60 wemting in a thing, 

also c. gen. 

&ir^-Xcu|n.«, e»9, ^, (baroXelwa) a leaving b^dndp 
forsaking, II. intr. a failing, defioieneg. 

&ir^-XciCT0t9 01^9 (\4yc») ohoeen out, picked. 

&iroX^v|uu, pass. pf. from &jro-X^. 

&-7rAcf&ofy ov, poet. &ipr({\ejuos, unwarlike, unfit 
for tear : peaceful. II. not to be warred on, 

invincible. III. ir^Xe/uos biw6\€fios a war lAol t« 

710 war, a hopeless struggle. 

&iro-X^ci», f. ifrctf, to /?««/ Q^ take off the akin : pass, 
pf. part. i.Tro\€\€ixii4yos, 

&iroXi<r0ai, inf. aor. 2 med. of &ir<{XXvfu. 

airoXioictTo, £p. for &fft&XcTO^ 3 aor. 2 med. of 

diro-Xi^Yo, f. ^a, poet. &iroXA^w, to feaoe 0/^ dip- 
sisifrom a thing : c part, to cea«0 doing. 

4ir<$-Xt]t|ris, 6fi0s, 71, (iiroXafi^dya) a taking from :. 
taking back, recovery, II. an intercepting, out" 

ting off. 

&^-XtYa£v«i>, (ii,v6, \ty65) to make a ^reoA diita^ 
talk loud, 

d'R'o-XifiiriiirM, Ion. for &iro-Xtiini. 

d-TToXi^, neut. i, gea. iBos, 82bo noi^lnAa w*-" 

paSy or, (aoMijprrw^ kiddei^t v 
eHKfetm ma, ebeewee, hoed to ^mdenttmd, 
ar» ai^yopai, Ep. te crapffar, inf. aoR s 

£p. part. aor. paai* of aaoHtrnMa. 
£ KTfFfi, aor. 1 iar4KT€am% aor. a 
y poat* cnNnicTar, a^ Oi, pass. aaaicn^Mir j 
croMB, more rainely Araii < ri >ii% and Jbr- 
9I0 M^ jJimr; of judgei, Ho o o wd l ii iai to 
the oxeontioner, to /ml to deaffi f meCapli. 
alicr, to tooofy to dlMl%» Lat. eneeme. 
rm, f . ^'B') 'o «toop or lam acooy ff'em : 
oa^Kfi^ c praa. i^[n£ 
^ lo meum hudlg mter, 
Saia, covs, ^, a hindertmee : £ram 
t^f. ^ou0,toAJfid!8r,|Hva0aiyroaiatfaing: 
. c. inf., to prevent from doing : abt(^. to 
"iw, wrw] 

ivy --ofityos, part. aor. a act. and med. of 

X<iv», f. K-fi^ofjuu, to obtain a portion of a 
ftij in fiill &7r. fi4po5Tw6s : in gen. to o&totn. 
u|iai, poet, for avo~\afxfidy<a, 
jko-TOfu>t9 Of', (&«((, ^jufiSs, r4fivto) with the 


.T{t«*, f. ^o'&)» to AricAr off or away, shake off: 
spurn. Hence 
'uryjiti, 6, a kicking away. 
fo, (b.v6, \a\4o9) to chatter much, 
.pdvu, fut X-ft^ofjLoi, in Herodotus Xifv^o^uu : 
kv€tKr\(pa, perf. pass. avciKrififjLait in act. 
2 &ire\a/3ov, but in pass, only aor. i &ir6- 
1 Herodotus hmeXd^^Qriv, to take or receive 
tier : absol. to receive what is one'^s due. 2, 
off. 3. to ^ar or learn, like Lat. 

II. to take back, regain, recover, 2, 

thing rendered to one. III. to /oXr^ 

»zcfe. IV. to ct/^ o^as by a wall : to 

981, Lat. deprehendere, esp. of contrary 

kirtTOf, OP, V. sub a-\ci/A7r€Tos. 

nrpitfVM, {01.^6, XafjLTTpSs) to make famous. 

ecomeso. j 


iiroKurOaCvoi — aTrofjLd<r<r<i>. 

hr6\i one without city, state, or country, an outlaw : 
opp. to i^^firoAis. II. 7c6Xis IktroMs a city that is 

no city, a ruined city. 

air-oXur0aCvuy and Att. diroXio^cLvwy f. aOii<rw, 
(iifSy oKiaBdtva) to slip off or away from, 

diro-XlTapyCJIU) f. iixa, (&ir<j, A/ro/yyos) to slip off, 
pack off, 

&tro-XixjMM), f. ^(TWj^&iro-AcixA'y lo lick off, 

airo-XX^-yw, £p. for ^iro-X^Tw. 

air-<$\Xv|fci} also dir-oXXvw, fut. hcoKtirte, poet. &iro- 
Xiffcrm, Att. &iroX», Ion. imoXiw : aor. hnr^K^tra, 
poet. ^WX€(ra'a : perf. hvAXxKo, Att. &iroA(^X€Ka : 
piqpf. itnroT^Keuf, sometimes kvoahjIiK^iv, To de* 
stroy utterly, kill, slay : of things^ to demolish, to lay 
waste. Hi to lose, 

Med. iiirSxXvfJuii : f. kwoXovfuu, Ion. &iroA^oftcu : 
aor. 2 itTra\6iJLTiv : also c. perf. 2 &ir({X»Xa, to pe^'ish, 
die, fall : also simply to fall into ruin, to be UU" 
done, II. to be lost, fall away, fail. III. 

in gen. to be wretched or miserable, 

air-oXXvWy collat. form of air~6^Xvfu, 

*Atr<S\Xa>v, wuos, ace. coi^a or w, voc ''AiroAAoi^, 6, 
Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, brother of Artemis ; 
bom, ace. to H. 4. lof , inLyda, ace. to the Homeric 
Hymns and later auth.,in Ddos ; with flowing hair, 
as being ever young : he presides over soothsaying, — 
he gives minstrels knowledge of the past, and is 
himself Master of music and song : also he is the 
God of archery, and hence called &pyvp6To^os, Ixai^- 
fi6\os, etc. Sudden deaths of men were ascribed to 
his ayava fieXfa, as those of women to Artemis. 
He was not identified with the Sun till later. (Usu. 
deriv. from aTrSWufti) [a] Hence 

*Airo\Xwvciov, t6, and 'AiroXXcSviov, t6, a temple 
of Apollo, 

airo-XoY^oiJbai, c. fut. med. 4\<roixai, and aor. med. 
^mXoyrjffdixrju, also c aor. pass. iifreXoyiidriv, (air<$, 
\6y05) to speak in defence : also to speak in defence 
of a fact. 2. air. ri to defend oneself against a 

charge. 3. &n-. Zlicfiv davdrov to speak against 

sentence of death being passed. Hence 

airo-X^Ync^Oy aros, r6, a plea alleged in dC' 

diro-XoYCa, ^, {a-KoKoyiofuu) a defence, speech in 

airo-XoYC(o|xai, f. laofMi, Att. hvfiai, Dep. med., 
to reckon up, give in an account, Lat. rationes red- 
dere, II. to give a full account of, recount 

fully, 2. to calculate or consider toell. Hence 

airo-Xo7icr|x<Ss» d, a giving account, a statement of 
facts or reasons, 

dir<S-Xo70S) d, (avS, \oy05) a story, tale, air, *AA- 
Kivov proverb, of long stories, from that told by 
Ulysses to Alcinous in Od. 9 — 12. II. a fable, 

like those of Aesop, an apologue. 

airoXoCaro, Ion. for aTr6\oivro, 3 plur. opt. aor. 2 
227^ Jrom dirdAAt/jui. 

&ir-oXoXvt«i»9 f. fyi, to tUter a loud cry* 

&troX<$)jicvos, part. aor. 2 med. of kirlilKkoyx* 

&iroXo>v|MU9 fut. med. of Air^AAvfu. 

&ir^-Xov<n«y €»s, r\, a washing off, ablution : fram 

dqro-Xo^», f. \oicr<a, to wash off. Med. SXiapf A/t90 
inroXo^ffofiai I will wash the brineyrom my shouUen : 
c. ace. pers., to wash dean, 

air-dXo^po|fcai, f. Upovfjuu, to bewail loudly, 3« 
to cease from wailing, [v] 

&'iro-Xv|aACvo|, f. fuafov/jLoi, Dep. med., to deanm 
oneself by bathing, 2, strengthd. for XuitaUofimp 
to damage, destroy : hence 

&tro-Xv|i.avTi{p, rjpos, 6, a destroyer, waster. 

&iro-Xvox|i.os, ov, {&ir0'\6<o) deserving acquittal. [f| 

air<S-Xvois, €as, ri, {knro-K^u) release, deliverance z 
e. gen., xarii r^y 0,^6^0011^ rod Oofdrov as far as 00- 
quitted from a capital charge went. 

&iro-XvTiK^, -il, 6v, (h7co~\0<a) disposed to acqidtt 
Adv. -Kus. 

&iro-XvTp^», to release on payment of ramom 
Med., to redeem for money. Hence 

&'iro-XvTpoKns9 ca>s, ^, a releasing, redemption, [v] 

&iro-Xvo>, f. \6ar(o, to set free or release from : era., 
uir. oxrlris to «u:quit of a charge : absol., to acquit, IL 
in II. always =airoXtrrpJ», to release a prisoner yb* 
ransom, and in Med. to ransom him, xpv<''<^i^ 
gold. III. to disband an army : to dieoharge a 

debt. Med., to release for oneself, redeem, IL 

hroXiiordai 9iafio\ds, etc., to do away with calumniM 
against one, like Lat. diluere : hence absol., to iUfend 
oneself. HI. to get free, depart. 

Pass., to be released, let free from, II. i$ 

get clear : to depart, go away, [~v in pres. ; t> in fati 
and aor.] 

airo-XwPao, f. ^ffu, (dir($, Tuofiri) to insult, treat wiA 

i.if6\a\a, perf. med. of awSXAvfjn, 

&iro-X(i>T£^<d, f. Iffoj, {air6, AeuT(^s) = &irav0(^, to 
pluck off powers : hence in gen. to pluck off. 

airo-f&aYSaXCa, rj, {^Tro-fidffffOD) the crumb or insiii 
of the loaf, on which the Greeks wiped their handf 
at dinner, and then threw it to the dogs : hence like 
Kvvds, dog^s meat. 

4tro-)Jiaivo)Jiai, c. fut. fj^trfiffofxat. Pass., pf. 2 act. 
awofjLefiriva, to rave till one is satisfied: to ragt 

a7r<$-)JiaKTp(&9 t], (arrofidffo'to) a strickle. 

air6-|fcavOdvci>, f. fiaJB^croixaia to unlearn, Lat. de* 
discere,, f. (tojjmi, Dep. med., to announce 
as a prophet : hence to divine, presage. 

airo-)JiapaCv<d, f. avu, to make dry, wither up. Pass. 
to dry up, wither away : to die away, of a tranquil 

airo-)jiapTvpo)Jiai, Dep. med., to confirm by witnesses, 
maintain stoutly, [t;] 

&iro-\i.d(rcrw> Alt. -tt«, fut 4«i lo wipe off: to wipe 







dfui. Ittcd., lo wipe aS from tmmtHf; d fan^ fa; 
'AxiAAtiiw A> uii;w dik'i Aan(& m Um fliHH biMd i 
atwl. iLni>iif{acr6iu (a tmpC mifJ^y afci. ■. I* 

Bctep off or leoet com wilh a MM* 1 Yuaat gtpwkr 

fg Joite an imprtsaoa of. MeiL, iB jCmiji tm, \mifru» 
sametliing on onrH^f, eopy froiii BdoUkvr, 
ivo-Bon-T^Ydai, to Koarge tiMn^f. 

or unsremly. 
Q.ta-f.inayM.\, f. /mx^TO*"'!. «""• t'OVf^^h * 
J^f>oin, B9 fmm afart; t([m« LtariAnfbitooac 
Bumgh to fight from. IL Av. ri tit JlffiU ^T 

al)^, decline it. III. iv. twa to driw 4^ (» 

laUlt. IV. to/nisb a ballU, fight b ml. [«J 

aTo-|uCpo|iait f. fitpoviiaif Dsp* nvd«y to (SlM- 
tuA. 2. as Pass., la it: pmrUdfram UIOtlMr. 

sn>-|icpCtu, I. lav, la givi a Aan qf, dlilfi' 
baU. II. 'a ijulJnj/iiu/ijtaMkBumlNr. 

fera-|iiip|*i|)>f£u, flit, dm aul !£<*) 'o tli'^f oMf 
/orgd onc'j cnrej. 

tn-(L(o-r&., (sTiJ, iie<rT4i) ItfiBlo fU Mm. 

faro-furp^ r. iiau, lo mete att, dutribvU. 

un-iHiKuvu, f. tnici, la protonff, dram nut' [u] 

iM-f.TprUi, f. laa, atreiigthd. for |Bpt«> !» £« wy 
iTMlft. [rin pres., lin fut. Hod «». I.] 

ns'ii^uoriiai. f. ifrrg>iiii, Dep. DMd., to mpv qffar, 

» nfnteni faithfully. 
1— ■MiiTJoiconat, Pbm., usu. c. fut. med. /injmi- 
;UK, f£ iwoiLtiirriiim : fo reoMml, Temember. 

J«« fHifliH. or, like I^irAiT, (i«^, ^irHifi) tsifAoiif 
>9.- drfrmtded i^pi^. II. paid o^.- hecuB 

fOif MTsice, Idt. enwriftw. 

fav-ptoMoi, /» let aul fbr lure, let: c inf., Jew. 
■VHur Ti to etmtracifor the doing of a thinif. 

faa-|Mn&>pu, Ion. ibr dTO-fu/irifirKOftfu. 

lm-pn||iA«vfui, Tij, esp. in plur., a n 
•qnijfi onif doingi, aemvirs, Lat. jl/£inaraii/ia, aa 
time of Socrates by Xenoplutn : from 

Ixo-f.riifLm'fiia, lo remind. IL to relate 

fiam memory, recount : bence to remeinitfr, £eai 

!m». H«d. to wfr' qf^o" «MM{r> ^ '^m'* 
I idji« om'* dwdni ». SJapn to vip* mmjt miA 

Avsfi^ptarai 3 Ep. Mr. I mad. f^om fin^ 

ferajifcwiii iD^ Mr. I of kriiirvfu, 

imi^fjnmt, <», Ilka I^wmw, (&r^ MaSn) Mi^ 
.^m A* JAiM^ adaM ntdt. AAr, -•«% Anfk 
W^wAu to be pafaiUd in had tatatt. 

fera-[iWipai, t ifovfiai, Dap. mad, to dbntoAb 

Aiv»-|iAcAb|iu, f.4«>fM» I>^ ined.1 to Mbw toiti. 

&a*-|ii«mr4a*, T«b. Adij. mm farafiWwifia^ mtt 

4«*-|i*0«<it 4^ Tfw, f. |i>t to trifw a panon'a 
MM .■ haooe to tktrpm hli wito { Uka Hmsa^ «jr 
mtouto* furi*. Mad. to ilof mm'* hom* 

Awdnuai sopc Mr. 3 mad. of Jbwfrifui Anraf- 
■ra, 3 pL fbr kriruaTt. 

"' ' • • jKff,^ whance mat. aat. MMnt 

— - . . . at (i>^ 1^) to nama ooa M 

VMNlHr pUaa, lika Jhraiat^ i alao to Mtrf iadfcT 
Med. fa 3 aon Aawdowrv, in Hoao. inrJiww i»i to 

" ' uodiar pUot^ deparl: bnt abo 

■foinif anotlier, oue him a grudge. 

i.'wo-^an\<n-K&tUMf iJ^Trif fiyjiffiKDji4w) to bear 
grudge agaiatl. 

ks-i^yif/t, also dvojit^v, f. o^ii^ : 3 impf. <lir- 
^fu>u : {ixi, &ianiiu) To take on oath againii doing 
a thing, taear tiial one ail! not do. 2. to sieear 

tBie haa not done: to deni/ uiith an oath, diaolaija 
upon oath, II. ittsugthd. for iiwa/u, lo lake a 

nimn oatK 

ivo-iuiviH, (jtTi, fiirot) to leave guile alone, Paaa. 
to be excluded from a thing. 

' ►, f. hw0fi6p(af: g 



depart fr*m»i^mi». 

rfyMy lot. nii£ and latar nji^tf, tat. ■ JM- 
m/ca, to mrHon out, iSitnlnilt, atrign teamttgi to 
impart. Med. to soyn to en«H{^ toia : aap, 9. 
to/M>f oil or qf. IL to part ^, Mrpernto. 

liTDMivi||im>i, Adr. part. pei£ jam, from lm»- 
voloiuu, detperately, 

&iro-Wo|j.iu, Dep., to go aaay, retire : to go bade, 
return^ in Homer only in pre^ and impt [d Kp.] 

dwa-vdw, to beTtd aviag from other objects towarda 
one, hencs to incline toaardi, cf. ilirojSA^w. II. 

to refute by ihaking the head, Lat. abnaere. 

hm-vtm, I. r^iroi, lo unload: Med. to lArDur offa 

&vanJ|MVOt, part. aor. 3 med, of iTorfrri/u. 

ivonp-t, Adr. of iirdr^o!, mthout fatigue. 

i.ir6riYta, Ion. for ixiyryro, 3 aor. z med. of iirorl- 

&-«dn)TDt, or, (a priv., ■jTBtia) not worked or 
mrought. II. uUAtiuC frouib, emy .' «uperL iari*. 

nrrircmi wi/ft fcai( trouble, 2. idlhout tuffermgi. 

i-TTOvttt, J], (fi-vovos) freedom from toil, trouHe ; 

d.ira-v(t;u, odlat. form of imWrrv, onlv in prea. 
■ ipf., lo wash clean. Med. to leaih off from 


Tettifi^ i^or aa^/ivm .■ /aieipel Irom 

'I«ljii, f. rii<ru, lo give enjoyment. Usu. in 
Med., oirocli'flfuu or ia6vaiuu, f. iirowjiro/iai : aor. a. 
dira*^/H7i', Tjiro, 17x0, sine augm, iiroy^Mn''i ^ op'' 
iir^vaia, part, irainf^vai : To have the vee or 
enjoyment of a thing; rSat' i/^ivaa mayeit Ihon 
^iw ji(y (j/" tlieae tbingi ; bultliB gea, \nAv.aimSAje&. 
AjrMirTpov, rrf, water for utuhuig ttwl«md*,e*&.% 


iTTOvCirna — iTTOirvi^, 

on'O-vCiPTu, f. i^c0, to wash off: to wash clean. 
Med. to wash oneself, 

&iro-voio|, Dep. pass. c. fut. med. i/}(Toftaiy to be 
out of one's mind, to have lost all sense, i. 

of fear, hence to be €lesperate, HyOponroi hnrovwoTiiii- 
voiy Lat. perdiHy desperate men. i, of shame, 

hence 6 imovevotiiihos an abandoned fellow. Hence 

dir^-voio, ri, loss of all sense, foUy, madness : esp. 

o-irovos, ov, c. irreg. Gomp. and SuperL imovitrr^- 
pas, -Jtrraros, without toil or trouble, untroubled: 
gentle, easy. 2. of persons, not toiling, lagy. 3. 
of things, pass, done without trouble, easy, 

&iro-vo<rWw, to return home. Hence 

6,JF0-v6tm\avs, €fos, ri, a return home. 

&iro^6<r^i, before a vowel iacov6tr^w, (iar6, v6<r<t>i) 
Adv., far apart or aloof, II. as prep. c. gen. 

far away from, nsn. foUowing its case. 

^trO'Voa^fXin, f. Uru, to put asunder, keep aloof 
from : to bereave or rob of. Pass, to be robbed of, c 
ace II. c. aoc. only, to ^e from, shun. 

iifir-ovvx(Xi»9 f* ((T^f fut. Att. Xa, pass. pf. ivwy^i. 
fffioi : (&irj, 6wO to pare the nails, II. to tear 

with the nails. III. to try or examine by the nail, 
iucpifiws &ir(tfvv%((r/u€Vos, Horace's ad unguem foetus, 
closely tried by the ncnl, 

&iro-VQ»r(to>, f. Iffw, {hrS, vwrov) to make turn his 
back and flee, Med. to turn the back and flee. 

^ir^-lcvoS) ov, like 6^evos, inhospitable, 2, &ir({- 
^eyos yf\s far from a country. 

airo-$cv6a>, (air<$, \hoi) to drive from house and 
home, in gen. to estrange or banish from. Pass, to 
live atoay from home, be banished : also to alienate 
oneself from. 

&iro-|^w, f. \i(Tia, to shave off: to cut off. 

airo-$T)paivca, f. &fu, to dry up, drain off a river. 
Pass, to be dried up, to become dry ; hence Ion. part, 
pf. cmo^'qpafffifvos, 

&7r-o$vvw, f. vvw, to bring to a point, make taper. [0] 

&iro-|vpda>. Ion. -^vpeo), to shave clean. 

&iro-|vpa>, = kirol^vpauo. Med. to be clean shaved. \y] 

airo|va>, f. {KT0i, = h.'K0-^4(a, to shave or scrape off: 
hence to strip o^like skin. [0] 

aTro-irairraCvw, to look about one, as if to flee : hence 
3 pi. Ion. fut. airoirairrav4ovoiy : and aor. part. ciTro- 

&iro-iraT^<a, f. ^crw or iicofiai, to retire from the way. 

diri^aTos, fi, also rj, a going out of the loay : els 
airSirarov to ease himself. 

air6-iravo'i9> «<ws» V) {^''roiraico) a stopping^ hinder- 
ance. II. (from JMed ) a ceasing, end. 

airo-iravci), to stop, hinder one from a thing : also 
c. inf., to fiiuder from doing: c. ace. only, to stop. 
JMed. to leave off or cease from a thing. 

ii'rr6-'jrtipa, 7), {h.ir6, irtipa) a trials venture. 
dTTo-Treipdiof, f. dtrof, [a], rarer form of sq. 

&iro-irap£o|&ai9 Dep. c. fat. med. dtro/ioi [d], 
pass. &ireir€(pa9T7y, Ion. -4iOrtv, to make iriai, est^, 
proof of a person or thing. Rare in Act., as (~ 
Tctpoeroc rod Tl9ipa4o9s to make an aitempi on 

&iro-ireXiKd«», (iirS, ir4\€Kus) to hew off f0tA 

axe, to hew. 

&iro-v^p.irw, f. i^u, to send off or awap^ #0 
also in bad sense, to drive off. a. to eaeort : 

things, to give back, Med. to remove from 
get fid of: of a wife, to divorce her. Henoe 

&ir^-vc|&4^9 ^^s, 4i, a sending away : a 

&iro-ircpa», f. dtrw, Ion. ^(Tw, (&ir^, mpdoci) to 

6nro-ftripS», usa. tripBofuu, fut. mpHHi and wapH* 
fwi, to break tcind, Lat. pedo, 

&iroir^<rQox, Ep. 3 conj. aor. 2 of Amnrfrrw. 

diro-fT^Topu, fdt. irrtitroixm, aor. &irFirrc^i|ir, 
-^rrdfievos, and act. &ir4Tmjy, to fly off or awa^m 

&'iro-^7Vvp.i9 f. ir^(a>, to make to freeze or 
Pass, of men, to be frozen : of blood, to curdle. 

airo-irn|8dw, f. ^0*00, to leap off from : henoe to ifc^ 
off from, turn away from. 

airo-irCp.irXT|p.i, and TriuirhAu, poet, also «irA^^ 
rrnrXAu, fut. irXiifrw, toful up,fQl to the brim s 
up a number: hence II. to saii^,fuyU^ 

appease, Lat. explere. 

diro-irCvw, fut. irlo/Mi, to drink up, drink off, 

diro-v^iTTW, fut. 7ee(tovpjax, aor. iir^(tw, to fal 

diroirXayxOcCs) part. aor. i pass, from sq. 

&iro-irX(i||(i>, fut. irKdy^oi, to lead astray, lead 
from. Pass, to go astray, be driven off. Homer 
only aor. pass. hireTrK&yx'^v, to stray from, be 
prived of: whence rpvcpdKeia aTroTrAaTx^eitra a h*. 
struck off. 

airo-TrX^w, Ep. ir\€lw. Ion. vXt&u, £ •^^^>^**f—_^ ^ 
sail away, sail off: to sail back. 

dir6-irXT)KTOS, ov, {airoirXiia'o'ci)) stricken or 
by a stroke, i. in mind, durnb, astounded, 
in body, crippled, paralysed. 

airo-irXT|p6ft>, to fill quite full, satisfy, Lat. 
plere, II. to fulfil. 

diro-TrXijo'O'w, Att. -tt«, fut. |«, pass. aor. i -eirA^ 
X'^^v : aor. 1 -€ir\'f]yr\v : pf. ircirKrjyfiai. To str^ 
to earth, disable in body or mind. Pass, to lose anit 
senses^ become dizzy, 

&, Att. -rrofiai, fut. ^ofiai,^ 
to trip off. 

&7n$-irXoo9) b, contr. hrrSirXovs, (aTroTrAew) a sailing 
air a J/ : an outward-bound voyage. 

diro-irX-uvci), f. vva, to tvash off or aivay. 

diro-irXclib), Ion. for a7ro-7rA.f«. 

diro-irv^ci), Ep. -Trvcico, f. Trvcvtrcw, to breathe forth, 
Bvfihv or t//uxV ^'"■. to give up the ghost: Lat. expirars 
anxmam : xp^^^^ ^niirvc^ucr^v ^iixiyds time made them 


2. to blow from a particular 


. . £ itvt^oyfiouy to choke, throttle. Pass. 
rmy^ofuu r aor, ixviynv X^i\i tohe choked : to be 
umed: to be choked with rage, p] 
ro^^vXtiiio^^ tojight off or from, 
i^-«»^**> h poet. &r<J-irToAxr, gen. i^os and cms, 
'y 96X0) far from the city, banished. 
yjgciyf*^ £ ^<ra>, to finish a work. II. intr. to 

kVVpc^'Of&Ai,, pass. c. fut. med. tiaofuu, et aor. 
f^y, to depart^ go away. Hence 


, ^ ^ v-erb. Adj., o/ie »*«</ go away, 

y$rpi*h ^* *^«^ to saw through, fUe off. 
y9f^ Adv., ftMT away, afar off. 2, as prep. 
^farfro^ atooyfrwn. 

jj»po-«iH****» 'o *iAf« away from before: part aor. 
^^ igico^po^^^v having taken some o/the bread. 
i^^po^*^' ^ sor. I Ion. of airoirpotTifu. 
^ooit^^* ^l^^t. aor. 2 of kwoirpoatptw. 
,^po6c9 before a vowel hx^poO^v, Adv., (&iro- 

^ooOw -^^'v-., (ittro-vp^far off, far away. 
^-jpoU^ P^i*t. pres. from sq. 
UTLpo-'tni*** ^' ''rpoiia'w, Ep. aor. ^#co, to tJirow 
ZZT 'i'^^^hoot forth. S'toletfaU. [oird- 

M^V--o.^ro<rq>l.t«, fut. tVa;, Att. i«, to remove afar 

^^-^^0^*1*'' **> to cut off from, vd/rov itvoirpoTo^xdoy 
-p^culo^^* slice from the chine. 
^t^^^-^^^^i to flee far away. 

iftfirni^'^ *^f. aor. 2 as if from am&Trrnyn, of 

^^^.^rroXiSj ^) ^, gen. i^os, poet, for ctTrJ-TroAty, q. v. 
lif-airros> "*'» (awJil/o/Liai) ^^•^w, to be seen from a 

\r^^ 2. «^f/i a/ a distance, hence far away 
^^: il htirrov from afar, opp. to iYYvdev : 
]jgy^ U. dimly seen. 

^^iFTwm^^ov, spit out: hence loathed,detested: from 

ifo-irnfUi f' jJtrw, /o spit out or wjo, of the sea, airo- 

tTvfi ^^ ^X*^" *^ vomits forth its foam : hence ^0 

/ Hfff/Jie, spurn, Lat. respuere. \^v in pres., u in fut. 

•rj todaorj 

/ airo-in/»^avofiat, f. vcvaoixai, Dep. med., /o inquire 

' K ask of. 
i'W'OpoM, and dir-op^ca, Ion. for ^<popdw. 
a^opiia, f. ^(Tft;, (itTropos) /o 6e without resource, to 
leat a loss, not know what to do, he in doubt, usu. 
/oiknved by a Conjunct., as ktr. uttus ^lafi'fia-irai, to 
heat a loss how he shall cross : c. inf., to be at a loss 
how to do : ovk cctt. to have no doubt. 

Pass, to be made matter of question : also to be 

&-ir(Spi||ia, aroSf r6, a matter qf doubt^ disputed 

&vir(Sp9i|TO«, ov, also ri, ov, (a priv., iropOdw) not 
sacked or taken, 

&ir-op0^tt, to make straight again, restore, guide 
aright. Hence 

&ir-6pO«MriS» t»s, 4) A setting upright, restoring, 

&-iropCa,j49 (&iropos) of places, difficulty of passing: 
of things, difficulty, straits. II. of persons, dtf" 

flculty of dealing with or finding out, 2. want 

qf means or resource, and so, embarrassment, hesita- 
tion. 3. &ir. riv6s want of^ thing: hence absoL, 
r^ed, poverty. 

&ir-^pv<ifMii9 (&ir((, Spwfu) as Pass, to ««< off, start 
from a place. 

a-vopos, oy, without passage, and so of places, im- 
passable, trackless : of things, hard to see onis way 
through, impracticable, very difficult : rb. &iropa diffim 
cullies, straits: iy ieKdpois cTvai to be in great 
straits. 2. hard to get, scarce. II. of per- 

sons, hard to deal with, unmanageable, impractic- 
able: c inf., &ir. 'Kposipip^oBax impossible to deal 
with. 2. without means or resources, and so ai 

a loss, not knowing what to do. 3. poor. Tweedy. 

&ir-opovu, (&ir<$, bpo^to) to leap off, hurry away : to 
spring back. 

diropp-, p is doubled in Att. in all compds. after 
&ir6, but in Ion. it remains single. 

&irop-pa6v|j.^», to neglect from carelessness : to 
leave off in despair. 

a7rop-pa(v6>, to shed about, 

airop-paiia, to bereave one of a thing : Att. rivh, ^rop 
to deprive one of life. 2, to lay waste, destroy, 

d7rop-pavr)(]piov, r6, (d.voppaly<$f) a place or vessel 
for holy water, 

OLTrop-pdirTO), f. rpw, to sew up again, 

airop-pa\{/-<p8^(i), to niter like a (iay^epBSs, q. v. .* to 
speak in fragments of Epic poetry. 

OLTrop-p^b), f. peioofmi or prniffo/jiai : aor. hreppvriy, 
(air(J, (>€cc) tofloiv away from, run off from : absol., 
to stream forth, of blood ; also of fire. 2. to fall 

off, as fruit, etc. 3. to melt away, 

*a.'nop-pifii, assumed as pres. from which to form 
aor. pass, uvcppiidrjv, and derivv. airSpprffxa, etc., v. 
aTrenrov, CLTreiprjKa, airepw. 

dirop-pij'yvaifit, also vva, f. pM^j ^0 break off, sever 
from, c. gen. : absol., to break off, snap asunder, e. g. 
dctTfjiiu, Pass., esp. in aor. ^ireppdyriv, to be broken 
off, severed from, c, gen.: also absol., to be broken 
off, severed. 

diroppTiO^v and dTroppTjOTivai, part, and inf. aor i 
pass, from airoppio). 

dir6p-pTiTOS, ov, {kiroppio}) forbidden : rh. dwcJpprjTa 
forbidden exports. 11. not to be spofeen, tKo.^ 

should not be spoken, 2nr6ppnTOv a statc-secTet 

'eft unprovided for . II. c. gen. rei, to be at a loss ^ , • • • ^ 

mtinwantof,e.%.rpoi^s. III. but dv. nut lo\ hence mystical, sacred: h.Tc. iroiciaBtti Vi Vsfe^ «Q; 
taialotshecatiseof,^ means of something. Hence \cret. 2. rh, ttTr. things unfit to be spokera* 


htsovlima — i.'ttOTtvi^, 

&nro-vCiPru, f. ifw, to wash off: to wash clean, 
Med. to wash oneself. 

&iro-voio|,, Dep. pass. c. fut. med. ijffoiJLaiy to be 
out of one's mind, to have lost all sense, i. 

of fear, hence to be desperate, H^Oponroi kirovwor/iixi' 
vol, Lat. perditi, desperate men. i, of sliame, 

hence & it.Trou€vorifi4i/o5 an abandened fellow. Hence 

dir^-voio, Ti, loss of all sense, foUy, madness : esp. 

o-irovof, ou, c. irreg. Gomp. and SuperL Airov^crrc- 
pos, -Jtrraros, without toil or trouble, untroubled: 
gentle, easy, 2. of persons, not toiling, logy. 3. 
of things, pass, done without trouble, easy. 

&iro-vo<rTio>, to return home. Hence 

^'K0-v6tm\avs, eas, ri, a return home. 

&ir(HK(So^i, before a vowel ktrovStn^af, (k'ir6, v6<r<l>i) 
Adv., far apart or aloof. II. as prep. c. gen. 

far away from, nsu. foUowing its case. 

&iro-v<Mr(|>C(tt, f. Urw, to put asunder, keep aloof 
from : to bereave or rob qf. Pass, to be robbed of, c 
ace. II. c. aoc. only, to flee from, shun, 

ifiF-ovvxiliu, f. Iffw, fut. Att. tiff, pass. pf. &ir»i^(- 
fffuu : (&7rJ, iwO to pare the nails. II. to tear 

with the nails. III. to try or examine by the nail, 
iucpifiws Seirwyvxurfifi/os, Horace's ad vnguem factum, 
closely tried by the nail. 

airo-vwT£(o>, f. iffw, {jkv6, vwroy) to make turn his 
back and flee. Med. to turn the back and flee. 

&'ir6-|cvoS9 ov, like ^^^fos, inhospitable. 2. kv6- 
levos yf\s far from a country. 

&iro-$cv6(i>, (&ir<$, \hoi) to drive from house and 
home, in gen. to estrange or banish from. Pass, to 
live away from home, be banished : also to alienate 
oneself from, 

airo-l^w, f. (etrco, to shave off: to cut off, 

&iro-$T)paCvw, f. &va, to dry up, drain off a river. 
Pass, to be dried up, to become dry ; hence Ion. part, 
pf. aTro^ripa(rfi€Vos, 

air-o$vva>, f. vvCo, to bring to a point, make taper, [v] 

&iro-|vpaw. Ion. -^vp^w, to shave clean. 

airo-$vp6>, = itiro^vpAoD, Med. to be clean shaved. [0] 

a7ro|v(i), f. iJcrft),=airo-^«i>, to shave or scrape off: 
hence to strip offhke skin. [0] 

diro-irairraCvoi, to look about one, as if to flee : hence 
3 pi. Ion. fut. a'7roirairrav4ov(riv : and aor. part, d-n-o- 

airo-iraT^w, f. •fi<ra> or ifffofiai, to retire from the way. 

onnJTraTos, rj, also rj, a going out of the way : els 
^vSirarov to ease himself. 

a7r6-iravo'i9, €«y, 17, (airoTraico) a stopping ^ hinder^ 
ance. II. (from ]Med ) a ceasing, end. 

airo-iravd), to stop, hinder one from a thing : also 
c. inf., to hinder from doing: c. ace. only, to stop. 
JMed. to leave off or cease from a thing. 

aw6-7reipa, 7), (iirS, TrcTpa) a trials venture. 
d7ro-7ret,pdi<i>, £. da-Qf, [a], rarer form of sq. 

&iro-iriip£o)uu, Dep. c. fut. med. da-ofjuu [d], aor* 
pass. iveireipaSriu, Ion. -4iOriv, to make trial, essays or 
proof of a person or thing. Rare in Act., as ^bro- 
Tctpoo-oc rov U^ipaiws to make an attempt on die 

&iro-veXiK^w, {h.v6, rriKuKus) to hew off wiih tm 
axe, to hew. 

&iro-v^p.irw, f. ^u, to send off or avfaiy, to tRtmint 
also in bad sense, to drive off. 2. to escort : of 

things, to give back. Med. to remove from oneaeffj 
get rid of: of a wife, to divor/se her. Henoe 

&ir^-vc|&4n«9 e»s, ii, a sending awaiy : a dismieidf 

&iro-irf pdw, f. dura, Ion. ^(Tw, {&r6, inpAoo) to oorrf 

6nro-ftrlpS»f usn. trif^ofuu, fut. TrapHtS and wvp^^OO' 
fwi, to break wind, Lat. pedo. 

diroir^o-gox, Ep. 3 oonj. aor. 1 of Amnrfrrw. 

diro-WrofLoi, fut. nr^crofiai, aor. iareirrd^rpf, pact 
-^rrdfievos, and act. av^irrriv, to fly off or awa^, 

&'iro-^7wp.i9 f. ir^(a>, to moAre to freeze or eurdfe 
Pass, of men, to be frozen : of blood, to curdle. 

diro-irn|8dw, f. ^0*00^ to /ea/> off from : henoe to «tevf 
off from, turn away from. 

&iro-vC|&irXT|p.i, and ttuivKAu, poet, also irCrXq^ 
inirAiitf, fut. irX^crco, to^/ up,flUto the brim s tofSEL 
up a number: hence II. to satiefy^ fulfils U 

appease, Lat. explere, 

&iro-irCva>, fut. irlo/Mi, to drink up, drink off, 

&iro-ir£irT»9 fut. irccrov/xat, aor. itf^trov, to fall fff 

a7roirXaYxOc^» part. aor. i pass, from sq. 

&iro-vXdt») fut. vK&y^a, to lead astray, lead awtiy 
from. Pass, to ^0 astray, be driven off. Homer usei 
only aor. pass. hrcvXiiyxBriv, to stray from, be cfc- 
prived of: whence rpv^dxeia avoirXayxB^'ioa a hdm 
struck off. 

airo-TrX^w, Ep. irKelw, Ion. irXdlxa, £ irAe^ofuu, l0 
«it7 away, sail off: to sail back. 

&7r6-irXT|KTOS, ov, {avoirX'fia-a'ci}) stricken or disabled 
by a stroke, i. in mind, dumb, astounded. 2, 
in body, crippled, paralysed. 

airo-irXT|p6ft>, to fill quite full, satisfy, Lat. €*• 
plere. II. to fulfil. 

onro-'irX'i]0'0'«, Att. -tt«, fut. |(w, pass. aor. i -cirX^ 
X^'7»' : aor. 2 -e-TrX^'yTyj' : pf. ircirXriyfiai. To strike 
to earth, disable in body or mind. Pass, to /05& 07itf*# 
senses, become dizzy, 

aTTo-irXCo'O', Att. —rrofxai, fut. ^oixai, Dep. med., 
to trip off, 

&ir<S-irXoos, b, contr. air6irKovSy (d-TroTrAew) a sailing 
airay : an outward-bound voyage, 

airo-irX-uvci), f. vi/Si, to tvash off or away. 

d.iro-irX(i)(i), Ion. for aTro-irXf'w. 

oiro-'irvcci), Ep. -Try cico, f. Tri/evtrty, to breathe forth, 
Ovfihv or t//vx^*' ^'''' '^ 5''^'^ ''P '^ ghost: Lat. expirare 
anxmam : xp^^^^ ^niirvc^ucr^v \^ux''^^ time nia</e them 




fto up the (^UMC 1. lo bioin fx 

%'wtefi,aiifaii aor. rwylyn' p] : to it Juktd; 
4*iniAf ; lo be ehoked with ro^. [ij 

Im-mXcp^u, lofighl off or from. 

M-^raXts, I, poet. &tro'-irro\ii, gen. ilw and MV, 
#(*,«!*")/«'■/'■'>" 'Ae d(y, banhbtd. 

tva-voWb, £. ^£tf, tofininh a u-orA:. 11. latr* li 
i^ trmlcing. 

>- |in-«pcvo|uu, pnas. c, fat. med. liat/im, at aor. 
^ tiejji', to depart, go aieag. H«acB 

lm.«i>fMOT^bv, verb. Adj., one mutt gt wm^f» 

inwpUt, f. f n), lo law Ihraagh, ffg tg. 

W^pi, Adv., far lacay, afar off. *• M prCf- 

fift, far fiom, tnnagfrom. 

h^'Wfn-axfiti, to take meayfrum Ufoft jttt BOT. 

\lbtm axuwpotija' hating laken some it^tbaluwd. 
Aw puf UM, 3 nor. i Ion. of aTratpoiriiu. 
^arrpnt^anff pare. aor. 3 of awairpoOApium 
jli^'i^poSc, before a vovel lari-^paSfv, Adr., (Aa*- 
wLfmm etar : far off, far away. 
HitirpoiL. Adr., (iiro-»p,i)/aj- qffja 

*~ "sis, part. prei. from hj. 

' u, f. 'fw^fftt, Ep. Boc. ^qn^ la Cmm 
loihoolfiiTlh. ^.toMJa/LliMt- 

■rfCtH, fut. ilia, Att. HI, (0 w w w ^flH^ 

.smJMV, to™/ off from, n&ro 
, at tffa illce/roin the diisie. 
im-npit^fiyu, tofieafar away. 
part. aor. 
r. 3 as if from itnfxnifu, of 


... ■, hence /or 

^ Icrirrait from afar, opp. lo iyyiOtr : 
IL dimis/ sven. 

hence loalh[d,i!eteited: from 
. f. iJiite, <o *pr( Da( or up, of ihe »e«, 4xo- 
trifi oXoi ix"^ ■' "onu'i ybrtA IW foam : hence to 
tpuni^ Lat. respuere. [^C in pres., li in fut. 

Ml aor.] 

bn-rnvtirofai, C. tiiaoiiai, Vep. meiL, lo iitfttire 

ts-opun, and av-opiti. Ion. (or if DpiW. 

l-np^ fl ^iru, (^Tapoi) lo be mthoul reiource, lo 
hal a lots, not know ahat lo do, lie in dovbl, UBU. 
fctbwed by a Conjunct, »s 6.-W. ilnus tiafilfarrai, la 
itBla loss how he siiall cross : c. inf., t» ht ata lou 
be lo do: ouc ir. lo hare no rloiibl, 

Paa. io £e nuxb mailer qf gueslioin alio b) be 
Ifi yatfrmnd^Jor. II. c gen. rei, labe oXa ioti 
M m mmt of, e. g. r/n^i. 7/7. iM ir. 

*iM B faa it e mm m tfiifiiitsBiofKiiaetbi^. Uente 


y^^^^(M, If^m) mVwm.l>m<f,*lmt 

IMMU^MdUMi of dkhwhtofidtowfai/fiiw 
(fawyfc, liywrttoBtb,««>ydaiwifti vASn^^ 

oOfiM^ «lraU(i fr Ixf^ dnu M ba En jvmI 
itraUt. ».fimiUtit,Mam. U.atim. 

waoM, kardto Aa/ vitt, wimmt ag iai b, imfrttt- 
a. luC, k. f M f^trtto iw f w wi te to d^ 

JlniM D^m dMpoir. 

ivop-pofw, fo jAfii oiout. 

Airap-podi, fa invane one (/ a tbing : iir. Ttrck irtp 
lo deprise one of life. a. fo J^y icaile, deilroy. 

^op-pam(pwv, T^ (iin>|ifiafr«) o place or vciM^ 

iiirap^Tni, (1 ^, ia arw u;i ayoin. 

6,'Kop-pailf-tjXii, lo litter like a pw^ivtit, q. v. -■ to 
tpeak in fragmenie iff Epie poetry, 

LTiaf-ata, f. piiaoiuu or pDivoiuu : aor. &nfif>A)i', 

(iiTii, ^ia) toJUia aaai/ from, run off from : abioL, 

atream forth, of blood ; alio of fire. 2. lofiltl 

'A.irap'pibt, aunmed B3 preH. from which to form 
aor. pasi. ixtppfidrir, and derivT. iwiffnpa, etc., v. 
\rtcwoy, iartlptjHOf &.rtp&, 

iimp-p^yrvfU, alio vii, f. pfl^ii, lo break off, aever 
__ rom, c gen. : ahsoL, to break off, map esunder, e. g. 
Svtiiiv. Vans., esp. in aor. kiitpp6rfipi, to be broken 
off, lettered from, c. gen.; alio abioL, io he brvken 
qft eevered. 

krcopprrfiiv and &in>ppi|9i)vai, part, and inf. aor I 
lUa. from lnropfia, 

b!K&f-fnfio\, oy, {kwappia) Jorladdea i ri kTApprtn 

forbidden export: II. ttol lo be qtokenv, iKaH 

eheuJd not be tpdken, hxiff/tfrm a. itoie-aeciel: 

} I hence agiHeal, saered: iiw. nauioflw Ut Vsc^ tft 


imoppvyi^ — imotmel^. 

4nrop-ptY^«>» pf. hvippiya : to shrink shivering f rem 
a things ^rirtkfrom doing it. 

&irop-pCiiTw, f. ^Wt poet, iaroplvrti}, later also krop- 
pi'jrr4<0, (ivS, plmw) to throw away, ^row aside : 
to throw off Si garment. II. to cast forth, e.g. from 
one's country : to reject, renounce. III. esp. of 

words, to shoot for0i bold, keen words, %s rtva at 
one : but iitos oinc heipv^^v avrov he shot forth a 
word which missed him not. 

iirop-poilj, 71, and &ir6p-poi.a, ^, (ikTropp4tu) aftowing 
off, stream. II. an emanoHon, efflux, 

&irop-poi.p8^o»y f. ^onv, jSo^s itvoppoifi^tiv to shriek 
forth cries, like birds of prey. 

&irop-po<^L(0, also airop-po<^^a>, f. iiffa, (<li.ir6, poipda) 
to gulp down, swallow a part of 

&ir(Sp-p9TOS, oif, =: itird-ppoos, flowing from : &,v. 
ffroBfid stables unth drains, 

^i/irop-pva, poet, for d/iroppca, 

&irop-pu|, tayos, 6, ^, (hroppiiyvvfit) broken off, 
abrupt, steep. II. ^, as Subst., a piece broken 

off or divided from any thing, so ^Srvybs SBaros 
&trof>pc^, an off-stream of the Styx. 2. later, an 


oLir-opiiHrcru, Att. tto), f. (o), to dig rnoay, trench. 

&ir-op<^avC(w, f. f(r(tf, = sq. 

&ir-op<^av^, {air6, 6p<pay6s) to make orphan: in 
gen. to sever from one another. 

&ir-opx^o|, Dep. med., rhv ydfiou to dance away 
one*s marriage, i. e. lose it by dancing. 

2liros, fos, r6, si vera 1. ==K(i/iaTos, weariness, 

airo-ffoXcvw, to lie to in the open sea or offing. 
Metaph. to keep (dooffrom. 

diro-(ra.<|>^a>, (&7r<$, a-afp4\s) to make clear. 

&iro-(rp^wv|j.i, also vota, f. o-jSecrw, to extinguish, 
quench : to destroy, blot out. Pass, with fut. med. 
cfiiia-ofiai : aor. 2 -4<rfiriv : p£ 4(r07jKa : to go out, 
vanish, die. 

airo-^ciw, to shake or ptish off. Med. to shake off 
from oneself, push away: of a horse, to throw his 

&iro-a'C|j.vvv», (ii.v6, ff^iiv6s) to extol pompously. 
Pass, to give oneself airs. 

&iro-<rcva>, to chase away. Pass, to run aw ay, flee : 
also used by Homer in Med. aor. 2 aTr€(r<r6fi7jv, vro 
etc., c. pass, signf. 

&iro-9ni)|j.aCvo>, f. avw, to announce, esp. by signs, to 
give notice : in gen. to give a sign. 2. Med. 

to confirm, prove by a sign. II. Att. els riva to 

make signs towards a person, i. e. allude to him. III. 
Med. to seal up as confiscated : hence to confiscate : 
of persons, to proscribe, 

airo-oTjirw, f. ^j/o), to make rotten, spoil utterly. 

Pass. c. perf. act. airocr^cnyira, to rot off, lose by mor- 

diro-otji^w, (avS, crifiSs) hvo<r, rhs vaSis to turn the 
^m^ of sailing aside, make a movement sidewards, so 
«* io avoid the direct shock. 

&ir-ocru$opuu9 Ion. for iupoff, 

airo-aXonrdo), f. ^<rw, to be silent after speakir 
quite silent, II. trans, to keep secret. H 

d,iro-(rlci»iry|axs, ews, Tf, a becoming silent, 
rhetorical figure, when the sentence is broke- 
as in Virg. Eel. 3. 8. 

oLiro-oic^'irTu, f. ^w, to cut off or intercept by tre- 

&iro-(rKc8(£vvv|fti, f. (nceSeicro), contr. ctk^Zw, to s 
abroad, disperse, and bo to do away with. Pass. 
scattered, straggle away from, 

*&iro-oic^irTO|,, obsol. pres., whence &tro<ric 
used as fut. of krroffKoiccta, to look carefully at, 

airo-<ricT|v^w, to encamp apart from another : 

air6-a'icT|vos, ov, {vir6, ffieiivfi) living and jp- 
alone, opp. to a^atriros. 

airo-oici{irT», f. Tf^co, to prop one l^ing upon «m 
to dash one thing upon or against anoth^ 
of the gods, our. jSeAca ^s rt to hurl dawn th_ 
bolts upon or at a thing. IL intr. to ^ 

break forth, like thunder, etc. : also &ir. is tfm 
to come to a sorry ending, end in a trifle. 

&iro-oxC8va|j.ai9 Pass., collat. form of &iro(rKc^ 
to be scattered. 

&iro-(rKi|j.irT», f. ^a,=ii.vo(nciiTrr»: hence ■■ 
Kvpai dtyadcd ix vahs &ire<rK//i^0at it is good W 
two anchors /o^/^nec^/rom the ship. 

airooxXTivai, inf. aor. 2 as if from &iro0'«ccAA^ 
dried up, withered, 

airo-<rK07c4ta, like avo$\eirti}, to look awoM 
other objects at one, and so to look steadily a^ 
at, irp6s riva or rt : c. ace. to look to, regard. 

a7ro-(rKv8u,aCvw, to be enraged with, 

&iro-<ncvOi(o), f. Icto, (av6, ^K^tOris) to strip 
scalp like the Scythians, to scalp : metaph. to shar^ 

airo-o-KvXeuo), to plunder and carry off. 

diro-o-KuiTTw, f. ^09, to banter, rally, 

aTro-orop^tt, f. ^0*00, to scare away, as on€ 
birds. II. intr. to be off in a hurry, in ] 

ovK &iroa'ofiiia'€is ; be off! 

airo-a'ov|j,ai, Lacon. pres. pass, for airoa-^ofi 
avoffivofiai, to run away, hurry away : hence 1 
pass, iirea^y or anfffff^v, and Lacon. 3 sing. 

<rova, he is gone, like iirt^Kero. 

airo-<nrap^a'ox0, Att. ttcd, f. ^w, to tear off, 

dir6-<nrao'p.a, aros, r6, {airoa"xd(o) that wh 

torn off, a shred, 

aTro-airdo), f. dcrca, [a] to tear, drag away, 
part from : so in Pass., avocnraffSrival rtvos 

torn away, severed from a thing. 2. ti 

away : esp. Att. irvXas to tear off the gates : 

arrpar&TTf^ov to draw off the anny. Pass., 

dragged away from : of an army, to be separa 

4Tro-<nr^v8«, f. (nreiffa, to pour out wine as ai 

ofl^ering at sacrifices, Lat. libare, 
. diro-(nr£iu8<i)) f. €u<r«, to be eager in prevenii 
.\ dissuade caruestl^j. 

iK,iin,ll^ rub of, knoek off, 

,„ . upretfoiiarD-o-™!. 

tvirri, im, imperal. oor. i fcr inWili of if- 


»mi-irriSi,Jdr. = jq. [MJ 

I tm^nil/ii,!. iv, la lei fall drop if drop. IL 

I iiCr. M/aV ia 'hapt, fiaylas StiiAy iwaar. fiAai tk* 
finj nf lUidnm Irickki, in eblimg aamg. 
anoTS!, sTHTT^m, part, and inf. aar, t ML of 

>, (i^imiau) later form te -fa^ 
%J0c(Mn, rnm;/, apotlaij/, 
'~^ ft Biftilw, T^ (B^mii/uu) a wridof ^ 
« num. i) not liiund in good arthoM. 
*• «><■ A, a iffovjinj) ataag fitm, md 
" "'"'" tim, revell. i. departmt gr 

3- duUmee, miervat. 
mvAlU, t. ^iru, ((i^'oTB^uu) to iftMj ^ 
ffr"! gin lo di^ >am .- lo fall ^, MwU 
U- ihwL fa tfnnrf afo^, ic aJamU. 
"■((iinj, (TTovpii!) lofeneK offtrilh tItlMl. 
("i f. (m, la Kwer, thelter /ram. H. 

^^ •>/> I heucB fa keep qfT, M, (x"*' 

"^ port, for i»o-irT(irAii. 
. f- \u, ta go away, etp, <o go itck i aor. 

■^f. (Affl, aor. I -^(TTiiAa: pf. 

Mm : A) isml aaa;/ from : abaol. la tend 

I IL to ignd (if, dispalih, on aooie 

JII. to driee back. Pan., np. in aor. 

— ."ilobe terit off: alio, la oo aurav. TV. 

l^fam gJUpBBt imai6ii,{h.ir6,irTaiit)IOIirtul«tt! 
3pl. plqpf. P.BB. 

it,i fyijlo lose no more. i. (a dl>- 

I In^npim, fiit. ■fiav, fo mi, bereave or d^/Vntirf 
MI of a tiuagf: c ace rei only, la lake oBay, inJA- 

■ Wt PM>. g. fnt. med. -^oSfUi, io be robbed of, be 
itBnl^. II. impen., iroimpti /u there failt 

1^ Ilaek. Heuce 

I Atmr J pmrw, con, i^, a robbery .- in gen. depriva- 

}t,ov,b,aAi^,clseali feia, 
W « tptj, ISos, 71, aa Adj. = aq, : and 
T ii»« i«p nTmJ«, 4 if, oife (0 roil or diipn 
" ' ■ ' a device /or cAeolinp one of 



mit ^ &wo-<rrrfi4m. 

t, it, (4it>(, ffriftii) o/'tte road^ aolilarg. 

w,'^ (iwd, ar£*fi*} ^ 3g 6nffU vitA. 

wUk a eMfiL Mid. « (trap* tfftwmtfmtmm^ 
put. pf . {MM. i«WTA*n*M^« terttpii obn, ^Mk 

iiMif arfluMiiv- U. (biBiPiK}MM^* 

^UIm. m. ft» q<lw tf — *f»i t l* , apwllMtlp. 

M HolaL d fardrr., • iiillMiij.i, —Im^^. «, 

tpaoifitm mtmart, i^^hamd. TIL to pitf ft 

ligaafc,.wai tDiMBlran ' " ' 

rfM^Mi, (fe^ a , fa, i, ^ } lo m 

Ir. ap«ni to «aaaw M • dnttOM. 

An.«fp2Kf^M knsAd.^ ting. EpMr. fc 
Jhnm., is MM iae» 4e kanii atd ftat m aa to 
land uan. i. fc tar* tMnw n aaUb i bnM 

' 'ng. U. -M if IntF., (nbr 

JfiMXMu, of ihlpt, I 
back. n. to Jwrn me MJf fitm ar wwyi aWw, 

I^L aMr»arl| e. aac, >[4 ^ fcwrrff g i do not rHr« 
mt^ fitm ma, lika Lat. awrfari j^a^l^l^^^jltnl 
AiyiH &uf lie irordi. 3. is p«i mnq^ moopf. 3. 
to <um andjtee. Hence 

iiro-irrpaM, ^, a luntmg aaag, aoerHap. 11. 

(from PaMt.) a lumiitg onetelf. 1. on eeeajing, 

or a plaee of refuge from a thing, resource! Mr. 
|[b™i' a ref-^e from eril: but BSotoi i,-waaTfo^ s 
nwnirc* o^otiuf ^A« waiU of water, a neau i^ gtt- 
Ung it. And 

&irJ-frrpoAo(, or, (urncif away, aeerled. 

&ini-viiy^ti, f. orOftg, our. I ^irrvfB, aor. 1 iirriiVH', 
perf. c. pm. aignf. larfriim, (0 hale violentbf, rtjtet 
vtlerly, loathe. 

iiro-irru^llv, f. {«, (0 ifrive, chaee away byfaroe. 

iira-oHJKaLM, ^, (iari, aucov) to «;tMM« .^, to 
try whCTher they are ripe ! hence metaph. of io- 

Airo-iriiXdu, f. ^irai, to sirip off spoils front a penon 1 
hence in gen. lo rob, defraud one of a thing. 

iiro-mFrdYVYOti op, [iri, rurarfoyi) put out qf 
the syaagogiie, 

&iro-(rup^B, f. itt, lo pipe, tchislle aloud for want 
ot thought., Att. ~Jmi, fiit. fu, ^for^. 

inea-aipt, I. irtipfi, to strip off, tear aaag. \i in 

Jim-cr^H, f. £w, lo mt fha t>w«at,bic. tdki. ta 
Ityr". w that the blood mm 'vOn a ■?»& ■. Vo. ^jbi. t 


aTTO(r(f>aK€\C(j(a — imorpiyfa • 

AirfMn^oKcX^Uy i<r»y {hv6, crtpdKtKos) to have one's 
limbs mortified: to die of morHficcUion, 

airo-crt^dXXu, f. (iXw, aor. i ^o'4>7;Xa, to lead astray, 
make to miss the way: hvoatpiiXKtkv riva 'k6vov to 
mdce one miss the fruits of toil : hence Pass., esp. in 
aor. 1 iar€a<l>d\7iu, to be cheated of a thing, mm it. 

&iro-ox^TT<», f. ((i;,»&7o-(r4^^o0. 

&iro(r(|nijXcic and imov^XtatnVy opt. and conj. 
aor. I from airoa'<f>d?iJia, 

&iro-cr(^paYCt«»9 f. iffw^ Att. To;, Ion. 0*^)^177-, '^ 
sealf close, shut up, 

&iro-arx&Xl8^, to prop nets on upright poles. Hence 

&iro-arx&X£8«*|Mi, aros, t6, a forked piece of wood 
for propping hunting-nets. 

&iroarx^<ru, fut., h.voffX'^'^v and i,ir6(rxeo-dou inf. aor. 
act. and med. of kvexv, 

or cleave off, 2. to sever, part or detach from, 

esp. in pass., of a river being parted from the main 
stream, a tribe detached from its parent stock, etc. 

&iro-(rcS(w, f. (Tditrw, to save, restore again: air. 
otwa$€ to bring safe home. Pass., ajroa-wO^vat is • • 
to get safe to a place : absol. to get off safe. 

airfS-TOKTOS, ov, (ivordffffu) set apart for a special 
use, specially appointed, 

airO-Ti£p.v«>, Ion. for avo-ritivto. 

&iro-T(£<r(rw, Att. —rru^ f. |a), to set apart, assign 
speciaUy: dnreriraKTO vphs rh Be^i6if fie had been 
stationed on the right. II. Med. iLVordunrofiai 

rivi to take leave of, abandon, renounce a person or 

.&7roTavp(, {avS, ravpos) to be or act like a 
bull: B4pyfiara &ir. to cast fierce glances on. 

&iro-Ta<|>pev», (Jlv6, rd<ppos) to fence with a ditch, 

airoridvaauv, 3 pL plqpf. from aTrodyficKco, they 
were dead. 

airoTcOvciws, part. perf. Ion. of hvodvii<rK<a, for 

hvOT^QV7\K(i>S, &irOT€6u€^S. 

ii.tro-rtivia, fut. revw, to stretch out : to lengthen : c. 
part., to continue doing. Med. to exert oneself. 2. 
intr., like Lat. contendere, to hasten onwards. 

a7ro-Tcix^li<i>>> f* tVo), Att. Xw, to wall off, i . so 

as to fortify. 1. so as to blockade. Hence 

diro-TcCx^LS} €6)5, T], the walling off a town, block- 
ading. And 

&vo-Tc£xi^F^ '''^f ^olls built to blockade, lines of 

airo-TcXcvraca, f. ^<rw, to bring quite to an end, 2. 
intr. to end, cease, tis n in a thing. Hence 

diro-TcX€VTT|0'is, €0)5, 7), tt finishing. 

airo-TcX^tt, f. cVw, pf. ircreAc/ca i pass. rcrcXea'fJLai : 

to bring quite loan end: hence part.perf.pass. diroTcre- 

Xi<Tfi4vo5 perfect. 2. to fulfil an obligation. 3. in 

gen. to accomplish, perform, do. 4. to render, 

maAr^ of a certain kind, r^v irSkiy dw. thlaiyuova, to 

faoA-e the state guiie happy. 

diro-T^p.v«»9 Ion. and £p. rd^tiw, fut. rc/iS, 
off: hnror4fivuv rivos to cut off part of a thing. 
to separate or cui off from, 

Med. to cut off for oneself, esp. with 

diro-TT|Xov, Adv.,/ar away, 

d-irorC- pares* ov. Dor. and poet, for a-irp65^ 

diro-TC9T|p.i, f. Qiiffw, to put away : to stow a 
Med., to put from oneself, put off; lay asid^" . 
to put by for oneself, stow away, 3. diror^^ 

€(s aZOis to put aside for another time. 

diro-rCXXd), to pluck out. Hence 

dir6-TiXfu&, aros, r6, that whwh is pltidced 
feather, quill. 

d7ro-Ttp.du, f. "fiffa, to dishonor, to slight, 
value, fix a price by valuation: 9ifiy4ws 
fxricrdfitvot having fixed their price at two t — a 
hence, III. as Att. law-term, in Act., tc^ 

gage a property according to valuation, • JVI ^ 
lend on mortgage. Pass., of the property^ 
pledged or mortgaged. Hence 

diro-TC|i>i|p.a, r6, any thing valued, a sum 

dir6-Tlp.0S) ov, (dir({, Tifi'fi)^&rtfio5, dishonor* 

diro-rtvdovw, Att. —rrw, fut. (», to a 
throw or cast off. 

diro-TCw|i>ai, poet, for irro'Tivofuu, 

diro-Ttviitt, = sq. 

diro-T(vu, f. ^0*00, to pay back, repay what is 
Med. ^Korlyofiai, poet, iiirorlyvfiai, also -rli 
f. TtVojuai, to get paid one, exact : h.voTl(raff9€Jt^ 
to avenge oneself on another : absol. to take ^^ 
ance. [in pres. t in Ep., t in Att. : fut. always ^ 

diro-rCw, poet, for foreg. 

diro-T|xi]Yw, f. ^(a, poet, for avo-rtfivw, to cuf 
from : k\itvs av. to cut up or plough the hills. 

diroTp.i{{eic, 3 opt. aor. i from foreg. 

d-iroTp.os, oUf unhappy, ill-starred. 

d7ro-ToXp.d(i), f. 'fjaoo, to make a bold venture, 
absol. to befearlessy bold. 

diro-Top.'i), rj, {airoTeuva) a cutting off, 

dir6-Top.os9 ov, (diroT6fH/(w) cut off, abrupt, pn 
pilous. 2. metaph. harsh, rough. Adv. -p 


diro-To$cv(i>, to shoot off arrows : to aim at a thi 

d-iroTos, oy, (a priv., mvu) not drunk, not dri 
able. 11. Sict. never drinking : without drink, 

diroTpdYCiv, inf. aor, 2 of airorpf&ya. 

avo-Tpiirta, f. ^ttf, to turn away, turn aside frw 
thing; and so to hinder, dissuade from, 2, c. i 
only, to turn away or back : esp. to avert evil, 
also to turn from others against one, hence to aim 
Med., and Pass., to turn from a thing, to di 
from. 2. to turn away, 3. to turn one's J 

away, like Lat. aversari, 

. diro^p^W) fut. 6^4^o{uu : also ^pa/jLovficu, aoi 
\ dircbpofiov, itQm. c^%c\. '^^^yuw, to tutv off ^t Quai| 

in^T^fftii tH, to rub mtemm'eUmt Inr.'bww 
ImldMiitliane. Med. le wipa tffiam ammtif, 

•n-Trinui,s», {iro-rturti) lurmlmg MM g , mttrt- 
V, sp. Df tk gods tbat STSt SO, LuL DU omf- 
nn«. IL Pssi. fAaf iivlb I* it AWrtal, i0- 

^ . ..Mi^'-r--, 


fa»'f^ > £ imlaai) «ar. fa^tyca, Ion 

iMtihaDM, i.fen{aerfc 3. fcyy hwt, 1 tim m t 
iagta-tap^iOalitAu. IIL *> Mhtr !>, 

give <M an aoaiMrtka,Me. IT. InV. In Inmnt., 
Hk« «>wy«. M fift-i^tm. Med. <• tatejW tM- 
«{r,«iBiH,<i<Bta. FM.toi«Mn-MMiyoriMlr, 

<»^ 111, (rmm Med.) a intrttm rftm^i parlg. 
away, TL lA tmrnkif 

>W-i|niK) sp, (inj, ■rftfk) rtufi May >sm 

iianlL [c] 

^*W^ poei. and Ion. 

■>■"»««, t Tc^o^ai, to JW te MMv, Mfv, 

( healing. Mad. to oibm iaa<- 

■ . r- r-" aor. I act. of >aai^^, to tikt 
mit! il£ furt. Bor. I med. Anvp^ursr in piM. 
y-W MJnHMiod. 

a»"(Mi t. Jim, hence in D. *i. 4S9, KXXoi ydp 

'IV ipoipo!, ace. to MHne Ion. for iipo- 

'' off, i.e. lessen, the bonndariet of bis 

' iirouiriiiraiiat, ai if from 'imivpiii 

•ii, tcW In. 

trow, J, ^, i-iroiiK, Ti!, gen. S-xoSos, uithout foot 
fa fir!: ieni* teithaut ihe -ute of one's feel: mIow qf 

ipfwrlo, it, (iiTf iraij a being aaay, absence. II. 

iUhnef, uanl. 

■■■^■Ytii'i inf. Boc. 1 of iirctreiti, fa eof up. 

fau^nt, f. ^ir£, Bor. I ip^ya% Jo lAno /or(A, 
l^bf: eqi. to <(«» % uvn/, dedare. ». to 

iit if rvoMHimjr, tAfio, pmt«. II. like ^to- 

iAnfu, fo iA«ir, and bo to maie or render. Med. 
iii«iBjf>n& gmnelAin^ a/one'jatnt; absoL Id mote 

ttptai/ of onetdf: cap. iTo^vtirffai 7>ui>»)r to 
vim (»Hi'< opinion. Pom. to be theum or lie- 
nd, II. to appear, come to light. 
mi 4H(ni, •■>, ^1 (iriipyiiii) a denial, negation. 
' " i, (iiro^liiB) = irrf^ayo-K, a len- 

aap. ai law4enn, k. ralv BiAnrrat to M«k* faarf 
wm'i JfflMcei Imdm abaoL to i« aofatlto^o^to 

^ w KTi ad «NWM<r«toapfc And 

W4T||u,£f4aM,toip«taii^AafaMiMaV- >• 
to (Or na. to rfinw' abo to rqflu*. 

, £ ftfuu, Itafb mad., to ^aat «n«'> 

ar,— t -ffc]i MMi . 

1»HA>«> £ f«vA> Pt a-4f«»a.i pan. -JtA^ 
fuui (a dtttng vtletif, nrin. Paaa. c fub iiial< 
Aws^iopaiiw^ to fa toif, periAr ■(« dt ■dJHMai 
k woibOaf t t luvt vilt aot begone wltli a nuurainF 

&n-4MlH,oinh.^abM. To thii Jkrff0»M' ii uio. 

iiKB-^Mviti, to parish. II. tram., ir, Ai^f io 
^« One'g life: &om iq. 

dvo-46(iv, and L-kb-^Im, (ixi, ^Im) in prei. 
alwAytinti., to perish utterly, die aaai/! nunCfreq. 
in Pais, ijmcop. aor. iartipBlfiTiy, part. in^H- 
;»iroi. II. int. iiro^va, aor. ix^^iini alwayt 

tians., to dettrog. [I Ep. : I Att.] 

&iro^(iT9ai, 3 imperat pf. pau. of foreg. 

&7ra-^[u, Ep. pres. '^ inf SJrsi, trans, and intnuu. 

iiro-^Sopii, 1^1 \lnia~pBiipai)'=^Biii, dtsWucHon. 

j,iro-^Xavp(tu, f. lau, {hri, iJiAaupor) to treat very 
slighHrifflg, make no account qf. 

iiro-^L'Tiiu, f. ^aa, to go amay from, etp. of idio- 
!an, to leave their master. 

imi-^V09, or, {iwS, ^/vu)^vDi unna/uraJmnTder. 

iiro-^pd, i, {iropipai) a carrying aaay. IL 

a bringing tohat it due, paying 1 ^to that uAiuft u 
paid, tax, tribute- 

Aira-^opTCtaFuu, f. l<rotuu, i}ar6, ^ipTos) Dep- roedp, 
to VTiload oneself, to unlade, 

&iro-^p£YVV|ii, alio viir, fut. ^p^v, to fence off, 
block tip. Henoa 

Aird-4pa£it, •»>, 4i afcTKingoff, iboHngup, 

&irD-^df, dlos, 4), l^^i, ^p^^'^ ttnC^ mil to l« 
J/JUfen 0/, like Lat ne/andiu, unluokig, onwninH, 
hence i-ro<ppiZ*i hv^ifu, IaX. Hm ii^«Ai *»!» *»■ 


aTTO^/ocurd'Ci) — aitpweniv. 

which no assembly or court was held, opp. to ica- 
Oapal ^fi, 

&iro-(^(MlMrcrw, Att. rTtOy=itTro'<ltp6ywfii. 

&iro-^(ryi{, ri, {airo<pe{rYw) an escape, flight, place 
of refuge. 

aird-^{i4» ews, ^, v. sub &ir6<}>€v^is. 

&iro-4'v«> f< ^c»» to put forth a shoot, Med., c. act. 
aor. 2 e^ivy et perfL rretpviaiy to grow out like a 

air-o<|MtfXtoc» oy, (otx6f 6(f>€\os)==aifefu&\ios, empty, 
vain, idle, Lat. irritus. 

LkO'xHq^mxj f. dffofuu, Dep. med., to retire or 
withdraw from . 

diro-x^aa|i.^, 6, a slackening : from 

airo-x^^> ^' ^^9 to slack or /oo^tf att^ay, as one 
pays out a rope. [jSurui] 
. inFO'XSX^^^^ (^^» X^*^^^) ^ unbridle. 

iLirO'XakKtvto, (dirtJ, xa^'c<^^) to forge of brass. 

airo-xc^po-p£wTO«9 ov, (^iird, X^^Py fi*^) Hving by 
one's hands, i. e. by manual labor. 

avo-x^ipo-TOviia^ to vote a charge away from one, 
acquit him. IL of persons, to reject, to super- 

sede, depose, 2. of thmgs, to reject, vote against: 
to abrogate, annul. Hence 

iinro^€i^o.T6vr\irviy uos, ri, a rejection by a show of 

&iro-xc«» f. x^^^i ^<^' ' ^X^ • P^^^* ^^^' ' ^^v, 
pf. K^v/Aoti to pour out, spill, shed. 

&iro-xp^9 loi^* onroxp^co, inf. iiroxfiv » impf. airc- 
XPV^ ' fut. iaroxp^ff» : aor. &irex/n70'a. To suffice, 
be sufficient, be enough : cKarhu v4€s cnroxp^o't' 2> 
c. dat., as vorafibs ovk aTrexpvo'^ 'H? CTpari^ was not 
enough for the army : with an infin. as nom., avoxp^ 
fxoi iroiciv, etc., '/i« suffi4nent for me to do, etc., also 
3 impf. Med. oir6XpeeT0=&ir^/ny. 3. Pass., to 

i& contented with a thing, as kKoxp^tofi^tav robots 
r&v Mvtrau the Mysians being satisfled therewith. 

Med. &7roxp<^o/ia{, to t<.ve to /Ae /u//. 2. to 

ahuse, misuse, Lat. 061^^ 
. &iro-xp^oH><>'h lo^' ^01* ^voxpcbjucu. 

&iro-XP^^ -'^^'^ ^'^'* &^oxp<^. 

&ir6-xpn> impers., v. hvoxp^. 

&iro-xpi)|i>aTos, ov, {hr6, xp>7A^) : C^M^^ hvoxP' a 
£ne 720^ to 6« paid l^ money. 

&iro-xp»vTtt)s, Adv. part. pres. from aTroxpdu, 
iar6xprt% enough, sufficiently. 

airoxvOc£s, part. aor. i pass, of &7oxea). 

&iro-xwX(Soi, (dir6, xot?^^s) to make quite lame. 

airo-x(>>vwp.i, f. x^^^i to dam up, bank up the 
mouth of a river, etc. 

diro-XA>p^09 f. ^0*0' or ^ffopuaa, to go from or au'a^ 

from, c gen. 2. absol. to <7f> away, depart: to 

retreat. 3. &ir. l/c tiws to withdraw from a 

thing, L e. ^'ve it tfp. II. to j9a«6' 0/)^ esp. of the 

humors of the body. Hence 

airo'X*»pv^f «*'f> Vt ^ going away or off, retreat : 
aj?/ace or means qfsqfe^. 

&iro-XC0pCtw, f. itrw, Att. X&, to part at m^^^ 
from : to set apart. 

&iro-i|rawy f. ^(Tw, to wipe off. 1, to tcip^ 
Med. to wipe off from oneself. 3. to unj» < 

airo-i|nr|4»i(o|uu.y fut. Itrofuu, Att. Tiiiijiiii^ 
med., I. to voto a charge away from om 
in full atrW &ir. rtv6s : hence absol. to voi 
quittal. 2. to t^oto an office awayjrom onfl» 
to reject, II. c. ace. rei, iar. ypa/^^ 

against receiving the indictment : &ir. y^juov .a 
the law. III. inr. fiij mietv, et&, to fioilP' 

doing. Hence 

&iro-t|n{<^uris, e<»s, ^, an acquittal. II. 

^um ^ voto«. 

airo-i|iiX($«>, {&v6, y^fiKSs) to strip of hait 
bald : in gen. to strip bare, bereave of a thii 

a7r-oi|riS, cfiDj, Ti, {itrS^ofiai) a looking down 
view, prospect. 

air-^i|, fut. from an obsol. pres. kt 
used as fut. of iuftopdco, 

diro-\|n!xc'9 f* |<») pass. pf. hirc^lnrYfuu : (inri 
to leave offbretUhing, to faint, swoon. 2.. 

&ir. y^xfi^ ^ breathe out life : hence abecd., 
die. II. (&W, ^vxos) to cool, rtfresh. 

be refreshed, recover, revive, Idpara dirc^^c 
got the sweat dried off. III. impers. 

t^ grows cool, the air cools. 

&iro-t|rwX^ {&ir6, }\w\6s), hence pass, pf . 
}lno\rifx4yos, a lewd fellow. 

&inr^|j.i|ici, rare poet, contr. for inroir4fjap€i. 

&-^pay[kotrvvr\, rf, freedom from business^ 
affairs, and esp. from law-suits: ease, ret 
otium. 2. easiness, supineness: from 

&-vpdY|J>(0v, 01/, gen. ovoi, (a priv., •nrpay/jLa) 
buMness, free from business, esp. from staie-aj^^ 
law-suits (vpdyfMra) : rinos h.vp. a place fr^^ 
law and strife. 2. of things, not troublesoti^ 
painful. IL pass, got or to be got without p^ 

Adv. -fi6v(os, easily. 

&-irpaicTio>, to eto nothing, to be idle. 2. to^ 

nothing: from 

a-vpofCTos, ov, Ion. &-irpT)icros, (a priv., ir/N(«i^ 
I. act. doing, effecting nothing, hence unprofitM 
idle : &vpaKros vietrdai to depart without «U08M 
Lat. re infecta. Adv. -rus, unsiuxessfully, LatL 1 
infecta. II. pass., against which nothing (xm \ 
done, unmanageable, incurable. 2. not to be dm 
impossible. 3. ixaaniKris &vpaKros vfiip, unasaU 
by your divining arts. Hence 

&-irpa{Ca, ri, ill-success. II. a being at ah 

embarrassment, lielplessness. 

oUirpdros, ov, (a priv., irnrpd(TK<i)) unsold, unsalettt 

d-irpcin]s, €s, (a priv., vpiirco) unseemly, um 

d-7rp€ir£a, ^, poet, for anpeTreLa. 

a-irpT)KT09, ov, Ion. for ivpaKros. 
I ciyicp\aTT\v,A.^'^.,amthoutpTiccorrafwom. [dr] Fn 

I dirptorot 

^ 4»piiiiifcili»,(apriv., Tplttyjaij (inini^A;. [i] 

i«^ ;Uv. (a oqiiil., irpfm) slrictly^ tcith dated 
M, lite lU;, Lat. moTdictts, hence in gtm. ceiue^ 

ivp^^gt^ w, (a priv., irprf, Aiii\^) vrilh'iul 
ftaoia iaifH, iaipTemeililale± Adv. -Aui. rathlff, 

"pififK, w, (a priv., Trpijflu/iot) aol ready, dii- 
■AnJ, itdatard. 
^^f*ii^oi, or, (a priv., irpa^i7fl«i,uai) unfore- 

Jjy-mimt, ddv. of i-i-poW?|Toi, (a priv., rpi, 
W"Wiii//nrejiffA/ or /of etheiH/hl, hecdlesslj/. 
' rsf, or, u'ifAnuf Tji^ftrsi, q. v. 

ar, (b priv., irpD<litio/(iu] un,^>re«m. 
i, ov, (a priv., x^di^bIi'u) Dor. arert- 
■Waasililc; oCiisatae, sol lobe healed. 
~ {afirW,,sposioiciai)unei'pecled, 

Aa. not ^'pecting. Adv. -TEdS . 

I", lien, savage, II. Aol. nof na»»(- 

" «*, (a priv., irpoiuii'^o^ioi) lUJi M lie 

^ m, (o priv^ TipoaKimiuu) lUifore- 
\ll q^ bifotehatid. 
w '-.--.J -r "'f, or, (a priv., irpoTK^irrtj} no/ stnking 

■^JJWrm, oip, (o priv., Kpasidymiii) lialdiny 
Tn or DOTnmeris wiVft otbeni. 
fl - I - -OToi, Of, (a priv., rf/ospfp{i>t wfiojoiiru) 
I «i( Bk eWMood, iVresia/iife. 

J t^l^t-iiiiTm, ov, nut to be looked on, horrid, 

I i-TjuHrrioi'mi ypa^, ^, (o priv., opoirrtiTTii) an 
f kJicinta! laUl agahul a /liraiho! ai Athem, far not 
' inivf iJmen u Tifittirrinjs or ^fron from amoDg 

1 ij ici-^os, o», (a priv., i(»i^*'/»j) iHiiUftaii', 

iwiWBiCT(, ilangcroui, 

^'tpofinra-X^TTU^ (a priv., 'Kp6swirorj Xct/^Qiya) 
Jdr, ailhaal reipecl of persona. 

i^rpaTi-aaimK, or. Dor, for fiirpiliyuMTas, (u priv., 
ncifMffifu) untouched, lindqfiied, 
irrpo-^vrurnK, of, (o priv., irpofpofflfo/uu) offer- 
sgao excuie, readg. Adv. -tuii, iin/iou( niajion. 

