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./<?4., ^ . 7. 



THE following Abridgment has been made from the larger Lexicon pub- 
%died at the Uniyersity Press. 

It has been reduced to its present compass by the omission — 

I. Of passages cited as Authorities, except where examples were necessary 
to explain more clearly the usage of a word. 

II. Of discussions upon the Derivation of words. 

lU. Of words used only by late authors, or of the particular meanings of 
words not in general use, such as medical or scientific terms : but words 
used by Theocritus, the writers of the Anthology, Lucian, and Plutarch 
in his Lives, have been retained ; and especial care has been taken to 
explain all words contained in the New Testament. 

Words are printed in Capitals, when they are radical forms, or when no 
form nearer the original Root is known to exist. In other words, the Derivation, 
when it can be simciently ascertained, is usually placed before the meaning : 
when this is not the case, some notice will be found at the end of the word. 

Many additional tenses and cases, mostly Homeric or Doric, have been 
inserted to give a clue to the simple word, when there seemed to be any diffi- 
culty or irregularity in the formation. The quantity of doubtful syllables has 
been marked, except in the case of tenses of Verbs, cases of Nouns, and words 
derived according to grammatical rule. 

The present Edition has been revised throughout, from the fourth Edition of 
the origmal Work. 

For the sake of clearness, the parts of which compound words are made up 
have been marked by placing a hyphen between them, as, iLTr(hpi\X<A, iup^hjfu, 
i-PoTos, iip-^)^. But when a word is compounded of two parts, one of which is 
already a compound, this latter compound is left undivided, and must be sought 
in its own place, as <lnXo'Kurao<f>6pos. And a word immediately derived from a 
compound is left undivided, so that the composition must be sought under the 
word from which it is derived, as <l>ikofjLovcr4(o^ <lftk6-fjLovaos. In Verbs com* 
pounded of a Preposition and a simple Verb, mere division has been considered 
soffideni to mark the formation, as also in some Nouns formed from a Prepo- 
sition and a simple Noun. 

AU tenses and forms of words in the Gospels that presented any difficulty have 
been inserted in their place. 

a^XtJXpu^Tji — Aj'ttAfUi. 


)ar. for d-fij^M. 
(a priT«t., Biafiiv) Mfira. 
-StC, Adv., (a prints fiaiai) m- 

. -<1ti>«, of, (a privat., ^wW) un- 

}, (a prlnL, Pon) niUhwl mwi: 

a prirat., Ppix") tiniwff«f . 

1^ d, (iiBpi', 0alm) •qn'p riq>F^- 

(4A/ii>, fiat) laOiiff tftniaalJv- 

IT, {liBpii, Koirn) (jcuif Mieatelf or 

U/iot^UTcv ^aanaejr. 

I, i, (iSpit, k6ibi) ■"'i *^ liBuri- 

. xM dOicaltfiiUiaft. 

a prtraL, B^^iwa) uMeal BaaJnt. 

I copulate ^^fot) nn^, isHlanwi. 

ir, (<i^pdt, vJUwi') via >qft landaU. 

Of, (iBfit, vKiirTOt) tuzHnnnl. 

Ir. alio ^, ^, ddicate, gmOt, lefl, 

= to«S?.> 

ifu, lo ntM, c. gen. — Bp. mad 
porta', q. t. . 

i}, (df pJt) lieficacy, Iimry. 
liu ■;. or, (a priTaL, Bpori*^ Bka 
Inm, wmortot, dUiiae, his, 
(Afipit, ^liu) tsMhr n/itoCttn. 

I piiTM., fipix") vtuMtd, ehj, wa- 

a priraL, ANRroi) bMoahu, v*fa 
y, bauadkm, aunmi. U. w 

», lAc aJ««^ beOemlmpil. 

31 dTOffftu, d7acr4<, pr«e. 

i- of Sya. 

iyiaii9(U, &Y^ao4>,Ep. fi 

iof. and ind. of dyaiau. 

iynytS,*, redupl. aor. 3 inf. of iy 
fcr i^TcryDr, aor. a Ind. 

^Y^Yif"* ^P' f™ dTiiivi, aor. a an 

Ay^Joiuu, poet, fbrm oSirmau, la 

dYoflo-^i&fii, {§, {iTa»6§, iTBot) iwminp good. 

d-YoSo-fpYiu, contr. oufrf ^, fo do gmd or mfl ; and 

A^atoHpYia, couCr. -ovp-yCo, 4> " good or nfl6Ie 
dmf : a doing good tffrtitt- From 

Arftio-tfr^it, contr. ovpY&t. i!r, {i-fa9i; tpyof') 
doing good : of 'A-/a$oiprfoi, at fipart^ tiie flvs oldeat 
knighla, who went on miniona for the itate. 

&f'^6e^trotiui,i^i'm$o-ipyiei; and 

iya'^'i'V*^ 4i '^ d-juBo-ifrfta. From 

&-)raSa>iniii«. ic, {ctToWi, toiiiu) =irja9o-tfrf6i. 

'ATA'eO'X, ^, <ir, goal in iU Und, opp. to muAi, 
boEJ: hence i. bi Homir nen. of hetma, inuw^ 

murafwoiu : notlf : later io mend wnM, |wl, Pir- 
luou*. *. of thlnga. etc., good in Ouir Uad i neat, 
nl dTaAi tie goaili cf fortune, vtaOh, tin good fart, 
donUui; ri dToSJr, Lat. wnwiuni hnum. Adv. 
-d£i. — Tbere oie ne tv^nlar fixiDs of campariaon* 
The Compar. fa me are ROabn, alio i^tAntr, 
upAmm, AaAkrr (A^nr) : Ep. fii^Ttpei, Xtltnpot, 
^■o ^pripoi. finperl. ^Urfoma. dpMTet, Kpirt- 
arm, Amittd* (Afioro*); Ep. piKiarvi, ^fm/mt, 

kftJbautr^, ooDtr. fcrn tt JfjaSipytm. 

dYaNw. (tt^nM)) to twfa i/ODd. eooJI. II. to 

lb good : — Ptm. tcitif good «kw. 

dYoSwrwi], fj, {dyoSit) goodaat, UadsMe. 

d-yofopu, (£77) collat. fbltn of SyaiMiu, if/Aoiiai, 
oa\j tn bad Hoae. (o bt angrg at : alio le enry. 

dfa-KXefit. ^i. (£yar, icXJof ) tmry glorieuM, famaa, 
rmoumtd : poet. goD. d^uX^oa ; ^ottd. foian, eoe. 
■fng. dTuAM, pi. d-yxurXAb, dat. d7«cXji. 

d-YaHcXno^ il, ir, ^ ifjwAr^. 

dYo-xXOrdt, OF, (dTBT, k)lvt^) Uke d7nXiv>. 
Lat. indg/tiu. 

dfa-'"^!'^*^ Cl'B'i "^C") > poet- bm- *= •A'n- 
lUyri, (cdl-tvitt or planed. 

d^yiUaKTOt, or, (a print., TdXs) ■Okml aiilt, 
martai, Lat. Iac«« <Iii)wilM. II. (a eopnUt.. 

ji^) "-dfio-TdAajtriM, one rf afaotOf. 

dfaAX/avts, («. 4, odtnJiRir irmt jsy. Fmor 

dyoAXtdH, f. dvD/iu [d], atrengthd. Ibr iyaU>o~ 

•ATAAATX, fSoa, 4, a plant, At trii orjiag. 

'ATA'AAIl, r. lOu, inf. aor. dT^Aot, - irf>aim 
■woi, lo mate gloriaui, glar^g, Jbnimr. eap. a god : 
alio (o ilanb, a>lM« ; — moat If in Piaa., d7dUD|iiu, lo 
^Eor^, ddlghi. aaU in a thing', c. dat. Heoee 

dVaAfia, arot, ri. Out ulmria ana daK^ a irfofy, 
drlighl, onunvnt : a fktuiag g^ ttp. fbr tbe goda : 
hence, i.s VtriuaiobonDiirafa^; tteimii^af a ' 
godaianDbJectofwmhlp. j-onjratatuaathHfi. 

iyoA^AiirovtiuSs — ie/f^v. 

tefii : as Subet^ a AUvarUy teiUptor, 
'ATAHfAI, aJn d<ydio|iai. or £70(01104: fiit. 
^T^ffo^ioc [d], Ep. dydffaoiaoi : the aor. i wo. takes 
form ^ y Aa 0ii v , bot alio med. i)7a(r<i/ii^ 

(cvea in Afct.), £pi» ilToiraid^y, i/yaurirAfajw : Ep, 2 
pIv-pRo-dryditKy^inf. d7da<r0oi: invpi. iyA/ofy : — 
Di|>. I. 2V>«0ondar; more frsq. to lOMufer ol or 

tfinrv o penoin or thing, rtwi, but alao r«yl, Lat. 
j^nrari. LL ki bod aenae, to owy, te on^ry oC, 

t{, tw£, vc^ Ttyot. — Homer naet in tlda signl only 
MC. I ^'jfog^/i^r, and as praih drf^fsm or ^^Tolofiai. 

&|0|i£a» i^oeliba^. From 

Ifijioi, or. (a private If^tftot) imwrr fe d , i«mpmI> 
M, iHyfe, XioL MBkii.* — ^Tragic phnne, yd/tot A-^yty- 
pm m wtarrioffe Aat i$ no marriage^ afdUd fMxmagt* 

^ATAM^ AdT. Miy, wmek, wry muih: the word ge- 
offaB^ ia «b1 j Dor., and AtL, Aiijy being ita equir. 
in Ep^ aad Unu II. too, too tnticA, Lat. n^au, 

as ia tiw fOtf f etb />7^ ^T^B^t I'^ n^ 9V*d tttrntt, «ot 
twaaeiof anjthiiig. [dydy, but later sometimes 


, £. 4<r«, (iS^) io fed irritation .'^-io he 
or on^fy at a thing. Henoe 
c«i,i^ trritolMm, woBotton. 
17, 6vt (dymmMT4af) irrHabiU, 
iyiw oa ii H i At , ^ ^, Tttb, Adj. of d7aya*rl«, Irri- 

1^ 6it, St^mmaurtdt petvitlk, » dYom- 
AdT. >««•. 
poet, ftir dTOMiii^ dat. plnr. fiam. of 

kfk 9^^ [i ^ o% ot^t (Syay, wl^) mutk mttmed iipsn, 

a, or. Dor. for dyiir6pH09. 
^, ^, (a copaL, Tdu^ Tdnr^) amM^ ye*- 
of the anowB of Artemis, to which 
ascribed. Only poet. 
1), g m idematt kindUnem* From 
ov, gen. oKMi, (dTor^t, ^/li^) 

opot, ^, 4* ^^<'''' ^ dY^pctp, 
Ep. Ibrm of ^^to^mu, only foond in port, 
in act. sign£. odmikriing. 
f. dtn», see dTom&ar. 
^, Dcr. for dynn/r^. 
', C ^€Fm, (dyofun, dyd(ofiiu) of persons, Io 
onterfotn, in which sense d7«nrd(w, and Dep. 
are med by Homer :— -also to kJte ledfe 
— generolly to be find of, to love deaiijf. II. 

(<» ^ «sB pfaoKd, to 60 oontoited at or toAi a 
c inf^ to be utont to do, like ^X^. [AtO] 

_. IcB. for dyankrra, pres. part pi. 
1^, ( ii y os^ t s *) 6rotAcrfy Une : thaiikff* [^7^ 
- r^,{jkyQxdM)0ie<^ed€floiC€,la9.Lddiei(B, 

dryow^fMsp, a^ot, A, (dTovdM, drfif^ «4roplip dyo- 
irwf, Zoi;^ man/tn«M, masrdy. 

dydinfin^ c«t, ^ (d>cwdoi) ike fedinff of htm, 

dyHinirlot, or, veib. Adj. c^ dToirdai, to be hoed, 

d-y&fn|rnK6f, 4, dv, (dyvardw) dimmed to hve, htf-^ 
ing. Adv. -mm. 

07&wi|T6t, 4, ^, verb. Adj. of dTawdai, (eloMd, 
daoriy behved : isortAy <2f love. II. Adv. dyoMf)' 

Twt, eksef/tiOy, ^onkmtedly; dtyawrjTwe ix**^ h be 
eontaited, like dTawoF. a. ^ Att. prose, so 

ae oniy jud to eonlaU one, i. e. cniy juaL, aeateely, « 

d'ydp-poof , oy, contr. dydp-povet ow, (drfoy, fiat) 
etrong at me^t-fiowing. 

dYao^oi, pres. inf. of dyafim. 

dyoo-^fU, cara, iv, aor. i pass. part, of Ayaftau 

dYoa|&a, rd, (tififuu) that vhieh i§ admired, a toon- 
der, marvd. 

dydcrofuu [d], poet, dydaaofuu, fht. of ^70^101. 

dYdot^oTO, poet, for 'ijydaaTo, 3 sing. aor. i of 

dYd-o*rovot, ov, (^70^, oripw) mueh groaning, 
hotdmg, of tiie waves, hud^waOing. 

dYa<rr6t, i}, 6y, (dyafjuu) admirable. Adv. -naif. 

dydrif, 4> ^^^t poet. for dTOordt, as Bau/iorde for 

dyoti^f, 4f ^f (dTo/itt) iZZiutrJottf, nelUe, 

dYovp^t, d, ^y, aJdn to dTov^, etately, proud: sor 
peil. Adv. dyavpdrarcu 

dTd-^OcyicTos, or, (^70^, *p$4yyofim) lond-eounding. 

dyydptwa, f. av, (d77a/>os) to deepiueh a coarier or 
meeaenger: hence topreu one to eerve aa a oooriar. 

dfyop^fCos, d, Ion. form » d77a^ot : but rd ^770- 
pffioy Ute buaineae of an dyyapot. 

dYTdpot, 6, Persian woid, a mowUed cowrier, such 
as were kept ready at regnl&r stages throughout 
Penda for canying the royal despatohes. 

dyyc^f Ion. -4|iov, to, (dyyot) a fxaad, paU: a 

dyi/aXla, Ion. -ii|, 1^ (d77fXot) a mesaage, tidiaga, 
newe, dyytXltj kpdi a maaage concerning me ; d77C- 
A^i^t i\0w to cfoxub on aoeount cf a meaaage, a. 
a proclamation : a command, order, 

d'm\ui-^6pot. Ion. dyyiXui-^^P^Xt ^> {dyy^Xia, 
<^poi) a meaaenger, 

dyyc^^^^'n** ^* ^* (^77^^^) ^ meaaenger, 

dyyikku, f. tXSa : act, i 477<iXa : aor. 3 ^(77f Xov : 
pf. ifyytXjccL, pass. i^iKfuu : aor. I pass. ^lyyiXBijy: 
(dycj). To bear a meaaage, bring tidinga or newa, to 
prodaim, report, tell: — Med. to announce oneaelf>~' 
Pass, to be reported of. Hence 

dYY<^K^ r6, a meaaage, tidinga, neaoa. 

dyyekot, 6, 4* (d77^AAdtf) a meaaenger, envoy, IL. 
a meaaenger from Ood, an angeL 

dvvASov, t6. Ion. for d77«roy. 


"AITOS — 4yiW«, 

'ATTOS, cot, r6, a veud of any kind, a Jar, pan, 

dySiiv, Adv^ (^7**) ^ carrying. 

6,y%, dY«Tft orig* Impex^t. from dyu, used as AdT. 
like ^pc» oome/ come on! wdl! Lat. 090/ 

dY«pM, f. dYC/Mtf : pf. Ayffytpiea : (^7w). To bring 
together, gOOner together, eoUeet, — Paas. ayeipo^MiL : 
aor. I in^p»r(w, 3 pi. ^yepBw : pf. dy^yepftm, 3 pi. 
dytfyiparat : 3 pi. plqpf. dyriyiparo, to come together, 
attemhle: in which eenie we alM> have an Ep. aor. 
a med. 6y4pe<i$ai, dyipoKTo, partic. qrncop. drfp6ft§' 
rot, fj, ow, ameiMed, gathered together. 

A^^ratv, €¥, gen. orot, (a privat., yehw) without 
neighbour : totHary, deedlate, 

dyMkMv, Dor. for dyekifiSw, 

dycX^toiMU, Pass., (dy^) to live in herde, to be 

dYcXaiof, a, w, {dykkt{) belonging to a herd, feeding 
at large. II. in herds or shoals, gregarious. 2. of 
the herd or muUUude, common. 

dyskipxt^ ^* ^t (^7^M* ^PX"') '^ leader of a 

dry^MOii, Adv., (a privat., ytk&eA without laoghter. 

drytXaarot, ov, (a privat., 7cXac0) not laughing, 
grace, suiUen. U. net to be laughed al, not 


dYcXcCa, 4t dSiy^, ktia) epith. of Athena, a Aj^rrit, 
XcMty drfovaa, the that drives off the ^poU. 

dY^Xti, 4, (^7w) a herd of oxen or kine, Lat. or- 
mentwm : — ^later any herd or company. 

dy^ifihv. Adv., {dyiKij) in herds or companies. 
Alao dyek/fUd. 

dyikifiw. Adv., (drfikti) from a herd, 

dyikn^ Ep. dat. of dY^Xi;. 

dyt^JSiiev^LO, dys^M¥ti6», &Y<|i«afV, Dor. for ^ytf*-. 

dyw. Dor. and Ep. for idytjaay, 3 pi. aor. a pan. 
from iyyvfu : [i(] 2. Epic 3 dng. for j^Tcr, impf. 
fix>m dyoi to lead. 

d-Y<vcaX6Yi|Tos, ov, (a private y^wKiKoyiea) with- 
out pedigree, <i unknown daeent. 

d-yhma, ^, (d-yivrjs) low birth : meanness. 

d-Y^vfiOf , ov, (a privat., yiv€ioy) beardless, boyish. 

d-YfWjs, 4s, (a privat., yhos) unborn, uncreated: 
but nsu., II. of no family, i. e. low-iom, opp. to 


a-Ylvi|Tot, or, (a privat., ylyropKu) wibom, un- 
crecied. II. not having happened, Lat. infectus : 

heacQ false, groundless. 

d^ivyr\%, 4s,^d-yerffs. Adv. -rwt. 

d-Y^wifrof, oy, (a privat., yemfdoa) unbegotten, un^ 
horn : without origin. II. like d-yeyf/s, low-bom, 


drysy^fia, 4« like d-yirua, eowardiee, 

dyio^MH, Dor. for ifyiofim. 

d^lpovTOt, oy, (a privat., yipas) without a gift qf 
honour, unreeonpensed, unrewarded, 

diflpfafai, Ep. aor. 2 med. inf. of dyilpot. 

dycp^, poet, for IjyipBffijm^, 3 pL aor. I paai. oi 

iyipoyro, 3 pi. Ep. aor. a med. otdyelpet. 

*Y^®X^» oy,^dyipeixos. 

dyippw, frit. dyspSf, JEol. for dyelpet. 

dyspaK% c«M, 4, (dYc(/)w) a gathering, mustering. 

dY^pMXot, ov, in good sense, braie, high-minded^ 
lordly: in bad sense, overweening, haughty, fierce. 
Adv. -x*«« (Deriv. mioertain.) 

dY<-VTp&TOt, d, 4, (d7tt», arpat^) leading the hod. 

dy^nif, 6, Dor. for i^injs. 

d-Ytv9T0fl, or, (o privat., y^fwu) not tasting z 
without taste of, c. gen. 

^T1 W* 4> dh^t^) in good sense, wonder, asce^ 
reverence. a. in bad sense, envy, hatred, spUe: off 

the godB, jealousy. 

^th Dj]» 4» (^7»^/«) a fragment, piece, ^Hinter. 

dYV|, Ep. for Idyjj, 3 sing. Ep. aor. a pass, of dyrv/u^ 
to break. 

dmipofrat, dyrffyipa/ro, 3 pL pt and plqpf. paas. 
of dyupet. 

dy^Ytpfca, -eppax, pf. act. and pass, of dyelpe». 

dY<jXa^ aor. I inf. of djdXKu. 

dy-iflKafrko, ijcrw, (Syos, kXavpw) to drive awaiy 
poUuUon or a pottuted person, Lat. piacuhm exigere r 
cf. dy9p-^hariea. 

dyiiiia, r6, (dyeal) Lat agmen, a body or division <^ 
an army, a carps, esp. of the Lacedssmonians. 

dY-«|v6p«iOt, Dor. dyAv^p-, a, oy,^dytiyeip. 

dY^vopCo, ii, manliness, manhood, courage. 

dY-V^i !><»'• dY-dv«p, opos, 6, ^, (dyay, dy^p^y 
maniy, heroic: also headstrong, haughty: and some- 
times slatdy, splendid. 

^Y^X<^ pf • Act. from dyw, to lead. 

d^pavTOti or, » sq. 

d-Y^p&of, oy, (a privat., y^pas) free from old age, 
not growing old: generally, undying, tmdeeaying, 
Gontr. dyiip9H, one: ace. sing, drffipejy or dy^peti 
nom. dual, dy/fpu, nom. and aco. plnr. dyfipon. 

d-Y^pdrot, or,»d-7i}paot. 

d-y^pttf, wy, oontr. for d-yffpaos. 

dYt|v(-xopot, oy, {dyiofiot Dor. for ihr-, x<>P^) 
leading the chorus or dance. 

^vrhp* §^«. i>OT- for ^rrr^P' P] 

dyiiTOt, 17, 6y, (dyapm) odmirMe, wondrous, [d] 

dYvat«*> (d7(0t) to haHow, conseercUe. 

dYioaO^JTw, 3 sinff. aor. I pass, imper. of foreg. 

dytatryM, aros, r6, (dyidCv) that which is haUowed^ 
a holy place, sanctuary. 

dyuMffpidt, ov, 6, (dytd(«a) consecration, sanetifieation, 

dYiovT^piov, T6,^dyiaotM. 

dyliw, t tow, Att. tw, {dyios) to hoMow, make sacred, 
Lat. dedieare. 

d^vi», t ijau : Ep. pres. inf. dytyifteyai : Ion. 
impf. dytytatcoy: — ^lengthd. Ion. form of dyw, to 
carry, bring : — ^Med. to have brought one. II. to 

bear fruit. 

iiyi6ypa<l>os — iyXcticrfuz. 

4y^ YP&^ot, or, {Syios, ^p&^) wriUen by thjptro- 

Im: vi irgU^fApa (tub. 0ifi\ia), the Prndma and 

4dkr feoles o/ <^ <^ Tettotaenl as distingimhed from 

te L«v aatd the Prophets. 

ft|Wf, a, or, (firfot) dnoUd to (he godk^ Lat. taeeft 

ho^: of penoDS, pious, pure: rd £7(0^, a 

n. sometimea like Lat. aacer, ao- 

-In old AtL 6rjpf69 ia used inatead. Adv. 

hfdmf^ ifrot, 4t (^hf^^^) wm^yt AoImeM. 
4|io-riCa» 4, ma. in pi. hdy riles, the itrviee of the 
otmary. From 

fbcw, (jiyiCoi) to petform iocnd riles: 
to bepiouM, Uvepiovuiff, 

^, {&yua) ^iytCrris. 
&<|B-, po^ abburer. ibr dituc- in the compda. of 
tke ptep. dra with trorda beginning with k, e.g. dy- 
MtfAu for iparKHa$at. 

'A-YH&Cofiai, £. ^ffoiuu : Dep. : {dyicas, dyicff). To 
takt or li^ K^ M fifl 4mn8» 
4>K&0cv, Adv. lor d^icds, on the arm, L e. resting 
on it» Lat. cuftdo^reMo: also m tAe arma. 
^Y gfiXfn, poeL £ar dMWcoX-. 

^yi^Xn, 4f (^hf*4) '^ ^^ ^''^ ^'■^ ^ pi^^* ^' 
Bcteph. oay Itti^ «Io«e^ enfdding, aa CAe anas of the 
ae^etc [aft] 

4ymXf^o|i«i», fl tffofuu, Att fov/uu : Dep. : (^7- 
adXf) s d7M(b/ictt, to (dbe in the arms, 

AyritXU, £8ot, i^, in pinr. a d7«aX(u, arms, H. 

• ftifff<V Lai. a w w y tifew. 

T^ (d7KaX£(o;iai) t^ teft*e& ta ^m- 

d^fs&Xof, ^, (d7'adX]7) an armfvi: a hundU, 
&Y«4«, AdT., (dTx^) mfo or in (Ae amu. 
^ Twyu i, po&t. ibr 696rie€ii»m, 
'Aiiui, 1^, as^yvot or d7«<iAi7, on ana. 
I, poet for dyorKtjfiiaoea, 
^, (dynoTpop) angling. 

4» ^^9 (fiyicurrpoy) bdonging to 
rd JiyiuarptvTtM6r, angUng. 

f, r6, IHm. from Syiaffrpov, a smaU hook. 
cof, {Sytaarpoy, S^oi) with a hock 
lotmd I0 it, of a fishing rod. 
A|witf ipn a8^i, ^ff, {&ym«npo», cTSot) AooU^aped. 
d | aui i |w y, r<$, (akin to dTirot, d7ir(;Xot) a fish^iock. 
AmXCvw and dyHcXifio, nS, poet, for dKMcAdw, 

AfKoCn^ ^ (dTKd&y) poet, for irftc&kii, fhe lent arm, 
and only in plor. II. metaph. any thing closely 

^sUmg: cL iepe&Ksi. 
kf^aylfm, pak. for dra-^ro/ufv. 
kf4omji0, fat drorMoriof, to hasien, 
'ATKOl^ €os, T^ a bend or hdUow, esp. of the arm : 
a awwailflia gfm, defl, aoOey. 

poet for dtmjcptfidcas, aor. I part of 

Af^pCffn, poet for dyd-KfMFtf . 

dY-ia>ovo|iai, poet for iya^Kpoiofjtai. 

dTKvXti p],i) Jike dyitikij, the bend </ the arm, II. 
a hop in a cord : esp. the thong of a javdin, by which 
it was hurled, Lat amitnlvm: also the jctcdin itself: 
any thong or string, e.g. the hash of a hound, a boW' 

dYic6Xt|T6t, 1^, 6v, Terb. Adj. of dyicvKiofUUf 
thrown from the beni arm : — as Subst rd dyicvXfiT6v, 
a iavdin, 

aTKvXiOv, r6. Dim. of dynhXri, a smaU dcurt or 
javdin. II. rd dyieiXta used to translate the 

Lat ondZto. 

dyKvX<h^yk&x^'^*^<>**^*(/hinf\os,y\wx^) with hooked 
spurs, of a fighting cock. 

dYie6X-68ovt, ovros, 6, 4> (dyieifXos, dMs) crook' 
tooQied, batbed, of weapons. 

d'yiri;Xo-p.'fJTi|S, ov, 6, ^ (dyfAXos, prjnt) crooked 
of eounsd, wily, 

6yK^\6-vov%, wow, (d74n;Xot, iro6fl) with carped 
feet, bS^pos dyie, the Boman seUa cwndis, 

dTio&Aot, 17, ov, (fiyKos, Lat uncus) crooked, curved, 
of a bow : of the eagle's beak, hooked. [U>] 

d'yiri;X6-Totot, ov, (iytcbXos, T6^oy) with curved bow, 

dYtcCXo-xsCXtit, ov, 6, (dyieifKos, x*^^*) ^"^ hocked 

dYKi/Xo-x^tlf, ov, 6, {(iytcbkos, x4^) t<^ crooked 

dyts^XUi, f. ifccs : pass. pf. ^y/AXMfuu : (d7«6Xot). 
To make crooked or hooked. Hence 

dyidiXurSt, i;, 6y, of jayelins, /um£s&«d with a thong, 

dYicOpo, (dynot, dyiecjy) 1j, Lat anc^a, an anchor, 
so called from its shape, firat in Find.; for in Homer 
we read only of tbvai, i. e. stones used as anchors. 

d'yKi)pCta>, f. laot, Att tSt, (dytcvpa) to hook, eaich as 
wUh a fishhook, 

dTKvpiov, r6. Dim. of dyievpa, a small anchor. 

dTKiip-ovxCa, i), {Ayitvpa, cxw) a holding by the an" 
chorjly dyitvpovxicus when safe at anchor. 

'ATKA'N, Savos, 6, like iyttdkij, the bend or hdUow 
of the arm, the bent arm, the dbow: hence II. any 
bend, as the angle of a wall, the bend of a river, a 6ay 
or creek of the sea ; alao the eurced chords of a mnsicat 
instrument Hence 

dyicttvCoKOf , 6, Dim. of dyic&v. 

dyk&r^Mot, or, (d7Xa^t, iOupa) briaht-haired, 

dyXauAaiai, frit med. inf. of dyXat{a>, with pasB« 

dYXSta, 4* (AyXa6s) ipfendour, beauty, brightness r 
hence as opp. to what is useful, pomp, show, vanity,, 
and in plnr., vanities : also fetUve joy, triwnph, and inr 

d7Xfitt«s, f. icoi, Att IS;, (d7Xo^t) to mtdce ^Hendid,. 
adorn: also to give as an ornament: — ^Pass., to be 
adorned with a thing, be proud of it, ddight in it 

dyXduriia, r6, an ornament; cf. d7aX/ia. 

iyka6ymos — • i/oyos. 

dYXS^-8«v8pos, ay, {dykadt, Uvdpw) leUk heoMbifvi 

dyXjiMoipot, or, (iyka6t, 9Sipw) hetkneing qUendid 

dYX&6-$povot. OK, ((i7Xcu^ $p6vot) with Sfkndid 

dYX&^Hcafvofl, oy, (jiyka69, KOfmSe) hearing or 6f- 
etowing goodly fruU. 

dyXd^-KOvpot, or,(d7AA<$t, «ot;^) licft to/olr goatiu, 

dyXild-icpdvos, ov, (d^Ao^ ^ph^) ^^r* ^^'^ d7Aa^ 
Mpviyott wUh beautiful springe. 

dYX&d-Ktftf&ot. or, (d7Aa^t, teca/Mos) graeing ihefeaM. 

'ATAA'CyS, i}, 6y, also <$t, <$r, apieniuJi eUOdg, 
heautiful, brUUant, bright : of men, famous, ndUs : c 
^L, famous for a thing. AdT. -ws» (Aldu to af- 
ykijt dyAXkoftai,) 

dYX&o-TptokCvT|f , ov, d, Ace. -dr, (d7Xa^t, rpfcupa) 
(&« god of the bright tridenL 

d^Xd-^, SnroSy 6, i), {iyXsiSe, ^) brigkt^eged : g«- 
neanHy, flasking. 

i^yX/Mcif^ is, (a pti?at., y^Mmos) not sweet: sour, 

''ATAT^ &fM$os, onlj used in phir. SyMBes, a 
head of garlic, which is made up of several (doTe^ 

i^X^Snsi^s, is,^iryKvoiclis, 

d-YXftxroio, Att. d-YXwrrCo, ^, dumimess. From 

d-YXfiMnrot, C¥, AU. S.-yXanros, oy, (a privat., 
yXuaocC) without tongue: sHent, dunA, Lat. aUn- 
guis. II. speaking a strange tongue, '^fidpfieLpos. 

dYluLf t6, (dyyvfi:) a fragment. 

dY|L6t, 6, {(iyyvfu) a breakage, fradttre of a 
bone. IL a broken diff, preeipiee.. 

A-YfO^/nrot, oy, (a privat., yv&pMTui) unbending. 

d-Yvairrot, or, ssq. II. also not oteansed. 

d-Yv&^of, oy, (a privat, yydvrw) of doth, not 
-carded, i. e. new. 

Ayv^a, i), (dTTciMtf) puritg, ehaslitg. 

dYvcvfto, r6, (dTrcCm) chastity. 

dYvcvu, eifov, (dTr^s) to observe serupuiUmslg, make 
41 point of eonsdenee of, c inf. : — also simply, to be 
pure at chaste : c. gen., to keep oneself pure from. 

ityvitta, t iam, Att tu, (dyy6s) to make pure, pu- 
rify, cUanse, Lat. lustrare. IL to offer, bum oa 
a sacrifice. 

dYViot, a, or, (dTrot) made qf wOhg or agnus eastus. 

6yyuryMf r6, (fiyyi(w) a means of pur^eatton, 

6yv\ay^ 6, (dyvi(u) a purifieation, expiabioiu 

dYvCnif, ov, 6, {iyyi(w) a purifwr. \t] 

dYvo4tt», Ep. dYvoiitt : t. •^aea : aor. i ^yySsiim, 
Ep. d7ro^i7<ra. Ion. and Ep. 3 sing. dTr^wraoiCf : 
(as if fit>m *d-7root«d-roos). Not to peroesoe or 
know, to be ignorant, Lai.ignorare: in Homer mostly, 
obK dyyoiffcty heperceioed or knew wdL IL ab- 

Bol. to mistake, be wrong ; hence in part, dyyo&y, by 
mistake. Hence 

dYv6t||ia, r6, afauU of ignorance, oversight; ami 

dYvoir|TUc6tt ^,6y,aptto orr from ignoraswe. 

dYvoid, 4, (dTrolctf) want of perception, sgn^ 
ranee. II. =^dyv6ijpa afauU of ignormwe. [pofll. 

sometimes dTroid : of. droia.] 

dYwUttf poeL, esp. Ep., form, tar dyroion. 

dYvo^av Od. 24. ai8, 5 sing. aor. a act. i^t. of 
dyyo4w : but if written dTrox^i, it is 3 sing. pves. 

dYvoovviwtt Adv., pres. act. pari, of dy^toiss^ sg- 

iiyv6-piiro%, oy, {dyy6s, fiiet) pure-flowing. 

dYv6«, 4i, 6w, pure, eha^ muuUied : hdfy, soared : 
upright. IL c. gen., pure from a thing. Adr. 

-ycM. (Akin to &(a>, 07101, dTot, etc) 

"ATNOX 4> Att 6,^Xijyos, a taU tree like the 
willow, the agnus-castus. 

dYv^rnf, nrof , ^, (d7r<$t) purity, ehasUty. 

'ATNTIII, 3 dnal Syviroy: ineg. ftit l^esi aor. 
I ta^a, Ep. j^^o, part, d^ot, but l^bo 4d£dt : aor. 3 
pass. id7i7r [d", v. sub fin.] : per£ IdTo, loo. 1770. 
To break, snap, orusft, thkter. Let frango : — Pask with. 
pf. act Id7a, to be broken, to snap, shiver in pieces : of 
sound, to spread around : of a river, to/oio in a hrokest^ 
t e. winding course, [d in perf. IdTo, Ion. 1177a: but 
in aor. a pass. Id7f7r, d in Hom., d long in Att; w. 

iiyviayLOvCo, rfow, {(Styyitpani) to ad wiSwud judgmmA, 
aei ignoranUy or unfoti^. 

dYv«»|i6vo>t, Adv. of dyy^pwy, sensdessfy, 

dYvw|ioowi|, 4> *^ont of sense or judgwwnt : sense- 
lesmess, ignorance, II. arrogance. a. m^xir- 

ness, unkindness, Lat iniquitas: in plnr., OMfamiier- 
sttmdings. From 

d-Yv^|M0v, oy,.oyos, (a privat, Yrci^/i^) wanUng sense 
or Judgment: sensdess, ihou{^tiiess, headstrong. 2. 

unfeeling, taikind: unjusL 

d-Yvuft Srros, 6, ^, (a privat, Yrwroc aor. a of 
yiyy&OKw) pass, unknown: obscure* 2. obsemre^ 

ignofjie. IL act not knowing, ignorant of a thing. 

dYv«^ Adv. of d7r^. 

d*^yvoiorCa, 4^, a net knowing, ignorance. H. a 

being unknown, obscurity. 

dYv^froviOics or iyyfJtmumtn, Ion. and poet fi>r 
^jyyitfos, 3 sing. aor. x of d7ro^. 

iyvJtavta, pres. formed frmn fbreg., «sd7ro4«x. 

d-Yvwo-ro« or dYvurof* oy, (a privat, ytyp^tntes) 
unknown, dyyeaoros yXaHfoa an unknoiwn tongue : 
unheard cf, forgotten. i.nottobe known. XL. 

act not knowing, ignorant of, rty^ Adv. -vwt. 

d-YvwTOt, oy, another farm of fineg. 

d-Yovto, 4, unfruitfulness. From 

d-Yovot, oy, (a privat, Yor^) pasL unborn* 11. 

act not produemg, wtfruitful, barren : c gen., not pro- 
dudive cf, destituts of: riteos Syeiyos, tnvail when the 
mother dies btfore the child is bom. a. Jf^ ehBd- 

iyoos — iypiAM09, 

<- Y — t » •»; (« private 7^) «mnovm0<?. 

* W ^ «•. Ep. and Ion. dy^P^ "^ ♦» (*r«^) 

«if iiMi'wrfify, eip. <» AiaemUp tf the Peopk, opp. to 

tike Cmmcil (/SovA^). II. «lb« p2m» efAumnOy, 

mtd not onlj ibr pnblks debating, electifnis and 

lriyi» iNii abo fcr bnyiag and MKxDg, and all kinds 

cf Iwiiwy Lai. forum: — Mpedallv, tha markd' 

m. oS lAot ft tttmsaelBd m thefonm, a 

tpeakmg, gift of $peakmg, Lat. eancio, lY. 

aaU ia <fo /arwii, 6ip. provineni, Lat. eomovui : 

6rfop^ mpix*^^* cic., to hold a marheL Y. 

at a Baric of time, ^70^ ff-Aag^otwa, or dyop^ itAit- 

i6p9, d« /orenoM, whan the marioat-placa wai Ml : 

0^. to 6rfOfSji» Su&Xvtfit, the time jud after nwcMa^ ; 

vImb fh^ vent home from market. 

hftfimm^ £p. ibr 6yopaa$9, 2 pL psea. ind. of 

vfDpdfii, 1 <S!<rfltf, (^70^) to &e <A lJb« morXafl^iIaee, to 
tMmdA: kflBoe 3. lo do hiMMM <A0r«» toy or mB : 
Xed, to Imfffor <metdf, 5. of idle people, to hmml 
At mmrhipiacf, kmnge thert, cf. aq. 

l lfS p a ^ flr, ^ </, or Mon^te^ to t)b« manrhet- 
fiait, aa epitli. of aevend goda. 11. frequenting 

tkt waaHael^fimce^ — o2 dTo^oMM (with or -without Ay- 
I. kmdieltn, petty H^ffickert, retaH' 
3. idlert or 2oiiiij/«rs, like Lat. eabroe- 
d, mad ao generally the common •oH.'— hence the 
word ii oaed of things, low, metm, vulffor. III. 

geDcfaUy, proper to ^ attemblnfy euited to formme 

4 ^To/Muot (so. ifUpet) a 

^yppl PP|itK6i, 7, 6p, hejonginf to the ijopcM^/tot 

« A0 <#«e, Lat .fic»MWi. 
iifop& »6 yw oy, r^, CAe eonrtefOte ieyopa^poe, 
fna p g it iiMa , d, {iyopdi, W/w) a oleri; of Ifo marftet, 

who Rgwl^ed this bigring and selling there, like the 

ftit. i/f^ofOi I Dep.: (jtyopi). To meet 
, wit in debate: aho to tpeak m As Ja- 

tle Jasaa%, 

Dor. ibr dTOpdjW. 
ijipAgnm, «aw, :^ (d70pd(«) 6tiyiii|r, pwrehaee, 
*Tr<faar|iM, vi, (dTo^^) tibot tahich i§ homght or 
«U: ift plar. worn, toAvftamiue. 

ov, d, (d7o^(&{tf) <Ae floiw oAa had to 
the pwnegor, Lat. oisonotor. 
i(, ^'t {diyop6(Bar) bdongtag to, ftt for 
or 6ia^; 4 dTo^owruvl} (sub. rkxyif) com- 

evaw, {(iyop6) to epeak in the AMeeeMy, to 
to apeak: mudr or muAt dyo- 
to ipeak ill o/one. a. toprodaim, 

mar, I mad. i j ofA a w/Oee^to get a thing pv^ 

ifsp% ^. and Ion* ibr Ayopd. Hence 
Afspdliv, Adr.,/n0s»<Ae Aemmblif or marM; and 
^fpy^ Adr., to libe ilM0in% or fliorlxi. 

& Yo p <|o< y r o , poet, fbr ^Topi^aT^, 3 ring. aor. i 
med. of dyopAofuu. 

dyopip^ ov, 6, (dTop^io^ttn) a epeaker, orator. 

dYopiJrvt, if09, 4, (dyopiofuu) Ae g^ or power of 
epeaiking, ehqueme. Ion. farm. 

dyopot, 6, poet fat 6jop^. 

Iky9% Ion. ^701^ COS, r^, (jSiofuu) emg matter of 
f«l^»OMS one : hence, i. poUution, gwitt Lat j>m- 

ouliim: andsotAscurMtefticA/oBoiotd. 3.tA0|Mr- 
son or thing ateurmd, an abomination, 5. an expup- 
tory aaeri/ioe, 

dyif , ov, d, (dTw) a leader, ikief, 

irio<rr^6,theJlaitfthehand. U. the lent arm, 
like iyie&y, dytcoivfi. (Akin to dyadic, 4vywvpn.) [S] 

'ATPA, 4i a oatehbig, hunting, dypam k^imiv to fel- 
low ftha chme >^-abo, a way vf catching. IL 
that which is taken in liunting, the booty, prey :''~<tl'biTdk 
or beasti» game; of fldi, a draught or haul, 

iL-^ypdppJtfro%, ov, (a prirat., ypiftpa) without learn- 
ing {ypdfifMera), unlettered, Lat iSUteratue, tap. tmaUe 
to rix^ or write. II. ^A-^papo9, %inwritten. 

d-7p*«T0f , or, (a prirat, yp&t^) wmritten, Syp, 
rSfupa the unwritten moral law : ef. A-ypa^. 

kyga^thka, ^am, to be an ^!yp<afkm, to dwell in the 
fidde, of shepherds. 

dyp-avKot, av, {dypU, eibXJi) dweUiug in the fidde, 
of shepherds : — of things^ rural, ruatic. 

d-Ypd^os, ov, «B d-7^airrot, unwritten: ^7^0^ ^6- 
fioi, unwritten lawt, which are I. the laws of na- 

ture, moral law. 3. laws of custom. II. not 

regittered in a written Ikt. 

iypoL, dypc^ 3 sing, und plnr. imperat. fbom 
d7^#w, q.T. : in Homer as Adv., jnst like dye,dyfT9, 
come! eomeon! ^Mck! 

dyptSio%, a, ow, {dyp6t) of Om country, mraZ, ruetic : 
ako, clewniah, booriaht like Aypouum, Hanee 

dYp«uNHnn|, ^, cto iw wsfc M i o , 

""ATPEI^NA, tit, i a harrow, rake. 

dyp^iuot, ov, (dypa) taken in hunting. 

dYpcoCo, 4, ^iypa, apoH taken in the ehaae, 

Sjpauyua^ r6, {iyptvca) that whidi ia taken in the 
chaae, booty, apoH. II. a net, toU. 

dypevs, lata, 6, {dypeiw) a hunter. 

dypavriM, ^po$, d, and dTptvHjf, ov, &, a hunter, 
MkedypAa. 11. 09 Adj., ueed in hunting or fieh- 

ing, dyp. levvu, hounda; dyp. adXajioa afiahkig-rod. 

dYP«vruc6«, 4f ^^* filf^t akiOed in hunting. From 

d^pevM, aiKW, (dypa^ to hunt, take by huntkig, eatch : 
metaph. to hunt qfler, puraue eagerly. 

dypiw, Mo^' fonn of dypeiw, to hunt after, punue 
eagerly: — sea dypei, dyptvre. 

dypti, ij. Ion. for dypa. 

dTpwivico, t Svai, (<liyptoe): — I. intram. to be 
aavage, provoked, angry. 2. causal, to make angry, 

dYpi4Xaiiot, OP, (dyptoa, ^jda) cf a wQjd olsM^ 
oleaeter: as Snbst, dyptiXmoa^ 4> ^ ***^ '^'^ 


itypioiiilrri^ — iyxCt^Kos. 

&YpiO-8aCn|t, ov, 6, (Aypiot, ialwvfuu) toting wSd 
/mite, like fiaXavrj^^iyot. 

dYpio-«oi^ 6y, (dypio9t vot^) making wHd : eap. 
of a poet, writing toQcUp, 

dypiot* a, oy, alio oi, oy, {iypSu) living in thefidda, 
Uvitg wdd : hence I. of animals, opp. to ri$aa6t, 
wild, fayage, Lal/enif, tnh Syptot a iriM boar. a. 
of treei, opp. to 1jfJttpo$, wHd, 3. of conntriet, wHd, 
«M«ii2ft0atod, unreelained. II. nsn. of men and 

animalg in moral sense, wHd, taoaget fierce^ "LnUfenM, 
feroz. 2, in Att also opp. to <l<rrcrot, (as Lat. 

rvtUcM to ttr^afMM), boorisik, rude. 3. also of any 

violent pasdonf vehement, fwriow. III. Adv. 

•-Uft, also nent. pi. Aypia, wiUQytfierc^, Hence 

dypi^nif, ffTOtf 4, wHdneetf jierveneu, Lat /erdas. 

&Ypi6-4<^ivof, ov, (d7p(0t, ^wvli) with a rough voiee, 
like fiapfiap6-^ofyo9. 

dypiMi, f. ^d), (dypiot) to make wild or aaea^e. Usa. 
in Pass, to grow wild, and in perf. l^plwfMou, to he 
wHdt of plants, etc. :— of men, to be twoage of fierct, 
liat. ^eruri, 

dypv-^^Swi, ft, (&ypio9t cTSot) of a wHd naimrt. 

6.yptrwwot, 6y, (fiyfuot, &^) wild4ooking. 

6ypo-fi&nf9, ov, d, (Ay pot, fidtnua) feeding in Oie 
field, dwelling in the eountrff. 

dypo-Yttvuv, ovot, 6, {dyp6e, ydrow) a country 
neighbour, opp. to darvythwy. 

dYpo-$6n|f , ov, 6, {dypa, iOoffu) a giver <f booty. 

dyp^-Oiv, Adv. from i.yp6e,from (he country. 

dYpoiicCa, ff, (dypoueot) boorithnete, eoartenest. 

dYp-oucot, or, (iypit, obciw) Ueing in the country, 
rustic : hence a. of men, boorieh, rude : opp. to 

dtrrcTot. 3. of fruits, grown in the country, com^ 

mon, opp. to ytyyatoe : but idso 4. of land, rouyA, 
uncultivated, like Aypioe, U, Adv. -mw. 

Aypo^^&rrtft, ov, 6, po^ for i.yp&Tfit, a coumiryman, 
doisru II. as Adj., ru^, 

dYp^luvof, ri, oy, part. Ep. aor. 2 med. of Ayelpoi, 

dYp6v-3c, Adv. of dypSe, to the country. 

dYp6-vo|&of , oy, and in Anth. 17, oy, (dypSe, W/io- 
fuu) haunting the country, ruiral: eiao^&ypiot, wild. 

'ATPOrS, ov, 6, Lat. AGES, afidd, land: eSiao the 
country, em opp. to the town« 

dYp^TVpot, a, oy, (dypSe) poet for dypiot, wHd, of 
plants : of men, ruetic II. (^7^0) fond tf (he 

chace : hence 1) dyporlpa, the huntreee. 

dYpor^, $pot, d,Bd7^^Ti;t, a countryman: fern. 
dyporupa, aa Ac(j. ntftie. 

dYp6Tt|t, ov, ^, fem. dYp^nt, iSot, {dyp6t) a 
countryman or eountr^ioomon. a. as A4J., 2Mny m 
the country, rural, nii(»e. 

dYpo-^uVof, dKot, 6, (dypSe, ^Ao^) a watther of 
the country. 

dYpvirv4tt», f. ^ffw, (Ay/hvwyot) to be waJctful, lie 
awake : dypwvyw rtn ot tU Tt,to be watel^ul ^ or 

^teni upon a thmg, Lat invigHare ret. Hence 

dYpvirvCo, 1^, iys y l ssi wg i i, waking, watehSng, 

dYp-vmfot, oy, \iiyp4w, ihnnm)^dvwyo9, sbe pfewy 

dYp^otTBs, aadY/wCw, lo €ate&. 

dYp^09Ti|t, ov, 6, (dY^)«sd7^^Ti;t, a comUrlf* 
man. II. (fypa) a hunter: fem. dYpAvnc, 

iSot, i^ a fttmlrcai. 

dYp«*0Tt«, los and cms, ^, a grace that moles fee^ 

dYp^»n|f, ov, ^,^d7p^riyt,a<»tiii <fy ii K ai>— a»A4j.>» 

dYwd, 4» (^^) <* *^ ^i** ro<'d: but nso., in towm^ 
a eireet, a pubtie pUwe; in plar., a dty, town, [ityut£^ 
Hence ' 

d YMdn|t, ov, 6, « *A7vifCw : voc 'AyuiSra. {jSywd'} 

dYVi&Tit, i9ot, 4t fem. fitun fereg., like tco/M^rte, a 
neighbour. II. as A^., 'Ayut&nb€$ B^fOMckut^ 

the worship cf ApoUo Agyieut. 

'Aywcus, iif*, 6, (d7Md) name of Apollo at guar^ 
dian of the ttreett and pubiic plaeet. 

d-YV|iviio(a, ^, uxmt qf exerdae or training. From 

^yvyLyaiirro% oy, (a privat, yvfMy6(w) without «ob- 
erdte, untrained: iyiffanurr69 rivot w^radieed in s^ 
thing, also c2t or 9p6t ri. a. unharateed, undit- 

twbed. JJL Adv. -rwt, dyufiydffTCM tx**'^ ^ ^ 


dYl^ptf, tot, i^, JEoL ferm of dyop&, a gaOwting^ 
crowd, atsemhly. [d] 

dYvp|i6f, ov, 6, {aytlpeal) a cdOeetion. 

dYVprdttf, iaw, (dyitpn)*) to ccUect by begging, [d] 

6yvprn}H, ov, 6, (dTcipw) orig. a gadterer, cdUeetor i 
hence nsu. a beggar, ntouniebank, eheat. Hence 

dYvpttK6t, i), oy, Uke a momtt^iank, 

dYvpTpio, 4i fesL. from iiyvarfip. 

dYX^aX<>*> o^ (*7X<. i»^XOMat) fighting hand to 
hand: dyx. SvXa arms /or dote fight. 

'ATXI, Adv. of place,<Blvy^* **^^* '*V^ ^>^ ^ 
c.gen. Gompar.d7x<or and cursor: Brxpethdyxiara, 
d^YXordrw. Cf. d7xov, d7xtOTot. \t] 

aYX^-dXot, oy, also 17, oy, (dyxh dXt) near the tea, 
of cities : but of islands, near theeeaonaU fides, sea- 
girt, like dfupl-cXoe. 

dYX^' V ^^'wsv, or, gen., orot, (dTxit 7f^rctfr) near^ 

^YX^-Yvot, or, (dwi, tOo^ qf a fMJ^&bourlnj^ land, 

dYX^-Mot, or, (07x1, ^cot) tMor the gode, i e. god- 
like or dt0e2KR(^ 10AA tike gode. 

dYX^-^^hpot, oy, (dyxh 9itfa) near the door, neighi- 
bowing. \t] 


^yX^^XTh^ w, d,«>d7x^/iaxos. 

dYxC'I^Xof, ov, (fiyxh fwktty) coming near: ali- 
ways in nent, as Adv., dTx^fioXor tX0Hy or tfrfroa 
to come or stand near; 4£ dyx<M^Ao*o from n^ a$ 

iy^aKif*^ — 'An^'N. 


^ (^tyxif y^^ot) near tike eUmds. 
^1X^^<^^*^ ^« (flJXh ^o4ot) a ready wU, abftwdneat. 

A y X ^ lo t , or, oontr. Ayx^'^f^vtf mf¥, {iyx^ pm$) 

«ltfMy nnr 2y «m, ^tx* ir^^ot a akirt Toyagc. 

nXa) naor Qm d8^^ dwMmg in the land. 
i jxi wop ot , or, (*yx», wop^fmi) pamag nmw, 
■ftnrw 6ef]^M9poi flattann a< on«'f e&M0. 
irfX^''*''*'^^^^ poet, far &yxi-^oKi%, 
< fXw> ^ SuperL of ^TX^ ^"^ *>^^* ^- ^jx*'^'^^ 
icfgy^nLoy ^ (dTX^^ctw) n<anae>i of km, H. 

hyAtf ^ Jbm, rigikt of ftitarilaiioc. 
mv, ri^s^TxitrrcMC. 
MS. i«t, ^ (^^Tx^TTtt) Cftg nezl of Jem: the 

lat. : e^ to he next of l»n, to ^ A^ at i*no. 
4vxun^ ii^ot, 5, poet, for dyxi<rrtif9, djxi^^P 
wediate oMthor of the suffering. 
iy, or, poet, lengthd. form. o£Sj)^<rro9, 

dyxLOTot, or, Snperl. of Ayxh next or nearett: 
^ T X* *^' "* T^w iMoreit of km : nent. Ayxifnut^t or 
^TXitfTB, ae Adv. tnoit nioriy, ^tx*^'^^ Iocimw iiMWf 
■«»% like, Hflin. : ti 6rfxi9ra the next cfhm: freq. 
c gen. as ^yx'<^ -rvw, aeoreiC to him. II. of 

taae, iatt^ JjaX. praximui. 

iyxji-rrpot^ot, or, (^TX't <rrpi<poi) turning near^ 
Eia^, of a bad. a. hence quioh-ehanging, 
r, aihidm, nent. pL i.yxiarfwpa as Adv., 

AyX^^'^'PIMnr, or, gen. oroc, {Srfxt, rippa^ near the 

^XJg^ fwwit, or, (^7X>* r6ao9) near the birth. 

iy%f4a¥f Adr^ (dTxov) /roni nigh at hand. 

A f X ai^ Adr., a=dYxvr« near, c. gen. 

AyX^% ^ (^7X^) tibiottliny, ttrangUng, hanging: 
wpmamm' irjfx&y^ wone than Aan^(7 ; dryx^i^ vi- 
A«i aa bad as hanging; dyx^ ml ^irm; a»(7iiicjli and 
pielL 3. a rope far hanging^ haiter. 

4 y x ^* * « * »gt or, {irfx6iinf)filfor ttraagUngar hanging. 

iy Xf''''''>t po^^ i^ ^ni-x<>^><Mu. 

A -y x ^fTO t , 17, or, Snperl. of Hyx^ neared, next. 
€•&. aa AdT., irfxo^Toi, lik^ ^7X'<^^ <^ B^i^ « o^ 
^T X* ' ^ "* irpociaainru the MMreat of kin. 

iHf X ^ wp o<» a* o*^t Comp. of ^7X<« nearer. 

*ArX€)T*=^7Xtf iwor ; abeoL, or c. gen., also c. 

'ATXA, t dfiw, Lat ANOO, to prese tight, esp. the 
teoai: lo itaHpfe, Orottle, Aata^. 

frfK^i^ni, or, (^TXi* ^/«iA<^) neor^ egtral: uyx- 
i yaXo s paxf a douM/nl battle. Ady. &'YXP*ii&Ku9t 
i^ ^2X^A"'^ denA^fvUgt Lat. (E9110 ICoiie. 

'Arn, Lat. .iGO: imp£ f^ar : fat (S^oi : aor. j 

^^TttTor, inf. ii^/aiyur ; less freq. aor. I j|^ inf. d^ 
£p. d^ifufv or d^j/icrcu : perf. i^x^ ledopl. ^T^oxa : 
pert pass, iyfuu : fut. pass, d-x^fiifofuut but idso fat. 
med. d^ofiot, with pass, signf. : aor. I pass. 4x^ ' 
rerb. A^j. ixriov. — lOiL AGO. * I. to Jaad, take 

teith one, of persons, ^IpHv being nsed of things, 
drftiv KooL ^petr, to earry off the^oO of a land, both 
cattle and morahles, like Lat. agere tAferrei &yur 
c/t Uktiv or Zucaarfjpiov, dytir M roht Smkutt^ k> 
on^i^ before a coort of justice, Lat. ropfrata Jiff. II. 
to had on, lead towards, dytv $ay&roio T4\o<rlk led on 
to death, Horn. ; cinl, ^Eytt Bomuv it leads to death : 
hence to lead, as a general; to guide, as the gods, 
etc. : also to mislead, seduce. 3. to Mn^ up, tram, 
edueaie, KokSk or mmrm i^x^?*'^* ^^ t^ drav 

out in length, rcixot ^Tcir, Lat. rHman dueere, to 
bttUd a irall. lY. like Lat. agere, to Aeld, cde- 

&ra(e, ioprrp^, etc. : ahn to hold, keep, observe, dpipniw, 
avoMs, etc. : dyttr 0lay, Lat agere mtam, to liad « 
life, live. Y. like Lat. daeere, to hold, consider, b^ 
Ttftf dytiv or &ysaOai, to hdd in honour, eto. YL 
like tKuwf, to weigh so much, e. g. Siyuv /irar, r/NO- 
tcoaiovt hap€bcov9,tte.,to weigh a miita, 300 darios,eto. 
Med. dyoi&at, to earry away for onese{f, earry eff, 
as xf*^^^ f* ^ dfTfvpoif ouKo^ dytoBcu : dytaSat 
ywdika, Lat uxorem c^uoere, to take to (mese{f a wife ; 
absol. dytoBai, to nuirry : but also of the fiAther,# 
choose a wife /or Mf son ; — Sid arifta dytaBat pSiBov 
to let pate through the mouth, i. e. to utter; dycBai 
n It X'^jpf • to take a thing into one's hands. 

6nfWfaSiio%, or, (dToryi^) fil for leading by, of a dGg*s 
collar or leash. 

&ywysvg, 4cat, 6,(&yot to lead) a leader, one that draws 
or drags. II. thiu by which one leads, a rein, leash. 

dYur^ 4* (^7^) ^ leading away, a carrying away 
or off: also in intrans. sense, a going away. a. a 

bringing to at in, bringing b^ore an assembly. U. 

a leading towards a point, guiding : the leading of aa 
army, guiding a state. a. a training, edueatmg : 

and intrans., conduct, mode of Ufe. 

te^4r)fiigje%, or, (Syei) easy to be carried : rd dy^yt" 
fta, thinffs porUMe, a cargo of wares, II. that 

mcty be carried away : of persons, outioioeci, or deiivered 
into bondage. III. easily led, complaisant. 

dyJayiov, t6, (dyoj) the load of a ioagon. 

dywy^t, 6y, (fysf) c. gen., leading, gmiding: as Subst., 
dyirfit, 6, a gvide : ol dyatyoi an escort* II. 

leading towards. III. drawing to omemHf, eUdting, 

c. gen. : attractive, r^ dyofy6y, attractiveness. 

'ATXl'N, Sn^os, 6, an assembly, like dyopd: also a 
place of assembly: Gsp. an assembly met to see 
games. 2. a plaee <f contest, the arena or sta- 

dium. II. the assembly of the Greeks at their 

great nationai games, as, dyov *OKufiinds, 'OXvfi- 
wciT^t, etc. : hence the contest for a prize at their 
games. 2. generally, any struggle or oon<e«<, dyin^ 
jr€fi r^ ^X?** 3* <* batik. 4. an action at 


ifiXijXfmb^s — ayaXfia. 

(a privaL, fioiai) un- 

., PoiucoiUv) tinlendfd. 

It. -an-, nparl. (!&>»- 

lira) Uibtg deliMftly 


EJfiq) (^ ai^ tumri. 


tiAoi') aitli ti^l landalt. 
\ovm) hintriaid. 

trndtr of natuit. 

pit, Xiriir) Kff ^ tittd 

UfffiMum) not liavmg 

dTdovfcu, iyiaatt, l!p. for A'jaiTfiu, ^TaaA, pmm- 
inf. and ind. of (tTn/ui. 
dYaynv, rcdopl. aor. i inf. of dfoi: d^Y^r, Sp— 

for ^TayDr. oor. a ind. 
&'Y^Y°°t"> ^P- '^'' ''Ti^Y". aor. i tabj. of Iy**. 
Ayifo^uu, pwt. form of J711/11U, lo a^ire. 
dyaflo-nMi, ^1, (dyaBit, iTSoi) tennun good. 
ii/Oia-tpiiia, coDtr. ouf/iai. Id ^ poml or (mil; and 

deed : a doitu/ good ttniet. From 

iyvtc-tpySi, conti. ovpyii, ^r, (iItiiMi, Ipyory 
doing good : al 'Afafioipyoiy at ^paitfl., tiie flTfl oldest 
kii%hta, who vent on miBtloiie fur the ttale. 

dYa>8»-iroUu, — iyaSin/rfiu ; and 

AY^fc* TT CHLii, )). = AfiBo-tpyla. Trota 

i^/ato-mitit, it, IdycMi. iroiioi) ^ Sr/afo-ipriii. 

'ATA'aO'X, ^, ir, good tn if Hud. opp. t<j auAm, 

mile : later la mixal aenw, gooi, nir- 
(now. i. of thing!, etc., goad ft> (JWr JttniJt nent. 
ni ^ToM the goodt offi^Uiiit, umlA, aim food fare, 
daintit»l -ri irftUr, Lat. wtmim i m hmam. Adv. 

The C<Hnpar. in ma are B*>ai>n, alio i^tAmr, 
Kpitcaar, Aaibv (Atlarr) : Ep. fiikrtpoi, Ashv/B*, 
■lao •fipTtpoi. Snperl. ^UrMrrot, ^IpiaTet, Kpiin- 
iFr«, AJUvTOt (AfiirrM) : Ep. filKitrrv, ^pmrotr 

i,yaBmi, (iyaUt) to nofa guild, teak. H. to 

iiD{r«>d.- — Paa. lo it tf good eluer. 

iyo^wrwr), 1), (d-)o9(!t) jrnoiiiiai. ilinibMa. 

AY^Uofun, (^TT) coUat. fbrm of i^Tafiiu, dryfio/jiu, 
odIj bi bad nnw, to be angry at : alto to ano;. 

d-Yo-icXf^ Ji, (iTtu*. K\lot) vary glorient, fanmtit, 
rgnomMil.- poet. gen. d^iuXqai ; ghetd. toram, aoc- 
>bi|r. (tfcMA^ P>' dToiAiOt, dat. d-)wX^. 

dyi-iiX ayr it, 1^, ir,—irjaicKtfy. 

dYo-iiXlrric or, (fyor. KA«r^) like irfoiAi^t, 
Lat. fiK%fiu. 

AfBHCTliiivi]. (filar, wH^n) a poet. Aim. • idm- 
fi^vij, ueO-butU or jiaeei, 

d-yilXuETM, gr. (s piiTat., -f&ia) wiOiout wiOc, 
mantd, Lat. laele dqwlMU. li. (a eopnlat., 

Tibs) — jfio'rdAfLrTaa, oik nfafanHy. 

i.fiMiiAavt, tm, ^ amedaig grtatjoy. From 

dfoMi^a, f. d^D^ [a], fbengtbd. fir in/aXAo~ 
fioi, to r^oiee txae Hn ffljfM 

'ATAAATZ, l«oi. 4. a plant, flit iri> oijlag. 

'ATA'AAn, f. U£, Inf. aor. At^^oi, « ^7X0^ 
VDf£, to malu gJommt, giorify, hoaaur, e*p- a god: 
alKi (o lisofc, adorn ,- — moati? m Paai., d7iiXXa|iai, Id 
plor^. del^U, enitt in a thing, c. dat. Hance 

dYaA)Mi, aroi. r^. iltal ohtniH aat Migkt, a gtary, 
dtliffhl, omamfot : a pleaibig g^ <sp. fti the godi ; 
hence. t.a atatiwn honour of sgiid; lAtlmi^ofi 
gi>dai an object of Kcnhlp. $.anyiMmvtlm»tt. 

iyaXfMOtMrouSg — iyy^v. 

te» .- mm Snlirt^ a itatmtry, teidpLor. 

"AFA'BiAI, »]io 4v4^ or dYo&o|iM : ftit. 

kjk^oiuu \J£\, £p. dydffaofiai : th« act. I usii. takei 

ft finm fiorm j)7ii^r, but alio med. ifyaa&iofw 

l«T«a m Att,), E^ i^TOffoi^K^ap^, dTa^inSfPTr : Ep. 2 

d7«W^ 1n£. ^Tidcur^ : impf. ihrii/a^: — 

I. Towmdar: more freq.lovoiuferat or 

a peraon or thin^, Tivd, bvt also rofi, Lst. 

IL ^ bad ■enae, to qwy, to im^ t f ai, 

v<^ rxyot. — ^Homer vmm in tUs i%iil only 

I ^pialr4t§app, aad «• pvnk irf^fum or rf'yfci/ini. 

f^f |ifff, i^eeUbatif. From 

ifg|iai. or, (a priTSii, T^^^'m) nMMnried, i m ww d ' 

dfa< Mnyft', liftt. MBkte.- — ^Tngic pbrtte, Td^cot ^Pyo- 

f0t a marriage (kat ii no marriage, a/aUd marriage. 

'ATAM, Adv. Mry« miofc, very «MMft: the wonl ge- 

xwrally ii oolj IXr., and Ati^ \hpf being iti eqiuT. 

m Ep^ and Ion. II. too, too much, Lat. mtmis, 

m im the jBO T Htb |B}82r ^Tor, Lat. ne ^wid mhm, not 

tM sMKi of any thii^. [dTdr, but later lonietnnes 

AysvuKTiw, £ 4<iw, {h^) ^ f^ irritciion:—tQ ie 
ua< ditytontfd, or «vr|r of a thing. Henoa 
ifttwAaiyia, •■»•» 1^ irriiaHon, wexation, 
iyiamKnfruUm, 4* ^> (dTomrr^) trrttaile. 
dyiwuamiAt, 1^ <$r, mb. A4J. of d7aKMrri«» trri- 

CnTTIiKOt. AdT. —MM. 

Ayiv^gov poeL frr d7aKu)^ dat. plnr. fam. of 

4 ^f 4p -y l 4o», et^, (Srj/ay, yf^oi) flwdl miind ttpio, 
sao«-€a|rf, '^OXv/ivM. 

4^f&»4ptMt, a, or. Dor. for d yiy i ^ ^ f to e. 

drfAiPAi, ^, 6r, (a copoL, Tibof, yAtntftm) mdd, ^Mt- 
tft; i ii JIf : e^ c^ the anowi of Artunin, to which 
mdd^a death vaa aac r ibed. Onl j poet. 

A y gy a ^ p ac r6 r ^ 1), gmtlmtiB, hmdUmem, From 

d ygr^ ♦<>» »» or, gen. orot, (dTcn^ ^^^i^) ^bMM% 
mtfoaea ' ootigm* 

i yi fii r f , iSot, 4, (dYco^ ^) laiZd-tyad. 

dy 4w >p, opof, 6, 1), Dof. ibr dTH^rw^ 

^yiofiat, £p. fvm of ^yo^mb, only fiiNmd in part 
^TdM^Mroc, in act. ligniL admirimg, 

&Y^«d{M, f . &irm, eee dTowdw. 

A ya wa T^ s , ^, Dor. fcr dTcnrTr^ 

AyiaAii, £. iiam, {SrfafMU, irfA(ofMu) of penoni, to 
wdeome^ tHterlain, in which eenie irfm^ot, and 0ep. 
dryBvA(0|tt( are nnd hy Homer >--also to take Udoe 
of .'—generally to he fond of, to love deariif, II. 

<!iihMJ^m,t4>bevttlphaKd,tobeeontmded aterwSha 
tUtig: c inf., to 6e iconl to do, like ^^ [AtA] 

i f a aaflwa i . Ion. lor d ya ww t n ea, prea. part pi. 

kyimii, ^, {Ayamim) hroAeriy love: dmUg, [dT^ 

&YAwi||Aa, t6, {iiyoMdot) the otjeet of love, ImL ddkioe. 

ii y ati^ffmp, apae, ^, (d70wd«, drf/p) i>i)rop^ Ayo^ 
wSir, loving manlinitte, manly. 

dYdin|<nt, ton, ^, {ifyawdei) Ike feeUng of \ofoe, 

dY&iri|T^ot, or, verb. Adj. of dTovdat, to he tooad, 
aeqyiineed in^ 

dy&aifmi^t, 4> ^^^ (dTovdw) diipofad to love, 2oo> 
tn^. AdT. Hiwt. 

dyAwtp^ ^ ^, verb. Adj. of dTovdai^ (etoiMd, 
daarly Moved : iportAy <2f' Iom. II. Adv. dTmrT- 

TM, db«ei/ti%, •ofilMto(%; dryon^Twa lx<(>^ to (e 
oonten(ed, like dTcnrar. 3. ^ Att. prose, io 

am onig juat to eonteiU omm, i. •• onlg juai, amatedg, m 

d^dp-poof , ow, contr. Ayap-feve, ow, (dTar, ^) 
ititm^r or ew^fl^fiowhg, 

d'ya<r^ai, prM. inf. of dyafjuu. 

dfao^cit, MO, bf, aor. i paai. part, of d70|wt. 

d'ya<r|&a, t6, (dya^iai) that tMeh i$ admired, a mm- 
der, marvelm * 

d7d(ro|MU [d], poet, dydaaofuu, fat. of Aycyiai. 

dYdcrtrcvro, poet, for ijydaaro, 3 ring. aor. I of 

ayd-trpavot, or, (dTor, ariiw) emek groemimg^ 
houUng, of the wa^ea, loud^waOmg, 

d-YaaT6s, 4, 6v, (dyafuu) admirable. Ady. -ncDf. 

dYttr^t, ^, 6r, poet, fbr dTCurr^t, aa $a»fiar6e far 

d^fOMdf, 4t ^* (dTo/ioi) tSttitftoiw, ndbU. 

dYavp6s, d, 6v, aldn to dyavde, tiatdg, proud: wsh 
peil. Adv. drfoupdrara^ 

d'yd-^OfYKTOf, or, (^701^, <l»$4yyofMu) lo ude ov ndin g, 

dyySjpevu, f. ffw, {flrffipot) to deepatdi a comrier at 
meseenger: hence to j^reti one to ffrve a« a eowrier, 

dyyag4fo%, ^ Ion. £onn ^ ^770^ : but r6 dyyc^- 
pffl^ the bueinem of am dff^poe. 

dYYdpot, t, Perrian woid, a mounted eomier^ such 
as were kept ready at regular stages throogfaout 
Persia for canying the rental despatches. 

dYYCiov, Ion. -Afjw, ri, {Srfpie) a vetedt paSL: a 

dyyo^^ Ioi>* -^i|* 4> (^77<^^) ^ vi^eteage^ tidtnge, 
newe, dYftXitj Ipg/f a mcsso^ concerning me ; dT^f- 
Xhii kK$Htf to come om aeeoutU of a meeeage, a* 
a prodamation : a command, order. 

iyy^uar^6pc% Ion. dyytikutf^^hpot, 6, (dyyOJa, 
i^ipet) a meeeenger. 

dTYiXi^nif , ov, &, (dyytXia) a meeeenger. 

dyyiKXw, f. cX^ : aor. i IjyyuXa ; aor. a IJYf^^oy : 
pf. IjyyeXjui, pass. i}77iX/iai : aor. I pass. ijyyixBip^: 
(dyw). To bear a meeeage, bring tiding$ or netes, to 
prodaim, report, tell: — ^Med. to announce oniudf>-' 
Pass, to he reported qf. Hence 

dYY^^F^ '''^t A fneeeage, tidings, neiee. 

dTYiXot, ^ 1^, (drfy4XXm>) a meeeenger, emvog, IL. 
a meeeenger from Qod, an angeL 

dTY^jiov, t6, Ion. for d77Cior. 

B a 

^AITOS— iy«fA». 

'ATTOS, cot, r6, a veuA of any kind, a ^, fan, 

d'ye, dytTf, oiig. Imperitt. fix>m ^70;, used as Adr. 
like ^ipc, oome/ ecmeon! vmUI Let. a^0/ 

dYiipM, f. dytpM : pf. dT^c/MM : (^70;). To bring 
together, gather together, eoUeet, — Paae. ayetpo^Lan : 
aor. I ^iperfw, 3 pi. {jyepBev : pf. dy^yepftat, 3 pi. 
drftjyipamu : 3 pi. plqpf. dyrfy 4paro, to come together, 
OMemhU: in which wnse we alw have an Ep. aor. 
a med. dyiptirOai, dyiporro, partic. lynoop. 6rfp6fU' 
pot, ff, ow, aetemtied, gathered togeAer, 

Aryeirttv, w, gen. woie, (a privat., Tcfvwr) vitAocif 
f^glhowr : eclUary, deeolate. 

dYcX&86v, Dor. for dyikijUSv. 

dYcX^tofioi, Paai., (dyikii) to Iwe in herde, to he 

dYcXaSot, a, or, (dyikij) heknging to a lierd, feeding 
at iarge. II. in herds or thoala, gregariout. 2. of 
the herd or multitude, common, 

dyiXdpxvitt ov, 6, (jiyiXij, ^P0(9*) ^ Uader of a 

d-Y<Xa9*r(, Adv., (a privat., yeX&aiS wiUtoul laughter. 

d-YlXaoTOt, owt (a privat., ytXoM) not laughing, 
grave, tuUen. U. noi to he laughed at, not 


oYCAcCo, ^, (dyw, ktla) epith. of Athena, BXi^rrit, 
XcMK Styovffa, the thai drives off the tpoQ. 

dyfXy\, i), {dyv) a herd of oxen or kine, Lat. or- 
mentum : — ^later any herd or company, 

dysKyflSv, Adv., {dyiXtf) in herds or companies. 
Ji}ao dytkijhd. 

dyiktfiw, Adv., (dyikri) from a herd, 

d^lXp^ Ep. dat. of dyiXsi. 

dys^Zvev^LO, dye^Mvtvn, dytyu&i¥. Dor. for ^ytft-, 

iyw. Dor. and Ep. for Idyijaay, 3 pi. aor. 2 pan. 
from dyrvfu : [d] 2. Epic 3 dng. £ar ^(v, impf. 
frtmi dyoi to lead, 

drytviaX6yr(ro%, ov, (o privat., yewtaXoyiv) leith- 
cut pedigree, of unknown dnoent. 

d^ivM, "ij, (dryivrjs) low birth : meanness. 

d^irsMt, ov, (o privat., yhsiov) heardleu, boyish. 

d-Ycv^ 4$, (a privat., yhot) wibom, uncreated: 
bnt nan., II. of nofamUy, i. e. low-hom, opp. to 


d-^lvipvt, ov, (a privat., ylyvoftat) unborn, un- 
created, II. not having happened, Lat. infedus : 
hence false, groundless. 

6ry4¥vr\i%, it, » d-ytr^. Adv. -vwt. 

d-Y^wifrot, ov, (a privat., yervdai) unbegotien, un- 
hom : tpihout origin. II. like drytr^, Uw-bom, 


d-YCwCo, i), like d^^rcio, cowardice. 

dYlofuu, Dor. for ^io/uu. 

d-Y^povTOf, oy, (a privat., 7^^) without a gift of 
honour, unreeompensed, unrewarded. 

dyipsa^cx, Ep. aor. 2 med. int oidyilpu. 

dYipOcv, poet, for ^pBri^wf, 3 pi. aor. i pan. of 

dY<povTO, 3 pi. Ep. aor. 2 med. of dyslpot, 

d^^poxot, ov,»dy4ptuxos, 

dyippn, ftit. dyspSf, Mel. for dystpea. 

dycpina, cow, 4» (d7cf^) a gathering, mustering. 

^Y^«^o<» 0^ in good lenae, (roM, high-minded, 
lordly: in bad lenae, overweening, haughty, fierce. 
Adv. -x^* (Dcriv. uncertain.) 

dyl-OTp&TOt. ^, 4, (dyw, mpitrde) leading the hott. 

dY^nit, d. Dor. for i^^ri^. 

drymirrot, ov, (a privat., 7c(«/iac) not tatting : 
without taste of, c. gen. 

^Tl N* 4> (^70/101) In good lenae, wonder, am, 
reverence, 2. in bad aenae, envy, Aolml, apAa; of 

the gfoda,/aa2oiify. 

*Y^i [*]• 4» (4jwfu) a fragment, piece, spUnter. 

dyii, Ep. for Id7i;, 3 aii^. Ep. aor. 2 paaa. of dyw/u, 
to break, 

dvify^pcmu, dYipf^pcvro, 3 pL pf. and plqpf. paaa. 
of ay apet. 

dy^Y^P*^ "^PV^^^ P'* Act. and paaa. of dy^pu. 

dY^jXoi, aor. i inf. of dydXXet. 

dy-njjKArko, ^aw, (dyot, iXtwvw) to drive away 
paUution or a polluted person, Lat. piaeukun exigere r 
cf. dv9fhijkar4w. 

dytf^M, r6, {dy<u) Lat. agmen, a body or division cf 
an army, a corps, eap. of the Lacednemonlana. 

d7.f|v6p«iot. Dor. dYdv6p-, o, or,sd7^p. 

d^-invopCa, 1), manliness, mcmhood, courage, 

dy-4(mp. Dor. dy-dvtap, opot, 6, i), (dTor, dv^p) 
manly, heroic: alao headstrong, haughty: and aome- 
timea tlatdy, splendid. 

dy^oxa, pf. act. from ^70;, to lead. 

d-7^pavrot4 Of,— aq. 

d-Y^p&ot, ov, (a privat., y^pas) free from old age, 
not growing dd: generally, undying, undeeaying. 
Contr. dy^pwi, eav: ace aing. dyfipsjv or dy^pvi 
nom. dnal. dyrfpot, nom. and aco. plm-. drfijp»t. 

d-Y^p«»t, CUV, contr. for d-yfjpaos. 

d7i|<n-xopot, ov, (dy4o/uu Dor. for 1^7-, x<'/'^0 
leading the chorus or (ionce. 

dYT|TAp, ijpot, Dor. for ^ytrrifp. [d] 

dYijroi, 17, ^y, (dTo/iot) admir<Me, wondrous, [d] 

dYUHtt, (£710*) to hallow, consecrate. 

dyxaa^^ipw, 3 ainp^. aor. i paaa. Imper. of fi>reg. 

dyiaryLO, arot, ro, (dyid{v) that which is haUowed^ 
a holy place, sanctuary. 

d'yiao'iadt, ov, 6, (dTid^oi) consecration, sandifieaticn* 

dYuurr^piov, T6,^dyiouTfta. 

dyifw, f. <Voi, Att 1w, (dytos) to hoMow, make sacred^ 
Lat. dedicare. 

dyCv^, f. ^av : Ep. prea. inf. dytv4/ievcu : Ion. 
impf. dyivsffKov: — ^lengthd. Ion. form of Syea, to 
carry, bring :— Med. to have brought one, II. to 

bear fruit. 

iyt6yp€uf>os — iykiia-fM. 

lyii-Yp&^ot, or, (^Tiot, yp&pcj) wriUen by intpira- 

Mm: A irpi^fidpA (nib. fiifiXia), ibe P§cdm8 md 

«Ar hoob 4^ ike Old Teaktment as diitingniahed from 

tiblsv and tbe Prophets. 

kfot, a, ear, (jSyot) deected to the godk. Let. tactr^ 

h4§: cf persomi, pio^u, jmre: t6 aTiov, a 

II. sometiixies like Lat. taeer, ao- 

L — In old Att. dvnSf is used instead. Adv. 

kfimf^ ifTot, 4, (^m) tandUff, holme$$, 

tpa-rdat 4* ^"fs^ in pi. hdy rites, the tervice qf the 
ittyfe or saaduory. From 

kftmim, eicw, (dyCw) to paform aatnd rites: 
heact to be piouM, Uee fioudy. 

tfmvwni, 4, (aTiot) ssiyiirrjt, 

iya-, po^ abbrer. for dpuc- in the compds. of 
tke piep. d»d with words beginning with m, e. g. dy- 
uuBtu for dwMrcarAcu. 

*AYwt{o|iQi , £. Airc/tat : Dep.: {SiyicaM, dymf). To 
kksaiUftvipinAe arms, 

IfOBw, AdT. for dTinb, on (fts arm, i. e. resting 
ciiit»Lat.cHM(o^resso: also «n lAe arms. 

kfiaXim, poeL for dwa-MoX-, 

iYH4Xi|, 1^ (drfK^) the beni arm, vum. in plnr. II. 
netaph. any thing dotdy enfolding, as the arma of the 
m^ttc. [«d] 

jywXtfofMw, £. Itfofuu, Att. fovfiai : Dep. : (dy- 
iiAh^)^6rptA(ofJuu, to taJse in the artm, 

iyUXU, tSo$, i^t in plnr. ^^dyttaXat, arms. II. 

aiodZ^Lat. mon^mlus. 

ifB&Xio}ia» T^, (d7iRiAi(t>/im) (Aa4 uhieh ia tm^ 

tfaXo% ^, (drpc&kii) on ormfuZ: a bundle, 

^^fokg, AdT., (^«4) «n^ or in Oe amta, 

j y-wfutt , poet. £ar da^drteufjuu, 

'ATSS, i^,^dyico9 or dyicdAi;, on arm. 

^Y«|pv(ra«s, poet, for dj^artnjftbaaw. 

iyiurrp^a, i^, {dymarpow) angling. 

iifaarpmnuU% 4* ^''t (fyntrrpov) belonging to 
^njfktg: rb drpiiarptVTUc6v, angling, 

ilfidofpcav, r6. Dim. fix>m dyiairrpov, a amaU hook, 

il|noTp6-€rrot, or, (AyiaerTpov, b4ea) with a hook 
loMf to A, of a fishing rod. 

^Tfur r po aS^t , /t, {Sytaarpor, flBot) JbooJk-fAa|Mi. 

^VKMrrpoir, r^ (akin to dytto$, dyieifkot) a JuMtook, 

^Y-aXU«t and irfHskiyua^ t6, poet, for dyorithJivca, 

^lfae(vi|, 1^ {dyici») poet. f<n> dynedXi;, (Ae benl arm, 
■ed only in plnr. II. metaph. any thing doady 

Adding; cL drpadhfi. 

^T*Oft£{at, poit. for dycHro/ii(w. 

^IMcovCit, fbr dva-ttoptof, to haaten, 

'ATKOS, fot, r6, a bend or hollow, esp. of the arm : 
Waet a aownf otti gfen. defl; mO^. 

fr<r|W|i^ifot, poeL for dyaurpc/<d<rat, aor. i part, of 


^f^i^Xmn, poet, for dyi&-ir/)(a(f . 

dY-icpovo)iai, poet, for dyoricpobofuu, 

dYKuXi| [i>],i),Iike dYirdXi;, <Ae 5aui </ <%s arm. II. 
a loop in a conl : esp. the thong of a javelin, by which 
it was hnrled, Lat. amenlwn: also the jatdin itself: 
any thong or atring, e. g. the leaah of a homid, a bow» 

iiyfcXlKifr^ ^, 6v, Terb. Adj. of dyievKiofJUu, 
thrown from the beni arm;— as Subst r6 dyxvXi/r^r, 
a javdin. 

a>YicvXiov, r6. Dim. of dyielKfj, a amaU dart or 
javdin, II. rd dyici^Xia used to translate the 

Lat. aneQia, 

6yKv\o^k&x^ytlyoa,6,((iyKvKoa,ykwx^^) *^ hooked 
apura, of a fighting cock. 

dYitDX-68ovt, ovroff, ^, i)t (dyiKi^Xot, 68o(«) crooib- 
toolAed, baibed, of weapons. 

d^f^^^l^V^* ^> ^> 4« (ti^T'^A^t A<9Tit) crooked 
of eounad, wQy, 

dYf^^^^ovB, irow, (dytcvXoa, vois) tcilh curved 
feet, bi^po$ dyic, the Boman seSa atrulia. 

dYici(iXot» i7« ov, (dy/rot, Lat. uncus) crocked, curved, 
of a bow : of the eagle's beak, hooked, [9] 

&yK^X6-roio%, ov, (dy/r&Xot, t6£ov) teith curved bow, 

d-yKi^Xo-xsiXtit, ov, 6, (dyieixoa, x^^^) ^"^ hooked 

dvid}Xo-x^t|t, ov, d, (dyKh?ioa, x^^i) "'^ crooked 

&ytA\6ta, f. ^(Toi : pass. pf. ^icbXw/uu : (dyicbkot). 
To make erool^ or hooked. Hence 

dyK^karr^vi, 6v, of javelins, /umisfted with a thong, 

dYici)pa, (dyieoa, dyic&y) ^, Lat anedra, an anchor, 
so called f^om its shape, finit in Find. ; for in Homer 
we read only of aival, L e. stones uaed aa anchors, 

dyicOpCttt, f. lav, Att tu, (Aytcvpa) to hook, ealch a$ 
with a Jiah-hook, 

dYKvpiov, rd. Dim. ofdyxvpa, a amaU anchor, 

dYicOp-ovxCa, i), {(iyicvpa, «x^) ^ holding by the an- 
chor jlv dyievpovxlais when safe at anchor. 

'ATKA'N, woe, 6, like dyicdXtj, the bend or hollow 
of the arm, Vte bent arm, the dbow: hence II. any 
bend, as the angle of a wall, the bend of a river, a bay 
or creek of the sea ; alao the curved chorda of a musical 
instrument Hence 

dTKcavCoKOs, 6, Dim. of dyfcinf, 

dYX&-46fu»0f, ov, (dyXa6a, i$§ipa) briaht'haired, 

dyXoUia^ ftit med. inf. of dykatiea, with pass., 

&ykSia, ^, (dyXo^t) aplendour, beauty, brigUneaar 
hence as opp. to what is useful, pomp, dtow, vanity^ 
and in plnr., vanitiea: aHao fedive joy, triumph, and in 

dyXiXtia, f. Iffw, Att tSa, (dyXaSs) to make aplendid,. 
adorn: also to give aa an omameni: — ^Pass., to be 
adorned with a thing, 60 proud of it, ddight in it 

6,yX6XaYA, rd, an ornament; c£ dyaXfta, 

iyXa6ymos — - iyovot. 


d7X&M«»pot, ow, (djkcL&i^ Ktpw) hedowtig qimdid 

dYX&6-6povot, ovy {(SL-yXaUt Op6vot) with tpimdid 

d^X&^-Kapvot, or, (dykatU, Kapm69) hearing or ie- 
ttowing goodly fruit, 

dyXd^-KOvpof, w,(iy?ia6t, tcovpot) ridt in fair youOu, 

dYXii^-Kpdvof, ov, (^7X0^ *M*^) ^^' ^ iyXa^- 
iepfrivo9y wkh beautiful Bpringa. 

6,yk&6-4uoi^M%t w, (ieyXjoAt^ impuu) gracing ikefmd, 

'ATAA'GrS, i}. 6v, alao 6m, <$y, $plmdid, ttatOg, 
heamtiful, brUUant, bright : of men, fatmm*, ndtHe : c 
dat, /amotw /or a thing. Adv. -«m. (AJdn to <df- 
^\3j, dy6XXofiai.) 

dYX&o-Tptd(inf|f , ov, 6, Ace. -^, (^7X11^ r/tfcuva) 
Oe ^od 0/ 1^ drig/ii tridmL 

i.y\A^y^, onrof, ^, i), (d7Xa^, &fp) brigkt^effed : g«- 
nenJIy, /oaAtn^. 

d-7X«vit(|t, ^t, (a private 7Xcurot) not $weei: iour, 

"AT ATX SiyXWiM, only nwd in pHv. SyMBn, a 
head of gariie, which is made up of fleveral cloveii. 

dryXMfg, ^f,»d-7AciMc4t. 

d-^XcMmo, Att. i^XunrriA, 1), dum^neia. From 

Srykmairo% oy, Att. d-7XArrrot, ov, (a pxirat., 
yXSuraa) withcvt tongue: mleni, dumb, Lai. alm- 
^if. II. ^peaking a ttrange tongue, ^0dp0apot. 

&y\uif t6, (iyrvfi'.) a fragment. 

dTift^t* it {dywfu) a breakage, fradun of a 
bone. IL a broken diff, preeipiee* 

d>Yva|fcirTOt, or, (a piivat., ypd/arrot) unbending, 

d-YvanTOt* 0K,»aq. II. alao not fltoamed, 

d-^&^ot, or, (a privat, yydwrw) of doth, not 
-carded, L e. new. 

dYVfCo, 4* (d7vc{rfltf) jwrdy, eh o M it g . 

&7v«v)ia, r<$, (d7Vf(Ntf) dbifify. 

dTvtvtt, c{r<rw, (d7»^t) £0 o&Krre aerHpttloudy, «idbs 
a jM>ftn< of eonecienee of, c inf. : — also dmplj, to be 
pure or ehaaie: c. gen., to keep oneedfpmrefrom. 

dYvCt^ ^ ^*^^* Att Ku, (dTTiSf ) to make pmre, p^ 
r^y, deanee, Lat. hutrare. IL (o (#6r, biin» ae 

a taerifiee. 

dYvtotfO, or, (dTTot) wutde qf tuitky or agnme oaetue. 

tyvioyA, r6, {6yriiw) a meant of pairifieaiion, 

kyvioyi&t, 6, (&yvi(ci) a purification, expiation, 

dYvCnit, ov, 6, (dytiiw) a purifier, p] 

dTvote, £p. dTvoUtt : t ^fooi : aor. I ^ytrStiira, 
£p. dyvolrjffo. Ion. and £p. 3 ting. drfv^niratrKe : 
(as if from *d-7root«d-root). Not to peroeioe or 
know, to he ignorant, LmLignorare: in Homer moetly, 
oinc dyroiffffir he pereeioed or knew wtM. II. ab- 

sol. to mistake, be wrong; hence in part. d7vowr, by 
mistake. Hence 

dYv6i||Aa, r6, a fault tf ignoranee, ooersi^: aod 

dYvoi|TUc6t, 4, 6y, <wt to errfrmn ignoranee. 

dTvoiji, 4, (d7ro«tf) want of perception, 
ranee. II. =dyv6j}pa a f omit of ignaranoe, [poSt. 

sometimes dyvoid : of. dyouL."] 

dyv^Uta, poet., esp. Ep., ton for ^tto^ 

dYvo£t|<n^ Od. 24. siS, 3 sing. aor. a act. opt. of 
dTTo^ai : but if written dypoigci, it is 3 sing. prea. 

dyvoovvvost, Adv^ pros. act. part, of dTroiv, ig- 

d7v6'pi}TOf, ov, {dypSs, fiia) pure^lowing. 

dYv6s, if, 6v, pure, chaste, unmiUied: M^, sewnd : 
upright. II. c. gen., pure from a thing. Adr. 

-vSft. (AJdn to &(w, aeytoe, Sjoe, etc) 

^ArN02,4. Att.d,«X{r7ot, a taU tree like tftie 
willow, the agnus-^xtsttts, 

dyv^rm^os, 1), (d7v<5«) jwf%, ehadiiy, 

''AFNTin, 3 dual d7v0ror: ineg. fiit ^w: aor. 
I ia^a, Ep. ^(a, part. d£at, but kho ld£at : aor. 2 
pass, idyijv [d", v. sob fin.] : peil Utya, Ion. Iinro. 
To (reoik, mop, emsft, shioer, TmLfrango: — Pass. with 
pf. act 1^70, to be broken, to snap, shiner in pieces : of 
sound, lotpreaJ around: of, 
L e. windiR^ oonrss. [d in perfl ISto, Ian. iifyaz bot 
in aor. a pass. ^^771^, d in Hom., d long in Att.; ▼. 

d7V(i>|AOvla>, fjaw, (dyv&pom) to act wOhout judgmesst^ 
act ignorantly or unfairly. 

dywa^iA¥w% Adv. of dyyitftonf, sensdesdy, 

dyvw^uoa^Yii, ij, want of sense or judgment : 
leseness, ignorant. II. arrogance. a. ui^c 

ness, unkmdness, Lat iniquilas: in plnr.» ■wwinrfpr- 
standings. From 

d-Tvc^ioiv, or,, orot, (a prirat, yi^psf) wanting tenae 
or judffment: sensdess,ihou^idess, headstrong, 2, 

unfeding, unkind: unjusL 

d-yv^ Srros, 6, ij, (a prirat, yvSmu aor. a of 
7i7ri60'«w) pass, ualmown: obscure, 2. obscure^ 

igndde. II. act not knowing, ignonmt cf a thing. 

dTvOt, Adv. of d7r^ 

d-y^tcaia, ij,anot knowiug, ignorance, IL a 

being wtknown, dyscurUy. 

dyyi^ v wr w s or dy^^maaws. Ion. and poet for 
i^SffCs, 3 sing. aor. I of d7ro^. 

dTvJtavbi, pras. formed from fiiceg.,«d7ro^. 

d-TVttOTOf or dyviorot, ov, (a privat, 7i7rdii0M») 
Hnlpnown, d7raNnrot fhafffou an nnftnocm tongue : 
unheard ef, forgotten. 2. not to be known, H. 

act. not knowing, ignorant of, rtvSs, Adr. -ress, 

dryvarot, ov, another form of feng. 

d-^ovCo, 4t unfrui^fubtess. From 

d-Tovot, ov, (a privat, 7or4) pass, wnbom, IL 

act. not producing, wtfruUful, Utrren : c gen., not prO" 
dudice of, dmUtnOs of: rittos dyovos, trmil when lAa 
mother dies brfore the chUd is bom. 2, 2^ dUId- 

iyoos — iypt6kM09. 

kfitp^ «, Ep. and Ion. dvop^* ^ ^ (<Mfw) 
«qr «MenUy, e^ on AatewiHy of the People, opp. to 
dtt Coondl (^ovX^). II. A* fHaee (fAMtmlSp, 

not osJy ibr public deliatmg, eleetiODi a»d 
hmlL alM> for bnyiag and MQing, and all kinds 
«f bnHJnri, Lat. forum: — eapecii^y, the market- 
HL ti that tt irwuaded m thefcrum, a 
h Ifift ^ »pe(Jcingf Lat. eoneio. TV, 
mid 4» tfttf fonrnnt eip. pnwitioM, Lat. onnona : 
bence 6jop^ «ii^>^ff<r, etc., to bold a marfeet. Y. 
aa a maA of time, dyopcl vX^tfowo, or d^ep^ vAit- 
fl t pf, Ae /oroioon, when tbe marlcet-place was Ml : 
cpp. to d yo ^ iy &iiAiKris, ^ Itme jtM( after nudF-day : 
iHam ^MBj -went bome from market. 

4|w^auii, Ep. ibr Ayopaa^t, a pL pvea. Ind. of 
il%tpii\§mu» {jS,yop9aa$€] 

&|opd^i», £ dffw, (6rfop6) to he in lie mar)bsf-plac0, to 
ain^ #.* hence 3. lo do hiume»$ tibere, ^ or mS ; 
Med, to hoffar tmetdf. 3. of idle people, to hmtid 
At aiailfcjIpfcMf, Iphi^ <Aer«, c£. aq. 

iyafaioc «•% ^ ^, or bdongkig to Ae market- 
^aie, a& epith. d several gods. 11, frequentmg 

dn markethfiamt—^ dyopaioi (wftb or Trithout ^- 
$p mmm . \ Z. hnekMer», pktff Uafficken, retail- 

3. idlert or loungettf like Lat. su^os- 
il, aad so generally the oommon iort : — ^hence the 
vord Is mnd of things, low, mean, vulgar. III. 

geooallj, proper to the oteeaMy, mated to foremie 
hmtineu Uke : f ieyoffuSot (ic ^/Upa) a 

if, iv, hdomging to tbe dyo/KM^poe 

4w I^« it? ■■ T A*' »» tn.'-f.- - 
Of SW (^gkOe, J^A w .aEwImCHH^ 

4^fep4 ¥ 6yii o v, r^, CAe eourt ef Qte irfofM-w6iioM, 
i|1>* w ^ fie a , ^ (^h^H^ W/w) a «ieri; of As marbrt, 
^o regulated tba bnying uid selling there, like the 

Alt. iffao/tat : Dep.: (dTOpd). To meet 
mlkiAMmmUp^tiiindeMB: alao to tpeak mtheAt- 

Dor. fiir dTo/Nl^tf. 
Ay^pSott, COM, 4t (d7op^a;) hufing, purehate, 
tmifmaita, f4, {irfopifm) Oat tokkh is bought or 
sdU: in pbK. wares, taMvftoruKK. 
iyopoorWii, ov, d, (d70^(w) A« t2aM who had to 
hug psinhiisiSi tbe pmrmyor, LiU. dhaonalor, 
i yi f ammfa , 17, ^, (dTO^iifv) heUmgmg to, fit for 
ing or Iradff: 4 dToptvrurl^ (sub. rkxyif) com- 

ms, cvKTw, (dTopd) to fpeoik in the ABeewHg, to 
'•: geiwially to tpeak: xeurdr or mutSn hfo- 
fdmr ra^a to ^teak HI cf one. 3. to prodo^ 

Adorr: acr. I ned. deptpebawr^m to get a thing pro- 

Aysf% Ep. and Ion. Ibr dTopd. Hence 
A|BpiifP, Adr.,/Vvm Ae Atmmbtg or nuirfeef; and 
■ ^ s y^ D ^S t AdTn to Ae AammiUg or tnorJlKi. 

&Yop'^F«rro, poet, for 470^<^av«t 3 fliiig* Mr. i 
med. of iyopdofjuu, 

dfopifr^ ov, 6, (^bTopdoftctt) a epeaker, orator, 

dyoptirvt, if09, ^, (dyopiofmi) Ae gift or powor of 
wpeMng, 4oquenoe, Ion. £oiin. 

dYOpot, 6, |>oet. for deyopk, 

^Yot, Ion. dyoti sot, t6, (S{ofuu) emg matter of 
rdiffiom awe : hence, I. pollution, guHt, Lat pia- 

euktm: ajkd 90 the curse which foUowsU, 2,the per- 
son or thing aecursad, an dbondnatien, 3. an eapia- 
tory sokorifiee, 

i-yim, on, 6, (dyw) a leader, thief, 

d Yog'j 6t , 6, Vie flat of the Aoad. II. As lent arm, 
like dyttiw, arfioobnq, (Akin to irptiiw, drfwvfu.) [S] 

'AI7A, ^, a catching, hutting, djpatf h^>iw%af to fol- 
low As ehaoe .•-^-also, a wag ^ catching, II. 
that which is taken in Imnting, the iooty,preff .* — of birds 
or beasts, game: of fish, a draught or haul, 

d>7pd|&|A&rot, or, (a piirat., ypkfipa) without Uorn- 
ing (ypaftfuera), unlettered, Lat. HUteratus, eep. imoUs 
to read or write, II. ^^d-ypaupos, unwritten, 

6r-ypmwro%, ov, (a prirat., ypiu^) rmwritten, dyp, 
v6fUfM the unwritten moral law : cf. d-ypai^s. 

dypavA^ ^aes, to he an dyp-avXos, to dweU in the 
fidds, of shepherds. 

d'yp-sivXof, 9v, {dyp6s, aik^) dwelling in the fields, 
of riiepherds : — of things, rural, rustic, 

d-Yp&^of, ov, >= d-ypamrot, unwritten : dypa/^ v^ 
poi, unwritten laws, which are I. the laws of na- 

ture, moral law. 2, laws of custom. II. not 

registered in a written Ust, 

dypsi, dTpflrs, 3 sing, and plnr. imperat. from 
iypiti, q. y. : in Homer as Adv., just like dye, Sty^rs, 
come! some on! quick! 

dYpsios, a, or, (&yp6s) of tbe country, rural, rvsHe : 
also, chwaish, bocrish, like dypoueos. ^nee 

dvpcioo^fvn, 4, downiekness. 

FEI#NA, rfs, i)» a harrow, rake, 

dyp^iuos, ov, (dypa) taken in hunting. 

&ypuria, 4> '='dypa, spoU taken in the chase, 

dypsv^uok, t6, (iypsica) that which is taihen in tbe 
chase, booty, spotZ. II. a net, toU, 

dYpcus, ^t, S, (dypsifot) a hunter, 

i^ypevrhp, rjpos, d, and dipevHjt, oS, ^ a Aimtor, 
like d7^ciw. II. af A^j., used in hunting or fish- 

ing, dyp, tcvvu, hounds: dyp, ttdka p os a fishing-Jrod, 

dYpfVTUc6s, ^, 6v, fit for, skilled in hunting. From 

d^pcutf, titow, (dypa) to hunt, take by bwding, eoAA : 
metaph. to hunt after, pursue eagerly, 

dypifio, JS^, form of dyptbo), to hunt afttr, prnmie 
saginiy : — see dypsi, dypwr^, 

dYpt|, ij, Ion. for Aypou 

dypiaivw, t &w, ^^ltyp^os): — I. intnua. to be 
savage, provoked, angry, 2, causal, to make engry, 

dYpv4Xaftot, ov, (dyptos, iksda) of a wiU oBm^ 
oleaster : as Snbst, dyptikaios^ 4> ^ ^'^^ ^'^^^' 


i,ypi6baitris *— dyx^f^^^^* 

dYpu>-8<&(n|f, ov» ^, (dypioif Zalwfuu) eating wQd 
frvSU, like fiaXavti-<p6yo$. 

dYpu>-iroi^ 6r, {dyptM, wwiw) making wild : tsp, 
of a poet, writing wildty, 

dypun, a, ov, also ot, or, (<&y/)^) Imwi^ in the Jidda, 
Uvitg wQd : hence I. of animals, opp. to rt9tur69, 
wild, layage, Lat./«ni«, crCt Srfpiot a iptid boar. a. 
of tree0,opp. toi(|ifpot,tMZ(l. 3.of coimtrief,triU, 
iineu2(JRito(2, tmreelo^ned. U. usq. of men and 

animalB in moral wnM, tmZci, «nu(^ Jieree, Lat./enM, 
/ervix. 2. in Att also opp. to iaruot, (as Lat. 

nisCictis to iifiamw), 5oorii^ rvde, 3. also of any 

violent passion^ whemmi^fwrknu. III. Adv. 

-iwt, also neut. pi. ^7^10, wHdly,fier€dg. Hence 

d'Vpt6Ti|f, i^rof, 1), toUdneaa, fieranetSj Lat /erftos. 

dYpi^-4^uvot, ov, (^7/Mos, ^ftwi}) fm(A a roui^ft ooloe, 
like ^pfiap6'^pwo9, 

d^i^co, f . ^01, (d[7/Mos) <o fndbe tnZd or mwagt. Uso. 
in Pass, (o grow loild, and in perf. ifypimjim, k» fte 
ifffld, of plants, etc. :— of men, (o he eavage ot fierce, 
Lat. ^erari. 

dypirMn, ft, (d^pcot, c75ot) of a wHd natwre. 

dYpi-«»irot, 6v, {iy/Hot, ^) wild4ooking, 

dypo-p6mii, ov, d, (dypoe, fi6ff/ew) feeding in the 
fidd, dwdling in the eoimtry, 

ikypO'ythwf, oroe, 6, {dyp6e, ytiruv) a eomltry 
neighbour, opp. to darvythw, 

dYpo-S6n|t, ov, 6, (dypa, USoffn) a gieer cf hootf, 

dypd-^. Adv. from iyp6t,from the country, 

ikypoiida, ^, (Siypoucot) booriehneee, coarteneee, 

dYp-OMCOf, oy, {dyp6$, 61m4w) living in the ctmntry, 
ruetie : hence a. of men, booridi, rude : opp. to 

dtrrcTof . 3. of fruits, grown m the country, com' 

mon, opp. to yeyyoTot : btit also 4. of land, nmgh, 
vneuUioated, like dypiot, II. Adv. -leen. 

dypoti&nrj[gf ov, 6, poet for dypSrtje, a countryman, 
dotm. II. as Adj^ ruetie. 

dYp6|&cvot, 17, OK, part. Ep. aor. a med. of dydpot, 

dYp6v-^, Adv. of dyp6t, to the country, 

dYpd-vofftOf, or, and in Anth. tj, ov, {dypSe, vifAO' 
fuu) haunting the eowUry, rural: elao ^dypioe, wild, 

'ATPOrZ, ov, 6, Lat AOEB, afidd, land: niao the 
eountrv, as opp. to the town4 

dypirepot, a, or, {dyp6t) poet for dypw, wHd, of 
plants : of men, nutie, II. {dyfio) fond of the 

chaoe : hence 4 dyporipa, the huntrese, 

dYpOT^, fjpoe, 6,Bdyp6rrit, a countryman: fern. 
dypirtipa, as A^j* ruetie, 

iyp&rifg, ov, 6, fern. dyp&tt%, iSot, (dyp6$) a 
countryman or countrywoman, a. as A4J., licing in 
the country, rurai, ruetie, 

dypo-^vAa^, Arot, 6, (dyp6t^ ^^) o witdier of 
the country, 

dypvwiM, f. ^ffos, (dyp-vnroe) to he wakeful, lie 
awake : dypvKwA nn or eU n,to he watdtful of or 
intent upon a thing, Lat inmgHart reL Hence 

dYptnrvCo, 1^ d eqiee en eea, waUng, waleUng* 

dYp-virvot, o¥, (dypiea, twme) ^dihrvoe, d eepfeB S i , 

d y^&eme, ^drfpdm, to eatdt, 

dy^AoTifi, ov, 6, (dyp6t)^dyp6rfi9, a comUry* 
man, 11. (dypa) a hunter: fern, dy pfta 1 i> » 

tHot, 4> a huntreae, 

dYpoMmt, lot and com, 1j, a gran that mulea lee<S 

dYp 4rn t , ov, d,wd7p^n^aooiinffymaii:— asA^l^ 

dywd^ 1), (^701) a fray or road: bnt nso^ in townsi^ 
a etreet, a public place; in plur., a dty, town, [itymiA'i 

d YMdn|t, ov, 6, a 'AtvkcCw : voc 'Atmoto. [jBtymiJ 

dyvidTvit, iSot, ij, fern, from forego like KOfUfna^ a 
neighbour, II. as A^., *A7Vfdn8ct BepoMeSak^ 

the wordiip cf ApdOo Jgyieue. 

'AYVicut, 4eM, 6, (drfwd) name of Apollo as guar^ 
dian of the etreete and publie plaeee, 

d-7V|ivi&o{a, 4t crant qf exerdte or training, FnniL 

dp^viivairrof, ow, (a privat, yvpydiu) without sr- 
erdee, mUrained: iyvpmar6e rivoe unpradieed in & 
thing, also eU or 9p6e ri, a. unhiaraaeed, undis- 

turbed, II. Adv. -Twt, dTv/irdo'Tfltft ^x^''^ ^ ^ 


dyiipit, lot, 4, JEoL form of dyopd, a galherinff, 
crowd, aeeenMy, [d] 

dyvpi&^t, ov, 6, {ayeipat) a eoOedum. 

dyvprdtflA, daw, (dy(tpnj$) to coUed by begging, [d] 

d7vpYt|f, ov, 6, (dytlpai) orig. a gaUierer, cdketor t 
hence nsu. a beggar, mowUdfonk, dteaL Hence 

d7Vf»Tuc6f, 4, or, Uibe a fnounl^anlp. 

dTvpTpia, i), fem. from dyvarfip, 

dyxi-pAXou o¥, (dyxh /«XOfW*) /gW»V *«»<* <<> 
toni i: dy x* SirAa anna for doae fight, 

'ATXI, Adv. of place, » I77U, fMor, n^A, doee by^ 
cgen. Gompar. d7x<or and flurffor: Snperl. d'yxi^'ra, 
d-yxordroi. 01 i^ou, dTX'orot. [t] 

dYX^-^ot, or, also 17, or, (dTXt, oXt) near (fte sea, 
of cities: bnt of islands, near lAs sea on ofl fidei, saa- 
^trt, like d/upi-akoa, 

dyxypM^ 4t, (dTx*. fiaB6a) deep doee to the dure* 

^'YX^Y^^'i^^* ^* S»oi^t ^x'O'* (^7X^ Tclrwr) neair>' 

dYx^-YVOf, or, (d^xt, 7(m) </ a nft^Mourtii^ taiwi. 

dTX^-vtot, ov, {dyx^ 0*69) near the goda, L e. god^ 
like or dwdimg with the goda, 

dYX^-^i^ipot, o¥, (firfxh ^/n) iM<n' <^ '^MM't ne^prft^ 
bowing, \(] 

dy%ympitfi^ifO% ov, (dyxh itpiiiKvda) near the d^a os 

*YXii*dXirt«. ov, ^, -dYX^/«X<»* 

dYX^-|&oXos, or, {dyxif poketv) coming necar: al*^ 
ways in nent, as Adv., dyxipokov Mwf or ar^vae 
to come or stand near; ^ dyxtp^»o from nij^ al 

fM>w^— 'Ara'N. 


-,,. , ,_ ^ (Syxi, ri^ot) mar the doitda. 
if^pffrvoia, ^ {<^YXh yoiat) a ready tcU, tbrewdnem. 

4|x t foot , or, ocmtr. dYX^-vovt, ow, (^7X<» ■'^St) 

i^P(C-^RXoos, or, contr. d-yx^-^^ovt, ovy, (^7X<> 
«*«■•) Mor ^ oeo, &fX' v6po» a abort Toyage. 

ijxjL^nkhm, poet. d7X^-«v«^^ ««^ ^. ^» (^7X«. 
«d^) Mor fke edy, <2i0Btf«n^ to tA« IoimL 
*TX^-wpo«, or, (*yx»» vop^ym) pamiag nemr, 

irfXJi^trroXMS, poet. ftM* d7X(-iroA<t. 

^ I X igr a , Soperl. of ^ryx't ce'y fMOft ▼• &TXitno%, 

dm rrfo, ^ (d7x<o'Tf{M0) ti#amof qf Im. H. 

n^pAii 0^ Ibm, r%H^ </ tnAtfrdanoe. 

4yx"*"***» '''(^ »d7xurrc^ 

A f Xfi »r s , itao, d, (^^Txurra) tft« Mei< of km: the 
iar oliaK. 

A f Xui ' itu ai, £ cCrov, {Syx^arot) to fo near to one, o. 
daL : esp. to he nod of kin, to be heir at law, 

mrQpariip, ij^oo, d, poeL for dyx^ortim, icfxiar^p 
rev m iS n t m mmediait omthor of the mfieriiig. 

A y xi^M^ p** ^ ^'^^ P<^ lengtluL foim of ^TXiirrot, 

^'Yx*'0'*'o*t o*'* Siiperl. of ^7X'« "^ <^ neami: 
^7 X« gy oo 7<£m memttl of km : nenL Spfxtorm^^ or 
^TX^'TTo, M AdT. mod nearly Hyxiora toutoM mott 
■ooHy like. Ham. : o2 ^yxi^ra the next afkm: freq. 
e. gen. as SrfxuFTd rnnot, nearat to him. II. of 

tiBic, lo^ Xat. proximui. 

AvX^-vTp04^o«, o¥, {dyxi, arpitpot) turning noar, 
of a bird. 2. hence QUMfc-c^aa^^, 
$uddeny neat. pi. iiyxi^rrpofpa as Adv., 

4vxi^'r^p|M0v, or, gen. orot, (Srfxjk Tipfta) near (he 
imiert, mtiglkUmHng, 

ijj^i^rmmt, aif, (<l7X>> T6ttm) near the birth. 

ijxf/bmf^ Adv., (^tx^) f'^"'* ^^ ^ kamd. 

i \ x ^ ^ Adr., ssdryxov, 'Maf, c gen. 

i tf% j 6Rn^ 4t (AtX^) ttttittiiRy, $irangUng, hanginQ: 
aptnmmm i^fxi"^ wocae than haagmg ; d7X<$>77* W- 
Xjk aa bad aa %an^ui|r; ^tx^ "f"^ Xinn; an(7uMi and 
pie! a. a rope for hanging, hmHer. 

4|x^M«a,a, or, {i^fx6vri)fiifor ttrangUngcit hanging, 

i ^X Opm n n, poet, for dni-xo^uML 

d y X ^*^^^ * * ^7* ^* Superl. of dfyx^ neared, nexi. 
ran. as Adv., irfxyrmi, lik6 dfTxt^To, c gen. : cX 
i t 'l Xuiitj ' a i v^oo^^^vrrcfl the neaoKd of kin. 

AY X^ wjggg * a« fi"^* Comp. of dyx^t neor^. 

'ArXOT^^^^i, nomr : abeoL, or c. gen., ako c. 


'ATXn. t Ifiw, Lat A?rOO, to preu tight, egg, the 
Ifaoai: to drmigk, throtOe, hang, 

dyx ^i^Xiffi, or, (i^x** ^/aiXot) tMor^ eftial; tt7X' 
^?>fft ^1^x17 a dottb^ battle. Adv. dTx^^M^^* 
■bo dTx^/aoAii, doubtftdiif, Lat. ce^vio iUatie. 

'ATu, Lat. iiGO; imp! iyoy: fat. d^ai: aor. 2 

^yayoy, inf. d7iry«r ; klB freq. aor. I 9£a« liii^ ^i^ 
£p. d^ifur or d^i/upm : perf. 9x<^ ledapl. dTiJoxa : 
pert pan. ^/lac : Ait. pass, dx^o'ofieu, bat also fat. 
med. S^ofuu, with pais, signf. : aor. I pass. fx^V • 
yerb. Ac^. d«r/oy.— Lat. AOO, I. to koii, take 

teiih one, of pemns, ^puv being used of things, 
&Yeiw Kol ^peiv, to carry off (he tpoH of a land, both 
cattle and movables, like Lat. agere d ferre : Ayetv 
cis himiv or ducaff-Hjpioy, dyur M ro&^t iucaffrdt to 
carry before a court c^ jostice, Lat. rapere injue, U, 
to had on, lead towards, &y(v Baydroio WAoo'Sc led on 
to death, Horn. ; c. inf., dryei Sayuv it leeids to death : 
hence to lead, as a genml ; to ^tde, as the gods, 
etc. : also to m it kad , tednoe. 3. to bring vp^ tram^ 
edueak, teaXck or MotcSu i^x^^mu. IIL to <2raio 

Old in length, rcTxos dYcir, Lat mmum dueere, to 
buUd a wall. lY. like Lat agere, to heid^ cel&- 

brOte, iopTTiv, etc. : also to hdd, keqt, dbterve, dpifwrpf, 
<rvorMs, etc. : Ayuif fiu», Lat agere vitam, to lead « 
life, live. V. like Lat. dueere, to hold, contider, k¥ 
ripf dyeiy or dyeoBai, to hold in honour, etc YL 
like Vdcur, to weigh so much, e.g. dyuy ixray, t/mo- 
KoaUnn ha/xiMovi,eUi,,to weigh a mina, 300 darios,eto. 
Med. i,yn^M%, to carry aaayfor oneee^f, carry off, 
as XF^^^^ f* 'C'^ &pyvpo» o&od* &yta$ai : Ay^oBat 
ywauta, Lat. uxorem duoere, to take to onea^f a wife ; 
absol. AytaOai, to marry : but also of the father, # 
cAoose a xnStfor hie ton : — 8id or^/ia dyfcSai pSihr 
to Ut pate through the mouth, i. e. to utter ; iyeaSai 
Tt h X^P^t ^ '^ '^ thing into one's hands. 

6,ywyalio%, or, (d7*>nf4) fil f^ leading by, of a dog's 
collar or leash. 

dywytvt, ion, b, {&yot to lead) a leader, one th(A drawe 
or dragt, II. that by which one leada, a rein, leaih, 

dywy^, i), (^70;) a leading away, a carrying away 
or off: also in intrans. sense, a going away, a. a 

bringing to or in, bringing hrfore an attemUy, II. 

a leading towards a point, guiding : the leading of an 
army, guiding a state. a. a training, edueating : 

and intrans., con^ud, mode of life, 

dY^byK|&et, or, (<iiyot) easy to be carried: rd iiyityt' 
fWL, things portcibk, a cargo of wares. II. that 

may be earned awc^ : of per^ns, oOUawed, or deliver^ 
into bondage. III. easily Ud, complaisant, 

d'Y(0Yiov, t6, {dyw) the load of a wagon, 

dytay^ 6y, (^h^) c. gen., leading, guiding : as Subst., 
dyityia, 6, a guide: o2 dToryo^ on eseorf. II. 

hading towards. III. drawing to oneself, diciiing, 

c. gen. : aUradive, ri 6r^fo>y6v, aUradivoness, 

'Arn'N, £rof, 6, an assembly, Wk.e Ayopd: also a 
place cf aseemtly: eep, an asaemhly md to see 
games, 2, a place qf contest, the arena or sto- 

ditm. II. the assembly of the Oreeks at their 

great nationai games, as, dTo^r 'Okupinds, 'OXv/i- 
iruc6s, etc : hence the conted for a prize at their 

games. 2. generally, <my struggle or conted, dyin^ 
^fi rijs fvx^t. 3. a batUe, 4. an action at 



iyoivipfxfis — JiScX^cif . 

2auf, trial, 5. met«ph. itrriv iyinf X6y€w, fidxi', 
etc., now is the time for speaking, f^hting, eUs 

dYMV^)Ct|tt Wf if (^7^* ipK^y o yr^tident or 
judge of a eonied, 

^YMvCo, ^t a ttrvgglefor vidory, a. gymnaMie 

tjoereiae^ wretHmg, 3. o^onsf, on^uitft. 

dYwviidtt,f. dffw [dQ, to 5e engaged in a eontetl, to 00m- 
pele, like dTon^/fo/KU. III. to drice eagedy, to 

be onxMMis about a thing. 

dYSftviSoTOi, Ion. for iffonnaiUvoi tlal, 5 plnr. perl 
pass, of 

dYwvCto|iai : Dep. with tat med. iffOfuu, or more 
HSU. Att roO|iat : — for the pass, forms see signf . n. 2 : 
{(&,y^). To eoniend for a prize, esp. in the public 
games, dycMCtoBeu arA^koy to contend in the foot- 
race ; dy, mfi rivo% to contend for a prize ; d^. ran 
or v/wfl riva to contend wiOi one. a. to figU. 3. 
to eanUndfcT the prise on the ttage, act, II. to 

eonUhd againd in a lauhtuit, iy, ^lapf, ypapfiv^ to 
figU a cause to Oie Uut; dy, <^vov to fight againtt a 
charge of murder. a. in Pass, to be iron by a hard 
canted, but rarely save in perf., e. g. troKKoi dTwi^ct 
dTSM^Sarax (Ion. pf. for ^jyeaytafUvot ffffi), many 
battles have beenfougU ; or in aor. I •ftyon'ltrBfjv, 

6y&vio%, ov, (dTtSii') bdonging to the conled or <^ 
games, as an epithet of the g^ods : — ffxoAJ) dyinnot 
cbssation/rom combat, [d] 

dy^vCoxt, 1), (dyon4(ofjuu) a contending for a prixe, 

dT^AVurfi^ T^, {dywvi^oixai) a conled for a prize, 
generally, a conted: in plur., aeihieoemente, ex- 
ploUe, II. on object to drive for: the prize (f eon- 

ted, dietindicn. III. that ioith whteh one contondt, 

an esBoy, deekanaiion, 

dYuvur(t6s, 6, {dyvi4(oftat) rivalry, 

dywfurrioy, Terb. Adj. of dywyl(ofMt, one mud 

d7«»vioTfjt, ov, 6, {dycjvt(cfuu) a combatant, riral, 
esp. at the games : <m advocate : also an odor ; hence 
wpofT-c,ycayi<m)t, Zwrtp^ywatrrlit, etc. a. a 


d'yoviOTUcit, ^j, 6v, {dyM4(o/tau) fit for conteding 
or driving : also fitted for tvinning : — ij dytamffrt' 
KTf (sub. T^x*^) ^^ ^^ ^f vinfting or prevailing. 
Adv. -MM, d7awt<rri«wt ^X'"' ^ ^ dtspowd for 

dYwvo-OcT4o», f. Tftrca, to be a judge or direetor of the 
gatnes : generally, to direct, promote, II. to jW^e, 

cifiMdc;. From 

d'yoivo-6(Ti|f , ov, d, (dTidIo', rlBtifu) a president in 
the games: a judge, 

dZayyL^, 6, Ion. tor 69ay/*&s, an itching, ding, 

dS&TiiiovCa or d6at||io<ruyi), 4> (d-8a^/io;v) ignorance, 
wiskilfidness in doing. 

dM.4\{uav, ov, (a privat, So^/mm^) unbtowinor, i^/no- 
ronl of, c. gen., e. g. /idxfjt dM/fUinf, Horn. : but, d8. 
KoicSiv beymd (Ae hundedge, L e. mic^ of ill. Id. 

d-^^t, ^t, (a piivat, *8dw, 5a$wu)«>foreg., U9- 

inoirtn^, i9*u>f^«< </f «• g«n* : al«o c. Infl, imleiioirsii^ 

d-SdT|TOt, oy, (a privat., Baijveu) unknown, 

d-SdXot, ov, (a privat, 8diot) Dor* for dft^. 

d-SoiTOt, or, (a private baJbnffuu) nci to be eaten z 
untaufid to eoL 

d-8aicp<^ V, gen. vo%, (a privat, 8d«pv) md-fldirpv* 
rot X. II. B dMitfSfTos n. 

d-SoKpOrC, Adv., tri^Aotif (ears. From 

d-^dxpOrot, or, (a private &Mrp(Mtf) viiAoiit toors r 
hence L act free from tears, tearkss, H. 

pass. iittt0epf . 

d-SfiX-fif, ^0, Dor. for d^Xtfros, 

dSofidvTivof, or, (dSd/iot) odaman^wM; of sledr 
hence, Aord as adamant, stubborn. Adv. -mm. 

d8CU&avT6-8rrot, oy, (did/MU, Uca) iron4Hmnd, 

d-3a|Uit, arrot, 6, (a privat., 5a/id«) unconquert^ 
ble : hence, I. as Subst^ adamant, L e. the hanl* 
est metal, prob. stsel; also the diamond, II, as 

Adj., ineju»rabie, 

d-8d|aaoTOt, oy, (a privat, ZafsiM) strictly of 
horses, unbnAen, untamable : — ^metaph. tneaoraUr. 

tt-6d|i&T0t, or, Trag. ftirm of ii:veg. : also of fe- 
males, unwedded, [dbSr- : but also 23- as in d^^dsm^ 


d-6diravof, or, (a privat, Sdirdri;) wiCftout easpense^ 
cMting nothing. Adv. -rwt. 

d-8air|u>t, oy, (a private baafi6s) tribute-free, 

d-SooTOt, or, (a privat, Uzriofsat, lidaaff$ai) un» 

d88s{t, poet for ddc/t. 

dSSriK^Ttt, poet for dJSrjie&rss, perf. part act oS 

dSSipr, poet for dSi/r. 

dB8i|-^Ylw, etc., v. sub dZtf^ 

&8c, 3 sing. aor. a of dySdyot : inf. dScir. [d] 

Wo, Dor. poet, for ^9m, fom. from i)86s : also tm 
Dor. ace. masc and fein. 

d-Scl|f, Ep. d-te^, dMc^ 4s, (a privat, bio*) 
feasiess, theundess. a. feealees, tcitJtoutfear or ettre 

for a thing, c. gen. : rd ddc^t, security. Adv. ddscua^ 
teithoutfear or senipfe, e0f^/iden%. 

d-Bcio, 1), (d^Sdit) freedom from fear, safety, soesca^ 
iiy : dJiday &d^rai, wapixny, etc., to grant a» afi»- 
netty ; ky &^lg cTroi to feel secure ; fur* dBsloM iritlh 
A promise of security, 

d-fici-fif, if, Ep. for drMfs, 

d-€cC|iiavTOt, oy, (a privat, ififiaiysa) mutauntec^T 
also c. gen., teithoutfear qf, confident in. Adv. -raw. 

dSsSv, aor. a inf. of dr8dra». 

d-SciinfOt, ory (a privat., Scnrror) wiil&oirf /ooii^ 

d-€ticdTfVTOf, or, (a privat, Ssit^trtiKj) not tithed, 

d-SsKTOf, ciy, (a privat, iixo/uu) not received or 
bdieved, a. act not receiving or bdieving, 

dScX^io, 4, Dor. for dScA^. 

d8cX^, 4> Ion. for d5(A^. 

• lor dZ€>jp6t, 
a tid er, 
w, a, (dStA^) a 

<t(HiH 4«, Att. OGOLtr. for d^cA^^^, (dScX^) 

<><^(auiv, T^ X>im« of decA^ a lUtU bro- 

ttA »'tp i, tot. Urw, Att. «w, (aScA^) to adopt tu 

, or, (ddfX^^rrclrw) 

ii€Xj(t>€i6s — ibUaaros* 


tt A 4 6%, (a eopvil^ 8«X^.) I. m Subit, 

ttiX^^t, Icsu -^^, £p. — ^^, 6, a 5roffter ; in pi. 
HQ^hnAenattdmiBten. II. aa AdJ^ ddcX^f, 
^ ir, «nd 4s, 6v» broC&erly or si$l&rly : hence a. 

^a Lat. geoMmftc, in lMi*r«» ticin^ ^^o twin io a thing, 
jmtVke^ Hence 
4Mk4&ri|a, -i|to«, 4, (rotiWrAood, 5rofAer^ J!:tnd- 
Maa. a. afamdy of broOem, (Ae hrotkerhood, 

A-SavBpos, or, (a private Zhhpov) teiSioui trees, 
4Slt*— » or, ^o prhrat., 8cf i^t) aiotoard. 

^a, (a private Mpitofuu) unaeen, {rivisibfe. 
«r, (a piivai., d4fmofuu) not teeing, 
6/Mfiara. Adv. -tcm, iniCAout looking^ 

or, (a piivat., 8c(rfi^) unfettered, vn- 
l: SS€cpo9 ^>£txff,lieA,liberaeuttodia, of priBODr 
— li li ei e d to be at Ivge on parole, 

or, (a piivat, Scovor^t) wAAota a 
>— <if wiitinga, anonyiaouf. 

^t, (a prirat., SctMrot ) not aweel, sour, bU- 

or, (a piivat, 8^^^) untonned. 
'XI, Io jfem^ obtd. proa., whence drSdrw has 
StB Alt. dtSi^ow : aor. a d3or, dScTr : pfl H^ijica [d], 
pf . 3 load. Dor. MO. 

^AAE'Xl, to sofMif, obaol. pres., whence come dS- 
Aftfscc and ddS^x^t. C£ dw, aotto. 
& SfiJEoi, oontr. d^S{bf, Dor. &-8dEot, or, (a privat., 
;S viMiMatltd. 

or, (a piivai, ZA/aw) not gnawed or 

(ddifXot) to he at a Icee aibofU a thing. 
4 ft lJ l HToa, or, (a priTat^ SrfXiof»eu) unhurt, 
4Biv|kCa, (d&|Xot) imoeriatnty. 
4 t i | Xo «, or, (a priTat, 8^^^) tmibiomi, i(7iu>- 
Bie. II. ftnlmMm, unteen, eecrei, &lhjk6v karty 

ffl.., or Sru . , it is uncertain whether. .. — Adv. -kwt, 
SBontfy r sopen. dotjAorara. 
fltuXAriji, f^ros, i^, (dftjAot) uneeKamly. 
ttuporfig, £ ^«v to he in great diatrete or ori^umA 
■t * tiiiitg. (Deiir. uncertain.) 
tt^liiwdi. ^, great dittrese or anguiek, 
tti|r, Ep. d88f|v, Att &ai|V, Adv., (*d8^a;) Lat. 
£dTIB, eiwui^eAimdanUff, IS^ccnu dSftTr to eat their 

fill of horses. ; dSiTr woA^/umo enough of war; dSi^r 
Ivcir rtr^t to have enough ofsi thing. 

d-8npi«, cctff, 6, i), (a privat., 89/Mt) without etrtfe. 

d-S^TOt, or, (a juiTat., hf/do/seu) without atr^'e or 
hattle, unconteeted, U. titMon^ticraife. 

dS^jm, tfoL of drSdrw. 

''Aibiit, fKi|S, ov, d, Att., bat also 'At&i|t, oo and 
c«0 :— HodBs, Lat PhUo, c2r and cit 'Atfeo, like Attic 
kw and h "AiZov, (with or without d6ftot) in or into 
the house of Hadea. II. later, the grave, death, 

dSij-^dYOf, or, (dSiTr, tpdyuw) eating to exeeta, d»- 
vouring, gluttonoua, 

d-8^|{t»T0f, or, (a privat., Sj^^w) not ioaifed. 

d-8id^T0t, or, (a piivat, Itafialvw) not to he 
eroaaed, impaaaable, 

d-SidxplTOt, or, (a priyat, Stcurpfrw) imdutoi- 
guiahaiHe : uninteBigUile, a. tuidseided. 

d-SidXsurrof, or, (a privat, ficaAc/irw) untntor- 
mtf^io, uneeaaing. Adv. -«t. 

drStaAXoKTOt, or, (a privat., dcoAAdo'oa') urveon- 
ctZo&Ie, oHOoicing no recondUalion, Adv. -row, d&oA- 
Adrroit (x*^^ ^ ^ irreooneilabU, 

&^idAih^>t, or, (a privat, hiaXiw) undiaaoived : iii- 
diaaoluUe, a. trrseondlaile. Adv. -raw, d&aA{»- 
Tut txeiv to be irreconcilable. 

d-8uiv6t)TOt, ov, (a privat., Suxro^/Jtu) ineomprO' 
henaiUe, II. act, turf underatanding, aSkf. 

d-S(avTOf , or, also 17, or, (a privat, dfo/rw) un- 
teetfed : metaph., not to &e softened, etuhbom : — dSCav- 
Tov, t6, a plant, maidm's hair, 

d-SidiravoTot, oy, (a privat, itamdw) not to he 
stilled, ineeatant, violent, 

d-Sid^mrrof, oy, (a privat., SuxWirrw) not Ziolifo 
to error, tn/aSA2e. Adv. -T«t. 

d-fiidonrcurrot, oy, (ca privat, 8ta(nrda>) not torn 
aaunder, unbrobai. Adv. -roit. 

d-Sidrpeirrof ,' oy, (a privat, iuirpiwca) immofxtUej 
headatrong. Adv. -tcm. 

d-Bid^iopTOf, oy, (a privat, Zta*p0elpai) ineorrup' 

dSia4^op(a, 1}, freedom from corruption. From 

d-8id^6opof , or, (a privat., huupBtlpai) incorrupt, 
incorruptible, II. imperiduibie, 

d-Sid^^opof, or, (a privat, htai^pu) not different: 

d*€(8aKT0f, oy, (a privat, 8f ddojroi) of persons, im- 
tou^At, unlearned, rude, II. of things, not learnt : 

also, learnt trttAotit teaching, [t] 

d-Si^lfryooTOt, or, (a privat, Sta^tprfd(ofUu) not 
to be wrought out orfiniahed, 

d-8i^o8of, oy, (a privat, Sti(odot) without out" 
let, II. act., unabU to get cut, 

d-SUpYOOTot, oy, (a privat, ditpy&(ofjuu) not 
worked out, w^fbuahed, 

d-Si'fJYvrrott o^t (a privat, 9iffyiofUu) indeaeribabU, 

d-SdcooTOt, oy, (a privat, huedCu) witltout Judg^ 
ment given, undecided. 



ABiKctfiivot, BoBOt. £or ifiuaffiiyot, part, perl paai. 
fh>m d-^Kica, 

dSbciu, £. ^aw: pf. ^iimiiea: {SZucm): — to do 
wnmg, II. trms. c. aco. pers., to do one wrong^ 

to ufrongt injure:-"^, dupl. ace., <i9> Tini re, to tortm^ 
one tin a thing : — Pass. dScirou^MU, with fixi. med. dSt- 
MfftrofMu, pC ^SUcrjfMi^ to be wronged or ti^rvd. 

A8(in||aa, r^, (cUSmc^) a toroii(7 done, a wromg, tn- 
/ury, Lat. ti^'ttna, c. gen., d5. nvot, a wtong done to 

iSOofriavt verb. A^}. from dSiWai, oae aught to do 

dSlicCo, i), (dSur^oi^) a toron^, offtmoi^ » ^I8^«i^ 
/la. II. injuaUct, 

&8Ciciov, r<$, »d8un7fia, an act of wrong, 

d-Sdcot, OK, (a privat, 8(1(17) of persons and things, 
doing wrong, unrighteoWt w^uat ; SZuco* §h n w^jutt 
t» a thing, irtpl riva towards a penon : 6Sacc9 k6yo9 a 
plea of injuriiee; &dhcofw x^pSxv &p^ to begin at- 
tacking : 6jbtM09 irAoGrot uarigUfout gams. II. 
wrong, improper, Hi-Snatched, as honee. III. SS. 
illUpa, i. e. 6.vw ^leSav, a daj on which Ow courts were 
^mt, Lat. dies n^aatus. Hence 

ASiicttff, Adv. without right or reaaon, 

d8tv6s, t;, 6v, (&S7jv) striotl j eloae, tMek : henoe I . 
crowded or thronged, dote-pached. 2. vehemmit, loud, 
en>. of sounds : — ^more freq. as Adv. dSiVwi : also dSt- 
yov and dSivii, vdwmenily, loudly : Gompar. d&Mvrc- 

a-8iouci|TOt, ov, (a prirat., Ikouttot) vnarranged. 

A-St^pdcoTotr ov, (a privat., 9top$6of) not eorreeted, 

d^-SicrraicTOt, ov, (a privat, 8t<rni((») witbout donU- 
ing. Adv. -row. 

d-6ii|rot, ov, (a privat., iS^) without thirat, not 

Ar^ijfg, ^of, 6, 1), =sdiftijros. 

d8|iT|nv, ace. of iZfjajris, fern, form of sq. 

d-0|A'qTOt, 17, ov, also 4-S|i^t, ijrros, 6, 1), (a piivat., 
Zapaot) poet, for dddfmaros, untamed, of catUe, tm- 
broken, wHd : of maidens, unmarried, 

'AiSo-pdnit, ov, 6, (^Si^t, fiahw) one who has gone 
to Hades. [/3d] 

&810V, Dor. for fjBtov, neut. Comp. of i^26t. 

&Soi, 3 sing. aor. 2 opt. of dv&ivtt;. 

d-66ici|Tos,ov, (a privat., 8o«^)tiiiaipectML II. 

inglorious. Adv. -^rait : also Miaira as Adv., uaoe- 

&-5oK()ia<rTOt, ov, (a privat, Som/idfBtf) untried, 
unproved, [t] 

4-86Kl|iot, ov, (a privat, d6mfios) unproved, spuri- 
ous, bcue, mean, II. r^feated as spurious, reprth 

6Bokstr%i», ^aca, to taUc idly, to prate. From 

d5o-Xlaxt|t, ov, 6, also dS^-Xsoxot, ov, (dSot, X^- 
(Txi;) a praUng fellow. II. in good wme, a Awm, 

stiMa reasoner. Hence 

dSoXfoxCo, i>. prating, friad^, IL 

subllety, [d] H^ce 

dSoXcoxuc^ 4f <$^* prating, frivolous, 

d-BoXos, ov, (a privat, S^Aos) pMkbst, artint» in 
Att esp. of treaties, wiOiout dishonest Inimt II. 

of liquids, unmixed, purs. Adv. -Aaw, wi&out fraaad, 

&80V, Ep. for loSov, aor. 2 of dv^dnu. 

dSov, impf. of ^8w. 

a-€dviVTos, ov, (o privmt., Sovcdw) and 

d-56vi|T0f , ov, (a privat., howioi) not shaken, 

dBoirU,i8os, 1), poet for di^Sovb. [d] 

d-€6£aaT0«, ov, (a privat, do^d^iot;) unexjitfotod. 3 . 
not motttr qf opinion, L e. eertain, 

d8o£k0, ^(70;, (dSo^ot) to be of no reputation, stamd m 
tB repu(«. II. trans., to hold in no etteam, Bmoce 

d8o{Ca, i), tZI repute, dishonour, 

d-fio{ot, ov, (a privat., 96$a) disrqputtOle, diagram- 
fid : — obscure, 

"AAOS, cot, r6, satiety, hoiking, 

&8ot, cot, t6. Dor. for ijHos, joy, 

d-8oTOf, ov, (a privat., SfScu/it) leitiboia g^s, 

d-8ouXof, ov, (a privat, dovAot) without doves, wn- 
attmded, deserted. 

d-8ovXwTos, ov, (a privat., fioi^X^) wnenakwed. 

d-^ovin|Tos, ov, (a privat., dovwiw) and 

d-6ovirof, ov, (a privat, Sovirot) noitdest. 

dSpdvvia, Ep. dSpaviti, i), inaetivify. From 

d-op&Wjt or -4tji, is, (a privat, Zpabw) inaetive, 

'ASpdoTCio, Ion. 'ASp^orsia, ^i & name of Neme- 
sis, from an altar erected to her by Adrsatas : later 
as A^., joined to Hifasota, nottobe eaoapai, at if finoon 
MpAoKw, of. sq. 

d-8paoTOf, Ion. d-8pi)<rT0f, ov, (a privat, Mpd- 
OKQJ) not running away, not inclined to run away, 

d-8pcirT0t, ov, (a private ipiw) unplueked, 

d-8pt|OT0t, ov, Ion. for A-^pcurros, 

'A8pvav6s or ^i)v6s, 4, <5v, of the Adriatic, 

dr^Xuv%, V, (a privat, hptpifs) not tart or pungent^ 

*AAPO'2, d, 6¥, strictly, iMdb;— but usu. /mO- 
grown,ripe: wAifrown: henob stout,learge,fat : gene- 
rally, Urong, great in any way. Hcoioe 

dSpoo^, li, =«sq. 

dSporijs, firos, 1}. {jSApSs) thitkness : r^peneas, fmi- 
ness, esp. of the bo^. U. abundance. 

&8p6o|Mu, Passn (d0^t) to grow r^ : to come to 
one's strength, 

dSpv¥«ft, 1 0VW, (d8p6t) to make ripe: — ^Pas. to 
grow ripe, 

dSv^Xflcowt, -«v^, -iMX-fift, Dor. for 4^v-. 

d-4Hhr&|ii(a, 4. (a privat, fi{fya/iu) Mont of strei^fii, 
weakness: poverty, 

d-^ihr&iria, 1), » foreg. 

dSihfilT^, f . 4iacj, (d^irforot) (0 loont tirmfftk^ posoar 
or abUUy. Hence 

dSliv&Tia, i), «i d^vva/ilo. 

d-8vv&T0t, or, (a privat, 5(warot) tmaife to do sl 

iidis '—ieupa»4f' 


flilig, c. iB^ 2. flliiol. Muouf tCren^Ay jiomjIiu, 

moUgr .* of things, dwalUed : — rd dMrnxTny want cf 
*Mgfft. n. pMt, uoaHe to be dom^ impomttte : 

ri ML fci/iifflaifj^. m. AdT. -Tft»^ toi(Aoii( 

4Mt, is, ^ Dor. fin- 1^. 

U&nt, o»v (a pnvttt., 86w) ncf to 60 oitoiftlr esp. 
n &ibst, d8»r«% T^ Ifa miMnm># acBMliiary or alriiM, 
haL adifimms abo 6 i&rrot. 

At, Att. ooatr. fiar dc^dstf, q. t. 

aim, 4^09, i,Iia.^6t^^tk6mgliing«ie. [q 

*ABAw, n^, tke mounimfffar Jdctm, 

*ABm¥\6(m, dam, to keep the Adonia. Hence 

*Agiwwag|i6t» ov, 6, tke mourning far Adotm. 

tS<m, 6, Adamm, 2, 'A&EmAot ic^voc, 

^ jnidc-^rowiiiflrberbvin. J>] 

i B btp oS^K i i io i, «r, (a prirai., iifpeSoitim) ^eq. 



(a pthsLf 8d»f98An») iw> r i6gc i, 

M% \VL piivai^ OBVpoy) i0i(&out ff^te, taUng 
f^nk» l inhirf . 2. dUm/n 9mpa gifts Cba< ore no 
Adr. -/MM. 

OP, ^, (a pdfmL, 9iSmfu) cm who giva 

U, Dor. lor ac£. [fl] 

v^PvoSr or« ^a psiTat., mmi) wiuktwerwU 

M9U6m, £p. and Ion. for d^Xcvw. 

AilX^, Ep. and Ion. far dBkku 

vHM|fn|Sii pootL mH offAjifT^e» 

IMm o v, t6, Ep. and Ion. ibr 2tfXor : atricUy neat. 

or, alao a, or, (^ftfXoy) nmiimf^ /br (%« 
piK, dl^tfXMM SWvot a moe-hone : diOX^ov fojKoy the 

Rt TO* Ep» asid Ion. fiir aBKow» 
6, Ep. and Ion. fiir dAXot. 

AitBU ♦^ po^ , or^ Ep. and Ira. for iBXxh^pot. 

hi. Adv., ««er, flJiiwy i» far ecer : ^tSp del erer 1^ 
to thtt time : aim d$deim eUrad. With tiie Articn 
^ 4f2 Kforwr the mler /or (^ NbM being, irhoeter vi 
niir I 6 dtifktatXtheihe reigning Idnff. Bmideedei 
teloB-and poet. Ibrmt offl and aUr are rery oom- 
■flB : alao Me, die, and d^. Dor. 

idfeXo% w, {fid, ^dJULv) eaetkmaSiig Orown, 

Ul y ig f i 'h > , poet aimryevhrfg, w, 6, {dei, *y4pe9) 
ffiSk^atiha godi hi Homer, like al2r l^rre*^ eoer 

im yip^i, ie, Att. Ibr dci^Tfy^n^ 
iaSt, Ep. 3 impaif., or 3 hnperat, of dc/8w. 
A^CScXot, or, (a prirat., *diei) mween, dotrlL 
i aBlft, ^ (a privat., *«Dbr, Lat. vidto) uneeen, 
■ttMt M%/ona. n. (a prirat, s/S^) im- 

W aaii^ oienirv. Adr. -S&t. 
laKnirai, or, (dW, Sti^) iMnveoivMijr^ p] 
'ABTAO, AIL oontr. ^(Bm: ftit idffo/uu, Att. 

4<ropm, xvnfy devoir, Att. f 0w, Dor. ^o£r. 3*0 eing : 
hence of all kinds of voiccfl, to crow, twitter, crook, etc, 
— al«> of other sonndB, m the twmig of the how-etring, 
the wind wbuOing, a stone ringing, II. tnus. : 

-—I. c. ace. rei, to tmg, dtaunt, deeeani on. 2. 0. 

aGcperB.,toMn9,jiraite. $. Ftm., to reeound wHk 

d^flftof, ov, Att. contr. dtt-tnt, wit, (del, ietfj) 
eeer U e ing , eeeriaeting, 

dm^^SX-fft, it, (dA, 96Xkw) eeer-green, 

d-cuc<Ci| or -471 [Z], Att contr. abc(a» If, oiOrage, 

d-cuclXiot, a, or, also ot, of. Adr. -low; poet 
form for sq. : contr. alir^Xfos. 

d-eMci)f , !•, Att oontr. alici|t, ie, (a prirat, iStot) 
un eeemi y, pUifvi, mecm, thamtfvL Neut dnxie as Adr. 

d-tudii, i),sd-€i«c(i7. 

d<iic({«», Att contr. ald^ t, law : (d-«M)t). To freat 
toi s flf i fy , MMuft, oftMse. 

d» ■ U H Toa, or, (dci, inr4») «Mr mowii^, ^ j ?e iy » 
fciaZtiMrftbn. [7] 

d«iicia#ii|MVM, aor. i pass. in£ of dsuc/fw. 

dcucCovoo^oi, Ep. for dctx/cnur^, aor. i med. inIL 
of dtueifyi, 

dfuoA^ fitt. of dtutf (v. 

dsuc^, Ion. dcuc^, Adv. of deuefft, ebam^nBy, 

diC-X&Xot, ov, (dc(, KaXiw) ee e r-baU U ng, 

drnXar^ila, 1), as Att law-tena, ri^ detKoq/iaw «o/»» 
^icr, •wpor«lrea0ai to court continual inquirg. From 

asirX^Yot, o», {del, Ai^of) aUeage talking, 

di(-| i vn<ne t , or, also rj, ov, (d€l, fUfxr^aMOftai) ta 
everliutmg remembraneei eoer-memorabk, eeeriaeting* 
AdT. — TWt. 

dcC-vooft, ov, contr. dsC-vui, wv : (dc(, ydw) » d-^root, 

dsC-vmmc, tot^ 6, 1j, evei^tteting, 

di(-irXS.vot, or, (dc^ irKaydofuu) ever'toandering, 

dsipo, poet. fi}r ijeipa, eat, 1 of ds^/w. 

dstpoi, inf. aor. i of delpw, 

d«{-poot, ov, contr. d«(-/x>vt,ssq. 

6ni p gr s t , ov, (del, fiiw) eoer flowing, 

'AEITA, Ion. and poet, for Att. alp» : fht depw 
[ft], contr. dpSf [fi] : aor. I act ijetpa and dnpa, 3 snbj. 
dipa\i : aor. I med.'ij9ip&fapf,^pdfapf,dpdfaj¥t the otiier 
moods ttsn. from aor. a dpia&ai : aor. I pass. ififStjv^ 
poet. dip/Brfv : pf. pass, part ^i^piUvot : 3 sing. plqp£ 
pass. Ep. dmpro. To lift, heave, raite up, hence to 
bear,earry: to carry <#a8 plunder : but also,(o hand^ 
offer: — Med. to l^ up for oneeelf, Le. bear off, win, 
ttdeefor oneedf. 2. to raiee or 0^ up : dc^pooftu 

rd ioria to hoiet sail : — ^Paes. to rite up, ariee, 

dturoii, part nom. pi. fbm. of drjfu, 

deiaeoi tot dfunu, imper. aor. i med. of dc£Av. 

dfi9|fta,r<$, poet and Ion.for ^^fio, as del9w iorf9e», 

dden^uu, tat, €i delSw, 

dM-^Wjs, ie, {del, <palwofMu) ever^ikining or c^ 


iBtpiO^ — ^101^. 

d-0<p(t«», f. ifTott later ^oi, (a private 9^ptti,«fa- 
fitaniw) to aUffkt, wtake Vij/U of, Lat mbU eurorr, 
o» ace. 

d4<p|Mvrot, oi', (a privat., tfc/jyio^) unAeafed; not 
eoKttod fty pofMon. 

.d-^fpywt, or, (a piivai, tftf^t) wiihout warmtk. 
»d-9c(rCa, i), (^cros) iuuteadinest^ fieUmtm, 

M€ffyM% or, (a privat, B^Cftit) UucUti, 

Mia^T9% or, alBQ tf, mf, (« private tft^, ^9l<0 
impcMwble tnmfar gods to boU,itMxpnsmbU: hence mor- 
veUcudy great, huge, rod, 

iBtriu, f. 4<T«0, {(i0€Tot) to td mMe, dm rtgmnJL 

d6fn|(ne, mm, i), (^l^tr^) oMitioii, r^feetion. 

d-^cTOf, or, (a piivat, riBfj/u) not pUued, mt mitU, 
weUu ."-"Adv. -^rSm, »MafM$, lat^etalff, 

6r9vXo%, or, (a prirat., ^17X1}) unsnetied, weatmL 

d-M|XvvTos, or, (a privai., ^i^Asew) not mads, ce- 
mtmUh: mtuemUne. 

.'A0i|«d, at, 4, contr. from 'AAyrda, aho 'A0i(n7, *A. 
$7fyaia, 'ABfjvaiij, Dor. 'A^dro, JEol, 'ABatfia, Jtkma, 
Lat. JUmtbo, the tvtelaiy goddeaa of Athena. 

'A$f|vatc, Adv., to or toward* AUiem, From 

'A0^|va^ctfr, al,theeky qfJUkem, used in plnr., like 
893CU, MvKTJycu, etc., becanae it ooDiiated of aeveral 

.'Adi|v«Eov, nS, {*A0ffm) (he Im^ o/iKieno. 

'AAipoSotk a, or, (*A^7rcu) Jrtiinn, qf or from 

or -4«, Adw,, from AUm$» 
Adr^ at JtJtau, 
to long to be at AAm* . 
f, Adw^from JA&u. 
\ ipoi, 6, the heard or ipAt of an ear of com, 

IL the point 01 barb if£ ^ 


oa ear </ com itiall 

weapon. [i£] 
A-MjpAvof, ow, (a prlvat, Bffpiw) not to be eaugihL 
d-Oiqpffvroff, or, (a prirat., $7fp«(w) not hvmied, 
•d$i|pi|-Xoi76t, 6, (d^JA AoTf^) MnMMner tf eon {f 

com, of a winnowing machine : ct iBtfp6^poiro». 
.d0i|pd-^pMTOt» oiff {^h Mf>i»aicm) devouring 

ear$ of com : iBtip&fipetrov Sfrpa^p a winnowing^ 

dr9i)pot, 01^, (a piivat, B^p) without wHd heaate or 

drOi|aaMpto*TOfl, or, (a privat., Bfjatt»pi(ea) nei Jit 
for hoarding up, 

4rBi»ro% ov, (a prirat., BtYt6ifm) wdomehsd, utii. c 
gen., usitcwhed by a thing, KfpSear HBucroe tm* 
tainted by monej. 2* not to be tauehedt kolg, ea- 

ond, II. act. noi touehiin g , 

j&ttktwe, contr. fiom £p. dtBkfvof, foL ebaet : (SiBXoe). 
To contend for a prize, combat, wreatle, 2,todruggk, 
endurf, wuffer, 

.iXhi», t ^av, (SBXoe) to eonkndfor a prim, 
to endure, suffer, TL to he em athlete, 

.dlXtma, t6, (fiBk^a) a conkti, ti^ruggJe, tocL 
an implement ^ JoioMr. 



dOXi|avf, cwf, ij, (iSkier) a eontuHnf: . tf ttrwgg^t. 
hard trial, 

iltkifrbp, ^1^, 6, older form of iq. 

dOXiir^ contr. from deBkifrffe, eio, 6, (d9Ai») a 
eombatamt, ehampion : a piim^ghter, Lat. aOda* 
to, II. generally, one praeUeed or tHBed in. a 

thing, a market ef a thing, c gen. 

d9Xiov, r<$, contt. from £p. Mkwr, « 29Xar, tib# 
pri»eofcontett: bnt alao»clll\ot, eonloe. 

dOXu»t, a, or, alio oc, or, conte. tran. d^ffXtoa^ 
(deBkop, 30kop) toUaomer pak^ul; henee generally* 
tmiWqqiif , mMeraUe,. wretched, Lat. tnMer. Hence 

d9Xiimi|t, rjToe, ^, wrticiiedriemL 

d6Ao-0er%>, i^pot, ^ <^Aor, t%^) »■{. 

dOXo-9^Ti|t« ov, ^, (dtfXor, rlBtifu) em who armrda 
the prite, the judge in the gamea, alio 0pafi«im, 

^ABAON, r6, oootr. ftom £p. MXor, the pfiae qf 
eonteat, generally a gift, preeenl: a reward, reeom^ 
penee, Jl,inpltwr.o2ao^30Xoe,aconitetl,cambcd^ 

^AOAOS, 6, contr. from £p. dc^Xot, a eonteet eitber 
in war or qport, eip. eonteetfor apriee: ioU, troabla, 

ddXo(rifvi|, ijt'^ajBkoe, a eonted, 

ddXo-^dpot, ow, (d^Aor, ^pa) bearing amaiff the 
prize, vietoriaue, of horeee. 

d-^oXot, OP, (a pfivat., BokSe) not ■mrfrfy, dear* 

d^6X«>T0S, ov, (a private BoX6et) not muddied, «•-> 

d Oop ^ TOt, OP, (a prirat, Bopu04o>) un di atuebe d . 

MipHPag, OP, (a privatn B6pu0ae) wiihoest uproar^ 
wtdieturied, tranqwL Adv. -fiwi, 

MpaiNrrot, or, (a privat., Bpaim) embrohm, 

'AWE'n, Att hipUt, t iiaot, to look doedy e^ 
gate at, obterve. 2, later, of the mind, to canaider, 
think on,ponder,S$pHfdiBpifaop^pitn,ajadaar,iiaa:pv,% 
008, looic, cemetaer, 

d9fn|T4ov, verb. A4j. of d$p4at, one imui eonmder, 

iSpoifm, t oiam : ptpem, iiBpmafem : (6Bp6oe), To 
gather together, eolleet,e8p, to levy tcKoea; irpoOpa iBpoi' 
(etp to eoBeet one's breath : — ^Pass. to be goAered or 
crowded together: of armies, to miuater: ^fiae ^Bpo^ 
OTOi frar htu gathered, L e. hoe arieen, 

dOpoioxt, ton, 1}, {ABpoli») a gathering, key in g. 

dipoiOfia, r6, (60poiC») thai which i$ gathered, a 
gaOtering, hee^, mam, 

dOpourrlov, verb. Adj. of d$poi(o), one nmet ceiBeeL 

d0p6ot, a, OP, old Att dOpdet, eontr. dftpew: 
Gcmpar. iBpoirrepoe, later iBpmtarapoe : {fLpa,BpM^ 
aeeemUed in crowdt, codeded together: S0pom in 
crowds. II. oB al anee, onoefor aU, ro diBp6ap 

the whole body, the mam : coQediee, dBp6a w&pt Mn^ 
aw he paid the penalty of all at once : Adv. 6iBp6ap 
aad i0p6tm, at onee, euddetdy. IIL immmm,9ad, 

d-%MnrTetv op, (a privat, Bpirtrrea} mnbrciken, im^ 
periMtie, VLnOtenawikd, 

d90|Uw, f. ^aea, {SBv/eoe) to be diehearlmed, to ie- 
Bpond at or for a thing* 

a^/Ain^ — AI' AE'OMAl. 

lilmifow, Teib. A4i> frcmi .^fBy/tim, erne mmd Um 
ii^fiim, 4, (iBvfUt^ wmi cf heart, faiiUkeartfidnett, 


% (a private $vfi6$) wUhatU h&ui or aptril, 

lyea^ to b^ dMpflHdaC 
I^Hya, Ti^ ( i#fr^ ) • ptefttin^ or loy : a (fe- 

i/hpifSwkomt t4 Dim- of firngf a Mtfe tof, a ^ 
k ^ lfi | JUi ii O B » ov, (a priyal^ ^^ YAcyrra) um- 
4ie to hup mm^M loafutf tritibiit ifeois .- a hdtbkr, ciat- 


i$§p»%, or, (a yriTst^ ^pa) ^nl^oia a door, 
Att | i4 mo|iu t, or, (a prirat, ^^ <rr6fia) 
^i^ylmw, fciUttig. of Bcho. 
MiM|0|i» oov (c( ptrmt, §iffro$) wtAotd Ornrmu. 
'ABHTPfi, <o ftoy, omiue oneee^. U. c. aoc. (o 

•r, (a prirat, $9p6e»y fwi doted 6y a 

i >i iui, or, (a piivti^ 0v0f) not offered, not to be 
vjmefi, ml nanplfd m aaerifioe: gennenHj, tmkal- 
teed. II. act. uithout eaerifieing, 

iiiyo i , or, not d^Aoe^ (a prirat., 0^) nmfuMehed, 
twt/tMM. 3. c gen^/reefrom OtepmiMy of, 6$^o9 
«dbf|wr. II. act. harmiat* 

illAaiii mt , or, (a prifaL, Aanrtiw) wAAout Jlo^ 

ion^ * bBBOa, fOM^Bi flMK. 

or, (a priratn BerpSid(v) wiikend 

opt, in Horn. 'A«^ o«, d, JCoMl Jttot. 
«£, Ep. and Dor. tar c2, if: in Homer only df jk 
wdelmtj^ Dor.a£B8, ^ Aqpf^ •/ oniy, Lai. dummodo. 
•1^ Mfi^Unn. of itraiig desire, O that! leotdd that! 
Lil vliMM, in Hem. ahraja ol fi^. See afi9c. 
•( onty need in tlie donrftle form oloi^ alas! Lat. 

AFA, 4^ geB» mbf$, poeL for 70x0, 7$, eortft, tokL 

•tsYiaa, T^ a maSmg Cfy, famefU. From 

■ttjn, 1 £«, Co cry oioT or ah! to tBoU, aad o. ace. 

•ta«r6t, 4* ^* ^nc^' Adj. of aM{oi, 2ani«n(aN0. 

atii^p, loo. «fa|r^ It, proh. fitm edeif and so 
iliicilj, a«ri(Mfcii(7, never-ending: henee iwanMme, 
■iaisM : then generally, diemal^ horrible. 

AUiitty, ov, d, (Aiot, -orrot) son of Ajaaa: at 
qf Oe IrAs JUarrUt named after the 

Adr. (aUuf(it)for ever. 

dBeiyfamghl eadsm. of disgust or astonishment 

AlfSoa, €v, MgeoKh : hlyuo¥ wiXayoe the JEgean 
«a : AfyoTor 5pos a name of m m mt Ida. 

alyttv^, 1^, (a2j^) a h vmt tna §fe a r, ja9din. 

•tfeMt, s. Ion. i|, ee^^ (al^) lengUid. for aXjeoe, of 
s fpoi or js s lt, Xiat. oflpr faws ; also as Snbst, 4 o^T*^ 

AinSPOS, 4, Ifte UodbiK^itar; ell XciM^. 
ttly s ^ w T j i, otf, ^, (cUif , lAei^) a goatherd. [jB£] 
aCytos, a, oVtaKolTciot, q. y. 
«lYULXCTi|t, Otf, d, font. Tm* (Set, on <%« shore. From 
olylSA^ i, {dtaaeti Ski) (he sea-s/bors, fisoe*, itraiNi. 
aiyi-pooi% MM, 4» (aijf , fi6ciw) a goat-pasture. 
al'y<-p6n)f, ov, d, (c^, ^or^t) feecUng goaie. 
aiyi-QoTO% or, («dl{f, fiAaicm) browsed bg goate. 
olTC^sJUlst, 4. a bird, (Ae ftl, Lat. jMH-MS. 
olyCHcviiiAOf, or, (olif , ttp^/ai) goai-ehanhed.. 
alyfHtopdg, 4mif, ol, (oljf , Kopifwvfu) feederB pf ysofc, 

a(YC-Xu|r, Tvot, 6, 4, (oljf, AcTvw) strictly, diMKMl 
«ooi bg goate, hence ftofp, sAmt. [yt"} 

otylXot, 4, (d!^) on herb of which goats are fond. 

alyl-v6^M% o¥, {oS^, p4fM) broweed by goats, 2. 

as Suhst., alyoi^fwet 6, a goatherd, 

aI^C-oxos, ov, {alyie, ixof) a^ bea rin g. 

alyt-miXftfUf ov, 6, (al^, roirt) goat^ooted. 

olyC-irovf, 6, 4t irovr. r^t gen. voSos,ssforeg. 

olYi-^pot, 6, (ai^) a plant with a red flower, of 
which goals were fond. 

aiyi% /8ot, 4f fhe cegie, or shield of Jupiter, described 
in II. 5. 738 ; (fiom ^ae»^ to rutk^t move oiofantfy) : 
hence 2. later a rushing storm, hkrrieane, terrfl>le 
as the diaken legis. II. from ai^, a goaUkrn 


olyXdcit, Dor. for alykfJHt. 

«l^&t, avroe, contr. for ol^A^ifit. 

ATTAH, 1), the light of the sun, dagUgU: any bright 
light, glitter, lustre, gleam, of metal. a. melaph. 

splendour, glory. Hence 

olyXiflsi^, tfiroa, sr, beanwig, radiant, 

alyKo ^v 4 \% , is, (cdykij, ^ro/tai) beaming: bril- 
liant, hUtroae, 

0(70-^00x6$, ov, (al^, fi6aicm) tending goats: as 
SubaL, aj^oofAsrd. 

aly^-Kspittt, ear, gen. w, also alyos U^ mt, wros, 6, 
(oljf , nipas) goat-hemed. IL as Snbst, 6 oi.y^ 

Kfpon, Capricorn in the SSodiac. 

alyo-¥iuo% 0¥,'aalyi'p6ftot. 

o(70-ir68i|t, d,'^alyt^w69rft. 

ttlYO-irp^q w wo t , or, (oijf, 9p6acawow) gocArfaoed. 

alYo-TpCxItt, f. i^oi, (o^i ^^) <o AoM goai*s iocr. 

AlTfrmt, <}, (tCV*) ^ nittura, Lat. puftiN'. 

AlY«nm^tt, f. acrw, to i^Koik Egyptian. 

AlyvirTurri, Adv. «n tAe £j|^jip(taf» tongue. II. 

/i&« on jB|(72ipfian, crqftily. 

Ai'Yvirr<Kycv4^t,(Af7vwTOS,7^rot) ofEgyptianraee. 

Alywrra%, d, the river Nile. 11. ^, Egypt : At- 

yvvr6v9et to Egypt. 

alf^Qf¥vi, Sxosy 6, i), (oljf , 5rv^) goat-hoofed. 

*At8a«, Dor. fbr 'AiSi/t, *Ai8i^. 

cUSsCo, pros, imperat. of sq., for olSlco : also vXb€o. 

ATAE'OMAI: i^t. iaopai (poet iaaoftoi, also 
riappm) : aor. I TfiMtjr : pH part ^deo/thot, in 


c^(r0€v — aWwcn/jp, 

pan. eenie, reoondUd: — ^Ep. pres. a t 5o|*at: Dep. 
To fed ihame, be aakamed or fear : also io retpeet, re- 
wrence a peraon :— c. inf. to be tuhamed or ceroid to 
do a thing. 2. as Att. law-term, to fed piiy for^ 

hence to fardon, eep. in aor. i mod. iMtraaBai. 

aGS<9^, for al9i(r$Tf<r<Ey, 3 pi. aor. i of foreg. 

cMa^tfn, aor. i imper. iiiiS4o/Mi. 

olSiovfaot, or, (alUofMu) venercik, 

oCBiotg, cwt, ^, (al8^o/<ai) rvoermee, compattUm, 

olBlvvofiai, poet. fht. of aliiofioi, 

d4fti|Xot, OF, (a privat, littp) making vntoen: 
hence afin<U2a/«n(ir, dedroying, II. pan. tmsttn, 

•mftikNm, dbeeuire. Adv. -Xcm. 

olM||M«v» ov, gen., orof, (o28^o;ttu) bosJ^uZ, modett. 
Adv. "/tSwm, 

A4E84jt, it, (a privat., I8f fi^) ttnMm : dettroyed, 

'At8i|f, tv, &, Att.^Ai8i|f or f^fifi, ov, (dZSi^t) JTo- 
dfls, the god of the world below. 

dtSios, Of, also 17, oy, (dc/) evetiaeting, for d</8<os. 

d40v6s, :^, <(y, (a privat., ISciV) poet for d43^, un- 
•0m, Mdefen, dorX;. 

oCSoUorrtpos, -^(nttrot, Compar. and Superl. of 

olBoioif, r6, moatlj in plnr. rd. MtXa Ihe genAdU, 
pttdenda, strictly nent. fixim 

olSoiOt, a, or : Compar. and Snperl. oISm^oyc/xm, 
-ierrorof : (aimo/tai) regarded trAA moe or returenee, 
citi^iwt, venerable : of women, deterving rmped, tender : 
of things, valuable, ejoeeUent, II. act. baahfvi, 

modett, 2. recereni, 

al8o(«9t. Adv. of alMot^ rtoereniHy. 

ATAOMAI, alUiniv, £p. for at94of»at, 

^ASZo%/AXB\^ Ep. gen. and dat. of *Af8nt, from an 
obeol. nom. "Aft : "AllB^Sc, and fit *AX96a9€, to the 
dwdHng cf Hades : ctv "AiSot (so. otx^), Att. tv f 3ov, 
m Hadee. [AS-, but d sometimes.] 

ol86>^p«»v, ov, gen. ©•'ot, (aZSdus, ^^) feeling re- 
9ped in mind, compassionate, 

A^SpsCti, Ion. at8pT|ti|, 1), (A-XSpis) want of know- 
ledge, ignorance, 

d-iSpit, I, gen. lot and cot, (a privat., fSpct) tm- 
hunoing, ignorant, 

dS8poN^in|t, ov, d. Dor. dSSpo-Sdcot, (ASpct, Smc^) 
unkmwing of right or {a», laviess, savage, [St] 

d48p^>TOt, ov,^6v4Spvros, unsetUed, tinst«idg, 

ATAtVX, 60$, contr. ovt, i), toiM <2f «Adm«, bashftd- 
ness, modesly : a sense of thame or honour, al9& $M* 
M Bvfixp : regard for outers, resped, reverence, II. 
that tdtichcMtsesdiame or respect. Bud so i, a shams, 
scandal, alHoiis, 'Apyu^oi shame, ye Aigives ! 3. «■ 
rd al9oid, 3. dignity, mt^edy, 

aU(, Ion. and poet for dc(. 

aUi-Ytvln|t, i, poet for dsi'^ysrhrfs, ever evlsthg, 
(For compds. of cdei here omitted, v. sub dtl-,) 

oUX-oupof, 6, 1), Ion. for cuX-ov/iot. 


^Uv-virvof, oy, (aUv, (hrros) hUing in eternal deep. 

aUt, Dor. ibr del, edst. 
aUT6s, 6, lengthd. form for dcr^t, an eagle, 
alt^iiCet, 6, lengthd. form of alCri6s. 
a\ty\6% lengthd. olt'^iCet, 6, IMy, aeUve^ vigoroiu* 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

Alwrif, 6, Dor. for dcr^t, eieris, an eagle. 

amXti, ^, (oTtfotf) oafiffoXot, soot [$d] 

oIOsXCmv, wro$, (alOakot) swarthy, dusky, 

a\BliK6snj$, saaa, ew, contr. oOt, ovtrao, ovr, (oDfo- 
\oti) smoky, sooty, Hade IL bmning, bUuitg. 

AreAAOS,^, like Xtyvifs, a smoky Jkme, the tiWdb 
tmoibe of fire, sooL [M] Hence 

alO&X6tt, iaw, to bum to soot or adtes. "Psm. to Ue 
in adies, 

aCOc, Dor. and Ep. for st$€, that I would tibot f 
Lat. uUnam, oSif 6^\ss O thai thou hadst done.. » 
c. inl 

al6fp-«|i^T^ (ol^/n kfi-fiariu) to watte in dher. 

al04j>iOf, a, ov or ot, ov, (<Mjp) of or bdonging to 
the ether or upper air, as opp. to i/ipios, and so X. 
high in air, o» high, a. etherial, hsaivenly. 

oiBspo-plifrks, {fMip, 0ar4ot) «■ alSsptfifiarfes, to 
walk in ether, 

al9cpo-8po|Uw, to skim the ether. From 

al9spo-8p^|&Of» or, (olA^p, ipofistw) skimming the 

olBiip, ^P^ ^ Homer always ^, in Att prose al- 
ways 6, in Pindar, Trag., and Arirtophanes common : 
(a£0fltf) :-^dher, the upper, purer air, opp. to dJfp (q. 
v.), the lower air or atmosjiiere : — ^henoe (^ clear dsy or 
Aemwn, as the abode of the gods. 

Al6ioirf)at, irregular pi. ace. fhnn AMfo^. 

AlO(-e4r, ovot, i, fem. AtOiowCt, /8ot, (aX9e», Stfi) 
an Ethiop, 

olOot, t6, and ^ (ofitfotf) a burning heat, fire. 

al66s, if, 6v, (aiBu) burnt : — fire-cdoured, fiery. 

al9o%Hra (sc. arod), i), (aftfai) tA« corridor or vestt^ 
bale of a house ; usu. looUng East or South, to catch 
the sun, — ^whence the name. 

at^-oi|r, osvt, {ali96t, (nfi) fiery-looking, of metal, 
fladdng; of wine, sparklmg, II. metaph.^try, 

hot, keen, 

aC9pi|, later cuOpo, If, (alBrip) dear sky, fair wear- 
ther, Lat. sudum. 

al9pT|-Yivfn|f , ov, 6, sgq. 

al9pT|<Y<v4tt itf {oiBpii, *yiiw) bom from ether. 

aA$pCa^ij,'meu$prj: used abeoL in gen. al0pSas (sub. 
oiMn;fl), in fine weather, Lat per purum. II. the 

open shj, 

olOpte-KOiT^M, f. ijasf, {alBpia, Kohrf) to deep in Ae 
open air, 

(uOpiot, OK, (aSBptij) dsar, bright, fair, II. in 

the open air : hence edd, diM, 

aXipot, 6, ^ai9psi, the dear dUU air of mom. 

AlrOTIA, 1), a water-Mfd, diver, Lat fiier](ni'* 

ol^Mcr^pt 4po*» ^t {alSvaav) one that darts rapidly^ 

!/(§», (aUfffif) to jhA in rapid moUm; 
inAr: — Pom. to wow rapi^, quiver* 
ATSA, oolj foimd in prei. and imp£» to UgU tip, 
aX$ot»cu to Imm. a. nielj intr. to 


6, (di9m) ftiictly farff, Utmiag, II. 

d Metal. Ji at kmg , gUttering. III. of animalw, 

>vy, Jkrct: or peiK of their eoloiB', ydkno, tamtg, 
fika Lat./td*«f, n^fiit. 

■Suife Dor. for «f m. Up, with rabj., ^ Aoply. 

ATKA'AAn, £ Sk», property of a dog, to wag ike 
taSfmemmgiy: to n&eedZ«,/ondfe. 

«&«, oCicflv, poet and Dor. for 1^, 

^ifiiii, ^ ^aLiCa, q. y. 

MKk,'^{itffvm)rapidfMiion,riuh,laiLimpetH$, [t] 

ibHJg, it, poet. Ibr dcun^t , contr. oU^ wiuennly. 
Adr. ^kSt. 

«la£a, 1^, Att. for the Ion. diwnltf, infurione treat- 
a^fned, outrage, oft. alto in plnr. Howe, ttripee. 


mbdt^ £. m, (oLrft ) to treat it^viriomiig, to e^^Hmt, 
eakage, eap. by blows, tofiague, torment : nen. as Dep. 
aW^oy«, £. cov/au : aor. z paak ^idoOrjv; perf. pass. 
^wtffimt : — to 6« tormerUed, 

mlnayLo^ oroc, ri, (ci2c{(w) <m otUrage, torUtre. 

4 i i aiua , or, (a prirat., Urioiuu) wnapproatktMe, 

at-Afvot, 4 a mownfvi dirge, (from oT, A/i^m, oft 
•w/«r Xunif .*) a. alto A^j. ott or, ptou^lM, 

or aUX-ovpot» or, ^t 4* (o/^Aor, odp^) a 
cet, ao called from the motion of the tail. 
AFMA, OToe, r6, blood : in plnr. ttreame tf Hood, 
n. lioodtkoi, mmder, eXprfurrai ixifrpifov elpa a 
■other's blood has been shed; oT/ia wft&rreir to 
shed blood . 1^' eupun i^eifyeir to be beiiished ibr 
imieide, IIL like Lat. eangnii, blood relation' 

a lf i a ■ o pC ai or at|&apKoup(at, ab% cd, (oT/mz, Moph^ 
9»im) o§erimge ef blood, made upon the grare to ap- 
pease the manes. 

alfK r£%, 4i, if¥, yerb. Adj.otal/»&ow, etabned with 

alfUJUot, a, ow, (aJfta) bloody, hlood^red. 

•tjids, ^Uos, i), (oTfia) a guek or jfraom qf blood. 

aI|iUkria,i^, a tMO</ dry stonet, Lat. moMria. (De- 
iiT. meertain.) 

af|iapi ABm, ft, (at/toffiti, cTBot) lilte a /enos or 

4d|iAov«i^ Att. otfidTTit, 1 A(w, (oJfta) to maike 
Uooig, iteia with blood: hence to toound, drov blood, 
day. Pass, to mller la Uood, be tlain, 
alu & T W K x p oiA, 1^, (oT/io, iirx^u) ehedding of blood, 
at|iAn|p6t, d, ^r, (clfw) bloody, blood'dained, nmr- 
n. eoneietrntg of Hood. 
or, (oT/io, ^p») bringing blood: 

alyiaf^sn, ctfwo, cr, (o7/ia) &Ioo<%, ooevml isftA 



blood. a. Nood-fvd, or ooatMin^ qf Ibod. 

UotH^, onrdsroiii. 

at|i&TO-Xoix6t, 6r, (at/to, >Mx») Hcl^g Uood, fpen!tnt for blood. 

cX^ro-^n^mf^, ov, 6, (at/m, wltw) a blood-drinker, 

at|t&'rop-p6^ot, OP, (oT^ia, fio^w) blood-drinking. 

otfiJlTip-ptfTDt, OP, {oTfM, fiiw) Uoo d e t r e aming . 

atn & To-et d Yf| l , 4§, (efya, ardiet) blood- dr i ppin g, 

at)ittr6-^vpTot, OP, {oipa, <pifpot) bloo d e t ai n ed. 

at|t&T6M, f. ^ttaet, (pJua) to make Uoody. 

aVfJir-ZinjH, ct, {elpa, cTBot) looking like Uood, 

al|iaT.«»ir6t, 6p, {ptpa, £^) bloody to bduld. 

atf&vtov, t6, (aHfw) a bamnfor blood. 

al|&o-fia^^, ^t, (aTfta, fiAwrw) bathed in Uood, 

al}io-86pof, OP, (oT/io, 0op&) greedy for Uood. 

at|iMk4rof, OP, (at/to, Hiipa) Uoodiirety. 

alftop^tt-ffit, 4$, (oT/ia, fiffypvfu) Ueeding violenUy. 

atfi6p-pavT0t, op, (oT/m, fahw) Uood-^iiinlded. 

at}&op^o4», f. ^of, (alpa, fiica) to loee Uood : to hoM 
a dieduxrge of Uood. Hence 

al|&6ppoia, 1i, a dieeharge cf Ucod. 

at|ft6p-ptfTDt, poet. at|&6-p9TOt, op, (atpa, fiiv) 

ATMOS, 6, a Ihom. 

al^o-ar^yfy, i$, ^oiparo-^roirfffl. 

otjio-^^pvitrot* OP, {clpa, ^ophacw) defied wUh 

aXpuSn, « al/t&offw. 

al[Lv\\/ot, OP, (alfdfXot) flaUering, winning, wUy. \p\ 

a()ibi}Xe-|&^JTi|f, ov, 6, (alpifXoe, pSjriM) qf winning 

ATMT'AOS, ff, OP, also oe, op,JlaUering, winning, 
wheedling, wHy. W 

ot|M9V, orot, i,^baifAeap, Mjyuup, knowing, ekSir 
ftd. II. (oT/ia) bloody. 

al|i-«Mr6t, 6¥,rs»eiftaTonr6$, bloody to bAold. 

fldv-&pfn|t, ov, 6, (oMe, dpeHf) terriUy braoe. 

AlvfU&t, ov, 6, JEneae, Ep. gen. hlptUio, or AlpeUt. 

atvsoti, eon, ij, (alpiw) a prmeing, praiee. 

alvtr^t, 4* ^- ▼erb. A^). praited, praieeworthy. From 

fldv^ : fat. Att. aipiau. Ion. -^ooa : aor. i ^pioa : 
perf. ^peica, pass, fptjpat : aor. i pass. ijpiBrp^. Strictly 
to teU or speed; of (cf. oTrot) ; but osn. to spsofc ^ 
praiee of, praiee, approve, c. aco., Lat. loudors. a. 

to attow, recommend. 3. like irprnv, to be eonlent 

with, aequieeee in. 4. to dedine eourieouely, like 

Lat. toadoiv. U. to promiee or vow. 

AFNH, 4t BoTrot, praiee, fame. 

aCvn|u, iBol. and Ep. ibr aipiea, 

aliqQ<n, Ion. for olrcut, dat. pi. of alpie. 

atvtjrit, 4* ^^t poet, far alperSe. 

oCviYjia, orot, r6, (alpia<yofuu) a dark eaying, 
riddle : oft. in plnr., Ika or l£ cdnyp&rwp in riddfef, 
darkly ; also Ip alptyfwunp. 

aiwi/ywr^Mifg, ct, (a^ypa, c78ot) riddUng, dark, 


' ahfvyftSs^ 

in riddles: ximL 

olviy^M, 6, (ab4a&o§im) a 
in plnr. like tdvtyfio, 

€iiv((o|Mu, Dep.BCilWw. 

alvucnfjpiot, ok, (aivlffffOfjuu) riddJUng, Adr. Awtt 

alvucT^tt 4> ^^f exprened in ruUZes, riddUng: fsam 

alv{ovo|iai, Att. «(v(TTO|uiJt» £ i^ofuu: Dep.: 
(oTvot). To apMii; darU^ or in riddtsB, to Mnt a thing, 
gie^io undtnUmd* IL alto in aor. I pas. |7VJ*> 

X^v, pf. jvtyiim^ to be mKniaen rk2(fltn(^fy. 

olvo-^Cot, Ion. olva-^-qt, ov, i, (iaii6%^ fiia) feat' 

alv6-Y&|ftot, w^ (ahit, l^P^) fataOy wedded, 

olv^Ocv, Adr. from a2ipi(it,»if aiMm, in the plmv 
tUvSOtv alpw$ffrom horror to horror, vary horribiiy. 

alv6-#p«mTd8> or, (aiin^» BpinrrofMu) drm^vBig 

olvo-Xa|i.iHjt, ^ (cUi^t, Afiftvw) horridr^j^eaming, 

alv6-XtieTf»ot, or, (oii^ kittrpav) fdtaOp wedded. 

alvo-X^wv, oyrot, ^, (ob^t, xiuv) a dreoi^vl Uon, 

alv6-Xtvo«, or, (aht6t, Xivow) cf feojfvl dedkig^ in 
allnaion to the thread of life. 

alv^iiKOf, d, {ph^, Kimoe) a horriUe wtif. 

alv^liopot, or, (alr^, /i^pot) doomed to a Bad end, 

olvo-irfiiMf, it, {alv6$, va$€Tv) eufferiag dire Hh, 

alvo-ir&Ti)p, ipot, 6, (flly6$, mrffp) tuihappy far- 

AFN02S, 6, a taie, alory, elaewh. /ivtfov, oircTr o&or 
to tell a tale : hence afdbU^ like jBaop's : generally, 
a toying, proverb. II. later, (A<tf leiiUipft m aau2 to 

on«*« proue, prosM. 

ATNO'S, 4, <^, £p. word»8cii^ dread, dir« : of 
penons, dread, ternble, eep. of Zeus : — nent. pi. alv6, 
a^Adr.: Superl. alr^raror. 

alvo^6Kiva, i), as fern. Adj. (edrdt, r^Kot) vnbappy 
t» (^#910(7 frtrf^ unhappy in being a meiher. 

alvo-Tvpawos, 6, (alv^t, rifpamroe) dreadfid tyrani. 

AF'NTDfAI, defect. Dep^ used only in pias., and 
impf. vithont augm., like aXpea, dptrvfjuu, to tedee, lay 
haii of, c. gen. : also to er^joy,feed on. 

alW&f , Adv. of alp6t, terribly, i. e. very mueh, ejooeed^ 
ingiy, alvwt mtp6e terrOily bitter. 

aXi, oIt^s, 6, 1^, dat. pL oATcotr, (dfo'oai) a goal : 
alf ^pia or ^/xot, the dmnoie: e^ 2|^^i\oe dyplei, 
tibe Aer. 

d^ffluncc, Ep. 3 ling. aor. of dfoww. 

6^, fnt. of d2(0V«tf. 

ATO'AAXI. to th^ n^itidly to and fro.'^Ttm. to 
change in eoiow or hue: SfupaK€t etUWowroi the 
grapes begin to turn, Lat. variegaedm'* 

aloXo-^p6vn|t, ov, 6, (aUkoe, fipottrlf) widder ef 
forked lightning. 

aloXo-d^opi|{, rjtcoe, i, (aUkrn, 0^fnf() wA gleaanmg 

aloXo-fi^jnif, ov, 6, sad aSoX^tynt, lee, i, i), 
(aUXot, fJOJTtt) full cf vaaeiom wSiee. 

aloke-|iCt^pi|t» ov, 4 (o^^Aot^ ^^) **^ giecamag 

Me (for it WM plated ivith metal); cf. tdoXMe 
pff(' II. toi(A DorMfMitod tuHnn, 

eiJioK&-mwko% aw, {al6Xm, iv&Xot) with 

ATO'AOZ, ff, w, qmeh-moving, rapid: of 
wriggling: as epiih. of armour, oati^''«oMded,«Mncii90- 
able. n. ehangefxd of hue, gkanUng, gUmdetg.. 

al6\^ vif^ epangled night ; aUXai aAp£ flesh dieeolouired 
from, disease. III. metaph., i. ehang^ul^, 

shifting, varied. a. wUy, eUppery, 

As prop, n^ proparox. ACoXot, ov, 6, JEokta, the 
god of the winds, strictlv the Changeable. 

aloX6-oTO|iot, ow, (aloXot, (rr6fMi) of variouM mea/tf 
ing, riddling. 

aiokb^Xpmm, xf^noe, 6, i^, (aidXos, XF^) ^^^ 
spimgplsd sittii. 

t^bai. Dor. dat. pi. of ^tjiiw. 

almau9b%, ^, 6p, (aimift) high, Icfiy, of citiflB oit 
heights : metaph. l^y, bigh^own, z. akepi, hard 
to dimb. 

a i m (\ m % , taaa, ev, poet, fior alwmwSe. 

oliroXIa*, ^ea, (ol-v^Xot) to be a goatherd: — Pas. 
lo feed, brewee. 

aliroXiK6s, 4, 6v, (olir^Xot) of or belonging to yoo^ 

olir^Xiov, t6, (aMkot) a herd of goats. U. 

a goat-paBture. 

a l-^tiX ot, tor alyo-96koe, d, (<d^, iroAiof ) a go at h erd * 

AFnOS, cot, t6, a height, a steep, vp6t alvos jsj^ 

AmO'Z, 4, 6p, Ep. for olvirt, high, Ufty, usn. of 
cities: oiird /Wctf/ia rtipftd toirents. ~ 

olir6-tUJTi|t, ov, 4 {alfdf, fiSjrts) with high thovgklB 
or aims. 

oUr^MfatTOtf or, (oliript^ v&rot) high-badeed, on a high 
rid ge. pH 

ATlLfJE, €10, if, high and steep, in Homer esp. at 
cities on steep incka: fip^ot oiwvs a noose h a nging 
straight dam, 2^ headlong, alirbs iktBpos sfteer, 

utter destruction ; aliri« x^^* towering wrath. 3. 
metaph. hard, dtflcuft; alwb ot ktraurm H will be 
hard work for him. 

oXpiir\^jo%, Oft, (alpiea) thai eon he tedeen.. 

aXpeavg, mm, (alp^) a taking, conquering, eq>. of a 
town. II. {alpiopm) a taking for oneself, eboosmg^ 
choice, ciptatp Jkd6vai to give choice; oBipeaar Kattfi6^ 
vsw to have oAoioe given one. a. cAoioe or dMoe 
of magistrates. III. a ddiberale plan, per* 

pose. 1. a sect or sdboot of philosophy. 3.0 


alperiav, verb. Adj, of ofpis;, one mmi take. «r 
choose. n. olpvrlot, a, or, desirable. 

alpsrr(fi», £ £0100, (ailp^) to oftoose. II. to bsUmg 
to a sect. * 

otpenM^Bi i^ ^, (alpiet) able to ehoose^ 2* jb«r»> 

tieai. Adv. -mom. 

aipsrb%, 4, ^, vsri>. A4i* o£ oi^^ lAot may ht 

AtPB'Q, — tdrxpdfufns. 


