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Aim lis, VUR tTftlir« UMIDON. 



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w^>^ ^ /* C .- .• 

1885. Jan. 21, 
Gift of 
f TlM Hoin Of Ck (X Veltoo. 










*A, an cxcUmation of pain ; &, 2, &, 2 
P. 73d : also of entreaty, or depreca- 
tion, a, fi^ K6\aC*, vpiirfiy R. 1147. 
ht^firfiofiSsW 1300. 

'Ai9ai, Ab^^ a town of Phocia, where 
wat a celebrated temple dedicated to 
Apollo. rh^^Afioiffi mAw R. 899. 

"AiSaroi, impauabit, trackUu, Hfiarov 
6pos R. 719; also applied to aacred 
placet which it was forbidden to tread 
upon. Wrttp AvoiS^f , Uaving thg for- 
bidden ftrteinHi C. 167. ri» ifiSatrw 
Btov ^nfk?Ma C. 675. 

*AfiKafii^Sf Mecun, unharwud, y^t V 
iwtwipiLfika$^tn.229, (jStawiifiKBir 
^ci/i/y E. 650. 

'AfiouKla^ imprudince, Ztl^at h iafOp4- 
vouri rl^y ifiovXioM A. 1 242. i^ ifiw- 
Mas www £. 398. 

'VUSovAof, unadvittd, imprtidtnt. tf^ovAor 
ffrdffuff unadvittd Urife R. 634. o^ 
XMM^per ol^ tifiouko¥ w6Kt¥^ th§ eity 
n$ith$r wtihout cUistnt, nor without 
eountel C. 940. iufhtHfiovkos A. 1026, 
£. 964. rtt i8c rUvowup Z^t/ ifioth 
koif tlitif s who hat over teen Jove thut 
devoid of care for hit children f T. 

*Afip6t, delicate. & 8* eb&ns iifipd, tcil. 

Deianira T. 523. 
^Afiporos^ immortal : for i^ifiporof. iifipS- 
rtop Mm¥^ taered wordt A. 1 134. Just 
AS BtUi palvaeL means taered tang T. 
^Afip^pM^ to botut or pride, or pamper 
onetelf, itatt iip&¥ iyyeKAp hfip^reu 

a im 

*AyaB4t^ good, upright , etcellent, iya0bt 
tf¥ y¥mpji¥ Mip^ who it a man upright 
in judgment R. 687. rf wdin' iytif^ 
in all thingt perfect. Also used ironi- 
cally: rb¥ ieyafibtf Kpeovra^ the good 
Croon A. 31. Used sulMtantively of a 
person, 6 x^^f*^ rdiyaAev lUt^ov vBdvu^ 
the worte hat mare power than the bet- 
Ur; P. 424 ; also of a thing, rifjagbp 
X*P^ l^X*"^"* Aasiifir <n their handt 
thU which if gieed, Aj. 064, and R. 
^34) also inmicaUy, revra ^kyntibtf 


kafifuf^ to gain thit prite, A. 275, 
which was the reverse of a prize. It 
is also made to depend on a rerh, 
ninaSlbs letickf P. 119. itiyti0bs «•• 
koipopos T. 538. 
'AToxAfir^f , illutlrimtt T. 855. 
"AyaXpa, \, an image. tatfUttmpiBydkfmn^ 
imagetofthegodt R. 1379. 2. ornament, 
or glory : rt yhp mrplbs BdkXoFTot t^ 
Kktids rdxpoit SyuXpa fu7(oififor what 
greater ornantent of glory to children 
than a father flourishing J A. 704; in 
other words, what greater ^lory ? as in 
another place we meet with the word 
without etMckeiOf Kaipeias N6p4pae 
ftyoAfia, glory of the Cadatean Nymph 
A. 1116. 
*Aya/A9fim¥(hiSf ton of Agamemnon £L 

'Ayapdptmp^ Agamemnon^ leader of the 

Grecian forces against Troy. 
"Ayaposj unmarried R. 1501, A. 867. 
rip iiyapa¥ ydpav^ the marriagelett 
marriage; meaning the unholy mar' 
riage, or the wMtriage vphieh thould noi 
have been contracted Ti. 1214. 
^Ayoy, too mucfc, very much. In trans- 
lation the mwh is frequently omitted, 
as in Syeuf ahnirrhf too enigmatically 
R. 439; and Isucar ip0ii paprr^tpuw 
2>ay, you teem to tettify too truly ill. 
'AyytXfo, a mestage, tidingt. o7ar i^Kt^ 
aat tKyytkUu> ; what tidingt hatl thou 
ditcloted 7 A. 222. rt yhp owe 4pol 
fyx^fot lyyeKtat iiwariifU¥0¥;for udiat 
mettagc comet to me that doet not mock 
meJ K.170. 
'Ayyikktt^ to tell, to bear word, to en- 
Mimncf. Is followed hy an aocusativo 
of the obiect, Ar/c^*' '^^^ T. 189. 
icelp^ T* ip^¥ AyytUa/ irroKipf Aj. 
566; sometimes the accusative m 
understood, as in i^h^ ' 'Qpiorom 
Xrp6^s dyyiXsu itipi E. 1111. 
'AyytAof, a messenger, wpvrat iyy4kwif^ 
thejirtt of mettengert, that is, thefiru 
to bring the newt T. 180* ote ipA^ 
W kffikMf^ 2XX* ein6aktrf99t not 


flM«r/T. 391 ; where uXi^U w 
Bndentood : in the ibllowing it it ex- 
pwwd, ^ kxfiKmw xXiftfelt Aj. 289. 
It is followed bj » genitive of the 
■uh|cct, ae ifmM — Ai*s tefftkn^ tk$ 
kifd'~^tt*t meattmffgr E. 149 : and by 
n gcnitiTe of the object, as ^rifj^i yip 
•vfclf trfftkaif Jcwrfir Utwf^jfw 110 oim 
iuu ike bmnr tfevU tidimg$ A. 277* 
'AyyM^ « Mifrl. t^ 'hO'*' ^' 'x*' 

TilT Ity^et Ml ^fiyis reiicfdw rr^yor 
E. 1118. ^i^f Tir iyyvf 1^ 1205. 
*ik>«bM, t# €0Ut€i, •uewMe. 0r4kMf wW 
rm^ kytifms^ kmvitg ttitk tkete «iim- 
tUd mu mrmmwunt C. 1306. wm$ row 
v^ mXmu^ lAXdtos ' Ayo^/uwMf erp^ 
Tfi9A* 4y«^«yr^ wrc £. 695. 

mgmimtt tk§ ktrdei oxra Aj. 175. 

*A7&% a Acril. ftftvewva IT 47^\«s 
fimii4§mff wajd'a^ a«Mjp ia |A« |Mcl«r- 
imgUrdirfkiM R. 26. Crf er^niv 
MXai, /i/ktf>7«rl(f «/ friWi Aj. 168. 

'Aymfret, aM atarff* or nci ertattd* ^ 

9tu9\ftir kHm etuld emutt that to Aam 

^a a«C ertmUdf wkUh kai mict bum 

tumf T.743. 
*Ay^nnir99t 1* VNiora, aa( fit born. lUx' 

A y /w^ r o f r^ 4*^, tel i awl iAm iia- 

WaC.973. 2.i^06lf. aa^dtytn^- 

THT iom ftSdoi aaAtff niirrMWi, crM 

from tkoigRobUvordtfoU noblif T. 61. 
'ATcwrrvt, Aal Aci a0C la<f«i(. cMai^MMf 

eSn aaifMr Xyturrtf attir, binud ort 

ikeif acftoM /(/« hot N«l taited ofmirfoT' 

taaM A.583. 
Ayif. See Ati|. 
'ATifAarliiy to diivo iata ni/« as aefurscd. 

KkoUuf iMcc7t ^T^Xerf^ciir R. 402. 
'Ayi^Mif. AgOHor^ king of Phoenicia. 

and fiUher of Cadmui. rev ri^m t 

'Aytifopos R. 268. 
* A y y n f , lAal an»r ^raaof e(i2. A>4^ 

xJMPir Sumilrrar, « aMiiardk tkromgh 

omdlou timo A. 608. 
'Ayifj^^ to eomioerotOm ^oiiBorw i^rtoM 

^'jarC. 1495. 
TAtk^^ a tewilriiv ^ te^inkm fid- 

'A7«^, 1. aa ana. ^i ft irfpbir kyiM li^ 

i/tipmtf 9mp94if^ Vjpsrrrirrtnu, an«( 

<f tU ia pouudom of kit wut$ h$fotd$ 
arn amawd lAe aiaU A. J 237. 

2. a eeratr, a piaJk ^ a aiaaafata; 
lev^Jpavf kytukmtf tks wtUorm pooh 

nyrfa, ijplfadaiir. ^a|8^ «av^ A>A«^ 
iaanaifafa^ aiajf tAcjf n«afr «i|;«« any 
mdwomiOM(from ikoir trimo) n. 211, 
8m1i ia sUoidtliYeiiloiis batEiftudt 
iiMipRlt the Mlowing woidib ^^Mdl* 


M^tu^ot lpya,f«i Caai prve/ara/aei- 
aara fortun4 Jovtmtt odiHormMt ; laya 
however is ftequently used in a ood 
sense, and such it must hear here* 

'ATAdlvfia, araasisal. f^ewlorottM /4 
Tov riV brykilaiuL^ vXi^ a c(pb«^ /toKthf 
E. 908. See ▼• ^tv^rriytfu. 

'A7^a^f,ttfaj|riaa«. byKah ffias ^ifiat 
R. 152. 

'A7XaiS^,^tfftl,lAialaf« AyAaMrivt^ 
R. 214. 

^AyAMa-^off, Aarftariaa ; meaning ^ a 
people whose language is unpolished,** 
or ** who use a itninge language.** oitt 
'EAA^, o6r* iyKuavot T. 1062. 

'Ayyt^a, pa rily. ei^wtrrw brfP^am kSyuif 
R. 864. 

'Aytr^^ffiy, to apiottt to afoae. rVr 8a- 
rrfmi ^ ifwUrai^ to aialts atoatfmcal lo 
lfc« dfad, (that is^ because she had not 
joined with Antigone in giving him 
the rites of burial) A. 545. X^yiadT 
bydra$ i/iJkj koomg tUatuod aijf foUu* 
tiont Aj. 655. 

*KypoU$^ to b$ igaaraal tfn r^ X^ysr 
^ brfifoSk T. 78. t(i^ (fcyMffff ; arAoai 
aNai0ffl lAstt aol 1 1. a. dnH tiktfM aal 
know who I omt E* 1475. 

"Ayiwm^ ignoronco* (kywoU pC lx*< T* 
350, and P. 129. ra^r l^v 6s^ ^ 
Mfat 3^t, ker wkpm yaa /mIc apon at 
UHkuoumt i. e, vAaai jfomprittHd not to 
know T. 41(». 

'ATi^t, Ao/y. &ry3v Zifi^t P. 1200. 2 
tf««y &r)^ ^«i3af R. 830. i ^dot 
iepfhif E. 86. 2. applied to placet 
which are iacred; x^P^ ^ kyifhf 
warciW, a plaeo %phUk it it unkolif to 
freed on C. 37* 3. part^cd ; t(f iyi^f 
fy, vkin ko wot pttrifitd, or wkon ko 
kod madt t\pkition T. 258. 4. froo 
from pollution ; lyittsykp kywA roM 
rifi^ff T^y K^prpf^for wo art Jrto from 
pollution at retpertt tkit damtol A. 889. 
5. koly, applied to ceremonies, kyvii 
0AuaiTu T. 286* . 

'A'VMf^io^^, ta/aHiCf. /toydkfpf Bttnt 
AywaynNT^y T. 12fc8. 

*AyifApm¥f devoid of ronton, ^psMSvor 
AntrA, aeAa AyM^iaw T. 473 ; alio, 
tevoro, or ttNgrasiaiu | |4 y^if^vf iff- 
pdfiMfot C. 86. 

'A^Md, igaaraal. ^evfiiyrvx^^h^i^M, 
aaving aisl with tkto wko ort ignoront 
of mo, i. e. wko doti not know mu eka» 
roctor R. 677* M eafAt iyM^ 
hmfufi^w tWf I will dittinetty inform 
him of lAiag I wki^ ko it imfrant of, 
i. e. wkkk nro forgoiton by kim R« 
1133. 2. naMTfaia; Sdaq^it ATi^ff. 
aa nneortain, or aapresfd iwiplstaa R« 
681. 3. waXtaawa; Ayvarr^ Aaa^ 
fi^nM' ipHblMr A. 1001. wailaTdi^r 
i>»6T^ tfasl P« 1008,^ 4. Iir^s 't^ 




vfwra, / tUw kim UHwUtingljf C. 547 ; 
but, it ihould bo obaerve^^ thin ii not 
the common reading of this ])aMngo. 

^AymroSf uuknnwn, ywtnk uiiM iff- 
tntrd fiot wpov^kihit i^lpo¥r§t R. 68. 

"Ayowfi MrtiM, vincoM'i r^ iBy6twt yv- 
paatw R. 27. 

"Ayopdi, th9 forum, or wtarket-plaa R. 
iO. 161, t. 372, E. 7. iyope^ nvAi- 
ridfft, FtfUan uutmbliti T. 6Sd. 

'Ay^p^ftfu. to taUc. Iwt «i ra7f $9tt$w 

'Ayopc^, t« decion. oIk ^fy6p€vo¥ ruur* 
iyA \ C. 838, 

'Ayoff, npiation* ^oofiifs roo'oifror, ^5 
Jtyvt /iitfroi', T^cir, atting forth to 
much food oj tDi7/ iuffioo for oipiation 
A. 775. 2. poUution, L e. a crime 
that needs expiation ; roMf iiyot 
iucdKuwToif otrm Z^utpivai R. 14*27. 
Ktviii 5*, &yoff ^^TOKTot ifrf, #si|y 
ir^m A. 256. 

"A^/io, hunting Aj. 92. 407. 881. 2. prfy, 
taken in hunting; rfit^ ix'tpw/af' 
Ky/wy, / ttitod this prty C. 950, %t- 
Ktpoufiypaif tx»9 Aj. 64. 

"^Ayparrof, Mnirrillea. Ay^omiirAv^aXiy 
0c«y v^fi^Mi A. 454. 

"AypavAef, wj((/. dTjpoMev hipit A. 

'A>pcvrf?f, a hunior. r^ Aypffin^ ' A- 
ir^XA«C. 1091. 

'Awot» viild, spoken of trees, ipfpiw 
ixoy R. 477, C. 349. iypwv ikatop 
T. 1199. 2. wild, tavogt, of beasts; 
^/>r»r r^ i^7p(Mr Mm A. 345. 1111. 
3. thence applied to affections of the 
Jiuman mind or body ; isypUu K^wnt^ 
witd oufHiih R. 1073. Zi* Ipy^t l(rit 
ir/pmrani R. 344. 4. ieypUu toootai 
vwrr^Mtt, glaring with $avag§ stfot A. 
1231. iypUut MMf, $avag$ wayt A. 

*A7pi4^, to uuiho tavago, ch V irfpUtatu^ 
but thou art boeomo tavago P. 1321. 

*Aypo0^nitf ruttie, ruraL wotfi^ ^tf^ 
fi^t P. 214. 

*Ayp6ifopotf ruraU h i^ JLypon ^ o n aib' 
Ktut^ in rural ahodtt A« 786* vAiUcct 
dyp6¥0faMU. 1103. 

*Ayp6s, th§ country, tht Jiild B. 112. 
761. 1049, E. 313. 

'ATvid, a iMi jf ; thence • ngion of any 
sort. Tnroie'i r^ dittffTtipa x*^'*^ 
wpAraici roZrlc Krlfas dyvuus C. 7 1 5. 
^flfialat hrtaKorow^ dywiht A. 1 136. 

*Ay^fumrroSffrii from troubh, or pain* 
oUt dyufumffrdif /&* Ifr Isurcr 4 itUoim 
hdfiopot wdcoSf nor doot iha wrtt^ud 
divouring di$eat§ $otm at if it would 
Uavo mofroifrom pain T« 1085. 

*A7^jpnft, aJurgUr or mountibauh, /«i^ 
Xoixp^^k^ mXmt Ay6pni¥ R. 888. 

''AtxS i>«m^« ^' y9' XoWm 0« 389« 


AyXt^ros yhp tl^for thou art niontt at 
hand R. 919. Ii rbf Ayx"^^^ Y* <9- 
pCav*» TCp^^t \f af ^« ■< behoeot th$ 
uoarnt rolativo ta herald thit E. 1105* 

'AyxlaKos^ maritime, noar th$ tta ; horn 
ieyxi i\u InAafuvos fidBpoo dyxidhov 
Aj. 135. 

'ATx^ira^ir, noar tho city, dyx^hnXa 
Apiit A. 970. 

*Ayx^vrM9^ noarneti of rolatiouthip* 
Opdpoot tx» T^ivvf amT^ dyx"'^^*^ ^^ 
lXmkdnt¥^ I hold tho throao bjf noamou 
of rolatiouthip to tho dead A. 174. 

*Ayx<tfHAt properly, ono who it next rf 
kin. rw dyxurr^pa rovSt rev mCtfovt, 
the author rfthit tuffering T. 256. 

^Ayxi^ffTot^ neareett either in situation or 

*Ayx^9 hanging, fpya itpela^oi^ dy- 
X^i^'t fieedt more heinout than hanging 
can atone for R. 1374. 

'A7X0V, iissr T. 962. 

"Ayt^ to lead, guide, conduct, bring; 
this is its primary and general mean- 
ing. 2. to load, as a general does an 
army; tfyw rio 'Aeyout K^4^er ^r 
e^/Sof ffrpardif C. 1325. wAt yhp 
a^is a5 wd\i9 v^pdreopL tyotfu rainw 
C. 1419. 3. to bear awaifi ^SXsk 
hpiflBmv dpu^ifiakko ftyfi, sninanw; lAs 
brtiod of iirdt he heart them away A. 
344. 4. el — • Tohs 6wtff$ep eh rh 
wpdffBev d^ofiep, if we bring the hind* 
mtttt to theforemott place, that is, t/* vt 
put the itferiort over their euperiort 
Aj. 1249. 5. to coHveii, or bear ; dwipni 
3* Iryo Adlop fdoj a tingle chariot bore 
Laiut R. 753. i^ raSs li|ci, the thip 
thall convey him P. 527. 6. to weigh, 
or 5ii/aae<, as in a scale ; &vf ir obn 
Iri o»Mc& K^s dpttffiowop axfor« I 
am no longer able to weigh up the 
burden ofa^liction which pretttt down 
the oppotite tcale E. 119. rh wporwt 
dyeuf oby in wop' eWr, to weigh (or 
eontider) the matter not a$ a thing of 
nought A. 34. 7. to patt, or tpend, 
one*s life; woUa ifUpae 3oKtir /i* frytiy; 
vhat tort ofdayt do you think I pau? 
£. 266. ^tydfitipf V aw^ dermo pJy^ 
0TOf, 1 spent mjf dayt ihe^oatut man 
among the cititentt but this passage is 
more usually rendered, J wot accounted 
the greatett, b(c, ; in the former case 
it would be in the middle, in the 
latter, in the passire Toiee R. 775. 8« 
woKbp yiktitt Sytu^ thou enjoyott much 
laughter Aj. 382. 9. In the middle 
voice it bmrs the proper meaning of, 
to take, or 5rii^ with one*t te(f, ol /t^ 
tMs TitewTf f kiy^ Syoofro rierwf^ 
ualttf. having pertuaded him, ikojf 
ihould bring him with lAssi from l4« 

iilsNdP.618. Atbi 

f <8i M* 

4 AAH 

flM^ tfCmv ^^orr^ *^f 'Ai9i|r, thU\ 
mmgtd tkumdir0fJo99 will itrmigktiMjf 
hmr MC with it t# Ikt tikadn C. 1460. 

TAinr/iv •MuctiM, r«AfMf aiMnf* itAmt 
|r Inif ffil 9€ur iwtppttffVfi Kfy9tM n|s 
#<if ^ Tiry^t. a<lA«ii/(/k (A«v Acm Aoitf 
Mrf»<u l# Mjf t€rriht€ tkimgt abtut 
tmking ym «iMjf. C 6(»2. 

*A74r« cwi < < rt , CMtMlic •• tiri/i* 

tfM*" *Ax«M»t Aj. />72. 
'AyifinM , iik«r ^mida over to nU$t»* Zain 
/ *A>^MM T. 2a. 6ym4^ ^X«^ ■" 

tki$ Mrifi brimpng waetion ^. 195; 
Ibr, M Herman czpljiiiui it, while ho 
wms inactive hb enemies were funning 

£Ian« aipiinat him that would occaaiun 
im mat timiblo and peril. 

*Ala7|i4f, gmMvimg, iK$9 9 ^ercW 
iHopflAt dyrimrrof T. 772. 

*AMff igfterumt, umtkklUd^ uneamHiou%, 
§mi^ Mima 4la(f« tlap uHComteiout of 
ftin P. 827* dSa^t Ix'ir futj^ Hx* 
iM« «Niln/M l# hmr the iiiJiMiU pmin 
P. 1168. 

•jMK^mmt viikout i§an T. 1209. 2. 
Umrfui; iLtmnfimtm fikt^tdpmif «^0«r 
T. 106. 3. «ffiir<'pi ; rhv S* iftJ^ w^' 
§tmf dUMpvroir MtU flkmif €T^(u 
A. 881 ; MMfwov la in thi« place 
Ufually tianskted waw^pt ; but it 
would icem better to make the • pre- 
lis inteMive, ^ no friend lament* over 
mj too fed doom.** 

•AldCiMTett iaviMi6/« B. 204. 1316, AJ. 

*Al4^iaTef« inmncikh* Mfutroif f^ 
A«M eV'A^ C. 1572. 

fAIaereti mmdUided, not tejmroted, 
iMmwrm fiotm^kmif ^pcvffifuprm Ai. 54. 

^AMom^ieeurity, tulkrpo^ttx'^fiUo^KoX 
y^t AtftfTy / 5eM both tho ttutOHmnco 
if ii/e, cud toeurity of ohodt, i. e. 
^ my danghten chooae me a land in 
which I can dwell aectuely.** 

*Ai<Af4y a tUttr, 

*A8cA^f» a hrother, 2. Alio oied ad- 
jcctiveljr; d<tA^ vd^^c rhi ^tJht 
x/jpatf ihitf my frotomml handt R. 
U81. 8. <ria,or«ib'a; dUKpkro^ 
Tatty mkim to thiae, or iuitod to ihoat 
C. 1262. AUAfhrm4tKpf^u$x^ 
i host prwela jflud thiugt im uhuoh wilh 
tkoao A. 102. 

'A8«;^irrM» Miad. iightUti, Mfitrmif 
i^iftdirmf nrniiuooi C. 1200. 

*A8tevwt, vaiAMTl iMilkw. wiyiyif<3d 
f,o^ Mfmn C. IdO. 

'AlM^taWMMA. 89. 

*Aii|Aiii» f • W ttBiii(arm«d. T«rd8||AaS- 
mm mmMo form ti C. 85> 

Vi)i' dSaAai' did^a* 


|A# ttnAm4»Mra laaa R« 475. d9%,Kmf 
9oifdrmiff uMditeovered (or myitorioui) 
dottih R. 497. 2. Untotn, vanith$d ; 
5f I woy d5i|A<or, if m#ltf all to nothing 
T. 700. xf^ P^* ^ 88i|A«. (iMe 
hringt to light thin ft that an unteon, 

ihlXoif fpyoo r^ wapmufd^m kafi«7if^ I 
teonld nootr adviu any on$ to art vith 
womptnett Khiro tho evrat it untertain 
T. 670. 7MS/i|r S* d84A^ pdi fu x^* 
ahiA^aerutome not on a miro uactrlaia 
opinion U. 608. 

'Ad^of, nniifjurrd C. 1533. 

*A5yf. Oreutt meaning either the god 
of the infemnl rqpona, or thoio ro- 
gionii themsclvce. 

'ASif^dyoty raMneai. dSii^dfyor tf6ao¥ 
V. 313. 

'ABor/w, (a inrong, to it{fur0, 9o^t ev 

"Muiot^ ntyuH, aUovt ^vnt A. 791. 

yd»r<ia>*EXA d »wy dlMnkarei dWaff T. 

*AZUmtf U90u$tly^ iHnmf Ir^^neorvaff 

4parc £.114. 
*Ahif6tf Jrraurnt, abvndant* iZamif 

X^*»9^ f^Tf*^ 9aKp6wf dxi^ T. 849. 
*Ahfi4itf nnlatned, nMubdnttL ofy€t6if v* 

dS^ifra raupov A 352. Unmarriod; 

rhf 8i#rd\mif dSM^rar dZ^Kphi C. 

"AVvrof, wime aa d5fii|f, hut in tho fol- 
lowing inntancea uacd in the lecond 

■cnio : riyf wp6a$€P dB/i^nif xp^t^ 

i^nrpht C. 1321. dS/iiw aiiF^kprc- 

tu¥ E. 1239. 
'Ad^mrraf, nneiptrtidf nnloakid for, m^ 

aoTt rip dJUlofTOP xipttf C. 249. 
'ASpa^rot. /idrailui, king of Argns, 

whose daughter Aigia married Poly- 

nices, and who was one of the leaden 

of the army against ThebM in the 

&tal war between Eteocles and Poly- 

nices. Kafiigp "AMpmrvw wwBopkp O. 

'ASiMiri^f , tweotly-tpBaking. 2 AAt Alve- 

wcr fdrt^ O tw$itly'tp$aking oratU of 

JacsB. 151. 
'Ad^vMOfff ntttly-hriathing, iBvvydHr 

4M^drMir E. 480. 
'A82rf, iwnt, pUaung, Mia «)r. dvr(a 

9 hUrm T. 123. 
'A^pes. ixf^pSur i Smp n Mpa, th* gifti of 

onomiu aro no gljt§ Aj. 6659 
"Ac^Aair T. 505. See ItfAsr, 
*Af(» olieayt, ootr, aontinnatly, 
'Aiud^ff, untoimly, isocM #iv rrsAf in 

vnioimly garb E. 101. 
'Af (ptfnieTefy ever rfai#ai5trfd. fip&uSt 

ds^unterarTdfairAj. 1166. 
'Aa ^ eg, psnaaiai. d{ As y drae x^ 



Kfiinitt libatwHi from ike pimnial 

fount C. 469. 
'A«rpM. Seo'Ai^. 
'Afficodtf'iot, iuvoluntaiy, iLttcoC^totf tpyw 

T. 1265. 
'A^Aiof, thi iMH. ¥4afrw St ^fyfot kfCff- 

cmtffOM AcA/ov A. 809. iri#r 68* fty A^ 

Aior <T«^ir j) rw^ XSm T. 838. 
'AfAAcubf, ,/2Mt a» iht wimH, itMKKata 

rax^fioKTTQt rcXciAt C. 1081. 
'AiAAif, Mime m AtAAoibr. ^AA^&Mr 

TwvMrR. 467. 
"^AfAirros, unhoped-far, unoipeeted, ^ 
Wnr^ &i\mi rdxra C. 1 1*20. AtAvroy 
ififi' ifuA T. 203. koAk^ (ffi^ iMkirror 
ota^r Aj. 648. Aj. 715-17 in Bomo- 
tiitUM rund tM y ^{ HKwrutw Afar 
prrai^rpMioihi $v/jt&¥ *Arf»9tUut fuydr 
kupT* iwk4w^i huru V{ mAwtaii' murtt 
Imi rotulertHl lulvcrhiuUy, ''at IoomI 
when Ajiix hon nneipeeledl^ rcpoiitiHl 
of hill iiiiKur aiul cliru fuuds with tho 
Atridie :** but there is no good wnr- 
mnt f(»r rending fo/idr insteitd of Ov- 
liJb¥^ nor nny neccmity for doing no, 
for iJKrrm¥ may agree with wiueimy, 
and so tho piuMtge >hould lie tninii- 
kitetl, ** at Itfiwt when Ajax has 
chnngeil hiH mind townnU the Atridio 
lifter tietjttraii and mighty feuda.**— 
*AtA«T«f, unhoped for, k^pdarmt A/A- 

irrMf T^ ictthw ]•:. 1*263. 
*A/t», (0 iuereau, to exogf^eraie, riu> 6 
fidyatfUfOos &/{cii which utide-apmuling 
rumour exagfieraiet Aj. 2*26. 
'AfT^f . See A/crJr. 

'A(i}Aor, unenviable, tt^iyAof t^So'ai 
/9tW T. 284. fu(A* &CnAof 0/a, a mail 
uuenpiahU tight £. 1455; thence, 
hateful, ACn^oy r^iToy T. 747. 
'ACht^totf btoweleu, x^ ^pdaat A(i6fuof, 
he that informed thee it blameleu, i. c. 
hat informed thee truli/ E. 1 102. 
*A(m, to reverence, is seldom uicd in the 
active voice, and in the following 
passage i(orra is nut for kC6fi«twf\ 
tuf l^ew iJiyot om¥ tfpufff^ there it a 
report that tome ono comet in nowite 
reverencing C. 134. i/t^A «'ol k(6fAtroSf 
being iu exceeding awe at to thee R. 
'AriliiAiff a nightinga le, & A/^f m — iafiitp 
C. 672. d^i^KOff its hfiinf T. 965. 
olitrpas yio¥ 6pinBos hiMt l^irei Aj. 
6*29. reK¥oK4reio' iafiiuf E. 107. vav- 
^tfprof &i|8^ £. 1077. wma^wrepoi V 
Hffmiten' abTbifebtrTo^uvff'hfi6ifet U. 1 8. 
'A^f, unaocuttomed, uuutuai, 4§t ^4- 
^f Mol (wrw^piMifU^, with brow eon- 
tracted in an unutual manner , U e. 
unutuaUu tad T,S7U 
'AiVio, a blaU^ tcirfiy fti|^ VMuyiirtfir, 
tA« biMt rf dreadful windt AJ. 674. 

AeA 5 

'A^, the air, y^s ta^fnoipos ii^ip E. 87. 
'AMm, Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, 
war, and tho liberal arts; tutcbiiy 
goddess of Athens. tifLfipoi^ 'AAini 
T. 159. k yXayicwfnt 'ABd^a C. 706. 
'AA£mi noAiAff P. 134. 
'AtfoMu. 8eo'A0nMu. 
*A0c(a«rof, immortal. rd» re ^k^ iBdifO' 
ro9 flu^y ^X^ R. 905. Koi ^ oi^ 
&0Bv^rwi' ^A^i/Mff oMclr A. 787. M- 
rotroir dprH^j^ «<0'X^9 ^ aKainni tAs #x* 
celleHce of" the divine and immortal 
nature i not, oa sometimes rendered, 
immortal or undifing renown V, 1420. 
'Atfaaror, unburieit, 4^ V Sj9earro¥ A. 
205. A$a:iero¥ Iffxh'"!^ vinw A. 466. 
i¥ ^amut Wfirrw/ Aiiasror uMZeh^v 
A. 6.^7. aa«c2»r aaawf ftOorroi imooi 
X9o¥hs AJ. 1177. Keifievout wOtif 40^ 
irrovf i:)07. fi^ rApt JUkurror £8* <b*- 
aAT^rwff fia\euf 1333. Sirwr Qs^a* 
6Bairro¥ P. 351. 
"ABeot^ impiout, ffk ftdrrip Mar T. 1038, 
ddtwrdrat paxobt K. 124. ittftat, tuptr 
Aar, wilWf Ooif, vilAaiil a friend VL 
*AB4ws^ impioutly, ffwf/^ kfrtuws H^Mimt 
i^iapiUvor R 1 181. yhs it^ iucdpwtn 
Kmwt i^OapfUiftit^ of our land thut 
without itt fruitt and without God 
brought to deeaif, \, o. the protec- 
tion of its deities lieing withdmwn 
through tho unholy deed of CEdipus 
R. 254. 
'A^»«i, Athent, tpeuffC *A^»wr C. 58. 
waiir&¥ 'A^Ku rifuorrdrfi vdKis C. 108. 
'A<hiM#y rw¥ $9oifi'hrw¥ Awo E. 707. 
rkt Upks itrtn wpoaefwotpMP *A0cb«ff 
Aj. 1*22*2. 
"AOirror, untouched, or, not to be touched ; 
S0iitros ovS* olinrr^ff (x*^') C. 39. 
kKTw6s T* ktlBepfiiit AjBuerov T. 688. 
SButrot iiyffriipot^ untouched by a 
guide f i. e. without a guide C. 1521. 
2. hallowed, tarred from the touchy rwf 
dBlnrwr S^ffroi lurrdduv R. 891. o&a 
Iri rbv HAucroif t ISfu yas ^a^ A/A^aA^ 
cifiwv, never again will I go to the hal- 
lowed centre of the earth to worthip R. 
'A^A^M, to contend^ to struggle with. 
ff9Ai|^a tctfim^^ua^ ip rf puf itdp^ 
1 ttruggled with dangert in aijf own 
perton C. 564. 
'A^AAot, wretched. Of a person, iBAi6% 
yMpP.1214. vaW^'&9Aiar£.l3S. 
—without a substantive, JiTspini 
rbr A^Aiar aiSovi K^paeu^ 1 entreat'-^ 
that the wretched may meet with re* 
utect C, 246. Spoken of a thing, 
MAjay S^fiay ^^ C. 870. roAph^ H^ 
Aiar Upas 575. V 'S'^Mr ratfMiBaf ; 
758. kBKtns Kaivw Mf A. 1208. 
elU ruf IAAmv tpmif T. 105. 


tiekidly. lOfJm 0ta4rrmA. 

26L V^' iiBfJmt tx^^ Mug in mnt 
wnuked plight Z. 117^ 

^Atkm, itlfKnf^ « friM, or nwtd tf vie 
lirv. AcX^tfwr MXtir x^ £• 6^^* 
2. !nic If n/« or kuUU itaelf, ^{^Xtfor 
MX' ^kvitfwr, tktjf wmt thraugk tk4 
guiftff battle^ hmtarmf w69mf i$hm 
P. 509. 

*AftlM, « cmfctf, applied to the public 
gunce; ilAM^i Ili^iJcoSrir, at tht Py- 
tkimm gmma £. 49. 2. Ubaur^ &0A««r 
tmT fof^TvAJ^t 1^ T. 36. rovrer 
<^ ilApr 80. vwTp4^ herbnit ra^ 
MKmp cWii pcy^t MMM pemtlty «f 
thy fmihMr, L e. f Am undergo iomt 
Uhmr (or wucv^) ^irk thy father 
tkmld hav§ umdergimt A, 856. 

UJfpim, t« eomtUer, !• «x«aitii«. •& ^V 
||«f lb' A«^ Apvr^t /<*r umrching 
(i c «trt iAmi t« fMrcA) IAmi e0v/^«l 
«0Ctfiir«i»r like RMrto/C. 252. iijiB6- 
pm Scrv^TM tuKsC^imrw ifipovfAtP 
il. 1220. viywTdb^f f r^ Mp4^a^ 
J^^fftkr x^y^nvf 1216. iBfnirvif •! mi- 
TvyiMfUm X^ A. 1077. ^nKlJk 
wuiUdtH ^f^kJJk r Ufn^m R. 1305. 
&8<7|ir4l^r9raC. 1052. 

AflWir A0^<;fr«# R. 144. 
^Aivfuim^ f d§tpimd, lo inpair, 8<ii^f 
4tfiyi«B.747. A«i9M» r W ^w^o/Mi 

XC4t AM>r A. 237. 
*Si§itltm, dnpomdimg. in $B¥iun dr^klf 

Ante R* 319. Mpm iccWrw ffc- 

Xf^fMmi A. 1219. 
*A^p4rr^tfy habUimg, open^mwthed. 

40vpi€r9ii0f dx^ P. 188. 
A( aa exclamation exprcaang ffrief» ro* 

peatcd twice, or four timc». twice K. 

754. E. 136. four timet R. 1307. A. 

1267. Aj. 370. P. 1107. I I al «7 

E.827. Aj.431. 
Jjmt a immd^ or ceanlry. Kmrk fdw fidp- 

fiapm tStm E. 95. 
MUOaff la Umemi^ la nM«m. rar T^p 

mUtrfi aal Sir aUftir ^M aal t^ 

ikj. 432. Iw iii reef Ix**'^' aUi*<'' 

w^ A j. 904. 
AlHBBft» a deaentdtni rf JEmemu termf^ 

•^4a afcw Tif Mjpiffr atibr AlaaiSv, a 

emimwdtf mck aj na a^ ^iib« <£mMc 

Aat n^ fttfmftnd Ai. 465. 
^hff^i, tmmruful_ wufful mmrht mUunis 

c^aAat Aj. 672. n4k&W99 k wpd^Uv 

waJUaam laviiat At iMet «M vfBff 

7f E.505. 

Ah^^ i^fara. w^^Mryar Aiymnf^ tht 
pait of tlia KaditamiMaii 


dividing Greece ftom Aiia Minor; 
called iEgean from iEga, a town of 
Eubcea, or from tho promontory 
^ga, which It between Tenedoe and 
Chios Aj. 462. 

Af>f^, JRgmh Ung of Athens: the 
name only occun in Sophocles in the 
genitive case C. 69. 549. 607* 940. 

Afyia0of, vKgiflAai, was left guardian of 
Agnmemnon'k kingdom and of his 
wife Clytemnettra, during the Trojan 
war. During Agamemnon^ absence, 
iEgitfthus fell in love with Clytem- 
ncstm, and cohabited with her, and 
on her hus1)and*s return, tlie parar 
moufs munlercd him, ni«d then mar- 
ried. A^gisthus got poNsession and 
retained the kingdom of Aigos, until 
Orestes avenged his fitther*ki murder. 
6 aoiroAfX^r Af7i^9sf E. 98. Irar 
Bpd^oit Afyia'tfor 4p6aicowit 6pB roiffi9 
wrf4oit E 267. 310. 386. 661. 956. 
965. 1409. 1417. 1429. 

ktyK%^ tpUndour, iighi, rdf T€ wvp^ 
pmn 'AprifuBot 9^Ku R. 207. lunrl- 
Xsif 'OA^irev papprnpUavmif tHyktUf 
A. 610. ifiuaai 8* kmirx^^ ^^ ^' 
yKw P. 830. 

Alyviriou a vw/fars. pjytuf afyvn^ 
iiro3<(0rarrcff Aj. 169. 

Afyurror. JEg^pt, tm h Aiy6wr^ vd- 
urns ^ivvf iiaT§uuia$4pT9 C. 337. 

Aadapai, fa revert, to recennee, U re* 
tpect. ix^p^ ^ a/B«i y/avr; Aj. 
1356. ri^ year wdyra /I4^aaiwar 
fX^ (Mto9 4MMrrof 'HA(ov R. 1 426. 
ipttow aXBfcdeh BeSinf 647. afScaai pJkw 
vardpa r^r vlnf 4p kuypf T^Pf *P^ 
AcfrtNT, aXSciraA 8i P^rr^pe^At ^' * 

'Atiri^os, dark, gfaamy. rwd^drpeww 
d28i|Aoir'Ai3ayAj. 6<»8. 

AtU^fpmtf^ revereul ; A {/mi «M^powe$ 
C. 237. 

'AlS^f, igaarant, dSBott it rdV 4^8or 
C. 548. 6<rr^ e£a fty tStpts Iweiwaa 
Aj.213. 4irdi^«%s911. 

'AOivM^f, P/«to, king of Orcus. dtw 
Xf^ &rat, 'Aac«M«, 'Ai8i«Mv C. 1559. 

AulAt, thume, retpeet* r^ MAmt air 
8aar a^ai C. 247. See ^Aiat. W;^ 
$» Ti^ eOm ifdn^ iptH fikit^ kdfiot 
Aj. 345. pafiiw ^dfiaa wpifiK^/am p^fT 
a&at ix*^ 1076. $ffoi ^ hf ei- 
Un E« 249. Also perMnifled, th$ 
goddete ef mercy, Isri ykp aal Xfi^ 
mUeeticat Bpdfw^ AtBiie C. 1268. 

AM. See'Af/. 

AUtfpavpat, ever'gHafded* Aaararaaf^f 
sikiynf a /tf ^fS K ipef A. 892. 

AUin0W999, laying far ever ie iUep. W 
Tst aiaX^^Kti rif aUtnnrpoPf I invoke 
thee (sdl. death) wka Uyek far aver 

\, and Aeiiff, aa asglf. akrW It 



' / 


ySy Ar, tmtpima A. IIH. gl Z^i^ff 
oirrol A. 1040. 
AMows,etktr€ul, tJBtpUu y<^AaiC.10A2. 
AlBip, ths ethtr^ heaven, tht firmameitt, 
iimnrw tJOiip^ C. 1456. ip aiB4^ /uir^ 
A. 415. ip 8* ifiMcrA(hi fUyat tuOiip 
4*2 1 . 6^k§ wpArtpmf ttliipa 8Smu Aj . 
1192. §Kt ais^pQt Km* vrtuedJUt — 
Skuffi fiM P. 1021*2. In ono paHuge, 
Sophocles uact it in tbo rominino 
gender, p6i»m oipapiop 8i* tu64pm rttam' 
$4pt*s, Liwi iMgendtred in thi ktavenlif 
firmament, i. o« in ih§ abodet pf th§ 
godi R. B6H. 
k&o^t Ttigiugt furioui, dor iUKmffus 
dt^fht tSBmt dyy^xSop, what tidiugs 
hati thou diteUued of tht furious man 
Aj. 2*2*2. 
Ati9pMt, ospotid to thi opin air ; adj. but 
used substantively: ^vaa&Xmp ndymp 
tiOpta ffol Z^ofifipa ^(rftw fi4kii, to 
avoid the exfuteure o/iuhoipitabtefrottt, 
and the thaftt of violent ttormt A. 358. 
Dut some would moke eiOpm agree 
with fiiKii, rendering it th$ €oid and 
itermy arrowi* 
AWtt, to frnrn. TmnsltivOi eiBear Upd, 
to burn eacrifieei P. 1033. 2. Intrans., 
fi^X* '^*p^ Xa^irrripet obxii^ i^op, 
Vfhen the evening lampe were no longer 
hurning Aj. 28£ 
Af9wv, hhining. ttrelmpj^ sdflia»n 9i!6ihptp 
Aj. 147« Figumtivcl/i ^«re« ; eXikop 
ifiourriis Aj. 10»H. 
*ASirqs, contumeliout, diigraeefuL $apdr 

robs Auct7s E. 206. 
Ahctot eoHtumety, di^raee, intuit, 4a^ 
TOffoOrop tthcias weanp C. 74H. Karl' 
vc^Kcy aUrxtffrais ip ahcUut E. 4A7. 
wopfxp^top tl^petp SiMrrdbwr oiKUut 
E. 511. 
AhelCu, to beat, to ecourge. Sonhoclcs, 
however, only uses it figuratively in 
the active voice; ftMKayxalra t^ ifi- 
fuyd Pip aialCu lii<ra'ov it two ^ipta 
6ok6fivOta KipTp* iwtffcaprat and at 
the tame time the deadly pangt guile- 
fnlly contrived by the darlf coated Net* 
tut, torture him with their burning 
lAroftiT. 840. AAJJi ia' k AAt AXtUfSi 
Mt 6K40putp aUtCu, pertecutet me to 
dettruetion Aj. 402* rv^in iniaop a/* 
Ki(mp ^/Sigy SAijf vcSiMot i the whirl- 
wind iiattering all the foliage of the 
woodlaudt A. 419. It is used in the 
middle voice in its proper sense ; u^ 
9nra wf^t B^mp rbp yipopra ^' akurp 
H. 1 1 53. fiii 3^a rbp Zianipop Hi y 
aUtn Aj. 111. md ySr icot^ oljrovff 
dopwrave aUl(tTai 65. ro^t tk ieafd- 
out iKt(eft, iare ^SnoM 300. And 
in the aorist of the passive; wpbs toh 
pwp HerrhpttUtHipT' tUtp A. 206. 
*Ammtf thamefuUy, Poetioe ibr dtiacAf. 

AIN 7 

Aut&s oUrp&t Tc $ ^6pt9s E. 102. ett 
rat oiKeiius Srea iftMtwreu ovTwt AXkws 
AXkipos, a dirge* eikanp, eSkufop, oUT 
oUrpSa y6op tpPtOat digSovf, %aet Aj. 
AJfui, blood. 2. Used also to'ezpresa 
kindred, oT/i* ift/pAktap, blood of' the 
tame kindred, i. e. kintmen II. 1406. 
vp^r eStioros ^Acw E. 1 125. d^' iS- 
furros bfAtripou C. 245. robe wpbs olT- 
furrot Aj. 1305. 3. Bloodthed, Uaugk^ 
ter ; its ril^ efya, x^^MC^f wiKip, tincm 
thit blootlfhed agitntet the city R. 101. 
Zvo'ipiorop tJ/ta ^vff&p^Aptis E. 1385. 
Ai^uif, a ttream if blood, Bep/iordrai^ o^ 

ftdJUi mpctofiipop iXxiiep P. 696. 

AJfuCtf'trw. to muke bloody, KpSr^ iftbrn 

r6tt airruca wirp^ wh-pta iptt$ep alf/ui^m 

wee^ P. lOO'i. X*^f alfid^oi Aj. 

45.1. AX/mp 6^m\9p, eArix^ip t ei- 

pdirfferai A. 1175. crimmp wXatyAM 

alpmgffoiUpmp £• 90. etot $f atftJ^ 

X^nt Aj. 909. 

Al/umfipdt, bloody, edfumipia l/tfidrmp 

Bm^iopiu 0, 552. ^* alfmrnptut xei^ 

ptffffi A. 975. tfrwff 3f ffepuntp ip^eop 

iiatero AA^ alfuanipb^ but when the 

bloody flame blaud from the taerad 

offeringt; the flame is called bloody 

beaiuso it consumed a bloody victim 

T. 768. vripop Aprlrwop fiufv^pwe 

al/uenipbp P. 695. 

AlfMT^cif » hloody ; figuratively, glamng, 

P€^kil 3* i^p6up twtp olfMrStP piBct 

aurxvpti, the cloud on her brew thauue 

htr glowing cheek A. 529. 

Alfiofia^t, weltering in gore, x*'P*^ 

hcra ffipiyC alfiofiap^ Aj. 219. 
AlfAofPepy^t, blood'burtt, or flowing with 
blotnt ; compounded of aT/ia mid ^ 
ypofu, aifwfpayiis ^i^ P. 2A5. 
Al^^ff, crafty, rhp alftvKArarop, <x- 

Bpbp ikiuut Aj. 388. 
AS/utp, Heanon^ son of Creon A. 572* 

AUiw, 1. ta tpeak; i Beu^p eSpop oW- 
•"af , O, thou who kati tpoken a dread- 
ful ward P. 1 380. Such is Ellendfta 
verhion ; but the sense given by Er- 
ftirdt imd others would seem better, 
vu. to advite ; thou who hatt givan 
fearful adviee* 2. ta praite, commend^ 
approve; 6pBpiiwmf fiiop oB^ eJpi^aain^ 
hf, aire fufv^atfoip A. 1157. oM 
rdS*. 4 mu P. 889. aipotiit yitptofx^ 
r^aV lvi| Aj. 626. wov xp^ rlBevBou 
raSra, wov V olpeTw P. 451. 8. to 
grant, promite ; A T fpoffdi pwi, BeftoM 
ifi^s BtyiiP P. 139a 
Alridr, iEniaa, from ^nia, a town in 
Thessaly. Alw^ yipas E. 706. Al- 
pApo$ ApBpbt limyiei wwkm £. 724. 
AtWyyotf an snif SMy a riddle, rd y d- 


JJpm and ^f(p«, \,totiftup^t4 mUi ; 
mif 9M9, tip* ^vp9 AJ. 646. fldTjpcr* 
^»a9«/ T. 1*264. v^^apfiim^O^, 
moigathtriHg food V, 706, ^ /a tMrhi 
ip9P, do thm ikntelftift m§ up P. 879. 
tip9 ^mn^, riim ^m/^P. 886. R. 
143. 1270. A. 264. 418. ^ t^ 
MfTV «« OHi T. 790. i^tfaX/i^ Ipat 
T. 795. 2. to undortokof to undergo ; 
•ravror H^t Ji0Kow T. 80. Thence, 
S. fufik 9€tXtaif aput, nor $ubjeet your* 
telf to tht ehorgo of eowardieo Aj. 75 ; 
and /MIS' iyKO¥ Spjft tafidi^, norounmo 
ouf^ht ofbooiiing Aj. 129. dJMi $upAif 
OjSfrovf, (Ediput roUa (i. e. exeitot) 
kii feoUugt 11. 914. 4 pataively, 
routed; TlokuveUtfit apMt peutdwf 4^ 
d/i^^ywv A. 1 1 1. In the middle 
▼oicc, I. to bear, to eorrjf; rimmpa 
XoXK^mKeopoif ^pfUvot x*P^% bearing 
tn Mir hands a broun»tided teuel h, 
64. 2. to undertake, to take upon one* 
eeif; ob rM &y ^P^p v^rov A. 907. 
R. 1225. Aj. foa. voMr jcXmAv 
dtp4c$mi, to undent • ttealthii flight 
em foot, i. e. to eecape teeretljf Aj. 248. 
4. to ohtaiH, or iremm for oneulJ\ 
rfbe rf wi^M pirifO» ^en^o dpeta0e 
C 460. 9t^ ^P^i^ ^Kua ipeipnpf, tn 
what way i may etaet vengeance £. 34 1 
thence, 5. uied actiTely ; Sy iytto¥eiT\ 
eCtpeffBe, raite me up T. 1255. 
AiffUtfate, doom* luutbM S^rreiwy iKwU 
fore]piteky Vuieam had teiud the covert | CooamiFtJ^e»,eepetting on evil , wretched 

doomTfllOf T^ nlr KvAflret foeffi 
Alridpofuu* I. to hear, or to have learnt 
by hearings i^Mptpf 8* ir' trru, but 
I heard he f0a< yet in being V, 445. 
oUk — ic\4t ft^ P. 252, C. 302. 
A. 1316. Aj. 1318. £. 79. 89. 683. 
2. to perceive, to ditcooer ; §b ybp o/- 
^Bdifet wdkai firrta Batfouffw wpeii 
drmuSf f fe'a; doU thou not long $ince 
perceive that thou periryrfe with the 
living at with the dead ? that ia, «* Dost 
thou not perceive that he whom thou 
hast been convening with ia one 
whom thou supposedst to be dead 1** 
£. 1477. if/M T^MT V/M»V af'^ 
irertu^ ifwhiit matter of kii weapont h§ 
thaU dueover me P« 7^ 
ACnef, properly spoken of a bird or 
omen. bp^iBi etUt^ ^ith auepiciout 
augury lU 52. aXrier srirev^r w^er^- 
arcitt thou art coaio a lisieHaM^ in- 
formant C. 34. 
Aftnrw. ^r9m% generally used intran- 
aitlvely to express hurried me€ion, in 
running, flying, leaping, x*^'^' ^**^ 
adkwrffat j(ar, at tSe tound tf tha 
braum trumpet they rutbtdforward £• 
711. ^ r 4ttrb9 flat wfit rl^ and 
whtrefere bait than hurried oui f £• 

• AIP 

mrffi' sfx) vvv *9 t 4o r 9 t fo Mpbf lif e 
WMT R. 393. If rk uktl^ Mypm' 
Aioucrit, tnigmaticmL rtdwr* irj/uif tJ^ 

rarrl «d#afif R. 439. 
AhfUwapeUf to epeak riddUt, pmo fn^dr 
paip ; wkot^ ham I tpekcm riddlet t 
Aj. 1 158. 
ALme, a ward: i Ua^ eJvoo oiAvus P. 
1380. See eMm. 2. pmito; (UXor 
I* a&N^ Ixw pmirpomdKti vf 8c C. 707. 
ilUt, heaty, tad. ah^ $x^ ^j* 7^« 
JkUkot, properly means, mtoved with twift 
and varkd ntetion ; thence applied to 
express the variation of ooloun which 
rapid motion occasions. aUkos ipd- 
awr T. II. 830. aUkn rb^, tpangled 
•Mt T. 94. 132. vwf a^ iaroredam 
rmt aUXam ttMenFrot \ how thaU 1 
Uar thee from tMu gUttening blade f 
Aj.1025. 4iasew«^taMXarP.1157. 
Ahowdt, b^tw. diK ahreums OlxaJJeu 1 
T.860. atray^/liU^P. 1000. 

m /adk of goats* i9 aXvrsif 
a&raA/aif Aj. 375. 
U f^y* ^ v^ flfark* ebp m ^ ^ffpt 

dbics. si 94pm rt$ eSpevw Aj. 


klpim, 1. fa toibt, to lay hold ^, to teiwe ; 

^ffiuM XV^ Mores, taking aies in 

IPNirAaa^sA.lllO. wplw^-art^a^Apm 

wemdoHf ^H^anoroo iktw, be- \ 


\fmwr towart A. 123. fopBdios U re 
2£t iktuf, to gathar P. 700. rbif oM 
immt aipC, seism A. 606. «TMNrd8ffff 
Ikmri put P. 1082. 2. to tolcs either 
koifore*, vft by deceit, also to kill ; rir 
■Vtrsir 8siM, / espect that 1 thai! en* 
amara him P. 14 and 608. 945. 948. 
1238. C. 764. 814. 820. 1026. 1690. 
A. 385. £.1001. mdkupmsoMp'iAp' 
J«^ dlpei wonp^ P« 437. 4n IXm 
8s^ Aj. 1066. R. 996. £. 628. 1080. 
S. tocMifa«r,ortofttfAf /arrsorasnia/i, 
Acitj; aipH^^dfyk-^r^TpeioMpMfu 
P. lis. 347. 353. 998. 1347. 1435. 
T. 340. 353. 4. to deUct, to convict ; 
JmI tV «Mr ifiur A. 65.5. 747; and 
paaavely in the same sense ; epMcir 
jfptjHtn, to be detected beforehand A. 
4SX In the osiddle voice, 1. to take 
air for, oaeailfi Ixieff /i' oMp- 
toko nw as yowr inwmta, i. e. at 
rto with sfaic. aocd no tkocro 
R.887. Atfxset ikMm Kr%rt9, 
t# falw wiik me my marriage portion 
T. 168. P. 365. 2. to to£r fmm a 
nesBsa what belongs to him ; paiBapnh 
««4vw y Mf^pmK. 1522* 3. tochooie 
f&f emnsHi ^l^^** ^ adcisr aMr P. 
ll«l. 47. 443. B. 585. C. 448. A. 
tfiwiflft. E.346.1086.T. 734. 1286. 



1402. in iK TSX'^f ~~ f^''<' « ^^^ 
than to quUkly kurrif awtiy t T. 396. 
Aj. 3'Z. 251. f^o^o, huvinf^ nuhsd 
away R. 1074. C. U90. 1499, ^m¥ 
6lffv6vTW9 ydfmv, of mgw nuptiah 
haittmng on T. 845. 2. tmnaitirely ; 
md wp6s ri ^vaAjyt^ropJi^ Hw X^^; 
and to what unaeeountabU purpose 
halh ho ihut furiouUif ttt hit hoMdl 
Aj.40. Thence lued paau?ely; icparl 
V ififutroirrfpu icipa^ 5/ oJipat dxrd- 
wtaros ffffferat^ and on hit tightteu 
head hit uncombed huir it totted by the 
wind C. 1261. 

'AZrr^, (0 dettroji, annihilate, vb yhp 
IMi warptt^ ferLcat <o^ Aj. 515. 

Al^XPO*f^p^*a^ bate gain, yivos rvpdmmif 
eJ^XpoK^pieuuf ^ti^ the race of kingt 
lovet bate gain A. 1056. 

^^XP^U ^^1 thamfful, di*t^arefuL al- 
erxpbp rh ^ly^w C. 14'21. o(^ oi- 
^Xf^f o(ri^ Ari/iMf A. 5. K, r. A. Once 
oiiiy used in tlio comparutivc, rts hf 
Tomv A^yos yiwovr* &y ai^tm¥ Iri £. 
559. And in the superlative, trinf roTr 
^lArdtroiffofirxMrT^^fuXoiWfWlicro it in 
not used adverbially, but the construc- 
tion is objective, holding the mott 
thamej'ui intereoune with thy dearett 
friendt R. 367. ^6(ra et^tn^ h e»- 
BpAwoiew fpya yly¥erfi R. 1403. «l- 
CX^¥ t^^P¥ AJ* 1659. KitfAoi yhp cdf- 
irxifrroif K\6ew hfipht ftartdov Aj. 
1161. al^rxtffroys kAyout Aj. 13*20, 
oBto'xtOToif iryet 8i|ra rii ^wSiy k4yeaf 
P. 108. A^yaMT* artrxMrr* ^vdr P. 909. 
aJurxi^rait ahcUus E. 487. «&rx<ffTtt 
wdm-Mf ipya E. 586. 

AlrxpAtt bately, thamefully, ditgraee» 
fully, 4fhvjfa» ahrxp&t ^ tpnmuw P. 
265. dwaraiffuf alvxp^* tof^pa itol 8^ 
Xoif ikitv P. 1228. ahxP^t Kob Binp 
Ka0i»p P. 1234. aUxP^t <*, HtM wep 
Kol kiy^s K. 593. 

Al^xvnif dithonoHT, turpitude, prepay- 
phtf Ani, tfubuBrof, aurx^ R* 1284. 
T^ /ij^ wv$4o6ai irev 'rru', «lrx^>^ ^ 
p«i, N0( tfi tN^uire w/k^« A« u frnn^i 
diiAoiiour T. 66. 00 ver' aiffx^ *'*' 
tf'ci^ 5^H wi/< newer fall into dithonour 
T. 597. 2. iftaMf 011 «cr0M»t of batO' 
nett. i /irydAa ^^«f« 2 ^tv^ a^X^ 
rat ^fiAt Aj. 174. tMf yitp ot wpi^- 
•rrir, oi^x^ ^ ^^ ^j* ^^79. vo- 
coM olffxJbtfOM b^Xt P. 120. X^'*'' 

Mrr« tMT I[^* alrx^r lx«'' 
Akx^Mii (« ditgraee, or ^n'li^ ditgraee 
vpon, alaxfi^ ^^^hjp C 929. ol- 
^xftmi flkmn E. 518. elKAsior al- 
^^M« #l\«, if wii/inf |0 5rM# </if- 
grmee on it§ renmen E. 1082. fy £8* 



/ that ditgrare mv kindred by blood J 
pep4kii 8* ofp^mif owep edpatriw p49ot 
tdax^h <^' c/0imI 0n her brow dif 
graeet her blooming cheek, i. o. tpoilt the 
bloom of her cheek A. 629. 2. middle : 
to be ashamed £. 254. With an ac- 
cusative, riiv Zvayivewof ri^ ipL^ «l- 
o^Xw^Toi, the it athamfd of my ignoble 
birth R. 1079. With a fiarticiple, 
w&s ydp rit aMTx^^ivtv^ bj^ ii^koCfiepot\ 

for how thoutd one be athamed at con* 

f erring a henejiil P. 1383. 
Aflr/w, active, to atk, detire, demand^ 
pray, with an accusative, lometimea 
with two accusatives. *AXi0ra2Tdr0vr0 
T.96. aMtrhValrett^iJutk^kdr 
fiois Ky R . 2 1 6. rov 9c0v /a' «lr«7f M- 
viw R. 1.U7. elrett arc^ci C. 1106. 
fipax^ Ti/ eXrei pmBov C. 1162. <u- 
r£ vi9/a^cu, / implore thee to obey me 
C. 1332. Also followed bjr an infini- 
tive; alroiya refbt imb x^m^' ihr 
yvowof t^xta^f imploring thote under 
the earth to forgive me A. 65. ofr^ 
9amet iroilir Mr >— — bpyiit ebpeimt 

Haraffx^^*^ A. 1199. Middle; 1. 
to demand, or atk for, vii. oii«'f telf, 
or, wAat if oneU own ; though it is fn>> 
quently used in an active sense, SoSmu 
Kvplmf ahoufidp^ to give them to thee 
of right demanding them P. 63. rk 
t6( fkiMf rdS* Affwfp frou fi* iprSmt P. 
764. wdkmirpa piiwvre kvaeu. Bebtf al- 
rovfuu R. 880. Uveo'Bai r^rk/nir — 
airov C. 488. ra kolodt* ahu rou 
filov C. 583. alrov 8^ v/NNnrinwuva, 
yrfiep ehputini bpwy^—^pkkup E. 453* 
edr^oiuu ydo ir* £r Sdroia rvyx^uf 
T. 1118. otrhaopm U ^ 06 fiajr^ 
T^pat Aax<<r Aj. 825. 2. Also simply 
(0 beteeeh, rbp iXiiiP alrovpJimi A. 778. 

AlniT^ff, demanded, tolieited, betptfrht^^ 
oin alnprbr^freely given, and not toU- 
cited R. 384. 

Alr^a. 1. caute, Tlphs rdvt V0T^ alriar 
(rUnpee) ; R. 1236. ^rru^ akiap wpo^ 
Belt; what caute allegingy Aj. 1051. 2, 
6/awi0, a«ciifa(i0N. ofrlar it «6f 'A- 
Xat&p fe^ofuu P. 1404. rbp — ^Ikam 
pifwv^ iv airl^ fiakttp R« 656. fit mr 
airtf fidkot KOKg T, 9i2. ^w 0aaelm9 
ahtms ikeUepw A. 445. ^pm Tiff «^ 
r(af A. 533. 1 312. T. 361. Aj. 28. 3. 
guilt, or blame due to a crime eommitted, 
rar 0uir hr tMopfiporwpi/uaapfU^ei. 
ver* ^1 olWat, tfut guilt will never ap» 
ply to any other mortal but m« A. 1318. 

ktrdoftMk, to blame, to impute blama to, 
aim eJrtAfuu aetPow 4ts re^ ^r r4km P. 

885. yr^ 8* iH^ t4 M* X«<f^ a^ 
TIM R. 608. 
AfrMfi 0N« that it in fault, guilty, rW 
afrier Wpsi' &y C. 995. tV ^ "V*^ 
i4v«/r(Brvdrr«rX^C.I299. yW 





Mk9 tihmf T€i¥ tnS mjmv T. 770. 9^ 
0i€9§tm rMf tSttav^ I wiU /«« the 
hUm€0fthh0mtke9V.i9O. UriMT 
i^Mf araiwr Um P. 1426. •it ^ fut 

TiM ^BMir, cA« livhg art {ni/i jf ^' i Arir 

^tmtk A. 1 152. 
JUtmmMv JEiu^tim AinmUt M w4K9¥ 

fitfimitM^ mtmmted •n mm ACtiurmH stenl 

C 312. The honci of Hidly were 

fiunous tof their ipcvd. 
A it mktm^ j£i9iim ; a country bounded by 

Acanuuiia and Locria, and rmcliing 

to the mouth of tlio Corinthian bay. 

&TM ii AlntJJmt £. 704. 
Mfmk l t^ •« /L'ltfficN tr«M«N. AlraAlr 

AmA^t* «N .Clalieii. 4 8fl4rfpof 1^ Ai- 
Y«Ut, Otr/t»ff T^Mt C. 1315. 

AIxHV"* t9 fight tcitk m tpear, or to fight 
in gcnciml. ICfwr M iw ftipot ^wr 

tie £fldi kmd iMMd Aim <• «•/(« thU 
«wr T. 355. 4 ««1 iir^f 'Ar^tZlairiy 
jfxyioaar X^* '"^ ^"'^ '^* mrmed 
tkime hmitd ngmtMtt thg AtrUml Ai. 97* 

Sdxit»>^^U tmftite^ teminine. #4 t^ 
4m T^ afa/iaAtrri>ef, tk€ tomtif m emp* 
ItM %MM«a Aj. 1228. Wx^uiAifrllar 
X^jpatf tmftisf' hmndt Aj. 71* 

Ai|j0iaAiir»ff, emptivi. ripf QlxftJi^»nw 
T. 417. 4 l/Mt 4^ raif ««x^«aAi^ 
TMf ««tfnr T. 532. 

AJ|xMt ^ pMnt tf m tp§ar, hence uacd 
feoerally for m iptmr, Kywytf 4«^ ai- 
««0£f tMT 0^caX(a• aixHf T. 861. 
Mtuuiff UfTtu wfSi tdx/t^t^t "^tf roaen/f 
ta 4alfl« P. 1308. Wf iy/ths, # Tlrti 
W^a« tM* tiju^ fi4kft Kottrnt {v- 
MSXf T. 882. This It rightly conai* 
dcied one of the moat obscure pa»> 
Mgea in Sophoclea: a natiit&ctury ver- 
Mon of It can icarcely lie found. The 
beat critiGal tcholan aeem to agree 
that tJxM^ fidktf aaaev ia deacripti ve 
of Deianeir^ who had been the occa- 
son of Heiculea* death ; mlxM^ ^ 
Aaaf ia only a periphnaii for ^Aat, 
and the paamge may be thua trana- 
lated; vAal rmg§ or what modiutt da* 
Arfii this daod/v vutrumfntt I. e. 
ikii taffmawaC mf tk§ daafA •/ Htr- 

*AJbi| fa Mraajai, t^ iUar. 4 wdr/ 4lbr 
AM VVcat C. 1764. wp^ ftir Wmt 
4iieW^4^t^i4iMr P. 1396. I>>««r 
4dbT«ir4WrffaMrC.240. Ia« — 
vfir 4a«tfet 4W C. 305. Alao^faiia- 
danfaad. wptfitfiti((t a i<p a w pi int #4 
T^f ^If^ 'iMd kim fwtktr mummrd, 
dmrnuHifim tkm umiertUmdmt C 182. 

Jdi^f vgifm Ittiaf. lo which aenae, 
aayaEUandt, Sophoclea BOfOT oaea it. 
fmnlly oom it lo ax* 


oreai /i/r, capeciaUy the life of man. 

aldr P. 179. A vrvyp^t Mp 1332. 
VM <ih^ ~ Mtm Tkdtut^ ^m 0. 1731. 
aTtri mucAr JhffMTet altSr A. 579. 4»f 
a4ir &jr ai^/ iupiBott $p9riip T. 2. 
Also, a MiaMNai' or eontiiilaMt of' life, 
rouvrot uiitif — r^ Mf/ lfnfjLw§ A«- 
rp«4ai'ra T. 34. ttUuf AkueOw Aj. 
b3l . vd^aAoMrTai' tddim — clXav £. 
1074. Once uted advcrbinUy; 34* 
mwfott /«'!' #i»ft lAraHifAaac ^i/a K. 

AlmpdofuUf la 4tf l(/'lfd aa Ai^A, or uif- 
pfHtied i thence, la A« in SMtpenu, a4 
ptmtphM ly Aft/ft/m raiyiAy fp«W«v iSn •- 
^y a/a^^rar, nol afucA /uNgrr wi/i 
*(W prfuigM oj'mjf mind coiili9iU€ in i««- 
p^MM K. 13H2. 

'Aicd9a^ar, uneipiultH, tM (rA vpiiTym) 
hcMaprw ^pAt fkAt 4r aSrwr 42^ U. 

'AirdXinrraff, aNcaofrid» npuud* ro»M 
ttyot AadXarrar M Iciirr^Mu, la caAi- 
Ail a pollulian lacA at lAif lAai aaea- 
aerfd R. 1427. 

'AffaXv^r, MNCatfrad. rAr AjcaXv^ #«- 

*Aa^l^, ihdtj'uligmhlt, hdpmwTf | N4- 
raa {^ Bop& T. 112. 

'Aff^^iorat, Maarrariad, infjAaailiA/a. ySr 
ft^irar, hitmftidrtuf Avorp4fraA A. 339, 
al^ Aird^rai 4ffiMr /i^Mt A* 603. 
U«c4 adverbially; tucd^a wpotpJ* 
rovaa, Mmefutittgly eipecliMg E. 160. 

a AO/«r ^^4^/yi|f R. 254. 8ee 'A4/«ff, 
'AMdpwmrtu JrHith$i» rirat rCaat Aa^ 

wirov X'f^f "** acvaaal ^ tamgj'ruit* 

ieu viciofif Aj. 176. 
'Aa/Affwarat, aat eomimmnitd, ^mx^ t« 

aAa^Affwrraf, Ay lol and «al (aMaiaNd«d 

Aj. 1263. 
'Aa^ofMi, la cara, or AmI a wound; 

thence, la rtmedjf an e?il. farct tit ir» 

aAr v«r^ A«f ira4, wAa, Aaviag /al/aa 

tNia «c«7, remtd'tn tl, L e. aadaaaoarf 

la rtmedjf tl A. 1014. Aaav r daat, 

Aaal lAf a^aay, T. 1027. 
'Aa«p84t, umprofiUbU, tniHk — AaipA^ 

Xi^ pjerimx*^ w C. 1481. 
'AfftrHp, aaa vAa aaftt, or Aaali. rAr 

daaaripa xdXumf^ lAa laailaf Ait C. 

718. So UMd becaiiae boiaea are, aa 

It were, cured of their apirit by meana 

of the hit. 
'Ajd^Afret, lAal caaaal Aa aaalAad, wmp* 

p»aiaAla» Mjk^tm^ pmUo $i4n T, 

'Aa^parat, aaatiaad, p«f^ ytSpA* Aa^pa- 

Tair C. 472. dffipdty |iw ipfip^ C. 

'Aailpwafo t, nal mmmmneod Aa a kwmid, 

inipmnwip^hH kt raaiaiM (Mk^td^fjor 






l#M numiki in •^dUwH U Mhtr /ir4) 
wif AmC finding mnff lidingf, T. 46. 

^AaKMf&ros (^JcAAvror), 1. nnwiitt* 4w 
f inXmnwrmf trm^ A. 29. tHa ^ikmf 
lUkuuvrnt fyx»iMi B40. hthmiMrot 
A^tXot ityvfMwuof Kyo^uu 868. Mh 
wh-99t fKtw' SitXavaTw C. 1706. *i. 
In tin Rctivo Hcnne, noI wafting, f y€ 
/afik vi^r tffoirt ^l^vr' ittkoA&r^ nf^S* 
avo0Ti|MU ^T^yift, to vht*m tl i< wiiC 
petmitled to dtfrnrtfrom ikit rot»J'witk» 
nut K$tping fMN to worMkif tht godt K. 

'^AffAifrot, WNMl/fd, unhitldon, tutkiffnt^ 
•^ 6r' dyy^Km^ jrAiftft/f Aj. 2ll*i. 

'AMuaSotf opfiortune, in good timo, 4n 
tUifuSotf W fitd% fUkoif if k§ akould 
fomt, muy ho como in good tinio to, Sfe, 
AJ. 904. 

'Ajt/a^i properly iiignifiet « point, nnd ex- 
tremiiy ; whcuco Sophocles npplieii it 
to the extrcmiticii of tho Iwdy, the 
hands and feet. 8tfrr^ovr veSwr a«- 
pdM^ tho tolet of thiffeet bitred through 
U. 1034. <^i^i^{/oif oirjuuf, with Inttk 
hnnd§ 1 243. MpntBmf ukimjomw^ by iho 
pointt of Iho ihuttU A. 964. 2. ma- 
lurity, full growth, rlpa >- OKfiiiw 

f»m¥ li«nrr* tutfUs 1492. Thence Might 
in hattJe. 8fii^ 8^ Biy^'ciSay axfid^ 
dreadful tho might rf tho font of The^ 
tent C. 1068. 3. feoiouohloMett^ or 
fitneu in timt, mrfi^ yitp oO /uvtp&v 
^af X^ytir, it ii no teuton to vt of' 
lengthened wordt, P. 12. obx eipas 
OKfi^, it it not n time for tittinf ttill 
Aj. 798. ipytt¥ off/t^* the erititjor irr- 
tion E. 22. mniWdx^ ** •^t^V IS'^M). 

'Aff^^ff indefatigable, oUpewf V emp.^^ 
raSfpoif A. 351. 

'Aire^, henring, etMp^ eucof tc irA^iir 
A«&r<rffiy t' £^iy P. 1398. 4(«7«ir cU«^y 
roiff ^/iMt A^yMS 8i3e^ E. 30. 

'Ajrolnit, m huUmnd* rbif tif wpoapJtwM^ 
dnolra¥ T. 622. 

"Airoirif, m wife, iwl rdi^ ip tuneruf im- 
refintf T, '602. AcMTit # Aiet 1037« 
Aihs pJnypf Ltovruf 1 130. 

'Aic^fctfTot and ^K^p^ror, iiualja^^. t4(- 
mett mC dK6orro¥ oipttfdif E. 122« 
Others read air4p«0V*i'« 

'A«ef, remedy* tmt ydi^ 4l^M^>Ti|^Mir 
lUnf piif ioi\for of trnntgrettiont there 
it remedy C. 1272. mw^ mmc^ Mobt 
Avof, applying ill at a remedy to ill Aj. 

'Amov/a/m, Itf i/e lorong, to do anything 
without order, or Jitnett. e/ 8' oko^- 
/leSrrct /Voiw P. 387. re^ «m^- 
^urrar e-4/kir A. 726. 

"AMotrpos^ ditorderly. el yi^ rd y iyyo- 
iK) ^M Jbceoyia $pi^J'or tfl tkatl 
rear Mjf natural kin dioorderly, i. e. i/ 



I J Aall tuffer them to U dUordirly A. 

L ^^- 

i 'AxoA^un, See Mice^ieff. 

"AKOvffpekt o thimg to be hoard. Xftfl^ ~' 
botlbif iitovffpi* MoiStftti, / with to hoar 
the correct ttory C. 620. 

'Airevrr^f, to bo heard, dXX* Bpmt imf 
rr«oy, howerer it mntt be heard U. 
1170. 2. to be obeyed, rm^ Hpamitf' 
TMr ^0t1 wdi^ mKootrieL, my rutert 
mnU be obeyed in oil thini^t E. 332. 

"AKovtfTor, heUtrd, eM^ dnoyarbw oU M- 
^^^1^, not Jit to b§ henrd, nor to bo 
teen U. 1312. 

'Airo^M, to hear, is used with an aectuia- 
tivo or ifenitivo of the thing; also 
with an acctwutivo of tho sjiciikcr and 
a genitive of the thing. HSophodos 
never uses it in the iMUMive voice. 

^Knpa^ a promontory, AeKpAr tpetm vpA- 
Mt £&/3o(aff r' Kk^, T. 7H6. 

*AjcfNu^i^f, tafe, dxpai/^la rmo mn^ 
wttktifU^wtf, vnhannrd by the thinga 
threatened ogaintt them C. 1149. 
, 'Airpor^ff, feeble, pouferleu. y^pat axpa^ 
T«r dwpoa6fuko¥ C 1237- 

^Anparos^ unmized, pure. ^X^f iMpairatf 
oT/ui, pure hfe't blood E. 776. 

'AKpdratp^ iufirm, nedwep tt9 ittpiirwp 4 

'AnpoBl^unf, ihejirtt fruitt, rtmis tymm 
rpoweua nwcpm^ui^ bearing the trophiaa 
and Jirtif mitt of' victory, T. 748. 

'Ajrpor, Itfly, at the highott or eitrema 
point, wdraloif els inpov ir^So, ttr'ikm 
mt OH the top of my foot P. 738. inpou 
wo8ir813. is tucpoM U7p^' MikBe npob^ 
rht ^fieof, terror hath reached the «x- 
trentitiet of the hairt of my head C« 
1 46.1. ykmaffOM lUcpeaf Aj. 234t Skoos 
^/SotE. 441. waLo*/lUpmnip4t0tf^ 
dveUingOtt the loftiett hillt R« 1106. 
4i^ tucpou Xdou, on tho end of the ttona 
C. 1&6. tuspoM M yCakop^ at the ex* 
tremity of the beach C. 1489. 0aK* 
filSmif 4w' Attpenf A. 132. ittpmir 4k viU 
ytuf A. 407. Snr^ vp^t iitpm 819. 
dKp^aror elffeamfiaiT (sc. tfipa) ov^ 
ropow Apouaep els aMTKor, inaoUncm 
haoing reached the highott pitch rnthoo 
into precipi'i^ut ruin R. 876. A^V 
MpMtts ndw* $Kpwo Moiwdpoiw^ CA^m 
wouldoht have boa$tod toftUy, und waikid 
on tiptoe Aj. 1209. 

'Arr^rirroff, uncombed, K^fMf 8i' eUtpou 
durdpiaros Ifo'^eTm C. 1263. 

'AjcWjpirrot, unbur'ud; propeiijr, do* 
priced of' tho due rightt ^bnriaL ^x*^ 
M *- dieripwrovdifiaimfviteimk, 1068. 
•itripeamif af&fl varrdSo, betidm tka 
uneonteerated chamber A. 1192* t. «• 
where the rites of burial had not been 
perfomiedv or^ it describes aa imiii 
place for burial. 




Amrkt 1^ htmckf or jm**W«. 
'Aaritt « be&m if tki »«ii« oicrlff mtXtov 

▲.100. «Krtf^T^M2«fp^9fK9MT^ 

T. 683. aKTW is iiKArw 694. M 

Le/fMi CA« ftnct* C. 1260. Alio, 
ligktmimg^ 2 Ai^ff aicrlt ra£j«r, O 
l^iMti^ 9fJ^, iirUit me T. 1076. 

'AJUAi. « iJk««l ^ J^y* <b«AM^crc — 
^IftrrlMs iA4iA«i t T. 20.S. 

*JU<aiJi(i^UmtUrmik0utefvietcry, 48i| 
IJBF V^fir/ dUaAi£«, mUfmdif Aoflm- 
Mf f« «4Mif tk§ •komty/vktortf A. 133. 

fwfjAMM M ^5 tA« fMJf» T. 688. 
*AAiipMiy C« wamdtr, vrwx^ ay«ti>9povs 
— • JAiy A Rf, hetgi^n, kutbaHdUu, 
wndnen R. 15067 l«riT«f nfAirovt 
T aXttlA^ C. 350. fvy^ff #^ lt# 
Twx>f iAi^^ H F <45. im9i$w9ikA' 
ft u m M^ thrmgk ftikr mfmM drivtn iuto 
•lilffC. 1365. ^ rt^ Awtw yw % wi^ 
VMrcX^8M^4U^Mul683. Miimt 

T« 299. 3. r« A« •« • UmU tf per- 
flMntjf, or tMMrl«liify. S!r/Mv "fl^ o^ 

mMkimg cfrtam, 6iil «r« m fmuU Aj. 

'AA«if, Wmtf • IXiwff — oAioTy « immmJ 

imMietimg dmrhtfu A. 963. 
'AAAmfM, gfiUff, m€€urud, tXms — > 

m wtmmd imftktimg dmrkHm •n |A« 0rfr« 
^thtir tyimteuraedljf blinded A. 962. 
^SJkmrvmt^ uevtr f be forgetlem. AAattot 
JMf' d^ C. I486. But liennann 
would deriTO it from Kd(»tuu^ and m it 
would mean iji/«/«r«6/«. fratfovllAatfT' 
i ibo«f euffered thwgt net te be endured^ 
«r, meter u befergeium C. 543. in an- 
other place it lignifics meeuned ; vo- 
rfibt y^rror ikmrrem eSfui^ tbe tm- 
jiimnied mceuned bleed rfeurfulker C. 
1668. meeniog that his blood brought 
m cone upon them. 

«a meeiffer^ itsu xApeu eiKi- 
ejyi^ iwimenf^ my eeengiHg tpirit 
dveiiimg there im the (end C. 792. 
$gn§ ptk 'I iJ^mer4pmf mtm; wbe that 
u met immemted by aeemgimgjiemdt T. 
1325. Applied aleo to the doen of 
•viL 8f x^ iihftt9$^n rebe dkierm' 
matf mke kmee IH tlip frem eiy bmnd 
tAe wMed MlleiM AJ. 366. fimmdkm^ 
«AdrvM% the Mouff • ef the herdtmem 

Jifjfma4B,fmim/ml,MlktiugpeiH I1.1580. 
A. 4« 13. 435. 850. E. 762, Alio 
Applied to a pefioB eulfering pain* 
mem ed ^mt mkyembe^ miikted with dit* 


*AKy9»pAt,pelnfuUy P. 999. A. 432. 

*Aky4et, te grieee, te suffer mental pein, 
it geneialljr uiiBd with a dative caee, 
with or without the prepoaitiont iiff 
M C. 748, A. 464. E. 1192. T. 
1109. Once with an accuntive, 
iwfiiw) %0 ikyn^ iy4 Aj. 777. 
Kometimcs without any caie, P. 86. 
795. C. 365. 421. A. 647. £• 794. 
949. T. 1057, 

'AA7i|8^, ejflicrtett O. 616. 

"AkyryiM^ a pein, or euuteefpam P. 340. 

'A^Tife'if, the tente rfpaim P. 781. 

'AAyftty, ikynrret^ mere peinj'ul, ikoU 
painful ; the compar. and superl. from 
the wibat. ikyat^ A. 64. R. 675. 
1238. C. 1176. Aj.072. T. 8. 

"AAyot, paia of bodjT. ikyes p4ao¥ P. 
724. More commonlv, grirf, anguiikt 
or diktrea ef mind V. 816, 1342. R. 
62, 638, 1031. C. 059. A. 462. T. 
25. Aj.252. £. 139, 1167, 1178. 

'AXyCim^ fvU ikywm^ te eaute pain; in 
Sophocles only expressing mental 
pain P. 66. R. 332, 446, 1067. T. 
458, 482. Passively, fa infer paim, 
ta be pained P. 1010. A. 4A. Once 
used to express puniihrnent, vwr irb 
9nr aba dkymnt^ haw in truth shall 
thou net suffer far it A. 230. 

'AAc^f, warm, or mtrmiNg. aAc^f fvMf, 
invigeraling sleep P. 847. 

'AAsar^r, MNMiarrird, i. e« mitheut a 
marriage bed A. 008, Used adverbi- 
ally E. 050. AXcrrpa yd/tma bfuKkii- 
liara, iH'Omened, or, unhatlewed rival- 
ry ot wedlock E. 482. ' 

*A\9i^rmp^ a preteeter C. 141. 

'AAs^^opos, that wards off death or fate* 
TMaal dk§Hpopai wpsf a Hrrrf pM^ ye 
three averters if destruetien appear ta 
me R. 1G3. 

'AA/(m, used as a deponefit Toib, ta de» 
fend oneself R.\7\.b^. 

'AknOtla, truth A. 1180. R. 869. T. 91. 
4 <cal rb vi^rbtf ^f dXnBtlmi vipMS \ 
vilt thou give the pledge qf truth 7 T. 

'AAi|94f, tras, Twice used to express 
an angry and ironical question. Is it 
even set R. 35Q. A. 754. 

'AAiyia, an artful man, a eheat, or Mga- 
^nd. caMwu^rmrar HAii^ rrpcnvv, 
thou meanest vagabond ^ our haU 4r> 

'AX^Tiff, a wanderer C. 50. 163. 750. 
1098. Aj. 873; C. 958. 

'AAidBift, elsailar, wjishermam Aj. 867. 

'AAlfcXiMTaff, las-telsii, washed by the 
waves, wdetsia vpABAiy* AAiaXsrrar 
Ai.ll98. ' 

'AAMTinrst, beating the seat U t. eailing 
ON it A. 943* 




AAtof, 1^ iMi. 8eo ^ktat, 

^AAiOf, rnariM P. 1456. C 7*20. Aj. 861. 

*AAiof, iwin, to nopurp&tM C. 1468. 

'AAi^, to reudor vain, mhk i^^Wf ro0^ 
iror, nin* liid he btlU hit word T. 257* 
itXuiffu^ ihttU deUroy C. 708. 

'AAiiro^r, not $hining, t^vV ikarmfi^ 
r^X'h 'Am fqyalid hair E. 443. 

'AAivAcryKTOf, tAal roamf 011 th§ tea ; 
ttom wXdCu. U^ lUy iJdwKcr^icrt Aj. 
680. In Aj. 594, oi Mucit AX/rAaryK- 
rof, the more approved reading ia 
kKtwkoKTotf »ea'beat§H, 

Akiw^tiKTos, see itkivXayKTot* 

'AMf^oBoM, with retouttding wavi, lit 
r6poi oKlffotioi Aj. 407 ; othen trans- 
late it, rivert thatjluw into lh§ <m. 

*AAif, enough, in ahnndaneo* 

'AXiffitofuu^ to tak$ by force of arms P. 
] 325. 1 426 ; alao to etrcumofiif, Ax^rr* 
d^droit 'AyofidfUfom E. 124. &Ao&f 
i^6¥9va, boiug eircumvontid (or com- 
^Ued by eireumttaneet) I tlew him C 
553. to be detected, ob y^ 81^ ^om^i 
aXt&irofuu R. 576. A. 46. Aj. 1246. 

'AAirilpiat, urelchttu* ic«{ dUmuMV ^pt- 
p6s C. 372. 

'AA(«r, III vain P. 829. 

'AAir^, ttrength, especially applied in 
nvciting evil, and 10 may be trans- 
lated, aid, defence R. 42. 192. 218. 
Aj. 1017. C. 1521. 

"AXiri/cot, tirong, valiant P. 326. T. 952. 
Aj. 395. 

'AAx/i^m, Alcmene, daughter of Elec- 
tryon king of Argos, and mother of 
lierculen T. 19. 180. 641. 1138. 

AAA<£, but, howeter, 

'AWeey^^ viciuitude R. 1205. 

'AKXdaffte^ to exchange, efp((rior ^As 
dAA4({ai, to exchange the light of heaven 
A. 936. 

'AXAaxoG, eltewhere C. 43. 

'AAXificrof, for JUifrror, uneeating T. 

'AAAiiAoii', one another; a reciprocal 
pronoun without a nominative ; when 
Hophocles uaes it he is always speak- 
ing of more than two perrons C. 1 6 1 6. 
A. 259. 990. 

"AKKoOep^ from another place £. 1216. P. 
1085. 6. 183. 

'AKk6$po»9t ^^/^ epeaking a different Un» 
gua^e, aforei^er P. 536. T. 841. 

'AAXAroroff, dijerent* rl ^iiomet cUAs- 
K&r^ yv^luL rfiif ndpot^ to do what with 
purpote differing from thote before P. 

"AAAer, another, other, different, 

'^AAAmts, eUewhere, 

'AAAsTf, at one time, at another time, 

'AkKifTpmtf belonging to another, oAAs- 
rpU» tfAftet^uf^ using anotherU eyet C. 
144. ete ilAAsr^tay ikiir, m emlamity 

AMA 13 

inflicted by no one elte, i. e. oocasUmed 
by himself A. 1244. 

'AXXs»r, otherwise C. 493. in vain P. 
935. R. 833. 1151. T. 814. 

*AXfM, a leap, or tpriug, msHti — ikfut 
Kov^tp^ to bound with lighi tprimg 
from the helmet Aj. 1266. 

'AA^iOTOf, unutterable C. 1671. 

*AX^7wt, tilently, without a word C. 130. 

"AAo^, u furrow, al vetrpfeu 9 IUmccs, 
thy father* t marriage bed R. 1211. 

"Akoxos^ a wife R. 182. 

'AAt, the tea, BiZvpas &X^t, i. e. the 
Propontis and the Euxino A. 583. 

''AAcrof, properly, a grove C. 10. 98. 114. 
126. 506. T. 1157. E. 557 ; but de- 
rived fh>m iikw or &X3m, to mmriJk^ 
and thence applied to any cultivated 
place, as B^t -^ lU^os, the Tkeban 
Mi<A. 838. 

'AA/«in|rof, free from torrow, trunguiL 
oAinr^ry fil^ T. 167. d\iwirro¥ flir- 
Bpov^ the tranquil thadetC 1G58. The 
older editions rend oA^wrrey, imper^ 
viout to the tun, tunleu. 

"AAwros^ free from care, o^x^' oAfooi* 
R. 593. rlt obv — ftAvrot Anjf ^{»- 
woAXax^o'rrai ; who then thall be let off 
not ajflicted by calamity f E. 990. 

'AAvpot, without the lyre, unattended bit 
the lyre C. I22i. 

'AAiMTicM, to eteape A. 484. BpArove 
roj^ o&K oAii^cir, thou hhalt not tecapa 
unpunithedfor thit inwlenee E. 617. 

'AAvror, endlett, not to be put an end g«. 
rdSe ydp ikvra nenkiiaeTui E. 223. 

'AA^, to wander in a ttate ofdittreu, or 
anxiety, to be opprested with torrow, 
AAvci 8' iwl wairrl ry xpetas ItreipAv^ 
P. 174. bA^tm x*^P^ A{m^ agom 
nited by Umpeuuout pain P. 1179. 
dp ir6yott d\6ouaaM, totted about in 
troubiet R. 695. 4M /a £8' aA^ir, 
lease me thut to mourn E. 133. 

'AA^OT^s, a finder, one that acfuiret by 
invention, Mpes oA^ifrra/, inventive 
men P. 701. 

' A Actrtf-ifior, capable of being taken, rb 8* 
bXtiaipw ifi^ ^parr{8<, 6m( what can be 
apprehended by my judgment it thi*,Sie,, 
or, what my judgment apprehendt, ie 

*AKwait^ the act of taking, capture* AyvA 
6ifteera — v^f bAtiffewM, holy offerings 
for the capture of the city T. 287. 
Also* the meant of taking ; fLip^v l^s^ 
r«f Tiir8' ikwetw 'lA/ov, iMving theta 
only meant oj' taking Troy P. 61. 

'AAvT^r, to be taken, or obtained, rd ya 
(irroCp4PO¥ &A*rr^, what it taught for 
it to be obtained n. ill. 

^A/ia, at the tame time, at mtce, te^ether 
with, at toon at, 

'AfM^fixtrst, irrsff*li6/#, or uncontrolU 

14 AMA 

177. UrriUt, tkmt tmmmwi b§ mpp^ttd; 
vwi* iftmifmannuf t n fw C« 127. vis. 

wAmt Ips^cToa R. 71ff. vp^ rparktus 

A|. 1 55. •^* 4*^ <yu#r aiM^ctfr t«M 
y fCr lyMf 4«9» P. -231. tA TMi8« 
Stik^wwwpteyfUw' Urm^rifik t ^iiafn^ 
SaJm^ ku ptmm$ Kill lutce beem mature. 
Ami mim€ fmUed in R. 6*21. ko^x 
Jyi^T^rwffvr/E. 1198. At^ote 
ftrlwMr ^^M^TMr 1512. But it mort 
fivqacBtlj mcHnai l# ••«; IS^^tr, 
«r Ti rM* A^M^r&v r^if T. 483. 
mb t lyM^rtv oAc jit«wri« 1113. roSt 
^ w pi w^ w iftmpnifUpou 1117* ^ 
^■^Tf xfif^ tmfJwii 1 126. ftt fii|8ffr 

Mii i ii u t t^Tf vtit v«^mc/mu rmaSt^ ofaap' 
Thw wm ip KAyo%t fwn Aj. 1073-75. 
wk^iifmprlta^murxp^iittmpT^P. 1233. 
tII* — i^M^nbw R. 1 149. r^^v^r 
-^ idAarrV v^ *]P^ inimpnuiiimif C. 
440. TiA^ «{ff ^^Mirr^ — 4ful^v«Por 
972. WiT V'^P'Wm''' ^ /M*'^ Am 
1271. ipmpr^bm ydp^ rki 4fua ipxjkt 
«4far ; A. 740. K^rri rtun' &( 
nr 905. waMrrtr &r {mn««- 

917. 918. Aril r Mp^P 1012. 
1245. It if ummI with- 
cutanj oiietU E. 1 198. T. 483. 1113. 
1126. Aj. 1073. A. 740. 905. 917. 
1012. WithagenitiTvitisuMKloiily 
is the KOM of nwl mUaimug, or mim- 
Mf ; M Aj. 155. When followed hy 
aa eecimtiTet the acciuative is uaed 
advcrbiBUj ; m A. 905. Aj. 1075. 

'A^riipii, en <ffw. lit ^ifiif 9y9^p6- 
Mr f^M^Hbicni A. 1247. 

*A#ii^rie, «■ tfriw, /«a(/t, tm P. 1209. 
1232 C 971. T. 483. 

(imw)(X 178. 4«i^eiBfibMiMa<sx*P^i'' 
1435. Ti If/ ■iieufy ^•rrl vjpomlr- 
^«ff vMcir, yiHMf C. 1022. though 
EUcadt my the word auinot bear 
thk awaiagiand would icad t^mypf, 

*A|^XTeti i m m m tiU im TA#i«ri^XifT« 
iW^ p. 198. 

fA#Mgppfy ajUMieitfrtrfv irrgiiili5/ti l^ia- 
XW7^40ral{lnitWA^^T« A. 793. 

'Miidm, aar flliv^Mi4a#twrT«r M^^ 
^ar ^pif «Aw^ «a4{ lib«a e^n f Ae Mm^- 
 tei iiirf itfaif ^ tk§ iM^'trmml poinn 
hM/m ever ii (fW Mspaldbmi aMaii^) 
A. 599. or«if aAriff he read inHead of 
mimg^Hmmj be'tiaadated, tk§ Htody 
MiU 0f tk§ imferiuU jNNom mmm U 


w4&A«r 4^43a^if C. 1072 : that is, •/ 
draSdroi «dmf, •// the ravalry, 

^JLpifiptroSf immortml, Sfifipon 44pM R. 
158. ipLfiovr 'A«dMi 159. it»fip&rmf 
hrUn^ 9laijiifrm9 A. 1121. 

'Afuifim^ l,tockaHg§OHipUee/ormiteth€r, 
to /mm, to f iiff. IffXl^ 4^/fas rdo-Sc 
wrrpiiptts vriymt P. 1246. vommrw 
iartw ipMl^ T. 655. 2. |o rtpay^ 
or ffyuilf ; A varrelat ^lA^nfrot ^f- 
Mmmu x^ £• 132. 3, li»<i6faiAiN 
OAckango ; («U^iyr lEy ^t) ^^(evf ^^ 
Mu rAr vvr v^wiwfir tM* tiftobjmr' 
Bui fro^y, i nwii/if lAaf 3f0M might J'rom 
tomt whoHCM obtain bolter fulitigi than 
thoto you now potam T. 731. 4. to 
OHtwir ; 8ifx^lf vpbi h '^fytovcw W 
llfulimro V. 979. ^ t bM itmpLoifif in' 
oMiS fiatdy MM — - w4iLW0 k6ym¥ ^apuf 
833. %v yip /*' Hfiov^ piowfw Ar ^ 
wnrropm C. 9.95. 4 5* (^^tvwt — > 
4m«^4«'''* Aj. 753. 

'A/if(wMr,6«lfrr Aj. 120. A. 1077. E. 1004. 
R. 1443. E. 1229. H^iiwy is used as 
an adverb, at C. 795, and R. 1479. 

'A/mAm, to ntgtfet, awt M rtSt ^ipJp' 
Mff tuu^Mu^ KaK6tf ; E. 230, ^e^^i 
M ruf$Mko6/Miwf R. 1 1 1 • 

'Aft^furrwr, mj'tiu. Ktl p^ obwkoU^ «4^ 
V«riMA^A**^«f P. 1451. 

'Apotnpiit^ Joint from ditooio, dAX' 4^m- 
vqi^ Mpa ii\i Xo^9§uf 5irov Aj. 874. 

'ApJptpjfot^ J'roo from Mfft irci/uu I' 
iVi^^N^uvr Aj. 1186, . 

'AfUptoSf for WpMf» Monging to tho 
doif, rt I* ^r^AAarrai r^r bptoptmt r^ 
45f 3^r; ta wAal hat tkii night 
changed the burden of tho dmjf»timet 
Aj. 207 ; thence applied to Msna6, 
as being creaturM of a day. etfrs 
0omf yivot oM hp^pttnf ir K|ief 0X4- 
vfir Ti/ «tf (hmauf dif0p4n^ Aj. 392. 
•«r' d$apdrm0 oXif bpiMplm^ iw' i^BpA- 
9w A. 784. 

'AfJfrotp^ wtotherUts, that dotorvoi not tho 
name of mother, pitnip ip^rmp £• 

'Apuixear^mf to be mi a (mi, to know not 
vhat to do. mpnqcoim 8^, w4iropo¥ — 
rb vb¥ vdB^p! ikhfxot wpmroif 1^ asiiiov 
er^Mf P. 337. vm kf^m^ eipaix^^Af 
Mm\ E. 1165. 

'Aftiiixni'ot^impoeiibletimpraetUmbU, dAA* 
iM^ifX^lMiT 4pu9 A. 90. 0tifaif ob irp^woi 
^dpAixmrn, 92. iv4xaMar Ii varrit 
di^^pte Ar/ialclr ^^vxJm' 175. ptfrmir 
t^X^t*^***^* dtMoiot ecnreeiif pomibU to 
euro 860. i^4x*i^*i^ IK^T*'* <iir«sM<* 
diabUgrirfrSL 138. r^ M /B(f waAirdr 
IfSr 1^ i^xo'vtt fe «n flgaJail tho 
will of' tha eiliune I am natumUy ia* 
oapabU A. 79. 
'A/dorreiy lAel eannai be mind mith, «a* 


€ppntcch»hit, nmoeUibU, 8i^vq T K- 
fwcrw tmnfidfuifti vrpttrhv 9ii^mf T. 
1085; meaniiur iki Ctnlaun; schol. 
T^ T«r K<rr«sfc#y ^vpo0W\a0Tov» f 
oOk iff ffvftfJ^ mm) 0Vftfiak9tif, 

fidroa kftlkXms C» 1066. X'^'VT^' 
^y cytlXAoif E. 850. BoKX^ 4^uA^ 
f Hiw/ry of thg Bueehie vot^ria ; that 
in^ to thtdanet T.2\B. 

'AfdKkiifAa, a e0M(#»l, ricalrif, fum^Simif 
ydftmif ofuXkiiftartL E. 484* 

'AfuA^iirib. «fi« u^fctf tonUndit a rioal, 
rp6xovs ifuXkiiriipat ifKUv^ ths riotiU* 
ing foliMU flf tin iun A. 1052 ; that is, 
** which hurry round one after the 
other, as it were in rivalry.** 

'A/umror, twift a« a horti* Bo^r SfMr- 
voff A. 972. 

'Afi^im^ for dirn^im^ to wait for, to 
atttoiu tiiiM i^fi^Mir — • df^iivti T. 
525. hvoKaJUKdfjafiWf afift^retwai 
645. o6 luutpiuf ir' afi^^Mi, will 
not Umg remain in iutpenao E. 1381. 
'Eofiiis 9^* liyci — notMtir' Aft^ii^t^ 
Moreury canHuctihim, — and no longtr 
tarria \389. In T. 834, wpAro¥ $ai^ 
o/a/Mfyctf 0, instead of the old reading 

"A/Afuyot mixtd togother, ut tht atmo timo* 
fuKayX^Ta 3* tiftfuyd puf 9Ul(tt 6ro- 
^Ma 30X4ttv0a nirrpa T. 835. See 

'A^mitfT^M, to b§ unmindfitl of^ to forget, 
•b ydp wor' dfufoffrtt y* 6 ^daat 'E^^ 
potp Ara{ E. 473. 

'AfMtfidtf in exehauge, or retHmfor, nwr 
e&p — 4k mtXdyxnnf tva »4h\0 MK^dr 
dtuufibf aPTiMt tau A. 1054. 

"Afioipos^ vithout a tharo, depriced of, 
bereft, w^Kpbv ro^f Aftoipop Aj. 130C. 
Ix<4t 3^ rwf ndint$e¥ ivM ci3 tfcAr 
ufUMpop dicripurrov di^tw v4kw A. 
1058. i^ioipop rwr Kdr«t$§¥ $€&¥^ are 
to be taken together, defnrived rffel' 
lowihip with the infernal deitiet, 

^AfioooSf and K/ifio^f, destitute, bereft of. 
wiirrmp i^Afiopot 4p 0i^ P. 182. jm- 
re^xoftOA ih rb¥ Mpeut^a — Keutbp 
Keuc&t PUf Afiopop 4Krpo^ /i(or, an iii- 
fated, or wretched exiiteneo R. 248. 

'AfUtj my ; Attie for 4fid9, 9etr4pa rbv 
4/iA^E.271. 4fif ««r^ A. 857. 

T. 146, 
"AiateKou a vino* X^P^ fifi^ 3i*n|f 

4Xdas iI/iWAov G. 17. Bttcx^ ^^ 4^ 

WXev T. 701. 
'Apat4xm, to eornr, upeifl 3* 4^io0Tt^ 

'A^vAaicfir, <• ioM, to mI«, imI to alleia. 
<l reuS* ffiirAMMr, j^ / had boon do* 
jn-ivnC^lAif A.801. 4titkppmiUpw 



var^&t — fJIfivXaicf , but hit father nii4- 
In; tfiMijIf — ho misted hUn 1219. inS^- 
vkdiem rov 9ov pdpo»\ and do 1 not 
partake of your fatel 550. 

'A/arXdmi/ui^ • tranagreuion, fault, or 
guilt, wp^ oAro^ApoMf df/wkniaifidrei^ 
A. 51. 

*AfjarXMinrr6f, See dinivcrXdinireff. 

*Aiar¥4m, See 9Pean4m, 

'A^irra^, respiration, oMr' m^arvoiig 
Ixo^^CK N" l^^ger drawing breath, that 
is, N0 /on/ftfr /iWai; AJ. 412. 

'A/&irtMCT4piOf, frontlet ; vS^a 3* 4pyimM 
jcar' dfimmripm ^dXopa viSAmt 4f>3^ 
0*11, all ihe cavalry hasten to mtmnt the 
ttetdt withfrontUt trappings C, 1070. 
See "Afifieurtt, 

"Afiwvi^ a wheel, 'I{for or' i^anma 3J^ 
IpofuiXt 4ts KfieX 4 wer p c p ur i i s ¥ip6»om 
wait P. 674. 

"A/ivy/io, tearing, woktns ifunnui X^^^^v 
tearing of' her hoary hair Aj. 621. 

'Aftiwo^ur, li> pn»iccf , or assist. H^ttd r 
c^vva^iy, art worthy of protoetion C. 

*Afiurr/ot, f0 5« defended, mfunfr4* 49r\ 
Totr nooiuvpAvots, the laws must bo do* 
Jended A. G73. 

' Aft^Mi, 10 defend, to tttard off, di yo tIp 
pvirapr 4fM etfr* l0'xo>' o^' ^fun^eu^ C. 
430. Wf aH^p(l0Ta4)ac«r3/Xiv4fiixaff 
dfiin^w R. 8.94; auo, 10 rif|Niv, to 
avenge : stUn 3' dfi^ifm rdiaio rent kd' 
yott rdie C. 1 130. Omt $U nai ¥4- 
H*vttt dhrep tpy* oft^wrur nnitd P. 
596. In the middle voice it signifiea, 
to defend oneulf, to repel from onoulf; 
el ytip 4fi^>aimt V^mtto'T. 277. fit- 
fuurlif 9 a^ifp^pai C 877. 

'A/t^/vM, to iMiiVt (0 fNiMisi. ffXvr^ 3f 
oft^cir 'iTflA/oy A. 1 1 05. — VUt) 
li6pmft T 'Arp«i3dr ^ir9«T^ r* 4^^^ 
veufrdie E. 641. 

'A/i^'^t, two-edged, sharpened on bath 
sides, Ap/pipces kaflitp rvxer Aj. 279. 
& roXwA XnKK^/vkaKTOM afa/^4pait ydvvt 
E. 476. 

'Ap^ about, around; is once used by 
Sophocles as an adverb ; dfufH t ^k- 
T^our 94rpeu^ T. 784 : in all other in- 
stances, as a preposition, governing 
either the genitive, dative^ or accusa- 
tive case. 
'Afi^aXof, Ms-girt. ^ AilisMv w^otf dpir 

^oXer P. 1450. 
'A^i^idpstif. Amphiaraut^ son of OIc- 
leus, a fiunous soothsayer, and one of 
the chieft who accoinpanieid Polynicea 
in his war ajpinst Thebes; he, fora- 
seeing the disastrous result of that 
war, ooneealed himself for some time, 
but waa betrayed to Polynices by hia 
wife Eriphyle, and, previous to hia 
departure for Uie war, chaiged his son 




AkmcoB to put h«r to death, u toon 
•i b« ibottld recciTe tidingi of his 
dnth ; Eriphyto •ccordinffly died by 
bcr mn^ buid. I tpwp r t fif Apupnipmt 
C.1S15. iwwT^ 'kfupd^wf E. 826. 
*ik^^i3dMUs <• •Mfrtmid ; thenoe, to en- 

Jijt^tfimki^ tpfu L. 343. In the mid- 
dle Toioe. !• pitl en; #1 frev Afnd^ 

rWxp A. 1080. 

'reir ^^eSir 'E^ir^wr 4f«rr^ •f'pifi^ 
#TperT. 1041. 

'A^i^lyvef, « WmI elumpiwt, M rdp8« 
— Wmi ^i^fyvM aMWto" T. 503. 

*I^^^iff/(irT. ie not need by Sophocles in 
ito ofdiaaiy sense idluiting btlh Aend* 
«f mI U right kmmdi, but as signifying 
#« AtfiA sid«i. ff^^cfr ewm^ «^it<((o«t 
deiiMti Umrimg htr Mr wilk boik htr 
UmiM B. 1343. ^(rcrt — vAffiip^ 

«;^cfi3^M*'« «<*«^ <• ^A ""jf mv/m c. 

'A^i^flfStfiett r«MntM^( or whirling round. 
t$§€§4 m' sTsr J^l KVt*A ^OUfUt ^*> 
^i|f d^^flfsyisr cMEAcrrai Aj. 346. 

vJUr) T. 603. 
'A^fMftr^ d»mhU*idged. ti^tl^(»^KT^ 
^^ A. 1293. 
'A^^l^tsieii tMtgmiM, fmigmlattd, 

mftfliptutm J/tm twt ^mB*' wfirfAv T. 

'A^ftiifett hmting f ve mtrmiefi. sIksi^ 

liir 4^ tM* %ifMir«' P. 159. 

^|^fiM4i»wlkAMrC.16l6. ^^dyi0p 

^•r, thmi tki vioient itmtk ^' my wij't ii 
mddtd f th9 d§airti£i%m {ff Mjf mn) 
A. 1278. 
'Astfmlm^^ fiUtrtd, with filUn mU 

'A^flkAvrrM, areiJbed 5jr fAe sm. drr4 

vw mptpSMki^rt T. 749. «)p^ i^- 

'AM#ffts7ef. dtmktfml lisAMwdnif df^r 


«« M^fa'^i"^ 0^ A. 350. 
'A^fMM^it MNlMdsd /er* like •« 5^1 i^^ 

T. 104. 

*A^»nsfstrei, sama aa dpfiMi«4t« v^ 

r «VifiMLn9f«r J^ y^ yif at T. 524. 
*A^fiia/« If 5e i« dank* 4ff lavUnar 

T^ d^i^wfl A. 372^ 
'jlH^afarsit f</s>> apuai U ffwlnsrs 4£«^ 

^alan<> gttftwm^ JUnlaf Aar I^m Tt 

'i^^wftiaras, aalwlNad; but wad ia an 


active sense T. 517. 4^ 3* ^^^vXcir- 
TM jrAlfMirf f, and lA#re isfrv fNlwiNiw^ 

'A|i^irXi|irres, biaiing, around, ifi^ 

wk^wf foifmw P. 682. 
'A/i^A^, itrikinr on both tidet, douhU- 
edgtd. dfi/par)^ ftiffydiy T. 926. 
a^^vA^I fiffrpit r« aal -» irarp^f tf Af 
ver' 4n y^9 ^-apd^ a carss wi'lA dotibU 
Urokn, both from thyfothtr ond thf 
mothor, thali on% dmy drioo from thti 
Und R. 417. 
* Ata/pnrok4m, to ottond* (Ai^nM'er) ifiair 

tiuftmktMf ri0lf9mis C. 686. 
'Aft/^woKos^onottendont. kVifti^wokot 
Kvwftf — Twyd* 4fdn| wpdicrmp T. 
'Aftu^wvpot, turronndtd 6.v jErt. r^voS* 
i/a/ptwvpor koyrpmtf tM irtUtmpw Aj. 
1384. 2. frfbtoriog ; "Aprf/ur if^ 
firopoif T. 2 1 3. Diuna was anciently 
represented as bearing a torch in each 
'A/A^pvror, «MrroaMrfcd fry tht isa. riit 

djiAiff^Toy SaAa^MJWff Aj. 134. 
'A/A*MTi|^ t0 Kand mround, to turround ; 
used alwHys intransitively by Sopho- 
cles. K«Mif 3* kftptffrafiai rparsfacr, 
/ (eJIcs Mjr p<tf» cf empfjf tubln E. 1 85. 
^v a^nA^ ItMtn^t kf»^^4ariiamif Ajt 
711. ibr ivrk — A^ait r^ eii^i|f 
irt3/o«r a^i^aro^i vor, ipiiA i^iwii -« 
spcari, eneirelo mil thi plain of Thtbn 
C. 1314. iSe^ ;idA* a26ir 4f(rrar« 
9tafrp6fftos irofiot 1475. 

'AM^r4/«et, isilA a hondU on both tidot. 
6r (irparj^ptir) aal^ apirr' Ijps^ aal 
Aa^s ift^piwriftovt C. 474. 

'A/i^^ff, Aflviffjf npfflarft an frof A «M«f. 
Ii' a^T^of a&AW P. 10. 

'Afi^r^ni, Amphitrito, daughtor of 
Oceanus and Tethys, and wife of 
Xeptuno. fUyur Wiyiar 'A/tififphmi 
R. 195. 

'Afi^X*^*^ ^ f'P^ around* arAf 1^ 
m^ fMMiptt¥ •— foudmffw aftfix*" 
fder A4^aa iardaiiAar rr4^ A. 1 IH. 

'A/ft^fur, Amphion* Upmif 'kpu^lwt^ 
mhodu of Amphimit via. TArAii A. 

"A^ifw, 5sf A. Onoa used in the sense of 
•as eaolAsr. It — wffir i d w i raa l( 
lyi^ir l^<^ *^' "^ prodictt to vmi 
datflA Ajy anf aaa<Aar*< hand C. 142^. 