It — SHoSttt.- 


a-TTTtpos, 0*, (a priv., mp6v) wilhoul uiiugi, vn- 
u-\nijfd, in Homer only in phrase if ** fiirrepoi *ir\«To 
pvSos, the speech was to her wilhoul ipingi, i. e, Jbw 
7iot avay again, siuik into her mind : litripa iruT^- 
/«To mingleis fliglit: of arroWB, un/calhered: of 
j'oung hirda, elc, unSedged, cailaw, &.irr. ipans aa 
unfiadged, L e. unconfirmed report. 

i^irr^r, g^a. iirrvrai, d, ij, (o priv., msvis) un- 
fiedged, callow, of young Lirdi : utiteinged. 

&STf)iTi, pt dac. from fore^. 

i-TPTo-tinis, (J, (a privi, uroini, tiros) iiiuiniintorf 

&-VTdX(|i(>i, DC, poet, (or (iirclXf^uii. 
I'ttrii, 4, lir, (Sirrai) iauched, handled: to ie 
touched, subject to the senjo fff touch. 
'Airni, f. fiiiw, pf, ^fa, pou. (wioi ! to faatan, 
fallen lo or on, ^ iipoii a thing. 

niore freq. Bi aiod., SiTTD/ui, fiit. I^iDfiu, to ./iwlfn 
oneself to, honre /o cfiny /oi(, fto/rf on, absol.j or 
mostly c^gen., la cling lo,hang on bj/,gnup,hanJle, 
toueh, as fiiffoirSai ToiWi' lo cling lo one's lumei: 
later, to engagein, underlaka: (a begin.. i. lo 

fallen wpen, attack. 3. lo tonch, affect. 4. to 
grasp icilA the sauei, apprehendjperceive, ; . ft> 
rea^, oearlake : to gain, n. to kindle, set on 

fire, Fuss, to lake fire ! to be set on firt. 

&-irn^, uToI, A, q, (a priv., tIttu) lujf fldlii^ or 
failing, iaifaUing. 
a-mXwTot, ov, (a priv., vuAJw) nof closed by a 

a-i: [i] 

&-irvp7DS, or, ifif/ionf bnrer and wall, anforlified. 
d-irvpyuTat, or, (a priv., irupydm) noi ^r( (cifA 

a-Tr5po<, oi', (a priv., irBp) milhoul fire, in Homer 
only of tripoda, thai have not gel ieeii on, the fire, 
i. e. netc i ix. ahos a cold, chsertea bouse : jipixhi 
i,r, vnrqfined, opp. to Airi^oi : iVpi Air. a aacrifioe 
in ichich fire was not uaeili but also not offered by 
^re, and so like-S^in-o, unojffTecf: &v. Hpiisitaiag 

GL-imiTTas, OP, (a priv. , iruf^^ivo^uu) nf which nothing 
has been learnl, wikrunen. II. Act. having burnt 
nothing, ignorant: c. gen., ignorant qf. 

Aininis, i. Dor. for (jirwrjji. [dru] 

Atvw, Dor. for ^miB'. 

'An^T'Z, also &ir^Gt, gen. iar, 6, a term of endear- 
ment used by children to (bejr ^ther, papa, Hebr. 

dir-f^S6q, 6v, (&if6, 4^) diacordanl, out t^ tune. 

S-imfitv, Adv., = lhraBfr,jTUfa ufar. 

iir-mtia, ful. uS^ow and aaa, aor. I iviaira ac 
SiruCTo, lo thrust off, drive auiag .- of the wind, lo btai 
off, ieal /rem one's Mnine: \alet, toilrwie mBUij jtom 
i/ie land, banish. i. la repel, drwe bock. V ' 
Med, onlj, to ryeet, cli«dain. Henoe 


'Apeios irayos — ipCbaXos. 

rarely of weapons : later Compar. 'Ap€i6T€po5y Oy opy 

''Apcios ir^Y<^ ^9 ^^^ ^f ^"""^h '^^A^^* H%Uy over 
against the Acropolis at Athens on the west side : in 
it was held the highest judicial court, called by the 
same name : capital crimes came specially under its 

*ApcC-<|>^'"^^'') ^ Homer *Afnit(paTos, ^fi^s,*^ivta, 
ir4(j>aiJLCUf tri^rcu) slain byAreSy i.e. slain in war, 2. 
later it seems in gen.=*'Ap€ios. 

ipcCttv, 6, ^, ov, r6y gen. ovos, better, stronger, 
braver: it serves as Compar. of ayad6s, &piaTos. 
(On the deriv. v. "Apris.) [op] 

a-pcKTOSy ou, poet, for &pp€Kros, undone. 

&p^ Ion. for iipdofiai. 

''Apcos* Oj ov, collat. form of "Apetos. 

ip^ouiy &p^<ra<rOai, inf. aor. i act. and med. of 

&pc<raa6» or &pco-<r^L(r6o>, 3 imperat. aor. i med. 
of cipecKa, 

&p^(r9ai, inf. aor. 2 med. of c^tpa. 

dpco-KcCo, v, {itpiffKoi) an obliging disposition, a 
desire to please: in bad sense, obsequiousness, ^tterg. 

apcoicos> ri, op* pleasing, complaisant: in bad sense, 
obsequious, Ottering : from 

dpicKu, ^t. ap4(T<a, Med. apcaofuu, poet. apftrffO' 
pxu : aor. i ijpeira, Med. fipeffdfn^p, poet part, ^ccr- 
<rdfj,€Pos, (*&p(o, &p(ra>). Trans, to make a thing good, 
make it up : raura $' kpiaa6ii€0a this will we make 
up among ourselves : c. ace. pers. et dat. rei, to satisfy, 
conciliate, projntiate : e. g. rivh d<&poi(ri to appease 
one with gifts ; but c. gen. rei , apiffavro (ftpevas cS- 
fxaros they sated their heai*t with blood. Pass. c. 
aor. rip4adr}v, pf. lipea-fjuu, to be contented, acqui- 
esce. II. intr. to be pleasing to, content, gratify, 
c. dat.) as ravra apiaKci fioi. 

apc<rT<$S9 ^, 6y, verb. Adj. from api<TK<a, pleasing, 
grateful : acceptable, approved. Adv. -t«s. 

apcTow, f. ifffa, (aperfj) to befit ov proper, to thrive, 

apcn^, T), goodness, excellence, of any kind ; but in 
Homer esp. manhood, prowess, valour, Lat. virtus : 
also manly beauty, dignity, etc. 2. in prose freq. 

of the virtues or properties of land, fountains, 
etc. 3. excellence in art or workmariship, 

skill. II. in moral signf. virtu£, moral excel- 

lence. (For deriv. v. sub "Apr/s.) [a] 

api], Tf, Ion. and Horn, for dpcL 

apT)ai, 2 conj. aor. 2 med. for 2cp77, from dCpco. 

'APH'rn, f. |«, to help, aid, succour in war, c. 
dat. 2. absol. to be of use, be Jit, c. inf., as (riyap 

ap'fiyei it is meet to be silent. II. c. ace. rei, to 

ward off, prevent, as ap. oXwaiv : also, like apKio), 
ap. rivi TL to ward off from one, to avert the capture : 
as (p6vov t4kpois. [a] Hence 

apj/yeoy, SpoSj b, ij, a helper, aid. 
*Aprjt-0oas, oy,(^Ap7fs, Ooos) swift as Ares, sicft in war. 

*ApT)i-icTa|icvos,i7, ov, {"Apvis, KT^Um) slidn iff Arm 
or in war, [Ap] 

*Api{ios, 1}, OP, also OS, OP, Ion. for'Apcior. 

'ApT|t-<|>aTOs, OP, Ion. for 'Apei^paros, 

*Api()t-^lXos, 6, 71, alaorjfOP, {"ApiiSyiplKos) deaart/oArm, 

&pijp.cvai, inf. Ion. for hpap, v. sub itpaofjMU 

&pT||j.^vos9 Vy OP, distressed, harassed, =s fie fiKe^ifUwrnt 
(Origin uncertain.) 

apT|tis, €ws, ii, (Sp^Tw) help, suecoitr, TL & 

gen. rei, help against a thing, means qf averting it. 

apT)pa, perf. 2 of &pw : plqpf. kp4\p€Uf, 

apT|pcp.cvo9, part. perf. pass, of *JSpw. 

&pi{poKa, opi^pofMii, pf. act. and pasa. from itpAm* 

apT)pop.^vos, 77, OP, ploughed, Ion* for ^pcufi^ni^ 
part. perf. pass. fr<Hn hp6<i). 

&pT)p6Tus, Ion. &pap<^«s. Adv. part. per£ act. baOk 
*aipoa, fitly, fitting dose : hence fast, tighL 

"APHS, 6, gen,''Ap€05, also "'Apeus, dat. ''Apcf, Atta 
contr. "Apet, poet. "Apj^, ace. "Apn, also "ApriP : ahi 
"Apia, voc. ''Apes : Ion. and Ep. "Aprfos, vfifijaz Atw^ 
Lat. Mars, son of Zeus and Hera, in Homer ths 
god of war, the god of destruction, later the spirit «f 
strife, plague, famine. Hence oft. used to deooll 
war, slaughter, murder, etc. (Akin to AppfiP, V^HK 
as Mars to mas : from the same Root oome ^fcpt*% 
i^ciup, Apiaros, the first notion of goodness heiag 
that of manhood, bravery in war : cf. Lat. vtrftif. p 
in Homer, but oft. d in arsi : Att rarely long.] 

apT)Ti^p, ripos, 6, {&pdofjuu) strictly one that prt^/g: 
hence a priest, 

apT|T<$s> "hi ^v. Ion. for oparJs. 

apOcCs, part. aor. i pass, from dpa. 

apOev, 3 pi. aor. i pass. Aeol. for ijp&ria-av from ti^^mb 

apOfJi^w, f. 'fiao), (apdn6s) intr. to be Joined togeAtf 
or united. 

apOfJiia, (OP, rd, peaceful relations, peace, concord: 
strictly neut. plur. from 

apOp.ios9 a, OP, Joined, united : hence at peace wiA 
another : from 

ap9|x<Ss) b, {&p(o) a bond, league : friendship. 

apOpov, r6, (&pu)) a Joint, esp. tJte socket ofthejoiml: 
in plur. a limb, the limbs, oft. joined with some othar 
word, as &pdpa ttoBoIp, the joints of the feet, anklei t 
6p6pa TUP kvkKcop, the eyes. Hence 

dpOpiSd), to fasten by Joints, articulate, fit togeOur^ 
hence to finish off: esp. of words, to utter distincUft 
also to nerve, strengtiien. 

apOp-wSris, es, (&p0pop, cTSos) well-Jointed, 

'API"-, insep. prefix, like ipi-, strengthening the 
notion conveyed by its compd. : of same root widi 
"Apris, apelap, &pi<Tros. [a] 

api-yvioi, aJTos, 6, ^, = sq. 

api-7V(i>Tos, 17, OP, also as, op, easy to be known, 
icell-known : in l)a{l sense, notorious, infamous. 

api-8aKpvS) t;, gen. vos, (api^, ^djcpv) much weeing, 
very tearful. 

I mins : Homer um it nustly as a SuperL «• ^i. 
tsixeriis ^ripuv mmi imsiEHCii uf men. 
iI-Si)XaCi or, very plaia, clearlff Kan : moi^lM i 

J, OP, Ep. form for fort^. H 
>ja£if,''iq. Adv. -Ami. 
or, cfj^ enviable^ 
', Uor. for ififffiTrroS- 
, Dor. for i^^uioi, 3 pL from sq> 
I Ipt^'i^ f 4aw. (V'Mi) '0 '""iilrrr, oaunt, r t Am 
la eounl imL 1. to rKiton, coutl. 

^i|9^pi«irai, Ep. Ibr ifiSiiV^at, InL aar. I pMft 

»i, n, n counlinff, rsckoaififf ip. 
..,..,.. . t, tS, i!*, ieAwijiap to MimiSw^jf or iwsis- 
f, tkilied Iheraa 1 ^ -jif, 0. aiu i^ne t^x>% »*• 
He. Adv. -MSt. 

I|U|T^, -^t ir, eoBlg tambtrtd. henoe jte <• 
d£k 0^. Dot ts i« naffl&«r«d, in no m i ttm , 
10 ntiDiera haiUiu. 

^ namier, ai ■ mark of trortli, nak, 

irSpvii TffirSai ^f^ to lit in rank tataag 

«A« fr ipiB/i^ tJrai, like Lot. nulb CMC bi mt- 

la : BO of men, atx ip. SAAss not a n trt 
Hfte Horace's iHunwHnuiumia. II. a 

' y, counting ; etp. in phraie, ipiS^tr iroi- 
rrpBTiqitaboldaniuffroftbeanDy. 1. 

tfi» or C-fHt, ivai, 1^, m'lbxif nose, iciMuii^ mn<, 

kfiah o, op,^ Mqiiia!i, Median. 
ifi-'wperJft,ft, (i(Ji~, itpiitw) rerg tiateiy or Aowj/, 
■qr ifrimaidL Adv. -&i. 
idh iwt, V. V- 
lft-awLO«, •», (ifii-, ffV") t'*"S remarkable 1 very 

lfw4-lCppiTos, oi-, (iipioTtit, fiptm) feji Jit A« 
ipbrr-aSXof, ov, {KfJioTO!, iSKov) vmlurouaia Ike 

iftroii^Xot, Of, (apt-, ariipuKli) rich in s/n^et. 

ipurroM, f. fyrv, lo lake the tipurray or mvrmng 
tirai : Iai. pTondert : io gen. to foi? any fneo/, 
d ipioTo*. [d] 

ipwTtEo, i, [apiOTiiia) the ftali of the hero that 
■on Ae prise qf valor (tI ipiariia), in gen. atii/ 
ftal, hamc action. So viere railed those aingU 
AkpudMs of the Iliad, in which the deeds of njine 
ana hero are describe^ e.g. Ub. £, is aia/afSm/y j 

toward! a«i4ff I ielprT^firiHiAk^tft >. 4 

aagar, loalu% wnthwiid, tba nnln^, w urtwa 
iiffitaaM/nmHul^ 4.of wwyiiff J— M 
ahumr, like Fkcndi ^— rtfc (Dnfar. mteirtftln.) > 

hm. In pJiir. I^iwr jn , Lat. ^tlmttlet, H* (mAM 
oAfq/i, priiiea. 
V'i^'*^ CW^) <• i( liU iui or iraaMr a 

{ ■!•(> V ri i« i< ioi h a thliw ; o. ia£, 


idngatl „ . 

£^^^or, liw. fL. ,_ .. 

Med. to bM^thfl. [«] 
Ut u ii (A n , (r, (jpioTa^ *7^) J^MriMv A* Am< 

ipurro ■pa.'Ko, 4i (tpioTM^ ^pBna>) tUmb ^A« 
i«» < bt r n or «oi^(, «« arutoaroqr. 


'APISTON, T^, a iwwnin^ m«af, breiAfatt, lakaa at 
■unriite : lateft 'Af inifii£a^ n^ol, the Roman j>raif 
(fiBffl. [a in Hom., a Att] 

hfurti-not, ay,[iparros, yioi) iff the betl ditpaiitioa. 

JipMTa-vaUus [ifurrov, woiia) loprepare breakfatl, 
ri 4(H(rTtnroioH,i«™ things prepared for breokfait. 
Med. to gel one's briakfatt. 

^Mrre-irjvoc, ov, {ipitrroSf rovia) loorking beet. 

Ipwrot, I), oy, betl in in kind, used u SuperL to 
oToSJi : inilomeTuBa. betl, breeest,rvibiesl: c. inf., 
&pt<rTOi tiAj(ttjQai beat to fight : hence dp. taraTOixOai 
belt, eatieat to chest : — In AtC in moraJ lignf. belt, 
moat excellent, ipiirta as Adv., best, most exceHaxtljf t 
contr, c, anic, iSpiorui Hom., HpiiTToi Att., 6purrM 
Dor. (On deriv. v.'Apiji.) 

ifiVTO-^itnui, 11, poet. fern, of Eq. 

ipiim^nSitot, or, (fipirTrst, tUtv) (mrin; 1A« terf 

if^ari-xiip, (ipoT, A, ^, (Ifpurroi, X'^P) "''^ '^ ''*' 
Aniuf, iyiiv aptai. a contest uion by the tUmteit hand. 

ijH-in^&Xijs, h, (t^i-, (T^iAAu) ver;/ ilipperf oe 

^I'^paSijt, 6, (i^i-, ^piCofiai) easily inmcn, twy 
man(/i!Sf .' clearly vitible. II. act. quwk nil ooni- 

iTtving, iharp-xeiUei. 

'ApKas, lUoi, 4, an Freudian, rwa. in 1^' K?«i*«- 
^wiun, a, ov,=ifKTnai, 1^ o tear. 


&TTO(r(f>aK€\C(j(a — imorpiyfa • 

&iro-on|>aKcX4», i<rw, {a.v6, crtpdKtKos) to have one's 
limbs mortified: to die of morHficcUion, 

&iro-cr(^(£XX», f. (iXw, aor. i 4<r<pri\(i^ to lead astray, 
make to miss the way: &iro(r^>cU\6iv riva ir6vov to 
make one miss the fruits of toil : hence Pass., esp. in 
aor. 2 &ir€(r^(£\i}v, to be cheated of 9k thing, mm it. 

&iro-<r(^TT<», f. ((i;,a&iro-(r4^^». 

&iro(r(|>ijXcic and &iro(r(|njX«Kn.v, opt. and conj. 
aor. I from airoo'^xiAAa). 

&iro-cr(^paYC||», f. iffw^ Att. t», Ion. 0*^)^7-, /So 
«0a/, close, shut up, 

&iro-arx&Xl8^» to prop nets on upright poles. Hence 

&iro-arx&X£8«*|jLa, aros, r6, a forked piece of wood 
for propping hunting-nets. 

aiFotrx^ftm, fut, iiroo'x^'iy and ivSo'x^o'Oou inf. aor. 
act. and med. of aicexv. 

iLiro-<rxfti», f. iffu, aor. i pass. ^ireo'xfo'Oijv : to split 
or c/ieav^ 0/^ 2. to sever, part or detach from, 

esp. in pass., of a river being parted from the main 
stream, a tribe detached from its parent stock, etc 

&iro-(rcS||«», f. (rdxra, to save, restore again: kv, 
o^KoSe to bring safe home. Pass., avoffaBriyai is . • 
to get safe to a place : absol. to get off safe. 

&ir<S-TaKTos, ov, (&7roT(£<r(r») set apart for a special 
use, specially appointed. 

&irO-Ti£|i>vw, Ion. for &.fro'r4fjLvot. 

atro-rdovw, Att. —rrco, f. (w, to set apart, assign 
specially: dnreriraKTo irpbs rh ^€^i6v lie had been 
stationed on the right. II. Med. kvorda-a-ofiai 

rivi to take leave of, abandon, renounce a person or 

.&iroTavp(So|,, (&ir6, ravpos) to be or act like a 
hull: ^4pyfiara air. to cast fierce glances on. 

airo-Ta<|>pev», (&7rd, rdtppos) to fence with a ditch, 

ikiroriBvaauv, 3 pi. piqpf. from itirodyfia'Kw, they 
were dead. 

&iroTcOvciw$, part. perf. Ion. of hroBvii<rK(a, for 
&9ror€0i^K(^s, kiroreBve^s. 

^Mo-rtivia, fut. Tiva, to stretch out : to lengthen : c. 
part., to continue doing. Med. to exert oneself, 2. 
intr., like Lat. contendere, to hasten onwards. 

&iro-TCix^(u, f. iaw, Att to), to wall off, i. so 

as to fortify, 2, so as to blockade. Hence 

diro-TcCx'Co-is, €0)5, 7], the walling off a town, block- 
ading. And 

&iro-TcCx^o|Jia, r6, walls built to blockade, lines of 

&iro-TcXcvTaa>, f. ^<ra), to bring quite to an end. 2. 
intr. to end, cease, eh ri in a thing. Hence 

&iro-TcX€VTT|o-is, €0)5, Tf, tt finishing. 

diro-TcX^tt, f. €<r<a, pf. v€r4K€Ka : pass. rereXefffuu : 

to bring quite loan end: hence part.perf.pass. a^orcre- 

X€<Ffi4vo5 perfect. 2. to fulfil an obligation. 3. in 

gen. to accomplish, perform, do. 4. to render, 

maAr^ of a certain kind, r^v irSkiv itv. tvdaifAOva to 

f»a4re the state guiie happy. 

d,iro-T^|j.v», Ion. and £p. rd/uw, fut. rc/iS, to etd 
off: hnrorifufuv rivos to cut off part of a thing. s, 
to separate or cvi off from. 

Med. to cut off for oneself, esp. with view of 

&iro-TT|Xov, Adv., far away. 

d-irorC- Pares, ov. Dor. and poet, for k-irp6s'Pafrm9 

&iro-TC9T||j.i, f. Qiifffo, to put away : to stow away. 
Med., to put from oneself, put off; lay aside. U 
to put by for oneself, stow away. 3. iarorrlBwBm 

els adOis to put aside for another time. 

diro-rCXXw, to pluck out. Hence 

&ir(S-TiX|iA, aros, r6, that which is plucked oui^ 
feather, quill. -• 

&iro-TX|j.da>, f. ^o-», to dishonor, to slight. XL H 
value, fix a price by valuations 9ifiv4cis imnm 
fujo'dfievoi having fixed their price at two minim 
hence, III. as Att. law-term, in Act., to morM 

gage a property according to valuation, • Med., M 
lend on mortgage. Pass., of the property, to If 
pledged or mortgaged. Hence 

&iro-TC|&T||j.a, r6, any thing valued, a sum settled 9$ 

air<S-Ti|&os, OP, (d.v6, ti/x^)=:&tijuos, dishonored, . 

&iro-Ttv<£oxru, Att. -ttw, fut. (», to shake q^ 
throw or cast off ^ 

airo-TCw|, poet, for kiro'rivofjMi, 

diro-Ttviiw, = sq. 

&iro-T(va>, f. i(r(o, to pay back, repay what is otrfi^ 
Med. iiirorlyofiou, poet, airorlwfjiai, also -^{noiyaaf 
f. riffofiat, to get paid one, exact : iiiroTl&aa-Bal txm| 
to avenge oneself on another : absol. to take venge* 
ance. [in pres. t in Ep., t in Att. : fut. always L] 

diro-T^w, poet, for foreg. 

diro-T|j.iJY(tf, f. l<a, poet, for airo-rifufv, to cut 9§ 
from : kKvtvs air. to cut up or plough the hills. 

&iroT|j.ii)tcic, 3 opt. aor. i from foreg. 

a-iroT|J.os, ov, unhappy, ill-starred. 

diro-ToXp.dw, f. 'iio'a, to make a bold venture, TU 
absol. to be fearless, bold. 

diro-TO|j.ij, ri, (pLVoriya/o)) a cutting off. 

dir^-TO|j.os, ov, (airoT4fiva)) cut off, abrupt, pretU 
pitous. 2. metaph. harsh, rough. Adv. -fUf% 


diro-To{cv», to shoot off arrows : to aim at a thing; 

d-iroTOS) ov, (a priv., irivo)) not drunk, not drink* 
able. 11. Sict. never drinking : without drink, 

dTTOTpaYciv, inf. aor. 2 of aKorp^w. 

avo-rpiirta, f. ^tu, to turn away, turn aside from • 
thing; and so to hinder, dissuade from. 2. c. aoo» 
only, to turn away or back : esp. to avert evil. 3» 
also to turn from others against one, hence to aim o^ 
Med., and Pass., to turn from a thing, to desisi 
from. 2. to turn away. 3. to turn one*sfao$ 

away, like Lat. aversari. 

airo^p^oi) fut. Bg4^oiuu : also Zpafiovfuu, aor. 4 
dTTcSpOLfiov, feoia o\i^<A. ^^tyuw, \o tuu off w craaaif^ 







4vo-Tp(pM» £ i(W) to ru5 or scour clean : &ir. fmrov 
to rub down a hone. Med. to wipe off from oneself ^ 

garidof. [I] 
4vo-^rp^aiot» ov^ (airo-Tf>oir^) turning away, avert" 

kg^ esp. of the gods that avert ill, Lat. Dii aver- 

fwei, II. Pass, that ought to be averted, ill- 

iBO-TpOTijy iiy (biwoTpiwu) o tuming away, avert- 

fly. ^, a turning off oi 'WB.tjer, II. a hitider- 

mg, IIL (from Med.) a desertion ofone^s party. 
M-Tfomif o», (i,TOTp4irai) turned away from. 2. 

fnm which one turns away. IL act. tuming 

tmay, averting. 
M-rpo^oSf ovy {b.ic6y rpo^) reared away from 

m^s parents. 
irnyrpurwy to excite. 
4n.T|»v«*, f. -bmty to rub atoay, and so lose. II. 

Ipwr, harass i so in Med. b.Torp{f€(Tdai yrjy to vex 

itearth. [i>] 

kn-TfAym^ f. rpd^lofuu, aor. 3 iaFirp&yov, to bite 


kn n>Mirrfw, poet and Ion. for iuwO'Tpiirw, 
Im i iryx^y*» ^* tc^Io/mu, to /at/ m hitting , miss, 
1m. II. absoL to 6« unlucky y fail : to miss the 

tnAybe wrong. 
hn-T^nrruy to cease beating. Med. to cease beat- 

k§ oneself in sign of mourning. 
4Mi^paii9 £p. part. aor. i act. of ditraupdu, to take 
(BMf ; the part. aor. i med« &irovpdfi€yos iu pass. 
Bnf. oooors in Hesiod. 

MTovpCl^ f. /crw, hence in II. 22. 489, &W01 ydp 
tl mvp^ffov(riv apovpas, ace. to some Ion. for &(po- 
^af, vUl mark off, i. e. lessen, the boundaries of his 
Mis : others read aTrovprjffovffi, as if from ^anoupdu 
^kwaopdu, fcill take them away. 
av-ovposy oy, (d^rtJ, 3pos, Ion. odpos) far from the 
houndaries, &7r. irdrpas far away from one's father- 

a-irovs, 6, r], a-7rovv, r6, gen. &-irodos, without foot 
a feet: hence without the tcse of one^s feet : slow of 
i foot. 

vK-ovaioy T}, (a-irerf eu) a being away, absence. II. 
deficiency^ want. 

im^yelvy inf. aor. 2 of avcadiu, to eat up. 
kro^^aiv^y f. <payQ, aor. i e^rjva : to shew forth, 
ditj^ay: esp. to shew by word, declare. 2. to 

thew by reasoning, shew, prove. II. like ctTro- 

^ixyvfu, to shew, and so to make or render. Med. 
to shew forth something of one*s own : absol. to make 
« display of oneself: esp. ^Trocpaiveadai yy^firjy to 
declare one^s opinion. Pass, to be shewn or de- 
dared. II. to appear, come to light. 
iLv6-^aa%/9y €as, t], (&7r6<fn]iJ.i) a denial, negation, 
ait6'^a4nsy ««*? Vy (iiro^atvw) = h.'ir6<pay(Tis, a sen- 
tence, decision. 

iLiro-^a.aTCfay==&.ir6-<ftrifJUy to deny, 
ciTo-^TUcik> ^^ ^^ (dw^/Lu) denyint/, nepaiive. 

&iro-^pPo|uu9 Dep., to feed off or on. 
&iro-9^pa», f. iLirolffWy aor. inrfiyeyKOy Ion. htriytiKOy 

II. to carry or bring 

3. to pay &acAr, re/tifn ; 

IIL to deliver iuy 

TV. intr. in imperaty 

Med. to take for one- 

cf. ^^po) : to carry o^T^^^ auroy. 

back: hence, 2. to report, 

in gen. to pay wAa^ is due, 

give in an accusation, etc 

like &irayc, kicA^p€, begone. 

selfy gain, obtain. Pass, to 5e carried away or docXr, 

to r^^t^m. 

&iro.^ff^«, f. (o/tai, to./20e /rom, escape, II. 

esp. as law-term, &ir. ro^s ^i^Koyras to make good 
one's defence : hence absol. to be acqidttedy opp. to 
a\f(rico/ua<. Hence 

&iro-^icTtK6«, ^, ^Jy, reacfy for esoapingy tA Airo- 
4>cvfcriic(£ means of escape. And 

&ir6-4cu{ts, c»f , ^, an escapingy getting off. 

&ir6-^|j.i, f. ^(TM, to fpeoAr outy declare plamly, 2, 
to say noy to deny : also to refuse. 

&iro-4^^ofMii, f. lo/iOi, Dep. med., to jrpeoAr oimV 
opinion plainly, 

&ir(S-<^6cYicTO«, oWy^&-<l>$«yKros. 

^ir6-^$€yyMy aroSf r^, (inro<peiYyoftai) a thing uU 
tered ; esp. a sententious answer, a terse sayingy an 

&iro-<|>Ocip», f. <l>0€p&, pf. irrt^OapKa: pass. •~4<p$ap' 
fuui to destroy utterly, ruin. Pass. c. fut. med. 
&iro^0apov/ia(, to be lost, perish: oIk cii K6paKas 
hiroipBapii fwv ; wilt not be gone with a murrain ? 
Lat. €d>i in malum rem. 

&iro-^OiO»,=airo-00fv(tf. To this MipffiOoy is usu. 

airo-<^6tvv0(i>, to perish. IL trans., ott. 0vfi6y to 
lose one's life: from sq. 

&iro-<|>Oiv(i>, and airo-^Cu, (&irj, <l>6lyco) in pres. 
always intr., to perish utterly, die away: most freq. 
in Pass, syncop. aor. d,w^lfirpf, part, atro^l" 
fxeyos. II. fut. avo<p$ia€^ aor. arrt^ura always 

trans., to destroy, [t Ep. : 1 AtL] 

diro(j>9iaO(i), 3 imperat. pf. pass, of foreg. 

diro-4>9C(i), Ep. pres.^diro^dfvo), trans, and intrans. 

airo-4>0opd, ^, {hro-<j>dtlpa)^<f>eopd, destruction, 

a7ro-4>Xavpi^(i), f. Iitq), (dird, (pKavpos) to tre€U very 
slightingly, make no account of. 

dTro-(|>oiTab), f. ^crw, to go away /rom, esp. (rf scho- 
lars, to leave their master. 

dx(S<|>ovo9, ov, {h.Tr6, (j>4ya)<f>6yos unnatural murder. 

diro-<|>opd, ri, (diro^e/xtf) a carrying away. II. 

a bringing what is due, paying: idso that which it 
paid, tax, tribute, 

diro-<|>opTC|;ofuit, f. l<rofuuy(aar6y ^aprosj Dep». n^ei-, 
to unload oneself, to unlade. 

airo-4pdYvv|J.t, also vvw, fut. fpo^c^, i^ frtise tfy 
block up. Hence 

d7ro-+pos, iJoy, ^, (iri, <t.^C«) kt^cut tuc »^ 
spoken of like Lat. »rfartdut, \iV;ucic«. 
ie«ce dro^ipc^Scs n^epai.' Lai. JU t irf^/o^^V 


dTro<f>paxriria — anpimriv. 

which no ass^nbly or court was held, opp. to tea- 
OapeU 71 fi, 

&iro'<^(MlMrcrw, Att. rrQ>y=ii,iro'<pp6ywfju, 

Anro-^vy^, ^, (&iro^ei>/») an escape, flighty place 
of refuse. 

^i^-^|i4» ewf) ^9 v. sub &ir<j^ev|t5. 

^o-4vfl*> f. ^(Tw, to put forth a shoot, Med., c. act. 
aor. 2 4^H» et perfl ir4<pvKa, to grow out like a 

&ir-o<^Xtoc» ov, (&ir(f, ^6Aos)=dy6/i(i^Aios', empty, 
vain, icUe, Lat. trtt7u«. 

&iro-X<%<>F<>^ ^* ^ofjuu, Bep. med., /o rehire or 
withdraw from . 

&iro-xaXcur|Ji^, 6, a slackening : from 

&iro-xc^Aa>» f • <^<rA;> ^ slack or /oo5& at&a^, as one 
pays out a rope. [oUrw] 
. &iro-x^^*'^^ (^^» X^*^^^) ^ unbridle. 

^TTO-xo^Kruu, (dirtjl, x^'^^^) lo forge of brass. 

&iro-^cif>o-pCfl0Tos» ov, (&in{, x^^P? jBufw) fivtn^ ^ 
one*« hands, i. e. 6^ manual labor. 

diro-xct'po-Tov^w, to voto a chafge away from one, 
acquit him. IL of persons, to reject, to stiper- 

sede, depose, 2, of things, to reject, vote against : 
to ahrogaie^ annul. Hence 

dfflro-x<4>o-T^VT|ox«9 e»5, ^y a rejjection by a show of 

&iro-xcw9 f. x^^^y ^"^^ ^ ^X^ ' P^^*^ ^'^'* ' ^^^y 
pf. k4xu/juu: to pour out, spUl, shed. 

ii/iro-xp^9 Ion. ano-xjpife, inf. &iroxpi7>' : impf. cnr^- 
XpvTV : fiit. inroxfrfiffo) : aor. direx/n/ca. To suffice, 
be st{fficient, be enough : eKorhvyees ^xoxp^c'i. i. 
c. dat., as trorafJihs ohK airtxpV^^ ^V o"r party was not 
enough for the army : with an infin. as nom., atroxp^ 
fjtoi iroictv, etc., ^tis sufficient for me to do, etc., also 
3 impf. Med. avexp^cro=i.7r4xpV- 3* Pass., to 

be contented with a thing, as hvoxp^tofi^viov ro^ois 
rSav fUvffwv the Mysians being saHsjfied therewith. 

Med. airoxpd-ofxai, to use to the full, 2, to 

dbu^e, misuse, Lat. e^iUu 
. &nro-xp^o|fcai. Ion. for imoxpAofixu, 

&iro-xp<'^ Ion. for kfcoxpifo. 

&ir^XPn» impers., v. avoxp^* 

&iro-xp^P>aTOS, ov, (kv6, XPVH^) > Cw^^ hrroxp* a 
£ne not to be paid by money. 

airo-xp<i^vTtt)s, Adv. part. pres. from a-jroxpdu, 
^6xpV% enough, sufficiently, 

&iroxvOc£s, part. aor. i pass, of &7ox«v. 

&iro-xwX^9 (^^<^9 X^^^^) to make quite lame. 

&iro-x(>>vwp.i, f. x^^^* to dam up, bank up the 
mouth of a river, etc. 

&,irO'Xiapiia, f. ^trw or -ficofiai, to go from or away 
Jrom, c gen. 2. absol. to go away, depart: to 

retreat. 3. Att. I/c tivos /o withdraw from a 

thing, i. e. ^v« it up. II. to j9a«s off, esp. of the 

humors of the body. Hence 

dtfro'Xiv/njtns, Hos, t), a gmng away or off, retreat : 
ajt?/ace or means qfsafe^. 

1, to wipe 
3. to wipe on 
Att. Xovfiai, 

&iro-xc'pQiW» ^* ^^^i Att. 1w, to part or 9e\ 
from : to set apart. 

airo-i|r(£a>, f. ^(Tw, to wipe off, 
Med. to t0ijE)e off from oneself. 

&nro-i|nr|<|>{Co|uu.y fut. Itrofuu, 
med., I. to voto a charge away from one, < 
in full airlay &k, riv6s : hence absol. to voto < 
quittal, 2. to voto an office away Jrom one, 3 
to reject, II. c. ace. rei, &ir. ypa^v /< 

against receiving the indictment : &tr. y<(/iov to 
the law. III. &ir. /i^ irofeTv, etc., to voto a 

doing. Hence 

aTro-tlnfi^uris, ccos, ^, an acquittal, II. a 

^ton ^ voto«. 

&iro-i|riX6», (a7r($, t^iK6s) to strip of hair, 
bald: in gen. to $/np bare, bereave of& thing. 

air-o4ns» c»5, ^, (dird^o/uoi) a looking doumf 
view, prospect, 

&ir-6i|io|j.aiy fut. from an obsol. pres. &,ir&M 
used as fut. of tupopdxa, 

atro-^Xm, f. ^(a, pass. pf. iir€\lnfyfiai : (&ir<(, 
to /(^ave off breathing, to faint, swoon. 2, c 

&ir. }\n)xAv to breathe out life : hence absol., to < 
die, II. (&ir<{, i/a^xof) to cool, refresh. P 

6e refreshed, recover, revive, iSpora oiircif/^x^'^ 
^0^ the sweat e/rtee/ o/f. III. impers. &iro 

t^ grows cool, the air cools, 

&iro-i|rttX^ (&ir<$, \\w\6s), henoe pass, pf . pan 
^«o\rifievos, a lewd fellow. 

ainr^p.i|ici, rare poet, contr. for &Troir4fi^i. 

d-^paY|M>(ni)VT|, ^, freedom from business, 
affairs, and esp. from law-suits: ease, rest, 
otium. 2. easiness, supineness: from 

a-v^y^uav, ov, gen. ovo^, (a priv., irpay/ut) u 
6i^n^f^, free from business, esp. ^rcwn state-affi 
law-suits (irpdyiJMra) : tiJttos dirp. a place free 
law and strife. 2, of things, not troubleso 
painful. II. pass, got or to be got without 

Adv. -fi6»ws, easily. 

&-irpaicTi», to ^0 nothing, to be idle, 2. ^ 

nothing: from 

a-irpaicTos, ov. Ion. &-irpi^Kro5, (a priv., irp 
I. act. doing, effecting nothing, hence unproj 
idle : &rpaKros ve^trdai to depart without st 
Lat. re infecta. Adv. -rwy, unsuccessfully, I 
infecta. II. pass., against which nothing c 
done, unmanageable, incurable. 2. no/ to 56 
impossible. 3. fmyriicqs &irpaKTos vyuv, unm 
by your divining arts. Hence 

a-vpaila, ri, ill-success. TL a being at 

embarrassment, helplessness, 

a-irpdros, oy, (a priv., irivpdoKui) unsold, u?isa, 

d-Trpcimjs, es, (a priv., irpeirca) unseemly, 

cUirpciria, 77, poet, for airpiveta. 

a-7rpT)KT09, ov, Ion. for iirpaKTos. 

a-TCp\aTi\v,AA\.,TJDithout'pTice or ransom, [ar] 

Maaai) ilnick un- 

iarpi^ Adr. (a copul., vpLa) strictly icilh doatd 
Mh, like iSdi, L-at. mor-iicas, huuce in gen. caast- 


iirpj-PouXat, cv, (a jniy., *p6, Bonkii) aithoul 
fftriotu desiffii, URpretneditaled. Adv. -Ami, raihig, 

i^f6-K^i>%, Of, (a prir., vpiSvfua) not read]/, cSj- 
mcSmid, iaekiDard. 

L«pO')i^0i)TW, or, (a prir., itpo^ijfl^^oi) unforc- 

Ln^-va^TU^ Adv. of a-Trpo-f^ijTot, (a priv,, irpi4, 
M«3 feiOhoiH foresight or Jbretlmughl, heedJettslif, 

Hrpo-«imi«, Di', (a priv., irpiiAJiu;«u) unforeaeBH. 

t-Wfis-PoToi, or, (n priv., «-(JDi^n(Ko) Dor. irorf- 
ftnii, maecessHile : of disease, not M be Aca/ed. 

i-TpDC-SdininK, w, fa priv., ii]msAihci£u} unexftidtd, 
^Itiiced/or, M. AO,. tuit erpeetii^. Adv. -thi. 

imfat^yapot, ov, (a priv., *pis, iryofiai) not to 
b^itien lo, stem, aavage, IL An. noJ (KXHUf. 

■M, aa< ^reeling. 

MrpJ«-ucroSi ic, (b priv., irpaiuo'jRfuu) noC la 6t 
<mAed or toon. 

imfiratKVTo%, ml, (o priv,, ii^wtficfmi^uu) imjbn. 
■DI, lul thought of bifarehand, 

L«))&(-iHHras, ov, (a priv., TpoMiJirru) not sinking 

uaatt, Bel ultimbiing, void (jf offence. 

Kwpit-^-jlpv, or, (a priv., jrposfidxoi'ni) irretulibla. 

t-«pi(t^utTOf, OV, (a priv., rpot/dyvoiu) holdiny 
W Hitmwurse or commerce iciiA others. 

i-«p£(-«crT(K, or, (o priv., -aposipipei, rpaiofim) 
M fa i« ifilAjfoixf, trreiu/iife. 

i-«p<»-i|tiX(»t, w, anaociable. 

l->pai-^p5Tii«, Dr. not to 6e looked on, Itorrid, 

trpa-oTotfJini fpa^, ii, {« priv., T/MffT(£Ti|t) an 
h&iiMnC loiiJ agaiiial a /leroiKoi at Atheiu, /or lut 
Wnf (A<wm a TpocTTttnii or palren Erom amoog 

(a ptiv,, vpi^Epo) uiuuifoA/;, 

■MtWKMn^ ifan^MTDUf . 

4 fHfKU - Xi jwril i , (a priv., ri9iJninrai>, Xa/iSii/ii) 
Adv., wUAouJ rt^Mcl ofpersoiu, 

irWfor i -uatmt, ov. Dor. for ftT/ttti/jiuTit;, (a priv., 
mnfulinni) iMtoticAfif, uodfiEliRi. 

i-vpo-^AnoDN, or, (a priv., irpo^nffffo/wi) "J^- 
Hf no satiuw, rtady. Adv. ^rwt, uifAou' ftiajton. 

, (a priv., Tpo^v\ija<roftm] not 

t-vTOMTai, or, (a priv., Traiw) no* ^(uniWinff, 
bnuiTT^t^ar i^i^ur rtr tnrov to loake a hone 

ler «nlr In |knw Tf r impn Mmm 

ci-'nTippt, or, (a jalr^ 
mn^nf, in Homerfl 

fiEOot, (ha speech « _ _ .. _._ 

list airay again, laiik ]Bto hw oiliid i l^i j ^ ■■■( 
liara leinglett Oi^i «C aisM*% u^aAtrtii «( 
young birds, etc, tmt t ^i ^ milim, far. #■>«• fli 
vtijledged, L v. tmtn^/lrmtd mmM. 

JUm^, gen. (lirrgraf, J, 4i (• prfr., ■ m< i ) i M»- 
fitdged, oailaai, of xonuUi^ t «M*^f«£ 

AiTT^in, pL dsc nm Avig* 

&-irTO'>in{t, is, (• prin, ■■•&■, fcM). miJhmW 

i-irriSX(}LOt, or, piMti ftr ivAM^MI. 
airrdf, 4, Jr. (<n«) ImmM; AaidMt ft i« 
touched, suijeri to At itnit qf Itntk, 

-AnTD, f. Sij™, pt i#i^i, - 

Mora freq. u Maf, fargifwi, fbt. t)i^fi, to^Mkn' 
o>wH>{/' Jo, hence fc eftvJ^ <k>U «M, alMd., m 
nuwtly cgen., to <Mm§ te^kimg m Jitfwm, imilk, 
touch, a* S^wrAii h h ^ m to oiv <^ **■' ^BMMI 
later, to wgggj in, iwrfw i a t ^r » %<». bto 

/men upon, altadi, 3. it lamk, »gM. ^tt 
gnup leilh the ttatm, tt f iwkt ni^ piwtiiot. 5. * 
reaA,ovaTtaie! itftht, tC to Mnrtftt 

.^. Pan. todutfj^i f ' 

i-mit, 2to!, i, i (■ |rtr^ 
/ailing, vnfaiUng. 

iirJXwPos. or, (k pfr., nAi>) m( diMri % « 
gale. [0] 

a-mipYoti OK, wiAoat laaer and vaU, tmfir^ad. 

iirvpYHToi, Of, (a priv., npyifvj nol girt laitt 

a-iripot, of, (a priv., nf) leilhoat fire, in Honar 
only of tripods, f/Mtf havt not gel been on Ae fin, 
i. e. n«p .- At. atitot O ooJd^ eheerleu home s -Xfaa^ 
Its. wvr^jintd, opp. to Ifn^oi : Ifpi Sir. a sacrifiM 
JnwAicA jfrsuiunof uwj; but alio not offend bg 
fire, and 10 like = tBvra, tmt^ired : br. ipta a idog 
not forged by fire, L e. of the gadfly. Adv. -pi). 

ir^poToi, or, (■ priv., npiti) ttol fel expoted to 


a-'noTot, or, (a priv.,inn'ftfrD^uu)i^iEAwA>K>iiU)V 
Ansjem lenrnt,uiJcnoien. IL Act. Anniy famtt 
nolAin;, ijrnoraii/ : c. gen., ignorant (ff. 

iirvnn, i, Dor. for ^irinii. ["Ol 

AttJqi, Dor. for 4tj«. 

'Anil's, also leir^, gea. ias, &, ■ teem of endMi- 
ment used liy children to th^ btlier, papa, H«lir. 

' {Lii-<^&i^,iv,(,^ti)SmrdaBt,oaii)fUtn*, 

airuSir, Adv.,= no9()',jVoM iffar. 

i,v-iiAia, fuL. aiHitii and lirig, aor. i hniitmi at 
iiraaa, lo Ihrusl off, drive aie^ 1 of the wind, to hut). 
off, beat from one'i cwuM : Woc, to dtvoe oewtm Jwn* 
the land, baninh. s. to rEpet,dTui«1iiuik. V^ 
I JHed. only, fo reject, dUtetn. ■Hbiw» 


^Apeios Ttiyos — ipCbaXos. 

rarely of weapons : later Compar. 'Ape(($Tcpos, a, ov, 
ssiip^lcov. [Ap] 

'"Apcios triyo^i d, hill of Jres^ Mars* ffiU, over 
against the Acropolis at Athens on the west side : in 
it was held the highest judicial court, called by the 
same name : capital crimes came specially under its 

'Apei'^roiyov, in Homer *Afnit<l>aro5, (^Afnis,*il>4ytOf 
tF4(l>afKu, W^aroi) slain by Ares, i. e. slain in war, 2. 
later it seems in gen.^^Apeios. 

&pcC«v, 6t ^, ov, T6y gen. ovos, better, stronger, 
braver: it serves as Compar. of aya96s, Apurros. 
(On the deriv. v. "Afnis.) [jap] 

S-pCKTos, ov, poet, for Itppeicros, undone. 

dp^opiai. Ion. for i^ofxau 

"Apcos, a, ov, coUat. form of "Apcios. 

&p<oxii, dp^ouo^ai, inf. aor. i act. and med. of 

&pca<i(r6» or &pc(rcroUr0«» 3 imperat. aor. i med. 
of cLpeffKw, 

iipia^ai, inf. aor. 2 med. of cClpto. 

dpcoTKcCfi, ri, (hpiffKia) an obliging disposition, a 
desife to please : in bad sense, obseqmoitaness, flattery. 

apcoxos, Tit ov, pleasing, complaisant: in iMid sense, 
obsequious, flattering : from 

kpicrKta, fut. ap4tra), Med. ap€<roficu, poet, apcfftro- 
Ijuu : aor. i ffpeera, Med. iipfcrd^riv, poet. part, ip&r- 
adfi€uos, (*iip(ii, &p(roi). Trans, to make a thing good, 
make it up : ravra $' &p€ff(r6fi€0a this will we make 
up among ourselves : c. ace. pers. et dat. rei, to satisfy, 
conciliate, propitiate : e. g. rivh Sc&poiffi to appease 
one with gifts ; but c gen. rei , apiffavro <f>p€uas ot- 
fiaros they sated their heai't with blood. Pass. c. 
aor. ripfO'dTiy, pf. Ijpfff/xai, to be contented, acqui- 
esce. II. intr. to be pleasing to, content, gratify, 
c. dat., as ravra aptCKei fiou 

apetrT6q, i\, 6v, verb. Adj. from ap4<TKu, pleasing, 
grateful : acceptable, approved. Adv. -ras. 

apcToua, f. "fiffu, (dper^) to befit ov proper, to thrive, 

dpcn^, 71, goodness, excellence, of any kind ; but in 
Homer esp. manhood, prowess, valour, Lat. virtus : 
also manly beauty, dignity, etc. 2. in prose freq. 

of the virtues or properties of land, fountains, 
etc. 3. excellence in art or workmanship, 

skill, II. in moral signf. virtue, moral excel- 

lence. (For deriv. v. sub "Apftis.) [o] 

apt], Ti, Ion. and Horn, for apd. 

apT)ai, 2 conj. aor. 2 med. for &pri, from atpu. 

'APHTH, f. |cy, to help, aid, succour in tour, c. 
dat. 2. absol. to be of use, befit, c. inf., as ffiyau 

ap^y€t it is meet to be silent. II. c. ace. rei, to 

ward off, prevent, as ap. aXaxriy : also, like apKew, 
ap. Tiui Tt to ward off from one, to avert the capture : 
as (f>6vou TiKPois, [a] Hence 

dpifytoy, 6yos, &, V, a helper, aid. 
*Apyjt-0oes, oy,(^Ap7js, 0o6s)sw'ift as Ares, swift in war. 

*ApT)i-KT(l4iiCVoc, HI, ov, {"ApTis, icT€lvat) tUtin bp Am 
or in war, [Ap] 

'Apifios, 1}, ov, also OS, ov. Ion. for "Apcios. 

*Apft\i-^T09f ov. Ion. for 'Apii-t^aros, 

'Apifi-^tko9,&, Tj, also 17,0V, {''Apris,it>lXos)dearioAr§i, 

&pljf&cveu,, inf. Ion. for ipav, v. sub iipaofuu, 

apT||iivos, TI, ov, distressed, harasaedy=0€fiKafAft4wm, 
(Origin uncertain.) 

apT|{is, €0)5, ^, (iLpiiyui) help, succour. XL & 

gen. rei, help against a thing, means of aioertmg it> 

apT)pa, perf. 2 of Apw : plqpf. &p^p€iy, 

&pT|pcp.^vos, part. perf. pass, of *2Spw. 

aprfipoKay dpyipo|, pf. act. and pass, from iip6^ 

&f»T)pop.^vos, V} ov, ploughed, Ion. for iipc^UwaSf 
part. perf. pass, frcmi iip6w. 

&pT)pdT6»s, Ion. iipap^Tas, Adv. part, peril act. from 
*tipa, fitly, fitting close : hence fast, tight, 

"APH^, 6, gen. "Apeos, also "Apeus, dat. "'ApeT, Atfe 
contr. "Apci, poet. "Apif, ace. "Api}, idso "Apijv : aln 
"Apea, voc. "Apes : Ion. and Ep. "Apnfos, ifi, 19a : Arm^ 
Lat. Mars, son of Zeus and Hera, in H<Hner ike 
god of war, the god of destruction, later the spirit of 
strife, plague, fiucnine. Hence oft used to deooli 
war, slaughter, murder, etc. (Akin to Apptiv, Upow^ 
as Mars to mas : from the same BpOOt ccMiie ip^H 
i^fluv, ipiaros, the first notion of goodneu bete 
that of manhood, bravery in tear : cf. Lat. virtus^ [I 
in Homer, but oft. d in arsi : Att. rardy loiig.] 

dpT|n{p, Tjpos, 6, {itpdofjuu) strictly one that pmifts 
hence a priest. 

apT)T<Ss> "hi ^v, Ion. for oiparc^s. 

apOcCs, part. aor. i pass, from cdpw. 

ap6cv, 3 ])1. aor. i pass. Aeol. for ijpdrjoav from e^m 

apdpkia, f. 'fiaco, (apdfji6s) intr. to be joined togedktr 
or united. 

apOf&ia, cov, rd, peaceful relations, peace, concord: 
strictly neut. plur. from 

ap6piios, a, ov, joined, united : hence at peace toill 
another : from 

ap6(i.<$9) b, {&p(ii)) a bond, league : friendship. 

ap6pov, r6, (^&pw) a joint, esp. the socket ofthejoini: 
in plur. a limb, the limbs, oft. joined with s(xne other 
word, as &p0pa 7roSo7v, the joints of the feet, anklei 1 
ApOpa Tuv kvkKwv, the eyes. Hence 

ap6p<$a>, to fasten by joints, articulate, fit togethefy 
hence to finish off: esp. of words, to viter distinct^: 
also to nerve, strengthen. 

ap6p-uST)9, £5, (&p6pov, eJSos) well-jointed. 

*APV-, insep. prefix, like ipi-, strengthening the 
notion conveyed by its compd. : of same root widi 
"Aprjs, apeitov, &pi(rTos. [d] 

api-yvio^, wros, 6, ^, = sq. 

api-YVb>To$, 71, ov, also os, ov, ea^y to be known^ 
well-known : in l)ad sense, notorious, infamous. 

dpi-8aKpv9, V, gen. vos, (apt-, ^djcpv) much weeping, 
very tearful. 

ifK-StiKmt, or, (a^i-, Simrv/ii) much aheien: hwtm 
fiiaus .- Hnnwr uses it miatty ju a SuperL o. pH. 
JpiJEfcEToi itSpSf moti launcKfd nl men. 

ipl-SijXof, Bv, ii«r^ jj/oin, utearlf teen : fnail(A>ti 
MgA itnotina. 

IpE-hXos, D», also ti, ov, Ep. fonn for fnreg. 11. 
[)^(-,^qAas] Bfrg snviailf,''aq. Adv. -Awi. 

lfi-Ci!XuTOS, ay, verg enniatle. 
■tflBjufrof, DVf I'or. for ipl^/itrnii. 

iptS|i(i)Kn, Dor. for ofK^fwutTL, 3 pL froiQ aq. 

ipii^^ f. ijou, (if iSfuJs) la Humbtr, eoiial, M tkm 
m : lo couiai ovi- i. M rvcfani, coua/. 

.lft>tiTi9>(ti.tvu, Kp. for opiS^iij^qiw, inl aor. 1 pML 
^ foreg. 

iiims, ttu, j, a niun/injr, reuJlnHtin; u^ 

Lif niiitf, ii, ^, defoagiag to nunierinj) or fwat- 

dalled tkeraa 1 ii -«4> c- But biib T<fx>% art 

Li|T^, 4i ^>'i ea^g n-HBtbered, btom fim 1> 
. r I eiie op- not fa £e nun&era^ tn no ~~' — 

mille numera hobUoi. 

iOHO^S, i, number, a nwnier, Lat. 

, fUT* krSpSiv !f»rBai AfHSiUV to ^^ '" rank 
: tig ir &piBii$ fJnt, like Lat. nvllo eat te NM- 
to lie in DD ocfDUHf. 4. alto mere »«■• 

^. mantttg, upp. to ;>wfi/ii, worlA, A^yw ip. • M«r« 
iVoivor^s: KO of men, otic dp. KUss not a ■■<•<■ 
k^ ikt Horace's «<» ntnuvtu «unu& II. a 

mmtritg, counting 1 np. in pbnue, ifiBiiiai nt- 
MlBT^VTfHm^ttoholdamtufn'oflhearmy. 3. 

Cfb or C-pti, ivas, 4> unfAout niue, unlAorif letat, 

'Aptei, B, oy,=-KTfiiKis, Median. 
Ifu-vpFinjs, ^t, (op^, -rpim,) rery slalelg or lAow)', 
Nijr f^ni<f»t Adv. _^t. 
Uh. irrn, V. fipu-. 
lfI-m|iM«, w, (i/u-, o^Ft) 1"^ reinarkalJe ! very 

ifiaS-SpfLinot, or, (ipurros, &pltiij heal in ttte 

tpCirr-aSXot, iWi (i/Moroi, aSAoi') venlaraua in the 

ipi-0Ta^Xo>, w, (opi-, OTfiiJiuAA) ricA in grapei. 

tfurrait, f. ^u, lo take the Itpunnv or mDming 
»nli Lat. pTanderei in gen. <o ^Ac any meo^ 
S.l„m,. [1] 

tpumfo, ^, (±/H<rr(i>i>) ffie feali of Ihe hen) Aal 
Hon Ae prise tf aalor (ri ipiimia), in gen. hrj 
fnat, heroic actimu So were called tliose aiogli 
itiapHidieS of the Hind, in which the deeds of aouii 
on hero are deicrilied, e.;. lab. /, h Aio/4tevs 

h*4^HMiW. .99 

if»pn^^ i, ii> ItA M (lb J^> J«> Vw*^ 
biwanU(t«I«>i JfV^i^on'i^'f'i- ■•* 

Via<iWwilhorviiki]iitx^|i,tf#l«tiMA 3. 

iMt^L &a£^ 1^ ««1bmmv bMxuB to K fiMk 
•nflnr, looUug OMthwari, tha imhxk^ «MtMl 
«igucaMjhMiA«J«l 4.<rfaiMk%UwM; 
a&w^ftMkaFwpAjMwdU (Darfr. nnentaltt.) > 

ipumJi. Ad, «, (l^ums) M« lw< awi r In HoK 
nnL in plur. t^i \ n , Lat a frt«a/w, A« ntUW 

'■ ■ £«k (&Mn«>)<( teOatol or BtotMi 0. 

S iko'tf. ri It te int In a tliingt o. It£, 

I £><» tb ift but bIm> J 
ddbw a tMny 2a- 3 

IfMrAar, loB. fii_ ^ 

Med. to hiMV^f. [■] 
iyijTa Tf^-a i. w. (t^atorat, *rAi»t) taariv <^ i*" 

tpwra-ipBTb, 4) (SfuvTw^ i^arA) A« nA ^f til* 

gee, Tp 

ipioTO-|i^XOti or, (Iptcprot, /ulx>l)j^pAt>>V '"'■ 
'APIZTON, T^, s morning meal, bre^fatt, taken It 

lunriae : later, the midday meal, the Itoman pranr 
dium. [i in Mom., Ii Att.] 

kpurriLveot,or,{SpurTet, rio?) Itfihe belt ditpoMion. 

4f>urra-iraiiH, (SpHrraf, tdir*) lo prepare breaiftui, 
T<k ipioYoiroiav^ii'a things prepared for brea^fiiH. 
Hed. <o ^1 one'i breaJffasl. 

ifioTo^ir^Dti or, (GpiTToi', tnyim) teorking beti. 

tpivTot, IT, or, £«< in its kind, used aa SnperL to 
aya66s: in Homer n«a. best, bravest, niAitEt! cinf., 
EptiTToi (i(lx«'4ai £e>< to fight : hence if. huarairSai 
beat, eaiieil Ut dieat : — In Alt. in moral lignf. beel, 
most excellent J ipurra oa Adr., best, most excelleniJif t 
contT. c BTCic., tpurras Horn., fipiirrot Att., tpiaivl 
Dor. (On deriT. v. 'Apr)!.) 

ifium>.TjK«ia, ^, poet. fem. of aq. 

i^urra-TdiEot, av, [iinaros, rliera) bearing the £m( 

ipurrJ-X^tpi (ipos, A, i^t (Spurroi, x<(p) uiA fA« £ait 
Aam', iyirr dpior. a contest uron by Ae stouiesi hand. 

&pi-<n^Xi^f, Ji, (Apt-, o-f-iXAu) uerv jfippefy or 

ipi^pSEijt, ^t, (ipi-, ippiioiiai) easily known, verg 
manifest 1 clearly msOle. II. act. quicii ol «m-- 

triviny, sinrp-wiffed. 

'ApK<iti ^01, 6, an Arcudiaii,w»».™^^'M*****" 

£p>tl«t, a, sVgaEipKTUoi, qf a bear. 



&pKc^vTfi0S, Att. contr. hpKolmots, Adv. part. pres. 
from &pk4(o, enouffh, iLpKowrcos ^x^' ^^ ^* enough, 

&pKC(n«, €us, fly (opic^fltf) helpf aidy service, 

dpKCT^, 4, 6vy aiiffident. Adv. -rws. From 

•APKE'n, f. ^<r», Lat. ARCEO, to ward off, keep 
off: c. dat. only, to assist^ aid, II. to be of use, 

availy be strong enoughy usu. c. inf. : also c. dat., 
to suffice, satisfy: absol., to be enough, be strong 
enough, 2, impers., ipKu fjLoi it is enough for 

me, I am well content : kpKilv hoKu it seems enough, 
seems good. III. rarely c. ace rei, as ^pya kp- 

K€ffas having accomplished deeds. 

Pass, to be satisfiedy contented with a thing. 

SpKios, a, ov, also osy ovy safe, sure : vvv ApKiov fj 
itiro\4<Tdai iih croMQ^vai now it is safe that we perish 
or be saved : &pK, fuaOSs a sure reward. II. 

enough, sufficient. 

&pKovvT(tfs, contr. for aoK€6vra»s, q. v. 

apKTcios> a, oVy (&pKros) of a bear, 

^pKriovy verb. Adj. from Hpxofjuu, one must 
begin. II. (from &pxo^) one must govern : also 

c. gen. one must be ruled, tiv6s by a person. 

^'APKTOS, 6 and it, a hear, 2. ii, the great bear 
or Charles* wainy elsewh. Efia^a : hence the north- 
pole, or in gen. the North, 

'ApKT-ovpoSs ^, (fipKTos, oZpos) Arcturus, a bright 
star in the forehead of Bootes. II. iie time of 

his riaing, the middle of Septemhevy when cattle left 
the upland pastures. 

'ApKTO-<)>vXa|, CMCOS, 6, (&pKTOS, <f>v\a^)=*ApKTov- 
pos, in signf. the bear-keeper, Arctophylax, a con- 
stellation, also called Bootes. 

*'APKT2, vos, 71, Att. &PKVS, a net, hunter'^s net, 
Lat. cassis: metaph. &pKV€s ^i<f>ovs the toils i.e. perils 
of the sword. 

dpKv-oTao'ia, rj, {apKvs, 'iffTrjfii) a setting nets: 
a net. 

apKv-trraariov, rS, (&pKvs, ^ffrrifii) a place for 
spreading nets, the net itself. 

apKv-<rTaTOS, t], ou, or os, ov, {&pKvs, IffTri/jLi) sur- 
rounded with nets, rh dp/c. = apKycrTdciou, a net : apK. 
irriixov^] death amid the toils. 

dpicv-<i)p6S) 6, (&pKvs, odpos) a watcher of nets. 

ap|xa, arcs, t6, (a copuL for a/xa, &p(o) a chariot, 
esp. a ivar-chariot, car. 2. chaHot and horses, 

lite yoked chariot : also the horses. 

dpixaXia, 1% {apfj.6C(o) sustenance allotted, food. 

dp|x-d|xa|a, rjs, ^, {S.p}xa, o/ia|a) an eastern carriage 
with a cover, esp. for women and children. 

dpp,dT€ios> a, ov, {S.p{xa) of or belonging to a 
chariot : esp. of music, whether of a mournful or 
martial cast. 

dp(iaT€vu, (apfxa) to drive a chariot, go therein. 

dp(iaT-T]\ao-ia, ^, the driving or riding in a chariot: 

^P/*ar-tjAar€fa, fo ffo in or drive a chariot : from 

dpfiar-iiX^nify ov, by (&pfMy iXaiuw) a dritfer ^ 
(^riots, charioteer, [A&] 

apfianv^, ^, 6vy and dpfidnof, ayOVy^apfidrtiosy 
of or belonging to a chariot, 

appAT^-KTviros, oVy {&pfMy KTvir4ui) rattling wiA 

apfiaro-'iniY^, 6vy (&pfMy irfiyvufu)making(^iarioit; 
6 apfi, a wheelwright, chariot mak&r, 

dpf&aTo-rpo^u, {&pfM, rpitpm) to keep ehaviat 
horsesy esp. for racing. Hence 

dp}iiaTo-Tpo^ia, fi, a keeping of chariot horses* 

dpfnaTO-TpoxLd, ^, {&pfMy rpox&s) the course of « 
chariot, wheel-track. 

dpfia-Tpoxtil, poet, for fore«f. 

app.aTa>XCa, 4, = ap/ia'n7Xao'Ta. 

ap|jicv(&, rd, the tackle or rigging of a ship: any 
tools or implements, like 5irAa : strictly neut. pL oiF 
&pfi€vos, part. pass. perf. from tkpto, fitted, stated* 

dpf&<$8ios, a, oM, also os, ov, (apiJL6(») fitting together t 
hence well-fUtingy agreeable. 

dpfi^^u, f. ($(rc0, Att. apy^rrto, (apfiSsy tipca), T$ 
fit together y join, esp. of joiner's work : Med. to Jetm 
for oneself y put together : in gen. to preparey mdfai 
ready, 2. esp. of marriage, in act., to give Ai 

marriage. Med. to marry, take to wife. Pass, to It 
married to. 3. to bind fast. 4. lo m< {» 

ordery arrange, govern, II. intrans. iofU^flL 

well: to be adapted, fit for. 

Impers. apfiSC^i it isfittingy Lat. decei, c infiy 
ffiyav tiv appi.6^01. 

dpp,oi, Adv., = &pri , just, newly, lately, (Strictly as 
old dat. from apfiSs.) 

dpfiovCa, rj, ( apfji6((a) a fitting together, joint. XL 

a union between persons, covenant. III. am 

ordinance, decree, hence fate. IV. as a term in 

music, harmony, concord. 2. in Rhet. the inie» 

nation of the voice. 3. in gen. harmony, agree* 

ment. etc. ; hence ^vstpoiros yvvatKwv apfi. woman^ 
perverse temper. 

ap^6s, 6, (a for a/jLa, dpoj) a fitting or joining, m 
joint, apfibs x<^M-aros Xidoffva^'fis a joint or opening ia 
the tomb made by tearing away the stones.'p.a, arosy t6, (apfxS^o)) that which is joinei 
together, joined work. 

dp|xoorTi)p, i]pos, 6, =sq. : poet., also apfjiSffroop, a 

dp|xoon]9» ov, 6, {apixd^w) one who arranges, go* 
vems, a governor , esp. a harmost, the governor of 
the (jreek islands and towns in Asia 3Iinor sent 
out by the Lacedaemonians during their supremacy: 
also the governor of a dependent colony. 

dpjx^TTb), Att. for apii6^<a, q. v. 

dpva, ace. of *ap^v, dual &pv€, plur. &pves, etc, v. 
sub apvos. I 

dpvaKis, l^os, 7}, (apvSs) a sheep^s skin. 

dpvcioS) a, ov, {apv6s) of a lamb or sheep : &. fpoves 




«ii^— AppMtrrAa. 


m : but B3 Adj.. 


iftvtfc, J, (opviSi) a i/oimg 
bni^T Sis « naie sheep. 

'APNE'OMAI, Dep. c. fut med. Stratum and aor, 
|Us. ipin!0TJiiai, but also aor, med. ipyfiaaaSai, 0pp. 
ft finw, ;o dens/ ■" opp- to Sowai, lo refute : ubujl, 
fttoy no, dediiiBT uau. c. inf., to r^iae to do. 
ipvcvnip, Sp»t,i, {ipi'i^) = ini^um7T^p, a jumper, 
tmi/ler .■ aUo a tfiuer. 

IpvniK, (dpi'fii) to frisk like a lamb, tumble. 
iftnfmfuit, ij, ov> (ipr^fui) to ie denied. 
Ipn)(n«, MBt, ^, [iprtimt) a denying, deuial. 
■'APNO'5, too, rfit, gen. from an ob«oI. noni. ips, 
te Dom. in nse betnK &^^i : dat. ipni, ace. ^n : 
fypfj pi. fipfcf, ^. apvaiyj d. ApK^rf {^P- ^^"Tfr:), 
1^(U : ji Iamb, Lat. opnui, agna : nlso a iA<e/i. 
iftui, defect. Dep., uied onlif in prei. and impf., 
id. form o{ atpo/uu. To receive for oitexelf, snin, 

j(iai. Dor. far Efifa^uu, fut. from ifx"!^'- 
viy/f upt. sor. 2 med. of ofpfu. 
— ^Wp imperat. aor- i in^a tUpw. 
juK, Dv, (ip^) aralile, fraiffid: metaph. 
atgrndering childien. 

71, (ipAo) a ploMgfiHig, Ullage. II. 

{inuf, cornJand, Lat. arvuin. 
IPs ^^DT. d, (^rfoi) a ploughman^ hunbaiidman : 
ifitirip a ste^ for ploughing. II, nietapli. 

Iftnit, ou, 4, — ^oT^p : niepCEou' apirai liAarei's of 
fee UtuB, i. e. poels. 

,i. Iif6ai) lillajje, ploughing! in )(en. hai- 
, ffli' i"^ fipJTow to lire by hvabandrg. 2. 

itewp.fruitoftheficld: ekoajield. \1.thi 

■UM 1^ tillage, eeed-time. 
jpoTpuiv, = hpiia, la plough. 
Wrpav, ri, {apSti) a plough, IiaC aralTum. 
Miipa, 4, (spifiii) tilled or aroife fand, aeed-land, 
' nd, Lat. ariium : slao in gen., soil, load, hence 
dpatfpB fallier-^d: metaph. of a ivomsii as 
^mig birili to children. Htuice 
Ipoupoio^ a, Dv, belonging to corn-laiid, rustic; 
(it ap. a^M-mouse. 

'iPO'A, f. iaai, poet, ^ffirig ; aor. i ^paim, para. 
tpAqv: loR. inf. pres. apdi/i^ai m apdiiiitrai : Ion. 
)Bt. pi pans, ipiiiioiifrns. To plough, till, LsU 
more. II. to niu', trans., also intrans., aa ^Ci' 

AifliTour. 2. metaph. of the husbsud, to beget: 

fapon., of the diili), to ie begotten. 
ipn,Yii> -%! (opTiifH') leixurrl, roi£fry, raps. II. 

it thing leixed, boolg, plunder. III. rapacif^. 

ifvaYil, ^, (opTiifu) a AooA', esp. foe drawing up 
ibucket. 3. a roi-e, Lat. harpaga. 

ipvayiiAtt S, (a^nrcC^u) robbery, <i. ang ilting 

Hitt is eagerlji aeixed. 

'APHA'zn, (fut. ipnftu, Att. opiritsH or ^nir^a- 
Hu) to tear, rmUh nua^./a eanpa^.- in pen., ap~l 
titai ^•^•H'i lit- rt^>tisi,fiirTe. J. tOffroip haal- 

iiy : olio to grtup with the mind, appmhend. J. 

lo aeisB and averpoiver. 11. to plunder. Henoe 

i.piraimjp, i, a robber. 

apiraKTDs, 'ft, ^^, (apva^Lii) seised in haste. 

apir&Xfot, a, ov, and or, or, (&piril^) graipioff, 
gte-edy i also atlraclii-e : pleasant. Adv., -^i^ 
greedily. Hence 

opraX^t", f- late, to cntch at, eeiae upoHj receive. 

a.pnta.%, ayai, i, i), (aprdfgi) yvbbing, rapaciotta^ 
Lat. rapiu. IL as Subnt., a robber, plun- 

derer. 2. ^, robbery, rapine. 

ijnrtBdKii, 1;, (ajntiifig) a rope, cord, for inaring 
game: the tieiat or thread of wbjch cloth ii tDadst 
alio a bov!-flring. 

Spini, 4, (£pinffu) a bird qf prey, a kiad of fal> 
con. II. a lidtlei a icimetar. 

'Apmiai, a!, (apmi^ai) the Harpies, i. e. the spOilert, 

"APPA'Bfl'N, S»os, i, eanieal-money,i!aalioa.vioaet/t 
in gen. a pledge, eamcfl, Lat. arrhabo. 

ap.fii^6r(, or, (a priv., jUiru) unaetEcd, teilhoai 

£p-p(icnit, ov, poet. iptiiToi, (o prtf., ^iC") vndeatt 

ipfni-voMt 'oiSos, I, ^, {Sipinir, mis) of malm 
children. i. vMh a boy. 

ap-pi)>(Taf , or, (a prir,, ^^TWfu) unliroken, not to 6t 
broken oi teoonded 1 melaph. iinfirin^. Adv.— rtoi.' 

"APPHN, t, t;, ipptv, ri, gen. tros, old Att. ipinif. 
Ion. ffiriiy, male, opp. to SijAui: hence nauuJinff, 
manly, strimg .- ob Snbst. 6 lipfri)r, the male. 

ippHVij*, is, (ip^t) fierce, savage. 

ap-pifTcra, oi>, also rt, or, (a prir., piiBiiinv.) vitiaid, 
Lat. iofficfus .■ not dioulged, unta-ught, II. not 

to be told, secret, ntgnterioui. i. that caanul fi( 

told, horrible, Lat. nefiindua. 3. shameful to bt 

spoken, ^& Kol ippTiTa, Lat. (jlceiula taeenda. Adv. 

Appi-ifiDpfH, to Darrv <A« peplos, etc, of Pallas. 

&ppt]-i|iapia, ^, /As procefiion urijft tAe peploa ill 
honor of Pallas. 

'AppI|-<t6po^ ol, (ippiirtt, ^ipw) at Athena fiw 
maidens, thoicu from their seventh year, mho car- 
Tied the peploi and oilier holy things (Afptira) of 
PoUbs in the SLirophoHa. 

dp-pC'VT|'r<>ti ov, (a priv., ftiyiui) not shivering from 
cold or fear. [J] 

ap-pitoli oy, (o prir., /iifa) not rooted. 

"APPIXOZ, i, Att. 17, a basket,, ov, (a prir., fiuB)iii) mithoul rhyllim or 
;»'Dj]urftnn .- in undve measure, unsuitable, not fit' 
ting. Adv. -luei, out 1^ lime. 

ap-pijtrCiumit, ev, {a priv., jivaii^ia) not carried q^ 
as a hostage or tooly. 

4p.pil|, Byoj, i, 11, ^afriv., ^^^ujiUunil t\ejl,u'iv- 

ip-fiuirriio, (fippanrros^ to be weA ot m«^ 


dppwma — 

ikp-pwrrioy ij, weakness, sickness, ill health: itp. 
rod orpaTeitip inabilitsf to serve from HI health, 

ap-poxTTos, ov, (a pnv., (M&ywvfii) weak, siekly: 
hence languid, remiss. 

apiraiy aptrov, aparavr€9, and Aptn^fACVoSf AeoL aor. 
I act. and med. from &pa>. 

&po%vo-YCvi{s, h, {&pariv, y4vos) male, 

&fKrfvo-TrXT|6^9» €Sy (j&poTiv, ttK^Bos) consisting of 
many men, 

''APSHN, 6v, Ion. and Att.' for later Upprp^, q. v. 

apcnos, ay, (&pa) fitting, agreeing, friendli/. 

iupai-vovq, d, ri, irovv, r6, gen. voSos, oontr. for 
kepffi-Kovs {aUpa, kilpa, iro{ts) lifting the feet, 

ap(ris, 60)5, 71, {o^pa) a raising or lifting. IL 

in prosody, the rise of the voice on the first syllable, 
arsis, ictus, opp. to B4ffis the letting it sink. 
■ Spcrw, Aeol. fut. of &p9o for apw. 

dpTcLpT), rj, a Persian measure, artaba,— i medim- 
nus + 2 dioenices. 

dpTOfA^M, to cut in pieces, cut up : from 

•'APTA'MOS, 6, a butcher, cook, 

dpT^VY), ri, {dprdoi) thai by which something is hung 
up, a rope, halter, 

&pT(£c0, Ion. hprita, f. i\ff<e, pass. pf. ijprrifxai, (*&p(a) 
to fasten to^ hang one thing upon another. Pass, to 
be hung upon, hang upon, Ik twos : hence usu. to 
depend upon, Lat. pendere ab aliquo, II. in 

Pass., to befitted, prepared, made ready, c. inf. 

dpTcarai, Ion. for ^prqvrai or ^prupAvoi elai, 3 pL 
perf. pass, from for^. 

apTC}jt,tJ3, €s, (&prios) safe and sound. Hence 

dpTcpCa, 71, safety, soundness. 

"APTEMIS, gen. iSos, ac*;. iv, also iSa, ri, Artemis, 
the Roman Diana, goddess of the chace, daughter 
of Zeus and Leto, sister of Apollo : in Homer wo- 
men who die suddenly and without pain ai-e said to 
he slain by her a7cu'^ jSeAeo, as men by those of 
Apollo. Later she was identified with the moon, 
Hecat^, and others. Hence 

'ApTCf&Caicv, t6, a temple of Artemis, or a place sa- 
cred to her. 

*ApTcp,Caio9, St a Spartan month, answering to 
part of Att. Elaphebohon. 

&pTC|i,(i)v, oyos, 6, {aprdo)) the topsail, Lat artemon, 

aprib). Ion. for iLprdu, 

apTT||i.a, r6, {^prda) that which hangs doum, a 
hanging ornament, pendant. 

aprqpCo, tj, sub. iLopr-fi, (SLeipai) the windpipe or 
trachea : in pL the bronchia. 2. the artery. 

"APTI, Adv., just, eaacily : just now, even now : 
straightway, forthwith : but also of something junt 
past, opp. to TToAat. [tX] II. in compos, it 

mostly denotes what has just happened. 2. more 

j:arely it has the notion of perfect, excellent. 
dpriaitj, f. da-of, (dprtos) to play at odd and even, 
Z,at. /?ar im/;a?' /udere. 11. to count. 


&pTi-Pp6xi{s9 is, (&pTi, fip^x^) 3^*^ steeped, 

&pTC-Ya|u>s, oy, {JSloti, yafios)}u8t nuirried, 

h^m-yivtun, ov, (&pTi, y4v€ioy) with the finl down 
on the chin, 

&pTi-YXv^S, €s, {&pri, y\^(l>») newly carved. 

&pTi-Ypa4rt}s, 4s, (ifrrt, ypA^no) just written, 

&pTi-oaljs> es, (&(ni, JiaTJvat) just taught. 

&pT£-8aKpvs> Vy (&pri, TifUpv) on ffie point ofvteep* 
ing, with the tears startir^. 

dprC-SopoSs ov, i&pri, Hipu) just stript qffi 

dpTi-nrcia, ^, pecul. fem. of sq. 

d,pTi-€Tn{s, 4s, (ApTios, ^os) speaking disHneOgy 
ready of speech. 2, plain of speech, straiglU* 


&pTi-(vYCa, 71, (Apri, C^6s) a late union, Mp6f 
apr. newly-married husbands. 

dprC^u, f. laa, (JipTios) to get ready, perform: aln 
in JMed. to make ready. 

apTi-6aXi{s, 4s, (&pTi, BdWa) just blooming. 

&pTi-6aviJ9» €s, [&prt, Bv^iCKO), BKyuy)just dead, 

&Pt£-koXXos, ov, (&pTi, Ko?<\du>) close-glued, rfiiy 
ing close to. II. metaph. fitting weO IH 

geHier : ils h^UoKKov in the nick of time, qh 

apTi-KJp,T]s, ov, d, {aprt, Kofida) just hamng Mlp 
or leaves. 