TL (uipSaptat) to he tUtoten, 

a, e k otm , thded, 

ACPCXl. fnt. atpiiem : pf. fpfiimt Ion* AptdptficcL, 
fHL AfioifiiffmL : toL pMB. alptOiaofuu : aor. i TJpi' 
#fr: aadfrcm the loat *IXfti, «iir. a fIXor, inf. iXtftW : 
fik med. IX«^ne ; aor. a clX^fop^, Xp. 3 sing, fhrro^ 
Act. lo late MiA l&e iand, gra^^ weim, a. <o 

II. to (^ tMlo cmt^Bfomtir, conquer, 
Hat: to JkiU. a. to Mtoft, taiv: to wtn, 

5. genenUy, to win, gam. 4. ba Att. 
li«4BnB, to oommI a penon of a thing. 5. 6 A^ 
fm oLptt, Lat. roito mn«ti, reason prove$. III. 

tofny atfk tie mwd, tdbs ^ tiiu2flrikBui. 

Med. aipioftai, to take for mmmif. II. eap. to 

tafe to ami^, cftooae : hence to tofa i» prrfennce^ pre- 
/«r 000 thiDg tQ aikother : alao ftaXXiw cUfnaBm. to 
dhoMe in preiere n oe, Lat.jwtuw inafltf. a. to dbooM 
iy fole, <in( to an oifioe. 
'A^««» ^ ^pof 'A4>os, Inu wahamy Irm. 
AFPQ, lengthd. £p. and poet d^poi: t dpSt [d], 
<r ifSi [d] contr. from At pit : aor. i(^ med. ^pdfiqy : 
«K. a med. i^/np, in fiimi. ip6ftfpf wftbout angm., 

Act. to nMS, roMe or iifl tip; to emry: cSpmv w6ia 
to vilk ; alp. inj/utor to heitt a dgnal ; alpur vavt 
t0 ^ ihipa tiiufer way : henee, a. iuEtnuu. to get 

mder wag, atari, tet ottf, as, aip€iy ratk nzwi^ te set 
■Q ; alpur rf trrpar^ to march:— Paas. to vtamd 
19, oKciid. IL. to rate, aaott, df/wcr ^/ii$i^ to 

rate one's ooorage, etc. a. to roue (ff tK>rd«, 

otfd!, tmggendt, Lat. ^oOere : — Pan. to rte to a luigkL, 
mtrtoM. in.tol(ftaadtoteamiy,tototeaiMy, 

^ on end to : later to JUS. 

Ibd. to 2^ rate for otut^: benoe to eorry 
«f, ma, yam. II. to take upon onne^, undergo, 

ter. a. to vnctetoipe, ftrym. IIL of sonnd, 

^pcvAic ^ i M P' i)» ' to 1^ «p one's voice. 
ATZA, i^, as pr. n^ like Motpti, the goddess (ffate, 
Lat Poms. II. as appellat., tkefakd deem of 

a god, Ai/^ mlaa QiefdLe decreed by Jove. a. om's 
^iisirii/ to<, /ale, datmg, amg eiag hy ill ItMlp>^ 
W^ akare or tot tn a thing, Xi^fSot lucra om's tters of 
boofy. 3. one'e due or ri^ ffsr' alaaaf, like mrrc^ 
l^lfiar, fittingly, nghOg. 

sifftAiomii, ^»^ ga^eof^/ap^ : fut ala^fpropm : 
•V. a Tf€$64ap^, Itiiear aor. i gaitprdfupf : Bep. : (dfw, 
'iSfffo). To pereeice or fi^prehend bg the teneee, and 
tbaefise ■omettmes to /«£, seraetiines to see, some* 
tiBM to hear or leam. Often followed 1)7 ace ; but 
•te c gen., to fo seasiUs qf, to teie iio<te qf a thing. 

sTffty, aros,Td,4te iftn^ jMresised : peireeptkn or 
MM </ a thing. 

sMym , «c», 1), (dloftii^aificu) jwreeplton by the 
met, esp. by Ceeliog, but aho by seeing, hearing, 
etc, a mmrfirm> soms of a thing : aiff9ifaw ^x!^ to 

ham pereepHon of 4k thing ; oMiyotv wo^^^ciy io 
give the meant t^pereejUon, II. in plnr. the 

eentet. in. Wke aXff$tfpa, mpereepHtm: la famit- 

iag, the teeut, 

alv0i|T^pu>v, r^, (olotfc&ys/iac) on organ of tente, 
aJMffrtfH, av, 6, (oM^pai) one who pereektt. 

<Uo%nic^, 4, iv, (al<7tf<bt>/4ai) 4»f or eapdble of 
ptreeption, pt ree pUte ., a. pask peroeptihle. 

•lo4ifr6t, 1^, 6p, verb. Acy. of oMteo^iai, jMroeted 
by the eentet, tmtible. 

dto^, (*dtti, Aifu) to hreatheferth, Lat ejepko, 0vpdp 
dXff$€ he gave np the ghost 

aloifUa, happinett. From 

atcnj&os, or, also 17, ei^, (aZcm) Lat fatalit, appointed 
by fate, fated, destined, mffifunr fpap the faied day, 
i. e. the day of death. U. agreeable to fate, meet, 

right, aXaipa eltitt knowing v^uit it right and proper. 

oXunot, ey, also a, av, (oTon) boding wdl, lucky, 
happy: opportune. 

iZiTa%or, (aprivat. Tons) i^&H^ot, mnKke, unequal. 

'ATSSO, Att 4<nrm or frm: fnt d^, Att. 
if (at : aor. iji^a, Att. f^a. To move with a quick ^tott- 
ing moiton, to thoat, dart, glanee, Lat. mere, impetu 
ferri: — so also in aor. i med. di^atricu, and in aor. i 
pass. d2x^^y«u. a. later, to be eager ctfter. II. 
tmnsit, to hmnw a thing quiddy. [d in Homer : in 
Trsg. ftwhentr^U.] 

dnCoras, Att. alowotf or, (a privat, IdciV) tmseen, 
unteoim, fiot to 5e seen and JtM/rd : hence oon^iAed, de- 
tlroyed: see d^df^Xot. II. act. not teeing or Jbnoiv- 

ing, ignorant of, c. gen. Hence 

d-urr6«», Att oUrrico : f . ^jow. To make tmteen, to 
dettroy : to tlay, kUL 

d£(rv^t0i|firov, 3 pi. aor. I pass, of foreg. 

d49*r««p, o^ot, 6, 1}, (^^oe) unknowing, inexpe- 

dScrr^krsunr, 3 pi. aor. i opt of dlordw. 

dMXot, o¥, opp. to aUripm, unteeady^ evil, in^iout. 
(Derir. uoioertain.) 

alav|ivd«», f . 1^0*0;, (ataa) to give each hie due or por- 
tion of a thing, hence to it mier oiwr, c. gen. Hence 

alav|iWp7|t, 01;, ^, a regtdator of games, chosen by 
the people, judge or umpire. II. a ruler, icMt^jr, esp. 
one chosen by tiie people : a pretidenl, manager. 

olorxCflMT, ov, gen. orot, and aCoxiOTDs, 17, ov, 
Gomp^Mid Snperl. of aUrxp6ty foimed from a7<rxot. 

AI^XOS, cot, t6, thame, ditgraee. II. uglinett 
or defo rm it y . 

olcrxp^iMV, oy, gen. ovot, (oT^ot) thameful. 

oi(rxpolc4p8su^ ^, sordid tow of gain. From 

aUrxpo«ffsp8^ ^ (alaxpSt, lU^) tordidkj greedy 
cf gain, eovttoue. Adv. -iSn. 

alaXpdkoyia, i(, foul language, dkute. FrDm 

aUrxpoA^ryat, or, (otox/wt, X^toi) foul-mouthed, 

oloxp^tptf, <ot, d, 1), (ai<rxp^t, ^Trit) forming 
liote detigm. 


dicipvaoTOf — ixiaiv. 

4«&ptnirrot, or, (a private ira^«^)«0( iiMufe/n«(- 
/u2, wUhautfruk^fruUieta : of an onude, u^fu^fiUed, 
'AKAJSSLA:, AdT., (peni/y. Hence 
dmuncatos, a, oi', (^aUie, ddkate. 
d-nw&pXtfrof, ov, (a private Mira3<UXii») not k> 

d-KaT&'yvcaaTOf , of, (a private JHtTtrycTM^xtti) mot 
to he eo»dmiHod,UamdM$» 
&HCoiTaicdXvirTOt» ok, (a privat., icoroMiXinrrw) im- 

d-wvrdicplTOS, ok, (a prirat., KaroMplyat) fmeoa- 
deamed. Adv. -row. 

d-ic(vrdXT|iCTOS, ov, (a piivat., ncantiXiTTw) irt<AoM( 
^nd: ci vextem, aeaiahetic 

d-KaTdXi|irrot, ov, (a private tearakaftfiiyv) not 
to be eonquereJ, IL incomprdiendSiie, 

^HcardAXoucTOSf ov, (a privat., xaraXX^rojo;) tnv- 
oondZaUe. Adv. ^rvot. 

^•fcivr&X&tot, or, (a pxvndL, itarakhoj) mdimokHAe. 

&-ic(vra|Adxi|TOt, OK, (a private «cmi^Mixo^iat) not 
<o be mtbdued, VHamquarabk, [/id] 

&-icaTav6t)TOf, or, (a privat., jcoroyoio;) f»o^ lo 5e 
eoneeiwd qf or tmaj^niMl. 

&-icaT&iravffTOt, or, (a privsL, jroravaiw) not to 
be ad at rett^ moueoaii : una&fe to eeoMefrom a tfaing. 

dica/Tao*rttoia, i), a <(a<e cf diaordir, oHonhy, con- 
fuaion. From 

d-Ka/rdoT&TOf, or, (a prifat., naBlarfffu) vnetabU, 
imaiUkd : unateadff, fickk, (bcaraordrttit ix^'^ ^ ^ 

d-mvr&oxvrot, ov, (a privaL, «ar^x^) not to be 
cheeked, unrvly. Adv. -ro«. 

44comi4p6vi)TOs» or, (a pnrat^ mxmppowiot) lu^ 
to be deapiied, importantt Lat. haatd wpemendua. 

iMkiioaf, rit IHm. &trm. dsarot, a Ught boat, eip. of 
pirates, Lat. aetuaria, II. a taiZ. 

'AKATOZ, i), or (S, a %iUt»de2, Lat aoteofia; eip. 
a tranaporttfesad : generally, a ah^, [^^] 

d-MonNmos, or, (a privat, urnlw) Mabtimi. 

dicttxe&a«TO or dicax^i>io^ Bp* ^ )^<^^X*7*^^* 3P^* 
plqpf. pan. of dx^. 

dsaxncni, radnpL ftit of dx^ 

dic^X<l<'^ ^P* ^^i^ ^^X^T^*^ rednpl. aor. i of <^ca>. 

dsax'^v^ai. dsax^iMvot, Ep. for i^xv^^* ^^ 
XW^t^o^t Jnf> and part of ^ledxi^fMUt rednpl. p£. paes. 
of dx^* 

didLxirnu, rednpl. aor. 2 med. aulg. of dx^* 

dicaxH*** (^X^"* ^X^^) ^ WaMe, grieve : — Paa. to 
be troubled, 

dicax|«ivot, 17, or, (dir^) pointed, ahaarpened, a part. 
p£pQaB.,aB if from ^fdicot to aharpen, but with no verb 
in nae. 

dicdxoirTO, rediy>l. aor. a med. opt of dx^ 

dMdxorro, £p. Sot iI^x^^^to, rednpL aor. a med. 
of dx^«tf. 

iasm^\ki^m%, poet prei* pan. part of imio/ifcu. 

daMtpcHc6|aa«, ou, d, « 6M€pa4ic6fHiv 

d-ic^ X«w T Ot f or, (a privat, xcAiOMtf) tmWdtkn. 

4-«lim|T0t» or, (a privat, jnrr^) un^ooded^ 
»ft(r no Qwr. 

d-iMVTpot, or, (a priTat, lehrpav) attnglaaa. 

di c^ ofta i : fL i<rofuu. Ait d«oD/Ai: Dep. : (^Ums). 
ToAea{,cure. a. (0 ftanoi, ^iMneb, 8^^, 3-9^ 
nerally, t6 amend, repair, make good: to mmd or dtam 

d-K^OMC, oi¥, (a pchrat, Mtp6wvfu) unmixad, pw9: 
pure m Uood: gvUtieaa, Lat integer, II* 

Aortned, wmuaged, of coontries: generally, 
jxwrflc^ tfmiotieftMi, wiMoIa^e. 

drK^paoTot, or, (a privat, Mip6vrvfu) vrnmred^pmre 
from a thing. 

dHc^p&TOt, or, (a prLvat, xipcLa) uriAmU homa^ 

d-K«pavvo>TOt, or, (a privat, /sepavydw) not etrude 

d^dpSeiA, 4, (6ric€p^a) want of gain, Um: from. 

dricip^t, ^t, (a privat, M^pdoa) tuitkout gain, bring- 
ing loaa. Adv. -8wt, graHe, 

dtc^pKurrot, ov, (a privat, mepid^) fomoven, 

L-nsiapve-et&pnf^ ov, &, (a privat, xf/^ai, tc&prf) wSh 
vmAom hair, epith. of i^>ollo : hence eoer^oung, for 
the Greek youths wore their hair long, till they 
reached manhood. 

d-iHpMt. cvr, gen. «, and 

d-K^pttTot, ov,^tjJciparo9, unOiout home. 

dKccrao^ aor. I inqMrat of itcio/MU. 

diMoi-vocrott poet dmiraiv-, or, (dKiofuu, rdaot) 
htaUng dieeaae. 

dnra* cot, i(, (d«^o/4ai) a JbeoIiM^, aare, remedy. 

dici9|ia, r<$, (dieio/uu) a remedy, cure, 

dK^<ro|Mu, iut of d«4o/iai. 

dKfcTo--, for words bo beginning, t. lub dKea-* 

dic«a<rljf», $pQt, d, (d«^o/Mu) a healer, reataror, phym- 
eian : dircor^p X"^''^ ^ ''^^ '^ temea the deed, 

dmarfji, ov, A,^dKeaTrfp, 

djuoTopCo, 1), ioMioTwp) heaUng, the ati of heal- 
ing, n. a oorreetioe. 

diciOT^tt i}> ^('t (dc^/m) euraiUe: to be eheerad or 

diMffTpo, i(, (dx^oficu) a daming-neecRe, 

^Kfrrpov, t6, (ixit^Mu) a remedy, 

dioc0Tvs« ifoa, 1^, Ion. fcnr dice<ya, 

dK^oTwp, o/xM, ^, {dKiofiai) a heakr, aaoiow, 

dKccr-^opot, OP, (dcot, tp^pu) bringing a eme, heal- 

dKCcrnlaStiyot, ov, (dxiofuu, Myq) aUayingpain. 

d-icl^dXot, or, (o privat, kc^oX^) withoait a 
head, 2, toiihaat beginning. 

dK^ttv, didovou, {dicfiv) in form a participle, used 
by Hom. as an Adv., sN%, atfUy, aUmUy : mod^y in 
eing. nouL even with a plor. veril», as, dK^n^ Bahva$€ 
feast ye m aHenee : — the dual dmiorre occun once, 
the plur.£orm never. Although fem. dxiouffa Is found, 
yet dxiear stands also with the fbm., as, 'A0f ni^ 
dxianf fy. 

'AKH'— an^. 


'AEB^ ^, & BabsL lald to baye 3 0eiiwi. i. a 

ftid, e d jf g , (wbeBce d«^ ^(m0x4> ^M* ^xM> ^^i^* 

4i^«t, and LaL aew«» aeuo), 2, iiUnee, (whence 

4iiir, dv^vr). 3. AfloUn^, (whence d/r^o^). 

dHc^^ScoTDt, OK, (a private in^cor) uneand for, vn- 

wfOunAfw^end r^ln, wnbvaied* Hence 

Adr^ act. twfJboal heei for ORff imw, r0- 

4 w|8 l|> , ^ (a prirat., K^Sot) paM^ tmmrcd /or, 
1^ —ftiiiiftl. IL act, wiOiovii cart or mtnrno, 

mL iccmi. 3. heedUti, cardm. 

di K4 l y, Ep.fcri^«^diyy«,Bp.aor. I of d-«78^. 
oK^pcoai, perfl med. of diratw. 
44d^i|Tos, OK, (a pmat, io^o;) (o he won by no 
«o( to he dutrmBd or won over, ineaDorabk, vmu- 

4baia, Ti^«dM<r/ia, a erne, remedf. 

dcjir, properly ace. fhim Mf, hut med only as 
A&f^ etay, BofO^^BamOy: there ii alto a Dor. dat 
^Bfi, or as AdT. dint, in ^gnt, gtMfUft eoMy, 

day doio i , ok, (a piiTat., /npSawfu) tcmntzed, 
pmt: benee, uniomdied, htLiiUeger: genially, pane. 

A a %>&f p a , or, (a priyaL, lupitn/vfu) ummsed, pwe^ 
dear: of perMjna, ineorrupt, vndefiled, vprigki: — c. 
gen. pmefrotn, free from iamt </. . . II. iwitn}- 

pakwdy mfmB vigour, freak, vmirohen, 
4«%HOt, or, (a prhraL, leffp) unharteed hf tbefatee, 
geaeimny, wtkywred. II. act. vnhannifig,harm' 


% (a prirat., iir^p) vtCioui heart or ioiiZ, 
n. tfittout hecai or courage, fain^ 

and dmipvrK, (dic^^urrot) Adv^ icitikoiii 
jmrfrwMftow .- eep. withoui^ a /lag ef iraee, 
4 K%Mii o a , OK, (a piiTat., laififfrom) unannoiineed : 
^ : diHfpvirroe wCKe/ioe a war without an^ 
madden, or, one m whieh no herald woe ad- 
a. ingforioue, vndmown, 3. 
ef, wending no tidmge. Hence 
Adv., a iMfffmtri, 
ov, (a prifat., Ktjpdw) not eoeered with 

hafuSSvrai, or drnptlttrai, Ep. for ^jit^x^F^^f 3 
pL redapl. pi pa«. cf dx^. 
dmp^lptvos, £p. far iiaxfiiUvoe, redopl. pf. pan. 

pert, of dx^* 

dwip BuX wi , or, (a privat., tdfi^ffkoe) unadidterate, 
WKMogedfpure: alio gniUeee, honeet, 

dnSvet, iy« ok, weak,feAle,f(Unt, in Homer only in 
coBpar. dffiMrcpof. ' (DeriT. uncertain.) 

i<Ctepi«, I, gen. cot, (a privat., latfd^) ipiKAoitf 

not, ^, 4f (a prifat., Kuan) poweHet$,feebU. 
tep&Ki|t» ov, or cot, d, Lat. oetadott, a Fenian 
"vod, a tkori tword. 

dHcCvMvot, OK, (a private tMuifoe) wOhoat danger: 
hence shunm n g danger, eoaardly. Adv. -mm. 

dHcCvifrot, OK, alto 17, ok, (a prirat., mviw) unmoved, 
moUonleee: henoe ufle, th^fj^iaA. a. tmottontd, eet- 

tied, ateady, II. tmrnoooftle, hard to move, 2» 

not to he etirred or iowhed, bm ImL non movendue, it^ 
tioUMe: not to he divulged, [l] 

d-Klot, or, (a privat., kU) wiihont worms, not worm' 
eaten, eound, Snperl. diuAraroe, 

dKtp6t, <SK,»d«n<Kot. 

ieiUfiSoe,^, {dtdf, Lat. aeiee) a point, haHf, a pointed 
inetrumefU: metaph. a ttm^r, w^^wk dxldt t (At tftn^ oC 
deiivee. [d] 

dncCxifrot, ok, (a privat., mx^*^) n<^ (o te reodbtd^ 
tmottotiuiUe .- of pertoni, not to he readied hy prayer, 

dicic(to|Mu, Dep.: (d««odSr). To pretend indifferenoa 
to a thizig, (0 ajfed eoyneea : generally, to dittemUe. 

dicK^, ij, a ftti^6ear: ace. to others a vam ftomon. 

dicXdpwTOS, Dor. for dtcX^ponot, 

d-KXaoTot, or, (a privat., icX/&u) vnbrohen, 

d-RXavffTOt, or dicXauTot, ov, (a private MXaUt} 
patB. unwept : without lamentation. II. act. noi 


d-KXcfjf, It, gen. lot: aoc Ankea, Ion. d«\f7, 
poet. d«Xld : (a privat., xAiot) without fame, inglorL 
out, ignoble: nent. dicXcIt as Adv^ inglorioudy, 

d-icJUta, 1), (d^cXfi^t) m^Iortbfitnett. 

4-ieXii^ it, poet, for d^cXci^t, Adv. dxXcMvt. 

d-KXctOTOt, o¥. Ion. dncX-fiurrof, contr. d-icX^ 
OTot, (a privat., MXefa) : not ehui, not bdted or /oa- 

dicXtdt, Adv. of iicXe^e, inglorioudy. 

d-KXif^ It, poet, for d-xXc^t. 

&kMfaT0% oontr. -^qotos. Ion. for dicXiioTot. 

d-icXi|pot, OK, (a privat., ttkiipot) without lot or por- 
(ton, poor, nett2y. a. without a diore m a thing, o. 

gen. II. iMoflofled, without an owner. 

dncX'^pctTOt, onf, (a privat., Kkrip6oi) wiOiout lot or 
portion m a thing, c. gen. 

^KX-QOTOt, 0¥, Att. for ditAfurrot. 

d-KXi|T0t» ov, (a privat., koXIw) unodEZed, wdndden. 

d-icXXv^ It, (a privat., /kA/kw) heading to neither 
Bide: wuwerving, 

d-icXtMPTOt, or, also 17, or, (a privat., icXJbiai) un- 
wadtedhy waeee. 

dic|&dtw, f. dau, (dKftlj) to he in fuXt Uoom, he at the 
prime or pe^eetion : hence to fiouridt, abtmnd in a 
thing, iiMpA\,U¥ irkoirr^, etc. : impert. d«yid{ci, c inf., 
it ie high time to do: but also c. inl, to be etrong 
enough to do. 

dnjiAiott a, or, (dgftfi) in fuR Uoom, at the prJnMV 
Vtoommg, vigorous: ixpuSoe (piifOtr in the prime Of 
strength, II. ta time, Lat. c^f^porfwnut. 

diqi'^, 4> (<^> Lftt. ooiei) a point, edge : proverb.* 
M £vpw dxpSje on the raior*s edge, L e. at the criti- 
cal moment : dptpihiiioi iucpai the fingers of both 


itqui'f — iaaaspJhi. 

fauidB, like inXStP Aitpuai. 2. the hightd point of 

any thing; Ote bloom, JUmer^ prime, eq>. of man's age, 
^Ue^ i^fitft Lat. JUm ceUtHt ; iucii^ 6ipom mtd^man' 
mer : — generally, strength, vigour. a. like tuup6$, 
the time, L^the bed, mott Jkting time : dtcfMi [IffTi], c. 
iaL, 'tis high Hme to do : Iv* <Lr/i$t that, c inf., to be 
on the point of doing. 

im^uifif, strictly ace. from dtcfi;^, bat used as Adv., 
«n a momeni, direoUy, IL soea now, stiU, like ^n. 

ttiqiT|v6t, 4> ^^t (^^M) /^ grotmi, infuU vigour, 

lK|M|vot, 01^, faitxng, withoid food, (Deriv. |m- 

d-Kfi'^t, ^ot, 6, 4, (a prirat., tedfOfot) « v H t i /to M , 

dHC|n)TOfl, OS', (a prifat., K&iamt) vmeeaaried, untiring. 

dK|M>-OlTt|S, ov, ^, =6q. 

dniL^-^crov, t6, (dKfioav, liBtf/u) the anviUlock, 

"AKBIIIN, oFot, 6, an anoH, Lat. tacus. 

d-Kvwrcrott or niher £-icvCcro«, oy, (a priyat, tan- 
^ra) without fat, esp. without the fat of iaeriftoe, 

dKofj, £p. daeov^, i(, (juueoba)) hearing. I. 

IA0 soue of hearing: the ear; esp. in plnr., &Moait 
Z4x*ff^ot to hear, ate II. a hearing, Hatm- 

ing to, dKmjt d^iot worth hearing. III. the thing 

hoard, a report, 9afgmg,fame, dMog dHvoi n to know 
a thing by hearwag. 

d-Ko{fnfroc or, (a priyat., MOift&ofuu) tleepteu. 

dHCOiv^avi|TOf , or, (a privat., irocritfrifa;) tMt sfca9«i 
in, not eommon. U. act. not sharing in, not par- 

taJDing of: hence untoaoJ. 

d*Ko(n|t, ou, 6, (as^i^io, /rofny) a bec^^kw, tpoam, 
hutband : fem. dricoims, tot, ij, a wife. 

d-KoX&iccvTot. or, (a prirat., «oAa«<iptti) not JUU- 
tered, not won by flattery. 

dicoXAoia, 4* (dic^Acurrot) iMenfuwsnsH, intanper- 
anoe : eacoete ix extravagance : opp. to amf^poainnf, 

dKoAaaraCvoa, (jiit6kaffrt) to he lioentiouB, do- 
baudted, or intemperate : to tk>e a rioUnu life. 

dnc^XooTOt, air, (a prirat., icok&iat) Li^ non cas- 
tigaJku, tmchaatened, undiec^ailined, unbridled: also un- 
ecktiCated. 2. intemperate, opp. to aix^pemf. S»Dce 

dicoAdcrrost, Adv., intosyoitrtpfy: — Compar., dteoXja- 
CToripue <xc>^ v/>^ ^ ^ he too ta<anip0ra(« in a thing. 

drKohjo%, ov, 6, (a privat., k6\ov) a bit, mored. 

^MoKoMio, f. iiaei, (dx6hav6oe) to follow, go after or 
with. II. metaph. tofcUow or obey one tn a 

thing. Henoe 

htoKoiAifrvt, eon, i}> a following, eequmee. 

dKoXovOi|Tlov, verb. A4|. of dKoXou^iiM, om vmtt 

dico\ovO(a, i(, ((LroXov^^o;) a fcUowing, attmdanee, 
inin. II. o^raesioif or 0eii^oniM(y w«A. 

d-«dXovOot, ov, (a copulat, «iXc«0ot) foBowmg, 
attending on : — as Subst^ 6t c6 hm A o% 6, a follower, at' 
tmdant: oldtcihxmBoi the eamp followers. 11. 

feOowing after, c. gen. : hence agreeing with, suitable 
to, Uhe, c. gen. : but ako c. dat Adv. -iwt. 

drK6Xv)i|lot, er,(a privat., M6Kvfifias) wmbleto 1 

d-MOfuwrCo, 1), want of tending or oore. From 

d-it6|uoT0t* or, (a privat, irsfi^) twlsndai. 

dHCOfMt, or, (a privat, «^) tctUboitf Aoir, boii: 
of trees, bef^bst. 

d-w^ffeiioaTOt, or, (a privat, Kopm6(ea) wnboaa^^iL 

dHco|i,«oa, av, (a privat, icSpansy^Sbng. 

d-ico)ibi|iot, or, (a privat, isofjap6t) unadorned, otm^ 
pie, plain, Lat mn^iex. IL mds m speuL 

dicovdM, i^ocw, {(ixop^) to sharpen, wheL 

d-«AvMXot, or, (a privat, koMXtj) wiSknd Uoim. 

dicorfj, 4, (dieff) a whetstone, hone, Lat cos. 

d-wovlTi, Adv. of dMwras, (a privat, icaM) wUk 
out the dust of the arena, hence witbout eombat, toQ or 
e^orf, Lat sinepHlvere, 

daovTi, later form fiir iUovru 

dKOwCtfis, £. /<7a;, (^tcour) to hurl a javeUn.: also lo 
fftrotr, >Z»ii7, dari : to dart at, c. gen. pen. : laieac c 
ace. pers., to hit or strike with ajamUn, to wound; a&d 
Pass. d«orr({eo^a<, tobesohitot wounded. a. io 

shoot forth rugs, of the moon. IL intiana. to 

dart or pieroe. 

dicdrrMv, t6. Dim. of d«Bdr, « dart, jaoelm. 

dK6vT{<n«, 1), (dirorr/(w) <Ae throwing a javelin. 

dic^vTur|&a, r^, (djcorr/^v) liot «Uoft ti doiisd^ a 
javelin : irrdt djcorW^/iorofl within a daii*s Utrom. 

dKovrurrfjp, ^pot, i, and dw oy mii ' ^ oS, ^, (d> 
jrorr/fo;) a darter, huder ofjo/vdins. 

dKovnoTUcdt, tf, 6v, (dirorrifof) skiQed in throsring 

dKovnoTVf, hos, 4* Ion. for dteSyrtins, the game €^ 
the dari, a contest at throwing the darU 

djcoviv-Bdicot, oit, {Skow, dix^l"^) wddtimg the 
dart, i. e. ehwming it. 

d-Koirot, Off, (a privat, idtros) without woari' 
ness : — 1. pass, vmeeaned, tmiiring. IL act. 

not wearying, eaog. a. removing wearinaas, re^reAimg. 

dKoplaTOTOt, iBOft thamdem, a SnperL either from 
dHro/x^«d«tfp»Tot; or ftxim ^K^pearos, shortenfid 
for dKO/woT^Torot, like fUaaaros, vkaros. 

d-K^pcoTOS, av, (a privat, icaphnnnu) msatia^, 
unceasing. II. act not satiating. 2. not disguaHng. 

d- icAp sro f , ov, »Ais6ps(rras. 

dHc6pt)T0S, o¥, (a privat, Kophnnf/u) insatiate, w»- 
•otsd fciti, c gen., as wSkepisv, damhwy. IL (a 

privat, Kopioj) unsioepL, untrknmed, 

dpKopot, or, s Juc6piiros, insatiate : msiaph. esMtf- 
less, Lat tmpro&iM. 

"AKOS, eos, ri, a cure, reUrf, remedy, hdp^ resomee 
for or againet a thing, c. gen. : d«ot rifgpw io pi»> 
pare a remedy. 

dico<r|U», t ifem, (fiKoaftos) to he dioorderlyf «»• 
ruly : to be out of ordir, to offend. 

d-K^o^tlTos, o¥, (a privat, Koapioi) unammgsd^ 
disorderly. a. wnndomed, wsfuruuhed. 

imaaylA, 1), (dco^^ioi) ditoraler, oonfuskm: 
vaganoe: unruliness. 



or, (a piiTsL, le^fioi) mt tt JUi <jfder^ 
^Mordierif, eot^iued: fai moral agnfl, WMndft rtbd- 
Btm. Adr. ^ptn. U. it6<rfio» iMoapM a world 

Atf ii mo woM, lika yd/iM SyofiMf etc. 
4cooT&M or ^KoorMt, only i»m1 In aor.i paii. 
i mu t ^i M M, iw f/ni , cvtT'/ed. From 
*AKOST7, 4, hm1e9, 

iKe<i^^o)iat,I)ep^a=diro{w,(ofearJbgiite,c.gen. 11. 
(» k eaZied, ftMiciaa, Soirdt d«)oi«dC«;ft>r ye are friddm to 
Ike feast, Uke caXtt<i6leK, Lat. inmoK. 
fa ow^. i), Ep. for d«o^, Adintfij^: warp^ d«ov^ 

or, (a prirat, icoSpoi) ehSdims, toiffitoat 

n. (a iniTai^ mw/Ni) vpithoni. 
f, iEoL fiirm of dtfo^ooicr, 3 pL aor. i opt. 

DeiSderat. of d^oCw, to uiak to htar, 

or, (<i«o(Mv, B969) heard of Qod. 
7, aw, (iuwifct) imdMe, 
aw, contr. for iMco^tnoe, trnwiUing, under 
forced. Adr. -iete, icwo fl lfc yi y, or in on 
taomur: Siiperl. Adv. dcovowrrora. 

^Kavopa, r^, (dirouv) a tlb^ heard, a mmnd, 
A«ia. 2. a nHamr, report, to^ [d] Hence 

6mow^uimo¥, r6, a Uttie tedt, 

dao wgi fo y , abo d w oi » T< tt , Terb. A4j> of d«oCw, 
AM naiC hear or Atorfcoi lo, c. geo. 

^ftouuifcf , oD, ^, (dirolMtf) a hearer, Uelener, 

fcrawi i6i» 1^, ^r, verb. A4j- c^ dtcoifa, heard, 
aadSOe: Aat thoedd he heard, 

'AKOT'Xl, 1 iMoffCoiuu : pf. Att d«4iroa, Dor. d- 
Mam : piqpfl dip^a^r : — ^Paii., pi ijmvfffMM : aor. 
I ^KUM g ^. To hear, need both with g<en. and 
aee. 1. abaoL to hear, give ear, daabere kt^ hear, 

people. n. to lieten or giee ear to, nra. c. 

gea., more rardj e. dat, hence to obey, HI. 

to hear aneee^ eaBed, be caUed, paee far, either with 
an Adj. or 8ubiL, iMofmy aoaiSt to have a bad cha- 
ncier, liat. fiuilaf ondhre; or with an Adr., •{, muAe 
ia oi eim , Lai. beae, auie aadCipa. 

ixpa, loo. dicp>i|, ^, (strictly fem. fram dapot) the 
md, po^et, tap. Ae hi^heet point, the top of Ae liu,peak, 
hokOamd: a eitadd, Lat. arz: — oar* ditpije wipBeiw, 
Att jKor* dapae, to deatroy /mom top to boUom, L e. at- 

AapdovTOt, or, » dxparroe, without reeuU, vnfvi- 

Aap a yil t , ie, (o prirat, ap^ee) net barkmg, 

iapatfL eoBtr. form of d«pcUa, aoc. maic. of da^o^. 

fcry l^i, ^ (4ifpoe, Sbjfo) al certain wfaida, Uoieing 
itnngtf, bnmc,fftehm 

itpai4»^i» ^ oontr. from daepoKHpaif^, {AmI- 
fmhm) wnmixed, pare, eheer: hence, II. 

K^ Lat. inteffer: c gaa., untouched by 

inprnna^, or, (a pdrat., mpohm) mtaeeompUehed, 

mfidjaedpfruaeee, idk. II. endte. 

dicp&o<a, 4, (dapoHie) the eharaeler ofoM dapar/je, 
ineotmnenee, Lat. impotmiia, opp. to kyMpdreta. 

JMc p Awitt, i(, earlier form c^ foregp. [^ 

dicp&T^OTfpot, irreg. Clomp, of djep&roe, 

d-Kpftr^ (t, (a prirat., «peTOf) jKMMr{es0 : nol hoeing 
power or oommamdoearek thing, d«/»T^ bpnfiehaX. impO' 
tene tree: e«p. in a moral 8enie,io^^kottf jKweror oommond 
oeer oneeelf, ineantment, Lat. Unpotene or knpotene aoL 

d-icpftT({o(iai,fiit. twpai : Dep. : — to drink pare wme 
{daparoe, merum) : henoe, IL to breakfatt, became 
this meal conaiBted of bread dipped in wine, Heaoe 

dicpdffurrot, or, haeina brealtfaeted. [itpi] 

dicpdrowooio, Ion. aicpi|TOiroor{i|, 1), a drinking 
of unmixed wine. From 

AKpaTo-w^nitt efif, 6, Ion. & i cp t| r o w^ np , (jUparoe, 
aipea) a drinker if unmixed wine. Fern. iMparaw6m$, 
i^ot, 1). 

dncpdrof. Ion. d-icfT|TDt, aw: Compar. and Sn- 
perl. dxpariarepoe, -i<rraroe : (a prhrat., /rtpdrrv/u) 
unmixed, pure, eheer, mnadvilterate: eip. of wine, 6 
djcparo* (sub. (^voe), wine without water, eheer wine, 
Lat. merwn ; daparoe pove pwe intellect a. an- 

tempered, unreetrained, exeeeeiee: intenyxrate, violenL 

d-KpdTwp, opot, d, ad-itpar^t, without eonlrd. [i(p9[\ 

dicp&T^, Adv. of dapoHie, without eantrol : ditparwe 
ix*"^ ^ ^ tneontMMnt 

&Kp&x^^t f* ^<f^t to be pamienate. From 

4icp4-xoXot, or. Ion. dap^oXot, (dxpoe, X^^^) 
quiek or fuddfln to anger, paeeUmate : — icCcay dxpix'*' 
Aot an iU-lempered dog. [«^] 

dicp{|U0v, ovot, 6, (dtepot) the end of a braneh or 
bough, a emalt branch, epray, twig, 

dap-lo^irtpof, ay, (dxpos, lawipa) at the beginning 
of evening, at eventide, 

6iKp-^ifiif§, ft, and dap-tiPot. or, (dxpoe, f/Si;) in 
eadieet ytmih, very young, 

d-Kfnpof, or, Ion. for A-aparoe, unmixed, pure, 

dicpi|-xoX£a, dic(yf|-xoXot, Ion. ibr d^paxoAio, eto. 

dapiot, ace. pi. Gidttpu. 

dicp(p<ia, if, {daptfi^e) exaelmest, aeeuraey, preeieion : 
perfeeUon: etridnete, eeverity : partimony,frugalily, 

dacpltl^ifg, h, exaot, aeeurate, preeiee, etriet, perfect in 
ita kind ; of aignmenta, eioee, tubUe: of thoughts, 
dear, defnite, predte. 11, otpenaoB, exact, ekriot, 

eerupuloue : — alpo/ru^ eOngy, (Deriv. nncertain.) 

dapl^XoY^liAi, Dep.: (dicpifiokSyoe) to be omm- 
rate or preeiee in language : c. ace lei, to weigh oosia- 
ratdy. Hence 

daplSoXovCa, 1), preeieion of language, 

daplBo-XoYOf , o¥, preeiee in language, 

dicplp6«>, f. diauf, {dapiffffe) to rmAe eand or ooMi- 
rate : to arrange preeiedy : bat ura. to examme or'iai- 
derstand tiiorou(fidy : (o expreee aeouratdy: — ^Pass. to be 
made exad or perfeeU 

dapipftt, Adv. of daptfiife, exaedy, aeeuratdy, pr e ei e e 
ly. n. sporin^Iif, dxpafiSn aid p6k», Lat vit d 

ne vix 


iKpiMriKtj — iKpavdXo9, 

dicpit, tot, i). Ion. for iicpa, a hQl4op, peak ; mostly 
in plar., dicpitt ^yf/i^crom the vindy moimtoin- 

^AKPTX, iSo9, ^, a loeud. 

dicploia, i/f^ (JUptrot) tcanf of didindneu and order, 

dicplr^-Scucptit. u, gen. vof, (dir/xTot, S<Lrpv) aAtt^ 
din^/oodf of leorf. 

&KpM-|fcCi6ot, OTf (Sjcpirot, itu$Q$) kdking reck- 
Uidy, II. hard to kderprH, 

dncptTos, ov, (a privat., «^(Mtf) unarran^ecl, «(m- 
/tiaed, <2»aorc2er{y. 3. loatin^^, unceaainy : of moun- 

tains, iiii6rofcoi,oon(tnttoi». II, vndeeided, doubt- 

fuL 2. vi^udged, untried, of persons and things, 

e. g. 6Kpir6¥ nra lertivtiv, to pat to death vciOyoui 
trial, Lat. indieta eau$a : — also twt nijtd to 
iridL III. act. fiot giemg judgmenL a. not 

ejoeremng the judgment, undietmguidting, 

dicplr^-^uXXot, ov, (&r/xTOff, ^dXXov) of Uended 

dicplr^-^'upTOfy or, (SMptroe, ^/w) mkiisUfiiTUMA- 
oUy mixed, 

dicpodto|Aai, Pep., ■= dxpoiofnat . 

6,Kpi&pA, r6, {iitpodofMu) Lat. aeroama, any thing 
heard teith pleaeure, any thing read, recited, piaffed or 
eung: a plop or mueieal piece, 

'AKPOA'OMAI, f ut dao/uu [d] : pf. ^pSd/uu : 
Dep. To hearken or Utten to, esp. to hear or a/<«m2 
lectures : & Aiepodf/urot a hearer, etudent, II. to 


6Mp6iia%9, €ot9, i), (iiepodo/iai) a hearkening or littai^ 
ing to, 2, obedience, 

oKpofirlov, verb. A4j* of dxpoAo/toi^ one mutt 

^ucpoft'Hjpiov, r6, (^dKpo&ofiai) a piaee ef audi' 
enee. II. an audience, 

dicf>0&'H|t, ov, 6, (dxpodofjuu) a hearer: apaqtO, 

dKJ>oaTiK6t, 4, 6r, (dxpioAoftai) proper for hearing 
or attending leeturee; fuaidi iMpoarucit, Lat. honoro' 
rium, apupffsfee. 

iKpo-pariu, (JLcpoe, fialtw) to walk on tiptoe <a erect, 

dicpo-^^^, (fiicpot, fi&rrw) wetted at the end, II. 
tinged at thepokU, or kighUg, 

Unpo-PeXifg, U, (fiicpoe, fiiXoe) toUh a poiid ai the 

iLK^ofiokka, (uKpo-fidXot) to he a dinger, to ekirmiA, 

dicpoPoXCto^ioi, (aMpo0o\4«) Dep. : to throw or etrike 
from afar: totkirmish. Hence 

ixpop^Xavt, COM, i), MrmiMtg, 

dicpopoXur|<^ ov, dt^dxpo^fiiKit. 

iitcpopohurrffg, ov, 6, «sq. 

dxpo-^^of, 6, {Aiepoe, fiAXXw) as Snbst. one (hat 
throws from afar, a dinger, ekirmither: but II. 

as A4j., proparox. djcp&SoKoe, ov, druekfrom (rfar, 

hc^opvaiia, 4, (dicp60vaTO») uneircumdeion, 

&Kp4^u9T0t, or, {i^poe, 0(w) wndreumeiaed. 

dicpo>*ytivui2ot, or, (fijKpoe, fwiAa) <A (he 
angle, icp, >S$o» the oonwr/oumiaiion-stone. 

dicp^-fierot, o¥, (fUpn, hUt) bound at the end or top» 

wp6lBpva, rd, {dUpoe, Zpm) frwlrUeee, VL» 

fruUe, esp. hardrihdled fruits. 

dicpo-^AucYvt, 0¥, {ditpot, iXiffffw) twided at the omI. 

dicpo-6CY4f, itf (fifcpoe, $iyetv) touching on the siir- 
face or UghUg, 

dicp6-$Cva, rd, t. iKpo^vwr, 

dicpoOtviA{o|MH, Dep. : (jSjcpo^nor). To take cf (he 
hett, pick out for onemi^, 

dKpo-$(viov, t6, {itcpot, $lt) usn. in plur. dscpt^^ 
$iyta or Aicp6$ipa, steicUy, the top of the heap, the best 
or choice parte : hence ihe firdfruUe of the field, of 
booty, etc., like iir-apxal: — strictly a neut. A^j** 
ih>m dxpchOmos, whence Binj ijtpoBina offerings </* 
fird-fruite, [01] 

dtcpoHCiXoivioM, (fljcpoi, iteXaivU) only used ia 
Ep. part. iMpoicekaivt6wv, growing htaek on the siir- 

dicpo-Kv^^oiot, ov, {(Upoe, tcriipat) at (he begmnin^ 
or end of night, in twiUghL 

dicpo-KVf^ijf, it, « foreg. 

dicf>^-ico|Aot, ov, (fiicpoe, ie6pa)) wilh hair on the 
crown, II. wUh Uaeet at the top. 

dicpo-ic6piv6ot, 6, the citadel </ Corinl^ 

dicpo-ici)|iaT6«», f. wrea, (fixpot, tcvpa) to float on the 
topmod wavet, 

dicp^lOot, or, (Sxpot, XlBot) with the extremitiee of 
done, epith. of statues of wood with marble head, 
hands and feet. 

dicpo-X(viov, t6, (Sxpot, Jdrov) the edge of and, 

Atcpo-Xoyitt, (figpot, Kiyv) to gather at top. 

dicpoAo^Ti)t p], ov, 6, (dicpot, \64p09) a nwunr 

dicp^o^os, 6, (Jhcpot, X6^) a mcwUain-ridge, 

dicpo-XiiT^, (ixpot, Xiw) to untie only at the end, 

djcpo-fA&v^ *t, {itpot, paiyopai) at the height of 
madnest, raiting mad, 

dicpo-iiAXtpdot, or, (dxpot, p6Xi09ot) leaded at the 
edge, epith. of a net. 

dKpov, ov, t6, neut. fkt>m ^pot, the highed or top^ 
mod point >-~ I, a mountain^top, peak, TL 

metaph. the highed pitch, Ote height of a thing. 

dicphoviix^ Adv. i&icpot, 6rv$) with the edge of the 


dKp-ovt}xo«> or, (6m pot, Srvf) =idMp-&rvx09, 
dicp^viJX^ ^'^'t (^pos, rifi) at nightfall, <d eeen, 
dicpo-ircvOi)t, ^t, {ditpot, nirSot) exceeding tad, 
dicpo-«oSi|T(, Adv^ {dxpot, wobt) on tiptoe, deMHy, 
dicp^<^iroXi«, (CM, 4> {djcpot, ir6\it) the vpper or 
higher eity, hence the eUadd, cattle: in Att. esp» 
the Acropolis of Athens, which serred as the trea- 
sury. II. meti^>hn a totter cf dtfemee, a. 
dicpo^irdXot, or, {dxpoe, ttekiei) high^ranging ; ge-> 
nerally, high. 

iKpow6pos — iucikvTos. 


or, (iKpot, ndpoif) horing Ummgh, 

fctfil ■iMiiii, r6, (ditpot, wrtpSv) iheUpcftbt wiitg. 
6m^6 ■tnAii, ft po«^ ^ AicpS^woXu. 

or, (d«4) a< Ae aici, L e. ehher otUentod^ 
lift g—n, or al Ae <op, Lat MiiiMnif .* ^Mpa x^h 
«)<3ct, ete^ the «Mi of the hand or Ibet, etc.; 
WAtf 6Mfii a iirf^-«oAif , the citadel ; iHetp Axpov 
Urn wmtfmx of the water ; lo also, lit SlMpou (to. 
lerrvAota) on (tjrfos; o^ dv* &cpaM. ^ptvU not fiom 
Ik mnfmM cf tlM heart, i e. from the Iniaoit heart ; 
imfmat Xeifava jvpwrWSoit with the onimrmod 
•im of the nil, with a cloee^eefed Mil. II. 

«f Tine, impa kwipa Ae end cf eTening; ii%ht- 
UXL in. cf Degree, Ift0 A^AeK in it! kind, 

jEnC, « vetieding good, txeeBmd; iUpot AaofoSfP, voapw 
At Jkwl among the Greeki, the poeti ; fvx*^ <^* 
impm Doi itinmg of mind. lY . as Adv^ At/mm, 

A^flr, aad dxpa, very, exotedSnglif, higHy, 

Br, (dicpoi, aiiifpoi) poMed or akod 

ow, (Sucpoi, ffo^) high iu 
dafo-vTJXiov, rd, (jUtpot, inoDJi) the gmmak of a 

Aipo g4tXi|t, it, (dir^ot, <r^d\A«) <tp< to ttmMe. 
dsporArq, fern. Soperl. from dttpo$, 
im^n riXe^nov, to, (dttpot, rcAcvrf ) Of fag-€nd 
•f aaj thing, eip. of a totm. 
dap o>»0 |al i>, to lop off, tkate the $wfaoe. From 
^ap^-TOftos, or, {(iicpot, rSpaw) eiUoffatthe edge, 
^mp c v xim, {Sjtpon^, ixp") to inhabU the heigkte. 

' ' - -f, r6, {dxpoe, ^a) the mtout or pipe of 

a«po-x&v4a, 4$, (Sucpoe, X^rw) wide-wmning, 
iiya X*ptl"''» Dep.: {Sttpoe, x^P)' ^o tkmg^ 
gk M «r»*« length, of a kind of wreeUing, in which 
thej gnuped one another^s hande, without claq»ing 
the bod J. 
d ay n ai o t , or, (a privat., Kphwrot) u$ihidden, 
d ayw m AXo t , o¥, (a prifat^ irp6crraXXot) wttftoui 

fcrp nAfyiay, t^, (fiKpoe, ifkhri) the point of the dbow, 
imp wrixta, 4. (Ar^wt, ^) the tip if the naC: 
mmy adnmitg, the ridge of a momUtdn, 

, or, {die pot, Sti^) wiA naUt, elawe, hooft, 
4, (fiiepot, ipoe) vunrnkdnFfidge, 
Adw, of djcpoe, pery, exeeedingly, 
jkopmy^pt^jm, f. ao», to eat off the extremitiei, e&p. the 
ioMlt and/eel, to muiilale. From 

hifiii%iiiir, r^ (d/rpot) miff topmoif or prominent 
pmt, e.g. d«^ o6^«ot a moimtain-|Ma&; dxp, rtjSe a 
ihipekiafc,LAt.9tMlra. I. in plnr. Ifte ejM e mitii M of 
Ike hodtf^ hetide and/eeL a. in ling. a promontcry, 

imralym, aeeme to be a tlrengthd. form from dTw, 
Updin motion, rai9e,tupporti U intr., to move fapt<%, 
IcilrQi^ ond ocwoe* 

heraSot, a, oif,(dMTi) on the than crooad, n. 

'AMToia (icT^)!^, OooiUcMd^ an old name of Attica, 

'AKTETA, 1^, Oe eMer^free; Lat aoMfiiiOHt. 

d-Krl&vot, oiff (a prirat* jrWoror) tdttoul ftv- 

dHCTtvuTTOt, or, (a piiy., irrtrlyw) iMOOei&iiii^ im* 

drrler, yerb. Adj. of SrfOf, one mind lead: cl^ 
riTT 6KTio¥ one muet keip peace. 11. intr. one 

mnd go or mareh. 

d-«T«p(iaT0t or d-wrlpiOTOfl, 09, (a priyat., ktc- 
pc^w or Krepi(o») Kithoutfwnend-ritee. 

dirrlj, 1^, (dymf/u) the pUtee uhe re the wane breah, 
i. e. the heath, eea-^ore^ etrand; in phv., dgrat vpo- 
fi\SJT€$ jutting el(f« : alM> a trad by the tea. II. 

generally, any rtdeed place or edge, like the lea-coaet, 
Lat. ora. 

dicr^, 4 , (dymf/u) itrietly fern, from dicr^ (Mbga, 
(ruMed), (nwMd oom, Lat molo, yrooto, meai, bread 
made of it, 

4-ieT^|UMr, or, gen. ovot, (a pilTat, tcrij/Ma) without 
property, c. gen., dterlipuur xp^fffo^o poor in gold. 

d-mnfrot, or, (a priyat, ardo^iai) not to be aeqnired, 
not worth acquiring, 

6teri'¥eoraw, £p. for dtertOiv, dat. pi. of dierle, 

dKTCvi|56v, (d/mt) Adr. Uke a ray, 

dmos, ov, {(iirHi) of or inhahiting the eea-ehore, 

dierCt or dimv. Trot, 1^, a ray, beam, eep. of the 
gmi; /Uooa dxrle midday : alio<^ftre and %htning: 
met^h. brightneee, epkndour. IL like Li^ radiue, 
the epohe of a wheel. 

dieT(n|t, ov, 6, {dtcrrf) a dweOer on the eoad, 

d-KTirofl, or, (a privat, irr/(w) unotdltoatod. 

diCTwp, opot, 6, {dyoa) a leader, eht^, 

dHdip4pvi|T0t, or, (a privat, xv0ep¥6M) without 
pHot, not tteered. 

"AKfAGX, 4, an eeenUnt acorn, fruit of the iUx, 

dHcv|uiyTOt, ov, (a priyat, icOpahw) not wathed by 
the waves, wavdem, edUn, 

druQ^Mt, or, ^djAiuurroe : met^h. oaUm, eerene, 

dHcvftMV, or, gen. orot, (a priyat, kvpu) » dicCN 
fuurrot. [C] 

dHcv|M0v, or, gen. orot, (a privat, icviv) lotfAoid 
fruit or effepritg, barren, [D] 

d-KOpot, or, (a privat, Kvpot) without author- 
ity. I. of lawi, lentencee, etc., no longer in force, 

canedkd, annuUed, td atide: djofpot yiyreo^, ttrai 
to have no force, be aet ailde. U. of perMme, 

having no right or power, c. gen. Hence 

d-icip6«», f. ^of, to oancd^ ed atide, 

d-Kvpirrot* or, verb. Adj. of dxvpdef, umoomfirmed, 
unratified, [{>] 

dHct»5AnoTO t , or, (a privat, 4Bw8«r^{af) unkried, 

dKflMtf), ^, {dicfi) a point, edge, Lat. aeiee, 

d-N^Om» or, (a priviAn mmMw) tmAMirfd. 


iuuniUfhT^ — *" AATOSw 

A-tettfu/Siyrot, op, (a prhrM^ matfii^Mt) md made 
t^e as^ed ofcomdy: gennJlj, not ndtmlBd. 

dtctav, ovrof, d, {dicff) a jatxlm, dart, imaUer and 
l%hter than Itx^. 

^bci0v, Avovae, 2«or, gen. --oprot, Att. oaxftr. f)or 
diiMtfK, o^^otMt one*8 toiS, paforce. II. « <Lvoi^(not, 

d-iMMrot, OF, (a private, ledLin;) loAAoftt oon. 

AXo^aoTO-d^, 1^ (dXifi^onrrot, B^icfj) a tfom for 
dUbaaier cffmments. 

AXd^ourros, 6, dAa^ourrCnit, 6, dXa^dtmaif, ro, 
Att. for dk&fia^rpoB, 

6X6Jpaarpov, ri, » i^. 

dXi^ooTpot, ^, also i}, a calcareous qpar, alabaa- 
ter. II. thai wUch m lorou^M or mads ofH^a hox^ 

cadeet^ ease, 

fiXoSi, AdVn (^) <o or mio Ae tea: in Homer 
also c2t ^(Xa8c. 

4kX4-8^o|aot, otr, d, by ome derit^ from SXXofKU, 
dp6ti09^ibe bounding race ; hj othen from SiXM, 9p6fi09t 
a race over the aea, 

dXotovtiflK ^» (<iAa(il^) (he eharaekr of a braggart, 
fHtm-boatUng, imjpottiir^. 

dXa{ovfV|&a, vi, a imjNMtore. From 

dXatovtuofuu, £. tdoofuu, Dep. : (fiXaiinf). To 
awagger, mt faise freUmaiona. 

dXat<iav> 6vo9f 6, ^ (fi^) ^ mmderer aboHi iihe 
country, vagobond: — Whence, like i-yifprrfM, afaHaeprO' 
tender, an impoator» II. aa Ac^. generally, awag- 

gering, braggart, Latt glorioaua. Bnperl. dAA^(n^<rra- 
Tot or "iararoa, 

dXdOcta, dXa(N|f, Dor. for d\JfiHa, iXtjO^a, 

dXdOcCt, Dor. ttx d}^€k, aor. i paae. part, of 

iiKaiyta,—iXi&ofMMi, to wander about. 

6koM&ra, i^ Dor. for ^XoMdrtf, 

iXaXii, Dor. for dXoA^. 

AXOX&Y^, 4, {dXaX&iai)a thouiing, 

iXdXSiita ; f. 6^0fjuu : (dxioXfj). To raiae the war-ory : 
generally, to ehoat aloud in lign of joy» vhnjw AkaXi- 
{up to ekmt the ehoul of victory. 

dX&XVj, Dor. dXoAd, i), aiata! a kud cry: nsu. 
the battl&-tibout, wat-ery, 

dXdXT||iAi, a pf. form tram dXi&ofaai, bnt only 
naed in prea. ligiif.* to toander or roam about, like a 

d-XidXtfroc, or, (a privat., XoXioi) unapeahable. 

&X&Xi|T6f , oO, 3, {dkakff) the war-cry, tbout of vic- 
tory : also aery of woe, wa3ing. 

dXaXKctv, -4|icvos -^(Mv, Ep. aor. a inf. of 6ki£af. 

'AXaXico-tMvi|tt, tior, 4, (dXoXirctv, pUvoe) the guar- 
dian goddets, name of Alinerva. 

^tA&\ot» oy, (a privat., Ai^ot) speechieae, dwnb, 

dX&XttficTi)uai, a pf. form as if from dkvKriof {dXiw), 
bnt like 6kaXiff»u only need in pres. aignf ., to wander 
abovt in anguieh: to wander in mind from f^rirf. 

d-Xd)&-»iTOt, ay, (a, priTat, X&ftwm) withoui lyJT, 

A-XafiiH|t, ^c, » foreg., dXo^cir^ ^Kiav wiAoaU ike 
2i(7^ of the etm. 

A X Aoftc*, impf . ^fkiiiicify : aor. i 4^i)^* po«t. d\il^ 
0i;v : pi (U^iy/iai : Dep. : (^17). To wander, etray, or 
roam about: ■ometfaneec.acOndXmrOoc 7$ir loflponcte- 
ikrough or omr the land : alao to w&nder from howae, 
be banithed. II. mete^ to wander m mmd, hm 


dX&6s, 6v, not teeing, bUnd: dAoof, as opp. to 8c- 
^picSree, the dead: dAody tkMoa 6/jifa&ntr a womui 
that bring! blindnen. 

dX&o-<rMeiKT|, 4* (<i^AA^» cicintiot) a Uuid, i e. 1109- 
leta, cardeae watch. 

&X&6m, f. <l[tf 01, (iikttSe) to make Uind. 

dX&nmSv^t, 4, 6K, (dXawdl^oi) eottl^ moitera}, weal?- 
ened: powefkt9,feeNe. 

d-X&irdtu, 1 i^w, (a enphon., AaiR&(cv) lo aap^» 
drota, moAv |)oor: eq>. to drata qf power and itra^iA, 
ofereome, slojf. 

&Xas, ftrot, T^, (^) <ott<^ 

4Xa<na(vo», a* iq. 

dXcurrlw, (dUcwrot) to be wraOtfxd, bear haie, 

dX&rropot, ov, {iXiiffrmp) under Ike inftumoe of oeta 

MMrro%, or, (a prirat., XayOitfo/am) not to be for- 
gotten, inaufferable, uneeaaing: abominable, aeeurwecL 

&-kkarwp, opot, 6, (a private Aaytf^oyou) he wko 
forgeta not, the Aeenging Deity, Lat. Deua Vindez, with 
or without 9alfuay : then, gexierally, on aKenger,peran^ 
cutor, tormentor, $ouK6Xorv iX&orwp the herda^men's 
plague, ll.peae^Mwhoaufferefromdaoiniauengeamieb: 
hence the ainner, emirdoer, aecurted andpdOiuted man, 

dXdTos, 6, Dor. for iX^nft, 

^IX&TcU, 1^ Doe. for iMjreia, 

&X&T0, 3 sing. Ep. impir. of dXiofjau, 

dXa«*T^ (hw, i|, {dXoj&of) a making bUnd, blinding, 

dXywv^t, 1^ 6y, (^701) giving pain, paiitful, griei^- 
out, II. eLCi,feding pain, auffering, — ^AdT. -»£«• 

For Compar. and Snpecl., y. dKykay, 

6XyaaiS«apo%, oy, {dkyot, dupoy) bringing pain, 

HKyiti, f. ^aot, (£^7ot) to fed bodily pain, wffer pain .* 
to be aide IL met^h. to fed pain cf vindt to 

grieve, be troubled or diatreeeed : to auffer pain at or 
about a thing. 

dX^ilSdav, oroi, 4* (d^T^w) a aenae qf pain, pain, 
gritf: usu. bodUy pain, bnt also of the mind, 

iXy^pA, aroa, to, (iXjioj) pain felt or eauaad, 

dXyijais, ten, ij, (dXyiai) eenee qf pain, 

6Xyw6m^ eaaa, ay, (Akyot) paktful, grieroua. 

iXyio3i¥, oy, gen. ovot, irreg. Compar., and dky^ 
OTOt, 17, OV, SuperL of dX.yfiv6t, formed from Subat. 
dA70c (as tcakXhuy, /tiXMaroe teom mUXot). [f Ep., 
bnt r Att.] 

'AAr02, cot, t6, any pain, whether of body or. 


ikfhnt — iXioftai. 


0fi^, ditktm. n. kier, anif Hdng 


iAywM^ t fiNtf> <o pmn, friep% diiCfeM .*—>?»«. to 

iXZ^lim, £ dMtf, to wmke to yroM, MouriaA, ilreR^ti^* 
fAJsrc Aii)ua ibe >Zkd <>«l hk limbs : to ftaareoifi,!!^ 
%%& Only poet (From MJ^ Lftt. ob.) 
ttt^wi, lo grw^ wmt, ttrto.«ii&» 

aiK in. ^Ai^ 4* (^^ ^<^) OB (K/oidlmff, €»- 
, Jiigkt/rom a thing, ikdterfrom it 

Ait dX-, to tiarM^ smIbs worBS «ur: intr. 

dJUaafi, Ep. ixiDi of tlie mt. i of 

Cnrai <U«7«aro2 8afii^|ca«i hones 
to break. 

^Xfgfitm, iifUym) to iTMiUe anaM^T afeut a ihing. 
li mn/cr, maimd, heed : c gen. leL 
OuFfi^m, (4Ai7«) in OdjMy vith SoTra and &»^ 
Tea, to etfft/cr a meal : gennally aftenrards to jire- 
pam « wteai/er gm tf t u. 

4Xifyia , (« eopol., A^T*) <»^y i>nd in piei., to 
fwtilp emeee^, ham a mn, wiimd, heed, xenu with the 
dXjyvw tohace no ean^heedmi: nxify 
Atni JjUyoifCi mdvirm Uteffon heed' 
ffd m their ooime ; alao c ace. Tel gen., to care for 
thing. — Vmm^ 6Xiyfa9at iv noi, to here- 

4 dr, (dAia, £Ur) AoC, worm. 
«ax^0^ iKAopm, (dXia, dk/j) to tAua, 

4XftB^4 (dAi^ ax«4p«) oa aeoiding, eeeofe, fUgbl. 
'AAS^4.(<=^ 1X17, ^) lAe Ae(rf or warmth of the %xm. 
r6, (axiw) Mteia<ijtoiir. 
rd, (dXii^) any tib'n^ itaed to onoM 

dXiC«Ti|t, 00, 6, (dX«£^) on oNocnter: a (nnner, 
■■riv, f ope rih f in the wieitlingHRhooL 
iXdm, eS&a, tw, mat. a pa«. part of dXai. 
IAm<ov, t^ (a prirat, kmce) an emboeeed oip, 
geaetally ^ 3rvos. 
4h(rfrni. em, d, (IV?) ^^^ *^ '''><^ ^'V ^"^ «<'niy> 

flUi^p, drot, r^ (dXcii^) vngvent, otZ, need in 
Eaend i— lifJi'M IL generally, any thing for 

■Mvin^ mO, hence pAc*. 

'AAEI'^O, £ fw : pi ^Aoi^ Att iXikr(pa : p£ 
pea. dAj^Ai/i^iai, thoqgh dX^XM/^nt alio oocmi : aor. 
I pML 4Xtfif#9r. T<» ammd wUh oU, oU the skin : 
vilk oil (aee X/«a) : esp. of anointing for gymna- 
Aie ezerdaea ; el iXm^pm^vi the aUhletee, II. 

Bkk i paXrf if >« », to anoint, beemmr, oCara dXev/tat to 
^ «p the can. Hence 

dXau|A% ctta, 4, on oaocnfM^, ^|fa^. 

A Xs ar opCp K o t , 4, Dim. from dXlirrwp, a tfoeftenfl. 

dX«nTope-4«v£a, 1), (dXimw^ ^P^^) ^ erowte^ 
ofaeoek: eoekovm. 

tf-JUmrpot, or, (a prirat, Xhcrpev) unwedded: SXae- 
rpa '}fi/my dfuXXJi/MTa an unlauftd contest of niar> 
riage : dXcrr^ is fUso used Adv. wilhoul maniage. 

dXsKTpiNuva, 1), a hen, comic fern, of dXcxr/idctfr 
for dX«rroA^ by analogy of Xiami. 

^^ V ^1^ 6,^^a eoek or Am, »Bq. 

*AAE^KTAP, o/xx, 6, a codk, Lat. gattue. 

'AAS'KXX less mo. form for dJU^w, to tfoni <#, 
acert, riy{ ri : — aor. i med. &Xi(€Uj$ai, part dXc^o/ic- 
rot, I pi. sabj. SiXe^df/uoOa, lo ward o^ /ram omem^, 


dXsv, Dor. and Ep. for UiKijaaif, 3 pi. aor. a pass, 
of <!Xm, iheff ecOedod Jheme d ve e, drew baek. 

6Xt¥, T. dXc(t. 

dX^-ovSpot, or, (dX^, drf p) d^ending men. II. 
fAe timal nam« of Porii in the Hied. • 

dXs(-dvi|iot, oif, (dX4f w,drcfiot) heq/ing off (he wML 

dX^too^ aor. i med. in£ of dXiiw. 


dXI{T||ta, t6, (dXc^^w) a defence, guard, hdp. 

dXiMVit, MM, 1^, (dX^«tti) a lafl^idi^ o^, resMtonot 

dXi{4)TS4N^ 1), finn. of dXs^ipif p. 

dXc|ip-^p, $pot, d, (dX^fco)) one to^ laeeps q^, a 
Adfper, {guardian, dX^iTT^/i Mi'boT' ^^'^ *^ laeept the 
fight off the rert, a champion. Hence 

dXc{T|T^piOf, a, or, (Me to keep off, defend or help, 
esp. as epith. of the gpods, like Lat AmnuneL H. 
dke^ifrffpior (sob. ^ipfuutow), r6, a remedg, protection., 

dXsf^JTwp, opo$, 6,^iX€frfrffp. 

dX«iirdpi|, ^ (dXi^ai, dpd) the that heepe off a eune; 
or (from dX^w, 'A^^) «Ae t^ guardefrom deaA and 
ruin. [&p] 

dX«ti-^4X«|arot, or, (dX^«B^ /S^Xc/iror) imptny 0/ 
orrotct or dorif. 

dX«ti-icftKOf, or, (dX4fo9, MUE^r) Igaep^i^ off ecH. 

dX«(C|irPpOTOf, or, (dX^£w, fiporrU) protecting mot' 

dXi{£-uopot, or, TdX^w, /i^pot) warding off death, 

'AAE^Sil or dXi£«o : fut dXc^4<ra; : 3 sing. aor. 
I act opt. dXc^^crcic : Ep. aor. a without angm. (as 
if from *dXira;) dkaXMor, bit. dXaXMuy, -4ftitPoi,^efjbtr, 
part iXakitdn^; whence is formed a fat dkaixii' 
aea. To ward or keep off. Htm awatf or osicfe, hence to 
dtfend, ossM^ aidt — Oonstmct, c dat pen. et acc. rei, 
separately, as, dX^cir rirc to Aelp one ; Zct^ rhrf dXc- 
^^ic mag Jove aeett this ; but most fr«q. together, 
as, dXi^ttr Aorooct xa«dr i^/u/i to overt the day of evU 
from the Danai : o£ dXaXict. Hed., d\4(9oiai riva 
to keep another off from oneeif, dufend oneedf againet 
him, Lat drfendere; also absoL to d^end ono- 
edf. II. in Med., also, to requUCf repay, rsoom- 


dX^Ofioi^ contr. dXfO|iai : 3 sing, opt 6\ioiTO : part. 


iuMfi4^T09 — "AATO^ 

A-K»)u/&i|rrot, or, (a prhrai., mwft^Mm) not made 
i^ miiiied of comdy : f^emnllj^ not ridieided. 

dictt»v, OVT09, 6, (<Lir7) a jixcdin, dari, imaUer and 
l%hter thaa Itx^- 

Akiuy, ditwcm, 2«or, goo. -orrot, Att. oaxftr. for 
Mmoiv^ agailut <me*B toiS, perforce. II. « dxoWiot, 

faxrfiwlfliy. [A] 

d-iMMrot, or, (a priyat., tdnnj) wiAout oan. 

iXaPrntm-^i^ei^ i^ {dxAfioffrot, ^m^) a etm for 
dUbaater omamente, 

iX^^currot, d, dXa^aorCnif, 6, dXa^dtrtioif, r^ 
Att. far dk&fi<igrpo9. 

6X6Jpaarpov, r6, « i^. 

dXi^ooTpos, d, ako ^, a calcanow qpar, alaia«- 
ter. XL thai which i$ wrought or made ofU^a ho3^ 

eadeet^ ease. 

fiXoSi, AdVn (^) to or mto (he tea: in Homer 
also elf SXalSt. 

4kX4-8^o|aot, ov, d, by mne deriYed from jUAo/mu, 
9p6fu>9tthe houndmg race ; by othezB from &X»f Bp6ftoet 
a race over the eea. 

^Xaiwtla, ^, {dXaiinf} (he eharaoter of a braggart, 
vain-hoatting, imfoetim. 

dXa{6ircu|MK vi, a imposture. From 

dXatovtuofuu, f. ebffofuu, Dep. : (dAo^c^)* To 
awagger, me faiee preteaekme. 

dXat^t 6yo9, 6, ^ (^^) o foanderer a6oitf (he 
eomdry, vagabond: — ^heiMse, like A-yifpTrfM, afaHeeprt' 
Under, an mpoetor, II. aa Adj. g^erally, ewag- 

goring, hraggairt, Latt giariemts, Snperl. dAa^oWoro^ 
rot or Aararoe, 

dXdOcio, dXa$4s9 I>or. for dA^cio, iXxfi^u 

dXdOcCt, Dor. tos iXafi^, aar, i paas. part, of 

6kaiina,=dkiofMMi, to wander aboat, 

dXaNdro, H, Dor. for ^XoMdrrf, 

dX&Xd, Dor. for dXakff, 

AXOX&Y^, 1^, {dXaXA(t>»)a ehouling, 

dXttXaY|i6t. ^, B dAoXaT^. 

dXaXd^fl* : f. 6^0fjuu : (dXoX^). To raiae (he war-erg: 
generally, to Aout aloud in ngn of joy, vUerp^ AkaXi- 
(etv to dumt the ahont of victory. 

&X&X'fj, Dor. dXAAd, i}, oioto/ a loiul cry: vso. 
ibe 5aM2e-ailofit, toor-cry. 

dXdXT||iAi, a pf. form from ik&ofMu, but only 
naed in prea. eigiil, to wander or roam about, like a 

&-XdXip«t» or, (a priyat., JUtX^) tmfpeo&o&fe. 

&X&Xi|T6f , ov, 6, {dKakfj) the war-cry, tbout of vic- 
tory : also aery of woe, wa3mg. 

dXaXxctv, -l|Mvai, -^^mv, Ep. aor. a inl of 6ki£af. 

'AXahtia-yMnfig, if8ot, i), (dAoAjvcir, /i^rot) (Ae ^nMn*- 
dian goddeea, name of Minerva. 

^t-A&Xot, or, (a private Ai^Xot) epeeehieae, dunb. 

dX&X^icn||MU, a pf. form as if from dXvKria) {dXiw), 
but like AxiXxffKu only need in pres. aignf ., to wander 
dbovt in anguiA: to wander tn mmdfram grirf. 

d-Ad|ft««TOt, av, (a privat, k&ftwm) wi&imi UgM, 

dAo|iiH|t, ity =^ f oreg., dXa^nrj^t ^Xiav withowt Ae 
light of the ton. 

dXdofioi, impf . i^fop^ : aor. i ^k/fBtpt, poet. dAi^ 
0i;r : pi 6k&kiffuu : Dep. : (dXi;). To vomfer, ifn^, or 
room about : wmetimee c. acc^ dXcurOoc 7$r to wmdar 
through or over the land : alao to wander from hoaaa, 
be banithed, II. meti^ih. to wander in mind, he 


dXd^t, 6r, not aeeing, blind: dXaoi, as 0|^. to 8c- 
9opie6rtt,(he dead: dAodr fXjrot 6fif»&rva^ a wound 
that bring! blindnen. 

iLk8ua-9ttomii\, ij, (ika6t, CKoviw) a Hind, i e. ua&- 
leae, cardeae wateh* 

6X&6m, f. i£iaw, (dka6e) to make blind. 

dX&nmSv^t, 4, 6p, {<iXa9&(af) eaaOymaatared, weak^ 
ened: poweriea$,feelie, 

d-X&irdtu, f. 6^w, (a enphon., kaw&Cn) to eu^pfy, 
drain, make poor: eap. to drain of power and atranjgth^ 
overcome, ilay, 

&Xas, ftrot, r6, (jSXa) aaU. 

dXa<na(vQft, s aq. 

dXaoT^u, (dXaoToe) to be wraOtfxd, bear hate. 

dXdoTopof, ov, (dXdoTwp) under (he it^ftnenee nf aaa 

^-Xa4rrot, o¥, (a private XarOAwoiaai) noC lo before 
gcUen, inaufferable, unceaaing: oiwmindbia, aeeuraed* 

itrkharmp, opoa, d, (a privot., Aartf^oyou) %e who 
forgets not, the Avenging Deity, Lat. Deua Vinda, with 
or withont 9alfuar : then, generally, on aaenger, p e »a B^ 
cuior, tormentor, ^ovk6\wv dXdorojp the herda^men** 
plague. II. paag. he who at^erefromdkmavengoanea r 
hence tA« m'titMr, «Pt^do0r, ooeuneel andpoQntad mmr. 

dXdroc, ^, Dor. lor dAi^n^t. 

dX&nU, i). Dor. for iMjrtia. 

dXdro, 3 sing. Ep. impf. of dX&ofuu. 

dXflMtrOt, (hw, i|, (dXa^) a mdbitt^ blind, blinding* 

dXYwv6t, ^ ^, (dA.7ot) giving pain, pgia^vSL, 
ous. n. act. feeUng pain, suffering. — ^Adv. 

For Compar. and Snperl., v. AXyioji^. 

dXY^rC^flspos, or, (dkyos, dupov) bringing pain, 

dXY^o, t ifao), (^701) to fed bodUypain, wffer 
to be aieh. II. metaph. to feet pain tf mind, to 

grieve, be troubled or dietresaed : to auffar pain ai or 
about a thing. 

Akyifi^, &ot, 4, (<iXyia») a sense qf jkna, jnim» 
gri^: iisu. bodily pain, but also of (he mind. 

SXyt^fua^ or OS, ro, {iXrfiai) pain felt or eanaad. 

dXyiioia, eon, if, (jikyim) sense cf pain, 

iXyw^s^m, eaaa, cr, (^701) pointful, griaoua. 

dXYCa>v, or, gen. oitot, meg. Compar., and SXy^ 
o-ros, 17, or, Superl. of dX.yfiy6s, formed fivm Sabat. 
dA.70f (as KttKhicar, /tiXMaros fiiom cdAXos). \T ^fk, 
but 7 Att.] 

^AATOi, SOS, t6, any pain, whether of body or 

^ 1 

ikyivs* — iXioftai. 



ikfmwm, 1 itw, to prnin, friece, 
fed pmm, he grieved or dutretted ai h ihbig. 

^XSaCiNi, £ dMtf, to wiake to groWt nourM, lAiVN^CAea, 
fA&vc Aii)ua ahe >B0d <>«l kk limbs : (0 iMyeaae, imd- 
Hflf. Oaly poet (From MJ^ Lat. ofe.) 

aHoM», lo grw^ wtu, tkrim, ILtmns.- 

iXUpm I from n. 

eafitg,Jligkt/Tom a thing, ekdterfrom it 
dUUdcMK Ait dX-, to tiarM^ smIbs worBS «ur: intr. 

dJUoafi, Ep. ixiDi of tlie mt. i of 

IP iMiiiii , liiwi W Mp f ,tiBPt d J U y u roi gofii^nqwat hwiea 

4;Uy(C»» (dX^) f» iTMiUe aiMM^r flfeut a ihing, 
l9 oen/dr, weimd, heed : c gen. leL 

ikeyLm, (iXh^) in OdjMy viUi SoTto and &h^ 
roi; lo eare/or a meal : gennally allenraidi to pn^ 
pm9 « mtai/or §mtlt. 

i X kgm, (« eopoL, AiTw) only nKd in piei., to 

dXjyvw to have no tare, hoed mt; imiely 
Airat JoUyooci mawrai theffore heed' 
/W in their covme ; alio c ace Tel gen., to core for 
a peBHB or t]iing.--^aM^ dxAyta^ai (v rtai, tohere- 

iXmiv^ 4 dr, (dAia, £Ur) AoC, mim. 
nmiMm,»dJUofm, iXeifOfm, (dJJa, dk/j) to thm, 

difiiL 4, (dAi^ dX«4p«) on aeoiding, eeet^e, JUgkt, 
'AAS^4.(cf: 1X17, ^) theheatar warmth <^the sim. 
rd, (dXiW) MJheata»)l0iir. 
rd, (dXii^of) any tidng ueed to anoint 

M U tai i |a » ov, d, (dX«£^) on anointer: a trainer, 
madm, t nope rih f in the ineiUing««chooL 

dXiCa, eufo, i^t mat. % pa«. part of c£\ai. 

d-Xttgoy, rd, (a prirat, X«bt) on Mi&oM»2 oip, 
genenlfy ^3cra. 

Orfrm, aav d, (dXi;) one «to liodi or fan afliray, 

fl^w4"P» '^v^'** f^ {(iKei^) ungueai, otZ, nsed in 
(■■nl ■acrifleea. II. generally, aag ihmgfor 

'AA£r«a, £ fw : pi ^Xoi^ Att dXJiXX^ : p£ 
ptflk dX^Ai/^Mu, tboqgh dX^Xai/^KB alio oocnn : aor. 
I pa& 4Xirf<»i/>. To anoini teith oQ, oa the akin : 
*i& ofl (aee Xi«a) : eep. of anointing for gynma- 
sie exerdKa ; ol dXai^/itroi tiW athletea. II. 

Hkft >> aXi f ^ r , lo anoini, bammr, oCara dXeiuffOi to 
^ ap the can. Hence 


dXau|A% MDt, 4* *"* oMoitding, 

d Xa ar opCp K o a , d. Dim. from dXArroi^ a tfoeftenfl. 

dXawTopa ^n/ A a , 4, (dXimw^ ^^u*^) Ae crowing 
ofaooek: oodk-crov. 

d-JUmrpot, or, (a priTat, Xirr^or) oiNDiecUsd: dXcM^ 
rpa '}fi/my dfitXX^/iaTO an unlauftd conteat of mar- 
riage : dXcrr^ is fUao used Adv. without marriage. 

dXsKTp^va, 4t a ^^ comic fern, of dXcxr^doir 
for dXftrroA^t, by analogy of Xiocnt- 

dXiMvpffiMf, ^VM, d, 4, a oodk or iaa, «taq. 

'AAElCrnP, opot, d, a codi;, Lat. gattue, 

'AAS'KXX less nsn. form ibr dX4i», to ward off, 
avert, rvri rt : — aor. i med. iX4(ao0ai, part dX<^d/ic- 
voe, I pi. sabj. iXe^df/iooOa, to ward off from onnidfy 

dXsv, Dor. and £p. for ^dXijcroy, 3 pi. aor. a 
of elku, theg eoOoeted tkemoelvet, drew back, 

6Xt¥, T. dXc(t. 

dX^-ovSpot, or, (dX^, Mip) dtfmdimg man. 
ihe \uuat name of Paris in the Hied. • 

dXfi(-dvi|iot, a¥, (dX4f w,drc/iot) he^ietg off the 

dX^^oo^oi, aor. i med. in£ of dx£pi». 


dX^|ia, t6, (dXc^^w) a defence, guard, hdp, 

dX^ima, MM, 4, (dX^ca») a keeping off, reeidanoe. 

6Xefy(reipa, 4, fern, of dXc^ip^/K 

dXctrJT^p, Tjpot, 6, (dX^fco)) one who heepe off, a 
helper, guardian, dX^ijri^ f^OCT' <**^ *^ '^'^^ ^^ 
fight 0^ the rert, a champion. Hence 

dXf{iJT^pios, a, oy, oUs to keep off, difend or h^, 
eeip. as epith. of the gpods, l&e Lat AserrunoL U. 
dXc^iyr^/xor (snb. ^fipoMOv), r6, a rmnedg, protection.. 

dXsf^JTMp, opot, 6,^dX€frir^p. 

dX«iirdpi|, ^ (dXi£ai, dpi) the that keept off a eune ; 
or (from dX^«, *Apqt) dte that guardefrom deoA and 
mtn. [So] 

dX«ti-^4X«|Mfot, oy, (dX^aii« fiiKefiwoy) keeping off 
amum or dairte. 

dXs{(-icttKot, or, (dX^o9, tmt(6v) keeping off ecU. 

dX«(()arPpoTOf, o¥, (ixi£of, fipofr^) protecting moT" 

dXi{£-uopot, or, (ixi^ea, pSpoe) warding off death. 

'AAE^Sil or dX^so : fiit dKe^^ooa : 3 sing. aor. 
I act opt. dXc^^crciff : Ep. aor. a without angm. (as 
if from *dXira;) dXoXaor, bit dXaXxcfr, -4pbttfat, -c/mt^ 
part dXahxin^; whence is formed a fut dXaXx^- 
ow. To ward or keep off, turn away or aside, henoe to 
d^md, aeeitt, aid : — Oonstrnct, c. dat pers. et ace. rei, 
separately, as, dX^civ nvi to help one ; Zc^ r^y dXc- 
^fyrue may Jore iumi this ; bat most freq. together, 
as, dki^tey AorooTs xa«dr ^pap to avert the day of evU 
from the Danai : o£ dXaXict. Hed., dX^£c<fda/ rira 
to keep another off from oneedf, dtfend onmelf agcdnd 
him, Lat drfendere; also absol. to d^end ono- 
eellf. II. in Med., also, to reqwie, repay, rsoom- 


dX^ofioi^ contr. dXaOfiot : 3 sing. opt ikioiroi part. 


6k€<ra'caf — ikupKis, 

6Xtiffitvo$ : but chiefly used bj Homer in 3 dng. 
aor. I iffk^ifOTO or dXtdoro, inf. dX^eurtfu, 6\tifatr$ai ; 
■ibj. ikwrfrai or dXfirrroi ; opt. dXiatro ; in^rBt» 
6XtvaA, 6Xiauj$t ; part. d\tvdfuyo$ : Dep. : (dKtbca). 
"—To avoids •ftun, Ufa. c ecc. rei, 6k, 0iKo9, Bdtwrai^, 
mrely c ace. pers. : alto c. inf. to avoid doing, emit 
to do: abeol. to eicape, flee, atoi^: to negled: cf. 

4Xiovav, £p. for IjKtffay, 3 plnr. aor. i of dXi«. 

4XeTai, £p. for Sikffrai, 3 dng. aor. 2 sabj. otSXkofMu, 

6k(n{%, ov, 6, (dXi«) a grinder, iXinjt Srot a 

dXiT6t, 6, (dkim) a grinding. 

dXtTpcvtt, cWai, strengthd. from dX^, to grind, 
lnuie,pound, [tf] 

dXc^rjpCpavot, i, (iXiot, rpifiv) iMai tckiA grinds or 
pounds, a pettle. 

dXrrpU, iiot, ^, (ix4w) a female date teho grinds 
com, Lat. mo/ttric [tf] 

dX«0« or £\ffv, prob. shortened for dXiov, imper. 
<:/t6kioimi,<a>oidt eeaset 

dXflvd|&cvos, dXflvd)iipf, aor. I med. of Akiofui, 
q. V. 

SXmtpov, r6, {iXiw) tdbeoten flow, flne meed, vma. 
in plnr. SXevpa, diatingoished from dk^ira (boHey' 

dXtvM, f. dXtlnrea, (fiXti, dXia i.) veiy rare in Act., 
to remove, keep fear away : — ^Med. iXebofUU, » dXiofiai : 
for the other forms t. sub d\4ofuu, 

'AAirn : impl IfKovr : fut. dkiffoi : pf. act uXl^ 
Xc«o, pass. dkfiXefffjuu or ikffkefsm. To grind, bruise, 
pound, Lat. moiire, 

dXi«»p^, Att. dXf«»f>d, ii, i&Xia, dX4of»m) an avoid- 
ing, shinning, escaping, 2, a means of escape, 
a difenee against, shelter from a person or thiii^, ft^vK 
ij^Zf&w dkt^pij, 3. abeol. Mp, suee4mr, 

"AAH, 1), (dXdofuu) ceaseless, wandering, roam- 
ing, 3. metaph. a wandering of mind, distraction, 
snadness, Lat. error mentis. 

dX^lOfio, poet. dXT|9f(T|, i^, {Akrj^t) truOt, U. 

the eharaeter of one icAo speaks intth, frankness, sin- 

iXrfiiarara, Super!, of 6X7jOStt, 

iXxfiiars^ov, Compar. of dXtfOSn. 

Akffisiwa, f. si/aca, (dXiT^t) of personi, (0 speoA: 
IrulA, to he truthful : of things, to he true : of divina- 
tions, in Pass., to eome true, be f unfitted :-~^LKfj0evaoif 
wArra speak truth in all things. 

&-Xi|0fjt, it, {a privat, *Aj^a;) without reserve: — 
of persons, true, sincere; frank, honest: of things, 
real, actual. 2, neut. as Adv. with ironical 

signt; proparoz. dkrj$€t; itanef indeed? in soothf 
but rd d\.fj$€t, in very truth, really and truly, Lat. 

dXi|$ito|uu, "Dep.^&XrjSsbo), 

iXyfilyH, it* ^^ (<^«7^0 (HireecMe to trvlh:^QiS 

penoDB, tmH^ honed: of things, real^ aeltud^ pe- 
nuine. Ad?, -nst. 

dXi|66-tUHmt, sen, 6, i}, (dhufiis, ttiwrai) prophei 
of truth. 

dXti^Mrvvfi, 4, poet, for dXi^tftta. 

iXffim, fht ijae»,»dK4et, to grind. 

dXi|06t, Ion. > i t m , Adv. of dKrje^t, rmUy, tnd^ ; 
also &9 dXTjOmi — Compar. dkij$i^€po¥i Superl. 

'Akifov «s8Cov, r6, (dXnj) land ef wasdnxing, in Ly- 
da or Cilicia. 

A-X^wt, aw, (a priTat, X^> voiOmi con4tmd, 

dAtiKTOt, Ep. dXXtiKTOt, or, (a privat, A^T*') 
uneeiuin^, in^essoni, dtXAi/irrot, diXtfteros $vpis ienpla 
cable anger : SXkipcros x^^ov oiofiiy not from wratlu 

dX-^jXaea, dXV)Xi9|iai or -<|iai, Att pt act and 
pass, of dXiw, 

dX<l|X^a, dXif|Xi|&|uu, Att pf. act and paai. of 

dXiifio, t6, {A\iof) strictly that which isgnmnd,Jme 
flour: metaph. a wily knave. 

dX'^ifctvoi, £p. for dX^Ku, aor. 2 paa. inf. of ciXos. 

dX^fiMV, oyot, 6, i^, {dk&o/uu) a wanderer, rover. 

dX4Jvai, aor. a pass. inf. ot slkot. 

d-Atprrot, Of, (a prirat, KofifiAww) not to he ktid 
hold of, htffd to catch: Ooni:p9T.6kiprr6TSpot,le» amen 
able. 2. incomprtiiensSblte. 

'AAH'S or dX^ cc, Ep. and Ion. Adj.aAit. 
ii$p6os, thronged, in a mass, Lat eonfertus, [A] 

aXiptu, 3 sing. aor. 2 med. subj. of oXXo^iat. 

dXi|Ts(a, Dor. dX&nCo, 1}, a wandering, rocmbsg^ 

dXt|Ttvco, (dX^Ti^t) to be a wanderer, lice a vagramt 

dX'f|n|f, ou, 6, (dAdo/iOi) a wanderer, stroQer, ron^, 
vagabond, 2. as Adj. vagrant, roving. 

"AAOOMAI, Dep. onlv nsed in impt, to heoomse 
whole or sound, dX0«TO x<(p* 

hXia, Ion. AXCi), ^, (dX^O on aseeoMy, gathering 
of the people, » the Attic iMMk/iala. 

dXid, i|, (&U) a s^HrceOar. 

dXidSoi, w, 61, (oXt) seamen. 

dXtd^rot, poet dXioUrot, 6, {SXm, dcr^t) the «eo- 
eagle, oeprey, 

JXt-d'fjt, ^t, (oXf, dfiiu) blowing on the sea, hUmimff 

dXi-cLv0^ i$,(jSXs, dwOot) sea'hlooming,te.purple^ 

d-X£ao«rot, ov, (a privat, XidCo/ia*) unyielding, ta^ 
a6(dtn£: neat dXicurrov, as Adv., mmssom^. 

dXC-torot, or. Dor. for ijXifiaros. 

dXC-ppSKTOt, ov, (&ks, fipix^) washed by the sea, 

dXC^fKiot, a, ov, retemhUng, like, (Derir. oncer- 
tain.) [d] 

AXC-^ovof, or, (dXf , Horiw) sea4osted. 

dXi-spidjt, it, (dXt, ipKot) eea^girt, msmmded 6y 
the sea. 

itk((viJLa — iXirivevTos. 

AXlmftm, arm, r^ (dXit U) Atd wkieh ii caugld td 


AXMvt, gen. i«t. Ion. rjM^ 6^ (oXt, oAiot) one trAo 
£a« l« d» wAA lAe ffo, and lo, l.ajuher. II. 

a wMinii, amZor : with another Subsi^ iphoM 4Xi^ 
rovcni iM ttf MCI* 

&AfMrfuc^i|, 6w, {iXi^m) of or hdongmg tofiMng, 

Ak k t im^ C 0W, (oXs) to be ajuhar, to^. 

iX£t^ t i^rm, (dXift) lo ^ofAer togdher, (membU:-- 
Fmk. to tuauMf, inerf lo(^«(Aer. [d] 

4X2^ 1 (0W, (aA«) lo Mtt. [a] 

AXi-JMvot, or, (JtAt, Cdimy) «ea-tK)^. 

Ui^, 4, Ion. for axio. 

AXi^^pi|t, €s, (oAa, ipiffoea) mteepng the tea, 

AAc^TBp, o^ot, 6, po^ for dAifvs. 

AX£n0V Ep- ^t. plnr. of dAn;. 

^XdUt, Dor. tor ipJiBtw. 

^XlSoi, or. (a prirat., Xi^) icitioiil «foiu>, mJL dony, 

4UU«U. 1^ l>or. for i^Xaaa. 

iJU-«XwTOS. or, (^, «Air(«) mhUalen, 

AXUsfnyrott, or, (oXt, Mi/ow) teeorted 6^ (Ae fea. 

4XUos, Of or. Dor. for i^Xdrot . 

or, (aXs, jrnnriw) aoimdiitjf tn (Ae «m, 
of ahipa. IL. a<^ roaring over the «ra, 


iAt-«%wr, or, gen. orot, (£\t, irvfia) mirroumled 

4JU|U8iar, orros, d, (oXt, /i^Sotn^) lord </ (Ae sen. 

4JU|Mvot, or, (a privat, Xi/o^) fctt^oui harbour^ 
Lat. uyortiiBWH.* generally ymii(^ no thdttr, inhot- 
fiMe, Hence 

•rXl|Mv6Ti|t, 4* <^ ^^^ tnttotii Aorbours. 

JLXluPp^iit, c<roa, «y, (aXs, lofpoi) Jhtting into the 
Ma,«f riroB. 

^■■><M, aor. I inf. dXlaai : nan. as Paas. AXiv84o|iai 
or 4X(vSo|iai, lo roR like a horw : also to wander tip 
aid doteu^ roam abtmL Hence 

^i6^9ptt> i), a ftaeefor hortee to roll in, Lat. tmhh 

ftXf ■famipn, 4* ^>>^ noon, aa if ftt>m dXi-vTirr^/) 
(iXa, nrx**) —"'w wi 'ny tn (iipe aeo. 
4XIhv^x4** ^** (^^ >^^) nrinnning in the tea. 
aXivot, ^, 91^, (oXt) moiie </ or from aott. 
4Xfvot, or, (a prirat., Xiyov) wilhout a net, «i:hout 

UUt. Dcr. ftr ^. 

&XC-|«rrot, or, (oXt, ^obw) worn hyOteeea, 
<Ws. ^ Dor. lor fXiot, the ran. [A] 
SXiot, Of or, also ot, w,(6hM) ef,from, or belonging 
to ftr ««■, l4it. MarMtw. [dj 

fiJUot, «• or,»/i^b«iot, /ruAIeat, unproJUaUe, idle, 
trrmg: alao in nent. u Adv., »n cam. Adr. -ieat, 
iH (^Derir. uncertain.) 

i U a T pi4< |l t ^<t (oXiot, rpktpm) aea-ntfrfuml. 

4>i4ta, f. dMW, (JUioa n) to make fruidae, dieappoint, 

lU^p4fi, ih (a prirat, X7ira/R^) noC /( /or a 

&XCir«8ov, T<$, (£Xt, ircfitoi') a pUdn by the tea, a 
tand, trad, etp. one near the Pimena. 

AX(-irXaYKTOt, or, (^Ut, vX^^oi) roaming in ot by 
the tea. 
&X(irXaieT0t, Dor. for dXiirXi7irT0t. 
&Xi-irX&v^ it, {&Kt, irkSanj) tea-wandering, toon* 
dering over the tea. Hence 

dXiirXuv((&, 4, a wandering over the tea, wandering 
&X(-irXi)KTOS, Dor. -irXairrot, or, (£Xt, irX^o'O'a;) 
lathed by the tea. 
&X£-irXoot, or, contr., &X£-irXovt, oi/r, (aXs, rXia;) 
covered with water. 
&Xi-ir6pof, oy, (oXt, wtlpea) ploughing the tea. 

&Xi-ir6p^<ipot, oy, (oXs, wopfphpa) qf tea-pwfk, qf 
deep purple dye. 

&Xip-puY^, it, (oXs, fiiffyyv/u) breaking the wacet, 
againd wltieh the tide breakt. 

dXCp-pavTOt, oy, {&kt, fiaiyci) tea-turging. 

&X(p*pT|icTOt, or,«>"dXip-fia7!^f. 

AXip-p^Oiot, oy, alao tj, oy, {Sx», f6Bot) roaring 
witJi waoet, tea-beaten. 

&X(p-poOof, oy, s foreg. 

dX(p4»<H«t, oy, (oXa, fiiea) wathed by the tea. 
*AAIX Adv., (dX^c) in heapt, erowdt, twarmt, in 
abundance: enough, Lat. aofta. Alao c. gen., aXtt 
ipfyvpov ailver enough, Lat. tai argenii : alao c. gen., 
aa in Lat. with tatit, oXit Ix^ riv^t I hare enough of 
a thing : nmlyjud enough^^/MTploit. 

dXurai> aor. i inf. of dXirS^oi. 

'AALXTE'O, f. ^act, to poUtde. Hence 

dX(o^|Mi, arot, t6, a pollution. 

AXCvKOfuu, a defect. Paaa., the Act. of which ia 
8uppliedbjal/)^etf: impf. i)Xi<rir^/«nr : ftit. dX^trofuu : 
aor. 3 ayncop. fjkvy Att. nan. iaXeay [&"], inf. 6hSh 
yai [d] ; part. dXoC^t, aubj. dXc^, Ep. dk&w ; opt. 
dkolrfy, £p. dX^^v : perf. IdXoMra [d], IjXeatca, To 
60 taken, e*Mquered,fall into the enemy* t hand, 2. 

to be caught, teized. 3. to 2ie taken or caught in 

hunting : alao abaoL to be o v erpMoere d . 4. rarely 

in good aenae, to be won, achieved, II. to be 

caught or ddected in a thing : as Att. law-term, to 
be convided, and ao condemneil, c. gen. criminia : 
dXwru «XorQs to be convicted of theft. 

dXi-VT^^vot, ov, « aq. 

dXi-OTf ^^ is, (fikt, ffri^) tm-girU 

AXC-OTOvof , oy, (oXt, ariy^i) tea^retotmding. 

dXMTT^s, 4, 6y, (AXtCto) talted, piekM. 

dX(-<rrpcirTOt, oy, (aXs, orp£pea) whirled or roIZrd 
to and fro in tite tea, tea-totted. 

dXlToCvw, f. dXin^crctf : aor. 2 ijfXiror, inf. iitXircfr : 
aor. a med. y)\tr6/t3jy, 3 pi. Ep. dXirorro, inf. dXi* 
riaSai: later alao aor. i ^jXlnjaa: for part, aee 
dXin^/icroc: (dXiy). To am or offend againd, to 
tnmtgrett, to dray. 

d-XtrdviVTOt, oy, (a prirat, Xfrorcintf) not to be 
moved by prayer, 



iXAvAf — iXXtTip€t}ro9^ 

iXXr^y aor. 3 inf. of dXcm^. 

AXixrcWjf, ^t, (<£Xf, rc/rv) «(rB<«Aiii(^ aXong ike tea, 
and 00 level, /at. 

&XC-Tlp|u«v, oi', gen. ovos, (£Xt, ripfia) hounded fty 
(Ae aeo, bordering on U, 

dXlrmw, arot, t6, (dXrrafow) a tin, offence, 

dXlriilACvof , a piui. of dXimo/i^, with accent and 
■Ignf. of pree., as if fbrmed from dX/n^/ii, dXhrjimi, 
Compare n0^fuvo$. Epic for rtOifievot, 

dXlTwfj|upet, or, (<IXiTa(fi«;, fiiUpa) miming tfttf ri^ 
day or right time : hence untimdy horn, 

dAltr^|M»v, or, gen. orot, (dXirctV) flnftil, fcidbed. 

dXlr^ios, oPf {dkiTfiy) sinful, laden with guiU: 
dXivffpidt rtPOB sinning againat hbn. 

dXCrovTO, Ep. 3 pt. aor. a med. of dXlWrv. 

dXlT6-(€vot, OP, (dXirctr, f ^rot) «wiiitn(7 againd a 

dXlTO-^po<rvvi|, i), (dXircTr, 0p4'') o «ci<;M muuf. 

dXiTp^, «i dXiTotrv. 

dXiTpCo, 1), (dXiTp6$) einffdnete, tpiehednee»f mitdti^. 

^iXvrp6-voot, oVt {6XiTp6$, v6c$) tpieked^ininded, 

dXiTp6t, 6p, lyncop. for iXtrripSe, (dXirciV) einftd, 
tinning : as Subet., dXtrp6$, 6, a einner, a knave, 

AXC^TpOros, or, also 17, or, (^Ut, r^Cw) SM-fteoten, 

AXC-TtHrot, or, {SiXt, rinrrea) eea^heaien, 9ea4otsed: 
as Snbst., dA/nnrot, 6, a eeaman, 

&XC-Tupos, 6, (£Xt, rvpdt) a aaU eheeee. 

&Xi^6op(a, 1^, tkipwreek. From 

&Xt-40opos, or, (oAf , ipB^poi) deetroffing on the tea: 
as Subst., a pirate, 

dXicotot, a, or, (dXid)) strong, mfi^liffr. 

d^K&p, r^, only used in nom. and ace. : (ihjcrj) a 
tefeguard, buhBark, defence, 

dXic^f, qvToe, 6, 1), Dor. contr. from dXx^i t, « dX- 

*'AAKH', 1^ (*dXMW, 6XaXM^t¥) hodOy elrenglh, 
force, froweee, power, might : in plnr. dX/tai, feaie of 
eirength, II. epiril, courage. III. a eafe^ 

guard, difenee, and to hdp, mkccow, lY. hoid/e, 


dXic^pnt, eaaax Dor. dXicdsif contr. iXic^; gen. 
iiKK^inot : (dAin)) vaUand, mighty, 

dXxl, heterocl. Ep. dat. of dAiir^, formed as if fktnn 


dAicC-|uix^ <^* (^^^^* 1*^X9 f"**) hroKfdif'fighUng, 
dXKlfiot, or, also 1;, or, (dAir^) strong, etaul, bnwe, 
dXic£-^p«9v, o¥, gen. orot, (dA/r^, ^^^r) stout-AMiied. 
dXitr^p, ^pof , 6, (*dAAttr, dAoAjrcfr) one who wards 

off, a protedor. 
dXidiov{8«t, al, wfth or vithont ^fUpai, (dA«(w0r) 

fto^ofi days ; the 14 urtnter days dwing whidt the hal" 

egon buQda its nest, suppoeed to he qnUe eahn. 
'AAKfaH, 6yo9, ij, the kingfisher, halegon, 
'AAAA', Omjimct., neut. pi. of dAAot, but with 

a change of accent : — in ancther way, otherwise, I. 

to oppose single clauses, hut, Lat. awtem. II. 

to oppose whole sentanoes, but, yet, Lat. at. a. 

dAAd is used, c. imperat., to encomags, penuade^ 
etc., like Lat. tandem, dAA' t$i, dAA' Sje, wOL oome, 
come now, m. joined with other Particlea : I . 
6Xk* c^,bidaim,however. a. dAAd 7^^ Lat. mAik 
vero, but realty, certainly, 

^^^^y4* ^> (dAAdo-aa;) a change, exchange, 

dkkayyua, arot, r6, that which it giteen at taken m 
exchange, the price of a thing. 

dXXavTOirwXiM, to ttU sansaget. From 

dXXavTon^Xiif , ou, 6, (dAAxw, mnAlw) a tawaage 

dXXd{<u, dXXd{aa^<u, aor. i act. and med. inf. 
of dAAa<raar. 

dXXaJit, fwt, i), (dAAdo'<rBi;) a changing, u tte n h a m g e^ 

'AAAA'^Z, avros, 6, a aautage, 

dXXdovw, Att. -TTo : f. df« : mat, I pass. i)AAd- 
X^: aor. a pan. i^AAdTi/r: (dAAos). To make 
other than it it, to change, aitter, TL to give in 

exchange, to requite, repay. a. to dkmge, and so 

learn, quM, III. to take in exchange, exehatsgt, rl 

Tiros or drrl nros one thing /or another. a. to 

go to, c. ace. loci, like Lat. mutare, TV, Xed. 

to change or alter one's own, bat nsn. to eaxhatsgt for 
onetdf, exchange, interchange: hence to barter, traffte: 
— and so, either I. to buy, or a. to teU. 

AXkOx^t Adv., (dAAos) dteiehere, in another plaee^ 
Lat. alQd : dAAorc dXAotx^ ^^ o>^ thne in onaptaee, 
at another in another. 

iXXJ&x6^ Adr., (dAAot) dtewhere, tometohere aUe, 

dXX&xoO, Adv., dseuhere, somewhere dee, Lat. 4M1L 

dXXryov, dAXI^as Ep. for dr^AcTor, AraXd^oL, t. 

dXX||, Adv., strictly dat. fem. of dAXot ; I. 

Adv. of Place, I. in owotter jrface, deeeth eire, Lst> 

alM, 2, to another place, eUewhiUwr,Jjnt,dKor' 

sum, n. Adv. of Manner, in another teay, sosis- 

howdte, otherwite, Lat. oWos. 

6kK* f|, i. e. dAAo 4j, except, 

dXX-t|Yop^, (dAAot, drfo p eim) to speak to 09 to ivK 
ply other than what it taid, to expreet or to interpret 

dX Amerof, or, poSt for d-Ai^rrot. 

dAAT|Ao4dY^ ^» <"* ^o^'V ^"'^ another. Fkom 

dXXtjXoH^YOf, or, (dAA^Aon^, ^ftyccW) eating one 

dXXt)\o^ov(a, 1), mnitucd tUtugkter, From 
■ dXAtjXo-^^^ot* or, (dAA^Asir, ^orcfop) mur d ering 
one a no th er . 

dXA'^iXoiv, gen. plm-., which has no nom.: dat. dA- 
A^Aoct, ait, oit : ace. dAAJ^Aov^ as, a : (dAAos) >-^ 
one another, to one another, one another. Hence 

dXX^jXMf, Adv. reciprocally, swhiaHy. 

dX-XioTot, or, poet, ibr d-Aiorot (a privat., Xi^- 
aopat) inexondUe, 

dXAvrdvtvTot, ar^ po9t for drX nAf S w ro i , (a 
privat., AirorciMtf) imexorMe, 

^ "I 

flUl^| A aiq u o > , ctf, (dXkott yXwcim) of a alramge 


C^f&mtifiXXmt Poia») to take onepenon or 
/or mnotier, to mutdhc 
UAi ywioi, «r, (dUXot, TtTn^Mw) mMoiam /or 
Mflar pcnon or thing, MnJoioMn. 
^XJU8&«6«, ^ ^r, ttrmiQe^ foreign^ hdongwg to cm- 
Oer jBB^g or kmd : AXkodawg (tc yf) im a tkamge 
wad. (Dmit. Bncwtun.) 
flUUiiS^t, ^t, (<iXXot, «78of) 0/ <2^ef«i» /onm 

', Epic elinon for 6XXo$t, 

Adr^ (fikhm) from another pUue, Lat. 

AXolC AdT., (iXAot) rfwrftiif> m amoAer piaoe, 

cottlr. dUJl6-9po«t, ovy, {dXXo*, 
tomfuty itnm(fe, foreign, 
or, (dXXot) of tmolher tort or Jdnd, dif- 
fmmi, ofktr. Ccnip. dXAoK^cpof, diftnnL Adv. 


4XX«^ fl ^tti, (aXAoMw) lo make d^erent^ to 
oMer: — Paa. to heeeme d^eremi, bo changed: 
to he ektmgedfar lie teorv. 

Dor. and MoL fat SXKore, 
UJL<— roi, or, (^EXXot) of tm utmetud kM, tiramge, 
mnmthvm»: alao uUerlg changed, AdT. -row. 
'AAAOBIAI, Lftt. &1L-J0: fiit. d;iov/in : aor. i 
^U^y. inf. <Uatf6lat : aor. a i^m?''* ^^- ^l^^<r0ai : 
£p. opicop. a and $ ang. aor. a (wi&out ai^lrafte) 
2X4r»,c\To; 3 aolg. &^|1ra^ Ep. aXtfroi : Dep. To 

AXXa wpAo' aXXai, d, L a. dJkAorc v^ 4EXXoi% oik 

whomdmmfktl loomeaide Am to (is other, tmoertain, 

'AAAOX ?. o. Lat. dllUS, onofier, oiAer. I. 

£UUt -no^ or rb dXAoo, oay oCAer, <om« olAer : cf nt 

OkAac, Lat. » qmk aVme, whoeT«r dee. a. JiXXoe 

» WL joiDed witk other of iti own cases or advarbs 

iajaed fi«B it, as 4XXoe 6XXo k4yu one man says 

em tkmg, one another, 3. joined with tho Ail, 6 

iXXm^ikacther^therte^: bkpiuT,,olik\oi,attiheothert, 

the ffc^ lOl heisdee, Lai. «eteri,- rc^ dXX4M, Lat eeCoro, 

ffrfifva, in Att. oft. used Adv, for the net, beeidee : of 

rt ihjkm mak . . oB <Aere and tepeemOg . . : so also, 

aB2 . . , both othenptM and . . , i. e. eepe^ 

4. SxXoe is oaed with nmaeirals, when it 

getf etSlrfw^kr, ate., wiforro* woroLfti^ JiXXoe, 

yd a iftb river. n. more rarely lilu dAAoiot, 

tf ether eert, di^etmi: hanee, i,.ollher than what 

elirange^ foreign. a. o<A«r lAoa uhat it, 

Adr., (dXAot) to anoOter place,, deemhilher, 
lefttnign iaetde, Lai. rdiormtm. 

Mava^ iEoL fiyr sq. 

AXm, Adr., (dXXos, the) at mother time, Ot other 
*hem„^iXein,,,4XkoT€,,, at erne Ueee^ at another* 

dXXo Ti; Adr., (d\Aot, rU) angAbtg eleef Lai. 
numquid aliud f when followed by ^, the sentence is 
elliptic, e. g, dXAo re f ^retrffootrroi ; i. e. ^UXo ri 
vc/o'OKrcu, ^ vfty^crorrcu ; will they feel ot^jrAt dee 
but hunger, i. e. how shall they escape hunger? but 
ij is someiimas omitted. 

dXXoTpto-s w (g a o wot, ov, (dXA^^ot, lai^tfKovot) a 
&u^f-4o<^ tn oiAer faen** mattere, 

diXX^Tpiot, a, or, (^tXXot) of or hdcnging to <molher, 
Lat. a/iflrMM, opp. to Httot ; iXKvrpieev x<V>^<'^''^<'^ ^ 
be bomitifol of what ie another^ t ; dXXorpUH$ yvafipme 
yek&n to laogh with a face wdike one*e otm, Horace'a 
ridere malie aUenit, U, foreign, Lat peregrinue : 

hence etrange, alien : also eetranged, hoetHe, 

dXXoTpid-xpMa, XP^^* *t 4» (<iAA^/»«ot, XP^) 
of <2Mwrs OOfeUTf. 

dXXarpi^w, 1 ^eot, to mofo sfnni^ eekange, make 
hoetiU or <B-d i yosfl d : — ^Paai. to become eetranged, be 
made an enemy, II. to bring into anoOkr*t hande: 

— Pan. tofaU into etrangere* hande. Hence 

dXAoTpUftS, Adr. of dAA^^ot, dremgely : dWorfilett 
ix^^ to ^ eetranged, 

dAXoTp(«Mnt, ton, 1), eetrangement : a making cfter 
to the tnmng. 

d^ov, Adr. deewhere, m andherplaee, Lat dUbL 

dX-Xo^ot, or, Ep. for d-ko^. 

dXXo-4pav^>f>^<r»f (dXXoe, <^poif4v) to be of another 
inted: to give no hoed to a thing, to think wrong- 
ly, II. to Ikiink otherwiee than as one should, 

be abeent or unheeding, 2, to be eenedeee, loee 

one's wHe. 

dXX6*4«Xot, on (dXXot, 4^)4) of anoAer tribe, 
foreign, ttirange, 

dXA6-xp0o*i OTf contr. dXV6-xpovi, ow, (dXAot, 
Xp^) of anoOwr ookmr, ehangtfti cf hie, 

dXX^XP***> arrot, d, ^,sforeg.,/orn|^. 

dXXi)8vi, Adr., {6XX09) "^AKKoct, eUewhiiher: Horn, 
has it only with dXXot, e.g. dXXv9u dXXoe one hither 
another thither, 

iXXmoKM, dXXi6o«ara [{>], Ep. for dr^vc, draX^ 
ovaa : see difokim, 

dXXitt, Adr. of dXAot, in another wag or man^ 
net, otherwiee, dXXait ««m m some otAsr way : dhXete 
T§ Mol,, boUi olienoiae and . . , i. e. eepeeiaHy, aboee 
all, II. oUierwiee than , , , d^erenUg : hence in 

good sense, better, a. otherwiee than ae thotdd be : 

heedleedy, without purpoee: tdthout reason; also in 
vain : for nothing, like wpoim, Lat. gratie: hence ■■ 
l»6vo¥, only, merdy, 

ftk^A, r6, (dXAo/ioi) a epring, Isop, bound. 

&X|&i|, 1), (c^) sea-footer that hoe dried: also the 
eea, 2, eatt^water, brine, IL s o ttn e is. 

AXiiffiiia, taaa, ev, (jSXfjxj) talt, briny. 

AXJjiiipdf, i, 6w, {ik/ni) ealt, briny, a* met^>h. 

bitter^ dietaetrfuk like Lat aaMrvs. 

'AAOA'fi, poetdXoi4Di: Ait dXafjaea, old Att 
dXodow Id], To threth, threeh out : to emdgd^ 



«Xo)3os— "AA^rrON. 

d-kofiot, oy, (a prirat., Xo^^t) teith a lobe wxnting, 
cit tho liven of rictims. 

iXoyk^ f . ffaw, (Akoyot) to pay no regard to a thing, 
take no heed of it, Lat. ratioitem rei uon habere, a. 

to beotUof one*$ eentee. Hence 

iXoyia, i), toant of regcard or etteem^ eotUempl, II. 
want of reaion, BeMde»8ne$$,/oUg, 

d-X^YioTOS, ov, (a prirat., Koyl(ofuu) tmreasonmg, 
thoughtlesB, silly. II, naito be reckoned. a. 

not to be heeded, tHe, 

d-XoY^t, ov, (a prirat., A^TOt). I. withovA 

epeedi, epeeehieae, 2, unspoken^ Le.wmtterable,heX, 
infandue, II. without reoBon, irratiomd, a. 

not aceofding to reaeon: contrary to reason, ofr- 
awd. III. without reekoning, not reckoned upon, 


iXowr^ 6, (dXoioa) tkretking or (hre9hing4ime, 

hXhiw, Adv., ifikM) from at out of the eea, 

iXoUk, 3 nng. £p. impf. of iX/kio/, 

dXoid«», poet, for dkoiof, 

^oCnv, acff. a opt. of ^Xlfftcopai, 

A-Xoi56fnp«t, 0¥, (a privat., Koi9opiu) unreviUd : 
not to he recited, 

&-Xo(Sopos, oy, (a privat., kolJhpos) not reviUag. 

dXoi^, 4, (akeCpat) *any thing for emearing : hog's 
lard, grease: also anointing'Oil, ungueni: generalij, 
ottknent, varnish, paint, 

^Xosdl», f. eo», (^Uof ) to trace furrows, to write, draw, 

&X6vTf [d], dual aor. a part of dxiatcofiai. 

"AAOB, otcos, ii, a poet, form of oSXo^, never nsed 
in nom. ting,, a furrow ploughed in a field : ploughed 
land, eomFiand, a. a furrow in the ikin, a gash, 


'AXoonUhmi, i). (&ks, {/9yr)t) Ote sea^tom: ckOdutf 
the sea, a name of Amphitrit^ and of Thetis. 

&X6-Tpu|r, tfios, d, (oAj, Tpi$v) a pestle for pound- 
ing salt, 

^-ovpY^, see ik-ovpyot, 

&X-ovjyYCf, iSos, 4, ((iX'Oupy6s) a purple robe, 

dyed with sea^purple, i,e,ofa genuine purple : in pi., 
rd 6Xovprpj jmrple robes, 

iXoin, ^XoOou, aor. a part, of 6XlaM0fMU, [d] 

dXovvio, 1}, (^-Xovrot) want of the bath,filUt, 

d-Xovrot, (a privat., Xo(Mtf) tmi0<uAai, dtrlj^. 

d-Xo^ot, £p. dX-Xo^ot, oy, (a privat, A^^) 
without a crest, 

^-Xoxot, ov, 1), (a copuL, A^x<^) '^ partner of <me*s 
bed, wife, 

dX6», Ep. for dXi&ov, cIXw, pret. imperat. of%dX<U- 

dXirvurrot, 7, oy, Snperl. of obioL aXvrot, uoedalt, 

'AA2, &X6t, d, Lat SAL, Engl. SillT; in dng. 
a ^ain or lump of salt, in plnr. mU at prepared for 

'AA2, AX^ 4. <Ae Ml. 

2Xiro, iXro, aor. a of ^lX\o/<eu. 

dX<rof, cot, r($, a jjlac« grown wiUt trees and groM*, a 
grove, eep. a sacred grove : also a glade or Unon, (£>e- 
riv. uncertain.) 
dXa^^8i|t, ft, (dXffos, elbos) Wee a grove, woodland. 

iXiiK6i%, 4, iy» (&\XofUu) good at keeping, nitnble, 

dXiiK^t, V, 6y, (fiks) salt, 

dXvKT&tw, f. daat, (dXhat) to be in trouble or distrtm : 
also in Gramm. iikomalyv, dAinrr^w, whence pf. pass. 

dXvicTO-irl&(|, 4* {ikoKTOS n, iriSi^) tiMlitiolu&fe bond* 
at fetters, 

dXvicTot, oy, (JSXboi) troubled. U. (a private 

Xiw) B^Avrot, indissoluble, 

dXv|at» aor. i inl otdXheiew. 

dXi^it, cow, 1^, (dXiKTiMi) an escaping, avoiding. 

d-Xvin|TO$, oy, (a privat., Xtnr^) not pahted or 
grieved, II. act. not palming or distressing. 

d-Xihrotf oy, (a privat., Xinrq) without pain or grief, 
unpained, II, tcL not paining, cauting no pain 

or gritf, harmless. 

d-X^)pot, oy, (a privat., Xhpa) without the lyre, ««•> 
aeeon^anied by it: hence fnoum/tii. 

&Xvoxt, cow, 4f a eftotn, bond, (Deriv. nncertatn.) 

d-Xli<rtTiX<tfit, is, (a privat, kuatTe}Jft) uselees, un^ 
profitable : hence hurtful. Adv. -Xetn, 

dXvoicd{«t, iaea, ttrengthd. for dXiMriew, wed only 
in pres. and impf. 

akwnc6,inis, lengthd. form of ixhexeif, 

dXvoiMft : Alt. dXif^of and dXSf^ofjuu : aor. I 1iku(d : 
(jiXiea), To flee from, shun, avoid, forsake, 

iXvavw, (dkbca) to be uneaey, have no rest. 

d-Xi>TOt, oy, (a privat, Kiw) not to be loooed or bro- 
ken, indissoluble : oontmuous, eeasdeas, 

d-Xvxvot, oy, (a privat., Xbxi'ot) wilhtmt lamp or 

'AAT'A, Att. &Xv«», need only in pres. and impf. : 
(SXtf, dXdo/im). To toormlar, of the mind, tobeUlat mm, 
be troubled, distraught : to be at a loss, like dvopuv : 
more rarely to be beddo onesdfforjoy. [0 in Hom^ O 
in Att] 

'AA^A'Nfi, aor. a ijKxftoy, 3 ting, opt Sk^ : to 
bring in, yield: get, acquire: metaph., <p$6yoy ik^ht€ir 
to incwr envy. 

dX^toC-poiOt, a, oy, (dX^c<V, /Bovt) bringing in 
oxen : hence of maidens whose parents receive many 
oxen as presents from their saitors, muth-courted, 

6X^nfrr(i§, ov, 6, (dX^diw, dX^y) always in 
phrase Aybpes dXtprjarai, gain-seeking, entapriting, m* 
dustrious men: esp. applied to trading, sea-faring 

d>4tT-u|ioi^6t, 6, (AktfKTor, i/utfiw) a dealsr in, 

"AA^ITON [r], r6,peeM or peasirbatUy, Lat jnv 
lenta : sing, only in phrase dk^rou dgrtf, hariey-meai * 
elsewh. in plur. dX^ro, barley-groats, and the eakrt 
or porridge made cfit: a. metaph. one** daily 

ik<f>iToiroda — iiiiiprrjiia. 


kmi, one't mintanee: varfifa JtX/^ra one'e p«tri- 

ik^rvtnda, ^, a prep ar i n g cf harUtj-medl. From 

•X4t f o ■ofc ^ f , 6^ (vmlof) a prtpmrer of hcaittf'meai. 

a X4 C T»gfy^ f. i^ffw, (^X^rop, airiw) to eat, lUe on 
tojfej f ■ wrf , or frrttid motle if it. 

A i^ot, 3 ain^. aor. a opt. of fiX^diw. 

iXm^ aec. of oXcm. 

4AA, aor. 2 rabj. of A^aieofMU. {jB[] 

AAiMvr6s, 4* ^i'* (oAfira) tuecl on a thraiking^Jloor. 

ttip^ Dor. 4Xm&^ poet, for Att. ^iait: I. 

Afkrrtidmg jtoer. • II. any 2eeeBecI|)Io< qf(^roim<i, 
A j^V4KB« ofcnara, PM^oni, otc. 

AXw]}, Ep. £Dfr 4X^, 3 nng. aor. 2 subj. of dAX<riro- 
pou II. &X^, £p. for liWi;, 3 liiig. aor. a opt. 
(a mne TeriK 

4JkaKn|t, ov, ^, {iXtufji) a Iwubandman^ gardener. \X\ 

IVmii(hii» Ep. for dXwKu, aor. a inf. of 4A/a«o- 

ikSt^fuevom^ 17, or, part, of (Udw/iai. 

aXur, ajvoa, i^,aaXa». 

AXA«B^ aor. a inf. of 6XleKottm. 

iXmm^K t ^ 1), Att. contr. fiom Ion. AXoiwtMtlj (sub. 
fe^) : (iX^nnii) afwakin. 

•XatvocCaa, ov, d, (^A^nriji^) hrcmded wUh a fox. 

4X«mnficvs, ^ow, d, (fiAArn;^) a fox's eub. 

iXangmdt/m, f. £ff«, (dA^vri^f) to play the fox, Lat. 

ikmvhauoi¥, t6^ Dim. of dXdnnj^f a IMefox. 

l^etmmoi%y £8ot, 1^, {i&Xinr^) a mongrel Uiweenfox 
e*d dog. 11. afox-^em eap. 

'AAfillHH, €Mo$, ^, a fox, Lat. rulpee: metapb. 

'AAfiZ, 00, 1^ : gen. aku, SXofo* or oXoyrot : ace. &Xw, 
oXematiXmaz il.n.aku: — a tkreBking-floor, II. 
^ iitk of the nm or moon. 

^A^olftos, or, (lUoirai) <(My to take, catch, uin, or 
tmqaer. 2. of the mind, eaey to apprehend. II. 
(oAmtu) of or belonging to eaptwt or eonqueet. 

SXmtnm, cow, 1), {dJ^uvm) a taking, capture, eon- 
fteM. II. as law-term, detection, conviction. 

I \ m99 ^ at, tnU of dXioKopat. 

hkmrr6m, 7, ^, verb. Adj. of dXSnw, to be taken, 
^agk or eottqnered : to be acquired. 

tibm, Ep. for 6XSf, mat. a snbj. of iXieicopeu. 

'Aha. I. Adv., at once, Lat. eimul. II. 

Pnp. c. dai., of ifte Mme time with, together leilh. 

ifhi (not dpf). Dor. fiv a/ia. 

'Afmf/&ef, ^ro9, ^, ura. in plor., the Amanone : aleo 

ifriiMvw, (di#ia^) to (e ignorant^ ttupid. 

ifflMjt, ^t, (a prirat., pa$tTif) untaught, vnleamed, 
*fi< daO: alao cooiw; mde: alao wiihowt knowledge 
^ a tlonc^. ^* IMtM. not leatTif, unitnoicn. 

^^Ma, i|i, nm< qf faioieledl^, ignorance* 

d)A&96«i«, «rtf^a, cr, contr. £|ta0oGt, ovo'dro, otrr, 
(J/ia^ot)«Ep. i)/ia0($«t, sandy, 

'AMA002, i), {ifjtfioe) sand, a aandy soU, opp. to 
Ka^^and (if^ftaBot), [A/id-] 

&|A&6vv«», (&paBot) to level teith the eand, utterly de- 
ttroy. a. to hide in the sand, 

&|ia0Qt, Adv. of d/ia^t, ignorantly : dfutBun tx^v 
to be ignorant. 

A-yKuiiiA ic rrof, 17, of, lengthd. form of A-paxoe, tr- 
resistible, huge, enormous. 

&|uiX8vv», poet, for d;iaA{fKW, (d/ioX^) strictly (o 
0(^(m : hence to crush, dedroy, ruin. a. metaph. 

to hide, disguise, 

d-fA^OaiCTOt, OP, (a privat., /uiKOdooea) unsoftened. 

d|iaXXa, 4, (ifju&ca) a bundle of ears of com, sltetrf. 

d|uiXXo-8rW|p, ijpos, 6, (d^ioAAo, Sia) a binder of 

d|iuX6t, Att. &|iaX6t, ^, 6v,'K&vaX6s, soft, liglU^ 
Lat. tenet'. a. wedk, fedlle. 

dfUftfa, Att. ft)iota, 4, (fiiyoi) a carriage, a wagon 
or teain. 2. <^ MUTki(;0 of tfte plough, Lat. <»ir- 

rus. 3. C7bar2«8* iretin in the heavens, the great 

bear. 4. a carriage-road. Hence 

&|ia(ivo|iai, Paae. to be traversed by wagons, to hace 
wagon-roads trough it. 

Afui|<vt, ioM, 6, (AfM^a) a wagoner. 

&JMi|-'AXuTOt,or, {apa(a, iKahvw) traversed by wagons, 

&jia{-^(>i)t, ft, (d/io^a, *d/Mtf) attached or belonging 
to a wagon or caanriage. 

&|ia(iaSof, a, oi', (Sipa^a) fit for a wagon : large 
enough to load a wagon, of stones. 

&|jm{(s, /8ot, 1), Dim. of ipa^a, a little wagon, 
Jj&t, plostellum : a go-cart. 

A^i^iTifS, ov, u, (fifio^a) of or belonging to a 
wagon, [t] 

&|ia{tT(6s, ^, {ifM^a, tipi) traversed by wagons : 4 
d/io^tr^t, a high-road for wagons. 

&)ta{o-irXi)6^, is, (&pa^a, wX^os) large enough to 
fiU a wagon, 

dfiot-ovpY^f, Iv, {Apa^a, ipyop) making wagons or 

&uap, arof, r6. Dor. for ^pap. 

'ABIA'PA, 1i, a trench, conduit, woAer-cowrse. p/i^(p5j 

d|iai>dvTivot, 1;, or,»flq. 

tt-t&apavTOt, ov, (a privat, papaLim) w^ading. 

d-|tdp2,Tos, ov, *^pdpairros. 

'ABIAPTA'NIl, itit. dpapr^oopai : aor. a ffpaprcv, 
inf. dpaprtty^ Ep. by metath. (with fi inserted) 4jpr 
fiporov : perf. ^pdprrfMa. To miss, miss the mark, c. 
gen. : hence a. generally, to fail <f doing, faU of 
one*s purpose, go wrong : lobe deprired (if a thing, lose 
it. II. tofaH, do wrotig, err, sin. 

&)AapTt, Ep. for fjpapre, 3 sing. aor. a of foreg. 

&|MprS| (not dpaprg). Adv., ifipa) together, ai the 
same time, at once. [jBLp] 

&|&apT^<ro}Uu, Alt. of dpaprdiw. 

&|idpTT))ia, t6, (dpapriyej) a failure, error, sin. 


iimprCa — iitdkei. 

&|&a|»TCa, 4, (iLfiapr6ycj) afaUwre, error ^ mn, 
&|U4>T(-voot, OK, (dfMoprSaWf w6o») erring in mmd, 

&|Mif»TO-firfj«, ^t, (i/tapriifw, iwat) faUtng in words, 
tpeaking at random or idly. 

d-fittf>T V |n|TO t , oy, (a priraU, fULprvpiot) wiUnoul 
mlnesg, [p"] 

&-|AApTi;pot, o¥, (a priTat, /idprw) withovA wHneta, 

&|MiiprMX^, ^^»'dfMffrla. 

&|iapTi0XM, ({v, (dfULpriina) Hnfid^ hardened in tin, 

&)&&pvYfj, i), <a ftapfiapvyff, a apariiing^ UotniUng, 
gUmekig, of ot^jects in motion, p, but in £p. 9.] 

diiAAVYiufc, r($, a iporikle, twinJde, quick motion: from 

'AMAPT'SSn, f. £ar, (0 sparlde, ttrinMe^ glanee, 

&|ids, Dor. for i)/iat. 

&)&a-Tpox^, f* 4^0;, (£/ia, rpix^) to run togeOter, run 
edong uiiih. Hence 

&|MTpoxi^ ^* a running togeOter^ eUuHnng of tckedi, 

d|&avp6t, (&, OF, dor^ <ftm, faint^ <^)eeure. a. Aov- 

In^ no lighlfduak: hence Uiiid, nj^Meit, gloomy, U. 
metaph. dim, wtcerUiin, a. dbeeure, unknown, (De- 
riT. unoertain.) Hence 

dfiavp6o, f. (Sktw, to mak^ dark or A'm: — ^mu. in 
PaM. (o become dark or dim; also to come to no- 
thing. II. metaph. to edipee: to weaken, in^air. 

d|iAX<C» Adv. of dftaxot, without reeidance, 

d-^X*****^* ^* poet, for dfuixT^ot. 

d(iuxt|T(, Adv. of d/idxTTot, without fighting. 

d-|&dx'*'F^> o^t (<* prirat., fi&xofmi) not to be fought 
with, unconquer(die, II. never having fou^j^, 

d)i&x^i Ady. of d/iaxot,— dfiaxc/. 

£-|ittX^ ^''f C*'' privat., tt6,xrj) without batUe, and 
flo I. wUh whom no one fights, uneonquered : 

unconquerable, of persons : of places, in^ntgna- 
Uc II. act. not having fought. a. dwia- 

eiined to fighL 

'AMA'Xl, t ^oa, to reap, to mow : alao to gather in, 
as tt reaper does com, to eoUeoL [generally, S £p. : 
« Att.] 

dfip-, for iva$-, at the beginning of words. 

d|ipaXt|, £p. for dtti^o/i/, 3 sing. aor. a opt. of 6»a- 

d|i^aXX^|A«Oa, Ion. and Ep. for S»a$ahX-. 

djirfitUrts, ij, poet, for drd-^oait* 

d|ap\Coico, f. dfifikifaw, (6,fA0\6t) to hate an cAor- 
tum, muearry. 

d|tp\vvtt [v],1hw, (dtt$\bt) to hlwd, duU, take the edge 
off, Lai. bebetare : — ^Pass. to become blunt or dufi, lose the 

'ABIBAT'2, CIO, if, bhmt, dulled, wOt the edge or 
point taken off, Lat. hebee: meti^h. duM, faint, weak: 
of persona, spiriileu, tiuggish. Hence 

d|ifiXvTi|t [p], rjTos, ii, dulnme : duggi^mete. 

djipXiMlxrvfo, Att -TTW, f. w^fltf, (dfl^Air•) to he dfcn- 
s^l^Ated or Wnd. 

dti|3XHMrdt, 6y, (&t»Mf9, d^) dmi4ooUn9, dmi, 

^yfk^, fitfvoe, 6, ij,'^dfi$k-wr6$. 

d)&-PoXdBTpf, Adv., poet, for dpa-fiokiOtfr, (1 
fidhXw) bubbling up. U. (dMgSoA^) Uke a 


d|i^Xds, for dvo-PoXds, 6»09, 1), (dMi^ctAXa}) y^ 
dfifio?>j&M earth f Arofm up. 

dji^Xi-cpY^t, ^, (diti^dAAw, J/)70F) poet, lor dan- 
jSoX., jNittMy 0^ work, kuty. 

d|ippooia, £p. and Ion. ^^ifipoait^, ^, (fltrictXy 
fom. from dfi$p6ato9) ambrosia, the food of the god*, 

dprppdaiot, a, ov, lengthd. fonn of d/Jh0ponn, mm- 
mortal, divine, ijf dicine nature. II. of things be> 

longing to the gods, ambrosial, divind^f fair. 

d|i^OTfiv, £p. for dfuipTtip, aor. a inf. of d^m^ 

d)i-fipoTot. ov, (a privat., fipor6s) immortal, • 

dftpcMrat, Ion. for dmfiofiaas, aor. I part, (rf* 

d|i4 or dfU, Dor. for i)fiat. 

d-fiiYaprot, ov, (a privat., ptieyalpea) unenvied, 
enviable, unhappy : as a repnMch, wretched, miia&rahle : 
also horrible, 

dfuOucmrVot, 17, oy, of amethyst. From 

&'\».iAuaro%,oy, {a pTiyntyfiit$hea) not drunken, U. 
as 8nbst., ij AfUBtfcrroe or to iLfUBvaror, a remeefy 
against drunketmess : — I. a kind of herb, 2. 

the predons stone, amethyst. 

'AMEI'Bn, f. i/fw : sux.ijfuaffa : Act, to change, ax- 

chcmge: x^^^**^Xf'*'^^'^^^''^hc*''^^t^^*^^**^'^'i*'9f 
golden arras for bnuwn : esp. of place, to change it, 
and so to pass, cross : like Lat. nrnto, either to qwU m 
place, or to ^o to it. II. intraais. in part., tw Afind- 
fiorrt =! dfwifialAs, m exchange : ol dfui$orr€s, fibe 
renters that cross each other. III. Med. to change erne 
wUh anoUier, do in turn or aMemOtdy. 2. to antsoer^ 
reply to. 5. to repay, requite, aicenge. 4. Uloe 

Act., to change, esp. of place, to |)a8s either oitf or m .* 
metaph. to M(f]M«8. 

d-|M{8i|T0t, oy, (a privat, fM/Muj) not snmKmg, 

d-fisCXucTOt, oy, (a privat, fmhioffoi) muoothed: 

A-yudXiXHt oy, » forego hanh, eemre: rdtnde$s, tm- 

d)M(vaiv, oy, gen. oyot, ineg. Compar. of dTotftSc, 
better : of persons, abler, stronger, braeer. 

d-|i€(p«0, frit. dfiepSf, (a privat, fulpof¥u) torch i^f 
one'e share, deprive, bertave. 

d|Ui)|id|Mvot, dfMbffaaBat, aor. i med. of d/t/dfies, 

^ifuiat, ffetft, 1^, {dfiiilfiai) exchange : tuoeet&ion. 

'AMirArn, iu, to MILK, Lat MULOEBE, II. 
toiffvsiors^ueessottf; metaph. to dram,czftaiiat IH. 
to sip, drink. 

d|UXci, strictly imperat. from dfitkie», neper mwiil. 
Hence, as Adv., by all msans, cf eowrm. 

ifid^UL — ifjilfiriTos* 


^ImIUb, £ ^eof : (Afts)JiB) to be ctMpdeat, heedkis, 
MftifoL a. to neglect, hare mo oanfor^ dighL 3. 
h ttaiook, and uotokL, tnffer^ 4. to luj^led to do ; 
— PiB.I» fo mifideled, aUgiied, overlooked. 

•fA^ h, (a priyat^ fUXti) oardeae^ heediem, neg- 
JfoC n. paw uMeartdfor, mi h e e ded, 

i^Aofrot, or, (d^iiX^) like d-^iiAifs, sot earvd 
/»r: nvoi i h jf of care. 

0^^ 4> po^ for J^tUkfia, AeftfletsaeM. 

^iiAXifroi, or, (a pnrai^ pUX}ita) not ddoffed: 

^piX{t«, cm, 1^, (dfUXyof) a miUeing. 

«|nto , AdT. o€ d/MA^» eardemlg: dftfXtk tx**^ ^ 

ilt^ivTOS. ar, (a pfirmt, fUfupofuu) not to be 
iJMied, fiisMMfew : of thiiigB, peifeet : — Adr, -ron, ao 
mlomenlnoblaa»e. U, eycL nU blmmng, wdl 

'fuii^la^ ^ (dl^/c^^) UaiMbatfiess, freedom /rom 

^fuvH, Ep. for d^/MTtt, ^<tr, pret. inf. d dot, to 

i ^m »i % , (^, (a priTftt., ^c^rof) fawi, feeble: 
maUformcUif, Hence 

A | mr n » ^ f. dMTo;, lo wtake weok, deaden the force of. 

iaipo, Dor. £ar liiUfa. 

'AME'ITri, 1 ^, tophMt or jm«, Lat. deeerpere, 

<|^p8i0, 1 0w : aor. I 4^/>ffa : aor. I pasB. ^/UfOffv: 
[ifmfm). To deprive af one's thare, bereave one of :•— 
Pan. to fe fan/i ^ A tldog, toM A. 

■ f^pu wt , or, (a ^fat., ftipifmi) free from care, 
(■oMMTMd. n. paflkiifMared/or.ttniecded. III. 
^vmg cmag oare. 

^fUpot, Dor. for ^fsfytoe. 

* | i ip< wa tT O t , Dor. for ^fup6^oiTot. 

^ yt , Dor. for ifMpo9. 

4|upai, dfUpooi, 5 fling, and inf. aor. I of 

^fUi or 4|Ut, I>ar. for 4/M«t* 

^wri-dUwrot, or, (a privat., /cfrdi, /cXdoi) not to 
^breken: vmaHawbie. 

iiwra|iAa|f«s. or, (a privat., /mto/i^Xci) unre- 
|oM ^. IL. act. not repenti ng ^ unehangmg. 

^Mrun6i|T«s, or, (a privat., furayoiai) « yum. 
f'l'd ef. n. act mnepeniant. 

^««i4iwiu nm, 01^, {a prirat., peramdBoi) unper- 

or, (a prkat, ftararpiww) vmd' 

*ptff y n . Dor. for ^Oryot. 

or, (a prirat., purploi) vnmeamxr^ 
i wwe i n g, Lat. ttamenatw; also MnMcm- 

d|MTp6.^iof, OK, (dfierpot, 0lot) qf an immeatMniiU 

d|M7po-«ir^ it, (fip/trpoe, Utoa) mmoderate m worde, 
unbridled of tongue. 

d)i«rpo-ir6n|S( ov, d, {d/ierpoe, myoa) drinking to 

d-)MTpot, or, (a privat., ftdrpov) teilhout oMOMire, 
unmenM, boundless, incessant. 2. immoderate. 

d-l&^rpttt. Adv. of dfierpoMf infmiUiy, 

dficvoi-'iropos, or, (d/iflM;, mopos) "^ rpuiZos, Lat. 
tn'tmim, t«A0re <ib-ee paiks eroes, 

d|Acw»,Bd/4cOa;: aor. i med. inf. diubeaa^oi : — to 
sur/xiM, exc^, conquer. 

'ABIH, 4, a «AovW or mattock. 2. a tootor-Mieikef, 

jxxtZ, Lat. hama. 3. a harrow, rake, 

d}i,t| (not di^), Att. d|i4). Adv., strictly dat. fern, 
from dfj^M»Tl$, in a certain way: dfajySmj, dpiijyi^ 
woi, dfjajyiwov, dpgfyiwoH, in some way, somehow ot 
other, [d] 

d|iV» (Hebr.) Adv., verily, qf a truth: so be it: 
ahio as Noun, t6 df/dfy, certamty. 

A-|f ftvlT0 8, or, (a privat., foivioj) not wrathful, 

"AmSX, Tjros, 6, a kind of milk cake. 

d|U|<rd)uvot, aor. i med. part, of dfu&w. 

djii|T^p, ^po9, 6, (dfdof) a reaper : metaph. a de- 
stroyer. [d] 

dfitp'Ot, 6, (dpdoj) a reaping, harvesting: alBO har- 
rest, harvestMme. II. a harvest or crop. 

d-fiTiTttp, op, opos, (a privat., p^rrip) without mo- 
ther. 2. bom of a mean mother* II. unlike a 

dfki|Xt^vlu: impf. ^fafxi''ow. fat. ^aw: {dfefjxa- 
roi). To be at a lose or in trotii. 

d}U|Xuv(a, 4« (d/i37xarof ) tfon< of means, helplessness, 
distress. II. hardsJtip, trouble, 

d-|i^&vef, ov, (a privat., /ajxat^) without means 
or resource, helpless. II. more freq. in paas. aent^ 
impractieaible, irresistible : alio inexplicable. 

d^i)Xav6oKri, d|ii|xav6«v, Ep. 3 pi. and part 
pree., as if from d/ajx!'''^' 

d-fiXavTOt, or, (a privat., fualtm) undejiled, pure. 

dpX-Ofos, Dor. for ijfu-Oeos, 

d-fUKTOt, or, (a priv., fuyrvfu) unmixed,pure. U. 
not ndnyling wUh others, wtsociable, savage. III. not 
to be mingled, irreconcilable. Adv. dfiheTonf Superl. 

'AMIAAA, ffs^ij,a contest for superiority, rivalry; 
generally, a struggle, conflict, [d] Hence 

dfuXXaofuu, fut. med. ^eopai ; aor. i pass. ^Or/y : 
Dep. To compete, vie, or contend with one, Lat. 
attmdari. II. generally, to strive, druggk, exert 

oneself. Hence 

d|iCAXi||ia, r6, a ccntest, ooi^ict. 

d|ivXXt|rap, ^pos, (djuWdofMu) a eompetUor, rwal. 

a^LL^ifr6-pM%, or, {dpifajros, fiios) inimitdbU Ml 
one's life. 

d-pi^Tfrot, ov, (a privat., ptpiopm) inimitable. 


itfjMprta — jqyt^Xci. 

A^Mpvia, i), (dftapT6uw) afaHwre^ error, am, 

&|MiiyK-voot, oy, (d/iapfr&tw, rioi) erring in mind, 

&|i&pTiov, r6, ^dftapnjfta. 

&|Mif»TO-firfj«, it, {ifiapT6;ifw, Ivot) /oUing in words, 
opeaking al random or idlp, 

d-fittf>'n S |n|TO t , oy, (a priraU, fiapfrvpiot) wHkout 
leilnen, [H] 

ir^Aprbpat, e¥^ (a private fidprm) wOkout witnma, 

&|Miif»TMX^ 4» *^dfiafirioL, 

&|iapT»Xat, <(v, (dfia^rdrw) tinfid, hardened in mm, 

d}i&pvY^, ^t « M^^Pf^P^n^* ^ eparkUng, Utmdding, 
glanting, of objects in motian. p, but in Ep. 9.] 

dudfVY|Ufc, r^, a tporiUe, twinkU, quick motion: from 

AfiAs, Dor. for 4/iat. 

&|iMpox^, f • ^^'^'^t (^A*''^ fp^X^) ^ f"**** to^eAer, run 
olcmjir with. Hence 

&|MTpoxi^ ^. a running together, eUtaking of wheeU, 

6pavp&%, d, iv, dark, dim, faint, <k$ewre, a. hav- 

ing no light, du$k: hence lUnd, ei gh d em , gloomy, II. 
metapb. dim, uneeriain, a. dbecwre, unknown, (De- 
riv. nnoertain.) Hence 

d|iAvp6o, f. (Hkto;, to maA>^ (2arX; or dim: — ^nro. in 
Pan. to become dark or cftm; also to come to no- 
thing, II. metapb. to eclipte : to weaken, impair. 

d|iAX<(f AdY. otdftaxoe, teiihout reeiatanoe, 

4-|tdx«TOS, ov, poet, for d/K^XT^ot. 

d|iuLxi>n^ Adv. of dfiAxV^** wiUiout fightiitg, 

<Sr|tdxqTOt, or, (a privat.. fn&x"*/*^) *^ <<> be fought 
wtih, uneonquer(d)te, U, never having fougkU 

d)ft&x^» Adv. of diMX0t,=dfULX*i* 

d^fiuxos, ov, (a prlvat.« ^x^) ttHhout battle, and 
flo I. with whom no one fighte, unconquered: 

wneonquerabie, of persons : of places, in^rregna- 
hie, II. act. not having fought. a. diain- 

dined to fighL 

'AMA'h, t ^aca, to reap, to mow : also to gather in, 
as iP reaper does com, to eoUeet, [genemUy, S Ep. : 
a Att.] 

dfip-, for dpofi-, at the beginning of words. 

d|ipaXt|, £p. for dpafiairj, 3 sing. aor. a opt. of dm- 

d)ftPaXX^i|M^ Ion. and Ep. for dmtfiaXk". 

d|&-8&oxt, ^, poet, for dyd-^oais^ 

6ppkiaw», f. diifikifaat, ((ifl^X^) to Aatv an abor- 
tion, mtscorri^. 

d|Ap\vvtt [i>],i^, (d/ii3X(n) to Uwi^ duO, td(w Oe ft^ 
o^, Lat. Asbelarv : — ^Pass. to freeome Uun( or diifi, lose the 

*ABIBAT'X, cm, b, hhmt, dulled, with the edge or 
point taken off, Lat. hebea: metapb. dufi^/oml, weak: 
of persona, apiritleaa, duggiJi, Hence 

djifiXvTi|S [p], fjroa, 4j, dulneaa : duggiakneae, 

d|ipXiMlxrao>, Att -ms, f. (i^ar, (d/i^A(rt) to fte dtm- 
aightsd or bUnd, 

6pjpK'Wvi%, ^, (d^Airt, d^) <im4aoUiv, dorJk, 

dpfik^, fitfvoe, 6, i),-dfi^-«nr^. 

d)&-PoXdBTpf, Adv., poet, for di«-3oX^^, (dan- 
fidKXw) bubbling 1/^, U, {<ipa$o\^) Kke a pre- 


d|i-|3oXds, for dvo^aXdt, 6ioa, 4, (dni^dAAsi) ^9 
dfiiSoXd* earth f%rcim up. 

dfipoXi-spY^t, ^, (dyo^dAAw, ^pyow) poet, for ds«^ 
/SoX., jNittMy o^ worle, laag. 

iLpppooia, Ep. and Ion. &pPpoa(ai\, ^, (aArkHj 
fam. from dfi$fi6aioa) amUmma, the food of Urn gods. 

d|i-pp6oi«t, a, o¥, lengtbd. £onn of dfjh0perca, m»- 
morial, divine, of dieine nature, IL of things be- 

longing to the gods, ambroaial, divineiff fair, 

d|i^OTfiv, Ep. for dftaprety, aor. a inf. of d^n^ 

d|i-BpOTOt, ov, (a jmvat., fiporSa) immortal, dinne. 

dfApcMrat, Ion. for Anfio^aaa, aor. I part, of ds«a- 

d(U or dfU, Dor. for ^t*a$, 

d-ftfyopTot, ov, (a privat., /ieyaiipat) unenvied, tM>- 
emidble, unhappy .* as a reproach, tnvtoied, umerMe : 
nleo horrible, 

d|&s9v(rnvot, 17, ov, 0/ omeOys^ From 

d-|i^0uo<ro«, ov, (a privat., /iaJHw) noi drutikan, II . 
as Snbst., If dft^ffroa or to dfUBvtrrow, a ramedn/ 
againet drunkenneae : — I. a kind of herb, a. 

the precious stone, amethyat, 

'AMEI'BXl, f.^ : aor.^fici^ : Act, to change, «3D- 
ehange: x&Xxea xpucetoaw r^fxea dfifJ/Sctv to erciliflwy u 
golden arms /or brawn : esp. of place, to <Aamge it, 
and so to paaa, croea : like Lat. muto, either to ^mA a 
place, or to 0ro to it II. intraas. in part., tv d/fr>- 
^ovri •=: d f W i fiaJS it , in exchange : oi dftc^vrct, ihe 
rq^/er« that eroM each other. III. Med. to ohon^ onr 
with { m oth er , do in turn or aUemeUdy, a. to a naao er , 
reply to, 3. to rejMiy, requiite, aoenge. 4. liln 

Act., to cdbon^^f, esp. of place, to jNMi either oni or ni : 
metapb. to M(f]M«8. 

d-|»s£8i|T0t, ov, (o privat, ficiSdai) m4 gi afl iw j , 

d-fisCXucTOt, ov, (a privat, /letAitfVoi) wisoeAai: 
Aors/ii, cruel. 

d-|As(Xixat, ov, *s fiireg., harah, aevere: rdanOean, «!»- 

d)M(vaiv, or, gen. ovot, irreg. Compar. of d^o^dt, 
better: of persons, ofiler, alronger, bnuer, 

d-|&<(p«», Alt. d/icpQtf, (a priv^ futpoiuu) to rob of 
ons*a Jwtre, deprive, bereave, 

d|i«u|rd|Mvot, dfJiebf^aoBeu, aor. I med. of dfuifiot. 

d|A«i«|at, ewa, 1), (dfuifiej) exchange: aueeeaaion, 

'AMlCArn, iw, to MILK, Lat MULOEBX, II. 
tojN«nars9uees0o«l.* metapb. to dram,czftaiiat HI. 
to aip, drink, 

d|UXci, strictly imperat. from dfuKiw, tMMr 
Hence, as Adv., by aU msom, (f course. 

ifjiikeui — in(iujTos. 


£. i^tfw : (d/ccA^t) (o be eaniem, heedless, 
a. io ne(^ed, iace «<> can for, sUghL 3. 
i» Moiooiy and eo to !«(, suffer^ 4. to myled to do ; 
.to k twyfaifrf, atij^Atod, oteAooked. 

is, (a privat., />^Xc<) MrdeM, heedtess, neg- 
II. pMB. vneared/ar, wsheeded, 
i ^Ok. ^ v » % , or, (d^MXlai) like d-/4C^t, sot cored 
/•r; MWiifty o/eare. 
^fiXIo, ^, pool, for ^^Uksta, heedlessness. 
i-fi^Xifwom, or, (« prirat, pUXket) not delayed; 
(af to fo delayed. 
^mX{iC con, ^, (d^Ayw) a mWemg, 

irfiyivTec, or, (« private fUft^fuu) noi to be 
MmnU Uamdem : of things, peifed : — ^Adv. -rwt, eo 
ei to neni no Uome. II. act. »oi VUmsing, weU 

4fi^i4^ ^ "v^^iVtT'oe n, finding wi faidl. 
^ ^4^tt» ^ (d^/i^) UomaleiineM, freedom Jmm 

tfp iw i , Ep. lor ^ft/srai, Auw, pret. inf. of &tf, to 

>| M iH» ^i > or, (a private l«4roi) fain^ feeUe : 
■M% or fiflli^. Hence 

4p«np> 6 f, f. d^dtf, to Molae teedb, deaden thefcree of, 

^fifo. Dor. fior ^fUpoL 

'AMETrn, tin, to iduek GrpuB, Lat. deeerpere, 

ififim^tam : aor. I i/ntpffa : aor. I pasB. ij/Ufi^: 
{iimfat). To dtprwe qf one's share, benace one of :— 
PMk to te ierp/H ^ a thing, toee U, 

«f, (a prifat., ftk^^ofo^ free frotn care, 
II. paee. ynearedfor, aaieeded. Ill . 

^^ t. Dor. for ^fUpios. 

iyepAao ^ To i , Dor. for ^fup6^oiTot, 

iyye t , Dor. for ^fsepos, 

M^^9% <|ft^om« 3 nng. and inf. aor. I of 

•fill or i|ici. Dor. for ^/mm. 

^wv4«AafcrTaa, or, (a privat, /Mrili, JcAiUf) not to 
^Initon: tmaltorob/e. 

^ter w f iflU iffB a , or, (a privat., /Mro/i^Xfi) tmre- 
f>M ^. IL act. no( re^MnMn^, tmdbangmg, 

^MTw4«|rot, or, (a privat., iterccvoiw) «: unre- 
.^■ta' of. II. act. unrepenlont, 

^«t4Mii9T0s. or, (a prirat., /icmarc^) trnper- 

or, (a prirat., ft/erarpimot) mwd- 

Mr^pof, Dor. fin* %UT«^ot. 
■fiipiiret, or, (a private t»erp4st) wnmecmtredy 
immmse, Lat. tmneneue; also MnMcm- 

d|MTp6*^iof, oi', (dfierpos, filos) qf an immeasHrable 

d|MTpo-nri^ is, (fyterpos,iwo*) kmnoderaU in words, 
unbritUed of tongue. 

d)i«rpo-ir6n|S, ov, 6, (dfjitrpos, wiyw) drinking to 

d-|MT]pot, or, (a prirat., fUrpov) tnibout measure, 
immense, boundless, incessant. a. timnoderato. 

d-|UTpo»s, Adv. oSdfierpos, tnfiniidy, 

diMuo'Uiropos, 01^, {dfifiw, w6pos) ^ Tfioios, Lat. 
trivium, where (bree paths cmss. 

d|JMuu,«=d/4cOa;: aor. i med. inf. dfuifffwrOai : — to 
surpass, excd, conquer. 

^AMBi, ^, a shovel or maUock. 2. a tootor-iudbe^ 

pail, Lat. hama. 3. a harrow, rake, 

dfui| (not dpi), Att. d|i'f|. Adv., gtrictly dat. fern, 
from dft^e » tU, in a certain waiy : dfujyimj, dptjyi^ 
wot, dptjyimv, dpafyiwws, tn some way, somehow or 
oOter. [d] 

d|iV> (Hebr.) Adv., tferUg, qf a truth: so be U: 
aleo ae Noun, r6 dpdp^, certainty. 

d-^f ftvlTo s, ov, (a privat., prfvlo)) not wrathful. 

"AmnJt,, Tjros, 6, a kind of milk ctdee. 

d|U|o^)uvot, aor. I med. part, of dpdat. 

djii|T^p, fjpo9, 6, (dpdof) a reaper : metaph. a de- 
stroyer. [d] 

dp,ip^>S, 6, (dpdw) a reaping, harvesting: alao Aar- 
rest, harvestMme. II. a harved or crop. 

d-pr-fiToap, op, opos, (a privat., psjrrip) without mo- 
ther. a. bom of a mean mother. II. unlike a 


dfii|X^v4a>: impf. i^ifx^yovy'^ fat. ^aat: {dpe^x"^' 
pot). To be at a loss or in want. 

d|U|X4*v(a, 4, (dfofxoyos) want qf means, helplessness, 
distress. II. hariWdp, trouble. 

d-fi^iivot, oy, (a privat., pgjx"'^) vnthout meems 
or resource, helpless. II. more freq. in paas. aent^ 
impracticable, irresistible : aleo inexpUcable, 

d|it|xav6fiMn, d|ii)xav6w, Ep. 3 pi. and part* 
pree., ae if from dfajxavdat. 

drylavTOt, ov, (a privat., pixdvoj) undeJUed, pure. 

dfa-0cos. Dor. for ^pi-$€os. 

d-fuicTos, ov, (a priv., piywpt) uatnieed, pure. H. 
nci mmgling with oQters, unsociable, savage. HI. not 
to be mingled, irrecondlabk. Adv. dfdicrws, Superl. 

'AMIAAA, i^s, 4, a contest for superiority, rivalry; 
generalh , a struggle, conflid. [d] Hence 

dfuXXaofuu, fut. med. iiaopm ; aor. i pass. 4f&rpf : 
Dep. To compete, vie, or contend with one, Lat. 
anindari. II. generally, to strive, sbntggk, exert 

onese{f. Hence 

d|&£XXi||ia, t6, a contest, conflict. 

d^uXKipiua, ijpos, (dfuAAdo/iOi) a competitor, rival. 

d|i4iTp'6-piot, ov, {dplpofTos, $ios) inimitabU M» 
one's life. 

d'pX^T}fro%, ov, (a privat., pipiopm) in imita ble. 



3. want of ifUer- 

d|u£Ca, 4> (A/uKTOi) purity, 
eoune, un$oeiablaiet8, 

Aliriinrot, oi^f (afui, tirwot) aiong with hone», i. e. 
fleet as a hone. 2. ifumoi, o2, infantry mixed with 

dfiXs, i8ot, a chamber^, 

d-|ila^ i$, (a prirat^ /lurot) infAoMf Aofred^ noi 
hat^td : Gompar. dfutriartpoe. 

d|tur6C, Ady. of&fuff0ot, without reward. 

d-fuoOott OF, (a piivat., fuff$6s) without pay : I . 
pan. umtaid. a. act. (^trin^r no jKty. 

6ryXawroti or, (a prifat., iutr96oi) wA let out on 

d-fitTpo-x^Taivit, oj, (a privat., iiirpOf x***^) <>^''- 
tM^r no girdle with (htir coat of maQ. 

4-|uxO&X6ci«, fffea, cy, lengthd. form of dfuxro; 
inaccmOile^ inhospitable. 

df4fc-, poet, for dro/i-. For words omitted mider 
dfifi-, tee mider dya-. 

d[|i|ia, aro«, r^, (dirrai) any i7a*n(7 (i0<2 or tnade to 
tie: 1. a knot. 2. a noose, h(dter. 3.0 

cord, band. 

£|L|ic ^ol. and Ep. for i^faSs. 

d|i-|ilv«», poet, for iva-fUrw, 

dmict, MoL and Ep. for ^ficff. 

d|irfii<rov, poet, for dyd fUeov. 

df4jUc»v, JEal, for i)fiwy. 

4|4u, Mo\. and Ep. for ^fuV. 

d)i-t&XYa, Adv. poet, for d^i-^Ta. 

dfiinvoorft, d|A|ivd<r<tcv, Dor. for dra/o^ircc, drar 
f»rqest€V, fat. and aor. of dya^ftvi^cr/iMtf. 

dmu>-8vn)t, ov, d, ((ifi/iot, Hw) sand'burrouer, a 
kind of snake. 

df4&op(a, 4, (dftfiopos) what is not one*s fate or for- 
tune : or bad fortune. 

tf|i-|iopot> oy, poet, for d-ftopos, wiUtout lot or share 
in a thing : hence abaol. unhappy. 

"AMMO^ or &|&|MS, 1}, sa)w2 : also a sandy ptace^ 

du|ft6-Tpo^ot, or, (fififtos, rpiipw) growing in sand. 

*A|i|uovidt, diSot, or 'A|&|m»v{s, ibo», ^, {"Afifiojv) of 
or belonging to Jupiter Amtnon, i. e. African. 

d|tvd|u«v [d\ Dor. for dpyf/fiwy. 

d|iva<rTlu, ^vaoroi. Dor. for dfjonjar-. 

dfkvclos, a, ov, (d/ir^) of a lamb. 

djtWi, ^, fem. of ifiy6», a lamb. 

d-|ivi||A6vcvTOt, ov, (a privat., pyrjfioysiw) tinmen- 
tioned, unheeded. 

d|tvi||iOvlu, f. ^ewt to be dpyfjftanr, be unmine^ful: 
to make no mention of pass over. 

dfivmi«cruvi|, i),/orj^iilnew. From 

d^v^fuov, ov, gen. ovot, (a privat., lonjijof) un- 
min^ul, forgetful. 2 . pan. forgotten, not mentioned. 

A-} t »f|UTti n o f , 1}, (a privat., fonjar^w) unwooed, 
not taught in marriage. 

d}i>VT|9TJ«0, f. ifffoa, (d/amfarot) to be unmindful, to 
forget :~'FaMs. to be forgotten. 

dfkvi|OT(a, 4» forgelfuiness, amnesty. From 

d-t&vi|<rTOt, ov, (a prirat., fordofmi) forgotten, 
longer remembered. 

djivCov, r^, a bowl in which the blood of victims mam 
caught. (Deriv. tmcertain.) 

dfAvCc, (Am, 1), t^d/mf. 

d|ivoHcdv, ovvrot, d, (d^crJt, irolo#) d be pj M ntw Icrf, 
i. e. simple. 

'AMNO'X ^ and i^, a lam&: dpvdt, d/»%, dpm, <S/>- 
vrt, etc., aa if from a nom. *dps, are naed instead of 
the oblique cases. 

d|i,vo-4^iSpot, should be fuuvo^pos. 

d|MY«)TC, Ady. of sq., without toU or effort. 

d-|4^Yi|Tot, 0¥, (a privat., /ioylw) without toQ, tin^ 
wearied, untiring. 

d|i.d8fv, Att. d|i6^, AdTn {d§i&») from some place 
or oUter. 

d|&69t or dfioBtl, Adv., (dftds) somewhere. 

djiot, Adv., {dfi6s) someuhiiher. 

dfMM^dSiot, a, oy, ^d/wifioiot. 

d|ioiptl8(s. Adv., (dfux^)) by turns, Lat. aJtemaiim, 

d|JUH^(uOf, OP, also 7 or a, oy, (dfUMiSl)) iiUerehattff' 
ing, alternate, of verses, (unahaan, answering one om* 
o<^. II. fitted for ejcchanging. III. gipin^ 

like for like, retributice: — Adv. -«m, in revenge. 

d|AOiPds, ddofl, 1), pecul. fem. of d/AoifiaJios, x^oTyo 
d/oNiSat a cloak /or a dtange. 

d|iOiPif|. 1), (dfififiv) a recompense, return: hence 
a repayment, atonement: revenge. 2. an an- 

swer. II. dumge, barter. 

d|toifiiii8(f , Adv^ {dfioifi^) altematdy. 

dy^Jpit, 6, (dfitlfiea) a successor, fcUower. IT. 

as Adj. in requUal or tn exchange for. 

d\ioipito, to have no share in a thing. From 

d-f&oipot, o¥, (a privat., fioipa) leithout share in a 
thing, bereft of it. II. absol. wnfortunate. 

d|ioXYatot, a, ov, (dfilkyw) cf mUk, made with mUb. 

ditoXyevt, lots, 6, {dfUkyoa) a mSk-paU, LaL 

dfkoXY^t, 6, (dfUhyw) Hie mUking time, i.e. morning 
and evening twUight; the four hours eUher btfore doff- 
break or after sunset, and so generally night-time, 

£-|&o|i4ot, OP, (a privat., ftofupirf) btamdess. 

d|iop|36t, ov, 6, a follower, attendant. 

djjidpytvot, OP, made of the flax of Amorgos. From 

df&opYCf, itos, ii, fine flax from the isle of Amorgos. 

d-|iOpo«, OP, (a privat., p6pot) without share of, de^ 
stituJte of. II. absol. unlwicy, wretched. 

d|iop^Ca, ij, m shape, deformity, from sq. 

d-|iOp4of, OP, (a privat, fto/ipff) miuhe^en, vgly;^ 
Gompar. dfiop(p4or€pos. 

djAOt, ^, 6p, JEol. and Ep. for i)/idf, ^j/tirspot. 

dja^ in Att. Poets for Ift&s. 

d|&dt, Att &|ids, an old form for eft, and so *sris^ 
but only used in the Adv. forms d^iov, dpS^, dpSfs, 

&|Mf, Dor. for fpos, as, icfien. 



ifmm, or, f$mtm§, tamage : Adr. dfunoy, tatatia- 
Hf, memmmOp. (D^? . uncertain). 
ifiofi; Att. d|iod, Adr. of d/4^, iomaohere. 
ifiwwiA, ^ teonl of hartnony: rudeneu, gmmtess. 

car, (a priyat., Kmnra) wtUamt the JfuMS, 
tatie far ike arU^ wtj^clitbed^ rude : of things, 
miffar, ffrom. 
AfbBX^ ^^' <iiafMOX0o9, wUhouA toil or Uwibk, 
4^ X ^ y^>* » ^'■'t (a prirat,, ftof)^i») «» gq. Adv. 

ifioxOos, or, (a privat., ftSx^ot) wUbout t4)U or 
#«^ II. uol toeary. 

%«-, poei., abbreT. fior dvav-, under which will 
hb fsanA all worda beginning with dfor-. 

4^^«iBCov, durwaSi^ipfiS, A^'viXayot, ahonld be 
vritten A^ wc&or, i. e. drd wttioVt etc 

ifMrcXoY"** fo'' ^^ WAotos. 

<|i»tXaA», wrot, ^, poet for d/nriA^i', a rtncyord. 

4|urflUvos, oi", also 17, or, (dffnrcXot) qf tht vine, 

AfMriXMir, T^, Dim. qHijkv€Xou 

ifm^Xl^ iio^ ^^fcng^ a t)in&-pUaU» II. a 


^fwrtX^— , ctf^o, €v, (^wcXofl) ndb tn vwe$. 

4i«f^»-tpY^, (^, »contr. dfar€X'Ovpy69t q* ▼• 

^«iXo>fu({a, 4> (^^cAoff, fi^tt) on tniermKure 

'AMWULOX ^. a ««<k* L«t. viUt. 
^jwr Aoiyy ^s, ^, (^fiwcAos, ipyw) a vinedremer. 
k^m^ ♦<wtwp, o^ot, 6, (dftrtkot, <piw) producer 

4|miXi«r, itfrot, ^, (<!^i««Aot) a tfineffctrd. 

i|iHM«aJU«v, £p. for di'owfiraA^, redupl. aor. 2 

i f w i p^ t, AdT. onlj found in Compd. ^<LfjaFtpi$, 
naolved, aa, 5t^ 5' dfiortpii, for ^afxntpii S4. 

^«4x«, ako ^w-Cox^A : fui. dfupi^oi : aor. 3 4/«- 
«MX^t inl dfisx4ix<^» part' dfiMurxov '• (d/<^> ^X^)* 
Aivrrofiad, cover, Lai. emgtre, . II. lo jpui rwmd 
if «Kr, Lai. drcmmdare: v. dfimaxi'iofuu, 

if^/Mm n, tor ii^eirrfirffft. 

^^wl^iu, for ianr^nfiitXfiiu, 

4|Mnax«v, aor. a in£ of dfor^ix^* 

v^'wiaxviotpjui. : fnt. dft^ofmi : aor. a ^farttrxo- 
^: Xed.: (dfw^x*'). To jwi on, Lat. dreum- 

'i&«Xaiuir, inL of aor. a ^MvAiurov, with no preg. 
ia «e: lui. d^i«Aain|a<tf : p£. paai. ^fiwkiutfiiuu : — 
'^iltufrhm^ io nuM/ftfU^faSL short of, c. gen. Hence 

VkX4bi||m^ arot, r<$, on Ofror^fauU, offmee. 

ifi wXAw i t o t , oi', (dfvAcumV) tmful, loaded with 

ViXacCo, ^ as d/MrA<Ln7/ia. 

WXAw y, rd, » foreg. 

^ivti^ia, d|Mrv«Saa^ etc., poet, for dvawv-. 

dfivvfo, £p. for di^ffi«€, aor. a imper. of dMnrr{». 

d(Mrvvv^, £p. for dycirvif^, aor. I pa». of dfxwwiw. 

dfMrv&ro, £p. for iofiwyvro, oontr. aor. a of dftwwiu. 

d|ir^6vov, for dvd, w6wo¥, 

dfkirrdiMvos, dfiirrdt, poet, for dmirr-. 

djiiruicdtw, t aoea^ (^M^) to &tn<2 the hair leith a 
6(aMl; generally, to bM, wreathe. 

d|iinMTi()p, fjpot, 6,»{iiftwv() a band,JiUet: also a 
hone's bridle. Hence 

d|iiruicWipiot, OtOVtOfa horee's hidle or frontlet. 

£|itni{, ^Koe, 6 or ^, (<i/tw4x«) a bond ot fillet for 
binding the hair, a A«ik24am2, moocl. II. tite 

head-band of horses : also a bridle. III. any thing 

rounded, a tohed, 

duinm%, ^, gen. sets. Ion. u»t : shortened from 
dmvwrif, for dMi-ira;(Tit : {dvawufw) ^— a Miy dninik 
up ; of the aea, the ebb. 

'AMTFAA'AH, 1), an almond, [id] Hence 

d|itry8dXtvos, 17, ov, of oimonds. 

d|iVY|M&, arot, r<$, (JiijinTcat) a tearing, that wUeh 
has been torn : a sear. 

d|iVY)A6s, 6, {dftboau) a tearing, mangling. 

d|i^)ois. Adv. s dfjta, of Time, together, at (he same 
time : oftener of Place, together. 

*AMTAP(y2, d, 6v, akin to iftavpdt, dark, dim, 
faint, indistinct. 

d-|ivnTos, ov, (a privat., fw4a>) u nin itiate d , profane. 

d-ftwiffot, ov, (a privat., /xOOiofuu) not to be told, 

d^iiin|TOf, ov, (a privat., fKB/c6ofiai) toithout lowing: 
of places, where no herds low. 

d-ftfiXov, r((,'»eq. 

d-|i{>Xot, i, (a privat., fiifXi;) a caibe of fme meal, so 
called from the meal not being ground at a common 

d-|iv|u«v, OF, gen. orot, (a privat., /uapas) blame- 
less, [dfjui] 

dfkvvM^f, d}i,vv&9itv, 3 sing, and inf. poet aor. a of 

dfkwuOoO, 2 sing, poet aor. 2 med. of d/<(nw. 

d|a.{hfaL, dfivvaa^oi, aor. I act. and med. inf. of 

'AfiwCot, ov, ^, masc. pr. n. : — as Adj. (d/tifrot) on 
its guard. 

d^woy, aor. i imper. of &fdnw. 

dp^wrlov, verb. Adj. of dfdw, one must assist; 
so too dawTM. II. one must repd. 

dfuivrnp, fjpos, 6, (dftbrot) a dtfender. 

dftwr^ptos, oy, {dfdivw) JU for defending ; A/wvHf' 
pia 5irXa defensive armour. II. dfimrrfipioy, t6, as 
Subst., a means cf defence, 

duvvTttp, opos, 6, B^dfunrrrfp, a hdper: an avenger. 

'AMTNa, f. Ma: poet aor. a ^//MlBoy. To keep 
off, ward off: Lat difendo, to d^end, fight for, aid: 
rarely to requite, repay. 11. Med. to keep or ward 

off' from oneself, to defmd oneadf: also to avenge anadf 
on another, requite, repay, puaish. [jBtp^] 


' AMfSSa — iLfujiipokCa. 

•ABITXBfl, Att. -TTw : ftit f « :— to fcfar, senrtcfc, 
tootituf ; (0 tear inpteeeg, II. metaph., ^/tdi' 

<&/<(i£ctt xni6iuwo% thou wilt loeercrfe thy heart wHh 
Tage. [«] 

d-fivm. Adv. (a privat, ;i(m0) itrictly uUhovl doting 
the mouih^ i. e. ni oim draught. Hence 

d|i%NrT{t«, t a«0» to drink deep, lippli. From 

d-|ivo*rif, io9 and cSot, i^, a long draught of 
drink. II. a large cup, used by the Thraoiani. 

&|i^, old and podt. abbrev. for dtwb- ; cf. dftir-. 

dfk^-&'Y<lir&{«, iooa, (dfupl, iyavAiu) to embrace 
wiUt love, treat kindlg, greet teamdy, 

d)i^^Y^p«», Ep. aor. a med. dfn^ayepd/tsjv : (d/i^ 
Aytlpo)), To eoUect around : — ^Med. to gather aroxmd. 

d|i4^LST|v, Adv,'s&fMpetdo¥, 

a^L^6BiO% a, or, {AftipdZot) puUie, knoicn: dfupa- 
iiriv, as Adv., publidy, openly, Lat. palanu 

d|i4jB6v, Adv., pubHehj, openly, tciUtout di$gui$e. 

dfi-^'^^** Vt ^^* (dm-^oiKw) publie, notorious. 

d|i-4^a£v«», poet, for dnz-^o/iw. 

d|i4^-utdxro|Mis Med. (d/i^ dfcr^fiu) to ru«A on /rom 
oS eidee, flutter or float around. 

d|i^£irfjs, Dor. for dfufnjte^t. 

&|AH^v66v, Adv. poet, for dva-ipayB6v, 

dji^avjciv, poet, for dpoxpaytiv, fat. inf. of dm- 

d^L^-upuph», f. i}<ro;, (d/i^', dpafiiw) to ratUe or nn^^ 

dfL-^u/oir^, ij, poet, for drfftaoia (with /< inserted), 
tpeeefdeemeM from fear, amazement, or rage. 

dfi^-tlvrlM, f. 4<rar, {ufupi, ivriai) to riug around. 

dji^CL^daa^oi, £p. for dpuipaipdaBai, pres. med. inf. 
of d/K^a0<(w. 

d|i4*u4^f ftod Med. dfi^-a^^lMU, {dpxpl, dpam) 
to touch aU round, fed on all eides : to fondle : to lumdk. 

d|i^^6«»v, -/Ktura, Ep. for dfupatpwiv. Sura, pres. part. 
ot dfupcupdea. 

d)t(^a^6o*vTO, 3 pi. Ep. impf. med. of d/upaipdcj. 

dfu^cOiTO, aor. a med. of dftipiTlBrjfu. 

d|x4'-€Xutr^, 6v, poet, for dfupieX., coiled round. 

d|i^-cXCov«», Att. -Tfw, f. /^w, poet, for dp/^tXlaffw, 
to wrap, fold, or tteine round. 

d|i^4irM, poet, for dft^-hrw. 

d\iL^pi^, f. ^, (<&Mf^* ip^*t^) to corer around, 

dyu^oxoyuax, aor. a d/i^Xv^i' or d/i^Xtfoi^ : Dep. : 
{dpupi, ipxoprn). To come round one, turround. 

d|i-^pc», po^ for d^ra^pu. 

d|i4«<rr&<n for d/a^or^itdai, 3 pi. perf. of dpt^ 

diffir^evy^, poet, for dtm^^rj/v, 

d|&4^^o<rav, 3 pi. aor. 2 of dfMplffrrfpt, 

d|&4^&vc, 3 sing. aor. a of dfupixadw. 

d^b^cXvOii [jtf], 3 ling. aor. I pass, of dpfpixlv. 

d|&4^X^^t 3 *u)g. Ep. aor. a pase. of dpi^x^^* 

of light 

iei|t, c«, (d/i^, din}) twhedged, doM€4M9ff t 
ightningj/orlbet/. II. metaph., that frtff cHt 

loth ¥fay$,fahe or ambigwm$. 

d|i^^i^, 3 sbig. aor. a of dft^pxoftat. 

d|&^-t)pc4^ ^t, {df*^, ipiijM) eooertd on all Mde», 

d|t4-^pt|f » <t» (d/<^, kpiatrt) having oarf on ftofA 
«u^. a. (*d/w) JitUd or joined on aU tidee, fce^ 

fitted. Hence 

d|i^-T)piic6t, 'fj, 6p, vorhed hy eeulU, of a boat. 

di&^WjpiOTOt, o¥, {dpupt, ipi-ipt) conteded on both 
»ide$, dimuted. 2. equal in the eonted. 

'AiHw, PreDp. c. gen., dat., et ace. : — Badic. t^f. 
on both tides, around. 

C. our., about, far, for the take cf a thing. ^. 

about, i. e. eonoerning a thing, of it. II. rarely 

of Place, about, around. 

C. DAT. I. of Place, about, around, rottmi 

about, a. at, by, near, teith. II. not of Place* 

about, for, on accmmt of, for the take <f: regarding^ 
eoneertiing. III. by mamt of. 

C. Acc.. of Place, about, around, on, at: near ahaut^ 
Mostly with motion implied. 

WrrnocT cabs, as Adv., about, (nxnmd, round abo^ 
on att tides. 

In Oovpoei., about, on aHl tidet, on bdh tidet. 

dfi^C-^os, ov, {dfupl, SXt) teorgift, esp, hoeing the 
tea on both tidet, between two teat, Lat. bimarit. 

d|44-idx»» {dpuplt Idxju) to tound on aU tidet: tofljf 
about thrieking, in irreg. perf. part, d/uptax^t via. 

d|i4«^^a(vcs, fut. -firfoofuu: perf. -fiifiipea. To 
go about or around, 2, to bedride : hence to guard, 
protect, II. to turround, eneompatt, wrap roimd. 

djyu^tf^iXia^aiL, aor. a med. inf. of dfapi-fiAXXof. 

d}i4ipaX«v|MU, Ion. for dfn^fiaXov/jtat, fnt. med. 
from sq. 

d|&<t»t-J3dXXtt : f. -0HXw', pf. -fiifiXifica, p9». 04- 
^Kfj/uu. To throw or put round, esp. of cloven, etc., 
to put them on a person, Lat. cireumdare : — ^Med. to 
put on onetdf, put on, Lat. aeeingi. 2, esp. to throw 
one*s arms round, embrate : also to gratp. 3. to tm^ 
round, eneompatt : but also to drike on att tidet, II. 
intr. to go to another place; so also in Med. 

dy ^ Bdt, aor. a part, of dpfpi-fiahw, 

dfi4tp&<r(a, ii, v. dpipiefiwria. 

d|i4Cp&o\t, coit, 1), {dfupifiaivw) a going round, en- 

d^u^ipXiffML, arot, r6, {df»^fidXX») tomdhing thromi 
round, an encloture. II. a garment. 

d|i40Xi|OTpov, r6, (dfupifidKkea) any th^g thrown 
round: t. a large flthing-net. 2. a garment. 3. 
a fetter, bond. « 

d|&4(pXip«t, or, (dfupifidKKoA put or thrown round. 

d|A^i-Pdi|Tot, or, {d/tipl, fioaw) noited abroad, far 

d|i4tpo\Ca, 1), the dale of being attaeked on both 
tidet, II. wicerUdnty, doubt. From 


il^ltCpokos — ifk^Kprifivoi. 


jp4^-floiXot, or, (d;>^t^(&XA<tf) thrown rovokd: hence, 
i)i i^i^^aAor a garmaU. II. ifmdb; ottocM on 

idA or dZ «K&«. m. ombiytioiM, (JpuMfuJ. 

4p4£-^^OTDt, 1^ w, also Of, oy. (d/i^ fiporSi) 
eomia§ the «ftoie Man, of • luge Bhield. 

4i4i-fipoxot, or, (dfi^ fi/^X^) thorougiiy soaked, 

4|i4'-p<t*»o»» or, (^t^f^ 0ifi*6$) round tk§ dUar, 
nrnmdiag the dHoT. 

if^ytfiim^ to rejoice around or exeeedinglff, 

ifu^iL^fyfoim^ f. i^^or, (<^A*^, Tro^oi iEol. for voiv) to 
h SoMkfti abimt tk iMng, not to laww or underttand it: 
—Fob. to he unknown, 

m^-y6nifr9% oy, {<&iupl, yodw) beuaUed aU rotmd, 

'A|a4irY«i«s. 6, {df4^ Tw^t) he that haU$ in both 
f^ tik iame one; nune <^ Vulcan. 

^ji4^-Y6ot, or, {'^fp^ yviov) etrictly having Hmhi 
m htk wida. In Homer, dcubte-pointed : in Sqpho- 
dm, wA^metiged, 

^^•^im, to light up around. II. in perf. 

iftpiSiitfa and plqpf.-^tid^ctr, intr., to htm around, 

i^L^tMx¥t», f. Zi^^ofuu, to bile aU round, 

^^4*r5&iq>€Tot, or, {AfiKpij ioKpiw) causing tears 
« ok tides : aU mournful. 

^|i4t-Saaiis, eta, V, {df»^ Zaain) fringed ad round, 

ifj^Moky oJL^ (^Kf^, S^tti) ony thing that is bound 
onnd^bracdetSf anJdds. 

^|i4iSc5i|a, perl from df»^-Mo). 

ifi4ir8^{io«, OP, vHh tteo right hands, very dextrous, 
LsL amiidexier : also a. ambiguous, Lat. atieqw : 
ts»e^ed, 5. ■ometimet like dfupurspos, dfupo- 

K^ft ^/Mi' froCft hands. 

^^/i^^Hr^psBoyuoL, pf. ^'SopiKO : Dep. : — to look round 

£f4i-8cTOC, 09^, {dfupi* 2Wa;) bound all round, 

^{i^ir&fjpCTOS, or, {dfupi, 6rfpiofiai) disputed, doubtful, 

i|i4i^8ialv«», to water around. 

off4^Zl vi m, f, i/fffo», to wind or rcU a thing aU round: 
iM&ce in Fam, to befUed dose. 

t^fit^^onum, f. <r«0, to Its ii> wait for, 

i^^i^^rioitlm, f. i^crai, to tcAt'rf round, agitate violently, 

if^Hfio^ to be doubtful:— ¥asB. to be disputed. 

i|i4Uotoi,or,(a/«^8d£a) of double sense, douUful. 

^p4^-8opot» or, {d/npl, Upof) skinned aU round. 

^♦ tS o xfto t, or, (dfi04 ^xM) <» ^"^ ^ ^^"^ ^ 

^ 4^>pofwt, or, (tt|i^ 8^/«ffrr) nmninj/ round: 

ifi^i4pi4^^,(a^, a;i(r«7w) kanit^ (ofA ehedcs. 
<|i i( t p C ^ t ,or,(a/j^ d/nnrroi) torn on 5o^ M(2m. 
^fm|aot. or, (^A^ Ufopai) approaehdbls on 

iwi, 1 SCxftf [pl, to put round or on :— Med. 
if^Hmf t n t to put on onesdf, dress, 
^^ ^h^i i i, 4r, (dfti^eXlacoi) turned round and 
ntad, drdiag, rmifMng, 

&|&^iiXurou« fern. A4S-» I'ottwcl on (o()^ «i(2es : or MM^- 
ing to and fro, rocking. From 

d|A^i-€X(ov«0, f . /^w, to wind round, 

d)i^«^vw|u and di&^i-cvvvtt : fat. dfupiieot, Att. 
d/4^^ : aor. ijpi^aa, poet dfMpltffa : pf. pa«. Y;/i^- 
tapm, poet, aptptttpai. To put round, to put gar- 
ments on a person, Lat. induere: — Pass, to be clothed 
in, to wear, esp. in pf. II.Med.d/«^/rrv/iai : aor. 
I fifMpi§ed/iaffv, in Horn. 3 pi. d/i^^ooarro, imperat. 
dfMpi4ffaa$€ : — to j>tU on onetdf, dress onudf in. 

6j^i4nw, poet, alio d/ju^vof : aor. a d/i^twop and 
dfMpewoy. (d/i^ lira;). 3*09oa&otU,enooi»paM. II. 
to 6e 5ti«j^ a2iou(, (diss care of' : to do honour to : esp. to 
(end, iMvtod. III. Med. to follow and crowd round, 

d|i<^fouv, d|4^UffavT0, 3 pi. aor. I ofdp^iwvpi. 

diA^-itdvtt, (d/<^ tfi&ro;) to sit around or on a 
thing, Mftie upon it, as dnit does, [d] 

d|j4t{ctfKT0S, or, (d/i^ (ciryn/fu) joined from both 

dfi^i-^dXaavos, Att. -ttos, ov, {dpupl, OdXacaa) 
sea-girt : near the sea. 

d|i4idaX'f|«, is, blooming on both sides: hence 
flourishing, rich. From 

d|i4«rOdXX(i>, perf. dfu^riBrjXa, to Uoom aU round, 
to be infuU Uoom, 

dfi^t-OdXirw, f. ipot, to warm on aU sides, tearm tho- 

dfi^COfTOt, ov, (dfupirlBfitn) of a cup, tliat wm stand 
on boUi ends, or with handles on both sides. 

d|i4«^^», fnt dfufuBsiiaopu : {dfupl, 04ot), To run 


dp^t-OijiCTOS, oy, ifi/upl, Brjyo)) sharpened on both 

sides, two-edged, 

A^u^iSpeitTQt, ov, (dfjipl, rptifw) dotted around, 
congealed, of blood. 

dfi^C-Oi^pos, ov, {dpupl, ${fpa) with a door or opening 
on both sides : as Subst., dpiplBvpov, to, the haU. 

dfi^MCuXvirrw, f. ^, to cover aU round, atfold, 
shroud. II. to put a thing round as a veil c^ 

dtdter, to envelope in. 

d)i4b-Kcd{»: fut. dffoi. Ion. dcffot: — to cleave 

d|i^CHCii|Mu, Paw. to lie dose upon : to lean on, 

d|i4i-K<(pc», f. Kc/Mtf, to shear or dip aU round, 

dfi^i-Klciv, ov, gen. ovos, (d/Mpi, idwv) tcHh piBars 
aU round, [kt] 

dfi^-icXcMrrot, ov, (dfspi, tc\do>) broken aU round. 

dji^CHcXvcrrot, ov, (dfupl, KXh(oj) flooded around. 

d|i4(HC0|i4», f . ^eoa, to tend on dl sides or carefully, 

d|i4^-KO|M>t, ov, (dpupl, ic6fjaj) with hair all round, 
thick-haired : of trees, titick4eafed. 

dfi4b-Kp{|itt|uu, Pass, declined like iivafuu : (dfupt, 
Kpffiiivvufu), To hover, flutter round. Hence 

di^/^trUpsyAfi, it, hanging round the shoulder, 

d|&4^-iC(n||i.vot, ov, (d/ii^ icprjpy^) steep on all 
sides, with di^^'s aU rouiid. 


ifUpCKprpfos — ' AM4>I'll. 

du4^«p1|V0t, Wf Ion. for ^fufi-tcpSatoi, (d^i^/, 
Mpayo») surrounding the head. 

dft^v^tcrCovft, oir, ol, (d/Mplt Kri(ot) Hey Aal dwell 
round or near. \t] Hence 

'A|i^MCTvovff, oir, ol, the Amiphietifmu, a CVnmcil 
oompoeed of deputiee choaen bj all the tiates of 
Greece. JJ. the preeideaU of the PffUdan ffomet. 