''Ar, a particle expressing uncartaiaty, 
oontingcncyi or aoubt« 

'Ar, for £ir, i^; 

'AMf a prcposiUon uaod to oxpms space 
or tjma i lArsag A, lAraagAaalt in, 

'Amv fur didar^i. dAX' laa /( J^lMia, 
Aal tin from lAa wal AJ. |02« 

'Aiaiyiywdrasi, fa Aaais, or rooognini 
tisad only onct by Soiiboalati and tha 



coiToctneM of the rooding in that 
plaee is quesUonod. ^ 9^ ^OlA^ira 
£^7« avayvStval war' dw R. 134a 
The rending now adopted, ie ut|^^ y' 
dp yv&vai wort, 
'AvaycttCw, to compel; lucd with tiro 
wciMaUvea.^ Kdfi* dvaygdZtiQ rait 
P. 1362. avayratrm Oiovc, a V u^ 
wX«^4i', oW Ai^ lie iiJvocro R. 281. 
Wjth an infinitive, ciivot KouiZuv 
Ciup apayxdJ^oviri /if C. 595. ovk- 
®''»',"C — wdvr' dvaygdoti \ttav 
ewtvduv dwi pvr^poc 902. 1} pia 
ydp ravT* dyayKdlu fu ip&y E. 248. 
With a participle, o^c iwatVYvvii 
ydpovc — /«• JpayKdZmv Xkytiy C. 
083. Once uoed posuvcly. SiivotQ 
ijvay«wr9^v, SuvoXt E. 214. 
AvayKoioCf 1. neeeuary^ what ovphi to 
6tf itoiM. rdc fiiv U 9i&v rwx«C *o- 
Oiiirac «^r* aVayvaioy ^pfiy P. 
1301. 2, ^aied, eompuUory. rntdva- 
ycaiac rwxijc ©*•« ivriv Mkv piTZov 
dv0pw«ro«c ^«p««v Aj. 480. irpi<rri|r' 
avayxalac rwxVC 790. rfiOvi|c' 'Opi- 
, ^'I'lIC U apaytaine rvxnc E. 48. 
Ava/ffa/iuc, necetiaritp, rappiip pip 
^ Ipya Btlp* dpaygal^ Ixu T, 720. 
Avflyjc^, ii#cr#«/y P. 73. 534. A. 
1093, Ac. ; also, paim or difficulty. 
fBoyyd TOP mlfiov gar' dpdytap tp- 
w^pvroc, <*• rofc* ^ dim crawling on 
hu paih wUh difficulty P. 206. vw* 
^ dpdygac Pof, he criet/^rom pain 215. 
A voy voc, impure, defited hp guUt, dp' 
obxi irae dpaypoc ih^v) I R. 823. 
r-„ *'*»' -'*. ^**'*' ^flvivr' dyotyvov 
1383. avopa Kal xarpoaT6pop kA- 
vaypop C. 949. 
'Apayu, to raise ; spoken of one raising 
his head out of sleep. xiptX ydp it- 
Pi^p Ippa K&pdyti Kdpa P. 854. wc 
iipipa kXIpu rt xdpdyii wiXtp dwap- 
ra ripBpuwtia, tinee a dap sinks and 



Aya«ai|c,tM»aM«ni/,«A4Mi«i^M; used of 
a penwa ; ^ 9ol/i/ dpaili^ E. 612. A 
(WrM dvai^lc C. 867. A X^ <»«•- 
f «C 964. Of a thinff ; irl^oviT dvoi. 
«5 C. 518. vvv a* i^ dpaiZt^ ipipac 
/*fpoc Ppax^ i6{ po^ Oiavr^p, but 
now for a brirf portion 1/ a dap, 
resipn thpeelf to me tmto ehameiess- 
neu P. 83. 

*^vad&p,imputlentlp,auimelesalw. 06- 
R?354*'"^ ^^ '««««»"I^«C rWf ^v/«a 

*Apatpim,to take or Arar amw^. ^^o a* 
dpyiro^«c rpioAc dvcXi^ir Aj. 233. 
In the middle voice, to take or 5Mr 
mth oneself, to olttain. ittpop V 
?n«r^ , Jf«f>r^Vi-v dpuUptip R. 

fe»yovroc |k dJi'My dMiXrfiiiiv T. 

, papocE, 1129. 

A var ttXi«, to ca// or {iiMlr# ii/>««. evX- 
Xa/3«v iY A^/iviy rV^ dvacoXo*. 
pity wvoi tpwp^aop P. 789. 'Ap- 
yf*«C Mil' dvaraXoiv/tcvoc E. 683. 
wv ^ ovflcaXow/iai (v/i/iiSxotfC IX- 
BiiP luoj (sc. 9ioiJc) C. 1378. a&r^ 
t6p aifrtic Mpop dpoadkovpipti T. 

restores again all human things I^. 
181. iraiap dpdysrs^ celebrate T. 

'ApoitUpupi, to shew openip, dpa- 
^iKpvpai fTvXae, to open the gates 
E. 1450 { that is, by opening the 
gates to shew what was within. 

ApaioKTi. a rest, or rMrpito. 6 9' IXari y 
— dpaioxdp riXiip w^Vi^y ry AUic 

airrbwatiuf which declared that 

there should be a respUe/rom toUs to 
JoceU own son T, 822, 

AyaClw, to bubble up, U yjc dua^l. 
oviri Bpopfiiiduc d^pm T. 699. 

'Apd0iiua^ani\ffifring. Kcric — yoe^c 
rvpM^My 4X9i «dya94iiarff, wAe 

^me to 90t on Jlre their templet and 
half ^feringe A, 2m. 

ApoiiM, imuudetuM, Mham§keen§ee. 

Avatltiai wMap JL W* 

'ApoKiipbaatt, to proelakn bg hermkL 
itdpoeiipbaamp f6pov rbp Aoti lev R, 

•Avflcivlw, to reiw, to aiMJ^tf. rpiV 

rtiPC dpoKipilaat p6irop, be/ore this 
^ disease be awakened T. 1249. 
AvoffJvjrnC; agitation, perturbation. 

olop p — ixti ^Ifvxfic irXAptipa adva- 
^ KiPfioic^piPupR.727. 
ApoKkaju, or dpaxXdm, to lament, to 

bewail, vmp rait — dpoKXdoiuu 

wapovotp P. 927. 
•Avo«oi^i7:«, to ratM tip. wdXic — 

jcti oaXivu KdpoKovfiaat adpa Bv 

O&p ir obx Ota rt fotplou odXou R. 


•AvowiJ^ieiC, a IMng up, allegation. 
dXKt^p Xapoic dy adpaeo^iow co- 
K&p R. 218. ^^ 

'Apokovv, see ivacovM. 

'AyaKWKi&M, to ii»ai/ atoraf. ^ waic 6pa- 
rai KdpoKuMtvti wutpdc bpPiBoc blbp 
t96yyop A. 419. Without a case: 

^ rtfvacwcvtfac caXfi 1212. 

AyacMVf^M, properly, to 6«dlr «al/^; a 
sMpphraso applied by Sophocles to 
driving a chariot, iupb^ itPtoorpbfoQ 
/Cm wapaaw^ Kapoetsxtiu, the JkH 
/if/ charioteer draws aside out of the 

Wiu, and reins in his steeds E, 722. 
ApdXapfi&p^,pfonw\y, to take a thing 
up again which ha« slipt ttam ono^ 
hands i but by Sophocles usod in tho 
sense of to eerriMf or make amende, 
dpapristp ahxpdp ApapriStp dpmXm- 




/StTy wtipa99/$M^ having commiiied a 
tkmmrjml emr t uili emdeu99ur to 
wmmke mmaulafyr %i V. 1233. 
'AraXyiyroc, 1; Applied to a mnn Mgni 

% fret from trouAts, 
dp^Xymra ydp owtf wavra f^oaiymp 
— iwtpdkM OvarotQ Kfiovlia^ T. 
126. ^ 

r&rcf — 0i rXpc Mawrov mt JyaX- 

r«r«»c/9«Xt7yAJ. 1313. 
'.Av«X«Vr«#, !• eonsmme^ to wtute. rtr 

y«C X^^^ T09ivV MiXm^qq \6yov i 

Wkwkmtt thou wmoteH to mmttp worHt t 

Aj. j0*28 ; tbenoc, to moke »tmg wiih^ 

§0 put to demth* MC iyak^oiui vi¥ 

B. 1174. 
'AiwXjnr, eotrmni/g, i wkv^ ApaXnc 

•vr«c >1 293. 
*<AtncX99iC, rf9t^ re$p(te. iy oTc av^- 

Xwic I9riv oififiia toKuy R. 140. 
'Atfdfttyfa^ eou/tiaed/g. rol^y wAra- 

yot ravptimw r dyAfuyfa ttiparuv 

T. 51$. 
▲aw|ii7ir»|if, to mififfle^ or eon/nto toge- 

iker; only uied paMvelj. o/iov H 

w6wn^ ffy«jftf|iiy|ilyM fiUoifTo kIv- 

rpMy 9^ly E. 705. 
'AMtfiipv^tfCfti, !• remind, iyw dyvikr' 

mvaf^vSfvm tnw B. 1133. 
'Ay«/iirX^9rec, and JvairX«Uri}roc, wn- 

erring, iupal t uft' iwo^rai Kiypcc 

^MurXitf^rot R. 473. 
*Ay«ycpoCv teitkout a husband^ wnmor- 

vML |i9 «^^ irtpuSfc wr^xif drdv- 

ipooc^akkfuiyaf R,l!iOB. Avav- 

ipoc h TtKPwvva T. 807. Alio, littto 

imkMted^ ftiikoni wten* At^avipop 

wiXtP a 943. 
'A»^b^p«#roC, withomt a huoband, tei- 

dotte d , iifpmif dvawlpmrmai T. 109. 
'AMivf ^^a«, to review, wpip iy/iac edv- 

in^me9ai X^yovc T. 895. 
*Ay«|!, « AJAj^; the form npa io only 

uwd in addraaing a deity, and that 

only onoe in Sophocles. Zfi^ dva^ 

eoi imp6 C. 1482. 
*A»d{««C9 Mmwerthg^ wortkleee^ nnde- 

serving, waUa dvd^ioy flip eov^ 

mmrAiop 8* i^ov P. 997. aWCiai 

J dp frMy i«ri Svervxtip C. 1448. 
iffpcl ri( Iwoutoc dpalia oiVovofiw 
#eXa|M«c varp^ E. 182. dpallov 
mkp fmrkc iUphoofiai P. 437. dpa- 
imrirn mketer dw ipyMP i ^eXi i#rd* 
rwp fBlpu A. 690. 
'ApaCI«iC« nwd i ntf ree rf ify, mnmortkitg, 
«V4p «SXXii8^ ^ ^yalJMC P. 680. 
riy 4i^p« Xi<^4C 4ii0aXi7y dpoHtic 
AL 1871. 


8^ ^ l^irvoy edpAwavXap fyayi y P. 
634. rov^i rov kokou ioKti Xtfiti nc 
tJpat Kdv&iravXn HGG, fipm — ed' 
pAravXap mp wApotOiP ii;(f( ttal €U' 
riortptc eaeAp K. 861. 

'Apawa^^ to cnuae to eeoee, edpa* 
waOearop rou ^- wXupov C, 1115. 
^ ^, ^"X^v dpAwavt poiip T. 1252. 

'Ayairfro/iai, /e/y fr/r(/>. /f ptf fpi»ri 
irfpix<vp»/c r' dviirr^pftv Aj. 678. 

'ApawX/ieffTOQ^ m*e di/a/iirXiitfiiro^. 

'Ayarvlw, /o breathe again, ijicflftat 
fiip e* tlcMp wap* IXwila dvtiivpop 
fiXiwopra Ktipwpiopr^ fri P. 871 | 
thence, to draw breath again^ in tho 
•enno of to recover^ or be refretihed, 
dAwpkuek r* U oiOtP H. 1221. wc 
tXtiU Kapiwpivet r^c f^'vov Aj. 267. 

'AyairoXiM, to repeat over again, He 
rabrA pobXti eai rpie dyawoXtlp u' 
rri; P. 1222. 

'Avairrv99w, to unfotd. obH wap 
Apairtbla, wpiwti wpb^ fmc K. 629. 

'Apawrbm^ to ejdt «p, to npntter, eu' 
ruft KdpiwTvt, and burnt ^p% and 
eputtered A. 996. 

'ApapBpoc^ deprived ^ the power rf 
timbt, pvp S* Jib* apapOpof Kai ra- 
rtftpaempipoc •» iew^wopOtipai T. 

'ApapiOptiroft immeaturabte. Sopho- 
cles doei not use it in its proper sense 
of innumerable^ eountleee, awapff b 
paepbc edpapiOptiroc Xp^i^C Aj.6.32. 

'ApAptOpoc^ innumerable^ inealetdabie, 
A wbiroi dp&piBua yap 6ipu wbuara 
R. 168. ip wiXic dpapiOpoc eXXv- 
rat^ with the eonntleu /osr q^ whom 
the eitg is perishing 179. dpApiBpoc 
Hi Bft^prnp^ thus eounttess in tears^ 
that is, eontinualig weeping E. 225. 

'Avapird^w, to snatvh awag^ to drag bg 
/oree, pit ric, i^Q fffK^C egbppop 
Xiaiptic iv^ptpAp dpapwAeg Aj. 
966.^ ^pov^oc dpapwaeBtie B. 838. 

'Apafipiiypvpt^ 1. used timntitiVely, to 
eieave, to tear asunder', rd U wXtv- 
oQKOirmp Hx dpi/tpiiypv Aj. 232. 2. 
intransitively, to buret forth, iiioiv' 

8frii»C /<9 '« r^c euewic i^€^ dpap- 
pfjKu kokA R. 1075. 

'Aydpeioc, hostile, abXh^ •— obe dpap- 
eiap /dywy Kapaxkp IwApuetv^ dXXA 
Btiac airiXvpop pobeac T. 638. oloy 
dpapeiwp obw^ 'HpaieXlovp dyanXt^ 
rbp iwipoXt wAOoc olarieui 850. 

'Apapxia^ annrohg^ disobedienee to rule* 
dpapxfa^ ydp piV^ obe iertp ewcbp 

'ApaewaerScf drawn kwlr, opened f 
thai is, opened he drmwimg book tho 
bolt. KAi0p* upwewemtib wvX^^ 
XakAea A. U7I. 

'ApsmwAw^ to draw up» or draw lege- 




Ihcr, \6yovc dyioira Aj. 296. Mun- 
|{mvo ronilon tluM, cum cnntcntMne 
w»ei$ prt\ferrf^ io Mftenk H>ith vchc 
wenea^ or « grimi rffuri : 1 lorniunii, I0 

'Avantra^ n qtteen^ or ttoMun rf tvfinl 

btfth K. GMJ. T. 1»7, *2»0. Aj. 7(il. 

'Avav^w, to ru/r, to «<ray, to 60 lode- 

'AydtrTairti:^ an amakifiu, woiav /i* 
dvuirraeiv ioKtJQ ^ h ^wpou er^ 
vai r6ri ; 1*. *J7U. 

'AvaffraToc% f'ffpelMf bmniaheti! pn^ 
pcTly ftp|>liv«l to moil. — dydffraro^ 
ahroXu iwtfifOtiv gd^tKiipOx^tiv fth 
ydg C 4 3(1. i}/i«ic — dpAoraroi (i- 
K^ rap' liv^pi yaioftiy T. 99. — of 
ji city or Iiouks denerteit^ depoMiHied. 
— uO' jfpift rwi'd* avatrrarov iopi 
XvpAi* yvyattcUp T. 2351. dvavrd' 
TovQ otKovc riOiioiv A. (i7U. 

'Ayaffrit'fi^Mi to ^roMM /or/A. ro7a fioi 

'ATfniiatc Aj. 912. 
'Ai'MffWvM, to j/rMiM /or/A. rt ro^c 

0«oi>( otirwc aVatfriywv leaXtic; K 

727. ttffiro froXX' dvavrivrnv T. 

*Ava9Tpt^^io turn hncjky /• rfoi//. rik 

pi I' wavovpya — Y«ipot»<r* dvavTM- 

^VTkC IK^Ailov (caipoytp) P. 447. 
'Avaarpofii^ a iurning Imek^ a reiurn, 

oddic kvkX^v Ifiaoritv f/f dva^Tpih 

f i/v A. 226. 
'ApaaxtTo^i Io be endured^ or toleraied, 

ravra i^r' dvaaxtrd — ; P. 97.5. 

Zuy yi^p KOK&c nXvov^rav ohx dva^ 

ffxtToy T. 710. MC J«vov — ^ofiov 

tavivro^ w6' dvaax*^^^ pXiwuv C. 

'AyafftiZ^^ io tave^ or preterve, dwb 
^vov tppvro Kdyiv^tfftv R. 1352. 
wpiv m — - KdyamSfVaoOai foyov £. 
1 122. 

'Avarapdffom^ io tou$§ up, Hob p' 
dyarapdfiVH — o KVtvoi; T. 217. 

'Avarci, tciihoui harm A. 481. 

'AvarlXXM, intransitive, io riu. tA fUv 
dw' dtXiov Sv9fi&v, al b* dvariWoy- 
roc C. 1248 ; actively, io eauu to rut9, 
f&ra — pvpi* dir atoxpi^v dyauk' 
ioyraP. 1123. 

'AvariO^pi, io pui ^, io defer, ri yAp 
wap' tipap ypipti rip viiv ftx<* ifp»^' 
9ii9a Kavaittva rov y% KarOaytly^ 
for whai delighi mm dag aiiernaiing 
ufiih dag product^ when ii onlg add* 
io or iaitea from ika necestiig tf 
dg%Hg Aj. 47 !• 

'AvarXifiM, to endure. lwtl~^ waripa 
rbyS* Ipby oba dK^rXari C. 239. 

'Ayaroc, wiihoui kmrm^ muhari, mg — 
ir^iC Si eoi leaisAv dyarog rdrj' 
dwaXXax^S X^*^C C. 790. 



'Avarpiriif, 1. to route, dyarirpo^c fir* 
Kal pbag^ gou hare rougetiihai which 
tlumbered T. lOUA. ^ 2. /o oreriurn ; 
oTmoi Xalwdrtiroy dyrpiwuy X'P^m 
A. 1261. 

'Avffui^airroCf wo dyavbiiroQ, 

*AyabS^Toc% of M thing, uiupokem^ fm- 
Arrirr/ 1^; of a pvnon, tiietU, covJiy 
dvauitirov fariaw^i* ay Aj. 702. 

*Aynvt\)C> nieni^ speeehleu. drtpdaac 
wipy^ug dyavbofS C. 1276. frr' 
ifVtfvoov 1406. Kvrpic avatf^oc fa* 
i»fp«l rwvd' i^vq wpdKTmp T. 858. 
elaHiletiine ; ayaXyiirmy —> i^fr^v^ac 
fivtfi/^oy fpyov 'ArpM^MK Aj. 927. 
In Kl. 12/5, umnX um itn mivcrb fur 
dyavb^, dyavboy obbi vby fiof 

'Avafajfw, io appear. 3rf Jdwp'dyv* 
plyntoQ dXvpog dxopoQ dyaw^f^p% C. 

'Av^rii'M, /o fdease^ io gral\fg* rooroic 
rovro iraffiv aif^ayiiv XiyiNr' av A. 
500. oW dpkoKovo' olc paXctfr' 11 JiTy 

p; X'P'i «•». 
*Ayb(nia^ maniineuM^ courage. 

'AyfpfiXarw^ io drive iuio exUe. dy* 
bptiXarouyrac q ^yip fbyoy voXiy 
Xvovrac R. 100. 

'Avbpof&opoct deadtg^ and dybpCfOopoc^ 
beiongiug io a demi man. r^c dy<' 
bpo^pov IxiSvtiC P. 226. (5pi^i0ic) 
dybpofOdpov /3(/3pt^rfc euparoQ Xi* 
roc A. 1009. 

'Ayibtiv^freelgt wiihoui retiraini. dyk' 
biiy obt x^P^ ipCKtrai P. 1138. 

'Avttpi, /o ^wr#/ oil/, t^pt^ dyytg 
Xiu^Ti T. 764. 

'AviKrcoc, Ihai u, or oii^A/ to be borne, 
D/3ptc' (<<rrO <<XX' dykttrka C. 807. 

'Avfjcroc, /o be endured, t) rovra 
^qr^avfcrck rp^c Tobrov eXbtty ; R. 
I 429. Xiyitc y«^P o^*? dyurd A. 

'ArfXififfroc, 1. unhoped for^ iin^jv 
peeled. Oaup* dyiXwiaray T. 670. 
2. hopeleet^ in detjtair; Ipi p}vo 
iroXi^c aroXiXocrf V t/^q ^'oroc avcX- 
ircirroc E. 179. ^ 

'AwpofiCi t<'*n^y* ayipoc^ffa aopa, a 
breezg gale T. 949. fOiypa km avt • 
poiv fpbvtipo^ language and rapid 
ihoughi A. 352. Krfunlt, llonnann, 
and Kllendt, understand dytpUy^ in 
this place, to express epeed of 
thought ; othcra, however, only take 
it to mean it^flg* 

'Awpoc, ihe wind, rig dyip^y b f «X* 
raroci (ic ai wpoc^yt) ; P. 237. 
fiaux^bmy Mwyn ^waTi ixOicr^y 
dyipttv^ irAo, raging^ blew on ue with 
ihe biaei nf keeneei AiiA id A. 137. 
Bo Ellcndt rcndcm \t. A simiUr 
figuro is met with iu A ^3C^,«n rm^ 

99 ANO 

'Am vi^Ooyoc, tmeiivM. dvtwifBotfOW 
Sm€qw lyxK T. 1026. 

Jv r^ vpiyjuiroc cvim? iron Aj. 
307. ^k M* iy^f vie (f/M^) C. 210. 
i6iX«y v^' avl^«Oa< R. 1304. 
'ApipYQfiatj !• CMW bmck^ io reimrm. 

^AvtVf adr. with a genitiTe case ; gene- 
nlljr uMd in the tanae of a jprepoii- 
Ukul, wpUUmL 

'Apivf^/dm^ la rmim m wt^mr^fmi tkomi, 

T. 780. 
*Ai4fiXaf,^wid8wMfal. ^i4f iXoy lirl- 

/3aX«c avirorf «ariiX^iJiay — ca- 

'Amx«S i>Md aetivcljr, U AaW wp, la 

raiir, t9 aupparf; in tKa middle 

Toioey la anrfiir*. 
'Ay^^ieracv in^vra^lry iiJiaoii/rW/a3^. 

dw^^rm luoifivtfftar^ Ivmy P. 186. 

Tpi^tM R. S8. ic W ^ /SXl^aaa 

^a^ur^^'dy^d^yrvpl; E.876. 

r^c dHTKivrav x^'P^C Aj. 53. 
'ArifcawroCv lAcI airpA/ naf la 3f kemrd, 

^K»v^ A^iKOv^ra K. 1399. 
'Ayif«««, la 4xUmd^ to rtmek* rohpyov 

roit /Mi^oy dy^ctt i} tar' IjUtv pw- 

^ay, Mif im$k hm$ nmchsd bgpond mg 

ttrtnpih T. 1014. 
'AinfXiaCf wmnkm^ mot itttui^nmUd ^ 

tki «««. fvKhkia ftwpU^apwov 

iwiXwv C. 682. 
*Awkwipoc^/m from wimd* fvXXdfa 

— ipiKwp iiniwtfi6¥ n wdyrmv 

XUIiiStpmv C. 683. 
'Avvytfracy wiikoui gnd^ etoioUu. thv 

Ayi|wrav alrav Ixovoa Ktutmv £. 

'Ayf^ 1. a aMM, aa tignif^ing mankind 

in gancml ; nr anf man C. 373. A. 

764. 2. a aian, aa distinguished 

tnmk a vaaMn A. 62. T. 1051. 3. 

thence* oms ^f manlg mind C. 393. 

Aj. 1217. 4. a km*haHd T. 55. R. 

'Ari|pfO|iaC9 lnn««ara5/#. row aotto- 

p*(ipcc T. 246. dy^pcO/ioc odir — 

Xpovy rpvx^/UMC Aj. 598. 
'Ay^aro/Mi, la liy Ao/J ^, la al/adir. 

wwaptryfAc — wviVfUvmp dyO^^oro 

*Atf€im^ propcrij la /biarr ; thence, la 

jfvta an^ incrwaaf Jn oirgngik. A^- 

Q^nv^ UimppnK%¥ (4 weaac) T. 1079. 
'Ay^vXiac fcr dvr^Xiac. 
'Aytff^t kioombigf Jhworif ; thence, 

alraiy, edh^awnl. rac t^t^iac itivor 

Awirdlu dtf0ifp6p r< ftlrei* A. 950. ' 


'AvO^Cm, l9 adbrn with Jtottert, e^^ 
v«'oirr(^aav9iv iM* 4*^*^M'ye*'» '^^ 
irii/ M^ tuipeci thoe IhuM diufuiud 

'Av9ioTtifU^ la wlihsSand^ to r€tUt* i 3* 
dvriardc 6irip (ri}c) A. 514. dirr*- 
ordyra ii drf waraliat Bvpdp 1083. 
roS /ft|^iy diriariic ^wtp Aj. 1210. 
a& yap dynar/|aofia& C. 651. 

'Ay6ac,a/otMr E. 884. T. 546. Also 
applied to any calamity Uiat haa 
reached i^ highest pitch; r43' da^- 
Aqrov iiaWac dvOoc, tkU nnanoMia- 
aMr vAemtnee ^mwimnu T. 995. 

'Ai^piftrfioci portainittg to mam% Am- 
aNUi. 4/^pa aXiyci rs ffdi^dyfi w^- 
Xiy dwapra tdv9pmwua Aj. 132. 

'AvOp#iro(, aian, aianiirin^. 

'AWa, |Miiii torwi€Htt ifftiotion, ^fidc 
dylaf P. 1102. l/toi Xnrwy dW^ff 
Aj. 972. dyiac M^ taraowtlpaf 
984^ foi;r' c/c iWay ra6rac fpx<* 
rainyc 1117. 

'Avtap^^iHotrostin^g^voJfatioudif, mg 
dyuipA£^yu£ A. 316. 

*Aindt»f to inmoift oat, haraot, ^ tpmp 
a* dvi^ rd|; fpiyac^ rd 3* 6r* lyw A. 
319. n ravr' dytft u oMp ^f- 
Xoa^i^ir 546. fikovc dvMV Aj. 259. 
ypdz ii — 4 yia (vvmv 266. oc5c — 
dvidoaoa 3^ /idXiara robphy airXdy- 

iiw 974. In the passive: roirr' 
I'iM/iac irdXai P. 894. o^3ly rXj^v 
^vidoBni 901. 

'AWil^i, /e ariif/ np or ufiwardt^ to tond 
koek^ to ht go^ Io frte^ to lemoo of, 
^lie second aorist is used both transi- 
tively and intransitively; Ofo^ uttr' 
dporop airrotQ y^t dyUvai riya R. 
970. <^ oifi' dvUoaw (yX^i^ai) f6- 
fov pviiioag oraydraf 1277. oifi* 
dvUottv orkpvmv apay/io^c« Mor did 
they eeamjfom boatingt ofth0 brtast 
C. 1604. fvrt^anvric (ydpot) rd- 
Xiv diffTrl ra^r5y owippa R. 1405. 
dvcrl ^' dviri irapdyopoi E. 222. 
It#c dvf rh wipa rovro r^c voaov 
p. 753. Kip^y ply iV rarwovxo? 
dMC A. 1088. 3f(i5y 3' dyne ^<t- 
puTov la-vay, thekgnma tk€ roin qf 
th$ f^'otdo koru K. 711. In the 
passive, to bo gioom uf. voy 3' o^c 
dvilrai oTvytpf iatpoyt Ai. 1193. 
Xpi| y VKflTrac iiyai tdoit pffS* dyu» 
uiyac A. 575. dyttuiyii — 9Tpif^$ 
K. .W6. 

'Avicifract «iicoNeiraf*ai^ irruhtiblo, 
Xitpbc rdc dyucirou piX^ 0.^1511. 
ompa — dyurdrav BtipOQ 1364. 'Epm^ 
dyUart pdyay A. 777* rAy dyunf* 
tmy 3irX«y P. 78^ 

'AmriracwtlAaiilAarMr, a»yW. Xiarr 
d¥iwwoy liradffir rs C. 903. 

'4 W#r«/|i, to roUg vjs ^ mmmv to rUft 


to arauM, ri ft,* ai — iC tfpaQ Avi- 
vrart Aj. 775. oiroi rhv -— warip* 
Av^tAous E. 136. oh ^4 'C<y(P«C 
r5y iirvy kAtoxov Kdativiiimf Kaya- 
9Tfic%tQ T. 975. — 8c m' ^y<P^<v 
IvT* 6.vk9Tfi9ac wipa P. 0G2, — 
Aewtp fit Kdyt9rii9aO\ Hi 9i!t9ari 
C. 277. ivBiv m' «^' ^s'larifviy /t<K 
Xfit' o — Koipavoc 1288. In the 
weond aorist it it used intimntitively 
in the seme of, io ariif , lo $iand up, 
Ifif X^P^ wbpyoc dyivrac R. 1201. 

'Avi9Toptta^ to txamintf to inguirg, ttf 
ydpu* dpttiffai fiotfvoy mv </ Aviaro- 
p& 0. 995. «c/if^'i' i/Mr' f<rOi u' 
wv ^KiirropfTc r. 253. Apytiotg ovic 
iviffTtv iy dviOT0pii{ R. 578. cai 
yiip oj^' dvi^r^povy /latpdp T. 816. 

'Aw6tiToc$/oolith, ro^ dyo^rovc rov^ 
rmv yvwicac wpodiddoKUV Aj. 162. 

'Apoia^/oll^. Xiyov r dvoia xal fpc- 
VMV 'Epcvvc A. 599. ^cv r^c ^voiac 
E. 908. iroXX^c dvoUg Kal r5 9q- 
paoOaiKivd 1043. 

'Ai/ojyw, Io opm, to open up, dXX* 
dvolyiTi Aj. 337. /«<} irp5c If viae 
dvoityc ^dc oSq C. 517. 

'Avokrwc, wretchedlff^ wUkout pitjf. 
vtiXia ii yivi(fXa — ctirai dvoiKTrnf; 
R. IBO. 

'A »roi/4 wcri, NTi/A impunity, pipara — 
rX^vai taO' ifp&y id* ivmpmKrl x<i- 
ytty Aj. 1206. 

'A|/oi<rnoc, to 5^ reported, utc dvoiO' 
riov ooi roupyoy c7if — ko^x^ '^P^- 
irri ov, Ma/ m r/(f«(^ must be reported 
to ifou — and not concealed A. 272. 
Tho vcrlNiI adj. from dyafipt^ to 
bring back, 

'AyoXpoc^ unfortunate^ foolish^ infatU' 
mted, Kiiyog obekr' lor' dyi^p dfiov- 
Xoc ovr* dyoXftoQ A. 1033. — roi- 
avr dyoXfioy dyBp' iyovBirti wapAy 
Aj. 1135. dyoXfia fiovktvudtmy A. 

'Ai'oXoXv^w, to ehout; properly used 
to cxpreM Jop, dyoXoXvtari idpoi 
T. 204. But it is also used to ex- 
press a ekriek ^f terror, orparbe — 
di*wXoXv{( rhy yiayiay ola — Xay- 
Xdyii eaed E. 740. 

'Ayopuaroc^ effeleee^ without the use qf 
oneU e^ee, dyiip V dybpuaroc P. 

'Ayopoc% without iawe^ lawtete, pii p\ 
inrcvw, wpooii»ir* dyopoy C. 140. 
Thence it means /leree and cruei, 
orparby QnpAy vSpiariy dyonoy T. 

'ArovifniCt ueeleee, wtptood edyby^ra 
empara Aj. 745. 

*AyopBdm^ to place upright again^ to 
re-eetablish, dyt^pBmooy wbXiy R. 46, 



'Avop/ioc, properly, without harbour' 
age^ thence, ttiiAa/i|i|r. rby vpiyatoy 
^y bopotQ dyoppoy iiVivXi veac f^ 
irXoiac rvxwv K. 423. A compari- 
son derived from a sea-?oyage that 
began with a fiivourable wind, and 
ended in bringing the navigator to a 
|K>rt without anchorage ; to a mar- 
riage that was entered upon under 
^ood auspices but proved unhappy 
in its result 

'AvdtfioCf impious^ unholg^ unhallowed, 
V'^C T^C dyooi^ pidoropi R. 353. 
dKoaiov ykevv^ an unhallowed eorpom 
f (lieing deprived of funeral rites) A. 
1058. dyooioy bop^y 1070. oropa 
C. 985. dyooitty n waic R. 1360. 
— avimy dyboC obii ptird pot R. 
1 289. ya^oi dyootoi rUywy C. 950. 
IpymC dvoaioic 284. 

'AvotfiMCf impioueig, UfiaXbyrtc dyO" 

' A yov^j/oolitht devoid qfunderttanding^ 
dyovc piy ipw A. 99. p^ V^P'^PC 
dvovc Tt eat ykpmy Upa 281. rjir 
piy dpriuQ dyovy wc^vOai 558. 
dyovf tvpiQii Aj. 750. 

*AyratoCtOppoMitetadver9e,hottile, 8rf 
ooi wayxakKkty dyraia ytyvt^y Mp- 
pdOti vXayd E. 188. ri p' oba dy- 
raiay (jraioiy ric A. 1292. 

'Avrairoiiw, to hear in turn, dyrl rfiv 
itptipiyuv io* dyroKovooy R. 544. 
oh i* dyraeovou rooroy iS»c riOa^t- 
raiAj. 1120. 

'Ayrapiiflm^ or rather dvraptifiopai^ 
to answer, wpbc Sk ro^c f iXovc ol* 
dyrapufiti ptiuar\ ijy o' FXm wori ~- 
C. 818. — ovS* dyrapu^H u* ovbiy 
C. 1275. aXX' dyrapiiylfaoet P. 230. 

'Ayrapvyopai^ to avenge onese(f^ to re- 
pay evil with evil, mg roy ixfiphy 
dvrapvvmyrai eaeolQ A, 639. 

'AiTaviffr^fii, to rise in opposition /a, to 
resist. 'Epwri ^ Strric dyrayiora' 
TOi wverr^c ^TMi* ic X<*P^C T. 441. 

*Avrai;3aw, to converse wUh^ to answer, 
(dvrac 9at'ovny ovyte* dyravloQ 
Taa, thai thou eonversest with tks 
living just as dead E. 1470. 

'Avraw, to meet, Swwc d^o^^ydvr^ 
war pi T. 898. /ii) ooi yt — dyrif' 
oaQ Odvoi Aj. 529. Witn an accusa- 
tive ; owkpaa pky dpxaioybvmy dy 
rao* 'Epixottiay A. 969, for she par* 
took mf the seed. In all other passagct 
it is used intransitively; of^y Z* Sby 
9nHC dpmpai pq wor' dvn|aat eawby 
C. 1446. 

'AvriiriTv, see dyrtpity. 

'Avripfi^M, to JU JSrmlg* dyrkptiis 
yoy fidoiy ony V. 1389. 

'Ayripiiy, to contradkt^ to sag in aii- 
swer, Kpkoyroi: dyrttpfiedroc ; A. 

n ANT 

47«vhcwitiDcaiiSp/o>MidL — o^k 
iv ivrtcro^' In £. 3^9. /itiliy 
ivruwmv (woe C. 1281. «^Jiv dv 
THww A. 1*217. pIc <7« oM< r^v 
rcrpAc ^VXV*^ ^^ ol/iai ^M^ay ^k- 
ravitr i/Mi C. 1003. o^ fioitXo^at 
fwf^mwnv ^yriivcly kojcw^ A. 1040. 
Vaed jMMvcljs toMkp ^vtupiivk- 
r««T. 1174. 
'AyrixMf tfsiMiUvcly, U hold ^ver or 

my>M¥ P. 819. — x<'p' ^vrlx^'^'A 
c^r»c (ap6/uy e^ma) C. Itf47. 
iBtimnaitiTely, !• fri/A«laM«/, 9ustai», 
VMC lif9mapoQ ^rrix*i l\ 17(1. In 
the middle voice, fe wpport on€se(f. 
Ww r< ira^ric ayrixov P. 881. 

'Avr^Xioc* iotkimg i»temnis ikt sum or 
Mff, emaUrm. ol J* UwkpovQ dyed- 
MCf M '* iyrf Xie«c Cf r(«r' Uvrtt 

'Airri^pvc, ecforrar, ifirertotf i^iju/. — 
veXAic ^' ayrvp«C 9^ov vrkpvmy 
vXa/dc 9i^a99Q^¥mv^ thou ktut seen 
mm»g m kimo directed egainti mp 
kieedrng bremsi £. 89. 

'Avri, jnvjMM. governing • genitive caw 
eoiv ; \. imthe steed or ptaee ej on v 
thiqg ; 2. ageimst^ tJi opposition ; S. 
eckerrfere^ on tchiehmecount : 4. once 
«Md bv wmjr of obtestation. 6jf. oi «' 
airn waUmp — eai ^vx^C^'ri^o/if y 

'Avni^M, 1. with a genitive, to ettmin, 
wen TOO rafoo dprideac ovrt yowy 
E. 857. 2. with an acciu^ expretted 
or naderrtood, to entremt^ to suppli- 
Arru^m^ pit lu earaXiwyc 

^iMyP.798. dAX'dyrid;. 
raexcc ^n^ £- 997. eai o* dyri- 
elm wp6c r iftoriee Ai^, i^yi/c r< 
Aj. 487. 8. without a caie» to mm/, to 
emeomnter. 'Apia - 8c - f^y« /m 
wtpifio^Toc aprtdZmP R. 193. 

*Awnfiai¥m^ to resist, fiuioBilc iroXXil 
eawripdcp^t I9iwf y a^^y £. 665. 

'AyrtTeyf, Amiijfome^ the daughter of 

'kprUumpL, to give in return^ to repay, 
kmkrn V dvdrmt — «^yoy, off x^' 
fuf drrtliimoiv ix^iPf deceit answer' 
in§ eiker deceit repaps evU, not good^ 
C 281, aa the Schol. pamphiaaes it. 
4 A dirdrf iroyey lx%uf dwrtiUmoi 
rm dwar^aam IK apviit, — fya 
Mcvy wutpmp dpoiifiop ayrtio^e lati 
A. 1058. 


'Apnipdm, to retnm good for good^ 
eeU/oreeU. lon^ waBmv piw dvri- 

igmw C 273. dytf* mv w%irov9mQ 
iJ^ow rdi* dyrUpdw 957. vpk il 
ftic VfoiiiC "-^^t^P^y wupoeepai 
983L &tfs pit — OImic ok y' thfoi 
tdtmm dwrdpdp gmem£ 1 1 93. 


'AyriOvpoct odj. opposite the door; tub- 
itantively, of the vestibule* /Sari 
jcar* dvrMpmv E. 1425. 

'AynrvoiM, to meet^ to light upon, o& 
yap ay Tpt!trme%¥ vpXv dyrievpoa 
C. 99, -^ 8ry p>/r' 'Ap^c P»ir« 
irdyroc dvrkevmv 1G77. iiriiinp 
dtftkevpea io^uK^v fUw od^ sinee I 
have tit upQn theff not indeed expect- 
ing (I ahould do so) P. 541. 

'AyriXiyw, to speak in answer. Uiaw 
Hoy r5 yovu W dyriXI(ai B. 409. 

'AyriXeYltt, to deng. ir6c — dvriko^ 
yiam tripi* cite %lvas waW *Apriy6- 
vny A. 374. 

'AyrAoxoct Aniihehus^ one of tho pons 
of Neltor ) he went with hit father to 
Troj, and was there killed P. 428. 

'AyrlXvpoc, answering^ or eqwd to^ the 
Igre. eavaxdv — 9iiac dptiXvpov 
pohaa^ T. 640. 

'Aynoc, coming towards, rdyiphQ dy- 
Woy poXi7y, to approach the man T. 
782. Met, opjiosite^ different, dSila 
pky, dvria frdieut T. TiS. 

'Ayrio^rarlM, to oppose, wvtvpa — - 
pvy ydp dvrioararti^ for the wind 
now sets against us P. 636. 

'Ayri waXec, hottiie^ opposing, wdraycc 
'Apioc dvT$wdXtp tuaXiiptepa Ipd" 
Kom A. 125. 

'Aynwd^X^* '0 receive in return, ci i- 
v^r ^wo.dp&v dvriwdex*if XP9'^^ 
P. 580. 

'Ayri«rfpir«#, to send in return. o/<ro^ 
pc' dyriwfp^c rov paepdu xP^yov, 

'AyWwffpoc, roekg^ hard as a rock, 
rovi* dvriwkrpov piiparo^ Hm C. 

'AyriwX^I, struck^ lashed ig waves. 
Ppkpovai f dyriwX^yfC dtirai A. 

'AyriWocyoc, that requites or retaliates, 
0toi loXir wor' aifrolc dvrixoi¥* kpo^ 
ff'tfOf 7y, mag the gods one dag requite 
to them evils equal to mine; mora 
literally, mag the gods one dag grant It 
them to suffer evils equal to mine P, 
316. •— wc v^C Ovyarpkc dvriwoiva 
XapPdvtt^t that thou takest vet^ 
geanee/or thg daughter E. 582. 

'Ayriwpypoc* opposite^ facing: met, 
manifest, dtrriawpd aoi pXiriiy 
wdoter' Ivapyii T. 222. 

'Ayr/ppflfwoc, V iq^al weighty eountet- 

ialandha. —  po^y^ ydp dyuv o^dri 

tfwcA Xi^wifc dvri^powop dx9ec E« 

119. . 

'Ayrftfiraorec* 1'^ ' eposes^ convulsivg^ 

diayphc dvriairaaroc T. 767. 
'AyrivraBpoc^ a/* equal weight, thenot 
equipaUni. ic — dptieraBpov ro9 
Oqp5c ii;9fofia r4y avroi aSp^v^thai 






he ahouid 9aer\fic9 hu daugkUr qm a» 
eguivaleni far ihs bea$i E. 561. 

'AvririvM, to repajf^ to tuffer puniah- 
meni in turn. Kal iit) ?orw/if y, — 
oifK <ivnrJ4ffiv nSOic Aj. 1065. 

'Avn'rviroCt l* »truck baek^ tehoed, ly- 

Jtipov leapt* tf nr6vov ivrirvtrop — 
roKXavvmp P. 688. fwv^c — ^poc 
iraplriu^cy l/iol 9r6vov Avrirvwov 
1446, 2. rebounding^ or wUh rebound. 
Avrirvwa b' M va wket ravrakt^ 
Oilf wvpfbfiof A. 134. 

'AfTJ^voCt Uajfing in tum^or mutuailg. 
vvv Ka\b¥ dvrifovov Kopleat erbua 
— i/iac eapKbc^ now it it well thai 
jfe eatiate gour mouthe in mutual 
ilaughter — with mg Jleuh P. 1141. 
(/ — /i4 iraXiv iCteove* AvrifovovQ 
itKaCi \f theg shall not in turn 
give retributive vengeance qf death 
for death E. 2<i0. 

'Avr»0(rfvlirf, to answer. iroXX' Avri>- 
^utvtic E* 1498. Avrt^vit btivbv 
dj^ptirbv T* iiroc Aj. 760. fii^ fi' dv- 
n^wvii iiriiiv P. 1054. ob yAp fT- 
Xo/ifv — dvri^viiv A. 271. lirii 
iraf>lffxcc AvTi^ttviiaai T. 1104. 

'AvrixAtpw, to rejoice mutuallg, or in 
lurit. VUa rf iroXvap/idr^i i&vn- 
Xaotiea 0/|/?(( A. 149. 

'AvrXiw, to drain^ to eJthattst. ira- 
rptfav Kviietv AlyioOoQ ioftuty AvT' 
X]i7, tA i* lisxttf rd fk btaewtipu fid' 
ri|v E. 1283. 

'AvrXffl, a ship*s hold. i/i/3aXou fic — 
f^C dvrXlav^ f/c wptfpav P. 480. 

'Ayro^ai, to entreaty to supplieate. — 
irpoc ir* Src 9ot f cXov is iriOf y avro' 
pat C. 250. A learpbQ Girtp ro^/iov 
povov dvTopai 243. 

'Avrpl ;rcif, ice <ivar^irai. 

'Avrpoi', a caoe^ or eavem. ^ocfti — 
dvrpop f/copav P. 27. — irapaXa r' 
avrpa AJ. 408. wap' dvrpotc P. 
1247. Tti\iir6pote iv avrpoiQ A. 
970. dvd r' avrpa ra2 irir/Mtc H. 
477. UavrpftfvG. 1567. 

'Avrvf, /A« margin (\f the driverU seat 
of a chariot^ to which the reins were 
fastened. •— liririirMi' IK dvrvy^v 
Aj. 1009. Also used in the seme of 
a chariot^ a {Mr! Iteing put for the 
whole, a dvrvymy wXurOf E. 736. 

'AvttpiyatoQf unmarried. Moip* dvv- 
/ilvaioc C. 1224. dvephaioc dyopat 
rdvi* iroipav 6b6v A. 868. dyii uf — 
dXterpov dyvaivaiov 907. Uied 
odvcrbiallv I akterpa ytipdeeovoay 
dwpiyaid rt B. 960. 

'Aiaruffvroct 1. unmarried, drtKvoc 
raktttt^ dvvu^vroQ aUv olxvti £. 
161. 9. vnhappilg married. piXiOi 
p$\iap wdOay cXoov, parpbg Sxo^ 
nc dybpftvrop ycvdvt l^% wretch* 



ed^ lamented their wretched lei^ being 
sprung from the ill-fated marriage of 
their mother A. 966. 

'Avv/i^oc, 1. unmarried, ffv r^c 
dvvp^ov ivepbpov rt ffqc TpofnQ K 
1174. 2. inauspieiouslg or unlaw 
fully married, aXiKrp* dwufa ydp 
Iwi^a ptat^vmv ydpttv dpiAkiipara 
E. 483. 

'Avbrie^ to perform » journey. rAv 
irayeoirav oO* bpm OaXdpoy rifyJ* 
'Avriy6yiiv dvvToveav^ when I aee 
Antigone g^ng on her wag to the 
chamber where all repose A. 799. 
ijvvToy oxt^Xf rax**C 231. Also, lo 
perform a work. «y J *'«M»' ^RT^^ 
iivvrov T. 318. 

'Avvv, to aeeomplish^ to achieve^ to of- 
tain to. ibiaiu**v dvveii sal fdyac 
P. 711, where it is not used intninu- 
tively in the sense of cv^ac/iovq^tc, 
hut briefly for dvveti Hers Maip^v 
yipieBai. pi iror* dvvettv rbv — 
Aiiav^ that I shall one dag reach — 
Pluto Aj. 601. i/vwriv — ipwyav, 
gave assistance P. 1130. fl won — 
iivvaar* irrowiay ^\&ya^if ever — 
ge have driven out<ifour eouftnes the 
ftame of mischief R. 166. 'AwoXXwv 
our' letlvoy fjvvaty fovia ytvioBas 
R. 720. waXai^ar* d%tol ♦o^/Soc 
ffvveiy won, oracles which Pheebua 
once aecompfishetl through me C. 455. 
M ftdyri, foiwoQ «»c dp* bpBbv iiyveaQ 
A. 1163. (^rtoibk MaOapyovyrt^iiW' 
eay rdfi 302. ay«v y* vwtpppiOic 
dvBac ^yvoav Aj. 931. — wpiV 
ravU fTpbc w6Xiy dvvetu T. 654. 
— II wort dy&eta yaerpi fopfidy P. 
703. roidy dvveavriQ ipya E. 205. 
Bdyarov dvvaaea T. 882. It is 
once used with r genitive ; as rvy- 

Xdvt*. rivoc^ « woT^ic, XP**'*^ ^^^ 
eai (sc. irpoeirirviTt) C. 1752.^ It 
is once also used in the middle voice ; 
If pwi' oiav oikty Ifri pot xdp^v t)yvo^ 
T. 991 ; where the meaning is not, 
what a return hast thou made to tar, 
but rather, what a recompense host 
thou obtained for thgee{fin m#, L e. iit 
mg ealamitg, 

'Avw, adv. aboee^ alqft. ol avM, Me 
living^ those who are ii5eotf, as ol co* 
rmBtv are the dead, those beneath. 

'Afwyo, the poet perf. of dvwyid (not 
in use) in the sense of thoi present 
tense, / order, atydy dv^ya £. 
1450. rl a^r* dy^yac P. 54. re 
oSy p* dvtsyac aXXo wX^v ^ivb^ 
Xiysiy { 100. wpdaetiy JvMyac oby 
pt wavbiemc rdbt \ T. 1237. dvw' 
yac oi^y ^i rbv viepbv Bdwruv l^y ; 
Ai. 1343. dvwytv ipac ♦eljSoc — 
pJaepa ^ iXa^wiy R. 96. 19*, wq 



iM#7«, 9^¥ rAxf'^ C 908. ^ fyw- 

TM pvrwir 6^rMy IwymAp Xovrpd, 

'AMrf^vroCf /fW /r«M Mto .* of a per- 
•on; tfiWvyoy pxiwovrm. P. 871. 
Of A thing; ri/i^fpiiMlirydif^r^^* 
^iMwoif rox^if Aj. 551. 

i^' cMrfyv/ioc ircf vny; T. 876. 
'AM^^X^Cf mieteBt, 9wM¥ n gal 

*AimfiXtfT9t^ tiMfeM, umprqfUmiit. of- 

IMS — r^c V^C vnXoi rpof^c Ayt^ 

fikirw £. 1188. 8^ic i' ip^ 

Afr« f«HMi ficytf ▲. 841. 
*A{fiwc« < nAoni / n5<y. if voic 1<yoy 

Sp^ir n^^MT P. 317. 
'Aicvrpct •fnp0&/M, riidlr. ciSXa rdyc- 

^v niv^* ir' ACi^ov wirpov C. 19. 
'Atty^f CM «jw. aCiifoc X^P^^ \aP6y- 

nc A. 1096. 
*A|i«Ct,«w>/Ay, dtMerving: 1. with a 

fenitiTo cnic t ^^XV " 9irov^$c yi 

W9XXafiit¥ 9i09ieiiarn mlrai — 11^ 
A»/3oc o'Cft' oMf y^ 97*i. 6f9y9Q -ijc 
M' «|ioc C. 909. oifx 4^t XPV'^fC 
«|ui rtfic Xax#7K A. 695. *i. with 
an infinitivo of the ohjects M^toc ^' 
pfi¥ i¥ Tifwit ttal ftttlm x^fNV li. 763. 
mJf^miiaB%\¥tmymTii 7* 7y eol iv0^ 
p*^ txowra 769. r^xv ^ OauuAvm 
fUp dim 777« aCioc 7<^p >' w. txftntc 
yivleOtfi 981. #6 ^' ij(iify p^k oiieav 
mU}[ppttQ w^i¥ C. 933, wlivro 
«iex^M«9ai in to lie understood. *- 
{Mifepai — flCtoi ^' a>vi»aOi7y 1019. 
^Uec ^i Oflf/iAem 1154. efiri yikp 
AfMV 7«y«c ovO* Autfilm¥ ir* ^uoc 
fikiwttp Aj. 393. aCioc Opii^^v rv- 
yf7y 907. woXXmk Ay $« oic ^ dCioc 
r»xf7ir K. 787. 3. Ufcd nimpl/ it 
ncanf «Mdb m i« JtUmgw Ueaminp, 
leAi rot rceov^ / aliay iUtiP R. 
990. oCJav — fiiraflaU^r' Av ^ai 
#iydi» XivMy 1251. MJ fi^c X^P*!' 7* 
Air ^'ay XA/kiC i/iov R. 1004. 
'A^ioM, 1. le li^ctfiih or ikimk^ wurihg; 
with aa ace. of the pcrMin«aad agcn. 
of the thing ; o^ yup ifdov ro^c A<Q- 
8tv«c,ibr heSdwU ea/M IA« toerlA- 
^« A). 1098. eve i»C/t»9oy r«y 
'AxiXUiMy 8rXi#y iXOdim 8oSvat P. 
89: Bui men cominonljr imed with 
an MnitiTe 1 9k f^¥ #* lyopMv 
dJU& 9UBai rig¥0¥ P. 800. </ ^4 
Xi7i# raXfOfc* dttm 9aM7ir R. 944. 
4Hr i»r mwoyMc vCiovy rA8' ayri- 
Aair GL 957. role ^€ ly9a«<7y 
^^^ev^4l^2evyl998. l¥^ dft^rw 
ffw8c fwriMayroc ^/Sny 1879. i/c 
wfiUr T^ewc ^ dltJtaup^ cSXXA — 
$fmml€ 9pAk9W wiyOK A. 1988. 


woiav dUtoX^ M¥(u ^U^¥ ; T. 410. 
ph /ft' dfiuSwtic pAKi¥ cfX^uyi^ir Xa- 
/Secy Aj. 489. And pasnveljr: ¥V¥ 

C. 1354. </io9 Jl p^wor' dUivenrm 
r69i — Avre ^MKrec o/jc^rov rvxftv 
R. 1449. 9. to elm9§^ to dtign, wc- 
9<3y a* o&c dliot favifvaft E. 167. 
rSit fU¥ e8irer* a|i4^M rpi^ai 1232. 
a^N^ar' t^y^p^c dBXirv BiytU R. 
1413. 8. to thinks to 9uppoi0, iro(o¥ 

a cip^oc o'CiMC 4«(tv fip^^l «<t^ 
wAa/^a Jtfjfeate eMiiiv» Mialr lo 
5rta^r 0.585. 

'A(i«iyMi, a doereo, pArii¥ ydp ohik¥ 
dKtv/ia 9atu6¥M¥ lx«« fp^ai 0. 1 452. 
'ACi'«»c, ^oortiUg. 

'Aluftfikiiroc^ tkoi aumot bo eonjoeturod 
atoaf, ino9pikoi4o. UpKouat fdri¥ 
dfpaoro¥^ dUufiktiTQ¥ d¥bp^inp par 
OiivT. 691. 

'ACt#y, aa ajdo-tno. iBpavot i* dlio¥OC 
pioaQ x*^ff ^ 73*^* 

'Am^V, a MM^. <}p' Iot\ doiHt^c <fo2 7^- 
otfc wp5 red ^omTf, iSrc o&2* Ay f7c 
raOoatr' &¥^ tl Xfi*^1 ^Tf*^^ I A. 

'Aeti6ct a |Mr/, aa #NeA«N/tfr, one who 
pcrfimiiM cure* by incaututioii. Wc 
yikp dtHl&i\ He II X''P''^'X'''iC 'aro- 
piaCf 8c rijii't^* t'iTii¥ guntitiiXiion T. 
9.96. AiijiHvil to the N|ihiiix U. 36 1 
iKlXvoat evXi/pnc dot^tM iaopA¥, 

'Aeiiroct 1. hoNsetetg, wUhont a Aomr. 
dotmvc dwArnpAg r* dXmpivac T, 
299, 2. iukotpitoMc, irpttcis{toa¥Tt 
Ttf¥ torn dmKo¥ f/eeiVi/eiv P. 530. 

'Aoivoc, mot usittff^ or ahgtoinlug from 
Hfhio, ott yAp 5v — i(/i7y d¥riKupo' 
hloiwop&¥ ¥ii^¥ doi¥Oic O. loo. 

'Aetfi*o{>, oetwCf reodM^ Mudtion* fvX»ti$ 
TiVitpo¥ dpfl eoft Ail^M roof He Aec- 
voy AJ. 560. &ott¥o¥ /iiyaXffi' irpo9* 
ooMira Upmoi flXnfla¥ T. 8.19. 

'AoXXiiCt otamftM together^ or merely 
topethtr. x**^l**^ ^4 wdyric cfoX* 
X«ic P. 1455. Applied alio to two 
only, rii. Acheloiui and llerculet, 
hut tlien it expremicf the vehemenee 
and imnetuosily of Uieir colliidon 1 di 
r6r* do\\$tc If^av 'c /«i«oy T. 511. 

'AwayyIXXfti, lA aaaeanef. 1/ retire 
wpmro¥ hX p' dwayytXkmi omfAc R, 

*AwayptAiOf to mako iaoago^ to bruttiHMo, 
p^ p' ocyy Mo4i¥riQ iarXayfr' 
i^r^ypiMfftlvoy P. 226. 

'AwAyM, to kad mmop, Avayi twy p' 
l¥rMi¥ ^9 R. 1521. aA A' ip&c 
dwayt wpAcMfftoac A. 1074. ^Iirdyir' 
Ur6wto¥ 8r» rdxtord pi R. 1840. 
4wAycn 1841. AaAaac dw^i¥ P. 
,929. p' dwii9^¥ eod. Vm. elA' lyii 
€1 /i4 niw IMpd^ dwUorr* i¥ipm 


C 663. In the middle v. to eamy 

amapt or io Umd atffay wUh ane$e(f. 

rl fJ dytn^ri fi* dwdYi99i; P. 1018. 

'Awaidla, th4ttai€ tf being chiidUu; 4 

'Airacc» ckUdUu ; dporaXavftkv^ — rdc 

dwatiac Ic r& Xoiv&y oiwinc T* 007* 
'AirotvffM Me dirf99^, 
'JLwairim, to r$eUm, f dimmnd baek; 
 rd 6* iw\' drprew rov warpdQ P. 

'AiraXl^a^oi, todgftttd mtimlf; Mkv 

Myofuv wp6c TtAr^ draXiloe^Ooi 

Aj. 166. 
'AraXXay^t «m;m, dtlivtranco ; mc iri- 

dwakkayri A. 1819. 

'AwdXXdff9tt, 1. to deUvr, to rtlMjf. 

Used with an accuaative or the prepo- 

lition IK. oity diraXXdotu yivtdv yl- 

yoc» dXX' i^iirf ft Of wv rcc* n^r dou 0n« 

^eiMralitfn reicoM tkg net, bnt tom§ on§ 

ofthi godt ccHtiuuaUy 0v$rtkr»«$ them 

A. 502. nn^ e iff ydMV — diraXXii- 

\k%av ol ffdrw Oio^i mm* mffy |A« ^m/i 

^/tfui fMf rc/«tfM IAm i\om thy woe$ K. 

284. rd V oi¥ K^pa rdV ook dwaX- 

\dlu fidpov, h§ thaU not roloato thoto 

virgini/rom thtirjato A. 765. AIm), 

to quit, to Uav§, iivli:* dv K&wog /i' 

dirMXX<SCy nori, whrn ut Uut wouri' 

ntu ihall liavo mo P. (Mill. 2« Puiwi vc, 

to bo freed, or delivered, w( — irJXic 

H 90i KOKmv dvaroc ri|tf2* araXXfi)^- 

Oj x^ov^Ci ^but the cittf May be freed to 

ytm unharmed fry eviUfrom thit iuhd C* 

700. lym 9' iXft/'Oif»oc ^kaiiSc «>» 

r&vS' dittiXUvOat leaicAv A. a06. 

Aplp^ — ryd' dirtiXXayfiaft E. 77.1. 

iwaXXaxOivTi t&v fiaKpiov \6yktv, 

having abttained from (or being freed 

from) lengthened tpeeeh 1327* drqX- 

X^yOai 6* Afufi UMiO. o^ffoOv ipiic 

iror « iZr' dvaXXaxOi Jc dwti ; wt// ypii 

fitfl at length ipeak,and then being freed 

depart 1 that ii as it wcro« having laid 

down, or got rid of, the burden you bear 

A. 244* Kal rovi* dwakXaytvroc iv 

Xf>^vif fAOKptf (ffKiiwrov) A* 416« 

*XvdfMt»f to mow dowut or cut off; dwdm 
iii|tfoy MC rdxivra (rfty ir^^a) P. 

*Aira/icXi«i», to Mf /mI ; il fiol n r^wy 
rAvd' dirq/aX^/iivoy wapt^&uiiMv 
P. 648. 

*A«'afiirXafff7v, l«/aii ; orkoymia ydp 
iogovoa rpoopaXftv elwy dirii/i* 
arXoffi, iMiilMiif to miy • /«vi dboTM 
to yra, 1^ failed T. 1120. 

*AiraC> adf. ntoe. 

'Awawwawetlf an eKdamatioD of paia 
P. 786. 

'Xweip6ff€w, t0tui«ffi oM* dirap^oi 



Kp&ra piov 9IXu — rov ervvrpov T« 

'ArapciM. to tuffice; re&r* dp dwap" 
CO? C. 1766. 

'Airapi4epaft, to itoiy, to ditavow; fiifU 
ipavai Koit diraptniufuu rb ftii A. 
480. ffu|ftiroc irdpieri co^c dwapvoB* 
fuu rb fiii Aj. 06.— oSr' dwnpviBtg 
work T. 480. PaBUTe : x4 vavc y^ 
a(f« ffo^ff dirapvi|Oqtfirai, he Jkmil 
not be refuted P. 528. 

'Airapvoc* denied; — dwapvoQ i* obiev6c 
KaOioraro, and denial efuMO wot «!• 
tempted A. 481. 

'Awapxi, the ftrtt'fruiu ; ravporroM? 
— ktiac dwaoY^v fiovt T. 758. ffd« 
fidxnc dyovr dwapxdQ Ofocat 182. 

*Arac, ling, tvfrjf eiM, tib« wkole; pliir. 

*Av^99Ut to hurry away; rov i' lyeo 
kXvuv dryla T. 180. d pj) — fp2. 
vcc itdffrpofoi yvutfitic dirp^ay, an* 
Imi — > My ptrMrffci minct had hurried 
away from my purpote Ai. 443. 
'Awardw, to deceive; ola p' tlpydom^ 
ol' 4iranyKac P. 1 7. Sitmc Kpovc^ay 
drdroffiv (Kvirplc). 0^ Xiyw T. 400. 
— Vtfy ^' i)iriiri|pai iooftopot P* 037. 
oCirw roffovroy tlrar^/Mvoc Kup& tt« 
594. lywKa ydo ^») fmr^ >)rar9* 
pii'V AJ. 704. rl ydp oba ipol fpyf* 
rai ikyyiX/ac dirarMpiiiiy i H. 165. 

'Ainirif, deoeit, deception, fraud; dwdra 
i* dwdraic — r<ipA/)aXXApiva C« 
229. IXnlc -7 iroXXoic a' dvdra 
itoufov6^v ipwrwy A. 618^— ^pdy 
piy alavpdc dirdra^ P. 1121. drd- 
rac Xf x«wy uiripaXydy A. 626. dwd» 
rmotv ai'^xpaic avipa Kal $6\ot£ 
iXwv P. 1212. riv — parole <Uavr* 
dwaraic *Ayapipvova £. 124. 

'Airarwp, /alArr/«ii, become an orphon; 
ihJD* air6wrvor6^ n Kdwdrwp luo9 
C. 1385. doiaovg dwdropdg r' akw 
pi vac T. 200. 

'Awav^aWf to forbid ; lyw i' dwav9*i 
P. 1277. rbv dvip' dwaviei — fiv' 
thSixioOeu pqri wpoofwvtlp nvd, 
^Oriv a' dir' oUwv iL 236. rbv 
dvip* dfrtiuia Ti Ocpoc (yJeOcy eri- 
79C p>} '{m rapiiffity Aj. 728. 

'AwavoroQ, inceuant ; rd¥ dwavorov 
aUv Ipoi topuo9dvTW¥ uiyOmv drav 

'AwtucdKw, to cot{jeoture $ wtrvopip^ 
fUy, wc dwtUBdfftUf wdpu T. 140. 

'AriiXiw, to lArMtoa ; 8v irdXoi {[^rf ic 
dwttkmv R. 450. X^'P^*' dirc/Xti 
vvv C. 1042. frel^ Ay Ipyy rovr' 
dviiXijtfac 'x**C S 821. 

'Awttk^, the not of tkreotining, a threat. 
Once mad in the aing. t Wc a* ior^ 
dvfiX4 ffp&c Kiydc yyi&pac Xiytiy ; 
A. 740. Plttf. wokhed 4* iniXiil 

it ARE 

wmXXk ii l^rtiv iwfi dwuf var^irf I- 
Xt§0aw C. €64. 9lf€ «Z(r0* iiiriiK&c 
C €62. ToiMQ ipl^Mv^iv ^iTfiXic 
licpcn ic ^Aro€iiat Aj. 246. frifU 

pt^w^up E. 777* aniXaic ale ix"* 
|ia«9«v rjrff A. 387. 
'Art cXms* • lArMt ; o voSc Sraf av- 
rav ^lyfroi* fpMa nliriiA^/Mira C. 

'Avuiu, iail imlMti, to 6f c&Miie ; 1 . of 
• pcnoB ; vov yip 4 rX^/«Mir a^6c 
4««nv; P. 161. drn^*W oi ^ tin 
$4$. dwM9n wXiim r«v xaOi^Kovroc 
XP^v B. 75* XP^t^^ rpiutivov 
$yuc* ^ — Jlriiiy T. 164. ajr^cai 
VMC <rc#rcy ; 191. mc yvv 4v4yroc 
yr6pu E. 308. airi ^ Imivoc 609. 
5L Of A thing. r6y <i wpayBiyrttv 
tA pkv ikyt9T* &wi9rt¥ R. 1238. 
mmM&¥ W Iwrl w&vrmp iv6iuir\ oh* 
Up Ur^ iwhf 1285. rl ydp xokAv 
dw$wn ; 1496. Uky i' Awf roOrw 
ri xaipMw A. 1155; which it the 
mtlj JntiMncm where a caie follow* 

'Awttfu, mt iwikpau to go ewwy, to do- 
ftt ; B. 444. 447. P. 124. fe. 1039. 
T. 413. Aj. 1138. £wa P. 1056. B. 
431. A. 244. 

*AwHWii¥, 1. to forbid, with a datire of 
the penon and an aec and inf. of the 
thing cxpreacd or undentood ; ^wci- 
wtp ifiol tttpoc ft^ti wiXatup — 
pir^ Iwifotpilp p^Upa C. 1757. 
rmbr^p 7 I2wv Bitwrovvap 3y oh t6p 
mopbp awfcwac A. 401. Biwrttp, 
2: IntianaitiTelT, to iupoir, to bocomo 
VMvy. Iwd S^^iwtiwt T. 786. 

*Awtipyoi0tip, to forbid, to prtMiil ; jfv 
piip 6gpmipupHioSty^^iLwnpyd9y 

'A«i^7M» to J^orbid, protout; tsdudo; 

^cAj.51. aU' ^wcipyM Of^c 929. 
•vrot tf dwiipytip Mr 3w«#c '« Xi- 
Yfof f x«* Ai* ^'^ XP^ 74p ^ ""^ 

iliac T^ anW<«>' P- 1^^ h^y^p 

ippitmp dwo9Tpifov£ abyd^ dwtip- 
€i#Aj.70. r(c ravr' iwir^fv 1259. 

'AvtipMWC. iofiaito; taiedp ptXpap 
dwupt9mp «4iN#y Aj. 910. 

'Awfipec* tatrpiriomeed, ignormmi ; ca* 
cdy vAp efo Awupoc oS^ ^cotMO/iot 
A. 1176. TpAptiQ ydp obm dwttpoc 
6m^ kprnprlmmp 1285. pvp V awf t- 

rpfZT.142. wayri#r iwf IMC rfiv- 
*A«ii^ec«'c*»luMnl. Dor. for ijwfipocy 

^tfTv ti K<8iiip^ oiv &ti R. 1089. 
yt «- rfor cMc c^rw warf^ r^vl* 


aW/XatfffC C. 1358. Jr^y ^i roic 
wifi^^atfiv, 01 |ft' ^rqXatf ay 93. yqc 
i/i>7c <fcfrqX<&6i|v 605. 

'Aw«vycirt». tofiroAi5ir; W f5^ ^Wfy* 
viwicc y\pop ; C. 209. 

'Awf pffi, « ; arcpfi ric fwMMOQ iipalia 
olKovopm £• 182, 

'AwtplrpowoCt not rttyrning; o&r< yikp 
— wa7c 'Ayfi/i(|«KOvi^c dwtpirpO' 
woe £. 176. 

'Awfp^cM, to pfvr«nl, to avert; Awio^KOi 
Ziic caciv ^rip Aj. 185. wpMip 
i' intpOtov, but btf&f thot TtfroiH 
(from f peaking) C. 166. 

'Awipxopai, to g0 owojf, to dopart ; hit 
(v^tfoc) 4|f7a ^ir^ «ai raxfi* dwip* 
X^T"^^ P* 797. Iq Toi* Aripx^i KioBoc 
vttifotp A. 812. ^ f dw^XOo/Afv 
C. 1643. . iwfXOf 815. £. 1020. ool 

taolp abrbp fic X^yovf IKBtip 110- 
6pt' alrtip, dwtXmy r* Aofak^ 
r^C ^cvp' Mov C. 1166, 67. 

'Awf vOiivw, to rn/tf, to govern ; rpip ^ 
dwivB^pttp w6\ip R. 104. ok rov 
rdc aixpoXttrUac X^p^C itopo'ic 
uwtvOopopra, tbee, ^ot ort eotMrain* 
ing thy Cflpfi|r'«*< hondt with bonds Aj. 

'AwfxOqC* boted^ odUmt; war^p — 
ttwtxo^ ivoKXi^C f' dwmXtrOf A. 

'Aw^vVfO Mr, or ehorhti dwlip^ i* 4yc 
Aaioy pia R. 758. fdwi wwXik^c 
dp^p dwIiPfiQ iuptOioc 803. Swrioc 
dmivtit Mvc UtvkMtTM 812. 

'AwiOIm, not to obejf;todi9tbeti, or be Jf«- 
obedient ; ovc <^wft0qffM roic 'o7c pC» 
9oiQ P. 1432. 

'Aw^Qt Apia; an ancient name of Pelo- 

gonnctus, derived from Apia king of 
icyon 1 yiic ^01 rip 'Awuic wp&roi 
aoXovyraiC. 1305. 

'Awfoci romoti, ditiont ; wm{ ydp $ riv' 
dwiap yap ^ rr6pTWp akbitop* i&Xm- 
pipai ; C. 1682. 

' AwiotIm, 1 . not to believe, to ditbelieve ; 

. wfic dwtoriioet X6yoic rote rovBt P. 
)3M. obiip ^ Awiorm aal il£ o/. 
p&iat Aj. 920. 2. to dieobey. role 
4wifrovffiv rait A. 219. dwtoreiifoap 
rote fiaotkiloiotp iyovoi p6poic 377. 
W^Xf ctfc dwior^oaoap U waffle pi* 
PflP 661. ob Oaofop einic piji' 
d wi^iftf f iC ipoi ; T. 1 1 73. ptii^ dwf 
pr^oilt Torpi 1214. aputptUg dwi- 
vr<7v 1219. Awtorioapra role '/m'^C 
X4yMC 1230. 

'Awi#r/a, dittrutt^ otfeUbUumeu; 9i^* 
ircft a wUrtc$ fiXa^rhftt 5* dwitfrio 
C. 617. 

'Avitfroc» iJicridi6to,/«iliUiif ; rd r" IX- 
wiieep dmmreip atiofyiipei rmpit r&p 
fItpmPf the jrnordiaafUp ff t5«M ttran* 
^•ri torrtdftli to My AipM P« 856. rA 


doQ invriiBiy, ro?c woaXoIvi — 
diri<n'6c loi* Irmptiac ktfiiv, Ip tk§ 
munjf — ik€ haviu of Jdlowthip ia 
faitkUu Aj. 668. 

'AwXaroc, unapj^oachahU, tirrihU» Kf- 
filac ivotKov \iovr\ dtrkarov Bpip- 
ua T. 1083. rbv aL^ drXaroc I^fi 
AJ. 249. 

'AfrXiroCt Alt. for ivXaroc» hmmnH; 
— ^XX' iiri ^oc /ifXiy /S^poc 4rXf roy 
ippkpovi ^^¥f btU mtf mnd hu l«- 
eimefr0n%ied to an fxlml ifita/#r«6te la 
m« urcleiUff T. 978. 

'AwkiiOToc, intatittbk ; rfc ^irX^^ov 

*ArXov£, ftii|r(«, fimp/a; Mif ii' AirXy 
criiyyc^q^V'* JiirXy ^i U. 606. Sr«tfc 

T* 616. dp* ivTi raura He too' i\ 
awX&v KttKd i Aj. 270. Uwd ad- 
verbially R. 519; ol ydp ticdwkovv 
»} Z^fiia pot TW Xoyov rohrov ^pu, 

thit ehargo agaitat mo Uadi not to §m» 

pU but to nauif'old oviU 
'Air^.^rom; loinetiniet used ai a pre- 

pomtion, at others adverbially. 
'Airo/3aiyw, to depart, to withdraw ; pi- 

rdoraO', Aw6fia9i C. 160. dfii&rwv 

Airofiae 164. 
'Airo/3Xairnii, to bertavo ; roiov^* iliro- 

p\a60tioav dpriwe ^i\ov Aj. 921. 
'AwoBAaordvw, to titriug from ; pa* 

TpOQ Koivag iwipkaoTov wSivoQ C. 

'Airdyovoc, an offiprhig ; dw6yovoi rtai 

C. 539. 
'Airo^f /itvv^i, to oxkibit, to^ipoto ; «<&- 

iri^4i|ar< waripac* ditk^vQ, waXiaQ 

lydpoi) R. 1405. 
'AwoHBpaoKw, to otoipo, to avoid; Sri 

— - cbv opp' dvUpav Aj. 167* 
'AiroiiStopi, to gioo back, to roitart ; dw6' 
• ioe <k»c T&xoc rd rilia pot P. 912. 

dw6iot^ iKvovpai o\ dv6ioe 920, clXX' 

dwSSoc 938. dw6ioQf <Sff c pot, wat, 

rd ro^a 969. 
'Awoivpopai* to bewail, to lamoot; dwwQ 

Ipavrrjv — Ibv rfit cXavtfw Ktlfro" 

ovpiapat owoitf £.1111. 
'AwoOavpdlm* to be awM%ed at; rovr' 

ioriv T/cq KdwoBavpdvai irpirev C. 

'Airoiciw, fa dwell away from ; i| Kopiy- 

9oc iK ipov wdXai paxpdv dttipt^tiro, 

Corinlk koi been long mum dwelt far 

away from by wte R. 998. 
'ArouecC**, to remove to a dittant place; 

voXm rb Taprdpov — ipt fioCf mc 9* 

dwotKtvy C. 1392* ahpa^ fric p* 

aVounVfify h r6wwv T. 951. 
'AroiM>Ct banitkod ; yfc p' iwe$c itip^ 

4f%iC dwotitor R. 1518. 



'A'ToipotZw^ la deplore ; f vvqc dwotpor 
lovra r$c carw f9opay A. 1209- 
iror dwotp&iai Koid ; P. 278. 

'Aroix^OH to depart; itSivac airoi 
irpooijSaXwv dwoixirat T. 42. 

'Airocaipioc, iaopportuM, unaeoMonabU ; 
rb ydp pot paBtJv oine dwwuuptoy 
P. 155. 

'ArocaXiM, to call out agaiatt; fifty 
roo pavivTOQ — {^yoi/ioy ifvoco- 
XoSyric Aj. 714. 

'Airovduyw, to beeomo weary; ob ydip 
iii p dfToadpytiv C. 1778. ipd¥ U 
here to be underrtood, and the lenea 
is, it doe$ not b^t na to negleot wkai J 
kaoe to do* 

'ifrocXalw, to bewail^ to deplore; ard^ 
vov dvrirvwov — dwoakavoutp P. 
689. In the middle voiee, la deplore 
tkeir miifortunet with any one ; caro- 
KXavoaoOm Kand R. 1467. 

'AirocXy w, to ahut in, or 6/adlE up ; aim 

^yf^x^M^*' ^^ m4 airocXpffo* ro^/iov 
deXioy iipae R. 1388. 

'AirocXiyw, to fall away from ; ric dvijip 
frXioy r&c tbiatpoptac^pet^iiTooov 
Tov 8<roy loaiiv aai ^dCoyr^ drocXt- 
vat ; for wkat man attaina mare of 
kappiueu, tkanJuU to fancy ke kae it, 
and kavingfaneitdt to fall away from 

'Avocpiyw, la la^rala, to ckooao from ; 
itXvd p* — ipaoat Jueaioi 3vo»y diro* 
Kpiva^ Koxoiv^ 9 y^C dwotoai — j| 
KTkivat R. 640. 

'AiroXfiirw, la /mm, la deurt; ditbydp 
pt Xfiirir' t;ai| P. 1162. dwh ydp^ 
fiiov avrlKa Xtirfm 1143. Ipkpkvo 
voXt^C diroXfXoivf y 43q fiiorot aa4X- 
rieroc £^ 178. Passive; rev tfov ^i| 
diroXitiritfOai rd^v^ I long to ba 
Joined with thte in ihy tomb E. 1160. 

'AiroXtCt cne bauithedt'rom hie own eity^ 
an outcoit ; iv f (aery) pe wpovfla* 
Xoy d^iXoy, Ipiitiov, diroXiy r. 1006* 
adOiiKaQ dwoKty C. 1359. droXic* 
hrtp rb pf^ ffoXfty Kbvtart^ Tokpag 
Xdpty A. 367. 

'kwoKXvpt^ 1. to ruin, todeuroy; rbv 
doifiii p' dwoXXvvat R. 1441. V U 
Itaivwv^ dl p* diTMXXvniy, Bdvw 
1454. dir6 p' ^Xfic« ^i' irpotfOiyyc 
P. 806. droXcTc ^\draXci( T. 1004. 
diroXfZc £^ 821. vcipocy — m |t* 
flfxwXfffay 201. ot p dvwkiaav P. 
1340. MC m' flfv'wXfffac Ooywy E. 
798. wc/diriaXssracll54. dnUU- 
9ac J^ra 1155. dXXd iii Xdyeic 
dvitfXXtf^ 1852. 2. la kill; (^ ark- 
yat fcXwy Mpotf rmv ^ dvo>Xvyrwv 
wXkm £• 1397. 8. la lose ; twwoc 
tbytvije — Bvi^bv aba dwwKt^iw E. 
26. In the middle voice, la iitriiA ; 
dwdkkwpai rdkoQ P. 811. rw dif 


nnJMtT* mtfr&9pia¥* dw6XXvriu 
(Upipm) A. 710. V riXotv' dw^- 
X»ftm E. 290. lym ^' dw6>Xvfuu 
Ay, 936. anpac 'Apjtlomp wJ' 

X»iuu 980. cM/Sfia — o^« air^X- 
Xarr«i P. 1430. y^rMC — cEir^AXv- 
rB« B. 1351. la cocdc o^o^c 
mwWiw^etu MM^c P- 1355.— €ir^ 
XiA«9 / htm paithtd, or i •« i^f I P. 
732. 735. A. rX^/Mry^ wpoSUouM 
911. «lv^|iMKair^X«Xa966. a«r4- 
X«X' 5 riXcc 1172. — ^' ^ i* 
lwm9xwifi^^vdwmKkbigti¥ C 275. 

iwM^ ifmvriif^ i^ takuf dwmX&utiv 
1313. cvmX«« ^^ff Ka^iyvifrvc ^'X'^ 
1126. iwiiMi wm kwc6p / dw^ 
Xfro P. 444. rar^p «c i^i^ '^''X* 
«ik — dwAkm A. 50. 
AvAXAMy, Jm^, the tuUlar j god of 
the Atbcmau ; & Khnl 'AiroXXov 
E. €45. Galled Lgeimn, from a tem- 
p]« dedicated to him in L^cia, whence 
he gave oraclei: alio culed Detiea, 
Ikom hia having been born in the 

ialandoTDeloi. 'Ar4XX«y 5 /UUmc 

Aj. 689. 
'AimX^ only vaed br Sophocles in 

the paanTo and middle Toice ; f be 

Uottd Jrmm Ufg, or U dit; lOaviQ* 

««iX609C A. 1254. woiYUtdwiX^ 

•er* iy ^oyolc rp6w^ ; 1298. 
'Awokktfi A mf U dugme$: lun^ia ydp 

AXe^c — Alac dwOmfikh* Um Lh 

dugrtud Aj. 216. 
'Aw£jip»§Ui le jaflMT ly; dwrnito^ ayyoC 

Zfy&C Sif^ieroy «^c P* 1273. 
'A VMieXfZy, aee Iwifuikily. 
'AsiMfToc. /rw from tnubU ; iaphv 

efo aVoinirec £. 1054. In many 

edition^ the raadii^ it dwohn^roi, 

fnefnm fumAmnU, 
'Atntnmiiu, t# fr^'t 5y, te «i|^*oy ; /<q^i 

ver' WyXetoc dwopaUtro E. 204. 
'Aweroc^ wti&eirl i«l or ^« ; 9ii^ ttd* 

wh^ r^ (tOuM) C 1581. 
'Avevee^iCMff 1« '• 5criiN#, f« deprivt; 

• CvXXi^^Mir ^ e^aroMef teofSe-Xwy 

P.967. 2.l«riMdr.orf#fMltleea0td. 

rA |ife)4/if€iX4i ya^ dvoyee^^My 

fMWTiia R. 480. 
'A»4CtyaCt taAeipldM#; fic rb^ air4- 
. £i««y SiMiey OMoey KXy^«#ya B. 

'AveCf yMi« mid. te rtauet •mntff U m 

Mim»g§ Immd, le Aaatfli min$if; Bene 

— fwyAc iEvfiiyevfey «Ae — M«<ff 

kimt§Uf en en' It ja e <lriMt (end E. 

'Aveve^Ceaie&rleeiaM; Ipmrmp i' 
dwiwmwmp Aj. 1185u (m. i)ii). mid. 
le eiMib Ipgiw eair. iDlX' dveire^rc 
lifl* Ivi vXilii O^yey Ijiipin C 


1774. oM^ iror* U gafidrmp dro> 

ir«6ee^«m dvipiBf^ M% Bpiimp E. 

'Av^rX^ero^, «lnidi( ifiMi5 wifA emew* 

fli#Nl ; W — atmwdc cdv^rXqeroc 

Ai' »'X«* ; P. 721. 
'ArowX^eeM, used in the passive Yoioe $ 

ewm ; virWa A icX£yo/«at — xifire- 

irXi|evo/«ai A. 1174, 
'Aa-^irroXiCt «a aii^i either voluntary 

or by compulsion t tfiTOiy i^Q' dwi- 

vreXcc \ B. 1000. 6 (lyoi, dwlwroh^ 

(sc. fffiO C. 208. 3y air^areXty il- 

X«M<yT. 644. 
'AwowrotfJ'mr rfwuond, out rf »*ghi; mc 

irXi7eroy <fi| rov9' dwowrot dcrtttc 

U, 782. rdy da'oirroc |fc Aj. 15. 

Kraifkfv irp69t^ raff i/eiy — dirorroy 

mi6y E. 1481. Used adverbially; 

H liir^irrov /loXXey 4 'yyMv '<(o- 

iffTy P. 46.5. 
*Air6wrv9roc9d§UtUbU; I^^*dw6wrv9' 

t6c r< fdrdrmp Ifisv C. 1385. 
'Awopim, $• U a$ m Uu, to doii5l; 3rt 

XIIm i' dwopA B. 485. diroptic H 

rov €b \ P. 886. Iq iroXXA rdwopuv 

fXM T. 1233. 
'Airop64itfy t« dtmcl WgAl/jf ; e6 /toi 

yvifiac ix**^ XP^^^ dwopMc A* 

'Avopop, at a Uut, difficuU; obf oli* 
Srot xp4 fdropov rpiwuy (iroc* ^ 
ikiiow not tcAal to uy P. 885. YeOi Ik 
wapafp6tHpQv. dnopov iwl fp6w/ia 
wtfdvOm n* dv, know that 1 thould 
thew mifttfi betido my aiuei, incapablo 
of reeovortHg my stntti B. 691. rdc 
iiiXaiae — dw6pO¥ ^yi teac dXy^^^- 
yoc C. 515. rlf dpa fti w6Tiut£ o^ip 
ii' loiipof dwopoc iwipiyti — ; 1715. 
arol eilr aUBi^ m^ if>Q/M>c dwopoQ aU 
mya rk&uop S{iii; 1733. (dyOpwirec) 
dw0po^ l9^ Miy ipx*^*^^ ^^ fiiXXoy 
A. 357- — fidXa roc dwopa rwe** 
yolc^yi^fiyirdO^ P. 843. 

*Airoppkm% to Aow away, to eeaiifc; 
^uXy 3* dwopptX {iaijuiyf meaning 
%l8aifioyia) £. 988. erov ^ dwop^Z 
fiyqimc fd irifreyO^rof Aj. 519. 

'Aw6^ptfro^, forbiddiH ; H ydp ycu£ 
BdwTtiy of dw^^^^TQy wUkgi ; A. 44. 

'A'^/^^irrM, to eoMt away i dwioorbc 
y4c dwoppifOhaopm Aj. 998. Me- 
taph. to rfpedieff. coXiSc ^ 9^9 ^ 
d9oft^yLo¥9ay A VfyyiXXd^qy E. 

'Awoj^^oipiiot^ to uUor with e eroaHdof 
vouot like that of birds from whi^ 
omens were derived i eM* tpy^ s^ 
f4/iesc dwo^tmfi9€t aod§ A. 1008. 

'AiroemodyywMy le JUporm, to drivo 
$wayi vvv/direeitilfi^i^eec B. 138. 

' Airee«e«ie»i to rogard, ft Mk el. wp6c 


^ dwoffKOTw^a R. 746. tie Utiva 
fii rd yv¥ AwqvkAwu C« U97. 
*J^wo9waM, to fMT MM3f; 9&e 9' iro- 
ciriu^ rovJ* nUXov nfMowroQ Ai. 
1008. %l Ik ric ^ dwocwdvtu rMt 
rov vccpov 1166. dwovftdeac fi/ia- 
rMy vto6¥ae itw* ahr^Q R. 1268. 6c 
/ftf ^iXov 6/i/ft' ilirotfir^aac llo^xct 
^{i C. 870« olxcrac rlcvwy diro- 
ewdaae fiov — ivpm(uia 899. Uied 
In a fiffuntive miim, Iwdwtp (kfrUoe 
^ iwwwavae B. 1483* dwo^wdvac 

rapS^ay iXri^i^y E. 799. 

'▲froar^M, to dittil; r&e fuiviae 'm- 
yfti* dwo9T&Cu — f^^^ ^* ^49. 

*Airotf rarltrf, to 6# UNiiilpf , to diffnfrom ; 
fiop^^e A flic ^C o^< <iirftfr^rfi 
voXv R. 74S. o6ffovv viLmc 71 tf^c 
dwtvrdrow fptydc A. 980. 

'Aroorf lx**t '^ ^' ««Mjf , to depart ; dtro- 
OTiixoitt' dp E. 789. ti9M 3^ ^ro- 
tfriixovffA T. 690. 

fAvooriXXM, l.toifiiif,to<ftipatoJk; r6y 
OKowhv irp6c vovv <liro9rfXw irc&Xiv 
P. 126. 6c ^ ic 1*^ Tpo/ac irc^r 
dwoffTiKA /3(f 1281. *Iiriro/ii6oyr' 
liirlffriiXiv irarj)p TaXa^c C. 1319. 
Uaed in a somewhat different lenne, 
P. 448 ; rd ii iUaia — dwoffriX- 
Xovir' dti SG. ttQ^Aiitiv, but th$juit 
— tk$y ar§ §vir tkruitittg down to 
liadtt, 2. to dUmUi ; /i// u' unfiov 
riiaii' dwomiiktiTi yije, dXk' dpxi- 
wXovrov Kai Kamffrdriiv S6fimv £. 
71. 3. in the paasive voice, once in 
the nnie of to bt tont ; dvipa r6vl* 
drtvrikfiv vrfiVwy lw%9Bai C. 739 : 
and once to dtpart ; wpbc oUov o&dO* 
ustGt, ilic dwiordXti R. 116. 

'Airoffrcplw ; 1 • to dejtriv$ ; when used 
in this sense it takes an accusative of 
Uie loser and a genitive of the thing 
lost, or an accusative of the thing 
with or without a genitive of the per- 
son who is deprivi^d : the following as 
an instance of the former; rAv 6 wav- 
rXt)|iitfv iyit dwivriptiv ifiavrSv R. 

. 1381 ; ana passively, aov r' drtart- 
Mftivti Kal warpoc E. 803. Of the 
liUtor, dwtoriotiKae rbv fiiov P. 919; 
for in hcriQ y i/iou ^oXoi^c r6y fiiov 
\a(^v dwtvripfita ; P. 1267, the 
syntax is doubtftil, since either sub- 
stantive may be govenu^ by XajSmv 

or ifcirf ffrlpQrac* php dwoano^eye 
tAv eAv wpoamwmv iilovdv jUvMai 
E. 1268, where Aart is to bt ttnde^ 
stood. 2. to CMtcMi or do/rmud, widi 
an accusative of the thing 1 061^ |y- 
yoft' fliroc* oin wp09ftXkc wiXu — 
rii^ dw99Ttp&w fdn¥ R. 123. W 
I* dwiwrfpQfiiOa, oint l^rtp d *y^p 
mImc Ai* 769. « 



'ArotfTfoiffrw, to dtf^vi 'EnmcX^c 

— IleAvyficf Bpdpttv dwotfrcpcacfs 
C. 377. 

'Awotfrpi^, 1. to ImU kicfc; ete mc 
tdxoe ric rev^ dwovrpi^ti X'P'CS 
will not mmo on§ tKUttkit/olim^a hattdt 
behind kit back t (in order to tie them) R. 
1 1 64. 2. .to turn both ; oloy — oM* 
dwovrpi^at irdXgv (UU^ri) C. 1406* 
Passive, to atffir onooelf to bo tnrmtd 
back, that is, to hini onoteif backm od 
wdktv dwocrpafilc diru; R. 431. 
/iq, rp6c 9tA¥^ fpov&v y' dw^^rptH 
^VCt do not roJ'uM m tri i iam p o 326* 
pi} /t' dwo9Tpaf^e% ^ "^ ^*v c^Mf 
yrom MM 0. 1274. 

'Avoaroofii, oicopo; ^ku — fiiow n* 
Xcvni, coheir' icr' dwovtpo^ C. 

'Aw^orpof oCt ovorttd ; bfipdroty dwo- 
9rp6l^C a^bc dwilp^M ^4*^ vp^oo- 
^iv iiWf IV Aj. 69. 

'Awotfrvyl^, to dttett, to obkor ; riXfUL, 

— Sri cal w^cc rkrpo4fv dfikov, 
dwo9TvyAv C. 186. om VLwvay 

'AwoavX^M, to dupoii; 8c M* '&««'< 

cilirfffvXqafy wdrpac C. 1332. 
'AwovmCm, to saM Vrwiii ; wavMyrac 

oXyovc cdwooiwcovrac v^ev P. 

'Xworipvm, to cut off; Kpdr' dwb 9dw» 

ra Kal dpBpa npA xtpl P. 1192. 
'Arori)JaroCt nnapproaeknlbU ; thenoe, 

ineurabU, dwpTifiaroQ dypiavd^o^ 

'Awortpoc* nnhonourod, diakonound ; 

iwl rbv dwonuov Iv 9<04c BUy R. 

'AiroWvw, to rtpoy, piydXoi H XJ704 

pfydXac wXqydc rmy itVipaix^^ 
dworioavTic A. 1331. 

'Aworopoc. if/3pic — dKpdraroy thtn^ 
afida dwdropoy wpovoiv f^ dydy^ 
Kay R. 877 ; this reading is adopted 
by Dindorf, where dwdrofioy is used 
substantively; intoloneo — kaving 
mountod tho topmott prscipiet Aurncs 
on to ruin. But EUendt n^s it thus : 
6^piC — dKodrar' dffapfiifiditawtif 
dwtf ropey' mpowiy i/c dydycaif, 
makinff i&ir^ropoy an adjective agre e 
ing witn dydyxay^ inudoncot — wkon 
men knvo reached the highest pttoik* 
hurries them on to heodUng ruin, 

'Aworoci vcUhout drink; d9iT9g d'yip 
iworect Aj. 317. 

'AfrorplwM, to l«r« cwetfy that m^/rotm 
hinuejf ogoinet me. cat vvy iwl ry^c 
yovovyri oi wvp obt (yx^C *'*C ^r9-> 
ffittoy obn dwwpbLHi T. 1010. 

'AirerpeiTtfCta^wttieke, tobembominatod ; 
im 9Kdrem rifoc li^^ imrpevetr 

9» AHP 

R. ISll. -^ rhF Awirpvrw ^«Xoy 

adirdj; f«i|U yip «fo Aworpinw 

iXwiU ritw af^Mw XP^yai cm T. 

134. 2. I# ^f&; ia the middle 

voioej; Fiy £f9ir9¥ iMOfUrav dve- 

«-p«f rM A. S39. 
TAflvvpoCs rcflMtey iifical ; waXlcevrw 

ififuifiM vwrimag w^rpoiQ dwovpav 

'Amwc, Immt; Ix^wntf • /»' WfMV 

^ ^iro«y P. €28. 
'Amrnfanm^ to ilmjr; ^icvA rapAoCH 

JiW0famKOpra^ mgitktr MmmtiMg wr 
dtmyimg^ B. 485. Hennann obsenret 
OB this pMHge, **8inoe either things 
cndibU^ Aod imertHbUf or ^ffirmimr 
and demwimg mejr be oppoeed to each 
othcr» the poet adopted one of each 
claM, ^eceibrra, expreHing things 
credible^ and iwcfacKOPTOf those 
vhich dcoy." 

'A^nfip^f to Acer, or cwnry emjf to; m; 
AUvyx^*"' aoK^yd TOtff iv R. 1 179. 
Mm Tmv^ dve^ecic oq^a T. 61 1 • 

'j^srefcvTw, to Ifv, to ffiMpt; t^pa 
riM'dro^^yMyP. 1151. Triclin. 
^rpmcawQfuyAp. In C. 1736. all 
the vcnions have koI irdpoc dwi^v- 
7<ror» efiMir(Tcl afifw) t6 fiii virvup 
«ttMc. Bninck sHgzested dwiftv- 

Jtwp^ ElmsL dvfOiryf rqi^, Beiii^us 
vif^crc, but Ileimann, (whose 
TCMiiog is now adopted,) remodelled 
the whole psssege, diTiding it between 
the Chorus and Antigone. X. «aj 
wapoc dwif vys. Ant. ri; X, rd cfifv 
W lu^ wirpuv kokAc. Cho. £i>em 
k^0n U ttempO^AnL Wktti Cho. 
Tmir mfmrs^fram fmUmg Uiommry. 
Whereby the Chorus bids Antigone 
aad Ismcne remember, that they had 
not long before been snatched away 
by Creon. 

come ^x** f^ f^ C* 318. 
'AwcfOipm^ l.intiansitircly,toprriiA; 

•vov tdwofBipH rd XPV^^^ ^* ^^^* 

2. tnasttiYcly, to ifcflrrv. to itojf; rfty 

fiaX^wr* itwiiB'iCm. XPi^^ T. 706. 

imMd e "fjtrmp — /wofOimu Aj. 

'AtnfpAfWfu^ to mtloi^ to btrrie^i; 

t§ ys otoxaCs* Kdw9ffiy¥U9ai gitthf 

rft waiy/ia A. 241. 
'Awe^^M, to AfMlAs Ml liff, to sipirr j 

Ic f' dwIfiPCfir ^W AL 1010. 

imuptriimctdf umjMmetUtdi 

A. 1022. 
Awptit fi^hi ^W^ ^^P*^ '*^ 


'Awpo9d6icqrotf tmsaptetod; Awpocio' 
KjtiTw oUh itpnga^ E. 1005. 

'Awpodfyopec* iwt to *• SMSfCcd, la- 
lracta6to, tasMmWc; — warp^ n 

C. 1279. dwXarey OpI/i/Mi sdwpoeq- 

yopo¥ T. 1083. 
'kwpdcpax^^ invineiM$i d^picpaxov 

Apac T. 1088. 
'Awpo^o/uXoc, «iiii0rta6(f, msfMs; d- 

wpo96fuhtv yiipac C. 1238. 
*AwrM, and dwrofioi, to toucA, to eh'ng 

to; o^ a^ofuu ro0^ dvipog C. 826. 

jwrai uov (p6coc) T. 1006. yirir ^ 

icxariv eov (^«#roc) ro^ft^v Awrirot 

^Ifiac C. 1547. Oay^vrwv o^y 

dXyoc awmiu C. 959. tf4 VMff 

aptarmv iwrtrm fiovkkvpatmp A. 

'Awvpoc* w<<A«Ht jSrt, or unttpated to 

lA«>iir« ; r5 fdppatop rcur dwvpvp 

d€Tlv6c ^ dki Btppic dOucTOv^ 

eM^civ T. 682. 
'AwvcroCt^tintiUigibU; dirwra f mvAv 

finik fiiiicvpup Poiiv C. 490. 
'Awvw, to tot/, to injurmi tIq dy /mi — 

rdv ifp60vpoy — dr^o« AJ. 871* 
'AwwOfVi tf/«r, t« lAs dinunct; dr^tv 

6pOmp Kwtvpdrmp cXi» nc A. 

1191. dwMecv ipwo^^ T. 813. 

Hiih R. 641. Whence it is said 
passively, y^c dwwaOqvoi fti^ 670. 

— ^oi 760' hXaoap ipQV woibc 
dpBpop dw&VM P. 1187. pbl ydp 
tladyH Kai p^i dwwOfZ iuiiiiiyfUPfi 
w6pop T. 80. rot>^ dwMvavrs ( ffpdrq 
Aj. 441. d i' ah 9imwii9%aQ% xal riQ 

— dwwtffi rovwoc R. 234. fi4 ^*^^* 
Tfir' iriitffy P. 1 107. ov^ dwtifCOfiM 
rbp aifXAp T. 21 5i m&c dwucofuu 
1239. cl a' dwwtffi E. 422. ff ri; 
^Xfid 7 , e&« dwwtfo/ia« 932. ol' 
dp e6r< nc ^o/imv dwi^atr'» o6t^ Ay 
r/ffOffv Xa^v 1317. 

'AwMfieroc» sworn egaiast, to ft< deejbrod 
aa ofliA N«t to 5i i^^ac; fipwoXvip 
ohlip lev' drwfieroy, nothing iitoho 
iworu againti by martod A. 384; that 
is, thgrt ii nothing that aisa siiMt swiar 
thtif will not do, tC 3p«wv aaiwip 
^ dwMfioroc, ohhough I hod do* 
eiand by oath I would noi do il 390. 

*ATm9T6CfdnotH awoifftiptUed; dwM- 
vrbc 74c dwoppifOiicopai Aj. 998. 

'Awairlpw, dijtoal ; vwip ydp o6x« rwv 
dw««rlpM f<Xa»y, dXX' air^c avroi;, 
yar tN behalf, «al {^ aijf aiara distoat 
fritndt, bnl mytotf/or myolf R. 137. 
The sdioliast savs this has relinence 
to Laius; hut Ellcndt thinks it rafers 
to the dtiaens of T|iebes» to whom 
mbrbc abrw la opposed. 




'Apa, m oonjunction; tA«», but thtn^ 
ytff, expraMing eonuquiueM ; pits 
ceded by ii or Av, pcrJka^M, iMiicr- 
theUu; alio ftequently used intono* 

'A^, 1. fl evTMf impr§eaihn ; f^^ y6p 
aiot dai/iovic Bilkv fi' dfmvov rqv^c 
T^C dpac ^ri, Mtf jf nM tint godduiu 
yet mak§ mt »ibnt rf this curu C* 869. 
&f^¥OC dpac i* one %cko mhitaiHtfrom 
eurting; vrvyipdv lx< 3tNrror/iov 
ApAv ir dXXoiCf kap thy kated^ itl- 
am€n$d curu for otkgrt ; or at EUendt 
tnuislatct it, avirt thy cur$it upon 
othtrt P. 1106.— nXov^ Ajyal E. 
1409. rdc ffdc Atoltiv cv fuyti 
roidffi^ dpdc R. 295. l/iavriv fee 
dpdc itiyAc wpoflaWmv 744. oCric 
^aXoc i) 'tm — rair^ ^pdc 6 wnoeri- 
Bile 820. ohuAv ivlfuti irpoaBii9uc 
rdaV dpdf U. 152. irucpdc ip^C 
i}paro 956. cacac A. 423. roia^^' 
<lpdc tr^fiy— Uavi|ff' lyw C. 1377. 
dpdc ^C 'ot raXof'/iai 1386. lav y 
ai tM' dpal warpbQ rtXAvTM 1409. 
2. vengeance^ as the consequence of a 
curse; iWd roi Ot&v dpd phu c 
dwtvrriffavTa^ but the vengeance of 
the godt ttwoitt thee^ if thou dUobeyett 
T. 1229. ' pn^pdc Tt cac -~ irarpdc 
l\a iro/ Ik ytje rijvii iuvdwovc apd 

'Apav/itSc, fwiif, proceeding from blows; 
orlpvtiv dpaypovQf beuUugi of the 
breait C. 1605. 

' Apai oct 1 * transitively, one who impre' 
eatet eurtes ; /if vw «' iyut koI vipOiv 
ifv dpaio^ ihoii fiapuQ T. 1192. 
2. one whofulfiU impreratiom; thence 
used as an epithet of Jupiter; irp^c 
dpaiov ^tdQ P. 1167. 3. passively, 
nceurted; &9Wio p' dpaiov ikoBic R. 
276. dpaioc— ^oi/ii|v642. kt^Ux^o- 
voc pi^jfuv lavrSv^ ob^ iri pivAv SS- 
ptoic dpaioc 1291. wpb^ ov^ dpaloc 
dyapoQ Ui' lyit piroucoQ ipxopai A. 

'Apdopai, 1. to praVf to tupplieaU; 
n}v lyu» — 9foic apmpai wtipov^c 
drtp Xa/3flv T. 48. 4 '« roXXdnc 
OioXc dparat l^vra irpbQ ZdpnvQ ua- 
\iiv Aj. 504.^ fffuv i* obv iyjo 
OfoTc dp&pat /itj iror <&yr$#ai cacov 
C. 1447. 2. 10 tmpricats, to eurte ; 
iraOflv Krfp roicb* dpruftQ^paadptiv 
R. 251. dpaioc mc ^pdiraro 1291. 
el uii pet wuipde — dp^c 4paro C. 
956. TOMvr' do&pai 1391. rd 
9ffXi|od warpbc KKitrt tovf dpmpi- 
vov 1408. apdc Ktucd^ iparo roUt 
ro^pyo¥ ilupyei9iiivQi£ A. 424. 

'Apopim*!, le fa Jirmiy^ or exactly; 
dXK* ipk y A 9rov6e9^ dpapev 
fpivaCf but the mremer (iJbl 



/or /Ijfi) eioetlyfiu (m ueeordt wicA) 
mffeelingt £. 144. 

'ApoirffM, l.tostrtits; 4pae«^ liraipMy 
pxki^pa R. 1276. ditrXac W'tcc 
dpaCac a^r^c abrevpy^ x*P^ ^* ^2« 
dpaxOlv SXjcoc 961. 2. used figura- 
tively, to Quail with obute ; voXm^sIc 
— iipavoov KocoTc roic mitfiy P. 
374. bvtiitmv Upewvay iv9i¥ s£i^ 
9<v Aj. 712. 

'Aparoc, aecurted; dparop XXcoc ▲• 

'Apyfioci on ^^gi^e ; alwajrs used sub- 
stantively ; 'BriocXoc 'Apyiioc ys- 
yutf C. 1318. 'Apyfioc Jify dvaKa^ 
Xoviif voc E. 683. Apytiwy vrpardc 
A. 15. 'ApyfiW E. 525. 'ApytiMv 
9TpaTtf Aj. 95. P. 418. 'ApyfiWy 
fdnv Aj. 186. 'Apyfiwy Hiro 493. 
'Apytlkfv wdpa 648. roif dXXoimv 
'Apyfifnv 761. piytffToy 'Apytimv 
1310. dvip* — dpiffroy 'ApyfiMv 
1319. ^x0i9roc'Apyfiwydviipl362. 
dir* 'Apyiimv P. 556. — roc^cy 'Ap- 
ytiotmv P. 550. wamv 'ApyuotQ 67. 
'Apyf loitfiy Aj. 67. role ir. ApydoiQ 
709. 'Apyfio«ri P. 932. Aj. 435. 
1219. ly 'Apyf/oic pivocc P. 626. 
iy 'Apyf joic 1053. Aj. 44. 'Apytiotc 
E. 1451. Aj. 415. robe vavrag 
'Apyuovc P. 47. 

'Apyqc^ ttAilf ; riy dpyiffra KoXuydy 
C. 676. — IxP^ov dpyiiT* oUc ibeipm 
w6Ktp T. 672. 

'ApytVovCf fohitefooted ; Iho V ^pyi- 
woiai cpio^c dvtXwf Aj. 233. 

'Apyo9fi',/r9M Jmi; r6v Xfitravirty 
^A^y«S0f V fSra pdvra A. 106. 

'Apyoc, 1 . tiow, tnaclit's ; yXSevav fu y 
dpy6vt Xtipa S* fixov ^pydrrv P. 97. 
2. utidoNS ; Kobx ^y It* dpyby obdkyetv 
IfUro C. 1601. o^K iy dpyoie obib 
Tovr' IwpaUdptiy R. 287. which the 
scholiast explains by obt dpywc» but 
the more elegant and correct transla- 
tion is, nor have I suffered thh to bo 
left undone^ obbk rovr' <irpa{d^qv 
•Stfrf dpyd iJvau 

'Apyoc, Argot^ the name of a dty, and 
territory ; waXaiby 'ApyoQ K 4. mc 
— 'Apyoc 4 Tb KaBpHmy wiSoy npy 
KaOiioy C. 381. rb «o<Xov *Apyoc 
C. 379. 1389. uar* 'Apyoc 1169. 
'Apyoc ic rb Awpudy 1303. <c'Ap* 
yoc 1418.— 'Apyowc 1827. 1403. 

'ApyvpoQ, tUver^ nlver eoia, money; 
cMy ydp dyBaumtmy^ oloy ^pyvpoc* 
uaxAy yipwp' Spkacre A. 295. Iw' 
dpybpip ye r^ 4^4^ wpoiovQ 822. 
il ri pi) l^^ ^py^PH^ Iwpdanr' iy 
BiySi R. 124. 

'Ap^qy, 1. raited on high ; U roi ed" 
pf ly.— i| tbupoHirov yoXclac dpdtiy 
wpAx^v Xeof M rpitfWytoiffi W^ ylcw 

» APH 

•rl^ A. 4S6L 2. metaphor. Mfc«- 
am/f, with mil Mc'< mirhi ; ic *w- 

^^ Aj. 1258. 
TAm«idm, I* plMify t« Meu^ ; S^tc r^* 

•Bfor ro!c MTM A. 75. oZi' dpi- 
mmm W tic |>^Xi^' ^&cy /u xpi ^• 
•ttc rcvr^ dpi^ai 211. r^ rovr' 
IpMiv E. 401. A rwc irflXXoStfcv 
^p§ntw Kpiraie Aj. 1222. Once 
need with an aenuatiTe; e^ ydp fi' 
^^eiKM yXwev^ eov rtOiiy/ik¥ti Aj. 
581. Employed with a paauYe form, 
with aa active ■(inufieation; mc ifiol 

Ap€99ti^ wwi A. 496. 

*tLft9r6et ptetungf ikat which pU&ttt; 
dwri row dftivtwv, — Iful rwv 9m¥ 
Xtjw9 d^9Th¥ vUkv k. An. «e7/3<, 
•el A rcirr' Apler* iIq B. 1096. 

*A^fr4, aelfiir, caciUf aet ; yurft ydp a 
>cn| |u rqc <X^p5c iroX^ Aj. 1336. 
•--i^r^c Srari P. 665. w&vac Apir&c 
>^f9p' lxw9 T. 642. rd wpiV f 
Ip7« X^poip luylvrac dpirac Ai. 
610.^d/Mrf 2i wpdroc impi^ic 
^prnn^fun-oc P. 1411. In P. 1406. 
miaorair Aptr^ 'OC^*'« — ^P*^!)*' >* 
■ndeniood bj If iuigia?et and many 
otlien» to capiCM th§ r§ward ^ ttc§[- 
itmet; thu, Igmhed tauMrta/ honour ; 
hot EUcndt well obeenrce, that it 
«a]/ Bcaae craf /if arr, and that Her- 
calet meant to m? that hit oxeoUonee 
kmdoarmodimmwrimiity; iLp^H^vlex^ 
iMvwrwy, that ii» 6m yiviwat 

'Ap^«. to ifW, to aiiJft; dXX' dpi^ 
W, Ic ^ Itm |u(X« Aj. 1162. 
i X9n9 ^ ^7«y E. 619- IXOir' 
dt^eon 115. dph^ (/eiXOevrcc 
ef l«MM«i n Aj. 822. re«c m7c 
d^Coyr' iv wdyoi^i f^nfiaptm 986. 

'AfvCic^ aid, faecvar; weiav Xd/3i« 
0fMr«pfCMr40per6i';C.888. vMcy 
J* Jr f^MfC rvy ium¥ mh w^udrww 

TA^ifC^ 1. lA« |«d af iper, diicard, aad 

Miff; hp^foiytoc 

„_^ tor* ^ li*^ . . 

A#«c •fo iOnef y £• 96. r« ^vef- 
pumrom al/ia faeiSy 'Apfc 1877. 
IXaeiir a/i^ dyec ^r* h/tfiArmv 
'Ap9cAj.692. vvy <"Apiyc o(erpif- 
Mc KiXve^ Mwewy d^cipay T. 650. 
'Apia— Be vvy— fXiyM /u B. 190. 
'Apfecfl^aXtvwdTevC. 951. caX6 
J^ 'Ap99 rdv eMy rd d<ii^ l>2e^oc 
imfitfikmUra 6. 1898. rd f^iir" 
iXXaic IvfMiyia fikyac'A^C A. 189. 
dhrX<w«Ay'Ap9c958. 2.«ar,5all(«; 

mm Jilaein A. 138« wpiif 9f weri 
- ' ^-^ ly 'Apfi Aj- 607. 