&pTt-X^os, oy, (&pri, \4yo») speaking readify.\6x€\no9y ov, (apri, Aoxe^) ji*st bom, 

apTi.-p,a0i^ 45, {&pri, fJLav0dva>, fAoBfTv) having jmH 

apTU>9) a, ov, {&pco, &pTi) complete, perfect of Hi 
kind, exactly fitted : &pria fid^eiv to speak to the pee^ 
pose. 2. active, quick, ready, c. inf. H* 

of numbers, perfect, i. e. even, opp. to irepureh 
odd. III. Adv. -(«s, just, newly, now fini, 

like dpri. 

dpTi-iraYiiS) 4s, (&pri, irffyvvyn) freshly made or jNrt 
together. II. freahly coagulated, Lat. recem 


dpTt-irXovT03, ov, (Apri, ttXovtos) -xphlMrra nevdg 
gotten money. 

dpri-^ovs, 6, 71, TTovv, t6, gen. iroBos {ipri 2, movr) 
sound, swift of foot, in Homer, in poet, form, itprimii 
opp. to x^^^' ^^* coming Justin time. 

aprrtaxs, eas, ti, (apr (few) a preparing, adorning, 

apri-a-KaTrros, ov, (&pTi, OKdirru) just dug. 

dpTi-TcXijs, 6S, (&pri, Tf\4a)) newly initiated, 

dpTC-TOKos, ov, {&pri, riicTw, T€Kfiv) new-bom. 2m 
&Ptit6kos, ov, act. having just given birth. 

dpTi-Tpc(^ijs, 4s, {&pTi, rp4<p(a) newly nurtured, 

apT\.-^vr[%, 4s, (^Ti, <f>alvofw.i) just become visile, 

dpTi-((>p&>v, ov, gen. ovos, (Aprt, <t>piiv) sound nf 
mind, intelligent. 

dpTi-<|>vt^s, 4st and dpTC((>vT09, ov, (&pTi, ^ial) jud 
born or produced : in gen. new. 

dpTV-xJ3bVi\St 4%, (ipri, x'^^^^) J^^ yawning or oj 

iprf-xpurros, or, {&pri, xpt'-i) J"' 

l^n-K^irof, Of, (ifrroSf itAwrai^ EtHctl^ MJIfc iy 
inad, hence 4nfrinfl bread: at Sobst., o inAfr. 

lAm^FHijI to, Ttquiate for baking: na Siibitt ■ 


-Iprs^iTuXTit, ov, 6, {iproi, va^Jofim) a dsAr h 

ilead! baker. Hence 

ipra-v^uv, ri, a bakcr'n shvp. 

Ifm-vvXw, ilot, q, fern, from ilpnnr[i\7]i, atranf- 

^PTOS, S, a /oof, Hip. of wheat, for harley-bWid b 
"(a; wh^n It meana iroul il is tisn. in phir. 
RTs-inT^, (jfprai, iriT&^i) /n mt lehealen AnM^ 
Ml 4»^iT(MriTA» to eat bsi'ley bread. 
^y4v, lo tit bread : from 
'^(o%f ov, 6, [&pTO$, ^tcytiy) bread'Cattr, 
_ T&, (ipriua) seasoiang, .^pia. 
K, A, (ifiTviw) a mapislrale HC Arg« VOA 
IE, like 'ApuQOT^s. 

, and ipniiu, f. ^ru, (Spw) to urm^, 
. , eoalrive: tip. in bad aeuse, Ai j rtwil ', 

'•(rirf:7 genemHy,rtj»epof«,«ialtrpon^. Had. 
sore, make rf/idi/ [D in fat. tmi nor., in Jtp^^, 

in ipT&w.l 

!U^a]uK and dpi^paXXoc, t. {ipi«) a flit fir 
■■uiaj wafer, haektt, hirger than the ^^ 
- ip] 

in, part. KIT. I med. from ifiai. 
Ion. cotiat, form far ipia. 

, ^pOS^ 6f=^&pVT4lp. 

_ I. 6, Dim. fnim i^iyrfp a small ladlt. 

ipfirfpi npo'i *i (if 1^) o veiiplfor taking lip SqvUi, 

Iftmjmiuis, OP, (i.piu) that can be draien, fit to 

liPT'a, Att ipin,, {. ira, (like irioi, tv^a) lo 
rfrotp tnater for luiother, Lat. haiiiio! more 
1 Med. lo draw for ontaeift alao e. gen. 4p*- 
NiIadu MiiTav fo (frau>>aiN the waters of the 
Metaph. to toin, jwin. [B] 
ifX-^yytkot, i, (lpK<i>, Kry'iJ") »" archangel 

, ^oii-Yovw, ot, (ipxo'''"> Tov^) 0/ ancUni race. 

IT i'/,;„p. o../ efdatr. 
ifXe.La-\6yin, oi', (opxaioi, 

(ipxaai!, rptwa) diitinffiiMmt 


if old, tivtc-hanorca. 
apxouii, a, on, (apx4 i)/'''Hn the bi^ginning, aneimll 
in good seme, titM-hoitwrd ; liut in bad leDM, Ukf 
i^valcd, gone by : slso simple, liffy. »i 



i>r excfflvM or Riperiorit)'- 

&px<-«bin .», i, (inc^ tUn)ih*Jkt, HpAfM 

apX<>«r, ri, Ln. ^xJlaVi itrlodj nmt. fion ■■ 

Adj. iinc^, ■, w, (ln:«V ))]MWrMMv. "-iMto. 

ipx^Afci*, or, Att. Vx<-Awi, ar, (Ipjm *^ 
tndiiig tktjmpli, a M^, pmtr. ^UM. 
^px^-vko^rat, >r, (iwri-> rt*»») "(fc*^ ■»• 

ipxt'^nkM, 1, gw. »«i llpx^ ■*») n^Nr • 


'APXH', 4, a 6 

a fimfnnifur, J^ivf ooMM or oeRWfen, 
ipx^u In 'n' i<9iRRiiVT at firtft aim 
absnl. tpx^' ^ .^ilt hance oCir ipx^* "^ <>' fi^ 
i.e. iican- at oB, nofofo//, HkeLat.onmJRiiiMn. I. 

a Jiml principle, Hemenl. 3. alao in p]ur.>-lhrq>- 
Xal, fnUingt. II. lapreme poorer, umerengtOg, 

dimmiion, aa Aiit ^fyfi' alao c. gen. to, ipx4 1^ 
'Airlai pnoer ocer Asia ; alao on flnpttv. a. 

csji. ill Att. prose, a magietraey, qgice in tbe gmrem- 
meiit : ihey were nm. obtained in two way*, xtipa- 
Tovri-rl] by election, nAtjpuT^ by lot. 

QpX«)-7«rfl*, 'j, (*«", yiro!) catainff M« ^«( fa. 
itpx-nyirtim, to be a leader or rufer : and 
&PX-Tr*T^ I" riuAe a beginning .- from 
ipX-imrriti ov, t, fern. IpxTY^TU, iSai, but dat. 
ipxW"'. Dor. ipxnT*^'. C^X^. Wo/™) fcmtor, 
esp. /Ae/oimrfer of a city or ^nily. II. afirit 

■ • ,chief 

ay. uiie tcha leritea ancienl kisloTy. i.px-Yfitiii'ii^Pxflj^n^l''') ^ff*>"**''ll- AsSobit, 

lifXaw-|uX'f-af>«re-4pM[X-^p'^''*i ""i (Vx*«»; , Iiki-> ipx^'^t'' " teader, fiander, Lat. imetor ; fint 

XiMniH, ^piirixoi, ipaT6t) fiiKti dear 
FhrjItiA^' Phoamiae. 
rJ, ttned^ Bant, fiaa i^'X'^, fh. td- 

a prinw, cMef , 
' ipx^fliT, Adv., (ipjrt^ Ji™*'*^'*!^"'"^'!"™'' 
olil,frmn elden time. 
ipX^'^t Ti, Ion. toe h^vf. 


&PX1JV, Adv., V. &pxfl I. 

'APXI-, insep. prefix from &px^i ^x^^ ^^^^ ^PX*"* 

&px£8i>ov, r6, Dim. from &px4 ^ ^i^^^ office, 

&pX-icpanK^s, ily 6v, (hpxi^pe^s) belonging to the 
Ch^f Priest 

&px-icpciii99 ^(oSy dy Ion. nom. &px'^P^^^ ^^ ^PX'** 
peus, whence ace pi. ipxtp^asy (j&px^y hpeis) a chief 
priest^ high priest, 

ApXi-OciXcunros, ov, (fipX'^i ddXouro-a) ruling the sea, 

apxt-9cc»p^tt>, to be hpxiB^pos, q. v. 

&pXi-0^«pos, 6, (&pX"f ^^fop^s) thechiefofa Oeapia 
or sacred embassy. 

&pXiK^9 ^> ^y, i^PX'fl) ^yf^l' 2.// /or rule: 

sktU&i in government. 

apxi-vo£)iT|V9 gen. evos, 6, (itf»x»j teoifiiiv) a chief 

dpX-tpcvs, d. Ion. for itpxt^peh, 

&pXi>'<rvv-dYUYos, 6, (iipx"> cwayoT^) /Ae rttfer (j^ 
the synagogue, 

&pXi-TCicTov^o, {jkpx^TiKTtov) to be tt chief builder : 
in gen. to constructy contrive^ Lat. struere. 

&pXt-T^KTuv, ows, 6, (^X^9 riKrav) a master- 
builder, etc., director of works, architect, engineer : 
hence in gen. author, contriver. 

&pXt-TeX«SvY)s, ov, 6, (&px^9 reXx&vris) the chief coU 
lector of tolls, chief publican, 

apxi-Tp£-icXi.vo«, 6y (Hpx^y rpikKivos) the president 
of a banquet or triclinium, so called because the 
guests reclined on couches placed along three sides 
of the table. 

apx<^9 6, a leader, chief, commander, the master of 
the feast, 

"'APXfl, f. Spjw, more usu. Med. &pxofJLai, of Time, 
to begin : mostly c. gen. to make a beginning of a 
thing, as lipx^''^ iPoKifxoiox also esp. in Med. with 
inf. or part., &px^(f^ai ohcodofifiv to begin to build : 
V 4'^'X^ Spx*'''"* airoXelirova'a the soul begins to 
sink. 2. to begin from or with, Hpx^trOai Ai6s, 

to begin from Jove, Lat. a Jove prindpium. 3. c 
gen. rei et dat. pers., &px- Biois HanS^ to make pre- 
parations for a banquet to the gods. I\Ied. also in a 
religious sense, like avfipx^ffdai, &pX' fJi'eXetoy to begin 
a sacrifice with the limbs. 4. c. ace., ^px^iu 6d6v 

rivi, to shew him the way. Absol., esp. in iraperat., 
^X^ begin ! part, kpx'&y^^vos, at first. 

11. of Place or Station, mostly c. gen., to rule, be 
leader of, 2. more rarely c. dat. , avSpdcriy Hpx^iv : 

also absol. : hence ipx^v* ovros, b, a magis- 
trate, 3. c. ace. cogn. Htpx^^v ^PX^" ^^ ^^^ ^^ office. 
Pass. c. fut. med. &p^0fjuu, to be ruled, governed : 
hence at dipx^H'^yoi, subjects. 

apxuv, ovros, 6, (strictly part, from for^.) a ruler, 

commander; a chief, king, 2. ol^hpxovns the 

chief magistrates at Athens, nine in number, the first 

being called emphatically b "Apxwv or "Apxcov ivi&yv' 

JU0S, the second b BatrtXiisy the third 6 IloX^ixapxos, 

the jvtnaiuing six oi 0€(r/uo0hat. 

cipxrjv — aacu. 

*^APfl, a pres. not in use, the radio, signf. bein 
join, fit, both trans, and intr. The tenses in use 
divided ace. to the trans, or intr. signf. of the w< 
all of them are poet., and mostly Epic 

Transit. Act. pres. in use opapltrKw formed f 
aor. 2 : fut. apQ, Ion. &pa-(0 : aor. i ^ptra, Ion. & 
inf. &p<rai : aor. 2 ijpapoy. Ion. &p&pov^ inf. iipa^ 
part, hpap^v, (but Upapov is twice used intr. ; n 
dpripfVy which is peril in form and so intrans., h 
trans, signf. once.) Pass. perf. &p{ipefiai, plqpf* ' 
peifjLTivi aor. i lipdriv, of which Homer has only 3 [ 
&p0€P for ijpdriffay. Med. aor. i ijpa-dfiTiy, part. 
I ap<rdjj.€vos. — To join, fit together, fasten ; o,yy 
&pa-oy avcunapackup everything in tie vessels. 
to fit together, construct, make : hence metaph. j 
(TT^paiv Bdyarov apapSvrcs, contriving death to 
suitors. III. in gen. to fit, equip, furnish ^ 

a thing, e. g. vrja iperais op. to equip a ship ^ 
rowers. IV. of perf. pass, the part, is mof 

use, aprjpefiivos, ij, ou, joined, fitted, fund 
with a thing. 

Intransit, Act,, pf. &papa, with pres. signf., 
and Ep. Uptjpat part, apdpdos, Ion. and £p. iipr, 
fern, i^apvia, but £p. metri grat. apapv7az p! 
^pdp€iv [d], Ion. and Ep. hpiipta/, also r}piip€ty, ' 
impf. signf. : of the Med. we only find part, ai 
syncop. &pfi€yos, 17, ov: to be joined togei 
close pressed, Tpaes hp^pirts the Trojans throfi 
together, 2, absol. to be fixed. 11. to fit 

or closely, as irvKcu, travlBes ed apapv7ai. III. 
fumishedwith athing,asTr<JAzs irvpyots &papv7a. 
to be fitting, meet, or pleasing. V. The syr 
part. aor. 2 med. &pix€V05, rj, ov, fitting, Jitte< 
suited to, is used in Homer like perf. part, aprjpdos 
sub &piJi€va, Metaph., fit, meet, favorable, rj 
Ro{)prQ(TL yiviffOai lipfievos a day meet for girls t 
born (where the part, is used like an Adj. of 
termin.). 2. prepared, ready: agreeable, 

come, VI. from the part. perf. act. apo 

Ion. i,ptip(&5, was formed the Adv. apapSrcos, 
iipnp6T0)s, firmly, unchangeably, 

ApwYH) Vy (&p^«) help, succour, protection: 
vSffov help against disease. 

&p(irY<$S, 6v, {apijyo)) helping, aiding, propitious 
gen., useful in a thing, e. g. vcAas rexvas. T. 
Subst., a helper, esp. in battle, also an advocate 
fore a tribunal. 

"APflMA, t6, any seasoning, spice, 

apuf&a, r6, (ccpScc) corn land, Lat. arvum. 

apup,cvai, Ep. inf. pres. from apSa for apovv, ci 
from kpoifiivai. 

&p&>paios« Dor. for apovpaios, 

as, also as and as, Aeol. and Dor. for ews, 

&S, Dor. gen. for ^$, from 3$, fj, S. 

icrai, contr. inf. aor. i for aaffai from oAxa, to ) 

avav, in£. qac. 1 Ixoiixv &u^ to satiate. 

2au, int SOT- ■ from ^a, atttu, to sing. 
^uju, opt. aor. i from Su, to taliaU. [d] 
l-(raiiTa$, oc, (a priv., mlTT«) no/ Iruddea ihien, 
l-nXfi|ii(aav, », (■ priv., Zd^a/ui) not Annn^ 

■ — ■ ■ ^..a„. M 

(b prir., rn\fiti) rauhakai, calm. 

SOT. I fram fiai, to sleep, [arr] 

r halhing-liib. (Deriv, unrerlsin.) 

'Aira>^ 'A<ravaL, 'A<rav(uasi IfFicon. for 'AC>^t^, 

l-ir£vEaXof , or, (a prir., adyiakov) icUhoHl sonilaU. 

tnu-TOf, w, (a prir., iraJnis) nnf fo be fialtFred, 
itnh, morose, 

^frvnpHOf, OP, (a priv., rripf) tcithmil Jlesh, lean. 
-iwTOs J aor, died., coacr- for icffraro, from &d«f 
»tBr(. [do-] 

Immfiat, inf. aor. i med. from Gm, fa lafjafi!. [wr] 
8 rt^^t, *i, fa priv., (rai))^i) iadiatinH, dim, faini, 
pcerlain, obiBure. 
titit, f. ■ftirai, {imt) ooly used as Dep. pass, tird- 

M, c aor. PUSH. iLir^Si^, Bod sor. mod. i/riiap; to 

Iri liHif A in^ or nausea : henae to he. disg'isM m 
' ~ '^ ' : aboot., to be disgusted. [oetJ 

. . V, (b priv., ffflf»™/iO ««- 

d,noilobet}y^nchedi himce^dleits, ceaseless. 

(^BOAOX, ^, rarely i, uooi. 

b^ 3 anr. t ior iaat from Uif, la Aur/. 

M^no, T), (ifff^f } impieiy, profaneness, sinful- 


tMof a thing 


f. ■hiriB, (io-efl^i) (o art pr(>/iine/ji oi 

TO,, T<<, 



. inf. fiit. (rum ILs, fa satiate, [a] 
4-adpwTO*, OI", {a priv., ffdjjJn) tio( droiomj by a 
hw {but by the yoke), of tlie two middle horae* iti 
four abreast, the outer tn-o being call«] 

UrAairros, or, (a priv., irtAaj) not lighted. 
iirtXyairw, pass. pf. firt'^Tifftaii (iVEAyii!) (a ifAflve 

IoAyiui, ^, (iirrtTljs), excess, outrageousnea, 

loAyifs, is, mtemperale, insolent: wajilon. Adv. 
-5i, ejft'anopan*^. {Deriv. iiocertain.J 

i-oAi|Vatf Of, [apriv,j iTt\'fiyij) rcU/iOut moanj dark. 

i,-awrT4ii, — iiTfB^,loactimpii>uslg: from 

r, (opriv., trWo*"")"""" *^ reECrcneed, 


1 pL fuc med. from Hi 

^mvy.13.1. Dor. fut. from ^Su for ^ifJtfiai. 
Sffij, ^, (iu. to snft"a(e) a surfeit, loatbin 
jwt. 2. in gen. angnislt, dislress. [3] 
wTltjfc ooiiffjvai, HOT. 3 pass. conj. et inf. 

(o priv., irriiialiiui) urilhoHl leader, 
iminmea. ii. vnseaied, tiMnarked. 

a-oTi^i, or, (i priff., crS>ia) tc>(A<i«( «jm or tnarlc t 
ia. -(ponis vncoined gold ; Sir. grXa anm without 
device. II. of aacHStcs, etc, ^idifi^ no tv*** 

oiicttT-r. in. in gan. bufiiiine*, uiMem, noheardi 
esp. of Mnndi, inorijouia^. i, of penoru wd 

places, Hnfrnotnn, oiMrure, ig-mble. 

A-ff^^ofv, or, gen. ovor, =l(rT}^r. 

i-crt^viui, i, Ion. iaOtvii^ at itrBei'tTj, {Ifffltir^T) 
imnf fif itreTigth, tpeahtai, tiekiiiiess. t. a 

i.'a9wvti», to be wtak, fethtt, sidctg .- from 

a-atnr^t, is, {a priv., ir04yos) »CAdu( sirenffA, 
iivak ! feebUj sickly. 9. of property, pwtT : of 

iaSiriaripm the aeaker sort, i. e. the poor. 3. In- 
siffiiificaTil : so of stream), moff. Adv. -£t. 

i-oflivdii, 4, Ion. for &a9irtia. 

i-attviv, {&^fy^|s) to vieaken. 

wrdjiia, oTDi, ri, (iai to blom) a panting, gasping 
from toil: bard draining of breath. II. later, a 

breath, breathing. 

kaif.a.W<a, (irfna) lo breaths hard, gasp for breath. 

'Acn-dpxnt. ™, *. ('Afffo, fipXB) an Asian-h, the 
highest religjoiii official uodor the Rotnaiis In the 

'AiriBt, lilloi, 4, CAcIn) Adj. fern., Asiatic: henw 
17 'AiTids, nith or without iciflifpa, the lyiv u improved 
by Cepion of LeshotL 

'Ao-iaTO-Ytvifs, is, ('Arrfa, yh-os) of AHatio descent. 

o.-o-t8i]pos, ov, (a priv.. aiSji/io!) not of iron. t. 

i,-olnJi, 4s, (a priv., irlva/in) of perauoi, unhurt^ 
unharmed: rarely of things, nnffama^eif. IL 

protecting froai karta. Adv. -™i. [a] 

£aut, a, o», (iirii) rfimy, miry. [S] 

'A2I2, «UI, ^, sRme, miirf. [fi] 

i-iriWH, (ScriTBi) to be vithoMt eating, to fait. 

A-itIt£o, ^, loitni Iff food : fasting : from 

5-o-iTOS, or, (a priv., itTtoj) m/fiou( eating, fastiag. 

&(rK(LXaPai, d, also &oicaXaPwTT]i, Of, d,=^7aAc(£Ti}f, 
a kind ol laard. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

a-CTKaXog, or, (a pnv., irjrc£\Aa?) nnhoed, vndug. 

&criiilvTii|«, ou, A, n rnfnn ii^. IL a Mer. {Deriv. 

a-irKapGafivKT(£ and -rrl. Adv. of ao-KupSii/imiToj, 
iritboiit viinking, ailh nnchanged look. 

a-mapSdl^iJicTai, or, (a priv., rrKopBo^ijiTiTbi) not 
hUnkmgmmnking,mth steady impudent look. U. 
□f time, in a tmnkling. Adv. -tui, also -ril, q. v. 

a-<r«4Xi^t, is, dried up, ailhered. 1. in neut- aa 

Adv. ia-Kf\is, aho taiaKliis, obstiaalaly, iiibbamllf. 
(a prefii., rrj(tAA» fo rfiy.) 


, (a v^W., oittTtTDiiail vfiwmwS* 


iL(TK€vris — iairovbos. 

ate. II. unconsideredj unobserved. Adv. -rtas, 


a-(rKcvos» ov, (a priv., criccv^) tm^ott/ furniture^ 
haggctge, arms, or attire: c. gen. unfurnished with . . , 
e. g. donr/Sctfi' re Kcd orparov, 

*A!SKE'X2, f. ^(Tw, to work curiously, fashion, dress 
out, adorn : a]so, 2. to honor a divinity> Lat. 

colere. II. in Att. and prose, usu. to practise, 

exercise, Lat. exercere : said either of the person, as 
iuTKfiv rh ff&fia to exercise the body, or of the thing, 
as iurK€7v T4xyftf to practise an art. 2. c. in£, 

ikOTK. Toia&mi fiheiv to practise, endeavour to remain 
such. 3. absol. to practise, train. 

&o'icT|Oiljs, cs, unhurt, unharmed: unscathed. (De- 
riv. uncertain.) 

atnaiyMy aros, t6, (our/c/o)) an exercise. 

cUncT)(n«, CCD5, 17, (ourKiot) exercise, training : HffK, 
Tiv6s practice of or in a thing. II. a trade, pro^ 

fession, Lat. ars, 

&cricT|Wos, a, ov, verb. Adj. from hffKlco, to be prac- 

cuncT|Ti{s> ov, 6, (acKiai) one who practises any art 
or trcide, opp. to ihu&rris : esp. an athlete. 

a(rict)TiKOS, ^) ^v, {pATKia) industrious: esp. be- 
longing to an athlete. 

luTKt\T6%, ^, 6v, {hffKfa) curiously wrought. 2. 

exercised in a thing. ^. tohe acquired by prac- 

tice, as opp. to hiZaKr6s. 

a-<rKi09, a, ov, (a priv., ffKid) without shade, un- 

'Ao-KXt^irtiSs, 6, Asclepios, Lat. Aesculapius, in 
Homer a Thessaliau prince, famous as a physician : 
later, son of Apollo and Coronis, tutelary god of 

a-cKoiros, ov, (a pHv., ffKoirea)) not seeing : impru- 
dertt: unregardful of, c. gen. II. pass, un- 

seen. 2. not to be seen, obscure : incredible, 

'A2KO'5, 6, a leathern bag, in Homer usu. a wine- 
skin. 2. generally, an animaVs hide. Proverb. 
acTKhv Zipnv riva to flay one alive. 

ao-K(i){j.a, arcs, r6, (cur/ctJs) the leather padding of 
the hole which sensed for the row-lock, put there to 
make the oar work easily. 

^cfia, t6, (aScw) a song^ lag. 

^o-|xaT0-ica|ji'n-T7js, ov, 6, (aa-fxa, Kdfj,irrr]s) itvlsler of 

ress. 3. to love, cling fondly to, cleave lo, at a 

disciple to his master. 4. ^unr. 5tc . . to he glad 

that . . . 

d-cnrouptf, (a enphon., ffvaifm) to pani, gaap, 
struggle convulsively, 

a-(nrapTOs» ov, (a priv., aireipai) of land, umomtp 
untitled : of plants, not sown, growing wild, 

&(nr^ios, a, ov, also 05, ov, {iunrdCofuu) welcome^ 
well-pleasing. II. well-pleased, glad, Adv.^s, 
readily, gladly. 

a(nr(ur|i.a, aros, r6, {HurvdCofuu) a welcome^ greet' 
ing : in plur. embraces. 

cUnroo)!^, b, (cunrci^o/xat) a greeting, embrace, 

&cnraoT^, 17, 6v,=iunrourtos, welcome, 

a-crvcurros, ov, (a priv., mrevBofuu) to he appeaati 
by no libations, implacable, 

a-(nrep|ios, ov, (a priv., ffir4pfia) without seed, L %» 
without posterity. 

&-(nrcpx^S» Adv., (a euphon., (nr4px<») hasHUgf 
hotly, unceasingly. 

a-(nrcTos, ov, (a priv., €iv€2v) unspeakable; moilij 
in sense of unspeakably great : but 4wvij ^nrcros IK 
indistinct voice. 

ounrtS-airo-pXijss vros, 6, {itffvts, axofid\Xi») em 
that throws away his shield, a runaway, coward, 

a(nrX8T)-oTp<S<|>os, ov, {atrvis, frrp4<pui) unMing a 

&<nri8T)-4»^pos, ov, (dcnrfs, <f>4pa) shield bearimgt 
as Subst., a warrior. 

&(nri8iuTT2S, 6, (&(nris) shield bearing, a warrior. 

cUnrL8d-8oviros, ov, (aairis, dovir4a>) clattering triA 

atnrih-ovxos, 6, (aa-iris, exw) a shield-bearer. 

d<nri8o-4>cpP'0>v, ov, gen. ovos, (iLairis, <f>4pfif0) livinff 
by the shield, i. e. by war, a warrior. 

a-orrriXos, 6, t}, (a priv., (TttIXos) without stoM, 
spotless, pure. 

'A2ni'2, i^os, rj, a round shield: usu. of bulTs 
hide, overlaid with metal plates, with a boss (hf 
<l>a\6s) in the middle, and fringed with tassels (8^ 
travoi): opp. to the Thracian viKrii and Persian 
yeppov. 2, in common language used for a bot^ 

of men-at-arms {dTrXTrai), as oKTUKio'xt^ifl &(nris 
Scoo heavy-armed men : — eir* affiri^as Tr4vT€ Kut 
e^Kocri rd^ao-Sai to draw men up twenty-five deep : ^ 
&<nr(5os, in ainrida. Trap' affirida from, on, or to the 
I left, because the shield was held with the left hand, 

aorfxcvo;, 77, ov, as if for Ticr^ivos, pass. perf. of f/5o- opp. to iiri Z6pv. IL an asp, a kind of snake, 
[xai : well-pleased, glad : oft. in dat. a(Tix4v<p fioi hv j d<nrtoT-iip, rjpos, 6, and d<nricm]9, ov, 6, (cunris] 
€17] it would be to me well-pleased, glad should I be J oJie armed with a shield, a warrior : also wftrlarotp^ 
of it. Adv. -vcos, gladly, readily : Superl. ^vairara, ; as Adj., k\6uoi oLcnricrropis din of shielded warriors. 

a-OTrXa-yxvos, ov, (a priv., (T-KKayx^o.) witlioui 
bowels : metaph. heartless or merciless. 
d-o^irovSci, Adv. of sq. 

a-oTTOvSos, ov, (a priv., airovB'^) without drink- 
offering, to whom no drink-offering is poured. II. 
without a regxiJar tritce, (which was ratified bj 


(^(Tciiai, fut. cf a^ca, to sing. 
a-aro4>os, ov, (a \^v\\'., ao<p6s) unwise, foolish, 
'ASriA'ZOMAI, fut. daofxai, Dcp. med., to welcome 
khxihjy bid welcome, greet, Lat. saluiare : also to 
yrcr/ ou ^aA-i'/i^ /eavc. 2, to em!)? ace, kiss, ca- 

Araarffagnu jrrpanbL 


natiai): tii tmoi/Soi' a keeping o-ul of litt^ cr 
mwian/ with othen. III. admiUmg of it» trm», 
mplaratle, &rT. &pii a deadly lurie. 
CanaitairTaii, m, [n priv^ mrmiii") '»' sMlMlfr 
jtrsued. IX. not iparfA Hfo^ tnucfticeoui. 

lHnrev8«(, Adr,, and &-innniS^,=^gq. 

t-mmiSf, Adv., (a prir., avouSi]) wiOuni aa^t 
Aioul a ttruggle, ignobly. [!i] 

-lava. Ion. for btipo, neut. pi. from Situ, AtL 
ina, ahich, whichsoever, wkai, ahatmer. 
Ian, Ion. fur riril, An. Itrra, KuntOitng, am*. 
I Imr^iov, Ti(, Dim. from Lab <u, a farthing 
^JdgBv, Adv., Compar. of jyx'i "tareri BoaMlnMi 
^Bgen., ianov tfiita nearer to me. Hence k ntfr 
^B|nt)ar. iitairtpos, also afftrirrfpiii. Adv. I'lii i»iijm i 
^mtpert. um^aroi, Adr. ia-o-ariiTai. 
i * Inrdrcpof and iairirtaiK, nearer, r. foi^' 

fan, Att. cotter, for daau, q. v. 

l-VT^)H|Tos, Wi (o priv., irraSiiioiuu) laulmit, 
tulable : of Ihings, uiicerlain, 

tvnXTOt, Off, (o priv., oriia.) 71D( (ncftAMkl. •. 
piAioff in siTeams : Adv. Aorcurrt, ' "^ ' 

irtrivfavTot, w, (a priv., err 
yvQuptn/, gtnel. Adr. _tiu. 

IvT&T^w, /o be unalable : also (a I _ 

,(4T&Toc, Of, (a prir., TvTafuu) nof aleaiffail, 

q > rrl4 fa« ^°') ^ (" eapluni., ora^Cr) a rmd*. 
Sbiuj^womv, dat. pi. from iq. 
^ w ij^ m, vol, i, (seupbon., ardx'") <>" eariffnr. 
A-iriliiuri IH, oi-, (a priv., orfyiiai) Bimu'ww^ 

1 ^q^ undecAed: Sid ii> Btniyamov from the 
itiaf IM t/tettgr. 

ivrdot, or, bIbo a, or, (£aTu) q/' Ike town, like Lt 
■rioniu, eouTleoui, polite, opp. to £7^01x01. 

aadCu) wiAtut 


trni'WTOt, 0", (a priv., (rrilB") unlrodHen. 
tm^^^, is, (a privT mf/tSei) viimovtd, V 
itkea 1 i/iTin^ias fx^i' Tirn to hold oae/atl. 
tf panoni, inexorable. 

k^riynicTot, or, (a priv., irrtrdica) wilhoai eigh 
fnan: tpiihaut need far ffroam. 
irriar, rerb. Adj. from f 811, one mua/ aing, 
t»i nn n, ml, (a prir., irr^) tmownwii; faeoj 

LMU, Bpas, i, ij, (a priv., tniprfu, uqjp) 
! ijf man, haling tcedlack. [yij 
r. .*• ''1 (" P"*"-! oT'pT"') ^fho"! love, ua- 

loTfpo-dSlit. »i, {offTlip, (Boi) siorrj. 
ioTfp^it, to'o-a, €[■, (ioT^p) slarn/: henca fporft- 
Sbs, gliliering. 
4oT(pttir^, i poet, for affrpair^, oTfpoir^, ii^taUKJ; 

impMniT^, ou, J, Ihe lighlener. 

i writ fa t wi, (»i (mvtrt rrii i JM) ■at t wi wA 
««t4 4, fan- of Jbrr^, q. T., aJtaMi* •WMfc 

tw w. 

A«|i. 9. iMJr««M, rfnfrt. 
bmdi, 4 fai, (itfn) ^ « «% or IMM, dfip. M 
omntrri ril i. AM>4n% Uca ft mr' <«tk dM 

■bo — rt w^ cfp, to C»uJ( w*'|o- Air.-«te>' 
1 ■ 1 H 111, ap, (■ prir., t^lM mitt timiiid, lut 

A-wrXiivwi m , or, (■ prtr., atXtyrf^) utt wrwMi 
wltMiU ««r^ wwlMWM^ dMr- 

I-0TdM«, ^ (a prir., «nJU() vilAMii O* itglg. 

C-«««|M«, «v, (■ prir., rriitt) tpte M tm.' IL tf 
hotiM, hmr d me u lMd, WHmim»ftmUf: UL of 

d^&itfHMMtf "- 

jC^TOpVH, o»> (• priv., n^r)«) wtOnf mImwI 

tUnit, i, (iffrv) a founufwln, oiturm, ^noir-oiMsni, 
opp. to l^twi. Fern, iorli, 4- 

tvTpaBii, 4, o jxioft-jiuidle, an «ajy eaddle ! from 

&-aTp«piM,'f I — Jbrrpo^i.iinRiaiWBib JInB,>frai^. 

Airrpa'YMii, 4, Ion. f<>r iWrpi'TaAai 111. 

ioTp^Y''^''*! '> ""' l'* ^* BtrUbrae, eip. in tho 
IiB^. II. 1A« anJI;l« ion«, Lat. lalut. III. umi. 
in plur. impdyaKoi, dice, vhich at first were made 
of the ankle btnies, Lat. tali 1 hence ihe game <tf diee. 
There were 4 flat Bides, 1^. to the kIiBos whidl 
had 6 : the)' played with 4 ; the beet throw wai 
when all came different, 'A^poifri), Lat. jaelui Ve- 
nerisi chGwarac,whenBllcaiiieBlike, K^uv,Lat.e(inu. 

'ASTPAIIH, ii, afiaA ofUghtMng, li^ttmng. 

Airrpaini-^ap^ lo ctary lightningt : from 

h4rTfa.-n\-^6fOi, ov, [iarpairii, ^pn) lightning- 
bearing, gashing. 

AoTp^wm, C ijw, {im-parii) to lighten i hence im- 
oen.,i,arpimiUiighleiu; Xcata-toJiaAforth. II. 
mtr. tofbiA, glance like lightsing. 

SoTpoas dai. pL from itrr^p. 

A-aTpfiTfta, 4, (a prir., (rrfontiu) exemption from 
seniee. 2. o(Aunninpo/iffrtjioe,wiiidn.iAK'iwreft 

was a heavy offence, henoe ^Jr^ftv ffoi^ittv Wrfii- 
Tilat to be indicted tor it; i«fTp«tAc« »>.«vm \n>> 
/convicted of it. 



d-OTparfVTOS) ov, (a priv., orparc^) exempt from 
service, 2. nef)er having served, [&] 

&-<rr p€ Tr T os, ov, (a priv., orp^w) not to he bent : of 
persons, unbending, 

ioTpCHY^^Twy, oi', gen. ovos, (Airrpop, ytirtav) near 
{he stars, 

doTpo-Xoy^ 4» o^roiogy : from 

&orTpo-X^YOS, ov, {&arpoVf X^yw) observing the stars, 
an astronomer : later, an astrologer, 

"ASTPON, t6, a star, constellation : esp. the dog- 
star : poet, also the sun, 

AoTpo-vofUa), (iurrpov6fws) to be an astronomer, 
study astronomy, 

&OTfK>-vo|&Ca, fif astronomy : from 

&(rrf>o-v^os, oi^, (fitrrpov, vifm) classing the start : 
as Subst., an astronomer, 

S-orrpo^os, ov, (a priv., trrpi^) without turning 
round, Lat. irretortus ; so Jio'Tp. ^\9ca' to go without 
turning the back, 

AoTpcpoS) ce, oi', (2icrrpoi') q/* the stars, starry. 

ooTp-cMT^, 6VfSS'&(rr€ponr6s, q. v. 

&-OTpci>T0s> 01^, (a priy., (rrp^vwiu) without bed or 
bedding : unsmoothed, rugg&i, 

"AXTT, r6, gen. cos, contr. ovs, also eots, a city, 
town : the Athenians called their own city "Aarv, 
cf. ir6\is, as the Romans called theirs Urbs; though 
AffTv also denoted the upper town as opp. to the 

oirrv-dvat, cucros, d, (Harv, Hva^) lord of the cUy, 

ourru-PowTTjs, ov, 6, {dcrv, fiodo)) crying through 
the city, epith. of a herald. 

daTv-YciTOv^o|xai, Dep., to be a neighbtmr, a. x^^va 
to dwell in a neighbouring land : from 

o<rru-Y€£T«v, ov, gen. ovos, (Acrv, yciruv) near or 
bordering on a city : but usu. as Subst., a neighbour 
to the cityy and generally, a neighbour, borderer, 

cUrrvSc, Adv., ififfrv) into the city, to or towards 
the city. 

axrrv-Spopi^u, {icrrv, ^pS/xos) to overrun, storm a city. 

currvKOs, 'fi,6y, = hrriKOs, q. v. 2. also = acrreios, 
whence Adv. kffrvKd, neatly, prettily, 

a-orvXcs, oy,{cL priv., (ttOAos) without pillar or prop. 

ooTv-viKos, {&ffrv, viicri) victorious, 

iLtrTv-vo\Lia, to be an ^ffTvySfios, q. v. 

aaTv-v6\x.oq, 6, (&<rrv, v€/ioo) a magistrate at Athens, 
who had the care of the police, streets, and public 
buildings: they were ten in numher, five for the 
city and five for the Peiraeus. II. as Adj., pro- 

tect'mg cities : also public, social : opycd &. the feel- 
ings of social life, 

acrru-^xos, ov, (&ffTv, ^x^) keeping the city, 

d-<rTV<|>€XtKTOs, ov, (o priv., (TTu^eAf^w) unshaken. 

a-GrvY--yvw|Auv, ov, (o priv., cvyyvdofni) without for- 
giveness, relentless, merciless. 

d-(rv7-K6p.iaTO«, ov, (o priv., o-vyKOfil^w) not ga- 
/Af/^r/r/ io^ether, nnreaped. 
d-orvY-KpSrrjTos, oy, v. o^vyKpdTTtTos, 

a-(ruXi)To«, ov, (a priv^ ffv\dai)^A<rvKos, invMale, 

&-(rvXia, 71, (AffvKos) inviolability, security, esp. oli 

a-<ruXos, ov, (a priv., tr^Xri) free from phtndtr : lOh 
harmed, inviolate : also c. gen., yJ^tMV tutr, safefrtm 

&Hrvfi.-paTos, ov, (a priv., frvfifiaivct) not coming to 
terms: incompatible. Adv. -rws, 

&-(ni;p.-PXY)TOS, ov, (a priv., ovixfidkXm) not to k 
guessed, unintelligible, 

&-(n$f&-|fcCTpos, ov, (a priv., cr^^u/Acrpos) im oommm 
surate, II. disproportionate, unequtU, 

&-(ni;|&-4opot, ov, (a priv., frvfi^4p») inexpodimi, ^ 
useless : prejudicial, like Lat. inutiUs, Adv. -fst 

dHrvv-ScTOS, ov, (a priv., crvvH^to) unconnected, 

&-(ruv-c(rCa, rj, (iur&veros) want qfunderstaneRng^ 
apprehension, stupidity, * 

d-ovv-cTos, ov, Att. i^iv-, (a priv., awtT6s) voU^f* 
understanding, stupid, IL unintelUgiblo, Air* ' 

-TWJ. ^ 

d-cruv-'tjfUAV, ov, gen. oi^os, Att. A|t;r-, (a priv.,«ir* ; 
iTifu) wi^out understanding, ^ 

&-o^v-6cTOS9 ov, Att. &|i()^~, (a priv., trmnHqmit^ 
cf. a-vvB^KTi) bound by no treaties, faithless, Afc ^ 

—TUS, * 

&-<nSv-raicTos, oi^, (a priv., (rvvraffffoti) not 
together, esp. of soldiers, not in battle-order s 
disorderly. II. unsocial III. m^ p t'O f > 

tioned. JV, not assessed, free from tajtes, Ain^ 

d-(rvv-TOVOs, o)/, (a privat , crvvrclva) not straituif 
slack. Adv. -vws, lazily, Superl. t^rora. 

d-orv-o-KcvaoTos, ov, (a priv., avffKevd^cc) not wM 
arranged, not convenient, 

d-oTJ-OT&Tos, ov, Att. d|i5<rT-, (a priv., avviffrofm] 
not holding together : metaph. irregular, uneven, ••■ 
couth, rugged, 

dcrv^^Xos, ov, vile, dishonored: also dishonot lyi 
reproachful. (Deriv. unknown.) 

dcrvx^a; aoTixtf-oSj oorvxos, Dor. for ijavx-. ' 

d-o-^^oSao^os, ov, (a priv., o'^aScC^w) without MK- 
vulsiou or struggle, 

d-o'4>oiKT09, ov, (a priv., ffipdrra) unslaughtered, 

d-<r(^dXcia, 6, Ion. d-o-^oAeiT^ or d-o'^oAii?, (^i<rft* 
\-ns) Jirmness, stability. 2. assurance from da»' 

ger, security, personal safety : also a sqfe-ctn^ 
duct. 3. certainty, surety. 

'A-oxt>aXeio$, ov, of Poseidon, ^^e Securer : from 

d-o-((>aXi]9, es, (a priv., ff<p6.\Xoiiai) firm, fast, sieai' 
fast. 2. of persons, unfailing, sure, trusty: d 

thingvS, sure, certain. 3. mostly, safe, securt* 

Adv. -X€ws, Jirmly, securely. Hence 

d-o-4>dXC^(i), f. iffu), Att. to), to make firm, secure: to 
assure-, guarantee. 

d-o-(t>aXiT), 7), Ion. collat. form of iLff<pd\cia, q. v. 

do-(t>aXia9i)vai, inf. aor. i pass, from iurtpctXl^v, 
\ onr^oKTlTtY^, o\), b, ievvi. -1tv^,4\^ of asyhalt, Iniwr 

liiF^ni MB d w Ailf. 

vH^ M^ 4 otpktUif bUmnem, fimnbig In 
Ipi^gpQon the sur&oe of fome wfttan» «qife 
b^kn, frtiera It WM used as mortir. (Derir. 
AylN^ (a «ip]ion.» p ^iyo yA i ) l9 

lY«i^ ^9 for •^^^F'Ow^ "■ f4p*Y& <^ <&rM<, 

E«4o "^I^mL for rfl, 0^ 

ilkflif^ 4, MAodW; » pktBt Bke the %. 11. 

tie siuMki of haroflt haontad. (Dorir. un- 

tm^ only naad in pres., 3 ting. ibx>^^ 3 
XiriiAiri, in£ A^xoAiwy psrti ioxa^^nri 
i by Homer in later fonn i0X^U^lfc To h§ 
fimtei^ in Homer uen. e. pert, ^0%. ^i^mit Io 
f of muting t kter, ruA ai n thingt eko c 
KiCXXecr Mporor to /ftf/ a Aorror </ death 
t&DOsrtauia J 

kfir, &flrxoA^>*vi9 Ep. part and 3 ^nr. prak 

or, (« priy^ fx**! ^TX*^) »o< *» 6^ chedted 

, (&rx4|^ii»r)lo 6dAooe tw ag e aitf , ati In- 
^or 6aJie^. 

fMartf m^ j^ d^fBrmUf. indeoeneif : finpm 
par, ov, gen. orof, ^a priv., ox^A^i) 
■ee tm«00»/y, dtrnMifui. Adv. -ywi. 
tCoy -^, oceupaiiany industry, business. II. 
^ leisure: henoe a Atncl^anc^ /rom other 
esp. iffX' iFoptx^u^ riri to be a hinderanoe to 

(o«» ov, (a priv., trxoXifi) without leisure: 
ay^ industrious. Adv. —Xoos. 
>(n*. fut. ^ofuu, from ^Sw or &c/S«, to sing, 
arosy or, (a priv., ffSaiM) without body, in- 

A, 7J9 prodigality, dissoluteness : from 
H9 or, (a priv., a^Cu) not to be saved: in 
tndonedf prqfligate, Lat. perdiius, II. 

eaving, destroying: Aootros yipu bringing 
t0f» o/i Uie race. Adv. -rwy, dissolutely. 
•4m, (^Tflurrof) /o 6^ undisciplined, disorderly, 
(braier4m, 2. in gen. to lead a disorderly 

'0S9 or, (a priv., T(£<r(r») ou/ of order, esp. tn 
2. undisciplined, disorderly, irregular, 
Adv. -frms. 
i£viwfM>«» or, (a priv., roAo/irwpof) no^ toiling 
f, hoice careless, indifferent. 
irro<» o^^ia copul., rcUorror) equal in weight, 
9ti or equal to. 


ArdXXMi (AndUi) » IfwmlJ, tp^ tAotA XL 

act» to 4rfay ly • aiiW^ r§9rfjS$itr, Vuiutognm 

iraXdt^ 4, ^,(a]dn to iiraX^f) /mifar, MiMto. 

4-TatC«» ^ (Jraarat) o taaul ^ dijoipBag^ i. fai 
ma. dbHidn*. om/iiitoit. JfcwwifnimMii 

'ATA'Py Conjunct., ftti/, jnftf, AeiMver, Wiwirrjfcifaw f 
Afftfp^ Iftfl IM. a^ introdnoet an objaotion, aq^ In 
form of a ^naition; Mp«a» Ite «MI than didik 
lays itoft.itandaforMaft«r/i<r. TfaafocmaM^ 
ii only Epk It ahraya begins a ebaaa. 

Fion, ooei^ stoac^ Adr. -nrMt. [WLJ 
i-rdpftyoty or, -tfor^g. 

A-TafM<» ^» (■priT.,r4dbt] /aaftetf A. Tift #^ 
Amriiy na/aar afoal tin stght. 

A-rapP^fni, or, (« jprir., tsffiksj wtdamML 

arapvvroas % liona nr avprnnrnff, and 

tvraparo9» % Ion* for ■rpnam, q« ▼•, a potkt 
u dropnipdty ^ dr, aba at, or, streD|Efllid. poet, form 
from knMty wiltflMgwm, tan ^/WL fir] 

iTOvtuln, ^ (ArdaAaXaf ) Mind .^9%, imaiaajitfi^ 
oiirt^ ar wy anja . ^ 

dfraofdXXii, to tui wmimmpimomdif s ftom 

nTdova X o a, or, (anniy araay wtfw§99ib%p^ jwa* 
n(»i})teaii«. [dr] 

A im dp m ai, or, alio % m^ (« prir.y Tpij^of) «•- 

&-Ti4at» or, {a prhr., ddrrw) mUmriid, 

drdai^ f. 4w>(Ani) 'o Aitf^ Aarm r in Fasfcy to wf» 

fer, be in disiress, [or] 

STC,=d)5, ace pliir. neut. from itrrt, used Adverb., 
like Surtp and icflii9d, /im/ as, OM^f^soaa, II. only 
in prose, inasmuch as, seeing that, Lat. quippe, utpoitm 

d-Tryrroff, oy, (a priv., r^yya) umtetted, not sqft- 
ened : hence hardJiearteAt relenUess, Adv. -tmi. 

d-TCip^, fs, (a priv., reipti) not to be worn awayt 
untiring, unwearied : also stubborn, unbending^ wea- 

^'TtlxiOTOi, or, (a priv., rcix^C'^) without walls and 
towers, unfortified, 

&-T^icfjApTO«, o¥, (a priv., TfKfuilpofMu) not to be 
guessed, obscure, vague, dark : of men, uncertain, 

a-^CKvos, ov, (o priv., rtieyov) childless, 

d-rAcia, ^, Ion. dLTfXftri and &rcAi]tT7, (&t€A^) at 
Athens, exemption from public burdens (r4\ri), Lai, 

^-T^XfOTos, ov, (a priv., r€\4<o) vfithout end or 
effect : unfinished, 2. endless, infinite, IL 

uninitiated in, 

d-TcXcvrqTos, or, (a priv., t^X^vt^m) not coming to 
an end, unaccomplidi»i, II. endless, impraciioMt', 

&-tAcvtos» or, (o priv., TfXtvrlTi^ eadlek. 

d-TcXT|ti|, ri, Ion. for &t4Xcmu 

9a or equal to. / d-TcAT|ti|, ^, Ion. for &t4Xcmu 

-4pifK, oyj gen. ouos, (droAify^ 4>poy^) Under- \ d-TcXi{s, ^s, (a priv., t^Xos^ mlKouit ervi, u«MMs«jais»- 

l pushed. 2. ineJTectttirf, liat. irrttua^ ^« Vs^V*- 




feet, unripe, II. act. not bringing to an end, not 
accomplishing a thing. III. at Ai^ens, free from 
public burdens {r4\ri)i also IV. uninitiated 

in . . Adv. -K&s* 

&Wf&Ptt>, only used in pres. to bring to harm : to 
perplex. Pass, to be bereft of a thing : also &r^fi- 
fiovrai veirriros they are deprived of, i. e. past youth. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) [&] 

&^cvi{s, 4$, (a copul., rclvai) stramed tight : hence 
inters, intense : excessive. 2. straight, direct : 

straightforward, 3. also unbending, stubborn. 

Adv. i,r€v&s, or ir€v4s, exceedingly. Hence 

&-TCvCta>, f. iffw, to look at intently, gaze at, 

''ATEP, prep. c. gen., without, except, besides, II. 
aloof, apart, away from, [a] 

d-WpafiiVOf, ov, (a priv., relpco, ripa/xvos) unsoft- 
ened, not to be softened: hence unfeeling, inexorable, 

d-Tcpdf&oiv, ov, gen. ovoSf Att. for hrfyofivos, 

aTcp6c, before a vowel &T€pdtv,=&Ttp, 

iL-ripyMYf ov, gen. ovos, (a priv., ripfjua) without 
bounds : having no outlet, inextricable, 

SrcpoSy ov. Dor. for tripos, ov : [a] 2, Sirepos, 

Att. contr. for 6 crepos, gen. Qaripov, dat. Barip^, 
Qur4p(^ etc. [d], or with mark of crasis, Bwripov, etc 

L-r^prtrffi, 4s, (a priv., T4piru) joyless, sad, IL 

act. not enjoying a thing, c. gen. 

a-Tcpiro99 ov, = irepirfis, 

&-T€vx4s» ^^9 ^^^ a-TCVxilTOS, ov, (a priv., revxos) 

&-T6xvC(&, ri, want of art, unskilfulness : from 

a-TCXvos, ov, or a-Texvi]S, 4s, (a priv., T4xvrj) with- 
out art, unskilled, rude : of things, inartificial, II. 
without art or cunning, simple. 

d-T€xv«s and &-t^v<os. Adv. from kr^xviis and 
&T6X''os, without art or «A:t//, rudely, 2. artlessly, 

simply, II. really, absolutely, utterly, Lat. plane, 
prorsus, in which sense it is mostly written arexi'ws, 
as aTex»'«s IcVws ^x** ^ *°^ ^^ ?/Wer stranger, 

&T€(o, only found in part. &T4av fool-hardy, reckless, 
[a]: from 

an), 17, (3u£a>) distractioji, folly, delusion : esp. o ^- 
dicial blindness, sent by the gods. 2. hence in 

gen. ruin, mischief: of persons, a bane, pest. 3. 

"Arrj personified, the goddess of mischief: the Airai 
come slowly after her, undoing the evil she has 
worked, v. II. 9. 500. 

a-TT|KTOs> oVf (a priv., t^kcw) unmelted, 

k'n\p.(Ki\TO%, ov, {a'n}fji€\4a) unheeded, uncared 
for, 2. baffled, disappointed, II. act. taking 

no heed: Adv. -Xcos, &t. ^x^**' tivos to take no heed of. 

aTT)p6s) d, 6v, (^TT?) deluded, driven to ruin. II. 
baneful, ruinous. Adv. -pSos. [d] 

'At0£s> f5os, 7j, /^^/ic, cf. *ATTiic3y. II. as Subst., 
sub. 77), Attica, 2. sub. 7Aa>TTo, the Attic dialect, 

a-rCeTOs, ov, (a priv., rfw) unhonored. II. act., 
»a/4(?non'nff. [a] 

hence absol. in part., M{»v unheeding: bat c. aoei, 1 
to slight, treat lightly, i 

&-Ti6^(rtvTo«, ov, (a priv., riSacirtCci) taUameif « 
no^ /o be tamed, wild. u 

&Tip.-&Y^i)S9 ov, 6, (iLrifidta, i.y4\ii) despising Qt *. 
forsaking the herdy straying, feeding alone, <r 

&-Tif&dto9 f. dato, (a priv., rifidoc) to esteem UffitUg, it 
dishonor, slight, VdA^ to suffer dishonor, insvU. IL i^i 
=iTifi6a in If^al signf., /o deprive of civil rights. ^ 

&-Tif&a(rr^os, a, oi^, verb. Adj. from artftdCuy to k i;i 
despised. 2. ^rificurr4ov, orie must dithonof. \i 

a-Ti(&a<m{p, ^pos, b, (hrifidiu) a dishonorer. ;s 

&-Tip.aaTos, oi/, (&rt/udfc0) dishonored, despised, [y t 

a-Ti[Miu, f. ^(Tw, to insult, slight ; esp, to deem cni bi 
unworthy of a thing. Hence » % 

ii-rip,i[T09, ov, unhonored, despised. II. k % 

legal signf. 710/ estimated, dlicri &r. a cause in u^Md^u/; 
/Ai^ penalty is not assessed in court. iw 

&-Tip.Ca, fi, (Arifios) dishonor, disgrace^ a slight, % in, 
esp. at Athens, the loss of dvil rights, Lat. immimiM \% 
capitis, ' -A 

a-Tip.o-vcvOi{s, 4s, {Urifws, ir€v04()o) sorrowing fiti' 
dishonor incurrecL 

a-Tip,os, ov, (a priv., riixii i) unhonored, dishanortJh 
c. gen. without the honor of, 2, esp. at AthcM t 

in legal signf. of a citizen deprived of his privil^gt^l 
either totally or in part, Lat. capite tmmmtilttf, Ofj^ ■; 
to ivlrifios : cf. &Tifxla, II. (rifi^ li) toilMi^ ; 

price or value. 2. unrevenged, unpuniskgL: -. 


a-Tlpk6faf to dishonor. Tass. to suffer dishonor. S. 
but usu. in legal sense, to punish with loss of dfM 
privileges, (arifila), Lat. aerarium facere. 

arip-av, £p. imp. from arifjuico. 

d-Tip.(i>pT)TcC, and a-TifJL(i>pT)T£, Adv. of sq. 

&-Tif&upT)T0Sy ov, (a priv., Tiix<ap4oixai) unavenged^ 
unpunished. 1. unprotected, 

d-rCpiWO'is, €0>s, {h.Ti^6(a) a dishonoring. \ri\ 

&TiTaXX(i), aor. i Ion. driTT^Xo, (draA^s) to reot^ 
foster, tend: in gen. to cherish, 

a-TtTOS, ov, also 77, ov, (a priv., rlai) unhonoreif 
dishonored. 2. unavenged, II. unpaged, 

&-Ti&>, (a priv., T^eo) wo/ /o honor, not to revenge, p] 

'ArXa-Yew^S, is, ("ArAas, yeVos) sprung from AtUls, 

'ArXavrCs, fSost ^, daughter of Atlas : from 

"ArXas, avTos, 6, (o euphon., rX^i^at) Atlas, one of 
the older gods, who bears up the pillars of heavoi t 
also one of the Titans. 3. later the pillar of 

heaven, Mount Atlas in West Africa. 

d-TXT)T^(i>, to be unable to bear, be impatient : from 

oL-tXtjtos, ov, Dor. arXaTos, (a priv., tX^i/cu) not is 
be borne, insufferable, II. not to be dared, 

a.rp.r], rj, = arfiSs, smoke, heat. 

a-TjMjTos, ov, (a priv., TifjLvo)) uncut, esp. of A 
country, unravaged, not laid waste. 2. of minei| 


diT\i.ll^<o, t . W w , l^T yx^s^ to smoke •. ^1 ^^\«c ^to steam. 



it (lbs iqpu) mokey Lat ffopor. 
n^ mff (a pm^ rtSvos) imwalled. 
9, mff \m prir.) rSsM) nev0r htming hod a 
rrvm. IL fpllloidlnlwwt^ of bonoiPBd 

Adr. •4Dwf, idio -mU 
im, Qr-f4m, (SroA^iof) to he AJmairtmed. 
i|T«9i or, (a priy., toA/mU) fiol lo te dared: 
19 te tfMdMvc^ inn^ffbftible* 
C% 4^ ««■< <tf <farli^, MMwrdiM f from 
•ty «r, (a prir^ tH^u^ wanOng eomnge^ 
ft but 3. iio< o w ft fo r fa ^ f«lirifi{^. 

I, oyy(aprir.,TOfd() tiiMtdf fmfwwii. IL 
do be etU, indMeible : henoe Ir Ar^^ {f» a 

I, ew, (a prnr.) t^{^) wUheut bow or arrow, 
a, ^f etrongeneuy oddneu, ebtwMps «iii- 
imre or Aclaeiatir; from 
I, or, (a priv., T^f) o«/ qfphee^ omi qfihe 
xngey maarvdlmUf odd. 9. abewrdy tmX, 

3. M n me ht n d , dUgugUng, Adr. 

Wf contr. for &niof, tfMo/ialif, c gen. 

o«» d, and 4» a tpindle. IL alw «m 

& l^andrTi, {Jkxiv. uncertain.) 


il^ ^y £p. dropa^s^ (« enphon., 'f^''^) ^ 

rf €2m» no/ turn, henoe generally, a jwiAy 

afl^ '^, Ion. i-rp€ic7itri^ but also irptKlrj, 

) realiit/y strict truth, accuracy. II. 


ft, €s, (a priv., rp^) striotli/ true, reaiy 

11. «/ru'/, /iM/, upright. 
it\y Ion. for arptKeia. 

oLy and l>efore a vowel i.-^p4fi&s, Adv., (a 
^futf) without trembling^ and so 2. quieth/y 

aios, a, ov, poet, for hrpc^i^s, calnif gentle, 
[ a ivhisper. 

^ii, no/ to tremble or mov&, /o keep still or 

1^ 4sy (a priv., Tp4fjuo) not trembling, un- 
jolm : Adv. —fd, quietly. [I] 
(a, ^, (irptfi-fis) a keeping still : calmness. 
Hjt§f f. itruy Att. Xci,=in-p€fiecff, esp. to Ar^ep 
% negat., obK hrpeid^eiv to be restless or un- 

TOfy OF, (opriv., rpcw) no/ trembling , fear- 

irpu^t r^ Dor. ibr f ty u r. 

&-T pM Pr» i» er» (a priv., fp(|3t*) fiaf foom ilortf If 
tMrlr. s. OK ooniy nef MneMd* 3* ^''IP^ wno^ 
001, thorns oil wMk ofw MMfio< tfwoff or tpott^ 

&*Tpo|ief» OF, (• ptir., rp^) m^fforitiffy femkee^ 
liBt. inlnjpidwi; 

&-Tpov(a» 4t ^^ffiMMff Atxn 

&-Tpowot» or,(aprir., TpAn») imdlaf^^eaMb 9. 
ofparioo%li|flHriMi.* henoefATiMmrthannMof 
ooeoftheM^of orPnvae. IL nof Mrijjir iMm-i 

OK, (o priv., rpu£^w) unconquered. 
laoTOf, ov, (a priv., rpi^) not accustomed. 
fiflt, 4s, (a priv., rpl^, aor. 2 trpXfiov) not 
r of places, no/ traversed, pathless/ of roads, 

-Tpo^offy or, (a pri^., *P^) jvi^iiy mmk ^ ^ 
on oirophg. 

m 'lueyfToty or, elso 1^ m**, ^c pr*^., Tpvysnj w^pwl" 
Jkdy barren: in geta. wcufo, dtmrt. ["AvpQ 

(Mrpv|Mwr|i or, gen. otm, ^ t9[., 0. gen*, wrp» W H cflr 
nol «oor» oul I17 Ub. [Svpin 

& Tperof, oTf (n pnv«^ ^vow/ siof foom aowi, tni* 
a6al£i^ .* of a rmd, looerMoiiM. 

*A-Tp9r^» ihe Unmetiried. (Lengdid. form from 
ifnbni, at *AZ8«rffi0f from Al5ifr.) 

vTTVy Att* for Twdy wTTS for wrim, t. oow^ SrMb 

"ATVA, a tahrtatfam uied to elden,y!ilfk«r ; df. (fann^ 
cnr^ft and infanra. rrsj 

AffrdYBi, a, and i f rriYaft Of by Let. atfo^ink prab* 
the iROor-Aon, waier-kei^ (Derlr. unknimn.) 

bimmnXym erjf tf ptdnorgHtf: lometimfle pro- 
longed, brarroTtSy etc : abo uied inmicaUy. 

bftrikefnt ^ Ion. brrriKt fiof, a kind of leeuei wHih-i 
out wings. (Beriv. unknown.) 

'Attik^m, f . io'Wy Att X&, QAttikSs) to side with (he 
Athenians, Atticize : later, to live like an Aihenian, 
esp. to speak Attic. Henoe 

*AmKio^^ 6, a siding with AthenSy attachment to 
her. 2. an Attic expression, Atticism. 

*AmK(wv, (^ArTiK6s) Dim., a little Athenian. 

'Attik^S, i\, 6p, {bicHi) Attic, Athenian : ij 'Attwc^, 
sub. yrj, «*At^s, Attica. 

*ATTiKttviK^, il, 6v, a comic alteration of ^ArrucSsy 
after the form of AouccovikSs, 

irrov, Att. for hrcop, nearer, 

d^TTw, Att. for fcow, bUfftna, q. v. 

arv^ofiAi, aor. part, brvx^^ih ^ Pass*? {briM) to he 
distraught from fear, amazed, bewildered: brv(6ft.wos 
T^hioio flying wildly over the plain : also distraught 
with grief : c. ace., to be amazed at a thing : but 
also to be feared for. Later the Act. br^ia, f. i^a, 
to strike with terror. 

&-TvpdwcvTos, oy, (a priv., rvpayye^a) not nded 
by tyrants, free from tyrants. 

b'T^ita, (brvxhs) lo be unlucky or lin/or/tina/e^, 
fail, miscarry : c gen. to fail in getting or gaining a 
2. &T. vp6s Tiva to fail with another^ v,^ 


fail in one*8 request. Henoe 
d-T^wjio, ttTOj, t6, omwfortune,m\shap, \^ 
2, of clothes, nof much worn, new, / d-ri^-^s, 1%, (a priv., 'nryx'**"^ •^vx*"'^ lw«>«^*> 

l/ortunatey unsuccessftd. Ms. -x»s* Bbw» 



&Tvx(a — ^vkria€VVTi, 

o-TuxCo, if iU lucky hadforiwM. II. a miscar- 

riage, mishap. 

A1^, Adv. of Place, back, backwards, Lat. re- 
tro. II. of Time, again, anew, afresh, once 
more. III. further, moreover, besides, Lat. 
porro. 2. on the other hand, in turn, Lat. vi- 

aiaivia, Att. aicdpeo, impf. afiatvou, f. av&i^a, {jcM) 
io dry. 2. to wUhsr or parch up : hence 0loy aih- 
cdv€iv to waste life away : so too fut. med. ovopov/mm 
in pass, signf., / s?mII toitlier away. 

avaXioif a, ov, (aZos) dry, parched, withered : of 
hair, rough, squalid. 

Avaois, 4, in Herodotus, "Ooffis, Egyptian name for 
the fertile islets in the Libyan deserts. 

aidro, Aeol. for &r)}, calamity , misch^f. [oj^a] 

a^fi{w, f. dffoo, {auyii) to see distinctly, discern, be- 
hold. In same sense the Med. is used. II. intr. 
to shine. 

AT*rH', ^, bright light, esp. of the sun, and so in 
plur. the rays, beams of the sun : hence (n^ ahyhs 
%€Aio<o under the light of the sun, i. e. still alive, so 
ovy^s ^ffvcro'eiv to behold the light, i. e. to be alive : 
HX^dsiv TCfibs abyds to rise surging towards hea- 
ven. 2. in gen. any light ; esp. of the eyes, o/t- 
fidrtev olfyal : hence abyal alone, like Lat. lumina, 
the eyes. 3. any gleam on the surface of bright 
objects, sheen. 

ai»8dto|MU, f. d^ofjuu, aor. rib^dfniVf I^* med., 
(avdii) to cry out, speak. 

avSooi, f. 'fiffu, Att. aura, also Med. auddofuu, as 
Dep., to talk, speak : later c. ace. rei, to speak, say a 
thing : esp. of oracles, io utter,, proclaim. 2. to 

speak to, address. 3. c. inf., to tell, bid, order to 

do. 4. to call by name : as more freq. in Pass., 

avdufuu ircus *Ax<AA€iws. 5. like \4yeiy, Lat. 

dicere, to mean : from 

AT* AH', Tf, a voice, tone : metaph., any other sound, 
e. g. the twang of the bowstring. 2. rarely =X^- 

yosy <f>iifi'n, a report, account. Hence 

airSijcis, €(r<ra, ej/, speaking with human voice. 

av-cpvu, f. 6ffa>, (i. e. ad ip^a) to draw back or 
backwards : to draw the bow : esp. in a sacrifice, to 
draw the victim^s head back, so as to cut its throat ; 
hence in gen. to slaughter, sacrifice. 

avO-dScui, 71, poet. audaSia, self-will, wilfulness, 
stubbornness, arrogance, [da] From 

avO-(£8T)S» €s, (avrSsf ^dofiai) se^-willed, wilful, 
stubborn, presumptuous: also unfeeling. Adv. 
-5ws. [Bd] 

av0-a8£a, tj, poet, for avOdj^^ia, 

av6-a8£So|iiai, f. icrofiai, {ah06Z7is) Dep. med., to be 
self 'Willed or stubborn. 

av6-a8iK<S9, i], 6v, (avddJSrjs) self-willed, headstrong. 

av0-d8io'|ii(&, aros, r6, {avd6J5j]s) self-will, wilfulness. 

av0-dS6'<rToiio9, ou, (avffddjjs, arSfia) wilful or 
.ffrou^/ q/'speecJi. 

avO-aC|U0V, ov, gen. ovos, (alrrSs, alfia) qf the 
blood, akin : as Subst., a brother, sister, near kimh 

aiS-alptrotf w, {abT6s, alpw) self-chosen, tdf- 
elected, IL taken upon oneself, self-tnetureit 

in gen. voluntary, optional. Adv. -rus, 

aiB-€vriia, to have power over : from 

aiO-^VTt|Sy ov, 6, contr. for alnowrris, (abr^, &rf«) 
an actual murderer : esp. of murders done by ihose^ 
the same family : also a self-murderer, suicide. 4. 
an absolute master or ruler. IL as Adj., oML 

<p6vo5 death by murder. 

avO-i^l&cpos, ov, {avr6s, 7ifi4pa) made or happenui§ , 
on the very day: Adv. ahBriiup6v, Ion. avnqfupif, : 
on the very day. 

aZBi, Adv. shortd. for avT66i, of Place, on the spd^ \ 
here, there: of Time, forthwith, straightway. 

avOi-Ycv^fy h. Ion. avrty-, (aiOi, *y4vw) bom m \ 
the spot, bom in the country, native, Lat. iruiigenmt 
of rivers, rising in the country: altd, Sdoap spriff 1 
water. 2. genuine, sincere. 

a{(6ic. Adv., Ion. airis : a lengthd. form of aS» Iv , 
of Place, back, back again. IL of Time, agmn^ 

afresh, anew : also hereafter. III. ntor eo M lf 

besides, in turn, on the other hand. 

avB-6yk-ai^LOts, {avr6s, ZfJuu/jLos) akin, cf the mUf' 
same blood. 

av-faxos, ov, (a copul., ^x^) shouting together m 
in common, of die Trojans marching to battle. 

aif\a|, ojcos, ^, = 2^A.o|, a furrow: also £Aa|, fv 
which Homer uses 3>\|. (Deri v. uncertain.) 

aiXas, Dor. for avKris, gen. of ah\i\. 

avXciov, t6, an ante-room, hall, neut. from 

avXcios, a, ov, sometimes also os, ov, {aatXii) qf * 
belonging to the avkfi or court, Ik* avKcl^tri Oipfn 
at the door of the court, i. e. at the outer dcw% 

avkiia, f. "fiara), (avK6s) to play on the fute. 
of tunes, io be played on the flute : but av^cirai 
fx4\aBpov the whole house is filled with music Med. 
to get oneself played to, hear music. 

cAik^, v, {^^, itiixi) in Homer the open court 
before the house, court-yard, surrounded with onl* 
buildings, with the altar of Zeis 'EpKcTos in the 
middle ; it had two doors, one the house door (cL 
aiiKeios), and one leading through the cdOovffa into 
the TcpSdofjuos, q. v. II. post-Horn., the avA;^ VM 

the court or quadrangle, round which the hooM 
itself was built, ha\'ing a corridor (irepicrTtJXior) att 
round, from which were doors leading into tba 
men^s apartments ; opposite the house door (cf. al- 
Keios) was the fiecavKos or fjLirav^iOS, leading into the 
women's part of the house. III. in gen. asiff 

court or hall. IV. any dwelling, abode, chamber, 

avXT|)&a, arcs, ro, (av\4<o) a piece of music for th§ 
1 tt\»\t\a^vTV, Dot . ioi: a\)XV^^« ^» 

IINM|fl|P' Hlin|b 


r. Benoe j metopb. mwvifjf^ untiring. 

%9i»^f^orbtiongim0ioaJ hUBp li a if tr ; ; aiBpi^ j^ Ita. ajjw^ (»4i^ <yi^ gli») air t» wpiliM^ 
b flifcb r^K>^ Am flrt | ^Mui0,eq».A«,/Mk«irof iiioraiiig^lAt.fliiMk ft. 

, Cfeff, 4^ (dfiXiiT^ip) 9femaieJiiU§ pia§ftr, . ftrfcifaViwi. #wjMrttiiiii. 

i» Dqp. cfnt. med. w^ gB ^ifti > «or. i vutL ; i fi ^a r , Ady> to w cru m j itriBtiy Hint, fami dj^wt t 
: aor. i pMbifiAM9r,(a^) lo li# m A« It Ai^Mr on A# iHorraWy nMl Momifif | alio lUI 

(» «p om'x o&Ktoy tod|^, fitw; «qp. a* a j aCpioty «!»» A# aiorr w» , Xf>^^ atf.-i4 ajpupw 
tin, to AMMMjB^ 6i«oiMe. | (From aMtHiSiic, akin to Anvora.) 

ig (rnMi) maif ooimliy AotcM> a coUagit • Avtraiy inf. aor. i fion alv to dML 
L « fltoidtfn cove. •({9iot».Bor« for r^l^Mff. 

•9, 4b (lAxli^imi) a ttaU^fM, tmU, mp, \ m ^ m r^idn, a, ar, (ofct ) nm>iima^ th r kM B s d f pmn k 
the jught in, aiXuf 0MIm to pitah one's : edy Lat. Jiooict « poitt. J^fitfTa^Uosw 

» dy JXm. from o^A^, a tmatf raai^ u 

I, (Ho^ 4^ (ofiAijb/Mu) a female inmaie <» 

|y 4, (ffJAidf, S^i^iBiMu) «./luto ooif. 

H^ (odA^, ri^vM) to mmkeJluUe or ji^Mf* 

if, d, (a&Uf, vD««i») a^tito-ttolwr. 

(*Ka»^ &qyu, o&i^ to AJoip) aay ig farf 

aJifUey made of ned, wood, booe> ii'ory, j aeff emweUed. 

mlvnip6%9 dy h, {^im, dKttf <Cv) maklnff ike iempm 
dry mid rimgf^i niapiby Mtor. fl.mfll^plu fika 
Lat. Mtftonity jtorn, AoraA^ <lrM. Hoooa 

oioTi|pdTi)t9 ifTos^ 4» ft»t^^AiM«t» vofyA jlanar. a* 
metapb. Aa r dhii m» i toraw a ai, aloroMMai. 

aAr-iiyyiXfaib <*S («Mt» Iryy^TUitf) aa turf iy am^a 
oiofi mtaaa§§t bri^fkty mmw rf what ana Aaa 

air-d y iTOt, or, (a^^, Aycyicu) wtk^ eef fwiUed t 

^KbX iufip^^ Noi ytmmxttei prob. lika Laiu 
. 0i ainUira^ i e. 6iif» etui irebk. 2, 

npey or groove: eeip, dio eoekete of tha 
rhidi the bolt la abot. 
os> d, poet, also 4, (mbkk) a heUow tooy, 
\e : a canal, ttqueduct : a channel^ eiraU : 
Ttoi the seastraUs, 

tSos, riy (cUfAjisf &t^) uri/A a vuor, or rather 
(ab?^s) to hold the \6<pos. 
fly 6y, made with pipes, aJbX. <pifioi a noee- 
dtKoi on it, which sounded like trumpets 
oraes snorted. 

L or AT'SXl, f. av^iiaw, aor. i niH^aa, "pL 
at. AUGEO, like poet, kifyt, to make 
3aee: to promote to honors eaialt, extol, 
med. oi^ai'ovfuu, and f. pass. ati>|)}d^cro/MM : 
hftf : pf. Tj^Tiiuu : to grow, wax, increase : 
to grow up : of the wind, to rise : rib^a- 
»y I grew taller as I heard. XL in- 

Pass, to grow, wax. Hence 
Towih, incr^ise. 
part. aor. i pass. o£ <xv^dp<o, 
Efl»5, (aH^w) ri, growth, increase. 
Wy («^«) promoting growth, 
y 4» {cdtiwm) the goddess of growth, called 
in an A then, citizen's oath. 
ub ai^iivta. 

Att. mbovii, {aZos) dryness, withering. 
w, Att. d^s, (*&», aia, &(w) drjfy dried, of 
a. withered, parched up. 3. drained 

4, sieepieeanesp .- Bvm 

air-dYprrot» aif, (aMt, ^hyiP^) P^et. fiir aMa(- 
ptra% siy afcoaiw,y^aijy dbeiati^ 10 to awa** afcaiar, 

aAr-dSO^of, or, (a^^^ aSsA^) rstotorf «f ar»- 
tAar or siftori ana'aotm^rsCftirorsistor. 

oi ft r ay A t ita t, a^ (aMr, Ari^n^) ms aim a9iiii% 

airdf. Conjunct, £p. £Dr drd^, hui, get, however, 
still, besides, moreover. Like irdp it dlways begins 
a proposition. 

tt^-a p a tw , 4» (o^r^an^s) contetUedness, inde- 
pendence: competence. 

ain-apKia, t -iiau, to he independent, U. tobe 

svffi^entfoTz from 

aiT-«£fMCT|«, cs, i^br6s, &pk4») siiffioient in oneself, 
contented. II. having enough, independent of 

others : ttSXls ahr. a country UmI supplies itse^, that 
wants no imports. 

aiir-aptua, 4, poet, for abrdpKtia. 

aZr€y Adv., I. of time, agcUn, over again. II. 
to mark sequence, agahif furthermore, like Lat. au- 
tern : hence 2, however, on the contrary. 

avT-^K-iM&Yf&a, aros, r6, {avT65, iKfJidaffofiai) an 
exact impression, true portrait. 

avT-cir-dyycXTOS, ov, (a{fT6sy ivayy4KKoficu) offer* 
ing qf oneself, hence of oneself f freefy, Lat sponte. 

avT-€irH0Kv|ftOf , ov, {avrds, hr^wfMs) qf the same 

avT-cp^rqc, ov, b, (€dtr6s, ipinis) rower and soldier 
at once. 

itvrita,=itMt, but only used in ^xca. vcA \is^'L^V> 
erg, shout ; also Act., to cwitt. \v\ 

iihTJ, V, (aft») a s/iout, caU, ei;^ a bataa^ih»A> 

«5 ^-r/avV., ^/V ufi^u/ sleep, sleep- \ war-cry, hence also ifee battle itself. \5>\ 


«L^-iljicoos» oVf (ahrSs, iucoiw) one who has himself 
heard, an ear-voitness, 

avT-i))&ap, Adv.,s=ad^/Aep({|/, on the self-mme day. 

a^Ti-YcvVj$, cs, Ion. for aifBiyetrffs, 

avrCKa, Adv. (aifrSs) forthwith, straightway, tm- 
mediately : airrlKa Kcd fur^ttra now and hereafter : 
so rh avrUa as opp. to rh /u^AXov : also used in a 
slightly future sense, presently, directly, Lat. mo<r, 
opp. to vw, II. for example, just to give an ex- 

ample, avriKu yhp ipx^^ 5tA riv* 6 ZetJs ; for example, 
by whom does Zens rule the gods ? [t] 

atriq. Ion. and Dor. for adOis, q. v. 

&uT|Ai^, {*lio), &rifii, aHw, to blow) a breath, wind, 
air: breath as ihe sign of life; the blast of a 
bellows. U. a scent, fume, 

a^o-pocC, Adv., {abr6s, ^o-fi) by a mere shout: 
hence ain: i\€iv to take ivithout a blow, without re- 
sistance { also by storm. 

alr6'Pov\os, ov, {a{fr6s, fiovK'fi) self willed. 

avro-yiwyyroSi ov, {abT6s, ytvvAco) Koifi-fifiara firj- 
rp6s a mother's intercourse with her own child. 

avTo-7vci>|jiov^Oy to act of on£*s own will or judg- 
ment: from 

o{»To-*YV«|x«v, oy, gen. ovos, (a^6s, yv<&iiri) acting 
of one* s own will ov judgment. 

ovT<5-7va>Tos, ov, (ovT<Jy, yiyvdxTKoo) self-resolved, 

avTtS-yvoSs ov, {avr6s, yiris) Aporpov ai/r. a plough 
m which the yiris is of one piece with the llXvfia and 
larofiof^Sy qq. v., not fitted together (mjKrdv). 

a^o-8a.i]S, €s, {avrSs, Sa^vai) unpremeditated. 

avTo-8<iiKTOs> ov, (ouT({y, Sot^cy) self -slain or mu- 
tually slain. 

ain-oZd^, Adv., (avrSs, o5(£|) with clenched teeth : 
hence stubborn, 

a-uT<S-8cKa, (avrSs, BeKa) just ten. 

avT(S-8T)Xos, ov, {avrSs, dijKos) self-evident. 

avTO-8i8aKTOS, ov, {avrSs, dX^dffKw) self-taught. 

avT(S-8XKos, ov, (aMs, BIkti) with one^s own law- 
eourtSf conducting one^s own suits at home. 

avTtSSiov, Adv., {avT6s) straightway. 

fkvro-ikiKTos, ov, (avrSs, lA.t(r<rcy) curling naturally. 

avTO-^VT»|s, ov, 6, V. avdevTTis, a murderer. 

avTO-€Ti^s, 4s, {avr6s, ^ros) in or of the same year. 
Adv., auT(j€T€s in the same year, within the year. 

avro-6cXci, Adv. of sq., voluntarily. 

avTO-0cXi]S, 6s, (axnls, OiKw) of one^s own will, 

avT^Ocv, Adv. (avTov) of Place, from the very spot 
where one is, from hence ^ from thence, Lat. illinc. II. 
of Time, on the spot, directly, straightway : readily : 
once for all. 

avTtSOX, Adv., for avrov, on the very spot. 

avro-Kaai-yv7\ro9, 6, and -ttj, 77, (avrSs, Kaariyvrj- 
ros) an own brother or sister. 