'Ayu^L-KTUo/Aa^^ the Amphictifanie Leagme €fr ComteU. 

'A|i4t-icTVonK6t, 4, 6Pf bdonging to the Amphidffone 
or ^eir League, 

*A|i^v-icTvovC«, iiot, i), fern, from foreg. (crab. mUtt ), 
<a city or state in the Annphidyonic League, II. 

a name cf Artemis at A(Uh3a^ tJte meeting-pUaee €f the 
An^pidetycnie Ckmndl, 

d|&^i-Ki}XU0, i, law [7], to roU about. 

d|«4i-icvircXXot, o¥, (<i/«^ iAwfXXow) in Homer 
■always with bhras, a d(nihle eup : cf . dfn^eros. [0] 

dfU^-XijlXof ,01', (<ifc^. XdXoi) chattering everywhere, 

d^^-Xa^^ ^«, (dfi^, Xa/ii8<&viw) faT'Spreading : 
hence generally wide, lorj^e, iNUf ; also excessive, violent, 

dfi^t'-XjI^fllCvw, to dig or AO0 round. 

d)i^i-Xfya», f. feu, <o tpeol; on both sides, ditpute. 

dfi^lXiicTos, ov, discussed on aU hcmds, doubts 
fid, II. act. ditputing, captious. 

ii^ikoyia, ^, dispute^ doubt. From 

dji4^-X<yY*^ ^*'* (Af^ ^^7^) disputed, quettUmchle, 
doubtful. II. act. disputatious, 

d|i4(Ao^ot,OF, (d/i^ X^^) encompassing the neck. 

d^i^inXvici) vv(, 4, {&iufi, \licrf, Lat. 2ttz) Ae mom- 
tn^^-^toiZ^At, {^ray of tnominy. [p"] 

♦j||i^'-f*doftat, (d;i0^ /ida;) pree. of aor. dfn^fsA- 
aaaOt, to wipe, rub aU round. 

dfi^i-|Ad<rx&Xo€, ov, (d/i^ /icurx^iX)?) covering both 
shoulders^ two-skeved. 

dn4w*|idToptf, Dor. for dfjupi'fjjfropes, 

d)i4«fLdx^T'^ Ol', contended for, contested on both 
hands, [d] From 

di&^v-fAdxofMa, £. paxoupai : Dep. To fight round : I . 
to ottodt. 2. to fight for. [d] 

dfi^i-ftAdt, -otyo, -dy, Modk aU round, dark, 

di&^4il|ii^ 5 sing. perf. act. of dfupi-pvK&oftm. 

d|i^«r|Mp(tMt f* <ror, to dit^ide on cM sides, 

diA^t-ffffTOpcf, 0/, al, {dfupi, prfrrfp) brothers or i^ 
tsrs by d^erent mothers. 

d|i^)i1hcdo)MU, pf. fUfjdf/ea : Dep. To beUow around, 
properly of cattle; SdvcSoi' d/jupifUf&ice the floor 
echoed aU ixround. 

d|&4^-v«iici|t, h, (dfj^, vHKos) made om object of 
contest, oageHy wooed, 

dfi^vcCicipt)*, Ol',*: foreg. 

i^yu^-u i ^uofunL, Med., to dsoeU round about, inhabit, 

d|«4*^vo4M, f. ifoof, to think both ways, doubt, 

dfi^irtlM, t iaea, to smooth or pdish aU round, 

dlv^oot, 0¥, contr. d|&^C{ovt, ow, (dfs^Uf) 
poUMng dtt round. 

d)i^-«oXTDf, oy, (d/i^ «dXAw) reScMi^. 

d(i4*^4ra>'rdovM, f. ^to, to strike on otfrem aU 

dji^-weSot, or, (d/i^, vi^ov) swrroundedbyaplain* 

dfA^t-w^Xofioi, Dep. to be all round, hover around, 

d|i^i-irlvo|uu, Dep. to be busied dbout, take care ^, 
pay heed to. 

dfi^v.<ir^MicT(ovtt, on', (dfi^, irc^, «rf («) the dsotU- 
ers round about, [rr] 

di&^uvfpurXfyBtpf, Adv. {d/s^ wspiwXAKes) tsesned 
round about, 


dfi^i-iripurTpo^dco, f. 1700;, to keep turning roussd 
about, or in m)ery direetien, 

d|i4i-inpi/rpv{o>, to dUip or twitter aU round, 

d)&^t-irf pv-^v^idtt, (dfi(^ vspl, <p$bm) to deotqr, or 
die aU around, [S] 

d|i4iirtirclW, owxa, 6v, aor. a part, of d/s^adurw, 

d)i4i-irid{», dfo;, (d/i^, vid^o; Dor. lor niCw), Co 
jE>r8M aU round. 

d|i4v^irTu, £1 wcoov/MU, to /ofl around, €01611000 

d|i4v-wiTv«», « d^-ir(vra;. 

dji^-ffXcKTOt, oy, {dfjupl, irX^Htf) limsfed o» both 
sides, iniertwining. 

d)i^-«Xt|iCTOf, oy, (dfspl, wX^orw) dashing, surg- 
ing on all sides. 

dfi4«^^X'f|{, ^yos, 6, 4, (d/tpl, wkffcma) striking 
with both sides, douibMt&ing, 

dfi^t-voXtvoi, (dfi^-^wokos) to be an attendant : be 
busied about, take charge </: of slaves, to wave, to 
minider to, 

d|i4«'-iroX(«i, ^Odtf, B foreg. 

dJA^^-'noXit, poet. dp^C-irroXit, 6, i^, (dp^ u6^ 
Ai«) aroutul a city, pressing a city on aU sidu, 2, 

a oUy between two seas or rivers, 

d|i4i-iroXos, ov, (dfupl, wiXoi, woXiot) strictly being 
about, busied about : generally as fem. Snbst., a hand- 
maid, waiting-womom. As masc, an attendant, fol- 
lower. II. as Adj., mfttch frequented, 

dfi4*^«ovlofMA, Dep. with aor. i pass, dfsipewop^- 
9tfv : {dpipi, vovio)). To bestow labour <d>out, attssui to, 
provide for. 

d|&4i-1roTdo|&a^ Dep. to fly or flutter around, 

dfi^i-vTvoow, L (so, to clasp around. Hence 

di&^i-^rriix'^t ^> o clasping round, emhraee, 

dji^-iriiXof, Of, {dft^ uifXjf) with two entrances, 

dji^-'iHipof, oy, {dfjupl, uvp) surrounded by firs, 
wiUt fire ail round, 

dfi^t-p^^TOf, rj, OP, poet, for d|i^{p-pVTOt, o>>, 
(dfupl, jUot) flowed around, sea-giri, 

*AM#r2, as Adv.: 1, on or at both sides: 

henoe a. apart, asunder, yaSay md obpaif^ ^^f^t 
(x^iy to keep heaven and earth asunder. 3. ge- 

nerally, around, round about. IL more car^ as 

Prep., c. gen., around; a^Mui /root, /or /rem. a. 

rarely c. dat., like dfi^ round about: c. ace, aboMt, 
around, when it always foUotrs its 

ifM'r^i""^ V. 4> Cf^' ^Bf™} a kind of KU^ 
pal. Hal ten go tilhit/onaaidM a hadBBoi^*. 

if4ur^art^, ^ IfB. fir ipfm-ffmnt. 

tf^lB^ma, -a. ^~ii>^-Bv^aa. 

If^ir^fitfiim, t. imt -. impf . ^/a^cFA^on', or with 
itMt aapa. ii^^aOlrnm: tux, Mr. ^/•^fffl^nfmi 
gr liptuBfrrnn : {ififit, ffl«i «ir. 2 of *itw). 
Tf aouf i^art, and •> la ijujiate, difftr, argae : — Pas. 
kklbl^^^<^di9Hfe. Hence 

l|ifnip^iiHiii. mat, rd. a pcM oi j i ' ^ nlt . And 

■rtiea»i tjiMX^ot, or. difidiJiU, dibalatU, daablfyl. 

ift mp iiii fi im, tan, 4 (AitfurB^iai) a amtmaty, 

jf^w^V^p.^ or. dimfcd; dAilaNf. 
ipfiffTlifuu. T. ifi^itmiiu. 

it^bOTOXB, Id /dU dioul anotlier :— H« 
■nd •«■</. ilKi OKaiy n. 
l)i4i-vn4uv6a|Lu, Pua. (dfifil, ni^am) to tand 

i|4i .Tahi ti . ^ Ca^, cfW^) jifaod nwnd iOi 

lji4 (I'Hii. to fJna rvund .' — Pu>. Aiupiaraiiai, 
with the intr. act. tiniaH, aor. a •t/t^ffnp', pt it^p^ 

^It+i-i^o^pHU, Pas. (dft^ ^fifo) lo/eor or madb 

', (a^ OT^fn) «tt A>aM> wmli 

<f 4i ■!<(»■. Ion. Ibr iiift^lim. 

Iji i m lih. (Tad. Jr, >or. i paM. part, of d/i^Tttijfu. 
fpti Tit»M. (o ifnidk mil old linw tobhiL 
if^.'ni.xffl, it, (iffpi. r«i>)i) tncvmpaumg Hit woOt. 
ipti iJ|i>n. Ion. -i^pwa, le ad tf tJl mind, Is 

a. £ •(fst Id nhiib nnidnif . 
tif^ ■n/TTtfUm, (*^ nm^^) (oMdMr onwid. 

iff' ■f^'utT Dr. (dft^ Vpta Boot of rtrpotn 
ipf^rpotU-. f. ^4,, (dp^'. rpi^) to Irmlb/or. 
'rt ' 4'*— «^. >k a helnwt bU ifi^Xn or hem 

An^i ^Pp*"*! B"i>- ''"> ^P- 7C*> '■ (<^P^- ^P") 
a large jar or jnld^ iriU lira hondlea. 

d^f^.^P'^f't"^ Med., to anatrJir on oil jidn. 

i|i4i-xal*B, aor. i d^t^WxIvor : — lo youn m— it 
Uraaim Is naa B oai : to yawm teide. 

dfi^x'*^ '"^ '"'■ I "^ 

d|i^-xfu, f. -X™ : aor. I pan. tj^ifipr [0] : Ep. 
3ing,mx.3-pim.ifi^]fiTt. TopaHratihtdanumd; 
—Fan. (0 le paurtd aramd ; lo tmhvei. 

dfi^«^op4^w. f. ow. to dtmce aromnd. 

ifi;^^ffis<nt, or, (i/i^ Xf^^'i ir>'^ aD ana'. 

&p4iXt)Sa(i, aor. 1 paia. part, of dfi^-x^. 

ift+'x^^"'*! ">'• (a^X***) fifi^ aroimd, itofld 

round if. a qiuater qf a loloi. 

^i.f.«Sot. 4, (rf/i^ dUi) a read nund, a dnd. 

dpH^opivt. ifan. A, shorteDcd fcam of A, 
a jur, aln a ewrorir i^r^ ■ ai liqaid ir 
Boman ai>ipA»nt. or nearly 9 galloni. 

A|i4<"'p1]< aa AdY., (iiiipiTtpot) in MA tmiu, Lat. 

&)i^JT<po), /^ t/xii', (it;'^) I^i. aloTue, both : 
■Ntr' Aji^iirTtfB. m Mt aula, Lat. vtrinqM : J*' dp0^ 
T4pa toward* Mh lida. Hence 

dfi^oWpuSev, Adv., frvm a- on huA liite, LsL «i 


a^l+oWpotl, Adv.. D» MA ItrJM. 

ifi^oripui, Adv., tn bM Koyi. And 

ip^OT^HHn, Adv., lo or on bM tub*. 

d|i44v8(t, Adv., (dfi^, oi>ai)/rom On gntnd. 

i^i^piimun, poet, for irappiaaaero, 3 ring. Mr. 
I opt. oi innpfiioiau. 

du.^uUi poet, for dm-^vaf. 

'AM«A, nl, tA, Ti. al» of. a;, ri, Oen. and Dat 
ii ' a 0/ too. Lat. ..lifBO. (laise Boot u 

d|idi. Att. AttOt, Adv. ftnm the Dbaol. i/iii-rl; 
eap. In ooBipd. i/iaia^i'im, in a tertOH miamir. 

'AS, a conditional particle, ned like tlie Ep. and 
Ljl. paiticla tf*. vir. 

A. WITH mnCAT., dr makH an aasitioo, initead of 

be joined withpn*. orjHrf., became that which 


iv — lamPpia'axo, 

fbt., dp exprenei that which certainly toUl happen, if 
eomething else happens firM, With imperf., iy ex- 
preases the frequent repetition of an act under cer- 
tain circumstances, tKtytv 6» he would say (when- 
ever he had an opportunity); Hkal^frKw ^ ne would 
keep on weeping. 

B. WITH OFTAT., it tums the iruA, which the mood 
expresses, when lUone, into a eondUional a$»eriion, 

G. WITH suBJCNCT., &if belongs rather to the par- 
ticle on which the Terb depends, than to the verb 

D. WITH nnmnr., ii» is used in cases where the 
indie, or optat. would be Joined with it. 

E. 6» never b^rix^ a sentence, and regvUarly fol- 
lows the word whose signf. it limits, as c7xoy ^ : 
but when words, dependent on the verb, precede it 
in the sentence, Av may follow any of them, because, 
in sense, they follow the verb, as wp6<pa<riy 6y ttxov 
s €Txov iiv vp6<paaiy, 

^v, CoDJ., s i^v, with subjunctive, p] 

^v or dv, shortd. Ep. form of dvd. [d] 

dv, shortened from Ava, for M<mj, like Iki for 
iytim, be itood up, arose, 

dv-, sometimes for a privat. before a vowel. 

'ANA', Prep. c. gen., dat. et ace., used also in fcmns 
6y-, &y-t ifi- : in general sig^f. opp. to icard. 

C. GEN., on board : drd yri6t on board ship. 
c. DAT., on, upon, 

c. Acc., the common usage, implying motion up- 
warde, I. of Place, up. 2. through- 

out, II. of Time, Utroughout. III. in 

numbers, tip to. lY. taken dittrihulicdy, e. g. 

dyd waaav i^Upay day by day : for Ml Kp&ros, v. 

sub Kp&TOt. 

As Adv., thereon^ tJtereupon : throughotU, aU over, 
IN COMPOS, tip to, towardst up, opp. to icarA, : hence 
with signf. of eirengthening. Also back, haekwarde, » 
Lat. re-, rdro-, [dyA'] 

uvo^ for dvAffrrfOt, up ! arhe ! 

dvo, vocat. of dra£, king, only addressed to gods. 

dvdpd, Att. for dvdpiJOi, aor. 2 imperat. of uwi- 

dvapd8i|v. Adv., (iyaficdyat) going up, mounting: 
being up on high, al<^: opp. to Kora-fiAinp^. \fiii\ 

dvapa6}&^ 6, (iyafiaiyoi) a means of going up, a 
JUght of steps, mAmt, 

dvo-SdOpo, ^, (drd, ^ABpoi) a ladder. 

dvci-paCvw : f . Aya0fi<ropat : aor. a Ayifitfv and aor. I 
med. avtfiijffAfirjy : pf. Ayafiifirpea. I. intrans., to go 
up, mount, to go on t^p-board, put to $ea. II. in 

fut. Ayafi^prot, aor. i Ayi^tra, Causal, to make to go 
up, make logo on board skip, make to mount, 

dva-paicxtvo», f. au, (dvd,BdxKot) to rouee to Bacdnc 
frenxy, 2, intr. to break into Baeehie frenzy, 

dvor^aiexidtti, » foreg. 

dvcir^dXXw, f. fiAXSi, to throw or toss up. II. 

to put boiok, put off: — ^Medn to lift up one's Tolce, to 

m. to jmt off^ d»- 
rV. in Med., to throw 

make a prdude, begin to sing, 
lay, in Act. and Med. 
one*s doak around one. 

dvo-BairrCJtt, f. aoi, to dip repeatedly, 

dvopds, oira. Ay, aor. a part, ot Aya-fiahw, 

dvdp&oxf , eon, 4, (dya^oTrv) a going up, m/ownl^ 
ing, 2, an eispedUion up from the coast, evp. into 

central Asia, like that of the younger Gyrus. 3. 

the rising of a river. II. a way up, Ow accent of a 

mountain, etc. 

dva^n|t, poet. d|i^T||S, ov, 6, (Ayafiaiyot) one 
who is mowUed, a horweman. [d] 

dvo^TUcdf, if, 6y, (Aya$aiyoi) skUled in mounting. 

dvopurdt* poet dftpordt, 6v, (Aytn-fiaiyoj) that may 
be mounted or sealed, easy to be soaUd, 

dva6ipi}ica, pf. of Ayaffalyw : part. -AfS. 

dvoP^pi^Xcv, perf. from an obsol. Ayafiphiat, to 
boU or bubl)le up, 

dvd^ilOi, Ayafiijvai, aor. a imper. and inf. of dwa- 

dva-pcpd{», f. Atrw: fut. med. 0i0Affopat, Att. 
contr. fii0Sfpai : — Causal, to make go up : — I. to 
mount one on horseback. a. to draw a ahip 

tip. 3. in Med. to pti^ on hoard ship, 4. to 

bring up to the bar of a court of justice. Hence 

AvaJpipatrrioiv, verb. Adj., one must set on. 

dva-^d«» : f. AyafidHTopm : aor. a Ayefiiwy, inf. 
AyafitSwm, rarely aor. i Ayt0lw<ra : (AyA, filos). To 
come to life again, return to life : — Med., aor. I Ayor 
fit&aa<T$ai, to bring back to life, 

dvopCoMnt, teas, 1), {Aya$i6of) recovery of life, 

AyarBKaarAva, f. aTtjaa), to slioot or grow up again, 

dvdpXc|&|xa, arof, t6, a look cast upwards. From 

dva*^C':ru, ipat, to look up, a. to look bat^ 

upon, Lat. respieere, II. to see again, recover 

one's sight. 

AvapXifitf^, Adv., poet, shortd. AyJpMfiifv, (Aya- 
$AX\ouat) boiling up : wUh sudden bursts. 

dvdpXt|Oit, ctitft, ij, (AyafiAWdb) a putting off, delay, 

dvor^vjw, f. hffca, to gush forth: AyafiXh^tiv ikaioy 
to gush out with oil. 

AvarPk&cncw, aor. a Ayipokoy, to go up or back, 

dva-pod», fut. ifffopm : Ion. aor. I inf. Apfi&irai 
(for Ayafiofjaai), To cry car shout aloud, utter a loud 
cry: to erif cut something. II. to call en, 

dvo^oXdSiiv, poet. dfiPoXdSipr, Adv., (Ayafioh^) 
bubbling up, II. as a prelude or beginning of song, 

dvo^oXds, shortd. dp^oXat, dSos, 4, (dni^dXAoi) 
thrown u», of earth. 

Aya^M\, poet. A\tp6Ki\, 4, {Aya$AXXw) thcA 
which is thrown up, a momd of »jarth, 2. tftot 

which is thrown around one, a doak, II. a lift- 

ing up of the voice, a prdude, a. a putting off, 


dvopoXCo, poet. A^-, 1), (droi^oA^) Aday, 

dvci-ppdoxr» Att. -rrw, 1 ^u, to make foam or hoU 
up, to boH, Hence 

iv6fip<unos — dixidetf 19. 


cfA-flpa gf O t . or, hoiUd. 

it^ffiX"^ ^ which only ovifipax^ occun, io 
6aA ta niOe lomd^, io open with a noue. 

■»apip<t>€, 3 ring. aor. I act. from obaol. *iiya* 
^^X** '^^ MBoOov agaifi, ffulp down: alao aor. 2 
pas. part, ^rafipox^* mcaUoietd baek^ tuaOoued down 

im-6pvd{«ft» fat. A^ to thouk aloud for jojf, 

Awijy>X^^^*» Dep., to roar aloud. 

AwpSuai, loo. Cor dra^Saftfoi, aor. I inf. of dm- 

W&-YWOV, TV, szdy6hyaiaif, 

iny^/^XoL, aor. l inf, of sq. 

iv-aYY^^^^^ ^ <^« (<^^ iiTY^XAof) to carry hack 
tiiia^ of a tliio^« report, Lat. renan^uire. 

A»aY^Ui«i, f. dao/MU [&"], to laugh aloud, 

&>ayvvAi>, f. 4<^A'i to &^«f anew, regenerate. 

^ah&^o^uaty Dor. for dy^io/tai. 

^Mk^^YciM*, f . (Tor, to giee to tatte. 

iam^yvitoKm, later iL^aybf^MttM : f. ^varpfdao- 
fM, aor. a &yiyrmy : to know aeewratdy. 2. to 

huar ogam, recognite, awn, Lat. agtwecere, 3. to 

tfi'tltttym'rib, tfuenm ; hence to read. II. in Ion. 

Greek the aor. I 6y4yywra, is need in sense to per- 
ttmik; and aor. I paaB. &ifeyvwr$rjv, pf. AyiyvoHr/uu, 
t^ ie pnttaded, 

iamymit^,{.6i<Tw, (luafAymf) to force, eompd: to con- 
dmU, tgp. hy aigmnent : also to force hy torture, and 
au to haraae, annoy. a. to /nvev ijf neeeseity, to de- 

mm^rate. 3. with double ace. to force a person to 

^•aYsaiii, ^^ £p. and Ion. for ^dynj, 

vwftaS»9, a, oy, also os, or, (dyiymf) of or ictf/i 
/«nr: L act. eondraming, forcing, preeting, ffuip 

^fwynuor the day </ con«(rat/il, i. e. davery. 2. 

/ortdUc, oMirtAriRjjr. 3. of things, y«^tr»A(/ to he 

^e. U, peon, forced: hence painful, a. 

MKMary: r^ dnrywoTa, necestaries: also ab$olukly 
ffeemary, hardy wffiekfti. 3. eonneeted hy necea- 

MTy or aoturo/ <•» : o2 di^mxToc, Lat. necestarU, re- 

iofKptalug, Adr. of &yayiuuo9, of necetdty, per- 
fwr; itnrptciam (x<i it is neoeseary: Superl. dwy- 

^fco^r^s, 1}, ^, Terb. Adj. of <|ya7m&(a;, forced. 

*AKATKH, Ion. and Horn. dvaYKoIti, 4, Lat. ne- 
**»dtat, force, eondraint, neeeemty: often in dat. as 
Adr^ ^»d7«p perforce, of neeesdty, also forcibly, by 
/«nr. a. neeemily, natural want or Jeitrv, such as 

lianger. 3. actual force, violence: hence &oJily 

mft^cHa^. II. like Lat. n««»ntiuto, </» /»« 


W^V«%«Tis, f. ^ : aor. i ut^eYt^pt^Orfy : to 6e»d 
^ornwadL a. to undo, looee. 

^yfiaft, dvaTvAvoi, aor. a opt. and inf. of uya- 

dv-aTvot, ov, (a privat., dyyut) {tnfwrv, ttncAa«(«, 
generally, unholy, guilty. 

dva-Yvwpttw : f. i<rft;, Att ^ : to Imoco again, reeog- 
nite. Hence 

dvaYv^apCots, cow, 1^, recognilim. 

dvd'yvoMriS, cow, 4* (dyoTiwyac aor. a of dyoyi- 
TMl^ictti) a ibio«tn(7 of^oia, recognition, owning. II. 

dvdYv«Mrfia, paro9, r6, (irarftwyai aor. a of dvc^ 
ytytwaxca) a pataage read aloud. 

dvaY^pcvoxf, cow, ij, a crying aloud, proelamaiian. 

dv-uYOpfvu, to prodaim publicly : — ^Pass. to he pro- 
claimed : tohe generally called or eumamed. 

dvdYpairros, or, {fiyayfAtpoi) written up or out, 

dvaYp&^cut, ioj», 6, (&vayp&ipo)) a notary, eecre- 

dvaYp&^. 4f ^ tcriting out: thai winch is written 
otU, a public record. From 

dvo-Ypd^, f. tf/o), to write up, generally, to enter in 
a public register or record, II. to deecribe. [ypH] 

dvo-Ypvtw. f. (oj, streng^hd. for yp^icj, to mutter, 

dv-dYco, f. AyA^oj : aor. a dyify&yoy : (dvd, ^7^) I. 
to lead up from a lower place to a higher, but in 
Homer «:di7atf, to condud, carry, a. iifdytiv paw 

to put a ship out to tea: &nd then iLy6y€iv or Apdy€- 
a$ai, absol., in same sense. 3. to lead up into the 
interior of a country. 4. to leaJ up, raise up, eon- 

dud, hence to cddtraie, 5. to &nn(/ up, edu- 

ea<^. II. to frrin^ (ocA; : to r^<r. III. in- 

trans. to wiUtdraw, rdreat, (sub. 4avr^v). 

dvaYUY*^> ^'^^ ^> (dv^Tw) strictly one that leads 
up : hence any thing 2^ «^<tcft one leads, a rein, thong, 

dvaYwy^* 4« ((^Ttt') a leading up: a putting to 
sea, a. a leading hack, referring, 

dv-dY^>Y^ **^* (<* prf^at, dyojyri) wiOtoitt guidance 
or education, ill-bred: of horses and dogs, unbroken. 

dv-uY^vuTTOf, ov, (a privat., dyowiiofuu) withovH 
conted, nevtr having contended for a prixe. 

dva-8a(&>, to divide anew: generally to divide or 
apportion a conquered land. 

dva-&i(», poet. dv-&i(», — d»ti-icaiia;, to %^( up, 

dva-8d<roumu, aor. i mod. inf. of dvoSar^ofioi. 

dva8a<r|Ji6s, u, {a»aZ&cafj6ai) a re^idribution : gene- 
rally, a didribulion, division, 

dvdSaorrof , ov, (dycJidaaaOai) divided anew, redis' 
tributed : generally, didributed, 

dva-SaWo}iai, f. -bdaopat, aor. I -cScurd/n^v, s 

dva8^oo)ia, pf. a of iiwrpix^* 

dva-$cucvO|u and dva-8cucvvo» : fiit. 9((^a;, Ion. 
m^ot : — to lift up and dtew, dtewforUt, II. to make 
pubiic, declare. Hence 

dvdSci{i«, cftis, if, a shewing forth, display : a pro* 
claiming, dedion. 


iafab4KOiA(u — iofoCfiaro^. 

dvicb-3^ico|uu^ Ion. fbr dsfeMxofuu. 

dv-dScX^ot, ov, (a prir.; dScA^) tcdftoul 6roiAar 
Gt tider, 

dvd8c|ia, poet. dv8i|ia, orot, r6, (jMc, lUm) a 

Avo-Bltcu^ Ion. for Am^t^m, aor. i inf. of drntr 

dvarSlpico|Mu, aor. a di^Spoiroi' : — to look up, lo open 
ike eya again, 

dvo-Slptt, f. itpSf, to dnsw off (h§ Mn, esp. to strip 
off the Bcar of a woond, Lat. r^rieare ukus: henee to 
rip up old »ore$, 

dvdSfott, f€M, 4, (Sa^Mtt) a binding' on. 

dvoS^oiitl, 4, and dvdftfO)M»t, ^, (dyd, Sccr/i^) 
a hand or fiklfor womm*$ hair, a Jteadband, 

dvd8«T0t, OP, (dyaS^iu) binding up, 

dvo^SWw, to (fye, imbue, 

dvarSlxo|<UM., fut. med. -94(0fjuu : pf. paas. dra* 
Mey/tai : Dep. To lofo tip, reee^: also to Udce 
hack, II. to take upon on^elf, enbmU to, 2. 

hence to undertake, promise to do : alio to be surely to 

ikYoMn, poet. dv-84w : f. Sf^w : pf. paM. Ms/mu, 
To bind up, bhid round, dwiScor rtra *^ayf4kia to 
orown one for one's good nevf. 11. dyoS^ 

<rai kanvbs U nva to trace up one's fkmlly- to a 
founder. III. Med. to fasten teiih a rope to one- 

m^, d^oMfuvos fhMftP (sc. pmh), to take a ship m 

dvd81||U^ errot, r6, (dmS^w) a head-iand, 

dvar8l8doiM», f. A(w, to teach over again: to teach 
otherwise or better, Lat. dedoeere: also simply »8(dd- 
ein>, to teach: — ^Pass. to learn better. II. to ex- 

pound, interpret, 

dva4i(8a>|u, poet. dv6(8«|u : t Sd/asf, To gitfe 
up : to give forth, esp. of the earth, to yidd. a. 

intr., of springs, fire, etc., to bv/rti forth, II. to 

' give round, distribute : also to give back, restore, 

dvd-Sticof, ow, (d»d, ^tcrj) tried over again. 

dvopSiirX6«», f. dfim, (dvi, 9iw\ov9) to make doMe, 

dvdSoTOt, or, (dmSldcafu) gicen tip, or to &« given 

dvdSov, for irAio<ro, aor. a imper. of dyoAtSw/tt. 

dvcUSoOvoi, inf., dva8o^, ov<ra, aor. a part., of 

dva8ox^> 4* (d^rajSfxofOi) a taking up, aeeeptanee: 
dvabo)^ irovwy the receiving of a labour /rom another, 

dva8p«4A^v, aor. a inf. of dro-rp^x^* 

dvoSih^u, aor. a inf. of dva-9ifOfjuu, 

dvo-StW, to coma to <Ae top of (Ae teotor. 

dva-6vo|iai, f. ibtrofuu : Dep., with aor. a act. 
6y49iiy, pf. dra^^dDico: (di^ SCpw). .^ come up, 
rise, esp. from the sea : bnt absol. of the sun, to rise, 
of springs, to gmh forth. a. to drote iodX:, mefirs : 

— c. ace, to tfttm .* c. inf., to eleto^ to do, avoid doing. 

dv-d«8vot, i^, (a priT., t9roy) wiAout presents from 
'he bridegroom, without bridal gifU. \ 

dvoiipai, aor. i inf. of 

dv-osifMft, (Ml, deipoj) tol{ftor raise up, 

dv-dsXirrot, or, (a priT., ikwiofsoi) unhoped^ ms^ 
looked for, 

dv<-«i^>Tdt«tt, lengthdk for dr-os^. 

dva-{dM, inf. dra^r : f. ifoet : .to redcm to 2^e. 

dva-tcvyvv|u and dva-ttvyvtMu, t, (ei/^sa, to fnha 
or Aamets ayai» : hence to prspors to (jro oioe^ a g «6i » 
esp. with an armj, to break up, move off: and so of 
ships, yQot dy. to aei and ofjratii. a. intr. (mb^ 

<rrpar6v, etc.) to mordk ojf. Hence 

dvd{iv(i«, cow, 4f o nn^thing awaiif, 

dvo-t^, f. (cVa;, to 5oiI or 6iittfe tip. 

dva-ti|Tik», f . iiv«9, to seatrtk tnto, efomilme, Lak <M^ 
^utrere : to search out, discover, Henoe 

dva{^JTi|or««, COM, i^, investigation, 

dva-t^wv|u, f. (itaet, to gird tip. 

dva-t«»iri}p4», to {{(fAr tip (yoAi :— Pais, to gaim 
fresh Ufe, 

iyuria/pvim, Att Aopplos, to reyojn one's <»Nira^ 

dva-$aporwa», Att. iappi&vM, (dyd, 9Apffos) to JSt 
with fresh courage, 

dva-9tivai, dvoOtCf, aor. a inf. and part, of dm»> 

dvdOsfM, arot, r6, (ArarlBff/ii) any Mng devoted 
or accursed. Hence 

dva-9s|id'y{{w, to make aecursed^ to bind bg a OMne. 

dvo-0<c0, f. BeiffOfiOi and Owww/mi, to rm up or 
oocNt, tviicni. 

dva^9(fl0p^, f. ^fffcj, to lock at or observe cmrefuBy 
to view or observe again. 

dva-Oi|X(«», 4<n». like dsvMXXsif, (<Mi, eijXm) tc 
grow green, bloom or sfprtint afreih, 

d»dii)fiM, arot, r^, (droW^ftt) tAoi wMeA w ssf «fi^ 
esp. as a votive offering: in Homer only need of a de^ 
light or orrumient. Gf. drfoXfjui, 

dva-$X£Pa>, f. ^, to press hard, 

dvoAop^v, aor. a inf. of 6ya0fiMness, 

dv<»-OopiiP^, f. •fi<w, to shout in appianse, 

dydOpMifiA, aros, r6, {Avarpi^) a msrsUng. 

dv-aip««>, f. ^ata, (dm, iBpiu) to look up at: e6* 

dva-$p^^oiea>, frit. druBopoupoi : aor. i»4$opow, inf. 
difoBopftv : — to itprin^ up, bound tip, rebotmd .* to iprMjT 

dva(8«Ui, 4, Ep. and Ion. dvotfisCti, (dycalll^) 
sAomelessrMss, assurance. 

dva48«6e|MU, Dep., (dyardft) to fteAow in^»K2en%. 

dv-aiA^, ^t, (a priv., al8^o/Mi) sAoinefess, tii»^ 
aftasAed, f«dUess: the stone of Si^hns is called 
Adas dMB9^, as if pdtless. 

dvHu9v9ow, to /on the flame. 

dv-oCdw, (dyd, afOo)) to set oh fire, to infiomne. 

dv-a&|uu9r(, Adr. of sq., triftotil Noodsfod. 

dv-<)i(|MUCTOS, oy, (a priT., atpAffaef) btoodtesSj 
stained with blood, Lat. tncnienlus. 

dv-oCfi&Tot, ov, *B sq. 

ftwufM; — ivwelUvti. 


ish»f0gt M% sod ic9 alfiiflwr, or, gen. ant, (a prfr., 

JHtufUBfi, Adr. Ulw di»4K/HurW. [rf] 
kmimfmiLz fmpt i/inuviiafWy poet. dmnxd^oTr: ftit. 
dvibow/m (not in we) : aor. I iiyrfv&it^ iaS. liy^ira- 
#fa^ iriij. Jf^i^iui :■ Pep. Tor0^kMe,n;;e6t, tpiim: 
e. M. r^Ms lo do : hence to ficenfe oneadf from a 
ftfai; f io ww op , diMMPii.* fo fwpenf, 6e odkanwd of ddng 
ft tfcfa^. (Denr. imcertain.) 
j»4^K» aor. I part. oOa^-ist^w, 
4 iqip << i| wafc, aor. I pa*, inf. of dv^w^lw. 
AM(fan«, Mit, 1^ a iakmg up or mMi9, eip. of 
bodiea : bmriaL a. a (dbtn^ u|N)n one, on 

n. a dedtoymg, detirneUoH, From 
>: f.4}«a»* pLdp^ffffm,pmm.iyrfprf/»iu, To 
Lat. f fl ll ir w, ttd ao, I. to bear away, 

^"^ ^f ^^P' of prises : ttoffy, to take wp, 
^A. II. to take Mooy, dnifvy: of law* and 

mfenn^ Id oMuik. III. fo qppoMi, ordatnt e^. 

if » Made'a anav«' : bnl abiol. to oaMosr, give a 

■cd. to taiac vpfor one$tif: hence to (^oM, wM, r»- 

2. to toie vp dead bodies /or 
3. to takB t^ newborn children, Lat. to^ 
imv w ift fygrB I»6«ro«. 4. to ootwetpe. 5. to take 

if Bioaay ai intensL II. to toi» tipon onn^, 

■idblaiB. m. to tafa 5adk to onme^t caned, 

4 » a ( pii, 1 d»<S^, to raitf «f». 
i»<a(a^i|Tot, or, (a piir., ala€HaOaA aor. 2 of ol- 
ffirfiii|sii) wrfedimg, wUhomtfedUng, a. tnlAoiit 

II. pass. fm/«ft. 
fl wvw, (a prir., c^/iot,— -the dmple 
rf wfi ^ M bengr never need.) An Ion. wQrd,BAtt. 
^mJUoiom, to vae «p, use; of time, to tpend; of food, 
ii<BaMaMC Hoioe 
iwniif|m|iB, orot, r^ tkat fAkh «r used up, » Att. 
fca^, c^pouitere, 0Hlto{f . 

Ai^atvow, Ait. d»-^vo«», dv-^rra*: £ ^oi: (dyd, 
it99m). To dart up, fimfipqmiekiy^tpringoTbwnt forth: 
c sec to-leap tipoii. [ovcl-] 

aMBuyx!Vwu^ 19^ •mMMMnnsti. From 
fc atax w io^ or, (a priT., a{oxi>»^) tkamdeu, tm- 
•im: of things, uftomtnoU?, dctorioMf. 
4p a (T i |r a a , i7» or, (a prir., olr^ev) ufMufeed. 
^rai>nai,or, (a prir., olrta) wHkout eaum, grouMd' 
Tl. €i penoDB, ffwSOku, not ehargeabU, not 


, to clear tkonrngUif: — ^Pass. to (epome 

to sflf op or upriffki: — Med. to ml 
>pL n. intr. to tit down again. 

Wonri^: f. iaw, Att. icv: to mwux. 
^ 1 ^ as iycwi ii Yfa , f. ^fvw, to rettore anew. 

L (tirm, (drd, jratr^) to romo, roiforf . 

dvamUvMrta, mm, i^, rmeael, redoration. 

dvoioaiov, t6, a prison, conmpted trom dtnrpeailor. 

dvoHcoftt, 1 letitaw, to hbtdU, light up: — Med., to 
UgU OMtdf a fire : metaph. to fire, rouse, eneommge : 
in Pass., to bum with ai^^. 

dvaHcCiX4a>, poet. dy-KaXIca: fat. ^<n0: — to eaU 
up, esp. (Ae dead. 11. to eoff tipo» or oaR again 

and again, and so to ifMN>&!e the gods. a. to mn»- 

fwm. 3. to ooS by a name. III. to oaS ftodk, 

iweofl, en>. from eoule. 

dviuMttXinmt, f. ifw, to uneooer, tmvetf. II. intr. 
to twiw«7. 

dvoHcdfiwTM, f. }ffw, to lend upwards or hade 2. 

intrans. (snb. ktvr<^), to 6md 6adk, reium. 

di^^MavOot, ow, (a prir., dm»^) ft<IAotd thoms or 
ftoiMS : tP^Aoirf a qww. 

dva-KdwTfi*, f. ^, (dvd, «cd«rw) to am^ up, snoflov, 

d rc m iaTat, Ion. for drdirfirrai, 3 pi. of 

dvd-icti|Aiu, poet dy-mtiuu : f. Kslffoftm : Dep. 
3V> 6e tou2 tif>, as a votlre offering; and so, to (s 
dedicated : also, to &« set t^ as a statne. II. to 

6e referred to, depend upon. 

'AvoMst, ol, old fonn of dMurrts, the Kings, L e. 
Castor and Pollnz. 

dva-fclKXo|uu, poit. for Atfo^KoXia, to ecdSL out. 

dvoHc^X&Sot, 6, (6vd, itiXopm) a loud shout. 

dvo-K^o|MU, Ion. for drdHm/iOf. 

dvo-KspdwOfu and dvoHCfpaw^: f. mspiurw [d]. 
To mix a^m : generally, to mix up, mie leeO. 

dva*ies4>aXai6«B, f. ifow, (Ml, ks^oJJi) to comprehend 
in a summary, sum up. 

dvaHnjicCtt, to epoul up, gush forth: also, to <Aro6 
violendy. [tEp.'] 

dva-ici)pv<nrw, Att. -ttw: f. h^w: to publish, ta 
proclaim, aap. to proclaim as conqueror: to offer hg voice 
of herald: and so to put up to otiof ton, which was done 
by proclamation of the ic^pu^. 

dw-t ft s^O ww ci, f . <n», to rush into danger again, to run 

dva-KlWas, f. ^ow, to laooe upwards, to sway to and 
fro. 2. to rouse, awaken, Lat. suseitore. Hence 

dvaie(vi|<n«, iofs, i^, a swinging to and fro. 2. 

excitement, emotion. [«!] 

dvaric£pv&|MU, Dep.,»dycHVf/xiwv/«. 

dvo-icXd^ f . tekiky^m, to erg aioud, scream out: at 
a dog, to bark, bay. 

dvoricXaCw, f. tekabaopm, to weep cdoud, bunt into 
tears, also to foeqt for, to bewail. 

dva-icXdi», t dass [d], to &r«ai; tipiMirde or back, to 
break in pieeee. 

dvdacXt|9i«, MM, 4, (drtueoX^a;) a eoMmg on, tavo- 
eotion : a summoning. II. a iwaSIn^, eq). from 


dMUcAi^^0O|kat, Alt. pass, of dro-xAimv. 

dvoicXivMc, later dvoK^iOcCs, poet. aor. i pass, of 

dvoricXCvM, poet. dy-icXCvw [1] : f. M, to mafo to 


ivixkiTO^ •— ivaXCa-Kia. 

lie haek, to Uan one thing a^aimt another : Ftm^ k> 
lie, iimk ct kan back, U, to path or put hack tk 

tnp-door, and so to open it. 

iLvdicXiTOt. 17, OK, (dyoivA/Mtf) leaning bade, 

dvo-KOYX^^^^t ^ <^^* (dv(&, fcAyxfi) to open and 
tounterftit a eeaL 

dva-K04ido|uu., Dep. to lie down to aUep, lie adeep, 

dva'-icoiv6«», t, it<m, (dni, ieoiv69) lo eommumcate or 
impart something to another : to eommunieate with 
another, eoneuU him. — Med. with pf. paak tetMoivh 
p/u, to eommunieaU what m one^t own to another : to 

dva-icoXirdt»« f. fffltf. (dyd, «n(Xvot) fo gird up into 
a fold (Lat tintu) : ah«)l., to {^trd oneaelf up. 

dvoHco^iXtw, poet. dY-NO|A((» : fat. /<r<u, Att. Sw : 
— to carry tip: ei^. to oorr^ up or offoinri etream: 
Pats, to (^0 i»p. II. to ^'njf 6adl(; rcvoMr:—- 

Med. with pf. pa»., to bring back with one: to recover 
one*e own : to hrina to pate again : — Veae, to go back, 

dv^«MOVTC{«tt, f. law, to dart orfluig up. II. 

Intr. to ehool up, as hlood from a wound. 

dva««dirTM, f. iffcj, to beat, forte or drive ba^: — 
Pass, to stop thori. 

dva-Koi4HM> f •• <^^* ^ ^(^ or raise tcp ; — ^Poes. to Z« 
Wfied up, liglUened in iphite. Hence 

dvoKOV^Icnt, tan, 3), a lifting up, lightening: relief 
from a thing. 

dva-Kpdtw, f^ i^opat : aor. difinpiyov: — to cry out, 
lift up the voice. 

dvoHcpSOfCs, aor. i pass, part of dni-«cpdKn;/u. 

dvdicp&ott, cow, ij, (dMurcpdwvfu) a tnieing up. 

dva-icplKO}UM., Dep., to &^m to play : of a bird, to 
tone its ro»ee. 

dva-Kpc|idvw|iv, dvo-Kps (tdw, poet. dy-Kpcii- : fut. 
tcptpdacif [a]. To Aanj^ up upon a thing : — Pass, to 
be hanging up : metaph. to be in nupenae, Lat. euepen" 

dva-Kp(vfi» [r] : fut. tvS^, to examine to^fl, tearch 
out, II. to ejximine bitforehand : — Med. dtHutpi- 

V€<r$ai vpds iavrobf to question one with another . Hence 

dvd-Kploxt, poet. dY-Kpurts, caw, 1), an examina- 
Hon, inquiry. 

dvo-Kporlci, f. ^aoj, to lift up and ttrike together: 
hence absol. to dap witJi unified hands, applaud vdw- 

dvdicpovint, caw, 1), (droirpovw) a puthing bade, 
dieekiitg, esp. putting a ship back, backing water, 

AvoKpovarlov, verb. Adj. of dya-xpovM, one musl 

dvoHcpovM, f. a«, to thrutt back, dteek: — in Med. 
of a ship, &vajcpoiffa$at M wfApyrfv to ptU her bade 
stemwaitls, by backing water. 2, Med. also in 

music, to straibe tJ»e §tring§, make a prdude, like dvo- 

dvarKTdo|uu^ t iiaopat : Dep. :— to regain for on»- 
sdf, recover, retrieve. II. to irtfi a person over, 

gain hie favour. 

dvdiCTKn, Ep. lor dro^c, dat. pi. of da«f . 

dvorrdpiot, a, ov, {iyi&JCTtp) belonging to a lord or 
king, royal : rb dvam^piof ^eq^ a temple, 

dvdicropov, r^, (Muerwp) a king*$ dwdling, paiace : 
also a ten^ie. 

dwdirrwp, opos, 6, (dyd^o'ai) a lord, king, 

dva-KVNdfl», f. ^aof, to elir up and mix : to oomfvm* 

dva-KVicX(«0, to tuim romnd again : — Pass, to revUce, 
come round again. Hence 

dvoucvfcXvioti, coit, 4* a coming round again, a di-" 
cuil, reedution, 

dva-icv|i^idtM, (6i^ lApBaXw) :— ^0 rutOo Kke 
iciftfiaKa: Si^poi dyfKUfi0aXid(ov the chariots teere 
overiumed with a raUiing noiet, like that of cymbals. 

dva-«virTtt, f. ^, to Uft up the head: esp. to ooane 
up out of the water : hence to rite oui of dijfieuliiet, to 
recover, emerge. 

dvorKAMCvcs, f. baot, to wait aloud, [p] 

dvuK^tt Adv., *B ImficAitft, earefuUy, dwuws ^x*^ 
riKos to look well to a thing. (From ditif, 6pateot, a 

&¥aM»xevw, f. aof, to hddbade,$tay,esp. of ships, tokeep 
them riding al awAor : but Ay. rov tSpop rw SwXonr 
to ke^ up the tension of the ropes, Jbeep taught, 2. 
intr., sub. karrow, to keep ttHl. 

ikV-aMuax4\, 1), (dy^x^) ^ ^^J* oettaUon: esp. o^ 
arme, truce. 2. a hinderanee, — The analogous 

form would be dK-oiMt>x4* ^- ^om^x^';. 

dvoXoBttv, aor. 2 inf. <^ dva-Axi/i^dsw. 

Ava^Xito^wL, Dep^ to take again. 

dv-uX&Xd{«», f. (v, to raise a war-cry : to cry cAcud. 

dva-Xa|ipdvo>, f. X^^f^fim : — to take up, taJee into one's 
itandt : generally, to take with one. 2, to take into 

one*s service, to adopt, 3. like Lat. rsetpere, to take 
upon one: esp. in Med. to utidertake, itfukafiMeu 96- 
ksfioy. 4. to take up again, reswne, ianikafiuM Xd- 
70V. II. to take back, regain, retrieve, re- 

pair. III. to puXL short up, of a hone. lY . 

to gain quiie over, attadt to onudf, 

dva-Xd|iins, f. Xd>i^, iofiame up, take fire, 

dvoXY^joCa, 1), intentibiliiy, want <^feding, Fitxa 

dv-dX^qTOt, ov, (a priy., dXTot) withaid pain : I. 
of persons, unfeeHng, hard-hearted, ruUdets: — Adr. 
-TATt, unfeelingly, II. of things, I. notpasH' 

ful, 2, very painful, crud. 

dv-aX8ifjt, it, (a priv., dXjbnv) not thriving, feetHe, 

dvorXfyvs, f. Xlf 01 : Ep. aor. I inf. dAAi^ac : to pidi 
up, gather up : — Med. to pick up for one»df, %. to 

recount. II. to read aloud, 

dva-XsCx«»f f. ^ot, to lick up. 

dvdXtiilAf, caw, ij, (aofoXapiBAyv) a taking up: a 
taking again, a means of regaining: a repairing, malting 
^Mnend». II. a being taken up, the Ascension, 

dv-oX^S, it, (a priT., dXB») not healing, 

dvdXlirot, oy, Dor. for dm^Aivos, barefoot, 

dv-ftXCoKM, f. iydXitau : aor. dyijfXaKra : pldm^XoMea, 
dydAoMRi, pass, dtriksipat [d] : aor. i pass. dydX^if^ 

ip6Xx€ia <— ia^avrtppifros. 


me. 1V» Hta up, wpend, esp. in a bad tenw, to 
■y—iJnr: — met^hl, dr. iravor to «m0 to (A0 /uB, L e. 
«ij«f, lieep. II. of penona, to X:^, dMroy. 

MAiMM^ 1^. voal 4/ «Cr»iptik. From 

fraXwi, 180s, 6, i|» ace. -i&i or -iv, (a piiT., dXir^) 
■Jinirf ^fereaj^ tMpoienl, nmoarltke* 

4>4XXiiai, Dep., to leap up. 

4»aXnot, or, (a prir., ^^Afny) trot tolCMl. 

iM^Ao^Ca* 1^ (dmi, A^tos) proporlton, an<dogy, 

ho^Xoi^fitofMi, f. ivoyax^ Dep., to eowU tip : mull up : 
t$ llttfc OMT, otdrulote, eoiMMier. Hence 

iam^affurjfjhm, 6, a eowUing up, ratoato^on, fieoioii- 
m^ «£& cmadf: alao a coutk of rmmming. 

di^aXot, or, (a prirat., £Xt) noC fott, tciCAoul mU. 

i » 9 k hm, a rare fonn of dr-oA/o'iMtf. 

lr-a\TOt, or, (a priT., <(X0a») not Ut U JUM, into- 

Mk^avB, cwt, i(, (draACMtf) a tootm^, reiea$kig, 

iam-Xim, Ion. and £p. dX-XvM : f. -kbc» [0] : 
pt XtXfiMo, paas. X^l^/im. To unhottf nndo 
49«bi: alao to Mdfree. II. to <2o amty^ get rid 

d: to ^boff jmtanendio. III. intr. (mib. tw- 

\ etc.) to looKfor d^Mvterv, and so to deparf, 

pf. act. and paas. of iafUXUrma. 

A » ^Xiya, orot, t5, (drSA^) that whieh is uted or 
tfed: e^mw, «o< oatf^ : in plnr., erpetuei, 

MXmva^ &raXl2ioxu, aor. I of dyixXlff/cv, 

iMmnt, caw, 1^, (draX^) expenditure, [drfi] 

iv4Wrot, or, (a priv., dAarru aor. 2 of dX/^iro- 
^) aoe taken, not to &e toiben, imf^regntMe. 

kto^mphm, f. iy<rw, to rage through en- (Arou^JWtff . 

«*a-fMvA&v(», f. pUB^iTOfMu^ to learn ogam or anew, 
(»fln JiffrenUy : to inquire doedy, 

i » Cpdt t vr o f , or, (a prir., d/ia^c(w) impauabkfor 

^»«C|idpTip9S, or, (a prfy., AftapTfir aor. 2 of 
^Pip>irv) tciCftoul mismg ar/aHing, wtfaiUng: in a 
anal Koae, /auUem. Adr. -^ron, iriUkml /aiZ. 

Dep., to cA«0 over again^ Lat. ru- 


Att. -TTt» : f. (et: to' riift, w/pc ojf, 

^ Mt^oKg iafOftA^ut a deed which thou 

eff on thine own head, (as if it were a 

). n. in Med. to knead one*$ bread, 

avaf^X^I^A'^ ^ -/laxov/iai, ■ometimes paxitroiMt 

<y -^o/Mi : Dep. To renew the fight, to rttrieoe a 


Mpp&TDt, e», (a prir., dwafiahw) of a horee, not 
AM'-fUXw, £ ^, to &e)7M to nn^^. 
WjftjvQi, f. /icrw, to iea«( /or, await : abeol. to fpoft, 
^- 3. to atraii, emfarv. 3. to put c^, dekijf. 
oit, (dn&, lUcoti) in the middle, 
or, (drd, /i«<rr^s) fSedfuU, Hence 
', 1 inrm, to /a up, fia/uU. 

dva-|MTplw, f. ^«, to meamnre hack or owr again, 
to remeaeure the same road one came by : generally, 
to <to or iay over again, repeat, II. to mtttfurs 

out. Hence 

dva|ifrpi|4nt, ten, 1), a meaeuring out, 

dvd-t&Xyo, poet. £|^-|fctYa» alao dvd-|UY8a, Adr. 

ikvor^yvf^ and dvo-iuYvvw, t ftS(v, to mit up 
together, to mingle, II. in Med., to have tocial tn- 


dva-|U|&vifjoiCi» : £ draftnfo'w, poet. d/Afty^w: to 
remind one </ a thing : c. inf. to remind one to do : 
also to reoatt to tnemory, make mention c/: — ^Paes. to re- 

dvo-fiCuvM, poet, for dam-fUvw, 

dva-|tC(, (d^atdyyvfu) Adv., mixed up, pdl-m^, 

dvdfutit, coil, 1), {dvafdyyvfu) eodal intereoune, 

it.'var^Lryvt, poet, and Ion. for &p<ifdyyufu. 

dva}&vi)oWs, part. aor. i paas. of ivaiupvfyncot, 

dvd^vT|Ox«, c«t, 1), (dyo/tt/in7cr«a;) a eaXiing to 
mind, reeoHeetion. 

dvo-fioXiiv inf. of dv4|AA\ov, aor. 2 of dvo- 

dva-|ftopii.^>p«», to roar loudly, foam up, of the aea. [9] 

dva-(iOXAcvQ», £, cr«, (drd, fiox^*) to ^yi tfiUb a to^r .* 
to force open. 

dva-}iVxOC{o|iai, Dep^ to (ptMin deeply, 

dr-ofi^^lXoYot, or, (a priT., d/i^Uo7ot) undieputed, 

diMi^i^ wP ^ i i| iot , or, (a privat., d^^^TriTrot) 
yauHepuied, indivputahle, tdnrnt whieh there ie no die- 
pute, II. act. without dispute or eontroverey. 

dv-av8pCa, 1), unmanliness, cowardice. From 

dv-av8pot, or, (a priv., dn^p) i . « drcv drSptif , 

irtfAoui a huAand : ttiihoni men, desolate. II. un- 

man/;^, ecwardly, unworthy of a %nan, 

dv-av8pd», f. ohto;, to deprive of a husband. Hence 

dv^vSoMTOS, ov, widowed, 

dvo-vfottt, f* dffof, (drd, r^ot) to make young again. 

dv«irvl|u*, poSt dr-ri/ioi, to dimde or distribute 
aneie. II. Med. to count up, recount III. 


dvorvfoi&ai, poet dv-v{o|iai, Dep., to mount up, 

dva-vf6o|MEt, f. oHTopat, Dep., to rmew. 

dvo-vtiMA, f. eoi, etrictly to throw the head baek in 
token of denial : hence to deny, r^use, 

dvav^ftMnt, eon, 1), (drorc^/ieu) a rmewal. 

dvo-Wj^, f. }ffw, to become sdber again, cotne to one's 
senses. 2. trans, to make sober again, 

dv-avT8^ Adv. of dr-drriTt, tip hUl, opp. to K&T'CafTeu 

dv-avTuT^flvurrof, or, (a priv., drra7<»ri(ofiai) tritA- 
mil a rival, without a struggle: undisputed. 

dv-dm|t, ft, (j&yd, drr6M) uphiU, sleep, opp. to 
mxr-drrm : hence like Lat. arduus, difficult, 

dv-avTippi|TDt, or, (a priv., drrcpcii) not to be gain- 
said. Adv. -on, without contradiction. 


'ANAS — AwMTi/^o). 

'^ANAH, /bmierot, 6: Ep. dftt. pi. dv^uertin: a lord, 
king, api^ied to all the godi, esp. to Apollo. II. 
any eorlhly lord^ prince^ chief y king : eo too the 90m or 
Tdnamm of kings, and generally, the ehiifpenont of a 
itaU. 2, wo too the ma$UT cf (he hoHte, Lai. Ae- 

nu. 3. generally, cf maiUry over any thing, aa 

icinnp dyoKTit : cf. x^^P'^ivaf, 

AvaU(a(v(i», f. (Hiw, to rub <ar irritate afredk, 

dv^tcur^iai, aor. i med. inf. of drcWerw. 

dva-(t|paCvfi», f. Syw : aor. I -t^^pdva : to dry vp, 

dv-&|ioSt or, aho a, otr^ (a priv., d^tot) unwoilhy, 
fud deemed teorthy, c gen. : abflol. uorihkee, 2. un- 
deaerring of enZ. 11. Ady. -^oit, vmaotihSLy. 

dva£b^6p|U'Y{, <77ot, d, 4» (di^o'tt;, <^piuy() lord 
cf the lyre, 

dva-£i^6o, (dyd, fviri^) «sdroHieorr^. 

dva{vp(S«s, /Soir, ol, (Ae troweers worn by eastern 
nations. (Penian word.) 

dvd(«, flit, of dy&aaw, 

Av^aoiyta, f. £», poet, for ia^yof, 

dvopmififvtt, to acfucole afreeh, 

dwdiroMTTOt, or, (dnnniw) rfrudb hack, rebomtding. 
Aa Snbet., d»d«cu<rrot, 6, an onapaui, Le. a dact^ re- 

dvo^^raCftt, f. irai, to drihe agmn or back. 

dvd-ir&XiV, (drd, irdXir) Adv. hack again. II. 

ooer again. III. reveredy, 

dvo-ndXXM, f. «dXft): Ep. aor. 2 part dfnremi- 
Ai&r : — to ewing to and fro, to put in motion : — ^Paas., 
with Ep. aor. a dr-4iraXro, to dart or spring up. 

d»a-nd < roi w , f. d<rw, to eeatter vqton. 

dvdwavXa, tft, 4, (drovaiffti) twt, repoae, eaee from 
a thing : of watches, /ear dm««t(rXat Sijffafa$m to be 
divided tnto rdirfs. U. a regUng-fiace. 

dvdiratKrvf, poet. d|MranNn«, cwt, i^, (dravoiw) 
reel, repose, eaee : rest from a thing, eeesation. 

dvairavoT-^ipiot, Ion. d|&ir-, m^, (drawoiKtf) Mon^ 
tnj^ to resting or rest. As Subst, rh drdw. a retting- 
fiaoe: the time or hour of rest^ in fimn drairavr^ 
pioif : also (snb. <n7ficror), the sound of tninq>et for 
aSLtogoto reat. 

dvatra.vTif|pu>t, or, t. foreg. 

dvo^iraiM* Ion. d|i«-iraiM», f. nahim, to mtAe cease, 
stop from a thing : later to give rest or rdieffe from a 
thhig. II. Hed. to eease, kao0 off, detieifrom a 

tldng: absol. to take one*s rest, deep: also to die. a. 
to slop, haU, rest. 3. to regain strength. 

dvo^-irtCdw, f. v^aw, to bring over to ano^er opinion, 
to persuade against one*s wSl : also in bad sense, to se- 
duce, mislead. 

dviii-irfipdo|Mi, f. ^laopoi : Dep. : — to try or otfemfrf 
ogam, generally, to make a trial, essay. II. aa a 

military and naval term, to exercise, praeHse. 

dva-irtCpw, f. irefw, to pierce through, spil. 

dvairfi<rrf|pios, a, €», (droved) persMosite. 

dvarWiAirw, d|AMrl|Mn0, f. ^, to send np at forth: 
Med. to send up from oneseHf. II. to send bodb. 

dwirsirT&iUvot, 17, ai^, pf. pass. part, of d w ar r i ib ^-^ 

dviairsatTv, inf., drairti wO r, owra, 6w^ wot. a part, of 

dva-ircTdvvD|ii and dvoriiwrawms, po^ d|i.iP— : 
f. irrrdor« [d] and irtrw. To spread out or open, «db> 
pand, unfold, unfurl: — pf. pass, part dravcwrS/t^ro*, 
rf, OP, out^ead, open. 

dva-irfro|uu, f. irrfforofuu : aor. a dpevropsp' or ds>w- 
inufapf, and in act finm dafhrrqw (v. wiropa). Tk> 
fty up,fiy up and auay. 

dvairl^ip^ pf. of dya^abw. 

&^ar^iri}fyvvyx or -wifff^ : f. wff£w : pf. uintf j u z 
to transfix, spit. 

dva-7ri|8d«», poet d|tir- : f. 4prm : to Uap, tprimfy 
up or forth, start up, Ar. Iv* fpyo¥ to jtunp «p to work 1 
of springs, to gush forth. II. to sprmj; ftodk. 

dvd-^pot, or, (drd, vfjp6s) maknsd, crippled, haU. 

dvoriifSutt, f. ow, to fiMiJks to tprfn^ up. 

dva-wi|iwX'i||u, f. dvovA^crai, to fiU up, Lat 
p2«r0; — to /^fs, ooxmiplMA. II. to ^ ti|», 

p<»f0. m. tofiUfuU of a thing, esp. with tbo 

notion of defiling : whence in Pass, to be ittfseted. 

dva^frra*, f. wsmSfuu: aor. a -fw^tror: (dr^ 
iriwTOf). To/oQ bodr. 2. to/on baek, give graimd .* 
hoiee to slodltsfln, lose Asori, Lat eoneidere on tsio. 

dva-wCnfiHU, poet for drcMtf rdrrvfit. 

dvo-irXdcm*, Att irXdrnt : ftit wk&tnt [i(]. n> 
/orm anew, remiodd, recad, generally, to mould, she^e* 

dva-wXlic«9, £. £a;, to &raui up, <irfti«n«, irraetfA. 

dva-iiAlo», f. wktitaofMu or vXcvcrov/ioi : Ion. dvo- 
irXdm : to «aiZ tipcoar<is, to satZ up stream: also to put 
out to sea. II. to sail the same way back agidn, saS 
back: of fish, to Mem ftadr. 

dvd-irXioit, wr, gen. «, also fern. dwawKia : — I(ni. 
and Att far dvArwkeos : (d^A, wXiofs^wXios) :^fMsd 
up, qtiitefuU of a thing. 11. defied or infeeted 

wUh a thing. 

dva-ffXt|p6tt>, f. AHm, to fiM up, jUtfuU. II. to jOi 
up eigain : — ^Pass. to return to one*s^M site, of the son 
after an eclipse. 

dvairX-ijaai, dvawX-fjotic, aor. I act. of drovl^ 

dvdirXoof, contr. dvd-wXovi, 6, (dro^wX.^) « 
sailing upwards, esp. up dream: also a pvtiing out to 

dr-flMrX^M, f. dSrcrw, to unfold, open. 

dva-«X^, Ion. for droHrAifty. 

dva-wvt(co. Ion. d|twvt(co, Ep. for drairr^. 

dvowvs^KTSM, 3 sing. aor. i opt of dro^wr^. 

dvd-wvcv(n«, foit, 1^, (drawr&a) a brecdhing again: 
respite, red from a thhig. 11. a drawing brsaih. 

dvd-wvivOTOt, or, poet, fbr dvrcvoTot, wilkoid 
drawing breath, breatJdess. 

dva-irvl», poet d|i.wv^, f. mf^aopm, to breaAe again, 
hare a respite, red onesdf from a thing: (for foma 
dftirwe, AforvvTO, and dfarv(n^, v. snb voce.) II. 

iawtrvorj — ia^ipa-ios. 

ferdk^ tend forth. 

immfo^ poet dfiinfo^, i}, (di>naW«) reeovery 

n. a ifrowm^ hreaUk, Lat. rapi- 

iiAgiiM, poet pfet. impent. of dfu-vWo;. 

iM-«o84« • ^ ^''w* ^^ ^ ' (<^ «^)- 7o ••o^ 
k *p teak, «dO tedk and quetHon: dtfamU(€iy kaan6v 
U dontel oneself. II. intiana. to tUp back. 

ir^voMot,. or, (a pnv^ tfvocMi) tm<JiKNi< ranaom or 
rmard: Dent, di^vocyov. Adv., loAAoai reoompmee. 

km ■nXJM, poet. d|tiraX^ 11110117 to turn up the 
ptnad oyvm, ,yloii|^ 19) : henoe to go over offoin, to 

khom o kiy ^nm , ott^ (a priv^ imokoyioitm) inde- 
fimAk , mgremtaUe, a. act unable to dtfmd one- 

mU^ tcdhout exeuae. 

lommap,tH^, ^ {6ifaMiiarot) a tending up, Briffax/pSav 
ir. a digging up of treaBureB. 

kmmofmi^^ 6, (tiycnr^/Mrw) me <Jk(tf emd» up or 

fe-Q «j> ¥ ni - i o t , or, (a piiT., dMCvi^o)) lOMoartm. 

iv»-«oTAD|uu, Dep., sdya-ir^o/icu. 

iw ■yAifUM , Att -'TTM, fat vp6^w, to eaoaet, Uoy: 
h. M<rx<Ar <o ezoef the fidfhnent of a promiae. 

Aw a p^O t i , C 0-0, strictlj to Mi on firt^ Ught up : 
Ua^* ianatMf^ffOM letting tears bunt forth. 

iafOf^nrtpim, £. ONno, k> fumith w&h wingt or to raite 
tht mingg for fliglit : geneially, to raiae, set up. 2. 
cf the mind, to tet on the wing, exeUe vehemenUy : — 
Pfta. to be om the wing, be in a ilaie of exdte- 
ueeL II. to fumith vUh new icmga : — ^Pan. to 

gdmK wings. 

iammrijpfaa^ A v ea iA o i kfc t, dvoHrrMai, inf. of 
4bnfrn;pr, drcsrd^opr, dy«vr(S/i}/y, aor. 2 of ibwriro^iai. 

iMMrrwm», fat ii^w, to u>|/V>Id, wtdo, eap, of rolls 
«f botte; and ao, like Lat evokere, to unrot for 
rmOng: hence to ui^otd, bring to light, Lat exp{*- 
erne. TL aa militaiy term, rifw tpixayya dam- 

wrirae§ar to fold back the phalanx, i. e. deepen it by 
vWUng* men from either flank into rear; but rb 
eifoe hncrrifCffHv to open oui the wing, L e. extend 

tU front Lat expUeare. Henoe 

iwa^irrirx^ i(, an cpening, wtfddUig : an expanee. 

^ iiVM, f. {nmv [v], to apit up or out: abaoL to 
tp^tn. [5' Bp., but Att] 
iy-i'ms, C ^, to ion^^ tip to, faeten on or to a 

thia%: dqfdXpara di^&wT€ip,^6i^an$hfai;, to hang up 

VDtiTe giAs ; /t&fiop Apdmrtiv to fasten dii^^race upon 

tte: — Med. iofadenfor onadf: but alao tofaden to 

^etdf and tow awag, vavv : — ^Paaa. to be fattened or 

feeien mea^ an, ding to. 11. to Ught up, Ught, 

^indU: metaphl, to it^ame. 
JM^^wMLvofioi, £ 'intiicoiMu, Dep., to a&areh out, 

^9nrt into : alao to (earn (jr tn^utry . 
^«wii>f» oir, (dwwrwi dwf K u ) MtveAcd oia, aa- 
Mtoaied, iwtortoiw. 


dvdiMfTta, poSt and Ion. dpmtami, ten, ij, {dm- 
wiiw) a being drunk up: of the aea, the dbb-Ude, ra- 
tuming of the waters. 

dvop-, in compds. of drA with words beginning 
with fi the fi is usuallj doubled, as in dmp-patfaf, 
etc, though in poeta and Ion. Greek it is sometimes 

dvap«upi|n^ Ion. for dygpfijMdn, pf. part of 

Av-dpY^pot, oy, (a priv., dpyvpoa) without eHver^ 
usu. wUhout money. 

dv-4ip9poi, oy, (a priT., dp$poy) without jointa: dis- 
jointed, nervdeaa. 2. of sounds, inartieuiate. 

dv-ttpi6|&4o, £ i}<ro/Mu, to coma up, enumerate. 

dv-&p(0|iT)TOt, oy, (a priv., dpiBfajroa) = sq. 

dv-dpi6|iOt, oy, (a priv., dfn0fi6a) wiihout mamber, 
countleaa : without bounda t» a thing. 2. nU taken 

into aeeount, unregarded, Lat qui in nuUo numero eat. 

dv-opKTOt, oy, (a priy., d/>x^) **^ governed or m&- 
jed : not tu&mttttny to be governed. 

dvopiMorCa, i^, taifftttoUeneM; dtfoonf. From 

dv-oppMrrDt, ov, (a priv., ipfM6(at) w^, ineon- 
gruoua : of sound, tnAannontou« : of persons, ab- 
surd, 2. unfitted, unprepared. 

dvopw&Y^, 1^, reeapture. From 

dv-apwdt«tt : fut afw, Att. daw or dffopai [A]. To 
tear up, anateh up. II. to hurry akmg, to carry off, 

to drag by fores, eep. before a magistrate, Lat rapere 
injua, m. to take by iiorm, and ao to ptwnder, 

generally, to treat with violenoe. 

dvopmords, 6y, also if, 6y, {dyaprndia) torn away, 
carried off, esp. into Penda, treated with violence. 

dvap-p4tt, f. ptiHTopai, (dvd, /5^) tofiowbaek or to 

dvop-pfj-yvOfu or dvap-frnyywo : f . pff^ot : to &f«aib 
up, frreoik through or open. II. to majce break forth, 

filial tmj, like Lat rumpere voces: — ^Pass. to bwrai 
forth. III. intr., like Paai., to &iiri(/or(A. 

dvap-pn|^vau, aor. i pass, of aor. 2 act drciwcTv. 

dvapfnit*^ <i^or. i part of foreg. 

dvop-pkirrlco, of. sq. 

dvap-ptirrw or dvop-pvirrltt : f. fitffoi : to throw 
up, dvappi'truy dha mfbf to throw up the sea with 
the oar. II. dyapparrtiy ttiyhwoy to run the 

haeard cf a thing, run a riak : also without Mtvhn^oy, 
fit diray ro inrapxay dyappirrruy to (hrow ftr one'a 
all, stake one's all. 

dv-applxdo|A(u,impf.dvi7pcX^/c7r: Dep. TodanAer 
up with the hands andfeti, to aeramble up. 

dvdppoio, ij, {dyappiej) aflowmg back, ehb. 

dvap-poi^84M, to atooitow back, gulp down again. 

dvdp^kikna, tow, ^, (dvd, fiiw^ipuw) a anatehing 
away, reacuing. a. the third day iff the festival 


dvap-p<l«vvO|U and dvop-pMWVM, fut fi^w, to 
atrengthen again : — Paaa. to regain atrength or apiriL 

dv-dpoiof, oy, alao o, oy, (a piiT., dpctoa) not fittma 


together: hence hodiU, w^ropUumM, wyfUaeabk: of 
things, wUowird, ttrange, momlrmu, 

dv-apTd«», f. vfCWt to hang up or upaa, to attoA to, 
make dependent upon. — lied., with pf. pan. aviifrq- 
fuut to aHaeh to oneadf: also to mbdue: — ^Paas., also 
irith pf. dv^iprfffMU, to he dependent upon, or^ trdtrra 
c2t kaurhv iyxifnrfrm who hoM every thing dependaiA 
on himaelf ; but Miprtirat, c. inf., to be prepared to do. 

dv-d(»TiOt, oy, (a priTn Aprtot) uneven, odd; cf. 

dv-apx^»* f. aa, to make dd agam. 

dvopx^ 4* i'^PX"^) ^*^ '^^ ^/ ^ People 9Bithout 
govermnent, anarchy. From 

dv-4i(>x<>St ov, (a priT., ^PXi) viUtout head or 
chief, 2, without beginning, 

dva-vfltpdtw, f. dffw, (cLM, aupa) to puU back teith a 
rein, draw aside, 

6yarfr^, poet. dvoo'-vtCtt, f. adtrta, to tbake up 
or bach : to nomg to and fro, move up and down. 

dvoocoTippivot, part. pf. paw. of iya-aifpof, 

dvo-orfvu, to more upwarda: — ^Pais., with £p. aor. 
a iv€<rahfaiv, dyicaih-o, to epring up or forth, 

dva-«nc4wTO|uu, see iarn'Otowiea, 

dva-oiccvdtci>, f. &au : pf. pass. A»'€Cic€v64rftai, 
0pp. to itararCKtvd{M, to pack up the baggage (rd 
<rtef{jrf), Lat vaea coUigere: hence of an army, in 
Hed., to break up their quarters, march oMBoy, 2. 

to di^umiah, dimanUe a place : Med. to diemantk one*s 
house. 3. to coosto, ravage, 4. in Pass, to be 

banh^^pt : dytaMtvdafuBa we are undone, 

dv-d(ncT|TOs, ov, (a priv., Aateiu) unpradieed, tin- 

dvorOxoXowittt, f. liToj, to fix on a poU or etake, im- 
pale, — dracnroXovtcTtT^ occurs in pass, 

dva-OKOiriM, f^t. etthf^fuu, to lock ai, tiew aUen- 
tkxiy, inquvre into, 

dvaHnrapdovw, f. (w, to tear up, 

dvd ^nw i 'I O f , OF, dragged up, esp. from one*8 eoun- 
try up into central Atia. 2, of a door, drawn back, 

i, e. opened. From 

dva-<nrdtt, poet. dv-c*ird«» : t, da« [A] : to drcMo 
or puU up : to draw a ship up. 2, to draw or miek 

up : to draw back. II. r^ ^/n/t dMunrar to 

drotff up the eyebrows, and so put on an important 
air : K^yove dycuriray to ultor boaetful words. 

^voovo, 1), fem. from ditif , a ^ueen, tody, midren. 

dv-donoilTOt, Dor. for di^(r<n;rot. 

dvooocCaoics or -coici. Ion. for dyi^iu, 3 sing, 
impf. of dvofftiw, 

dvdvvw, f. fa;, (dyaf ) to &e tord or matter, to rule, 
reign over: — ^Med., rpie dvi^aoBai yivuL MpSiv to 
have reigned for three generations: — Pass, to be 

dv-^9V«9, Att. for dr^ifdrffw. 

dvdorra, for dvdoTri$i, aor. 2 imperat. of dyivrripi, 

dvaoT&S^v, AdT. (dWvn/fic) uprighL 

ivaprita — '• iafotrxAf. 

dvoardty dvaa<H|vai, aor. 2 part, and inl of 4p> 


dvdorSLott, cart. Ion. los, 4 * I* CMsal (dr- 

i(mjfu) a making to eland up, mcakening, 2, esfiL 

a making to rite and leave their place, rmoeol: nsu. im 
bad sense, laying ipaste, deatrudion, 3. aretmUd' 

ing, II. pass, {dafiarapai) a etandktg or rieing 

up, esp. in token of respect : dmarcura If tnrvov sa 
awakening: the Beeurrection, 

dvurrftT^^ $^ot, d, {uylffnifu) a dairoyer. 

dVCIOTA'IT|f, OV, O, ss dycurTciTij/}. 

dvdoTu.TOS, OF, (dWcrra/icu) niadis to nse 1^, onrl 
depart, driven from one's houee and home : hence laid 
waele, ravaged. Hence 

dva<rruT6«», f. inrea, to rtnn, put in eonfueitm, 

dvo-eravpdw, f. wren, to tmpofo or crucify, like dyor 

dvorOT^fXXM, f. <rrcX«u, to send up, raise t^: — Med. 
to (/trJ up one's clothes. a. to Xaarp bade, check : — 

Pass, to go back, retire, 3. seemingly intr. (^sub. 

lavTiSK), to tdthiiraw, 

dv(wrTfvd(«i, f. d^,«sdMXirr^KW. 

dva-orTev«Lx4^, ^ dvaarivea, 

dva-<rTsvdxM, to ^oon atofid over, bewail dUmd, {pxl 

dvo-OT^voi, to (^roon ofouJ. a. to betoaiJ otoudL 

dvororl^, f. iffw, to crown, wreath: — Pass., dy/- 
ffTtfifUu tcdoa I haiee my head wreathed. 

dva-orTi|pit«*, f, (w, to fix an a firm bate, 

dvaorTi|<rcCM, Desiderative from d»n<rr^<rci> (ft^ of 
d»4<rTfffu) I deeire to td up, 

dva4rT^I<ro|uii, -OT^jow, frit. med. and act. of dj^ 


dva-OT0|id«, f. ^u, to furnish with a mouth : «Iyo. 
ffTOfww rdppov to open, dear ovi a trench. 

dvarOTp44M», f. ^ : pf. pass. da^Sarpofjifuu : to turn 
upside down : to turn up by digging, II. to f«im 

back, around or about : diaffTpi<pttv «dAtF to reptxd : 
to roily, 2, intr. (sub. iavr6v), to turn bade, rr- 

tum. III. Pass., with fut med. -arpiipot»as, 

to turn <mesdf about in a place, toft;^ there, like ImL 
versari, ydiw d»turrpi<po/uu to go and dwdl in a 
land. a. to be busied «n a thing. 3. to re- 

ro2pe. 4. of soldiers, to roUy. Hence 

dvooTpo^, 4, a torntn]/ bocfc or about, a raCttra .* 
a tumtttj/ ab&ul in battle, whether to flee or rally. a. 
a turning about in a place, dwelling in a place : henc^ 
(he place where one tarries, an abode, 

dvorOTpos^^, poet, for dvoHrrpi^ea, to turn every 

dvo-ovpM [0], f. aHpSf, to draw orpuUup: in Med. 
to pvU up one's dothes, 

dvoro^^LXXM, t a^Shof, to recover from a faU, tv- 

dvoox^c^* contr. dvaox<^^« ^f* of poet, aor. 
2 of dy^x^« 

dvooxsu^, dvaox^^^^s aor. a act. and med. ul 
of dr^xw. 

hm ef x <n 6% poet. &wx**^ ^> (<^i^o/(<u) ^ ^ 
■nJPTywi# or Mti^^ared, tolmMe, 

d— r xt ^Mi, £ ^«« io tplit vp, r^ «p. 

Awtf Atii, f. mltw, (o reeoDer teftot ts loil :^>Med. 
to ifigaimfer onemif, 3. to (rvi^ hade, restore ; — 

IW to fctem •a/;. 3. to keq^ in f^md, 

4i > fS p 4uu ii, Att. -TTO : fat. rapi^w : to fitr ttp 
•riircuifar benee to exdie, nwM to j)Jb«ni|y : pf. pan. 
pvt ^vBrrropd'y/i^roff, M eon/uaton. 

■m t dq g ^ Att. T&TTw : f. T^oi : to ae( tn onler 
«9)bm: — ^Med. to jfo regalarty throvffh again, 

^mf($fta^\uUf pf. pan. c^ iam-^pi^ : pait. -fU- 

— ivcut>op4(a. 


4»4n( or 4imiit{, Adv. of ^y-arof, trM impunity. 

h m^r d im, poet. drrtCvw : f. rtwSf : to strtieh np 
ff/Bfftft, x^f' <Sj«Tc/vciy to Ii^( «^ the hand in adja> 
ntion; laLxo^pta^ utwrtraftivot hating Att «t«>rd 
^^r^dtifMlh, II. hitrans., to fvodk up. III. 

to iMdb or tprtad ouS, as a line of battle. 

«v^TRx(t** • ^^ ^<^^f AU. tw : to rebuild or rvpatr 
BcviMiZi. Hence 

iiwrmx^ayA^, 6, buildina of new waUe. 

iamrT&Xm, poet. ii'fhriAktt : fat, rtkSf i^^o tndSw 
or to nK lip, Lat. rafrmttto : hence to bring forth, bring 
to UgkL II. intr. (sub. iavT6y), to rise up, come 

to tight, rue, e«p. of the snn and moon : of the ri§ing 
«r mmrce of a rirer : ^k6£ dyar€kkofthnf a flame 
Uaziaffcrih: to grow. 

kfa^t4f^m§, f . T€fiSf, toeatup^eui open : to cut off. 

i»4T(, Adr., — ca^-erd, 

i»a^ 0y i, f. 6va0i)<Tw, to lay on as a bmden ; but 
>iio (0 ottrAuto or oterAtf in token of honour : to en^ 
trai. II. to wt 1^ 06 a vcHve gift, dedieaie : 

^tan the roOee g^ mm M0Tj/sa, III. to put 

iodk, nmoce : c. gen. to remove from, wpoo0tToa Kiva- 
^<a rov 7c Mar0a»€hf adding to or taking aneayfrom 
the neeearity of death. IV. Med. to toii:« tipon 

^M^, undergo. a. to pfoM d^erentiiy, rearrange : 

la Alt., to retract onie opinion, 

W^riip^, C 4tfw, to niMe m priee, 

dva^'rfvdaoMi, f. fw, to moag to and fro, bnmdi$h. 

dvarMt, part, of sq. 

^»a^r)^i^vo&, iof. of aor. a dj^rXf^, with no pres. 
^»^^fn in use : Ait. -r A^o/mu : — to tear, mtjf«r, 

ivaraV^ poet 4vroX-(|, i|, (dvaWXXw) a rMit^, 
^ of the ran and moon. 
■»a^aX|idM, f . ^cw, to regain courage. 
^B^^ftvg, tm, (a pri?at., dnj) irtfAoiU harm, mtpu- 
">*W. IL act. n&t harming, hamdeee. 

Wrpl»i#, poet. dv-Tpitrw: f, rpiif/on pf. W- 
''Ffs :— to tern up or oMr, «9»«e<. 2. to owrtibrow, 
I^t oarfere. 3. Paas., with f^t. med. rpi^ftat, 

(• k AMI doaw, JMftMftoMrf. 

^ ''P ^ ^ii , fnt ^flfr>, to 5riii(^ up, nottfis^ edtiMfe. 

dvo^^rp^X*** ^^ i»o0pl^oiuu and dj^pafwvfuui 
to run back. 2, to ttart up, ^.togo ttraigii itp^ 
■o, ^ofoiBidpo/u wirpff (pf. with pret. signf.) tlie rock 
rune eheer up, 2, to run up, ihoot up, of plant*: 

thence of cities. 

dvoi-TpCpM, f. tf/», to rub e^ean. II. to rub in 

pieeee: Pass, to be worn away, \X'\ 

dvoHfvppdtw, f. d<rw, to etir up and confound. 

dv-ai&YffTOt, ov, (a priT., o^T^) raylete, 

dv-avSijrot, Dor. -4tos, ov, (a priy., a^&ioi) tfi»- 
uUeraUe, Lat. tnfofuitw. a. flpeeoAIeM. 

^UMftvSof, ov, (a priy., 068^) epeeehku, voiodeee: 
preventing tpeeeh, II. uinutlerabk, 

&¥-avko%, ov, (a priv., a^X^t) without the nmeie of 
the/tute : hence joyleee, tad, 

*d-vavt, gen. &vdo$, 6, 4* (a priv., niSt) vMout 
<^^^ met dvatt ships t/iot civ e^Ups no more, Lai. 
noresnmovef. • 

dva-4a£vfi», poet d|&^aCvw, f. <f»dtv& : aor. i ^^ro, 
or i<pdya. To makeehine: to bring to light, ehewfmih : 
to prodaim, II. Pass., with fut. med. Ava^dnf^ 

aofjuu, pf. act dnxirc^va, to 60 sAewn forth, appear 
plainly: also to reappear: to be eeen or ehewn to be, 
hence to be aeeounted, 

dvo^dvavTttf aor. i part plor., hming made to ap' 
pear, housing come in tight of, [<pd] 

dvo^avSd, Adv., {dyanpalva) vitSdy, openly, 

dvo-^avSdv, AdT.,sf<xeg. 

dva-4&v«(s, aor. 2 pass. part, of dvanpaivof, 

dvor^po), poet djib^po) : f. &voiaw : aor. i dn^ 
yryira. Ion. iarfpftuca, also dy^aa : {Ml, 4^pei). 
To bring or carry up, esp. into central Asia: — ^Pass. to 
rite up : — Med. to carry up for anmdf or tcAot u ofw's 
own : dvaytbcacBat, absol.,to heave a deep tigh, 2. 
to lift up, praise, 3. to uphold, take upon one, II. 
intr. to risf, as the stars. III. to 6rwi(7 or carry 

back: I. to &rv}(^ 6adS; tidings. a. to 6rin(f toefc 
from exile. 3. to (iWvio back upon another, r^er 

something to him : absol. to refer to a person, eof»«u2( 
him. 4. to frrifif^ ftodb to oneteff, restore : intrans. 

to r^reth one$df, recortr, 

dvor^ciryoi, f. ^cd^o/iou, to/w ftodb, e»ape. 

dvo^voi, aor. i hif . of ivw^jfcdvoi, 

dv-ai^t|t, ^f, (a priTat, d^) im/oucAed, »o< to 60 

dvor^OcCpotuu, Pass., to 5e ufMfoiM, perisA utterly, 

dvor^Xfyv, f. f», to light up, rekindle: hence to 

dvor^XoYCtMi f. ^o>, >«di<ii^fyc». 

dva-4Av», f. {^cr<v p], to bubble t^ like boHing- 

d v 4^P<« , f. 4<ra;, to frighten eneay, 

dvo4>opd, at, 1}, (dra^pw) a carrying up, niia- 
iR(7. a. intr. a ri«^. II. a carrying bade: I. 
a r^erring, a rtferenee, 2. a (7tr<N(7 way, retpile, re- 
miteion, $, intr, a going back: a means of recovery, 

dvo-^op^t B ^rar<p4pv. 


iifiti^pov — hfhpla. 

ov&^opov, r6t (dro^pw) any ikkng to eany vith; 
a yoke or hmmfor eaarry/mg, 
dvo-^p^t^f^AH ^* ^ofiOi, MetL, to cbaerve agam, 

dv-a4p68vrot, oi^, (a priy., *k^po9irfi) vUktml the 
fcunmr <^ Venus : mUioiU beauty. 

dvflb-4pov(»» f. i^^M, to come back to one's Mwet, 
eome to onaiei^. 

rdeaeefrotm. II. a fe^reot. 

dvop^vptt [G], £. i)^, to mix up, confound, dt^, 

dva-^0<rA«i« f. ^at, to hreatke up or forth: — Ttm, 
to be puffed up or arrogant, 

dva-4^^oidci, to blow or fpocU up, like a dolphin. 

dvo-^vtt, f. haw, to make to grow up, to produce, 
HetL, with aor. a act. iyiipuy, to grow up: to grow 

dva-^«0v4«», f. i^ao), to caU aloud, proclaim. Henoe 

dva4^»vi||UK aros, t6, a pro€iamatian. 

dva-xdt»t f. dff«0, to mdbe ^m loay, drive back: — 
mottlj mod aa Dep. dvo-xd^ofAos £. iMopai, £p. 
aor. I iy€xa(raA/afv, to draw back, rtiwe, 

dvi»-x^vt9» f. x^^* ^ ^*P^ ^ moutii, gape wide. 

dva-xcuT(t»f f* ^O'or, (dyd, X<>^) ^ "^ horae, to 
4Aroic lAe imme 6adt, rear up :— c. aoc., to rear up and 
throw the rider ; henoe to overthr o w, upeet, 

ivorxlunciw, c= dvo-xo^* 

dva-x^f f* X*^* ^ l''^**^ <'*'*^* 

dva-xvoa(vo|«as (drd, X*'^) Past, to ^ lAe first 
down on the chin. 

dro- x oyt W M, f. (Tw, to 6c|fin a choral dance: — intr. 
to dance on high, 

6>i/&xpa%%, son, ij, (dwix^) ^ powwg over, spend- 
ing: excess, 

dvo-X^'P^f f«4<^^» ^ 90 back, retire, withdraw, II. 
to come back, recart to the right owner. Hence 

dvax«ifn|<n«, sots Ion. tos, ij, a going back, retiring, 
reirtating, 2, a wwans or place of retreat, Lat. re- 

dM^4i|4CtM ; foL laca, Att. tu : (dvd, ^^9^) to 
put to the vote again. Hence 

dvaijrfj^Cott, cart, ^, a patting to the vole again, 

dvdjrutit, coit, 4« (di<af(o(w) a cooling, rrfreshing, 

dvoijri^^ ^, a cooling, r^reMng, II. re- 

covery from a thing : retf. From 

dvo-^wx*** ^^ ^^^f (dvd, ^(^o*) ^ fvrtM by fresh 
air, to cool, nfresh : generally, to cAeer : mbm ^potfAf- 
Xsiy to overhaul the ships, mdlee them sound again: — 
Med. to breathe fresh air again, revwe. [9] 

dv-6a(a*, poet, for dm-So/o;. 

dvSdvw: impf. ffrSovov, ^iTySoroy, and Id^Soyor: 
fat. ddi^cro; : aor. a Mor, poet. ciidSor and 6dcs^ [d] : 
pi lA&a, Dor. HOa, (The Boot ii 'AA>, which ap- 
pears in aor. a and fiit.) To please, ddight, like 4<o- 
fiai : in Homer and Herodotus always c. dat. pars. 
6MtfSi fsoii impers., drddyfi fUH woiw, like Lat. 

dif-8i|ia, poet for dwd^f^M. 

dvSi)pov, r6, mostly plnr. rd dyZffpsi, qnaal &Ss$fa^ 
a raised border Jtower-bed: any earth dug at throstss <y. 

dv-^X^ AdT., (dyd, S^x^^) ofumlar, tn twain. 

dvSp^yd^ 1^* (^/N dTo^) the eharaater 4if a 
bract good man, bravery, maidiy virtnt, Henoe 

dv6p&Ytt6(to|Mi : f. iao/tai, Att lovfwu : J>ap.. i — 
to act bravdy, honestly, play the honest man. 

dvSpdicds, Adv., (dy^p) ffKm &y matt, like icsr* ^r- 
Spot, Lat viirikim : generally, separaiidiy, apart. 

dvSpaw^SsoxFi, heterool. dat of ii^pianlUst^ Sat 
dydpaa^Soct, as if from di^pdvovt. 

dv6f>uiro8(tM : ^u^ ^^^f Att tS/: and as I>«p. 
dv8pairo8(to|Aai, f. toSftcu : (dySpdvoSoy). To re- 
duce to slavery, eq>. to tkl freemen into slaoery^ (said 
so worse than bovkow,) Lat wtulere sii6 coroMa .-w. 
Pass, to ^ sold into slavery. 

dySpaw^Sbnc, cart, 1), and dv8p&iroSiO|adt» d, 
(dy5/xziro£/(o/icu) a selling a freeman into tiacary^ 
slaving: kidnof^ing, 

dv8puwo8ia<rJjs, ov, 6, {dif9pairoil(ofJuu) a 
de<dfr, one who kidnaps men to tldl (htm. 

'ANAPAUOAON, a slave, esp. one made in 
and sold : Homer uses it in dat dy^posr^Sc^vi as if 
from dySpdvovt. 

dv6f>uii>oS-^&i|t, ct, (dySpdirodoy, c78m) afaipisft. 
servile, Lat. serciUs, opp. to kk^spos, 

dvSpdpiov, T<(, Dim. of dy^p, a tnotMiAfo. [dp] 

dvfipdox, dat plnr. of dy^P* 

dv8p-ax^t ^«f ijSa^P* aX^) '^'O'^M^ A BMH* OS 

MiicA oc a man can carry, 

dv8ps(a. Ion. dAfSpi|ti|, 1^, {^Mip) mmiinsm, mamiy 
^rit, courage, Lat virtus, fortitudo. 

dv8p-<(ic<Xov, r6, {<ii^Pt sucsKos) an image 4tf a 
man, a statue, II. a fiesh-cdloured paint, 

dvSpMOf, a, OP, Ion. aM9p4fa%, tf, oy, (Mfp) of 
or belonging to a man, manly, masculine: neat to dt^ 
bpuov, wuudinas. II. rd 6y9pHa, the public 

meals of the Cretans, also the older name Sot ibm 
Spartan fpciUrta, Henoe 

dv6p<i6Ti|S, ffTos, ^, asdySpc^. 

dv6f>«t-^6vn|t, ov, 6, {iy^p, *^hw) man slayina. 

dv8p<«^, isros, 6, poet for An^pissy : see dySpwr. 

dvSpsonwt, Ep. for Ai^piai, dat. plur. of iaf^p. 

dv8p«v|Mvot, Ion. for dydpohfuvos, pres. pas. part. 
of dy^ptSo;. 

dySpsvofMu, Dep. <«dy8p^(o/iai. 

dv8(>i^, ttiyas, 6, Ion. for da^bpin^. 

dvSf>i|iti|, 1), Ion. for dydpcio. 

dv8p^|£of, f^, or. Ion. for dySpcuw. 

dvSpijX&rlM, f. ^aw, to banish from home. From 

dv8p-«|Xdn|t, ov, 6, (dyi^p, lAovyw) ^ tAot drtpat 
one from his home, Ifte avsstger of blood in caaea of 
murder, [d] 

4vSp(a, sdydpcuk 

iaiiptavTonoUm — ^ctireu'. 


I, {(Mpaarrowotl*) to he a sUUuaty. 
^, ttatwary, aculptun. From 
cv, 6, {djfbptiM, woUw) a ikU/ue- 

liHpi^<, ^rrot, d, ifi^p) the image cf a man^ a 

^■6yi{t», 1 fffttf, i^Sjf^p) to make a man of: — ^Pass. 
la hfrmnf « man, to (fttnic and ae( like a man, 

MpuB6s, i}, ^, (oy^p) l^ing a man, mateuline, 
maaijf : mLn of thii^gB, tlrong, ttoul : — ^Adr. At^HputSft^ 
tf> « flMBt; SoperL dydpueiraTa, II. eonqyoKd 

MpCov, t6, DmL of din)^ a monftin. 

' r, Terb. Adj. of dy8^(w, OM flMut j)iay 

fejimijC, Adv., ofler the manner cf men, 

Srroe, 6, i), (ui^^ fitfip^KOf) matt' 
f, eannAal. 

cur, (fij^p, *yhw) begeUing men. 
0¥y (<U^/^ 7v*^) ^ mon-toofiKm, ^^ 
2. a toedb ^Miimiie jwrwn. II. 

A4J., of boUki, tw0d 5of& fty fMn omJ immnai. 

oy, (j^^ do^w) «2am 6y men. II. 

Ai6po-8A| M i t, arrot, ^, i}, {j^h ^M^) taming 
mn: wum-daying, HS] 

&«8p»-6^HOf, ov, (or^^ 5^x<'/'<>') receiving men. 
A>< p o i f g, 4, (<^A ^<a) <^ mon-yodtieM, 1. e. 

% Adr. {dy^p)from a man, from men. 

tfrot, d, ^, {iyiip, itdfow) bringing toil 
to man : deadly, dettrudive. 
Mp6-B|M|T0t, or, (oyrjp, xd^aw) wrought by men's 

^, (dr^p, /rrccrw) iiaughter of men. 
, f. ^<w, ((3»SpotcT6po$) to day men; 

^, B ivSpoxToaia, From 
or, (di>i|^ ittc/mi) man-tlaging. 
^, (drfip, iKXvfu) a murdereee. 
Mpo-fbdxot, If, or, {it^p, fidxo/uu) fighting with 
mm : hence prop. n. Andromaeh^. [d] 
Mp6|Mot, c^ OP, (dirrip) of man or men, human, 
ee, d&rqp, pSficoe) of a man's height. 
6, (dpvip, voTt) a youth near manhood. 
), (itr^Pt wK^os) a muUiktde of men. 
Wp< m ^ t yi* i, {^Pt ^E^O ^ manrSfhinx. 
Ai<H^ I ![■, ifrot, ^t'^idydpHfta, manhood. 
Mpo-^lfX^ ^'* (^fH rvx<ry aor. a of rvyx^) 
giUag a man or huthand, dy8porvx4' jS^orot twdtled 

4ilpo4SY«*^ f- 4^^^ ^ ^<>^ *"^* From 
4ii6po ^Y**** <^» (^'^P' ^dYcfy) ea<«n(7 men: ol 
'Mpu f ^ in H , Cannibals, mentioaaed in Herodottu. 
fai y i ^ W po i , w, iirffp, ip0€tpot) man-deslroy- 
iag. U. paM. d»fip6^$opo9, oy : hence, oT/ia 

hip6f9opor the blood <2f alain men. 

dv6po-46vot, ov, (iar^jp, *^w) man'Slaying: fem., 
^ dyipo^yos, murderess of her huAand, 
&v6po-^6vTT|t, ov, d,»sdyd/>C4-^vr7ff, a mon-ala^er, 

dv6f>6M, f. ^ot, (^p) to rear up to manhood:'-^ 
PaM. to become a man, readi manhood, 

dv8p-^0Si|S, ft, (dif^p, cTBot) ItJbe a man, mantff. 
Adv. -Sow : Superl. S^pudiarara, 

dySpuOfCs, aor. i paes. part^of 6y9p6ej. 

dv8fMl»v, Ion. dv8p€^, wos, 6, i&yrip) a man's 

dvSpfttfvCtit* lios, i^,'^d>f9pinr. 

dv-oMTOi, poet, for dxnwerat, 

dvB«Ncc, poet, for dviSoMrc, aor. i of dyaZiUtpt. 

A.V'^Btqv, aor. 2 of dya-^af mv. 

dv-4ppaxc, 3 aing. aor. a with no pree. in nie, of 
armour, to clash, ring loudly; of doors, to «reaik or 
(^roto toudly. 

dv{p«Mrf , Ion. for dytfiiffae, aor. i of draj9od«tf. 

dv-€Yc(fo», 1 €pu, to wake up, rouse, esp. from sleep ; 
metaph. to rouse, encourage: — ^Pass. to be awaked, 
wake up. Hence 

dvcytpuo»v, ov, gen. ovos, waked up, wakeful. 

dv-ryKAi|TOt, ov, (a prir., tytcaXim) not accused: 
without reproach, 

dvcYvd|i4^> 3 nnCT* aor* i pan. of dyayvdfarrea. 

dvfyvwv, aor. a of d^vyiTi^iMtf. 

dvf84Y|l•6c^ I pi. Ep. aor. a pass, of dyaSixopai. 

dvl8«ta, aor. I of iyojUlicintfu, 

dv-l8i|v. Adv., (dWi;fu) Id loose, without restraint : 
eardessly. II. without more ado, simply. 

dWSpoiccv, 3 sing. aor. a of dvaUpieopm. 

dvl8pu|i€, dv{8pa|iov, irreg. aor. a of iyarpix^' 

dvs^pTw, impf. ArUpyov, old Ep. form of dyi/>7«tf^ 

dWtt|<ra, aor. i of dtfa^ioi. 

dv-i^M: aor.i dyci<ra,part.dW<rat: (drd, l{lw)toseitip. 

dv-«9(XtpH>c, ov, (a priv., I^^Xcv) unwished for : me- 

dv-40T|v, aor. I pasi. of dy4fffu : ahn aor. a act. of 

&v«Cii, 3 sing. opt. aor. a act. of iaMJipi, 

dy-eOMwA, ii, (a privat., E^c/^ia) teieAotti <A« 

dv-€iX^tt, f. ritrat, to wind up or roll tcgeUter: — ^Pa«. 
to crowd or throng together. 

dvi(Xt|4o^ -sCXiKifiai, perf. act. and pass, of &yo 

dviiXov, -^ip, aor. a act. and med. of Avoipiot. 

dviuiiva»t. Adv. from iyup^ivos, perf. pasi. part, 
of iaiript, let hose, carelessly : without restraint, 

dv-«i)u, (dvd, c7/tt) to j^o up: to soil out to sea: but 
also to go up inland. II. to approach, as a sup- 

pliant, in. to ^o &ti<;A:, (/o ^kwi^, return. 

dv^(|M«v, OK, gen. ovot, (a privat., cf/ia) irttiboul 
dothmg, undad. 

dv-<iirfiv, (drd, civf fr) aor. a with no pres. in uae^ 



aor. I fmm.6p€pfi^thir (m if from itfop'piot) i 
aUmd, proclaim, ffioe notice, 

Ai f t L pym, f. fw, to heqt badc^ ward €f, in poet, 
impf. ia^UprfW, 

4ir-<£po|iai» Ep. uid Ion. &v4pa|uis (<ird, dpo- 
/lai, ipofuu) to itnqmn of, inquire tiami. 

6fhm^i%m, f. 6<rw [tT], poet and Ion. for Ay-^fUa, 
to draw hack. 

dv-«(pQ», fut. i»*pSt,4p fatkn on at to: to wreathe 

dvtU, part. aor. a from dy4rifu. 

ay-UciAw, (dyca, iicit) AdT. of Place, /rom o&ot«: 
cf. dyica0€¥. II. of Time, from the fard, 

dv-«B^ Adv., (^bw, hc6i) upmrdi, on high, L^t. 

dv-4icBilT0t, w, (a privat, ht^fiaivot) without ouOeL 

&¥ ti w ^Y HT o t . or, (a privat., 4«>&i7Y^o/ia<) irufe- 

dv-fe8fO|Wf, ov, (a privat., iiKB^afuTv) «t(Ao»< €»- 

ovticAX^ [T], aor. i pa*, of it^oMXhw : di^cnAZMi 
aor. I act. 

dv^«iciii|iirXv||iL, frit. dyMnrA^irw, to fU upon again, 

dv4icirXt|KTOf, aif, (a privat., kiewXiiaaw) wndaunUd : 
t6 iofiwXffieTov datuUlesinets. 

dv ^ Kp & YOv, aor. a of itmcpAipa. 

dy-iKTMt, OK, verb. A4)* of dr^o^MK, <o 2ie 

dviMT6f, 6v, later if, ^k, (drix^^/iai) leanMe, to- 

dv-^K^pooTOt, ov, (a privaL, ijc^pd^iw) tmatferoUe, 

dv-^tyiGTOt, ov, (a privat., Ikiyx^) »afefrom hemg 
gueetioned : not to be routed, nnrrfuted, 

dv«XiZv, dvcXIcr^at, aor. a act. and med. in£ of 

MkmAtpU, i^, (dK«X«Ci0c^) tOAoraKty, 

dv tX a i^ tJHdrnt, i/rot, i^, sforegr. From 

dv-«X<v9ipos, OK, OU&erai, fZarM^i, Lat. iUiberaiig: 
in money matten, niggardlif. 

dytX-^^Oviv, aor. l pani of dKoAo/iiSdKtt;. 

dv-<X{9vo». Att -TTtt, fat i^v, to unroU, like Lat. 
ero20ere, of books in rolls, and 10 f«a<2 ami tfayloiA. a. 
metaph., dycA^TxciK filop to pas$ one's life. 

dv -sXic u M, f. (m, flee dKf Xmu. 

dv4Xict» : f. 4X^ot, but in Att <X4r(r<m [1^ : aor. i 
^Uirtftfa (as if from dK-cAjviw). To dnm up, to hold up: 
esp. to draw up a bow to its /uK strefeft : ^MtXicifaai 
Kovt (o Aoui tip ships high and dry: to drag to light, to 
drag into open oowri : — Med. to draw to onrndf; dy^- 
iC€ff$ai rplx"" ^ '^"M' <>'*^*' ^'i^ l^*^' IL ^ <^ra*0 

dv^tnt, i&M, 6, i, (a privat., kkuit) wHbout 

oir-IXtiurTOt. 0¥, (a prirat., iKai^w) unhoped for, 
unlooked for, II. act. of persoos, hating no 

hope,hopdem. 2, ai iH^n^ Imcing no hope, hope- 

itteipym — ivesalayvvrot. 

Um. III. Adv. -^rem, hopelettlg, drs^sltfrsM 

ix*^ to be en deipair. 

dv-^fi^TDt. ov, (a privat., ififiait^) iumnmmi 
hie. II. act. not going to or into. 

d-vi|A^a<i|TOt, OK, (a privai., Kf /ifo^^) /tve from 
hiame, without offence. 

d-v/|jii|TOt, oy, (a prirat., viput) not dittrSbmltd, 

dvspXto|&a^ (dKf/ios) Pass., lo be driven with ffts 


dvi|AW^o^i|v, aor. i pass, of dM^i^an^isw. 

dv«|id<it, efftra, ev, (drt/ios) tffin^y, ea^taeed to <is 
tctiMf : Wee wind, $w{ft a§ wind, airy, [&] 

''ANEMOX,6,awind,lMi.ventu$: Bvehka 694/amo 
a wbiriwind : dif€fun ttard $op4ay iarffit^ the wmd 
being in the nwth. Homer and Hesiod wM>T^f&9g| 
four winds, Boreas, Eurus, Notus (in Hes. Aigestea), 
and Zephjrus : Aristotle gires twelre, which aerrad 
as points of the compass. [2] 

dv<|io-cKiiH|t, i; (dKc/iofl, atchnj) theHtering from 
the wind. 

dvtfAO-TfM^^ ^f, (dKC/Aot, Tpi^) fed by the wind^ 
of a wave ; iyxoe ioftpirrpo^v a spear from a trae 
tnade tough by the wind. 

dvc)t6o>, t iuro), {dyeftoe) to expoee to the winds 
Pass., of a wave, to be raieed by the wind, 

dv-cp.wo8CoTOt, ov, (a priv., ifmoU{u) unhindered, 

dv^ | ft A wn , ^* (dKCfUM, oMcU) ewift as the wind. 

dvttusXiAC, or, (drf/iot) windy, Le. vain,frmtkm* 

dv4v6€iCTOS, oy, (a privat, ivb^xo/wu) inadamMe. 

dv^vsuco, poet, for dy^yeuea, aor. i act. of 6pai^^4po» : 
dvtysdcafro, aor. i med., dKCK«<x0«it aor. I pass. 

dw^o ^ see 4ki^ko^ 

dWvTft, aor. a part. pi. of dy4rf/u. 

diMfdXsMfTot, or, (a privat, ^aXei^) inddStie, 

dv-«{^ryKTOt, cv, (a privat, i(t\iyxw) not pml 
to the proof, not conricted or routed: impouSbU to im 
routed. AdT. -^root. 

dv-«$«pivvi|T0t, ov, (a privat., k^tpwvim) not to 
be aeardwd out, uneearehable, 

dv-^ftooTO ft , oy, (a piivaL, 2£rrd(w) not eeeureked 
out, not inquired into. XL iStot drc^^nurras » 

life without inquiry. 

dv-s(svp«TOt, oy, (a prirat, i^€vfiami) nU to le 
found out. 

dvt{C«aicot, or, (Ayixw, Matt6v) mtdming teH .* 

dv-sJixvCoanot, or, (a privat, 1^ixp*A{w) not io be 
traced out. 

dv^oSot, oy, (a prirat., ^od^) with no mdki^ 
without return, Lat. irremedbilit. 

dvioi or dvfoC, r. sub drsMs. 

dv^ovTOi,, see dr^eirrai. 

dv.4a^Toa, oy, (a prirat, lo^) without /wtfitf, 
dyiopToe Upant without thare infedal rites. 

d».str a (o x wf r o i , ay, (a print, inanrxfivopmi} 
having no oaueefor dume. 

iiviwakTO — ia>e6(Ktns. 


if'iwnkto, Ep. far dr-f«dX#ro, 3 nag. aor. 2 med. 
from dMmSAAtf, with put. tagoL, he wm throtm «p, 

M m uvu nv , 3 sing. aor. i of dFOMRi(M». 

d >- f ttx ^ ^ ^» (fl prirat^ knax!^) fut Imrden- 
nme^ witiomt cgmee, Adr. t^0m : draox^^ ^P^^ 
met to take iZZ. 

Mwivov, aor. 2 of dyo-aivTW. 

4p ■w ipiw i Aii i ot ^ oi', (a privat., hnfianXtim) 
•Umd fiaU: act. 7ut plotting. 3. noi fiotted 

Hm tw{ Bmtoi, or, (a piiTat., !«(, Suef) vndi^tvted ; 
dam bairMi, dboat «dboK marriage there i$ no diepiUe. 
4» twtiS^nffo t , or, (a j^ir^., iwtStuc^) taiex- 

1^, uafdMiMM. From 
it, (a priTat., {Ttcun^t) tmreaBtmdbk, 
wifmr: AdT. -cut. 

l» ia(aX nro a , or, (a pmat., kwuta\4w) uniiamed. 

tota CXyrrm, or^ (a privat, hnkapfiSwofMu) not to 
k*UdhM€for<madced:UamdeeB. Adv. -twm. 
^» ca C-taerroi, or, (a priTat, !«(, £€trr6t) not 
jtiukni omer,notjmi$hedof, 
i » • miuk tf Liu% ^ ar^ (a privat., hnwK^<rffca) not to 
he w ywJ : famWen: but in bad seme, iaeorrigibile. 
h t laCyptiuf , or, (a prirat., ^mpp4(ca) not wed 
fer aafcri/ierm, 

or, (a prirat, imnchrrofuu) not 
7, iruMentigfe, II. pass, ftoi eontidered, 

«f dUB or sdeaee. From 

A » f i nf i fyni w , or, gen. atfot, (a prirat., Imor^- 
^mt) mi^motring, vmdci^ul: unaeientiJU} : c. in£ not 
ianrmg Jbov to do a tiling. Adr. -/i^mm: also 

A >— {im CTOt, or, (a priTat, l«t7^<ro») noi ootn- 
mmded^ ruijoet to no one. Adv. -^we. 

^» iw i^ Swi , or, Ion. dv-c«vHj8«ot, 17, or, (a 
pmat, hnr^^uim) unfit, ineonvenimt, not wuitabk: 
ftjadkitd, htrtfuL 2. of persaoa, tB^tiipowd, ttn- 

^r-tattifUfro^ or, (a privat, Iviri/i^) not to k 

£vMff«{46oro«, or, (« privat, Iwi^tforof) without 
■7 cr rsproodb : not inridume, Adr. -mom. 
Aviwtura, aor. l of dro-irrlw. 
iiiiAumi, ^^ ' 1 »» CUV. 2 mod. and act of dr- 

4 v ip4o |E a fc » aor. i di^^crft/r: Dep.: (drd, Ifi^) 

^fyagi a t , or, (a private, kpiu) not worfkg cf 
loK. II. act not loving. 

4»^fyat, or, (a prirat, I^Tor) not done, $pya &r- 

Mfyn, old fivm dthh-rkfrfm. 
fa yiKtwi, £ i0w, toproBoke again. 

*d¥-<p«{iro|uu, (dM&, l^f(«v) Dep., onlj and 
by Homer in 3 pi., aor. i Atnjp^hfforro : to anotcA tip 
€mdearrg off. 

&v-«p<vw&o, 1 ^ffot, to feoreft ovL 

di^<pcuvi|TOf , or, (a prirat., kp€w6M) not eearehed 
out: not to be eeardied out 

dv^pofAOi, Ep. dviCpo f tot : aor. 6trrip6pufif : Dep. : 
(dvo, kpiofmi). To queition, aik. 


&v-4piru, f. Vffca [iJ], to creep up. 

dv-ipptt, Idrc/y^ffw: aor. dri^p/n/tm. To come or 
go away, with notion of bad hide: drtpp€, atoay foiUi 
you, Lat abi in maiam rem. 

dv-ipv6|piAM, f. &at [5] : to d;^ to Vkuk. 

dv-^»wo». Ion. diMifMN* : f. i>aoi \p'\ : (o drav up. 

di^-ipXOfAOi, fut drf XciHTD/KU : aor. 2 6rfi>Ji9ov, or 
nsu. 6a>rikBoir. To go up: of trees, to grow up : of 
the son, to rite : of fire, to VUue up, JJ. to go tw 

come back, return: reeurto a thing. a. c&nradr^ 
X^o^cu to be r efe ired to or made dependent upon one. 

dr-«pcaT&«t, f. ^oof, to a$k again or npeotedly. 

dvratuiu, Ep. aor. i opt of dvirj/u. 

dvevav, 3 plur. aor. a of itfhf/u. 

dvier a vr sa , aor. i part of dri^w. 

dvlini, Ep. for Aaifatt, 3 sing, fiit of inri/u, 

£v«ai«, COM Ion. tot, 1^, {dvttffu) a rdaxing, as of 
the strings of a lyre : but, drccrit itax&y an abating 
of evils: hence relaxation: litUemnesa. a. a letting 
looee, esp. of the paiwiami, Ueenee. 

dWcnrbro, 3 sing. aor. a pass, of drcurcdai. 

dvl<m|v, aor. a of dylanjfu. 

iiv-iarun, ov, (a privat, iarla) without hearth or 

Avivx^il^ dvfffx^Oo^uv, poet, leng^hd. for drioxc* 
da^iffxouiiVt aco*. a of Ar^x"*' 

dv-eratflA, f. aca, to eeardt thoroughly. 

dv^TSiXs, 3 sing. aor. l of drcHr^AAttf. 

dv^rXtiT, aor. a of *MirXrffu. 

dv-STO t , o¥, (6it4rffu) rdaxed, tUuk; strictly of a 
bow. a. aei fret from labour, ranging fredy. 

dvsT p A^v, aor. a pass, of iyoF^pi^. 

dvsv. Adv., and Prep. c. gen., wihoul, Stftu BeSry, 
Lat. i«n« Diii, without divine aid: 6y€v rov tcfol- 
vovroe, Lat t».^iMtu regit. II. away from, far 

from. III. in prose, except, betidet. 

dv-ftidttt, t, aw, to honour with eriet cf erne I 

dvfvOs, before a vowel dvsvOsv, (jLnv) I. Prep, 

c. gen., imuXoii^. 2, export from, far from, U. 

Adv. far away, dittant : out of the way. 

dv-fvOfTOS, or, (a privat, cvtfrrot) not well pUtotd, 

dv-«vOOvof, or, (a priv., «l$innff) not hating to ren- 
der qn aecount, irretponmhlB : hence guUUett, 

dv-€VKT0S, oy, (a priv., < j^o/iou) not withedfor, U, 
act not wiMng m praying for. 

dvevptiy, aor. a inf. of dt^fvpUnm. 

dv«vpco%t, cow, 4» (djfWfiaiw) a finding ouL 


itvtHpavf — ipi/fvoS^. 

dv^cvpCTOt, w, (a privai., tbpi^iw) not found cut, 
twi to be found out. 

dv-«vp{9K», f. fvpfiaoi : tor. drcv^ov, un-Att. db^ 
€vpdfjajv^ paM. it^wpiBtfr: (dy«&, tvpUncw), To find 
outt ditoover: — ^Pam. to he found out or diaeoeend to he, 

dv^'iv^fiitt*, f. ijiTWt (Ml^ tb^iUoi) to ay out tv- 
^fut, wtfnjfUiTt : to aliout aloud with joy, 

dv-«vx<>H'^ ^cp* ^ teooM apraytr. 

d-vl4<^otf £p* dvW^tXot, OF, (a pritr., wti^krj) 
eUmdlesB: utweUed, 

ikY-€xhrfi^* ov, (a priT., Ix^TTvot) umoanwitorf. 

dv-^)Cnox» ▼. sub sq. 

dv^X^t impf* dvcrxoK : also dv4ox«»> Jt>4<rxoy i f. 
dyi(w, also drturx^ccj : aor. a iofiirxpvt poet, ivitrx*' 
Bov : pf. dviaxriMi : aor. i pass. Aytcx^y : a 3 sing, 
pres. ind. dv^X'7<^' ^^ occurs, as if fhmi uy^x^/ii : 
(drd, ^X^)* ^<^ ^^ ^> '*/' ^ one's hands in prayer 
or in battle : to hdd up and theto to one, irix^iv 
^dot, to Md tqf a light, esp. in phrase dy<X'> *^P<X< 
^wt, or simply dr«x*, v6,p€x*y hold up ctnd laid the 
light to lead the nuptial procession, make readyt go 
on, 2, to ezott, eactol. 3. of land, i^ix**^ ^^ 

dxprjy to put forth a headland. 4. to uphold, eup- 

port : to oontimuR to do ; c. part., <TTip(a$ dy^x" ^**^ 
tinuet to love : of the nightingale, iatix!tiv iucv6v to 
leeep conitant to the ivy. II. to hold in, keep in: 

Zci« &if4xB^t opp. to im/r, holding up, ttopping the 
rain. III. intrans. to riee up, rite, esp. in form 

&AiTx<o, of the sun : of events, to happen : c. gen., to 
rite from, rtoocerfrom, 2, to come forth, project : 

esp. of a headland, to Jut out into the sea. 3. to 

hold on, keep doing. 

B. Med. dv-^o|iat : f. iyi^optu or 6»a<rx/f<rofuu : 
Att. impf. and aor. 2 c. dnpl. augm., Ifpux^lioiiv* ^^^ 
cx6fMf}v: — strictly to hold oneself up, and so to hold up 
againd a thing, endure, aUow, hold out, lait: so in 
part., dy^x^/ityoi <fUpovat they bear wUh patience, 2. 
&y4x*<T0ai (tivout to allow the pretence of g^uests, and 
BO to receive them. II. to hold tip what m one's 

own, dy^x^^''^ X*'/''^ ^ ^''^ ^P ^^^ hands to 
/(/Af. III. rarely, to hold on by one anOlher, 

dvft^o, 4, fem. of dv'^iot, afetnale eouein, 

dvc4naSo€t, oO, 6, a f.rtt-eoumi** eon. From 

'ANEmcyX d, a fret eoumn, a couein. Hence 

dvci|n^Ti|S, i/TOt, 4, eouMnsAtp. 

dvli|nixm, 3 pi. aor. I pass, of ijror^fwx^, 

dvt^ or dvsai, see dwtwe, 

dv^^o, Att pf. of dvolyo), part. d^^CfryiOt, always 

dv^^pTOv, impf. of dyoiyot, 

dv/^a, also livoita, aor. i of di^otyw, 

dvMsvnu (not At^iomu), for dFco^reu, 3 pi. perf. 
pass, of d»4fffu (as if from dr-f^), tAsy ibave been given 
up or <2ero<sd. 

dvMAS, gen. ai, d, i^,' Att form of an obsol. Adj. 
dyavot, d^Sot (a priv., aCea, *6m to cry), without a 
voice, mute : drt^ nom. phir. 

^^> ^* (drw) a fulfilment, 

dv-t|pi(&tt>, f. 4<rw, to grow young again, Lat. 
eraecere. Hence 

dvi|pv|T^pu>t, a, oi', making young again, 

dv-t|Pot, oi', (a priv., 1i0ii) not arrioed at mam'* 

dWiY^YOv, aor. 2 of dvd7». 

dv^i|Yf|idviVTOf, oy, (a privat, i^/iortiw) ipA&onf 
a deader. 

ikV-^ioyML, t iiaofuu : Dep. : — to (eS as in a «MBr> 
foiftre, rdoto. 3. to advance, he home akmg, 

dWm, £p. for di^, 3 sing. aor. 3 subj. of aArjiu„ 

drfjoCvot, 1;, OF, (di^or) mods of diU, 

"ANHeON, TO, dm, aniee, Lat aneOmm: alio dr^ 
vrjOov, Ion. dvyriaov or dyijeror: poet dnnjTay or 

dWji{av, 3 pi. aor. i of dKifircra;. 

dv^Sov, ft, c, Ep. for di^ciK, impf. oi&vuitL, 

MfMA, dv4|ie«v, aor. I of ^4rffu, 

dv-tjiMOTOt, OK, (a priv., diciofuu) not to be hctded^ 
inewnMe: iyrfK€ara wotur rtva to do one irremedieMi 
hurt : dr^Mffra*iv to suffer the same. II. 

act damaging beyond remedy, deadly: — ^Adv. -ras*^ 
iinpciarwi UtartOipai to treat with kicking eruA^f, 

dv-ifJKOOS, o¥, (a priv., aicaif) without hearing: nee^er 
haemg heard a thing, ignorant ofiU 2,nU teOUmff 
to hear, diaobedient, 

6,yi\Kiovarin, f. ^aof, to be unwilling to hear, to b» 
diedbedieni. From 

dv-^Kotwrros, o¥, (a prfv., diroOw) tm&eord of. II. 
act unwitting to hear, diedbedieni, 

dv-^IKM, f. (of, {(iyA, IJKoi) to reach up to, 2,4a 

have come up to a point ^* rd fUytara oyrjic^af : to 
refer or pertain to a person or thing. 

dvifjXoTO, aor. i of &ifdX\ofuu, 

diHl|Xbcot, OK, (a priv., ^\i£) not yet arrived of 
man*8 estate, 

dv^iot, or. (a priv., ijXtot) eimleee, gloomy, 

dv^tirot. Dor. dvdXiirof, ov, (a privat., i^aff a 
kind of shoe) unsAod, barefoot, 

dvifjXi^oxt, cow, 1}, ((Sjfipxo/tOA) a going up, >. 

a coming back, 

dvfjXoou, aor. i of droX/criw. 

dv-^|i«\MTOt, OK, (a priv., d/UXTOv) tmmtSbod. 

dv-^|iSpot, ov, (a priv., ff/if/wt) not tame, trtZdv 
sacage : of plants, tcA^. 

dv^|vo9^c&i, aor. I inf. of Avoiyopm, of which tense 
iylfyiiro is 3 sing, ind., iaf^fmyrm 3 sing. subj. 

dvipfi|i£a, 4t a eo/m. From 

dv-t|vt)iOt, OK, (a priv., Sa^fUMi) uilhout wind, ealn^ 
iifffvepoe x^'fi^^i'o^ for dKiv tj4fuw x^'M^inw*'* trtlA- 
otrf (Ae Uasf of storms. 

dW|voOt, Ep. pf. a intr., with pre^. sig^nf.: Homer 
has it twice, aTpa 6yfivo$fv i( ibrccX^t guahed from 
jorlh the wound ; mdaij MpfoBev the steam metmitd 
up. (Formed as if from a Verb *dK^^.) 


jw ^ »i i o > , or, ^69ipfV€T<m, 

kwifm^ opo8^ 6, (a priT., M/p) unnuady, dattardiy^ 

ian^Knk^ 3 nng. pil paasi of <b4«T(v. 

^»inrvi», f. <f «, lo cry oioiMf . 

*AliHT, 6, gen. dv8/>6t, dat. -d^, Aoe. -ipOf toc. 
Ip^ plor. &Ap9B, -^fSn^t -^p&jau -^pe^, £p. also 
i-ripoM, etc., dat. pi. 6M9p€ff<n, A vnan, as opp. to 
nuMf Lat. «tr. II. a fsan, as opp. to Ood, 

isr^ i9^pS» Tf ^iwr re. III. a moit, as opp, 

to a yontfa. IV. a man, emphatically, a tmm 

iaieoi^ opp. to 690penM^ voXXo2 fuv 6»9ponNH^ iXl- 
^■i tt Mpn. Y. a Jbasfto nrf , olTdr ilH^^f Vir- 

gil't nr ^npyif. 

4v^, Att. crasiB for 6 iofiip. 

ary( #n, 3 no^. aor. I pass, of <ly-cup^. 

A r^ptljaot, or, poet, for iM^dptOpun. 

•p y o T O i , or, (a priv., d^^) m^iIoiigAaf. 

4n|0ov or drvi|(ror, r^. Ion. fir dmjBow, 

■M|WT1JT0S, i^tt. ftlM(JTTiyfO$ OT Q^^TTV|TOf, Wt 

^ prir., t^tfvdai) imeonguerMi, nneonqviertthk, 
av^lfivof, iy, or, Dor. fot dr^Arot. 
dv^Tor or £m|TOv, t6. Dor. and .£oL for 

A > wii q im , or, Att. for dr-il^o'iriTrot. 
^n^^oMTOt, or, (a prir., *H^(rro«) ^pitkond nal 
M-^ drif^<rror i.e. the fire of discord, 
r, aor. I pasi. of di^rrar. 
3 sin^. pf. pass, imperat of 6p6mfm^ 
r. aor. I pass, of dr-i^yw . 
■fli^w, dir^p|pav, 5 sing, and pi. aor. i of dr- 

i»#nipfo|iai, f. ^jirofuu : Dep. : i&mi^ cipUt). To 
dmte a thing: inkead of another : to prtfer, ekocu 
iadtad. II. to dupiUe^ Imf dmn to, 

4vlu|uAXdo|uu, f. ^ivopai : Dep. : — to vie wUk an- 
oAhtf . te rinilf : to raes one another. From 

«4d|iiXXot, or, (drH, ^^uAXa) riddOing, 

^lOAsimtttt, Ion. dvr-dirrD|MU) £ ^/loc : Dep. 
TokffkoUcf,wteddletBUk,mffagein. 3. toloyAoU 
«<, rue, otfoelr. 11. lo lay hold of in rdum. 

£i4«or, r6, {ilyBoa) a Uottom. 

All iifo t, Torb. Adj. of iarrixoi, tn$ muat- hofd to, 
«hM« Is; so also plnr. dvOsKrla. 

4i44Xns, 1 f fltf, to <&iaw or jmU againd, 

fc>i|ia, oros, rd, poet, for ij^B^pa or dr^A/fn. 

i^tpaov, t4 »dr0ot : dr#^/«or kanypUrot tattooed 

i4i|iU,iSot, 4, -dr0M. 

fc^ii4«t, c^tfo, «r, abo «# * fr, ftowery, flowered, 
^"wvtka in metal, emboeeeditUhfloteers. From 
M|i6|i|iliui, or, {Mepov, fii») fleering from 

iiA^iiupy^f, ^1 (Mi|ior, Ipyor) vor^rfn^ £ 


dv9c}i^^ftv|t, cs, contr. for dr^c/xo-ciS^t, (Mtptov, 
tVh$) flouery, blooming, 

Miioyuax, fat. med. of dyrixo*' 

dv0co, Ep. for drdtfov, aor. a med. imperat of 

dv^ps^r, curot, ^, (drtf^) the ehni, Lat wMnfum. 

dv6sp(in|, 1}, and dvO^pucot, 6,^Mipi(, a ttaUt, 

dvOlfMt, <«of, d, (dA7p) the heard of an ear of corn, 
(Ae ear. 2, a etaOc 

dvOsouv, Ep. for dritfcoror, 3 plur. aor. 3 of dra- 

'AvOsoT^puh ctfr, rd, <i(» JVase of Flowert, the three 
days' festival of Bacchus at Athens, in the month 

*Av0scm)pU0v, wrot, d, the month AiiUhederion, 
eighth <^ the Attic year, answering to the end of 
Fehroary and beginning of March. 

'AvOiori^dpia, cur, rii, the Anlheephoria, a festival in 
honour of Proserpine, who was canied off while 
gathering flouen. From 

dv^scr-^dpof, or, (Mob, <^pot) bearing flowers, 

dvOsTO, Ep. for iyiOfTO, 3 sing. aor. 3 med. of 

dv64w, f. riao), to bloom, Uoeeom : meti4>h. of the 
sea, dri^tr vtiepoie to be ooertpread with corpses : of 
colours, to be brigJd : metaph. to bloom, flourieh, ivBuv 
dy^pdai to abound in men : to 60 at tAe heigld, as a 

dv^, 1}, as Mot, a bloetom, 

dv0i|p6f, d, 6v, {J»$4w) flowering, blooming: hence 
flreah, young: — metaph., m full force, in petfec- 
tion, 2. brigla-edoured. 3. of style, /oruf. 

dvO-«|oropdo|Mu, pt dy&i/jotrrjpuu : Pass. To be beaten 
in turn, give way in turn, 

dv0vh^6pof , ov, » &v$tc<p6po9, flower-bringing, 

dv6it«0, f. law, (dy^i) to Jtrew with flowert : to deck 
as tcUh flowert; and so, to dye with eoloure : — Pass, to 
bloom : to be dyed; ifP9tepUroe, metaph. of one whose 
hair is eprinUed with uhke, 

dvOivot, ff, ov, {dyOot) of flowers, blooming, fredt, 

dv9-iv«d{o|uu, f. 6oofMu : Dep. : — to ride againtt. 

dv0-iinr£Ur{a, 1j, a sham^flght of horse, 

M-Mnnv», » Mnwed^opuu, 

dv0-C(m||u, f. dvTtirr/fae» : aor. i larrfaa. : (drrf, 
tartjpu). To set against, esp. in battle : to sec over 
against: to compare, Lat componere, II. 

Med. or Paa^ drA^oro^Mu, with pf. act dpeivrif- 
ita; aor. 2 dvOiarrpfi to stand against, withstand, 

MopoXks, t, iiau, to bestrew with flowers : — ^Pan. 
to have flowers showered upon one. From 

dvOd-^oXot, o¥, {Mas, fidXXat) garlanded with 

dv9o-6(ayrot, op, (Mas, 9iaiTa) living on flowers, 

dv0o-66icO9, or, (dr^i, UxofMu) reeeicing flowers, 

MoKO^Us, f. ^aot, to proitee flawers, Vr 


iv^paiiHo — iLif6<TT€0i. 

dv-{t|pa{vtti, poet, for dva^tifiabw. 
dv-o^Y^w, f. riaca, (dM, 6Si^ica) to guide back, 
^v-o8os« OP, (a priv., dlidu) hating no road, impoB' 

^v-o8os, 4> (^^ ^^) ^ ^"^ ^P • ^P* ^^ central 
Aflia. II. a way bach. 

dv-oftvpo|Mu« Dep., toidupa waUing. [D] 

d-vo^|U0v, ov, gen. ovo9, (a priv., i^^w) MUMleM. 

d-v6>i|T0f, 0¥, (a priv., i^o^ev) nol titoughl on, nci to 
he thought an, II. act. nU undentanding, fooUtk : 

unreatoneHiU, Lat. amtn$, 

dvoio, £p. dvo(i|, 4, (dyoot) ioamd of vmdertiand- 

dv^YvOiu and dv-oiYWi Ep. dvoCyvOiu: f. dy- 
ol^w : ifith double augm., impf. dpi^iyoy. Ion. dya- 
oiytCMOv: aor. i dy^^i^ inf. dyof]fai, also di«fi£a; 
pf. I dvi^x^ P^- ^ dv^^'Ta: fut. med. with pais, 
dgnl dyoiyriorofuu: (dM, otyw), 1. To open, 

tmdo, 2. metaph. to <a^ open, ditdoet, 3. as 

nautical term, abed., (0 yei tn/o //le open 06a.*— Faw. 
to (eopm. 

dv-o(Yf0, f. ^w, T. foreg. 

dv-oift4c», f. ^ao;, to simU up : to swell with passion, 

dv-ouc(tw, fut. iaea, Att. tuf, to rdntUd, II. to 

fnaike another change his dweUing, to remove a pemon 
/rom hie abode : — Pan., and Med., to migrate, a. 

dyouciitiv fr6Xiv to dispeople a city. III. in Pan., 
to he buHt up the country, away from the coast. 

dv-oiJcoSo|iitt, f. ^<rca, {dyd, oUeobofUea) to buHd 
up. II. to rebuHd, III. to waU up, 

dv-oucos, ov, (a priy. ottcot) houseless, homeless. 

dv-oucT^ov, verb. Adj. of di^TOf, one must open* 

dv-odcTurrot, ov, (o priv., obcTl^ca) unpiiied. 

dv-oucTOt, oy, (a priv., oTrrof ) jAtUess, ruthless. 

^v-oifulotw, f^t. 6^oiuu, to toail aloud. 

dv-Oi|UMeT(, Adv. of eq., ici/Aout wailing : also trttftoul 
«teed to tmil, i. e. with impunity, [I] 

dy-oCp»ieTOt, ov, (a priv., oliJiif(sji) unmourned, 

d.voi{ai, aor. i inf. of dy-oiyca, 

•dvoi{iS, cow, 4, (dvo/T^vfu) an opening. 

dvoiVT^ov, verb. Adj. of dvaipipw, one must report, 

dvourr6t. Ion. dv^aiorot, 17, oy, (dya^/w) reported, 
r^erredfor decision, 

dv-ourrpl«o, f. ^aat, (ivd, (narpos) to goad to madness, 

dvoCcru, ftit. of dya^/w. 

dvovTO, 3 sing. pres. pass. opt. of Syw, 

dvovxOi^ow, 3 pi. aor. i pais. subj. of AtMA^. 

dvoXpla, 1), the stale of an dyoAiSot, misery, 

dv-6A0tot, ov, s= sq. 

•dv-oXpos, ov, (a priv., 6K0ot) wMest, wretched, 

dv-dXcOpof, ov, {a priv., li\€$po») not ruined, 

dvoXicA, 1), (dy^Xxo;) a drawing up, 

dv-oXoAv{«», (if otf, (dyd, dXoX(f{iw) to cry otoud, esp. 
lo dtoui with joy, 2, to bewail loudly. II. 

Act. to itidbe one sltout. 

dv-oXo^vpoi&ai, Dep., (jiv&, ^Ko^popaC) to brtaik 
into loud wailing, [0] 

dv-ou|3pot, ov, (a priv., SpBpot) without rain, 

dvo|iM*, f. ^aot, {&opm) to act lauksdy. 

dvo|iia. Ion. dvo|i(i|, 1), (dvo/iot) /oioI^ssiieM:. 

dv-o|i(Xi|TOt, oy, (a priv., 6pIKiw) having no inter' 
course with others, unsociable. 

dv-d|4iAT0t, oy, (a priv., i/ipa) without eyes, 

dv-6|UHOt, ov, also a, ov, (a priv., opoiot) walike* 

dvo|u>idn|f, rnros, ij, (ij^poiot) unlikeness. 

dvofftoidM, {ivifjuHot) to maiee unlibe: Pan. to be ao. 

dvoiioUxrit, son, 1), a makmg unlike: unlibenas. 

diM»|ioXoY{o|Aai, f. fiaopai : Dep.: (dwi, d/ioAoydotf). 
To agree upon a thing. 

dvo(fcoXoYOV|Mvot, 17, ov, (a priv., SpoKoyiot) moi 
agreeing, inconsistent : not admitted, twl granted^ 

d-vo)U>s, ov, (a priv., v6/ao$) without law, laneleBe, 
impious, II. {v6fws u) «uiiiMisicKi/. 

dv-dvi)TOt, Dor. dv-dvdTOt, oy, (a priv., Ivanfpuy 
unprofitable, uedess: neut. pi. dySvrjra, as Adv., loi- 
profitahly, in vain. 

d-voot, oy, contr. d-vovt, ow, (a priv., v6os) taAA- 
oti< understanding, foolish. 

dvoimSa, Adv., either ftom a priv., S^pai (tut^ of 
&p6oi), unnoticed; or firom dyw, upcoard*, tip in lli« otir. 

dv-OTrXot, ov, (a priv., ovXov) without the large 
shield -which distinguished the hoplite, wA A<a«y- 
armt^ : generally, unarmed. 

dv-owTot, ov, (a priv., fklfopat) unseen. 

dv-dpuTOt, ov, fdso d-oparot, (a priv., 6^da>) = 

dv-opY^ooTOs, ov, (a priv., ^/ryid^o;) otfended 5y no 
oiytes. II. i» whose honour no orgies care heid, 

dvop^ more usu. Ion. i}|vopfr|, 1), (dyfp) faon- 
/lood. courage, [d] 

dvdp«ot, a, oy, {avijp) manlff, courageous, like dbr> 

bpH09, [d] 

dv-opOo«», f. ^«: with double augm., impf^ 
ijv^p$ow, aor. I ifv^pSoaaa. To set upright again, «v- 
stare : to set ^aight again, set right. 

dv-op|iOt, ov, (a priv., Bppos) without hadtour, «n-> 

dv-opovi», 1 obcoj, to start up, leap up: to motrntt 

dv-^po^ot, ov, (a priv., 6pwpo$) roofleu. 

dv-opTxiXC^M, f. taw, {Mi, dpraXliu) to flap the 
wings and crow, to stru/. 

dv-opvoxns, Att. -rrw: fut. (at: {&v&, opirrros)^ 
To dig up what has been buried, dt^. r&pov to break 
open a grave. 

^y^X^i^'V'^aii, 1 ^aopat : Dep. To Jun^ up ofd 
d€Mce about, 

dv-dorw»t, ov, or a, ov, {a privat., So^ios) unAoJ^, 
wicked, laX, prof anus : dy^ot vimn a corpae with aU 
the rites unpaid, 

d-vo<rot. Ion. d-vovcros, ov, (a priv., y^of) with' 
out tickness, healthy, sound : of tUngs, free from afl 
d^eet, healthy : Avoaot KaxSn^ untauehed by ill. 

dv-6oTiot, ov, (a privat., dorcoy) wiihwi Umet* 

ii)6artiios — ivrtdm. 


^^•viorlfftott or> (a prir., p6(mfic$) not retum- 
iM$. U. not to he rfiraced, 

^ "w ooi^ a , «r, (a priv., vharot) tcUhout return. 
^^••TorS^ (4*^ ^orai) to Intak out into waiUng. 
0¥, (a priT., 0Z9) teithoiU ear: without 

ovr, contr. for Si-voot. 
cr, lovL. for d-voffos, 

or, (a priT., oMua) umeounded, 
AdT. of for^., without wound, [r] 
JMX^ ^ (^'^X*') ^ hotdiug bade, atopping, esp. of 
iaiCfl]tie% on armiatiee, II. (dylx^'f^) '^'"y' 

iaf^aj^L&im, f. Affof, to hold up, lift up. 
iwroy £p. slkortd. imperat. for drntrra, &yd<rrrf$i, 
iv-oT&s, diMrr^i|utMat, dv-aT^jomt, dv-ar^csv, 
^ iMii(|i m>, Ep. forms fSor dya-<rrdt, dycHTT^Ku, 

dv-ax*^l«v, dv-cx<o, £p. for dya-<rxc0cry, dvd- 

diMrx«i^6St Ep* for dtm-irx^ot. 

ivrm, (drri, drrqw) Adr^ ooer again9t,face to face, 
LttLcoraat. II. as Prep. c. gen., ot^erojfainft; 

^rm 9apu&am hrfore the cheeks, of a veil : eo^f rented 
«nti : most fi^q. in hostile sense, agaitui, 6vra Aii^t 


irr-j^YOpd^M, t, ^a, to buy in return. 

«rr-&<yop«vo», f . ffv, to epeak agaUut, reply : to eon- 

Avr^YDfvC{o|iafc : f. iaofiOi, Att. tovfuu : Dep. To 
^rof^lr o^ouuC, vie vifA, esp. in war : to diepute with : 
m Vam. tobetel againet. Hence 

drr ^ynm ^ * , oO, 6, on adoeraary, rivai. 

^-a«pw,adirr-«J/w: — Med., dyTaMlp€<r$ai x<<- 
p^ nyt lo raiK one's hands oj^thst one. 

or, (drn, J^Aof) atruggling againtt. 

ian-mMofuat^ f. i<ro/mi : Med. : — to retpeet one an- 

&rm2ot, a. or, {dm) $et over againgt, right oppo- 
rite ; imta (sab. 7X771}), a wound in front. a. 

Wde. XL ftesotf^M icAA pmyen, rd drroTa 0«m' 

|i*tws to the gods. 

irr«£fts, f. d^ <o ratte againtt, 11. seem- 

■#7 intr. (sab. x<^ipa*)f ^<> reiuf, witkatand, 

^•«&Tlsi, f. Ttfttr, lo demand in return, 

'AMTAKATOS, 6, a sort of durgeon. 

vw, 1 oiao/Ku, to hear in turn : to liaten in 

Arr^Kpodouoi, f. itroftat, Dep.aforeg. 
W-CAftXd{M, £. ^w, lo return a ahout. 
haiXXmyf^a, aros, t6, that which ia given or taken 
^admmge; anex^ange. From 
^iT-oXX&orvw, Att -ms: fat.f»:— /o t^tM or take 
i^egimtffe: — ^Med^lo laXse one thing in exchange for 

dvr-Of&iCpoiuu, f . if^fMU : Med. i—4o give or take in 
exchange, to exchange. 2. to give puniahment in ex- 

change for iU-^onduet, to requite, puniah. 3. to give 
worda in exchange, anawer. Hence 

dvTd|&su|as, €0)a, ij, an exchanging. 

dvT-«l)iwo|iai, Med., to defend oneadf againat an' 
other, resist. 2. to requite. 

dvT-avaplpd{o), f. dav, to make go up in turn. 

dvT-okvd'yo, f. £a>, lo lead up againat, eap. to put out 
to aea againat : generally to attack. 

dvT-okvOXCoicM, f. -avixiiixoi, to deatroy in return, 

dvT-ava|UvQ>, to wait instead. 

dvT-avair()ifrXt)|u, toJiU in turn or in opposition. 

dvT-avairX^HCA, f. £«, to plait in rivalry with, 

dvT-avairXi)p6Q», f. 4taw, to fit in return, 

dvT-dv€i)u, i&trrl, &if6,, etfu) to go up against, 

dvT-avC<rn||u, f. orrioca, to act up against or instead 
of, II. intr. in Med., with aor. 2 and pf. act., 

lo liae up against, 

dvT-d{u>t, a, or, worth just as much as, equivaJent 
to. Hence 

dvrafk^M, f. ^0), to demand as an equivalent or 
in turn, 

dvT*airavrco>, f. ri<rv, to demand in return, 

dvT-airo8^icw|u, f. htl^ot, to prove in return or 

dvT-airoSCSuiu, fut. Ziitaw, aor. '2 iZw : pass. fat. 
~do$Tiaofuu : aor. i -eMrjv : — to give back, repay. II. 
to render, i, e. make, so and so. III. intrans. to 

answer, correspond with. IV, to deliver in turn : 

to explain in turn. Hence 

dvTair68o|jA, aros, t6, requited, recompense. And 

dvTair68o(n«, ton, 1), a giving back in turn, repay- 
ment: reteard, 

dvrairoSoOvat, aor. 2 inf. of drr-airo-8{8c»/ui. 

dvT-airoicp(vo|iAi, Med. to ansidh again, 

dvT-airoKTcCvw, f. tcrtvSt, to kill in return. 

dvT-airoXofi^vtt, f. kSfpopm, to receive in return, 

dvT-aw6XXi)|&t, to destroy in return: — ^Pass. and 
Med., with perf. 2 act. -6\wXa, to periah in turn, 

dvT-afroT{«», f. aoi, to requite, 

dvT-airo-^aCvw, f. ^Avw, to ahew on the other hand. 

dvT-dirTopAi, Ion. fat itpB-^trropai, 

dvr-apKJtt, f. law, to held out againat: to hold out. 

dvT-a<nrd{o|uu, f. ^opai : Dep. : — to greet in turn : 
to receive kindly, 

dvravy^v, f. ijaof, to reflect light, to reflect From 

dvT-avY^, ia, {dyrl, cn^) r^lecting light, 

dvTH&v8da>, f. ^aot, to apeak againat, answer. 

dvrdo, Ion. dvT(», f. ifoaf : (drro, dyrt) :— of per- 
sons, to come oppoait/e to, meet face to face : also, ^^Hj- 
acu iJu&xqt, ZaiT^, etc., to meet witk, todee part in, pat' 
take of. 

dvTiP^iMra, aor. I of iam-fioXlsa. 

drr-ryKaX^M, f. lav, to aeeuse in turn. 

dvT-cucd|o), f. 6.aoi or daoprn, to compare ia retmn. 

dv-Tc(voi, poet, for dra-rclrv. 



ipTfiiroy— 'ANTT. 

dvr-^irov, aor. a wUhoiit anj pret. Iki lae^ to i^paolE 
o^oififl or In a imw r , ^sjntoy. CI irr^pSt, 

Arr^Cpofiai, loo. fw itrr-4poptm, 

dvT-furdvw, f. ^w, to tolrtMhiee tmfancf, MiMMe. 

&VT-«ur^cptt, £. o£0<m; to jMjf, ccnMbtiefor tmoQier : 
of. cl«ifo^ n. to nbdikiie oo» Udn^/or mi- 


avr <iocX<ii'iw, i. ^ftt, to itool MD0qf in fflfnni. 

cLvT flcirf|iw, 1. ^pBf* to 06IM Mil Ml ftstoni. 

dvT^KirXfo, £ wktiv/mi, to aotf o«< agakui, 

dvr-fKTiCvw, fl row, to itntoA mU ogaiMlT hence 
to o o i i yar e one wiU another. 

dvT i i c r p f x *** ^' ^piifBovpKMi^ to «a2}fr mil apmmtt, 

dvTtXap^|n|v, aor. a med. of inrrtXa/Mfieaw. 

dvrlXXoura, Dor. lor drr^AAovflm, part fbm. 
from tq. 

dvWXAw, poet, fer dya-WXAar. 

dvT-<\iKt», fat. i<rca, Att. tw, to hope irulead. 

drr-«|i^dXXD», f. /MXd, intr., to indlee on tnrMKi in 

drr-«|i^lpdtt^ f. d^v, tojwl on ftoofd Mtead. 

dvTt|iir&Yr« 3 Aoi** 3 P**** Bubj. of aq. 
dvr-^iHfY^fU|tt, f. «4f«, to <ltol; n^ftl tn. 
dvT-«JMKirpt||u, 1 vfii^m^ totdtm fire in rttmn, 
dvT-«v8£8«»|u, f. &{Kra;, to give teay in twrn. 
iiTr-Myn, f. d^, to e3QN>rl inilead. 
Avr-Amm, f. ^^w, to dmiand m refcrni. 
dvT-^|«|u, (c7ftt) to march <mt againti, 

dvT-«|«Td{», f. o-or, to try one hg the etandard of on- 
ott^: — Med. to fnaawfv oneself aj^otnil onolAer. 

drr^nnrtdw, f. ffw, to nde ent againet, 

dvTf(6p)it|o%«, HM, 4, (drr/, {^» 6pfM&oi) a mSHng 
Old agatiut, 

dvT-€ird<y«», f. ^«», to Iea<i or <ulvaiioe <ipa«iil. 

dvT-«iraiWt^ f. ^^«, to |»ra^ tn relwm, 

drr-«iravd'votMHv Med. to/ncl to jm agednet. 

dvT-fim|Ci, to nwA upon, attodk. 

dvT^«««|d'y«», f . (m, to (ieoil or marvA out o^fetiML 

dvT-cirttiiiu, (et/u) to mtmih out againd, 

dvT-«irt| iXavvw, f . eXAaot^ Att. #X(S;, » for^. 

dirr-«irttlpxo|Mk, Depv^drrnr^fifii. 

dirr^inpo«X«(M», f. <t«, to form eowder-deeigne. 
' dvr^inoc(icvv|Ki, 1 M^m, to tkew forth in htm, 

dvT-€iriOOpitt» 1 ^<ro), to deeire tn (urn : — Paaa., iirr- 
emHfMie$al iwoe to hare a thing deaired from one. 

dvT-€iaicoi^«*, f. ^coj, to help in return, 

Ayr-emfMXhyun^ fM. med. ^mitat^ aor. I pats. 
-firc/icA^ATT : I>ep.:> — to gioe hoed in hwn, 

dvT - nrwrTp a rt^, f. 9», to tofo the field agmimL 

dvT-emT&axTM, f. ^«, to cr^fotn «n lam. 

dvT- » in . Tt t x({o|ias f. med. hofMu: pf. paak -rfrti- 
X'^/iot : Dep. :«-to ftuAi/orls o^^imI in rataMton. 

dvT-«iriT{^|U, Alt. #l^0«t, to eninut in antmer, 

drr-«pftv(t«i» f. (ffw, (dyrf, $payoe) to C imtiA w k cne'a 
ehare in turn. 

dvTtpcurrfjS) oi% d, a noai tn toaf . Vrooi 

dvT<4pdw, to love in rdrnn: to rteol in tone. 

dvr^piCSw, t, oat, to set firmly againti, to pkmt 
firm, II. intr. to wl on«M^ itoEMffaillf againtL 


dvT^pcunt, f aw, i), obatinaie reeielanee, 

dvT-tpopoi, Ion. -c(fO|i«i : aor. a -nipifofw :— to oaJb 
tn fum. 

dvr-«pdofMi, to meAe equai in «e^ «AJb .* henoe, 
to raliK «9«affsr tfiU^. [iO 

drr^pA, fat without any prea. in lae ; pC ^b^nt- 
pfiRB : (cf. i:rTUwor) : to tpeak ogaiMlk, gainia^. Fnt 
pan., oOi^y drretpffoerai no dmiaf ihoO he gimn. 

dvT4p«»t, fltfrot, 6, fvlum-toev, toap / or- to re . 

dvT^eptirrd—, £ ^«, to <Mit tn lorn. 

d ri' ^T HV, aor. a ind. of d»4lorrffm, 

dvT-«w p ytT< M , f. 40«tf, to r«liim a JbvMlncM. 

dvT^woftt, f. ^aw, to tPtsA imU in reliim. 

dvT-4x» or dvrUoxttt £ ^4^: (dtrH, fyoa, ^^X'^) - 
to hold againd^ X^p^ 4rpardt drrtx^^^ ^ Mi? onaV 
hand so as to shade one's eyes. II. Intnoa., 

to hold out againet, wUhtland: abaol. to kM omA: 
hence to tt^Soe, fo anoagA. m. Med. to hold 

Old mgaind something : later, with gen. only, to hM 
on fty, hold to, deave to, 

drrWjXiot, ee^t (drW, IjXxoe) oppoeUe (he mm : 1 e. 
locking ead^ eadem: halftovu drr^Aioc, itatiies of 
gods which tU)od in the mm, 11. lifte Oe sw». 

dvrlM, Ion. iar ivrAet^ 

dvn)v, Ady., (jimi) againd^faee to fate, %, 

fate tofau, opmUy^ h^ore aB. 3. Srrffr l/ » X*tf< b< 

to go slm*(fAl/orwaiti; Smf^ fidAXto^ to be atm^ 
in front, 

dvi^vMp, o^as, d, i^ (drr(, dw^p) int tea d ef a wii. 

dvT-f|pm|t, ov, d, (dm^ ^fi^) one wko rmn 
againd another : gemvally, a ftool. 

dvTW|pt|fl, ct, (dyrc) ed over againd, eppotMe: 9Kifjmt 
oriptwy dyrrfpeiu blows aimed etraight at the brnaat. 

dvTi|p(t, Uoe, 1^, {ietrtpetim) a prop: a faoMs lo 
mpport the outer timbers of a ship's bow, in cava of 
a shock. 

dvH)om€, 3 sing. aor. i opt. of din^t*. 

dvT^iiiX(loiy Dor. -4x^ £ ^^iN to fv-«e%o. 

*ANTr,Prep. c. gen. : orig. s^nf. oosr agmimL I. 
of Place only, of9WMto,ft^oy«. H. nao. to denote 

worth, Ttitnit^patfortfor, Lat jppv, inilar, dpfi woXAAw 
\aSht {<rTi, he is worA many pe^^ : henoa i. 

tn return for, a./ar tihs sdbe qf, 3. indmJ t^, 
for, 4. to mark compariion, |y dy^ li^ one att 

againd the other, oomfurvd vilh it 5. with Tetlw 
of entreaty, like wp^ c. gen^ hp, La)t per. 

In Compos, it signifies I. over againd, nm in 
drri-^npot, a. in oppoeidon to, as In drr»-«oA«- 

fUoa. 3. one againd another, mudueMy, as in dy-rt- 

Ss^^fMB. 4. in rdum, as in 6tnv0o9i$4e», 5. 
instoorf , as in dyr^Muf. 6. s^imI to, Mb, as in dfri^ 
Beat, 7. coni Mj wndiriy, as in drri'fwp^. 

iarrta — iarruiifftffuu. 

infa, A^n ^ ^ifTff^t itridly neut. plnr. from A^ 
im^«r, 4m4aa^ Hp^pna, ial ad 2 pi. ii^ of 

kmil^ t 6an^ Dor. &l« : (di^ : — to eoMe or ^ 

■Met, M frtesd or Ibe. a.of thingi^toiiMef 

n. lo uyj w iw db wSO^ pmyer, entmd, 

hm4»mp&, ^, ftm. Adj., {irrl, Mip) a matek for 

mBk,a§^ood as man, of the Ahmbbss. 

ipn4ai, t ^« : Bp. iaf, Med. dm^a^to : Ep. 

pM; irri^ 3 ^ impmmL d rr iadOy t iw, petlr O'- 


{hrri, drriot). To mtei, m 
Am : I* Mote^ wm—ni ona^ wUk: nrely 
m ■gnl ateoKmg to aid, 2. of things, to goto 

■■I, !• OT fmai 9§, e* gva. ni: of «a enow, to M: 
of the godi, to ooDM to mMt mn ofEvlqg; L e. oostpC 
yraoiomfy «jr it; tov gcnenlfy, to jNviofe of a 
thag; II* e. dst, to in«ei •«», IdgM t^H 

m* c ace., to mrwngty pnfme, yJkxot 

• Ik gap: itrt0A9 tkJm to ptdl domO^ agahni the 
<M, going mM bmek, 

hrrMXXm, t 09X&, to Ihnm agamtir or ^ <««• 

in^^l9i«, ««t, 4f {im0ohot) rtMBlante. 

iimfiikitfm, t. ^ofiat, Jhp,j to retort violitntx, 

4ii ipH > , Adv., agaimt, teAk force to force. Strictly 
soc. fen. froiB 

Awi^ un , a» or, alio •«, or, (hni, 0ia) ofpotingforee 
i» /orar : dm^tott M«r0» ifith wrmgtmg Wdt : 
Beet hrrifitatf^ as Adv., « ivrifittp^. 


imipKo^^^ torn, ^, a looking <n Oe/oee. 

k m Bi t tMm , £. ^^tffii; to i«^ in lam, or mahmBg. 

bn^aXlv, f. 4^ar, (dm-^^AAai) to meet bg ehanee, 
li^w,ci|>.inbattb. H. to mM< witik, jMrte&e 

^, e. gc3i. reL in. to iiMft oa a tuj^pKoRt, entreai. 


Ai^n^lXifane, mm, i|^ and dm^oi^Coy i), ai» «nlp«aty, 

&wi Yf yM»a, perl with pree. lignf., (drri, Tryw- 
y^) to rctam a erg. 

4mrYf» wAo| <i i , 1 4^»r ^ ^**''' c** ptd^^we. 
tiiHUiijm<M, t ^0» : to he of a eUfferetit ogMxm. 
fall jinpii, or, gen. orot, {irri, yvifprfy ef a Hf- 

iviv)fp&4e6f, ^«t, 6, (<lm7pd^) mm flsJb IwgM a 

«f. IL aa hnr-tetB, etrictly th» a n ew er pvt in 

^ Ae^adont; but also of the plaintiff, on indutr 

*'vvfp44ofi, or, C9piei : henoa as Subst. 7d drri- 
lFifa,eofrfa. From 

^vn^ipd^tt, t ^, to «rito againd at in emmoer, 
«rir loci: — ^Med., with pf. paas. yiypafiam, to pat in 
^•fii^ttpUwi againtf^ cfrdmy^ofi). 



iemMmvto, f . Sijf o/hb : pf . past. Mijyfuu > 
atat i«i turn. 

dvTV-8«(i6o|&ai, Med. to j^toe one another the HgH 
Ikmd, to greet M reiam, 

dyrt S < pi c of>at, Depw^drri/^X^irw. 

drtvMx<>|UH, f. io/jm, Dep. to reeeiw <n return, 

drr ^ -^H H ayry^w, f . 4^, to rival a$ a demagogue. 

dvivSui^atvw, f. 0fiaofiai, to oroee in tttm. 

dvti-SCSdvKdXof, 6, ma. in plnr., (Ae poeU wkoMmg^ 
rioaiftaige on the doge: ef. iq, 

drrt-MdrMM^ £ dOd^ctf, to toocA ^ lam or ayaAm : 
of dramatic poetB, to bring rical plage on the etage, 

dinrvBC8if|u, 1 Mo», to ^^ ta fetom, npaig, U. 
as law-term, to offer to change fortunes wWk one : cf. 

dvn^^i^cHu, to ^ Mra«^ spviM. 

drrttbcMt, t^m : sngm. prefixed to the Prep., fmpf. 
ifjpTtducoWf mar. i i^titnfra'. — to fte a drfendanit or 
generally, party in a euU, From 

dvrC-SlKOf, ov, (drri, 8(«i7) on ofipoiMRi «i a mUy. 
strictly lie defendaiU, but also Aej^totnl^; o^ drri^- 
KOilhetwo partiet in a euH. 

d vT % l ai c< M, f. Sos^^ or d^«, to he of a contrary 

dvii-Sapof, or, {iarri, 9op&) dothed with tomelhinff 
intleetd€f a ehin. 

dvrCSooxt, cow, 4, (AmUheg/m) a giving in retmn, 
an extimnge. 2. at Athens, it was a form, hy wMeh 
a cUiten ehafged with m pmbHe charge migU caU upon 
any eOur dUaen, whom he thonght richer than 1dm- 
self, either to exchange propertiet, or eubmU to the change 

dvriSotot, or, (dmSiSv/n) gittn ae a remedy againet 
poison : r6 dyriSorov, aa Subst, an antidote. 

drrv-SovAf^, t ae»,tohe ae a slave to another, to 
he no better than a slam. 

dvri-SovXos, o¥, instead cf a slave, no better than a 

dvri-oovwoa, or, reeoundeng, 

dm-8pdi», 1 d^«, to do in return, to requite. 

&,}nt4kspioguMi, f. 4^o/iai, Dep., to preseni in return 
with a thing. 

dvTv-{tp^, f, 4i0e», to sedfc in rdmn, 

dvTir{«»YP^, f> 4^^t ^ ^^ f"^^ ^ twm, 

dvriridim*, f. ^, to ftcify opposite. 

drri-9sot, 17, or, godlibe, equal to the gods. 

dviv^tp&wfVM, f. oca, to take care of in return, 

dvTidcoia, «ft», 1^, {dmrSBfifu) opposition, antithetie, 

drri-Mw, f. MtfoiMOi, to run againet :tofuna nsee 

drrC-Ottpot, 0¥, (drrf, $hpa) oppoette the door: r6 
isnriHpov, as Siibst.,(Ae inner part of the house opposite 
the door. 

dnviM94to|M», Pass, to sU over against. 

dm-KoOcvOtt, t ffv04^w, to deep oppoeUe to. 

dvTv-Kd^|tai, Ion. dvTv-Kdn)|uu, Dep., « iam^ 



iamKaBCCf»> *— £in'K(ofuu. 

dirrv^eaOitt*, Ion. dvn-icfln^w: fat. -mt$i(riirw 
and tcaSw :—io set oppoeite: — J/Led.^ArrutaBiiofJUu, 
io iUopponle. 

dvTi-iNi9um)|u, f. dtrriKorturriiffCif : — to lay down or 
e$UMith inatead: to td againM, oppote: to $d up 
again, II. Paat., with aor. a act. ^<mjw and 

pf. -^(Tn/iva, to he put in another's placet to tueeeed, tu- 
peraede, 2. to retist. 

dvTv-iC4lX{fl», f. 4<ro)t to caU or invite in turn, 

dyrncttTaOWjoi w , aor. a iBoamv^ to die in turn, 

dvTi-mvraXXaaaw, Att. -rrw, f. ^cu, (o exchange 
one thing /or another. 

dvnHcdrq|&asdvTiricaT(to|uu.»dirrirKaTCoTi)|u, Ion. 
for ivTi'M-, 

dvTi-Kfifiav, f. /ctiaofjuu, Tarn, to lie opposite to. 

dvn-KcXcvu, f. aoff to eommand in turn. 

dvriHMvrpot, oy, (j&yrl^ /citrrpov) sharp at a goad. 

dvTt-ici|5ctM», f . ffoi, to take eare of instead. 

dvTv-KtiptMnrw, f . (^w, to proclaim in answer to. 

dvTV-icXdtw, f. Mk&y^o), to sound in answer. 

dvTt-KWj|uov, r^, (drW, f^/^j) ^ 'A*'*> ^• 

dvTv-KoAoiccvtt, f. (Toii, tojtatter in turn. 

dvTiHCO|iCtw, f. tacSf Att. lor, to carry away instead. 

dmrK6irTfi0» f. ^, intr. to resist, oppose. 

dvTi-KO|>tKr(ro|&ai, Dep. to take arms against. 

dvriicpotNnt, sots, ij, a striking against: hence, a 
hinderance, sudden check. From 

dvTv-KpovM, f. <rw, to strike or push haek^ stop, hin- 
der : intr. to be a hinderance, stand in the way. 

dvTUcpttf and dvTUCpvi, Adverbi, (drr/, dtrrrp^) 
hare generally distinct meanings : — 

I. iatriKph, over against, rigid opposite. a. in 
Horn. aiso—dirrtMplbs, straight on, outright, entirdy. 

II. dtrrucpus (never in Homer), straight, right, a. 
outright, thoroughly, without disguise or reserve. 3. 
of Time, straightway. \l Ep., f Att.: in Hom. C gene- 
raUy; in Att. 0.] 

dvTv-fcrivot, ov, {ivri, icT€hw) killing in return. 

dvTV-icTvir^, f. ^au, to dash against, re-echo. 

dvn-Kvptt [v], f. Kvpasa, to hit upon something, meeL 

dvTt-iMMUfto». f. ^ffsa, to ridicule in turn, 

dvnX&pfj, ij, (drrcXa/iiSdrw) a handle, Lat. ansa. 

dyn-Xayx^Wf f ut. X:i^ofMU, pf. ct^x^ : — to draw 
lots for, Main in turn. 

dvivXdto|iAt and d¥Ti-Xd{i}|UU, Dep. : — to receive 
in turn. 2. to hold fast by : also to take a 

share of. 

dvn-XarrCttt, i<rw, to kick against. 

dvTv-Xa|i^v«», f. Kff^ofuu, to receive instead cf or 
^n turn, II. Med., c. g^n., to lay hold of: 

hbnce, i. to take pari with, assist. 2. to lay 
^lotrn to. 3. to take part in a thing. 4. to take 
hold of for (he purpose of /mding fault. 5. to capti- 
vate, charm. 6. to groMp tmC4 ihe mind, apprehend. 

dvTv-Xd|&int, t fw, to light up in turn. II. intr. 

to f^fieet light. 

dm-Xfyw, f. Ki^w, to speak against, gainsay. Hence 

dvnXiKTlov, rerb. Adj., one miust gainsay: and 
dvrCXirTOt, oy, questionable, to be disputed. 
dvTi-Xionr, ovrot, 6, (Asni, X^wk) lion4ike. 
dvnrXtprr^, yerb. A4j. of dsnnka/t06>fo/Meu^ cme 

dvT(Xi|i|n«, «ft», ^, {AvTtka/Afiiifoi) a reeeivitsff iu 
turn. II. (fiom Med.) a laying hold of, vetxnreT 

hence a claim to a thing. a. a hM, aupporL 5. 
an attacking, dgedion. 

6mKoyi», f, ^ao»,»ijrnkiyoi. 

dyTiXayCa, ^, (dyrtXfyw) controversy, diseumian, 
Lat. disoeptatio : generally, opposition, renstastce. 

dvTi-XoY4o|Aai, Dep., to ealeuUde on the dber 

dynXoYUcit, 4* ^^> (drriAfyw) given to coiUradiO' 
tion, di»putaiious. 

dyrCXoyot, ov, (dyriAfyw) contradietory. 

dvn-Xoi8op4o», t ^aat, to raU at or almse in turn, 

dvrCXiipot, ov, (Atni, kitpa) in harmony with the lyrv. 

dvrCXvTpov, ov, t6, (dinr(, Xirrpov) a ransom. 

dvtv>)&aivo|MU, fat. pJtviiaoiuu, Pan., to rave agtsimstm 

dvTv-)&ovMvtt, f. ftSB^ffOfiou, to learn instead. 

dvn-JAdxo|Aai, f. pA^aofuu, to fight against. 

dvTv-fMOiXicw, to drag to the opposite side. 

dvn-|uO(<m||U, tut. orfow, to remove from one vide 
to the other: to revolutionise. U. Paas., with aor. a 
act. iartiv, pf. iarriita, to pass over to tlte other eidt, 
give way. 

dvn-|iiXX», f. luKKdioo), to wait and watch agaisut. 

dvTi-tii|i^o|Aai, f. ^/loi : Dep. : — to blame in turn, 
retort upon. 

dirTv-|iip(to|Aai, Dep. to tn^Nui in turn. 

dvTV*|A«rp4M, f. '^oca, to m&Msure out in turn. 

dvTV-|imMrot, ov, {drrl, fAiranrov) front to front, 
face to face, 

dvn-p.t)xdvdo)uu, Dep.,to contrive or scheme o^oumC : 
to counteract. 

dvTV-|A£|iT|Oxt, cfltft, 1^, close imitation, aping, [/if] 

dvT{-|il|iof, ov, (drrt, fufiiopat) closely imHaiistg^ 
aping: moddled qfler. 

dvTt-|aXo^, 1 ifOSif, to hate in return. 

dvnfiiO^Ca, ij, a reward, requital. From 

dvT{-|MiO^0t, ov,for or instead of a reward. 

dvTV-|iOip(a, Of, 4* (d»^ f^P^) ^ compensaUom^ 

dvrC-jioXirot, ov, (ivri, iA6kiHi) sounding agennal, 
differing in sound from: dtrrtpokirov 6kos ihrpov 
sleep's substitute. 

dvTv-vavin)Yk», f. ifow, to buHd ships agavut,fU 
a navy against. 

dvTv>ifCicd«», f. i}<rw, to conquer in turn. 

dm(oi», f. ^ov, to set onese^ against. From 

dvT{-{oot, ov. Ion. dyri-lovt, ovr, {dvrl, ^4n»% 
strictly scraped againtt; vata. opposed to, hoeUtec ri 
iarrl^oov opposition. 

dvrCov, Adv. of drrios ; see dyrfot. 

dvrCov, r6, (iarrt) a part qf the loom. 

dvn6o|iOi, fat. med. woo/son^ aor. i paM. 4*^nd»» 

9tp: Tk^i^damiM, io meet, e^. in battle, io retiti, 
wnitg, a, 0r, {irrC) $ti agakMt^ and so. I. over 


€fpomU: c gen. meeUng, confronUng, II. 
ffu e gp, Mntrary. III. •• Adv., 6.iMa and dr- 

nv, like hrrifw and ^brro, oppo9iU: agamdf draighi 
A J. agaimd <me'$ «iU. 

infr«x«6opai, Paaa. io ^bive offointt, 

omo-g f& iin, poet, for dy^ora/iot, to oppo«f. 

im£ii,4m^tiv, -^iMro, dvno^bnwv, aee drruictf. 

^>tir«iM|t, 4$, {dtni, -mABom) m return for miffermg. 

ttpftrvoCti*, to jrf<^ on« vith anUher, 

htCmm%, «ai8ot, d, 4, Iftie a dU/d, no hdter Ihan a 

inivlAof, c^, (drri, vdAi;) aCricily fffrutftn^ 
•gnut: bence aniagonuif riwU: maieked againM taeh 
^br, Mtnfy ftoloneed : earraponding to, 11. /(^M- 

9f af aimd the enemy. III. aa Subat., dyrlim- 

Xos, I, « rkui, Afoeraary. 2. a champion. 

irn-«Bfa^dXXia, f . ^oAw, to hold side hy nde^ com- 

^anwKo^ayyfXXm, f . tXSf, to eovmUrmandf io order 

•nwaopdYBt, f» ^v, to had on againtL II. intr., 
b adrawe offomti or parattd teitk, 

inwnpaijit, £ OtiHrofuu, to run past against: to 

4ra-««ifMidLX^ f. iffot, io summon in turn or eon- 

^■twwapaKaXa^iofiat, Dep., to ezAorl t/i turn <»' to 

£. i(<r», to <MfM>2/ ^n turn, 
^vTi-vnfavXiia, f. irXslaofiai, to saU along on the 

fc^TurafaqKavd^oHat, f. daofiai : Dep. : — to prepoiv 
(•oejfvitarM: toona on(o(Attdef. Hence 

inviiafaovetWj, i^, mtitaai j>r«pani(Mm. 

ii^iw«apttTd<nnt, AU. -rrttft, f. £» : — to <lratD oul 
«9>*u(, in Older of battle : — ^Paaa. to «toiid tn arrag 

fanrirnpaT i ^ m ii, to aei tide ^ side against, compare 

^nwdpaiu, to march parallel to, 
ifnvmQpif^ityjaiL^ a irriwdpttfu. 
h m w aplx^a* to supply jn tarn, 
4nw-«dtfx*»» ^ rdaofun, pf. triwoifOa : to tt*^«r or 
'v^ M <iin» : rd drriircvor^, nent. part, pf., fv- 

f. i)<riw, to e/otttfr against. 
ivii^a^Bw, i fw, to wnd 6adb on an«««r; to send 

^iwa^fiuot, a, or, lying over against, eap. ftfyond 
•*• Fioin 

^■^HrMoCvia, fl wspasw, to pieree through in turn, 
^*iwvtp&v, Ion. dvTwir^ip, Adv.,saq.: alao ae 
Ai>, k pfaraae 'AoioS* dmvipipf re, Asia and fAe <^ 

dvTuirlp&s or -irlpo, Adv., over against, on (he 
other side </. Hence 

dvTv-ir4pi|0cv, Adv./rom t^ Ofiponte Mc/e. 

dvTV-irlfmv, Ion. for Atrrfwipay. 

dvTv-iripvXaia^vw, f. kffiffOfuu, to enJbra/w in tarn. 

dvii-irfTpos, or, {iarrl, wirpa) hard as stone, rocky, 

avrt-mit, Tt^» ^* (<^^ "JT'^A**) « «ood«i «Ae«f. 

dvTt-^irrw, f. itsaovpm, to fall against, 2, to 

sMee agamst, resist, 

dvTv^X^tt, f. vXeiKTOfuu, to saU agamst. 

dvTirirXTif, ^os, 6, i), (dyrl, vkfiaaea) beaten by the 

dvTv^Xi|p6Q», f. inrca, to man ships against. 2. to 
Jill up by new members, 

dvTv-irv4o», f. wrtiHTOfuu, to How against. Hence 

dvriwoot, ov, contr. dvriirvovt, ovr, hUncing 
against, caused by adverse winds, 

dvTV^iroOlw, f. ii<ro), to long for in turn. 

dvTi-iroUw, f. ^ta, to do in return, opp. to Arriwd' 
axu, II. Med., to lay claim to: to contend with 

one for a thing. 

dvri-irokvot, oy, {dyri, voiyff) in requital: as Subst., 
rd dvriirotya, advoiro, requital, rdributum. 

dvTv-iroX<)i^, f. ^ov, to wage war agcUnst one, 

dvTi-iroXI|uot, oy, ^ sq. 

dvTirifdXci&of, ov, warring against : ol dyrtvSksfWi 

dvTt-iroXiOpic^, f. i/ffca, to besiege in turn, 

dim-w>psvo|iai. Pass., with f. med. tboofioi : aor. i 
pass. iyTtwopev0riy. To adeanee against : march to meet 

dvTt-iropO^, f. vjaw, to lay waste in return. 

dvT{-irop6|M>f, ov, on the opposite side of the straits, 

dvrC-iropot, ov, on tlte opposite coast, over ogainst, 

dyn-frpoatrw, Att. -ma. Ion. irp^ovw : fat. (w : 
to €iet against, oppose. 

dvTv^pfa^cvofUU, Med., to send counter-ambassadors, 

dvTirirp^ovw, Ion. for drrt-vpaaoo), 

dvTi-irpo<t|u, to come forward against. 

dvri-irpoiKa, Adv., /or next to nothing, cheap. 

dvTi-irpoicaXlo|M»i, Med., to challenge in return. 

dvTvirpoafi|ido|icu, Med., to heap in turn. 

dirnrirpd<ri4U, (tl/u) to go against. 

dviv-irpo<rfpA, fui. without pres. in use, to address 

dvTv-irpooicaXlo|M»i, Med., to summon in turn, 

dvTi-wpo<r^p«», f. vpocolaoi, to bring in turn, 

dvTv-wpdotairot, ov, (drrl, vpoffwwov) with the face 
towards, face to face, 

dvTi-irpOT<(vci>, f. t€vw, to hold out in turn, 

dvTv-irp^ppot, ov, {&vrl, rtp^pa) with the prow to- 
wards, prow to prow : hence fronting, face to face, 

dvT{-«i)Xot, ov, (dyri, irbkrf) opposite the gale. 

iLvri-^nvpyot, ov, like a tower. Hence 

dvTutrupYdw, f . (Ocra;, to build a tower over against : 
uvT. 'tr6Kiv to build up a city as a rival. 

dvnp-p^irtt), f. ;ffo/, to counterpoise. Hence 


ijrr(ppovos — Jb^i^^cXlco. 

dvrCppaiiwt, or, eounUrpwing. 

dvTv-OT)ic^, f. ixrca^ to weigh ^gaSntt, to ooeyoi- 
9aU, a. intr. to (0 eqtud in weight, to OMiiitot|iotae, 

SU dyrttnjKUMrtu fiowj to be twice m hearjr. Henoe 

dvTuH|i6MOt«, c«M loo. cot, 1^ « mtoHmg tite ha- 
hmoe : hence, eompenaaUon, rOrivAicn, 

dvTW<o\«»iid«», f. ifffQ/im, to be mleid «i Hm. 

dvTt-OK«vdto|iai, f,iffofuu : Dep.: (fiyri, 0'CfvdC«). 
To anrofij^ tn twm, 

dvT-tor6o|Mi, Ftm. ((iyri. Iff 09) to tkmd iigeuntl one 
Ml eqwUtermt, 

dvTt<nrowr|ii6t, 6, (Atrn<rir6w) a conmdnon, 

dvr(<nraoTot, or, (dU^cirvdar) tfratm tn the con- 
trary diredion : hence spasmodio, ooneuMw. II. 
as Snbtt. dyrUrwaaro; 6, on tmtigpatkit, ft foot made 
up of an iamboa and trochee, aa, 'AAi^ay^^ot. 

dvTVKnrdw, f. dorw [d], to draw the tfonirary loiy, 
dra(7 hack, 

drri-o*raA|AOt, or, (drr(, irr6$^) halaneing: ofui- 

dmrvKrr&aridtw, f. iffot, to form a pariy ^aind, 

dvrCoT&ots, MM, 1), (drtfj^nj/a) on opponle faetiaii. 

dvTwrrdcrUaTiit, ov, 6, oite of the opposite faeUou. 

dvnaT&T^*, £. i^oror, to ftond aj^OMut, retitt; eqp. to le 
a polUieal opponent. From 

ayw«Tdr*|t, ov, 6, (Mlffrofiaji) an advertmy, [d] 

dvT-(<m||u, Ion. for d¥$i<mjiu. 

dvTurroix^, f. ^<r«;, to stond <y>p00de in rmoe: to 
he ranged oppoeite. From 

dvrCHirroixos, w, ranged oppogiie in rowe: landing 
over against, 

dvTwrTp4irtuo|iAi, Dep. : (drri, crpanhoa) >^o take 
the fiddy make war agaimt. 

dvTV-OTpdTipfot, 6, a rival general agakutt the «ne- 
naff '« general, 

dvTv-OTp&TomSfvtt, more nan. as Med. -orpaTO- 
ir<6o|irU, (darrl, 9rpar6m€Zov) to encamp over o^ottiit. 

dvTv-OTpl^,!^: p£,^po^:^-totamtot^0a6r 
M<20 ; to rdoTt. II. intr. (aub. iovr^, etc.), to 

Cum dbovt^faee «3xnL Hence 

dvTtvTpo^^ 1), a (umtn^ hoA or oboMl. II. in 

the dance of the choma, the antietrophi or r e ta min g qf 
the Chorus, answering to a prerioni <npopli, «zoept 
that they now danced from left to liglit instead of 
from right to left. 

dirr£<rrpo^ot, o¥, ((Sarnarpi^) $et aver against: 
rb drrurrpo^otf the opposite of a thing, alao its eoun- 
tsrpart. Adv. -^oMt, sontrarisoiee to, 
^4dvn-awavTdtt, f. ^<r«, to meet face tofaee. 

dim-o4aipCt«*f ^ i<f» Ait. t» : {drri, ^^pa)- To 
play at haU against. 
ii,Yrvr%%lM, aor. 2 inf. of drr-^x^< 
dvTCax^tf^ 3 pl^- 9M. i med. imperai. 4)f drr- 

dvi^40X^>M**» ^' ^<'^ JUU^to.str tsMm against: 
Med. to maintain slondy 

dvT-(ox«*f ooUat. lionn 

hnt^ToXatfTtiOtt, t ^nrat, ^ iarrtiniaAet. 

dvT{Ta{vt, «<M, 1), a settttij^ m orroff against 
other, {tn« of ioi^. Feeoi 

drrv^rd^VM, Att vdrsw, futT^^, tofon^e «• 
o^oMMt another : — Paaa. to (e ranged agamsL 

d mHT ih w, f. rcr6, to <^«r «i retem, f^guy . 
intr. and Med. to drire against, eouskraet, rosist. 

dvTVT«.xV<»* ^oL lav Att l£,tote«U mfsH 

dvTvriCx*'^!'''^ aros, t6, a oowster-fart^fieaUa 

dvn-Tl|aM», f. rc/iw, to <wt «^«Ins(, {. e. 
fvmedy or antu2o(e. 

dvTv-Tixvdo|iafc, Dep., io form a 

d vwff<X^n|q%<i, son, ^ ganntor wwueinwiiy. 

d yi i '^rs X VP t . or, (drri, T^x>?y) f^mBiiV ^ 

diinwr(9i||a, f. ^<rQ», (o sei om against Ihe 
eoN^xir«, ofiMse: — Paai., to &e oos^porad or malekod 
against another. II. to place in rdmm: ^inm 

thing /or another. 

dirrwrf|id«», f. ^/ffsf, to do honom to 4n rw t mw 
Med. as law-term, to fix a eounter-estimate of 

dvttT(|&t|o%t, caw, i|, as Att. law-tena, a 
estimate of the penaltj made hj the detedao 
sio^ to the ri/ajait of the plaintiff. 

dyrvrtfiMp^, f. ^m;, to jwmsft in rdm rn:- 
to revenge onesdf on in turn. 

dvTwriMw, f. riffw, to pay or mi§es- pmnAmeni ft 
thing. II. Med. to exact or infUd it hi tmiLi 

dvTwroA|idi*, f. 1^, to dare to stand tysansf 

dvT{-ToXfu»s, or, {jSar^, r^A/ia) daring agamid, 

dvriTOfiot, or, (dmr^/imf) eutaea r&ntdg/ar r 
drrlrofioy a rmssdp, wttidote. 

dvTMra{«6«ft, f . ^w, to sho^C arrovn in imn, 

dm-TOf><M, £ 'ffffof, to bore right Otrongh. 

dviYTOf, or, for drd-rirot (dra-rfrw) requSlsi^ 
venged, 6»nTa tpya works cjf revenge, 

dvTV-Tp^xttt f* Bpi^oum, to run in turn. 

dvTV-nryx^vtt, f . rsL^Ofiai^ io asset with m r^mrvu 

dvri-Tihrot, oy, (drri, ritisroi) struek hswk^ 
drrirvira, as Adv., haekward^; rinros dr r fr wwo s Idoir 
againdhlow. II. act Striking hack: ' 

siding: dMom, obstinate: adverse: Astinmae 
the advertary of Jupiter. 

dvTv-TVWTw, f. ^, to beat in irnn. 

AvTv^apllt^ {dirti^ipot) is tet oness^ agaksst, 
oneself wiih: to fight for a prite wiih. 

i Mii 4y»o » » <^« {isrr^^ ^f^) ♦" >< < «d pfa 
dvTt-^lp«», f. olaof, to set ctgaind: — Mod* 
Pass, drm^^e^iai, to sd anssdfagsMuL 
krru^sAyts, 1 ^^^ofsat, io/lte in ksm. 

dvTv4^^> ^* 4<^^t <o 2^ or kite in tarn. 


lo 6ff mmted h$ jmUmtg 


kni fii^fli^mpfo|iiii, Dq>, to nedm hmdiif in tmm, 
imi jittM ^ or, m nimn far dmugMer . II. 

Ufom iirrifcttoi deaths hy mufuoi s2au(^Ater. 
ii n^ ^i {{fias 1 i^ofuc Dep.: (^brr4 ^piro$). 

Jw i 4 p AcrgiM,Att.4p^tTTi»:ft|t.^^a>; tottoflfctip. 

^■11 ^rtiw^, 1^ « wwfcfciiy ^yosnit one. 

Irw ^uXnt* A^vMf ^t a wa/db jXMfAi to cbtene an- 

^nv^lJUavw, Att ^mo: fat $w:—4o wUeh in 
in: — ^MetL, tohtam m»e*8 ford mgainaU 
A i m ^i f ti , f.l^ay, to touiui tn oMiwr, rcgaly. From 

jpMiiartow a. iltaci(^ree«iiy tnfA. 

«tt-XaCpt», <^rT^ X!o^) ^ r^'oiee In tern. 

Awt-Xif(tlM*» ^oL. UrofMu Att foii^MU : Dep. : — 
U dbv kmimgm to in iacm. 

i»a-Xfg»o» M^ £. ifcw, to vote agmuid, 

wrm^xi mf f i m^ tobem ritol ehonguM. From 

^vff^(pi|, afir.x irr^xfic* : imperk : (drri, x/"7) * 
~flt it m^fidemi/or. 
imi^^pimm, 6, imtiebriaL 
<mrfdAXM» £. if>axSi, to fta^ a Mrimged imttmmaU 

ianHfaXuag, <m, rt^ponnoe. 

ini^il^oi. or, eo<M9 o^oiniL 

iml4fi%*^ or, iiarri, i^vxh) «M<ead qf W^ 9*^^ 

MUit, li^» : (^rrAot) : — slrictly, to hak ovt hOge- 
w^ar, Ule Ifti db^.* genenJlj, to draw water. II. 
■ete|^ to dram, use to li« toil, czAoMt, of refonroet : 
<irtaa.etctodrafe, Le. &aar to lib« tost, like Lat. 
n — rta r g , edkmrvv : but alao to STWindfr* 

^Xlo, 4 (irrAM) M^0^eator,>ittit ILlfte 


imiUm. ri, (^rrXot) a frudbet 

'AHTAOX e. flbe A«U of a thq) where the bilge- 
«aleriettle«.Iiat,«a<iNa.' aLw the &i^e-«utor xtwlf : 
^rcAflr 8^Mr#Bc to let in Motor.leak; ^arrXav dfiyuv 
lot aarfwAn uhtm i iit , to omap it out a. poet 

irF«KTrfp«*, to pUijf m retom. 

4rr«n4iii, ^ ^»» »ian^. 

.^riiAi^ ^ poet ooDtr. for divroXi}. 

invfiM, Dep. only uaed in pret. and impf.: {fbrra, 

^n): — to aMif or ^At «p9n. ILsdm^^w, to 

9|riadk tnUb ^rafiri, Atlrsot 

Jrrtpilii, ^''^ aijSam and oiuwiiai >— to 

^f*^ H. aa Att IciF-tann, to MMor tA 

^ iiHiltM,fc^ia(,to eotf ly a mw naiae. 
<• 9eaic in toopei. 