8c tfrvyf p«y fdci|f v 8irXi#y "EXXa^i 
motvhy Ap^v 1175* rAv x'^*^/^^'*' 
'Apiy fdlowtp C. 1050. dicvic ^ ^po9* 
Xiip**¥ 'Ap9C 1^67* 8. eoruogif 
tUughUr ; wt^SfitifUU XiOdXiveroy 
'Ap9 CwaXyuy /urd rcw^f rvwtlc 
Aj. 247. 8ry /c^' 'Ap^c M^m 
v6yroc AvriKVpetv C. 1676. 4. a 
weWiftf ipin>. ady yvwMiKiy mc 'ApQC 
IvtVTtv E. 1235. And in thti lenae 
perhape, as Ellendt obaerTee, ia to be 
undentood C. 1067. above quoted. 
'ApBpov^ a /imA, mombtr^ m joint ; </4o6 
woa^c dpOpoy P. 1187, that ii, tho 
foot itaeif, Kpttt^ dirh T&vra €al 
dpBpa rtuA 1 192. dpOpa— Jy^f^Cac 
woidiw R. 718, where tho ligumontt 
of tho foot are meant, aa in a aubae- 
quent paaaage; woiSp Av ApBpa 
fiaprvptietuv rd 9d 1032, and ftdp^ac 
wMc yiy« dpOpov j Xvy/Ccra« T. 
776. Alao iiaed genemlly of tho 
wombirt of tho body ; wpocwHovtrat 

Jtrmy &wav no? dpOpw T. 766. 
Jao applied to tho Hgownnti of tho 
.fVf ; dpac iwatetv dp$pa r&v ahfoiu 
kIkXmp B. 1270. 
'ApiBfidCf numhor^ multitudo; wphc robe 
ipavriic, wp dpiGphv Iv ViKpoic 
wXcIeroy BUtKTM nfp«l^tfe'4XwXd- 
ri#y A. 884. tl Xi^ci rbp abrbv 
dptBpdp R. 844. Muy dpiBu6c Aj. 
1165. Metaphorically; ravr^ abg 

tpya invd C. 383, thit it not a aaue- 
her of wordt^ that ia, theto ere not 
omptjf iMrdi, but droadfulfaett, 

'Apwra, aee dpwroQ, 

*Kpi9Tiia^ tho motd of oieolUneo; tl 
l&v 'AxtXXc^c — Kpiptiv ifuKki tpd' 
roc dpwrttac rivl Aj. 438. 

'Api^nioy, tho reward of oieoUoneo; 
dptvrtt ItXafimv ^rpanbfiaroc P. 
1415. yvpyoy favirra rwv dfu^ 
rtlwp drtp Aj. 459. 

'Apctfrvpdc, th§ left; H dpt^tpic P* 
20. 6H dpierf pdc Mi "Hpac b aXf i^ 
vbc va6c E. 7. Xiwv ^vlav dpt/ort* 
pdv 733. Uaed figuratively, amntf- 
e««/y, ia a UfUhondtd wejfi e6wort 
ydp fptvdBtp y' iw^ dpt^rtpd'^ifiac 
rd^eoy Aj. 182. 

'Apieri^, Me 5mI, or aieit diilia/piliAad 
la raai^ or toiaat; dp«tfrac U dpie- 
Hoiy JMiy /SXoer^ Aj. 1288. 

'Apierf^M, to excfl; wdpr dptartb^ac 
topi A. 195. wdtrr' dpiertiwp xtpolp 
T. 488. rd wp&ra Ka\k»anC dpt^ 
rideac 0rparw Aj. 480. 

'Apt0r6ua¥rtC9 on otooUont toothmfor, or 

tho ohirf of toothtoffon ; ^Bihivc ^f^m* 

rdfuwrtc P* 1S22. 

'ApiereCf !• uted as an a4ioctiTa, tho 




0i raSr iif»itvc 
lipintiw ifmci VL 4441. S^tmnc ^' 
Bim wp^ mtumrw Ju^p' ipk 14U. 
|ulyncMC^i«racBb 147X iptmrmQ 
Ui ipMTMtr ZwAv pkmmTMP Aj. 128X 
Im warp^c fcMT yfyiiie api/^rot 
'AxoMmv Aj. e2S. ~M#a r ipi#ra ri 
«'aicc<KX#«<^E.1078. Apigrmmwum 

rpdctu€x*^^^7*7^^»^^i^^ ^^p^ 
r6pi0ro9PastXlm£r§R,257. «^ 
Tp^ wivrmv ApLrrmt E. 357. vdEy- 
r«#v 6pi€row ft0r^ T. 176. — Hfc 
4f»l0n|c ptirpif Lwpampkvoc 1095. 
fy Mplpunw 'Apyfiwv Aj. 1319. 
'EXX^yMy 7va r^KT* Aptirw P. 
1929. r^yT^^tfroyaya^C. 1103. 
rdy wkwT* &pt0TW e^n• 145a 
wAvTM¥ &ptgTw ApSpa T. 808.-- 
6 fipormv apt9T§ B. 46. dpctfr' 
'Oava«<SAJ. 1360. •& atav/ia rtcvwy 
Jkptara C 1690. rdy Apkvr^nf /3o»- 
X<viiilri#y A. 179. role ^p*9rotQ 
iivip&9w AJ. 1359. A rote ^p*9TotQ 
tpX%Tai Karm vwKpoi^ A. 197. (v^ 
mpa) T&vZ% ^popivav Apt^ra E. 

% Uied tubttantively ; iHouca pi 
rahc — v6povc &pi9ro¥ j ^mZcvra 
rhv /Sfov riXfly A. 1101. ^olovc 
role apiaromaiv P. 985. 

3. AdverbiAlljT I ^ff^ ^ 3rwc dpiora 
evp^poi Oiit P. 623, that io^ M«jf 
O0d Ai propitieui Co yon. 4«>v iffu- 
irra, boro ih§ high§itfom$ 1207. Sr^c 
rd rov Of ov pavrtl dpiffra k&iroptv 
R. 407. v/fC(C 7* ipi^r' f/^fl/ Ay 
1046. oi6x — dptar' ttpyaopiva 1369. 
/i<rd— /if^oXwy ^oiOff dpiar' Ay — 
OpOo7ro AJ. 160. 

*Api9T6x9ip9 wih th floulMt AonA; 
ipoc dpiffr6xup 8irXMy fcii/ Aywy 
wipi Aj. 916. AfMffr^fip dyft»y« • 
eontat itf'tupirhr pnweu, 

'ApifDoitiCf ^oU akifful; dptfpai^ 
Avrip A. 847. 

'ApK^e, A rcadian ; napBtvowaioQ 'Ap- 
K&c 0. 1322. 

'Apffioie, flMf« advantag$ ; tal Wc irp^C 
Av8p6c pii ^Xiroyroc ApMtfic C. 73. 

'Apiclw, 1. used M a penoiuU verb; fo 
loaril 0^, to drf$Hd^ lo oifift ; Ay^pa 
^ o^^ya — ttfric Apdffffuy P. 261. 
rAc 'AO^yac — Uvov ^w^f ly oiac ri 
ffai fi^yac Apcity tx*^^ ^* ^^^ ^^ 
Apciiy ^oic E. 314. iyio >i;XaCa, 
rohr6 v' Ap«ltfai« lo ftiiiftfr iftiiL At. 
531. Mc <w« Apcitfot r& fi4 ov «• 
rpoi^ft— -caraCavOilc 9ayf7y 714. In 
Oio7c <!»€ oMIy AAKily fl/i' ^<iXir||C 
fn AJ. 587. rm or #oi mutt be un- 
dentoodi AJas aavi, that he la no 
longer debtor to tne godi» to eenre 
eey ono, nvU or #e/« Iftof, via. 7oo- 
■MMb UrAMpotwiwp&roCfiZiVt 

APX 33 

— ipngmp Aj. 811. 2. tm perform^ 

? ^•A^.j^M' 'P7« iw'** X««W 
Apcte«cl|i9C%i.43l. 3.too»J|Ker, C» 
5o epMl f^ with a dative; «7/mu ydp 
Apcf tr •at yf c»l rA eA — AAvMara 
P. 339. A ^pijac Xi^i^y^ i^c 
%Mi«rF raJi sal vcrpi 6laXa/i9s-«X» 
vfoily R. 1207. o^x v^*' ''J^^n 
IMvyoc Apsf ott A. S08L AXX' Apnm 
soi roSra T. 1206. jcAy i^Xic dp- 
aUouu #M V enrX<e/i|y|» AL 1102. 
•M?dp^ k. 179. lyloy dpnirm 
juymr Aj. 76. Apdev Ov^Nnrew' 
iyw A. 543. dpKuv ydp ot^tu — 
/uoy f o)p4v rdr Uriwmfear C 499. 
4. ueed impenonalljr, dpnl^ it mm/- 
.Cott, it U emmigk; ro^^dwmKrac 
dp€u rmra pot iutikvmt O. 296. 
dpaiw icnipot E. 1356. 8r' oMr' 
Aoci;T.708. ipol pkv dp€%l rwrw 
c/c Up9vc phftw Aj. 80. tl — eve 
dpd^u woff daiy oM* iecmukvotc 
cSicfiy Aj. 1221. 

'ApcrioCf 1. from dpx^pm^ i< if «<«co> 
iory (o ^no, or f( atasi 5o h»gum; 
Apicricp re vpaypa Aj. 840. 2. 
fram Apx*** '^ ^< ^mmlf 5o raM ; 
dpKrUv y* 8/i«c» y <<<'' mo aiajt 
6o rviod ; or more correctly pcrhapa, 
hul if^u mtut Moodf tbty R. 6*^. 

'Apcroc* lAo /7oar, Una Mtjcr ; oloy 
Apcrov orpo^Stc ccXfvOoi T. 130. 

'Aocro6poCf ><rv(«ntt; il »}poc ««c 
kpKTOVpov^frmn tpring to aataaia R. 

'ApKverarop^ a aot; rlvt*y iror' Ay^ 
Spmv Jy /Mtfoic Apcv^rorecc vliTMra 
El 1468. 

^kppti^ a ekuriot : ^vytirwy dppdrmv 
kwtordrat. £. 692. wac luforMO^ 
9p6poc kHwqv Kponir&¥ appdrvp 

pAoii ^oiy ipp6eai C. 198, which 
means, lAof ^ntl^oNO adaptt k€r uep 
to that of (Ediptu, (40c dp dprixpt' 
9T0P dpp6oaipi irov, tilt I ahomid 
iOMowftoro uppijf it frnk'tnoiHttd T. 
684. rovroiffiy (yo/iocc), ovc AXXoi- 
0iv dppoffOfi<ftTat^ wtk thoto ond «o 
othtr (taw) tkatt ha fto/ftoA, that it, 
judftd^ C. 912. o^x ^C / ^«<^>V 
rjSt T iv iippoapkva^ aot 00 of ike}f 
Vfirs united iitween lum and' kir A. 
566. 2. intraniitivelv, to hojitting^ to 
tuit^ to apply to ; rdi' o(fK Iw* dkHop 
pporAp ip&c dppdvu iror' H alriac^ 
tk$ guilt of tk\M ysMl Novor mky to oa« 
olftof kat eio A. 1303, li u4 riit. 
X^ip^n'ra waoip dppdnt pporotc, 
unltm thito tkinp thaU turn oat a 
plain uampU to all mankind 




Apxalof^ mcitnt^ prUtim; 1. of a 
thing that exists no longer; o^ yAp 
94 rW dpxalov SifuiQ C. 110. »}y 
fiot wakatSv lApo¥ Apx^^v irorl 
9nP^ T. 652. 2. of a thing done 
In olden timei rl rovr* dpxa3foy 
ivWrcic iraff^y; R. 1093. dpxa^a 
rd AafiiatiZav 6pp/uu w^uara A. 
580. 5. of A thing that naa con- 
tinued ftom olden time; X^yoc — 
dpXa(o£ AvOpuwmv faptlc T. 1. 
frarphe dpxa7«K ^^fop J&. 881. 
viLpKi90QQ ftkydXatw Bialv Jtpxaiov 
^rt^tmfui C. 690. Z^v^c dpxaioic 
v6fioiC C. 1884. ^^c /MM x</*^C ^9C 
irJeriv dpxalap rhvotc 1828. iraT^c 
Jkpxaiov Sr^rev 100. 4. It ii oImo 
used In reference to origin and an- 
ceston I dpfalw ^vra IliXeira fiap* 
fiapov ^pbya AJ. 1271. at dfH 


*Apxiw\ovfo^^ tkfuundtr rfkli/ortunt \ 
(ikireerlXXff i) devlirXovroy luu ca- 
raerdniv i&iif*v £. 72. 

'Apxhf 1. tfDmmaiti/, ni/e; dpy^c ^ 
f'^C cic Jitliafi&e uifivtftutBa K. 49. 

' rijM J dpx^^ oCvitfa 883. dpx^C 
h\iiifw taX ivvavrtlac 593. r^ff^' 
fy^'V yBov^c apxh^ 737. rdv ri 
eai' oOdyaroy o/ly dpx<iv 905. 
ApxVi XajSieOai cal cpdrovc fvpav- 
vucuv C. 874. oiirf v^iv ^PX^C 
5yi|tfiC 9C<* 4^2. dpx^C 9Mp6c Ai. 
1083. ir/>2v dv dpxo^C **< <at vo- 
lioutiv IvToipiic ^yj A. 177. rdc 
iftdf dpxae el/3wv /40. %fuooe — 
r&¥ uiyakuv wApt^poc iv apx^'C 
Btfffiup 792. 2. b^Etuning, origin ; I 



R. 121. nc 7<ip iror dpx4 ^ov 
ffOicov irpoei rraro; AJ. 275. icar* 
dpxi)y roiS irpdc 'Umv erAov P. 
247. 3. in the foUowins instances 
it is used adrerbially; aw* ApxHc 
Aj. 1076. 6H dpx4c ^<XoC R* 885. 
Ilut dpxii*' ^^^ * negfttive* has the 
sense of at all ; dpx4*' ^^ O^pdy od 
rplm rd/iyWava A. 92. dpx^i' 
cXvfcy Ap o/fO^ Ara{ i/3ovX6fiqy P. 
1223. Apxiv Av — rde^i ivafuvtlc 
XoAc oiuc &v wort — iirleridNiy E. 

'ApXJY'^^f'f Is brgiN, to comm$nc9 ; 
liiliiv wpioBiv n tA holiov wupiifuO* 
ipiuv kAw6 T&vi* ApxnytThiv E. 83. 

'Apxvy^r^Ci A chitfiaiHi IC Ay^p 
dpxvyirw R. 751. 

^PX'iy^f •foundtr of afamUy ; thence 
• t%U§UTh§roi T^vciwwAriiplLokmvhv 
dxovrai efioiv Apxny^v^'^^^^0. 60. 
'Apxi*9 1* t« ^^1"* or te ftf lk»Jim 
to do, or lAs ecioB<l0i» of doing any 
thing i In whieh signincation it is 
used hf itoelf, or Joiood with a goni- 

tiTo or aeeusatlvo; ApKama n Xirrir- 
pAp £. 542. ^ Apx' aMc mc eec Ov 
/idc 1311. ev ^fugprnw cocmv fp^fy 
n^ Ampw^ WM f A« cwair «/* T. 869. 

/JyaC Ap' t|y kflMc dpx*^ XP^*^ 
wnpArmv Aj. 914. o ei|0ac> iXf- 
Xi'xi^y Bdffx'ec A. 154. 2. t« 
reie, le ^Msnt ; generally vithout s 
cose, oometimes with either a geni- 
tive of the things or with an odTeriiial 
aocusatire; «#c BpanJa mal wipa 
Hkvic Apxot E. 512. ^wtp aplitc 
r^iili yi/c K. Bi, Apxu^ d" Utivv 
TahrA ; mnd hmU tho» tiko rmio %itk 
kerf 579. Apxw iid^9$tu AHA, iU 
ah-bc t}px^>^ ^1* e^rec ««cwc 
ApxwroQ (dpcrioy) 629. dpxM ric 
ain-Ap^ t) Vl r^ wX^^fi^ Xdvocs C. 

66. U TQv — /3tteiXi*ic tAA' apxvnu 

67. </iov ik (Mvrec ei« dpCit vvyif 
A. 521. Kok&c ^kp ApxHp^ tA t Ap 
ApXt^tu BiXttp 665. nfed* Apxtip 
XOoydc 732. y«c (Ay) dpx^C 735. 
rdymrC BapAproQ y* A^ofup AJ. 
1047. dvrcp dpx(*C apx* 1086. 
cde rMV^' apx^pat £. 256. ovr* 
dy vrparAc yt 9ufpopm^ apx^*'* 
In Aj. 1054. e&wc' Apx6^aff U 
KpH096pidp A. 63. Whether the 
following is to be referred to the 
above, or the signification next given 
is doubtAil; ovrec (Love) apx<« Kai 
OfMv, 3irwc dcXfiv KAfiov yt T. 443. 

3. To ho Miiilsr of OHything ; ov 
wo^^Cf ov rivoc apx*'!' P- 848. 

4. The participle, especially in the 
second signification, tahes the nature 
of a substantive; apx^pric tlaiv^ 
&9t' vwtutrkop Aj. 653. a^rdcdpxwv 

— A7ac IwXfi 1213. In the middle 
voice it signifies to hogin; la ik* ip 
oleiv i)p^d/tQV C. 631. 

'Apwy4, etd. prolsctien; A* p^pApAfA" 
paroQ oifi' Ix^y ApmyAp P. 845. 
ffoivdv fi'veiy ic ^iXevc dpmyAv 
1130. ^iwXdc dpsfydc jioKup y^ 
T^it Kal woKlratc C. 1096, 

'Apwydc, protofting, or a protictor : 
1. an adj.; /m yive^ votac Ap^Av 
rixvae Ai. 350, rA ed /3IXfa dpwyd 
wpovraOtpra R. 206, 2. a sub- 
stantive; iraXi? ^ dpiryo^p rdc del 

— WApOiyovc AJ. 822. 3c y' */3ay 
Aayffoic Apuy6c P. 1201. Aatov — 
MuQ Apuybi iV fcacoic iylyMro R. 
127. IXOiiy dpMye^ Cv/i/iavevc r« 
C. 1016. rpwroy ukp — rey Otit^ 
woutvptpoc AptoyAp 1288. poAc Apti^ 
yol r^c AlapTOQ Aj. 200. i^/isy^ 
apMyiy ** fieXtly E. 440. wdpic^cv 
kXwiimp in KQivorAtsmp tAwarptAav 
1^ dpMyel 849, yiyev wpAfpmp ap^^ 
yhg ripAt tAp fiovXtvpAr^p 1373^ 
wapAytrai yAp ipipttp iokiAw^w^ 



35 AXK 

fpwy^C 1384. 9oi V vwoltpyti90¥ 
T^% IfM r* ^p^a E. 454. 

Xivuc R. 439. 

Tcc vit" ^n/3^ *R. 138*2. t6¥ wa- 
Tpo^pr^Vf rbv Actfi^ 1441. Kohie 
iCiAm r^ atfi/39 C. 827. 

'AmvtIm^ to flcl vrrfMnettf ; xp4 ^ ^<* 
7* f/c 9<«^ ^92<y Actwril¥ A. 1329. 

*A«f aroCt iin^Miif ; f / fui — r«#» 
Awkwrmv tpUrai B. 890. 

*A#9/wCff ckitiftrff imdiititiet ; wrtp&v 
jipSsfiSoc o^K JvifiMC 4v A. 991. 
r^ r awmiawtptfialvtt /3oJ|C 1194. 
tM Mine M Jt^ftoc poii i i^x*^ ^^C 
•fa iimiipov^ iihXiL tv9Tvx^ tfMcvrhv 
ii^m T. 863. ipavBavw fOiyovr' 
Awifutv ^oyimv itavrt^nara A. 1000. 
i#9/MC •v^o'VC VIC »iv 252. 

/WMC fO^ot C. 1664. 

vmkgr than m iingl§ mmn C 1037. 
'Atfia^ifSM; yac ^^lac C. 700. ^ 

cveroc— 0cur» Aj. 817. woKXduiy 
— Jvcroc I'vXivevc r'l&Xw^lyiy C. 350. 

fUmeJf tiwl 99ftfit¥ Unfitly pMftop 
Tu^ Jk€tiw«ipyo¥ C 101. 
*A9ni«c» mnprepuTHl; tCoiM n o^ 
4«XiK oM* a9KtVQ¥ Ic rov^vi' ^floi¥ 
^^wrm^ G. 1033. dtiuvoy dvwitmy 
n coi 9rparov E. 36. 


Ut)M¥ v6XiK, inttriHg a 
t'ttf ikmt eureitet JuUic§ C. 917. 

^mrtiM l# CMiCiMiif iuek in Mind 
rAM«;*mil lif€ E. 1013. 2. 1« praeti$e^ 

' in a bad Mnfe; hg AegiX pi sptwovr^ 
mAnf Kwsa T. 383, ofa 'O/iivrov 
{9&pa) wX^P X^MC ^^'V^^*' ^ 
130X 8b to mdarn ; Z&pa roifp^ o& 
xXi^«7c iemipipoy E. 444. 

'A«cXf rdiff 9 «N« iprMN; from XttuU* 
pimt; rmv wap' iipip Irrvx^^ 'Atf* 
tknwiimp P. 1317. 

'ArrXyvioc* ^uuUiphui lyw I' 'Atf- 

P. 1423. 
AmmroCt 1- «*««"; &9mrot, tk wXAgtc 
ipMpiffapCnWB, 2. referred to time 
w veil M place s «•««!/«« ; rhv 
&mmnp XP^^^^ P*fi*< i^ iiptp&v 
AmipiBpMw T. 246. Thence to acU ; 

sevev Ixit mpivac Aj. 21. iXXa 
pm Awmuna gptntrA r' frf ioXipat 


vwUv fpt¥6t p. 1008. Also mer€dl- 
bU; doicowoc A XApa £. 853, 
ttpya^tii ^ p,* dwowa 1307. 

'Aowf M»c, gtadjojff'al ; oi viv— <nIdoy 
defifiHic irMy T. 752. Arplva ^i 
ftoi 5 xXtivbg f)X9f Z9v5c 'AXc^ifv^c 
ri iralc 18. r^r' dflr/ifyoi— Xi* 
w6yrig ifxoPTo P. 271. 

'A^vd^ofAeu to grtetf to taluio; pvv p$ 
wacdvwaKtTM VL 596. vrparic^ 
UfidpTa irfic i)eirdCf ro P. 357. 

'AvwtroCt omt; yppitv wpo i6pmv 
Xkyowiv doKtrSp n Oavpa T. 957. 

'Affwic^ a lAifM, or bockkr; pky dp n 
KopwdffiiaCt dgirif dXdfiotc AJ. 1 101. 
'Apffa««8c Pvp dvaXiBoc dewiimp 
fXiyu fi« R. 191. dntvap dewUup 
n Kal erparov E. 86. mc m1 trpb 
iroXXdy deirJaMv dXc^y 8^i — nOo 
C. 1521, that U, IfiffMd of a larf« 

'Aeriirrvp, a lo/ditfr liUf tMan a tkUid ; 
dv^fMc d^a-ier^pfc AJ, 562. 

'AffwKayxPoc^ devoid of' courogo; 9ii» 
Xiocm warpl pii roi fivip y dvwXay 
XPOC i« Kttpop ytyoic AJ. 467. 

^Atfffov, neoror ; the comparatiYe of 
dyx<. ^Tiixoveap f;/i^y d^voy C. 
813. d^aop tpxtTa% mpkmp W »|/i7y 
726. tAq K6pug '^dev^p aiBtc «^< 
wpovwoXovpipdQ 1100. Ir' devoy 
iSrMfc A. 1200. r^pfiop rpMtXpwop 
dwop E. 888. tpwQPTi paXXop da* 
eovA. 1195. 

'Aeew, ivu dt9«r«i. 

'A^roKrl, Hot fatUng drop bf drop^ thai 

doraKTi XilSmp iaKopop C 1253. 

ihpwapTiQ deruKri il 9^p rdiQ wap» 

Okpotg 9ripopTtc 1642. 
'Affrfcirroc, nntroddon^ unfrotptontod; 

doT^-^Aippov ppordic dffruwrog 

P. 2. 
'A^voKroff* without grooning ; dcii" 

yacroc o/iy hw6piip mmic T. 1063. 

dXX' dtripoKrot — f/»Coy 1190. 
'Atfripyvci bormful^ Hotro; wlnrai 

'^dffnpykc obcip R. 229. dvtipyH 

0*ag Urtivar^ ^pyh^ AJ. 764. 
'Aeripoir^riiCt f A« tkundirtr^ or Jb tsAe 

reuMf ligktnimgi wvpfdpoc dvrtpo* 

'Ivri^^Ct untroddon^ pathiou ; denfiie 

dXeoc — dumtpagtrap gopap C. 126. 

X^pop IpV dp dmfii Wx« AJ. 642. 
*Aerpfioc, kurd'Wtomtkid ; vwXet dm* 

/loi E. 714. 
'Aerdct a «j'liftN, #n« wA« inAaMf t, or ib«« 

thopriviUgM if^ a ritjf; fttfripoc ydp 

dffr5cf/caare^criXwR.222. woiag 

ydp d(nAp fCif* i/c ^/MXiac U89. 

iiereTc f^a xi^ ^iXfrdy C. 169. 

d^rtHvi famp leffw^pirxOoA A. 27. 
rjfy dr^y bp^ ^nixopwmp dwrtXg 


186. €fifMac ixt* A^rotnp 19S. 5^ 
|t9 Ciy*ry iU0Tt ifkufi a9Tm¥ rivd 
16moic Hxt^^i R. 817. fUivOAvtiW 
yip 4ico|uy Htw wp6c dwr&v C. 19. 
fiwivra^v Ciyoy vap' AartHc *K 
iiairacBai ypfvy 933. cui rov roi' 
Aermp 1) C«M*y ituBrnv ««pciCi T. 
186. n'c yap wor' A^Tmv 4 C's^i' 
£. 963. ToUy iL9T6i9i¥ R. 392. 
iiy^piiv f Av^p Aermv fttytvrac ruv 
Uu 776. it9Tdlc roivU C. 289. 
AvT&v Tmvii 1525. A w&»r%c d^rol 
A. 1 168. 

'Avrpaw^^ Ugkining; A^paw^ ^'t'* 
C. 14G4. w Zf 5 wvpfhpmv AoTpawav 
gpdrti W/Awy R. 201. ^XX' oit rdv 
Ai^C iLVTpawAv E. 1052. 

'AffTpdwT^^ properlji to I^AIm, used 
metaphoricaUy in tho ■cnio of ts 
MlHier i vac y^P &9rpAwru voXiy^ 
C. 1069. ' •- '^ 

'Avrpoy, a itor, or cwutcl/atlMi ; r^y 
Kop(y9iay d^r^ic ri kinwbw ir/ii- 
Tpoitiu¥OQ x^^'^ if€vyov R. 795. im 
vyp wyUvrmv X^P^y offrpmv A. 1 1 32. 
puuuvA T aorpmv JcXiXoiirfy f^ 
^p6vti E, 19. fc r' ^y Xi^a^M — 
dtrrpktp p^wac 105. row car' derpa 
Zifyoc a^t/9iJc y^yoc T. 1096. roic 
Lx^poiaw &9Tpov 6c XiSfi^f ly E. 66. 

'AffTpofoff not turning back ; liriXOfly 
avrpofocC 491. 

"Affrv, a nf^; o/'it' amv y Mk whpyo^ 
R. 13711. riS^i inirp^oy ^vrv 1450. 
m yiic <)4/^f/C <39f V rarp^oy A. 9.MI. 
r& Of|/{ifC M^rv vaioprac T. 1144. 
^ffrv Ka^/uToy pokmy R. 35. 2tf 
rou car' a<rry /SairiXiwc ra^' ttpxirMt 
C 67. car affrv 78. warpipov 
aarv yi^c *X'* '^^^^ OiXifffaC a'^'v 
ca2 i6povt poXtiv 761. rd Oii^iyc 
affrv ^uMfffty 1321. irp^c a^rv Bq« 
/)i|C I974. MC irXiTtfroy ciif rov^ 
dironToc <i9rfwc R* 762. 

'AffrvyiSppCt ihut Mttverm a eitff ; d^nr- 
yofiotfc Apyf^C Ai2a(aro A. 358. 

'Affvp/3Xi|roct ICO <lC^p/dXi|r9C* 

*AoAaiatrrct^ without »paimt^ or eonrii/- 
iiDNf; C^y (itf^^a<rry cai rax<« 
irc<ri}pari (p< MipiVoi) Aj. 820. 

'Aff^Xfia, acuritjf ; d^rfakii^ riv^ 
dv6n0kt9ou iriXiv R. 51. 

'Aff^aXqCt "/'f ''*'''« '^^x''' » 1* of a 
tiling; XUat r* axovaai r' dvfaXti 
Ivy iMip C. 1290. dypawra caff* 
faX»| 0(wy v6uifia A. 450. fv^c (^v 
aXXovc dvfaXtic ipopovc i^wro 
K. 731. 2. of A pcnon; fpopttv 
ydp ol ra yi?c o^c dtffaXdc R« 617. 
Of* 7^ cT irXartTc o&^ f^pvywroi 
AMr(c ilfffaXltfrarot Ai. 1230. El- 
lundt rondom dtf^oXiirraroi mofl 
wtrrtkti of tonfidtmee^ 

'KafaX^. 1 . M/W V ; <X9«7y d ri X6i7y 
-'^ a«faX6c C. 1167. Td |iiy— 



froXf oc d#faXwc ^2 — ZpOm^ttp 
wdXip A. 162. 2. aiir«/f ; ilXX' Ip 
XP^*^ yywvci r^j* dwfdk&c R* 613. 

'Airi^oXX**, to 5f aomf /mt; r^ <* Iroc 
ovCfpM rax' ^'^ f&o luy* wAc f 
•^K dy ; dox^XXoic ^ Umc R« 937. 

'AtfMrof, abandoned ; rac i«wr«v Zi#in 
f i3ay ytyfac Aj. 189. 

'AraXiiyni, AtuUmle^ tho mother of 
Parthenopcui, ono of tho chiefii in 
tho Thebon war; rc«r5c 'AroXaynic 
ytfyoc C. 1324. 

'ArdXXM, to rA«ni4; Wmc tt co 6 ^o * c 
iryf^pa^cy pdetnp plap ^fwx^^ 
drdXAMy Aj. 556. 

'Ar<So/iai, to 5c •ffiittid ; ipuc op' o& 
yoeovyrfc drmptoBa ppp Aj. 262. 
TJotpjy yiy— raiVfp iM* driSyicy«c 
377. ovr'f^vYovva— o6r^drMa2y^ 

A. 17. ro^cirXfioyac^MpJyovcl^c 
4y, 4 OitfMvplyovc A. 314. 
'Ardp, conjunct 5iil» nmrtkgUm^ Amp- 


'Arap/S^Ct fiarin$; 8#ric fy Ookm 
drapfHit rqc 0<ac T. 23. 

'Arao/S^roct ftarlesM; ix^^ ^ ^fiPK 
a drdpfi^TOQ hppd Aj. 195. 

'Ara^, iifi5yrM ; arafoc tinryf C. 
1729. lay ^ dcXavtfroy dra fop A. 29. 

'ArcycroCff nof t^fUned^ impfaeahh: 
Ai' dnytroQ cdriXiyniroc favt* ; R. 

'ArixyoCt ehiltUeMt^ hertuvtd ^ ekU^ 
dren; ariryoc — aUp otx^ R* 160. 

'An X#ririfroc» imprttetiemhlt ; dnyicTo^ 
cdnXf vrifrcic f ayft 1 R. 336« 

'ArfX»/c, ineffceiumi; rd pip X<X<y- 
piva dppfir' iym eoi rdrtX^ ^vXa|<»- 
pm £. 1000. leo .'App^roc. p^ 
drf Xi)c fvxif P. 771. ropriiy ^ Ut' 
drtkii e^p iftvitaip ahxpbp 5yii^oc 

'Ariyifc* IfiMidoiM; nw^c Ac dny^c 
A. 820. 

'Arcp, prep, governing the gen. case : 
ftiihouif €jreepi, 

'Arip9f, betidet^ eteepi; ap (drap) 
ofiirw ric tBov^tp oiAp A/ari^air 
arfp6f roi>3c Aj. 630. 

'Arif, 1. ca/amiip^ ocouioned hj a 
wicked or foolish action ; pvp H 
eripaypdc^ drti^ Bdparoc — Mip 
inT* Awlp R. 1284. tkoiiipkp^ 
ro7c ^f^fyplyoiCf drtiP A rofc vl^* 
^airiy C. 93. r^v dnip 6pAp enl* 
Xovirap dffroic dprl r^c ffwrqplac 
A. 185. tripfpipac 9f5c dyu rp^c 
drop A. 620. dr^ wardla^ Bvudp 
1084. oAc dXXorpiay arify, dXX' 
a^5c dpaprAp 1245* ary evyce> 
rlC<v<trai cacp Aj. 123. vX^pcc 
ifrilC ^C iioifTiUi 9iiyoc 300. ^ 21. 
Caiamitif occationod b^ deceit or 
injiutice, especially mch aa ie in- 
flicted by the gods 00 wicked mea; 



Aititut^ 1. toiptakj to My, to itclare^ 
P. 805. R. 93. 846. 974. 1271. 1289. 
1409. C. 2£. 204. 212. 223. A. 227. 
Aj. 861. K. 126. 226. 84A. uied pas- 
sively, iili&To fiky r&h R. 527. 731. 
940. 2. Ill addrm, t« tfci-Ml, U bid, 
to eomwMnd C. 868. 162G. A. 914. 
uied paflasively in a kindred senae 
to bo ealied^ to hiro tho namo of, 6 Ta» 
Kar* dorpa Zifvoc a^itiOii^ yovoc T. 
1096. P. 240. xp')'' ^yf^ ro^Mir 
alfTbp aMacOai yti:p6M to bo ealUd^ 
(that is, to bo) dottd 428. 3. to 
deeloro openltf^ to jtublUk Av yhp avtav 
ifi^ ruKlviir' Swti C. 630. henro to 
^tter tut tin omcio, ri)v waXmAp 
^ny^v Miiffai won Aui&pt T. 170. 
iriSc 5* oiiv — i/WflC tI rotvi* ilffr©?- 
9ip U\vT$nnop U. 392. frdc— e^oc 
6 oofoc ovK qt^a rait ; 568. 

A6Ji/, ajicech^ voice, 

AiOttiia^ trff'4M(licleueif^ nrroffanee ; 
tl •— vo/i/^ic KTiifia Tt)p aitOaiiav 
It. 549. a itOaiia roi etai&riir' dfki- 
okApu a. 1015. 

AvOru/ioc, connaHffuineottt^ «/ ihe oame 
Uuotl; ^11 I'll I* ivptMffap irpbc ab* 
Ouipup rAOti C. 1080. 

AbOatfiup^ ctmMfiuffuhieeus ; & Atbc 
iMaifitap T. 1030. 

AbOalptroc^ oeff-choten, vofuniarp ; 
TUP a irtiftopCtp fiaXiora Xvirovv', 
a\ ^ap&tr* ai/Oaiptroi H. 1231. 

ASOic« adv., affiiirt^ herei{fler» 

Av06fiaifioc^ ^f tho same Uaod^ in ihe 
rehUion ojfbrothert ; ol 6* aifOofgaifioi 
Trot ptapiai wopup ; C. 836. 

At'Xf (oCt belonging to a halt ; <r' kr&c 
ahXiiup QvpStp •^lUiwiineop A. 18. 

A^Xi/, nn abwle^ or country gcncnilly, 
also /Atf A/W/ A/fri hoirne, iind a /loiii^ 

' i/Mf//; iromc abXAc ivtipoc pain 1*. 

jiypopiiiotc abXalc A. 782. ai r' <I<rw 
9ri>i|C, at r' Urdc abX^Q T. 202. 
iracd' iv a^XaTc il'< «oiXa Hfipia 
aroppvpra 897. watpiaap ayti Tpoc 
abUp P. 714. dXXii{ai (^c) <v 
vaXffodlrMC aiXalc A. 937.^ 

AtfX/oy, a caoont ; SI dufiTp^Toc av- 
Xiov P. 19. rfS* Ip aiiXty 942. ^ 
wXtipiffrarop avklop Xbwac ra^ dw' 
iftov 1076. fvyf /i' o^cl/ ^ir' ab- 
Xiwv ircXarf 1184. 

AiXfCf ittWif, a town and seaport in 
B«eotia, E. 554. 

ab\6c 1\ 638. ovg Awfbaofiai rbp 
av\6p 216. ykvKbp atlX6y broficp 
Aj. 1181. 
AiJXiwv, a iMiTOTD pffM 5«(i0iiR Mmtafeini, 
a ratrfiis; used by Sophocles me- 
taphorically ; woptLovq aUX&pag 
(pain) T. 100 ; either, save Ellendt, 
in reference to the form of the waves. 



or because the Grecian seas were rt- 
morkable for rocky islands with 
mountainous and precipitous coestaL 
AIp^w, 1. ncut. to JMrsiMf, to thrive ; 
ovre yAp fcjoya rXvrac X^***^ 
avUrai R. 172. 2. act., to ov^ 

lyM p6poiei riip^ abKm w^Xiv A. 

191. XP^Poc — rd ^ iw' 4/Mp 

avCiuy ayw C. 1455. w<Uiv 91 Jat- 

fAiop iitatoc avCot 1563. tfi T*"^ 

Oiiiwov tal Tpofbp xal unrkp' avCcty 

R. 1092. 
'Ai/ryoCt §lorpliUi fookrful ; Ihrpoc 

Aiiwpoc P. 837. f x*'^ aiwpoffc dypa^ 

Aj. 867. obS* &iiwpoi irpi|vai iiiy^ 

Bovaip C. 691. 
Avfia, (As «iV, or a light brreu; dyf- 

ftoiiraa ai'pa T. 950. K6un SI a^pac 

-> ^irirac C. 126.1. ric iS' Ip av- 

iNiicrpi^trm P. 1145. 
Avfitoi', lii.m«rn»itf; f y' nliptop T. 

941. rvlv avpwp wapaiXiipop R. 

1090. ri}c <c ai'/Moy 4/iipAC C. 

AvriiyyfXACt ^ voluntonf mmeogor ; 

w&c — 'oSvovibc wpuc r<SJr otic av- 

riiyyftXoc wXJv »Ji» iratpoc 1'. 564. 

aiVdyyiXoc (t)XOov)C. 334. 
Aiirii^f X^oct lifts born of the utmof other 

and mother^ an own brother or iiMter ; 

rbp avraSiX^p Ip raftft rtOitaa A. 

499. rbp auTtic abructXfop 6.02. 

itKotpbp aurdSiXfop 'leyiv V9C K^pa 

Avri(/}ri|c» tuffieient^ avoiiing; avrdp- 
Ml riSx* IppiKitpPofC. 1060. 

Adrf, adv.» irjifitis. 

Avru-a, udv.« immettiatolif^ preteHtty. 

AvroyivvfiroCt born from the tame; 
KQipmiard r* attroylpptiT' iptp warpl 
Suffpopoy parpJ^, the ineeUuotit Oom* 
meree of mtf wretched mother with my 
father A. 856. 

AvroyvAiroc, telf^willed ; cri 8* a^ro' 
yptoToc liXta' cpyd A. 867. 

Avro^a^Ct telf^tapght; Vvam KM&ei* 
bpx^par' avroSari Aj. 685« 

Avroivr^Ct an otuiuin ; rbp avrolpr^p 

— ip Korry warpbc (I^m) E. 264. 

A Jro9cis yVem thence; ab ^ aM9«y 
uoivalpi C. 1139. 

Avr^rXiyroc, tet/'invited^ that is, esMtiiF 
A^ Ai« evn accord; oiW i/idv vw^ 
dyyiXMv, dXX' avroffXifroc T. 891. 

AvrocrovlM, to tlay one another ; dSik* 
fm Svo piap Kaff' ^tpipap avrO" 
aropovpn — « pApop acarupyaaapro 
A. 56. 

Avrtfvo/ioCt independent; aMpopn^ 

— 'AiSap aarafi^au A. 815. 
Avr^CvXoCt "Mifs of unwremght wood; 

adrSlivXop y iawmpa P. 85. 
AArbwaiQf an awn child: rf At5c ab* 
rbwaiSi T. 828. 




f m m v aMwoMkr C. 703. 
Atfriwptftw^^ wiih lA« vrrjf ntffi ; tJl 

rsf A. 710. 
Avr^ 1. k§ himielf: 3. in the 

obliqiM CUM kirn, S. with the «i^ 

tide ^ M^r^t lA< m**'. 
Aifrii«r0Xe& Mi/iiif kimmlf; avr6' 

0nX9tf wiftfpavra /a,* Utmvoi P. 494. 
AvreofayiCt •^■'i ^9 kimMeif, or 6jf Aw 

MM kMnd ; avroefayif wiwrovra 

AJ. 028. rtt^ avrod^7f7c — ^^- 

mro^ m wimjf they ptrim, tUim by lA«ir 

A^r»»« f A«rff» Acrr, on lA« verjf iy»0f. 

A«rov» a relleiire proiMNin for the third 
penon, tf kimteff; alto uied for the 
fint and leeond perMnui 

Jkir9¥py6Cf mm trJba dma a fikjw^ Aiai- 
jffl/'; £^fic dp^oc ovr^ a^ovpyf 

Ayr6fwpoC t ut/'dtUcUd; war^p — 
dvMXire ir^ cvref^pwy d|cvXa« 
aMidr«v A. 51. 

Amr6xup% dmmg anything, or t^ing 
VIM Ail •»« £iffd ; irtuet ^ avVo- 
XMp My ovnc dXX' I7M B. 1331. </ 
|c4 ^>^ avr^x'^P'* roii^t rov rdfov 
— Iff^Mlri A. 30G. avr Jx"P *^/^C 
iyM ikoma 891. Ai/imv eAwXfv, 
mmr^xi^ 3* ol/idwirac 1160. irac- 
«ae^ a^' - jirap avr^ci^ avniv 
1299. roir/iiy ^dpavrd #« VM^i' 
aMxupaT. 1184. adeoMc— 'A- 
r|^iMcaar4xi<f>aniyc(y Ai. 57* aU- 
rax'ffi /<M />^i'V ^ Bpa^riov rovp- 
yor £. 1007* avri&x^ipi evv Midtf- 
/ton A. 17X Knrtlp rhv avr&xttpa 
raa ^vov R. 266. r^ avr6xiipa 
warptfQv 4dyav E. 943. </ ^ A n^ 
AXov elc< — rAy adHxt^M pi 
mmwmrm B. 231. 

Avrwc* *dT. ta CW ia«« way, la Mia, 
to a« purpt$e, 

AdYiW^M, fa MMd; revc p^¥ aar- 
j^aiCf Aj. 291. 

AaxviMt « t—»»fw botMimg, a taif , a 
aaaat; x^^>^ ^''XV/'' /uvsaroy 
0. 714. ai» 7^ My §tc rW ilaac 

A»x^Wf ih§ mack; ttpipmitri^v cifx^yac 
mmii^pip A. 1206. 

*Afmyt9Tt^ tee lfa7ian^ 

'AfaTyi^M* aee ifaypV^ 

*Afmptm^ f« l«Af aiMjf ; r&y 5i«y /i^ 
|iev dflXyc P- i>31. r^' dfaipfia- 
0wy aa-Xa Aj. 100. </ rdiid aiTyac 
SvX' dfup4aacrd fi< P. 376. ri / 
lyi^pa aaX^^uay — dfclXav pi^ aro- 
M7y 1287. 

* A^aygdyti, to dkfimm ; 0^rip'Ji4m»' 
ihm^ If 9 A. 497. 

'A#«4Ct <«*ii«Mr, whaewTf, mmhigMmii; 
a«r df«M7 Xd7«i R. 667. d^yi? ^ 


|i4pji C 1679. rdy dfay^ OcJy 
1553. iu9iyrac »/M<ic rdfarn B. 

'AfayiC«#, 1. to e«a«iai» to toJkt Ml rf 
ught i a aly 7dp ^fdyiare A. 256. 
roi;r' i^fdyiarai T. 673. 2. to «6/ile- 
Tai$ ; otf'd' fx«tf wpQ p€ xp4 ^^ ^^ 
raXmyav dfayietu fwM^ &x^ ^* 

^ 1710. 

'Afayroc« 1* ttNitoat T$mo9$d from 
tigki ; dfawTOQ ippti Bovaeiput x«^ 
fipart B. 560. U fipor^ painv 
dfavrot a'poaAiy 832. 2. aa«ipccl«( ; 
If i}y' afavrov fwc P* 297. 

'Aaop, adr., fo»a, tpttdUy ; afap pifloKi 
T. 134, 526. I^ oloy ^ wpoeipiUv 
&fap rovwoc — ijfaiy 818. ^4 —0^" 
voifif Movyoy i /aiJova^ 'f^ ^^'^* 

'A^aaa^M, to <nato4 away ; i^y ctfap- 
^^(^(iy fiXii 6f9aXpbcdv$oc T. 545. 

*A^roCf utdtMcribitbUt vtui ; & acdrov 
vifo^ — dfarov R. 1314. pkyaQ 
iptlwtrai Kritw&g dftn^ — Aid- 
fioKo^ C. 1463. 

'Afavpic^ fubU : rl iif^ dfavptf fMri 
vpoardaafcc woftf Zy ; C. 1022: but the 
better and usual reading in this plaoe 
if ApatMM, 

'AfC774c« vUkMit tight; ifOcdftr- 
ylc C. 1546. Metaphorically, itorir, 
that in, iaiiMi}Nci0ai ; iXaoCt ^ ^^' 
/iwy — f! re 7a paripi rvyxdvit^ 
Aftyyic ^p^vy C. 1478. 

'A^i^fw, 1. atfl to fpoTf ; 4^>lc 
dfttZn^avrt E. 968. 2. to b§ear§im 
t^ ; fl rcc wa^* dffi^i^ot vdyov 
A. 410. 

'A^XaM, to drug avmjf ; dfiXao/i« 
ivarvvoc C. 848. 

'Afipwm^ to d«fwrf ; rl €ty* dfipwuc > 
T. 810. 12/ djUpwHP 812. dfip- 
vfcy dvTpofog U. 491. dfipvi vvv 
Aj. 1140. 

'Afityxroc^ fi/tat; ly d^7ary |ci) 
aTMataifc ydfrii C 155. 

*Afdiroc, imptriikmkU; Vup dfBirop 
A. 339. 

'Af9o77aCf ipitoAIrM; ^a dfOayyc 
Ai. 304. 

'Afliipu 1* to MN<'» M from a how, 
to ditehargi ; 9od — £arf rof^r^c 
dfiiiea ^p^ KtipUac roU^para A. 
1072. 7ya rbp Bvubp i^ Pt^ripovc 
of J 1075. ptii* dfiiT' tw9Q kokAp 
C.735. rl |idy aftfan r<Xac; ^«< 
tffa« wiU U mmdjforikf C. 1467. 
2. to ^iM up, to U$ Imm, or Irl f ; 
dftC poi — rd riHa P. 969. one 
df ifaccc C. 838. aa rot a" dfn^m 
Ml, 3. to liaaf ; ad ydp 9^ aiydy 
7' dfi^opip^ftr I wUl mni im9$ it 
ummtitmpUd £. 1008. 4. to aiM 
an, to (faw, to aftaadoa; x<'P^'*^ 
offlc rivt AJ. 490. i(y — nX<a- 
f irac dfic 49U f^lM — Alayra, 

^ild' d^vr lay 741. fiiii' Afdpai 
lUvov 783. /«4 V^* o^yC ^pnftov P* 
484. adcrf ydp avrov 1043. W n* 
otlff afn^a^ ilQ^hnZov fioXfcv 1333. 
<( n vd^ af p, rovr' ir* ^f^ap ff>x<' 
rm R. 198. afi^ fi Iq oIkovc 3*20. 
^C M m' a^*/<ov — af if yf C. 1280. 
dftrt fiovfiv IpilfAov A. 878. 6. Jo 
dungard ; rd — iripi94ff vovra rwv 
X^/MV d^iQ E. 1280. irairav a/^x^ 
vfiv afc«C P' 120. iTMC a»}r* <yM mcv' 
av Xdfioiu' a>cic rajf ; R. 599. wifi- 
^ov, fci|0l rovr* i£^ac 860. d^itc rd 
riitiit ri|C 79C ffvjoui C 918. r<l 
Oft a>iic 1634. 6. a>f ivai ri rtvi 
is, f0 ^iiw vp ; passive, to bo htt ; 
irwc '4^' t&^^vac rtf yipovri Tif^t 
4rv R. 1 177* Kai vvv dfnrai wdvra 
A* 1 150. 9^ vvv dfuQ fnaurhu iv 
Xiycic iFipt l/iov Vacovffovi now do 

• thou, leaving thint own offair alone, 
ai coneernt the thing* thon spoaknt of, 
litten to m§ R. 707. It is once 
found in the middle Toice ; ritvuv 
^ d^vR. 1521. 

'Af ucvf o/iai, to come to, or reach a place ; 
frp^Q 9* iWric d^lypai R. 920. ibrov 
XPJKtov d^^ai 932. rft v6v S' a^iir- 
rai itvp* uwdpktiTov nr6pa C 798. 
rivac X^'P^*^C d^yptBa C. 2. icirqc 
-^ a^cypvoc 640. rt ^r/ra — d^ty- 
/i^voc KvpiS 1310. ro7c d^iy^dtfoic 
t^lpoiQ P. 317. wapd rivoc 6 a^iy- 
/i^voc R. 935. — iirii i* a0t«ro n/v 
KarapoaKTtiv 6i6v C. 158G. -— la 
^9iy/i , a^/ieov E. 1216. xni — rovr' 
d^iKopijv R. 1005. 8<rov Xj//ia txttv 
d^/jcov C.881. 8<roi Tpo/av a^firtt/icff' 
Oa Aj. 1 320. d^iKotr d^itcoiro T. G52. 
— d^i^crm raxvc C. 307. x^^"^ 
f/c rfXoc rov Jt/v ci^ucvpC. 1528. 
iS»C irp5c rlXoc yiSwv adicovro 1618. 
Kdwl rkpp! d^iictro Aj. 48. ndiri 

• irdvr* df I'Coftai R. 265. i^t 7 v Ki|Xir 
IjiavTiji 9vp6opdQ d^ypivfiv 833. 
vavarovrovr iyyvrdrw roviroc li^ue- 
rtu A. 925. 

'A0/Xi}roc» t0l beloved; oifSk ydp wv 
(lAiX^roc '/Ml trori — ffvpij^pc C. 

'A^iXoc, 1 . wil Ami I a friend, friendleu ; 
a^iKoc abavSt /3iov E. 809. ipi^ 
uov ^^i K^^iXov P. 228. irpet)/3a- 
Xov tf^iXov, 'p»1/4ov 1006. £9foc 
tt^iXoc — iXotpav R. 663. dtXava- 
roc a^iXoc — dyopoi A. 868. irap* 
a^£Xo»c 'Arpi /aoic Aj. 61 1 • 2. of a 

' thing, ^nfriendt}!, vnpleming ; (irticai 
irdXiC rlrpof f V afiXov C. 186. y^- 
pac a^iXov 1238. — fpya dfiXa Aj. 

'Aflartiiu^ to remove awmf from, to dO" 
eert, to depart from ; ftaarmv dro» 
€rdt Kol TpQftic E* 766. ri^i' dwo- 



tfr^vai 9r^y^Q 900. avOpMVoCt & 
iicwoiv*, Atoct^^ T. 434. myav 
rf XcvM ;i||^ a^irravat ^pivwv, 1 6i4l 
f Am 6« tiknt^ nor be mbtent in mind 
P. 853. 

'Afvi6cf wealthy; dfviteripatc x*(^^^ 
hsm 449. 

'A^6/3qroCf not fearing ; Aka^ d^ 

ptIToQ R. 885. 

'Afo/3oc» 1. fearleu; t6v dfofiw 

— arpar&v C. 1327. 2. not for» 
midable; iv d^dpoic Oiipvi Aj. 358. 

'A^/idwy active. Co tet out upon, c# 

attempt ; ri riivV dfopp^ wiXpaw ; 

Aj. 283. Middle, to iot out ; olov 

dp* blov rcXoc 'Apyovc ^^pii^^^- 

ficv C. 1403 ; hence, to ruA forth; 

of' ydp SKx'dfopp^ won 1468. 
'Afoppoc, departing from ; Iktowoc 

au6ic dfoppoQ Ifidc x'^^ laOope 

C. 233. 
'A^pacroc, nngnarded; dfpoKrac fi* 

Xwv Aj. 893. 
'Afpairroc, ineiplieable, indeteribable ; 

a^pdffrip rSh nidy T. 1046. fdnv 

dfpaaroy aKvpffh/roy dvBpotw^ fta- 

Oiiv 691. 
'A^atfrMCi unexpectedly ; Iwtt n vvv 

dfpacrmc dtkwrmc r' iffiUov E. 

'Afpll^m^ tofoam; ^pi^ov — Iwwuai 

wvoai E. 709. 
*A^po^in|, Venut; vpvtfd vioc '•Afpe* 

^ira C. 699. Bibc A^pdira A. 794. 
* A^povriortaQ^ nndetignedly ; i}cfi ^ 

povc wc TovoSt rl^irwv o^ic d^pov^ 

riVrirfc T. 365. mc dfpoyriarmQ 

ix'i, how mad he it Aj. 348. 
'Af povwct fooUthljf ; KafpdvwQ 4/u»- 

4/aro Aj. 753. 

'A^p^C* /*^"* » ^vaCiov^i Bpopfiwiuc 

d^poi T. 699. 
'Afpo9vvti, folly, raihnea; Iv d^p»- 

ffvvfi jra^<X<Svrfc A. 379. rb vtov 

— co^ac d^poa^va^ fkpov C» 1232. 
'A6pwv, teutrlete ; ob ydp M' dfpwv 

f>vv E. 929. 
'A0v)|c, timp/f, guileleu; dfvi r' 

ovra Kob BiXovra P. 1002. 
'A^vvroci that cannot be atoided, or 

euaped, unavoidable; d^vxr* I^mv 

fiiXti T. 264. lobe dfbgrovc P. 105. 

icaK&v xavovpyiipdrwv dfvKnu v^ 

vcc E. 1380. 
'A^wviiroCi m'/mI; rd voXXd — |&ii- 

fAara — irapiaxi ^mv^v f^<C <&f<^ 

vqrMC Tivd C. 1285. 
'A^voCi ti^ne, eoeeehloH ; /i4 — ^a^* 

/iov«c Btiiv fi o^wvov r$9^f r^c 

dpac C. 869. 9iy» rr^Ciuivd^KM 

Aj. 171. 
'AfMVi#c* iil^tly, without tpeaking; 

dfiivwc Jtkbywi rb r&g tvfip/oif 
* m/Aa fpovritoc Uvrcc C. 130. 




Ax«^ Athgun,Gr§ek. 
*Ax«Xc«c« wtkmU hrm ; 'Apta — 8c 

«rflM)rf mlA *rasM tkUld R. 191. 
'AytJpwruCt ii«( pUuttd hf lk» km»d. 

rotov C. 703. 
'A)(ffXM«C« AeMmu, a rifer of Epinii 

in Greece that diridet iEtolia fiom 

Acamania T. 508. 
'ArtpioCt « wid p^r'tra; coiXqc ^' 

Syt^ev a 1593. 
!Ax<fMy« AdbfTM, a rirer in the inibr- 

nal TCgiont A. fl06. 810. £. 177. 
'AyAoiMiv c» 5« diairt$9§d; oim Ajfio- 

'AyOoCt 1- • '^f « 5artfM ; Xvir^c — 
2xi^ Ei 119. dyav y vWipfiptBh 
<x9oc fi'Wi' AL 931. rp6x9iptnf 
It^ ^ifco/ftoi £• 1105. 3. ^i«- 
troi, mictUm; m,vpio¥ AjfioQ if 
Cvvetfif P. 1153. rll' aH rU' &X' 
0aC finitO^wf $ffffic fipMr ( A. 1157. 
& iti99tt¥ d^pirtnf UwayX' &}fin 
E. 197« wtpunhv dxBog Mor yv- 

'AvOXiiac, htlmgimg U AOuiUi P. 63. 

Aj. 43. 1318. 1316. 
'AxOXf fc, ilc*i((fi. 
'Axv9, dmtm, /0am, dim ; OaXXxt 3* 

•ipaWac vv'^^x W C. 687. iiZiv&v 

X>Mpd» riyytt twtphmf dx^^'^ I*- 

'AyvvyMM, !• grim; imrucyoc — 

Icu^^r 'Avny^rvc A. 633. 

'Ax^peCff WtAMU a iaiMt ; |m7>' ^yv- 
pkpmmg dXvpoc ix*P^ ^ 1^^' 

tii«iy-fMMrlx«cB.1355. o^- 


rec 9o2 ^oi/v^ ^x^ '^s^ ^ 1^1* 
i/uH ^ ^x^ l^racf V Aj. 1 99. fXvnv 
alyhv dxoc dw* haudrmv 'ApfiQ 693. 
dfavlvai roaovt^ dx^ ^' 1710. Xq- 

tgyov \KTptMv rift ax<ft Aj. 938. 
ax*l ricvov cXiidtf^av A, 1333. A 
caffftjryiXrd /toi trpoiriny^aQ <fx9 
1273. — ro«c eo7c ^x''*^ taOvfipC' 
^Mv Aj. 153. yfXfi 3i roitfjf fuupo- 
pivoic dvinv voXdv yiXMra 936. 
Kpvwr^ 6* djeittv ip ii$^ oX/3ioc E* 
155. ilffov 0^ dxpCf if a ixoX«itfcy 
^a pdrtip a9(ec T. 1037. 3. a 

|»(a|(H« or pcil ; vifpdvwv dx^C* V^ 
tf tht tk^ A, AU. 
'Axp*ioc» ^»eitu; dvpCov oU^r^pa 
— r6irm¥ r&¥ MdJi C. 633. 

•Ax«, tee ix^. 

Awav^roCy that hat aol taueM; Ivm 

i' 33* Mdii d^fafMTot lyx^^ »• 


^lylc iriXflly rl^c re7ccp«^i E. 487* 

'A<|^iv3iMy Id a5ifaja /twja faittkcod; 

fp6Z»* — irp5c 3* I/ft' a^ctf3f7y dii 

'A}lfoiSp9Cn g^^ft or wioifhg, U^twardt; 
— > ic lournvw^^ f /c 3ioy iripa A. 
383. ov iroXii' a^^o^^oQ tlUttv r&vi^ 
dwovrpafti^ dwH } R. 431. o&« 
dylfoppov UptfiiX w6ia; AJ. 863* 
3rMC d^o(^JM¥ dvr^ii wmrpiT. 898. 
J^o^^y ^Cottfy ff-aXcy E. 53. i& 
waictc, oini iMthopi wiUfft not b$ 
"^ 1434. 

i#y CMCv/iaivy Aj. 31 4« 
'A^'o^oc, nmnUm i £^afw fipii /M- 
mw T. 963* 



B«3ft#rSoy, lAcl maK 6f f0N#; vak fia* 
St^rUw vdpoCt (Aaa mmH f*>ri< E. 

Baaoc, depth; it — X'V^ /3fi/9(ic 4 
purpev wXairw pd9u Aj. 130. 

B«9per, 1. tkt ground, or mi/ ; 
rnc dp/ftpirmt SoXa/iIyoc PdOpw 
Aj. 135. y9c r^a* oiircii^v fidBpop 
P. 988. >9C aXAvqroy fidBpop C. 
1658. 3. a if 9, or iMf , made bv 
Batave or ait; fidBpop r69' doiA- 
v^MvClOl. pdBpmpUrmphp,* 
ICM^n^nc 964. BdBpmpUrmwB^JL 
laim rhr tmrmpfdtsnip Mp x*^ 

ffe7c fidBpowt y^Btp Mtlmuipop 

C. 1587. ^i|X5y ic A/iroc /3d9- 
- pop wpo9kwt9t£, A riitpov A. 847. 

1^ warptfop i&riag fidBpop Aj. 

Ba965Moc« ^MMf doip roott; QaBv^' 

BaBi^povc, doop-ftoming; rhpfiaOv^ 

fiwp worotphp BS^yoy T. 556. 
Ba9^, dmp; eSri vnfdpmp e5ri 

PaMap tnklbcMP ptliup iiioi ripibtp 

BaAimca4iic» iMp-da^; fimBitnaf%X 

Kdpa E. 437. 



B«iyii, 1. to wmik M, pptemd^ md- 
•OTM, f« g»; P&Oi wr M riXmv P. 
1181. lxOp«Sc*/3at^^MM«C^lp*nr^ 
1200. iiii Pan C. 1544. /San 
Mr* AwrMpmv B. 1427. mI ^4 
/3l/9itra 1428. ov3 tx«0i|»wtrpo«M 
T. 194. fiifinn AyuMifMi ri^v va- 
vvrr«n| r c^y Awm^itw 871. vdyv 
ipouaia pava 923. va v^ ^fe l^y 
iW; Aj. 85&. iir (Mp) i^ vvy 
I^Vir 974. 2. to «• «M9, iip«r(, 
rtlirt; «^rAv fitfimrmv P. 277. 

yavC «^ac P^P^^C ^^* ^^ '•■^ 
/3l/3»ffcv If ywpi R. 1078. 4 Pifin- 
Kfy«/uy»CcW; C.81. j3i/39c<y82. 
Um v^m Paiyin X'^fMiC 226. rfty 

— can vxo/Mu iy KaBapf P^¥9t op- 
iiM^iyy r^ €lyy WKpmw vXocac 
1571. tiSa A. 120. riy yfcp6y ric 
4 pn««c O^oc 0(/3i|« 246. Av^f — 
pip^Ktp U 6p7iffc rax^ 762. dyi^p 
/3^/3i|Cf ftiyd 9t9wl9a£ 1078. mi 
*- uiXMt P&vn fMvp^tfai X^oc 
£.74. P^p^ofUU^v^^^. pt- 
P&np afiriim/tdr^p vwinrriym 1378. 
i|Ws' dv — ^irf 1*9 KdvM^moQ pip^itc 
T. 164. r&y awawop xp&vov PtP^ 
4v246. Mi ij PiP&iriUi. Ktiwb 
fuirphc d^p piPtu€P 526. KVftara 

— /M^r* inoyra n« waMt— >r»^iV/y 
muiwding out aiMvlAcr T. 1 15. X to 
«»M«, to apftTMieh; it y&p Ip ^vvy yi 
ry 9i#r^pi /3a/if R.81. ^fvp' tptifuv 
148. a7Xaacfi3acei|/3acl52. A/r- 
vaiac Ivl viXov PtP^^av C. 314. 
ri KOcXoy 'Xpy0C pjtc fvyic 379. 
/San, /3ar' fm-owoi 845. Iw vai 
/9a9i 1488. ir^Xai A^Xol f/3i|y Aj. 
86. MC» Axfuuoc tl Paifi^ ft6\oi 904. 
tfov^M, pdrm 1 393. r&y JU^cavriy 
»^f&ra P&vra wav9ayi^ A. 107. 
4. ■omettmet it aignifles to 6f in a 
place, as it were to havt rtacked or 
9fHt€d aC ; rcc 3' cV9' i X^po^ J^r\ 
iy y PtfiiKOfUv C. 52. — ctiyoc ^' 
Birov ptPtfKiy, Mtic olii T. 41. 
vo9 pdproQ 4 iTM^ «r^(yroc« oj^cp 
•^« iyw; Aj. 1216. 5. thence 
■imply, to be; fp^pti /3</3wc a^ 
yyy iiri Cvpod rvxQC A. 983. wvtv- 
ua raMv oGiror' o6r iv dy- 
epdtfiy f fXoic piptiKtv^ o5ri irp^c 
ir4Xty vdXfi, tA« wiud n it were 
flW0if ittiff, or prtMiJlf C. 619. 6y 
mI xpvMa cXpc iirl yXtlnna PiPaxi 
wpo9wiXmp EifuokwUap 1055. iv 
w6¥^ rahrm /Sf/Sifcwc rvyv^i'^C 
KM&¥ ip^ 1361. 3ray — iy m- 
«otc 4av /8(M«VC E. 1046. lint «' 
iof^p«|ca polp^ fily eA« iy iffOXa 
PtP&eap 1084. role iy rlXfi /Sc/3£- 
#iy« I^Mf tAci art in pmut A* 67. 

BAK 43 

E. 967. e^oA 


gmrafUfkWT iPfrw^ 
rmdUim to htfommd fndt wUk C. 
1693. 6. from ito ^gnificaSion of 
^•iiy the following is deriTod; ovrora 
rdp ^yMy / iw dptvrtpA ipac» 
which meaaa to err Aj. 183. 7. 

also from ito sigmficatkm of depmrt'^ 
imf it takes the sense of to mm«4. 
and to ^ic; ^yn ydp eer' mioka. 
V^l — dXX' dfop pipan T. 135. 
ic ppTi^ Pai^¥ afavroc wpM^cv 
R. 832. Ie6^ Uhw Oay^mp^ /Sc 
P^K^a 959. &y (waripa) ^^ wa- 
XaC av U 3rov A&mc' iyi» pif ;ies 
/3i/3i9ar9 P. 492. ^^yrn riTOiy My 
wip Hw. C. 1229. vdyra ydp avy> 
apwd#ac, OecXX* orMC« Pip^Kac E. 
lUO. — /3</99C(y ; C 1675. 8. the 
following take their meaning from 
the third signification of to eMK, re 
mrsaek; ^ wov #rileic, ir^ il 
/Saet I, Isnit wA/rt i5im «t7i penM, eo^ 
isAifW iAm istll cpsM? that is, vAet 
lAsM «n •5miI to ife? P. 823. srdc 
ofly 4 Xfer^c — ic tW Ay reXtt^c 
ipn : R. 125. ic reeovrey tkwiimw 
kpdi Pip&r9C 772. \iy\ Imlwtp 
Iw' lexara ^I'ytic C. 217. VfP d* 
^9pla vH iw* hpiuwip pip^a^ 

Bai^, 1. fSNii/, spoken of measure 
and space ; Pmd ryi* vwA rrivy P. 
286. Used adrerbially ; Pa»6p i* ivtp- 
9iy, a iiicl* Mnc P. 20. 2. thence 
applied to things not the objecU of 
sense ; ^acdy |ioc,/9acdy rl;iwi kiymy 
fapap P. 834. 5 ^ tlwi wp6c |» 
Patd Aj. 285. In this sense too used 
adreihially ; rl /3ai5y oDr^c lyrpi- 
wci rfc (vp/idxe V A j. 90. 3. iJbert, in 
reference to time ; X9^^^ T^p oix^ 
Pat6p T. 44. And adrerbiallj ; jSac- 
iy apptipava T. 334. PatM ro^c 
pvpiov xpopov C. 398. patAp ov3i 
e^y XP^V ^P^f^^ aMp yFfp «-> 
wpoecyyovyra 1650. 4. (mf, or 
■msn: of a man; ptrA yAp Ji«7d- 
Xwy /3at5c dpc^r' dy ip9oire Aj7 160. 
Of a thing ; ^im wpoOipnc Paid P. 
274. wdnpoyixMPu/Sai^; whether 
WM hejeurntjfing ihiml^ mtiended f R, 
750. fx<*C ydp o(f paid rdpBvpii* 
para r&p 9Ap diipgrmp Ippdrmp 
rqrM/Myoc, fir yon bear me tlight 
remewkhreneetof thit, hehg iepnmd if 
peur tighieueyet C. 1201. 

BaffX**^C And lUiffx^TeCi porteinleg to 
Aoocibtt< ; b Jkutxitec iidc, BaMue 
himself R. 1105. h ^k Batx^tac dwa 
4X61 ^eniSncT. 508. 

Baxndtns Me B«utxtMrnc. 

Bavx*^» the same at Bacx*C> 1^*<X*^ 



k. 1109. 
Bwx*^ ^ **<* ^'^ &mcAcii«/mii 

f^wtSc ix^^««y Apifimv, who, rugiitg 
witk fretay, bUm am ut wilk lk§ hUUt 
wfmMthmM'ml vMi A. 136. 
Bcirx9« « Bmcekmmm^ or vrkUm if 

Boy A. 1109. 

A. 154. AIM adj. the nme m Dac^ 

£i0C. B!arx<ay virotfrpidMy fiiicX- 
ry T. 318. B«uex'*C «*^ ^/tviXov 

cuu N^|ifat ^Tki^nvi B«ucx«'(C A. 

BccxM«ri|Cf « wM^^^r, Applied to Bac- 
drat himaelf ; Ty^ ^ Baffxu^''C ^f< 
Ai^ywoc l|i0arfvcc, v^r« BaceAu* 
cvtr fMiM M fvcfirjf C. 684. 

B^oc« tlio god BmcAhj ; rh¥ jipv- 
^9furpav — ojydra Biffx^f 'v^y 

B^XXm, 1 . properly !• ilr/lr«, etpeciaUy 
•pokcB of A weapon, or a tiereon that 
wet a vcepon ; S ;ioi jSoXoi vivpo- 
#*-a^9C ArpaKTo^ P. 289. and in the 
• aame line r^(oy — /SdXXoy iriXf /ac. 
— r^ 7d^ PaX6yT' drpaicrov T. 71 1. 
M ff^y Atk6pr* AvofBiaai xP^l^v 
706. 2. spoken of things that lall 
on aaj place or spot, to eaU, to 
iJkrMP, to txpom; dyO* otv «x<'C M^*' 
r6y <M» /SoXwy c^rM A. 1055. rocN 
fw W ^aXiirl wov, fiaXun xil^ic 
Aj. 1287. r&y av^pa — ^i) rXyc 
iOairrov^/SaXf 4^1312. Or,tor«fil 
«*<; YVC f|M /3aX(7y B. 622. ifik 
Artitw l/9aXey 1023. Outohurti 

iffak' P. 674. See Apo/ia^. Or, <« 
imf QipLteo oao thing OH onoikor; iqi- 
rioic ■— ^TfmrA p£XXov9a¥ fap^ 
T. 91X 8. fitUD its si^lfication 
of jinJkiag, it is also applied to r«- 
promeh; jcocotc /SoXiiri Aj. 1223. 
Also to tilings that itriko tho if aift, 
aapeeiallT liCi koaring; ^dXXit / 
irviMr f&Dinr^ rev P. 205. aoi uf 

«rMyA.1178. Andiik««sis/I; A^/i^y 
i«^ c^v ^if piXy wtfiyy^tc A. 
408. 4. also, fivm its signific»- 
tioo oicat^g, wtkrowimg, it is ap- 
plied to wowdi utUrod ai roa^MN; 
tvoc r» nr/x^b^ /SaXvy E. 659 : 
aadtoQut^o x po tod totkoiigkt: iv^- 
fljpoev iir Itu/mtw ytfA/uig /SaXow- 
«B Aj. 88. To Uriko aonow ; X^^y 
iriOTr *AfjU$c fikkitf P. 67. TV 


viMiNif, with an accusatire ; *»( yiy fiii<* 
rai«c airif ^Xoi xovy T. 936. r&y 
/yay^ ^IXoy /it) iror* iy a/ri|^ — dfn* 
^oy /SaXtiy R. 657. 5. ta gt sf pUco to 
in the mind } /i^ vvv fn — fiiy^y ic 
9v^6y /3aXyc U.975. ^ 6. lastly, fo 
/tf/J, ftf wrap ; o/6c yfMp^if yf oir^jc^ 
uaXXf /SaXMy (fpfi^y) C. 476. 

Bayav^oc* i<'<te''rfi ; o^ y^ fi&vath 
vovri^v rix^^ hcffivannv Aj. 1100, 

Bd(ic, 1. iftoteh^ • ^^^H * V^^ m' <^C<* 
•toycPaUp dXyf «y»/y Xa/3«iy, lAin/c ma 
N0C dtttrving to ggt repraaehful /iiti- 
guags Aj. 489. cXvoc^ dy — m- 
Kpvfiiiiyti¥ ftov /3^Ccy£.628. fii} — 
tfwiipp fioraiay fial^v ic ird<roy ird- 
Xiy, /cff, iko diiumimoti an idU taU 
tkroMghout tho eity 632. 2. tho 
oHtwer of ap oracle ; d Of fffdrwy 
lyw /3dCiy farydti rmvii T. 87. 3. 
a report^ r amour ; ^poyrc r^i^i /3d« 
Ciy R. 519. 4Ci7a yap aov fia^ic mc 
Ocov rtyoc ^c^XO* 'Axaio^c Aj. 977. 
j3d(iy KaX^y Xa/3oyri £. 094. 

fkiirrm, ta dip, to ittip ; y piKayv^' 
Xovc iP<nLtv loifc Bpifipa Aipvataf 
Upa^ T. 571. x^f^^'i ^M' tfia^a 
577. tfiat^ac 7yp(oc fi^ irpoc 'Ap* 
Y<iwy erpartp ; Aj. 95. 

BapPapcc% barbatioH. 1. of a per* 

son i *0f$f6\a^ rg fiapfiaptp T. 251, 
o^c rUc p^ppopov ptiTpbt yiyMC Aj. 
1268. dpxaloy ivra IliXowa fi&p* 
fiapQ¥ ^vya 1271. 2. of n place 
or thing | itarA fi&pftapO¥ a\a¥ E, 
, 95. frov 7f7c ; warpuac ilrt pap' 
fiapov; T.235. Qdpaapo¥ yXm99a¥ 
Aj. 1242. 

Bop/Sap^M, f render barharian ; (5pyi- 
Oac) «(airf cXd^oyrac oiarpip aai 
fiffiappapiapk¥^, (birdi) thriekiag 
wiih ill^omemd and barbaric fury A» 

Bapcaioc* Bare^on: BapaaUne ax^K 
E. 717. 

Bdpoc, 1 . /and, 5Mrdra, affliction ; /3d- 
poc ydp »//idc obii¥ U rovritfy Ix'^ 
C. Il44. aai r$c dy«y — f^rc 9i« 
rVC /3<^C A. 1241, 736. 1236. i¥ 
a Ip^ ttipq. Bike — fiiya pApoc /»' 
Ix**^ i^a%9t¥ 1259. riyc t'vy ro- 
pw9iic wttpopiic X^tfiic /3dpoc B. 
927. afiy 4i^<yovtfa eofifopae /3d- 
poc T. 324. iiri i^t^^^fiapoi d- 
irXiray lfipifiO¥i fpi¥ 978. ri ^ 
iyqXXarrai rJ|C iiupiac pbl 9^1 
/Sdpoc; Ai. 208. 2. lAat wftirA 
oecoiioni aUiietion ; fo-ai ror' dpa 
rovro KaSfuiott fidpoQ C* 410. dO- 

BapvdXyiiroc, aawiing Jbaavy efflictioHi ; 
irayr«*y aaxACi^svy yXiitfaoic /9«* 
pa^y^ra AJ. 198. See Kax^C**. 



Bapvax'iC* grievaui^ diUrmingi fia* 
pvayu ia6p^ C. 1557. 

Bajpvppfiiiriyct ^*^ thundering ; ^loc 
fiapvpptiikraykvo^ A. 1104. 

Bapv^pwC* ditpljf'gMwtHg^ •icrueuit' 
tag; mvov dyrirvwoy fiapvPpmra 
P. 688. 

Bap^vw* t« ve*fffc rfiiicn: is only uicd 
in the puaiuve voice, to b€ weighed 
down, to be veted, angry ^ or offended ; 
KOKoioiv olc iyw pap6voiiai^ uith 
what eoiU I am weighed down T« 151. 
Kaivirw ric« f' papdvirait twv tv- 
iov ovrwv, /^t oiif of tho»e within tlay 
me, if he be offended E. 810. cayi 

78 1 . an, x^^ j3apw8«cc i'mv * Ax«A- 
Xfiwv hwXwv Aj. 41. /ii) fiapvy 
Owmv teacp 64r/iy , (c«( they he offended 
with the naueeoui unell P. 878« 

Bap6iror/ioCt ajjiicleil by a hard fate ^ 
hard fated; A papvwoTfit P. 1085. 
fiapviroTfta xaicd C. 1450. 

BapifQi 1. uaed subjectively, 6iir- 
denedf weighed down ; olh ehy yiipa 
/3api7cll.l7., koI 
viot^ fiapdv 234. iiviip ivvopyoc, Iv 
yilpq, fiaphq Aj. 996. fiapb^ re Kal 
Baptiav 6 llvoc ^nv riivl* Aire 
r. 1034. Ellcndt would render Ba- 
p^C in the above aenne, and Bapciay 
in the signification next given, but 
thev are commonly both understood 
in the second sense : fiapilav fidciv^ 
$ad itepj commonly translatcKd etow 
T. 962. 2. thence spoken of a niaa 
it means oppreuive, uvere, etem^ hanht 
or inimieai; pivm 9* iyut — tieail 
Pap{fc T. 1 1 92. iwrptvii — Kai /3a- 
pvv Q* fOpqc' i/iol R. 546. orvyvo^ 
fdv ttKtuy 2^Xoc <7t /3apdc ^t orav 
Qvpov rcpaffyc 678. S. aliio in 

the same sense of affections of the 
mini/, will, tpeeeh; p^viv fiapiXav 
Aj. 641. C. 1.330. 6oyi (iapua P. 
868. vovc i* ^vn rifAiicoftroc akyti' 
oaQ PaphQ A. 763. i/ I' &yav iriyii 
fiapi ioKki wapuyai 1236. fiapua 
alfid rpvirdvwp P. 207. fiapHav o 
(ivoc fanv rqv^' ilirf 1034. 4. 
lastly, spoken of external things that 
are grieoout or afflicting ; flapelac 
rov yoetiXilae P. 39. 2 fifiiiv Ur* 
oWotQ papv T. 727. paptiay Kvp- 
4opdy 743. jSoof/aic wpbc Otwy 
cvvxpaliaic Aj. 746. ifftoi flaptiac 
ipa rvc 'mhC v'vxiiC 959. v^^ov /3a- 
pf(ac Pf 1314. ffWvoic 6 Hftpoc 
Bvorvxwy i ebe pap^ C. 403. Um 
fiaptlaQ alria^ IXt^toov A. 441. 
fieLpeXav iia^f^v vtKartju Xkyoyrec 
C. 1206. 4^oy4 (says EUendt) ac- 
crued to Theseus and Antigone, in 



that they had brought CEdipus to 
consent to give audience to Poly- 
nices: therefore CEdipus says he 
Yields to their uigency although veiy 
loath to do so : in such case, vueari 
/If i| JoW|V are to be taken together, 
and not yicari Xiyovric t/^vify: 
the poKsoge then may lie thus para- 
phrased ; UptKari re toff iSoy^w 
vfiiy ov, Ipol U Papv^ ye pretoU 
in that vhieh givet you pfeamrt, but 
which it diitreuing to me, 

Bapveroyoc^ deplorable, to be deplored ; 
Xfiiru piy oifi* A wpoirOiy yitfuyrb 
fi^ob^apv^Toy eXvai R. 1233. 

Bapi^vxoc, pn$iUanimoui ; wpbc ko- 
Koi) re Kai fiapv^fi'xov y6ovc re*- 
0^9^' del wot' aySpbc Utiytir' miy 
Aj. 312. 

BaVavoc, a iMt, trief, or proof; wpbc 
trov i^ Paadytf R. 492. 9o^ mfOii 
fiaadvip ^ r/^uireXic 510. rax ('c 
Paaayoy f Z ycp^v C. 8.19. 

BaffiXf la, a queen ; priri^, f f vtft4 fkiy 
t)v paviXiia A). 1281. 

BaviXfioc, royal, regal; roTc /3atf4- 
Xiloiviy — y6func A. 378. 

BaviXtvCt a king ; b wayra Kpaiywy 
fiaviXivc^ Jupiter T. 127. Of men ; 
if ov Kai /SaaiXt^c caXcT R. 12(»2. 
A. 155. 946. 1157. R. 257. C. 67. 
Aj. 188. 938. 

BaffiXi'c, a woman of royal race; Xivtf* 
vert -— rt)y paotkiia /lovvqv Xeiirqv 
A. 932. 

BaffiC, I, attep^oTlraeh; Kvyb^AaKal" 
ytfC *Sc ric tvpiyoc fiafftc Aj. 8. Iwky^ 
viae — It dvfpi Svefiiyu fidny kvK' 
Xovyra^ thou knowett^ that 1 am wmlk^ 
ing round mine enemy (vis. as a spy) 
19. ovK ix^** /SaffiK, lame^ not abCt to 
walk P. 686. el % iylt r' ipwvov 

fiaaiv wabaovrae aXyovc, ^^ *<*'' 
free thee and thy corrupted foot of 
puin 1364. dyriptiit yvy paoiy ei|y 
1389. iy ^ovxatft /^'" fidoiy apuo^ 
eat C. 108. flapeiav w^o^oy fiaaite 
T. 963. Kevwy ydp WptXoe ftie ric 
pdvie 960. Also applied to the 
MtViftM rf wheele ; rpoxwy fidauQ K. 
708. 2. a mcrra, or act of «|»- 
proaching; ri £qra froi/ivaic riy6^ 
Iwtpwiirrii fldvty ; why then doee km 
hakten thit march ujton the ffoekt ? 
Aj. 42. Tou lu r^yi* Ifivra^a^ 
pdffty; T. 838. See if/erii/ii. 
Bavra^w, 1. properly to bear; A 
Paerdtta X^po^v t** 651. yvy |iiy 
^dp oiay uyra Qaardlm x*P^^ ^ 
1118. (iirsp / Opl#rev awpa pav^' 
rdlw rdie 1207. 2. Is Ufi wp ; 
Teinprn ^&e fu Pamrday mrrdrsi 
Aj. 814. r«c #i Pawrdwu flkm^ } 




MS. oMc 9^ PderaU B. 1463. 
S. to teA» m lA« Jbiv^/^ to Atf(^ to Jbn- 
tfir; Kot x<p^i fia9T&9o9a E. 893. 
Ivny fivrt ciyyMcy 0jay Xafitlp 
ami fimmtitmak /u P. 658. r^y ifi^y 

wramp P. 1113. ri utiZafiA ikxt^- 
Biv fCfcr ^/la fia^riv^ i6rt C. 
1107. 4. thence applied to btariiig 
• frwit /ri iiii g ^«t or dmttf; m^- 
*^^ *V v«vre Sm^riluif wp6$te A. 

', used of the Uwtpif'- 

itf of eleel bjr teNMriMn in water ; 
mayu yAp^ 8c fd itit^ Uapripcv¥ 
Hn^ paff mitipoc Act i^ifX^vO^v 
9r6fim^ J'tr /, «£• ^ toto wagjirm in 
■If ^iiMd pMriMw, M f ImI ^ temper- 
i»g^ kan beeH mtmde m vwhcn in mjp 
tpeeek Aj. 637. 
Wipamc, MTfciN, Mtrr; ifjca 6v/i^ 
mapiiac roU^tp^rm fikfiam A. 1073. 
wXia rp^ Hvii wwri^ euI fiefiaia 
P. 71. ciirfp *£piiov r^i^c vo/iirt^M 
rixr^y ^/Saiov t. 618. 
B^^Xec* P^ye"'* mceewbie, that wimy be 
mpmtmckeJltm not being contecmted ; 
Bjuijf0tw ft riya /3Xiirfic 4 vp^ /3<- 
fiiXme 4 dXetecy Ocdy C. 10. 
BiX0c« !• properly on amne^ frnve- 
Um, oritrt^ but luied for any pointed 
wempm ; ^p r69' 6p»^ piXot P. 
1283L irp^0fM^,fil9fc/3lXocl284. 
IjXK '^ ^yfifi^rwp fie\A¥ Aj. 643. 
le^utroc k^ /MM wpopeXd tal pi Xl^y 
Aj. 1192. nlvat rd Oi«y d/iaxif ra 
/KX» P. 198. rdif irp4e0fv /SfXi^tr 
diXmr 1186. yiwy 4 /ScXimk n 
wpowi^an 1190. ^ixov — ^^9 
rdac 1271. /SiXiei ro7c 'HpacXiovc 
1392. i^Mcr^ lx*ry /3iXi| T. 264. 
ml #A ypeeoOTp^fMir air' dvffvXMv 
/SiXMr R. 205. 2. applied to 
Tioleat affection! of the mindy at 
•mger; thue, Bvmov /SiX^ R. 894. 
99pibc — rd»^ oij^r /SfXioc irovov 
CwciXf ; T. 880. See atxpi^ 3. 
tkmmder ; |yei«eoi% lytarAgKtif^p fik - 
JUc mpmmww T. 1077. nk ireXXd 
•— 0rp(k4farra — YMp^k ^VC dyiei^ 
rev 4^9 a 1611. 4. appUed to 
• ctovwj lk99pppa fgiyup fiiXti 

Bfiis, 1. « Mil; rev^ dynvlrpov 
pil^'fec 1^ C. 193. 2. e «top; 
iv— >7i irerl MmrfMilMy ftCfrat 
•kwetrpUmp AnbQ ift^peM /S^/Mn iio- 
Xl rra , «*§« lA# land ^ like iieMy 
lim IffewjiNJ iAnII eH« dejf riefii«« 
UNdfT lAe prMiliMtf f eM- 
fee* E. 169. 

idg eelf, a f/e»; Iv 
rft^ l ieiC fUiimit Aj. 197. /mi4- 



pirai <» d^My }(\Mpai^ hftb fiAa* 
veuc C. 679. 
BJo« 1. force of body. In which 
■erne it it leit teldom uaed; v/icic 
(fipax^^'C) Nf/iiac fvoicey — /3i^ 
carcipydeae9c T. 1084. 9i)pfcoc 
Pia l048. 2. vioUnee of mind( 
and theiein first, expretting vioUnee 
of the perton acting ; ptii' if fiia 9% 
pfllapm^ yicqedrw roa6yit punt¥ 
Aj. 1313. 4 r' 'oaveelirfc 0ia, (At 
might of Uljfuet^ i. e. Ulifun^ or Cftt 
""'fAfJf </iy<Mi P. 314. 588. r^c 
'OJvtfdfi»C j8<ac ^1* 'If Jrov /3iay 
T. 38. Jc^v^ •— erparoy Onowy 
vPpt/9r^¥, dyopov vwipoxov piav 
1086. 3. but much more fte- 

Quently used to exprcatrdttpu/stoN; ^ 
p/a yap ravr* dyoycdC« /i ( ^pdv E. 
248. roiea<^oifX<VM/3/gll8S. 9t&¥ 
Pia Kal i4pt9%Q P. 507. ffXi^oi n 
Xdpwdeat /3lg 640. /)/f <rrcXoM 
ef 97 1 . if p' oiroc — dirdCcrai fiia 
976. Tpolav KarttffKmfMH fiia 98^ 
8c e^ droeriXM /3i> 1281. yqc dn^ 
/loy ^ dirMe9#|vai /3/g R. 670. ir4- 
X<C /3iV 4Xavyi fi' iff yvc C. 441. 
^iX5y Ipp* awocwdvai* — i(o/xM 
^iV 871. dCi4 /3(V 878. x»P*»6<(C 
/3i>907. wapleraeai /3i|^ 920. /3ia 
ayoyra fArmv dOX/wv brri;pia 92<^ 
/3ig ri ffo^x ^*^^ ^^' fftiyov Ic- 
PoXmp pi^ 1345. /3ig Kvyapwa^" 
9itea V Aj. 493. << II nc ^ig e*^ diro- 
ewdeui 1155. irAXoi ^ifi flpoiwiy 
E. 715. 4. used adverbially, 

miNfl the wM of, in tpite of; v6pow 
Pi^ A. 59. pi^ woXirdy Spap 79, 
898. rfc 9' iv pt rAvit evppdxoty 
SXoi /3i> ; C. 819. ^i> fiXwv 858. 
Ipov pi^ 947. 6. alto, wpbcPlap^ 
with or without a genitive, tamo at 
Piai^Jtjf eioUmee, vit/t Nl/v,miNil the 
wit of I A&rt — iiif^ wpbtpiavfC^f 
f pi vac E. 1454. ffd( oldif |i< — 
wpbc piau iXawiniP R. 805, 
wpoc piav wop%hopa% C. 849. 
wpbcpiop wapavwdeu yvofptiQ 1 187. 
irp4c Plar^ rbv duSp' dytiv P. 90. 
ev ydp — iipig roeo^e^f wpbcpiav 

JupAeerat 9^. -— wpbc pUiv e o5c 
y X^/3eic 103. |I v%v wpbc piap 
KpiPitv Bkkoic T. 887. irp5c Piav 
lpe» O. 663. irp5c Plav Od^fiy 
ittov Aj. 1806. 6. iff jSiaCt h 
force; uq iff /3iffC »' dCtvric P* 659. 
t#c dvap' -- iff /l£ic dyit 933. ip* 
— otl'lff/UtfcdloiMriv; 973. 
BidCe/MU, 1. In the middle voice, 
to de tUUmee l«^ to tmpitjf /e«Wi 
Seric '* bwippdg — y4^vc /9<d{<« 
rm» m fcitt iet r imeifNMiiv, dttc tjt- 
imei to l5t iean A. 669. ed^xpkp-^ 






it wtr$ huu for om vko U ubU to ua§ 
ford, to punUk hv wordt Aj. 1199. 
3. pauiTe, to mffer violotieo, to be 
^ompeittd ; Ptul^outu rdit A. 66. U 
966 ptalovrai rait 1060. rohtmBoQ 
-— ipyj fiiaeOiv fiaXXov ^ yv<^MV 
fpivwv R. 624. fiiaoBuQ wcKKA 
r<ivri/3ac E. 565. 

Binioct VihemoHt; fitaiac y^ov A. 

lUBdlm^ to lift up, to ojoU ; wc aMk' 
Apyoc i| rA KaifuUtv irUoy rifip 

Bi/3p4a«rM, properlr to f««< m» to tftf- 

vour; (kvipofBopov fitfipmriQ ai/ia- 

roc XiVoc A. 1009. Met to MRMNif ; 

Ik jiIv i^x^^'^C PiPptoKt ^Aptac 

T. 1043. 
Bi^^MpoCt ^^O'giviitgf or Ij^f-cupiMrl- 

in^ ; BiMtipot oLla P. 1147. 

i/ijff^i ti«e«Mary to cAt twfiport of iij'o, 
or (A« mMRi rf iupiporting Hfo, Bioc 
is especially applied to kummn lift, 
Zti to animal lift, 

B«otfnpi|(, without tko meant of tubeitt- 
enee ; adirl irpo9w6\ov /uaQ /Siotf- 
r<p9 XMpovifra C.751. 

Bior^, 1. lije; wayidtpyrov — 
P*OTav P. 685. 2. msam of tub" 
tutewee; ravrriv ydp iwv jSior^c 
aMp\6yoc ^^rl ^how P. 164. iri(-| 
Ocv y^p iTren fiiord 1144. 

B/oroc, 1. life; rhv trap* ai/rtf 

>6r^) piorov R. 612. roy a/ii 
liorov C. 1560. r6y Xoiirdv ijiti 
filorov 1615. OvarAy fitj&np A. 
610. fi/oroy i^aiwv' lx<«y T. 81. 
t6 — pUrov woX^rovov 117. Xa- 
O/jfOMv ^' 6ivva¥ — /3iorov 1018. 
ilXX' luk fiiv 6 wok^c dwoKlXoiwtv 
4^q /Sioroc <&vlXin^roc £• 170. 2. 
meant of tubtittenee ; KaXb^ydp^f»6c 
fiioroc E. 385. 

BiiSw, to /{o«; oloy (jSioy) pUtwai 9fm 
-^ Xpcwy R. 1488. 

B4MtfifU)c« a thing to make 2(^« to be en- 
dured ; ri ydp fUvy pun r^tf^ drtp 
/SiMtfi^v ; for what it there to make 
life to be endured 6y me alotu without 
herf A. 562. 

TUiot6q9 same as fiuiffiuoc^ fjieiy' 5 

' fiiWwv fiUc 06 fimric C. 1680. 

BXa/3i}, 1. Aiirr* harm, damage ; 

Uovciotciv iynivrai pXAfiatc P* 
1302. iffiroyOivai (ri) — tic S\A' 
finv flpov R. 517. X^ywv V Acov- 
Mi Wc /3XiS/3t| C. 1189. Utfwtp u^ 
fpotftXy wk^iaT^ pk&fiii A. 1038. 
aatvov — > irpoeopAva c6ftM9t /SX^ 
/3av T. 839. ^X^ny Ixfiy Aj. 
1304. x4 ^^9 Pi^ fipM £ 



1031. 2. spoken of a man con* 
temptuouslj, m pett^ a wretch; 6 
wdvr* dvaXxtiQ o^oc* if wavaSK&ptf 
E. 293. Cfiyoc q w&ea pXafiii P. 
618. 4^1 ydp /If iCwy ^XiS/3if (vyet- 
roc 4*^ juoi E. 774. 3. Otwy iro- 
MkicC pXdpat^ the twift- footed mm- 
^raNM ^' CA« godt A. lOJil. 

BXarrw, to ib«rm, to injure; tray 3s 
nc 9fwy ^a^a E. 686. iS riQ 
9iwy /SXairroi Aj. 451. dvipa 3' 
o& ^utaioy, f( 9ayoi, pkdirrtiy r5v 
l<rex^y 1324. ;;^f ftifr' i/il, /i^r' 
£XXoy — pXwIftu sror' «iy R. 375. 

BXa«rayt#, 1. properly spoken of 
plants, to bud, to sprout^ to grow ; l9» 
rty i* oloy iym ^~ oi»a iwaaovw -» 
wmwoTt fikafftiv C. 702. drw /3Xa- 
OTtipBpvovra OaXk&y E. 414. 2. 
used nguratiTely. to be produeod, to ba 
born; fiXaardpti 3 dvteria C* 
617. o^3|y ydp dvOpwwotffty, olov 
dpyvpoQ, KaKbv vopwp,* Spkagrt A* 
296. 0^^' 3c dy pKd<rry /tiyti ye»Q 
559. — ly ri'yi rovr' tfiXaor' dyOprn^ 
wwy; E. 231. d pJyivr' ;/3Xa9r« 
vdfUfia 1085. 4Sffr< ^dy ror' 4 t^^* 
fiby ylyoc pXacrt'ty lavat E. 954. 
— If ricyMy 3i|r' 5t^ic 4^ ^^^l^^P^c* 
pkavrwv* SiTMc I^Xa^ri R. 1376. 
o&ff l«r' d3<X^^ 3^ic dy ^Xd<rrot 
irorl A . 90S. dyOpMirov f vmy /3Xa- 
vrwy Aj. 748. </ pi^ rXtiftoytardrii 

rvy^^ira^wy IJSXarrt E. 432. Wc 
y ivrarpcc i53c /SXdtrroi; 1070* 
ri)y fi^ffiy — U Jy SpXavrtc P. 
1295. dptirroc U dpt^iocy 3vo«y 
pkaiTTwy Aj. 1284. f^9f/3fic cdC 
thotfi^y pikaordvraQ E. 580. «Sy 3' 
i^Xamy, oix ivw Xiyfiy T. 400. 
oiwvovc '"' da' My ri pXdigrmaty E. 
BXdffrif, 1. a thoot, or 5raii«Jk ; rdy, 

Kiveic *^c drf yQCt ircroaia pk&ara 
idpaety A. 821. 2. tJience, in the 
plural, transferred to the birth, or 
nroductumofmon; irat3ic^l^Xdtfrac 
R. 717. 3c ^Ti Skd&rac ww ytyf- 
OXlovQ warphQt ov pifrpli ux^y C. 
976. rjyc i^iyoc oiHapA pk&ffrac 
l^yfiT. 381. 

BXiirr^Ct worthti to be Uniked on; ri 
iijr' i/iol pktfrrby 4 ^rtpgrbv ^ 
wpovtiyopay R. 1337. 

BXiirw. to tee, to behold, to look ct, to 
sfrMTM, to Mniidsr, to behold tho Ughi^ 
to live, 

BXkfapoy^ the eyelid, the ette; xfi^'^C 
dpkpa/Q fiXifapoy A. 104. yurf 3' 
|yapy4c pXt^pwv ifupoc f ^Xlcrpev 
vbpfac 790. X6fi MXaiyd pXkfeipa 
1287. 4pa^ itraloMy pXkfafM S. 
1276. eKormew /3Xifaoa Mi 3i3op- 
adra AJ. 85. e3iro/ s M^iy dd««- 



^vrwv fiKtfapvr iruOoy T. 107. 

mgMetu — pkifdpMP 9 hwvw 986. 
B«c«» to sAMt, to cry Mt ; — !• etUbrMi§ 

immmg T. 311. 
Boi|* • MKuf f&Mf, or cry otgntim}Oj. 
BoiMr^, • BmCms £. 698. 
BtXi, properly • ««<l or dbrm, thence 

applied to lAc tknwimg tf th§ »um*» 

htmm ; r^v df' ifXtov ^oAMy slXiv- 

«ey Aj. 864. 
n0fm. J^ p. 274. 308. B. 1463. 

A. 30. 1004. 1027. 
Bepiac, iWMf, tkt martk wind; 4 

Korev 4 Bop<« T. 113. 
BepMC* « dmmtkitr tf IWmi ; r^q 

^v^XUitfiif iy irarp^ic Bepiac A. 

B^«eC« «m^A«ni, mrtk^rly: fi6pttOQ 

cXoyf7ra« C. 1242. 

B^r^ttf* l>/««^; 'f<o« r<ip f^** 
re^jM |<4 Xvirciy |i^yoir povcji^a, 
Irt »y M/y 4ic( W •« ciCMpf ion /rmn 
« itoto rfml^ tr««l E. 364. This 
ictnn the only Mtiafactorj mode of 
lendering thia obicure panage. 
Heath, followed by Ilennann, would 
tianalate it« lei ihU be mjf mlif diet, 
iM( t0 create grief fer mptelfi but this 
k giving ^ //li /1 9 Xtfwiiy the 
fai<ceoiTifii Xvwil^Om ifti^, Brunck 
would lead ro^fU vi¥ XvwfiVy Ut 
thu be my aii/y diet, tket I May 
setMiam grief to them, iC|gi«thus and 
Clytemncetia. But from the context 
it it evident that Electra means to 
coDtnst her own state of destitution 
with her sisterls abundance. 2. 
in the plural, emttle; Uarbv — 9vft' 
M%yi$ fio9Kif/uira T. 759. 

Mm^t^t to feed, to N0«ri<A. Used by 
Sophoclca in a secondary sense ; 
rify yo0¥ wdrra fi69KQV9av fX^ya 
mUi%99 SpoKTot 'HXiov R. 1425. 
IXwieiy U P69K0IUU A. 1231. rh 
yap pidZfiviv rouHaii p6mrai x^ 
pace, V a vrov T. 1 43. rime ik kov- 
focc wviifftamp /Soerov vkap ^x^^ 
iriXXMT Aj. 555. fi6€tM¥ riv aitt 
4dy¥ v6a9¥ P. 313. e/crpd yap 
/Utfstty 1152. 

JegwupieCf heUmgimg to f 5c Beepherui ; 
ijtrat Be#w5piai A. 956. Bo^wo- 
alt»v W9Te[ftmp Aj. 869. 

5pd — MMp9 fiiarowxop TiTUkmik' 
909 E. 889. ^o#rpvxMv ^^pac f^ 

Bar4pt « tkefktrd; roy dvipa^ rhw 
fier^pm B. 837. redrew — - 4^ 
^br4p 1044. 3#ric KekroUe rhv /So- 
rAM 1048L I|i» ric — r&y fiotnpa 
am 1089. f^y 0er#p' 5pay 3oc6 
lUL Hv/Seri^WI^ 1116. #17- 


ttareutriLC fioirit ttal PoT^petg Aj. 
228. ff^yac i3or9pac290. 

Boroy, a herd or yb»rlr, especially 
iftefp ; ffwdeava Krtieiov fiorou \dx' 
VIIV ^ T. 687. — 6kieac Aava&¥ 
fiord Aj. 145. ffvycaroierdc /3ord 
Kol fiortipa^ 227. iy piooic pordiQ 
317* M^r' iy roioMf x'V'C aW* 
(oc poreitc 448. 

BovOfpifCt offurding eummer pattur* 
age ; <y pooOipiX XttpAvi T. 1 87. 

BovOvriM, to uierUice eien; /SovOw* 
rovyra p* dp^ pmp6v C. 892. 

BoMvroCf eaerifieial^ pertotHing to the 
aaerijiee of oteo ; Po(tOvro¥ ioriav 
C. 1491. 

BovffoXoCi a herdtman ; povK6\ot¥ 
dkdoTopa Xioyra T. 1082. /3ovff5- 
Xwy fpotfptipara Aj. 54. 

BcvXfv/ia, eouHtel, deliberotioo^ only 
once used as expressing cifsicf gioca 
to another E. 955. ^i' 'wiffiry ro7c 
iiioic Povktlpaoty. Seldom used in 
tne singular numlier ; wc pdOte, rl 
poi vtiStrtpov poifXtvp* dw* 'ApyiiMy 
(yuc P. 556. 1} xal rh fioOktvp' 
£g iw^ 'Aayc/occ rol' iv: Aj. 44. 
eat pvv tr' aifr6c f'fii rif /9ovXf6- 
/lari R. 557. Store frequently in the 
plural ; d roioiy 'Apytioiciv dpfl 
eovvma povXkhpar* iori^ Koh p6vo¥ 
fiouXi^para^ dXX' tpya Ipmptpa P. 
551. 52. Ai5c — fp</9My fiovXiin 
pard ooi 1401. rdioip Ipwitpoioi 
Kai rdc Ivp^p&f Zio^ac 6pm pd" 
Xurra rA¥ PovXtvpdrv¥ R. 45. 
horic — p4 rmy dpiorio¥ dwrirm 
fiovXivpdru¥ A. 170. Im uoi lpm¥ 
d¥oXfiu fiovXtvudrup 1251. ycyov 
<— dpMy5c T&¥Ci rm¥ fiovXiviuirot¥ 
E. 1373. olf£ lortp i¥ relic M m- 
Xo7c fiovXik{*pa9i¥ oW iXwiQ T. 

BovXivrio^, to he deliheroted ppon ; 

^^ XPi ^P^^9 ^^ ^f^X** fiopXtvTio¥ 
E. 16. 
BavXi^M, to comuitf to dtiiherote, to 
determine^ or if^ctdc ypon; Ellendt 
obnerves that it it used by Sophoclea 
indiscfiminately in the active and 
middle voice. 1. not followed by 
a substantive ; /SouXivMy 9oAmc r, 
421. ^fi K&pl PovX%U$¥ iri(Xiy R. 
619. oIhc oA' Switfc «< f^ /Si^otf- 
Xf vvOoi tcdXAc 1367. Iq cioy wop- 
$00* Zie Kpi^y t6 wpdmoit¥ gal r5 
PovX§&U¥ 1417. ipiol roi— 1) K^ppoia 
povXUu vdXat A. 279. ^ocf7c — 
ob /3f/3ovXitfeOai tatmc T. 586. 
oM BovXfi^it wdX$p; E. 1035. 
2. witli an accutativa 1 roiavra wa- 
rpi pauXe^aaa' iptp aal fp&e' iXf 
4M9tK T. 804. wrparf Ibpwapri 
ptaXt^aC f^i'wy AJ. 1084. pmp n 

" 1 

/SovXcva pUp ; P. 1213. 2aV ^t rf 

#avraR.606. M /tot fitfiovkiVKMC 
SX"* 701. rft wpayfui Povkiv^avn 
A. 267. raXXa/9e«XfVMyira>all64. 
8. onee with a genitiTe ; Mivify I^«v 
iwairtAfMt rom fiottkiieoi rafom 
A. 486. 4. with an infinitiTe ; 
ravT* IfiovkMvmt wouly R. 587. ri 
/ftov ipaetu /Sc/SmiXi v#« wlpt ; 738. 
fi^py 21 wolf* Kai mft /SovXi 6cc era- 
wiy ; A. 768. f rovra 2i| /if cai 
/Sf/MXfiryroi wouly; E. 377. ft 
nvfc iAom povksho9€w ittpakilv 
639. j /3</3ovXfv/Mu riXfli^ 935. 
ratavrotfdvipa fiovXi^v iXily 989. 
BovXi^f 1. eoMiuff/, or adoict taJbn ; 
/SovX^c — Miv l^riv IvjBunf Kflurifc 
£. 1036. vioc /SovXilc yioMtv iytta- 
ralthlfi^ rf»6wotQ Aj. 723. 2. 
^i'mn la anaiher; & y' tXojSfC /3oa^ 
Xaic i/ialc P. 1231. 

d^ttrmint, ehMu, or prefer, 
Bovyoftoc^ greud upon bif caiiU; 6 

rJtv KfHoav fiovvopov ly^y iuivdv 

E. 175. woXic— fOiyovaaa* i&yf- 

Xa<c fiovv6patt R. 26. 
DoifW05|»poc, AaviM^ lA« kmdrfa kuU ; 

ivipiup tfOni fiolfwpipptkQ T. 13. 
Boiict a ^«l^ a mw» an or, T. 758. Aj. 

62. 175. 367. 1232. 
Bpa/Sf^C* 01* ttJHpirf, one wlio offfi o< 

jii</^< in tA« puMic garnet ; otruv yap 

thiKfipv^av paafi^c ip6p^v £. 680. 

ot riray pivot /jpa/3$c 69.9. 
BaJ^i/M, to deluM ; wpa^ov rat p^ 

/Soiiawf P. 1386. PoiMYe ; 4 I' 

hchQ ppaivvirai E. 1493. waXat 

94 rdwb ffov Ppadvvtrat C. 1624. 
Bpa^iiCi f/tfv* 1. of a person ; q 

W^v ijM PpaB6c Aj- 726. »/ 

$iew threugh eld age 879. Ivpkv 4^9 

r^ yuuspip XP^^H^ PP^^i% *^ ''* ''* 
rMNijf iardy tkreugh long deian, that 
ii, waaimg ear time in wordt T. 596. 
2. of a Sling; obv Xp^yy fipaiii 
pohSw T. 394. Ppaiiiw U6v Aj. 

Bpa^vrqc* f/ovnoff ; fipaivHiroc Hwip 

•A. 923. 
BpaxiMVy f A« mrm ; & fiXoi PpaxUvet 

T. 1080. 
Bpax^C* 1* t^tof^ in space, sice, 

or time ; X^yy -— ppaxel P. 433. 

fipaxbv rcy' otriT piiOey C. 1164. 

Xp^y fip^X** 1®^* ^^^ ^fM- 
yila ylyMrm ^acpi A. 232. 
UMd admbiallr, in briefs Aartly; 
iv Ppaxil Kvv9tlc XlvM £. 668. iv 
Ppavtt fpdgm C* 1577. 2. lUUe, 
email, trijiing; iy ppavtit X^^'¥ 
E. 747. Iw Ppaxtt tAxu 1102. 



iw* tfcpow Xaov fipaxbc 5ffXaoac C. 
197. — iplpat pkpoQ fipaxb P. 83. 
^PX^^ Hf^X^*"^ *^ ^^Btpotptv iXrc* 
0OC R. 121. cai ooi rf rovpyov 
rovr' 1^ r' t^cu 0pax^ C. 1120. 
/3payci o^y ^ycy '«! XP^'V ^** 
avcfOw 1343. wpivy* ili» f iwyc Uro- 
pov/uvoc jSpaxv T* 414. kM' 
dp 9% Xvwq^a^a /SovXoJpqv fipax^ 
— fiiy' cvpfiy Ktp8o^ E. 1296. 
X4yo<tfi y<lp oJ^K itvipoffTM Ppen^m 
C. 295. X'^P^^ Pp^X***^^ — iuovQ 
T. 1207. role ^M ouraiocc X** PP"* 
X^ vur^ /liyay C. 884. Uoed ad- 
verbiallr, ta a trijie ; iv Ppax^l 2i) 
rif i4( |t^ Jloirci xa^y C. 592. 3. 
in the plural it aomctimeo ijgnifiea 
few; Mtfrc/Spa^r Ipol itiaOai fpdaat 
C. 576. iiQ eti ab Ppaxiei% rovra ^ 
Iv fatpf XiyciC 813. - 4. Sopho> 
clea does not use it in the compara- 
tive ; once in the superlative, in the 
first signification ; ppdxftra ydp 
Kpartora rdv wotfty coca A. 1309. 
Adverbially, me Ppdxivra C. 1117. 
Bpfp«#, ta rotor, to reumnd; orovtp 
Ppipovoi ^ dvnwXiiyfc atrai A. 
BpiOw, to be heavy, to weigh, or to out' 
veigh ; fS rivoc wXiov if x<*P^ A>** 
Ofic 4 peucpw wXoil^rov /3a9«, if thou 
art mare powetful than any ono, #i't5or 
ia proiceu, or depth rf abundant 
wealth Aj. 130. 
Bpovri), thunder; Ai5c wrtpmrbe — 
ppoprii C. 1461. Ppoprac abyaXc 
P. 1 184. 4 mi9/i5v 4 PpovriiP riva 
C. 95. ol woXXil ppavred ZuiTtkue 
Bporiioct helonging to man, or AaMoa 
notart , JkuMoa ; Pporiwv obiiv R. 
709. '^ 

Bpor^, a Mortal, a Aamaa beiug, 
BpoxoCf « MOAit; Ppix¥ piriiStf^ 

KoBtippipiiy A. 1207. 
Bp^cw, to 5tM, to fiiaip ; i/ J' ai^ puipd 
PpvKH T. 983. PpifKopag rdkac P. 
Bpuxaopai, to roar, like a lion, to beU 
/oi0, to low; ppvy^ptvov exav- 
poin T. 802. Ppvxaro 900. jiivd 
BovxqOiicR.1265. /S^x" rXaW 
T. 1061. 
Bpuw, to bud^ to bloom^ to abound in ; 
dvw pXavrtXv Ppitoma OoXXtfy E. 
414. X^'POC— pp^aivia^yvciXaac 
dpwiXov C. 16. 
BvAci depths an afryii, the deep; w^ 
Xiy — il eipUev ipapeSevap Iq PuObp 
wenXp Aj.^ 1062. w4Xic — rdyo* 
Kovfloat udpa pvBwv it' obx iIUl n 
^yiov 9<iXov R. 24. — folinnv rW 
la PuM aiicSoy oTfui P. 772. 
B^tfMfy, /rem the bottom i eUpet — 


aaiXhfiH Bmt&Mtr MXaiy^y 9lpm A. 

W Aj. 1265. 