€t^o-xara-/cpTTOs, oy, (avrSs, KaraKpivu) self-con- 

avTrJKOOs — airowoio'?. 

aiiTo-K^cvoTOfy ov, (aifr6s, K§\§6ui) se^f-lAdden^ <; 
(me'^s own (wcord. 

cAro-KkM\%, 4s, (airrSsf K^Xo/xat)— foreg. 

ai>T<$-icXT|T0S9 ov, {ahr6s, KdKccci) self-caUed, i. < 
coming unbidden. Adv. -.t»9. 

a^o-KOf&oS) ov, {a{fr6s, Konrj) ujith natural hak 
shaggy. II. hair or leaves and oil. 

aliTO-Kp&n^s, 4s, {ahr6s, Kpdros) ruling by onetei 
having full power, absolute. 

avTO-KpdrcDp, opos, 6, ri, {atrrSs, Kpar4a) one's om 
master. i. of persons or states, free and tiMh 

pendent, Lat. sui juris. 2. of ambassadors, elB 

possessing full powers. 3. of rulers, eUfsoluig 

hence in gen. peremptory, [&] 

avT^-KTiTos, ov, {avT6s, KTifw) self-produced, IBM 
by nature, 

avTo-KTOv^tf, to slay themselves, or one anothm 

avT^-KTOvos» ov, {avrSs, icreivw) self -slain. M 
avTOKrSvos, act. slaying one another: Bdufaros tM 
mutual death by each other's hand. Adv. -.vns, fifl 
one'*s own hand. 

avTO-KvPcpvi^nf)s, ov, b, {avr6s, KvfitpwAca) one $^ 
steers himself. 

abr6-Kiairoq, ov, (aifr65, k^^) together toUh M 
handle, hilt and all : but fi4K7i airr. weapons tetdi 
handle, i. e. swords. 

a{n'^-|iiapTvs9 vos> 6, ri, {avr6s, pAprvs) oneself fl 
witness, i. e. an eyewitness, 

a\no-\Lar(Zia, f. Iffto, to act of one's own will, to fl 
of oneself, and so to act unadvisedly : from 

avT^-fiOLTOs, t], ov, also Att. os, ov, {avrSs, *fJuB 
fiefiaa) acting of one^s own unit, of oneself, unlnddm 
esp. self-moving y self-acting : hence ri avrSfMra mm 
moving machines, automatons. 2. of plants, gr9§ 
ing of themselves, spontaneous. 3. of events, /U^ 
pening of themselves : without cause, accidental : ef 
avh rod aurofidrov, naturally, by chance. Adv. -rm 
also -rel, -rl, and -rriv. 

avro-iko\iiay (^ainSfioKos) to desert. Hence 

avro-|A(SX'r|0'iS9 €a>s, 7}, and avTo-|AoXCa, rj, desH 

avr6-iLo\o9y ov, {avT6s, fxoXeiv) going of ones^J 
hence as Subst., in war, a deserter. 

avTO-vo}Ji60|, Dap., (avrSvofios) to live by om 
own laws, be independent. 

avTO-vo|ACa, rj, independence : from 

avT(S-vo|J.o9> ov, (avrSs, vSfios) living by one'*8 <m 
laivs : hence independent. Adv. -fjuas. 

avTO-vvxC, Adv., {avr6s, vvl) that very night, [t 

avrd- JvXos, ov, {avT6s, lv\ov) of mere wood. 

avr<S-irai9, iraibos, 6, rj, (avrSs, vais) an own chin 
son or daughter. 

avTo-inJixwv, ov, gen. ovos, (avrSs, tnifjui) for on 
own woes. 

avTo-iroi.<5?^ 6v, (ai/rSs, icoi4co) self-produced, <es 
\ sprung, spontaucoTts. 

O^OTToXl! ofrrdl^opTOS , 

|l ■frn-iroX[Ti|c DiPj i, a ritixen <ifa free state. 
, (tro-vdvT|Tos, Of, (bJtJi, iroi'«») lelf-an-oughl, m 

(it-iimp, ov, 4, (alrA, B^fiai) teaing rmeielf, b 

"JSiOUi i, (afrriii, jtmaAhj) wffinjf ons'ii oio'J 

drip-pilM, ay, {alni^, ^ffo) self-Tooted. 
•tiip-pvros. poet- afrnJpVTm, oj-, (atrji, pia) self- 

^ yi O'I, BVT^, mrri, rafleKi™ pron., lelf: in tlie 
« nft. for the perron, pmn., flim, her, il ; 

^ i abrSt, 71 aMi, t1 aur6, etc, the lame. 

fl-idS, n^/, thytelf. i. tmeielf, i. e. the part 
' ~Jled «//, Bi the mm/, opp. to the badg ,■ or 
opp. to Blheri, e. ^. the king to hii sab- 
— W it ioipties emphaiif, Hnd ji used absoL 
PJbnailfr, c4i^, as in the Pyt3iag. phrase ACrii 
^ltiM.lfu dixit. J, of oneteif, />/ oim'i men 

"PI- }. bji oneit(f, alone,=iiiSros! n> a&rel 

" W irt Eji oanelvei, 4. in Dat. case c. 

^Mgup/^e in Aani/.- but uan. without TJiv, 

' "ri* oxfrpii' horses, chariot and all .- 

It fre-i- in Att., ofrraiin on/i^x''"''' 

_ — J. added to ni-dinal numbers, e. g'. 

i cjomMt, AinseJ/ihe fiftii, i. e. along ivith Tour 

Bjtto^rtenaJriir in slirsjrf the chief person. 6. 

^Il kilo joined oith the persoo. Pron., as fyii ai- 

*j ri efrjjr, eto., bnl always diviiim in Homer, 

■ «»iith endit. piita alirif first, lu aliT6r /iiv : aome- 

telltiepenon. Pron. is omitted, as a^iv ^A^rrov, 

bf_W flirJ"! ^ain afrrdt in jiiined with tlie re- 

", b(toC, etc, to give grester force, as 

ai^. Compar. abrirtpas, and Super^ 

■, ipiianmui, hia veiy !f!f. 

I IL f/t.the, it, for the simple pron. of the third 

^mi, onfy in oi/Kqus casesj and never at the be- 

loiiig of a sentence. On the difference hetween 

, It obKqne cases airrav, oSt^, airriy, and the reflex. 

Iflm. a^Tnv, af/T^, atrjj-, r. sub ivrrov- 

\ m. With Artie, i airis, i, <iM), t4 niriJ, and Alt. 

Dtr. a&rJf, a&r^, Ta&rd and TahrAy : gen. ra^oC, 

St, Ion. Silnis, -nAri, the same, Lat. irfCTn. It freq. 

Ues a dat., like S/iOuii, etc., as 6 alnbi rf Affl^ Me 

Ufare iJi^same aa one. Hence it is used in phrases 
aji latrri, and inrh rabri, at, about the same lime, 
Un. rob idem lempus .< f if raibri, iv ravr^, in 
drtv, (o, m, Jrom, the aame place. 
IV. In Compos. I. qfOtg/f, i. < 



hut. . , as in abTilu\B^. 3. of oneself, in 

tlSaxTDi. 4. the very, the ideal, as in ai 
afnodrSfteroi, etc j . juit, e,raclly, » 

Stfco. 6. rarelf, with reflex, signf. of abrov and 

iWLliAofi', as avSfmit, aiiToirroi'AB. 7. loffelhtr 

with, OS in obr^oirai yuung and all. B. alone, Ay , 
oneaelf, as in nfrriio-Kflnji. 
aln6a-i. Adv. {aimra) thilfier, to Ae very place, 
avTO'cnSijpo^, av, (a&rJv, aibripof) of sheer iron. , 

abria-frvto^, ay, [aitii, aiiBiuu) aelf-moned, eeff- 

a^To-wSSfo, 4i (airif?, TaTC^uai) a s(ait>f-u;i jb/A^ 
close fghl,fr:itj. 

avrt-oToXof, 01', (dCrid, orAAD/ini) selftcnl, ffO- 

aird-o-rovoi, ov, {nfrrili, o-r^foj) sisliing far or 8y 

abro-inji^Y'ifi ^h [bJtJ!, D-fpiJiTu) rfnin Sy onetelf 

a^s-<rxcEuitwi f- dou, (abrooxfb'os) In da, aet, 
speak off-hand I hence in bad sense, to act, spetUe 
unadviaedli/ : to Judge auperjicially. 1 . in gaoi 

sejise, (0 devite a plan qff-liand. Hence ] 

a{iTD-axi8(<un"^ BTDi, ^i, aork dime off-hand, on 
imprompl'i : and 

a-fim-irxESuiirnjc, oi^ 6, one who acit or ipeakt off- < 
Aani^ .- and so a noiiice, Lat. liro. ' 

aim-tr%itiai, a, «-, also es, or, (ofirifi, irjc^) : 
Ami'f /o AoniT, hence u fem. Subst, airoirxf^in, 4- ' 
close fight, fray : and in ace nfrroo'x(!fij>' as Adr., 
(■?osc of 7inn!f. II. qff-hond, on the spur of ffie 

aira-trxiGdf, Adv., (abrii, irxiBir) near at hand, 

ovTO-TiXiis, il, (alrrii, rJtms) enrnplele in itself: 
efficient. II. taring oneself. Adv. -Afis. 

afrriJ-TOieos, w, (ai>T-i<t, t^kdj) yoiing and all. 

aiiTo-TpoTr^tnw, aor. i part, in phrase SSbv oBt, 
as if from alnorpoTrita, (abrAi, rpiirof) to turn 

ovToB, Adv., orig. gen. nout. from airrij, at Bit 
very place, there, here, on the rpot. 

avrn, Atl. contr. for (aaroB, q. v. 

a^-DupyCs, i, a tcorkirtg with one's own hand, 
abr, ^ifou self-inSicted murder: from 

avT-ovpYik> iy, (ouTiJi, Ifryay) self-narking. 3. 

usu. as Subst,, one teho tills his oam land, a hua~ 

av-rd^i, av-nJi^Lv, Ep. gen. and dot. sing, and plur. 
(naaainSa also as Adv., = bvtou, there, at the very 

aliT6-^\oioi, or, (oWr, ipKoiis) bark and ah. 

afrro-^ilvos, or, (air^!, ^ytiu) self-nturdaring, 
murdering one's oum kin. k&v. -iimi. 

aiTe-i^6vTip, flu, &, (aErrii, iJionWl u TnuTdeTET. 

Burd-i^pTo;, oy, (airiii, i(iipui^ b«iiTiii-o rfnii owi 


avro^vi^; — &(fiap. 

uAro-^w/fiy 4s, (ain6sy <t>^) self-growing or exist' 
erU. 2. of home growth or production. 3. 

natural, opp. to artijinal : aur. \6<f>oi hills in their 
natural state, not quarried or mined. 
ain6-^roii, op, {<xln6s, <p{m) self -caused, 
avT6-<^p09, ov, \ai(n6s, <p^p) caught in the act of 
theft ; generally, caught in the act : in* a^o<pd>ptf 
Xafi$^€iv to catch in the act : so in Pass., hr* avro- 
^c6p^ a\u»ai to be caught in the very act. Adv. 

air6-x€ip, pos, 6, ti, (ahr6sy X*^p) working unth 
one*s own hand : c. gen., the very maker or worker 
of a thing. 11. absol., one who kills himself, or 

one of his kin : a murderer ^ homicide. 3. as Adj., 
murderous. Hence 

ainO'\ii%ply Adv., wiih one'^s own hand, 

a^TO-xctp((&, 71, (a&T($xc<p) ^ doing or working unth 
one^s own hands, 

avT<$-xOovos» ov, {ahrds, x^<^^) country and all, 

Q.vr6-x9uVt OP, gen. opos, {aMs, x'^^^) ^ ^ ^'^ 
itself, Ijat. terrigena : hence ol aAn6x^v€s, like Lat. 
Abmigines, Indigenae, of the original race, not 

aiTO-x^AvvoS) OP, lengthd. for avrox^opos, {0^65, 
XO(ii^) rudely cast, shapeless, of a quoit. 

air^XPHF^ Adv., (ahT6s, xpVf"") indeed, really: 
at once, plainly, 

avTois, Adv. from avrSs with AeoL accent, even so, 
just so, as it is, yvfuibv i6pr Oy aUrtas being unarmed, 
just as I am. 2. hence jttst so, no better ; freq. 

joined with other words implying contempt^ v^ios 
aijTQos a mere child. TI. just as before, as it was, 

X€VKhp It* aUrtos still white as when new. 

o.v\€y{.\fii, f. iffw, Att. Xa, {ahx^p) to behead, cut the 

avxdvios, a, op, {avx'fip) belonging to the neck, aux, 
TcpopTcs the sinews of the neck. 

avxiia,= Kovx^^f^h to boast, pride oneself; c. inf. 
to boast that : in gen. to protest, declare : from 

AT*XH', 77, boasting, pride. 

avxt)fi.a, aros, t6, {avx^to) a thing boasted of, the 
pride, boast, II. a boast: also =aux^, boasting. 

AfXH'N, 4pos, 6, the neck, throat : hence metapb., 
a narrow passage ; a neck of land, isthmus ; also a 
narrow sea, strait: the narrow bed of a river: a 

avx'V|0'i.$, €0)5, ri, (ahx^ai) boasting, eaniltation, 

avx|i^w> (aux/**^*) ^0 ^^ ^""Vi dusty, dirty: to look 
rough or neglected, Lat. squalere. 

a{>XH'^c^9 ^<f<^0'i er, = sq. 

avxii'HP^Sj (^, ^v, (avx/J-fo)) dry, rough, dusty, Lat. 
squalidus, 2. impoverished, needy, 

avxpiS) b, {&(!), aCu, aZos) drought : scarcity, 

avxH'-<^8T)9, €s, (auxfi6s, eJbos) looking dry and 

A7^I2, Att avwy to dry, wither: also to singe, set 

AT'a, f. hibfXfa ; aor. ffvtf'a, to shout ouiy ^hout, Mff 
aloud : also of things, to sound, echo : c. ace. pen^ ^ 
to call upon, ** 

*AT'n, to sleep, only in derivg. ia;6ca, imr^tft ttktk ^ 

avus, ^, Aeol. for ii.^5, ^<^s, morning. * 

&^-a7vCta», f. Iffu, to purify. Med. to purify ot^ '' 
self devote oneself with purifying qfferinga. '^ . 

0M|>-aip^ci>, f . iiora : med. ^iffofjuu : aor. iuf^TKor : ml "^ 
m&3i. &(t>ti\6firip,]axer a<l>€t\dfi7iP i aor. pass. &^f>40p^ " 
pf. pass. cuf>ifprifjLai, To take from, take awayfim '^ 
another : c. dupl. ace. rip& ri to rob qfsL thing: 1^ ^^ 
riv6s to take from a thing, hence to diminish : Is M ' 
off, pardon, ^^ 

Med. more freq. than Act., to take awa^/or ot^ ^» 
self, bear off: iup.ripd ri to bereave, deprive, ni6^'^ 
a thing, always with the notion of taking for oi^ ^ 
self. 2, followed by fi-fi c inf., to prevent, Kmit^ -<i« 
from doing. ^i,. 

Pass, to be robbed or deprived of a thing. -^ 

^A<|>aurTOS, Dor. for "'RtpoMrros, 'ir 

a^^oXXofiiai} f. cupaXovixai, aor. h^tpfiikdiatp, to sprl^^'^i. 
off or doym from : to jump off, '■ it- 

a-<^LXos, OP, without the ^>dLK.os or mettd bom it^ia 
which the plume was fixed. .I^iv 

&(^|&apTavw, f. Tfiaofiai, with £p. aor. A ■ fi/ifl^ifer 
TOP, but also reg. aor. iupi^fiaprop, £p. iupd/toffrm^ir.i 
{a'K6, ofiaprdpof) to miss one's aim, fail in gainiagm '- !'] 

d^^opTC, Ep. 3 aor. 2 of for^. -i v- \ 

&<|>-a|iiaf>To-einljs, cs, (o^o/ioprc&w, twos) mismm§^ ;-^ 
point, talking at random, '.■^ 

a({>-avSavci>, f. al^ffa : Ion. aor. 2 inf. kirtJiimf* \i 
To displease, fail to please. ^ 

&-4>dvcia, Ti, darkness, obscurity. IL disappem^ .%. 

ance, utter destruction, [^d] : from ^ 

a-4>]S, €s, (a priv., (palvo/xaif (f>aPTipai) uTiseen, id* 
visible : inscrutable. 2. vanished : hidden, seerttt ^' 
hence unknown : rh aupoPis uncertainty. 3. ii^ 
p^s ovffia personal property, which can be seor^tif ■ . 
opp. to <l>av€pd, real, as land. Hence 

a-4>av£^ci>, f. Iffot, Att. too, to make unseen, hide, sup' ^ 
press : to make away with. 2. to raze to tib .^ 

ground, erase writing : to obliterate footsteps, etc. 3» ,- 
to secrete, steal, embezzle. 4. to darken, obscurh ^ 

tarnish : to efface. 

Pass, to disappear and be heard of no more, vamAs .. 
esp. of pei*sons lost at sea. 2. to keep out ffpvi^ ^ 

lie, live retired. Hence ; 

a-<|>avi9'i.s, €Ctfs, 71, a making away unth, IL < 

vanishing, disappearance, 

a-4>avTos, OP, (a priv., ipaivotiai) invisible, forgtt' 
ten : obscure, secret, 2, unlookedfor. 

a4>-dTrTb>, fut. \lio), pf. pass. &(t>7}fjLiJxu, to fasten fhm 
or upon, opp. to xOta, a<p. fi/x/iara to tie knots on tf 
string. Pass, to be hung on, hong on, whence am^ 
li4vos Ion. pass. pf. part, for a(p7}fi/x4vos. 

a<|>dp, Adv., I. straightway, forthwith: heoce 

\ at once, quickly. \\. iWreuipwv^ tlwen^ after 

A^tmw4Cm difipiiL 


lodhr. WMMrUiiiL) 

wik«, tr, CbnqMrrAdj. from Hfiijp, JUnfiir. 

^ Mm m^mtftt t MP. I if^tUBf%f {JSutlW^ m^9t$j tO 

, or, (a prir., ^ot^ f1U>4 'M' w— li rf , 

M% fat paa. tmu^^ ffofuu^ ^ Afg < W y q. t. 
i» 4, ^, w mkyJMlem (Dmir, nnoBrttiii.) 

is» tt, (a prir., ^«77w ) mAoii/ iifikif dmk t 

p. Ibr &i^y 3 ooDJ. aor. 3 from d^^ii^ 
Ep. Ibr i^^KMj Mr. i from dn^hifu, 

S £ ^ftsvfy |0 &0 mm^ p m r ina or ImM ^? 
f^rorrff wgrfrtoajpi but 4^<i8cik «A«v to 
» 40f^ i. e. lo iMi^isof , omM toil Fram 
^ &, (a priT., f^fiofuu) untparmg or lowM 

2. unsparing^ emely harsh, Heoci 
if ^9 profusene$8. a. AorMfiMff, jvnfrlty. 
I opt. aor. 2 from iixftirifu. 
, — 4Sfit|v, aor. 2 act. and med. of &4l>atpio». 
uroy part aor. 2 from i^rifu, 
r, verb. Adj. from &ir^», o?i« mt»f oftftom 

, a4<X^a$ai, inf. aor. 2 act. and med. of 


priv., ^XXc^s) «^/Aom/ a «liEm^, 
II. metaph. of persons, simple^ 
ence &4>€?iMs, rudelp, coarsely, 
mj f. ^a),=sq. 

», f. A{«: but more usu. f. €Xicti;<r»9 atn*. 
f fnr^., io cfrap away, draw back : to draw 

2. to 6fnfiAr tc/7. 
lis, rfTos, fi, (ikiptK-iis) smoothness, evenness: 
\jduniy, sincerity. 
, part. aor. 2 of ktjHupea. 
T6y (A^os) wealth, abundance. 
■OS, or, {areipyai), shtU out from. 
•, f. ^, to cre^;) o/T* ^^^^ away. 
C, Of', (a priv., ^pw) insufferable. 
imperat. aor. 2 from iuptrifii. 
It, ^ (&^i7/i<) the Releaser, epith. of Zens. 
, €a»f, ^ (&<^/)|/ui) a letting go, setting free: 
00, discharge : hence remission, forgiveness: 

44 — ' w ^' ly 8 iN^ ^ pv^ Mti Miitr. from Af(*i 

44-fl^l»j<Mf^ 9. totooui^fvnli 
44-^4p», fbt *^«HMf» loDu MK to Ml q^ Ml 

4Nm. II. to Ml fFw$ qf mtt ttn m, to fi^0m, 

pmHfift fainoa to htU g em mg ayafci. 
AAliiMaj Dor. for Afcikia, perf. Mt : and 
&f l i i »i m , 3 plmv Dor. f&A pam. of i^f»ii £ar 

IMKNf . XL (liTii^Mi) • imMmf, kmiMi^t 

the sense qfkmek, 

gAmftot. tr. (htL IM imaaJ irourt- 

44 "IT^ I * * * ! ^' <t< ^i " «>i to Imrf Mwy, toarf <^f henoa 
ingan. totoMl#WiHi|^f9/^- ILtotoi^YV- 

/M^MjOain. IIL Tta Ptof. if<yi»iw h tfl 

ni pMi. Mpil. Hanoa 

■^wyilpAy "flriff, TD^ €1 Mto, iMN*railM ^ ana 

Ai^'^iYiivity Ion. Mr— y owr^ i|i|, • toMby, nflfrafiapy 
l^lMr tonr)40Mt wvirdi tta toflhy. 

AMko, aor. i of Afdf^ 

A4-4pU{, Meaf, 1, 4^ A jy a m f f oi rt fc, rfd b i 'tri maa^y 
med in Gomp. and SupierL A^^Xummfa^ ^ irr wt w. 

to y S to •« atport 

4 4 fr i p , opof , 6, (jh^hifu) Ae •roftar. 

to be spoken of: hf k^diyienp rdircc in a grore where 
none may speak. 

S4<^9 Ion- and Dor. for lf^6i|, 3 ind. aor. i pass, 
from mrrts. 

9k-^$iro9, OP, later alio 17, or, (« priv., ^Oiw) tai- 
destroyed, undecaying, imperishable. 

&-4^oYYoS9 or, voiceless, speechless, mute. 

i.-^$6vvfroi t , ow, (a priv., ^dor^) unensfied. 

i.-^&ovCa., if, freedom from envy, readiness : more 
usu. of things, plenty, cUntndance : from 

a-46ovos, or, act free from envy : ungrudgmg, 
bounteous. II. pass, not grudged, bounteously 

given, plentiful. 2 . = iufeiritf>$ovos, unenvied, pro^ 
voking no envy. Irreg. Comp. -vier^posy Saperl. 
'■4araros. Adv. —¥ws. 

&-^9opos, o¥, (a priv., ^B^lpto) uneorrupt, chaste* 

&4~(^pv«*, f. ^o'», aor. I pass. >^r : pass. pf. &^- 
Spvfiat : to p/oc^ elsewhere, to remove. [~& in pres., 
in fiit, aor. i, perf. pass.] 

&4~>^P^ ^- <*i(f<o, pass. pf. iul>i4p»fiai : to purify, 
hallow. II. in Pass., roDr* cufHep^/AtBa I have 

had these expiatory rites performed, 

&4'^^F^h f* ^<''tt^> pf' &^<ffa : aor. i iu^ica : aor. 2 
d^r : V. Irniu : irr. 3 sing, imi^ ^^^*^> 'i'^^Q^t* Vf^W 
<rar or ^^>/owr : ^^rrai. Dot. % ^V '^^. ^'Mft.^'nJ^ 

^ of hones in a race, and so /^ s/ar/mg- pres. signf. To send /oriH, discharge, liBX. enwU«re% 
• Jeep, of missiles : in proae, to acad f«r«k a«v «a «rp^ 


a(l)iKiv(o — &^o(r(oojLiat. 

dition, send out. II. to send away, let go, Lat. 

dimitiere : hence to throw away, 2. to let go, set 
free : esp. from an accusation, etc. : to remit : absol. 
&0. ripa to a^jquit. 3. to dissolve, disband, break up, 
of an army : so also of the council at Athens. 4. 
to put away, divorce, 5. &4>. ir\otbv cts . . to loose 
ship for a place. III. to give up : hence to 

leave off, let aione ; to let pass, neglect, 'TV, 

to let, suffer, permit to do or to be done. V. 

seemingly intr. sub. <rrpaT6v, vavs, etc., to break up, 
march, sail. 

Med. to send forth from oneself, and so freq. in 
prose, much like the Act. 2. to loose oneself 

from : hence freq. in Att. c. gen. only, htpov riKVwv 
let go the children, [usu X in £p., always i in Att.] 
&<|>-Xicav<», =&^ticv€o/iai, to arrive at, [d] 
&^iK^(rOai, inf. aor. 2 med., and 
&^Ckco, Dor. for hpiKov, 2 ind. aor. 2 of sq. 
iu^-UKvioaai, f. i^ofuu, aor. k(plK6ii'riv i pass. pf. 
iupityixai z, to arrive at, to come to, to reach : 
o^). ivl or €ts irdyra to try every means : is rh itrxa- 
rov KUKov to come into extremest misery : 81^ f^XVh 
81* tx^P^ ^^* ^"'^ '^ come to battle, or into enmity 
with one. II. to come back, return, 
&^ik6|icvos9 part. aor. 2 from foreg. 
a^-£icTci>p, opos, b,=lKiniis, a suppliant, 2, Z^s 
hpiKTcop = iKectos, 

&-4>LX-aYa6os, ov, (a priv., (plXos, ayaQ6s) un^ 
friendly to good men, 

a-^XX-dfyyvpos, ov, (a priv., (f>i\o5, Apyvpos) not 
loving money, not avaricious, not covetous. 
a-4>CXT)T09, oy, (a priv., tpiKew) unloved. 
a-^tXo-8o$£a, rj, want of ambition : from 
a-<|>tX(S-8o|os9 ov, (a priv., <f)i\05, B6^a) not ambitious. 
a-<j>XXos> ov, of persons, friendless, 2, of per- 
sons and things, unfriendly, disagreeable, hateful. 
Adv. —\cos. 

a<)>-i|iS, €005, 71, Ion. &K'i^is, (dx(>iKV€Ofiai) an ar- 
rival. II. a going home again, departure. III. 
= iKiffla, supplicatioti, 
a^-itnria, tj, {&<pnnros) bad riding, 
a4>-iinr€va), to ride off, away, or back, 
a<t>- iinro99 ov, unsuitedfor riding or for ca valry, II. 
riding badly, 

ai^'Lim\\Li, impf. iffrijv, f. aTfiffw : aor. ea-rriffa, and 
aor. I med. avea-Triffdfiriv, in which tenses it is 
trans., to put away, remove, separate : hence to hin- 
der, frustrate : but mostly, to make revolt. II. to 
iceigh out, p.)) xp^ «>* arrotrT-fiaruvTai lest they weigh 
out, i. e. j)ay in full the debt. 

Intraiis., in Pass., with act. aor. 2 ea-rrjv : perf. 4arr]- 
KO and plqpf. effTijKeiv : and fut. med. divoaT'fia' : 
To stand off, away, or aloof from : hence a^. trpa- 
yfidrwv, etc., to withdraw from business : but usu. &(p. 
avS rivos to revolt from, and freq. absol. to revolt : 
aJso c. inf., hp. fpan^crai to give over asking. 2. 

absol /o s/andaloqf, keep ojffl 

&<|>ixOAh iof' P^* ^ &4>tKif4ofiau ^ 

fi^XooTov, r6, Lat. aplusire, the curved item rf§ lesa 
ship with its ornaments. (Deriv. unoertain.) « ::. 

&^Xourp.^, 6, only in II. 15. 607, foam^ fQttmm§^ w 
or gnashing of teeth. (Prob. like ^Xourfios^ fbrmed ■ - 
from the sound.) 

&^vci^y 6v, also 4\, 6v, {Jk^vos) rich, wealthy f aln « 
rich in a thing, c gen. 

&^vc^, d, 6v, collat. form of foreg. 

"A^NOS, €05, r6, = &4l>€V05, q.v. 

''A^Nfl, Adv., unaufares, of a sudden: shoAipt mu 

&.^P<r|Tos, ov, (a priv., t^fi4ofuu) fearless, 
fear of, c gen. 

flU^oPof, ov, fearless, 2 . causing no fear, Mf 
be feared. Adv. -^s, without fear, secur^. 

iL-^P6-av\aYXvoi, ov, (&^/3os, inrKdyxiWf)fi 
less of heart, stoutJiearied, 

a^-o8oss 71, (&ir<$, dd65) a going away, 
also a going back, l\.—kr6iraros, 

&-^oCPavTos, ov, (a priv., t^ifiaSvu) uncleansed,^ 

&^-<MrX£t», f. tffw, to disarm, strip qf arms, 
^oir\l(€a-dai ivr^a to put off one's armour. 

&<|>-opdca, impf. iupc^poov, pf. iupt^paxa : with 
rowed fut. and aor. imSi^opjcu, direZSov : to look 
from all others at one, and so like hro^Kitv, I0 &> 
at, Lat. respicere, II. to see clearly, 

full view. III. rarely, to look away, hone 

back turned, 

a-^ppi\ro%, ov, (a priv., <f>op4w) unbearable, 

a-^pCa, 7], {&<popos) a not bearing, dearth 
thing. II. barrenness, 

a<|>opict, 3 fut. act. or 2 fut. med. from sq. 

a<|>-opi^a), f. Iffoo, Att. Xu, to mark off by bow 
hence to part off, determine, define. II. to < 

out of the boundaries, carry off, 

a(|)-op|j.db>, f. iiffdo, to set in motion, to make to 
from a place : but mostly intr., to start, set off. 
Pass, to go forth, start, depart, 

d4>-op|Ai(), 71 J {a.7F6, dp/x-fi) a starting -plaxse, meanr 
starting, base of operations : hence also a plaos 
retire to, a place of safety. 2. a starting-^ 

the occasion or pretext of a thing. 3. ihe m< 

or sinews of war, as money, ships, etc. : capital, 
fundus. II. a making a start, undertaking, 

a(|>op|A'r|6€i€v, 3 pi. opt. aor. i pass, from iufopftdtt' 

a-(|>dp|iiKTOS) ov, (a priv., <poppi(u) wi^ut tt^ 
lyre, of plaintive music, as of the ahKSs, etc. 

a<f>-opfi.o9, ov, (&'»-({, tipfxos) without harbour. 

d-4>opo9, ov, (a priv., <p4p(a) not bearing, barren. 

d4>-oo'i,(So|,, Dep. med. [0.7^6, 6(ri6s) to dedicate, 
devote: a<p. rp Qitp to devote the firstlings to th9 
goddess. II. to purify, cleanse : to purify fmf 

self from sins of negligence. III. to acquit omS' 

self of service due, hence a<po(novadai i^6pKWTUf ts 
\ discharge onesel| o| ihe oUxgatxou qC an. oath. ♦ 

u^jiATa, Ep. lengthd. Sot iffim, mo. pMt. f 

KL froTd a^idaj, 

HpaSiis, &, (a priv., M^j>^) lAmwMtef 
miieA, lataeleat. Adv. ifpalM, /oofijA^r, *n 

&^6mrTa — ixtipfytt XI9 

'ajiput) lobe mi 
or, (a priv., 

IL of o«rt, 
o», gen. oi-in,' ,. , 
0-, (o pri*, fprf^) •MMMraUf, 
i. u»(oH, niwri»r&ii. IL(«pi]v., 

■ai) nol perceired, w '' * '- 

o, vnetpeoledly. 

poj, i. Ion, f(* >» f J n i». (aprir^fpitrpa) 
«1 fpiT^ q. v., tcilJkmU Kcial St. 

jirtia, 4, the foum lum i film 
■]|€nis, ^t, {iippis, *7fai) J i iMW tern. 

I 0, or, n1m> ar, (r, MMvimr Ai Apiro- 
II. T^ 'K^poilirur Ae tempU b/ 
in pL a/eitiMi ifAfkroditi 1 Own 
. .ji, {i^') JphrtiiUt, I«t. Ffnw, the 
tad We, deure, ga«*> and bamt;. 

-. [i] 
., -,-. .,10}, (li^ipuv) (0 £e tU/y, act fod'uhly. 
i-ifirUT(u, f. ijBu, (0 ie heedletas ta have a, 
onv^ilLuig: from 
i-ifimirm, av, [a priv., tf^K") thoughllets, 
LiwtfiH. 5. lenaelest, 11. paw. uniAoupAl <j^ 

K«e^H Adv. -rut, uifAouJ toJMnff thought. 
T ir^ifiiut, Aiy, from iippair. 
1. VUPtfa. i,/i!am, jtoi'Sf. i-frotMng bland, 

t i-^feairT\, j, ^ft-^puiij /tiJ{v, thcughtleitneu, tenia- 

, (a priv., fipdvpif) Hit^uunfef^ un- 

, , , jen. oHJj, (o privT ^f) seiwtleta, 
I, cmzeil, li/'^. La:. i»n«n«, (fenietu. Compar. 
kd Super],, —vitrrtpus, -vtmaroi- Adr. — JiftoT. 

I if-iSpatvu, to aath, sprinkle 1 Med. ^ viiuh ene- 

hff, halhe. 

yifin, ii, a sort of anchovy w sardine. (Deriv. un- 

i4!Mfl, it, {a priv., ijiu^) mlhoiU natural talent, 
UL IL in good lente, nimple. 

1 t—mi, or, (a priv., ^^) twI Ie be ihunnedi 
ift «f amnra, unerring. z.Act. uiuib lo escape. 
Uv Ifcwrrvi. Adv. -n>i. 

44eXwrrfa> f. ifm^ to be off one's guard, c 
fcfacrgfaw «£ouf, neglect 1 Irota 

ttJfcTnij •'S (mfnr.,fii'Aiiffirm)tti^tmr»ied. 

cMbinme^hisgiard. Adr. -tm. fli]. 

i4MM, «, (a prir., fiMiw) IMJI-H tt dry 
rood ( Sf . oT^ui iptH^ iu< iteenitd if Ou tap- 
pHeHtt tliw»-irmtA. JL aBU sMrpkig ^ A* 
Mnwf, blighting, bbuling. 

liiifav, IdI: fut. fhm Af^m. 

i^-vnjn, L in., MT. I l^imw^ (JM^fam) to 
lBak0jnmslmp. tLtofiUltd^ 

Krtun «HriM with It, «iiM, 

H<«v«, fat Mi» Mr. ifftnifVitMWttar. 
med.itf«n^i)rafiwinlfVi 3V Aim Uooid*, wi- 
*«» 4fdmTw abat witw wot drnm >m A» 
cadu. 1. genenUIr, to dm to AaJUL Mad. to 
drmc for ttumffi to (Mit, f«H|^ 3. to pMN- In 


i ^Ai|wi, w, (a prir., ^m-Jh) HUMaiaML MMtf- 
toroU*. ILeoinlv "- 

Ami I inariimUU. Adr. • 

'Ax>(>, loo. 'Axiidf, 4, (Ixm) ^th. irf DhoMv In 
AtCka. (Doic. tuujmOaa.) 

•Ax*d»,1toM, i, Att.'Ax<b> OaAehaiankmJtuilii 
or without ¥■!■. a. on ^oikaiiui <Mima». 

'Axa>^ 1^ &>, ^ohmn* > Lat. Aahitnu 1 henoe m 
SuhaL 1. al 'Axunl, .^eAoioiu, in Boata O* 

GtmIk gneiBliy. 1. i) 'Axola, .iofctia in Peb- 

&-X<>Unrn>t, ov, (a pri'-, x"^^^) taibridied, 
teilAout bridle, 

A-X^XitivTot, or, (a priv., xa^"^) »oi farged iff 

cl-XaXitBt, or, mlhout braia, eip. toUAouf fimmn 
omu, fix'^^'^^ &ffx£Sd0rvFA>r*£f AjTrltair xa^fc^. 

&X^*^i 4> o i'cniin, and also Soeoiian neaaire, 

S-xfipW. <1, ^, Sxapi, ri, gen. iTot, (o priv., xfip's) 
without grace or charms, unpleasant, wretched. II. 
un^^roiTrDuf, thartkiess, Lat. an^a^ua. 

&-X&pH>-nlai, fd £e thankless, nngratefvl : from 

i-XapuTToc, or, poet, alu i-x<ipiTt>c, (a fnv., xa- 
plfofuu) unji/eiujn^ .* vntKoai grace. II, UR' 

jiracioiu: unffrateful, thankless. -i. pasa., un- 

thanked. 3. irifA an if/ tcill, hence Adv. 

-Twi Inffftii to follow teiih a bad grace. [&] 

&-X>V''"n> <"'< (" P"''-i X*'!"') "o' ™^B<' <"■'& 
storms, calm. 

a-X<ipt poi, il, 1^ (a priv., x''p) "'i'Ai'uJ Aonito 
uifAouf dexterity, aakicard. 

i-X«ipii*. ^J,=(or^. 

&-X(4»'vati|m, or, (a ptW., X''^! '■anribf^ ivUl 
made by handt. Adv. ^rwi. 


&X€Cp(»TOS it^OVOTOS. 

k'X'l^tarQiy ov, (a priv., x^'P^) '^^ trained by the 
hand. II. unccnqtbered. 

'AxcXf osy 6, poet. 'Ax€\(i&7o$, Achelous, name of 
several rivers ; the best known ran throogh Aetolia 
and Acamania. IL later it signified any 

running waier : water generally, as in Virgil, Ache- 
lo'ia pocula. 

''AXEPAOS, 71, rarer 6, a wUd pridcly shrub, used 
for hedges: the wUd pear, 

axcp«i>fs» tHos, the white poplar : from 

*Axcpo>v, ovroSf 6, Acheron^ a river in Hades. 
(Derived from &xos as KuKvrds from Ktoicdw,) 

^x^TOS, ov, 6, Dor. for iix^'rvh (o-X^) souf^fi^ng : 
esp. the male cioada, from its chirping. 

ax<^> ijhc^s) to mourn, be sad, riv6s for one. 

4XCC0, {&X05) = foreg. 

dx^^ ol^ V^^' ^^^'^^ ^^ 4x^ to sound, and trans. 
to make to sound. 

&X^c»9 ^^* for ^x^* [4 

'AXH'N, ^as, J, ^, poor, needy, [a] Hence 

&.XV^ ^9 »«^ want: ofijidrrofv ax- the eyes' 
blank gaxe, 

6.xB€w69i ^) 6v, {&x^^^) burdensome, oppressive. 
Adv. -ym, unufiUingly, "Lat. aegre, moleste. 

&X^<^^> part. aor. i pass, from (iy», 

Lx^rfiiv, 6vos, 71, (&x^^) ^ weight, pain, grief: 

&X^<'^F^h ^""^ ^^ ^^ Bq. 2. flit. pass, from 

&X^oFOLh Pass, c fut. med. ax^^cro/Acu, rarely &x^~ 
cofiai, also ax^^o'O^o'ofJMi, aor. iixOiffdijv, {Ax'^os) to 
be burthened, loaded. Hence to be weighed down, 
discontented, vexed, disgusted. 

''AX0O2, tos, r6, a weight, burden, load: &x^os 
apovpTis a dead weight on earth. II. a load of 

grief: hence trouble, distress. 

axQo-^poq, ov, {&x^os, <l>4p<o) bearing burdens. 

axiKkeioq, and oxiXXTits, t^osy rj, a fins kind of 
barley : rh dx^^^*®*' ^ ^^^ of fine barley. From 

*AxiXXeus9 4o>h ^P' V^h 6, Horn, also 'AxtAevs, 
Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, prince of the 
Myrmidons, hero of the Iliad : hence Adj. 'Ax«A.- 
K^Los, and Patronym. *AxtAX6^8ijs, ov, 6. 

a-x^^oS) ov, without grass or fodder. 

CL-xLrtav, ov, gen. wvos, without tunic, thinly clad. 

a-x^Atvia, rj, want of a cloak : in gen. want of 

clothing : from 

a-xX-aivo9> ov, (a priv., x^<*"'**) without cloak or 

a-x^oo^» oVf coQtr. &x^ovs, ovv, (a priv., x^^°-) 
vnthout herbage. 

axXvtSei^, iffffa^ ev, (ax^vs) murky, gloomy. 

'AXAT'S, vos, ^, a mist, hence gloom, darkness, 
Lat. caligo : in Homer often the mist which comes 
orer the eyes of the dying or swooning: metaph. 
/rou3/e. [0 Ep. : ij in late poets.] Hence 

&xXv«», f . ^(Oj aor. i lix^vfth to be or grmo 
"kXNA., Ion. ix^i ^9 ^^P thing that oomes 
surface of a thing, as of liquids, ./bam, /ro<A 
ovpaifia the dew of heaven : also ZoKpiOoov &x} 
tears. II. of sc^ds, chaff: the di 

fruit. III. IkxvTiv in ace. as Adv., a 

a little bit. 
axwiuu, ifi-xos) to trouble oneseif, grieve, 
a-xoAos, ov, (a priv., X'^^'h) lacking gall ; i 
meek, gentle. II. allaying bile or anger, 

Hx^V*^^* Med. from *&x^> to VMum, bewail 
a-xopcvros, op, (a priv., xop«^) like i.x'H 
attended with the dance, joyless, wretched. 

IL'Xopio^ ov, without ^ dance : hence mo 

"AXOS, €os, r6, an ACUB,' pain,''distress, in 
only of the mind. 
a-xpavTOS) ov, (a priv., xP^j XP^^^^ unde^ 
ik-xp*lo9, ov, rardy a, ov. Ion. i^xjpifios, (a 
XP^^^) useless, unprofitable: esp. unservice 
war. II. neut. ii.jQ)€tov as Adv. in Homer, 
Mv giving a helpless look, lo(ddng foolish ; i 
yeKav to laugh wUhout use or cause, make a 
laugh; iLXp^lov KXd(tiv to bark without ca 
a-xp4M>s, ov. Ion. for &XP^^^* 
a-xp^f^c^rCc^ fi, (axp^fMros) waMt of money, 
h.'XS'hv^'^^y ov, (a priv., x/'^/AaTa) vnthomit 
or means : ol &XP* t^ poor, 
^'XP^H'^'^'^^9 Vy want of money : from 
a-xp^H>ov, ov, gen. ovos, (o priv., xp^M"'''«)= 
fiaros, poor, needy, ["o] 

a-xpT]OTos, ov, (o priv., xp<^/*o»j XPV<J^'r6s) i 
unprofitable, unserviceable : &X' ^* '''* f^^fi^ 
thing, without effect, Lat. irritus. II. « 

cruel. III. act. making no use of, c. da 

Xpdofiai). Adv. -rcos. 

&X?h ^i^d before a vowel axpi'$9 (dicpos) p 
gen., until, of time, &XP' fid\a Kvetpaos until c 
the night IL as Conj., until, to the time t) 
also &XP* °^' m* i" Homer as Adv. of plac< 
surface, grazing. 2 . even to the uttermost, 
d-Xpttfiaros, ov, (a priv., xp«Ma) without d 
a-xpu<rT09) ov, (a priv., xp^6^) uncolorec 
axvp|Aid, 7), {ikx^P^^^ ^ heap of chaff . 
axvpo-8<SKT), 77, (&x^pov, bcxofiai) a chaff-hc 
"AXTTPON, r6, mostly in plur.,c^^ bran, ht 
axvpwv, iavos, 6, = &xvpov, a chaff-heap. 

a.-x(^pio^o9, ov, (a priv., x^P^C^) not parted' 
(o priv., x^pos) ivithout a place assigned one- 

*'AT, Adv. of Place, backwards, back, aw^ 
away. 1. of actions, again, over again. 

a\|fa|Acvos, part. aor. i med. from S.7rT0fiat. 

a-\|favoT09, ov, (a priv., yj/awa) untouched. 
\act. mlHoul louchmg. X^n.^«stC 

i-ii«YTS, «, {b priv., ■iih-} » 
i-i|iuTa«, Di', = oi^t7Si- ■«»• -iwt 

t4«UH, nol to lie, to ^mk tnOki front 
MnvS^, ^i, (a priv., fHhpai) MJAovi fi« Md 

— Adr. -St'wi, Ate. -Mb rwl^ a>d imlf. 
r, (a priT, Hw »* mMirf q^. 

Kvrai^ rJ, and Ivm, J, DB. A« iM^ bMsari af 
ibiiMf. IaHttnariiNMlTafaa>Mi( wuJ,*fa 
*MTM> I «lw wilhoot (Ut, JIaBit, damtn ■bo of Ifa* 
>>M< JliiiM, Absw A*rrii' Wn 

» •!/'> DM. 

■B} crei, raun.- >A(Xn ft^>M tb* potur'i 


|k«. im;!!!^^^ u^7/ii7Nl ory of wuUiip. 

, (n priv., •f,,^) Hftleu. 

Aran of hiu, to htoa ; rf. <£■, atiu. 

"M of iCar, iaioi, iorr^ to *te«/i. 

' "'1 umtr. from kiti, q. r. 

fe, only found in act. inf. i^ixran, [d], 
*-wJ4in,m. hence veth. Adj. 4tJj, [ft], bul 
Wpnt. iaf„, [aa] . contr. Stoj. 
*i-*(ii',,Dor. for ^«*»>',/j-oni //le mominji, or 

', (aupM, njf) a' nudni^Af, Lst 

'1 (a priv., 2pa) unJinwip, un«(woii- 
n. bifore the Hat, unripe. III. 

?^ K^ plqpr. paai. at it!fa, iiix^P" ^"P^ i^'H"' 


Tba Aaol. mod I>sr. oMd It m die ampk int. 
nUht/omp,mBfi><»,Be^»*,brtatr,Uim. It 
Tu often iiusted bnwMD ilk»ai./iptagm»fiJbt 
J - la iumgiefla,yaiifip6rt u ■)« in word* 

.... Into 7i " y^ixf" ft* 

|a, iliartaied Gvni of BooaXf^ OKatgt 
papal, Lat. JnQM^ f^'^'t*"* of luiprivi Uw 
n# I hsnce 

^Y|us BToi, rrf, (alM a MpeaA, report. 1, a 

Xmad, vaicg, tpeaking. 

P^Sijr, Adr., (|Ba/tv) tiej) by tlep, pacing, opp. to 
quick ninniDg. II. narcA^ on fool, opo, to 

riding. III. ffraduailff, tat. ffradalim. [i] 

Pa&Hu, fut. law, or UBU. itiD>uu, alio lirafuu, [0ilSos, 
fiidra) to tcalk, go 1 etp. to go on foot 1 alio, te go 
tlotcli/, pace. " 

PoBiffriov, v_. ^. , __, . 

pa8urn)«, oi!, ^ {^oSifiu) otif lAa< 
Toxiii ^iij. B quick runner. 
poSurriK^, 4, iv, (^oJf fu) ^f /or walking, good at 

^oGof, d, (iBafrai) a walk, ilep, path. 

BA'Zfi, f. ^a, lo ipeak, tayi 3 Ung. perf. pau. 
IvDi ^c^ojfTu a vord Ads i;en tpoken, 

PaSh], Ion. rem. from ?aS6s tot fiaStia. 

BoCUut, Adr. rnnn $aei!, deeply. 

BiBurra%, 1), of, Superl. from fMiii. 

paB|iiCt> liot, and itoi, ^, a ttep : from 

paSiiA, A, {^airm) a ttep, slair. II. a degree, 

rank. Let. gradai. 

P^Bot, (01, -rif, Onfvi) iJejjfA or heighl, oJ't- 
/ud<?, M AISdi inJUe, oi aoldien-. in geo. exlcnnim 
in space: breadth : extent. 
BaSptla, ^, = Bd6Mt. 
piipov, t6, {palrm) that on wIwA one tioM*, a 


fiaOa^ovkos — poKnipla. 

basSy pedestal : foundation. 2. a step or set of 

steps, the round of a ladder : in plor. ladders. 3. 
a threshold : metaph. verge. 4. a bench, seat. 

Pa0^-PovXo«y oVf {fioBis, fiovXii) deep^ounselling, 
prqfoundlp unse. [p] 

fhJ^-ytwif ov. Ion. fia$6ytos, ov, Att. fiaOvyttos, 
tav, (fiaO^s, yrj) unth deep soil, fruitful : opp. to rocky 
ground, (Ktirroyiws), 

pa^-8iviljcis, ecrcra, ev, deep-eddying : and 

Ba^-8(vT)«, ov, 6, {fiaB^s, iivri) deep-eddying, [i] 

poOii-Sotos, ov, (fiad^s, dS^a) far-famed. 

PoO^-t^vos, ov, (fiaBits, C<^vri) deep-girded, i. e. not 
under the breast, but over the hips, so that the gown 
fell over the girdle in full folds ; esp. of the Ionian 
dress : in gen. richly clad: cf. ^aBitKoXiros. 

poOv-Opif, rpixos, df ri, (fioBvs, BpiQ with thick, long 
Jiair : of sheep, with thick wool. 

PaOvicaf&inl{«, es, (fioBls, Kdfiirrot) strongly curved. 

Sa6v-iciqTT|s, €s, (fiaB^s, Krjros) very deep. 
etOv-KoXiroS) ov, ($a66s, koKttos) deep-bosomedy 
with the dress in deep, full folds, hence richly clad, 
like fiaB6((ovos. 2. with swelling breasts. II. 

of the earth, with deep valleys : of the sea, unth deep 
bays or creeks. 

BaOv-Kpn|&vos, ov, {^B{>s, KpTifivSs) ufith steep cliffs, 

pa^v-KTCcLvos, ov, {fiaB^s, kt^ovov) with great pos- 
sessions, esp. of flocks and herds. 

paOv-XcifAos, ov, and PaOv-XeCfAwv, ov, gen. ovos, 
(fio^^s, \€ifju&v) with rich meadows. 

pci^-Xi]ios> ov, (fioB^s, Kijiov) with a heavy crop, 

BaO^-|AaXXos9 ov, {fia66s, fiaW6s) thick fleeced. 

pa^-|Ai]Tr)S9 ov, 6, also fiaBvfiTJra, (^aBvs, fiTJris) 
deep-counselling, deliberate. 

paOv-voos, ov, contr. -vovs, ovv, {paB^s, v6os) pro- 
foundly wise. 

PaOvvo), fut. ^aBvvSo, perf. $cfidBvyKa, (BaB^s) to 
hallow out, excavate ; fiaB. r^v (pdXayya to deepen 
the phalanx by increasing the number of ranks. 

paO^-|vXos9 ov, {fiaB{fs, ^i\ov) with thick wood. 

pa6v-irc8os» ov, (fiMs, ire^ov) forming a deep vale, 
lying low, 

pa6v-ircX|A0$, ov, {^aBvs, ir^Xjita) thick soled, 

6a6v-irXovTo$, ov, {fiaBis, ttKovtos) exceeding rich. 

pa6v-^<SXc|Aos, ov, {^aB^s, 'ir6\€fios) plunged in war. 

paOv-irw'ywv, ov, gen. avos, {fiaBvs, irt^av) with 
long, thick beard, 

Pa6vp-p€£Tq99 ov, 6, {P((a)=^aB'(>ppoos, 

1a6vp-pT)vos9 ov, {^Ms, (i-fiv) unth thick wool. 
laOvp-pi^os, ov, {^Bvs, l^i(a) deep-rooted, 
ta6vp-pooS) ov, contr. —ppovs, ovv, (/3ad<5s, ^iu) 
deep flowing, with deep, full stream. 

BA"0T'2, iSofleTa, and Ion. fiaBi-q, fiaBv, Comp. /3a- 

Bimpos, poet. fiaBlav, Dor. Pdcacov, Sup. fiaBvraros, 

poet. fidBiaros : deep or high, Lat. altus : extended 

m auj/ way, ^ony, broad: also thick, close, abundant: 

esp. qf/ii//, /u^uriant growth, as, oi the hair and 

beard : hence of abundance, generally, large, 
dant : of the voioe^ deep, hollow : of thought^ 
in many relations, as, of time, age, etc., fiSohs 
morning-prime : fioBeut ^)d\ctry^ a phalanx €leep 

PaBv'irK6j^nffi, 4s, (fiaMs, a-Kdirra) deep dug. 

poM-o'icXoSy OV, {fiaO^s, ffKid) deeply shaded. 

paO^-(nropo9»ov,(i3a0^s, ffTreipu) deep souon^fi 

PaOif-OTCpvoSy ov, (fiaBis, trrepvov) with deep < 
breast, broad-chested : fi. a7a broad-bosomed ee 

Pol^-a\oiyoSf ov, {fiaBis, (txplvos) deep grow 

PaOiS-<|>p«i>Vy ov, gen. ovos, {fiaBvs, ^p^v) 

BcM-^KKoi, ov, {fiaB^s, ^vKKov) thick leafe 

paOv-xaXos» ov, (^Ms, X"'^') of old nobility 

pa6v-xaCnf)s, ov, 6, also, -^6is, 'fitffo'a, rjev, ( 
Xa^T)}) with deepfalhng hair, with thick mane 

PoA6-X^^, ov, gen. ovos, {fiaBls, x^^^) ^J 
soil, fertile. 

PaCr\v, 7)5, 71, opt. aor. 2 of sq. 

BAI'NH, formed from obsol. &dju, fut. fi-fiarofjuu 
fidanvfiai. Perf. $4fi7iKa, whence syncop. forn 
$daa-i, $€fia<ri, inf. ficfidiiev, part, b^fiau&s, fit, 
contr. fit^s, fieP&tra, /3e/3^s: Ep. forms jScj 
part, fiefiac&s, fiefiavTa, inf. ficfidfiev. Aor. 2 
imperat. fiijBi, conj. fico, opt. fialTiv, inf. jS^i'af. 
fids, fiwra, fidv. Homer has also fidrTjv [&], a 
for ifi-f/TTiv 3 dual aor. 2. 3 aor. med. 4fif]<rvrot 

Intr. to go, walk, tread, step. 2. c. inf 

<lfi€v, fihv 5' Uvai they set out to go, firj 8^ € 
started to run. 3. fiaiveiv fifrd ri to go 

thing; fiaiveiv iir* i\irldos, etc., to procee 
hope, i. e. to feel hope, etc. 4. the perf. 

chiefly has the signf. of being in a place, h^ 
tied : so eS fiefiriKevat to stand fast : 01 iv t6>.' 
T€s they who are in office. 5. of lifeless 

ivvca iviavTol fiefidaai nine years have ca 
gone. 6. to mount, of animals, to cov^'* 

fiaiv6fi€vai brood mares : c. ace. cogn. fiaivet^ * 
to go a path : fiaiveiv ir(J5a to advance the r<o 
later c. ace, oHvov ifia K6pos disgust cort** 
praise, and so XP^^^ ^i^a /xe debts came on iX»' 
II. transit, to make to go, lead, lift, caT^ 
act. fiiiffu) : aor. i efirjaa, aor. med. ifiriadfnjt^ 
firja-fv i^' Tttttcoi/ he made the men dismount ^ 
chariot. 2. Med. fiiiaaoBai di<f>pov to ttiC 


Pdiov, t6, (fidXs) a palm-branch. 

BAIO'2, d, 6v, little, slight, short, not far : 
fiai6s he travelled with slight escort : fiai6v, ^ 
a little. 

BA'rS, 7}, a palm-branch, 

BAI'TH, Tj, a peasants coat of skins, Att. <r« 

BoLkCIo), (Ba/cfs) to prophesy like Bacis, 

^a.KTt[^(.ay 71,-= fiaKTpov, a stick, staff: a g^ 


fiaKT^ptap — / 

wnipM*, tJ, and -fliar, ri. Dim. from foKg. 
■Tpcniia, Brat, rd, a tbtf', prop : from 
"Tpcfci, lo Iran on o ilajf ; from 
trrpov, t4, (*j9^, 3i3d^) Lac Aann/ui, a (Jii^ 

i'«xi-.(B^Bi) W te in Bofrhicfmtg, In rave. 
tanxi-PMXOv imu, to raiie Ihe strain Bctpcx'. 
■nt* to Bacehta, to uinoie Aim. 
("VMS, a, oi', {Bii*x"') BiKtliie, bchngiag to 
that at hit ritu ; A^ a pn'mt q/" ibicM ui, in- 
t^Sraaied. AjSubm., I, BmxiSj>,iiiI>. Mi, 
pUrxu, O; ^ hmtelf. II. hIio J BiHxtwi. 
' lu!, Bltr> ■aoKxiimclt, a metrical foot of three 
ityu — e. ^. ^fitlrou/, or — u e.g. AyBpivroi. 
■OS, iJ, (Bbkx*™) a feilipal of Bae- 
in gen. rrreliy. 

_ . --,»Si "», BacelianaJiiin,fre7isled. 
\»^a-ni, «>!, ^, (Biutx'iSii) a /«[*( nf Bacchia, 

(Biix»t) «> *«p Ibefeslivnl nfBaechua, 
""( Trirleridfj, or Trienaial feail. 3. 

H/ Hh one frantic, Lat baceliari, II . 

(BdiTfo!) a ^(UTAanfe. II. any in- 

~ v, and Kit, jcA, iirii', — Bit/c;t(iaT, fioc- 
. - gen. impirat, rarinff. II. as 

H4i^' '"'' ^ i^^X"") " Bacehanalian. 
BroO^Jj^nf^UK, the planter of the Tine, god 
^™«>S inspiiation, esp. that of dramatic poetry ; 
pjfttlhatre: the rame word with'liwvoi, 
«»»"Ux-,ii,t*. This name fimt ocours in 
■' II. a Bacc^hanal J generally, any 
'^mjraatic irilh paaian. 
L ^ll^iii (flif^aiiDt, Stjw) an iuslnimenl to 
P»*»,Bt» v. flikaKoi: n (ii»p Id i-alth the 


^tIiLbC. £a^8un,a bath, hathing-room ; 
^ *^l*f Saift. 
^wwyj, (mi, i, ;ftc 6a!ft-Bian, Lst. balneator. 

S It ktep or wait upon a bath : in gen. fa 

"I'My'S, Bi'i (flifAoi'ai, ^ot™-) amm-«o(injf. 

', (flitAai-o!, $t(w) beating acams 

Vjj^Si^^o,) to ,h^k. acotns/rom a Irre. 
I rri|> i, f™. from Ba^arti'- 
I ^j"WI, 4, on acorn or any jwj4 /mif, esp. 
I ■"«,■ ii, 3i^. tb» meet oheitnui: alwi /A? 
I !* "Art W the^/rrfiJ,. II. a» irm, pgg, 1 

f^paadu^ pasted tbrougli the bar vb«a / 


quite linme in the lockec, into a liole in ths door- 
post behind it (SaAuntiiini}, and taken out agsja 
ivith a key or liook {BaKayiypa) when the door WBI 
10 be opened. Hence 
piiXSv^, (o bar the door by putting in the jScUofoi, 

paXQVTvi|-Td^9, t^&aKijrTiBv, Tifiinti) a out-prtrxi 

BAAA'NTION, ri, a bag, pouch, purie. 

BAABl'2, 3oi, it, UBU. in pL BoXfilBn, ths poit iff tha 
racc-couTse, Lat. careeres, icheneg the taceri ttarted, 
and to rohich Iheg relumed, both in running and 
driving; ang itarling point, 11. alioangpoint 

to be gained, so, ijf the baUleiamU of a icatl .- an end, 

poXt, for tBoM, 3 sor. 2 from Q&KKa. 

pSXiJv, ^vDi, i, alao PoXX'^Vi a itir^i ^i" to Hubr. 
SW or Baal, Lord. 

psXiih, il, <(i', or Pi£Xl(», (OiiAu) gpolted, dappled, 
ilripfd. II. Kirtft. 

BohX^vaSc 0A^ii', B play on tLe w^s &ix\u 
and thi; Attic denie UaW-tiyTi. 

BA'AAfl, fut 3aA£, Inter fioAA^iru : anr. 1 ^fioAov, 
alio ffiAqv, med. jj8a/.iJF»)v ; perf. Bi^tjim, pei£ 
pais. ^^flAir^oi, Ep. also fi(i3J\nfuu : aor- 1 pan. 
J^\Asi|i'. A contr. aor. paas. ia found in formi 
Spurra, eoaj, ^^mu, opt. flAdjUifc, p\iio, etc., ia 

1. Act. la throK, eail, hurl at, properly of a, 
missile u opp. to atrikiag, heni^e to hit ailh a dart, 
Aleiaph. of soiinii, M iIH*f, rriros oSarn j5i\Aii. 
Of thipi, lo dash, alriic : tlao to pvsh : to let fall : 
and of lear», to shed. Also (0 put on, over a thing, 
Kin^a i/if 1 Miffiri. II. incr. to fall, tumble, 

ivraixhs f il Sia pdtJiaiv. 

MeA.toroeigh with oneself, ponder, deliberate. t, 
to throw around oneself; f^oi 4^' Sfuiii fliiAAcirftu 
to throK orer one's shoulder. 3. to logafnunda- 
tiaa .■ hence PiWttiVai imi la found a dty. 

PttXotirai, Dor. for floXoiJcroi, fera. pi. nom. part, 
aor. 1 irf^tlWiu. 

BoXS, fut. from gdJUoi. 

pSjia, t6. Dor. for B^^a. 

PnfipaCvw, to stutter, stammer! chatter,mth the 
teeth. (Farmed from the sound.) 

pa|i«,Dor.&re£jiti', ip1ur.conj.aor.3rromflaf«i. 

Pa.\i.fia, oioi, -ri, Oriirra,) Ih^ in lufticfi a (7iin(j 11 
dipped, dye, paint: Bdfiiui 'SnfSiarisir SKrdiaiaa 

pdv, Kp. for fjBav, and this for IBv"^! 3 P^ ^'- * 
offlofvu,. M 

pivoiiiTCo, i, (fldwuvfTDi) handicraft, trade .- (Ae /i^ 
miii habits <if a mechanic: beiica wtgaritg, bad 
taste. Hence 

pSvavmicdt, *, liii, n/or_)f(/or mechttnies: uulgiw, 
7-(ji;n) Sayauautii a mechanicul ttaic, sw\dX"i rf. one 
who works by the fire, liat. ora scUiilnTW., 
^r-avovc, on, [im |3((ii>inNTDt^iC[i& BrofMsai.*'^ 


jSafts-— jSa/wrrev^s. 

strictly worMng by the fire : hence in gen. of mecha- 
nics^ etc., who lead a sedentary life : metapk. hw, 
vulgar, iUibereU, [&] 

pa{is> €0)5, riy {$di(e) a saying, report, announce- 
ment, esp. of an oracle, a\t&(rtfio5 fi. the telling of 
the capture. 

Paierllu, f. Urw, {fidirrco) to dip repeatedly, dip 
under : Med. to bathe. II. to baptize. Hence 

pdirrurf&a, aros, r6, that which is dipped, II. 


BairTur|fc^, 6,—£oreg. 

paiprunnjs, ov, S, one that dips, a dyer, II. a 

haptixer : 6 Bairr. th^ Baptist, 

Pairr^, ^, 6v, dipped, dyed : bright-colored, II. 
drawn like water : from 

BA'nTn, fut. fidnlfw : pf. pass, fie^fifiai : aor. 2 
pass. ifidtpTiv : Transit, to dip, dip under, Lat. imm^r- 
gere, i. to dye, color, steep : proverb, fidirreiv 

riva fidfifxa ^apBiaviK6v to steep one in crimson, give 
him a bloody coxcomb. 3. to fill by dipping in, 

draw. IL intrans., to dip, sink : vavs ^^a^cv the 
ship sank, 

pdpa0pov, t6, Ion. fi4p€$pov, (akin to fidOpop, fi6dpos) 
a gulf, cleft, pit : esp. at Athens a cleft behind the 
Acropolis, into which criminals were thrown, = Spar- 
tan KedJScu : hence, II. metaph. ruin, perdition, 

pappapC^w, f. l<ru, Att. Xw, {^Lp^apos) to behave or 
speak like a barbarian, speak a foreign tongue : to 
ape foreigners, II. to hold with barbarians, esp. 

iJie Persians, cf. fiijdl(u, 

PapPapiK<59, "fij ^v, barbaric, foreign, like a fo- 
reigner, opp. to 'EAATjytfctJj. Adv. —kS>s : from 

BA'PEA^POS, ov, barbarous, foreign to Greek man- 
ners or language, foreign : mostly as Subst., ol fidp- 
fiapoi, which meant orig. all that were not Greeks, or 
that did not speak Greek: Plato divides mankind 
into Barbarians and Hellenes, as the Hebrews called 
the rest of mankind Gentiles. Later the term chiefly 
denoted difference of language. II. From the 

Augustan age the term was applied by the Romans 
to all nations except themselves and the Greeks : but 
the Greeks still affected to look upon the Romans as 

papPapS-(|>(»vo9, ov, (fidpfiapos, <p<avii) speaking a 
strange language as opp. to Greek, or speaking 
Greek ill, 

pappap<Sb>, (fidpfiapos) to make barbarous or fo- 
reign : hence to make rude. Pass, to become bar- 
barous : to be inarticulate. 

BA'PBrTON, t6, and papPlros, V, « musical in- 
strument of many strings, like the lyre : used also for 
the lyre itself, 

pdpSioTO?, 7), ov, poet. esp. Dor. for fipd^iaros, 
Superl. from fipa^vs : Compar. ^apSvrepos for fipaBi- 

fiapduy (/9dpos)intr. in peri. part. fi€fiapr}d>s, weighed 
i^^cwn, overcame^ as otj/(f) fiefiapridns. 

Sap^e09, Adv. from ^api6s, 
apis, or pdpi«, i^os. Ion. los, rf, an Egyptian I 
a sort of raft : in gen. a canoe, boat, Lat. ratis, 

BA'POS, €05, r6, weight, burden, pressure : h 
grief, misery : also a quantity, excess, 

Papv-aXyriTOS, ov, {fiapis, aKy4a) deeply-8t% 
ing. II. act. bringing deep affliction, 

Papv-axi^S, «, {fio-p^s, &X05, &X^<») groaning 
vily, grievous, 

pcipv-axA^, 4s, Dor. for fiapwuxfis. 

|3apv-Ppc|UTr)S, ov, 6, and -«T^p, rjpos, 6, 
-4T€ipa, 71, (/Sopvs, fip4fju») loud thundering, r 

Papv-pp<t>s, Soros, 6, 71, (fiapis, fitfipt&<rK(o) grei 
eating: gnawing, corroding. 

Papv-Y8<nnros, ov, {fiapvs, ^owros) sounding 
vily, roaring, thundering, 

papv-Yovvaros* ov, and Papv-Yowos, ov, (jft 
y6vv) with heavy knees, slow, loitering, 

papv-8ai|Aov^<a, to be possessed by an evil spm 
genius : in gen. to be unlucky: and 

Papv-8ai)&ovCa, ^, a heavy fate, ill ludc : from 

Papv-8a(|Aov, ov, gen, ovos, (fiap^s, ^aifJMv) 
sessed by a heavy fate, unlucky, 

papv-8aKp\i«, V, (fiap65, ddjcpv) weeping bitterly 

Pap-u-8tK0S, ov, {fiapvs, dlic/i) taking heavy 

papv-8^cipa, ri, {fiapis, ^orffp) giver ofillg\fi 

papiu-8oviros, ov,= fiapvy^omros. 

Papv-6vp,os, ov, (fiapvs, dvfi6s) troubled in 4 
cast dozen : indignant. 

Papv6b>, {fiapvs) to be weighed down, oppret 
hence to be heavy, dull, sluggish, [v] 

Papv-Kop.iros, ov, (fiapvs, KOfiirea)) loudly roaria 

Papv-KOTOS, ov, {fiapvs, Kor4w) implacable. 

Papv-KTviros, ov, {^apls, Krvtreo)) sounding 
vily, terribly thundering. 

Papv-XaiXa^, airos, 6, 7}, (fiap^s, XalXa^) la 

papv-XoYOS, ov, (fiapvs, \6y05) vexatious ofspt 
fiap. ^x^^a hate vented in bitter words, 

pap\i-|Ai]vios, ov, and papv|AT)vi,s, i, gen. los, {fit 
firjvis) exceeding wrathful, 

Papv-p.iaOos, ov, {fiapvs, fxiMs) grasping, 

Papv-p.ox6os, ov, {fiapvs, fiSx^os) suffering hea 

Pdp\iv6cv, Ep. and Aeol. for 4fiap{fvd7i(rav, 3 pL 
I pass, from ^apxiva. 

Pap-uvo), f. vvu>, (fiapvs) to load heavily, to bun 
to torment. Pass, to be weary, oppressed: /9 
veadai x«*P<* ^^ ^^ maimed in hand. Metaph. 
vexed, annoyed, Lat. gravari. 

Papv-(SirT)9, ov, 6, (jSopvs, o^^) of strong, loudvi 

Papv-(SpYr)TOS, ov, (fiapvs, opyh) violently angr^ 

Papv-iraXap,os, ov, {^apis, TraXd^ri) heavy ham 

papv-ircv6il{9, 4$, {fiapis, •k4vOos) causing grie 

/3opinrM!i|ro9— BAT02. 


1^ 1^ (fiofds^ iTFO'cor) heavfffMng, 
M or, (^tyv^ w^fiM ) wiljk AMny /irti^ 

If l» 4» veor, T^ gin. iraSof, (/3af^, »<f) 

4kf iy Compw /So^vriyiof , SuperL /So^vta- 
^piwr^ AM«f .• hMwe fturdniMMMy ^H^v- 

9 take a thing tZ^ Ltt. gmvUer or m^iv 

I. in good ueaae, w^hiif, imprit- 
n. of ioMu»n^ JWnoMfMtfdL IIL 

tfron^ •• ako opp. to i^isp tkrep^fiiiL (In 
means burdmuomej sironff, or im p ret d ve ; 

wtMo gfttwiffm 

fm, or, (fioffds, tfT^Mw ) fffotmhuf heanri^. 
Jffy^ ^9 {fi^* ^r^ff'popi) wiighed 

t ^ p i yoi , or, {fiofAs^ if^^dptgyos) loud lAwt- 


Mf abo of men, importunUif: hantmen, 
|Wi^ or, ifiapisf nfj^i) qf great woHh t 

Ml) or, {fioftCsf T§bw) sirekhed tight, com~ 

lfc|Yos, ovy {fiap^s, <pOoyyfi) eleep^ouncUng, 

nXos, or, {fiap^s, xc<^') thick-Upped, 

ipios, ov, {fiapisf x^f^^) deep-toned. 

vtf% or, {fiapis, ^fvxh) heavy of soul, mean- 


o«, Pav, part. aor. (2 of fiaivco. 

|v, f. ((TO), Att. iw, {fidffopos) to rub upon 

-iime (j8(i<roros) : hence to ^ry M^ genuine' 

1 thing, te«/ .• in gen. to make proof of 

etp. to ap|)/;y Me question, to rack, tor' 

"is, ov, 6, pecul. fem. fiaaravlffTpia, ti, {$a- 

» examiner, torturer. 

^02, ^, /^ie touch-stone, Lat. /a/)i« iy- 

II. metaph. a test whether a thing be 
wrgo/. III. inquiry, esp. ^ tortfire, 
*<"*• 2. torture, anguish, disease, [jBd] 
*i and PoorcOvrai, Dor. for fi^ffofuu and 
1 fot med. of /Bofrw. 

"*> ^» fem. from ^curiKeis, a queen, princess, 


■^ ^ (jScuriAc^) a kingdom, dominion : he- 

■'•"O'*^, opp. to rvpavvls. 

fMXm/o^, w, tad My ifFf Mnfi^ rufai t Ioo./Min- 
\4litf I from 

BAVAET^, 4m$, Ion. fot* A* far. aob - AvtA^ « 
MilP'y prinof^ lord, d the flodt» oip. Ttth, u wmm 
men. II. A§ meemd ^ iBko mbto Anhone at 

Athens wai oaDed fimnKsh t he had diam of die 
poMio wonhijs and the oondoet of crinmial pco- 
oeuei. IIL After the Pteiian war the Ung tf 

Penia wai oeDed ^a0)\<^ (whhoat tiba Art), or d 
lUya$ fioffOsith. Henoe 

P&oVXe^, to he kdng^ to fvlof in aor. /famAnDint 
to be mmle kiiiif. TL o, daL, to nUe ooer • peo' 

pie. FkM. to be governed hfytobe wider m Miy. 

BIoYXtnltii, iL Ion. for fioaiidou 

VkaKkfjfiakt nf , Ipr, Ion. for /BaoiXfiof . 

MMXijti, fSof. 4, pecot ftm. of /SadXeiot, ropoL 

pSolXui^4»Ar,Uui9adXciof,refiBJl^«Mi|^. «• 
ifte a king^ p rk ue^ . AdT. -«Aiw 

BooCXXm^ for iSodXirray iBooiMia. 

Baor(Xion0«, 4|W^adX•M, a fiMMi. 

pSaVX(timiy4»""i9atf^Xeiay0(|fiiMii,jprin0eii. 9. 
as A4J.">/kwiX]^. ni|Ni/. 

a^^H^^ vaaM^^pa ^^^^a ip^^H^^^^t jM^^^p^wwa^wy • aR^v^NPwar^^99 

pdma, co»f , ^9 {patrm) a Uep, ttfoflr. IL lHaE 

tsftertfofione j^i!|iff, prowMl.* apedeetoL pQ 

PammCni^ fat. drfi t aor. ifidinefpnn, aor. pass. ||8ar* 
idaf^y (fiinm), TofueiU worde ef another, eip. 
lo slander f dUparage. TLtouteitt wordt to an- 
other, bewit^ Mm, by means of an effl eye, eCOi, 
hat. fcueinare, 

ooic&vCa, if, [pdffKoifos) slander ? envy, maliee. 
dcTK&vos, ov, (fiatrKaivai) envious, slanderous. 
doicc, in n. always in form i3do'ic' IBi, speed thee / 
away ! $d<rK€ alone, come ! prob. imperat. of an ob- 
sol. ^(TKw, akin to j^pto. 

piur|&ds, 6, Ion. for fia$fi6s. 

fiaova, 4, Dor. for firjira-a. 

Bao-vdpaj^yB&Ax^^ia/o^. (Of Thradan origin.) 

pflurordpiov, r($, Dim. from fiao-adpa. 

poUroruv, or, gen. orof. Dor. comparat. of fiaJd^s. 

pdoraYi&a, aros, r6, that which is borne, a bur* 
den. II. that which bears, a staff: from 

BASTA'zn, f. do-on : aor. pass. ^/Sourrdx^r, to /{/if, 
lift up, raise : metaph. to extol, praise. II. to 

bear, support, hold^pright : to bear in mind, consi- 
der. III. to carry off. TV. Att. also, to 
handle, touch. Hence 

Paoraicrds, <^, ($r, verb. Adj., to 5^ dome. 

PdWco, (jBo/rco) to /read^ cover, of animals. 

pdrriv, 3 dual aor. 2 of fialvu, Ep. for i^/fynjiy. 

paruL, 7i,=^dTos, a bush, thicket, 

PariSo-oicdiros, or, (fidris, <rKon4<u) looking after 

roaches, greedy for them. 
P&t(s, (80s, ^, (iSdros) ^fte pricklji roocK. 

pdro-Spdiros, or, (Wtos, Bp4ir»^ puUVag ihwriu off 

or up, 

BA'TO^^ 4, a bramble or ani/ pncicl^ VutH« \$\ 


fiaTos — ^rjfia. 

Bardt, "fly 6vy (fialvoi) passable, accessible, 

paTpdxcios, ov, (fidrpaxos) of or belonging to a 
frog: fiorpdx^ov, sub xP^f'<hf'^og'Cohrf pale green, 

fiarpaxvSf "^s, and lios, riy a frog-green coat: from 

BA'TPAXOS, 6, a frog. 2, the frog of a horse's 


BaTTap^ttt) fut. iam, Att. tcD, (B(£tto;) to stammer. 

paTTO-Xoyi^^fiarraplCu, to babble, use vain re- 
petitions. (Usu. derived from Baitus, n. pr. of a 
stuttering king of Cyrene : or merely formed to imi- 
tate the sound.) 

PalSt«>) Dor. fiava^og, fut. jSav^w, to cry fiau), /Sau, to 
bark: hence to waU, miUter : to reproach. II. 

transit, to cry aloud for. 

pavvos or pavv^,6^ also ^ /Sai^nj, (atf») a furnace, 

fiai5<r8ci» Dor. for $av(€u 

pat^, ri, {fidirrw) a dipping, as of red-hot iron in 
cold water. II. esp. a dipping of doth in dye : 

dyeing : also the dye itself. 

pa\|;is, i(05, ii, {fidirrw) a dipping, dyeing. 

BAE'AAA", ti, a leech, 

p8AvYI&a» r6, (fiScJ^ffto) an abominaiion, esp. of 

pScXvKxds, ^, 6v,($S€\6aacti) disgusting, abominable, 

pScXvK-TpoiroSy oy, {^f\vKT6s, Tp($iro5)=foreg. 

BAEAT^PO'S, d, 6v, abominablef disgusting, lost to 
all sense of shame. Adv. -pus. Hence 

pScXiuoxruy Att. rrw, fut. ^w, to cause disgust. Usu. 
as Dep. med. fi^cK^rrofiai, c. pass. aor. ^)3$€X^07}j/, 
to feel disgust at, to detest, have a horror of: also 
perf. 4fiB4\vyixai occurs in pass, signf. 

BAE'A, f. fideffcoy to break ivind : to stink. 

B8iiXXc0,=)35ea; : c ace., to be afraid of. 

piPtuk, perf. 2 of ^aivoo, 

Pc'Paios, a, ov, also os, ov, (fiaivai) firm, just, hence 
trusty, sure, safe, stedfast: rh fiepaiov certainty. 
Adv. -4(11)5 and -toy. Hence 

pcpaii^S, rrros, ^, firmness, stedfastness : safety. 

pcPai<$<a, to make firm, establish. Med. to establish 
for oneself, to confirm, secure. Hence 

PcPaCuoxs, ews, ^, a making fast or sure, esta- 

PcXi£|Acv, I pL pf. med. of fiatpta : inf. fi€$dyat, pf. 
fi€$cu£>s, [d] « 

pcPapT|(tfs, weighed dotvn, Ep. part. perf. from fiap4a). 

P^PoLo-av, Ep. syncop. 3 pi. plqpf. of fiaipco, 

Pcpattfs, pcpavla, Ep. syncop. for fi€firiK<&s, from 

P^pTjKa, perf. of /Sa/i^ev. 