£. h^, to di§ 9Qainttt dig a opwitor- 



dvr-o^eUiM, 1 A^OM, to otM another a good torn. 

dvT-o^OaX|U(i, f: !^«, (drrX, 3^0aX/i^t) to toofc In 
tkefaee^ withdand, bow up agidnd. 

dv-rplvM^ poet, for dm-r/>2««». 

dvrpidt, d^, 4, i&irrpov) of^ belonging to a amse : 
N6/i0ai ^^^8c« jfrot-Nymph^ 

dvTpoOf, Adv., from a cave. From 

''AMTPON, t4. Lat onfnua, a oaoe, ^rot eavem, 

dvTpi^iM, ct, {(Bunr^oy) fyU cfcavn. 

''ANTTH, &yef, 4, ■trictiy any nvrnded body, and ao 
in Homer, i. the rim ^ (be nmnd ihield. a. 

tte roiZ or high rim qf the dumai, aometimee made 
double : it rose in front to a point on which the 
reins might be hung. II. post-Horn., <&« ehariot 

Utelf, in pi. a. the frame 4^ tkt Igre. $. (he 

orbit of the planets. 

dvT-viroKpCvo|MU, dvr-virovpY^, Ion. for dv^vv-. 

dvT-<{p86t, ^, (dirrl, docS^) tinging in anmeer to, 

d vr sn*o g(a , i}, (drr-^/av/M) «n oaik taken by one 
againtt anoUter: imd so as Att. law-t^m, the oatk 
takm on the one tide by the plaintiff, 0» the other by tbt 

dvT-«vlo|ftai, Depu, to bug inttead, to bid againtt. 

dvr-Mw^t, 6^, (d*^/, di^) looking ttraight at, facing, 
fronting, ttraight oppotiie. 

dvT J i^s X fca, L ^9oi, to ben^ in twm: — Pass, to 
dertoeisn^ in turn. 

dyvSplo, ij, wmt ^ water, droughL From 

dv-«i8pot, oy, (a priv., Hbwp) wantutg water : ij Sant- 
bpot (sub. 7^), or rd dmtbpo^ (sub. x^fi^o^)t Ike region 

dv-Cfi^MMOt, or, (a poT., ^/icrcubt) wUhont the mip' 
Uai tong, unwedded. 

dvS|iit, Dor. for fyvfttv, I pL impf. of sq. 

dvOJu, dvii|MU, ss driw, {'^'^ ^/H^ ^ ^"^ ^"^^ 

dv-«|i.i4M, £ ^ffv, (jird, bivioi) to praite in tong. 

d-yjip^sirrot, o¥, (a piir., rv^i^ciw) nmMdUsd: 
ii^lkptvToa yovffif ^X^v to be bom of an ill mar- 

d-W|i^os, or, (a priv., vitp^) twt bridal, im- 
tsedded ; dyvfupa Tvi/uvr d/uAAij/iara wwAoflotoed om- 
bimces. II. without bride or midrett. 

6,}Mntippky}fro%, or, (a pn?., bmpfiiXXof) not to be 
nurpatted ot ouidone. 

dv-tmsvOOMit, or, (a priv., ^c(>tfiiPM) not lieMe to 
aeeowtt, vretpontible, abtolutt. 

diNwoSsouii, 4, dmwoSsric*, drvwdSsrot, or, are 
later forms of drvroSiyoia, -IhjTica, -Aj^of. 

drv«o8i|(r(a, ij, a going bar^oot. From 

dy v wo S ipii», f. 4a», to yo barrfooL From 

diMm68i|T0i, or, (a priy., inroS^) unsAod, boiv- 
/oot: also wtfA old thoes, iU'thod. 

diMiv68ucot, or, noi liable to aeHon. 

dr-vfr6Kplrot, or, (a prjv., irvoir^ro/iai) 
oniisd. isitiboyt dinimulation . 


iawvoviriTos — iifUHl>4Xfjros, 

dv-uirov6i)TOf, ov, (a priv., irwoifoUi) vmmupeeted: 
wiexpeeted, II. act. unsmpeeiing. 

dv- vwa iiTO t , ov, (a priv., ihrawToti) vHhovt mt$pi- 
cion, — I. pasB. untuepeded, 2. act., tuMtu- 


dv-vir6<rT&T0t* oy, (a piiv., wpurrtifu) noitohe tciOh 
ttoodj inietuftUe. 

dvv(T«u, 3 nng. aor. i opt. of dviw, 

dvii<rt-«pY^ oi'* (d*^i ^f>7<»^) tikitufrioiw. 

dv^Nrtfiot, oy, (dy{w) fjffieaeioMt ej^^edual, 

dviknt, caw, i), (dyiw) MeomptitkmerU^ end, 

dvwT^t, ^v, (dyvof) to be aeeampUthed, potsttHe: 
ciyi iin 6yv<Tr6v aa lUently as possible. 

dwrCic^t, 4* ^^* ^dyiMTifiOM. 

dviht). Dor. for ^viho, 3 fling Jmpf. pan. oiSvupi, [d] 

dvvrw or dvm> [S], Att. fonn of driw, only used 
in prefl. and impf. 

dv4)^«LCvfi0, (di^ iHpaitm) to weave anew. 

dv-v«|f6Q», 1 (iMTa;, fo ratte tip on high. 

dvvo, Att. dvvru or better dvtlm [0], poet. dvDfu: 
f. di^w [6], poet, dybfftrca: pf. act. ^vff/m, pan. 
^yuapai : (drw). To aeeomplish, eompletet Lat. con- 
Jieere; ob^^y {jyv€ he did no good: — Med., to aeeom' 
plish for one* 8 own adeanlage: — ^Pan., to be finithed, 
and of persons, to grow up. 2. to make an end o/*, 

destroy. 3. to eome to the end of a journey^ eh- 
80I. dkrrciF c{s . . , (o make one*$ way to a place ; also, 
ay(fT(iu BdXofiov for dyCrrciy 6B6y elt Odka/wy, to 
arrive at the chamber. 4. to attain to, get, pro- 

cure. II. with a Partic, oOm dpiw <p$oviav<ra I 

gain nothing by grudging : in Att. like tpdSaw, with 
signf. of doing a thing speedUy, dyvt trpinwy make 
hatie about it ; but more fteq. dybaat, with impe- 
rat., make haete and . . , as, ivbaas dvoiyt make haete 
and open, etc.: also &yvt alone, make haete! die- 
patch! III. len freq. with inf., arporbe ^wtr* 
it€pav the army succeeded in crossing. 

'ANn, impf. jJvoF, to aeeomfiish, finish : — ^Pan. to 
eome to an end, be finished; esp. of a period of time, 
yi)£ AysTcu the night draws to iU end; eras dv6/ieyoy 
the waning year, [d] 

dvtt, Adv^ (dni) up, upwards^ Lat. sursum, c. gen., 
<d0ipos &yw up to ether: ueu. above, on higJt^ Lat. 
supra. 2, of the quarters of the heaven, nof^ 

teards, opp. to /rdra>, iou(Atfardf. 3. of countries, 

inland, up from the coast. 4. of time, /orm«Hy, els 
rd dyat reckoning upwards: o2 dvw $€ol the gods 
above^ Lat. supert .* ol Aw the living, opp. to o2 tedrsi 
the dead : Avca icai tcdrct up and down, topsy4urvy : 
also up and down, to and fro, always in the same 
place. II. as Prep, with gen., above: — Oom- 

par. iycaripa), dmrlpca Xafuni beyond Bamos: Su- 
perl. iyuTarw. 

dvA, aor. 2 subj. otdMiff/u. [d] 

dvoiyo, old £p. pf. with pres. signf., I eommandf 
bid, order, Lat. jubeo : also to advise, urge one to do. 
From dMirya we have 1 plur. ind. dyory/icy, imperat. 

diwx^, dawyhw or dw&fxl^* ^^''^^Tt or (btv)(f^z 
plqpf. i^ydryctv, without augm. hf^rtuy, I<m. i^wdCryccr. 
There is also a 3 sing. pres. Mrfu ; whence wo 
have in impf. 6»irpiv^ dydrycor, fai. Mf^^ aor. x 

Mt-yaiMv, t6, (drw, 7001) strictly <my Uung abore 
ground: a raised buUding, the upper fioor of a hosue r 
also as a dining-room, like Lat. ecenaeukim. 

dv^^Y*^, £p. £or diyiq/yw, 3 ting. impf. of dw' 

Myysunf, w, to, and dyda-Y^^n* 0;, 6, ij,»ds^ 

dv«»Y|Mv, £p. I plur. ind. of d»«rya. 

dvi^byw, seedMryo. 

dv-^kStivot, oy, (a priv., Mvtj) free from pain. IT. 
act. allaying pain. 

Avta$sv, Dor. dvooOo, Ady. (diw) of place. /i««» 
above, from heaven. 2. above, on high, and sow ol 

dvuBty, the living, opp. to 61 H&rw : c. gen., dmsB^ 
T^t oioee ground. 11. from the begimming. 

ifMsMm, fnt. Q)A^<Ta> and ^o», to p/ujk up or forth^ 
of a ship, to shove off: i3fit<rairru wXioy (sc. r^ routr) 
(A«y jMuAfd off and sailed : — ^Med^ to put awayfrwrn 

dvcd£<rrC, Adv. of sq., untookedfor. [tf] 

dv-^^i<rrof, ok, (a priy., ofofuu) mdooked for, wis-. 
foreseen, 11, ^6y-oi<rr6s, (dpaHp4p9f) rrferred'^ 

submitted to a person. 

dv-^cOpof, oy, (a prir., 6Kt9pos) indestruetible. 

dv-^»|iAXot, oy, (a priv., 6f4ak6s) uneven, uncguaH, 
irregular : rd dr. unevenness of ground. 

dv^lAorC, Adv., of sq., without oath. 

dv-^|u>Tot, oy, (a priv., SfOfufu) unsworn, not boussd 
by oath. II. not sworn to. 

dv-ttv^iuurros, oy, (a priv., ^yo^foi) not to be 
named, indescribable. 

dvHav)}|M( and dvwvviU, Adv. of dy&yvftot. 

dv-<&vC|Aot, oy, (a priv., iyvpa Miol. for Syopuy 
without name, not ncuned. H. mxmdess, ingloricut, 

dv^ai, aor. i inf. of obsol. ivirfv : cf. dMryo. 

dWb£fti, fut. of dv&yoo : see dyotryo. 

dv«opCa, 4, unlimdiness : 6ampla row (rovs Ots bad sea- 
son of the year, i.e. winter. From 

dv^pot, oy, (a priv., &pa) like 6r0»pos, wstsmefy, 
wiripe, Lat. immaturus, 

dv-copvo|iQii, Dep. {Ml, ifpifOfsou) to howl aloud. 

dvipcrai. Ion. for iyoi&m » Att. di^yiyitat, aor. i aoi» 
inf. of 6»apipQj. 

dWooot, aoffo, aoif, aor. i part. ot6aw$4ss. 

dv«&T0bTOt, tf, oy, Superl. fbrmed ttom Aw, topmod^ 

dvtndTU, Superl. Adv. of diw, at top, 

dv«sTspiic^, 4, 6y, (Arctripoa) upper or higher. 

dv«aT^pa>, Gompar. Adv. of &w, higher, above. 

6.vHo^Mf^ 4s, (a priv^ ii^\ie») usdess: 
hurtful, like Lat. inutHis. 

dv-w^lXiyrot, oy, (a priv., &^\is9) fruiSess, 
profitable. 2. worthless. 


Stm\6i — ioElitiios. 


imtj fjk , Mtjdim, 2 and 3 dog. £p. pt impeimt 
^kmjtki Smijfj^ 3 plnr. of nine. 

I|n» ItttTTO, aor. i of ^TvvfK, to 6real; : but 

^■H^ Mr. I raed. imperat. of ^701, (0 lead. 

*Afn«i. or. Ion. lor d^tro: II. "A^ciyot 

(le. nJiTM). ^ Tfte Artn<! or InhotpiitMe, a name al- 
tend (lor the omen's sake) to £££«yot, the Emiae. 

it^^, for 4^<iF« toL act. inf. of ^700. 

i{tvot. Ion. d-t«.vot, oy, (a priv., f ^^ot) m&otp»- 
Jdk; — laliiMnMn 

lttm% w, (a priT., £^) wikewn, unwrouglU. 

iga, 4, atnctlj lism. of ^mm, tie worlA or vahte 
d a tlibg : of penona» worth, rank: generally, a 
■n • Aw or dcMrff : mot a^Uw according to hU de$ert, 
hifv 9mp 6£kn^ eontzaiy to his deterU 

^IkiyaoTOt, or, (d^iot, Ayafuu) tcorth aduming, 

Hi dacvp-iot, or, (d^Mt, iiaAw) worth hearing, 

H* ■■pjhi-roi, or, (^iot, dxpodoitai) worth Utten^ 
ttf (0. 

l^-a^^YfTot, Ion. AtuMr^, or, (^lOf. d^inr^ 

tti4«a«rot« or, (^<ot, l«cur^ar) frai»eworthy, 
S * ifau ' i a i , or, (4f<Mt ^^/<*ou) tR)rt% tjf loce. 
^vi^ 1^ (^TTv/tt) on axe, ecp. for hewing wood : 
• jdflf aw. [I] 

or, (^<ot, ^i^) foofii living for, 
6r, (ojftot, iffyoy) eapohU of work. 

or, (i^UM, dov^jiw) marveOottf, 
k Conpar. -irc^oe. 
^ I fe ro i , Ion. -i|TOt, or, (^lot, 0c<io/iai) wett 

^ ip H oo i , or, (4£tM, Bp^vot) worthy qf loment- 

^^aHiut» or, (^lot, teriofuu) worth getting. 

ittiAryot, or, (of lot, X^TOt) teortJ^ </ menlicm, 
mmfhMt. Adv. -7«m. 

l^o-fSc&piaTOt, or, (^tot, ftojcapl^w) worthy to 
9t maned nttppfUm 

4|io-|un||i^^evrot, or, (^lot, fonffioytiw) worthy 

4>i^-«int, or, (4£«Kf y^) t0or% </ ridory. 
i{M-«ev#i|S, ^ (^<ot, 9Mo$) lamentable. 
4^eHnoT0f, or, (&of, *><rr^t) tniefororiAy. 
^ fr e-»ft M <|t, it, (^Mf, iroiw) becoming, goodly. 
HyifAmg, or, (a^iot, 6pau) worth teeing. 
4i^ «. or, (^Eyv iv, to weigh) qf like value, worth 
« tmek at, c. gen., ^o^ d^ioe wirrth an ox : woXXov 
^MT Moftib modi : alfo c. inl, d^cot $ay*tv worthy of 
^nth. a. abeol., worthy, goodly : in Homer the 

«<i>d gi?et the notion of %% jrioe; in Att. it has also 
aoactlj 0^. sense, not ooerprieed, cheap. II. 

•«ii.MtfMftk: benoe &^^ttM9.deaMTcny ; d^t<$i flAu 
1 tevf to be, d^«^ fl/u oUrttpcoftu I deterve to be 

dtt ^a enTO t , or, (4£<ot, ^irlwro/Mu) toiUboMt ooiisi- 

dfio-owovSavTOt. or, (d^iot, <rvDv8d£iw) isoril^ ^ 
MoioM endeotwun. 

d{io-<rrp4Ti|YOt, ov, (fi$i09, arpanfyU) worthy of 
hewg general. 

d{io^K|AapTOt, oy, (^<ot, rttcfudpca) worthy cf 
being brought in evidence, credMe, 

d|io-^(Xi|TOt. ov, (d£iot, ^>OUv) worth loving. 

d|i6-xp*ot» or» loo. for sq. 

iiU-xpHoit, tojy, gen. et, {4i^o$, XP^ot) worthy </ a 
th^, tad so worth cantidering, coneiderable, remarh- 
able. 2, terviceabU^ mifieimt. II. with inl. 

Me, t^ffleient to do. III. like d^iot, with gen., 

worthy of a thing. , 

d{iOfl«, f. itffw, {ditot) to think or deem worthy of a 
thing : of things, to value ai a certain rate : also ab- 
■ol. to eeteem, honour. II. but mostly with 

inf., to think one worthy to do or be : hence I. of 
others, to think ft, eiped, require, Lat. poetulare, d^iQ 
K0/d(«c$ai I thiik I have a right to receive : abeoL to 
make a davn. 2. of onesell^ to think JH to door 

be, d^iitf Bavuv I eonteni to die, d^iw tp&aetw 
I dare, determine to do: Mp. to det^n, eondeieend 
to do ; so in Med., d^iovo^ idXuy to deign to caie 
for. i,to(hifnk,nippoee; U>lay domi,iiwunkBin. 


ci{C«»|&a, arot, r^, (Aoi i^ which one is thought wor- 
thy, and so, esteem, reputation, Lat. dignitae: esp. 
rmik. U. that which i» thought ft, a decieion, a 

purpoee. 2. in philosophy, a ee^f -evident prcpoei- 

tioH, an axiom. 

d{CcMnt, fa;t Ion. toe, ^, (ji^tSo)) a being thought 
worthy: ettimaUon, reputation^ character, H. 

(from Med.) a thinking oniteff worthy, a demand, 
ctotm. HI. a thitAirtg ft, an opinion, maxim. 

d|6vi0t, a, or, (d^a>r) belonging to the axle. 

d|ot, 6, Cretan word for dyfji6$. 

d-{vYKp6n|T0t, oy, for Acrvyic, (a priv., ovyKpth 
riai) not welded together by the hammer: ot rowers, not 
rowing in time, 

dfiiACa, 4, (4£vXot) want qf wood. 

d^Xot, ov, (a priT., (ikov) w^dUd, untftmned^ 
hence fiUdUy wooded. U. irilAotd wood, tO-tfooded. 

4-tv|t-, d-{vv-, T. iiOvn-, iffw-, 

d-{v<rr2LT0t* or, t. iahirr-. 

d{tfv, ovot, d, (iyot) an axle : also the whole wheei : 
also, the supposed cme of the heavent, the poU, U. 
ol d^ovu, the wooden tahlete qf the law§ In Athens, 
made to turn upon an axis, 

dofot, 6, an attendant, minider, esp. belonging to a 
temple. (Deriv. uncertain.^ 

doiS^ oontr. tfii^ 4» (a<^) «>ii9» a tmging: 
also the midfeet qf aong : hence legend, (ale. 

doi5idfi», poet, for delHat. 

MXXyMg, ov, (d<^) mmg qf, famcw in eong : in 
bad sense, notorJoue. 


iofwopiriros — iaHa<f)ikfiiros. 

diM w r o v^rpro t , ov, (a priT., inroi^u) vmmupeeted: 
fmejqteeUd. 11. act. tmBUttpeeiing. 

dv-vtronrot, ov, (a priv., Hwowrot) fttihotU mtpi- 
cum, — I. pass, unrnttpeded, 2. act, unsus- 


dv«vir6<rT&TOt, ov, (a priv., {Hpiffrrffu) not to he vUh^ 
ttoodj irr€t%$tible. 

dvtMTiU, 3 sing. aor. I opt. of ipiw, 

dvikiv^pY^t, ov, (di^, ^pjo^) tndtufotous. 

dv^NK^iot, ov, (di^) ^HoacioiUy tffeetueU. 

dviiois, cow, 1^, {diHw) aeeon^itkmerU, end. 

dvwT^t, ^y, (dvuctf) to &e aeeomplithed, potsttHe: 
ciyi iin iiini<n6¥ as sUently as posmUe, 

dvvHic6t, 4, Sy^^'dviMTi/Mi. 

dviht). Dor. for ffH^o, 3 siiigJmpf. pass, of dwfu. [d] 

dvvrw or dvm> [p], Att. form of dtrvv, only used 
in pres. and impf. 

dv-l}6a(vfi0, (di^ {Hpaitm) to toeave anew. 

dv-vijf6», f. ^w, to raite up on high. 

dvvo, Att. dvvru or better dyvru [0], poet. dvDfU : 
f. dvi^irw [6], poet, dybaaca: pf. act. ^v0/m, pass. 
^yufffuu : (dyoi). To MeompUsh, eompiete, Lat. con- 
fieere; o^Siv ^n/c %e did no good: — Med., to aeeom' 
plieh for one's own adeantage: — Pam., to be fnithed, 
and of persons, to grow tip. 2. to make an end of^ 

destroy. 3. to eome to the end of a journey, ab- 
80I. dyfrruv elf . . , to make one'e tcay to a place ; also, 
dvirrcty BdXofiov for dyirruy 6B6v elt Odkapoy, to 
arrive at the chamber. 4. to oltotA to, get, pro- 

cure. II. with a Partic., oOk dy(w <p$oviavaa I 

gain nothing by grudging : in Att. like tpdSaw, with 
signf. of doing a thing epeedily, dyv€ wpirrtur make 
haste about it ; but more iVeq. dviftras, with impe- 
rat., make hade and . . , as, dvbffat dvoiye make haste 
and open, etc.: also 6wt alone, make haste! dis- 
patch! in. less freq. with inf., crpar^t Ijvvfft 
Ttepay the army succeeded in crossing. 

'ANn, impf. ^vov, to accomplish, finish : — ^Pass. to 
come to an end, be finished; esp. of a period of time, 
yi)£ dysroi the night draws to Us end; l^rot dydftsvov 
the waning year, [d] 

dvci), Ady., (dni) up, upwards, Lat. sursum, c. gen., 
ol0ipot drca up to ether: usu. above, on higJt, Lat. 
supra. 2. of the quarters of the heaven, north- 

wards, opp. to irdror, southwards. 3. of countries, 

inland, up from the coast. 4. of time, formerly, els 
rd dyea reckoning upwards: o2 dvo; 0<o/ the gods 
above, Lat. superi: ol &yta the living, opp. to ol ledrej 
the dead : 6vo> «ca2 «dr« up onJ down, topsy-iurvy : 
also up and down, to and fro, always in the same 
place. II. as Prep, with gen., above .'—Corn- 

par, iawripu, dywripca Xa/iov beyond Samos: 8u> 
perl. Aywrdrw. 

dvA, aor. 2 subj. of iyltf/u. [K] 

dvoiyo, old £p. pf. with pres. signf., I command, 
hid, order, Lat. jtdfeo : also to adcise, urge one to do. 
From &y»ya we have 1 plur. ind. (bforfiuv, imperat. 

Sjwx!^, iawyirst or dw^tof^, dyd^Y^rf or dMn^^* 
plqpf. iiviiytiv, without augm. ivirtuv. Ion. iiviaysa. 
There is also a 3 sing. pres. dwyct ; whence we 
have in impf. dtwyay, daf&ysoy, tut. ia4^m, aor. i 

&¥&-yoMV, ri, (drw, yaid) strictly any thing above 
ground : a raised buUditig, the upper fioor of a haute .- 
also as a dining-room, like Lat. coenaeulum. 

dv^^Y*^, £p. far iA^yw, 3 sing. Impf. of dr- 

6,y^ysuf¥, v, r6, and Mihyma%, ot, 6, 1j,»ds^ 

dvttYK^* Sp< I p\'^* ind. of d»«rya. 

6,wf9A, see Avwya. 

dv-^kStivot, OP, (a priT.,M6*7^)/ree/rom|iatfr. II. 
act. allaying pain. 

dvuOtv, Dor. dvooOo, Adv. (dvoi) of place, /rvm 
oibove,from heaten. 2. a6oee, on high, and so, o{ 

dyu0€y, the licing, opp. to o2 teArv : c. gen., &na$€ 
yrjt above ground. 11. from the beginning. 

iy-vlHu, fut. ot$iav and ^arot, to push tip or forth, 
of a ship, to shove off: Murajrrtt vkioy (sc. r^v yavpy 
they puAed off and sailed : — ^Med., to put away from 

dvcd£<rrC, Adv. of sq., unhokedfor, [W] 

dv^OTOf, OF, (a priv., otopax) unlooked for, wi- 
foreseen. II. ady-o«rr^t, (dyor^/Nv) r^erred^ 

«u6fiuf(«d to a person. 

dv-^XcOpof, oy, (a ptiv., ^c^^ot) indestructible. 

dv-^»|juiXot, oy, (a priv., 6fjuLK6t) uneven, wnequaJl^ 
irregular : t6 6y. unenenncss of ground. 

6,y-w\uni, Adv., of sq., wilhotU oeUh. 

dvHla|u>Tot, OF, (a priv., 6fanffu) tmswom, not bound 
by oalh. II. not sworn to. 

dv-Mv6|ia(rros, oy, (a priv., 6yo/s&(w) not to be 
named, indescribable. 

dv-ttvi;|MC and dvwvv|i{. Adv. of Miyvpm. 

dvnlftvi^liot, OF, (a priv., ^FV/ia JEa\, for Svofid} 
without name, not named. II. nomefess, inglorious, 

dv^ai, aor. i inf. of obsol. Ayirfw : cf. drxurya. 

dv^tt, fut. of iydrym : see dFotryo. 

dvwpCa, ij, untimdiness : dyotpla rov (rovs the bad seor- 
son of the year, i. e. winter. From 

dv-wpot, OF, (a priv., &pa) like A-e»pos, witimeiif, 
unripe, Lat. unmaiwrus. 

dv-copvo|iQii, Dep. (d^d, ifplfOfsou) to howl aloud. 

dvipcrai. Ion. fosr dyouraa » Att. AyeyiynajL, aor. i act* 
inf. of dvaipipu, 

dWooot, aaaa, aay, aor. I part. ot63w$4st. 

dWmrot, 17, oy, Superi. formed from Ayea, topmost*. 

dvirrdrrw, Superi. Adv. of Saw, at top. 

dvcsTtpuc6t, 4t ^K (<iyvr4po>) upper or higher. 

dywrfyti, Compar. Adv. of dsw, higher, above. 

iiVHo^Mfg, is, (a priv., ii^Xiw) usdess: alio 
hurtful, like Lat. inutUis. 

dv^t^lXiyrot, oy, (a priv., &^\it9) fmidess, im- 
profitable, 2. wortMess, 

6i'»\0i — iod^ios. 


^dbw>« : Simjfjh, 2 plur. of tame. 
4|«A, ^[{avTO, aor. i of&yrvfm^ to break: but 
i|a9#i, Afor. I mod. impent. of dyat, to lead, 
TA<{«i¥ot, ai^t Ion. lor a^trot, II. "A^ciyot 

(ic «tfrrM), ^, 7^ iirtn€ or IniotpikUe, a name al- 
tered (for tiie omen's sake) to Ev£«rot, iJW .Eiu tiM. 
^{^Mv, for S^€iy, tui, act. inf. of ^700. 
i, l » o% lotn. d-t«vot, oi', (a priv., f ^''m) «n&otp»- 
iot^ • MimHhnhUnJJ/t 

^{•0-ros, or, (a priv., £^) unAeim, unwrou^il. 

A^o, ^, strictly fern, of iitot, the worth or value 
of a thing : of p«nona» 100^ rank: generally, a 
man a due or deterte: mot d^iav according to his deeertt 
W^ or wop d^oM eontzaiy to hie dnerL 

ijjydya/mn^ 01^, (d^ioe^ dyafjuu) tporth admiring, 
admkaUe, [Ay] 

Ak-djunfOTOt, oy, (^iot, dicolw) worth hearing, 

ifyuKp6At9% ott, {diiae, dxpodoiMu) worth liaUn- 
iaa to. 

•{t-tt^ f|| HTO f , Ion. d{iair^-, oy, {d^iot^ dttpvuic 
pm) worth teUmg. 

iMwovf9%, or, (^lot, Imuviot) praieeworthy, 

Ht- ^i wufio t , i», (^«Mt (pafwu) worthy qf love. 

i{(in|, ^ (^TTv/u) on axe, eep. for hewing wood : 
afcrftff-iiTf [I] 

ifio-^Ctf^rot, or, (4«>«> 3«^) *0Ofi% living for, 

d|io-4frv6s, ^r, (ojfiot, l^or) eapahU of tpork, 

in Comp«r. -^rtfoe, 
^tto-MlTOt, Ion. -i|TOt, or, (^lot, Btio/MOi) well 

j^i^-OpHvot, or, (^<ot, BpSjyoe) worthy </ lomenl- 

i fr ^ im ro i , or, (^<ot, imdo/iot) toorii getting, 
^li^-Xoyos, or, (dfiot, X^os) worthy qf mention, 

WMiKiWi Adv. -7«M. 
At^o-|aAie&furrot, or, (^<ot, fuucapl^of) worthy to 

he deemed ht^py. 

dtt^-|a&X*<* ^t (4<M> H^X^M^) ^ tnateh for in 
iatOe: JdloaivehattU. 

A{iON|a,vi||&6v«VTOt, or, (^lot, /ir^/iorctw) 1001% 
4j^ nenliott ■ 

or, (4£«i8, r(rB) loorfAy </ tidory. 
4$, {dfioe^ irMoe) lamentable, 
ait, {if 109, 910x69) truetworthy, 
it, (^iof, troivw) becoming, goodly, 
0¥, (4f<ot, ^^oof) wariih eeeing. 
a, or, (^700 IV, to weigh) qf Wee value, worth 
^Mf c gen^ fioie A^i09 worth an ox : woAAov 
i^tay worth miich : alfo c. inl, ^lOf fttrcfr worthy of 
death. 2, absol., worthy, goodly : in Homer the 

vvd girea the notion of ^^& price: in Att it has alao 
an eametlj opp. sense, not overpriced, cheap. II. 

•w%,frfisinMt: henoe befitting, deserving : &^i69 sl/u 
I dmres to be, 6^169 el/u oUfTHpea$ai I deserve to be 

d{t6- <JKf to t , or, (4£ioe, aKhnopai) wiiknA eoiisi- 

dfio-oirovSavTOt, or, (<^«oe, <rvDvM£iw) leoril^ (^ 
tealous endeavown, 

d{io-<rrp&TipfOf, oy, (d^ioe, arpanfyU) worthy of 
being general. 

d{io-^K|AapTOt, oy, (d^ioe, reicfudpca) worthy ef 
being brought in evidence, credible. 

d|io-^(Xi|TOt. or, (^tos, ^>OUof) worth loving. 

UM-XP*^ ^* I<>^* ^ *(1* 

d{i6-xps»«, 9ont, gen. cu, (fi^ioe, x^oe) worthy </ a 
ihk^, Ukd so loortA eontidering, coneidenMe, remarh- 
able. a. eerviceahle, mifieienl. II. with inl, 

oUe, mffideni to do. III. like ^toe, with gen^ 

worthy of a thing. , 

dit^ioe, 1 ^otf, (^toi) to think or deem worthy of a 
thing : of things, to value al a certain rate : also ab- 
sol. to esteem, honour. II. but mostly with 
inf., to (Mnk one worthy to do or be : hence I. of 
others, to think ft, eipeei, require, Lat. poetulare, i£iB 
Kopl^eaSai I Udnk I haxe a right to receive : absd. to 
make a daim. 2. of oneself to think fU to do at 
be, d£tSf Ocattiy I consent to die, d^iS) rrp&aeew 
I dare, determine to do: eep. to deeign, condescend 
to do ; so in Hed., d^iovo^eu fUkeat to deign to care 
for. 3. to think, suppose; to lay down, motniam. 

d{C«»|&a, aroe^ r6, thai of which one is thought wor- 
thy, and so, etieem, repidaJtion, Lat. dignilas: eqp. 
rank, II. Oiai which is thought fit, a decieion, a 

purpose. 2. in philosophy, a sdf-etident proposi- 

tion, an axiom. 

dfCcMnt, ecM Ion. cot, ^, {&^i6ai) a being thcmghl 
worthy: estimaUon, reputation^ character. H. 

(from Med.) a thinking onese(f worthy, a demand, 
daim. III. a thinking /it, a» opinion, maxim. 

d|6viot, a, oy, (d^w) bdonging to the axle. 

d|os, 6, Cretan word for dyfA69. 

d-tiryKp^niTOt, oy, for dirvyic, (a priv., avyitpo- 
riot) not wdded together by the hammer : of rowers, not 
rowing m titne. 

dfiiMa, 1^ (^vXot) want of wood. 

£-f6Xot, oy, (a priv., ^vXov) wtfdled, unthinned, 
henoe thiddy wooded. JI. without wood, Sl^wooded. 

6riwrrS'r9% oy, v. doior-, 

diu¥, wos, 6, idyot) an axle: also the whole whed: 
also, the supposed axis of the heavens, the pole, II. 
61 d£o¥€9, the wooden tablets qf the laws In Athens, 
made to turn upon an axis, 

dofot, 6, an attendant, minister, esp. belonging to a 
temple. (Deriv. nncertain.) 

doi^, oontr. 9fii\, ^, (ac/8tf) eon^, a singing: 
also the etd^'ed qf song : hence legend, tale. 

doiSi^, poet, for dtiHof. 

MXiyMg, ay, (dsibei) mmg qf, famcw in song : in 
bad sense, noCor^Tue. 



iciboOirrjs — dwofriyflrty. 

doiSo^^t, ov, d» (dot96ft riOriiu) a lyrie poet, 

doiS^ 6f (d</8a;) a singer^ miMtrd^ hartL, Lat. toUb : 
fom. doiddt, i), a tcngttretB, of the Sphinx. II. 

as Adj. iuoMt, 6v, tuneftdt musical. 

AoiSo-T^NOt, ov, inuring song, 

&-o(ici|TOS, ov, (a priv., oU^) tminhabUed: hotuc' 
lets, wiUumi a home. 

^ucof , ov, houseless, wUhoui home or country. 

d-4M.vos, ov, without toine : not worshipped with obla- 
tions qf wine : of men, drinking no wine, sober : of a 
place, having none. 

d-OKvos, ov, (a priv., 6kpos) without fear or A^mCo- 
tion, untiring, resiless, Ady. -vws. 

doXX^ doXXiot, ace. sing;, and plur. of &oh}Jjs. 

doXX-^8i|v, Adv. of aq., in a body, together. 

doXX-qt, ^f, (a copal., ctXcu) aU togdher, in throngs, 
shoals or crowds. Hence 

doXXCJw, f. lew, to gather together : — Pass., to come 
together, assemble. 

d-oirXot, oy, (a priv., SvXoy) unarmed. 

dop and dop, dopos, t6, (dct/Mu) a sword, strictly 
a hanger : — later, any weapon. 

dop&s, ace. pi. for dopa, from rb dop, a sword. 

d-ip&TOt* OP, (a priv., Sp&o)) unseen, ineisiUe. 

d-^piOTOs, ov, (a priv., 6pl(ca) withoui boundaries: 
indefinite, indeterminate, II. 6 idptarot (sub. 

Xp6vot), the aoritt tense. 

d-opvos, ov, (a priv., 6pvit) withotU birds. 

doprfip, ijpos, 6, (dcZ/Mu) a strap over the shoulder to 
Jiang any thing to, a belt, a eword-bdt; but also a 
knapsack, strap for a knapsack. 

dopro. Ion. for {jopro, 3 sing, plqpf. pass, of dc/pw ; 
cf. aoapTO. 

&oaxri», f. ijffaf, (do(os) to help, aid. Hence 

doooifr^p, ^p09, 6, a lidper, aider. 

d-ovTOt, ov, (a priv., oirrda) not wounded, unhurt. 

diraYY«tXai., diraYfc^Xat, aor. i inf. and part, of 

diTOYY^XCo, 4* o report given in : a narratice, re- 
cital. From 

dir-aYY^^^> ^* *^ ^^^' eX^w: — to bring tidings, re- 
port, cMnounee : to relate, teU : — ^Med., vAXtv dwaxyiX- 
AccrOcu to bring back tidings. Hence 

diraYY<Xrfip, 9pot, 6, a messenger. 

dir-uYC, Adv., away! be gone! Lat. apage! strictly 
imperat. of dvdyw (sub. ataurSv). 

d-ir&Y^** ^•» (** P^Vm irffyyvfju) not firmly fiaeed : of 
loose texture. 

dir-uYlvlw, Ion. for d-w^yv, esp. of paying tribute. 

dir-ayXnttu, f. tro}, to deprive of ornament. 

dtr-dYOpcvw, f. <ru, to forbid : absol. to dis' 
suade. II. intr., to bid farewell to, to renounce, 

c. dat. : c. part., to gire up doing : also to grow weary 
of. 2, to fail, sink, give way; also of things, rd 

drnxyopAovTa things worn out. 

dir-aYpi^, f. ^«, (dw6, dypiot) to make wHd or 
savage : — ^Paas. to become so. 

dir^yXpvil», t. /<rw, Kiq. 

dir-dyx^* *^ ^ti^i ^ strangle, throttle T-^Med. to 
hang onesdf; to be ready to dtdee. 

dir-dYC9, f. d£cif, to lead away, carry off: — ^Med., to 
take away for oneself. II. to take home. III. 

to return trftai one owes, pay. lY . as Att law- 

term, to brwg before a magistrate and accuse. 2. ta 
lead away to death. Y. to lead away, perpUx : 

to divert from a thing. VI. as if intr. (sub* 

kavT6v), to make off, go away, esp. in imperat. dwoyt^ 
q. V. Hence 

dtr&'yuY^, 1j, a leading or dragging away. II. 

a taking home. III. payment of tribute. lY. 

as Att. law-term, a bringing bffore the magistrate. 

dwdSsiv, -SIsiv,. Ion. for d^^-, aor. 2 inf. oT 

dw-^8o>, f. ifffofuu, to sing out of tune: metaph. ta 
dissent from : to wander away from, 

d-w&6^, ^f, (a priv., wd$os) without suffering, not 
suffering. 2. unteiUing to suffer, impatient of. 3. 
not having suffered, unharmed. 

dwoO^, Adv. of dvo^t, without passion. 

dwa£, poet, for dw6, 

dwouScvtrCa, 6, want of edufCation or instruction, ig». 
norance: coarseness. From 

d-woiSfVTOf, ov, (a priv., watMot) unedueated, ig^ 
rwrant, boorish. Adv. -ron, dvaidcirrow lx*<*' ^ ^ 

diRuSlo, i^, {dinus) childlessness. 

dfr-oi9pidtw, f. daw, {dw6, alBpla) to drive etway 
[clouds], and make fair weather. 

dv-ciyH^wx or diio-a(vv|MU, Dep. : (dvd, tdwfuu). 
To take away, withdraw : pludc off, 

dwolviht), 3 sing. impf. of foreg. 

diroioXdM and dwtuoXItt, (0 chbiA: to perplex^ 
confound. From 

dw-at^-q, ij, {dw6, aUkos) cheating, duping, any 
means of eheeding. 

dvan^Kmuk, aros, r6, a knavish triek, 

dwoi^XiKrtt, son, ^,'*dinu6krf, cheating, 

dwouAcOlw, Ion. for d^psBSt, aor. i pass. subj. of 

aw-oip^. Ion. for d^-mpla, 

dirnUpM, Ep. lengthd. dir<M{pw: f. diidp&'. Ion. 
impf. dualptaicov. To lift off: hence to carry, teik& 
away. II. to lead away an army or fleet ; hence, 
as if intr., to saH away, march away : generally, to set 
out, depart : also c. gen., dvaipstv x^^^* ^^ depart 
from ti^e land. 

d-woit, dvcudot, 6, if, (a priv., iroTt) cMdkss: o. 
gen., dvait tpaevos ydvou without male heirs, 

dv-cAavw, Att. dir^krow, f. £«, to rush down: 
generally, to dart away. 

dw-flurloi, f. i^ovtf, to demand hack, or simply to d^ 
mand of one : — Pass, to have a thing demanded of 
one. Hence 

diraCn|ai«, coit, ^i « demanding from, demands 

iiraiTCCoi — imavOpanCCio. 


&«hutC^, f . cmtr, s d«aiT^, (o demand ftodt. 

Av-ouftplM, f. 4<rw, to make to hang down, mupend: 
— Pa«. dwaivfiovfMu, fvL med. ifiao/mt, to hang down 
fnm, hoeerahintL 

jlir aicpip6otMt, Pmb. with pf. dwtjKpifiwfMu : (^ir^, 
Jc^i^) i—lo be finished off, eartfuUy finiehed : in pf. 
pa«.part. dwrjMpifiwfUpot, highly wrought or finiehed. 

^FwiXmoTOt, or, (a priv., •wixalea) nU thrown in 
wwAing: gcnenlly, uneon^u^roMf . 

d-vdAaurrpot* w, (a prir^ vdAa/oT/n) im< trained 
w tie jtoioMfro, otribmird. II. nei eudomary on 


4«dJlaXicc, dvftXaXicoi, 3 eing. aor. a ind. and 
opt of dwaXiiv, but fonned by redupl. from *dw 

A^adXa|tvoc oi^, ^ fq., Mjiless, fil7y. 11. tin- 

aoM^eoUe, landeee. 

4«dA&|ios, ov, (a prir., wSX^/n;) vttAoHt ftom^f or 
ffittoirf (^ Has qf tJwm : hdpUee, laicy. II. whieh 

emmol he hdped, unmanageable. 

d«-4X4o|«as Paa., to (^0 aatray, wander. 

dvmXyMi, f. i7<rw, to eeaee to eorrow/or a thing. 

dv-^Mt^M, f. fw, to tnJK off, eoBpimge^ eip. from a 

4«aXi(^|ovu|tt, acH-. I q>t. of eq. 

^v-iX£t«*, ^* H<f^' ^P* A<ir. a d«idXaX«oy, lee 
MXaXx* : (d«\^, dX^«;). To ward off from another, 
cacc. rei et gen. pen., dvaX^cir fiikot Tiv6i to ward 
<#a dart /rom a nuw : also c. ace. pen. et gen. rei, to 
hep one from, as, dv. ripa itaic&rrfTot to ke^ a man 
/rom «W2 : — ^Med., to dtfend oneeeif agamtt. 

Av-oXnOcuw, 1 ^w, (d«\^, dAi;Al^) to epeak (he whole 

Av^oXilotuu, f. O^aoftoi : Dep.: (dir^» dX^^w) : — 
(# AttI C&oroiH^. 

^waX$(f H3 e o ^¥ , 3 dual fnt. ind. of foreg. 

4iiaAX&Y^, ^ (diraAAa<r<ntf) ddiperanee, releate, 
nidanee from a thing. 11. a removal, a dif 

tone. m. (ftt>m PaM.) a goisng away, eeeape : 

^w-aXXatitfm, Deciderat. of dwoAAdo'crofitu, to with 

4«4XXa{t«, HM, i),aBd«aXAa74. 
&v««XXa(r(r«*, Att. -ttu: f. £«: pf. i^XAdxa, pas. 
^^^ypm :— to mi free, reUate, rid of n thing. 
^ away from, remove from; also to get rid of. II. 
iatraiifl. to pil tfffrtet etcaipe, esp. with an Ady^ e. g. 
d, nutwt diioAAd4r(rc<y : to go away, depart. 

Pas., with fat. and aor. i med., dvaXX^o/ioi, dv- 
^Uo^idl/aTy ; but also tuL and aor. i pass., duoAAa- 
Xf^o/iu, dviyXAi^i^y qr dmj\k6.yrpf : — to be eet free, 
rdetuedfrom a thhig, get rid cf ii. 2. to get off, 
va.irith some A4j. or Adv., 6.g. ttaXSn, d(rffuo§ dir- 
o^Aax'^rtt to get off well, without in jmy, etc^ like 
the mtrms. Act.: hence alone, to be let off, ae- 
1>d(id. n. to iiaiM««, deprift from, go away, 

^wnceto.dgNvt from life, to ie (2eeeaMd:'l/r vcUW 

dwaXAax^^Mu like Lat. e jNierit exeedere, to come forth 
from a boyish state, to become a man : to be far re- 
moved from. a. to leaioe off from, give oter, eeaee. 

dir-aXXorpi^, f. itaca, (diro, d\X6rpiot) to estrange. 

dir-&Xod«», poet oXmdw, t i/fau, strictly to tltreth 
out : hence to brutse, enisJt 

dw&X6-6pi{, TfXxoe, 6, 4, (d«oA<$t, tf/i^) with sqft 

'AHATAO^, 1^, 6v, soft, tender: metaph., soft, gen- 
tie: ddieate. Hence 

dwOX^nis, TfTos, ij, softness, tenderness. 

dirOXo-TpHi^^ ^t, (dmX^t, rpi<pea) wdlfed, ptmnp. 

dwuXd-xpoos, ov, contr. dwaX6xpovt, xpovy? 
(i,iraX6s, xp^*) 9oft4kinned: also with heterod. gen. 
6,wak6xpoos, dat xpof, etc. 

dwdXww, f. Hvw, (dffoX^t) to S(^ten. 

dir-a|Ad«», f. ^v, to cut off, 

dir-ofi^mi, f. fhw, to bhmt, duU the edge of a 
thing : Pass, to be Uvnted, lose its edge. 

dir«4i^poTftv, inf, of dwfffA0poTov aor. 2 of dx^pap- 

dir-&|ii£po|iAi, f. yf^pm : aor. i pass. ripd/pBtfy : 
Dep. : (dv<i, dp^lfiea) to reply to, answer. 

dir-afMi(p«», f. apepSj, to deprive of share in a thing : 
Pass, to be bereft, 

dir-<4uX{w, f. ^ffv, (dtt6, dptXxft) to neglect vtterly. 

dwafAfiivos, rj, ov. Ion. for d^ppivos, perl pa«. 
part, of di^wrw, 

dir<4&irXaic(oiM», f. ^jaw : aor. a dirffprkaxov, inf. 
apwkoucttv, B d^papToyu, 

dir-u)ivvtt», fnt fhw, to keep off, ward off, to repulse: 
— Med. to ke^ off from ones^, to drive bade, re- 
pel, 2. to drfend oneself. 

dir-avd^w, f. d^o;, to lead away. a. intr., to go 

dir^va(vo|tai, f. -aavofovfmt : aor. i dwamjvdpgjv : 
Dep.: to r^use or r^eet utterly. 

dir-okvoMrxwric*, f. ^aot, (dw6, ijfaiaxyrros) to he 
utterly shameless: to be shamdess enough to do or say. 

dir-avaXCoKw, fut at^dkinrv, to utterly consume or 

dwavdfrrSUr&t, c«t, ij, (dvayiarapai) a removing from 
one place to another. 

dir-av6p6o|uu, Pass, with pf. &mfjv9p0>pm : (dw6, 
dviip, dafipU) : — to become a man. 

dir-dvfvvt and dir-dvtvOcv, strengthd. for dvcv^c. 
Adv., afar off, far away. II. as Prep, with g^n., 
far away from : aJUHjffrom : but also oulfrom. 

dir-aWjvcMr^av,. aor. i med. inf of d-wavalvopm. 

dir^v^icw, f. riav, pf. d-wipfOrpca : — to leave off Uooa^ 
ing,fade, wHker. Hence 
. dw^^v^ncrtt, cow, 1), a fading, withering, 

dir-okv6(tw, f. law, (d«^, di^ot) to pluck off fiowers : 
metaph. paraia¥ ykSkraay d«ai^/(€tv to cuU thefiowerB 
of idle talk, i. e. talk as boldly as they please. 

dir-ov9p&K(t«*, f . law Att ^, to broil on the coa!l$t 
roast. Hence 


ivatfOpoKh -^ imc^nx^. 

AwHiwOpaicCt, iSo$, i(, (dv6, S»$paf) a tmatt fah for 
hroQmg. 11. a ec^ baked on coait, 

dir-av0poic6«, f. 6<rw, (dir^, dytf^a«^) io Imm to a 

4ir4v%N»irot, oi^t far from man, i n ku mmn , bo- 
Page, 11. umoeial : it ooontiiM, mUnikabUed. 

d«-av((m||u, tat, <ff^<ro> :—4o maJce rim np and do- 
part, lake or iend away. II. Pan. -lorro/iou, with 

aor. a met. -^irrfiv, pf. -^(rriTim, to arite and go antay: 
to leave one*t cauniry, emigrate, 

&iravT&x^^ Adv.fOtq. 

4iravT&x<^* Adr., (£«at) gcgry wfcare. 

4ir-avTa», f. ^oofuu : aor. i iwifvrrfmg : io mnm or 
go to meet, eneomUer, whether •• friend or toe : 
hence to reeitt, a. to meet wlk, Ugkt or faU 

upon, 3. of thhigt, to happen, oome upon one : 

alBO to turn out weU, proeper, ^, to go or eome 

to, arrive or be preaent at : also to have reeourm to a 

Air&vTi|, Adv. (j&nnu) every where, II. emr y -wa y , 

dirdvnjoii, eon, 4, (dmyrAm) a meeting, eneoun- 

dir-avTfKpv, Adr. (dir^, itrraep^) rigid oppoeSte, 
•4ir-avT(ov, Adv. (dir6, dirrloy) right oppotiU. 

dw-avrX^M, f. iiom, to draw off Uke water from a 
ehip'i hold : hence to lighten, ketein, 

dw^vTO|iat, a dm-cvT&u, 

dir-avv», f. itoot \}S], to aecon^ieh otfinieh emUrdy : 
dmaafiteiv [rab. tb6v\ io jMeh a journey. 

'AHAfi, Ady., onee, onu only, onee for aU, Lat 
temei, II. without any notion of number, alter 

ifrel, die, etc.* Uke Lat til temel, in dira^ ^pi^iro when 
onee he began. 

' dwot-dwOf, &oa, Hy, ugn. in plnr., aU at onee, aU 

dwa{-awXAt, Adr., in general, upon the whcle, 

dwHi^Ca, 4, (dv^, djfiot) untPortMnem, 

dir-dfiof, ov, (Aw6, dftot) ^dvd^tot, unworHiy cf. 

dir-cifidai, f. ierm, (iw6, d^t6ca) to deem unworihy ef 
one: to diedaim as unworthy, dieown, Lat dedignari. 

dwdopof , oy, Dor. for dw^^ot. 

d-wttwwot, oy, (a prirat., udmrot) with no grand' 
father or aneeatore, 

dw^wTW, Ion. for d^-dvrw. 

d-wopd^TOt, oy, (a prir., mpafiahu) not Upane- 
greeaed. II. act not pauing over to anottier : not 

paaafng away, unchangeable. 

dir-&paun||i4votJon. for d^pif/Mhoe, p£ paM. part. 
ot dt^-iuplot, 

d-wapa(n|tofl, oy, (a priv., mpeur4ot) not to he 
turned away by prayen : not to be begged off, inevMth 
lie. II, ot T^rmma, not to be entreated, ineicoriifle. 

Adr. -ron, inewrMy, 

d-wopoucdXwTOt, oy, (a prir., wapoMOhhwrtf) un* 
covered; hence Adr. -ran, undiaguiaedly, [«S] 

d^irapdicXi|TOt. oy, (a prir,, mpOMohJet) 
monad, wilho^ being eaUed upon. 

d-wapdXXoMTOt, oy, (o piirat., wapahk&ffffat) «i- 

6yirapoX6ywro% oy, (a piiTat., wapakoyi(oiaouy 
not to be deceived, 

d^^opofiv^iiTOf, oy, (a prir., 9apafm0Soiaau) net to 
be perauaded: hence ineorrigibla: alao fcinomrfw 
ble, n, not to be entreated, inexoniU, [9] 

d-irafd|a,D0ot, oy, » for^^ tnexondde : wnbendimg, 
atubbom,wild, [Aeach. dtrdpd, like dMborot.) 

dwapofc, aor. I inf, of AtMdpat. 

dwafMi{<, 3 ring. aor. i of diwapiirffw. [dp] 

d-wofooiMuavTOt, oy, (a pr! v., mipafftctv6(w) i* M|. 

d-wofdomuDS, oy, (a piir., wapaffMi/i) mUhout 
preparation, unprepared, 

dir-ttfdotrw, Att ttw: frit. ^: to atrike (^fi to 
aweep off, Lat. deeutere. 

dw-opYi&a, aroe, r6, {dv-dpxofMu) ^dtr-^ifxi- 

dw-df«rM«, £. pioot, to ditpleaae, be diaagreoMe 
to, 2, Med. with pa«. algnf., ob y§f*tOfjr^y fiaa^ 
X^ Sa^pa dwap4aoaa$ai one must not take it iU 
that a king thoM be diapkaaed. Hence 

dw&pfa o x u y4 Ku , aor. i med. inf., with paat. rignil 

d-wopOlvevTot, oy,(a priv., mpOeyeiw) tmwatdw^y, 
ur^/Itttn^ a tnaMim : in neut. pi. aa Ady. 

d-wdpO«vot, oy,(a prir., wapBbna) nomoreamaid: 
yitltiprjy dwfa^ uofBiyov r dwdpBaroy * Tiigin. wife 
and widow'd maid.' 

dw-AfH^Uv, f. ^aof, to count over: to reektm 
up. U. to reckon or pay back. Hence 

dwap£9|M)<na, een, ^j, a counting over, 

dw-opick», t Sow, to mi^fiec, be at^fieieaL II. intr. 
to be contented, aequieace. 

dw-opv{o|Aai, frit. med. ^oopai, aor. i pass, dvrfpa^ 
Ofjy : Dep. : — to deny utterly, deny, VnU^'anpyf/^^ee' 
ran in pan. sense, U ehaU be denied, 

dw-opvot, or, {iw6, dpyiofm) denying utleriy^ Auap- 
y6a kort pii yoaiasy he deniee that he is siok; cgwi^ 
dmapyoa obdey^t MoBitrraro she denied nothhig. II« 
pa«. denied, r^uaed, 

dw-oprdtt, f. i/ow, strictly, to hang from :. to han^^ 
atrangle. JJL to take away and hang iv^.'^-Psmb. 

to be in auapenae, HI, to remove, part : then* 

seemingly intr. (sub. kvr^), to remove pmsay, go 

dw-ofti, {dir6, Apnoa) Adv^ eompiletdy: in num- 
bers, ejcodf^./uif. U. Juat the reverae, maite the 
contrary. IIL ^dwd dpn, for 6m6 rev rvr,/rvM 
now, from thia time, 

dir-oft{ts», t ioe», to get ready, complete: — ^Pasa. to 
h^ completed, exacBg made up, 

dw-opri-XoY^ 4> (A'a6,ApTtoa, KSqfoe) a round, fuU^ 
even nunher or sum. 

dwaptur|idt, 6, (dvaprtiw) con^platUm, 

diW-ApvoTJov, verb. A4j., OM fiMtfC <irav qf . From 

dw-ttf>vM, f. (fow [0], to draw off, $kim off. 

dir-a|ix4» 4* ^'^ion usu. in plur. dwopx^^t (he &»- 
gimting qf a taerifioe, the Jkat part ff effiA^^ M the 

iwipxpiAM — iar€ikrf04is. 


luir cot fttxEu ih* torelmd. 

a. t%0>nCMM^fi)r 

Av-A|»x0|<^A^ f* ^o/Ku : Dep. : — to make a heght' 
s^, mp. ia Mcrifice, rpix^ iM&ffxwBm io begin 
fle eaerijiee wUh tb» hftir, L t. b]r outttog off the 
Ike bair from the fimiiead and thiowfaig it into 
iic H. e. gen,, io cut tjf part of a thing to 

e§er M: to cfferpairt cf. 2, to offer ihtfioAinge or 
^lirfmliB of a tfilDg : abeoL to (eyin a eaeri^, 

S-irilt, 2«S<ra, ^«ay, (^f<a> «&) itrengthd. fior 
SOI, ^mAt off, oB to^dftir: Ir ^Eiratff and ek &PBrra, 
artM^.- Atk also like «m fai lignf; eoerp em, Lat. 

to etnggle eemmdokdy. 

4«aa-ria, 4* a fading, fa^ From 

d-mrrot, or, (a prir^ «dU>/ia«) lurf iovjny t&tkd, 

i/tr-^axaXiomaik, D^^ Io Aow no kimtre, 

imfkrim, f. i^«. (Mmf) io eJteat, trick, trntait, he- 
gvOe: Uke JjoLfaUere tempue, to hegvnU the time : — 
PMiL<o&e ^IfiWwtf, wrtnhii 

4 e i m^te and A » Ati pli w r, AdT., {(M, S/repie) 
fer apocri, lAoof, aU alone: alao aa Prepu with gen^ 
fmfrom^ mwif from. 

vMWlM^ loti. aOf AwtKTaefm 

Aa ft i e Aw , w ne, 6, a ekeeA, rogue. Tram 

'AHATH, 1^, ^mating, tridurg, frmid, guOes deceit : 
b a lem bad ngnl, emudngj craft: a ttratagem hi 
mr. Hence 

4«&'H|Xtos, oi^, doeeitfvi, wOg. 

&v&Ti|X6«^ ^, ^,«fbreg. 

ivdnjiiA, aroe, t6, (Awar^of) a deceit. 

d^wtwfro a , or, (a prir., «ftr^) mttrodden, 

4»«T^iA{i», fl 4o«, later fbrm for aq. 

4vKrrf|idM, f. Tfov, etrengthd. for iri/JnAof, to di*- 
moneoT, diogracf. 

*Awmrmiipna, ant, ri, tke Jpaikifia, a foftiral at 
Athene in the month Pyanepaion, laatlng three 
daj% dnrin^ wUch the Athenian* lukl their grown 
ng aone enn>lled amoog the eitiiena. (Prob. da> 
tired from mrf/p or <pparpia, with a etn^ioo.) 

d-wdTMp, opof , 6, i^, (a prirat., wAr^p) fdt kerku , 
oivftaa: dieownedbg the father. 

aw-avY&^, £. o», to beam milk light* Hence 

imwfBurpa, aroe, t6, efftdgenee, reflection. 

h mm M m, f. ^,to forUd, foU. by M ab^I i^f-* 
^m»Sw TtM /i^ voccrr I forbid his doing. II. to 

(dlerUi/iWity,Lal€«UMy«,e. inl m.tode- 

rmcmmee: todmg, TV.toleweaHingio- 

fOfu T. io/oM^ aMs, daovdor 

. la /aM with toO. 

^ w — > l8({ o ^ i , f. i^/nc : Dep.>-C» ^Moft or act 

■■Hjpj Moaa aaa* 
A wa iii yyCt i i, t Une AtL T&r (dmA, ai0^pepoe) 

l9 ^ a tlSog on tike aome diay, fo go and retrnn on the 

^'^^etfmm, onfy fooBd in hnpf., with aor. wifpd., 
^^iffe^, ^MrfipSMf drnfipd, to which mnat be added 

Uie aor. i part, act. and med., d«o6^aa, im«pAp€' 
roa: {etbpem the aimple ia not foond). To take 
away from, wreAfrem, rob of, riifA ri. II. to r^ 

ceive good at HI, io en^og or taWer: (but whereTer 
thia aenae oceura, durfitpa, dwtfvpoa, etc., ahonld be 
altered into iwavpet, ivriipov, etc.) 

d-iravoret, or, (a priT., ncdfei) mot to be etopped or 
aeeuaged: never'-ending. n. act. c. gen., nawr 

eeaeing from, 

dw-aMka, Adv., (jhw6, airiMa) for thwit h, m the 

dir-avTO|AeX^, 1 ^fcm, to go qf one^e ami aecord, 

Aw-A^C^KOf Alt* dira^^ar: aor. a ^vo^or, park 
dira^d&r : aor. a med. opt. dird^ro in act. aenae : 
(dwo, d^). Like dvordoi, to eheoi, beguHe. 

4tm-^}fiopMk, Dep., to be hatful or griccom: to be- 
come didihed, inemr odium, 

dw^oXov, aor. a of d«o^dXAa». 

MBhff, dw^^Nona, aor. a and I of Awo0aiwm, 

dweoMt, or, bor. for ^wdhwSe. 

A-wiSlXot, 09, (a priv., w^SlXor) tNuAoi, barefoot, 

d-mSot, or, (a copnl., ir^8or) even, levd,fioL 

dw48i0, aee dm*ea4ia», 

imkgflme, Ep. for dmg, ^ aing. piM. anbj. of dwepn 

d w <a» w a , Ep. for dvti^, 3 aing. hidie. of dircTirer. 

dwiaprya, 3 aing. imperf. ciAwoipyta* 

dwmnfov, aor. a of imo$rffOieot, 

d w aSSey , inl dmdktr, aor, a withoat prea. in nae^ 
aenring ae aor* to d^pdv, Io look atmay from other 
(hinge at, and ao aimply to look aL 

diraC9fM^ if, {imeMfe) disobedience. 

dwiiMio, f. iiav, (dwac^t) Io r^iue cowyK on og; to be 

dir-a(Oi|, dw-a{9v|oav, Ion. for d^^-eiBrf, A^-^i$ffirar, 
3 aing. and plvr. aor. i paaa. of Afhffu. 

d-m$^ 2t, (a privat., mi^fMu) (2Mo(ed»eal .* of 
diipa, mnmanageatle. II. act. noi peraiMidin^. 

dw^iHdta* f* ^a», Io copy, repreeent, exprtm by « 
oomimritoR; hence, to eonqiaretfift, Ztkmlo. II. 

Ae darffi«doa<, to conjedmt, til fieel eot^jitere, 

dwauc^Titf, dw<auc^ aee dtrcoup^. 

dwaiXciv, poet, for d^etkie>, to threaten, 

dir-ai\^ f. ^w, (d«^, aiA^tf) to preee hard, dirciA^ 
^it, dirciXi;fUrot ie dmoplrfr, it ianeyieairir driven into 
great atraita. 

dwatXita, f . ^« : (MretXJf) -.---to threaten, Lat. «•<» 
nan' ; e. inf., to t/^tvoton to do. II. to Mokf fiooil- 

/u2 lAreato : to boaet, brag, Lat. gloHari, III. to 

aia«f^|»rom^ voto : — ^Paaa. dwetXovpai, to be terrified 

dwaiA-fl. 4, moatly in plnr. lAreolt: alao 5oaalf^ 
braggart worde : fm aing. a threatening, (Derir. nn» 
certain.) [^ 

6fm-mXaij/hlGtf aor. i paaa. port* of d«-«iAia» {M, 


ancCKfjiJLa — 2ir/\.€y/Aa. 

dircCXtHAa, orot, r6, « fweg. 

dir-€iXi||&4vof, perf. pus. part, of dwHikica (Av6, 

dir-«i[Xi||i|i«u, perf. paw. ot dwoKofifiAvw, 

dirftX<fjripr, Ep. for ^jw^iXttrr/r^ 3 dual impf. of 
dvciX^o; (dw€tkij), 

dirftXi|T^p, fjpoi, 6j (dwtiKim) a threatener, boatter. 

dirfiXT|T^piOS, a, or, threaUning, menacing, 

dirftXi|r^ oO, 6,»dw€iKiiTfip. 

dirfiXTpiic6f, 1^* 6Pt=dirtikifrlfpioi, 

dwiCXii^o, perf. act. of d.wo\afjL06rof. 

dir-<i)u, f^t. diriffofiot, (d«<$, clfu) to he away from: 
Abaol., to be away or abaerU : of things, to be voantinff. 
Horn, mostly uses impf. Avrjrt Awirjrf 3 p\,dw€ffay, 
and fiit. Matrofuu, 

dir-€i|i.t, (d,ir6t €ifu) to go cuoay, depart: the pres. 
nsu. as fat., I will go : imperat. dmOt, part, dmiy, 

dmktri^utv,=dir€iv(ir, v. sq. 

ttir-€iirov : inf. dvctircrr, Ep. dvociireiy : later also 
aor. I dvciira, med. dir^tirdfap^ i fut. dwtpS/, perl 
dwelfnjKa: the other tenses supplied by d'w6^fUf 
dmyopetw. To epeak, my, or ttU oat. II. to 

deny, refuse. III. to forbid, foil, by /i^ with 

inf., dirHMoy airdy ft^ noieTy I faibade him to do : 
rd dvtipujfUvov, a forbidden thing. IV. to re- 

nowice, dieown, give up, dwtlmxffBat rhv vl6y to dis- 
own his son ; dvciircri' &fnv to avert a vision by offer- 
ings, y . intrans. to give up, be worn out, fail : 
c. dat. pers., to fail or be toanting to one, dvetprfieivai 
<plkoi$ : but, dii€tpqKivai xp^A'^uri to be bankrupt : — 
c. part., dir. KoBfifjutvot to be tired of sitting. 

drircCpavTOS, ov, (a priv., vIoom) endless, boundless. 

d-mCpa<rros, ov, (a priv., treipd(iu) inexperienced. 

d-irtCpfirot, ov, (a priv^ vtipdopmy Dor. for d-wei* 
parros, untried. 

dir-fCpyaOov, Ep. 3 sing. diro^pYaOc, inf. dir-spYot- 
O^v, poet. aor. 2 of dveipyof. 

dir<^pY^« ^° Herodotus usu. dtr-ipyvt, and in 
Homer also diro-^pTw: f. ^a;: poet. aor. 2 dwtlp- 
ya$oy, in Hom., avo4pya$ov'. pass. pf. dir^lpnfpm, 
Ep. dir4prffjuu. To keep away or shut otUfrom, part 
from : to beep or hinder from, to keep back: of a river, 
dwepy/Uvos, shut out from its old course. 11. to 

part, dieide, and so to bound, of seas and rivers, 
etc. III. to shut up, confine. 

d-nmplcptos, a, op, and ot, ov, lengthd. farm for 
dveipot, II. bowuJUess, endless, countless. 

dir-€(f>i|Ka, inf. dvtipvjitiveu, perf. of dvftiror. 

dir-c(f>i||iai, perf. pass, of dircnroy. 

d-irt4>t|T0f, or, also 17, ov, (a priv., vHp&opa) 
Vfithout trial, and so I. act. without making triai 

of, absol. making no atten^: also without experience 
of, inexperienced or unskHUd in a thing. II. pass. 
untried, unaUempted, 

dirtipCa, ^, (dirccpot) opp. to ifAirtipia, want of skiU, 
yiejBperienee* II. (dircipot n, ftipat) injhtity. 

d-irtCptrot, or, Ep. for dwupifftot, 

dir«4>d-8aicpvt, v, gen. vof, (dm^, &Upv) I00i3>- 
M{^ (0 excess. 

dirsipd-Spoeot, ow, (AirHpos, dpdffos) mibedewed. 

dirfu>6-iciAicof, or, (Awtipos, kokSs) ineJ^perieneed m 
iU: TO dir§ip6tcajcor timplidty. II. unused to evO. 

dirtipoic&XCa, 1j, ignorance of the beautiful, wemt nf 
taste : in plur. vulgarities. From 

dircipd-K&Xot, or, (dvcipot, «aX^) without taaiet 
coarse, vulgar. Adv. -ko^k, 

dmipo-Xcx^ ^'* {dwtipos, A^xo*) unmarried. 

dimpo-fidxTit, ov, 6, Dor. -iidxat, (dveipot, ii&xn) 
untried mbattU. [d] 

d-irtipot, or, I. (a priv., vetpa, vupdo/uu) witk- 
out trial or experienee of a thing, unused to it: ignoramt 
of: hence abs(d., inexperienced, ignorant, II. (a 

priv., ircT/xw, wipa») like dirfif»l(riot,5oiimnes8,eiuiSesic, 
eotmt/est. a. of garments, etc., endless, ie. critibouf 
«fM2 or ou/M. 

d-irfipo<ruinr|, ^,^dirtipia, inexperience. 

dirtipd-TOKOt, or, {dimpos, riitos) not having yet 
brought forth. 

d-irt(pc0V, or, gen. oi^ot, (a priv., wtipap, Ep. ibr 
v4pas) boundless, endless, countless. The forms dircipoc, 
dw4parrot, dirdpaarros, d-nupiaiot, dir*peimos, dw^pt- 
Tot, dw€ifibiof, diripatrros, dnipdros, are quite sjyn- 
00. II. (a priv., wHpa) ^diretpos i, ihexperiemeed, 

dir-<(f. Ion. for d^it, aor. a part. ofd/^4Tjpu, 

dir-hc. Prep, with gen., away out of, 

dir-€ic8{x<>H^)^ ^' ^4fofuu, Dep., to expect, 

dir-sic8vvo» or -Siko, f. Sutrw [D], to strip <^ 
from. II. Med. dirfic8vo|iCM, fut. twroyai [v] : 

aor. a act. ^^, perf. ^TKma :—to strip oneseif; to put 
off clothes. Hence 

dir4K8<}<rit, cow, i), a putting off the clothes. 

dir^Kijs, a Dor. aor. i (as if ftarn *dw<htdx'^) » 
dw40a\(, he lost. 

dir-cicXav9dvo|iea,Med.,to/ofye( entirdy: — ^Ep.aor.a 
med. imperat^ d'W€kkeXABefj$* 0dpL0€6s forget entireilff 
your surprise. 

diracXcXddsvfc, v. fbreg. 

dir-<Kpl)i&0a, aor. I of dwo-^ptpdyrvfu. 

dir-^RT6vov, ft, f , aor. a of dwoKr^rv. 

dir-^KT&TO, pf. pass, plqpf. of dvoicrtlrw. 

d-ir^Kn|TOf, or, (a priv., vtitriej) fmcombed, ten- 

dir-cXa^vw : f^t. dwtk&ffv, Att. dwcXiv : pf. d««X]}> 
XcuM, pass. dwcX^^Aoo'/iai and -apai : — also ditika as 
imperet. of simple pres. dvcXdo) : Dor. aor. a dir7Xiaor. 
7*0 drive aufay, expd. II. dweXairttr ffrpar&r^ 

to lead away an army : hence as if intr., to mardt, go 
away : also (sub. iviroi'), to ride away : — ^Pass. to be 
driven away : hence to be exctudedfrom a thing : ge- 
nerally to be far from. 

dir-tXd«», es dvtXainw. 

diriXryiiA, t6, and dirsXtYfudt, d, HI repute. 

iiriXiyxf^ — iir€<r<r€4rai. 


irwikm^o% or, (a priv^ iriXtBpoy) immeamirdUe: 
iwni. as AdT., tiniii«ancra2i<y/ar. 

^MtXiadoL, diriX6|tcvot, Ion. for d^cA.-,aor. 3 med. 
inil and part, of &^piw. 

dviXmOcpCo, 1), (Jie et^raaehiaemeni qf a slave. 

Asr-sXcuOipot, 6, an emancipated Aave, a frtedman, 
LaL UberUu, Uberttnue, Hence 

4«-cXffu6ip6«», £. ^ta, to id free, emancipate* 

^««\^lm» at, f, perf. of dwipxoftai, 

a««X0MV, aor. a act. inf. of dnipxo/MU. 

<dv-4Xin», Ion. for dup^Xjew. 

omkX&f/t^ Laconian for kKKkqatdCw. 

Air-<X«{^ fhL (^a; Att. tu, to drive to deapair, 2 . 

^IXW^ciy dv<S riyot, to hope from one. 

dv^cia^w, f. ^<r», to «/>i^ up, throw out. 

ian ^ vSf u r a rto, 3 plnr. aor. I med. ofdvofupyfjffKU. 

d«4i6p{aTO, 3 mng. aor. I med. of &wofwpyyvpu. 

dv-«|i«oXda», f. i|^a;, to ditpoee of by scde or 5ar- 
kr. a. to bay <md aeUy betray. 

dv-«vovTV Adv., (d7<$, cKiyTi) over agamat, opposite, 
^gen.: also 

dv-mavrCov, AdT.,BEforeg. 

&«-€iruf»£{M, f. Ji^oi, to despoU one of his arms. 

uww l Y Ka odaiL, aor. I med. inf. of dinxpipoa. 

dvlvvuea, at, c, £p. for dv^€uca or d«i7i'C7iRX, 
aor. I of &vo-i^pea : aor. I pan. inf. dvcvcix^i^cu. 

dv-cvcvM, V. dv-cirtira). 

d^vtv^jjSv ^t, (o priv., vlvOos) free from grief, 

d-«cv0i|TOt, or, (a priv., v^vOiot) not subjed to grvf. 

dir-€viavTf«», f. i^(r«, or dir-€viavT({ca, f. Iffof, 
(d«u, hntun6$) to go into banishmesitfor a year. 

d g - ^w^iTM, to forbid, dv€yyiiw as /i^ voiuy Ifor- 
hid tbee to do. II. to order away from, dveyvi' 

««y nrd ^aX&fuvr, 

d«-^, T. dir^. 

dvuMC^tft, Att. dirfucdfts, perf. port, of dWouca, 
surtasomaibie, unfair. Adv. -ir^ws. 

d-«^VTOt, aw, (a privat., irciraiyQ;) not ripened, 

dvfvXcvoo, aor. I of dvorXcctf. 

d-«c«Xos, or, (a priv., ttinKos) wUhout the winXot 
or robe, dad in the tunic oidy. 

dv-firX», shoiid. for d«4irXaKrc, which is Ion. for 
i9-4wXMv<rs, 3 ling. aor. z act. of dvovkiw, 

dv^wmivsv, 3 sing. aor. i of dvo-wiot. 

dvtvrdiAipr, aor. a of dwowiropm. 

dvip, neat. pi. from Sairsp, q. t. In Att. oft. 

used as Adv. ^Snntsp, as, so as. 

€¥, (o priv., rspalvof) boundless, infinite. 

diT'yyd t onai, £. dao/icu : pf. dveipiyaaiuu : Dep. 
To vori; a^,fiiUsk off; pi part. dmuprfoapAvos, com- 
flddy fitushed : of a painter, to fUl up wUh colour, to 
fffresent perfectly : generally to farm, create. a. to 
MiA a contract. The perf. dirtlpyaapai is used both 
ia set. and pass, sense. Hence 

dirtpYiUrCa, i}, a finiskkig off, eowpleiing : a create 
ing, causing. 

dir^pyw. Ion. for dwtlpyu. 

dir-cpoM, f. £«, to brmg to an end, finish. 

&irfp-«(. Adv. ^waireptl, from &rrep. 

dir-€p«(8o)Mi, f. eiaopat : Pass. To fix oneself fast 
upon, I. e. to support oneself upon a thing : to dwell or 
tnsM< upon, also to seUle in a particular part : absol., (• 
lean or ftend auay. 

dir^>«£«rios, ov, poet.,<=:dvcip^<riot: in phrase dvc- 
pslata dvotva, a eounti^w ransom. 

dir-spi||i6«», f. flKTM, (dir^, iptjpM) to make utterly 

d-irfpiXdXt)TOt, oy, (a priv., ircpiXaX^a;) not to be 
outdone m talking, [d] 

d-ircpCXi|irTOS, or, (a privat., wepiXapfidyo)) uneir- 

d-ircpipipi|ivos, or, (a priv., wspi, fUpipya) ccare- 
less. Adv. -rwt; carelessly. 

d-mpCoirros, ov, (a priv., wtpi6f/f0jmi) vnregard' 
ing, reckless of. 

d-ircpCoicfirTos, ov, (a privat., vspiaiti^ofuu) in- 
considerate, thoughtless, heedless. Adv. -rafi, 

d-iript omwi o f , oy, (a privat., vepKrvAoj) vatidi&- 
traded. Adv. -ra;t, vUltout distraction. 

d-mpCcrr&TOS, op, (a priv., vspitanjfu) defenceless. 

d-irtp(T|it)TOt, oy, (a privat., wtptripvoj) vncir- 

d-ir€p(Tpoiro«, ov, (a priv., veptrpivot) not return' 
ing : also not heeding. 

dirtppC'ydos 3 plur. perf. a from dwoppiyiw. [t] 

uTr-<pptt, to be gone quite away : imperat. direppe, 
away, begone, Lat. abi in malam rem. 

dir-€pv6pidtt, Alt. daw [d], to put away bbuihes, be 
past blushing. 

dircpvKtt, f. ^Qt, (6,96, IpitKO)) to keep off, scare 
away : — ^Med. to abstain, desist. [0] 

dir-€ptH0, f. baca [C], to tear off from. 

Lit-ipiXoyMi, fut. sXtbaofUU, to go away, depart 
from : &wipx*<r^ els . . , to go from one place to an- 

dir-€p^ Ion. dirsp^, fut. without pres. in use : 
pf. dwdpfjKa : fut. med. dnepovpm : see dircoror. To 
speak plainly out. II. to deny, to rencwice. III. 
to forbid, dwspSt as ft^ wp&rrsip I forbid thee to 
do. IV. intr. to give up, sink, fail : see in 


dircpom, itas, 6, one who thwarts. From 

dv-spttl», f. ri<ro), to ebb : hence to withdraw from.. 

dir-spM^, ^, a going back : II. a Mndrance.\9SMM, a sing. aor. i opt. of dwtpoaiot. 

dir4pttT0t, ov, (d«^, (pejs) imloHng. 

dirss, Ion. for Apes, aor. a imperat. of wpirffu. 

dir-«or9£tt, f. dviboftai : pf. dwe^boKa : aor. I 
pasB. dvfibiaOrjv : to eat ox gnaw off': to eat up. 

Attsmitbaas, 3 sing. aor. i of dwoaKtbdvyvfu. 

dir-sorcrctrtu, fw dir^crtroi, 3 sing.fu* rifA-^m.... 


diF^<Fotia — ianw6^. 

dir49«ro«o> Laeon. for iMttnrini, aor. a pMi. of 
AwofftiWf he if gone, i e. dead. 

dir-«otru|MOeK «r&ro, Ep. aor. a pan. of dvmrfCw. 

Air-larn, 3 afaig. aor. a of difUmi/tu 

dir-^OTTM, out, i^, (^Evffi^) Ion. noun, a being atoay, 
oftteiMe ; tee eiwrA. 

d-irlTi|Xot, or, (« priv., wirfiXw) leqfiett. 

dirfrp&irt, 3 tAng, aor, a of dmrpSwrn, 

d" < t uOf|t , ^t, (o private irvy0<bt>/iai) nol tn^nirvd 
into, fmleiiocm, Lat; iffnotm, TL act. imI {n^mr^ 

mg, ignorant^ Lat. ^^noriM. 

d«-«vev¥«» [0] : 1 Vwtf : (dvtf, fMs) :— to mdbe 
alrat^&t a^atn: to ad tip o^atn: metaph., to redore: 
to giidet nde: x^f* ^^fo^* dnv^Crrcir to guide the 
anns with chabia, i. e. bind them. 

dfPnMrdt, 6wt (dweix^f^) ^ ^ depneakd, abo^ 

dir^wdtw, f. 6ff», tohMto iieep, 

dnwiixfTet, ow,^dw^v»T69. FrcMn 

dir-<^o|Mts l£o/iac : Dep. : — to wUh a thing otKiy, 
to with that it may not happen, Lat. (2«pf««aH. 

dv-44^C9ov, Ep. aor. a of dwo-4p$itw. 

dirl4^T0, 3 nng. Ep. aor. a pass, of diro^vw. 

dir^i^^ot, or, for A^e^oe, (d^-l^) 6oi7ed down, 
f^/btfd, d«. XS"^^ r^jbted gold, Lat. otinim rtfeoeCtun. 

dr-«X^lB£pM, f . fl^ : aor. i dwffxfripa. To hate vt- 
teriff. n. to make utterly hatful. 

dir^Odvofioi, f. -xj^coiiai : aor. dmjxJ^Sfup^ : pf. 
Mfx0fipm : Paai. : (dwd, Ix^ot)* ^o ^ Aated: lo tn 
0iir hcUred or odium, also (0 be nmeed to hatred, oCre 
ri ftoi Mat SSfftot dwrx06fMrot xaA.c*a/KR nor doee all 
the people being routed to hcUe againet me distrees 
me. II. Dep. in cawal MnBe, to ea/iue hatred^ 

kSyoi iatwxjka^inafoi words IhoA eanee hatred : c. dat. 
pOTB., to &e or become haUfui to one. 

dir^x^tio, 1^, (dirtx^) enmity, hatred: in phir. 
enmitiet; 9i dwcx^c^ rtvi iXBuw to be hated by 
him, like Si dpyfjt iXiup, etc. 

dw^x^illAa, ctrot, t6, {dvexl^^'^yofMu) that «hieh it 
hated, tkeotject<^ hate. 

dir-«x0^f, it, (dw6, Ix^ot) haUftd, hoetOe. 

dir-4x9o|Aat, like dar^cx^di^o/iiu : Pass. : {dii6, Ix^) > 
— to 50 hated or Jhotof^ Adv. -«fit, d*vx^St Ix**'' 
to be at aim%. 

dv4x«». t dpi^ot : aor. a dvi^oi^. To hold off, 
keep off, aneayfrom: to part: — Med., dwixeoBai x<(- 
pdt TiPot to hold one't handa ojf him : but, dWx«<r^a(, 
abaol., to hold oneeelf off a thing, eJMakn or de^ 
from. II. intrane., to be owoy at fair from, c. 

gen*, loci, r^ in(XMM oi; voAAi^ Mdr dw^x^ ^ ^ ^^^ 
/or diitoni ftrnn the city : also like Med., to dbdam 
from a thing. III. to &a«e infuB, dwixfo^ /«- 

<F0^ to Aoee a/aO reward. 

dir-<i|M», Ion. for dp4tfmf. 

dwitm, 3 aing. aor. i of dwaf$4o». 

dir-^IY^Ofuu, difHifyi||«o, rtf , dw^^Yqo i f, 4* ^<"^ ^o"* 

dw-t|6li», £ fnw, to sImM off, JBter. 

im-tjIKeykat, Adv. formed aa if ftom ^dwiy^ry^ a, 
^t, {(dw6, dx4yw) without earing for emf fkmg, pStkaw 
dwrfXeyioft dvocurnr to ipeak out reeUeM qf iwiiaii 

dtrij^idor, aor. a of d'wipxpl'Ba. 

dir^i)XuMrr(|S, ov, 6, {jM, *HXia(a) one tidW> laeepa 
away from (he "HXmi&x, L e. on eaemy to lav, ir6li 
allnaion to ffXiot, not fond of badning in the mm. 

diM)X&t, Ion. for d^Ai^. 

dir-^i|Xi4rn|t (anb. drc;ios), ov, d, (dvj, i^ot) Ae 
eoet wind, Lat. anteobaMW. 

d^«*fj|uivTOf, o¥, (a priv., mfpabm) wih t um e d , t t t ti k 
out mitery. 

dfr-4\\tpperov, Ep. for i/p^paprm^, mar. a of d^o- 

dir-4||Mv, I pi. impf. of dvfi/u. 

din|uo<rvvv|, i^, freedom from Aorm, rnftty. Fran 

d^if^luMf, or, gen. orot, (a priv., v^fia) iMiJkmiied!, 
unAtirt: vftAonI torroa or vuffering. II. act. diodh^ 

no Aorm, «^e, HndTsf : of the gods, propfitoiia. 

dw^jni, 1^, afow^iheded wagon: later, any e on ia ge ^ 
a car,' chariot. II. like (evyot, a yoke, pair, 

couple. (DeriT. unknown.) 

dtnf|v^|vavTO, 3 pi. aor. i med. of dimfoho/mi. 

dtMpffjt, h, harth, rough. See irpoo'-^/r^t. 

dvfjv^ov. Dor. for dwQX9or, aor. a ot dviffxppoi. 

diH|opot, Dor. and Att dir-dopot, Ep. itm- 
^joipof, ow, (din(, atmpUi) hovering on higih, Lat. «h- 

dpinipot, or, (a prir., ir^pa) without a aeHjp. II. 

(a priv., mjpSt) unmaimed. 

dvnOpw, pa, i and 3 nng. impf. of dwavpdnf. 

dtr^6rro, 3 sing. aor. a med. of d ir *x ^^ ^ fw» 

dir-'fiaipot, Ep. for dir^o^. 

dtrla ytj, v. oviot. 

dw-idXXw, Dor. or Lacon. for dnowipam. 

dir>CtMU, Ion. for d^tffu. 

d^^vot, or, not winning bdief, ineredibte, wh 
likdy. n. not pertuatice, \t] 

d'^rt^fif , ^t, poet, for d-wec^. 

d«{9v|9«, Ep. fcM* ^w49rfff€if, aor. I of dira#la#. 

dir40vrHjp, fjpot, 6, a retlorer. From 

dir^wuvw, ^ dir-fuvuMtf. 

dir-iicvlo|uu, dirucdiiipf, Ion. for d^ur*. 

d-irlvuotrw, (a prir., wtrvr^) to be wShoui one's 
witt, to lack undertkmding. 

dinfit. Ion. for Api£it. 

dmov, r6, {dwiot) a pear, Lai. pinmn. 

"AinOX, i, a pear4ree, Lat. pirut. 

dTmot, 17, o¥, {dir6)far away, fat off, far. If dxhfi 
foifft Horn. II.'Awtot^ a, ow, Apiam, L e. PeUh 

pormedan, mid to be so called from Apia, a kfiig of 
AigoB, hence *Aii^ 7Q, or 'Awes alone, llhe Plriiopoii^ 
neae : also *kui», fltot, i^. [The former sense has d, 
the latter d.] 

dw4ir6«», f. ^«tf, to s^neese oal. 

imv6*» — imofiis. 


imJ6&^m, f. &1W, io meAe equal or even. 
imv Mt im , t, i^tfiv, (imirroti) to diabdieve, dittnui: 
liMftiili Il,»dwn$4», to duobey, 

Apfaiiyi, Ion. fat ijp-Umffm, 

4, ((kwtar4oi) dUbtUrf, dittrud: mXAat 
ix^ihelMxi^wixmtMcimmDjdoutitt, II. 
of/aOh, mbditf: faiihhnnem. 

or, (a priv., mtrr69) pan., ntt to he 
inuled, and «> of penon8,/aftiUew. a. of tiiingi, 

M< erttiM^ ieffomd htHtf. II. set., not MJeHipi^ 

or ftTBiCcn^, mUtruttfvl, 3. not obeying, 

■wumtf^ Adr. of aVKfroff, I. set. anop^ 

eiomefy, II. pan. beyond bditf^ inerediSbUy, 

4«rHf9x4>pCtofla^ £ liropiai Att. fovfOK : Dep. : (din(, 
ltfX*i^)- ^o opipoas or reBiat etouUy. 

im^i&Xto, poet, for dv^w, to heep/ar amty. 

dv-Crlov, verb. A^j. of dwu/u, one mutt go atoay, 

AwAffirlw, ^vXoicCa, etc., see dfcvAcurlar, etc. 

4>«Aai9TO«, or, (a prhr., irAd<ririe») not monlded: 
iMBce poMMiie, ameers. n. (a prir., vcXd^o;) 

ibarlaied for dartXd^TDt , vnapproeukaiiej terHNe, 

4-«XftT0S, Ion. dr^\iffr9% oy, (a pffy., vtA^fiof, 
poet fiir ir«Xd(b») ahortened for AirlkSroe, wm^ 

4-itXimi, or, (a prhr., vA^iNtf) tmwoMfi, w^ia^ed. 
^■■ X^i o a , or, collat. form of drwXdroe or of dirAi;- 
#rat. only vttd in tbe sense of mmente, extraof' 

ow,(a pifr., vKebffofmt Ait. oiwX4ea) 
notmofigtMet not nofrigated, 

irmkafctvmj or, (a prir., mkfitnro)) umbritihm : of a 
hone, rnmding no whip or apmr, 

4«Xyri £tt, i^, uiio^iaie denre. From 

d^miOTDt, or, (a piir., nifarKtffu) not to be filed, 
^tmaiiaie : c gen., dvX. cl/iaret intatiate of blood. 

ivXato, Ion. dvXflli|, i^, (drXovt) • d^^leutty o^ 
laJfajy, fitm stress of weather. 

imMfofuoL, Dep. (dvAovt) to deal openly arfrmJdy. 

4«\ols, /Sot, 1^, (^A^) a ani^fe garment. 

WX^Pt, ^7, ^r, oontr. 4«Xoi)t, tf, our, Lat. mm- 
jtec, omefoid, (opp. to SiirX^, Lat dopUx, twofold), 
ihf Je : kesee f^^rfs, and that either (in good sense) 
fni^ opem, aiseav, or (In bad sense) ^Uy, 2. 

t i m pk, opp. to opsyoMfid ; hence, o&soltile, sAeer. (De- 
rived from Sfu, aS te one iray» as is Lat implex from 

d-«Xooa, or, contr. d-irAovt, oi/r, (a priv., «A^) 
Sifaaflm^.* — I. of ships; «m^ /or sm, noCsetNeof^ 
%. 3. of men, never hoeing been at tea. II. 

fasB., of tbe sea, tftooBd Io noo^^a*^' 

Uiim, 4, ^, poet far Aw\6oe, d«Aovt. 

4«XAt«|«, ifTot, i, {(iM\6o9) like Lat eknpHeitae, 
M^aioiiy, jwawmsai, j iMiiuut e tt , 

mMAws, 1^ aar, contr. ibr dvAoot . 

^Xeva, oar, oontr. ftr ^tirXoat. 

d-irXovros, or, (a priT., wXovrot) wWuml rieket, 

&irX^, Adv. from dirAoCt, Lat eimplMter, eknplgp 
plainly: oibtchiildy. II. tn a word, Lat denique. 

d-mrflvtrrot, ow, (a prfr., anre^nrofMu ftit of «r^) 
«0ftoirfftre(i(A,ftr«a<Mesi: hence /i^eiest. 

d-iwoot, etr, contr. d-frvovt, ovr, (a privat, ar^cv), 
tfftAouC tsM, oolm. n. wither bneA, Itfdees. 

*AIHy, Pbsp. wrh Gkit. onT,«Lat AB, AB8, 
whether place, time, or any object be denoted. I. 
of Place, iaq^ng motion Jiom, aneoy from : also 
down from, 3. without motion implied, far from, 

at a diManeefrem, 11. later of Tirae,/rom, 

after, einee, dmb 8<i«rov tct^o^ to hanre done sap- 
per. III. of Origin of all kinds, aa^ I. of 
<2e0eBn<,MriA, o^ir dvd l/irdt o^ dird irfr^i^ not sprang 
from oak or rock; Amh iMprrft of Sparta by 
6trtiL 3. of the meane or intirvmeid, as dad /%oh> 
ir^^rwr with arrow /rom his bow. 3. of lAe ooase 
or ooeasion, dird SuoaiotrimTt 6y reoaon of, a. of 
the materuii of which a thing is made, dad £vXov 
vraoM^ftlm made </ wood. 

As Adykbb, without caae, far away : bnt almost 
always with Terbs in tmeei. 

In Compos. i.from, anmder, aa in Aworifow : 
and hence away from, as in dao^o^rv. 3. oooain^^ 
from, as in d«aX7^: and hence, Jialift^, complet- 
ing, as in dv€prj/A(ofMai, 3. 5adlc cvaM, aa in dao- 
9[lk»fu. 4. ^ toay </ oftase, as in daomX^. 5. 
almoett^a priv., as in dirai;0^ dwaTo^cCw: more 
fieq. with A^jecttrea, as in iw6<rtro$, 

diro, anastroph. for iir6, when it follows its nonn. 

diro-«Cvtf|kai, poet for dw-airv/tat, to take oMoy, 

dwo-(uplo|uu, poet for dn^^upiofMu. 

dir6^ Att tar &w60ff0t, aor. 3 imperat of dwo^ 

dwo^dOpa, i, etepe or a ladder for dee ee n di ng from 
a riiip, the gangway. From 

dirfr^cUvai, f. fi^aofuu: aor. 3 drrlfirfvi pf. dat>- 
filfirfiea : — to af<p 0/, dismoimi, alight or dieembarh 
from. 2. to go away, depart. U. oi erents, 

to itene or reenU from : abscd., to tarn oat, end or 
ieane in a certain way, Lat eoemre: rd d'w6fiaivow 
the itene, ereni : rii dinfialpvtna, rd dwofidrra the re- 
wlte; rd dwo0rfc6ftfva theprobahle reeuUe: also diro- 
fied^Hv akne, to tarn oat weM, eueeeed. 2. also of 

persons and things, with an Acy.> to turn oat, prove 
or be wo and so^ Lat etadere, dvofialreir ttoirol, to 
prove impartiaL 3. of oonditionSk ete^ dwofiahur 
eh n to eonte td kwt to, end in. 

B. Causal, only in aor. i dv40rjaa, to make to die- 
mount, ditembark, land. 

dfwa-piKXm, f. 0aX&, to throw of from: c. aec. 
only, to throw away. 2. to Omtw away, rtj^eet: 

also to tiirow away, eeU too cheap. 3. nsn. to 


diwoSAnrw, f. rpet, to dip entirely. 

diropdt, /Sdoo, fidy, aor. a part of dno-fiahm. 


i'if6$wo9 — ifWOMOHns. 

kftt6-$to%, w^fwrfwm Urn god»: henot podfaw. 

dffo-6<6fi», £ ifcw^ to deifff. 

diro-6<p(tM, Alt. (cm Att I&, to rwp tx evAoff, 

Ltt M o^ ix t mat, 2 med. inf. of <UnHr^/ii. 

di r^^ wn t, «dM, i^, (diroW^^) a pvttkig of: a fnA- 
Hug Moay, laying tip m Atrt, 

dir69c<rrot, ow, (dvoW^fn) de$pia$d, dtihemi, 

diro^tTaC, ivr, al, a jiibios in Lacednmon, Mo 
wlkM a22 miMibf^ww chMrm wen thrown on birth. 

dirMtTOt, or, (dwori^^) lorfd bg; benoo MAim, 
mjffteriotcfl, TtttfWcU 

diro-9(8», £. 0«{rtro/uij to nm o^ or atw^. 

dwoO^KT), i}, (diror/^fu) any |)2a<» wheretM to 
lag %ip tk thing, a gramarg: a magaakney tkm- 
hcmtt. n. any tiWn^ latfd fty or ftofMl t^ d«o- 

A}«ipr wotcTcr^ CM Ttpa to lay up a itore of CiTonr 
wHh another. 

diro-$i)ou«p(ti^ f . itfttr, to fr«asiir« or hoard up. 

diro-4XCpfi*, f. tf^t topreta hard, opprem fmek, \f] 

d irD^y<|<nco, f. Bib^fMu: aor. a itforoy: — to die 
0^, d<e away, generally, to die. 

diro0bp«Cv, aor. a inf. of kmApbciw. 

dir»4|pao^npO|u&t. [0], f. 0nw/«ai, to 60 twry Md. 

diro-9pa^, f.<r«, to brtakoffatfrom'. — ^Paflk,d«D- 
Bpaiftffiai T^ c&rX<(at to 60 ftro&en o^/tvm, i. e. toie 
oil, one's fidr fame. 

diro-^ld{«», f. <m, (dw^, 0^or) strictly, to ««< o^>l{^ 
Iea«tt : generally, to cii( ojf, curtail. 

diTo ^lWiH ' f i i, f. ^, to tfTMl in |>i00es.* hence to 
hreak in ^[>irii, enervate. 

diro-#p£9«M, f. Bopodfaai : aor. 3 iM4$opot^ : — (o tpring 
or leap off from. II. to leap mpfrom, rim from : 

abnl. to rise sfteer i^y, of steep rocks. 

diro-Ov|uot, ow, {d1r6, ^^ftit) not oeeordiHg to one's 
mind, unpUaaant, hateful. 

diro-duw, f . War, to offer up. 

d-iroCtp^>t, OP, (a prir., woiiw) not done, undone: 
noi to he done. 

diroiic^, f. iffffu, (^iroacot) to go awag from home, 
to aetOe in a foreign eountrg, emigrate. U.todKfU 
afar off, generally, to live far away : ^ K6fHv€ee l( 
ifum fMUspSiy Aw^fiettro Corinth teas inhabited far ammy 
from me, i. e. I settled tar fhun Corinth. III. c. 
ace., » diroud(of, to ootonim. Hence 

dirodcqoxf, ccm, ^, endgnUion. 

diroiicCa, 1), (dirMirot) a eeltling away from home, a 
eolang, teUkmmt. 

dir-oiK(t«0, fat. lao) Att. tu : (Awoueon) : — to tend away 
from home, tranephat: genenlly, to tend or carry 
away: — Pass, to he aeUkd in a far land: to emi- 
grate. II. to oolonise a place. 

diroucCf, /8off, ^, fhm. of dvoocot : — 4 dsrooc^ (sc. 
intfXit) a colony. 

dir-oueoSo|iM», f. 4<'A'» to cut off by buiUing, to «o0 

dir-ouKOt, oy, (dn6, oUoe) away from home,ohroad: 

2, ci Mm, Smwmn 

as Snbst., a teller, odoaid* 
(sab. w6iKl9), 4, a ootoi^. 

dir-OMeT(to|uu, f^ taopmi Dep.:— to oonylom 

d-ira(fMkvrot, or, (« prir., votpahv) u$tfed, umlmded, 

dir-oija^t>*i ^^ ^opat, to hewaU laudlg. 

dmovfo, «r, rd, only used in plnr., (a copni., wocnf ) 
in Homer, a raneom or price paid, either fir lifiB or H- 
berty. II. generally, compenealtiem, injwfwfwf .* 

rtanrd. Hence 

diroivd«», t ^m, to demand a raneom or price : — ^Med. 
to requite or inmiCJk. 

dweftvd-SCkot, op, {Smoam, 8t«nf) emeUng ihe po- 
mdty: aioning. 

d v-o&rrsvoft, f . cWas to US with arrowe, 

6moiam, toL atdmo^pw : cf. f4pw, 

diT'Olx^^l'^^ ^^' oixffcofuu : pf, dw^fxft'^ * ^^^P^ 
To 6e (7on0 ais ay , to he far from : eheoL to be gona, to 
haaedeparttd: haaoo to be dead and gone. II. 

more rarely, to go away, withdraw from. 

i.vO'WaBaipw, tut, UfA, to dear eff, deanee: — ^Pmb. 
to be remoeed by deaneingk, Hence 

diroicdtfapait, fow, ^, a lustration, expiaUen: a 
pugging off, 

dir»-icd$n|MU, Ion. Kdnnu&i, Pa». to eit apart, 

6mo-wnmim, fttt. law, to tet down: — ^Med, to ail 

dmMcoftwrdvcs and dmMcaKrtiDu, tat, oHjatei, 
to reeelaiUiah, restore. 

diio-Katvtf|Mi, Pass, to mtrpass, exeeL 

diro-ffoCptot, or, « dmupot. 

dnoHeoU*, fot. itai/(rw, to bum off: also of jnteiwu 
cold, to freeze off. 

diro-NdXIof, t (aw, to caR bade, reed, esp. fhim 
exHe. 3. to eaU away. II. to cofl by a tii— g, 

esp. by way of abnse. III. to team off. 

d^noidU^vimft, f. ^, to diadose, uneoeer: — Med. to 
rei^ oneadf. Hence 

diroicdXvi^ tow, i^, reodaUtm. 

diroHcd(iVQ», f. tedpovpat, to yroto (2^tto toeofy, toflet^ 
utterly : c infl, to Mose to do. U. c aoc, dvo^ 

ledpytiP itdvov tofiindtfrom toiL 

dtro-ieditirruyf.^ a. 
trans, to torn (uidefrom, dnm. 

diro-R&ir^, aor. i imkTuaaa, to breaiha ont, diriK 
MurOfir ^f/vxffP to give up the ^lost, 

diroHcSfftSoK^, to ea^ped eomeitfy. Hence 

i.itoaJi^pVJ^aeiiBk, li, earned e^^eetaUon. 

diro-MafTaXXd<m^ Att -rvw, to neoncOe again, 

d'WOHtwrapp'^YVviu, f. p/fiot, to break guite domm, 
ruin uHtdy. 

diroKardoTSotf, caw, 1^, (dwoiea$laTfjpi} a oo i npfaCe 
restoration, reeatabUdmwnt. 

dwo-icdrauai. Ion. for dvo-od^/MU. 

d«oKa«Xit«»> ^ ^^^ Att. XSt, (dud, aamkU) to break 
dirdicav(n«, cow, ij, (dirn—fai) • hwning off. 

iiriutiuu — iimKfAwrtuncf. 


im6 mm^m,taLMUffOfiat : PaH. : — (o lie away, he laid 
tyinitorc: lieiice io 2ie ftqrt Mi<eore<, 6e inreamve: — 
inqwn. dw^Mcmi ran^ itiein etare fat ooie* 

imo-wA^i ftit MfSi, £p. MiptMi p£ tUtceifiita, 
paa. crafytoc : — (o aAeor or aU cff: genenJlj, io eut 
imfieeee, Ml (krougk: — metiqih. to eul off. 

Awi tnpMvm, fat -HMpft^^w and -itfpUina. To 
ka»t hemi^ or mi^oymmXfrom or <2f « thing. 

dso-n^&X£;», fnt (<rai Att. &, (dir^, iv«^aXii) <o 

A«o «n 5 «w M, £. tf», (o eeaee to mornnfar. 

iim^-wejUm^ tai, l^ffw, a din;8^a), (o jnil awaiy ears, 

A «o-»np 6 iyoii, Att tth, fat £w : — to emnovmee pnb- 
Udif,%Kp. to offer for pubUeeak, JJ. to renovnee jmb- 
1idf,dieimheritBmm: e^m to dtehre ovihmed. III. 
to/ethid fiy prodamation, 

ivMmvoic, mm, 4» '^ mokktg a veiUwnme alt- 

ItmfL [9l From 

4vaBimiv«ut0, £ <rai, to make a hold ttrobe, make a 
iMfare: — ^PaM. to hepnt to the uUermoet haaard, 

^ wi t A voM, 6, (dir6, itu4o>) a eomie donee: Aw6ita^<m 
fitti find eone w^f qf dancing off, eeeaping, 

a«o-icXd{«», f. irXi^T^ to ring or ahoiu forth, 

iiw-mAikfee, daw, {iu6, iteXiiw) to hend one'e bneee, 
aid m to real, like ttdftwretv y6rv. 

AnoHcX^M, fat £of. Dor. for AvomK^, 

JMthttXmimt Att dvoicXdM [dw] : f ut MkaiHrofUu : — 
i» weep aUmd : c. ace, to hewoA wmeh, mornn deefly 
for, TL, to eeaee to rntiL 

&«6-KXApos, Dor. for dv^Xiypot. 

dm-aXidM, t iufv [d], to hnak off, 

A«OHcXda>, Att. for dvtHieAaio^. [d] 

4»Mi»vi« or dv^cXnott, «w, 4* (dvo«eXc(w) a 
ikimmg off €X OMi, 

4«6KX«urTOt» or, «M q^, endo&td. From 

A — i i X t C f, 1 Kktiaot: Ion. icXtftw, 1 KXiytray: 
la Aftt oAen kX|{m, f. kk(ae». To lAirt qff from 
oimdef. 2, to cat ^ at hinder from a thing ; — 

Pan. toheeutoffar hindered from. U. c. aoo. 

•alf, (o ifarf vfi, eiow.* to eat iff, prevefU^ hinder, 

Avo-dUirTM, £. iffw, to eteal awag. 

imO'ttKifee^ t, kkrftaot. Ion. for 6.wokk^, {. Kkdaet. 

dv6-KXii|pot, Dor. d«6-«Xdpott or, oioay /rom 

(Le. tsiifto«n lot or tlbore </ a thing. 

4 iro ii Xy ot>, £ ^^ «^ Co chooee hg lot from among a 

BUber, to deet hg lot. 

AwonXii^fi, later d'vmcXlOfCt* aor. i pan. part 

i —aXCw > p]: ftit Aw: pi dvoa^eX&o, pan. 

-•iitkt/Ku. Totmrneffaraeide: toUimhaek. II. 

ten Io tern aeide : metaph. to (nm qff to eomething 

«nK,/aB amagt deeUne, Hence 
MmkUnt, een, i), a lamifli^ atMy: of the ton, 

^fe^^tXiim, fat haee [IT], to tPoiA Mociy, avert hg 

4«o-«va(it, Att Kvdct : t mrfiaw: (ne imd«) : to 
terape or rub off: dvon^ timx to mar one ovt, wearg 
to death : — ^Ifed., to iMor away, dhmnieh. 

dir-OKvks, t riaet, to ehriak from, heeitate about a 
thing, c ace. : ahwl. to ehrink hack, heeHaU. Hence 

dir^KviKnt, MM, i), a ehrinking from. 

d^ro-KvitM, f. law, to nip off. Hence 

dv6icvi^|Aa, t6, that $ehieh ien^off,a liUle bit. 

Awo-KOiydonofc, Pan. with f^ med. ^ofuu, to dup 
awagfrom home. a. to get a litOe deep. 

dironoftT^, 1 i^ow, to deep aaoag from one's poft 

dir^-KOvrot, ow, (d«^, xoliToe) deeping awagfrom, 

ikiao-wokvuS6m, f. f^w, ^ dice and twim awag. 

d«OHC0|diot|, 4f a earrging awag, U, (from 

Med.) a getting awag or iodL From 

din>-KotU{«», fat Ure0 Att 2&, to carry or eondtut 
awag: — Med. to carry cff with one: — Past, to take one- 
»df off, get awag, 

dv6ico|AfMK arot, t6, (droir^vTai) a piece knocked, 
out off, a epUnter, ddp, 

diro-KO|A«dtM, £. aaw, to hoaet, hrag, 

A wn ca aYi, i), (diroMrdrroi) a outttny or knocking off: 
dwomnil XP*^'^^^^ tabuke novce^ a eanedlmg of all 

dvo-K^iTTw, t ^, to cut (iff, hew off, IL to healL 

off from a place. HI. Med. to rnnile the hreaet in 

mourning, hence, to mourn for. 

diro-Kop^ioi, f. ^w, to eum up bri^y. 

d«o-ico<r|iifi», f. ^aw, to dear and ed in order. 

Airo-twrrafiHw, f. law, to daeh out the lad drape qf 
wine, as in playing at the cottaboa. 

diroHcov^M, f ut. law Att. Xu, to rdieoe or ed free 

diro-Kp&r(», f. i\aw, to overcome, eurpaee. 

diro-icp€|idvw|u : £ itpefd4rw [d], Att apifm : — 
to lei a thing hdtig down. Id hang. IL to hang up, 

&w6^ng^^fk'vo%, o¥, preeipiieue, craggy, 

dir6Kp lf ittt, orot, r6, (iwoicplvw) a judicial eentenee, 
eentenee of death. 

dvoHcpU^iCt, diroKplOtCt, aor. i paaa. part of aq. 

diro-KpCvoi [2], fat Ivw, to port, e^arate, didui' 
guiah: — Pan., aor. i dweMpi^ \t] : pi itU^iim : to 
he parted or aqMrotod one /rom another; dvKOKeKpioBat. 
fit |y 6vopa to be eeparated and hrought ander one 
name. II. to ehooee out, chooee. III. Med. 

to give anewer or rqrfy to a qoeation : eip. to anewer 
ehmrgee: diwoMpi^eoMi ri to give an anewer: ao alao in 
tim. I paaa. dwettpi^rp^, Henoe 

dir6icplavt, «off, i), a eeparating. II. (from 

Med.), an anewer, 

dir^-KpOTOt, ay, heaten hard, eap. of earth. 

diroHcpovtt, £ aw, to beat off from a place, c. gen. : 
— ^Med. to heat cff from ontedf, hooX cff: — ^Pan. to he 
heaten or knocked off, MorvklaMoy t6 x«<^ dvo«c«pov- 
fUvor a ciq» with ite rim ibiocfced <2^. 

dirmcpvirraoica, $ aing. Ion. iii^£ of aq. 


imoKfi&ttTia — iiroAAvjbu. 

dir^-KpWm, f. rjfot^ to hide fronts keep hidden fnm: 
AwoMpvvTHV Ttvi Tf, OT, c. dupl. acc., d«. nvA ri, like 
Lat cdare aiiquem aliquid, to hide or keep hack from 
one. a. to hide eloee: to obeeure, II. to 

loM /rom «tj7M, dwoKpitmuw yffv to late m^M qf 2an(^, 
as in Virgil, Phceaeum abeeondimue aroes, 

dir6icpi)^ot, oy, {dwoKpinrTM) hidden: iv Awoiepif^ 
in teeret, II. dbeeure, hard to mtderdand, 

d'voMTd|Mv, KT&iicvai, £p. for KTVoftty, aor. a inl 
act. of dwoicTiitw, 

AiroieTd|Mvof, £p. aor. a pa«. part. ofAwoKrelpw, 

diro-KTcCvw, f. fCTtvw: aor. i dviitreiva: aor. a dv- 
^irrflyoi', poet. dWrrOi^, oi, a, £p. in pass, form dirc- 
irrdfti/y: perf. dWirroyo, inore rarely dircirrdyi;«a, 
and diriicrayiccL, • To iti//, «{ay; of judges, to condemn 
to death; of the executioner, to |m< to deaih: metaph., 
like dvoKyduVt to teeary to death, Lat. eneeare. 

&no-M», f. ^ffw, to (ear yotmg, bring forth. 

diroHcvXCv8«», f. icvXlaot [1] : to roll ateajf. 

4mHcvirT«», f. ^w : pf. tcttt^^ : to stoop aieayfrom, 

diroHMMcuw, f. (>ffw [v], to mount loudlff owr. 

diroKc&Xfknt, cow, i^, a Atmiannee. From 

diro-«ttXvw, f. (nto; [C], to Amder or preveni from a 
thing : c. inf., to prevent from doing : absol. to 
keep off. 

diroX(&P(&v, -6|uvot, aor. a part. act. and med. of 

diroAaYX^^^* ^ • A4£o|iai : aor. a ^Xaxov : — to ob- 
toui a portion of a thing 6^ /of, diroAaxcri' fi^pos ni^t : 
generally, to <iitain, 

d>iro-Xdt^)|iai, Dep., poet, for diro-Xaii^dyw. 

diro-XoKTitw, f. Iffo), to kick off or atpoy, thake off: 
generally, to epwn. Hence 

d«oXaicTur|iL6s, 6, a kicking away, 

diroXsX^tt, f. riata, to chatter much, 

d>iro-Xa|«fidvQ», fat K^fuUt in Herodotus k&fttfH}- 
ftat : pf. avelkff^, pass. dvc(Xi7/ifiiu : in act. only 
aor, a diwiXUfioVt but in pass, only aor. I dvekfi^Stpf 
(in Herodotus dirtXAf*^w). To take or reeeieefrom 
another : absol. to receive what it one*» due. a. 

to carry o(f. 3. to Aear or laam, like Lat. o^m- 

jTib. II. to take hack, regain, recover. a. 

to Aaif a thing reiMiered to on«. III. to tafte 

opart or atide, IV. to c»l ojf as by a wall : 

to stop, ormf, Lat. deprehendere, esp. of contrary 

diro-Xa|iirp^ivc0, to makefamoue: — ^Pass. to become to. 

diroAd(iir«*, f. ifw, to thine forth, to rifled l^fht, to 
Jlath : alxt4* dttiXapme (sc. ^wt) light beamed from 
the spear>head. 

dir»-XdirT«», f. ^, to lop up like a dog. 

dir6Xava\t, coit, ^, e)\;osfm«ni : c. gen., enjoyment 
or a4ranto(^ derived from a thing. From 

diro-Xa60, f. diroXaWofim : impf. dir^XavoK, aor. i 
dv^Aavffo, sometimes also dvi^Xovov, MiXavca. To 
take of a thing, enjoy : also to ^ something from or 
5y another, e.g. d'yoBov dvoAoirciy rir<»ff. a. Irani- 

cal, to come finely off, profit, whence also in bad rnmwe^ 
to get harm at loee by a thing. (The simple Kabeo is 
obsolete. No doubt the Root is \av~, i. e. Kaf^, 
\a$~, which is also the Boot of Xofi/Sdiw.) 

dwoX&x*^* <^^* 3 inf. of dvoXoTxdyw. 

dwoA^Tw, t (m: pf. pass. dwokiKeypat. To pick 
out from among, ehootc : — in Med., to fick onifor one- 
tdf: — ^Pass., dvoAcX«7fi4iHM pidced men. 

dwoAcCpw, f. ^, to M drop o^', pour a UbaUon : — 
Pass, to drop or run down from. 

diro-XsCww, f. ^ : aor. a dWXiiroi': — to leoee Mwr 
or behind. II. to 2<*ane behind one, i. e. /ose. 7. 

to Jsacs (eAtnd, as in the race, to dwtonce, to sur- 
pass. III. to leaiee utteHy,fortake, abandon: of 
things, to leave alone, leave undone, lY. intrans. 
to 6tf tfan(tn(7, to be away or aftsent : of rivers, to faH^ 
tink. 2. to be wanting of or in & thing, dvd Teotri^ 
(Mv wtfx^on^ dinkeiinav rpett baurrhXovt wanting threo 
fingers of four cubits. 3. with part., to leave off" 
doing. 4. to depart from. Y. Pass., to be left 
behind, iitferior to. 2. to be parted from, be (AeaU 
from, c.gen., iroX^ r$t dXtfOfj/df &iro\(\eifi/ihoi being 
iar dittantfrom the troth : to be deprived of. 3. to 
be wanting in a thing, also c. gen. 

dwoAcCxtt, f. (tif, to lick off, liek up. 

dir6Xiii|as, eon, 1j, {dwoktlmt) a leaving behind^ 
fortaking. II. intr. a failing, deficiency. 

6,ir6kmeTO%, or, {dwokiyw) ehoten out, picked. 

diroX4X^)|iiu, pf. pass, of dvo-Xiw. 

d-w^<|iot, poet, dirr^cfiot, or, unwaHiket w^ 
for war : peaceful. II. not to be warred on, in^ 

vincible. III. fr6XefMot dv6\tfwt a war that is 

no war, a hopeless struggle. 

diwo-Xhno, f . )^, to peH off, take off the sfem : pf . 
part. pass. dtroXcAc^t^rot. 

dwoA^o^oi, aor. a med. inf. of dn^kXviu, 

diroXloKSTO, Ep. for dvdrXrro, 3 sing. aor. a med. 
of d'n6\>Miu. 

dwo-X*f|7ft>, P^^* dwoXX'^fyw, f. ^w, to leave cff or 
detittfrom a thing : c. part., to eeate doing. 

dir6XT)i|n«, coit, i^, (dvoXa^i^dyw) a taking from r 
taking back, recovery. II. on intercepting, etil- 

ting off. 

dwo-XCyoCvw, to make a great din, talk Umd. 

dwo-Xip.irdvtt», Ion. for dwo-Kelmt. 

d-woXif , neut. c : gen. 1^, also ten. Ion. (ot : 
dat. dir6Xi : — one without eUy, ttate, or country, an octf> 
law. n. «dXit dvoXtf a city thai it no dty, a 

ruined city. 

dir-oXioww, and Att. dtr-oXur^dvM, f. okiO$^ 
at, to iiip off or away from. 

dwo-XlTopYCt^, f . lata, to tlip off, padc off. 

dwo-XiXH^* f* ^aatf^diro-keixof, to liek off. 

diroXX^ITw, Ep. for diro-Xi^Ttt;. 

dir^6XXf)fu or dw-oXXv»: fut. d«oX^s», poSt. 
dwoX^craai, Att.dvoXaf, Ion. d'roXiv, aor. I dm&Xcott^ 
poet. dir6\€(fca : pf. dii^€ica, Att. d«oX^«Ka : 

'Air6Xku>p — iatoiuiUoiMi. 


piqpll d«oA«iA<ir. To datroff uUeHff, km, day : of 
thiBgB,to demdiak, to lay wa$le, II. to loee tiiterly. 
lijtd. i96\X!0fiai : f. d-nkav/uu. Ion. dmkiofMu : 
Mr. a dndA^fop : perf. dv^XoiXa :— <o i^eriaA, die ; 
^K> Bmp]j io/oH tnio mm, to be undone. II. 

toUU)tl,/oUa»ay,faa. ILL. to be vjreUhed or 

'Av^XAmv, ttirof : ace. otva or w : toc. "AvoAXor, 6, 
ApeOo, eon of Jupiter and Latona. 
'A-PoAXAvnav and *A'VoXX«&vu>v, r^, a (ample ^ 

imo^ieyhyM^ fui, ijvoitat : aor. i mod. dw^korpf- 
^^^B^r, pan. dankoiyffirip : Dep. : — (d«^, X^tos). 
To ^fwoil m d^enu : also to apedk in d^enee of a 
&ct. a. dvoXoTcTo'Oa/ n to d^end onesdf agamtt 
ft ehaige. 3. diwcKoyuoBai ZUnjp Ba»6:rov to apeak 
agauui lentence of death being pasMd. Hence 
4'««X6y>||uk crro«, r^, a plea dUeged in defence, 
imvXoyia^ if, {dvoXjoyiofnu) a apeeeh in dffenee, 

imo^ioyitoyuax : 1 hofuu Att tovfuu : Bep. 
To ndetm up, giee ut an aocowni, Lat. rationea red- 
den, II. to give a full aeeonmt of, reeoanifvir 
Jy. 2. to eakuUde or eonnder weU. Hence 
knlkorpayAi, 6, a gvring an aeeowd, a ataiemenl 
tffoeta or reaaona, 

4v6-Aoyot, &, a atoiy, tale, dw6Xoyoa 'AXjdyou 
proverb, of long stories, from that told by Ulysses to 
AlciBdasinOd.9~ia. n. a/oNe, like those 

(f Aesop, an apologwt. 

iwaXflioro, Ion. for d'u6\oirro, 3 plnr. aor. a opt. 

^»<keikvfm, i, ^m, to utter a loud cry, 
4«eXA|Mvot, aor. a med. part, of dv^XXvfu. 
imaMdpjajL, fnt. med. of din$AAv/ii. 
dv^Xownt, €wa, 1), a waahing 0^, akHvtUm, From 
4«o-X9^, f. Xo(n7w, to tooiift <)jf.' — Hed., SXiaiv 
^Hf09 dwoXoifao/mi I wHl waah the brine from my 
sWidden. II. c. ace. pers., to waah dean, 

4y flXo^vpoygt, f. 9povf»ai, to bewail kmdly, a. 

to eeaaefrom icaOing, 

A«o-Xfya(vo|Mtt, f. fi&yovfuu : Dep.: — to eleonse one- 
M^Tly lotibtny. a. stregthd. for Xv/udyo/juu, to 

i^mage, deeiny. 

mXll|unrWip, 9^, d, a dettroyer, waater, 
^fnkvaifua%, or, (dvoXiw) deaerving aequitkil, 
MAiortc iow, i), (diroXiw) releaae, ddiverance : 
^ gnu, aord r^ dv^Avo^ir roO $arirov as far as oe- 
T^ttalftpm « capital charge went. 
AwsMhiicdt. 1^, dr, (dwokifoi) diipoaed to aeqwt, 
^. HMt, d«oXvn«wt lx*ir to be tUapoaed to acquU. 
A«p-XVtpdft, 1 ^gaw, to reieaae on payment r/ ran- 
•■•: — Xed., to redeem for money. Hence 
^■iX^piieru, cart, ij, a rdeaaing, redemption, 
^■•^^,tXW«»[l>]: tolooaefrom: to ad free or re- 
^^fefroaa, dvoXWir ahiifa to aeqaU of a charge : ab- 
«)t lo aofiut, a. In li always -BdvoXvr^^ to i«- 

I leaae a prisoner /or roneom; and in Med. to faneom 
him, xp*f<yovfor gold. 3. to diaband an army : to 
diaeharge a debt. II. Med., to rdeaae for oneadf, 

redeem, a. diroAirc^tfoi d(Oi9oXd«, etc., to do away 

wilh calumnies againai one, like Lat. dihere : henc» 
absol., to d^end oneadf. 3. to gd free, do- 

part. III. Pass., to ie rdeaaed. Id free from, a. 
to (7«< dear : to depari, go away. 

dwo-Xflapdo|MU, t.^oo/uu : Dep. :— to inauU, treat with 
indignity : aor. I dvehMfiriOrpf in pass, sense, to 6e tti- 

diriXflaXo, perf. med. of dffdXXv/u. 

diro-AttrCttt, f. ioo), (dird, Xarr^s)Bsd«ai^(<v, to 
plude offjlowera : hence generally, to jifudl; o/*. 

dtro|ui<Y8&Xid, 1^, (dvo-ftdaac/) the erumb or tneufe- 
of the i$af, on which the Greeks wiped their hand» 
at dinner, and then threw it to the dogs. 

dwo-|ia(vo|iea, fot. /ittv^oo§MU : pf. dwofU/upfa : 
Dep. : to rave tUl one ia aatiafied : to rage violentiy. 

dwo-|iAv9dvQ», f. fidBiioo/mt, to unUam, Lat. die- 

dwo-|iavT«vo|uu, f. ffofaat : Dep.: — to announce aa a 
proj^td : hence to dtrme, preaage. 

dwo-fA&pa£v», f. dvSf, to make dry, wUher tip;^ 
Pass, to dry vp, wither away : to die away, of a tran- 
quil death. 

diro-fUEpTi»po|iAi, Dep. to confirm by witneaaea,. 
maintain atouUy. [f>] 

dwo-iidoow, Att. -ttw: fut. (w: to wipe off, to- 
wipe dean: — ^Med., to wipe one a handa. a. Uy 

aweep off at lecd com with a atriekle : «cvcdy d-wo/id^ai 
(sc. xoiy^"") to 1<)M ^^^'* labour. II. to make 

an impreaaion of: — Med., to etoinp or impreaa some- 
thing on onieadf, copy from another. 

diro-|iaa*rf'y6M, f. iiaot, to aeourge aeverdy. 

dwo-|iaTat{w, f. hat, (dtrS, ftdratoa) to behave idly 
or unseemly. 

diro-fi^xofuu : f. paxi^o/uu, oontr. paxovfaat : — 
to figlU from, as from a fort, relxea beavd dtro/M&xe^ 
<r9ai strong enoQgh to fight from. JI.dwo/M&xf' 

o0at ri to fight off a thing, dedine it. III. dvo- 

fiax^aBai rtva to drive cff in battle. TV. to finidt 

a battle, fight it out. 

dir6-|A4x^ o^t (A'"^* Mx?) **^ fighting : nnfit for 

diro-|M(po|MU, f. pepovfioi : Dep. : — to diabr^nde. a.. 
Pass., to be parted from another. 

dwo-|Mp(tw, f. /(TV, to (7«p« a aftore of, €Udri' 
bale. II. to diatinguiahfrom a number. 

dwo-|ifp|it)p({«», fut. loot and (^ar, to s{tim6er and 
forgd one* a carea. 

dwo-|MOT6«», f. dftfiv, to fin to the brim. 

diro-)MTplw, f. 4<rw, to tiwfe oirf, didr&fute. 

diro-ffct|Kvv» [C], £ Ski;, to prolong, draw ouL 

diro-ffcT|vC«», f. low [i], to be very wroth. 

diro-|tI|iio|uu, f. ^oopm : Dep. : — to copy after, to 


ivQiAiiurqa'Kaiiai — iaroptarlCoi. 

d«o-|U|fcWiaieo|Aai, Pa«^ with faL med. lOf^a^iim : 
pi dwo/tifomf^itu : to reeotted, remgmber, 

dtr^-fuoOos, or, like dfuoBot^ wUhtmt foff: dtf- 
ffOMdedt^fOff. IL jMud oj; L e. jnmC Mrmes, 

lAt. enMrifeit. 

&«o-|ua^6«0, 1 itaoi, iolii out for hkt, la : c. inf^ 
4«o/ii(r^avy vocciy rt (o «onlra«i /or fAe doing of a 

diro-|«WiouM, Ion. for d/wo'/ufo^fficofiau 

diro|iviDMV«u|Aa, r6, mosUy in plur., a norraltM </ 
saytn^fl otKl doings^ memoirs, Lat. Memorainlia, as 
those of Socrates hy Xenc^hon. From 

diro-|Ain||M»vsvt*, £ ow, (o reniMui. 11. (o rs- 

late from memory, reeovmi : hence to mnsvi&er, ^ear wi 
mtad. 2. imofoniiunf^iuv riri n to bear some- 

thing in t»«m2 agamat another, owe hhn a grudge. 

diro-ffcvi|oiic&ic^ £. 4<rai, /o bear a grudge againd. 

dir-d|i>vfi|U or dirouvvM : t, ofwvfMi : 3 sing, impf . d«- 
^fiyv : (dm, Sfjonffu). To take an oath againd doing 
a thing, ewear that one toiU not do, 2, to ewear one 
hoe not done: to deny teith an oath, dieelaim «f|Mm 
oatiL Tl.iitn(Dgthd.foT6f4»fVfu,iotakea9oUumoixth, 

diro-|iov6«0, f. ^w, to leave quite alone: — ^Pa«. to 
be excluded from a thing. 

diro-|i6pYvCi)u. or dir-0|idp7vv|u, also diro|iOp- 
yv\w : 1 dwofUo^ot : 3 sing. impf. dwofidpytfv : (,Aw6, 
Jt6pyintfu (X dpipyyufu). To wipe a^ or anoaiyfrom : 
to wipe dean : — HecL, 6.iroii6p^aaBai mpctdt to wipe 
one*e cheeks ; duo/i^^^oo^oi Sd^/iv to wipe away onH^e 

diio|idp{a/ro, 3 sing. Ep. aor. I med. of ibreg. 

dvofi^ooi, aor. i i^ of dw6fiw/u. 

dtrd-funMrot, oy, like d/ioMTot, (d«^, Movoa) away 
from the Muset, eoaree, rude. Adv., dwoftoiaeM ypd' 
4p€a$ai to be painted in w^avourahle coloure. 

d«o-|ill6Jo|Aai« f. T^cofjuu, Dep., to dis au ade, 

diro-fii)icdo|iat, f. ^ffofuu, Dep., to bellow loud, 

dire-tiVKrlov, verb. A4j. of dvo/«(Kra'o/iai» on« mud 
wipe one*t mouth, 

diro-ffcvom Att. -ttu, f. £a;, to wipe a person's 
nose ; hence to el^arpen his tests; oomp. Horaces vir 
m»mda fMfie : — ^Med. to blow one** note. 

dirdvato, 2 sing. aor. 3 opt. med. of dvof^/a: 
dirovai«TO, 3 pi., for d'w6vmvro. 

*diro-vd«», obsol. pres., whence aor. i act. dirii^d<ra, 
Ep. dnhaaaa : (dir<S, vdai). To remove one to an- 
other place: also to eend back: — ^Med., in 3 sing, 
aor. I dwaydoraro, Ep. dwcvdo^eroro, to remove onudf 
to another place, depart : hot also to tend away : — aor. 
I pass. duovaaOrjvai, to be taken away, depart from a 

dtro-vl|M«, fat. vt/w and later pafiJjcot : aot. i dW- 
vci/ia. To portion out, dittribute, aaeign aeveraUy : to 
impart :— M^ to aeeign to onndf, take. 2. to feed 
on or off, n. to part cff, eeparate, 

di r ovtvomUvMt, Adv. pf. pass. part, of dvoyo^o/iai» 

diio-^4o|UMk Dep., to go atgay, to go bad:, rdmn, Ep. 
wofd« nsed cnlj in pres. and imp! [A Ep.] 

dwoWoTspot, -^TCwwt. Compar, and Siq>ari. of 

dwo-vsvfi», f . am, to bend away from other ol^jeote 
towards one, hence to incline towarda; cL dmofiXi- 
ma. II. to refute by dwdcmg the head, LaL 


dwo^ltt, f. yijaw, to unload : — Med. to throw off a 

diroW)|tcvot, aor. a med. part, of drta^vripi. 

dwonjrC, Adv. of dw^viTros, i0itAoii(/al^^. 

dw-dvnro. Ion. for dm-6nnfro, 3 nng. aor. a med* 
of dwoivn^fu. 

drwiwfrot, or, (a privat, «or4a») not worked or 
weomgU. II. wihoMt Uroukie, eaty: superL dao- 

yrfrSrara with lead trouble. a. wiUtoul mfferinga, 

ditoyla, 1), {dmayoe) freedom from toil, laaine$$. 

diro-v(t«s, 1 W^ (as if from dvo-yiwrw, which la 
a late form) : — to wcuih off: — ^Med. to waeh offfroim 
onetdf. a. to waah dta» i — ^Ked. to woidk wiasay 

dir-ov(vi||u, f. oyfyrof, to give ex^oyment, .IX. 

mostly in Med., dwaifiydiMu or dw^vdfnt, 1 d»oi^o'»- 
pm : aor. a dmnnipiiiv, 1^0, rjfro, without augm. dma- 
yriptjv, a opt. dir6vaio, part, dwovifuvoa : — to haive the 
uae or ei^oynsai of a thing, vwrS* dM6vaio mayml thorn 
have joy of these things. 

dwd-vtirrpov, t6, woLer for wadting (he hande, eAc: 

dwo^ifTtt), see dvoyi^ai. 

diro-vo^o|uu, fat. ^fffoftat : Dep. : — to beoui </ one'a 
mind, to have lod all eenae, 1. of £aar, to be 4d»- 

perale, Mpomoi dwoyapoqfUvoi, Lat. perddi, detperdbr 
men. a. of shame, d dvoifevotf/Uroe an abandom§d 
fdhw. Hence 

dw6voiai, 4* toes qf aU senae, feiUy, madneaa : etp. 

d-iroyot, oy, c. iireg. Comp. and Saperl. d«of*^drrc- 
po«, -iararoa, ioUhout toU or Irouile, ttntroMUsd; genUe^ 
easy. a. of peraons, not toiling, l<uy. ^ oi 

things, pass, done without trouble, eaay. 

dmo'vwrrito, {. ^ooj, to return home. Hence 

dirov6<m|ots, com, 1), a rdwm home. 

diro-v6o^ before a vowel dvov6ar^,(dw6,9^6a^') 
Adv., far apart at aloqf. IL as Prep, with giaou, 

far away from, uso. following its case. 

diro-vo9^«», 1 laet, to put asunder, keep aHatf 
from : to bereave or rob qf .'— Psas. to be robbed nff, c 
aoc. II. with aoo. only, toJUefrom, dmm, 

dir-ov^x V«» : f* i^aa Att. tu : pi pass, dwan^x*^ 
o/Mu : (dw6, ^x'^C^) '-^"^ PO"^ ^ naUa, Q. 

to tear with the naOa. III. lo try or enamine b^ 

the nail, dicpifiSia d«wrvx<^/'^*^> Horace's ad umgum% 
fadua, closely tried by tiw naQ. 

d«o-v«mt», 1 laaa, to make turn his back and fita z 
— ^Med. to Ittm l&e ba/ak and flee* 

im6 ^ 990 % or, like ^cvot, ikko^pUMe. a. d«^ 

fcvot 'jmMfiwfram a ooimtry. 

d«o-t«if6ti, 1 dbffw, to drkefrom houie and Aome, 
gemmlly, to ealraiij^e or boHith from: — Tarn, to Hoe 
amain from Aook, ht fta nt afc td , iiMi^nite. 

4«o-{^ 1 £^ffw, to «ftaM 0^: io cutoff. 

A»oJnptt£ v M, f. Antf, to dr^ up, dram <# a river : 
—9wm. to he dried «p, to become dry; hence Ion. port, 
pt ^mo^ifpafffdroe, 

^«v«{ifM» [9], ll>vw, to Mi^ to a ]N>mC, make Uqfer. 

i«o-(ipdw. Ion. -io*, t ffw, to sAave elean. 

kwo^ipm^^ikWo^vpiM', — Med. to 5e dean thaved. 


ttvotuit, f. ixw [9], to flftoM (n* terape c§: hence 
if 1^ <# like ddn. 

4«o-«MrTa£vw : f. vovmiw, Ion. *airrar4w : aor. 
I put. ■mi i }m f : to tool; 116011I on«, as if to flee. 

^wft rfai, 1 4aw or ^irofut, to retire from the way. 



Aw^^aiilTOt, d or ^, a going oult^ihe way : cit d«^ 
to case himself. 

c«w, i), (dlwo«a(M0) a etcpping, kin- 
II. (from Med.) a oeoMW^, aid. 
f. ffw, to $top or hinder one /rom a 
tkiog : c in£, to hinder from doing : 0. ace. only, to 
1(9. II. Med. to kooe <>(f or eeaeefrom a things. 
4g i^Bnp<fc, ^, (din(, vcTjpa) a (rto?, venture, 
4ao-«CLpd{«t, f. <i<rar [d], rarer form of eq. 
4«D-«aip&o|iai, with fat. iffofuu [d] : aor. I pas. 
imwupiitpf^ Ion. -4}^ : Dep. To make trials eeeay, 
V frocf of a penon or thing. Rare in Act., diro- 
^^foam rev TLupalen to make an aUempi <m the 

4«o-««Xcm4i», f . i^ctf, to Aeip of with on OJOf . 

4ao^v<|i,'m, f. tf>et, to §end off ^ oiMiy, to difmiM ; 
siK> in bad aense, to dtice vff, a. to «aeor( : of 

ding*, to jfjfft hatk : — ^Med. to remove from oneee^, get 
ni^f: of a wife, to djroree her. Hence 

Av4wi|M|as, c«t, 4, a aandui^ away : a dinmstal, 

f. 6aot, Ion. ^^^ ^ (^^> «tp^) ^ 
csfty <iefr. 

4 wa-w < p8t>, ntn. Dep. wlpSofuu : frit. irapScu and 
w yft ^ff ofim r—to ireale m'fid, Lat. jwdo. 
4 wa a < c rpas Ep* 3 lizig* aor- ^ mbj. of dwovimw. 
l i e ■ fmy i a i, frit wrijaofuu : aor. a dvcwrd/op, part. 
-^rifiepoe, and act. intiwnpf : — to^ly o^ or oceay. 
^■u ■(^yyam, f. «!li^,toMafe to freewemtewrdU: — 
Pas. of men, to befroaen : of blood, to eimfle. 
tin iiigdiw, f. if/aw, to leap of from: to turn away 
iff-^ifumkrfdnt and -wtfiwXdt*, poet, alio wCwXtifH, 
iicUm: tuLwkffffw: toJiUup^fiUtothebrim: tofU 
«9 a MMMfer. II. to miUirfy,fulJU : to appeaee, 

*■■ i U ii (t], frit viofwu, to drink up, drink off, 
km\ ■Cini/.wt^oi?na» : aor. a Ivc^ov : tofoUofffrom, 

dwowXaYX^t* aor. I pa«. part, of sq. 

dwo^irXo^w, frit. irXd7^ar, to 2«id oatrajf, Zrad away 
from : — ^Paae. to go aetray, be driven off. Homer uses 
only aor. I pass. dviwk&y)^97jVf to dray from^ be de^ 
prived cf : rpwp&ktia dwowXayx^etaa a helm etruek 

dwo-^Xav&M, f. ^cwt to lead aalray: — ^Med. to go 

dwo-wXlt», Ep. -irXciv, Ion. -irX^ : f. wX^ao- 
pm or vXtwrovpoA. To tail away, eaU off : to aaU back. 

dw6irXT|KTOt, ov, {dnoitXTfOCM) etrieken or dieMed 
by a tlroke, I. in mind, dumb, aetounded. a. 

in body, crippled, paraiyted, 

dwo-^XT)p6fl», f. Saw, to Jill qmte fuO, tatirfy, Lat. 
explere. II. tofvifd, 

dwo-^X'tfjovw, Att. -TTu : fot. f w : aor. i pass. 
-trr}Jix9fpf : aor. a -erryjf^v : pf. rtiwkrjyiMU. To 
drike to earth, dieable in body or mind : — ^Pius. to loee 
ont^a eeneee, become dixny. 

dwo-^X(a«ro|Mi, Att. -tto|&(u : frit, ^opai : Dep. : 
— to trip off. 

dir6wXoot, contr. dw6irXovt, 6, (dvovKiw) a mU" 
ing (may : an outward4)Ound voyage. 

dwo-^Xvvw [D], f. ^Ma, to waeh off or away, 

dwo-wXttM», Ion. for diNhwXiw. 

dwo-wvks, £p. -wvf(c» : f. wyeinrw : to breathe forth, 
0vfi/bv or ^ffvx^v dirovyety to give up the ghoet, Lat. ts^ 
pkrare animam. a. to blow from a particular 


dwo-wvCYw, f. mvi^opm, to choke, throttle : — ^Paai., f, 
wiyfj ffopai : aor. a iwviytjv [t]: to be choked : to be 
drowned : to be choked with rage. 

dwo^iroXi|U«», f. ^<w, to fight off or from, 

dw6-woXit, poet. dw6-wToXit, 1, gen. 480s and 
toM, far from the city, banished. 

dwo-woWi*, f. ifiaw, to finieh a work, U. intr* 

to atop working. 

dwo-wof>fvo|MU, Pan. with fat. med. eveopat, aor. I 
pass. ewopevOriP. To depart, go away. 

diro-irp(», f . law, to aaw through, file off. [f] 

dwo-irp^, Adr.far away, afar off. a. as Prep, 

with gem. far from, away from. 

diro-wpooipltti, to take away from btfore : aor. a part., 
oItov dwowpoekify haring taken aome of the bread. 

dwowpo^KC, 3 ting. Ion. wxr. I of iMoitpottffu. 

dirowposX^, aor. a part, of dwowpoaipion. 

dir^wpoOf, before a rowel dir^-irpoOtv, Adr., (iSl'uo-' 
irp6)from afar: far off, far away. 

dtr^wpo^ Adv., {dwoirp6)far off, far away. 

dirowj>oU(f, part. pres. of 

diro-irpolt||u,f.«po4^Q;: Ep. aor. I -^xa : to throw 
away. a. to ahoot forth. 3. to letfaU. 

diro-irpovo(r^M, frit, iaw Att. iSt, to remove etfar 
off, carry far away. 

diro-wpoW(iv», f. repot : aor. a irapor : to cut off 
from, vinov dwowporapinf having cut off a dive from. 
the chine. 


ivQIuiwiia'KOiiai — iaropwrlCoi. 

4wo-|Ufur4|inco|Ma, Pa«^ with faL med. lOf^a^iim : 
pt i.wo§Utaniifiai : to reeoUed, remembet, 

dtr^-fuoOos, oy, like Afuo$ot, wUkont faff: d^- 
fnmdedqfpa^, II. paid o/» L e. pa$t tenie$, 

Amo^^juMm, t itat^ loletatUfcr hke, la: c. inl, 
dvo/MO^ovi' vMCiy ri to eonlrad for the doing of a 

diro-|«WiouM, Ion. for Avo-tufo^OKOfiou 

&iro|iviDL6v«u|Aa, r^, mosUy in plnr., a narraUae </ 
«^t}if^« and doingSt memoin, Lat JlfefNoroMto, M 
those of Socrates \fy Xenqphon. From 

diro-|Ain||M»v«vt*, 1 cot, to remind, II. to r0- 

late from memory, recount : hence to miMiber, ^ear in 
mind, 2. dvo/anffSMftiup riW n to bear some- 

thing in mind ageund another, owe him a grudge, 

diro-fivi|oiicftjc^ f. ifiOM, to bear a grudge agaimt, 

dir-d|i>vfi|U or AirouvvM : t, ofwvfMi : 3 sing. impf. dw- 
^fonf : {dir6, Sfjonffu). To take an oaih againd doing 
a tiling, Jtoeor that one iciU not do, 2, to ewear one 
hae not done: to deny teith an oaih, diedaim upon 
oath. lht!treDgthd,fori/iMVfu,totakea9oioumoath. 

diro-|iov6«0, f. ^o), to leave quite alone: — Vam. to 
he eedudedfrom a thing. 

diro-|i6pYvCi)u. or &ir-o|idp7vv|u, also dirofiop- 
yvwi : 1 dwofUo^oa : 5 sing. impf. dvoia6pyw : (dir^, 
Ii6py¥viu or ifwpyyvfu). To wipe off or awofffrom : 
to wipe dean : — MetL, dvofi6p(aia$ai wapttde to wipe 
one*$ cheeks ; dmott6p^aaBai lHuepu to wipe oifloy one*e 

duoftdpfoTO, 3 sing. Ep. aor. I med. of ibreg. 

diro|id<nii, aor. i inl of dit6iantiu. 

dir6-t&ovorot, o¥, like dfiovaoe, (dw6, lfov<m) away 
from the Muset, eoaree, rude. Adv., diro/io(Krait ypd' 
^aSoi to be painted m urtfavourable cotours. 

diro-|iD6^0|iai, f. ijoofaat, Dep., to dis su ade, 

diro-jii)Ndo|iaM, f. ifoofuu, Dep., to heUow loud. 

diro-fivm^ov, Terb. A4|< of d-ropHtcoopai^ one mud 
w^ one*e mouih. 

diro-|«votrM Att. -mo, f. £«, to iMJw a person's 
nose : hence to sJ^aiTwn his wite; oomp. Horace's vtr 
tmundas narie : — ^Med. to blow one*e note. 

dirdvcuo, 2 sing. aor. 2 opt. med. of dvoi^/a: 
dvovoUiTO, 3 pi., for d'w6vaiino. 

*diro-vd«», obsol. pres., whence aor. i act. dwivdaa, 
Ep. dwivaaaa : (dv^, vdai). To remove one to an- 
other place: also to send back: — ^Med., in 3 sing, 
aor. z dwwdffaro, Ep. dwcvdo^^^oro, to remove oneadf 
to another place, depart : hot also to send oiMy : — aor. 
I pass. dwoifao$7Jpat, to be taken awt^ft depart from a 

d<iro-vl|M«, fut yf /Mtf and later wepjfffw : aok. i dW- 
yci/ia. To |wr<ton out, dMribiUe, osm^ mveraUy : to 
impart :— lUd. to ose^ to oneedf, take. 2. to feed 
onar eff. II. to ^ri q^, sepororfe. 

dt r ovtvomUvMt, Adv. pf. pass. part, of d-wwoiopm, 

diio-^4o|UMk Dep., to pe oMay, to ^ heuk,rdmn,Rp, 
word, used onlj in pres. and impl [d Ep-] 

dwoWoTspot, -^TCwwt. Compar. and Siq;>erL of 

dwo-m«*, t am, to bend away from other dl^jeete 
towards one, hence to incline toMordi; ct dvo^A^ 
WW. n. to r^«Me by shaking the head^ Lai. 


dwo^ltt, f. ini(rw, to untood ; — Med. to throw cff A 

dirorf||Mvot, aor. 2 med. part, of dvoi^^. 

dwonfrC, Adr. of dw^MTroe, without fadgite. 

dir-6vwTO, Ion. for dir-d(wi;ro, 3 sing. aor. 2 med. 
of diroivn^^. 

drwiwfrot, or, (a privat., «or4a») not worked or 
wrM^Al. II. tojftoirt trouble^ easy : snperL dwo- 

yrfT^Tora with lead trouble, a. without ti^'ering^ 

AftroyLa, ij, (dwoyot) freedom from toU, lasmess. 

diro-v(t«», 1 9^1^ (as if from diro-nfvror, which Is 
a late form) : — to wuh off: — Med. to toosA off from 
oneself. 2. to waA clean : — ^Med. to wash omssejf 

dir-ov(vt||u, f. oy^aw, to give eai^oyment, .II. 

mostly in Med., innmyapai or dw^rO^icu, t, dwoyfjaa- 
pm : aor. 2 dwon^tuqp, ifoo, tjfro, without augm. d«»- 
y^foiv, 2 opt. dv6vaio, part, dwoy^ftwos : — to have the 
use or ei^/oymsat (/a thing, TwrS* dir^Muo awywf theu 
hate joy of these things. 

d ^ ^ vtrr p oy, t6, water for wadting (he Aonda^ etc: 

d«o-v(wTtt>, see dvoi^^ai. 

dwo-voco|Mts fat. ^faopai : Dep. : — to bemd (f one's 
mt'nd, to Aore /os( all sense. 1. of £aar, to is da»- 

perate, Mpumoi iMovworiiiivoi, Lat. perdiU, dsspfvate 
men. 2. of shame, 6 drto^woiuUvos an ofta nd oai d 
feUow. Hence 

dw6voia, 4* ^'oss qf aU sense, feUy, madness : eap. 

d-woyot, or, c. iireg. Gomp. and Superl. dmm4ar^ 
po9, -ioraroit without toil or Irouile, untroubled; gentle^ 
easy, 2. of peraons, not toQing, lasy. 3. of 

things, pass, done wiAovt trouble, easy. 

diro-vooT^cs, 1 ^os», to reium home. Hence 

dirov6aTi|<ri«, eon, if, a return home. 

diro-v6a4»s before a vowel dvoy6a^,{dir6,v6a^y 
Kdv., far apart or aiotif. IL as Prep, with gaa^ 

far away from, usn. following its case. 

diro-vo044«*> ^ ^v> ^ P**^ aawsder, keep aUx^ 
from : to bereave or rob qf .'— Pass, to &e rotted qf, c, 
ace II. with aoo. only, tojleefrom, dmm. 

dir-ov^x V«> : f« ^0w Att. )& : pi pass. d«aiy6x>* 
a/«ai : (dwd, dia;x<C"') : — to pare As imhSs. II. 

to /ear wttA tie ncniZs. I£L to try or immine bff 

the naU, dtcptfims drwn/xtfffUyos, Horace's ad ung%tom 
fadus, closely tried by A naQ. 

dwo^v«mt«», f . lasf, to make Uum his back and fiee : 
— ^Med. to tarn the back and flee. 

6m6 (i t¥0 % or, like ^cvot, inho$fiUi>le. 
$€pm 'm far from a country. 

A wo tw6w , f. Sfft^ to drive from hovm and home, 
geoeiaily, to estrange or banish from: — Ftm. to Kve 
mwojffivm home, be bamAed, migrate. 

t ^ioca, to thave off: to e^ off, 

, f . Avw, (o dxy ftp, drain off a riTer : 
— Pas. to be ehied up, to become dry; hence Ion. part. 
pC i9o^patr§Upo§, 

W o {w w [v], £.ih^ to 5r»i(^ to a point, make temper. 

^mo^jB^Am, Ion. -4ttt, f. i}<rw, to sAace efeon. 

4«o-{upei,-sd«o£op^: — Med. to 5e «Ieati sAaoed. 


^ wa ^v m, £. ixrw [v], to thave or aerajM o^: hence 
l»<tr^<# like akin. 

4«iKVMrra£v« : f. vovmiw, Ion. wairror^oi : aor. 
I part. vnvn^MM : to tool; about one, as if to flee. 

Awavftrfat, 1 4^9w or ^aofuu, to retire from the way. 

flUU I 

Av^-^wilTOt, ^ ori)« a {f^m^ out cf the wty : <{t d«^ 
to eaae hinuelf. 

ew, ii, {(iitomjAM) a stopping, Am- 
n. (ihnn Med.) a eeawing, md, 
t, <w, to stop or hinder one from a 
IUd^ : c in£, to AirMlrr finom doing : c. ace. only, to 
step. II. Med. to leave off or eeaeefrom a thing. 

Ava-^vwim, i^, (d«d, vcTjpa) a trial, venture. 
i f m ^ -m wL pHin, f. Aam [d], rarer form of eq. 
4ao ■«|»diO|ifli, with fbt. daofuu [d] : aor. i pa«. 
mnrnufABffw, Ion. -4}^ : Dep. To make triaX, eeeay, 
or proof of a perwm or thing. Rare in Act., diwo- 
rov n&paioit to make an attempt en the 

inF6(€V09 — inr<ynpor4fjaHo» 



f. ^fcw, to hew off Ufiih an axe, 
im^ m i ^ wm, t }ffw, to send cff or away, to ditmiee ; 
aho in bad aenae, to drite cff, a. to escort : of 

tlwDga, to give bade : — ^Med. to remove from anosdf, gti 

<f ; of a wife, to divorce her. Hence 
Ag d gy4 * * » *^* ^* A Mndttt^ away : a diamiastd. 

f. da». Ion. ^ai : (d«^, mp&w) to 

dao w^pSw, nso. Dep. «lp8o|uii : fat. mpiSf and 
'anfU^ofiKu '.—-to break wind, Lat. pecf o. 

4«D«io^QOtft £p. 3 ling. aor. a enbj. of dvowiirrw. 

daw Bii o n a i , fot. wrijooftat : aor. a dirt wrdfOTi', part. 
-«vdfi<yot, and act. dviwrrpf : — to fly cff or axeay, 

dau ■^y»iyi, f. «4fw,to mofe to freese at eurdie : — 
Faik oC man, to befrosen : of blood, to furdk. 

dau anttdn, t rjow, to leap cff from: to turn away 

imO'^stipmKyg/x and -^tfurXdt*, poet, alio mir Xihh, 
vmJUh*: Ait.vA^«: tojmup,fiatothebrim: tofOl 
•y « MMR&er. II. to saUrfy,fulfU : to appease. 

ivm [7], fat. «Co/aai, to drink up, drink tff, 
k w n miu tm^ws ffov/ioi : aor. a ^f ^ov : tofaUofffrom. 

diroirXaYX^t* (^or. I paas. part, of sq. 

diro^irXd^tt, Ait. wXdy^of, to 2«ad astray, lead away 
from : — ^Paas. to go astray, be driven off. Homer nsea 
only aor. I pan. dTCvXdTx^i/^* '^ <tra^ from, be de- 
prived cf : rpwpd\ua dtowXayxl^Htra a helm struck 

dvo-^XavdM, f. ^<rw, to lead aalray: — ^Med. to go 

d«o-^XIt», £p. -^XsSm, Ion. -irXil^: f. «Xc(><ro- 
/icu or trXctMrov/Mu. To «atZ atooj^, soiZ cff : to saU bade. 

dirdirXtiierot, ov, (iMoitkifoaal) stricken or disaibled 
by a strcke, I. in mind, dumb, astounded. a. 

in body, crippled, paralysed. 

diro-irXi)po<0, f. inxv, to Jill qvite fuO, saUrfy, Lat. 
exfUere. II. tofutfL 

diro-^X'tfjovw, Att. -TTU : fot. f w : aor. i pan. 
-twk/fxl^y • »or. a strkf/yrfv : pf. v4v\rjyfwu. To 
strike to earth, disable in body or mind : — Fsm. to lose 
one^s senses, become dixxy. 

Avo^wXlavoyuai, Att. -rropu : tui. ^Ofjuu : Dep. ; 
—-4o tr^i> off, 

dir6irXoot, contr. dirdirXovt, 6, {dvovXiof) a saU- 
ing away : an outward^)ound voyage, 

diro-irXvvw [{>], f. Ihw, to wash off or away. 

diro-irXc0o>, Ion. lor dvo-vX^o). 

diro-irvks, Ep. -inrcttt : f. wyehoof : to breathe forth, 
0vfi/by or tffvx^v dtroweiv to give ttp the ghost, Lat. «r- 
pirare animam. a. to blow from a particular 


diro-ifvCTw, f. wvl^ofuu, to dwke, throttle : — Fmb., f. 
irviyfiaofwu : aor. a ewiyfiv [t] : to be choked : to be 
droivned : to be choked with rage. 

diro-«oXi|Uu, f. 'ffow, to fight off or from. 

dird-iroXit, poet. dir6-irToXvi, t, gen. 480s and 
ten, far from the city, banished. 

diro-iroviM, f. 17901, to finish a work, U. intr* 

to step workmg. 

diro-irop«vo|MU, Pan. with fat. med. evcrofMt, aor. I 
paM. ewopevOriy. To depart, go away. 

diro-wplQ», f. iaof, to saw through, file off. \t] 

dwo-^pd, Adr.far away, afar off. a. as Prep, 

with gen. far from, away from. 

diro-wpooiplw, to take away from before : aor. 2 part., 
oiroo dwowpotkinf having taken some of the bread. 

dwowpo^M, 3 ting. Ion. aw. i of d-rovpottffu. 

dirotrpoaXdfv, aor. a part, of dwowpoaipio). 

dirdnpoOf, before a Towel dird-if|>o9tv, Adv., {dwo" 
wp6) from <rfar : fctr off, far mcay. 

dtrdirpo^ Adv., ((ivowp6)far off, far away. 

diroirp6ic(f , part. pres. of 

diro-irpotT||u,f.wpo4(ra;: Ep. aor. I -^xa : tothrom 
away. a. to shoot forth. 3. to letfaU. 

diro-irpovo(r^M, Ait. tou Att. tw, to remove qfar 
off, carry far away. 

diro-irpoW|A¥a}, f. rsfiSf : aor. a iraiiowi to cut off 
from, vlrrov dwowpora/sinf having cut off a riiee from 
the chine. 


iiroiTTffniTiKS^ — inrorekita. 

6f«o^r 9^ ni\K6% rj, ^, (diro<rrcp^) ahU to rob ot 
deprivct yiwftff dvooTc/nfrun) r6itav a device for cheat' 
ing one of his interest. 

dirooTspnTpif, iBo9t ^, v. sub dvotrrcpiTr^. 

diro-<mpurKfl», « dmMrrtpicf, 

dir(MmXp6o, f. ^01, fo tnoiae sAm«. 

diro-<rr(A^, f . t/w, to be brighl wiUL 

diroHrrXcYY^tt, f. Itrv, to aerape wUk a drigU: — 
Med. to terape off sweat froim one&df^ p£. paok part 
dvcaTXc77t(r|i^oc, tcraip^ deoMt^ Lat. latitt. 

dirooToX*^, ^, (dvooT^XXor) a tending off, a mi»- 
eion: a diepaUking. II. (from Pass.) an eipedi- 

tion. III. the <y^ee of an apoMle^ apoetUtihip. 

dir6<rroXof, ov, (diRxrWAAw) «0tU o^ or awaj^: as 
Snbet., & ikwiffroXot, a meatenger, ambataador, a. 

s<rr^Xof, a natal expedition, II. an apottk, 

diro-<rTO|juiT(ttt>, f. hM,'^dw6 arSfJuarot clirfcW, to 
tpeakfroim menwry or off-hand. II. (o pu( ^ucttMms 
to, so as to require an immediate answer. 

dir-ooTp&icCtca, f. (aof, to banieh hff oetraeiem. 

diKMrrp&ToinScvM, or Dep. dirotrr/xzroircMofitu, 
to «n<»tiip away from: dvoarparomtM^aSai w6p<T» to 
encamp at a distance. 

dirogTptt^&, pt, ^, aor. 3 pass. subj. of 

diro-<rrp4^, f. ^ : 3 sing. Ion. aor. i dwHrrpi- 
ywrK€ : pf. pass. MtrrpafAfuu, To turn back, either 
to turn iofiigldy or to <um back from flig^ht ; ir^ikw «a2 
XcT/Nu inroarpii^v, to twist back the hands and feet 
so as to bind them. 2. to turn away or aside: 

hence to dissuade from a thing. II. intr. (sab. 

lovr^K, etc.), to torn onesdf, turn back: — Pass., with 
fut. med. -OTphf/OfMoi^ to be turned back ; diKOrpAipdai 
roba i/i06kouaf of ships, to have their beaks bent 
back. II. to turn onesdffrom ot away, abhor, 

Lat. averaari, c. ace., |4 A'* dwoarpatpya do not fum 
away from me, like Lat. aoertor; dmarpafifUvoi X^ 
7ot AostJZe words. a. to ye( otroy, escape. 3. to 
ft*mand/ee. Hence 

dirooTpo^, i^, a (tmiin^ oiray, averting. 11. 

(from Pass.) a torntnj; oneadf. a. an eacaping, or 

a |rfac« <jf fffu^ /rom a thing, resource; dn. icai^ a 
refuge from eTil: 0&irot dwoarpo<p>ff a reaource against 
the want of water, a means of getling it. And 

dtr^-OTpo^ot, or, turned away, averted. 

diro-OTiiyif^r f* ^rit^u: aor. i ^0Tv£a: a(»r. a ^ori^ 
TOF : perf. aarirftiKa : — fo ^c utterly, hathe. 

diro-<rH)6iX£{«a, f. £a), to chase away by force. 

diro-<r<ficattt>, f. daw, \dw6, evmov) to aqueeaefigs, to 
tiy whether they are ripe : metaph. of informerB. 

diro-<H)Xdtft, f. iiav, to atrip off' apoQafrom a person : 
to ro6 or defraud one <f a thing. 

diro-owdYMYOt, ov, {dir6, avrarfwyff) put out of 
the aynagogue. 

diro-oip({«, £ ^cj, to whistle aloud for want of 

dir(MrOp(oxrw, Att. -ttu, fbt. f w, ■> foreg. 

dwo-<r(fpw [9], f. oCpu, to strip off, tear away. 

d«o-a4d{M, f.^,toouithe throat, drwr^(€tw 
nvd ia dyyoa, to that the blood nms into a pail : 
generally, today: — Med. to hSU oneadf: later dwo- 

diio-«^&iciX(tM, f . iou, to have one* a Hwha mortified : 
to die of mortifieation. 

diro-o^dXX», 1 dXw: aor. I ^tr^Xa: — to Uad 
aatray, drive baffled away, d«o<r^dXX€ti' rtvd wdrov to 
make one miaa ihe fruits of toil : Pass., esp. in aor. 9 
dweai^dkip^ [d], to be cheated of a thing, mias it. 

diroUr^TTco, f. £», »d«o-<f^(iu. 

dwocr^^sts, dwoo^^jXoMnv, aor. i opt. and snbj. 
of dwoo^dXXw. 

dwo-o^pdYi^tt, Ion. o^pipf-, £ low, Att. Ictf : <» 
aeal, dose, ahut up. 

dinMrxdXX56tt, f . 6Hrv, to prop nets on poks. Hence 

diro<rxdX(8o>|ia, arot, t6, a forked piece of teood 
for propping huntwg-nets. 

dtroaxfyna, fut. of dvix^' 

diWMrXsgy,-a x «g^Q*,ftor. a act.and med. inf. atdwlxo^- 

diro-ox^fi** f> ^<^«: aor. i pass. dwaax^oBriP: to 
spot ot deave off . 2. to aever, part or detach from: 

esp. in Pass., of a iiTer being parted from the main 
stream, a tribe detached from its parent stock, etc. 

dwoHT^M, f. oinrv, to aave, restore again: dv. of- 
tcabe to bring aofe home : — ^Paes., drtoavi^vot. ka 
get aofe to a place, to get off safe. 

dir6T tti CT0 S , ov, {jkrtordaosi) ati apart for a apeeiai 
use, apeciaXly appointed. 

diro-Td|Ava», Ion. for d«<^r^fcyv. 

d-ato-^rwvaa, Att. -ttu, f. £0;, to ad apart or aasign 
apeciaUy, dwerirattro irpiia r6 ba^ilv he had been sfo- 
lioned on the right. II. Med., dwndaoo/iai nn 

to bid adieu to a person or thing. 

dwoTavp6o|Aaii, Pass., to ad like a buO, ^py/juera 
dworavpovoSai to coat fierce glances on. 

diro-TO^fMtMA, f. 00a, to fence toUh a ditdi, vitrench. 

diroT^Omouv, Ep. 3 pi. plqpf. of dvoOriiatcaj, theiy 
were dead. 

d ir or t$ vsi 4t , for dwor*0vrjinja, dwoT€$y€&a, Ion. 
pf. part, of dvoOyrjatua. 

diro-n(v», ftit. row, to strdeh out, to lengthen : c 
part., to contmue doing: — Med. to exert oneadf. a. 
intr., like Lat. contendere, to haden onwards. 

dwo-TSixCtv* f- ^<foi, Att. tat, to wall off: I. so aa 
to fortify. i.aoaato blockade. Hence 

diroi^X^^^'^t ^^'^t ^* ^ waiting off a town, Modb^ 
ading. And 

diroT«Cxur|Aa, t6, walla buHt to blockade, lines of^ 

dtnnkavr^,f.^oaj,to bring quite to an end. a. 
intr., to end, cease, eft re in a thing. 

diro-TtXiM, f. iao»'. pf. rariXtKo, pass. rsTiXaaitas r 
to bring quite to an end : hence perf. pass. part. d«o« 
Tert\tai*4voa, perfed. 2. to fuifit an obUga^ 

tion. 3. generally to acoon^idi, perform^ 

do. 4. to render or make of a certain kind, -H^ 

ivorifUHn — iiso^p^oiuu. 


wjAir irorcXfiW cUo/^iohs to make the state qwU 

Jhro^r^iMi, Ion. and £p. iid|iv«»: fat. rtfiSfi to 
otf ^, iMorifOftuf rivSt to cut off part of a 
thini:. a* 'o M^porote or cirf qjffnm : — ^Hed. to 

cat effcr (madf, esp. with view of appropriating. 
}, Adv^ /or ctway. 

a»t Dor. and poet, fat dr^p6(rfiaro», 
f. B^ifM, to put away: to tiow away: — 
Htd^ to put from onet^, put off; lay aside. a. to 

fi^/or oiia^^ ttow away, 3. iMoriBtaOai tU 

oSfa to put atide £or anther time. 

iso^i&Xflt, f . riXoi, to piuek out. Hence 

MnK^M, OToe^ rS, that which i» plucked out, a 
fttAtr, qua, 

ivo^ri^ftdtf^ 1 i^aof, to diahonour, to tUght, 11. 

te rabte, fix a price by valuation, UfOfhn dirori- 
fqaififswoi having fixed their price at two minsD : 
heaet. III. as Att. law-tmrm. Act., to mortgage 

a property according to valuaiion: — ^Med., to lend on 
uatgage: — ^Paas., of the property, to be pledged or 
uottgaged. Hence 

Wsi|M|iA, r6, a turn eetUed by vahiation. 

&v6^K|L0S, o¥, ((iv6, rifi^) ^driftot, diahonoured, 

iuu^TMLOvw, Att. -rrw, fat. ^, to shake off, 
Amr or ead off, 

^ffo-^fiv^tOA, Dep., poet, tar dmo-iivopai, 

iws^Ki, f. i(rw [r], to pay back, repay what ie 
utiag : — ^Med. dwortpo/uu, poet, dwoiiviifiat, f. liffo- 
pfUf te yd paid one, excel; duoriffcurOai ram. to oaenge 
*uml/ ou another : absol. to take vengeance, 

i^ii^ifpa, f. (m, £p. fat duo^ifow, to cut off 
Aon; uknve dv. to cut up at plough the hills. 

&«eT|i-i|{ci<, 3 fling, aor. i opt. of foreg. 

^^TCT|Mt, or, unhappy, Hl-utarred. 

^iuu^toX^Am, f, rjaot, to make a bold venture, II. 

^«OTO|d|, ^ {duorifow) a cutting off, 

iuvrof/da, ^, steqmete, eeverity. From 

Mrojiot, aw, (<&wor4faw) cut iff, abrupt, pred- 

fitau, 2, metaph. harth, rough: — ^Adv. ~/mm, 


ivo^ro^VM, f. a», to ehoot off arrowe : to aim at a 


^^vtToi, Of', (a priy., worSt) not drunk, not drinh- 
^^ U, ucL never drinking : without drink, 

i«0TpftY«2if, aor. 2 inf. at dimrrp^ifyct, 
^ffu^^itm, f. 1^, to turn away from a thing ; and 
•> (» tinder or dietuadefrom, 2, c. ace. only, to 

^% any or back: to avert evil. 3. also to turn 

^"sffnm othos at one, hence to aim at, II. 

^^ sad Pass., to hum from a thing, to desitt 
^^' 2, to turn away. 3. to turn one's face 

^|^^rp4)(i» : Int. $p4^ofMi, also ipoftovfuu : aor. a 

**^^Spov (from obmL 9p4faw) : — to run off or away, 

*«^p£p» p], t ^, to ru& or scwc cfcan, dvorpi- 

0€iw twuov to rub down a horse. II. to ru5 cff: 

Med. to ni& off from onest^, get rid tf, 
' diroTp6iratot, oy, turning away, averting, esp. of the 
gods that avert ill, Lat. ^t averrunei, II. pass. 

that ought to be averted, ill-omened. From 

diroTpoirij, ^, {dworpSvw) a turning away, avert- 
ing, a. a turning off of water. II. a hinder- 
ing. III. (from Med.) a deaertion of one*B party, 

dir^Tpowot, or, {duoTpiwoa) turned away, baniah* 
ed, 2, from which one tuma away, II. act. 

turning away, averUng, 

dw6-Tpo^of, ov, {dir6, rpi^) reared away from 
one* a parents, 

dv-OTpvvw, f. OTfi&vSi, to excite, 

dvo-rpvw, f. vao) [C], to rub away, and so tose. II. 
to vex, haraaa; so in Med., dwor^eoBan yrjv to vex the 

dwo-Tpi&Yv, f. rpif^ojmi: aor. 3 dwirpHyov i—'to 
bite or nibble off, 

&iro^p«Mrd«*, poe^ for drro-rplim, 

diro-Tuyx^w, f. reb^Ofuu, to faU in hitting, mias, 
lose, II. absol. to be unlucky, faU : to miaa the 

truth, be wrong. 

diro-TVfiiravCtoi, f. <rw, to beat or cudgd severdy, 

dwo-TvwTM, L ^, to cease beating : — ^Med. to cease 
beating oneself in rign of moaming. 

dwovpat, £p. aor. i act. part, of dwavpdM, to take 
away : part. aor. 1 med. dvovpd^vot in pass, sense 
occurs in Hesiod. 

dir-«vpCt«a, f. law. Ion. for d^pliw, to mark off 
the boundaries, dXXoc ydp ol dvovpiaaovaiv dpohpaa, 
others wiU mark off, i. e. lessen, the boundariea of his 
fields : others read dvovp^aoiHrc, as if fitnn *dirovpda> 

'^dmofp&u, will take them away, 

dir-ovpet, OP, (d«^, oSpo« ^n. ior ipos) far from 
the bomdaries, duovpos irdrpas far away from one's 

I d-wovt, 6, ij, d-irow, r6, gen. d-^roSot, without foot 
at feet: without the use of one's feet : slow t^ foot, 

dw-ovcrCo, ^, (dueivai) a being away, absence, IL 
d^idency, wanL 

diro4&Y*^v> <'^- ^ ^^ ^ dueoBlw, to eat up, 

dwo-^oiSp^vu [D], f. ayw, to medee quite bright, 

diro-^a(w, f. ^Htw : aor. i i^rpm : to shew forth, 
display : to shew by word, declare, 2, to ahew by 

reaaoning, ahew, prove, II. like dvodelieyvfu, to 

ahew, and so to make at render: — ^Med. to ahew forth 
aomething of one'a own, to make a diaplay cf onesdf; 
dvo^rtoBai yv&fujw to declare one's opinion: — ^Pass. 
to be shewn or declared, II. to appear, come to 


dw6^u4n.f, ews, 1), (dirdtprj/u) a denial, negation, 

diri^dois, cow, ^, (dvwpalvw) =adw6<pay(ns, a sen* 
tence, decision, 

dtro-^doicco, sdir^0i7fu, to deny, 

diro^U'riKim, ff, 6v, {dir6^fu) denying, negative, 

diro-^ppopoi, Dep^ to feed off or on. 


Aim} V — ipdoijuu. 

Ar^nrfyft gen. Awrrjrott 6, ^ : dat. pi. d-rr^ci : (a priv., 
inrjv6t) wnJUdged, caUotCt of young birds : unmngedL 

A-' H ' i o »n {| i , ^t, (a pri?., nro^o;, lirot) uiw2atm^ 
fA epeeeh, 

d-trT6Xcuos, ov, poet, for dv^cfiot. 

&irT6f, ^, ov, (£flTo;) (oucWy Itandled: io ht Utvached^ 
tut^ eetU ) the aente of touch, 

"AHm, f. Saf^ca : pf. jj^ pais, jj/i/icu : to /a«tai, 
f eaten toot on,Jix upon a thing. More freq. as Med., 
&rro/icu, fut. SJ^fO/Mu, to f oaten oneself to^ hence to ding 
io, hang on by, grasp, Safaa0ai f<Avw to clung to one's 
knees : hiter, to engage in, undertake, begin, 2. to 

fasten upon, attack, 3. to touch, ۤed, 4. (0 
groxp with t/i« senses, apprehend, perceive. 5. to reach, 
overtake : to gain, II. to kindle, set on fire : — 

Pass, to take fire : to be set on fire, 

iiynr^, arros, 6, ij, (a priv., iriirroa) not falling or 
Jailing, unfailing, 

^UiruXuyrof, ov, (a priv., irvX^) not dosed by a gate, 

^-irvpYOt, ov, witliout touf&r and UkxH, unfortified, 

&-mipYC9TOS,ov,(a priT., wvpySca) not girt with towers. 

d-iriipos, ov, (a priv., viip) without fare, in Homer 
only of tripods, that have not yet been on the fire, i. e. 
new ; Awvpos oUos a cold, cheerless house ; xpwTi^ Awv- 
pos unrefined, opp. to ^€<p$09 ; UpiL &intpa sacrifices in 
which no fire was used: but also not offeredbyfire, and 
so like ^dOvra, umbered : An, dpSit a sting not forged 
by fire, L e. of the gadfly. Adv. -pojs, 

i^pwrot, ov, (a priv., wvp6w) not yet exposed to 

d-mKrrof, ov, (a priv., vuW(ivo/icu) qC which neOnng 
has been learnt, unknown, II. act. having leamt 

nothing, ignorant : c. gen., ignorant of. 

dirun)f, 6, Dor. for ijvbrrjs, [dwC] 

dirtM>, Dor. for ^trvw. 

'AII^T'2 or dtr^Os, gen. {wt, 6, a term of endear- 
ment used by children to their father, jn^ni, Hebr. 

^v-<f66% 6v, (dv6, ^lHj) discordant, out of tune* 

diruvcv, Adv. ,^&vo$€y, from afar, 

dir-w6(tt, fut. cjOrfffoa and ^sif : aor. I dWoiaa or 
Svoara : — to ihruA off, drive away: of the wind, to beat 
off, beat from one's course : later, to drive away from 
the land, bimish, 2, to repel, drive bade 3. in 

Med. to rtjed, disdaiti. Hence 

iiiMrfTOt, or, thrust or driven away, rejected, 

dirdAXciA, ij, {dv6k\vfu) destruction : loss : waste. 

d'lnl•XiOx^ aor. I of diroXAv/ii. 

dir6aX6|&i|v, aor. 2 med., in pass, sense, of dw6Kkvfu. 

dm&i&oaa, aor. l of airSfjanffu, 

Ams^iMaia, 1), {duSftinffu) a denial upon oath, as Att. 
law-term, opp. to l^^itocia, 

dinl»|&eTOt, ov, (dir($f<w|u) forsworn, aljured, de- 
clared impossible with cm oal^ "Lai, atgurandus, fipo- 
Toiaiv oblUr h<rr dwwyuoro¥ mortals should never 
make a vow against any thing. II. act. vmder 

oath not to do a Uting. 

dirdooi, aor. i inf. of ^mo^Hw, 

dirttKrdui|v, -oturdoi, aor. i med. ind. and inf. 
of dtwOlw, 

dtrcMnt, caw, 1}, {drwOioi) a thrusting or driving 

dmMrrdf, ^, 6v, (dirofOiai) thrust or driven away 
from. II. that can be driven away. 

dwdoTSpot, a, ov, Compar. A4j. (dw6) further off: 
— Superl. dw6rraros, ij, oy, furthest o§. 

diro»T4p«0, Compar. Adv. of for^. : Siqperl. d«0- 

dp, £p. before a consonant for &pa. 

"APA, £p. p^ (which is enclitic), and beibre a 
consonant dp. Epic usagb : L then, strot^JfaC- 

way, &s ipdrw, fiij 5* dp* 6ifsipos thus he qMbke and 
then the dream proceeded : — then, next in order, ol ^ 
dp' 'Aftjvot tJxoy- 2. explanation of a thin^ 

gfoing before, ^ f diterjTi OtStr <puyUirfor he saia 
that he would flee : with relat. Pron. dpa makes ft 
more precise, i/c 8* tOops i^pot, tr dp* 4^cXov cdrroi 
just the one, the very one which they wbhed. "Apa, 
cannot begin a sentence. 

Attic usage. Here it always is like oSv, then, 
llter^ore, so tJwn, KdhXurroy dpa 1) dptr^ tlier^ore pou 
must allow virtue is best : panir dp*, &• ioucer^ ^^f^ 
iu¥ so it seems then we are come in vun : — in questiotit, 
tIs dpa pitatrm ; who then is there to save ? 

dpd, interrog. particle, a stronger form of dipa^ 
usually expecting a negat. answer. 2. if an af- 

firmative answer is expected, dpa oh is used, ^ Lai. 
nonne f 3. dpa is also used in cxdamations, d<v- 

yrjpfit dp* 6 wkwTOs ! grievous then is wealth I In 
prose dpa always stands first in the sentence. 

'APA', Ion. 'APH', 4, a prayer, in Homer xsm. a 
prayer for evil, a curse : hence the effed of the cume, 
misehi^, ruin, II. *Apd personified is the god- 

dess of destruction and revenge, Lat. Dira. 

dp&pi», f. ^oai, to ratHe, ring, dang, always of ar- 
mour. From 

'APAB02, 6, a raiding, dpa$ot Myrw the gnatk- 
ing or grinding of teeth. 

dpa^iAo, arot, t6, and dpaYftdt, 6, (dpaacoii) a 
dashmg, rattling, dpaypos CTiproi¥ beoiing of tho 
breast in grief^ Lat. plandus. 

'APAICrX Att. dpat6f, d, 6v, also 6t, dv, Udfs 
narrow, weak, slight, 

dpoSot, a, ov, also ot, ov, {dpd) prayed to or «i}. 
trwAed, Zci)t dpoTos, ^hciaios. 2. prayed cgcAui^ 

accursed. II. act. ewrsing, bringing ndsekirf 

upon, [d] 

dpa(pi|Ko, dpaipiiKits, dpcum/Uros, dpcupr/TO^ Ion. 
redupl. for ypfjtca, ^jpijic^, jfptffUros, ipijro, pf. and 
plqpf . from alpiof, 

dpd|uvof, aor. I med. part, of atpu. 

dpdo|iafc : f. dao/uu [d], Iod. ^ao/iot : Dep. : (d^). 

To pray to a god. 2. to pray that a thing may 

happen, c. iiif. : to vow. 3. to pray lomAthiiig for 

Iipap€ — ipyvpdriXos. 


one, wHtfitimw in good seiMe, but ora. in bad, to im- 
fnc^ iifom one, efp.irith cognate aoc^d^ Apcurihl 
vn to mpneale cnnea npon one. 

4pfipt» Dor. far Sip^p*, 3 sing, pi mod. of d/xi- 
fkm, intr., U it fined, deened : bnt, IL dp&p€, 

ifip^f aor. a, trans., to oipgoam^ wfOitfy. 

dfapCoMi, rodiQ>l. prea. from tbe Boot *dpw: f. 
W I<B. dpam z aor. i ijptfo. Ion. dpffa : aor. 2 
ififti^, Ion. dpipoit. To Join, fatten, fit together : fit 
tf/i0iiMtf» a tiling. II. Paii. and Med., 

«^ perl med. dptipd, Att d/Apa, Ep. part. fern, 
j^d^: plqpf. "fjpaptiw [d]: alto pf. poM. part 
ip^ftfihoi, and Ep. aor. 3 paas. part, dp/uvot. To 
yjmntiOotel^togaker: toUfitttddoedy,fikwea: to 
\tfiaoi: to he fitting, mod, or mUtai)U, 

<fi»e». Ion. for ijpdpor, aor. 2 of dpaplcKot: part 

iplp4i, dp dfma , Ep. dpdpuia, dp&pU, "pert part, 
d iptfintt, fined, fitting .'^Ady. -^cvt. 

^pOTw, Att -TTM : f. ^c0 : (a enpbon., fi&fffful). 
To Hiile Aori, <ftuft in pieeee, with collat notion of 
niOiag, danging, aa of borne ; irOXoi dpdoffeiv to 
httkfiinoutlly oA tbe gates ; metapb., dpiffc^iv bvd- 
^ to •trCfaf «pM n^wooeto: — ^Pass. to dtuik one 
•9aimdoOterwiaianoi»e,toda9h,nMe. [d] 

^t i i . Ion. dp|T6t, 4, ^, {Apdo/Mu) prayed 
f*' 2. a ce Mf aed, wMett. 

^y(ymo%, a, ok» </ or belonging to a apider. From 

'APA'XNH, 4, a epider. II. a ipidar's web, 

«bM. Lat MVHMo. 

'APA'XNH^ d, a spidsr, Lat aranetu. Hence 

^X*^^« T^ a »<der'f 1006, eo6fM6. 

^#ax«6f, 4, «dpdxi^. 

• hifeif^^ ^ <■» ilmft.* aisofApopot, ov, 6. 

'AFBT'AH, 4, a fCroag sAoe, coming np to tbe 
anUe,iiNd by bmiten, trayellerB, etc., a ha^-boot, p] 


yiiXk% a, or, (dXTot, as if dXToX^ot) hard, 
r^^ griewoue, Lat gravit : also of peraons, troubte- 

'Afy»4^m|t. ov, 6, for 'A/ryo^orcvrft, ("Apyot, 
f<^) dmyer of Argme. 

•ffpho^ «r» o2, Os /ee( of a eheepekin : gene- 
nUy* ^al, refuee, (Deriy. uncertain.) 

^yt w6t , 1}, ^, iEoL and Dor. for dprf6$, white, 

Vv*9t4i, ev, 6, (dpyit) whUe. U. panny- 

^ Vy«<ni7St ov* ^ epiUi. of tbe Sontb wind, eleor- 
•9* hif^tnktg, like Horace's Notus aOue, ddergene 

•^ eoio. 2. later, from being tbe epitbet of 

^ ^> ^ut, it was the norih'Wd voind, tbe Atbenian 

Vy^ if^ylra, dat and aoc. for dpyrjri, Apytjra, 

^nim, 1 ^ow, {dpySe, d^prf6%) to be idle, do nothing : 

«^aftdd,to{Je/<iOo«. II. trans, to leace a tbing 

"^ tobet^wtdone: tobefrvMeeB, 

dpyfjt, TfTot, 6, 4, also witb poet dat and aoc. 
dpTfiri, dpyfra, (dprf6t) tphite, bright, vivid. 

dpYHO'ffi t , ov, o,^d/rf^9, white, glancing. 

dpYUK, ^fwadtpyta, (dpy^) idleneas, Icuineas: in 
good sense, leieure. 

dpYiHclpawof, or, {dpyfje, Mpaw6e) with wMtet 
vieid lightning. 

doyikkot or dpycXot* 4* (^/T^) ^^^^ ^jf t pof- 
tor s earth, Lat oiyizia. 

&p7iXX-^&8i|t or dpYlX-^ftSi)f, <t, (dpTiXAot, cTBbt) 
Mas tiay, clayey. 

dfYlv6fit, ccrcra, cy,Bdp7i^t, white, thining. 

dpYt-^Sovt, ^Sorrot, d, 1), (dpT^t, ^Mt) toJUfe- 
iooifted, toMa-lttsJbed. 

dpv{-irovt, ^» 4» -«ow, r^, gen. voiotp (dpy6tt 
irovt) 8w{fUfooted or white-footed. 

dpYiAO, r3, (d^x^) used in plnr. dpyparaBidwa(h 
Xai, ihefirtiUnge at a sacrifice. 

'AipYOMttt, f . law, to take the pari cf Argos. From 

'ApYoXlt, tbot, ^, a dietriet in Pekponneeus. 3. 

as Adj. 6, 4f of Argdit, Argolie. 

"Apyof, cot, t6, name of seyeral Greek cities, of 
wbicb tbat in tbe Peloponnesus is beet known : in 
Homer it is also put for tbe district Aigolis, or even 
for tbe wbole Peloponnesus. 

'APTOX 4, 6r, ehining, MgU, glietening, v68a9 
dpTfcl as epitb. of dogs, netfl^ocied, because rapid 
motion is accompanied bj a kind offiiekering light. 

dpY6s, 6v, contr. from dtprf^t, (a priy., tpyor) not 
woridng, eep. not working the ground: bence do«R^ no- 
thing, idle, laxy : c. gen. rei, idle at a ihinf;, free from 
it dpTdt v^iwy : of land, lying faUow. II. pass. 

not done, Lat infeetut : unattempted. 

Vn^^Wn* if eaver-quiney, {dpyvp09, dyxp») 
wlJcb Demostbenes was raid to baye, wben be bold 
back on tbe plea of quinsy, tbougb really (it was 
alleged) because be was bribed. 

dpYi)p-tt|i0ip6t, 6, {dpyvpo9, dfitlfica) a money* 

dpYi}p€i6v, TO, a sQwer-mme. Strictly neut from 

dpYvpAOt or dpYi^psiot, oy,^dpyi;p€o$, dpyvpaSn 
fifraXXa stZofT-mines. 

dpY^»p<of or dpYiJpfot, a, or, contr. dpT^poOt* 
a, ow, (dpyvpot) eUcer, of eUver. 

ApY<}p-^f||\&Tot, or, (dpyvpoe, kXaHnw) wrought qf 

Apy^6ptUei¥, r6. Dim. of dpyifpior. 

dpyvpiov, t6, (dpq/9po9) a piece </ eHver: beaoe 
money, caeh. 

dpyOpCt, iboi, 4, (dpyvpot) a eiher veted. 

dpYi}p(n|f, fem. dpYvptTtt, i9ot, 4» (^PT^pot) 
<f or behnging to differ : as 8ubst (sub. 7^), 


dpYi>po-9(vi|t, ov, 6, (dpyvpot, iiwrj) rttnning m sfl- 
ver eddiet, epitb. of riyers. p] 
dpyCpo-siMjf, it, (dpyvpot, elbot) lOee tUver. 
dpY^^P^*^ott ov, (dpyvpot, ^Xot) sUter-dntdd^ ' 



ipyvpoiuiKos — ififli^s. 

dpY^Spo-«6«ot, dt {dprpfpo9t K6fnw) a uorhar in til- 
ver, tUvemmUi, 

ApyH^okoyim, {<ipyvpok6yo$) to lety money; alio c. 
ace., tohty m country- vmder etmtnbuiiau, Hence 

iipyii^oXoyia, ij, a levying of montif, 

iu^nfipo^'m, w, (<&pyvpo$, Xiyu) levying money. 

dpY^p6-irHa, i), (dijpyvpot, v4(a) iUver-Zooted : also 
dpYvp6-irftot, or. 

dfyyi^p^-irovs, d, i), -^irow, rS, gen. wodot, (dpyo- 
potf 90vt) wtk 9&verfed. 

dp-yi^pop-f iiTi|f , w, 6, (dfiyvpoi, fiim) $Uver^lowing. 

d^rf4ipo% 6, Lat. arg-entmn^ (<W^ white) tOcer, 
fint in Homer. 2. sHver-money, money, like Lat. 


dfryi^p^-^ot, or, {dpyvpot, r6ioy) with §iker how, 
epith. of Apollo. 

ApYvpo-^cyv^, 4$, (dpyopo$f iftiyyot) tUver-sbinmg. 

dpY^p6«», f. if<rca, ((^lyvpoi) to turn into $iher. 3. 
to reward with tiloer: — Pub. to he to rewarded. 

dpYi}p-^d8t|t, €9,ssdpyupo€iSrjt. a. rich in tUver. 

dpY^lfpcouo, itarot, r6, (dpyvpStt) tiUeijlate. 

ipY^^p-^lvifrof, or, (dpyvpot, Moftai) bought with 

dpY^f^cot, e^ or, (dpyvpot) tUcer-white, \p] 

aJpyi}^9%, o¥, as f(»egt epith. of aheep. 

'ApYtt, lot, contr. ovt, ^ (^l/ry^t» atcf^) the Argo or 
ship in which Jason niled to Cdohik 

ikplMta, t aWf^dfidti, to water, Lat. irrigare. 

dp8i)v, AdT. eoutr. for Aipdijv, (alpv) lifted up, 
raited on high, II. vtterly, Lat. penthM. 