Mm^iiy t# «ii •Iter ; i«rAy 


iri^a PmfUO¥f tdtmg ih» mltmr »Uf€ 
B. 184. 
B«|i^, CM «itar R. 16. C. 892. 002. 
1160. A. 098. 1008. T. 287. 761. 
900. 989. 

1. lA« 99rth^ fl rcifiiNv, or 
tmtry; Tp^foia yaiav P. 1160. 
8rcy wopQ^rt yaUtv 1427. Ilyili' 
Irt yalav C. 457. Ic C^i'V*' yaiav 
Eb 1121. IIo^cci^awyM nvtutropa 

Clac T. 501. 8^9^ iyM yaiav ca- 
ipMy k^/fify 1050. 2. f iU MrfA, 
<m7, otgrPHHd; Ayala^ Hloi /a P. 
808. rp^M r6^ f7X^( — Tain; 
i^Coc. Ma ^k rcc o^(r«u Aj. 644. 
vr5 yo^C* •» <A« tkada Ulaw E. 829. 
8. • |Nifticii(«r spot tfgrwmd ; 0fdC 
iwi yaittf^ ht insi slaying mpon f A« 
gnmmd Aj. 281. 

Tww yoidoxov 'Ploc f «Xoy vi^y C. 
1074. AIm, pr§Udrm ^ tkg immd ; 
'AAava. yataiax^ r^ MKft^v 'Ap- 
Ttptp R. 160. 
rmXm^milk; y%9^pifQVQW^y^yakiUf 
r«c E. 888. 

X^yy v«yr' li€pK6fitiP rifcov E. 
Tapfipif^ a nigtiam hy manUgi^ a bro- 
f A«r-ijt-ls» ; Kpioifr\ i/iavrov ya/t- 
fip6t^ R. 70. 

m7c a. 746. cArA n'c yaptt; R. 
1500. lyM ^ Ml' hsmv iytifUi C 
991. 0^ x^ripaf wXiiarac dytip ilc 
'BpoMkiKtynP* ^i i T.460. ^M- 
fi^y r^v i/ii)y yniiaQ I^mc » B. 577. 
Hid. ; iyfpoic yafU900at E. 584. 
IW/MC* iMrrM^f, mmpiimlt ; in the un- 
golar it it onlj uied of tbo inaniage 
of poftiralor penoni ; liiot ydo 
•o&iC ^(■•'C i9Ta$yifto^ piilmv fl- 
pi^9m ooi soXfic ifyov^vov A. 683. 
ovrc roir yiSiiov J<lp«c Xax^i''''*' 
908. r5y<WW«cyai^y T. 789. a- 
7«|MV yi/ioir R. 1214. y4^ ^*^ 
•Ml rUwmf C. 949. A y^fM** f^fT 
R. 1403. /uatfiptnf yAfittv apiXXn* 

rm E. 484. ydpmv iro^W rc». 
959. Mi^ Ay iti wpic ydfitnf 
^ff^ i«MC R. 1492. vA«c — y^l- 
/Mr it48fiitr 4r» G. 580. o5^ y^- 

T. 503. Mftvuiyov^a rwy ahtmv 
yapwv 548. vlwv d'ivvdvrmw yd- 
/im¥ 840. Iw itwwoTpmv Kavlyviirt 
yd/iwv Kvpiiffac A. 862. i/ ydiioiQ 

fif ^<i /iqrp5c Ivyiivai R. 825. our' 
y roioi' <&<ov90^ai cac^c ydpowiv 
C. 993. Sirric f6vov^ /ioa koi ya« 
fiovc <ca< Ivpfopiic — ^i^ffac 966. 
$inTp6c — ydfiovc 982. "AiJ^c o i^av- 
wy roMt To^f yoftovc ifv A. 571. 
mt irpoeiUi ro^ Mov yduov^ T. 
1129. This i» the only instance, 
says Ellendt, in which it does not 
mean murriagt^ but a wif$, 
Pa/i^yvC, havitig crctkad ciswf ; rdy 
yapy^mvvxa napBipov xp^vptpi^v 

Tap, Ur, 6MSttM, stnct. 

Ta9Tnp, tAs fri//y; yaerpi ^y ri 
aifpfopa P. 287. fl irors dv^iM 
yaarpt foofidv 704. 

Tf , inrt^y, M^ef J, tfviy^ el (fast. 

Ff yMVM, IS spso^ te Is/l ; ri yf ywvw ; 
C. 213. )4yt#yl ptn way rovro P. 

riJvaeOai, 1. spoken of a fether, 
to b€get ; ov ^ \yi\yar* o6r' iiccivof 
ovr' iy^ R. 1020. warp6c, 8c ^ 
lyiivaro Aj. 1151. 2. of a mo- 
ther, to bring forth; ptirpSc^ 9 p.' 
lydvaro E. 25.1. 

FiirMV, 1. mdj,,n$igkltouriMg ; Sca- 
pdvipioi yiirovf c i^ooi Aj. 414. yt i- 
rovac ri Vopfac T. 214. 2. subst. 
e mighbour; ^Xjc^v yfAr^ywy, « ^s- 
/siiri e^tftasl nsi^M^vrf C. 1522. 

rtXotfriiCy • diridir ; o^ itQ yiXaeri)c 

— iXilXv9a R. 1422. 

riX4iw, 1 • Is isMf A, properly as a proof 
of joyoiasness ; liv Tip Otf vac cai 
ytif KitUptTM Aj. 876. 4^My ys- 
Xaw 990. 4 ^^qyoc — cdiri rote 
eavrj^ Koselei ciiiri reic i/u>ic 
YiXfC > Eb 868. xaipsw koX yiXay 
iXsvOi^eiC 1392. But also used to 
express mmiigmint jny ; ysX^ ^1 rol^i 
|ur»yo^vsic i^Y^^tv wikhf ylkkmra 
Aj. 986. el r e5y v tX«#yrMy jcd« 
vixa<^yi'wvM*s7c940. thfyyowtr^ 

— ysXify (v«f|Men) 990. rax' 4» 



Koueoic ytk&v — Uicotro 1022. oi 
f««v — yfXfiai «7* /x<>*^(C P» 258. 
yt\&m i* ixBffoi R. 1 142. ytXAvras 
ix^po^ wavvofuv 1287. 2. to (aii^4 
al, or dtridt ; o7^oft ycXA/tai A. 832. 
rh rpiofiivovT* i/U 6&rm y^aoOai 
row ffa^i/v^rov vdpa C. 1425. 
ytXMfuvoQ ir^c 'ov P. 1012. 
With a genitive, yikf |iov, x'P^ 
^<iXAwy rav i/idy uiXiov rpofdv, 
P. 1110. With a prepoaition, fi'c 
ix^podc yfXav Aj. 79. cai ji^pa- 
KvTav ytXav A. 479. yiXMr' iy eoi 
viX« 547. 
rlAwCy 1 . teMj kler ; yiXwri ^iSphv 
TobjUiv mlfirai tdpa E. 1 302. t} irov 
roX^y yiXMO* u^' ^iov^t «\y*^ Aj. 
375. ytX^ roiffi fituyofUvoic a- 
XCffiviro^dy ylXwra Aj. 937. ^Stfrn 
— iroXdy ^i rolaip iyfipoXeiv yiX^v 
A. 643. otiKoup viXmc 4^mroc f/c 
ix^potpc 7f X^y i Aj. 79. c/ yik^* iv 
vol yiXw A. 547. 2. i/erifinit, « 
UtugkiHg'ttoek ; <rvyn9f ic ylXwy ro- 
Xvy Aj. 296. tUfioi ylXwrot^ olov 
i/PpioBilp dpa 360. /ij) — yiXuc 



— (cyfi yivtitftai rfii C. 906. 

riiiM, I0 bt full of any thing ; w6' 
Xic — OvfitafidriMf 7^f "« 2fio0 Ji 
wtuavmv T% Kal ffTtyayftdrntv R. 4. 
fioiig rt Kai iwoauiaQ ykit^v P. 

Tiyfa, 1. birth, familif^ ^^rigin ; 

ytpt^ Hfiioc A. 939. li warpipat 
ycycac dpiaroc Aj. 623. 2. ftnt- 
raiitfn, spoken of mankind univer- 
ttiUy ; Im ytvial fiporStv R. 1186. 
and of particular nations; vabQ 
dptayoi — yi yiac x^^^^**^ dw' '£p<X' 
Btaiy Aj. 2U1. omv IWiiwH 
(drat) ycyfac liri vXqOoc Kpiroy A. 
581. 00^' diraXXairiru ytvtdv yi- 
voc 591. & ylyoc, ^ ycyid r<iXaiya 
E. 1405. 3. tkg offtmring of a 
particular person ; t&q dcmrov Si- 
cuAiSav ytvtag Aj. 189. 

PiyidXif, pn^ffiy; ^ yi y«9Xa yi yyai- 
«y E. 127. i& ^iXia yfyi9Xa 219. 

Pfyi9Xioc,fiala/; o&ri /SXii^ac yc yf 9- 

Xfowc — «?XO*'C« 976. 
riyfOXoy, offipring; yi|Xja ^1 yiytO- 

Xa ff-p^c iri^u Ktirai R. 180. rd 

OyqrAy yiyfOXa 1425. wal Ai5c 

yly«9Xoy A. 1185. A yiyf0^oy 

O^raiov warp6c P. 451. 
riyfidc, th$ htard; U ik lanUv 

ytvudioc cpevyoi iu^^voyro T. 

1 3. 
riycioy, tkt bimrd^ tk§ chin ; folvtai 

— yXfyai ylyn* frcyyoy R. 1277. 

rp5c ycyf iov £. 1199. 
rlycviC, origin; warpbc /Up oA^a 

ylys^iy Evpvrov T. 379. 
r<y<rw,aiMf; 5 Aa5cyiy<racR.470. 

Piyjfc, aaaM; oBn rov yfy^oc i}y 
ff-Xvy/*', o6 dueOXvff Ic/SeXq A. 

Pcyyaioc, 1. of nobis birth ; ycy- 
vaia nc T. 308. Iff & yoyj^ ycyyais 
R. 1469. fZ yiyyacoCi irX^y rov 
iaifiovoQ C. 76. M yf yi9Xa yi yyoi- 
My £. 127. 2. noblo-mimiid ; di I 
« — yswaXov tlvni P. 51. roioi * 
y<yya«oiai roi r6 r' al^xp^v ^X^P^ 
473. «& rtryoy, ^ yi yyaioy 788. A 
yfyyaTf 790. R. ]510. ycyyal^ 
wip wy P. 1057. 4tfc dvAp ytwaioe 
C. 1632. aa ix9p5c d Viip. dXXd 
prcyyaioc iror' 4v Aj. 1334. Spoken 
in derision ; 4 Xdyotet ytyyata y vyn 
£. 279. 8. used of a thing it 
expresses, inmato nobilitji ; rb yiv- 
yatoy C. 8.^ rb vbv yfyyaToy 575. 
oyaco — rov n ytvyaiov x^P^^ 1046. 
ysyyaioy f/pifcwc Itoq P. 1388. 
rXAvag XP^ ^ yiyyaioy fptvi x^" 

flip C. 1636. 4. in a single instance 
it bears the sense of viotgttt ; x^P<^ 
wpbc iwap — ycyyoia ev^ Aj. 918. 
4 (exvpd BchoU 
TfyyaM, to beget; h yewifoaQ xariip 
E. 1404. rbv wpivOt ytPvtiBivra 
noXvyfkQC.376. Metaph. applied 
to the growth vjf the badi/ ; dy^pa 

iriiy srcfffiy dy, i< AsAatm « m«ii, 
though he thouid beget (that is, 
became) a targe poreon^ to think he 
ma}tfan Aj. 1056. 

Vi^vtipat 1. a progeny^ offspring ; wai^ 
Cuv T&v ffwy vkarov yiwi^pa A. 
623. yivviipa r&v iiefi9fy ovc iy 
iftrrdroic T. 314. rwy Aotov — 
ric jy 7<yy9/idrii»y R. 1167. 2. 
the native diipoeition ; ^uXot rb yly- 
yilfi* upbv U w^oS varp^c r^c 
irai^^C* ^ke ditpoiitioH rftke danghttr 
ehowt itseij'itern from a Usra Jalhtr 
A. 467. 

Ffyy^rnCf « prent ; wale 7 tl r&yit 
ytvptirAv i^vy R. 1015. 

Tiyoc, afamiljf, race^ P»pit% kindred; 
passim. Also of horses ; Irriiy y|. 
VH A. 341. And of one individual ; 
itf iota Tifffij|<r<ra, ivcpopov yivoQ 
Aj. 771. 

FfyyCf 1; thejaw^ orjeici; ifia, 
jToiv leoff dpiripttpalparmv ylyy^iy 
rXjiffOQyai, &s departsd 5ifsr« As had 
tatiated hit Uw with ear blood A. 
121. 2. IA««(/g«o/'aaai«, eaeif ; 
d raXaid X'K^^V'Xaarec dii^qc^c 
yiyvc E. 476. Cifoc # ytyvy ^ 
aiXimp n wpowipiffare P. 1190. 
5r< 90ft srayxaXffMy dvraia yiyVMV 
Mp^99 vXayd E. 189. 
Pipoftdc and yip<nSct 1. ad}., sfMl; 
yf pmiy — ^Mfia ^dy C 200. r«-> 

an Tir 

A. 978. 1032. it ytpmov wwip^a 
KakpTw Aj. 1373. 3. ittlMtv in 
■pfiking to a pefton, •Id mmm or 
«m«m; 6 ripcil T. 183. R. 9. 
990.1009. C. 393. 1509. 6 yi paii 
T. 870. Compor.; ycrf Wifmcmt 
yipaaip^ C 1396. ycfNi^Ct nino m 
ytpaUc* onoe uaed, ycpo&y irarlpa 
rM* i|i^y C. 338. 
UpoCff •■viM'^fOrpmf given to worth 
or valooTy AMiwr E. 435. 677. C. 
1398. P. 478. 1050. 1349. Aj. 813. 

i<i — - yf poyro7«»7t( C. 349. 

nptttf^ 1. WMt, MlffUMSN. 3. 

IV^oiy 1. f# tasif j 7<viff9f, /i4 
4tiii00i frcv^MMv ^rparw Aj. 831. 
3. t# aalw trimi tf^ u um^; l^wih 
pt0t4j§v6/i^Wf I mmd§ iriml ^ di- 
CMtffiM inf/M Aj. 993. pA}fim¥ pm- 
piwp Iy999dfui9 T. 1091. 

^*^ » ^ 7V7<>^ 9rpar^ FtyAtfTtip 
T. 1047. 

FfOfr* 1. frwm ihs ^rtk; rhv 
gmrappdKr^v Uo¥ x^^^mSc fid0potm 
7#9iv i^piZ^IU¥oy C. 1587. 3. 
/rMi benmtk tkt Mf<4, that it, 
tki thmdm beUm; 7$9fy i^/av^ 
ip^v — /MXf Zy E. 445. 

rv8»«#, !• W^M, l« r(^ct ; Sophoclei 
only UMs it in the perf. tense with 
the foree of the present; vi fdv 
yiy^Oat Z&p P. 1010. ij gal 7179- 
bicrapr'ddXiUiyioult; R. 368. 
Xmpii 7<7V^ £• 1435. c^wi ev^- 

i§tfMTmp tee 1332. 
rvpaCt M mg: 
r^pavKm^ I. to grtw dd; iXurpa 

7fpaexevway dyvfiiycui r< E.950. 

e4 c»2 7ivec ^ ^ — "HXioc ^^ 
fiUw rmemr^Wf eloy cii/ii, 7i|^yai 
weri C* 874. 3. to 5« gnJetbUd hy aid 
mgin pl^yc ^f^ re^reic 8i5c Mt 
y^p6mmH R. 873. r5 r ife^lf xi'P^'C 
ev ^ykooKi eAiyoc C. 731. 

r^oepeessCf ^"^ «"^ tmpparU mmMker 
M tflrf M«; Ac ^s' 7linfr0A 79110- 
fi^mAc tUad Aj. 567. 

ripoc* vMce; woiAy 3) XAiiwa ere- 
vise«« ri 74poc8|Mr»Xec R. 188. 

r4r«C« • A«*«iirfBie«; 7trft twmc 
ipUpmifUnwmf Xm^Aif T. 33. 

K7«c» «r«i«; 4 7#7iy4c •rparic 

r«7iyrwv T. 1048. 
r i 7 » e| i« . toti C i« r ,to5s5sm, toAsgn 

rt7»<MewM, to Itmw, to rfcsfNiM, to 



rXaiNc4ci Mm, ermlsen ; yXainc^c ^- 
iXiiac C. 706. yXawil^ Iw^pac T. 


rXavcdircCf Mm, or etHrt-fystf; X^ 

7XaiMct#inc 'AO^va C. 711. 
rXifV9, tkM €}f€»baU; fo^uu 5* 5fietf 

yXHifai ykvn' Inyyop R. 1377. 
rXvK^, irnm T. 1039. A. 39. Aj. 

945. 1181. E. 1134. C. 106. 778. 

R. 1335. 1390. 
rXdeea* th€ tpuguit, thence tnnsferred 

to th$ J'ltcuUjf if tptiekf or ipnek 


rX^X^*^* ^^' P*^^ ^** ^^^^"^ : wevfiy 

wXf tfpdy wicp^ 7XMyiyi T. 678. 
Vp&fio^ e praj's ew ^- ixotC ^^ 

Z'pmpa pii iriipM|ilyq, 3^ eattMl 
avs ;»r00f mn(<sI mm aielrs ik$ In'ei 
Ttrnfitl^ MiW, rfeMR, infW/if mm, pnt- 

dSN0#« fpiMiHN, pHI^MM. 

ryMpf^Mt tolrNoar, torffeo^iMj reSp- 

70V •»<; o^ yvmplaoifU eev r43< ^4Xy 

wpo9ipirop R. 538. 
FyMeri^, lAet iney 6# luMifrttoarfy iiito^* 

iifibU; oifx ^Tt y Uwtly yvmoriv 

R. 361. 
Ti^r^Ct ikNMcii I yvmrii Koinc AymtrA 

/Ml irpoeifX9f9' huipoprtc K. 58. 

9y rpayriiay) ovr' aw^ ofmvQp e^ 

wpoifay^Q ix^^f ^^ ^ ^*^ *w 

7i'Mr4v R. 397. 
reoo/im, to 5«iimi//, to dtplw\ Ap^l 

vi¥ 70Mfifvoc T. 933. yoare ^ 

cvv<ic R. 1249. woXXA piv e" ivili 

tforii^ov wapihspvr^ Mppara r^y 

*Hp^XiiOK lloiay yompiy^y T. 51. 
Fow^C* • p^i'fHl ; rmy o/icrpMC 0/ xo- 

piymy yoylvy E. 143. 70I«mi' /vri- 

fiotfc <tf)[<>vea wnpvyai 7^v334. 

Yowvec 0', 01 e' i^veay R. 436. reig 

Ipolc yoyiv9%y 1495. 
Fei'v. 1. birtkffamiljf^ arigiu $ A y<h 

vy 7fyvalf R. 1469. 5 fuiiiv 

Ay yoyaiviy Aj. 1073. — 70^9 wf- 

f vff«#C — 7<pairlpf O. 1396. pa* 

TpbQ lyoiTic dyvpftvroy yoydy A. 

966. 3c oM^iy <I cai 7«y^ (vi^ai- 

fioc E. 153. Im 701*01 9tftdrmy 

Ifiol ftXrdrvy 1334. 3. pfftprimg ; 

yoy^c Kar9«4owc f^eayric A. 637. 

i/ei x^^^P^C 70MU ffoeoi C. 1194. 

Zifvoc rafta^im 7ev«lc XP^^^pv* 

rotfc A. 940. 
r4i/ec, ^<prfv P- S33. ^6. 414. 

1305. C. 555. 1334. T. 95^ 1098. 

A. 570. 1005. Aj.1383. 
Fewy tk§ Jrwci ; wpotwinm #• 74- 

vaei P. 483. ic ^ yoewira ir«r/Mc 

wf eeveo* 'eXoey C. 1604. 
F4oc, «M|rfjtf, Mt/iNf ; T. 1189. R. 

30. C. 1605. 1618* 1664. E. 81. 

104. 137. 338. 383. 345. 367. 371. 

858. A. 433. 874. 1333. Aj. 313. 



576. 952. Onoe applied to the plain- 
tive note of a nigntingale ; oicrpac 
y^ov 6pvt$oc dfidovc Aj. 617. 

Vopy&wtQ^ one who it cf Urrtfio asf§et; 
ti Ai5c yopy&wtc Aiifuiroe Bii AJ. 

Teirv, I&m, tm^Mrf, ofncinij^, AMMvtr, 

rpaloci <^^* uMd lubatantiTelyy ypata, 
en oid i09iiMi»; X**P<^ *^P^ 4/mIc 
yf>a7a T, 867. 

r^a^ify writing; x<^9c Srwc '^ 
viirrov U i&rov ypaftiv T. 'tOO. 

Vpiftt^ t0 wriii^ Ce taicrtit; 9^ 
K^ovrec irpotfrirev ytypd^fuiu 

lirlffTti tial ypdfov fpiv6y iam P. 
rio, y*^ lee yv^ff. 



rvaXey, • MviCy, a vaif ; A celXoc 
irlrpac y^NiXoy P. 1070. /3a9i — 
fir' dtpav Ivl yvoXov — AyiC**!^* 
icov C. 1489. 

r^ifCt ara5/# gnmnd; ol M vXqvAOc 
y vai C. 58. Also applied to women 
who are fit for child-beariQg; ipAct" 

fun ydp x^'^^P**^ ^^^ 7^ ^ 

rvfiv^v properlj nmiud: thenoe smm!* 

tieM, 5#r««9«rf; yv/ii4v ^ylyni 

rdy dpitfrf iwv drip ^. 459. 
Vvfiv6tt^ to flrip NcAid; 96fia y«|fr- 

vw^avric li^ A. 406. 
rvyaicf ZoCt ^ o' h$longimg le a WMiiaa ; 

X<<p ywautf la T. 894. ymmmlop 

l»6oa¥ A. 1378. 
Fvyq, ippaiaiildad, a 

Aa^yai» l# /««rii ; 5 A XiBtrai mv r' 

iVa9'<Syr'iaai}E. 164. 
Aaf^tffioCf tfii'iMC, proceeding from the 

gods; 6atfi6vtov alrb rtOtifi,' iyiSt 
 £.1261. thence vouderful^ or mi- 

raeulout; Iq Baifi6viov tipaQ d/i- 

^ivow ro^f A. 372. 
Aai/itaVj thi deity^ or divinittf^ a god^ 

a tutelar gtniui rf a eity ; alto, Jiir- 

tiin«, ehanci, fate, 
Aaivvfuu^ properly ti» iat, to f§a9t on, 

thence to bii§ ; ialwrai ydp aO 

wdXcv T. 1078. fotyjac — Ix^^^'QC 

i6c i&c i^aiVvro 768. t| rwv i/iwy 

"Ac^ilC nc Ifttpov Hkvw 4 ^«>'>^ 

Utiviit hx* iaiffaaOai wXkov; had 

JIadet a longing for mif ehiidron 

rather than hen, to glut kimulf with 

them? £.533. 
Aaioft€u, to bum; Swmc — i^auro 

^Kbl aluartipd Kdir5 wuipac ^pvdc 

T. 762. 
Aaioc* 1- hoitih; iy vImv fo^Q/ia 

iat^v C. 704. iednfv dvBp6v 1048. 

rbv iv daiaig drptorov ^dvaic Aj. 

358. 2. wretched; & idta TU- 

/iqffffa, iufffiopov yivof AJ. 771. 
Aa/c« /Mtt ; Oavmy wapi^w ialr' 

v^ it¥ l^pPSfitiv P. 945. irarp5c 

rnv ivffr&Kai¥av iaTr^ Iwwppfia^ 

lilvnv E. 276. 
AaiciOtfttOCf Atart>rffiidiNg; ^aciOv/ioc 

dra P. 699. 
AojcvMy to bitt^ to gnmo ; thenoe to dai« 

Irfu, voi i I^« lanlnr er6|Mi 

0^y T. 972. ^- ob ydp /i% rdXyoc 
rwy wapfXOiSyrwv ^ocvii P. 1342. 
rd mrXifod ydp roir «dy vwipiue' ^, 
^dffpfi Ai. 1098.^ Iv ToUiv wffiv i( 
'wl ry +WXV '<'»»'•« ; A. 817. — 
ftij rooovro¥ wg Hkvu Ovfif ivvop- 
yocT. 1107. xofirnic Unx'^n roDro 
rovvii^oc Xcrpwy 253 ; ^^xfikiQ 
frpoc d '{qcovvcy H* ^fuif^aro P. 

Adiepvov, a teitr, nffpiiiF; ydov ^4 
fiQ^lv fiVi'rw Jdcpv T. 1189. -^ 
yfyi|95clfpirfi daKpvov 6ufiarmvdw0 
£. 1222. di SitnaroQ ioraKrl Xic* 
/3wy idKpvov C. 1253. A. 523. 797. 
T. 845. 850. 915. £.162. 894. 

Aaffpv(&poiwt (0 weep, to thedfloodt of 
teart; Iwcpv^^oel ivvrrivoc T. 825. 
ov wor^ UXiiKti x^P^C ^tucpv^^vca 
E. 1305. OZi fu — iuKpv^poovyra 
T. 793. 0^ i^ kXvm — roiy /loi 
^iXocy ioKpv^pcovvrogv R. 1473. 

AocpifM, lo weep, |9 ittmeiir, med hoth 
tranaitirely and intrantitivdj ; cal 
9f^ ioKovu R. 1486. dc vvy ^o- 
Kp^ftc tloopuv C. 1360. /i r" iy 
rd^^i ittrpaitf — iuKpvttc £• 149. 
w iraTy ri Jacpvfic; 818. dXic, cy' 
iCilKfAC iaKpu^v VL 1515. o^i/ia m 
rMf — tfrivfi ^flffpvey C. 1708. 
iiril 'ioKpvea Cfivov P. 360. ird> 
ripa rdftavrod Ktued wpdetfiy ^o- 
cp^ew — ; C. 1257. apa — ^o- 
npiwm ffdwiKMrSvat deccl-^; £• 
794. adyai 3acpvMic «Mc 



rmitmn hpyi P. 867. Wn voXXi 
aiv pA Imgpvwvra Sli B. 66. 

A&i«c« DeUmm; dpa^ 'AirtfXXMy 6 
ASkws Aj. 690. {^a A4Xu Utuip 

Akf^ap^ m wift % Utip9¥ y* fld«a iray- 
nXic ^M«P R. 930. A ai — f«Xa 
^ap T. 647. U ^yp^ i^a^rot 
A. 061. taftrnfira r^y K^Movroc 
1166. 4 jrot MifmaTa riivf^ iittutk- 
ZtPKvpmniv^; E.65S. Z6^pTa 
*Hp«XI«tfc T. 405. ravrify 
vp^tftfiNT ^ i6/tafrm 1214. 96^pr^ 
tiawKtf 'Hpojciul ra^Tfy ivity T. 
428. 429. 

inp^ wtrpaia pKasti, lafui9%¥ A. 
821. Ui^n E. 884. roCivric <« 
^oifiaw ia/uic P. 335. mc rairifc 
v4^ v^iC iofuim wikva T. 482. 

liiivat P. 200. 
A«yai|, JIsiim; AapAa^ ii§ia£ A. 

A«yaoCf • duendtuM ^ Dmnmiu^ « 

GftA Aj. 138. 144. 223. P. 1201. 
AkwTUy f gtU; iiwru U tai rh m^ 

V«oy R. 681. 
AipiapoCf UmnUtnu; r^ Aap9dpov 

wiiw P. 69. 
Aap6v, m Ung ukiU T. 65. E. 1054. 
Ampoct lamg^ UMwg Aj. 409. 
Aimnoc^ ittplfl'ikmdid ; iawcw yt' 

waiic T. 13. From 5a aiigm. and 

#cia, not iioin Baa^c. 
AmafUJh trikuu; axk^paf doi5ov 

im9§t6p B. 36. kAuoI iawfu^p vb 

mfuaphp Tipu C. 641. 
Amavanppoc^ Amggif'knma§d; rov 

iatnarkppQW — Ktiv^ov T. 554. 
Ammkim, IMmim^ A town of Phods R. 


/ip^y i^v^C tAioc ^iirtXov C. 17. 

2. « iMirW (caf ; flroXv^ri ^i)c ^ 

wmytMpwmt iifinic R* ^S. 
^ 5Hf , |W(, A«wf Mr. 
Ai^ia mnd AUouta^ fftmr, or ifrM^. 
^7, inpon.* U i$JUUmg, it i» u§€€$amrji^ 

k it eiptdkmL 
Adkvwpi, to ifcra*, te indieaU, or «Mlr« 

AiiXflMCff I.wvwtdbWtproporlyofapcr- 
•on ; rA r«/ificA riX^ XaviSiv ^<(- 
XmtoQ A. 1226. Ix** ^9i#y CiSXatot 
1258. 5<iXaaoc <7m 1294. fX^Xa 
li( ^ciXffMC £• 1474. 5fiXaioc«X<y 
^W — Kanifr%f T« 760. ^ciXaioc 
I- rAwopilp lx«» 12^ <^ V 
aKAmp itSkttiac AJ. 979. 5iiXaif 
ni Mv R. 1347. ^KXflia 5fiXaiMir 
csfdc E> B39« 5iiXci« #r»iiAx«*'« 
1065b hpyhmp — olc 'xf^i*'* 'm- 
Xfl(«T.90i. 2.ora 


ewMa ^fiXalac «iro54W £• 748. rac 
iiikaia/Q Aw6p9m fawltf a; AXyifd^yoc 
C. 515. BpAean iukala '^ v6eo^ 
T. 1022. 

AiiXIa, MiMr^iei ,* r|( 51 — JiiXlac 
<rrv7«} £• 1O10* fvy 5<«Xi^ rpo- 
^5yra vi AJ. 993* it^iap ^ fm- 
piap li%tp R. 536. o^ #1/ ^*^i*^ 
gitlik itiXiap iptiC S Aj. 75. olt 
ravra wp6^ goMoiat iiiklap tX'^t 
E. 343. . 

AiiXoct eottmrdljf, timiH; BovX^ian 
roH «ai SiiX6c di'oi fiAXXoy, j^ V 
IjMt 6pa9^ Aj. 1294. tiiiac ab 
OfiXo^ -^ faviZc 1341. ra 5fiXA 
sIp^V ir^^oyAc ^py^i^f rai, btut gain 
A. 336, 

Atiua^ \, u Urrar^ tfiut which eeeoiioM 
/ear ; i wvp 9^ ca) wap 5<i/<a P. 
915. ig dtifiar6c rov pvaripov E. 
402. 2. IffTtfTy^lflrM ; cfiiiva^roy 
aviphc iiipa T. 100. 5ii/i/Aol Oi- 
pov9<l n O. 361. ic ^ dicpap 5iV 
vr^XOi Kpar5c f^/9av 1464. •! n 
itifiaT6t y* 9%** f^P^ R* ^^4. ir* 
pvX*^^ ^(ifiaro^ fi' fiot wpo^XA — 
AlacAi. 1191. liiiMTi w&hXmpTl. 
151. Xvr^pioifc <^X^C — itifiArmp 
ip iwy Ix** ^ ^2<'- 

AcifKoivM, |0 fiar; dXXwc A ^fi^aj- 
yoc^' Ay liii^ 90i C. 493. Iii/ia/- 
vfiv 4yav T. 89. iuftaipmp rh ahp 
ftil arippop AXyOpoifu iHl, 

rave <lp2 R. 418. 

AciM^irpvCi dnoifiU-Jyoitd i (at) wa- 
rpbf iXif wot' U yic ri^aii miv4- 

Aiiv^Ct driod/ui, t«rrt5|#, pnccrful, 
vehemtni : — ffspfrl E. 721. 

Af iy6c, $€rriMff,fiarf'HUjf, griivoaily ; 
aaWfC^^vMM K. 747. itiv^ yi T. 
895. itipap 5iivwc iroof vrt^tfarrf c 
uopfAp E. 191, Ifivwc laapaaai E. 

AccFi^, ^ (firi^ <ipMl ; •& ir4ri^iai 
5fiyMirfC C. 84. 

Af tryoy^ tHpptr i wpoBipr' AiiXff 
titwpop otatUtp fiapmp Aj. 12/3. 
ip iiiwpotg ifWipwXnaBtlc /uO^c R. 
779. itlwpoi^ 9ivU ip oipuuipos 
T. 267. A i$i9ptip A^nrmp-^ 
axfn £.196. 

AiipaCf a tap or piah of » mounUan | 
nAv -» wirpiUat dwh itip6ioQ fA^ 
vfOt Aj. 682. x**^ — riyyH B* iw' 
6fpAai wayakaAarate BnpaSac A. 
826. Tpaxwia¥ r$ iipAia aal rhp 
Apaap XwtpxitAp P.489. The read- 
ing of tho K8S. is lupAia^ but 
Erfiirdt, HoniMnni Diadocf, uA 
olhen, hftTo adopCod UpABa^ fat iho 
Mke of Uio metre. 

Aijca, tarn T. 44. 

Aicaroct UtUh P. 31X E. 698. 

AuAr^Q^ ff taa yein* iptoi P. 706. 




rmawr^w — Kknw Amr l#r»x< 
T. 47. wmXmMiv Ukrmw iyytymmf- 

AtkftgSCf Delpkimm; At Xfu sn c ^' 
Uriac C. 414. AtkftK&m iBk^/v 
Xaptw E. €72. 
AcXfiif MM M AfXffC^. Ikifkim ; 

Aik^ wirpa B. 464. 
AfXfM, tlM Unni oT IMfki; AcXfwr 

ciri ^^Xtoc K- 734. 
Ak^at^ • y^df of a linng pewm ; alto 
m ewrftt C. 110. 347. 502. 502. 
1547. £. 740. 1150. P. 012. K. 
1300. A. 205. 004. 036. T. 004. 
1045. 1060. 
^uptop^ • ind; KoiXa Uftwa T. 007. 

OiupiMf fv7c *HpajcX«««c 911. 
Aiptpopf • Ihm; O^a Hpipttp A. 


Afyy^M, f# ■Mfilr, e# rtviU; oh — 
iri i^iyotat itppantc If'* ^* ^^- 
Ktueii iivv6.1^t^¥ ^ifiara Aj. 239. 
A<|Mc, ri|^At, 0H ihg right hand ; X^lpa 
ititdv P. 930. 1230. 1275. C. 1132. 
Aj.730. T. 1171. —a i fpisac 
fun Btltac i/it|C Biymp P. 1304. 
Silihw --^wwov^ tk§ if-koru E. 711. 
A<((o9iipoc9 pmperly applied to a 
hone that druwt 0n ik$ rifskt or »ff' 
tidt^ where the ttrongett horse was 
always plac«Ml« thence applied to 
Mara as expressing his greftt power, 
and not, as some translate it, Uading 
tks right wing; fdyac 'Ap>|c 3<Cio* 
atiooc A. 140. 
A<CiOta», ^i^iovfim, to ialut$ by giving 
thg right kaud^ thenoe simplpr to 
§alut€; tic — rowJoV iwoivoic 
abxl itKttMiTM ; E. 965. 
AillwjM, (As giving th$ right hand in 
plntg§ of umitjf ; rd wp Ivfifmpa 
hlimfiara i6pti tutvKd&oip U ^fur 
Kpov Xtfyov, 0a a iiight prH$HC$ th§y 
tpill put an ind hy var to their priunt 
harmouioui eompaeti C. 625. 
AJofiai, 1. to nttd, to »tund in mtd ; 
tA ed BtXrai KoXa&rov f^aXXop, 4 
rd r<itia' iwn R. 1140. ^/ii|C — 
' upoc iiirai \29X &9r% fipaxka pot 
iitirBai f pdirm C. 576. 2. to n$k, 
to toiitU ; pn pov ^f lyOyc O. 1 172. 
AioPf for diop ivri or Itl, it ii aecsi* 

MoCf fiar ; IvOa pi^ aaOi erqicy Hoq 
Ai. 1058. Iloc — ^ wpdifffriy 
aii^i^vil 0" 4uoO 1050. hr^tt poi 
tat oioc rt mpwp 1 068. 3ioc I^x*^' 
pfl^ip 5<r' alfSA C. 228. 
Aipdc. See Atipde, 
Aipco/iai, le Im^ 10 uo ; UpKoum fa- 
nv d^pa^oy T. 690. rovr icily' 
ij^^ waf^c 9p6xi^popdx^ 9ip§toptu 


413L »p— ^ ^, 
8r 5ifs»rt a 


fiOfrnprn^ M o pmirm Ay 
05. rm^ U ftlsp^rec K. 4^. 
del — dflepcs #K wvpmmrv'ixOp^^ 
iipwm^tu B^pimamp AL 1. «^dc 
fiap^mp Csy^efdy tv ^v^aott »«- 
rpoc M o pt m c ao5 sard yXMtfWsnr 
gkmop T. 744. la om place dc^e^ 
c««c aieeae eiii 
i%i0p^ ix^pMC di 
^f«y;r»E.66. ebr 
~ aipx^ A j. 420. 
Alwfuec, c fce i M frf , isaad; Or — di^ 
luov dytfV IdaT 'AxauSc P. 004. 

|ueir MC t^oXcv — Kpivev vmc 
674. ro^ dc df#|ueec ^ctCtrs Aj. 
A(#/idc, • 5mnI, plur. dbaias; Wx^n 
— wtrpiiu taraippoimc Ip dfw/t^ 
A. 948. rede Kmprmc — dfwiioSn 
evirdq^ac Aj. 62. rip rdc mxi^'* 
Xi#ridac X^P'C itvprnt dwivOvyorra 
Af^ttMr^Ct «"< *5tf Mftsaad; die|M«r9c 

cVw Oocfl Aj. 10.S. 
AftfytwnCf a J'omalo who it hmmd ; lt«w 

pArip aymp — woi^mv Aj. 230. 

Ace^wd^M, la mis, :• tmmy ; woraida 

ri}r ravTiiQi Ip ^ rwy Bspvrov 

TMv^ clwf diovd^ffty 0p6pmp T. 


Afa'wotva, a laitlrtsi, a faeta T. 49. 

1 179. 369. 408. 430. 434. 472. 481. 

£. 616. A. 1177. Aj. 38. 
Aia'irdriic, a mmttor of a foinilv, m 
mler, R. 945. 1132. 1149. 116.^ 
1178. E. 754. A. 1193. 1204. 1263. 
Aj. 361. 480. 495. 582. P. 135. 
Once it signifies Isrd mnd vouamr ; 
rUp *HpaK\iimp Bpra wrworfv 
SwXmv p. 262. 
Aco'roric, a miUreu; Agdpttpap 0*- 
pimc teoptiP — dce'wdrcy rf rijp ipiip 
T. 406. leai »* lyvyc iurwArtp 4 
pnrip* — tit ip^C vipm £. 587 
Aivpo, hithir^ hgr§ : in the latter sense 

it is only twice uwd, C 669. 1255. 
Aivrtpop. See Aivrf poc« 
Acdripoc* 1. sMond in number. 2. 
tocond in mnk or station. 3. used 
adYorbiallys rd Mrtpop P. 1425. 
didrcpov P. 896. 1272. C. 327. 767. 
T.874. Aj.89.757. 
AidM, to thtd; Ipipv^p alp ihw€a 
•Aj. .^9. 


Six*/Mu^ 1. u MMiMy or MMpC fiom 
■■ofhtr ; Ifo^ ^x^v P- 765. itvov 
Avfi^ niC <|i9C /3<X« rAit 1271. 
<Sv 4 Jkurxtioc Otic cSpV^a ^ICaf* 
Ib rwr Kv^ifiif R. 1107. Utl^fai¥ 
U r9m lUL Ut^au^p lApQp C. 
hU. r^ waOa — ikx^v Aj. 575. 
I( «i X<*P^ rovr' i^(Ca|i9V irap'^Ec- 
rmp9c ^MpVM 646. Uved in a w* 
coodarjr senae ; uw — 9t6^ui H- 
XVfvt r4|ul E. 1454. d Mt — ^ocit 
yipm rmF hhp rdfotffi j«|a«6ai 
vine: E» 4S& '^r^ ^^ Hxoprat 
9w9T6Ue XiHtiQ tn Qtoi A. 1007. 

UfrnvVAZX. run' l^w BiXoc Iwn 
«xi«v Uxt90M K. S17. «{ a* f 

1305. BapoQp ti ^i^vt /i^^l 9Vfc- 
fop4v 'ix®* *'^>' Mpa Aj. 60. 
tit^«y ri ^fOiif E. 658. 2. to 
fum'M in aaj place ; l6uoie ^X<^' 
«a«B.818. U KiAii^y, n /lai- 
Xov; 1S91. dttir^pa HiaaBai r6- 
mr rmw IMuU C. 633. oOo^vfc' 
&i^pa — tdpayww o& ^f^oMro 
(Athens) 949. 5y ipi6/<5y iv w- 
c^0lc rXiIeroir HiiKrat, Atpeifa^va 
JL 865b «& yaZa ^ilat Bavavtuiv 
|H P. 808. 1/ eHrorf aiCfeO* Ir iv 
Mlmei roZetf tMirpimp T. 918. 
«^i«( 'Ai^a ^iCot /u 1075. ^ — 7$ 
Oiai rf *• 5iW6c ^ <^rvxovyra E. 
6IL By A aXfivdl ya verc Mvc^- 
vdUfp iiUrat 158. ^d JUai ft 
•Igrh Hw tU% erf 70c 1156. 3. 
U rfeciw boipitablj or kindly, (• 
M t lflwwr; riff OUtttmrv — evavie- 
faic^ilir^iaM^V^''*'; C. 4. iXiy 
|iiy r^ Of r^ir SiHalarc 44. alp4^i| 
air •Ui^ayra ro«c itiiyukvotf 92. 
Mxietfo* r5y Iciray 9VT%p%ov 488. 
«Ma a^nyy mC ietHfinv fiXt^c T. 
625. i} ve» |u Ttkafimv — ^Catr' 
Jv «^a^ei»iroc Aj. 988. 
AIm, fe5taJ,Ce/fil<r; aMc f* f'^eii 
col wmpmp iikb^fioi A. 1099. r^K 
^ — dim gSmn H^ac Aj. 236. wpiy 
Ay Miic tr^ aiora — ftiyf^ Aj. 
Ai, etrtmimljtt mini, truly^ 5al. 
Afhftipa and AflaMipo, tMmmnrm^ 
danditcr of (Eaeua Idng of .Atolia, 
and wile of HcKiilei» T. 49. 179. 
104. 404. 662. 871. 
A9^y, mrdjh is an inmical Mnae, 

T. ttl. 
Af W«, 'wHhmi i0mbi ]L 1501. 
AfX^IM. mla, dilHMCRl; yevfieiy 
l#r«i efdv 6^ ifiev ^f X^aorc B. 
Afkmct pf^t mmHtfitt^ nUwni; 1. 
mad alooa, withoiil a fubtUntiTe, 
P. 16S. Aj. 890. 8. ■• an ad- 


koc m alto followed by a particiiile 
with or without 1^. cac i^k6c i^nv 
&e n iptntimy Kat6r Aj. 319. — 
^qXoc ii fMifvrl ecaiiv UX{nfM¥ vt6' 
lUL 1204. a^Xoc — f^rcv dXyt ly*^ 

Jfpvy P. 999. ervyv^c /''y cUmv 
vXoc (7 B. 673, eaXAc •! ''iXoc 
o^K «/a«iic tL ipfQ 1008. 
A||X4m, to mamijeti^ to fNalw niJ§nt; 
itlXsH 51 roBoyov Aj. 348. clXivOoy 
ohiauov 5^X07 865. wdvO* 3e' dv 
a^XoS Of^c R. 77. h^ ^^ O. 144. 
^qXoTc vdp rt roXxaivove' fwoc A. 
20. ^yXoic Ac n etiuavuy iio¥ 
242. tame aa ^^Xoc it JiiXoi r5 
ylvvff/ia 467. emv^ n ydp ef mI 
re ii^riitfop $Apa itfXcvrov nfiv 
5Wr 3c «' C. 562. inXouv — r5K 
warpocroyow B. |287. irdyra xp4 
itiXovy X6yov AL 721. rd fiiv i4« 
tiayra itiXAem % 29. wo7ov 6fifia 
warpl inXmem . Aj. 457. yipovri 
i^XA9m warfkl fi^ ro^ fitetv y' d- 
eirXayxvoc U Kiiyov yi ywc 466. mc 
— yivoc drXiirpy ipOpiiwoufi it/- 
Xm9oifi' &pap B. 792. r6¥ &v 
ipa — a^Xweiiy dv^y P. 612. 
4rnyp fpd^fi- ri ad^ifXwefv Aj. 81. 
oiay i0r|XMtfac — dyyiXiav 220, 
£c '< 'qXiMm ira«4y C. 787. w^li^ 
dv — rnrii 9nX^tfi fiBecy A. 309. 
^iiXMeoy if^Iv Aj. 276. t^Xt^voy E. 
1095. 6er' dy — aqXi&eaifi' dv ol' 
a^o7c fpoyw 326. i gdroit^ 
itiXAvai Xdy^i B. 1041. Paae.; 
wme dime ** i^Xoto0^u rdh; C. 
1509. wecM Ifp^rv) ydp 4 e^ 
wpoefopd «i|XMefrai; 587. i«f<- 
yov wae' l^ifX^ fdric B. 1440. 
Atifitirtipj Ctreii tifxXday Aq/A^rpoc 

wayoy C. 1596. 
A^^iovpy^C* '"^ trtiUm^ or erli/Eefr; 
giitfivoy {^»9T^pa Ix^iXiCf vei ]) "Ai- 
5jfc Biiptovpyhg dyptot Aj. 1014. 
A^/iiSXiveroc, jnMicly $imid; fAyoy 
vpoKtMat OfifUXitwroy^ iXaf dmtk 
5y pubiie timUmg U d$er§id A. 36. 
Aiyft^r^Ct "** 0^lA« pmpU; dydpi j^- 
fidra A. 686. dySpa imUr^y Aj. 
' 1050. Alio ttied by the AtheAiant 
to deicribe e wMmUr tf a partieiitor 
tcwrd, or ftsrvafA; role ivMt aitQy 
iilfUraiCf ^ ^ kitrgh§n of UUt pleee 
C. 78. 
Av/Mtrvec* proUetim^ tk§ pnpU m a 
guardian, an enithet applied to 
deitiee; e^y TM9i% raig eifiyafat 
^Vfto^eic 6«a7c C. 459. Alao a 
rM/«r; ydc rd^h do^veic O. 
1089. af|ievx*CX^>^lS50. 
Ay4M. to iesf naito; ri ^ifint i^rw 

apwe-fiy wv^ C. 1321. 
A^wev, mnlyt deatolM B. 1042. T* 
JedifCpCKS. A. 890. 8. A^-  A^ra, lAta, ia tmlib, pieWly, 




i f 


AyWf Crrcf; dcfil^cic — 'KXf vtftylac 

Aifovc 'v c^XroAC A. 1108. 
Atdf a prep, governing the gen. and 

accua. eniei ; tkrougk^ eioi^t tkrpugk' 

0iit, during, by mmni ^'. 
^m/S^Xm, t» accMM, or tMpMcA; /a^ 

fit dtafiiiXgc vrpartf P. 578. 
Ai&fiopoQ^ actively, gnawing ; ^ y^y 

v60OQ T. 1074. pawvelj, eorrnM ; 

/Uayi/vwffKw, to Hitesm; Ivr^idy 

vmc rovro E. 1177* 
iiidvw, t« poM a period of time ; 

TO Xoiwhv ^iti rov piov SidUrov 

C 1615. Xf^^C ^ifiy* M* ^^^^ ^ 
Oavovfdvtiv^ bat timt$ protonggd my 
lift at eoHtinuallif at tk$ point Ut c(m 
D$* 773. 

Autitxo/iai^ to rtctivi by tuecttttan^ to 
tuccetd ; v^ yap tlvayti Kai vt^l 
dirioOti iiaMiyfUPti wovov T. 80. 

AiaioxoCf tneeeeding ; & ^JT^C ^* 
vov dMoxov P. 855. 

iiiaCaai, to tujiport lifo ; &f* mv itKtv 
P. 531. 

AtalptroCf divided; uoipav warptfac 
yit dtaiptrov T. 162. 

Atatffffut, See Ai^ffffM. 

Aiatirr^, to ditiroy ; avr^v ^i^i^rw- 
« T. 878. 

AhiTa^ 1. mode of living; rSic oiKoi 
diairtig^ rf dwelling at home C. 3o3. 
Q. alio, meant of tubiiitenct^ diet; irrm- 
X*f iiniry 755. 3. Motaph. inter' 
ecurte; ^cXorav/y itair^ E. 1063. 

See ^iXorqtftoc. 

Awirdofitik, to <ip#, to patt oneU life; 
ijviiia — rovv i6fiomv ijv iiairaaOat 
vXvKv C. 773. (cyov wap' dartiic 
MC 9uht&90m xp<<^y 933. 

AiaKOvtw, to Mro«, lo miniifir to, in 
the middle voice ; Mu rt — p6voy 
^loucowieOai, / wot ampelledr^-alone 
to miniiter to mytelf in every thing P. 

AuiicovoCt a mettenger; 4 riOvtiKtv^ 

<— ^wiiyovj either he ie dead, or, at 

regardt my metungert, at it likely^ I 

lAinlr, they hurrted hamewardt P. 

AiajcwXvw, to hinder; Idv wttQ itOKU- 

X^tfw/icv I6vra ^vov roXaty hiuU' 

/loic C. 1768. 
AfOMinpiCi f Ki(< through, throughout ; 

tiOt wtoc iuipwtpks arkpvmv IxMr' 

Skyi^fftc P. 780. 
AiaiTfpaiJM, (0 drawforth^ spoken of a 

•word ; 6ffr« kai XtpoXv KoXtSy 

ipv^rd iuwtpaMti ilf^ Aj. 717> 
Atawkroftat, to Jly away; r^ /im 

fOeyyd (^larlrarai) fcpddiiVt where 



j >Iili lAif voiM Jkwiriirfitf along t R. 

AiairopC^M, to lay totally wasCr, thence 
■poken of a ruined wtan; oaxmc* 
5XMXa 9iawtw6pOtifuu^ I am Imi^ T 
have perithsd^ I am utterly undama 
Aj. 880. 

Aiairpdffmi, toJinUh^ to pui an end fa, 
in the lense of to kill ; rev H dta^ 
wtwpaypkvov T. 781. 

Aiairpv9ioQ, far eitendin^^ ipoken of 
thunder as penetrating distant plaooa i 
iiawpvatoQ oropoQ C. 1476. 

Aiarrvffaw, to unfold^ to lay opem; 
ovToi itawTvxOivTt£ wfBMt9a¥ Mvol 
A. 705. 

Aia/ipaivoiiat, to flow down ; ic ^ 
iamov ytvudiog gpovvoi iit^^eU' 
vovTo Kpfivaiov worov T. 14. 

Autppiio, to flow awajf, that Is, tm 
vahith ; x*P^C iuippti Aj. 1246. 

Auipp^yvvpi^ to burtt through, that ta, 
to pierce; wXivp&v ita^pUapra 
r^t Aaffydvtp Aj. 831. 

Aiappoi^fw, to penetrate with a hieting 
tound^ to whit through ; ic ^ rvfv- 
upyac vrkpvwv iuppoil^iiotv (^oc) 
T. 565. 

AidaiiftoCf very plain, or loud ; iidtnf^ 
lia, jdp Opotl P. 209. OpqviT, Din- 

AtaOKtBdpwfu^ to dittipate^ teatter^ 
dettroy ; rd vvv {v/i^va itlUt^ 
fiara iopti iiavKtiwciv G. 626. 
See Af CiWa. hv /Spaxci vdv iyx^ — 
BtaoKtiti 1343. advaOipara cac yilw 
Utivwv «ac v6ftovc iioffKiimv A. 287. 

AiaaircApw, to teatter^ to ditperte; 
Tarmpav crqfftv — > dyrXcI, rd t 
iifX^'f ^^ ^^ B^^wtipti pdniy E^ 
1283. ptrdp9toi x^Xai ^uffsrfipoy- 
re A. 977. pvtXdv Upalvti — spa- 
rse iiavwaptPTOQ T. 779. irwXoc 
iii9wdptiffav If /litfov ipopLov E. 738. 

Ai^ffffw, toriM^ rapidly wrvugh; C^y 
ale (crtyXaic) Avci* upia ^lotftffi R. 
208. Metaph. (tfra9fi5c) ^<p(< 
irXivpwy, (1^ coNvii/tiM) cAri/ft 
lArouvA my tidet T. 1073. 

AidvrpofoQ, ditterted ; iidffrpopov 
6^aXpby dpag T. 791. Thence per- 
verte ; f pivcc Jtavrpo^c AJ. 442. 

Atari X^Ct continual ; tu ireXAA ^pov 
rai Btarthiie C. 1510. 

Aiaropoc, perforated, bored tkreugh; 
Jiar6pov( woiwv dtspdc R. 1034. 

A/avXoc, (^ double cmtrte at a re«r, 
in reference to the practice of run- 
ning hack to the starUns pUice ; 
ip6uwv 9uivkw¥ r§t double courtee 

Aia^avqC* MfV cUar ; aM rmf Hi^ 
iiafavii R, 754. 

Aiofipw, 1. actire, to endure; 




rw/t/hf B. 821. oifr dpa rif yi wpdv- 

yXm ^w mrf licmittnn tmntlatct this, 
«M wtU iM( tk9H mi til differ from 
kirteif in ipemkiMg, tbut If, th$ wiU 
fwc iptmk mpr* than ih§ did befon ; 
but EUendt (lu dao docs Dindorf) 
lollows N«viuf in thinking that th« 
cxprcMon itoteu y\A99ap ii to be 
midentood of uUgriiig m iMrrf, in 
that that is done by epeming tks lipt^ 
in vhich caae it may be tiantlatcd, 
jW wiil MfC iiMi irCMr m trard m»rt 
timm formtrls T. 922. 2. mid* t / 
viae ^(^^ 0rtfi^9tit «rov iwictrai 

deprived if ekildheod^i uttriun^ Mi 
kji lA«r, M <ik«(l ^cM kii UJ§ under 
us/riemdiy guardimiu ; though othera 
lender ^lolmrac, he tkail be ikrust 
Mily (pui.) Til. fy ne friendly guur^ 
dim Aj. 506. 

Am^ipet, le detireig^ te rmim utlerlif^ 
is §Up ; ijy Hfdpa f6au 9% vat iutf' 
OtoilH, 438. ipmw qw^ pi rnv 
rhxnP iiafOipti^ l\ lOMi. rue 
Oi*9ac f^ l^ov gal rdc awovtra^ 
ikwiiac ^•itOoptp £. 298. iti^ap- 
fuu iipac rb wav T. 1045. ip rtp 
Kvpfopac iuf9ipn^ A. 1214. rw 
fiio¥ #«evfZy ^'^ iuifOeiptlc XaOa 
P. 504. 

Aui^Oopa^ marrrffr, deUnkCiiom ; rdc 
Ipa^ — Aototf iiafOopde B. 573. 
rdc ai|uiri|/»dc hppArmw hu^opA/Q 
C 558. 4y ^ Mmv iXXoitf /x66- 
•ty ^lafOopdy Aj. 1276. 

AAafM/3a4M, f« drtrr ie madmeu ; t6v 
dpipm imwifotfiaeOai kocoic Aj. 

AiiaKr6c9 trA«f u t&Mgkl^ or learned} 
A wdrra vmpmw Titpt^ia^ itiaKvi 
re ippiira r§ R. 300. it Matrd pot 
T. 64. lUeXw^ d hioKtlv 558. 
mwavra ydp 9m ripA youOf rq/iara 
guv^C MoKrd £. 336. 

AM^Kokof^ m temdur ; oi I* Ako9- 
ftewnc — fiiavKdXmp X&ywn yi' 
•vvopreu gatoi P. 888. 

AiCAn^t ie iMmck, without a cue, or 
with an afcwiatiYe, or a verb in the 
iafiaitiTe mood. 

Atfv|MC« deMe^ iwefeid, iwin; Mi- 
ftmp ikev^ 'EpiUp fi. 1068. ^i^^ 
mac ikdt A. 855, aciL the Pontus 
EuuBui, and Boeponii : & iiiipa 
tinmp dptwra C. 1680. Mipmv 
Xupdtp E^ 188. 

Al««yu, i# gf «f, le gnmi^ fe permit, 

iftictwfly, Ce deidmre diuinetlif ; rd j' 
edmyp' e^l reAwUprpc ip Api^ 
iiUwAf B. 884. 8r yi AoC(ac ^< vi 
3{|4mu vci^ U ipeH BapiJp 854. 


rp6wop — ff'dyiiyy oir« dv iulwoiui 

AiffiiroVdw, f« 5«jf end ieU egein^ 

mctaph. ie elreumvemi end betray ; 

ri pi aard aa^rop ittpwelKd Xdyoi^ 

wpoc 9' b pavflArtic i P» 575. 
Auiipxopai^ to gp through f ta endure ; 

5aovc — iu0Sitpw6pwQ P. 1405. 
Am pyd^o/Mu, ia deelroy ; jpii ak r' 

abrbp aal wSkip iapydajf U. 1418. 
AiipwM, ie pau ikreugkf wvp idp- 

wup A. 265. 
Adpyopaif to pau through, io peneireie ; 

iUJa ydp aov fiHtc -^ JtqXO' 

'Axaioic wdprac Aj. 878. o5 pn^k 

kX^^mv ptiSapov it^XBi wov P. 256. 

idpxirat^ idpxi^ot V. 733. 84. 

afay6p iUKBuip Ibc atparoc MiXac 

T. 714. rairtic b CkipbQ \p%p6g 

ir«i8' *HpaffXi} IdikBt 477. 
AiixM, (0 6i ditiani ; when uicd in 

reference to time, to intervene: ob 

duaxop iipiptu rptic R. 717* 
Aii/KM, io pau through, to reach to; 

woKb rb obp bpopa ci^tffi irdvrac 

AttjptpoCf expoted io the wind; 1% 

irov w&rpap iofptpop XiXoAtrfvT. 

Atltiut^ io tendforth^ io uiier ; Hone 

fivovc poi nai ydpov^ aal Hvp^opAg 

rov aov ^iqicac arbparoc 0. !>67. 
AUartipi^ to divide, to open ; rb ptpri- 

pvp tvpovp itaardp y$c -~ pdBpop 

C. 1656. 
Aued^M, to condemn ; Alaa Jcjca^ii r' 

&yapopydpop waXai R. 1214. * 
AiteaioCf adj. Just^ nprighi^ hone$i : 

aleo used •ubilantivcly, P. 1231. 

1235. 1304. R. 608. Aj. 1104. 

1323. E. 330. 456. 1056. T. b% 

Auraidw, to think right, to determine ; 

Jkpoirc wXovc — Swoi irori 8f 5c 
icaioZ P. 770. d Vm iuctuAp pi 

wap dyyfX«v — dXAMv dffovitv R. 

6. iyM oi 90V paBup iucam 575. 

5fiya /If — ipaaoA bucauH 640. 

tucai&p &ar^ licov kX^cait Xdyovc C. 

1352. /ii|5' d fii) 81/iic Xcveviiv 

iutatovp 1638. e5 ydp imataiQ rov 

6vrtbaaproc oKbttp T. 1234. di^pa 

i^pbr^p ptfikp bucaiovp r&p ift9r«a-' 

rmp Abttp Aj. 1051. 
AiieaiMC, rightly^ juUiy. 
Aixatfr^Ci ^j^tdM ; iv role ^uro^raic 

— re&r i^wv, <5«l wu ihefauU 

ifihejudg^ky 1115. 
AikiXXct, a ^df, a aMltotlr ; o5rff rov 

yipiiog 4v rXitya', 05 dialXXiyc 

Ufkikii A. 950. 
AIk9, r(g5i, or Jntiite^ divine and 

human; alao, an aeiiam at law, or 

trial; thtnet the imCcnm pMMd, 



or puniakntmi. Alto the goddett 

Autpar^tf 1 • dimbljf (or an hoik tUi$t) 

rietoriout; ZucpttrM X^yx>' ^riawn* 

A. 146. 3. AtfMN^ jiiiiil jmwtri 

9utparth 'At/miSw Aj. *i46. 
A4imM«rA«rroti uwoftf In nHwork; 

ffwttpmet SutTWMrXiirrMf A. 846. 
idka^t, kumng two nmimilf, douhU* 

ermeii; Mp SiA^v wirpoi A. 

Ai^/ioXof, JkMrtfrf 6^ JupiUr; kHwos 

Ai6fiokotC. 1463. 
Aionwr^f, $prung from Jupiter; Auyo- 

At ritaw/t MxHorva Aj. 91. 
Aiolyttf to opon; tBok hotytg AJ. 339. 

i9o$3MfyfiirffXp«psR. 1287. Kkjepm 

ykp vuAmt T^f Myrrm 1295. 
A(ai&K, i know thorougktjfi ro&f 3^T^8fl 

Ti^r ibwrmt ApK9i rt&rd poi hoMmu 

O. 296. 
Atolxo/uu, \,to bo gon§ tkrou^k or 

ouded } x^ \Ayos ln^xFrM, «iu' Mjf '<«'« 

U*oudtd C. 680. 2. lo 6« dead; 

iptH Xtwif¥ iii4at Kui y6ovs 9ioix^^ 

Aj. 952. 
AUkKvpi, 1 . to dottn*)! u tttrljit spoken 

of doiith, or of Hiiy calHtnily ; a0n| 

Vfl fi/KToi 0^ 4 T^X*I SM^Actf'ffr 11. 442. 

f«^ ikwtdwf ta^pat rh icdpSos wokKdKif 

Buikotrw A. 222. Srt rh JcdAAot a&r^s 

rh¥ 0to¥ 9u&h9fftp T. 465. BptivKu 

UtXaln dioXova* ^of — p6trot 1023. 

Pass.; V ^pdffw, 9t6\Kyfuu R. 11A9. 

i^^oyr^ klA^lfiKiiarpop, f hUhXvftm T. 

1041. wphs r&if 'ATMtBwf its Si^AAv- 

ftoi Aj. 825. tfTciwxowa Si^AAiMroi 

K. 139. ry TfHfry diJXAvrai 6(i9. 

iroirfir — oTr ^ <iMAA^/iify P. 252. 

kyBpht ix rlvot SmSActo li. 225. jr&vtl 

Su^ffTO A. 168. 2. in the active, 

once used in the sense of to forgot on* 

tirtljf ; raSra ykp uakiis iyit othits 

84i£\c^a R. 318. 
Adjuntpit to tmoar, to affirm hy an oath ; 

opKor o^ry wpotrfiaXinp huipo9w T. 

254. finrfp ihwdrfwif luH/mno 377. 

ol^c ffrpanfyoh$ otrro vavdpxovs poKuff 

ifpleu 'AyoMtfT oSro 9om hmpMam ; Aj. 

Ai^Mwos, haeekut ; 6 fiaxxu^rat AUmh 

aos C. 684. ix Atotf^ov A. 947. 
Aitfrrt^ to took tkrongh, or tkrovghout ; 

wkiipts Knif in lieinrt^ ariyot Aj. 

AMp({i#« to dettrmino, or snarl ; romSm 

^^ftM fMrrimd 8i«^i^ay R. 723. oi 

mrysMts Mi|Wf ^ puitpbif acol ^Kfy«r 

A»f, ^viiis; soil 'A8dMf Aj. 744. 768. 

IStff t' '03iMVff^ P. 344. 
Ahfa\r§9, wkMod donUif ; var^tfT^ 

r^ S^fmArsff 6ir ^ x<^ fsvs^ Aj. 

402. Schol. t kiiiforipnv roh xv^h 



otop Tcpi3/{i^tfif ^oift^ou vdmCvBivu^ 
its AMi/ytAf. i — Xa3ji»y rk 9twa\ra 
hopdrta, &t Xliit ^$pru Rllondt thinks 
thut htwakrot rufum to the two Atridw, 
who would Jointly leud the umiy 
ngninst AJiix. 

A(vAa(w, neut. to hi douhltd ; r4 tm 
hi9ka(oif /u7Co9 Kott^ Aj. 261. 

AivXovfv 1. dohhlo^ twaf'otd; «aisi-« 
pdtrrrfi Z^wkg Aj. 238. 3arAoa Wv- 
vpoiei R. 809. prprptfoM 3* 3vov 
JTIYM SirX^y tipoopoM oZ rs irol 
rSamf 1257. voiar ivntpup iltf txH 
SivXilr; 938. vp^t 3iirAi|f /«oi^ A. 
170* pulfrrtp koX ywr^t 3nrAoSr fnr 
53. 3<irX9 ^^MTit £. 1060. 3n#f 
&r 4 x4p*'— - H i^^nt 8nrXn ^aif T. 
616. SivX^r in^fi x^P**^ P« 1356* 
iroitfor, fi f$4p9it, 8ivX^y E. 1407. 
livXor Afi«>^ /AoXfl^ C. 1096. 2. 
iHMi; ^(ipovt ivwXovs tu^Hopras A. 
12ia ^X^ov htwK^-^ipedmivu P. 17. 
i harXoi arparrikdrai 782. p^ fi 
kwKn tcrdi^jiS^^, diwXp 3^ R. 607. 
4 pAP ttaKBliv^ woi/u^tott 1135. l>0ci 
3^orTi}M»f 3«irX0Sff ^i di^r Mpat irol 
rtV/ /ff rUino¥ t/koi 1249. 3ivXa ^s 
wcW^fty «al 3is-Xa f/p«iir inurd 1320* 
liwhMt Sffj^ut kpd^as A. 61. ««j3ct 
3iirXM £. 529. wpht IlaXXiSof diTXoiff 
pmda R. 20. lirf/c^ — 8arXoirr »Dy«* 
iroiSf 288. A3cX^ /uf #ai^mnr 

V^Pf ^<V^|' X<Wt VtfA MMllMi AtfNll 

A. 14. Uwd adverhially; hwKf, aZ 
ykp ^tptrrai 3nrXj A. 721. 

Aiwvkot, with douhto gato$; 4 ^XW^i 
wixfos B^TuXor P. 940. 

AipKoiof, Diremau, or T&tf&sii; fWini 
Direo, wife of Lycus, king of Thcb^ 
who garo her name to a fountain in 
the neighbourhood of Thehes: Ub 
Atpnauu irpigMu A. 837. AipiuJmif 
mp bM49ptt» p/okwaa 105. 

Alf, tvleo: P. 1222. R. 363. a 364. 
1210. Aj. 270. 427. 920. 

AtffO'dpxilt. Jointly ruling ; roht — 3itf- 
adpxM fiaatk^t Aj. 382. 

Aurtf-M, twin, douhU ; htaaw {p mXsMt- 
3»r T. 171. •/ Sterol er pa riiywf P. 
264. T«r 'Aro^f Si^^fir rr p aryyi S p 
1013. SMTiroirf 'Arpc(3ar Ai. 57. 
htfftrwf *Xrp€Muf 927. Ztwivi ♦«- 
rc/Soif A. 959. M hfffftus fr erpo- 
Ti|7{0'ir vuXflus Aj. 49. i iMk wof 
rph$ md ttuffeffirr^M — l|3i0Ya m#- 
4w^iipatrm C. 326. Bivtffir UtlpttP, 
an omhiguout droam £. 636^ 

A/rrsXofy in pain, rvU ; rki BieriXeiit 
AB^iSrat AtsX^sdf, tko twin unmarriad 
mfsri a 1068. 

AisTSfief, kaving two moutk$ or opom* 
ingt; UtropM whpa P. 16. 06a 
Uaropat — ^uufidMsuoru^ hatdpm iSal 
C. 904. 


/fct^miji, Wm m « dbrt«l; rbi^ 9*- 
^lptvH|i' nX&tt^ wpomnf4wM Aj* 844. 

AiffvAorilw, f« dn9§ m chariot ; r^ tdwhp 
n^pt u Am aifp9A«rMr Aj. 832. 

AifpvAin|ff, « ekmr'mttcr ; Im yiy 8lffl^ 
Airvi^l^wrar E. 743. 

AffpQg, « cAflri«<; genemlly found in 
toe pIuiBl numbtf: Ik rnxvAi^*'^ 
tf^MT Eb 60. wwrfxpv^lmif U^pmif 
600. lii mri^ninaf at^avt 700. 
«]pir — 4f^ mCrrcf Irro^or M^i 

. 713. 4«0vr»->l(ip«Ar«fyM«y732. 
wKWWmTwnrTm m^pmw /4v. 

Ai^t fc «f tm MiiirM ; applied to the 
Cctttaiin: U^ r' ifumif hnnfiA- 
pmm €rpm^ hipSv T. 1 085. 

^Mwrar 3[;^ 6M#i^ Aj. 232. 2. 

. M « difenmt umy ; §1 acoi tfi|f Six* 
Ti^pcvff A^yii^ milkoHgk I ifnak d\fm 
Jfertmtlfffnm tk^vpimon E. 637. 8. 
ttpmrmUiy, mpart/rom ; oLrrir 8/x« C. 
608. mi^ IWfTFf itxn T« vutris 
1729. I« icAcXotf — KiXx«f ftmarh 
dt§*ATptMif9txmAj.7S7. JMKw 
#|f Mr«yr4viff 6iX« ^ 1126. dyios— 
4k wtfvTMr ttx« lirrfi\' 2k^^#« A. 1 64. 
4. wiikMtt ; ip& mwiii9dUai9i9 MpAnuf 
Kx* P- '!• A *w«7 6(x« Kf^iUimif 
185* 8fx«T<»v6f r\^NTci829. /i^ 
#i« 81^ mMU fmrydtww 9tx* T. 1052. 
WXiwr 8(xP» Wibiddim 6y lA« «il^ C. 
48. ^yJb li «al 8/x« Kf Imiv «mt6s 
v«vy^ inrtfdmm MkUti without thsm, 
or iiil midid bjt them (the godi) Aj. 

A^Mf » tfry, f Jkirjlf ; 84kr Wvir A. 246. 

Afl^SuPM, tietfdimgiy painful i 8i^MWt 
nuparfpds T. 774. 

AiAfw, !• puniM ; ZnAKatrrU ^t— 40iri{ 
— •lrtei|r^«^P-557. 4 8c — 
8i^M« £. 728. tir ^^ /iAmt SuiKMr 
«di{<X^**^*w'y«*vf Aj. 976. Pee- 
BTo; 4f' 41hNr9f — MKopoi^ 1 mm 
hurried hither Ay delight £. 869. 

AtAperetf btmud hy en MiA ; Udfurot 
mdJemmv P. 589. 

Apuek^ m mmid'Urvent, m female attend' 
amt; vpVt ^mmSti A. 1174. B/mtSe 
waelHiaew vMpt 1234. 

mpiia^ Oe^ 9t»Au A. 574. 
Ameptpde, dark; Sm^c^ r^ E. 91. 
AiK^iwt fe thiakf ta determine; irapen. 

fe MfM, to appear m 
Aiaw^i»t apiaiaa, eipeetatitm; > Anfrig 

Am^ Xfywr ^Aic B. 681. 84«ni^ar 

«fin& T. 426. 99ie0 84Kipeir( 427. 

«4i4«w r(ir 84fffr«r A« 324. 
Aehapdet deaekfal ; faktpmt ^vU P. 

1099. UUkai/aifmrpielLVi%. 
Arti^Ke»ii «•<& furiiea Uep ; 8aAj 4 eeii f 

^^vydf E. 1384. 


Ad^tot^ erafiy, deceitful ; 96kios 'OSutf*- 

^<4f P. 604. 8^Aior dTvpr^y K. 888. 

r^KTwp — MAMf 4pyiar«4 fi^ivt Aj. 47. 

8^Aiay— inv T. 847. 'E^f 8^X101 

P. 133. 
AeA^/i«6ot, guilefullji ipoken, or mn- 

Iriiwv/; 8aA^^Av6giffVrrpaT.836. See 

Aakmreidt^ cteatieaing guile ; 9oKawoAt 
Myaa T. 829. 

A^Sf deceit, guile^ artifice; d6ket — 
M x«^t l/Mf P- 1104. 96k9t i» 6 
^fdnrat £. 190. Ik 8^v, deeeitfuUy 
271. e^^iAiWT^Hp'AA^cirP. 101. 
|y 8^~67ciy 102. 9^ \a06irra 

107. •/ m4 ^^^^ ('l^'^) d*"^- '^'^ 
Toy 96ku wpoa4pw0¥ U. 539. S^Afi rf 

/a4 8imU^ C. 1030. 8^ IkrciMy T. 

276. 9^ 8^ Aj. 1224. 8^ir 

m^y Kp£^ E. 1388. — Tp^f /Stay 

Kol M^ 8i(A0Mri P. 91. M\Mt lA«»y 

1212. 4mv S^Am^i r^ i8(ey Aa3^ 

&Kcrr/pi|K«t 1266. v^t pa 84\ai9iv 1^ 

r6^oy ^vMiAAffy^ ; R. 960. riy vpo- 

8^rra tf'c -^ mataiM Aj. 994. 84\Ai^i 

«eA.^^ E. 37. vA^ov (/m) cT tims 

a^AM^i /BowAcdou^iy Ix/teXvir 639. 

AoAi^, to N«« <<mWi, to ditguiee; rov- 
kA^v rodwoa pap^ipf 8oA^«r, having 
disguised him in appearance after the 
manner rf a ship*s captain P. 129. 
PaM.; to be dtccieed; 2pe 8c4rffpav 
8aAo^/4«Ai; 1272. 

AeAArif, having a deceitful countenance ; 
1l 9okmwa 0&M#f k^ T. 1039. 

A^r, 1 • a AoMM, dwelling, or aWf, 
in this senfe only once uaed in the 
lingular number ; Sr^yieF tdpatf C 
1560. Us/up it Zdpmn R. 861. aov 
wflhs Z4payt ihBimt 1006. Upmn 
9Ttixsuf ipoit C. 649. 60TV Kol 8^ 

/AOtft /MACMr WOTp^VS 761. ^l^iOt 

favyff vo^ 8^fiovt A. 1074. ^ijunn 

itapaarAxMrr^t 1240. #)7iv $p^icu 

I6p»ut T. 58. fjffffi 96uavt As ra6a9§ 

364. I^y Irc^fat c/f S^fiovr 416. 

irp^iMu ff/f 84^vt KOfi/^rrai Aj. 63. 

ipal pkp hpnei rovroy elf idpovt pAveuf 

80. Iir^of It 8^vf 298. M»r IrcA- 

B^aw 94pavs E. 1289. rl t is bS- 

poos iytif /iff 1485. 8^^y Itm 40. 

fitfimras At I6pmf 803. 81^ Irri- 

^-^Aipauaeof 816. eT 8r otfrc rif 

8lfM»r oe rAaeuera 1817. rlp^ imldpeeif 

aretxaytniF 1(. 682. 8^^«iir tiM* I(M» 

679. Ik 81/Mf^ VMf A. 882. lipoid 

'A^fdMt 1140. ^AiSa S^MNrT. 121. 

intdpeev flrspf^trai 391. x*^<^*lP^ 

84H«fr 966. — Hr <|^i^«iev, er 8^^ff 

i^appmf eMwKeu^aa R. 422. 4 uk^ 

tAfien r^ffx^em — • vi^^ i 767» 

8^piMr SIx^'iM 818* iMMHT ft^ieif 

1291. ^ 8^eiri — rrigm o 0. 

1344. yaaht «• Ir 8^ieif fx*^ ^« 



038. ywk — l^rtwof iv 96fms 647. 
tip *Ai8ov 96fmt 12*26. t& 8* ip 
UftMt 1264. ^y sa^iMtf^ur OM»f T. 
6. ifr 84m«<' Kikni — UKtop 155. 
686. K 1824. AM^^oX^art 8^/ims 
T. 204. 94fiP»9 — 4yK*K\p/U¥w 
KakSis 575. rd y' iw Bd/ioi^iy 622. 
rAy 96umfaf £. 1414. ftrj/dkap vp»- 
aopm^m 96futfft fixdfiap T. 838. nme 
M ^y 84^44Nff. riSc ^p ^Xfif^^ ^P^ 
84i0it946. 2. m hoHttkoU; flit — 
^ci^ #c^8cr 8^t A. 680. ^rtS^^imn 
pd/AM/u €9At A j. 895. 8^vf — 'A- 
rpfi&Mp4^«^^«i'&641. — icftmrri- 
nyr V^imt 72. rJk /Air ^ir Uimp 1 059. 
wccrptfap KT^vw MyurBot ZAjutP hnKti 
1282. A>«iM Zoftms re iml v^«i 
ry v^ R, 934. ^orti hp9p&p yupuuiAp 
tf'otf SJfiMf JCMT^Mnv A. 1066. Irtarfr 
fuydkap k p44Mrot 88c y^^ l^/couri 
ro«0'8"E^ii^y T. 891. 8. a Aouff, 
family, or mrj; r^r o'^y iBXwp U/iap 
C. 371. vmH^ 84^***^ 'ATtyi/fuwrof 
E. 1346. ip Mtwov UfiMs A. 596. 
4. an anaUrai ahoda ; ripmwdai 84^^ 
P. 458. wop96<rtutA hp is 96fiovs 513. 
o&x 1^ •'' 8^;Mvr Hypr C. 788. is 
96funfs piar OS 1410. Jhnts ftak^/i^tt 
is S^juovf 1739. elf t6funn t§ kAk 
I6fmp T. 34. ^f 84MNiff li{ffiy 184. 
A8i(i^ Vf 84MVf 261. ^f tifiops irm- 
eipra 607. wp6s Uftovs luikMP AJ. 
504. v^f 8^/Ao«f Aywr 665. trip 
Zdftavs lA8w0'ir £. 63. B6ftMP 84 vi — 
Ximvp^y i^iwtfix^ 1119. o^ooT^r 
w4f»4^tPTa fi' ipvUaoA 8^/ims P. 494. 
TOUT Mfiourip 8iair&r8cu C. 773^ 8 8* 
^r 8^/Mif r6p9PPos 1340. 

A^a, 1. iMiniim, fjpMfa<u»ii; 8^ 
/Aoi 9ap9^d9fi R. 9] 1. o6 8^ 8^i|r 
warrh rijaV iwtfidprn P. 1449. irAt 
o6«r ^4 Kol rMff ; 8^n Tofir 4a(i T. 
7 1 5. 2./am« ; W 8Jrni M(i|t ib^iVM 
ylypmu C. 259. 

Ao(d((ai, lo tuppott; 8o{c(^«r /Ur olf P. 

AopuUwrot. See Aoii|pMU«r»t. 

Aoj»(\i|«rTof, caplurtd in tiwr; Xciay, 
l|v<p 9opUiinrros IV ^r Xoivi^ Aj. 146. 
r^ ^vpiKiprrop — P^ft^p dpm Titt- 
lofffaap 878. 

Adpv^ a tpeur, thence appUed metapho- 
rically to ugnify war, ImKiI*, valinir 
Not uied by Sophocles in the nom. 
cane I once only in the accui. ; t»^xn' 
•— (f rfir lx«yr«< tdarapmifoprm Upv 
C. 425. Poet. gen. Bop6s — As ao* 
Wf^ woKkip IrwfBmp AAd^y 83« topds 
r imucToQ ynvrdpmp Ail riBf C. 1522. 
8Mkff^rx«M<MriA. 666. ^{^kpop- 
Xta)^lidya 8Q/i^t rptmdM ttmraf^ 
miai670. »— X^x««PWx«»8aftft 
T. 853. *EpydJufas /m^i^ lx«r ^imS 
Uf^ AJ. 180. Ir x^ 8«^f, m iJh« 



nurgfrney of battfe^ or ipJb«« then is 
fiMrf ^' Ail valour 942. t8p Ik 8o^r 
ytySra, vokofdov pd$op 992. ^ rpomp 
Zop6s 1254. Dat in throe difTerait 
forma, once 8e^f«ri for a bmrk or 
ship; snpnmdp^ 9o6ptcr^ P. 712. 
— 8«p(, which is the most unial 
form t rrrt§»iprat, lopi C 1306. ipt' 
rrtlfas topi A. 195. ffsi tiMT M- 
rroTM' 8flpl xt^po*' yvMorfir T. 239. 
ffa8p/49if — Ocxa;^ 8opf 478. v«- 
rp(r jTramt 8flf( Aj. 510. 8sfl 
^iKo¥ KftKrup 751. I»f 8\M 80pf 
1035. vpo&nvMt 8o^ 1249. ^ also 
Mptit for the sake of the metro i 
8^<i 8ia^i(ff8Mrir C. 626. 8^ a^ 
rmrC. 1316. 8^i icparii^ai 1388. 

Asp^fiwr, 0NS «fAi> from an animy in 
war 6sMMCt «m ally ; 8 yitp ftdypprt 
airrois rvj^dpti 9opv^ptiP E. 46. ^ 
8op»(ffi«f — ItfT^a C. 638. 

Aopiwrevs, 6ratMlfiAii^ a ipfer; 8^ 
puff^oys'Kft/ptdp—n C. 1315. 

AiipAffvm^ to jigki with a t, oar ; part. 
tMrtiIrs; 8a0wwM«r udrfimp Aj. 

A^tt, a ;(/% ; Te5 #so8 / alnSr 8^iv 
R. 1518. 

AovAf/e, siavcry, iorvUmdo; 8ssAt(ay 
(vya Aj. 924. 

ApttXf ipf. See Ao^Xier. 

Aad\ctf/ia, a flans; yswaia^j Ar 8s^ 
kwfta A. 752. 

AovAffvai, la Mrvc, fa 5s a s/avs ; rsMa 
8mX«^ ^ £• 1 183. 8s«Aff^ir «^ 
Air 804. 

AoiSAiat, urviU ; 8oiiiAiir </ S^cir rps^4*^ 
Aj. 494. 

AavAof, 1. adj.« torvUo, tiaviak ; 

Ai^p 8oSAaf R. 764. w^Air tchmp^pom 
^ MKipf C. 921. a^Atf U Mkn 
T. 282. 8oiiAor firxoMrir fiUp 301. 
ypAi»miri Mkmu T. 53. 2. subst, 
a <7ass; o8 7«(p ▼< '^ (^ 8ov- 
Aot R. 410. ^wAat o&c iHnfrdt 
1 123. 4 8ot«Aar i| ac(rstf rii fyytr^s 
Yty^s ; 1168. irru Zaohis ivn rwp 
w4\ms A. 475. 08 — 8eMAaf, 8aa* 
A8«A^f «AffTa 513. |8c -^yipyvp^ 
Mkii iUp T. 63. 8oCAar 4»t — M- 
WTO 266. sripmmp (lolen) mV Arrs 
8oi&Ai|r 366. rSr r f<^ 8oAAi| Ai. 
484. 8o&Aof kp^ iKmeipop fopwls 
999. Tavf^ o«a dao^r /uydka wpks 
MXmPKOKd; 1214. ^y^ — 88ai!Aat 
1268. fifius pXp its Mkum mk^s 
vod^ 1/ iii^p P. 983. 

AawA^p, io riduoo to Uaoery, to ontlavo i 
rhp Atx*'^^ -* 8svAikriir tn T. 
256. y9r— htpat Mo^kmeop 467. 
rokt ^k 8o«Aiiattf tytuf A. 202. 

Aaihraf , a aaiss, any /oniI aoaai^ ; 8s8^ 
vor s3 KkCm AJ. 658. XV^^^"*^^ 
8* Ir 9r4ppo$n vsmSrrai 8svaai 631. 

€9 ATH 

^wf AI»Aj.210. 

lA«r^ T. 12. Ir (t^r) — /rptf< 
9 mUXm V^krwr 831. vdtm^iL- 

^fW9 V^ ffVI #Vfl|pf l|^M0IT9f A* 1 112* 

^^Amt^AAmmT. 1090. 

€9un4; wuJdr€vrmf 9fi^ 
ifwrCnu vi^paf ironftr BU 193. 
r^ptt « fmgiiiMt or miMiMjr ; o^ 

Aftmm, l# MiUmiptt U eomtriwi; ttrt 
fmmt wiht MomnUis wwfi P. 1229. 
H *vf« V>*^*M<' ^P^i Aj. 682. *r 
Ts ^fm r dm MmiUtf 319. 

imgtkihaftA. 235. 
illjaJrltf, CA«I mmgi^ Ofpigkt to btdMt; 

imp/Mw H %pmrrU9 R. 1443. /Urp 

TV V«tfT^r tvlfYM^ £. 1007. 4vM« 

IUmW" Irr6r T. 1194. 
Afim, t0 d9, f# perfrrm, U MeuU, 
Afit, m miUj or tkiekii ; Kmrd rt 9ptm 

wdErrs —111^1 iii T. 1008. 
Af9famk§t runmiMgg 909/tmim fiSurm T. 


wmt «iwff» Amp iA«I iA< joa «f* Scf wrii 
Aairleil iiJMi umm tkt wkifUmg whttl 
P. €74- 
il^nf, 1. « cMirfry cJk« ccf rfrun- 
•t»f ; «4ffy ^ w^Uw VW Ai* 
87£ 2. « ncfy or cmtm; Boo- 
#MP «pMnif^C»'rw (Mp^f) E. 674. 

€7tf. Mpi/mr MttAmm 681. tcAmp- 
TVS Imr r f /BlflMT t' fS^ 9p^R. 
716* Titfo lOr AAAmii krfmkHS 9p^ 
faam ^ fcS r v 731. fJ^is ic«7Mx«- 
Mrvr 2mc^ 1^^ 744. 3. the 
rme9-<mirm iUelf in vhidi the noe is 
nm ; wit ^IpMcr^ V4<m' tr^vw £. 
703. «AAm iMor^Mtfiv tlf jM^riar 

i^wfi rf<w ; WMONuir l|ptfvwff rcyy^- 
/Mpoff mtttmt Aj. 1 187. 

A^im, Drym ; wmi i Aftmrrt, ik« f0« 
y* DryMfy thai ig^ Lffcmrgta A. 

Aa&fU$f • firmt •f 0tiki ; ^ r^Sr a ^ 

AMite — Ibi^ Tf B. 1399. 
il^ii^ «■ mk trm, alio uaod for any 

9f&dt Tm 761. «)^ riiff war^ th u aal 
 al^iTJ^^^ i wa ^ ^1, Yif^ the ofacttlar 
«db«ri>odoiiaT. 1168. 


— yfmi^ 3^ Aj. 918. 9iiAa(| li 

#vyir/Mfcyuu3«f A. 1295. 
A^inc^, |0 AvtfMr, ftf iba«f poiMr. 
AivufuSf frree ; volar 3^itr Aflrfxci 

StvAqr; R. 938. 
A^tm^tt, power; roiif, %€¥, UmifiM rli 

Mpm im^pfiia/rlf gmri^xoi ; A. 600. 

&/4M^i3la nt iMTif ImmC 941. 
A«rarr«(e, nif#, «iM|p; 4^x9' A^^nw 

iral 8iwMT«(Bf R. 593. 
Avpi^f, a tf#^; hip¥^XP^ 

iwdffToi A. 604. 
AvMEr4ff, 1. wAai i« pMfiAlf; aA 

3vPBr4r AJ. 163. «ai>4f ^laAfiir /mi 

3M>«rAr; 985. 2.jMiw#^a|; tmIt 

IvparoSff aAir /jpirri vAiifir E. 213. 
A4rw. 8oe 1^. 
AU, two, 
Aaw f aid fad ^i y ^ rfiwoioi mimlhi ; vai^ 

ra 3iwiMu3«i4ttj|Mir AiaUiwMiai XP^ 

Mr T. 645. 
A^po^Mu, poet, for A3^jpoyiai, Ca Umomt ; 

B^pofuu ydp R. 1218. 
AoadBKnof, verjf wroUM; i ht^itkim 

rpo^C. 331. 
Ayfaimif,Uadiiig an unkoppif iifi ; jfaia 

ZwroUwC. 149. 
AvviKyirm, inunuhl$ to griff, kor- 

d^tittif hwdkytrrot yAp Ir cr^y, 

TOfiriff i4 «^ tUKroutrnpmf ^Upoaf R, 

AvvtUtrrat, hord to bo tokom ; aaadr 

TJb lva«Ui#rar oMt/t C. 1721. 
Ai^dM/ior, tomjtett ' tM$od s atAairAr 

6!mi aal SaaiCrf/iar A. 567. 
AvaavdUAarraf, diffeHlt to remoto ; ^r 

3i«av«XA4rraif M^MUf T. 955. 
A^a»Aaf« vminful to poa tko night t«, 

inhotpitmkio f fwra^AMr y rf ywr dipia 

A. 354. Bee Mpnou 
Aav/SouXia, 5ad cawaM/, imprudonto; 

^v ii iiuw imrfiovkim^ A. 95. ae H 

were, ^Mi'. -*> Mart t ^/uuf a5M 

^aZri 3wr/3oiiAlaif 1255. 
Avayipoim^ Wkoomnou of birtkf T^r 

9t!oy4if§m^ vV 4*V ■Vx^*'*^ R* 

AwSal^uir, tm/ortMumto ,* ^/U rAr lii#- 

3ai^MMi A. 274. t^ ht^iaifiom 

A/xo^ T. 769. lMr<a(iMari fuipf R. 

AawZ/MOTOfy ifM<2ly 9Narrv(aMatfj tA 

Iva^pt/rrov tSim, ^arAr^A^t £. 1377« 
AmidmroSj droadfui to Motdg A 3ii#- 

•^rar %ia Aj. 983. 
A^v6eat, kot^ul to tkt god$i A I4aw 

«far/iiaiWMiE. 281. 
Aaa#ffMfarcirrai» imeurokUt nntrottohUl 

hfo^pdrnwrot Abu Ai. 603. 
Aoa$pttrfro§, iomontmhU ^ ftrat fiftri 

•valiHtrvrar A. U96» 
A4aAiyiaf, d^oetod, diotomtontod i #i 

l«#iW ^ £• 3n. aiK «^ 

raSji WMw p m fpJmu I 4a<lyia t £• 540. 




AveKillh^9U intxpmbls^ thmt miiimC 

6« uiathed frjf utonemtut; l^ hwit^ 

9afiT0s*A»9ov kt^iif A. 1270. 
Av^ir^c^t, iMgUrioMi ; wr^ itf — 

dvcX^t tMrarA.f4f ^ MiKm A. 50. 
A^kXcio, inftmy^ dukpfwur ; fuyi' 

Xm $6fvfiot Mrix'^ 4^ ^^ ^' 

ieX<(f Aj. 143. 
AiwuAfdr. imghriohtly^ wUk imf^my ; 

iwKktm dupw E.994. 
Awicifuffrot^ tMVffportublg ; w^fut 

9iwic6fuffr9s A. 1S*36. 
Aiattpirot, hard to ht iltttrmin§d ; S^- 

iTfiir* IfiMTt SiMTrdliY T. 945. 
AiNrA^MTTOt, iii«mn;)r«A«iifi6/# ; icai v^t 

AiMT/Mix^t <** J^($^' «^atN«< in vain; 

^040-1 8v0'/Mixovrrcf T. 492. Id f<riM 

im/iiouf/v, llcimonn. 
AiM/iaxifr/or, to 6« eonUnd^ afainU 

with diffieutty ; A^yicp 8* oix* 'V' 

/Mxi|r#or, w« mtat nuC tngage in 

hopetiu coHjUet wUh utuwtjf A. 

Avfffi4y«taj anlmtnity ; 4 — ^ ^^v 

ZvatU¥€UL £. 609. 
AiNT/ifH^f, iU'dUpondf hivtiU ; iy^ 

tlfi' 'Arpc/Soit BiM'/ifHit P. 581. 

£. 436. ^n" Mfi lwrii9¥u Aj 18. 
woX4iuo¥ Ivfffun^ 9 ^yo^fwroi P. 
1307. 8v0>icKif yjb jcol iSi^ivir 0^ fSpiit' 
^fitf/ R. 546. M^ Siiff/ttrq xiwlt 
A. 1 87. wriffot itati re Iv^/iCK^ 
fi/dcr rjlfi^ muBa 649. uaiwtp Ihna 
Z^HTiuv^ Aj. 122. 5v0'/MM»i» ^/wy 

Ix*'*' 5^1* h"^ ▼<' Zwr/urHnf ^^"^P* 
viCffp 966. ttdrSff ivafutnU x^tt E. 
432. Superlative; iny'*EirrofOf3«^ 
fi}/<a dvo/icyMT^rov Ai. 647. 4 tf 
BiMr^MOTcCry Awrdr E. 399. 

Autf'/ii^, tftiing ty (kt, mn; Aii^ &tXiov 
SMT/iajr C. 1248. 

A^/ioipot, iU'fatod, wrttchtd; i vd- 
rep i^/AOip* bpa9 C. 328. 

A6afMpofj iU'/afd^ wrttchtd; iyit S* 

— D iia/ufot E. 274. irAt Z^ftopos 
kmix^i ; P* 176. ^ 3* 4 B6afiopos 
359. rvr 3^ i^itniftai B^/iopot 937. 
oM^y ffl^' 4 Z^ffftoftos 939. rf B^cto'M 
B^fffiopot 1052. mi 4 8^/Mpof clt 
^f— ff7/a 1336. Z^fiopot C 224. 
>M^ 4a^ Z6&tiopos wkumfUif^ 348. 
4 flr^ B^/MpQf VI^MTlklf 565. 4}df , 

340yM^ff 753. ip^t wfhs idXmv ^ 
B^ftopot A* 910. 4 ioafiapof uirm 
X«A«#fff 1219. 7i|if — 34ir/MMf »• 
vf/NTff T. 466. 4 r oMir tiB^t liv- 
fiapOS 772. ofAiMlf ||arf I B4ifffup9t Aj. 
618. rdwt voT^ dip* •vpo^t x«^ 34^ 
ftopos; HR9. ^jcfiivf o0rc ^rt^dimp 

— MVMT /mo) Wjpf u' 4/iiXf it 3v0-/i^oc 
1182. 9iauopo9 ydpos^ that it, Tm^ 
mata Aj. 771. — 3u0yi^ t^ ^;io5 



C. 332. 3iw/i4pov ^urr^ A. 857. 

rod 9vati6pov ~- (Mirov y it rnt 1005. 

^v T^ff ar4fi^ov BvoyiMw re ^t 

r0o^rE.1174. — ^mtI Bmt/i^ P. 

273. AXXi ^Mi BiMTfA^ R. 665. 

iar4 ft€ Bv^/Mfor cM^oi T. lOOl. 

r^r ZCcTftapor i^iu^niif 6pm TiKpataooa^ 

Ai. 870. —2 B40>wyMf 365. « 

B&r/iop' Aliu 906. — 4^ — Bm"- 

/i^pMT volBocr C. 866. B4cr/Mp' OtBf- 

vovr 563. i( 9^f»op€ 808. I«m in^r 

Bu0>i4poir crwd(§w 1668. Once iiaed 

in the plural ; Bwffyi4fov yt B4r/iiy 

(^itiyvTpa ^mrh) C. 1 1 1 1 • 
AMrynrroti Auird to waak ont, iiidelibU ; 

XaA«i|r Snn liavtMrmf 4k UKtoio yptk- 

^w T. 680. 
A4avoia, ill-wUI i r4Kwmw Bmr B4dr- 

poia /AJ^ wpia^m E. 644. 
A^vwus, UtrwiUod, maUvoUnt ; lir 

Tp8« Bmtvow Kol r^r <£>^in| «4Xff« 

A. 212. 
A^oums, hard to ondurt ; BiMio(rrMr 

v4iwr llVUi P. 506. w&s fiU» Bvm^- 

Tor cjo/ity rpo^d¥ ; C. 1684. 
Avffofifipot^ htormy ; h^ofifipa $4k^ A. 

355. See AlB^r. 
Avffopyos^ wrathjnl, pawonate; ladwtp 

oO Z^opyot i» P. 377. Mip 340*0^ 

yof Aj. 996. yh^ ro^evror dvt Zdaank 

$vf*^ Z^opyot T. 1 108. 
Avaoa/iia^ Uenck ; fio^t re atol Biwe^- 

filat y4fut¥ p. 864. 
AvffovptaroSf unnropitiout ; lit €m4fro» 

¥4^s ~* Zvaoipumr R. 1316. 
AiMvd^vmt, uHkapitils married; rh 

Zwnrdp§v¥0¥ X/icrpor T. 788. 
Avo'ircT^s, difficult ; puaBw — oft Bwr- 

irtr^r Aj. 1025. 
AiNnru^ft vn^olid; Zv9w»m ^rolkks 

C. 1593. 
A^oryovf, 1. blawiMg vhlontly ; Zy^" 

w¥6oa — - Sffi«rvmvi9 — vMMUf A. 

584. 2. panting ftr brtatk ; B4tf- 

irrovt |jM(rM A. 224. 
AMnr4in7TOff, prucurrrf 6^ toi/, toilfunif; 

r^K Biwv4n|roy — 4jiif' 4/mI rM^^'' 

C. 1610. 
A^ffvo^of, Im7m««; «r4aw fipcrtm B4r- 

voi^Oi A. 1262. 
A^nrvr^f, Ui'fattd, unhappy; B4r- 

woTfUs re iNU ica«4 C. 143.%. Jl B4«<- 

vor/tc B. 1068. E. 1190. ^rvy^ 

piur Ix* Z6ffwarfuv 4tp4uf #i^ lUXeis P. 

1105. Zvaw^Tftav x4p*^ x^^«^ R< 

888. ravros 4fi407 Bwnrar/iavt T. 

298. 1^ Zvnrdrfamif — ydfimr avf^^af 

A. 861. 
Awrrpo^to, 1. ill'tueeiu ; «4^ 

icffXf 4itov ri|f r^ tfiiiir BM«]pa{)fav C. 
1401. 2. mUJortune; /St^iait 

vp^f Mir Zuffnpa^ims Aj. 746. 
Avrrp^ffoirrof, difficult to ho approockm 
I <^, or aceoaiid ; watph r^ Bwnrjp4ew 


«T^ C. 


wpina^ Mpmrm E. 453. 
Ammpivmu^, tf forbidding mtpeet ; 


n i JA ^ ^ r4ff^t» xiap T. 1236. 

vterOaw r^t hfffVtfitUti E. 1375. 

warrW I^Fy** 9ww40«uuf tSUwai A. 

SOI. that ia, wfir Imt 9v99tfi49. — 

Aral -^ tV 9v^w40tiaM thvtfioSo^ 

Ami«4^a|r 915. 
ikMV<c3As to ««( impiomtlif! ^teMaX' 

•ft^vmlvvMikar— ; t. 1235. 
Amw^v impioMi; wm 9%^ imb^ 

tvprcjSv T^ifff x4^» A. 610. Ti- 

/4t ^ l^ov T^ hf^nfiu A. 512. 

iktfa281. --Superl. ; 'ArpUV, 
$f «l ^ tavttp^ BiNTtf'ff^mn'or Aj. 
1272. gp J r r * — tA tmt icAvi^ra 
(Sw0T\iU«f is not met with^, 
vtrif wrelehid; A hfvrdkmpa 11. 
1230. T. 300. Aj. 404. 9wrrdr 
kmm Hp ^ C. 1444. olcu <iwTd(. 
Astfv 1731. TiAoim, 3»tfTi(Aaii« tuip' 
Uaof T. 648. vwrp^f rV Siwr^UoiMur 
Smt' Hmmtpmrpihnpf E. 276. 

itorrA^M^rts, Aiirrf ta eoniectun^ or 
dUeortr ; ww r4lf 9^p«0ilverai fx*^' 
mXsMS hi9r4it/iMprw tdrias R. 100. 

Airrmvfy mnhappif in chiUrtH ; (Adbot ) 
TJjpr M rUermivmr Xlwoi rtSt ourv «&- 
Ttm 34vT«ciwr muSoKipTlairy «Nd Imm 
tk€WMikgr^ m prtenairtu ^vrtUhtd 
tkUdnm l# k§rMm torn R. 1248. 

A^i fw>f , Dorics Svrribwfy 1. noil 
mri^rJM. 2. ditntid, dficmgd* 

ipJk tnbnpf Tt TQura hmropMOf C 990. 
dkmrrpdmtXm^ UMtrmetabit^ UubbtrH ; 

htcrpdwtJm AXu Aj. 897. 
Abrrvx/ny C« W uiikHppy, or unfartit' 

mmi§ ; mtl ww OwmxA Aj. 677. 

1448. — ct(pMi 4 ^^f»00S 9vrryx»^ 
4 #»f /i^ 403. — t4xv TJip ^M 
jmI t4xw tueruf^u vir ff£rvxo2yr« 
r4rrff Iwrrmfir/ Aff( A. 1144. ^ 
wdfttpm mptptt Svrrwtijr ^' c/t r& 
#id^ f #^ «lff tA tfttMrov ^ioXAof ^r ty 
vSr A^yv C. 804. — it iccdy ylMt 
|t^ 1wrr4x9V«r R. 282. 
A«rTvx4'« ^»t»dt!fp umfortunaU; 4 
iipmxi^t laipmif 4 rit re ir 4fi4f E. 

1147. — 8«rrvx4 t^* /i^i' 592. 
■Immi — KmT Ix«mm 3tf(rm4 T. 5. 
%Xfi ^^ *— ^(''▼t^di MMCvA^ 803. 
A Iwrmxit £. 922. iMi3iirrvx<'t«(" 
vi|r M4k n $m ftfitTMr wwiAiMrfir 
4Wri A. 1197. | 


AiwfilpJm, to sptok wordt ofUi om$m ; 
3«v^/M« /Ui^ 00 E. 893. o&m wwi' 

Aw^ilfJa, vHeraiicf of wordi of ill 
omtn; Komlji 4c) vSr «T^r4ir«3or 
^va^npimtV, 10, 

Aiw^^t, umfriondiy; hia^Osii$ Hpos 
C. 1260. 

Ava^op4m, to boar vtitk impotieneo ; 
f 1 8oK« — Sv^^cfffly 6701^ E. 247. 

A4^^o^f, hard \o bo borno, intupporl* 
obU ; 9tM$ 96a^opw $rmf Aj. 
828. K4ym'^rit 34^W, «l t^xm 
awT^ 40tf^ i^ohBimUf vdtn' hf ff4rv- 
XC'J' K. 87. hf9^6po»9 h^ 6/tfwauf 
ywApas fiukovwm Aj. 51. rl pm rS^ 
9yfff6pmif 4^i ; E. 141. 

Avv'fopms^m a mdnntr kord to bo borno; 
rdy i¥ ^ol 9iiv^4pMff Ixorra R. 770. 
buv^6pmt TotfrifMf ^Toi' 783. 

Aiff^ptt¥, utdf griivom ; ^pM Z^^po- 
90S teroa C 202. lit fp§tm9 3v^f^ 
M«r ofu^HJi^iara, lA t rinrrf of a por- 
vorted mind A. 1247* 

A»fax*tp9tput that U d\Jfieult to evor- 
come; wdrayot "Amos, hmardK^ 
8vtfx<^i«pi IjpdicoiTi A. 126. 

Ay^opaLm, to oceation pam: Hfun^ 
i) rip^foand ri ^ 9aaxtpnimirrm C. 

Aiwx^jP«m» f rott6(c, d\ffieultff ; 8w0X^ 
f f Ml — voAXi^ ro«3c row ^optipaeros 
P. 471. StfO'X^jpCM TOW potf'tiM'^*' 

888. 8vayra bvax^potu 890. 

Ai^X'P^ft traul>/ei4NN«, vejacioMf; ^i^ 
T^ 6ai^i^< 3vrx«^f toi« Aj. 1374. 
i|42rf aM^ pifrp^ bvax^pi$ £. 917* 
viM'i $aSpM h/ax*f^9 nynir A. 254. 

AaaAhis, fotid ; x«^^f«9wri(9iftP.1021. 

AwriSrv/iOfy Ul'ootonodf having a namo rf 
iU oaun; ) pm6$o¥ '■^ h/^Antpa 
Kiarf iwKkvmi C. 532. vf— «f^ 
TM — 9iwi(rv/Mf AXu; Aj. 897. 

a4w, or A4m«, 1. to Ht OS tho fun ; 
M &r — (AMt T«4rv p^¥ oZra, r»8f 
3* oi a4i7f mUiir \\ 1315. 2. to 
#wtor» to go into I 64iTfff v^f oi&r^ 
9r6pM» A. 1202. fl|l0CMi 3mmu pA^OM 
Aj. 1171. , 

A^ffa, (It Wm ; rmporrsM? Wr, 3^ 
3ffic* ^yrcAffif I^XMrt AcW Aviyx4*^* 
/9ovff T. 757. 

AMavrott tho \ieoifihi ZMnmrot 
iporoM T. 822. 

Ammt, Dodtma^ In Thc«Mdy, where was 
a temple dedicated to Jupitert An<l 
where two dovct were mud to utter 
oracles from a Ucech-tree ; H^y — 
fin4r aUiKo^ were A«iMf»i T, 171* 

Am f iOf 1. • AsuMiS mamian ; BApm 
nffAMTiiAr t4B« E. 10. A mrpfi^ 
Imui 60. MQpM wdman Aj. 57(f. A 
mbr^ A4>y va^aiA 3^^iflni R. 1395. 
nC Te6 Tiyawi» jdj^air^ 0^'vsv tt« 


925. vp^ M l ^i T« x ^'^ " ' M 
vdms T. 331. rwi mpvMw M^icr" 
Aiy^tfM E. C5I. — <MyaCrflir r{«« 
««^ It. 630. rt M* <«v44i> Uifo 
riMc >tiyiitTii» 944. ^c i^ ZmftdrtM^ 
wipm A. 1166. Zmfdnt^ •Uu T. 
896. JUA9 r% Mikkf ZmtJrmr mrpm- 
^•f§Umi 903. fitfii0» ifTi t«mmir 
^WtfTrytM E. 1378. tfTc<x< X«H(Tiir 
wv^s Aj. 73. — hiftmrw iw rtSs 
ifuamit E. 254. 3. m UmpU^ or 
•M« «f tks fodi ; is rit Tlidmk 

'AttMlMl n«|M#«f^f £. 1 10. 3. 
« eit^ ; Mpi KoS/mmt R. 29. 4. 
« nclMN, or jMfp/tf ; fAr^ — ^< 
TINT Aa33wccMr 2inr|ptfvi#0t i iiyidl T iir 
U. 1226. 

fx»rAj. ion. 

AiwAi/Mi, 10 jrnteHi a thing, to rtward ; 
4 U^ roSr iimpkH vdfMi Aj. 10418. 
T^ Mr >iyo^t<« R 450. T4rir(^ 
Hit Iwr^c/kUff •!« iMPMimu ffo/ 

1375. «r Ml — v^Vv ** 4e«^« 

*NyiV Ar Xfl(C<Nf » T^ t i(f» r rt C. 783. 



A^^w, what km heem f imh, « gijk ; 
^ff &r A^ff Ufiyai rjfr (mw«v*w 
C. 653. ToM y lp(«s 8^ f^i aw- 
pf^Mra P. 117. A<M>Vi^ «iy'*Eirr«- 
ftff 8iipivin Aj. 647. UtKptnm 94 nr 
ircti^ 3^pi|^* AiMrtr 1282. WvAm', 
8«pitfft' ^cd^ T. 600. rh whr ^fymw 
>fty^ii« 755. T^ #^ Wn|f <4p>Vft' 
IXi^cr 773, — 0^ if Ti rfir ffw 
'HpflueXti Sttj^iyiiCnwr ; 665. Ws 
vmN^ — rvMMtfTMff 8it«nu 
rir; C. 4. 

ik/mmrh^ prtttnUd m$ m gift ; %r 
WX4*^) ^'^^ «4\«ff Saiffr^r, oAk 
ahirrh^ clr<X«Vi^«y R. 384. 

Aai^'t, IWiaN ; Mfp^ A«pff R. 775. 

Tf fMy^ AiMdi idt^ ndXamtCm 

Aiytr, « gift, a prttgrni R. 1022. C. 

433. 545. 583. 713. T. 494. 65t2. 

689. 869. Aj. 178. 650. 804. E. 



'%, an exclamation of grief and com- 
miicnition ; I I C. 147. T. 1000. 
1011.1021.1071. K. 817. 830. 

*Eu fa* an exclamation of wonder min- 
ffled with fear, C. 1476. 

"Ear, if, if that, in rojf. 

"Kovrov, rf himnif, 

'CdU, to tufftr, Itf jurmit, U alUw, to 
Unvi, t0 Tii go, 

'E/iSo/Mf, the teveulh; 7/Mofior, MiCy- 
niff Mip E. (i95. rtXafirrft •array 
«/9So/i^rT' fiiii lp6iM¥ 716. 

'E7>f Aiv, (d iaugh nt, or ridieult ; ictttt 
4iui¥ ^TTfAMT C. 1341. iyy§X&va 
rotc wo§ovfi4iws E. 269. iyytkAffa 
^fMuSos 797* 

*S77fHis> 1* iMNaU; mSi ipfvruf 
•tfriff S/uir /rycHit E. 1320. 2. 
r«(af<d l»jf AirlA, beionging (o (A< 
familjf ; i SoSAor, 4^ attdwu nt ^7- 
7«i^r H. HUH. TOis i» y4m yip 
rkyy^ni i»/Akw(t 6paf -r- §kf§fimt lx<t 
1430. wrmx^U ki^difBpavtf ^vytKtir 
kkn/Uiw 1506. — •lyNiiHrT' A/ryor 
•r rif Sm*'' 'ryciH^t Im C. 1 109. 

i^«|w, Mffra ro^ l^i* tawm A. 655. 

o-crai eiiiSaiof R. 452. 4. ft#- 

i*i»gimg f«* f&« eauHlrjf ; %s y^if «•- 

Tpf»ar ml ^m^ ro^ iyypus — ^^ 

Xi|ffff /Uy wvfi v^ai A. 199. vp^r 

¥v¥ Hm #• Ai^niMu rfir #yytM#y £. 

Itfyt ywfy ta a Maaafr ftiwmiajr rtistiM- 

«Ai;i: elWfp 4yy€¥mt Iri rdr Aa3- 

8airc(Mr 4rrp«v<tf#f Ittyidtriir It. 