PcPi]Kci, 3 plqpf. Ion. for ^/Be/B^/cct of jSa^fcu. 

P^pt)Xos, oi', {ialyo), firiKSs) accessible, allowable to 

tread : hence profane, as opp. to sacred. II. of 

men, nnhaUowed, profaiie : also unholy. Hence 

PcPt|X<^, to profane, to pollute. 

pefiirjKt, .9 perS. from fiido). 
fiefiXa/i^vosy part perf. pass, from fiKairrw, 

P^X.t|ai, 2 perf. pass, of fid}Oia. 

pcpXi^arai, pcpXijaroy 3 plur. perf. and ] 
pass, of fid?iX», 

P^pXt|ica, -uai, act and pass. pf. of fidMj», 

fk4p\j\rai, p^pXt|To, 3 pf. and plqpf. pass, of fit 

p^pXuca, pf. from fi\irru, 

pcpXci>|Aai9 conj. pass, pf of fid\?i». 

PcPoXVjaro, 3 plur. plqpf. pass, and pcpoXi||i 
part. perf. pass, from $o\4w for fidK?sM* 

kPovXTiiuii} pf. of fio{fXofim. 

UPpiAof perf. from fipiBo). 

Wppvx^i ^* sub fip^<u, 

)cppui6ci>, poet, form f(nr fit^pAvKto, q. v., toei 

S^PpwKo, perf. of fiifip<&aK». 

UPp^, perf. part, of fiifip^KM. 

ScPpcScrerai, 3 fut. pass, of fii^pi&fficu. 

}cPii<r|Uvos, part. perf. pass, from /3^C». 

}cpus, pcpttcra, contr. from ^fia^s part perC 

pin, 2 sing, from fidofuu. 

pcia>, I conj. aor. 2 for fi&, of ficdya. 

pcKKc-o-^TIvos, oy, ($€kAs, ctcA^i^) old-fadii 
out of date, dotard : in gen. simple, silly. 

PcK^s, r6, bread: said to be a Phrygian wod 

P^cf&vov, r6, poet, for fieKos, a dart, javelin, 

P€Xo-6i)in], r\, (fiihos, 0^ki}) a quiver. 

pcX^vti, 17, {fi^os) an arrow-head: point ofas^ 
a needle. 

P&M^, cos, r6, (/3(£XAa)) any thing thrown^ m 
arrow, dart: any missile. 2. the blow itself. 
metaph., the ayava jScAeo of Apollo and Artem 
used of sudden, easy death : metaph. also a 
thing swift-darting, as ^vsofifipa fi^Kti the am 
the storm : ofifidruy fi4\os the glance of the ey 

P^Tcpos, a, oy, = fi€\ria>v, poet. Comp. of if 
better, more excellent. Hence is found a rare S 
fi4\raTos, 7j, oy. 

P^XrioToSf Vi oy, Superl. of aryadSs, best, brav 

BcXtCuv, oy, gen, oyos, Comp. of ayaOSs. 

p€|&piKia«0, (jSe/A/Stl) to spin like a top. 

Pc|aPIk({;(i), f. IffQ), (i3e/i)3t|) to spin as one e 
top, to set in motion. 

BE'MBIH, Ikos, 7), Lat. turbo, a top : also a wh 

BE'N0O2, 60S, r6, (poet, for fidOos, as irci^ 
irdBos) depth, esp. of the sea ; but fi4yd€a 0Ai| 
depths of the wood. 

P^VTurT0S9 a, oy. Dor. for fieKria-ros. 

P^o|Aai, also ^elofxai, Homer, pres. c. fut. sig 
shall go, move, and hence / shall live. 

pepcOpov, t6, Ep. and Ion. for fidpaOpoy. 

Pcp^o^cOoq, 6, a booby. (Deriv. unknown.) 

Pt), poet, for €^7}, 3 aor. 2 of ^alyw. 

PfjOi, pTJvai, imperat. and inf. aor. 2 of j3a/w 

Pt|X(59, ^, {^alvoo) the threshold : the entrawn 
hkouse : the house itself. 
\ ^t\^a, aTos, t6, l^^alvw^ a pacc^ ^te-g^ footstep, 

firjljxv — pXaiUKOi. 


vi on. II. a raited step : a tribune 

ram, esp. in the Pnyz at Athens : Lat. 
jestum : hence the stage. 
et for ^^fitVy I plur. aor. 2 of ficdvu. 
Ep. inf. aor. 2 of $cUva for $iivcu, 
for llfivjp, aor. 2 of $alyw, 
'. aor. 2 of ficdvw* 
i^Tior &, Ifiiiffffu) a cough. 
6, Pij<ra|i.i]v, Ep. for f/Si^cra, ifiri<fdfirty, 
md med. of fiaivu, 
). imperat. aor. med. of fiaivu. 
fiit. of /SoiFcv. 

, Dor. fiaa-ffa, ($aivcci) Lat saltus, a glade 
glen : ofjptos iy filjatrffs in die mountain 

, effffa, fy, woody. 
Att jB^TTCtf, f. |«, to cough. 
Wf oyosy dt (fialyet, apfiSs) a dancer, 
let. for ifiifiTTiy, 3 dual aor. 2 of 0aiv(a. 
on. j3/i7, Wt'/^ strength, forccy might, often 
. of the person, as fitri 'KpoKKijos for the 
tniles. II. /orc^, an act of violence : 

\gainst one^s will, [t] Hence 
iffUy to force, constrain : hence Pass., esp. 
mitaif aor. ifiidurOriy, to have violence done 
fer violence : fiidQoiAoi r<£8c / am wronged 

med., to force a man, overpower : iSici^c- 

I' to do oneself violence : absoL, to use force, 

^neknce, also c. inf. 

«X08, o, 6, (plaios, fidx"!) fighting violently. 

«j ov, also OS, ov, (j8ta) forcible, violent : act- 

nolence. II. pass, forced, compulsory. 

) hy force, perforce. [X] Hence 

S| jjTos, 7], violence. 

S) «j (jStos, apKew) s^xpplying the necessaries 

b oD, 6, (j8t<£f«) on^ tr^o uses force, a violent 


erf. jSejSfrj/ca, older Ep. form of i3t<£f«, /o 
w/rain ; Med., ^idofiai, f. "fjaofxaif to force, 
■ violence : also /o overreach : defraud, yuii 
k^vro he cheated us of our pay. 
f. (iffw, fut. part, fiifiwy, (fida, ficdvu) to lift 
> evalt. 

wa, iv, V. sub fiifido). 

"v, ovtro, ov, part, from obsol. ^i^da'Scc, 
striding, always with fiaKpd, long striding. 
poet, collat. form of fiaiya, to stride, iriXtapa 
take huge strides: impf. i$ifia<rK€, part. 
3«(ra are found in use, and to this the pres. 
^h^t^affa^fiifidy, and ^ifidadoov are referred. 
^i'T6, Dim. from fil$\o5, a little book or 

>solvos, i, Biblian wine^ from Biblis, a hill 

PipXCov, T<{, Dim. from ^fikos, a Utile book, a 
paper, aoroU, etc. 

pipXio-iniXiit, ov, b, ($i$xSoy, irwA^) a bookaeUer, 

BI'BAOS, ii, the inner bark of the papyrtu. II. 
the paper made qf this bark : henoe a book. 

BIBPn'SKH, fut. fiptUffofuu, late : fut. pass. fitfipA* 
ffofjuu: per£ fidfipuKo, part. $€fip(0K^s, also contr. 
$(fip^s : aor. l/9pwy. To 00^, jrnatr, eat up, oon» 
sume : c. gen. to eat ofs, thing. 

BFKOS, b, an earthen wiihe^eeteL 

BFNE'n, wire, coire, of illicit intercourse^ opp. to 

Bio-86Ti|«9 b, {files, btZufu) the giver <jfl{fe or food, 

pi^SttpoS) ov, (jBfos, 9&poy) l^e-giving : bounteous* 

Bio-8(0Ta»p, epos, d, poet, for fiu^irrns, 

pio-6dX|iu»«» ov, (jBtos, 0(UAa)^ fiv0^, strong, haie. 

Pu>-Op^|t|M«v, oy, gen. oyos, (filos, rp^p») supporUng 

BI'OS, 6, life, the course of life. II. maimer or 
means of living : occupation, liveUheod : substance. 

BIO'S, S, a bow, also a bow-string, 

Pio-aTCfyi{s» 4sf {fii6s, <rT€p4to) robbing qf ^fe or 
means. II. pass, in want qf means, 

liOTiioy ri, (jBtorctiw) a ufay of life, Rvelihood, 

iioTtva, {fit6<c) to live, subsist : to live by a thing* 

Sionj, 71, Lat. tnto,a/9(oTos. 

)i^TV)9> riTos, ri,={oreg, 

li6nov, r6. Dim. from ^5, a scant Uoing. 

Kotos, d, {fii6w) life : esp. means ofUfe, substance, 

piovs, part. pres. act. from filafu=fii6to. 

Pio-<|>ct8i]s, h, {fiios, (peiBofiat) stingy, sparing. 

Pidw, f. fiid^ffofuu : aor. i ifiioocra : aor. 2 ifilcoy, inf. 
fiiwyat, opt. fiupriy, part, fiiovs, as if from a pres. 
fiiwfii : aor. i med. ifiuatrdfiriy, (fiios, Lat. vivo). To 
live, esp. to live happily. Pass., fitovrai one lives, 
Lat. vivitur. II. trans, to quicken, make alive, 

Ptdwvrai, Pk^avto, poet. 3 plur. pres. and imperfl 
Med. from fiidu. 

PtwT) V, opt., Pic^aro, 3 plur. opt. pres. med. from fiiSu, 

Piwvai, inf., and fiuinm, 3 imperat. aor. 2, from fiiSto, 

Piwo'ip.Gs, ov, {fii6<a) to be lived, worth living, pos- 
sible to live, 

pCa>o'ts» ^<as, 71, (fii6<a) life, living, manner of life. 

Pi(DT(Ss, "f), 6y,=($i6(i}) to be lived, worth living for, 

pXdPcv, Ep. for ifi\dfiri<ray, 3 pi. aor. 2 pass, of 

pXaPcp<$s> d, 6y, (fixdirru) hurtful, ruinous, 

pXaPi), 7}, {fi\dirra>) hurt, damage, mischief: fixd" 
fiTjs 8tKT7 an action for damage done, [d] 

pXap-fjvai, inf. aor. 2. pass, of fixdtrroa, 

pXaPofiat, = j8Ac{'irr o/xaf, only in 3 sing, fixdficrat, 

pXaPos, €os, contr. ovs, r6, = fi\dfiri, hurt, injury. 

BAAI20'5, i), 6v, having the legs bent inwards : in 
gen. crooked, 

BXaKcCa, 7], (jSAaKcvo)) indolence, sloth, 8tu<]9^U<y. 

p\dK€vu, (fiXdi) to he lazy, indolent, spfiflpiiless. 
/3AaKiK($$, i}, 6y, {fixdi) indolent, stupid, Mw 


p\aK(abris — fBoda. 

pXaK(&8v|$, €$, (/3Arf|, 6l5o$) lazp, sluggish, 

BAA'B, fiKaK6s, 6, ^, (akin to fid\aK6s) lassy-Uket 
inactive, sluggish, II. later, delicate, fastidious, 

Irreg. Compar. ^KoKiffrepos or fiKoK^tpos. 

BAA'TITA, fut. ^u, fut. med. ^di^ofuuy used as 
pass. : perf. pass. ^ifiXafifMi : aor. i pass. ip\d<f>6riy : 
more usu. aor. 2 pass. ifi\dfiriy. To hinder, weaken, 
stop, to hinder or stop so as to do one harm, c. gen., 
to hinder from: so fiXa^ivra KoicBltav UpSfiwv ar- 
rested in its last course : iBXa<^0el$ Iv ti(ff caught in 
the branches. 2. of the mind^ to blind, deceive, 
mislead. 3. more usu. to harm, damage, hurt. 

pXooTcivtf, fut. fiKatrrfitrw : aor. %^\a<rrov : later 
aor. ifiKdffrritra, (P\aar4u) : to bud, sprout : in gen. 
to burst forth, grow. 

SXaoT^u, (/SAcurrfJs) to sAoo/ tfp, grow. Hence 
\<&ffn\, 11,^ fi\ia.<n'6s, a bud, sprout, leaf. II. 

tncreo^^, growth. 

pXcUmiiJia, aros, r6, and pXd<rn||jios, 6,=fi\dffrri. 

BAASTO'S, ^, a bud, shoot, sucker, Lat. germen. 

pXas4^fUa>, pf. i$\as<lyfiiJ.rjKa, also fie^KastjyfiixrjKa, 
(JBAcCs^/ios) /o jrpeaAr t// or /o the prejudice of one, to 
defame : to blaspheme : hence 

pXas<^|jiCa, 71, calamnious, abtisive language : blas- 

pXds4^fi.os, ov, evil speaking: speaking blas- 
phemy. Adv. 'jucDS. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

BAAT'TH, ri, usu. in plur. fiXavrai, Qy, at, a kind of 
slipper or sandal^ Lat. solea, 

pXavrCov, r6. Dim. from ^Xainy). 

pXou^OcCs, part. aor. i pass, of fiKdirrco. 

pXax|;i9, €a>s, 7)^ (jSAcdrrw) a harming, hurting. 

pXai)rC-4>p(i>v, 01/, gen. ovos, (fiKdtrra), <ppi\v) madden- 
ing. 2. mad. Adv. -(Jv«s, madly. 

pXeifiT)v, pXeto, opt. aor. 2 Med. of jSaAAo;. 

p\cfi.caCv(i>, (fipefico) to vaunt, be proud of a thing, 
ffdevei ^Kefi^aiycoy exulting in his strength. 

p\^fip.a, aros, t<J, (jSA^ttco) /^^ /ooAr, glance: the eye 

pX^iroioxi, Dor. for PXeirovaa. 

pX^iros, T6,=P\€fjLfjMf a look. 

pXeiTT^ov, verb. Adj. from fiXetrw, one must look. 

pXcirriKtSs, i], 6y, (jSXeVco) sharp-seeing. 

pXeirrds, 4 ^^y seen, worth seeing : from 

BAE'fin, f. ^(a, to look, see, have the power of 
sight : to look on : also c. ace. "Apijv, <p6fioy jSA. to 
look fury, terror : hence in Comedy, Kdpdajjxi, yam* 
fi\en-€iy to look cress, mustard etc., i.e. to have a sour 
or bitter look. II. to look in a particular direc- 

tion, to turn towards : esp. of aspects, oUia irphs fie- 
ffTiP-^piay jSAeiroi/o'a a house looking towards the 
south. III. to see the light, c. aut sine <l>dos, 

hence, to live. IV. to look and long after a 

thing, c. inf. 2. to take care of, look to a thing, or 
to beware of a thing. 

pXe^apov, r6f (^xiirw\ Strictly the eyelids. II. 

poet. ^Ae €;yes. 

BXi}8T)v, Adv., (iB(£AXa>) hy throwing, hurling. 

pX-ijcTai, £p. conj. aor. pass, of fidXku for fiK-fp 

BXtjOcis, part. aor. i pass, of $dKKu. 

pXTJf&ai arost 'r<$» {$dK\w) a spear-cctst, 4 
throw. II. an arrow. III. a wound, 

pXijfjLcvos, 7], ov, Ep. part aor. pass, of fidXXM, 

pX-nvat, pXTJ<r6ai,act. and pass. in£ aor. 2 of fidi^ 

pXi{, £p. fut. of fidKXju, 

P\ii\rio9,oi,oy, verb. Adj. o( fidWu, to be throum, 
fiXririoy, one must throw, 

pXiJTo, Ep. 3 aor. pass, of 0dx\w, 

pXiriT^, ii, 6y, {fid\\ai) hurled, struck, 

SXiJTpov, r6, (^dXKoe) an iron band or hook. 
XYixaoiuii, fut. iiffofJLoi, also pXTix^ofuu, ] 
med., {fiXrixfl) to cry, esp. to bleat, of sheep, as 
Kdofiat of goats. 
BAHXH', 71, bleating : in gen. the cry, waiSn 
childre7if Lat. vagitus. 

pXiixp^) d, 6v, weak, feeble, pliant : also w^ 
euphon., itfi\7ixp6s. Adv. -p»y, slightly, (D 

BAH'XnN, wyos, ti, Ion. 7\^x*"'> 7^'7X*^» 
royal. Hence 

pXiixuvCaS) ov, 6, prepared ujith pennyroyal, 

BAI'TTO, f. fi\l<rw. Ion. fiTdo'crw, to cut, 
comb of beesy to take the honey. (From fi4\i, a^ 
from fiaXaKds.) 

BA02Y"P0'5, d, 6y, awful, stem, terrible: 
manly, noble. Adv. -pas. 

pXoon;p(S-(|>puv, oy, gen. ovos, (fi\oavp6s, " 
savage minded, stem. 

pXcon/p-worts, i5os, 71, (fi\o(rvp6s, &yp) awful-loC 

BAT'zn, = jSAuw. H ence 

pXvo'iSy €(as, 77, and pXvo'fidS) b, a bubbling u^ 

BAT'n, f. fiKvffd), to bubble, spout, or gush ^ 
hence to be full, to be haughty. \y in pres. and i^ 
V in other tenses.] 

pXcl>, conj. aor. 2 med. of ^dWu. 

pX(i>0p6s, d, 6v, (fiKfjoffKui) shooting up, high ^ 
ing, of trees. 

BAH'SKn, fut. juoXov/xai : aor. cfioXov, fjLo\(i0» 
K(t)v : perf. ix4p.^K(oKa : To go, to come, even of fi 
things, esp. of time. 

Po-aYptov, T(J, a shield of wild bulVs hide : frc3 

Pd-aypos, 6, (fious, dypios) a wild bull. 

Poa-Odos, Dor. for ^oriOSos. 

P^d-fxa, aros, r6, {fiodca) a shriek, cry: a 

Poarqsv ov, 6, fem. fioaris, t5os, tj, {fiodai) cr^ 
screaming, [d] 

P<$-avXos, 6, and po-avXov, r6, {fiovs, avKfj) a ■ 

Poaci), f. fio-fiarca, Att. fioi\^ and Ion. C> 
jScitrcw, fi'Jo( aor. i^Srja-a, Ion. ^fiaffa: 
pass. ipoijdTjv, Ion. i^taffdriv, (j8o^) : to utter m 
^Crom ys^ ot g;t\e^, to sKoulx oiC thin^ to thu9 

PocujucJs — Bopriis. 



to echo, II. later trans, c 

to one, call on: esp. to call to aid, 
I a loud voice. 

hi 6vy and Pocik^, ^, (jv, (jSoGs) of oxen 
(eirfti fi, wagons drawn by oxen, 
Wy also P^cos, a, oi', (jBoOs) of an ox, esp. 
hence ^ fio^ia and 17 iSoco, contr. jSo^, 
i« Am£& when taken off : a shield or thong 

y 6f (fiovs) a thong or cord of ox-lecUher, 
atr. from jSoe?;, v. fiSeios, 
a cry, whether of joy or grief, shoitt : 
tie-cry, and even the battle itself: ^o^v 
1 at the battle-cry, or in battle : also of the 
8ea. II. =fi(yfi0€M, aid called for, suc- 

;, 4s, (fiovs, yevos) bom of an ox. 
in, {fiori^pi&fios), to run to a cry for aid, 
|p, succour. II. to run with a shout 

lemy, ossaiL 


11. to side 

be heavy, dull: to speak Boeotian, 
with the Boeotians, 

BourrCSiov, r6y Dim. from BomrSsy a little Boeo" 
tian. [ri] 

BouiTi-cvpYi^s, 4s, {BoMTiOf *ipyw) of Boeotian 

P^Xptrov, r6, and P^Xpiros, 6, Att 06\irov, fi6* 
\iTos, {06\os) dung, manure, esp. cow-dung. 

BOABCys, 6, Lat BULB US, a bulb, onion, any 
bulbous root : also a mushroom, truffle, 

PoX'ij, 71, (iB(£\Aa>) a throw, stroke: a wounding 
with missiles : a throwing, darting : a hitting. Me- 
taph., a glance : 0o\al ti\Iov sun-beams, 

pokitiu, (fioKls) to heave the lead, sound. 

P0XC9, i^os, it, {fitiXKoa) any thing thrown, a mis- 
sile : the sounding lead, plummet, 

poXCrivos, 71, ov, of dung, esp. cow-dung: from 

P^Xtrov, r6, and B^Xtrot, &, Att. for fi6\0., q. v. 

PdXXofjLtti and P^AO(jLai, Aeol. for fio^Xofiai. 

PdXos, d, (fidWa) a throw, esp. with dice, or with a 
A^v, Sovos, d, the third Attic month, in ^ casting-net: siiso the thir^ caught, hence fi6\oslx'S^v 
BoTj^pSfxia were celebrated, in memory of : a draught of fishes. 

St of the Amazons by Theseus ; answer- 
latter half of September, and the begin- 

W5, ov, (fioij, dpofios) helping, giving suc- 
Subst. a helper, 

% {^TldSs) help, aid, rescue, support, II. 
(fiori66s) to assist, succour^ come to the 

«^, i}, 6v, ($oTjd€Q}) ready or able to help. 

Po|jiPaXoPofi.p(£|, mock-heroic exclamation of ad" 

PofjLP<£|, exclamation of mock admiration, 

Pop,pa-uXio9, t. Com. word for h.OKal>\7is a bag- 
piper, a play on the woixls ahXrinis and fiofifiv\i6s. 

Po(jLPcvvTi, Aeol. for Pofifiov<rt : 3 pi. of sq. 

Pop,p^a>, f. 'fjcaf, {^6fji^os) to sound deep, dull, or 
hollow : later to hum, rustle : to buzz, 

BO'MBOS, 6, Lat. BOMB US, any deep, hollow 
soundf humming, buzzing. (Formed from the sound.) 

hWf(^ori, 04(a) hasting to the battle-shout, , Pop,pv\ios or PofipuXic^s, ^ and 7}, {fiSfxfios) a 

^- oLpfxa a chariot hasting to the battle, 
ov, contr. from foreg., halting to the rescue : 
an assistant : auxiliary, ally. 
"w, ^, cattle-lifting, a stealing of oxen: 
plunder, booty. II. a driving or keep- 

"•• from 

IS, ov, b, fem. ^oTjXdris, tSos, rj, (jSoCs, 
^ that steals oxen : also a drover. 
"sand Poi]-vo)xo9, ov, = ^ovv. 
) ^) (jSoow) a crier. 

*«Sj ^7, Ion. fio7)Tvs, vos, (jSoaw) a crying, 
esp. a cry for assistance. 
^) ^, a pit, hole dug in the ground: a 

1 0)= foreg. 

"'j Att. ^oiddpiou, ru, Dim. from fiovs. 

Att. ^oi^iov, r6, Dim. from fiovs, a young 

*X^w, to be a Boeotarch : from 

PX1S» ov, b, (BoicoTo's, ^/>x^) ^ Boeotarch, 

■ chief magistrates of Boeotia. 

%Boeotia, so called from its rich cattle- 

,fience / Bopijios, 77. ov, = B($p6ios. 

<iiandBoi«rriSw,/ode/i^e aBoeofian: io\ BopTjt«, fSos, ^, = Bopeds. 


buzzing insect, gnat. 

POO-OVTT|S9 OV, df-=fiovd. 

Poo-KTOLtrioL, 7), {^ovs, Kreipw) a slaying of cxen, 

Poo-v(Sp.os, ov, $oo-ff(payia, etc.,=i8ou-. 

Po6io, £p. for fiodd). 

BOPA', 7), pasture, food. 

poppop<$-0iip.o9, ov, (^Spfiopos, Ov/xSs) muddy-minded, 

BO'PBOPOS, b, slime, mud, mire, Lat. coenum. 

PopPopo-Tapa|i9, b, {fi6p^opos, rapdaao)) a mud- 
stirrer, mud-lark, [rci] 

popPop-u8T)s, €s, (fiSpfiopos, el^os) miry, slimy. 

BOPE'AS, ov, 6, Ion. Bop47}s, contr. BopTJs, 4(a, Att. 
Boppas, 5, the North wind : more strictly, the wind 
from N.N.E., Aquilo : also the North, Trpbs ^op4av 
6.v€fiov towards the North, Trphs fiop4av rivSs north- 
ward of a place. 

Bopcds, ados, t), Ion. €ids, poet. 7)ids, Tji's, a Boread, 
daughter of Boreas. II. fem. Adj., northern. 

Bdpcios, a, ov, also os, ov, {Bop4as) belonging to the 
N. wind, northern, 

Bopeuris, iBos, ^,=Bop6is. 



jSopos — fiovXruia. 

Pov-OolvTfif ov, 6, (fiovs, Ooivdto) beef-eater, 
Pov-Bvr4iaf to slay, sacrifice oxen: in gen. io eacr^ 
or slaughter : from 

Pov-6vros, ov, {fiovs, 6va) of or belonging to eaa 
\ficesz sacrificial. 

I BovKatosy 6, (fiovKos) one who ploughs with oxen, 
, pov-Kcpb>s, toPy gen. u or -«0to$, {$ovs, K^pt 
! homed like an ox, 

Pov-K^(|>aXo9, ov, {KeiptOJi) bull-headed: epith. 
horses, because branded unth a bulVs head, v. m 
irarias and (rafJL(p6pas : Maced. fiovK€<p<iXa5y gen. 
6, the horse of Alexander the Great. 

Pov-KoX^a>, f. iiffcD, (i3ovK<$\os) to tend cattle. Ml 

to graze, range over the pasture. II. metaplu 

delude, beguile : iXvldi ^vkoXov/juu I feed my^^ 

I hopes, cheat myself with them : hence, 2. 

rally, to cheat, deceive, mislead. 
Pov-KoXCa, Ti, {^ovkSKos) a herd of cattle : heo^ 
Pov-KoXid(a>, f. {{(Tfitf, Dor. j8cdicoAi(£o'5w, f. 6^(BmtL 

sing or write pastorals. Hence 

Pop<$s> ^j 6v, {fiopd) devouring, gluttonous. 
Boppatos, a, ov, = B6p€io5. 
Boppa$y a, d, Att. contr. for Boptas, q. v. 
B^pvcs, ol, unknown Libyan animals. 
B^(ri9> ccos, ^, (fi6crK(io) food, fodder, pasture. 
poo-Klj or p6a'Kt\, 7}, (fioa-Ka) fodder, food. 
P^ioifjLo, arcs, t6, (fidoKw) that which is fed or 
fatted, cattle : a herd of cattle. II. pasturage, food. 
Poo-K^, 6, the feeder or herd of the cattle z from 
BO'^KH, fut. fiocricfiffa, as if from obsol. fioa'Kda, 
whence the other tenses are formed : to feed, drive 
to pasture, nourish, support: to maintain, Med. 
and Pass., of cattle, to feed, graze. 

B<Ss'-vopos, 6, (fiovs, v6pos) oX'ford, name of several 
straits, esp. the Thracian and Cimmerian. 
P^(rTpv{, vxoSy 6,=sq., q. v. 

BO'STPTXOS and P<S(rTpv{, ux^s, ^, in plur. also 
Tcfe fiSffrpvxcty a curl or lock of hair, ringlet : hence 
poet., any thing twisted or wreathed, as of a flash of 
lightning : esp. the tendril of a vine, 

PoTa|iiia, tuv, rd, {^(Tkco) pasture, or money paid j Pov-koXiootiJs, ov, d. Dor. iScoic., a singer or 
for pasturage. ' of pastorals, 

PordvT], 7), {fi6ffK09) grass: in gen. any herb,^ Pov-KoXiK^, ^, 6y, Dor. jScuic., (fiovK6\os) 
plant, [ai] pastoral: rk j^ovK. {sc. Troi'fifjMTa) pastoral poetrri 

PoTi^p, ^pos, 6, {fidffKto) a herdsman, herd: metaph. I Poti-KtSXiov, t6, a herd of cattle : from 
olodvSov fi. a watcher of birds: a soothsayer : kUov I Pov-k<SXos, 6, {fiovs, Ko\4a)) a cowherd: herdttm^ 
fiorifp a lierdsman's dog. I Povkos, 6, Dor. fiuKos, (fiovs)— fiovKcuos. 

PoT^, -fi, 6y, verb. Adj. from ^6(Tk<o, fed, fatted, i PovX-apxos, 6, {fiov\^, apxa) the adviser of a ^^ 
poTpvSdv, Adv., (fiSrpvs) like a bunch of grapes, Lat. auctor consiliu 
in clusters t fiorpvBhy veTovrai they fly in swarms, i PovXcCa, rj, (;3ouA6iJ(v) the office of a counsellor'^ 
PoTpvios, a, ov, (^6Tpv5) of grapes. PovXcvp.a, utos, rS, {^ovKevco) a decree of the d^ 

Porpvd-Swpos, ov, (fiSrpvs, Swpov) grape-producing, cil : in gen. a resolution, plan, 
PorpviS-irats, "rraidos, 6, 7}, (^Srpvs, ttois) child of \ PovXevp-oiTiftv, t6, Dim. from foreg. 

PovXevrripyTipos, d, = $ov\€VT'f}s. Hence 
PovXcvnjptos, ov, fit for counsel. Hence rh 
\€VTi}piov,= ^ovK€7ov, the court-fiouse. 
PovXcvmjSy ov, d, (fiovXevoo) a counsellor, H^^ 
PovXcvriKds, if}, 6v, belonging to, beating a ff^ 
sellor : opKos j8. the oath take7t by the council. 
as Subst., rh ^ov\., in the Athenian theatre, the ^ 
next the orchestra, belonging to the council qf 5C^ 
PovXcvT^S, ii, 6v, devised, plotted : from 
PovXcvci), f. era, pf. 0€fio{f\€VKa : pass. /SejSo^Acv^ 
aor. I pass. ifiouKevdriv: (fiovX-ff) to take couiM 
consider : in past tenses, to have considered, anC3 
to determine, resolve, plan. IMed. to determine i^ 
oneself: in Att., to form a plan or resolution, 
to be a councillor. 

PovXi], ?7, (^ will, determination, Lat. 00 
ailium. 2. a project, plan, intention: adn 

whether given or taken. II. also like Lat. M 

ci/ium, the Council or deliberative assembly, 
that of the 500 at Athens. 
PovXTjai, Ep. 2 conj. from fiovKopLai. 
PovX-qeis, ^(Tcra, cv, {l3ov\7i) of good counsel, sage 
PovX-qdcic, part. aor. i of fiov\ofJLai. 
go\j\i\v.c., aTQs, TO, (^^rjK.oii.c.t'\ the will, intention 

the grape. 

PoTpvo-xatrriS) ov, 6, (fiSrpvs, x***''"'?) ^i^^ clus- 
tered hair. II. with grapes in one''s hair. 

BO'TPTS, vos, 6, a cluster, bunch of grapes : also 
the tendril and the stalk of the grape. 

PoTpv-c68T)s, e$, {^6rpvs, ctdos) like grapes, clus- 

Pov-f a form of fiovs used in compos, to express 
something monstrous, e. g. fiov-iratSy fiov-tpdyos. 

BOT'BA^AIS, los, tj, and PovPaXi«, 6, an African 
species of deer or antelope. 

Pov.porris, ov, 6, {fiovs, fiSoKco) feeding cattle: 
Subst. a cowherd. 

Pov-poTos, ov, (fiovs, fiSffKOfiai) grazed by cattle, 

Povppcixms, €ws, ?;, (fitfipdoaKoo) a ravenous and 
unnatural appetite: metaph. grinding poverty or 

BOTBH'N, wpos, 6, the groin, a swelling in the 
groin. Hence 

PovP(t>via(u, to suffer from sivollen groins. 

PovYaios, ^, (j8ou-, yalw) a braggart, Lulhj. [d] 

pov-8dpos> ov, (fiovs, Zipx) Jlaying oxen: galling, 

fiov-Oepi^Sf h, {fiovs J Oepoo) giving shimmer pasture : 


ram hamfir, m fl*tl 

m i-iiMen hanger. 

nTAOMAl, fat. Sm\«<rDHa. : ptit. 
K 'fiouAiJeiii-, AU. Him 4S»i'Ai^e>|i- r Dip. n Wil^ 
' \, hi itilhng : usu. v. Inf., Iiut ulM ft d«b, Ti^ 
W j^JAfTD vlmiF As iri/Jni victgrr to t)w Tn>- 
'^ ia tuH, Tp<««>v>r i9eiknm sSIn 1^4^ 
T SdjAi«4( c. conj., adds faMa to Aa 4t- 
^ BoiiJi ^f^cLrri) wu'j/c^ viHi AfWD na mi I J ^w- 

'- ' X. gaims, ilie tint thU ifla% «Nr «■« 
" W Aope TBlhsi; rilww, fv^^ "lO- 

aiJ ralher the hogl vere Mn^ than iMt 

r, (SavMfrds) ^. Spa iM time Ar ■»- 

■- [6] 

i, (Soils, x^) >ub. Koipii, A« Am ^h- 
m, BD^Hin^ : in Hmner imlf ti Adr^ 

ii, Incardi ecfliiltg, at eteitSdt. 
Ifiti d, (floCr, i^^T*,) i^mc^MUHiV 

'^ nattlt ; Jifca^m h&ciM tf 

*■! i SmiTlJ^, an ai'-goad. 
-'- , .M., i, (BoSi, ira,f.Ji,,) 

uv, (000!, -nlpia) lu-pieremg ! flow. 
I . , * 'l>ii lluil wov/d spil a ifholt at. 
I Ct^*'"'''"'' '^'''''' ^P'^P") "■ithlhefiiceofanox. 
I BOn, gen. aioi, also poet. flnS : ace. fltuf, poet 
l» 3^1 : ia. pi. Qsvcti, poet. i6 jccrn : a AuOial: or 
plur. eoW/c; nsii.fein. i. metqili. 
II. ^ Bad a ehletd eonend with ox- 
Proverl). Ai5i ^ttI ^AiioirTj 3(fliw«, W 7*i*0'- 
* ^iiflalHi, like Si #irl nrri^, of people who keep 
ftDCe fiwin soiiu! it-eij/hli/ reasnri ; from the notion 
'■ bcKvy body keeping down the tonffue. 
fcit, outr. from Bias, ace pL from for^. 
fti WToityaKi, li, (0aOs, irraB)iis) an ox-ilail. 
In>-n<n«, «r, ^'^fons- 

UvvTpo^qSdv, Adr,, (flaPi, (rrpD^) /UTTiin^ /ifee 
M in pfnyAov: of ^ early Greek manner (rf 
jliD^ whidi went rnuo i?A to right, and tight 

1.1. .... gp i(j(iBI J /^BB Bifpj ,^j((jj_ 


MVpH Mm. 1^ « /Nlie«f witfl «•(*<. 
paHrfm, (T, (0ri4 ^•n^M} Of^^aeriMmi a. 
flwAarffa, (fl»^ep^^) tamde^O: 
l»**«tf<i, ^. {|ke>, *<^} ar-jMbvL Ai 


Pavnifc M^ ^» jB*#ri|% • MiwnaA* lit a 

HMM of the eooMalUdoB Amutna, dorfa^ Maiw. 

pmUmef <^ Oi gtm m tugBn. orNAraAsit. 
PpUiav, W; (flpitf««»} « ffiM ta a< «w>M 
^Avra, iw, i, Att. (far. AiMMt, rt*J>4P> 

Mk« Miignti At ptimi at At gamni gaMcallf, 

a jti^ie, orNlmtor, tmtpirt i a eU^, fawfn-. 
pp<^<&ii, ($pa$tii) lo preiide in M« garnet, attign 

At prisei : lo be a judge or umpire i lo diteot, rjjt, 

Ppi^vXov, ri, alM Pfi^\ar, a wild fruit, a JHiut 
of plum or «^w^ [iWiv. unknown.) 

BPA'rxoS, i, hoaruneu, tore Ihroat. Hence 

Bpayxilf, i, it, koarte. 

gpoMH, Adv. of jSfutiis, tbmlg. 

ppdSoi, (ST, Td, (flpoDiti) (Anoneu. 

ppiSuvH, f' i^(?T (^3a9^r} Jo make slow, delag. 
Pus. (0 ie delayed. IL incrans. Id 6e ilaa 

about a thing : Aled. la be tlote, dUalory, to loiter. 

PpaSv-v«ih|t, (s, {BpaSis, rtleoiuu) alotn of per- 
suojton, ikoB 10 believe. 

Bpaiu-ir\aitt, {^paSis, irKia) Ie mil iloielg, 

S, il, rovr, t6, gen- «*«, {fipMit, 

,e of fool 

BPAiT'2,'(ui, i, Comp. ^pBg/aw, BpaSirifot BDd 
Bpdaear, Superl. ^tUierai, alio ^dpIuTTDi and 
^IHiSiiTaTDi : Adi. BpoHii^t : tloui, heavy. Metaph. 
heavy, duU, iloie of andtrilandini/. IT. of time, 

lale. fa] 

Ppo&j-cnctX'^, ^!, iPpaiit, VK^Aot) s/ow q^>(K. 

BpaSur^i, qroT, ij, (ppoGis^ ibluiketi - duliieu. 

fipaxoi, t6, Aeol. for ^ixoi , a rvili Jemole gartMrnl. 
Ppaa^tk, part, aor, \ pass. oE Ppi^. 
BPA'SSa, Att. BpArr., 1. Aff«^ ™M. to Wl « 


II. trans, to shake violently : 

fermentf froth. 

to uminow, siftf grain. 

BpoUnruv, ov, gen. opos, Comp. of fipa^h. 

ppaxiCs, ctca, 4y, part. aor. 2 pass, from fip^xa* 

Bp^xiio^f Adv. from $pax^s. 

ppaxCuV) ovosy 6) {fipax^s) the arm, Lat. brachium. 

pp&X^c^^) 0^9 S^^» ovos, [Ion. I, Att. tj and Ppa- 
Xurrosy Comp. and Superl. of fipaxvs. 

Pp<£xo«> ^osy r6y plur. fipdxeet, coutr. fipdxri, (fipa- 
X^s) shallow, stagnant pools, Lat. brevia et syrtes, 

Ppaxv-p«>Xos> ov^ (fipaxOs, fiwKos) with few clods ; 
small, cottoned. 

Ppaxu-'yvc&p.MVy ov, gen. ovos, {fipax^s, yvdtiiii) of 
scant understanding. 

Ppax^-SpofjLOS, oVf {Ppaxvsy *^p4fjtM) running a 
short way. 

Ppaxv-XoyCo, ri, brevity in speech : from 

Ppaxv-X^YOS) ou, (fipo-X^s, Xiyu) short in speech, 
of few words. 

BPA'XT'5, e7a, 6, Comp, fipax^^pos and fipaxicoy. 
Sup. fipax^aros and fipdxioros, small; of Space 
and Time, short ; of Number, few, little : fipax^t 
a little, a short time : 5t^ fipax^cov in few words, Lat. 
brevibus, paucis : iy fipax€7, iv fipax^cri briefly. 
Adv. —4tas, 

Ppaxv-o'CSripoS) ov, (fipax^^s, fflBrjpos) &kcov fip. a 
dart tvith a short, small head, [t] 

PpaxvTti^, rjros, ri, {fipa-x^s) shortness : scantiness, 

' Pp*X^-<l>*7Y^'"T» ^^t ^» {^P^X^h ^^yyos) giving a 
scant light, [t] 

Ppaxv-(|>vXXo9, ov, ($pax^s, ^i^AAoi/) short-leaved. 

*BPA'xn, only used in 3 sing. aor. 2 fj3paxe or 

Ppdx^ in Homer, to rattle, clash, ring. 

Pp^Yfxa, aros, r6, (jSpcxw) the upj)er part of the 

BPI-, [Tj , insepar. intensive prefix^ whence ( 
fipidto, $piap6s. 

Bptdp€»9> 6, a hundred-banded giant, so o 
by the gods, but by men Aegaeon, who assi 
Zeus, [a, £p. trisyll.] 

Splapjs, d, 6v, Ion. fipi€p6s, (Pptdu) strong. 
pXdm, (jSpi-) to strengthen, to make strong, 
intr. to be strong. 

BPl'za, fut l^a, to nod, slumber, sleep : in j 
to be sleepy, slow, heavy. 

Ppt-i{irvos» ov, {fipi-, &ir^a)) loud shouting. 

ppiOos, €05, t6, 0pl9a) weight, heaviness. 

Ppl6o<rvn), ti, (fipTdos) weight, burden, heavinet 

Ppl6v-voos, ov, contr. vovs, ow, (fipiOis, v6os)gr 
minded, thoughtful. 

Ppl6vs, €ia, {>, (fiplBw) weighty, heavy. 

BPl'en, f. fiplffa : aor. ^fip'ura : perf. fiefiplBe 
be heavy, to be weighed dovm, heavy laden wi 
thing. Med. yLi\K(av Kopir^ fiptBofUvri a poppy 2 
with fruit, fyis fitfipXivTa, ep. for ficfipi., w^ 
strife. 2. of men, to otUvfeigh, prevail : 

superior in the fight, to be master. II. fc 

to load, press. 

PptfjLi£ and PplfjidofJiai, Dep. med., to be vn 
ful, furious: esp. of beasts, to roar, snort. {F(m 
from the sound.) 

PpI(r-4£p|jiaTos> ov, {fipiBoo, apfM) loading the em 

BPO'rXOS, 6, the throat, gullet, vfindpipe. 

Ppo|Uci},=j8pe/Mi>, to buzz, huvn, of gnats. 

Pp(Sp,ios, a, ov, [^pSfios] sounding : b(nst^ 
hence as Subst., a name of Bacchus, and as Adj. 
Bpdfitos, a, ov, = BdKX€iost Bacchic. 

Bpop,i-cu8T)s, fs, [fipSfjLtos, clSos) like Bacchm 
zoine, Bacchic. 

Ppdfxos, 6, {^p€fJuo) Lat. fremitus, any loud rum 
roaring ^ as of fire, etc. 

Ppovrdb), fut. ^crcw, to thunder: fipovr^ imt 

head, Lat. sinciput. 

PpcKCKCK^I, sound to imitate the croaking of frogs. 

BPE'MH, only used in pres. and impf. ; — the Lat. it thunders, Lat. tonat : from 
FREMO, to roar, of the waves : to whistle as the BPONTH', ti, thunder. III. the state 0^ 

wind ; to clash : to mutter ; esp. of the gnashing of ! struck with thunder, astonishment. 
teeth. I Pp(SvTT)|i,a, aros, t6, [fipovrdoo) thunder. 

BPE'N0O2, 6, an unknoion water-bird, of a stately ' Bp^vTTjs, ov, 6, {fipovri}) Brontes, name of offl 
bearing : hence II. a haughty carriage, ' the Cyclopes, who forged the bolts of Zeus. 

arrogance. Hence I PpovTT|0't-K6pavvos, ov, [fipovrdu, KepavvSs) 9 

Pp€, later PpcvOvvojxai, Dep., only used in hig thunder and lightning. 
pres. and impf., to he of a proud carriage, hold one''s PpovT-w8i]s, es, {fipovr^, elSos) like thunder, 
head high in the air, sicagger. [p] 

ppe|is, e»s, Tit (jSpex^) ^ wetting. 

BPE'TA2, t6, gen. ^percos, nom. pi. Pperr), a 
tcooden image of a god. 

BPE'*02, €os, t6, the child unborn, LdRt. foetus, = 
€fji$pvoy. 11. the new-born babe, whelp or cub. 

ppeyjp-6s, 6f = fip€yfjLa, the top of the h€ad. 

BPE'Xn, f. |w, aor. 2 ifipdxw, pass. perf. )8e- 
fipiyfxai : to wet on the surface, moisten, sprinkle, 
opp. to riyyw. Pass, to be wetted or drenched, 2. 
Impers. /Spcp^et, like 0et, Lat. pluit, it rains. 


Ppdreios, ov, also a, ov, and Ppdrcos* "Hy 
{^porSs) mortal, human. 

PpoTtjo'ios, ov, also a, ov, = {oreg. 

ppOTO-pd|, ov, {fiporSs, firiixa) trampling 

Ppord-yrjpvs, v, gen. vos, {fiporos, T^pw) * 
human voice. 

PpoToeis, etraa, ev, {fip6Tos) bloody, gory, bit 

PpoTo-KTov^tt, to murder men : from 



9«, ov, {0por6st ktcIpw) man-slaying, 

Sc, w^ {fipor6sy \ovy6i) man-slayingy 


(, a mortaly many opp. to &9thfaT05 or 

. mortal. 

>, hloodfrom a woundy gore. 

ro«, ov, {0pot65, ffK(nr4w) watching men, 

n^y^f, {0fHyr6sy oriryew) man hating. II. 


r^Sy^s, (fipoT65,<f>4yY05) giving Rght to men. 

10$, oi', (fiporSsi ^(ipa) man destroying. 

j6to5) to make bloody, stain with gore. 

», (jBpcxw) a wetting, rain, 

jSpi^X") - foreg. 

, 6, the throai, gullet. 

6, a noose for hanging or strangling : 

efor Mrds : generally, a noose, a cord. 

jSpiW) to swell, teem with j^enty : to 

Uv. {fip^KQj) snarling. 

i, (iSp^o)) a snarling, biting : a grinding 

of teeth. 

> |», an. 2 ^fipvxoyy to bitCy bite in piecesy 

^$pw ciirc7y, v. sq. 

' thrfiu to cry for drink. 

' in ace fip^a, the depths of the sea. 

I) Dep. c. fut. med. 'fitrofiai, et aor. pass., 
pf. act. 040pvxa ' {fip^oo) to roar, howl, 

rugire. Hence 

«Toy, t6, a roaring : and 

1 oVf 6, a bellower, howler. 

'>'j also o, ov, (j8pi5|) from the depths of 

xia iix(o an echo /row the deep. [I'J 

ut. |w, to bellow, howl, gnash the teeth : 

'^aves, to roar, howl, [p] 

ly used in pres. and impf., to be full of 

^ell, teem with, over/low. II. trans. 

>urst forth, [u in pres. and impf.] 

ojjTo, {fii^pdxTKca) that which is eaten, food. 

h {^p^fico) Dep. med., to bray like an 


(j8ijSp(()flr/cw) = 0pS>fjLa, food. 

ovj l^puxTis) eatable, solid. 

hVj {^i0p<i><TK<jo) meat, as opp. to drink. II. 

ito, corroding, rust. 

pos, b, (fit^pcoaKca) a devourer. 

I iif, verb. Adj. of fii^paxTKO}, eatable, 

^hTl, = 0pS)(ns, eating. 

II) ou, {fi60\os) made of byblus. 

V) the Egyptian papyrus. II. its 

ss, esp. as prepared for ropes, paper, etc. : 
ives of byblus : hence, a book : also in pi. 


7., (j8iJ«) close-pressed, closely, thickly, 
ffco, {0vd6s) to throw into the deep, im- 

PvOioc, a, ov, (fidOos) in the deep, sunken, deep, 

BCdCrvit, ovy 6y fern, fivffiris, diosy iff^foreg. 

pii6oi. Adv., in the deep, at the bottom : from 

BT^'eo'S, 6y the depth, esp. the deeps of the sea. 

PvKTT)s, ovy 6y {fitio) as Masc. Adj. stoelUngy bltit* 

PvWw, Att. for fi^, 

WfViPi., ii, the skin stripped off, a hide, Lat. bursa* 

Pvpa-aCcTos, 6, (fiipo'a, alerds) the teaiher-eagle^ 
epitn. of Cleon the tanner. 
^ Bvpo^s, iws, 6, a tanner : from 

)vp(rcvc0, (fivpffa) to dress hides, tan, 

htpvivr^y ^, a leathern thong : strictly fem. from 

l'6paxvo99 ifiy ov, (jB^fHra) made of skin or leather, 

)vp<ro-8cij^a», to dress hides, be a tanner : from 

3vp<ro-8^t)nt|«, ov, 6, {fiipora, Hirlfu) a tanner. 

ivpao-^cM^Xaycttv, 6vos, l^ {fi^pca, Ila<p\ay<^v) the 
leather-Paphtagonian, nickname of Cleon. 

Pvp<ro-ir(&XT)$, ovy dy {fidpera, leulKito) a leather'* 

Pvp<ro-Ttvij«, 4sy and pvpcrtf-Tovos, oVy {fidptray 
rdvui) with skin or leather stretched over. 

fivaaxvoiy ri, oVy {filfffcos) made of fine linen, 

Pvotro-SofjictiiM, (fivaraSsy liofi4a>) to build in the deepSy 
hence to brood upon in one*s souly meditate deeply 

Bvovt^cv, Adv., (fivffff6s) from the bottom, 

pvoxro-|iirpit|s> ov, by {fiv<rff65y fierpicc) measuring' 
the deeps, 

Pvaai^i dy='fivB6s, the depths of the sea. 

BT'5205, tj, fine flax: also 2. the linen made 

from it. 

Pvo-o-^-c^pwv, ov, gen. ovos, {^varaSsy <ppiiv) deep' 
thinking, meditating deeply. 

BT'n, f. ^vcroi, pf. pass, fi^fiua-fiai : to stuff full, stop 
up, c. gen. viifiaTos fie^vfffihos stuffed full of spun- 
work, also c. dat. [u in oblique tenses.] 

Pw, conj. aor. 2 act. of ^aivat. 

Pitj^i<o, Ion. contr. for fior}d4a. 

PuKoXtaorSu , f. (£|w,-acm]9, b, Dor. for fiovK., q. v. 

P(uK<SXos, PcuKoXucds, etc.. Dor. for fiovK., q. v. 

PwKos, b. Dor. for fiovKos, fiovKcuos. 

PuXoiKtos, a, ov, (j8wAa|) forming clods, of rich loanu 

PwXa|, aKos, 7), —0co\os, a clod of earth. 

PcSXiov, r6. Dim. from fioo\os, a clod. 

Bn"A05, rji « c^od of earth : also like Lat. gleba, 
a piece of land, ground, soil : in gen. a mass of any 
thing : so even of the sun, 

PcuXo-T(S)xos, ov, (j8«Aos, T^/jj/u)) clod-breaking. 

P(iS|xios, a, ov, also os, ov, {fiafxSs) on or at the 
altar : belonging to the altar. 

P(u)xCs, IBos, ri. Dim. from ficofxSs, a step. 

pb>)xo-X<$xcv)xa, oToy, rd, buffoonery y coarse jestingy 
vulgarity: from 

Pb>^o-Xoxcvo|Jiou, Dep. med., (ficofjioXSxos) to prac» 
tise coarse buffoonery, be a buffoon, to flatter, 

Pb>ji,o-X^X<*s> ^^y ifi^l'^^'i "KoxiM) ong. ol the robVU 


P(An6^ — yofwpos. 

that lived ahtyut the altars: a beggar. Metaph. a 
coarse jesteTf buffoon, 

pa»|j.tfs» S, {*fidu, fiaiva) a stand, base, step : usu. 
a raised place for sacrijicing, an altar : later also a 
funeral barrow, 

Buv, Dor. for jSoCy, ace. from fiovs. 

pcSo-os, contr. part. aor. i for fiodffasy from $odu, 

puox, 3 plur. oonj. aor. 2 of fiaipw. 

pAKTTp^M, {$odu) to call on, esp. to call to aid, 

pianfip, Tjpos, 6,=fi(&Trjs. 

ptarqq, ov, b, a herdsman^ ^fio^rris. 

pon-i-dvctpo, 71 f {$6a'KC0, hrfip) man-feeding, nurse' 
of heroes, [a] 

pc&Twp, opos, d,^fidmis, a herdsman. 

r, Y, 7a|&f&e^ Ion. y^fifia, indecL, third letter in Gr. 
alphabet: hence as numeral '/= three, third: but 
/y— 3000 — Before the palatals y, k, Xj and before 
I, y is pronounced like n in our ng, as 1^7701, &yKos, 

In AeoL, and sometimes in Ion., the old Greek 
y was a kind of aspirate, called from the way of 
writing it (P) Digamma, 

Homer uses y as an aspirate before scmie words, 
as a7a ycua^ ^ovvos yZoviros : so also in Att., before 
A and v, e. g. Xi^fxri ykiffirf, fe^oy yv6<pos. 

In Dor. 5 is sometimes put for 7, as yrj, Dor. 
80; on the other hand, 7 for )8, ^\€<papov y\€papov: 
the Att. $ for 7, yXi]X(i>v ^X-i^x^^ • ^so for k, yvdirrb) 
KvaTrrw : and for X, ylfiov Xijiov. 

Ytt, Dor. for ye. 

yo. Dor. also Aeol. for 717, (he earth. 

YaYYdp.T), V, also yaY^ayfOVy r6, a small round net, 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

YaTYpaiva, 17, (ypdcoy ypaivod) a gangrene, an eating 
sore ending in mortification 

ya^a, % the royal treasure or treasury: in. gen. 
riches. (Persian word.) 

ya-to-^vXaKiov, t(J, {yd-Co-, (pvXcucfi) a treasury, Lat. 

yoidia, Dor. for yriOtw, pf. yeyada, part. ycydOc&s. 

yala, rj, like a?a, poet, for 71}, earth, ground, soil : 
esp. one's country. 

yai6.-oxoq, ov, Dor. for ycwfjoxos. 

YCifn-Y*^?, €s, poet, for yriyep^s, 

raii]tos, 71, ov, {yaia) sprung from Earth. 

Y^til-oxos, ov, [ycua^ ^X^) poet. for y7]ovxos, earth' 
surrounding, epith. of Poseidon : of other gods, 
guarding, protecting a country. 

Yatosy ov, Dor. for 7^105, on land. 

TPil'Cl, radio, form, to be proud of a thing., to exult 
or rejoice in, esp. in Homeric phrase, kv^u yodtav 
^r////(>/j/ in his stren^h, 
•^^^^M^ STGu. yd\aKrof, r6, milk, Lat. lac. [70X0] 

YoXoOtiv^, 6v, {yiXfi) sucking, henoe ptmng. 

YoXoKTo-ir&Yi'iS) ^*» (7c^«> 7rfiyw/u) cf at k 
curdled milk, 

YaXaKTo-v^S, ov, &, {ydka, ir(tm) a mi 

YaX<£va, y<^^^)^^» I^r. for 7aX'^, ya\7iy6s, 

TAAE'H, 71, contr. 7aXT7, Us, a weasel, martenm 
also the polecat. 

YaXcbm)s, ov, 6, (yaXcrf) a kind of spotted lixaxi, 

YoXt], 71, contr. for 70X6)7, q. v. 

YaXTjvcuos, a, ov,=yaX7iv6s. 

YoXi^vcia, 71, Dor. yaXxiveia,^9q, 

FA'AH'NH, 71, calm, stillness of wind and VMm 
yaX-fivTjv 4\a^v€tv to sail through ^ calm : in g 
calm, tranquillity. 

Y<lXtiv^, 6v, (yaX-fiinj) cabn, stiU, serene; 
the sea, in neut. pi., ydKrivd a calm : yaJJiy* 6pA 
a calm. Adv. -vcos. 

Ya\-ovpY^ci}, -ovpY^9 -ovx^m, -Cftrxioy^yoKjo 

YoiXdc^, pi. nom. from sq. 

FA'AOnS, 7), gen. ydXotc, nom. pi. ToX^, At'ft 
X«y, gen. ydXa/f 7}, a sister-in-law : the 
ing masc. is ia^p. 

Ya[xai, Dor. for 7^/tai, inf. aor. i of yaftAto, 

Yap.Ppd«, 6, (yafidw) any eonne,vion by 
Ijat affinis, son-in4aw : also brother-in-laur ^ 
father-in-law. II. in Dor. and Aeol., a 


YajJicv, Dor. for iy7)fitv, 3 aor. i from 70^1^. 

YO-p-cTTJ, ^, fem. of sq., a wife. 

YajjL^TTjs, ov, 6, a husband, spouse : and 

yaiiiri9, i^os, t], a wife : from 

Ya}i^ci>, fut. yafieoo, Att. contr. yofiw, later yap^ 
fut. med. yaixiaofiai. hence Ep. 3 sing, yofiifft^' 
aor. I ^yrjfjLay med. iy7iiJ.djj.vjv: perf. yeydfMjKai 
yiy d/ : aor. i pass. 4ya/A'fi97iy : (ydfios), 
marry, to take to wife^ Lat. ducere: iK komc^ 
ayadov yTJixai to marry of a good or bad stock. 
Med. to give in marriage, 1. of the womsk^ 
give herself in marriage, to wed, Lat. nubere. 
of the parents, to get their children married, bef^ 
to get a wfefor the son or a husband for the da0 
ter. III. Pass. yaix7i97\vai, to be wedded 

taken to wife. 

Yap.'<i]Xevp,a, otos, 76,=ydfix}s. 

ra|X"r]Xi«v, covos, 6, the seventh month of the A 
year, from yafxto), because it was the usual time 
weddings : it answere*! to thelasthalf of Januarys 
beginning of Febniar)'; and was in old times I 
called Arjvaiiav. 

Yap.C^o>, f. icTo), (ydfios) to give in marriage. 

Yap.iK(^, i\, 6v, {ydfxos) bridal ; ra yayu a wedd 
Lat. nuptiae. 

ya\LiarKO', = yafjLi^, to be given in marriag 

Ya}AO-KX<5iros> ov, {ydfxos, /cXeirrw) adulterous ; 
Subst., an adulterer. 



J, a wedding: marriage: also wedlock^ 

in pi. a marriage feast, [a] 
, w, ai, {ya/x^6s, yvafiTrrSs) the jaws: of 

I, <Jy, (icrfjuiTTa) 6^n/, curved, crooks 
for -yTTF, ^cuoi'. 

ivos) to shine, glitter; to look bright: 
be cheerful. 

EOS, r6f brightness, beauty ; hence oma- 
n, delight, [a] Hence 
make bright or shining : metaph. to cheer, 
delighted, to enjoy. 

Dep., only used in pres., impf., an4 Ep. 
rojuoi, (7<w)s) to brighten up, be delighted 

[&] Hence 
, OTOS, r6,=y<ivos, 
, T(J, Dor. for yfyiriHoy, [a] 
\, ya-viSvos, Y<i-'»roTOS> lyor, for Trpr. 
njunction, ybr. Its chief usages are I. 
ce the reason or cause : when the reason 
ihat of which it is the reason, it may be 
)y since or as ; 'Arpei^rj, iroWol yhp re&pci~ 
ij since many Achaeans are dead : so in 
}) in parenthesis, as, xai, ^v ykp 6 MapaB&)V 
mov, etc., and for that or since Marathon 
West place. 2. where that of which ydp 

reason is omitted, when yes or no may easily 
id from the context, koi 5^t' Mkfias rovsi* 
V vSfiovs; ob ydp ri fioi Zehs ^v 6 KTjp^^as 
],for it was not Zeus, etc. : ^a-ri yb.p ofhco 
f so it is, i. e. certainly : ydp is also used 
strengthen something said, oVS* ovKer* elfrt' 
' cTi Bv^erati [I say this], for it will sting 

litional Propositions, where the Condition 
, e. g. ov yhp &v fX€ etrffiirov irdhtv, sc. €t /x^ 
it may be translated else. II. to de- 

has been before alluded to, as e^et ygip r] 
: KoXKiara non; the country has . . III. 

len J. a question, like Lat. nam, Enf^l. 
', tIs ydp (Te ^K€v why who hath sent 
2. a imshf KUKws yap 4^6\oio O that you 
sh ! in Homer usu. cd yhp^ Alt. et or ^Xde 
Uinam, O that ! so also Trwy ydp, would 
IV. In connexion with other 
; : I. aWh. ydp, where yap gives the 

clause to be supplied between aWd and 
AA yap ^Kove a'lb' iirl wpayo^ iriKpSu but 
2. yap &pa, or ydp ^a in Homer, 
3. yap oZv for indeed. 4. ydp re, 

5. ydp Toi makes the reason stronger, 

, f. a/)cS, [ydpyapa] to be full, to swarm 

», Att, for yayy. to tickle 
•5, b, a tick/in^, i/eAi/?^. 
., Tdy Aeaps, /o/s^ jj/e/2/y. 


^olpvu, f. {}(T(a, Dor. for yrip^w, to chatter. 

youm^p, fyos, syncop. yaorpds, dat. plur. ycurrf^dtri, 
^, the paunch, belly ^ Lat venter: nence metaph. 
any hollow : also esp. the womb, iv yaj(rrp\ if>4p9iy or 
^X^w to be with child: metaph. appetite, in a had 
sense, gluttony. Hence 

ydjfrrpoy Ion. ydorpif, ^, the belly of a jar, etc 

Y<urTpC8u>v, r6. Dim. £rom yatrr^p, yaurrpiov. 

YaoTp£{|a», f. iffa, (ydffrpis) to fill one's belly. II, 
to hit on the belly, a trick in boxing, 

YooTpC-iAapYOf, ov, {ycurrlip, yudpyos) gluttonous, 

ycMTpiav, t6, Dim. from yoffHip. 

yijirrpi^, lo^, d, ii, {ycurrfip) pot-bellied: hence a 

7aoTpo-P&pi{s, 4s, {yoffrtip, fiaph) heavy with chUdy 

YaoTpo-^p^w, (yatrr^p, ^{p») to bear in the womb, 
be pregnant. 

yavXiK^Sy 4} ^f} (yavKos) belonging to a merchant* 

yavkiTiK^, "fl, 6y,^yau\iK6s. 

FAY AD'S, d, a milk-pail: a water-bucket: any 
round vessel, e. g. a bee-hive : hence II. yav\os, 
6, a round-built merchant-vessel, galley. 

yavpidw, f. dffoo, to bear oneself proudly, pride one» 
self: from 

Y<i>vpo«, oy, also a, ov, (*ydM, yaita) leaping : ex^ 
ulting in, overweening: unmanageable. Hence 

Yavp(So|Aat, as Pass., to exult, be overweening: to 
he proud of: hence 

Yavpa)[xa, aros, t6, a subject for boasting. 

*rA'n, obsol. pres., from which is formed 7ey&a 
for yiyova Ep. perf. of yiyvofiai, to be bom or to 
come into being : to be, to live : the inf. yeydfx^v for 
ycydvai is only found in Homer in compds., but Pin- 
dar has the simple form, as also yeydK^iv [d] for 
ycyTjKeyai : yeyax&s was contr. Att. into yeytlos, 7c- 
yucra, yeytas, like jSejSatis, $€$(as. 

*rA'n, obsol. ])res. =70/0?, to cocult. 

TE, Dor. ya, enclitic Particle, generally = Lat. quim 
dem : used L to strengthen, II. to weaken 

the force of the proposition. 

I. at leasts at any rate, I^at. saltern, 7' 4ydd^€ \€<&s 
at any rate the people here : freq. attached to pro- 
nouns, e. g. iycoye, (T^c, and ^€. 2. well then, 
then, implying unwillingness, ef/x( ye then I will 
go. 2. and indeed, too, Ka\<as ye ttoiuv and quite 

right too 

4. to strengthen oaths, v^ Aia . . ye, 

with a word between, to which ye usu. refers. II. 
even, ^\6ov ^Afjuplapec^ ye vphs fiiav against even Am- 
phiaraus* will. 

r€ ought to follow the word which it limits ; but 
in case of Substantives it ofteiv fo\\o"VJ% \Jafe Kx^c^.^^^ 
as '6 y MpaTTos, or t\\e Pre^os., KaTA. "^^ 'tbv cbv 

lif CONNEXION WITH. OTIELEB. T N.T5L.'t\CU«.'^ *1«^ 


ycioxos — yevcids. 

usu. has its simple force, qutdem, at least. It is 
mostly joined with the following, hXKh fuqvy kolL fvtiv, 
oh fi^iu, 2. for ipd yt, v. 2pa. 3. hrd^ ye 

but pet. 4. iird 7c, ivfiv4p ye, etc., since at 

least, so ^ov ye, Ztrov ye fjJiv. 5. /carrot ye, v. 

Kulroi, 6. 76 fieirrot certainly however, 

YC(£-oxos, ov, Dor. for yavfioxos, 

Yryaarc, yeyoMcn^ 2 and 3 pi. indie perf. y4yaa.y 
V. ywu, Partic. 7670(65, vTo, 6s, Att. yeyd>5y Inf. 76- 
ydfiey, yeydKeiv, poet. 

YryaO^TcS} Dor. for 7€7»70ot€j. 

^cyaKciv, Dor. for yeyuKevat, =yey ouevai, v. 7<{«. 

Yrydficvy Ep. inf. of yiyaa, v. 7<i(tf : but yeyafjiev I 
pi. pf. from 7^aa : part. yeywiSts* [a] 

Yry^vi)|jiai, perf. of yiyvofxaiy q. v. 

Y^yilOc, Y^0ci'> 3 sing. perf. 2 and plqpf. of yrjBew. 

^fyova, perf. of ylyvoficu, 

Y<^/, pass, pf., yeypdyjfofiat, paulo-post fut. 
from ypa<p<o. 

TE'rnNA, perf. 2 c. pres. signf., part yeywvds, 
the other tenses are formed as from pres. yey(6vto or 
yeywvitiiy inf. yeycavew ; imperf. iyeyt&vevv or yeyd^- 
yevy for ^yey^veov, and 3 sing, iyeyi&yei, but also 
ykywfe, and an inf. aor. 7e7«i^(rcM. To ca//, cry, 
So'oi' T6 yiyoove fio^aas as far as he coidd make him- 
self heard by shouting: in gen. to speak loud, pro- 
claim : c. dat. pers., to call on, shout to : of things, 
to sound, ring, etc. 

ycYMv^u, V. foreg. 

yeyu>vi\T4oVf verb. Adj. from foreg., one must pro- 
claim aloud, 

yeyavio'Ka, lengthd. pres. for yey aua, to proclaim, 

Yrya>v(Ss> 6vy Adj. from part. yeycavdtS) as apap6s, 6v, 
from &papdes, loud spoken, clear, 

yeyiavia, v, yeycava, 

7€7(iSs, uffa, dos, Att. part. perf. of ylyvofiai, for 
yeyovdfs, yeyatas, v. ydca, 

YCTi-ir^vos, etc., v. yeorn--., 

Ycivd|Acvos, part. aor. i from yeivofiai, q. v. 

ycCvcai, Ep. 2 conj. aor. i med. for yeCvr\ai, 

7ctvo|xai, to be begotten, be born, II. in act. 

signf., aor. i med. iyeivdfxnv, yeiva(TBai, = yevvd(a, to 
beget, bHng forth: ol yeivdfjieuoi the parents. 

Y€io-}i<Spos, etc.,=7€cyja-, etc. 

YCLO-(|>(Spos, ov, (777, ^epo)) earth bearing. 

TErSON, or Ycio-o-ov, t6, any thing projecting so 
as to shelter, the eaves of a roof, the cornice of the 
entablature : in gen. the coping : the hem of a gar- 
ment, (Of Carian origin.) 

YCtTVtdtt, (yeiruv) to be a neighbour, to border on, 

yevTOviia, = foreg. 

Y€it6ot;vo«, ov, neighbouring, near : from 

TEl'THN, ovos, 6, rj, a neighbour: as Adj., neigh- 
bouring, near, bordering. Metaph. akin to, like, 

YcXd^as, Dor. for ye\dffas. 

ycXdvi^S; €s, (ytkda) laughing, cheerful. 
yeAdoia-a and y^^eva'a. Dor, for yeXdovffa, 

YcXoo'cCtf, Desiderat. from ye\dM, to Uke to iaugki 

to be ready to laugh. 
yikojoyAf aros, r6, (yeKdo)) laughing, laughttr: 

hence Kufidrmv avfipiB/xov ycXxurfui '^ the many-twiiw 

kling smile of Ocean.*' 
YcXooTi^S) ov, 6, (yeXdo)) a laugher, sneerer. 
YcXaoTos, "fj) 6v, laughable, laughed at : from 
FEAA'A, fut. yeXdtroixai, Dor. ye}Jfyo : aor. ^f&^ 

ffa, poet. iy4\a(ra-a. To laugh at a ijiing : iy4Xant 

(pi\ov K^p his heart laughed within him : henoe i^ 

smile upon, hat, arridere, to he pleased tviA: U 

laugh at, sneer at. II. transit, to laugh at OM 

FEAFI'S, TSos, and TBos, also y^y^> ^^» Vs—h^ 

a head, clove of garlic, Lat. spica alliu ^ 

YcXoido, -fiaa, Ep. for yeXdu, j 

YcXoCioS} Ep. for yeXoios, ^ 

Y^oios, a, ov, also os, ov, (yeXdu) laughable, dw 

surd, 11, humorous, facetious. Adv. -as. •( 

YcXoCoivTCS, part. pres. from yeKouloff. 
ye\6iay yek6iavrt^, Ep. form for yeXu, yeXdu, fll& ' 
YcXuvTi, Dor. for ye\Q<ri, ^ 

YcXcSovTCS, poet, for ye\6<ovre5, . ^ 

yikuq, ooros, Att. <o, 6, ace. y4\(aTa, y4\xa, and Al| 

y4}<iuv, (yeKdu) : laughing, laughter: he\ y4Xari §H 

laughter^s sake, for a joke, II. a subjectof laugiilM 

haUludibrium: y4\(oTa voie^ordairitom&kB a joke ofli 
YcXuTO-iroita, ^, buffoonery : from -i 

YcXcoTO-iroids, 6v, (y4\(os, voi4ta) exciting lau^UtH 

ridiculous : b ye\(oToiroi65 a jester, ^ 

YCfjLCtu, f. Iffcc, Att. icD, (y4fia>) to fill, load orfrei^ 

with a thing. Pass, to be full, 
y4\i.o^, T6,=y6fjLos, a freight : from ' 

TE'Mfl, used only in pres. and impf., to be full rf§ 

thing, to be filled, loaded. 
ycvcd, as, tj. Ion. yeveif, (*y4v(a) birth : bvK&rtfm 

yivep younger by birth: of lifeless things, productk% 

growth, II. birth, race, descent, esp. nobk 

birth, yevefi vweprepos higher by blood : of hondh 

breed. III. a race, a genei'ation, IV. <fi 

spring, descendants, 
YCvea-XoY^cii, {y€vea-\6yos) to make a pedigree. 
Y£vcd-XoY^oi, 7}, tracing one^s descent : from 
Ycved-Xdyos, 6, (yeved, Xeyu) a genealogist, 
YCVCT], rjs, rj, Ion. for ycved. 
Ycve'{)(|>i or <|)tv, dat. from foreg. 
Ycv^6Xetos, a, ov, Ion. y€ved\'f}Tos,=y€v46\ios, 
yev4d\ri, tj, birth, origin, descent: of horseii 

breed, 2, birth-place, 

YcvcOXCSios, ov,=y€v4d\ios, 
Ycv^OXios, ov, belonging to oriel's birth, Ijkt. natalit: 

ra 7. a birth-day feast : 7. deal the gods of one'i 

race ; yev4d\iov aifia kindred blood. 
Y^veOXov, T6,=y€v4d\T}, descent : offspring, 
ycvcid^b), Dor. -atrScw, f. ctcw, {yiveiov) to get 4 

beard, come to man's estate, 
Ycveids, dZos, t], (yiveiov) a beard, 2. in plun 

the cheeks. 

ycveuto-Koi — TWCa. 


=y€W€iA(a>f to get a beard. 
ovy 4, fem. yevciaris, i9os, 4], (ytvttds) 
IS, ^ts, also 7€V€aT«, bearded, 
^«o,^y€y^td(a, to get a beard, 
{yhnn) the upper jaw : but usu. ^ 
he cheek. XL the beard, 

for iyeyov. 

a(. aar. 2 of ylyvofjuu, 
fy=yw4B\ioSy belonging to the birth-day: 
iay kept in memory of the dead. 
^i ^9 (*y^) an origin^ source : bir&h, 

fem. from ytverfip, (^hw) she that gives 
\er : also she that is bom, a daughter. 
~y€vef]y a source ^ birth. 
ws, 6, fem. y^vh-tipa^—y^vinis. 
J ^> (*76'«) a father, ancestor. H. 

the son. ITL as Adj.,=76V^0Xios. 
, fJo*, Ji,(*yivw) goddess ofon^s birth hour. 
JOS, df=y€u^rris, a father. 
3 imperat. aor. i pass, otyiyvofuu, 
•> ^>=7^Jj tfie edge of cm axe : hence 
'ocAr, contr. gen. yev^Hos. 
3et. for yeyos, descent, offspring, 
ov, '.6y plur. ytwdBaiy {y4vva) noble, in 
th, high-bom, high-mirided, Lat. genero- 

Finfs, ^y, (y€yva7o5, irpciro)) becomingf be- 
fe. Adv. — ir»j. 

, ov, also OS, ov, {y4wa) suitable to one's 
cent, ofj fxoi yeuvaiGV it Jits not m?/ high 
able, both in mind and blood, high-born, 
: of animals, thorough-bred: of things, 
r kind : great, intense. Adv. -cos, Su- 
rara. Hence 

, TfTos, 7), nobility J nobleness of character: 

^crco, (y4vua) to beget: oi yivv4](Tainis the 
gen. to produce. Hence 
T05, r6, that vhich is produced, a pro- 

II. a begetting : and 
■CDS, y], a begetting, producing, 
'l, ^Vi (yeyvdoo) begotten : mortal. 

opos, 6,=y€t/€T<ap. 

J 6v, =y€vva7os, brave, spirited. Adv. -ws. 
5p. and Ion. for yevoivro. 
Oor. for -firiu, oi)t. aor. 2 oi yiyvoiiai. 
t6, {*y4v(»}) race, descent : fi-eq. in ace. 
as ^1 ^lddK7}s yhos elfii I am of Ithaca 
II. a descendant, a child, as Virgil's 
III. a race in regard to number, a 
I. a race in regard to time, an age, gene- 
TV. sex : gender. V. kind, genns, 
, species. 

Tasped, = €\a^€P, 3 sing, of an old Verb 

n this form : proh. Aeol. for eAerOj eArOj / 

IL contr. for eyeuero. I 

rE'NT*^, WW, fly aoc. phir. y4uvas, oontr. y4yvs : 
The under jaw : y4ifv9s, both jaws, the mouth : thence 
also the cheek, ohin ; also (he beard. 11. the edge 
of an axe, a biting axe. 
^rE'Na, obsoL pies.. Root of yiyvofAou 
Tcpoi^y A, 6v, (y4pwr, yriptuSs) old: venerable. 
Gompar. ytpalrtposi ol y^pair^poi the elders, Lat. 
senatorei. Super!, ytpalraros. [jBtT] 
YcpaCp«*, £ 6p& I aor. i iy^pripa, inf. ytpSpeu : aor. 
2 iyip&pov, also Med. ytpaipofuu, {y4pas) to honor or 
reward with a gift : in gen. to honor : to pay in honor, 
YcpaCrcpof, -TaTo«» Gomp. and Superl. from y^ptuSu 
rE'PA*>I02, ^, n crane. 
YcpiUs, 'fi, 6v, —y€pcu6s : only poet, 
ycp&pds, dy 6», {ytpctipai) reverend, stately : ytpapol 

n/PAS, cuts, r6, Horn. nom. pi. y4pa for yfyara, also 
yipta I — a gift of honor, prize, in gen. a gift, honor : 
metaph. yipas Bcofdvrwv the last honors of tlie 
dead. 11. rank, power, dignity: a privilege, 

prerogaHve : hence 
Ycpa(«, ov, honoring. II. honored. 
Ycp<£(mos, a Spartan month, 
Ycpa«-^^po«, ov, (y^pas, p4pw) bringing or receiv- 
ing honor. 
Y^pca, Ion. nom. pL o{y4pas. 
replevies, 6, epith. of Nestor, from Gerenia, a dty 
of Messenia. 
YcpovT-&Y«»Y^a>y to guide an old man : from 
y€povr-&yay69, 6, (yiptav, iyoi) guiding an old man* 
ycpovrCa, ri, (y4puv) the assembly of the Gerontes at 

Y€p<5vTtov, TO, Dim. of y4pwv, a little old man. 
Ycpovo'ia) 71, (ydpcov) a council of elders, esp. at 
Sparta, where it consisted of 28, Senate. II. an 


! Ycpovo'iog, a, ov, (ydpuv) belonging to the old or to 
I a senator, befitting them. 

I 'Y^ppov, t6, (fljooj) Lat. gerra, any thing made of 
• wicker-u'ork, esp. an oblong shield, such as the Per- 
; sians wore. 2. a wattled hut. 
I Ycppo-ifxSpoi, 01, [yeppov, <f>€pa))a kind of troops that 
wore wicker shields : v. foreg. 

rE'PHN, ovTos, 6, an old man : ol y. the elders, who 

with the king formed the chief council : hence the 

I Senators, esp. at Sparta, where they were 28 in 

! number. II. as Adj. y^pcov, ov, but usu. only 

I with masc. Subst. as yepoov \6yos : but yepov odKos 

occurs in Homer. 
, Y^P*^^^^') ^f Lacon. for yepovtria. 

Ycvjxa, aros, r6, {ytvui) a taste of a thing. 
. yvotrtitr^ax., inf. aor. i med. from 7etJc». 
I rET'n, f. 7€uo'w, to give one a taste of. 

3Ied. yevofxai, c. gen., (0 (astc : "s^ ^. "^^"^^ 
i iyeyeuvTo they had tasted, eaten : \\eivcfe to Itij.j moike 
proof, have e.vperience of, ^oupbs 'yt^caw^av to taste, 
i. e./eel the spear : ^0 enjoy. 



rE'^T~PA, 7}, a dam, mound of earth, II. in II. 
usu. the lane between two lines of battle, which 
served to keep them apart: hence the battle' 
field. III. post-Horn, a bridge, yetpvpay Cev- 

yy^uat or yctp^pt^ (evyvi&ycu irorafiSy to build a bridge 
over a river, Lat. ponte jungere j^uvium. Hence 

y€(^p6fo, to dam, bridge, ye<p6p{off€ vorafiSv (the 
tree) made a bridge over the river. 2. to make a 

crossing like a bridge. 

YC(0-Xo<|>os9 by {yri, \6^5) a hill, hillock : also rh 76(1)- 

YCo)-|icTp^fi>, to measure land, to measure : from 

Yc»-|UTpv)S, ov, 6, (yrj, fierpeiy) a land measurer, 
geometer. Hence 

YCca-fJLCTpCa, ri, land-measuring, geometry : and 

Ycu-fJLcrpiK^s, ^, 6v, belonging to land-measuring, 
geometrical: ri -icfi, sub. rcx^ri, geometry. 

YC(i>-p.opCa, 7], a division of lands. From 

YC(d-p.^po99 6, 71, also Y^-fii^poS) Y'^'M'^P^'S ^^^ ytw 
lAopoSy (yvy /JLelpofxcu) a sharer in the division of 
lands, landholder : hence in pi. the wealthy, ol y. 
the nobles in a state, Lat. optimates, 

y€t»-v(Siov, r6. Dim. from sq. 

YctS-ireSovy r6. Ion. for yiiTrehoy, a plot of ground. 