''APAES, cctft, 4* ^ P^^ ^ A°y thing, on onvw- 
ib^a4 : a tiwg, 

AfSuM, 6, a watering : a watering plaee. From 

"APAA, f. dpffw : aor. i i^poa : to water cattle, ^'fe 
then to drink : — ^PaM. to dxitk. a. of rireri, to 

water land, Lat. irrigare. IL meti^h. to r^rah, 


'Ap^OoiMTO, 4, name of several fonntaint ; the most 
famous was at Syracuse. 

6mL, Ion. &p«t^ ^, (dpd) a cwrte, menace, threat. 

''Apfiot, or, also a, or. Ion. *Ap^u>t, ij, ay, C^V"?') 
iKiWiilpp, tnarfio/, Lat. mavoriiut : Cconpar. *kpu&T€po; 
a, ov^—dpeieav. 

'Apciot irdYOt, 6, hSl of Arte, Mart* EiO, OTer 
against the Acropolis at Athens on the west aide. 
Here was held the highest judidal court, called by 
the same name : capital crimes came specially under 
its jurisdiction. 

*Apct-ToX|iOt, oy, C^^P^ r6kita) full of martial 
holdnett. , 

'Apc(-^TOt, £p. 'Api^jt^oTOt, ov, CApTt, ir4ipaTat 
3 sing. pf. pass, of *<ptyoj) tlain by Arte, i. e. tlain in 
war. a. later it seems generally ^'^Apciot, martial. 

&pc(fiav, 6, i}, -ov, t6, gen. orot, bdter, ttronger,hmter : 
it serves as Compar. df dyiMt, (On the deciT., see 


d-psKTOt, or, poet for ippc«rM, iiarfflas, 

apfonttt, Ion. for dpAo/wi. 

doUrax, dpcoua6a»» aor. I inl act. and med. of 

Apsa A g0o» or dpsovdo^ 3 idng. aor. i »ei» 
imperat. of dp^Mv. 

dp4<r9oi, aor. a med. in£ oHoXpet. 

6fitffKda, ^ (dp^ffiw) a detike to fieaae, oomfUi^ 
tanee : in bad sense, dbte^uioutnetttjlitery* 

Apta m hvrm%, Adv. pres. part, of dplarsa, a§rBtaUy. 

dpiovotf 7, or, fieating, eomflaitimt: in bad aonaew 
dbtequiout, /tattering. From 

dpl(nca»: fnt. dpifoM, med. 4p^0'O|acu, Ep. dp^^^o- 
fKu : aor. i ^pe^ra, med. ^psa^i^fr, Epu part, dpco'ff 4> 
/icrot : aor. i paaB.iip^ofli7r : pt ^p«rfKii : {*&aot,6^am^ 
To make good, meiee it tip, raJura 8' dpe^ai/t^ tkdn 
will we moAx up omony ourselves ; hff dpiaai to moke 
amendt : c. ace. pers. to cmteUiate, propitie^ o^r&r 
dp€ffo6c0ca IwUffffiv; c gen. rai, dpicatrro ^pii m s 
eifmrot they tated their heart with blood : — Paan to 
be contented, ae^tietee. IL e. dat pen« to b$ 

pleating to, grattfy,pleate,Jlatter, raSna dfhrnot, ptot ; 
Hp*oi o^ ravravocfirttplMsedthemtodoao; ^ipi^ 
aietiv Tpimoit nvot to eet^orm to his ways. 

dpsoT^t, ^, ^, verb. Adj. of dpiffnet, jieamm§^ 
gratfffd : aee&ptable, approced. Adv. -rds. 

dp«r&», f. i\ae», (dpirfi) to htfH ix proper, to tknpt, 

dpsT^ 4» goodmett, exceUenoe, of any kind ; bat in 
Homer, like Lat virtut (from tir), manhood, 
valour: fi}tomanlgbe<aitg, dignity, etc. a. in 
freq. of the virtuet of land, fountains^ etc 3. 

eeUence inariar worhmanthip,tkHl. IL in morml 

sense, vittue: — also ehameter for virtue, npmtmiion, 
merit. (For deriv. see ^Apijt.) 

dp<|, ij. Ion. and Horn. &r dpL 

dpijoi, Ep. for Ap^, a sing. aor. a med. col^ of 

'APHTO, t im,to hdp, aid, tueeomr in wm-, cw 
dat. a. absoL tobecf ute, befit, ci-fwdpffyu it is 
meet to be silent II. c. ace ni» to ward <^^ 

prevent, dpfiyu¥ Akaxnif : also^ dpi^YScr ra4 n to ssuiii 
of from one, lo avert the captuie : as ^6tfoif rdtofoiM 
dfifyuv. (Same Boot as dpviw, Lat oDoeo.) 

dpiiY^v, ^rot, i,i^a helper, aid. 

' Api|t-Ooot, or, C^ApTt, 0o(^) sinyK as .ires, twift in saw. 

'Api|C-icrd|itvot, ij, w, C^^ ifrifrif) sloia ^ .^Im 
orta tsar. 

*Ap^jfCof, r\, ov. Ion. fi)r *Apmo9. 

'Apfi|t-^TOt. or. Ion. £or> 'Aps^-^rot. 

'Api|t4CXot, 6, 4, also ly, or, (^hptfi* ¥^ <J»w to 

Ap^ilMvoi, Ion. for in£ dpor, t. tub dpiio/ioi. 

dpt||iivof, 17, or, ditlretted, haratted, »^^Ua|<^ifao<. 
(Origin mioertain.) 

4pij|it, csif, 4, (dpihr*') ^Pi MMOMT. H. c. 

gen. rei, A^^ a^^aiast a thing, weoas ^ oMrftny it. 

iprifM — ipunjjikw. 


ipya» p£ med. of dfnpiaiM : plqpl ip4(pm » . 

ifMiitvQtt p£> puL part. oSApapiffitu. 

ifffpmca, dp'^poitas p£> M;t. uul pan. of d^^. 

ifnjpo^uhoi, If, or, Roughed, Ion. for ^ptafihoty pf. 
piitpuL from 4^^. 

'AFHZ, d: gon. 'Apcoi^ "A/kcm: dat "Apt!, Att. 
contr. 'A/m, poet "AffQ : ace. ''A/n/, alao ^Apny and 
'i^iM : ?oc. *Apt» I Ion. and £p. deolenaian Afn/ot, 
% 1^ j4i«s, Xttt HarB» Bon of Jiq>iter and Juno, 
the god of var and dettmction, the spiiit of 
ririSe, plague, fiunine. Hence oft. naed to denote 
fur, imgkter, marder, etc. (Akin to dppijv, d/xn^y, 
« Man to Mos. Frcnn the same Boot come dperff, 
ipea0, Sfiierv^ 4he fint notion of goodneta being 
thit of flwaAood, &raeo|f t» nor : c£ Lat. twius.) 

VlT%>, i|^M, 6: ^em. if^friipa, (d^/iu) strictly 
m Out prajf8 : hence a priett, priaten, \Sl\ 

^pyr6si 4* ^» !<>»• ^ d^ar^. 

mat, acr. i paaL part of af/Mti. 

4fAnr, iEoL tarilpBifaay, 3 pi. am*. I pan. of aHpoi, 

iplpi^, £ ffirm, (jipB^) to he joined together. 

Mi">i» ••'f vd. peaetful rektUona, eoneord. Neat, 

^f^ttof, o, op^ Joined, unikd: ai peace with another. 

ipV^ ^ {jSkfafiaicao) a bond, leagw: frimdak^, 

y6^w , -r^ (dpctpUnm) a joint, esp. tAe aoefcef of iA« 
i^iHt: in idvr. Ae {un&f ; oft. joined with aome other 
wd, at &p9pa ve8ocV, /&« anklet; d^^ twr «6- 
cW, ^ejea; d^/n ^r^/iorot the month. Hence 

Mp^f f- ^tM'^t <o /tu<«n by jointe, arUadaie, vUter 
^uinME^.' alto to nane, Mreugthm, 

|»%>4Ci n , m, (dfBpw, cTSot) weO^ointed. 

'API'-, fnaep. Prefix, like I/m-, ttrengfthening die 
><tioB ooBT^ed faj itt oompd. : of same root wiiSi 


•p i Trwrre i , ^ or, ako ot, or, easy to be known, well- 
^Mi: in had tente, notoruma, ittfamoua, 

M'^OKpOt, V, g«n. voff, (2^-, H&Mpu) nmch woep- 
%> i>9y fear/W. 

^4&Xot, Dor. for d^Xot. 

^P'-Uarrtt, or, (dfi-» Minv/tt) imieA «A£iob: 
we/iBioiig: Homer met it aa a Snperl., d^8c/<rt- 
'*• ^>^^ fiKMf finovned of men. 

M ^i^t f , or, tery dear or eontpievuAiM,far'e£ien, of 

*^Btabt: Main^coiCt fMudk Imoion. 

iK-{i|\et, or, alto 1;, or, Ep. Ibrm of ibrtg., very 

'■fit MM or waaiffrf. A4y. -A«t. 

Vi^^Wrot, ar, ctry mciMe. 

Ml|MfVDt, or; Dor. £7 dpififuiroa. 

MjuGm, Dor. fior AptBuovai, 5 pL of dpiBfUw, 

W^ £ 4^tti* i'^P^M^) ^ wmiter, eoimt, reckon 
9^ entat rat a. to reofcon, counf. 

M|ii|0%Miua, Ep. £)r d^tf/iiii^Qnu, aor. I past. 
M%V^ avw> T^ {dpifffUw) a nvmber. 

ApCOptitnt, foit, i), a «oiiittM^ or reckoning iip. 

dpi6|iT)Yiic6f , 4, ^r, belonging to numbering or rav 
konmg, akilkd therein : ij -^ (ic. r^x*^)* aHt^knieli<;. 
Ady. -MM. 

dpiO|M|T^ ti> ^r, eatiZy nxtmbered, few m fMMi&0r ; 
odiK AptfffxqrSa, not counted, held </ no aeeouatt Lat 
nt<0o tMctMro Ao&dui. 

dft0|i6t, d, iuini&0r, a number, Lat numtrut. a. 

amount, aiae, etc^ iroX^ dpiBpit xp^^^ou, 3. tMiii»- 
ber, aa a mark of worth, rank, etc., fur ivbp&y f(c> 
otfcu dpi$/Mf to tit m ronX; among men; oiuc kvdpi$f»f 
ttvai, like Lat. nuUo eaae in nwnero, to be in no oo- 
eount, 4. mere number, quantUg, opp. to quali^f, 

worth, X6ym^ dpi$fida a mere eet of words : to of men, 
oitM dpi$ftd9 d\A«t not a mere lot, like Horace*t not 
numerua ewmua, II. a numbering, counting, dpi- 

$pibv woiuo9ai r^t arparirje to hold a muater of the 
army. a. numeration. 

d-flv or tf-pii, ^A'Of , 1), imiAoitf note, tciCAoitf totn^ 

opp. to fC/MK. 

^Ivot, or, sforeg. 

''ApiJO%,a,ov,^'MTfbiit69, Median, 

dpi-irp€«^ 4$, (ipi-, wphw) very atatdy or ahoivy, 
very t^^endid. Adv. -ion, 

d-pl%, T. &piy. 

dp(-ai||&ot, or, (dpi-, o^fia) very remarkable: very 
plain or mantfeat, 

dpCoT-oOXot, or, (dpiOTOt, SBkov) vietorioua in the 

dpUrr-opxotf ov, (dptarot, dpx&a) beat-rvUng, 

dpv^OT&^^Xot, oy, (dpi-, ordipvk/f) rich in grapea. 

dpurrdcrt, f. 4iaai, (dptorov) to take the morning 
meal, loiLprandere: genmrnlly, to take any meal, cf. 

dpuTTfla, ^, (dpurrefm) the/eata of (he hero (hat won 
(he prite of valour (rd dpioreta), any great, heroio 
action. Single boolu of the Iliad were to called, In 
which the deedt of tome one hero are deecribed,e.g.. 
Book 5. is Atojxfjbov dptarela. 

dpurrtSflk, rd, alwayt in plnr., (d/MOTC^) (he pHae 
of (he braveat : vteed of valour. 

dpwrapit, d, 6v, l^ on the left; Iv' dpmrepd to- 
wards (he l^; l£ dpKrrepSjy on (he lefL a. ^ dpi- 
<rrapd (with or without x^/>)> Ihe lift hand. 3. 

met^h. 6odtn^ HI, ominoua, becante to a Qreek an- 
gnr, loddng northward, the unlucky aignt <xmdfrom 
the 10. 4. of men, 2^Aam2ec2,c2iifflsy, like French 
gauche, (DeriT. uncertain.) 

dfumvt, icia, d, {dpiaroi) (he beat man : in Homer 
usu. in plnr. dptarTJat, Lat opHmaka, (he nobleat 
chiefs, prineea. 

dpurmw) : 3 sing. Ion. impf. dptarabtaMt : {dpir 
OTot). To be the beat or braveat; Tpiwy dpt^reiteaje* 
he was (he beat of (he Trojana; dptoraimy n lobe beat 
in a thing ; c. inf., dptarehtait^ fidx«T$ai he waa beat 
at fighting. 

dpurrlijior, loxu for dpicruor. 

£ a 


ipiarCCia — bipyAC^ . 

dptorrCtu, f. Itrv, {/LpL<rrw) io give one breakfcut:-^ 
Med. to bredftfatt. 

dpiflrTOHCparla, i}, (Apurrot, K/xxrcTv) Ihe rvie €f the 
lei-bom or nobUiy an aruiocraey, 

dpurr6<fMVTi«, ccm, 6, ^, (fiptaroe, ii&imt) hetl of 

dpMTTOjuidxot, or, (ApiffroB, fiAxtf) fighting hed, 
^APliTON, r6, a morning meal, hrealtfatt, taken 
at Bunriae : later, the midday meal, the Boman jwYin- 

dpurr6-¥00t, ov, {dpiffros, v6o9) of the hett dit- 

dpurrcHiroiloi, f. "^oa, (dpiffrov, iroiioi) to prepare 
breakfaet, rd dpKrrowotwfieva things prepared for 
breakf<ut : — Med. to get <m«*« brealtfatt, 

/[purrot, 17, ov, bett in ite kind, used aa Snperl. to 
dyouBSi : in Homer usu. betl, brorest, ndbled : c. inf., 
dpiOTOi fi/i.x^^^ ^^ ^ fight; dpiOTOS dvaraaOai 
hett, easint to cheat: — ^In Att. beU, mod exedknt: 
neut. pi. Aptara as Adv., bed, mod exceUentiy : contr. 
with article, &pi<rrot Horn., apiarot, Att., &pnrrot 
Dor. (On deriv.. see ^kpijt.) 

dpurroT^Ktia, ^, poet. fern, of sq. From 

dpurro-T^KOS* ov, {dpiarot, rlterw) bearing the bed 

dpurr^-XM, ctpos, 6, ^, (dpuxrot, x^p) *^^ ^ 
bed hand; a*^ dpt<rr6xttp a contest toon by the 
douied hand. 

dpurr-^lv, Ivot, 6, 1), (dpttrrot, Ms) bearing the 
bed children. 

dpi-o'^oX'fjs, ^t, (dpi-, a<pdXXej) very dippery or trea- 

dpi-4p2l8^S, it, (dpi-, ^pd(ofiai) eaeily known, very 
manifed : dearly visAle. Adv. dpi<ppaZ4on, very plainly. 

dpKfiot, e^ ov,smdpKTtiot, of a bear. 

dpicc6vTut, Att. contr. dpKo\nnon, Adv. pres. part, 
of dpKk^, enough, dpico(nrr«t Ix** ^^ ^ enough, 

upiccoxt, Cfltft, ij, {dpiciej) h^p, aid, service. 

dpKST^s, 4t ^v* (dpKiw) mi^gleient. Adv. -rwt. 

doKcOv, Ion. for dpKovv, pres. part. neat, of 

'AFKE'n, f. iao), Lat. ARGEO, to teard off, keep 
off: c. dat. only, to aseid, aid. II. to be (f we, 

avail, be drong enough, nsu. c. inf.: abo c. dat., 
to Bttfflce, tatirfy: absol., to be enough, be strong 
enough. 2. impers., dp/ctt fun it i$ enough for me, 

I am fcdl content : dpKetv ioiceT it seems enough, seems 
good. III. Pass, to be taiiified, contented tpith a 

thing. (The Boot is the same as tiiat of dpf/yoj.) 

dpKios, a, ov, also ot, ov, tcfe, sure ; vOv dpKtov fj 
dirokioBai 4^ oaoiOfjvai now it ie sqfa that we perish 
or be saved ; dptuot fu<r$6t a awe reword. II. 

enough, iuffieient. 

dpKo(nnta%, contr. for dpKt6vnH. 

tf pKTffiOf, a, ov, {dpKTot) of a bear. 

dpfcrlov, verb. Ac^. from dpxofuu, one mud be- 
gin. II. (from dpxoa) cne mud govern. a. 

in pass, sense one mud be rvkd, i. e. one nwd obey. 

"AFKTOX ^ and 4, a &Kir. 2. i} 'A/Mrrot, Os 

great bear or Charlet* wain, elsewh. dfia(a : hence the 
north pole, or generally, the North. 

'ApKT-oOpot, 6, {dpicTOt, oZpot) ArehBrus or Beor- 
guard, a bright star close behind the Bear, also colled 
Bootes. n. the time of hie rising, the middle ef 


'ApicTO-^Xa{, eurot, b, (dpieTot,ipiKaO *= 'ApKTOvpoe, 
Arelophylar, the bear-keeper. 

''AFKT2, Att. dpKvs, vot, 4j, a net, hwUei^s nd, 
Lat. eaeeie : dpKvtt £l<pov9 the toile, L e. perSe, oi the 

dpfctMrrilala, ^, or 

dpNiMndoioy, t6, (dpieut, Xcriffu) a Une of nds. 

dpKtMrr&TOf, 17, ov, or 0$, ov, (dptan, lanj/u) sttr- 
rounded with neU, dptcvtrrdrrj mtipovfi death amid the 
toils : rd dptciMyrarov, a nd. 

dpKV-fiopof, 45, (dpievt, oZpos) a watcher of nds. 

&p|ia, aros, r6, (same Boot as dp/ji6t, dppu^^oi) a 
chariot, a war-chariot, car. 2. chariot emd horses, 
the yoked chariot : also the horses. 

dpiioXlo, 4t d^PP^M sudenanee attdUd, food, 

&p|irdpA{a, i;t, 1), {dpfui, dfta^a) an eastern carriage 
with a cover, esp. for women and children. 

dpfftdrtios, a, ov, {dppa) of or belonging to a dharici : 
esp. of music, whether of a moumfril or martial cart. 

dpp&Ttv», f . oca, (dppa) to drive a chariot, go (herein, 

dpii&Ti|Xu«rCa, 1), charidrdriving. From 

&p(itin|X&T^, f. 40*^1 to drive a chariot. Ytoai 

&p|&&T-t)Xdn|f, ov, 6, {dpita, iXabvot) a driver of 
chariots, dunioteer. 

dp|t&T6Hcrlhrof, ov, (dp/sa, imrwief) rattling teith 

dppXlTO-'infY^s, 6v, {dpya, v/jyvv/u) maiking ckaricU; 
dppaT6wrjyo9, 6, a wheelwright, ehariot^maker. 

dp|t&TO<rpo^w, f. ^laat, (dp/Mx, rpi<pct) to keep elba- 
riot horses, esp, for racing. Hence 

&p|A&TOTpo^((i, 4, a keeping of <harioi horses, 

dpfjAATO-Tpoxid, ii, {dpfui, rpox6s) the eouree of a 
chariot, uhed-4raek. 

dpIiu-Tpoyi'fit poet, for foreg. 

&p|t&TwXia, ^, cs dpfuxrrjXaaia. 

dp^uva, rd, the taclde or rigging of a ship : any 
tools or implements, like SirAo. (From same Boot 
as dpftSs, dpfji^iw.) 

^(Mvos, 17, ov, Ep. aor. a pass. part, of dpafitrtem, 

dppiSiOS, a, ov, also os, ov, (dpft6(») fitting together: 
hence weU-fitting, agreeable. 

&p|i6tw, Att dp\i&rrm: f. dirv: (dpftSs^ ^pos)» 

To fit togdher, join, esp. ot joiner's work: — Med« 
to join for onisdf, put togdher: to prepare, metke 
ready, a. of mairiiige, to give in marriage : — ^Med. 
to marry, take to wife: — ^Pass. to be married to. 3. <o 
bind fad. 4. to sd in order, arrange, govern. XT. 

intrans. to fit, fit well : to be adapted, fit for. Hi, 

impers., dp/*6iu U is fitting, Lat. deeei, c. inf., 

iiv dpidZ^n* 

apiwi — ifrnfMirri, 


%m3; AdY^^dfrtt ituf, neioly, hadif, (Strictly 
aa oU dat frcan ^ifyi^.) 

ApfwAoY^, f. ^ow, (dpin&tf X^7») (o/ofo (<vetAer. 

W«*^ 4. (<&/>/<^<v) a JUting tcffdker Joint. II. 
a mtim between pertoni» covenant. III. an ordi' 

nmtee, dune, hence /die. lY. as a teitb in mn- 

tk, k&mmtjf, toncord. 2. in Rhet. the kdonation 

of tbe Toioe. $. generally, harmony, a^freement, 

elc: UtOTfiowoe ywfoutSw ip/tai^ woman's penrene 

^tfO¥%tt6%, 4, ^, (jipft&iu) daHed in tnuiic: Tct 
iffmMi Ike theory cf vmme. 

^ffi^ ^, (d for c^ ip») a joining^ a joint, ApftU 
Xitfiarm XtBomnMje a joint or opening in the tcmb 
Slide by tearing «way itte stones. 

4p|i09|ia» arot, t6, (dp/tSin) joined work, 

hffo^rf)^, ^poc, d,«aq. : poet., alio dpfi6<rTWfi, a 

ipfMVTTJs, ov, 6, (dpfi6(ea) one who arrangee or go- 
9n§t s goctmor: eq>. a Aonnott, the governor of tiie 
Qieek iaiands and towns in Asia Mincn* sent ont by 
the Lacedemonians during their supremacy : alio 
Atgevemorcf a dependent coUny. 

^pfi^me. Ait. for dpft6(u, q. y. 

•fin, ace with no nom. in use, dual ip¥§, plur. 
Ipo, etc ; T. sab df»f69. 

i^v&xU, iBot, 1^, (dp#^) a tbeep'e ekin. 

iffmm, a, ok, (d/»^/•) of a lamb or tAerp, d^ciot 
^Jret lUnghtered sheep. 

ip*«^ 6, (dpnSt) a yottn^ ram ; but as A^j*, d/>> 
MM &t a sM^s sheep. 

ovt d, (dpyiJt, doiydo)) feading on 

'AFNE'CMCAI, int. i)^o/mu: aor. i pass. d^M^ 
i^MH, but also aor. med. i dpirfiaae$ai : Dep. Opp. 
to fnNU', to deny : opp. to Mrai, to r^Mse : absol. <o 
m no,dedine: c inf., to r^uae to do. 

•fvivr%», ijpot, d, (d^ciw) a tumifer; also a diver. 

^rfwim, t 4W, (dfii69) tofritk likealamb, tmnUe. 

A pfH^iltof, >^ or, (dfttiopoi) to he denied, 

ifvi|9it, MM, 1^ (fipenfffit) denial. 

Mov, 7^ Dim. of aq., a yowi^ Zomb, lam&Hn. 

'AFliCyX, TOVf dft, gen. from an obsoL nom. M^, 
tb Bom. in vm being d/ii^t : dat dpufi, ace. dpo : 
da. 4pf : pL dftree, g. dpvijtfr, d. dpt^i (Ep. Afveffoi), 
Mt. dpst. il loaii, Li^ o^nus, oj/na ; also a ebeep, 

^pvifpaa, defect. Bep., used only in pres. and impf.^ 
kagthd. fcnn of oTi^/iai. To receive for oneeeff, gain, 
f^K^eng off a» a prim. 

^•6|iai» Dor. iat dp^o/un, fut. of dfxo/Mu, 

ipiC fi Hi , aor. a med. opt olaipea. 

Iftv, Hhw, aor. I imperat. of afpw. 

Mflri|Mt, or, (Ap^) arable, fruitful: metaph./t 
/■^ ■p rn d tr uy children. 

^fw%, em, i, (dp6m) apUmghmg, mage. IL 

Mile load^ ecrw-land, Lat. arvum. 

AfsHip, v^ ^ (^^^) <)^ ploughman, hubandman : 

/Sous dporffp a ttett for ploughing. II. met^h. 


df>6Ti|t, ov, 6,«dpoT4/s TkeflZv¥ dp&rai labourere 
of the Muses, L e. poets. 

dpoTOt, 6, (dpdeit) tSIage, pHouglung, huebandry, {l^r 
dw dp&roo to live 6y ftusboiidry. 2. <Ae crop, fruit 
of thefidd: also a>Md. II. 1^ season qf tSOage, 


dpOTpoSot, e^ ov, (jipOTpov) of eom4and, 

dpoTpi mn , ov, 6, of at for the plough. 

dpOTpiatt, f . dooi [d], » dp6of, to plough, 

dporpo-SCatiXot, 6, {dporpor, biavkoe) one who 
ploughe to and fro, like a runner in the ^avKoe. 

dpOTpo-ir6vot, ov, (dpOTpov, w6vot) labouring at 
the plmtgh. 

dpoTpo-^pli», f. riov, {dporpov, ^poi) to draw 
the plough. 

dpcrpov, t6, (dp6w) a plough, Lat aratrwn. 

^povpa, ij, {ipSot) tuied or arable land, §eed-land^ 
eom-land, Lat arvum: also generally, toU, land, va- 
TpU dpovpa &ther4and; — ^metaph. of a woman as 
giving birth to children. Hence 

dpovpoSbf, a, ov, bdonging to corn-land, ruetic: pm 
dpovpaxoe a jSeU-mouse. 

dpovpiov, r6, dim. from dpovpa, 

dpovp6-wovot, or, (fipovpa, rtivot) working in the 

'APCVXl: f. 6aof, poet 6ccea: pf. act dpfipona^ 
pass, dptfpopai : aor. I ^pooa, pass. ijpoB-^v : Ion. pres. 
inf. dpSapuvai. To plough, tiU, Lat. arare. II.. 

to tow, dpow el$ tcffwout. 2. metaph. of the hus- 

band, lob^s^: Pass., of the child, (o As %ottai. 

dp^SMTi, Ep. for Apwot, 3 pi. pres. of dp6ot. 

ii^^, i}> {dptrd(ea) eeizure, robbery, rape. 11. 

the thing eeiwed, booty, plunder. III. rapa<%. 

V*^TI* 4> (Ap^^) <* ^^^ ^^ drawing up a 
bucket a. a rake, Lat harpdgo. 

i{tvay^A, parot, t6, (dpwi(ea) that whicJt i$ teiud, 
booty, plunder. 

dgmayyk&%, ^, (ipw&(ot) robbery. 2. any thing 

thatie aeited, pUmder. 

'APHA'ZA : fut dpttd^ea, Att dpwdffof or dpndao- 
pm : pi ^piAita, pass, (jpwajpai. To ravieh away, 
to carry off: in part, dpuiiat tplptiv, Lat rapttot 
ferre. 2, to graep haatUy, enatch up: also to grasp 

with the mind, apprehend. 3. to eeize and over^ 

power, II. to plunder. Hence 

ApwoKT^, 6, a robber. — ^Fem. dprndierupa. 

&piraKT6f, 4, 6v, (d/md(Dtf) eeimd in haete. 

dpn^Xiot, a, ov, and oe, ov, (Aprnd^ea) grafting, 
greedy: also attraetiee; pUatanL Adv., -i«t, eagerly. 

&pwoX£tM, f . laei, to catch at, eeixe upon, receive, 

tpftai, ayot, 6, ^, {dpwd(M) robbing, rapaeioue, Lat 
ropox. II. as Subst, a robber, j^underer, a. 

1) dpwa^, robbery, rapiM. 

&pirf86vi|, 4, (d/md{w) a rope, cord, tar r 


ifymi — ipTtSakri?. 

game : (he drift or thread of which doth to maide : 
also a lowering, 

Spin|, 4, (dpwAiM) a bird of prey, a kind d fid- 
con. 11. a nekle : a seim^xr, 

Spmnoi, of, (d/Mn&fw) (A« mtaUherB, i. e. wJUtIiowmIs. 
^ later mythologj thej appear at winged monaten 
who enatehed away food fix>m table. 

'APPA^A'N, uvot, 6, eamed-moneyt eautfo n m a mf f: 
a pledge, eameti, Lat. carhdbo, anha. 

op-p&^of, or, (a prir^ fi&wn>) mm m ed , withaml 
team orcuftife. 

dp-pcicTot, poet £-f»«CTOfl, ov, (a piir., W<v) «»- 
done: vmfiniAed, 

^fcppcv6-«oit, vtuSot, 6, 1i, (ApfHpf, vnu) qf mak 
ehSldren, a. fri^ a hoy, 

4p-f>i|iCT0t, or, (a prlTM MlT^^'V^) «Mi6ralMi,iMt lok 
troJbCT i or w mtided: metaph. ttvitiriii^. Adv. -f»i. 

"APFHN, d, 4, <lipp€¥, t6, gen. cvot* old Att. Sp- 
ei|v: Ion. IfMnpr: — male, opp. to ^Xvt : henoe 
mMoidine, manly, tirong : aa Snbet 6 dpptp^, (he mate. 

dpfnpr^ 4*, {Apprjv) Jierce, savage. 

djf>-pt|TOf, ov, alao i;, or, (a priv., ^ij^mu) unfoid, 
Lat indieku : nol divulged, untaught. ILncito 

-he tfiHd, eeerd, mytkrime, ZilaxrA r dppefrA re things 
that maj be published and muet not be told. a. 

thai eatmot be told, hornble, ehoehhg, Lat nrfandtte, 
dppvfT dpfffToar things moet hornble. 3. Aann^id 

k> be ipoken, finrjrk ttal iLpptira, Lat dieenda taeenda. 

dpfrij^opjco, f. ^<nt, {dpprpp6po9) carry (he peploe 
of Pallae. Hence 

dppT|^p(a» 4> (^ prooeaeion wUh (he peploe in ho- 
nour of Pallas. 

dp|»i|-^6poi, ol, (fippviroL, <p4pea) at Athena two 
mikdeM who emried the peploe and other hdy thmge 
(Appufra) of Pallas in the Sdnmhoria. 

dp-pC-yv|Tot, ov, (a priv., fij^) *x^ ekkterittg from 
cold or £ear. 

4p-pitos, or, (a priy., fil(a) not rooted. 

"AFFIKOX 6, Att ij, a baekel. [l] 

dp-pii6(iot, or, (a prhr., pij0fi/&e) wiihovi rhy(hm or 
proportum : in undue meaewre, tmw rffo Me, imI fitting. 
Adr. -fum, oai <>f ftme. 

4p-p<it. c&rot. a. * (a prfT.. Aifefi •<*oirf «l?^ «. 

dppoMrr^ t ^fffet, (dppoMrrot) to be weak or eieUy. 

dopMorCo, 1), weaineet, eidcneee, m health, Appweria 
rov ffrpareimr inability to eervefrom Ul health, 

dp-pflooTot, or, (a prir., fi^tarrv/u) weaik, eieUif: 
hence languid, remiee, 

dpoY&i, ^o«v, dpeonrm. and dp«i&|MMt» .Sol. 
aor. I act and med. of dpaptatcca. 

"AFXHN, er. Ion. and Att for later dpptjr. 

Spavo% or, {dp») fH»xng, agreeing, friendiif* 

Apoi-irovt, 6, 1), wow, ri, gen. iro8ot, oontr. fiir 
depaiwovt {aupea, voie) lifting the feet. 

Qpo^ ten, i, (aXpesi) a raiAig or lifting. II. in 

prosody, the riee of &e voice on the firtt e^Ueiik, ank, 
ielue, opp. to $4<nt the letting it sink. 

dpate. Ion. for dpu, ftit eddpapta/ca. 

ipr6Jpf\, ^, a Teniasi measure, antain, « I meffikn- 
nus + a chosnices. 

dprfiiiit*, 1 4<rv, to cut inpieeee, ent up. From 

"APTAIHOS, J, a butcher, cook. 

dpT&vTi [d], 1}, (d/mfiw) Mol (y loiUclb eomeSdng h 
hung up, a rope, halter. 

dpT&», Ion. dprlts : f . ^aat : pt pass. Ijpnfpat ; 
(same Root as dpaplcicot). TofaMten to, hang one tbfag 
upon another : — Pass, to be hung upon, hang 19011, he 
nroe : henoe nan. to depend nqpon, Lat pendere ab 
aliquo. 11. in Paas. to be fiM, prepared, made 


aproMtu, Ion. fbr ^pnjnui or ^prtfpiroi dtff, 3 pl- 
pf . pass, of d/rrxfiw. 

dfnrt|i^ ^t, (dprtot) eafe and sound. Hence 

dp TsuXo, ij, ft ^efy, aowidneM. 

'APtEBODS, gen. c3of, ace. cv, abo 18a, i^, Artemtie, 
the Roman Diana, goddess of the chaoe, daughter of 
Zeus and Leto, rister of Apollo. In Homer women 
who die suddenly and without pain are aaid to be 
slain by her dyoam fiikeet, aa men by thoeeof ApoQo. 

*ApT«|&iotov, r6, a temple of Artemie. 

*Aprw^Jiavot, 6, a Spartan month, answering to part 
of Att Eli^heboUon. 

dpTl|U0V, orot, 6, (dpriw) the top-eaH, Lat orUhnoR, 

opr^tt, Ion. for dpr&at. 

dpnfpjfi, r6, (dprici) that wMeh hange down, a 
ing ornament, paidatU, 

JbrnpCa, 1j, (Mpu) (he windp^ or trachea. 

"APTX, Adv., jui, exaeUy: juet now, eeen 
etraightftay, forthwith : but also of something Juet 
poet, opp. to irdAcu. II. hi compoa. ifc moatij 

denotes what haBJuet happened. 

dpn^ts, t dau, (dpnoe) to piay cA odd and cmr, 
Lat par iwpar hdere. IL to eomtl. 

dprv-Ppcx^ ie, (dprt, $o4xa>) juet eteiped. 

&gjuySiiyuo% or, (dpri, To/ioe) juet married, 

itfmrykeewt, or, (dpn, yhmor) trftA (he beard Juei 
growmg, * 

Apn-Ysvvi|TOi, or, w^p-ootw* 

dpTt-YX«4^ ^ i^f^t 7A{i^) nmidy carted, 

AprC-vovof, or, juet bom, 

V^^^ ^ (^/^* 9a^^)ju$ttaugM, 

dprC-SoKpvt, V, (dpn, 9dMpef)jutt weeping, rmdff ia 

dprC-Bopof, or, (dfrrt, 94pB») juwt eUipl off. 

dprCswsia, h, pecul. fern, dteq, 

dptu«irf|t, ie, (Aprtot, lirot) liady oftpeeek, gUb* 

dpTt-t^yio, 4t (d/yr<, (vyie) a late wnicn, 4r8pfisr 
dprt^vyla newly-^natrfed husbands. 

dpT(t»> f- ^»f (Apnoe) to get ready, pmferm, 

iiptv-MJft, 4% {jLfm, 96kk»)juBtbUiominf, 

ifrtOav^ — <^cii>i'. 


If w H U ft i , <•, (Spn, Bevdi^ jiid dead, 
iffri-woKAo% or, (dpri, Mo\k&u) dtoM-ykiad, dtoQ- 

i^rivoAXnr is tiW nfel; <f limit, efporiimtiff. 
iffn-wi^e^ ov, ^, (aprt, icofiaw) jmt homing gti 

Iff t X A x tW f o t , or, (^n, Xoxciw) /Mit ioni« 
4fn-fUlM|t, ^ (d^, /*a$w mot. 2 of imMani) 
iaiiag jugt Uarnt. 

^pnot, a, or, (4^ 4^) «0"Vie^ jWf/M qf «to 
Uii aaeOifJSUed; Uprta fi&^uv to epeak (o lft«piir- 
|aK;ifTM^thoiigltt(Mn(^>l0MVor<V'MiN0. a. 
«i<iie;fMiBfc,f«adgiVc.iiil II. of nmiiben,0i«ii, 

opp. to mtfi0tf69^ eddL HI. Adr. -Ibm, jmt, 

4p n rt Y^ t t ^i, (^Ti, wajfjirai Mr. apaa,of «i(7rv> 
|B)/(iitf ^ iogeUkTtjntt made:^Hiit chbt09d,jtut tooqw- 

ifti^>ttXmn9% c¥, mitdy ffoUgn^ epi&. of money. 

^pw^rot, £p. fin* u0n-^W€V§, 

iffC-wntf Ji| i^, irovr, r6, gen. voSof , (SLpnot, «ovt) 
MBtf or Hf^ <f/^ opp* to x«A<$t. IL «om4^ 

IfTtoif, COM, i)^ (Apfrl(w) a preparlnQ, adorning, 

Vri-aTO|M«, or, (dpn, mAfJia) tpeaJdng nadUg, 
igii^rotoe% 99, {ipn, rt/aSw mar. 2 of riMTv) Jud 
bni. 3. paroKyt. ^^nr^irot, or, aet. homing jfui 

If w ^ a r^ jt , k»^ {Apri, fehoiMu) juat hecom§ vkiiAe, 
^♦pM ^ . or, gen. orot, (d/m, ^/>^) wimd ^ 

Vn^i^t> ^*f «Qd dprC^lbot, or, (4^ fCw) 
iptv xi r<| i, li, (^/)ri, x*b^) /tM^ ymwming or 

< fTix r> t , ovr, (^pn, x**^ eontr. x^^odr) with 
ifni^%fnar9%t w^ (f^fn, Xf^) J^"^ nmeand over. 

CfTo-KDWfl;, or, (dprot^ xovntf'} wviin^ ol hmd, 
itii^f bread: ac Snbst, a fofar. 
ifT»A&7ivot, or, {dpToo, K&rpirot} with brmd and 
Me m d, epitk. of a wallet. 
ign-^roUmt ^t if^f^^ woiim) making bftad: as 
BBnC afcdfaar. 

^to a dfc X n i, or, d, {dprot, «wMo;m) a dsoHsr <» 
wl: baker. Hence 
iype i AJU ur , r^ « bahet't thcp. 
lyie ■aXtg, liot, 4, fcm. from dfroei6Ai|t, a bnad- 

'APT02, A, a Ido^, esp. <!f wfteof , for barl«7-1mad is 
^: wlm H neaos bread it is ootnmoiily in plor. 

if n^ &^ fim, £ i}o»i, (dfro9, mriofMoi) to tai teheaien 
mi flpp. lo dX0ftroarr4cr^ to eat l)aile7-1>read. 

^TVfvYiMb com ofwcb jmnB 

^IfTO-^iyof, on, ^ (Affrot, <payeaf') brtad-eater. 

dprOfAO, r<S, (dpri^rw) teasoning, epiee. 

ipTMfot, 6, (dpriww) a magittraie ai Aigoa and 
Epidaams, Hke dp/warff», 

dpT^ and JkpTVM* [v] : ftit d/rrtfrfi, £p.dpTiirlv, or 
dpnNFiv [S] : aor. I fjprrvm, and ^priaa : aor. i pass. 
ilfrrMrfv : (tame Boot as dpapiaitw). To arrange, 
manage, eontrioe: in bad 8ense« to etiheme, hence 
96\o¥dprbpeiw,lmi.ia$idiaettniere, to contrive a triek: 
generally, to prepare, make ready : — Med. to prepare, 
make ready. 

dpvpoVXofl, i, (dfM) a paU for draeaiag water, 
bucket, laiger than the dpirratva. 

dpv9d|aflvot, aor. i med. part ddpiw. 
•dffvaan. Ion. for d/Aot. 

dpwrHjp, ^poi, 6,^dfnHip. 

dpi(krTVxot, h, Pfan. of dpvrffp, a mnedl ladle. 

dpuraivo, if, ^t^dpvrfip, a ladle : et dpbfiaXXoe. 

dpM\p, ^po9, if (dfiw) a veadfor taking up liguide, 
ladle, enp. 

dpVT^oViiot, €¥, (dfM) fit to drink. 

'AFTSl, Att. ApvTO [if]', f. (km; [9] : of. &r(w, 
d^irrw. Lai. EAUB-IBB, to draw water tor another : 
Med. to draw for onesdf: c. gen., df/ur^oBat Nc(\oo 
Mrwp to dram from the waten of the Nile^— He- 
taph. to win, gain. 

^X'^YY*'^ ^> (^PX^* ^ryycXot) an ardumgd. 

dpXoCm, ^ ^, (dpxmioe) ddfatiioned, antiquated. 

dpxoU-Yovof, oy, (dpxeuo; forfi) of ancient race. 

dpx<MoAoY^ f . 4fau, to dttmue antiquities or things 
out cf date. From 

ApX^io-X^YOS, or, (d^oTotj Afyw) one who writes 
ancient history. 

Apxq*o-|M\n-<r f Swro ^ f HMEx-^&TOf, oy, {dpxeSos, 
iUKos, ISilZ^os, ^fhwtxss, kparr^) fUkif dear dd 
aongsfrom Phryniehus* Phoenissce. 

dpxoiov (snb. ddytioy), r6, strictly nent. of 
dpxatott (he originai sum, iheprineipd, Lat. sors. 

&pX<^*^*^^ovTos, ov, {dpxpMS, vAovroff) ridi from 

dpxo^o-irpeir^ h, {dpxmios, vphw) disUnguidied 
of dd, time-honoured, 

dpxotds, a, ov, {dffxfl A''** ^ beginning, andent : 
in good sense, (MiM-AonoMred; bnt in bad sense, like 
dpxoItc6s antiquated, gone by : also 9impie,siay. 2. 
ancient, former. 

dpXA^^^vpoirof, oy, {dpi)^£as, rpAwos) ddfaMmed. 

apX"^^^*^ •^cly. of d/yx<uo*> (ntdently. 2, in an- 

ti^^iated style. 

dpX'^'^P^^^^ 4t (ipxflf cipsavs) an deedon of iMh 
gieiraies, Lat ComMa. Hence 

dpx*up99t&(w, f. (Tfltf, to hdd the OomMa: also to 
canvass for deetion. 

dpxs-f insep. Prefix from dpxps, wHh idea of ex- 
oeUenoe or superiority. 

dpx<^t Ion. dpx'ttor, r6, strictly nent from an 
A4j.<Mxcrot,a,or: (<t^):--apiiftlM;(it£(iiN^,sachas 


iffKttr/fs — iunrovi€L 


d-^Kivot, €¥, (a priy^ a/ctvri) wtfumUked : c. gen^ 
unfwmiaked with . . , Aamwot danUietv r< md crparov. 

'AISKE'A, f. 4^tt» : pf. i(<rit7«B, paa., iicmjftai :— * 
lo tporfc «iir«otiWy,/atft»o»i,drieit ottf, adorn ; «1kh a. 
to honour a dirii^ty, Lat. eoltre, II. in Att 

and prote, to praetite, exercue, Lat ejeereere; iaid 
either of the penon, as, dfficuv t6 avfta to txttdae 
the body ; or of the thing, aa, iaictiv ri^nnjr to prao' 
ti9e an art. a. c inl, d<r«Gu ToiaJbrfj /uvuv I prae- 
iisj or ^ndfopour to remain inch. 3« abtol. to 

prael4$e, train, 

domi^s, it, unAufi, unharmed: WMealhed, (De- 
rir. uncertain.) 

d(nn||Aa, orot, r^, (do^ff^w) on aercite, 

domjm, c«t, 4, (d^K^) exerdit, trainmg : Aaxffffu 
Tir69 pradiee qf or tn a thing. II. a trade, pro- 

fession, Lat. art, 

doKTiWot, a, or, Terb. Adj. of dffMiv, to be prac- 

A< TK i |rf|f , ov, ^, (d^K^) OfM Kn&o pradiaee any art 
or ifodr, opp. to IStam/t : an aUUete. Hence 

^Lffin|Tuc6t, 171 6r9 induatrioue : athUtie, 

ii^vtet}fr6% ii, iw, (JUr/ciw) euriously wrought. 2. 

exercised m a thing. 3. to be acqtnred by pradiee, 

as opp. to btbaierit. 

^•<nciot, a, OK, (a priv., <r«td) withumi thade, 

'AoicXi|iruiav, r^, (ie temple of JEteulapiue, From 

'AancXi|tn^ ^, Atdepios, Lat. uStcuIopius, in 
Homer a Thetealian prince, famous as a physidan : 
later, son of Apollo and Goronis, tutelaiy god of 

d-oKoirot* oy, (a prir., iTKOwiet) not teeing: ua- 
prudmt: unregardfvd of, riKvt. II. pass. tin- 

Men. 2, not to be teen, dbteure: incredible, 

'AJSKOX ^t a Icaihem bag, a winetkin, 2, ge- 

nerally, an anunaVt hide: — proverb., datcdr bipHV 
nrd to flay one alive ; dffttdt MapOai to be flayed 

doic(&\ia, rd, {iuint6t) the second day of the rural 
Dionysia, on which they danced upon wine^ekina. 

' AotccaXtdt*** f • <^^> ^o dance at alike Aacdia, 

doicwfio, arof , ro, {&ff»6t) the leather padding of 
the hole which served for the row-lock, put there to 
make the oar Irork easily. 

4oya, r6, (^8ft») a tong, lay. 

^ayjaLTO-K&^wnfi, ov, 6, {icfta, /cd^nm/t) twisier 
of song, 

do|isvof, 17, ov, OS if for ^fffjUvot, pert pass. part, 
of fjhofim : wdt-pUaeed, glad : oft. in dat^dcr/iii^ /loi 
^ sirj it would be to me wdLpleaeed, glad should I 
be of it. Comp. dofurdnspoe, -4artpot and -alrtpoe. 
Adv. -MM, gladly, readily, 

davyuax, fnt. otif.^, to ting, 

d-oo^of, OK, (a priv., coipit) unwise, fooiith, 

'AISHA'ZOMAX ftit dco/m : Dep.:-^ wekome 

kindly, bid weUome, greet, Lat tabUare: also to gnel 
on taking Uaoe. 2, to emibraee, hist, earett, 3. 
to ding fondly to, deaoe to, ne n disciple to hh ma»- 
ter. 4. diawA(sa^ai in.,,tobe glad that . • . 

4-eiro£pM, (a euphon., <rwalpea) to pant, garp^ 
struggle eommleivdy. 

oinraXaVoty d, a twed teenttd shrvh, 

dowopaYOt, Att dcr^dfaYOt, i, aeparagut, 

d-<nrapTOtt ov, (a priv., aweipej) <Mf land, uneosm^ 
unHOed : of plants, not sown, growing seild. 

dmrdatot, a, or, alio os, or, (dowdfbfHu) iseleoaM^ 
weH-fioasing. II. wdtfieaeed, glad. Hence 

6/rmurUH, Adv. readily, gladly, 

do"inur|UL, arot, t6, (doirdfo/iai) a toeisome, ^rsrt* 
iiM.- in plur., embraees. 

d<nro<r|i^ d, (AffwA^ofsai) an embraee: o^eetion. 

d <iuutf ' i 6 t , ^, or, M d<riid^i0f , vefeomf . 

d-<nrciaTOf, ov, (a piiv.« awivdofsoi) to be appeneed 
by no libations, impiaeable, 

d-o^rfp|iof, ov, (a priv., awippa) without eeo3„ i. e. 
wiOwui posterity. 

d-aw«px^ Adv., (a enphoDM awipxw) hastily^ 
hotly, uneeaeingiy, 

d-onrtrot, ov, (a priv., cltrfn^ unspeakable, foiuUer- 
able, unspeakably great: neut davtrov as Adv^ ««* 
epedkdbly : — ^but, ^onn^ dcnrfrof an indidind voice. 

doirtS-awopX*^ ^rot, ^, (do^, dwo/SdXXay) one 
that throws away hit skidd, a runaway, coward, 

dairl6i|-OTp64ot, ov, (Aairla, arpi<pot) widdinff a 

do^nfii)-4^pot, ov, (dffuit, ^pe») ddeldrbearing : an 
Subst, a warrior, 

d<nri6c^0TT|t, 6, {dtnria) shiddrbearing, a warrior, 

dfrmS-oOxot, 4, (do'ir(t, Ix^) a shietdbearer, 

d9Wi8oinfy<iov, r^ an armotirer's diop. From 

do^mSo-wTiY^s, ^, (d^rytt, u^ywfu) a Mdd-maker, 

dowtSo-^pluiv, or, gen. orof, {Aawit, i^p0e») |»r- 
ing by tJie thidd, a warrior. 

d-orirfXof, 6, 4t (a priv., awlkot) without ftocn, 
IfM, pure, 

'ASni'X ^8ot, 4, a round dudd, Lat eT^t, 
of bull's hide, overlaid with metal plates, with a 
(b/tupakds) in the middle, and frhiged with taseels 
(^aro() : the long oblong shield was &wKov, Ijat. 
teutum. 2. in common language used for a bt>d^ 

of menH>t-<irmt (dvAmu), d/craMOxthin demia 8000 
heavy-artned men; Iw' dauibat rthre kxu einoat Td^> 
0^01 to draw men up twenty-five deep : Iw' dtfWkda, 
irap* dcvlba on or to the ^ft, right diouldert forwtsrd^ 
because the shield was held wiUi the left himd, opp. 
to M b6p». II. an asp, a kind <f tndke, 

da vv T' iif p, iipot, 6, and iu u n i ar i f i , ov, 6, ^dtfinCs) 
one armed with a dUdd, a warrior: also dotricrrsspi, 
OS A4jt ifh6voi dxndoToptt din of dtidded woiri o in. 

d-^vXayxwtfOV, (apriv^ ^wAdTxra) without bowHe: 
metaph. hearUeat or mereHeat, 

doirovScC, Adv. ia^eably. From 

itraoiAos — iarpartla. 


^■ o oSo i, QVt (a priv^ ovoy84) triCftout drink- 
f§eri»g, to icAoai no drith^^erinff ia powtd, IL 

mUbirf ngular truee (which was ratified by awov- 
Utj : t6 offffoySor a hetpmg oiU of treaty or covenant 
withothiKi. m. ad mi U h ig qf no trvcetinyphcaUe, 
dfiwAot dp& a <2e(utty cune. 

i-owouSooTOt, OK, (a priv^ owdu&&((w) no< MedUmdy 
jmmed, IX. not leortA seal, mwdUeeotM. 

4-ovov8cC, d-^nrovS^ and d-e«ov8(, Adv^ (a 
prir^ ovooSf) tcHhoui xeal: without a druggie, ignMy* 

4fva, Att &Tro, Ion. for &nva^ nent pL of 
ivm, loUcft, wfticAfoewr, tekii, whatever. 

6aa% Att, drro. Ion. for nKd, tomething, eome. 

iovifiov, T^, Dim. of Lat. as, afarUdng» 

iffvov, Adr., Compar. of ^TX'* nearer: Bomctimes 
c goL, iffiraif l/mo nearer to me. Hence a new 
Coo^ar. daa^tpot, alio daoirr€oo$. Adv. d^aaripca : 
Sipol. <i<ro'^Tttrot, Adv. d4r<roTarw. 

^ow, Att. co&tr. for itocat, 

o^oToMii, ^t, (a priv., ttrrofteu) un«{ea<^, tmita&Ie. 

Wt&0|i.i|tos, or, (a priv., oraBfju&ofuu) uneteadf/, 
mliik: of thIngB, wuJCTiatn. 

i-OTorrot, or, (a prlT., aTd(u) not iridding, Le. 
fHkmg in dreams: Adv. dcroini, in floods, 

i^OT&oCaonvt, or, (a priv., craatd^ui) without 
fmtjf t ^iit , qmiet, Ady. -rwt, 

irrCrfm, f. i}aof, to (0 uiufoUe : be a tcand&rer. From 

d -oT & to f , or, (a priv., r<rrof(a<) not st^ac^ost, un- 
ftrtm, iia«ea&fe. 

AoTai^i8(Tvt, tSo9,ij, fern. Adj., cormsftny of raitine. 

i^rS^U, (Sot, 1^ (a euphon., aratcpU) a romn. 

irroxviotriv, dat. pi. ^ 

i-vTuxvi, vof , ^, (a euphon., ort&xv*) an ear 0/ com, 

i-orfyooTOt, or, (a priv., arty&iu) tmeovered, of 
a ddp, wwiedbcd: &a ro ^ariyurrw from their Aat>- 

4oT^o|iai, Dep. (0 (e wtMy. From 

ioTiiiet, a^t also a, or, (^uttv) cf lAe focm; then, 
like LaL mbamu, eowicous, polite, witty, dtganl, neat, 
jnUy: opp, to Aypoucou • 

l"aimirrot, or, (a priv., orufiot) \udrodden, 

&rr y 4^ ^'t (<^ P^^n <rriit$oi) unmoved, tmahaken: 
Adf^ iareft^eM ixHv rat& to hold one /cut. a. 

«f peOQIM, MffiDOra&fe. 

i^orivflueTot, or, (a priv., tfrcrd^w) without mgh or 
fion; mOovt need for groane. 
j/niav, Tetb. A^j. of jdof, one mutt eing, 
w nBioa , oVf (a privn ffritpoa) uncrowned: hence. 

^artpf^nap, opot, 6, 4, (dtrrtpyfit, iy^p) without 
^<f man, haimg wedlock, [yd] 
^'^T^PY^ ^'t (a priv., cripyw) without love, tin- 

^n%p(hmZ4f(g, 4$, (darrjp, eiiot) starry, 
^^T9fim%, tffffo, cr, {darfip) darry: iparhlinff, 

doTfpoir^, 4> poet for doTpaffi), I^AfriM^. Hence 
doTipoin|rf|t, ov, 6, the Ughtener, 
&aTip-«»ir6s, 6v, {dariip, ^) fltorry : darAike, hrigU, 
JrOTC^vot, or, (a priv., xrri^Wie) wiOwut crown, 

&-(rr«4dvttfTot, oy, (a priv., <jrc^ar^) not crowned, 
6ari\, 1), fern, of dar6$, afemak cititen. 
dr crrijXo t, or, (a priv., arrfXrj) without tombetone, 
'AXTHT, &, gen. ^/wt: dat pi. darpaai, Lat 

ASTBUM, a dar. 2, any UmUnoue body, a meleor, 
&-<rr^pucTot, or, (a priv., artiflfyf) not flrndy flaoed, 

uneettied, unddUe. 
oMrflpiifi, it, (a priv., artlfiu) not to be trodden^ 

holy, 2. untrodden, tolUary. 
doTtK^s, 4, 6v, {darv) of a city or town, opp.'to 

conntiy : rd dorucd Atoviiaui, like rd icar Aorv, the 

Dionysia cdtbraled m CAe city : d sub AiorOoca u : 

alto iia<<e«, opp. to ^^vuedt foreign. II. «s dorcrot, 

d-q'iu c fO f , ov, (a priv., 0Ti(a») tiol branded, not 

marked with tpott, 
dHTrXcYyurrot, or, (o priv., orXtyyi^e)) not tcraped 

with the drigH, undeanted, dkiy, 
d-OToXos, ov, (a priv., xrrokii) without the dole, 
d-<rro|&ot, ov, (a priv., or6pa) tpeecktett, H. 

of hortet, hardrmouthed, unmanageable. III. of 

dogi, bad-mouthed, unable to bite, TV, of a iword, 

doT6-(cvot, d, 4, (dorv, (ivot) tJie publie gued (^ a 

d*<rropYOt, or, (a priv., orkprpi) wiihoul naJMxak 

offedAon, ba$barout, 
doT^s, 6, (dorv) a townaman, diiten, fdlow^itisenf 

opp. to ^^rot. Fern, darff, 4. 
dcrroxlo), f< ^oo;, to mtn (^ mark: to fail. From 
d-OTOXot, or, (a priv., or^x<^') *K»tMn(7 ti^ mark, 

aiming badly : aimlets, abtwrd, 
d-o*rpdPn, 1), a pack-taddk, an eaty toddle. From 
d-o*rp&pflS, U,'=doTpa4p^t, immoveable, draighL 
dorTpaydAii, ^f Ion* foi* darpdyakot m, 
doTpdYfiXot, 6,onecfthe verlibrce of the neck. II. 

the ankle bone, Lat tatut. III. usu. in plm-. 

doT;>d7aA.oi, dice, which at firtt were made of the 

ankle-bonet, Lat. taU : hence the game of dice. 

They had only 4 flat tides, whereas the iciffoi had 6 : 

they placed with 4 ; the best throw was when all 

came different, 'A^/wS^n^, Lat jaetut Veneris; the 

wor tt, wh e n all came alike, tcvoav, "Lai, canis, 
'AXrPAIIH',4, a flash ofltghhUng, lightning, [d«r] 
dffrp&ini^opjw, f. ^joof, to carry Ughtningt, From 
d(rTp&inf4opot, ov, (darpavvf, ^/w) lightning- 

bearwg, flMhing, 
donpdirrw, f. ^w, (dor/wvi}) to lighten: impers., 

dorpairrft it lightmt: trant. ta flash forth, II. 

intr. to flash or j^Iottoe lAe lightning, 
dorpiUri, dat pi. of don^p. 
d-OTp&TiCa, 1}, (a priv., arpoTtbot) exemption from 


isrpiT€VTOS — ixr^Hik/fs. 

serviee. 2, a dimming <f temee^ whieh at Athens 
WM a heavy offence, ^^ijtu^ yptup^ iarpceniat to 
be indicted for H; dffrpariiaM i^jS/vm to be eoaricted 
of it. 

A-orpdrttiTOt, ok, (a piiT., (rrptfrcCw) esempi from 
eerviee. 2. neoer having aerved. 

d Ujiptii ' io f, ov, (a priT.» crp^pw) nd U>he had: of 
penonB, tmbendm^^. 

doT p o- ^ Ttwr, oy, gen. oros, (dtrrpor, ythmp) near 

&frrpokoyia, ^ (utrohgy. From 

dirrpo-XoYos, av, {dUrrpoy, \iyot) 6b»ervmg the ttan, 
an ( otron omer: later, an a^^rdoger, 

"^STPON, r6, Lat. A3TRVM, a ttar, ecMteOation, 

dUnqpovo|iiM^ t <}<ra;, and AorTpo»o |i ({ipa, £ Iffv, <o 
&0 on ofl^onomer, ttudy attronom^ : and 

4crrpovou£«&, ij, attronomy. From 

doTpo-vofiot, oy, {(iirrpovt v^foi) dotting (Ae «Car«; 
as Sabet, dffrftoySfWf, 6, an attronomer. 

dt-<npo^of, or, (a priv., arp^pw) wiihout liummg 
round, Lat. irretcrUu; Affrpo^t Ix^ev to go wHkoai 
tmming ^haek, 

^KTfptfot, a, ov, (dffTpcw) of (^ ftors, ikirry. 

dC-OT pw TOf, or, (a pH^t iTTpi/ivofu) wiOMd bed or 
ftwk Kwdr: unfinoatiiMd, rugged. 

"ASTT, r^ : gen. cot, contr. 009, alio caw : — a «%, 
(oion : the AthenianB called their own city "Airrv, aa 
the Bomana called theirs Vrbt; though Slotv also de- 
noted the Upper Town, as opp. to Peirceeut. 

^Urrt^vof, oxTot, ^ (^Corv, ^(ra^ ftml of tAf oilsf . 

dcrrO-po^&TV|S, ov, 6, (darv, fioaea) wying through 
At eitg, epith. of a herald. 

darC-Y^TMV, ok, gen. ovoc, (darv, ythcop) near or 
bordering on a cUy : aa Subst, a neighbour. 

dCa*H}8€, Ady., {dorv) inU), lo, or toteardt the oitg. 

iumm&%, 4, 6vt^&oriK69, 

dC-orOXot, or, (a priy., orvXot) without pUkar or jirqp. 

do*nMr&cos, (^(^Tv, i4icrj) vidoriout. 

d<rTi)vou4o, (o 5e on &irw6pot. Vtam 

&(rT<^-vo|iot, ^ (doTv, F^^) a magittrate at Athens, 
who had Uu care of (he police, ttreett, and pubUe buUd- 
ingt z they were ten in number, five for the City and 
fiye for the PeursBens. IL as Ad^.,proktimg 

tOiet : also puhKc, toeial : 6py<d dffrwSpoi the feel- 
ings (f toeial Itft. ' 

oini-^xos, or, (doTv, ix^) heeping tht dtg. 

d-«T<}4^&ueT0t, or, (a priy., <rrv^tXi(oj) unthaken. 

A-edi^cXofl, ow, (a priv., arv^k&t) not roekg. 

A-ovyyW0|uiv, ov, (a priy., ovyyt^ptai) wiihoui for- 
gimtnott, r&tnilBtt, neroHett. 

dHTVYKlpcuTTOs, ov, (a priy., ovyitipaffrot) wA to 

d-ovyK6|u<rTOt, ov, (a priy., avyieofitaror) not ga- 
ihered together, unrtaped. 

dHT^YKplTOt, ov, (a priy., airfxptrot) not to be 

d^<rvYlcp6n|T0t, ov, see d^tryur/xSrTTot. 

AirvXcuos, a, or, {&-c^\ov) cf an atghm, 

iririXifrot, ov, (a priy., ovK&m) iniiohiiit, 

6ff^Xla, ^, (dtrvXot) invicieAQitg, teourUg, etp. of a 

&rvvKk6iyurT0% ov, (a priv., ovXXoyi(of»m) tmoUe 
to. reaton. Ady. -row: d4rvhXoyioTeM ix*^ ^ ^ *** 
able to reaton. 

d-aHlkot, ov, (a priy., oitk/f) free from phnder : tm- 
Aarmecl, {nvMoie: also c. gen., ydfmn^ SlovKoo toft 
from maniage. 

&-o^ti^TOf, ov, (a priy., ovfi0aivw) not comin g to 
termt : inoompaHUe. Ady. '•rwt. 

d-oufi^ipot, ov, (a priv., ovp06\Xu) not fib he 
guested, uninteUig9fle. 

d^crv^ii^oXot, ov, (a priy., oiffxfiokav) wiAout jwffng 
one*$ eontribuiion or mi&Mn]p(ton. 

d-vv|i|MTpof, ov, (a priy., oifftfttrpot) InooMoun- 
surate. II. disproportionate, unequaL 

dHmtftwoMit, cs, (a priy., «v|flPB^) toUkout 

&-av|i4opot, or, (a prir., ovftpipco) 

utdett: pr^udieiai, like Lat inutUit. Ady. 

d-^riri&^^'votior, (a priy., oitpu^onfot) not aeeordamL 

d-<rifv8«T0t, ov, (a priy., (rvrSifa;) tmcomieefad. 

dfftfvsvCa, 1), (doiircror) feoni <jf underatandinff er 
aj!)preA»M»on, sdipufily. 

o-owtTOfl, Att. a{uvcroi, or, (a priy., 011m ^) 
void of understanding, stupid. H. tmintdliffibie. 

Ady. -T«t. [d] 

d-oH}W||uav, Att. d-tvW||uov, or, gen. omm^ (o 
priy., ovvifffu) wiihoui underaianSUng. 

d-(rvv9«T0f, Att. d(vv$cTot, or, (a priy., owri- 
Btfuu, cf. ovrA)«n7) bound bp no treatiet, faitktett, 
Ady. -Twt. 

d-owroKTOf , or, (a priy., ffwr&irow) not ai i mymi 
together, esp. of soldiers, not tn baUt^'Order : hence 
ditorderlg. U. untocial. III. Mb^rropot- 

Uoned. XV. not attetsed, free from taxet, 

d-o-uvTorot, or, (a priyat., ovrrs^) not rfiriimir, 
slaeft. Ady. -vcas, huQy, Siq>erl. -dEmxnu 

d-cnKnctmurros, or, (a priy., o«ffirfod{«) imI wtU 
arranged, not convenient. 

d-cr&rr&TOt, Att. dt^onrorrot, or, (a priv., 
tarofuu) not holding together: metaph. irregwtar, 
even, uncouth, rugged. 

Aitru^nijIKoi, ov, vUe, dkhononred: also dithonomritsg, 

dcmxCo, do^ifMfl, hrit%p% Dor. for ifovx-* 

d-o^dSooTOt, ov, (a priy., <r^addCw) wiSttmi «io»- 
fmttUm ot titruggle, 

d-o^oKTOf, or, (a priy., mfArrm) fuukmgkterod, 

d<r4^dXcia, ^, (dcr^oX.-^) firmnttt, ttnbHitg. a. 

atturanee from danger, aeeurity, personal tafdbg : also 
a scfe-conduoL 3. cerfo^iits^, mmitg^ 

d-o^^OXsibt, or, of ^Teptune, the Seewrer, Fnm 

d-o^dX^ ^t, (a priy., a^dkxopai) firm, fad, 

impakiCm — itrekijs. 


/mL 2, of penoDB, mtfalUag, mtrt,inuty: of 

fldngs, mure, eaiam, 3. eqfe, secure; ip dfftpaXM 

a f^ donteXoM^ in ntfefy; rd dtft^ioXit iqfetjf* Hence 

Av^oXitif, 1 /fffltf Att. 2^, (0 M0tif)ef, yuanmtee. 

ip^aXio^i|vM, aor. i paM. inf. of da^aXl(eo. 

6v^aXrrirr(g, ov, 6. fi^ -tnc, 1), </ <wp%o^ ^^^ 
MSMW.' A^^onf 'AiF0aXrrru^ Lat. Lacma AtfbnUUet, 
ibeDeadSea. {f] Tram 

4ff^^akro9, on, ij, atpkaU at hitumen, fofrming in 
hspt on the sur&ce of water near Babylon, where 
U VM naed as mortar. 

ioi^flA&t, Ion. -Ims. Adv. of Aa4>akfft, iins^^ m- 
amdif: Compar. d^i^etkitrrtpov, Snperl. -larara. 

JrOT^p&'y^ (a eiqphon., afapayiu) to ring, re- 

494^tp&YOf, 6, tat atpipajot, the Owoat, guUeL 

loi^ to^ .£qL for aipi aipL 

a0468a0t. d, o^AmH a plant like the lilj. H. 
M A4l-« cLr^oM^ JUHfiiF At mphodd meadow, which 
ftediades of hefoea hamited. 

avxiUk^tt, only naed in pres. : £p. 3 eing. doxoA^ 3 
idar. iffxoAidoMR, inf. iirxdK6wf, part. i(rxaK6anf : — 
anaSuT fonn is ioxdA^n. To be vexed, grieved, c. 
pait, dtfX'i^^cD' /x^rotfy to 60 Mcreii ai waiting : dox^- 
Aor ni4 to he vexed at a thing : c. ac&i, iffx^iKKeur 
Abttroy to fed a horror qf death. ^Deriv. uncertain.) 

irj^ekUm, 6a)(p^iiuMn, Ep. pies. part, and 3 plnr. 

l-crx«Tos, or, (a pd?^ <0C^^ >^< ' ^ (x^) '*<'' ^ 
k Aedoed or reitfratned, irn^ventUe. 

i^X'B'^i^ ^ UWiee tioMeinl^, ewC tndeeofmts^; 

ivXTK^^vvih ^« dtformity, tadeeeney. From 

A^ox^iMT, or, gen. orat, (a priT., o^xSy<^) tbt^^deae: 
^vmmif, Aam^vL Adr* dox^/^^Mot. 

^•xQJUa, 1^ oeet^aiioH, kukutrg, huemeat. II. 

«Ml tfltUmte: a hindrwieefrom other things; d<JXO- 
AWa«M^«cr Tti^ to lie a hindrance to one. From 

^^vxoXot, or, (a priv., 0XoM) vi<^ott< leiMire, bu^ 

^te, Dor. fcrofim, t of dc/&tf , f 8m, (o ting, 
M6|iftToa, or, (a jirr?^ au/ia) wWioitl hody, iaeer- 

iotfrCa, ^, prodi^gaUtg, ditechtknem. From 
igniia, or, (a prir^ o^m) n<4 to be toMd; tAan- 
i»ed, prpfiigate^iai, perdiiue, Adr, -rue, dieeobttdff, 
h mM.wfm ,f,^ffa»Mhevmdieeiplmed<ffdiaorder^, 2, 
pDtaIfy, to lead a diaordedg Ufe, From 
. i-'iwcrot, or, (a par., riaaca) oui qf order, not m 
^^tflatOe, not ai one'epoet, 3.vndi»eiplined, 

ifa ng d giy, tmyafar, lotetot. Adr. -mt . 
i'lCXaCwiipot, or, i(a pdif*, rraXaivupoe) not toUmg 

< * 4|y ar» e iy or,(tt oqpiiL,«dA«ncor}s9wi2 tit weight, 
'fiMmt or eqiuito. 
^f ^^ ^ff m% or, gan. ores, (dni^ ^^) <«ndsr- 

dffdXXo», (dmXSe) to gambol, sport about, IL 

act. to bring t^ a «Af/<2, near, foeter: — Pan. <o yrov 

dT&XAt, 4, ^1% (akin to dvoXdt) tender, deUcate. 

diaX^^UXOt, or, (droA^t, iffvxi) eoft^heairted. 

dTofCo, 1}, (drcurrot) a tiiani ^ diteifilim, a. 

ditonfer, eot^ufioii, ItemttotMneaf. 

'ATAT, Ep. dMf , Conjunct., but, yaC, Lat at 
to intiodnce an oliijection, drdp wov l^^t stiB thou 
didst say : it oft. stands for 8^ after /lir. 

d^rdpoKTOt, or, (a priv., r&pAmre)) VfUhovtt cemfv^ 
eitn, eoei, steady. Hence 

dTapa{(a, ij, freedom from pateion, eakmete. 

iiymMut, it, (a priv., rap$oe) fearlma; irxipfi^ 
T^t $ta$ hadng no fear aboul t^e sight. 

dHidpPiyTOfl, or, (a priv., retpfiiw) widamUed. 

imipirMt, 1), Ion. for dr/nair^. 

dmtp'ipds, ^ Ion. &r drpawde, 

dmopnipds, d, iSr, also 69, 6v, Ep. for drtfpSe, Mii- 
e&lsiroiw, bantful» 

dTaffddXlo, 4, (drdoftiXot) blind foOy, premmptu- 
oue ein, arroganee, 

dTaai9dXXM, to aet premmptuowiy. From 

dTdofSXot, or, (drdo;, driw) ooertoMiitng, preemnp" 

dyrovpwrot, or, also fj, or, (a pdvat., raSpoe) w»> 
trcddAi, rHK^jptine. 

iC-'ftt^ot, or, (a priVn O&rrea) unbwried. 

didw, f. ^au, (inj) to Itwrt, harm : Pass., to miffoK^ 
be in dieirete, 

&Tf, ace plnx. neut. from 5orf, used as Adverb, 
like drf ^ just ae,a»if,9oaa, n. only in Prose, 

inatmuch a$, teeing that, Lat. quippe, u^tate, 

X^rrywrot, av, (a prb., W77W) tmuetted, not aqfir 
ened: hardO^irted, rdenHeet, 

d-Tiip/lt, It, (a priv., relpoj) not lobe worn away : 
untirmg, unwearied: also ttubbom, unbending: weari^ 

d'WxuTTot, or, (a priv., rtix^M wiihaut walle and 
towers, wtfort^ied. 

d-T^iq&apfot, or, (a privat., reK/uipo/Mu) not to be 
gueated, obecwre, vague, dark: of men, wnoeriam. 
Adv. -TOW : MMfiaprcM Ix'tr to be ta (As dorl^ 

dfiKvCa, ^, ehildUuneat. From 

^(•Tocvot, or, (a priv., ritcror) chSdleae. 

i^rOkma, 1^, (drcX^t) at Athens, eminption from 
puiUie burdens {riXif), Lat. immmiitas. 

d^riksarot, or, (a pdvatM re Aiai) toilioiU «nd or 
eg^eet: unfinished: — ^nent. pi. dWAtcrra, as Adv., ta 
ootn. n. unimtiated 4n. 

d^r«\flvn]TOs, or, (a priv., TskevT&w) not coming to 
an endy wiaceompiiiihed, 11. endless, vnpraeUeaUe. 

d-T^JUuTOt, or, (a priv., reXwrri) endless. 

d-nX^ 4a, (a priv., riXoa) wiihout end, imaooon- 
pushed. a. ineffeetuci, Lat. <rriiiM. 3. tmper- 

/0ct, tmr^ II. act. nd bringing to an end, not 

aeeomplishing a thing. IIL at Athr*-^ Am«/«vhii 


irififioi — &roixoy. 


puUie hurdent (riXaj), exempL, Lat. immimit, 
unktUiated in a thing, Tiy6t. 

^rfyPnt, only used in pros, to bring to harm, to mal- 
treat, ecnfovnd: — Vtm, to he ber^ cf a thing ; irriyi- 
fiovToi vtdrrjTOt they are deprittd qf, i.e. past, youili. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) [H] 

d^^rtW|t, it, (a copul., relr») strained tight: hence 
tn<0Rf, intente: exeettive, 2, ttraight, direct: ttraight^ 
fortpord, 3. unbending, ttubbom, II. Adv. 

drtySn, at Artvit, ereeedingly. Hence 

d rtvC^w , f . tacif, to look at intently, gate at, 

^ATEP, Prep, with fpin„wiaml,excefi,betidit, 11. 
aioof, apart, away from, 

d-T^|ivot» oy, (a prir., ripaia^ot) wuqftened, tin- 
feding, inexorable. 

d-Tipd(U0V, or, [fl], g^n. oiyot, Att. for dripa/iyof. 

drtpOf, before a vowel &rtpO€v,'^&Ttp. 

d-TcpiiMv, ov, gen. ovot, (a privat., ripfta) unthout 
hounde : having no outlet, inextricable. 

Sffpot, OF, Dor. for trepot, or: 2. irtoot, 

Att. contr. for 6 Ircpot, gen. Odripov, dat. $drip^, 
Baripq. etc. [d], or with mark of croMe, Odripov, etc. 

d-^npirfit, ^t, (a privat., ripma) unplecuing, joyless, 
Bad. II. not enjoying a thing, rtrSs, 

d-Tfpwos, ov, «■ irepwfif. 

d-Tfvx'^ 4s, and 6^rsi6xifro%, aw, (a privM riv- 
Xot) WMormed. 

d-Tffxvos, or, or d-TfxW|S, ^t, (o privat., rixyi) 
wiOwut art, unskilled, rude : of things, inartificial. II. 
fDUhout art or <nmntnj7, simple. 

d-TfXVft^ and d-^r^va»s. Adv. of drcxf'^t and 
drcxvot, u^ofrf art or eMI/, ruddy. II. real7|^, 

absclutdy, utterly, Lat. plon^, prorsus, in which sense 
It is mostly written drcxi^. as, drcxvwt ^^vow lx«u I 
am an utter stranger. 

drloi, only in part, drian^, fooi-hardy, reckless, 

&n\, 4, (d(Sai) distraction, folly, delusion : judicial 
blindness, sent by the gods. 2, ruin, mischief: of 

persons, a bane, pest. 3. 'Artf personified, the god- 
dess cf mischief: the AiroTcome dowly after her, un- 
doing the evil she has worked, v. II. 9. 500. [d] 

d-njRTOs, 6r, (a priv., r^/ew) unmdled. 

^rri\uKk», f. ^<rst, to be careless. From 

d-Tf||AcX'f|S, ^f, (a priv., n/ftcX^t ) eardess, 

dn||uXtpt>s, or, {injiitKioi) unheeded, vneared 
for, 2, baffied, disappointed, II. act. taking 

no heed: Adv. -Xwt, dnnukfirois ^x'**' i'ir6s to take 
no heed cf a thing. 

dTnp6f, ii, 6r, (drrj) d^tded, driven to ruin. II. 
ban^ul, ruinous. Adv. -/mm. [d] 

'A'rMt, (bos, 4, AtUc: cL 'Arri/n^t. 11. as 

8nbst. (sub. 7$), Attica. 2, (sub. yXojrra), (he 
Mie dialect. 

d-^«Tot, or, (a priv., rtcs) unhonoured. II. 

act., not honouring. 
■ d-^M, t laea, (a privat., rl^at, riot) not to honour: 

absol. in part., M(car unheeding: but c.acc, to dighi, 
treat lighOy, 

d'rtOoo^fVTOt, or, (a priv., nBaa^w) untamed, nai 
to be tamed, wUd, 

dTf)t-uYlXt|f, ov, 6, (Artfjb&o), dyikij) despising or 
forsaking the herd, feeding alone, 

d-Tl)ii{w, f. dav, (a priv., rtfi&ot) to esteem Kgkl^, 
dishonour, dight: — Pass, to suffer duihonaw ot d»-> 
suit, Ih^drtfiSet in legal signf., to dq^rive of 

civU rights, 

dvCiiacrrlot, a, or, verb. Adj. of dTt/tA^w, to he 
diuf^jsed, 2, dri/juwrior, one must dishonour, 

dvlfLourr^p, fjpos, 6, (Aripd^ot) a didtonourer, 

dvCiMurrot, or, (drf;ia(w) didnmoured, despised. 

d<T(|ido>, f. ^aca, to insult, dight, didionour. Hence 

M^jjfrot, or, unhonoured, despised, 11. in legal 

signf. not estimated, SUctf drt/ajros a cause in vddch iMie 
penalty is not €tssessed in eouH. 

dvII&Ca, 1}, (dri/iot) didionour, disgrace. a. at 

Athens, the loss of dvU rights, Lat. immimttio eegpitis, 

d-Tt|&ot, or, (a priv., ri/x^ i) unhonoured^ cKs&o- 
noured: c gen., teithout the honour cf. 2. at 

Athens of a citizen deprited of his privileges either 
totally or in part, Lat. eapite imminutus, opp. to l«{- 
ri/iot : cf. dri;i^. II. (ripcff n) toWtoutpriee or 

value. 2. tmreeenged, unpunished. Hence 

dTl|i6Q», t iifrot, to didtonour: — ^Pass. to wffer die- 
honour. 2. in l^ol sense, to pumA with lorn cf 
ctrtZ privileges (drtfda), Lat. aerarium facers. 

drCfaMv, Ep. impf. of drtfidat. 

d-^rt|u«pi)TiC, and d-^rffUdipiiTC, Adv. of sq. 

d-Tt)u^>i)Tos, or, (a priv., rt/iupiojmt) unas/enffed, 
unpunished. 2. unprotected. 

Muuan, Adv. of dri/iot, disgrae^uUy. 

d-^rtiMMTis, cctft, 4, {drtfi^w) a didicnoming. [rf] 

diftdXAco, aor. I Ion. driTi7Aa : (droX^t) : — to reor, 
foster, tend: generally, to e^lerisft. 

d-^TOt, or, also 17, or, (a privat., rtei) unhonoured, 
didtonoured. 2, unaveng^. II. unpajfed. 

d'tCw, (a priv^ rlw) not to honour, not to revenge. \y] 

'ArXd-Ytvfjt, is, (^ArXas, yiros) sprung from Alias, 

'ArXavnt, iSos, ^, daugUer cf Mas. From 

'ArXas, canos, b, (a euphon., rKrpmi) AHlas, one of 
the older gods, who bears up the pillan of heaven : 
also one of the Titans. 3. the pillar cf heaTen, 

3fou»l Mas in West Africa. 

drXtirltf, to be unable to bear, be impatient. From 

d-TXi)TOt, Dor. drXdrot, or, (a priv., tX^mu) no€ 
to be borne, insv^erciilU. U. not to be dared, 

dTfi-f), 4, ^dr/tSs, smoke, heat. 

d-T|&i)TOt, or, (a privat, riftrw) uncut: of a 
country, unravaged, not laid watte. 2. of w^n^a, 


dT|i(t», {. Iffsa, (drfiis) to smoke : of water, to 

dTfilt, (Sot, i}, (dv, drffu) steam. \t] 

dT|&6f, 6, (dot, diffu) smoke, Lat. vt^or. 

d-TOiX^Vf oi^t (<i priv., roTxot) unwalled. 

&roKos — AT*. 


4^roaot. ov» (a prir^ rvtttv aor. a of ritnw) never 
harytghmdadM. JI, withoui kOereei, oi hot- 

mvra xnou/ey* 

^rtiX^iftvt, o¥, (a priv^ roKfu&ct) not to he dared : 
■bo net to he endured, inmifftreiie. 

inelk^la, ^ wani cf daring, eowardiee. From 

d^raX|iot, or, (a priy^ ruX/ia) loaniM^ eomage, 
emartBg. a. tK4 oscrdorM^, rdir^. 

^^rapoi, cr, (a piir., ro/fl}) imeu< ; fmrnoun. H. 

MfaUttofeeiilyMlvttiUe: ir dr^/ifr in a iNomefif </ 

A'TOvot, or, (a priv^ rcdw) not ttretehed, tiadk, 2att- 
fMl, Lftt. rewiMMi. JI. (i^rot) ff0i(Aio«( aeeent. 

tto t e % or, (a pHtm rd^or) wUJund how or orroir. 

itremia, i^, ilraii^peMM, oddneu, cibenrdiiy : uniMual 
watow: wmnlifrfll flowdud. From 

A^mroff, or, (a priv^ r^irot) out of jUaot, oaicfQie 
way, ^breenge, wunrekhue, odd, 2. abmrd, Lai. tn^ 
Isi. 3. tiaiMitttrai, disgusting. Hence 

Mvitt, Adr. oftMtrd^. 

ivot, oif, contr. fer ^brot, inMiliaitf, c gen. 

Irpoicrot, ^, and 1), a ^p^idZe. II. alio an 

emit, cf. ilXcuniri;. (Deriy. uncertain.) 

4^rpa«Ms, Ep. dT^ptriTot, 4, a pa<A. 

i^rp4«6t, Ep. drrapir^ 1}, (a enphon., rpivw) a 
pod tiaC ifeef nol lum, a path, fsag, road, 

iirpfstmA, ^, reeiUy, strict tnith, aeeuraey. II. 

ful »ee,iiprigk tsu9s. From 

'ATPEKH'Z, It, real, trve, exact, U, sirid, 


•^Tpi|ij&, and before a TOwel, d^l|itU, Adv^ (fl 
fdx^ rpifm) wSAmA treabHng. 2, qtUeUg, ealm^. 

i-TptfaoZot, a, o¥, poet, for drpsft/jt, calm, genOe, 
irp^pda fioA a whisper. 
itrpe^Jbe, not to tresaUe or move, to keep bHU ot quieL 

i^rpqv^ ie, (a priTn rp4t*at) not tremUing, un- 

meted, ealm: Aiv, irp^l, quietly, 
ifrp^ia, ^, (dr/x/M^s) a lee^^ stOl : calmnees, 
irrpuf^llm, f. ^^ox, Ait. tSa, (dr/x/i^s) to heq^ quiet : 

eiut ierpefdiuw to he retUees or unquiet, 
i'Tp o r ot , air, (a prir., rpswrSs) unmoved, indif- 

i^ pir re t , or, (a priv., rpht) not ireMSing,featiete, 
^^rpCoKTOt, or, (a priv^ rpUiiei) unoonquered, 
i^ip^aoTOt, or, (a prhr., rplfiw) not aeeuttemed, 
i^rpiplis, It, (a prir., rfifieiy, aor. a of rfifiet) not 
nttati; cf placet, iio< fnuerMd, patkleee: of roads, 
«iaial. a. ofcloihea,«Mliiiii«&vom,fiev, Lat. 

Cvpiev, t6. Dor, for 4jfrfteir, 

i^pivrss, or, (a priy., rplfiet) not worn Aord by 
■ori. a. of com, not tkreeked, 3. drpiwnH 

W#cK, thorna oa ««lMe& one eonnoi frsad or woU^ 

i t p ^ijT oi, or, (a priTn rpOiiiu) fearless, daunt" 
las, . 

d^rpofftos, or, (a priy., ^P^M^) fearless, dauntless, 
Itei, tntrepidus, 

dirpoiKa, 1), obslinaey. From 

d^poiro t , or, (a priy., rpiirw) not turning, tm- 
changeable, ' a. of perKms, inflexible : ^ ''Arpovos, 
name of one of the Moipeu or Farce. 

drpo^lw, f . ^ai, (0 ptn« away. From 

d-Tpc4ot» or, (a priy., rpiipct) taking no food: 
pining away, tUcfan atrophy, 

&-TpvY*TOS» o¥, also 1;, or, (a priy., Tfvy6m) tm- 
fruH^fvi, barren : generally, ttaste, desert, 

A-Tp^^Y^** ^'* (^ priyt fp*^) not gathered. 

d-Tpv|u»v, or, gen. orot,B8q., c gen., drpCr/Mor 
xcuNtfT no( foom otd by ills. [drpD] 

d-TpOrot, or, (a priy., rpbw) not worn down, un^ 
abating ; of a road, wearisome, 

'A-Tpihx&vi), (he Unwearied, (Lengthd. form from 
drpimj, oa 'A^SavrcCrt from ATSi^t.) 

dTTo. Att. for rcvd, &TTa for drtya, y. d^<ra, d<roa. 

"ATTA, a salutation used to elden, /a<W;»cf. 
d«va, d«^ and vdinra. [rd] 

&TT&7&t, a, 6, Lat. attagen, prob. (A« godteit, 

ATTOfral, a cry of pain or ^rr^f * sometimes pro- 
longed, drarraTai, etc. : also used ironicallj. 

drrlXopot, Ion. drrlXipot, 6, a kind of IccuA 
without wings. 

'ArrucCtw, f. last Att XSi, (^ArrucSs) to side with the 
Athenians, Alticise : later, to live like an Athenian, esp. 
to speak AMie, Hence 

'Arruaa|&6t, &, a siding with Athens, attachment to 
her, a. an AUic expression. Atticism. 

'Amic{«0V, ('Arrurot) Dim., a little Athenian. 

'ArrtK^f , ^, 6v, {&imi) Attic, Athenian : 4 'Atti*^ 
(sub. 75),«*ATd/f, AUica, 

'ATTucfivvtic^t, 4* <^''* ft comic alteration of 'Arrur^t, 
after the form of AcutunteSs. 

drrov, Att. for daaov, nearer. 

dhrrw, Att. for f ow, dtffoco, q. y. 

drvtofM^ aor- 1 ?«**• drwx^cft : Pass. : (drdo;). To 
he distraught from fear, amaied,bewildered: drv(6fifyos 
vcfifoio >Zytn(r tfifdiy oyer the plain : also distraught 
with grief : c. ace., to be amazed at a thing. II. 

rarely in Act. drifCef, f. hiea, to strike with terror. 

d-rCpdwcvros, ov, (a priy., rvpavveiw) not ruled 
by tyrants, free from tyrants. 

d-rO^ot, or, (a priy., rinpca) not puffed up. 

dnKixim, f. 4<r«, (dyt^c^) to be uriucky or im/oriu- 
nate,fail, miscarry : c. gen., to fail in getting or ^otn- 
ing a thing. a. drvxcfr vp6s nra tofcdl with an- 
other, i. e. Ml in one's request. Hence 

dfvx^ua, arot, r6, a mitfortune, mishap. 

lucUess, un/oriunoie, uneuceestfuL Ady. -x^- 
drVx^ 4> {irvxhf) HI luck, had fortune. II. 

a miscarriage, nnUhap. 
AT*, Ady. of Place, baek, backwards. Lat. f«- 

tro, II. of Time, oyotn, more. 

112 oLUvm — 

Lat denno, TH./urtho', mortover, he$ide$, Lat. 

porro, 2, en (he ether hand, m turn, Lat. viemkn, 

a'Uiiw, {mpf. djotvoy : f . ai8»& : aor. i pMt. aih- 
iy^nv : {a&v). To dry, a. to wUber or parch up; fihv 
abalytiv io tcoate life auay : fat. med. aitamfuu in 
pass. seiiBe, I thaU wUhm away, 

a^&Xlot, a, 4U% (aSot) dry, parched, mthertd; of 
hair, rou^^ tqwdid; of eyes, Aeepieu, 

A^Munt, ^, =''Ocurc«, Egrptian name for tlie fertile 
islets in the Libyan deserts. 

a^To, iEoI. fat inj, eakmUy, miBchi^; to be pro- 
nounced dfdrd. 

a{rf6f/», t iffct^ (a^ir4) to tee didindiy, dUeem, be- 
hol d : 80 a lso in Med. II. intr. to abme, 

ATTH',]^, a hrighiliglU, esp. of the son, and so in 
plnr. the ray«, beams of the son : vv airy^ ^OSoio 
under Uie lif^ of the tun, i.e. still alive; aifyA$ 
Xtiiffattv to behold the light, L e. to be alive ; Khif^wf 
vfids airjfdM to rise snxging towards heaven. 2. 

any Uybl, esp. of the eyes, imiirwif cJrfd'. tAyoi 
alone, like Lat. Iwnina, the eyes. 3. a»y ifkam on 
the snrlisce of bright objects, sheen. 

a { fB6 i o p A i , t ^o/uu : aor. i rfiia^dfajr : Bep. : 
(al^\ To cry owl, speak, 

amuts, f. ^01, Att. d(r« : 3 sing. Ion. aor. i a£d^ 
ccuTMt : — also a^8do(uu, as Dep. To talk, speak : c. 
ace. rei, io speak, say a thing : of oracles, io utter, 
proclaim, 2. io speak, to address, 3. c. inf., (0 
tdl, hid, order to do. 4. io eaU by name, aiiS&fuu 

voit *AxihXicos I am eaUed AdiiUes' son. 5. like 
X4ysiv, Lat. dieere, to mean. From 

AT'AH', 4, a voice, tone : metaph^^iny other sovnd, 
e. g. the tteang of the bowstring. a. a repc^ aC' 

count. Hence 

tt&S^stt, co'cra, cy, q^edking uHh human voice, 

a^-€pv», f. baa), (Le. ci i^iw) to draw back: to 
draw the bow : in a sacrifice, to draw the victim's 
head back, so as to cnt its throat. 

aiAiZsui, poet aiAM^, ^, self-wiU, wilfulness, 
stvbboniness, arrogance. From 

ode-dSi)t, ct, [d] (a^<St, ijio/juu) self-wiOed, wilful, 
stubborn, presumptuous : also unfeding. Adv. -^s. 

aM-a6(a, i(, poet for aM3euL 

a£i6a8(to|uu, f. iao/Mu : {abO-dJS^) i Pep. To 2>e 
sdf-wUled or afu&6om. 

avta8uc6t, 1}, 6v, (aMhis) ss^-wUkd, headstrong, 

a^Odlka|Aa, oros, t6, {aMJStis) adf-wt&, wi^ul- 

a^i#d86HrTO|i,ot, or, (oitfdftTt, crliui} wQful or 
j>rouJ of apeecft. 

ai9-oX|iwv, or, gen. ovos, (a^^ oTfia) of ^ same 
blood .* as Snbst, a brother or «Mtor, near kinsssan. 

adO-a(ptTOt, or, (a^^ oip^w) se^f-dtosen, sdf- 
eleeted, II. Cdbm upon onese^, stdf-incuned : 

voluniary, optioned. Adv. -reas. 

a<Awrita, t ^jaw, to have power over. From 

a09-^vn|«, ov, ^, oontr. for abrohrrfs, {air 6s, Irrca) 

<M ocCnoi vmrdenrt tap. of marden <2one by Ikosv «f 
thesamefasmliy^ vho a self -murderer, swieide. x 

an cAsdlute master or ruler. 11. as A4j^ sUh^ 

Ttjs f6ros death fty «Mnfer. 

aw^iyuspot, ov, {oMs, ^pipa) muds or hap ^ teniv g 
on the very day : Adv. aif^tiiupdr, lea. cAr^fiip6r, an 
the very day, 

ai9i. Adv. shortd. for oM^ of Place, on As spo^ 
here, there : of Time, forthwith, ttmightsniy. 

o ^ ys y^ i. Ion. AinY', 4s, (oSft, ^7^) ftons «■ 
the spot, bom m the country, native, Lat indigimm: 
ciiiyen, riving in the country i a b fi i yti ^ s ibvtp sprivg 
water. 2. ^^antime, a^noerf. 

aiMit, Ion. oj^v. Adv., a l^^tfad. fonn of e£, J. 
al Flood, hack, back again. PL of Tfane. agaiv , 

afresh, anew : also hereafter, IIL moremfor, i#- 

sidet, ia ttara, on <Ae otia" AomL 

g^ ^ttiliot, (o^r^ tpamos) aMn, ^ the ssff-vssma 

a^taxot, or, (a copul., laxH) shouting tagdier or tn 
common, of the Trojans marrihiag to battle. 

a^Xol, Hkos, 4f =" ^^» a /umw : also Zha£, for 
which Homer used £a^. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

alSXciot, a, ov, sometimes i^so ot, ay, (a&?Ji) ef or 
belonging to the o^A^ or court, Iw' aibXeiyat ^pgai at 
the door tf (fce ttmvi, i.e. at the outer door, iouss- 

a^lo), f. iiaoi, {ai\6t) io pUry on thejiuie .'--—Fvm^ 
of tunes* to be played on fhefiuie: vAkurai nor laJkksar- 
Bpo¥ the whole house is fiSied wiih wueie : — Med., U> 
gel oneself played io, hear tmaie. 

ofiX'^ ij, {*iot, drjfu) in Homer the open couH be- 
fore the house, couH-yard, surrounded with ontbmld- 
mgs, with the altar of Zcvt 'Bfitesios in the middle ; 
it had two doors, one the house-door, (cL cfiXstosX 
and one Inading tiirongh the mi^ov^a hito the npi- 
bo/ios. II. after Hom., the auX'ff was the eemt 

or quadremf^ ronnd which the house was tKoli, hav- 
ing a corridor (wf/iurTiAior) all round, from wIlh^ 
were doors leading into the men's i^mrtmants; op- 
posite the house door (cf. afiXsiot) was the 0«^«av- 
Xot or /UravXas, leading into the women's part of 
the hoiMe. III. generslly, any cau^ or 

haa. TV, any dwdling, abode, chamber, 

a£kiifua, oros, r6, (cAhUi) a piece qf nnwie/or Ae 

a^i|a«Ovfs Dor. for a{f?4aavff^ 3 pi. ftiL of eAhhs. 

adklpriip, f^ot, i. Bad mihafirSiu ot\ ^ {a&hUi) a 
fMe-fiaiyer. Bmce 

aA\i|nic6t, 4, 6v,qfae belonging to a fiute^^layer ; 
^ abyijriK^ (sub, rixyi), ^ <"*• 

a^tfrpCt, Ibos, ii, (avXtfnf^) afeawiefkaS'pLayvr. 

si«Xa4i, ^i5ot, 4, (a^) proteeting esme/olds, namo 
of a Nymph. 

a{X£{o|i«i : lut med. a&klao^m, aor. i ijbXioiinfSFz 
not. I pasa. rfixMifvi Dep.: (abh^). To Us its 
the a&Mi or court-yard, to lie out at night: general^. 

afi^tov — imrpJip. 


iBkkewpm^9tiode,lodge,lim: mi « xniUteiy tenn, 
•Aiov, r6, (o&kf) may cmnhry homm, a ecMage: a 

/Mb* XI. 4 CMMMffV COM* 

•Aiot, o, or, (o^) of or &eioii^tfi(^ (o ctttU^fidM, 

ptfldog the night in, aiXtP BiaOai to pitch ome*s ieaL 
cilUaaot. d. Dim. of o6X^t, a mmB ms^ a j^pt. 
•iWrpCt, iBot, i), (a^X/(o^Mu) •ftmitde inmate m a 

•iXn 8rr^ (o^A^ t^^m) ^ fadbs^Iutot or j^po. 

«Mc» A,(*<i£v, to ilocv) Any fomd-«M<nMMn<, a/«ie, 
■•<» of reed, irood, bona, ifoiy, CH' metal; a^Xo2 di^ 
^IM «^ 'fwoao^prob. like Lat. iibM <isiim d «Mi- 
*%i«.iMi«Milr«U0; oftX^ 'BmoXXov the p^ of 
Iftti, Le. a trampet. 2» amp UAe^p^ or groow: 
tke Mcke of the ebip into which the boH k flhot. 

eflUr, firot, ^ poSL afao 4, (oAX^) a AaOov w^, 
^1|^ mcme: a eanal, ajuedmet: a chamm/d, dnM: 
9iKin» wArruH the eea-tfCrottt, 1 e. the Arehipdego. 

•a^mt, <8ot, 1^ (a6X^ <SS^) tnC/k <t iiAc {aiK6t) 
tohoUthephum {XSiot), epidi. of a helraet 

ATBAVa or AT^ poet dl^M : £ oi^^ : 
•V. I ^Siiia<a : pt ^C^iyin : Lat. AUQEO, to mdb; 
9ro«,tiiemiae: to primoU to honour tOaUteiBUL II. 
Fml, with fni. ined. o^^^oyoo^iat, paii.a^ifAl^tfo^iai: 
tor. I ly f f^ ft jp : pi rfi£tf/MU : to ^noff, meds, iacraaae : 
rfa cUld. to ^roii i^: of the wind, to rim; lyi^tai^ 
^ dco&ifr J grew tatter as I heard. IIL in- 

teML In AeL, to ^rm, toax. Heoce 

■tfjlrfu, Mr. I pafli. part, of oi^^bw. 

•C|i|vit, «M» iJL (o^) growth, kwrtoM. 

afi tt io t , or, (c^ctf) promoting growth, 

a tf ow O^i PDif, 'nS, (a£|^^M«, ^<Ai^) IAsmv aiooik 

•ifA^ OM, i|, (oifbw) A0 ^mUo* t/^nwO. called 
to wftiuM in an Athenfan citizen's oath. 

atpi^ T. anb t iv ^t u tw, 

aM|, 4 («iot) drjfiMt, loitAsrta^. 

aJet, f, or, (aSof) dry, dried, of frnit : oSor difrs&r 
ti ri^S dry flM4 Aor^ of raataL a. vMsivd, 
3. dramed dry, exhanuted. 

i^mof, or, (a priv., forot) ilaeplen, walRQfid; 
a deep A0< IS «o slftj>. 
Ion. a<fpii|, 1^, (*dta;, &if/u) air in moU&n, m 
^ Aefmh air of mondng, Lat omto. 

•CpMT, Adr., to-MorrcMp; strictly neat from aC^ios : 

^ it ^ MT s» Us ^l on wi , nert fmorming ot titt marniitg : 

4^^ (sob. iiiUfo), the morrow; also, 4 ^ oApuof 

Ms; i aifut^ xp^ine, 

mpMt, ar. As aMrrow, Xp&ve o^^uis si} otjpioy. 

Cfc^ oMn - tHS. akin to Amwa. 
J ialofiifiw to 

tt&not. Dor. for Tifd<rtm. 

avorroXlot, poet ^MrraX^ot, a, or, (oSet) 
humt, ahriceOedt parehed, Lat Bieeus. 

tt ui ii y^t , ^ ^'t (*^« tdhf, d(v) meiUmg fhe ttmgme 
dry a$td rough; .rough,hiUer, 2. met^>h. Hke Lat» 
a wirfgrsi , stem, harth, ttncL Hence 

aJMmip^nit, i/rot, ^, rougknets, rough fimvowr. a. 
metaph. aawMSH^ jtontneti, aiorosflims. 

a,{y^yy tko% or, (oMs, dyYii^Xv) sonytn^ one's 
OMft memage ; bringing new§ of what <me ha$ teen, 

a{rr^yper9%, oy, (abrdt, dypiw) te^-ehoeen, kft to 

a6T^d8sX4ot, or, (oMs, dlsA^) tvtoCed as AroOer 
or titter : one*$ own brother cr titter. 

a^-iiWi|aot, a, (txMt, iym/ftSe) an emm eouttn^ 

airrdp, Conjunct., Ep. for Mip, hut, yd, howeoer^ 
tUU, betidet, moreoeer, Uke Mip it always begins a 

avrdpicsia, 1}, (oMifmtft) nfieieney in ometelf, indO' 

a,{rr-4kpttfii, ft, (oMs, dpidw) tn^fieiimt in <mttdf^ 
oontontod. II. independaii of otiiers ; w^t oin- 

dptcift a countiy ^uU mtppliet Utelf, thai watdt no im- 
porit ; c. inf., aMLpOft dMryw^sir /h% oUs to 

am, Adr., 1. of Time, ogoM, oner ogam, H, 
to marfc Sequence, a(^Q<a,/«rihennor«, like Lat. oai- 
iem, a. howeeer, on the oemhrary, 

a^-^ic)iAY|ia, aros, r6, (wMe, iK/t6affofwu) an 
exatt impreteioH, ttMeportrad, 

a^-sfovoiof, ov, (a^rSt, i^owria) in atiie mtm 
power: rb edn^oliatoif free potter* 

a&T-€ir 4 YY*X,Tea, «r, (oMs, hmrfyiKkoitu) offer- 
ing of oneedf, cf oneet^,freeiy, Lat spoato. 

a^T-«wi^>v€|M>t, or, (o^t, ivinv/tot) of Ste eame 

a6r-sf»{n|t, ov, 6, (oMe, ipinjt) rotter and toUtter 

dvT^M, only used in pres. and impl, to cry,ehomt: 
alsoin Act,tooaK. [D] From 

dvH|, 1), (aJMtf) a thout, eaU, esp. a h(Me-4hoei, 
war-cry, henoe also the heide iMf, [if] 

o^t^Koot, or, {ahrU, dttobw) one whe hat hkmeelf 
heard, an ear-wUnete. 

awT4||Mif, Ady., '^ahOtffUpor, on As t^-eame day, 

a^Ti-Ytr^, it. Ion. for aiSiyewiiu 

oMicd [i]. Adv., {odMt)for(kwith, thrais/htway, sm- 
mediatdy, oMita tcmt fterivura now and hereafter: 
pretendy, dirediy, Lat mor. IL for aacmple, 

jttd io gice an e a m np t e, «Mm ydp AfX^*- ^^ ^' ^ 
Zdft; for exaapie, by what means does Zens nde the 

a^Ttf, Ion. and Dor. for oS^it. 

dwT)&4 (*^ «^ <o ^M ^raoA: ffte Halt of a 
bellows. II, a toent, odour. 

] dvf|n|v, fUpoe, 6, sdvr^. 



o^TO-PocC, Adv., (o^r^t, jSof) hy a nen ikoui : tab* 
rofiotl iXtip to taJce wUhout rttutanee, 

o<rTO-7<vvi|TOt,oy, (aOT6t,y€vy6u) : — Koiftfi/utra foj' 
rp&9 a^. a mother's intercoarse ¥rith.lier own cbild. 

o^iTOYVtt|&ov4«, f. i^crw, to aiA €f one** oim tvtS or 
judgment. From 

o^TO-Yvii^I'Mfv, ov, gen. orot, (o^r^t, Ti^fp;) oeCin^ 
qf one*B cwn trtU or judgmmL Ady. -/t^nvt. 

a^6-Yve»TOs, ok, (o^^, ^yifiiOKu) ie^f-rmihed, 

o,inh'y^&o% ox, {tdnot, 7W«) :— rfporpor cdrr&fvow a 
plough tn iffAieA lAtf t^s u afonepieee with (he iKvfia 
and T(trroiSoc{»t. 

a^TO-Sd*^, ^t, (a^t, doQwu) unpremedUaieds 

o^ko-SAiKTOt, OK, (a^4$s, So^oi) telf-ikdn or iiMtto- 
oK^ tlotn. 

a^r-o8dt, Adv., (oMt, d&S£) Vfiih deneked Mh: 
hence stvbbom. 

aini'hmca, (airrS; ^m) jutl ten. 

a^r6-8iiXot, oy, (o^rtSt, 8$Xot) adf-evident. 

a^TO-8(oaiprof, ov, (a^6t, dMauu) §df-Umght. 

oiiT^-^lKOt, o¥, (a^^t, Uicri) voiih one'e own Umo- 
€Owrts, eonduding one*s own iuiU at home, 

oM^ttoiv, Adv., (a^^ff) straighiwajf. 

a^iTo4XiiCTOS, OF, {airr69, IXioffoi) euHing naturdBy. 

a^nro4vn)s, ov, 6, t. ccMiynjt, a mwrderer, 

«^io- « f i > , ^s, (oir^ff, Irot) tn or </ <^ MtM j^eor. 
Ady. avrocrct, in (A« fame year^ within the year. 

oirro-OtXcC, Adv. of sq., whmianly. 

o^TO-^fX'fjf, ^ff, (a^3t, BiXu) {^ one*B own wtU, 

o^t60cv, Adv. (o^rov) of Place, /rom ths very tpol 
where one is, from hence, from thence, Lat. iUine, II. 
of Time, on ihe epol, ai once. 

o^t69C, Adv., for airovt on the very epoL 

airro^HtriyYijfrm, 6, and -ni, 4« (a^^t, icaalyrrf' 
rot) on own brother or eitter. 

avro-K(vrdjcplTOt, ov, (airrdt, itarajeplvw) tS^f-eon" 

o{rro-K(Xff\NrTOS, ov, (abrSt, KtXeiot) ei^-hidden, of 
<me*s own accord. 

a^TO-KcX-^s, ^ff, (oMt, leikoimt) ^fang. 

a^T6-icXi|T0t, ov, (abrit, itakiw) ee^-eaUed, L e. im- 
coiled, tmibidden. 

ovT^-KOfAOf, ov, (aifrSt, leiniai) with noteroZ hair, 
shaggy. II. hair and aU, 

o^ro-Kp&Tiis, ^ff, (o^r^t, Kp&roe) ruUn^ by oneaelf, 
having futt power, aheohUe : rbairoieparhfreewHL 

a^TO-icpdTwp, opot, 6, i), {pJbr&t, Kpariv) one's own 
matter. I. of penons or statei, free and tndie- 
peadeni, Lat. sui juris. 2. of ambaaMdoTB, etc., 

possessing fuU powers. 3. of rulers, o&soItUe : per' 


a^r6-KTYT0t, ov, (oMs, irr/fv) st^f -produced, made 
hy nature. 

o^TOKTOvitf, to slay themselves or one anoOier. From 

o^fr^-KTOvof, ev, (abros, ktsIvw) se{f-slaim. II. 

ecbTO»r6vos, act. daging one another ; tfiburot attrih' 
Kr6vos mufuol death 6y eath other's hand, 

alroAdHps^nfiprfi, ov, 6, (oMt, KufispvAu) am who 
steers himse{f, 

abri-wwrnt, ov, (ecbrSs, tdnnj) together with Use 
handle, hOt and aU; 0ikri airr6ieem wessons with a 
handle, i, e. twoids. 

o^rd-fuipT^ Ifot, 6, 4, {fArU, p&fmn) onmlf the 
w rfwfl i t , I. e. on eyewitness. 

oArroyAtHw, f. iaw, to atct of amis own wGi, U> oA 
of onudf, and so to od unadHsed^. From 

a^i^-fAdTOt, 17, w, also Att. ot, ov, (abrSs, /U/mMOf 
pf. ot^p&at) aiding cf one's own wiU, of onese^, umbid' 
den; esp. ss^-moving, rd a^rS/Juara stif -moving imo- 
ddnes, automatons. 2, of plants, growing of th ssm 

sdves, spontaneous, 3. of eyents, htq^enmg of 
themsdves : without cause, aeddsntal ; dwd rolv o^ro- 
p&rav, naturaJly or by chance. Adv. -rait. 

a^Toj&oXJtt, f. 4iaoi, (o^^fioXot) to deseii, Henoe 

o^TO|a^T|ai«, <CM, 1), and a^rofioXCa, 4» <fessr<iofi. 

aiT6-|io\ofl, ov, (abrSs, /wXstv aor. a of fiiJuamcs) 
going of cmesdfi as Subst, a <Z0iMii«r. 

a^rovo)Uo|iai, Bep., (oMro/iot) to ItM &y 0M*« 
otrn laws, be independent, 

abrovoyia, 4, independence. From 

oiT6-vo|&of, or, {airrSs, v6pos) living by one's csbs^ 
laws: independenL 

a,bvo-v^i, Ady., (ecbrSs, vit^) that very night, 

a^T6-(i}Xot, ov, (abrSs, (hXov) cf mere wood, 

o^T^-^rait, muios, 6, ij, {airr^s, mut) an own ekHdt 
son or daughter, 

oOiro-ir4|u»v, ov, gen. OFot , (abT6s, ir^fia) for om^g 
own woes. 

a^ro-«oi6t, 6iv, {aJbr6s, voc^w) s^'produeed, 

a^r^-iroXit, ton, 6, {air6s, w6Xa9) s^'-admimstered^ 
indq^endeni. Hence 

a^iToiroX(Ti|f, ov, 6, a oitisen of a free state, [t] 

abnhTtbniros, ov, {airrds, iroviw) s^-wrougU, ns* 

o^6-«p«)ivot, ov, {aitT6s, wpifxvov) together wiUk 
the root, root and cM, eirr^wptixvos 6x\wr$at to perish 

abrO'Vp6awiro% ov, (abT6s, irpSosnrov) in onet'v 
own person, 

abr ^ imf i , ov, 6, (abr^s, St//o/»ai, fut. of 6p&ul) 
ing oneedf, on eyewitness, 

o^ro-fr^Xiis, ov, 6, {abrSs, 90i\iw) selling one's 

aih^p-pitos, poet. oMpiJof, or, (oMt, fii{oC) 

abr6p-p^bro9, poet. abr6pvTO% ov, (aMs, film) 

ATTO% oM|, abrrh, reflexiye Pron^ m^: hi 
the oblique cases oft. for the person. Proo., him, hor^ 
it: with artic. 6 ct^rdt, 1) a^, t6 €drr6,etc,, the sane. 
I. se{f, myself, Ihyse^, i. onsse^, Le. the part 

aSjT6<r€ — atiT&xBttv. 


pRiperij called a^f* as the «nJ, opp. to the hody; or 
AMK^^.ai<rfA«rt,e.g.the khigto hia inbjects: 
beaee it n used emphaticaUy for a nuuter, as ki the 
IS-tiug. phrase A^dt jf^ Lat. Ipse dixU, 2. of 

mmdf, cf cm^B own accord. 3. by onn^f^ alone, « 
/i^ ; avToi ia/tMr we are hy ourtdvet. 4. in 

dat vith a Subrt., toffdker with, Ay6powyty aXnj cxiv 
i^myp he qpimng up lyre in hand : but nsu. with- 
<nt (n^, XwwovM eAroiaiy 5xc<r0<v hoives, chariot and 
dl: thii use is freq. in Att^^ d^oTtri avfiiM&x.oioi. el- 
Bet oad off. 5. added to ordinal nmnben, e. g. 

W/nrot a^<5«, fttmse^/' the fifth, i. e. himself with 
far others, whon oMt is the chief person. 6. 

•In joined with the personal Pron., k^ aOrSs, oi 
sM%etc., alwajv diviaim in Homer : sometimes the 
pcnoB. Proo. Is omitted, as, airrbv Mrjffov, for ifil 
ttSni^: again aCrSt is joined with the reflexive ktu- 
7M, oirov. etc, to give greater force, as o^rdt m^ 
timm, Compar. cSrSrepot, and Snperl. airrSraToe, 
Lat ^MftMlfiius, hia very ee^. 

n. He, sfte, ^ fat the shnple Pron. of third person, 
odg fs cW^Mtf eosM, and nerer at the beginning of a 
ttntenoe. On the difference between the obliqne 
csaes airrov, a&rf, oinhv, and the reflex. Pron. o^rov, 
o^, o6r^, T. sub lovrov. 

in. with Article, b cArde, ^ aMf, rb oW, Att. 
eontr. bir^ AMj, rairri and rairrbv : gen. raXnw, 
cte.. Ion. &hr^, roi(rr6, (As eame, Lat. itfem. It freq. 
takes a dat, like o/ioiot, etc., 6 airrdt rf XlO^ the 
lame at the stone ; r6 airrb vp&ffottv or vdffxetv rtvi 
to fen (he tame as one. Hence in phrases MardL rab- 
^ M rairr6^ at, aUmt the eame time, Lat. tvib idem 
leafm: eU ratrSt h rairrf, Ik tow airov, to, ki,from 

IV. in Compos. z. of He^, L e. naturai, no- 

the, m in a&rSKrtToe* a. of mere ..,qf nothing 

ist. ., as in a^/i£vAot. 3. of onesdf, as in aJbro- 

S^Bbstm. 4. the very, ike ideal, as in abro&foBov, 

drrobi9fome, etc. 5. /tut, exaeOy, as in a^ro< 

fcsn. 6. rarely, with reflex, signf. of o^oD and 
^AA^AfSty, as oBbShmie, abroKroviot. 7. togeiher 

■ott, as in a^^wrot yomig and aU, 8. aione, by 
•Vietf, as in abrScinptoe. 

aWbn, Adv., {aifrov) to (he veryfUace, Lat Ulue, 

«^TO-a(Si|pof, or, (ainrof , offt/pot) of s&esr iron. 

«Wo^<rlfT©s, or, (cArbe, oc(ro/ioi) idf-moved. 

aW^T&Mo, 1), (oMs, taraitai) a dandrnp Jfght, 

aCi^iuXos, or, (oMs, ot^AXo/ku) adf-eeni, going 

•W-oTBvoi, or, (a^r^ crhm) aighing for or 

a^ro-v^yiiS' ^t, (a^^ ff^drrw) s{am by cneadf 

•*»»-«X*W;» AdT.aBO^o<rx€Wr. 

vinvxA^&ti^ f. ^low, (o^o<rx/&ot) (0 od or 
^fAcf-hand: beoee in bad sense, to ael or qteak 

vnadvieedty : to Judge tuperfieioMy, a. in good 

sense, to deviee a plan off-hcmd. Hence 

o{rrooxc8(a<r|ia, orot, r6, work done off-hand, an 
imprompiu: and 

o^ooxs^ioaT^t, 00, b, one who aett or tpeaks off- 
hand: a novice, Lat tiro, 

avTO-ox^SiOf, a, or, also ot, or, (abrbt, ox^^ot) 
hand to hand: as fern. Snbst. a^roox<^*7« ^* ^ ^^^^'M 
fight, fray: and in ace. ci&rooxc8fi;r, as Adv., doee at 
hand, U. off-hand, on Vie tpur cf ike momienlt, 

a,bfrO'V%jSbbN, Adv., {pinbe, axMv) near at hand, 
hand to hand, Lat. eominue, 

a^rro-rlXsoTOS, or, (abrbt, re\4ca) adf-aeeomplithed, 

abro-reM^ i$, {air be, riXoe) eonypHele in itedf : 
iuffickfd : — Adv. a^rorsXAs, abecMdy, orbitrofi- 
ly. II. taxing oneee^, 

abrfhrbttot, or, (abrbe, rbteoe) yowig and aO, 

a^rro-Tp&Tucof, ov, {ainbe, rpayuebt) arrant tragic. 

abro-^poirf^cn%, aor. I part as if fix>m airrorpO' 
9&of, (airbe, rpiw,) to tarn draighbaay. 

o^ToO, Adv., properly gen. neut. from aJbrbe, at tJte 
verypiace, there, here, on the tpot, Lat. iUico. 

a^roO, Att contr. for h.vTov, 

a^TOvp^Co, 4, a working with one*$ own hand, ad- 
rovpyla ^vou self-inflicted mnrder. From 

a^r-ovpY6f , bv, (abrbe, tpyow) adf-working. a. 

as Snbst., one who tiUt hie own land, a huAandman, 
farmer, II. pass, te^-wroughl, extemporary. 

abrb^ abrb^y, Ep. gen. and dat sing, and plnr. 
of airrbt: Ir airbipt or rrap abrbifK on the very 
epci; dit a^bifn £h>m the very spot. 

ainb-^oiois, ov, (abrbt, ipXotbe) barb and oM. 

a^TO-^6vos, ov, (airrbt, *^yo») se^f-murcferin^, fnar- 
dering one*t own kin. 

abro-^bmfg, ov, b, {airrbt, *<piva)) a murderer. 

abrb-^pvatf or, {airbt, ^prot) bearing one't own 

avTO-^^f, 4t, {airrbt, ^6w) telf-growing, adf-exHA- 
ent. a. of h(me growth or production. 3. na- 

tural, opp. to artificial: a(rro<pvttt Kb*poi hills in their 
natural ttatc, not qnarried or mined. Hence 

a^iT0<^v&t, Ady. noluraZ7|f. 

a^T^H^tfrot, ov, {airrbt, ^iw) tetf-caueed, 

o^^-^cftpof , ov, {abrbe, ^p) caught in (he act of 
theft, caught in the ad: kv abrwpbtp^ Xafi$bveiv to 
catch tn the act; Iw* abrwpbfp^ AkSivm to be caught 
m the very act, 

o^6-x^» po*t b, 4i {airrbt, x^^P) Vforkkig with one'a 
own hemd: c. gen., the very maJber or worker of a 
thing. n. absol., cnt wiko kSSU hmieif, at anecf 

hit kin: a murderer, homicide, 3. as Ac^.* murder- 
out. Hence 

abrroxm^. Adv., with one*t own hand, 

o^rroxsipCa, ^t (<^^X<'p) ^ doing with one'a cmn 
handt : liat. aJbroxt^pt^ vitA one's own hand. 

o^iT^X^ovotf ov, {abrbt, x^^) country and dQ. 

abrb-^fituv, ov, gen. orot, {airrbt, yfibni) of the Imd 



Uad/t Lat. terrigena : d aLr6x^W99y like Lat Mori- 
gine$^ IndigentB, qf Hhe origuud race, not iettien, 

aW-X^XiMTOf, 09f, (oMf , x<>^^) a>H^ <>< onmlf. 

a^TO-x6«9VOf, ov, leng^hd. for alroxiayot^ (a^^ 
XOfiin;) nulei^ mm(, akapde$8, of a quoit 

a^6-xp^HA, Adv., (o^^t, xAl"'') m^i^ reafly : 
at <mc&, plMiff, 

o&raM » Adr. from o^^ with MsA. accent, even bo, 
jud «o, 00 tl M, yvfo^ i6yra, cdmuf being unanned, 
jwt M I am, 2, just 80, no better; freq. joined 

-with other wordi implying oontempt, v^on a&rtn a 
mere child. II. jiut a» b^ore, as it wom, Xf uvdv It' 
dmt «tiU white at tdhM m«o. 

ai^«v(ta>, £ low Att 2£, (a^XT^y) io nd the ihroai 

a^^vtof, a, ov, {aibxft^) hdonging to Hie neck, cdfxi- 
yiot riroyru the einewa (^ the viek. 

ai%i»t » trnvx^^foi, to hotal, pride ona^: c. bd,, 
to boadihat : generally, to proteet, dedan, Fxom 

ATXH', i), boatUng, pride. 

oCxTyw, arot, r^ (avx^) a tiUn^ boaeted <f, the 
pride, boaat. II. a boatt : also «= ai^xi* boading, 

AT'XU'N, ^t, 6, eAe node, <&roa^: metaph., a nar- 
row paatage, a n$ek <f land, iithmrn; alao a narrow MO, 
«^ai(: l/^tMNTotoMof ariyer: ade^. 

oOx^loiA, cwt, ^ (aifx^) boattitig, emltatiom, 

aifXulJiiM, t iT^ai, (airxpt^t) tobe aquaUd, Lat. aqwdere. 

ayi%jfji\/tim, €ff<ra, w^^tq, 

«^)M||»69, d, ^% (aiixtsdea) drp, dmi/g, tquaUd, Lat. 
aqualidue. 2, impoveriehed, needy, 

avxH^ d, {Sw, oMtt, oiSot) drou^M : <iaatA. 

o^yb-^8i|t, ct, (a^xi*^* c(^) loobing dry and diatg : 
t6 eAxuSidtM draught. 

AT%, Att avQ>, to dry, wither: ako to tinge, tet 
on fire. 

AT^Q., f. iioto: aor. Ijvtra: — to ehout out, ahovt, eaU 
aloud : alao of things, to eoimd, echo : c. ace. peiBn to 

oCwt, i), iEol. &r dUit ^, morning, 

iui^yyitta, £ iow, <o P^V* — ^Hed. (o dAwte ana- 
9^ with parrying cfferinge. 

&^-aipctt : f. ^<^ai, med. ^<rofuu : aor. 2 d^ciXov, 
med. d^tA^^np, later«oE. i med.d^«»Ai/ii7ir : aor. i 
paoB. d^p^dfp^ : pf. pafli. A/pigprjiiat : (^im^, alpi«). To 
iaHcefrom, take away from another; c. dopl. ace., d^- 
/M«^ Ttyd ntorob qft^ thing : iu^pA^roflato^takefrom 
a thing, hence to diminieh : toletcff, pardon. H. 
Med. more freq. than Act., to tciee atoay for anee^, 
hear off: A^peMai rwA n to bereaoe, deprioe, rob of 
m thing, always witSi the notion of tailing for one- 
tdf. 2. followed by >a} and in£, topriMani, hinder 
from doing. III. Pass, to be rotbed or deprwed 

of a thing. 

^E^aioTOfl, Dor. ior *!H^airrot. 

d^-dXXa|(bss f.d^aXov/icu : tuat.idf^ufk&fujp: Dep.: 
(dv<$, iXJiofMu). To epring <^ or dam from: to 

4-4tt^ot• OF, wititonA the ^6ho9 or oielaJ heae in 
which the plmne was fixed. 

d^-ofMifT&iiw, £ a/tofrifaofwu : aor. a d^^V'a^v^or, 
Ep. AJpAftapTOf^, £p. also by metath. ^hni/</3^oror : 
{&ir6, ifMOLprhw). To mim one*8 aim,faU m gaining, 

d^dfAopTt, £p. 3 aor. a of fiireg. 

d^ofiOf T O s ir<|g , ^t, (d0a/i(i^T^di«r, Iwim) iniis tw g tie 
poini, (oUpifi^ «( random. 

d^-avlUMras, £ a^aw. Ion. aor. a in£ dwSWttr: 
(d«^, ay8(br»). To dMpf€ase, faU to pieate, 

d-^dvcia, 4> darkneee, obeemrity. IL 

onoe, itfter dettruetion. From 

d-^Wjs, 4t, (a priT., ^o»^9K(u aor. a pass, of ^o^w) 
tiiMt0n,«iie<tt&Ie; iMcruiaUe. a. va ni ehtd : kiddmi, 
eeoret; henoe uafaioisii : r6 iipawke wwertaiHiy, 3. 
iupaafife tAaia ueraonai i^aperty, which eon be nmwiftj 
opp. to ^oTf /m, real, as land. Hence 

d-^«;v(tw, £ (ow Att. &, to m^ee uneeen, hide, SMp- 
pr0t« : to make away with, a. to rate to tbe gimiBd* 
«raw writing : to dbUterate ibotateps, ete. ^to m- 
Crete, eteal, emheeule. 4. to darken, obecure, temtieh : 
to ^aee. XL Pass, to diaappmxr and be heard of «• 
more, vaniik: eq>. of peisons lost at sea. J. to ko^ 
out qfpMic, live retired. Hence 

d-^vlavff, COM, 1), a making amay lottA. H. a 


d-^c^MOfft^, J,«foreg. 

d-^cMrrot, or, (a priv., ipaivofmt) iintiaiUe,forgoltaa: 
obeatre, eeoret. a. unloolsed/or. 

d^-dwTM, f at ^ : p£ pass. ^t^M/'(>' • (d«^*^vyw). 
7o fatlmfrom or tifxm, 40. ififuera to tie knota on a 
string.' — ^Pasi. to be hmtg on, hang on, whence dmapt- 
lihnn Ion. pass. p£ part for d/^n^poe. 

d^dp, Ady., I. elraightway,forthwi&: ai once, 

qakMy, H. therenpan, then, after that, HI. 

eontinnoudy, without intermieeion, 

d^-ap«rAttt : £ 6^ Att daw or lather Affo/mt >— 
to tear off or from: to anat/^.away: <o maUh etager^ 

d^dp^vpof, a, or, Gompar. Adj. of S4ap% hadier, 

k'^imia, ^, (d^orot) tpseaMesmeta. 

A^&/9mo, £ A^Affw '. aor. I f^otfa : (fatrw^ ^^i^^) 
to kite AoM cf, handle^ fed, touoft. 

d-4&T0t, or, (a priv., iparie) not ftanad, namdoH : 
<Aat iftoMld not be named or uftervd, ^[f^oro xphp""^ 
tintoIdsiims;^[0ari>r4&t..theito'siM>0at^lfe0w. s. 
unuttoFoNe; Aii(;e, inoniCroui. 

d^voivM, fiit T^nm.miavOlf0opaL^^i4faim, 

d^vp6f, <&, ^r, wedk,fed>te. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

d^-aiMi, {dwi, -aiw) to dry t^ parch, Lat torrow .- 
— ^PftBS. to become parched, to pine away. 

&4dc0 or d^&M, (avTW, d^) I0 handle^ fed, 

d-^cfy^ ^. (a pri^t ^^yyoO trftfcout IJ^M, ciari^; 
metaph. m^darrtd, a. dim, faint. 

d^fSp^, ctfrot, d, (dv6, iSpa) Oa draua^ 

.d^, Ep. for d^, 3 iingk aor. a anbj. of dfi^m. 

&^(ntta, Ep. lor d^^iro, aor. I of A^fu, 

d^fMjao|ias fot past, flf d^^ 

iu^iUm —~iijnKpioftai, 


i^MM>, t ^mx, io he umpmrmg or lavitb cf: 9b- 
•oL, iftUHff€a^rtM reddndjf: dtpuittv w6vtm to he can" 
bm tfpLm, to luyfooC, odoid tafl. From 

k^M ^ s , 4$, (a priv^ <ptlhofim) unspcaringt laoiak: 
hgmlt^wL a. muparin^, eritdf hank. Henoe 

^^•Mg* ^ pnfuameu. 2. hanhnett, teveritg. 

^aSt, Ion. -4mc Adv. ot^uM^ laftiMy. 

k^d:% 3 aing. aor. 2 opt. from, d^i^/ic. 

^«Xo«» -^yn|v, aor* a act and med. of dupaipim* 

i^^m, I pL aor. a atd^phj/tu 

iid% jgyaty aor. a part. tJiiptrffu. 

i^wrfov, T«ib. A4). of dw€x»t one flwit oMotn. 

^AAf, &^aXMb^ aor. a «ct. and med. izi£ of 

mmih H. meta^h. of peiaou, «iiiipla,,p{ain. 

H AO m^ Adv. of A^9>48, rvdiy, eoanefy. 

^ flbrn, £. iA^ : bnt mora uflo. ftit. cX«Cio»i [C], 
•or. I cU«tf0U (aa if tram 6/p€Xx{w) : — to ^brag aioaif, 
^komhode: io dsramoMidB^ a. to efainip up. 

^iX^nit, i^Tot, ^ ((S^fA^t) J—oothMM, wMMie w: 
hwica Mimfiieitjf, mneeriiif^ 

^A4», aor. a part, of d^cup^ci. 

U ^i^i n o^ £. ^ : aor. i d^W^oa : to meep affy itoal 

A|«t, a impmt. aw; a of dtpbj/u, 

6y (dipbj/u) tie Bekaaer, epith. of Zem. 
r, ^ (d^/u) a letting ga^ aeUing free : 
a ftiaaMee, diedurge: remieei<m,forgi9tnee$: a itoH- 
iV flf hones in a laoa, tie itoiitny^poit itoell 
A^wr a lu, ahortened for Atpionjitaj 3 sing, pf . opt. of 

a 4 rr 6 i »A^y(d^ftt) 2e« toa«B,/fw;eip>of lacredfloeks 
Aaiwve free from work: henoe dedfeotoJ to mom (^. 

d-^fliNrrot, <m, »d0Mrrot, q. v. 

i4^-Mw, f. «(Mni, to •Jnge <^. 2, to loadrfoatL 

*f tfny Ion. d«<4M> : fat dip€iffjjcw i to hoS ef, 
k8 dDWi. n. to hoafree 4f all draft, to fi^/ine, 

^■r^r to 608 f("Mg o^oia. 

■^feiBa, Dor. for d^cuco, pf. act ; and d^^Mrras 
Dcr. fior d^cftroi, 3 plor. pf. paak, ofd^fu. 

44^ 1^, (<£«nw) a/atiminfftjoinL 3. a ttj^iJUtiH/, 

iiMKif. IL {jSanofiai) a toaduagf handling,: Cfte 


A^yffaygi, 1 ^ao/tOL, to lead aua^, lead off: gene- 
^ifytcleadtkewe^gofinL XL to tell, rdate, 

m. the perl 6/^>/jyrjfuu is iiaed in paa^ 

if^iy, Ion. dv^jiyifiia,. arot, r^, a taHe, nap- 

m Yy u a, Ion. &ii%i)0%g» caw, 1}, a ieBitg, nar- 
ntiag, i^Mm ^wfy^ffue worth Gte tdUag.. 

i^^, aor. I %difpbipu * 

Afj|^, loD. 4»-4|A»{, i#ot, d, 4r fteyovM^ ffonth. 

eldedg : mostly used in Comp. and Siq^eiL d^Xur^ 
arepoty -4ararot, 

d^-^liai, Paas. to iU apart. 

&^-4frwp, opoe, 6t {Atfltifu) ike arther* 

d^Oopcna, 1}, ineorruptionf immortaUtjf. From 

ir^iO a pfrot, or, {a priv., ^dpojl) vmemmpted, ineor- 

d-^^ryKTot, or, (a priv., tpSiyyofmi) epeeelileee: not 
to be epoken cf: Iv i/^kym^ vwm in a grove v^&re 
noae nay tpeak, 

&40i|» Ion. and Dor. ibr 4^% 3 (dng. aor. i pan. 
of aaraf. 

d-^OCrof, or, later also 7, or, (a priv., fpBivoty un- 
deetrogedt mideeaigmg^ tn^MrMoUe. 

ir^ioyyat, w^ ifl' pi^** ^'^^YioiMu) veiedees. 

d-^ O Aw i TO t , or, (a priv., ^oy4») mnenvied, 

d4»9ov(c^ ^t freedom from eriby, readmeet: more nin. 
of things, |)im<y, atuwdanafl. From 

d-^Oovot, or, act free from envy: vngmdging, homi' 
teout. II. pass, not grudged, hounteoiuiy given, 

fileatlfuL 2,^69ewi^oroe,muncied, provoking 

no envy.-^Jneg, Camp, -yiarepoe, Snperl. -iare^ 
roe* III. Adv. -vow, i^pBifete Ixc rtn^ to 

have enough of a thing. 

d^^opCo, 1}, ineorrvption, purity. From 

d-^Oopofk ov, (a priv., ^elpu) uneorrupl, ckaete. 

d^HSpvtt, f. Ww [i)] : aor. i pass, -hoipf [v] : pass, 
pf . d^dpCfMu : to piaee elteuAere, to ramose. 

d4-^<p6«i, f» ^w : pf. pass. d/pUpotpai ; to purify, 

d^^mu : impf. i^oirr, 3 shig. ijtplu Ep. di^ 3 
pL i^^Mvr and ^«aiir : fht iipfiae» : aor. i d^n^Ma : 
aor. a d^^ : pi act d^cun. Dor. d^^im : ixpianf' 
rat. Dor. 3 pi. pf. pass., with pres. signil To eend 
forth, dioeharge, Lat emittore, eip. of missUes:' in 
prose, to eend forth on an expedSbbm, eend oui, XL 

to eend away, let go, Lat d itni ttere : henoe to throw 
away. 2, to let go, eel free : esp. from an accusa- 

tion, etc. : to remit: dmoi., dtpiiwai nwdto oequiL 3. 
to dieeolve, dieband, break up, of an army : so also of 
the council at Athens. 4. to put away, di- 

varee. 5. d^iirai vXocor fit . . to loots ship for 

a place. JIL to gine up : hence to leave of. Id 

akme ; to let paee, neglect. IV. to let, euffer, per- 

tad to do or to be done. Yr seemingly intr. (sub. 
<rrpar6y, rovt, etc.), to break up, march, iaU. 

B. Med. to eend forth from oneedf, toeend forth. a. 
to toote oneeiiffrom : freq. in Att, c. gen. only, d^ 
Wmwr let go tiie children. 

d^-licdvM, ^di^ua4ofmi, to arrive at 

d^uc^v^oft, aor. a med. inf. of d^ncr^o^Ru. 

d^^Kso, Dor. Sat 6/pUou, 2 sing. aor. a of sq. 

d^Hicvio|&ai, 1 iufkioiuu : aor. itfUtcSfjap^ : pIL pan. 
dcfHffuu : Dep. To arrtot at to oome to, to reaei : 
diipuciaOai Mat eU rriarra to try every means ; d^ 
Wff^ It rd iaxairov komou to come into eztremest 
miseiy : 5id /idxi^t, &' 'hcPfm it^utMat nn to come 


dx^ — i^/nJ^toToy. 

Xoi'« in catiiid wme, io make to grio^e, vex, didnm : — 
Med., indio. iitdxcyrOf subj. iLnixT*^ <9^ dx^xoi' 
re» <« griepe. a. lednpl. fut. i«nx4^*t Bor. i <bnl- 
X7<r€. 3. jpf. ptm^ dM&x*7fMU. Ep, 3 pi. dtcffx^Sa- 

Xfiaro (fiv diir^x?'^^') ! ^* <i«ax9^^ » P*>^« <^^^*^ 
Xfu*tvo», £p. alK) d«i7x^/icyot. 

tnu aa. io make to tound, 
'AXH'N, ^ot, d, i|. poor, ueedy, [5] Hence 
dxi|vCa, ^ fia0d» totrnf ; d/iftdrwif dxfiw tbe eyes' 

dx6iiv6t, l(, ^f (dx^) AunienMiiie, a pjHi Biw 'p g. 
Adv. -MM, wiigflKngtyy Lat. <Bpiie, moktle. 

dxO«^t, aor. i peat. part, of dyot. 

dx^S^f 6yo9, 1), (dxOofuu) gri^, amnoyanee. 

dx^wiMii, raze fvi, of aq. 2. fiit. pa«. of 


dx9o|iai» Pan. with Alt. med. dxBiaofim and pats. 
dx^c^Al^ofMu : aor. i i}x^^^>' • (^X^o*)* ^'^ ^ 
bwlAciwdp Zoaded: — Io &> loe^M doi0n» diteonteiUed, 
vexed, diegtuted, 

''AXeOX cot, r6, a leeiifht, hurden, load; dx^ 
dpovfnjt a dead weight on earth. II. a load qf 

grirf: eorrow, gri^t didreae, 

dxOo^opItt, f. T^aca, to hear hurdme, to hear aa a 
Unrdm. From 

dx0o-4dpo9» o», (dx^ot, ^pm) heating hwrdme. 

<2f ftofiey ; rd dx^^^A^o*' a oilbe </>lne harieg. From 

'AxiXXm. ^ £p. $ot, 6 : £p. alao 'Ax^Xcvt : 
AOOee, son of Pelena and Thetia, chief of the Mjr- 
midona, hero of the Iliad : hence A^j. 'AxCXXnof, 
«, or, aiid Patrooym. 'Ax}khMrjft, ov, 6. 

d-xl^^ot> OF, without gra$8 oir fodder. 

drxCTwv, oy, gen. cayos, without lunte, CMnly elad. 

dxXoivCo, ]^ floont </a eloak: geiMiaUy, want of 
^nothing. From 

d-xXoivot, oy, (a priv., x^^^ without doak or 

d-xXoo«, or, omtr. d-xX^^vt, ovr» (a priv., x^^) 
without hethage, 

dxX^^datt, c<rdxi» ty, (dx>Jkt) murl^ gloomy. 

'AXAT'X C'ot, 1^, a wiiet, gloom, darknees, Lat eoK- 
yo : in Homer often the miat which comes over Ihe eye$ 
of the dying or. awooning : metiqih. troaile. Hence 

dxXtiw,f.i(ra; [i/l : aor. i {jj^hyouitoheotgrowdttrk, 

"AXNA, Ion. dxvi|t 4t <»'*¥ <A^ <^ cowet ^ the 
mrfaee of a thing, aa of liqnida,/oam,/Mft; dxyrj 
ohpayia the dew of heaven; Sa M fJio i y dxyff dewy 
tears. II.ofa(dida,d^:eAedotenonfhiit. III. 
d^nnpf in ace, aa Adv., o mofKi, a IA<k itL 

dxvt^iMU, Pep. only naed in pi^ea. and impl ; (fix^'' 
io tToAe onetelf, grieve. 

d-X0Xos» or, (a priv., X0A17) kwkinggatt: mataph. 
foeefc, gentle, II. allaymg hUe or on^. 

dxo|iai» Dep. (dxpt) to moum^ hewaU meteif. 

iirx6peyro%, or, (a prir.^ X^^c^) li^^ ^Xopot^ wl 
oOcmied iri<A £Ae donee, Jojfieee, wretched. 

d-xopo*t or, without the donee: mountfti, muL 

'AX02,ffot,Td» on ACHE, pain, dwiieM, in Hoaaet 
only of the mind. 

d-xpavTOt, w, (a prir., xpo^) «md(^iaeL 

dxpdt, ddot, 1}, a kind of wQdpeair. 

d-xp<^ or, rardy a, or. Ion. d^xp^^ot* (^ ptit ., 
Xp«ui) ua^^M, unpro/SfoUe, vntervieetMe in war. II. 
neut» dxpeiotf aa Adv.^ d^p^or VUn^ giving a ia|plaw 
look, looking /ooZiai ; dxfi^ov yeXaw to lai]^ wShaaA 
uae or eoaaa, make enforced laogh ; dxp^or cXdjair 
to bark wtAout etnm, of doga. Henoe 

dxpafc^ L 6hm, to maike iwdete, dieabU, 

d-xp4^ or, Ion. for dx^cMt. 

dxpi|li&TCa, 1), want cf maaty. From 

d-xp4^kdmt, or, (a priv., xPWa) ««I*o«* ■aa ^' or 
nwaiw : o2 dxp^feoeroi the poor. 

dxfwoovifii, i}, ttuai cf money. From 

futroe, poor, needy, ['d] 
dxpiprto, 1^ ueelntneu, %ig^Hnea$. From 

d^XF*|<''^^^ ^^* ("^ P^i^** XP*^'^) vclcn^ «■»- 
profitabU, uneersi e eaU e , dxpf^rroe it n tui/it /or a 
thing: teiOoiU^tfd, Lat. tmCua. n. tmhimd, 

crud. III. act. making nowe</,c. dat. 

dxps and before a Towel dxpitt (di^oa) Prep. 
with gen., wntH, dxpi fdha scpicpm tmlil deep in Iha 
night. n. Conj., until, io the time that : ao 

dxft 06. IIL Adv. of manner, to At 


d-xp^'P^dflrot, or, (a prir., X^"^) ^/nthtrnt edam. 

d-xpcMTTOt, or, (a priv., XP^*^) vncotomed: vm- 

dxt^mt, i^, fom. Adj. (dxypor) of chaff. 

dxvpfftU, ij, (fyvpor) a hoop of doff. 

dx^po-86ici|, ^, {dyvpoy, hixoi»ini) a ehaff'hotder. 

"AjtCFGS, t6, moaUy in plnr., cht^, hmn, knets. 

dx«pW»l^> T/*i8oa, A, {dxvpoy, Tfifim) Outekmg 

dx^, ^f Dor. for 4x^. 

d-x^^purrot, or, (a priVnX"^^^^)**^!'*''''^ ^^ 
(a priv., X^^O <^^<^otit o i>I^ oaa^^aed one. 

'AY, Adv. of Place, ^odliaoanif, back, awa$ frotn, 
away. 2. of actiona, again, over again. 

d^pdfft^ot, aor. I med.. part, ctf daro/MB. 

dp^onNTTOt, or, (« piiv., )^a{Mtf) t m Cottcd arf . XL 

nci. wiOiottt tauMtg. 

dr^MY^, ^> (a priv., i4yo») unbtamed^ btamekee. 

d-«|MiiTot, or,sd^ey^ 

di|rcv8ai% 1^ tm/ZJ^yiigw ; and 

di|rfvS<M, £. ^av, not to Ue, to apeak truth. From 

d^itH ^ ^dapriv., if>Moe) without Ue and deeeit^ 
UnU^ul,aineere,tTwty: aSii^Bgi, genuine, pure. Hence 

di|feii8At, Ion. -4ttt, Adv. reaOy and truly. 

d^lrnicTOt, ov, (a priv., iff^X^) ^'^ ruthed off. 

d-«|r^^iaTOt, ov, (a priv., inf^cf) nol having wteeL 

l^iZiti — Paj0vitvi/i€i9> 


kffiZim, t Jfam, (j^) to/aaten arOeiogeOer. 
b^fiuopog, or, {iwrofUi, K6pot) tati^fied with Umeh" 
tlff^fJkxfa, 4f a tkirmitking. From 

i4>Cv^av; t6, Lai. abtinOdum, wormwood. From 

'AflNeOZ, 1^ wonmtood. 

m^. Ion. di|rft, iSot, 1^, ((Smtw) a iyin^, fatta^ 
•^iiiol(m|^d^f«SctX|yovCA0fneihaof anet. 2. 

iktfOoe otfOif of a vheel, the H^tad iUtHS^ nbmKot 
kfSbm tbe potter's fofteel. 3. an arch or «att2C 


^♦^p p oo t , aw^ eontr. di|r6ppovt, ovr, (^, ^^oi) 
hit /tfw i m^, fiowing hadi itio iMf, 

li|wp p at t or, ■bortd. fana of forego mov^ ftodb- 
wmi$^gomghoA: — ^n«iit.di|roppov, as Ady.,&adbi0Kifd, 

I i^s i , cot, T^ (2vTo») afcuAtning: a Joint, Umb. 

Hf 64f vro%^ cut, (a prir^ ^h^^) ^otthoui noiie : c. 
gSB^ iaffi^t/TCt Kcmvft&rwF wiAont ery of wailing. 

d^ w^o ^ aw^ (o priv., ^^'^^os) Bforeg. 

klj/^gfa, ^, eowoidice. From 

A^^of, or» (a pilF., fvx4) ^«2eM. II. rp»- 


^'Afi, root ci&iiu, to hUw; ct i(w, a(W. 

^'AXl, root of ofiw, laifot, iuorrim^ to deep: aor. I 
Itra, £^ ^U^rtftt, contr. ioa. 

*^A£i, to hwrU oontr. from iuku, q. t. 

^AH, to sotfofe, only fomid in inf, dfuptu [d], contr. 
fiv UfBtmt^ Ep. for ^ir : Terb. A^j. dr^ [d] ; but 
vith o priT. ^imff [dS], contr. drot. 

iO i i , Adv. Dor. for ifjaiBw, from the morntn^* or 


Aiip(, Adv. Hiiwpo; of on tmtlme^ Aonr. 

A t y < a > 1), (dwpoc) tm(Miel|f faio or <kaiib, (m unsra- 
tmtHk time : in ace as Adv., iotfiaw iJMtat to come 
iMlsIc [4 

44fMt, or, a» dwpos. 

or, (jSmpof, vit^) at mtdnighi, Lat. in- 

or» (a priT., 6^) luii^meiy, unteaaonaUe, 
X^FMT, Ikdawros. IL 5^ore IA6 time^ ttnr^ HI. 

lap 10, £p. piqpl pass, of ddpea, fidxoupa wapd 
fifin sostTUdr dttpro the dagger Awi^ by hb swords 

'A^ 4, Dor. for *B/im, "Beat. Hence 
'K mtt fSpot, ^,->'Ea>a^/iot, <Ae &riny«r </ M<» <^ 
*Misf-iter, l4it. Lueifer. 
WiM, £. i^tfiM^ (d«) <o sfeep soHiuOy . From 
4nor, 7^ and dcmt, d, tibe (est or dbcieeiC </ Ui 
IH tke/Umar of the whole : in Homer of the finest 
^attsdwnor; alsoof theJbie«({tn«i,Ai[roioXtv7dy 


Bf P» P^*^ indecU second letter of the Oieek al- 
phabet : hence as a nmneral, i9'»86o and Mfr€p09p 

The .£0]. and Dor. used it as the shnple aq»{- 
rate before p, as fip69oy 0p&Mot, for fi66o¥ foKoe, It 
was often inserted between /iX and ftp to give a fiiller 
sound, as in fuarf/Mfifiia, yififip^ cl Sfifiporoe. 

The change of fi into' other consonants waa 
chiefly owing to the different pronnnciadons of the 
sereral dialects. I. into w, e. g. forcer for wci* 

TcTr. II. Arcad., into (, as (ipeOpov for fiip^pottp 

fi6paj9poit. m. into 7, as 'fkfixuu for fiMJxw- 

fia, shortd. fonn of iScurcAcv, King ! 

po^oC, Lat. papcB, exclamation of smprise, Uets me! 

P&f^* &f a chatterer. 

popuKO, 4f Lacon. fot yt^pa, a bridge, 

pd^iia, arot, r6, (i8dC«) a epeech, report, 2, a 

sound, toiee, speaking, 

Pd8i)v, Ady., (fiabw) step by step, pacing, Lat. pede- 
tenOm, opp. to qnick nmning. II. marching on 

foot, opp. to riding. III. gradnaUg, Lat. ym- 


p&84ttt * ^t. Iffv, or nsn. (oGfuu, also Iffopai : (/3^ 
dot, fialim). To go on fooi, to walk: to go dotelg, 
pace: generally, lo {^>. Hence 

pdSUnt, cow, 4, a walking, going, 

P&8urWov, verb. Adj. of fiaMiv, one must go, 

pSBtorfit, ov, 6, (^a&(w) one that goes on foot: tq* 
Xvt fiaJbiOT^s a quick rwmer. 

p&Bumn&t, ^, 6v, {fiaiiim) good al walking, 

A&Sot, d, {fialvw) a waUc 

BA'Za, f. fiiita, to speak, say: 3 ring. pf. paak» 
Iwot fiificuerat a word htis been spoken, 

p&Oco, Ion. for fiaBsia, fern, of /So^. 
'im. Adv. of fioBin, deeply, 

ff, or, Snperl. of fioBifs, 
'.%, iios and iSot, 1^, a step. From 

4 (fiabm) a tiep, stair, II. a <2e!^r0e» 

rani(^ Lat. gradns, 

pdOof, cot, r^, (/3a^) dep<A or Ad^At, Lat. oftididci 
M Wos in file, of soldiers. 

PciOpsCa, 4, « fiiepor. 

p&Opov, riS, {fiahm) that on which one stands, a base^ 
pedestal: foundaUon, a. a step or set ef steps, the 

round of a ladder: in plnr. loddert. 3. a threAoldi 
metaph. verge, 4. a bench, seat, 

BhJihhayKifi, 4s, (fiaBits, Syttos) with deep tales, 

paB6-fiovko9, otf, (fiaBbs, /SovAi}) deep-eounsdling, 
prof oundly wise, [0] 

PoOv-Yciot, or. Ion. fioBOysot, or, Att. ficMysion, 
w, (fiobbs, ffi) with deep soa,fmitfuL 

BoBu^yKwrot, ov, (fiMs, f)Jiimi) deep-earved, 

^a0v-8cWifiC waa, cr, (fiaBin, tiVOM) deep-eddying 


BapfiapiK6s — Pap^xppios. 

fortignen. XI. to hold with hariarianB, efp. the 

BappiLpuc&%, ff, 6v, harbime,foreiifn, Uke a foreigner, 
opp. to *EXXjfvuc69. Adv. -«wt, t» a foreign tongue, 
i. e. Per$ian. From 

m BATBAT02, ok, harbarws, i. e. not Greek, foreign: 
as Snbst, o2 fi&p&apoi, aU that were not Qreeke, or that 
did not apeak Greek, Plato divides mankind into 
Barbariani and Hellenet, as the Hebrews gave the 
name of Qentiles to all but themselves. II. 

from the Angostan age, the term was applied by the 
Bomans to aU nations except themselves and the 
Greeks : but the Greeks still affected to look upon 
the Bomans as Barbarians. 

pappap6-^«ivot, or, (fi&pfiapot, ^ftn^) epeaidng a 
elrange langvage, or epeaking Greek iU. 

pappdf>6«>, £. 6f<raf, {fi6,pfiapoe) to make haihar<m$ 
or foreign : Pass, to become bariaroue: to be inairtieviate, 

BATBTTON, r6, and pdpjSCTOt, i), a mutieal in- 
eirumenl of many ttringe, like the lyre : used also for 

the lyre itieV- 

PdfSurrot, 17, OF, poet ibr fip&btaroe, Superl. of 
0pamf$ : Oompar. 0af)ivrepoM for fipaHrepot, 

P&piw, ifidpoe) intr. in p£. part fitfiafnjdn, weighed 
down, overcome, otv^ $t0ap7j6rt$, 

pupkit. Adv. of fiapin, heavily, grievoudy : fiapiwe 
^fipetv Lat agri ferre, to take a thing iff; fiapient 
dKohuv to hear wiik diegueL 

P&pis or P^pit, iBot, Ion. tot, 1), an Egyptian boat, 
a tort of raft: generally, a eanoe, boat, Lat raiiB. 

BATOS, cot, t6, weight, burden, pretsure: hence 
gri^, misery : tiJao a quantity, exoese. 

pciptM&XY^ ^ff, ifiapin, ^701) grievoudy tuffer- 
ina, 2. very grievom, 

E, ov, {fiapin, dkyiw) very grievoue, 
(fiapin, dxot) groaning heavHy. 
Dor. for papunfxfl** 
Papv-ppe^jffTjf^ov, 6, and -«rf|p,4pot,d, fern. -^TS4m, 
^, {fiaabt, fipifuo) iuud-thundering, 
fiapv-PpO|iot, ov, {fiapin, 0pipm) loud-roaring. 
papv-pp^ wrot, 6, if, (fioipite, fiifip&aKu) greedily 
eating: gnoMping, corroding. 

Popu-YSoviros, or, ifia^t, Soinrot) mounding heaoHy, 
loud^roaring, thundering. 
papv-YowaTOt and pap^>-70W0t, or, (fiapin, y6rv) 
with heavy kneee, loitering, lasy. 

PopvSaiiiOvlw, f. Tfow, (0afv9alpuar) to be poseeeeed 
If an eeU geniue: generally, to be wUueky. Hence 
papvSoiuovCa, 1), a heavy fate, HI luck. 
|3apv-6al|iuv, or, gen. OKot, (fiapin, dalpmr) prtated 
by a heavy fate, wilueky, 
0api»-8aicpvt, v, (fiaoin, Zijcpn) weeping grievouely. 
j^apMCKOt, or, {fiapin, 9Ufi) Udeing heavy vengeance. 
^, {fiapin, 9oHip) giver qf tB gifte, 
or, » fiapiryiovwot. 
)|iot, or, (fiapbe, BvpuSe) heavy in apkU: in- 
dignant, euIUn. 

', ifiapin) to be weighed down: to he heavy, 
duU, duifgiah. [0] 

popv-KOfAvot, or, (fiapin, KopatUa) loudly roaring, 

fiopv-KOTOt, or, (fiapie, Moriw) grievoue in wrath.. 

popv-KrOirot, or, (fiapht, Krvwiot) tounding heaaSty, 

Paipv-XaIAai|r, chvos, 6, 1), {fiapHe, XcuXo^) lond- 

pofMioyoig, or, (fiapiie, \Srfn) vexatioue {jf ^peseft* 
0apl\oya Ix^ca hate vented in bitter words. 

papv-yAfrvo%, or, and papv|&i|vi€, t, gen. <os, {fioftm, 
pajrte) exceeding wraOtfuL 

Popv-fuoOot, or, (fiapite, /uoB^) exacting heavy mtme. 

Popv-jiOxOot, or, {fiapift, ftS^i^) ^oery toQeome or 

P^lpwOfv, Ep. end JEoL for ifiapMrfoar, 3 pL aor. 
I PAM* of fiapinw. 

papvvM [0], tfhw, (fiapin) ioloadheaxHy, to bmden : 
to (ormetit.*— -Pass, to be weary, opprtteed, fiapinr^a&ui 
XcT/M to be maimed in hand : metaph. to be vexed^ an- 
noyed, Lat gravari. 

kipu-6in|t, ov, 6, (fiapin, ^) loudF-voieed, 

{opv-^pvipot, or, (fiioLpht, ipy^) exceeding angry, 

)aptMraX&|iot, or, {fiaphe, waXApai) heavy4Hmdod, 

)aptMrfv0f|t, it, {$apin, irirBot) earning grievcne woe* 

)aptMr<vOT|TOS,oy, (fiapin, werOiat) momning heacHy. 

Sopv-irMriit, ^f, (fiaphe, wecttr) heavyfdlUng. 

papv-iroT)iot, or, (fiapirt, w6Tfioe) with hetiy fate, 
iU^ated, m-etarred. 

Popv-irotft, 6, ij, rovr, t6, gen. voSot, (fiapin, vi^t) 
heacyfooted, d^tggidi. 

BATTCS, ceo, it : Gomp. fiapirrepoe, SuperL fiofi^ 
Torot: heavy, Lat grade: burdenaome, grietout^ op- 
preedve: of persons, trouUeeome. 2. in good sense, 
weighty, impreseioe, II. of soldien, heavy- a»m 

ed. III. of sound, etrong : opp. to b^ii, deep, 


or, (fiapht, Mifpoe) heavy with iron* 
or, Xfiapite, oroBpMe) weiahing heavy^ 
Xwv, ovoo, or, {fiapin, oreraxot) aMimg 

Bopv-OTOVOf, or, (fiapite, orhw) groaning heavily, 

papv-<rv|A4opot, or, (fiapin, avpupopd) weigkvd doavm 
by ^luek. 

Popv-o^^Tot, or, (fiapim, ff^dparfos) land thmn- 

papvn|t, i^rot, i), ($apStt) weigU, fteortnets: jsipor- 
tunUy: hardmeee, cppreadon : gravity of manners, [p] 

Popv-'rfliot, or, ifiapin, rtptfi) of great worth: coier- 

Papv-TXi|TOt, or, (fiapim, rhajrai aor. 2 of *Tk&m) 
heavy to bear. 

fiopv-TOvot, or, (fiapift, rebw) atreteihed tight: narrom* 

papv-40oYYoi> ov, (fiapha, ^oyy^) heavy-eouatdingt 

Bop^siAof, or, (fiapifa, x<<Xm) ihide4^pped* 

Popv-xop^ or. (fiapita^ Xop^) dittp44med. 

^apnl^XP^ — j88eXt;<r<rci). 


Pifi-<|rOxot, or, {fiapSn, iffvxff) heavy <f toul^ meom- 
ifk^ii, d^foeted, 

Ate, p&oo, pdv, aor. a part of 0ahw. 

paow({t»» 1 ^«, AU. )Sf,tofvb vpon (he UmeJhttone 
ifi&gevot) : to try the gmuibtme$$ of a thing, tat, make 
fncfef: toeonvid: to pid to the torture, 

fialii%j9^ui%, &, {fia(rayl(oa) torturing, torture. 

povsnoT^ ov, 6, pecul. fern. paoovUrrpta, ^^ 
(^w«vi{«) : — <m eamjiwr, torturer. 

BA'SA'NOS, i(, the toueh-etone, Lat 7<q)i» X^im, 
hf which, gold was prored, we maparfifioi, II. 

ndaph. a leiC«i«(&er a tibM}^6« genuine or real. III. 
nftirf, op. fty tortare, tta qtyettUm. a. tortere, an- 
ywA, dueoar. 

pBO«d|iai, PoortOvrm, Dor. for 0^<ro/uu, fiijffoirrai, 
hL wed. oi fiahw, 

fiLafiXma, ^, fern, of /ScuriAcirt, a ^ueen, prinoeM, 
1a4f ef ro^ Mood, 

pSffCUCO, i), (^offiAfktf ) a hingdom, dominion : he^ 
nddEory monard^, opp. to rvpaan^M, 

pooCXfiov, r^, mn. in plnr., a palaee: ohotheroyai 
trmmy or foil. Strfctlj neat from 

ptaffCXnos, or, and a, or. Ion. PcunXiftiot, 17, or, Hn^Iy , 
vv^H. froni 

BA^ETASTTS, ^«0t, Ion. 9ot, d, iiT. ace. iSmrtX; :— 
a hiag,prinee, of goda and men. 11. <A« second 

</ (&f MM .^rdbofu at Athena vas called fiaatXein : 
be had charge of the public worahip, and the conduct 
«f criminal proceiaefl. HI. after the Penian 

vir the king of Perria was called fiaatXMn (without 
te Art), or 6 itiyae fiatnKebe. Hence 

P&fflXamft, L <rw, to be king, to rvie; in aor. i, fioffi' 
XcMw to he made king. II. c. dat, to rule over 

a. ftcfU: — Pass, to he governed hy, to he wider a 

fmaOnA^, if, loo. for fiaffiXela. 
^Sfftid|ios, 7* or. Ion. for fiaaiXeioe. 

tSoi, 1), pecul. fem. ot^acriketoe, royal. 
», f. tfw, OoffiXcvt) to he of the king'e party, 
t^'^,6r,'6ke^affiX4u>i,royal,€faking, 2, 
Ubr a im^, prinedy, II. as Subst, /So^caLk^, d, 

neeurtier, nobletnoM, 
poaiXlmO, for fiofftKivva, fi€uriketa, 
feaiXxava, i^^^ficuriXeia, a queen, 
P39fX£t, iSot, i|, « ^o^cio, a queen, princeee. 2. 
tt Adj. e ^curcAij^ royo/. 
B&«i|&ot, or, (^rv) pottoUe: aeeeemUe^ 
phmg, ewe, ^ (/SoiW) a etep, walk. 11. (ibai 

'*p«w one etrpe, g r omtd : apedeetal. 
(aovnbit, fot drv : aor. i Ifi&aicrpn, : aor. z pass. 
\BoB9h0ipt'. (fiiuaitm). To um tS teonft of another, 
^ to daander, disparage, II. to use tB worcii to 

r, hewikh him by means of an eyil eye, Lat 

fuvSvCo, 1^ (^^imrot) stonier, enr^, maliee. 
poK&vot, or, {fiaawaiiea) danderout, tnxiou*, ma- 
%aaaL a. a wrcofr. 

PAowi, imperat. of an obsol. fi&oicw, another form 
of iScitrw, as x^^^^ of x^>^ • fidffK' t$i, epeed thee t 
away I 

pour|i6t. Ion. for 0a$ft69. 

BDor. for fijjaoa, 
%,if,'MiiXi6nni^,afoK. (Of Thradan origin.) 
bov, r6. Dim. of fiaaaipa. 

P&avmf, oy, gen. orof , Dor. comparat of fia0ift. 

pSurray^uk, aroe, t6, that uhieh ii home, a bur- 
dm, II. that whiih bean, a daff. From 

B ASIA'Zfi, f. dffw : aor. i pass, kpaardx^rp^ :— to 
Itfl, 1^ up, raiee : metaph. to extol, audi. II. to 

bear, wpport, hold upright: to bear in mind, eonei- 
der. III. to carry off. IV. to handle, touch. 


paoTOMr^t, 4, 6r, verb. Adj., to he borne. 

B&tIw, f. ^ffw, (fiaSvw) to tread, cover, of animals. 

pdnpf, £p. for i/S^n/r, 3 dual aor. a of fiaivw, 

Bjofria, 1}, « $6,rot, a bush, thiehei. 

panfto-oiciwot, or, (fiAns, aKowici) looking after 
roaches, greedy for them. 

fi&Tts, /8ot, ^, (fi6ro9) the prickly roach. 

puTO^^irof, or, {fidros, 9p4vw) puUing (horns off 
at up. 

BATGX, 1), a bramble or any pricMy bush. 

pdTOt, &, the Hebrew solid measure, bath. 

fidT6f , VI, 6y, {fiaitw) passable. 

paTpdx<Mt, oy, {fidrpc^os) of or bdongingto a frog: 
fiarp&xitoy (sub. xP^/'''^)tf^'^^9'^olour, pale green. 

fia rplLx it, (<Bot, and Ibos, ^, afrog^green coat. From 

BATPAX02, 6, a frog. 2. the frog of a horn's 
hoof, [^q 

paTTapi{c», fat hot Att tQ, (BAttos) to stammer. 

^arroAoYlw, » fiarTttpl(on, (Bdrroe,k&yos) to bahUe, 
use vain repetitions. 

Bdrrot, 6, Stammerer, name of a king of Cyrend. 
(Formed from the sound.) 

pa6l». Dor. pu6<rh» : M. Miv : to cry fiav, fiau, 
to bark: hence to tea<2, mutter: to reproach. II. 

transit to ory aloud for, 

BavKoXia, i8ot, ij, a wine<o6ler. 

paOvot or paw^, 6, also 1} pavvi], (a&ca) a furnace, 

6a^}a8s^ Dor. for 0a:6(u, 

pCL^, 1), (^dirrctf) a dipping, as of red-hot iron in 
cold water. II. a dipping of doth th dye, dyeing : 
also <Ae dye itself. 

gli«|rit, Mtft, 1), (fidwToi) a dipping, dyeing. 
AE'AAA*, 4, a IsmA, Lat Mrfido. 

fi84XvY|ia, r^, (/32c^6<raai) <m a6oni*na(ton, esp. of 

p8sXviCT6t, ^ 6y, (fibskitaooi) disgusting, dbomindble. 

pBsX^^rpoiros, oy, {fi^eXvierSs, rp6vos) '^foreg. 

B A£ATT(y2, d, 6v, abondndbU, disgusting, •Hence 

BUkwrats, Att ttm: fut £a>: to cause disgust. 
iJsu. as Dep. pMvTro^MH, with ftit med. fidi^iifo- 
fioi, aor. I pass. i/9dcX(ix^ : <o/mI 



BAArXH— /3oi|W5. 

BAATTH, i), tua. in pltor. fikoahrai, w,aUa hmd 
t^ dipper or tandcd, Lai. eoUa. 

pXavrUv, r^ Dim. of fi?<aimf, 

6Xa^6f(f, aor. i pasi. part of /SA^rrof. 

pXd«|nt, ccM, ^, (fiK&troi) a harming, hurUag. 

^Aai|rC-4p«0V, or, gen. ovot, (jSA^irra;, ^p^) mad- 
dening, a. mod: — Ady. fikaaffu^imt, madlf. 

fiXc()it)v, pVf to, aor. 2 mod. opt of fi&XXoa, 

pXifMolvM, {fipiftui) to vawU or be proud <{f a thing; 
c$ivft fiktfuidyoir exuUing in hia itrength. 

pX<|i|iia, arot, r^, (fiKiirw) the look, glance: (he 

fi\firoio«. Dor. for 0\iwownu 

B^iirDS. r6,^fiK4fifia, a look, 

pkenriov, verb. Adj. of fikiww, one must hxA, 

^'L«rTuc6f , iff, 6y, (fikiwa) iharp-eeeing. 
ifl, 6¥, teen, toorik teeing. From 
sun, if. \p«»,to look, tee: to look on,look at : also 
c ace, "Apny, ip6fiov fiXiirtir to look fury, terror ; in 
Comedy, feifiafia, yoMv fikiwur to look cren, mna- 
ta2d,i,e. <o Aaw a sonr or bitter looJb. II. fo 

loole in apartieular direction, to torn toteardt : eip. of 
aspects, ohda irpdt fUffrjfM$piar fikiwouaa a house 
looking towards the south. III. to tee the ligU, 

with or without tp&ot, hence, to lioe, lY . <o look 

and long after a thing, c. inl 2, to take eare of, 

look to or to beveare ef a thing. 

fi\s^&p(f, iSot, 4» an eyelash. From 

p\{4»&f>ov, r6, {^khnt) stricUy the eyelids, U. 

In plur. the eyes : AfUpat 0X4<papoy, eye of day, L e. 
the Sun ; wirrds $ki^pov, i. e. the mom. 

pM\irrcA for fi?JftjTai, £p. aor. a pass. subj. of fi&k- 
Xat, fiXSynu. 

pXifieit, aor. i pass. part, of 0AxXm, 

pX'iJiia, arof , r6, {fi6kku) a throw, a. a shot, 

tcound, 3. a eoverUt. 

^'fj|Uvo«, 17, ov, Ep. aor. a pass, part of fi&KJM, 

&<iifW^ pX-fjo^u, aor. a inf. of jSdAAw. 

pX4)<Hku, £p. aor. a pass. inf. of fiiihXat, 

fXifroyjox, Ep. fht. of fiaKKoi. 

fi\i)T4of,a, or, verb. A4j. of jBtiAAo;, to he throum, a. 
p\ip'{ov, one ifHuC tAroir. 

fiXi^TO, 3 sing. Ep. aor. a pass, of fi&kXm, 
)XTp6f, i), iSi', {fi&KXat) hwiUd, struck, 
SXfJTpov, r^, (jSiiAXoi) on tron noil. 
3Xt)X^o|&os fht i}(ro/icu : Dep. : (/SAi^xf )• ^o ^^^ 
of sheep, as laiK&ofuu of goats. 

BAHXH', 4, UeaUag: generally, the wnling of 
ehUdren, Lat vagitm. 

P^^Xf>^*t <&> ^1% «0ea]^ /eeUe, pliani: also with a 

eupl^., djSXiyx^t. Ady. -pSn, tlighUy, 

BAH'XAN, wot, 4 : ace. fikffxca : Ion. Y^'tX**** 

Dor. YXdicwv : — pennyroyal. Hence 

fiXtiXttivCat, ov, 6, prepared with pennyroyal, 

BAITTn, Ion. pXCoxno: f. fiXlcw, to cut out the 

comb ofhees,to take the honey, (From lUthi with /9 

added, as ^X&^ &om /toAoK^f .) 

stem: alio fliaii%^ 

BAOTTFO'S, <i, <Sr, ^rlm, 
no&Ie, or eoarte, rough, 

^oo^p-Amt, tSot, 1}, (/3Xo(rvp^, cS^) ^Hm-JooftMig. 

BAT'Zn,-/3X{M». Henoe 

fiXvoxt, ccM, 4, and fiXvo)ft6f, d, a MMtnff t^. 

BAT'O, f. ^Aifcrw [i)], lo bubUs, spoitf, or gush forth : 
hence (o befutt, to he haugUy, 

fiX^^tuu, aor. a med. subj. of fiiXXu, 

pkuipit, d, 6f, (fikitaKu) shooting up, Uj^ gnmimg, 
of trees. 

pX&awts: (tenses formed fhnn Boot MO^AO), £, 
l»ohwt»at : aor. a l/ioXoy (cf . Bp&HXKu, $opov/tat^ Itfo- 
pm^) : pi fMififikoma (for ^/i^XaNva). To eoiiM or 00. 

' YP*^^* '''^t <* ''^^ </ ('^ ^u'^' hide. From 
^pot, 4> (3oM, dypiot) a wUd huU, 
00%, Dor. for fiofqB6ot, 
afrot,r6, (fioAu) a thride,ery: a hmd stroiku 
ov, 6, lean. Po&nt, i8ot, 4, (fio6e») crying, 
tereaming, [d] 
P^^vVot, 6, p6-avXov, t^, (^ovt, o&X^) <m cotmcdj, 
poiua, £p. 3 sing. /8o^ 3 pi. fioiwrw, part 0o6emr : 
f. fioffcv, AU, fioliffofjuu, Ion.contr. 3^w, 0i9ao§mu : 
aor. I kfiifjaa. Ion. Sfiwra : aor. i pass, tfiotfitfy. Ion. 
ifidfoOrp^ : (/3o4). To utter a orsf fixnoa joy or griel^ I0 
sikoui .* of things, to thander,roar, hoid: to echo, U. 
trans, c. ace. pers., to eaU to one, eaU on: ia caU to 
aid, a. to demand in a hmd voioe, 3. to 
abroad, proclaim, 

fiocuucSt, 4, 6w, poeuc6%, 4f, Iv, (^ovt) qf <xun or 
tide : Ce(fyrf fioeud wagons dranon by oxen. 
p6«iOf, a, or, also p6«ot, a, ov, (3out) </ an ass, qf 
ox-hide: ^ $oeia or /3o^ oontr. ^oQ (sab. Sofd)* 
an oa>%u2e; as%<e2dor(Aong4/<»>A»de. 

^, 6, (^ovt) a thong or oord efoa^Utdker. 
^, contr. fhnn i9o^, t. $6eiot. 
[ , 4» a cry, thout, whether of joy or grief: ihe 
batOe-cry, the haUle itt^; fioifit 6ya»6t, good at ike 
batUe-cry, or in battle: alto of the roar oS the tM» IL. 
^ficftfBeia, aid catted for, eucoour. 
fioi|^YsWit, ^f , (fiovt, *yhw) bom qfancx, 
potfipo^utt, (fio/rfip6iiot) to run on heairing a ery, 
hatte to hdp, suceour, 

Boi|-8po|u^, &yot, 6, the third Attic mmOh, in i^iich 
the BorfdpSfua wei^ oelebrated, in memoty of the 
ccmquest of the Amasons by Theseus ; answering to 
the latter half of September and b^;innin^ of Oc- 

Poi|-8p6tAot, or, (fic4i, ^pSyns) naming to aidi wm 
Subst. a hdper, 

poifitui,^{fioti66t)hdp,aid,reteuet9upp9ri, H. 
an auxiliary force, 

k», f. ^oof, {0orj96t) to tueeour, come to the reaoMC 
'% ^, 6v, ($ori$ic») ready or aUe to ftelp. 
Of, or, (^ofj, Blu) haMng to the tnWfa Jbostf^ 
warlike; 0afff$ooy Spfui a chariot hatting to (hs batUe^ 
poi|06t, 6», contr. ficom Ibreg., hatting to the 
as Subst., fioti$6t, i, an ataittant, auadUary, afl^ 

/SoijXcurfo— BCTPTS. 


faiifMa, ^, e(MM^Ung, a tteaUng cf oJBen : gene- 
rilfy,^lmder,5ooty. II, a driiing ot keeping of 

cBOk Fnmi 

P> ^Ty , ov, 5, fbm. fiorjK&ru, i8ot, i), (/9ovt, 
UaW)oM(Jb<itoa2«aB8n.* also a droeer. 

^e^^viif&ot and pcr^i-vot&ot, or, '^0ow6tto9» 

ms, M, ^ (^oow) a «ner. 

piijaH, MM, Ion. ^tufrut. Ckw, i}, (3oci«) a eryCn^, 
sMi^: en. a erg for ateieUmee. 

WBPOz, 6, a pit oi'hole dug in (he ground: a 

pofOi VI, 6, « fang, 

teUpiov, Att. poiMfu»v, T^, Dim. of 0<nk, 

P6l8*^« AU. po(8uiy, r^ Dim. of /Sovt, a young 

BmmtmxIb*, f. i}(r«. to 6e a BosotareA. From 

^"•^•PX^l * ! ov> ^t (Boforr^ ^/^fli') <» Baolarehf 
«Be of Um ddflf magiiitratei of Boeotia. 

BourKo, 1^ Boweto, to caUed from its rich cattle- 
ftitrtM, Honoo 

B tti m ^ t t and BouirCtM, to he like a Boeotian: to 
Uhmf^duU: toepeakBaiotian, 11, to tide with 

BeuMunf, r6. Dim. of Botttn-^ a little Baxtian, 
B«uiiv«ii|ry^ 4h (fiowrfa, ipyov) of Bceotian 

f^XpSnr, T^ and p6Xp(r9§, 6, Att P^mv, ^6- 

M-m, (/S^Xot) (fciii^, manure, esp. cow-dwng, 
BQABOX ^ Lat BULBV8, a huXb, onion, any 

Ub«i root: also a imuikfvom, tn^. 
M^ i O^AAw) a lArow, drcke: a wounding with 

•Met : a throwing, darting : a hiUing. II. me- 

Min aglanoe; fiokal ^XJUw woa-heame, 
M4t^ t 0W, (/9<iX£f) to Aeove the lead, tound, 
ft^ (Sot, 1^, (fldXXw) any thing thrown, a nUttHe : 

ihsiemtimg lead, plummet, 
0aUnrot, tf, at, of dung, esp. eow^vmg. From 
pi^mr, piXXrot, Att. for fi^Kfivror, 06XfitTO9. 
0&XXo|Wi and p6Ao|Ma, .£oL for fiobXofuu, 
piXo«,4, (/SiUXar) a (ikrow «ps(A dfea or wUh a eaet- 

■<04it: also the tkbig caught, fi6ko9 lyOiwy a draught 


miPnAiiPm i p A t , mock-hero^ exdamation €f oimtro- 

PofiP&t, eBelaiMltoiB </ mod; <ulm^trfton. 
M^H^wt, b, (fi6itfio$, aifX69) a bagpiper. 
Pff$tSm, JEol, far fiofAfiovot, $ pi. of fio/tfiiw, 
Pn<P^ £ i^w, {fi6pLfioe) to vMke a humming noiee, 
<Mnad de^ duU, ot hollow: to hum, fttot. 
PPJjji'fcf, t», 6, {0o/t04oi) a Uuuer, hummer. 
WmBOH, 6, Lat. B0MBU8, any deep, hollow 
*|>^ hmming, kuanng, (Formed from the somid.) 
P^^iAiAf, ov, 6 and i), {fi6ft0ot) a bwating ineeet, 

MM. toot, 6, the eOk-worm. 

P* wim, ov, d,'^fiov&vnj9, 

P^^^rMo, 4» 03o^ irrf (rw) a flaying cf oxm. 

fiof, Poo-(r4aYCa» eto.,»^ov-. 
Ep. for iSodo;. 

BOPA', ii,Sood, 

Bop6op&-$iHiot, oy, (filfSopot, BvfiSe) muddy-minded^ 

BOTJSOPOS, 6, «<tme, mud, mtre, Lat. ccemim. 

poppopo-rdpafit, t, (fi6pfiopo%, rap&aow) a mud- 
ttirrer, mud4ark. 

8opBop-^Uh|t, cff, ($6p0opo9, ttlhe) miry, elimy. 

BOFE'AIS, ov, 6, Ion. Bop^ contr. Bop^ 4», 
Att. Boppfit, a, (Ae North wind : more strictly, the 
wind from NNE., AquOo. II. the North, wpd* 

fiophjv dytftov to¥rardi the North; wpde fiopkof rci^s 
northward of a place. 

Bopfdt, 6dot, ^, Ion. Bopsidt, poet Bopi|idt, Bo- 
pi|tt, a Boread, daughter €f Boreae. II. fem. 

Adj. northern, 

B^piios, a, ov, also ot, or, (Bopka) hdonghg to the 
North wind, northern, 

Bopcc&Ttf, (dot, i),«*Bo/>c<it. 

Bop^jjSot, ff, oi^,^B6p€io9. 

BopT|ts, /8off, 4, B Bopede, 

fiop6t, A, 6¥, (fiop&) devouring, gUtttonoue. 

Boppatot, a, ov, *»B6peiot, 

Bopp&s, a, 6, Att. for Boplaa, 

P6pvts, ol, miknown Libyan animals. 

B6<rit, cofff, ij, (fiSaieet) food, fodder. 

poox^ or piaiai, ij, {fiSotw) food, fodder. 

|36oici||Aa, arot, ri, ($6<rK0i) that which is fed or 
fatted, cattle : a herd of cattle, JJ, food, 

Bo9K6f , 6, the feeder or herd of the cattle. From 

BCyiSKn : frit fioOKfjov, as if from obsot fiooiefw : 
Lat PASC-EBE, to feed, driee to patture, nourith, 
tupport : to maintain : — ^Pass., of catUe, Lat paeei, to 
feed, grcue, 

phcr-wopot, 6, (ficm, wSpot) oohfard, name of seye- 
ral straits, esp. the Thracian and Cimmerian. 

P6< rrpt4, ^o%, 6, « sq., q. v. 

BCyXTPTXOS, 6, in plnr. also rd, fi6<nfnfxa, a 
curl or lock of hair: poet., any thing twitted or 
wreathed, as afiash of lightning, the tendril of a vine. 

PoT&|ua, ow, ri, (fi6aien) pasture or money paid for 

PoT&vi), i), {fiSoKw) pasture, grass. 

ponfjp, 9pot, 6, (fiSateca) a herdsman, herd; oleavS^ 

fioHfp a watcher of birds ; a soothsayer; ie(wy fior^p 
a herdsman's dog, 

Bot6«, iJ, 6v, verb. A^j. of 06oKof, fed, fatted, 

J3oTpC^5ov, Adv., {fi^Tpfut) Wee a hunch of grapes, in 

poTpviOf, a, or, (fiSrpvt) of grapes, 

PoTpv6-8wpos, 0¥, (fi^rput, ^po¥) grape-producing, 

poTpv6-irait, muhos, 6, 4* (fi^pn, vrnt) chUd of 

tie grape, 

poTpvo-xc^'n)s, ov, b, (fiirput, yairrf) tcvA dwtered 

hair, ^11. wtth grapes in one's hair, 

3(yTPTZ,vot,6,aclukerorhtmch of grapes, II. 

smfi6rpux^t, fi6orpvxost a curl. 




pirpuxps — fiovviiMMf, 

BoTpvx-^^t, ct, {06Tftuxo9, d9o$) lik$ emi$, cmHg. 
pov-, a fonn of 0ov9 used in oompot. to expnm 
■omethinff mondnms, e. g. jSoChwcus, fiov-^drpm. 
BCTTBA'AIS, lot.^, uid po^ipaXot^d, aa Aftkan 
q>eciet of datr or anldope, 
fitnt-p&nfig, ov, 6, (/Sout, fiSffKw) f^dbn^ «attb: 
aa Bubal., fiovfi&nft^ 6, a eoanA^rd. 
fio^-fioTot, or, (/3oipt, $6<rKOftou) grated hjf oMe. 
pov-^p«Mma, «M, 1^ (/iov-, fiifip^^tm) a' nwenow 
unna^aiappeiiU: metaph. grmdwgpooaiiif or miterp, 
BOTBall,diro«A tti 9n)«H a mmOmv «i IA« ^rvM^ 

to tn^erfrom mooUm groim. 
-Tdios, d, {fiw-t loUi) a hraggoH, Anfly. [5] 
"Spot, or, (^ovt, hijw) JUtying CBom: gaUmg, 
it, {$wkf 0tfit») gi9w§ mmmer jMutarv: 

PotiO&r^, to tiay, mcfifiee taam: generally, io m- 
eiifiee or slavghUr, From 

Pov-OCrot, oy» O^ovt, diw) qf or (elon^tn^ (o aodrft- 
fieea: Baer^ficiaJ. 

BovKoSot, 6, (/SotMTOt) me whopUmgha wHh ooboi. 

pov-Kcpttt, ctfv, gen. C0 or -wrot, ace pL fioimepottt 
{fiotkt ifipae) homed like on ok.* £v aeoent lee 
Wordjiw. Ok. Qr. p. 140. 

Pov-ic44&Xot, oy. (/vc^a\4) &a2(-%M<20(i .-^ epHh. of 
hones, became branded with a bufft head: Maced. 
PovM^^^Xas, gen. a, tbe hone of Aleiander the 

pouKo\lM» L ^ffet, (fi<me6\o9) to tend oottltf.-— Med. 
to gr€ue, range over the patture, IL metaph. to 

ddiidet beguile ; kkvih fiouMoKovfMt I feed fltysefT on 
hopes, cheat myeelf with them : — then, generally, to 

PovKoXCo, iit {fiovic6Koe) a herd <f eattle. Hence 

pav K ohAt», t davt Dor. pMCoXidodot, t dfw, to 
dng or write paetorale. Hence 

pouKoXiaoT^ ov, 6, Dor. ptNCoXiacrH|t, a ssr^ 
or maker {^paitoraU, 

pouKoXiK6t, 1), ($y, Dcr. PqmcqXuc^, <l, ^f, (3oimk^ 
\ot) ruetiCj paitoral : ret fiowcokucA (sc. «oa^/iara) 

^ovK^Xtov, T<S, a ftard </ cattle. From 

PotHc6Xos, Dor. p«»-K6Xot, 6, {0ovt, and obidL inXlw 
sLat. eolo) a eoiherd : herdman* 

BoOicot, Dor. B&tco%, 6, (/3om) s^owmTos. 

P^^-<H*X^ ^, (^ovAi^, ^/^'t') ^ adoieer of a plan, 
Lat. <iuetor eoneHii. 

^ouXsCo, 1), (/3ooXc(m0) tibs ojfioe of commUor. 

PovXcv|ia, arot, r^ (^ovXclw) a decree ef tibs 001*1- 
e£l ; generally, a resoItitMm, ^^an, 

fiouMVf&dmov, r^ Dim. of ibreg. 

potxXffvrap, ^pot, 6,»/8oiiXcvn^ Hence 

povXcvT^ipMt, oi', jst/or oottfuel. II. aa Snbst. 

i9ovA.cvri^^oF, r^, a court-Aouse. 

Po«Xfvrl|t, 08, d, (^onXcCw) « fwnjor. Honoa 

PotiXsvnx^t,^ ^,^|SlliR^ a MwiaflBor; 5pMoe fia*- 
X«vrur^t the oath to&m by ihe ooumeSlortm XL 

as Snbat, rd /SonXcvrucdr in the Athemaa tliaatrc. 
the seats next the otdiestra, beUmgii^f to iha eoanefl 
of soo. 

6ovXcvt6«, ^, ^y, devieed, ptoUed. From 

PouXf^ 1 (Tw: pC fieMkemea, pam. 0afiabKmh 
l¥u: aor, i pass. ifiaaKMtfif: (^mA^). ^ tab 
eowisfli, ooneider: in past twiisai, io hcui aamttdand, 
and so to determine or reeoive vqpon a thing; ao sJao in 
Med. : — ^the perf. fiefioiXevrai is nsed botii ■■ a Pass., 
U it reaeiUred, or as Medw he m rmelked, • H. lo &« 
a member qf the eoimoU: tagiaeammL 

fiovM^ 4, (3o6Xo;iai) wiU, determenaHon, Lot. oomI- 
Wiim .'^"O prqfeet, pioa, i wkiitf wi. a.ennae^ad^ 

viee, whether given or taleea. IL also Ukft Lml. 

eoneiliumf the CkmneU or de Ub em ii o e ass—Wy, esp. ttial 
of the 500 at Athens. 