'Ettomi. 80c "EaryoMt. 
'Eyy/Mi^ la iHteribt; 94\Taif ^yyt- 

ypafitUmiif iiitf9hl»ara T. 156. 
'ETTvilcir, /'mM Ntar R. 1269. P. 465. 

652. Aj.540. 
•Eyy^, Mar; €om|i. adv. ^yyvrtptf 

C. 1219. Miperl. adv. ^y>vn(rM 

A. 964. 
*E7f^ la aroNif, la <lir n^; ^ofM 

»^WQ¥ iyttpm C. 1775. 
*S7<^(, ia a nwsii^ Maaafr; ^prl 

irirwr Mp* Mp^i^MMt aaiMSrir 

A. 409. 
'E7iraX/«, t0 meruit, to ehmm; kiy\ 

tt ffw^t rh ¥uicot iyitaxSo ipuM R. 

702. rUot ykp 68« r^ m^ X^^^ 

— #VK«XArJA4Xv«af ; P. 328. >ymi. 

AAr ifttH f^Mtft voTiifMir E. 768. 



^lyviymr, W«riii|( /rwf t fruitful ; w^ 

YJhUt R. t25. fv^ VffTcu /9M/MJ^ff 
Wa^t" ryiTivnni Kti^uUf Ai( T.'237. 
'B>««r«(«<7Mi^ f« JWn fuc'f Affr ; Wat 

AJ. 7'i3. 

4«r BiKtt iMptuH^ T. 1077. 
l7m%^M« U lU In, or «i|ian ; %Vi t 

■Miijr «• mwIm fAoifcifltf in wWim* 
torf emU P. 130Z 

n mI ci* — lx«t lyicAitf*' 'Ar{p«(Mur 
P. 323. ^Aivtfi ^uKpi6if uhUuf ft 
Ivw^iiraiT 360. 
^|!y«Xi|p*f, Acn'iijf « «Acr# in, jmriukhg 
0f; M* v/MMidfr lyicAi|p0r A. 808. 

fift/pf *«if Iff'oMMf l)fiEXl|fMI Asx**^ 

|i^ a««Sr«« 831. 

— rymicA|ifi^Mr «aA£f T. 576. ifuif 
•^f — ^fxAjr/t^Mvf if^ar* Aj. 

Mr I'xw A. 180. x/yMT^ Ir, ci /i4 

7A^#«r #>trA]kM f4/Sor .501. 
1iyK«r«M, I0 iU«f r« • !« upeditt ; iyK6m^ 

mirpM^w* Aj. 967. xmpSntMV^ 4yK6- 

pm/anf 798. ly fyKWMv', ^pt^t 

T. 124.1 
'k'yii^sT^t, kmrhtg tht matlfry 01 rr; 

▼^«r #>N^«r4f P. 75. v&X ^ *P^- 

/k« lUAu^f hfKpmrkt IVi; U. 941. 

tl IT iyttpuTM f9irfmi9i9 C. 1026. 

M^ ttrtM iyicpmifn vm« rf (mi A. 71 1 . 
*tiyKypim^ or l^rdlpti, f« y«f/ «/»««, or 

info; Tfuirtltt 4AiCMff ^yciiywiM K. 

852. 8ecA^«^ff. 
*Eyip«/Uxv*» rmuimg to bmttU; rW I- 

yptftdw Bi9^(m C. 1057. 
lyXf^Hi, f« f fliv iH A«nW ; t Ik^i T^k^ 

1nn(<(pw*« «* mttemfti, or tnt$rpri»§ ; 

^TXWf • i^MTf • Ptard^ or «im;imi in 
geneiml: applied by a bold figure 
Co gMtrimmetftr mvtrting ivil ; eM* 

ncr u tktrt mmif €omtriKmmc€ tf jtr*- 
emutitu mm§mgU vi, vlirreiN ««y enc 
iAcll tff/rH^ AiMMl/ R. 171. 

*Mifxtiianm, U mmtroack; f4 w§6 ru 
V^ hy^ hxpl/^irr^ fip^^ £.886. 

*Byx4p*^ MiiiMt iaiign^ut: Hiat9 
'fis ^rx^fm C. 875. tceSri tmi 
«w(«^ff T. 182. i wmrp^m y^ ffof 

^jyapwyetp a ••(iee; vAaniriBr Tit 4 
nWIr^Hf eMT f y y iye f C. 125. — 
•Wtw^ #yX^ (IX«r) P. 687. 


'Eywyt, i indeed^ i /'or my yNtrl. 

*l9f^T^t. projicrly, awourftt ; 9fht efw 
yfiy sZ/iar ^^rhp ahttff9ivru A • 206. 
Fixunitivc'lv, ettrnidfd; iUfft^ 4i 
mlnov ^iMi T. 074. 

*EB9f , « tftii, or ff Aii«/«> ; ZiufiAmp Hhi K* 
8116. v«rp^ t5if tftdir K. 1.166. 

*K^p«, 1. « iMl ; 4m TJytry |^r 
lt«A0ff C. 36. 33r«v tfcAi* — Upw 
Xdfiotfu md Ifr^oTo^iy 00. . rl ^l ai 
» l{ i9pat iufirrur* Aj. 775. 2. 
m p/sf « ^ ml or tmrrjfing ; Tfpw^i 
^li^finmp^ Atr^ ^X<<^'<V«^ T. 1 142. 
MiiAlx^vcAiVJiirSl^tAj.455. rlsT^ 
trof, i^rlt f3^ ni^ /x*< ^^ifiop P. 
157. o£|p»^ ci^ vpoAcir^ 1400. 
8. a iUiiMg, gometimctt m inrrn'tHg ; 
rUras watt SBfiar rdoZt f»M $oiC*T9 ; 
R. 2. r«fdy|f p^ o& Karoturtifrnw 
Slpor 1 3. 60t' o&x •'B^r 79' rJiaS* 
&r 4^4K9otn' In C. 45. «ik« m S9p«f 
wp^rmp 4^ OfAmw rtj^lt T^r lurofi^^ 
I71S 84. ^r ?^pas 4wlffKowoi 112. 
•^ tJ^ Its' «8p« Cfiutpov K4ya» 1165. 
'Hlr^ i wpoaikucmif tZpw 1 168. •Mirt 
IC cBpaf Aj. 767. e&x <'/«' ^m4 798. 

'ESfMiwr, « Miir, only used in the plural ; 
o<^0i #* Iff riM* iipdamp — ^orrd 

rcf ((|«i c. 173. ^ 3^ T«rr npdi^ 

irdXuf — lir^pc 232. Also, a sitting ; 

iAA* lb« IC 4Vd«^ Aj. 192. 
'CB^Aioi', a keut, m dwfUing; ifX"^ 

wXovrm warpin th IMAoi E. 1385. 

Also, II raving beurh in m iKWt ; ii/i^ 

fii^¥ V9mif $Kp9uruf ^jfiii PtaniKtSt 43th 

A(Mt wvpht 4^4ywTQt Aj. 1256. 
'ECo/ioi, III Mfll oHttetft f« fil; l^if- 

fMff^ 4^4ffTioi R. 32. Mr d^tet 

{irv^r i(4fuvw Ai. 244. irivl w§pp^ 

4(itin¥ fidBpov v4¥ iffidwmptwf C* 100. 

^r r 4p9aiioiQ putpm 4p9tfM9 Um 

'E^Aorr^t, a vtdHnttfr ; kJ^t^i 'M^er- 

r^f T^ (rwiuyiip «^ A j. 24. 
'Etf/Am, Itf dc wHliMg, !• wif4, I0 riboM. 
'EArof, « NflfioM; hence applied to 

wild lieiuU, • Jloek, or ktrd ; x** 

penir Mrif ftiyMr P. 1132. #v^ 

A'XpW I9n| A. 344. 
'Etfof, euitim ; rd tm er^n|#tff U$4 ^ 9t 

lit Mot P. 882. 
tit if, im eate^ mitktugki wmiid that. 
Etfim^ I0 diitil, l« dr»p | 'le'/A^m fiAi- 

3ff A^ itdrm 8d«jpv' y (gty> fa |, sli§ddiHg 

temn A. 523. 
ElMnu. fieeOlBa. 
EIIm, farm, ptnoms tntmit Jpfir A«- 

^ifTAr fIBbr ir 31irp mce^wcrer T. 

1058. i whf rh ffAitfir cOeff 'Hkd- 

KTpmiTdU; E.I168. 
EHmo. See 'l3iiS«. ' 
EOmAjt, •« <IMV«, 4 lAfldl, or tkmdam ; 

#wdr, efftiAer lAAtw P, 935« efare*. 


' > 


^ ili^ff Ottfirov T^ I^Amt ftSM- 
Aor C. 110. Apd Y^p itfMt MU 
ii^rat &XAa, vAj^r fXStiAA — * (( tfiCMU 
Aj. 12tf. 
Er«f , i wii*. wmld tkaU 

iNiv ,' 4m<'' M^i^ •lieiiuy^i — Xvif 
Vxj A«Atfx^ " <<Nr«i U. 404. ^r 
tfi(^' cJiciI^ai C. 1(1. wdyra — tU4r 
em vdfpa 1600. Ihruf ftl^p tMroi 
1673. W rovr^ Iky •Udff€tmt ; A. 
12*29. AAA' «4ica^« M^, ^^ R. 8*2. 
a^6f Aeaffv KoAdt E. 652. 

ELKa0ff«>, to }fitld, to iubmU, to givo wmti 
to; dAA' tucdBm Kjrm P. 1S36. r/ 
^M 0tArif hti" MiBm R. 651. r^ 
</«ra0«»y 0. 1180. ft^yir fieipM¥ 
thctBMf SpiufpJp^ T^ Jip9pt 1530. 
t6 t^ clKoacijf TJi^ Sffii^ A. 10U3. 
ro4r atpttToMTi f thcMuf E. 388. rwr 
icywrouo'iy curalNii^ 100*2. cMuitf^a 
ffvfiwpd4rff9tp T. 1 1G7* 

XlfcatfTds, |0 6« likenedt or comfMirMl («» 
reambl'iHg ; futp^ ftdkurr •licturrhtf 

T. 696. 

J£iir^9 lit ramfom; §hc9i KpdfriffToif (nw 
R. 979. 

EIk^s. Sce'^Eoiira. 

Ek^iwf, wilft f«<i<0M, juHljf; Tov^ 
ifuH w6kis rh S&pov iU^tn aror^yv- 
aw C. 433. vwf */ hp r6 */ htw 
irpSy/i^ &y ^iKiirms ^l4yoit ; 981. 

E!«r«, fo i/i«'</« lA iiifcmil tu . •7«f tfv^ 
ffol fitTdurratraf OBov A. 714. flWc 
r^ BwSmi 1016. ^AA* ^^r clkc C. 
1203. — ffTvyy^f iuk¥ Acttp SifAof «7 
R. 673. tUoirrat h <«<^ C. 169. 
cfffciy 8^ «6it ^vfffraroi KOiroif A. 468. 
ola6fuir6a fi^r 0«oif «ficciy Aj. 652. 
Koj'ir dpKwti ittif (fuy — fikf ly & 
rois iroAAAiiriy ^ptirKw Kpmus ; 12*22. 
also, f <» ^aNi ; 6wiiM &r Mt vAovr 
f /uy ^Up P. 463. 

E^AuM, ro roU, to erowl: uied in the 
following instances, as EUendt ob- 
serves, in the passive voice and not 
the middle: mt th rovro — fJAwtf- 
fii|y StiffT^yof P. 291. tljfnrc — r^ 
lU' ff2Av4^**v *^' ^^ ^' ^Uoff ri^- 
MC 696. 

Elfia, o tf/oaXe ; 6^' ffljiiaref Kfu^lt Aj. 
1124. f^Twy vi/NfMu R* 1268. 

E7fu, to bo, 

ElwUior. See 'EytUiOf . 

Efvcp, ifindoodt siwn t/V ellAeu^A. 

SJmtffiy, Mrifirain; 3icwd x^^^P***^"^ 
olfyuBo^ E. 1263. 

SljPTtS Is Aiiidsr, to rtilram, fo fc««p 
til euatody s oMw oin^ rAy ^/lisiy 
/i' cljpvfiy M^a A. 48* lirciyoy sljp- 
7«iy Tfwrssff l^s^Uroi e'miy^f ftnw- 
A«y Aj. 783. Mi^ r Ayflff ^f«. 
Isvsr s^ipys r^ wysyml ^ sysy 



K. 712. fllJ^M vfAi({ffiy flrt^r itdsrpmw 
P. 1393 -> tr^oi — Afey^ M ^inr- 
yoSri Aj. 7*10. o^iy •ifnfi ffot r«- 
A«iOM-0MTi^c T. 1247. t^4/3»rrir 
thyd yiy ; P. 6(»6. Ktutbif U froSor 
f(iyf Tsi^WMtMii; U. 129. PuiH 
HI vo } irsl raurU 3* »U)y •l|f>Y*T«*<«'*''A'*' 
uhU theto Httthiiig iiJ'ttrbMdeii^ ihut in, 
tkero u nh kiHtiroHeo to your hear- 
ing. T. 343. With a neutral signifi- 
cation, fll^yev. koid of C. 840. ma 
Twy «^^»y l^«rai ii. 890. 

ttpocUtf a rowiMg ; tfoby ci^pctfias (wyi^ 
iC^^ivi' vorrov^py yaf fit^iyai, Mt- 
fiM^ om Iko tpeidiog bimeh to gist 
wap in rowing to tko^ oetaH-pommg 
bark ; as if he had said* 4p rf #o$ 
(vyA i(6fiMiHn^^ olpoaiop fu$uim rf 
r^t: but some understand oairdif^ 
and so render it, ntting sm tki $ptod» 
tug beuek of tk§ oarogi commit kim^ 
teifto tke oeeatt-pauing bark Ai. 24&. 

Eiprr^ot, must bo roitraiuad ; tpttrivf 
riK* Apr(y Ai. 1*2*29. 

Eip^, for ipim^ to draw out ; hwri- 
^Bo9o» iXfivo¥ iyx^t T. 10*26. 

ETr, OM, 

Eit, and ^f , a preposition, signifying to, 
into, towardi, at, upon, teitk rt$pect («• 

Eiffdy^, Uad into, to introduro ; 
trai^ €0 Kotpibt otadyp E. 39. aol v4 
y ciVd^M P. 670. 2. to bring oh; vbi 
yiip wiCyti, acol Wi^ iantSu 3iaMr)r- 
ti4yii ^fio¥ T. 29. 

E^a«(,>r oofr R. 276. 1013. T. 1192. 
Aj. 335. 567. 

EliTai, 1. aor. infin. of the obsolete 
verb Im, li»;i/tfrf; ei ^dip yiy sit tA* 
fffiraf aCxi^fta C. 717. 

E&rojro^, to hoarktn io, to litten to, to 
kea r ; revS* oladnovt rAyS^r Aj. 776. 
r^' flo'affo^wy wdmr' iirtcr^oi C. 
291. Ivf ttiy rbif K9ffiywiiTo» ^ 
UKKorrd r ola^iKww E. 940. ftv 
pJrinrr' o^rov wp6vBo¥ slr^ireura Aj. 
31 1. Ay r oUkw oUrtiKowrtu T. 3.16. 
rot^ov A^yoyrot T&y3/»^r f2a^irsv0'* 
#v«&, «^f — 360. voA^f ffov ravrd y 
oio^ova ix^* 423. Ix«tr ro ttolti- 
Kovaoi A. 9. rotfoura ^H^eiayroi 
cltfifiro^a^y C. 1641. 3r' o2y — 

HffiUKoAffaitop 1087. — rUfot $porA9 
Kiyw riJff olffaKoAaa/ra E. 872. 

El^ayojSa/yw, fo iiu»mnC np ; dKodrrairo^ 
otoroMofitui^ dwSrofiMf Jbpove€9 sir Apdy- 
aoy R. 876. See ^Akdos* 

El^drot, ONCf /sr aU P. 12*2. 441. C. 

Mlrfiaipm^ to ontor ; vpbt -* ir^t m^ 
^My *Af3ov «sSXey olrofimtjofuw A. 
1190. MeUph. to f all into; tm- 
o&ra ao^r^ §U4fitfp «ucd, saefc svid 
Jbaes I myml/falUm lata (X 1001. 

- aJao fv «mM «p*« mi*, or !• grow 
Mkkim mm; i/uH /tikp •Imi Icii^ff «l- 
W0i||« §ir0agfe§liiigrfei»mmUermi'hm 
hma gr^m ^iikim ms T. 297. 
Wir/fA?t^^ to lArow tuCo. to nr^ o« ; 
M^— cM/taAAMT c«f «pir« coirtt Aj. 
«0. Used intimniiUirehr ; d/i^ wA- 
rm «d Tp^X^ fiii^M ffp<f«r, cid^^- 

£.709. thatii. 

TSrjprf^pw, to writo ifoww 011 tablets; 

^mmm — A — clrrypa^ilir T. 

Slrf/xt^MUy to fflcficff ; r^ Mp' itirmv- 

vfo#^«M<r rwi R. 238. ri t ti^d^ 
XftftiUf are to be taken tcicetber: 
T^ fftvMryiiai vq^Mid^r Mtrryw 
T. S75. 6f ^' <&v' Av(8«y o^x ^«^«^ 

X«ri^ to Mtor iai^, to ptnetrati ; tiff- 

SS¥ fiM ^ dtarptntm R. 1317. 
MirttfUf to Mtor ; oStfit tiatifu wp6s ^4 

^UM P. 941. «toi«' ff&rt» K. 792. 

a^itt 1041. oltfit fl^ir^y P. 547. 

«Crir' £ ^cm E. 1315. ttlffUm /m>i 

1332« ef Ti — (^Ptursr fffirtiiu £. 

808. Applied also, to emotions of 

the mind ; 7^ It fn|Mr ci^frw 

Uii|wT. 1189. 
iMrvrra, htrtaj'ur ; rd r olr wipos, 

vd t^ «J^^cTa, lAfii^i psf I sad (Ai«i^< 

to CMNf Aj. 35. 

df«^ •;r«A4A»«bff K. 319. Svwt c2- 

#iiA8fl244. <kiiAa« Ai^iv^f £. 675. 

cir«Ai« tcAAmt 5^yum|Aar«r ^^a(;90. 

84A«nrfircAMva 1095. ipHmr' «*. 

MAi^mt Aj. 322. Ukbi' d^asS^or 

SiTfAMr vdAcr C. 917. A99§p mrrhs 

rtin pditwm <lri|Al^ Ix**' ^1^* ^'"^ 

applied to emotions of the mind ; 

siv^Aff T««r rptaaB>loa Ijpif <nud( C. 

373. Twice formed from 4^4pxoiuu^ 

— 2«AA«r «r«A«^ tfA^ei T. 1157. 

X«r«8«iir, Kllendt derives tliis from mo- 

pdm^ (which see.) though it is Dion* 

cnmiiHm to understand it as the 

2nd. atir. of ««r«(8M, which is not uiii'«l. 
EiSWip^^WM, to pnelmim; I^mt — t^- 

siriipi^ay fip^fikf M^ K. GlIO. 
EJmyJyM, to Mirjfi or Ifmd in ; itt rd* 

Xttr tff slBwrfflr««^C«r« R. U'J9. 
S2r A«<swM, to i«Wd ; t^t^ sirA*^- 

«sir slKMa «d^ Aj. 253. 
I«0»Ln|#ir, an mliodt ; rV IWw daiasr 

s«Mn«#v p. 530. 
tfwatois^sr lAtf ^Mtart P. 1093. 
■im^pdis IS aoi used in the passive 

voiea: praa. act. «lai^ C. 1099. 

E.«01. T.llfl3. tlrsMfP. 249. 

Mk R. 22. 1120. C.776. A.2U8. 

K. 868. 885. T. 282. 393. •iryf 


C. 1372. fkafwrvE. 1424. sl^s^i 
C. 1533. A. 577. Aj. 827. tUr^pa 
£. 574. — tWopSw P. 27. 659. 
£. 654. 1353. sJ^spAv P. 453. 499. 
C. 287. 1360. Aj. 127. 9unp&- 
oi dnt. partie. A* 30. Put. <i^#f« 
R. 1295. cl<r44w#8f 1224. 1412. and 
/«r^^fff«ffC. 1440. T* 803. Aorist. 
turciSor R. 105. ietiiw E. 1265. 
1304. 1307. T. 752. fiVtfSoMcy R. 
1263. i€{io9 P. 876. ^<rf3(iV R. 
1303. ^4ra3dr A. 128. •lai^ A. 
1.114. E.260: — sMfeo^P. 1198. 
T. 302. s^^ir A. 472. t/WSei T. 
899. — ^UrMv R. 768. 10^2. £. 
409. Aj. 70. 458. 743. — cJaiB^y 
R. 1049. T. 67.1, Aj. 28. 67. 
1131. P. 870. «Jiri8sMra T. 954. 
Middle, with the force of the active ; 
icop^lLtwoi E. 1048. «lir(8oiToT. 161. 
8igtii6(*ation^ - 1 . (0 iook ai^ or 
w/N>M, to behold ; oM^ #0'i8«<y 5^M^ud 
&9 R. 1303. inifii i»ou irdpa — ftro- 
pmif dripuirxis C. 287t %s ¥V¥ laitpUit 
^Uropmw 1360. ^oy — > siwpoif yAiar^y 
^ifvmfpbtf iiaopAei wphf xipuf fiopSa A. 

30. 9^t ivJUtP VpOff¥l^90pJlWf9 

A. 128. Aert /ifri^ tUtSit^ aripioi 
ywauca T. 673. laAotr 4 ^wnptht^ 
•lff^opmfi4pti 905. wwf ftM rK^vrrai 
W9^ f£ri3f«ir Aj. 458. 8ihr«p tlcopQa^ 
4fA ubroc^tefi wbrrovra 827. ttft' 
ubr^ 9hrMp rit 4fA^€p^$ ifiol 1131. 
Zraif — ffMSM 8* iffii^mfm fopovvr* 
iKtlv^ raM, E. 260. wplwu yiip At 
T^^amt tiffopSof 654. 9ttr4pm yitp 
•IffopSof 3oaM E. 1353. 2. it often 
means only to mc; 8sir« Y^— 
impQ¥ ehopSof P. 27t u^yhptifid fi 
hfTUf ffiosMt 249. mAiMfr rd r' 
lAisr Jral rwt 'AmAat tJ^opAr^uAd- 
{•^aai 453. 5ff 7 t^Uov r^ Mopiaf 
ipuA fdiot pu&if^t Mmitmt 659. olfrt/ 
(tymy' Ma — M Uiiw 676. 4|5o- 
/Mu /«cV a' W^iMr — /UAraKva 870. 
i^i0v y' Uf wop^t 96.1. WMf tuf 
•/ffiSoyd #• 1189. A^Vfp Ktdnht 
Mopft R. 22. I^mI* dirofor si 7^ 
tiirtiMr >/ VM 105. li' 8 Mir tlfftlUuf 
e^Am 768. cfTi aa^edl* itaMf 1049. 
8r aA^rtiMi 9oM§i^ tl^i3«ir 1052. 
rovrwy 5inrf^ fflmft 1120. #1' tpy* 
riae^tor, sla r tfJ^^iH^ii 1224. 
•& 84 — rkif yvMUK* tkc(8s^ir 1263. 
0Aiyia 8' ffMT^i rdxa 1295. itcpi^' 
KpOa ffkwvr' •U^^e fri 1412. ria 
Kdpat yif fjasfw -^ vforaAoiMUixaff 
C. 1099. t^ y4p 1^ tn fihttn^r' 
i9^49¥ mtBit 1440. rdnpsr — ia- 
rfrr* &r sMlsiff A. 472. vdalt t 
Cawtp •iiropi* T. 282. ht 7avsrref 
sjvs^f 4««* ^'« s8 nr t4 wpSf^ 
^#<3sv 752. # CSt^ Mftwff 803. 
a ^ <fa#' laarVr Ma ^ rw sMist 


054. ^rrV c^^r tiffii^ — ^Mu 
Aj.29. At — <Jd^iUnr«fNr;c67. iatJp- 

gri^r wf6av^af 9urM» 70* W 
•^ ^icf Mwr f^iSciar B4Kh 742. <lir* 
iSc<W mir^f Z^vrifoof 6fukUaf E. 409. 
ipupyit^ 69W9p fMr«p$ff ^/*/ BGtf. W 
roin — oWolrf iaopAiM^oi 104U. ^vti 
^ — o^AvTttr ^ciBtfr 1255. ttawtl 
^ 4€uio¥ 1304. Bnafirra tc moI 
(«rr' ^<r«!8or 1307. MtpM vov r^y 
Ib^pa 1424. 3. Ut vsrcei itt to 

CoHiideTt t0 ohierve ; %le6pa^ /lii ffx^' 
ifnif ovK ottf'ay rt9ps E. 674. ^rr(8* 
•Aicrr' ffiV«pM (iUl. 0&r ciffo^iff ; 
ywii /i4¥^ ojkS* ai^ l^vt 085. rota»- 
Ta To(Kiir tiropitv Aj. 127. roirs 
iroKoiv rifwrraf •UropSt 6m6s A. 2Utt. 
0ray wdXai — r^ Ai5i|v ^laopmai 
rov fiiov 578. Ihrwf foiich* diftap &\X* 
tiV(8M 1314. r^ iif Tif ffjtf'tSoiro — 
HOKotffaf Mf #>({» fiapvmfuu T. 151. 

cw4pfM x^f^'"^* *^^» ^ rXSifunf 
*EAA^f, Wytfot oToy §uropA i^ouatuf 
1102* §lffap&¥ i»t vctrra Stim — 
fiparoTt K€vrtu P. 400. ytymiaKM' 
rk apOoAwa^ wodyfura furafiaXX^' 

0ttr ci^Mvr C. 77c. 0f«l T^p •} ^i', 
«^4 f f^opM^i, (intimating a uur- 
poHC to mvenge) 1533. iind UifiMf 

Eiffopfidu^ to rntk into ; ^^* ^6 t^ 

EMva(«, (0 hum in; /Bomt 7^^ cW* 

waurtp OiStirovf R. 1252. 
tt^irdfjotm, to tend in by suliomation ; 

Itdinw ^- Komvpyop Mtwdftifms R« 

ElffT^vTw, to fail, or miA u/wa ; •{ffvt- 

o-i^ ixMipo wokUctptm ^6¥o» Aj. 55. 
ElmrA^, (u laii i'mIh; &k {piUwoLiw) 

iofopfuuf tiffiwKtwrat ttntkouu rux^p 

U.423. Hvi) "Ampfut. 
£40'x*<f>^C>'« '^ /Wfirtf in l/itf AtfNc/< 11/* «iiy 

OH^, to tMlnt^ III ; %p (tip)^) iutA 

tnp H. :UU. 
KftTM, and l^^i*, within, 
Etrat then, ihrrtjort, however, moreooer* 
E7t«, U'lielhor, or» 
£l!kfte, / am orenttomedi hftuthdofuu w»» 

pov^i votf elme6€ip P. 027. 
EM^TMf, oeeordiog to enUom ; 4 v«AAA 

X^fMtt^ m' •Anu, ofo ffiwiirMff £. 

*£«. ^{., adv. and piefi., /r«Mt i»Mt ef, 

mwotf from ; hy aifuiii 1/; fiNct, in 

refeienoe to time. 
"EMoa^fmr^foroffP. 41. C. 1664. 
'EMMTMp Mdk A. 362. T. 105. 



^Smriffer the toki of, #a MOMiaf ^P. 
6G5. T. 273. 352. 

Iicar^/Mrovt, hnndredfo^ted ; rwr lea* 
^opatiiUtp Viipjfimp C. 722. a mode of 
expreMBion signify ing a hundred (not, 
an lomo iiappose,^l«) Nereidt, 

'Emtt^, a hundred; ImitW— -^onf* 
fiara T. 750. 

'ScMms '0 ^o out t to londfrom a veml ; 
|A* ffuOirs — vrpegrhs infidrrm vat 
^^<(Co !*• 367. Mctaph. t riMt 
fioii wdpaifKos ii40fi W(v»tfff« Aai gono 
Jorth, that in, Am« lieen hnrd Aj. 
876. roiovror in^finptevt f acA a lAiii^ 
/itfi occur red T. 6(i0. AImo, In go miy 
whither ; weSvor i^dfiffi A^yy, irlii(A«r 
Aa«l lAtftf teudod in thjftpeochl P. 884. 

'Ex^cUAm, 1 . lit throw forth^ to eo$t out ; 
ittfidKKti vro^ir — ^ocWov vrukdy/utrog 
A. 1223. iitfiokirr%t iuwrtwt iiU P. 
267. offni ^Ap il<^ iroi wp6^arit iKfia- 
Afur ^/U 1023. 'ATp«»8af iKfinJOms 
olB«( /u 1376. infink&trret el vdXir 
awffuu^^ tpu 1377. 4^#i|A||««(n}r Ai^ 
i9i|T&r avT^ infiukitp raip^t irep 
Aj. 1367. i(9«AoF T^ Mpa kA- 
fieus itcfiaXeTp 1371. Paiwivc: OLfn^ 
XAofpJky fjfdftafiop iufiffiXfuidpos Aj. 
1043. 2. 10 exile ; ^ 5j^ ir^ vtipfs 
tf«/3aAffiir R. 309. tmt <p&' iitfitfiK^ 
tc^wp C. 652. ^{fvOcit ff^c/SaAA«r 
774. tweet — To^r rdtS* Imr^avros 
infidXoiiu yris 1309. muw ^i«/3aA«lir 
^ 1.145. ro^ M — ^JcAaA^r lx«» 
K. 580. Pamivo ; %¥ — ifeip^u* 
ivOdJf U^fiktuUpovC 1250. 3. to 
drive out of {MwncMion ; Mipiemf — fi* 

(sc. «(px9t). ical M^ IM vAovrov — «r 
TiMf ^otf*! /SovAffMiirir iufie^mm 
i^t E. 639. 1 lenco it nignifiM Ime ; 
r^ff vaXawf x4p*t«' iicfitfikiifiitnii Aj. 
795. ^klAor 7^)1 ^tf«\^r ^a/SoAcIW H. 
611. /iJ^ — rAr ^rat y ^' i^Soriit 
Ttwaiir^t aSrta' ^«/k(Apf A. 64.1. d 
yhp Keutoi yvtifuufft rAyatf^ X*P^ 
ix^^*^ 'VK fireo'i, vp/r va iufidXp Aj. 
944. Kiliol. Pal. : ralr &r ra avrvv 
tfTtpif^. Tlionco aUi In rr/crl or 
repodiote ; Wt 5$t* iirMp^t •IfUmeeok^ 
iufidXmromUftC.t\37, oifwoi^ ittfiaXio 
XiW t^y rov8« 642. iraMc lorir — 
Toirit y ^iri9aA<7i' vcUii^ R. 849. 

*¥^fiiiCopeu^ to extort hfi fitrre ; i rdfium 
— X*tpAp iufiefimrfUoif P. 114. 

*EMfioKii^ o eu$ting Jorth ; 00 ycrptov ^ 
«Avy|A\ oit tuc/AAnff tfa^ioA4 A. 250. 

^EicfipwfM, that which it gnnwed of^-^ 
eawduU; tare etpU^ot infipApmr* hie 
fiKii^mt ip ropL§ i^kou T. 607. 

'Erywot, offspring ; Uyotm acAvrif y^- 
i4f eJ^oTtu R. 171. tA ftkrwr^dee- 
ydpoep i/uup R. 1474. w4repm 84 Tmee 
wmo dnyipem | V*v kiyut ; C. 504. 

 «|f^ t«r ^iXlrrMr krf im ttf Iktlcm 

(<«cfff ^ P. 278. 

T^ ^sicle^f W C. 1025. ^— r^ 
Ttf^fwr iMTM 4tiM(tua tfr E. 340. 

'EmM'^fUm, f g0 mitrmd, or/nm home; 
$9mph4Khi^H. lU. 

*ygtiW#w, <» /ctfdb, r# itt«f meC ; Irt — 
rdlt •fy iff $9^ fyt^r' 9ipymrii4im^/t4i 
t^ M&ra« R. ]370. M /«' ^jc8i'- 
fa#iM VMS fUMS <&«i ffojdiar £.387. 

«biA.298. tA /2v T«Mw/ •tr fia^* 

^kiA&nnyMr C. 1536. ^^ — 'rmre 

UMidm P- 434. ^ tf« ~.«ar ^• 

Xifti((w COO. FuMve ; mUxpois yitp 

mS^Xpk wpdyftmr' iKMlrm^rm E. 61 1. 

6^ MAixMt T«r jwr' oLr«r T. 930. 

V ^icIiSax^ vfi^iir ayyAAtir 1100. 

/jkBAixM lvr« Uw^Bh^ 1235. 
"gggflMlii, li» deliver ; vmi^ — MtSw#l 

|iM R. 1040. If 7« TMf 4x9p9i^ /i' 

AiMmi MUtf P. 1372. 
^■iorM, mmjtitt ; eA yei^ fikeS^uf Mpms 

MUtmn rpifev C. 924. 
*EciuD«t, mmjtuilw ; «unk — ipS^t^ 4k- 

ttoM V A. S19. 
"Em^ tifiv, M |A«| pUee. 
*Ec«3ter« Iktmee* 

'CmSwgy Atf, «Af , It ; f A«l p^rMM. 
"EmSir*, thertt ihither P. 803. Aj. 675. 
^EK^BiUufer-dmrtimg ; ^tSfim^ UmfiiKw 

^ki|AM» fiwaftiil, terwrt ; lin|X«r tOlffiy 

P. 758. Ugmiaw Sn|A«r sfrr^r 815. 

&n|XM mbremfiifu^ C. 1 042. W roi^ 

816. •(hv AM/Mff <fU9 ofrf •byiifwr 

»i^ 4«4Ams 9fir$e^af P. 9. Used 

advctbial]r; rsr I* i«i|A4 ««v — Iffu- 

peUopitw £• 776. 
"Estftdbj^MUt to hekUi; th Keiinis #k#m(- 

#M*M Mcdr B. 1253. 
"EH^cw* to ifM 0Mirigki; iHtfi^Ktm 

r4#4f T.565. 
*lMHp^#ifM, to Imp emtffmp thenoe t•fi^ 

imkmtie; •titi <f oyyuf ^/jSi xf^»^ fe- 

"feciiii^ to mrriJUe for the purpoie of 

cxpiatu»; m wetriip -^ IM^etM tV 

tJIffeA tsiff^ff £. 562* 
■EaiiAiw«to<«/l/«rM; rSr^^MJUM 

lifB.597. W/lttKflA«MtP.1248. 

flSI y JMrneiket «- ^w4« yiJ^Hlai Mil 

tkaUemge m§ U d0f T. 1196. 
'KanA^rm^ to tiaeffMr; M^ teiiUi4w 


mteiting away, were hid bare /ram the 
wrapping caul A. 998. 

'EiticfipAv^w^ to prue/aim &y « fte raid ; irii^c- 
JKifp^X^ ^*7^' C. 43 1 • no^vrt6r«tff 
Wirvr dvTMn ^mriy ituceKfipvxJku t^ fi^ 
r«{^ mA^fiou A . 27 • reSroif irtfXci rp^ 
^ffKffinipvx^ riC^^c^Tff Krepl(tuf 203. 

lEffKiWti, to nHiM ; ^^trdiya'fr vo8oiW 
crurria Mpdffrtpf iKmpw E. 557* •& 
ft^ — irdiurii^f If — Sciid^r i^«r T. 
975. 9^ ydp Ik iar einmMprat iiatu^it 
aaxeS 1 232. oSr«f anuSAf i^eubni^at 
r69e f^pm ; Aa«r ikon that tkameleulif 
given WHt ta thi» w«rd ? R. 354t 

'EiricA^rrw, to deeeiae fty tteallhi H^r 
#<Ao«T4rov tf"* l«< ^rvx^y lin»f ktyatauf 
iaakiflfeu \4ywa P. 55. ;il^ m^f 
v«vr9v fipermt 6a§iSat licicX^f ^/i^ 
956. p,^ — ^iritX%f A^y«r, il« ti^ 
eoneeal the tale T. 437. 

*EKiiopMd(w^ to boatt ; iampMi/rea IWvf 
n rvyxditt fiaXAw E. 559. 

'ExKpdw, to cAmm ; aperf M irpdivf 
^M^atff P.I411. 

*EKaptfreSf ehoteH ; ttatprraif 94 pw M^pripk* 

'EKKvkb/9m^ to mli mtt; Av^f^t cMfrf 
^iniA/y6rr«i R. 812. 

'Ettkayx^t '« ofctoJN, properly hy let ; 
5»iif warp^fut ripfiop 4akdxot xPavit 
E. 750. 

'tMKmpfidim^ 1. to rvrfira; Hpi&reT 
4Kkafiii¥ erraafre^petraf P. 1415. 2. 
to ahtaim ; ror «^^ halpM* 4(HKii^4re§ 
C. 1339. Dindorf and othera wiul 

'£ffA4w0£w, tafergei; raSV 4akaif6d9et 
C. 1009. 

*BicAff(irM, I . transitively, to eieiKftfii, 
te/onahe, to oMi'l ; ^kAait^ ih Murr»- 
irdiK vrpd/revum P. 58. wpaiah p^ 

^ 4KXirew fitap E. 1120. r«l r 
^xAiVitfmTovf'^iSof •ftiraA^r P. 475. 
2. inCnuu. to Jail ; pdhatpd r' tuTrpenf 
4KX4k9arw f^Mni E. 19. pw 8* 
4K\4Katwe t«vt ^r 4f«^ AUf iM^rm 
tfir vof 1138. (Acaiuf iai^aiwmm ^ 
4iffrepi^'KAarwKk4atJL97^ - 

'EffA^TWf to Miif, to deaitt; a§ war* 
4KXi(,m x^pfu UKpyf^aavea E. 1304, 

'bcAiviff rt/Mffy cure; IcXwrir Mff^V*** 
Tof R. 306« 

'EicAvT^iptoff MWfl&nif pmoMrli^ deliver^ 
ante; wwt efx *" fttw ▼« reSrl* 
kirrmffvp 4Kkm4iptm \ H* 882. 

'£«X^ to km I ONuW 4KkintP €r6paL 
Aj. 1204. rK«M^ A^TWf AHk^ 
8chol. Pal. Thence to pat an end to ; 
If y ^jika^n — eirAn^ 4m8«S 
aar/Ur R. 35. 'Apuf eWinilflt ^^ 
ka^ iwhma^kJpe^T.m, In the 

nkldla voiMi |# In !§«#« 1$ fiees 


A. 1099. %s 9ls kySum rftc e^iattviiv 

o^X^ T9vSf rov ^6fitM «v — /(# XuM(^i|r 

B. 1003. ^ifiowt y' tArh^ ii^kifr^ 
laiv Aj. 627. 

^tMXmfiJm^ to innUt grineu^i^ ; C 'y^' 
tw uirm i^tXmMen^ p. 330. 

%ikmw({m^ ta Ujt hare; U V ikAwww 
vXfif«(rT. 921. 

*Eir/Mi(M», to iiimultite; rot^ f^fp¥ 
T^y vhw ixfuiHu w49oif T. 1 132. 

'EfKfiaMim^ to Uam thorough lii, to wii- 
ilerttand perfoetly ; 4K/tMoi§ R. A7(>. 
4 't^ J^f' fryay 4Ktuied$m C. 12(>6. 
/Muffiw oh mX{^ ^ir/«ayOt(Mir T. 450. 
IfffMa* P. 71. Uiuitt ffl tfa^ X^ 
E. 1214. Irov Tit ^ff/ioA^ ix^trf 
Jkif U. 117« wop* oS Tiff &r — Td(f 
tf«cfu(ao< 287. oim hp cOdr' ^nyuitfoit 
ANirdv T. 2. ^ii^^UfjBoit %mr 
$owraT, 142. tuutha U riKim% -^ 
ixk^ iKfdBoiiu hm. tmt V hM itquiB^t 
R. 83A. t£i^ cwr hp itcfJBtt^ rinif 
A^vff ipovviw C. 11 4. Btiarx^ ^'^n 
&y /«r/<^ 581. V iK/idiht oW ^ 
hifip&¥ IfSff ^pavpfhnu irttXit 1016. 
IhrMf — ^it;ii(9)7f — A 3f ? T. 336. o^ 
hif mBolfiiiif fi^ oh rdJF ix/tmBw voipin 
R. 1065. AoTc i»,\i *KfiiaBMf ro^r 
•Wwf 1 085. ff/ fi^ rev Ocpv — txp^(ow 
iKfJuaSuw tI irpamdw 1439. 4mf»Mup 
rt ipaffrio¥ 1 443. J^'^X'^i''^ wrr^f 
Mp^r iafioBM ^wx^y A. 176. 

'ZKfdcro'm^ to wipe out; ifimrxa*^^ 
kM Kovrpotruf ledpa ffuXiSor iiduaiev 
E. 438. 

*ZiqMrp4m^ to meoiunout ; vV Kopu^/or 
AffTpois rh koarhf iKfbtrpodfuwos x^Uva 
f^vyo¥ R. 795. 

*B«y«i|i«f, of tix wMotht ; ^ipovt xf^ 
voos R. 1137. 

'EicW/uf, to go forth ; ohic ii^offo¥ iif 
rcfMiir^ ; Aj. 362. 

"Ejco^iot, tMi/tf tilary ; afr ^ fl^uiprer odx 
iffou^k T. 1 1 13. Uo6tno¥ Xo^r P. 
613. 8^M t^ huw(otai9 PptoarrM 
fikdfioit 1302. Uaod adTerbially; 
roa 9^aXffi«-t m4 't iKovtfiot T. 724. 

*VMwoy\ot^ horrihlo ; i Uhnmo h^f^mf 
iKwoyk' Ikxih E. 197.— w«>fti/n/«/ ; 
uaed RdverbiAlIy: k 9* th^iprrftat lar- 
wayK' hkia wkdra Bp^mi C. 720. 

*ZKW§iem, to ponuodo ; 1i wfiw uhrho 4(4- 
Vfur" awmhia R. 1024. i^iwetird pw 
^ ifbirp^ T^ 0h^ iiqaiHu w6eop T. 

'MKwotpdofimit to tempt ; | 'mriipfi X/ytir ; 

'Xl^r/Xff^ Yeib impen., it it oUowtd ; oh 
yhp iitw4Xoi fpMw ^ Srriff SefiUf 
Am A. 447. 

litWfiww, f4i iood out, or aiMV* !• dit» 



A. 19. &r' ^XtISmv e^x A^vvp ^^ 
vfinror ff2yc<«(c(fcifrE.1117. iiar4fv^ 
vdXnr T^ a^^ P. 127. ffol /»' 5 
♦oQSof ~ l(T<^r i^hrtfjo^ R. 789. 
Xiyivpbr ^l^/if 4y4 £. 1119. — 
v^ ^t l^mfT ^c 7«iiBV 4Kw4/ti^ 1121. 
wpoT^ my ^|^/c4^r T. 275. Pa*- 
aive ; ^p ^yip o6 rrtnurr^t — l^t- 
w4paroro C. 1660. Middle ; ol rtht 
KTuArrat A^Zor — y^a ^vydSat It' 
W9fif^uifLo$a R. 309. rho Up« — 
linr«;c^ «dXiy C. 1349. W #&' H*- 
w4fgflm — TwSf {MfUlnir; R. 951. 
5r ^^cv/^^ vply i4i wore Bo u pif ffpa> 
r»uyr' Vy'A)Mi Aj. 606. 

'EmniSiU, 10 ietip wit ; ffSSouvmr Ann|8ttr 
/^ ^/3y T«^vmir T. 174. 

^EKwifiwkfifu, to Jill up, to eompltte ; in- 
mnho i^iwkrivtp T. 253. 4n 4^- 
wK'fyrhi (n r^ot) P. 749. 

*Ejnr(M«, fo drink up, to draiu, to exhauU ; 
4k th xXi<p^ ul/f^ ftmf 94wmtw T. 
1044. ii KOff^ oUout 4»t fx*h^ H*^' 
fi4tni ki$ovfd ^' 4^i9vof A. 528. 
rohphp itewioon^ Afi ywxivr iieporop 
ei[fta £. 775. 

"Emrlwns 1. !«/«// out ; 4inmrrmcdfrm 
M^pmp E. 739. 2. In 5ff raff out ; $lB«w- 
rot 4Kw4voi x^io¥6s A j. 1 1 56. ^toho 
hanithed; 4Kww'ip x^kirdt C. 770. 
4. to bo van^iihed ; ttpoiwop yhp ^ 
wphs ifif^t 4kw€0'hp a. 675. 

'EmrX/w, to ioH out, and mmply to toU ; 
linrXffi veaurhp IvKkafiilm 4k r^So 
ynt P. 573. linrXffi 961. rlS^S* 4w 
vXffor x^o^f 1361* •hit uhrhf 4^4- 
wktvffw Aj. 1078. 0^ fti wr' tft nV 
Xci^r ^«nrX«^r P. 881* 

'EmrXilp^ f<i^<i wp, fo cojnplcft; Uum" 
r«r JmrXiipMr /(xm' E. 698. 

'lUwkiaaef^ only used in the perfect 
and Aorist of the pomve ; to ho torrid 
^§d, to ho itruek with terror or cow 
Uernotion; 4KwewkffyfM4pop khpoo fikd- 
worrtt R. .922. vhv 94 vw Biipi^u€^ 
— oMw 4KwewkiryiUpnp A. 429. iic- 
vewk-nrt^Pfl ^4^ T. 24. /t^ /m — 
8cicrarrtf 4K:wkaefif^ ianffprntUpom P. 
226« of which the construction ie, §k^ 
4KwKaynre 6kw^ hetaarr4s /&' AnrypM*- 
fUpop, do not he ottouuded, dreudimg 
mti iovage oppeoron€e,^oMp ^inrAa- 
TfiriC ee £. 1034. — X^yoit ^inr«- 
vknyfUpii KupA T. 385. fior' ^«vXa- 
T^nu roA/ihp ifSoif ic^ 626. t4 S" 
4Kw4wktrY/ieu Aj. 33. 

Iffvi^ to 5/oip /«nX» or out of; /»• 

1127. Aim fo ojptro in dying; ^' 
o« ^ V ^^mviret 1005. 
^kwoBAp^ owoft, fur of; 4K 9o Z iuf fiXw 
4ip Aj. 979. 4^4 p: 4Kwoi^ A. 
1306. iyon' ftr fUrmop Mb' 

T. 1094, 

"bw^iS a prmnd€^ or tuppljf; €rly^ 
99f^ lOrmw^b^ igw^fu P. 299. 

TBnprffWw, C« ptrfrrm^ #Jf«rf • or ircWM- 
^••A; ^ rir iarpi^ fJkti R« 377. 
r9t^ rif iiiwptifyt C. 94A. roirr 
T^ Ani^«»T«f 1309. ^{/v^or 
iriU) Ut Mmi 9(Ki|r A. 303. mur^ 

Ai.4& Mftiiphoricnll/, l# Ai//; •& 
>«^ T»f cMr — iTffpflWMf ^{/Tj^ffy 
C. 1(»65. 

A. SHI4. 

i^ry T^f f<r«r v^t iicvti^u Aj. 214. 

*E«««fyi«, « m^s or ^<iMffl ; «^4{«A4r y' 

ttnttpm 1*. 3iS. 
*KKpmltm^ !• «Mll«r «fNNfl ; K4/ii|ff M ^cv 

ir^r ^mA^ ^irpa(rffi T. 77B. 
'E*f4iyv9^, f# 4rr«ilt Ihrougk ; ira^ j|/u«f 

•^•r' /ir^fi fdlxif Aj. 76*2. 
'Eff^vTw, 19 €mU or Aiir/ <miI ; ll^pmif 

vpifftin iiipi^tt K. .W2. (it fit 

(»e. 7|t) teAi^rior iitft^t 11. 1412. 
*E«#ivmJi«s ftf piotfil Ml, t0 iiiJiefll«; 

W^fr T«vr' /|c«^ifMif ffwi4r; E. 

1 182. 

ptu iat ovrifti aTrv ^|««Y^AA«r«, — 
the cUtpt wkkk Am wore U. 1209. 

'Mm^rifm^ f# tmcirclt irif A « cnvvn, to 
rfjcw to ; tftnip^Mf kkiZourw ilt^rt/i- 
pJwm R. 3^ ThtiXXm^SkMf ^tartfir 
ficiwir iwt«7 19. 

*MM^A(m^ to MM, to MiT3f uwni/ m/#, to 
delittr; iwr a3« ^' iitff^ov^tM C. 
1369. Mf TV^A'i^ft/M.AJ. 1107. 
*— «]p^f •Imr — • imemaiw /*' Jr)r«y P. 
480. |ft' ik#«ra l^f 494. tlv^Aiir 
TiM* 4|^«m R. 443. <ri» 7«^ yiy 
4|^)»raf C. 1 126. <9ty vc var/4f ^jc 
f^Mir — fvtyic* nkl^icmvn E. 13. 
6 T^ ro r p yiF oliMr i(c^M^4(ri|r 966. 
Paanve; titHt rit, tm^ trvr^ ^«c^«»- 
iffff R. 756i. Middle, to prnervejor 
mmuelf; 94i^fm — it^MU At ^xo'ii- 
Cnm A. 709. 

IcTSPwisto MCMN^iiA; XU^yfUUf fiifT* 

ihmi ueiiktr wUk a totiiMM Mor txeeml* 
tag pmim/mi dMl4 tJb« UraMx"* «cc0M- 
^iiU hhjomrmnf to lib «<i-liidiii^ rc^Mii 
^Iktitmi Um$aA, mmd to fA« 6ly^ii 
aktdn C 1558. Hcfinaan rends lir- 
' teffv^MsaiidMlblloiradhyEllcndt, 
who conMquiBtljr dcrivci it fiom Vic* 

*EcffiIp«v to ■! r«fdk Ml ; 4 'Hhf I* dbx^ 


/MTW — iiprhmrm Hgtiot P. 846. 
PaMk pcrf.: to 6# 011 lA« urdcA with 
anxiety; ixrhtifuu ^ofitpiuf ^ra 
R. 163. AImo applied to ncotart 
the extent of anytiiing hjr time ; ^ 
««A6f iKtirwrai jcM^ot^ ulrtady much 
time ku$ thfued Aj. 1 38 1 . fut(9/ itf 
▼ffn» A^yw^ i ifiaU nttnd my Uvrtf to 
grtaitr iengik T. 676. 
'EffrffAffvrd#, In Jini»h, to MNittmniato ; 
ToiaCr' f^pmCi ^f^t ftAr tIfmpfJim 
rwtf 'HptmXtlmf iitr9K§vr«r0ai w6imif 
T. 1«9. 

'EicTffA/M, to furfitrm; rh AtxO^if fpyop 
/xTffAf 1^ T. 1 (77. 

*EKrtfAimf to (Ml MJf; v«AA2iy I* ^p'f/ 
Vktc/a^o * IXoioif 'r. 1 1H6. 

'KicTilhuit^ to imtfiwih, to #j/NMtf ; IIo/ai*> 
vor vilif 4i*9fiKa i\ &, 

'ErrtfidM, to htmniir highlif; iitTtrliaiirrtu 
wk4o¥ K. 64. 

'Eicri^f, tiiil kiinouriiig; yoif^wf iKrl- 
furtfs t^X"^* rrt/wyar — y6m¥ K. 
23/>. Tlie wiiHO in f(irx«v^o vrtfiyat 
y6m¥ Surr* ^^ r^Mur tomi ToWai • 

'K«CT/n», to /MV« to utuMtJ'ttf; vurp^w 8* 
VirrtMir rii^ al^Ai»K A* H4!l« fuW ifrv^V 
rdS' iitri^y^w C. 600. Middle, to 
fmet pttiimtHt, or rwgtanee, to avtuge ; 
Stfifjf icar* auTM^ Ci^ ittrUwfro Aj. 

'Err^iot, removed, out i*ftk§ wmf ; dvi- 
TfT* ittrifWioif -^ /M R. 1340. vo5 icv- 
fMi Vicr^iof ^vtffft C. 119. — ^ir^ 
e'er* VktowW ^A^Ta v^^urrot R. 166. 

'Erroirof, 1. rrmoto, removed from; 
ipovptuf l«T«vor T. 32. rMT 4opdM«r 
vdAuf Irrovof — ixBope C. 232. 2. 
a foreigner or iiranger^ thence any 
other; a^ v^t aAriff, eMci^ vp^r 
iKr6wov (rftftnficcr), (»^ Wi<d) hertetf 
bif ker owm kond, by «« aNf .«(ia T* 
1 122. 

^Earat, the Uith C. 1322. K. 694. 716. 

'Err^t, without, outtide, ^voy from, free 

"Eieroffeep^from without E. 792. 

'E«rp/vM, 1. tolaraaray; iy4 fffe 
« ir^t volfumt hcr^imw Aj. 53. 2. 
to divert, to hinder; r^ r« 3p«tfay 
iitrp^ets £. 342. : 3. to drii;« 0/; 
rbif iitrpiwoifTeL R. 806. ic. in r^t 
48ov. Middle, la iwervefrom, mcta* 
pborical 1 j, to deuy; fi f aor ri a&ar^ 
wotrormfno6e9e¥ hJfywif R. 65U 

'Earp^*^, to eWajr vp, to naartiA /nwi 
iff/'aacy : ftf #{#^ff K^t^^H^ /m R. 
827* MM Ipd /M adAAat aaaM^ 0vt»- 
Am ^{f^p^vrfl R. 1396. Middle, in 
the Mune Miiee aa tba acti?ej Uw 
we Ki44neam aA {t <^ 4 ^ y E. 13. 

"Earp/x*** ^' '^'* '*^ ^ exee«; lAtiith' 
$eam0 rh^ ivfthw Mpeydrrm /am /m/(« 
aaAfHay<iray>rj| ^T iyiAni a C» 4M. 

rpifitt^ P« 296. Hetttphorically, to 
fPior out ; lumih wr — iierpii^ fiar 
R. 248. Paaiive, to U deUrmftd i 
roS yif •im Urruf fiparm itdiuoif trrti 
iicrpm^md W0M 42B. 

'Bmtim, iieeliir, a proiior nnmo; Aj. 647* 
804. lOOC. lOOU. 1268. 1202. 

'KjcAdlMi, to muko knowH, to iktw eUarltf ; 

iipdaKfwin iikobt A. 307* ^f t^ Hv- 
«M^ fMTfVMr ^{^^i|My ^(wf U. 243. 

rnNHivo, coinnioiily ch11c«I tliu niiilUlo, 
to amnar pUiutjf ; <(«auM V «30ir in- 
^om^mAk 1'. 82. M — ^ir4«r«i 
jcojht 11. IOCS, r^tf M t* ol^f ^f, 
•<hri T»v iriiMM' "— ^{<^a(MTO A. 
*Kir^pw, 1. properly, roinW/Wri*; 
rKWaMl>.(>47. laMller; /(^rcT^ 
irar — A^r T. 738. 2. FiKuniP 
nitivoly, to Uod ; ti 94 ^ ik^p^t irv 
i^r Atuttdmit &s rit tUpa^ot /kdrit AJ. 7. 
Tliciicc. la iHrn mil, 6p^t r^ ravS« — 

1426. AIho Io fur/, In arrive ot ihti 
tUue; imiro r4Kt6fiii¥ot itt^poi S*ti4' 
Kurot iporot T. 821. 3. Middle, 
or nit)ier (on Kllcndi iinys) tlio inw 
Btvc, bears tho hciim of ta bt curried 
oway by poMJon ; v^f ifyhi^ itt^ptt 
£. 618. The middle, properly, to 
obHain for onaelf, to earn; trtuf — 
i^^^iyKmftm Kkdot E. 60. Also, to 
carry with onetelf; fuya ri oOcvoi* a 
Kvtrptc iK^ptrai viicaQ T. 497. 

*EK^^yti, to Jttf J'rom^ or away, to 
eteapo ; lirtyytX&etv Uwt^ivydnc 
AJ. 449. SitMC &^* vM^^y -~ iKfCyw 
£. 383. Ufiiyti ik T&iuXovfiivoy 
R. 1 1 1. ^ywy' av Uwi^vyoitiv ird- 
Ooc 840. rAy U OtAv vifiteiv i»pvywy 
P. 514. Stfrcc av, t< 9tic/iyo<* Vf v- 
vflv Jvvairo C. 254. ovr dy ycv 
OjiPpoQ — ovx aXtKrvwoi ccXaivai 
vAf C U^Oyauv A. 944. 

*Eie^/3fM, liv tirrify, to alarm: only 
found in the passive ; woiac ^- yv- 

iv oGvfc' i<^/3f I ui C. 270. 'Ept- 
ydv o6 riy' Iv^pov/iiy^ E. 268. 
fii|tfirWie^/3oi> 1418. 

'EfffopW^w, l« M/i; thence, metaphori- 
cally, CO iotray ; UtiiiwiXfincu cdcirc- 
f6prurfiai waXai A. 10231 

*E€fvk&€9w, to protoet earofuUy; pvov 
lu KdKf{f\a99t C. 286. 

'EfffVM, to begot i rle H fi' lKf6u fipo- 
r^y ; R. 487. dc Ui^tWf miCIOpi^l 
fu 827. e^ y^p mXv/Soc iUkfvai 
^i ; 1017. vat^ac Uidvtfi /loi C. 
988, ipoken of a flMHAir, le ^m 
Urtk to:^^l 9* iCIfvett rdl#af /ii) 



Vavry ^P^vc C. 1367. QM^C^V 
oovXevc — wari^p ap* iH^vny P. 
984. v^Kfv9acliU,afitlurV.B9. In 
the second aorist and the perfect it is 
always intransitiTc, and signifies tm 
kf bom, to be produced from, to bo ; 
Mir. 2.: rotuoie i* Itf&c R. 1084. 
MyjTfp a&roc lUfv 1499. iXtvBipov 
uh iO^uw warp6c Aj. 482. /nfrpoc 
Ui^vc Kptpivtic 1274. &9Wio iKi" 
f VC iXivOipa KaXtX rh \tnw6v K. 058. 
— porCt waiiwy Koiv' hv — ^y Ay is- 
irif ifff/ira R. 262. iltcXi&Xiv/ia jfiyiy 
<c«rf f vk6c «' A. .TiO. 

'Kkx^m* '• pour forth ; 1. concerning 
wciilth, 10 (uriiA; rik J* i«x<' ^^• 
1283. 2. to ruin ; ^4 » ledutx^M 
rjk irdy a6^nfia P. 13. 

'Kryp<(M. Is amnmtnce^ as nn omclc t 
rTk ir6XX' UtXy' Sr* Ulvpv mkA C. 
87. ^ 

'Ec^Mp/w, to ginentace to ; x«M*^>''C *«* 
XwpoSffiy — 0ipf I AJ. 656. 

*Kiewy, wilUngly^out rffree witl, ofouoU 
own accord, 

'KX<frf,iiM (Aiw'tree; x^poQ Ppvwv ia^» 
y^C ^X«ac ilftiriXoii C. 17. rXAyac 

— iX«mc 485. yXavt&Q vai^rpo- 
^ov ^uXXoy iXriAC 706. 

*EXacoc, • wiM o/i'm ; apmva — ^ypiey 
iXaioy T. 1187. 

'EXaevwy, /f«s, inferior; vOiycic ^ 
Aaffffoy E. 986. o^c JXiiffffoyi ^Oiyf c 
Aj. 433. o^ff iXavffova (fraiyoy) 
tr* 6\Xoy oifffi C. 1414. ^ric o6- 
^a/«A wpovffivty oM pii^ov* obS' 
IXdffCoya T. 323. Used adverbially ; 
icai 9* lywyf iiffw6nv rf i^firkp* owe 
tkacvov tic ipac vkfiw E. 588. 

'EXavyw, 1. active, to drive away, 
to espel^ to banidi ; pAavua x^pac 
lka&v%iv R. 98. IX^ sror Ik yijc •*- 
iipa 418. m biou /u — ^Xavyfri^y 
805. oinyic pdBpwv -— Uapayric 
iZr* iXavyirc C. 265. ir6Xic /3i> 
4Xavyf ft' Ic yqc 442. 2. roetaph.. 
In ftfrraii, to pcrtoeute ; KApk pJkp 
iaiuwv i\a Aj. 499. IXf ydo aOriy 

— ciac ' Awyac fH/ytC 713. IXwitwv 
ydp ic riy' in fit faipwv rd yvy y* 
IXaovii C. 1747. iy ^ ^ rvpf^poc 
Ofic vth^^ae iXa^yci, Xoi/i5c ^X^- 
rroc, v6Xiy R. 28. oiac (tfvii^pac) 
oloc wv lXav¥trai 1034. Xiwg vac 
IXiiXarai caicy Aj. 2G8. 3.' Used 
intransitively. Is driot, to hurry sn ; 
rdfid r' f ic iwavX* lyw fXavyoy R. 
1139. HXawti^iexaroc^^'Opivriic 
E. 724. KdtltewvavTic (vyd i^Xav- 
vinip 729. dy^p 8^, ^c fOUEi y, c«c 

'EXa^ifjSoXtfi, fto^-Aunliitf ; iydp*iy 
i^itwBiUa — iXaf fjSoXCuc Aj. 178. 
'BXufe^Xec* ^ tiag-hunter^ an appel* 




latioB pf Diana; 'Apniuir 'Opnnriay i 

A58. ivo^iy ^Kanr^^i#y <Xi4i#y C. 

tlQ SUyxov Uuiry P. 98. oir' tic 

1299. rM" IXfYVMr — vfv9o« R. 

*SXf 7x**» ^ nprwtdb, to rf^iiJlM, to «r- 

960. roc r§ vv9 ijlkMyx^^if wMa^ 
430. winp9P rA o^ waBmfk iKkyxm 
wpSrmf P. S38. rl rovr* aXX^c 
'^TXMC ; K. 333. Unf vJXoc 119- 
rpjc rarp^ r^ 4X<7X0v 783. /i^/ 
iXffTxc vXiJoMyX^YMC E- 134A. 

*BXiiw» to ptrjr ; Xdyeic iXfoSvi P. 
30a. #v m' iXlf^MT 499. iXiiytfoy 

'BXfiy^, to W pifM, fitimhU; rh ebv 
iwcuTtipm wrofUL iXnv6v R. €72. 

vifty ^iipcvii T. 625. 6 rvtoy — i 
vovlXciy^&pfCP. 1115. 

*BX<«vwc, pilMMjf ; rXqyai «' iXfiydc 
M& ri/iA fl^para /if iy«u P. 858. 

^mXtXijfi^* akJdmg thM mrtk ; i 6if- 
/3ac I* iXcXivOMir BifarxtoC* BaeeAMf 
tikci lAdbff 7%«tei (thai is. •« fAtf 
iCncf) A. 154. 

*BXf MC* Htltnut, a famous prophet, son 
of Pnam, and who, at the taking of 
Tkoj, was spared by the Greeks for 
his ddll in divination; Matftic — 
'BXffvoff P. 803. 'EXfyecdpcer^juiy- 

*MXnStpia^fnej0m, libertw; & 9wkp^' 
'ArpUK^lc weXXA wa9mv ii Uiii«f- 
piact^^t UvX^bc E. 1501. 

'BXiMiipoc«/f«e« 1. of a man ; e&< 
iXiMipec. aXX' lMweXi|9f I'c T. 248. 
Av9pic <Xf«9lpev 2C6. iXcvOfpy 
^(««ci raXiSeflai 454. IXf vOlpov — 
II^MrwarHkAj.482. MXotAvr' 
iXivOSpev 999. 4i^pa iXivOipov 
1339. iW IXiMfMV lu ia Knw E. 
331. iXf ettpa MXiZ ri Xeiw4v 958. 
rs4c DuMpMfC fpt90V¥ ypiuat^i 
UmXMC T. 5Z A^stv U iXivM/Miv 
— ^afipmw 300. ^imc — «V ^e^Xe vc 
^ v«r4p V UlfMir, eM* iXf«9i. 
^e*c P- M4. i7^ r iXiMcpoc ai- 
sciic iV* tAvS' irfXXixAoA ica«6y 
A. 395. #4 Miy mfiiCeic ar #Mvr5y 
if ^XutH^p^pilac «/r(aciXiMfpoir 
441. 2. ofathiag» lAel b^ema m 
/rtnmu ; 6 /ii|^v vyi^c M9^ iXf ^Oc* 
pov fp oifm p P. 994. 4p9My I* Af ^ 
•iper X^yev T. 63L 

*BXse9>y4M^ Ufrm; ri 7' f^ Javr^ 
«iy JXioftpeT tfrfpA, es to kiwu§i/, 
Ae ahifiltir siwusi hU evn toeg m 


(that is, he throws the whole blame 
on Tiiesias), R. 706. 

'tOuvBipttt^ fmlif ; viXay kXsMpttc 
E. 1292. 

'BXfVtflyioCv EUmtiniam, a iitmame 
^ven to Ceres, flrom Eleitsis, a town 
in Attica; or rather the town was so 
named from her having stopped thero 
in her search alter her daughter 
Prosernine. 'BXfvtfit^lac Ai|eiic A. 

'BXicr^c* torlMMif ; io^gmv iXixr^ T* 

*BX«m#yiac. See *BXurMif(c- 

*BXucMyic, lUUfnimn, an epithet of the 
Muses, who were inhabitants of 
mount Helicon. Vvu^p *EXicmW- 
imv R. 1 108 : the old rewiing is'BXi- 

"BXcC, fwiilcd; iXlneot Pov^l^ hmftu 
with twiilM korm Aj. 3C7. 

*BXWw, to r»//, or Iwiit round ; e^y i* 
iXteeirai rfi^roli Ipa^i, cud et th§ 
tam§ wwmetit u tntangUd i« |A« 
reim E. 730, whcro 9vv would seem 
to be used adverbially. Applied 
also to tkt fcpid lemteg rf s«n m 
rmoittg ; AXioy iXfevwy wAarav Aj. 
351, which might be rendered by a 
somewhat different figure common in 
our own language, /MlWIsg th§ mnai 
esr: for the metaphor seems borrowed 
from the fuming revnd of the oar. 
Thence also applied to tkmtght ; ret- 
avB* iXie^wv, rtwdping tuck tkimgi in 
thought A. 231. 

"BXtfoc, • wsuwd, a isrt, 1. ufed in 
its proper meaning; coi^m rtM* SXcoc 
P. 646. aiftaia irifciefiivay ^XxImv 
690. IX«oc rvfXmBip (dpa^fikp) A. 
960* 2. figuratively, as m wannd also 
is used to eipress • gresC tfflictiom ; 
rl ydp yiwot^ Ay thic ^lifiP ^ fi- 
Xoc Mat6c I A. 648. 

'BXcw, 1. to tfreg elinf ; efi9' clX- 
soy, c^ Ay ilyoy O. 932. 2. to 
dram a sword; C/4evc IXcm ^cwXevc 
nMowrac A. 1208. 

'EXXaWc, Ofiriaa ; vOsi^c — 'BXXa- 

'BXXdc, 1. Hilht. Or§ie§, Me Gr*. 
tUn Und; 'BXX^^oc r»C P. 256. 
ir^Xiy e9iyov#«y, c( riy* 'BXXd^oc, 
Miya C. 738. A rXni^w 'EXXdc T. 
1102. r5 tkupip 'BXXdabc erpd- 
fivua E. 684. f^ cXiit^y 'BXXd^ec 
wfiaxnp dydyec K. 671, where 
'BXXoMC is a sttbetaative, and not to 
be Joined with dyfiyec. 2. used 
a4jectively of anything Gr^cmn; 
#yi|ica'BXX4aeceroX4cP-223. qW 
'SS^ el/ 4lyXeMeec e56' Se^y iy^ 

T.1049. ^^ 




'BXXcirM, 1. timnaitively, to 1mm ; 
«^C ^p4 I^vq¥ ¥w iXXiXfifi/UFoy E« 
726. 3. iiguiBUTelir« to tmU ; o^ 
Up iXXf«^«# t6 §1^ ov '— wvOMai 
rmvi* dX^^ciay ripe T. 90. ^^iv 
iXXcirtty AJ. 1358. 3. intnuiai- 
tirely, to full tkurt tf^U ht wanting ; 
arac oh&y iXXf (vci A. 581. 

*£XXi|v, • GrfcwN P. 3. 233. 1328. 
C.603. T. 635. 1007. Aj. 453.1170. 
1174.1342. E. 474. 521. 

'EXX^C. Miiir, duOTft. M ^XXmf^.-4XXo7c 
ixBveiv Aj. 1276. Othen derive it 
' fW>m IXa^vM (or IX^M),and lo render 
it iwift, 

'EXv^M, 1. to Atfft; IXiriirai rorl 
— a<TCai P. 625. •< ^ — f»' 4Xir». 
ca( d^ciy 1160. iXri^avrcc eciroOcy 
ttC«y 'Ax<uoic VtfLpMxov Aj. 1031. 
rwi'^f iiifcir' iXirieyc «>'<»C rivCii E. 
951. iffXvov Ay iyw ev^ dv »/Xiridr' 
Av^dy 1273. rh uq^/id ^XrcffOiv 
^{fiy eM/ia C. 1107. 2. to cijimI, 
to ffM^^Mi* ; Jvtfruvov iXirfC^iwav al- 
<rav T. 111. n/va* ^ iCo^oy 5Xf- 
9puiy AlayrociXiri;;ii fipf*y Aj. 786. 

'EXiric, Atf/M, f jpATtod'im. 

*EXwp, A prey ; iiii — pif 0w cvelv irpo* 
/SXiiroc WMyoic 9* cXvp Aj. 817. 

'EpavroT*, 0f'mtf»elj\ but very frequently 
would be rendered bv, mjf own, ttam 
the genitive of iyv, avr^c* 

%1/faM, 1. to WMunt ; tthrX vm* 
Xu^t Mp Myift iftfi^fiih K. 803. 
2. to pa<i ot»r, to onUr ; Swmt — 
T^t 9^ p^ 'fAfiahmt Zpmif C. 401. 

%ij3dAAM, to lay humdt; Ip^oXXt yc^ 
8c{i2ky,^iM w« lAy ri^&f hamd T. 1171. 
Whence IpifaXXf x«P^' vlrriy, /pivt 
iiif f^ piodgo of thjf hand P. 802; 
lu it were, x*^ X'^f^ *'' vUrru^, 
lay thy hand to mino ut a pUdgo ; to 
which Neoptolemus answerR, ififiixxm 
ItMPMf^ I givo it thai I teiU §tay 802. 
cAfta ro&p^ 4fifiu\w^ to /ay iii|V hotly 
on the pile T. 1187. Used figura- 
tively ; rhif ir^fw rh 3fii^ piSror 
iftfi€fiKfiic^raf who hat implanted thU 
diro hatnd in youl C 1894. V 
fiikovaa kowAi p^oy, having in- 
Jlictod a maddtning ditouo Aj. 447. 
In the middle voice t iftfiakom p* 
iwp $4Ktit tefW¥t tahg and caU m« in 
whero thou wilt P. 479. 

'f^p^oTff^, to ontor, to trtad en; ^/^ 
fiatr^Uw vwrptiot U. 825. tr' 4 
BoffXMiras Ai«niw»ff 4fifiafn6«i C. 685. 

%i3^^rw, to MIt; VM — tfp^A^ifiitfs 
roMVToy tfpil^iiff— AvA/Cm E. 983. 

'l^ppaHr, furioutt framtit; ii^iuu^t 
M E. 286. 

%^Jlittim^ to ho frontitd ; iml pei 
ftak4^ fiipn tfwXtrey itifUfaoM ffiif 



'Epp^yw, 1. to c5i^ hy ; 4in4wm 
90 rf tatpiyfutri — i/tfUvov B. 352. 
ififUporros ip9f i^ A). 343. 2. 
to rmain ttoadj'att^ or tvrv : «r rW y 
^•p ^f 4fifM9u roXmam ftatf if o» 
your part tho thingt that you pratnua 
remaia ttoadfott to ma whUa I eeeDM- 
plith it C. 654. 

%iiii|y»i, monihln ; p^AMfayt? fteSriy 

fppil>^ M £• 273. 
l^fV'^fyyKpi, to Mti^/f in, to Mip^ in a 

oonteit ; e]^ — e^r^s — wlx* 4*- 

pXe«<y fiof C. lOfiO. 
'EM'« poasMi. adj. of ^yifi, aiy, msm. 
%!»«, ^K««f, ^fr^ff, altogotktrt «i* 

%iwailm^ to $port ; ifmxof yhp iformi-' 

(c« Mr 'A^poSlTtt A. 794. 
%mim^ lo tiriho ; i/nndoi rt pm fffxS 

c^nfiof W<H «« aecoMtomad vraiMi 

ttrikn upon my tout E. 890. 
%i«aXiy, hade again, badneardt ; «< 8* 

637. Contrariwitt ; ^pmXiy X^s T. 
•^^7. x^ ^ IpvnXiy tutramm C 

'EprcSof, ^rm, tUadfatt, tatting, per* 
teooring ; fdrtfi r^ IftrcSor P. 1 182. 
r^ysy ^vf8ortfx0p«yC. 1670. eic/rt 
tf^wrp^f 4pyait lpirt8of, dXX' Arr^y 
VXff? Aj. 626. rctt* ipBAt ^««^ 
acarouplC* T. 8*24. p^yomu tfpv^^t 
^poif^iuaffip A. 169. 

'Epv^r, firmly ; kiya^ — ifotiUos 
ol^/nK4»m T. 487« 

''Cpvi'pot, tkilltd, oxporiineod; roS^iw iph- 
wtipauri R. 44, gl. TMt 49 wt^ voAX^ 
yryoy^iy. — oi74f>«iy Ipvf^t C. 756. 
■amc m tfy^ADi . — rett — Vpvf(pocf 

'Epv«Xd(«, to approach ; wa9 8* d|pv«- 
xaC<it rMpl T. 745. ~ v^ ri^vSe 
ffolnif ^pwcXoff^yai 17. 

I^irlirpiipi, to ham «p; vf Ai|py£y 
— vi^ Iprpifo^oy P. 790. 

*8;pylvTw, to fall in, or wpan ; k^ 
v/vTci tfT^ R. 1262. IUXm KXAoy 
^- ItfpoiM acMnwTf E. 719. fit irms 
4pirlwrou 209. wpbf 4faroew m* 
paytA^p T. 1243. if rit J^v^ec 
(o^) P. 692. AppUed alio to 
omotiant of tho mind ; 4ttal phf eZv- 
rof Sfiybf 4far4wrmto P. 953. 3r« 
eM«lff iroT^ a^oif rfiy 4iUi¥ hf 4pir- 
wiffoi C?Xef (vpafpiiy C. 946. Alao. 
to happen ta, to h^atl; Xdyos 9t^%9 
^pwrvTiMMy ifrUn 2pel C. 1 152. 

'SpvkyM, to y«ll ttp^a; kMkm— 
KTtlyfiy — ^pviryMy, #vpan|X«rfiy 
Aj. 58. 

'f^vX^arw, to entangle ; vXcarraSi Mpait 
4farowkayiUintif B. 1264. 

'EpvXtet ( Vm// ; #•! re tV Vv>* ^ 
vXter I If' ^pev r^t«y» ^er 3^ Aar* a 



T. loie. 

wutMtp McraffcNl; tm- 

Aj. 1337. 
*B'#iwwlf|^ Itf kimi^r, to im]M^; #0f^ 

P. 430. 

*W>Biff<^i, 111 iJU vttjf, tmiwdiii^ ; mwir 

mm; R.128. «i^ r^ 7' ^^mMr 
*l>B^BTirfiii^ pfoperly to f iv^, to «f //« or 

#A«irf]^Hr ▲. 1024. €^lt4tMnkkffta^ 
«M <ft»f s B. 102& oMT^Af^fpoff, 
AAV J^c«Mi|«ffrf T. 249. Figunk 
tsveljv to Mf « I'rr ; «i y # I wpArv*»^ 
^Ml»Mtfr«,c^fi/cmAf T.93. 4»t 
^ */aniA4^ Ml r^ 4^ fp^ A. 
lOM. V W^iiras; Aj. 957. 
Thcae woidi, which are addrcMed to 
AjaZf who had fUlen by hit own 
band, are rendered in leveiul dif- 
ISermt wave; kmtt thou then gained 
(what thou didit with'f)^km$t thau 
ktirmyedmif biit Rllendt tnuielatfft 
it fndidigti t i/nm iunm7 hti§i thou 
m h m m J H iad tfnt t'Vn itfr / otherwirie, 
kmai tAM iotd iktt*^** f 
^EfKmdkmtm^ wttrtkmnHt 4 ; m4f^ -* vm^ 
••rirfryyiaf — km0 i ^ r ^ iftadkiifM rijf 
^ait ff v4t T. 534. 

OE^ivitAig, • eithem; Mpm^ #•) f«iy 

4tf«X<r afo &^r«, tf»77tvii M C. 1153. 
^;^ar«pc4o^i«9 to kmruty, to traptl; 

(lini^ M — TBiar ^fottpt^erm R. 

456. WM f ^/mfc^i; rf ^jp«is 

'TiEr^m^; E.397. 

p M fu • trmveller, a WMjffartr ; was 

-* i|Ab T«&r4 y i^ur 4^6pmif C. 25. 

wnMik I* Jj^ar^MT f «i| fiA«< vAoMvAflu 

304. ti4a ttrraj^iM — rtyi^^AAaiwiy 

4tf4pNr 4le( 905. 
'S^eipiwm^ to 5f rffMtfrXwUf • or «i»N#f»i- 

c«0m; Mr #f nAAMt i^fhmtaw 

iX7f#<ir£. 1178. 
% i^/ <i w. See 'E>cnfo]^«««. 
^■Wit, pmruUui, ulur^ni; wh T^i^f r 

T^ywyet, frepmnd ihf Jirt; applied 

to dieitmtmmi frmm taeri^iMl Jir§ ; 

5y>r« A. 992. But rf ^pta rdT 
y tnfmi to «5mb «iiTir«l tAeii lAfw 
i/Mt^s, or lihtiimut E. 397. 
1>f«^ mmmif'ttt^ tiemr. pimim; ti 
T^f itrtt ^i ^ fmii Kp4wnuf C. 759. 

it^mkfU^iim,; 1496. ^.fiir^ 
^irA.444, 0W0mT4fitiifi^tu^ 


ariijpcr T. 290. mt* j^u^ rol^ifai4f 
T^ Kur Aj. 740. i/fp^ Tfitfinpia E« 
1098. AtfTc jdi/i^o*^ /lotffflr 1446. 
&^i r «^^ o^tLk' ^^<^ T. 199. 
i6s fiM wpo99arw ubrii^ ^M'P'U'^ ^ 
i8<& Aj. 534. Kov9at»9S rittaa 'A«^ 
Aifir ikupaafh R« 909. w6t ftv ^^ 

vpoff^^ V, 527. 
%*^aM»ff, Mi»fii/cif/t|f, p/ain'jff «|Mii'y ; 
lEyirytr 1ifta§ ^difiot ift^nmt R« 96. 
foMlrt Ar ToS8« T^i^f 4ifari#f 534. 
4w9l — «M^ «lAor dii/^tumt -^ Avi- 

#riff«ff«y A. 651. trrit iiupaimt 
fffoSs ^x^ii^M^Mu Aj. 452. ffi — ^A*- 
^€ums iifAmwro T. 277. vp2r tdtr^ 
*^€af9p6s 4fi^uifAs rraffls M^v 605. 

'I>«^p4f, ii^tf; cla-iMr Tiff 4*^^' 
^^Aj. 1131. 

'E^i^pw, to 5rtii# Mgaitut aa a reproach^ 
to a/i;ivf ; o£r attr ifaf4p9t9 tr6 fiM 
f6wov9 wterp^favt C. 993. 

%iupofios,f9mrJul,mwJml; tfaipo09t iffaf 
C. 39. 

*ZiiipMUf^ in pottettioH of 0nt*i anut; 
W ilJupptM A. 1222. Applied to ono 
rtturning to Ail friuff ; tfif^mif fdKtS 

— ira0(rr«TM Aj. 299. Alw wi'm or 
pmdeMt; Torfwri f, oT #* l^ar* 
fiH^m R. 430. 

'I^^^AiOf, 0f' thi tamt iribi or reef ; 
KTUM6ms r§ acal iai^yrat fiXdworrn 
ifi'^ntAUvt A. 1250. «(i' d^/i^^A«er R. 
14U(). 7J|r ifi/pvkUu^ native Uhd 
C. 1387. 

'E^tAv^os, eome aa //i^wAtft* Teif/tfuAoF 
olfia C. 408. 

"E^i^vret, iaAtfra; vwrpAi fftfvrw 
ikarrw tlfta C. 1667. 

'E^^, 1. in the aor. 2. and perf. 
■ignitiee to h§ iultorH, or impUnled ; 
f Iftdirrtt) rdAif^s ifor^^vKW ipBpA- 
WMT ftdif^ R. 299. 2. iofm»t§H or 
diN/f |«; ri t h9 $4kMt TO vierAr 
^/i^uMu^W; C. 1485. «pf(r«r« — 
wktvp^if 4^i3/(ior 4<^^i rf ^ 
rorriC. 1115. 

>:. 1212. V fv^ '/4^«v — mx^'*- 

rai; C. 1483. 1(^4«X'*' ♦yefyiai pi- 

jr^A. 1152. 
'Er,prep. IN, ee, el : aleo adf. baidit^ 

at tk§ mmi tiwu, m lAe mi'^. 
'iMry^f , Aeand A^ ea mtk ; rAr ^Myf 
^ ^UerR.65e. 
*Evaipt0j 1 . to dtttray ; w4Xic I vai^rat 

— eOlMi C. 846. 2. to Ail/; oM* 
eU* iva/^y ycjrp4y P. 934. $ip' 
^(ntp&TtiP r4Ceic iKoipMV 944. 

'EMueieC* prepiiiMu; Jy«ae(ov ti 

evyr^ei/uC. 1479. 
'Emim^m, to liitoa le; OfXfic fulpt^ 

fup flArev «lM«e^«/ur y^r Bt 81 • 


'JSy^ioCf uidi/w(Xioci 1* muniif; 
w6wTw r' ilyakia¥ f^#iv« that u, 
>»4 A. S4C. iyaXiV Btm^ Mil. 
JVfptuM C. 892. 1490. 2. wcri- 
iImc, tMj'arimg; avip§c ivwter^pi^, 
iraXioc Xf «^ Aj. 562. 

'ByoXXotf^My fa ttekmrngi, t» duntgt ; 
yvy 3* IvqXXalfy 0f^ nyy rov^ 
ii/3piy voic /(QXa cai woi^vag vf- 
m»y Aj. 1039. W a* I v^XXacras rifc 
a/|iiAlac v^C 4'< /S^poC AJ. 207. 

'BvoXXo/iot, to Uap iipra ; vrdXoic Jv^- 
Xaro U. 1261. Figuratively; nry 
a* ic ri mIvov gpar ivhXt^ 4 r^«« 
•n^ NOW /•rlHN« Xm (il nUnttly m 

'Evavra, oppetit», brfan; Ivavru 
wpo^pXiwm yuep6¥ A. 1284. 

'Eyavrioofiai, to app«M ; flryi v^' iyay* 
rtovfuvop P. 639. 

*Syaynoc« 1« «i(««r<f, fppoMM; 

"Bffropoc — i}X9* lva*fri4>c aJ. 1268. 
Kdc</yoiff« raur' ivavrUi P. 688. 
2. contrary; rovit xp4 cXvfcy cai 
Ofiucpd cat iUcaia rat ri&yavria A. 
663. 3. aa mdvertary; a$iyitc 

(Xarrov rmv Ipayrimv x<p^ E. 986. 
Once uaed adTerbialljr ; rmyi* ipav- 
riov C. 1006. 

*Eyapa, tpoiU; KXvrmif lydpmp Aj. 

'BvapY^Ct iiMKi/<if. p(aiN, ovitUnt; 
^rwv ivapy4c ravooc T. 11. vpiv 

d^wy C. 914. vucj^ i* ^vupyi^c /SX«- 
^€tpM¥ ififpuc fvXfirroov ri'fifac A. 
790. co^^f ic ivapyvc A. 263. Xfh 
ornc ivapyijc — rvfMw'itoQ R. 635. 
roCf ffot pXiwtiv wdptar' ivapyh T. 

'Byap Y«l*c, manifeitly ; wdptor' 'Op«e- 
rifc tipty — Ivapy&c £• 866. 

'BvaWwi f<» '(i/i; dy< /«< sal tot* 
ivapdiov C. 1730. Used fifnimtive- 
ly ; 5y aloXa Vil ivapiZopiva rut' 
rti KaTkvvdUi rt — 'AXtoy T. 94. 

'EvapiBpiti, fa NNMAar: figuratively 
to ei laom, in the sense that we say to 
rickoH ; mc vpac l^a std ft^ik¥ (lo- 
aaQ IvapiBpA H. 1 188. 

'Eparoct th$ ninth £. 697. 

'BvavXl^My to dufeii in any place, fa 
inhabit ; lyavkiJ^ovrl ry P. 33. 

'EvavXoc* being vithin ; rip* I ^it orl- 
poVf Ivavkoy ^ Ovptiov ; P. 158. 

'Eviarioptu, properly todioido; thence 
to $oumorat§hjf aoerai parti, and so 
to eoUhrato; rd ed fiikta 9tXoi^' 
dv dac^r' ManMat, I thouid 
with la aiohrmio thjf imvincihU wtopont 
R. 205. Also fa reviU ; rh aiwsrdp- 
%vpo¥ Xkrpov Marovpavo^ T. 

'B^acfc, iC/bi0i|l» iNMs^ctiNif hfirior; 



e^iy ^yafic voceviMvoc P* 875. tA 
Kpiiaoti ii^ai r&veta Xlytip C. 1432. 

— vov yi ft' Moi^npov 
^vtp fav^yoi wpoQ rh cmptev ro- 
vfAv, il tpora ftaia lX«l / iXoMtd ahow 
mytotf WMTo baekwaird thmm thou in 
tohing r§a§onobio irombU Jar th§ 
Urangor P. 520. 

'EyiuKWfu^ to iiulieatOt toahom; wpip 
y dy ivatiU ri ^pap C 48. 

'EvaJM, fa 5inif ; kwc( p,' ip t^f w6- 
Xic — ydp^p Ipiimrip dr^ C. 530. 

'ByaifXoCt ptoiu ; ip^ cva^Xa tal 9a^ 
Xiymi A. 401. 

'Epiifttfii^ to gioo up; ipimwip C. 

'ByaicoCf Jittt upright, 1. of a man ; 
rwy ipiiKmp A. 208. dpipOQ^ 
"BXXiftfi «diriy IpHkopq AJ. 1342. 
2. more commonly of a thing, j'lui, 
#f MtfaMa, deterood ; idwru ik Kai rh 
fii) Vaicoy R. 682. pi Xi^my yf 
rovyaiffoy 1158. wiornQ tpiucot 
1420. o^ roeyaiKoy sripi/SXiv-oic 
C 1000. Mitop wpofitfiiac 1047. 
t6 r MtKop — cart to cvfifipop 
P. 914. -^dp' ^/itp o^oQ Tav/ 
iipaoip Muta; Aj. 1261. Ip^i- 
Kovc ff^ydc £. 37. rovr' lyauc' <e 
pi/ffOac R. 553. — o&a* << rd vay- 
rwy f7xoy ipiwirora C. 929. 

'EpiiK^,Jpttijf, detorvedty ; M»kao^ 
MiK^ oiroi rdia P. 872. rovyci- 
aoc — IpSU^ 6ptiliom 519. wtfr* 
iviir^ a^fffOi cdfU ovppaxoip R. 
135. iS^' o^c dy iyaucMC drtpdr- 
CoiriSffM Aj. 1321. 

'ByaoO^y^/roM wiiAia P. 641. Aj. 728. 
£. 1229. 1315. T. 1017. 

'Evi6pox^9 conaatod wifXtN, thence 
dwUing within; Kpar* M6itpx^^ 
P. 1443. 

'Ey^oy, within* 

'Eyovr^p, anything iXal ti pal on, aa 
ctothing; rhp ipior^pa wiirXop T. 

'Byavw, fa ptif aa ; 8y ^vctrXev) c<7- 
yoc iya^c T. 756. 

'Byf apoci «N iNAa6i(aal ; a&Xdc woiac 
iptcpOQ paiti P. 153. 

'Byiyii, to be in* Is only found in the 
third pen»n, tyf^n. I. a thing ia 
said fa 5a in anything, either ivith the 
prepodition ip repented, or with the 
dative case only ; ly yip rf paBeip 
tptonp {fiXafiua C. 116. ro<c Xd- 
yoic Ipivnp dpfoXp gipioQ £. 362. 
iptonp (sc LfiX^9ig Iftoi) 1021. 
kAp yvyac^iy Mc'ApifC iptvrtp 1236. 
it yovc «yferiy e6r«c ^1^^ ^^^ 
2. used impenonally, if is pettibU^ 
or ti awgXf fa ho dono, in which senee 
it ia generally followed by an infini- 
tive s lysen rsleiy «d eMwaeiuyecc 



rapfiav T^ fi wfiMwyra T. 295. 

r6»o' ipiof^ic ofo lM«rl fiot B.517. 
— •foray lM#rt «al /urtiyv&PM wit- 
Xiw; P. 1264. ifi^n^tc vbtt ivt^w 
Mr ^M«ropiic R. 578. «lc latfiy 
•4* Im«/ ia«iv £. 864. rA /ily 
^Mflv fyf^iy T. 588. 
*Bmcc, /«r fA« mU, or •• recount af, 
'MnpQu iwtpOtp^ frtm k$tm09 betumtk; 
fiaa^ i* tp§^p P. 20. role Iw^ 
Bt9 t¥nM9¥ ptxpoic A. 25. rote 
iwi^ 'Arptiiatt E. 1<^7. Uwd 
6giintiT«lj ; hflf^^ IwtpOtP iwra 

'Bmpai^ imkthiUnU tf th4 infirmml f«- 

ru; it4pmw ^oXaiirovc ^tpmy^ 
*SyC<v7Vtr^ !• HmitogHkirs ifBpm 
ffiTyoc <vCiH«C mMv R. 718. 

'KvtortMi f« iMt MfMf/* #fi j f o7c 
0mc^MaKtXp 9p&¥otc C. 1295. 
9p6pott AVyitfOov 4i!0a«odyra — ira- 
rpJ««c K. 259. 

f#nv it^idgtiwtc P* 18. 
*EiMri^ idktfff E. 1487. P. 511. 
'%pBt¥,wkeiUi, thtma, 
'Ki^*a^«9 kencf^/nm ikit pUa. 
*£yOi«Cf iftipirfd; wakwi fU¥ ydp 

M$Q9C ytfpttttac A. 052. 
*TMtp^ai¥m^ U w&rm; Ivri^ipfMP' 

r«« w6e^ T. 367. 
*Ei^i|f»0Cf muidtmtd hy pttin $ n«l m 

Uie Hcholiiiit. 9^pU^^To¥. bUtan hii 

« K€9ummiibtMt: MiipQ¥ flr«^4c P. 

*JMy v*«M^ f# ifi'« •« Any pUce ; x^^ 

'Ev0^^t|^«« 1»^rpMi9 Hwufki : rapPtt¥ 

— rip99niiftara riiri 0w C 298. 

fvMC T^p •^i /S«*^ rUpBpiitiitara 

'B^vMWCf <A«t f r»«Mii lJb# miiirf ; ri 

i* Iwri #M ravf^ r- ii^^/M«y ; II. 

739. ipOpf^UQ tin^alc iLpav^p^ 

fTMM rpix<^«< T. 109. 
'MmaAwta^J^r m ynrU $pmM ; Xp6¥0¥ 

•f y T. 252. 
"BM^tir. Set 'BMpiM. 
*JUMii4tf» f« rfwii in; kil — ^^ 

rvp o^^ iyiwlMy a</ C. 792. 

•Soic (««M«c) ip^ S^^M^i r^ t'^i- 

Mv#«C 4vMU«yr^ /m P. 470. 
'Br»4«, MM C. 484. 

Mly iitc4 la Um pratrat 


lyytfrf, r« *o« r* vpi^ hwo¥py%lv 
P. 142. raW o6r«#c iwi^-oi^'C 
348. Xyorac '^^<^CC ^y^P<(C a'rdi' 
Jirylirfiy 6c v*y caracrciytiay R. 
842. x«5ri ffoi Xiyf «y il^coip^ iffnv* 
fyyfirc C. 32. A 3* Ivviircic* kX£- 
•uva rov Xiyfic; 413. A ri eoi 
wpoe KModp ivviiru¥ BokA T. 59. 
&cwip oiroc Iwiirci 475. ri W 
div SkKo Y IvvliroiCi 827. <vv<- 
irtty Srov x^<y ^iroi*4»' ^^'^ rtivct 
Aj. 12. rfavdirr' 'Ofjiorify ¥vv « 
Ml r^r' iyi^iTM E. 666. ivvUfiy 
raat e/ff^ 1245. 9f^v S* Ivviwm — 
8r« yiw Koip^ fp^tiv 1359. wavpa 
— ivAwtw 1431. 2. 141 rt(aff; 

W rovr' apx<*^^*' ^'^^ "'C rcwr^v ; R. 
1033. f^y^r^, 3ylyviiriil048. 
o^lyylirwy r^y vaIJa 1160. 3. 
Itf 5ii/, to ehargi; ivvirtit et nf 
ff9f>^Yfiari— l/4fiiyfiyU. 350. lv¥k' 
irwy 60i7y Hwwrae r^v ^9ij3i} 1381. 
iZiroy — gal wp6e0tv^ iyyi frm cl 
vSi^ -. jyiiy C. 936. 4. 10 ipeak 
Ut, t0 mHUnu ; wobc riv* Ipvlrnp 
^cKi!ci T. 401. 6 p^y yap aiirhv 

'EyyolM« 1. c« fttftiim; oh ydp 
iyyod P. 28. 2. In undtrtlmHtl ; 
oh ydp l¥¥oA R. 550. kc. 3r* Xi- 
yfiC. 3. ftf hiur in mimi^ to con* 
§idtr ; foiV hroliiratia T. 575, 
iyyoiTy vai) — yvyaTx' 8n ff v/ii y 
A. 61. o^ric — ro*ir4r<i*w«y foic 
gparovoiv ivvotX A. 660. iyyoilc 
ipag wpo9od¥M R. 330. ffl^oy 
piliipmvwtp iyyoiTc Aj. 115. rovro 
i' hvoiUiy^ (Stay iropOfri yaTay, 
i^i0«Ty ra irp6i* Oio^c P. U26. 

'Kyi^/ioCf JMil ; ©Or* f yyo/ ilraj R. 

'Bi^yovCf in kit timet i hwot dvijp 
lyyovc R. 916. 

"Eppvpi, to fot i»N« to $loth§ oointf in j 
M rdf dil Mrik ydc M4roy il^iyoc 
C. 169R. 

'Eyyiixcv**! to pott tk$ night im ; 8c Ip 
/iaXa«a7c waptuHc rtiyiJoc lyyv* 
Xi^<«C A. 780. 

*h¥Phxtoc$ nigktfy, 5y nigki i ippv 
Xioit payapaXc Aj. 18). iyyvx^*^^ 
rlp^iy tahup 1182. iyyvx^***' '*^* 
/laroc noo. Pluto it oUlcd iyyv 
XiotP&Pali C. 1555. 

'EyyvYoCf Mine M iyy^XMC. Epppx^p 
-Aifay T. 500. 

*Byo3ioC« •" <^ Xi^fciMjrf ; m(fii9aprtc 
ipoliap 9t6p^ 9C. llocato* A. 1184. 

'EyoMiMi to dwii in, to iohokil ; Aiyop 
r^pl^ ipoutkotic irhXiP C. 1530. 

'EyoiMCt «» imkohUotUi ^ wArpac 
e«/3ifC IP(MOt R. 1524. Nfp^ac 
ipoiKop^ Xloyr« T. 1082. 

'BiwirX«c» omedi fyowXoc 7^ ^»' 





rat R* 469. 
'EpopAm, U «M Into ; dwpa wmuptXc 
iyiai7y r^Oii P. 84S. 

OiaOaidM. Of My r' Ivoptnv iUuip 
A. S66. 
'Bv0i/m, to tJbdb, t* ctrtlcf ini9^ Uhufi ; 

AavvoS T. 1077* 0<^ — Itrourfy 

iy 3* ftffitfiy 47f>laic MoSc A. 1960. 

^i^y Ji* Atm¥ Kikai9¥ ^ytfiivac-— 

iliririMC E. 727. 
'Bytfr^rqc* •« flfipiinil, or mdptrany i 

'OiwHt^ r&y tf^ ^w9r&r^p AJ. 104. 
'ByrauOBt A«ri, kUktr^ in tkU or tAal 

'Rpri^toc, firimiidne l# fumrml rilci. 

UmnI MilMtiintivoly, fun%rmi 



^i>f i ivtit^n xfpoZy fipoitemw R 

'KyriXtiCi perforts dMut' JyriXiTc 

fXMV — /iiStf T. 757. 
'RvriuOiv, Ariifi#. 

IvrirtiiA /IOC R 13UA. f/ tApr* 
iyragii^ rf fiXiiy, althwih k$ b§ 
ilieplu imkued with ImnT. 4o3. 

*Ryri/«oc« lA«C ti A«/i< in Kommr, KMrntr" 
•4; 1. ofiijNirMAni rol^ivip^t* 
X»Ti/ioy virpolc A. 25. Ivri/ioc 
ro^rMC K. *iTJ. tl. of a Uiiiik; 
fil r&v Ot&y IpTtfia A. 77. 

'RvroXi/, fl A»miNaN4fm<?Ml ; «i/yy r' 
i/it}y AyyciXar' ^yroXt^y Aj. AG4. 

*Bvrovoc« ri$M*nltn§if^hb0Hri9ig; fiar* 
tyrowoi C. 845. iS ric Ivroroc C. 
1457. oUt lUSpce, AXK' Ivrowoc 
a Via p. Sri. ip&pra -^ dvSpa 
i*oMp* tvrowov 280. A Xyffri 
rwv «rp2y iyr^irwy 1150. 

'Byrpiirw, by SophoclM uaed only in 
iho midUlo voico : to turn muulf; 
0Tiixmakv fulfil, niii* Ir' IrrpiwCt- 
fuOa^ lit Ni g» Mniii n«r any Itmger 
dtUji C. 15S8, Ellendt: mora com- 
monly uied in the aonao of i« emietrn 
Mutilf otoHt^ t# 6$ mmiimu «5mil ; 
Av ivrplrov 9^ finely R. 724. 
ilwtp — riiy Aapiwtiimv lvrpiw%9tii 
IktaHrmf 1220. W /Sai^y iJ&rmQ iv 
r^rii rqc vvii/mIxomi Aj. 00. oih 
iiu lyrpiwti Ifiov y§ E. 500. /i^- 
^y Ivrpawyt JL 1056. 

'Byrpi/I^Ci Ih^nughijf furud in ; waAv 
6v Jipx^h f' *a' p6fiot9w i¥rpipi)Q 
f ayy A. 177. 

'Byr^ir^t rtftrd; rofi rvfXoi riy' 
lyrpoir^y Kaiy 0. 800. 

'ByrpofoCi NMiriftAW in, krovgkiup in; 


9i yiip u§ Ji6x9^ tft' i9^tai 

^m^^f^w ^^o B^w"# 

'Byrvyx^i^* to 1^51 v^a* to mm^ 
mtk : 1. with a dative ; tmov- 

roic — KociMC iyrv^x^*^ ^i- ^^^ 

2. without a caw, to htfptm, or *•* 
/«/<; woSXay te^i fiq wwr* lyrv- 

XiTy yjtfov, — know thai a rdhutfrtm 
tkU ditnue May immt JbappM P. 181 S. 

3. with aflenitive i rmv irap tiftmy 
Ipfyx^P ^A9KK^wti&p P. 1817. 

'ByvaXioCt a Mmame of Mart ; x^* 
KfMpal 'ByiM&Xioc Aj. 170. 

'EpvfipiZm, to tmaiir; 8r^ ^ M^pc* 
cav (wpdynari) P. 342. 

'ByvJpoCf n^Mmtie; tiifkfm r* tvwSpm 
Xf ifiwyi^&C P. 1440. 

'Rywfioroc* Jatiad 6jf a» aatA; ipt^n^ 
oltfiy i^¥ iyw/MTOC Aj. 1002. 

'ECaT^iXXw, to aaaaiuiet MiMirljr, t<» 
pme/aiia ; mlC^Tyf XX' <My Mi VMt 
KaBfitiowi O. 1305. rdy^f y<lp 
X#«p4y ff aI 3«vp' Ifimup^ &¥ U* Uay* 
vAXXiroi U. 148. 

*RUyi9T9Q, to *i Jrvpl Mcnd ; A ^ 
iCayi^ra I^V^' jtiyilrai X^yy C. 

'RCifivM, to kad aul or awajr ;^ r^rd* 
Um yciif fiffovaoy O. 830. r^y^i ri>y 
v^y ofo faO* 8irMC o^ rtvr^y IC 
v/iwy irrip^y U^yay' t/c rM' iXaoc 

'KCA<f>fM, to taJra aipay fnm ; mot. 
to drtimy, to avrrlArDw; ^lyoyra 
ydp Aaiov Oia^r* Umpotftfiy 4^q 
H. 008. Middio, to f#/ftfl or cAmm 
^iir vntuiifi tahraQ — UfiXiO' 
oiirf arrlfia col Oio^ aoir^y T. 
244. AIm», to Tttfifi iwpoy, d 
uiiwor* iyw — iirii»^X||aa wA«oc 
iCtXiaOoi O. 546. llenco, to uU 
aiMV from anMktr ; /a^ 'm^V ^<^ 

'Klalpm, to If/) H|>i to raiM, to rfaiavt ; 
ftdBpmv U T&vik / Uapayrcc C 
265. ra/iuAy U<(payr4 m rMiia T. 
1183. ffovfoy IC^poc w^A.224. 
r<c «* UOpii' ol«oOiy ^^oc ; C. 359. 
irp5c roiira aifjiy Ifii^y iCopyc 
/ilyoc AJ. 1045, Muno aa ii^ 6pyi9- 
Ouc* nicvaic a^cx^cp llnipii plop 
1. 146. Panaive; i{ ric IXwitfty 
KtvaiQ IKhp*^' dy^p^c rev^i E. 1453. 
Middles o^roc y^eoy y' iirium&y 
UapovfiiOa T. 401. 

'BCmrlM, to il«Maa4, with a genitive ; 
8c / 'y rpitfjy uop^ai^iy ^Cifrfi 
warp^ T. 10. with an accui. and 
infin. ; iifMQ lyx^C IKtur&p wopiXp 
R. 1255. With an accua. of the 
thing I etuKpkp uIp Haircvpf C. 
5. Middle, to Mtk Jhr onmlj ; Z^k 
waaiy tWy dtfirip ilairo^^Oa E. 
646. withtvroaccuiativeei Tnpi9 
/a' iCmriT x^P*** 0* 502. — U<rf^* 
e/iiy |^/iir«ync i|«iro^/uyM 1820. 

it UA 

^(■•f rfCf mdditUp^ §m m $mdd§m P. 

741. a 1606. 1619. 1€31. A.413. 

T.908. Ai.l70. 
*B€«M^ U imrt u Imm hjf ibcrtnf ; 

Snjfidc wp6t A 'CifcoMfir Hi iiul- 

4m p. 37& MMC (mkoZc) ^^ 

470. dm #ov r^ JC4«0v^ t^'« £. 
541. XivM iiiy ifif'vw', ^vwva ^ 
^nmrnp^fiUf, U itKnb$ or ipiclr «^ 

'BCaA<M|Uic t0ttempe; «( Jy — ;iif- 

Mjr fimMMMw Uia)uv0mftmi 9tms AJ. 

'S(«AAi««M, to «le«r, l# cUiift; ra- 

mUntf tmc fui^y iCoXXAtfOirat Aj. 

"KrfXXgMgi, t# Im^ /i^«m» t» tfnimgi 

l^aaViov,VU4>AovR. 1811. 
*BC»|M>pr^i>ii, 1. UfM iRff fiTtfr, 

1000. Xitfwr 6^ iCifWroy 1208. 
«^ 7«kp ZvuuA «* KAM'^f^^yoyO' 
4^ A. 789. Av9pmitw9% — C0cv4y 
iwTt rm^lmiiapTApup 1011. 3. 
f# /mii, l# MifMrrjf; 4 ^Civov <d 
Xlyvvrav Hafiaprdyiiw £. 1028. 

moXXmt 4 MMv caffi#c P« 95. 
'EJa/uipria^ mfmuU or mm; Stf^ vfy 
ioTty 9 'lafioftrim A. 554. 

«|iMir ^voC T. 83. ylyovc 4[vav- 

roc P«Cay ilmimdpoc Aj. 1 1 57. 
^BlmtmjttAC^t ^ aempH; ri Of Toy 

mifnic I(ayayc4[« or4jMi C. 609. 

it H BUn^' iia^aytAlki 1 181. iw%i 

AX«»ffC KitCaMi7ciC<«C T. 1248. 

ri vA f^' Uayayc^i |m ravra 

#pav/Vf E.610. 
Voi^yAs m Um middle it lignifief to 

^1 Mil to iM ; lyyu^ iCA^VT^MV*' 

It^ p. 567. 
VmopAOKMff to /ii4 OKI; ola c^C- 

rnvtvpimutc Xi7«y P* 979. 
'XCcMXM, in tho middle, to Amt, to 

amdmrt; d Xtf/wr — Skytar' dv 

— iCMoyo£|i9y cX^rtiy C. 1176. 

'ArplMC i/ii |m4irrc wmaivi P. 


*JE€cWf^. l.Utndfirtk;Apdc9ftS¥ 

— ICoMiJc' iv^ G. 1876. 2. to rt»i'i ; 

Mm' llsMJf iadBw/toc Arm P. 699. 

er«^ toosoM to eriw, to fonto; 

fjuM TO* fo4C«yiordyat wSki^c 

06pmcCA1. TifAwipat 

iCWor f fwr dd^ A. 397* 4 roAc 

BmAwrmc Ht um a ri am irori s E. 

na. Kiddlo, to fito; fM^i|sirl> 

P. 867. 

to>aM, Ujulfiit to CMwto; 


ri /IM — Uoy^eiiC x(^<*C ; B. 157. 
OcMy wApSvra ttom U^i'vo' A)* 
699. liuXXfc — uat^miv cordy 
/iolpa¥ awttptvimp w69mp 909. Xa- 
9iirovop d' Mvyap oCr' MaB§v tlbr^ 
OipaZi 7* fen iim Uay^«i QUrav 
T. 1018. 
'E^airaXXdeew, to /dm, to M( /rw ; 

ric — dXviroc arqc iCairoXXax^V 

ofrai; E. 990. 
'E^airdXXviw, to de$iroy ; waHpa r^ 

dft6¥ — uairwXfeac E. 578. 
'E^airo^clpM, to dmtrmf uUiriy ; /id- 

V9 7dp ain-i^v — 'UairofOfpA T. 

'mapyim, to eel iUtkfuUy; ipya 

ipmpip\ oMr* Uop70^iMya P. 552. 
'E^apclM, to 9nffic€f f — S«vpoc 

Uomrov^d /loi lerot P. 457* <^<m 

rdd^ ilapcovy luol C. 6» 9piutp6i 


io¥ l\apii riOtSf tibt i imv pro- 

fwr/jf eltoiid to thiugi wHkin T. 883. 
'EkapwdZti, to Mrr^ «iMjf 5jf J'oreii 

ol ttiy iCMirae/iivot eiri idoVMV C. 

'E|d^*», to 5f^ii ; tl9i n' ^ del 

Xd^Mc UvpX'C E. 547. 
'E^aecf Wy to fldom ; Xovrpoic rl ycy 

JeO^ri r' iii|e«i|e<iy C. 1599. 
'EKari^aZtf, to Irtvl wtlik diiAeiitfiir; 

ivo — fui 'CarifidCifrov «{ rw^ov 

fraro&c — f^vrov C. 1880. 
'EKavidu, to iitl«r; oMiy ^Cavdjc 

eo^yP. 1228. 
'E(avxMf (0 5m«I, to Mpief , to lAtnlr ; 

o6 7dp ireri — Uv^XV^' */<• P» W7, 

Schol. iy4^ieii. #x^V 7 Ay ^K^w 

divp' dy H9^x^*'*' *7<^ ^* M6. 
'ECafAip^Wf t« te^ away 0Htir§ly ; 

ravO* 6 dtfervx4c iaipmv 6 edc r< 

xd/idc UaffiXiro E. 1145. 
'B^a^iiliiH ta Ut ga^ ta nUaa; dXX' 

iCa^trai roi^di 71 T. 72, 
'Biafierv/M, to lArinlt /rM» f rpdCiy 

— dro(ac 'Cafiera^vy I71& C. 567. 
'Bla^pdM, to Mi aJUrwardti Ha* 

WiUaftiP r^ Avipa — edda|io5 

ftaphW itif wi tkaaeffartk ww t5e 

■Mil lie hagtr^ am}fmkar$ ^mamt C 

'EUtyupttf to rMiM tipi to aMakem; 

od fu) 'Cf7(p<*C v^y i^ryy «drexey 

T. 974. 6e/ odx Sryy 7' iftdeyrd 

/»' i|f 7f/pfri R. 65. 
'B^idpoc, J'ram httaa^ ahtaai; ode 

fifdpec dXX' lyroroc d 'yi|p P. 212. 
'Blfi|i4, tagaaai; vm d'ICi/wy £. 75. 

ed 7dp ver' l|«i r^edc n|c X*^C 

C. 918. veXXedc d76Mic UM#y T. 

158. fie fXf Txoy Ump P. 98. 
'BCfiriZy. See^BdpiTy. 
*B|flp7t#9 to axeUd§i tf^tvv 7dp dy 


noXvwicf O^ywy 4iro«rcpl9aiCi&C- 
fXi^Xacfv wdrpac C. 877. koAk 

827. — 79c ftr' UifXAvy^vy C. 
^7« y^C '« wttTMfaQ UcXnXaiutt 
4irrac 1284. V o^tp iitXiiXa#ai 

Kfityi KdUktyx' A. 895. Avr^ iCf- 
Xi7x<«ir T. 873. UKMyx*^^ «^^y 
*KCiX«v0ipotfroiiiMy to tpfk tmifntty ; 

0apo&v vfiplZuQ KdltK»vBtpo9rofuit 

A,j« l«tf7. 
'S|iX«M, to irmg an ; Wutmw w69a 

irp6c rovro P. 291. 
"B^f^roX^M, to m//, to in fie; Sroi 

trXlMV iC'fiiroX^m k^oc P. 803. 