Yeu-ircCvT|9, ov, 6, (7^, vevoixai) poor in land, having 
little or bad land. 

y€wv6vo99 b, (yij, vovia) a husbandman. 

y€-ii>pyiii>, {yc(0py6s) to be a farmer : also, to till, 
cultivate, c. ace. metaph. to work at, practise a thing. 

YC-<i>PY^9 Vi {y€(ifpy6s) agriculture, tillage. Hence 

YC-(i>pylk69, "fi, 6v, belonging to tillage : rustic. 2. 
skilled in farming. 

YC-ci)pY<5s, <iu, (yrj, *€py<a) tilling the ground: as 
Subst. a husbandman, laborer. 

y€ia-pvx€ia, to dig, trench the earth : from 

YC-wpvxos, oy, (yrj, opvaarw) trenching the earth, [y] 

y€ii>-r6p.os, ov, (yrj, rd/xpa) cutting the ground; 

TH", 7}, contr. for yia, earth, land : cf. yaia ; yrju 
KoX vdoop ^L^Syai to give earth and water as token of 
submission : icarh. yqv on land, by land, opp. to Karh 

yti-yevf^fi, 4s, (777, ^yivai) earthborn. II. as 

Subst., a son of the Earth, a Titan, a giant. 2. 


yrfitv. Adv. of 77), out of or from the earth. 

yy]9i(a, f. ijaa}, perf. yeyrfda, (yala, *ydQ), q. v.) to 
be delighted, to rejoice. 

YT|0ocn5vT], 71, joy, delight: strictly fem. of 

Yn8<5oT;vos, 17, ov, {yv^^w) joyful, glad. 

rH'0TONj r6, liat. gethyum, a kind of leek. 

yqivos, ov, and Y'l'to?* ov, {y7\) of earth or clay. 

YHiTTjs, ov, 6, (yrj) a husbandman, contr. yfjTTjs. 

YH-XoAos, 6,=ye(c\o(pos, a hill. 

7r]jiot, Yn|i,a9, YHfiaoOat, Y^fxaficvos, inf. and 
j>^irL aor. i act. and med. of yajx^o}, 
yf/-/itfpoff, Sj=y€Q},u6poS) q.v. 


Yn-ox^W) (7^9 ^X<^) ^^ possess land. 
Yij-irc8ov, r6,—ye^eZov, (7^, viiov) a plot 
Yn-ir€Tij«, is, (7^, viTrra) failing to earth. 
Yti-woTos, ov. Dor. ydTroros, {yrj, vivcei) to be dr\ 
up by Earth, 
YHpat^y d, 6v, (yrjpas) old, aged, 
yr\paXioi, and aXios, a, ov,={oreg, 
Y^pavai, inf. aor. 2 of yripdo), yripdo'Ku, q. v. 
YHptiS) part. aor. 2 of ynpoM, yTjpdoKoo, 
riTPAS, r6, Hom. gen. yfipaos, Att contr. 7^ 
dat. 7^pa<, Att. contr. 7^p^, old age. Hence 
YHp^ and Y^pdoica), fut. d^co, Att. daofuu [ 
aor. 2 iyfipav, in£ aor. 2 yrjpavai, part, yripds. 
grow aged, become old and infirm. II. tram 

aor. iyiipoffo, to bring to old age, 
Ynpo-PovK^u, to feed and dierish in old age, E 
to be cherished in old age : from 
YV]po-Po<rK^S» ^Vf (y^pas, p6(rKaj) cherishing im 
age ; esp. of one*s parents. 
Ynpo-Kop.os, ov, (yrjpas, Ko/x4(a) cherishing the c 
YHpvfJLa, arcs, t6, (ynp^cc) a voice, sound, tone^ 
rH"PT5, vos, 6, a voice : a sound. Hence 
Yt)pvo), f. ^am. Dor. yapv» : — to utter, speak, 
cry, [y in pres. : in fut. and aor.] 
Y^pcdS, contr. gen. from yrjpas, for yiipaos. 
■yiJTetov, t6, and ytitiov, Att. for yf)$vov, a lees 
YilTTis, b, contr. for yrftTTjs, a husbandman, q. ■* 
Yn-r<SfJLOS9 oy, {yV} rcfivu) ploughing the earths 
rtyavTO-clMSvGS, ov, (yiyas, (povelHo) giant-killir^ 
rr rAPTON, a grape-stone, [t] 
ri'rA2, avTos, Voc. yiyav, 6, usu. in plur- 
giants, a rebellious race, at last destroyed b)M 
gods. In Hesiod, the sons of Gaia, whences 
name=77776ni]9. 2. As Adj. mighty, [t], also ylvofiai [I] , a redupl. form frona 
root *rE'Nn. From this root are formed the 
yevriaofiat : aor. iyevS/xrjv : perf. y^ydvTjfxai and 
yova : but an Ep. pf. ydyaa, part. y€yad[)S, Horn-. 
yeydfiev. Dor. inf. yey dK€iv are formed from *- 
To become, to happen : to be born ; to be ; in | 
y4yova to be by birth, or to have become so. 1 
events, to occur, happen, II. Post- Hom., \ 

Preps, or Ad vs. of motion, to come to, as iyiver 
AaK^dalfiova, 2, rravra, 7ravTo7o's, iravro^ 

yiyvofxai to take all shapes, turn every way : ecu 
yeveo'dai to be master of oneself ; ivrhs eavrov 7 
adai to recover oneself. 3. ri yevw/jxti; d 

rarely ris yevwjxai ; what is to become of me ? 
ylyveadai St* opyijs, 5ta \6ywv, periphras. for op 
\4yeiv, etc. 5. c. gen. pretii, to cost so mi 

e. g. 6fio\ov yiyvcadai to cost an obol. 

yiYVcua-Kb). redupl. from the root *rNOE''n, n 
NAI, Lat. NOSCO, only later yivucrKco, fut. yvc 
/jLai : aor. ^yvuv, part, yvovs, inf. yvuvai, opt. yvi 
imperat. yvtcQi : perf. eyvuKa, perf. pass, tyvaai 
^aov. "pass. i'yvwaO-nv. 

yivoiuu, — TASrS!&A. 

'a buMB, pereetBe, gain knoicledge i 

_. nnrk, of 
liiulcTsland : 

™time» c gHQ. instead of ace., Ui Itium (/. . ., 
" x<'0}tiroa, ht knete Ihal he mas angry: rarely 
<o c. part, (yinav ^mjjiAwi / felt that J ipa* 
wen. ^ II. hi Aa, proeelo examine, to form 

' opinion, decide upon,delenmne,apprope. III. 
OMidemn. IV. (o mafiB known, cekl/rale, as, 

miiofioi KiptrSoi: 

tt, MI, tJ, port, for -rika.. milk. 
^Ml«i, <•', {T-fAfl, (xn-.u-) contr. for 7a- 
amgmmiac. [fi] 
». . , "I, ^,=*^;in|, hanor in (*« <iyej, 
mfntj iv, gen. 01.DI-, (TAii^ii) blear-eyed. 
T*"""", (tXbuitJi) only fSnind in Ep. part., 
T*""'"" Starinp wiHt the etree. 
fUTKtfa, ^, Jir, Aeol. yAoiiicoi, JriiiAf, afeominj, 
WSJ. II. with notion of Color, po/e ^cwi, 
■JjUlj/buom, nf the olive, of the wiUow, and 
*»rf lh( vine, 3, e»p. trfthe aye, light gray, 

'*wiii«; ofa nation, blae-egtil. 
Jr^w-Xiwot, i, it, ate. •/>juiKij!t<'>h (tAkukJ!, 
J^l ptj^mliffed, gray. 

!Jj"'W!i ilm, ^ am. iSo, but also tr, {y\mKis, 
W) <r>i- of Athena, fierce-^ed, leilh /Umhing 
'J II.=7A«iiciii, tAiniiip, nilceri/. 
l™-«i. S'oi, a, ^, = 7\auifoorii. 
jWEin-yXaSI, ,J,, ^, (yf^Kit) the oicl, Lat. 

calloi „ „ ^ „ „„. 

2J^ '**>!., yAaSjc" .ij 'A9^»ai, like oar ' carry 
"J M Kewcastle :' Athenian coins were railed 
y™' J^pmiroJ, /i-om (At j/om;! (if Wfi oror on 

yHiiy'i,hKiilM) a hol/ow, cavern. [S] 
1«*W(, J, it, {y\dfa) haliotu, hulUmcd: henee 

gMiarfffipharbour. U. smoothed, po- 

^^ DEnce of persona, critical, exact. 

tik'iti, f. ,^B, (0 Aeuj, eorae, dig, of a iioo, io tear 

Irgnimd with his feet. 

I^ninminn, au, i, (7\(i;m!, ir(p») a drinker of 

I (Mm^co 


must, aaeel 

TU^opor, T^j DOF. for ^Ac'^apov. 
tUb'NR, ^ /Ac pupil, eye-ball: eud, because 
linren are r^ected small in the pupil, II. a 

ifptt, esp. a girl, cf. jcij|ni, Lat. pupilla : so as a 
nni, fype iMiril 7AV'I awny, wrot ^iri.' 
AH'XAN, tiroi, is lirai, ij, and yKirxii, oCj, ^, 
Mip-ropo/, Ion. for p\i!X'"'i fi^VX'^' 
lU«FX|>-'>."''-^»Y"'S-*'''-^P'''''TO!,o>', comic word 
jstoplianei, a greeds petlifiifipirf^Av, 


e j/jp- 

rAI'3XP02, a, 01', p/tKff, clanaay; 
pery. 11. meCaph. elitjiing cltua to another, im- 

porlunaie. 1. close, ilingy. 3. e»p. of dis- 

putations, quibbling, pettg. Adv. -xp"ij imporiu- 
natelg : acaiuilt/ 1 also petlilg. 

y^iTj^pw, avos, 6, (yXftrxpor) rt niggard. 

rAI'XOMAI, only used in pres, and inipf., lo strive 
after a thing, slrugglefor it, c. gen. a. yAl^. 

irepf Tivoi (0 fifl f (iffer aio«( or for a thing. [7X1] 

rAOI'A or 7X010, i), gitie ! henoe 

Y^ai^, i, any Iking itieig or clammy, ax raud, 
gM.ra 1 but lUD. aU-lees, and in gen. ai/. II. lu 

Adj. 7;VoiiJi, (C, iy, dippBTy^ knanish. 

yXovTta, Trf, the buttoekt, lax. nates 1 from 

rAOrrO'S, S, the rump : later •wvyi]. 

ykuiHpiSi, <(, ^v,^7AuKJt, aaeet. 

YXudipiJ-xfiwt, UTOi, i, J|, {yKm 

2s) unlh 


YXumi-Baicpvt, v, gBn. boi, (yAiwii, Btiifpu) causing 

yXuitu-Supo*, Of, (yXudii, aS/HH") loith sweet gifts. 
YXuini-i|xii«, ^i. (7X(i|rft, Ax*") stpeet.amnding. 

IXvicii-E)v|i«t, or, (yXvuiti, Sv^i) tiueel-mifided. 
aoc. ehanaing the mind, delightful. 
yXuicii-Pi&Xdv, AboI. and Dor. for 7>jn(fifii(^oj'. 
YXvkv-^uCXICxoCi ov, (yXiw^f, fttfXi;icoi) sweetly 
YXuinl-|u]Xav, TrJ, (yAuK^, ^^Xob) a noeet-apple. 
y\uKV-f.vtlia, lo tpeak sweetlg ; from 
yXukO-uvSob, (7Ai<Kii, fiCflu.) nscel-ipeaking. 

>ir ojrspriniJ. ,' ' ' 

YXuicii-an^>Ocvos, ^, (yXulfUF, iro^^r^os) a arcect maid. 

yXvud-micpiN, DC, (7A.uiiiii, riKph) aiceetly bitter. 

TATKl'S, (?«, i, street to the taste, aiceet: meteph. 
sweet, delighlfal: of msn. dear, kind. Comp. and 
Superl. •jAiticiBa', yxiKuPras : also y^Kirtpoi, — roT^f. 
Alii. 'Kias. [yxeirti] 

yXuKimis, ijroi, fl, (yXuitii) luwetora* of laste. 

vXvi.Q.t, (7A.^''*i) S yhiiiav, mg siceel felloa: [C] 

rXiJKuvluK, 0, ov, Glycotus, a kind of verse, so 
called from its inveutar Olyain. 

yXvimip, -Spot) *, and yXdin-iii, ou, d, (7^^^) a 
earver, a sculptor. 

yX'iirTto,='y\i^, q.v. 

-yXJ^vav, TrJ, (7*1!^) a knife, chisel, or other 
inalrumeTil for carving. 

yXe^h, IGds, q, uni. in plur., yXvpiSis the notch of 
the arrow, which fits on the string . later, the arrein 
itself. ll.=y\iipai'm', a knife ! from 

TAT'Ul, f.^a, to hollow out; mp. t, 


■ [y 

rAIl'E, axis, T), the beard ^Eorn, only in 5U1T. 
TAn'SSA, 1)!, 1], Att. 7XUTTII, the longuEi UbIj 
(yAlirxpos, I yAiiamii by word 0/ moutK : ouk 6.111 -nJaaa-^t ww. 
/ from another's Umgwt heanaVi ^^ <* 'i^* '"^ 


y\(A<rcra\yla — yoyyva-fws. 

knowledge. II. a tongue, language, yh&fftrav 

vofii(fiy to use a langxiage or dialed. 

YXcMro--aXYCa, tj, AtL yXwffcrapyiaf endless talking, 
wordiness: from 

yXuo'O'-aXYOt, oy, Att. yK&uffapyos, {yXStcffa, &X- 
yos) talking tUl one^s tongue aches, very talkative, 

YXuoxr^-Koi&oVa r<$, (yKuffffa, K0fi4u) a ecue or bctg 
for money. 

yXwtto, 71, Att. for yKMcaa, 

yXiOTTO'irTpo^iaf {yX&rra, arp4<f>M) to pig the 
tongue, to wrangle, quibble. 

rAHXl'N or yKuxis, gen. 7vos, ii, any projecting 
point: the end of the strap or thong oi the yoke. 2. 
the point of an arrow : the arrow itself. 

yvaOu,^, 6, the jaw, poet, form of sq., q. v. 

rNA0O2, 71, the jaw, mouth: strictly the lower 
jaw. II. like yiws, the point, edge, esp. of a 

deadly weapon. [&] 

YvafiiTT^, i], ovy curved, bent: supple, pliant: 
metaph. bending, yielding : from 

rNA'Mirrn, f. i|/a, to crook, bend. 

YvaimSs, ^, 6v, {yvdrrrw) carded, fulled. 

FNA'lITn, -^irrfi>p : Yvo^clov, -^cvg, -^unic^, 
-«^vu, -<^iK<Sf : rNA'^02, -i|h«, v. sub Kpivra, etc. 

yvriaxos, a, ov, {yhos, yeviaios) belonging to the 
true race, legitimate : in gen. real, genuine, true, as 
yv. yvvoLK^s lawful wives, opp. to vdKkcuciJ^ks ; yv. 
"EXArjj'es true Greeks : (ppovew yv^aia to have a noble 
mind : and so of writings, gettuine. Adv. -iws, 
lawfidly, really, truly. 

"YvoCtjv, rjs, 71, yvoifjLTjv, yvoto, opt. aor. 2 act. and 
med. oi yiyvdicrKOi. 

yvovs, part. aor. 1 of yiyv^ffKta. 

rN0'*05, b, = Zv6<pos, darkness. 

yvvl, Adv., {y6w) with bent knee, in phrase yi^^ 
ipiireTy to fall on the knee. 

yvCi, Ion. for l^vw, 3 sing, indie, aor. 2 act. from 
yiyvdxTKa : also i sing. conj. aor. 2 : but yv^, 3 sing. : 
yvwdi, yj/doTcoy imperat. aor. 2. 

yvufio, aros, t6, (yvQvai) a mark, sign, like yvw- 
/xwv. II. judgment, = yvdoixri. 

Yvuficvai, Ep. for yvSovai, inf. aor. 2 act. of yiyvd>' 


YvcSp.Y), ^, {yvSivax) a means of knowing, a mark, 
sign. II. that by which one judges, the mind, the 
judgment : yudofxi^ rp hpiffrri to the best of one's judg- 
ment. 2. the will, disposition of the mind : iuf}* 
iavTov yvdcfirjs of his own accord. III. a judg- 
ment, opinion: yvd^firjp hTro<paiv€(r0ai to deliver an 
opinion : lience also a mistaken judgment, fancy : 
yuu/xai the opinions of wise men, mcLvims. 1. a re- 
solve, counsel: esp. a public resolution, vote, decree, 

'Yvci)}xi8iov, t6, Dim. from foreg., a fancy. 

yviayLOViK^q, i], 6v, (yi/dofuou) Jit to give judgment : 
ea'perieuced or skilled in a thing. Adv. -kws, 

yvtajxocrvvT), rjy (yvdifxwv) prudence, judgment, 
yyt^/xo-rihri/of, /o coi?b maanms : and 

YVwii.o-'TtnnKdfy ^, 6y, clever at coming flMuriau; 
from * 

YVttf&o-Tvirog, ov, (yvt&ixri, r^nrrai) nuMrim-eouM^ - 
sententious, -" 

Yvu|iittv, ovos, 6, {yv&vai) one that knows, ajvi^ 
interpreter. II. the gnomon or indes of the mi- ^ 
dial. III. ol yvd>nov€s the teeth that mark 1 "^ 

horse's age. IV. a rule or guide of life ; mf, • "^ 

cai-penter's rule, Lat. norma. ^ 

Yvuvat, inf. aor. 2 act. of ytyv^^fntM. '• 

YvwoiAcv, Ep. for yvQ/x^y, i plur. conj. aor. 2 act. rf ^ 

YvwpC^u, f. laa, Att. Xw, to make known, ih* 
dare. 2, to discover, detect, exandne, aelBiiath t^ 

ledge, recognise : from 

Yvupifios, oy, rarely 97, oy, {yywr6s) weH-knMmt^'r' 
as Subst., an acquaintance, a friend, ljaL /a mi M § *e 
ris. II. thai may be known : hence dieting tiiA tif- 
ol yy<&pifioi the nottU^les, hat. optimates. Adv. -fM^Av 
so as to be known, familiarly : yv. ^cir rivi to li6IV>\.. 
friendly terms with him. %, 

Yvupicrif, ^t»s,7), (yyapiCoo) cmquaintanoe : k now! t ifk. f^ 

YvupurptO, aros, r6, (yycapl(w) thai by whiA%^:it 
thing is made known, a mark, ic^en. li. 

yviS%,Yvwn, 2 sing, and 3 pi. conj. aor. 2 of j>i ymtini ^ 

YK«^(i>9 (TVAHTts, jjLdxofiai) to diipute tnH \i 
oum opinion, i. e. to confess oneself in tiie tor§K§i -.^ 
change one's purpose, repent of: yv. fi^ cTnu ifm0 -.^ 
to confess that one is not equal. 

YVuiTiS, eas, t}, (yy&vai) judUsicU inquiry, Lat* 9t§' 
nitio, II. a knowing, knowledge :iwisdom. %• 
actjuaintartce toith a person, a recognsing. 

YVuaro}iaL, fut. of ytyv^ffKta, 

Yvwcrrqp, ripos, &, (yiyvdKTKO)) one that knows oc 
warrants the truth of a thing, liat. cognitor. 

•yvwaTTis, ov, ^,= foreg. 

yvcixrTtJs, i], 6v, collat. form of yvcorSs, known: M 
Subst., a friend, II. to be known. Adv. -rwf. 

YV«T€, 2 pi. imperat. aor. 2 of yiyv^ffKu : yvSrrm, 
yvwT7]v^ Ep. 2 and 3 dual ind. aor. 2 act. 

Yvun-^s, i), 6v, also (Js, <Ji', {yvSovai) known, vdl 
knotvn. As Subst., a friend, kinsman, brother: abo 
yvtoToi T6 7»'«Ta( re brothers and sisters. 

yviaa, yKuwo*!., Ep. for yvw, yvSxri, conj. aor. 2 acfc 

of yLyV(i}(TKOi. 

Yodao'Kcv, 3 sing, lengthd. imp. of sq. 

rOA'n, Ep. inf. yo-fifievai, part. yoScoy, 6aoa : impt 
iyoov, also yodaaKov : fut. yo^a-oo {y6o$). To wail, 
groan, weep, II. c. ace. to bewail, mourn, weep 

rorrT'zn, to mutter, murmur, a word formed 
from the sound. 

Yoyyv^'Hi ^^^ ^^> ^^os, rj, {yoyyv\os) a turnip, 

yoYfo^\*t>, to round, round off: from 

rornr'AOS, 77, ov, also -Xios, o, oy, = <rrpoyy6\os, 
round, spherical. [tJj 
I Y^YT^^V"^^* ^^ (^'YO'nvj^^yi'^ a wui*m«rin^, muttering. 


yoYyvarqs — ypmdoym.. 


nfsyov, hy (yoyy^a) a murmurerf mutierer, 

Jiy 6w, (yodu) of things, distressing : of per- 

in. for yodu. • 

^^y6os^ only in plirase, icarac^Sovrcs yii^tri 
charming the wind with howls. 
1&, £p. for yow, inf. pres. from yodoo. 
, or, gen. oyos,ssyotp6s, 
roSf 6, {yodtti) a howler. 11, a wizard, 

a j^ffler, cheat. 

, ^, {yoTireico) sorcery, wUt^icrafi, 
», {y^s) to spell-bind, bewitch. 
iZos, ii, pecuL fem. of yiris, a witch. 
S, (ycTuv) a ship's cargo, freight^ load. 
^yr«o%,ov,{yoiifpioi, hovneos) rattling against 

t, (ySfx^tos) &, sub. iioisf a grinder^tooth, 

iris, opp. to irpoaBios : ihe tooth of a key. 

ScTOs, ov, (y6fJuf>os, Ufa) nail-bound. 

rarff^, 4s, {ySfjupos, iHrymjyn) nail-fastened, 


)^, 6, a large wedge-shaped Tiail, peg or 

Jiip- building : any fastenvng : in pi. y6fi^i 

ribs of the Egyptian canoes : hence 

\, f. (&a'(t>, to fasten with nails, pegs, or pins: 

Tou ffKdcpos tlie ship^s hull is ready built. 

l(p, rjpos, d, one that fastens with nails or 

. a ship-builder, 

ecifs, 6, {*y4v(i}) a father, sire : in plur. the 

, (*7€;/co) t?tat which is begotten, offspring, 
II. the seed. III. generation^ child- 

IV. birth, deiscent. V. a generation. 
6f (ySyos) like koukIus, opuidias, etc., yovias 
storm blowing, arising from the family. 
\, ov, also T„ ov, {y6vos) productive, fruitful : 
voiTjrrjs y. a poet of creative powers, of true 
lience genuiiie, true. 

5, like yovi], also vi y6vos, {'yivui) thai which 
?n, a child, offspring, race: also the young 
Is, the young shocla of plants. ll.^race, 

sce7it. III. the seed. 
, t6, gen. ySvaros, dat. pi. ySuacri : Ion. yotJ- 
ovvacri, rarely yoi}va.(T(n : poet, also yovv6sy 
, yovva, yovv<av, like Z6pv : the knee, frecj. in 
esp. in phrase H^atrCai yo{>v<av to clasp the 
a suppliant, so iLvnaQai, \ia'<r€(Tdai Tiva vphs 
: y6yv Kdfiirreiu to bend ihe knee, i. e. sit 
live rest ; but also to band the knee in run- 
ruu : Ofuv iv yovvatri Kurai it lies on the 

the gods, i. e. depends on their will and 
Metaph. from warriors stricken down, 
&d\X€iv, K\iu€iv, pirmiv, to throw on the 
W. ihe /r/iee orjom/ of grasses, such as 
, Lat. ^enwu/um. 


yoKV-ircWw, to fall on the knee or fall dwm before: 

Yow-irtn^f, 4s, (y6pv, irhrr», irtfftTy) falling on the 
knee, tBpa yov. a kneeling posture. 

Y^v, £p. 3 pi. aor. 2 irr. of yoi» for f^oov. 

ro'02, 6, weeping, wailing^ groaning. 

70^, Ep. for yodu, 

ropYCio«, Att. T6pyeios, a, ov, {Topydl) of, belonging 
to the Gorgon. 

ropYo-X^^of, ov, 6, (TopyA, \6<bos) he of the 
Gorgon-crest : fem. ropyo\6ipa, ris, i. 

ropY<$vci09, ov, = FopytTos. 

FopYtS-vuTos, ov, {Fopy^, v&tos) &<nrU T, a shield 
with the Gorgon on its back, 

YopY^o^kOi, 88 Pass., to be spirited, hot or ufild, of 
a hoi'se : from 

rOPro'5, ii, 6v, fearful, fierce : yopyhv 0\4irtiv 
to look fierce : also yopyhs tlsditty, fearful to behold : 
of horses, hot, spirited. 

FopYO-^vot, ov, {VopryA, <f>ovf^) Gorgon-kitting : 
fem. Topywp6vri, a name of Athena. 

FOPFt PH, ii, an underground dungeon, Laoon. 
y^ypipa. [v] / . , 

FopY(i&> 60s, Gontr. ovs, ^, later -<!ȴ, ovos, and in jL 
Topryivis, {yopy6s) the Gorgon, a monster of fearful 
aspect ; Hesiod names three Gorgons (daughters of 
Phorcys and Ceto), Euryale, Stheino and Medcm, 
the last the most fearful ; her snaky head was fixed 
on the aegis of Athena, and all who looked on it 
became stone. 

yopY-wiris, i5oy, ^, pecul. fem. of sq. 

yopY-wor^s, 6v, {yopySs, &\p) Jierce-eyed, terrible, 

yopY-uij;, wTTos, 6, ^, = foreg. 

yovv. Ion. 7a>v, (76 oZv) restrictive Particle with I. 
an illative force, at least then, at least, esp. in quoting 
an example. II. cerlainly, at any rate : of a 

truth, irt sooth, freq. in answers. 

Yovva, "^ovvftiv, Horn., plur. of y6vv, sometimes 
found also in Trag. 

Yovva^, f. (Topiai, Dep. med., {y6vv) to fall 
doicn and clasp another's knees, to entreat, suppli- 
caie : imcp tivos and rivSs in behalf of another : but 
also 7. riv6s and irp6s rivos to entreat by such and 
such things. 

Yovvara, Yovvao^i, Ion. and Hom., plur. of 7oia». 

Yovvco^ai, Dep. me(\. = yovvd(ofiai. 

Ycuvo-xaxTiS) ^s, [y6vv, yovv6s, irax^s) thick-kneed. 

Yoi^Kos, 6, (ySvos, yov^) corn-latid, a fertile field : 
usu. in yovvhs dAwJ/s. 

YowS-qs, cy, {ySos, eldos) mournful, plaintive. 

Ypq^Siov, r6, contr. for ypatdiov. 

Ypaia, 1% {ypa7os) an old woman, for ytpatd : also 
joined with Subst., as ypa7ai, Bal/xoves, of the Eume- 


ypatSiov, t6, Dim. from 'Ypttis,'Ypa\)s, oa old.'* 

ypaii^ofAai, Pass., to become aa old V5omau.> qtwu 
old: from 


yiJiny — batfjidvtos. 

yfini, 71, (yi^) a vulture's nest: in gen. a hole, 
cranny: hence 

^viridsy Vi ^6in* -^4J* vulture-haunted, 

TlTPlS, €W5, ^, the finest meal, hat. pollen, 

rT'PO'5, dy 6v, round, hat, curvus, yvphs iv &fxoi<rt 

rr'^, yihrSs, 6, a vulture. 

T^lf02,TI, chalk, 2, later, gypsum. Hence 

Yin|r^, to rub over with chalk. 

y&v. Ion. for yovy, as &v for ody, 

rXlNl'A, fjf a comer, angle, our coign, 
joiner^s square : hence 

Yaivicur|JMs, 6, a squaring the angles: iirQv y 
nicely-fitted, well-finished verses. 

Y»vi-«&8i|$, €s, {yavia, elSos) angular, 

raPT'TO'2, 6, a bow-case, quiver. 

SaTJvaiy inf. from iBihiv, of *BdM, 

AA'H'P^ 4pos, 6, voc. ^aep, a husband's bro 
brother-in-law, answering to the fem. ydkus. 

SaljcroiJiai, fut. from Bdu, 

8dT|Tai, 3 conj. aor. med. from Haiu. 

SaC, ($^) used only after interrogadves, expre 
wonder or curiosity, e. g. rl Hal ; what then 9 
Bat ; how so 9 

Sat, Ep. dat. from Beits, for BdtBi. [X] 

8ai.8(£Xeo9, a, ov, also os, ov, cunningly or curi 
II. a i wrought, richly dight : from 

SatSdXXw, f. &\Q, (BaiBaXos) to work cuntti 
inlay with curious art : in gen. to deck out, a 
lish. Hence 

8a£8oiX|jka, aros, t6, a work of art. 

SaiSaXocis, eccra, 6V,=i8cu$<£A.605. 

8(u8aAo-cp7<$9» 6v, {BalBa\o5, *^pyM) curiously t 

AAI'AA'AOS, tj, ov, as Adj., cunningly or curi 
wrought, BalBaXa iroAAd much curious work: 
bellished, highly worked. II. as prop, n., 

BaXos, 6, Daedalus, i. e. the cunning worker 
Artist, of Cnossus in Crete, contempor. with ])j 
mentioned by Homer as the maker of a xop^s ( 
for Ariadne. 

8ai.8aX<S-xcip, eipos, 6, ri, {BcdBaikos, x^^p) <^^ 
of hand. 

8ai8aXdu, = BcuBdWoo, 

haiiiu, f. ^00 : part. pf. pass. BeBcuyficvos, all 
BcufffUvos : part. aor. i pass. Bcux^fis, also Bcu 
(Satey). To sever, cleave, slay, sacrifice: iB( 
dvfjihs ifl (TT'fidea'aiy his soul 7vas divided within 
but BiBaXyfjLfvos ^rop pierced through the heart. 

8ai-KTd|i.€vos, 7), ov, {Bd'Cs, Krelvoo) or in two ^ 
Bdi Krafievos, slain in battle. 

SoiKTijp, ijpos, and tap, opos, 6, (Boi^o)) only j 
with raasc. Subst., heart-rending. 

8aip.ovdco, (Baiixvov) to be overruled by destin 
be subject to an avenging deity : Baifiov^ BS/jlos * 
the house is plunged in heaven-sent woes, 
ace, 5. ^x'? ^^ have griefs decreed one. 
absol. to be possessed by an evil spirit, be driv 

8ai,(iovi^o{Jiai, as Med., {Baifxwv) to have an ai 
fate. XL in part. aor. i pass. Boufxaviodcls 

possessed ivith a devil. 

SaifJidviov, t6, (strictly neut. from BaiixSvios 
Deity or divine Essence, Lat. numen. II 

an inferior race of divine beings, demons, O] 
0€oL 2. the name by which Socrates calk 

genius, or the spirit supposed to dwell within h 

8aip.dvL09, a, ov, also os, ov, {Bai/xuv) 

Homer only in vocat. Bcufjiovie, in addresses, ex] 

ing something strange, in good sense, iwble, exa 

Sai^fjicvai, Ep. for Bar\va.i, inf. aor. i pass, of *BdM. \ but more freq. as a reproach, strange, unhappy 

8ay/jtatv, oyy gen. ouos, (Sa^yoi) knowing, ejeperienced : wretch : in Att. usu. ironical, my fine fellow 

^, 8, S^Xto, inded., fourth letter of the Or. alpha- 
bet: hence as numeral, 8'=Te<r<raf>es and rdrapros, 

Changes of 8 in the dialects. I. AeoL into )8^ 

as ojScXos into bBe^ds, II. Dor. into 7, as 7^, 

yv6<f>05 into Ba, Bv6<po5. III. Ion. into C9 ^ 

Zeis, (or- into Aeis, Ba- : while Dor. ( changes into 
cB, as in fieTdcBao, (ppdaBofuu, for /xeXiCw, (f>pd(o/Mi, 
and sometimes into BB, as yvfju/dBBo/juu for yvfivdCo' 
fxau IV. into k, as Bcda and Kcdco. V. 

into X, as BdKpv lacryma, Boutins Xda-ios. VI. 

into a, as o5/x^, oo'fjL'fi, also with an additional conso- 
nant, fidBos and fiaa-fiSs, e5<u and iffdio). VII. 
sometimes B is inserted to give a softer or fuller 
sound, as aviip, avepoi, avBpSs, and in some compds. 
as in Lat. prodesse, prodire. VIII. at the begin- 
ning of some words 5 is added or omitted, as in BiiKrj 
and €l\7}, Bii and ^, BuI^ko) and idoKw. 

Za-, intensive prefix, = fa-, as in BdcKios. 

8a, Dor. for ya, yrj, usu. in voc. : hence ace. Bav. 

8a7{jia, r6. Dor. for 57)7/10. 

Sayvs, vBos, t], a waxen image, used in magic rites, 
a puppet. (Thessal. word.) [0] 

8<2i8-ovx^», to be a torch-bearer, esp. in sacred pro- 
cessions: from 

8<2i8-ovxo99 ov, {B^s, €x<w) holding torches : as Subst. 
a torch-bearer, esp. at the festival of the Eleusinian 
Demeter, representing her search for her daughter 
Persephon^ ; this office was hereditary in the family 
of Callias. 

8(2,8o-4><$po9, ov, (B^s, <p4p(a) holding torches. 

Sacico, Ep. conj. aor. 2 pass. oi*Bdu, for Bau. 

*8d^o{Jiai, assiuned as pres., to form some tenses of 
Zatoi, to divide. 

in a things c. gen. 

also, my good s\t I 

W. oj lHmg% -procc 

b<ujAOvuibri9 bOKfWfibviS. 


DeUy or Faie: el iiii ri Haifidytov ctri were 
Hvine tntervention : of persons, divine^ god- 
Iv. nsy maroeUotislyy strangely. 
4*Si|S9 er, (paufji6yioy, cZ$os) devUith, 
» oyoSf 6, ^ (8a(v) a god, goddess. II. 

f, <fii»n« essence, Lat. num^n ,* /a/^, desting, 
good or bad: irp^s Baifiopa against futei 
VI with (he favour ofUhe gods : also in Trag., 
\t.sors. III. ^ souls of men of the 

get acting as tutelary- deities ; who formed 
ecting link between gods and men : hence 
tarted souis, Lat. manes, lemures. IV. 

oirit, devil. 

, 6y—MifMVy knowing, skilled in : c. gen. 
2 sing, imperf. med. from ialyvfu, for iBcd" 
'o, for iSalywTo, 3 pi. ind. imp. med. from 

2 sing. conj. pres. med. from 
, also Soivvoi, fut. Haiffa, (pcdw) to distribute, 
a share, esp. at meals. 2. Pass. So/w- 

^cdffofjuu, to be entertained, to feast : also c. 
y etc, to feast on, consume, eat : to eat, bum 

Ep. for iiicdyvao, 2 med. imp. from foreg. 
, ov, in Trag. also os, ov. Ion. and Horn. 
0V9 Att. contr. haos, (Sa/», Zdls) hostile, de- 
: as epith. of fire, burning, consuming : in 
ie enemy. 2. unhappy, wretched, II. 
'mowing, cunning, 
«v, ovoSf 6, 7}, (pdXos, <t>p'fiv) unhappy, mi" 

u£. aor. S^pat, = $6^0;, tojlay, cudgel. 

), gen. Zwi^os, 7], Att. contr. S^s, d^^os, 

kindle) a Jire-hrand, pine-torch, Lat. tae- 

. pine-wood, such as torches were made of. 

7j (B), mostly in contr. dat., 5<£i' : ace hdXv, 


), gen. hairSs, rj, (5a(w to divide) a meal, 

iquet. 2. meat or food itself. 

vs, €«s, 6, {balwfii) a guest, banquetter. 

), poet, for Zais, a feast, banquet. 

Vj Adv. from foreg., from a feast. 

fe>, (SairpSs) to divide, distribute: esp. to 

riion out. 

, r6, {Saio)) that which is assigned one, a 

, 6, (Saiey) a carver, distributer. Hence 
■vvt|, Ti, the art of carving : a helping at 

iv, 6yo5, 6, (Bals) a banquetter, an invited 

% eater, 2. guests who bring their own 


{/OS, T), Ion. for Bads, a meal. 

AAl'a (A),s'Jca/», only in pret. and impf., to light 
up, kindle : never intrans., BaU ol 4k k6ov0os wvp, 
she (sc Athena) made fire sparkle from his helm : 
Pass, ^ofjuu, to bum, blaste: hintrai \ji\,Z ^'^^h ^ 
aor. idaSfiriv : 5a/crai iffcr^ the eyes sparkle : to this 
belong perf. and plqpf. B^a, iZ^S^^iv, poet. 9^tan 
so dacra SeS^ct the report spread like wild-fire, 

AAI'A (B), to divide, part out, distribute ; in Act. 
sense 8atC(v is used, but in pass. BaUrai Jfrop my 
heart is divided. 

Usu. in Med. BaiofMu, fut. tdffoi»M, aor, i ^a- 
ffdfirjy, to distribute, portion out. The aor. f^kuffa in 
sense of to feast, bdongs rather to Balyvfu, q. v. 

8&K^-0v|M>t» ov, B iii^l0vfMS, biting the heart, making 
the heart ache, 

SoLkc and Scucctv, 3 ind. and inf. aor. 2 of 8<iicvo». 

S^KCTOV, t6, {liaKeiy)*s9dicos, a venomous ofiimaL 

SoucvdCofiai, J)ep., ^Bdicyofiai, poet., to be afflicted, 

AA'KNn,'f. h^loixxu : perf. ScZk^xa: aor. Ifioicoy, inf. 
BaK^Xv : To bite, sting, esp. of dogs and gnats : frr6- 
luov 5. to champ the bit : ZJuev^w iturSv to bite one*s 
lips for fear of laughing. IL metaph. to sting, 

prick. Pass, to be vexed, annoyed: KopBlay B4drjyfiiu 
1 was vexed at heart. 

Sauces, cos, t6, (fioKCu') an animal whose bite or 
sting is dangerous, any noxious animal, 

AA'KPT, vos, t6, poet, for 9dKpvoy, a tear, Lat. 
lacryma : also a drop, as of gum, 

SaKpvSiov, t6. Dim. from idxpv, 

8(£Kpai)jia, arcs, t6, {Saicpia) that which is wept for, 
a subject for tears. II. a tear. 

8aKp-uo-Y<ivos, ou, (pdjcpv, *7eVft>) author of tears. 

SaKpvdeis, effoa, ep, {Sdjcpvov) tearful: of persons, 
much weeping: of things, calling forth tears: Bcucpv- 
6iv yexda-ai, as Adv., to smile through one's tears, 

AA'KPT'ON, r6,=5dKpv, a tear : Ep. gen. BaKpv6<pi. 

8aKpvo-ireTi]9, fs, {ddxpuov, irlirru) making tears to 

SaKpv-irXww, {BcUcpv, irX^w) to swim with tears, to 
be maudlin, 

SaKpvp-po^d), to melt into tears : from 

8aKpvp-poo9, ov, {pducpv, ^ew) melting into tears. 

8aKpvo'(-(rTaKT09, oVf {B6.Kpv, OTd^w) ^tos a flood of 

8aKpvo'ci), Dor. for BoKpiffw. 

8aKpvT09, -i], ov, verb. Adj. from Bcucpvfo, wept over, 

8aKp'u-xapi{9» «, {Bdnpo, x^P^) joying in tears. 

haKpv-\€<iiv, ova-a, ov, a participial Adj., (BdKpv, 
X^w) shedding tears, weeping. 

8aKpvu>, fut. vffo), (pdKpv) intr., to weep, shed tears : 

perf. pass. BeZdjcpvfiai, to be tearful, be all in tears : 

hence deSaKpvfievos, all in tears: c, ace. cognato, 8a- 

Kpv€iv y6ovs to utter tearful groans. II. tran^vU to 

tv, ov, gen. 0V05, (Sals, (pp-fiv) of warlike ^ weep for a thing, lainent. Pass, tobeojuept Jw. \XV« 

jerfor the fray, bold. 

IL (daijyai) qf S. j3\€<papa to flood one's eyes toith tears. \^'\ 

/ 5aicpv-ca8T]s, 6s, (Sdbcpu, ^os) like tears i teaxJ-uX* 


baicrvXriBpa — bapbiirrto. 

SaKTuXinOpeiy 71, (pdicTvKos) a finger-sheath, 

SaKTuXCoLov, t6, Dim. from (((ktvXos, a toe. 

SaKTvXiK^, ^, w, {jadjcrvKos) of or for the finger, 
Xfxt, digitalis : a&Xbs 5. a flute played with the fin- 
gers. II. of metre, dactylic. 

SaKTvXioSy ^» (fiducrvKos) a ring, seal-ring. 

8aKTvXo-8ciKT^, 6pt (daicrv\o5, deiKin/fu) pointed at 
with the finger, and so illustrious, coiispicuous, as 
in Horace digito monstrari. 

SaKTvXo-ciSifs, 45,{SdKrv\oSf elSoy) like a finger. 

8dKTvXo9, 6 1 later a poet. plur. B^crvXa, a finger : 
inl BaKri\ay avfifidWeadat to reckon on the fingers : 
5. Tov iroSds a toe: also without iro^ds, like Lat. 
digitus. 2. the shortest Greek measure of length, 
a finger* s breadthf-= about -^ of an inch. 3. a 

metrical foot, dactyl, - u u ; e. g. &^io5. 

8aicTvX(S-Tpiirros9 oy, (pdicrvXas, rpifiai) worn by 
the fingers. 

8aX^o{jiai, Dor. for Sri\4ofiau 

SoXtov, r6. Dim. from sq. 

SaX<Ss, 6, (Baito) a fire-brand, piece of blazing 
wood. II. a burnt out torch, and so of an old 

man. III. a beacon light. 

8ap.(£(uy later form of BafidoD. 

Aafjiatosy S» {Ba/xdM) epith. of Poseidon, the Tamer. 

8a{JiaXT], ^, = Bdixa\is. 

SafjioAi^-pOTOS, ov, (B<mdKYi, fiocrKto) fed on by young 

8afiaA.C(<i>, f. Icto, poet, lengthd. collat. form of 5a- 
fidu, to tame, subdue, overpoicer, 

8dp.aXi9, ^(as, rji {pafxd<a) a young cow, heifer, calf 
Lat. juvenca, II. like /x6(rxoSt a girl, 

SapaXos, 6, (pafxdco) a calf, Lat. vitulus. 

SafJiap, aproSt rj, {dafidxa) a wife, spouse. 

8af&do'8ii>, Dor. for dafxd^w.'C{Ji-PpoTOS, ov, {5a/xda>, fiporSs) taming mor- 
tals, man-subduing. 

8af&do'-iinro9, ov, (dafxaca, Titttos) horse-taming.'i9, coos, 7), (jSafidco) a taming, subduing.'i-(|>pu>v, ov, gen. ovos, (pafida, <ppiiv) heart- 
compelling, heart-winning. 

8au,acri-<)KDS, <otos, 6, T}, = Bafia(rifi^p(nos. 

Aafjiarcp, Dor. vocat. from Arffxiirijp. 

AA'MA'n, 3 sing. Sa/xci, or lengthd. da/ida : fut. $a- 
fxdffw [fJM] , poet, dafid.o'a'o) : aor. i i^dfioffa, affffa : 
aor. 2 thafxov : perf. SedfiTjKu, pass. did/jLTtfjiai z aor. 
pass. idn-fjOriv and iddfirjv, part. dfirjdeU and hajxeis, 
inf. dafjL7)fjL€vai : B&jMurdeis is also found, as if from 
Ba/xd^<a. To tame, break in, to bring under the yoke, 
heuce to subdue, overpower. II. of maidens, to 

yoke in marriage, give to wife : also to force, lie tviih, 
Lat. subigere. III. in gen. to subdue, conquer, 

esp. in war : hence to rule over ; and Pass, to be 
subject, to obey. 2. also to slay, kill. 3. in 

gen. to overcome, overpower. 

8ap.€CcD, -ps, y, Ep. for dafxco, conj. aor. 2 pass, from 

Sdficv, £p. for iBdfiri<rai/, 3 plur. indie, aor. 2 pas. k 

from iafjtdoa. 
Za\v/\\L€vaA, Ep. for Sofirivai, inf. aor. 2 pass, fim ^ 

Bafidu. -^ 

8a{Jiva, 2 pres. pass, from Bd/ufJitu, for 9dfiraffau ;^ 
8a{jivaw,=8ajU(£fi0, only in pres. and impf. , 

8<£p,vT|)U, = Sa/xdo9, -^ 

Safios and SafifStrios, a, ov, Dor. for ^yi—, ^ 

8a|JMScMn, Ep. 3 pi. from Bo^Am. .73 

8a{jifiS|fcara, Td,=^rh. Brifioffle^ ^BSfieroy (jSc^ioSf ^^) i— 

hymns sung in public. . — 

8av, Dor. for hrjv, yijv, ob 8av, iVb, by earth ! ' |,^ 
AANAO'2, &, usu. plur. Aavaoi, the Iktnaans, sn^ ^_ 

jects of Advaos, king of Argos about T500 BwO^fS 

and so in Homer =-'Ap7etbt, and put for the GreektbLj. 

gen. : AavodSai, S>v, ol, the sons or deteendan^ ^^m 

Danaus : AavalBtSj al, his daughters. HeiiflS il^ 

Com. Superl. Aaua^aros oldest of the DanaL \^ 
SavcC^o), f . 6{(ra>, (Sdvos) to put out money at utm§t^ 

to lend, Med. Bav€l(ofjtai, to have lent to oiw, v]V 

borrow, '^^^ 

8dvci6v, t6, {Bdvos) money borrowed en ttswff ic.' 

loan, [o] :*|^ 

SdvcitriJia, aros, r6,—{oreg. ^^^ 

8dvcio'{Jids9 ^, money-lending : and ■^*' 

8&vcicrti{9» ov, 6, (BavclCa) a money-lender^ *<***& 
AA'N05, eos, t6, a gift, present ; but usu. ■o w y ^ 

/«n^ o«/ a/ interest, loan, debt, [o] .■• "^ 

Savds, ^, ^y, (9a(e0) burnt, dry, parched. \ \ 

8dos, 60S, r6, {Salco)=Bo£ts, Ba\6s, light, afire ^vm^ ^^ 

torch, [a] • 

8dirdvd(i), f. i](r<a, to spend : 5. els n to spend upm *"' 

a thing : in Med. to spend of one*s own. IL H 

rarely c. ace. objecti, as 5. r^v ttSKiv to exhaust tilt '^" 

state : from 
aATIA'NH, t), expense, ej^penditure. II. mon^ ^ 

spent : also money for spending. III. expenM9» ^ 

ness, extravagance. [ttcI] ** 

8airdvi]p.a, aros, T(J,=foreg. 
8dirdinr)p($9, d, Jv, (SaTrdvTj) of men, lavish, ej^rth^ ■ 

vagant : of things, expensive. Adv. —p&s. ^ 

8diravo9, ov,=^taTravT)p6s, extravagant. 
8dir€8ov, T(J, (70, 77), Tr4Bov) land, soil : in HoiMT ' 

usu. the floor of a chamber: in pi. a fiat country, € * 

plain. [5d] '| 

AA'niS, tSoy, 7),=Tdinfs, a carpet, rug. [d] 
AA'riTn, f. i|/», /o tear, rend, devour : hence to te&t '■ 

or torture in mind. "^ 

Adp8avo9, 6, Dardanus, son of Zeus, founder of * 

Dardania or Troy. As Adj. AdpBavos atrfip a Tf»- ^ 

jan, usu. in plur. AdpBavoi : hence AapSdvios, a, or, 
Trojan : AapBavls, iBos, tj, a Trojan woman ; Aap- 

davia, 7), Troy : but AapBavlBris, ov, 6, a son or <to- 

scendant of Dardanus, Aapdaviwves, 01, &ms qf Dair* 

8ap8dirrci>, lengthd. form of Bdirra, to tear, devour: 

metaph. to consume. 

AapeucSs — 8f. 


f 6, or 9ap. orarfip joined, a Persian gold 
Attic drachmae : so that 5 =» a mina, 300 
(Said to have been first coined by Da- 
>rob. derived from Pers. dar&y a king, cf. 
\T wvereiffn,) 

6, Darius, ace. to Herodotus —Gr. ^p- 
reek form of Persian dardy a king, 
&i» fut. 2 pass, from S4fw. 
\dj fat. HapBiiffonBu. : perf. ZtBipOriKn : aor. 
poet. &paBov. To sleep, foil asleep, in 

\y oy,=Jirip6fiu>s. 
oy. Dor. for d7ip65, also in Att. 
S^Js, 71, Att. contr. for Hcds. 
^ inf. aor. med. c. act. signf. of 8at» to 
iience Ep. 3 indie icurdffKero, and i plur. 
.60a : Bace^Tou is fut. Dor. 
oy, (So-) (TKid) thick'shaded, dark* 
Sy cars, 7i, (Seur/ii^s) a dividing ^ distributing, 
yi»j {daffix6s, \fya>) to exact as tribute : 
u to exact tribute from a person. 
5, (pa((a, Bdffaa-dou) a division, sharing of 
ibution, II. in Att. an impost, tribute. 
pco, to pay tribute. Pass, to have tribute 

iposs oy, (Ba(riJ.6s, (f>4pa>) paging tribute, 

fut. c. act. signf. of ^aico, to divide. 
^^9 Vi (5a-, TcXiiffffui) horrid, frighJful. 
u, poet, for Sdaaffdatf inf. aor. 1 med. 
XI, Scuco. 

IDS, oy, (dcuTvs, yeyeiov) with thick beard. 
, rpixos, u, 7), {daavs, Bpi^) thick-haired, 

:os, oy, (dacrus, KepKos) bushy-tailed. 

xos, ov, {^affvs, Kyfj/JLT]) shaggy-legged. 


'. vvSi, Ipaffvs) to make rough : Pass, to 

]h or hairy. 

•«v, uyos, 6, 7], (dacrvs, irccycuv) with shaggy 

€7a, V, fem. Ion. dacr47}, thick, thickly 
th hair, hairy, rough : downy, opp. to 
ce of places, thickly grown with bushes, 
5a|, a lettuce with the leaves on. II. 

'.nsus, thick, crowded. Adv. —iws. 
>voSy oy, {patTvs, (TT^pvov) shaggy-breasted. 
rT|s, ou, 6, (Sao-us, X'^*'^^) hairy, 
(haioi) Dep., used only in pres. and impf., 
enses from 5o/cy, fut. ddcofxai, aor. iSa- 
i divide, portion out : disc to cut up, cut 

Aeol. for e^arovvTo, 3 pi. imp. 
a, oy, dividing, distributing : and 
}v, 6, a distributer. 

, 6, a speaking like Datis, i. e. speaking 

AA'4^NH, 9^, the laurel, sacred to Apollo. 

8a^vT|-^po«, ov, {Zdi^vTt, ^poi) planted with lau" 
rels. II. bearing laurel boughs, 

8a^o-Yn^^9 ^h ('^'^^ 7170^) delighting in the 

8a^v6-KO|M>t, ov, (Zd^vn, KSfirj) laurel-crowned, 

So^v-ttSns, 6S, (fiw^yii\, cISos) laurelled, 

8a-<^ivcos9 6y,=lia(t>oiv6s, cffta 9a<poiv*hv eSfMTi a 
garment red with blood. 

8&-^iv^, 6y, (6a-, (fMivSs) of wild beasts, bloody, 
murderous, or of their color, blood-red, blood.-spotied» 

8a^CXciei, 71, abundance, plenty : and 

8ayiXct$offcai} Dep. med., to abound, be wealthy and 
liberal: from 

Sa^iXifSy 45, (pdm-ce) abundant, plentiful: large, 
ample, profuse, 

*AAfi, an old root with signfl of teaching and 
learning, whence HiUdcKto, and ^atu, Saijyai. I. 

to teach : only used in redupl. aor. 2 act. S^S&oi^, hence 
d4Ba€, he taught, like Lat. doceo c. ace. II. to 

learn : fut. ia^o'ofMu ; c. gen., i/x€v So^treoi tfiou 
wilt learn from me: perf. forms ScSciTjica, ScSai/icc^s, 
Ma^s, li€9a7ifi4yos : aor. pass. ilidTiy, conj. Sa&, 
Zaciu, inf. ia^vai, Ha^fievat, part. Sacfs : from B4Zaa, 
is formed an inf. pres. MdatrOai, to search out. The 
pres. and impf. are supplied by ^ilidxTKca, HiUdxTKOfxeu, 

8(ui){ji€v, I pL conj. aor. pass. iUdTiv of *^du. 

AE', but* conjunctive Particle, with an opposing 
or adversative force. It usu. answers to fjJv, esp. 
in Prose, when it may be rendered by while, on the 
other hand, v. fj,4y : but also without fx4y, 1. it 

freq. serves merely to pass from one thing to another, 
when it may be rendered, and, further. 3. in 

Questions, Addresses, etc Se retains its adversat. 
force, though often it cannot be expressed in English : 
in Trag. it follows the pers. pron. in turning from 
one person to another, esp. after a vocat. ; and soma- 
times it begins a speech, as if referring to something 
omitted. 4. In Att. Greek, h4 is often used to 

resume the discourse after a long parenthesis, like 
Lat. igitur, now, I say, I repeat, II. B4 pro- 

perly stands second in the sentence, but it is also 
found third or fourth, when the preceding words are 
closely connected. 

B. in connection with other Particles : i. /col 
5e in Ep., Kal . . 5e Att., and too, and also, 2. S* 

dAAcJ but at least, then. 3. 54 ye or d4. . ye but 

at least. 4. Se 5^ but then, v. 5^. 

-Se, an enclitic Particle ; joined I. to names 

of Places in the ace, to denote motion towards that 
place, and so merely an enclitic preposit., oiKSyBe 
home-wards, OvXvfATrSvSe to Olympus, dxipa^e for 
BvpatrZi to the door ; more rarely repeated with the 
possess. Pron. Me SSfiov^e, and sometimes even after 
els: in Att. usu. to the names of cities, 'AO-fivaCe, 
G^jSa^e: sometimes it denotes purpose only, fi'fyri 
(pdfioy^ iySpeve speak nought tending to|eaT. \\.« 


8e(i— AEl'KNTMI. 

to the demonstr. Pron.^ to give it greater force, SSc, 
rouJy$c, etc., such a man as this, Att. -$(. [I] 

Sea, 71, Dor. for Oed, Lat. Dea* 

S^oLTO, the only form from an old Verb Ziafjuuy=^ 
Zok4(i), once found only, he seemed. 

8fy|&cvos, £p. part. aor. syncop. from iexofxeu. 

8c8(£a(r6ai, inf. pres. pass, of *8(£». 

SiSoc, 3 aor. 2 act. of *Bdu. 

8c8aT]Kei, as, €, perf. of *i(i(o, part. SeSoijicc^s. 

8c8aT|)Uvos9 part. perf. pass, of *SdcD. 

8c8a£aT(u, Ion. for S^cuvrcu, 3 pi. perf. pass, from 

8c8aXYfJb^os, part. perf. pass, from Bcit((a, 

8^ap{Jiai, peif. pass, of S^pm. 

S^acrfioiy perf. pass, of data* 

8c8cM>9» part. perf. of *Bda, 

8c8ry)Uvo«, part. perf. of S4xofMi : imperat. perf. 
S^Sc^o, and fut. deSc^o/uu. 

8c8ciirvdvai., irreg. inf. perf. of Zemviv^ q. v. 

8^cKa, 8^cuai, act. and pass. pf. fnnn Sew. 

8€8ix<i'Tai, Ion. 3 plur. pf. of 94xofxcu, 

8^8i)c, 8€8ijci, 3 perf. and plqpf. of daico, 

ZiZiOf poet. SeiSut, perf. of an old root Zla, 8c(ctf, 
for the later 8ct$w, / fear : Imperat. li4Bidt : part. 

8c8i,8dxd(u, inf. perf. pass, from BitdaKu. 

8€8Co-KOffcai, — SeiSiffKOfMi, q. v. IL — sq. 

8c8£<r(ro|uu,»86(8i<r0'Ofuu, Att. Z^irrofiait Dep* to 
frighteru II. Pass, to fear. 

8c8CoY|MU9 pass. pf. from Bu^Kca. 

ScSfAifaTO, Ion. for i^tSfiTimo, 3 pi. plqpf. pass, from 

8^8{JiT)Ka, pf. from Sefuo. 

8€8{jiT]|A^vo9, part. perf. pass, of SafidcD : also of 
Z4fui), and BeSfiiinTfy, ryro, "fiaro, plqpf. of 8a/u(cc. 

8i8oY|Jbai, perf. pass, of $ok6&;. 

8^8oiKa, part. dedoiKc&s, perf. of deldca, c. pres. signf., 

8c8oiK«i, Dor. pres.==86/$», SeSm, Ifear, 

8€8oia]fi^o9, irr^. part. perf. of Bexoixcu or Bokcwo, 
c. ace. signf., waiting for ^ lying in wait. 

8^o|jbai, pass. pf. of Bldoofii. 

8€8<SvaTo, Dor. for iBeSSurrro, 3 sing, plqpf. from 

8^opKa, part. BeBopKd^s, perf. of BtpKOfiai. 

hihowoL, perf of Bowcco : part. BeBowt&s. 

8c8pa7f&^vo9, part. perf. pass, of Bpdaarw, 

SiSpaxa, perf. of BiBpdffKco. 

8e8po4i.T|Ka, perf. of Bpffiw, used as pf. of rp4xO' 

8^8po|Jba, perf. med. from Bpefuo. 

8^€Xo9, 17, ov, resolved form of S^Xos, q. v. 

8cT]dT)TC, 2 pi. conj. aor. from Beofiai. 

8^T]p.a, aroSf rS, (deofiai) a prayer, entreaty. 

8i'n<ris, ecus, 7ii (Beofjuu) a wanting, entreating, 

AEr, conj. dt-p, contr. By, opt. Beat, inf. BeTv, part. 


B4ov, Att. Bely : imperf. 
^4n<Tf, impers. from B4ia, 


fut. Beijcrei : aor. i 

Tiva iroi7i<rat it is binding on one, it hehottet one todo^ f^ 
<me must, one ought, Lat. oportety decet : §0 cam Srat . 
et indie, Bet riva thras iroaicret. II. c. gen.) ih§m ^ 
is need of, Lat. opus est re : iroXAov $€? there vfodi ^ , 
much, far from it, oXlyov Bti there vHoUe HUUy 00 
but, and so stronger voXXov ye 8ci : irXewos Bei ii k ^ 
still farther from it : with the person added, 8ct !■( ^ 
rivos, Lat. <^us est mihi re. 
SciYpA, aros, t6, (BeUcyvfu) a sample^ proof, spedwuUf ^ 
Lat. doctwnentum : also an example. 2. a pliai - ' 

in the PeiraeuSf where merchants set out their wm;. 
for sale, like an Eastern bcu8aar,an emporitimyhmm .^. 
metaph. B. BikS>v. Hence C 

Zevf^riXjUj aw, to make a show of, . 

86£ocKTo, 3 siuG^. plqpf. of BeUyvfu, in sente U. 
welcome, and SeiScxaTai, 3 plur. perf. med. : 8ct8^0n|j 
3 pi. plqpf. 7!" 

8ei8Vi{jiuv, ou, gen. ovos, (BeiBai) cowardly. 
8€C8ia, as, e, like B^ta, perf. of BeiJBto c pret. 
/ fear, plur. BeiBiyuev, BeiBne, imperat. UtiXiSiy i 
BeiBlfxev : part. BeiBi<&s, hence dual B€iBi6rf : 81 
3 phir. plqpf. 

oeb8Coxo)&ai, Dep. med., (BcUvvfii) to preety 
bid hail : Beu B4KaX to hail with the cup. 3 

Kyvfii, to shew, 

8ci8£o'0'o|fcai, fut. i^ofiai, Att. BetBlrroftai or 

To/iai, Dep. med., {BeiBa) to frighten^ alamu tf| 

intr. to be afraid, to tremble, 
8cC8oiKei, £p. for B4Bouca, q. v. ' 

AEI'AH, the pres. only used in first pers., / /MPf ' 
fut. Beiffofiat : aor. i eBeicra : perf. c. pres. sign£ 
B4BoiKa, also B4BXa, with syncop. forms SeSi/xcv, 8dcr% 
imperat. BeBidi, part. BtBic&s : plqpf. iBeBicav, ftt 
which in Ep. more freq. BeiBoiKo, BelBia, are used. L 
intr. to be afraid, to fear, usu. with fxi). . , like Lit 
vereor ne. . , / fear it is. . , mostly c. conj. ; but IL 
/u^ ou. . , vereor ne non. . , vereor ut. . , I fear U It 
not. 2. c. inf., to fear to do. 3. 8. wtfi 

TivL to he alarmed, anxious about. 4. c ac& ll 

be afraid of, to fear, stand in awe of, 5. ptft 

perf. rh BeBt6s, one"* s fearing : and so like B4os,fBef» 
ScicXioo), f. ^cro), {BfieXos) to wait till evening. 
SeicXiv^, ii, Jvjsssq., at evening : from 
ScicXos, ov, {BeiXri) belonging to evening, Beiekm 
^fjMp the evening part of day, eventide. IL M 

Subst. = BelXt], the evening. 

8ciKav(iw, = BelKw/jLi; to point out, shew. IL 

]Med. = BelKyvfiai,, to salute, welcome, greii* 
Sc^KcXov and ScCKtjXov, t6, {BeUvvfu) a represeni- 
ailon, exhibition, 
ScCkw, Ep. shortened form for BelKyvcrt. 
AEI'KNYMI, and Sclkviju, Ep. 3 sing. Belxyv : fut 
Bil^Q) : aor. i eBei^a : perf. SeSety/xai : in UerodoCUS 
5e|(u, €5e|a, BiBcy^ai : on the perf. forms BeiB4xafTUL$ 
BeiBeKTo v. infr. To shew, point out, absol., or ft 
ace. : impers. Bel^ei time will shew : B. eXs rtra te 

I, c ace et inf.. Ballpoint towards a person. 2. to bring to light, displaify 

ieucrios — AE'KA. 


ki{c T^pea the god sheufed us a manrel : 
ffiM, to diipkn/^ get before one. 3. to point 
r words, to tell, explain, teach : to shew, 
lit. &€ifyu^ h-oifioi 6pr€5 they thewed that 

ready. 4. of aocusen, to ir^orm 

H. S*ucv^fAcros=i€x^f^vos, Sc^tO^CKOS, 

greeting: 3 plur. pf. SetS^arcu, 3 pi. 
XOTo, are used in the same sense: rods 
oa Mi^xaro they pledged them with the 
:arai fiv0oi(n they greetii them with words. 

Oy OP, verb. Adj., /o be shewn, 

a, ov, lengrthd. form of 8c<A^s, q. t., feoT' 

o wretch^ sorry, paltry, miserable : [eu 


C0V, ttvos, 6, strictly a coward, but usn. in 
poor fellow! from 

»«, a, ov, (8ciAi(s, &Kpos) very pitiable, 
71, sub. ^pa, (akin to ttXri) strictly, the 

the day is hottest, i.e. just after noon; 
1. the whole time from noon till erening, 
ilids 1l HflKri ^ fi^oy ^fxap: 9c(\i7 wpma 
typla early and late afternoon : afterwards 
'■ stood for the later part of the afternoon : 
evening itself: and so Sc/Xiys, as Adv. in 

(9€t\6s)timi(Uty, cowardice: fi€i?driv 6<f>\uv 
ed toith cowardice, 

(SelXri) to decline towards evening, to 

6v, {o€os, 5€/(5«) cowardly, faint-hearted : 
worthless. II. miserable, loretched, 

ike Lat. miser. Adv. —KSss. 
»s, r6, (SefScu) fear, affright, II. an 

IT, a terror, horror. Hence 

f. avS>, to be afraid, to be alarmed: c. 

a thing. 
, a, ov, (Set/ua) timid, II. horrible, 

irt. aor. i from 5€)iuu. 
5 aor. I med. of de/juo, 
5, €orcra, ey, {peifm) frightened, 
, (Beifia) to frighten. 
Ep. for Belfjuofxev, shortd. i plur. conj. 


(decs) fear, terror, Lat. iimor, 
of dea, II. Att. for Seov, part, from 

y for TrKfov, 

J, 97, T(J, gen. deTvos, ace. ScM/a, plur. Setves, 
n one, a certain one, whom one cannot or 

\q, ov, 6f (SeiuSs, Ti6r)fii) a knave. 
io^uUf f. ^(TOfMi, Dep. med., (deivSs, Xry«) 


S, 6, 7j, TTovv, r6, gen. iroBos, {d€iv6s, irovs) 

6v, {Bios) I. terrible, fearful: in 

milder sense^ awful. Later rh Sciv^ danger, snffBT^ 
ings ; olit\v Sfivoi, fx^ incotrriwriv no fear of their 
revolting : h^ofhw fcotw or frot€ur$at to take HI, Let. 
aegreferre. II . implying Force or Power, mighty^ 
powerful, for good or ill. 9. toondirtntf^ fnariMf- 

lous, strange, rh avyytvis roi Zsaf6v the ties of kin 
have strange power : hence Adv. -tws, marvellousiy, 
exceedingly. III. the sense of powerfvd, wimr 

drous, passed into that of able, clever, skiJJ^tl, as hi 
phrase Z9iv6s rt Kcd cro<p6s : oft. c. inf., Z^ofbs X4y9i9 
clever at talking: also c. ace, 9€iMhs r^v fijO^ 
skilful in his art. Hence 

8eiv^n|s, ftTos, ii, terribleness : harshness, stem^ 
ness, 2, natural ability, clevemess, 

h€iy6n, (p€ip65) to make dreadful at formidable : to 
exaggerato, enhance, 

Scivttnr^, 6v, and 8eiW»t|r, Sairos, 6, 4, (Scu^t, tb^) 
terrible to behold. 

8e£t«>, fut. of BtiKyv/u, aor. i iSci^ou 

8cio«, r6, £p. for 94o5yfear, 

8ciirvcvvTC8, Dor. for f^iirymfyrts, 

8ciirv^», f. ^«, Att. perf. 2 S^Scivyo, inf. i^tnrptL 
vcu {B^twvov), To make a meal, dine i in Att. always 
to take the chief meal : c. aoa, 9. dproy to make a 
meal on bread. Hence 

8c(iryv|(rrot» 6, meal^time. 2, the meal itsd£ 

8ciirvT)riK^, ii, 6v, (Scnry^) belonging to dinner. 
Adv. -4cwf, like a clever cook, 

8ciirvCC&>, f. [ffta, (Beiirvov) to entertain aJt dinner* 

8€iirvo-X<Sxo9) v, ov, (ScTirpov, Xoxdai) fishing for 
invitations to dinner, parasitic. 

Sclirvov, r6, a meal or meal-tim£, sometimes =2(p(« 
<rroy the early meal, sometimes =$Jf>Toi' the late one : 
in Att., the chief meal, answering to our dinner, Lat. 
coena : cnrh Belirvov straight from dinner, 2. ge- 

nerally ^orf, provender, 

Sciirvo-iroi^u), (SeTirvov, voieot) to prepare a meali 
Med. to dine. 

Scipas? oj5os, 7], (Betfyfi) the ridge of a chain of hills, 
like avxhv and \6<pos, Lat. jugum, VL^Beipii, 

the neck. 

ScCpas, part. aor. i of Bep<a. 

AEIPH', 71, Att. 5ep77, the neck, throat. II. = 

Seipds, the ridge of a hill. 

8cipo-Top.^cD, f. iicrco, {Beip-fi, refiya) to cut the 
throat : to slay. 

AEl'Pn, Ion. for Bepw. 

8€ur-i^v<i>p, opes, 6, tj, (SelBco, iiy^p) fearing man i 
humane : ov B€ia"fjy(op inhuman, 

8cio'i-8a£{jiii>v, ov, gen. ovos, {BeiBia, Bai/Mov) fear- 
ing the gods or demons : in good sense, pious, reli^ 
gious. 2. more freq. in bad sense, superstitious^ 

bigoted. Adv. -4v<a5. 

AE'KA", ol, al, rd, indecl., Lat. DECEM, our 
TEN, Germ. ZEHN : ol Bcku, the Ten, Lat. De- 
cemviri : ol 8^/ca (^rn) d^)' 9i^s those who are ten 
years past 20, the age of military senrioe. 


bcKabapxos — AE'M12. 

8cKa8-afixo<, 6, ($6ica, 2^x^) ^ commander qf ten 
men, Lat. decurio. 

ScKoScvs, 4(oSy 6f {piKo) one qf a decury or party of 
ten soldiers, 

8cKd-8ft)pos, ovy (fieica, t&fH}v ii) ten palms long or 

8cKa-^Ti)pos, oy, ($cica, tiros) ten-yearly. 

ScKa-cnfs, ^s, (S^ko, ^os) lasting ten years. 

8cicdC»^ f. (£(r», (8«ica) to bribe, corrupt, Lat effete- 

ScKOKis, Adr., (94Ka) ten-times : ten-fold. 

Scxd-icXlvos, oy, (Seico, /c\iva{) holding ten dinner" 

8eKa-Kv|ACa, ri, (StKa, kv/m) a tenfold wave, Lat. 
Jlitctus decumanuSf cf. rpiicvfiia. 

8cK<£-|j.T|vo99 oy, {^eKd, fiiiy) ten months old. 2. 

in the tenth month. 

8cK(£-|jivovs^ ovy, (ScfccC, /uya) weighing or worth ten 

8cK-d|j.<^pos^ oy, {dixa, iLfuf>opei5) holding ten Slji- 
^opcif, i. e. about ninety gallons. 

8€Kd-iraXai, Adv., a very long time ago. 

8cK<£-inr|X'VS9 v, {pexa, th^x^s) ten cubits long. 

8cKa-irX(£o'ios, oy, ($e/ca) tenfold, Lat. decuplus: 
c. gen. ten times greater than : ^ --ffia (sub. rifc^) as 
Subst., in phrase r^v deKarrXaffiay KaraSiKdCeiy to 
mulct in ten times the amount. 

Scxd-irXcOpos, oy, (d4Ka, Tr\40poy) enclosing ten 
v\4$pa, q. V. 

8cKdirXoos, oy,=S€KaTr\da'ios. 

ScKoL-iroXis, 7j, (BcKo, Tr6\is) with ten cities: as 
Subst., a district including ten cities, Decapolis. 

ScKd-irovs, ^j 7ii Tfovv, r6, gen. iroBos, ten feet long. 

ScK-dpx'n^y ^^y ^} (5€Ka, &pxf^) o> decurion. Hence 

ScK-apx^QL, Vf the government of the Ten, 

ScKas, d^os, r}, (BcKa) a body of ten men, Lat. decu- 
ria. IL the number ten. 

8cKd-<nropos, ov, (Seica, ffircipai) xp^^os B, a lapse of 
ten seed-times, i. e. ten years. 

ScKaraXoS) a, oy, (p4Karos) on the tenth day. 

ScKa-^dXavTos, oy, (8€/ca, ToAxu/roy) weighing or 
worth ten talents. 

8€KaTcvTi{piov, r6, the custom-house : and 

ScKarcuTt];, ov, 6, a farmer of tenths, Lat. decu- 
manus : from 

8cKaTciJu>, {deKdryf) to exact the tenths, to tithe : to 
take the tenth of booty, esp. a^ an offering to the 
gods, 2. to exact the tenths as a tax on all imports. 

8€KaTT)-X<S709, 6, (S€K(£ti7, \4y<a) = Z€KaT€vri\s. 

S^Karos, 77, ov, (5e/ca) tenth, 2. SeKaTTj, rj, sub. 

fi4pis, the tenth part, tithe, 3. deKdrrj, rj, sub. 

7}fi4pat the tenth day : at Athens, the festival on the 
tenth day after birth, when the child had a name 
given it, r^y S. dv€iy to give a feast on the day of 
naming the child. 

B£KaT6ii>, (BeKUTos) to take tithe of a person. 
SeKd-tftvXoSf oy, (defcuj (pvKij) consisting of ten tribes* 

8cKd-xiXoi, at, a, {Bina, x^^O '^ thouaand. 

8cK-^Tt|f, ov, by (94x0, (hos) lasting ten yeare, 
ten years old. 

8cK-^i«, iSos, ri, pecul. fern, of for^. 

8eK-dp7vio«, oy, {Z4Ka, 6oyvid) tenfoAomg Um{ 

8eicTqp, ripos, 6, and mktt|«, ov, iy (94xofu 
receiver : hence a beggar, 

hitsro, £p. syncop. 3 sing. aor. from Z4xofuu. 

8cKT^, i), 6v, verb. Adj. from B4xofuuy recei 
to be received, acceptable. 

8^icTpia, 71, poet. fem. of Seicr^p, 94icrris. 

S^KTop, opos, poet, for i4ierri5p heicHip, one 
takes upon himself. 

8cXcdt«D, f. dffo), {B4\€ap) to entice by a bait: I 
to allure, entice, catch. II. c ace cognato, 9 
^hs $. to put the chine of a pig €u a bait. 

AE'AEAP, arcs, t6, a bait. 

8eXc-dpira{, 070;, 6, ri, (S^Aeop, apirdCui) gree( 
the bait, biting freely at it. 

8cX^a<r|ia, aros, r6,=sZ4\^ap, 

AE'ATA, r6, inded., v. sub A. 2. a nam 

the islands formed at tHb mouths of large rivers. 
of the Nile, so called from their shape. 

ScXtiov, t6. Dim. from B4\tos. 

8€XTO-7pd<^, oy, {B4\tos, ypdtpoi) writing 
tablet, registering, recording, [o] 

S^Xtos, Vy CL ufriting'4ablet, from A, the old t 
of tablets : metaph. S^Aroc ^p^y&y the tdblets c 
heart. Hence 

8eXT(Sa>, to note down on tablets, record. 

8cX(|>dKiov, r6, a sucking-pig. Dim. from SeA* 

8€X(i>dKdo{jiai, contr. 5€A4>aKoi//Aat, as Pass, to* 
up to pighood : from 

AE'A^AH, ojcoSj 6, a young pig. 

A€X(|>ivios, 6, (A€\<pol) Delphian, epith. of Ag 

8€X(f>ivo-<t>dpos, oy, (B€\(l>(5, <p4p(a) bearing dolp 
K€pa7ai 5. beams tcith pulleys to lower the 5« 
q. V. 

AEA*l'5, 7i/os, 6, the dolphin. II. a mm 

iron or lead, shaped like a dolphin, which was 
at the yard-arm, and then suddenly let down o^ 
enemy's ships. 

AEA^OI', ay, at, Delphi, a famous oracle of A 
in Phocis at the foot of Parnassus. II. tlie 1 
bitants of Delphi, Delphians. 

AE'MAIS, r6, the body, frame, esp. of man ; sti 
the living body, cwyia being the corpse : fiiKphs I 
small in stature. II. as Adv. c. gen., like 5 

B4fjLas wphs cddofi4i/oio in form or fashion like b 
ing fire, Lat. instar ignis, 

8^p.viov, t6, (de/xw) a couch, bed. 

8€{jivio-Tt]pT]9, €S, {B4fjLviov, TTjpeca) keeping 01 
one^s bed : hence fio7pa 5. a lingering fate. 

AE'MH, also med. Bifio/xai : aor. act. ^Bufxa, 
iBeifidfjLTjy : perf. i deSfirjKa : pf. 2 BeSofia : perf. 
B4Bfn}fjLai. To build, idelfiaro otKovs he built 
\ houses : Vtv ^"^t^. to couslruct^mafcc* 



dn(ii9 for iti^a, MC, fut. of ttiamiu, lu 

m. for BtvSpBr, a Iree .■ hence 
, , , Kra-a, tt, iBnvdy. 
rvEpuiiid^ or -ik^, 4i, ir, (JiivSpot) qf a tree, 
FrBpior, 1^, Dim. from iiyipov. 
ivSpa-^aT^u, (SivSpoi>, flttliw) h cliiali tree). 
ErBpo-KOfiot, oy, (3»SfKii', ai/ii) shaggy ailh teoed, 
[vSpa-KoWu, (Sirtper, kJittu] la cut, fell trees. 
X'NAPON, Trf, a tree i Ion. and Alt. BA-Spai, «t, 
: — ifi'Bpoi' ^\aai an olive-lrse : in gen. tittpa 


"vSpo-Ta)!^, {iivifov, •riimi] lo cul rfouit the 
J^lrctt, hence M lay umsle a Bounlry. 
Hv8p-uSi|s, ti, (!^»8/Mi', tlBoi) treeJike i tftSp. 

•""ilw, f. aea, lo aiuse, rei'ili ; from 
1N05, 4, a Teproaeh, disgrace. 
, Kor. I med. from iixoi""- 
4, (oHg. fem. part. aar. i from ll^ofim) 
, esp. of vator, a reservoir^ lank. 
)< nib. xcJfi, (oiig. fern, from StfiiJi) f/i« right 
it I'Ciiii on (Ae right hand: heace Sf(i±f 
to laliue by offering the right hand. 

(bfufi, TvHw) reads 9flimb, nimble. 
h^iZf ^x6s I its^^a) a spearman^ gvard. 
, ., - iro/iai : HOT. -aiadintu, Dep. med., (a 
It" rijiii haitd, greet v<ilh the right hand: 

I. on the 

% i, iy, Lat. OBXTEH, 

III, metaph. ^xtemut, leadg: 
5~ "MO, juick-uiiUed, aliTewd, clever. Adv. 

****f«li^(>ef«Js,ff«pii)InroE,tbe horse iniic/i 
■ »< «W, but nm ia (roees, uau. on (Ab right 
f' "^^ tinted, iuipetumu. 
♦'■^'^S.iw, 6, ISih6s,lirrauiu)<me aho stiiiids 
£*|/ViiJi(>o/lheChonia. [d] 
Ej^'J't ^M, ^j (Bfiiili) dexlerity, activity, esp. of 

"**t"iAd5^ bnt atao ^irl Btii^^ic, strictly gen. 
'J^^^i,l<matda the right. 
H™P»l.w, [Jtxofai, xEp);f™-rw««inff. 

r<*lw, ^ h, poet, lengtlid. form for StJiJif, right, 
^^- f'Wfi, lilw 8(|i£i, sub. X'k- '^» "?'" 

■ HS^""' '■''' (BeE'^"') a ;itefee o/frieadship. 
\H(Wi Wi (S't"*!, Bwjia) Imky in nome. 

r2~*''«.il,(B(£.ifofuu) (As off^ of the right 

T?' f"^, lalutaliBn, 


G^opiai, f. Stiaofiai, Hud IraEfUU, Dep. |nui. c fut. 
med., ionea^iBontj tobeg,<uki v. iuh S4u {B). 

SicYt orro!, ri, and Att. Stir, part. neuC from the 
impera. St!, that lahieh is binding, neadfui, right, 
proper; iv SionTi, mb. KBipfi, in goad time, Lat. 
opportune : *U th S. for rtetdful purpaset. 11. 

lilie i^dr, etc, Sioy la used instead of the gen. slool. 
Sloinas, it being needful or fitting i to, ovih Siop 
tliere being no need. 