BouXmu, £p. for fiiAfkg, 2 sing. iretQ nf/?n{iT>iifii 

povX'^sM, fcoo, CF, (i^oiiA^ of good oomiaek o^pot. 

fiow\i|Oi(f, part aOT. I dfiodjofuu 

povXi)|Aa, arot, r^, {fiohko/Mu) a wiU 

Po^i|<n€, ««s, 4^ (MAofHu) a wOMiv or 

|^ouA'i(-^6pot, or, (/iosA^ ^^) e iw i w SB B ii yt 
~ I|^a, 1), (iSov-, Ai^) rooaNOM A i wg i e r 
1 dtfttf, lo eufferfrom rasMoos 
6Xu>t, or, (^ovAJI^) sK/SovAcvrus^ 

'AOMAI : impf. kfiaokSpafW or j/Tna^^Tjiy : 
Alt fiovKfioofMi : pert fiefieithaiimt : aor. I l/to i J L^ ^ iy p 
or4/3ovAi^^: Dep. TowOt^wiA^bowSimg: isss. 
0. infl, bnt also c dat, Tpifiaaof i$o(fkfro afm^m he 
wiUed victory to the Trojans, or in fbll, Tfie a e r mw 
ific^kero tc^ot dpi^cu, BoCiAsf or ^o(iXso0f» iritb 
the snbj. adds foree to the demand, fiobkn ppAmm 
would yon have me tall ; 6 fiaukipiane, Jj^ qwJiwj, 
the first that ofliBrs,aiiSf one lilotttfas. H. to 

Aaoe rather, ehooee, pr^er, asu. with 4> >% 0aLka§i 
lyiifkaiv a6c» ififtawt^dMoKhioilhad 
host were saved than lost 

^ovX^Knot, or, >S(/or imyolbui^ lAs oGDsn. Frooa 

3ov-Xi>r6t, 6, (^oM, Alw) the time for mtgnkm^ 
evening: in Homer only as AdTn^o«AirMc,toi 
eren«h(7, at SMnlide. 

6ou-|MXY6f, 6, (/Sovt, d^tlATsr) enm aigWwf 

pov-v6)Mt, or, (^ovi, r4/iai) ootfys/tSfMsy. 
pob-yofMot, grand by eatOe; 6ff^m fioimtpm 
grating oooen, 

BOTNO'S, i^ahO, heap, wwmd. 

po^Hvoit, mSot, ^, (3ov-i M^) a UM&fly hoy^ 
of bees, 60m oftheoz, 

Po^-woXis, COM, 6, 1^ (iSou-, «^) fciii rf i i ii m i ^ ai n; . 

PotMrdi&wv, or, gen. oi<os, (/9om, wM^nr pC ctf «^ 
o^Mtt) ridt in eaiUe. 


fimf^4i — Ppo^Xji^^* 


•u. n. M Bnbti^ 0ovwkfif, i^, on oD^ood. 

pBiMro£fn|v, cyot, 6, (/3oGt, iro(/4i') « itfrdtmon. 
pw ^o t , OKV (/9oSt, ««^pw) <»-pier0mg; fiovw6po9 

| t ^J pypo t , 9ir.(fiom,irp^pa) milk tkefae$ tfwm m. 

BOT^ 6 or ^: gen. ^dof, ilio po^t ^oO: ace. 
M; pok «Ik> ^: dat pi. iSovol, post /3^<r0^( : 
I WUior opv, a» <»; ia plur. Mttii. II. ^99f, 
^«iliflU60wi«i«M<«^Mi. ULprowK^ovt 
W TA^Wtfir ^^^i|M^ M iKkao^ imfiaiyu, like llf 
iwi rr^/M, of people who keep iQence from ■com 
nv*^ vMHon, from tile notica of a hȤsff body 
kMpbg dovn tk« toagne. 

cootr. from fim, aoc. pL of fimig. 

r, r6^ (^^ €ro$ii6%) a» ogMtaff. 

AdT., (^ovt, arpoipi) iwmmg Hke 
<•» «• f ttm gk iuff : of the eerij Qieek meiuiei' of 
vritbg; which went from left to right, and right to 
leftaHenialely, 8o Soltm's Iaw« were written. 

fm w ^ '^ fi m^ (fhi»^ fi r r v ) to tUmgker ooan. 

cv, 6, ^0<rrif»t a herdmau, 
, or, (^ofit, ^oyciV) (m^eatktf, 
f . li^w, (/lotf^drot) (0 tUnugmr cofmh 
dnb. kfi), t6, afettkia with mmVUet 

t^ii m% ^ or, (fit^ *p^^ M-^aer^cfmg, a. 

^9kiA mm cure dain, 
M tf g^ M , t it#i», ( fi am^ o p 69) to tend eaUl». 
lin ^ fyfka, mv^T^a herd ^ oxm. From 
W^opP^t, 6w^ (Pmk, ^p$ti) ca^eedkg:^nM. 

^ ♦o p To t , o9, {fiov-, ^prwi) with a grt^i lotuL 
Wx«M|t, h, (^ofiR, x/otSi^) holding m ifx. 
U^^EXot, air, {fiom, x^) rich in fodder. 
UAv, peit. aifiodot, a. gen. pi. of /9ovt. 
Mmc, <3ot. 4, (^eCb^ ^) «D^0d, Le. «M lorye, 

9emU^ 1 4^, to pUmgh, From 
M" | ^ ^^*' ^ >^» y» g WidwMm. H.aname 
*^^ fTTnatrHaHon AitrfimM. 
PHfiCo. i^ (fiptMm) the cfiee (^ Judge or imyire, 
FOMMcy «^ fW faaci.* genefally, orMroKon. 
fci gj oi , t4, ifipoMm) apriaein Ae gmmee. 
VBjmtrX, Urn, 6 : Att ace. iing. fipn^, noaa. 
|i*r. fipa0iit : — CAe /lu^i wfto oM^^Md (A« prieee at 
^ fmet: geniEatty, • J^^dge, nrbikaior, umpire t a 

M^ t #H (fifofitin) iolea Judge or i iay< rg : 
nJMui; r^, a iM efphm or aloe. 
RwAot. 4* the tree which bean 0p&fivKa, 
aPhTnuXg,l,hm$emtK9mtJmmL B^nce 

{poMw^t, Ad?, of fipMty dowly» 

i^dSot, CM, T^ (^paUn) tkwneee, 

Pp4&uvw, £ 0w, (i9pad6t) io dOay t^Vtm, tohe de- 
layed, II. intrana. to he §low about a thing : — 
Med. to he Oow, to loikr, 

ppadu-w«i$^ i; {0pMt, miBofuu) alow of permno^ 
tiont dow to helieee, 

BgaZnhwXoim, f. i^w, (fipaMf, wkiw) to taH dotOy. 

PpaSO-irovt,a, 4» wow, r^ gaa- wodoh (fipaibt, wove) 
dow of foot, alow, 

BPAAT'S^; Gomp.^^aa^, fipaUnepoe and 
ffp&aoenf : Bapeii fipdHk^Toa (poet.), fidpSioroe, and 
fipaiivmroe : dow, heavy, fidpdunw $(Ih¥ aloweat ai 
mnning: — met^ph. dow of uaderdanding, dow. IL 
of time, late, 

^ ^ib (fipMa, ffieikoa) dow i^foot, 
fJToa, i, ifipaJ6{tt) alowneea: dujneae. 
r6, MoL lor fiditoe, a rich female ponaail* 
f, aor. i pam. part, of fipii^a, 
A'XX^ Att pgdfrno : t fipdoei |;<|:--4o dtake 
viokndy, to throw iif, of the sea : to winnow or e{ft 
grain ; — ^Paw. to (oil up. 

fipdovwv, or, gen. oyot , Comp. of fipaiba, 

)pdx<Ct, cr(ra» iv, aor. a paas. part, of fipfx^ 

ig6.xiw% AdY. from fifiaxfte, 

^pdxCttw, ovoff, 6, {fipaxha) the arm, Lai. braafttum. [t] 

Pp4x^> or, gen. ow*, [Ion. t, Att. T], and Ppdx^ 
0"rot, Gomp. and Superl. of fipaxffa. 

Ppdxos. to9, r6, plnr. fip&x*^ contr. i9^X9 : (|9pci- 
Xm) : fAofiov^ ftaynoiii jMoI^ Lat. hreeia et eyrtee, 

Pp<H(<^-^o«, or, (fipaxff, fiQkot) with few doda, 
fipa^^Koe x^P^^ ^ narrow piece of land. 

PpAX^hr^uiMMf, Qif, gen. oyoc, (fipaxfrn, yvifiuf) cf 
aeant underatimdiag, 

fipax<h^poyMt, or, (fipaxJn, 9p6fioa) running a 
ahort way. 

fiprnxykoiia, i, hreeUy in apeeeh. From 

ppaxv^yot, oy, (fipaxffa, Xfyw) aibort in apeeeh, tf 

BPATX^t^ c2a, h : Gomp. fifiaxHrrepoa and fipa- 
xfenfi Comp. fipa/xftraroe and fip&XLaroe'.^^-enuM: 
at Spaoe Md Time, ahort; of Number, /no, liltitf : 
fipaxitt a li(tf«. a ehort time: htd $pax^ in few 
worda, Lat. hrwibua, pauda; h fipaxyr^Toia, Lat. 
^uani hreeieeime : kr $pax^, ir fipax^fft hri^. 

ppaxv-(r(8i|pot, oy, {0pa^, aUhjpoa) : dtewy fifioxih 
aiiifpoa a dart wUh a diort, emaU head. 

BjpoxihawtXi\ii, 4a, {^paxffa, vieiKoe) dwriAtgged. 

ppaxv-(r6|i^oXof, ov, (fipayjae, abfiifioXor) bringing 
a amM wiirimtiion. 

ppax^HTOVOf, w, (fipaxfta, rcdw) reaching a diort 

Pp»XV-'n>*Xn^ or, 0/»x<^ T/xlxv^ot) ahori- 

Ppo^X^^*^ ^l^oe, i|, (fifioxpa) diorineae: aeaniineaa, 

132 ppaxv<t>€YYtnjs — BPY'Xl. 

ec<mt UalU, [7] 

fipaxv-^vAXot, cn^t (fifio^xf^t ipvKKop) Aortrleaoed. 

•t'BPA'XA, only used in 3 ling. aor. 2 ^fipax^ or 
fip&x** ^ T(Me^ da»k^ ring^ roar, 

Pp^YF^ ^^^* ^^* (^phc^) the top of the head, Lat 

&>ckcicck{(, Bound to imitate the crooking of frogs, 

SOPEICA, only used in pros, and impf^ tlie Lat 
FBEMO, to roar, of the waves : to vhittU as the wind; 
to doth: to muXier: to gruuih the teeth. 

BPETfOOS. 6, on unknown waier^rd, of stately 
bearing: hence 11. arroganee. Hence 

ppwSvo^MXt Dep^ only nsed in pros, and impf.^ to 
he of a pnud carriage, hold one*M head high, moagger, 

Bpiivt, twt, 4» {0pix^) « *oeUing, 

BPETAX '''^f gen. fiphtoe, nom. pL fiphrj, a 
wooden image of a god. 

BPE'^02, cot, r6, the eMd mhon%, Lat/oefeit, « 
i/ifipvov, n. the neuhbom babe, whdp or evb. 

fifKixi&^t, 6, ^fipiyfsa, the top of the head, 

BFE'XA, f. ^« : aor. 2 l$p&xi^ : pfl pass. Mp^ 
y/uu. Tofoetonihe muface, moietm, tprinlde, opp. 
to riyyot : — ^Paas. to he iodted or drenched, 2, im- 
pers. fip^x^ 1^® ^<<» ^^ l>ItMi, it rains, 

BPI-, [r], insepar. intensive Prefix, whence come 
fipe&u, 0ptap6s, 

Bpl&pM)t, 6, a hundred-handed giant, so called by 
thegods, hat by men JEgeeon. [In Ep., trisyll* 

ppl&p6t, <&, 6w, Ion. Ppi«p6t, 4t ^''f (0p^) strong, 

ppldtf, (^pi-) <o strengthen, to make strong, II. 

intr. to be strong. 

BPI'Zn, fut. iv, to nod, Oimber, sleep, 

|3pt^Trt)ot, ov, {fipt-, Mw) loud shouting, 

^ >tOof , cot, t6, (ppiOca) iedghL 
>l9o<rvvT|, 1), (fipiBos) weight, heaviness. 
{plOv-voot, ov, contr. PptOivovt, ow, {fipiBifs, r^ot) 
grave-minded, though^, 

fiplOut, cfo, (r, (fipiOca) weighty, heavy, 

BPrOn, f. pplffw : aor. i ifipiaa : perf. $i$fiOa, To 
ifs heavy, to be weighed down or heavy laden with a 
thing : — Med., /tfjieejy Kopirf 0pi$OfUvrj a poppy laden 
with fruit : Ipit fitfipOma, £p. for fie0pl$vui, weighty 
strife. 2. of men, to otiitoe^^, prevaU : to be supe- 

rior in (he fghi, to be master, IL trans, to load, 


|3pl|ido|&ai and ppl|i6o|iai, Dep., to be wraOtful, 
furious : esp. of beasts, to roar, snort. (Fonned from 
the sound.) 

ppto'-ApitoTot, ov, (fipiBoi, &pfta) loading the ear. 

K^TXOS. &, the windpipe, trachea. 

fipo^^, tsfipifm, to buxa, hum, of gnats. 

ppo}udto|iAS Dep. to revel like Bacchus. From 

pp6iuot, a, ov, (fipSfiot) roaring, boisterous : — Whence 
6 Bpopuos, the boiiarous god, a name of Bacchus, a. 

mB6jcxftos, Baechie. 

BpoyaMfij^g, ft, (fip6fuos, cTSot) Baechie. 

pp6\tJ0%, 6, {fipipm) Lat fremitus, any loud 
roaring, as of fire, etc. 

ppoim&M, frit, ^ffv, to thunder: fipovrq, impend, «l 
ttwkfer s, Lat totiot From 

BPONTH',i),(Atiffu2er. U. the state <f fme eirtuik 
with thunder, astonishmenL 

Bp6vTt||u^ arot, t6, {$povt6w) a tkunder-eihpm 

Bp6vt7|f, ov, 6, (fipovr^) Thunderer, name of one d 
the Cyclopes, who foiged the bolts of Zeus. 

Ppovri|ox-Klpawot, ov, (fipovT6w, ircpavr^t) mrcKpi^ 
thunder and lightning, 

ppovT-^0&i|t, ct, {fiporr^, cTSot) thunderinff. 

|3p6Tiu>t, ov, also a, ov, Ep. pp6Tfot, 17, ov, (fiperrSe) 
m<nial, human, 

ov, also a, or,Bforeg. 
; ov, (fipor6s, fifjpui) travsfUng os^ 

fOT6^Yi)pvt, V, gen. vot, (fiporSs, *jfipMi) wUh i 
man voice, 
ppor6mM, €Cffa, sv, {0p6rot) bloody, gory. 
ppOTOKTovlw, f. ^<rw, to nmrder men. From 
^poTO-iCT6vof, €v, (fipor6t, ktsIvu) iwa nrfgyfa y, 

Xot7K$t) bane of 



g>OTo-Xow6f , OV, (fipor6s, 
bPOTCXS, 6, a moriol, man, opp. to dAdbwrot 
9c^t : as A4j. morial. 
BPOTOS, d, blood from a wound, gore, 
BpoTo-<nc6wot, ov, (fipar6s, oitowiof) wakihinff 
pass, haiedbymen, 

PpoTo-^rjfY^, ^t, (fiporSs, ^hrfos) gMmg 

Spot, ov, (fipor^, ^tipet) 
I, {fio&ros) to slain wkh gore, 
ipoxsrit, o, (fiptxoi) a wetting, rain. 

**xiLi (^X»)=«««g. 
PO'XOOS, 6, the throat, 
BPO^OX 6, a nooee or Oip-hndt, for hanging 

drawling ; for snaring birds, 
Pp^w, (fipHw) to teem wUh plenty, oveiftoso, 
fipvySnv, Adv., (fipifftw) enarling, 
ppvyp.i%, 6, {fipCx») a snarUng, biting : a 

iff gmishing qf teeOu 
BPT'Kn, f. £«: aor.3 tfipflixw', to Mte, ekcour. m 
BPr AAH, « fifiv €lwstv, V. sq. 
ppOv, ppOv clirci> to cry /or drink, 
Bpv(, only in ace. fiphxa, the depths cfthe 9eeu 
Ppf^dofuii, frit med. fipuxfjao/tm, aor. i psMs. 4/9pu^ 

X4^: Dep.: (fipbxw)- To roar, honil, bdlom^ I«at. 

ni^e. See pwc&opai. Hence 

ipx/f^Y^ <^^* ^^» <^ I'oai^ • and 
3pOX>mt, 00, 6, a (eOoieer, Aoioler. 

ip^iof , or, also a, of, (fipb^from the depths qf t&« 
sea, fipvxia ^X^ an echo /rom the deep, [9] 

BPrxn, frit $p(f(ei : pf. /Si^pDxa :— to heOoet^ to 
roar, Aoio{. [9] 

BPTfi, ooly used In pies, and imp£, to he fuU ^ 

fip&fM — yaitiytv/is. 


vkjOdng^twdHartetmwWL 11. tram, lo eouie 

lo hunt forth, [p in pres. and impf.] 

fipfifia,aro«,T^, (fii$fiita/M) thai whieih it eatmtfood, 

pfm^iAn^m, {0pifiu) Dep., to hray like an om, Lat. 

Mf^ i, {MpifffKu) fip&tM,food, 

Bp4rtjtot, w, (fipSoffu) eaiable, $dUd, 

P^Avit, CM, ^ (fii$fifCMw) meat, opp. to ir^<r(t 
(drwik). n. an eating into, eorrceitin, nut. 

fpcrrftp, 4 poc, 6, (fiifip&aiMf) a deoowrer. 

^rat, ^, ^, yeib. A^j. of fit0p^»o»f eatable, 

UAcvot, 17, or, 0(>^\m) fmufe ^ (yibtf. 

rrBAOZ,i9,(A0£^XP<<a»iK9'y*^* ^-^ 

eoib vjSbne, of which were maide ropei, pi^>er, etc. : 

tifibfikoiUareeiflfyUm: hence, a loofc : alio in pL 

B^, Adr., 0(w) gtoag-j)re M e d ; c^oie^, thiddy. 
fim^tiffm,(flve6$)tothrow into the deep, iameree, 

Pi^oi, o, or, (^&^)tniA«dM*p,iimiboi»<ie<p. 11. 
«(fte ^cKp, ^iffffia (enb. (j^) wUer-animalB, [0] 

BreOX ^, the depth, the <2e^ of the tea. 

pwnii, ou, d, 0(w) maao. Adj. Uuatering. 

g*K Att for fi(w. 

BTTZA, 1}, Of sHn ifWfipMt (^f , a hide, Lat. bursa. 

f^-oUrot, 6, (fihpaa, al9r6e) the leaUter-eagU, 
cpi^ of deon the tanner. 

ftfOMt, iam, 6, a tanner. From 

ppof^ii, f. 9«», (^^Ott) to dreet hidee, tan, 

pjfoin^,^ a leathern thong, [t] Fern, ftom 

p po v w t , 17, or, (fivpca) nude of tJdn or leather. 

,t,'^^m,to ^eathid^heatanner. From 
ov, d, {fiffpaa, 9iifm) a tanner. 
yii^, 6roe, 6, (0ifpaa, Uai^Xarf&y) the 
^tAr-Pt^Ua{fonian, nickname of Cleon. 

^ifa^wiXr)l%, ^* ^ (^p^tti wea?Um) a leather'»dler, 

p<puo it«f|ft, ^t, and Pup<r6-TOVot, or, (fihpaa, 
nan) Mtt tkm or IeaiA«r iCreteAed omt. 

0ml»ot, 9, or, (fttf^aoe) made cfjme linen. 

^ovo-8o|M6»,(^<r^,8o/Uw) (o buOd in the deepe: 
^^unee to meditate deqiff. 

(W<lii» , Adr., {0wrff6M)from the hottom. 

^i99^fhpnfl, Q9, 6, (fivc<r6e, /urpiv) measuring 

{Wy<t, i,^0v$6e, the depths (^theeea. 
nm^%^^, fate flax: fine linen. 
^wi^pttv, or, {fivffcit, ^pffy) deepihinking. 
BTH: £ fiifcat [D]: pf. paas. pifiwrpat : to atti/ 
Mi^fiarot $e0vafUrot tiffed fvSt of apun-work; 
*JJ|)if Be09C^U¥oe bunged up with aponge. 
{^^••r. a act. anbj. of fiedyw. 
Ian. oontr. for fioifiim. 

-O0«H|S, Dor. Ibr /3om&-. 
pMKoXuE^t, Dor. for fimm-. 
i. Dor. for /SoScoa. 

diciot, a, or, (0wka^) forming dode, of rich loam, 
, d«ot, i),s/3wXoff, a olod </ eaiiA. 
; T^, Dim. of iS&Aot, a etod. 
A02, 1), a clod of earth: also like Lat ^20(0, a 
pieee </ land, ground, toil : generally, a mate </ any 
thing : ao even of the ami. 

fio}Xo-T6|iof, or, {0Sj\o9, rifvw) elodrbreaking, 

p»|uot, a, or, also ot, or, (fivp^t) on or at the altar: 
hkonging to the attar. 

^evflt, ^8ot, 1), Dim. of $wp6t, a ttep. 

)u)ioX6x<v)ia, crot, r6, a ribald jetL From 

iotjioXoxavofaai, Dep., {0o)po\6xot) to praetite 
coarse buffoonery, indulge in ribald fedt. From 

ptt|AO-X6xot, ov, (fisip6s, Xox&sf) lurking about the 
dUctrt, for the scraps that could be got there: a ttarvelutg, 
beggar: hence a low flatterer, ribald fetter. 

ptspM, 6, (/3a/rw) any raited p&oes for ttanding 
on, a ttand, Lat. tuggetlut: a raited place for te^ 
crificing, an altar: later alao a funeral mound, IaU. 

iQi¥, Dor. for fiovr, ace. of $ov9. 

k&oot, oontr. for 0ofiaat, aor. i part, of fio&st., 

)Aat, 3 plnr. aor. a anbj. of fialvw. 

kMTTploi, (^odfltf) to call on, to call to aid. 

Wroc, Dor. for ^oimTt. 

pwiv-dvaipa, ij, (fi6cKO), iyfip) manfeeding, nurte 0/ 
heroes, \f£\ 

P^yrvp, opot, 6,^fioT^t, a herdtman. 

P, Yf Y^4H>A, indecL, third letter in Gr. alphabet :. 
as nnmeiml y** three, third: but ,7 « 3000. — ^Before 
the palatals y ic x* ^^^ before A y is pronounced like 
fi in «ij7, as dTTot ^Ticot Ayx^ dyisf. 
For the dtyomma, t. sub <r. 
Homer uses 7 as an a^irate before some words,, 
as aZa toTo, Mwot yHovwot : so also in Att., before 
X and r, e. g. k/j/aj ykfjpri, r^^ yv6^. 

In Dor. 8 is sometimes put for 7, as 8a M^ 
for yfj, yr6<pot : also y for fi, 0\4<f>apo¥ y\i<papo¥ ; 
but in Att, $ for 7, 7X^flur fihdix^uv', also for k, 
yvAwTst Kv6mrw : and for X, Tt^for A^Sor. 

74, Dor. for 7f . 

7A, Dor. and MxA. tar yif, earth, 

7a7Yd|it|, ^, TdyyiliAOV, r6, a smoM rcwid nd. 

TdTYpoivo, 1}, (ypi^, ypahw) a gangrene, an eatin(f 
sore ending in mortifieation. 

yitiok, 1), the royal treasure : riches, (Persian word.) 

Yato-4^Xdiciov, t6, {yd(a, t^XHicfD a treasury, Lat» 

T&O^M, Dor. far yrfBiot, pf. 7^72^0, part ysyiMs, 

yaXa, 1), like cJa, poet for 7$, earth, ground, toU t 
one's country. 

TOidoxot, or. Dor. for 7oi4oxot. 

ToiipfiWit, ^t, poet for 777cr4t. 


yai>ipo$ — yiJUrrpcu 

yoi'Mot, 17, ov, (7<ua) tprungfrcm Bar^ 

yw.i^X'^ ov, (toTo, Ix«) poSt. for ytfc^o*, earth- 
9urrounding, epitk. of Poseickm : of o&er godfl, pro- 
ieeUng acowUry, 

YjiSot, or, Dor. for Y(7ot, on loiMi. 

r ATA, to exuU or r<;o<e« ^ irCrStf 70^ emlttn^ <m 
his Btrength. 

FA'AA, gen. yAXtuenH, t6, mOh. (Lat. LAO 9^ 
pean in gen. jA-Xxuc-roi). 

YaX&^^f, 01% (fciXa) wdUn(^, <n/(i»it. 

YoXdicfCvot, 1;, w, mUky, mOMhik, 

YaXaKTO->ir&Y^ ^i, {yixa, vay^mi aor. a pMi. of 
iniywfu) like curdled mUk, 

YaXaicTo-ir6tt|t, ov, ^, (7^^ wlv^) a mWt'dfMter, 

YaXAveKYaXav6t, Dor. for ya^jffpff, yoXfjr&t* 

TAAE'EC^t.oontr. Y&X4|,Qi^^, a wtaad otpoUoai. 

yoktp^ d, 6v, eheerful, AdT. "p&i, 

Y&Xf^»n|fl, ov, 6, {yoXhi) a hind (/ tpoUtd Uaard, 

Y&X4|, i^, contr. for fxXhj. 

Y&XiivaiOf, a, ov, =^yaXfpf6i, 

Y&X<nvfia, Dor. YiiX4vfta, i^, «:iq. 

rA'AH'NH, i^, iCOIiMM <{f wind and imim, ooIhi, 70- 
Xfivriy ikaJbyuv to aafl through the mIm: gonemlly, 
ooim, tran<7i»jS%. Hence 

7aXt|Vido>, £p. part. fern. yaXfpnSartni, to he otttm. 

Y&Xtpr6t, 6v, (toX^) edlm^ ttiU, eerme; esp. of the 
sea, in nent. pi., yaXsjvd a calm, ToA^' 6p& I Bee a 

Y&X-ovpY^, ~ovpY6t, -ovx'^t-ovxfAf'^yo^JUCT-, 

vaX6<p, pi. nom. of sq. 

rA'AOniS, i^t gen. yiXou, nom. pi. ^oX^ : Att 
y6Xu% gen. 7^X01, 1^, a $ider'in4aw: the ooirespond- 
ing maac. is 9tx^p, [d] 

T&iuu, Dor. for 7^1101, aor. I inf. of yafUm, 

ya^ipp^6,(yxfiiw)anyccnnesDumbgmarHagei Lat 
€^i8 : — I . a Bon'Maw. a. a frn>tib«r4i»4aio. 3. 
a father-in-law, II. in Dor. and .£oL, a {rid^- 


Y6)mv, Dor. for Myrffttv, 3 «ing. aor. I of joftiv, 

Y&|A«T^, i^, fern, of iq., a wife, 

7fifkfn|t, ov, Dor^ gen. To^iJFrd,^ a htuband, tpouee: 

Y^lilttt, idot, 4> a «^<^ From 

T&lUco : fat. yofdt^t Att 71^16, later 70^^^: tot 
med. yafUffofuUf Ep. 3 sing, yaiiiacvrm : aor. 1 1717- 
.fia, med. iyrffi&fajy : pf. 7C7ii^ii7«(i, paak 7C7dfii;^iai : 
aor. I pasB. iyafdi^ : (7(i/iot). 3V> many, fc> tafee 
to I0i/e, Lat. diwere; he ttaxov, 1^ ^70606 T^ftfu to 
marry of a good or bad stook. II. Med. to give 

in marriage^ i. of the woman, to give her we ^ in 

marriage^ to wed, Lat. nubere, a. of the parents, 

to get their children married, betroth, to get a wife for tile 
0Of» or a Aiufond/or 1^ dciii0rM0r. in. PaM.,a0r. 
I inf. 'vafOTtf^Mu, lo he wedded or tahm to wife. 

yli\kiXev^, OTOt, r^,*B7dfiot. 

Tou-flXiot, a, ov, (Tttfi^) bridal, Lat. m iyrt ti to j 70- 
fujkui (sub. ^ff^a), a marriage^ecaL 


ra|jii|Xi<^, £vot, d, the sevmih monft of tile Jflii year, 
from yafUcj, becanee it was the iwual time Ibr ved- 
dingi: itanfweredtotheendof Januaiy and begin- 
ning of Febmaiy. 

YdjiCttt, f. /era;, (7(i/<ot) (0 ^*ne in marriage, 

Y&(UK6f, 4, ^v, (yiftm) hridai; tA yoftmd A wU- 
ding, Lat. nupticF. 

7&fi»4c\6irot, ov, (7^K^i0B, «Xi«7w) aifc^fiiwn .* «s 
Subet., <iii adulterer. 

Yd-|i.6pos, 6, Dor. for yfffUpot, 

TA'mOX d> A twdd^, morfM^; alio iiedloei^ ma- 
trimony : in pi. a martiag&feeMt, Lai. mytto. 

Ya)i6-<rroXot, ov, (7d;iot, or^XXw) fnptuing mat- 

Ya|i4^|XaC Av.iif, (yofa/fSe, TM^arr^t) Ifte jaw of s 
beaet ; tile beak of a bird. 

Ya|u|r6f, 4, ^v, (ir^i/nrrei) bent, cvnmZ, e ro o k a d , 

Ydv, Dor. for 79V, 7arav. 

Y&vdit, (7dvot) to «Mm, gutter, gieam: I9 loofc &rVX 
andfre^ Lat. nttere ; metaph. to he cheerful, 

r A'NO^ cof, r6, hrigktnett^ tkeen : tentfy, a 
ddigM, [S] Henee 

Y&v6«», fo make brigHd or tUMt^; pC pan. part. 
yavufiho%, glad-iooking,joyou9, 

yavbtanf, iotaa, Bp. part, of yatfim, 

Y^vi}|iai, Ep. frit, yavbcffofjuu : Dep.: (7ipo»), 
bni^Mm «p, he delighted at a thing. Hence 

Ydwouo, orot, r6,=«7dvot. 

Y^-ir<oov, t6. Dor. for ^fl(«vdov. [dj 

rAT, CknijTmction, /or, Lat. inim, and Uke H 
placed after the firet word In a Mntence. Iti cidef 
usages are I. to inkoduee iheremm: iHieo. tike 

reason precedes that of which it is the reason, H na^ 
be rendered by since or a$; 'krp^Bin, woAXol 7^ 
rc^voo'fv 'Ax«uo^ einee many Achmans are dead : «o 
in Herodotus, in parenUieris, as, #at, i)v 71^ 6 Mn^n 
0^ kmnjMrreervr, etOn and, einee MaimthoiipSB |||» 
fittest place, ... U. to strengthen x« 4^ 

mteetion, like Lat. nam, Engl, wily, uilal, rh y^ «« 
fJKey why who hath sent thee ? 8. n cM, «pns6e 

70^ ^^Xoco O that you might perish! in fiotner im. 
a! yap, Att tl or cfi^c 7<&/>, Lat. ut ittm m , O AM f » 
also vwt 7^ «MiiU tilot ; 
ya^yaip», t dpS^ {yAp/ylipa) to moarm with, 
YopYSX^o^i Att. for 7a77aAi(w, {ydpyuKom} in 
tieUe, Hence 
YapYaXuru^ ov, 6, a tiekUng, 
rATTAAOS, 6, a ttelMng, itekmg. [JQ 
rATTATA, r^ ileope, lots, plmiy, 
Yftp^ f . ifff^ff Dor. for yrffiot, to ehtUer, 
Yoorfj^ gen. ya^ripoe synoop. Totrr^ dat. phv, 
7a<rr/M&Oi[d],i^: — ihepauneKh«af,ii».i.imtgr: Tturr^ 
6oirlho» the hoQow of a shield. a, Ae wimh^ C 

yoffrpt <f>ipeiv or 4%^^ to he wiA ektid, 9. 
aj^petite, in a bad sense, ^Mtonf . Ilenea 
Ydorpo, loo. y&ffrpni, ^ AsM^ ^ n/or, «toi. 

yacrrpHutp — yiXats. 


y mn f tXtm , r6. Dim. from ya0rffp^ 'j/marpUm, 
■ywrrpCtift, f. iffw, (yiarpa) to JSl one*8 bay. XL. 
10 Ai <m Of M^, s trick in boodng. 
VHTp^samt, or, {'yaar^p^ f^ipyo*) g Hu tUmtm. 
y^OTfieff, rd. Dim. atyM^r^p, 
Y^rfpig, lot, 4, 4 (toovI^p) pot^eOiad: a glutton. 
^WTpo-jSap^ /t, IfturHfp, fiapift) heavy wUh eUUL 
Yi n po < ^a p iii, 1 ^^, (Yurr^p, ^pet) to hear tn 

T w Xui ^t, 4 ^, (fofiAfM) Monging io a mercktmt- 

ymA»/f%M6%t4, 6ar,'^fiiiXue6i, 

VATA(yX 6, a mOk-paa: a isakr^mkd: may 
imd MMi, e.g. a iteriuioe: hence IL TsvAot, 

i a maul huSi marAanl-veMei, prolley. 

tiiifi^ld0iv [d],fo karai«e{fj»roiuZ^t pride oii«- 
*if. From 

fi O pe i , or, abo a, or, (>abf) hopinj^: esouUny in, 
tiHntmmy: wtmoKtaytMt* Henoe 

Ymifenai, Pmb., to emiU, be overweening: to be 
rneief: henoe 

yiAfm^n, etrm^ ri, a md^fcr boasting, 

rK» Dor. TO, eoditic PtfticOe, Lat fu^km, <tf leoil, 
^ ety rate, 5 y' irtfASc X«&f ctf aii|r rale the people 
bere : oltea attached to pranoDm, e. |^. fywT** ^f^* 
S7C a. «Mfl then, Aen, implyfaig imwiUinff- 
iaai»djptf7c AeR I willgo. 3. and tnieed, loo, «a- 
Amyi vowr and qviter^Af too] 4. to itreDgthfin 
«ft% ri^ Aia . . 7c, with a wotd between^ to which 
y m. nftn. IL even, j|A^r *Apt^pe& 7c 

t]^ 0(ar agaiiiii «rm Amphtaraua' will. 

y fc t x e i , or. Dor. for Toc^oxoe. 

T^fio, £p. for yiyom, wit. of '^yropai, to hate 
hm loni, to ii; Use: pL yffdfuif, yiyidre, yey6d(n : 
bAb. Try^^mr [^ for yeyaifai, only in oompoimdi, 
*IXr. TTf^Mir [d J : part. ^^170^ duffa, Att. oontr. 

yyi l A ftt , Dor. fir 7*71^^11. 

YtVicKr, Dor. p£. ini of fiympm : eee 7^700. 

irtTi|Mir, %. inl of 7l7aa : hot yiyap/of i pL p£ 

T^vHp^ pt of 7f7K>/ja«. 

I^r^ Y ^Y ^^ 3 i^* pi a and plqpf. of yfiiet. 

Y^Tem, pC of TfyrofKu. 

ir^YP^tmMu, paM. pt, YfYpd^o|Aai, paulo-poit faL 

IVriOMA, poi. with prea. tignl, part 7f7tn>6t : 
^ otko' traiaei aie finned oa from prea. yrfeti4mi — 
^I ty m w ; impf. l y e y ^^ pe u r or yey^nwnf fiir I7C- 
1mr,3dBg.l7ry6rct;aor.iinl7rywn}«eu: verb. 
<^. 7t yM » ^i 4or. To eaU or ery to ae to be heard, to 
^dmif tovHf Tc yh/wre /Sot^oos aa iiur aa Ae ooidd 
vdnMaailf Aeord bj ahonting: o. ace. vai, to eaU 
"^yndaim atend: at thingi, to aoiaid, ring, etc. 

Wavvpaov, Teib* Ad[|. from fiaag., 0110 vmmI jifO> 

Y^W^nii lengthi. ^ai. Ibr 7l7afra, to proeZoiaL 

Y^Y"^** ^* 'Mi* from part. 7C7afr^, (like dpapde^ 
6p, from dpapin), loud'tpoken, loud-toimding, 

yey^ wra, in, Att part p& of yiryrofmi, fat 7^ 
7orn, 7ryadbt, aee t^w. 

Ft^vva, i^, Heb. Qe he nn a, L e. the Talley of Wik^ 
nom : a name und for JTeO. 

Y«i|~^^^^^ ^^'* ▼• T**"*"-' 

Y«-l^>oT^t» od, 6, and y^I'^H^^^P^ -9po«t (iflt 
4^^) a fiougher of eartk, 

Y<ivd)uvot, aor. i part of yetyopai, 

Wvioi, Ep. fir ydnjai, 2 aing. aor. i med. aal^. 
of 7f/rofKU. 

Ytitvo|uu, to be b^ctten, be bom. 11. the aor. i 

kyetpApofi^, y^poa^ai is always used in causal wnae, 
»7crr^, to beget, bring forth : 0I 7fty^^ccro< the 

Y«o-|i6pot, eic.,^ysetft~, etc 

Y»o <^6pet, ov, (79, ^^) eofift-ieoringr. 

rEI'^SON or Ycunrov, r^ any iMigr pn^eeUng so 
<u to theUer, (he eaves of a rotf, (he eomioe, coping: the 
hem of a garmenL (Of Carian origin.) 

YevrvCooit, tai^ 4* neighbourhood: the neighbome. 

Yf«TviA«», (ytirsip) to be a neSghbomr, to border on. 

yevraviM, = foreg. 

Yaw6 <H)vDt, or, neigUbeming, near. From 

rEITXlN, oroe, i, ^, a neighbour. in. as A^., 

neighbouring, bordering: — inetaph. akin to, tike. 

Y«Xdtat, Dor. for YtX^ot. 

Y«Xav^ it, {y€\aoa) laughing, eheerfuL 

Y«X&oura and y^<^^o^ Dor. tor yehAeuffeu 

yeXaadst, Deriderat of 7cA^, to lOpe to ioa^ to 
be ready to laugh. 

yikaaya, aros, r6, (yek&et) a laugh, mtpdrsn^ 4r- 
(ipiBpiw y^haopa *'the many4winkliDg ani4e of 

Y«XaoT^ ov, 6, (7cXd«) a langher, sneerer. 

yehnarit, 4, 6v, laughable, lom^ied dt. From 

rEAA'Il, Ep. Y«^6««, Ep. part pi. Y^^airrct, 7t- 
A^orrct, or yekolavr^t : Ep. impf. 7CX0W : frit 
ytXdaofioi, Dor. 7fX^ai : aor. i iyikiiffa, po8t f)4- 
Xoo'ira. To laugh, Lui. rideo, kyikaaae ^ixitf M^phk 
heart loa^ibed within him. U. to laugh ai, 

s neer o l. 

nrATES, iSot, 4 : pL7^X7i8ft or 71X7111 : mdyXiSt 
a heady dove of garlie, Jjui. tpiea eiUH. 

YtJ^otdiB, Ep. fir yeK&M, 

Y<XoCCot, Ep. for Y^Xoiot. 

Y^oiot, a, ov, also ot, ov, (tcX^) tamghoiHg, ab~ 
surd. n. hmnorous, faeetioue : yikom Jests. 

ytXoiuirm, part prea. <xf ycXoc^. 

YaX6«, Y«X6«rm, Ep. fir 7cA^, 7cXiorrcf . 

yekJEiim, Dor. for yt\S^a^. 

yek&ovrsie, poet fir YcX^ovrrct, 

Y^Xwt, 6 : gen. orroe, Att w : ace. yiXetra, yihet^ 
and Att 7^Xmr: (ysiMt): Mktor, I«t rises, M 
yikimivUtugMer^etakettjKyJilmi^ M^^mtb' 


ycAcoToirotfo — FE'PANOS. 

Jed of htUffhUr, Lai. htdtbrimut yikoara roi€tff$al ri 
to m&ke a joke of it. 

Tt^MVoiroitaK 4» hvffomery. From 

yX tt TO-4ro t 6f, ^i', (yiXaw, vot^) exeUmg hmgUer : 
at Snbit, YiXttTOiroiot, ov, d, ajetter. 

y^m, f. /<rw, Att 2&, (t^/mi) toyiO, load or/rv^^ 
toOA a thing >-Pan. to 60 /i^Med 

vfciof, r^, iBT^/iot, a/rtighL From 

rElfXl, used only in pres. and impf.» fo &e/tifi </ 
a thing, lo hefvU, 

yivid. Of, Ion. Ytvt^, ^« i^, (^ivw) birth, &wk&T^ 
pOBftyijyovmget by birth; iMytynftfrombiaih. IL 
hirth, race, detemt, ytvtf ihtiprtpM higher by Uood : 
of hones, breed, lU. a genertUum, Lat ffceeu- 

•prin^, detoendanU. 

Tfvt&XoY^u, f. ^croi, (tc vcoA^TOf) fo froee a pedi- 
gree; y€vedKonfuv ripato trace \^ pedigree: — ^Paes. 
lo deriee one*$ pedigree. Hence 

yeiveSXoyia, 4> irodng one*t deeeenL From 

yenfe5rk6yo%, 6, (yeved, Xi'yw) a genealogid, 

Tfvtift, $•, i^. Ion. for yeved : dat. ycyc^. 

7fvl0AT|,^t^''^<>Hj;rm, descent : of horeeff, &reed. 3. 
HrtA-pIoee, dprybpov yeviBkij a mine of eilTer. 

7fvc0X(8iot, ov,'=^yepi0\io9. 

vfvMXiot, ov, belonging to one't biriA, Lat. naialie : 
ri yevi$Xja a birth-dayfead : yeviOXiot 0€ol the gods 
qf one*B race ; yeviBXiov ed/ta kindred blood. 

yhf^kov, T6t'^ytyi0kij, deeeenL 2. qftpring, 

Ycvfi&t«i, Dor. -doBtt : f. dffet : (yivetov) : — to gd a 
heard, come to maxCe edate, 

ytmAt, <&dot, i^, (yivetoy) a beard, a. in pirn*. 


yevtnj&/(rK»,^y€reii&iu, togda beard. 

TCViiATM, Ion. 7cvii'l|Ti|f, 6 : fern, yemant, iSot, 
alao ytveane, (yeyttdt) bearded. 

yeivnito, f. i/jao),miy€y€t6.ia), togda beard. 

7<vfioy, t6, (yhnn) the part covered by the beard, the 
laeer peui cf the face, the chin, 

ylvio, Ep. for lyirou. 

YtWo^ku, aor. 2 inf. of ytypofMu. 

TtWoiot* oy, i^yeviBXioe. U. tA yeAcia a 

bMh-^ajf /eoii:— -alao, a day hqi in memory cf the 

Y^vtoit, em, 4» (*yhw) an origin, eouree: birih, 
Toee, deeeenL 

YCv^Tiipa, fern, from ytverlfp, {*yiw) ahe that gboee 
hirih, a motfter. II. the that u bom, a daugUer. 

1f«vtHi, i),-»7f»'«4, birih. 

ycvtrfip, ripoe, 6, fern, yevirupa, '^yepinjt. 

7fvln|S, ov, d, (*yitw) the begetter, a father, an- 
eedor. 2. the begotten, the eon. II. as A4j^ 


YivtTvXXit, Uhe, i, {*yhoi) goddeee of one't birih 
ytv^TBtp, opoe, dt'^yevirtjt, a father, 
yvn^ip w , 3 ling. aor. i pan. impeiat of ytyrofuu. 

ytrtfig, 1}: gen. yer/fiSoe, contr. yerjioei'myn^ 
the edge cf aneaot: on axe, mattoefc. 

ykifii, ^, poet, for ^^i^oe, deeeenC, efftpring. 

yei^rMa% \X\, ov, 0, plnr. yeyMcu, (yiwm) nohU, 
in mind or birth, Lat. generoeme. 

Yflwaio-irpfirfjt, ^t, (yermibi, vplwof) befitting a 
noble. Adv. -vwt. 

YiwoEot, a, oy, alto ot, or, (T^i'wa) tutlaUe to ofie*t 
birth or deeoenl, oi; fioi ytvycuw it ^ not fUff hi^ 
blood: neibU, both in mind and blood, highrbom, hAJh- 
minded: of animalw, thorough-bred: ot things, good 
of their kind: bnt alto, yevpaia 9(nj genuine, itieMue 
miaeiy. Hence 

Ycmi^n|t, ijToe, i, nchiUty, noUeneae of eh a raeter r 
ci hold, fertility. 

ywvalan. Adv. of 7cynuoe, noUy: Snperl. tcfbvi- 

Ytwdtt, f . 4^01, (yiyya) to begeL of the lather ; to 
bring forth, of the mother : ol yewrljaaPTee the parade. 

Y4wi||ia, aroe, t6, that wkieh ie produced, a ehM r 
any prvduet. II. a begdUng: and 

Yfw^nn, ov, ^, (Tcyyoiv) a parent, laX.paierfamSUoM, 

ycwnr^t, 4> ^^* {yevv6m\ begotten or dom. 

Ttw^Tcap, opoi, 5, « yertrcop. 

YCwiK6t, 4, ^y, B Tcio^ot, brave, apiriCed. Adr. -«•• 

Y<voCaTO, Ep. and Ion. for yivoarro. 

Yevo(|iav, Jkst. for -aci/k, aor. 2 opt. of T^ymyiou. 

Y^vot, cot, r6, (*yivat) race, deecent : freq. in ace. 
abtol. yivoe, at i£ *I0iKtj9 yivoe elpi I am of Itbaisa. 
by deecent: bo in Lat., 7«^c "roX^rTt a oitiaeii hff 
birth. II. a deeeendant, a ehUd, at Yiigil't Dmei 

genus. III. a race in regard to number, a no-' 

tion, 2. a race in regard to time, on age, gentro' 

tton. lY. tex: gender. Y. idnd, geams,, 

opp. to cTSot, tpeeiea, 

Y<VT0, Ae ^a^ped,B|\a^cir, 3 jdng. of an old Vertn 
only found in thia form : prob. Mol. for ikrro, — y 
representing the digamma. IL contr. Jor 


rE'NT'X, voe, 4 : ace plm>. Y^yvat, oontr. yh^ 1 
The under jaw: yiyvee, both jawe, (he movith: heiio» 
also <Ae ehoek, elm. IL tie ec^e <^ an axe, tr 


*rE^n, obsol. pres.. Boot of ytyyo/Mu. 

Yipai^ &, 6v, (yipanf, yrjoaiii) old: veneraUe. 
Gompar. yepalrepoe: ol yepalrepoi, the ddere, Ijat. 
eenatoree. Boperl. yepalraroe, 

Y«pai^-4^oiot, or, (Y«pa<^ ^oi6t) wSh wrimUei 

Ytpolpttf f- ^pv : aor. i lyipupa, inf. yepapai : smjt. 
2 iyipdpov: (yipaa). To honimr or retoord with a 
g^: generally, to honour. 

yeoairtpot, -^TOTot, Comp. and SnperL of 

rETATIOS, 4, Lat. 0£Z% o erame. 

Wa&— FH'^PAS. 


fniato; ytpapai priedttaes, 
rSTAX AM, t4 dool pL yipora. Ion. T^pio. Ep. 
fiOBtr. Y^ : — a ^ <tf hoMnr^frim^ geserallj, a ^i^ 

the dead. U, a prieikge, prerogaUvc Hesoe 

Y^Afffacos, or, ibonoww^. II. AonotimL 

Yyo ff ^^poi, or, (7^/ttt, ^^) bfYH^tn^ or iwoeiofD^ 

YJfitt, loD. HOB. pL of Y^fMui, 

Vy ir rdY i»Y^ t £• ^^^^^m* ^ guide an dd man. From 

Yipgw ^ YM>Y6f, d, (Y^i^oiffrt ^(tw) guiding an oM amw. 

Y^povtCa, 4* i^P"^) ^ aueoMy of tke Oaronles At 

yp4»ify, T^, Dim. of yipw, a Wile eld man, 

YipoucrCa,^* (7^/"^) ^ couneH qfdden. Senate, etp, at 
Bpetin, i^ieie U ooodated of a8. IL oa emboMtif. 

ytf o m a yo m , a, ow, (yiftur) beUmging to the old or to a 
MBotor, b^timg Ikem. 

Y^pov, t6, (jdfm) LaL geirra^ an/g Utktg made of 
watt, 2, a fraUltd huL 

Yy p o ♦^pot, o{, (yi/tpay, ^pet) a land ^ 4rMyf 
iidwore wideir ddddt: t. five^ 

rKTXlll« orrot, 4, en oU man, LaL emn : U 7^ 
fomt ike eUien, who with the king formed the ehi^ 
eowed: bMtoe the Smaton, eip. Jit Sparta, wbere 
Oej were a8 in mnmber. II. aa Adj. yipoa^t 

•r, tat on. onljf with maac. Snbat. aa yipcw hiyoe : 
hot yipaif oAmob ooeun in Homer. 

ytma^aroe, ri, (ytiw) a tade of a thing, 

ywrtt cr^JBU^ aor. I med. m£, of 7c{mi;. 

rET'Xl, £.7ai»^«!, to #N« one a <aiee of a thing. XI. 
Ked. 7cif0/iai, c. gen^ to taste : 3 pi. plqpfl 27f)rcvy- 
To, O^F ^^ tatkd, ealen: honoe (0 Cry, mate pro^, 
isae cgxrioMe ^, hoopht ytlnraaOai to taste, L%,feel 
fliaqwar: toes^, 

rE'^TT'A, 1^ a dam or mound qf earth, II. in 
Hom^ffte lone between two knee ofbatOe, which aerred 
la Jtep tkem «Mtft: the hatO^Jkld. III. a 

M^ yi^npoM (mr/tfin^at or y^ptf iwyt^ivai vovor 
gim to build a bridge over a riTer, LaLpontejungere 
fbtfimn. Hence 

y ^iptw , t Satf to dam, bridge, ys^peta* vwom^r 

[flie tree] mode a bridge over tha river; ye^oonte 

ai^a M #flr ke made a bridjfo-way : — ^PaaL, iy^puOfi 6 

wipoe tbe atiaii had a bridge made over it 

yenjpa^Ln, tj, geograjity. Frwn 

TfiM T p^^ i , or, (79, yp&ipv) earth-dtBcrSnng^ aa 

BiAiat, '7Cttr7pd^ot, ov, ^ a geographer, 
TiA X o4o»,^(7J,\i^)aAia,fttnodk; alao yi^ 

Xa^ev , -n^ 

taii|iavp4^1if<rfti|,<<>fn«iaMW land, to meoaicre. From 
7— i* ^ PHi i ov, 6, (7$, fierp4v) a land^^meatwrer. 

ymympLn,Jj,lasidrmea»ming,geomelrg: aad 

YfMfMTpuc^ il^, 6tf, beUmging to la n d m e a m n ring, geO' 
metrical: 1} yem^erpuef\ (aub. T^x>17),faoflMry.* 7ffa»- 
putrput^e^ ou, d^ a oaomtirisKui. Adv. -«wt» 

7ftt|topCa, 4> o dtlTiaton of lands. From 

7au-|fc6pot, alao yi|-|U|>ot, 7a y ^pet azid Tito- 
H^P^ ^> ^> (T9t pmpopm) a sharer ta tie dtaWon of 
lands, lanSicider: ol yeupipoi,thelandewner$ot miblee 
in a etate, Lat. optknai es , 

7f^»-w^ov, r^, Ion. for 7^c&>r, a plat qf ground, 

yato-^nLyi^ov, i, (7$, ar^o^4a<}iwar tn land^ kumng 
liUle at bad land, 

7io>ir6vot, Dor. TCMr^vot, d, (7$, awrlw) a W- 

TCttpY^w, f. ^jou, (y€Ofpy6s) to be a farmer: alao la 
tm, wUioate : metaph. to work at, praetiae a thing. 

YiMpTCo, 4, {ytoffTfds) agrksitture, tillage, II. 

in plur. tilled lands, 

ysM^yuU/g, it 6y, {ysefpy6s) beUmging to UBage, 
rustic, a. skiUed in farming. 

YidspTtov, r6, afidd: euU iv atian : a erop, fPvnn. 

Y C Cip Y ^ ^^» M* '^py^) ^01*^ ^ groimd: aa 
Subat, YaoftpY^f, ov, 6, a huabandman, labourer. 

yeeip^im, f, ^aw, to dag at trench the earth. From 

Yc-copvxot, ov, (yrj, dpwToat) trenching the earth, [p] 

yem^r6^Mtt ay, (7$, rifjaw) euUing the groimd: 

rB.\ 1), contr. for yia, earth, land, y^v md Hvp 81- 
b^yoi. to give aoitl and water aa token of aubmiadon; 
Mtrd 7^ on land, by land, opp. to jKard ddXaaanr. 

Yi|-Y«^*>^t» {yfi,*yivo»)easiili)om: indigenous, H. 
aa Siidjat, y | Y^^ » * ov, d, a jon qf (Aa Earth, a giant, 

Yf|6fv, Adv. otyijtowt qf or from the earth. 

yyfiiw, t ia» : peil 7^77^ : (tb^oO to be ddighted, 

Xi^oav^ i,Joy, deUght: atrictly lem. of 

yrfi6aihfo%, if, oy, (y^^^^) io^fid, ^iod. 

ru'eXON, t6, Lat gethywn, a kind <^ leek, 

Y^vot, or, and ytfat, or, (7$) of earth or daig, 

Yij|tn|t, contr. YQi^ ^t ^> (7$) a hoAa ndi mmi , 

Y^Xo^ot, d,i-7cw\o0ot, a hUl, 

Y^jpu, Y^l'^'^ yi^^Mo^ai, ympAgimia% mar. I act. 
and med. inl and part. ciyafUoL 

Yqi&^pot, b,^ywpMpoe. 

Y^-ox^« (7% 'X*') topoatflM /and. 

Y^Hr«5ov, Ti,»7il«r€8or, (75, witoni) a plot qf 

Yit-iraTi| » , 4s» (7Q, wSwrot) faOxug to earth. 

yil-iroTot, Dor. Y&voTOt, oy, {y^ ir£vw) to be dnmk 
up by Earth. 

Y^pai6t, d, 6y, Mpas) cid, aged, 

Yi|pjiX<ot, and Yi|p^u»t, a, or, wfareg. 

Yijp&voi, aor. a inf. of yijp&aisof, 

Yiwdt, aor. a part, of yrip&oicw, 

rft^AS, r6, gen. 74paot, Att. cooitr. yhpots : dat 

yhpaX, Att contr. 717^ : oU o^ I^ janeotea. 



yiypi<nc» — FAllCOMAI. 

ytfpiiaKm : tat dffttf Att. 64ro/Mu [A]: aot, i It^ 
piaa : aor. a iyipay, bd, ytjp&tfm [A], part. 717^ (as 
if fW>m a verb in -fu). To grow agod, beeowte old 
and ii^firm, II. in aor. I ky^pdaa, Gamal, to 

bring to old age* 

Y^IPAm, late form of yifpAffiM, 

yripofiovKin, t ^ffof, to feed and eheriA in old age : 
— PaM. to he eheriiihed in old age. From 

Yy\po-fiovK6% 6v, {yripaM, $6aite») eherieking in old 
age ; eq>. of one*! parenti. 

yrMO^h^Mgt ovt (T^^ot, ttofUca) eherieking the eld. 

•ynp jPuq^aTOt, r^ (yrjpiw) a voice, eowhd, tone* 

FH'PltX vot, 6, a voiee: a eowuL Henoe 

YHpvM, jyar, yapvte, f. inrof [0]:— -[(o vUer, epeak, 
ehg, erjft Lat garrire* 

contr. gen. of y^pat, far yffpaoe, 
f^ t6, Att. for y^iOvov, a Uik, 
6t contr. for ytjtnje, a kuAandman, 
»|&os, or, (y^, rifow) ploughing the earih. 

yXyayro-^6ivat, ov, (yiyoM, ^poe) giantrkHUng, 

riTAPTON, a grape^etone. p] 

riTAJ, oi^ot, Toc. ylyay, 6, (yrj or 7010) nro. in 
plur. the Oiante, a rebellions race, destroyed by the 
gods. In Hesiod, the tone </ Qaia or E<u1h, whence 
the name»777 f in^ i . 

yi-yvo^uax. Ion. and in late Gr. yiyoyuwi [t], syn- 
cop. from yi-yivofuu, which is farmed by redopl. 
from the Boot ^rB'NH : fitmi this root come i^t. 
ytyf/ffOfMu : aor. 2 kytrS/ajv : perf. yeyiyrifioi and 7^ 
yova : aor. i (in late anthoTB) iyerff^ipf : for the Ep. 
pf. y4ySa, see yiyaa. To become, to happen : to be 
bom ; to be; in perf. yiyopa to be by birth, or to have 
become 90, 2, of tYent»,to oeeur,heqtpen, II. 

with Preps, or Adfs. of motion, to beat, as ^ylwero It 
AoKibalftova, 2. vitrra, worroTot, warroia/wbe 

yiyyeoOai to take all shapes, turn eyeiy way ; kwrov 
yevitrOai to be matter cf oneself; Ivrdt lavroC yevi- 
cBai to recover oneself. 3. ri yivoj/iot ; more 

rarely r(t y4ve»fuu ; what is to become of met 4. 
yiyyecr$at ii ^prfie, Zui k&yon^, peiiphras. for 6pyay, 
Xiyeiy, etc. 5. c. gen. pretii, to cod so mnch, 

as, 60o\ov ySyreoOiu to eoet an obol. 

ytryy^Mnui, Ion. and in late Gr. yCvmoicw, fbrmed 
by rednpl. from the root ^FNGE'n, rNrfNAI, Lat. 
NOSCO: fiit. yp6tffofMu: aor. a iyyvy, part tfoU, 
inf yp&poi, opt. yvoitjv, imperat. <yvwtfi : perf. iyvoMia, 
pass. iyywT/uu : aor. i pass. 171^0^1;^. 

To perceive, gain knowledge qf, mark, and so to know, 
of persons and things : to be aware of, tmderatand : 
sometimes c. gen. instead of ace, to know of,,, ym 
X^fOfJtiyov, he knew that he wa$ angry: ru^y also 
c. partn iyyejp ^mjfihoe I perceived that I wae 
beaten. II. to examine, to form an opinion, do- 

cide vpon, determine, decree, 7IWMU rd iittata, 
7(vo|iat, yhf&mtw, see yiyyo/MMi, ytyv6ciw, 
yXayiM^ (7Xd7ot) to be mUkg, 
YXaYcp6t, d, 6r, (7X^708) mOkg, 

y\ay6eit%, evea, «r, (7^^701^ mAy . 

YX&70-iH|t, S70S, 6, 4, (7Xd7ot, iHrpntpC) emdOHkig 

TAATOS, cos, T^ poet for y6Jsa, milk. 

YXoKTO-^TOt, ov, {yAXot ^ifu^) contr. fcr to* 
Aoirro^dTot, living on mUk. 

TAA'BIH, ^,^)Jffaj, hunoitr in the egee. 

YXd|u*v, w, g^. oi'ot, (7X1^/07) hkan^eged, [X] 

y\a.yna/L», {y>jaam6e) only fbnnd in Ep. part 7X09- 
iu6w, glaring with Ike eyee, 

TAATKOX 4, 6y, JEoi. yXaikot, bright, gleam^ 
ing, glancing. II. with notioo of Colonr, ^pois- 

green, bluith'green, gray, Lat glaueue, of the olW«, of 
the willow, and ailso ot the vine. III. of the 

eye, light blm or gray, Lat ocBftiis.* of persons, Nvfr- 

7XavK4>xpoot, 6, 4i acc ykavK6xpoa9 (yXavKi*, 
XP^*) gray-coUured, gray. 

JfXavtt'Cinvt, tSot, i^ : aoc. ita, but also t» : (tXov* 
t, ^) epith. of Minerra, fierce-eyed, with Jlaehing 

eyee. II. » y\avie69, shining, aHvery. 

YXavK-^, ohrot, 6, ^,*»yKavtnewt$. 

ykaii, Att YXa€(, icSe, 1}, (yXavM) the owl, Lai. 
nodva, so called from its glaring eyes. Proveib., 
yhaSk* *AOiiwa(€, yXaSk* clt 'AAi^ku, like our * cany 
coals to Newcastle :* Athenian coins were called 
ykaaket Aavptwrutal, from the damp of (As o«ol 00 

y\A^, r6, (yX&^) a heUow, eavem. [ji] 

yXa^vpla, i, 'tmoothneee, pdlieh. From 

yXiL^a&t, a, 6¥, {yh&i^) hoUow, hollowed: benee 
7X. Xt/j[qv a deq^ harbour. II. smoothed, pcti^wd, 

of persons, critical, exacL Adr. ^pSts^ smoothly, utee^, 

TAA'^ft, f. ^ (0 hewt carve: of a lion, to tear the 
ground with his feet 

7Xcvieo-ir6Ti)f , ov, 6, (yXewcos, vbw) a drinker ef 

yXs^Kot, cos, r6, {yXvicbs) Lat muttum, mud, meeei 

vXId^ofov, t6. Dor. for fiXi^apoy. 

rAkiifH,^, the pupa, eycMi: and, n.becanse 
figures are reflected small in the pupil, a puppd, esp. 
a girl, cf. ic6pti, Lat pupiOa : as a taunt ippe muv^ 
7Xiir»away, weak girl I 

rAu'XAN, aiKot, 1} : and yXi|X^ ovt, 4> j ww wy 
royal. Ion. for fikf/x^ar, fihsfxia. 

YXiaxp-AVTiXoy-sfsirCTptirTot, ov, comio word In 
Aristophanes, a greedy petttfogging knave. (yhUrxpott 
iirri koyla, l^ ewirpttrroi,) 

TAl'JULtOX o, ov, gluey, clammy, slippery. VL 
metaph. diciking dose to, importunate, 2. elose^ 

dingy, 3. of di^ntatioDS, quSMing, pdty. 

y\iaxpwv, ovot, 6, {y)daxp^) ^ niggcu^ 

y\wxpS^Ady,oty\iaxp6s,importmakly: seanHly: 
nl90 pettily, 

rAI'XOMAI, Dep., only used in pies, asd (n]>l« 

TAOI'A — yv^iuop. 


10 tiriee q/Ur a tUng, tbvggUfor It, e. gen. a. 

yklxwBat w€pi riyoe to be eager ahout or for a Uiing. 

PAOrA or ykotA, 4f ^lue* Hence 

^Xm^ 6, any (king disky or elommy, af mud, ffum, 
dL n. as A4j. 7Ao(^, ^ 6y, ti^ppery, knciiik, 

rAOTTCVS, d, Ote rump, huUoeki. 

yXuBoCvoiuu, PaH. to (flcome aiooei. 

vVSnp^ ^ 6w,^yXvic(n, tweet. 

WKl,/tur flm. 

yXwoos, a, c¥,^ykuK{f9, [ff] 

Y)Uhctf-8aic|»vt, V, gen. uof, (7Xvic(Ft, Mirpu) eavmng 

ikm»Zt0pc%, w, (7X1MCU, t&pw) fc«A tieeei ^(^ 

YX«Ku$i«|i£a, 1), 6m«ro{mM. From 
>9lMcv-4!)|&ot, or, (7Xv«(«, ^/iJt) iioeef-flitiMZfti. II. 
aoL dhonaov ^A^ «i^m2» ie^A^uJ. 
YXMcu-|i«SXor, .£ol. and Dor. for ykotAtyaikiw, 
TXvKV-juiAXx^ ^* (7Xv«(>t, /«c(Xtxot) sweetfy trui- 

Y^Mcv-fftfiXov, r^. Dor. for yXvMb/aiXoy (yXpiAt, /4^ 
Xm) a tueeiritppU, 

^fimvyL^HOUt, f. iiffot, to tpeak ttveeUy. From 

V\«cv-f&€Oc»t» (7Xi«rOf , fw$o$) tueet-tpeaking, 

yhm^^tpouugf euio*, 6, i, (ykuiAt, voTt) having a fair 

yKuaHKAp$€voit,'i,{yXvKh9,9afi$ivo9) a §weH maid. 

jAu^^vucpot, w, {yXimit, imepSt) mpeeliy biUer. 

rATKT^ ua, it, moed to ihe iade, motd: metaph. 
med, ddigktful: of men, dear, hind. Comp. and Su- 
peiL7As«(i»r \f\, yXhiaoroei a]fl07Xv4r(rrc/x)t,-rarot. 

YMwnis, 7''<w* 4> (7XiMr(rt) aweetoeat. 

vXxnrr%>, i^^ot, 6, and YXvim)t, ov, d, {yXii^) a 
ttntr, a 9eu^plU>r. 

^fionni% 4, 6w, yeib. Adj. of 7X(^, ft for earv- 
mg^ eunea* 

^«^&vov, r6, (7X&0fltf) a Ini^e or ehitdfor carving, 

^^U, /Am, 1), nsn. in plnr., 7Xv^^t the twieh of 
tl» anov, which fiU on the string : later, the arrow 
ita^ n. ^ykbtpat^or, a lentfe. From 

rAlf^n, t, fw, to Aoflow oat : esp. to engrave or 
cme. II. to fords on a tabiUL 

TAtVU^etxSt, 1), the heard of com, on] j in plnr. 

TAH'SA, Att.YXArTa,i;t, 4, iAe tongue, Lat. {M- 
^; dad 7X^tf}^ bj word t^ mouth; otue dw6 yX^o- 
c^ not frtoD. another's Umgw, not from heartay; 
>A«i9aar livoi to let looie one's Umgue, speak 
^*dj. IL a tongtMi, tanguage, yX&Offat^ ro/d' 

{v to vse a language or dialeet. 

^ ^m a aaX yla, Att YXfiooxrapTCo, 1), ou2Ze«f taikktg, 

''vinMw. From 

IP^ w uX yo t , Att ykikra^a^yot, ov, {yXSacoa, 

&i|et) talking UU omCt tongue ocftes, very taUeative. 

7 M Mu 6 aono y, rv, (7X£a<ra, ko/Uw) properly a 

^"e for the monihjibot i4 * A^^ * ^ ^<^ or bag for 

7XATT0, 4* Att for fXaffffo. 

yXurrro^<rrpo^k>,ti<r«a, (yXurra,aTpi^) toplyth$ 

PAfiXI'N or yXufxlt, gen. iVot, 4, any projecting 
point : the end <f the ttrap of the yoke. 2. the point 
of an arrow : the arrow itsell 

7va9|*6t, i, the jaw, poet form of yr6$ot. 

rNA'60% 1), (A0 joio. mouth: strictly <^ toteer 
jato. II. like 7^n;t, (he point or edge of a 

weapon. PA] 

Yvoiiirrtt, 4, ^r, eurved; bent: wppU, pUant: me- 
taph. be nding, yidding. From 

FNA'MnT A, f . ^, to erooifc, (ouL 

Yv« w i T6f^^ , ^r, (yp6MTo») carded, fulled. 

rNAlITA,-trrwp: Tvo^fSov, -^evt, -<bcvnK^ 
-4«uw, -4uc6t : rNA'^OS, -i|at, y. snb irKd«T(v,etc. 

TWjoxof, a, oy, syncop. for ytyiotot, bdonging to the 
true race, legitimate, opp. to yiOoe : (^enuth^, true, 711^ 
(Tuu 7vyoricf 1 2ai^ii2 wives, opp. to «aXXaiJd«t ; 7i4- 
(rto<''£XX]7yct iru« Greeks : ^poyity yyiiaua to have a 

ynfoian, Ady. ofyy^oioe, laufuiUy, reaUy, truly, 

TvoCipf, ijt, 17, 7vo(|ii)v, 7yoro, aor. a act. and med. 
opt of ytyy^mt. 

vvovt, aor. a part of yiyy6toiec». 

tSO'^OX 6, - SmS^. JarJbieM. 

7yo^-^dSi|f , ct, (7v^t, f tSoi) dartetome, dark, 

7vv{, AdT., (y6yv) with bent knee, 71^ tpiwuy to 
fall on (Ae fates. 

yvC^, Ion. for I7M0, 3 sing. aor. a indie act of 71- 
yv&oitot ; also I sing. aor. a act snbj. 

Tvcp, 3 sing. aor. a snbj. of yiyyd/aicw, 

yvCA^ yy£rw, aor. a ixnperat 

yvOyua^ arot, r($, (7vwmu) a mark, token, like 7n&- 
/Mtfr. II. judgment, b yy&fjoj. 

Yvw|uvai, Ep. for yy&yai, aor. a inf. ciyiyvixncw. 

Tv^i), i^, (7iwyeu) a meant of knowing, a mark^ 
ttien. II. the mind, the judgment; yvijieg rg 

dplarn to the best of one's judgment. a. wdl, pur- 
pate, ip* iavTOv yy^/Mjt of his own accord. III. 

a judgment, opinion; yyit/ajy diro*paiy€0$at to deliver 
on opinion ; also a mittaken judgment, fancy : yy&/uu 
the opmiont of wise men, maximt, a. a retotve, r»- 
totution, vote, decree. 

yftoyilUoiv, r6. Dim. Otyyi/fiij, a fancy. 

7vo>|&ovuc6t, 17, 6y, (yyifteay) Jit to give judgment : 
experienced or tkiOed in a thing. 

7v«0|u><rvvii, 1}, {yviifiMy) prudence, judgment, 

7vo>|M>TiHr«(o, to coin maximt : and 

7vw}i«TCiruc6t,i},^y,£2et'eraieomtngina3eim«. From 

7v«0|M>^rvirot, oy, {yy&fuf, rinrrw) maxim'Coining, 

yv&yjav, oyot, 6, (yy&ym) one that knowt, a judge, 
interpreter. U. the gnovum or index of the sun- 

dial, m. ol yyiiiuiytt the teeth that mark a 

horse's age. lY . a rule or guide of l|fti_i]iO_ » 

carpenter's rvie^ Lat norma. 


yv&vai — * Topy6iHAro%. 

-^fvQivwi, aor. 2 inf. of 'Yiyv6rttkca. 

yyJ»o^uS¥, Ep. fef yp&fuv, I plfff. ftoT. ) Babj. of 

7vo>p{{o», f. Ier«, Att. t&^ to tmj^fmtwn, ckdate. 3. 
h dUecwr^ dded^ excmine^ aektufuiedge, redognite, 3. 
to he (ioquainUd with. From 

Yv^ptfios; ov, rarely 17, v>k, (7iwr<$i) foelZ-faKTimi : 
M 8ubBt, on (Uigiia^ntonee, a friend^ Lat fatnUitxr 
ris, n. ol yn^pijUH iht wieitteg^'laA. apUmatei. 

7v«»p(|Ao»tt Adv. oiyv6ipino%t so otto be knctttt^fa- 
fiASarlp; yifoffiiun ^x^v nt4 to be on frhncRy iemu 
with bim. 

yv&pUn^ten, ^, (yvofpiioS) aequaifdance: tcnotAeel(/e. 

ts mode IbuMm, a fnarkt idken* 
Yv^, yrlkrv 2 tii!^. mod 3 pi. aor. ^ ftifb]. <if 

' Yv«Mn-|ft&x^>^* 4<'Wi('Yi^S)^'« Mxo^) ^^ difpate one's 
cutn opinion^ ie. to eonfets dnestff in Ote wrong, xsfutngt 
mi€*t purpose, give xoay; yvoffftfxaxtilf p^ €tpa t^fUHOP 
to eottfess tbat one is not eqna). 

yvOint, <wt, i^, (yvShfoi) ju^Udol inquiry, Ijat. edg- 
nhio. n. knowMge : wisdom, a. aaqnaint- 

anee with a person. 3. recognising, 

yvitao^Mi, fut. of ytyvwucu. 

yywrr4\p, rjpos, A (TtT^iwXMv) one that hUfWt t>r 
<mirranf« (he ^nUh cf a thing, Lat. eogt^tbr. 

yy nki 'int, ov, A«:7iwtfTiJ^. 

YVttMTTOt, 4, ^^'y oollat. form of yywr6t, known : as 
Subst, a friend, II. to ^ known, 

yy&fn, 2 pi. aor. a imperat. x>f TiTvdiMi^ntf : ypStrai*^ 
yvimjiy, Ep. 2 -and 3 dual aor. a indie. 

fenodn .--—as Subst., a friend, kinsman, brother; ytwpol 
re yvwrai re 5ro(Aers and sitiers. 

yv&to, yv^tu'f^ X^. for ypw,yvS^tot, ^t/^ ta'bj. 
of yiyy&ffiM, 

voAcuncfv, Ion. for ^7^ 3 sing. impf. of sq. 

rOA'A, Ep. inf. yofffievai : Ep. part. yoSon^, 6o}tra '. 
Ep. impf. ^700*', also yo&officoP : ftit. yoffoea (ySos), 
7o waU, groan, weq^, II. o» ace. to hewaH, inown, 
weep for, 

rOVn'TXh, f. ffotita matter,^ word liMin«d from the 

!YOYYvXi|, and yoYY^** ^^ 'J* XTt^TY^^oO « 

yo YY"^^ ' ^ round, roun^ ojft Fr<mi 
rOrTT'AOS, 17, oy, also wf^(lk»a%, % w,^ 

trrpoyyi/Xos, round,^pherical. [p] 
yoY^xfyL^t, 6, (70776(0;) a muttering, 
yoyywrrh% ov, 6, iyoyyif(^) -h wwttwKr. 
7o«^6f, 17, 6v,=yo€p6t, 
YOio6i, 4 ^, Ctoocv) UmenteiSle, mo%mfnk 
rO'H, ^. *=76of, iMrracldoprct 7^<r( r# M/(f 

Charming Uie wind with holds, 

^yo^iuvoi, Ep. for 7001', pres. inf. of 70^. 
yofi\i^uw9, ov, gen. ovot, ^yotp6s. 

Y^St iTrot, 6, (yo6iO)) one who howU oat etuihemtmeHts: 
a wixard, sorcerer: a juggler, eheat, 

yomjfrtta, ^, (yorjTeCoj) soreery, wHtStentfi, 

7oi|Te^, f. ow, (ySffs) to igptU-hind, hespitA, 

TO^rtt, i9o*, ij, pecul. fern, of 7^, a witch, 

Y^fMS, 6, {yi/Mj) a ship^s cargo, freight, load, 

YO|i^i^-8oviros, ov, {yopi^ioi, Sovirot) rtMing agaHfUi 
the teeth, 

yo^L^lai, 6, (y6fbpos) a gnnder-iaoA, Lat. moloHs, 
opp. to wpooBios : (he tooth of a key, 

YO(i46-o«TOt, oy, {y6fib^, Uw) naU-bownd, 

vo|&^o-iriLY^ is, {y6pb^, myfj/vai aor. 3 pan. dC 
vrfyvvfu) nckt-fa^ened, 

rO^^OS, 6, a large wedge-shaped hoU or noO, fat 
sbipbailding: any fastening: in pL yS/n^oi, the < r oas 
ribs of the Eg^yptian canoes. Hence 

yo^6», i,&!a9i, to fatten wi£h botts atwtHs: 7«7^> 
(porrai aitd^s the ship's hull w ready buOt, Henoe 

YO^i^ttT^, ^/)ot, d, on« tftot/tutens wift botts or iiaA, 
a ship4m{kkr, 

Yovtus, 4o)s, 6, (*yhw) a father: in pi. thepareKts. 

V^) ^t (*7^) that which is beg<Menf iff spring, 
race, II. the seed, IH. generation, dUU- 

Hrih, TV, birth, descent. V. a genemtiosi. 

Y^viuot, ov, also 17, or, {y6vos)prodMiioe,frwilfvi: 
•nwrjfnis y6vtfws a poet of orsoKw potosri, 4f true 90- 
nitM : hence genuine, true, 

Y&vos, d tnr 4, (*yhat) that which is begotten, a dUU; 
offspring, race : also (he young of animals, tie yowv 
shoots c^lants.,ftiftA,4eseMt. ni.tJbeseMf. 

FCyNT", r^, gen. T^wrrot, dat. pL y6vaat : loo. 
ye^nwroe, yoirvoun, rarehr 7o6Ki0'cn : poSt also 70V- 
v6s, yowi, pi. 70t)ra, 70vi'«'r >^-cll 86/Nf. TV knte, 
AfiaffSea yobvsjv to dasp V»e knees as a anppUaot ; 
Srr€a$at, XlaiT€a$al rtva irp6s yovArwv to entrest 
one by clasping his knees; yiw/mfarruv to bend llbe 
knee, i. e. sit down, take rest ; but also to bend tfts 
knee In running, to run ; 9eS^ Ik yoinmai ircAnoi it 
lies on the knees of Che gods, i. e. depends on tteir 
wfH and pleasure >—metaph. fimn wairion stridoen 
down, h yifW 06XKsiv, tcKtviuv, fhmv, to throw o/n 
Gie knee^ If. Bie kn» at joint cf gi»aM8,8nch as 

the cane, Lat. genievdum, 

Y ow nwrfa), to fdU on lAe Ibiee : yo vtf u v i u lf rtn cr 
tmi to fail down before one. $V<^ 

Yow-irtr^, <t, (7^. wfwft' aor. 3 of irfirrai)/ci&- 
tn{7 on t%e knee, 19^ yovifnr^s a JbMelfN^ jxiatiire, 

Y6et« Ep. for JT^on^, 3 pL impf. of yo6», 

rCyOX, A tc«g>«a^, «nt«in^, groaning, 

Yo6«iv, ^oKTo, Ep. pres. port -of 701^. 

FopY^ot, Att.Jr^pYAot.'O, ak,(Jtopy(i^ tf, hdong- 
ing tothe Gorgon, 

FopYoAo^t, 'ou, (9, (topydi, hSfoei Tte (fike Om^ 
gon-^est : fern. FopYO^^^*^ V^t (• 

ropY^vsios, oy,^ropywos, 

Topy6-^fwro%t 9v, (To/rytfr, v&tmyfM Vbe €r0i90ii «» 
tt« bade. 

yopySofim -— ypiv^^^ 


y pY^ f Utt^ P««n U> he tpirikd, of a hone. From 
rOPIWS, ^, 6p,fearfvk Jierce: yoprfdv fikhruv to 

look fierce ; 70^7^1 cioiScrr foarfil. to behold : of 

honei, hoi»tpir&ed, 
Feyfo 4 ^ » t ^v"* (JPopq/ii, ^yot> fifoiy 0fi4pi0^ : 

FofjoAov^i, a name of Mfnexra. 

FopY^, ^, oantr. ovt, 1) : later r6pY«av d^of , and 
in pL ropiy6rt$ : (7«V7^)' ^^ Oirgon^ a moniter 
^featful tufeeii Heiiod namet three Gozgons, Eu- 
lyal^ Stbeino and Medaea» the last the mott fearftil : 
his naky head ma fixed on the fegii of Athena, and 
aH who looked on it became itone. 

yepY M ^^a, ^i', (70/ry^, 4^) fiareo-eyed, terribk* 

ToOv, Icm. Y^> (7< <^) restrictiTe Particle: I. 
# feoat Aa»» ol aa$f raU: <f a (nit^ m sooiA, freq. in 

YoOvo, 7o(rrvy, Ep. pirn*, of t^w, sometimes found 

Yowotofao^f.^OfKU : Dep. : (7^). TofaXtdowa and 

datf another's hnuKO, to ttdreai, oufpHeate : Mo ratot 

and rv69 m hAaif qf another : but also yowainc$ai 

twU and itp6o rtw to entreat by such and such 


y ^ ^ ^ w^ yeianai^ Ion. and Ep. pi. of y6yv. 

Your6o|M*»D«p., » Tovrdfofuu : Epimpf.7oi;vo6/ii7y. 

YMfvo-«ax'4*> ^*> (T^* yow6$t voxi't) (A*ci(e4nM0c{. 

ywea . ^. (TtSi'Mt 70*^) coni4a»M^ fiuitful land, 
lat. efter, Tov*^ dXfl»9* a/nM|fiiJ Tineyard. 

Ypfics and YpSjct, pi. n. from ypav9 and 7/>i7Vt. 

^If^kyom, T&t oontr. fior ypaihoy, 

ygiSU^ 4* (11^°^ ^]^noop. for y§fnu4k), an old Wh 
■M. H. as fern. Ad^^oUft 7parai ZaitujufUt ypai^ 

Y^Miov, T^ Dim. dypaio, yficm, an dd hag, 
yii6o|iai. Paw., to beeomo an old woman. From 
YpoSoi, ypaia, ypatov, (synoc^. ibr ytpaiS*) old, 
9§ed, gray, ypaiii onu^wXi^ Lat wa pa$ta, raUim, 
ypiji^a^ arotw r^ (7^^^) that which if written, a 
miUm dktfaeter, kUer, Lat litera: in plnr., letUn, iho 
a>ip>ato, a. a n«to b\ music. 3. a drawing, 

aieiiirc. II. in plur. also, like Lat. Uteres, a 

mer; on inaer^ption: date-papers, doeaments, reeoidB, 
emwrfi: also a hook, tmatiae, IH* leUera, (flont- 

ypamMTCvt, S^M, 6, (yp&^) a aoeretary, derk, Lat. 
M pfl ik Hence 

TjfmmniTgAii, 1 <nif, lo &s SMretofy. 

yfmy^9friXi»i% £> <nw> (ypd^itumi) to teach rudimmUi. 

IpmHiiTm^ i(, ^y, (7^d^M«ira) knowing one* 9 2e^ 
loii lUIed M Ae rudtmenis : tM Subst., ypafifMTut6$, 6, 
fffoiaMvifm. Mv.-^wi. 

Ifemiiiiiunfli, ov, 6, {ypafifULTi{o)) one who teachea 
Ae r mi um n i*, a tdMrntyirr, 2. s7^fi/ior«iw» a 

cM, sBcrdory. 

who pores over miuty reeoiida^ 
TpoiLft^, 4* (7P^^) ^ 4too2^ v>> wrdtngi a Une: i) 
/4a«r/» tAe Iona line of condenqiation^ drawn ou th^ 
tablet of the oicast 11. the line aeroet tike ^own^ 

to mark the starting or winning -place* III. the 

middle line on a draught-board called ^Ic^ t^ drd 
ypofifi^ rnvw Xi$o¥ to more a man from drie line, 
ie. try one's last chance. 
7p&o-<r6pY|f, ov, ^, (7pavt, aofiiu) scaring oid women, 
Ypowrks, a, ov, Terb. A4j' ^ 7/>^^t <o ^ fPrit^ ; 

Ypairros, j(, 6v, verb. Adj. of yp&^, painted : 

YpairHb, (rof, 4, (7/)^^) a scratching, tearing, 

IYAT^ 7pAi$t| 1) ; Ion. 7^17^, toc 7^; poet, 
also yfnjift, TOC. ypffdi-^a gray woman, old wo^ 
man. II. scam, as of bofled milk. 

yptL^evt, lots, &, {ypdicpot) a painter. JJ,, = 

ypafifiaT€{fs, a clerk, 

YP&44, ^, {ypiupoi) drawing, painting; Saoy yfio^ 
only «i a i^idure. 2, writing, U, a panUing^a 
figure, shape, 2, a writing, letter. III. {yp&fpofuu} 
as Att law term, an indictment for a jwMio og^mee, 
puhlio accusation, opp. to Uteri a privato action, irrpor 
Ttias ypapf^ an indictment for neglect of service. 

Yp&^ot, 4> <^* <i^ ^<> ^^^^ ^ paint: ij y/wpudi 
(sub. rixn) ^ ^ <if painting, 2 . euiled for writing. 

Yp&^t, liot, 1}, {ypiupoi) a style for writing on 
waxen tablets. 

rPA'*n, f. }ffot : perf. y4y paupa, later ysypd/tpipca : 
Alt pass, ypaupififfofuu : fut. 3 ytypii/rttftm : pi pass, 
yiypSLfifWLi, To QSAVE, scratdi; aiifara ypiapas 
hv wiioMi having scratched marks or figures on ta- 
blets. II. to draw lines with a pencil, to sketchy 
draw, paint. III. to write, ypiu^tv cit hupOipae 
to write on skins. a. to iMMr^, e.g. ypiup^iv clt 
arijXiiv : — ^Pass., ypitft^aOal ri to be inscribed with a 
thing. 3. to write down, yp&tpeir nva cinov to 
set him down as the cause : to register, enrol, 4. to 
write down a law hereafter to be proposed, hence to 
propose, move. 

B. Med. to write for oneself otfor on^s own use, 
note down, a. as Att law-term, yp6/^<r$al rim 

to indict one, rtvds for some public offence : in full, 
bUajy or ypau^v ypia/^aoBal rim : also c. inH, ypii^ 
<r$al Tiya dZiMH¥ to indict him for wrong-doing, absoL, 
ol ypoiffi^iwoi the proseaitors : but yp&ffxoBai ri^ to 
denounce a thing as unlawful :"— Pass., to be indicted* 

Yp<»-<a&i)S, o, (ypavs, ^8ot) of or beknging to an 
old woman, Lat anilis : sUly, tr^fiing, 

ypn^iyopifo, to be awake, be wcidtful : (formed fitmi 
the perl kypf/yopa), 

YpT|Os, 1}, Ion. for ypavs, poet also ypni^s, 

Yplwcutv^wt, 6,{ypiiros) a fisherman: whence fom. 
a4j., ypiiFfjts riyyti the art cf fishing. 


rpr nos — ywcuKSpovko^. 

TPmOX ^f aJUMng^nd. 

TFV^OX d. like yp^rot, a JUMng-nd or hatkd, 
made qf riMAeg. a. any tiiUg ^ifrieate, a dark BOff- 

YpC^^ftSnt, ct, (ypt<po9t ^Sot) riddUng. 

rPO'lSMS, 6, a Mnd (fjavdm. 

rPT% a i;nin(, like that of swine ; Mi yp/u dwo- 
Kptima$ai not even to give a grunt; cMi ypiu not 
eren a syUabUt not a bU, Hence 

ypyfrn, f. ^ or iopm: — io toy yfw, grunt, Lat. 
grunnio : hence to grumble, mumble, muUer. 
* ypvKXlt^(ffyp^iiklli»,(ypbXXMGtyfwXot) to grunt, 

YpvXXot or Vjp^ot, i, (ypSf) a pig, porker, 

yp^^ir-^^^frot, &, {yp^, dcr^) a kind </ griffn or 

rPTTIOX if, 6v, ewrved, eep. AooX^-noMd, vfith an 
aquUine note, opp. to trtftSt. Hence 

yp^&n}(%, nrot, ^, hookedneee of the nose. 

YpDir^, f. 6mtcj, (ypwwSt) to curve at bend, 

Ypv^r, gen. yp^it, d, (ypvw6t) a gr^, bippogriff, 


yCaxa, r6, (yba) ^wpupti^oia, cablet made fast to 
I tmd, 

FT'A'AON, rS, a hoiflow, in Homer, $&prf^ yv6Xot' 
aiv Aprjpin the body-armour oompoeed of baekpieee 
and breatt-pieee. Joined under the arms :—<my hollow: 
whpat yCaXov a cave, grot; Mparrjpot yiaXov the 
hoUow of a bowl : — ^in plnr., hollow ground, valet, a 
tdUe p, 

1*1 H^, ov, d, the curved pieoe of wood in a plongh, 
to which the share was fitted, (he thare^beam, Lat. 
dentale, 11. » 76a, a field. 

Yvuapicfjt, it, (yvioy, dpKiot) ttrengthening the limbt, 

Yvio-^fW|t, ^t, (yvTor, fiapioo) weighing down the 

TVt-oB^pot, ow, (ywo¥, fiopA) gnawing tbe Uwbt, 

7Vio-od|Aat, ov, 6, (yvtoy, dapau) IMb-tubduing, i. e. 

rrrON. r6, always nsed in plur.. the linibt, Lat. 
membra, esp. the lower limbt, the kneet. 

YVio-ir&-yi|«t it, {yvioif, ir^yyvfu) etiffening the limbt, 

vwio-wwi|, ^, {yvtor, irit^) a fetter, 

rnOX a, ov, lame. 

Ttito-T&Kifif, it, (yvTor, rcurciV aor. 3 of rfJHw) wad- 
ing the limbt, 11. pass, with pining limbt, 

TVio^pot, ou, (yvicv, ropiw) piercing the limbt. 

yw^Xfi^^xot, ov, (yv*ov, xoXivdt) of braten limb. 

y%fi6<a, (yvi6t) to lame: — ^Pass. to 60 or become ktme; 
yvia)$€lt aor. I part., lamed. 

yiiXiHftVxiiv, €vot, 6, ij, {y(/\iot, abxiv) Umg-necked, 

yvkuot, d, (TovXot) a waUet or knaptaek. 

7V}i.vdto, f. dffof, (yv/ivSt) to train naked, to train in 
gymnattic exereitet, to train, exerciee; c. inf., yvpa^^iiiv 
Tobt vorBot woitTv to train tiiem to do a thing : — ^Paas. 
4o praetite gymnadie esDerdtet: then, generally, to prao 

'*e or exercite onete^. 

YV|tvdf, d^, strloUy fern, of yvpa^St, naked, TL 
trained or exereited, 

YV|ivSatapx^* or Med. -40^^01, to be gymnatiatek : 
Pass, to be tuppUed with gymnaeiareht. From 

YV|tv&<nrApxV A>*^ YV|iva(Tt-apxo<> ^t iyvpa^Affum^ 
dpx<u) a gynmaeiarch, who superintended the palo- 
stre, and paid the training-masters : a traJMng-ma^^ 
ter. Hence 

YVftviimapxCa, ij, cfiee cf the gymnatiareh* 

Yvjtvdoiov, r6, (yvpa^iu) bi plnr., bodily exer- 
dtet, n. in sing., the plaoe where exereitcM were 

praetited, the gymnadiO'tehooi : !« Binuripov yupanh 
alov from our tehool. [d] 

YV|tvaoT^, yerb. A4j. of yviKviL^tt, one mmd 

YV|tva<rH|t, dv, 6, (yvpKvd(u) the trainer of the ath^ 
Idet, Hence 

Yv|i,va(mic6t, "fj, 6v, fond cf atkldie exerdtet : 4 
yvpofaoTucil (snb. rixvtf) gyvmadiet. Adr. -mmb, 
like an athlete, 

7V|iv^ yros, d, (yvpcv6t) a ligU-armed foctrtdtdier, 

YVfiviiTSvw, f. ov, to be light-armed. From 

yv^vffrifl, ou, 6, fem. yvfanjrit, ibot, ij, ^yupar^. 

yv^TtJiriA, ii, \yvparijt) ihe lightrarmed troopt, 

YV|tvi|Tuc6fl, 4, 6v, (yvpo^) fit for a Ughtrormed 

Yv|&vuc6s, 17, 6v, (yvpcySt) betcnging to gymnadie €9- 
ereitet; yvpcvuebt iy^ a gymnadie contest. 

YVfivo-inuSCa, i), (tv/o^, rraiKa) nsn. in plnr., s 
yearly festival in honour of those who fell at Thyiea* 
at wMeh naiked boyt danced and went through gymnadie 

rTMNO'2, if, 6v, naked, wndad : unarmed, defence- 
lett : of things, yvpardv rS^av an uneovertd how, L e. 
out of the case : c. gen., dr^iped <f a thing, yvpvde 
Svkoav : — yvpaf6t often meant UghUy dad, in the under 
garment only (x^rdjv), without ^e Ipuknw : rd yvfi^A 
the eapoeed parte oSsntitmy, the fkaikt. a. alsoftofv, 
mere. Hence 

Yv|&v6n|s, rirot, ij, nakednem, want. 

YV|iv6«», f. ifffta, {yvf£v6t) to drip naked or bare .^— 
Pass., of warrioTB, to be wtarmed, dtfencdeet; of things^ 
rcTxot iyvpaf6>9ri the wall woe ^fi bare : but also to 
ttrip anet^ naked, be naked: to be dript of a thing, 
\yup3f6Ar\ fiaxiwv, 

Yvvoii, voc. of ywfi, 

Ywouicdpiov, r6. Dim. of ywfi, a weak, eStty «9- 

Ywaucciot, a, ov, also ot, ov. Ion. Ywaurfjtot, 17^^, 
iltov, {ywif) of or belonging to women, feminine, LaU 
mu/teMs. a. as Subst, 4 ywaimitri—ywaut6tv, 

the women*t paH of the houte. IL womaniA, ^e- 


y%fvaudt» : f. i<rof, Att 18: (ywij) to be womanitht 
play the woman, 

Ywauc6-pou\ot, ov, (ywautSt, fiov>Jj) derieed by a 

ywaiK6$viJids — AAf AAAOS. 


YwauBo-id^pwcTOt, or, (Tvracff^t, tnjpSHr^ot) pro- 

7woiico|t&i4w, Co &0 mad for fBoinoi. From 
Twoucoit&iHifl, ^t, (Tvroat^ paiyoiMu) mod /or 

7w«uc6-|tI|iot, or, (Tvroiic^, /ufUofnai) aping Wh 

YV»mK6 |i«P^o«» ^n^v (7vra<^t V^P^) ^ woman* t 
Y«vauw^KXa|$4*> ^' (Tvnuii^ irX^^) /till ijf 

Y«vauc&-«oivot, or, (Tvroucdt, voiH}) loomaiMioov- 
Y^h^ouc^ gen. of yw^t whence deilTatiTes are 

Y««mieo-4^i|t, ov, Dor. -^^Xat, a, (tOti^ ^Iw) 
y»wwK6 ♦pttr, or, gen. orot, (yvmut^, ^P^pO </ 

7o»qik6 ^■•voi, or, (Yvroac^t, ^«n}) toitik tMNnoii't 

YVMiMc4r, wrot, 6, (ywaucdt) the wcmen*8part(^ the 

JwW t t^ OpjK to uPopilW, 

yvmi^^Yim, 4t, 'aywrnutofuaffft, mad for women. 

yv¥Wk09, TO, Dim. of Tvr^, a little tooman, 

^T^miot, o, or, </ or Mon^m^ (o a woman. From 

IT'NH', 4t gon. ywaue^, aoc. Tvmuci, too. tOtcu, 
pL Tvrourfft, Tumupwr, etc^ (•• if tram finmii). A 
wemiM,'LBt.fem4na,opp.iomui'. Tocat. Tiwoi, term 
cf nipect, mittreee, iady: Homer oft joina it with a 
Meood Sobet., yvri^ rafdrf^ diawoiva, etc. II. 

a te^e, tfou$e. III. a mortal loomon, opp. to a 

fodden. IV. lAc/nmile, moie of animali. 

yivwi, i8o«, ^, (tvt^) o weakUng, 

YtadpiAT, r^ Dim. Oiyinnjt a nedt eyrie, onamtf, 

yw i e u otv, dat. pi. of 76^. 

yhn|, 4t (tW*) o oufture't neiC: generally, a Aole, 
€nuuiy. Henoe 

7»a&t,i^ , finn. A4j*» oultorv-^boimtocl. 

ryFIX «»*t i)t thefinett meal, Lat. foOen. 

nrPO% d, ^yfomd; Lat. eurvua, yvpU kr &iaoiat 

TT9, i^r6§, 6, a ouftnrv. 

rrVOX ^t eftoft. a. later, ^|ppium. Henoe 

Tv^riai, £. ^«, to rub over with eboik. 

tAv, Ion. for ToGr^ aaiDr Ibr oSr. 

rUlfl'A, 4, d eomer, oni^ oar coign. IL a 

iawc/a iiiiaaw . Henoe 

Yiww«6i, d, a ■fttorin^rtiktf anklet; lii»r yvrtaafiSe 
ideiiy^Atted, well-flnlehed renes. 

YM<a A Sa^ i^ (7«rCa. cZBos) angular. 

rfiPT'T(>% d ori(, a bow<a»e, quiver. 

A« S, S^^TO, indeoln fimrth letter of the Or. alpha- 
bet: af nmneral, If^riaffapu and riraproi, 8^« 

Changes of 8 in the dialects. I. M6L into 

0, ai d3cX^ into McX^. II. Dor. into 7, aa 

79 yy6^09 into 8a H^Stpoe, III. Ion. into (, 

aa Z«6t, (a- into Acirt, &»- : while Dor. ( changea 
into 0*8, aa /imXI(v ^fi&Co/tm into /AeXleict ^pdado^ 
ftm ; aometimet into 88, aa yvfafA(ofMiu into 7v/<m&^ 
80^. IT. into «, as 8a{a> mi/oi. Y. into 

A, as 9&Kpu laeryma, iaaim k&tnoe. YI. into a, 

as 88/4 ^M> *^ ^^ another consonant added, aa 
0A!5o9 fiaa/ide, I8w lo^. YIL somettmes 8 is 

inserted to giye a softer or ftdler sound, as Mfp, dr- 
ip09 di^fiSe, Yin. at the beginning of some 

words 8 is added or omitted, as in Heikii cSXi;, ^ if, 

8a-, intendTe prefix, i- {a-, as in 96r(rMoe. 

8&, Dor. for 70, 77, usn. in too.: ace 8ar. 

8&7|&a, r6. Dor. for 8$7/ia. 

SdYut, v8ot, 4i <* «Mixoi ffiM^tf, nsed in magic rites, 
a puppet. (ThesBsl. word.) [0] 

8f8ovx^, f. ^aot, tobea toreMearer, esp. in sacred 
prooesiions. F^rom 

8^8-oOx^ 0*^1 (Pi*» ^X^) Jidlding torehee: aa 
Snbst^ 9qidovxo9, 6, a torth^tearer at the festival of 
Elensinian Gerea, — to represent her search fxx her 
daughter Proserpine. 

S^tSo^oplw, 1 iieot, to hear torebee. From 

8980-^opot, or, (8qit, ^pca) tonMearing. 

tid», £p. for 8oar, aor. a pass. sabj. of *9&u. 

Sa^fMvai, Ep. for 8a9ra<, aor. a pass. inf. of *96iot. 

8&'q|MMf, or, g^n. orot, (So^rcu aor. a of 9&u) ftnoio- 
ing, experienced in a thing, c. gen. 

8a4|%ut, aor. a pass. inf. of *8<ia;. 

AA^T, 4po9, &, Toc. 8af fl, a buAanffe broUier, hnh 
ther-in4aw, answering to yajiiwe, 1}, a daugbter4n4aw. 

8a^o|Aai, fat. of *d&u. 

8dt|Tai, 3 sing. aor. a med. sabj. of iaiet. 

toL, (84) need after inteirogatives, expressing 
wonder or cariosity, rl 9al ; what tbenf we bal ; 
how eof 

82t, Ep. for 80A, dat. of 80ft. \t] 

ScuSdXiot, a, w, also oe, ow, ciumtn^^ or euriouetjf 
wrought. From 

8ai8dXX«0, t SXSf, (8a<8aXot) to work eunningtfff 
work with emioue art: to deck out, emMUeh. Hence 

8al8aX|M, orot, r6, a work of art. 

8av8aX6€i«, cooa, cr,«8ai8dXcot. 

8at8a X o-€p76t, 6v, (8a(8oXot, IpTor) eunouelg 

AAI'AA'AOS, IV, or, A4jt cunningly or curioudjf 
wrought, ZaldaXa wiarra all cunning worke, II. 

as prop, n., Aat8aAof, ' the ounning 


hcubiiXix^ — AA'KNU. 

worker, Ihe Artid, of Gnomu in CSrete, contempomy 
with Minos, mentioned by Homer as the maker of a 
Xop^* Ql* ▼•) for Ariadn^. 


Sottii, f. £« : pf. pask part. MOypivo*, alao 8c- 
8«Ii9/i^AM : aor. I pass. part. Solicit, alao lalff^cAt : 
(8a£»). To ekave aaundert xnwMi vc^ €Ttf$^m 
8a^ ; 8c8ai?y/<lrot ^o/ipisrwd tibroM^A the heart : 
— 4Iao of doobti, kbatf/rro Ovfth M wiif 6* ir ai w hia 
aoul iMf divided witUn him. Henee 

8&t-KT&|uvot» f^ ov, (<^ C7i^) or in two wofda 
9&i Krdfuifo$, tUUn i» hatUe, 

8alMri|p, ^pot, and 8a&rr^ ov, 6^ (8a/((») only 
Jofaiad ydih muc finbst., hmii^Bh(winff, 

8ai|iavdit, (9tdpmfp) to fa mAioet io on oMn^iN^ 
deitf ; Sot/mf dtf/iot kcueocIi the honae ia pkmgod in 
heoio m m n t woaa a, c ace, Soc^iopciK dx7 to haoe 
griefr deerMd oim. II. abaoL to bipommedhff 

an gpg tpirU, ho driftm to nadiwaa, 

8ai|&ovCt6|UM» Med.y (8a//iM') to Jboos on oQdlfed 
/oto. II. in aor. i paaa. part fai/iort00s£t, poo- 


Sotft^viev, r^, (ttrictly nent. of Scnfi^Mot) Ae Desi^ 
or dtviMj operaMoN, Lat. mm i w . II. &»• 

|i^na were an wfetiar race of dktmt heingi, domonOt 
opp. to tfco(. 3. the name by whidi Socrates 

called hia ^sniut. ^bk'S,T,anooUtpiFU,de9U, 

SoifA^notti^oi^, alaoeSfOr: (8d[;ia»r). I. In 

Homer only rocat. &ufi^nc, hi addreasea, in good 
aense, nobio,e3todkni; but more freq. aa a reproach, 
finht^py flMM, wrdeh: fat Att. nan. ironical, my fine 
fdiowl mifgoodoSrl IJ, <ff ikingt proeoeding 

from ike Deky or Fate; d fd^n iaifi6inoy c^ were it 
not a diaiiie ifite ym i tf Qw. IILof peiaoB^dMie, 


8a4Mvi-^^9i|t, ct» (ieufdnont^ c28ot) devUkk. 

8a»|iov(att, Adr. of doi^i^ot, inamltoicflsr, ttrangdy, 

8a(|M0V, oyot, ^ 4^ (8a^) a ^od, ^<Nidest. II. 

ike JMy, Lat. ntNacn : faie, deeUny, fortunOf good or 
bad; wpb$ 9al/iova of^iiattL fale ; ahw Salfum "with 
^fanawr of ihe gode, non erne diie ; in Trag., daolA, 
Uka Lat. eon^ III. da(fu¥e§ waa a name given 

to tke 90ide of men of ihe golden age, who formed the 
connecting link between goda and men : hence later, 

ijjrti, devtL 

8a£jutir» 6, aa A^}.* » ABf/aayr, faMVtng, tlEiO^ in. 

SoCvu, Ep« for ISo^, 5 aing. impl of 9al¥9fu, 

Zawiwro, for idaiwvPTOi 3 pL impl mod. of batrnffu. 

SoivvQ, a sing. prea. med. snbj. of 

BoCvOoi, alao SoMrvw: Ep. 3 aing. impl &x{yv: 
ftit. 9alaof : aor. i I8a«ra : (fiait). To give a banquet 
arfeatt, 9aimt &uVa y4pouat ke gam'n feist tor the 
elders; ioivfmv rtpa tofead a person. II. Paas. 
and Med. Solri/aB, ftit. dai^o/mi : aor. i kBnai/ufv: 

to he ente rt ain ed t iafeati: alao c. sec teM;a]pfa,«fce.» 
tofeaU on, eoneume, eai: to eat, hwm like poison^ 
8a£vva, Bp. for idabmao, 2 sing; fai^l aed. cT 

8d£of, a, or, in Trag. alao es, on^: Ion. and Hem* 
d4fio% 7, or: Att contr. 8^: {haiet, UU)z lasNIg, 
deflCrudtM.* as epith. ot fire, hwning, ecntmnmgi in 
pL Mlbc, fiUB i i c a. a. imihaiyy, vnleAsd. II. 

(So^Mu) knowing, omming, 

SoCpsi, 1 &i^ : aor. i inl i%fai : <■ A^tiv to >fafv 

8dta (AX gen. SotSoa, 1) : Att oonfr. 8fi, 8fBoa : 
(8al«v) aJlr0-Srafid,pin«-torc&, Lat toxla. a., 
foood, sndi as totches weva made d 

AAT'^g (B), 4, mostiy in apocopate dat S&f 
aoe. adiy, war, ham. 

AATl (G), gen. Zair&%, 4, a aiaal, /oait, 
LatJ?JP£S. a. fneorttir/ooditadl 

Sai/raXsvt, ^aw, d, {Zabntiu) a gued, hamqaelter. 

haifti^ 4, poet far Heie, afeaat, bon^wt 

SaCnjOsv, Adv. of fofeg.,/rom afeaeL 

SovrfMVM, f. oa^(&xT^)to0«l«i|Por aarvfl^to' 
tion oul, diatribufe. 

haMTp6t¥, r6, (*9aU) what i» aetigned one, a 

8a4Tp6f, 6, (9aiot B) a earver, dielribmier. Hence 

baiyrpoown^i^lke Oft €f earvinff : a As^iiag at loUa. 

ScurbfA^, 6wot, 6, (jiah) a hanqaeHer, cm mtJkMJ 
gmd: an eater, i.gnekewhohkngikeirmBnffo^ 

ba»fr6%, ifot, ^t ^oil. txr 9ak, a meaL 

8 &t^<s y , e^, gen* arot : (8^ f^) • ¥ MwMha 
mind, eager for tke fray, hold, II. (So^pot) qf 

knowing mind, prudent, thoa^ilifmL 

AAI'A (A),ain£w^ only need in prsat and frnpC, 
to Ugkt up, kmdie, 9at4 ol ht ttipuioe vvp, tke (sow 
Minerva) made fire Uoss from his helm : — Paas. 8ait>^ 
fMu, to bum, bkue: S^K^mt [d], 3 afaig; aor.-a anl^^: 
Sairrai Sa<T€ the eyea eparUe: to thia bakng pcoC 
Bidtfo, {dqpt l8c54fiF, poet MUtar; Saou fcdfat 
the report tpreod like wUdfire, 

AAI'n (B), to dinde, part okt, didribuie: la Act. 
sense 9at(m Is ved* but in pass, ftdcntt j|yo/» nqr 
heart is divided: pt pass. SiStVfMu, Ep. 3 pL 9eda^ 
areu. — But i9aiea, kSaiadfuiy belong to BeAniftni 
bdao/ioi, iHaadfjop^ to dariofiai, 

8SK<-9b|Mf, or,-89£i0v/iofl, Msa^ fis isarfi'aicMi^ 

tine, Ep. for IfScurs, 3 ring, ace a of Micm. 

SoKctv, aor. a fail of SAkvw, 

SdicfTOv, T6,^9dM09, a venowume animah 

8aKvdt», poet for 9A/cim, to bite, 

AAlSSri^tmofmi periaiA^xv: aor.alMacaw 
bd,batc€iy: 2b Ms, e^. of dogs sad gnaila ; ffn^fsar 
9dic¥€tv to champ the Ut; S^iorcir Icurrdr to'bito ons'a 
2^ for fear of langhing. II. metaph. to dmg^ 

prick: — ^Pass. to be vexed, annoyed, ttapiUut H^iqypm I 
t«M oowd at heart 

hiK09 — iavet<rr$K6s. 


Umat, ^m, ri, (faMor* aor. a of Umnt) «» ammal 
■faw Mteor tUng i$ dcmgercmt^ amy noasiem animaL 

AA'KPT, vot, t6, post. &r ftbc^vor. « Imhv Lat 
lAC&TMA: tim>adKp,9Maigwn^ 

fkittpilbt9^ rd, Dfow of i^Mfw, 

ttiipl|w» ant, rid» (fa«/iUi) Aat ukkkuweptfar, 
a mlioA for Uan» II.al0iir. 

Ihiiy wo yA»o i» «iv (<a«;^ ^y^fw) aii<ior </ Imti. 

tm^p^flC, tfo'tfo, cv» (&b(^Poy) ten^r of pttaons, 
Mel«MHv; ^ thk^ €aHmgfo9th tean>--9attf¥^ 
ja ythigait » Adr^ to flaaile Iftroiij^ om*BUan. 

AA'iki^ ON,r^ . Mcfw, a tear: Ep.gen. ftar^pd^. 

Hinyi gXAM, (8dbK^, «Ai«») to «ftm with \mn^ . 

Sttipi^ppo^ £ 4iam^ to meU into lean. From 

Btf iy fl go t » OF, (Sdbrpv, ^) m t U img nOo kpr^^ 

twp — I u i^ aiut ^ ov^ {idmpm^ <rr^) lirofgiiRjr isitt 

Dor. for toMpbiW, 
Saip«T6t, i^» M Torb. A^j. of dourpdw, «i|il omt, 

8 « yX»» < l^ ^ (^^ifK'Xpipn)joffm$im$mru 
Im|» jtfa i , ovoOfe 01^ » ptftiefpinl A4$^ (<^icpv, 

Imfim \y\, faL hffm : {9aMfm): to wupt Aed im»: 

pmt pMk Sdbbv^Dyiaiy to he temful, bemUin iean; 
fLftm^fart, JMamfititho^^ oA tn tmm c aoc. eog^ 
laloy tur^6ttr T^^ovt to utter (eof/u^ groom. II. 

tnmii to wttf/or s tiling, lAOMNi.*^— Pbm. to (0 isqji 
/«. HL A.^3U^apato/oMiane'«e7eB«siAtoam. 

lafM 4Si m ct, {iiMpVf «Oet) jObs toort: to«/iii. 

ImfiX^MlM, ^ (S^LrmXot) ajSiyervoAioii* 

SwridUkcv, T^ Dim. of 8d«rvAof^ a tot. 

iMiiXHt^ 4, ^, (SAktvAm) </ or/or iA«>fa^«r, 
Ul.4^r«aito.> o^A^ SoimiAuc^ » flute jrioyed «ftA 
Oijbven. n. of metre, dbdylie. 

SoviAiot, 6, («dcr«Xat) a Hng, Mo^ftiy. 

Inw MU B e Mii ^ i , ^ (SdvniXof , 84m«^) jWMtod 
of «tt (fte jin^er, flfcutrioiM, eomnMeuoiM, ae in Honoe 

t«cTiX»-«M|S, ^f^ (SdcrvXot, d^w) IOev mfingtu. 

UeilXet, ^: pfair. &LvtvAoc or S^UrrvAa: (Mmw- 
fi)>-a>^, LsL <%iiuf ; M &urr^Aitfr w/jifiAK- 
^t^t^tonclamoutieftmgen. x. 9imrukoB tov 

aeidi a toe; ab^ withoei «o8^ like L«t. d^ 
^ II. the ihortMiGfeekmeoiiire of length, 

•)hjg'ttrMrftt,T^ehmiltW of an inch. IH. 

■ iiWcelfeot><fa<^~uw; e.g. ^cofc 

WeiiX^ i|H(aiuit, oy, (SdirrvAoff, rpifim) wtm by 

UUnprnt, Der. for a^fjUo^ou 
mUr, T^ Dim. of 

f^l n.«tanito«ltoraft,ofaooldm«n. IIL 

< M t".l>torfamflfga^; aae&i^Mfiat. 
<i ^ i a , 4 (fa|i^> epHh. of Neptme, (At Tamer. 

8a|»&X^i-^eTot» ois (fa^kU^, 06<mm)fjd on 8y yotan^ 
cattte. • 

8(i|MXt|-4^^yot» or, (&vkU]^ ^■T<<''} hoif'OaMgi^s 
epitiu of Htfcnlea. 

SdfiaXf^, f. lotfltf, poSt. form of Zoptiu^ to fuiehw. 

8d|i&Xif, float, i^, (So^kUi) a yowi^ eov, Ae(fer, ootf^ 
Lat^/ttoeaoa. II. like fi!69x^ ^ 9^ 

8d|iuSAot, d, (fiaiti&M) a eaift Lat. oMiit. 

8^4tap^ aprot, i^ {pofniut) a «^t» tfovm, 

8o|«4<r8«^ Dor. for 9ckf»i(ai, 

8&|Aa9i|irppoTot, oy, (jUafi&ot, 0fOT^) m am mMmng, 

S&JA^-iinrot, or, (&i^^^, Itinrot) hxm toiatiip. 

84|i4(n«, ca>t, 1), (fafiiiw) a lam^, tubduM^. 

dttnttoi ^p < tv, OK, gen. omt^ (So^idUi^ ^M**) ^^o*^ 

8&pa0i ^Mt, flmi% ^ i(, (8a|idM^ ^iny mnm ml- 

Ad^iArtp, Dor, Toeat. foom Aiff4^P^ 

AADfA'A, 3 ting. 8a^, Ep. ScvMf, £p. 3 p}. fo- 
^i^flfot : fht doffdffv {ja]f poSt. ^oJcAaovt : per. I 
ifid^iAffo, poet l&(^Mi0'oti : aor. 2 iSo^ioy : pek. 5^ 
8/1171R1, pai& 9i6fufftm : aor. i paat. Uft/fOfir, part, 
d^oi^cit; aor. 3 past. ISd^M^, inf. S^/iifitu^ part. 
S^^Mlt : anotiier aor. i paas. part. 9dfjua$fU ia fomid» 
aa if firom Sa/sd{v. To tame, to bring vmd&r the yoke^ 
tubdm, omrpover^ IL of maidfina, to yok$ in 

marrimgef give to wtfo: alao to/ore^Me with, IM^mA- 
igore, IIL generally, to ta&diit, oonfiier, mp, in 

war : — ^PaaL to bo mtbiedt to obey.. a. to tk^, MO. 

8c4>^» I7'i 9* £p* fof do^t xv*^ > PMa. jobj. of 

8^4Mn Sip. for kddfafoat^^ 3 plnr. aor. a indie, pan. 
of Sofniar. 

8afiifi|Mvai, Ep. for ta/upm^ aor. a paat. inf. of 

fi^fivo, for b&tafaam, a aing. prea. paa. of b&fo^iu. 

8a|&vaflt,**8afi^, only in pret. and impiL 

Sd|tvi||u, = bofdot : — ^Pati. and Ifed. bifomfiat* 

8&|u»t and SOfiiAowt, a, oy. Dor. ibr ft;/*-. 

6a|&6«Mrt, Ep. 3 pi. of bofsAu. 

84|tA|<wttt, rd, -B rd brffwcl^ 98^/icKi, ^nant tan^ 

Aaa aaaaAZ^i 

Sdv, Dor. for S^r, Tijy >--o6 Sor, ^0, &y eorti^l 
AANAO'S, d, nra. in plnr. Aayao(, <At i>aaaaNt, 
tubjeda of Adraot, king of Aigoa, and to in. Homer 
for the Oreeka generally : AantifiBcu, w^ol^the eoM or 
deeoendaiUt tf DanauM : Aavatbu, eU, hit dauf^kn. 
Hence a Gomio SnperL Aatninaroe, oldeet </ the 

8&vfl(t». t, eUmi (8^t). To pul ovA money ai 
titary, to Umd :*— Paot^ of the money, to be ieni : — ^ICed., 
to have lent to one^ to ftorxow. 
9Av«ov, r^, (ftiyet) mon^ borrowed, a tooik 
8dvfio>M, arot, r($, thai wkkh ie lent, a toon. 
8&vfuv|i^ d, (daMi((v) tnoNty-IendNV* 
Sdytur^t, 00, d, (8aKc((ai^ <> nMaey4end0r» utafw* 
8av«OTiv6t, ^ ^, (aayW(ti) dt^pttedto lead. 



AA'NOX ^, r6, a gift: mofwy Uni <mi at kdend, 

Mv6f. 4, 6rt (8a(w A) (umf, ctry, parched, 

8dot, cot, T^, (&i£a» A) ssSoX^t, aJMrand, lordu 

8&irftv^ t ^irof, to tpend; Savarar <ft re to qwfwi 
tipon a thing : — ^Med. to apend </ cne'i omn, II. 

G&anl, dcnrayor ri^ vi^r (o|k4 the lUto io etpenee, 
exbottd the state. From 

AA'HA'NH, ^, eapenae, cajieiuKliifitf. II. money 

tpeiU : also money for spending. III. e0p0iw»iiie- 

neat, extravagance, [«S] 

8jiir&vi|)ia» arof , r^, money ipeni, eapenee, 

8&ir&vi|p6f, ^ ivt (8a«dy7) of men, azemeia^aiil ; 
of things, ezpeuMM. Adv. -pSn^ expeneMy. 

SAirovot, OK, B daTnamjpSe, extravagant. 

B4-irs8ov, ro, (&»-, wilhv) land, eoQ : the Jtoor qf a 
cham ber: in pi. ptaine^ftat country, 

AA 'im i, cdot, i^, ardin^t, a earpd^ rug, [j£] 

AAUrn, f. &(^, (o deootir. 

AdpS&vot, d, Doniamit, son of Jupiter, fimnder of 
Daidania or Troy. As A4jt AdpHaa^ot Mip a 2Vo- 
jan, nsQ. in plnr. A&pHayoi : Aa^id^ot, a, or, Tniian : 
Aapfka4$, (Sot, i), a 7V({^ wonKm : AopSovIa, i^, IVoy .* 
Aapdaifi^if9, ov, 6, a ton or deeeendant tf Dardanm: 
Aap^aanSnttt, oi, «m« of Dordonta. 

6ap8dim0, lengthd. form of l&vroi, to devour, 

8ap«uc6t or SofMMc^ 9*roT^p, 6, a Pexsian gold 
Goin,s 20 Attic drachnuB : so that 5 «>a mina, 300 

««a talent. (Said to have been fint coined bj Da- 
rius, but prob. derired from Persian dard, a king, cf. 
■q., like onr tovereign.) 

AOp^iOf, 6, Dariui, ace. to HerodotnseGr. ip^tlit* : 
A Greek fbrm of Persian dar&, a king. 

8dp^<ro|aai, ftit. 2 pass, of 94paf, 

AAPBA'NA : fut. pan. 9ap$^trotiai : perf. iMp- 
Sfjica : aor. a thap/Bov, poet. iipSBof. To deep, Lat 

6&p6-PiOfl, ov,*B9rjp60iOi, 

8ap6t> d, 6v, Dor. and Trag. for ft;p^. 

Sot, g^n. SfS^t, 1), Att. contr. for do^. 

^om^v^oi, aor. I med. inf. of Sariottai, Ion. 3 sing. 
Indie. d&acuTMero, I plnr. opt. 9affaifjte$a : Saacmu is 
fat. Dor. Gf. wiffeurBoi from vsr^ofiai. 

ScMrlwt, Adv. of Saoirt, So^/oit tx^^ to be /batry. 

S^Uoictos, ov, (9a-, tf/rwi) (iUdb^clkMieti, dorlk 

S^MTfAivaxt, cctft, 4, (^(ur/M^t) a dividing, dietHbuUng, 

SeurjioXoyltt, f. ^<r«, to exact a$ tribute : e. dupl. 
ecc., to exact tribute from a person. Hence 

€a<r)u>XoYCa, i^, coUedion cf tribute. 

8aoi&o-X6'Yos, 6, (fiaafiSt, Xfyw) a tax^odUeetor, 

•8ao}i6f, 6, (8^acr0eu) a dtvition, eharing of $poU : 
dietribution, II. in Att. an impoet, tribute, 

Soaiio^opltf, f. ijffca, to pay tribute : — ^Paa. to have 
tribute paid one. From 

8a9|iO-46pot, ov, (bofffiit, ^pof) paying tribute, 

Sdoopoi, frit, of iarhfuu : cf. bAaaaOai. 

9w9^wK4\(t, frot, 6, 4, and 8aa<-«X4|vif^ 1^ C''^ 
wXAaaa) horrid, frigh^, 

Zi/w u a^ax, Ep. for 96aaiir9ai. 

Saav-v^viiot, ov, (poffift, yh^ov) teiA ihiek ioonL 

8aflru4|n{. r/d^ot, d, ^, (dwKrf , 0/i(^) tkieMtahnd. 

Sao^lMcspKOt, OK, (8(1^, itipxoe) butky4a0ed, 

Sao-u-Nvm&of, ok, (8ao(«, lerfiijaf) thaggy4egged. 

8a9^»-|iaXXet, ok, (te<Kw, fiSXXot) tiWeX;^flM0«l. 

SAo^iyw [9], f. Ihw : (paain). To mabe rough .*<— 
Pass, to hee(me rough or hairy. 

8aov-«ovt, irodot, d, (paave, vovs) hairfffoot, L e. 

SooiMrAyior, eirot, d, i), (jkurim, vifyanf) with vkaggy 

AA'XrS. cfb, {f. Ion. fern. 9ac4a, thick vUk hmr, 
hairy, rough: downy, opp. to ifnkSe : of placea, tiUdk 
(rnwon wih huehee, bushy: baaia Bpiba^, a lettuce 
with the leaves on. U. like Lat. densua, thick, 


ScuriMrripvotf ov, (Sooirt, crripvav) thaggyAfreaaisi* 

8aav-xa(ri|t, ov, 6, (Sooit , x^**^) f^^oggy^wnired. 

SOrfofiOi, frit. Siffo/Mu: aor. i I8aa2^ep% E^ 
Ibaaa&iofv : (cf iror^ofiaf ) : Dep. To divide amemg 
thetnsdvee, to share in: to tear in pieces: — X^^'^ 
iro<r<j2 detrcOrro they measured the ground with tlieir 
fioet. 2, to cut in tsoo, 3. to divide at 

IkbTsOvro, Mol, 3 pi. impf, of bariofsai. 

Sftnfjpiot, a, ov, (iariofuu) distributing; and 

8&n|t4)f, ov, 6, a distrCmter. 

So^voios, a, OK, </ or bdonging to a hmrd. 

AA'^NH, i^, the laurel or 6ay, sacred to Apollo. 

Sa^nj^oplca, 1 4<^^* '<' ^^^ /ourvl-ftou^. From 

Sa^vi)-^6pot, OK, (S&^VTf, ^pn) planted with 
rels. II. bearing laurel houghs. 

ta^f¥iSM&%, 4t ^K, (dd^Ki;) Mon9ln(7 to a laurA, 

8c4vo-Yt|^f* ^t. (9&(l»vtf, yifiim) ddighting im the 

8a^v6-«o|iot, OK, (&$^Ki7, iru/if;) la un l< r osoneiL 

So^v^mSm, ft, (8c£^K7, c79ot) kmrdled. 

8<i-i^v«6s, ^K, »8a^ocK^ : cffux So^ocKf^K oStptan a 
garment ii»2 wiUi blood. 

8&-4oiv6t, 6v, (8a-, ^K^t) of wild beasti^ hktod-^ 
red, tawny ; or perh. bloody, murderous, 

8«i|y{XsiA, ^, abundance, ^enty. From 

SoujfCXifit, it, (bimrca) abundant, plenty : of peg>- 
eons, libaral, profuse. Adv. i€Ct/4XSk, lavishly : Siqierl, 

* AA'Il, an old root meaning to ham, which tsJccs 
a oaosal sense, to teach. In rednpl. aor. a 8^8ac, and 
bi9dfftcw, 1, to teach : only in redopL aor. 2 act. 
bidas, he taught, like Lat. doeeo : — ^later also ISoor. 
— (The pres. in this sense is bibdaiw,) H. to 

letan: fnt. baJ/aopuu, {ifiev baffotai thou w&t iea^n 
from me) : peif . 8f Sdi^iva, part. Mkajttifs, btba/i/s^ also 
pass. beieofpUvos : aor. a iStt^K, snbj. SaSf, baem^ inf. 
Sa^vat, MfpMfot, part. Sasti :— ^ftom Moo, Is frvmed 

ia&fup — AErAX2. 


a pKL ion MiaffBttt, to uarth ovi. The pret. In 
tldi mie ii itd&ffKo§ttu, 

Mmt, I pi. aor. a pasB. snbj. ci*9Au. 

AS\ dat: conjimctiTe Partide, wHli an cppotinff or 
odmrnUee fbrn. It nra. answen to fUy, eep. In 
Fnn^when it may be rendered by tnlUZe, on the olher 
tndt lee /ilr. a. it freq. eerres merely to pan 

from one tldng to another, when it may be rendered, 
mdtfmUher. II. hi properly standi second in 

tlie Mitence, but it is also found third or fonrth, 
vbcB the preceding words are closely connected. 

-1^ eoditie Particle; joined I. to names of 

Fkoes in ace, to denote mdOon towtrdi, as if it were 
m cndttic pnpotiL, oUcM§ home^Mirdt, 06Xv/i- 
»Mf to Olympns, 0bpa(§ (for (Kfpaur^) to the door ; 
mn rarely repeated with the possess. Pnm., 5r8ff 
^&f m 9t ; snd sometimes even after dt, as tit £\a8c: 
fa Att. wo. added to the names of cities, 'A$fpfa(*t 
eii^sfc (lor 'A^MurSc, e^^curdc) :— sometimes it 
<faaotH pmyo§e only, /ifiri ^fiwtf 6rf6/MV€ speak 
oaqglit (au&ij^ lo /ear. II. to the denumstr. 

Pnon to giire it greater fbrce, S9€, rot^dc, etc., such 
» aia at liU^ Att. -a(. 

Si&, ^ Dor. ftr 0c^ Lat. (lea. 

Ubm, Ep. for ISloro, 3 sfaig. impf. of an obsolete 
T«fb Sli^ia<,n8o«^, ie teemed, 

Myfuvos, Ep. aor. t pass. part, of Ztxoi»ai, 

Miaa^a^ Ep. pres. pass. inf. of *^um, 

Sttoi, 3 sing. aor. a act. of *8^. 

tiMyo , Of, c, perf. of ^'Stiv. 

Mvijlfcivot, part. perf. pass, of *&iw. 

Ma(imt, Ion. for d^Saorac, 3 pi. perf. pass, of 

'•SsiYyLJvot, perf. pass, part of &i^oi. 
Bdopjias perf. pass, of Zlpu, 
Wfawy ai, perl pass, of ZoJm, 
Bifia^t, perl act. part, of *&iw. 
^<8ty|&^vot, perf. part, of iixofuu : 8i8c£o perl im- 
post: Mi^ofmt fot, 
WawwAfai, irreg. perf. inf. of ^iwlv. 
Sdaco, ScB^uu, pi act. and pass, of SIm. 
^iS^ttTw, Ion. for Mief/Uvoi tlat, 3 plnr. pi of 

^1^ Mtf/m^ 3 sing, perl and plqpl of 9alw. 
S^^X^ '•yV^^ perl act and pass, of idxwot, 
'wi poH. 8iC8ia, perf. with pres. signl of 8c(9ai: 
i^enl 8^&«i : part MuU. 
^AS^xOai, perl pass, inl of 9i96ffiw, 
^feiiiym, 1- iuAtrKOfMu. 
Miuii|Aui^ » 9€tZiffaofMU, Att. SsSCrrouot : Dep. : 

^«Y|M^ pi pass, of Si^mv. 
^K^ffo, IoQ« ftr kM/Juprro, 3 pi. plqpl pass, of 


^IWvot, perl pass, put of ^a/tAot; also of 


% 7^ 3 pi* 4^0, plqpl (tf hoft&u. 

Mhyymu, perl pass, of 9<Mioi, 

Mouca, perl with pres. slgnl of 8c/8w. 

8<8o(ictt, Dor. pres. formed ihnn 848oMa, mSc^Sw. 

M6iai]ica, MSkijpoi, Att pi act and pass, of 

MoiCT||Uvot, Ep. perl part, of Uxoinat, with signl 
of ores., waiUngfcr, Iffing in waU, 

SfSofioi, pi pass, of Sl9cJtu, 

M^voTO, Dor. for l8c8^n7ro, 38lng. plqpl c/tioyiw, 

848opNa, perf. of 94pie0fjuu, 

SISovwo, perf. of 8oinr^. 

MpaY)Uvot« perf. pass, part of 9p&ff0», 

SiSpoKo, perl of Mp&fffcv, 

8i8pd|ii|Ka, perl of rpix^^ (formed from *9pa/iiw), 

S48pofu^ perl med. of t/><x» (formed fhmi *9p4fiu). 

Smof, 17, ow, resolved form of S^Xot. 

8«i|$f|Tt, a pi. aor. i snbJ. of Ziofuu, 

Sfqiui, arot, r6t (iiio/tai) a prayer^ enknaiy. 

ftmvit, coit, i), (Sio/Mi) an mtfeaUng, 

AEI", snbj. 9^, contr. 8^: opt iioii inl ^iV: 
part 84oK, Att ScTy : imparl 18ft : fttt M^cti : aor. 
I iUffa€, Impers. from fUea, I. c. ace. et inf., 

ScTrtra wo^aai U i$ bindbiff on one to do a thing, one 
nmet, one oughi, Lat. oporM, deeet: so, ScT rtm twon 
woi^crci. II. c. gen., (here i$ need of, Lat. opus 

eM re: woXXov M there wants much, far from it; dXi- 
70V M there wanU UUU, aU but; wXctVot BuiiiatUa 
further from d:-»with the person added, dti fiol rtvot, 
Lat. opue ett mikt re. 

8€iY|*a, arot, r6, (Uitcwv/u) a eample, pro<^, epeei- 
men, Lat. documentum, a. a place in the PeirtBens, 
where merchants set out their wares for sale, as in an 
Eastern hazaar» Hence 

teiy\Uifrii», 1 <rai, to make a ihow of, 

8<(8€iCTo, 3 sing, plqpl of Meyv/u, in sense to 
todeome: ^iBixorai, tor MeyiUvoi elai, 3 plnr. 
perl : dctS^xaro, 3 pi. plqpl 

8<i&4)A«tv, ov, gen. ovoe, (8c^8») eowardiy. 

SsUka, at, c, like l^&a, perf. of delSet with pres. 
sig^l, I fear: plor. dei9if4/nf, Scf&rs: imperat 8c£- 
Stit: inf. 8«i8/ficr : part. Sci8c^ hence dual SccSc^c : 
8c(8t<ray, 3 plnr. plqpl 

8ti8((nco|Aai, Dep., (Mn^fu) to gred vUh out- 
ttreUhed hand, to wdeome, hid haU: 9€i9ioferro iivoX 
he haiUd with the cnp. a. * Mtpf^fu, to ehew. 

8ci8(otro)iai, Att. 8i8(rro|iai : tai, i(o/uu : (deiioi), 
Cansal of 8c(&v, to frighten, alarm, 

MZouca, Ep. for UHouca, q. t. 

AEI'AA, the pres. only need in first pers., I fear : 
fat. ^ieofuu: aor. i lAHcra, Ep. t9fktoa: pi in 
pres. signl 949oiMa ; also BiSta, Ep. 8c(8ta, plor. M- 
8t/icr, Sc^Strc, 8c8£A(r< ; impemt. Mlk$t ; part. 8c8c^, 
Ep. pi. 8ei8:^ct : 3 pi. plqpl i949toa»f, Ep. 8c/8i- 
<raK. I. intr. to be ceroid, to fear, nsn. wiUi \d\,,, 
likeLati!«reorne..,I/Bar«i<i..; bntSflScufii^oi^.., 
e«r8orn«no».., vereor tit.., I /ear A ft not a. c. 
inf., tofeartodo, 3. I«0||MH1siiv <0 ^ oJoiwiei 


b^t^tAtu — ^ bufsvtCfA, 

or aiuBious about 4. 0. act., to Is t^raid </, ioftar, 
stand in awe qf, 5. perl park rd 9c<(^ om'sfear- 
inff: and so like Zio9tfear» 

^tuh ^ t i «^«, (Sc/cAot) to tMNt lOZ coeiNfi^. 

8«uXiv6tf 4, 6vt=i»ci,, at evening. From 

^IMp eventide, U. aa Subit, 9*l*Xot (inb. 6^7)1 

ssdkXi;, evening. 

.8«uc»M&aoic% 3 ging^. Ep. in^ of 9€uu»Av, 

tmMdy6M,^Micyvfu,to point out, ake«^ U. Med. 
^^^bcwitait 8^0/icu, to «qfole» toriotmie. grtdk. 

8cucav6«>VTO, £p. for Uutaawm^ 5 pi. Ixnpf. mad. 
of dfucovdo;. 

Mci^ov and 8i(in|Xov, t4 (ScLicyvfii) a r«pretad^ 
t$ionf exkitntiifn. 

Mkw, Ep. shortened fonn for ttinnHn. 

Scucv^ucv, -hiuyoif Ep. for dwtvuva^ of in£ 

AEI'KNTBfl and Ssucv^ Ep. 3 singr. 8€(«w : 
ftit. Scl^fltf : aor. I I8«i£a : pert peas. d45«7/icu : in 
Herodotus 8ifw, iSt^o, diSey/ioi : on tbe peif. fonoDLS 
8cid^X*»«u, 8f(9c«ro, see below. To theiv, point outt 
JjttLmoitttro: impers. Sci^ct, (wm fpiff s4etr; Stueyifroi 
ittTiMktojKWiil towards a person. a. toMa^to 

^^ di9toy> M9 ^/Mv Sccjtc, Wpat the god ahewod ns 
s marrel : — ^Med. dtUaH^fuut to aet btfore one. 3. 

to point «tf l^ words, to tdi, ei^^fHam, teaeh: to tkmv, 
prove, I8ci^ Iroi^iot lhrn$ theg tkated ihat they were 
nady. 4. of accusers, to inform againtL II. 

dtucvitfuroe » ^^ficyof , d€^u>if/itvo9, teetoomuHr, (^rsee- 
^: 3 plur. p£ 8fi8^xtt»>*» 3 pl* plqpt Sci^^to, 
aie used in the same sense ; rods /Um iwWAAoif 8fi- 
ZixoTo they pledged Uum with the cup ; detUxP''^ 
piOoiai they greeted them with words. 

8fucT<of , fii, . ov, Terb. Adj. of Ikijantfu^ to he 
tketen. H. Ssikt^ov liori], impers., one mtut 

ZeLKaw%, a, w, lengthd. fonn of .aciX^» /eo^ : 
and so wretched, torry, paUrUt mieerabU. 

imXampUw, cnme, 6, strictly, a eeward, but uan. in 
add r o M c s ^ poorfeHow ! From 

MXpaiepof, a, or, (Setkit, &tpoe) very pitiable. 

AEI'AH (sub. &pa), i^, stripUy, Ote time when the 
dag i$ hottett, i. e. juet after noon; then generally, 
i^lemoon, ifffftrai 4 ^ 4 ^<^ 4 f^ioor^fiap; Seiiisf 
9 potto, and ^tk/i dff4a emiy and late t^lernoon ; altera 
waids 8c(X9 alone stood for the later pari <jf lAe afi&r' 
noon, evening: 8c(\^ or d€i\i^, aa iuiT., in the even/^ 

tmXLa,1^,i9etk6e)Umidity, eowafdiee; deOJsir^Keiv 
to be chaiged with eowatrdiee. 

Uihi&M, t 6aet, {Mda) to 60 qfraid. 

>sU o tMu, Dep. {leihxi) to decline towarde evening. 

tmXim, 4» 6¥, (dioe, Mlku) cowardtg, eraven: vHe, 
worihleet. IL mieerabk, wretehed, mkippg, like 

I^at. mieer. Adr. -X&e. 

Setlio, orot, t6, (MSu) fear, t^right, IL on 

tUgeet qffear, a tsrror, hmor. Hence 

hmj^abm, £ M^ to le q^hiid, to he ed mvmd : a. mc^ 
to fear a thing. 

8«4idX<ot, 1^ 01% (8ft^) timd, IL AomUe. 


S«i|«at, aor. i part, of Ui»eu 

BeCi&orro, 3 sing. aor» i med. of Uieu. 

8«i|Uk^fi% WOOL, €v, (fin fWL) frightened, 

8ii|A&T6tt» f. dniof^ (8«if4a) to/nj^ft<<». 

SeCJiOfiay, Sp. for 9f^/icv, i plur. aor. x aobj. of 

8<i|A^ 6, (diet) /ear, torrpr, Lat. timer, 

8civ, inf. of8^. IL Att. for <^» pari, nrat 

<^ Ui, am wXf ty for wXior. 

Ami? A, 6, ^ T^, gen. Scuwt, dat 9em, ace ScTi^ 
plur. 8«W€s, etc^ sucft an ofie, a eertain aMi,whoia one 
cannot or will not name. 

8iiva4)^TB^ ou, 6, (Scu^t, riBtna) a huHfe, 

8<ivo-XoYM|iai, t ^aofuu^ Dep., (Scur^ ^^^T**) to 
eomplatfi toiMfiy. 

8«bvo-miO<M, t ^cett (Siiv^t, wi^tfot) to nnayiFiMa 
loudly of entering. 

8«v6-irout, 6, 4* ffOVTi t^ g«B. wodoe, (dsu^ wevt) 

8€iv6s, ij, 6v, (p4o9) : I. ternbicfearfut: in 

milder sense, aicftrf: later, rd <ciw$r danger^ e^far- 
ing$; ohH^v ^eiyol, fjt^ iMoarioiCw no fear of thaar 
reTolting ; Sccydr «oc«iy or ntHcro^ to tolas m, Lai. 
cegreferre. II. implying Force or Power, migHiig, 
powerful, for good or iU. a. wondiro^^ marvetlemB, 

strange, rh ffvyytvit rm lktw6p the tiea of kin Amv 
etrange power. UL the sense oi powerful, mm- 

droue, passed ^to that of able, clever, eki^ul^ aa in 
phrase Seu^ re koI ao^ : oft. c. inf., Sccy^ X iyw t 
clever at talking: idao o. ace., Ssiv^ tV ''^V'H'' *^ 
/tJ in his art Hence 

8iiv6n|t, iTTOt, 1^ torriMaRess; >ortfassss, 
neat. a. natural ability, eleoemeee. 

8iiv6tt, f. ^09, (dciycit) to molie dreadful or /« 
da(2e : to exo^erci^, enhance. 

8€ivtt»ir6t, ^v, and 8ii«i6i|r, fiaros^ ^, i)> (Stn^ ^) 
(m-i52e to MM<i. 

SsbvAi, AdT. of 8<ti^% torrftJ^ : woroo ff oysi ly, owee^ 

8cCY«»o«ti «M» i^« (8c«MMf) ssm^ysKittoab 
M^ie, fat of 8c(ii»v/ii. 
Siiiet. nS, Ep. for 8iot,/ear. 
SiiirvcOvTct, Dor. for StiwoGirss. 
Sivirv^, f. ^0w I Att pf, a 949etwpa, inf. dc^tt«i4- 
(8«riryo»r). To make a meak dine: ia Ati. al- 


ways to take tha.^ii^ meal : o. ace. daivycTy ^l^rov to 
maiK a meal on bread. Hence 
SfCirvnoTo t , 6, medl4ime. a. 1^ mmI itael£. 

8ci/irvi|T^ ov, d, a fiifqwr ^ii«ft Hence 
8iiinn|Tuc6f , ii, 6p, belonging to dinmer, Adtv. 
Wee a eUeer cook. 
8«Mrvitt», f. (tfM, (ScMryov) to satorMi at diaaer. 

mriUHmu to d imer, paraaSUc, 
Mmpov, T^ « iMa2 or UM a Kt me, aooietittiee « d^- 

b Att, fte cki^ flMoi, aoflwering to our dkmer, Lat. 
oMs; -^vd Scfmo iMght fiom lUiMier. a. gene- 

UwoireiAa, toprflpors a maol : Med. k) duM. From 
8 > wv»^ r o t 6t, ov, (ScTvroy, vot^») prep0iring dmner, 
UfA% ^Xof, i|, (Sc<M) <^ **^ (/a dkrin o/MUs, 

Mp n ,a or. I pajt. of Mf», 
ASFH', Att ^m, 1^, tfte fiedk, Oroo^. n.« 

l*^ Ob Hfl^ <2f a MB. 

Sufo^rofUtf, £. i|<r«, (8ci/i^, riiam) io out the tkroai, 

AEITfl, Ion. far UfM. 

Im a ( |w ip, ofot, 6, 1^, (8c£&», Mfp)/eai^ mah, 

SaoiSaiiiovuE, ^t/mr qf t6« yoeii, nel^iofi; m^iflnii- 
■n. Frun 

l«g* Zui^umf, mf^ geji. ow>t, (8i(8v, 9iiifmni) feming 
(kgoii: ingood9&Da^piom,rdigiou$. a.lnbad 
■Me, Biwujirtiniii, higdecL 

mJC,cl,al,rA,indeci.,JMi.DECZM,^iit TEN, 
OoB. ZEHN: ol diiea, the Ten, Lat. Deeemviri: ol 
Kn [Iny] d^* ^0ri9 Hum who are len yeaft pait 30, 
fto tge of militaiy lervice. 

8aeiS-a0(Ot, ^ (Mm, ^^^x^) a iommtmdtr <f ten 
■AiLaL 400Mrio. 

ti4flotot, ev, (d^KO, ^oSt) wiorli ten oomi. 

Wbbwoi, 4a*i, 3, (9i«a) aneti a deemy et parky of 

\m k B ii |iui , or, (9^ ^fiyior n) (ea |ni)iw lofi^ or 



t — iiqi , ^, (8^irft,-lrot) leuMn^ (en shears* 
fari i ^ i, 1 ^btti, {UiU^ to bribe, amift, Lat deou- 

SoB&K^, Ad?^ (a^) tenttmee: ter^dd, 
lac4«Xlvot, or» (84mi, aXcku) JMdUiv (<^ <iAifwr- 

Ww<i|iCa, i|, (dl«B, irv;«a) lAa tetiift were, laL 
Mdu ie eu m amu : of. rpuevfiia. 

ImLffifrtm, or, (Bcdl, /dir) tm mmOlB dd. a. in 

imLfMwn, ow, (8t«4 fvfi) worth ten mAks. 

Bai^ n ^opo t , or, (bUa, dftpoptim) heUding ien'Afb- 
^ofA,Lt. abcmt ninety galloDB. 

MnvaXm* Adv., a very bmg time offo. 

M^^npCvt, V, (JSiita, 'nrjfxy) Un OHNte Umg. 

lara-'yXAotot, or, (^im) tei^otd, Lat. deouplHi; c. 

9t^ (fli Omte greaUt than: i) ScMnrAo^ (■nb.Tifcf) 

» SofaaL, tea ikMf lAe omoiiiil. 

ti ll ■Mliiii , or, (S^im, vXl^por) mo1o0^ ten 

^amot, or, centr. 8«c&irXovi> ovr,«diiMnr\<&- 

8eK4-iroXi«, 4t (Slio, v^tfXif) ip<a tei oiMn? as StAwt., 
a dMriet including ten eitiee, DeeapdtU, 

ScicAr^rovt, d, 4t *ow, r6, gen. «o8ot, ie»/ea bmg, 

8<ic-^4>Xt|t, ov, 6, (S^iKo, dpxp*) o (leowion. Henoe 

SoR-opXM. 4» ^ ^onemment <^ Ae Ten. 

8«cdt| <&dot, ^, (8^«a) a body qf ten men, Lat deoM- 
ria, n. (lie iitNnter ten. 

SiR&Fcnropof, or, (SImi, amelpei) eomialing tf ten 
8eed4ime9, i. e. ton years. 

BacoTolot, a, o¥, (S^iearot) on Ae lanA day. 

SfnekrAXarrot. or, (Simi, rdXorror) weighing or 
woriA Aen (cdenlB. 

8«co/T«VTf|piov, r^, Qie euetom^hoMe : aad 

B«ca/TfirH|f, ov, d, a farmer cf tnK^BiM^ Lat deeuiiMh 
mw. From 

ScKOTtiiw, 1 (Toy, (Sciedn;) to emA ike tm^Ske, to ttiAe: 
to take the tentii of Ixwty, eop. oe an ofering to Ae 
^Fode. a. to emet the tenihe ae a tax an tdl in- 

S<iciaTi|-X670t, 6f (Bcxdr^, \iyo$)^d§KarwTit9. 

84IC&T0S, ij, or, (JUkol) tenih. a. ^nierq (sob. 

/i^/xt), 1^, Ae tetdh part, tithe. 3. Sm^ (sub. 

i^fUpa), ij, &e tenth day: at Athens, thefeaUnd on the 
tmth day after Urth, when the tdiild had a name 
g^ven it, TJjfr SciRfiTi;r 9&cir to gire a ftaat on (Ae day 
cf naming the ehUd. 

BocoT^tt, f. 6)ae», (S^irarot) to lolw tiAe qf a penon. 

8cic4-^Q9^ or, {biica, ^v^^) <:onaisiinj^ <2^ ton irAei. 

SiKd-x^^M, Ol, a, (biiea, x^<m) ^ thoneand. 

Z9ic4infpa%, or, « 8ff«^t. 

8«c-lTV|f, ov, d, (S^iro, Mro$) laetkig ton years. H. 
ten yean old. 

ten4mm, ibae, ^, pecnl. fern, of foreg. 

8lKouai, Ion. fo^ S^ofkoi. 

6«fr-epY*aot. or, (Siiva, 6(rpn&) tenfaihame long. 

Mcnit, ov, 6, (8^o;mu) a rceeJMr: hence a beggar. 

S^MTO, 3 fling. Ep. aor.a of dixo/iot. 

9mcrii%, 4, 6p, verb. A^j. from 'itxpimi, reeeimd: to 
he reeeioed, aeetptabie, Lat. ooe^pftM. 

Sferpio, 1}, poet. fom. of beurfip, bSterfje. 

86cTwp, opot, poSt. fbr 8iirri;t, lf«Ti(^<one «Ao lalpss 

SfKHJftplhyot, or, a bercSpyvioe. 

B«Xidttt», f. dirw, (S^Xfop) to enl*M Ay a bait : to o^ 
kins, enltoe, eotoA. II. o. ace. oognato, rarror ^t 

8cXc<&((ir to |ml the chine of a pig ae a baiL 

AE'AEAP, oroe, r6, a halt, Lat. eeea. 

6<Xc-dpirat, ayoe, d, 4j, (fiiXaip, dpwA^w) greedy of 
the haii, bUmg freely at it 

heXiaaua, arot, r6,^b4XHtp, 

AE'ATA, r6, inded., v. sOb A. a. a name for 

the ielande formed at the mouthe af large rttwn, efltp. of 

the Nile, ao called from tiieir ihape. 

ScXtCot, *r6. Dim. of bkkrtsfe. 

ScXro-Ypd^iot, ov, {fikXrot, ^pApu) wriking on a 

tablet, regietering, r eco rding. 

5iXT0«, 4, a writing4cMel, ikom A, tta» 4i| «fap^ of 


8€Xr<((»— AE'PKOMAI. 

tableti: metaplu, Ukroi ^fiOfwr ihe loUefo of the 
heart Hence 

8cXt6m, f . 4kw, io MnU down on taUeU, record* 

SiX^dmov, r^, a mteking'pig. Dim. of 8^X^o£. 

8cX^aK6ouas Pa«. to grow up to fighood. From 

AE'A^Afi, d«ot, 6, a yawng fig, porker. 

AiX^viof, 6, (AcA^ Dt^hUm, epith. of Apollo. 

SfX^CvoH^pot, ov, (ScX^f, ^pftf) bearing dolpbm$: 
Ktpauu 8. beams withpuOeyt to lower (he ^tKipU, 

ABACI'S and StX^Cv, trot, b, Ow diUphin. H. 
a mau of iron or lead, aAofKd lifce a do/|iAtn, which was 
hnng at the yaid'Aim, and then enddenly let down 
on the enemy's ships. 

AEA^Or, cDy, ol, Ddpki^ a famous oracle of Apollo 
in Phods at the foot of Parnassus. II. i& ti»- 

AE'MAS, TO, used only in nom. and acc.,<^ &oe^, 
eep. of man; strictly the liring body, cwpa being the 
corpse : /uxp69 94fiaM small in daiure. II. as 

Advn 111^0 SLoTy, S^/fot irvpdt oido/iiroto in form or 
faMon Wee bnndng fire, Lat. tnstor ignie. 

8l|iviov, r^, (pi/M) a covush, bed, 

Ssjivto-T^piM, ft, (8^/iytoy, Trjpioa) keeping one to 
one*t bed: funpa dtfonorffprje a lingering &te. 

AEIIA, also med. 8^/ioficu : aor. i act. f Sfc/io, med. 
kbftfiA/jofv : pf. I MfUfKa: pf. 2 iidofui: pf. pass. 
M/aifUu, To buHdf khditaro o&vovt A6 Suttt Attn 
honses: generally, to oonatruet, w»ake, Uftuy Mw 
Lat. munire vtom. 

Scv8(XXq», to give a glance at, make a tAgn to, 

SMpcov, r6t Ion. for 94v9poy, a tree. Hence 

d€v6|W|€t«, eoacL, <k, woody, 

8cv8puMc^ or -iN6f, 4, 6vt {!Uvbpo¥) qf a tree. 

SMpiov, r6t Dim. of hMpov, 

8cv8po-^T4«»,f.4(ra», {JUvZpov, ficdvoi) to eUmb trees, 

8cv8po-K6|i7|t or 5cv^4«o}iot, ok, {divipov, K6iafi) 
tihaggy with wood, 

Ssi^o-icoirltt, f. iicot, (iMpov, ifAirrai) tofdl trees, 

AE'NAPON, r6. Ion. and Att SMpot, cot, r6, a 
tree; Uvdpoy Mom an oliTe^rse: generally, tMpa 
aie fruU-irees, trees cf man's meat, cpp. to HXtf timber. 

6tv8po-T0|ii«», f. ^lOM, {dMpov, rifjow) to ciU down 
thefruiUrees, to lay waste a coimtry, 

Scv6p6-4i>T0f , oit, (Uvdfior, ipiw) planted with trees, 

6«v6p-^Mi|t, ft, {Hydpor, cTBot) tree-Wee; UyipitUis 
"Hit 11^ troMi-nymphs. 

ScvSpAnt, (Sot, 4, (fiiyBpov) wooded, 

8<wd{tt, f . dora;, to a5tM6, rmHe, From 

AE'MNOS, d, a reproof disgrace, 

84{ai, aor. i med. imper. of 9ix**fuu, 

8s{a|Mv^, 1^, (orig. aor. i part fem. of ^x^t""*') <> 
reeqitaele of water, a reservoir, tank, 

$4^ it if^^"'^ ^^ ^^s, sab. x^P) *^ *^^ Aand; 
l« Sc^tot on <A0 r^At hand; Sc^ictv &S(irai to salute 
by offering the right hand, 

84^'L'^Xot* ^* (P^X9f^9 f"^^^) rtcHdng sheep, 
rich in saer^fites. 

8i|i6-7viot, (ieftSs, ytM) ready of f trnft, ulsiUf. 

Sjio-JU^ot, \ {J^i&s, Xo^^Mtf) a speonnan, qmmd,, 

8s{i6o|iai, f. ^aoim : aor. i lUs^tMci/aip : Dep. >-4o 
o/«r (&e rMpM Aoiid, gred wUh the right hand. From 

AESLOrX, <&. ^y, Lat DEXTEB: I. on the 

right hand at side, MdsitAio ihe righL U, for- 

tunate, boding good, of the flight of birds and other 
omens. III. metaph. dexterous, ready : and of 

udn^ shrewd, eieeer, 

SiJiiS-ffSipot, 6, {6e^i6s, astpi) harnessed by traeee 
on (&e right side, of a horse, which was not put under 
the yoke, but attached as a third abreast to the re- 
gular pair. 

6^wn|s, ip-ot, i}, {istUs) deaierity, adiei^, esp. of 
mind, devemess, 

8s{i64tv, Adv., old gen. and dat of 9€(i6e, towarde 
the right : also, M lit^id^v, 

8s{(-iri^pof, ow, (Uxo/uu, vvp) fire-reeeioing. 

t^bs, can, ii, (bixopai) recq^ion, 

8<|iTfp^ i, 6v, poet, form for 8c£i^, right, tie 
right : ie^tr€p&, like U^i& (sub. x<^p)t <A« "^^ hand, 

8s|£«Mia, arot, r6, (i€£i6oftai) a pledge of friendship 

8^i-<m|iot, ov, (p€£i6s, Svopa) lucky m name* 

t^Un, Adv. of d^iot, dexterously : Superl. 8c£c^ 


8s{UMn«, cwt, 4f {J^iioiuu) ihe offer cf ihe r^ 
hand: greeting, salutation, 

8^0, 3 sing. £p. aor. 2 imperat of 8^o/mu. 

8i|«», I8t{a, 8<i{o|iai, I8€(d|iiiy, forms used hy 
Herodotus for bsl^w, Idcif a, etc^ rat etc. of ^Acstrpu 

84o|iai, f. Miaofuu, and btovpai: Dep.: to steeds 
want: to beg, ask; y. sub 9iof (B). 

84ov, ovrot, t6, Att 8ctv, part neut of the im- 
pers. 8c(^ that which is binding, needfvi, right, p refer t 
Ir S^oKfi (sub. Moipf), in good time, Lat opportmnd : 
tls t6 Hovfor nee^ul purposes, II. used abaol^ 

it being nee4ful or fating : so^ o^ir S^ov (AerB bemg 
no need, 

8lov, Ion. for f 8coy, impf. of S^o;, to bind, 

8«6vTttiv, 3 pi. imperat of b4a), to bind, 

AE'0% gen. Uovs, r6 : poet Sctot : fear, alarm, 
affright, II. awe, reverence, JH, a terror, 

means of inspiring fear, 

AETLAS, aos, r6 : plur. nom. 8^inl: poet dat. Sc* 
irdco-o^i and Hrtaaai \—a beaker, gotld, ehalice, 

^^nfft^ ^*> i^PV^ ^TX«) throUling, 
hifKUOv, t6, {biprf) a neoHaee : a cottar, 
Slpat, arot, t6, poet for hippo, skin, hide* 
8spdt, <idot, 4f "= hsipAs, 
hipy^A, t6, {iipKOftoi) a look, glance, 
8^i|, 1^, Att for iupq, ihe neck, 
ScpKi^luu, Dep., po^ for d^p«o/iac, to look, 
AETKOMAI, Dep. : perf. with pros, signf. U- 
Zopiea : aor. 2 tbpibcov : also aor. i pass, llipxjhir^ 
aor. 2 pass. Ihp&ifpf, To look, see : h^ice to hehM 
the ligH, to live, a. to look on or ol : geneimlly, to 

Hpfia — 8^vv/MU. 


like tlie eye. 

8cp|ia» arpt, r6,XUpv) Ihe tldn, Mde of beaiti, Lat 
feOk: alio tiamt prtpandfor ftottkf, etc a. gene- 
xsUj, cMi*9 Am, Lat. euttf. Hence 

8ip|i4Tlviet» rjtOittOf »km, Ualkem, 

Ufm, Ep. fcr id€po¥, impH of 8^^. 

t^ot, cot, T^ podt. for 94pt»a, sUn, hide. 

S^pic or S^pit, caw, i), (S^poe, Upfui) a htUhem 
mumg , n. in plur., lereenf qf pUii, hung to 

deedea ihB enemv't mliailei. 

Mptpov, r^, (fitpv) Ike eaul at membnme uikieih eon' 
iam At hcwdM, Lat. omentum ; Mprpo¥ tav Ufuoirr^e 
penetnting €001 to <Ae &oi0el«. 

SfxNt. part, ^>X0»r^ imperat, Sepx^vos inL 
ta.ici UpKOfMU, 

AETn, Ion. 8c(pc» : fat. 8cpw: aor. I idupa : aor. a 
pHL ISdl^ipr : fat. a pan. iapfjoofuu, : perf. S^So^mi 
tadUhftu To9km,ftaif, U.aiK} to cudgel, thraaL 

Urfo, oroe, r6, (pUt) poet, for itoftit, a bond, 
/ftfff. II. a headiand, 

Svfuoii, £, ffai, (Scir/i^t) to fetler^pd in chainB: to 
Hi kgtlhtr, aa com in the sheal 

^erf/Jbm, t tfcw, (8ca^^) « i€(r/it(w. 

U9f!% 4, (8coi) a bvmdle. 

tcvittot, or, alio a, oy, (8ctf/i^) Undinff : hence 
in^ Of a tpeS, beulUching. II. paak (outui, 

Sw|t^ 6, plur. 8co^^ or ZtOftd : (S^a^) : a hand, 
lmd,feUer: a baUer; a mooning eabU, a. honde. 

lw|to^wX a {, dcot, ^, i), (Sco^fi^ ^Ao^) a prieon- 
itfer,ifaoler. {i^ 

ficoiUn, » 5c^/M^, to bmd, /etter. Hence 

S^iii|ta, oroa, r6, a/elter. 

WfUiT^piov, r6, {BfOfi6o§) apHeon. 

Ufffubr^ ov, 6, (Sco/i^oi) apritoner. a. aa 

'Mi^ M <AainM,/€ttiend : fern. Sco/io^rcf, (8of. 

Sm^IiA, f. 6ow, (9€Ow6Ttjt) to he lord and marier qf, 
«• gea.: abeol. to gain the maetery, II. to make 

'nadf matter tf n ihing ; 9nd »o, to comprehend, 

SfavMvo, 1^, fern, of ieowArrjt, the mietreie or ladg 
^ tie hmue, Lat. hera : late, a prineets, queen : oft 
>ned with the name of goddenea. 

Wv^cnot, or, » Sc^v^ovrot. 

W iwiwi i, i), aitectute meay : strictly fern, of 

Wi^&vut, or, (Scoir^t) </ or belon^tn^ to t&a 
■•to'; afMrafy. 

Wvwriii, £. 4o-w,»8<ov^of : — ^PaM. to 5e deepoti- 

AKmOTHXov*^: toc d^oworS : ace. Sc^mirca : 
*^0. Scffv^cot : Bor. nom. 8iair6Tat >-n mader, 
W: iiiictly in re^>ect of elavea : hence a detpdt, 
''v^ nler, whoie lubjecta are alaTes. II. 

S^&aally, oa o»oer, matter, lord. Hence 

^meriK^i^ ieif,cf or belonging to a master, 2, 

M^leamaster: inclined to tgraanyt deepaUc. 

Secnr^nt* iSoe, i,^Bi(nroipeu 

SetrvorCoicot, 6, Dim. of Sco-v^nTt, a petty tgrani, 

Ser^ (rob. Xa/<vdt), etieis hound up to make a/agotp 
a fagot. Fern, of 

8cT6f, rf, 6tf, Terfo. A4j- of 8^, hound, 

SciWjcrco^flu, poet Ait med. inf. of Mw, to want, 

8«d|ia, oroe, t6, (Scdw) that uhieh is wet, eoaked: 
M/iora Kftww hoUed fledi. 

ScvoCcvro, poet for Moarro, 3 pL pres. opt of 
from SciMtf B. 

Sevouos poet for hiofiat, ▼. Mea B. 

AETTO, Adv. of Place, hither,here; Mre is nsecl 
with plm*. II. of Time, untU now, up to 0»i$ timet 
hitherto ; htvp' del oontinnally up to thie time, 

Aevt, JEol. for Zcirt. 

SevT&Tot, 17, oy, (he latt, Snperl. of Mrtpoe, 

8«0tc, Adv., pirn*, of hevpo, hUher t Come heret 

8cvTcp-&'ya»vurHjt, ov, 6, {Mrepot, dyMfior^t) th^ 
actor who takes the second class of parts, cf . itpotror 
yeaytorfis : metaph. the second advocate in a court (jf 

SiVTipaios, a, oy, {Mrepos) on the second dag, 

8cuTspcui (sab. d0ka), rd, (jMrtpoi) the second 
prise in a contest; generally, ths seeondplaceGt rank* 

8cvTspi^«», 1 dou, to play the second part, 

5€vrep6-irpttiTov adfifiaroy, t6, the Jirst sabbath 
qfter Ae second day of the feast of nnleayened 

SsvTCpot, a, oy, the second: as a Gompar., IftcTo 
Mrcpoc d^ter my time : in nent, as Adv., h€{rrepoy 
a^, Mrtpoy a^rtf, seeortdJLy, next, afterwards, a second 
time. II. in point of Place, second, Le. inferior P 

Mrtpos obheySs second to none: rd 8c(rrcpa,*Scv- 
rc^a,fAei0con<{ prise or |)Iace. Ill, the second 

of two, hevrifm cMi herself wUh aneOier, 

8<UTipo-aTdn|f, ov, 6, (8c(>rcpot, Xaraiuu) one loAo 
stands in the second fie if the Chorus, 

AETXl (A), Ion. impf. Mea/toy: f. 8c6^w: — to 
wet, soak, deep, MrepSi Mtrai &KiJcg their wings are 
fiMpedinthefoam. XL, to fUwUh liquid, fU 

up. III. to moke to flow, shed, 

LEfSl (B), f. hwfiost, MiA, and Ep. fiorm for 
hioa, to miss, want; khtinfoty 8* oti^Iov Sjtpoy UiaOai 
he missed reaching the top of the mast 

More fieq. as Dep. 8cvo|uu, f. hevfioofmi >^4ofeet 
ike want or toss cf, to he at a loss for: hence to bo 
wanUng, d^ident in; dXXa wirra Mttai 'Apysls/^ 
thou art irrferior to them in all else. 

AE'^Xl, f. 8^^, to sqften hy working hy the hand, to 
make suppie, to tan hides, 

8<x-^IHMi'ro9f oy, (Um, &/i/M) with ten meshes. 

BixO'''^'^ Sp* foi" 8c8€7/iiyot eloi, 3 plar. perl of 

8€X-^i|Mpot, oy, (8^*0, ifiipa) lasting ten days. 2. 
terminable at ten days* natiee. 

hixfiax, Ep. aor. a inl of Uxo/uu, 

8^v<}|uu, poet for li\oiian. 


AE'XOMAl —brffuyvyioi. 

AE'XOMAI, Ion. McofMi.: ftit. U^/m, and Ac- 
d^o/ioi : perl Mty/uu : plqp£ IMr^^Mfr : ser. i 
pMi. Mxl^n^ : 3 ib^. <^«To« a ling. impeimt. ^4^, 
inf. dix^f P^^ Bfy/icrot, are fiCTis of an ^. 
aor. 2 : Dep. I. of things, lo loJie, 4ioo^; to 

tolw mO, r#0eleie Und^ dDr graeiouilp, r^ <tlenf6r 91- 
^co^iai to aooefit or Jkwl ike omeii : benoe io a f fu rcm : 
c. ixil, to take rather, to ehoote, II. of penons, 

to reoeioe hoepUaUy^ enimimn, a. torweiwaf^in 

enemy, to wiehfor: to auait the oiueL 3. to «x- 

pect, waUfor. IIL of eventa, to tueoeei^ eome 

iMOBt, Lat. cce^psre. 

• 8ii|rltt, 1 4<'^ Lat. <2e|Mo,«>8^^, to tqften, Ztf^^ffoe 
Mffp6v haloing worhei wax tmHu Bqft. 


AE'A (A), fttt. Si^ : aor. i act 18170a, pan. 48^ 
^v : pert act. S^Smo, pan. M^ima. : pl^t 4MW- 
/n/v, Ep. 3 Bing. S^Scro : fot. paoL ScS^ovi^iai, rarefy 
MifCOfWA, To bind, Ue, fatten, fdter : abnl. to mm- 
prieon, 3. metuph. (0 iM, Mdbin, 6<iui lo a 

thing : later, (o bind by epdU, enehanL 3. c. gen. 

to let^ prwent, hinder from a thing. U. Med. to 

bind, Ue, put on onetelf, woaal 8* bvmt Xanpciair 19^- 
^raro/etMwiiika tied them oahk feet: but in plqpl 
pass., 9fpt lOfrifKQ auani/u8a$ Mtiv he -had groaves 
hovnd lovmA his legs. 

AE'A (B), fat. 8fl(<7w: aor. i Uiifim, Ep. 3 ring. 
Kjvev. To lack, mies, ttand in need of, c gen.; ^- 
«yov ZUt I wont little, i. e. am near; itoXXev $iet I 
want moohfle. am fur from ; Myov 84w 'kutfvffm I 
want little of team; hfciv Hama rtfffpap&Morrm, forty 
%3toking two, like Lat daodangiiaL n. for hu 

impen., and Hov^ weit the words. m. Dep. 

84o|Mi, Ep. Bsifojuu : toLMiaoimi : aor. i kUtlj/drfv, 

To stand in need qf, uant, c gen.': hence, to long or 
strtva after, with, beg for : c dnpl. gen., iobeg u thing 
from a person. s. absol. to be in want or need, 

isn. in part, as u&pra ZeSptvot, 

Aff, Particle, flftiiotly of Time, new, akeady, litrii 

SwpohfKa . . iSaroie already ha^e I shot ; woAA^n 
, Lat Jam tcepe: with imperat and ftit^ now, 
forthwith, dhrtetty. U. marking Connectkm, 

then; in immning up nmnbers, y l ytfo v r ai 8^ oSroi 
X^oi these then make up a thousand ; mi hff marks 
the thing meant to be empliatic, tit Aiyvnroy did- 
KtTo .,,mdM^iealh SdpSit, he reached Egypt, and 
fo^ i§ more Saidk also : also to pnt a snpposed case, 
Koi 8^ 8i8c7/Ku well tmppoee I have accept^ m. 
belonging to the word whicii it follows, with Terbs, 
^c 8^, ^pe H, do but come, only oeme. a. in 

ironical sense, Lat. toiUeet, eMfyaryt rde hmpSiBat ^ 
be broqght in the pretended comiesans. 3. with 

PronomiB, iftt 81) &6« iiaBupai thus to use a man 
Wceme;ob9fi..MKftriaa»ijon(^aUper90nt, 4. 
with other Particles, 8^ adds ezplioitnaBS : At 8^7, fm 
8^, that fit may be] eaoaetly so, jud so ; also 4k dff, 
6t* 81}, oia 84 ^ thd, ina mj u^ at. 

S^-iXivrot. 09, oaBto,tat ZtfiAXenm. 
8t)Y|uv, arot, t6, (9diaw) a bite, tUng, 

SiJM, s hffv, Adr^ long, for a long time, 

^Oc and 84|6tv, A&w„ {i^) peihapt: I 
mosUy iron., like IjtL teiUeet, to wit,f0rtotAi wiSti 
dtt, as ifforeooth, ^porrte A$ Sypup^ 8900^. 

StiOvyw [v], t ihfu, (!hf»i)totatry^belong^ 

8i|EAa0«o«e, Ep. impt of 8172^ 

^S-4JU»T0•. or, (p^Um,dkSkw mat, a of dXioasefsm) 
(olpen by the enemy, ciqiim: eontr. bpiXorrot, 

d^Sot, 17, or, Ep. and Ion. to 96Xot, hettOe; 
lyoe. Henoe 

8T|iOT^, iJTOt, ^, battle-ttr^e, batOt, 

tfifJkm, oontr. b^^bw, bd, ifovw, Ep. part. 
b^wy : Ep. impf. Sfjow, 3 plur. med. BtfUemrro : fat. 
8{7<&ow : aor. I, aet.and psM. paxtw ^p^os and Bpw 
#•& : (^^Ibt). To Ireot as 4m snamsf : to m^ doimt^ 
§tay,r e nd,eleam , TL. to watte amieage^oaaad^» 

£f|RT%>iot, or, (bJunm} biting^ iortnring. 

bt^KmK6% 1}, 6v, {pixyat) biUng : pungeaU 

^i)Xa^ Ai^.,{Siikoe,bfi)deaidy,plami^^ifemmm: 
in answers, yee plainly. 

SnXa£vu, collat. torn of sq. 

AHAE'OMAI, fut 4<ref«t peif. dt^Jksfpm, 
whence 8c8i7X$^fla( in pass, signl: Dep. Lmt. I>S- 
I£0, to dekroy, elay, womtd: ehtoL to do 
be hurtful: of things, icapm6if bifk^aaoBaA to toaat 
fruit ; 6piaa bajk/ftnur^ai to brtak oaths : alao to, 
der, rob. Henoe 

8^T||Mi, OTOt, t6, miMokirf, rum, bane, 

£«|X4||nn(, or, gen. oros, ban^'ul : tas Subat, 1 
brjMffsanf deetroyer of men. 

&f|Xi|ott, toM, 1), {jbifkiofMOi) mkt, bane* 

8ijXi)T^, ^p09, d, (brfKiofuu) a dettraytr, 

A'^jXus r6, T.- sub A^ot. 
AwXidt, d8ot, 4, (A$Xot)ai3^lumiaosMM. 
A'^tot, a, or, (A$Xos) JDdian: rot A^ua (smb. 
Itfid), thefettival of J^poOo 4A Bdot. 

«i|W6i\, Adv., to 89Xor 6n, -> 817^081^ U w jiiMB 

that, eleady, qfeowte: also namdy, Lat. vidtUoA. 
A^lXot, 6, Delot, one of the Qjrdades, birtbpWoe of 

ApoUe and Artoaiis : called abo 'Oprvyia, Fitxa 
84|Vot, 17* or, also os, sr; ixiDtE. bamUtKot, rssiltic, 

dear, a. manifetl,etideBi,oerlain: S^iam «a A^iv., 

clearly, plainity, Henoe . 

8T|X6ct, 1 dSvotf, to shew, mtdw cMUs-or olaorr io 
point out, make known, 2, to prove: to dedaem, my 
plain, eelfotth: also to tigniify, ^'topi 

order, II. intrans. >«8SX^ ^fii, to be 

plain, iefkotfrt obg ^Op^potf rd ElmyiMi ivni. h 

ie dttt that. Henoe 
hiifuut, Adk. of 89X08, man\fttSig, 
Bi<|Xwnt, <o»s, t^, g poJatwy ow<» aylaitrfiy. s. 

a dtreelton, ooaMHOfld. 

StHi&YWY<M, f. 1^ {lhi/atywy6t) io be a jinfmlm 
1 leader or tIsNKUMims. 

brnmyaiyCa — brifiOTiKSs. 

h if k^y w ^ at i}. Ok condud or eharaekr if a popular 

ImSer: and 

ftyuyiilfue^ ^ 6if, fit for a popular kader. From 
9i||i^<lf«ry^ 6, (t^fiot, Ayv) a popular hader, a 

wMtadar, demoffogut. 
SyteCSMv, t6, a comic Dim. of Kjfiot. 
S y A f dT P t , €V, (fi^/tot, dpAoftoi) prajftdfor hy the 

pfOfU: prop. n. of a king of Sparte. 
S^|ia^lii» f. i}<TiBtf» to he dtmareh or Mbune, Hence 
8yu pxia» i^> <&« o^ o/ dtmareh, iribuHaU; and 
SMWp^^K^t, ^, 6^, tribunieian. From 
m>^afxot, ^, (pSjfiot, dpxoi) at Athens, <i^ preai' 

iat <f a 8^/im, who kept the registers, a demarek: 

^^tBome, a trUmne^tribunuM, 
8%n wg%», CMS, i), «oi(/b0a(ton. From 
8i||uwit, £, 9«, (S^fiof) (o declare puWeprt^wrfy; to 

f mju tote a dtiaen's goods, Lat.|wiM»eciig. a.gene- 

diynflfoplt*, f.^aotf, (9ri/ajy6po9) to he a puUie oroAor ; 
to hamgyte Qte people, Lat. eoneUmari, 

ft y iffopCtt, 1^ a deliberafiM tpeeeh: a tpeeeh in the 
fiiie aaeembly : and 

> y HY0pMc6», ^,^,qfoT heUmging to puiXie tpeak- 
■f, fikified/or If. From 

8y m f 6p o«, ov, (fi^A'O't tiTOpcCwtf) Aoron^ntin^ ^ 
people, addrtming the ammUy : — as Snbst, iriiuff6poe, 
d, a jmUw fpeofer, Lat. eoncionofor. 

Sig&i|X&<rus i), (IXolwtti) exiZe. From 

8i|p«^l|X&Tos, or, (89a«>*> ^AaCrrw) pMidg exiled. 

^wVv* ^ * S^^- '>'c/>o« and rpoe : ace. rcpa or 
rpa, alm> A/ifOfTfioy : (6$ for 7^, ftffTtip), Dander, 
let Girei; g^odde* of agiicnltnre, mother of Proser- 

9qp£8ior, t6, comic Dim. of 8$|M>t. p8] 

Si|p£tii, 1 i<rw,^ (^/<ot) to qjteet this popular tide, 

ftga^ pfi T o , T)d, (Sf^ot, mvpd^/iw) ^oodf teiMed 
IjfpdUe entitarUig, eoi\fiieakd goodt, 

8%uoi, or, also a, or. Dor. 8d|uot : {^itot) i — 
Idmgmg to the people; bfffuoi alavianfrat. judges 
deelai hg lAs people: — as Adv., Sffua v/rcir to di^ 
dfhepiHiceod. a. d 87/aof, as Snbst, (Ae|wUic 

SifuovpYlas, £. ^o'of, tohea workman, to work; and 

^giiniipY(u» 4* wof^IniKBMA^ tforfc; and 
t^pAovpYuc^ 17, ^r, o^; Mofvtn^ to a tBorkman, 
Adr. -CBM*. m a Wf rh m m likefaekion, From 
>yi avpy&%, 6w, poet. Si||uo-<pY6f : (69/iot, Ip- 
>ir): tsorUng /or <&e people : as Subst., hrj/uovpyig, 
i. a iroihiiflii, Aaa^jjrn^liman : generally, a ncicer, 
e/Aor : metaph., BpBpoe lhjfuo€py6$ mom that eaUe 
rmtowork, 2. the Makertf the world. II. 

Mmft ot a inagktraie, 

iv»<^6pot,or,(89/iot, fiopi) dewwrer of ihe people, 
ly s yi pmw, oyrot, 6, (89/<ot, yipon^) an c2der </ (^ 
ynpie; genenHj, an dder, ekiff: in plnr., the wXkM, 
dkiff^ like Lat. senators. 


8t||&69cv, Adv., (8$/iot) oi QtepMie cost, 
hy done or hirthplace, 

8i|)i6-0poof, oor, contr. -Opovt, -Opowi (SQ/iot, 
^pmit) : tittertti by the people, 

Si||ioicoirlw, f. iow, to curry mob favour; and 

8i||iOKOiriK6t, 17, 6v, milted to a demagogue. From 

Stifi^-icoirot, 6, (d^ftot, iciwroj) a demagogue, 

&i||i6-Kpairrot. ov, (^fiot, xpahw) ratified by th& 

&r||io-icp&Tlo|iai, Pass, (^/lot, lepariw) to haoe a 
demoeraiieal eonttitulion, live in a dmoeraey. Hence 

8i||iOiepd'na, 1), demoeraey, popular govemmeinU 

8i||MNcp&ruc6t, if, 6v, miled to a demoeraey, 

8i|)i6-AivarTOf, ov, (bfjfun, Ktiw) ekned hy the people, 
brjfl&KtvOToe ^^wf death hy puNio ttoning, 

Chi||i6o|iat, Dep. : (9fffun), To talk popularly, to jest. 

8iD&o-vC0i)icot, 6, (frjitot, wiBrjteoe) a mob-monkey^, 

8ii|iop-ft^^it,(^/iot, flirre») hurUd hy the people, 

AH iHOS, d, a eounlry^iabriet, opp. to voAtt, lir 
bri/iqf "I$6Krj$ ; land, ftdka itiova bijfiov, etc. H. 

the eommont, common people, Lat. pUbe, bfffwu ia^p, 
cfpp, to /ScuriAcfw ; also, ^/lot i&v being a com- 
moner. III. in democratical states, esp. at 

Athens, the commons, the people, the cUizent: hence a. 
a popular conttHuHon, democracy, lY. bfjftot in 

Attica, totcnthipe or kundreda, Lat. pagi, subdlTisiona 
of the ^ikai, in the time of Herodotns, loo in num- 
ber, 10 in each <pvkff, 

AHMCKS, 6, fat: the caul, Lat. omentom. 

Si||MKr{^ Adv., see Stj/idotos, 

8i||A0<niv«», B brj/Mtifoi, to confiscate. II. intr. 

to lead apuUie Itfe, opp. to Ibivrebea : to bdong to ik» 
stale. From 

8i||fc6oiof , a, ov, (fi^/iot) belonging to the people or 
ifafe, JjbL publieus, II. J brffi6<nos (sub. 8ou- 

Xot), a jw&<to q^^Ieer or servant of mean rank, as the 
public crier, or watchman. III. as nent, rd 817- 

fi6atov, the state, Lat. respublica. a. oi^ jhiMm 

&utZ(2in^: the pubUe prison. IV. Doric fem. 

^ 9aftoa(a (sub. ffin^r^), the tent of ihe Spartan 
kings. Y. as Ad?., dat. bijfMoiiif, Ion. -ig, if» 

|w5Ift0, at the puUie etpense. Hence 

8i||ioori6«, t SoUf^btjfuiw, to confiscate. 

9i)|MKTfX'/|t, is, {bijitos, riXos) at the putlie eoti, 
pulSie, national, 

8t||i^Tipot, a, ov, (83/iOt) Bftr/ion«^. 

8i||j^n)t, ov, b, {bfjfios) one of the people : a com- 
moner, plebeian. U. a menier qfthe same btjfuosp 

afdlow-dtizen : fem. bifiUmt, ibos, 1}. 

S^IHOTUC^ 4, ^r, {JS^pos) suiting to the people, eom* 
men : pvJblie. II. </ thepopulaee, one of them, 

Lat. pUbeius. III. on <%« democratic side, Lat. 

popularis: gemenHj, popular: Adv^ HKWt, ajfciiy, 
kindly. iy.atAthens,<2f orMongrtngioa deiM^ 

opp. to ^fl^^Of . 

154 5iy^iovx0£-~-dia/9iMuicMu. 

9iHi-o0xot, w, (9ifum, Ixw) pnkdmg the jMopfe, 
fuiejiiry, of diyinitiet : as SubitL, Siffmrxot yat guard' 
imu of the land. 

Si)|to-x&purH|t, ov. 6. {flqpm, xv^i^f^) /a««»«^ 

M|iMfia, arot, r^ (8i;/i^o^iai) a pofular p atti me . 
^v, Dor. 8dv, (% ^) AdT., Lat. din, 2oN^/«r 
41 long wUie» Ail lon^ <UM : loffig apo. Henoe 
tfi¥QU% Dor. 8dvav6t, <&, ^r, long4u>ed: agti. 

8fi|v&fiov, r^ a Boman coin, not qidte «>Gr. 2^ax^ 
beiag abont 8Ad. 

AH'NEA, TO, ootiiMe{«,|i2aiu, orit : only in plnz. 

8iii|C-60|Mt, or, (8dj0w, ^i»U) hBorti^ammmg. 

M||o|iM, ftit of &LrM0. 

BnoOv, in! of 8i^: but 6|(ofU«, impf. 

m|-iro6tv, indefl Adv^from any quarter, Lat umdt- 
4!mique : ^w6$w 9ffwo0€w/rom §ome quarter or otiber. 

IWj-^roTt, Dor. ^-iroica, indef. Adv., nan. written 
^ vorc, 4il asme tim, omee, oaet on a time: cl A}*^>rc, 
lAtii^iutfido.* rCdi^vorc; Lat. ^tiidiiaoif 

8^-irov, indefL Adv., xma. written ^ mvtperhapt, U 
may he: Att. douMeM, I evg^pote, Lat. seiUMt, «•»»- 
riMft. n. as interrog. implying an afiSnn. an- 

swer, T^y olx^K&Awror «AToi<Tila Hwov ; L e. J jms- 
JWM yon know. 

dj^ ou ftiv, indefl AdTn-*£o<rag. 

8i|p«Ae|MU, Ep. 3 dnal BujptAaaBw, 3 pi. 8i;^^oarro, 
inl ^pt6Kutihii D^.: (8^^). To eonlsmi, /^itt: 
•to qwxrrd, wrangle, 

8i|piv0^fnfv, T. inb aq. 

8i|(>Co|iai, fut Sffpiaofuu p] : 3 pL aor. I med. ^rffH- 
cnrro, 3 dual aor. i pan. Ihipa^^rtp^, m if from A|p(- 
vo/ioi : Dep.: — btfpi6»fiai, 

ABIDES, lot and fow, i^,JigK hatOe, eoalae. 

frHp(4< ^ TO i , or, (8$^, 4»^) dam in fight, 

8i|p6-PiOt, Dor. Sop^&piot, ov, (IhipSe, 0iot) lomgAioed, 

8v|p^ ^ ^, (A^) iong, too long, in bad aenae :— 
nent, tifnp6iF as Adv., aU too Umg, 

^if tf Aoi it i o , £p. for Ki^oaro, 3 aing. aor. i med. 

&%ri, poet fer ih/fft, 3 aii^. aor. i of 1^ io bmd : 
alao for l8^Ei|9«, aor. i of Oca, to wont. 

84|Ta, Adv., (^) eeriamlg, U> be mrs, cf eeurae, in 
anawera, yea eerioMy: o^ 9^ra, eerUunly Nat In 
qneatioina, W 8ifra ; whaitAaRf 

Si)XOfCf , aor. i paaa. part, of 9Ainw, 

Sn^ouf, gpw ^ t, Aor. i act and mad. part of 

AffXl, I ahattfind: prea. idth ftit aignf. 
At|4, i^, gen. ^ot, contr. 6ik,^Aiitii^Tffp, Lat Ceres, 
SqAv, oontr. for ^i^tdarr, prea. part, of 89!;^ 
Bn^ow, Alt cthfUet, 
Ai, po9t. dat from Zeim, contr. for A<t 
AIA', poet Sioi, Prep. with gen. and aoc.— Badte. 
a%nf., right ihrouf^ 
Wuh osh. L of Place or l^paoe,tftraii^ o«t 

at, &' i^/NM oIMp' licorffr qttSie thraagh the low air 
even to the ether ; iiewpew* teat 8id w^b^rwr he atood 
out from among them. 2, of Inlerrale of Sp^oe, 

8id voAXovatagreatdManes; fiiflt wirrc frottair at 
a dutoii00 of 5 atodea ; alao, &d Mm IvbA^cdnt at ^ 
lerm^ of ten battlamenta, L e. at aMr|r tenth faottia- 
raent IL of Time, through, Aroughoidt 

ing, and, of the paat einee, dtk XP^"^ <^^ 
time. a. of Snooeadve Interrak, id rptr^ 

^/Uptft every third day ; &^ w4rrt krOv every five 
yeara. HI. ariemgfrom, (hnrng^ by Maaac ^, 

6y, Lat par, &' ^771^X00 X^Tfo^, etc: heooa of Iba 
Bianaer in which a thing ia done, Utii owo w ftja «M 

WrrH Acc. of Place, throagh, thrmigihoiU, Bid fttpat 
tAroH^Jboat the house. a. of Time, daring, iy, e*^. 
Scot r6irm 6y nij^it 11. triih a view to, am a#- 

count, for the eake, by reaeon qf, Sick woXA^/or 


WiTHOCT CAB, aa Adr., Aroughc^ 
In 00008. I. off ihnmgh, aeroae, em in 

fiaivo), 2, to the end, aa in 8ia-^t^ Sion^idxe- 
futt t hence simply to add strength, throm g Uy, 
piUtdy, n. between, partty, eep, in A<y., as 

Xtvivot, etc m. one with or <^aMUt owithi 

8c-^3». IV. one /rom onoClar, oauader, 

die-, aa in Sto-AiMo. 

A(&, acc of Zfl(rt, no nam. A(t being in naa* 

Sio, ^, (Aa godldee one, fom. from BTot ; 82b 
or TuroMofir, a goddem among goddaaaes or 

8ta-p&8(tM, f. (ott, to go aeroee, 

8ta-Pa(vM, f . fi^fooftai : aoc a iiSip', part Su/Sda : 
pf. 040fjica, I. intr. fo molpe a etride^ eland wStk 

the legs apart, and ao to eland ftrm,0t wa n kaa. IL 
c acc, to alig^ aeroes, sLep oner: alao ahsoL, to craaa 
over, like Lat tre^ioere. 