Met, to kairmjf fvr « knb% ; ^^f^• 

w6Xtiftat KdKWif6pTt/9fiai v4Xm A. 

'XCirfK^M, to ioath by inemniatimt; 

w^ioyraif^vw C. 1196. 
'KCi)rii;xo/i«9 to Aoul «^; c<lC<irf^- 

KavBai — rM^^' lin^awrac P. 664. 
%litwiffrafuu^ to Icmm thoroughly, or 

Mturitfiflf ; /loXXov Uiiri^rofiai C* 
. 860. roCrovQ lOwlorafMi Kok&c 

— tipj&oBai riii A. 298. vvv cal 

ffai ri& 7* iv i6funoty itc lx<>*^<* T'vy- 
y^vii T. 621. ri|^iir£^aff9ov ca- 
A&c C. 418. XiXoiirdra m7vov -^ 
/3torov iC<ir(n'a9o 1580. a6n| 8' 
v/3p/(fiv — iC^irJ^aro A. 476. 
toovxtp If ffvi^r^/iify Aj. 809. ro- 
iroiirtfyy' ICI^raffOat 8offM 486. 
*]^tpydliafUiif to t/«cf, to jterpettott; 
fic T^p ric 4v Icatfroc i^f cipyaff/ii- 
MC A. 262. 4^' Iff/ in 1^9 rofipyov 
4 '{fipyaff/iivif 880. rotn — Iffip- 

JcifffUKOic 424. 4p6 81 |i' fpyoy 
tiiiv if iipyaff/ilv^y T. 708. roi^f- 
%ifyaofk¥0¥ Iktla wav Aj. 808. 

voic; 870. 

iBCfpciy and if fi«f7y« to wy tfptit/y, to 
dteiar$. Put activ. ; iffpM« ii^ 
XiC 8* ipA P. 829. a 'yit — if ipA 
R. 219. Kal oo€ raXqOic ifip6 800. 
rh 8* froc ^ifipd rdxa 986. ^IXX' 
iffOM C. 1286. cfi ri ;»i|8iy ifipA. 
fpaoM 8* 8pMC A. 284. |y 8* a^ue 
if<pA T. 154. ifipA ooi wav E. 

. 870. — o*« — iffpcic irorl; B. 
885. roiairr<& rM vw fr^c ric if <pf 7 

SMr6vE.972. if<pi79'8nri8iiXa 
p89 vniMiMlc ip7^ra« A. 825. 
firoc if fpto /<iya AJ. 419. — Perfl; 
r8 8* 8pMy tfi^x' ^^^ T. 378. 



A — if f fpifMC T. 349. Aor. 2. 
4 W raiff8i / iffiirfZy OiXcic T. 
342. MC o8r' 8y ilffrfiir rfiyj* 8y 
ifilroi^ 1Y C 1525. fffiirf T. 
811. ^iirpi vdyr' Ifftri E. 1022. 
iiv }y iffivf^ In R. 748. cairoi 
froXXil vp8c rtXXo^ /tf 84 ifflrac 
E. 511. PiM. ffoXdc ttirayra ravr' 
Ay iUipnri Mt R. 984. col M 
if iipiffff rai T. 1176. 

ICflpfffOai, to liifwiri, to fUMfiaiij 
^yaf lov — fMf^ if fpiiffOfUKA P. 487. 
4 TohwltMirTov KlpaicQ ifqpov /&' 
8r«v ; AJ. 108. 

'Efiofw^M, to invi$tigat$^ to ta^tut; 
rl 8* ifipivv^c I £• 1089. fi«Ac 4i^ 
^ ifcpf vyay R. 258. 

'Efcp9/i8«. to r§ttd€r dtmrti K^p^ 
/Awffai yivoc E. 998. 

'Bfipirv, to trmp forth; ravr^ Ap 
lUpwmp — > ipi|xavi&/«9y P. 294. 

'Bfip^ffM, to prtMiil ; o8roc Y^p ri 
7f Ktivmp Kdc' if 4pvff< P. 421. 

'Bfipxo|iai, 1. to ^aut^io gnfortk 
from: used either without a caie or 
with a genttiTe, with or without a pre- 
position ; M ^p/34c v^vrov if tX4- 
Xv0<y P. 48. yvKT^ if iXOwy ^ec 
602. IffXiT Aatb^Q — rriyac 
1246. ic rno^ I8pac lffX9c C. 37. 
mOT* o^ ti^Q vifC 1^'^ 8y iflX- 
9oi^' in 45. eiff 8v 8^ffXi|Xv9i:»c 
wtfXiv AOm r8r' adftc 427. IfiXOc. 
riffyov A. 1215. r^ff'i x^^>^C 
if i|X9f y E. 768. 2. to ^ • /tfrUk 
from a conteit ; yfnyc hc^^ if ^XOc 
w^ynpoy yipac E. 677. & owipfi' 
'Arpi^ i»C KoWd wa96¥ 8a' iXfv- 
9cpiac lUXtc if 4X9fCt — > hort horiiy 
eltoiitfrf to fr§odom E. 1501. S. 
to adwnf to ; eov y' i /c f ^ if <X- 
BdyroQ dvdovop oripa C. 985« 
4. Spoken of the tvmi of anTthing, 
to turn out; rd ivo^p\ ii H»x<^ 
ca/ 8p98y ifiXO^yra — c^rvxftv 
R. 88. — rappwy yi pi M^* ^olfioc 
ifiXOy M«4c R« 1011. reioff8< 8* 
ic^^ o&c iyifiXOoip* In wot' dXXoc 
1084. 5. of a lAiii^ or fi«« poil; 
Wc XP^*^ roiffd* ieriy ^^fcX^Xv- 
9mc; loAei fi eA« Hm§ thnt hat itapted 
siuea thna aointtl R. 785. ift|X9oy 
4f OX' dytivaty, thay want through tho 
ttrifo rfhattU T. 505. 

'Ef iffri, verb impen., tl if lawful^ it U 
pirmiitid^ it it aUmood; If^y wa- 
. rp8c wdwtv dpiorov walia ncX^- 
e9a4 E. 857. — ^ m4 fivwy If <en 
^^8' dorAp ripd 84iioic 8ixie9ai» 
• to whom it it not olioiood^ thiu mmy 
ono thouUL rtoeioo him in hit houao 
R. 817. iraiy Iv 4^X¥ — iit^n 
fwptJp O. 88. mUy i^aWh' If f#- 
np poAAp 824. eloy oMk fmp^^mi 

nM ICmT Jrab»v (UtS riX«r ic) 
1«0«. KitMnr airi Ip&y Utiif 

J" I{ivrl VH rA roMi irpavq Aj. 
Sn. raS U mJ Xfwv fEiar'iMtv- 
*(4ir 1060. Cttr rw JiCKiM itiiJ fiiy' 
(bn-u> fpntir 1104. Hi'ni' ■«>■ 
— fAw — {ivriHnuTv; 1307. «dI 
U Ipiy tU»9 a xf>4 1363. y£v 

E. 2. iXX' ai 7^0 oMl MBAnlv 
< lUfTl « E. A8A. f 7« |iqJJ irpic 
SmjV Kin' irXaiwTY rnvt' ira- 
»r^rm vriw «». 
•«inl&s (• ^afn : ar) »Tm, f>4 '0- 
nCf AJ.58S. Bf fJlirMKHi visa 
' wC.311. 

' rnra rdEivpi^fiara { 

r»i yawrpl fill 

larj aj riy — r 
«■ uw r^ I 
«^ t^33. 


'S&apinM, I* jEad 

/— ICfifflnrouii. E. 80i. 
T^ >AX' Ar IMpoi itaBtJf R. 120. 
 JrlbV '   • • 

UivfMlv 1M3. , 
A7«c Utipat «■ _. _ . 
oiXXttfrai' lEiapJin'c, rnOapvdv 
worfM, wbnw frra b to b« undtr- 
ttood: ianarJucMVMrf ital iJurr b 
a iMK (ia(i(M ins, libit aJMiduw 
ddiUtafimMa/alirrllfiS. ai- 
nv — Uitpvff ivrai>^«c 'x^'" 
♦pvrfvAj. 1038. 

ICti^ilfu, iniddlc, t» mfti*; ialvav 
ilpyiar TiVKOoc HifUrai «n}vqc 
CraaXaf A^. 783. 

'BCfTJofM), pnipcrij, (••tw h/ itaiiag 
(1« ■•jFi x'poi' — ItqT^*"/"" C. 
KK. airic i(fJ« vAaif Uqyuifu- 
VK IMS. Met. la iirui ; loXAc 
TipUTriI«<|WNC. 13M. TbenM 
H n/al« ; rguara roft rnpdirac — 
fcXMT K^r"^!"* £• 4 1 7> 7' 'i- 
dm, upnftmi wpit y^p aocaC n 
caJ BapuUvom VJMV roufaf AiJ 
n/M/ticllfrtV /x»v Aj. 31 3. 

"■(itH. I. <« ■rriar, or arrist al ; 

iaicnXtlT.lUr. Jn>c.VUq«ic 
buiwB " " "~ ■"■ 

XP***C P- IM. *f^ <■•> 
lUow Am a. SB7. troy 
uaiv ittif rUi P. 7H. 

V H. IMS. vpJy W U^ui 
- — luXfmv 

3. la 

<M Mff S. 11B3. L OMt OMd 

ii ito imMr HNMiDd i« sMMrJU  
>»« ; V ■»» rMinr tf* 114- 
Tffil^fas (• MM ^mm; vrtWv fu 
■— wClL 

'BCiviw, 1. !■»■*« lib or lauf ; KdEi< 
«H«a>T«c E>7^ £- 738. •! a' Hia^n 
aoi ri ml rsl; m7c rUvetf B. US, 
/iql* iEuiwnc riiirJl rate JiuTc m- 

tiXaxi^ oiair' Ifivuvrai fAoraalif 
«uilrf £. 1061. &« *iXarq«u>c. 
3. intnna., 1> t* tikt ; /iqrqp raXlIf St, 
»7r^ f ciHy JCffdl E. 1 185. 
'Efi'arqfm propcrtj, U amU ■Haliij MJ 
one 1 fpovBui^a }>^p vip otic dv IIJ- 
rriir ityif Aj. 83. Thence, » yuld. 
It gir* wayj lEivranu U riwric 

qfiipf fXivtiv Aj. es7. *d1 y Jc^v 

laar jaouoi P. 1013. Ml — jUyu 
yois reic taiie wpiatntiv, iiX 
tXivrarai A. MQ. fiiXic ulv, lop- 
iias f tllaraiuu ri tpSy 1093. 

'ECivwrler, I* t< afuafjirrfj JCmrfov 
ri 7BV»> I*' dvriXiCai B. iOB. 

'BtiX>H>«KSir{M, If iTBci, It 4aiMl|alt; 
irrsHC — IKixyfawSy T. 270. 
riy ffif /lipty Amcwv ■iCi;ifH>«(»> 
voBUMfoc Aj. B76. 

•K<^t.wtpiu, te »/arlk/r«.; JU2e«- 
woailr ffrlriic E. 30. 

'EfoJar, a Mi*/ aal, tnt, ri^rtur*; 
if ir' i(ilv kX^h r«f fi^aSiv yw 
psntn-dC B- 1314. r^yii f tfoiov 
tXtBpiav Alovrsc IXxliti fiptir Aj. 
78S. Ci)rilri — Avipif ItDdov la- 
■qv 783. wpit IKoStr Tifxoiwa 
A. 1168. — lEMoBc larfw ciiqic 
Aj. 3B0. tU- ai ai rivt, rpis 6v- 
pwoc U6tov — fti-iXf *inyi E. 
S30. dvfaXd K*y i(6i^ C. I2S0. 
— r^y 'EpAxkuoy Itetm/ yoMaiyny 0pMl — ^i«''Ui>aM«3S. 

'B{«ja, ; mlJ fam I Rmta P. 70. 
405. 472. 1036. R. lOS. C. 271. 
381. 578. 88«. 10 33. 1178. T. 5. 

E. 315. birrvm. lui itouos 

C. 1884. E. 1336. iUMyn E. 

648. B. 13S. Ktitic T. SSS. B. 

87. — l(v'qA.45<. 

T^ •ifaWa, 

riwtn -. 
1 mtml aJ<Hi; T^aimr 

8. tF^U^,u.i,y 

'BCOXafu, to parU; m« Mrptr II». 
XMMrefT S4, 


BOI . 

'Wfipviu^ U d§mf with mn Mifc; 9^ 

'liofulT6 /a4 tlikytu A. 581. 
"BCo/Mi^, U rgndtr iiht ; M vmX*- 

rp^) Aj. 545. 
'X^ovii^iCM, !• rnilc, to till«r rfprMcJk- 

J^Ujf; raavT* lio¥uiUimp Kuxd E. 

280. UoytiaiCwv wutpAQ C. 994. 
. roMtvr' Ag^i^aQ ci|by<tf i^Otic <b«p^ 
. P.883. 
*KopAm^ to «M, that ii, to «0iiij^; 

• i^i^ov 3rft rfMi^f ic P. 840. 
'BCopO^, to dirtvt aright, to upAtfU ; 

/in /M»v wpar&pfiti, rov tf5y ii^p0ov 

ir&rftoy A. 88. 
*B|opfMM, 1. MtiYt, to bum fink, 

spoken of a diseiae ; fvOiffffv, i{«^p- 

ji^cf y (v6«oc) T. 1079. 2. Midd., fo 

miflfii Ml I 4 Jcvpo irp««rf ix0*^A Kd{- 
. oputifupop (6p^) ; C. 80. c^y » rd 

miM ^«v^ r* Hopfimju^a T. 925. 

^ir* olieitfy i ^O^UopiiM/avoc Aj. 749. 

8. torutkawMif; U 1 6p^fiipQv wa^ 

• rp^c fvyalmv^ hut hii Jmtktr rutkiug 
uway infligkl A. 1218. 

'B^tf^pi^w, to r§»iU^ or iutuU ; r^ i(v- 
• /SpiCci E. 285. 
'ECvinpOt, •6oM ; i^ U^rfpOi (4k- 

rpov 1^0 P. 29. 
*BCvir9^riM, to rtnrfir ifrvict; cX^ 

ovric iCvirvpcrq^o/iiy T. 1 146. 
'ECv^iiyiofiac, to iMiI |A« way; Akk* 

itvfnyov C. 1029. 

'Blm, out^ out of doori^ wUkoui, hnfoud^ 

'jSimQip^ without, fii§ firom ; ^vpfop&c 
yap Ap llwOtp fi^y £• 1441. 

'SfwOfw, to thruU okl, to onti; r^' 
iUwOiiC jtdCl^aXXfc C. 774. dyO' 

. £v fu — yi/c ^C^MMy 1298. 8c m' 
Kituffi cdirfavXi|9iv warpac 1332. 
tfii fft* Uiwffoc 1365. Pas8.;irarpiJoc 
i^wOo^/Mvoy C. 429. tl ro^ 5icy 
ViKw^ac ilwOiiWfttp Aj. 1227. — 
fiij fOoptpAp UQaai yXwvcoQ ^(f 
vay, mot to venf onI th€ onvioui raueour 

'S&poCt uuioaiOHahti: limpa wp&99w 
covff i/ioi rpofff uc^ra E. 608. 

'Smxa, 1. to 6i iih, to numhU ; i} 
Xapd Xmm y iXXy ^^ffoc o^52y ^opy 
A. 889. 2. but mora eommonlj 
to Mf M, to MfM to onoteff. 8. f /«oc 
iiied « a participle, it if Ukoly^ nw 

• tamahlt^ or to b§ uptetod; wc tUSc 
P. 496. £. 1129. il€6c lerc E. 649. 
1480. 6c <i«^C 4y P. 361. c/c^iiy 
£. 580. R. 256. C. 848. i/ntc P. 
230. A. 720. £. 1015. Syrfo ii'«tfc 
(ffifiriiy) T. 56. M^ tUic 367. 

• Kol ydp %Us6c AJ. 811. eZc i/c^ ea 
Myat P. 961. lyf y&p fu fiSXXop 

. %Uhc 4 'lutvrf veyfiy; Aj. 1846. 
Aleo aa aa a^lMtiva; Xlyiic ^ir tJ- 



K6ra P. 1859. rev vdp fic^roc v^pa 
dirf tfri vX«it# rev mw qcoyroc XP^^^^ 

'Boprq, « fittirui ; woiac ^or' Avtwp 
4^fr' f/c ^fiiXiaCy velac 3* ioprtfc; 
R. 1490. ntfT Ip ff UpratQ Ip n 
wapi^fi^ vdXft n|iay — XP**^^ ^ 

'BirayyIXXM, mad only in the middle 
Toice, in the lenee of to proaotn a thing 
to any one ; fiti ^ dwo^pijfovvapi 
'wiiyytXk6fitipf I know thou wouidU 
r^tet what I propped E. 1006. 

'Birayw, to iimd or eonduet in ; hiwaywp 
duSffiPvro T. 377. t&p dwawerap^^ 
drop Iwdywp Aj. 1168. Midd. s 
"Atia ftdpop f fv(iy ovc iwdliirm A. 
359 ; tame aa o^ f f ^crai. 

'Ewatdiouat, to ho uthmmod; ^h 8* oAk 
iwatia T. 506. 

'BiriiiyfM, 1 . to epprvM, to roenund , 
to praUt; kwatpwp wokkd C. 1009. 
rowiffS' iiroiytic — trdirBai fikovc; 
Aj. 1339. otkiipdp IvoiytZy o6 fcXd 
^vx^i' 1340. oGrf ydp oh rdp, imi 
roX/ifc iwatPiip K 1040. rd Oil' 
Ixaiywy P. 450. — ohF dp «' kwaif 
piotiap C. 925. irdyr' I^m e^ Iwtw 
piottt Aj. 1360. ivoiyiffac rh edp 
1380. raiir' Iffrt rdirif rp^c kokUp 
IxaivieM E. 393. v^c ravr Iwm- 
pivaift' dp 581. — iwtupieuc 'm^ 
1033. rdf/i' iwMpiettc iw^ 1047. 
iiryyfff' Ipyoy Aj. 532. 2. to per. 
fuodtf, to 6fd ; cai raSfr' liraiy<4C Mil 
^Office rape ucaOfTy ; A. 1089. — 9ap- 
fffiy Jraftyw C. 671. Mydy liryptaa 
E. 1314 

'Braiyoc, pralM; C. 1413. A. 661. 811. 
Aj. 523. C. 724. E. 964. 

'Bvaipw, 1. to tijt up, to raitt: cat 
fi' 1 ireipf P. 877. lwaip% i^ 9h 9v* 
ftara E. 624. i}pafftf' iwaipwp pXU 
fapa U. 1276. 2. to eieito, to pr». 
voko; ri rt^p dfiovXop — 9rdn^ 
yXmonic iiTQpaeOf — ( R. 635. — 
ri'c tf' ir4pi iaifUpwPi R. 1828* 
4yovy lirfitff BchoL 

*B«'ac99dyofia(, 1. tofi$l^topireii9§ 
by the outward lenies ; /cwy 'Oov^^twc 
iryffOd/iQy; P. 1280. oic dy «»r* 
5fi^9C r^C 'f>4c Iv^ff^cro C. 1358. 
r6y X^ywy iwyoBo/t^p A. 1168. 
2. to porcdoi by the mindt e^y 
Twpi^ IwatoOdpu kokAp Ai. 549. 
dXXwy ik rX^Ooc ohs IraieOdyti ca* 
Kwy R. 424. 3. to ftear ; r5y #dy, 
WQ kwwF06utiPf fUpop iuiaop Aj. 
975. Jci«t«^ri«0f0VMXo6/uyoc 

C. 1625. 

'Eratffffw. See 'Braevti. 

'Brot^X^yo/ioi; to m ciJbaiiied; oM* 
Irat^^yu fi' 4p«^ P* 917. eM* 
ira«#X^*yMXiyt*y; A|.1986. fufrph^ 


voyciCMr MYCttr C. 98S. oM* ivaiir- 
Xm«0f — 2^ Kiyvvync cac^ R. 

'SrotrlMy t» itmmmit t* beg; Zv iwai- 
nlc 'c ^••^ w6pi90 Zit Xpkm¥ B. 
1416. iXXovc IwattA r^ nff if^* 
p«v PHw a 1366. Midd. ; o^ jip 
«C ^s^ ^Myuyfik / 0^ lirocriiroi 

'Bawira^^Aiy U impuU to aaj ane« f« 

§u Ip&v R. 645. gtitniP Svoy irai- 
rtMJMi r«v^f /lovXfv#«« rd^v A. 
466. 6y voUA ^9 jm mI rpifiip 
mi»r9pm iwfnkwm £. 694. 

UtOt^ Aj. 134X 
*BraBp4w, t# hmr, to tiflM l» ; #4 3* 
^|iMy i^iAmv iwhecmmop P« 1403. 
4mv 'fr^MVMr R. 768. siyM 'r^- 
covroc rovra 794. oU»y ^yiSi yac 
'Aviof ofa 4wanim — pka9r6¥ C. 

vajcrlf Tipwik T. 1141. i4/mc 

iw&Krmw Ai. 408. 
"Braxrfc, 1. firtign^ ttrmmg§ ; erpa- 

r&y Xiij^My iwagrip T. 258. ^op4c 

r^ ^Acrov C. 1523. — l^'^Xa^y 

4rcKr5r ii^pa AJ. 1275. 2. 

viilHatery; — t«6tfoy iwarrAp T. 

TBiriXX^XtfCf ■NflnW; |i4p«v coiyfty 

A. 57 ; but Um mual KwUng u iw* 

fX5c ^ 79 — «^ irniaifv/iivif 

mmrktd with uhetU A. 251. 
^^wmvaipm^ to raJM m kigh^ to npfi^l ; 
tAwmfaip^vTM Mpv C. 425. 

wara^rAmQ 6p4yMy, Iim ^Mti «ii^ 
«5wrtort tfmjf lAiwM A. 529. 
'Br^Mi/u, to riftffiii i MXXi/34ac 
#^X5c 0^ ApapcUuf Ikxmv itmmx^¥ 
iwit¥um¥ T. 639. 

Wm4 a 462. ivaiia yitp (viXic) 
768. TiftfM^ IraCiwy rivCit E. 959. 

"XvA^i^M, 1. to lAiiilr wtNlAy, to itoifii ; 
fiXrircy tf5ir iwalii^ag mU fta 
fcyfMU E. 1266. 8.tol5iiilc/f;r^ 
nm AAc iraUa — rovr' iwiifim^a 
ipap P. 792. IvaCmI iucaUat xd^v 
vapa«yff7if C 1494. 3. Uitm, to 
l5l>5 r fi4 a* iXXA — IroCiA #t aoi- 
^•9^ M mMvQt^ 5iil «// 15« fWl — 
/ lAU Aai ikmu m ktimg m mti^ 
JbMMl E. 648. 

'^m^OtK. mrtkiljf; hrmVmg yAp Mt- 


/3oc« dC/4#c A ^ li^)^ f ov Oav6iwrog 
rnvV iOtaff iwi€rpofnv R. 133. 

'BrairiiXiM, to iXrMlM ; 4 sdiran iXiSy 
6^ ^rfClpx<« BpaHQ: A. 748. <f</ 
ir^inau riXiTy E. 769. — Ifiol 
ra ai<y^ iwnwtlXti^ lw^ AJ. 305. 
PutiYe; ri l<(i^ Inly' iw^wiS^ftivm 
A. 404. 

'Birapdo/Mi, to trnpfietU; Wi^» 6 r^- 
Xaiyo, tM^ 4irtip6€m X^yar; E. 

'Ewaoiym^ to ciitft; o^ 6^irap4C*^ 
0^' h Kmkb^mp ft&pa ; E. 1188. 

'BropccffiCf iitMtfvr ; Ic raivii — f x*» 
— Kal yivovg iwdpmetv C. 448. 

'BiropclM, 1. toiuMMir, to«M; «l 
roi ii4yoy Hiopga — iwafutkeovra 
Ai. 353. fiffiTfp <I Mi^ tfif^ ^irop* 
Ki^rac 6iXM C. 781. 2. intniit., to 
«ii^; iwaptAeu rifioc Mi A. 608. 

'EwapicoCprmCjtuJ/ielnUly ; «6 (w : ca- 
rt^ fUy, M, iwapKoivrmc M /m* 

'Mwdvom^ to noA, to fturr^j iit^ag 
av9ic t/c M/Mvc fraXiy Aj. 298. 

'BwaMofMU^ to iMMJItf ; iiny v5iSyiay M 
. ff«be«2, fiaup (F^) P. 394. 

'BravXa (rd^ pluiml onlj), pfoperlr • 
<ffl6/tf, thence en etetft, • Mai ; ra/id 
^ itg iwavX' iyii ^Xawop^ o5roc ^ 
fic ri Aafbv eraBpd R. 1138. rdffh 
ywpac ^v rd cpdn^ra yic iwavka 
C. 675. 

'EravxiMy to AoMf , to Mwit ; ro^otg 
iwavx^'tv rat MpoKtHav yiXay A* 
479. xi/i' ^iravxfi — MopK6r^ 
ix^poic d^pw i§c Xa^^fiv irt E« 

'BiTfyyiXi&tf, to diriii^ to iiuw/t vrfX 
■Mctery; kiTmm ^ ^inyyfXAtfcv AJ* 
449. wAt i^ra rouf iwiyyiK^fiv 
dv Kara; 948. — rote Aeyevm yJtp 
f«Xot*0i iriliTfC Mi|iiye<C 'vtyyiXay 
AJ. 968. 

'Biriyi/pM, to rmrM; ^mwAk piv t6 wd- 
Xa« cc/ufyoy 45f jroc^i' iwiyiipttP 

'Eri/y idhM, ^Tf ileefSi 

'BiriAyMy 1. tiaof. to urg§, to 

XeKfii ; irttytt ydp pa ro^c 9f ev ra- 
p4y C. 1637. r5v efcoJ* 4"*7^y 
tfr4Xoi^ P. 497. Ktup6c ral rXovc 
33* 4w%iyH ydp tard vplpinip (npag 
being undentood) P. 1437. 2. in* 
timnf.» to Aettoft; j voilct iwtiy% twy 
E. 1429. 

'Bwiiidv, wkm P. 685. 

'Bvii^n, fliiM. 

'Brfuca{4tfytoc»i|^Mr»; 4 fmlMuapra 
riivft iwiutdlmp npA f E. 653. l^ 
iwmtdwai C. 150. Ac V ^ViyatfCiiy 
«/a T. 1210. 

'Ewitpi, to k tiMi or mmr, to k eifded 



^ir^y K«yic A. 256. cf ^ {«i«n i4- 
/utfiCf o& Xlytf E. 1459. ric /w* — 
rl^ M^«4 ; Aj. 1 195. 
"iBrfi/Mt to CMM M^m, to «mm tii mettt- 
$l9n ; KVfun^ iw dtpu v^yry pdvr' 
4wt6vTa Tt^ wtMt tmeeadiHg or« «ii* 
Hktr r. 115. 5 r a/f 2 rMVi^yri 
^f ucyvrw, mnd Ut him ner tluw tktm 
to JUf weMiMr C 1629. The parti- 
ciple is abo nied in the lenae of o 
rvxji^v, h§ tkmt ekmntti to eam§Jint ; 
TQ y atviyfi' e^l ro&ri^yroc (y ^^ 
9o6c iutw%i¥f tS§ riddU wot n0i Jw 
tk% eA«iicff-cMi«r to fiMm^ R. 89S. 

roc ApwdfftUf ntt immmg gipgritme§d 

• marria^f, (mI a prey /kr amy o«« tvJb 

vUaaet (mnif chmuga'pgntm) to rovJiJk 

'BiTfiirfp, MUM inilfMl, flNM JbowffMr; 
P. 122. 541. 876. B. 1003. 1482. C. 
75. 217. E. 790. 

dcv C. 734. 

*EfriWTiwrttf to attaek wwUnily; &S* 
iwitvwivmv C. 919. 

'Bnira, lAm, ihertupon^ mfterwmrdi, 
ntverthgUu ; rb fwura, th§ timo now 
coming A. 607. 

'Eitififiatvi, to Hand upon ; o^c 'iri/i* 
fiaivrnv x^^*^C> Mlerinjj^ ^fovr iaiui 
C. 928. Used meUphorically in 
the sense of to trampU on bif inmlt or 
fi|/urv ; Kar'inov raxofUpac fiSXXov 
iwtfipdau £. 825. 'Opiornv IK 
inripripac vcp^c ix^poXeiv avrov 
l&vT* iwippiiyM iro^2, that OroUos 
with mightier powtr «av,a/ivf, Iresipis 

• undorfoot hi$ tnemiti £. 448. 

^BwtuPAWu, to interpoto, to introduoo ; 
iirci ik riioit yifc v^iriipa cavrhv 
r^ iwtppdKKnQ X6yip C. 464. 

'ZwifiirlwTw^ to fall upon, to ruth upon^ 
to attack i rl 9^ra wolfivaiQ rqvi* 

. Iwtpwlirni p^fftv ; Aj. 42. 

'BirivBpatffSktt 1. properly, to Uap 
upon; lirtvOopovt^ Avui T. 918. 2. 
fifluratively, toeUorlr ^homcntiy ; ir' 
nvToy IwivOpmaKii'^b Ai5c yiviraQ 
B. 469. 

'Bwivnivw^ to ttrctch over or upon; 

' kwivraOtic ^ptin wXivpalc ukffcov 
iyX^C* Mtoiuisd over hit tward he drove 
it to the middle in hit tide A. 1220 ; 
Mu«grave, and othen after him, con- 
siden IwtvraOtic to stand for imv 
OKI the twordm 

'EirivrlXXM, to #i|;em; rlinr* 5v SXX^ 
roi^r' iirivWXXoic in ; A. 218. 

'Birrvr^vw, to mip, to erai ; 4^9 ft* Ir' 
<t^7ff yilp' iwtvritvwT* kp^ WV" 
' Xfy ('A)«yA) AJ. 446. 



^ZwtUprMcMi^ to put en end to ; 5Xm- 
X5r Mp'kwtUin^^ A. 1274. 

'Bvf Upx^f^<>*« ^ /• Mwsrdt, to edseiwr ; 
cdiravtiXdy «&' iirtUpx'* BpaHc: 
mnd threatening doU thorn tkme mdmmnee 
im audmcUy 7 A. 748. 

'BirlptffOai, to interrogate ; col e^ eu^ 
rteac 9iXM Vipf e^ai C. 568. 

'BripxofMM* 1- to come to^ to emter^ 
to MMS evsr; Btmv ik paobc — ivfX- 
9wfU¥ A. 158. iyw kwtkOoyroiv 
^/Mvc £. 1289. riy a^r5y tic r5- 
vov Tpeiac inXOIwy Aj. 488. i^c 
X^yev trrimy roiay^ iircXOMv T. 

11/0. rof a^' ipcfiyi) ecy' isrlpx'**'* 
fartc A. 696, 2. to ocemr ; rm 3* 

Mpxirtu xa^p«v ri ca2 mrkpemiat, 
amd to the mms ptnea it ecmcrt to 
ft«or Joff mmd to ft« deprived ef il T. 

'Brf ^X'M^v ^ pi^v* ^ Mpplteeto, to t»- 
voIps; 1/ OkptQ t^ kwtvxoiicu T. 806. 
/i4 Vf^Cv v^pa P. 1270. Nv|i^tc 
6XiM9sp kwtvKiiuvot P. 1456. ' eirc 
o^ ft^ wort X'^^pac f vy4vrfc rq«5' 
iifivxMvnu 9io7c C. 1028. aUk 
KarOavilv kwtvxiptiv T. 16. kwev: 
YOfiat — ira9fiv R. 251. nwd" 
rnvx^Bai Xirdc C. 485. 

'BirixM, 1. tmnsitiyely, to ImU in, 
to rff«lrata; iiriffx*''' XP*'^'^^®*' 
^v'oy Aj. 884. iri^c m^xe X*^pct 
paip&^av ^vov Aj. 50. pqairi- 
cx^ptv rh irXi7y P. 869. koI p^ u 
kwi<txv£ yf C. 1484. 8c ^ kwux ^'l 
ptl rot Ovpaiav y oikov alexwtiv 
ftkovc E. 507; 2. to ttay, to delay ; 
kriaxtf^^f futOofptv P. 585. el IT 
l^Urov E. 1861. Mvxtc a^ov, 
Cfivf C. 860. ob woXbv XP^yav u 
kTrkoxov pi |M yav^roXiiy raxi P. 

'Birq^Xoc, poteetting, matter of; o^ 
iirqi3oXoy f pcywy A. 488. 

'Br^XvCt • etrangfr; & Hvot^ fX9sr* 
lir4Xvdfca&9icP. 1175. 

'Briy a preposition governing a gen.^ 
dat., or acctts. case ; oa, tipm, ntsr, t«, 
etc, sometimes used adverbially. 

'BirijSalvM, 1. to Moaat upon, to cm* 
kirjr, to advance; ok rbv twwopavif 
Xciuwy' iTtfiavra AJ. 144. £Xiov 5c 
iwipac iXiV^MV irXirey 851. i«-*. 
fiaiyt wSpou C. 175. 2. hence to 
altota to, to reat^; rqc ibotfiUtc iri^ 
Palvovrtt^ attaining to piety, or ^'n^ 
piout C. 169. 36|i|C irori r^tf^ iri* 
B6vTiCt having ever reached thit hopm 
P. 1449. 8. Alsoto«ftofJlr,to/aU 
upon, to ^tfil ; rd A va6qfiaracf iva 
frp^ a^^v r9C ^p64povoc Xpvotic 
kwifiq P. 194. ei t' trap vXqy^ 
Ai^ 4 Camo^C X^yoc 'c Aetyumv 
mmMpauc iw^ AJ. 188, ihegrpT 

Anmfm. yip hripajumfAvmf y Af ^ mw 

TXv^l&XXii, 1. Ptopcrl/v !• pvl iumh. 
It tHjP«M; Muiyvra 7^ oM^ — 
IW^aX« OvanXc l^pwOac T. 188. 
& Udintt tk§€tUmtUm f, U mndim ; 

m t m t im ii m tmlmmUg mtegr U kt rtmt' 
tfMrf — wdk «• Mf MTf E. ]2Sa. 

l^wtStdwrn^ u Utk uf>m with Mvjr; 
rixmtc iwtfidwmv B. 1526. 

^vt^raXfvrvc, « pUtitr ; rvv pamwtoc 

*B«i/3^i^roc» f ibiii^«r«lrtitflL mUrfhU 
tuuu; i 0Tpmnnhc i^9ipp6pniroc 

umiiwUmd; twmc lA^P ^ m4 *^* 
ywft w rai fadptf wpoaiw^ £. 1288. 

fiamw gmXwpra jU. 18. iwkypm 
pMvimQ i^mvmr rh¥ Mr A. 950. 

'ErUtim^wfA, to fAfw, to txhibiii iXXi 
sivi^filar o^ X^t» /i^ymr £• 1445. 

*%wUuv, See 'BfopdM. 

hri TA»iwUaMn¥f6T%PtXp OUiftUa 
^wUpaiuS^m See 'Srir^x*** 

90t/Q watt wup f MMT — tuH tukttuudc 
'SmCiM, to Ml #fir, to 5i(ra ; fyfujA 

#ayra T. 837« 
'Srtf pc, oMd ia tlM pluiml only, and 

that once, ttgnifjring lAifff « grmUfml; 

iwuipa fipa^a B. 1094. 
'EwtBvfUm, to iolrt ; r^ /i4 'wiBwiutv 
' — vfptfvA epay T. 614. 

imr; r«^ Iv x<^i^ ^M X^^Mvy 
mlwt$9pdpara B. 918. 
'XviO^fXH^ to tf irwl ; al|fia« ««v cictoy 

"Xv^AU^, ^ppartttwgj auUtkU, JllUmtj 
1 |i4 'vtnipc pjfck €vi»fip9¥rm JEL 
S75. rpiwoF Api^wwpiv Xavrawy 
Mvr «M^ Mttupay ij. 1885. 
'SwunyMyMC^ ad?., fuU tf piril; mg 
, vim I«a4, cdruriyAiwfeic fip9nXt 

^iflpSrmp r 5pa6ir n ad| 4p99c 
^Mc«sr97api«ri nt^iaXf/M rav- 


«l(pi — AafiimctBoiC iwUtompoc d^^ 
Xi#v0aydrM^B.i96. 5 ^ iiriaovpoc 

— OaVarocC.1228. Sea'I^orlXfcroc. 
'Biracovf i^Mt to ^f /klM ; ^ ik warpdQ 

— iTAttfpdff #^ litol ** 4«i«om^i 
Aj. 1890. 

'Eirucpoivii. to ptrfonu to frria^ to pati; 

iaifiMf^ ic ravr' iwhtpaviv P. 1454* 
'Bvicr^/Mii, properly to flef«»r«» ma- 

taph. to tmk$ ; |v/i|idprvpac ^/M*' '*^^ 

KT&fuu, I totltf Mtt to wilaaM tof iCJbtr 

A. 889. 
'Biricri/yM, to tUy tgtmf Wc ^^4 

riy Etavinn* iwiKrnydv; vAoi 

5r«vffry ii it to ilay lAt itoia 7 A. 1017. 
'EwiKTtictc^ aa ac^MiiiiMa; aoXi) ydp 

4 'rkrvaic P. 1828. 

Vifunt) cdwfcypMMv coXmc E,788^ 
'Brur«#d;Mt to Aticaii; ^irucwc^M ira- 

rp^ — > ialra E. 275. da' t/ay — 

^oapvvotcdiriaMcvtfat ^oa<t f5y vl^ 

—I 795. 
'BwutmKvm, toJbJad«r; rlc farat /i' 45- 

friMiXvM#y rd^i P. 1226. 
'BviXayx^y*** ^ •itmim 5y Itf; rd rf 

Kardfu/iWTPv iwtkiXoyx§ wb/Mtnp 

^oarkc-^yipatC. 1287. 
'EwtAafi0AvM^ to <fiM| paH.» a5x 4^i 


ydp rom^' iw^fX^wrm^ vieip ; /«r 5a« 
iA# not Mca Mistd I0tl4 m«4 a iiuaul 
A. 728. 

'BvcX49oi«ai,to/0iy#t; yoWtfy ^iriXd- 
9<rai £. 148. u^ — vvfadxOfo 
p^r' ^riXdOov (x4Xo») 172. 

'BriXqirroCt dUiettd ; ttaX vdc ^ 
adra^vroc ypiOif A. 402. 

'BviXoi«vct'V"*<"tof aair; rd«iXair« 
r^y Xdywy P. 24. 

'Ba>«/iip4>Mi, to dmrt; iwBawip iwiid* 
povw P. 511. 

'Bvipittfo/iaifto ripTMdk wil5, to 5katf ; 
6y iwtfuitfopivti ai T. 122. 

'Briiilyw, to amitl, to mall ; Wc dpc |u 
irdrpac — iwtfUvu ; C. 1716. p4 
'aniulMu ra^jiay M9ym ardaa T. 

*EwifUfiv^CKm^ to rrMlad (/; paM. tola 
Mta^tti ^ to r§mimb€rs p^i* iwifk^ 
p^oigcfri TpoittC P. 1886. 

'Ewifuiap, to aoflM «poa; in T. 852 
Bninck and many otiien read tixw 
rat v6occ oZoy drapwUtp ohwm dya» 
aXi«f5y *HpaaXI« dvipaXf ardOoc 
dKrhat : bat the Triclin. baTa iwi-- 
iwXf, wbich Elleadt, Hennann, and 
bindorf approve I Ifivpmva tiina- 
poied dyoaXiirey and HpacXlovCt 
on tbe authority of Mvonl andant 
H8S. being put for *Hp«aXia: the 
lenee ie» mA a tirnol pUmui mfmng 
oi aaaff yel ktfn Htmdm fiom m« 

*EwwimK9 M^HftiV ^ •Mfery ; imy 




tm¥ wityra rdwtvina, tft« rtiMnb of 
vietoiy B. 683. iwivuelM aOipUt m 
vietiirhHt tinngtk C. 1090. 
^^wtyUreofuu, properlj, t§ «mm U; 
metaph. sppbed to water thai by ir- 
rigation fertiliiM tho earth, to IIO10 
0otr ; Kif^v^c — ^cvr^oc WiSUtp 

pAifttf— ,/Imm ortr tJb«p(fliiu/«rfi/iiM^ 

(Jk# 6aMM 0/' tk» mtU C. 695. 
'Birivoio, •jUrtkougkt i ifnMu yAp 4 

Viyoia rg^w yvM/ii|v A. S85. 
'Bmwfc^'^ioCt nufiUl; hnvvft^wc 

K^voc A. 806. 
'BviVMfii^M, 1. to 6riitf tipoa ; r6. ^ 

tfiK dXXaic iwtviifui lUyac'Aptic A. 

1S9. 3. to proeurt; oifik rip' av- 

r^ wat&pa kok&v iTtPutpav P. 168. 
*ItriwiiOm, in the midd., to almy; d war 

pawttc gAwiWilcoitai E. 1464. 
'BriiriXofuii, to i<ra« fuar ; vlfoc 4*^y 

AwArpoww hnwX&fUVW dfarw R. 

'BriirX^fftfMv to c&iJf. to nprvvf ; cdyM 

VcirX^ffffM cai XI7M AJ. 38U ri 

r^a* MvXiiCac; C. 1737. 
"BriiryiM, to 6to upon ; 8c (Gapmeua) 

rirt ftmvcfiiv^ l^v hp^ BaKXt^*t¥ 

iiriwvH i^walc ixBiffri^v dviftrnv A. 

^EwiwSitoc^aUtuthid to tktfuii Mag 

— iwtvoiioQ B. 1350. 
'BvlroXoc, aa attoaikmt; ^ M^<^ 4*^ 

iviVoXoc In p6vtiioc R. 1833. 
'BrirovoCf iakoriout, tsiUmi; 'Api}c 
^ ^CiXvtf^ ^ir/irovoir itfUpav T. 651. 
4iriwovov Xarptiav T. 836. Iriir^yy 

— ii^py C. 1557. 



Xac lirMiila^ fo«. *«W"f »*«»"mJ 
to (ft« lioort jfMi wirAta B. 1344. 
'Biri^lioOlw, to rwi/*; roXXA pky 
X^yoic irff&p^VM T. 368. tf^P^ 
tffipiffi KhoL 

dvijp iwtP^iOotcii€uuHn A. 400. 
•Iiri(ip«ww/i^ to *flM OMiraf « ; uted 
imperwnally, ai^foic aciK* l«p- 
I&wtf6if Xiyiiy, aUhough tkijf kuv$ 
had €ouTag$ to fpiolt lirrii/f t^la^f 

0.667. , , 

*Swi9ayiui, a ^nira ; 8«v*v yt ro*- 

wUfayna r«5 vo9q;ian>c P« 745. 
"Britfti/ftocfUrna^* fiamkthc ^ pvnit 
Motipov «<A xcip5c tfx*^» ^^ ^i* 
kamng a li^al flMMiwial ta ki$ AaaJ, 
that lf| the dead body of hie eon, 
A. 1348. , , 

^wtmckwTopat^ to Mr upm; & M- 
pan — w / Iwtinh^m iuMtf Aj. 

*Bir[(ncifvoCt Hf0i*« <J^« ^Mt,' thenoe 
public; but the common rendering 
u, wtkU tks Unt ; uifF Irtea^vevc 
y6ovf ddspvi AJ. 576. 

'BiritfffvrrM, to Mffrg«, Mouaaad; oa- 
jMa ; umialW with a datiTO of the 
person, and an aoeiuative of the 
thing, or an infinitive ; ^fc7y rov- 
ra ftdW iw^niiwrm rtXiTy B. 353. 
KoX MM y' iwttfcqirr«# yc 1446. ^fip 

568. roffavr^ Iri^Ko^^ayrec a* 800. 
adwiircq^f — fZp^m Aiai^ v«^ 9k^ 
Mun Ai. 789. Once found with an 
aceuflatiTC of the penon ; ravtlMip 
a9^4ri0aqaTMT.1311.^ PaauTO ; 
airiay — wp5c i^C Ba¥ovnic ri^if^ 
Iwtmtivrov pApm^t tf^ *"*** ekafg§d 
ky her wJkra dying t$ kummg ikf Mate 
hah^tk$mi§ d$aik mud Am Hktr A. 

'kwimUi^M, to tlUrff, to McTf; paai.. 
XaOpaloy 5/i/t' Iwimoeyiiyif *f P^^ 
povv, CtfNMalfd ia tk» ihmdt 1 wuickid 
h§r fffUk 9eer$t tp$ T. 910. 

'BirJtfinoc* f^ading*; 4^ar*»y lflr«mnoy 
Xf7p' dvrlx^vra cpar^ C. 1646. 

'Biritfcoiriw* 1 . to fa.a»ia« iato ; r^y 
nkivraiav Uiiv ipipav Iwivce* 
wovyra B. 1539. 3. to Masi4lrr, or 
Tfgard mttntivily ; W — ^ Iwi- 
ffBowdy ffriycic; w^ t^M a<tai»- 
Ciotiy rfgarvfta^ am if«il ikom mwm ? 
E. I175. Alio to gacrd or walcA 
over, ipoken of Bacchus, the tutelar 
deity of Thebet ; Oq^tac ^wioico- 

'BwttfcoiroCf 1* uaed ■ubitantiTelj* 
oa« that Mtnea or prpi§ett^ aa •«* 
tp§etor^ guardiam, or director; w- 
X^My fBtypdrbtv Iwmawi A. 1134. 
ff$C Mpac M^KOWA C. 113. t?«^ 
iroi/iei rov vicpod y' iwitfcoWMA. 
317* 3. adjectifcly ; Ttirapoe /3o» 
fiyrec di^C r^^^' Irksewoy M^oc» 
— d^ TiacfT alffriag a alraia laiteii 
to lAif eaUmUy AJ. 955. 

'Bwiinrdw, to druw to eaMf{f, to eMota ; 
wiwoiOa rovr^ ^wieviirfiy aXloc Aj. 

'BrMnrfv^M, to Aeftfa; iwt^wtvcut^ 

'BwiffrofiaH 1. to kmaw^ to «ad«r* 
jtoNd anything; 8tfrcc •m^povfly 
Irl^oroi B. 589. irpic woXty 8' 
Mtfra/M» — 4«My C. 737. 4*^*- 
0T&pnv Civoy wap' dffroic ik ^«««- 

r&ffOai XP*^>' ^'1- *' ^^ 79 ^<^ 
Iwiorarai vi^iCMv 1010. iwiorajiat 
ydp r^t^f — rip^'iv wop' dXXe» 
pOMv^C nfoeplyi} V 1 138. ova <«*»• 
9rae6bi rivicv 1305. 8^ic ydp fd 
8pav id vaOwy liriffrorvi P. 668. 

II tni 

411. tflr^ Ap 9wa(pLf9Pf fn^f^ lirt- 
€rm^ft^¥ Xlyiiv 612. iTiarA^vBa 

XttRly 1079. iwlgrofuu n gal f p4- 
•M 9ww9Mkim T. 633. m1 v^ roSr' 
imimrmw A. 1111. ii ^ 7' ed 
fpOMly iwicTo^Q E. 866. o^^' 
irJrrwMt JcX£fiy 611. 2. Ifluiiiw 
JbMi to do aajthing; iyu 9k B%h 
fm^Bmi pkp OWE iwHrt^uu V09cvvn 
muv^ T. 540. I. u hmw from 
aooM otlior •onree, l» iMm ; in thia 
MBM fCMimllj mod in the impcm- 
tiTo mood; iir(«rw rovr4 yf P. 
417. Mcravf^iiri#rM^pM/Miw56S. 
MC faa^ 7* vo6iroc ^^' Iwirrav^ 
R. S4I. M< Ci»v/ iirj#ri« T. 111. 
•XttXiy k 'vip ^ rov/ lrft#ra0O 
Aj. 958. 9mfiipiap Ixwra t6vV 
M9rm09 1059. A y§ fUwroi rovr^ 
iwiera^Q 1349. dyi)p caO* i^/i&c 
U9kic ^f^ iwltra^o 1371. A vvp 
iircffn# r6i^ |i' aUx^vtiP ix*^^ £• 
606. ^ iwti 71 ^y a4 iriyr^ iwl- 

414. «UMC d rSkftac f^igr* iri- 

•oljiffr mfir mwif U hi taught^ nmt 
mtf i iMm €mi daring 512. ivM a' 

Aj.663. it^oUaKdym^wAyr^ iw^ 
#rif«<< jcX^tMT C. 53. wAvr* iw^ 
wrif^u 291. rivr^ M^ravtu A. 
398. 4. U k$ mMtundj or vernuded 
tf; fi yvy Ivirrw. wivr aniKoac 
A4yoy P. 1234. cai rovr^ iwierm 
Km ypAfamfonmvScu 1309. awucr' 
iwmm ravir hpmvf' iirierauai^* 
♦m^^ TiifiwSap R. 284. /iri^w 
-^l|Wf IfT&p SKiOpov 658. — fd 
rovf^ i9iwra99 A« 305. Iwi^rafuu 
— «f |ft* fvoyra T. 43. mc m^ Mv • 
rwr rt»ro ^vitfra«9al #f vpip Aj. 
274. oiv U-paatu rov/ iwHrajuii 
E, 898. 5. MWi2c iwiarartu fu 
mw/iftaMp r4«oc« '"^ "' ^«^ ilraavf 
tkmt J «« pnay #• lA« aterri (vhere 
A^ it;) lO^EIIcndt renden thif 
difficolt pMnfe 1 in othtr woidi, lA« 
pism mUmi immn when k$ ii, mud 
hti mt€ fmmd mt primf f th$ ntnt : 
bat it » mora nwal to undontond 

#v/i|MiAi4v in tho tenM of MdXai, 
md a* pU€t kmmai kmt (ii nble) te 
IMC* Mvlicnlioit AJ. 856. 

Iwwgrmmtt torrynwt •''•ST? '^ov 
fpp p rUfP iwwT£mc A. 225. 

"kmrofiMp to pndds MfTt to tupfnii- 
iMitf; vo9n40if4vf«r^rovyB.lO28. 

'Xmrdb^* Mf wU prmdm 0vir, or 
fviM ; Aifimc ipp/irmp irt/trinn 
S* 893. o^nic wctfipiMP htt^r^ 

tmtg Aj. 27. roM* ^rtfr^bv X( 
XiMwi GL 89IL gmphg yJ^ 8#vap 

dpipAnp ukywroc ipy9¥ wmprS^ 

Ut iwtcranic £• 76. 
'Sritfrf //3m, to IfMd npiNi | 3y 5* ^ir*; 

9Tilfiitc T6inp G. 56* 
'Bri^riXXtf, to «rd«r; vOy 4in«rlXXu 

— rode a^oivroc X'*P^ n^fMly 
'Envriv^vii, to noiini §tn ; Xi^pfiy 


'Svi^y«, towM»ni#Mr; w^tp' dpa 
^iwiffripmT. 943. 

'BiritfriOM, to fi0«ir mI o libation; yodc 
o^c av iroi9\ 8y 7' fffrciWy ryj^ 
iwiartfip E. 433. 

'BiTMT^/iv, icMMi, kn9wUdg§; riivV 
4wi9Thpnp Ixwp P. 1046. ry 5* 
iwtgrtipy 9b /lov «roo(rxocc dy R. 
1115. f vvm rdy dvflpa irdyr* ^r*- 
9rif|ii|c wXkMf A. 717. rot/rtnv Ix^ 
7dp irdirK ^iritfi^/ivv ^7w T. 337. ^ 

'Brft^roX^t only used in the plural, in 
tho Mnio of ihmrg; if\}umcthn, incn- 
dmt$ ; rdoJ* ^ira^roXdc irarpi rdxf t 
*w6p%v9ap 9ip rp^^ C. 1597* X5« 
7ii»y ^iri^roXdc T. 493. 9ol Olpovn 
rdo^' ^rctfroXdcf vVd^mv Aj. 768. 

'Biri«rparf^«, to altocJI;, oipeciallr 
wiA on onoy; orpar^f — pouXf^ 
o«C f6p9P pbgrmp iwivrpAuvnp 
AJ. 1035. IRbpolia x^pay — ^itip 
orpanbup T. 75. iwterpartbup 
warpiia r^prabriic 361. 

'Btriffrpif M, innsitiT., pioperif f0 Itim 
rm«Nd ro; but mc irpoc ri rioriy 
rvv^* d7ay iwiorpifitci fir ukdt 
purpeti da ytu insiU to ttrongly om 
ihi$ pUdgtt T. 1172, in allunon, 
layi Ellondt, to the intoitwining of 
right hand« which Hercules demand- 
ed. Intrana, to turn round; vf^ 
Zifv^c iifO^ waic 4wt9Tpi^aQ T. 
563. PaBBive, to bo ehangtd ; ^irf <^4 
a^Caryd'^vforpd^if A.1098. Midd., 
to turn onaU ntttntion Ce, to to ansioni 
about ; rivoc ^ 'Arpii^ai roOi* «— 
iwtarpifopra wpAypatoc X^P^^ i 
(rMt, that ie, PhUootdu) P. 595. 

'B norpei^t, a taraii^ a5diif ; 861 ^at« 
My ay^pMy rdx' ^wiorpofal rbp 
yahsopiap 'Apn piUu9tp C. 1049. 
Metaph., a rf toraing; pvplmp 7' 
iwtwrpofal aoKMir, i£ rftomtogt ^ 
tea f ioaiaad i/if C 543. 2. catv. 
aaxJeto; irp5 rov 8ii»4vroc r^vo 
fBwB^iwwrpofliP R.134« 

'BvirdavM, to OMOMaad; ail *wlTa9^ 
A pi Kpanle C 848. oaric — ro^ 
virdaauy ra7( apafalfiy Irtiai2 A« 

'Bvir^^f ^M, to to laltervfrnl to* to ar- 
OMBiMdato onmlj to; ip reic aa* 
m7c ireXX4 7' Ai^yaf aivirf^ifiy 
coai E. 801. 






'BriW/MoCf AfV* itfM in konmir of anjr 
one, or gh»m m m mcttrd ; in the 
plural, uied tubetantivelx, it aigiiifiet 
simply Atfneur; far' 'Opkarov rwra 
rdwirifita £. 003. Alio, nward, 
requiUl ; ^iiCoy livO^iroiM rdm- 
r</iia rijfc lv99ifi%iac ela ^Mpoevrat 

'BrcrplxM, to nm omt or e<0iijf; 
Krav Qpjf99ai9iif lpf/3oc CfaXov 
4wtipafty iTMMiTc, w^ durkmtufnm 
htHtatk |A« iM ii0ff;if e(0ii^ m lAt 
T^racjflii 6/tffii A. 6a5. 

'BwirpiwroCm detetted ; i| rohwirpiw- 
Toy jciVaJoc ^hpow /»' 5irov; ifMl 
f Aon «ar Mf of* tkut dtumd /«u, tirik«f« 
*«u? Aj. 163. 

'Enrv/i/SioCf ptrUining to u tomb or 
burial; Kdwirvfiftiovc x^C f^wca, 
/ p(iMr«tf Mil /i&alioM for your buriai 
A. 803. 

'Bx-i^avroct vUiblo, thence /iviiif ; ri 
^< — o^c 6\ouivav vP(HUiCf ^^' 
iwlfayropi A. 834. 

'Bri^wMM. 10 oddnuf fiiir' iwt^ 
vuv finiha Bvtir&y Oqxqv — 4^ 
fff7yoc lx<* C. 17&0. 

'Eirixaipw, <o r^oicf oinr ; ak ^kv id 
wpa99ovT' iwixaipm Aj. 136. ol ^ 
00 1' ycXftfiTwy Mirixatp^yrwy 'a- 

'Eirixaproc, J^^.vful^ or l&oi giotijoy ; 
i!»C ^ri'xaprov riXiov^' ^cKovtffov 
CpyovT. 1252. 

'£irixi«pov, reward; o&ri {i^lwy irc- 
Xi(pa Xax<>vtf<> A. 814. 

'Eirixwplw, lo yiWf/, to ^i'd* luty to ; 
n& fii} VixMPfcy rocff dwwrov9iv 
rdSi A. 219. 

'EirixMptec, iadigtmout^ bom* in lAe 
eountrif ; Miriywpioc x^^>^C R* 
030. vitcic <— f S^tir' Ay A^nx^ptM 

'Eri^avM, to toudk ; rttvi' iwiiffawat 
P. 665. X'*'P^ itMv 6pfC cwir^c 
lirt}l/aiov9ap ; 1230. «< — rafov 
iiiv ^jcvM rev3* in^a^fcy ioy Aj. 

^ 1373. 

'Eiroueoc, en tnAnftitoiil ; f^r* Ivoikoc, 
8c ^p<iiMi C. 507. dnpti rtc 'roicoc 

^ K.182. 

'EiroicrflpM, to cojii«iMr«to; Inuea — 
iiroicTfipiiy 9ff P. 818. oSr' Iwoi* 
«rfipftv riyd ic rovrovc 1304. oh 
rb Tov^ IwMKTtiptt 9r6fia R. 671. 
UousrtifM H tny Aj. 121. &e «' 
iwoun-iip^ wdXai E. 008. «c ^«^y 
<r' iwoiKrtipkt wdXai 1100. — ^' 
jroiffTfipac B« 1473. 6^6^ Jirouerd'- 
pac Efc 1101. -—code Iwouertptirk 
pi P. 1060. 

'EvMcri^M, to o^mmiaralo; Biaiut — 
«Ioy CHI 9T»yoovr iwoueTi9ai tt. 

EOA 80 

"Eropai, tofoilom^ toeltondl, toccMie- 

'EiroyopdC«», to mum ofier; r^v ioo* 

rdXaiyav Mt^ iwmvoua9ukvit¥ E. 

'Eroc, e ward^ e Mjfiii^, « ipiieft, • 

*^irorpvv'j, to incito ; obv 3* iworpbyti 

— i kX«iv5c adry ravra wftfioQ 

wapuy E. 201. Sri Oiotp' iwotrpp- 

yay poXfiv 1256. 
'Erovpoc, favourablo : but Ellendt ron- 

don it eoaUrmiaui, moighbouriag^ tkot 

arim elooo at hand ; icO' dy%iii%9oa 

rtc yiyoit' Irovpoc ioTMric aipa 

T. 050. 
'EriSif^i^oc, cAaf may bo looked ot ; ic 

R. 1312. 

'Zw6}^tof^ 1. eoNspicMoici ; tic 4v6i^ 
lov irayoy /io\ov9a C. 1506, ^ 
pttffO' — tic 4w64ftoy r6woy A. 1007. 
2. uaed in an active lenie 1 Oioi r' 
iw6}Lioit 9* god$ that look ooor 0$ 

*E«Td, fnwa, P. 1016. a 1313. A. 

*Eirr(S/3oiOC, made of tooen or-kitet; 
iwrdPoioy a^^tisroy eococ Aj. 573. 

*EirraXo7xoc» vif/b uvem laHCtt or 
troopt I lirrdkoyxoy -— 9T6\oy C. 

'ZwrdwvXoc* haoi»g uvon gatet; ir- 
ratrvXta 0»)/i^ A. 101. iirrdirvkoy 
9T6ua 110. 

'Eirtftc^, an ineautation; met cohm/a- 
tortf d'ueourto; yovOtroibfuyoi ^i* 
Xwv jwipiaic C. 1106. ov vp^ 
iarpab 9ofov Optiviiy iwi^dc wpbc 
TOuAyrt wifiari Aj. 570. 

'Eirwporoc, 1. tteorn ; ^riiporec XI- 
VMV, $peuking under an oath T. 427. 
2. atlfurodf tworn b\i; Zqy Ix*'*' 
iwiofioroy^ having Jooo called to tril- 
tt«u, or ealfing Jooo to wiimeu 1 178. 

'EirMyvpoCt 1. bearing or dorioing 
a name from any thing or penon; 
ixiiyvpoc riic rpooOiv dJ^piirvC'"* 
finrp6c C. 1323. £3* ^irwyvpov 
Tovpby — 5yopa roic 4po«c cacoic 
Aj. 425. 2. iMmamfil; rov^c rev 
Ofotv 7* ^VMyvpoi C. 65. 8. « 
namffolr^, lAa< irioM ito namo to; 
dXX' avro poc 9b — Xaffmy ^vmf v- 
poy, l&bpb9aKtc, i^X* Aj. 571. 4. 
iNfiiainM, applied to guardian doitict 
of a land ; raoi^ iwiyvpoy y&c 
oiyAira Bd«xoy R. 210. 

'Brw^XiM, toai<<, to atsitt^ to bo nteful 
to ; i90Xby dyip' ir%j^!tkAy P. 80X 
KOKobc iTotftX&y 1357. ttiyoy 04X- 
wy 4wkt^X!i9m E. 568. X^ii yap 
mdg obiiy, ovV iir^iXtX 004. ol 
j^ ^flr«iifiXiiy — r^ warpl Syydfktyat 


C 442. i^f C^fiqy ^dpoy 5 |a4 '^r' 
lyM rakcucdodwc IwmiiKiiva w6Xioc 
UfXitfOn, / ntHted • giA »**«*« 
«Mii/^ ikmt /, vrffdUrf, mi< titvtr 
mMriitd to gaimfrmm tk* tUU 646. 

Xy/ui €Muip6Vf m tcmmiy piltanct ^ 
/Mrf P. 275. 
'Epofuu and ltf^» l« ^ffir« tarmeUiji ; 
Ti yap hf &k' ip^ Xa/3f?y P. 647. 
cot jci^v ipm yt 656. iiitix^^^^ 
ipjcA.90. 8c6ayfiirlpj220. mm 

ipbfiiif 1317. r^c ^ifC o^*^ 'P*^ *'<' 
|i$C rir)^fly E. 356. roifphv mv ipf 
nap Aj. 671. SiitfC ^ fpa/tai irv- 
6i«0ac C. 513. Uwd in a different 
form, from Ip&pmn — iv ydp ^pdo9ii 
nrxf ir Aj. 946* 
'Ep€i9r^^ m Uver^ mn mdmirer ; ovr' 
^pa0T^c rH^ii rif c ytmiuit if vv R. 
*Ep«u0. 8ee*Ep«i/Mi. 
'Kpyo^o/ioi, actiT. 1. toptrform^ to 
tfett^ !• lio ; cither with an accusa- 
tiTC^ or without any case ; it i' ipya- 
9U p^ radra P. 66. S^rric cipya- 
0rat R. 279. l^vpfvnvvai rohpyov^ 
§ipya00ai H 347. A wpoffOf i' f ipya- 
#a« C 829. ofrt vvv raXd opac< 
ovrf wp6oBtP itpyacM 858. piin 
r5^ Ivyficlyat rb wpaypa ^ovXiv- 
grayrc pqr* tSpyavpivM A. 267. rov- 
ro(C — ilpydo^at rait 294. olov 
fpyoy ilpyaom 1213. lipyoy iip- 
yaa9ai fu T. 742. ^ rdXXa y' ij^ 
ya^ai 1201. tlwtp ttpyaarai rait 
Aj. 22. rd iiika npcq ir^fioydc 
ipyd^rai, wirked gain uorkg ruin A. 
326. 2. with aa acctis. of the per- 
MO and the thing, to affect any om« 
with mmtftkimg^ or (o d« mmythinr to 
mnm oao; M p' Ipydvu tagi P. 775. 
ola |i' kipy&am 916. W /i' ffpyaaai ; 
1157. o& /^' fipyaMcT. 1193. ri 
l^ra r5v ivor^vop ipya^gt tM^iv ; 
Aj. 109. pil h^ra, tciBtS p,' Ipydvy 
E. 1197. ttpyaooi. H /i decowa 
1307. 3. paaiiT., to b§ dono ; 

ti Koi pampa. cdpr' koth^ ipyaoWi' 
mtrou T. 1208. — ^ _ oiv ^a* 
Hrr' dpi^ tt^mopiva B. 1369. 
i!^ fp^' 1^1 mptiooov* iyx^rSic 
ilpjampgva 1374. 
Tl^cwf iM, f# 6ff ohmU to do ; ri 5' 
ipyaoiiitQ; P. 989. mc ipyaatUtv 
oviiw dyXcjM 6pofic T. 1222. 
'M^merioCf ttmiio U bo domo; W ify 

^ya#rioy T. 685w 
H^dr^Ci a vnrloaaav a iaiaartr ; rav 
^dryy wkp^fofif nyd arcXaJbra R. 
858. d«i|p«cMpydr9crici}yA.252. 
^I^dri^ aclica; iiaed a^jcctivcl/t 
vAMavoyjily dpyopf X**pa ^ <7xov 


'Xpyw. See tSpyu. 

'EpyoPf 1. awrilc, a trarlr, whatever 
aajf OHO ha$ daar, or UHdortakeM to do^ 
a deed^ at^ fipUat; twpata^ ^P7^^ 
P. 1211. Ml yAp ioa&v iuoi Kai 
Cvfif vrfvtfui rovpyov R. 347. H' 
IjHUte woUoy $pyov ; 559. iroiV ^bv 
fpy^ rovr' dwtiK^oaQ lyiic ; C. 821. 
rovpyov r^ tf(i)rpa|a 945. aoi rt 
rovpyop rovT* ipol / torai ppaxv 
1120. ffa| ro^pyop Av aov rodr' 
ffilir ttveu p6vQv R* 349. x^ptS 
wpoc Ipyop Aj. 116. — iraprot tp- 
yov ioooi0tuip tUipM A. 301, tame 
as way Ipyov ivomfiic* oBkow r6 
y* 4pyov rwro wotf|ffotf 321. rovp- 
yov If' l^tipyuopkpn 380. roi^t rovp- 
yoy iKttpya^pipoig 424. lUpatta 
rovpyov 532.. wj# roapyov — x<>' 
MrM IvvioTpptQ 538. oloy tpyov 
iipyaaai 1213. ptpjiixawtirai rovp- 
yov T. 583. wpaBvpiar ditiXov ip- 
yop 667. 5pM J' ^* Ipyoy ttipop 
iliipyaoplpiip 703. dOiXoy — fp- 
yop tipydo&ai uf 742. rovpyop aar' 
opy^p Mc ifa^/tup roh 929. r5 
X<x6l y Ipyov imrtXiip 1 1 77. r6 obp 
6(oiai tnKpin fpyop 1240. riXiova' 
itKovoiop tpyop 1253. 4wypio' Hfh 
yop Aj. 532. rd^oc ydp Ipyov col 
wolmp Up* t^trai 801. aov dpa 
rovpy OF — ff iirXiiairai 1 34 7. KMpbc 
— ipypM woyr^c '^ rfwiardriic E. 
76. ^ ydp woiiic rovpyop 615. 
roj'i/ Kokbp rohpyop 1486. — oi- 
wfp fpy' dpitpop^ip KOKa P. 598. 
Ipya Kpii ffoop' dyyot^c R* 1374. 
Xww4a'a a!#x*^^* 's' av9pw woce'iv Ip- 
ya yjyvirai -1408. ipymp iuAprmp 
C. 239. rdtfya rdpd 267. rd y 
tpya pov iliid. tpyotg dyomic 284. 
S^vi avvOojcoc Bpopmp Aiime 4w' 
Ipyotc wdai 1270. dw' fpywv ib* 
tXuordrmp A. 691. irarpb^ tpya 
1210. Ipya hipd T. 720. dvjpoc 
rovJc rdpya ravra Ai. 39. wfcpM- 
pivy ^1 rAv^f rAv ipymp E. 460. 
aia'xiffra — Ipya ipmoa 576. rMv^i 
rwy lpyi#y lopic 598. rd ^d Ipya 
610. IpyMKdapif £. 22. 2. spoken 
of na^/« d<fd< or actipai; o^a oZJa 
rovM dpbpbt ipya Kol tpdrii E. 
679. oT Ipya apd^ac 741. o^a* 
Ipya pfltf X<'P^ dpalrac ipic Aj. 
434. r^ wpir i' tpya x%p6ip pi- 
yiarac dpirdc 609. feyorydp 4ar% 
rove dao^fuAprae wiaeip; A. 726. 
ifmariop roCpyat* & 1008. 8. 
ijl' wkkid ootiaat ; roboyop — JdXy 
wpo^ipwop R. 538. aT Ipya ^pdaac 
1402. 3ri ravr^ K *Arpfia«y Ipya 
P. 404. oT Ipy* 5 waic p' Upa^w 
bbl 'AxtXXi*»c m Ipyoy r ban 
rMt p^ptoac dfwl z!ivc 373. fy" 

yoy 'ArMl^ay Aj. 928. ruaZ' Awu- 
aaynctpya E. 205. ahritta rtXoStfi 
Twpjo¥ K. 1391. ohr' itg fXiyxov 
X«ipoc 9^^ 4'7»v fuXmv C. 1299. 
Beiai|{iu« boldljr oonjectura xtip^t 
alfTwpyfti, 4. anything that is 
related as b$imf dona^ or (« W dama ; 
car' Ipystf cr9#iy T. 229. dcovt 
ro&iyey 1147. Ocoic ayvmiaoevytiv 
MtSoTtf ipymp TM¥ wpa990f$kvmv 
.12.57. £yai' judftini rovpyow Aj. 
277. ^ifXoi A rovpyoy 340. ovtc 
loTi roopyov rX^rov 4G1. tovt 

iarlv ij^V rolyiyoy fic 4*^ A* ''<**' ^^« 
847. oT — fpy' dcovrndfe 1224. 
r6r' fpyuv rAyOi fu/iviivBai XP****^ 
E. 1243. rovpyov ov ftatpay X<- 
yfiC P* 26. rovpyov fl'api#rac favc- 
po¥ 1275. vpofiifyvq^ yt roSro /i^- 
61 vi rovpyoy A. 85. mt dvotmov 
foi rovpyov if^ 273. pi| r4 cai 
BtriXarov roipyov roit 279. rovp- 
yov r^fiiti(oy dyifcci 4 car* ifiiv 
pmuay T. 1014. See dyiicM. rj 
Tovpyop; C. 891. 5. emplttymtnt, 
butiinu ; ffcyy rovpoy ^Pt^*^ iivvroy 
T. 31 U. Ipyoy piptpymy woioy^ ^ 
^10 V Wya ; R. 1124. Ipyov n^t; 
0uy rd Xoiy virifpfrciy P. 15. ovtt 
Slv paftpmv Xoywy — r63' tiif rovp- 
yoy E. 13G5. G. c* oUiv «i<7w 
r^ff^f vairra«yfiy irvXifc fr' Ipyov 
iaTiV^ there is no iicfi/f or no v^e^ 
&.C. Aj. 12. Miv Ipyoy ravra 9p»|- 
yiT<r9ai partly 839. 7. spoken of 
f/eei(f as opposed to word* ; wAq 
Ay huty ip^yJ^Q ^py^ ytyoiptiv^ 
&S / tOio9t irpov^n P. 528. Xo- 
yoKfiy ftir' fpyoioiv licpkafiiiv fipov 
It. 517. ayyiiay Xoywy Ipyov ri 
irayr6c8G5. ravr' ovc dptOuoc itrriy 
— XoywVi dXX' Ipya ittya C. 384. 
fpya rip \6ym unvoirai 1190. rd 
o' Ipya roe; Xdyovc fvpio'tfirai £. 
G15. aXXd pt X&yoiQ dTi^XXvc Ipy' 
fx^y Q^toT* iiiol 1352. Also topD- 
9oc« — ow 6 pvBog ly fipaxti 
^paaai xapi^riv, oori rapya C 1578: 
and to pfipara, -— Ipyoic irtiroy 
9ii»C piipaaiy ^ dpvyopai 877 : and 
to iirti. — rap* Hwti Kai rdpya rdpd 
R. G13: and to yXAo'ira. -^ bpA 
Pporoic Tiiv yXAvaav, ovxi rapya 
irdy9' tiyovpiytiy P. 99. oray \6ytp 
BayCtv Ipyoio't tf)ui9w E. CO. pio'cTc 
piy \6ytp, tpyip ii roiQ ^yfiVi rov 
irarp5c Kvyu 350. X^yM ply iffOXd, 
raiffi t ipyot^iy xasd C. 786. On- 
poicd also to other things ; oif^:^r 
Myfly fcaipoci dXX' Ipytny dxpn E. 
22. Mv piyov povXii^para, dXX' 
Ipya Jiiyd P. 552. ob rhy XP^»'oy 

?p4 pdXXoy q r^pya rKoniy A. 


&8€ir P. 6. £t' k' h^ -^xMs T^ 
ipSm C. &S5. icivS^y vpiScricy 1^ ri 
Ao^toy wttptip/ttt IpSciy E. 83. (ri vvr 
Mup^f IpSciy 1360. It TdT Ip5ci A. 
371. Toyri y fp(«ff P. 117. 96^ 
ip^ rimi 678. rdf Ip^of 1337. 
owTffca &iow« «p^ Tov 9mib% Ip^fMr 
TdSt T. 931. di8d«pvr»ff ipf^ 1191. 
— tIirk wpoam^K^aty IpCMi P. 1392. 
ipiovaty, J^/UXAowi; C. 1076. rlvwr 
v^ V/f>(< X<V2 S^^Mpoff ; Aj. 889. 
^tptfios, Ki «5ics, a region beneath the 
earth, not so profound as Hades ; to 
Taprdfpov rrvyy^ wwrpfor Ipc/lot C. 
1 392. Up oxdrot — lp«iSot ik ^OMwd^ 
raroy^ its ip»i^ €k§9$4 pL ^Mffpa Aj. 
389. Used metaphorically, of tho 
darkuen beneath the sea ; ol^ ^- 
Sror Spiff otuai tp%fim S^oAor 4fn^pd(^ 
frvocuf A. 585. 
*Epc0(CoS ^ roiuo, to prpwkg ; ^cAauAovt 
8* V^C< Mo^ai (« AsKomot) A. 
'Epc(t«, 1. fo imjij, orJU in ; ^pfio'c 
vAfft^pcuf pivvoy tnrxfi* A. 122U 
2. lo rting In; /ptlrar*, «( mu^vAtvp^ 
Jbfi^i3<{ioy ipi^Am* \^ ^Anurrt C. 
*Epciy and cfrtiyy fo tpeuk, Co fojf, (o If i/» 

or relate, 
'EpciTior, a wrM^, spoken of tho ilM^I 
earcatii of cattle \ iyft ipetwiott y§K'- 
pAy "^ e(rr* ipytUv ^iyov Aj. 301. 
'Epcivwi lo ifcroip fliiirn, |i> otorlArow ; 
dXA* ipthnt 6cMr ret (Aa/Wgyittr <y^ 
ror)y 6ul <om« ono <•/' lA« ^otfs oo€r- 
(Artfios the raet of' the LaSdaeid^ A. 
592. Passive ; ly 3* iptnrtots yeitpAt^ 
iptupOtU f C<rro, and amidu the vrecks 
of th* MrcttMs he ml Uretehed oh 
the ground Aj. 302. tU pdka pi- 
yea ipelwereu ttrvwos i/ptcratt LehoUi 
how thU mightjf boU^ iiuieierUmUe, is 
hurled down C. 1462. 
"^lO'/M, a fitfv or iupport; x^XMhnvw 

Ms, llpturp*''A9n^Ay C. 5& 
'Ep«^t, dorlc, 6(iicie ; ipepyhy tip' Hcvoia 

Aj. 3G9. 
"Epco^ai, to itiauire, to osXr, to interrogate ; 
m4 m' fpp 'ra vXffJoM P. 572. ipoy 84 
rJIrr mmcy^^AprMfuy £. 553. oAmAos, 
•f 9ff rovr' ipiaopM srdXw U. 1 1G6. 
*Ep4ffcm, properly lo rois ; Keiraif ipiff^ 
ffw T. 558. Metanh.; lUXov r ^r 
ptraXAayf vo\v/ii|xayo« di^p^f ^p^- 
^fi. lAoM Ctrl handUd P. 1120. rolas 
ipiffffooffof Art lAAt totporcif *Arp««3cu 
ira0* iipAy, tnch threats do the liri«i« 
reigning Atrid^t ply agninU us Aj. 
34G. ma 31^ p>nTi9 iptivety^ retK-Uing 
to$n§pUn A 168. 
"SpsMwa, iMrcft. taf mui'Ijon ; ovk fpfvyay 
rov $eufiyrot t^x^^^l ^* ^^* 


l# JMreft, t# inve9iig9l$ ; £r fty 
#f^ XH^ '^M^ R- 725. ^ oMiy 

iking gMtud hii Mir jMndk (Jnf nt 
i€trckmg) A. 36A. 

I^X'*^^* Enetkida, or a dttetndant 
^ Ereeikgui^ who was a king of 
JItheiif, and fiither of Cecropt ; if- 
Xfutrf^muf *Zp9j(fkiXu» A. 969. ytMos 
XMv^ ^ 'E^X^«<(>y Aj. 201. 

Ijpiiyiiff, Unfiimiu^ tk€ being ahnt ; ipii- 
pim |tf — 0fUKp^ r(9n^t C. 961 . 

'KfiyaMt 1. licfrrl, ttnitiAiifrtK^.of places; 

▼ir<AAWpwiaP.34. Mf9'— rvt 

il. 735. ^ifMff M ftr ^ fipQTw rr(- 
iB«f 769. 2. dttertid^ abandoned, 
/nrmken, of living beings; ifyiw £8ff 
srffiAsr P. 228. tiA4«y oi^x/wf £8* 
^^qfior 265. vpaBdirrts iMJU — ^pij- 
^MT 269. /d^ Aivpf M* ^^ /<i>vy ^pij- 
|Mr ^y mutoZri 469. fi^ /i* i/^s ifyiMf 
mSrm x**!P^ M^MSvwr rri0a» 485. fit 
Vjpo£|^(iUs« ify»»9 $ipiko¥ hroXdif 1006. 
^^q^f Affa^#ii^c^' 49i| 1060. yavs 

67. TftKiidaw i^ wd/rrtttf if4^»mn 
1509. Tsjyukr 8/fiat /^fior ~ oM* 
iitoyvrfir Ibw C. 503. imitoi UttMtt 
1712. VM 3iyt' — if^/Mt iwopos oi&va 
xkifiat^ «(« 1 733. il^rrt lUtrnw ipVf*oif 
Am 878. 3ri yipotT iolnai T. 901. 
— w^tf ip^lWL 527. mS* ifnifaos wpbf 
^IXmf A. 910. 3. ioliiary, dtUi' 
tuts; 'rwwp6a^ ip^/uv tovSc 3vrd^ 
Mv wXduw C. 1 1 16. rd Xpa /m w^ 
/tot aMif £8^ 'pqyMf — iwaftfjjp9i 
1715. 4. once of places, deuitute; 
mriymi f(knw ip^tttu^ rm^ V ian^kht- 
•mrvx/oiE. 1397. 

'Mf^H^j U aeparaU} woMJl nikivOos 
dpmHtu m iamg wnu tepnrata us C. 

*Mft0om, Ert&o-a, sometimes called Ft rt- 
ihKm, daughter of Alcathous, king of 
3Icgan, and wiib of Telamon the 
ttOugr at A}UL;taiTpli^^*Ept0ol^kiyw 
A i. 566. 

/«r rAal u Jarl *a« as rtsssa Is eanltnd 
vif A IMS £. 459. 
*Mfa^,' 1. £riitnjf<, one of the 

Furies ; V ^ I^m*^ ^o^ 4c^- 
cswrs 1^; Aj. 1013. tu^iiiMp t^ 
"li^ii^ 1369. 2r tfs wtinfimt AiJny 
v^mt^ 1^11^ rt T. 806. iCffi md 
vsAvwssf aol vsA4x«y &— -x^'^'i^'vf 
"S^iF^ £. 482. Also nlural, lAs 
JFWncf; Asxfiwv*'Ai8svinu#r«r1^is>- 
fo A. 1062. ^^^ Ts itMT «m8ff 
*i>ir4tf £. 112. 'l^pii'^Mr AfarrW 
iv4tfMKV]farT. 1040. ^H^t 1^ 


Ss Toy^iroSaf Aj«- 824. S raycMu 
minfiot ^ 'Zpt^s 830. 2. a fury 
or curis abiding with anv one ; t^v 
o^y'E^ci^ atrlw iltm krpt G. 130. 
Ms — jrofci^ wpAf TsiiSc varp^f rm¥ r§ 
rsvir 'Epufimif 1436. 3. vtngeane* 
or a runs inflicted on anyone ; 'Efudip 
oihu^ U^fiauyAvn E. 268. trww 
fuydkaif — fiSc npA^ 96faoun fwa^ 
*Epa^ T. 891. klyav ^ hnvx irol 
^imv 'Epaf6$ A. 599. 9ri oiarpn- 
6ff«ra fo-b rwf'Eptyiwf'Arreyiini rovro 
Tffr^AfMfirff. 4. sa aeeurttd num; 
Mituufi\od«^*Epaf^t having deHroyed 
tha twin-fury (vis. /EgiMhut and (fly- 
temntiira) E. 1069. 

iLpa, eantrovtny, ttrifi; ttffijKBg roof 
rpiffoBKUif tpis Ktutf C. 373. ol $*ol 
v^ fi'h^§ T^v 9€irpnft4infif IJpiy Kora^- 
04ff9uur 423. ^rei ffritra tpts lUx"^ 
1235. XiiTfi r IfMt Aj. 718. «»4>»' 
#uyAs^ficiws 997. icrtu /irydXifs IpiS^s 
ris a7«tr 1 142. 

'Epurrifi, (0 6« diiputtd about ; roa BtwOf- 
roU obK ipwrk wkdBtof £.213. 

^EpKcisff belonging to tk$ kouMi or As/i; 
MtU 9 fibs kIoi^ ^otcfiau &T(yfit Aj. 
108. Tov irarr^f %^ Zifi^f Zpnttov 
A. 483. 

'Epffof, 1. properlj, a A«d^s w fence ; 
fpnos hff^if^ taered thrine T. 604. <p- 
c^ ijKenKpiUvontypent us rtlAia lAs 
camp Aj. 1253. 2.'S MSl, enclosing 
a letter; ^^poyiSoi cpfrci T. 612. 
3. a tnare, or Irsp; xpw^^^MS Ip- 
irfS'i Kfv^ivru ywautm^ Secretly en- 
tangled in the golden-vrtathed fetten 
rf a woman £. 827. fW/kiXAsr f2r 
^Mcii Mucd Aj. 60. 

^EpfMa, a Hpulchral mound; wpbt Ijpyia 
rvi»fi6xefffT0P 4pXoiun. A . 84 1 . 

*EpiMiw, anything found^ good Inekf 
which was attributed to Mercury ; 
(erf' iftJbt^ BoSft/uueif, this if isry good 
luek A. 393. 

tptuuos, belonging or fscnd to Mireury; 
Epfuuoy Spot P. 1445. 

'Epfoipe^^ to eiplain, fa thaw to; ipit^ifwi 
/Ml C. 399. 

*Jtp§ais9 the god MercHry ; *Epfi^s 4 w^*- 
wwr S^Xisf P. 133. r(3t T^p M* ^hr^ 
'Ep^n' ' Miar^f 0. 1545. 4 MaW M 
wtui 'Ep/i^e £. 1888. — i x^Um' 
'tpi^ 111. — «raAd 3* lyia vo^vaisir 

rlp^ wopanim rlxt^ MSoior T. 617. 
"k^pivf, a ysaax f rss or fAsst, applied by 

Sophocles to human progeny; ^ ^- 

rar'fpiivC. 1110. 
"lEpet, sameaslEpwf.Mr; — S^Xaf^a^A 

fpirmM, fyos 4 anlMf £• 190. - 
^tpmm, 1. to go, to treof^ also Iscssif, 

ta ntmrn; ^tlfkn mt^ Mytteuf 9^ 

«srm P. 207. tff^ el $4Aea 720, 



iif /ij^ 'ms UAif 078. tpmm 1 140. 
i|mi^ d( — ic4K9v9w Iprtit 1207. o6 
yip &ir ^/mh rotyi^y Mftoi /p^/4ov cp- 
««iy C. 603. ffSiy -^ ff^nrv 154U. 
fprc^* its rdviffra 1 630. Sjprorri /uU- 
Xor 2tfvor A. 1 105. Upa ht^rvx^ord" 
Ti}y KiktvBo¥mw 1 1 08. 4« M^wuttrof 
tlffop&s ifami T. 303. o^if — ftvwOfi' 
^puroOtrp 813. A\X' Ifiwirm xo'^wra 
816. ic&y Mi|8iir Vtm 1008. ^^^vt 
Iprcv irtrai Aj. 280. •fnrorri ^MTfir 
630. (pre T. 613. E. 1404. ^As 
Ti^ 8M(^iiy cffMrfl T. 160. ST c&vt — 
EupVTOU W/NTOS v^^ti' 747. f^f 3* 
iUXoK KaAotc p. 604. o& 7^ &y ki^ 
yoXv0Tc^f £y cr/nrff wtcptipww id^imis 
R. 83. 0^ yi^ &y £3* AXAorp(o<f JS^ 
fuuruf ttpwov C. 14.^ dbs yiip 4p$M 
€jpw§ 1583. ^7i}66f Ijpvffi Zditpvop 
i/AfJrw An £. 1222. 2. In pro- 
ciwi/, to advance, to undtrtaks any- 
thing ; wpi^t yiip T^ir Kxo¥it 6 ^06¥os 
IJpirffi Aj . 1 67. worh ii\v icoic^y, AXXor* 
^ ia9k\nf lifnnt A. 364. Ilrof oMiy 
^AXc/vffi ytKfar M vX^tfor cpvor 682. 
0»8ijr SjprffiF Byar&p 0Ur^ ~^ iirrhs 
Uraf (iOO. ciSari 3* oMiy Spvci (Kra), 
attacks 614. ffpirci nyoAAi^ roirra 
Aj. 1066. 3. to grow ripe^ to ad' 
vaM4 to ripenou; ipA iiJkv fi^ i^ 
fdtf tpmmtva^ «1P^^ '^ ^ ^^fwtaoM 
T. 644. 
*^^% to go to mill, til perith^ to vanUh ; 

660. Tff Korh Taf, %t w4ov t^i C. 
1772. rohii)i¥ L$ t^u i4fua ^ayiffrdr 
£. 67* riuctiifou Z4 coi vtrrl^pC t^t, 
ail hope of safety to thee from him is 
vauUed 013. ^ i^^irm^lXyw P. 
1186. o\tV ipy diriMrvar6s re Kit- 
wdrwp ifuv C. 1386. f/l^i t^ ftr oMs 
£.241. l^^ci3ir&0<7aR.OlO. 

*EpiiicM, fi> restrain ; i\kd ris BemfaXkp — 
^A<3a^^8<(/uiy^^ffiT. 121. AW^r 
S8c x^' 4p&Krrui P. 1138. 

'E^v/io, a fortification or ram/Mrl; vp^i 
Ipvfta Tpiiwy Aj. 462. 

*E^/ub^iot, £rj^ifuiiiMiaN, from Eiyman- 
thus, a mountain in Arcadia, where 
Ilerculct killed a wild boar Uiat waa 
a |iC8t to the surrounding country; 
*JLpipJiM9tw Tc eqfw T. 1087. 

*tpwrr6s^ drawn; no^ethf ipvark ^^ fff^ 
Aj. 717. 

'Ep^. See ^ip6w. 

"Epx^t*^ ^ eow'y to £0, to arrive, 

"EpMt, 1 . (oof ; I r^r tpwt T. 433. 
TOO T^S* fjpanvf — Vtf)v f<^ 480. 
ipdreNf 3* ipArm¥ AWvwwcr Aj. 1184. 
3.lA#tf«i<v ^'L«M, particularly apoken 
of tfainMl paifira ; 1Sp«f kntsiaire yA- 
Xor A. 777* "^pM, tf ^9 icHi^i 
w^fif 778. 4if — "Epwf U 9w luk- 
wat #tAr f^citar T. 368. "Iptrri m^v 


— Srrif hnoAiTTairas 441. 8. ^«« 
•irf of any kind ; r^ f %f^ eHrmt 
lx« P. 666. eUflr ip^ras toCT Ifol- 
rtr' m^\mf C. 437. I\vb -* ««\- 
Xoif 3^ dv^ra iceu^or^ ipdren^ A. 

613. 1^^ 'pws *<P*X«^' ^ '^'^v*^ 
r^fioir Aj. 678. wplr /Oy y^ odrvSr 
iv fptss Kpdarrt re ^pt^we m6Im C. 

*Bp«^dM, to aA, to interrogate, to pitl a 
oufflioM 10 ; irol 34 0* fpirrd £. 300. 
iri vp«rr' ^pwrfi R. 1110. W $m ^ 
ipvrA 1122. trtof ^ ^p^f^i ^if r< 
Kol w6$ep wdpei P. 66. Kp^orr' ^p^ra 
A. 646. M^n* M* 'p^« R- 740. tit 
rt 9ii /u raSr^ epemnrea tx^**i T* 

'Ef , or E2r. 

'Eff^o^tJSdCwt to reach; voAAmv — A 
/4^ Vtmuoa fii|8i at^Mp4poirra kKpirrea^ 
ivafi^fiiraaw iae6rofiov Afowrev tit 
&vd7icay R. 876. See 'Awm^ier. 

*Etf'^pXO/Mu. See Eurdpxetuum 

^Eeitifia, a garment ; itr^/uera ^opour^ 

*EitHs, dress^ a garment; 4a^i vim 
rotqZe C. 1260. Aoirrpea Wnr M^l 
T* i^i^miffwf 1600. 

*£ffOXor, 1. ofaperM>n^diftpo«ition, 
good, honestj noble ; ^(Xay #orO\^ R. 
61 1. rts yip 4e$hh$ ovx etirf ^iX«r ; 
C. 310. iv^iihp Mp' 'vttf^AMr P. 
803. Mpa — fikdwreuf r^ ^^OA^ 
Aj. 1324. r}m iirQhJbv iMpn 1331. 
4i^ naif intSa iv^Aht Ar iwtamro 
1378. ^o^A^t ffit 4^ 7*7^' £• 34« 
wi^oKsv MXiis 314. tfo^Aov warp^t 
voi P. 06. cry c^yci^f v^^oty eft' 
iv^hSw Kotdi A. 38. 2. of a thing, 
good^ useful^ honest, anspicious ; ^c^r 
ftrMf ^00A^f P. 847. I^A^y (^ifr 
^p«) R. 87. \&tv t»^'^ #^Ad, reZri 
3* tpyoivtp Kwtd C. 786. /idrris fl(fi' 
4ffB\w kyAimv 1082. r^x^fy ^0i0x4*' 
1502. vori/Uy iroic^, KAXar' #v^ 4M- 
X^ Ipvffi A. 364. r^ acaar^ Zokw 
woT^ ^^X^ — l)4^r 618. wply fl- 
wcur ^<fOX^ % acoK^r X^ysr 1230. c« 
l»Jk¥ vi^nmep iff$Ki £. 636. pueHf^ fihf 
aim iv 4a«Xf fiefi&ffw 1083. 

*Ee'i»/J(«. sice Emtico/JC^. 

*E0^Xc^0'». See EhrkeCffffts, 

*E9wepos^ 1. belonging to the even^ 
ing; lowtpoi kofomipet Aj. 378* 
3.i0efleni; 4rr^povf d7ac«PBf Aj. 703* 
way irrl^trrtu vXciip^ Itfwcpor niiv 
861. ItfWpevOcois Piiil«R.178. 

"E^rrt, iiHii(. 

*EoT(a, a cfiNNcHJe Jkaarlftf oa mUar, alao 
a hautehoU or family ; fiik r^y n- 
rp^ lorioy E. 860. fioidarw iwri- 
or le^Cwp 0. 1401. ribi' n««d^«amr 
lorlar R. 066. dvl^ Otupwr AcX- 
fiK^s A^' 4rriaf C. 414. m0w^w 



4#rlnr Wivff f^^ Kkfitrtu tfvHb 
T. 655. Tir jfiinam lrr(sr wr^f 
C. 1724. _ «iy -. 4 S0|»^cr*f 
ffpod^ «^ 4lf^ ^^ Irriv 4rri« C. 
$39. i wmrpfw i^rlms fidiptif Aj. 

^IrriMXMt A«9iti# cm Wtor; f^pmf 
M^itw 4cjAJ,r IfTutSx^ '« vitfAiy A. 

Yrridnsv hiioagimg t0 th§ kittrih ; Am- 
^Jtwffm — Imiirit adpa, • hrtety gith 
kUteimgfrwm tkg AMrl&T. 9S0. 

T« ««mA«a A. 1003. 

of anjr place ; lait ^- r^oy •^'X*' 
TMtt v^0rj|«ir M\t4f Smm icflrw 
P. 144. 
Itfx*'^'* 1 • of placet ixiniHt^ fut- 
ikeU ; hf 4^4rm$ r^vmi T. 1090. 
Mm ri^uf i^iniw Ixci Aj. 4. ^ 
<M^l^in|rrr4\i|rE.710. fAovrf 
9 ttrxKro§ laiv^ far/jpos y i^mf miXovt 

'O^jTift 7'24. 4ffx^9 vi^y «■< ^^ 
t^ of tk€ piU B9H, *2. hence used 
mcUphoncall V ; iwwlwMp h^ $ax«fra 
fiaiptu, dmet Aon art eomt to oitrtmiiy 
C. 2 1 7. wpofiSn^ hf (^xKTow Bpdtrout 
A. 046. ioxirmi r^ar, my iamoU 
Jluk T. 104*2. 3. of time* lott ; 
uicd adveiiyiall/, lfx«r«r,/0r tko latt 
timo ; Irx«v4r ^ov roi*/!^ iwrcTtu 8^ 
^lOf C. 1547. icxkns tmp ^(ms M- 
Tttro fAu iw O^vov Z6uois A. 595. 
4. t^oif^ i^xArmif Mudf ik§ ulmoti 
po$sibte ecih F. 65. 

'£#•#. 8cc££n». 

1#if#ffy, uiikim : tmt #^ roa hm$§p 
1n6pm I^Mtf t T. 598. 

'Efa^i^ feUomJhipt eompottionthip ; 
iMtmrit M irmptUa kifiiif Aj. 66H. 

^T«^p*f, • tompomomf • eomrodt ; iiput 
t^ krmpot Aj. 67*2. «l^ fi^ krolpmv 
C. 1 402. f«iHia^ii( rum, Ifctftf^ iro/pwr 

"ETCMcXiff, Deorlei, younger ton of CEdi- 
pus and Jocasta ; "ETcoieX^f ^ ^^ci 
voAfnpot C. 1297. "ErMirA/a — irarA 
Xlla»^&]p«fcA.23. 'XriMeA^B rdfv 

"Br^McAat. £rc0r/tt#, ono of the tercn 
chtefr before Tliebcs ; 'Er^Aat 'A^ 
7«SM7i7ifoC. 1318. 

*fer^et» alAcr, «aalA«r, difortntf 1. 
used mbilantively «nd adjectivel v ; 
#f y r r & 'r^ /laAafiva ma^dn* rok 
C.49a — r^ lAXaf,«XAa«r4'rf- 
^ ai^ «jpa^dAA«r EL 729. rcxm 

— TnrMff Mjpat mtf^M P« 138. 

— vAi^ T» idpnt ffx< Mr/pM 593. 
faiira IT iaedtrmti Mpaag Mpa vap*- 
fia9JkMp4m C. 330. ««t #5 ^(pn 
(Ir 4iaa«i(|») ; T. 459. wAr — ftr 
UhM0 hopmp 4 tA rir Om 832. 5 


V«pof orprnnrr^ AJ. 1088. — clffl 
X&r/pMf 7«Nd aaaai C. 1194. #ircl 
fiii' Mpa, rd^ 3* #11^ fpoip aUbtif (v^ 
Ml) 1485. ip^ip oi — x^^^f 'Mrhr 
7^ A. 565. va9<t)r /iir ft, wMof 9h 
Birtpa P. 501. lAov ^f Mh-tpa E. 
337. 2. uied advcrhially; aal ri^St 
^dim x^4p^ C. 1448. iUAotf^ mhhf 
ippm^ ikripa 9^ po$¥ tx^nu T. 271. ^ 

*EH}r«yiaf , 1. gtnuht ; Ttiwv fiat voStt 
Mirvpos yry£ T. 1053. 2. tntos 
— c/ A/y«is irirwpu P. 1274. 

'Enrr^fiMt, roaUifi frytiAay ^t in^ir^prnt 
E. 1444. 

'Eri, adv., I. of the present, yr f* i<i'/f 
f MM ntfv. 2. of the |M8t, foH^r, 
3. of the future, loHgor,mor§onr^ J ur- 
ther, 4. btiideu 5. alio tieed 
with compamtivee. 

'Ero^id^M, to preport, togH nadii ; lyaAi^ 
pa ^ olrlw 9 IrotpHras T. 300. 

"Eroifcof, 1. fMd.v, prepared I flJM.' 

90. v6f — OMT ubrdYf9ko$ wKtUf ^p 
^rotpos 565. hotpos thtuf R. 92. 
X«p<<«' hoipof Aj. 800. rd re p^ 
fikiwtw irotpa, teadp to dl§ £. 1068. 
fftf' Iro^iM Tov ¥€Kpov V iwUntowoi A. 
217. 4^'^ y ira^pioi vai pil^povt tSlp^w 
X*pouf 264. 2. of a thing, just im* 
minent; Ayoptu rdi/V iroipt0 48dy A. 


'Erof , a tyrar ; irof rSV ^ l/xarar P. 

312. *lrof fif Iras A. 340. voAXAir 

^rwir aXi}^x<>*' Aj. 503. TaAvrXdyic^ 

TMT fr/«y ipiBpit 1165. 
*trupos, truo ; fip* irvitap A. 1305. 

iSdAXci / M/«a ^Soyvd raw P. 205. 
E2, Kelt, rightijf, pro/if rfjf. 
Evoy^'f ^^''jf I octeptubh to tk$ godi ; — 

twtft X^uf rli^ ^pi9 tkarfi v^i R. 

9*21 . rlt olScy, c2 xdrrn^ ^Utpi rd3c ; 

A. 617. 
ZCaypos, tMceetsful in honliog ; r^ ctfa- 

ypoif rtkemvai Kix^ C. 1090. 
E£dCw, to iAaaC in honour of Bacchus ; 

iipfip6rm¥ htimf 9ko(/hnmf, omid ikt 

soHud of mend wordi A. 1 122. Tricltn. 

hk pi^oo, hrrX roio^ $ o Umf 9prm¥ ols ^4 

EMtiif, mildtihkreotk'mg ; 9w99 — - oMit 

EiaW, 1. kappji.protpirooi} fitorow 

oUdm^ Ix'ir T. 81. 2. eoof erring 

hoppiniui t^ — efiaisfrt f WBM 4ni{ 

1'. 818. 
Eifditepof, foindjit etpotid la tho wind; 

4p «&aW/iait iUaraa Aj. 196. 
tMopmroit /aaiMif for ekoriof; 04/feff 

Aoppdirom A. 837. 
El>/3«iay Enboto, an island near Bootia, 

now ca)lc«l A'ttfopiml ; Ev^ofat ne^ 

pd P. 487. iat^ — E^^oJat iitpop 

K4raiairT.749. Ei^alat r' lirpa* 785. 

Ufiodt, Euhman ; htri Wt i^ Eh0ods 
T. 237. Zb0odt le. yv^ 400. £^ 
fitSBa xAfftof 74. 

l$^fm^tkhomnA\ng in mpet; r^y ftf- 
fiorpim n«in(pi|doK P. £ft4. 

S^Bow^io, KAid AiuNw/, prtidetie§; Btfy 
Kpdriaroif ttrmuirmv c^uAXb A« 1037. 
•1^ovA(m <<i lUttS. 

S<f0ou^ot, prudeut in eounttl ; "Ap^os f i^ 
fiovko^ vdyw C. 051. 

E^i^fi iioA(f, 1. ofnuhU hlrth ; #6- 
Ttr^f /iir 4 tcrtufAi^ T9 x^ BtufAf P. 
836. fiuirris cvyfr^t G04). c^i^t 
yitp 4 ^^<f ici^ f ^rfir 862. tuffytt 
X^n^f Tiffs' fortes oMropff C.732. 
«/ SoirMWTft f^ytMiff w§Avte4wtu Ay 
1074. TfM^lr M-Vp^ ffOTtrovt Hvo 
1208. 2. ii06/« in dhpotithn ; cv- 
7«rj^f Tdip 4 ^d^it P. 862. cfr* f^rj^t 
v^^as, cfr^ 4^AMy icflurf A. .H8. «ri(A- 
Xmk c^Fffc r4ic9mf 0vo^^ 1149. i^ 

^«^ X^ ^j* ''75. tvTfi^f iu4p A20. 

lirif ff&yfHf 7vH( E. 249. 3. ofii 

hone, gtHgroMt, higk'Couroged ; Trvvf 

f ^Wit E. 25. 
ESy/AO, tupftlicatwn ; twmt UeolfaiP tlry- 

Jtdrm¥ wpotrlgyopot A. 1170. 
Elr^M#rref, Mii/y fcnnicn; 'Av4XAi»r — 

tifyiwffTos iiuH (urffiff 8ia troyr^f c0- 

4fMr Aj. 690. 
E&Sai/iov^, fo hefirtunaU or firmperoui; 

4 rvpwiit voAAi r' IUA* ci^Scu/Mrti A. 

EMoi/ioWa, kapvinet*^ prmperittf ; ris 

iu^p wK4op ras tvieufMyta$ ^ptt R. 

1190. yoAAf T^ ^po¥w <v8a4/«oviat 

ypAror Mipx*i A. 1328. 
E&8ai/ioy((«», ttf Wffm or pronounce happy; 


E^iaiuMf, hamji, protpircut; §ii9tufun^ 
Ai^ci P. 711. laiMfiitf ^ lUv WW 
yo/cis MwkttKTOt cdSaifMir Aj. 594. 
Tov mby ff&Sa/fcoMis 6kfiov U. 1197. 
T&r ffiaa^^Aontf 'Aeiras C. 283. ttto/- 
pov§t y4vour$9 1551* «Malfi«rts» ollrt 
iroicAr iytMrof aIi^ A. 578. 

E&BpoKis, ihurvmnghted ; 4n 9d»rwv iw 

P. 836. 
E08«» 1 • properly, to iUep ; tSion^ 
4i^ kK^t P. 272. iw — emiXov #9- 
3«(y 758. irpwrw §Vio¥Ta H. 586. 
(S^Mf cStou^oy T. 174. rSv Tff vaf 
ftfSffi vrparit Aj. 284. 2. tranii- 
forred to the Weep ofd§alk; iOphs i(^ 

tlMT Mil KtKpVfAfl&Of rticvf C 627* 

3. also to one tlumbtriMg in f&incied 
iecurity ; mfx ffvyy V fMorra ^' ^{f- 
7«/pfrff U. 65« mI fipMt fffSfi C. 
E^fftpof, fffffpof, wiU'JUicedi v/rAor — 



E^€pyrr4m, f# fon/fr « Untfit ; t ftt^ymSr 

Y^ aMf offr* ^miaidiMir P. 666. 
E^py^t, a b$Htfaet«^ ; ^rnnpfrtpAmt 

in t^fpT^r A. 284. 
Efftpof . See Ed ipot . 
Llnifup4^, 1. I* lir« protptroutlii ; 

^tkot^i Tf {iWM-ar <— ff&itfMpowrar E. 

643. 2. t» b§ happily tramfuU; 

rtu&i O^tet •! rit ww ainifupH mAm 

rh 9p^$ c4 C. 622. 
E^fitpot, au»pieiou9 ; Xmmhif t^^Mpor 

vcAcI^oi ^s Aj. 695. 
EAfWf , KvcNNj, a river of ^tolia ; tW 

fioBv^fow woraph¥ EAfvor T. 556. 
E^ptr/AOf, tM/i-rpwrrf, vell-puiM ; kfT 

tHiptrpn InroyA* &A(b vAira tpAnm 

C. 720. 
£u(k(Acwff^or, lifnalcd advoMtageaHiljf near 

(ha fM, or OS lonie render it,r«/eirtflcrf 

/or ffci7< iM marif imo ajfuin • Mpor c9- 

unroy, cffrwAoy, tMXo^o'or C. 715. 
E»0(«f, quiekln ; cMcWi M^§ro — tif- 

X<iorffiy P. 61 1, rimn &r c^^km ; C. 

998. fM^wtriyA — firmAj. 31. 
EM, adv., fIraicAt ; rrr' cMfr vp^ tA 

wp^k k4xn lU 1242. 
Ev^Mw, 1. properly, to fuida lAe 

course of; thence, to hart chargi of; 

&y aMr Zamp x*P<*'^ §i6vim¥ arvpcSk, 

bring him, uhoweoer haH him in eharga 

in thy hand$ Aj. 538. 2. lo gorerm 

a city ; iroirar cMi^yiwr w^Xir A. 170. 

Aa/9clpy 54 X*^P<>' «arTiXi| patmpxita^ 

EMvf, immediately y ai once, forthwitk* 
E&toSf Kiiiii, a surname of Daochui; e*- 

ywira BcUxoy fAor R. 211. Thence 

liaechic, beUwgiug to Bacchtu; c&or 

wvp A. 953. 
Effivirof ./flMOMi/or AoriM ; Mmrov X'W' 

C. 674. Mpor fffanrsr, ffowAsr, ff4-> 

EAcoipor, o/)porlun« ; x^* ^M X^iir fl^ 

Koip^r ^0Ti C. 32. 
E^K^pBiot, alouC-Arartetf, cmtrfftoai; 6s 

T* l4»vr t&ci(p8iof P. 531. 4Pf* ^^ 

9pucr^, T^r tvicdlfiSior Aj. 357» 
ElWapvot, ofroNiMfin^ in JruiUtfruitfnl s 

ewedpr^ $4p§i Aj. 666. 
EA(«pwf, AavJHf f(r0N^ hwut} ^kepmm 

&ypa» Aj. 64. 290. 
EAc^r, traH^uil i pitro » ^mnmtotp^ 

eimikot E. 234. 
EAxAt^f, gUfrioui, renowned ; To2n Ttv* 

vaioiffi TM -«- r5 xpt^^^ ekKKe4s W 

474. ffdfcXca 0^^001^1408. aA^t 

V 5ir ffdaAf^tfTc^ aarcVxey A. 498. 

dw^llpTwrcfaAffCtf^rtEraiyOOl. "Apre/wf^ 

5 iCMcAiffyT^ AyoMS 0^4i>w tivAlB AMVct 

R. 161. 
EIKkAcio, ^(orv» fMotni; — 9pAnuFTi 
wKet&ro0 «MieA«ias T^pos P. 476* rl 
— c£KA«(at lty«A/ia fnitfo^ A. 699. 
loC* g*r / ^iRo» tiNAefat M^'*' AJ. 4t»U» 


9ma0tJ<M^ E. 961. •Mffls •ftcXcicy 

^^«r Aj. 431. 
mim^irwr^ weU^hmmmerid: 4^ ^ttfth 

Bfarr«2>f, OiCiiw; ticraMi f«<Mir ik htk 
^mmtmM ra4t; T. 238. •iieruk 239. 

/Umr C. 116. l^^ffT^ ftr r^r t&Xi- 
^MV £. 982. ffftA43«tfur Tfip6c «po^ 

««MirR.616. ««A«/3*v I), ^ ^t 
M«itT. 1119. fflA4M6fri,6fMr</W 
/•r the citjr R. 47. 
fftt>iffTytf^ 1. htmmilful U lU with; 
miXmrpmf W^fw A. 791. 2. that 
amIem kspifjf mmrrrngm; Hkutrpn K^ 
wpa T. 31X 

•iA«7mirrd 0w P. 1298. 2 wKun^ 
dwwSims tikatftiiumif WW C. 724. 

Mrif Aj. 1265. 

Eiyia^ttt M«v <• ^ Inuivii or itutiii- 
gulJktd ; it Hftai4$ #0tf — ^^8*^* 
^m4w Aj. 15. a^fi\ I jrrcMS tf^oiitf 

Eifdptm, 1. /mcilittf; •£« fflp^if 
XfA^Mm avAA^ T. 192. 2. adicii- 
dmmet; ^pt^iuw — T«4rMr vi^i^ c^ 
^rf^MT P. 284. 8. mm; 6ify c^ 
i«4p*^ Minc^ 697. 

Ei/tmfitt mtjf^ meetmmoHmiimg i XP^* 
>^ ciytfV»lb Ml £. 173. 

/Utrnmr dufidkn rmmXt C 637. 
SlyMHh* htinv^Umt; vir ffiyifyf «4Xfi 
A. 213. Spokco of the Gods, pn^'- 
fMtf; Biyitvilcf J| fll|^Mii«r wripimf 
Ux^Uk THT k^niir C. 487. ^Yiff 
m^^muB MirMX«6tikr A. 1185. alrov 

I{pni48tt, lA« Cii»«iiuf«f, himign f»rf- 

^ftift; vIlt »4i# 4p4«aff S<yc«r(3M C. 

42. fit •#•§ fliAMyMV EV»^>«t tf( 

•■fMPfir ^T ^ ^pwr S^x*'^ ^ Jk^riK 

■Ij^tffrrMt mimiful, eMMuutlji callhg to 

•vT. 198. 
BipidlKCiffy EMmtifidm^ the name given 

to the deMendaatf of Eumoimis, 

prieel at Klfinria, to whoee office toe j 

enceeeded ; «]pM4XMr BiyieXyilfljr C 

UM(fh ^ ^^ ^ ilnpt 1. spoken 

of^mlk; *AttBf, «ft«eiM% cfimeMr T. 