Uav, lun. for IStor, imperf. from S(w lo bind. 

ScdvTuVi 3 pi. imperat. from Btnt, let Ihem bind. 

AZ'OS, gen, Siaus, t6 : poet. Win, (5iB») fear, 
alarm, affright. 11. a«e, reverenee. 111. a 

terror, taeana if inspiring fear. 

AE'nAS, am, t6, plur. nam. ilra, poet, dat. Semi- 
«r<Ti and Biira»-(ri, a ifaier, goblet, chalice. 

ifffifX^, q, (i^fi), Syx") " oallur. 

Sipcuir, t6, {tipn) a necklace : a collar. 

S/pcLf , aTDT, Tri, poet, for Sipiia, tkin, hide. 

S<p^, ifSoi, ii,—Siipii. 

WpYjici, ri, (B^m^ai) a fooA, glance. 

8«pT|, i, Att. for !.if4, (Ab n*cft, 

GepnuiLai, Dep., poet, far tipmi/iai, to look. 

AE'PKOMAI, Dep. pasa, : perf. witli prei. signf. 
iJSapiia i Bor. (Spixav, also in pasi. fonn lipixfir and 
itipX^riy : to look, tee : hence la behold the light, lo 
live. 2. c. Bcc. objeoti, to look on m at ; ia gen. 

to perceive, be oufors of. II. of light, lo JIaih, 

gleam, like the eye. 

Eipfiu, aroi, ri, {Sipa) the tkin, hide of beasts, Lat. 
pellis ; also ekiiu prepared for bottles, eto. t. in 

gen. one's tkin, Lat. nifii : hence 
(if skin, lealhen 

8^ov, imperf. for Btpov fro] 
S/pOf, (01, Tii, pi ■' ■ ' 

I S4pa. 

. _. , . poet, for Stpitu, skin, hide. 

SfppLS, (ur, ij, also Gfpis, (Bt'poi, Scp/ia) a leathern 
covering. II, in pi. screens of skin, hung to 

deaden the enemy's missiles: dippea differ from 
Si^iipv as undressed skins fcma dressed. 

S^prpov, t6, (Gcpu) the eaul or membrane which 
contains the boioelr, hat, amenlum : Siprpoy taie Si- 
yoirrfi penetradog even lo the bowels. 

BipxSifti part., SJpxSTiTL, imperat-j itpxStjyax, iaf. 
aor. 1 from Sipxoiiat. 

AE'Pn, Ion. Sflpoi, fut. S(pw: oor. act. IStipa: aor. 
pass. iSdpjjy : fut. 2 pass. tap^iaofiOi z perf. SiSifxa 
and St'iopa 1 lo ikin,fiug. II. alHi to cudgel, thrash. 

iitrya, oToi, -ri, Ifieu) poet, for BwjiiJj, a bond,fel- 
ter, II. 1 head-band. 

8ca|uvu, (Bcct/iiJt) fa feller, put in ch&ijis i to lie 
toqelher, as caru in the sheaf. 

e«r|Uu, r. i^iru, (S«r/c<JiJ=3«r^c^ 

S^fffiT], ij, (Woj) a 6iWKlle. 

5^(TfiiD$, Di", ;Jso, a, ov, (Bso-nti'l Un^ng i 'Wns* 

•^t-aor.iioTaltX'Vta'- I Siafi.\oi, ov, also, a, ov, ^Bsirnti) bind*iig i \icns» 


6€(rjuu{s — AE'Q.. 

8co|Ji^, 6y plur. rh itfffid, also BccrfMiy {S^co) a hand, • pew, the second prize or place. III. ^ wecond 

bond, fetter: generally any thing to tie with, a halter; 
a mooring cahle. 2. bonds, imprisonment 

8c<r|io-^Xat, okos, 6, r/, (hefffiSs, (f>6\c^) a prison^ 
keeper, gaoler, 

8c<r|i^ » hcfffuiw, to bind, fetter. Hence 

8^<r|i»tMb otros, ro, a fetter. 

8c<r|Aannljpiov, r6, a prison : and 

8c<r|UtfTi)s, ov, S, a prisoner, captive ; as Adj., m 
chains t fettered: fern. Secrfi&Tis, iZos, 

Sccnr^^Oy f. 6<ra), (SeoircfTijs) to be lord and master 
of, c. gen. : absol. to gain the masterg. TI. to 

make oneself master o/a thing ; and so, to comprehend. 

8^cnroiva, ^, fern, of Ikcvanjs, the mistress, ladg of 
the hoiLse, lAt. hera : late, a princess, queen : oft. 
joined with the names of goddesses. 

8ccnr(Soios» oVy^^€<nc6(rvvos. 

8ccnro<rvvT|, ^, absolute swag : strictly fern, of 

8co^<S<rvvo9, oy, (deairinis) of or belongvr^ to the 
master, arbitrarg. 

Sco^oT^My f. ^w,—9€<nr6Ca, c. gen. 

AEISno'THS, ov, d, voc. d4<nror&, sec. detrirSTta, pi. 
ace. $€(nr<frcaf, Dor. Sctm-iras, a master, lord: strictly 
in respect of idaves : hence a despot, absolute ruler, 
whose subjects are slaves. II. generally, an 

owner, master, lord: hence 

SccnroTucfSs) "h, 6v, of, belonging to a master or his 
authority. 2. fit to be a master, c. gen. 

8ccnrdTis, liios, riy^Siinroiva. 

8ecnroTC<rK09) 6, Dim. from ^€(rrr6m\s,apetty tyrant. 

8€Ti], 77, (strictly fern, from SctJs, sub. Xa/iWs) 
sticks bound up to make a fagot, a fagot. 

8€T«$s, i]i 6v, verb. Adj. from Sew, bound. 

8ev'i]0'€cr6ai, poet. inf. fut. med. of 5€vcv, to want. 

8cvp.a, aros, r6, (5et^) that which is wet, soaked: 
M/xaTU Kpe&v boiled flesh. 

ScvoCaro, poet, for Be^oitno, from Se^v, to miss. 

8euo{jiai, poet, for Bfofmi, v. Btvo). 

AET'PO, Adv. of Place, hither, here : Seure is used 
with plur. II. of Time, until now, up to this 

time, hitherto : Sevp* aei continually up to this time. 

Acvs, Aeol. for Zet^s. 

8cvTaT099 Vi ov, the last, Superl. from de6r€pos. 

8€VT€, Adv., plur. of devpo, hither ! Come here ! 

8cvT€p-aY<i>viOTi]9, ov, by (de^epoSf ayooi/iaTfjs) the 
actor who takes the second class of parts, cf. itpwra- 
ycopioTTfis : metaph., the second advocate in a court of 

8evT€paios, o, ov, (Beirepos) on the second day. 

Scvrepclo, rd, (Se^Jrepos) sub. S0Aa, the second prize 
in a contest, hence generally i?ie second place or rank. 

SctiTcpid^u), f. dffci), to play the second part : from 

ScvTcpos, a, ov, the second : as a Compar., ^jueTo 
56i/T€poi after my time : in neut. as Adv., St&repov 
al, Bevrepov aZris secondly, next, afterwards, a second 
time. II. in point of Place, second, i. e. inferior : 
56UT€pos ovB€v6s second to none : rek 5€trr€pa,=5€irr€- 

two,.Z€vrtpTi ain-fi herself with another. Sapeil. 81 

8euTcpo-crTdTV|s, ov, 6, (9c^€pos, fffrt^ttu) one n 
stands in the second file of the Choriu, 

AET'fi, f. Mffa, to wet, soak, steepy irrefA Mm 
SXfjLji their wings are steeped in the foam. IL 

fill with liquid, fill up. III. to make to flow, Aik 

AET'fi, f. Zcuiiow, Aeol. and Ep. form for ikt, 
miss, want : 4Beir]ff€v d* oi-fjiov &Kpov hc4€rOcu he mism 
failed in reaching the top of the mast. 

More freq. Bt^ofmi, f. Bwf)orofuu, Dep. psM. 
fat. med., to feel the want or loss of, to be at ak 
for : hence to be wanting, deficient m : &\Aa irtbi 
Beittai 'Apytioav thou art inferior to them in all dM 

AE'#fi, f. ipa, to moisten, make supple, esp. to wti 
skinSf to curry, tan, 

Scx'tilp'P'arost ov, {B^Ka, ififia) with ten meshet, 

S^arai, 3 plur. perf. from Bexofxai. 

8cx-i{p'Cpos9 ov, (h4Ka, iifiepa) lasting ten days, 
terminable at ten days' notice. 

8^6ai, Ep. inf. aor. synoop. from Z^xofuu. 

AE'XOMAI, Ion. S^ico/tcu : fut. dl^ofxat, and 8c^ 
fiai : perf. BeS^fiai : plqpf . ^eBfyfirjv : aor. ^ 
iB^xOrjvi 3 sing, diitro, 1 sing, imperat. 8^£o9 
B4x0ou, part. Bey^ievos, are forms of Ep. contr. 
Dep. med. of things, to take, accept ; to tak^ 
receive kindly or graciously, rhv oUtvlfy 8. to « 
hail the omen : hence to approve : c. inf., ^ 
rather, to choose. II. of persons, to receiver' 
tably, entertain. 2. to receive as an ere- .^ 

watch for : to await the onset. 3. in geik — 

pect, wait for. III. apparently intr. to ^ ' 

come next, Lat. excipere. 

8ci|r^u), f. ^(Tdi, Lat. depso, = Z4<p(a, to softefm^:^ 
supple, 5. ia}p6v to work wax till it is soft. 


AE'n, fut. Biiaw, aor. act. cBTiaa, pass. ^8e^P— ^' 
act. dedcKa ; pass. Bedefiai, idedefiriVy whence 
plqpf. Bedero : fut. pass. BeBiiffofiai, rarely Sefr-^ 
To bind, tie, fasten, fetter : absol. to imprisonm^ 
metaph. to bind, enchain, bind to a thing: 1-^^ 
bind by spells, enchant. 3. c. gen. to let, j^ ^ 
hinder from a thing. 

]\Ied. to bind, tie, put on oneself, e. g. irc:=^ 
viral XiirapoTcriv idijcraTo Ka\b. ireBiXa tied them 
feet : but in Pass, plqpf. vepl Kvii/xricri KvrifiTBas 
he had greaves bomid round his legs. 

AE'n (B), fut. BcTjarw : aor. iBdrjara, but once ^^ 
Bijo'ev for iderjaev, to lack, miss, stand in need 
gen.: o\[yov 5ew / want little, i. e. am near, iroAA ■* 
/ want much, i. e. am far from, 6\lyov Sew Bcucp^ 
want little oi tears : Bvo7v Seovra rcao'fpdKovTa 
lacking two, like Lat. duodeviginti. II. 8^ 

pers., and Beov, qq. v. Dep. Beofiai : fut. If 

{xai : aor. iderjdriv, used by Homer in form Bilmf^ 
stand in need of, want, c. gen. : hence, to lor^. 

AH'— 8i}ftu>s. 


r, vfi^ beg for : c dupL gen., to beg a 
a person. II. absol. to be in want or 

in part., as ndpra Mfieyos, 
ide, strictly of Time, now, just now, eU- 
if d^ irpofriKa . . hXrrois already have I 
Jlki 8^, Lat. jam saepe : with imperat. 
OfWy forthwith, directly. II. mark- 

ction, then; in summing up numbers, 
il otroi x^^toi these tJien make up a thou- 
^ marlu the thing meant to be emphatic, 
o¥ ieKlKero . . , Koi ^^ koI is JidpSis, and 
to Sardis: also to put a supposed case, 
syfuu and now (suppose) I have accept- 
Ill, belonging to the word which it fol- 
Verbs, &y€ 8^, <t>4pt 8^ do but come, only 
2. in ironical sense, Lat. scilicet, cirfryaye 
u 8^ he brought in the pretended court- 
3. with Pronouns, I)lc6 d^ &^€ diaOeu/at 
i a man like me ; ch ^ ,. MXtititras ; you 
ms^ 4. with other Particles, 8^ adds 

S»5 8^, %va 8^, that (it may be) exactly 

also &5 81^, &T€ B-fi, oTa ^ in that, inas- leader: and 

Ai|XU«y <(8os, ^, (A^Aos) a Delian woman, 

A<qXio«, a, oif, (A^Aof ) Delian s rh A^Aio, (Upd) the 
festival of Apollo at Delos. 

dft\\ov-6rnf Adv., for S^Aov Sri, *» 817X08^, it is plain 
that, clearly, of course: also namely, Lat. videlicet, 

At)Xo«, ^, Delos, one of the Cydades, birthplace of 
Apollo and Artemis : called also *Oprvyia : from 

ofjXos, 7j, ov, also 05, ov\ also 8^cXof, visible^ 
clear, 2. manifest, evident, certain: 8^Aov as 

Adv. clearly, plainly : also. Adv. -Xo»s. Hence 

Si)Xd€», f. ciMrof, to «A«u;, make visible or clear i 
to point out, make khoum, 2. to prove: to 

declare, explain, set forth : also to signijy. 3. to 
point out, order, 11. intran8.a8^x2s cl/u, to 60 

clear or plain, 817X0? ^1 o&k 'Ofiiipov rh jUncpia (hti 
iori it is clear that. Hence 

SijXfiMns, €0)5, 7}, a pointing out, explaining, 2* 
a direction, command, 

8i|fi-&7C0Y^», (hffiayoDySs) to be a popular leader 
or demagogue : usu. in bad sense. 

8T|f&-a7WY^ ^f ^^ conduct, character of a popular 

OS, ov, contr. for hrfi6^wros, q. v. 

iTos, r6, (pdnva) a bite, sting. 

i^y, Adv., long, for a long time. 

i 8i)dcv, Adv. (8^) perhaps : I suppose : 

>D', like Lat. scilicet, to wit, forsooth : with 

OTiooth, (l)€povT€S &s &yp7iv Sridfv, 

£ WW, (brjBd) to tarry, be long, delay. 

»v, Ep. irapf. of SrjiSw, 

8i|fi4i,YttryiK(Ss» 4* ^y, fit for, belonging to a popular 
leader : Adv. -Km : from 

8t|{ji-a70Y<^9 6, {^r^yjus, ^ytt) a popular leader: 
orig. without any bad sens^ but later a mob-leader^ 

8i||idKC8iov, t6, a comic Dim. from 87)/ios. \kX\ 

Srifi-dparosy ov, (8^A^s, &pc£o/uu) prayed for 6^ ^9 
people : prop. n. of a king of Sparta. 

8i|p.-apxos, ^, (S^juos, &pXf»') governor of the people : 

Tos, OP, (S^ios, aXicrKofjiai, a\wi/ai) taken by at Athens, the president of a diifios or township, who 
cap/?«e : contr. SrjdiKcoTos. 

kept the registers, etc. 

S-qfjicvd), {dijfxos) to declare a thing public property : 
to seize, confiscate a citizen^s goods, Lat. publi- 
care. 2. in gen. to make public. 

8t)p.-T]7op^u>, (pr)fn)y6po5) to be a public orator : to 
harangue the people. 

8t)|i.-T]7opia, if, a deliberative speech : a speech in 
the public assembly : and 

8T]p.--i]'YopiKds, "fj, 6v, of, belonging to public speak* 
ing, qualified for it. Adv. -kSos. From 

8-i]f&-T]'Y6po9, ov, (B^fjLos, ayopevco) haranguing the 
people, addressing the assembly, d d. a public speaker,. 

8T)p,-T)Xao'Ca, rj, (4\avvci}) exile : from 

8T]p.-i]XaTOs, ov, [brj/jLos, i\avva) publicly exiled. 
^, - At]-p.i]'nfip, T^pos, and rpos, rj : (hrj for 777, fx-firrfp) 
of things, Kapirhv ^riKiiffaaQai to waste the Demeter, Lat. Ceres, goddess of agriculture, mother 
^^ 8. to break oaths : also to plunder, rob. of Persephone. 

8t]p.{8iov, tJ, comic Dim. from S^ftoy. [IS] 

8-i]|JL^^(i>, f. fcrey, (8^/tos) to affect the popular side,, 
citeat the people. 

8T]|jLio-irXT)6i]s, 4s, {^^/xios, ttAt/^os) KT-fjVT] 8. cattle 
which are the people*s wealth, 

8if)p.i<S-<irpaTa, rd, (S-fifjLios, viirpdcKca) goods seized 
by public authority, and put up for sale. 

8i]{ji(,o9, ov, also a, ov, (Sti/xos) 6e{ong\Tig to iUe ^^eck-^ 

) o") Ep. and Ion. for ddXos, hostile ; contr. 


»?ro$, fj, the fight, battle, mortal struggle. 

!ontr. ^6co, (8^ioj) to treat as an enemy : 

^iSlay: d. irepi rivos to struggle for. II. 

mage a country. 

^i ov, (SaKj/oj) biting, torturing. 

5> Vt 6v, (Sct/cro)) biting : pungent. 

|» Adv.j(5^ Aos, 5^) clearly, plainly, of course: 

^ yes plainly. 

». collat. form of sq. 

'"Al, fut. "fjffofiai, perf. BeZ-qKrjijLai, whence 

"* m pass, signf., Dep. med., (Lat. deleo.) 

% slay^ wound : absol., to do mischief, be 

"•^oSf t6, mischief, ruin : vriuv 5. the curse 

'> OP, gen. ovos, bringing mischief, destruc- 
'^ibst. fiporuv hr^\7}/xci)v destroyer of men. 
ft"?, rj, (p-nXfOfiai) ruin, mischief. 
> ^pos, 6, (STyAeo/itti) a destroyer. 
i v. sub A^Aios. 


brjiJLLovpyiKSs — Sryprfs. 

pie ; 8, cdirvfunrrcu judges elected by the people. As 
Adv., ^fjua irlyeiy to drink (zt the public cost, 2. 

6 Biifiios, as Subst. the public executioner, 

8i||u-ovpYiK^, 4i, 6y, of, belonging to a workman. 
Adv. -K&s, in a workmanlike fashion : from 

ST|)jk(.-ovpY^9 ^y, poet. drifJuoepySs, (5^/>cos, *^pya) 
working for the people, as Subst. a workman, handi- 
craftsman : in gen. a maker, author : metaph. 6p0po5 
?hifuo€py6s mom that calls man to work, 2 esp. 

the Maker of the world, II. name of a magis- 


ST|fjko-P<Sp^, ov, (Srifios, fiopdydevourer of the people. 

dv\y.o-yipu¥, ovros, 6, (drifios, y4poov) an elder of the 
people ; generally, an elder, chief: in plur., the 
nobles, chiefs, like Lat. senatores. 

STi)juS6ev, Adv., {Brjfios) at the public cost, II. 

bg deme, i. e. bg birth, 

ST){ji(S-6poo99 oov, contr. -Opovs, Spow, (ZrifioSf Bp6o5) 
tittered bg the people, 

ST|{ji<S-KpavT099 ov, (Brjfios, Kpaivoa) confirmed, ratified 
bg the people, 

ST)|jbo-KpaT^O)jkai, as Pass. (Brifwi, Kpar^eo) to have 
a democraticcd constitution, live in a demooracg : 

SriiJio-KpdTcia and -ria, ^, democracy, popular go- 
vernment : hence 

SinJio-KpariK^, ^, 6u, belonging, suited to a demo- 

ST||t6-Xcv<rT06, ov, (Urifios, \e&a) stoned by the peo- 
ple, B, <f>6vos death by public stoning, 

8T)|Jbo-irC9v|K09) S, Iprifios, ttIOtikos) a mob-monkey, 

8T)p.<$-irpaKro99 ov, {Brj/xos, irpdaffu)) done by the 

8T)|Jbop-pt<^9, ey, [Brj/JLOS, piirra) hurled by the 

AH"M05, 6, first a country-district, opp. to Tr6- 
\is, II. the commons, common people, Lat. 

plebs, and so B^fxov hv^p is opp. to jScuriXe^s: as 
Adj., 5^/toy i<i}V being a commoner. III. in 

democratical states, esp. at Athens, the commons, the 
people, the privileged order of citizens : hence 2. 
a popular constitution, democracy, IV. ot Btj^iol 

in Attica, townships, hundreds, liat. pagi, subdi- 
visions of the (pvKai, in the time of Herodotus, loo 
in number, lo in each ^v\ii : afterwds., 1 70. 

AHMO'2, 6, fat : the caul, Lat. omentum, 

8T|{jiocrCqi, Adv., v. Brj/xSo'ios, 

8T)|JL0cri€'uu>, to make public or common, 2. = Brj- 

fievo), to confiscate. II. intr. to lead a public life, 

opp. to iSitoTc^eiv : to belong to the state : from 

8T]fi,<So-ios, a, ov, (5^/10$) belonging to the people or 
state, Lat. publicus. II. 6 5., with olKerris, SoD- 

Xos, etc, a public officer or servant of mean rank, as 
the public crier, or watchman. III. as neut, 

T^ Br]fjL6<riov the state, Lat. respublica. 2. any 

public building: the public prison. TV, as 

fern, ri ia/Aoirla, sub. <ncifv4\, the tent of ffte Spartm 
kings. V. as Adv.^ dat. Brifwtrl^ in pubRo, m 

the public edrpense. Hence 

8i||jbo<ri(S<i>, to make public, to confiscate, 

8i||ji.o-T€Xi^, 95, {Bfj/Ms, r4\os) at the pMie eott 
public, national. Adv. -Xws. 

ST)p,^rr|s, ov, 6, (Bfifios) one of the people : henoe 1 
commoner, plebeian, II. a member tf the sam 

BTJfios, a felhw-eitizen : fem. BTjfiAris, i9os, ^, 

ShrifioriK^, ^, 6v, (Brifwi) of, belonging to the pm 
pie, common : in gen. public, IL of the ptpt 

lace, one of them, Lat. plebeius. III. on 0k 

democratic side, Lat. popularis : in gen., populati 
so Adv. -KWi, affably, kindly, TV, At Athom 

of or belonging to a deme, opp, to Brifi6<ru>s, 

8y||i,-ovxo<9 ov, {Brjfws, ^x<^) protecting the pefflu 
tutelary : also as Subst. iriftovxot yus, guardiam i| 
the land. 

8i|p.o-xapi(rn{s> ov, 6, (Brjfios, X'H^O'fMi) afletit^ 
of the people. 

8i4|jba>|i,a, aros, r6, (BrifiSofiai) a popular pastime^. 

8i{v, Dor. Bdv, (Bit, IjBri) Adv., Lat., diu, long, fan 
long while, this long time : long ago. Hence 

8i|vai<$s, (£, 6v, long4ived : old, itged : ancient* 

Srjvdpiov, r6, a Roman coin, not quite— Or. BpetOi 
being about 8^. 

AH'NEA, T<£, counsels, plans, arts : only in pl^ 

ST){£-Oii)jkos, ov, {Bducvw, $vfi6s) heaTt-connMim 
waiting, cf. BaKcOv/xos, 

Si^lofiai, fut. of BdKVtc. 

Sn^u), usu. contr. form of BrfiSm, q. v., to lai/ tc 
a country, 

8i)-iro6cv, indef. Adv., from any quarter, -• 
undecunque : 6tc6B€v BiiTrodev from some quartet 

8i]-iroKa, Dor. for sq. 

8ili-TroT€, indef. Adv., usu. written 5^ iroTf, <U up- 
time, once, once on a time : et Biiirort, Lat 

SiJ-ircu, indef. Adv., usu. written 8^ irov, perhafi$ 
it may be : Att., doubtless, I suppose, Lat. sdM^ 
nimirum. IF. as interrog. implying an affirm 

answer, r))v cuxp-dKcorov Kdroiffda BijTrov; i, e. Ipn 
sume you know. 

8ilj-irov0€v, indef. Adv.,=foreg. 

8T)pido|Jbai, Ep. 3 dual BT)pida<rdov, 3 pi. Brjpi6ttm 
inf. Brjpidaardai, Dep., {BTJpis) to contend, fight : i 
quarrel, wrangle. 

8t]piv6'I]ttjv, v. sub sq. 

8T), Dep., c. fut. Brjplarofiai, 3 pi. aor. roai 
Br]pi<xavTo, 3 dual aor. ])ass. By]pivBitTr]v, as if from 9i 
pivofJLai, = BripidoiJLai. [i in pres., in fut. and aor. L] 

AH"PI5, IDS and ews, rj, fight, battle, contest. 

8T)pi-4>aro9, ov, {Brjpts, <pd<a) slain in fight, 

8t)p<S-Pios, ov, Dor. Bap., {BripSs, files) long-lived, 

8t)p<$9, d, 6v, (5^v) long, too long, in bad 
neut. B'rip6v as Adv., all too long. 

1, Ep. fnr ItiiiraTo, n nor, i mi>d, 
I l^n, poec fnr ISn«, from Ha, lo bind .- dM ftr 
lUiiaf, from S/u, ^ nrnnt. 

I tqro. Adv., (Jt^'l cerlainig, lo be mirc, of comm, fa 
>, gft MTlainly ! <n>S^ai certaiTiIy ML In 
u, tI Sirra ; what then t 
^_ [$, part. aor. t pBu. of Sdicvw. 
H"!!, / ihaUfind I pres. c. fiit. lignf. 
' ' smtr. ot!, w. = An*'^'"Ij't DmeUr, lit- 

F. for SijLifuyf part. ])r^. from £?jfi^ 
>(, poet. dm. from Zii^!, coiitr. for Ait. 
lUA', poet. Sial, Prpp. c gpii. et ace. — R^jfv ri|Bf.j 

L, VlTH SEN. I. of Plare or Space, uni. ttwn^, 

ll, tf V/Ht aUcp' Iviwv quilB Ihraiiph ths Iinnr 

to the ether ; hence fmfm ku !ii 

(H'l.rrmn ommjf them. i- 1 

111 bHtden 


W, rfuria^, Bud, of the past, since, M jffi- 
■mne time. i. of Successive Intamli, 
. « iWinic every third dar, Siji -n/m Mtw 
Sf fci ycori. III. oririnfl frnm, Armugk, 

PH «f. ^, Lot. per, El' Iyy^Aou Jiryeir, Me. i 
pirf ^ nlanner in which a thing it doMy Mt 

_ ^'lli ICC. of Place, Ifinrugh, thntughaia, hk 

I m^ighout Iba houae. 1. at Time, durinff, 

I tl«|.UruKTat^ntpAt. U. with a nine Jo, M 

"^T* Jw 'ft( in*e, 6y rmion n/, Bii iroAXi/w nuuij 

tt^iiQpTj'iiig greater remotencH than the gen. 

WltBtVT CASE, B« Adv., tliTOtightlUl. 

^CDspoi, I. an Ihrouffh, ofrots, (u in da- 
ta Ihe i^iui, nn in tiO'^i^, Jia-/i((x<V«u : 
e dmplT to add «trenf(th, Ihroughfy, om>. 
mt^ly- II. telwfen, part!;/, esp. in Adj., as 

JW-A(HH[, elc III. OIK with or apaiail melktr 

Ml>-^<v- rV. one/TODj anoMfr, asvmjer, Lat 

C; of Zth, no nom. Aft bdng in use. (i] 
I 'lu, j, fAiT ^od^^c one, fern, from iKoi : Sit ttiea 
Jfwwiw, s gnddea smong goddeises cir women. 
I -IU-BS3CI-, r. io-o, to £w acTBit. 
J 'Sta-paiiro. f. difirafuu, aor. i /Sqc : part. tiaBiit 
f pf. pip-jjica: inlr. fo mofrc o iftvfe, <*iii!/ Miirt Ihe 

land Jim 

II. e. a 

■u-^OJW, f. MX£ 1 pf. 3<?Xi)wa, pu& e^BKniai 
UK. I p>ai- (SA^Att : to throw oiigr or otiroH, oany 
•wr or BorvBt henoe leecouigly incr., like lat. 
Ii ^ let i a , lo pan over, eroa, pan. IT. lo ibauler, 
ni^ cohmMlater Jsoonuf e mm to another. IIL 
l» aMMri^ imf»M tipwi. 

I w flfc i tfwfc •»> (tuMMbnO »«fc>y*l ft ■««■■»» 
■U mi u tm» f pn MQtt banw twa eHpi^ mr, H, 

lo Iraiupart^ Itai tntr. 

UirfUm,t4namt Mr. ■ labr, taf. tfdM, M ff 
frooi a pne> tw^fa^, to Sw ikrougk, fmu. mJ 

mbiol. e. part, fidt*rSr tie/ligpmftai I* ymrf MiA 

■M-fUn^ tfifMi, 40 loo* ArmvAt «■ INi 
(fralpiU hgW OM. 

ti jli»|lih, pwt Mr. 1 jmm. tilttafiiUm. 
Siar>8o^ t tn. Dor. rfm, Alt. 4nfM>, fa ftaaf v 
-JM. Med. to MHtoiirf te 

•U-p^Mi, tr, (tmfibAm) lAnArM*, IMlMn, (»■ 
jariota: as Subit, a thtukr^t eep, 7%« 5faMbr«r, 
fA« Devil. Adv. -Aim, iRtndioiu^. 

SiB-pjpott v, (M, 0i$piatm) eating Anmgh, pma- 
IraHnffie. aoc rifftt S. rita % Kiev Aal eali Ihroa^ 
mj fbol. IL SiiSepoi, or, pas>.,eiifm Unn^i 


Bt■-pMXtdo|lA^ Dap., to deliberale Ihoiwighfy, ifa- 

Sio-pp^x"! to leel trough t hence 

Bid-Ppoxoti ly, very mt, loef, nwuf. i. iodli«d, 
iteeped, yms S. n>M«n or leaky <hipg. 

tui-pMii and Sut.p6im, Dep., (o orom or Arwit 
Mrou.oA. Piui. fa pati through. 

8u^, ^T, n, conj. aor. 3 of SmMm. 

iuL~yi3a\vilu, f. (ma, (Sid, TmXfiwTi) lo r»ake qnUe 

BL-a-rrAXw, f. tXa : aor. SiliyyiiXa, lo lend at a 
message : in gen. to give noHoe, noHfif, pToelom i e. 
inf. fa order to do. Med. to paei the word ei com- 
ifianijroni man lo man, in/am one another. Heoee 

St-^YY''^''*! 'i " "enenger, Liat. jnf«mtind<M, Cap. 
a fft^between, epff. 

Bu-y*. Dor. for Bi^y*. 3 »il>g- i™pf- &«" Sut)«. 
' Sia-yiXd^ f. dtr* [K] to teiy^ of, mocifr. 

. Bio-yIy™!^"*) f- TO^oiuu, ^. li«n«lfanntut Ti 


go through f pass : absol. to go through Itfe, live. 2. 
to be between, intervene, elapse. 

Sia-YiYVfiScncw, f . yv<&(rofJMi : later ^a-yly^CKa, To 
discern between, to distinguish, separate, Lat. digno- 
scere. II. to resolve, determine, vote to do ao and 
so. 2. as Athen. law-term, to give judgment, de- 

Si-aYKvXCCoftai, f. iffofmi, Dep., {did, &yKi\ri) to 
hold the javelin by its thong : hence part, pf . pass., 
diTjyKvXia-fiivos, with the thong ready fastened, ready 
to throw or shoot. 

8(,-a7icvX(So|fcai, » for^. 

Sta-yXilt^u, f. 4'a>) to hollow out. 

8ia-7VcS|AT|, ii, (puiryiyv<&aKa) a decree, resolution, 

Ziayviavav, inf. aor. 2 of Biayiyv^ffKw. 

8ia-7Vii>p£(ii>, f. iffto, to inquire accurately. 

Sid-TVOKTiSy €0)5, ^, {^HiayiyviaaKoi) a distinguishing, 
discriminating. II. a resolving, deciding. 

StaYVcSorouai, fut. med. of Biaytyv<&<rK(a, 

hia-yoyyvlia, f. cca, to mutter, murmur. 

8i-a7opcv», to speak plainly, declare. II. to 

speak of. 

8id-7pa{ji|jia, aros, rJ, {Siaypdtpca) that which is 
marked out by lines, a figure, form, plan : esp. a 
geometrical J^^re, diagram. 

8ia-7pd(^&>, f. ^a, to mark out by lines, draw 
out. II. to cross out, strike off the list: esp. 5. 

dlicTiv to strike a cause out of the list, cancel, quash it : 
in Med. BuxypSlfoaOai dlicriv to give up a cause, unth- 
draw it. 

8i-aYpvirv^(i>, to lie awake, keep awake, 

8i-a'yx''9 ^' 7l^> strengthd. for ^yx*'* <!• v. 

Si-aYO), f. c(|ey, to carry through, over or across, 
take across. II. of Time, to pass, spend, as $. 

filov, etc.: but oft. without fiiov, to the, pass life, 
like Lat. degere : also to delay, put off: c. part., to 
continue, go on doing. III. to make to continne, 

keep, support. IV. to entertain. V. to keep, 

celebrate: hence 

8i-aY(tfY'i, ^» ^ carrying through or across. II. 

a passing of life, a course of life : also a way of 
passing time, amusement, pastime. 

Si-aYuvi^Ofjiai, Dep., tocontend or fight against. II. 
to struggle earnestly: to fight to the end, 

8ia-8a£u), fut. bdcofiai : aor. e^aardfirjv, to divide, 

Sta-SdiTTUy f. ^a>, to tear, rend. 

8ia-8ar^op,ai, to divide. 

8ia-8€iKW{jii, f. 5ef{«, to shew through : hence to 
make clear, shew. Pass, to be shewn, to appear, Sia- 
BfiKyiffdo) i<t)u iro\€fiios let him be declared the king's 
enemy. 11, sometimes intrans. in Ion. aor. 

form Si4d€^€, and cb$ SteSeff, it was clear, manifest, 

8ia-8^KTU)p, epos, 6, (dia-dexofjuu) as pass. Adj. TrXoD- 
ros 5. inherited wealth. 

8ia-8^(ios, ov, (5tc£, Be^iSs) of right good omen. 

biayiyvdarKta — biabcap^ofuu. 

8ia-8^pKO|A<u, aor. cffpcucov, Dep. To tee a Mif * 
through another, oi^ &v v&t dia6pdKot he vfouU Ml ' 
see us through it, sc. the doud. 

8id-8eT099 oy, (SioS^o)) bound fast : xo^^^ol 9. yt* " 
vhiay Imreiuy firm-bound through the hone's moodk ' 

8ia-8^X<>H'^^9 ^* ^ofiai, Dep. med. : — to reoeiffe mi * 
from another, Lat. exeipere : to take up: c dMt ^- 
pers., to succeed to, relieve on guard : hence in pmu .^ 
part., diajSedtyfi4yos in turns, by turns, Lat. tnctoia. S 

Sta-S^o), f. ^a-a, to bind round, bind fast : in gnu j^ 
to bind on, fasten. f" 

8ia-8i)X^op,ai, Dep., to do great harm to, tear l»^ 
pieces. * 

8id-8T)Xos, ov, shewing through : plainly seen : 
tinguished among others. 

8id-8t)p,a, aros, t6, (8108^) a band ov fillet : 
the blue band worked with white which went 
the turban (ridpa) of the Persian king : hence 

8ia-8b8pd<rKii>, f. Bpdaofiai, Ion. Bidp^Ku, 
fiai : aor. 2 4Bpay : pf. H^paxa : To run off, 
get away. 

8ia-8£8up,i, f. ^ffa>, to give from hand to 
pass on, give over, Lat. tradere. 2. to di 

assign, 3. to spread about, publish : to cast i 

8ia-8tKd||&>, f. affw, to give judgment in a cases 
ace. rei, to decide, rule, Med. to go to law : to pltftji 
one's cause. > v 

SiouSlxaido, to hold to be right. " ^.i 

8ia-8i(|>p€Vii>, to run a chariot-race. ^ 

8ia-8oKi{jidt(i>, f. dffa), to test closely. 

8£a8oS} 6T(a, imperat. ; didSovyai, inf., aor. 2 <£ t, 

Sia-Soxi]) Vf (Biadexo/JLai) a succession : iK $ia8ox$r 
in turn : a relief on guard, , 

8id-8oxoS) 6, 7], (8(aS6xo/^i) succeeding, as Sulwt; ■, 
a successor: ^yov ipeyyos S. Sleep's successoff 
Light : absol., Biddoxoi €<polrcoy they went to wofk 
in reliefs. 

SiaSpaKoi, 3 opt. aor. 2 of dioLSepKOfiau 

SiaSpapciv, inf. aor. 2 of Siarpfx^* 

SiaSpavai, Ion. Sprjyai, inf. aor. 2 of BiadiBpda'Kca. 

8ia-opoUri-iroXirai, oi, (BiadidpdffKw, ToAir^s) dti* 
zens who evade public duties. 

8ia8pi]O'0| Ion for -dpdffofiai, fut. of SiaJStdpdaicm 

Sia-op-qcrreuu), lengthd. Ion. form for BiaBidpdo'icn, 

Sia-Spofii^, 7], (diaJ5paiJL€iy) a running about, an in- 
cursion. 2. a passage through. 

8id-8pop.09, OP, {Siadpa/JLUp) running through or 
about, wandering : stray, 

8ia-8vva> and 8ia-8'uw : as Dep. med. Jiia-B^ofiai, c 
fut. dvaofiai, aor. 2 dUBvv, To pass through : </tp 
away, get off, escape. 

8ia8vs, part. aor. 2 from foreg. 

8ia-8uu), V. ZiaZvvo). 

8i-a8ci), f. ^(To) and ^arofiai, v. diacidof, 

8ia-8(i)p^, Dep., to distribute in presents* 


9u, f. tiau sod fliroiau, poet. 

u couregu I. 

Med. lit divide amouff Ihemaelves- 111. io di 

termine, pill <m end lo : to define, ntlerpml. 

Sl-qCou, f, apoij to raise upf lift up. 

SL-atovu, f. Siotfiu, Alt. Si^iririui ^"w, liit. i^ib 

, PB54. from Sifi7^i. 
, poet, SiofO'tii.ii', Ep. I'or Biiiirfif, /a ipeak 
laneOi^t v. fiiiix-oi'. 

i>, inf. iia0ir, fut. Vi>i f^ lii'S lliraiigh,pass, 
absol., lo live : c. parU, lo line dning so and 
TtBOi^ayiorra : 5. Birii ti™s /o /ice w#i ' 

the air. 
Sb-ourniu, f. cirri 


seurpA Ihroitgh s 

l^a> and — £ucr|£tLi orof, tJ, /Ao/ If AicA M gli 
it. II. tlial which pirda, a girdle: from 

iKVu^tf also Bia-Ceivtiju, fut. fti^irv, fo ffird 
'at. Son. for Sia-^ia. 
», (9 i'mo or breathe through, 
iiofiai, !■ iaoiiai, [a], Ian.^cra^i,Dep. med., 
through, eromine, 
t6i», (Biti, Bilov) tofitmigale. 
TVS, tvs, il, (Biarlftt^) n» arranging, dig- 
it, (from Pau-J a diapoiitiim, ataie, 

Tift, TO, i, (fiia-^lOiiiu) one who arranges mid 

trier, a regulator, arranger. 

(^ f. Biinoimi, to run about. 

^, il, (Biirr(fli7jiiJ a disjioaition, esp. of pro- 

;irill ; a aili and :eilamenl : alaii a eoBenanl, 

ifSpiui, to confound utlerig. 

(a, to look through, look closely into, examine 

an end of. 

ainitn, 1), iije, may uj intmg, moae iff lifet « 
place for living, a dwelling. II. at AOienM, 

arbilratiim. HeQCB 

ElaLToBa f. ^crv : aor. i tSia(TTj<ra or tSq^rjjffa : p£ 1 
5ti<lfTiBiai. To mainlain, support. Pasi. lo ltad» 
!h out, certain course of life, lo live. U. lo be arbiter at 

impite, and so geDerali<^, to regulate, govern : he 

ttaiTi]iiB, oToi, ri, uiu. in plur., mfrj ^f Hfe,K' 
node or course of Sfe. 

G{aiTi|Ti]ptc»', Tif, (Eicutb) the dwelling rooms qf a ' 

S1[aiTi|Tijt> ov, i, (Bittirdio) an arbitrator, vmpirti I, 

Eu-KoBafpo, r. apu, and ELa-iiiL9apC£u, filt. iS, to 
cleanie, purge ihorougblg. 
SuwaflapKi, 3 fut. from foreg. 
BiB-naSiO, fuC if^irw and m, to make to sil apt 

Sw-KofH, f. Kaiirm, pasi. pf. iiaKiKov/iat, to bwm 

8ia-Kav<itx or -oovbi of liquid, fa ncn gurgRng 
through. (Formed from the aound.) 

aim, lo spread a report, i/ 
vK)Jm, or -SpyUu, f. ic 

itJIfiiros, usu. 1*11 pass, lo 
umlg reported. 

pialui, f. dira, to be 

ivim, to rush bg. 

at, ov, [tii, ol^} Mood-stained. 


. m-noa 

. Med. itair, 

bicd. to weep t and Act. to weep far, bewail. 

unih ""> ^> (SioipHi) a dividing, i^JTiinDii, 

rmti iTi av, divided, separated i divinble: 
istinguishabie. II. diitrihiiled ! from 

fm, f. itrai : aar. 2 SiilKov : aor. I pasa. Si^- 
lo divide, part, cleave in twain ; to cut open, 
OKaf/, pull dovm, II. to divide, <&etrWule. 

■ri, (8i(U[ii/«) burning heal, 
draa lots. 
I, to split asunder. 
if. Ncurfloi, fut. KtlETDjUoi, Dfp. ini>d. To 
slate I lo be disposed or affected in m 
!r. II. of thingi, lo be sealed, 

tlfitra certain terms. 
ilpa, fut. Ktp& and isipfra, pf. KtKopKa pasi< 
Suuf^Kop^ai : fa cut in pieces; hence lomake nulland 
id, frustrate: deprive of; exfii^itt iiaKfKofiiirot 
ipped of his Irnppingi ; also II. to break 

Ihrongh, transgress. 

Eta-HfWaiiai, Dep. med., to exhort, give orders. 3. 
to eiicourage one another, to cheer one anotlieroQ. 3« 
lo admonish, inform. Hence 
8La'iiiX(iKrpiii(, S, an exhortation, cheering an. 
Sia-Kcrot, ot, quite empty, hollow, 
Gia-K^opiu, Ion. for Sukti^i. 
SLa-HippAT^H, (Suf, Kiflia) lo change into small 

SiAKipimi, inC aor. i of Suimipa, 
Bia.>nipuiiciSa)iai, Dep. med., to negotiate bgherald. 
Sua-Kiipuircru, f. j«, lo proclaim bg herald. 
Sia-BivSiJMiiu, to run all risks, make a desperate 


54aK(ye<i> — SioXetTrai. 

ZuL-Kwina, to move througJtouiy disorder. II. to 

sift thoroughly, scrutinise, pry into, Lat. excutere. 
Pass, to be put in motion, move. 

Sta-icXauy f. dco) : poet. aor. SicicXocoro. To break 
ih twain, shiver : metaph. to weaken, enervate. [&<rai] 

Sia-KX^irrw, f. i^w, to carry off by stealth, II. to 
save by stealth. Med., c. aor. pass. ^leKXdiniv, to 
steal away, get safe off. 

8ia-icXT|o<S«i», to assign by lot, allot. 2. to cJioose 

by lot. Med. to cast lots. 

8ia-icXvCu, f. itrot, to wash throughout, wash, [ptreo] 

8ia-KvaCa>, L alato, pass, pf . Siouc4Kvai(, to scrape, 
grate to noting : to wear away : to crush in pieces. 
Pass, to be worn away, destroyed : rh XP^A^ Suuce- 
Kvaifffikvos having lost ail his color. 

8ia-K0(.pav^«>, to rule through or over. 

8iaKopl8i{, 71, a carrying over or across : from 

8ia-KOfi£S&>, f. l(T(a, Att. XUf to carry over or across : 
to carry through. Med. to carry over what is one's 
oton. Pass, to pass, cross. 

8iaKov^, f. -fiffw, imp. ituui6vovv and dnjK6vow, 
aor. I iBiaK6vri(ra and SiriKSvria'a, and pf. BeSiriKSvuiKO, 
(PidKOPos). To wait on, serve : to furnish, supply. 
Med. to serve oneself 

SiaKovta, 71, {BidKovos) service, business. 2. at' 

tendance on a duty^ ministry. 5. the qffice (if a 


8iaicoviK^, ^, 6v, {piaKov€(o) serviceable. 

8i(£Kovos, Ep. and Ion. Si-fiK., 6, ti, a servant, ufoiHng' 
man : a messenger. 2. a minister of the chur^, 

esp. a deacon. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

8i-aK0VTC(<i>, f. IffUy to throw a javelin at. Med. to 
contend with another at throwing the javelin, 

Sia-K^TTTu, f. 1^0), to cut in two, cut through: to 
break off. II. intr. to break through, burst 


8ia-Kop^o», (pid, KSprf) to ravish. 

8ia-KopKopv7^, to rumble through. (Formed from 
the sound.) Cf. ^taKayoi(to. 

8i(£'KOpos, oVf (did, Kopdyjoffit) satiated, glutted. 

8i.aK<$<rioi, OA, a {tis, kKarSv) Ion. and Horn. Sit^ic, 
two hundred : in sing, with noun of multitude, as, 
Tmros dioKocrla two hundred horse. 

8ia-Koo'{Ji^(i>, f. {{(ra), to divide, arrange : to muster, 
Med. to set all in order. 

8iaKoo'{JiT|6ci|ji€v, Hom. and Att. i pi. opt. aor. i 
pass, for diaKoa-fxTtOelriixiv, from foreg. 

Si-oIko-uu, f. oiarofuu, to hear through, hear out : to 
hear from another. 

8ia-KpaSu, to cry aloud : to scream against another. 

8i,a-KpT)v6<i>, Dor. Kpdv6(a, {^td, Kprjyrt) to make to 
flow, your forth. 

8i-aKpiPd(i>, (Sia, aKpi$-fis) to inquire closely into, 
have an accurate knowledge of. 

8ia-Kp)L8dv, Adv., {piaKpivw) separately : eminently, 
alme all, Lat. eaimie. 
SiaKpi0u, conj. aor. pass, from dtaKpivu. 

8iaKp£vcu, 3 opt. aor. i ; and 

8iaKpiv6i{)icvai, £p. for -BTjuat, inf. aor. i pass, im 

8ia-Kp£v«D, f. HpQ, to separate, divide : esp. to pm 
combatants. Pass, to be parted or dissolved : t&Jk 
perse. 2. to distinguish, tell one from another. | 
to settle, determine, decide a dispute ; also S> dJpMJI 
to make a choice. Med. to get a dispute deiUBk 
Pass, of persons, to cmne to a decision : but al>olii| 
decided. II. to make a distinction : set afi 

for holy purposes. III. in Med. to doubt, A«iM 
Hence d 

8u£-Kpio'i9, €0)5, 71, a separating, parting, Srf 

deciding, judgment : the faculty of distinguishiȤJL 

Sia-Kptros, ov, (dioKplyco) distinguished: MM 
lent. i 

8ia-icpoT^», to strike through, break through. 

8(.a-Kpovo|jiai, Med., to drive from oneself, puii 
get rid of, to evade, elude by delays: of a " 
irpv^av 5., like hvaxp., to back water. 

8i-aicTopos, &, {didyai) the Conductor j Guide : 
epith. of Hermes in Homer. 

Sta-KVKau), {did, KVKda) to mix together. 

8ia-ianrTa>, f. if^w, to creep through or out : t9fU 
through, pry into. 4 

8ia-K«iXvn^S) ov, 6, a hinder er, obstructer : £raMf 

8i.a-Kii>Xi;a>, f. iffw, to Ihinder, check : to prevenU ^ 

8i-aic*>x'if} V9 (Pt€x<^) a cessation, esp. d arms. 
' 8ia-Xa'yx<>^vu, f. X-fj^ofuu, to divide, part byki^- 
tear in pieces. 

8ia-XaK^«», (did, Xoicew) to crack asunder, burtim. 

Sut-XaKrCtc) f* iVcuy {didy XaKriQu) to kick aveoff 

Sia-XaXcw, to talk over with, 

8ia-Xa{JiPavu, f. X^^ofuu : aor. 5i€Ad/3ov : per£> 
eihTitpoL, pass. SielKTjfijjLai : Ion. diaKeXafifiai, 
take or receive separately. II. to grasp with ^ 
hands, embrace, Lat. complecti : as Gymnastic teV 
to clasp round the waist, 2. to grasp toiik * 

mi)id, comprehend. III. to separate, divide, I^ 

dirimere : to distinguish : also to interpret. *» 
cut off, intercept. 3 . to distribute. 

8ia-Xd|i,ir(i), f. i|/a), to shine or flash through: ofv 
day, to dawn. 

8ia-Xav6(£v&>, f. Xritroo : aor. dUXaOov, pf . SiaAcXi|l» 
to escape notice : c ace. pers., to escape the notice ^ 
oft. used c. part. 

SiaXaxciv, inf. aor. 2 of Bia\ayxdya. 

hi'€Lkyr\q, es, {did, &\yos) giving great pain, griewm 

hia-\iyia, f. (cu, to pick out, choose. Dep. mel 
didK^yo^ai, c. aor. med. di^M^dfiriv, pass. SicAcx^ 
fut. med. 0. pass, sigiif. diaX4^, rarely 8iaXcx^ 
crofxai. To consider, think over. 11. to concert 
reason, talk with. 2. absol. to use a dialect i 

language. 3. to discourse, argue. 

8ia-X€iirw, f. ^<a : aor. BieKnrov, perf. SioAeAonn 
pass. pf. dia\€\ei(xfJLai : to leave an interval : hem 
in pass, plqpf- diaKiKinrro a gap had been lefL : 
\mUaua. to be placed al mtex^iaU x t^i SioAcriror 

«} fiit. akovfuuy Ihf^ 

iipu, f . Lrofuu, Ihf^ 
SMe to take acamni ^, 
^tfmU, argue : heatm 
fJ^Jk, iy a balanemg «f 

the diaauitr* 

, ct»s, ii, ifuOsitt) a lommg ame fnm am$ ^: hence A» dutribmU* H 

ng: a breaking up, U. «« emiing tf , 8ca-|MTpi|T^ ir> m') mmumW iwI. 

:, w, by (ZuxXiw) a hrealur up, dittoUer. 
'. {nrto, pf. XcAvica : aor. puk OJA^if : pH 
» AwM one from anoiher, to part ojimnder: 
, dUmisSy diiband, i. to break off, put 
3. SmX^civ UtoBoXiir to do away with 
taonB : also to pay, diteharge. IL to 

iake supple and pliant. 
Uy (Sici, &\^irov) to fill full of barley meaL 
Uf to grind to powder, raze to the diut, 

mwy f. iiffofjuu, aor. •fifiaprov : p£l rifidprrt' 
entirely, go quite agiray/rom, a gen. 2» i 
^ ig^jS^^a^/atw/f^. Hence j 


ing the dwameier* 

8i*-fMn«v40|Mu, Dep. iiMd.,l» hnng flApiil» eomiriv^* 
8ira|uj[Xao|Mi, t 'kfroiiaiy Dep. c. iui. inod.* to «^v^ 

contend one with another, 
8ia^^»|KHivK0|Mki, only found in pC paM. hmfUfun^ 

/ioi, to keep in tnemory, 
Z^a-fLWvpo^ax, Dep., to eing plmuUioefy* [v] 
Sia-fUffTvXXii, i. Mil aor. 1 -^Aa t to ««M ««p 

8ca-|&inr||iovcv«i, to call to mind, f^otd, rtm mmh $r « 

hence to record, mefUion. 

as Dep. med. -dbfuu, io portioH QuU 


€i-a|ftirip^, (9id, &/iirfp€s) Adv. of Place, through 
and through^ right throttgh. 2. of Time, through' 
otU, for ever. 

fiia-|ftv8ciX^os, a, oy, (Btdy fiv^a\4os) drenching, 

Sia-)jiv6o-XoYC«>, (W, fivBosy \4yw) to tell by word 
ef mouthy to speak, 

Sba-)JivXXaCv6»» f. &yUf (jSidy fi^?<\w) to curl the lip 
in scorn, to make mouths* 

£i-a)ji^£8u>s, ov, (Bid, ctfupls) utterly different. 

Si-ava-^8da>, to leap up over. 

3ia-vttv-)Ji&X^<>>^ ip^t vavfiax^) to maintain a sea- 
fight unth one. 

oi-dv-8tx<>L9 Adv., (Hidy kvdy Bixa) two wags, 8. ficp- 
iaipi(eiv to halt between two opinions^ to dotxbt, 

8iavci)Jiai, inf. aor. i from BuwefMo, 

8i-avcic{s, hf Dor. and Att. form of Biriveiefis, 

Zia-vi^tay f. veinw : pf. v€v4firiKa : to distribute^ to 
divide into portions : Med., to divide ameng them-- 
selves. Pass, to spread abroad. II. to set in 

order, govern. 

8ia-vlo|jiai, as Pass, to go through. 

8ia-vciif6», to nod, beckon to. 

8ia-v^6», f. ve^ffofjLoiy to swim across or through, 

^ia-vC{|«», f. Wt^ctf, to wash out, rinse. 

8uuvur<ro)Mii, Dep., to go through. 

8i-av-((pni|Jii, fut. trrfifftOf to set up, make to 
stand. II. Pass. c. act. aor. 2 -eorriv et pf. 

^trrriKay to stand aloof from^ depart from, 

8ia-voio)Mii, Dep. c. fut. med. Btavoiiffoixai and aor. 
pass. BicyoijOriy. To think over, intend, purpose, 
meditate. Hence 

Zia-v6r\}La, aros, r6, a thought, fancy, notion. 

8id-voia, 71, also Btavola, [Biavoeofiai) a thought, 
intention, II. thought : the intellect, mind. III. 
a notion, belief: the sense or meaning of a thing. 

8i-av-oCYW|Jii and 8i-av-oC7a>, f. |w, to open: hence 
to complain, compound, 

•Stavoix^TiTi, 2 imperat. aor. t pass, from Bitufolya. 

Si-avraios, a, ov, right opposite, 2. going right 

through : 71 Biairraia (sc. trXvyfi) a home-thrust : 
raetaph., uncharging, remorseless. 

SuavrX^b), to drain out, exhaust : metaph. to drink 
to the dregs. 

8ia-WKTCpcvw, (Bid, v^^) to pass the night. 

Zi-avvta, also 8i-avvTtt>, f. v(ra, to bring quite to an 
end, finish, esp. 6Bbv B, to finish a journey : also 
without 6B6v, 

8ia-|aCvci), f. ova, to tear in pieces, 

8ia|ci9) Dor. for Bid^cis, 2 sing. fut. from Bidyco. 

8ia-|i<t>, Dep. med., (Bid, ^itpos) to fight 
throughout unth the sword : to fight to the death. 

8ia-vai8euai, to instruct thoroughly. Pass, to go 
through a course of education. 

8ia-vaXaCtt>, to go on wrestling, 

8ia-7rdXXw, to brandish. 2. to distribute by lot, 

Aa-yroAvyat, /o shiver, shatter, 
Sia-TTayrds, Adv,, =5tit vayrSsp throughout. 

butfjLTTcph — BtaTrX^KCd. 

8ia-vapa-Tpi^, Vt (Bui, vaparptfint) an 
study : vain altercation. 

8ia-irap6cvciS6», (Bid, teapQivos) to d^/hwer, 

8M)L-arao'<r&Xcv6», Att. SMMrarroAc^, (SicC, 1 
Xos) to stretch out by nailing, e. g. of a hi 
tanning : also to fasten the extremities, as in 

Sia-irdcraw, f. (£<r», Att. Bta;iedrr», to sprinkk 
or (mer. 

Si-aireiX^tt, to threaten one another : gener, 

8ia-ircivdw, inf. rrtaniv, to hunger one agaii 

8id-vcipa, 71, an experiment, trial. 

8ia-'ircipdo)uu, Dep., c. fut. med. dcofmi, i 
pass. etrcipddTiy, pf. ireircipc^iat. To make ti 
proof of a thing : c. gen. to have experiena 

8ia-ircipa>, to transfix, drive through. 

8ia-v^|jiira>, f . ^w, to send about in different 
tions, II. to send over or across, 

8ia-^cpaCv6», fut. &yw, to bring to an end, mi 
end of, 

8ia-vcpaidu, to take across, ferry over. F 
be carried over, go across. 2. to be drau 

tirely out. 

8iaircpavai, inf. aor. i from Bwirepalyw, 

8ia^ircp4io, f. do'w, to go over or across, to pa 
pass thrwigh. 

8ia^p6tt>, f. irepca: aor. 2 BienpoBov, E{ 
-Uiv : aor. med. BuirpdOiro in pass, signf. ' 
stroy utterly, to sack, waste. 

Siair^paai, aor. i inf. from Biairepdco, 

8ia'Tr€o-ctv, inf. aor., and 8iairco'€i(r6ai, me 
fut., of Siairiirrd). 

Sia-ir^raftai, (Bid, 7r4Tafiai)=BiaTr4TOfiai. 

8ia-'Tr€Tdvwfi.i, also 8ta-'ir€Tawvci), f. dcoj [o] 
Trerdyvvfii) to spread out, to open, unfold. 

Sia-ir^, fut. irer'fia'ofxai and rrTfiffofiai 
-evrdfiTiv, Dep. med., tofiy through, 2. 

away, vanish, 

8iair^<t>pa8c, 3 sing. perf. of Bia<l>pdCofJLai, 

8ia-xi}Yvvfi.i, f. tr^|w, med. aor. i Bicmj^dfi 
fasten together. 

hia-mfidia, f. 'no'co, to leap through or acn 
jump, II. intr. to make a leap, 

8ia-7rlaCvci), (Bid, iriuy) to make very fat, 

hia-trl[L7F\'t\y.i, f. BiairX-ficra, to fill full of. P 
be quite full of. 

8ia-irivci>, to drink against one another, chc 
at drinking, [i] 

8ia-irC'irTw, f. irecrovfiai, to fall through, fall 
away, escape : to fail utterly, go quite wrong 
thing, to turn out ill, 

Sia-TrioTcvw, f. aw, to trust to one in confk 
Pass, to have a thing entrusted one. 
\ ^\.a<ic\4KV), i. \w, to mlcT-uoea'^c^ to vieave 



ptuimg oi 

la aiave ruuaiUr, i. e. untceave, separate: 

rtir filai' lo make an rnd qf one's life. 

Si port. oor. 1 from 

f. iAhWdjuii, !o lait through. 

rtd, I. ta>, Alt. — TTu, lo break in piecei, 

, coDtr. Tj^ous, 6, {tiarKtu)) as Adj., sail- 
rr. II. aa Subst., iS.a 

1 . o clianiifl, 
liai^ (iii, avxios) la unfold. 
i. irvtCaUj £p> m/tiwf to blow Ihrouffhj 

ta, f. j^rTm, t 
: wfl!-. II. 1 

.i]<nt, cui, n, a finishing qf Ihe war. 
pKiv, lo besiege to the end, to blockade- 
Evu, lo carry the pi ocession loan end. 1. 

!\, i], (Siair^fini) a tending baekieanis and 


I, lo uMrfc DUl vilh labor: to practise, 

Vaa. to bt adminislered : alio to be trou- 

flSt or, (Jut, wivros) beyond seas, foreign, 
MiTiaia .- going beyond seas, 
in, lo carry aerots. As Pass., c fut. med. 
n Boc. pass. ZifniifiiiTtr, to go Ihrovgh, 

fa, with 3Ied. SmTDp&fioi, aor. tiTiroph^", 
f a lots. _ 

(Hvu, to carry aver or across i la carry o 
1, BpTo^iii', of ferry-boatB, iu ply across a 

((iaTnjo(i,ai, Dep. med., to treal q/' rto- 

U.1, Ep. far EioTrpaflfri', 

z of Eia 

™, f. {m, Att. -TToi, Inn. irp^iraai, lo 
^ go through. 3. to bring aboutj 

Med., to e#Bc; for oneself, gain one's 
). lo make on fnd (j/i slay. 

! from 

I be prominent, 
lofLQi, Dep. med., I 

> be iRslinguiahed 
send eiabaaeien 

Du, Ion. for SioirpiitriTu. 
to saa through or in. Iwo .- to cut lo the 
^6mas to gnash the Ceelh. Hied. u!i9ol. 
■th the teelk. [»pi] 
IT 8u vpii, Iharorighly. 
Loy, Adv., /or peiielraliTig, piercing : trpiiv 
TSTvxiix^s a faill running Jitr inlo the 
i(lj- Deu(, from sq. [S] 

shrill: n 
-.o.,q.y. [6J_ 

SuiirT£a6(u, inf. aor. i of iianirafiat, 

Sto-VToJu, r. fiaai, poet, rroi^v, to AHira awag, 
itarlle i to strike wilh panie. 

Sio-iTTvcrcru, f. £ai, to spread out, to unfaid, dis^ostw 

Bia-it-rux'ii hi ('"^ ifTux^) a fold, eap. of tablets 

Eia-vTw, f. ieic, to spit upon : hence to conleran. 
[uinp™.,£iiDfut, andaor.] 

Gia.-iruKTel!ii>, (Sifl, iniKTrji) to iox,f!ghl wirt. 

Eui-irvpoi, ov, (tii£, tCs) rvd-hol : met&pli. A«f, 
fi^-j/. Hence 

Sm-irfipiw, to set on fire. 

Gui-7rup-ira\a(iiiu, (Siif, iriifi, iraiA^aj} to eoatriaa 

Bia-iritfXAo, lo sell pabticly. 

8iapaCpT|Tat, lou. for Si^pijTai, 3 perf. pan. from 

Si-lipiia'trv, f. {», Alt. -tt», to break through, 

strike through. 
ii-api6jitit, f. ^rw, to reckon, count up i also to 

Si-apK^H, f. iira, to have sirenglli : la endure, hold 
ml, prevail ; hence 

Ei-ctpm^t, It, sufficlail .■ lastiag. Adv. -inli. 

Gi-appLdtu or -tto, f. aa, to iSslribuie in verimls 
ilaces, la dispose. 

GL'Upir&yiii ^1 plunder : from 

8i-ii.piro(w, fut. Atl. iaoi, lat^r d^ai, to tear in 
lieces .- to spoil, plunder, Lai. diripere 1 lo carry off 

8L<ippiiY<ClSi SiappBTiivcu., 1 opt., and iuf. aor. 1 
mss. ai iiappfiyvvftt. 
Siop-pati™, to besprinkle. Pass, lojlam iit various 

Eiappauriu, inf. aor. 1 from sq. 

8iap-pa£ui to destroy utterly. 

Euip-p^u, !. pctiao/HU: aor. tppingv: pf. eppfniKa: to 
lore through: to slip through : absoL lo leak. It. 
ofaa aieay like water, waste aviay. 

Eiap-pIj'YViijii, f. (J^Eb, lo break, read in (tooiii, 
Jeaiie. Pius, to burst. 

8iappiiSt|v, Adv., (SitpfJi', SiappJiB^vai) expressly, 

hvaffl[\at, part aor. i o! iiappi\yriiii.i. 
8Lap-pL)i|ia, QTCT, tJ, 1 casfin^ abaiU : from 
Elop-pliPT^w, onlj- used in prea. and impf., — 

ill. intr., lo IliTow oneself, plunge. 
Lsp-pIiTTiii, poet. Siaplin-a, I. ifw, to Jling, hurl, 


, , , -. , .- scattering. 
EiiUp-poij,^, (iin^p^u) aflaaiiig lArsugh, a cKavciL^l 
or pipe to flow llirough. 
Scop-poe^u, lo roar Ihronflll. "H- Wravs., »« 

bidppoia — buLTayi/i, 

Aledical term, diarrhoea, 

8iap-poi(|^6», to whiz through. 

8iap-pvSav, (Biapp4w) melting aufay, vamshing: 
contr. from Btapfwbdey, Dor. neut. of an Adj. Sioppv- 
$^6ts : or ^to^pT^av, Adv. Dor. for '-piSi^v, 

8iApp)W)v«u, inf. aor. 2 pass, of Biapp4»f fut. Siop- 
pvfiaofjuuy perf. $tepa^ica. 

8iap-pva>, (BiAy pvofjuu, ipica) to dra>g across* 

8iap-p«i{, uyos, 6, ^, (Biappiiywini) rent asunder. 

8i-apTa|ji^a>, (8ic£, iprofiiw) to cut in pieces. 

8ia-aa(vc0, tofaum upon. 

8ia-cr&X&K«ivC(|o»y streuerthd. for <ra^xueayi(w. 

8ia-o'a<|>^w, (did, ctupiis) to make manifest, 

8ia-(ra<|»ir|vC(|a>9 {bid, (ra^^$)=foreg. 

8ia-ai(6», to shake violenUy: intr., S. r^ odp$ to 
keep wagging with the tail 1. to confound. II. 
/o harass, oppress. 

8ia-(rcvo)Jiai, aor. difffa^firiv, as Pass., to dart, rush 

8ia-<n|)jia£vtt», f. &yuy to mark, point out : to make 
known, explain. 

8ui><n)tux, oy, (Bid, arifia) clear, distinct. 

AioUria, rd, (Ai6s) the festival of Zexis at Athens. 

8uMKoira(ii», to remain silent. 1, trans, to pass 

over in silence. 

8ia-o-Kav8iic£C«», {Bid, ffKdvBi^ to dose with wild 
chervil, in allusion to £uripides. 

8ia-oxc8dvvtip,i, f. o-KiBdaa, Att. (TkcBQ, to scatter 
abroad : metaph., to dissipate : to disband, 

SiacKcSdccicv, 3 opt. aor. t from foreg. 

8ia-<rKcva^ai, f. dau), to set in order: Pass, and 
Med. to arm, equip oneself. 

8ia-<riCT|vdai, -viia, or — v<$ai, {Bid, ffKYivftc) to take 
up different quarters : to retire each severally to his 

8ia-<rKi8KV)p.i, for ^CKcBdi/vvfiiy to disperse, 

8ia-o'KO'Tr^fi>, in pres. and impf. : fut. BiavK^^oixai, 
from the root o-KeTrrofiai : to look through, calamine, 
consider. II. to look round one, keep watching, 

8ia-<, {Bid, aKoirid) Dep., to look out 
from a watch-tower, to spy out. 

8ioi.o-KopirCSo, to scatter abroad. 

8ia-<rKci>irTfi>, f. (()t|/w, to jest. Med. to jest one with 

8ia-<rp,dci), f. ^(To), Ion. (Tfiio), to wipe out, to rinse, 

8ia-o'p.i]x^) ^* 1^* lo cleanse by rubfnng, 
8ia-o'o<|»(£, f. Iffofiai, Dep. med., to act or speak 
like a sophist, to quibble. 
8ia-cnrapaKT<Ss, ij, 6v, torn to pieces : from 
8ia-o^dpd<ro^, Att. -ttw, fut. ^to, to rend in sun- 
der or in pieces. 
8ia(nrapT)vai, inf. aor. 2 pass, from Biaffirclpw. 
8ia-aird(i>, f. daofiou : aor. —iaircura or —^anaffdixTiv : 
pass. pf. -e(rira(r/ia«. To tear asunder, part : to se- 
parate from the rest ; to pull dotvn : of the laws, 

1 6a 

8idp-poia, Vy'^Biappoi, a flowing through s esp. as to break through, transgrets, PaMU of uUkn, tt 

be distributed in quarters. 

8ia-<nrcCp«>, f. €p&, to sow, scatter or spread obrmA 
to squander. II. to separate, 

8ia-<nrXf Kd») strengthd. for ovKeKdu, 

8ia-<nropd, 71, {Btaaireipu) a scattering, ditpertimt 
also persons scattered or dispersed. 

8i-^(rai, f. ^09, Att. Bi^rru, and SkEo'craf, Su&mi 
poet. Bioiffffu (q. v.), to rush or dart through, 

8u)i-aTa6|jido|jiai, Dep., to measure eff, settle, 

8uurTd«, part ; Biaorrrivai, inf. aor. 2 of Bdarrifu, . 

8id-aT&o'i9» €(os, ri, {Biatrrriyai) a standing apa/H 
distance, an interval. 2. disagreement, dissenskm 

8ia-<rTavp<k0, {Bid, ffravpSs) to fortify with stakes 1^ 
a palisade. Also in Med. gi 

8ia-frTc(x<^ lo go straight forward s to go thrmi^ 
or across. X, 

8ioi-gpWXXo», f. €Kw, to separate, to distsnguiith, fllh 
plain. II. to command, give orders, \ 

8id-4m(||jia, aros, t6, {Buurr^vai) an intervaL .4 

8ia<miiTV)v, for Biecr., 3 dual aor. 2 of Bdarrifu, ^ 

8ia-oT£XP«», to glimmer or daten through. 

8u)i-aTOiPdto»9 f. do'u, to stuff in between, j 

8ia-<rTOixQio|jiai, f. io'ofuu, {Bid, arolxos) Dep. mw 
to distribute or apportion regularly, i 

8ia-<rToXi{, rt, (SiaoreAAw) distinction, dijffirenee,M 

8ia-aTp^<|^9 f. ^Ifu, pass. aor. 2 -«rrpd/^ttfy ^ li 
-itrrpamuu : to distort, twist : to turn cu^de i to pttji 
vert. Pass, to be distorted : to have one*s eyes db 
torted, to squint : hence ■ 

8id-oTpo<t>os, ay, distorted : metaph. perverted, 

hia-trvpa, perf. creavprjKo, to tear in pieces : 
to worry or harass with abuse. \y in pres., H in pei^] 

Sia-or^d^fi), Att. fftpdrro), f. |w, {Bid, (T^xi^tf) M 

Sia-o^aipC^W) f. io-ca, {Bid, atpaipa) to throw aterf 
like a ball, to toss about. 

8ia-(r<|»dXXw, strengthd. for cr^xiAActf. 

Siaaittdl, dyos, rj, {BiactpdCu) any opening made % 
force, a cleft, esp. a rocky gorge. 

8ia-(r<^cv8ovdw, to scatter from or as from a sMsi§i 
Pass, to fly in pieces. 

8ia-<r<|»ir|K<Sii>, {Bid, <r<f)'fi^) to compress the waist tig k i^ 
like a wasp : hence in Pass. pf. part., BieotfniKmfiim 
tightly laced like a wasp. 

8ia-(rx^w» f. la-co, to cleave asunder, sever, 
to be parted. 

8ia<rx«>>v, part. aor. 2 of Bi^x^* 

8ia-<rci)^», f. adjffta, to keep safe through, bring 
well through .* also to keep in memory. Med. to pMf 
serve to oneself Pass, to come safe through, »»• 
cover : Biaau^eaOai els . . or irp6s . . , to come safe is 
a place. 

8ia-o'(inrdop,ai, f. dcofjiai, poet, for Biaatanrda. 

^ia-ray€Via, {Bid, Tdy6i) to arrange. 

Sia-Tdyti) rjs, V^ {Biardaa-u) ordinance, dispensa* 

btirayfia — buLtJMtpa, 


fM^ cBTOSy r6, {Stardtraw) a commandment^ 


VMy £ jllfw, Ion. for Ztariiuw* 

IS, cttpf, ^, {piarJurvw) arrangement^ esp. 

injr tt/> of troops in order of battle* 

^LMnrUf f. (ctf. Ate. -rrwy to throw into gretU 

'■^ anifound. 

row, f. |a>, Att. -TTw, pass. aor. i -^rdx^yy 

rdryfiy : pf. rerceYfuu : to arrange : to set in 

dtp «j9 tn order of battle : also to draw up 

p. 2. c. ace et inf., to appoint one to do 

Bled., aor. part. c. pass, signf., Biura^dfACifot 

i battle-order. Pass. pf. ButrerdxBaii to be 


hi^f part aor. i pass, from foreg. 

yws strengthd. for nkyyto, 

rm^ f. rcwtf, p£ rdr&Ka^ pf. pass, r^rafuu^ to 

it, stretch to the full. Med. to strain one- 

9xert oneself, strive hard : also to maintain 

(Ctoi, f. iffWy Att. XSoy to cut off and fortify by 

to draw a wall across : hence to divide as by 


(iouoy oros, T^, a place walled off. 

|MU{po|iai, (Jiid, reKfJLc^) Dep. med., to mark 


cvTOtt, to &n'n^ to fulfilment. 

im, f. cVo), to accomplish, bring quite to an 

fulfil : c. part., vel Adj., to continue. Hence 

4f » ^^1 incessant : permanent. 

m». Ion. rd/iyti}, f. re/io;, pass. aor. i di^rfi'fi- 

rtTfiriiuLai : to cut through, cut in twain: to 

irt. Pass., SiariJiTidrivai Xirra^i/a to be cut 


,y\UvoSy part. pass, pf., diarerax^i^cu, inf. pf. 


paiviOf f. dyu. Ion. aueco, to bore through, 

ole in. 

My f. |a, to soften by heat. 

»€«>, to watch closely. II. sub. kavT6v, 

neself from, abstain from. 

r)|Ai, f. 0l7(rw, pass. pf. ZiariO^fxai, aor. i Sie- 

j9/ac& separately, arrange. II. to rfw- 

no^^ ; to /rea< ,* Pass, to be disposed of, 

III. to set forth : to recite. 
to set forth, to set out for sale, dispose of. 2. 
mutually, 8. diaO'fjiaiu rivi to make a covenant 
: absol. to make an agreement with, promise. 
OM, to honor greatly. 
Diotru, f. |a>, to shake to pieces : to shake 

^aXioSi a, ov, = riuda\€os. 

paivta and SiariTpdUa, f. rpija'a, v. sub 

i^oi, to endure, suffer, v. rXTJvai, 

\yia, aor. i dterfirj^a : aor. 2 ZUrfmyov, pass. 

£p. for ^lardfiyo), to cut in twain, divide. 

sever : SUrfiaytv, 3 plur. pass, for -ndyticav, 9. hr 
<f>i\6rriri they parted friends; but idso absoL they 
I were scattered abroad. 
I 8iaT|it){ai, inf. aor. i from for^. 

Sia-TofcvM, to shoot through or across, Med.^ to 
contend in shooting teith, 

Sia-rdpos, oy, (Biarop4ai) piercing : of sound, ^ril^ 
ling. JI. Hidropos, op, pass., pierced, 

Siarpayciv, inf. aor. 2 of Biarp^^yw. 

8ia-Tpcirca, f. tpw, to turn, divert, dissuade. Pass, 
c. fut. roed. —4f^ofuu, aor. med. ^irrparrSfiriv, and aor. 
pass, ^irrpdwi^r : — T\t turn, be diverted from a thing. 

8ia-Tp^^«»,f. 6p4rptff, to mttintain, support throughout, 

8ia-Tp^o», f. Bpd^ofiai : aor. Biihp&fiov, also 9i^- 
0p€^a: pf. Mpdfii^Ka. To run through or over: 
metaph., to esrhaust, II. intr. to run about, Lat. 


8ia-Tp^a>9 f. ^aw, to run trembling about, flee aU 

Sia-rpXffj/if 71, a wearing away, a spending of 
time. 2. a pastime, amusement. 3. serious 

employment, study: esp. an argument. 4. a way 
of life, living. II. in bad sense, a waste of time, 

loss of time, delay : from 

8ia-TpCp«*, f. ^10, pass. pf. ^icBT^rpiiifULi : aor. 2 S<c- 
rpifirip [(] : to rub away, consume : to waste, de- 
stroy. II. metaph. to spend time, live. 2, 
to busy, employ onese^. 3. to waste or to5& /tm«^ 
delay. III. to j9v/ 0^ delay, thwart, hinder, 
[I] Hence 

8ia-TpiirTiKds> 'fl> ^v, dilatory. 

8ia-Tptx*» Adv., in three ways. 

8id-Tpoiros, ov, various in dispositions. 

8ia-Tpo4>i{, rt, {hiarpeifxa) sustenance, support. 

8ia-TpoxcL||», f. daa, of a horse, to trot. 

8ia-TpvYios, ov, {did, rpirffi) 6pxoi vineyards planted 
with vines ripenirig one after the other, [v] 

Siarpvi^v, ueut. part. aor. 2 pass, from diadpvTrroa. 

Sia-TpwYb), f. rpta^ofJLai, aor. dUrpayov, to nibble, 
gnatv through. 

8i-q[TTw or Si-^TTM, fut. 5«a|<w, Att. for Si'<j,aa(o, 
Siaiffffu, q. V. 

8i-av7d^(u, (did, avyf}) to shine through, datvn. 

Si-avyi^s, «s, (did, avyfi) transparent, radiant. 

8i-avXo-8p<$|jiT]s, ov, 6, (j5lav\os, dpSfios) a runner 
in the dlavXos, q. v. 

8i-avXos, 6, (his, av\65) a double pipe or channel : 
hence iji the race, a double course, where the runner 
ran to the farthest point of the arddiov, and back 
again : hence metaph., dlavXoi Kvfxdrw ebb and 
flow. II. a strait. 

8ia<t>aYciv, inf. aor. 2 of 5i€a'6icD, to bite through. 

8ia<t»d8if)v, and 8i,a<t»dv8T]v, Adv., openly: from 

8ia-<t>aCv(i>, f. <f^S>, to shew through, make to shine 
through. Pass, diaipalvoixai, c. aor. 2 -r«pdv7jp, to be 
seen, appear through. 1. to glow, to be red- 

hot. 3. metapli. to be proved ; to 6e conn&^g^cuxAKS 



among others. IL intr., to dawn, i. to be 

transparent: hence 
8ia-(^vi{9, 4s, seen through, transparent, 2. 

glowing, red-hot, II. metaph., welUhnown, il- 

lustrious. Adr. '-vus, 

Zva-^vaKM, Ion. ^dttrKtay {JiiA, ip6jos) to shew light 
through, daum, 
8ia-^CYyiJ9, 4s, (Bid, ^4yyos) transparent, 
8ia<|>cpovTois^ Adv. part. pres. act. from 9ia^4pu, 
differently from : especially, extremely, 

oicM|>^pw, with supplied fut. Bioiffta and Bioiffofiai : 
aor. I ZffiyeyKo, Ion. St^veifca : aor. 2 Bi^ucyKov ; (cf. 
4p4p<i)) : to bear through, carry over or across, con- 
vey, 2. to carry different ways : hence to tear 
asunder : 8. r^v ilfri<pov to give their votes a different 
way, i, e. against one ; but also to determine by vote : 
metaph. to disperse, spread reports. 3. to carry 
through, bring to perfection, 4. to bear through, 
endure, support, 5. absol. to continue, to 
live, II. intr. to differ, to be diffei'ent 
from, 2. impers., Iiiwf>4p€t fioi it makes a differ- 
ence to me, ob Biaxpepei it makes no difference : r^ 
Zia<p4poma points of difference. s. to be different 
from a man, to surpass, excel him. Pass. Bia/^4- 
peffOai, to differ from, be at variance with, quarrel, 

8ia-(^VYfi>, f. |o/Aou, aor. 2 —4<pvyovi pf. Tre^eir/a: 
to flee through, get away, escape: hence 
Sia-4>cv{is, CMS, Ti, an escaping, means of escape, 
Bia-<|^|jiC(|w, f. iawy {pid, (p^fiv) to make known, 

8ia-<|»0cCp<i>, f. <pdipS>, and Ep. (pBipato : act. pf. 
di€(f>6apKa, pass. pf. Bietpdapfxai : aor. 2 SiecpOdpriu, To 
destroy utterly, kill ; in gen. to spoil, harm. 2, 

to lead astray, corrupt, ruin : esp. to bribe: to seduce. 
Pass., c. flit pass, dtacpdap^aofiaiy and med. Bia- 
^dapovfiai. Ion. hiatpdipioiiai. To be destroyed, go 
to ruin, perish: esp. to be disabled: Zi€^Bapti4vos 
corrupt. II. the perf. tU<pdopa. is intr., to be 

■deranged, mad : also to be dead. Hence 

Sia-4>6opa, b, corruption, destruction, death, 2. 

in moral sense, corruption, seduction, 3. IxOva-iy 

'diatpd. a prey for fishes. Hence 
8ia-<t>0op€vs, 4(os, 6, a corrupter, seducer, 
8i,-a<t>*iT)fi,i, f. 7i<rw, to dismiss, disband, 
'8ia-<|»oipdw, to drive mad. Pass, to rave. 
8ia-<t>oiTdb>, f. ^0*0), Ion. -r4(a, to wander abroad, 
run about : to get abroad. 