Bta^P^JJU, 1 /SaX/£: pt act fiSfikipn, ptm, M- 
fikiffjuu: aor. i paaa. a0K^i$tfw, To throw over or 
ofroaa, oorry oeer or aoroes: aeemingly intr. (oob. 
kavT^, trrpariir, etc.) like Lat trqfieere, to pern ever, 
eroti, pae$. II. (0 d a n d er , Wtti, eahmnie^ i im 

aeeuee a man to another. HL to a a rf aa d , da^ 

pose upon, 

Siapdtt aor. a part, of 8ia/3a&w. 

8«^i^&9it, <«8, ij, (jkafieibm) a eroaiiiv oner, ^oa- 
sage, a. a ineaiia or plaoe cf croteiag, 

8ui^&o«a», Fraqnent of 8ia/8abw, <« lintf abaid. 

SMu^aoTT&tM* £> ^(^ ^ eorrif over, 

8ia-pMot» a, «r, verb. Adj. of 8ui3ab>«i, tibat mmai 

Siap&Hjpiot, or, (8ia^abw) ipdA a vta» lo a/oate- 
Nole passage: ieafiamipta (Up&\ rd, offerings for « 
AapP2^ jNUM^^e. 

dio^ftT^i^^, Tsrb. A4^ of Bk^Aabw, Is istfvawl 
or |)aBMt{, /ordoMa. 

giajBapaiAopai, Dep. fa midnJain etnngiy, 

lka^f||Mva^£p.for 8ia/99MU,«or.a intof Sta/Maau 

liafi^fnjs — iialhfXiofUu. 


, C9, 6, (9u»fidtm) a pair nf campames. 
(o|ias t iffo/mi, itrengthd. lor fiti&(ofim. 
' [fli, f . Am^ io catrp or take aonm, 

f. ixroimi : mat. a ^Blnv, in! ^6mu (aa 
ifftaaiapr«k&a-3k»/ii). ^liwMfVii^lNiii. a. 
atooL c. part., /xcXcr^ iiafitfitotMirai io ^pend one'$ 

ii»^l««a» £ fopattto hokihiwigk: to look Mmlgki 
Ufm9 <M«. 2, to me ebor^ 

SiapXwMs, aor. i paak part of ^afi&kXM, 
haJfiaam : li^ao^ioi : — to thoitf or ory wA^proMmt 
piXA: — ^Med. fo eonimd ta tHimMng* 

4, (&40^iXAfl0) jlflnAr, ca fi a w nf. 

or, (8ia/3dUAi») iUmdmm$, UbetUm, <a- 

Subat^ M^oAni, 6t a timndertr: op. 2^ 

Baarfgwi, Oa Ddp0. Adv. >Xwt, ineiiitmiiy. 

SmP^poi, or, {itafiifipdfCKca) eaUng ^ough, pm^ 

tn^Hg: o. ftccn i^ot diafiSp^ «^8a a aore 1^ aoto 

^bw^ my Ibot IL 9iA$opo9, or, pan,, aatfli 


uu, Depn to deliberate wdL 

i £iM, to wbI f Arou^r^ Henoa 
[ot, or, aery wft, iMt, fiioM. a. aooAad, 

4lApa{; rovt hikfipoxoi faUm or Xaoly afalpa. 
Buft iiM snd SuHpi&Miii, to tAnut Iknw^A:— -Paai. 
t»ie (ftnut or jNUsed (AronvA. 

fcapft^ jg, p, aor. a iobi of Sio-SMmi. 

BiHiTY^}^ f • <^ • *<^* ' ^t^yy^tka. To §md a$ 
a«eaMv<.* genendly, to ^fee noijee, iiot(^, jwoo^oim; 
c fal, fo onier to do :-^Med. to pott the woitl of oom* 
naaA/irom mam to inaii, ii^orm one anoHur. 

fcAyyA ot, A, « NMnen^ fcjt w e i lioo, Lat. Mer- 
aMdat: a gp hetmetH^ ipf « 

8i&Y*» 1^^- ^ ^<97<t 3 aing* fanpf • of 8i^h^. 

8i».YiX4i», £ iffopoi [JlQ, to {au|^A at, modL 

8wY«r6 |n vo a , aor. a part, of aq. 

tlMi'|f(|f»u|ii, Ion. nd in lata Or. - yCvofuu : 1 
l«yaH^o^Mu; pf. &a7ryfay/im. 2^ go through, paat: 
ateoL to go tknmh Mfe^Uoe. t. to ie Momii, ^ 

lia^Y^^<dboicift, Ion. and in late Gr. -^ t wiwa w : £ 
y^in/Mii. lVy«KfeiiiiMa00i,<odliC»n^iiik,f9(>nile, 
Lat di^noaeere. II. to tetoive, determine, vote to 

4>K>aadao. a. aa Atben.lanr4arm, to y^/iM^ 

l>aTI«»mon«, £ UrofWA, Dep.: (8id, dYxirXi;), 
l^i Md Ae JameMa iy lb lAony : p£ paaa. part, dofy- 
taidffftihm, with Aeiong rtaigfaiteaed, readg to throw 

hh j h»mmi% , If, pift, (Aid, yhJb^) ctt corawd. 
> wy iA |>n , f , (pnjtyriHrKw) a decree, reeoluticn. 

BufyvAvoi, aor. a faif. of Bi<ffy t 7 » dKr<«i. 

8ia-Yva>p(t^t £ ^^^( ^ t'n^utre aeewratdy. 

BtdyvttMna, ccm, i), (SMryryvd^iKw) a dittingwiehhig, 
diee rim it tating, II. a reeotving, deeidbig. 

BiatWdoviuu, fttt. of Ikarfiypdwieo), 

hui^ycyyitw, £ o'a», to mutter, mwrmur, 

9iif4iyopmfw, f, aw, to tpeahpioMg, dedeare. 11. 


8idYP<HHUK arot, r^, (SuiY/N^tt;) tAot which ie 
markedouihjf hmee, a figure, form, pkm: ageo m e ti ieed 
Jigwre, diagram, a. a regitter. 

Biaypa^, i), (StoY/N^w) a nwirftjiv out hg Una: « 

Sio^ypd^a*, £ ^, <• morfc oat hg Unet, dnm 
oul, II, to croee out, atrihe cff tAe \m/L, Lat oir- 

cwntcribere; 8. 8(in7r to Mbe a cauae aid ofihe Utt, 
cancel, quaeh it: In Med., Ztarfpi/t/faff^ai 9ii^ to give 
up a catue, wUhdraw it 

8ia-Ypi)Yop^, £ ^ftrw, to fomain awake, 

SuaYpiolvw, to be much provoked, 

8uaYpvin4a», £ ^fow, to He wide awake, 

St-d^X^* ^' yi^* atrengtlid. fbr dyx'*, q. ▼. 

8t^Y^, £ ofoi, to cany omr or aeroee, take a- 
croes. n. of Tfane, io pate, tpend, atdyctr fiia^, 

etc. : but oft withont /3/or, to Uee, pan U/e, like Lai. 
degere: alao to delay, put iff: o. part, to oontftwe, go 
on doing, HI. to moke to continue, keep, tup^ 

port. TV, to entertain, V. to keqp, cMrate, 


SidTtfyij, 4* o oofty^n^ ooroft. II. a patting 

of life, a eouree of life: alao a way of patting time, 
afnttaement, jNufime. 

8i-d•YwvCto|lo^Dep.,fo0ofltel•d^r)S^Ma^dtllit. 11. 
to Ontgale eametOg : to fight to the end, 

SiGrSdirru, £ ifw, to tear ammder, rend, 

8i«-8&T<o|Mt, ftit ^iderofuu : aor. I e9aaAfai¥ :— 4o 
dtt'tde among themtehea, a. to diatribute, 

Sio-Sidcvupi, £ M$w, to ehew througk: hence to 
make dear, ehew: — ^Paaa. to he ahewn oZeoriy, ^aSii- 
icviHrBw iin^ woXifuoa let him he dedared the Idng^a 
eneiny. II. aomettmea intrana. In Ion. aor. I 

8c^8f^c, ft ioa< dear, manifeaL 

8uMcri»p, opoa, d, (8ca8^/iac) aa pMi. AdQ. in- 

8uir84tu>s, oy, (Sid, ie^tSa) of right good omm, 

huiMpnoyuax, aor. a ^SpOaor : Dep. To aae a thing 
through another ; ob^ dr vSh IkaHpAiM he woadd not 
aee ns through it, ec. the dond. 

8id8«TOt, or, (SiaSlw) frowid /oit; x^^vot iMtroi 
ytviwy Iwwalwv firm-bound thrcitgh the horae'a mooih. 

8ia^Mxo|aAi, £ $ofuu : p£ bibeyfiai : Dep. To re- 
ceive one from another, Lat eawipere : io take vp: e. 
dat pera., to aueceed to, rdieoe on guard : — Whence in 
p£ part. StoMry/Urm, tfi fnvtit, by tuma, Lat vMffai. 

SuirS^, £ hficw, to bind romd, bind fad: gart- 
lilly, to bind on, faMen* 

8uir9i|\^uu, Dep., to tear in pieeet. 


bMriXo9 — dtaitro-o). 

Si&4(i)Xot, owt jiUMy Been : didinguUhed among 

6i^lW||ia, aroit t6, (fkalM) a hand or fUet : efp. 
ihe Hue band vorhed leilh white which went round the 
turban (rtdpa) of the Perrian king : hence the dkh 

8iot-8i8pdaK«»,t8^tfo/ia<(A): Ion. 8i8p4|onc», 8^ 
cofuu : aor. a iipat^ : pf. Biipoica. To run off, eaeape, 
gd atoay. 

Sicb-SCBttfu, f. 9&<rw, to give from hand to hand,paM 
on, give over, Lat. tradere, 2, to didrUnUe, of- 

9ign, 3. to apread about, puhliah, 

SiOrSCicdtM, f. dov, to giee judgment in a caae: c. 
ace. rei, to decide, rule: — Med. to go to law: to plead 
one*t eaute. 

6icir8Cicai6fl», f . &cv, to hold to he right, 

SioSiicaoia, 1), (8ia8u(d(a>) an action to §ettlo dif- 
puted elaime. 

8i«i-8i4pt^f t» COS, to rwn a eharidt^raee. 

8ia-€oKt|ftAt«», f . iJirw, to ted doedg, 

5(a8of, 6tu, aor. a imperat. of dioBiSwiu, 

SioSoOvf&i, aor. a inf. of 9uMScafu. 

SCoSooxt, cctit, i, {iuM9o)fu) didnbution, 

8ia8ox'4* ^t {'^aSixoftOi) a 8ueee$sion; l« StoSox^t 
or «ard Zia^yfiv in turn : a rdirf on guard. 

8id8oxo«, 6, i, (piaUxoitai) succeeding; as Subat, 
ZtAioxot, 6, a sueceuor : iivvov <f»4yyot 9i6Soxoy Sleep*B 
tucceuor, Light : abeol., 9t6ioxo^ i^rwr they went 
to work in rditfs, 

SioSpAicoi, 3 sing. aor. a opt. of 9iaZ4pK0ftat. 

StoSpiiiMcv, aor. a inl of Starpix^* 

SioSp&voi, Ion. -Spfjvoi, aor. a inf. of 8ia8c8p^iNtf. 

8ia-opairfTfvw, Ion. 8ia8|yi)ir-, to eaeape enUrdg, 

SioSpdox-iroXiiui, of, (SiadcSpd^ira;, woXtrijt) cUi' 
Mens who evade putUe dutiee, 

8ia8p4|90|Mu> Ion. for -^p&ao/uu, fbt. of SiaSt- 

8uirSpi|<rriM«, leng^d. Ion. fonn tor ZuMp&ffieoi, 

8iaSpO|i^, 4» (8ia8^/iciy) a running abend, an in- 
eumon. a. apaeeage through, 

ZMpoyMt, ov, (dtadpoficri^) running through or 
about, wandering : dray, 

ZioMvto or -8m» ; also as Dep. 8ia^^vo|iAi : fuL 
Zhaoym : aor. a St^Sw. Topau tkrough : dip away, 
gd off, eaeape, 

BuiSiit, aor. a part, of fiireg. 

ZuaM», T. diaMwv. 

8t-^8fl», f. ffaoiwn, T. 8(af/8w. 

8ia-€c0plo|iai, Dep., to <2u(rt&ii(e inpreaentg, 

Sirdit, £p. 3 sing, of 9iAijiu. 

'*^8ia-<(8tt» : 1 dao/uu : aor. a SiciBoi^ (q. v.). To 
tihew forth, prove: as Pass., d/>cri^ 8tac^8crai courage 
ti proved. 

Si-oiCSw, poet for 81^801, to ting for apriae. 

8iap<i|Uvot, perl pass, part of 81/y^/tt. 

Ikor^Mi^, poet 8ia-ciir^|Ltv, £p. for St^^wtiv, to 
i^eak one with another: see Btumv, 

Sio-tdM, int Ika^r; ftit. i^ffu. To live through, 
pass, c. aoc. : absoL, to Uoe: c. part, to live doing so 
and so, 8ca(w<rt «oci70o7^oi«TCt : 8ia(^ dutd rcvos to 
live off or hy A thing. 

Sio-tf^rvvviii, f. C<i^, to di^foin, 

8ia-{i|Ti«», f. 4^09, to seareft through: to aeek out, tii- 

8idt»|ia and -{Ma|fta, crrot, t6, that whi<h ia girt^ 
the waiaL 11. thai which girda, a girdle. From 

8ia-ti^wO|U or -v» : tai, (ptooi. To gird rounds 

Sio-t^f Ion. for 8ia-{4S«. 

8i-dt||u, £p. 3 sing. hUSai, to Uow or hrea&e throngk, 

SiOpMofuu, £ doofuu [A], Ion. ifco/uu : Dep. To 
look through, examine. 

tw^J^aUta, t inrw, tofum&gaU, 

hMam,%, cow, 4i, {iuirfBtjfu) an arranging, diapot- 
ing, 2,^9iaBiiKfj, II. (from Pass.) a d^p»- 

aition, date, condition. 

8ia9{n|f, ov, 6, (BiarS0tffu) one who arrangea and 
ada in oiikr, a regviator, arranger, 

SuipOItt, 1 $aboofjm, to run about : of repcrti^ to 

Sia^Kii, i, (itarlBijfu) a disposition of property by 
will; a wHl and testament: siso a eovenani, 

SiO-^fKiplw, t iiow, to coirfound utterly. 

5i-o6pfo, f. ^aof, to look through, look doady inio, 
examine eloady, 

Sio-Opoltt, f. ^joea, to spread a report, give ouL 

8uir6pvXXItt or -^pl^ltt, f. 4<ra;, to ipread oAroctd: 
— ^Pass. to he the common toU^ be commonly reported; 
perf. part lkaT€$pu?iJffiihoa, 

Sia-dpvirrw, £ iffot : aor. a pass, diarpb^npf [0]. 3\» 
break in pieeea, ahiver. II. metaph., to toeolani* 

enervate: — ^Pass., to be broken down, enerv(ded: to Uoe 
riotoudy: — ^Med. to be affected, give onese^ airs, 

BuuJdoUf9a,t.dow, to be quite dear and fine. From 

SUuOpot, ov, (8c^ aX$pa) quite dear and fine. 

8uat0u9O«», to rusA or dad to and fro, 

SC-aifiot, OK, (8«&, of/ia) btood-^totned. 

8Ca£vM, £ tlv&'. aor. IS^va: — like Udwta, to wet, 
moiaten : — ^Med., 9tai¥ta$at 6oaa to wd one a ey«s : 
absol. to toe^; and Act to weep for, bewcM, 

8ia(pco\t, CAM, 1}, a dividing, division, esp. of a daas 
into its oonstitiient parts ; and 

8iaCpflT0t» yj, ow, divided: dieisitie: hence didift^ 
guidtaUe, U, didribuled. From 

8i-aiplw, £ i}otti : aor. a StciXov : aor. I pass. 9tjf- 
p^y. To divide, part or deace in twain: to cut opa^ 
to tear away, puU down, U, to divide, didribuie : 

— ^Med. to dhide among titemsdvea. ' III. to dder^ 
mine, put an end to : to define, interpret, 

8«HDiifN», f. UpSf, to raise up, l^ up: tuupaty rd ar6- 
pa to open the month. 

8«rafdv«B, £ 8uiijf a; : Att Sir^totTM, 4''"rw, fiit ^^. 
To rush tSmmgh or aeroM.* of sound, to sbod t^roH^Jk 

iuSarSw — iiaxptiMp. 


8i^Sl0T^ £ ^M, (8i^ SXffTot) to mak$ an €nd of, 
ATASTA, ^i, l^s, vay cf Uving, mode qf life: a 

fiae€forlim»i,admmng. II. at Atheni, orM- 

Mtkm. Hence 
ttwr^ li^tfw : aor. i ilhairtj<ra or i^t/jfrtjaa, pan. 

ikfr^Br/it : pf. pan. Sc&jfnj/Ku. To mainiain, tup- 

foit: — Fam.tolecd a certain eoi»ne<flife, to live, U. 

i» he aiMter or umpire : generally, io reguiate, govern. 

<Ca(n||ia, orot, r^, Qsii. in plnr., fvke qf l^e, a 
awde or oomree of lifo^ 

<liavn|T^pUMr, r^, (Smut^) dmlUn^-fooiiM. 

SlaiTnTqf, ov, d, (Siair^) on or^i^Yitor, timptre, 
Ut oriiter. 

8ia«&Bta£pei, £ 2^, and 8iCHca0ap(tttt Aii* m^i <o 
dnaie at purge thoroughhf, 

iknraSfipM?, 3 fldng. ftit. of fbreg. 

8i*-Ka6^i» : fot. i(il^of and l§ :— >(o huiIm io ti^ 
eftstf eel opofi* 

<tMMru(ca, iL «a69w: pan. pf. SMurlmnr/uu : — to 
tern CftroMg&, ad on fire, heat to exeete, 

tiortta v ^tm or -dovw, of liquid, (0 nm gurgUng 
Armgib. (Formed from the lomid.) 

tw-KopT^^M, 1 4<^w, to enditre to ike end, latt out, 

BUMcaftXiryxMi impl med. dttfktyx&fiipt :— 4o con- 

hhnv^a, aroe, r6, (Jiuueaim) hmrUng heal, 

Ika ftajmAjm, to draw lote. 

hn ire4{m, f, iam, to fpfft ammder, 

hi winoi, in! wrcur0ai : frit. -^daofMu : Dep. To 
hin a certain tiate: to he ditpoeed or effected in a 
certain manner ; oft. with Adverba, ^cAoetut btatcet- 
«lbi io he friendly ditpoeed; {nr^wre n 9taKeta$ai to he 
mpicioialy dlqpoaed; koxSm diaK^a$ai to he in a 
myplkht,etc. n,atih!tDgB,tohetemed,fixsed; 
^ hiag»fte!ra certain terme, 

^WHwCpw : frit. KtpSa and Kipaw : pf. Kkitapica, pan. 
tiMOfpat. TocnAinpieeee: to make miU and void, 
frednU: deprive of; CKwdpia ZtoMemippkvoe atripped 
^ iw trappkiga. II. to hreak through, tranegreee, 

&aHciXewo|uu, Ddp., to eadkn^ ^iM orcfarv. a. 

fo oMiwraffe 0N« oMClbcr. 3. to a<iiiionif^ (ttform. 

tioMXeuv|i^ 5, on ex&ortoijon, eft«erfn^ on. 
6UFiMvot, or, quite emptjf, hollow, 
tMMrfonai, Ion. for SuUcc^iai. 
8MHMp|un{{i«, 1 ac0, (hii, Mippa) to change iiUo 

ttattipaw, aor. i in£ of Htcucelpot, 
hmHafp^tuvopMi, Dep., to negotiate hy heraXd. 
^a-icijpfU90w, t ^, toproeUdm hg herald, 
fc* wi B Ovtw t, 1 o^w, to run all rieke, make a deepe- 
f<ife ^crt: — ^Paak to he hatarded: 9iaK€iny9w€VfjUvo9 

, £ ijaof, to move ihronghout, dieordtr. II. 

*^tiftihanMgMg,$enitinite,lML€3BCut€re, Ill.Pan. 
to U^ in motion^ move. 

Sia-icXda*, f. daof [jB[] : aor. I IkiMkHaa, Ep. 81^ 
icXaaaa, To hreak in twain, ehiver :^-9uuceicXaa/iitf09 
8icHc\4irTu. f. i/w, to carry cff hg tlealih. II. to 
$ave hy ctoattA:— Med., wiUi aor. 2 pan. 8iCirX<i«ipr, 
to steal away, get eetfe off. III. to Am}) bodb 6y 

8iau«Xi)f>^, f. ^o'oi, to anign hy lot, aUot, 2, to 
chooee hy lot: — ^Med. to catt lote, 
Sia-icXCvw, to dim away, retreat. Hence 
StdicXYdtf, cwt, ^, a ftiminj^ away, retreat, 
8ia-icXvt«», f. if aw [ff], to wath thfoughovt, waeh, 
SiOpKvoCu, f. aloet : pf. pan. huucimfaiapm. To 
aerape or grate to nothing : to wear away : to crueh in 
pieces: — ^Pan. to he worn away, deetroyed; rd XP^P"^ 
hiOKtKvaiaiUwoe having lott aU hii colour. 
8ia-K0if&v<M, to rule through or over, 
SiaKO|ii&f|, 4, a carrying over or aerose. From 
^wrKoyHu : t law, Att. 1Q, To carry over or 
aeroee : to carry through : — ^Med. to cany over what is 
one's own : — ^Pan. to pass or cross over, 
8idKovlo», f. ^jaot : impf. klkSit6yow and ^fjie6yo»y, 
aor. I ihuiic6tnijaa and lkfpt6njaa : pfl 8c8td«^ira : 
(pi&Koros), To wait on, serve : to furnish, supply :-^ 
Med. to serve onese{f. Hence 
SiOKovCo, 1}, nrrtoe, &uflnnf. a. attendance on a 
duty, ministry, 3. the qffice of a deacon, 
8iAK0ViK6t, 4> ^*^t (Stcuroylw^ serviceable, 
SidKOvot, Ep. and Ion. Si^icovot, i, 4> ^ servant, 
waUing-man : a messenger. 2, a minister of the 

church, eep. a deacon, (Deriv. uncertain.) 

8v-&Kovnt«*, f. toot, to throw ajavdin at :^-Med. to 
contend with another at throwing the Javelin, 
8uiric6irrQ», f. ifw, to cut in two, cut through: to hreak 
asunder, hreak through, U, intr. to hreak through, 

hurst through, 
8ia-KOp4tt, f. i^a», (piA, ic6pq) to raoieh, 
SuMcopKopVYCM, f. iiasj, to rum&te ihrough, 
8iA-Kopot, ov, (8c<&, /copiywfu) satiated, glutted, 
8i-&K6<noi, Ion. and Ep. 8i'V|ic6<noi, at, a, {his, 
ittarSv) two hundred, Lat. du/cenU : in sing, with noun 
of multitude, fmrot hia/cooia two hundred horse. 
hiOrKoayLks, f, iiaw, to divide and arrange : to mus- 
ter : — Med. to set aU in order, 
ZiOKoaiLifisXyMv, Ep. for Ikaicoafafidtjftey, i pi. aor. 

I opt. of hiCJCOOfUw, 

St-&Kovi», f . cliaopai : pfl cun^jroo. To hear through, 
hear out: to hear from another. 

Zu»rtcp6iw, f, £of, to cry aloud: to scream against 

<ka-Kpk«*, f. $w, io strike the strings <f the lyre. 

8i<irKpi|v6«i, Dor, Kp9iv6» : 1 4iau : (8c<&, itpfiPTf), 
To make to flow, pour forth, 

K-cMpXpSio, f. dnrst : (hiA, ijcpififfs). To inquire 
dosdy tnto, have an aeeurale knowledge of, 

SiOKplS^v, Adv., {htoKpivv) separately: eminenUy, 
above aU, Lat. oa'miV. 


^MKpM — »SiaX^r<{M. 

8uucpi0fi^ aor. i piM. nlj. of &oMy6w. 

diaicpCv<u, 3 ling. aor. i opt. ; and 

SuMcpiv^^Mvot., £p. for -^tfroi, aor. I inf. pail, of 

8uMcp(vw, £ iWtf, to a^pdrole, divide: lo pari eom- 
batantiZ'^PaM. (o 60 porifl^ or diita^/oed: to dit' 
pom, a. to dUtmguUh, leB one from amoAer, 3. 
lo asttfe, cbtermtfM, decide a diipate ; iuucpivuv dTp*- 
ct» to make a choice: — ^Mad.(o^ a dilate decided: 
^Pan. of penoni, (o 0oma to a dieoiiftoii: but alao to 
le decided, IJ. to make a dietinetion: ad afosi 

for holy pmfoeei, HI. in Mad, to demit, hmiate. 


Sidicpltnt, eem, 4t a a^araitng, parting, a. a 

deddM^i/udl^aMnf ; tJte faculty <f ditHngmakiiitg, 

OUicfiCvot, OK, (&cMr/i^) didlmguiAed: eaooeUad, 

SiOKpoT^ 1 iif<ni, lo i(i^ or 6r«dk lAivH^ 

8iOHcpo<M», f.(ntf, toffy or proM^y Ibtio^Miv. II. 
in Medn to Aiw /rom omettUft to put cf, get rid of, 
mfode or elmde fty deloff • 

8i^ucT0pot, ov, or 8iAacrMp,opof,d» (8i-d7«tf) Ci« Coi^ 
dutetor, Quide : freq. qpith. of Hermei^ 

Bio-mMms^ & l^as to Mie togt/Omr, 

SuMcWni»&^ to ito«gi and ore^ tibrpivil: tojMp 

ttroiv&tJHy ^*>^* 
SuuctftXikrfjt, ov, 6, a itndener, oftilniQter. Fion 

Ik ft aw A ^ £. Wctf, to hindm^ekeck: toprepe^L 

Suucux^, aee &omux4. 

SicUXaYX^MMi^ £ Aa^^iai, to dtoidlB or port iy toi : to 

SiOpXMM, f . ^^, to enuik ammder, bunL 

8iapAaicT(t% t lam, to biek awof, 

UarkaXi»t L iiifm, to Udk over wiA. 

8iaAa|AphiM*,£A^^fiai: aor. a SiiM^oK : perlSi- 
cUiy^ pea. iitiXjj/A^mu, Ion> StoX^Ao/i/Mtt. To take 
or recetos «yarato2y. H. to ^rc^p toitA &o(4 hande, 

embraee, Lat. compteeti : as Gymnaitic teim, to do^r 
round the %oai$t. a. to gratp with the mind, oempre- 
hend. IIL to igMirat^ dtr^ Lat. diriff»ere : to 

dittiiigwiak: alao to tntoiprei. a. to c«< i}^, foter^ 
091. 3.tod»i(rAMto. 

Sm-A^IMMi, £. 1^, to iUne at ftaek through: d the 

6ft«i-Xaii4dvw» 1 X^^w : aor. a dUXittov : pt SioX^ 
Ai/te. To eeeape notice: o. aoc. pen., to ewi^ (ft« 

8««A&x<^Vf >^* 3 ^^ <^ iiaXayxSiew, 

Si'-aXY^ ^ (^ ^Tot) giving great paiis grieO" 
one. VL. miff ervim gretd pain, 

SiOrXffBt, £. ^«, to ptol; out, dbooM. II. 8iaA<- 

TOfioi^ Dep., ^dth aor. i med. 8i(Xc^<i/<i7V, paai. SicAi- 
yjirpf : fat med. in pan. i%nil 810X^0^101, rarely 
in pan. iann. itakixJ^ofMU : — to oonveree,reaeon,taUc 
with, a. abeol. toueea dialeet or language, 3. 
to diieoMTM, of^^iM. 

SioAfCiTM, £ 1^ : aor. IkiXXwov : p^il ScoXiXoiva, 
paoL StaXik^/A/toA, To leave an interval: plqpf. 
pan. &aX^Xcirro, a gap had heen Itft, a. 

intraDB. to he ptaeed ai utknak: rd ItoXiftrar a 
gap, II. to toaw q^, mois : e. part, to toaai i;f 

dfiog. a. of Time, to intorveae, elapee,. 

^^^a^^X"^* £ ^w, to Jto& oleon. 

SioXMCTUC^fl, if, 6v, (JkaXiyopm) MM in dimumm 
or argument: 4 ^axittrw^ (niK Wx>^)» ike mii ef 

Si&XavTOt, 4* (3kaXfyw) diiooiiric, 
on. II. epeech, language, a. (Ae 

of a eountrg, tecbnloaU j a dialeet, 

8idXfti«, cctit, i^,«:foreg., diaeaflitofi. 

8iaXiirra-JlDYM|UBi, Dep^ {kitkwroe, ktymi) to dd- 


8iA-XfirTOs,oK, (8i4 XfVT^t) verp emaB, «r nmrom: 
very eubOe, 

8i4-X€UK0«, 01^, marked wiA wh it e , 

SioAcxiHivai, aor. I inf. of lkaX^/mi» 

SiaXXi&Yfi* ^,{ii«ih>Jta0of) an interikange: a ekmge 
from emnity to friendship, a reeonemation^treaig ^petwt: 
ma, in plar. 

8iiLXXaY|ia, OTOt, t6, (kaXXAaaee) that wkiA iv pttt 
in thoftave of another, a eha^gding, 

StaXXaKT^p, $^ot, 6, and gtttXXiiiil^l> ov, ^ (h^ 
aXk&aaet) a meiiaior, 

9t^4kkkhvaw, Att -^m»: ftit. £«: pf. k^XhOx^ 
To give or toibe in exehange: hence to tntorefcoa^ eah 
change, a. to change from mmik g tofrivnMip^ to 

reconcile one to another. IL Paaa* with Hi, 

med. btaXXA^o/uu. : aor. i pan. SHjXXfix^* *^ 
dirfXXhyip^: p{,9i!/fX\aypuu>-Aohereeoneikdi' 
friende. III.intr.tod^/hNaQDe ta a thki|^: 

■0 Pan., eqp. In aor. I JtaXXax^fna, to (e di^^frwl. 

fii^AXXo|ia*, fot. akovfaoi^ Dep., to teqi 

StonXoY^Coiiou, £ tofm, Dep., to mtOe 
hence to tofce account^, coneider. H. to 
oiytie. Hence ^ 

8ia-XoYi9|ft6fl, ^ a balancing nf a/eeounlB, 

SidXoYOf, d, (StoXiYD^Mi) « dialo0«^ eonoenialMM. 

8MrAoi8op4otMii, Dep.: aor. i pan. difXoido^^^ir: 
^*4o a5uie, rat2 ol. 

8ifa-Xi)|M(v«i|iai, pf . pan. di oXiXirfMur/iai >-to ««>• 
(reoi sftam^uSy. 

SidXikna, MM, 4> (SmiXW) a tooting fmtfrem amp 
thing, parting : a breMng up, dedrog in g, "EL an 

ending, ceetaUon : eeeeaUon qf heetHititt, peave, 

8iaAv(r{-4iAof, op, {Ihakiw) lovcdieeoMng, 

8ia^M|f, ov, 6, (Ikakiea) a breaker up, dimohtTm 

Sio-Xvo, f. (ktoi [0] : pC, X^XItea : aor. I pna^ iAIk 
Bfjv l^] : pf. XiXS/uu, To looee one from another, to 
part aeunder : to break up, ditmiee, didtand,, i, to 

break off, put an end to, 3. to reeomoiU,. 4. Bbo- 
X(r€tir Sto^oXj^K to do atoay viiUb &lie aooimtiooa : 
also to pay, discharge, II. to retox ; to aialw s^^ 


8i.<iX^r6<»k L iiaoi, {ZUl, Skipirov) to fSl fuU ^ 

iwfMB'iim — iuofAo. 


llfiiiptl«> j, g IflfaJ ■n'rffifci : g wrong n ekon im g » 
8i»fMifT&p^ 1 i^tftt^ MM Att. law-term, to luf g 

fci^yin^g (q.T.)» to mB mideaeB/or or i^yomii an 

dyytfwi : — ^Med^ wHh aor. I pan. Stc/iaprvp^ATr* lo 

iiethittmdateegivm/crotte, Hanca 
Sia|iaf»TiSp(a» i), g eaOinff to i gflm w; aa Aii. law- 

imn, g taUimg miimoM to wifpoii cr r^M^ an ofr- 

[l»] : £ «^/aa( : Dep. To eaa 
Kfwiiff to wAnmb, to jffiotoat tolemnjy : tdso to g^'are 
■Chm^l a. to awwierglg. IL to hefrmtmoAy 

8tarfi4av«w Att. -^rn^ Alt £m» to iaMa<2 Aoroa0%, 

fta fi^mini : Aii. /aKx^gD/Mtt, ^iaxov^<<n» itlw> ^lo- 
X^ w^ : Dcp. To /IgU with, ttntggk agaiad: 
tka, 2, to figkt 9§. 3. to filflA through, fight 

h Mf^tMt toL ^ffm, {itA, d/tdttt) tomomot out 
AroH^ 3. to a t ra pt or flleor awy, bo also in 


li jjirffai, ^ ifm, to change, oaokeaige, II. Med. 
fe fhrngi omtmdf from on« j>2a<x to oncUhBr: to pus 
Mv. 3. abaoL to ehaape, atter. 

fca ynX«<rfi, Adv., (giii, /ilXot) Itoi6 &f 2ii}i&, pieee- 

fc ap ^ XX-yna, ff«t, 4t a ^ewv olrapi <'■ tt^jpoM to 
kK wlf^iiri Atoy. And 

liepi>?>m^p^ a£i d, aa« iajk> ao wtfi iag fli y dietopt. 

^apflUUi, £ iiiAAiioM. T<Ae gbeape foinp to do 
atfaiog: hesioe to^etop oaaiiaMaUp. 

Hiapyfuipca, p£> of Uojtkim. 

>iap<p4afi«, Dep. to Uooie oeofledinpip. 

8i*fiMi, £. cvw : aor. i Uipmsra : perl /ufaiwrim. 
'J^fwmmm h^ooHimmewilh. 9» to be oomtaM, per- 
tmn, 3. to cfwItwMg, iBit> remata. 

lie py(tM> 1 tfw, to dMde: meti^ to aaaM dU- 
temim : — Paa. to iiai^pree. Henee 

lnyygM^ 6. dMtoa; duiaaftos. 

8ia-p«Tpto, C, iiom, to meamw Itovap^ weawiri mA 
vtf: to iUik (buU>--Mied. to have mmmmd old to one, 
■BiiK at omo'e than. Hence 

l ia p a r pn f ^ 1 , ^ ^, aiawarwi ohL 

8i4p«fpov, 7^ I<at. dm rno Mtn , a mddier'e mttonf . 

^ p a tpo a , 1), (8i^ l^fo») a dkm d tr or djgpoagi 
'w. 3. (4s rutefor draukng the diameter. 

fce p tpc iw A o pi i, Pep., to ftnity gtoat, cowlrfei, 
fc ^p i AAA o fiaii , t ^(M«Ut B^. with foL med., to 

8ia-|U|uri|<nco|ioi, £ for^oofiai : p£ iiaiUfanffnt : 
Pass. :-— to Aowp ta memory, 

6ia-fuiriipo|iaft, Dep., to Mip ptamUvdg. 

SiOpfuoTuAXoi^ £ i^Aw : aon i tktfdor^uhtL To cult 

8ia-|||MVfv«i, £ oof, to oaU to mind, remember: 
hence to record, mentum. 

t t a-yuongAm , (jlk&,iuiipa) to divide, rend a m mdt r» a. 
Med. toporiionovi. 

8idp,ira{, Adv. righi through. 

8b-ap,irtp{f, {9i&, Aiforndpet) A£tw. al Pkoe, through 
and through, right through, 2. of Time, throughout, 
for ever, 

Sio^pASaXiot, g, or, drendting, 

^MrfXSoX i o jim , £ ^oof, to teU 6p loard ^aioulk, to 
fpeol:, eonaenc. 

8ia-|ftuXXaCvw,£ebw, (IkA, /idAAv) to «igh9 atoattt. 

8iHft|i4i8iot, or, (8i4 <W^0 t'^^y d^ereuL 

8iFa|&4^ffpnTl», £ ^ow, to d i'ip M(e, dteyive. 

8iravain|Mu», £ ^cet, to leap>up over. 

8uMmvp!dx^£^o»,to laointoih g ooa^U with one. 

St-dvSlxo, Adv., two waye, St^Scxa tJiep/*ijpi(Hif to 
halt (ef loeen two opinione. 

duav^^MJi, aor. i in£ of hayi/m. 

8i-&v«r^ ^ Dor. and Att fbnn of iapw iit, 

8ia-vl|(ut, £ yc/Mu : p£ reyi/fapai. To didkbuite, to 
dwide into portkniB: — ^Med., to divide among timm- 
eelvee : — ^PaM. to tpread dnoad. ILtoaetin 

order, govern. 

8ia^v4o|iai, Paas., to go through, 

8ia-v«vu, £ att, to aod^ heehon to. 

8 ti a¥ < <t^ £ yeftaofui, to twim aerotej moim through. 

8iarv({w, £ vSxffw, to waeh out, rinee. 

8ia-vCavo|i4U, Dep., to go through. 

8b-avCom||u, fat. BwawrHfffw. To ad tip, make to 
dmd. IL Paak, with act aor. a -iirtptf perf . 

-ianiica, to dand aloof from, depoHfrtm^ 

8io-vo4opAi, Alt. med. imyo^opeu : aor. I pan. Jitc- 
ro^A/y: Dep. To tUnk over, iniend, pmpoee, Lat 
medUari. Hence 

8iav6i||ia, aTOi, r6, a ihought,faney, notion. 

SidvoUt aJao duoofoiSL, i^, Ipataroiopm) n-Aought, ui- 
tention, II. thought: the inteOeei, mind. III. 

g notion, bdi^: the eense or meaning of.a thing. 

SuavoCY^uiu and 8irgvoC)fit, £ (w. To open: 
henoe to «Eppiain, agwtiful. 

8«avo(x^in^ • ling. aor. I pan. imper. <jX tautoiyo). 

Suftvofi^i, ^ (Suiyifm) dioieion, didribution. 

Sb-avToiof, g, ov, right oppoeite. a. going right 

through : ^ hapraJia (ac r^^tlA) a homo-thnuL 3. 
metaph., andbgayiap, rem o r vdeee . 

SiravrXItt, £ ifoot, to drain out, eiehaiud : metaph. 
to Ihe drcpt, Lat exhaurire. 

8ia-vvRT<p€vo», f. act, (piA, vif^) to paee the night. 

6i-avvM, alao 8i-avvtM [0] : £ ifou 10]. To bring 
quite to an end, finieh, eep. 69^ duuieai to finidt a 
journey : so also butyirretv, without 6i6v. 


buL^abna — diairp^tt. 

Sio-toCvw, f . Srw, to tear in pieoet, 

8ia{«it, Dor. for Stdi^cit, a ling. fiit. of SidTW. 

?kaH^4tto«&a^ Dep. (8(<i, ^i^) (0 >^At to tiktf cboti^ 

9iarirai8<vo|&ai, Pan. : to ^o through a ccune qf 

&a-irJlXa£«», f. ow, to ^o on toreatftn^. 

8iarirdXi|, i}, a Aord itruggle, 


8iei-ir&Xww, f. t^w, to sAiiTer, iftottor. 

SiOriravT^s, Adv., B^id iravr^t lArou^Aoui. 

&a-' in^nia {va», to tools timidly round. 

Sio-iraparrpYp^, 4* (^^ waparpifioi) an u»ele$$ 
9tudtj: vain aUereaUon, 

8ia-irap6fVivc0, t <rw, (ptd, mpOivot) to d^towtr, 

8ia-irainTaX«^ Ait. 8ia-iraTTaX«VM : £ (Ttti : 
{Jk&, w&o'cretXot). To afneleA ou< by naSUng^ e. g. of a 
hide /or fonittn^ : alao iofaAm the eoBtremitiiea, as in 

Sto-irdovWk Att. -ttm : f . 9&irct : — to $prinUe about, 

SuainiXlM, f. ^oa;, to (Areci(en 9»o2en%. 

8ia-irtwvda», in! wHvrfv, to hunger one againtt the 

8i4-irfipa, 4, an e^^KHmeni, triai, 

8uirirtipdo)i(u : with fnt. mod. doofuu p] : aor. I 
pan. €W€ipi$fjv: pf. pan. vtwtipafuu: Dep. To 
tnofce trial or proof qf a thing : o. gen., to Aom flijKrt- 
•eno0 of a thing. 

8idMn(p«», f. vf/w, to drive through. 

Siarirl|iir», f. ^, to eend about in different dkeO' 
Uoni, II. to M»d otier or atrots. 

3ia-irfpaCvtt0, fbt. dw, to &rin(7 to an end. 

Bio-'ir^Hu^tt, f. ^KTo;, to tolM aaroes, ferry ooer: — 
Pan. to he carried over, go aeroet, a. to draw en- 

tirely oirf. 

SuMrtp&voi, aor. I inf. of iutwtpabw, 

SiOrirtpdM, f. dooi [d] : to ^o ooer or tteroee, topam: 
io pa$8 Arough, 

SuMrlp^, f. vipffw: aor. a MwpHBoy, Ep. inf. 
^«pa^<ciK : aor. a med. 8ccir/>d^cro, in paa. eenie. 
To dettroy utterly, to eack, tcatte, 

hutiripavx, aor. i inf. of iutwipBu. 

Biairfaitv, aor. a inf., and 8iairf<ni(r$ai, ftit med. 
inf. of ^latiwrea, 

6uirirfrd|iai> » Ikawirofjuu . 

8iaF^irfTdvvu|u or -v«» : £. w€T6ffot [ji] : to opm and 
tpread o\»X, 

^lA-irlTOiiat: fut-vcr^ifofuu and -rrrjaofiai : aor. a 
--eirrdfitjy: Dep. To Jly through. 2. to fly away, 

Zionti^pa^ 3 ling. perf. of ZuuppLipym. 

8ia-irffYvO|u, f. in)£ai : aor. i med. Bufnf^dfujw. To 
fatten together. 

tktk-jnfi&M, f. ^aof, to leap through or oerbes. II. 
intr. to make a leap. 

8ia-irlaXv», f. daw, (&<&, «W) to make very fat, 

fiui^|iirXi||u, f. 8la1r^17^«, to JUl fuU of: Paas. to 
&0 ^tiito/un ^. 

8iap«(voi, f. wlopai, to drink agaiiui one oMther, dbtf- 
2en^e at drinking, [I] 

8ia n d t'rw , 1 naovfuu : aor. a hrwoi^. To feU 
through, fail off or away, oKope : to fail uUeriy,goqnilm 
wrong, turn out iU, 

8ia-«urrfMt, 1 au, to tnut one In eonfidmee>r^ 
PaM. to have a thing en(rtietod one. 

8iOMrX<Rc»,f. fay, to tnleneeave, loeaee tof^etiber. IT. 
to teeotw ofunder, i.e. unweatw; duurXjitcea^ riw fiUm 
to end the tittue qf one's life. 

StAirXevoof, aor. i part, of 

SuMrXkft, f. wKthoofwu, to eaU through, 

8ia-irXiriRT(to)iai^ Dep. to epar or tkirmieh with, 

8ia-«X'qairtt, Att. -ttos: 1 fw: To break in pioeett 
tplit, deave, 

SidirXoot, oontr. irXovs, 6, (SienrX^) as A.6J,, waiUnff 
acroee, paeting over, II. as 8ahst, 9i£rXmfe, 6^ 

a voyage aeroee, pauage. 2,achannd. 

8i-airX6«i, f. £oea, (IkA, dvA/ot) to iin/bld. 

8uMrr^ Ep. nvtUi : 1 wi^ehoea. To Uow Araugk% 
r^reah, revive, 11. to breathe at interveds, ro- 

vive, in. Pass, to evaporate. 

SuMTOucCXXw, f. Tku, to variegate, adorn* 

8iairoXs|Ua», £ ^aet, io carry the war through, end the 
war,Ijai,dAdlare, 2, to cany on the war, II. 

to force from another by war. Hence 

8ia-iroX^|ii|<nt, mm, 4, a-finiihing of the war, 

Zutr^roXXopnim, t riavt, to betiege to Hw md^ to 

8ia-«o|Mr«vw, t ow, to carry the pro oemio n io am 
end. 2. to carry oil round. 

8iairo(iirf), ^, (Scavi/nrw) a tending baekwarda amd 
forwarde: negotiation, 

8iaptrot4«», 1 rfoea, to work out with labomr, Lat. el»- 
borare: topraetite: — ^Pass. tofteodmwiiilerMi; also to 
be troubled, II. intr. to work hard, toO, 

8i«Mr6mot, or, ^k&, w6vto9) beyond ua», fomign, 
Lat. tranemarinus : going beyond eea$» 

Sio-iropsvtt, f. aw, to carry aorose, H. P«n.« 

with tai. med. -ebao/Mu, aor. I pass. Ikenopti^^tftt :— 
to go through, paas along, 

tk-ntropka, f. ^au ; and Dep. 8iA«e|>fo|Mu, SMir. x 
biifwop^itfy : — to be quite at a loee, 

StoriropOfo, 1 ijaea, » bwrmipBoi, to ruin fOtadf^ 

6iCMropO|Uv«», f. au, to carry over or ooroaa; io 
carry a meteage; 9iaM0p$ft/^t€a^ wnu/tSr, of &ny- 
boats, to ply <terou a river. 

8ia-irpov|iaTtuo}uu, Dep., to Irsal of thonmghiv, 

8iAirp&9Miv, Ep. for 8carpai9crK, aor.a inf.of Sioirl^ 

8ia-«pdotrtt, Att. >tt«», Ion. wpi^arr w : £. ^. 

To aeeompUth, Lat. eonfieere: — intr. to oooon^sIM 
one*$ way aeroae. a. to bring about, effed: in Med., 
to effed for onea^, gain on^a point, 3. to«iaJfc«an 
end oft Hay, 

Sioiipfir^ it, emtneni, disf inyiiM^ ilTHifrioHS. Protn 

Sio-irpfiro, to be prominent, to be diatinguiaked above 

tumpev&s — buuneopviitt. 


Iia«p*v6t> AdT. of Uawptwfjtt cmupkwmdp : 811- 
pciL otoMptwiOToni* 
ha gpigpt^ofittt, D^n to M»<i awftoitift to d^er- 

SiArvp^irvw, Ion. for. Ueatp&ffffw. 

Ua n ^pim [2] : foi. -^ptwfim. To $ato iknmgh at in 
too; toettiotke heart; IkawpUir 6dAm$ to gnath the 
tMtk >-M«d. lo ^nodb tedft Ub0 toeO. 

&»4rp^ Adr., thomnghfy. 

U itWjpi i 9 V 0% a, or, (8ca«fptfi«) ^omv Aroo^A, |»n«- 
M«iV,pKreMi^,of loimdf: iMiit.8unr/i(Knor,MAdTH 
fMToa^, IAHUm^. 2, foT'^treliehmg, wpinf «- 

Imco itoMfitffum rervxTHt^ ft hill nmniiig /or uito 
ike phin. 3. won^reif. 

Siavf&or^ai, aor. 2 inf. of Stavlrti/iai. 

li ii irr o i it, poei. irroUit, 1 i^«. To aeon mcaiff 
Martk: to tbike wHk panie. 

U rn Biwitfi t, t. £m, to wtfold, dudote, 

tift^rrtxi^ ^ (dMi, wrvxfi) a f did, folding Uaf. 

tiA-vrMt, £ hoot [IQ: to Jpii «fN>fi. 

hm wv K n v m^ t, am^ Ckd, wiuenjt) to box, fight 

Bn w »»0 Av o n flt : iL wtboofuu : pH viwwr/tcu : aor. 
3 *ww$6/apf. To tetireh out bjf qwatummg, 
tiik^^iipo%, or, (^ vvp) red-hot : hot, fiery. Hence 
>i iei « tp6tt, £. ^«0, to aet on fire, 
hm vrnXim^ t, i^m, to teUpMidy. 
fcnp«(pHrtti, Ion. for Stppap'oi, 3 ilng. pf. pan. of 

k^fAovM, Att -rrw: 1 £w: to 5real; lArou^A, 

Mfj^MU ov^fioekt car ^^otUd with uhite, 
8hi^0P^, f. ^ifoot, (2m&, Ap$pov) to divide hyjoinie^ 
to oitMoto. 2. to «on^pI«to in detail, deecribe die- 

It ipii|i<ii, 1 i|<rw, to reckon or eomtf tip: also to 
iii^k^itk, Lat. enunMrarf. 

^Hyrfai, £. ^(foff, to AoM /all tkength : to endmre, 
held mU, freeaiSl, Hence 

liafa<|^ It, m^fident : lading^ Adv. -m&$, 

>MyyuS(i> or -nw, 1 ffw, to dittnbate in varioue 

Uapmiy^ ^ pbmder. From 

li-«fiii&ti0: fbt. doofuu. To tear in piecee: to 
flmder^ Lai. dcn^iera : to ttnry <tff bb ptunder. 

<iapp ttY< fa|i» 8uippttYi||vai, 2 ilng. aor. 2 pa«. opt. 
cad int of Btapp^ymffu, 

liappa(n», to (qpntnibltf; — ^Paai. to /ow <a oorioiM 

>>appB?yai, aor. i inH of 

WppaJM, £. 0i«, to deekrog tttterfy. 

iwf pfai» H pebco/tai : aor. 2 pan. (in act. seme) 
*mw - pLappiftfita, To flow thrmigh: to dip through: 
dmL to leak : — p£ part, bifpfutftiie, gapwg, 11. 
te/«B amy Uhe water, watte awag. 

iiip p^fByi, t p/j^ to hnak, rend in twain, 
cbaor;—Paai. to terse. 

Uapp4fitjpf, Adv., (Stcpw, dui/ip;0Qrtu) eay i es il ^, 

Siopp^Jat, aor. i part, of Ikappfjyp^fu, 

8iAp-pif4iA, arof, r^, a coding obouL From 

Siappdrnumtv, 3 sing. Ion. impf. of tkeippiirrw. 

8iap-fiirW«», only used in pres. 1^ impf.,aB 
sq. U. intr., to throw onudf, piunge, 

8iap-p(irTt», poSt. Znapiirrw : 1 ^. To fling, 
hmi, dart aboid. Hence 

8idppvi|HS, COM, ij, a scattering about* 

Sioppo^, i, {liiappiof) a flowing through, a chatmd 
or pipe to flow throiigh, 

Biop-poO^, f. if aw, to roar or ruetle through. 

Sidppoio, ^fsSiappo^, a flowing through: eep. aa 
Medical term, diarrhoBa, 

8iap-poitlo», f. i7<rw, to whisa through, 

SuappvSav, Dor. for ^fMhpt, Adv. (Zuippiof) laeft- 
ing away, vaniehmg. 

Siopp^voi, aor. 2 pass, infl of htappiw, Sioppv^ 
(ro|MU, Alt. of biappiw, 

Siop-pVM, to drag aeroae, 

8iapp»{, c^Tot, d, i, (fiuippfjyyvfu) rent ammder. 

8w4pT&pitt, f . ^aoi, to cut in pieeee, 

SiMftprdt*, f. riaw, to suspend and interrupt* 

8iaMro£v«», to fawn upon, 

8uir4rfiX&iccfv(t», strengthd. for oaXwwrl{w. 

8ia-(r&^i«», trfocj, (bid, oonptis) to make quite manifed. 

8ia-ar&^t)v(tot f- ^^o^t to mdbe 9ud« aiam/fif . 

8id-<n{«», f. aoi, to shake violently: intr., Sccurcfcir 
r^ oip^ to keep wagging with the tail. 2. to eon- 

found, n. to AoroM, ofiprest. 

SiOrotvoiMu : Ep. aor. 2 8i((r<r{>/<7r [0], 3 sing, biia- 
aiiro: Pass. To <2art or rusk i^'ou^V 

8uMn||ia(vw, f. driD, to marik or potni ocil : to maike 
known, explain, 

8id-(n|)iot, or, (8i4 <r9fia) 9h^ d^or, didinet, 

Av&ma, rd, {Ai6s) thefead qf JupHer at Athenf. 

SiOroittirdtttf, f. riaofuu, to remain silent, 2, 

trans, to pos« over in sHenee. 

SiflMncav6Cic({tt», f . aw, (Jlkd, oic6t^) to dose with wOd 
chervil, in allnsicn to Enripldes. 

8«a-^ic«8dwf>|u : f. atcabdaw [X], Att axtbSf. To 
scatter obroad : todisaipaie: todiiand, 

SicunctSdasuv, 3 sing. aor. I opt. of foreg. 

SiOroiMvdttt, f. dow, to sd in order: — ^Pass. and 
Med. to arm or equ^ onesdf, 

8iOr<na|vd«0 or -4w, f. r/ow ; and 8i«Mncipf6M, £ <SKrar. 

To talw up <l([f0rvni ^uortors : to retire each severally to 
his quarters, 2. to Imm a comrade's tonC 

8uiHnc£8vi||u, for Sca^jrcSdrrv/u, to diqwrse. 

Sio-oKoirMa, in pres. and impf.: fdt. biaaK^pai 
(from root OKimroiuu) : pf. iascsfipat. To look through, 
examine, consider, II. to lock romd one, keep 


8io-<ncoindo|uu, Dep. (bid, aieond). To look out 
from a wateh4ower, to spy out, 

SiapOKOpiKttf, t aw, to scatter dhroad. 


iwff Kti fttT ta ^-dcttrtfiyyii« 

another f pau jokea to and fro, 

hui^-ayj6M, Ion. -a|iiit : i, ^ma. To tt^ aid, to 
rinstf d&m. 

8iaF9o^(to|MU, £ iffofjm, Dep. To 00^ or ^ioib 

UMrtrkpatcT&tt "i, 6v, torn to piecei. From 

Sio-oirdp^ovw, AU. -m» : fiit. ^o>. To nnd tn 
auruier or in pieeet^ 

Buunrdo^fmn, aor. a paao. inl of ittunrtipv. 

SiOrcnraw, fl daofuu, : aor. i -4<nrS<m, med. -ctf«\S- 
ffd/uir: p£ pMi. -^owurfiu. 3b t«ar afHiuifr,|Mvt, 
Lat. diveUen: to breol: tArou^ jncU ioum.* ctf the 
laws, to break through^ troMgret* : to a^araU : — Pan^ 
of soldieni, to be diitribuled in quarters, 

SiOronrtCpttft, f. c^, to eow, ecaUer or tpretut eifroad: 
to equander, 11. to teparaie, 

Sioowopd, 4, {iiainrtipot) dieperriom, 

h%riftmw, 8u/tt», Att. for Zuiaaea, 

8ia-orTa6|&do|uu, £ ^aofnat : Dtp, To ordar by 
rude, regvlale, 

Siaordf, huurrijpfajL, aor. a part, and inl of Ubrrf/fu, 

8idaT&acit» fCM* i)> (fiiaoT^vac) a tkmding apart : 
distKmee, an interval, a. ditaifreement, diu enn on, 

SiOHrravp^ fl ^tffcj^ to fortify with dabm or a 

SuMPTtCxM* aor. 3 ^(ni^^or. To (70 i&roii|^& or 
aenm: toecnUnu^i. 

SiCMrriXXM, f. cAm, to s^ponito, to AWn y ut i ft , en- 
plain. II. (0 oommond, give orders, 

8id<rrmMK arot, r^, (9uurr^¥eu) an intetvai, 

8uMrrqTi|v, £p. for Biwr^ufv, 3 dual aor. a of 

SumttCXBu, f. ^, (o glimmer or (lotm tArou^ft. 

SiOHrroipdCtt, £ <io«i, (0 stm^ in between, 

StorOTOixVoiMUv f. iaofMu : Dep, To dietribidt or 
opportian regularly* 

SioirroXi^, ^« (fiuurriXKa) didinetion, d^erenee, 

8ia-(rTpfivn|Yw»» f* ^ffv, to serve as a general, 

8ia-arTp^4^, f. iffot: aor. a pa«. -coTpd^t/y: pi 
-4<rrpa/ifMU. To dutort : to turn aside: topenert: — 
Faas. to be distorted, to have one*s eyes diiorted: to 
squint, Henoe 

SidoTpo^ot, ov; disiorted : mbieiph* perverted,. 

SiOrinipw, perl ceabpfqmi. To tear m pieee»t (0 
worry or haram wUk abuse, 

Suiro^^fiA, Att. o^^m*: 1 £«: (^ 9^fyi) 
To cleave asunder, to Amghter. 

8ia-<r^aip(tM, 1 laot, to throw oioitf Uke a haU, to 

8i«wr4dXXo», Btrengthd. for a<p^LkXo9, 

Sioo^^t ^h'o** 4* (&cur0(&{w) any opening mads 
by force, a deft, a rocky gorge, 

8icu^^«v8ov^, 1 ^ev, to scatter from or asfrom a 
sling : — ^Pais. to fly in pieces. 

5uiHr^ic6o|Mu> Fan.: (Sid, 9^)* To b$ conh 


pressed at tibt wmkt Ww a wsup: pi paa. part. Sic- 
ff^MoafUwos, tightly laced like a wtup, 

Suuoxtloi, 1 iffw. To chave a t rndt Tt ttwr: Pw, 

8uiax^» aor. a part, of Si^x^ 

Sio-oistM, 1 a^jiw, to keep setfe through, Mn^ one 
wtU through: alto to keep m w icw or y ; — Med. to pK^ 
serve to onest^: — Pan. to come cafe timmg^ Btaad^t^ 
<r$cu fit . . or wp6s .,,to come mifs to n place. 

8i«MrDMrdo|uu, 1 iirofKu [^, Dor. for 9tetffmm^m, 

Sw^'r&yauM, 1 am, (&<&, liiy^) to arrange, 

^Miff^'Xi\, ^ ii, {ptoT^aoa) a dieposMon, 

8uMnd'Y|u^ oTos, r6, (dtar&aaw) a niwaaiajf irf. 

Sio^oi&vw, Ion. for 5taTlfo«a. 

8idTo{ii, coft, ^, {IkarAami) arrangemmA: 
the drawing up of troops in order (f baUle, 

SiOr^rttpdaow, Att. -rat, 1 ^. To ttr« 
(^reoi eottfution, ea^oand. 

Siou^r&avM, Att. -m* : 1 ^ : pi paa. Wmyy— . : 
aor. I pais. -C7tix^t<uir. 2 -cr^Ti^r. To^htcm^.- to aeC 
tti onifr, drew t^ in order of beMe : also to dram «|» 
sepofoldy. a. c. ace. et inl, to appoint one to do 

or be : — ^Ked., 9xx, 1 part in pais. mMe, Ammx^^^^k- 
KOI |)0fl(«(2 in baUlo-order: — Pan. to be in bOttie ardtr, 

SuirraxOtUt aor. i paak part of Ikardaass. 

huf^^rdyyto, strengthd. fbr riyyw, 

SiOrWvu, 1 r€y& ; pi riribia, pan. rMifsaoL, To 
atreUA out, stretdi to (Ae/WI .— Med. to itrai^ unewy: 
to eurt oneself, tirive hard : to mainUiin stoutiy,. 

tta^^rmxltw, 1 law, Att tS. To OHt qf emifart^y 
by a wall : to draw a wall aoross : to dinide ew hf a 
waU, Henoe 

8iAT«(xMr|ia, orot, t6, a place woflecl qj^, 

8ia^nic|Aa£pO|iai, Dep. : (81^ rigfMp), To maris o«t 

StorTtX^vrdM, 1 ^ow, to bring tofuyUment. 

tuvrskiw, 1 iaw, to bring qvdte to an end: to/m^: 
to contmue doing. From 

Sio^TiX'^ is, {Std, rikos) incessant: psrmanmsL. 

Sio^l&vw, Ion. TdfiVM : 1 rtftw : aor. i paw &»> 
Tfi^Brfv, pi rirfoffuu. To out through, cut in tsaam : 
to sever, part : — ^Pan., iiarfaj9ijirm Xiwadmi to be amt 
tnto strips. 

duftTcraYiUvof, pi pan. part., SMMvrax^vvu, pCinl, 
of Ikardaaw, 

Sto^rcTpoCvw : 1 drw. Ion. akiw. To born tkron^k^ 

8ui^W|ica», 1 (w, to scften or neft by heOL 

Suiptiip^ 1 ^w, to wntek dosdif, H. («iib. 

kavr6v), to keep oneself from, abeUtm from, 

BuhtC ; for 8id rt, w^er^oref Let qwaaaibrmnf 

8ia-T(9v|iu, 1 9iiae» : pi pass. 9waiOttpm : aor. i 
paao. SicTf^. TopIoMMporalsiy, oniaivo. 3. 

to dispose, manage : to treat .*— Pan. to be dispmml ^, 
treated, Z,to setforth: tortoOA, II. Ked^ 

to set out for sale, dispose of, a. to Mttk mmtmaO^ 

bwenBipoi bia0^icrpf tM to make a oooenanlmith a^ : 
abeol. to make an agreement with, promiae* 

iiarifiJut — ii^l^opes. 


8ia^rl|i^, t i(0«v to htmtmr greaOf, 

SM-^JMovit, f. ^to ihaikt anmi &r, gftoiae topieea: 

ha^rvAaXioi, a, or,«ny0aX^ot. 

ha^lrpn aor. I Mrfajpt: aor. a Sc^fi&Toi', 
pas. -fJtyrp^. Ep. fior 9tarI/aWt loevim twain, <it- 
*id^ MMr: 8i^T;^a7cr, 3 plur. paas. ibr ^ft&yrfear^ 
iUrfiaytr h ^cX^rifrt (Vv ptuied fiiendi: abtol^ 
% mm tfottcral oArood. 

8la1)lA|B^ aoc i inl of fiircig. 

fc * T o fti i» » 1 m>, to tkod through or adrott;— Hed., 
kemtmim tkooting wtih, 

karr6fo%,o>f,meL,pittti»g7 of sound, <An22<iv. II. 
hknpotj ov, pMB^jMfVtd. 

&airpdY«Cv, aor. a izi£, of fkaarpityof, 

8M^rp€in», £, ^ (o tuutn^ dioert, di$mtado: — Pmb. 
vith fat mod. hpoiiat, mar, i med. 9ierpam6fap^, aor. 
3pia. &cr^^hnp. To turn or (e dioerted/rom a thing. 

fca i p ^M, f. iphfrn^ to mainiam, rufpoH UtrouffhovL 

Bia^rp^M, f. $pi^ofuu: aor. a iUdfidftop, aor. I 
Mp*io : pi Jka^8/)d/fi7«a. To nm lib-oo^A or over : 
netoplL, (o takmtat* II. intr. to nm about^ Lat. 

Iia^rp^ £ ^01, to ntn trembUng aboutyftoB aU wayi, 

^wt^K^i^ a weormgttwaift a spending oiismid, a. 
^fatime, ammmnmU. 3. terioua gwpf o y i i i g w l» tfaieiy : a 
AKHMN^tmar^Tiiiiiefil. 4.ai0aif(//(fe,K9t^. IL 
iiWienaB,aiiajte4if <tiiK:,2o0s<2f (tiM,<Ma|f. From 

fca t y (pii [i]: 1 ^ : p£ pa». Swrirptfifuu. : aor. 
spta. iierpififp^ [t\. To rub away^ eonrntma: to 
auk, dmbroy, IL apead time, lim, a. 
b huy, cMpfoy oiuoe^. 3. lo tMute or Iom (im«, de- 
hf, in, to put ef, dday, thmofi, kinder. Hence 

fc a i pia 1 11 161 , 4* M <ttlatovy. 

li4>tpC)(a, Adv., m tArec mq^ 

t iAtpo j o a , «% eoriottt m d«|N»t(*Dfi«. 

tw^'Tpoxa^, f . aa, of a horse, to UrcL 

B ia T pry i os, or, (8»^ '''phTf) P^'^'^'dod loltt oJMS 

SiaTp<4iv, aor. a pan. part neirt. of 8ta9^(rrrw. 
fc ai p^Yn, 1 rpSi^oiuu : aor. a UkqA'yor, To nSMe, 

fc ^ w or Bir^mi, ftit &^^ Ati. for Sudcrtrw, 
MVY^M, 1 <rar, to afttne tAfoii{7&, dosn. 
^ * n<t i , ^ (Si^ 0^74) IftHMpamii, rodtont 
fcaA e5p 6|M f, ov, ^ (SkvAot , 9p6fiun) a runner in 
*****«, q.T, 

lUiuXot, i, {He, aib\j6o) n doutie pipe or ehannd: 

^ tht zaoa, a dovMe eouroe, where the numer ran to 

^ fartfaesi point of the or61Uor, and back again ; 

■*^lh., MohAm Kop&Tvp ebb and flow, Lat.^fuetiit 

'^Biivai. ILa ilrolL 

M&Y^. aor. a inn of &€««(«, to 5a« l&roii^ 

i n ^ & Bn» Wt and 8Mi^vftT|v, Adv., cpeatf. From 

fc« (M » »i f- ^<^* To theu through, make to Oine 

^^<io^: — FtM. ttafaiwopatf lot, a -c^^b^, to (e 

teen, appear througk, a. to glou, to he red-hoL 3. 
metii^. to be proved : to be contpieuoue among 
others. II. intr., to dawn, 2. to be tranO' 

parent. Hence 

8ia^W|s, ie, seen through, ttantpanuL a. glow- 
^, red-hot. 11. meti^h. well4mown, manifeM: 

ilkulnoue. Adv. -mm, mon^est^y. 

duOf^aMaww, Ion. ^^MncM : (&!(&, <p6o9). To t&op 
%At tiirou^A, dawn. 

Sm p ^wYY ^ , ^t, (8(^ ^iyyoe) trantpareni, 

8ia4icp6vTo»f, Adv. pree. act. part, of &«i^^, 
d^erwilgfrom: eepeeiaUy, eoBtremdg. 

Sio-^^pM, fat. 8co(ow and fico^o'ofuu (formed ftxun 
*o2a>) : aor. i Jkijveyiea, Ion. Sc^tMa : aor. a 2^- 
vtyKov (formed from ^iviytew). To eany over or 
aeroee. a. to oorry different wage: to tear aeunder; 
hioxftipeivT^v^l^l^oviogioe their votes a d^emU wag, 
i. e. against one ; bat also to detormme by vote: me- 
taph. to dieperse reports. 3. to earry through, bring 
to petfeetion. 4. to (An^ through, endure, mip- 

port. 5. absdl. to eoftftmie, to Km. II. 

intr. to d^er, to 6€ different from. a. impen., 

Siai^pet ftot U uudeee a differenoe to me, 06 buupipu, 
it makee no d^erenoe; rd Sia^poyra pomls <!f d^sr* 
«nef. 3* to &s d^erentfrom a man, to Mifposs^ ex> 

eel him : — Pass. Ika^peoBai, to differ from, he at 90- 
rianee wiUi, quarrd„ 

8iar4s^Y»> t ^ofwu : aor. a -^^070^ : pf. W^cv^a. 
Tojlee through, get awag, escape. Hence 

8i4^fv{it, eait, 4, on etet^ing, meane of eaeape. 

8ia-^)iCttt», £. lav, to tadbe Jmown, puUieh, 

tw^^ieipw : f. ^(^, and Bp. <pBipaw : perf . act. 
Zik^tBapKo, pass. Zii^Oapym : aor. a pass. bie^$dpffr. 
To deetrog uHtfdg, kiU: generally, to tpoU, harm. a. 
to lead astray, corrupt, ruin: esp. to bribe: to u^ 
duee. II. Pass., fat. btapOap^ao/iOi : also fnt. 

med. iiotpBupauiuu, Ion. bujup0tp4ofMu : — to &« df^ 
eiroyed, go to ruin, perieh : esp. to be dieabled : 81c- 
^0api»iho9 corrupt. III. the perf. fkitpBopa is 

sometimes intr., to be deranged, mad : also to &« dead. 

Sio^Oopd, 6, corruption, deelruotion, death. a. in 
moral sense, oomipCion, eeduetion, 3. IxObaw 8ia> 
<pfiop& a prey far fishes. Hence 

Sio^dopcvt, CAM, d, a corrupter, aeducer. 

8iHi4Ci|iu, f. i^crao, to dismiss, diAand. 

Sio-^otpdtfiA, f . ow, to drive «nad .* — ^Pass. to mtw. 

8ia-^ovrd«o, Ion. -iw : f. ^a» : — to tsonder etbroadf 
run about : to get abroad. 

Suft^opd, ^, (bta^pw) difference, diittnodon. a. 

mrianc«, disa gr fl fl w ai if. II. diittndion, eaml- 

<moe. in. adnmto^|Nio/if. 

8ia-4op^ f. ^icw, to drag about, tpread: to carry 
cff,plmder, nwage : also to rend inpieeee, dedroy, IL 
to osrry iknoii^ft or across. Hence 

Sia4ipi|(n«, cttM, ^, a phmdering. 

Si^^opof, or, {bio^poi) different, unUhe. 



buul>6poas blbviMTSKOS. 

d^ering wUk another: ai variant with, II. 

$uperior, exedknt, a. advantageout^ projita- 

He, in. as Subflt., ZUb^pov, r^, differenee: 

Sto^pfiot, Adr. of lk6i^po$, tairkwiy. a. ai 

varianee, 3. exodlenUy, ^ 

8id4paY|A(ii arot, rS, (picuppAtraai) a paHtUon^ 

tooQ. II. the menUmme vMeh dicidee the huigs 

from the eUnnaeh^ the midriff, 
SiOr^p^M* to tdl dearly : — Ep. aor. a Ik§w4^paihy, 
8iOr4p^MV«A, f. ^«, to eeparaU by a fence, 
(iOr^kft, f. 0pt7<rw, (8t2^ ^piott which only occnn 

in compos.) to let through. Id out, 

8ta4>^)Y^, ^t (picup€6yal) a meane of eaeape, 

Sio^im, i), (SiOfj^) any natxvral partiUan, as (Ad 
Jot'ott in oodles : a e^ft, divition, as in nuts. 

SiOr^iiXAovw, Ate. -TTO* : f. £«. To watch vigi- 
lantly, preserve : keep, maintain, 

Suv^^Ocrdtt, f. iftrca, to Uow or hreathe through: — 
Pass, to be eeaUered to the winde, vanish away, 

9nr6/^i6atn», f. ^« : aor. i ^i-ffip^tra, Ep. Mj^wrffCL, 
To draw out, draw off: also to tear up, rend. 

Zuir^va : intr. aor. a bii^^ : perf. iiavi^ica. To 
intervene: XP^^^^ lk4*pv time elc^peed, 

8icip4'*0v(w, f. 4<r«, to sound disecrdan&y, to disagree, 

^Wr^&oiiua, Ion. fen* biatpaifffKw, q. v. 

8ia-xSXAo», f. dffoa [<X]. To loosen: to open, un" 
bar, II. to make supple by exercise, 

tui^X^u'*^* ^ ff^P^ ^"fide, yawn, 

Siax^oi, aor. i inf. of Ikax^oa, 

8ia-X*H^(^t f- ^<^^t to winter, 

^io^x*^^^' ^* ^<^^» Att. tSf, To have in hand, con- 
duct, manage. Hence 

8iax<Cpuns, caw, ^, management, adminisiraii4m. 

tuk-xsiporavia, f. ifcu. To choose between two per- 
tonBOt^ingsbyshowi^JM7tds,atbyopenvote, Hence 

8iaxi4>OTOv{a, 4, a choice between two persons or 

8ia-x^ : f> Staxcw : aor. Ikixfti, Ep. biix^va. To 
pour d^erent ways : to pour out, dissolve : of metals, 
to soften, meU : also to disperse, a. metaph. to eon- 
found : — ^Pass. to flow tkrough or out: to be niUed, 2 . 
to fall to pieces. 

Sui^X^*^^* strengthd. for x^cvd^w. 

Sio-X^t old form for Ikaxinnnf/u : in inf., Urnxow 
rd x^f"^ ^ complete the mound. 

Sio-XP^^I'^^ • '• iffofjuu, with Dor. 3 sing, biaxpt 
cetrai. To use eonstanUy: also to meet with, wffer 
under. II. c. ace. pers<^ to destroy, tiay, 

8ia-xpio|uu, Ion. for foreg. : biaxp^ciffwtt. Ion. subj. 

8ia-X(livvv|u, f . x^^t '0 carry a mound across. 

Sio-X^^ ^' V^^* '<> Q<> oi* P<'^ through : impers^ 
M&r« birx^p^ cindis they laboured under dianhoea. 

Oia-x»fit« : f* ^^^f Att. XSt, To separate: — ^Med. 
t» be parted, depart, from* 

Sui^<|ia(pM, to sweep away, Uow away. 

8M»-i|rfim, or -i|ifv5o}iAi, to deceive utterly: — ^Pssk 
pf. biiif/evofuu : aor. i Ike^haOtiy: — to be deceived, 

8u&-4n|4(to|&ai : f. loofuu, Att. lovftcu. To vote 
wUhpdiles: decide by votes. 

SiGM|ivx«»> f< (^f (^ \^oO* ^<> ^^* r^TSsh: d 
ships, to haul high cmd dry : to ntake waterMght. 

U^okot, or, {bis, fidMjsf) two-poinicd. [T] 

8C--YXipfot, or, (bis, yk/jptj) with two eyeiedU. 

SC-YXcMTOOfl, Att. -^TTOt, or, (bU, yXaotra) speaiabsg 
two languages, Lat. bUinguis: as Subet, bir^fXMaaos, h, 
an interpreter. II. doubl64ongued. 

8C-Yovof, or, (bU, '^ivot) twice^wm: — twin; dovUk. 

Mayyua, aros, r6, (bibdoicw) a lesson. 

8i8dicin|, Dor. for bibdoteei, 

StSoKTMC^ ^, 6r, (bibdoim) instructive. 

SKSoKT^s, 4, 6r, (bibdoMw) taught: that can le 
taught, a. that ought to be taught, II. taugU, 


8l8dta>, Alt. of bibdotcej. 

8£8a(it, cflM, ^, {bib&OMw) teaeHdng, instnuUcn. 

8<8aoiC(iXfiov, ri, (Ikbdoiew) a teaching-ptaee, vehooL 

^XbatnciiXla, ^, {bibdateui) teaching: educaOon, tnm- 
ing. II. the rduarsing of a drama; cf. bMaxm. 

8l8aoidiXuc6t, ^, 6r, (biAoKot) fit for teaching, in- 
structive. AdT. -teats, instruetivdy, 

8l8doic&Xos, 6 and ij, (bibdoicoj) a teacher, matter: 
a dramatic poet was called bibAoicaXos, because he 
himself taught the actors. 

8l8aaK4|om, poet, far bibd^ai, aor. i inf. of 

SC8<&oica> : fut. bibi^ca, poet, bibaotef^aw : p£. Beat- 
Sftxa : (redupl. form of *b6w, b6rf/u.) To teach, with 
double aoc., Iwwoobras ae iblba^ar they taught thee 
riding : — ^Hed., to httve one taught : aln, to teach one- 
self, learn : — ^Pass. to be taught, to learn. H. &• 
bioKtiv is used of the scenic ^oetB,tBho taught the eutors 
their parts. Hence 

SiSax'fi, ij, teaching : doctrine. 

d(Zrt\[u, Ep. for bicj, to bind, fetter: 3 pi. pre*. &- 
bidai : 3 sing, imperf. bibn, Ep. fat iblbti, 

8i8ott, 8i8fi^ Ion. for tibats, blbatat, a and 3 sing, 
pres. of blbot/u. 

8i86|Mv, 8«86)Mvai, and SiBoOvoi, Ep. for ScS^rcu, 
pres. inf. of blbotfu, 

8i8pd9Kc» : ftit. bp&aofuu [ft] : peif. ZibpSUea : aor. 
a ibpdof, inf. bparat, part. bp&, imperat. bpaOt^ subj. 
bpu, opt. bpaltjv : Ion. Mp^oinv, f. bpqaofjtajt^ mat, 2 
ibptfr : (*bp6M), To run away, estxtpe, 

8i-8pax|Mt,^ or, (bis, bpaxixh) of two drachma; U- 
bpaxpuH bwXjhxu soldiers with pay of two diradbms a 
day, II. rb blbpaxt*or, a doihle draehn^ =^ha2f a 

shekd, paid annually to the treasuxy at Jemsalem. 

8t8ii|t-dvft>p, opos, 6, 4, t6, (blbv/ios, drj/») temching 
both the men, [d] 

8i8v|&a-T^ot. or. Dor. for bibu/ajT6icot, (fiTfiv/tot, 
T€it€ir aor. a of tUctvi) bearing twins. 

bitviJtiuv — bu^ipx^tuu. 


W6fuLmf wotj i, 4* (STSv/xot) a twMiroUier. [A] 

SfftiJMoi, poet, for ilivftot, 

SStfjio-'ytrijf, it, (HSufMi, *y(vca) ttHn-iom, 

^t^iioti V* ^9 (^) douhUt twofold: 8c8v/xof ttaal' 
TT^M a tem-broiher : Bl^fWi twim, 

MfWf'adJioiip^, opt. of lil9oiffu. 

tlMi, £p. for 8fMi, prea. imperat. of U^fu. 

8(8ii|tt : fat. Sd^MToi : aor. I ^«a : perf. liiHw/ea : 
act. 2 ISmt : pf. pais. diSo/uu : aor. 3 mod. Mjopf : 
loQ. 2 aiid 3 Bng. pres. SiSoTt, didoT, and a img. 8^- 
SoiffAB: — ^Ep. prea. imperat. ZiZ^i : pres. izif. JWSov- 
ns : fnt. &8^tti, pi. Iktixrofur : — ^lon. aor. a 96<rKor 
hi (St» : Dor. pres. imper. 8(8o<, and pre«. infin. 8c- 

T^? givefrtdy^ pre$etU. a. (o ojer. 3. of 

the gods, (o gnaU : to of the lawi, to permit or sono* 
(u*. 4. to deccte, (ffer to ihe gods: to give vp, sur- 
mdff, in good or bad kuk. 5. of parents, to 

pn their daughter to tfi^«. 6. 8id6ycu kaxn6v 

fon to put oneself in his power. 7. 8t8<$nu ^ilttrp^, 
T. nb dun^. n. in tows, to ^rant, ottoiff, eauae 

^; Ut fu ficaa^ai give me to avenge my- 
sdf. m. seemingly intr., to ^ife on«M(f up, 

dmte onn^, 

Ki, Tocat of STot, godlike. 

Kijpoet for I8cf, 3 sing. impf. of Uo), tofrigUen. 

&ipl^9i|v, aor. I pass, of ^uifi&KKw, 

8t-CY1P&«», f' ^^^^ ^ 0^ ^^ /^* Hed. SicTTviio- 
fBi, (0 (oIk ftofl /or:— Pass, to ht haiUd, ad/ree on his 

S^YiCptt, to arouse; Ep. aor. a pass. part. Stc- 
Ifipam^ oroHSttf, otoaJbed. 
SwjvpltCs. aor. i pass. part, of foreg. 
m^i. Ion. for iiOtt^t, 3 smg. aor. I of dtaZtl" 

MCBoTo, 3 sing. impf. pass, of StaSiSwfii. 
^^SpSfiov, aor. a of Ikarp^x"* 
^(^«PYov, poet, imperf. of Stc/ryw, M/fyv. 
^{flwo, aor. I, fiu{ocr|Uvot, pf. pass, part., of 

Msro, 3 sing. aor. a med. of iiartOfjfu. 
SuSer, inf. fidtSffr, aor. a of 8cop<&o;, which supplies 
tbe proi^ etc. : to look through, diseem, duOnguish. 
St^Xf, 3 sing. aor. a of Uaxftiot, 
^X'^|«|ifvm, AdT. perf. pass. part, of diaXafcjS^ai, 
MXi|4a, perf. of 9iaXaft06yct. 
^(-aftt, fat. hi^aoiuu : (81^ <7iM<% ^^^ ^^^ *'^^*^^ • 
^y^oanssf. II. c. ace, to |NiM or go (ibrou^ft : 

IxBcs to rfiKMss a sobject. 

^HMrov, aor. a with no pres. in nse : inf^ Ziuwuv, 
po^&oftvfo': pf. iifiprfKa: (Si^cTvoi'). ToieUot 
^''AaaS^eaplaui, JI» to apeak one teith another. 

^''^^iT^ f. ^ : Ep. and Ion. SUpyv, Ep. also 

"^PTf tt . 1V>iK^asiiiida'orapart.* toftefp<i(r- I^* 

8isCp7|ica, osed as perf. of 9i(fiu, Ikttweiv, to tay dearly, 

8t-cipo|tai, poet, for 9i-ipofuu, to quettion cloedy. 

8Y-€ip^, Ion. for Ik-efAw, to draw aerote, 

8u«Cptt: aor. i Zittpcax perf. Zittpica, TopaufX 
draw a thing through, 

^8i-«ip«0v6-{ivot, ev, (81^ ^tpwv, (hoe) dittenMing 
with one^t guette, 

8i4ic, before a vowel IM{, Prep, right through. 

8v-<KWfpa(vM, f. dvw, to bring quite to an end. 

8v-<Kirfpdw, f. ^<rw and dam. To pom out 
(hrough. II. to pate by, overlook. 

SuocirXltf, f. vktbaofjuu : Ion. -irX^, aor. I ~^vXd»- 
oa. To Bail out through: to eaU oiU. II. in 

naval tactics, to break ihe enemy's line by eaUing 
through it. Hence 

SUinrXoof, contr. SUicwXovt, 6, a sailing across or 
tJtrough, 2. a breakmg the enemy's line in a sea-fight. 

8i-«arXi^, Ion. for iitMwXiv. 

8i-^icptOfv, 3 pi. aor. i paai. of Ztaicptifci. 

8t-4icpoot, 6, {Jk&, kieplv) a channel through, 

SUXoOov, aor. a of 8iaAay0dKa;. 

SUXJUnf, CAM, I1, a driving through. II. a charge 
or exercise of caoalry. From 

8i-cXavva>: ftit. ittXAam, Att. 8icXw: aor. I 8(i^ 
XJSaa, To drive through or across: to thrust 
through. II. intr. to drtve or ride through. 

SuXciv, aor. a inf. of iicupiof. 

8uXtv(ro|uu, fdt. of ^ipxofuu. 

SuXOctv, Ep. 8uX0l|i€v, aor. a inf. of hiifixopax. 

8i-4XNu: ftit. cAjtWoi [i)]: aor. i stkk&aa. To 
tear amander, putt open, MkK€iv rohs dtpBaXpoba. 2. 
to pull through. 3. to heep on drinkbtg, 

AVEMAI, Pass, (as if from *Ufffu) to tpeed,press on. 

8i<|iapTvpo» [0], 2 sing. aor. I of Btaftaprifpo/juu. 

8«r<|twoXa«» : tai. 4i<fu : pass. pf. Sti/fivi^Xi/fiou. To 
make merchandise of, sell, dispose qf: hence to betray. 

Suv^YKOi, Ion. -«vfi«u, aor. i inf. of 8ia^/w: 
SisvcYX^vcu. pass, of same, as if from *5i€viyicoj or 

8i-cviavT(t«i>, f.taw, {9i&, htavT6a) to live out the year. 

tUrrax, 3 pi. of 9ltfuu. 

8v-cvTcp«v|M&, OTot, t6, (8<o, ivTtpoy) a locking 
through entraUs; — Comic word for aharp-^IOedneaa. 

8i-s{£t(ratt), oontr. -Aaaw, Att. -(fma : frit. ^w. 
To rush or apring forth. 

8i^£fi|u, {itd, l£«f». To go out Otrough: to pass 
through : hence to count over, to number, 

8i-€{«Xavvw : f. Xdffsa [i£\, Att. -hu. To drive, ride 
or march through or across. 

8t-i|«X((r9tt>, Att rrw, f. ^w, to wnroQ, untie. 

8(^^0|iai, to 9u«8lton doeely. 

8t-i|ff>tvv&M, f. ^aw, to examine closdy. 

8(^4pXO|iai, f. (Xeioofuu : aor. a fjkOov : pf. cA^ 
Xi/to: (cf. ipxo/Mt), To go out through, pass through: 
get to the end of . 2. to go tJtrough in order : to set 

forth, recount in full. II. intr. to be past, gone by, 

of time. 


bif(riy4oiMU — hu^pvuMi. 

8t-<|Ci||u, f. 4^01, to let §0 through, gite ftte 
patsage. II. intr. (sub. kan^), of a iIt^, to 

empty Utetf, 

SU^toSof, i), a icay out through, a ptutage, ouHd: 
fie itBue or event of a thing : also the mm*B orhiL - U, 
afvU aeeouni. 

Sv-^v^oUw, f. IbfSit tofinUh the web, 

8<r<opTAt«»* f« ^A'* to heqt thefooA tkromghmd. 

8i-€in^StBov, Ep. aor. 2 of duuppA^, 

€ufirp&Oov, -^t'"i|v, aor. 2 act. and med. o{9tawifi0«, 

Si^imr&TO, 3 siDg. aor. a med. of iunrSrofMu. 

8t-4ma, f. if/ot, to manage^ order^ arrange, 

8v4pY^o|Aai : f. dao/mi : pf. flprfcuffuu : plqpt ctp- 
ydtTfopf : Ion. ifyyaofjuu^ €py6<rfapt : aor. i pais, fip- 
yda$fpf : Dep. To toorik at, esp. of land, to mttioate 
it. II. to detiroy, rum, kiU, Lat cov^^Scens : also 

plqpf. in pass, aignf., Ikipyaaro rd vft&yfaara, Lat. 
odum erat de rebut, the affairs were ruuMd, 

8i^lpY», Ep. and Ion. for iitlpyca. 

8i>cp«C8o, f . aw, to prop up : — ^Med. to lean vpon, 

Susplotru : fat. Ziepiaoj : aor. i Zvlifttaa, podt. 8til^ 
ptaaa. To row about, x*P^^ Uepiaaew to swim : to 
weing about, 

Si^cwdai, f . 4<rw, to seareft (irotf^ easoni^ etosofy. 

8upcwt|rfjf, ov, ^, a seoirf or ruiefto. 

SwpiATprcvrijs, ov, 6, an interpreter. From 

Bu«p|Li|vc6ct, f. (Tfitf, to jntorprel, expound, 

Si-^oiuu, Ep. for JktlfiOfjuu. 

AIEPO'X <&, <(^ mowt, /rea^ /Mwy: metaph. of 
men, fresh, quick, aeUve: later, loef, liquid, 

Bur^ma, f. tffOf, to pa$$ thar<Migh. 

lkMpT|{a, aor. i, SUppttYO* perf., of ZiappfiytntfU, 

8i-«px<>|uti : fut. 8(cXc6(rofKu : aor. SiifX^or: Dep. 
To ^o tArouj/A or aeroes, poet through. 2, to come 

to the end, arrive at, II. intr. to pau, of time : 

to go abroad, prevaQ, of a r^ort. III. to yo 

(/b'0U^^ narrate. 

8icp^ fat. 8i4(pi|ica, perf., of Zi^wov, 

8t-<p6>T^, f. 170'a;, to <Tow-^ii«itKm, to ^uesftoa eoa- 

SUo&ii, inf. o(lAe/uu : also in act aSgnf. as Med. 

Ik^o^Cd), f^t. dii9ofuu, to eat tiurough, 

SisoTK^Savi, 3 sing. aor. I of duurxMinnffu, 

B«^>€oiccmiiv(«t, Adr. otSieaKefifUyoe, pf.part.of &a- 
axiwrofMU, prudently, eoimdercAdg, 

8vc<nc6p'irur|iat, pf. pass, of 9uurK0piwi(w. 

Bunnrap^, aor. a pass, of Ikaffveipca. 

Swonr&irOai, pf. pass. inf. of Sicunrda;. 

SilotHiTO, 3 sing. Ep. aor. a pass, of 9iaaeiw. 

8wo«r«iXd|fti|v, aor. i med. of JkaariXXot, 

tv4arny, aor. a of Marrffu, 

tt^^arit, perf. part, of Marrffu, 

8i€<rTpamUvot, pf. pass. part, of 9iaarpi^, 

6i€TapdxOT|v, aor. I pass, of btarapdaaea. 

8il(rxs» 3 sing. aor. 2 of 9Ux^» 
SirsrAf , ^t, (pU, iros) of two years : two 
8ircr^)au>t, or, (8u&, frot) toattn^ Aromgh the 
tk t r i tt , 4» (9«7^) <ft« apa«e of two years, 
8tcT|&&Ycv, Ep. for Uerft&yrfmaf, 3 pi. acr. s 

of Siarftqyoj : SUrfiAYOv, aor. a act. 
8UT|iat«v, Dor. for itirftfj^w, aor. i of iutr^e^ym, 
8i-«McpXvlM, f. i^«, (81^ ebtepa^) to sepanU oa- 

ewrateiy, arrange earrfuSg in order. 
Zur^vkApUyML, Dep., to fo&e yood iaed, bewast of. 
8i-«wd«», f . <&^a), to /o^ oatogi. 

8u«vrtfx^t f* 4<^^« (^^J^ ^^^^'X^) ^ sawltmie pn»- 
spcrowa, to prosper tibtNi^/Aoctf. 
8ue^^dp&TO, Ion. for 8(c^da/>ft^O(j^cBr,3id.p1qpil 

8(4^6opa, intrans. perf. of liai^ekfm. 

8i^», f. bik^, to go quite through: to strekh aerots, 
to reach, 2. to dicide, keqt apart, II. to held 

fast. m. intrans., to stand apaH, bs dkdast. a. 
of ti me, to twterrewe. 

AI'ZHBfAI, Dep., to asefc oui : to seeil e^fier, tiryfor 
a thing. II. to aeeJi; the meaning of. IIL 

c. inf., to demand or rwgutre (hat, 

8Cto|iai, doubtful and late form of foreg. 

hCt^ot, oy, and 8Ctv{, i^Tot : (8^ C^T^) • ^OM^jy 
yolwd, dewUe. 

Al'Zn, to &e tn doubt, at a lorn. 

Sl-tiMOt, 01^, (8ft, (orff) amphibious: living tmioe 

8iT]fioX(a, 4> Ion* foi" 8(ai3oA/a. 

8i-^Y&Yov, aor. 2 of 8Hi7ai. 

6m]YM|mu, Dep., to <feacribe or narrate in/wdL 

hi4\Yitox%, eeat, ij, {JkrfyiofMu) narreHon^ 
of the ease, 

8i^i|lpu>s, a, or, also os. or. Ion. for Sia^^oa. 

8i^0^, f. 'ifOO), to strain through, filter, s^. a. 

to wash out, eieanse. II. faiizana., of the liqvid, 

to filter through, percolate. 

8tTpcov((a, 8iilJKOvo«, Ion. for 8Mur~. 

SiTpc^vow, impf. of 8tcMcor^. 

8iT|K6oxoi, at, a. Ion. for liiaM6atoi, two hsmdred. 

St-ijiM», f. (w, to go through, extend along or h^ 
tween. JI. to penxaie, fitL 

St-^jX&oa, a<B-. I of 8(cXa(ww. 

SvfjXOov, aor. a of biipxopai. 

8i-if|XK^t, is, (81^ dXc^) smeorsd aO o«ir. 

8i^|Mp«tMi,f. aw, (8((i, Mpa) to stag through the dmf, 

Si'fjvryica, perf. of Hasptpw : whence 

8Mfv«eijt, is, stretehiTig eeen/y aiong : usArohess^ am- 
interrupted. Adv. Stuiyejcieas, Att -kws, from ftof^in 
ning to end : clearly, disUneHy. 

8iH^|v«uot, oy, {Ikd, drsfws) wind-^wepL 

8iinvoix^v, aor. i paaa. of 8(aro^yw. 

8«]J(a, aor. i of buthaw : but S^^a mor. I of St- 

6unfr6pow, cit, et, impf. of 8i(nro/>l«. 
St^aotft, aor. i ci Ikepioass. 
8i-|fpi||Aai, pert paaa. of buupiu. 



Mif^ *$f (8^, *dpeS) daiAie, St^fct fUka0paif, an 
9ffer t£oqff differ chunbsr. 

Umi, g Bog. prei. med. snl^. of iio», 

SiiiTiMra. Mr. I of iiOMrAu. 
mar. i of 8ca^<nro. 

Att. -TTos, w, (9U^ Bikoffffa) maihed 
iy bno Mu, 6«tiaem ttoo aetUt Lat. btrndrw. 

8C-lqKT0«, or, (aft, 0^hf<") teoo-€i^^. 

8t4|povos, or, rSit, $p6vo9) UBo-4hmud, 

Sl0ipa)ip»-8i8d(nc&Aos, d, (M{tpaft0o9, iMmnXoti) 
iniStffnmbiepoii uko tavifht his ekonu. 

tMpapfiog, i, tite dminmh, s kind of lyric 
poefay. IL epitlL. of Bacchut. (Deny, nn- 

K^vpvot, or, (8&, tfCiyxrot) «iC& «vo %n». 

M daL of Zctv : alio contr. A/. 

M i t i , A4ar. a int of 8tc?8or. 

Mi||u, fnt i^oM, to Mid fJbTW9& or aerom^ let go 
Ommgh. J. to thnut iknMigh. II. to dimnia, 

M m d : afaoto rfiwlng.- Jki/M¥09 pari. aor. a mod., 
in {MM. tenae, fotng mcfted. 

6micv<o|mu, ftatt fiilj^/icu : aor. a 9uUt6fiip^ : Dap. To 
fo Oi nm§k ,pmebrgk: aJao to aorrate. II. toreodk. 

AiI^vrHjf, ^, ( A<^ *Wrw, Boot of irfvrw) : /oOm 
>()• 2hm, Le.from Acomm, e^iitli. of ■treama fWoOdn 
% rata: btter, AeoMn-Miit, diome, Mf, pun. 

AA^srnfi, tt, (AkW, wirofmt) hmfermg «n atr. 

tnariw^ Terb. Ad[j. of 8i«i8^ai, one mtM( in^utrt. 

fc t o' i i u tt, f. iiaariiav : aor. i iartfaa : to td ofori, 
MIe, dufrod. II. Med., with aor. a act. ^OTf^r, 
pstiffnpea, and pIqpL tirHfmta^: — -to ttand opart, 
^hedmded: lieiiee 2. to differ, he at varianoe, 

fmnL 3. to port after fighting. 4. to ttaad 
«f ortam dUtontea or talerMda. III. aor. I med. 

^»99Tifdfafr ia med tiana., to agMirale. 

8i4rx{)p^{o|UM, Bep., to lean tipon, ref|f ^n. II. 

€(^C^ perf* inf. of Hutetfiofuu. 

Sbcdt*: fni. SudUrM, Ion. and Att. iutSti (H- 
*^)- I. c. ace. rel, to jvdge, adjudge: to decide, 
^dnmkie, a. c. dat.^ to dcmto for a pen(m»/tM^ 
IdieaMe. $. ai!tm)l.,tobejudffe: togioejudgmmt: 
fcnenUj, to eoNie to a dedeion. II. Medn <o 

fitad, apeak before the judges : abaol. to go to 
iw. m. Pmi. to fe irtNviU d^ore tJm judge, 


BbaU, 1^, poet, for SUtf. 

fca a nfi n, loo. for tMcoiovr, inf. of Bciitai^: Sucoi- 
^vv Ion. &r &attov<n, 3 pi. prea. 

faatoapCgCa, 1^ (Smuot, Mpbw) juetjudgmenL 

Waiji ■lAn, aM, 4^^. (Idmcot, v^Aft)/tiil In pub- 

a, m, afao oe, ctf, (SUn;): — ofieeraont </ 
*¥t, upright, rigUecue,juat. II. egnoZ, aaen; 

*< exad, m. rvM, lai^^j\ui,f<m. a. 

/itr,«odiria(e. — ^In phraae SLvoi^e clfu,with the infin., 
X iM iMad t» do, I Aow a r^ to do. Hence 

Sucotov^vii, 4* juttiee, rigkteoumiem. 

8iKatAn|t, ifrot, 1), « SuKuooiiny. 

8licai6ca : fat. ixTofMu : (lUnttot). To mtdbe fight : 
to think right or fair: to eoneent: alio to etoim cm one'e 
rif^: c. in!, to daitrv one to do. II. to judge : 

to condemn : to punidi, HI. to make jutt, hold 

gumBm,jua^fg. Hence 

8Mcn(i»ntt, arot, r6,an9ti ofjmtioe, making good a 
wrong, a. on a^qiiftlo/, oel of juttifiioaUon, H. 
a iileo, etotm .* and 

SuccicMnt, aa«, 1}, a aottang r^A(, dotn^ juttiee to : 
pu ni a h m e nt. II. a elaian, demand cf tight. TEL. 
judgment, good pleaaure. 

SikAv, Ion. and Att. for SundLo'cir, ftit. inf. of Scitd^v. 

Slicdvuc^t, 17, ^, (9itnf) heUmgimg to triate, jud^ 
doL n. OdOed in law. 

SiHcdptpfot, or,*(8fe, ied^ipH>r) tuo-headed. 

6iica(r-v6Xef, d, (fifci;, aoAiw) a law-giver, judge. 

SuccumipiSuMf, T^ Dim. of ZucaarfffLcv, a WS/b 
eamrt of juMee, 

8iicacrHjpu»v, r6, (Stica^af) a court ofjutHee. 

Sucaarljs, ov, d, (8iM£(a;) a judge or juror. 

SunurnK^^, ^r, (SM(d(a») bebmgittg to law or <rwib.* 
rd hMaffruc6¥ tfte juror* a /ef<— at first one, then Ores 
ob ola. Adv. -§nin. 

AIKfil'N, inf. atiiucot^, to throw, hurl 

^AuXXa, ffa, ij, (81-, xiXku) a mattodc at pidt-axe 
wiih two teeth, Lat. bideiu. 

8i-icipcuoi, or, (pia, xtpaui) two-homdl or pointed. 

8(-KcpMt, gen. a^Tot car v, 6, ^: dimpoaw, r6 : (8{t, 
KJoa M)'. t wo-homed. 

ATKH, 1), right : the orig. tig^f . waa, eiutom, woj^e, 
manner: aoc. bltajy, in the wag of, after the matmer of, 
c. gen. II. order, law, right, juadee. III. 

in plur.^'ti4(^mento: generally, a eenienee. lY. 

an action at law, lauhtuit : strictly, a priwate tuU or 
oeCion, opp. to ypoipi (a public salt). a. a 

trial. 3. the aaUqfadion or penaltff awarded Ig 

the judge; mmjif or iim Sil^roi to give eadtfaedon 
or snffin' puniahment, Lat. pctnam dare ; Umom Xa/ifi&- 
rfir,s Lat. MMtterepoenam, to inflict puRfsAmenf; bUtpf 
^cirycir to be the defendant in the trial, opp. to dLnjr 
Scc^/rcir to proaecnte. 

8iict|-4^pos, or, (Sf/n;, ^^w) bringing judiee, OKng- 
ing : am Subtft., buai^poa, 6, an aeenger. 

8lic(8iov, t6. Dim. otiiierj, a little trial. 

SucXCs, l9oa, ij, (Ua, itXhw) folding two wage, douUe- 
fddxng, of doors : as Snbst. iikKiJbea, al,fcllding-door8. 

8ucop«pad^4«0, (9itnf, fi&wrw) to get up a laweuiL 

8t-K6pv|ipoc or, {dia, ledfrnfifioaf) two-pointed. 

6«Hc6pffi^ot, ov, (ila, Kopu^) two-headed. 

SC-fcpAvos, ov, {iia, icpayov) two-headed, tte^pointedt^ 
as Snbst., S^^droi, 6, a pitdtfork. 

8i-Kpttfrfit, h, (Ua, Kp&roa) edleague in power: 

8(-KpOT0t, ov, (Ua, Kporrki) dodbMeating: doutte- 
oared, with two bmka <tf oan on aside. 


biicn>fiok4oii — Aub^iMTOf. 

SurriipoXlM, f. ^|ff09, to ead (he fuL From 

Sucrif-^Xot, Of, {dlmvovt fidXXu) ccuttng neU : as 
Bnbflt., 9unvfi6kott 6, afiAenrnm. 

SGcTVttff olf unknown >Tiimal» of Libya. 

ACirriiva or Adcrtiwo, ij, (fiicrvw) epith. of Arte- 
miB ihe goddesB qf (he ehaee. 

8iicru6-KXoMrrot, ov, {Utcrvor, KkiM) woven in 
meah ee, frw upai ^uerv6K>Marot the nWs mea&y folds. 

AI'KTirON, t6, any net^wrk, a Jithmg-net: a 
hunting^ui. Hence 

8ucTu6o|iai, Pass, to he eauglU in a ne(, 

tuuavUo, f. ^ea, to ply a pair qf eeuUe : general^, 
to work doubMianded : and 

tbnnda, ^, a pair of eevOe. From 

SC-Kamott ov, (pU, ic6nnj) tmo-oared, 

h^<or^Ua^t,^ffot^{pik6'p»e)to eay agam^rtpeai. Hence 

8lAoYCo^ i), reptiuion. From 

Sv-X^^os, ov, {hU, Xfyw) Baying tmee, npetd' 
ing* II. doModriongwdy deeeitfuL 

SC-Xo^xoSf oy* (^* ^^VCl) *^*l^ (*^o tpean: doubU' 
pointed, twofold, 

6Cn\o<^, ov, (8ft, A^0ot) with two ereeta. 

8v-f&vaiot, a, o¥, Att. 8«r|ivjo»t, (filt^ fUfa) </ or 
worth two mina ; ZiiamLove dworiftiffaaffBat to yalne at 
two mince. 

tuyuoipia,^, a doutieBhare: double pay. From 

SC-|iOipot, ov, (pU, fcoT/pa) divided between two: as 
Snbst^ blfUHpoVf rSt a half-draehma, 

SCvfUfui, aroi, r6, any tMng lefttried nmnd: a whiri- 
mg, dancing. From 

Slvtvtt, 1 flaw, and 8lvl», £. iffaot: Ion. impf. 
9iyei(CKov : (Sirrj). To whirU to spin round: to drive 
round a circle, II. intr., to wMH about in the 

dance : generally, to roam about, 

ATNH, ^ a uidriing : a whirlpodl, eddy, II. 

a whirlwind. Hence 

SCrfjfif, co'^o, cr, whirling, eddying, II. rounded, 

SiyijOflvoi, aor. I pass. kif. of biy4w, 

tbrmt, 4, 6v, verb. Adj. of biriof, whirled round, 

AI'mOS, 6, like birrj, a whki, eddy, a. also (A<; 
dreular area where the oxen trod out the com, tftresfttn^- 
ftoor, a. a large round goblet, 

SCv6», f. ^01, (o turn ictCA a lathe, to round. 

ZLvn, (SiPot) to threth out, 

SCvMTOs, iff 6vt {biyScd) turned on Uie UdhCt rounded: 
worked round, 

Sit^t, i), 6r, Ion. for SiffoSn, double, 

Au>- or 8io- in compos, means tprungfrom Zeue 
(Zcirt, Ai^ff) or from the gode, hence exodlent, godlike. 

8i^, Conjunct, contr. for Ik' 5, wher^ore, on which 
account: therefore: with enclit. added, 8i6iNf», Lat. 
•|ni0p<er 9V0(2,|)rapterea. 

Ai6-^Xot, ov, (Ai^ ^(iXXay) %iiH«2 5y Jove, 

ha/O'ywknop, opot, i, {At6$ gen. of Zc6t, yepirwp) 
giving birth to Jove, 

Aio-YcWjt, ^t, (Zciw, *76w) Jbos-iom. 

^i6-7V1|TOt» OF, contr. for hioyiiniT99f'»AioqftyfJ9, 

Ai6-^fovot, or, ■> AtaywifM, 

8uo8tvw^ f. <rw, (bid, 6S69) to travd through* 

8v-o8^, f. ^<r«, (8(o8os) (o go' through o^om. 

8«^«8oiirDp4o», r8i^ d^oivi^/wt) to travel tkremyh, 

8C-o8ot, 4, (pia. Me) a way through, thoraugltfare^ 
pataage, a. an oibit. 3. permieeim to pam, wafe 

Ai69sv, (Ai^t) Adv., vent from Jove. 

8t-o(YW|u or Si-oCyv, f . -oiiea, to open. 

8(-otoa, pf. of ScfcSov. 

Si'KNjciM, £. 4<ra;: impf. ibn^ftcovw: pf. pass. 8c&^ 
KtffMU, To manage, direct: to conduct the aibiis of a 
state : to treat or feed in a certain way. II. fo 

inhabit didinct piacea : — ^Hed. to live apart. Hcmoe 

8ioCici|<nt, fttit, if, houae4eeqping : management, y^ 
vemmeni, II. a govemmeni: aprovinee, a dioeme, 

8i-oiicCttt : f. lacj, Att. tSa, To make to Uw apeerU 
to diaperae : — ^Pass. to be aeaUered obroad. 

8b-«Haco8o)iiw, f. ifoca, to buHd aeroea, waU eff, 

Sioiorlov, Torb. Adj. of biot^pat, f. btoiav, one 
nuat move round, 

Si-oSoTtutt, f . <r«, to ahoot an arrow through. 

8io(<rw and 8ioCo^0|Mu, used as fut d bt/o^pm. 

8(oiTO, 3 sing. med. opt. of biaa. 

8i-oixvli», f. ifffu, to go through : to wander about. 

Si^X^I'^^ * ^' xi^^t"^ • P^* ^^^hcif*"^ • I^« 3V> 
be quite gone by:(k persons, to his dean gone, to htave 
periahed, II. to be gone through, ended, 

^irokiaM.y» and -0dvw, 1 ^aw, to al^ thnrngh, 
aUp away from, 

8i-^XXv|tt : Alt. o\4a^ Att. oXw. To deatroy vf- 
ierly, bring to naught : to put out cf vAnd : hence to 
fargd, opp. to ff6^oi, 11. Pass, and Medn with 

perf. bi^hMka : toperiah utterly, 

8t-6Xov, for bid, 6\ov, Adv., altogether, 

h^-opakHw, f, oaif, to be alwaya evenrminded. 

AiO|A«HiXat<l»v, Svot, 6, {Aio/utei, dXtt^dn^) the brag^ 
gart qf the deme Diomeia, 

8i-6|ivf)|u, frit, ofjtovpai : aor. I -^tpoadpapf. To 
awear aciemnly : to declare on oaA, 

8i-o|io\oYl», f. ifoaif, to make an agreement, II. 

Dep. 6/MoKoyio/aai, to agree mutuaOy to a thing. 

8iov, ace. of STot : but 8(ov, for l8tor, impfl of 

Aiovvota (sub. lep&), ri, (AUpvaoa) thefeaai of 
Dionyaoa or Bacchua, esp. at Athens: four diaUnet 
feaata in four consecutive months : vis. I. rd 

tear dypoit or /uxpA, in Poseidecm (December). H. 
rd iy Ai/jomia or AJfyeua (in the Aipofai, where the 
A^Foiov stood), in Ghunelion (January). Ill, 

TO 'AvOaorijpta, in Anthesterion (Februaiy). IV. 
rd ^eydkct, rd darutd, rd itar* ^<rrv,'or, shnply, rd 
Aiovifata, in Elaphebolion (March), the most fiumons 
of all. Hence 

Au»vOaiSic6s, f), 6r, bdonging to (he Dionyaia, or to 

Ai6v€<rot, 6, and poet. Ai^lvOo'Ofl.DibnysoSyBaedhii^ 

Aumus — iiatxCtt. 


fod of wine, Tineyaidfl, and of dimmatic poetry. (De- 
riv. UDoertam). 

Ato-«a4S, «ai8os, 6, {Zthi, wait) aou of Jott, 

&^vcp, T. snb 9i6. 

A40-«trf|t, itt (Ai^t, viwroi) '=AiIv(rrit. 

Biovf^ t ffw, to be in eJtarge of a tkip*t cargo* 

ttovot, 6, (fiiiw) a dirtdor, rvJer: a penon in 
darge </ a akip's cargo. 

Si^ovTCvw, 1 <rw, (&<&, SirrofKu) (o t0a<e& aeeuraUlp, 
^Aml: iogaxevpoa. 

l te Mi%i , ^^ot, ^, (8i^^|icu) a ^py, Mout. 

&^vn|t, ov, 6, (8«4^0fiou) a loi^ through. 

>m»PAm. Alt. lk6iffO/MU, to see through, di$cem, 

hf^fjvun, OK, (2b, ^p7im4) ttco fathoms long. 

KcpMtA, f. <rfitf, to judge righUy of. 

8i^op$6ift, f. ^«, lo make ttratght : to id right : to 
tiZ aright: — ^Med. to make good, make amendt for. 

hUip^m^a, arot, r6, corredum : amendment : and 

h&f Sma v g, ecus, ^, a cometingf amending tf a f omit : 

8mip£{m, Iod. hwvpH^i f. iau, Att tQ. To di- 
ride ty {tmiU, «fpara<«. 3. to dittinguith, ddtfrmtiM, 
d^ : to ordain. II. <o eorry abroad^ banith, 

Lftt e»4eniitiuir«. III. intr. to pan the boundariee. 

Si-^pifC|iu, PaM., to hurry Utrough. 

BiofrCY^voi, aor. a paak inf. of hiO(Juaao>. 

SupvifUK OTO*, T^, a eotuii, dttcA. From 

&^o(»Mrin*, Att. -TTW : f. ^ay : to d^ through: me- 

SMipx^ofuu, Dep., (o doncf a rnotc^ irtl^ one. 

Amo% 2ui, STor, (Zcirt, A<^) aodUke, exceUenl^ mighty: 
juned vith a genit., Sa 0caa;v, STa ywaLinii¥t wUh 
■uperi. force, moit dioine oi goddeoees, of women. 2. 
*dU honed, trudy. 3. dirtae, marveUoua. 

Ai^ gen. of Zc6t, from obsol. Alt. [r] 

AUv-iorot, or, (Ai^, 8t8w^) ytwn ^ JovCf heaoen- 

Ai»«n||i£a, i), (Ai<St, o^/ia) a Mj^ /rom Jove, Lat. 

At^HBopoi, o2, Att. and poet, for Ai^CKOvpoi : (Ai^, 
c^^ot, KDv^ot) : tone cf Jom : etp. the twine of Leda, 
Cedar and Polliiz. II. the oonttellaiion named 

from tbem the Tteine, Lat. QeminL The Dioecori 
*cre tolelazy deities of lailan, cf. Hor. Carm.i,3,a. 

Aiog i Ktt wp tt cnr, r^t (i« ionpk qf lAe JHoecuri. 

lir^Ti, Ccn junct. lor Std rovro 5ri . . , /or lAe reo- 
•ea ihd, iinee, Lat. ^woctroo, quamcbrem, a. indi- 
ted, vdterefore, for what reason. 3. interrogat. 
«ien^or«r II.->8ri, (Aot. 

I io tpe^^ i * ^tt (A<^, Tpi^)*eherished by Jove. 

U e nt pH/m, Ion. &r 9iOpi(w. 

fc Hf^Iiw*! 'ot* of Sio/M&af, formed from *di^«T0/iai. 

^wnit , waiBos, 6, i^, {Ms, wais) teith two children : 
W»w Xvms a dirge cAoni^d by one's two children. 

8«r«&Xaurros, or, (8b, vSXmtfT^) Ism> jnlmt 6foad. 

SUiraXTot, or, {Ms, irdAJlw) (rondMibed with both 
hands ; SciraXTa fUfnq two-handed 8W<mk. 

8£-irnxvt, v, {Ms, ir^x^t) two cubits long, broad, etc* 

StirXato}, (fiiwXAaios) to double: — Pan. to be doubted, 
or twqfcid. II. intr., rd hutXA^ov kxuc&v tbe 

iiwofold eviL Hence 

MirXaf, dxot, 1), a doublo-folded mantis or 
e/oaJk. a. 8ivAa«ct are aA^i^iitaJiib, (tflMcA daaUe 
one over the other), and ao iJ^pt, II. as Ad^., 

/ofded dovUf. 

8iirXa<nd{A», f. d<rai, to double. From 

Si/irX&oxot, a, oy. Ion. 8iirXi|ffiot, 17, or, {Ms) 
double, twice as much, as many, etc. : t6 Mwk&tnov as 
much again. Adv. -ets, doubly. Hence 

8iirX&at6«», to double : — ^Pan. to keeome twqfold. 

8(-irXc6pos, ov, {Ms, wKiOpoy) two wXiBfta long or 

ZvaKi^ (eub. x^o^va) 1}, a doak folded double, 

SiirXn, Adv^ twice, twiee over. 

Zimktfa and 8iirXott«»,«9iirAd(af. 

8iiiX<^ tios, ^, a double doak. Hence 

8iirX6os, 6rj, oov, contr. SiirXovt, rj, ovk, twofold, 
double. 2. doubled, benL II. in phir.,sd^i^, 

or 8vo, both, two. III. metaph. douiiMninded, 

treacherous, Lat. duplex, opp. to dwKoSk. (From 
Mff- ; tee dwkSos). 

8tirX6ft>, f. 4fOS), {M9k6os) to repay tux^old. 

8i-ir68i|t, cff, {Ms, irov$) two fed long, broad, eto. 

ATrV^Mia, rd, contr. from Adfv^a, {Ai6s, w6\u) 
an ancient /(Mftrai of Jove at Athens. Hence 

AliroXi-«»6i|t, <•, (AivcSXcio, cTSof ) like the fead (f 
the Dipolda, i. e. obsdde, oui of date. 

ti-voKo%t or, {Ms, voKioj) twiee ploughed. 

8(-iropof, or, {jMs, w^pos) with two passages. 

8«r^6T&|iot, or, {Ms, vorap^s) lying between or on 
two rivers. 

Z(r^nv%, voios, 6, ^, {Ms, vein) two-footed, Lat. 
bipes : — as Snbet., Mfrous, 6, a Libyan kind of mouse, 
the jerboa. II. two fed long, broad, etc. 

8J^6<ra»irot, or, {Ms, vp6ccawor) ttoofaeed. 

8(-iiTiixos, or, {Ms, stvx4) /oUed together, doubled; 
Mrrvxor ScAnW a pair of tablets. II. « fiur- 

a6s, twofold, two, Lat. geminus. 

8C-iri)Xos, ov, (8b, iri/Xi^) with tsoo gates. 

hL-vUpoig, or, {Ms, vvp) with double lights, 

8(p-pi>iiot, or, {Ms, fitp&s) with two poles, 

Sis, {wo) Adv. twice, double. 

-€vs, inseparable Suffix, like S*, signifying motion 
to a place, as in dXkuMs, otiiaJMs, x^i*^^* 

*Al'2, an old nom.,»Zciw, which appears in the 
obliqtie cases Ai6s, Ait, A/a, and the Lat. Dis, Dies- 
pHer, Dijovis, 

8(o--dpo«, or. Dor. for Mo-fffios, twiee young, 

^Ur-swot, or, {Ms, sMf) with two wives 

8ur-$<iv^ is, {Ms, earsw) twiu dead. 
I Sunctvtt, f . aoi, and 



bi<rK4<a -~ btxifj^pfAP, 

Sioic^, f. fi<nf : (8((r/eot) To pitch the quoit : gene- 
rally, to throw, tou. Hence 

SCoici||ia, arot, t6, a thing thrown. II. (he 

pitching (/ a quoit, 

8C-oiei|irrpof , ok, {Mt, atcfjwrpoy) two'^eqptered. 

SCoKOf, 6, (jSuctiy) a round plate, a quoit, orig, of 
Btone ; later of metal or wood. II. any thing 

like a quoit : a trencher, 2. a mirror. 

hitnt-ovfta, rd, {Hatcot, oZpoy) a quoit*B cad, 

8ur-|i.vpuH, at, a, twenty (housimd : mng. IktrfApiot, 
a, oy, with collective noona, ac, rnrot Zi<riwpM 20,000 

8iov-df>xn*f ^* ^* (P^^^^h ^PX^) partners in sway, 

8iov6s, Att. 8vrr6t, Ion. Sij^s, 4, Jv: (Sft): two- 
fold, dotMe : also divided, disagreeing, doubtful. 

SiotrAt, Adv. of 9iaa69, doubly. 

SuPTo^o, f. iaoa, {Ms) to doubt, heat a loss. 

8C-<rrlxe«» ov, (pis, ffrl^) of two rows, lines, or verses : 
aa Snbst., ^crrTxov, r6, an degiae couplet. 

SC-OToXot, ov, (8^, ariXXM) in pairs, two together. 

SiHrrofiot, ov, {Sis, (TrSfm) doubte-mouthed, with two 
entrances. II. of a weapon, two-edged. 

8i-oa)XX&pos, ov, (8^, iTvKXafi^) of two sydahles. 

Sur-x^UH, ai, a, two thousand : also in sing., Iko- 
Xl^os, a, ov, with collective nonns, as, tmros 9i9- 
XtAia 2000 horse. 

Si-rdXavTOS, ov, (pis, rAXaarrov) worth or weighing 
two talents, 

SirT^KOs, ov, (9ls, rtiettv) twin or twice bearing. 

SiTT^f , etc., V. sub Ikira-. 

SC-vypof, ov, soaked, thoroughly steeped. 

8i-{)\C{o>, (Sid, fjkrj) to strain or filter thoroughly : to 
strain off. 

8i-vnv(ttt, f. loot, Att. {&, to wake from fthep. 

Si^oxos, a, ov, twofold, double, Lat. bifariiu: in 
Ion. used also for 8vo. 

AI'^A'A, f. ^ffw, to dive after: seek after, hunt for. 

SC^^JTOAp, opos, 6, a searcher. 

Si^O^pa, ij, (S4ipca) a prepared hide, Uathsr, and so 
opp. to bipp€ts which are unworked hides. II. 

any thing made qf leather, as a leathern garment worn 
by peasants. 2. a wallet, hag. Hence 

8i40^pCvos, 17, ov, of tanned leather. 

SC-^Ooyy^i ov, {bis, <f>$iyyofuu) with two sounds : as 
Snbst., w^oyyos, 1), and Si«p9oYYOv, t6, a diplithong. 

8i-^6pot, ov, (Sis, ^pei) bearing fruit twice in the 
year, Lat. htferus. 

8(^pa{, Steos, 1), poet, for St^pos, a seai, chair. 

Si^pf Co, 4, (Stipptboj) chariot-driving. 

S«4p-cXdT«ipa, 4, fern, of IktpprjXd'njs. 

8«4p<vH|t, ov, d, a charioteer. From 

Si^ciMtf, f. <roj, (SUppos) to drive. 

8i4pt)Xu(rCa, i), ehariot-<lriving. From 

8(4pt|X&Tio9, (g <iri96 tn a chariot. From 

8i4p-i)XdTi|f, ov, d, (Si^pos, kkainw) a charioteer. 

8(^piot, or, (Uppos) of a chariot, at the dborM 

8(4pC(ncot, 6, Dim. of SUppos. 

hi-^poms, tSos, 6, 4f (8^ ippovTts) distraught ia 

8(^pot, 8, and later 4, (contr. ihnn St^^ot), fn 
plur. o{ 8^^^ or rd Suppa: — tAe charioiboard, on 
which (teo could stand : the war-chariot : a traveOing- 
chariot, II. generally, a seat, couch, stool. 

8i4po^pl», f. ifiTof, to carry a chair or litter:— ^ 
Pass, to be carried or travel in one. II. to cony 

a camp'Stool, as the female /Uroucoi had to do for the 
Athenian women in processions. From 

8i^o-^pofl, ov, (&ppos, ^pea) carrying a chair. 

8i-4i)^t, is, (bis, ifinj) of double nature or form : ge- 
nerally, twofold, double. 

8(-^vio$, ov, (U.S, ipvfj) of two families. 

8(x&> Adv., (8ft) In two, asunder, apart. a. at 

ttoo, at variance : differently, oppositely. II. as 

Prep, with gen., apart /rom, without: differenQy from, 
urdike: like ^cv, againti ^ will of:of Place, oaray 
/rom. 2. eascfp^. Hence 

8lxdt<k>, f. doof : poet. 8ixd«. To deave eumtder, 
dimnite, make to disagree, 

BL-xaXxonf, r6, a double xo^^h ft copper com^ 

8(-xAXos, Dor. for Si-xqXos, 

Sixdtt, poet, for bixd(u. 

81x4), Adv., ss 8^;^ in two : in tsco ways. 

8C-X'i)\os, ov, (Sis, XV^) clof^en hoofed. 

8ix^Pt|t, ts, (Slx^) divided. 

Stx^o, Adv., poet, for 8ixa, like rpix^d for rpixo^ 
in twain. Hence 

8ix9d8iot, a, ov, double, divided. [&] 

SixOdf , d8ot, 1), fom. of SixPdbios. 

8txd-Pov\os, ov, (Sixa, 0ovk/f) adverse. 

8lxo-Yva>|iovlu, (Slxet, yvdffof) to differ in opinion, 

8tx60fv, (Slxa) Adv., on or from both sides. 

8t-xoCv)^cot, ov, (Sis, X"*^^) holding 2 xe^^^u^ct* i-e. 
near 3 pinto. 

8i^X^^'>'i'^>^ ^« (^*t XO^^A^) doubly enraged^ 

8ix6-|&i|Vit, i8of, 6, ^,«sq. 

8iX^'nvot, ov, (81x0, fJtfp^) in the middle of the 
month, ator qf thefuU moon. 

8ix6-|&99os, ov, (SlxDit fiv$os) doiMe-speaiking. 

8iXop-p&Yf|t, U, (Sxa, fiarpjvai) broken in twain, 

8ixdp-pOffOf, ov, (Sixa, fiiwot) wavering. Adr. 
-waas, doubtfully. 

SixoorCloia, ^, a standing apart, quarrdt di^nttez 
dissension. II. doubt. From 

hixp-frrarks, f. iff<iu, (8(x^ ffrijvai) to stand e^pmt; 

8txd-<rTO|iot, ov, (8(xa« ar6pa)''St(rrofws. 

8ixo-^ro)fclw, f. iffffsi, (Sixa, rifow) to cut in Ctco. 

8ixo0, Adv.,»8cxa- 

8lxd-^po>v, ov, gen. oKOf, (8fx^ ff^) «* nwiowoe^ 
dis^Trdan^, c^iso^redn];. 

8(xSs — toKtfuf. 


SixAi, Adr^ lOre ^x"^ doMjf, in Uco wof/u 

An A, i|t, i}, tkinL Hence 

Bu^Xfot, a, «r, <Mnfy, <lry; and 

HpAi, <i5ot, i>, fern, of Sfi^ot. 

Suji^iDf. 8^: fiit. 8i^<rw. ToiAtrrf: of the 
groond, to he dry^ parehed : metaph. to tkkd <tfter, 

tt^piot, a, or, (8^) ftcnf y, a<Un(, dr^t partked. 

B^oit (Ml t^,b8c^ (A»ra<. 

S^pOXot, or, (8tt, ^^t^) dou&20-fii{iuled, iraMrtn(^. 

AtH, u Epic verb : in Act. always intr., (o mti 
nt9,iaketoJliQJd,/iee: iobeirfraUU II. in 

Med, rabj. diagfMu, Zajroi, Stotfrrcu, opt. S^mto, inf. 
SUtftu, mortly trans., to frighten ateay, duue, put to 
Jiifk: to driee: io hunt : but a. HnrBtUt as Pass., 
h be driven Qway. [t] 

8Cirjf|ia, oret, ro, (piimw) a pwrmit, panmng. 

n. (ktU ipMdb if ekaaed^ *the chase.' 
tftifffAg, i, {ptimof) ike ehcm, II. perwee^ion, 

fctf C yo t , or, (Std, ^SOn;) piercing with anguieh. 

B iiitfat , int. «A^ay and &^ai. To jmaA, leor 
May: hence to tknui away : — ^Med. (o|mift/rom one- 
fdf^peAaiKay: to repuiaej drive hack, a. to r^eot: 
to rtfwK, 3. to avert danger from onetelf* 

SdM&lfSv, poet. aor. a inf. of 8c^[mw. 

fiuiK^juv, SuMc^fMvos for &^«ir, inf. of &^«tt;. 

SbHmot, a, or, Yerb. A4j* of hUucw, to he pwr- 

BuNCT^ $^ot, ^ and 8i^Nrn|fl, ov, 6, a punuer. 

Uimn, 1 ^ or fo/Ku: poet. aor. a 48i^ffj(0or: 
0^). i,iopvnue,ekaae,hud: of persons, (o see& 
^^JttOom doody. a. to <lrH« on, driM oiAiy, 

d^em ofcay : to eaepd^ to haniek; Ziimuv ipfta to drive 
Um ^aiiot : hence seemingly intr., to €brice: also to 
fttd^ kaiCe .'^ — ^Med. to cAose. 3. as law-term, to 

jsMBorte, 6riiv oi^ aetien againet, 6 St^rnvr t^ |>rose- 
odor^tlaini^; opp. to ^ ^eirpfr the d^endani. 

SmMpios, or, {hid, irXhnrj) with ouitietehed arms. 

hmuiam, a ting. aor. i med. of Bi6fanf/u* 

m AnoTot, or, (9t6fanf/u) hound hy oath. 

A i6 »n , 1), DtoiW, mother of Venus (Joye being the 
&t]te). U. davghter of Diond, .^krodiU. 

h 4»<l tt e t , or, (8^ Sivfui, Syo/ia) with two nonMt; 

fca t tKflUvOot, or, w^tm^ otoiH^ (Ad mil^. 
Mt-MTWot, or, (SufuMtf, fwot) horee-dricing, 
K«t««, c«t, i), (8m&m») ^a»e^ purtuU. a. as law- 

J ifil wiC * 'fX^a* (8to/!Ur<ra») di^ or cii< (&roH(rft : 8t- 
«|^ (sab. Y$), 1^, a (rendb, eonoJ : Mpvwril dwfv^ a 

liaao,aor.i ot9toi$4w. 

^ Hii Ct , aor. I pass. part, of 9a/ju&M : t^jj/H(vWt 3 
^- impetBt, May Ae he prevailed upon. 

8|t<Aatt, c«M, 4t d^ofiAu) a taming, hredking in, 

SfffiTRpCK 4* ^ to*n^» fuMii^r; fern, fttmi 

8|ti|T^, $/N>t, 6, (So^i^) a tamer, breaker, 

8|iAc, dual nom. ttom ZpiM. 

t\fM4[, ii, (8a^<doi) a femdk tlaxe taken in war : ge- 
nerally, any female dove, Lat. andOa, 

8|A^lot. a, or, (8/jd(«) In eertUe condition, 

8|UiiU, tSot, ]}, B 8/4ml). 

8|A^ omW, ^, (ZaitAu) a elave taken in war : henoe 
any tlave, 

&voirJLXCt«i>t f^ i^t to moing or fling about, 

Svo^lpos, a, oy, dark, murky, lSx>m 

ANCy^OS, 6,*='Ky4il>aM, darkneae, gloom. 

toitnraro, 3 sing. Ep. aor. I with impcrs. signf. « Att. 
ibo^e, it teemed, 

t6y\ui, arot, r6, (9ok4w) that which eeema true, an 
opinion, a. a retdution, decree. Hence 

to/yyiAtittt, f. hot, to lay down a decree: — ^Pass. to 
tubmit to ordinaneee, 

SoMorouoi, Alt. pass, of il9ot/u, 

AOSmSlS, $rot, 6, a email abeeeee, hoQ, 

8otA{t>, f. dao), (8o(o0 ^ eontider two waye, hesitate 
hdween : — ^M ed. to doubt, to imagine, 

8oiS€ico-iroi6t, 6, (SoHh/^, woiiot) a petfdo-maher, 

AOTATS, ikot, 6, a peeOe, 

801CV, 3 pi. aor. a opt. of bl9o)fu. 

8ovfj, ij, doubt, perplexity. From 

SoioC, i, iK bbo, two, both : Zotd, Adv., in two way$, 

8oi^, B doiol, of which it is the dual, two, both, 

Zoiuiu», f. eifcca, (bix^fuu) to pureue, try to catch: 
to lie in wait for, lay enareefor: to watch, 

AOKE'tt : tat. &$£«, poet, boie^ocj: aor. I fio^a 
later lb6tnjaa : pf. act. beidxfjMa : perf. paas. 949oiy/Mu, 
also 9eb6iaifMU : aor. i pass. IbottffOrp^, I, to 

think, expect, fancy, imagine, II. intr. to seem, ap- 

pear: esp. in 3 sing. SmrcT, l8of<,«l seems good, etc : as 
Att. law-term, l8o^< rg fiovkj, rf bfi/t^, it wae decreed 
or enacted : but also in i person, 8oiiw fun, l8o^ /mm 
I teem to mytdf, I think, LeA, tideor mihi, 3. to 

appear to he lomething, to he of repute, o2 SoxoCirrcs 
cfrai r< ma» fcAo ar«&^ to be of some acoomit. 4. 
accns. abadl. aor. I nent. part. S^or, as also SoKovr, 
pres. part, nent., it having been, or being, retolved, 

B6ia\, ^t^boxfff (bottiw) a vieion, fancy. 

8^cijju&, t6, (boielm) a vition, fancy, a. opinkm, 


S6ici)OU, uat, ^, (poMica) an opinion, bdirf: a fancy, 

mttpicion, II. good rtport, credit, 

8oin|9{-4ro4ot> ov, {p6injats, ao<p6t) wite in otters 

own conceit, 
8oKt|AAt«», f. dau, (b6mfuni) to attay, prove, test, ttp, 

metals : he^ce gencndly, to jNtwf, to examine, II. 

to approve^ tandion: to hdd at good,pure, after trial. 

8oKt|iila{a, ^, a proving, trial, ted, examinaUan, 
8oKl|iaoTl|f , ov, 6, (8<Ma/i^(ai) on examtn«r, prover, 
%wi&nfA[, ii, a proaf, itd, trial : ecidmee : and 


^okCiamv — Mparos* 

8oK(pov, r6, a ted, mean$ ^ provmg: afptoved 
eharader. From 

86icl|Mf, Wt (S^x^'M^v) ^*^^ auaped, genuine: of 
penona, approved, esteemed : of things, worthy, aed- 
kni : alio great. Adv. -fMM, reoUy, truljf. 

8oic(f , l8ot, i). Dim. of ioic6$, a stiek, 

AOKO'2, i), a wooden beam or 6ar : a «ibq/l. 

SoK^, 60$, contr. ov*, 1), = 8d«i7<nff, a» optnton. 

8oXfp6t, <&, 6y, (d6\os) deceitful, treaeheroue, 

&oXi6-}A.ipxt, cdoff, 6, ^, (8<$AiOff, fc$rit) cntftif-pitT" 

8oXi6-4rovt, ^t 4, wow, r6, gen. «o8ot, (S^ot, 
iro(n) of eUakkyfoot, 

Wivo/%, a, or, and ot, w, (S^Xot) tfrq/ly, daeeiit^ 

8oXt6-^p«av, b, ii, gen. OFOt, (86Xiot, ^^) Cfc^ty^ 
minded, wUy, 

8oXCx-av^^ ^t Co^X*^ o^A^) toitik {cn^ (u5e 
or sooilc«<. 

8oXlx-<i>vxtiv, cvoff,^,i^,(8oXiY^t,a&x4'^) Umg^neehed. 

SoXiX-^YX'^** ^'» (^<>^X<^*t ifX^) *^ ^ qMar. 

8oXiX-^p«T|&ot, or, {hoiktxb; lp*Tfi6i) of a th^, 
long-cared : of peraona. iMutg long oars. 

8oXix&-8«fot, Ep. 8ouXix6-&4>ot, cn^, (8oX<x^* 
8ci/)4) Umg-neeked. 

AOArXO'X,ii,6y,long: G£Time,weari9ome, U. 
as Subet., 8oAix^*» b, the long cowde, in racing, opp. 
to the coarse of the <rni&or. 

8o\iX^-<rKlos, ov, {BoKix^** ond) catting a Umg tha- 
daw; or SoXtx-^cnciOf , (SoAix^, ^^^) <^*^ '^''V ^^/t* 

8o\6cit, tooct, tr, (p6Xot) miiUe, wUy. II. of 

thingt, eraftQy contrived, artful. 

8o\a-|i'^^t, €ff, gen. cot, (po\69,fajSo$) wUp, orefty. 

SoXo-ffqnJs, ov, 6, and SoX6-|Mfrit, 1, gen. lot, 
(8($Xot, ft^cff) erayfy-mindfli , trnly. 

8oXo-|a,'fjX&vos, ov, {96Xo9, fti/x^) contriving wHm, 

8oX6-}i,09ot, ov, (S^Aot, fw$ot) falte^eaMng. 

SoXoirXoida, 1), fluMdy, tfrc^^. From 

8oXo-irXoic6s, oy, {i6X.09, vXbcw) weaving wdet, 

8oXo-iroi6f, 6if, (96ko$, iroiw) treaoheroue. 

SoXoppo^Co, 1^, artful contrivance, tuUlety. From 

8oX6p-pa4of, ov, {HdXos, pimroi) eowhriving wHee, 

S^Xof , 6, (from AEA-, the Bool of 9iKtap) a piece 
if deceit: a bait for fl^: any cunning eontrivanee: 
craft, cunning, treachery, Lat. doltue. 

SoXo-^^vot, ow, {^Xot, *iphw) tlaying by treachery, 

ZoXo-^pfiX^4}[g, 4$, (p6ko9, *ppdCai) wily-minded. 

8oXo4pov(«0v, ovoa, w, {Bo\6ippojy) erctft^deviting. 

8oXo^po<r6vi), ^, miHlety, wUtneeg. From 

8oX6-4pw, ov, gen. orof, {96Ko9, ^ptp^) » ^oKO' 
^pa^fft, crafiy'minded. 

ooX^, f. ^01, (d6\ot) to beguHe, enenare, XL 

.(0 coimterfeil, adulterate, diaguiee. Hence 

84XM|<a, orot, r6, a trick, deceit. 

8^Xwv,«rot,d, {96ko9) a small saU, II. a jogger. 

SoX-Amt, i8of, ^, {86X09, 6^) artful loakimg. 

86X«Kns, €CDs, i^, (boXSot) a trideing, msmaring* 

86|Aa, arot, r6, (2tf8w/u) a gtft, 

86|i«vai, 86|i€v, Ep. for bowcu, mot. 2 inf. of SlSoffu, 

86|&ov8c, Adv., home, homeward: Mt h6imvh€ to 
his own house. From 

86fu>s, 6, {biftoj) Lat. domus, a house: also As 
household. II. a pari cf the home, ehmmAer, 

room. m. any thing that is (mA up, btd rpiff' 

Kovra 96fMV wXivBov at ereiy thirtieth liqp*r of 

Sofio-c^&X'fjf , h, (pSftos, a^dXXea) rmining (he hastee, 

8ov&m4ettttt, Dep. {b6va^) to catch bM$ seith rmi 
and birdlime. 

Sov&Ksvt, hn, 6, (b6ya^) a thiekd ef reede. 

tovoMlrvg, ibos, fern. Adj. {b6t^) cf reed. 

ftov&KO-YXv^of, cfif, (8dni£, 7Xi»^) ree do i^ rt iy. 

Sov&K^t, c<rou, cv, (&$va£) oioinuttii^ m 
S^Xot Sof^cbv^e a reed covered with Urdlime. 

8ov&KO-Tp64os, ov, {b6va(, rpi^) producing 

Sov&K^-xXoot, ov, contr. x^^^t, ow, {b6va(, xA^) 
green with reeds. 

Mvat, Dor. SAvoE, Ion. SoOvot, Arot, 6, a reed^ 
Lat. eakamu, arundo. H. any thing metde cf reed : 
a dart, arrow, 2. ajhde, sh^herdfs pipe, 3. a 

Jishing^od or limed reed (see bo¥aM6ut). ' 4. a writ- 
ing reed, pen. From 

AONE'n, f. 4<r(tf, to shake, stir : to eeodbB, a^HaU : 
drive about: — Pass., ^ 'Aahj iboviero Aaia isaa •» 
eommotian. Hence 

86vT|)iA, arcs, r6, agitcHon, waving ; and 

SoviJT^t, 4, 6v, verb. Adj. shaken. 

86vTst, nom. pi. of Ms, aor. 2 act. part, of USmfu, 

86{&, ^, {boKio)) an opinion : esBpectatictt, Lai. vi- 
sum. 2, a sentiment, jtidgment : esp. a philomopkie 
opinion, Lat. plaeUum. 3. mere opinion, aa opp. to 
Imowledge. 4. a fancy, vision, H. nymfa 
tion: good report, credU, honow, Lait. frittimmtm. 

8otA{a>, f. daof, to think, beiieve. Judge, H. to 

esdol. Hence 

86|air|ui., aros, r6, an opiftion, notion: afanap^ 

8o{oieoir(a, ^, love €f popularity. From 

hoia-K&im%, ov, (8^0, itAwrw) seMig popsdarUff, 

8o{o-fiaW)f, is, (8<$£a, fsaivofuu) mad after gior^^ 

8o|o(iav(a, ^, mad love of glory, 

8o|6o|uis (bS^a) Paai.,(o have the eharaetm- or «v«Ftl 
of being, c. inf. 

hoio-<r6^09, ov, (b6(a, a6^) wise in one'* atem 

8op^ 4, (S^/Ntf) a sM>, Atcif . 

86p«ra, nom. pi., hhpcnt, dat. sing., of 8^. 

8opdTiov, r6. Dim. of bopv, a dart. 

8op«vro-w&x^<* if, {96pv, woxvi) ^a ipear^A^^« 

86p&TOf, gen. of b6pv. 

bofn/jiios — lovXiinpis. 


S opidAw T o t y ctf, {i6pVt ikSnfOi act. a of AKlaiiofiM) 
ttfii0i ^ ikb tpear^ Umen m tear. [A] 
8op(-va|iP^»ot, or, (8^^, 7*1^*^) wooed hy UMe, 
BopiF^ijp&TOf, or, (8^^ $tfp&ea) iabm hy the tpear. 
fapt iriir<)g, 4i^ (^^ Kohm) tiaim hy lis tfear, 
ly i U |t,yrot,5, j, (8^^, ic&4»w) tUun hy th» tjpnr, 
>ip ( iy a» D i , or, (&^^, Kptb^ay) tptar4ttaded» 
8op(-imp«t, or, (8^^ jmio/Ktt) won 6y Ae i^Mor. 

SipCAifvrot, or, (M^ Xoftfiiyw) won 5y <ik apeor. 
fcfi pii'<|i» h, (i6fii>,f»aiyo/Mu)ra(fmg wkk the tpear. 
W p f |i« i »v r>i , or, (pSpw, fJififmrn) ragmg with the 

8^pir|i,4|a*nip, o^ot, 6, (96 fu, ft^crmp) wituier qf the 

lop(<«aXros, or, (Upv, wdXXaa) w i ddi n g Om tpear; 
X^p fio^jrvoXrot, i. e. the rigH hand. 

B oft ii i^ t , ^ (a^, ««^ Book of 9iwrm)fQUm 

8op(-«Ai|KTOs, or, (96 fv, wk/j^a^) tkichm hy the 

l ope ro wi , or, (8^, «or^) toUmg uHh the tpeoTt 
hemmy the hrmU of war, 
B tp t g^^ t , io, T. fob 8opvoi0crl^ 
>op t o T ^ ^ dv o i , or, (8^^, cri^amve) ermimed for 

Sofi^voKTOty or, (8^^, nnfiir^w) fJbdben hy (attb. 

Sop(^v|U|ro«, or, (8i(pv, rifow) pierced hy the tpear. 

Sopi-^raAfutt, w, (96fm, r6kfta) bold m war. 

8opK^ 6i9ot, i), (h49opica, pf. of ZipicofMu) an amte- 
kpe, yateOe, oo called from Ua laige bright eyea. 

8op2t, d, (0^p») a leathern hag or woOflC. 

Bifafai^ f. 17001^ (JUpmw) to tup €fr eat the evening 
moL Hence 

wspvwf 'iwa« o, mOfperHmnof fnxn^ng. 

Aopwia, i>, (Sd^iror) the fird day of (he fead Apaba- 
na, cal^vraled by piiblic aupper in each phratria : 
Y^ 6 ffnfe TJ dopwUf, on the eve of the feaat. 

AOrnON, TtS, Ifte qftemeon oar oawi iiig aaeol, Lat. 
ocao, t^dU^ tMoZ of the day. 

AOnr, T^ : gen. 96p9rot, Ion. Mparott 9oyp69, 
h AtL poeta alao 80^ : dat. 96part, Ion. Soirpan, 
loiyi, fai Ait. poeta alao 9opi. — Ion. dual 9oSfpe. — 
Plv. nott. 96para, alao 96prf, Ion. Mpara, 8ovpa : 
Sn. WpHr, Ion. IkAponr : d«t. h6faaiy Ion. Mpaaif 
Mptovk, weodl, a iteai, a (m; bnt ura. only when 
ed dotm, a heam or timber for sh^: hence a 
•% II. fAe tBood at tht^ qf a tpear; hence the 

«pMr toy ; g hm U ny^epe ar : aince the qtear waa hdd 

h the right hand, M Z6fu to the right hand, opp. to 

y iurwtZa to the left. 

Sepm^XHTot, ialae reading fixr 9opi6Xerro$. 

9 ey%a pa (fi §, ^ (96^ Oapokot) daring in war. 

Sop»{iM»s, 6, 4, (96fnt, (hw) a friend at the tpear, 

meOyin war : or afiriend made in war. 
9epii^ «r, cootr. 8opv{o0i, o0r, (96/m, ^Iw) 

tpear-poUthing : aa Snhat., 9efnt^6ot, 6, a maheir ^f 
epeare; also 8opv(6f, d. 
8opv-«ttY^ ^ (96/», v^rjrvfu) huiU qf heame. 

SoptMT^fv^ It, (96fio, oBiyot) mighty with Ae 

Sopvo^KT^f, fjTot,6, maac. A^jn ^ 9ofhaaoat^ waniike, 

8opv-«4of or SoptNT-^ios, or, (Sopv, (TcCfoi) frran- 
diehing (he tpear. 

SopiMrrl^vos, Sopv-rCvoKTOt, ▼. 80^-. 

Sopv^op^cft, f. ijaet, (fiopn^pos) to attend a$ a hody^ 
guard : to keep guard over. Hence 

8opv^6pi||ia, /atrot, r6, a body-guard; and 

Sopv^oplo, ^, a helping guard aeer. 

8opv^opuc6t, 1), 6vf (9opn^pia) of or hdonging to 
(he guard : rd 9opv^pue6y the guaird. 

8opu-4^pot, or, (96pn, <^pe>) tpear-iearing, iMt. 
haeiatue: ol 9optuip6poi the body-guard of khugs, who 
were disthigxddied by carrying a ipear. 

8^ and SiMt, aor. 2 imperat of 9i9w/u. 

SooiSucot, or, false reading for 9oaal9uco9. 

S^ott, caw, ij, (9i9ci»fu) a giving : the thing gipen, a 
gift, preeent : abequeeL 

86(ncev, £p. for i9eart aor. 2 of 9l9eafu* 

S^Tttpo, ]}, fern, of 9or^p. 
' horU>%,a,oy,YeTb, Adj. of 9l9cafu,ta be given, H. 
horiaTf one nmet give. 

8or^p, fjpoe, 6, (9i9offu) a gUfer, ditpenaer. 

86Ti|t, on, 6,'»9orffp. 

80O, aor. 2 med. imperat. of 9l9etfu. 

tovkr&ywyiw, f. ^w, (9cv\oe, dyei) to bring into 
tlavery : hovkayerfuy r6 owfKs to morttfy the body. 

douX^uHOv, r6. Dim. from SovXot. 

8otx\fia, Ion. 8otx\i)tt|, 1), (SovXciw)) eervitude, 
davery, bondage. II. (he body qftlavee, the bond- 

men, aervUe elaee. 

So^iXcios, a, or, (9ov\ot) daviah, aervUe. 

8ovXam*tt, arot, r6, {9ov\^w) a eerviee. H.' 

a dave, Lat. mafioqmim. 

SotiXff^, f. <rw, (9ovKot) to be a dave : generally, 
to he etdgeet to, to aerve, obey, de9ote anctdf to, 0. dat. 

8otu\i), 4« fom. of hovKoa, 

8ou\i)ti|, Ion. of hovX^ia. 

SovXCo, ]^,«8ovXc/a. 

8ouXiic6t, ^, 6r, »eq. Adv. -mm, Wbe a alave. 

So^XiOt, a, or, (SovXot) ttavidi, aervUe; hobXtCv 
^f»ap the day of davery, i. e. a ^tc's lot or life. 

8ot«\iX^-8^pot, 8ouXtx^*^* I<>B. for 8oAjx-« 

8otx\o-irpo*^ ia, (Mkoa, vpiwea) biding a daive : 
low-minded, mean. 

AOT'AOS, 6, a alave, bondman, strictly ono bom ao, 
opp. to 6M9ff&M69or. II. aa A^jn SoOXof, 17, or, 

tlorisA, endaioed, auiged: Compar. dovX^cpot, mare 

8ouXo9^irf|, ^, (8ouXot) datery, alavidi work, 

8ouX^<rwot, or, {9ovX.oa) endaved. 

SouXinpot, a, ov, Compar. of SovXot. 


SovAi(a> — 8pi;<nT}s. 

8ouX^, f. iniot, (SoCXoff) to make a tUtve <f,tom- 
aUive : — Med. to niijfct to one$t^. Hence 

bo(XtMn%t ten, 4. eiuiaving^ ni^jvtgaUon, 

8o0vai> aor. a inf. of 8(8w/ii. 

8o€vat, 8ov¥OK6cit, loo. for S^rof, fioimK6H9. 

8ovir&, f. 4^a» : perf. Movma : {Mw<n). To tound 
heavUpt of the heavy faU of a ecrpee. 

AC/TTlGXt 6, any dead, heavy tonmd; 9ov90t d«^ 
ro» the hurtling of epean: the hum of tkmvtltiindd; the 
roar of the sea. 

Zo^ara, syncop. SoOpo, t^ Ion. and poet. pinr. 
for Sdparo, of 8($^. 

Sovp^Ttot, a, or, ofplanki or fteonw. 

Zovp&rwv, Ion. for 9op6rioif, a daft. 

SoOpiot, a, or, ■» Sovpdrcot. 

Sovpfovt, Ep. dat. pi. of 96fnf. 

Zovp^ffvetch, (96pu, heyictu^) Adr.« a «pear*f (ib'oto 
q^or d^iitofrf. 

Sovpv-^iXttTot, ov, Ion. Ibr 80/M^UArrot. 

SovputcXivr^t, ^v» Ion. for 8opuicXii«T6t, (p6pv, 
«\cir<$f ) = SovpurXvr^f . 

8ovpiHc\{)T6t, ^, 6r, Ion. for Sopc-KAvr^ (P^/^* 
ickvT6i) famed for the tpmr. 

Sovpi-irn)T6t» Sot^pCAtprrot, 8ovpi-fiaW|f, Ion. 
for do/x-. 

dovptof, « Mpciot. 

SovpC-irXtpcTOf, OK, Ion. for 8opfirXi7«rot. 

Sovpt-riHr^ it, (^pVf rbirrw) feood-cuiting, 

8ovpo-86ici), ij, (96pv, hixofioi) a ttandfor tpean. 

Sovpo-O^tcn, ^, a caeefor epears, 

Sovpo-puv^t, 8ovpoir&Ynt, Ion. for Sop-. 

SoxcTov, Ion. toxffiov, ri, (8ix^M^) <* holder. 

Sox'tj, i)» (S^x^M^) r«6<p(*ont entertainment. II. 

o reeeptade, 

86x|uot, a, OK, (SoxM^) octom, aicifteays, attant. 

8oxp>6Xo^ot, ov, (Soxft^t, X^^) wearing one's 
plume aslant, with nodding phune. 

AOXMCyZ, 4, ^, slanting, sideways. Hence 

Soxi&^opoi, aor. i i9ox/*ii9rp^ : PaM.:— (o tern atde- 
ways or aslant, 

ZpAy^M, aros, r6, (Pp&erao/sou) ae much as one can 
grasp, a handful, trues, sheqf, Lat. manipuJue. 

8paY)ian)-^6pof,or,(dpi7/aa,^pca ) carrying titeaves. 

SpaypctM*, f. <ra;, to collect the com into Aeaves. 

SfMvJA^fi, 6, (Pft&ffffOfuu) a taking held of, handling, 

8p&ikv, aor. a inf. of lkLp$6yv. 

8p69i, 8paCt|v, aor. a imperat. and opt. otMpAam), 

8pa(vu, f. 9pSyw, (jUpAof) to be going to do. 

QpAicaiva, i/t, 1), fem. of ^p&KotP, a she^ragon. 

Spdicov, Ion. for tZpAxov, aor. a of Zipieofuu. 

8paK6rr«ios, a, or, {9p&»vy) of a dragon. 

SpoKOVT-oX^TM, ov,^,(8p(inuy, 5AXv/a) serpent-slayer. 

SpaKorr^-fiaXXot, or, (Sptinur, /loAAot) trttA tnoJky 

SpoKorr-^Silf, ft, (8p^U«tfr, <78ot) iiMike^tlv. 

Zp9M&nf, SpaicfCs, 8paic6(uvot, aor. a act. pass, and 
med. part, of lU/mofioi. 

SpAicwv, crros, 6, (Ppaxur nor. a of 94p»>ftm) a 
dragon : later a serpent. 

8p&|Aa, arot, r^, (9p^) a <200^ o^ a* a* •e- 

lion rfpretantod on 1^ stage, a drama. 

8p&|Miif, aor. a inf. of rpix^. 

8pd|&i)|Aa, arot, r^, (8pa/«c^) a ooufif, a nitff. 

SpfifLoOpoi, 8pa|&^, aor. a part, and Ibt. of rpfyst. 

Sp&voi, Spdt, aor. a infin. and part, of MpiaMee, 

SpAirrrfVtf, {. <rot, to run away, flee. From 

SpAirinit, ov. Ion. 8pi|ir^Ti|t» ew, 6, (ppayai aor. 2 ot 
MpAatcw) a runaway : eep. a nmaway dove. TL 
as Adj., ipaswhrfs mKiipoe t^ fugitive lot, Le. s moold- 
ering clod, which fdl in pieces so ae never to be drawn 
ont of the nm. 

8pairtTC8T|f, ov, d,Bforeg. 

SpAirtrCt, fem. SpAirtrCoicot, 6, Dim., of Spavfnyc. 

bpAffsUs, Deaiderat. of bpAea, to have a mind to do, 
to be going to do. 

8p4crl|iOf, or, (Hp&ui) active : rd UpAat/ws^ aeUan.. 

Spflurp^ Ion. 8pT)<r|&^ t, (Bpam aor. a otddif&^mm) 
a running away, flight. 

8pd(ro|uu, fbt. of Mp&fficea, [d] 

APA'SZOMAI, Att. Spdrropoi : perl pais. U- 
Spayfuu : aor. I med. iHpa^d/ap^ : Dep. To grmep 
with the hand, grasp a handful of: to lay held of .*— c 
ace. rei, to take by hand^id. 

Spoorlot, a, ov, rerb. A^j- of 8p^ to he 
done. II. Upaurrioy, one muet do. 

Spaorfjpiot, or, vigorous, active, ^fteacUms. 

8pdan|f, ov, 6, {ipiea) a worker : servant, 

SpacmK^t, if, 6v, (8/nw) active. 

8p&T^, 4, 6r, metath. for &ipr^ Teib. A4j. of 
lUpea, skinned, flayed. 

Spaxp'fjt i)» {9p&<r<iofMt) a drachmet, a coin worth 
six obolfl, i. e. 9|d, ■•Roman denarius. II. «b 

Attic weight, >= about 66 gr. Aydp. (Orig. ae mueh 
as one can hold in the hand, cf. Sper/fia.) 

APA'Xl, f. 9p&aet : aor. i iZp&aa : perf. act. <^ 
UpOjca, pan. Mp&ftai. To do, be doing, aeeon^ieh: 
— c. dopl. aoc, eZ or kcumm Spar rcro, lo do one good 
or ill. 

8p<wdvi|, ^, (Spimv) a tieUe, tvapiii^-AooX; : a esuved 
mord, sdmetar. [d] 

8pfw&vi|-^6pot, or, (8pc«^, ^pv) fteortng a 
teyfAe, ^p>ia lip€wayTf(p6po¥ a scy&te-armed car. 

8pfw&vo-<i8^s, it, (dpinaror, tlZos) sickle skeq^. 

8plw&vov, ri,(pp4iM)^9pew6yrf,asickle: aetaroed 
sword, seimetar. 

Spfirroft, poet, for Spivw, to pbuk, e%dL 

APEHXi, f. if^, to break off,pluek: Med., to pfcksjk 
for onest^, euU, gather: metaph. to possess, a^joy. 

8p<^&)iivos, aor. i med. part, of Ibreg. 

8pi)irfni|t, 6, Ion. fbr SpoviriTt. 

opt|Qr|io<Fvvi|, ^, ^ optjaroainnj, eermee, 

8pi|OTf|p, ffpos, 6, Ion. for dpaari^ i^P^) o lo- 
bowrer, worker: fem. Sp^icrrtipa. 

8pi|0"r^t, ov, ^, Ion. lor S^xurr^ «« 9pif0TQp, 

bptlirTtxriini — ivvf. 


<PH y roqwrn , f, Jan, tor ^patrroifi/^t (Bp&ot) teniee, 

SplJLvXof, «r. Dim. of ^ptidn^ iharptpiaving. [v] 

API KT'X cca» 6, pieremg, stinging, biiing, pun- 
god, II. metaph., like Lai. aoer, Bharp, keen, 

Mkr: Anted, Adr. -low. Hence 

8pi|&«Tm,ri^ot,i},8&iijiNeti,min(^«ii«y.* ekreaOnem. 

tSVOi, 6 ct rit plur., ra 9pia, a eopee, wood, 
OidcH^ hrHakw ood. 

AFOrTH; i^ a hatiting tab, a hath, 

tpoyaTot, a, or, or oc, or, (9p6/t09) running ai fuU 

ZpogM, iiot, 6, H, (Spafuw) running, whirling, 

Spoficvf, 4w9, (Spa/icTr) a runner, 

lp 6ji o t, ^ (S/n/iccV) a eoune, race, running : fiigH: 
ajkdmg, eeet^; ^ftipti* ip6/w$ a day's rwtn^, i. e. 
tlie diftauce aD» can go in a day. a. the length qf 
(hi itadium, a ecune; ^w Bp6/uv ^pta$ai to be car^ 
lied GoX of the coune, II. a plaufor running, 

rtetrcoune: afuHiewaik* 

Bfg ip 6t, 6f ^, (ppSffoe) dewy, watery, 

igooift^ f. Urea, {pp6irot) to ledew, Utprinkk, 

^pomv^tt 4« ^t ifip6aoe)^^^tp&9. 

8|M96ci«, %<raa, §v, poet, for 9po<itp6$, 

APCXSOX, 1^ Lat BOS, dew: also the time <f dew, 
iethfidl, a. epring-water, any pure moitture: 

tegn, 3. metaph. any thing tender, the young <ff 

mimalg. Hence 

Sfoo^ to hedew : pf. pasB. part. MpoiretfUytf, dewy, 

Apv&t, <fidot, if, (8pvt) a Dryad, a wood-nymph 
vhoK hife waa boond vp with ^t of her tree. 

9g6ufo% [r]. If, 01^, (9plik) oaken ; 9piIvo¥ uvp a fire of 
eek-wood: fiiXi d/fuiyor honey from a hoUow oak, 

Zgu4teXkirrqi§, ov, 6, *^ hfvo-Kokkwrm, 

%f^\fJbi%,&, pUlifv/uA. and dpuft& : (8pvt) : an oah^op- 
fiee, a tfofpiee, tiUdbef, kmnx/ . [0, except in nent. plor.] 

Spi)|UMf, lurof, 1), (dpvt) an oak-eoppiee. 

Spue^y^vot, or, (8^. *ylvoi) oak^grown, 

BpvoHco(n|t, ov, ^, (8/wt, scohw) couching on the 
oek, epith. of the rirn^, 

Vw H w^irrqt, ov, d, (S^vt, /roA^vrw) (Ae wood- 

8p«o-«&Y^ ^t, (S/ws, «^7rv^) huOi cf oak. 
Bp4«xoi, o2, or 8pvoxa« rd, (S^vt, Ixa^) the oaken 
rA« or c fo wli' mtm of a cfttp, which hold her toge- 
ther ; ifu6xou§ riBiyat Zp&iiaroe to lay tAtf ked H a 
new play. II. an oak-wood, 

V««|f, owoe, i, an unknown bird. 

V^Hmr^ h, (PfXn, virrw) ripened on the tree, 
f^T^: over-ripe, decayed; or ^gv-meriiB, it, (fifSh, 
*«^TwBooi of «i«T«0) ready to fall from the tree, 

A PyAm AT, i^, an onr-ripe, mouldy oHve, 

APTUTH, 1 ^: p£ act. SiipH^ pao. 8^8i)v/«- 
#tt. To tear, teraldk, tmnMul; Z^inrrwiai uapewat to 
<«r oae'« cheek ; alaoabeol. 

APT^ i), gen. I^i, ace. fipvr, <A« oafc, ncred to 
2eBi. n. any ttm6«r <ree; lAupa ipOs the re- 

SplPr^i&of, or, (8^, riia^u) filing timber. 

Spv^oKTov, r^, and Spv^currot, ^t (8^) a /en^ 
ftowtdoty, paling: at Athens (A0 5ar ^ the courie 
of law or <Ae tfouncil-cAam&er. 

8pv^0i|, for iBpif^Brf, 3 sing. aor. I pais, of bplnrrot, 

SpvtjnA, r<i, (SfjCnrroi) ecraping, paringt, 

8p«toi}u, £p. for Bpffu, lengthd. form of pres. act. 
opt. of Spdoi. 

hp4»w, poet, for Bp&oa, 

A, for I8v, 3 sing. aor. a of 8£w. 

Svdias, Ady., (cotes, ■■ 9U, 

6vd», (8&7) (0 plunge in miaery, 

ZvAv, Att. for Svair, gen. and dai. dual of 9ifo, 

AT'H, 1), toos, miaery, anguish : toU, pain : hard 
usage, [p"] 

Svnv, (as if for SvTi^r) aor. a act. opt. of dv/u, 

8vi)-w&9of, ov, (8&17, iniaxA^) wretched, suffering woe. 

80Ck, aor. a imperat. of ilea. 

Sviot, a, ov, (fivij) miserable. 

SvfMvoi, 60|Mv, £p. for ^ai, aor. a inf. of 8£w. 

SOfU, assumed as a coUat. form of iiw, Unfot. 

8vv^ 9>w\i, Att., and 8vviai, Ion., for Zbvaaai, a 
sing, of 8&Ka/iai. 

AT'NAMAX, in pres. and imperf. like tffrapuu, a 
pres. Hfyaaai, Att. Sivif, 9{nm, Ion. 80rceu : snbj. 9(r<- 
rw/Mu, dCnTcu : fat. med. im^aofiai : aor. I pass. Mv- 
r/j/h/v, kHuydaOfjy : aor. med. iiwrjad/tjijy : pi 8c8vn^ 
fuu : the double augment ifiwdixqy, ifivrfjBfjjv is often 
used : — ^Dep. : I. lo be able, capdAe, strong enough 
to do, c. inf.: also c. ace, 8&rcur0ai ivayra to he able 
(o do all things, Lat. omnia posse : absol., ol Svr^^ic- 
roc the powerful. II. to pass for, to he worth, Lat. 

tfalere, 6 ciyKot dOrarcu tvra 6fi6Xovs the shekel is 
worth seven obols : to acaU : to signify, denote. 

8vviL|ut, 4 ' K^^' <<Mt Ion* <ot : Ion. dat. 86ra^ : 
(S^rofuu) : strength, might, power, ability; Kar^ dCo^o- 
^r to <A0 best of one's power, Lat. pro virUi; vapd. 8fir- 
ra^r or foip80ra/ttr beyond one's jxH0fr. a. a 

force for war, forces, Lat eopice, 3. a sum, gtkin- 

tity, Lat. tns, e. g. xflV^f^"^* 4* Ihe force qf a 

word, etc., meaning, Lat. vii. 5. a/ocutty, jwcosr : 
hence a faculty, art, as Logic. 6. worth, value, as 
of money. 

8vv&<n«, COM, ij, poet, for S^rofut. 

SihrooTtCa, 1}, jNM0er, lordship, sovereignty. From 

8i)vaorrsv», f. ow, to hold power or tordafe^, fte jNNOsr- 
/u2 ; to be high in rank. From 

6ihf^Mrn|f, ov, 6, (din^ofioi) a lord, moitor, ruler; of 
Svrdffrcu lAe e/iief fnen, Lat cptimates, 

SwdaTwp, ooot, ^, B 9uydtmj9. 

t^Hfrks, f. 17^01, (Svror^) to be powerful. 

Swdrns, ov, d, poet for iiwdanjs. 

Sihr&TOf, 1}, ^, (8(fra/iai) stron(r, m^% : powerful, 
able. II. of things, possible. 

ZvyofrCH, Adv. of Svi^os, strongly, powerf^uUy ; 8v- 
rorwi lx<i it i» possible. 

SOvf, £p. for ISvrt, 3 sing. impf. of 8(rra;. 


Miire — bw^PT€pCa, 

8{rvTC, tor. a put. nonu dstl of SCw. 

AITO : gen. and dat. 9v6af, Ait. dviiy : gm. plvr. 
9vSv, dat. Bv(r(, Ion. 9voi<n : aoDietimea inded., e. g, 
T)fir SCwj/MN/xW:— Lat. I^ITO, our TWO: aim tSo 
hy iwoi, tit iho two and Ueo. 

9«oi9v, loo. for Svtri, dat. of 8&o. 

Svo-Kat-SfKo, oi, al, r<i, (i0e2M» Lat. diuKfaoim. 

8voicatS€icA-jAipfos« 8voicat8iicAi,gwaicBi8<MBiToi,aee 
9oi9€icd'ftxiyo», SotfdcMb, etc 

8v6ttaiv, £p. for 9v&<tw, 3 pi. of 9v&ot, 

8t(^po|uu, poet, for Mpofuu, 

IHkr-, inaepar. Prefix, opp. to tS, like our ofi-- er 
miB- in un^udby, tMa-dkonce, alwaya with notion of 
hard, had, ill, etc., destroying a word's good aeme or 
increasing its bad sense. 

Sut, SGcro, 8vv, aor. a part, of 8Ur. 

8Mr-a'yic6|JLurTOt,8w-aYMpim>t,poei.for 8lNr-aMi«*-. 

SvoH^Yvot, 01^, undkuCe, tmfNire. 

Swr-avp^, f. 4<r«, to ^lee 6a<i htek mfiakkiff, 

SiMr-dosX^ot, 01^, ttnJk^ipy m one's draCAers. 

Sw^*^ ^ (Swr-, ^ftt) UowM^ 02, Marmif, adv&rm: 
ikfffa^ojy poet. gen. pi. for 9v<ra4oty. 

Sno^Xiot, a, or, also ot, ov# most fniseraUe. 

SvoHnAWia, ^ MOflt dir^vl, mott horrible. 

Swr-oCApiot, OK, (8iMr-, a2i9pa) not elear, nmrhif, 

8wrH&(iMf,«rot,d,i),niiMrab20 in /^e, motl wfo sro M e . 

Suo^^Xy^ ^t, (8iMr-, ^Tos) very ptmtfid. 

twr-4kYtro%, or, (dwr-, dXyiof) w^eelmg, hard- 

Swr-dXiOt, or. Dor. for flvtr-^Aiot. [£] 

Buo^i^LXssrot, or, (dwr-n, cUm^a) Aorci to eakh or 001^ 
guar, SuoniXa^os jmuowk iWm2 to 60 reached by ills. 

Svo'-dfi^jlTOt, or, poet, tot 9wr*ay6fiafro$, 

9u(r*djuM>poa, or, most miterable. 

^voHivap&TOt, syncop. Suo'^nfrvret, c»f hard to 

8wr-avaic6|u<rT0t, synoop. Svo^ay wi A| u o Toi, or, 
(8ii<r->, drcMo/ii^ay) Aoni to brtn^ (odb or reeal. 

OuoHavdKpCros, contr. Swr^ificpCTOc, or, {9v<r-', 
iamtpiyoi) hard to dittmgiUeh or examime. 

Swr-avaorxsT^ f. 4<rw, (Svo*-, drcuixer^) to 6«ar 
»{{, to &e unable to bear. 

8vo--avdTpctrT0t, oir, (8v(r-, dforp^wm) hard to 

Svo^vsKTOt, OP, (pwr-t dr^X^) Aonl to bear. 

Svc-dvifwi, or, Dor. fcir bva-^/wefiioe, 

SwoHumpAeirrot, or, (5u0'-» ^arnfikiw»y hard to 
look in the face. 

SvouvTo, far iSOor-, 3 pL aor. i mad. of Sdw. 

Svo^vwp, opos, d, 1^, (Jhw-t imiip) with a had hue- 
hand, [d] 

SvovoidiXAaKTOtt or, (800s dunJUUitfVQf) ftord to 
get rid of . 

BiNr-dmffTOflk or, very dtBoiftUsRl. 

SvoHMf^KplCTot, or, {boa-, dvorptro/au) Aord to 

or, ^ovv— ^ amOTptwwj- m&n 
turn away, tlubbom^ rrfradery. 

Suo^^ifsoTot, or, (duff--, dpiauw) m to fieaee, 
etMe: pe&oith, ntoroee. 

Stiy-apigTO-T^ wsitt , i), (800'-, dpurroe, T^rot) « 
Aospy motiher <2f Ifts iMfiM soi». 

SooHipieTOt, or, (dvo*-, dfrxw) hard to goMrn. 

8vo«u\£a, 1), i/i or AoiyJ lodging. From 

8vo'-av\os, or, (8v0-, adXi^) iUfer loigimg, 

SvoMlX^^ ^« Dor, fat baarfxjlitd 

Svo'-dx'Ht, ^t, (8vo'-, dxot) eordypain^ 

Swr-PA tf -f Mic io a, or, (8v0-, /Saoinft|fo») grwaow to 

8^o«^(Up«, er, (8»0''-» Mr«) Aord to pass, n 
<dtU : rb biHrfierair diffleuU gromd.. 2. trodden 

bwrSbimcfrm, or, {boa-, M(o))fuU <^ waiSimg. 

Svo^ouXCo, 1^, tU counsel, folly. From 

SMT-PovXof, or, (8v0-, /SooXs)) iO^adnted, 

8tLNr-0cAXof, or, (8v0-, /SwXot) of iU toil, 

Svo^TttfiAt, or, tfl-«edded. 

Sw-ydirYsXit, I, (8v<r-, 70^70X^(0;) UeHitk, 

bvayhmk, ^, low, mean bkih. From 

S w r^yer fU , it, (8v0-, T^rot) lowborn : lorn wtwrfad. 

StMn-Tvoia, 1), (SiNT-^ Twvrcu) i^noraiiee, per pl a ril§ » 

fi u enf^waiA, 1), dijfitniily ef knowing. From 

8vo'-YV«MTOt, or» (Svo*-, yvSnnu) hard to 

ftvodmuovCo, 1), NMsery .* fsrrfdbsdnaBS. From 

8Mr-8ai|MMr, ov, gen. orot, (8u(r-, baifwnt) 

8ifo^^dicp€TOti or, (8iNr-, 8airp(Mtf) nHieA w^ 
tmieA foeeping. 

Sva-SOuop, apros, 6, ^, tH-wedded, 

ftuo-^-SioOrrof, or, {boa-, bueriBrfpi) hard to 

86o«48pot, or, (8Mr-, Upa) bringing ia h$d$ to 

Sva-siB^ k, {boa-, <I8ot) muiht^dy, dtfarmed. 

8«NNtC|&ftTot, or, {boa-, sT/ia) nMonly stocL 

Swr-fCo^Xos, ov, {boa-, dafi&KXw) hard to 
or vwade : SnperL, -^roros, aw, most AiaoesssAls. 

Sva-M&rot, or, {boa-, licOiw) hard to aoert 

8«ar^KXl}Tot, or, (8t^-, U^Jbee) hard to undo, m 
pUwMe. Adr. ^ntt, indieeolubly. 

bvt r en i ri pbLra9, aw, {9oa*-i kKwep6m) hard to 
from, hard to eaeape. 

Svo^^vKTOt, ov, {boa-t U ^lrfw) hard to 

biuv-Moa, i^, iO-etarred Edm. 

^wr^tkaot, tboe, 6, 1), with M hope, deepomding. 

8vov4Xii««rfot« or, {boa-, kXal(w) u nho p e d for: 
boa^fdarwo, Lait. ex ineperato, fUMopsotottty. 

9ua4^ipifro% ao, {boa-, kftfiabm) hard to walk oa, 
rugged: inaeeeeeible. 

8v9w^|i^oXot, av, {boa-^ kftfiikkal) hard to invada. 

b u a* mf r ep l o L , ^ (Svo'-, h^paw) a bowd tompla^ , 

•; bm 

•fcwATnwcTOf — Ho-Kpvros. 


im ^a n mt , or, (800'-, If <fc«7w) Aard fo tmloow. 
Sw^^llXiYMTOf, or, (Smt-, 4f cX^txw) hard to refvOe. 
fc r ^ ^X u i iui , or, (Smt-, ^cA^ow) Aord lo ttn/old 

fcw i ^^ ri wim , or, (IIWB-i ^^xrCrtw) Aond <o moiK 
•ny vitft.* ^iiciteohiftlff. 

iwno, tor. I med* lopofBt* of ovrv. 

8«r-f««PouX«VTOt, or, (8o<r-, lin/3ovXc{ro;«ii) hard 
kfkd agiriiui or attack uirHiy, 

W-jpaoTot, on^t (8v9-« ^P^) ^ttvomatie to lew. 

wv^^pwutf or, 9trjf attolaK* 

8 <r y it, <, gen. <8ot, (Suo'-, ^/Kt) conleitfiovs, very 

W^fHOTOt, or, (IW-, I^C*') «omed bff evil atiife. 
W^piUpwurot, ov, (8mr-, ip/ajrebef) hard to eoD- 

m9, tidt im torn vitt, Lat. perdM amemi, 11. 

MR^f t^iOQf tMMMHOfe tO fOCB. 

Mom, Ep. Cor dOoaro, 3 ain^. aor. I mod. of 8(m#. 

Sur-fM^nsp, opoa, 6, (duo*-, «^) <m tS hed-fdUm. 

W t^p ti P i , or, (Iro'-, tipioKof) hard to find out : 
i«d <o ^ .* Aord (o gei thrtrngh^ tfnp«moH«. 

Nov{i|Xot, or, (Smt-, (QAot) e a aecfl t Wuy /etrioua, stw- 
fieipw. II. eimtf ow <» ^<Mb^. 

l«p-(^jtipfo«, or, (doo*--, Ct''^) ^'^ ^ Msfe oul. 

SivtJHot, or, (Smt-, C«4) mtiehed, 

tm i|iwin, or, (pva-^ dmAw) hard of hearing, 

W0W||X«Y^ ^, (8v<r-, Xfyw to lag adeep) of death, 
^KfiAmg one of» a ibord hed: hard, patHftd, fmeaeg: of 
nea, fc ii J t mrtoi, umfeelmg, 

% m ^Xtot, or, tmM ftjr tA0 Mm, Mmfen, tH^Aoia 1^ 

SwwBp«p(a, 1^, (SkMT-, jfUpa) an unluekg day, 
fcir^ryoi, or, (dk»^-, ifepm) with lU ifMi, alormsf . 
Mi ijpKi, i8of, d, i), (^der form of SfHr-^pti, very 

S n^i toXa fc i , ^ (9iMr-, tftUvot) Aord to vorni .* ehUhf, 
Ua^MMm, t.^<n», to die a li ngering dedOt. From 
W r > 4 i liui , or, dying hard^ ttrvggHng wUh 
itA. II. act. Mnffing a pain/id death, 

Wr4ar^ ^s, (8mr-, forcer) having died a hard 

W g' i ftl iut, or, (Smt-, #c^/Mi) tO to IMoii. 
oi^f godlete, ungodly, 

or, ^oMr—, Bepawehv) hard to eure, 
£. 4^iv, (8r^-, r(0rjfu) to he in bad ecue: 
>Bl,l^teiip s fting^O, Lat. cegriferre, 
0M^9vMiMt, «■ ovovomrctt^. 
*'^'^p4|piff<av, or, (8wr— , Bprptw) moel moutf^ul, 
ttrwl^oot, or, (8vo-, ^p^) </ AortA fowki, grating. 

Stxy^Ofi^, f.i^ow, to (e tiotoii-Acartotl, detpond: Med., 
to &e nwtondMy, angry. From 

Mv^09|iofl, or, (diMT-, ^/i^) down-hearted, diipirHed, 
detponding, anxious, 

8tior4anrot, or, (hnr-^ lAo/tai) hard to heai or eure, 

ftOov^dXaoovt, or, (8(w, IfAkaaou) dipped in (he 

Svo'-iinrot, or, (9iMr~, frrot) Aord to rids «n : rd 
M^ninra (^nwnd unfit for earalry. 

8v9i«, cflM, 1), (fiita) a sinking or setting qf (he sun or 
stars : Shots i^X/ov (he west, 

8ucr-icd6apTOf, oift (9wr-, leiMpof) hard to deanse 
or expiate : hard to tqapease, inesooroiUe, 

twr hA^ io i, ov^ {Sua-, uarix^) hard to hold in, 

8v(r-«airvof, op, (fitw-, Kawr6s) very smcky, 

otNT-wuffanuiNnof, m', (8v<r— , MtrartilMtf) Aonl to 
put a stop to, scarcely to be cheeked: resHess. 

SvoHcordirpaKTOS, or, (8v<r-, iremnrpdo'crai) Aord 
to bring about, hard to ^eet. 

SvoHcaTdcrr&TOt, op, (Huff-, teeSitmjfu) hard to r&' 
store or reetl ab iit h . 

hv<r-w(vrai^p6iinfro% op, {dwr-, Korappopiw) by no 
means to be despised. 

Svncc, Ion. for i9u, 3 tAng, nor, 2 of 8(m#. 

duoHciXftSof, OP, shr m sc reami ng, grating : itarsh, 

9va^4effi(f%, is, (Swr-, ic^M) full of care, painful, 

ft^HcnXot, OP, (8mr-, mjXiw) past remedy, 

SvcncXeA, contr. for 9u<rte\iea, aocns. tAng, mate, 

Sva-icXtfif, is, (pva-, leXios) it^furtous: infamous, 
shameful. Hence 

ZwnfksM, ^, ingloriouaness, dkhomur, shame: an HI 

hvakkvSH, Adr. of HwneXe^s, ingloriously, 

ftvoHcXiipos, OP, unlueHey, 

Zvauk^fi, poet, for IhamKe^, 

dvoKoXoLvw, t, ibm, (iiaitoKos) to be peevish, die- 
eontetded, annoyed, 

ZvmcoKla, if, (56^«oXot) dieeonteni, peevishness, 

Sw-ic^XXiiTOt, OP, {iuo-, KoXX&oi) m glued orfael^ 

BwNoX6-«a|MrTot, op, (jUHncokos, iiAftwrw) hard 
to bend; SvattoXAseaparros ira/nn^ an intricate flonriflh 
in singing. 

SvtncoX^-Novrot, op, {M*<ntoKos, Molrrf) making one*s 

Svcr-«oXos, OP, (9wr-, k6\op) hard to satiny with 
food: hard to pleate, fretful, peffcieh^erom, 11. of 

things, harassing : unpleasant, 

S^-KoXirof, OP, with informed wenA. 

huojuiikum. Adv. of 8(^/roX.ot, peevishly: 9witiXsat% 
ix**^ (o be peevisL 

^vaupdaioL, ^, bad temperament* From 

B^OHcpdTOt, OP, (pua-, mp&ppwfsi) of baid tmspera-' 

8v9>-ic6|no<rot, op, (Svo"-, KOfdfsi) hard to be borne, 

ft^oHcptrot, OP, (9va-, Kflpw) hard to diseem: hard 


lv(ricSfKwro9 — SvcnrcKrro?. 

to dderminet doubtfvi. Adv. -raw, doviUfuUif: ^wnepi- 
rw lx<<^ to be in doubt. 
8v(r-icv|iayTOtf ov, {9wr-, mt/udtw) from the tiormy 


8ikr-X«CT0t» oPt {Zwf-t X^Tw) id or /br d to teU. 

Svcr-XiicTpof, oy, (8v<r-, xitrrpov) iUrweddcd, 

SiNr-XoYurrot, or, (Svcr-, \oyl(ofmi) hard to reek' 
on, II. miad^reked, mad. 

8vor-Xo<t>ot, oy, hard for the neek, hard to bear, II. 
impatient : Adv. -^oit, in^patientiy, 

8iuor-Xl}TOf,or, (JW-, X(w) hard to looae, indisadhthle, 

StNTfiuOlw, f. ^C0), to be tiow at learning. From 

Sv(r-|Att^f)S, it, (8v<r-, ftaB€iy) hard to learns diffi- 
eulL II. act. flow ol learning, duU. Adv. -6wt : 

^vaiiaBSn tx*^^ ^ ^ '^ ^ 2eamtn^. 

8vcr-t&2Lx^* f- 4^^» (dv^-, /i^xoM<><) ^fiohl in vain; 
to fight an unholy fight teith. Hence 

twryZkXifriovt verb. Adj., one muit ttruggle hard, 

Svcr-fi&xos, py, (pwr-, ft&xoftai) hard to fight with, 
uneonquerable : generaUj, hard, diJfieuH. 

SvailcvaXvw, {bvafuv^t) to bear iU-ioiZZ. 

SiNrjUvAO, ij, (fiuiffuy^s) iU-uHU, eMuity. 

8v(r|&cv4c0v, m-affeeted, bearing Hl-wiU, hoetHe: maac. 
Adj. with porticip. fonn. From 

6u0--|uvif|S, ^f, (Svo"-, fUyoi) UUaffeded, hottite, 

StKr-ittraxcCpurrot, w, (fwa-, lurax^t-fii^i) hard 
io take in lutnd or manage : Itard to conquer, 

^ucrp.^. Dor. SvO(L'fj, j^, (fibo) « 8&<rtt, a sinking, 
setting : esp. of the sun : opp. to dvarokai. 

6va--fiiina«, i, gen. lot, Bovage, wratJtfid. 

Sv(r-|i'qTi)p, 9pot, ■fi,nota mother. 

£v(r|&t|XJlv4o, f. iiaot, to be at lose. From 

8v(r-fii^X^^'<'*t ^^t (pva-, lajxayiO hard to effect, 

8vor-|ioipot« ay, (Sv(r-, lunpa) ill-fated, unhappy, 

8tw|iopia, 4* a hard fate. From 

6va--|iopos, oVysSOo'/MK/NM, iU'fated, ill4tarred, 

Bvayjop^La, i), badness of form, ugliness. From 

Sva-fiopH^os, or, (Svcr-, fiop^) misshapen, ugly. 

Ava'^Mwro% oy, (fivff-, Movaa) not favoured by the 
Muses, unmusical. 

t(nr-yvnT9%,oy, (Sv<r-, yiiat) hard to wash out or qj^. 

8vor-v6v|Tot, oy, (fiuc-, yoioi) hard to be understood. 

8v(rvo4fi», f. ^i<iat, {9if<ryoos) to be iU-e^ected. 

Suavma, i), {JS^tcyoon) dislike, ill-uill. 

StNrvo|i£a, i), lawUssneu: a bad constitution, bad code 
cf laws. From 

£v<r-vo|iOt, oy, lauiess, unrighteous. 

^vcr-voott oy, contr. Svovovs, ow, iO-diepoMd, tZ2-<^- 

Svo'-vooTOt, or, iMi rraiZy a return, 

fivo'-vu|a4<vrot, or, (^va-, yvfu^bw) disagreeable to 

SiMT-wiUbos* 0*^1 {9wr-, rCr/i^i;) iUrwedded. 

Mr-{v|ApoXo$, or, (8v(r-, ^6/ij3o\or) Aord to deal 

Bvor-tvvrrot, or, (^uor-, ^vyirjfu) hard io understand, 
4ibsewre, enigtnatioat. 

SuoroSuCa, i), ■* 9vffofffda, From 

SvoM>o|LOt, or. Ion. for SiHr-off/wt, UlsmeUing, mk, 

8v(rolk>-iraCir&Xot, oyp (fibatilios, vrnvAKti) nigftd 
and steep, 

Smt-oSoi, op, hard to pass, impassable. 

dwr-oltss, to be sad, anxious: Med. to be e^rasd, 
(From Bvff, and of, ai olf»iif(sif tram <h/uh.) 

8v(r-o(ici|Tot, oy, (fiwr-, oLrloi) bad to dsoeU In. 

Sv<r-oi|iot, oy, (fiutr-, otfoj) with a bad path, 

8v«r-Oi!rrot, oy, (pwr-, eXan Ait ot^pv) hard io hear, 

SvoofMu, fat. med. of Ziw, 

8v(r-o|A^pot, oy, stormy, tempestuous, 

8vo'-6pXXot, oy, with an iU eompany, hringvsg ewHs 
in one's <ratn. 

8v(r-6(&)fc&T0t, oy, (Svo*-, Sfi/sa) searee-seeistg. 

Sv(r-6pAT0t, oy, {bwr-, ipiea) hard to see, 

8u(r-6pYT|T0f, oy, (Svo*-, dfrfiM) ^Unropyoe, 

twr-opyo%, oy, (8v<r-, bpyfi) quick to anger. 

8v(r-op|M>t, oy, with bad anchorage, IX. •€!« 

irroo^ bbaopfJUH, gales that keep skips at anchor, 

Svcr-opvit, IBot, 6, ij, (Sbff-, 6pyts) bodmg SI. 

8v(r-6p4voMOt, a, oy, (fiwr-, 6p^yrf) dusky, 

dvaroa\Ua, ^,aniU stnell, ranJeness, From 

8vo^o<r|iOf, oy, (8v<r-, da/i^) iU-emeiBing. II. 

bad for scent. 

Svcr-o^ypurrot, oy, (Svo*-, obpi(af) driven on by a too 
faoourable wind, prospering utAappQy. 

8v9iKiOct», f. iiaoj, to suffer a hard fate, be ta aJSUt- 
lion. II. to be impatient, Lat. €pgreferre. 

StNT-iiaO^ is, {boa-, viOot) tmpoliaii of 
ing. II. har^y feeling, impassive. 

iiKT-irdXaiOTOf, or, (Sv^-, vHXaUa) hard to seresAs 
with, hard to conquer. 

8vcr-irdX&|u>f, oy, (fiiMr-, wHX&pof) hard io sirtsffgle 
with. II. hardly helping oneself, helpless: Adv. 