1931. #|ii«H^ mAaiA en^ia/ tM^ci 
L9€l. SLoflreeWeor 

iM« or mm 


fikt^ifmf «46ar T. 106. ^^yJi^ M* 
4«^ tinmf^^vt kutumt aonrev 1231. 
3. to rtput$ ; l&r^ ^ d^^^upor f M^oi 
T. 1001. 
Efiwlo^uu, to ttumbtr, to lU dowm ; #i|p^r» 

9« C. 1566. 

wMtrrnptott T. 914. 
ZMi^ proi>erly a ^if, but never used by 
Sophocles in iU direct meaning: 
1. m nott; 9rroaf ffcinif t^t Pweamif 

« topuichro i «f «iii^r waTp6t E. 428. 
3. « '^<wg iftfwit, or »lHp tukon in M; 
ervyfiwl tbmi E. 93. 4. nuptioU ; 
««f e' 4iTii(«# v/i^f r i^9^rioo Ai^r 
cMff re riff viis, f vwtiKKdxhit ifiot 
Aj. 488. Kmxa fi' (p t^ «4Xii — yii- 
pmif ipihi^w ftra C. 529. oM^t iro*- 
puA{o¥Ta Tilt KATM ^#0^ A. 1209. 
TMire r ffMff R. 1249. §^nu9 4i«r- 
8pi6roi^c Tp^xc^tfoi T. 109. atf re^ 
fMt 6»MiX«irrefilwvf (4pjrrff) E. 1 14. 

tMfTpm^ a ttoopor, on§ yoha Ha 4o»n om 
a hod to tltip; othrort 8^106^ Ir^ 4r 
jco/roie'i Tcue^ oMtrptMfT* 918. 

Efcrtf, beroiivod^ wid^iied ; r^ vsr^ifor 
fir^Ka vrikaif ^\t9 'HpoicAff? r^ wpmro9 
tlptt iwwSfoiw T. 560. 

4mi Aj. 674. 

EAwM, gW wii/, bemtviiUnro ; wikoffvop 
tinl^ vd^f vffXdraar P. 11 49 . id^ro 
wov$§rf ru 9VPo(a kfymtf 1 306. v49fy 
y&p &y — wapU^ ffAwoir T. 70.^ 
ff^M^f y a^Sd E. 226. 

UMiua^ having good poUurogo; 'iZtdf 

MiptBfws tdhf §Mit»^ Xf4iY ▼PHX V^ 
Mf Aj. 597. 

E^f^MJa. o6ff rmnet of Imwt ; Bo&p wdn^vra 
949pjL ii4pfy^ 9Wopl% 94fimf lurj/Ur^ 
Aj. 699. 

EAwvs, btmcoliHt^ friondfn ; It §fhfoin 
^ i/uA ito^wo909 P. 1335. iwolwtp 
cA'ovff i|X9or B. 1003. l^yfAvvf*^ 
a 500. UriM ftfraet vf It if v4\«i 
A. 209. — eft 7^ «er^ tAwr f^ 
^M^y irHkii fp^M P. 1265. vdXivW 
/AM |M«9^aar ff0Mwr C. 777. li Mpr/* 
ptfT iAwvr 84arr^ yQt /Ul|par 1656. 
«lr^T6i4'«A«iirvd(^E. 1194. 4AX* 
leriv ffflMvr 1 195. Supcrl. ; |i^ -* 
cJfiwitfTarer TfS* 4W^ 81A rix^w 9a> 
rt^ Aj. 809. 

E5o84ii, to grout o protporomtJtmrniM to; 
e^rtMe/f Z<4fC. 1437. 

E5os an exclamation of the pricitofa 
of Bacchus; diwr^deirci ifo« /i' 4 
«ev4ff T. 218. 

Vfoppm^ kmnmg a comvtohot korhonti 
«» e#T^ sli|^nre<r^ ■/aeiyi/yy P. 


wbwmrffiaif *OpiirwfE, 1 57* 4Kw(hm 
' KotMT^KtMf 9hmrptK9 Tf 848. 
Ehnrput *«^ *" iirlh; r(t Ir ffcvr^ 

it€ fikirrm ; E. 1070. 

v^^for 4^i^^irTwf ?• 1461. Alio uaed 
ligumttToljr of a marriage happily b^ 
gun I T^ SfUwmuff Ir 96itM9 limyyur 

Efc«/arat» cmtdueting mfflff; vA »8r T 
tlhniant, W 3^pbm R. 697« 

offrwf iprptw P. 8G0. 
Mimpa^ pntpirUjf : anl*^ cfai]pat% |i^- 

inim ^Mv iowtfrrM C. 1661. 
Ei9p6ffmwoi^kmvmf mjojfful emmlfaaacf ; 

^p6amr9f UmZs rt Aj. 988. 


ftftmrar tAniXar C. 716. 
U^i^ia, a thing that ha$ k9imfttnd,m 
JoundUngi ciT 4 Bfljcx<8»ff Mt •Ifpv'* 
6/{«r^ Ik tov Nv/i^ ft. 1106. 

riff fdlpiMff ^<(^if AJ. 8. 
UpfraM, 1. active imperf.; cl|piairov 
P. 28S. ft. 68. Parf.; fflfipaa ft. 
646. Fut.; c4p4a«a ft. 441. Aor.; 
•WC. 1128. f^fAj. 1123. ^ 
P. 460. fffl^i E. 1060. tSpoa £. 
868. ffV«i^ ft« 4X E. 1297. tipA^ 
ft. 1026. capoStfa C. 827. E. 270. 
ff4poS0ar C. 1079. c<p4rr«ff A. 307. 
ffooSrai T. 283. 2. PaM. perf.; 
wipnfuu T. 1064. ^pnrtu Aj. 608. 
ffilp^atfai ft. 1060. tf^ipq^Mi C. 1 190. 
FuL; c^^ftfmu ft. 108. Aor.; §6- 
^fAj. 1114. «^iyi^ A.402. c6. 
p^»ifaar C. 960. •Ipttfjt T.410. ft. 
839. fl4pff«t(9 A. 327. 8. Midd. 
aor. ; cM^nir Aj. 1002. 

Signincatioiif 1. t^Jini 6jf 9hanci; 
9bpk¥ mMmim$ h Kiieyflpoff vrvyaSr 
ft. 1026. 2. to diiMMr, ta lifgAl 
iiMa or aiiil wilA ; Irar — • ra^t 8flo6f 
fM aaaa^ P. 460. Taia9r* htfd^C* 
A ^A* 9hp4tnu M^yar ft. 441. Biw- 
M<H) yhp aal /k^iSv a^ ^^pipi^ 4*^ ^^* 
ni r' fm 9p£r$w IxXa 0^ tipt^Km 
ittucd E. 926. M of/ U pms yhp ifrttn 
tifolffKOfuw k§Ua Aj. 2i6. t^ y' ^mfikt 
fMMiff va^ l^fuW tlpMf M^mr C. 
1128. aS ^/ *y •&« 1^ tlpfv Aj. 
1123. ffj^oua' ^Kf(n|r W/MV E. 270. 
9r^ yd/iM luy^rrcff tiplBtinuf M^ii 
C.960. «irflpf#;fftfffl(i>8fM^«raiaff 
iir T. 410. 9m t U rmoirw 99x«f 
fffllM^aai 1064. fir Ir — ^par 4^iptr 
ffip^foTAadfMa; Aj. 120. vwVjA 
•* flAaa |i^ vMtff i|p«f«i 

— - rf y ^ 9^ 760. m\£wn§s <> 
fvfairai^ «MN' 1114. 
7^ 9dfi$i ^h^ ^ rwArd, It. 62 
yuTTJ^aaa^f r^iradaattKwr m^pla^tt 
luu 1397. 3. Ia>ail 6sf aa«rvA < 
lAawgAt; jyiot |>4Aa c^ipatSra C. 32 
•f ^ rW aMxwfa — cfp^rraa Ar^ 
MiTi A. 307. AAX* fftpcM^ /Ui^ /M 
Airra327. wa r^T t » <»<J-a r m txTt 
— alrCat ft. 108. Aff 4 umf!^ m^pna^ 
rrfSfl 1060. M^Bwt |y «l^ vwr iikQ 
ai vii^Twr KpifCir; E. 863. wiarr^ 
U 9wimmm fl^i^aaa Mk9 vX^ Amo^ 
Ibu vM4r P. 283. fk wmmt mbp^u^m 
^ytL C. 1190. 4Aa4r n*^ a^iv iSi^mj 
ft. 42. V^ 6r ffl aaairfir tflpimar &ur<» 
/t i wfr , Toi^nir fwpafa 68. oAeaMr o^ 
ravT^ 4^iatat f4piaK«ii' $pv9; 440. 
4. I# tffrloia, !• atlaia la, 6jf cAaaca or 
ilfttfa; IC^M'&fiiXarc^u^ai 0to¥ 
T. 383. TJbr Bciwi 8* tilpa&rar «p^s 
•Mte^Mir «d9a C. 1079. iip* <r r' 
iMiair 99f€0^af E. 1060. «aM ir ^a 

^vflVB^a /iaaXa^iiir /Vx^ *^^ M^* 

f4pfiir a4p3of 1297. aal rsvra «d(rr« 

aov 9tu4ms •hpifin^ Aj. 1002. rd^ 3* 

IJpTa Tolw A^yovf f4|pmiTa< E. 615i. 
XlyMaffv teauli^ttiiv ,/lM9ii^ ; rikr % 9 p9 9m 

iM^fX^ P. 489. 
E^^uMcif, Earydieff, wife of Orphaui; 

rdAaiMV Eipi«8{in|y A. 1166. 
E^^»arr»f , 6rMd-6adbtf ; a68* c fp A Rarat 

^drcf ikafaX^ararai i^. 1230. 
Etp^y wiilf , ipaeioaff ; cfp^ w4rr|» T. 

EipwrcUiir, f aryMctt, ion of Ajax and 

Tacmean ; E^^^aaat t Aj. 333. 672. 
K6Mia6ffAr, Surjiuhiut, wua of Sthanalui 

king of Myoana ; 4 ariryv^ Eifaa#«^ 

T. 1038. 
E^^iafy rf or 6c(»iigia/t !• Ewjftui; 

vSkof t^y Evpin'flaa T. 269. rifif 

Ehpvr§U» wtip$4¥w 1209. v. Aa/BM* 


Xl{pvraffi Earjflai, king of {Echalia; E^ 
>^Ta«W\iiFT. 74.243.747. Eip4rMr 
aw ^ 316. EdpdrMravi^419. *a« 
Tp^ ^a aS^a T^nna Eip^rtv 879. 
Aff Sl|pvraa ^ mi, i^ # ^hufym 
OlxuXku^ 362. E6p^«a ~ Ifaai^ta' 
•^Mia (ElpvrMr) 362. 

Xfp«Si|ff. adj., poeC for ilf^, ijMckti ; 
4i^ riuf ffl^a Tpa(aa Aj. 1169. 

Btprf t iff, ipaaigai ; Hermann aadothen, 
with whom Ellendt anwi, derive 
thia not from tipAt, aiauMi MHittmii, 
but ftom ff^^« wide; in which caie 
rdAw ffV^nra Aj. 1146, wUl nfer 
lather to the aboitU of Ajax in th« 
ihadat below, than to hii tmk 

EMfitm and 9ha§fiU^ pkty, rtHmtial 
awt; 1/ l(^* «iiaff/Mf i mfi a Jmnt C 
1 79. tV t^f iMar wt/KraM A. 834. 



P. 1489. 0i0w lO^ 9be4fi€Ji ra k. 
864. 9^ r Ir^ftv4rr««r <f^ t^^ 
0Hm $tmrmf E. 242, where M^rmf 
€b^4lkm are to be Uken together. 
piHjf tfntry kind; wfl^ ^IfinuaM if 
miff^ A^ym, ikt dmmul mdvun trA«l if 
pmti 456. ^94fi§m» iit wmrp^t — 
•v^rref eCm, lA«ii iri/t 06Cci» rA« 
prmiM wf pUtjt frmm thw dmd fmtkgr 
956, Tf Zqi^ 9^*fi§(L 6« lAv pirly 
t#y«M 1086. 
Mi^tfiim^ to te jmmiji» f# eet vilA yri^^f 
to tkom n9trttu€ to; wtwfitSir rk 
mp^ #M^ P. 1427. ffv^«3«iW fflf 
Tvftf mm4c a. 727. cfr^ fW'ff/kSr 
A*^X« T. 1212. vir TM Wpeivor 
cfo«i9Mr •» /aSi«r Aj. 1329. atfrc 
MfffOPNT eM- f^«/My ir«^ff0Ti E. 
300. #»«/ yt 9k yV 9v9^4fi9uuf t^t- 
iM«^ ^impml^niir, «uic« 6jf «c(iii# phiuijf 

A. 915. 1-^-^5 

lfivf/Ht» y^MMt !• ofaperwn; fitt» 
7^^ lip^t c^/Ht ▼• C. 288. — T^ 
tiww^ fiporm^ 280. ««K ay hdfiois 
/Mv /uUA«r oMi/ 9^990% P. 1040. 

S. 579. 2. of a thing; r4 7' 

««r«3^ #i4p«if «^' lyi«r flyMT C. 1 127. 
Snpcrl.; WjieAif«« vdmmf wArf/B^- 
Twret fiporm^ P. 85. 
li€9fim^ piMsiy: ToSir Ir 7/M1 yj^ 

Mci R. 1431. 
SirffeTor, AWjf. rtvind; tfhmrm hf- 

w^imf yJrpm ifrj/mtf t< B. 864. 
linyief* flaiJi, MJt7jf duiiuguUktd; 

MT tpng cM^ioKf i««/yeA« /SoiU 

A. 1008. 
lArvcw^ to 5« wfli fnrgpartds pBrm 

yiif 9immSi»MW Ai. 810. 
SAncuwresy wdUthtM ; mfror I* lx« 

W|p9fr ii^icierror C. 1705. 
IMm, to/rl jf ; v ) ^ Cinyr^ ^Hb^ 

tflmlw x^ C. 391. 
ll r f Xjf , €xftditioMS ; yitfoen i^ wka6t 

oipOt n mvrraA^i P. 769. 
limAM, wtHrmipped; h^ firriAM 

n^kt PM^f r. 512. 
lWT i »i4ii » to «»# iwiflto ; vmMwnpm 

r — afany iefr Ar84wf C. 18. 
H ^rn^ n f^ Mine m cA^v<«f . IWr^' 

#X9* ««S W«flrai, Mjf fm P. 201, 
tfrv, adT., ^tkntfnm wkmi tim. 
I5ngc4is to 5f frmptrmu; of a thing, 

to J«MMri» to IVTM Met «•(/; fl^m 
i^rvxii T. 191. wdiwf rot vpp^ 
eMr«*nrxi?E.933. aXA't^r^e^ 
B.1478. tfV' Ir «»r»x«<^ 8Md AJ. 
256. ttma yiip W^T f»r^c<l^--^; 
1105. YA34«ti»'.ilT4c^Mf'Mr 
t^aMftm, wdi^ hf c5nix«ar, iTtfJ^ 
fMkkh if im tk$ «imi lAif i«r« mu\ 


•v<fg5l, art alriftfA«r ifrotptnut R. 
88, where viCrra is used adverbi- 
•Ilj ; o^r' f 5rvxo&ra — efr* 4rw- 
fUi^ A. 17. rW ff5rvxovrr« nai r^ 
3iwrvxeSrra 1144. 34(0^ fi' 9^ 
rvxowm £.68. rvr 7^ tOrvxovam 
'rvyxdifw 784. 3ry v^pa /arl* c^rv- 
XoSrri /ntSir |3im^ y^KSp Aj. 990. — 
ftroir yiip 9^rvxh^mfi4¥ E. 1291. 
K*vvx4y> I. •utpiehut, fuvourubU ; 
v^«/Mrfflrwx9X^7«, {| 3fiM(; E.756. 
Uifimf 34 roif /Ur t vrvx^f 987. # 5- 
rvx^f ^MTo rf 9 «5rov v4\ti ^lof re 
C. 309. 2./0rfUR«/#, protptroui: 
} tV «*rvx««» ^^ T^ 9flf ^OM^, 

9 VCVTMR^ffff R. 145. lUpin^ 4fAMt 

9a94i^ot ff6rvx#7f *•/ C. 1552. Of a 
thing; fftri^ cX^ov^a w^» T. 
292. — Compar.; t^jwo wi^'p^i c5. 
rvxi^tpn Aj. 546. 
WrvxAf, prMpirmuiy; m9 wpdr^w 
T0S f5rvx6t A. 697. 4 KayMv^at ^{ 

fwtunmtH}!^ in the event ; R. 998. 

^»vnh itoW-wptn ; cfo^ vArAer T, 


Efi^«^«lf, ftaviii* « 5MalMil ^ aiiwr ; 

r^r t5^«i»^r]pair\^r4\A«Mi wpovrdruM 


E5^V^f, properlj, iM/|.0M«iif«i; ctf. 
^iV«a ^rfi Aj. 355. 588. £. 1202. 
Abo, AUnt ; c^^^yiev ^r^ ^pvrrU 
•Of //rrflt C. 131. omc olr I4^tif oM* 
•■^ c^^^Mv Mt iSatd fu; wili 
tkim not n»ff$r m$ thin «mr to do «a- 
trififin vU-m^nod $iUme$, or mmd 
90und9. of good omen f E. 620. 

Uponbm, to glndd^n, to ^W^At ; A 

Tir Ti^ o6»«T^ t^OMI fiunf C. 

1355. M 7' *Ar|M/3af 3v f&^MUuiu 
Ak 464. Pa«. to r{/MM; •<-. ^,^ 
Uif Ti fuUAer It iwiir nh^pdnrm Aj. 

iKXAoivtr ffdff4nf E. 19. -~«4- 
^j«T« A'7A«w> ^yoy «Nd MT^ i^fyi4nir 
di) 9iUJiorr«-.4^251. 
Btf^ip«r, yrvpUUut ; 'Av4AA«r — 4iol 
IvM/ff 3a eavrW ftf^pMr AJ. 691. 
AAt ftf^ri /Miiari ^M^irra^ '0^^- 
ror E. 158. * ttmudpfptM 7ilT«pff 

i4 r^P** 23«r« AJ. 416. ^^ 

U^ffi^, iftt(fici aa an aitifieer; Mph 
o^tpoi Wxni, Oe Mfft ^ a AiUul 
nrtifietrCVZ. ^ ^ 

l5x^ff,Mijf, plkkU; 9fm0i,^pS0 
/"»; w ffef^f w^f P. 515. wirra 
T«9r^ Ir fffxt^i Ifo, likeii Aa<c ar- 
tonatod nU l5if ceiy 868. 

ohco»^^ t^ $ho^m 9. 239. Immti 




C26. S^^Mc', « mO; ^ /«' SriXi^s 
•*X* P. 771. 
KI^AMff prodyeing Mrrfitrf, vfrrfaiil; 

Tor C. 1596. 
Slfxd^Mii !• to jtrojf, to lupplUoto, to 
ontroot: roti 7^ Zp&€i9 tlx^^Mu 
0«o^r /ftir' ^i^9r^^ Aan^MU B. 269. 
odxi^ S* V«' T. 1 180. JHv «<&^ 
ioMiv ff^xov Ai. 886. cfx^v rtXtir- 
#M Ttf^^ ^ I^ icfdfp 671. $Apn 

8^^ IX«<^ A. 637. rfir 8^ rovr" 
t(fx<^/<M B. 1613. viyMvdr fi^M 
^o^fir T. 1 179. ^ Ml ^•i vAAAikif 
T^r •£(4iifir P. 1007. fit 8<ror 8Mit 
«^i^8a 1066. rbwr rl ^f/«i>^ <M/i' 
&yffii(ai^iyyicXdwrC.4l. ir6t9fo«f cf- 
lw9f ifimi wk^opTOf tdB%» Upd; 
iow will ye, whom lom on koard^ M«/t« 
tNN0< to hum tmcHfieoi to tht godtt 
P. 1021. Bninck reads t^nrBo for 
8M^t«-8«y how will yo bo mbto to 
hum taerijieoti 8(c. ; but it was not 
uiual to bum lacriiicct on ihip- 
boanl, vowi were commonly made to 
bum them on lafo arrival in port. — 
o0r« yhp oftyfxi^w — mXctfr x**^m^ 
T. 607. 2. to hooit I otxorai tuh 
ToffKo^y Ktaeop^ht ih Oi^t $/rrv 
8pi^ciyC. 1320. 0/ SivXiy^fMy^ 
tM bntinfif KoKmfhv otxomtu vfiaiv 
apx*n^ «Imu C. 50. 

y4 ftot c8x0f 6p€^oero, gramt om omo 

jtrayorlf, 1188. 
tixfiuaot, oUmnding in gold; k rW 

fi^yoK IlaicTiiX^fl^cpi^or W^iMf P.893. 
£i!^yu/i0f , ON tho toft iido ; iikAniw ohA» 

E&jhrtff, kaoing htmutiful o}fo$ ; kV cM- 

TCf &^ T. 620. 
Ehd^f hottutiful ; riyy^*^ ohQmu nop* 

otiw A. 526. Metaph., muipieioui, 

tongtdfor ; ohAwu v^^i^ <&Xicibr B. 

*E0cmtfrc^y to o&mtm r«Zlfi«ia rilM; 

in XP^ 8fi|^ay ic^ir voX^Mt ui^ 

^aytcr^Caos k Xf4i A. 247. 
'SfaTWCw* '^ porform toered ritoo; rdr 

^ TO Kpifil^ icol rk wdn^ i ^oep/iffm 

A. 196. 
ll^aXof , NMr tA« iM ; fi^dXau kkudou 

Ai. 190. 
l^cbrrM, properly, to Mail, to porform ; 

iFyMi — romotf tmr' ipyipf kt i^* 

^109 r6»o T. 929. Midd., to to^ 

haudt m ; ^ ^< h lw ^ i w 7^ ok roAmuf 

pMifuf C. 863. Uikn^t t ^ m ^ worpdt 

*Mi^aptt6(m^ tooddi kiymf n vt^rm^ 

Uapiiiimt to odd tko wordt foM\fnU^ 

T. 620. 

'%^^po99 properly, dtting Mt ; l^ 
ratfp oKT Oi m^ Xitinmw ^ ^odpm P. 9S 
Metaph., ono who waitt to aitaek, 4 
oituilunt ; Ktd /mi hfffkopdwmt^rms AI 
i^b^oorw i^okpos Aj. 604. 

*Ef4irof$tu^ to foUov^ to oho^ ; y^M* 
— oTf tyt^ i^^oftm A. 6S2. | 
hrima rott i/toit fitiiXokfimi^u^ £. BSi 
rf ir^ kuimi^ 8qr^ ^ri^v^ff«M /m 5*7 

*Ef4cw§pos^ woatom; i *ev t^ #^ 
OJropw (x»po9) wirpoM n^dBow wmAma 
Oldrttos iic ropov C. 1062. 

'E^^iot, properly, on, or cl tA« A#iar(A ^ 
JC4m^ ^^itftfTiM C. 82. «lr« T^rd' 
i^icruif «H9(ai — amiwrpat^ BL 411. 
4if4ffrio¥ rAoff T. 604, r^ irar' aZvai^ 
vi^ ichol. kpokoki^aro kdfim #^«0'- 
rioif AA«Xmt T. 205, roZr ^1 tSt 
kuaUm 9bxM schol. iKkdm* mis Sd- 
poot i^itrrw T. 261. wpdt r' i^a-^ 
r(mt Atit Aj. 487. 

*Sfcvp(ff«ni, act. perf., i^o^ptptm C. 1259. 
£1.1082. aor.,l0€«p«B. 1213. #^^ 
ptrtE. 1226. i^mpupC.605. Paaa. 
perf., l^^^i^Mu B. 1421. aor., d^ov 
pokpt A. 281. 1. tojind by chance, 
to ducoiwr, to rf«tocl ; ^ ^ kpovptfi^ 
iMV iKfiofikiifUpow C. \2&0. ifoSpd 
^ kKO¥lt 6 wdi(t kpmif xf^t B. 1213. 
iwtla^ 4^vptptapMpftUpokit^4ok\d 
fiffi&aov £. 1082. 1^^, 4X#frV 
cf8«Tc 1226. if^ipfuptu KUKht B. 1 421 . 
lp&¥ 8* #^i^jcci ffoiri O. 942. fiii 
'^opokpt kpovs A. 281. 3. toHud 
by seeking ; timo9 V Im xt% ^^ 
fi i^upohf C. 505. 

*E^i^«, to 0Mi« to, or arriM el a phoo ; 
lbw{ oJMt ifknoi A. 1242. m^ 8* 
l^mif, lAoM arriottt opportuuoiy Ai* 

84. 'CV^rnir — . vvMrrV* ^«<i' £. 

^EftifuUf to iit ntor, or vpoa ; Wttm 

8ii^t 4f(ipMPot P. 1100. 
"E^il^iMi^, a eommoHd; roSf If^- 

/AoiriHiP. 1129. 
'Ei^Vfu* aor. 1. I^m £. 621. ^mv 

Aj. 1276. —aor. 2. Mt £. 544. 

639. ^ Mid. proa., I^f/iei Aj. 1 12. 

116. P. 759. 1299. #^fMiR.766. 

I^€« £. 141. i^4fU4rka B. 1055. 

— impf. l^cTo £. 51. Aj. 970. 

0. 1601. — aor.,l^rreT.285. P. 

615. £.1100. 
Signification ; 1 . activ., to mh oiMy ; 

i^^¥ 4kkM Ixkkauf kmpkofdf, cott 

(kor) aiMy a prfjf to dumbjikhn jU, 

1276. 2. tooUow, to ptmit: 1^ 

Iffff /iM £. 544. KoXpk'¥vuS46. 

iwoMi ^ol 7* I^^M WW X#^e*il. 

f4 itf vAsmv — «f Tva UAm'i ^i^> 

ktiovauf iKfiaXouf, l^t 638. -* 3. 

mid. with a genitiT^ to itoirf ; m^ 

4i^ tfr' 5^ryW eM^ <r #^(fT» 0. 1001. 



ri tmrm^ l^i^^m i^H E. 141. 
im U 9m r^w i^Uiim htmtcw P. 
1299. 4. with u aoeiii», or an- 
other wntcnce depending on it, i« 
€mHmmdt tlmrp^ or •mjcin ; At IfU- 
veESl. I^<5m« — #«|W TV Wx>7 
m&wf /mIWSmh T«vra P. 769. AAAA 
wf^Hf^e Mtvm; B.766. Srriy' 
«efi«r /MAiir I^Mff^Ae 1055. T»«r^ 
ewr Iff^^Aj. 116. TeMrMAi^ 
Amt IfCtre 970. AXAi /im T^pwv 
^fMr' 'Oflrrev Irf ^ ^ie i iepuKm Wm 
E. 1100. T«»r« 7«f w*ris tc m 
Jft^T.285. AliofepffrMil; adpa 
r4ft9W Iffrre vf iiX«vri P. 615. 
X^ir, 'AI^WUa' ^ ^ I^M« 
A}. 113. 

<^4r4f^ptfR. 1975. 

1f«mty efiuitrtaa ; m^Mmif l^mor, 
lAe i(«ni W* Jbtfrtcf, (in allution to the 
oonftuion in the race) £.723. 

"■ffmyuy 10 tUud hjf or iM«r: onlr 
thoM peits of the Tob are uied which 
haTo an intrandtire lignification ; — 
tA r i^UrmrmwdKu £. 1893. aIm 
9mfiftmrm9iWmom9i; whmt tpUi watek 
•Mr Mf Aj.925. rUm wiKmt M- 
enff wpmrptm^ ifm t^ ^x**^/ Aeom^ 
«ft«f kmi u Mk if tkt timU mr if wt€ 
ere yen prsmitt kgrtt C. 564. The 
following are need in a ieoondarr 
•enae: /Uxjkt^ tAt i^t9r4rrm9 iftM^ 
tk§ tmit iwmoud ufom m§ T. 1160. 

iMcfc e ffUecf 5rfW/ me R. 777. Mpa 
tpiii p /ivBir SmuoSr rfir ^^im^ 
Ttnr cXinra <^«< ' privmU cttiuM jAev(d 
te aecAiag irt^ te litfM lelAMt Met 
ere Ml ecer Aun Aj. 1051. W f ler/ ; 
rmfiMTiiff i^LrrmmmL fiJmtf i wJbetif 
tl r «&jf d9 ye« Uejf my tte/M? T. 888. 
Schol. v^Mt Imtfr H'' veptier jnd 
r^r et r i B ir Irrft ini2 iMiAaMf ; but 
EUcndl would render it, r< ^ vfoe*- 

4pxf# *Ajf ^ 9*** ^''**' "'*'' ^ 

Ift^, 1. to Meld (bciog near); 
imi8ovd»r|AMr; T.V88. MiSmt, 
foU^ vA^ei««yarr^a885. 8r£r 
MU19U wieefirer 1028. 3. le Ae- 
ktid/r§m e diUmmc$, uftmH; nk 
fd^ 9hpiiJ^M^ Mtl$ iftfi T. 1260. 
8. Ce5rAeW wtiA jMlicaet; $9mf — d 
f^ eemj od MkMfiMrot wmriptw re^ 
e&r^ Jiftfdri «dA| T. 1259. firn^ 
d^^fimi (Zt^ eel^HAieff) lydrrev- 
ei0r&n|Aei;E.816« 4. leeeerieafcor 
mptrimumi; Zcet, It d^iff edma 
eel Mailiw B. 170. 

*Efafitimf le tvge; M|^ — ' wedres 
IfMfi^ieiBywi x'M'fi'^C ^ «A«^ Aj. 

%ftffUm, propol/ ifolMB 9i a ahip. 


fa rid€ el eneiker ; but not uaed by 
Bophoclee in thia eenae ; — MiyS^ ^ 
fAaa^' l^^ftr Ma x^ rei«ir iiU^ 
u»r MMtek mtf ep/ielalijig y^ktn J mutt 
'B^pett a reerdiea; A r^eO* f fcfei 

Xi^t C. 148. 
Ifv^^^w, te trfot viiik eenttiaw/y, te 
tnsu/l; eM* frA,i|r — 9aif6m r^ 
Cm i^ufipUru uhoi Aj. 1864. 4 A« 
KtAatf«eair PmaAt i^fiplCat wok^Ku 
MlPt i. •• ^^ htMuaiU ^vfifti^f 
'B^iyiWSii, I. fe mvoltf iJbe gedi; 
wftkt TWfT^ l^eyiMlrw A(a (diwuier A. 
654* 3. le iM|preeele ; Muwf vpd- 
t<if I fnyir^ e aen rf voitoirrdnf A. 
1290. 8. le alter ceeipieieii^fy ; 
reiavr' l^wj^irde B. 1275. Though 
othen explain #^«yiWSr in thie place, 
br 8ve^/<Ar, vlfcriNg eariff, 
'ExryTwefiguerealMd, Mcared bp pMgt i 
Affvtp ikafitf rW k^ipy ^XHT'^ ^« 
1x6tadp«, le Ikefe, le deleft ; pA/f eft 
^XM^tf ^^x^ mK ^iXddov £. 
172. eM* of teeevrer fx^t ^jfia*pm 
e" dy^ 1028. iidXierd e" Mpimw 
Ix^ilP" ed^iiea 1855. fxdor <x^ 
pof /A^ P. 59. PaaHT., le te A«l«d ; 
Sera ^/n^ayAt iteSi ixOaipoftm Aj. 
453. 4c«Bp<7^<''(4uwA.93. 
'Bxdapr^s. lAel if le 5e kat§d ; I t^ 
^Xd^f 4m& 'i r^tMt ix^hffrUt Aj. 
Ixd/r. ymerd^i e5 yier rf tULXJ^u, 

AXK M wn 0Tavf« A. 452. 
^X^'^'*^! ^Mlile* taiaiJeel; ei ^y edr 
Tf fdr*lxMee4rP. 1122. veid iiei 
— drfer^wiCef ii^Ufprn 4xPoU^ U- 
T^iSetf Aj.918. 
^X^f, kMtridj I'x'*' ^Xl^h^ fh* P« 
59. e6l' al TeeeOrsr f;i^ ^C^^^W 
^c £. 1028. • 
llx^^ eemily; rief ^d^ 4 'pwri ftn 

Tis fx^ v^ Ai. 1836. 
'ExfipoUlfu0f kmttd ijf ikt godt ; tic 
MpMlfitm iMAAer If yiifon^ dH^p ; 
R. 816. 
'EX^IP^f !• *<djf tataiieel, Aetlilf, 
ibel|/iil|* Td r' abxpk 'x^P^ P« 
474. -*dr8ea veA^oer i^M^ rt 
1287. M^ 'X^« 1^' T. 768. 
^X^ Viiim Aj. 882. ^x^ f«m 
1021. Sr Mb5f de^ 1884. 8eee 
rdr'^X^^lSM. 7xMfy«'>VSe 
Tdvd^ 78. ixj$fk9 ibi9 TeSr reSinr, 
ftfieg kmM bif tkin» em /kiadnd 
R. 415» — IxM* ^«^ Tvewedi 
£.425. el r ixM ^^^O. i^lh^ 
AaimSt P. 1^. ^x^ ^ "•'^ 
#»priyd # pemk vdAea A. 1067. — 
Coinpar.t ^eeA^y eMr lerir Ix^ber 
eaalf £. 1036. ^«5rW — l|f^ 


luv (nr^vrrn 4x9im *ftyy&0 AJ. 102S. 
fuUp^ ixfiUn P. 677. w^H» — 'X- 
eUm R. t27*i. voXXby ^x*^ ^» A. 
86. — v«#f7^«/&irr«vrfr'^X'(M 
pKhtwi E. 1180. — SuperL. e«Mf 
iXJ^p^nrw fipvrmf R. 1346. ic<&/iol 
7^ j|r — fx^itfTM arpormi Aj. 1315. 

ffX^MTOff IVTW 1353. Ix^ltfTOf 'A|p- 

^«(MrdHUl362. A«^slx^irTMR. 
28. Ms y Ix^irrot i^ 1519. 
IxAtorar fBiyftm raStt %k€i wttrpiC, 
1179. — 0^ tV '«^<'' fx^irror E. 
095. I^of — • fx'i0Tor ^€A«r Aj. 

. 643. vwmfTCof rixtmu^' ix^nrrw P. 
816. ^ — M/w '^^mt" ix^^'^ ^ 

! fim £. 195. — ^ fMMs Ix^iffTc P. 
1020. -^"^KTopot^ixilgrwfflflw 
Aj. 805. vfil^ r^y 'Arp^ff tx^urrw 
uMrP.1363. ^ -riif vAfiirror M(<r- 
n|t ^fial ^ ^x^' 627.— ^f Mwpmi 
harms ixlM^^ h^fmtf A. 137, aee 
^Art/Mt. — i vpAra — fthf vii/inrphs 
— Ix^MTtt 9v§»fi4finK9P £• 254. Zawkt^ 
iiy — ^ir raMTiy ix!^9ru9i9 AtfOp^wwf | 
805. roSrir 4x1^^^''^^^ ^MvaifivT. 

. 1227. 2. nihtt., M M«Mjf ; <x4*^ 
tk T^ Bcofiirrt wp^Mi^m A. 94. Mx- 
9^f pM* Sror Odi^ iptXti 518. At 
ffol fhp ixl^P^ iwTu/wpmimu 639. 6 
r* fx^P^f — 4x9apT^9 Aj. 664. ^x- 
0/»^ £5* olBti r^r; 1335. — tmt 
tf/AMir ^x'p6rP.662. roif ixJiptMu^ 

^ICSOVMU 1372« TO«f 8^ 4^41 ^x^*' 

C> 46 1 • ^Co'ai — TpSSru' ix^"*^*" 7^ 
X«v A. 643. ^^of /Uy Ix^pfir rfyft^ 
KoS/AcW x^^ 11^7. rtiJpdU ri/ 
4x9pSnf hfvdffui Aj. 2. i/t ^x^P^' 
•ytXiii' 79. ^x^^ ^^^ 196. r«y 
^«Mr ^ ixfip^ 495. ««rp^f ^^r 
ix^poit 554. x4/MV «V ix^po**"^ 
Xatw 638. ^x'fMM^ Ii3«pa 3£pa 650, 
■ee "AZmpos, — Ai' ^xfipM X«V« — 
rp4w9Uf 759. vp^f ^x^pSnf ^9v ic«r- 
Mrrffv6t^f 816. arol m^' ^xfifM t^tos 
Bfi\¥m¥ fvxwf 907. '» Tpoif 3^ fiM 
voAAol ^y ^x^ 1001. iravxfi — 
iX^pois turrow ttt kilijmiP £. 66. 
kpuyhv «tr <x^M2»f fulKtaf 446. ^x* 

9Mi!r 7iyM«r0ai 584. rpSvcy ixfiptnt 
•0 fitfiiiitda^ 967. C^f AIM KoBvwtp- 
$€P ix^ipQv 1080. 7«AMri r ^x^pol 
1142. TfXMfTOf ^X^^ wa^fl^r 

'ExA*** C^fi^'*; c' 34 vucpp^ ^ 'x^tf 
'ArpctSof P. 508. Ix«<i 34 Tp«Ui «»- 
ra (^0 Aj. 454. 

^X'^'^ ' "V"^ > Mpo^tfJfov ixiiinilt P. 
267. Ti|f irAiilrrMr ix^Urm ^mI— 

^X^t 628. 4 ««▼' •bMi'f ^t 4c<S*^9 
4^«^iqf — m' ^(^nviff A. 527. ^• 
r/off ^X^Smt Us T. 768. 3««ri9s'Bxtt- 
M|s 0pW«» that ii, Csr5«riM, tb«l 
MM oApring of Echidmi T. 1089. I 



lEXM, I. BCtlT. tlBllt.9 1. f« &oM lA (k 

AaivJ, thence to tak§, to rttoiii, t 
Am^ to carry ^ to fM^recf ; t^« 

ySr Ix*** P« ^^* *^ tV 'x* X<P<^< 
— /i€A^Mr AajmCv 1135. t4 a& 8 

r4(* fx**'» V<^ *''^ 1^^* X'P'^ ^' 

r^y muf W<s a*ov; C. 825. ttm 
r As lx<*^ 4c« l<^* f'^' iwiiiipt 
Ziik X"f^ fy*"^ A* 1^43. Ix« /(4y 
X«ipfe'a^<y aprdfs rUvw 1233. x 
potfr — d^vrr^ fxfl»y /i^f T. 264. 
XCpeS^ fXMr i(4fias Aj. 1152* t^ « 
T^ (rkr wKUw) 1158. &^ lx«if > 
poiy E. 423. Ix«* ^< X^^ 1^1 
4rs rdi Ao/«^ ^X^* ^' ^^« mm^i|t 
«l/ia X'VO'^ 'X^'i' 1386. ev3* 6 
(vy^ Ad^or 3iira2i»s cTxo^'t m^ did tk 
k$tp th§ cnti, 01 ik$jf ei^fcl. Ashm 
lft« ifok$ A. 292. ^ — ^inpf n 

xi|F f XMT I'xp'M*^ ^i ^'^fyy*'* ''''pi 

UMi/sr fA« insl m/n»ii m cPNliMua 
woi wkmling in hit uxliU imm £. 7 
ifXavvf — lisT^psf f lEx***^ *^ 
'Opdffmt 724. 

2. to support f to siulMri ; ^ 7^ 3tu 
•^ ^xiam rmirus termM E. 216. &3 
3* fx«iy Mxp^ '(X^ P- H53. 
^omrf s r ffxe/My 3c(ay r^ov A. 4 
lirntfoy ikaffi^ lx*<*' C 543. 

3. to kMfut^ to Jrisp ; t^ llyBp' In 
3nws— fiffur P. 811. Ihnwff — 
M Xmfiitp lx« Aj. 661. ^vcr rir 
Miros ^y Tdl^oAS IxM R. 942. < 
W 7f 34Aes 1^ M x*^' ^'^ 

4. to dipsri ; vrvytphf Ix* 3^rroi 
4pjbr 4«^ KAAMS9 divsrt thy abhor 
iU-omsnid curm upon othtn P. 1 1( 

5. to Aam and poma^ to AeM odimi 
5« abU ; e0Ti»s J(x<i ri 3ffiMr Itr; 
^tlo'es ; P. 104. o5 ftokvkp v(fpr 

IXiM^ 213. MVSy 3s Ix*'*' ^MWtfT^ 

279. rh rSfyt. Lao kafi^ lx<« 
otm lx«y ▼po^4*' 941. rd y 
lxo*^<* Tftvra 1045. rt/iifp — f 
4;i^r lx*<'' 1051. oi^xp^ 7^ 

R. 259. 260. Mpa V m^€\«u 
£y Ixei 315. d rtf y oMT S^ci « 
586. vds ^ mporrls ifiUtp 
Apx9f liA^irev -^ ; 592. r^V 
Xju^' Vx^f* 736. hf* ot mpani 
•fS* Ixei^TK 759. *A9^^ms — ^ 
3MCf ik fx<v C. 263. (^ ^ff^ 
etierrAr vierf fi^ 335. ^iri 
Kt^ Bpivmt lx« 426. 1356. f; 
fUrom 1112. Ixw T^P ^^X^ < 
1131. ffpiini Ti jmI Ijp^Mvs Ix 
173. 70MS M rn np aUo t — • #^ J 
Ixco' 638. ro6rmo J^x^tAp — ^ 
papf T. 337. Kp6^iioo it tx^ 
359. ^ 8* lx« hjoripiom X^anvM 



550. Ut^ tx^ 649. MfK" ^ 
T^kta fxtir fiovf 757* tAic4pmif iyyoy 
i;x«r Aj. 64. <t«^i^ y l|f IT r^o^ 
494. 0'^0f^pmu^ i^M^ra tvmT m9wJU09 
1058. 5'xwttff«^E.443. Ot^ 
#«Aflf IxM' hrwMff 693w iwr 3^ fxw 
#« 1376. vvAAA 5^ Af' &r fx"^ ^ 
wmp*7 ■^<fcrii> x«^ 1370. H «W 
fir*» 137 1. 0^ rwmm wp^ munSri 9§f 
Afay^«; £. 84S. wMva^Myuy^d* 
lx« icA^r R. 038. fx<i 6^ fiM vph 
ttutt T« C. 651* Hence W Ix**^*' 
an iA« ric4 ; «]p^ 7^^ r^ 4c^ ^ 
fO^wf ^pv« AJ. 157. T Are Obr x*^ 
4c«r*vf Aj. 044* 
0» to kmtm^U rtCaiii la rA« w w ur y , f« Aart 
ditentrti or Aairrf ; Ixcif re a4^- 
«M«ar; A. 9. fjf rii^ iAAipy ^larrMrijf 
lx«tf M¥ B. 111. 4ir UeyrtCiiy) 

•^ 4k Imt rev yi^tnif 395. aU^ fty 

— 1x^9 &y TMyia T. 590. iAAar r 
aZnar lx« tmrpvriKu C. 713. 

7« alio used frequently to ezpiCM a 
kmUi of th4 Udy as well at of thi 
mimd; jKAvvrnf ftkw iify^tf, x**P* ^ 
dxKf ifTfiffm P. 97. ff« /Ur «X^n|r 
43« ^fkmM R. 1511. — 4i4««tfTa 

impttuiiiiim^tx^f^^'^^* ftc« — 
fpmnt UM 94ms 210. txmmt — e^^ 

^iAar aa^t A^vivt 401. oSrat 7^^ 
vAiiMT T^ 9ipan «fx< ^^Wpov 592. 
•4ir fxMT j8^<r 686. A'lH^ r h^ 
#uir«f . aM* Ixtir 4^vr^ 845. r^^ 
, imwrtntmir fx^r 1046. /aJ^ ete lxi«r 
▼« wiiilkKnf R. 221. «r ri Miuerh 
y Ix** ^^P** 294. 4 roaMt tx"* 
vi^fmt wfinnw 532. fpimiaw tt 
viM* (^ 664. tW M Aibr f^^ir 
rU cfxf fp^c 741. A^ ^ fx«^« 
Imt^^ aaJMT 4«yiif 1034. rh a^ 
vac viyAiYyA' fx^ 1 1^3. ^adtra — 
«4i>ar k mM u w m $x"^ C 232. rUm 

— Wmif «]paaTpa»V 'X"»'» W4. 
tliatia,Wktri4aMr; vA^ IT fxorrA 

Aiyi4r782. ar^^ aaAA^ ix"^ ^^ 

imem 799. Sawr A^ lx«^ 5ftirav 

881. Aavif aMtreif r^0vf tiaqA^ 

fXM'911. «2 vAMlrrMr ffxM'IrSiJiM^ 

vara 929. ^vit y^ «4xl /kiA rArtfa- 

^dbiara 120r lail Mvarr^t ffx« 

»fiiTai 48m^ 1600. aateiri r^ 

fcr aA p f rer ^wr^ A/ttf huH rpofi^ 

1610. viT^fiAtaretefcTialCtraa 

vAiir — ivxtre 1614. alfim rAi- 

|iar It* 1734. vi T^ip vipiaaA vpilr- 

aeir •U tx^ aMir eeMw A. 68. Oi^ 

$1^ M 4«x^eSn aiyUir Ix^a 88. 

aa^Aif tJ^ fcx^ ^y w r tt aii #rirr4- 

aaif225. IvT elt^lxfif 5Mv; 

337. a a w w y y fei ^gwr 300, aaf^ri 

ai ^X**^ Wxpar — Ix"*' 302. ai 

IM )p4pmw fx«r XPV^ 5a nyO Mi 

# ♦ax*'' 'X««' 704. 4 r IxMr {fym- 
ra) /M/tifMa 785. laaiaoy Ix^aaa 811. 
{9 r^paiawr ax^M* (c**^ 1154. r(ra 
aoar wx^ti 1214. fxM' ▼• mi' '<«- 
nyiiatf 1263. Aowr tfATiaror laxoa 
T. 8. 9xMf 9 Marufui rt a^ 

#X«f^ f'u' 43. £y Ix'M' X^^^ ^<>9- 
lx«<a Tff aal lUkXav 948. vMof elor 
«/aflpd l^avaaa 1103. £rlx«— «»- 
aAr 1198. ^i^>«r Aowa lx« Aj. 139, 
■ama at hum, Ix^^mt aromx*' ^^ 
WKor iATVf fx*< 2^^ 43ai4ff Ix'u' 
259. tame at ijfSffaOai. tiir^^aiw^ 
Ixarra 4 12. tame at fima^fitifotf. /ai^ 
^w f60Q9 wp6fikniia — fx^ 1<>35. 
aMa <A7a9 fjo/ica 1376. r^ M- 
avrta eVrtr Jgicovaa aaafir E. 163. 
0/9^ /i4|f ate fxf 613. 4ftmf*Aihi9 
w XfiMpaif rhofw — lay* 3a/aaa6ai 
533. tame at V^i^. Ti&iiya SaraW 
rxavaa 541. itt^Jtrmf «a var Ix** 
626. TaaAty^rrof viar' lx«rT«i(^4- 
pia764. aiiMCaavAaa £a f^<9 — a»- 
a«r062. MMT ax6 1001. 1457. r< 
3* laxtf lUyat; 1167* iiAif y^ 
Uxotf — ^AfMcpea ar^ 1247. ^'•< 
Xaa JpWa 1274. 4i3iaTaa I* 4x^ 
aa 3 ^ 4ai|p#nvi« 1349. 3iJb ^rijimf 
fx<ia, la te lAtt< RiatfMf A. 635. 

8. alto uted to axpratt tk§ itaU or cta- 
dition ia which mmy muM i$i rmCniif 

^MTia ^. 164. fi4i rev mfi^tufrnt fioo- 
TMT — 1^' ^x*''* «M"f 171* 5f tare 
fikirroM aw Tcat^Aiawf aarp^ — «7- 
Xta C. 977. M lx« Ateia tc. rk 
Ktmi A. 593. /larp^t lx**^<« ^^<^ 
^anoa 7ea4a 966, tee 'Aa^yi^aret.— 
ryi» M rW ifahif (alaaa) flai3^ fxaaaa 
3vaTvx4 T. 5. filtrw Mm/ Ixcia 
81. aidr It* Mtn¥4» y Ix^ 6aa^ 
KKfpttwfi 827 •. T^ /Ua fx^/Aca 
4paa 946. ^A4ai|i; lx«y Aj. 1304. 
tame at /lAafO^aii. fi4ava fxtrrtf 

9. t0fiffir,U afford, Uth0m; ayt^A^i 
M ^r^r fx«r ap4ao^ia 1277. 
Ixtia tc. /^. — A^yaat TtM^S* 
lx«a £. 923. AAAi at Aiyatt Aa^Ap 
A«r fpy' IxM" iK<^ ^M« 1352. rl 

ixMi P* 556. A^yiir n airria <a 
IXiif ^f^yi^aai T. 620. 

10. It af lata fa; A i 4 a a f t y hptr^ l#X<» 
P, 1408. aAf — l^aMarer Ife/Aca 
fM^i C. 1684. Irx< ^4^^ 
««KAffkr/iiMaAi.460. eAwriacl- 
l4r I^XP*' 'ApyJtm wdom 648. aCaqt 
IXPV — adrr^iaa y^ E. 677. 
^araa «ta«a Ut a ^raa ^a^9 ^i^ A. 
146. Ttdf' Ix^ iaaar^ fxw 494. 

l|« la 5aa» al ftaai« or la rmii' 
aairi aiAAate Ix*'*' Mft a Aaxfrar 
B« 750, iAa lAAar lEtif tit T4lt 



C. 1033. 29/ tx*^ Mkiufrwf T. 

12. to oeeupff any place* to inhabit ; 

ffrlfio¥ 157* 4 T^ K^Sroy fiow6ikw 
fymf htrdif vmu E. 175. AUtfros^ 
Ma r4i^» icxdniif lx<4 Aj. 4. Tt- 

Ix*'*' fidBpw 135. Ix^'f tV X^*P^ 
o^x ^^7>^ irortiW C. 37* vorp^or 
ItfTv yvf fx** '2^8. Wror 8* Ivci 
Wp^y •hvKlaarw 1705. tfi^i' /«fMK, 
l^r irciWot Ix** 1760. •! T^ip (T/i^o^oi 
9ca/ 0^* fx'^vfft C. 40. fxM '^ i^M' 
o'tfuihs TlofftMif 54. 4 Zcv, r^ Of> 
n}r irofiop ht k*tf»&/ lx«' T. 199. 

iX^wt^'i, 1142. 

13. t0 oaniaxn^ oi a nince ; ^pwi^t o^f 
tt* fx« X<^' P* ' 13'^' Hence tmns- 
fcrrcd to any itato or condition of cir» 
eumttaneei, or of mind in vhiek nny 
on§ it, tippa /iff filot Ixp £«• ^18* 
v^ TMJ^^ Tol /i' tx^t 485. 8rov «*« 
XP«/a «cal T^os /tdkiffr' fx<« P* 642. 
^p^ m' 'x« <>81- 4vyo(a /a' Ix«< T. 
349. &«o00'ayra 0^) Ix^i 4^x9f vAiU 
m/iA R. 727. rip^^ 4 ^ Ixffi U77. 
rod ftdXtffi^ Utofot 9 fx*< C 658. 
/iii^f y&p ^/cof Mkv itc roirmif fx« 
1144. ifitpos lx« M* 1728. ft^s 
lx» 1741. o^rol ^x9' A'*"^ rff^ff 
7' fx^uo'iK A.921. mUrais 7^ lx«i 
rdZM Kvpos G. 1776. 

14. to ajiproaek a place ; riijf iif rit 
lb(«y ItfXffiptfrAapi iiim# one ogaintl hi* 
will hat touched hero P. 305. Hence 
seems derived its signification of i/i- 
netingnndrettraining; 6ir4p^9^ pow 
Ixoi^a, having hit mind directed an- 
other way T, 272, iV i^dkotM KktffUus 
SfAfi' I'xwi'Aj. 190; where Ellendt 

observes ift^i* dx^*'^ ^^^^ ^^ f^^^' ^ 
the eye, but having hit mind fixed ; 
•7 Tff rhp ^Ivar^ 4fik od« (l^X^ 0, 
430 ; same as lueriTxoif* — ^ov^ 
Toum /a' V^ i9«M^r l^ffTff, ^M y« 
witAAffM ms 892. Iffw l» iierhs irXov- 
ftdriaif fyoit v^Bo, fAiiu ivt<l avoid P. 
1244. D ro^r rAr ftaapAif fX^*< 
7<(My K. 554 • 0%^* oSwep ffl, AoM, 
w6trff thou art C. 1171* Ix*^* ^^ 
vpfiy/ia P. 778. Ixtif fi^r rAr &m» 

IMr oI ««dy — r^cw A. 1055. 
riifos wou^t rk vokXk wtfeifua^ 4^ 
4r AMit E. 554. i mryi^f al^, rl 
^, W lih^ Ix*" J^Mi P- 1832. 

15. onoe used in a peculiar sense; 
fioiretaif oM^y fuunukit 9x^ ^^X^* 
(#«t{), nothing ef hnunam ajfairt de» 
fondtemtkej^reffMio art} though it is 
more eominoiil/ rendered, lAsrt t« 



nothing wuirtal endetoed with the pt 
photic ort R. 709. 
16. Ixffiy is sometimes used with 
substantive of cognate moaning, ai 
then bean the sense of the kindr 

verb; aiox^>^ 'X'^'t ^^^ ^ ^ 
X^^tei E. 606. But ahrUof fx« 
to bear the blame A. 1296. 5^^ 
Ixffii' — hypeUuf Aj. 867. ^«Aii 
^ffiy run, — iynaXeuf P. 822. Airi 
txw— ikwl(ev Aj. 600. R. 835. 
886. ikwiSat fx^of^J^ ^P* ^^' 
Upewatf Hx'*" *~ ipmnrw R. 566. 0( 
fw fxcu' — 8aiiyii(ffiy E. 885. H^ 
txw — eqpa^tfm A. 56h P. 8*. 
XAyw iTxf u'f lo 6« agreeable to real 
E. 458. luopu^v lx<<*' "~~ m4^'* 
Aj. 536. So» ^44*^ 4c«<y P- 12) 
fu^Uuf and fiHtM^i^ 'X«^ ~~ /unf^i^i 
R.1246. E. 338. 384. C.510. o 
ro¥ 4xef» '^ eitcr^lpeaf Aj. 521. 
y^¥ tx^uf — V>^(ff^0ai P. 1 293. m 
owrtatf lx<*^ ""^ vapfftf«i Aj. 5< 
ffvyyvAfOfv tx*"^ "~ tfvyTrfiMu 
1303. E.S92. T.327. Aj. 13( 
ffwdafw fx<0^ — tfwor/fffiF R. 14( 
^porrtBa f x«y ^ ^pomiCtuf C. 3( 
l^lx^^C. 387. 

II. pass., <o 5ff A#M« to be; yim$i 
in tx^^ J^XM C. 1029. ororor «fx 
i¥ KOKOit Aj. 265. V^ 4p kokS x 
fut¥OS ffYx^e 1124. At fiudne ixe 
nof^ifuot w6Kis iw\ ¥6<ro» A. 11: 
rl — ar&wowX4«TWf £8* fx« P* 721, 

III. used as a personal verb, to i 
eherpAt lx« T. 1069. tfoKcir fivt 
rtost 9ei •/ aSOif At Ixffif lx«*' 12: 
oTof Ai^ eliwt lx«' Aj. 906. At hp^ 
txm. R. 345. ffl /ij^ Smcfi ri '/mm^ 
IXiM' C. 104. rit V tpvff oSrvf I 
P. 656. 8/(01 9ea4aipui9 /a 8vwf I 
808. iV iis lx« creixe^C t» 
1095. ^;y fxov^ B. 1226. ff 
iTxoinrfff P. 258. — Af h/pporrta^ 
fX«i Aj. 348. eihwff fx*' 7 4 «m 
T.587. r^<ryo«^t'x«619. 
twvt Ixsi Aj. 1027. fffrffp £8ff Tfi 
lx« C- 307. affiMf — ffoXdt I 
78 1 • ofhms fx« ^^ Tovra 926. 1 
e8r lxff« rhrrtv$§¥ eledim /ia« 13 
ffl T<i8^ #x*' '^<>^ ''^ arff(M« C. 17 
cArmt Ix** ^< rovra A. 37. n 
hpB&t Ixffiy 702. re&lt htmt e^ 

IV. as an imperMnal vetb ; 1. ffl 

£8rix«< P- 118* A' 4c«R. II 
ff^^r lx<* 1 ^81. olhiMf Ix'i ^j 
605. <7x< 8* IUAa ^ tfAXf A. 1 
dveeptdmt l^ffi T. 720. Ix« 
o0rff»tlll6. AMfiypAt r IVffi E. 1 
2p' lx<* MXfif ; 780. I^/Mt «a 
^«i; 806.1331. fo8irSrlx<il2 
2. the partieiple Is also fktquenlljr v 



in UittMiiM ; acAnMr if txMtmt P. 
255. MiM h9 U IxM^ iA^) 
936. efts TttSra rfr lx«*^ ^3^0. 
v^y Ir #ol hf^^ipmt Ix^rrs R. 770. 

Aff 2r ^x^>^«<^ 11<^^- A^' ^^- ^^®' 
^ ftc T««ir Ixtrvvf olKcur «i4p« Ai. 

888. At (C'l'VM rvyx«Mi T. 822. 

At AT Ixiir 4/MC«« E- 780. idk* 


y. midd., 1. !• r(t«f !• ; wmow- 

IfneimHy'lA* cMiUil in wkkk thty iww 
M||«^ C« 425b ifrt #•» iM^i^f 


tktd tkU ftfrliirt Mif Al /hUn on lAjf 
6rM«C r. 781. 2. to «5itoiN. with a 
gen.; rwr Mktmt l^trm B. 881, 
8. to Mflurf ; il r^ J^ 4f/»9f foiTp^ 
8bWi^ 8< wi ir i^dfoii^ Akw A. 

Ifos. ^ or yUngimg to lA« Rwniifif ; 
4AI0V r4)Uf 1^ wsni^^lrf^ ^pdkuf 

lUpOy fl iUitor or mtnt t timAmi — 
«Acm(2r li^Mut ^ftanrnKty iU wii^ B* 

THr !» C. 478. 
'Km, iiNli/« wkUti* 

ldJi% « wAirlwiiii ; f8«ri^ /a' flftfr If^i 

Kmkurm Aj. 845. 
ZiyMi^ff, MMMiiC; (iyicid^ff A^f in 

AflMfir Kmt40pmn Aj. 137. 
S^ and (iK '• '<•«, to ik«M i{/»« to 

Z tA ynfUt pToperijt to yoAt; but iiaed 
kgantireljf 1. to $ubdu$; (#4- 
X^V r 4(vx4Xi»f (•») 9ms 4 Af6tam$ 

MmrAppoKm ht 99^t4 A* 045. xd- 
«4yiif {vyvfff P. 1014. 2. tojmm 

▼^ Cvy^nu B. 826. Thenoe ap- 
]dicd to a woman niutod to a man 5« 
CMipiidJaa; fc^pfry^^ «l^ I* •Aic4r « 
AAA' KntyiUtni^tfir J tkimk (^i Jkart 
wa ria i d A^r) aa /Mf #r a «MtJ, 5mI 
wmrrUd ^ €Qmpuitkm T. 533. 

Z«4i, tha |od Jm^Ur. 

lim, to Am< •9tr: uaod BgiitatiTeljy of 
«i««r; 4ii6t' r(M Aviir a 435. 

IfXafy 1. ardaar, im/; Tifir 4^ 
f$Aaf thawj^mr, tiai fir mtf ki»dr§d 
C 047. 2. a itoto lAat i« taaifd; 
dbff Aaa]pf(w di# Irav (kktn rpi^t^^ 
mkmt mr9Umd9,iiutmid of h§m nxMrn 
lil,d«iiAci«MirtAi.408* 8. tavjf; 
Xtd aai t^, O ttftrw i i lii^ — . Irriff ^i 
d^ aaAjrfir m1 rdvaif 4v^lxAra«r» 

db8»ara A 4 l MK » 8M»l&fryifyaf IM- 
Aifior B. 1526; a difficult pamage, 
wUdI difinal aanoCaton would ax- 
idaininfanrdiltoantwajn: Eiftiidt 
ante II £tAy vaAirMa Im- 

fikbtnat^ to «Mvy |A« protperitjf of tko 
eiiiuHi : Hennann, followed by Din- 
dorf, would read ftr Wr e4 (i|Afiy veA*- 
r&if acil. i|r, wAm »Aa «ai ihort that did 
tttfl rnvjft that 1% wA^a •// envied: but 
Ellendt would read raTr, initead of 
aal — Cms ok (ijAy waAirfir raa 
T^xaa hnfikhmif, ae it were a&c 
imtfikhnuf (i|y) raZr vfAirar r^xair 
HX^lft vAa di'a net envy lA« fortuno 

3f tko eitium ikrougk a dciire to 

Zi|A4w, to aJaiire wilA easy ; (^Km a« 
rev raw, ^i 9hUJJms vrvym K 1016. 
aafroi ve aal vfir ravrd ye (fAeMr lxi» 
Aj. 548. 

Z^AArrif. werfAy tf being enoied ; K ^ 4 wr 
yV 8*^ (i|Airr4f« At ^^^'f *•*'< A. 

Zi^iia, dttrimtaf y dajaaat , penmlly ; e4 
yA^ «lt ^Aeier i^ (lyJa /lei rea^ A4yea 
T«4rev t4^ B. 620. See 'AvAevt. 

leftdm^ to tetAi to teorekfor: rLfifhf 
el iirrwt B. 362. 8r mUUu (ir«7t 
dveiAAr 450. tmr^ wdAai (ifreu^v 
1110.— Marts raSr ArAr <mf» 
4iel CifWSr lAf^^ 650. {^rcV /Jr- 
rtt dvV^ ItoW awriii' AJ. 703. (^ 
TMT tAt eilh^xei^ TeO ^e w te A«^^ 
B. 266. (frevaa rV ^» veS aa- 
Twae^tg fpef4r C 863. iMmt 
mMif — Itff^yMyier C^frewrrfft 4xO(w 
♦pvywr AJ. 1034. Pueiv., tbU Cit 
Te^yieMT 8X«f4r B« 110. 8aa 'AA«- 

Z^nVMy aa hufmrjit a fiiiitiee ; fA 8A 


fM^lion MM tks |Mr| ^ J'Imb^m wAti 
sent tk§ fliMMM, l» ilMlirf wkB kms 

r^ AJ. 465. 
Zfnir^, aoMf Al /^r ; at) — (iftirr^ — 

lr<ff««C. 891. 
Z»Wr, 1. properl/y « jfofct; frror 

attDw (M{fT«i) J^fiXtfor Cvy^ A. 



350. ir5{i«iSMvrtf fvyA iA pw^ r ui " 
E. 728. 2. A fwrng-htmiki $oiw 

^4Mu Aj. 244. 8. uwd figum- 
lively, in the lenie of « y«fc«; n^p^ 
ola touXfftof fvyJb x*f HM*' A). 824. 
eM^ M (iryy A<fo» Soudan ^rtur 
A. 291. 

vim^Tai E. 692. 
ZAua, a f inf l« ; <kf — ml (i^ T«iy«^ 

E. 444. 
tmarli^t m wfisl-Mr, or mjA worn by 

chieftaiiif ; (tMTiipi wptr%Jit hnmAf 

it AwT^ymfAj. 1009. 

'H« adv., expraeung eonjirmaiion and 

"H, a conjunction ezpraaiing Mpardltmi 
intirrttgatimi, and comparitoH; or, 
€ilhMr^wktthsr, rathir,tkan, 

^Hfin% 1 • properly jmberljf and youth ; 
Ki^tBpepJltai^ r99Mf 4t %fin' E. 14. 
K^vrrf T kx(*Mf iff 4/3f IAi3iOf, Aa/ipy 
in «0ttlA tmlciitfwn l« (eone§alui 
from) iorrowt 1 56. 2. applied to any 
M or i»eriod of lift ; rum 8* 5«/A^y 
1|^i|f Ix^y B* 741. 8. /ifTM or 

5iattf « of youthftilncM I Sp& y^Hfijp^ 
T^y ^r fywovffop wpSat, t j^r m ^Z- 
rMwar,/0r 7 wt horform odpaneiug to 
maturity^ ftiil m/n* waiua/r T. 544. 

'Hyt/u&tf^ 1. a gutf/f ; M 7^ ^h^ 
fii^r fff^tf 08 w&ffftm C. 1 589. ^mI 
yiip ovrot igytftm A. 1 001 • Thence 
applied to an* who guidot « ehariot, 
• eharioltor; i^ 48ov ^' 8 #* ^/liU^ 
ofrr^f ^ 4 vp4cfiv9 — ^XoiWniy R. 
804. 2. metaph. e rM(ir or king ; 
i¥ — AdX6t woff nV^fi^Hf Tifff T^^8« R. 
103. l|^80Tiff#0Tlr4^/uSrC.29O. 

Il^^/iai, imperf. fytrre Ai. 1080. 
Alt. ^M^M E. 1027. aor. ^vyitfarro P. 
138. 1* to Uud, to load tho way, 
to go heforot thence alto to ^uido or 
ruUs in which lifnification it ia fol- 
lowed by a genitive caae, or aome- 
timea by no caae at all ; Ai^ itr W 
liyuro AJ. 1080. Aftvroff iyM9tu 
1086. viKiiyd^Unnffmr&iflnoih 
fUpm P. 886. rev miAAff kyouftiou^ 
than counmUhig mo woU^ that ia, 
Uodmg mo hy thy oaumtil A. 684. 
Ifd fip&rmt vV yAfiewar, ohxl rip- 

ya mM ifyoufidimiWf I too that to 
mortah the tongue, aud not the ooi, 
beore rule, (or tahet the lead) in #Mry- 
fAing P. 99. 'Zp/iiif 8* 6 w^/tvur — 
Ir^oATO pwf 133. 2. fit iAinA or 
oiieem ; jtiat ai, in Latin, dneo ia em- 
ployed in a aiinilar twofold aenie: 
m thii iignification commonly iiied 
with two accuaativeior an infinitive; 
Zufffutni ft ^^Ms P. 1307. k% 
riXXti wdyrm 8ff^ra' ifyureu wvrifp 
Zo6m 1428. 8f^ff/ irr^km tA rift 
oCkm Soi/npt C. 352. fynhX^^iv^ 
fuu voKfAw A. 1152. — oAk alaxf^ 
Ayfi-^rA ^tuSif X^; P. 108. 
^MF0t 8i fikiweof flip oAvoAf apAr 
rAr cArf/l^ /a^Mv C. 279. 

'HyirH(p,ag«idcj Uutrot IrmipoeO* 

*H8^, 1. nafffijr; Ww f 8>oi ie ' aj > 
T. 174. 2. cheerfully, with good 
wiU ; ^' Ay — iuaS V Ay ^t 
hfttntlUm A. 70. AAA' t^mt fy^e^a 
icAAyf lyfiff ifMt but to me «l tA« aaaie 
tt«i« weleomoly and painfullif 432. 

"HAil, adv., NtfW, at length, already, in* 

'HStero. See 'HB^. 

"^HAo^ioi, to refoiee, to be gW, la dffjgAf 
iM ; 1iio/uu iUp ^ e&Mnf $kiwupreL 
P. 870. aAx <8a^ T. 373. Mmv 
AV 4S£/if8a Aj. 1064. tA r Im, 
eA'tyfi rdxo, 48010 ^R. 937. aArAt 
fihf ilMt aUtif dlx^* ^ muroif Aj. 265. 
— Aff la/f ohox^rao viSmcreff %9$^ 
AcaefTM xp^ P« 706. fk9«r «iW>a 
T^ 4^ aAAayewr d m 1298. ^^^ 
Tital' Ar — e^ 1^ V#if« A«/8ifr E. 



infidkfs A. 644. 3. pU^tuft if 

Ww TioTIr 48or9f WxMf ; C 784. 
fiaptk^ iSfrV MM^ |M I20«. ^«) 

«A«ii A« was iali$/Ud (cTx« 48«^0 
<■ tmryUung being dmt 1 600. 4 T^ 
•— v«^ AvOot x<^ ^Mircr lUA|r 
|i9km tMr 4M A. 389. 1^' 
IrAcy^Mu v«iy«^ {Stfif c^ T. G26. 
I *«« ««Xiv tAmT ^' 48orif f tf>«if 
Aj. 875. Smt fim 0yf/jbt j^SmH^ ^^^ 
«f MMck Mi my miitd diuru (or ha» 
pUtnnimdmmg),F..V9. ^' i^8«nir 
— tiifaw^fi 859. ff #•! T^ xAy ra 
48«4 879. Mmu r ^' tSonif 
l4rv 1143. IOmmi (rf) Akv i^Saif 
wwnji/ry 1264. ^ ia* iw^wrtpi^i 
vfir #i8r wp9€4mw¥ i li Jb> ^wiri ot 
1369. — T^ 48oi4t v^ rov Ao- 
Mm m*« 4H^t Imi^vr K 1294. 

f ik m n hnim tinbs 48«i^ tx^vr Aj. 
959. tJ^ t lwt f Irar vjpoMrir Ib^t 
A. 1150. 3. Abo, « €amm for jinf ; 
flpm yiip 48M«b E. 861. 4. uied 
adferiiMUy; caT 48oHk E. 1495. 
T. 196. 9S#vw f m^ i|8oiH^r vod^ 
C.894. — v^ 48mV A^ riSf 


6. uied in a compantive 
■ignificttioii s 1^ r Aw^ T*^r»r r^ 
Xtipem^ tIAX' ^yli ff«n«v racMt •£« 

5iil ifjajf b§ iMiiCii^ U tibMt, I vautd 
9H wmrekmm tki reU wiik ike $kaitm of 
t mm e in c—jMriiiii with ml pUmsun 
A. 1156. 

*H8imr4tp fiMit/y-Miatfiitf ; ^ Ai^ 

*IH4»wiM, <aMfll3f«5rMlA»f ; tt wy i n4iw> 
k kt m mm f — Jpiy^trMrE. 471. 

Itt^viAit, v«Imim 10 tA« etijif ; ^#f^f 
ifhi flmrdf^ r 4l4mAtt B. 5 10. 

IMtf MMff, pUamntt Mgretabte ; 1. 
of thiiMii 48^ — «r%tfi rfiff i^f 
Ai^kSr P. 81. oMr fMl pipmww 
W MM 1009. mitfT^tr, ml /ii|8ir 
484 571516. e^ikpMkfiillb^rkid- 
m" Ira C. 630. 4 TiMt M rf 
|iy ^i^iMiy 644. il T^. W 646. 
Iififcff ^cif 48^ ^kkyewhA. 12. 
Irar — 48iMr f^nr fi^wyMr £. 56. 
^ipm %Km Klrgmi iilHut 657. $^ 

•viW(lMr48^771. Compor.; vdt 
88/4^ nypijf j8far Ixny R.69g. 
UMd adftmoUy 1 Iry «i^ paji 
■ii> X »ft "» #"1^ W'M' yiAor Aj. 990. 


-»- Suiierl. ; ti4 r«r rw&mnif tpuair 
Hhrro0 fiiKiwew R. 999. 4 itff^a — 
4(«) t'fim «)p«tf^afri|yurra C. 826. 
fSitfTor 8^ /Ml T^ uroriaMor fp 435. 
f|8irrwr, il r^ mV 4«^ vt<^<y oUs t^ 
f 1^ ^4v< — 806. rk — Ik caimr vf^v 
y/MU fSMTtr A. 434. r^ /uvOdniy 
68i0T0r ffi A^yorrot 1019. WAt»f 
68i#rM «lf Ix^^ 7«^^ Aj. 79. 
<8«rT«r ^lof 660. I|8i4rrw r fyiP 
inimf ^wwim/m £. 1349. fpy ix*^ 
68itfTW/Jl352. Used aaTerbially ; 
•6rMf 8vwt f|8itfra T. 829. 2. of « 
man 1 cliM(a^« ^r, 4^4ff (/falMi) R. 
82. ^tfr»ff r Mf P. 526. <8Mrm 
-» 8M'/i^r l^«8Mtf« Aj. 105. One 
place, in which thii word u found, is, 
as Ellendt sars, ftiU of doubt T. 122. 
2y iwifUfupe/Jif ^ Mia ph^ Arris 8* 
iCrw, Brunck would understand &8ffm 
to be the accusatlre plural for 58^ 
and on his authority many English 
readers render this passage, mi wAirA 
aer0ttel Mamief y^avL I will tuggm 
what i$ afrteabii indeed^ y«t oppouH le 
Sfear nadnu : but better coromenta- 
tofs make 58c«b the nominative sin- 

Silar; thus Hermann, followed by 
indorf, translates it, ^um'Mm eaum 
tmceemtiMt lj5/, lubeai ^aidtm, ud cam' 
trmrim efferam: Ellendt, however, 
perhaps with more ingenuity than 
correctness, would render ^^s by 
bintvolut and emiiit, I wi»k yon w$U, 
yet with mil due regpeet wUi venture to 
eontrediet fjtm^ and for this he cites 
the authonty of one of the Scholiasts, 
vmpmrevpJmi 9k rf kBeU^ in dtm^tm 

'H8m^, «« Eilmiea; 'JOmpm fiem^ 
Atf4f A. 946. 

'H8^, ec«yif SMid ; ^Odr eltd wm rS^ 
TV8t /iMur E. 864. 

'Ha^Mff, « youth; fHrn^Knenl R. 18. 

*H8»f, temper, ditpoeition: el rolyiAr 
48tf ipn «w8fl4ffir mmv Aj. 692. i 
pLmf^ 68af irol ymmu A e irrepoif A. 
742. ^4 mm Ir Met Jieievr ip wom^ 
f^^ 4n ftff r«, aetar lAAa, tm^ 
ifiwe fxsiy A. 701. 

llmeTOy hy msimm, leoet ofuU, et UuU 
oepoeMMi 4» iyk U»t^ Im ^^^^ 
iketKArm kX^ P. 425. 481. 518. 
R. 623. 1083. T. 818. E. 82. 790. 
%Ki€riye 1386. 

'Hmii 1. to A«M es»e, to hnoe er- 
rioedf to bepretent ; eb r« w^'"*^ -^ 
fm P.499. tV ^ 4«« XV*^ 1899. 
rb^i/up fma Tee Oiew f^iufp f4pmp 
R. 86. paMpeip yhp ^Kotiep i4pm 
«p^ 5rrfir C. 12. ^9b pvpto^ (ietp 
kiyt okx Kn^ l^ Hamyhpteeke 
«i#«Mt Tf 288. ^Wb«r,9Ktir; 828. 
«M» tV efx At Vnr ft /toeA ^ i i lg 786. 



ykf v^\|jr r Arirn^Mi — f^imif 738. 
«;«f A4' l(e«ir 788. Km ir^ ik«r 

Tj}i«tA.8dO. VAx-Vw-iw 

625. Jk^^F Kowifif M^ 075. W «* 

2<r«ir «•) mx* <^^a«M «i«i{ 1265. 
JKU 86fuvt in W9^U T. 364. %^ 

yT?1!^ **•" *>^ Wd. «o? Mif 
W 080. At J«i ^^ Afoiw W 

VKO" Aj. 776. TXtJwt <fMM dU. 

656. W aiAAf ♦«wi., #iwr45. 
M*«^M^/«'««»miP. 13. _^ 
Tj* V i^Jt ffm/Mir E. 762. fowf 
y^ fkoAMr A. 408. ^tt^ iuS^ >^.^- 
w wyi^iw^ E. 12a — w^BfTL 

«rrw^tT*Wf^^iiAi^;R.l480. M- 
•rrrf y tofl, ^_^^, c. 808. 

t««i^ir M/Mf 650. r^ taficutii iK- 

2»i«rO»jr to«rjr%«i 1107. ffX«\JiroT' 
•ur Wjkr rflii^vowr It* a: 886. 
^n A**; Kiw wprp? 880. <M^r 
«yt»' E. 53. Uorf' '0^«rn?286. 

Aw^M 810. r^ rar/i^t u^,,, /£;. 
Ti^mpSp 801. ^f MAUNit ^ «(«|^ T. 
185. ^pdir«iyii^At^ovr«288« 2. 
UMd figuraUvely ; to Aaoi naelud or 
arriMd a< «fijf poini or rn^i, not in 
reference to viaet; i^ h^9iiwpi» 
ydfUH^^ htfdt, but mUn y« Aom 
VV^J^^i^rrittgmbU yean B. 1402. 

n' 0?,- ^^i- //*' ^ «*«' ' »• 687. 
C 841. f^oM «■# o£ ^lA^ -.- 4t 

Twr^MT tfflpur j«>pro 1034. c2ff r6tr 
nfw. M Afyw Tf ToWawir R, 1158. 
■ciL f /» <\«Opar. /9^mu ict <9tr Mtr I 
*y ««« C. 1220. 01^^21 8- fc^ 
J-'J* /«< ««^nn7«}a 04. olPrc <r^ 
yx«» 7^«f — 6^,1041 «« 453. fv- 
0urro^MyiAa roStt ^ku wur pi 1170. 
yt#i yAp aMi Ztii jcpA^w P. 748. 
fl«oi 7^^ &r 0c(a v^of Aj. 185. 8^ 

f **" 5* \ •^ T^n* ^" W 272. 
fj«« 7^ T^ ^ M^ •Artoraf /W«Ki 
TjAfwHf C. 1470. fl^i—^JIpii^E. 
478. <ricifrfi — tA ^^^ Vl|irfi roS 
8fo5 /larrff^^iora, obt§rv haw thg to. 
Imnpndiciiotu rf th4 gad tum out, 
that u, *jw >/*• ( Vy ;tom R, 958. 
««Mv»i^^B.841. ei^ofiirVte* 
5!^ '* >?♦ ^"^ W 542. A,aWr 
f(M /lovw v^f ««48^f ft^;^ 713 

Also UMd in the mum of wpoaikt ^' 

»V<^ iiC *^tffr9¥wSkHn/for it be- 
lomgt to m,anMceaHnt rf m^ raUtion. 
*hip moit c/uUths cUy, togrUva at f5« 
iufinmft rf thi ma» C. 742. wpbt 

««Ar Jn^Shr fiM,, fouuu «K«<r ^ 

•Xr^ P. 060. 9w t 9^ r(/ fmit 



*|rw^;585. A^y«,rX^, 
^ »WJ f<f.t*r P. 1251. «riUU5r| 
Jw** «{iw lyxfSr E. 787. /i4Mt7J 

1112. U *« irar/i^ f«^ ^^ 

C. 800. luifrypa Kd/uorut Mpdn, 
Tf^f Twf 0*ariir f««,r t8AA« M^b ' 
*^W w^ c. 1268. fiee nJhL 

*^t^J^' * »<»tve, -HAAc 
T/w 1064. 9tu9vaTtu>oTdrmt'H\4KTM 

1 let *^ "^^ ^•'^ ^^^ 

•HWpof. aUetmm, a metal aaid U 

parti gold and one liher , »nw 
tmndateit.je6#r; t^n^rji^a^ 

♦^•i;^f650. ^AafE.17. iiJll 

^nrnpatJxUy A. 1052. £a«i i^. 

«•*') Aj. 684. 2. uaed as a proper 
name or penonification of iA# «in ; 

nkt^ wpoatppiwm 844. wiFW^ 

oi ^'WW'W 'AAjor aM T. 
w- 3. once lued to mgidSr ik$ 

, wiTefciv'E.416. '"^'^**^ 

^ <'<i' VWx.1 C. 314. 

HA^tt, »^r;JUTy It *x«5r«r, into 

^fim, to ^t: «rre rX^rrvr 8^6by>«t 
Xpi^Aj.304. 4 r fWri, TSJT!! 
§;• T. 622. W #««rA:^ 

A. 1314. W>V«V'*«^*I*«W^. 


ix^^; rf«jf w€€9eding lUttf, or 

^«V aifcrmltiif uith imjf Aj. 470. 
«^«i Mci' 4^1^ ^ rSr, (Am preif »I datf 
740. 4r r 4^ — a«^cpov P. 354. 
^ f(\v«r«r |Uy ibuip 626. i( «^r« 
»«Mf LA MiAtf^tfCMff — mv' 4^>^ 
tf«ilv 787. W ••f' «> M« rk ««^ 
W ^^v«> 1078. that ii;. tA Tivf 

09i R. 73. 2. also iim§ genenl- 
I7; $dXAM r •4yMvkf fo' AX^** ^ 
MiAAillbvyvf Mif^ 4^1^ «^«i pdptOifWh 
tknmgk M am C. 688. «I^ ^ 

«/l<r tf«y, thai 1% eimliMtta/iy 694. 
3. dmjf at oppoted to night; xar' 
4^ m) w/ A^pi^ hjA E. 251. 
rfn riC i#, ftivr' In' W &x<ra< 
B. 190. If t' ar iWM«^n7««» «rrp««' 
^nU^ ktUwm M T^ W ^ 106. 
"^wiba, 1. lA« dmjf. • day ; 1iftJpa$ 
pif^ fi^V. 83. Wf«~oftx 
lAJn luma 478. ici^ i^^Vitf ^* ^^ 
B. 351. liT W/Mi 437. ^ ^l^n\ 
^615. vV/<^>' •^^ 4l»^ 780. 
14 8qra — r<0^ra^n|r WlM^OSl. 

MttmL r «^Xfr rpt* 4^47 1157. 

T»8t #W^ 1283. M^ hinfy^ ^ 
mC.3. T^^tfwwlw'— Wp«^74. 

WPf 1608. T. 737. /uf iM^r«y 
4^ A. U. ^tW Mi0^ i^t^MB" ^^« 
171. ^^pidar iiUpuM 1312, f*« /Na< 
dmy. tkidmy tfdmth; as rcXfimUay 
%fyaf B. 1529. W/^ T»pMr^ir)^ 
T. 606. r^ m^S^or 4^«V«^ 942. 
v^&y |*'<|i4Mvin8. rlyiipw^* 
hiam ivM Hamwf tx^ *" ' AJ- ^70. 
Tfi T^ 4^ 492. E. 1123. T^Sf 
#(^743.705. Mir Wpw" ▼4*' "^ 
788. fcuMnif 4^paf r^ yur WXor 
843. c«lw— V^ E. 194. iKclnfr 
V^ 270. <AmX« rfr h inUp^ 
664. tfAXufW^f^SO. 4^«f<< 
773. 4F5rV4»007. ^luUp^fui 
1138.1355. fW i^XMrwr XP^^ — 
V^T. 246. ffrtfl^t — v^ 
wr Tis W^if kty((rrm 940. •& 
itUx^tf Wpo* ^f*^ ^ 717* 2. 
alio tim$ generally ; tV ^ 9^;^ 
^Jfm^^ iwnM Ku i^ C. 4^. is 
T^4^Mtll40. |r^lrr'A^«ff4Mrr/n^ 
$^ i^b^ Mmmm hUptof T. 650. 

iram tM^Minia AJ. 131. Ui/mw 

Ititt*: E. 987. hni nAAA ^Or «l 

Tvf^lMf lifsC.1218. vaXa4/49 
bf,^ k/Opf 0.^n|f). -^ Aj. 613. 
3. ilay as oppoasd to night; * x^ 
Wat i^i^ M/ Hwr A. 104. vf 
" V^ (»H ^t^vrma) AJ. 


658. i ^rriff 4^^ v^Xof 843. 

tftfrf nucr^ — 0l^ l| ^^Upof E. 770. 

fivplaQ h fivpioQ x^*^ rvcvovriu 

vvKTQQ t/iupac ri C. 624. viKrtt 

M^pac r' iffai B. 1357. Iircira ira^oc 

t/^pac Noetic p' ayuy 258. 
'H/t<p<6«, to ]MM (ft« 4<ay, 10 <i«# ; IcifXifc 

irov — nyMMhaopLtv E. 777. ^i^pi- 

pt^ofuv, /Su^ojiiv Schol. 
"Hpipioc. See 'AplptoCt Doric, in which 

fonn Sophocles always employs it. 
*HiupoeK6woCf*dm}f'ti»UMi; 5 wpAroQ 

£po9K6w9C A. 253. 
ipoci 0Mr. 
*Httoc, vA«ii. «>k>(X T. 154. 528. B. 

1134. Aj.915. 
•Hv, •/. 

'Hw/i^i€. See'AWp^ic* 
'HWa, a rtia, lA« r*i««j Iwi^x*^ XP^ 
96vmro¥ ii^iav Aj. 834. — Xw»y 
4Wair dpitrrtphf E. 733. — ifWac 
Xfpoly iott^ap E. 702. 
*HWff«i, oonj.,«P^R. 
•Hwc«-pificj««*«>^«<»**"'» **t 'AO^v 

m¥ htvh^ ivt99TpAfoc E. 721. 
*II rap, th§ Uver; waiaa^ vf' firop o^- 
r^xf ip avr^y A. 1299. wXf vpat^ vf ' 
4wap fp'vac wirXiyplv^iv T. 927. 
In the following panago commonly 
translated ih§ heart ; but it should be 
rememliered that the ancients consi- 
dered that the violent |)aBsions, such . 
as love and hatred, gnef, &c were 
•eated in the liver i^^mptX wp6e i)- 
wap — > vivyula i^ Aj. 918. 
'Hwfipoc,ta#ciMitiii«iiC; dt^Mlecy dwnp- 

oic icXiOf /c T. 101. 
'Hir«ec» 1- t^i^* pnpMmu ; cmrSifh 
at adro^c grieve ^ ^l^v fuMw P. 
728. (0<o^). 2.tO0rMag; iiwiMi 
fdXKMC P. 691. 
'HwJMC, milrf/« ; IC itthQ 9L¥ wavpA > 
6c i'^**t i¥i4wtt¥ •* tfi^poi £. 
'Hw^«#. Seo'Aw^. 
*Hp, <pri«g ; H Upoc ik dpcrevpetr B. 

"Hpo, the goddess JuM i 'Hpa£ 5 mXh¥6c 

*HpaJcXf ioct rf or b$Unging to HgrcuUs, 
HtreuUami t^p *HpdA«iov Uo3oy 
T. 51. fpsvoc r^c 'HpucXfiac 573. 
r^y *Hp^eXfioy fidXapev 909. riy 
'HpdaXiioy d0Xoir P. 1116. ^ r6y 
'HpaaXffMV hwXmp 262. r6y 'Upa- 
i^Imv w6imv T. 169. iti^vioK rek 
'HpttrXfiocc 912. 
'HpocX^Ct n. pr., HenulM ; nom., ivaC 
7Ipai^9CT.155. din)pilc*HpaaMC 
460. 'HpntfXJIc* 5 v«^5c iiplv ^ 
caXo^Hirsc 537. p4 *^^K:I'^s' *llp^ 
«Xi»C <P^ K«tk%Ta% 547» Oca. ( f sv 
Zi|i4c 'HpaaXlevc P- 031. aM^y 
ri)»r *HpaaXlevc 1397. M^prs 0' 

'HpaMovc T. 405, fiiXiVi roic 
*H/MwXiotfc P. 1392. *HpaK\iovc 
fti»oQ T. 851. DaUs Xlxoc 'HfMtcXct 
ttpitiv KvffT&aa T. 27. *HfMutk»i 
Xiyf IV 392. o6c — i^ftoftr' ifaax^g 

Cdy'lI^NueXt? — J9ir^/i9y660. tfiXc- 
rpoitfi roic ijf ' *Upa«X<4 582. rAv 
9&V 'HpaKkii i^ptiiidrmp 665. t6 
i&pov UpagXtl r6 w6iiwiuov 869. 
Accut. { (mWT "HpacXia T. 232. 

^ ifUA^c voO* *HpoeXil ^l^X0< 476. 

'HtftfdOfiai, f • h§ eanqm^mi or raMiiiicI ; 
it — coic iipd^fi iro^ j/uy e^ i}9- 
^/liyocc <2«»v Aj. 1221. 

'Htftf^rioc, «* iRiul tuUmit U; coSrot 
yvvoiffoc Ma/iAc V^9^r^a A. 674. 

"Hff 0-Mir, [mi, inftrwr, in «g«, itiength, or 
▼alue ; rov r^oV IpmroQ ilc Awapff 
^9ttv ifit T. 489. ivfitow vi, rhv 
ik vtShf ^99m¥ Ht% E. 1012. — 
w&vra rav9 ffovm \afWir iutl irl- 
fvK§ rqc ^MC vtiTtipiat A. 4S5. 
nohg Ap ywttu:&¥ ftfffovfc raXo/^6* 
&¥ 676. o^Ay SXoic 4'mi yt r&v 
alffxp&if ifti% ytu will mat «*«r ilifcci 
MM y hiding u what ii 5f tr, tlwt M| / 

IPJii IMMT «ft teM/jr 743. If^TOV if 


lued M an adveib ; if/uTc 0* d/ioM 
o^^ly liffvoy 4 *'<>fMic Aj. 269. a 
fitldkv 91999V 4 ^poc (vyifpfr^ 

Xa^MV wpoaiuvA R. 620. 
'UffirXaioCf 9«iM; iy ^tfvxoi^ /Sac 
/Stoy ipn^oi O. 197. 

"HrwxoCt 7*<i^t *iin*t; ^i^vxoc ^i 
Aj. 818. rplffiy n)y yXdZ^ay 4< 
¥Mri^yA.1076. Uied adverbial! 
moTi wdv Ip 4tf^X¥ ^Cc» f*nn 
C. 82. 

*H^ai9roCf KuImn, the god of fire; n 
taph.,^rf; irp^y •— eri^yMtta iri 

IMP wivtitvit *'Hfa*9rop tkuv 
28. it ik 0vf»^rmp''Hf€U9roe c 

tkaftw%p 994. 
*H^mffT&riWtTOC^erfatid kjf Vukan ; 

wayKpark^ tflXac ifatarAriwcrop 

'Hx^M, le tound^ U mumdftrtk; i}x<* i 

o^ dmiuop — KtMOfvlp T. 863. i 

ad irop v/iAy coii^ ^X*^*""^* 'i 

iroc — ; C. 1496. 
'Hx««« mmmI; ^6vp^«ro^oc dvM rq3 

fav^c P. 189. Iwl KmKPT^ » 4; 

vavi wpoftupup E. 108. 



€Ku:itt, to til ; r5 ^ oXXo ^vXov — dyo- 
paiai 6cueil R. 20. Iv /ictfoic (hroit 
Oacti Aj. 818. 0d«i M irpo^p^ 
ratoc 1152. S^rcc i}y 6a«dy drap- 
/3j)c r^C ^<dc T. 23. ol pkp dptff vfc 
card ffrlyac OocovaiK C 341. — i}- 
^ivroc ^fff/twr^C ^^m 6acti Aj. 106. 

Odjcifpay 1. a Mtit'n^ in act of lup- 
plication; rl irpoirxpifCovra rif 9a- 
tniiiaTi; C. 1162. <[ r5 adc^/ ii- 
a vaycdCci* asdirtt 1181. 2. e uat ; 
r5 eiv Baxniia cat ro^c aoi^c 9pdvouc 
cparovaiv ('Bmyvfc) 1882. 

Qaso^^ a ifal ; iif iraXai^v Oacoy ippi* 
$09k6wop <Cmv a. 986. OAxotaw <l 
nva pKkwuc $ vp^c jSi^qXoic 4 
rp^c dXffceiy 9fMy C* 9. 

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ae a frndtfreoM ; dirdc (Xip^y) 4p- 
IMMV vaMi gal warpi OaXauqvdXy 
iTiMly, fib* tan* (haven) n^fiotdfitr 
MM mndfrniktrmt c 5rid^fr«0M to Mtor 
•m« R. 1209. 

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ekamber; riv "HpdffXiioy Oakafi 
T« 909. 2. alio a h9mt§ ffeneial 
or any ckambtr ; oUavop^t OaXduo 
irarp^ £• 183. Kpvwropiv^ t 
rvupypu BaX&p^ A. 938. rov wc 
Kclrap SO* 6pm wtkapop ripf 'Av 
y6yiip dpWovvap A. 798. ic t^^y 
AdXa/MV 'A/if irpirac R. 195. 

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Xd^eiov Upi^l^atM R. 141 1. 

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opra 9aXXdv £.414. Ip pioowAt 
6aXXo7c — avyKaryfiofup A. Ill 
9aXXoitfiy, 4 Kpdcaimv (ipi^); 

OoXXm, pert WOqXa, 1. properly, 
kudforik^ to (ArtM, tofiowiik aa a pli 
or tree ; 9dXXfft — 9Mr' iifiap c 
vdpKia^oc C. 687. fvrtvpa — ^r^ 
OdXXf I piyurra x**Pf 705. 2. 
fiouritk^ applied to tae itato of nu 

pkya 9dXXoyric *^« *^ ^v !AP^*' 
rrpariS P. 418. varp5c OdXXevi 
A. 699. Kpiitfv — MXXaiv f ^r< 



rUtmtf 9wopf 1149* 3. alto of 
bealtli, U h§ in good luaUk; ikHWOp 

ml v69^ fiapiv T. 234. tmc ^ rbw 
matfiymiT^v fil^ $6XXoyrd r* c^- 
licovoy E. 940, M it mn^iv /3iy» 
ddXXotr^ n. 4. and of dJMaeet 
and miifoitiinca, tojivuriak ; »/ i* Ifui 
w690i dfi riO^Xf mawl ftMllop ifiwai 
P. 2&9. wiifiara ^ ck 'y «# car' ^fuip 
cal ffar* tir^p^ytiw Ail dftXXovra ^X- 
Xvy 4 Mraftfiyoi^ 6p& E. 2^2. 

MXaroCf 1* wumth,k§ai; properly 
•« tfoXroc 0COV, oM* i»/i/3poc T. 144. 
3. figaiatiTeljr,a<lM£,orMi«rt; r6y 
roCivji^bifew) #i tfdAiroc o^x viric- 
ipofiu, ik§ Uing {tf tho 0now%) cAm 
«te/t mU MMpff A. 1073. 

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tivelj, 1. f • mmn, fa waJltf warm ; 
pa«b, fa WcaaM mrai, to bo driod; 
&C ^ iOdXwiro (ac. dar7vi ^Xm^ti;!) 
T. 694. edXa-croi (&<isi| P. 88. 
2. figniativelTy fa te koatod or ia- 
JUmtdi ic «*< |iM SKk^ana (MXvfi 
r^dy^d^r^wvpls E. 876. 3. 
intiana^ fa m AoI, la tera; aav/i' 
l0aXiriA.413. iBakiUif dr^£ cwaa- 
pik T. 1072. 

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fl-a^iCatrrm Aa/ii F, 430. ^iXrav 
Xiw)i#y -^ r^y lyw tfa/id ^taic ^p^- 
|Mu wni^v^ dnp KttBiiif T. 47. 
made aXvavaa irp^ ai9cy Baud £. 
314. rpaf qc — . n)y iyM 94iu' dfif I 
•at v^y^ yXwtcl iraplaxav 1133. 

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KoMe n0df^p^Ka A. 1231. 

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WMTUL Souuli099a MdXwf^ dMiv C 

0a/iy6c. a tikidbcf; 3 aol a6 Qaftvolc 
oUBawom KUfwii/tivop EL 55. 

0aydai/iaCv fAat boltmgo to doutk, 1. of 
a man, about to dit^ or domd ; & yata 
3iCat OawdvifUp n' twotfix^ P. 808. 
f i f 00* iMtSw9v Ooydaifiov fikfifitAra 
B. 959. "Ai^av Oayoafaavc a^a^ 
rapac Aj. 513. 2. dooJUjf^ mortml ; 
5Xi«Xa Bava^i/i^ rtaqpan Aj. 1012. 
rb aiy idfnifia, 0aud^ifU¥ wiwkov 
T. 755. dftwTQC ip^ Bapwiji^ 
XtipMpan bL 560. 

0gygr y paCf aamiaf dottk; y^Xla 3i 
yiaiAXa rpdc wI3m Bmporn^ipa ail* 
m B. 181. 

BmpaT6uQ,doadly,fmlmli (otfptvmp — 

€iBVcrac* 1. WaalA ; Jvil yiy 9am- 

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fUptuoc *^ Awavi^fM, Mavrac 'c 
nXaanirGL123i. rAfiMf — |mii^ 


Tf a/iaO' 8c tf^y 6Ayaroy i| dfi^iv 
Opofi 1427. lx*r9P toipov Bavdrov 
uipoQ dfifot A. 147. Baydrov rour 
lyyvrdrm rovwofd^rai 924. l/*^^ 
earo wp6c Bavdr^ Bdvarov dvvaava 
ftopa ; T. 881 . 5r* aitrif Bdparow 4 
filopfipn (nfdpa) Aj. 788.^ 4v — 
iip<Sa^i| rvxtiv wr^aor* airrv, 9dvo- 
rov 947. In the plural generally 
oaed to exprcM a vwUnt dootk ; Aop- 
ioKtSat/Q iwUovpoc a^iXwy Bavdrmp 
E. 496. roj^c ^p^ ^< «'<"'4p ^a^'* 
rode akfTc E. 199. Also ike doaih of 
tovorai; pcydXavc piv iJovaa vcoac 
9aydrovc T. 1266. Bavdrotv 3* kpf 
X«&pf wvpyoQ dvkvraQ R. 1200. 2. 
utediiguFatively ; BdvaroQ piv rdo* 
daa^cy C 633. 9aydfa» ydp laoy 
irdOoc laa-fdau Aj. 214. 3. lika 

J'od if doathi 3y riairo OAyaroCt 
rial a* a/Aac ap4a«y T. 831. & 
edpan edpart^ irdc ^<^ aoXo^piyac 

— ad ivp^ poXiiy irori P. 786. i 
edpart^ edpati^ pup p' liriaai^ai 
poXi&y Aj. 841. . , „ 

eawrioc, thot i$ to ho burUdi riptr 
l9Tlp obxl Bawriop Aj. 1119. 

edwrm, to bury; 4 ydp yoilf Bdwrtw 
9^ dwMiiTOP wokti: A. 44. ov^* 
si lyot Bawrmp wapnvu aiTyoy 1030. 
ual 901 wpofotpd T6pSi p4 Odrriiy 
Aj. 1068. tl robe Bap6pTac ^btt Idc 
Bawnip 1110. dyaryac aj^v p« rdy 
ptwpbpBdwrupiap; 1343* "^rppa 
ilXopiy BdwTowap A. 381. raarqy 
7* (0My Odaravaay 400. — affriy 
riy iy^p' I9aim 398. — aiTyoy i' 
lyot Bd^frn 72. rbp PiKpbp^wpbQ 
piap Biffiiplfiov A\. 1906. r^yyia- 
o6p nc ^priMC m&^c /3</3qai A. 
246. ^rA3'£XXarivy9aaiy'ltfai 
riOa^rm Aj. 574. 9b fdpragob9ti 
T9UT0P Mc rf9<&4«rai 1120. ' ri — 
X^ova^ Ay 4 BdwT9U9a 9p99Biiiinp 
wXkop^ bat the reading now gene- 
rally adopted ia Xdava dp 4 f^^ 
ravaa, oioUtiug or kotjAmg tko Uw A. 

OapalM, fa 5« tf gMd couton; thenoe 
fa 5f confidiut, aa roSray Ay riy dp* 
Ipa Bap9oknp iym KoK&e fUP dpxtiv, 
id 3* Ay dpxiaOai OiXiiir A. 664. 
Alayrac a5 Bap9(i vlai Aj. 780. 

— ZkfMov Baf9wp P. 146. 9apady 
Ay itapa9ral^p iym a 492. 4 aAy 
Iym Bap99P9a maXkop k X^^vC r^^C 
99be UQ^u^p E. 306. 9aptfdy U 
p/pyg Aj. 68. OapaAv ^/M^«Cf 
MUyl237. 9apaily piv a3y lyMYi 

— ivaiyw G. 670. Ocpatly aMiy 
vapopvOadpai A. 826. --Mpaitri. 
roMI y' Ay3p4c a 650. Mpanvpa- 
ya(ac a6vf«a P. 763, Mpaii itm^ 
Bdp9u tUp9P E. 168. 314. 1429. 


P. 669. 799 (Mp«f s fuvoOutp). 882. 
1351. R. 10<». C. 730 (Mp^tf, 
wapkerm), IW. A. 555. 
Bdp9oe, eourmg$, caufidtmct^ Uldnmt; 
wXkoy rh Bdfteoc f2x> ^^iTtJitev P. 598. 
96peoc lex* 796. Ivcic rt tfiipvoc 
rotf^i rov rdpfiovc wipi; kmit iium 
my MMii ^ eat^fidime$ rttpnting tkU 
Urnrt E. 404. oMk jUyrot ro^la* 
vterdvM vAjmc 11%' ton Mpmc C. 

Bapcipu,U h$ tfgead €iirtg§ ; AKX' A 

iOai Bdpawt E. 904. 
&da9tt, to Mt vpM ; 'Apnju¥, A cweX^- 
f vr' iyopac Bp6va¥ tinuda ^wu B. 
O^ffffMv. See Tax^C* 
Oav^o, 1. «ii^*«etMnllii^wMd«r; 
Otf ri rovro Bavu' iuoiyt P. 408. 
goitSiv vf 9avfui B. 1133. Bavftd y' 
eifiiv 1319. roioDrov UpkpiiKiv, 
olov — vfiiv Oavfi dviXwiffrov fta- 
Oi7y T. 670. xwpftv wpb Uumv XI- 
yovoiv &9TiTh^ Ti Oaufia (iffreuUi) 
957. Bavfi' — /aoZ/i^y 1000. voffi 
Bavfia iwfxtp^C wap^v k, 254. 3. 
wond§r, a§tonuhm$Ht; Bavud rot u' 
{nripx^rM E. 916. — Uovva ^ ii- 
yov oav/M 885. rSit Bavfui fC lx<i 
P. 681. 
BavfidZtt, to adwuro, to iM«d«r, to b$ 
amattd or attonithedi /a4 BavuaZt O. 
1121. Hxfi — Bavpdoat uiv d^/a 
R. 777. o^ fl n fi^coc tmv Xtfywy 
l9ov vXloy — BavpdoaQ iv^ C. 1 142. 
90V d' fymyc BavpdooQ Ivm riii2f P. 
1346. A^yoc — oCioc U Bavpdoou 
C. 1154. ffaX5c yip 6^^5c pioroc, 
&ori Bavjtdffai E. 885. o^c 4fy wor' 
Avipa Bavfidffaift* in Aj. 1073. 
Pass.; wdktu 51 /i4 Topmp BavfidZt' 
rai B. 289. 
BavuaaT6Cf that U to b§ wmdorod at or 
admind; oMv ro^rwv Oav/Mi0T5v 
ifiol P. 191. 4 'yi)p yap 0^ artvoK- 
rbc — U'lrl^irf r\ AXV tS nc /3pa- 
rwv BavaaoTOQ C. 1661. 
6ia, ff nghi^ a viow; bpftamp — Biav 
XaP6vTa P. 582.. ip' korlp &ort 
K&yyyBtv Biav\aptiy} 652. Stfric 
4y^ dacwv drappi^Q r^c 9iac T. 28. 
wdptati inrOf aai iidk' 4^flXoc Bid 
E. 1447. 
etdf a goddou; Ila^Xa^oc BtSg twmg 
iKolpifv diyfidrmv irpodfvopoc A. 
1169. 4 Ai5c Topy^iric aiduaroQ 
Bid Aj. 445. J»c Ay ^ /i^yiy ifaXc^ 
ffw/iAi Bt&e 641. a^npyv 9fac /c- 
Hioaf^ 6pyfiv 7B^ Bia^ iraU^mv tar' 
ikooQ £. 55(1. *^ ol 7^p Ufofiot 
Btai — r^c Ti Ktd Zc4r0v tipai C. 
40. 0^ rai95i rait nuvaSn itf 
fioixoiC Bidic 459. rd^ii rdc Btdc 
gdkAv kvt&iuu 1014. x^^«u 0<ai 



1564. /uydkaw Biolv dpxahv or 
fdv*tpa 689. 

eliuia, • iight^ a tpoetaeU; Biapa i 
tM^ii roiovrov, eloy ca2 orvywir 
IroicrJMi B. 1295. i&r«yarayr« 
^4 Biapdrmv ipol SXyiarov Aj.971 

etdo/uu^ to bohold; BtaoBi iramc ^( 
Xioy ai/ioc T. 1068. 

eiar^Cf tJkat u to 6« lookod or m« 
«p«ii ; ot rot Biardc (Aju) Aj, 89< 

OiigXaroc, Miit or fietVcit 5jf i&« ^ffif , 
-- 0*** il ydp fy r5 rpaypa pi 9i i 
Xaroy B. 255. Oi^Xaroy pavrtvu 
iuv6y 992. ^i^ n Mi Ai^Xan 
roSpyoy r5^f A. 278. 

ecioc, tftPiM. 1. wkot hiloagi to 
ditty: r6 Ocioy aitro^ llavayodl 
^6fta C. 609. t6 Bilov 6i6c am 
rpoy P. 139. Bii^ wvpl wauAai 
718. rd Oil' iiraiy^y P. 450. h^ 
ik rdBtla B. 910. 8ray rd Oir d^ 
r«c. f Iff r5 paivtoBai rpawj C. 158 
«C ri Biiov jy wpd^yrov T. 115 
•ame m xP9'M^. 2. mii« by 
diity: Hkoi ydp dy Biia v6ooc A 
185. 6c/^ ^yU ^iyayXoc 60 
Biia ydp — rd xa9if/iar« niya »p 
«*r5y r«c ^pofp6voc Xp^nt iri/ 
P. 192. cA yap yooiTc r4^• dXyof 
9«ac rvxvc 1810. — rfxopiy BiU 

rT*.*' .^- ,^*l- «'m4 " tCyrpov Bit 
t/y' ypac l/iow P. 102a 9f <> cair^i 
rwxp C. 1581. 8. panJUng oft 
mily ; A«5yywc — Btioi^ duAiw 
X«y riBfivatc C 686. r6v 9a 

Moyriy liJ* ayovffiy B. 29a rl9yq 
9iToy 'lojcaffriic ««pa B. 1235. 
ioered ; a^Xoc oba dvapaiay Idy* 
Kwaxdv irdyiMTiy, dXXd BilaQ a 
WXvpoy povffac T. 639. 

OiXy«*, to MitM, to boguili; Mc'Bp* 
M yiy iidyoc OcAy BSKUuv alYuaa 
ra?< T. 354. aXXa r5y /3aX5yr' 
jrofOiVai XPVK^V l9iXy<y 707. 

eUrrpoy. a ekarm ; Bikgrpotn roic i 
*HpacXii T. 582. 

diXoyr^c. See '£9cXoyr4c- 
eiXw, to wiU, to wiiA, to dotiro, 
elpic, 1. n«mts <ft« ^<iMi ^ f'l 
tie* ; oi rdv Atbc ^vrpawdy rai r< 
aipaviav eipiy £. 105a 2. < 
/uc iffr^ frequently ueed impen« 
ally, with a dative of the penon, it 
right, allowabU^ or alimcod ; it t 

OSpic, OiXoi/ dy P. 657. i»c id> Gki 
y* ipoLort 9w poXciy dnp 801. 
ftoi Olpic y' li** C. 650. ciOi/ucii 
ILOirdv d^vn 9f5y— tfc/3iC«ty 16J 
o^cin 1101 r6ii Xapwd^oQUa^ 5iii 
9ifMC 4pay ruXalp^ A. 871. tfj 
9i/uc rdr a^ady £. 12a o&y<Sp' 
0ipt( 424. ol^iy o^ fil^i^ 484/ 

WfViXf?yP.846. i^LTat^ 


€58. T. 806. a |i4 ai/tic Xf^^mcy 
^cMMvv C. 1687. Of/MC A VMC ra^' 
Un; 1727. ff<6i|uci/«IyA.1244. 
•^ 6f /MC |uiO<i y E. 655. Onoe uied 
hj Sophoidct in the icnie ci right mtid 
juMt, mod not inpenooallT; iiril /loi 
r^y 6j/ii9 #6 vpoC/SoXic T. 807. 

Of/uirrJc and Bt(fur6c^ what U Uwfmi ; 
4XX' oi( Btfur6p yip Mlrt /loXiIy C. 
1755. 4 (ivr^y ; 4 «A 6<iM#r5y AAev 
iiaiyvi; R.898. 

Ot07cyyi|c« rfdtwuf 0Hgim ; dXXi 9f^ 
roc Kol Btoyimfic A. 828. 

rwy ^MC/i^my Svo E. «)7. 

0U09u 8f«6fey 8q|Ioc« droc 0^iy IX- 

X^wu A. 680. 
6iM«p4vioc«prd!H^<<M; liroc ri Oioirfi^ 

iray 818. 
ai4c. GW«« ^, thtDritjf, tk€ Diviititp. 

rdc 'AOify«ic f"^ Oto^ifitwr^rat 
€hat C. 261. 

rl wofiv Bipawiimw, $ttd€tsmtr m 
|5« waifm U bt 0fterme§ P. 149. 

Otpil^ t0 eui tjf ; rov |ily sc^oX^f 
Kal yX&€9Qp irp«y ^cirrn Api^ag 

0y|ia/y>w, l# Mate Mnm ; pMi.» !• 6«- 
«Mi#wflrai; uaad figuntivel/y S^ric 
mwoltw Avl#iy Bipfuuptrai iU. 

9ipi^f «■!«• 6«( ; I. uatd in iU 
Mopcr MDMs 6 rirpoc T^oXoy 
8(p|c6r Mi vaycrdjfc P. 1071. 
wwpi 9%pfuf A. 615. 6 — Oip^ 
XtfvrpA — wmpavaur&ovrtc T. 631. 
iKrXvoc—Btpfi^AOurwWZ, Otp- 
/i5y «^ CX 628. OcMial ^p*77<C 
<yw f y«6#» |UXay /uyo^ Aj. 1^. 
rAp $$pitOT6rav muitZa c^vio/iiyay 
thAmf P. 680. ioMpSmp ^iiiaga 
BippA vdiiarm T. 815. 2. uacd 
filfumtiTely ; 6 voXXA ^ gal OtfpA 

1035. 9tpp^ iwl i^yxpif^ tapiiap 

ixtiC A. 88. 
0j^, mtmmtr; r«v vo/MorMroc 8I- | 

p^vc P* 1824. x^M^^v^'C ^Mpov^iy 

f^cdtftm 8fi|Mt Aj. 666. ly aliMi P. 

6i|p«inKf ntrifCM. a pioptr name; 

^pmkn^Q TK i^ P« 440. 