8ia-4>opd, 7], {pi.a<p4p(a) difference, distinction, 2, 
variance, disagreement. II. distinction, excel- 

lence. III. advantage, profit. 

8ia-<|»op^<i), to drag about, spread: to carry off^ 
plunder, ravage : also to rend in pieces, destroy, II. 
to carry through or across. 

8id-<|>opos, ov, {8M<p€pa)) different, unlike, 2, 

differing with another: at variance with, II. 

superior, excellent, 2, advantageous, profit- 

able, III. as Subst., rh hatpopov, difference : 

disagreement. IV. Adv. -pvs, varunaly, 

at variance, 3. excellently, 

Bid-^paYpiOy aros, r6, (pid, tftpdatreo) a partUk 
wall, II. the membrane which divides the Iw 

from the stomach, the midriff, 

8ia-^p<£ttt>9 to tell clearly. Ep. aor. Ziewi^poZm 

8ia-^p^6», f. <l>pii(Tw, {Sia, ^p4», which only ocQ 
in compos.) to let through, let out, 

8ia-4iifYYdva>, — Biaxpt&yw, 

8ia-4vYn» ^9 (Bia<f>€iya) a means of escape, 

8ia<4|>vilJ, ^, (buul>vto) any natural partition, as < 
joints in bodies : a cleft, division, as in nuts. 

Bia-^vXdfrma, f. (», Att -^rw, to watch vigUam 
preserve: keep, maintain, 

8ia-^v(rd(tf, to blow or breathe through. Pass, k 
scattered to the winds, vanish away, 

8i-a(|»v<r<r«a, f. ^a>, aor. }iii]ip^<r(ra, £p. aor. $i^0« 
to draw out, draw off: also to tear up, rend, 

huL-^ui : intr. aor. Bt4<pw : perf. Bum4it»vKa : to\ 
tervene : 'Xp6vos Bi4<pv time elapsed. 

8ia-<^(&<rKtt>, Ion. for 9ia-<pa{fO'K<o, q. v. 

8ia-xd(o|jiai, Dep., also intr. act. huixdi{(u, to dt 
back, withdraw, 

8ia-xaX(£u, f. dca, to loosen : to open, unbar, 
to make supple by exercise. 

hia-xdaKta, = dia-xaiyu, 

8iax^ai, inf. aor. i from Siax^* 

Bira-xcLfJ^dJIcay f. dca, to unnter, 

Buk'X€iplliu», f. iffto, Att M, (8td, X^^p) ^^ ^^<>M 
hand, conduct, manage. Hence 

8ia-x€^pi'0'is, €0)5, 7), management, administratio 

8ia-x€ipo~Tov^<0, (hd, x^'poroycw) to decide, cht 
between two persons or things by show of haa 
or by open vote. Hence 

8ia-x€ipo-Tovia, ti, a decision, choice between 
persons or things. 

8ia-x^<>)) f« x^^^^^ ^P* Staxevw, to pour diffe% 
ways : to pour out, dissolve : of metals, to sof 
melt : also to disperse, 2. metaph. to confou 

Pass, to fiow through or out : to be melted. 2 

fall to pieces. 

8ia-xXevd^ci), strengthd. for x^^<^C^> <!• ^* 

Sia-xdb), old form for Siax^f'yvfii, q. v. : in inf., I 
Xovy Th x^f^^ l^ complete the mound., f. i](ro^ai, with Dor. 3 sing. Sm^ 
ffitrai, c. dat. rei, to v^e constantly : also to n 
with, suffer under. II. c. ace. pei*s., to desd 

slay, and Sia-xp^wp'ai, Ion. for foreg. 

8ia-xuvwjxi, or -6<a, f. x^^^i ^^ carry a m€^ 

8La-xci>pe(i>, to go or pa^s through : impers., » 
Siextipet avTois tliey labored under diarrhoea, 

8ia-x<>>P^t<^» f. ^ci», Att. XS), to separate, 

Sia-xpaipci), to wipe thoroughly, II. to 6 

apart, blow aieay, 

8ia-^€vS(0, also, to deceive utterly, P 

hia<jr6xf^ — Siet/ol^u. 


'^twrfuui aor. Sitr^eiaO^v t to be deceived^ 

'Uj f . |w, (did, ifo/xos) to cooly refresh : of 

keml high and dry : to make water-tight* 

fkiy &u, ^mO to ^^ff^ through* [&] 

B, €0^9 (dls, fidXXa) tufO'pointed. 

OS, owy (9lsy yX.'fiyrj) ufi^ two eye-halls, 

rtn/^^ oy, Att. -TTos, (Jiis,'yK&ffffa) speaking 

tageSf Lat. Ifilinguis : double-tongued. 

If ovy {pis, *yivw) twice'bom. IL tufin ; 

I, aros, r6, {iihdffKa) that which is taught, 
m. II. means of instruction. 

K^y 4, 6y, (BdidffKu) skilled in teaching. 
s, 4i, Svf (^lidffKa) taught, learnt: that can 
f. 2. that ought to be taught. II. 

tstructed. Adv. -ras. 

fut. from SiScuricw. 

€«s, ^, (SiScto-icw) teaching, instruction. 
LXciov, r6, {HiddffKw) a place for teaching, 

LXCa, 71, ipiBdffKta) teaching s education, train' 
II. the rehearsing of a drama, cf. HiUdcKoo, 

LXiK^, il, 6v, {JUiJbAffKu) fit for teaching, in- 
Adv. —kSos. 

LXiov, r6, {(^ildffKoa) a thing taught, science, 

LXo^} 6 and ^, (8(8(£(rKa;') a teacher, master : 

He poet was called ^iBdffKdKos, because he 

lught the actors. 

jtrai, poet, for 8(5({|ai, inf. aor. of sq. 

> : fut. ^t^S^ca, poet. ^iba(Tic{](T(a : perf. 8e8/- 

Bdupl. form of 8t£<o, SaT^jux.) To teach, c. 

., tinro(ri5i/os <re ^S^Salai' they taught thee 

Med., /o ^ave one taught : also like Pass., 

oneself learn. Pass, /o 6^ taught, to 
II. BiSdffKiiv is used of the scenic poets^ 
A< the actors their parts : hence 

Tj, teaching : doctrine, 
Ep. coUat. form from Sew, to bind, fetter ; 
ling, imperf. SfSr], for ^S^Srj. [5(J 
BiSoi, Ion. for 5f5ei>9, S^Swo'i, 2 and 3 pres. 

, 8i8<$fi.evai, and SiSovvai, Ep. for Zi^6vai, 
from 8f8a>)U(. 

cu, fut. Spda-QfJLai [a] : perf. deSpdKa : aor. 2 
f. ^pavai, part. 5pas, imperat. dpadi, conj. 
dpalrjv: Ion. ^iBpi](rK<a, f. ^priaofiai, Kdprjv: 
run away, escape. 

jM>9> o''j (8fy, hpaxy^'h) of two drachms : 8. 
oldiers tri/A joay 0/ <m70 drachms a day. II. 
;/LioK, a double drachm; esp. /Ae half-shekel, 
ually to the treasury at Jerusalem. 
.voipy opos, 6, 7], 76, (SiBvfjLos, kirfip) touching 
Tien, [d] 

•V, ovos, i, 7\, {^idvfjLos) a twin-brother. 
If, poet, for ilSvfjLos. 

8i8v|Lo-7fin{f, /f, (ptSv/ios, *y4pw) tufin-bom, 

8C8v|&os> 179 ov, {his) double^ twqfild: B. KoalyviiTOs 
a twin-hro&er : hence UlUvfjun tufins. 

8i8({^t)v»Si9o/iyy, opt. ofBlSmfu. 

8C8m0i, Ep. for ilBoBi, imperat. pres. from 90i»fiu 

8C86»)jii; nit. Ht&o'tai aor. i I9a;jra: perf. 9^o)ica: 
aor. 3 I8a»y: pf. pass. Bi^fuu: aor. med. i^dftriv. 
Homer has also 2 and 3 sing. pres. SiSo^s, SiSoi, and 
2 sing. o/SourOo. Also Imperat. pres. 9t9»Bii inf. 
pres. Biiovyaii fiit. SiSi^w, pi. Si^c^tro/iAci'^ are all 
Homeric. Aor. 2 ZdffKoy for IS^cvv is Ion.: Imper. 
pres. BlSot, and infin. pres. BiBuy, are Dor. (^SJev). 

To give freely, present. 2. to offer. 3. of 
the gods, to grant: so of the laws, to permit or 
sanction. 4. to devote, offer to the gods: to give 
up, surrender, in good or bad sense. 5. of parents, 
to give their daughter to wife. 6. BiZdvai kavrdv 

riyi to put oneself in his power. 7. S. Blmiy, v. 
sub Biicri. II. in vows, to grant, allow, cause 

that: BSsfurlaaaOai give me to axengemys^. III. 
seemingly intr., to give oneself up, devote one^ 

olc, vocat. from Vios, godlike. 

8Cc, poet, for ^tc, 3 impf. from 8(» to frighten, \t\ 

8icPXi{9t|v, aor. i pass, from TiiafidXku. 

8i-CY7v^, f. ^(TflD, to bail, to set free by giving 
bail. Pass, to be bailed by any one, set free on his 

8i-CYc£p«», to arouse : oontr. aor. pass. part. Bteypd' 
fieyos, aroused, awaked. 

SicycpOcCf, part. aor. i pass, from foreg. 

8Uoc|c, 3 Ion. aor. i for Bi^Bci^e from BidStlKyvfjLt. 

8i€8C8oTO, 3 impf. pass, from biaBlBwfJii. 

Si^poLfAov, aor. 2 of hiarp^xo}. 

Si^cpYov, poet, imperf. from diepycD, difipya. 

Si^^bKTo^ aor. I, ^t€i<o(r/x4yos, part. pass. pf. from 

8ii6cTO, 3 aor. 2 med. of Biarl07]fn. 

81C180V, aor. 2, inf. Su^elv, Biopdo) supplying the 
pres., etc. : to look through, discern, distinguish. 

8i€iXc, 3 aor. 2 of Biaipea), 

8iciXT]|jifi.^v(i)S, Adv. part. perf. pass, of liaXa}i^dva>, 
distinctly, precisely. 

8i€CXT]<t>a, perf. of ^idKa^^dvot. 

8C-ci.|Jii, fut. Biflaofiai, (8id, elfit) to go about : to go 
away. II. c. ace. to pass or go through: hence 

to discuss a subject. 

8t-€i'irov, inf. dieiireiv, poet. Biaetirfiv, with pf. Btet- 
priKa, (Bid, eJirov) to tell at length, detail, explain. II, 
to speak one with another y converse. 

8i-cCp7<i>, ^' f"> -^P* ^^^ ^^^' 5*^P7"> ^P' ^^ '*^" 
ipyw : to keep asunder or apart : to keep off. II. 
intr., to lie between. 

8icCpT]Ka, used as perf. of Biepw, Bieiirety, qq. v. to 
say clearly. 

8i-c£, poet, for Bi-4pofMi, to question closely* 

8i-elpvw, Ion. for Si-cp^w, to draw across. \^'\ 


bielptd — biicxe. 

Si-cCpoi, rare perf. Scctpica, to" insert, draw a thing 

8i-cipwv<S-tcvos, ov, (Bui, ^mv, ^4vos) dissembling 
with one^s guests, treacherous under mask of hospi- 

Si-^K, before a vowel Bi-4^, (Bid, ix) right through, 

8i-CK-ircpaCvw, f. di^w, to complete, bring to an 

8i-cK-Trcp(£6», f. "icru and dffot, to cross,^pcbs over or 
through, II. to pass by, overlook, 

8i-CK-vX^ai, f. vXe^cofJuu : Ion. ttAc^, aor. -cirAoio'a: 
To sail out trough : to sail out. II. in naval 

tactics, to break the enemy's line by sailing through 
it: hence 

8i-^K-irXoos, 6, contr. SicmrXovs, a sailing across or 
through, 2. esp. a breaking the enemy^s line in 
a sea fight. 

8i-CK-vX(iSa>, Ion. for Bt€ieir\4a), 

SUxpiOcv, 3 pi. aor. i pass, from BiaKpivco. 

8i-^K-poos, 6, (Bid, ix, p^u) a channel, outlet, 

8iAaoov, aor. 2 of BiciKavBdvoa. . 

Si^Xcuns, €(os, Ti, (Bie\a{iv(a) a driving through. II. 
a charge of cavalry. 

8i-cXavva>, fiit. BuXdffay Att. BieXSo^ aor. t ^.^7Jiara, 
to drive through or across : to thrust through, II. 
intr. to drivCy ride through, 

8icXciv, inf. aor. 2 of Buupiu, 

8i€, fnt. of Bt4pxofiai, 

8icX6ctv, inf. aor. 2 of BifyxofJuii: Ep. BieXBefxtvi 
part. Bi€\$div. 

8t-€XKV(i>, = sq. [iJ] 

Si-^Koi, with fut. cKKiffcD, aor. i eiXjcucra of foreg. 
to tear asunder, pull or rend aivay. 2. to keep on 

AI'EMAI, to speed, press on, [t] 

8ic|JiapTvpa>, 2 aor. i from BiofiapT^pofiai. 

8i-cp.iroXdb>, fut. 'fi<T0i) : pass. pf. Bnifiir6\7ifJLat : to 
make merchandise of, sell, dispose of : hence to betray. 

Sicv^Y*^*'^''* I^^* -^i^^^Kai, inf. aor. i of Bia<p4p(a : Bic- 
veyxOTJvai pass, of same, as if from absol. BieyryKu or 

8i-€v-6vfi.^, to revolve in one's mind, reflect, 

Si-cviavrC^w, (Bid, iviavrSs) to live out the year, 

BUvrai, 3 pi. from BUfMi, [t] 

8i,.cvT^pcv|Jia, aros, r6, ( Bid, tvrepov ) a looking 
through entrails^ Com. word for sharp-sightedness, 

8i-€|-ato-orci), contr. Bi€^^<r(T<a, Att. Bi-€^-^ttu}, fut. 
4^(0, to rush or spring forth. 

Si-^l-cip.!,, (Bid, i^, elfii) to go out through : to go 
through, pass through .* hence to count over, to number. 

8i-c|-€Xavv», f. \d(T(a, Att. XcD, to drive, ride, march 
through or across, 

8i-€|-cXCo'0'ai, Att. TTO), f. |co, to unroll, untie, 

8i-c|-ep^, to question closely. 

8i-c|-cpcvvd<i>, f. ^trw, to search out, examine. 

^^-fi-ZpXoutu, f. €\€6(ro/Liai, aor. 2 rjXBov, pf. eX*^- 
Az/<^a : (cf. ipxojbuu), (o ffo ihrough, pass through, get 

to the end of, 2, to go through in mrdgr : torn 

forth, II. intr. to be past, gone by, of time. 

8i-ct-t|Y^o)uu, Rtrengthd. for i^iiy4o/tau 

8w-c|-()])i.i, to let go through, give free 
Intr., suh. a\n6v, of a river, to empty itMe(f. 

8i-^{-o8os, rj, a way through or out, passage,emttti\ 
hence the issue or event of a thing : also the nafi 

8i-cooT(£Cw> (Bid, hprfi) to keep the feast AroughmA 

8i>circ<^p&8oK, Ep. aor. 2 of Bunppdito, 

8U'irp&0ov, 8kcirpa6d|jiT]v, aor. 2, act. and 

Z\, 3 aor. 2 med. of Biajrerafjuu. 

Si-^iru, f. t^flD, to manage, sway, order, arrangtM 
proper order. 

8i-€pYdCo)Jiai, f. doofixu, pf. tipyacrfuu, plqpf* «fj^ 
Ofiriy, Ion. ipryofffitu, epydo/Aiiv : Dep. med., to wtM 
at, esp. of land, to cultivate it. II. to t^MAfM 

ruin, kill, Lat. conficere : also plqpf. in pass, nga^ 
Bicpya/rro rh vpdypara, Lat. actum erai de fita; 
the affairs were ruined. \ 

8i-^pY6», Ep. and Ion. for Buipytt, 

8i-cpc£8«), f. <rt0, to prop up, Med. to lean upmk 

8i-€p^(rira>, fut. Bifplow, aor. Sc^ccra, poet. SWiptrtJ^ 
to runi about, x^P^^ ^* ^ swim : to swing ab&uL 

8i,-cp€vvaw, f. iiato, to search through, exm^ 
closelj. Hence 1 

8i-cpcvvi)Ti{Sf ov, 6, a scout or vidette. 

8i-cp|jiv)vevTiiJ9, ov, 6, an interpreter : from > 

8i-cp|JiY)vevci), to interpret, expound. 

81-^, Ep. for Bi-clpofxai, q. v. 

AIEPO'2, d, 6v, moist, fresh, juicy : metaph. 
men, fresh, quick, active : later, wet, liquid. 

8i-^pir», f. ^w, to pass through. 

8UppT)|a, aor. i , Si^pporya, perf. of Biappfiywftu 

81-^, fnt. BifXevffOfJMi, aor. BitjKOov, Dc| 
med. : to go through or across, pass through. i 

to come to the end, arrive at. II. intr. to ptM 

to go abroad, prevail, of a report. III. to | 

through, narrate, 

Sicpw, fut., and BielpriKa, perf. of Bieiirov, q. v. 

SCco^ai, inf. pass, from BUfiai : also in act. signili 
Med. of Bid), q. v. [t] 

hi-^oBifa, fut. BUBofMi, to eat through. 

SiccK^Saac, 3 anr. i of BiaffKeBdvwiu, 

8i-€o-K€p.|i.^vci)s, Adv. oiBi€(TK^fiixhos^Bxt. ipeT£,{iU 
Biaa-Keirrofjiai, prudently, considerately, 

SiccKdpTrioriJLai, pass. pf. from BiaffKopirl^a>, 

SLfo^rrapifjv, ind. aor. 2 pass, from Biaairelpa, 

8ico"iroUr6ai, pass. inf. pf. from BiaoTrdto. 

SUcotJto, 3 aor. syncop. med. of Bia(rf6w, 

8uaT€iXd|AT]v, aor. i med. from Biaa^eWw. 

SUarrqv, Sicorus, ind. aor. 2, and part. perf. of li 


SieaTpafAfA^vos, part. pass. pf. from Bia<rrp4<pot. 
SicTapdxI^v, aor. i pass, from Biarapdo'aw, 

iter^s*— d(icaeo9. 


(, ify (disf irof) qfmfor tufo years: two years 

not, OF, (8m(, h-os) lasting througk the year. 

, ^, (Swrfis) the space of two years. 

ygWy £p. for BttTudytiatiPy 5 pi. aor. 1 pus. 

tTfsify^ i ^UrfAoryov, aor. 2 act. 

{cv. Dor. for ZUrfAfi^tVy 3 aor. i from 9ia- 

;pYrlu, (Sui, ^Kparfts) to separate aeeuraielyy 
careifuUy in order, 

iOplofuu, DqK, /o toAr^ pooJ Ae«d^ beware of, 
U0, f. (io'(», to lay asleep, 
vxf^, f* ^o'Vj {Htd, ^^rvx^O ^^ <Hm/tnu0 pro- 
to prosper throughout. 
pa, intrans. perf. of Sto^Oeipw : pass. pf. St- 


II. to 

, € HU^n, to go quite through : 
•each, 2, to divide, keep apart, 
t. III. intrans., to stand apart, be distant, 
Vf AI, Dep. med., to seek out : to seek after, 
i thing. II. to seek the meaning of. III. 
demand, require that. 
»«, o¥y and o(tv{, vyos, (fiis, (vyiv) doubly- 

to be in doubt, at a loss, 
I, ov, (S^s, ((ail) amphibious: living twice over. 
Co, 71, Ion. for Zia^Xia, 
n¥, aor. 2 of Huiyv. 
»|uu, Dep. mod., to detail, describe, narrate. 

ns; €w;, Tj, narration : as rhetorical term, 
ment of the case. 

OS, a, ov, also os, ov, Ion. for dia4pios. 
>, f. ijcra}, to strain through. Jitter, sift. 2. 
out, cleanse. II. intrans., of the liquid, 

'hrough, pefcolate. 
•tf, 8ii]Kovos, Ion. for Suxk--. 
)W, impf. from BiaKoveu. 
loi, at, a, Ion. for SioKSffioi, two hundred. 
f. I&j, to go through, contend along or Se- 
ll, to pervade, Jill. 
a, aor. i of Si€\a^<o. 
/, aor. 2 of ^Upxofiai. 
^S, €s, (5«<£, dA6t<^a>) smeared all over. 
i€wo, (8k£, r}fi4pa) to stay through the day, 
ca, perf. of Sia<l>ep<i) : whence 



rrjs, €S, stretching evenly along : 

upted. Adv. St7]V€K4u)s or Att. 

g to end : clearly, distinctly. 

,os, ov, {bid, avefMos) ivind-swept. 

'fiy\y, aor. i pass, from biavoiyw. 

aor. I from bicdccw, hut birj^a aor. i from 

ow, CIS, €t, impf. from bi- air opew, 
D^ aor. I from bi€pi(T<T(o. 
ax, perf. pass, of hatpea. 

lisX&dfmv, t6, an upper story, upper ehamber. II, 
eouipt with two b^mks qfoars, 

oiwroi, 3 oonj. med. ^rom bitt. [K] 

Siilj^vfra, aor. i from Siou^i^ora'w, q. v. 

8i-6dXaoxro«, ov, Att. -rros, (bis, 9dXMratt) washed 
by two seas, between two seas, Lat. bimaris, [0&] 

8£-fi|icT0t, ov, (bis, 0^7w) two-edged. 

8C-6povof, ov, [bis, $p6vos) two-throned. 

8i6iipc4&po-8i8doic&Xo«, b, {biO^ofxfios, bibdtrKttXjos) 
the dithyrambic poet who tatight his chants. 

9tb^pa^^o9, b, the dithyrmnb, a kind of lyrio 
poetry. II. epith. of Baochus. (Deri¥. unknown.) 

8(-6vpo'os, ov, {bis, Bipcros) toith two thyrsi. 

Alt [o o] , dat. of Zc^i : also oontr. A/ [-] . 

8u8civ, nsed as inf. aor. 2 of biopdu, v. tub bisTbov. 

8i-ft))jii, fiit. •fifftc, to send through or across, let go 
ffirough. 2. to thrust through, II. to tUsmiss, 
disband : also to dissolve, med. aor. i part. c. pass, 
•iffnf. bUfuvos 6^€i being melted in vinegar. 

oi-fcicv^o|iAi, fnt. bit^ofiat, aor. biiKiprriv, Dep. med.^ 
to go through, penetrate : also to narrate. II. to 


Au-«'fTiff, 4s, {^t6s, *Wr«, iriirrct) fallen from 
Zeus, i. e. jfrom heaven, epith. of streams swollen by 
rain : later, heaven-sent, divine, holy, pure, [SH] 

Aii-ir^Ti|9, cs, (Ai^i, v4ro/juu)jtoating in air, [Ail-], fiit- buttrrfiarofuu, aor. bienrdfiriv, (9tdy 
'Iwrafuu) Dep. med., to fly Ihrotigh or across, 

hwrriov, verb. Adj. of btsibivai, one must inquire* 

8i-taTti|Jii, f. biatrrfiffw, aor. i 4<mia'a : to set apart, 
divide, distract. 

Med. intrans. with act. aor. 2 tffrrfv, perf. ^flmy- 
Ka, and plqpf. tCTfiKeiv, to stand apart, to be divided : 
hence 2 . to differ, be at variance, quarrel, 3. 
to part after fighting. 4. to stand at certain dis- 

tances or intervals. II. aor. i med. bieamfjcd/Ariv 

is used trans., to separate, 

8i-iaxvpC{|o|jiai, Dep. med., to lean upon, rely 
on. II. to ajfirm conjidently. 

SifxOai, inf. perf. of buKviofiai. 

SiKa^u, fut. biKdffoD, Ion. and Att. biKw, (biKr}) c. 
ace. rei, to judge, adjudge : to decide, determine. 2. 
c. dat., to decide for a person, judge his cause. 3. 
absol. to be judge : to give judgment : in gen. to 
come to a decision. Med., to plead, speak before the 
judges : absol. to go to law. Pass, to be brought be^ 
fore the jtidge, to be accused, 

SiKaia, Tj, poet, for biKT). 

8iKaicvv, Ion. for biKaiovv, inf. of biKai6(o : biKaitwrt, 
Ion. for biKaiovo'i, 3 pi. pres. 

SiKaio-Kpio'Ca, ri, (biKaios, Kplvw) righteous judg- 

8iKai<$-iroXis, €(os, 6, rj, {blKaios, 7r($A(s) just in pub*' 
lie dealings. 

Sticaios, a, ov, also os, ov, (^^VkiJ^ ohserwaul 05 "ngyvl, 
upright, righteous and just, jtist. 1^. equoX^ «»««>. x 

^ «v ^S/x, 4m^J doul/s^j^ecf to^e^er, 8ir}p€s \ strict, exact. III. ripht, lavjfuX, just. Jaw. 



biKaioonivri'^A co)3oXo;. 

fairy moderate.-— 'In phrase Hkou6s et/it c. infin. / am 
bound, I have a right to do. Hence 

8iKaio<rvvT|, 7iy justice : uprightness^ righteousness, 

8iKaidTT|s, Tyrost ^,~8ticato(r^y)7. 

SiKai^w, fut. ^o'ot, or t&ffofiat, (JSIkmos) to make 
right : to think right or fair .* to consent : also to 
claim as one*s right : c. inf., to desire one to do. II. 
to judge : to condemn : to punish. III. to make 

justf hold guiltless, justify. Hence 

8iKa£6»)Mi, aros, rS, an act of justice, making good 
a wrong. 2. an acquittal, act of justifica- 

tion. II. a plea, claim : and 

SiKaCoKTiS) €tas, ^, a setting right, doing justice to : 
punishment. II. a claim, demand of right. III. 
judgment, good pleasure. 

SiKfllv, Ion. and Att. for Bixdaeiy, inf. fut. from 

StxaviK^, "fl, 6v, (Mmj) belonging to trials, judicial. 

8i-K^lfn)vos, ov, (pis, Kdp-nyoy) two-headed. 

8iKao'-ir6Xos^ 6, (Siicn, Tro\46f) one who gives law, a 

8iKa(mi|p£8iov, r6. Dim. from diKaffrfipiov, a little 
conrt of justice. [pl5] 

8iKcurTil}pi,ov, r6, (BiKd{o)) a court of justice. 

8iKoum{s, ov, 6, CSiKd(oo) a judge or juror. 

8iKacmK^, il, ov, (Stica^w) belonging to law or 
trials : rh SikootikSv the juror^s fee : it was first 
one, then three obols. Adv. ^kQs. 

AIKErN, inf. of cHikov, to throw, hurl. 

8i-KcXXa, 715, 7), (5i— , /c€AA(») a mattock or pick-axe 
with two teeth, Lat. bidens. [t] 

8i-K^paios, ov, {pis, Ktpoda) two-homed or pointed, 

8C-Kf p6)s, gen. foTos or w, 6, rj, wv, r6, {Sis, xepas) 

AI'KH, rif right: the orig. signf. was, custom, usage, 
manner: hence ace. diicrjv, in the wag of, after the 
manner of, c. gen. II. order , law, right. III. 
in plur. judgmejits: hence in gen. a sentence. IV". 
post-Horn., legal justice : an action at law, any law- 
suit : strictly, a private suit or action, opp. to ypoupi] 
a public suit. 2. hence, the trial of the case. 3. 
ike satisfaction, penalty : hence diicriv or dixas SiSSvai 
to suffer punishment, i. e. give satisfaction, Lat. 
jxtenam dare : ZiKus \afifidv€tv, — Lat. sumere poe- 
nam, to inflict punishment : dimiv <f>€vy€iv to be the 
defendant in the trial, opp. to $. tuaKetv to prose- 
cute, [t] 

8iiCT|-<^6po9, ov, {diicr], (pepca) bringing justice, aveng- 
ing. As Subst., 6 8. an avenger, 

SIkCSiov, r6. Dim. from biicr}, a little trial. [t8] 

SikXis, ISos, 71, (8/s, K\iv(a) folding two ways, 
double-folding, of doors : later^ SiKXtSes alone, fold- 
ing doors, 

8iKop-pa(|>^tt>, {SiK7i, pdwrco) to get up a law-suit, 

Si-KtSpvfiPos, oy, (Shy /cSpvjLifiov) two-pointed. 
St-xSpv^os, oy, (d(s, Kopvfii) two-headed. 

8(-Kpavo«, ov, {<Sls, Kpavov) two-headedy iwhpohUi 
hence as Subst, a pitchfork, 

8i-Kp&Ti^, 4s, (iis, Kpdros) colleague m powm 

8£-KpoTos, ov, {lis, Kporiot) double-beaUng : Imb 
double-oared, with two banks of oars on a ide, 

8iicTv-BoXco», to cast the net : from 

8iicTv-p5Xos, ov, {BiicTvov, fidJiXw) casting netsf 
9. a fisherman. 

8Cktvcs, ol, unknown animals of Libya. 

ACrrvva or A^Krvwa, ti, {SIktvov) epiih. of Ail 
mis the goddess of the chace. 

SiKTv^-KXttOTos, ov, (BIktvov, fcPU^Ow) woven 1 
meshes, (nrcTpat 8. the net*s meshy folds. 

AI^KTr^ON, r6, any net-work, a fisMng-neti 

8i-K6»ir^6», to ply a pair of sculls : hence in gen* 
work double-handed : and 

^i-Kwirla, ^, a pair of sculls : from 

8(-KCMros, ov, {bis, jce^in;) two-oared. 

8i-Xo7^6», to say again, repeat : and 

8iAoYCa, 71, repetition : from 

8i-Xd70S, ov, {Bis, \iy(o) saying twice, repM 
ing. II. double-tongued, deceitful. 

81-X07XOS9 ov, {Bis, T^Ayxt) ^^^ ^^^ spears : hd 
double-pointed, two-fold, 

8C-Xo(|>oS) ov, {Bis, \6<pos) unih two plumes or erni 

8i-)jivaio«, a, ov, {Bis, fxva) of or worth two wilm l 

8i-|JiW«»S9= foreg. : B, a7ruTtfjL'fi<raa'6ai to valoa 
two mina£. 

8i-)jioip£a, 71, {Bis, fjLoTpa) a double share: double pt 

8C-p.01.p09, ov, {Bis, fioTpa) divided between two. 

8iv€vp.a, aros, r6, any thing whirled round: 
whirling, dancing, [t] i from 

81VCVW and 8ivifi>, f. 'fiffco, {BIvtj) to whirl, to J] 
round: to drive round a circle. II. intr. to tdi 
about, esp. in the dance : in gen. to wander, ro 

AI'NH, 7], a whirling : a whirlpool, eddy. II 
whirlwind. [*] Hence 

8ln]ci9, ^<roa, ev, whirling, eddying, II. round 

8ivT|0TJvai, inf. aor. i pass, from Bivtco, 

ArNOS, d, like Biv7j, a whirl, eddy, 2. also 

circular area where the oxen trod out the ca 
threshing-floor, 3. a large round goblet, 

8lv6<i>, like BLVivoi, to spin round, esp. to turn to 
a lathe, to round. 

8Cv6), = 8if et/cv, esp. to thresh out. [t] 

8iv<i>T<$s, ^, 6v, {Biv6a)) turned, rounded: wori 

8i|6s, "fj, 6v, Ion. for Bio<t6s, double. 

810- in Compos, means sprung from Zeus (Zi 
^i6s) or from the gods, hence excellent, godlike. 

81-^, conjunct, contr. for BC 3, wherefore^ on wh 
account: therefore, thence: with encUt. BUrcep, 1 
propter quod, propterea, 
\ Ai^^oKo^, ov,(^C^i(>S)&^XK!(A^h.uTUd^ Zeus, 

Au)y€v4Tmp^--bivik€Uffro s. 


i4rwp, opos, 6y (Zc^s, ^i6sy ytwh-ofp) gmng 


rf{%i 's, (Z€6s, *y4poe) Jove-bom : generally, 

«|T099 OF, contr. for At€y4trnroff»Auy€v^f, 

V99, oPy as Aieytrfis, 

M», (8i(£, Ms) to travel through, 

«, f. ^09, (SioSoi) to ^ through again. 

.-voplu, ($u£, Moiir<{pos) to travel through, 

\j rh (Sio, Ms) a wag through, passage. 2, 

■' 3* right or permission to pass, free 

, {Ai6s) Adv., .^w», Mn< from Zeus : from 

rvfu, f . {fl»9 or Sc-oC^**, to open, 

k, pf. of 8f ccSov, q. V. 

M, ^(Tw, impf. ibi^Kow, to manage^ direct: 

mfem, conduct the affairs of a state. II. 

it distinct places, Med. to Uve apart, 

{|u, f. iffwy Att tw, to make to live apart, to 

Pass, to ^ scattered abroad, 
i-8of&^, to 6mAi across, waU offz to separate 

riw, verb. Adj. of Btwp4pc9, Hiolcru, one must 

■cvu, (Bid, 6ierr6s) to shoot an arrow through, 
and oioUrofMu, used as fut. of Siax^4pt», 
3 opt. med. from Sia>, 

imy to go through : absoL to wander about, 
iftai, f. x^i^ofiat : dupxnf^^ ' Dep. med. : to 
gone by : of persons, to be clean gone, to 
Hshed. II. to be gone through, ended. 
^aivia and -Odvco, f. 'i)(r<a, to give one the slip, 
§yLi, fut. o\€<r<a, Att oAcD, perf. di6\(i)\a : to 
ttterly, bring to naught: to put out of mind: 
forget, opp. to <r<6f«. Pass, and Med. with 
\tc\a : to perish utterly, 
•oXo^cuv, 6vos, 6, {Aiofifia, oAa^wv) the brag- 
he deme Diomeia, 

)|Aai, fut. Qfiovfiai, Dep. med., to swear : to 
m, oath. 

■\oylfo, to make an agreement: as Dep. med., 
mutually to a thing. 
)r cStov, imperf. from diu. 
•ui, rd, sub. tepdj (AiSuvo'os) the feast of 
s or Bacchus, esp. at Athens : four distinct 
I four consecutive months: viz. I. 

iypo^s, 4v ay pots, or ixiKpd, in Poseideon 
)er). II. TO ^v Aifivais or Aiji/aia (in 

^here the Aijuaiov stood), in Gamelion (Ja- 
III. TO. ''AvOfo-T'fipiay in Anthesterion 
ry). IV. Ttt fieydXa, rcb ^trriKcb A., Tci 

•V, 4v Hurrei, or, simply, ret Aiovbcria, in Ela- 
n (March), the most famous of all. Hence 
njoM&i, "fi, 6v, belonging to the Dionysia, or to 
rpt, dj and poet, Au^yt/a-os, D/on^sos, JBoGchtiSy 

god of wine, vineyards, and of dramatic poetry. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 
8i-6-vcp, Conjunct, for St* 2hrcp, y. sub B%6, 
Aio-n f Tij^, h, {Ai6s, vlirru)*^Aiiirrrfis. 
8C-oiro«, 6, (9<m0^ a director, ruler, 
SiHMPTtvfl*, (9i(£, MTo/uu) to watch accuratelp, tpy 
about : in gen. to behold, 
8i-oimf p, ^pos, 6, (Si(£, j^o/uw) a spy, toouL 
8i-tfirrv|f , ov, 6, {JBtd, owrofJMi) a looker through, 
8i-op^, with fut. hiSf^oyau, to see through, discern, 
81-^pvvMs, ov, {Bis, hpyvid) two fathoms Umg, 
8i-opMw, to make straight : to set right : to ieU 
aright, Med. to make good, make amends for : 
8i-tf p6m|u&, aros, r6, correction : amendmeni : and 
8i-6pO«0(ns, CO)!, ri, a correcting, amending tf a 
fault: reformation, 

8i-opCtc') Ion. HiovpiCa, f. iaoa, Att. iw, to divide by 
limits, separate, 2. to (HsHnguish, determine, 

define : to ordain, II. to can^y abroad. III. 

intr. to jmim /Ae boundaries. 
8i-^pw|&i, f. Bi6po'w, to drive thnfugh, Med. to 
hurry throttgh, 

Siopvynyfu, inf. aor. 2 pass, from Zwpdaav, 
8i-6pvYHia, aros, r6, a canal, ditch : from 
8i-opvoxra>, f. (w, Att rrw, to cft^ through: to 
break through : absol. to dig : metaph. to u^Mfermtne. 
8i-opx^o|uii, Dep., to (/anc^ a match with one. 
8tos, 8fca, 8iov, (Zc^s, Ai^i) godlike, excellent, 
mighty f joined with a genit. Via 0fdwy, and Sue 7V- 
yaiKwv, with superl. force, wio«/ divine of women, 
etc. 2. noble, honest, trusty. 3. also vast^ 

Ai<Ss, gen. of Zi-bs, from obsol. A^s. [1] 
Ak^-Sotos, ov, {Ai6s, BldcDfii) given by Zeus, hea- 

Aio-o^fjicCa, fj, poet. Aio-arifiia, rj, (At6s, a^fia) a 
sign from Zeus, an omen from the sky, in gen. a 
prodigy, portent. 

Ai<Ss-Kopoi, ol, Att and poet, for AiSsKovpoi, (Ai6s, 
K6pos, Kovpos) sons of Zeus : esp. the twins of Leda, 
Castor and Polydeuces or Polhix. II. the con- 

stellation named from them the Twins, I^at. Gemini, 
The Dioscuri were tutelary deities of sailors, cf. Hor. 
Carm. i. 3. 2. Hence 
Aios-Kovpciov, r6, the temple of the Dioscuri, 
81 6ti, Conjunct, for 8ti rovro Stl . . , because that, 
for the reason that, since, Lat. quare. 2. in- 

direct, wherefore, for what reason. 3. mterrogSLt, 
wherefore 9 II. = Sri, that. 

AL0-Tp€(}n]9, 4s, (Ai6s, rp€(p($)) trained, cherished by 
Zeus : hence noble, 
8i-ovpC^(i>, Ion. for Stopl^w. 
8i-<S\);o|Jiai, fut. of Siopdco from obsol. diSirTQ^Mx, 
8i-Trais, iraxSos, 6, T), (8ts, irois^ loith twso cViUdxcn. x 
Opijuos S. a dirge chanted by one^s tu)o chUdrea* 
^t-'TTaXaioTos, ov, (8[$, iroXaiOTii) two palms hT<w.d» 





S(-TaXTOtr O'l (!'>> *ilAAa) dtyuily bramUihed t 
Irandithed ailh both hintdi t aeU-toTited i S. {f^ 
iao-lxinded iwardi- 

SUirqxvfj V, (5fi, ir^yvr) loo aibits long, braadf i 

StvXdtw, (SivXio-iiit) to double. Fata, to be doubled, 
or tteiffold. II. intr., ri Inr^foi' rikiJv the 

taofold evil. Bence 

8[irXo{, Akoi, ^ aa Subet., a (Ii>u£ie^s£feif 
or cloak. i. in pi. Sfx-Aiucti are thip-plankt 

(tebieh double one over the other), and ao ihipa. II. 
ai Adj., folded douUe. 

SiwUinot, a, Bv, Ion. Sar\tiirvii, (Sti) 

tmim, (SEo-KDi) to pUA Ihe guaiii 
(Anno, tojs.- heace 

S(<nn)pka, oroi, tJ, a thing thnum. XL A 

. piUAing qf a i^uoil. 

Sf-cnrqvTpot, er, [Bis, atni*rfiov) ttoO'Keplered, 
SItncDt, 6, (^iKfui) a round piale, a g '' 
itoae f later of metal or wood. 
' tike a quoit .- a Irun^ieon. S. 

Sfnc-ovpo, -ri, (Sluricof, sEpor] a quo^t out. 
Eic-jivpuii, oi, a, tvjenty thousand t nng. Sit^K^jIM^ 
1, ov, with collective nouna, as Inoi Su/wpCa ao^QH 
BiwXdotot, a, ov. Ion. BirMirui, (3ii) ijouife, twice horse, [ii] 
m muob,iu fnony, etc.: rb Bit\i£«-i(ii> aa mucA (liniin. I Eiov-apxtli o") 'i (Inrc^i lipx") ptu^nera •» 1*^ 

I oiiaf , orif. d 

Adr. -cBi : hence 


becorae twofold. 

SUvXfflpot, or, (J£i, irA^Spoi') fioa :r\iepa long 
broad. . . 

8iwXi), Ti, (StirAoili] aub. ;i:A(ut^ a cloak folded SC-ittIxoSi 
dsui/e. veraei ; tI> t. 

SiirXig, (BiirXoBj) aa Adv., tioice, tmice over. 

StTtoCIu, and SivXaftu,^i>TA(fCi> 

SurXiSiH, ill, 
doable. 1 . doubled, beni. 
or Sio, both, two. 

r. iiir; 

■, twofold, two enlroi 
II. in ^\ic.,=&fxipit, Slb-x^uLj oi, a, J^ 

letaph. doubU-tiiiTuied, x'^'w 

twofold, double .- atao divided, diiagreeing, t. 
Adv. -<j&i. 

&LiiTiit«> f. <(<n>i, (Efi) to itou£(, he at a lott. 
" ' {Ut, <tt(J) qf two rote*, /inM, fl 

elegiac coup^. 
iXk, Of, (lii, iTtAau) in pairs, fiM loffiUm 
-OTopof. ov, (ilt, (TTiSfia) double mouOied, mM 

freacAeioui, Lat. duplex, opp. to oirAaDi. (Root l 
known. Cf. !Hr>Jo!.) 

SurXiu, {StrKiot) to repag tiaqfold. 

8i-wd8i|t, M, fWi, iriiii) two feet long, eta 

Ai-TdX«a, Tif, contr. from Ail*., (Aiiit, iriixii) an 
andent^'ivoZ qf Zexa at Athena : Lence 

&i^.irDXL-iiSi|t, «, (4i»iiA«(ii, (I!oi) like the feast 
lifihe Dipoleia, i.e. obsolete, out of date. 

SC-itoXm, or, {Sis, roKiti) twice ploughed. 

G£-?ropaf , ov, (tff, mfpof) uri^A two roads. 

ScrdrSiuit, 01', (5!t, norajiis) tying beltceen or on 

Bt-TTous, ToSoi, *, ^, (!«, rois) two-footed, Lat. 
Jijws. II. A 8. a Libyan kind of mouse, ilie 

St-irpds'Uir<i9, oi', (3i;, irpJsanror) two-faced. 

6i-XTvxot, oi', (Sir, iTTiffiTB) folded together, dou- 
bled: J. SfArfoi' a pair ^tablets. U.-^Siaais, 
twofold, fwo. Lot. ^;nitnu«. 

Si-iruXof, Of, (Bfj, TvAi?) tri(ft two gates. 

Et'rOpat, sf, (ifi, irip) \a^irilicT lamps with double 

81p-pu)iaf, at, (iis, pvixdi} with tieo poles. 

SU, (JfioJ Adv.,;iotce,do«i(c. 

-8ls, inaeparable luffi.i, signifying motion to a 
]ilRce,=-3», ns in fiAAi;!ii, ofeaSii, xiV<^«- 

"Al'SjanoU nom., = Z*^i, which appears In the 
oblique cises Airfi, Ait, Ala, and the Ijit. Dis, Dies- 
piter, Di>™. 

Slt-fwof, or, (its, tir^) trifA lao icicrj. 

Sit-fldv^C, ii, [GCi, Battiy) twSee dead. 

with collecCiTe nouni, e 

3 horse, [x'] 
SL-T^avToi, 01', {Sis, ritJivTov] iBorth or tM^fU| 

Si-Tdiiat, ay, {Sis, tiktu) (tain or twice bearinf. • 
I SiTris, etc, V. aub Siaa~ 

Si-vypos, D", soaked, thoTOughlg steeped. 
Ei-uXitu, (iul, SAi)} to strain or ^iler Iborou^. 

ti^imot, a, oy, ttciffold, double, Lat. bifariut, fil 
SiirXi:i(rioT: in Ion. used also for Sia. 

Ar*A'n, f. ^ffai, to dive after ; to leek after, Aw 
for: hence 

&t<|n^up, opor, S, a searcher. 

Si^CJ^po, 4, (Scfiu) u prepared hide, leather, and* 
opp. to i^jipfiE which are unworked hides. D 

ani/ thing made (ff leather, as a leathern garmm 
worn by peasants. 2. a teallet, Sag: hence 

Gi^e^pLvoi, 71, or, qf fanned leather. 

Si-i^irfii't, or, {Sis, ipefyyoiuu) Kith Iteo louadi, 
fl Slpe. and T& CI^. a diplithong. 

Si-<|idpat, Of, {Sis, ^^pw) bearing fruit Iwice in Ik 
gt'iii-, Lat. blfertis. 

Si(|ipa{, oKoi, ^, pueL fur Sl^pas, a seal, lAair. 
] Siijipcta, II, (Si^(iW) riorioi-rfriuinp. 

8u|ip(vTijs, o5, i, a charioteer ,■ from 

Gl«^P(ijw, (Sf^poi) (0 drjije. 

Si^p-itXttirto, ^, cAarioWriiitnj; from 

SLijip-T]\llTJti, fa drive in n cAuriof : from 

Eii^p-T|\aTi)s,au, j, {Sl<ppos,iXaiyiii) a charioteer. \t_ 


GLijipuncos, i. Dim. frotn II^i. 
\ ^\-^fVfivi^iiK,i-,i\.,(^U-,^fiirris]dislraughtinniiai 

8f#W -«WM>f». 


) l^md liCar 4» (oontr.friooi ti ^^ pw ) in nhr. 
t or TJk Mfw: A# eJhafia^Soan^ oniniidi 
Igtmi: toe «ar-«larJ0< itself t ulrawJIii^ 

IL in g«k a aMf » eoiMiJ^ «fooJL 
^0^4M^t0 0flrfy a cMr or iilMr. BMi^ioitf 
wirmitii^cne. IL l» eorfy a coMp- 

'tfw finale fUreutot had to do for tiie Am- 
BMQ m pvooBanoDB : firam 

ty c»9 (Mtf ^A|] ^ <{0ifM0^ saiMd natum or 
a gen. laiiq^U^ liMiAfe. 

\ar.^ (Rff) ii» /ieoy anmdlsr, oporii a. «< 
MviMMv; dl^irmA^, ojDSpofiCsi^. IL 

. & gen., c^Mff fiom^ toUAoulf d|^Sv0iil^ 
J!fe9f fikeMv^d9«lfwllA0«{04{f.* ofPhoe^ 
MR. 1. ATC^ p] Henoe 
1^ £ im*^ poet 9txiofy to cleave tuunder, diS' 
eke to dieagree* 

Of, JDor. for 8^-^CQ^^ 4* ▼• 
poet for8ixi((^ 

f«^ ci, (^X^ ^^) ^vided, 

Adr^ poet for 8(x^ Bke rpixPd for rpfx"* 

•. House 

Mt, Oy or, doubie, Svided, 

t diosy #9 Adj., pecoL fom. of forq^. 

B«Xo«, oy, (9/xeb fiovX'f) advene. 

fm^Lovi», (Mxs yy^firi) to differ \n opinion, 

r, Ip(x^) Adv., <m or from both sides, 

Ckos, ov, (pis, X'^^^) holding 2 xotyiKts, i. e. 


rros> oi', i'^is, x^'^/^O doubly enraged, 

i|vos, ov, ipix'h /"-w) *^ '^^ middle of the 

i CT of the full moon, 

ii6os» oy, (plxoy fivOos) double-speaking, 

^yA'^f ^h (^^X^9 Miy^/^) broken in twain, 

H>'vos, oyy ('5ixa, phrw) wavering. Adv. 


r&oia, ^, a standing apart, quarrelf dispute .* 

n, II. doubt. From 

n&T^, (^(x<*9 (TT^i^at) /o stand apart, diS' 

II. to doubt. 
rofios, or, C^X^'b orr6fia)=diffrofi05, 
>u<», (Sfxs rifxya) to cut in two, sever, 

pc*v, or, gen. oros, ($/x^, 0P^O <i^ variance, 
n/, disagreeing. 
Adv., Dke S/x^? doubly, in two wags, 

fjs, rjf thirst : hence 
osy a, or, thirsty, dry : and 

in£ 8n^r, fut. 5<4^(ra;, /o /^tr«/ .* of the 
to be dry f parched ; metaph. to thirst after j 

oi-i|pv)(et9 oFy (<w^fi|x^y iiNioini atindMi wnMriiy* 

AfXl, aa-£ide wbt m Aet ahrayv intr., io nni 
oMMii^ laftv tejf^i^fm, . t^taU ^/Md, IL 
in Med^ of whioh Honoer has oonj. itm§uu, Uffnu, 
Umrroh opt ttmro^ and in£ Uwhu : moftlT trani., 
iofHi^tmawaif,ehaa$fpui loJUg^i iodmet to 
Atml; bat 2. Ftm, to he dHven amaif, [ti 

KifYIMh MToj ri, (Mmil « pMrmi^ pwrj i i ii y , 
dboflf. XL Aol «&ja% It olMwiL 

Blwypdty ly (8kkMi) Ae ofboi fc IL jMrwoiillofiy 

Si-^Wrott M^ ('^ MnO piMviNip wiOl anguUh, 

henoe to AriMl away. Hed. to mitft ,^iom evmiff, 
push away ; to repvlee, drke baeL a. to tv- 

>0l; ior^fitse, $, to avert danger from onee^ 

ftiNMl^ inf. aor. from Hudcfltfor, without any 
pres. SmmfAv, med as aor. of SkifiiKM. 

SuNtliMKySuNc^Mraiyfor dufiacfiry inf. pr. from Mariv. 

ZUn e r^ a, or, verfab Adj. from Mam^ to be pur* 
eued, a bne d at, 

B u S amt, ov, bf (Mica) a peneeutor. 

Mmiy t^mae {d/iai, r8£w) x. to purtue, ehaee, 
hunt: eipanoDM^to weds eiftmry attach oneself to. 3. 
to <&itw on^ ciriiw otM^, ehtue awayt to m^m^ to 
banUh z 8. Ijp/ia to drive the chariot : henoe seem- 
ingly intr., to cKrltw.* also to ^peed, kaete. Med. to 
dWiie one. 3. as law-term, to prosecute^ bring 

an action agtdnetf 6 Zt^icwy the prosecutor^ plaintiff', 
opp. to 6 fpeiyeoy the defendant. 

ou»p^<ra>, 2 aor. i med. from bt-Sfiyvfti, 

8i-c&l&oTot, oy, (BiSfunffu) bound by oath, 

AuSvTi, fi, (Aids) DUme, mother of Aphrodite hy 
Zeus. II. later, daughter of Dione, Aphrodite. [If] 

8i-cSvi;)jios, oy, {tis, Hyvfia, 6yofjM) with two names z 
or named together, 

SCcSt-iinros, or,^(8u$icw, Tinrof) horsc'driving. 

8£o»{i«, €us, 71, (pt^Kco) chase, pursuit. 2, a» 

law-term, prosecution, 

8i-«pv{, vxos, {(^lop^o'ffu) dug or cut through : ^ 9. 
(suh. 7^) a trench, canal: KpvTrr^ B. a covered 

SuMTO, aor. i of 9tu04u, 

8|jit|6c£$, part. aor. i pass, of ^a/jidm : BfiriBiiTu, 3 
imperat., may he be prevailed upon, 

8)jino%«, €as, ri, {Safido)) a taming, breaking in, 

Sfti^TCipo, if, a tamer, subduer ; fern, from 

8fi,t)Ti{p, Tipos, 6, (pafidu) a tamer, breaker, 

8|ui>c, dual nom. from Bfi6s, 

8|Mii{, ri, {Bofidu) a female slave taken in war: 
generally, any female slave. 

Sfjiwfs, iBos, ^,=foreg. 

8)ji«&$, w6s, S, {<Safidu) a slave tcdcen in uaT \ Vi<&\!L«^ 
any slave. 

nestly forn thing. I firoiroXiS«, t {w, to smng. JUng aVmt. ^5>«cw. 

, a, or, (9£^) ^Airs/y, a^Airsfj dfy, parched, J uncertain.) 


i t Mm • H«» 

tf i, if, dark, murky : from 
OHOfita, S,^Kyi<p<ii, daTkaesa, gloom, '..^i 
Homeric sor. fomi wUb. impers, s 
it teemed, (Akin to Gokeu'.) 
I, arsi, ri, (3oii4ca) thai ailiieh ai 


ttHnfn\,m. MM. of Mwu. 


dy'ltio, boa, ttA t teii, Ad<b, .In hw: 


i(» <» maUfir, Im i M m m firt l»w«Mib. 
AOSS'a.fctU^nd.pBat.JHnicwi aor. i OtCo 
dn later BA«|»% p£ tat. tMntxai wf. pMi. 

•St. to (AMt, •7#c(,yan4|lt><HV'M. IL bOt.^a' 
mrm,a^tars mp. in 3 dn^ >■■■% B4i> « ««m* 
«4 Mo. I u An. Uwi4Bm, ttof if ^mAI, Tf 
•tmh ^ <■■* *B r * ri or «><mMj Jbat wm io i par- 
aim, ImeA, !)•{■ fwi, / mm 10 mfmV,I Mmi ; bat 

rv AeM to be of uoie locount. 4. Aocna. 

absol. neuL sor. i part. S^v, a* alio >B«oSr, neat. 
part, pres., wA«n lAu mu rmhtd or dMiraunail 

Sd«i), i^, = Sox4, (iacfa) a vuHin, /hu^ 

UnipA, Td, (Suriii) B vittea./mKg. t. opbtian, 

Umjint, crui, 1^, (Sdk^) on spiniMi, i^i^i a/omy : 
luiptcion. II. good nporl, eredil, 

8oin]o{-iro^oti "*> (Mntrti, ira^t) wita in on«'t 

SoHfUtCo, f. ifmi, (JMu/uu) M anay, pntoe, IM, 
eq>. metali: hsnceiagen.faprDM, to&nanintf. II. 
to approce, tanetion ; to hold at good, pun, after 
trial : hence 

Snufiluria, i, a praving, trial, tett, examinaiuitt. 

tanfioaT^i, ou, d, (SoKifi^) on •mminer, pr«v« 

,8oKi|iij, 1;, a praif, lett, trial : emdence 1 and 

tt <lf praving t apprvttd 

tita^fof, ay, (Sd^oiiai) tried, atiafed, genuine 1 
persDDS, approved, etl^ned 1 at thing), worAy, 4 
cellent : dao greal. Adv. -fuu, well, righlfy. 

Soiifi, ISat, fj. Dim. from iq., a jMcft. 

SoK^t, ^, ieom, rq/ler: any looorffn imin or id 
a thafl. (Derif. uncertain.) 

Soniy 603, oontr. oCf, qis-wmjiTtt, on opmioa. 
8oXtp4r, d, &; (UXet) deeeii/ui, Ireachtrttai, 

<^ (U)^,bft^fft£»mk,> 

Subtt., J S. d* JiMv 
the ooana of the ■ idUitr 



8aXa-irXi»(a, )}, {SiAnt, t^iiai) ttibltetg, er^fl. 
hiAa-iroiit, if, (t6Ki>t, xaita) treaeheroMt. 
EdXof, i, ('SlAie, tiktof) itrictly a bail; 
any CI ■ 

it, lti?u>s, ^piOi) lailg-wamdtd. i 
vtilg-mttided. Hence 

in gen. nurderaia, fatal. 

Biig-nunded. B . . 
MXo.4pA<''^t $1 01 ,.,-...-,. .. .. 
SoX<S4fwr, w, geo. gvDi, (SJAiii, fpjv} ■ 

orqfty minded. .«■ 

SoXiSm, (SiJXai) la &«^Ue, aunare. Ztj 

e(Rin*n/«i, aduUenUe, duguiie. Henoe 4* 

GJXtMUL, aTM, TJ, a trick, deeeii, . j<^ 

BoX-MM, iSoi, i,, (adfuii, fi^) arifiil loMKg. r 
BJXHint, ««>, 4. (EoA^) a cofaAi^ iy oubm. j; 
U|ui, aT«t, Trl, (SitoDfii] a pi/}. ,11, 

UfUvai, liiity, Ep. for EoiiKu, inf. aor. t O^ 

8i|u>vS«, Adv., home, homeuard 1 M« S^JMvfclf 

>, a teiUav. *^ 




<o|it^ Bepk med., (StfraQ to /wl wtiA fwtf 

-^Xitf^of , or, ('^Mily 7X^^) reed^uUmff, 

giit» flow, c^ (9^^) ahfnmdinff in reetbk 

"Tp ^ ^oi, or, fMrat, T]p^^) prw i iic ii ty rfwii. 

"%XMf^ MTy oootr. X^0V> ou^y ('^^ X^^) 


ftffvf 9 ^9 IXmt. 9St^, Ion. Sour-, a iMief. H. 

\ff made qffwd: a dari^ arrow. a. a 

tpkenPs pipe, 3. afi^inff'-rod, 4. a 

reed, pen, Lat. artmdb, cotontM ; from 

Of i ^lem, to thahey tOr: te eanUe, reute^ 

JPMfc 4 'Av^v Hciitre Asia tott in 0m> 

i» orof. r($, d^tlo^iofi, foootiii^ ; and 
11^ it, Wy thtien. 
» nom. pL of 801^, part* aor. 2 act. firem 

1^ (Soic^v) on oplfiJ0fi •• egpectaOon, 2. a 

)ty judgment : etp. aphHoiophie opinion, $• 
hiofi ; henoe as opp. to knowledge. 4. a 
iirion. n. reputation i good report, 

mu>r .* hence 

t, f. c£o-(v, to think, believe, Judge. II. to 

i«y oros, r({» an opinion : a fancy. 
uk, {96^a) as Pass., to have the character or 
being, c. inf. 
\, ija^poo) a skin, hide. 
I, nom. pL, Z6pf>.ri, dat. sing, of Z6pv. 
or, t6. Dim. from h6pv, a dart. 
•-^axi|S) ^s, {jaSpv, irax^s:) of a spear-shc^s 

ti, gen. of Z6pv. 
5, a, oy, (B6pv) wooden, 
Xorros? ov, or Sopv-aXforos, {p6pv, aXloKOfioi) 
tf the spear, taken in war. 
&|&Ppo«, oy, {p6pv, yafi4o)) bride of battles, 
jpaTOS} ov, (p6pu, &ripdu) chased with the 

Mfi, hi (B6pv, Koipto) slain by the spear. 
Smt&9, ii, 6v, only in Ion. form dovpucXvrSs. 
1,1^, ffTos, i, 71, {B6pv, Kdfiya) slain by the 

pnros, or, (i6pv, Kpavov) spearheaded. 
n)TO<9 or, (Ji6pv, Hrdofxou) Ion. Soop., won by 
r, gained in baUle. 

Hhrov» o», {dSpt/, ACTT/r/af) spear^Uts^m^. 
fwrm^ or, (9^/w, Ae^u/3d>w) won SgriAespear. 


8api-|illnl|ff| iejififm, pmbQtmi)ratdmg witk^ au tm \ 
8op(-|Uipyo^ «r, (M|pv, M^^) »«»*» «*« *# 
Mpi pd^jvympf flp9ty . A> (a^puii /h^oti^} MBatov*' ^ 0S$. 

topL-tNAirm or^ (M|^ mUAi») wkMigtkftpmi^r 
lienoe x<}p 8. the f^gkt band. 

8opi-«mff, ^ (MpVy «frr») >UIm lif ll# ap«w 

oopl Wnv|Kioi9 or, lon« ooopnrX*y {popv, vAqqwi 
jr^rtoJton ^ /iW epemr, 

topl-wofi^ot, w, ifipo, wor^ytoUing wUk lA« epmtf 
bearing the brunt qfwar* 

8opi-ei#nnl|ti lr> r. nib tspuv^. 

8apt« ifW f» y i , or, (8^ vi itp i w e) crowned fir 
bravery in war, 

Sopi-rCroKTOf, or, (S^pv, nr«Im») shaken 2f 5«Mk 

8ap(-Tfn|TBfl, or, (Moi^ rifum) j^ireed by Aespmr. 

8op(-ToX|&aff, or, {9eo», r^kfia) bold in war, 

Sopadt, dHhf, 4, {BtpKOftm, BiBopica) an anteii>p§, 
gamlie, to edled from its ha^ bright eyee. 

8opo Ht t m 4, V. sub loo. 8(Mfo8. 

8op^ 6, (Bipst) a leathern bag tttwaUet. 

Papain, t, ifns^ CV^v^) ^ '■V or m^ IA# evening 
meats benoe 

oopvno'rot, e, tapper fiMr,' evening, 

AopTio, 9i, and A^pvtio, i^ (Mpirar) (he Jlret dby 
<tf M« feait Apatmiay oelebnted by piiU^ lapper 
in eadi phratna t bal^ alio tapper time, ev e t wn g i 
rfis dpriis rg Hopwl^ on the nw of the ftaM. 

A&PTIOV, r6, the qftemoon or evening-^iieal, Lttt 
coena, the ch^ef meal of the day. 

AO'PT", r6, gen. 8(fpotrof , Ion. Mparor, and contr. 
Bovp6s, in Att. poets also 8bp({f, dat. 96pari, 9o6pan, 
Bovpl, Bopl, also 96pti. Ion. dual Sovpc. Plur. nom. 
Z6paTa, also S^pij, dat. HSpaai, Ion. ^ovpara, dat. So^ 
paat, oontr. 801^ gen. Sot^pwr, dat. toitptooi, wood, 
a stem, a tree; but usn. only when cut down, a 
beam, esp. timber for ships : henoe a ship. II. the 
wood, shaft of a spear ; hence the spear itself : a 
hunting-spear: since the spear was held m the right 
hand, iir\ S6pv to the right hand, opp. to ^ &(nr(8a 
to the left. 

8opv-<£Xa>Tos, or, v. HopidKorros. 

8opv-0apoil}t) €s, {d6pv, Bapoiv) daring in war, 

8opv-{cvos, b, rj, (5(Jpo, ^4vos) a friend at the spear, 
an ally in war: or a friend made in war. 

Sopv-f^S? ov, contr. ^odv, our, also Zopvl6s, (96pv, 
^4w) spear-polishing : as Subst. a maker of spears, 

8opv-^Yn^ c's, {Z6pv, rrfiyyu/u) compact of beams. 

Sop^-iraXrof, -flrtri^f, -«'Xt|icTo«, v. Zopiv—. 

Sopv-ofcm^, is, or Sopur^., {I6pv, o94vos) mighty 
unth the spear. 

SopvHT^, OP, or SopvoMrdos, ov, {}i6pu, (r^{na\ btox^ 
dishing tlie spear, 

Sopvawo, f. (w, {p6pv) to fight rxMh the specur )^q^< 
aropr€s fi6x9oi evih of war, 
^opv-oW^avos, or, -rivaKTO^^ v . ^op« 


io/nilioi tim. : i /MKim' . 

lit AMI. lo iaiiB mifliif opir- flMfWM* W— m* 
8 op w fjj i w iy •![» (t4*^ 4^) 4Mar-&MriMf Lab 

iHio WW8 dlitii^piiiiied 07 majing a spear. 

ZS% tad 84ii» immnt. aor« s fironi 8(m^ 

toorCBjum, •!> r.X for SwoidiM^ q. ▼• 

4dcni^Mi9, 4^(8fl^u).apMv^; me Ahiff ffitfm, u 
ffifi^ pmeitit it b$ftunL 

MaM0r» Ep^ aor. a firam SlBsii^ fe IW. 

t^TOfo, 4^ ftm. finm Soriip. 

B a r fei , Oy 4»s Tsrb A4i. of Sdv^t ta beginmu 

8on|^ CNP|» d,"«ftwj§f. 
8a& fanparat. aor. 3 mecL firam 8£l«^ 
SomMIywy^ (SoilAMy Ky>») ^ ^*^ <n^ «fatX0ry « 
]ieno% ^ r^ tf%w fo faorlUf the body. 
SamJAtov, rd, Diin. firam tovkts. 
BovKtUiy f, loo. SovAajft^ poet, abo SwAiib (Smh 

qfdiom, 0^ bamdmm^ serpU$ ekm. 

4oi£XaMi^ «y or. Ion. 9ouMifo% 9» or, Hom. MXiof, 
(SowXof) «iMtA> Mfvi^ff. 

SoiXmiMy orof , r^ {JkaO^M) a amrfoff. IL a 

^oM^ (SovXof) toU a daoe or m^^: in gen. 
80^11, 4^ ftnu firam Sow^f. 
SovXiq^Ofy i|y OTy lou. fof S^^ffios^ SovXcio. 

SovXucot, ^9 ^, » sq. A dv. -k&s, 

So^Xux, fly OP, later So^Xeios, (SovAos) slavish, ser^ 
vile : MXtov ^fiap the day of slavery ^ on which one 

8ovXix^-8cipo«^ OP, 8ovXix^i«9 Ion. for Zo\ix» 

BovXo-vpfinff, 4Sf QkivXoSy irphru) qf, bating a 
slave i low-niin4edy mean* 

AOT^AOS, df a slave, bondman^ strictly one hom 
My opp. to &y8jpdiro8of . II. as Adj., ZovXos, ri, oy, 

slav^f enslaved, subjetd s ^ovKirtpos more of a skrne, 

8ovXiHr^inr|, i/, (HovXSai) slavery, slavish work, 

BovX^owof, oy, (povkou) endaved, 

8ovX6ci, f. diru, {9ovKos) to enslave, Med. to sub' 
jeet to oneself. Hence 

So^XiMRS, cwi, \\, an enslaving, stttjugation, 

Sovvoi, int aor. 2 from HtBafu, 

ZtAvoi, &KOS, 6, and 8owaic^€i«, Ion. for ^ya^, etc 

twnrim, f, ^ff», perf. Sc^inro, (poviros) to sound 
heavy or dead; esp. oithe heavy fall of a corpse. 
The aor. ^Zoinrnff^ from ySouw4u for Sovirw occurs. 

AOT'^nO^, b, any dead, heavy sound : 9, hc6vrwy 
the hurtling of spears : the hum of a multitude ; the 
roar of the sea. 

So^para, contr. Sovjpo, rd, Ion. and poet. plur. for 
^para, a£ B6fw, woodi beams, ship's timbers, spears. 

SavpAnoti St, mu ^pkmke or beames mat 
Savp^vnar, ri. Ion. for Bopd^iow, a dmL -, 
Sei^poofi or tvUmn^ a, oy,^E^ doefJinm 
So^pMTviy £p. pi. dttfc. of Sdjpv. 
Zvu^-ymthf (jiopWf inymty) as Adr. aip§mi 
<^w ( Mt tts nU ' i 

Bowpi-^lXsproiy ar, Xbn. for ^pidk* . ^ 

8o«p»-KXaM^ iy, (jUoo, kkuT6s)^Wf^ ^ 

Sovpi-KXiSTA^ 4 ^9 \?^9 Kkvrh) fimsei i 

8ovp§-imr|T^, -XiivTOfy -funnft. Ion* for ii| 
8ovp^4rXi|wrDt, w, loo. lor 8op. 
8««pi-iriHnl|ty ^f « ('^P*'* r^vni) wrHnf Jiiflii|| 
8ovpo-8dKi|y 4, (mpvy S^fl^Mc) a Hand far 4 
oavpo vifawy %^foieg. .^ 

8ovpo-a&in(f, and Sovpovavilifi ^f. Ion. for, 
^ox^y 4> ('^«!fMc) a reoeivmg, enitrteAnm^ 

areeeptaele. .. 

8dx|uot> fly OP, (8ox^) oroff , ddewaye, em 
8ox|M>^)54>i|t9 ov» ^ and Soxi&^Xofoty an { 

\^s) weiring one*e phme aslant g um, 1 

AOXMC/2, i, ^, danHng, eidewi^, HenS 
ha)tf4m, to bend, iurn sideways CBC adanL 
Spa^K^ if^'t '''^ [9pdtf€rm) as favalk me i 

grasp, a hantffkd, Lat. manqntlusi mp, aj( 

trusst henoe 

to eoUeet the earn into siiteaoee, ; 

Spovciv, inf. aor. 2 of HapOdrw, 
SpoOt, 8pa{i|v, imperat. and opt. aor. 2 of 84 
SpaCvw, f . Sp&yu, (Spdu) to be goir^ to do son 
Spoucaiva, ris, ri, fern, of Bpducwy, a she-drago 
Spdicov, Ion. for iSpoKoy, aor. 2 of ^epKOfuu, 
8pcucov9-^p>lXos, oy, (ppdKoty, HfuXos) of 

8paKdvTCiO«, a, oy, (BpdKuy) of a dragor^, 
8paKOVT-oX^Ti|«, ov, 6, (dpdKuy, 6Wviu) s 

8pcucovT^-|MLXXos, oy, (ppducooy, fjuiWos) will 

8paicovr-(68i|«9 es, (ppAxay, eVios)* fidl qf 

8pcuc(ov, 8pcuccCs, 8paK^|uvos, part. aor. 

pass, and med. of BipKofiai, 
8paKC«v, oyros, 6, {d4pK0fJMi, Bpcucety, cL Soy 

dragon : later a serpent, [a] 
8pa[&ay arcs, t6, (fipdju) a deed, act, 2. 

tion represented on the stage, a drama, esp. a i 
8p&|fcciv, inf. aor. 2 of rpexv, to run. 
8p^t|uay aros, t6, (Spofiuy) a course, a moi 
8p&|M>vfMi.t, fut., and SpajMiv part. aor. 2 of 
8pavat> hp6s, in6n. and part. aor. 2 of Htbpi 
8pairffTCtu«>9 to run away, flee : from 
8pdir^Ti]9, ov, 6, Ion. Spi}-, (BiSpdo'Ku, 9{pi 

runaway : esp. a runaway slave, IL as 4 

K\iipos a fugitive lot, (of a mouldering dodj 



8opv-<^(»^tti, {J^pv^pos) to attend as a hody-gtutrd : 
id gen. to keep guard over, preserve. Hence 

Sopv-t^pCa, ii, a keeping guard over, 

8o(»v-^po«, ov^ {B6fw, <l>4p») spear 'bearing, LaL 
hastattts : esp. ol iopv^ipot the body-guard oi kings, 
who were distinguished by carrying a spear. 

86s and 8^i, imperat. aor. 2 from di^otiu, 

SoaCSiicos, ovy y. 1. for SuffiSucosy q. v. 

£^i«9 €(05, riy {StSafu) a giving : the thing given, a 
gift, present: a bequest, 

hivKov, Ep. aor. a from HtSw/Uy for i^y, 

S^cipa, ri, fem. from Sorfip, 

SoWos, a, oyy verb Adj. of BtSwfii, to be given. 

£oTi{p> vposy 6y (8(8»/u) a giver, dispenser, 

h6m\Sy ovy by—foreg, 

8ov. imperat. aor. 2 med. from BtScofu, 

ZovAr^ywyia, {Sov\os, &yo9) to bring into slavery : 
hence, 9. rh <rafM to mortify the body. 

SotiXaoiov, r6y Dim. from Bov^os, 

'SovXcia, riy Ion. SovKrityiy poet, also BovXloy (8ov- 
Xe^a) servitudey slavery, bondage, II. the body 

ofslavesy the bondmen, servile class. 

^ovXcios, a, oVy Ion. BovXifioSy ri, oy, Horn. 8ot(A<os, 
(BovXos) slavishy servile, 

8ovXcv|i>a, arosy r6y (SovXc^) a service. II. a 

slave, Lat. mancipium. 

8ovXcvu, (8oSXos) to be a slave or subject : in gen. 
to servcy obeyy devote oneself tOy c. dat. 

8ovX'n, ffy fem. from ?iov\os. 

ZovMfioSy Vi o^t loQ* ^^^ So^Aeios, SovAefo. 

SotiXCa, 7j = dov\€ia, 

SovXiK^S) ^y (^y,=sq. Adv. ~kws. 

SovXios, a, oVy later Sot^Xeios, (8oOAos) slavish, ser- 
vile : dci^Kioy ^fxap the day of slavery y on which one 
is enslaved. 

SovXix^-Scipos, oVy 8ovXix<^i^> Ion. for SoAtx* 

SotiXo-irpnnfs, «> (Soi/Aoy, irpeira) ofy befitting a 
slave : low-mindedy mean. 

A0T'*A02, by a slave, bondman, strictly one bom 
so, opp. to iydpdiroBoy. II. as Adj., dov\oSy tj, oVy 

slavish, enslaved, subject : dovXSrcpos more of a slave, 

SotiXccrvvT), riy (SovA($a>^ slavery, slavish work, 

Zov\6crvvo9, OVy ($ovXocd) enslaved. 

hov\6ia, f. uffu, (dov\os) to enslave, Med. to sub- 
ject to oneself. Hence 

8ovX(i)<ris, 9(05, rjy an enslaving y subjugation, 

Sovvai, inf. aor. 2 from BidwiJLi. 

8ovva{, oLKoSy 6, and SovvaK^cis, Ion. for dSva^, etc. 

8otnr^u, f. iffa, perf. SeSovTra, (doihros) to sound 
heavy or dead ; esp. of the heavy fail of a corpse. 
The aor. iyZoimiae from yBomrfO) for ^oxftria occurs. 

A0T"n02, by any dead, heavy sound : 5. Murav 
the hurtling of spears : the hum of a multitude ; the 
roar of the sea. 

Soypara, contr. Bovpa, rdy Ion. and poet. plur. for 
^tf/fara, of S^pv, wood : beams j ship's timbers y spears, 

Sovp^Tios, a, ov, ofpUmks or beams s woodetu 

SovpdTiov, TO, Ion. for ZopirioVy a dart, 

8oiSp€ios, or SoiSpiog, a, oyy =s£p. SovyM^rcof. 

8o^pca'fri, £p. pi. dat. of Z6pv. 

8ovp-f|vcK^«, (p6pvy iyeyKciy) as Adr. aspear^sihrm 
off or distant. 

oovpi-(iXA>T09, 01^9 Ion. for ^pidx. 

Sovpi-KXciTiSs, 6yy (bSpVy K\€tr6s)ss*Bq. 

8ovpi-icXvT^, ^y 6vy {JSi6pv, kKvt6s) famed for df 

8ovpi-KTt|T^, -Atprros, .>|iavi{«, Ion. for Sop. 

8ovp£-irXi|KTos, OVy Ion. for Hop, 

8ovpi-Tvinl{9, 4iy {p6pv, rhrreo) wood-cutting. 

8ovpo-86iCT|, ii, (SopVy SixofMu) a stand for spearsm ^ 

Sovpo-OiJKn, ^,=:for^. , 

8ovpo-u.avi{s, and 8ovpoiraYiJ9> 4s, Ion. for 9op. .^ 

^^xif V* (^«X<'/^0 ^ receivingy entertainment : alv 
a receptacle. ^ 

8^X1^10$, a, OVy (pox/J^s) cross, sideways, aslant. 

8ox|iiO-X6<|>ir|s, ov, 6, and 8oxfi6X<M^os, op, (8c 
\6<l>os) wearing one's plume aslant: ufith 
plume, ', 

AOXMO% -fly 6vy slantingy sideways. Hence 

8oxpi6a>, to bendy turn sideways or aslant. i 

SpaYfjia, aros, t6, (Bpdo'o'a) as much as one 0i| 
grasp, a handful, Lat. manipulus : esp. a she^ff^ 
truss: hence j 

8pa'yp,€V(a, to collect the com into sheaves. ^^ 

8pay|ji6s, 6, {^pdctrco) a taking hold of, handlmgm j 

8pa6clv, inf. aor. 2 of dapOdvu. 

8pa6i, 8paiY]v, imperat. and opt. aor. 2 of di^pdtnm, 

SpaCvci), f. hpoLvw, (dpda) to be going to do someitvai§m 

Spaxaiva, tis, tj, fem. of hpdKuv, a site-dragon. 

SpaKov, Ion. for t^ptucov, aor. 2 of depKOfiai. 

8paKov6-<$p.iXos, OVy (dpdxavy BfiiKos) of dragm 

8paK<$VTCios, a, ov, (BpdKuv) of a dragon. 

8paKovT-oX^TT)s, ov, 6, (Ppdnav, oXJ^vfii) serpent' 

8paKovT<$-|xaXXos, ov, {dpdKcov, nakKos) with snaky 

SpaKovT-(tf8T]s, €^9 {ppdjcoovy (tdos). full of snaketi 

SpaKcdv, 8paKcCs, 8paK<$p,cvos, part. aor. 2, act* 
pass, and med. of tepKo/xat. 

hpOLKiov, ovTos, by {pepKOfJLaiy SpoKciv, cf. BopKds) € 
dragon : later a serpent, [a] 

8pa|xa, aros, r6, (ppdu) a deed, act. 2. an cw- 

tion represented on the stage, a dramay esp. a tragedy 

8pa|xciv, inf. aor. 2 of Tp6x«, to run. 

8pd|jiY]|x(x, aroSy r6, (ppafx^Tv) a course, a rax;e, 

8pa|jio{i|jiai, fut., and 8pa|ji<i>v part. aor. 2 of Tpcx** 

Spavai, 8pds, infin. and pait. aor. 2 of ti.bfHSunaa. 

8pdircTCva>, to run away,Jlee : from 

Spdir^TTis, 01;, by Ion. ^prj-y {^idpdxrKa, Spavcu) a 

runaway : esp. a runaway slave, II. as Adj., 9. 

\ K\TJpos a /ugUwe \oX^ Vq»^ «^ m^xMssim^ <:l$id\ w/Uek 

m Off mvtr to be dimim out of llie 


Bi, fisiL, and Spftwniviwty ^^ Dim. of 1^ 

S ]>nidenl. from 8^, io hao§ a wind lo 


9% mf^ (dpdm) mah$. [d] 

«, J^ loo. fyimUs^ (Mpdnm) a rwmk^f 

oi. Int. of M jpdwm . [d]