SiMT-irSX^ ^t, (bwr-, v6Xrj) hard io wreaOe wiA .* 
generally, hard, diffieuU, 

8tNr-trapdpXi|T0t, oy, (bvff-, 9apafi6\Xm) iAooM- 

Svcr-irapdpovXot, or, (Sv<r-, vopo, 0ouX^) hard to 
persuade, stubborn, 

Svcr-irapddiXicTOf, oy, (pvo-, napaBikyet) Jkard fo 
sootJie or assuage, 

8v<r-irapaXTr|TOt, or, {fivo-, wapatrioftai) hawd to 
move by prayer, inexorable, 

Stw-irdptwos, oy, (fivff-, irapA, sby^) Ul-matedL 

dw-irapifyfopot, oy, (Svo"-, wafnjyopim) hasvl to 
console or appease. 

StKT^irdpdtvot, 4» Cvtf't rrofBkyos) an ^adsofp^ 

AvoMr&pts, iSot, 6, {Zstff^ TSApts) HI omened, tlt> 
starred Paris. 

^vtr^mMfn, is, (bva-, wtlBo/sai) hardly oftryMip, 
se{f-4nl/^ stuliftom: t2{4ratf»«d. 

Svo^^irfiaTOf, oy, (fiwr-, wsi$s») hard to p er tm a d e ^ 

ivamiKatrros — iv<r(f>opos. 


S«r-«flU«rrot, or, (8vo'-, vtXd^w) dangeroui to 

Mo^n|MrTDt, or, (9o<r-, vifnw) hard to tend away. 

hf»-^wtfit^tXo%, oi^, (fivff-, vifi^) of the sea, rough, 
deraof : metapb. mde, diteowieouB, 

l<i ff- < t» 0( | » , is, (8va-, Wrtfot) brin^in^ tore affiie- 
IHM, qtieecnu. II. pan. mudli iamentod. 

fiw-v^TOt, or, (8v<r-, mp6M) hard to pau Ikrough, 

fiw-^wmit, ht {^uff-^ *wh'ejt Boot of viwrca) failing 
mt iB, griaemu, difieuU. Ady. 8v0ir€T«M, Ion. -r^, 

8va^^r%aa¥TOt, or, (dvcr-, vjfftabw) fuU tfgrkeouB 

Soo^^idM|t, it, (dvo'-, «{rof ) ifTiuiUd. 

Mv-irX&vof, or, (dtwr-, irX^^) toomlerin^^ tn miiefy. 

BwvXala, i), d^tully cf tailing. From 

Swr-irXoot, or, (Smr-, vX^) bad/or tailing. 

€«r-vXttrrDt, or, « Hawkoo: 

iwwou&, 1^ diffievUjf of 6realMn^. From 

Wo^'woot, or, contr. iivovt, our, {9»<r-, wriea) teant 
if trraih, breaOdets. II. ui^ to breoAe. III. 

nW Svtfwrooi eontrory winds. 

htv-m^Xfyitfrot, or, (Pwr~, wokt/Uw) hard to wtr 

Svr-'ir&Xsaot, or, wduel^ in war. 

8«v-««AMpin|TOt, or, {<Bwr-, noXiopiilta) hard to 

ftw-voWp, h, (8v<r-, vorSv) toilsome. 

Bwg -«6 i>i fi 'o t , or, {iva-, woritf) ha/rd-wmed, II. 
MtgtMjtoil and trouble. 

iiv^mfO% or, toUtome, tDearitome, 

^w<«6p«VT0t, or, {dvo-, woptifOfMOi) hard to pott. 

Svo'-^vopia, 1^, d^fiatUff <^ patting. From 

Mv.iropos, or, hard to pat$, acaree pattable, 

Sw-^voTftot, or, unhtely, iO-ttarred. Adv. Svoir^ 
r^wt, wmendiy. 

Svo'-voTos, or, (5v(r-, vor^r) hard to drink, «n- 

Sw-^ip&Y^ f- 4^^* (2^-* ir^cryot) to fare iU. 
Swr-'Vpa|Ca, i), (9v7-, vpdaaof) ill Bueeett, ill luek. 
t wr^ a p ft tot , or, (Simt-, wfupiatcoi) hard to tell, 
8vowii|Mw4a, ^t, (8vff-, rrpim}) late, uneeemly, 
htv-^mpSapofrot, or, {Una-, wpofffiabw) hard to 
^fnaeh, tearee aeeettibie. 

(iw-«p6<rD8os, or, (fiwr~, 'wp6aoM) hard to get ai. 
Iw-^p^oourrofl, or, (Jknx-, vpoaolatt fut. of wpoa- 
iifm) hard to deoi or boar with, morote. 
W-«p6vo«Tot, or, {JBwx-, wpoa^i/foiim t, of wpoc- 
tftm) bad to look on: of Hi atptd. 
I w tf^wi af XttOTOt, or, (bva-, vpoovcA4i(w) hard 

^tv-mpiawimg, or, (9ua-, wp6<rtnror) of ill aeped. 
hiw-ptm, or, (Svo>, fiiyot) unable to bear cold. 
tell WHO, ^^, unpidy : a charge cf impiety : and 
^nu^im^f.^09,tobe impiout: to act ia^pumtly. From 

8tNr-9«Mt, U, (9v<r~, oi$ofuu) vngodly, impiout. 

8voxnp((&, poet, for bvao4$etcL 

8v(r-croot, or, {bva~, o6f{of) hard to tave, ruined, 
Lat. perdilut : rd biaaoa the roguet. 

SvoMr&Xat, euro, dr : gen. drot, airrit, orot : (JW-, 
rdkat): very wreteJied, mott miterable. 

Svcrrdvof, Dor. for titorrp^ot. 

9v(r^4ic|iapTOS, or, (800--, rtMpaHpopaA) hard to eot^ 
jeeture : dark, riddling. 

8v(r-Tficvot, 0¥, (bwr-, riieror) unhappy in one's 

8tKr^ripirf|f,^f, (dv<r-, W^vw) ilbplleating,ditpleating. 

8vaTi|Vot, or, wrek^hed, unheq^, wtfortunaU. II. 
like Jjai.miaer,wr€lehtd,proJUgate. (Deriv. uicertain.) 

SiKT'^X^ftAMT, or, gen. orot, (Pvff-, rk/jfiwr) miffer' 
ing evH, wretched. 

8vo''^Xt|T0t, or, (jUvff-, rX^roi) hard to endure. 

Sutr-TOiMvt, ion,6, (8vo-, rotcM) an unhappy parent, 

Zvcrrotckt, t, •fjam, to hone a hard birih. From 

Svo^TONOt, or, (dvcr-, rcKcrr) brmging forth with pain, 

8voTO|t4c», f. ^aot, to tpeak evU of. From 

8v-irTO|Aos, or, (JSwr-, orSfia) of a hone, hard' 
mouthed. 2. evil-qteaking, 

Sv^OTOvof, or, (bwr~, oriroi) lamentable. 

dva-T^mojirrot, or, (bva-, roird(ai) hard to guett. 

8iMrT6x<Mrrot, or, {bvo^, arox^iopai) hard to hit 

Svo^^rpdtrcjot, or, (Svo'-, rp6,we(a)fed on horrid food, 

8vo'-Tpdir«Xof, or, {bvo-, rpiim) hard to turn: 
etubbom, unmanageable. Ady. -km, awkwardly. 

Svo'-^rpoirot, or, {bua-, rphm) hard to turn or d^ 
reet: ttubbom, wayitard. 

Svori^x^^t f* i^o'A' * pf* be^utrrifxijtff^ ' (bwrrvxit). 
To be unlucky, unhappy : of things, tofaU. Hence 

tvarioi'WA, oro9, t6, a mitehance, a failure, 

&vo^T^<qf, 49, (diKT-, rOxi?) unlucky, wtfortunate. 
Adv. -x»*. Hence 

8vfr^H)xCa, 1), HI htek, HI fortune. 

Smt^IAOS, Dor. for bba-^ftot. 

hva'^s}ro9, or, (fiuo-, ^pi) hard to tdl, untpeak- 
abU, horribie, Lat. infandut, 

8tNr^|Utt, f. iffoof, (fi{f0^fi09) to tpeak evU wordt : 
esp. worde of HI omen. II. trans, to tpeak HI </, 

blatpheme, elander. Hence 

8v(r^|iia, 4t 01^ language : esp. wcrdt cf HI omen, 

80a^-4^|&ot, or, (8vo-, <p^pri) of HI omen, bod- 
ing. II. elanderoue. 

Svo'-^lX'^ 49, (Iva-, ^k4ca) hatful. 

StNT^opitt, f. ffaof, (b{ro<popo9) to bear HI, to be 
grieved, Lat. (ngr^ferre; to be ^Uteontented. Henoe 

Svo^piITOt, or, hard to bear, 

Zvo'-^p^'Yi, iyyo9, 6, 1), tU tutted to the lyre, mourn-' 
ful, melaneholy. 

Svo^^pot, or, (bvO", ^4pt)) hard to bear, intuffet' 
able, grievout. Adv. -pan, bwr^pott ix^ir to be in- 
tcierable, 2, moving with difficulty, daw of mtiUan, 


hxnf>p6v»s — bmbtKirris. 

8vor^p6va»t, AdT. at9b^pon^,fooluikly, 

8tNr^poavvT|, i), onseMy, eare. From 

96<r-4p«»v, or, gen. oro$t (Hwr-, <pp^) tadt $omm- 
fid. II. iXUHtpoted^ hoetOe, III. aensdem. 

Stxr^^XoKTOt, ov, (Svtr-, ^uA^^Utf) hard to watch 
or iExvp. II. hard to keep o^. 

lo wMne^ a hard eoi^quett, 

€vo^€(p«»rot, ov, (8vo^, X^^) A<i^ <o mifdae. 

SvoxcpoCvw, fot. &w, (o hear wUh a bad groM, Lat. 
cegriferre : to be dfoeonMed, diapteaaed, II. (o 

fniofte a thing hard, to maJbe diffieuUiee: fi^/Mara Hwrxf- 
p&narra (aor. i part) vexaUout words : — and 

9vaxipiia, ij, difieaUy. II. awnoffomeey trcfUr 

Ue, a. of peiBona, peevithneaB, imtmper, moroK' 

na$. From 

^^'^X^P^** ^'* (9v9-t X^p) ^*o^ to manage: on- 
fioytn^, «mplea«aii<, troiiUe»om«. a. of penons, 

peevUh, UUempered : — Adr, -pSkt hwrxfpSn ix»^ to 
be annoyed. 

tOa-x^un, or, (from 9va-, aa fuXAyxifiot from fU- 
Xa$) trouhleeome^ dangeroui,fearfu!. 

SvoxXoivCo, 4, fiMon, tcaniy dcOUng. Vrom. 

^vir-%kaL}fc% or, (9va-, x^^^ *^ f^^' 

Svcr-xopTOf, Of, iUrWipplied with food, 

i^-Xp'Timt, or, {9va-, xp^M"^) ^*^f^ ^ uee, in- 
eomtement: intraelMe. 

8v<r-x«»pCa, 4, {^wr-, XP^poi) dijB^cuU grovmd, 

8vohMW|«, ft, (diMr-, S(ca) HUtmHling, 

StNT-^Slvof, or, (Smr-, ^k) eatwtii{^ grieama pcmge. 

Sva«»vlc0, f. 4^01, to beat down ihe price, dieapen. 

8v<r-4vT|s, ov, 6, (9va-, hrhpui) one who baye with 
difficvUy, a hard oaatomer. 

8tNr-^v9|&of, or, (9wr-, Sro/ta) bearing a name of CI 
omen, such as AtoM. 

Zw-ioirin, f . ^aof, (Svo*-, Af/) to put a permm ewt of 
cowUenanee, to be importunate: — Ttm. to be oAamed, 
Oiy, timid. 

8vo'-c9p^|iai, f. ^aofiai : Dep. : (8wr-, ^poe) : — to 
hen a trouNeeome, painful wateh. 

Svo'-Mpot, or, {hfo-, &pa) UMeaeonatle. 

tOrt, 2 pi. aor. a imperat. of 9iw, 

8^iTT|f , ov, 6, (S(wtf) a diver. 

hvt». Ion. for bbo, two. 

ATA, fht. 8(f<nu (v] : aor. i act. IM/oo, paai. iM- 
$rfv [ifj : — Med. 9iofUu : Impf. iMfnp^ : ftit. Utaofim 
[D] : aor. i ISOcrd/n^, with £p. forme kUtato, iHfat- 
TO, imperat. SCktco : 9va6pttro9 is used as part. pres. : 
also intrans., perf. 9490Ka : aor. a ^8Dr, imperat. SC^c, 
8vrc, enbj. b{io), part. Mt, inf. d&neu. 

Trans., Lat. tn-chio, to jml clothes on, don them 
oneself^ or put them on another: metaph., el p^ airy* 
9baeai 6hjdfpf if thoa wilt not put on strength. a. 
of Places, to enter, make one** way into; 9irai icSkwor 
$akiffaij9 to tbnk into the lap of ocean; «dXc/ior 80^ 

rat and 9h <ma^ tophmgeinio the fight; fan^m^pn 

Sifaaff$ai to go in among the suitors. 3. to 

over or upon, M&paroe yna S^Ssurc 

upon his limbs; Kpartpfi k Xitoca 94Swc« 

came over him. n. intransltn to 

in, 2. to dive, 3. to isC, of tiie sun and 


dwh %msa, 6^al,Td, poet, for 8dl>8cim, imias. 

SuttSsKd-potoa, -8po|iot, -)&iprot, -rot, poet, foa 
SaiScdl^oios^ etc 

8<»iiamaiMog( ^ifrpot, or, (9itm mi sfkoen, fnhpnr) 
holding two e md twen ^ moawurat. 

8vtt0icaMMcoo{-in|xvt, v, (9iw itai cdwoiu v^x**) 
ll0«Nty-llPO ciiftAs toN^. 

8A, T($, Ep. shcntened form fbr 9&pa, only in nam. 
and ace. Also as plm*. for 9i»partu 

8A, I sing. aor. a act snbj. cf SHw/u : 8^ 3 sing. 


84-8«ca, ol,al,r&, (9bo, Uica) twelve. 

8»8«cd-6oiot, or, (Sdudcm, ^oSt) worth tmehe hmnm, 
poet. 8tMtfo<«dH3o<ot. 

SiiSacd'^yvafMrrof, or, (MrilMa, 7in^(^arr«») dortfiaeiBtf 
times : MieMdyrofiwror rippa the post ihai ham hem 
doubled twdve times. 

8c08«cA8-apxot, 6, (8dtf8c«a,d/yxw) a leader of twiim. 

8o98«ic4-8pouos, or, running the eoune twelve fimm: 
poet ^ueadeKOripofMe. 

8«i8«c-d«0Xot, or, conqueror in twelve e ontetle . 

SfitfSocorrrfjt, ^t, (8^«a, iros) cf twelve years;— 
but, 8«»8€Karn|«, ov, ^, (msIm years old. 

8o8«cdiat, Adv., (SdiMBcaa) fiMtoe timee. 

8tt8<K4-icpoiwot, or, trieft fcoeltv spriays. 

8(D8<K4-Xlvot, or, {Mieica, Xiror) nf twdoe tktaeide, 

8i08sM&-|iT|vot, or, {jMtica, pipf) of taeioe man/Qw : 
poet 8iw8c«d^fiipot, ftwifr« imm^ oU. 

SfiaSsKO-t&i^&vot, or, (&U)«mri, /htxo'^) 
twdve ante. 

8tt8<KAp|iOipo«, or, dieided into kvdve parte, 

8w8«icd-«tM«, muSot, 6, 1^ with tweioe ebUdren.. 

8M8sic4'«^&Xai, Adv., twdve timee long ago^ L e. 
$0 long ago. 

8ei8«icd^in|XVi, v, twdve euhits long. 

SttSsicd-^roXia, t, gen. tot, formed </ toelm 

SfltfSsicAt, <uiot, 1), (&&8cjm) tibs iMMMfter lisiine.- • 
number of twdve : adoeen. 

8ao8<NdU<ncaX|M>f, or^ iieetoe-oarfli. 

SttSticd-incOTOt, or, oMMfe </ Cteetoe diferad oeiomnd 
pieces tf leather. 

ScoSfKaTotot, a, or, (MrScaa) on As (uel^ dbyr 
poet. 8w08«Kanuoi, (tesltw (toys dd. From 

8u8^ic(vrot, 17, or, (Miexa) the twelfth. 

ScoSsR^r^oXot, or, (adUkwo, ^wXl)) of fwaiae irjto: 
t6 9w9mAipv?imf the twdve tribes of Israel. 

8«i8SK-m|f, ovt, d, {S&9eiea, Irot) taetoe yoone «U : 
fiun. ww'SH-^nSy toot, i^. 

Ao^mmi — iap6s. 


A u M n ^ 4, Lcdtma, a town in Tbefprotia, ibe seat 
of ft Teiy early oracle. 
Zmf^ t^QOs £p* for 9ft ^ tang. aor. 3 sobj. of 8^ 

hf^. Iff, If, 6a 9ciifif, aor. a opt of ItfSvfu. 
MM, £p. fir ISmpc, 3 dng. aor. i of iUiotfu, 
ZQXo% Dor. for 3ovXoc. 

Sflfio, aroc, r^» (3^/m») a Aowae, dtoeSin^. 11. a 

fmt €f Ae kmtee, a chamber, room. III. a houte, 

tw(^6fnav, r6. Dim. of SufUL, 
SiijiATinit, ov, ^ : &m. -Crit, c8ot, 4 ^ (^/w) : ^t 
Moa^M^lo tJb0 AoiiM or AoiueAoId. 
t t ya i T O ^^topfc*, £ 4^w, (8v/<a, ^c^/w) lo niia Aouie 

8iiaiT6<i, £. &av, (8w/ia) (o Aoiim. 

BuJiAm and SmiAofim , (8^fui») to 6iU7i. 

6a*of, Dor. for 8m^, 8ov»ti(. 

tto|Mv, Ep. for 8»/tfy, i pi. aor. 2 aubj. of iiioa/u. 

Sapid, Ion. 8«pt^ i), a gifU preami : — Ace. Scupcdr, 
md ai Adr., a$ a free ^<./ree^, Lat. (^otii: hence 
mdmavedfy, m com. Ftom 

S up fa, C ifiray : or 8«»p4otftai, Dep., f. ii<ro/Mu. To 
fim,fnaemi: topreeent one wilii, Lat. done. Hence 

Myyni orot, r^, that wkkh ii gwen, a gift. 

tMpi|fr6t» if, ^, (Sv^) open to gifte or preaente, to 
hi tfpmttd iff gipt. H.fredg given, 

Lm^nAlm, f. 6am,^AnfA(iK, 

iam, 6, {^poe) a Dorian: in plnr. the Do- 

A«p(tM, D<v. AMpCoSw : 1 (tf« : (Aw^. To tini- 
W0 Oe Doriane, a. to ipeaJk I>orie fifreeiL 3. to 
^mVkea Dorian gWL 

Adpiot, o, or, (Atfpot) i>oriaii. 

A«0s, (Sot, i>, (Aw^) fem. Adij., DoruM: i. 

(mb. Y^X tie i>orMm land, L e. Pe^qponaema. a. 

(lib. m^), a Dorian knife need at ■aorifioet. 

AiipMaif, Dor. for Aoapi^uv, 

A ay ^ g g ii , Dor. for Aoapl(af. 

AnpurrC (AAfiot) Adv., ta Dorian fatkion, 

tayoBoatai^ £, ^w, (8ci;/io8^«ot) to oecepi of a jnv- 
Mii, (0 taiiB at a bribe : — FtM, to have a bribe given 
nm: c aoo^ to reeeim a» a bribe. Hence 

tlMpo86rma, orot, r^, a frrAe. 

Bmm8aaHUiC , Adv., (SofpoboieUf) in br^terp faehion, 
vifli allnrion to the Doriana. 

IhpBBoafu, 1^, {Scapodoiciw) a taking ef bribee, open- 
I to ono0y. 

or, (l&pao, bkxoiuu) taking preeenU or 

^e B6 1 Ml, or,^, (tetpow, 9ilbe$fu) a giver t^preeente. 

ttpov, rb, (d^fu) a gifU preeeni : a votive offering 
teagod: afi^Mvr^/tooforfrom tbegoda. II. 

> «po 4 ^yt . or, (Ictf^or, ^dYcTi^) dfvoirm^ ^j^ 
f^eig ef preaenU. 

^fpo^^pim^tiicmttobriagprevenUotbribee. From 

&*po-4^pos, or, (P&poy, ^pet) bringing preeenie: 
benoe (ributory. 

SMpvrrofuu, Dor. for b«p4o/Mi. 

wg, ^, Lat. do0, s: b6ai9, <m\j in nom. 

Sttortiiw, Defliderat. of ^botfu, to be ready to give, 

fi«Kr^|Mvai, --4|Mv, £p. for S^ktci v, fat. IniE!. <rf bibotfu, 

SoNri-SlKot, OK, (S^fM, bieri) giving onevdf tip to 
jiuiiee, abiding by a tentence, 

8ftKr6v, Dor. for fidMrair, fut. act. part, of blbMfu, 

Smt^, fipo9, 6, (bibotfu) a giver, 

8^aTi|C ov, ^, rare form for fbreg. 

5QiTlvdt«0, f . d^ttf, to rweuv preKnto. From 

8«n{vi|, 4* C^&^A'*) a ^1, prewnt; ace. barriyriy, aa 
Adv., Of a free gift, freely, like da;/>c4&r. \t] 

B^ynep, opoe, b^'^borriip. 

S^M, Ep. for bSi, aor. a Bubj. of HiSw/u, 


E, i, ^ i|aX6v, the fifth letter of the Or. alphabet: 
aa numeral c' ^ •wirrt and w4/jarro9, ^c <=: 5000. When 
in the arohonahip of Euclidei (B. C. 403) the Athe- 
niana adopted 17 from the Samian alphabet, the 
Gramm. introduced the name of $ ^tX3r, c without 
the tupkrate, because E waa one way of writing the 
roQgh breathing. 

f, /itm-, her', or it-^f, etc., Lai. ee, ace. sing, and 
plnr. refleziTe Pron. of 3d penu, without nominat., 
and always enclitic. A rarer Ep. form is fc, never 
enclitic. II. without reflexive sense, for o^^r, 

oMfw, ain6, khn, her, iL 

Id, exclam. of wonder or displeasure : Lat. vohl 

Id, for cZo, 3 sing. impf. of tiuu. 

Id, Ion. for j)k ; I sing, imperf. of c2/il, I toae. In 
Ion. prose also a sing, lot and a plur. tikr*. 

4^ lengthd. Ep. id^i, 3 sing. pros, of kiai inf. 
ha¥, Ep. Uuof, 

ldYa^ perf . of irfntpi with pass, signfl 

I4y«|v, aor. a pass, of dyrvfu, [d] 

l&Sa, per£ of dr&irw, part. 4dM», ^ot. 

IdSov, aor. a of dK&bw. 

4dXi| or IdXii, 3 sing. aor. a pass, of uXw, [d] 

ldX«oKa perf., IdXitv [^ aor. a a£ Axiaitofuu, 

Idv, CoDJ. (strictly cl ok), if, if eo be (hat, in eaee 
that, followed by Subjunctive, whereas c2 is followed 
by Indie, and Optat. Homer uses for it cc «c or df 
tt€ : the Att. eontract it into 4J¥ and dr. II. with 
Verbs of seeing and inquiring, it answers to Lat. <m, 
our tf, whether, cif&weg Idr huiafbv f see (f or whether 
it be enough. III. Idr moI even if, granting that; 

Mr fi/f if not, except, wnleee; Mr dpa itij if perhaps 
not. TV, after rdat. Pronouns and Particles idy 
stands for dy, e.g. b$ Mr whoeoever, Swov Mr lo&ereso- 
ever, but only in very late writers. 

Mr^, r^, V. sq. 

Idv6t, 4, ^r, (evrD/tt) used of all things >it/orpu(- 


ivir<pp6v(as — diodeic^s. 

8vor^p6va»t, AdT. aSUt^ponf^fooUakiy. 

Svcr^pooilin), i), anapfafy, oore. From 

SipovH^pMv, ov, gen. aro9, (dv<r-, ^p^) 0a<7, mttov- 
fvl, II. iO-diapomd, hodUe, III. smmieBt. 

Suo^^^iXaicTOt, ov, (Svo--, ^uA^dw) Aonl to wotcA 
or iExvp. II. hard to keep o^. 

lo subdue^ a hard cai^qwH, 

twr^dpwro% ov, (8v(r>-, X^^) A<i^ to wMae. 

SvoxcpoCvw, fut. &w, to hear wUh a bad graeey, Lat. 
cegriftrrt: to 5« cttseoiiMeel, dUpleated. II. to 

fniofte a UUng hard, to make diJfieuUieB; fiff/jura 9wrx^ 
piporra (aor. i port.) vexat/kmi words :— -and 

Ouox^pMK i), diffhiUy. II. aimoy(iii«0, Irou^ 

5fe. a. of penons, jMiev&aAncM, iB-len^Mr, iiiorMe> 

IMM. Fimn 

^^'v^X^P^** ^* Cvcr-t X^p) ^<>'^ to fnona^: on- 
noying, unpleamnl, trovibiefome. a. of penons, 

peivith, Hm^mpered: — Adv, -pSk, 9wTXfpSM ix^^ ^ 
be annoyed. 

SvoxtfMf , owt (from dvo'-, ai fuK&jxipon from /i^ 
Aos) troublesome^ dangeroM,feafftd. 

StMrxXcuvCo, i), fMcm, teaniy dothing. From 

Sva-xXaivot, ok, (Jwo*-, x^cuVa) tB «lod. 

S^-X^P^^^ o'^* (li-^applied with food. 

StMr-xptioTOf, ov, (8v(r-, xp^M'") ^*^ ^ u'^ ^^^ 
eonvenient: introetoUe. 

8v<r-x«»p^ i)t (Smt-, wpoe) d^ficvU (pround. 

l^uo^-^Slvof, or, (Smr-, ^v) eettwtnt^ ^rieroiu pangs. 

8tKrbiv(o», f. i^ffoi, to heat down the pricey cheapen. 

8v<r-4vT|S, ov, 6, (diw-, in^iopai) one who bvys wUh 
difficulty, a hard eoMomer. 

8tKr-^v0|&of, or, (j/hMT^, Si^pa) hearing a name of tZZ 
omm, such as Afot. 

Svff-^i^iai, f . ^crw, (Svo*-, ^) to jml a per s o n cmt of 
eowUenanee, to he importunate: — Tsm. to he ashamedy 
thy, timid. 

i\KrM0ph\Lax, f. ^ffopai : Dep. : (8wr-, c&pos) : — to 
heep a troublesome, painful watch. 

8vo'-a>pofl, w, (Svcr-, 6/ni) ttnteasonaife. 

SOrf , a pi. aor. a imperat of hibet. 

86Ti|f, ov, 6, {Mm) a diver, 

8vw, Ion. for 860, (tn>. 

h!t*ti, fht. 86ffw [9] : aor. i act. ISGtfO, pass. I8&- 
0f}[v \p] : — Med. 9boftm : impf. IMpofy : ftit. Mfaopai 
[C] : aor. i ISO^d/o^, with £p. forms IUmtso, Met- 
ro, imperat. 80(rco : 9va6/Mttfes Is used as part. pre*. : 
also intrans., perf. 9490im : aor. a fSOv, imperat. Sv^c, 
8vrc, subj. hiHu, part. S&t, inf. d&reu. 

Trans., Lat. w-duo, to put clothes on, don them 
oneself, or|w< them on another: metaph., el p^ airft 
SCrffccu dX/K^ if thoQ wilt not ^ on strength. 2. 
of Places, to enter, make one*s way into; 9iiai k6Kwov 
$akiff<njs to sink into the lap of ocean ; w6Ksptoy 9B- 

vat Bnd 9h<me^ to ptunge into ih» fight; fonforiipag 
bbaae^ai to go in among the suitors. 3. to eosM 

over at vpon, mi^naro* Toici Mshtc weariness ca«s 
upon his limbs; icpartpfi k XiMraa 9^8v«€ madnesa 
caime ewer him. n. intransit., to ssaJb 

in, 2. to dive, 3. to isC, of tiie son and 


8u4-8sica, o(,ol,Td, poSt» for 8dl>8cim, iMfoe. 

SuttSsKd-potoa, -8po|iot, -)&T|vot, -rot, poet, fio* 
dfl08fiedi3ouMi» etc 

SuMeoisucooi-fMTpotf or, (8(i«v mi^ sfkoen, ptSrrpm) 
hiAding two-an dtw m Uy moasurat. 

SvtNcoMUCOffC-iniXVf, v, (pbo> tcai tUoffi, wifX**) 
li0«Nty-liPo <mMs toN^. 

8A, r^, Ep. shortened form for i&pa, only in nan. 
and ace. Also as plnr. for iitpareu 

8A, I sing. aor. a act subj. <k Uioffm : 8^ 5 aing. 

84-8«ca, ol,al,r&, (Sbo, diita) taetoe. 

8w8<Kd-|3oiOf, oy, (8ai8c«a, ^oSt) worth tweUe 
poet. 8vai8€«dU^o<ot. 

SiiSacd'^yvafMrrof, oy, {Mkma, ypAfonai) bent 
times : Mhtiajyafiimnf rippa tiie post that has 
doubled twelve times. 

SstSocdB-opxot, 6, (AMjro, dpx"") ^ leader of 1 

8fl08«ic4-8poiiOf, ov, running the course itretoe ctaMs; 
poet. Hue^isKi-lipofMS. 

8ci8cK-di6Aot, or, congusror tn twelve emiteets. 

8c08«icar«rf|t, 4s, {<Mtiea, iros) of twelve years.- — 
but, 8u8«icaiTi|t, ov, 6, tw^ve years dd, 

SoSskAiois, Adv., {(M^ca) twelve times. 

8tt8<K4-icpowot, or, wUh twelve springs. 

8(d8<k4-XIvos, or, {Meica, hJbwy) of tweloe 

8i08sM&-|iT|vot, ov, (p&fkiea, pifpf) of tsodce 
poet. 8iw8c«d^fiipot, tweke monAs otd. 

8a>8«ic(»-|Ujx&vot, ov, {JMetca, mC!«^) 
twelve arts. 

8a>8fK4fu>ipOf, ov, divided into twelve parts. 

8o>8cN4-irM«, muSot, 6, ^^, with twelve children^ 

SttScfcdMrttXai, Adv^ twelve times long ago^ i. e. 
so long ago, 

8ti8«icd^in|Xvi, v, twelm embite long. 

ScttSsHdriroXia, 1, gen. cot, formed of twebm 

SciSsK-^ifXnt* ov, 6, ~ MUm-oflxo^ 

hv>Bwc6,%, ibos, ^, (bdiUica) the 
number of twelve : a dosen. 

SwSm6if^ntaXpje% ov, twetoe-oared. 

SMSsKdr^ncOrot, ov, made of twelve different cntomrtd 
pieces of leather. 

8o8«ico/raSot, a, ov, (M»8Ma) on the tts^O^ ^^^ 
poet. hwdsMoratos, twdve days old. From 

6fMnaiv%, fj, ov, (jMeiea) the twe^. 

ScoSsR^r^oXot, ov, (ftbdcMo, ^fuX^) cf ttutm •Hbm: 
r6 5fti0cw4^«Aor the twelve tribes of IsraeL 

8«i8sK-m|f, ovt, 6, (Meiea, hvs) twdve fearm Wal : 
fern. 8i90'SH-4TiSf tSos, 1^* 

AbMuni — iap6s. 


AmUfny 4. Dcdtma, a town in Theipratk, ibe seat 
of ft Tery early oracle. 
84g, 8^i|ov £p- &>^ V> 3 >u^* ^or. a sobj. of H- 

hft(r, ij$,ff,ioit hohpf, aor. a opt of 9i9oifu. 
MM, Ep. ftr iSwM, 3 alng. aor. i of Hiioffu. 
ZQXo% Dor. for AovXot. 

8fl|ui, orot, r^, (3^/m») a houae, dwtUing. 11. a 

fmt if the botue^ a chamber, room. III. a Aouae, 

tiyAn^ov, r6. Dim. of Su/io. 
SnjufTinit, ov, 6 : fern. -Snt, <8ot, ^ : (fu/m) : qf, 
idoifimg to Ute hoiue or koutekaid. 
t t ya i T O ^#opfc>, 1 4(rw, (8v/<a, f^/w) lo niia Aouie 

8iiaiT6<i, 1 ^«, (2w/ia) Co iouae. 

l&fAm and 8<»tiAonm, (8^/«ty) to ImUd, 

BAvof. Dor. lor 8<Sni£, i6wa(, 

tto|Mv, Ep. lor 8w/tfy, i pi. aor. a labj. of iUcafu. 

Sapid, Ion. 8«ft^ i), a ^1, jpreteni : — Ace. 8»/>c<iy, 
iBid ai Adr., as a/rte g^/rtdy, Lat. (^otii; hence 
i^wni-BJ^, fa fom. Fhun 

Sap fa, f. i7^fl0 : or tnpio^Mi, Dep., f. l)o'0|iat. To 
fm^fraaU: topretait one with, Lat. dono. Hence 

Bdfnyto, arofl, r6, that which i$ givm, a gift. 

tMpi|fr6t» ii, ^, (Sv^) open (o ^(^ or ^wviento, to 
k i^Bpaniirf fry gijlt. II. /rwJy (^tom. 

AapiA{«>, f. 6am,*^Aufi,iK. 

I«t, ^ (Aw^) a Dorian: in plnr. (Ac Do- 

AapCt«,Dor.AMpC(rSfii: f.£<rai: (Aw^. Totmi- 
We Oe DorianB, a. to ipeaJk I>or»e Groeku 3. to 
Aw life a Artel ptH. 

AdpMt, o, or, (Awpot) JDorion. 

AapU, (Sot, 1^, (^^) fem- A^j^ Dorian : i. 

(mb. Y$), ike Dorian land, i. e. PeUjpormemt$. a. 

(Bib. m^), a Dorian hn^e ined at laorifices. 

AiipMaif, Dor. £Dr A»pl(tir. 

Aay^ggii, Dor. for A»pi(u. 

AapmiC (^^po*) Adv., ta Dorian faihian, 

lnpoBoaiia, £. ^w, (8v/io8^«ot) to oeoepi a« a jnv- 
Hii, to taiiB at a hr&e : — Ftm. to have a bribe given 
mt: cmoo^ to receive ae a bribe. Hence 

Sapo86rma, orot, t6, a bribe. 

B n ptt8eaHUiC , Adr., {SvpodoMdet) in brSfery faehion, 
vifli aUision to the Doriani. 

IhpnBoafM, ^^, (fivpodote4w) a taking qf bribee, open- 
I to ono0y« 

or, (Sv^or, S^x^lM^) '^''^ proMito or 

W po 8 6 1 Hi , ow, ^, iP&poiw, Hiidmfu) a giver cfpreteate. 

Mpov, r6, (ZiZotiu) a gift, pntini : a votive offering 
^^fod: iSfpaiHofvgifle ik or iroBiihibgodB. U. 

W pe ^ yo * * ^* (Supor, ^Ayt ly) devoming gifts, 
peeig ef pnwenie, 

lapB^iiplw^ £. iicm, to bring fretenU or hribee. From 

&*po-46pos, or, (P&poy, ^pet) bringing preeenie: 
hence tWbtUory. 

SMpvrrofuu, Dor. for Hvpio/tai. 

hwg, ^, Lat. doe,^^(ri», onlj in nom. 

8ttom«», Dedderat. of 0l&^fu, to be ready to give, 

fi«Kr^|Mvai, ~4|Mv, £p. for ddMxeiv, fat, ixif. of diSu/u. 

SoNri-SlKot, ov, {USufu, 8^) giving aniuiif up to 
Jnttiee, abiding by a ientenee. 

8ftKr6v, Dor. for SdMran^, fut. act. part, of biScafu. 

SttT^p, ijpot, 6, {biSoffu) a giver, 

8<laTi|C ov, d, rare form for fbreg. 

8«rrtvd{tt, f . iaw, to receive presents. From 

8«n{vi|, 1), (d^Sotffu) a i/ifi, present: ace. Sonitmiy, aa 
Adv., as a /ree gift, freely, like da;/>c4&r. [2] 

S^M, £p. for 8£, aor. a subj. of 8^fu. 


E, i. ^ 4nX6v, the fifth letter of the Or. alphabet: 
aa numeral (' — irirrt and w^firroe, e ^^ 5000. When 
in the archonship of Euclidea (B. C. 403) the Athe- 
nians adopted 17 from the Samian alphabet, the 
Gramm. introduced the name of $ tlfi\6v, c withoiU 
the aspirate, because E was one way of writing the 
rough breathing. 

t, him-, her-, or it^f, etc., Lai. se, ace. sing, and 
plur. reflexive Pron. of 3d pers., without nominat., 
and always enclitic. A rarer Ep. form is fc, never 
enclitic. II. without reflexive sense, for aJbr6v, 

oMfV, ain6, him, her, iL 

Id, exclam. of wonder or displeasure : Lat. vahl 

Ul, for cZo, 3 sing. impf. of tiea. 

Id, Ion. for j)r ; i sing, imperf. of tlfd, I was. In 
Ion. prose also a sing, lot and a plur. Idrc. 

1^ lengthd. £p. id^i, 3 sing. pres. of i6oi: inf. 
idv, Ep. i6ay, 

ld'ya^ perf. otdyrvfu with pass. sign£ 

U^Yff, aor. a pass, of dyrvfu, [d] 

l&Sa, per£ of dr&irw, part. Id&», irot, 

IdSov, aor. a of 6vb6vw, 

IdXi) or ldXi|, 3 sing. aor. a pass, of stXat, [d] 

IdXuMca perf., IdXitv [^ aor. a ai AXiaico/tai. 

Idv, Couj. (strictly cl dtf), tf, if so be that, in case 
that, followed by Subjunctive, whereas c{ is followed 
by Indie, and Optat. Homer uses for it tt h€ or at 
M€ : the Att. contract it into ^r and dr. II. with 
Verbs of seeing and inquiring, it answers to Lat. an, 
our if, whether, aif&nsi Idr buufbv f see %f or i^tether 
it be enough. III. Idr Mai even if, granting that; 

i^ fi/f if not, except, unless; 4dr dpa Jjcfi if perhaps 
not, lY. after re^. Pronouns and Particles lar 

stands for 6y, e.g. dt kiof whosoever, twov i&v vshereso' 
ever, but only in veiy late writers. 

Iav6v, r6, v. sq. 

I&v6t, 1}, 6v, (lyrD/tt) used of aU thmgs^/or jwi- 


lofa — iyywjrcfy. 

ting on or wearing : and bo, generaUy, jine, ligU; la- 
ydt MOffclrtpot tin (eoi oui tAtn, a^ made fit for 
wear, II. hence aa Subat^ rd kty^v (sub. cffia 

or Ifuinov), a rich tkd/Mxibe, 

lafa for jj^o, aor. i of dyyv/u, 

"EAP, ^dpoff, later ctap, cfa^, contr. 4)p, 9^, r^, 
Lat. VEB, tpring, fapot w4ov IffrofUvoio in early 
eprmg : xnetaph. of any ikiitg early or /mft, (he prime 
or fird bloom of ,,, ye^wy (ap the first down on the 

lopt-Spdrrot, or, (fap^ iipiw) pUuked in tpring, 

4ap(to>, f. iiXM, (jieip) to pass (he $pring, 

4«&f>tv6t, Ep. ctapiv6tt Att. 4jpiv6t, ^, 6v: {iap): 
Lat. fwmtM, of or belonging to tpring, 

^opo-Tpa^tt ^t. {iapf rpi^) epring-nurtwed, 

l&ov, Ep. for eltri^ 3 plnr. of elfd. 

luTat, Ion. for ^vroi, 3 plnr. of Ij/Moi : iofro, for 

?>^0t 3 pl* impf. 

loTf, Ep. for frc, 3 pi. impf. of tlfd, 

iOrlos, a, ov, verb. Adj. of i&M, to be wffered: 
to be let alone. 

l-avToO, $t, ov, pi. lovTwr, etc. : Ion. ItmroO, 
etc. : Att. contr. abroO, etc. : (S, q. t., airrov) : Re- 
flexive Pron. of 3rd pen., qf himte^ft heraeHf, iUe^f, 

Ul^^, Ep. fbr ff^^f 3 sing. aor. I paas. of &wtw, 
M 5* dfffie ia^Sri his shield woe fattened, i. e. clung 
to him. 

"EA'A, poet aldw, clw ; impf. cfon^ : fot. I^w [d] : 
aor. I etdira, poet. l5(ra : pf. act. ttStea, pan. ^dfjuu. 
To lett Buffer, allow, permit : with notion of careleaa- 
nese, to leave akne. II. to let go, let alone, let be : 

heed not, 2, to Id alone, let be; $e6i r6 fiiv &iKrci, 
rd 8* i64ret he wHl give one thing, the other he will 
let alone, i.e. not give; kay X^P*^^ ^ ^ alone. III. 
Med. kiffOal rivi ri to give up a thing to another. 

{dwv, Ep. for kffcay, gen. plnr. of lut, 

tfiaXt, 3 ting. aor. 2 of fi<&\Xca, 

Ipdv, Ep. for i$ffoair, 3 plnr. aor. 2 of /iaivoi. 

ip8o|irAYfni)f , ov, 6, {kfii6psj, dyw) epith. of Apollo, 
to whom the Spartans offered aacriflcea on the eetfenth 
cf every mon(h, 

IpSojiMiiot, a, or, {ifiHofMt) on the eeoenth day. 

lp86|uiTos, or, (tfiBo/iot) Ute seventh. 

I'fJKovTa, of, o/, rd, (^wrd) indeclM Mt^oKy. 
ii|icovTar4{, eeventy'Six, 
i> i7> oi". (4imi) the eevenlh. U. ^ i0b^ 

/m (^jUfia), (he seventh day of the lunar month. 

«Bmvot, 17, 01^, of d)ony. From 

'dBBENOX, ij, (he Aony4ree, ebony. 
i;t, 17, aor. 2 of fiaSrof. 
yra, causal aor. I of fiaivu. 
ynro, Ep. for ifi^aaro, aor. I med. of fiaiw. 
aor. 2 otfitiet. 

ifk&aao, 2 sing. aor. I med. of fii6ca. 

ipXu^, iEol. and Ep. for ifiXdfitfffcar, 3 pi. aor. 
2 pass, of /9AdsToi. 

II. ftOTM 

tpkaarov, aor. i and 2 cifihaffr&iw. 
iwi|v, aor. 2 pass. of0\4wu. 
.ipr, Ep. aor. 2 pass, of /S^UAoi. 
^miv, aor. of 0obko/uu. 
IBPATOX, a Hebrew : 'EfiftvAt, iSot, fem. Ac^. 
(sub. dc^cirrot), the Hebrew dialect Hence 
'EppaXtrri, Adv., in (he Hebrew tongue. 
" _', aor. I pass, oi fiifipiicicoi. 
, aor. 2 of fiifipifOKw, 
contr. for Ifiirjaa, aor. I of /SotiM. 

a, or, also ly-YStot, or, (Ir, 7$) *'* <^ 
of (As /ofiJ, nat»0e. U. of property, in land, con- 

iy-yMa, {kv, yiyaa) Ep. perf. of iyylyvofMu. 

iy-ywnavrw^ 3 plur. aor. i subj. of lyyiyyo/aai in 
causal sense, to engender or breed in. 

ty-yeiot, see iyyeuos. 

fy-Y<Xd<mf|s, ov, 4, a mocker, seomer. From 

Iy-YsX^, f. doo/MU [A] : (Iv, ^cX^). To Untgh 
at, mock, jeer: c. dat : absol. to mock, jeer. 

^Y*Y*^^ ^'« C^*'* 7^ot) »n-6om, native: 
lyy€y€tt 6tot gods of (he raSk or eoimif^. 
of (he tame race, kindred, 

fy-YV)pdoica», itit. daoftai [d] : — to grow old tn, ■««■ 

fy-Y^YvofAai, Ion. and later lY-Y(vo|iat [Z] : Ibt 
lYTfi^ffo/Mu : {ly, ytyyofMOi) : Dep. To 6« jiroduonl 
in, ^roio tn .* to toibs i>2a«e, happen, ariee in, or 
amon^. II. to «ii(«rc«n«, jpoM. m. 17^ 

yiyverat, it is allowed, like i^tori. — See kyyetponrroi. 

IyyC{«a, f. laca, (iyyin) to bring near, II. iisn. 

intrans., to draw nigh, be at hand. 

ffyCfitfv, ov, Gomparat.; and lyTiffroc, 17, or, most 
freq. neut. pi. as Adv. (yyiara, Superl., of kyyim. 

iy-yXvavw, (Iv, ykviein) to have a eweet tatle. 

ly-ykii^, t, ifw, (Iv, 7X^00) toeutin, carve. 

iy-ykiafTTO-'r^imkw, f. ii<m, (Iv, y\&<roa, Hnrroal) to 
strike out with the tongue, to be always taOeing of. 

fY-Y^vof, 6, (Iv, 7^vot) a grandson : dfcendamt, 

l^ypij^, f. iffei, to mark in or on: topaint or write 
on : Med. and Pass, to have written on, iyyeypoftfai- 
yo9 r< having it written on ; as in Yirgil, inveripti no- 
mina. II. to en(er m fA« |ni6ft6 regieter, to tet down: 
also to tndicf. 

ly-Y^^fi^Wf f- f<v : {h, yitakov). To put oito one's 
Itands, grant infuJU, give to one's charge. 

kyyu6m : impf. ifyyitw : fat. I77vi70» : aor. t 1^ 
yhrioa : perf. lyy^^finiiea. To hand over at a pHodge^ 
to plight, betroth : to engage, promise: — ^Med. to phdge 
or plight oneae{f, to give a pledge : — ^Pass^ to be pU^ded 
or bdrothed: to accept at plighted huAand or ts^c 

^V'T^ *)* (^« 7vror) a puUing a pledge tn one's 
hand: hence generally, surety, security, bail. 

iyyvrfrfft, ov, 6, (kyyvAw) one who givea haU or 
security, a surety. 

<YYvirp^ 4, 6¥, (kyyviof) plighted, betro(hed. 

iyyiOtv — hfrnraakiKm. 


r, AdT., (^TT&t) /rom nigh ai hmd^ hard hy, 
n. of Time, nigh ai hand, 
hn^ (^TY^) AdT^ hard 6y, near, II. of 

Ite. migh at hand^ •oon, 
^efiboi%, im^ (^ry^) ^u^ fure^ or &aiL II. 

'ETTTS, Adv., of Place, tMor, mgh ai hand, abeol. 
or c gen. n. of Time, nigh ai hand, icon. III. 
of Nomben, nearly, TV, earning near, like, akin to, 
Conpaiat. kyfiwy, air, and iyyirrtpoe, a, o¥ ; Adv. I^- 
Ttrl^ nearer :— -Snperl. iyyiaroe and iTTCrroTot ; 
AdT. l yy fc i ara , oj near cm pouiUe. 

ifySmog, or, (Ik, Twrot) angidar, forming a righi 
Mfie; XOoi ir ro/tg kft^un itonee cut tijwurt, 

ipfimwifroMt £p. for IMnniaay, 3 pi. aor. I of 


IvrfAvtt, 3 nng. impf. of yeywfia. 
^h«w4iunf, caiual aor. i of yiyyofuu, to hegd, 
'ETETPXl, fui. Itc/w : aor. fyn/Ni : perf. act. ki^- 

l^fm, pt«. lyl^^ijac : £p. aor. 2 med. (in pan. 

tente) ^p6fapr, inf. kypiaiai : perl med. (in pan. 

*••*) ^phrp*(^ ^P* hififrp>pBa '. piqpf. kypfjy^ 

peat. I. Act. to atraJwi, foaJbe ti|R, rouw, «<•> : — 

netqth. fo route, atir tq>. 2. to raite from the 
dead. 3. to raise, erect a building. II. Med. 

ud Pais, lo tfdfce, rue. a. aor. also to iimp tMiteA: 
t»i0«salEB. 3. to rouM onfae{f, fte exdied by paa- 


ffirro, Dor. ahortd. for kylyero, 

lyyft C t, aor. i pan. part, of lydpn. 

fyipoi-ytXnt, airoi, 6, ^t (ff^^poj, yiXim) laughter- 

fff pfli tfeiyo t, or, (kjtlpw, Siarpoy) exciting the 

lY<poi l*^X— t d* Dor* for -ii&xjl* • f^^™* ^7</>^<- 
^: (#7c(/w, /lix^^ baUle-etirring, 
fy^prnjiot, or, (I^Apo;) tooibtn^, ea«iZy MKiJked, ^7^^ 
A^iot SvTM eleep/rom tcMdb on« teakts, 
h/fpavg, earn, ^, (iytifw) a waking, eioeiting, 
«Y«pov4&^ 49, (iyeipoj, ^doe) lighi-^tirring, 
ifip^ Adv., {iyiipo}) leakefvtty, hueHg. 
ipffi^Q/ro, loQ. for ^pjytpfUvoi ^aay, 3 pi. plqpf. 

rfifppma, ly^iyipiiai, pH act and pan. of kydpoi, 
fYlWi aor. x ci ytifUot. 
kfoalimf^^ t uata, to fit in. 
^V-aaf^ofiai, f. edovfuu : Dep. :— to fit or take 
W^i fioft In .• lo eneoffip m a place. 

^|«4Arrot, or, (iyitaBiijtu) tubomed. 

^■nfti|pAi», f. ii<rw, to|Mim one'« jfotifA In. 

«H^#Miai, Depn to Ml in or on, /m in amtnuih, 

n«ilkSpui», f. ifata [0], to Mi 1^ in. 

fyyt^: f. £g», Att Ictf ; toawrfinortipon. 11. 
istr. (0 «ti in or n^cm : to toJbe one'« feoi on. 

<lM"<iHpfc« t, ifom, to lei down inio, tend in, 

rfnBirr^l^ f. arrjaca, to plaee or tet in, II. 

M. and Paa., with aor. a act. kymBianpr ; perf. 

-ierrfiea; plqpf. -fOT^Kctr: to 5e i^toced or etto- 

lY-KaOop|iCt«0 : f. /(rw, Att. l&: to bring into har- 
hour: — ^Hed. to run udo harbour. 

h(-tcaB^^ppi[i», f. av, to riot to exxseet in a thing. 

tfAtoLyiA, rd, (kv, Mai¥6») a feati qf de^UeaOon* 

fyfccuvCto*, f . aw, to renew, dedicate, eonteerate, 

fy-KoCoi, f. ttahaw, to bum or heat in, II. to 

make afire in. 

fy-KdXIw, fat. kfitaXhv: perf. iyieiiekfiica. To 
eaU in. U. to summon for (he pwpose of aeeusing,^ 
to aoeuse^ Miet : iftdvov iyicaXtty rivi to bring a charge 
of murder agamet one : of actiona, to blame, censure, 

iy-KaXK/uvito^Mii, Pan., to pride onesdf in a thing. 

^^/KoXX&itwyM, aros, r6, thai cf which one is proud r 
an ornament, decoration. 

lYKaXvu|jL6t, &, a wrapping up. From 

Jy-KSXvirrw, f . iffw, to reU in : to wrap up. Med. 
to hide onesdf, eep. one*8faee : hence to be ashamed, 

lY-Kd|iirTw, f. iffOf, to bend in. 

iy-Kuydxraw, i, (m, to pour gurgling in, in aor. r 
imperat. kyidya^ov. (Formed from the ■onnd.) 

lYHc&v&x^o|Aai, Dep. : (Iv, icayaxfl) to make a sound 
on a thing, to blow on a thing. 

iy-Kdirrw, f. ifw: pf. kyKliOupa, To gulp iis 
greedily, to snap up, bolt, 

lY-Kopirot, ev, containing fruit : fruitful, prdific, 

iy-KdpViot, a, or, cross, transverse, oblique. 

iy-Kolprspks, t. {fav, to persevere or persid in, II. 
to awaii stee^asUy. III. abeol. to hold out. 

tyiUifra, ri, {h) (he entrails, bowels: dat. iyitaai, 

iy-KwraPaiyta, to go down into : to put onesetf in. 

iyHcwraynpdmw : f. daofjuu [S] : to grow old in, 

ky-tcafraZis, f. S^aw, to bind fast in, involve in. 

ky-wanntsiOyw^ f . (eif^w, to associate with, adapt, 

kytca/r6Bovro, 3 aor. 2 med. opt. of kyteararlBrffu, 

ly-KcvrdiMuiou^ Pan. to lie in: to lie down. 

ky-KomusXlyts, to lay down in : — ^Pan. to lie down in. 

{y-KaTOKOiiidoiiai, Pan. with ftit. med. -^aofuu, 
to lie down and deep in, 

ky-tcofnucpows, f. av, to beat in; kyitaraKpoheuf xo- 
pda¥ to tread a measure or dance among. 

ky^KwroXajfipAyiA, frit. Jj^popai, to catch in a place : 
to eateih and holdfast, to bind or trtnmnel. 

ky-tcaraXkyn, f. (v, to gather in among, to lay in^ 
buid in, II. to reckon among : to enlist soldiers. 

ky^uvraXii'ms, f. \fw, to leave behind: to forsake ^—^ 
Pass, tobel^ behind in a race. 

lYKAi^tl^n^ cow, i), {kyKoraXaiifiiafUt) a catching 
and holding fast : a being caught in a place. 

lY-ica^«4iXYvv|u, f. /Jiliv, to mix up in, 

hf^cofrairtjf^pf^^ f . iri^w, to thrust firmly into : to 
fix in, 

ky-tcaframiirru, f. rtsaoviuu, to fall in Gt upon, 

fy-KcvrcMrXActf, f. rtKk^v, to intorteeare^ tniwine. 


lyKca-CLppivra} — iyicuKiM. 

ly-KaTappdirrw, f. ^fcu, lo mw tn. 

ky-tta/rwm^irm, f. }ffO), to fall upon: of epidemicf, 
to break out among, IT. trans, to htri %ifon. 

ly-KaTour^TTw, f. (ca, to doMghkr in. 

ly-KaTarCOniu, fl wjoot^ to put in or tifwn; rtXa- 
fiSaya iy kyiWTBtro rix^V ^ induded the sword-belt 
in his art, i. e. wrought it by his art. 

fyKOTsX^aav, 3 pi. aor. 2 pass, of h^iearaXk^t 
were huHt tn. 

iy«aT^in% 2 sing. aor. 2 of lyiearaXd'm, 

hffUkT^w, Ep. fior lyitaritBou, 2 sing, imperat., and 

lvicdT6«T0, for k'^fKariBvro, 3 sing.ind.,aor.a med. 
ctf kytcaTariOriiu. 

hf-ttamXk&nrrta, L iffoa^ to aeoff at, 

ly-Ka/TOiicIco, f. ^crw, to dwell tn. 

lY-K(vroiKo5o|U», f. ^(701, (o buiU on a tpot, 
also 3. (o frut/d tn, tmtnure. 

ly-KCiiiAt, Pass, with fat. med. -tctitro/uu : — to Zie tn, 
to 6e wrapped in, II. to jress iipon, urge^ trnpoT' 

tune^ attack: to he vehement againtt: to preat one 
hard. 2, to be devoted to. 

4y-iccCp», only in peril pass, part., kyietxapfUyqt 
icdpq. with shorn head. 

lyiUtskXrojit 3 sing. pf. pass, of iyxXitw, 

^YKlXcvfAa or 47K4Xc^la}u^ arot, t6, {ly^€\€\M) 
an encouragemetU, cheer^ Imtxah, 

cYK^Xfvcrrot, ov, bidden, ordered. From 

lY-Kc\fvo», f. avt to urge on, cheer on, 

*Y-KcvTpCt«», f. UrWf to goad on, U, of plants, to 

ithoeukUe, itigrqft. 

ff«svTp(t, /Sot, ij, (Iv, xivrpov) a eting : a spur, 

ly-KCpdwiiiu, f^it. HfpdffM [k] : {Iv, Ktpiannnu) : to 
mix in, mix: metaph. to concoct^ eontrioe, 

lY-KspToiaiw, f. ^aoj, to mock at. 

iynci^iikot, ov, (Jkv, /rf^oXiy) wiOdn the head: 6 
tyxiipciKoi (sab. /wtk6$), the brain. II. the 

edible pith of young palm-shoots. 

l-yKcxoSo, pf. of iyxH^' 

lyKSxptilUvot, pf. pass. part, of iyxp&M. 

ly-KlO&pCttt, f. low, to piay the harp among. 

iy-KKdta, f. ffca, to shut in, cof^fine within. 

I^kXiiOcCs, aor. i pass. part, of Iy/voX^o;. 

lY-icXi|1tt, Ion. for iyitktio). 

fy-fcXtiiia, arot, r6, an aecwation, charge, eom- 
piaint : an oltjection. li.abUlof indictment. 

{yicX'fiiiov, |«oyot, 6, (iyicaXioj) eensoruma. 

fy-tcXtipot, oy, (Ik, «A^pot) having alotoir share of 
a thing wUh another : esp. of an inheritance, and so 
an heir, heiress. 

iyntKAa, Att. for lyKXjjtoa, kyieXiilu. 

iy-«^6v. Adv., (JkyxKiyw) bent, leaning: aide- 
ways, cuiant. 

iy-icXiyta, f. ty&: pert. kytciKhXiea. To bend, in- 
cline to or towards, Lat. tndtnore ; — Pass, to lean over 
or oti, weigh tyxm one. 11. intr. to bend, t»- 

dine. 2. to give way,fiee, Lat. intiJtnari. 

Iy-ko^XoCvu, t. Syw, to hoUow, aeoop out. 

fy-icoiXot, oy, (h, icotXos) ioOoised out, hdfUm. 
fY-KotfLdojuu, Pais.* with fat. mad. ^o/mu. To 

4Y-K04i£t^t f> ^^^* ^ ^^ ^ sle^. 

lY-icov(rfip6«», f. ixTM, {iv, Koiabpa) henoe part, ped, 
pass., iytc€KoiavpufUvrf, a» bminous as Ccea^ra (a 
female name in the Alcmnonid fiunily). 

ly-KOiTdt, &Boa, 1), (h, Koini) serving for a bad. 

iyAcoktfiit», f. (TM, to gui^ down like a giKkafios, 

ht*o¥ita, t ^Qt, to hasten, be quick and aetise. 

<Yhcovi|t(, Adv., m haste, dUigently. 

fy-icovu>|uu, Med., {hf, uians) to roB tn the dust or 
sand, sprinkle aand over oneself. 

I^KoiTifl, ij, a hindrance. From 

iy-Khrrna, f. ifw, to knock in: metaph. to hinder, 

cyHcopSiiXlw, t rjoM, {ky, itopSiiKif) to wrap up in 

ly-KoayAas, f. ^ffat, to arrange in order. 

iytuniM, L iaat, to be indignant at. From 

l^-icoTot, oi', (iv, ic^ot) bearing a grudge, tpit^d, 
maliciou*. U. iytcorot is also found, like kotos, 

as Subst., a grudge, hatred. 

fyKf>d{fi0, 1 icp&^oiioi '. aor. a hixpSiyosr. To cry 
aloud at, to rate loudly, 

lYKpdrcta, ^, self-control, Lat. contineniia : and 

iyKpHrevoyM^ Dep. to exercise setf-oonUrot, From 

iy-Kp&ri\%, is, (Jky, icp&ros) with a firm hold: dost, 
strong, 11. having the mastery over, bavistg pah 

aession of. 2. having eonirot over oneaey: seff-dia- 

ciplined, Lat. con<tn«na. 3. in bad seDae» %myidd- 

ing, stubborn. 

lyKpar^ Adv. of kyKparfis, strongly, wbrietly, tern' 

I^HcpCvo), f. KfXifa : — to reckon in at among : tocp- 
prove, admit, sanction. II. to redson as. 

lYfcpoTcouroi, Dor. for -iovffai, fern. part. pL of 

iy-Kpori<a, f. ^ow, to strike against, knock at: d^ 
dance, to beat time: — ^Pass., wvyfAoi hpeporoS/pam 
fists dashed againat each other. 

lY-Kpovo), f . ooj, to knock in : to strike againgt. TL 
to dance. 

ly-Kpvnrta, f. ^, to hide or conceal in. 

iyKpij^t&iio, f. dooj, {kyMpif^os) to heq^ onese^ 
hidden : to act wtderhcmd. 

fyicpv^ids, Abos, ^, fem. A4jt hidden or baked n 
the ashes, of loaves. From 

lyKpv^vot, oy, {kyKpinrrea) hidden in. 

tYHcrdopu, Dep. to acquire posseaaiona in a foreign 
country. Hence 

lyMniiia, arcs, t6, property hdd in a foreign 

(h/Krifay%, eots, 1), (kyieriopm) the poeaesnom ifprih 

I' P^^ *'> a foreign country. 
fy-Kikdtt, L ^oet, to mix up in. 

iyiciKXios — iY)(piixi(ft$tCs. 


hf^Bimkuo% (m, (Ik, cvjcAot) eirenlar, roumded. II. 
rmbmg m a eirde, periodieai, goittg round tn $ueee9' 
mm: hence general, common, 

hf*m0^io% o9f, (Ir, jriMtXot) dradar, 

htmmk6m,f. inrm, (Iv, xCueXoff). To moM a&oitf tn a 
cvde:— PaM.. fo go rovmd oftotil, and in tram. iig^. 
(o Mrromd, aidrefe. 

^y«<|Mnr, or, gen. orot, (Iv, irv/ia) jm{|rtianl. 

9f«iot, fir, (Ir, jt(w) -«foreg. 

Jlf«v«TM, L iffw, to doop and peep in^ to prff hUo. 

t r rt p l w and ly-ic^^: in^f. MtOipo^: fuL ky- 
Affm, nrely ^pntp^trta : aor. i Mievpaa : prea. paaa. 
Mpo^nt. To/aB into or upon, i^Af itpon, flMct viUb. 

cyc^pooi, aor. i inf. of kyihpea, 

hpdha, T^ Lacon. of fyrnnu 

i f wn ii A J M, ftit. dffofMu, to pram, laud. From 

hfiAuiov, r6, sea kyte^fuot m. 

l yai fi io f , or, (Ir, ic^m) at home, qf the eame vQ- 
fafe. n. (Ik, nSj/tot) hdonging to a Baeekie/ee- 

W or reeet : in which the victor waa led home in 
pwrirfou. III. aa Snbat, lyM^fuw, r6, (inb. 

{Ni),a Afwi in Jbonour of the victor: a eong qfpraiee. 

h i% muj yma yk ai, pf. act. and pan. cfytyif^ic», 

hi^f», t Urm, to eerape. 
^ 4f y, aor. a paaa. ofypii^. 
^o^po, aor. I act etypS^. 

kffitfax^ w, 6, and iYp4-|&&xo** 1* ^* (^7*^^. 

«VPfio, typrro, a and 3 ling. Ep. aor. a med. of 
h^l slao aor. a inf. iypioOoi, 

rfp^Yapo, lo 60 awake, mUek, perf. med. of iyttpea^ 
vliaioe part, iypfjyopim, 2 pi. imper. kyp/jyopi$§ (Ep. 
lor kyf^part), inf. iypify6pSai (Ep. for iypTfopi' 
wi) >-|iqpf. iypiqy6ptq, 3 afaig. h^pijy6pti. Homer 
BHi the Ep. fbnn (yp^yopSa in 3 pi. Iypify6p0 a tn. 

(VPWp^wv* Ep* part., aa if from a prea. ^7^770- 
^ nrmed from {7^^^^ laateA^, oioalK. 

^■|a pi (, (l7/iihrP/Ni) AdT., wahtfuUg, awake. 

iy^if aum , fivm iypifyopa, to he awake or ioa(eVv2* 

hpokra, 3 mng. Ep. aor. a med. opt. of iyeipet, 

hip6pm9% Ep. aor. a med. part, of iydpot. 

^TOMIvAm, 1 iShjw, to p^ tkebiiinthe mouth t^, 

rnavdiw, 3 aing.fiit, kffpM^'^idai^.Mtt. 2 aubj., 

<Vi(if({o|aat« f. loopm, Dep.«x^Co/<^* 

^fj^Untu: (tenaea fbrmed from *J7-xcJraf), frit. 
H^fcii/mi : aor. a h^xSt^or. To yawn or ^ope m 
•Ki/Me, 10 an# at. Jeer. 

hx9^'' t. itfea, alao wonipaii perf. fyir^oSa, 
I^ <Kiaoo; c ace, toheina horrid fright at one. 

hx*^ P pHia t , fir, (Itxm. fip^H^) thundering with 

fyXfiCn, Ep. fi)r lyxh^ 3 ■ing.prea.inbj. of Itx^. 

47X*^P<i'WOt, 0¥, {iyxo*9 ic*pmnf6e) touching the 

iy-Xeupke, f. ^jow, (jkv, x^P) ^ ^^"^ ^ hand, wnder^ 
take. Hence 

IyX^^I^ f^o^t ^* <*n undertaking : and 

iyxdpnlfrvi, €«m, i), an undertaking. 

^YXAR^<*Vt ▼^b. A^j. of iyxttpita, one mud aU- 

Aond: cm ad0eniiif«r. 

lYX«l»vrnic6t, 4, ^, (l7X«^) ent&tprieing. 

iy-XmfiZwg, or, (Ik, x^^) *** '^ Aoiui. II. 

aa Snbrt., lyxHfiSioy, r6, a handintfe, dagger. a. 
a manual, handiook. 

hf-xuM» : f. loof, Att. >lw : (Ir, x<^p)- ^o 1^ 
into one • hande : to hand over, entrud : — Hed. to takt 
in hand, take on oneee^. 

iy-X^LpL^trot, ov, {kv, x^Pt ri0fjfu) put or ddi-- 
vend into one's hande. 

^Tx^c^ov, t6. Dim. of fyxcAvt, a UUle ed. 

It X^*^ ** <^i (^7X<^*^) of an eel. 

"ESTLEATX, vot, 4, plnr. l7X^Xvct. AU. {7X^Xciff,, 
c«tfr :— an eel, Lat. anguUla : — prorerb., fyx^Xcct ^ 
paaOat to be fond of fishing in troubled watera. 

ItX'^'^-H^P^ <^i fighting wOh the epeair. (Dexir* 

ly%Ji9-^liLKoi%,o¥, (Itxo** vk^^AAw) ^Kor-brondu^j^. 

IyX'C'^P^ oi'* (jlyX^* 4^P^) tpear4)earing. 

CTXC^^VTO, Dor. for 47x^0Kra, part. pr. of aq. 

povrtn: — Hed. (ojxwr or/owm,&e poured tn. II. 
tofiUhg pouring in, kyx^ i^Pt^P"^ tofiUthe bowl. 

ly-X^^^^iot, o¥, {iy, x^^) 0/ <^ tfOMilry, Lat. iti- 

^EtTXOX, r6, a rpsar, lance, consisting of two parti, 
olxpch^^'^^P^fheadMiid.ehaft. 11. a tword: 

generally, a weapon ; an arrow: — ^metaph. ^porrllhw 
l7Xot weapon of thought. 

tyxowra, 1i,^Srrxowra, q.v. 


fy-XP^ >^d ^Y'XpAVtf, (o dotft o^oinsl, Ik^ 
XpovcK It rd up^wmw rd euTfwr p ov he d a wh ed his 
staff in his fisce. The perf. paas. from tyxpAot oo» 

vdXc|40i) there were wars urged on against others also. 

kf'Xpkuktmpax, Dep. to tpU, expectorate. 

n^XPttt*** ^ want, haoe need : rd ^yxfiioi^^^^ n^ 

ly-XP^"''^ f* ^* '<' hring near to: to dHke or 
daih aganut, tyxfilpwreof ri^ fidpȴ rg yg to Mng 
the boat to land: abaol. to come to land: hence to 
approach : alao to attack, press hard. U. alao 

intr. both in Act. and in Paas^ lo fall upon, attaekf, 

lyXPH'^^^s* ^^» I P*"* P*^ of fyxpO^inw. 



lOCt^ * f* ^^^t Att. tQ : (l^ot) to oMuafom, ttae : — 
PaM. to (« a«eii«toni«<i or tiled to. Hence 

iOurrlov, yerb. Adj., cne mutt oeeuitom. 

lOXftoi, 3 Bing. aor. I of $X6m. 

40v-ApXi)S« w, 6, {t$vo9t ^PX^) ^ f"!*^ ^ ^ nation : 
frtfed : an dknarch, 

muc^ 4, ^, NotfOfuiZ. II. fcmffn : gadUe : 

— ^Adv. -«wf. Wee the genUUt, From 

'EONOS, cot, T($, a company^ body of men. a. a 
race^tribe. 3. a naUon^people; rd 1^ IA0 noiuMM, 
6entUe$t i. e. all except Jews and Ghristianc 4. 

apartiadar ckut of men, a ca«t0. 5. sex, 

«9opov, aor. a of Bp&Hriw, 

1B80IS, cot, T($, tftMtom, iMO^/e, momicri, Ao&tt. 

I$p<{a, aor. i of rpix^- 

I6p^^6h!|v, aor. i paai. otrpi^, 

lOpfijfa, aor. i of rpi^, 

lOp^jvcw, Dor. for kSffffvow^ impf. of $ptjv4v, 

t$pXaw, poet, for i0ipiff€y, 3 dng. aor. i of 9c- 

1S9A, to fte aeeutlomed, to he tsonL The Att. use 
as pres. the perf. €UiOa, Ion. ioj$a, I am teoni ar ae- 
cudomed, I am in the habit : part. ttoMe aeeutlomedf 
eiwtomary, fuudl ; rd ttw$69 one*8 cuttom, 

EF, a conditional Particle, Dor. and £p. al : — Lat. 
8J, if: with optat. or indie: — see tl yip or al ydpt 
and cf-0c. 

iCCL, also tlo^ and tris^ll. Jta, Intei^. : — ^Lat. eio, on ! 
up! away 1 also eome on then ! c2a rvy, toell now. 

std, 3 dng. imperf. of l<b;. 

•1&|mW), 1), a nwr-Mde iMstore, meadow. (Deriy. 

ct dv, Ep. and Ion. tt «c, contr. into If&y and ^. 

<tAv6t, 4> ^''t Ep. for kaySt. 

«tc&p, cl«iptv6f, cCop^Cif, poet, for la/», etc. 

<iap6-|UMr9ot, or, {^tap^ fiaa06$) with yout^tU hreoHs, 

eCat, 2 sing, impf., sCOoa, aor. 1 of 1^. 

^tooicov. Ion. for cfon^, impf. of l<&o». 

«t&Tai, CiOTO, poet, for Ion. farm, taro, which is 
for Iprrai, ^rro, 3 pi. pres. and impf. of j^fuu. 

^TO, Ion. for cirro, 3 sing, plqpf. med. of tvwfu. 

ETBA, Ep. form of ktl^, to drop, UifaU in drope : 
— ^Hed. to trielde or run down. 

«t yiipt for i/t nsu. expressing a wish, if .,, 
thai . ., wovidHuA. ., Lat. utinam! 

cC-Tf, if at leatt, if then, Lat. ti^idem. 

cl yoOv, (f at any rate, implying that the thing is 

d 8', 4tYC, nsed in cheering, on then, eome on! The 
phrase is elliptic, and wonld be in fall d 6* lOiKtu 

f(SdXi|iof, 17, ov, (cTSos) ehapdy, eomdy. II. 

looMng like. 

stSop, aroe, r6, (if&tf) food, meat, victuale. a. of 
cattle, /odfier. 3. a bait for fish. 

sCStCilv, opt., and slS^vat, inf. of 619a. 

f t8<«t, for clStiy, Bobj. of oISo. 

<l 8^, (^ now, se0in(7 that, expressing conyictldn : alio 
in indirect questions, whether now. 

c18t|o^|mv, Ep. for ciSijo'cty, fat. inf. of o?8a. 

dSffyrw, fat. of *€i8ta. 

ci8o|Mf, Dor. for ttdofuv, i pi. aor. a of ^cflSw. 

cCSov, aor. a of *ct8otf. 

dSos, cot, t6, {*tf9ej) the form, thape, figure, Lat. 
tpeciee, II. generally, a form, iort, particular kind: 
esp. tpeeiet, opp. to genue. 

s(ft6<n, dat. pi. of clSdiw, part, of oTSa. 

c(S6T(^ ace. sing, of clSdlw, part, of oTSo. 

ctS^TUf, Adv. of cl&i't, part, of oTiBo, knowingly. 

slSvSo, fem. nom. sing, of c{8ctft, part, of oTSo. 

s18vXXmv, r6. Dim. of cTiSot, a short, d^-ecriptite 
poem, mostly on pastoral nd^eele, an idyll. 

♦EX^AA or rather ftACl, Lat VIDEO, to see, obsol. 
in pres. act., which is supplied by op&u : its meanings 
fall under two heads, one to see, the other to know. 

A. to see, mostly in aor. a tlioy, Ep. r9or ; rabj. 
iSot, Ep. also tSof/u ; inf. {Scfv, Ep. also 28^Cf r ; part. 
liijy. The same signf. belongs also to aor. a med. 
dZ6iajv, Ep. td^fo^v; imperat. IZw; subj. {^/mb; 
inf. liia$at. The aor. a impor. med. IMi is mostly 
an exclamation, see! lot hehiXi! Lat. f«cf. *OpiM is 
used as pres., hSapaxa as perf., S^ftai as fat. II. 
in Ep. and Ion. we find Pass, and Med. ci3o/iai ; 
aor. I eladfxqy, Ep. also Utaafop^, ao, aro, in pam. 
s%nf. : — to be seen, appear, seem, Lat. videor ; «B(70t 
doTpa the stars ars rtkble, appear : hence, 2. to 
have or toJbf <^ appearance of a thing ; and c. dat., to 
fndbe on«ft>7/ like, be like, hlaaro ^orffipp UoKtrg Ae 
made herself like Polites in voice. 

B. the pf. otSo, J have seen, is used as a pres. in 
sig^nf. J know; (for what one has seen, one knotrs); sr> 
also plqpf. 4i8civ, 4(8ca, Att. 4)8t), I had seen, aa impf. 
I Jbi«M: — ^indic. o«o, oT^^a (Ep., Ion. and Dor. also 
oTBot), I pi. tafifv (Ion. ti/Aw) : imper. foBt ; sobj. 
ttiv, Ep. also Id^w; opt. ctdc/i/v; inf. efS^rcu, Ep. 
(d/teycu and f^fitv; part. ctSow, Ep. fsm. UtuTa: — 
impf., as abore ; Ep. a sing. ^»^t for ^8i7t, Att. 
if9fj(T$a; 3 sing., Ep. 'ijel9rf for ^817 ; 3 pi. Ep. taer, 
for ffScffov, ^ffov: fat. (laopai, more rarely and 
mostly Ep. etd^aw. 

To know; cS ol8a I Kmour well ; eZ Mi know wtfl. 
be assured: yof/fMra, fjtfi^ea oi5c he is knowing, etSBtd 
in counsels ; and so with Adjs., mwvfUpo, ^iXa, fy- 
Tta elUvai, etc., to be skitted in pmdeni fitting- 
things, etc.; but usn. in Part.; so also, *Z cl&&t well 
shTled. In this sIgnf. to be skUM in, the word also 
takes a genit. in Homer, r^a» c9 e28ftiB cunning 
with the bow : also with ace., x^P*^ etUinu nW to 
acknowledge a debt to another, (hank him : — M 5r<, 
otaB* in, I know, you know it well: — oJ^ Srt, abo 
€^00^ 6 and ola€^ &s, followed by imperat^ gives a 
command without specifying what, as if this was 
known before, esp. in phrase, oM* h Zpaaw, for 1^ 
ca¥, otatf 6, do, thou knowett what. 

€l8a>X€ibi^ — dXi/xa* 


f SSmJUSov, t<S, (f£Bft»Xoy) on idt^t Imple, 
fCBttU^&TOt, w, {€tdea\o¥, Oiw) taerifieed to idoU; 
M SobiL, t6 Mui^OvTW meat offered to idoU* 
tf im k aka f rptJOt i), ufoIoCry. From 
•iStiX^ X dTput, ov, ^, 4» (c^^^ScuAor, Aiir^t) an idol- 
worAyper, an idolater. 

mUXonr, r6, (fTBos) a tftajw, 11110^0, tpeetre, phantom : 
$fOTw ciSttAa KOfti^rronf tite phantoms of dead men : 
fl ruicm, a fancy. II. on idmi^ tn (^ mMd, 

•dia. III. on image^porkmi or «(a(u«, esp. ef a 

ffA: hence on idol^faiie god. 
ttSHt, part, of oTBa. 

cSfv, Att. for cliTcniy, 3 plm*. opt. of f ffc/. 
Mv, Particle, trett, good, proceed^ Lat. eito. 
«?ir» opt. of c2/i/. 
«rav, aor. a opt. of ciy/tt. 
«»>(», Adv., \Mv9) ai onee^fovikiioiA, 
tf4i. Dor. and Ep. oUOi, Inteij., that! woidd 
am! JMLwUnam! 

a, Ion. lOip, aor. i pais, of tij/u. 
0^ f. l<r», poet, for 40t'(ai. 

«ba, Att. £or Iooeo. 

^ba^perl ottfjfu. 

•uc^, f. daw : perf. pan. "jmaimi : (c{«^t). To 
Btfa KXce to, fi^eienf by a Hkenete: — ^Pan. to he like, 
rmeatUe. II. to liken, compart : to compare and 

m^ fomethlng, to eoi\^eetwe, gueee. 

dnlbm», inf. of eucaBav, poet. aor. a of c&ctti. 

tbooios, o, or, (cU^) tritAoui pwrpoee: random, 
J>a^, II. eomoKM, leoiiUcM. 

iba&t, ddos, 1^, («£roa{) (Ac tteentieth day of the month 

*?ri<Htt, ^, (cl«di(w) a likenete: a eot^jeeture, 

•wwryig, arot, r6, {iM(v) a likeneae. 

dMoamft, ov, 6, (cLn&fo;) om «^ coi^eetwres, a 

fit ^* (<2ir«l(a;) to he compared, like, 

cuEutn, Dor. for curocri. 

<iMAr6Mipof, ot^, {(uc€\ot, iveipot) dreamlike, 

«Ulos, 17, out, {<dM) like, after ihefadiion of. 

ih w \A ^ ttvof, or, (f &cXot, ^oivi}) of like voice, 

•j i rfwM, A it, for lotx^oi, inf. of iocica. 

£1 lUi , Adv., triCAotil ^ifcm or pwrpoee, heedUetiy, 
r«i%, at nmdom, Lat. temeri. 

iUB^t, lofL. otioSt, ^ot, r6, neat. part, of looro, 
Uk cerv^imSe, Uke tnUh, likdy, probable, reaaonaUe, 
f*ir^ejaSlable; wa(A to cir^t unreaeonaJble. 

iutea4^eio«, poet. 4«uc-, oy, (cikoai, /Sovt) loortA 

•anoio-crfjt, ^ (cSroai, ^rot) of twenty years. 
^mKrAtnm, poet j«iic-, (cSroai) Adv. Iweniy Ctniet. 
^■Btf^'fmot, or, (coroiri, fc^) tteenty months old. 
ftKOXL, poet. liCicoori, and before a vowel, 
-^w. Dor. aucttTi, oj, ol, rd, indecU ftren<^, Lat. 

m nn djpti o i , or, twnty-fold without dispute: cl- 
r* d«oov a twaity^old ransom. 

flKOoC-mixvt, V, (flkoac, «7XV*) qf twenty cubits. 

flicoo'-^pTtaot, or, (cixoai, 6/»yvia) of twenty falhoms. 

cU6ot>pot, poet, jdiic-, or, (clkoo'c) tctKA twenty oars. 

cIkoot^, 4» B^ €lMoar6» n. 

abcooToAiyot, 6, 1^, {€bto<mfj, X^Tw) one fdb eo2- 
lects the toxica twentieth, ataxortoU collector, 

<Uo<rr6t, poet. JcucocmSt, 17, or, the twentieth. U, 
^ cUooT^ a tax of a twentieth, Lat. riooitna. 

cUcoo'Hi»p^})fOf, oy, {ttxoai, dpyvia) (f twenty faihoms. 

cU^TOM, Adv. of cZirot, «n oU likelihood, probably, 
naturally : fairly, reasonably. 

Itrrov, 3 dual perf., ^tiCTqv, 3 dual plqpf., DCkto, 
3 sing, plqpf., — ^Ep. forma fhnn (ouca. 

*£I1Ln, a form which occurs only in 3 sing. impf. 
cTjtc, it appeared, seemed good: see touca. 

ETKA, f . (w : aor. i €7(a : poet. aor. a ^UHBoif : — to 
yield, give way to, draw hack, retire. II. to submit 

to, obey, follow, f $vf»f t^as following his own bent ; 
wevig eticcay urged by poverty : hence III. to be 

under, he weaker or iftferior. lY. transit, to yield 

up, abandon, resign : to grant, allow. 

slw&nf, 4f gen* ^M* Acc. 6ya : Ion. gen. elMovs, aoc. 
eM, ace. pi. ebeoin : (couca). A figure, image, WtC' 
ness. II. a sembkmee, phantom, wraith. 2. a 


«U^, part, of louco. 

c(Xa&6v, Adv., {ttXaf) ^lkifl6y, in a troop. 

<tX&irfvdt^> ^' ^^t (tl^Mwbnj) to feast, revel, esp. In 
a large company, to be a guest. Hence 

ctX&irtvaoT^, ov, 6, a banqueter, boon^ompanion. 

ctX&ir(vi|, ij, a sdlemn feast given by a single host, 
opp. to (payos. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

Map, apos, r6, (ctXcu) a covering: a protection, shd- 
ter, tlkap yrj/m r* md abrSfy a shelter for ship and 
crew : also a fence or defence against a thing. 

ctXd'Kvos, fj, oy, poet, for iX&ra^os, ofjir orpine. 

«iXaxa«, Dor. for ttktfX'u, a sing. pf. of Xarfx^kyoi, 

sCXryiixu, for XiKeypai, pert. pass, of Xiyot. 

'ElK9tAwa,i^,Iliihyia, (fit>m k\sba*ffeat,iKifku$ipm), 
the goddess of child-birth, who aid those wlu> 
are in travail ; the same as the Boman lAidna, later 
made identical with Diana. 

ftXcv, ^fTO, 3 sing. aor. a act. and med. oialpiot, 

ctXfv, Dor. for (Xkov, a sing. acn*. a med. of alp4v. 

ctXiOrro, Ep. for clXovrro, 3 pi. impf. paas. of clXto. 

«(X(w, Att. ctX(w, lengthd. form of ciXm. 
' ^ri, i^,'=tXfi, a troop, company, 

iXki\, 4t the sun's wcimth : warmth; see tXif. 

s^tfYiiOi, pass. pf. of Xayxbw, 

slXifibv and ctXt|8d, Adv., (jitkij)'^lkifiiy, in troops 
or eoirmanies. II. (cJAiai) by rolling along, 

ctX-fJAOvda and c(Xt|XovOsiv, Ep. for kkfiKv$a, kXsf- 
>Jb$tty, perf. and plqpf. of ipxa/MU : clX^Xov^ficr, Ep. 
for kkrjkbBapity, I plur. perf. 

aXi)^ cCXiHAfuu, perf. act. and paa. of Xa^ 

itXi|xa, perf. of ?Myxkyst, 


cIXiyjMi — e^. 

<t^tY|U^ -yui%, -fum^diif, ate^ poet, and Ion. for 

dkutpLwma, ijt piurt$imi : thceriiff. From 

dXiHcptWjs, (clXi/, Mpirof) eumined by tks mm*8 
hgktt kited : hence, i. unmcwd : pure, tmeormptedt 
"LbL tmeenu. 2, dM rn d , palptMe, tketr. 3. Adv. 
-pSky of iUelf, cimhOdy. 

•tXucT^fl, 4i, Wy Ion. for kKucrdu, 

•CXi{, Ion. for IXi^. 

eCXUirovt, ^ 1), vovy, r^, gen. vo^ : (clXor, iro^) : 
irailtn^ <A« feH, heavily m waOemg, with roOing wtdk, 
•pith, of oxen. 

efXCotru, poet, and Ion. for iXteam. 

•IXuTfW|t, it, epith. of the plant dypet^nt, 
(from IXot and r^pm), Hretdmg or apnading 

%kt€HtQm IIMfBiKt. 

•Uix^''*^ Ion. 3 pi. plqpl pa«. of lAi^^of. 

rfXKtev, aor. i it iXxim, 

dXov and ctX^iMpr, aor. 2 act. and med. of alpkt. 

<{Xox<^ Att. perf. of Kiyv, 

ctX^Tot, Ion. 3 pi. pf. pan. of dkim. 

<CXD|ia, arot, t2, (clXiMv) a oomt, drett, etof^M^. 

eCXMt, 6, (clAdw) a torfetn^-^rfoM, den, 

«CXf4At«,-«flXiw,torotf aioN^. 11. intr.toroC 

cnese^ along, uMH abauL 

•iKXi^6L»,^€lkwpd(u: Ep. pot. dXu^^eir. 

ETAT'd, Att <tXv»: f. Ww [q : perf. pan. cf- 
XC/MU : acr. i paai. part. clXvo^cit. To mvp round, 
enfold: — ^Paai. to be torapl or covered, eap. in part, 
perf., ttkvfUroe iffaf»&$^ buried in the tand. II. 

in PaH., alao, to wind, creep, or era»l along, 

rnfAO, iXkha, or XXXm; alio dkim, Att. <U<«*: 
fM. cUi^crv: 3 plnr. aor. i iXoay, inf. (Kaai, £p. 
I^Xom, part. IXoot : perf. paM. UXfuu : aor. 2 paM. 
I^Ui^v [J] ; inf. dX^wB, Ep. dX^/ifMU ; part. dX^, 
cum, ^i' : aor. i paak diJJBifw : Ep. 3 eing. plqpf. 
UikriTo. I. Act. to roU or twid tight vp, to prete 

hard oreUm: to forte togeOter: to eoep vp or ehut up 
in a place : also to drive viotenUy along, tmite, ebrUce, 
wija Htpavpf ikaat having etruek the ship with a thun- 
derbolt. II. Pass, and Med. to be rolled up 
together: to be tkui or cooped up in n place, to throng 
together, aasembie, cnmd thiekiy together; d\h^ dUtp 
water collected: alio to dram anete^ together, crouch, 
cower: 'AxiX$a dXc^f /ilrcir eoOoeting himadf he 
waited the attack of Achillea. in. to go to 
and fro, go about, Lat. vereari, IV. to tern or 
whirl romtd, revdve, like dkiffcw, fij tlkXofthnf (or 
IWofUvTf) (he earth tmmmg on itt aaoit* 

^CKwt, erroe, 6, and ctX4n|f, ov, 6, fom. elXur^, 
/dot :< — a Helot, Le. a terf of the Spartans, enipl<^ed 
in agiicnltnre and other nnwarlilM labonnk (Usn. 
derived from "EXot, a town of Laconia, whose inha- 
bitants were enslaved.) 

EiXmela, ^^, the condition qf a Helot, aUxvery. From 

EtXuTC^, f. ffca, {tlkimp) to be a Hdot or teif, 

dfio, arot, t6, (fyvviu) a dree$,garment, cloak: later 

dothing : an overga rm e nL TL later also a 


ctjtat, pf. pass, of hnmfu, II. p£ pass, cf f^ 

/u. III. pf. pass, of t(w, rarer form for f/«a. 

4|iaf»Tas dyunpro, 3 sing. pf. and plqpf. of /m- 

sC|i<v, Ep. and Ion. for ktrpUp, i pL pres. of ^§d : 
but stjiMv, Dor. for thai, inf. of f 1^ 

«l|Uvot, part pf. pass, of trwfu. 

«(|Ut, Dor. for 1071^, I pi. of tlfd : but ftfus. Dor. 
for ttym, inf. of ct/i/. 

fl|iC, from Boot *''ECl, to be; 2 sfaig. ^ 1^ dc, 
iaai ; 3 sing, iari. Dor. brrl ; I pi. Sr/i^, £^ tt- 
fUv ; 3 pi. iial, Ep. $dm. : Imper. Mi, Ep. in med. 
form too, etrao : 8nbj. £, Ep. Iw or «£w : Opt. sC^r, 
Ep. ioifu ; 2 pi. cfiTTC, Ep. cTrc : Infoi. Atu, 1^. 
l/iftcveu, €/tf(cr, (fupoi, iftep : Part. ^, £^. 1^, iov- 
00, etc. : ImperfL j{y ; late Att. in med. fonn iipa/p ; 
Ep. iov or ^ffivoi', ft, c, etc. ; Ion. la, lot, a pi. Iftrc ; 
lengthd. 1(0, 3 ifaig. jfcir; also $rpf I and 3 sing. ; 3 
sing, jfotfo, Ep. and (tfoOa ; 3 pi. Ijw, E^. loor. — Fnt 
itrofMi, poet. faaofMOi, 3 sing. I^^civm from Der. 
lo'ovfttu. — The whole of the prea. indie mi^ be en- 
clitic, except the a sing. d. The other penons are 
endit., when §l/d is not emphatic. Bot ivri Is writ- 
ten (on in cases of emphads. 

To be, Lat turn. 2. as Verb Stibstuit, to ks, to 
exiet, be in eioittence; obK^r (on he if no move : esp. 
to live, obic (ott dtroe Mip, oW (ooerm there hvee 
not, no nor wiU. II. (art, impen. with inf., U 

iepoeeible, laufuL III. slW c. gen., ei y e s sss de- 

scent or extraction, oS/jtaroe ct t dyiBoib thou art qf 
good blood. a. icamu elvat to be one's own wosler, 
Lat. MM juris esse. 3. with the gen. put parti- 
tively, ft^/iov lovi he bdongs to the people, it mm ef 
them. 4. also as in Lat., of the duly or p r u p ett g of 
a thing, iybpde ion U i$ the pari of a man, ow^po- 
oWi\% \ori Uiea mark of temperance. IV. e. 

dat, (on liOi, Lat m( miki, I heupe: Ifui ^ mtr 
dofUv^ ^fj, Lat. etstt miM volenti. Y. rA tfrra 

existing ti^s ; rd 5rra etpqitirai to speak lie 
truth, VI. (oTtr &, cto^ of, Lat e^ at mami 

qui, SOUK one, some, laaHy : (anp or (o9t 5rc, Lat cot 
qwun, ai timee, sometimee: (oit 5*17 or Sw9>u, Lat. 
eel vbi, somewhere, somdtow : (orv tuets ian mmm 
way, YII. drojL oft. seems redundant, e. g. yiA 

vvv ttpoi, r6 o^fupop, t6 oifprnop sTmu, and e^. in 
phrase ktiinf drai. 

ctfu, fix)m Root ^in, logo; 2 sing, eta, Ep. cZste: 
opt. (otfu, Ep. 3 sing, c^ : Inf. Ihm, Ep. Ipwai, tpm^ : 
Part, t^ : — ^Impf. juv, Ep. and Ion. ^jSa, 3 ting. 
fjXer, jte, oontr. ^c; i plnr. ^iiftw, Ep. fo|Mr; 3 
plnr. ^Hoay, foay, Ep. ^}Iof; besides 3 ting. Up, ?c, 
3 dual frfTT, 3 plnr. ijfhror. In Att the pres. has n 
fat force, Lat. IBO, I will go : bnt in 1^. we hnve 
a fat med. ttoofuu, to hasten, with an acr. i mad. el- 
odfjopf, 3 sing, daara, ketooro, 3 dnal ki^d«Ap. 

ciif— ErPQ. 


Ih ^ Lat. EO; Iknu nyi &flt ^cAidi^ &' Ix^^at, 
8ii wokifuv, etc., to live in friendah^ or enmity with 
9aj one : Xfl^ ttffaro U %D&d Qmmgh the tUn : c. 
ii£ tBL, hufAa^t/w ovk^a€tp thetf wmU to plunder. — 
Umm mtd alao of gmnf m a skip, m, M ¥rfd9 14- 
foi. 2. of budi^ ioJUf, etc. $*o/tke motfion €f 
ikmfit «• g- viXman ffox Stcfc Sov^ the axe goti, w 
AiH» tfaioqB^ the heam ; Irot ^Im tiie year will 
yaiar «|0M.* — in Att., Ilreu dt raMv to eome toge- 
thff ; Ihm cit X4S70M lo eome to oonibience : Im^e- 
nLJkStfffo then, mB &en ! good/ 
dr, peet. fior Ir, •». 

iSHUffHjtt ^ (^^ ^rot) qf fitM yeori, nmAy&m 
M: neat. ^pA-€T€t as Adv., iime jfeors long. 
«b«^hi£ofd/jCtoi0. n. for I^MB, in£ of 

«b«« aor. a iniL offrf/Ut to send. 
Mmmt Adr. poet, ftr lypd«tt, nme timei, 
ibiaw-xCXifiit «r, nine ^Aotwond. 
fSavK^ouM, fu, a, poet, and Ion. for IfroM^oi. 
ib^iXiot, 17, or, poei. for MAioa. 
rfw 4il x «, aa Adv., {hn^ki, y(j^) nime nighit long, 
Ma. ^iea, 1^. poet for In4iu. 
■vatipia, Illy oftMhtfw miwt, tuttn^w^ow* 
17, or, po4^ for li^niTot, iAe ntntA. 
itwcii'. Ion. and poet for Irtco, on oo- 
^, c. gen. 
iU. pMt for ^, in. 

«hF.^8iaa, 7, a, and or, poet, for ip69um. 
iiMsHniXXot, or, (fvomt, <piaj<mi) wOh tkakmg 
ftHagt^qmomwff wUhleavea, 
ii^ooi, Att. for kobeaai^ 3 pi. of iouccu 
«9aoM, 3 loo. lengtfad. aor. i of ctcw. 
4b, Ep. gen. for lo, oS, </ iUm, of bar; dwd ^ from 

. Ep. for iot»-^ nom. pi. part. fern, of loum. 
ttDt, Ep. for low. 

«I«B, aor. I for the nm. ^vor, I aa«I.* in 3 ling. 
^^■at «ln^ or tTirar, 3 sing, impeimt. dn^rw, 

M|MK, Sp. for clnir. 
tf'ni^ if at oB eooito, i/indeecL 
1M9, Dvnr. for da-cly, see cTmr. 
rf n u ^ i i , Adr. ifffomanifplaee. 
rf w l ^ Adv. (f, wArtfter any w&ere. 
4aoir, / fpaJbe, J aoMi, aor. 2 from Boot *BnCl : im- 
pcntdW : ixLC cjvfcr, part. oiWor. Thoe ii alao an 
•V. I ^ao, imperat. dvjy or ^woi^, fteq. in Att, in the 
tat fiaorc and ilaiirw : ciW, like 071, occnn alio 
iv &fTc before a plmvL In Gompoa. a Hed. form 
■ffeo, aa AwviwaffBiu, The frit and pez£ are tsap- 

^•mo, 3 pL impf. of hnfuu, tofoBow* 
<«»rc Adv. ^eMr,^a£ att, Lataj-^iumdo. II. 
ia&«l» if or toklitr aiier. 
4 VMi, Adv. ^ any trAere, Lat ti-onW. 
4«ii, Adr. ^a<a0»^i|ranynMiaf. 

flp4inr|. Dor. for dp^mj, 

•Ifryaociv, poet. aor. a inf. d f Vyvv. 

iCpY«ur|uu, perf. of ipydioftat, 

cCpYpit, Att <tpY|fc6a, 6, {^pyv) apriton, 

clpYFM-^vXa(, &rot, d, (d^/i^t, ^Xa^) a gooltfr. 

«bYv|Dut, and flpYvut*, « cf/ryw, to tkui mattm. 

EJCTrA or ctp-y»> Att for the earlier form ^/itw. 

«lp4wrai, Ion. for ^prpnxUt 3 pl* p'* ?«■• of ipiu. 

•tpflpof, 6, (cljfMtf) bondage, daiery, 

cCpcoxo, Ion. -Ci), i), ({/)^<r00) a rowing, a. any 
viofffii motion, ttro66ing. II. a eomplemml at crow 
cftfMden, Lat rsmMMWi. 

<(pcoi^0vt|, 1), (ci/)ot) a barveA^wnaih of oli?e or 
lamel teonnd nwnd wUh wool, borne about by ringing* 
boya at the festiralB of Uvcorhffta and BapyffXM : it 
waa afterwards hnng up at the hooee-door. Theeong* 
waa likewise called Eiresiond. 

ctp{«t. Ion. for kpiw, to tag. 

uipriy 1}, {iipo)) a plaoe qf amemXlgt'sdyopd, 

ctpijv or ^i|v, crot, 6, (dpof or 1^) a Laoed. youth 
from his 18th year, when he was entitled to tpiok in 
the assembly and to lead an army, like Att. hfnffiot, 

•tptproiot, a, ow, {dff/ftnf) peaceful, in peace. 

«(pi|v«iM», f. (Tw, to keep peace, Uve peaeeaUg, be at 
peace, U, injoM. to bring to peace, reeoneHe. From 

«l|W|vv|, 1), peace, time €f peace, Lat pax; etpffvfjr 
Siyuw to keep peace: metaph. red, r^poee, (Derir. 
nnoertaln.) Henoe 

etpi|vuc6f, 4f ^* eomeenUng peace: peacrfui, peace- 
<Me: — ^Adv. -mm. 

•(pi|voiroUi», f. i^oroi, to makepeace. From 

dp%i¥o ^ m6%, 6v, {tlpffmj, woiiet) making peace: aa 
Subat, elpmfomUt, 6, a peaee^maker. 

c(pi|vo-4tXa{, Sjcoe, 6, ij, {dp^yij, (pitXaf) a guar- 
dim of peace. 

dpLveot, oy, wooBm, of W06L From 

iCpiov, t6, (etpoe) Ep. and Ion. for l^or, wool. 

ctpm^ov, verb. Adj. of ^pyw, one miut preveni. 

•tfKT^, Ion. <pKT^, ^, (dpyw) an incUmwre, prieon, 

sl|HMeo|AOS, oy, {ttpot, ho/Ucj) dreeeing wool. 

eXpQ^ML, Ion. for (pofuu, toatk: see ^pea B. 

slpo-w 6Kot, or, (ttpoe, v6ko9) wod-Jleeeed, woolly, 

EFPOS, t6, wool 

«(po-x&f^ ^> i*tpow, -xaipw) deUgkling in wool. 

itpwofMS, Dor. for ^pmo/ur, I pi. impf. of tpmw. 

sCpvwroi, for dpmnru. Ion. 3 plm*. pf. pass, of 


stp<itMv<u [j^, poet for Iphuv, prea. inf. of Ipiw : 
but tipOpivai, pf. pass. part. nom. pi. fem. of clp^w. 

•Ipmroi/ro, 3 sing. aor. i opt of 

ftpvw, ctp^iMi, poet, for kpim, ipio/MU. 

ErPA (A) : aor. i dpa and l/xm : pf. pass, part 
ipiUyoe, Bp. kepfUroe '.-—lAi. 8ER0, to tie, join, faMen 
together, tiring; ^KiitrpoKrof iep/thoe set with pieces 
of electron. 

EITn (B) : to soy, 90a2e, iaO : in fanpf. med. cf/wro, 
iipmrro : bat in Ion. the Hed. means to osft; see low. 


ErPXlN — tUravtbdv. 

ETPAN, on^os, 6, a ditsemUer, one vlto 9ay§ k»» Ukan 
he (kinke or meant. Hence 

«(p«»vf(a, ij, ditdmulaiion, an ignorance pwpo$dy 
{Reeled to proroke An antagonist, irony, uaed 1^ So- 
crates against the Sophists. From 

«tpfi0vtvo|uu, (jitpow) Depn to dieeembie, esp. lo/eiifn 

•Cf>«avuc6f, if, dvt h^ing a diueniiUr, dietenMing. 

clp«*Tdw or ctpayHtf, £p. and Ion. for k/teardM. 

£1*2 or 'EX, Pbef. with acc. only. Badic. signf. : 
idireetion towwrdt, motion to, on or into. I. or 

rLACK, the oldest and most freq. ussge ; bat also of 
{teraons, with aU Verbe implying motion or direction, 
■and so wiXh Verhe cf loMng, as, ctt Snra lZia$ai 
^ look in the fetce: sometimes in Att. with the 
notion of hoelile direction, Lat. contra, adoermu,^ 
vpds, a. in preg^nant usage, joined with Verhs whieh 
exprea rest, when a previous motion is implied, e.g. it 
ftiyapoy Kari$r}ie^ he brought it to the house, and 
{nut it there : so, mpttrm clt rivov to go and be at a 
place, esp. in phrase, o^toBai cit r&roy. 3. 

sUipl, e. gen,, tit *Aidao \d6fwy], Att. fit "AiHov, to 
the abode of Hades; it 'A$ijvaifft [l*p6v'] to the 
temple of Athena, h UpidfUHo [oUoy] etc.; so in 
Prose, fit A^fujrpot to the temple of Ceres, etc., usu. 
in Lat. ad ApdUnit, Caelorit (sub. eedem). II. 

«r TIME, I. until, 4t 1^, It ^iXiov learaMarra, fit 

2rf tUl the time when. . , till m(»ii, tiU sunset : it 6 
imtil, also It ov ; It kfU up to my time. 2. to de- 
termine a period, for, tit kviavrCvfor a year, i.e. a 
whole year ; It Bipot, It im^paprfor the summer, etc. ; 
•«{t 6^1 for ever; ftt r)/iat up to our time ; fit rplnpf 
ilfUpay to the third day, i. e. in three days or on the 
third day. III. of an knd ob pubfosb, tlimv 

tit d'yaB6y to speak /or good, with a good object ; It 
^oKtpov 0wpii£opat 1 will arm me for war. lY . 

'WITH NCHBBALS : It fdoy fiovktiftiy to resolve one 
way or unanimously, tit ty (pxt<r$m to agree toge- 
ther ; with plurals, up to, tit pvplout as many as ten 
thousand ; fit iho two deep ; also of round numbers, 
4iboUt, at most, Y. to express rslatxon. It 5 tn 

regard to which, i. e. trher^ore: tit ri; for what? 
why ? hence for Adv., It rdxot for raxien. 

Elt is sometimes parted ftcm its acc. by several 
W(»ds, as fit dpt^oripu Aioftffdtot ippara fi^frtp^. It 
38 seldom put after its case. The nodon is redoubled 
in fit oAodf . 

ETS, pia, ty, gen. Ms, piat, Mt, Lat. UNUS, 
£ngl. ONE: the fem. pia points to a second Boot, 
which appears without the init. p in the Ep. mate. 
tot, fem. ta: strengthd. th olot, pia ofa or otrj, a 
single one, one alone: with Superl., fft dpiOTOt : tU 
Tit some one, Lat. unut aJiquis : ttt iKourrot each one, 
Lat. unusquiaque: leaJB^ %y tiecurroy each singly, piece 
by piece : ttt dy^p, Lat. unut omnium, for one man, 
vK^oras yvyoiKOs ttt dyifp kyrjparOf most /or one 

n. adng. 

fit, 2 sing. pres. of tlpl to he. 
pres. of ttpi to go. 

ctt, aor. a part, of irf pi. 

clora, fixmi obsol. ^iu. Causal, aor. I cit(o9, towmt, 
piaee, lay ; <rieow6y f fitrc he set % spy ; h6x^ ^tfvr 
they laid an ambush: part. fi<rat, inl fitrcu, {9- 
(Toi. II. alio fiit. med. fffopat, Ep. t^aoptai : 

aor. I ^odpapf : pf. pass. tXpai : — to fotmd, ereei^ of 
building temples or setting up statues of deities. 
The other tenses are supplied £am ttpimf, 

sCo^-ayav^, aor. a part, of tlffdyea. 

sUraTYCAtvt, low, 6, (ttoajyikkw) one who on* 
nounces, a gentieman^uther, an officer at the Peniaa 

•Lauyytikla, ij, an accusation in the Athenian OommeS 
for some public offence : an information. From 

cUr-ayylXXv, f. fAo;, to go in and annotmee (the 
duty of an usher : see tlixayytkeift) : geneaUjr. to 
announce, report. II. to aeeum one <f a dakC' 

offence ; see f l<ra77fAia. 

tla-Hydpw, f . tp&, to gather into a place. 

slor-d^w, f* $ea : aor. 2 f {0^1^70701^. To lead l» or 
I into: iadytiy or io6rf*a$ai yuyauca to lead a wife 
into one*s house, a. to tmpori foreign waraa ; cto- 

dyto$ai Kol k^dytaOat to import and export : — Med. 
to admit forces into a city : also to introduce itdo a 
league ; to iiUroduce new customs. II. as a po> 

litical term, to lay or &rtn^ b^ore an aasembly, ic- 
dyfty T< It fiovX:fiy, to bring brfore the Council. a. 
as law-term, tladyuy SUrpf or ypaipqy to open Ae pro- 
ceedings, state the ease, 

cto-&c(. Adv. for fit dti,for ever. 

clowuCpofiOi, Med. to take to onesel{f. 

slcr-aOplw, f. 4iaea, to see, behold, view. 

slor-a(p«», f. itpSi, to lift ox carry in, 

tlff-iSSinno or eluP^from: f. q^ct: to dart, spring 
in or into. 

cCoxMTO, 3 sing. aor. med. opt. of *clBw. 

€Ur-2licovT(t», f . law, to huH Javelins at : absoL, to 
dart or spout up, of blood. 

slor-fiKovu, f . oopai : pf . dicfiMoa, To Uttem, keairktn 
to : and, simply, to hear. TL, to <ibey, ooai|rfy 

wiih, give heed to, 

cUt^ktIov, verb. Adj. of ^<rdr)fet, one imcsi brii^ in, 

sUr-dXXofioi, f . aXovpai : aor. i rikdpxpf : Dep. 7b 
loop or sprtn^ into : also to leap upon, 

sUr-&|ifi^, f . rjfO), to pass into. 

cl<rd|ii|v, Ep. aor. I med. of dfu, I went, II. 

£p. aor. I med. of *tt6», I seemed, 

*Urdp,xj¥, oxa. I med. of fTffO. 

cUr-avafia£v«t, fut. fiiiaopm i to go up imto, 

«l<ravap4|vai, wx, 2 inf. of ^oayafialyot, 

sUr-uvaYiiBdtw, f. to force into, contbrain, 

sUr-avdYw, f. (0), to lead up into, 

«Ur-avfi8ov, aor. a (see ^ioy) : to look vp to* 

cUr-dvstiu, togov^ into. 

flaavi8«0v, part, of f l^o^f <W. 

cliravuip — curfirrafiat. 


«&9aM^, pari, of iMmuiu* 

MO'-dirfo, Adr^ ttraigH into, into or t» the face, 

4a^wav, Adr. for <lt &way, aUogether. 

cto^vaf. Adv. for dt a«a^, of on«0. 

ci9-Jip4ovtt, Aftt. -TTu : Alt. ^: to force in upon, 

flSwro, cScraro, t. eleafup^f tlodftjpf, 

cSoi-^tTTw, Att. for €tooiaoM, 

dff^l9i% Adr. for dt o^it, here(^ler, 

4*wipftov, Adv. for its a&pkw^ on the morrow. 

«l0i-«dT«v» AdT. Dor. and Ion. for elaav$a, 

w-iL^iff^ L i^w, to tend into : toletitu 

•fgy^^w^wi, «a diPatpiMwiofMu, [dy] 

•or. a inf. of el(raipua^4ofMai, 
f. I^ofioft : Dep. : lo M>fn« or go into, 

mmpal^m, t firi^ofuu : aor. 2 -i^tfv : pf. fiifitfKO, 
To go imio : m. to go on hoard ahip, embark, 2. 

iBp««^ dafiaufu /loc it eomes into my head, II. 

OhmI in aor. i dffifitjoa, to make to go thto, to jnt 

cW-^^AXm. f. fiUXu : pf. BifikrtKO, pass. BifiXjjftm, 
TotiMBtnto: — ' put on board one'e ship, II. 
(Mb. 4carr^, 9Tpani»\ to throw oneeeHfinto, make an 
imToadatiMfOmrmonintOfimfade: alao{siib.yaMf) to enter 
ftiti; Lai. tf^yallav. a. generally, to ^o fnto : of 

dTen^ to emiftif themeeivee into, fail into, 3. alio to 
eeme to^fall into aeeidmlaUf, 

d^pd^ii^ ten, 4f (jdafiaiyw) an entranco: embarka- 


«Sa^T6f, 4. 6tf^ {elfffiabm) aeeeeeihU, 
w.grA{o|im, f. £oo/MU, Dep. to force one'e wag into, 
t, dfftti, (o nwJee to ^0 Mto, pu< into, 
t ^^ to tool; ol, tool; ii|Nm. 
1^, {jdcfi&hXm u) a throwing oneee^f into : 
imvaaion, attack, a. a way of entering, 

paee: in plor., also, the mouth of a 
3. OA entering into a thing, beginning, 
f. ^, to write in, ifueribe: — Med. to 
Ure iimeadf written down or inecribed : ^oyp6i^o$€u 
<i T^ ffneMM to have oneedf written or received into 

«{av8^lcofaa^ Dep., with aor. a act. elai^piUo^ : — 
fe took oi or yfon, behold, obeeroe, 
fl(a>-8^«|iat, Icm. 49^-5Iico|mu : f. JU^ofUu; Dep. 
T^ l>fe iato, fliwir. 

wKBtitii, mad intr., of riTen, to flow into, 
d[^6o x ^» 1^. (€laMxo/«u) reception, 
iWtp<nn?ir, aor. a inf. c^ dorp^of . 
«i0&p0|ii^ 1), (<l^8Mi/icry) an oimZou^AC, aeeavU, 
dmi i m or dcr-Sww, and Med. ela-Zvo^uwk i t 
tim^M : aor. a elaiiw. To get into, s/^ into or m; 
levifv n lr^8«rc o^ai a kind of fear entered into 
tbts; d«iom«Tir I^SfiKTCoi fAou vif< enter into a 
cnteH of ardiery. 
<S0i,eee cT^a. 

ifvMw dCffOfiai, ftii. of ^'cJiBctf. 
f, ux, a of <I^T/»^x^* 

clor-l8w, aor. a of c2<rd6tt;. 

cta-fiSov, aor. a (see cTiSov) to tooX; o» or a(. 

eCcr-Ciitt, (dt, cTfu) to ^o info, ^o tn; b^OoXiuAt 

etoetfu I wiU come into hie eight: dpx^ elffiiyai to 

enter on an o£Sce. 11. as law-term, to come &»- 

fore the court. III. metaph. to come into one*§ 


da^eXaww, Ep. -eX&w : fat. -^k&ffw [2], Att. -cAA. 
To dn'oe »n<o or in : to bring (a shk>) into jgoii, Lat. 
o|)pefler«. II. (nib. iavrS^, mo¥, ravr, etc.) 

to 00, ricis or row into : to enter. 

wrekO&v, aor. a part of elaipxo/Mu. 

cur4XiM» : f. ^A^tti : aor. i elKjtikra. To drag into. 

da-ffA^vw, to go on board. 

cUrcvtYK^v, aor. a inf. of elo^ipet, 

«Urlv6»)Mf, Dor. for tlaiXBotpiev, 1 pi. aor. a aubj. 
of elaipxofiot, 

cUrfvff/ra, Adv. for dt eweira, henceforward. 

dirfirrwro, 3 dn^. aor. a of elowiro/Moi, 

«Ur-4pYvO|u or -vm, to tftut up into. 

eXxr-ippta, aor. I tlarfpprjaa : pf. eltr^pprpca. To 
go into, get in, 

cur-«puQ9, to dratr tn/o. 

cUr-4pxo)iai, fat, ekehaoftat : aor. a d^^X^or : 
Dep. To go or come into, to enter, Lat. in^re : me- 
taph. to enter one'e mind: abeol. of money, to corns in, aa 
vp6co9oi elaii?<$oy, II. as Att. law-term, of the 

accoeer, to come into court, 

da-^jtu, f. ^«, intr. to sfretoA into, reach, 

•Ur-^yiopoA^ fut i7<ro/4m : Dep. : to &rin{; in, inirO" 
duce, propound, bring forward. II. cIoiTTCitj^a^ 

Ti¥t to infonn, inetruct any one. Hence 

d<H|YiUia, paroe, r6, a propoeition, motion : and 

cUr^SY^i|oxt, ccM, 4> a bringing in, propoeing, bringing 
forward: and 

daT)YT|rlov, verb. A^j., on« must bring m : and 

«l<rijYTiTf|t, ov, 6, a leader, mover, propoeer, 

slirniOMft, f, liiaea, to inject by a eyringe. 

ela-yue, f. ^^w, to &e conM in : to come in, 

ct(r-4|\v6ov, elirij^Bov, aor. 3 act. ind. of tMfh 


mBo, 2Eo\. and Ep. for ett, a sing, of etfu, 

eXffOax, pf. pass. inf. oftfjpt, 

sUr-6{«», f. Beitaopai, to run into, run up to, 

dor-Sp^oiCtt, aor. iBopov, to leap into or in, 

sloi, s(or{v, 3 plor. pres. of elpi to be, 

•tax, ctoxv, 3 sing. pres. of eJpt to go, 

dfflSciv, Ep. (loitieiy, aor. a inf. of ttauSoy, 

<Ur-i8f»i>o», £. o'ctf : pf. pass. elolhfMpm : (dt, ISpCwu). 
To &ut7<i in. 

<Ur4(o|i<u, Pass, (ctt, tCa>) to be eeated in, to nt 
down in. 

da-Ciiiu, f. ^oea, to eend or put into : — ^Med. to bO' 
take onee^ to : more rarely, to admit, let in. 

doiOfiii, 4, (cftr-ci/it) an entrance. 
i cta-ucvkiuu, fat. i^o/«u, Dep. to go into, 
I eUr-drrojuu, late form of elawirofuu. 


ci^icaA^tt ^^tUr^f^. 

cto'-K&X^, f. /<r«, to eati in: lo iMiU, 

cUr-tavra^aivw, f. 0^0/mu, to go down inio. 

<l9-MarraT(0i||u, f. BJffao), to pid down itUo. 

cCoHcai|uu, PMk to he jntf into, Ue m: to be p^ en 
hoard ehip, 

el^KiMM, f. ic4\trw, to fnuh or tikruii in : (snb. 
yavv), (o pui in to thore^ put to land. 

dtr4aipvTTw, t ^w, to eaU in by heroM : Mp. to etdl 
into the lide/or eomboL 

eimtop3Cb4\, i^, a bringinQ in, in^KftoHon. From 

clo^ico|&Cto> : fat loot, Att HQ : to hHn(f into, impofi. 

cUr-icucX4a>, f. ^cw, to turn or whed inwards, in a 
theatre ; to withdraw from the eyee cf the tpeetaiore, t. 
kietevtckica : — ^metaph^ Haiftui^ wpAyfUtra etoneKimKii' 
Mev c{f rj^ obday womid tgirit hoe brought fll luck into 
the house. 

cUr-fci)XCv8«0, f. icv}daca\l] : to roU inio, 

Itoictt : impf. 4f£ffico¥ : (c<rof, Uffot) : — to fnoibs XQce: 
to thitik like^ liken: metaph. to compare: and so to 
gueti, coryeeture, 

^xr-keuwut to look into, 

cUr-|&d(nro|Aai, fut fii^o/uu : Med. : (c2f, it&acw). 
To imprees, impritU. 

«Ur-v4», f. viboofjm, to swim kUo, 

tUr-vo^w, f . 1^907, to pereeive, remark. 

«((r-o8ot, 1^, (elf, 6B6$) a way into, entry. II. 

a coming in, flntronee ; eip. of the Chorus into the 
Orchestra. 2. a righi qf entrance. 

f Ur-ouc«^«», f. oNTv, (fit, o2«(tbt) to brin^ in as a 
friend : — ^Poss. to become friend to any one. 

eia^oiiUm, f. i((ro;, to cft0«a in, settte in. Hence 

clooCiCTKnt, €«9t, 1^, settiement : a dweUing. 

cUr-OMcl^is : tai. low, Att. 2&. IV» brin(^ a eotony 
into a place, to establish or sett/e i{. 
- f Ur-ouco8o|ai«», f. ^<rw^ to buUd into. 

f Urovxvflikri, .£ol. for elooi^mht, 5 pi. of 

cUr-oixv^ f. 4^^» ^ 9^ *'*^* enter. 

f Ur-6Kt, f Ur-^Kfly, (dt $ ict) untU such time as .*— 
so long <u. 

«C<ro|ia^ tvLi. of *ei3w. 11. £p. fttt. of cT/u. 

ftorov, imperat. from crira. 

fUr-6ir%v^ (els, ^s) Adv., hereafter. 

fUr-oir{<ra», Adv., tn (isM to come^ hereafler. 

cCotHTTOt, or, {tlffSiffopat, fut. of c((ro/)da;) tooM 
upon : to be seen, visible. 

f to'-airrpov, r^, {d<r6ff>ofmt, tat. of sHcop&u) a hoh- 
ing-glase, mirror. 

cUr-opdtt», Ep. inf. med. eloopAaerOai, part. slffop6v» : 
the ftit. sla6fffOfMi and aer. 2 tlatiioif are supplied 
from other Roots (see dpdo)). To lock td or upon, 
view, behoid: also like Lat. suspieere, to look up to, re- 
vere : to look at eagerly : to gate upon steadily : also of 
the godi, to visit, punish, behold. 

€Ur-op|i^, t if tret, to bring forcibly into : — Pass, to 
force one*s way into, 

€to'-op|iX{o> : fut. last, Att. t& : — to bring into port': 
—Pass, and Med. to run into porL 

Itorot, 17, o¥ [t], poet lengrthd. fim fton hm^ 
alike, equal, used in these phrases : u fa2s Uftf 

the equal banquet, i. e. equally sharmU a. F^a 1^ 

aai the equal or wsOrbaioneed tMpt. 3. dimis «^ 
ro0^ 1^ the all-sMn shield, i.e. qm^ romuL 4. 

^p^cf iv^or i'iffm on sven mind, that is wsBhaiameei, 
calm, Lat. nMns ctqua. 

cUriSrt, for clt Sre, tmtQ. 

cCcr.oi|n«, com, 1^, a looking upon: a spedade. FYon 

s(a6i|ro|tai,fttt of cl<ropiia*, Ibnned from Booi *«itf- 

cCo^^miCtf, £ watiicw, to bunt or <l(nh in. 

cl<r^i|Mn», f. ftti, to send in, bring in: to snbam. 

sUwwtpdtt: £^»[d],Ion.^aw: to ^oss osier tfntou 

cl<r-in|i8d«0, f. ifoea, to leap into, burst m. 

sUr-irm|uu : f. wrffffofsai : aor. a both in med. 
form slaeirrifapt and act sl<rimiiw. To/ty into. 

sUr-iKirTw, f . wevoOfuu : aor. a hnveat : piL «^ 
irrttMn. To faU fx rush in: tohefhromniido: — b^ 
pen. tlaiwsoi ol it came into his head. II. to 

/a0 upon, attack. 

ct<r-W(TrQ», poet fbrm of si^sfsrv. 

sUr^X^ f. irA«Wo/«u : — to sail into^ aitor. Hence 

sC<nrXoot, oontr. sCvirXovt, ^ a saSltng in, sHfcr- 
in^. n. the entrance ^ a harbour. 

clo^in4«i, f. wreifffopai, to breathe in, infcilr, Lsit. «§- 
spirare. 11. to breoCAs 19)011. Hence 

s(airvi|X(tt, 6, ons tnlo inspkts love, a looer. 

f Ur-iroUo, f. iiow, to put into the hands of, to give (a 
son) to l«a<2optofl6y another: — ^sm.tohe adopted. 11. 
to introduce. Hence 

tUr i ro d p-o f , tf, o¥, adopted, 

•ia-nooevto, f. irw, to lead into : — Pass., with fist 
med. -waofuu, to go into, enter. 

sCtfirpofit, cow, ly, an exacting. From 

cUr-irp4vox*,Att-rrM, f. £». To get in €m ^eUeet^ 
esp. taxes. Med. to AiBsfl^ or em/Afar anmV, 

sto'-piw, f . peiHro/MUf to etream into. 

stoT^KSMf, plqpf. ofUmjfu. 

sl0--Ti0i||u> frit ^cw. To jntf into, piaet in .- a]ei> 
with or without It ravr, to put on bocurd ship : 
T^«ra io^iaikn (aor. a inl) to jwt them on boar^ 

f Ur-Tp^X** ' fot. sMpdfwvfmi : aor. a stcrlS^a^ao^ 
(frtnn *lipifsu). To run in or on. 

fUr-^p«> : fut. slooiaw (fixnn *elW): aor. i ^Ma^ 
veyiea (from *lr^w) : cf. fipw. 3^ eonry into . 
brtn^ in or upon. 11. to brin^ in» oonMvte .< 

Athens, to pay tax on property. III. to 

duce, bring forward, propose, TV, Med. to 

tffilA one; also like Act, to in<rotl—g. a. io 

port. y. Pass, to rush in. 2. to he 

sla-^ovr&cs, f . iftrw, to go to, vissL 

f lo^opd, 1), (clcr^^pov) a brin^in^ in, 
at Athens, a property -tax, raised to meet the 
des of war. 

clo--4op4a», f . if aw, *= da^pw, 

f (o'-^p4a», Alt ^pi}0iw and ^p^if^fsiu : Impenufc. c|«s 


(lir)(ttpt(<» — iKctriyxttpos. 


f^ii. To kt Mf edmU : — ^Hed. to hrtttif m w&h one» 

hwrfff, hsmd ootr^ fltlimt. 

IHtt, Ep. aar. j A^r^paj^ \p\ : lo fCrecrm tn. 

fSoift, more rarely cms Adr^ (ctt, if) tnto» in, tfJtMi, 
e. KT^ SSnoi S^^wr "AlSoe cfcrw : also e. geiw ^<f^ 
$)< appoint. n. (fterdii, trdMi, %n$ide, 

Ar-iilbH^ fat. 9^<rm and ^«r» lo (Jhraal info.' — 
Med. to forte antaif nittOyfnu in. 

iSvHMr^tr ^» (<ls, ^) mfaee, in front tf^ iXavmoi 
i y ^wi o ycM' they came w front cf tlie ■hips. 

ETTA, Ion. eSrtv^ Adv. of l^me, ^Aan, o^, liarv- 
Lat. d«Midc IL like Lat. ito and itaqm^ 

•P, l&oi, ihenfort: alio in Ironical qiMsCioni, Lat. 
dmef ibaimt oerof isiCaof a^reaUyt mdaedt 

tbva, 5 aing. pt paok (^ hnrvfu. 

iC^n.., aC-^.., Lat, atM.., ttoe.., ci(&er..» or..; 

'..,or..;BotliatfeTezal eaaeaan always put: 
IB Honaer the flret cfrc is sometimes answered 4 ttoL 
The IVig. aomethnes lea^e oat the first €&f , or pat 

sirt, £» sCtyrf, a pi. pres. opt. of tlfd io ht. 
ttwm, loo. tor tTra, Uke Ivcrriy for jfwttra. 
alfi^ Sp. fiir Idctf. 

£^ for im, &9 pres. sabj. of cl/it. 

pi a (in pres. signf.) of the Ep. lAv, to he 
or oenutoMMii.' — part. ^twOim^ uTo, ^» wonted, 

Adr. fim^CTan, m tki umtal woff. 
r, imperl of li&&f, 
Sp. fior Isfs. 

Ep. ior Idol, 3 pL of liar. 

^EK, before a Towel l£, Lat. e, ex, fbbp. with gsh . 

Eady irignfl,/rDai oiU of^ awa^from* L Of 

P&acx, Mrf ^, from forth: with Verbs that express 

lohii^ omsfv l« wSrraor /i^oTa chief /rom cibum(^ all, 

^aO. a. Uke l^fltt, oalMde </, beyond, lie ^c^^as^ 

sirf ^ sboi ; he Mtsrov oiil </ the smoke. 3. with 

Teibs implying Best, as, l« vooro-oX^ Kp4fMff9y 

f^pfmyya he hong his lyre from, i e. on, the peg ; 

l« tvot to fik^en from, L e. upon, a 

n. Or TiMK, 1^ 66 smee^from ike time 

Lat cs^ao; i( dfxiffromihBhef^iDiiing; lie 

7tr^0€bi to haTe jutt Jiai$ked saciifLee ; li 

rf^^t us «oA.f fMO' to go to war oat of, L e. t^Ur, 

petee. m. Or Oufin, !« nvot ye/ia$iu to 

tehoTB or gpnmgfrom one ; 1^ I/mw tiItos looi thoa 

o^ ne by blood. a. of the materials of a 

■s wfm Itc^iAoo a cap tf wood. 3. of 

OccaaSnn, Means, lie $*6^y voXcfif^cty to 

war tf the gods' vutmnee; Mvuw l£ dXoifs beooufe 

4^ dtadly vxath; l« Mmparot in eontequenee cf 

^ heat; Im pioM Srpaf^0iq (h^^f ^ ^^ ^ 

£ane. 4. with a pass. Verb, i<piX»f$w lir Ai^ 

tkey were baki?ed cf or iy Zeos. 5. with a 

Adj., as paiiphr. for Adr., 1^ irfxtft^^ov for 

irfxii^okotr ; U rov ifiipcvovt and l£ kfupofom for 
kfMpaywM, etc. 

lie is oft. separated from its Case 1^ one or nuse 
words. It takes an accent if it is pecal. emphatic. 
In Ck>mpoe. U signifies out, auxty, off: also tUteriy, 
Im4-«pyos, 6, {biia, ipyov) epith. of ApoUo, Oe 
far-9hooting, for-dofiing^ » iiaf06yo9. 
Iicdtiv, aor. 2 pass, of icaiof, [H] 
iHditov; Adv., (IwSs) /rosi <tfar, 11. fear cff^ 

far away, 
licdOopo, aor. i of leaBalpw. 
SkOXos, Dkh*. for Im^Xot. 
Iicdfi|ito«, for Korifinoa, aor. i of learafthM, 
(Tkoimv, Iica|i6|i.i|v, aor. a act and med. of mi/ow. 
iMojprvvovTO, 3 pi. aor. i med. of Kopriofw, 
Ik&% Att. Iicat, AdT. {Ik) far, afar, fair off: c 
fS^n,, far from, far anayfrom. 

iKoordTt*, AdT. Supul. of licit, fwikat off, fw- 
Iica(rrax60cv, (licoorof) Adv., /rom every §ide, 
Imurmx^^Vf (l«aorot) Adr., to every aide, 
iKooraxoO, (liccurros) Adv., every where, 
InotfrlpM, Adv. Compar. of licit, further, fwiher 
off: also poet itcaffroripof. Saperl. Iscurritw. 
liciaToOi, Ady., for each one : every where. From 
IIKASTOS, 17, o¥, every, every one, eocA, each one, 
opp. to a number: the sing, finom its coUectiTe signf. 
is freq. joined with a plnr. Verb, as licooros Isimr 
o$€; eft iKcurroi, Lat tmutquMque, every one; was 
licvurrot, one and aU; ol koB' itcaarov eath one oingiy, 
Lat fin^t : ica^ kitiumfw \fnUpav] every day, daHy, 
iKdcrroTt, Adv. each time, attcaye, 
iKcurrorlpu, Adv. =r ixatrripca, 
licaTSpiiat, Adv. (Iicircpot) o4 each time, 
hcirfpOt, before a vowel kit&rtp/Bw, Adv. for Ijdo- 
l ipoiBw, from ex on each vide, Lat. utrinque, 
*EKATEP02, a, or, each <f two, each ainffiy. 
iKarlpttOiv, AdT.,/fom or on both tides ; and 
hcorlpttOt, Adv., on 5olA tidee: and 
iMorljpcsors, Adv., lo both sides, both ways, 
"EiciTii [d], 4, (licarot) Heeati, daughter of Penee 
and Astoria, who had power from Zeus in heaven, 
earth, and sea. Later she was hold to be the same 
as Artemis. "Eiciri^ tkt-Kvov, or 'Exircua, t&, was 
an offering of purification made to her on the 30th 
of each month at three cross roads. 
lican|-8tXln|S, ov, d,>"sq. 

lR&Ti|-p6Xot, w, {kic&s, /SiAAw) far-throwing, far- 
shooting, far-darting. 
ladiv Att and Dor. for JbcifTi, on aoc4>unt cf, 
iKorrorY-Kifdvot, or, (licart^y, K&pirpfoif) : and 
ImvroY-Kt^iXat, ov, 6, {hcariv, icc^oAi}) : and 
litaT6YHcp&vot, or, (Isar^r, icpS»o¥) : hMndred" 
kmrhYX^L^^, or, (licordr, xup) Atrndrad-ftasdatL 



iicarrf fvyos — iKylyvoimi. 

hKa/rh^'6yo% o¥, {hear6v, ivy6v) with lOO henehm 
for Towen. 

IwiTOti-PtttAv, Snfot, 6, (he monih HeeaUjmhoton^ the 
first in the Att. year, answering to the last half of 
July and first half of Aug^nst. Fnnn 

lKaT6|t-Pi|, i), {ktcarSv^ /3ovi) strictly an offering cf 
a hundred ojoen : but nsn. a puUie Moerifiee^ not always 
of oxen, nor to the number of a hun<b«d. 

4icaT6|i-poiOf, ov, (4«ttr^r, /3ovt) of or toor(k a hum' 
dred oxen. 

lK(vr6|«rirf8of, ow, {Itcar^r, woOt) loo feel long, 

licaTO|i^^iroXU0pot, ov, « sq. 

iKOT^fi^^iroXit, i» gen. soit, (l«ar^y, wdXn) leAft a 
^ttfidred ci<*M. 

4icaT6)irirovt, 6, 1j, mw, r6, gen. w^dot, {Uar6y, 
voirf ) AuiM2rfti-/oo(0i . 

tEKATO'N, o2, ol, Tti, indecU a MuicTrai. 

iKaTorra-tTijt, ih {iftardv, jfrot) {/ a hundred 
years, a ftufulrecl years old, 

licaTovra-icdfn|vot, Dor. Avot, oy,(l«ar^y, K&p^w) 
hundred-headed: cf. liror^Tirparof. 

ItcoTOV'TdXayros, ok, (liraT<$v, rdAovrov) toortft loo 
taknle: ypoipil itearorrdKayTOi an action where <2a- 
maj^ef were {ai<i at that sum. 

licaTOirTarirXj*aittv, ok, gen. oroe, (limr^) a Atm- 
dred-fold, lOO ftmes as mtiM or mcmy. 

licaTOirr-dpX'n** ^> ^* {^for6v, Apx^) ^ leader of a 
hundreds a centurion, Lat. eentxtrio, 

licar6vT-apxof, d,=foreg. 

iKOTOVT&t, adot, i^, (jtttar6r) the nvmber a hundred. 

btarorr-^pyvM^ oy, (itcardy, dpyvid) of loo/o- 

itcaT0iyr-op6ywjo%j or,»foreg. 

Ik&tos, 6, {ktcde) far-thootiruff epith. of Apollo. 

lKaT6-(rro|iOtt ov,(l«ttr^v, orSfia) hundred-mouthed. 

licaTOOT^*! 4, Sy, (l«ar^r) the hundredth : i^' liiea- 
roard a hundredfold. II. i) Ixaroanl^, the hun- 

dredth part, a tax or duty at Athens. 

lKaroaru% hot, 6, — iinrroKnb. 

4K-fidta>, f. £«»> (o speol; out, declare. 

4K-pa£vw, f. $rj<ro/juu: perf. kKfiifitjiai, To tt^ 
€ut{f,go Gt come out if: to ttep out of a ship, to diV 
eiii6arir. 2. to (lepart/rom. 3. metaph. to eome 
0u( so and so, to torn ot^ Lat. evadere, 4. to dt- 

gri*is. II. in Alt act. ixfl^aaf, aor. I, k^ifirica, 

causal, to make to $tep out (f, put outcf^ ship, etc. 

iK-patcxevta, f. ao>, to excite to Bacchic frenxy, to 
make frantic: — ^Paas. and Med. to be frenzied, rage. 

iKpaXc, Ep. for k^4$a\t, 3 sing. aor. 2 ind. ; also 
aor. 2 imperat. of 

<K-p^AA», f. fiaku I pf. U$ifi\3jMa. To throu or 
cad out: to diaembark, land; but also to carry out to 
eea. 2. miktm i/cfiiXXeiy to banieh from the coun- 
try : and so to drive awag, thruet out, baniah, 11. 
to etrike out, Lat. exeutere; bovpa itcfidWuv to fdl 
trees, strictly to cut them oul ^ the forest. UI. 

metaph. tint UBdWtty to let fall or drop s word : so 
iiefidXkety d&Kpua to thed tears. a. Att. also to 

r^eet : to hitt off the ttage, Lat aplodere. TV. to 

tend out, get rid of, lo$e. Y. (sub. kafr6tr\ of a 

river, to empty or ditcharge Uat^. 

4icfiaXftv, aor. 2 inf. of iiefiJ^Xw, 

ht MLt, aor. 2 part, of iicfialyv. 

hp6m% Cttw, ij, (Ufialyet) a going out qf m tid^ 
a landing. H. a way out, egrett. 

lic-6^, Dor. for kie-0aly», 

4K-mdt«», to force out: to wredfrom. 

4K-p[pdtis, f. dfftit to make to ttep out of: etp. to 
put out of 9k ship. 

hfti-Mi^iMum, tiA. fipinrot, to deoour, 

lR^t|Tot, oy, {ixfidXXu) throtm out: fo«eto2. 

t»-fiK&mua, aor. 2 i^-ifioKoy, to go at oome o«f . 

hiSodM, f. {jffo/uu, to call at cry out. 

Upe4fieia, 1), a marching out to aid. From 

U-porifikt, t 4<rw, to monk out to aid: to m ate « 

iK-^oXpCttt. f. t<rof, (U, $o\06t) toned offfram^ as 
the akin of an onion, l/c0okPi((iy rtva rShr nrSi a t y to 
peel one <f his stolen skins. 

4ic^^ 1), {UfidXXof) a throwing out. &nmu^ 
overboard, esp. of goods in a storm. II. a tknut- 

ing out: also a ihooting forth; as, l«^oXs^ cinm the 
time when the com thoifta or comes thto ear, HI. 

on outlet, Lat. exitut, lirjSoXs^ worafiov lAe mouClk of a 
river ; iiefiokal Spovt a defle leading out of a clisdn of 
mountains. 2. l/r^oXi) Xiyov a digresaioa, IV. 
(from Pass.), that which it eatt out, hefioki^ dut4XXift 
earth eeut out by a mattock ; oOpda ixfioX^ e kUd bet ^ 
eapoeed on the mountains. 

lic^oXot, oy, iJbcfi&KXa) thrown out: expooed^ of s 
child : abortive. II. as Subst, Moko*, 6, 4 
promontory. 2. t6 iicfiokoy, eatt <ff nlios. 

hi-Ppdavtt, Ion. htrfigii^iraxt, to throw out or «^ 
as froth : Pass, to be eatt up or thrown on skore, of 

iKSgorrim, 1 4<^^) ^ sfrAe oul by lightning. 

^K- )pi)x^|Aai, Dep., to bellow forth. 

lK-PJH»|ia, arot, r^, (UfitfipifOKof) (hat viUdk sj 
eolen or satm out, Ufipofpa wpioyot taw-duaL 

lur-y^aySlw, f . <ra;, to ^'oe otooy tte morrK^ .* — Paml 
to be given in marriage, marry, 

i«F'y6i^iaKoyuaii, Pass, to 6e ^'oe» in marriage. 

ht^vp6oyuai, (lir, Tovpot) Dep., to eamtt^reoCl^ ms. 

4ic--yfY&a, poet, for tKyiyora, pf. of l«c7fpo^m, fiu 
be bom of, deteended from : 3 dual iteyy d r ^ ; inf. 
txyeydfuy [d] ; part. iKytfjift, Uytyiuiou 

w-yekdM, f. M'o;iat [d], to laugh out, iou^ i^^^^ 
buret out laughing : metaph. of a liquid, to gmyi^ oisC 

lic-YfWjs, It, (lir, T^vot) put out from one't fnmitu^ 
without kith or kin. 

lK-Y(Yvo|iai, Ion. and later U^yo/tat [(] : fat« 
yty^aofuu : pf. Iiryfyom or iryfyoa (q. t.) : I>epi« 


iicyoms — iKfuioi. 


To fnm <Mi eft tpringfrom : to he descended from, horn 
if. II. to Aow gone 5y, XP^^*"^ iMytyov6T<^ time 
hariag gene 6y, elapeed, a. impers^ i/cySyvtrai, 

fib i(i9ri, U i» aUowed, U i$ grankd. 
&r|f"wot« or, {iityiyvo/mi) epnmg, deteended from 
any one : at Snbet^ iirfwos, 6, any descendant^ son, 
gmdmm : rd itcyoim q^ijprmy, posterity, 
b-Ypo^Mf t ^ to write out, copy : — Med. to write 
ttiveepyfor onese^. II. to strike out, expwnge 

kbUiom, t SffiofMOi, tohiUout. 
MuKpims, f. wrw, to hurst into tears, [p] 
etMinibfium, t ^<ro9, to expend, conaivme, exhaust. 
^MMpwurroi, 3 pi. Ion. plqpf. of Uiefpi6ofMU, 
Mt^ ^t, (!«. ScT) d^eetive. Hence 
&8iia« 1^, afcMiag thort, heing in arrear. 
l^8<CicvQ|u, f. ht^ot, to shew forth, displaiy. 
M&Ofuu, loQ. for i«8^o/iac. 
&8i(i«» ews, 4t (l«8^x<'/<<><) A taking from: tiicoM- 

«-€^«Ofaai, Dep. to lock out from. 

Mlp». Ion. -8«CpM : f. Z^pSt. To skin,fiay, sirip 
^theshm: hence to cudgd soundly. 

cR-Stros, or, {iie94u) fattened to or upon. 

hthixo^ML, Ion. hiixo^jauL: t. ii^o/sat: aor. I 
Itcf^/o^ : Dep. To take or reeeioe /rom : to take 
tp. a. l«rS^f<70ai t^t <^x4i'» '^ «voe«i'« the rule 
fnm tootiier : abeoL, to follow, succeed : of countries, 
to €«me next., 3. (o wait for, expect, Lat. exei- 

fere. 4. to rceetM at a feast. 

Min, t. d^irat, to hind from, i, e. to hind on or to : 
—Med. to hind a thing to ones^, hang it round one. 

Ib-^iiXos, or, very mantfest: conspieuous. 

Mrigyks, t {{Cn : (jUxififws). To go abroad, tranei: 
to he droad, or on on«'f travels. 

Mufpot, or, {Ik, 9iifios)from home, abroad. 

Miifaivm,f.0rf(ro/Mu,togo through out (ft pass over. 

h sF^ o n ^cyuaiL, Pass., (!«, tiOirAw) to depart from 
tn^t aeemdomed mode of life, change one*s habits. 

^R6i8aY|ia, arros, t6, prentice-work, a san^pter. 

htM&oKm : f. -&&&£«, poet. ~9iiaffiefiaai. To 
toA tikerou^lff, Lat. edoeere: — ^Med. to have another 
tofif thoromghly : — ^PaM. to learn thoroughly. 

iuMpiuamm, Ion. -Sp^joicw : fat Hp^oftan [d] : 
M. 3 ^iB^or. To run away from, escape. 

m^Siltfx, f. Zioawi pf. Moueai snot. 2 med. 4^- 
^^opr. To gite out, give vp, Lat. reddere : to ffur- 
^okia. 2. to give away from oneself, Ijc8i8^yeu Bv- 
Ip^ifu to give ane'a danghter tn marriage. 3. to 

9"K art far aiomy, /arm om(» M otii /or A/re : to pui 
«< MBscy to wlerttl, lend out. II. (sub. &v- 

"f^) is imue forth from a place; of a river, to ompto 

Mm|o|la^ Dep. toteUtothe end, recount infuB. 
^ ' ^lUf w, £. aw, to decide hy giving judgment, of a 
yadge. U. to aren^ie. Hcmce 

iKSKKOOT^t* ov, ^, on avenger, 

luSOiU<a, f. 4<raf, (liir8iivot) to avenge, punish; i/dk' 
Kstv Ttvd dv6 rofos to avenge one on another. Hence 

4ic8(ini|<nt, CAM, 1), an avenging : vengeance. 

IK-Sbcof , ov, (l/r, lilicff) without law, lawless. II. 

carrying out justice, avenging: as Snbst., lirSucot, d, im 

4k-8i4p<v», f. o'w, to throw from the chariot. 

ht-fximt, f. fca, to drive away, hanish. 

Ik-SovIw, f. ri<rot, to Aake out, confound. 

cicSocrtt, CAM, 1), (iit9i9ei>iu) a giving up, surrender' 
ing. 3. a giving in marriage. 

IMMro^ML, int. med. of ixSlhwfu. 

ittBoriov, verb. Adj. of UHhwfu, one must give «» 

licSoTOfi or, {itthiicafu) given up, hetrayed, 3. 

(^0fn tn marriage. 

IkSox^, 1), (l«d^o/4flu) a receiving from another, 

lic-8p&icovT6o|&ai, Pass., (!«, 9p&Mwv) to hoeome a 

4K8p&|Miv, aor. 3 inf. of kierpix^' 

lic8po|i.'^, 1), {iKZpaiUiv) a running out, sally, 
charge. 3. a hand of ekirmisliers. 

fiG-6po|iOt» d, one thai saUflies oui, a skirmisher. 

iicSOtMv, I pi. aor. 2 snbj. of IxSiw. 

IdHkns, cwt, 1), a slipping out, escape. From 

Ik-Sum or Ik-Svvw, f. (fov [Vi]. To strip off from 
another : — Med. to strip off from oneself. II. in- 
trans. in aor. a i^lSvr, pf. kMSOKo, and in Med. be- 
hito/ui, to gel out of, dip out of. 3. metaph. to ^ei 
away from, escape. 

4•c-€wpi^|ia^ Pass., (Ik, Aupiot) to heeome a 
thorough Dorian. 

Ixloaoa, aor. i of «€<&(«. 

ItcloTO, Ion. for Ukuvto, 3 pi. impf. of KeT/sat. 

TSKEL", Adv., at or M tiiat place, there, Lat. Ulic. 

licsiOcv, Adv., /rom that place, thence, Lat. iZttno; 
c. gen., ToOietiBey dkoovt on yen side of the grove.^ 
Att. also leeiBew : iBol. Krj¥6$w : Dor. n^rw^cr. 

Ilc«ie^ (JkKti) Adv., at t^ot plooe, there, Lat inic: 
Dor. 'rnv6$t. 

iKttvot, Ion. Kctvot, 17, o : .^1. ict|vos : Dor. 
rSjvot: Att. also strengthd. Uewovi: demonstr. 
Pron. : {iKei). That person or thing, Lat. iUe: when 
olrrof and lircTvot refer to two things before men* 
tioned, l/rcTrot, Lat. tZfe, refen to ihe more remote, ov- 
roe, Lat. hie, to the nearer. II. nsed like Hie, to 

denote well-known persons, as ircrrat fUi/aM $e6s, Lat. 
magnus Hie Deus. III. in Att iiewos precedes 

the Art. when it is emphatic, as, itcuvos 6 irtjp'. and 
follows the Snbst, when it is not emphatic, as 6 dviip 
Usipos. lY. Adv. Usiyots, in thai way, in thalt 

case: Ion. m/vow. Y. the dat fem. Uelvxi is 

also nsed as Adv., i . of Place, there, at that piace,. 
on that road. 2. of Manner, tn tAol manner. 


iKaT6Cvyos — iKyCyvofuu. 

huifr6^i6yc% or, (ittarSv, ivy6y) tcith lOO ftaneftet 
for rowert. 

IwiTOti-PtttAvt Sivot, i, (he mcnih Hecatamhceon, the 
flnt in the Att year, answeriDg to the laat half of 
July and flnt half of Aug^. Fnnn 

liMvr6|t-Pi|, i), (Imrr^y, /Sovs) itrictly an tjfferwg cf 
a hundred aim: but ami. a public taerifiee, not always 
of oxen, nor to the number of a hnndred. 

4icaT6|irpoiOf, or, (JkKorSv, fiovt) of or worth a hum' 

4K(vr6|A-vi8ot, or, (l«ar^, voirt) loofeel long. 

lica'rD)i.-iroXU9pot, 01^, « sq. 

iKOT^fi-^roXit, i, gen. <oit, (Imr^, vdXn) leiift a 

4KaT6)irirovt, 6, ij, wow, r6, gen. w6So$, (Imir^r, 
voOt) ftwMired/ooCed. 

^coT^lixiriiXot, or, (lirar^, irCrXi;) ftundrecf-yotod. 

tEKATCVN, o2, ol, Tti, indecU a hundred, 

licaifOVTar*j (\ %, 4i, {iicordy, irot) <^ a hundred 
years, a hundred yean old. 

licaTovra-icdpi|vot, Dor. Avot, ov, (l«ar^r, ttdptp^oy) 
hundred-headed: cf. Iirar^irparoff. 

ItcoTOV'TdXayros, ow, {iicarSv, riXayroy) worth 100 
taknU : 7/mi^ j«arorr<iAarrot an action where da- 
mo^es were laid ai thai turn, 

AcaTOVTO-irXjlaittv, or, gen. orot, (i/mr^) a hun- 
dred-fold, 100 ftiTKt a< mudt or many. 

ImmvT-dpxil** ^* ^* (^*<tr</r, ^px^) a leader of a 
hundred, a centurion, Lat. eenturio* 

hsar&ifT-apxo%, 6, — foreg. 

iKOTOVT&t, ^i^, i^, (liKar($r) the number a hundred. 

lKaTOVT~6pYViot, ow, (ijKXT^r, dpyvtd) of 100 fa- 

licaTOVT-op^YViot, or, «s foreg. 

Ik&tos, ^, {itcds) farshooUng, epith. of Apollo. 

licaT6-(rro|iOt, or,(lirar^r, orSfM) hundred-mouthed. 

licaTOOT^ft 4, 6y, {itcardv) the hundredth : i<p' itea- 
roord a hundredfold. II. 1) itmroirrff, the Itun- 

dredth part, a tax or duty at Athens. 

htaroat^ hos, 6,^iKaTorrd$. 

IK-Bdttt, f. ^ca, to speak out, dedare. 

U^aLy», f. fi^ao/juu : perf. kicfiififiMa. To siep 
out of, go GT come out cfi to step out of a ship, to dt*- 
embark. 2. to depart from, 3. metaph. to come 
out so and so, to turn out, Lat. evadere. ^.todi- 

gress. II. in ftit. act. kic^ow, aor. i, k^ifirioa, 

causal, to make to stqt out (f, put outtfn ship, etc. 

lu-pnMc%eMa, f. cot, to excile to BaoehU frenxg, to 
make frantic: — ^Pass. and Med. to be frenzied, rage. 

iKpaXc, Ep. for i^ifiakt, 3 sing. aor. 2 ind. ; also 
aor. 2 imperat. of 

Ik-P^JUU, f. paXw : pf. U$i$KrfM. To throw or 
cad out: to disembark, land; but also to carry out to 
tea. 2. w6\*oi9 lir/SdXXcir to banish from the conn- 
try ; and so to drive away, thrud out, banish. U. 
to strike out, Lat. exeuUre; bovpa k/efidWuv to feU 
tree^ strictly to cut them oul ^ the ibiest UI. 

metaph. Ivof iie0A\Xetv to hi fall or drop a word : so 
ittfi6Xk€iy ^ijcptoa to shed tears. a. Att. also to 

rfjeti : to him off the stage, Lat. eacplcdere. TV. to 

send oui, get rid cf, lose. Y. (sub. kan^y, of a 

river, to empty or discharge itseff, 

^icfiaXctv, aor. 2 inf. of Ufiikxai. 

hi MLt, aor. 2 part, of itcfiabw. 

Ixp&ffit, CM, ij, (lM0alp») a going out cf sl tiiip, 
a landing. 11. a way out, egress. 

4R.fidM, Dor. for kte-fialww. 

4ic.pCdt«», to force out: to wredfrom. 

4K-plpdt«», f. 6ao>t to make to step out of: eap. to 
put outcfsL iMp. 

huAp^^tvum, fat fipinroi, to dewmr. 

iR^nrot, o¥, {UfidXXu) thrown out: refected, 
despieed, despicahU. 

{k-^X^oims, aor. 2 ^-ifioXoy, to go at come out. 

iuSodm, f. ifoopuu, to call at cry out. 

Upoifieia, ij, a marching out to aid. From 

U-pcrifiks, t ^cw, to march cut to aid: to make a 

k-PoXp(ttt, f. tcof, (U, $o\06s) topedi^frosn, m 
the skin of an onion, lK0okPi(eiy rtra nwr irwdfsKr to 
peel one of his stolen skins. 

^K^oX^ 1), {tiefidhXw) a throwing out. ikwmging 
overboard, esp. of goods hi a storm. II. a Iftmsf- 

ing out : also a ihooting forth ; as, htfiohiii airom Ae 
time when the com shoots or eom€s into ear. III. 

on outlet, Lat. exitus, ^irjSoXs^ mroftov the tnonA of a 
river ; 4ir^oXa2 Spovs a d^e leading oui of a chain of 
mountains. 2. liri9oXi) Xiyov a digresaion. IV. 
(from Pass.), that which is east out, l/r/SoA^ 9tM4XX3tt 
earth cast outhj n mattock ; o^^s^ I«^oA4 rMifmn 
exposed on the mountains. 

lic^oXof, oy, {hcfi&KXM) thrown out: ejpomd. of « 
child : abortive. II. as Subst, ittfioko^, 6, a eope. 
promontory. 2. r6 iie$okoy, east tyf nUea. 

^K-ppdvoiM, Ion. Ik-^p^ovw, to throw out or 19^ 
as froth : Pass, to be east t^ or thrown on AorUt of 

^c^SpovrAM, 1 ^oof, to strike out by lightning. 

{K-8p<^do|uu, Depn to bdlow forth. 

Iic-ppttffca, arot, t<$, (Ufitfip^Kw) (hat wkitk i* 
eaten or saton out, iicfipafM vpioyoe sa»<huL 

4K-Ytt|i£t«», f . ooi, to give away in marrioQe : — Fsaa. 
to be given in marriage, marry. 

4ic-7tt|&((mo|ftai, Pass, to be given in marriage. 

ki'yavpSoyuax, (tie, yavpos) Dep., to essult greati^ m^ 

^N-Yfy&a, poet, for tieylyoya, pf. of liryfyroftitt, te 
6e bom of, descended from : 3 dual bcyty d rtf r ; inH 
tieyeyd/uy [d] ; part. lirycToZw, lieytyaviiau 

^N-YsXdtt, f. daofKU [^, to laugh out, kmgik lom^ 
burst out laughing : metaph. of a liquid, to gurgie e«dL 

4k-ysWjs, is, {U, yiyos) put out from one's /omOhJ 
without kith or kin. 

4K-'Y('Yvo|tai, Ion. and later Im-ytyopai \t\ : 
ywiicoiui : pf. kityiyam or Iryfyoa (q. r.) : 


iKywos — iKfums. 


To fnm mt tf^ tpringfrcm : to he deteendedfrom, horn 
^, II. \o Aa«e qume 5y, x^i'ov lirycToi^M time 
\aiSmg gene by, dapted. a. impera., iteylyyerait 

Vke i^fCTtf U u aUowed, U i$ granied. 
(qf***^ ^''^t {iityiypofim) tprwig, deteended from 
uy one : at Snbflt, tKywoi^ 6^ any detcendant, Bon, 
trndton: rd iipyom off'tpring, potterUg. 
fe ^ d^M , f. ^ io write cnt, copy : — Med. to write 
t^vtMpgfor oneadf, II. to abike out, eacpwage 

kUKvm, f . S4£o/aai, iohiUoui, 
cK^ttcpwM, f. (^, Io bunt tnto (ears, [v] 
&-8t«ttv4Bt, 1 ^otf, to ea^petad^ coimime^ exftauai. 
oMnpuuvTOi, 5 pi. Ion. plqpf. of lKZvpi6oiiaL, 
Mdjt, it, (!«, Sec) d^edive. Hence 
&B«a« ^, a/adrng ekoit, being in arrear. 
kMK¥9^ f. Bf^df, to tkew forth, ditplag, 
MhopajL, loQ. for iicZtxpiuu, 
SkSifit, cwt, 4» (^Mx"*!"^) ^ taking from: tiicoM- 

JK-<^«o|&at« Dep. to /ooX; out from. 

MIJms, Ion. -8«CpM : f. 8<^. To 8kin,fiag, tirip 
tffOu tbM : hence to cudgel soundly. 

tK-8«T0g, or, {jkMn) fattened to or upon, 

Mcxofuu, Icm. MlKOfuu: f. ii^o/uu: aor. i 
^t^^pp: Dep. To take or receive from: to take 

^ 2. Iicd4x*<i^ TJ^ <lpx4*'* ^ fvoeti'0 the rule 
fnm another : abeol., tofcttow, succeed : of countries, 
to Mne iKxf. 3. to irott for, expect, Lat. exei- 

faib 4. to reeeJM at a feast. 

^•8^ f. d^oy, to hind from, i. e. to hind on or to ; 
—Med. to (mm! a thing to oneae^, hang it round one. 

Mnij^ot, or, very mantfest: conapieuous. 

Mngutm, t {{Cn : (jf«8i7|iot). To go abroad, traod: 
to ht abroad, or on on«'f tracels. 

krhy/un, or, (Itc, 9iifioa)from home, abroad. 

<K-8io^va»,f.i979o/iac, to go through out of,paaa over. 

Mlia»r&0}uii, Pass., (Jkic, ZiaiT£») to depaaifrom 
^a aeeudomed mode of life, change one* a habita. 

WSoYiui^ oTOf , r6, prentice-work, a aampter. 


MtSdoKM : f. -Zt^ot, poet. -Maaieiiao). To 

tcoei Ooroo^tftly, Lat. edocere: — ^Med. to haee aneOur 

^ngkt thoroughly : — ^PasB. to learn thoroughly. 

UtSpdom*, Ion. -SfWjoicw : fat. Sp^ofuu [d] : 

^a. 2 i^^paaf. To rvn away from, escape, 

wltf8«|ii, f, Zio<ra»'. pt. Mouca: aor. a med. ^- 

^^¥^. To gv^ out, give up, Lat. reddere : to eur- 

*<"^. a. to give away from oneae^, lM9i96rai 00- 

t^)'^ to give one's danghter tn marriage. 3. to 

9*« «■( /or fliomy, /arm oiU, let out for hire: to put 

^ aoMf to intoreit, lend out. II. (sub. lav- 

^^) to iMie /orti /rom a place; of a rirer, to on^ 

fc l«»n i fcnun, Dep. to tell to the end, recount infuB. 
At-tewfit, £. tfw, to tiseiide by giving judgment, of a 
U. to avenge. Hence 

&8tKaa*Hjf, ov, ^, on avenger. 

4icSticltt, f. ^ffw, (iiedufoa) to avenge, puniah; l/dk' 
KU¥ nyd ijt6 raroa to avenge one on another. Hence 

Iic8(ini|<nt, CAM, 1), an avenging : vengeance. 

tatF^Uun, oy, {Ik, blicff) without law, lawleaa. II. 

carrying out jwtice, avenging: as Subst., tie9ucoa, 6, an 

{K-8i^pcvo>, f. ao), to throw from (he chariot, 

ht-Ztiina, f. £ot, to drive away, baniah. 

licSovitf, f. itrot, to ahake out, confound. 

Moavi, CAM, 1), {iMbiiajftt) a giving up, surrender' 
ing. 3. a giving in marriage. 

iMntmpjax, int. med. of licUJbotiti, 

Ik8ot4ov, verb. A4j. of licWbviu, one mioA give in 

licSom, ow, (JkicUZonu) given up, betrayed. 2. 

given in marriage. 

<ic8ox'f|> 1), {i/dUxo/wu) a receiving from another, 

{k-8p&icovt6o|uu. Pass., (!«, bp&»aav) to become a 

{K8pa|Uiv, aor. a inf. of lierpix^' 

lic8po|i^, 1), {ItcZpaiuiv) a running out, sally, 
charge. a. a band of akirmiAera. 

lK-8po|ios, 6, one that aatties out, a akirmiaher, 

IkSOimv, I pi. aor. a snbj. of IkSvw. 

JK-Svw, SM licbbof. 

licSifOtt, acM, 1), a alipj^ng out, escape. From 

Ir-Suo» or Uiiw», f. itcw [D]. To atrip off from 
another : — Med. to atrip off from oneself. II. in- 
trans. in aor. a m^w, pf. IxUZlOica, and in Med. I«- 
bifo/uu, to get out <^, dip outqf. a. metaph. to get 
away from, escape. 

4ic-i»piio|iai, Pass., (U, Aupioa) to become a 
thorough Dorian. 

htiofraa, aor. i of M€d(u. 

IkIcto, Ion, for l/rciKro, 3 pi. impf. of tcuftai. 

'EKET, Adv., at or tn that place, there, Lat. Ulie. 

Ik^Ocv, Adv., from (hat place, thence, Lat Ulinc; 
c. gen., roOieaiBer dkooua on yon side of the grove.— 
Att also «ci9cy : JRdl. iapf6$ay : IDor. rfjvSiBav. 

4KCiO^ (Uti) Adv., a( that piaee, there, Lat in»e: 
Dot. rrjy6$i. 

{iccivot. Ion. Kctvot, 17, o : ^ol. ict)vot : Dor. 
rSjvot: Att. also strengthd. 4K«ivo(r(: demonstr. 
Pron. : {IttaT). That person or thing, Lat iUe: when 
oSrof and lieuyoa refer to two things before men* 
tioned, Itcaivoa, Lat Hk, refers to the more remote, oO> 
Toa, Lat. Ate, to the nearer. II. nsed like Ule, to 

denote well-known persons, as Kaivaa /Uyaa 0*6a, Lat. 
ffM^nus iUe Deus. III. in Att iMaivoa precedes 

the Art. when it is emphatic, as, l/ettwoa 6 irtjpi and 
follows the Bubst, when it is not emphatic, as 6 iof^p 
kKuvoa. IV. Adv. licaiym, in that way, tn that 

caae: Ion. Keivcaa. Y. the dat fem. Uaivg is 

also nsed as Adv., I . of Place, there, at that piace„ 
on that road. a. of Manner, tn that manner. 


imm *— ^icicXiia). 

Iiciicri, Att. Murt, Adr^ (^*<^) ^ <^ li^Me, tiki- 
Aer, Lai. «2hu;. 

hchsatm, 3 aiiig. plqpl of Kahm/uu, 

4K«ccv6«i, 3 ring, plqpt of le^ifdct, 

IkIkXcto, 3 sing. £p. aor. a of tciX^fmi. 
. 4ic4icX<T0, 3 ging. plqpf. pMft. of icXhm, 

iKiKOOfiiaTO, Ion. for UtM6a/xrivro, 3 plur. plqpf. 
paw. of xoafilu. 

^KlXfv, Dor. for IWXoo, a sing. impL oiwikofmu 

liclXaafMv, I pi. aor. I of icihXu, 

<ici-x«^Cd> 1), (lx^» X^p) A hcUing of handt, a 
eeasation of horiQiUes, anrntUee. 

Iic-t^, f. i4<rw, to boQ out or ocer; c. geii^ tiXiaiy 
4^ii€a€ she r<m ooer, awormed with wonns. 

^K-ttp^tt, f. 4<ra;, to aeorc/^ ou(. 

lK-t«»irCp^, 1 ^aca, to light 1^ agakit rM^dU. 

Iict|a, Ep. for f/cta^ aor. I of xo/w. 

ketffiMa, 4* o darftn^^/rom qfor, Qmhery. From 

liCT|-p6Xos, ov, (^«<i«, $A\Xm) far-dartmg^ftHr'thoot- 
ing : epith. of Apollo in Iliad. 

lKT)Xot, oVf coUat. form of ct^in7\ot, oi one*$ eaae, 
quiets Lat SMtinw. II. metaph. of things, as of 

a field lyin g at rett or fattow. 

'EKHTI, Att. hOLTv, Prep, with gen., by meoM <^, 
hyvitfueqf^by^groMGrhelpof, II. later <= 

^vexo, on account qf^for the saJte qf. a. as regmrit, 
as to, Lat. ^wd atiind ad. 

iK-QiXxn^f. tffoi^ to warm ikenm^lg, 

Moj^tfikit f. ^(Tv, to €nMizet atkmiA: Vzm^ to he 
amated, attounded. From 

IR-Oofipot, oi', (l«, B&fifiot) amoBed, 4Mitomided, 

4ic-$a)iv{{«», f. o-w, (l/K, OdfiFot) to root oiU, txtirpaie, 

IkO&vov, £p. for i^ieSvov, aor. a of iit$v^tritu, 

iK-9fdo|Lai : f. dao/uu, Ion. ^copai : D^. To ue 
outf see to the end, 

<K-6f&Tp({M, f. (Totf, (l«, 94&Tpov) to fMife a i|wda- 
ele of. 

U-Bn&ta, f. (fa;, (l«, ^cFov) to de^y. 

4ic04|Mvai. or MffMv, £p. for ^irtfciVou, aor. a inf. 
xif iirriBrffu. 

^-9sp(t»: 1 /ow, Att. 2&: to mov wmptddy: to 
■cvi down. 

4K-6<f>(&a(v», f. aw, (Ik, Otpfiot) to wairm Hwrtngk- 
Jyt he4xt. 

M^o^oi, aor. a med. int of iferl0iffu, 

licOMnt, cait, 1^, {licTl9ri/u) a putting cvt, exposing. 

hd9sro% av^ (irr^/u) pio, avA, exposed. 

4k-$(«», f. Oeiftro/juu, to run or saUff out. 

4K-^i)pde(iau, Dep. to ^ni out, cateh, 

4K-$T|p<tN0, f. (Ta;,«foreg. 

4k-6Xi(Pc9, f. ^, to preas, squeete out: henoe me- 
taph. to crush, oppress. 

hcrBvifantm, fvA. Wiyovfuu : mar. k^Mt^cn^, To he 
dying, he at the last gasp; yikst or y^ksm kitBasm^ to 
he rtigk dead with laughter. 

4N-6oivdo|Mu, f. ^aofjuu, Dep. To eat up, feast on. 

licOopc, for ii4$ope, 3 sing. aor. a of i/dfiHrMss, 

iK F% p w4m , t. ^firos, to mourn oul or atessd. 

ht-Bpicrwrn, ftit. Bopavpai: aoc i$opom. To Usf 
ostt €f, lesn fofA frosi^ 

{K-90|uao, f. £fS0, to hmn as ineettes. 

lic-$0|AOt, or, (!«, ^fi^) fWf^r iptrdoi, erdmst^ taiger: 
slsofrasdie, like Lat. amaM. 

Ik-Ovm, f: (ktw [&] : a(^. I pass, -cri^ip [IQ. IV 
0^ tip, a(Kr(^ : metaph. to deskoy uttedgm 2. 

Med. to oton^ /or, eaq^aie hy i^^rmgs: of a god, fea 
propitiate, appease. 

SkIxs, 3 sing. aor. a of iuxfbw, 

iKHcovxAtti, £. 0W, to hwrd iM into load laa^bCar. 

lic-ic&Mptt, £ «aM^. To ^toonse mA, 
to 4ieaT 4Mi>ay, get rid of, 

hc-KolMhto, £. ev^ao), to sle^p vut, 
one* s quarters, 

Ik-koC-Ssko, o2, af, ni, indecL scitoen. 

iicKai8«c&-SQ9pot, or, ( faro/fcsa , 
|Ki2fiw Zofig. 

2Kicai8«c^tvot, or, ( Jiuea^Sciica, Xiror) gomfrfiny «^ 
sixteen threads. 

ImcoiS^caToa, 17, or, (4«mmI5cmi) SKstoenUL 

iKHOupos, ov, (liT, nuf^) oMf of teososs : cml qf 

iit4cain, Att ktaeiM, fat. mdfow, to Uim «tf. IL 
to set on furs, kindle : i^aene. 

ItMcCUc^, f. ifim, {ku, mxM) to he foiMtmaigd, 

iK-ic&X&fido|Aai, i}K, Mok&foi) Dep., topsMmBt wtt 

Ik-kAX^, f. ioea, to oofl/ortA:— Hed. to coil oKlo 
anese^; metaph^ to caUfor^ elieU, taootte, 

iK-K&XiviiTCi, f. ^, to unoooer, ressa^.-^MeA. to «■- 
oet7 onese^, 

4K-icd|Mw, f. irS/Jov/ioi, to be fired OHt: «.aoc.fO| 
I t£«ar^ of a thing. 

IK-Kopnitofuu, Med. {U,Mapsr6s) to " 

4ic-Kapw^o|Aai, Med. {iie, ttafm6») to fmqs or oyoy 
thefruUqf: mttxph. to d^ireadvemtagefrosm, 

iK-ifn.vkit*s, f- cm, (lir, icav\<(f) to jmff o«l tike 
metaph. to destroy root smd hnmdu 

lK-Kavx^|Mu, f> ^ffo/juu, to ranat aloud. 

4ic-iduB, Att for iianiv. 

liMcsiiMU., used as Pass, of kieriBqiiL, to fe 
or expoied, H. 0. gen., to fall from mt nf^fmBL ef^ 

Ik-nsv^, 1 ^tftti, to emply out, dasolato. 

kK-totrrU^, £. ^w, topriek out: topisrue, sta^ 

^•«ipfilt«'> f- <'<■'> ^ piBage: to titi ^ sosi «bJ 

lios^^lMi, pf. pass, of hcxim : wbenoe 

4nccxt^|t<vist, Adv. pnfuedy, -et kamgsmttf f, 

kc-seifpaivn, f. Arcu, {U, icifp) to eiifoMe, nriiwiit. 

licHeiipiiwm, Att. -tt» : ftit for. To jvwtete iy 
aibera{d,d00larepiiN*6{y. ILtoloaMiy 

jwoelamotton : generally, to &an»B^ 

^McMtt, f. ijam, to 'SMoe oat.* to ^tir, ' 

Ik-icXA{««, 1 cX^Tfoi, to enr idoiid* 

lK-icXd», 1 ^« pQ, to bnak tiff. 

iKKkfi» — ikk€Kr69* 


ImJUU. I6fu hmk^U^: Alt foL UO^^m. To 
*ktt Mrt: metaplL io exebkde or hind»r/rom. 

kc-Mnm, t fm, io remove rte a/ ti Wy , jwirlotn. 

•K-«Xt)|tM, loo. for ituektlw. 

iaX^fria, i), (jfcffX^rot) on Mtemily </ ii« &itiaBM 
mmmoned btf ike crier, Ae leffUiaiiute asmmU§ : 9i A- 
tteat, th0 oRiKMOfif aaemUiM vere called ir(i^«u ixr- 
«Xi^9£u, lour IB «acli wpmaytia: the eaitraordmary 
^ffH^sftoi, n. (iltf €!btire&. Hence 

iakifnUn^ f. aw : impf. i^icirXi;<riaCoK or k^^sekif' 
^m. To hold am amaabiif, dAtde therein: abtol., 
to iAtte, Jl.U>miin aeeeeOI^. IIL io 

mmien to tike meuMy. 

facXipot, or, (imtoX^tt;) called forth, JmL evoeahu: 
fdiBtd te iwhiirtie on a point. 

mXCvm, £ 2^ Io iemi a«M2«: to bettd down, of 
^akoi. IL inlr. Io lurn am|f from: akeoi,, to 

gm grwmd, retire. 2. to dedine or degeneraU into, 

manweOrrv, Dor. for hucyoUrowii, 3 pL ftiL of 

fa-waCai, 1. o-Mi, Io i00ar out, dettroy : me^ptu to 
itmlo death, like Lat OMOHifi. 

k-n^t*. f. 90M, Io mi or oul de^lyu 

fe wPsX t i w6 o |i a t , I>ep. (Im, KdfiaXa) to et^oie or 
die^)fi/ jvggting tricke. 

kMmnUm, t, am, (jkm, ie6»ieot) to take oul the her- 
»d: tepvU any thing outqfUe fiaee, didoeate, iiutote^ 
a(ow ofvpief tofnU out ooe'0 ancle : bcicotudiitw rcb 
«^AAt Io oiqiity the citiee. 

k^mX&irTM. £ Jpea, to erate, obiUerate, 

•r^-wUifipAii, i,^<rm,to emim oat </. 

ao|UCM|. i^, a carrying out or of. From 

fe-OT|i(^ : £. ((Tof, Att. 2w. To carry ont: io carry 
t« e flaee ef ec^ety ; han^eip nwi. itc vpifyffwiroe to 
htf one cnt cf trouble. II. io endure. 

4Mcofkv&t«i, 1 am, to ¥tttr vamntiagty, 

m mtp^^ue^i, Dep. {U, leo/j^feiw) to td fortik in 

£. ^ : aor. a pea. -<«^n;y : pf. -tU- 
.^eUmo/tfmi, To cut out, bnoek oul:— FaMn 
Htai^ rJb^SaX^ he had hia eyea knodBed ouL 2, 
^ evt damn, fdl : to cut off, dettroy, Lat. exwla- 
dm. J. to heat off from a i^ace, npdMe. 

f, ^«9, to meeep out: metaph. to 

to turn up dtordy, 
m iyi[|ii|iai , Fai,lo hang upa^ Utten altattiady to. 
h irpy4i»B|ii, i. apeftiam [tfl. To iet hang damn, 
W /ra«a or 6y : — Med. to haing from ot upon, ding 
te. Heoee 

vpoi^t, if, hanging from or upom. 
k«p«v«, i, fr«, to tkooae or smi^ ouC soImI. 7. 
^ C9«^ rqfiacL 5. to eeparaie, eeerde. Btonoa 
HpIiuv or, dbotcn or jiMAtfd «ul; iimprrm^ as 
iiivn above all, antnmlfy. 

^ a ft tal t ay omI, drivingaway: and 
«r« beotai oul; of emboaed work, 

4K-Kpo^ f, OM, to heat car doA ouL a. to drive 

back, repuise : to him an aotor off (he Mage, Lat. eeplo- 
dere, 3. to put <ff, (M^'ovm. 

iK-4diPurr6m, f . li^w, to tumUe headlong out cf, 

cK-KvicXitf, f. ^aa, to ithed out by meana of the 
hiudmhsiiMk (q.T.) : Pan., to he brought to eight by this 
meaim,dkK*heKViaJi$iptctoinie9ulhedyourie{faetl le. 
duto youree^: cf. datcwcKiu, Hence 

immunkriyM, ^oa, r6, a theatrical matbine which 
diaclosed the interior of the honae to the epectaton : 
cf . eloiebKKijfUi. 

ItMcukifSm, t ~«vAl0w: aor. i paai. -eMvhiaOtpr, 
To rcU out or off: Pass., to be roOed or thrown out, i^^ 
€inf\l(r$rf kic Htppou he rdkd headlong from the cha- 
riot : alao hence to extricate oneedf or eeeapefrom, 

cK<«0|ia£vu, ^l«, irv^) to undulate: to ^ uneeat. 

{icKw4a», £. iiaoi, {Jbuanfoe) of a hound, to fuesi 

4it4c P » n YtT ^ f . 4i9m, to hmi dtmn. 

Iic-ictfvot, ov, (Ik, irW) of a hotmd, quoding o^oMl^ 
nol keeping on one oeenL 

kftrwuwtm, 1 tffOi, to peep out cf: to get ouL 

lN-iCQ»fid{a>, f. ao), to come forth in the fediH proce^ 
d/m : to ruth madly out. 

hc-nm^im, f. ^aw, and 4ic-k«*^&m, £ itam, (U, 
iew(l>6t) to deafen, dun :— dnetaplu, k/CK«tdit^errai ^^ 
the sword grew Hunt. 

UcKay^ 3 sing. aor. a of M?id(w, 

licXaY^av, 3 pi. aor. i of itki(m, 

iK'\a'^6.vm, f. -Al^o^uu, to obtain by lot at fate. 

4idMero, Ep. 3 siiig. aor. a med. of IsAoi^Mb'ai. 

iu^koKrlim: f. iaot, Att. toL To Udc out: inetaph. 
totpum at. 

iKr^eXim, f . ^am^ to tpeak out, dimdge. 

kftAnp^yfw, f. X^oftai : to take or cftoois oul. XI. 
to receive, hear. III. to eontrad to do work, opp. to 
hd&Smfu (to let it out). 

Ik-X&|awq», f. ^, to sMtM or flaeh forth. XL 

transit to niofa to aJktnc, lij^ up, Ip^idltf. 

iK-Xav6dv«A, Alt. AiffTw, Io eseops notice utterly:'^ 
Hed. toforgd uMetly. See icXjyJtintf. 

idULw4t«0, £ ^«4^aX«niO»> <o <»m^ out from. 

jicXAwTpr, aor. a pass, of icXiirrMU 

IkXcmjwo, aor. i of/eKaim. 

Ik-Xavtu, £ ftti, to i<v» up: <<> drinl^ c#. 

<»AiYM, £ iw, to pidt, tingle out : — Med., to ehoom 
out for oneteJf, ehoote cut : esp. to pkk, pull ouL II, 
to coUed InZrute. 

Ik-XsCwm, £ ^ to leave out, omiL a. tofortdke, 

abandon, quiL 3. cf tm 4^^s« r6¥ Api6/dr if any 
one mt the nmnber tncosiplste. II. of the toi^ 

to be edipeed: in full, licXc^vcir t^k ir rov citpamw 
ttfnw. IIL intr. to Imm q^*, eeose, stop, Henea 

licXet\|nt, fan, 1^, afortaldng, quitting. IL a 

cWsBHuaroiicg of sun or moon, an ed^. 

<icXicKT6t, if, 6v, (lirAiTw) choem out, tdef*-^ 



iKk€Xa0€W IjCO^MTtOf . 

&XcX&Ofty, Ep. rednpl. tor. a of iMkri$6r». 

htXikO^ai, pf. paw. of licXiMtf. 

SicXio, £p. for ImKUo, 2 dng. ixnpf. of $e\iw, 

lic-X<m«, f. ^, to free from Ute iMlf to hakh. 

fc-X-f^fM, f. £wt to eeate entirdy. 

IK-Xijidvw, with aor. i i^ikijffCL, Dor.^iXiBUra; Ep. 
redupl. aor. a iic\4Xa$oif : — Causal of itckaMtw, to 
muike quite forgetful <^ a thing. II. Med. and 

Paai., aor. a ktcktXa$4e$(u, pf. licX^Xi/^/ioc, to forget 

ixMfirfv^ aor. i pan. of icaXiof, 

licXi|«nt, cttw, i), (licXaytfdi'o/uu) fargdfxXntn : for- 
getting and forgiving. 

^icXCi^lut, Dor. I pi. aor. i paaa. of leXlpca, 

^-Xiinuvw, f. Syu, tofaUm : — Pbm. to growfai. 

^icXtirfiv, aor. a inf. of licXcdrw. 

licXtirf|t, 4$, {itcXiittiy) failing, dffieieni, i)Aiov Ik' 
XiJtit n iy4v(TO<Bsi/c\*i}^9, there was an edypee of 
the son. II. omitied, 

hfXoy^, ^, {kKkiyai) a picking out, choice, diction : 
a levy <if troops or taxes, II. a choice sdeeUon, 

as of extracts. 

4ic-AoY(to|Mu, Dep. to eompute, reckon, edleulaU: 
to eoneider, reflect on. 

^kX6|i.i|v, aor. a of xiKoftai. 

Ik-Xovw, 1 ffu, to toash out. 

iic-XoxiVtt, f. <rw, to bring forth : — ^Paa. to he horn, 

{icXv9&, aor. i pan. rabj. of iitXiw. 

MMaxt, ton, i), {ktckiw) a release, ddicerance, 

licXiMjpiot, {ktckbca) oMe to rdease : t6 ixkurffpioy 
a means of delivering, release : an expiatory offering. 

IxXiJTDt, oif. Id loose, discharged. From 

^K-Xvw, i. iiffoi [0] : pf. pan. kkKiMiioi. To loose 
or Sid free from; e/e\buv orSfM to give a loose to his 
tongue. II. to unloose, unstring, of a bow : hence 

to breah up, put an end to : — ^Pass. to he faint, exhausted, 

Ifc-XttpdofAai, Dep. to sustain grievous iiyuries. 

iK-Ximl*s, t aw, {U, XShros) to u/nveH, lay hare, 

lic|iaiffu>v, t6, (JkieiuSurcoi) (he impression of a seal, 
a s&d : iKpayHov wirprfs a counterfeit of rock, — said 
of a hardy fiiiierman. 

JK-|&aCv«», f. Hvw, to drive mad with any passion ; 
w^oi' iiefdjvai to kindle passionate dnire:— Pass, with 
intr. pf. i/c/Ufopta, to go mad withpassion: to rave, he 

tbcyuoKToov, t6, {ixpAaaw) an impren. 

iic-uttvvdvw, f. /ittO^ao/uu : aor. a i^lpaBw : pf. 
ftspaSfpca. To loam thorxAtghly, to learn by heart: in 
past tenses, to have Uarni thoroughly, and so to know 
full wdl, perceive. II. to eaoamine dosdy, search out. 

itcyJkvC^, aor. a pass. sabj. of itcpaiwofmi, 

fc|i^{at, aor. i part, of iie/»Aaaea, 

hc-^M^yhto, 1 inrot, {Ik, pApyos) to drive raving mad: 
-^PasB. to become raving mad. 

hc-yuaprriipks, f, ^aoi, to bear fBitnese to a thing. 

U-^j&avu, AtL -TTM : fnt f «. To wipe off:— 
Med. to wipe away erne's tears. 11. to mould or 

modd in wax or plaster, to take an impression of: to 
imprint an image. 

£c-tiaoTtutf, f. <r», to soared out. 

iK-pM$vawos, to make quite drunk. 

iK-JMCpofAOi, to have a chief dtare in a thing : If* 
ippops, Ep. perf., used only in 3 pen. 

iK-fUXerdii, f. 4iam, to train oarefuUy : to practise 

iK-pjsrpiss, f. ^aw, to measure emt: — ^Med^ to wwa- 
mreoutforoneedf: to take meamtre ef, 

lK-|Mrpot, or, (4k, pirpor) meamsrdem, homn^ets, 
Lat. tmfiKiiMiM. 

iK-i&Tpfot, oy, {ti, pcfpf) of six monihe, ha ^ - y eta l y: 
as Snbst, tie/japfot, 1), a space of six months. 

4K-|it|f>vo|uu, Dep. of an anny, to de;file out ef. 

hc-ftXalvts, to poUtite. 

4K-)iX(iio|Aai, Dep. to imitate faiUtfuUy. 

in-^MT^ist, t. ^0), to Id out for hire : — ^Med., to hire, 

liqioXctv, aor. a inf. of Ufik^eFitOit. 

4k-)aou96«», f. inrot, (lir, povaa) to teach fvUy. 

4ic-|toxd4a», f. ifao), to work out, achieve: to wia 
hardly, by great exiertion, 

iK-ftoxXiVtt, f. erw, (tie, pay}^) to %mm wiOe Gts 
lever, to force one's wety. 

lK-|ivtd«», Ion. -4» : f. ^av : to suck out. 

4K-|itMn|p(ttt, t. erof, (tie, psuierfip) to turn up ernes 
nose at, mock at. 

4K-vfdttf, f. <rw, {lie, vios) to grew youmg est fresh, 

4K-v(|iO(uu, Med. to feed off, eat down, 2. to go 

forth to feed, go forth. 

^c^v«vp(t«», £. (TV, to cui the sinews: — Pass, to he 

4K-vfVtt, f. era), to turn etside, turn euoeiy, U. 

to mnk down : to turn aside. III. to gim a nod, 

sign to do A thing. 

Ik-Wm, tat. yeHro/wu : aor. I i^heuem. To ssrim 
out or away, esee^ by swimming : generally, to eee^t, 

kc-¥i\'^, t. iffv, to deep off a dreuiken fit, (enwe 
0o6er eigain. 

inMteo, t -vixpet (as if from IxvfvTw), to waak oitf ai 

in-^tniM, f. 4ferai, to conquer eon^aletdy : to udUnv 
by force, II. intr. topreveiil, grow into urn; M ro 
puiwlks tieytviierfieiyeu to win its way to the CiJbiikms. 

Ik-v6|uos, o¥, {U, vSpos) wmsnaly unwonted, Adr. 
-^, Snperl. tieyopeJirrara, 

lK-vo)&ot, oy, {lie, ySpos) unusual, fowvonted: nn* 
lawful: — ^Adv. -/mm, discoidemtly, 

ht^voerriw, f. ^cw, to rdumfrom, to return, 

4K-vo<r4(to|iu, DepM to take/or oneself, 

hewtfjfro. Dor. for iieyv(aT0, 5 sing. ImpfL of gyp- 

IkWtC, Adv., {lieiiy) freeiy, wHUnglf, 

lico^aiot, a, or, {iidiy) ef one^s own /raMPflZ, coIwh 
teury, Adr. -lus : also If beewHoi at leo^ imu^iear. 

iiareejfiti^iiu — '- 4xirv^. 


InnyXio^Mt^ Fam^ to be (ulanuked or amated, H. 
lo wander ti, admire exceedittgljf. From 

/a/. Adr. iscwiykott, also neut iufiarfkay and ixvc^ 
yXa wed m Adv. UrrtUy^/eaffuily, grtatly. II. 

twrnfSfima, arot, r^, C/ioi w&ic^ is reared, a ebOd. 
•MratSttMt, t cea, to bring vp om one*B Md: to 

cK^ioi^&otrM, to rutk/urioutljf forth. 
k^nin : 1 woi^ffu : aor. i l^ivmatu To Urike 
mt (f ti OoDg^ dueqppoinL 
&-«6Xat, AdT. for Ik »6Xai^ of oU, long ago. 
ib^w6XX», to shake out : — Faas. to spirt ouL 
onroXro, Ep. for l^cvdAcro, 3 an^. £p. aor. 2 paw. 

•c-v&T&jiroiA, £ £«, (o ftnlce ou< ^ ooe*9 tentet, 

k^wifTvo% a, or, (l4e, vdroi) out qf the common 
pdk: exeemve, 

■B^RovM, £. a«y (o $d quite atrett^pui an end to: — 
Ked. to take anee retL 

kWflbt, f. aoi, topermtade, ooer^penuade, 

h^mu^6i^ ^ <^^t ^ tempt, 

^Mwipdiyoi, fut. -wttpoffofuu [5] : aor. i ^cvci- 
^^ [£] : Dep. To tnake trial o/^prove, tempt, 2. 
t» imqure if another, 

kti&M, whence impen. iinriXci, it is aUotced. 

Amt^vm, fat. ifica, to sead out or forth from : of 
tUngi, (o eagpori. 2, to caU or fetch out, send for: 

PiM. to go forth, dqMui, IL lo dtfmuf, (irive 

<nMy: todicijree. Hence 

orv^uUc, c