8»r« 8i#^' U4wm AJ. 688. 
6iM|i4ct !• Imm^righi^ mmmu i ate 
l«^ Mrav aai rM€ M«|i#Mtt vXW 
iav4c'a«ra 6i i a|i4 c t 4 *al H?'' ''t 
Aj. 1088. yyy 3* 48« V^ mMc 
flMyiAtr ICw^^/UM A. 786. — ^ 
^K— '»^f « tt rA¥juyiht¥ wmp" 
iiptQhf ApX^fc ^Mlifiir 781 i. aa 


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tll^NMliail or MMUflNdMf Ml j 

8i|p — VfHiiJi^iiCaro* vap j«a Octf'* 
H&y oMp T. 679. 

Oftfrifir^C* TseM/cr; 9«#iriirfMi vl- 
rpa R. 464. 

Of tf itiCm, la dtUair wnelm, to propkity ; 
roXXA ydp 9§ 6<tfirlCoyO^ ipd vod 
^fva^^iia C. 1512. iLtvi^ pt Bt^ 
wiKtw Xiyup A. 1041. rd r* dXXa 
•— i9itfiritffyP. 606. ol' iOl^ritfcy 
C. 1430. 'Air^XX^y i/ iroXdc i^i'- 
vitffy E. 1415. dy^p — fiififiu 
iiivd Aitfirltfac A. 1078. — Paas.; 
ri ik TtOivwtwrM; O. 889. Uted 
figontifaljt f^P«C rai ^«A icojcfiy 
i8&9iritfacT. 1121. 

Oitfvcr/ia, « pmpkiqf ; rd wap6vTa 
^vwiffpara ^ d|i' oMf y^ B. 971. 

OitftfttXiCf fem. 7%nM(MN ; cvyq yp6. 
tfMra OcavoXic yiy dpwkx^i C. 815. 

0itftfaX^, T^fMlitfii; GctfaaXAc 'x^'' 
irrovc E. 693. 

Of tfr^pf loCf 7%MAMnMN, laa tf TkaUr ; 
rov 61 arapiJav pdyriMc Aj. 788. 

Oltf^rof, 1. prtdict$d ; tcldom 
uiod af an adicetiTa i IJKti — Oitf- 
faroc fiiow rikivr^ 0. 1470. if n 
Mtf^roy warpi xP^^f^Itfiy 2cyc7ro 
C. 973. 2. auhft. ^vfara an 
vropAidcf, or aneUi; Aotov ra- 
Xoid Bi^ra B. 907. Oiof^wy 
ffoiTAb^ 1 175. il OftfadrMy — /SdCiy 
taryiii rwy^f T.8o. m(— .^^^i^y 
ar^O^tfdf Oftf^rMy 1140. ^yrf7a« 
PpoT&¥ oIk firly iy ^ciyoT^ 6yfipMC 

dfi»fMM, l« 6<*a(d; fSOf — rtXiidc 
rvpaa^u rdy^' AyAvmw B%mpq9ai8a 
rc(fp6¥ fypa 0, 1086. 

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w(ic oZray iliatf* dyrl riyc Bimpiac; 

6f wp4c, a ^pfrlaliirt m« itiil |« atfaiaill «ii 

ormeU; Bti^pdc U:i^pm¥ B. 114. 

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e4/l9, and O^/^as tho citv of 7%f5ii. 
8qj9aioc* TUdban; iyyivic favi^trm 

e^iSaZoc R. 453. ei|/£4ac ivima- 

irevyr^ dyvidc A. 1122. — ^Koi 

aaroajuwav 6|f/9ai{ia4yM/ O. 407. 
0fydy9, « tdboHlaiia; (vfayt^c «ri- 

vvyf) €ti^pofipAn B^yi^jf yf fca- 

yifC Aj. 807. 
O97W, la tkafpim; 06 ydp m' Afkmta 

yXdaad aav nOify^yf Aj. 68l« 
O^tff , a IM16 ; 8my lipdy^ fi' Miyac 

IXfi C. 1760. IfA — vipiari44 — 

wdvrmp 8/ i#riy dMmp O^m^p 

warp6c E. 884. 
BttXhrn^ la i>^f or aialtf a^Snalnato ; 

«!/;» ydp— /3a4# aafpac &( Mr 





OfXuCi !• properly »[ ths f$mal$ 
tix$ yv¥i it, O^Xvc waa cove dp* 
ip6Q ^v^tp T. 1051. 2. thenod 
ijfminai$: vw V Ic roidrrov 0^ 

Xvc it^f>i|/Mi« r^(Xac T. 1064* 
e^A, 1. • i0i<a Uati; 9Hp' Apci- 
purify P. 943y Onp^C ^pt^nfidra 

A. 849. »c iranip AvriffraBuov 
rov $tip6c UBitnu r^v avroS copiiv 
E. 663. 'Bpv/iivOiov ri O^pa T. 
1087. ^riKrAp 4 Xarlwv pfrd Oq- 
pAy P. 186. |wov«-{ai Oi|p«y 6pii- 
My 925. x^poirwy / /9yif 9iip&v 
1 181. ^fuXa i' oCri 6i|pdc ovrf rov 
nryfiy — Uifaiyiro A. 257. Bai- 
p&v iiypimv i&vfi 844. KaBtiyi^av^ 
4 94p<C 1069. 2. ktrdi^ and tf«- 
fMttM catti$: iv df6/3aic /m 9i|p^i 
8fiy6y xipac Aj. 859. 3. once 
used to designate the wumtUr Ctr' 

' herui; e'fipa r' dinxdrov Btip6c C. 
1565. 4. fteouently tk$ dutaurt; 

y 6 B^p 665. iiri wpo^Anni B^p6q 
659. 6 94p Kiyravpoc 677. 1152. 
iivrl Ttw — 6 Bip kuoi wapi^x' *^ 
yoiay 704. o0vf ca acoiwa irp^c rov 
Onpoc IpCfMy ra^f 931. itfwi r* 
&ptKTov Iwwap&nova vrparhv Btip&v 

Biooj 1. &imlfa# ; Bipav tiivV 
AkUttQ fyopfy r6lutv P. 828. ^vtf^- 
pivwy Biipav lxu¥ AJ. 561. 2. 
prf y to^n in AMnliMr ; it ftraval 
Bnpai P. 1181. Uiit 'Axaiolc c/c 
plffoy, 9i|pdy KoXqy P. 605. 

GtlparioCf vorthy rf biing iought tit a 
iriu; Bfipart Ay yiyyoir' dv (r^ 
ia) P. 1 16. 

Bflpau^ ' 1. properly, to hunt, to 
maki a protf of; tal p* oOc IBlipiov 
vp6oBt^ Bfipa90V9t vvv, and thou 
whom I modi mtf protf btforo, ftiit now 
makt m$ thoin P. 946. — r^y 31 yiy 
Bfipwpiff M^Q oidkv iKwtwXtiypiv- 
qy, and i0« imnudhulii ifitfd hor, 
not ot ail appolitd A. 429. el^ p' 
^ir^XOfCt Ac p' i9i9P^9M, Aow hmt 
thou ttoUn vpen n«, how hott thou 
caught MM? P. 995. Udopgd n irci- 
p^y riv' ixBp&v ipwdvai Bnpotpwov 
Aj. 2. jcai ^ cIXj O^/pfiyO* 4 r^x^? 
C. 1080. 2. to dotiro to ohtain, 

to ttrivo aJUr; rvpawUa Bnpav 

B. 542. Bfipav oif wpiru rap^ 
Xava A. 92. troXX^c dv^tag Kat 
T^BfipoffBat Ktvd £. 1048. 

O^pcioCt rf or boUmging to wild hoastt; 

Biptuic fiia T. 1048. 
B^poBokiw, to»hootwildhoa9ti; B^po- 

/3oXo9yra — tote P. 165. 
B^9a6pi9piif a troaiuro or Kere; m(- 

yov rb Bti^abptepa ^^pmivtt^ r43« 

P« 87» 


Oiy tfavp^, a freuurt; o»Mye7c > 
K^y 9i|9avpAy tlffoprnv* wp6c x^ 
popac A. 80. Ixwv ctfpac ^/*«C 
r^ff^f ca2 tfovrov rpirowp uer^^ 
O^tfavp^y AJ. 1154. 

O^nlJifC* a ^SMRiiaHl «/ 7%rMt 
iuvd, Ik Bfiouiav dtpd U. 1068. 

O^fff vc, n. pr. TlhcifHf , king of Athe 
Btivtbc KoXflrac, rov wply Aiy 
r6Koc C. 69. Alyiwc y^yoc 0^0 
556. rtjodi iflfovxoc x^^^ < 
Vive 1852. 5 cvpioc Otiaidc irap 
rw 1640. Yoc., ei|0fv C. 675. 6 
1046. — gen., Otioiwc Kdpoi P. 6 
rd Bnciwc 6v0pa C. 1007. x^i 
Bfiviwc 1106. rd Oifvlaic Ilcpil 
ri — (vvO^para 1589. r6 Oqiri 
Kifipa 1653. accua., irfic^y — € 
oka wopoi C. 1458. y^c ava« 
6i|0ia G. 1626. — Oifeia sal 1 
3iar4Xovc C. 1058. 

Oiyrf ia, AirMf torvieo ; woipi^ y 
i^aBa Kdwl Bnrti^ wXdvfiQ ; R. 10 

Otyyayw, to touch, to foil, to hond< 
wapiarM roSrd trot Kai Biyydvuv 
663. fiovku XdPwpm i^ra Kai Or 
ri oov; 751. IkiwQ ipii^ Biy 
1884. r^c Ip^c X^P^C 9tywy 
760. a|iM<rar' ay^pic dOXiov 
y<Ty 1418. x'P^' ^"^ 0>yifS»y ^oca 
ixuy v^c 1468. Btyydvw ivc 
6pov C. 831. ir«»c — Oiyuy 9iA 
•"aip* dvSpot 1135. irarp^c — 1 
\6Ttin Biywv Aj. 1389. |«i|^ A j 
*9iyfC wocov ffiavrifc A. 542. 
riiv yt uij Biyovvav (taraKrtvA) . 
767. ii aup^rov X^C^pn^^C ivt 
Kov 9C 6oiuv X'^P^y 9iywy C. 47 
XWffirtp dv Biyy ^fipii rd irovi 
Kvwiaka T. 712. f(o«3a ydo y 
irayr6c Ay X^yov vacov yXuot 
Bty6vra Kai wavovpyiac P. 406. 

6iCt !• f^ boaeh, or iM-aAoJv; in 
Xiac r^yrov 0iy5c i^niuvot P* llOi 
2. 1^ mud waihedfrom tho bottom rfll 
Ma to tho ihoro ; ipifloc S^aXoy — k\ 
Xiviii pvc9iB%v mXmvdv Biva I 

Sy^ffffM, todii, to poHth; im^rf.|f9yi 
ext T. 705. — peif., rtBytiKa I 
1019. E. 1141. riBvvft md rii 
vfiKiv P. 888. 834. 495. R. dii 
1235. A. 55«. 1267. T.874. 112( 
Aj. 946. 950. E. 48. 282. 516. 662 
912. 1418. rtBv&9t» Aj. 99. I 
427. A. 1158. -* rf 9yi}iciyai Aj 
474. rfftfyninif P. 488. rtft^x^or B 
818. Aj. 886. E. 644. 920. 190i 
ri9yi|K^n E. 847. rtOvfiK6ra 1 
803. E.1888. r<9y9c4r#y P. 1297 
r<9ytyc^rac AJ. 1138. ^ftat.,9aMil 

Stu a 1448. A. 458. 9ayi7r« Aj 
26. A. 747. Oave^ttiyoc T. 15S 
9«yevpiyi| A. 46^ Bavovpk9^¥ £ 



772. aor^ (I9avw.) — ftfayfc C. 
1713. A. 1254. I^M C. 1704. 

— MiwB.1454. a 588. 1044. T. 
799. Aj. 468. Myyp A. 542. Aj. 
491. Batmit, 508. E. 1488. 1496. 
e^A.518. Aj. 110. E.429. $av 
m9i P. 418. 1480. — «^voc/u T. 

958. Aj. 884. C 1808. Myoic P- 
950. E.57S. 94yocT.8. R.1247. 
Aj. 629. 1828. — tfavflir P. 831. 
B. 292. 669. 718. 722. 854.944. C. 

959. 974. 1890. 1505. 1517. 1711. 
A. 72. 97. 220. 541. 774. 874. 878. 
1158. T. 165. 876. 1123. 1150. 1162. 
1228.1226. Aj. 106. 886. 715. 799. 
809. 1290. E. 568. 994. 995. 1067. 

— Bmv^ P. 836. 412. 422. 620. 
945. R. 967. 970. 1354. C. 1113. 
A. 209. 508. 868. T. 73. 1163. Aj. 
1006. 1106. E. 59. 237. 436. 798. 
1123.1141. 9avA9a E. 538. 1160. 
T. 878. A. 747. BavivTo^ P. 350. 
R. 106. 134. 566. 821. C. 1552. A. 
1288. T. 576. 1212. Aj. 995. 1002. 
1047. 1245. E. 764. 782. 967. 1108. 
6ayo4«vc A. 1297. 9av4yri B. 245. 

A. 94. 1016. T. 795. Aj. 1364. 
1874. 9ay4yraC.891. A. 26. 468. 
541. 1017. T. 965. Aj. 942. 1357. 

B. 860.666. 1208. 1220. 1806. 1444. 

— Omptib^maf E. 978. Baw6vrie Aj . 
100. 1038. E. 1411. BwSyra E. 
1139. 6a94»m»ir a 959. A. 14.214. 
911. 9aM6M A. 558. 845. T. 1168. 
Ai 967. 1071. 1327. E. 1470. 6a. 
wftyrac A. 891. 1249. Aj. 1110. E. 
928. 1161. 

^*^9*^<vVCt (i^iMrtol met; ifulc ik 
ppTm ttal itniroyi¥iXc A. 829. 

0M|r4c« mtrtml: 1. vied a^jectifelr ; 
iyari fine Mpmv R. 869._ ^wiu- 

§M(Uia 9yarm¥ E. 242. 
w&nOvmroicifviUpocBiB, Oy^iroS 
vl^Mcac waTfi6e 1162. BvnrSc r' 
'Opiwrife 11<^ 9yiffr5y Bvra R. 
1528. A. 451. 2. dIot., mmtOdud, 
wurtais^ vied ptttidTely ; JAXov o6- 
rum — Bvarmv P. 677. Ov^r&v 
fuiitp^Q wpoeiyfioc R. 1487. o^ 
Aw tic Btnirmw fp&nu C 1653. 
msiifiva Bvmrmp 1759. ^m ik 6ya- 
r6irA.816. coMiyl ^ XJovi 6yf- 
r&w Aj. 1895. 8. nted subiUa* 
tivdy, • BMrtel; A flraX4t|iai 6^9- 
rw¥ P. 177. ri 6v«rdy ykptBka 
R, 1424. «6 w^rmai nrfM n9if- 
pomwroA 11X9 MiT9%m» C. 1054. 
$vmihffitAr^ A. 610. vfv^iilar^ 
«fo Ivn tfy^rplc 0Wftfop8£ iwak- 
Xayf 1819. Ai^yfra jApM^^ 
IwifiakM OpanXc KmWmc T. 127. 
n)y 6pt» w# gy Arvri 478. 4. 


MMilrat «# A i5aB^ |&j|< Ammmm nMtolt ; 


OmSCm. I# Jboitfii; r<y«c ir^ S^p«C 
r^jf /Mt Oo^crff R. 2. 

B6ktp6c, hirUd, pirtiirM ; AZcrc ^0* 
X«pi# nZrw x*'^*^ poeiivae Aj. 

eo4c, mmA; Boalf wmkmQ E. 727. 
6o6y tlp€9i&c lvy6v Aj. 244. 6o6v 
4»cvaXMr yidv 696. 6odv vifi^y 
T. 854* oommonlj rendered, Ui 
kt^^^rntd bridi; but, m Ellendt 
■ayi, the expreiiioii eontaine in it a 
itgnificalion of the trtmuioutuiu of 
youth ; 10 it might be rendered hit 
jlurrUd bnd§, 

OepkieCff TktrieUu; Ocpidaw virpw 
C. 1591. 

Oopi^M, fa elmmmr agminti; peek ; 
eir4 nuArmp Mpmp 9opvQ§X Aj. 

OA»vj3oc, eiemmir, uproar f Wff 06 — 
96pt&c l^raroi fioiiti P. 1247. 
fuyak/n 06pvfioi Karix^^ VH^Q 
M aiMTcXi/f Aj. 142. 

BaCptoc, impetHoug, warUk§ ; Oo^piec 
Atac Aj. 211. 1192. Oetipty Kpa- 

epaC. See 6py{. 

Opaeoc* 5eU«fts roMeiM; wpopaa^ 
4ir' fevaroy $p6ffovc A. 846. woi- 
mei reXfiAiC — ' k<^ 4p€vm» $pd9ti 
Aj. 46. Bpi^ove rove* o^« dX^Ci ic 
E. 616. Ar/c* #ric coi Bpdaoe t§ 
vpoCfyfi;T.723. «e7 — l^ijSXi^^o^a 
roievroy Opaeoc — 5vXiCu ^-; E. 
983. e6rMC fx<t n Iciwh^ ^^C 
Opiaec; P. 104. 

Bpaaivofiai^ te 5« ftoU or frumordi 
MdvKov fi^ 6pae^we6at rocoip, 
Ifam fi0l to bifntmrd im fMortunn 
P. 1378. 

6|pa^Ct Md, Jroward, ituoUni; oig 
dp' ^ffdyy y e^ Jl wpo^nUUit, Bpaai ; 
P. 106. 5pac rhf Bpaciv, rbv i^- 
Kdpitow Aj. 857. dy]^ — yXw^ov 
9pa9vv Aj. 1121. /levXnmft votv 
Kal ivXhc ilvai /idXXoy 9 V i/»el 
OpaaCc 1294. e6rf ydp Opa^^ e6r^ 
ety 9poB*i^a£ tlfil R. 89. — kom^c 
6ifra( vp^ ^XM^^^f '1^ '^ ''^iC Xo- 

20IC 6paei?c P. 1291. fi^ov^i vol 
pantg A. 576. ^ cdirarciXfiy 23* 
irfl^YU 6pae^c; 748. itcBpavim 
Kai vlpa ^(k^c dpx** E.511. r^ 
ly rf irdpoc XP^*V ^eilay 1438. 
Opaevere/iiirt, fe tpmk boldhf ; tfri 1^4 

mI Xiyicc Bpa9V€T0^¥ P. 380. 
epaUi^ U 5ree&, te endk; dXXoc dX- 
Xoy — i^tff ffdWvfvri E. 719. 

|eXeyn6paieai P. 294. — ei^vp^y 
le ««p5c vciM#jGiX^ 6paae#i y r a mU 
^yiptm — dy fkieeic A. 472. 
Opii^fuif eaytJbfjif iJUi if mmn§d or 
aeeHribedt e am/iiif , to • ekUd er 


Avffo/ijoovc P. 348. «»c ifMvrf 

OpkufUL Aipvalac Mpac T. 571. 

Awijirov Oolfi^a tdwpo^liyopop T. 

1083. "Aijov " v^KvXaca, ^uv^c 

'Exl^infc BpififUi 1089. Uaed m a 

term of npmch i A BpiupL Araiiic 

BptwHjptiO¥^ nmritkwumt ; r^ r^c ro- 

Xalv^c vv^^oc 0fMirrm>ia G. 126ft. 
epanoc, Tftrwioii; ep^ioy cX^^mmi 

»>. 187. 

ovc — ^Mc 0p9v4^« Aj. 619. 8tfa 
r&y — i/«iy BptlvA warioa E. 94. 
irar^p ^, 8v 8pqvi7c dft 630. p^ 
ikv ipyov tavra 9(nivMr9tu iidiiiv 
Aj. 839. Bpiiv%l¥ Iw^dQ wp6c ro- 
u&vri wp&yiian 679. 3iim|/ia ydp 
8pf}yfZ P. 209. 

Op^voe, a Umunt or l«mtRfaf im ; 
waUrt Bp^yoy C. 1748. /iq^* M 
wXtiia Bptpfw iyiiftrt 1776. dlutc 
Bprivrnv rvxtiv Aj. 907. woXXSlq 
pkv Bpivmv «S^dc — yoBov E. 88. 
i»^ /liv ii^ X4I« 9pqvwv 108. iy<&- 
piBuoc w3i Bpiivmv 226. <l ^ocA 
iroAXoZm Op^voic ^vtf^opctv v/uv 
Ayav 247. — sdir' ^jiod Bp^vmp 
rixg 1461. 

6pa^ Thracian; 6 Gpycwy SaX|iv« 
o^^ff6c A. 957. ^-Bpyff^aimw — 
woaic A. 686. 

Bpvffca, See 6ppC* 

6p<^ Aair, a Me of AaiV ; ^c a^y 
ri^v^ dXiirap^ rpi'xa £. 443. — U 
Brov Xf uK^y ^yw r^v^ Ic /icXoiyqc 
AfiftPdXXofioi rpixa A. 1080. 

6polii», t0 tpeak, to utter^ thence to cry 
out; itdofifia ydo Bjtoti P. 209. 
Dind. Bptfvii, — rl iponcs 1171. wa- 
pd yovy 9pof7y 1 180. ixtl wag roM 
y *£XXi|ywy 9poii, tvery ono of iht 
bruki taUct of thii C. 608. rd rovit 
luivrtvfuiBt^ ig 9^v Bitvarov ^ <!/!• 
^7y 9poi7; 1427. wc — 'Apydoi- 
civ ihti^y Bpofc Aj. 67* «^XX' 
dyav fiiri Bpoug 689. irol' lirif 
Opoci 772. rovB* Ifiiv Alac refiiroc 
lioraroy Oppit 861. woX fikivuy 
tSt* ahrd Kal Bpotlc ; 1269. wp6o» 
iroXoc 9poi7 Alxag — ravra T. 187. 
4/ioc — ^ KivoQ Bpoii rale alxnaXm* 
roic iraio'iy 628. wc ipyatfccMy 0^- 
iiv &v Xcyw Opofic 1222. iUofuv 
A Opo<ic E. 843. Hoi fidk' ad Opoci 
nc 1402. — • AvaXyrirtir — i9p<$». 
9ac Avaviov tpyov ArpiMv Aj. 
928. riya 9pofic Xoroy A. 1273. 

BpqupotiiiQt etotttd ; dyaCUiwi 9pe^* 

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6poy4c» • «Mtf but eipeoiallj e fftrmif; 
Apn/uy A ctrKXAiyr^ ^T^Jm^ Bp6po¥ 

OTM 1 

— a^tftfii B. 161. aicrol — ^pi 
yiy ^piro^oyrcc k ^^C Op^vovc ^ 
1028. 8ray ^yoic AfyiffOoy lyO 
Kovy8^ 6p6 roiffty varpyotc £. 26 
y^C -*- 4c '7<' Kp^ra ri col 9p6yo 
yi/i« R. 237. Op^yoic wapaarar 
9UV role Kpioyriioic VfXac 3S 
Kpioyn — Optfyovc i^o^ai C 36 
IIoXvytlKq9p6ywy4irorrcplffMi 87 
Sc vvy n^wrpa koI BpovovQ ix 
426. Bp6vovc xal OK^wroa Kpalvt 
449. rniirrpa col Opoyovc fx« 
1366. r^ Aatov — Bf6ftmv ttpd\ 
A. 166. cpdriy M irayra koI Bp 
yovc Ix*' 173. Tflfrnv dv dra n 
iraya9r<iffcic Bpovwf 629. Jftfir 
^ciy Bp6vmv T. 362. r6 «&y Oac 
MA cal rode oodc 9p^vc Ix^votv 1 
1382. fon ydp koI Zifyl ovyOoj? 
Bpivwf AJULq ln^ fprocc vS^* ' 
1269. roic 9o7c irayopxoic — iy^ 
Miy 0p4yoic 0. 1295. 

OpifXi*!, to toUifre^ututly about ; /iq 
iwiiiviivByQ fit TpoMic* ^^ 7< 
fioc ri6|pvXi|rai X^yoic P* 1387. 

6pw<rc«, properly lo Uop, but used 
ezprets anj f uioAe noltoii ; lyvdc  
dprivovc BpotOKU ^^/lovp T. 68. 
d^ tinipiTfiOQ Icira/Xa — X*P'^ ''^ 
aTTo/Uva wXAra Bptmti C. 72 
Bpot^m i* ad, Opwo'cn ^fiXata • 
dypia yoooc T. 1022. 

Ovjartip, 1. prop^ly e itaw^JUt) 
vuyartp Ai6c — 'A0aya R. 169. 
Xpvoia Bhyanp Oa&Q 188. rj)c B 

rarpbg o^vtKa E. 584. Bvyarip i 
67. 226. 899. 2. also a i^anu* 
4 irod oi yi ric Ovy^r^p, AoKi* 
(wpoffwtkaiBtioa trucTi) ; R. 110 

OdiXXa, itorm ; wovria OviX) 
Kiyi|9ciO'a C. 1666. rpafii BMko 
oiy iy warpifatc Boptdg A. 97 
ttdvra — 9vvapwd9aQ BhihX Sn 

OviiXq, lAo 6<ooit o/e wdtm; foiv 
A x<<P on&^tt Ovi|X$c *Aptoc ) 

8vi^C« • TA^io'f or oltonilaiil m t 
fittivah of Baeekui; irpo^yq 
VaUituc ffoic dpui npir^Xoic 6vi 
my A. 1136. 

Gvfia, uiOfNM, an o6(alioii, a taerifici 
Ivacoi ^4 ^ Ovfiara E. 624. iK 
Ov/i4rwy*H^aioToc odje fXoftirty , 
903. odri AotQiis ifiiy ovrt 9v/i 
^i^y — wpooBiytiv P. 8. /lifr* 1 
tfifiy ffdxaiot /i^rc BufM9i coiy 
irocc7oi?ac R. 239. OoudrMy dfiro < 
903. ffdr' Ay dyvd Bofutra ^tKy ' 
286. otay dvB' olm^ Bvitdrotv I 
liM — xdpiv iv{*m 990. W i^y 1 
riiy^c Sdpara E. 663. 

Ov|i/a^a» tHomio-ofmjtf ; wiXtc < 
Ov^iM^ir*»y yi/Mi R. «• 



9w^¥ Otfc>ovc^X^ai#i B. 914. 

JdtmM ^mg kmt0 my mindZ. 1339. 
C.192, ImCa 9v/^ 1465. icXav- 

1311. 2. cmirtfc; iirvoc ** '^ 
roI#i 3f«yo7c 0v|MV 0^ dwrnXivty 
£. 26. 4 7X6#vi r«v riw Bvft^v 
«C ^<u^ r^^i Aj- 1103. ^ voai 
#1 /tiya fpomltf. 3. ^ngtr; Bv 
Ithc 4Cvc C. 1195. ffoffov BvfMV 
rakMvriip •tC 'A<e4 wpocylyvirai 
1200; 9ir/if t^opyo^ T. 1106. 
«iy #ov 0T^afti^ BvfUe T. 1124. 
ikZ«c |uray^yimaO^ 9vpm r' 'Ar^l- 
^oiC §uyAkmf « yiictwy Aj. 705. 
4IXX' f Im Ov^mv col turAvracuf iUov 
A« 71 4. — ihi^f ylwoir9 x*^^ ^^^V' 
pMcal v«rf , MMjf it 6t miji« m« tf«y 
!• MtMf« Mjf rmgg P. 324. If m roii- 
dtnd, wXtipow x<lpA BBuit be taken 
ftvtoaitMM; Imt the men epproTcd 
leediiig ie, tfv/c^ir ylyecro x<>p vXif- 
p^at, Mejf ll 6t niM Mf i^jf to m- 
fieiff mff rtg§ mik my kmitd. — /3a- 
' ^ r (il) trap BvfuSi vipdffyc R. 
€74.^ — iw^M iJ^i (hfUc C. 435. 
rndftavOatrnw r6y Bvfihv Moa^vra 
/ut fuiZm nXo^r^y rfiy v/mv i|/iap- 
rB/iiM#y 439. Ov/i5c iv muei^c ^ 
iimfopop 6BB. iwukal veXXi ^4 
fiirnp tw^ Bv/if carifViiXjyffay 665. 
— ee rm ffoOiCM 6wi4y C. 878. 
0»l»99 yAp Mkp T^pec ^^rtp JXXo 
vX^ 6aiff?y 958. ^fiX<7 ^' 5 6v- 
|i5c — 9pif «#flu cXorifc Tttv — ip 
«B4ry rfxvif/iiyiwy A. 489. ravrd 
«ev*>^f#jca 6*y^^ tcapiia^ roU^ 
pmra A. 1072. iva roy 6ir/i5v ^c 
mmtI^ovc ^f# 1075. 4r|p vordUac 
^^y ip iupf wipa 1084. — 9i»- 

?5c q rtytc y4#M rii^c — Ivpttki 
\ 878. 4 pa mtkmpmwap 0pu6p 
ifpfipiZu Aj. 934. tic fri vor' 4y 
reSee ip^p Bvpou fitX^ Iplfirai^v- 
yfic dp&pfp R. 892. Hie old lead- 
iQg via 6«|i^. 

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r lyu BppnfBoom T. 141. 

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dei: Biidd. or paaib, f« la a«z*l[» la 
5a aamid; n ^ oMic — mi ai 
^IMvaSoi — ; C 1422. rti^ Bth 


roprvAlyroc A. 473. 6vfiava6ai fily 
0ifK iwUrrauat yaaavyri acfviy (Far* 
aa/ci) T. 540. ^^jd^ yoaavyri 6v 
/icva6ai aaue4y 1220. — lie fjp«v 
9v/io6piPO£ A}. 997. 4^< Ovuava- 
6a« ira6^ P. 323. cai ad /ii) 9tfttatr 
aX^y 910. 9vfia6 ii' 6pyiic B. 344. 
i^pU^ Hiti ju^T^ ip Ovfioiuipot C* 
772. Kopiia Bifpovpipti A. 1239. 
i K&pra K&p dXXaiai BvuolpfiP U»y 

Bvp&p Aj. 294. worptft^ wfi 6w- 
pwy E. 109. aai fi^y 6vp6y l9o(a 
vpaair^XMV riyoc vraartvo^a^c ^Ty- 
Jay alM^at 1 78. if 3^ ^»fiXifac^ 
ric B^patai tupipop ; C. 402. 

O^^Ci. aat af doori, fnm without; 
XaBiiropop t 6ivpap a5f^ MoBtp 
airn 66aaCI y' Ian /lai ifaWKrot 
/Siaray T. 1017. 

Ovpalact jMrfotasaf fa a tfaur, but ge- 
nerally uaed in the lenae ci mit of 
doan; BppaUc ^XBop — \6Bpa T. 
530. pi Utti p* Ay — > BvpaUp 
a/xMl*^ £• 305. rip Ij^ii ari/3oy, 
fyavXay 4 BvpaUp P. 158. rMa 
/SXIvw BvpaUp Hi^ T. 592. 6v 
patac ifrtp lariy Alac 780. tal 
pilp Bvpatit 781. Bvpmap y' 0^ap 

Ovpi^y, a poraA, or «Mti5ii/a; 3r«c 
waoijikB^ Urn BvpApoc B. 1242. -* 
raac Bwpmpoc 4li6iotc iX6ovaa £. 

OvariSc* <Ae' » <iMd <n lam^eM, larrf- 
A'cial ; oh Hy^prai {Bioi) Bwrrddac 
Xir^C Iri A. 1006. 

•vrqp, aa« vi^a ioorijic$$ ; fapup Bttitc 
Bviiipa catyy caiy^y ^y virXw^ri 
T. 610. Iy6a aX|fCirai Bvr^p 656. 
i#C OvniP yt iraXXd iil 9raBiie dpm 

•vwt fa i>^«r taerijieti, to mcrifeo; 
fimptf — vap' J 6vMy Ikvaoy C 
1161. — 0if £. 622. ri|y n^y 
3/ftai/iay 66aai 6f aiaiy E. 522. x^P^ 
rkpoc tBpnp ai/riip 525. dpv Ap 
piXic — I9vaiya^y 566. oUopp 
Idaiic— ' Bveai pt ; 621. 

Botwthm^ tojlotter; ai rapra BmwtP9 
£. 389. 9ol r6 d^al^c 6ye^a 6m« 
wivaoi ffaX4y C 1007. dXXavc 31 
AMVC^yric oUoHptp 1338. 

•wiSaaM, fa lAaof , la ea/i fa ; Mypm 
r lU/fvvC rcy5c BMUp Mp C. 
1620. alay r^y^i Ofe»naaii /Saify Aj. 
828. ««i#«cm^'MiCiyAj.801. 



ImXM, I&eekkt, m mystic name giren 
to AmcAui; t^ ra/Jmif ^Imnw A. 

*k(o/Mu, U JkMl, tv curt; wdt — e^* 
ftj' t^^iir rk ir^ T. 1200. 

'b(«Tt#, 1. proper!/ to tmccA, Ip ktw- 

— |«P^ 2<^'» (^'« €0mpanifiHg 
with Hitf, 3f0ii mM 9ngagi im th§ Afj^ 
fiaii ^NMi Aj. 685. 2. uied 
figuntivelyi ktyws lammf, mmU- 
M^ with iuvtctitu Aj. 496. 

R. 68. oft (viifM^ir) Wir «fa ItmV 

*I«r40» a pAytidaii; ^ lx<* ^fntiimw 

aroi /loJfMir iornpa rfir ^fi£r utaicwr T. 

Isr^piof , ah\M t0 heal ; uied with r4xni 

undontood ; rtt i x<V0T^in|f lorv- 

pkt, ipAat Mfful peumor rf tk§ k§al^ 

ing art T. 997. 
*larpis^ a pAv'Cuui; a^ wphs lorpoS 

tf^o^SAj. 578. 
*Ia^ |0 pa«lAc night; iwrvxia^ r4p' 

^ir/A^iyrAj. 1183. 
*UiX^'f *IiUx<of» loud lamomtiag; 3^ 

pofuu 7^ As viptsAX' kx««^ '« 

ffToftdrmf R. 1219. But most edi- 

tioDi have 2ax«6y, part, from U' 

'Il(xtf, ttf fflvnd Umdiif; 6 koXXi/SAu 

— o^A^r o6«( [hmpffuMf ldxt» icomix^ 
iwdutttat¥ T.' 639. vtpkUA' bxmir 
<« arofidrw R. 12 1 9 . See 'laycubf . 

iScubf, i</tfan; An" 'I3a/«f x^^« Aj. 
429. 'I8a/f — vo<$ /t^Aiiy 597. 

13ciW. See 'O^ 

'13(01, p<eti/iar, jnrivato ; ollt hnu^x^ 
pw$t yfis o0r«# voffoAi^t T3ia iccmrrfff 
KoinC; R. 686. 

13o^, adv., lo, behold : the seoond aor. 
impcrf. of ttiet, has the circumflex, 
i3ov. ^ i8o6 3^x«v *« P* 765. fa 
i8o^/tfiA' oiBis ijii^mrai hoat^ios 
irofios C. 1475. Mt iM oS 0/nmi 
rif £. 1402. l8o^ m' h^vra^vu — 
4 iet^^4ff T. 217. *8t^ BewBo wdrru 
HBkww Huea 1068. iSeir wporebm 
1174. lBol3M)r7«Aj.339.tto»3sMrer 
cJ JK\^ riMi 857. 

^^, ibi0i0ifi|f, liki//^/ ; sfvcp iyii yJoh- 
ra olfU Mol Korh ytfApap^ tSou R. 1087* 
-* Mucf /A* iM «i4\a oM» XipiM yH' 
fimf Mhinuf itf C. 629. tiptiet e^ 

Up T. 646. with a gemtiTe ; tm 
3f rmp fyymfX^ E. 698. 

IBpvrioSf that ought to di ttiU; ofr 
l^iow A j. 796. 

'I^^, (0 teat ,toeautoto $it down s pass 
to be aeated ; 9w JcX^it yir Jl^piM 
X«oi^f; T.68. 

Iljpcif, npraC; 23^t 7^ v«/ nir vS 
jcoraoTii^ci 3^/iaf P. 812. i3^ irjfi 
Xpeirl T. 764. Kdfpa ord(mu 0p& 
acol x^P"* li^orr^vt Aj. 10. 

*I<M^, a prifit; Ml'i ^ M^ ZiH 
R. 18. 

Itp^r, anyiJkinf mctmI te tAs gode^ a <i 
crifiee; /ntAetf^mi $eeS^uf fyfof 
hod E. 273. fcott — aiVciy /cmC ] 

liptft, tacred ; l» rf n thing ; ^fii 
hoot T&f aw6pop P. 700. i 79* i*^ 
eiirfftat v^3o9' loKufUPOt Aj. 846. - 
ahif Anrfir /cp^ Ai^ciBa P. 1200. iJt 
tufioos Up6s R. 1428. x^* ^ ^ 
Upos C. 16. x^' M^ '*P^' *^ ^ 
^aT( 54. r^ lepbu r^/ij9oy ^{cvpf 
1542. Mimyr /c^, |r cwiiwt fx 
1760. T^ kofiardios Upbt^ t/A/w, J 
870. ?/Mcor 2c^ T. 604. — upnr 
fimiim Up&w 989. rhs lephs 'ABdift 
Aj. 1200. rh t6^ ftov leph Xafi^ 
Tov Ziir^r 'HpoKkievt ^ci P. 93! 
— 3avA^iwr hydKfMlf Upd R. 1371 
Iffpj^ XM^' 0. 470. 2. once of 
perton; fjiw yhp hpbt e^efiiii re ( 

''l^lti, to uat onetet/^ to. tit ; els «■< 
Kcubw tfoKor hp9iBoffKihto¥ X(m¥ A. 98 

*Ufios^ 1. a surname applied \ 
ApoUo, leian% iVom Joi/iei, (0 A<ai 
li^iff ActXic naubr R. 154. and ^ic ^ 
^< 1096. 2. also an exelmmaiian * 
pain; ol^r^icoisriyMMriMviiiTtirdi' 
Xolki Tieuikif, nor i» ehiUi'birth t 
our women endure their poignant thro 

'In/a,fut., fo'ciAj. 618. 838. — aoi 
<xf T.272. (ic<y664.^mid« prei 
Ufupoi T. 512. impeif., lero ] 

Signification, 1. act., topicl ta m 
tion^ to send forth^ to hwrL to thoo 
rift oMp •— h^ iitpas iice wvpy 
3evf vkatcds T. 272. X<P*(^ Vcfi' t 
t^niw Up 664. rmp puey^Xmp 4^ 
Mf •!« &r i^i^M Ai. 154. 2. 
iill«r; eShiiop oMT sutr^ 7^ Ip 


99t hfitlvf %9u Aj. 618. %miJy99 
flMcvr^ h v^ «A«i 838. •(i^«f 
t hf TfTi 9iti0pittifrw A. 1196. ^ 
wmnof h» tA^mv E. 686. i$4pmt 
AAflTHf T^ Wtf c^^^l^Mv wr4§$m ^potfrl* 
909 tt^rff a 182, Mme m t^i^ 

aira^ibl l» k$r kridmi Ud B. 1242. 
4. to Imv ^; trv ^f lUww U/upot 
A«x^f <Am iptat t0 dW /ray Imif tM/ 
/«r Aff M T. 512. 

f T«rimp5e« |UXm B. 877. 
%ubm^ U c§m4, U mrrivt; 8i6r«r litSfm 
rw^jSkr — 84<«ff «•! Sfiptr C. 582. 
4f6 lAf tf^x 5niff Tdyowf 6v» 8^- 
wmn Uehm A. 224. ^Tf ItMbmyMyE. 
8. «8~WMifl091. 

Iclntfy 1. mtppUamt ; imrMvi w^*- 
wmif ktfds P. 498. Iirlri^f #• A(^99- 
|Mu A. 1216. 2. applied to Ju- 
piter MaprMceftfr^iiipplMiiif; rtv- 
#ar, «p^ fl5rw TjMi IcMiM^ r4K9m^ 
wdrhm P. 482. 

««(rTfff flttf v^^rrpMM R. 41. tt^ 
iM mOtir nSA nd f«x9« — <*•- 
rt^oyiffr C. 1829. iMrm #ff mtfw 

/tfyP.468. f^ 6^ ^ 9p99rpowmMf^ 
T^ liK^r^ 918. ^«y /iiy Tkr iK^mr 
8il^i(m a 44. irvi^ iXmfits tir 
fa Jnp ^x^yTMT 285. 8/xm«m t^ 
fa^nir wmrifMf 488, nine m #rl 

640. lf'<r(7Vf)r^cXif«rrWk^ 

VV" y^ 4«^ lOlZ k/r^ff Mofei 

w«r^f Aj.1151. 
*lK^f, lem., e fupptkat; «p^ •« — 

fafrat Ifiyitm B. 920. 
lnr|p|ifli, pfCi., banttfiut P. 468. 920. 

B.798. C.276. 1015w Aj. 585. E. 

184. kMiiyiiyMP a 1562. — im- 

peil* kfv^ C 974. — ftit, Jf^fuu 

AJ. 1844. ItcTM P. 680. B. 769. 

1tMitl491. 1tM«ME.94h — eor., 

U^B. 818. 482. 788. C.274. T. 

1050. E.S2.924. ImvB.534. C. 

468. 675. fatre P. 697. B. 115. 

756. A. 12. T. 269. 754. fap Aj. 

668. fninuR.76. k«4ii|r£.807. 

A. 1170. tmf B. 150. C. 809. 

E.1808. bwimper., a745.1491. 

kMte P. 1457. B. 912. A. 166. ^ 

BiguBcaainf l.t#MHf,t9flpprMdk; 

tA hfiU^ P. 492. eOT iitU tx 

^fffw 680. w40Tm Mrrijpet kSwHi 
^467. $n^ Uwrm C 76. wfh tH- 


«0reMrkmll6. 9^yitpttpMff 
k4n|r318. olT k^nfr iFyir/ 6y 432. 
Ti&r ^/ftjb rr^yer tmv 584. Mnrfp ktr' 
#im»6f(t 756. 1t«T«i ^ 769. lud 
f^ 4 #0SiSof &r fihf Ittdfufif irifiMf iH" 
wtftalfw 788. kitmyMu rodrSt to^ 
XWtff 798. poabs Wtf6ai So^nwr 
»12. «p^f «kw 1tf^6f 1491. ffrrv- 
X#i kwre O. 809. If' 8t (8«i|Mi«t) 
t^ vpAriprtraw 468. ISmv tA updrwY* 
7&r l«miA« 675. kov iv]p^ o&ovf 
745. kM 1491. 5/iaf ~ r<rrfi^' 
UMai A. 166. 5m«f kol^ t^y/id- 

T. 228. 4if Urr' eMa — Tyiip6ky 
«p^ irAirdr 269. ic%w| dw* okwi' 
krra 754. Inpr #y4p Tokr nBaiptn^ 
Uit»l^ 1050. «Mf |y«dr 1{fl^ Aj. 
1844. 4Wx^ k^ip ri HMmt /lemi- 
orE.32. 8rk^924. fdrov — 
vpdKTpf^ Itf^dai 941. fl wiir^p fiM 
uir kMT« 1808. — &M «MT«p e 
ic0tfn md i4«Mr «a«rH|pi#f B. 150. 
2. !• etriff; 1^ I* ky V0^« roirr* 
Aj. 558. n)^ r Mkp Mf IUmp 
U kW C. 274. 8. !• M'ci/, l« 
ksppen, t0 rMtfJk cnjf mm ; rif 4 vd- 
doff o^o^ kcre P. 597. voAXfir ~ 
wiutdrmf UofmtiUmMf C. 1662. I/mI 
/tiy ovdffit fiudof — krro A. 12. «f 
ri ilvifarsr varpl jcpuriuHauf Ixpun 
C. 974. 4. fo CMM M a euppliant, 
U tupplitmU; k^t ki^>Mu P. 469. 
dvd8of« kiviyMi 920. ki«v/Mu «p&f 
dtfir <yiaf C. 276. rdurU ria M 
Ml^Mr kM^wi 1015. Ktd^t 9^ row 
MvrkMiri—kywyMH Aj.588. ckS; 
iKPWfuu E. 184. 5. to mppraachf 
Ibr the purpdae of •ddfesaing; «kr 
-^ dM^efi^e fioAAor 4$ Adywrs reiv 
#«b ke^ E. 407. 

'htripf n^ppliamt ; Utnip9s Hn^rtwA' 
Xty^ur B. 185. TodelT ipnna krf- 
^f acXddotft 148* 

IrhiipMf, <ai^k»tj vdrrft «*« «po^- 
KimoSftmf M Uripm B. 827. 6- 
YNnrs ftrrwr ddAW htripia C. 927* 
kni^kif xAdloi^ir l^cffrt/i^yM B. 8. 

^IXopf, and fXttrf, prmiiiauiy gnciout^ 
ehurful; fXMffy * Sol/iiir, Uan, 

P«r C. 1477. Uwf ic\W E. 645, 
UMfff o^rMT a^^ 1868. 4 «ov-* 
d^oir' 8r 9^p6amws Ikt^ ^ %* 
9m Aj. 988. Ufy fpfW T. 760. 
dAA*1X<v^Tkrkdnty8c|skr*a 44. 
tAifp a Ir*^; ^ I* d^B^ Uif rk^ 

dva^viliaradr^MrfM^rwAj. 1886. . 
llXMr, tlM city of lihm or Tr 
1/^ 'Uiar P. 1185. ri ^ 
Xm aid Te5f 'AT^tttat ~ fiAd(^ 
/Ml 452. *A#KAirvikr — W/4w — 
nk IAmp 1424. &U»mr lAkv 6K 
4{ lAka — p wtoMi 245. ravapit 

or T/aji 


w «y^ff tlnr 644. ilr IXiir E. 564. 
^AAif • to Ittra rMiii4, mad of the notion 

of % plough; rSr -* 4w r f < t ri 

(M^) 2xx^i6«r k fhf W9 tfrw tit 

frot A. 340. 
%idUy piopeilT • cAMf ; tfir f Uir- 

rvrw T|ci|T«a ^ifiri, «iilM^i«l fa iJkM 

Tum» E.787. 

iyimrd /tm waoffiXBtit J^M^pamf R. 
d^ 587* «^ i^ '^^ ^w/fyg* 


/M C. 1723. ipti(ryh9 fikti^dprn^ V^ 
pot ffAxirrpov yi^^i^ar A. 793. wmtmns 
6 8f ii4f V^p^ «o^ 'HpcucXi 3n|^8fl T. 
476. H Twr ^/ifir *Ai3i|f ti»^ Vpov 
rixmp — lffx< 3a/ffiwrA« E. 632. 
T«« $€u4rr9t Ifidp^ P. 350. 

*Im. 1. adv^ tpA«rt. 2. oonj., 
thai, m lAur, m ard^ thmim 

'Imx^'t ^li® rirer Inaehtus 'rifigfary 

'Ii^uc^f, Ittdimn; w *Iif8ai^ yf/Rmitf 
A. 1025. 


'iMcdmi. JoeaUa; obx 4«^ ^ *!•- 
jcdtfTif X^ R. 1053. 6pm 9t^x^ 
099 'lomConir 632. ^ f(\Tcror yv- 
Muic&f 'loKdConyr n^ 950. ifSar 
'lomCrnif K^pa 1235. 

*liXi|, /0^ daughter of Eurytus, king 
of (Echalia} *X^ '«iA«fr» T. 380. 
*l^i|r l^otfKO hltpiirw ffwopiur iyiir 
419. '1^ lAfloff 1210. 

'l^f, 1. an arrvw ; imw m^ifiniv Mr T. 
564. r/fa^r (0^671. :ofoMKrm;t 
P. 105. vnimt Xo& 166. 2. 
foiion; iht eifutm /idkaf T* 714. 
ix^inis 16$ 768. vpomuelrroff Im 

*W> an exclamation of fonoWf B. 1071* 
1182. C.220. T.433. Aj. 724. 

*I«irt(a, Jk^rfMiatuAip ; liAerot k spor- 
6fr voX^voroff fmia E. 495. 

twfiof, «f or biUmgimg ta ktrtu; ht' 
vff^f Twvi A.341. 

IwiiMt, ^' or belonging to kontt^ «fiMi- 
Iriaa; favjaolv^MTE. 709. ^fMy- 
fmtt Invd 707. liTimBr 1^ in^ 
TMT Aj. 1009. hntuutv ixnt^i'^'^ £• 
730. muoyU0 hrvumK 720. hnri- 
aeSrir ir MMisyCoit 1436. hnrwkrl^ 
|iMr 744. 3^ InruMr fy AK^vtwf t^ 
yAif 688, fbimod from the neuter, aa 
It wefe« Aydm hwusAif, 

TbnrMff. ffiMflnea; ti^ hrwiv 'Aii* 
i«r 0. 1072. 


T. 10 
IvnS^nif , e lA^wf /W tfii^ « hot 

Aj. 237. 
IvviBayieff, wmdiofhoru Wr, or fcf 
5«ra«-Jb«ir cmlj; {4r 6^ Inreic^/ 
Mp^ff^rir A. 116. 

lome translate it, t&at horm deli 
in; 0^ihf fmyiar^ KetpA^ ivtfit 
ikim AcvuMT fierd^ tkmt tkon^ h 
Uig ruikod to the mtmdom tkmt deli^ 
in honee, hoBt dettrojfed tko kerdt 
tko Groda Aj. 143. 

I w wo pJ hto, Hippomedom; "IwnyiA 
karioretkaf 'mifC. 1319. 

*lMw6tmftot and hrwo^Sfrnt, postur 
konee ; fioriipas hntooApmn Aj. 3 

*Wnt^ • kone; tnrot eirj/wkt E. 
ic{i^ ST dyflf votpeiko 1mwo9 712. 
o'lo^fi^ ^ Tmior li|ffroi i^if^&Xo 
CvyerA. 350. Xvmt ^Mv— «4ft«* 
▼Of Tivtfv £. 734. — reikf iv/aovf 
•vt ftnrovf A. 474. ftnrevf i>o>u 
4|iXM«»MrwrT.270. Of^tfttAAf f 
Tnotfff E. 694. Tvrocr i/ao^c^^|nu 
702. fnrainr rVr kiteor^pa x"^ 
Kflffoa C. 718. ktXkdgmo farvwr < 
Mw^rtpov^vyf vtfSa MtyiSr B. 461 

'I«v«n|f , «a f f ttCftnaa, alio used 
jectiTelj, ojmettr'mn ; XeAo ina 
hnrdnpF re C. 903. Hr hnr^nir 

I^fuof, ifiAMMa, applied to Corii 
which wae built on an iitlm] 
X9ai^f rilf 'l<r6^ R. 940. 

*Ie>i4n9, Inuae, daughter of CBdip 
l0^fi4>nv C. 358. A. 522. 'Iitm^ 
ndpa C. 322. i iCMi4r aMScA 
loyi^yqi Mf^ A. 1. 

1#/i1|Mf, 1. /MMMtIt, a iiTor 

BcBotia ; wn^ kypmo *lrfapfov 
Bpmo fLoKoSan A. 1110. 2. all 
name given to a temple dedicatet 
Apollo ; kr}f0p9Sn — vpdf re lim^ 
3of SnrXoSr tmois hf *V8paphm re j 
rcif tfv»3^R.21. 

1^^9tof, o^noi t/o tke gode; roa 
$4ou tyf'^'npet kaxeof A. 830. 

*W6/ioipo$f ikaring e^uolly ; 4^ ^ 
kyuko aol yifs Mftotpot ktio £. 87< 

'Vof, 1. properljT, Ofual: of n 
her ; ok ykp ylmu^ Ir fTi 7* 
mXAocr tro9 R. 845. vaXXel — \ 
res k/iepai 1^ flnu E. 1357. Aox 
-» rax^^ff tni vpks tmn A. 
of time ; t^ Cror XP^^'^ P« ' 
1101. of epace and dignitT; 
XSror y4>(iir R. 579. Sror X^ 1 
•& /li^y Knir y tfri^fy 810. 05 pSu 
lM(^ew) AXX' ftrar 1018. ^ 
Mvr tret mU eel wdpm 0. 814. 
Srer rf patkeA (A^te «Inh) 922. 



214. 3. tik«<aai#, or aji^; md rii 
iw f!roff THROW, i&Mp tkifielf new $uck 
m» t&M» veil irfort B. 58. iliffwriw 
tA >«Sr f«^ ArriX^oi 409. hnX Twr 
c^j^icmr lir' kmiKmt^w 544, that 
ia, l^iMa or tA oM. — «Air rfir Umf 
igrinJt 4/Mtf 2nrff^ o^^t iii^from 
ikM MM# 1498* 4 wdErtp irrotir fo« 
Xf% IMXmr C. 168. /«iK 4>^ vi^- 
TMff T^MfTv /d(/ l(r«r ^^poWir A. 370. 
^■PM <— 9VfifiaLnr^ In fuatrtm xtu- 
if T. 1154. ft0 9tk ft/tTHX^ T«r 
Umr £• 1 159. S. vpright xndjuii ; 
Um ^i %na h^ (k^J^ l» ib«f 
Iwf P. 679. roS ^r rvx^ hrpmres, 
if M TiSrl* £n0f R. 677* o^x ' XpV'- 
T^ T^ KmiA kax*^ Ifos A. 516. 
spokon of « lAJiif ; vpo^rux^* rw 
Irmf, kanmg mut wUk what it jtui P. 
548. 4. uied in an adverbial li^- 
nification ; Uata itiyit rtSs A^ryyMr- 
Mt Uu ^^ iwwKntptiM P. 317. ^t 

B. 1187. mtJ7|y tror l««uri«yAa< 
v»68ff ^oiiAcvviM Ti^0v A. 485. •£•( 
Cr«r M^i^ ^/mI X^ff E. 523. •& 
7^1^ wirBdiw, — » firna Bvovaw oft* 
mm ArroifSfr f<v)a 1470. 5. and in an 
adTcrbial comtruction ; t^S* 9im H* 
tma TtKaSftMW E. 1051. 99(Xmt rov 
jw Ti|t r« 9«iyi^fl|pSff f!ror B. 1347. /| 
Craw mM«t B. 61. lA^ {rev Tift/A/upos 
Kt. ii Uw Ut KifUw 637. (fdl. 
^^ortor). vwff 4 f^ot ^{ Sirov r^ 
/nvSfW; 1019. W t^ l( l^ov «tMrff^ 
|iir C. 255. x^ i^mti»i H tfw (k. 

9909km) 1376. if TM #^ T^l^ ^{ 
trw rf 9wr04fiu A. 513. rtfamaof 4^ 
Um wwtrpt 640. aMir i^ Umt XP^ 
hdm yAtfvirar T. 331. «#(•«« rt 
aid d^ l( trw mciV x^ 485. B. 
61. A. 513. 640. 
lavr^XftfVM, lA«t 5rfaUf all alikt ; 4 8* 
MunfPM Inriktans^ 'Alios 9t9 Mmjjii* 
krvfthum ikupOM ix»f9 J b ray rf f yt 
lyUvrw is Tt^nrrdr, 6«t tA#r« if a» 
mtiy tUi emu l» aU olUtt, when th§ 
JmU tf Onus unmrnrriodf m'lAouC f At 
lyrst witkoMt tkg danci apptan, dsath 
ai tks lau C» 1333; such if the 
ftadiwg adopted hj Dindorf; but 
tbo more common reading ii, oiV iwl 
MJpn Inriki0r9t 'AlSet , — - mir ii 
then mtiiiy that ntdt 5«l mik th§ 
gram; EUJcndt, howoTer, would re- 
tain tha old wordabut alter the point- 
ing; Itar Tiff If «A4iir v4^ Tee 0i- 
Aerret M Iri a^fet, latriksaros 

If TeXfvrdr, cum quia tncu- 

tatp qnaado (L a. donee) Fatun 

omnet paixter in Orcum detrudens 
ingniit, Mon rerum ultima. 

'I^4m, I« maks ffvef, CeifMailM ; Zpdfiaif 
8* 2^^ar r^ ^4^4 rk r^pfUfra £. 
676. 6feiiri — o4ir ItUimfw — 4i^ 
8p«ir8^vpvr0r«»frarrfffR.Sl. oftceie^ 
2^ev/Mu ^^r lyif 8vdfV r^ret ; 681. 

*)[rrQ/Uy fut, rr^tfwC. 1344. 1345. 
artiaovauf B. 940. — perf., l9Tl^ 
K€¥ and Imwfr AJ. 103. 199. 803. 
Itmyiffr R. 1443. C. 1031. T. 
1135. l4rnirwE.50. Aj. 1063. Iir- 
rdrai A. 636. 4ar^s Aj. 87. lerA- 
rerB.565. lerdraT. 1261. —plus, 
perf., tffrmfUM E. 713. — aor. 1. 
feni^a C. 1305. Imi^ff T. 1093. 
€rhffu C. 1045. tfT^ffpf 913. eH- 
eM^i C. 400. rH^cK A. 663. er^ 
e'er C. 11. rr^^oi 1631. rr^ew 

B. 699. rrfirarrf A. 146. aor. 3. 
Ur^ Aj. 930. C. 1588. rrw^ir C. 
413. ^a(if T. 653. trr^i 1065. 
rniMuP. 377. ffrdf C. 1593. *A. 117. 
erdyrof Aj. 1316. vrdrra C. 478. 

A. 1141. erdrrtf R. 50. E. 699. 
pais, pres., frrarw P. 1347. aor., 
lardBn R. 1463. arolkls T. 605. 
1183. Aj. 1150. ^a9fi^a T. 339. 
Mid. pres., Irr4fita$a B. 147. Urm 
P. 881. ItfTwAj. 763. trroffStun. 
148. A. 399. laratU^ P. 175. — 
fut, tftie'ffi 833. 

1. act. trans., to emut§ to standi to eauao 
to n'M, to roist wp, to troet, to plaeo ; 
rHi^4r II ni^tSpv^mf C. 11. Af ^ 
&7XI 7^' ffTi^cM'i Kolj^faff 400. X^ 
Xat rr^avT^ Ix***'' A. 146. jp6^ 
•vff fimie'ir E. 37. itrro stdrrms 4^- 
af rHiMu — rplxv 0. 1631 • rpvwtff 
4ania§ tmt l/i«r x*P^ T. 1093. 
X^po^s tmivw E. 3/3. 'x^pAt '^ 
Tvnukof lerdnu, to pUetfunorol g^t 
jfrom tkot hottd toomon 435. vp& 3jr 
Kthas ipopyus Uyp4 pm er^tf^t Kyair 

C. 914. fiffV 4r 84/ioiri roi^i ^oif 
er^ei* e^ Aynr 1344. 3. intmns.* 
le ttamd, to bo in any place, lo ro$t ; 
olhcovtf iftoS y ivrmros eii3^4o9«Aat 

B. 565. reSi Inv rrdviv rdfots C. 
413. erdrra «p^ ^pdma^ m» 478. 
Imi KfAff49Mr 1^ voXw^tary fuf 
1688. 4^' tA fUvos ffrds 1691. OTJb 
rMp/MAif^A. 117. eTi96lvAl^ 
eior «ttrp4f T. 1065. rfya mr J^r^ 
Aj. 87. 4 fihf 9^oyoks Irnfaev 
803. rrdiprffff 8/ E..699. «p0ol wdp- 
rot Irraear li^fo/ 713. luUis V e< 
w84i>rt f Imyiffir C. 1031. pii rra6| 
wexAnnver mifui m^ a^ T. 653. 
«ev fitoFfh f «e9 rrdrret, eSir^ efa 
fytf; Aj.1316. velar ^t' Meroriy 
8mmQi — 4£ fvMv rHM vore; P. 
377« 3. in a figuialiTt sense used 

'« le iq^ejnl,* Trffaiwr — 





^jwiXi^Mi rHt'MWir R« 940. Ir w6- 
Alt ari^Wt T«v8f x^ lOMuf A. 662. 
Thence t0 maki ; wpbf hf at rm am 
ic^iar ariam ritpmr C. 1045. {vr« 
•0/Urat ltm|«r' 4iuun^ y^t 89^0*«i^ 
'Av(m wpMTM c«\ourrcu 1805. trwt 

(tx^a B. 699. 4. tad intrane., to 
. ^ t'fi a 9iat$ or (wiu/ittiiN; V Iota- 
, ^y X^^ B* 1442. |u|^i^O|pttf^ V 
iarofuw T* 1185. W yAp M vwf 4 
rov Autprtw, vow ^m rvx^i taniKWi 
Aj. 103. ^/iM 8* HxM loToccy, 6i»l 
tprrmp Am uitUd on m$ 199. ote 
. Ibr ritt* Imi if 8ff ^^ 8ffir /t/ro, tAtif 
iMfiff would not kaco to befaUin hut 
hf iho wU of tktgodi 980. ithptHf^ 
orliyai mettiu mrropMmi : vrdmot r' 
, it 6ptlh» Kol T««-4rTfff tfrrt^or R. 51. 
•Afc #0^ 4«oibr crJir^ ftr iaSpAwmv 
fiUif oOt' ohfdamfi* hf o(hv fuft^tdfuip 
wor4 A. 1141. r& 84 m iarSr^ oI»- 
rpik /Uy tfuV T. 1361. 8rMr0cr 
ItfittMu means to pottpono^ to oeeount 
of Uu eoMoquonco ; yt^fn^t 90Tp^f€Lt 
wdn^ $rtff$MP ioriwui A. 636. dXK* 
iordrm /sm mI 94os ri iroipMy, 6iil Ut 
m§ nor kam tomo whoUtomo ftar Aj. 
1063. 5. pass., to bo placed^ to bo 
eoutod to ttond, to btjiiod ; aroBu^ 
AcMNTor T. 339. vply nwot — ipi^ 
vmt ordBth Ut^p Mtffiv T. 605. its 
. hrrhpywokXk l\i aroB^U tarn 1182. 
aroJM^ irikat Uinit l^o^wi 9oxp6s 
Aj. 1150. oTr oAnrr" 4 >^ X^ 
4ird»ti fiop&i Tpdw9(a R. 1463. rls 
-— $6p»0os IffTortu fioiit, what e/a- 
iiM»r0iu fu>iM it raitod P. 1347. 6. 
niidd., to tland ; i^X' Xffrm rt na^ 
rht hnixov P. 881. rots JkKKotirw 
'AWmv WAof TffTw Aj. 763. 8pa«ov 
tfTcurci voi 84 /Sdl^f I P. 833. XmaBai 
If for Ay(0Ta0-Oai, (0 riu up ; fidBpon^ 
Xoraff$9 R. 143. i muUs, Im^c^tfa 
147* ^^1 8* M wwt\ t^ xP<^' 
IcrofUp^, and ho waudtrt dutrettod in 
oooru want that arittt lo him P. 175. 
*UrTopiw^ 1. to find out, or diteovor 
bif onquiry; oWt 6p&¥ oW UrropHv 
R. 1484. vpiy irSr rh wKolot^ Irro' 
pttM C. 36. riif ^Kcimt oMo^ /3X^- 
Tor /^yffi 8^0cy oM4y laropSkv T. 
881. ffrixpj(C««'^op(<''396. lor^ 
pci rl o'oi ^ikw E. 308. 2. to atk^ 
to inauiro, without any ngnification 
of ducooory ; rihiaproif «firciy — 8 
^ /tfTopM 't. 403. vp^t T< ar laropois ; 
417. AXyia$op M ^lapcw Irropm 
vdXai E. 1090. fiii — IvT^i vA«4v 
R. 1165. And in thit lenae used poe- 
lirelj ; wpiif V 8y cArpt [aroM^yMyof 
Amx^ T. 414. 3. to tpeak or toll 
m; ete 4in4wm¥ rhv woSt^ Ir o8rof 
(fTiM; R. 1150. rb¥ vwT Otimn 

r£Vf b^ oSros Uropoi; 115G. «] 
ri r«vro Tofcvt loripois; wkerofi 
dott thou dwoU on thit tuhiicti '. 

'Wroupyimt to weavo ; ttuuSaw larm 
TowTif O. 839. 

"UrpoSf the river Ittor or IkiM^ ; 
/uu yjkp e^r' 8r lorpor etfrt ^otf-ir 
rffu umBopts^ T^yBt tV rrhv^ ' 

l^C^y ftrfjtfCA, forei, power; f /< 
I Kiy^ vdaarros l|<ir 1^ «p^f ^x^ 
Kpdros P. 590. ^tftrti pkv tax^s 71 
^itf^i 84 ff^putros C. 616. 4p$f 
ri^r 8f«y Xrxvr Za^; Aj. 118. oSr^ 
lx<*T*5ffiyirlrx^f ^durof; P. 104 

1#X^ ^ ^ «^"ir ^ vigorous ; 
of a penon ; 4Fy«ry« — vi^* IXcnr 

laX^orrdrt and ^Mrra ical BdXXorra ' 
233. 8t fjjyiaroif taxi^at arparw Ji 
497. 8raar U rts 8c<Br /iXdvni, I 
MUT^ &y oM* 8jr Iffx^*^ ^uyw E. 6fl 
8^or kx^it Aj. 1388. 3. of 
thing; TiAx^f ybp lax!^ rp4^ 
R. 856. 
'IrxM, 1. (41 wflUo/d. to rniroiji, 
hiniior; ob ybp W tvx^ or ote^ 
f(rx«» / no ioHpT hindor thorn ] 
1083. foxcu^S* otfir^iviry^ 8^ya^ 
ioKp^wv A. 796. f(rx< 8a«^y or6i 
c6p T. 973. ff^ivJar pw taxt^ kg 
o good'Omonod tilenoe 177. yor^ 
iiertfuvs Crxoiwa vrlpvyos 4{irr^M 
>^t»r E. 335. 3. to hotd^ to U 
hold of, to hold^Hrm ; r^ aTo" iw\ 
rot trx«t Aj. 349. a^4 ftoi AojSt 
Mkmfpap, E^p^ajcft, trx< (^iUo 
573. Mp ob ktilw vor4 irpmrr 
T«irt(rx«rR.881. A«al^4 — Ar^ 
X^ Tdr ai4y Iffx^w T. 137, n 
^XvCCcu"* l>ttt ippMum raa Ar/o*! 
AAA* r^Jx* «4/*^ /uf^ur Aj. 51 
not lurhir^irn, but o'v^c /Arthur, d 0^ 
y 88* &Hp oM* M o^^pdy A4{y< 
It' iax*i luniffTw 1348. rji 8* ^r ^ 
CAi % K%9rt9 litxca C. 590, not h 
AtAiyirai, but ou8iv<^t p4i»rnvui. 
vUiTv texwp T^M ^x<WM^y 
ypay, on which relying I teised ti 
proy 954. ffvc^ trx^i 2tbs fi^ 
ipov vifias A. 304, not o'c3«C«ti 
but ff^u T^r r^i^r «lt Ac/, 
it frequently bean the iome sense 
lx« to Aetw, lo o6taiM ; Tarvr 84 8oSiA 
trxo^of fi^ T. 301. 0^ ^/3^ ^ 
9po9^poMf, ob vrarMir &ii^ ^ftwir 8vA 
*> IbXttr P. 1 098. 849t Uxrr^ Mi|l 
80^ aUd C. 333, Muneas a^ Scfinr 
/ifir liATOt lltxcif— ; P. 734. rl 
HAyot tSrxM^' ^ aaicoZr fit Aiyi/Sdyti 
R. 1031. 7M^ Hqcmt P. 836. 
YvdiMar fl^XMf — ; B. 307. P. 8^ 


$dp0m tSrx« P* 796. «2 r obrM; 
l^fiff T. 798, oZm-ICffif. ^r M 
Tw 0win9 rU Cmr C.507. a<T«&- 
0m n^ M x9«m t^ryi'MM' t^x^ 
A. ee, MBM M IvyywUvtu. wpf- 

MMBT f^ffV TlwSff T«V |«^p08 «^ 

88S, thatic,^UX«ir«ftTMi. 

gm, 1. tp^yt ^" '*^ «MMf P. 

74flL XF^pf.Fnpfc«UyP.144.961. 

599. 1344. B. 937. 1078. a 667. 

AL 676. 941. 988. B. 906. T. 

800. 818. 
InAla, Juig; kkmhf Iff l/nfhrnM 

Urn, Am; 8 nnr flAr nw iX«^ 

MTttl £b 148» 

Mr 0wgnS9tmt P. 741. 
lAGk C» «l<ir ImuI crJMp l# ilrjilk; 
^ifir, M^ T. 784. 


*t^id^u0ffa E. 164. 
nfifvt, MitMf ; bn^ a29a 1^rr»f T. 
369. iicra Kuiw l^rov ^BCm^ 38. 4 
^nri^f *I^To« fi^of 866. 

Ixn^ to inch, to trae$f to math for ; 
icf&or -— Ixifoim wdXm AJ. 30. t^ 
88l|^0r 8»^ w4^ Ix^of B. 475. 
— ob *fi^ %if liMttpkiftxJ^oyoif oibrh 331. 

^X^» propvij, tho tnwit ^ « /mTi 
ftoTpoiiinfo^ 1X9ti t4 irt dwv m^^ 
pwmiAJ.6. ffMnff ^iMT^fxMt 
4^«w83. Uiedflipiitttif^lyi wvS— 

T«r«fr(fltf; B. 109. 
liL an inteijeekioii, gwtiaUj MpiMi- 

ugfrif^t otfmr, 
*lmi, € dmtiMgi M t^^m^ ln^ P. 


morfxfC^ SeeKox^ 

Sfl8/M«0f, Cc^M<iaii» n#teii. 

Bfll^Myo^ff, ipnutf /Vwi CnfaMif ; t*r 
Ka8|M7f^ T. 116. 

Xi^ff, CnbiiiiL founder of Thtbet in 
BcMytia; KOtMo ro9 vdkat B. 1. 
E^/Mv Afl4r 144. tvv «]p49«f K^ 
iiMT 368. Ki8/i0v «i^9iMi jmI IJ y iiir 
^L/ifCpiwff A. 1140. 

KdMCw. and nBoyplCit, to foUmto; 
IgMT onpJiyita^ f cMff moBkpiroM 
A. 1068. 

BflfcuflM, 1. !• caplMrt, to ttku; 
^ A^^M^ jM8tX4iTtf A. 879. «4- 
Aot it alfay rf (for Xai^fiMi tho lot 
uiMOi (or fmlU) m m« A. 375. jmti4 
fto fmo$ *Ai8aff IXm vvr^ lnoivtSr 
C. 1686. /mpm ^y fiowfrd ro KoB- 
oXf Aj.511. 3. lodtKrvr; vm^ 
— /ior4 ^ 9k rainXf faoyAmo «%• 
T. 1053. 8. to Idb mnd Imf wm$to 
A cHts m§ up(B n vmrpfoM OtxpAis 

■•Id>«p to olooMf, to;mr^; woAkk 
^ h HiFT^ Mmri ro $pta w^brs m- 
ioi^MT T. 1008. Ioyyyo»i w ilo f|> ii» 

Sfliybms tofutom om; Koi^fow §fioa 
VMS 4MSf W^ l^orrW 4fi^- 
0kii9rpo0 T. 1040. nr ii^ fiiix¥ 

■ftipur) 5or wf Mf nmMiiM m libo 
wioiii MMt ^horlimm f^ A. 1307. 

miiVyif; B. 99. o^ — oAr' lir 
loT^or o6r« ♦a^ur Ir ir(^ waJh^ 
r^ytf H*^ OT^r 1338. 6ov rar mk 
6u^ ^w^ lo»^9mif C 467. 

Xotffl^fy voxo, uneotUomltiattd ; ¥6fm 
T^ (Kipfiopoir) Mirw^oyioi tfir Kfl8flyp# 
^i|mu ~ ry jT^ 1571. Sehol. A- 
iBA«^9M 4ram|o«i- Moigr. lorf^f^ 
ttmoiio, jiiio iMJori. 

Xa6^iof« cxviotorif, koaUMg; uMut 

Kflfo^r^f, OM wAo oifiotots '•O >4^ 
mojuoi Hkp m6i^ff E. 70. 

Bfl9^foii«,toi<tdoioii; hwBopoio^ itm 
«oii^T.9l4. i^oS^^smb, 
To6 rt eoMdov v/r^ «M'Ad^ 
T^^ mMCcto C. 1598. 

toMoofUtm^ to dttoot ; 4 «i9 w p4>i| nt- 
^or moyiowMi A. 891. 

ICfl94aMs to mif, to lofittima; to9 ylb 
•iff^ff vIm (farirri vXcte too mJ^ 
Mrrtf xp4ppa^ /m" Aiyoiitf frMbi^y 
ko h ohont Ungor tUn tho jUiUg 
tiM B. 75. 

grffty i oi , to n't ; wpovwoHwtm — /ki|^ 
iMi6$0fott r^ lloriiSdMf C. 1160. -« 
IHi94^ Ai^piiir 4k wiiyiir Mv^ 

AoiM, mr M |i^Ni aoi ^Mfa fi(Mi 
B. 1406. 

XiiM(v, toMMf «ifit«toaMt; adiiCt 


MaBhi/Ut U wt dmuHt U dtpctU ; o4 

tUi0ua4otuUt to «trtJk«; wdpa SnrAMT 
ttirrpoiffi iiMt itMctn B. 809. 

KflA^tfnUMf t4 afpoiutf U cantiUuUt to 
uttki ir9 — tuerivT^aw Upponn E. 
700. 9ii^wr^lpoif^Hi»Mttafri/rnh 
^0rP.867. i^fvMi >/ iitmnhf 9^ Ktsrir 
Trliam wiKMi, I mtl nol prvM myaff 
/aim to tki timU A. 668. Ma A 
MaBwriin Uo$ vh*ro fomr ktu not 
ban tttabUMhid jkj. 1058. robt jm8- 
wr&Tus rtf/MWff, tko oitahUthtd ^im 

A. 1100. — foTMi /M fi|^) AodW 
Mi8f0Ti(Mu B. 708. ifuu iKoum M^ 
KoB^TtTo T. 1091. ^^Xo^ 8^ /my 
wi^ril lcmr(ar^sC, 867. AMrra 9^ 
Mt Twr nioBm4ffm9 ^poroa, tA#ri if 
110 propyl ^ <A« t&tn^i tJkat cr« ^^ 
troidjoT mottohK, 1146. Btruovot V 
Mivot KoBi^Ttero 481. &«i|pH[ft| o^ 

. itoAtoYvroi, M hardly at Ungtk rtturm 
to ku Hmm Aj. 399. 8««i KoBdcrm' 
iutfi C. 28. rlri Tp^«|» ittiB4ffrtgn 

B. 10. ffr* ip tMoi — iMritmq A^- 
vp^f 4A(av KdKXoff A. 413. 

MaBowkLCm^ to arm: Ar mI ^ wdr^ 
Kkavorop tlmm Koufhf dXw t^ /i^ 
ffoA^ Mi8orA[^a^« 8^ ^4^uf ip M 
Xirpf £. 1076. 

}UBopim^ to ta, toditeom: 1. with 
the eyes ; oM ^oforpdicrmf 48ov mir^ 
ftSf B. 117. tV M^ Kptfmrrkp 
oiix^pw m(rfll8oytcr A. 1308. 3. 
with the mind ; Hr €^ t 6f»ov 
poiovffop ob iearff«8fs (^py^p) B. 888. 
— - Zcop KoroiM/iiiP E. 880. 

Sa8vi3ipf^ to tnat toith eontumoly, to 
imuli; rev mBvfipiiw lotnh C. 
964. KaBvfiplCow acol ^^ «al rik ^ 

E. 613. x^^*"^^*^ ^^ txwiw 
KoBv^Qup AJ. 168. diy4 9on KaB6» 
/9^ayP.1848. Used intfiatitiYely t 
al w6Kou, tAp «8 ru oiicf^ h^^ m^^ 
fiptffop B. 1683. 

JUMpof^ full of wator, wattry ; ffd8- 
v8pof «« apariip /tciXixUr *ioT«r ^c^ 
/Mtri wPT^x*^ C* 1^8. 

KMrtpBtp, abovo x thence mpotior to ; 
f^ fiM KoB^opBw x<^ «w vAe^ry 
TMir^X'/NirE. 1079. 

Keiy coi\]. oop.) andt 'f't ''■'b *''** 

KoiW^ti, fo makt ii«iff; mU ri Ktud{oi 
rrryii, liU ibMiif &m iMMlJktaf now 
(happen in it) T. 864, iout4 n mi^ 
Tfpor tx**'^ ^ 'v'C Bchol. 

X«iwra94f« nowly tufforod, onoh ei Acw 
not boon tufforod boforo; woAXk U 
wiuunu mU Kmpomt^ T. 1367. 

UmaimoUm^ to do tomotkmg now ; HU 
'^mommoaflkpKkilou; T.870. 


KaiWf , Mw, fIreiiM, vii«iii«l ; i^p 
mua^— -«A^s P. 63. xiySof iloip 
C. 880. W r Urw — ratv^; 73 

iNua^f 1640. ^orfZiK 8fo2i 8vri9^«f 
p^ Mmpbp h wwuXAfuaxi T. 610. - 
luofTua Ktupd 1166. oM — rdi sou 
T«a vdkoi roKfudpmi B. 916. 
KalNi, to tlay^ to kill; x^^ <(<>^ 
B. 848. 4 im/nMr C. 998. Muphmt 
E.810. lMVorC.661. Imvif t5i< 
^7^< M<>'f««Mr A. 1804. 

Ke(piOf , oppprUiM ; ItfTthw /im «a) 8A 
ri Koiptop Aj. 1068. f tm iralpM 
ovovS^ P. 688. if ri Ktdpiap X^i 
A. 730. — fikh^ f I «dpia ^/yy 
P. 860. x*<y>U T^ T^ c^tt' ««^^ Ki 
r^icd^C.813. a^dkico^A 
130. ^popoSiFrt Koipm E. 331. m 
pUtp V lifup 6p&^ trrolxjnfeap 'loKdi 
rnp B. 681. Uied adverbially 
vfht rb Kotptop wopw P. 631. 

KMip6t, duo timo^ ^portunity ; luupi 
roiwdprmpyp^/mp trxup^-'Wokbwi 
pk w68n Kpdrot ippurm P. 836, 
fM^^obumMus ff^po^a, ^mupbsiu 
vAouf — mlyti ykf uurk wp6tipiip I 
1486. in 4 Kuipbt t^pq^te rdBo i 
1060. oixftrBi ftM, e8 mupbs al 
(fitoy Jnp9«u) 1613. bf^ V b^ 9\ 
ripbo Ktuflbt kkrovp C. 880. V obt 
^ btBPOuf umpif £. S3. 8rar o 
KOipbt oiadyp 89. wup^t ykp — fu 
yiaros ipyou voofrds m^ 4wiordni 
76. o8 /dft '0TI Muptff 1360. XP^M 
ykp dy ^M miy^ ^•W*' ^^ 
1384. rwr Mitf^ fpStu' £. 136< 
Used adveriiialiy i wpbs uatobp wop 
Aj.88. dUt4r^wpbt KmpbpK4yu 
Kuom P. 1368. T^ o^bP ^nv«' A 
vfif Kaip^B.836. wpbt uatflbp 4ppi 
«f ly T. 69. 4»f 8^ ^ Ap«X«<H ^^«vv 
8* 4y iteupf A^if C. 818. it airl 
luuflbp Ao — mdpoiffuf Aj. 1141 
And without a piepoiition s inup2 
8* i^ott Aj. 84. «a^ Cr^ ^Xi»Xi 
9i6f 1396. vdrrv ykp amtpf uaXd £ 
1516. ol fait r« ico^v Tvyx<^ ^ 
81, that it, W fiii hryoip bfmprdpu, \ 
11^ h^owgr^oia Aiyw, and lo the Tei 
■ion of the old SchoUait is to be uz 
dentood ot pdi iyuatpmt Kiym «rr 
ru — aawbt ybf icoXm wXoup fi^ 
dwimrov uaXkoP % *Y)/(iBw mnmup ] 
464. vkUoi ftikaiikd itoi Kdyots, dra^ 
rb obp ^ponftbf Vv** M #f iidkim 

ltaiN(y7«Ar0f , toif ^jf to/d ; 4 muedyyt; 
rd puH wpowifgffus dxh ^* <A^ <*< 
A««( 6roiirJkt l« ■§« Md lidii^i fff foi 



wpMvra «u xaxavipi^ 0$ Aj. 

Mjueia^ widtidMU, gtult ; rif dn^ i/i£c 

fpci^c ohwor^ ifki^ii gaxiav B. 

511. See'O^Wff^iyM. 
KjuDsjf Irwir, tadly neighbouritig ; Mi 

rw 4yx'^P*^ Koxovciroya, irap' ^ 

iWc flujf iiiJb«ibitaNl ngigkbour to hit 

tadm§»t, t9 wham ht might wU forth 

hii motm P. 689; Imt Hennaan 

cad othen would make tagoyilroya 

agiee with wrStfOtf. 
XaK6$pQVCt timMder&ut; ek V Zraif — 

Xiyoc Ik Aavamp KoMpauc i^tSi 

Aj. 138. 
KttcowiyqCf MvJid, mmii ; toKQwipie" 

Torip r^ SktifUL crparov Aj. 374. 
Kak^. 1. adj., wiektd, bmtg, vitg^ 

eoirordtjff ignobli, Ul'omitud. 3. 

•ttlMt., evil, Mif/orlMJif. 
Kaco«ro|iiM, to rotilt ; mg r^v l^nripa 

Kag09T0fM»IM¥ E. 587» 

XflK^r^Cf fiffy, wrelehoditoui koI ri 
ftirfougatomirQgifv — ; E.338. 

Xmtovpyog^ maii£iiamt$ vUioKoutg ffa«- 
o&ftyog-'Aytip Ai. 1023. p&mip 
KOKovpyow f /tfwl^yac lit. 705. 

KaK6fpinft ovii'mimded; ^vrrifirotwi 
yap 9U»v woi(MMg rode KOKSf^vas 
PXafim A. 1091. 

K«ff6wy to ojgiiet; cfiyjfc opdy Xm/^it- 
r&y fZ^oc ly 9iK9 jeajro^/iivoy T. 
1058. roy kokov/uvop (iyoy C. 

K«ur6c9 «ri%9 ^^^1 ^Ukedly, tadljf, 

KaX<M, ijDpcif , 'jraXfif R.433. aor., 
ffoXfVM r. 1438. pan. impcif., Va- 
Xfira T. 380. fut. ffcffXr/tfoiiiu U. 
523. ncX^fffraA £. 333. Aj. 1347. 
pcif., KfcXjim P. 85. KikK^0$ai £. 
358.1083. T. 733. 

I. act., 1. to eoU by nomo ; coXfl 
7^9 *^^^ woXXA woXXaxv ^(4c C. 
1623. mAvwemKovac coXi? A. 1213. 
ffoXft riy 4^i| Aaioy w^ai vutp6v 
B. 1345. Hcnee todmaminMto; &g 
0fac ffaXov/iflv 'EifUvUag C. 487. 
3. to emil rnroochfuUy^ to givo o bod 
ti«»0 to; dviip yip ip itiwvoie /i' 
inripwkna^ilg luBtic coXc? wap' 
ofy^y flrXaffr5c otgtttiv warpl B. 780. 
8. to omilf to iuwtmoH; Srav soXA* 
^y, ippa90M raxiig P. 1069. 0^ 
uS^^^¥ iyon* dy^ it 9^ pi '^dXtig 
B. 433. wdrtpoy Icilyouc — d^ic 
wiXiy MiXd^y^; T. 343. galpt 
wpotfj^foc KoXiS 793. KdXu rb 
wmp /iM 9wkppm tw¥ bpmpivmy^ 
c^Xm 51 n)y rdkatyav 'AXcfi^yipy 
1137» 1138. d wow Ko^ cU6p poi 
XXvrs^rfer/ia, gdXn E. 1465. W 
5* ^n rm*^. if' i EoMgi C. 
1430. gai pm KaXiin A. 487. d 


-* wpovpoXMtv caXfi A. 73. /iq* 
iap&g if* Km cdXf* 74. Tiwpov 
jcaXd 335. 6 ira7, rarip coXcI at 
537. 4. («ifiril#; wac^Ka^ftcW 
Xc«^c ffflXit lica/MC C. 746. 5. to 
bid, to oxhort } tU/rti 0* bwXHu Kdpk 
bir$ip€Tiiv iraXiic; £.984. ftupAg 
ydp KaXtT wXoiiy — - 9Kowtlv P. 464. 
6. to eoli upoHf to imtoki ; ri ro^c Otobg 
oldTotg dvaorivty coXflc; P. 727 • 
Z^va 5* ZpKtoy caXd 1308. rdeii 
rdc Bide Ifiol soXAy UsPoSpat, C. 
1015. rocovr' dpAptu^ icai xaXw r6 
Taprdpov 9Tvyv6v warp^ov Ijpc/Sof 
C. 1391. ffaXw ik rdoii iaiuoyaCf 
KaXA i' 'Aoif 1393. KokA & dpa 
wopwdloy Boprjv — ii pt roi/iidrat 
Aj. 818. Kokm t dp^yobg — tff^ 
vibe 'l^vvg rav^fToiae Aj. 823. 
f*p§ yifv tfrfixwy x^^^ KoXivm P. 
1438. — II. midd., 1. to impro- 
€oto: rdoit 9vXXa/3wy dpdg^ Uq 
90% KoKoypai C. 1387. 3. to oaU 
to onottt/; dvtpa ^tf^rifvov— ca- 
Ko6pt¥ov AMV^^arf P. 228. III. 
POM., 1 . I0 5c ra/ifrf, to bo fumnimf 
«rf; a 5', 1^ iwMtr h Oiod «a- 
Xoi/Mvoc C. 1625. 4ffXqroc« ob^ 
iw dyyhtov cXifOi/c/j. 283. 3. 
to be invoked i A Bdyart^ Odvart, 
w&tdii KaXoitjuyoc — ob ibv^ poXuy 
woH ; P. 786. 3. to 6« colled^ or 
bear the name of; 6kv& wpoiSrtig 
oaXiioBat P. 84. ^ warn kXiii^c 
Oi?cirovc KoKobptvo^ B. 8. 1| o5 
Kai Pafftkibg takti 1201. xBoybg 
jcaXf irai riict$ yaXxtfirovc 524c 0. 
57. 9ti9ibe ffaXf irai 69. lyw — 
94c yi 70* raXovjiivoc 1326. pij w5- 
MC P^v 'HpocXqc 'f^C ffoXftroi T. 
548. HiiKite d* cfa favtlg ovoiog 
&y dviip ipbg KoXit 1148. piinip 
KaXkireu E. 1185. ^ 'loX^ 'caXiiro 
T. 380. — Imc riC ^yfl wapBiyov 
yvyii cXqOjf T. 148. warp5c aXXov 
yeyov rov, /i^^ iiidc cXqOpc frc 
1195. .— icaff5c ei wpbg 9oi Kal 
fSkioy KtKk^eopai B. 533. vbv dpa 
robpyoy^ obx ipby McXnvcrai Aj. 
1347. ihivBlpa caXf? rb \oiw6y A 
959. rby Xoir5y XP^^^^ dfcX^itfo 
wdyrmy e^Qierarog P. 85. 9* ly 
<>X4^if y — 4 oXXav Kiik^^Baip^ripa 
T. 733. #(5y warpbg wdyrmy 
dpiaroo walia McX^^ai E. 358. 
Mfd / dpiara n wa7c rcieXifffOai 
1078. Mf4c r' dy abrbe tdyaBbg 
ffCffXf ^ p. 119. AIM with a ligu 
nification oi prmito otbUms; *H/mi- 
KX^Ct A ff't^rdc i|/<7y ffdyaa^ caXo^ 
fuygT. 588. A — udMpeytu wo- 
tfdy 'Aftftrot ri|iM«r^ra «4Xic C 
107. 74c <«MVtf 'Arlac trpdrM 
MXo9yr<tt 1806. oMMr^ifloc/^ 


roic ^KXifO^v My) £y Uvp Awo B. 
1359. Mc AfvOlpyiffv/fTcaXfTtfOat 

Ay yvyauc&v 4'ffovtc Ka\oifu9t Av 
A. 676. — (vff *£XXiiyMy ayopai 
nvXar/^fC coXiovrai, tvlMrv tJk« Py- 
/ian at$embliti rf |A« Ortdb art mm- 
vffifd T. 636. *rijf yAp SXvra rf- 
cAil^f ras /or ihn§ torrom thaU b€ 

• 9ndUu E. 223. 

KaXXA/36ac, fwiiC/^ timnding^ iunrful; 

KaXX//9orovc, bMutifuU^ eluittring; 

 6 KoXKiporpvc — vapKi^ao^ C. 688. 

KaXXi9ri(oy, or rather rA KaXXionta^ 
th$ pnu rf valour ; rd wp&ra «aX- 
XcffTf r ApiffTivaaQ ^rparov Aj. 430. 

KdXXoc, frctttifjf; /ill pot r6 koXXoc 
«X7ocUf^irorlT.25. ri coXXoc 
ahr^C rbv fiiov iirnKtviv 465. oloy 
— /If caXXoc vacwy CvovXov ^(i- 
Opl^arc; R. 1396. 

KoAXvyw, properlj to odorn : met to 
gloii over ; Urav iv fatoM nc A- 
Xo^C firfira rovro coXX^yfiy 04Xa 
A. 402. 

KaX6et beaultfulf good, virtuoui^ ko* 
nourahU^ nctlUnt, bteoming, 

Kakvppa, A eovtring ; x"^^* *'Ay 
kAKvpp* Aw' 6^0aX/ii»y E. 1460. 
itiint — rAi^ iK KoXvpftArw T. 
1067. Kapa KoXvppaoi Kpv^autvov 
woSoiv sXowAp ApiaOat Aj. 242. 

KoXvC, a bud or germ ; ir<(Xic — fOi- 
vovaa pkv coXv^iv iyKApwott X^^^^C 
B« 25. 

KaXvx-r^Ci wrapping; ptipd KmXvw- 
rile mKtivTo ri/MXqc A. 098. See 

KoXtfflTMy 1. tooiMr; vfpAvrvxa 
^pH KoX^w rf ^< Aj. 809. rb p^ 
ra^tp KoXvrffM A. 2& 2. fo Aide, 
(0 conceal; l(w /li irov caXv^arc 
R. 1411. pfi r» — Kov^y icaXvrra 
cap^i^ 9uf(0v/iiya A. 1239. 8. 
Co obicure; iiif KdXvrrf rd^ ivdai- 
fiovac — 'AOiyyac C. 283. 

KoXxaivM, properly In d»e purple, from 
cdXxi|» a shell-fish, which, fix>m the 
bottom of the sea» emitted a purple 
dye, that bubbled upon the surface ; 
thcnoe coXxa/vM, in reference partly 
to the colour and partly to the mo. 
tton produced in the water by the 
fish, IS used figuratively to express 
aniunu medUation ; fo meditate upon ; 
^qXoic yap ri «aXxaivovtf' iwoe 
A. 20. 

KdXxaCf CaUhas, a soothsayer, who 
accompanied the Grecian annr to 
the Trojan war j dwep n KdAvac 
fi fpovmv pavre^ereu Aj. 788. 
|CdXxa( lurtwrae — fZtrt 737. el 
KdXxaC tfof^C 770. , 

KoXACf b$9Ut\fiU}f, m/f. kenoureMf, 



Kd/uiroc> toil, labour, hardAip; 
ob KapAret¥ fw; C. 1234. Qc 
ipmv KauAruv wapapbOutv £. 1! 
Mk wor it KapArmv dwowovvo/ 
224. Used also to express labow 
ekHd-bearing; rdcoimy l^i^v ko^ 
r«i»y R. 174. 

Kd/ivt», to labour, to endure toil 
iMta; obis laoy mapmf ipol Xvw 
or' ivwup\ Hawip i| rucrovv^ ^w 
622. oM* Sane tw^ov cdiivoyrc tfi 
Xd/3ocro P. 282. — coj co/mZ r^ 
fi^y /lipoCf and my port sAaM not 
behind (as if cAreiif A wearineu) 
1205. ^ ^ 

Kd/iwTM, fo bend^ 1. spoken of I 
turning of a hone in a race-ooun 
KApwrovroc Iwwov E. 734. 
iyravOa cd/iwrtcy rbv raXatwwf 
fiiov, here to turn the goal of 
wretched life C. 91. 8. spoken 
fraiding the knee, and rsc<iiitii# 1 
body ; ob xAXa cd/i^y roiw i 
AliffTov wlrpov C. 19. li^i yvv Uf 
wpiirmr 4^' bfimv rftf^f y^ Ira/ 
iym 85. 

Kuvaxi$ei loud Mvnd, a cliiig of flui 
aiXoc eibK Avapvlav lAxenf Kaya% 
T. 639. And of arms ; wpoovtc^ 
pivovQ x^v9QV cayaxvc vwip^wi 
A. 130. 

Kawayc^Ci Capanotti, one of the sei 
chieft at the attack of Thebes ; 
X<rai Karaena^j Kavavebg rb i 
ptie avrv byuMTuv C. 1821. 

Kawiroc, • grave; ewtwop xoth 
jcdwcrtfy riy' Uuv rfdt Aj. 11 
KocXi|y cdwiroy X'P^' rarbvi 

K.aTv6e9 emoke; wbts oZJ* 4veup 
viKpbv ^ Kawvov 9Kiav P. 9 
rdXX' iym tanvov oa&c obt 
wptalpfiv A. 1155. 

Kdpa, 1. the head of a man ; m 
riuyiiv i^tro rf OiXoyn P. 6 
Kopa yAp vxnAZirat 812. ctyft i 
Sppa cdydyft xApa 854. o^ ydp 
Kopa iroXv<rrf0i)c 4»^ dpirt R. 
\tvKav9kc KApa 742. /4f 9oy ko 
JtwXoic KJyrpocffi /loi KaOUiro 8 
wdyrac ^ wiJoy ledpa yci'oac ^oj 

. wpovrpf^^fy A. 269. rpv^ ta 
vtiovrit 291. el — ri^v rtvova 
tie wUov KApa 437. tdpa urdZ 
Up^ri Kal fipaeA), 9. tdpa caXi 
ua9i Kpv^apevov 241. waiaac m 
Oitfv&y 301. ffx^^<'<^* *<^ fo\ 
wcXicec £. 99. — rdwi Xovrf 
cw Kdp^ KiiKUae HtHpaUv £L 4 
2. also the head of animals; i 
pa irpo/3dXXi#y Iflrricdy ox9/ 
r^y £. 730. 8. the oountenan 
and the perton gonendly; yiXi 
feuSpbv robpbv &^erai Kdpa 
1302. — /if^l /Mv M^ rA ai 


886. mv6 n ydp m gair^ iit^nt' 
ML Jul «l c^f^mwa col r^ whv 

fXf Uairjf 754. 4<n^9«ra 
. nifSm^ftar Iv ritfuf c^m C. 570. 

fk ix^9 iwmnp A. 1357. 4. 
wed iigiintiT«l/ of * dif i r4Xic 
— hfOKmffUrm tJpa — Ir e^x ^' ^ 

rSumf x^oZc ^^vnc E^ 52. 

Kcp^M, iA« AmtI; 1. iiicd n- 
BCimlljr of |A« mimd; B%p^i^v Iwl 
f^vXf^lm gapiUuf lxf<C A. 88. roi* 
ovra #09 — ^f jfca 6v/i^ cap^iac 
roCf^/iara 1073. ^4f*ap — iv^ror 
Xna^a suipiia» T. 648. 3. of 
••i^r; Kapdi^ Ovftwuiy^ A. 1289. 
X. aJio vmrpott; xapilac ^ 'Clra- 
|Mu rft opay, 5vl I a» eA«iif ti /tom 
■If pvriMM Ud»U JL 1092. 

K4iy»mM» or imther midd., copvovfiac, 
l# rwp ikgfruU, te «i|^; «C diXir^ 
roy 5/1^' ^lol ^^/^vc^'capvo^/utfa 

TLdpta^ MMdk, vfry, iMiiitf oflj^ 

Kfl^plMy !• 5« rtMlnlt, to ptrmwrt; 
8c rd ^i/y' igapripovp r4rf Ij. 685. 
v^npa McKTol #ot mirawn gapn- 
pdw P. 1858. 

Kflfrtp^. ifrsMf, ptwerfiil; «a2 rd 
Kmortpttrara rtfidic viriicu Aj. 654. 

Kmmjir^roCf and i|» 1. ■dj.v/ralcfiM/ ; 
«iM9i7invroyffd^Aj.llM. A. 906. 
miuiyinirov gdpa 890. 8. tubtLy 
caWyMfroCf • ht^lhtti Kaaiyy^n^ 
m tuUr : r^ ga^tymirap f^okHw C. 
1186. r04|Mv vp^c coffiTvf^v rl* 
•IV 1881. yiXaovot rov cavtTv^v 
vapa 1435. iw9w6tmnf gaciyp^n 
jJjuiP cvpf^ac A. 863. rov ca- 
vtyv^vrov ri f9C — ; E. 809. Iwc 
|ilv rftv iMoiymirPw fil^ 9aXXovra 
f' f/v^Kovov 989. ig — cam/v^rov 

, ^ fya 957. i& Ka9ixvnT% 1298. rw 
MMYv^rM A. 21. But la E. 965. 
Ui^it fM8f rm tamyvir^ tUUn 
mn iatondod. «- 6 — warph^ gat 
gamyiniT^c 4^1 f^ivra wpoafttytf- 
mmra C* 835. sal r5v dypivrdv 
Av4XXm mI Ka9tyviira¥ 1094. m 
MMiyvvrf E.821. A. 49. ca^iy. 
v^ini 540. rov rf6vB«4roc y* vvlp 
— > i^e Mttfvyv^r^c V 5|iov E. 545. 
«$C ggmyvirm Axa 1126. vp^c 
v$C 5|Uii/Mv col MfOtyviirfC E. 12. 

XiloiC, « ^rMlmri rig dv vi— >od 
corovrlvo*. cdvi ; C« 1448. 

Ijwr«Xla, Cmtiaiim, tho oetohntod 
JbuaUiii Mw DolpU t XAvraXkc 
ffi wl^ A. 1107. 


cue I undtTt 9mmr4i^ ^gtinti, wM 
rctywcl to^ §$metmiuf^ geeording fo, 
4«. s wed eiao adforaiRlly b/ tmeeie. 

Xarapaltm, lo d^tefmd, |o #o down; 
'Atffav KorafikvH A. 816. liri rdvd* 
dp' dffOirtv ri¥%c ikuflyvoi garifiap 
irp5 yd^uMf — j T. 508. 

Kdray^M, imoI lom froM liko Udo; — 
r5 ydp gdrayftm rvyx^v^ ^^faed 
ir«#c rqc e(6c — If pk^v fX6ya T. 

Kard7i#» lo loed dow% tlienoe pen. 
lo M oorrjid inlo; S^fiov gauty^ 
Unv^ I wof iwllMF <»io iSi^^Kgm P. 856, 

Kara5lpjM|tai. lo m 6cAold / r45' d«^ 

Xjyrov pavMC dv9oc *ara^fpx^^ 
vol T. 995. Hemiann and EUendt 
would reed garaiipjfitic* 

ftcrd^^XoCy man^tU ; ogatog^yav f v> 
Xdvtfwv iv iiiol ffard5«Xoc fvroi C. 

Kara^f^vv^iflo voltf l4^«iJbor,lo binds 
gpvwTojdpa 5* Xv rvf^ipH BaKk^ 
ganUix^ (Aavdif) A. 988. 

KaroOv^tfcio, lo di'#» f^itfrov 51 fMt 
r5 ffari0avflv 4i^ C. 486. jidvoic e5 
ylyvirac OioSvi y^P^^C e5oi cortfo- 
vfiv vorf 614. vA jiiv vdp iSXov 
<:4v, iy^ U garBamU A. 551. 5i- 
^oyplvtt — r^v^f garBavilw; 573. 
alf{ MirAayfTv i«f«x4|i9v T. 16. 
t)fiipa — wpogBtX^m gdygBit^a rev 
71 var9ayfiv ; iU. 471. See 'Ava- 
rl9n^ .^ «0C 85' e^x^ garBaymp 
gipto£ fipu; A. 460. ^garOavm¥ 
vi«vc5il. il vdvlc fiei itar9aviov 
4r4«crv A. 897. wim£ ydp dv |mi 
garBaif6proc dXXe^ i}v 900. 

K«rra«5io/My lo rt eorf ; r5v — vvv r* 
iv 8pjsf|» ftiyav cariii5ivm R. 654. 

KaraiviM, lo prowiM; camiviveypii 
reri wpo9t»0tw rd^it 0« 1 639. gar* 
drteiv rdf Veiec ipd^uv Hvm 
1688. ^ 

Kariuv9dva|fa«y lojMrerioi, lo k$ titu* 
I6(« 0fs 8ra|r «ara<e6y r5v v/il- 
vaiov R. 483, 

Karaivx^Kif^ lo jIUmo, lo dUgrme$; 

r^v v^** 0^ caraivv^'^ ^vviv E. 
599. Hidd., lo ^otl JUmo in the pre- 
ienoe of eav one i e5 carcuvxvvM 
9fo6c; P. I*"*. W rd 9vitf6vu4 
ffarotvx^vw, ^ In yivitfXa B. 1434. 

K«nutaivM9 lo lioty ; 8c, A vat, vf r' 
e^X '*«>^ Miricavov A. 1821. The 
old iteding ie carlcmvov; Her- 
mann, ibllowed bj Dindori^ reada 

KarariiXiM, lo otocAo, lo hul; 8c 
r^v9arfi¥ gaTag^\^9%l T.998. 

Kar«ucX6^M. See KcrseXiCM P. SO. 

KaraM^idM, lo ley or liiii lo iUfp; 
Mk^dp «vn Xd9a garagptpdcu 
B. 870. apl cariM^/i^a re4|i5v 


gal r6y9* Kor^pmQ iuval mvjtaroa* 
yilc irtu sXmovtfiv C 1344. — 
DC y^v warpdav maX 0ia^ — 4M- 
Xtl9% |ilv wpf wpi^oi Eoriutpa/Q A. 

C. 318. 
XArocr^ottoi, t« aequh§fir tmutlf; 
d fi4 yovy Karoxr^tffi rii^ Aj. 1335. 

roc Karain'nvaiTo 755. riy 0/i4wc 
yiSjioy oZov Mrocr^oiro XviMtynly 
plow T. 790. 

Xara«niv«#» to kill, to tlmy ; v'aripa 
garoKnlpaca r^ Ip 4f*«Pf T. 737. 
Xpordc f^otf'Cf c a^5v ivcpac Iyi4- 
ircfti^ ^ yiy carajcrffyciav R. 843. 
carcuerctval /i' JXmv A. 493. dft^ 
*- Karacrcivm voclc; 768. tie 
yiTpac i}X8ov warpl ted garUravov 
U. 979. iraiipa caroKravctv B. 
836. o& Kiiy6e y' A iiwrtivie wort 
garUravt 856. roripa — carlcra- 
vty £. 37 !• IvOavtp garUravtc 
waripa 1487. 

Karairvp^«« fo ral(^; |t4 oi rilf 
ra^ry ttarwnpti&ovai A. 837. 

KaroXyiitfy to ^m# #xoitf<tiif /y ; car- 
oXy^ffac XlyM P. 368. 

KaraXflvWf to Ioom h$hindi p^ fM 

caroXliryc M^^ov P* 798. 

XarahXkaoidt lo roeonctlo ; Oiol^iy i^ 
KaraXXax9# x^^^ ^* 731. 

KaraX^9ifioc> tCit ooii 5« put on oiui to ; 
o6 rori KaroX^Oftuov, — kfArtpov 
olov Ifv kokSv E. 1338. 

XarauPkivM, to blunt, to ditphit; 
ro^ittv wapulc Koi KoraupK&vttv 
ciap B. 688. gL ^kX^mv, garafipkb' 
vwv, dOvfiop woii&p, 

JCarcuif XIm, to lUf ioet ; cl cariiplXq^' 
IvM Aj. 45. iyii ik — Kar^|fUk^9a 

Karii/MfiffToCt 5(aiM&l«, ilcMrolii^ o^ 
ftlomo; t6 rt marapiiiwrcip iircXl- 
Xoyx* v^parov TQ^ac C. 1336. o5 
roft Kardfuum* ipnrw^ yo oro not tn 
a ftoto to bo found fauH with 1693, 
Khol. oite ip roftovroic ^i dvrc 
KaraiUjtftaBai, ^ eloy o^c ly x<^ 
povt vtfy vpiy forai r^ wpdyftara* 

KaravOpoieJw, to rorfnoo to omci ; ^6- 
pa ^Xoyiorby f^if cal Mir^ydpacti^- 
fUpop £. 58. 

KaravWoy, on tbo oppoiito mtfo; x^ 
Karaptiop 0ap^p A. 508. 

Karay6«#, to jurfrrm^ to oooMipltfb : 
wc BIXopTt rotrr ipoi »orf irdXtc ri 
Idpov f/k^rioc ieari|yvtfiy« t^t tk§ 
eiiff natonMjf aecamptUhtd thit 



(or MM tbif gfft) U no irnMi^ it 
C. 433. f iXiic yi^ ffpoClyov Mir^- 

ffv^ay E. 1443. Eleetrs, in thii 
place, speaks ambiguously, moaning 
.^gisthus, to undoiatand they hmm 
mot with a frundljf Jkottoit, but, in 
her own mind. Intending tboy kav oo- 
eompliiked a dcod ogat'nit tkiir hotUu, 

Koralaivio, to i§9r^ to (oooralo; «!• 
rpoc#i woe aaraCav9<lc 9avifv AJ. 

K.ani(ioCt vory isortXy ; irol^ «— car* 
iS|m>v ¥ iiMV P. 997. 

KaraC«^, to think rirkt^ to dtCTM ; o^ 
noi carif^iWac* t£m Aa«t deertid it 
ngainU thytelf^ that is, tAou kati 
brought it on thytel/P. 1084. 

Karo^cMC* worlAi/y ; lUptucoQ o5r* 
Ipo0 jEarafunc oSO* i5y n>lft«acOL 
915. ovr^ ifiov caraCtMC irp^CcMvc 
oiirc rov weptiiraproc Ifivov E. 790. 

Kararf iXiM, to Ibrooton, to nttor (Arootf 

againit; iroXXal^dirMXalyoXXil^ 
panipiwn Ovfif Kan|irf»Xi|oay (X 
665. — dcpai^vfic rfiy cor^nvo* 
XifpivwyC. 1149. 

Karairf^vfly, to slay; Kariwtfptg 
r6p9t ^vpvahrap Aj. 885. ylyvc, 
il yiy carlvff My ('Ayoplpyomi} £• 

Kar<iparoCf«Mti>'M(<; iirdytrs — rdy 
mraparoraroy B. 1344. 

Karapyvp^M, to bribo witb nonoy; d 
KarQpyvpwplyocXiyoi A. 1064. 

Karapyiouai, to dony ; ^i)c 4 varop* 
yii III) ocjpajclyai r^f A. 438. 

Karapz&ac^M, to t§ar tn pUcot; Spa^ 
Bpoe tal mar^^KupkpoQ T. 1093. 

Kjarap^dgrfiCf procipitout; hrti 3* 
i^icro t6p Kara^^OKrmp Mp xtAf 
MIC pdBpotg y^Osy ULlmpipop (X 

Kara(&|&ivM, to oovif toftnit, to«f«prMi ; 
^XV T^ 6p9ol Mil r^xV Kara^fi' 
irii rby i ^rvxovyra csU rby dverv* 

Karo^^iiyyvpi, to brooA ifown; f^s 
(4 ayapx^a) o^y pixy 3opbc rpor<lc 
sarof&pifyyvtfi, tt (onoroby) la tbo 
ontet of battU broslcc ormasi into iltrbi 
A. 671. 

ILara^^viie^ falUng down, or moUlMg; 

saraj&^vfiCpiypoTcaXvirrfc IC^ciiyro 

npfXiic A. 997. 
Kara(&pw(, prteipitaiai & Karttf^*^ 

yi C vcrpoi P. 935. 
Karapr^f to prtparo^ to 'got toady i 

oiC ^P^ Ti yj^^p 4 tarapHvmp 

lioXtXp C. 71. tfpusp¥ X^ipf 3* 

o73a robe Oopovpjyovc nrrovc 'Mir- 

oprv9lyrac, ore govtrnod A. 474. 
KaropxMt ts boria, to i2o fnt ; 3siyev 

X^yotf aar^ploc T. 1135. ^3ov Mir- 

dpxciy r^c 'm7 0. 1033. 
%,arn9fikppvuif to oxtti^gaaib, to eolsi; 

€fUKpo6 wtfiwg tA^ kp nc Inrvf^ 




wi^vfiokpA). 1128. ol Biolefi 
fi^Tt r^v w%wpk^|Uv^¥ ip€¥ Kara' 
0pi9€tmw C 42a. 

Kmr€tnAwrUf U dutrojf^ U d§molUk; 
Tpciu¥ ^ iXfly ^i maX Koraeg^ai 
P. 986. wArpap Kara^Kd^vn C. 
1428. '^ 

MmracKofii^ dtmolitiom ; taranaff 
r^ eiPils A9TV iy^inip C. 1820: 
Imt Zfi^ tif Bmvivrmw ipxo^ai tara^ 
9Kafac A» 81 19 mMiu rvjikfii tar^ 
a^KaftXc^ tsmki img mtU 

KmrmmKofiiCf ^^g •«<« koiUw§i; A 

•2v9««C A. 882. 
%mra/9Kiwrm^ u mrg§ wsith iuppilem' 

iimu; rdaoM ric 8f^ iftol tdk&w 

lc»oSjUtt Koi Kora^Kuwrm Xiroic C. 

Xafv«ni^«#, t§ m unk admg, metaph. to 
. bury; 1) gal garamtmvi Btifiai^ 
. k6wi; C 407. 
Xmr^noCf AUU; 8aX>^, ^ KaT^-^ 

muȴ wa^ap yiviaOai r^v Mvc^ 

Mlwy x^M E. 414. 
|Lara0x»v4, « Wi'V* v^*' ^*^ '«- 

p6yra irl/i^oy i /c caraffcoir^Vy tfiuf 

Ihtrtfrn tkit imii r#m P. 45. 
Karo^irfipMf to tsw; Mrac ^Woc ^mi 

Mrra#«ff^C ^^i^«C AJ. 884. 
Kororri^M, to rfnjp ; I^^mc yl ro< pip 
• vay cara^r^fi 8i;iac P. 812. 

0*e ylyatr ly o A^iy A g r4jiov Ai. 

Jtorvr; jtararr^r^y U/trnp E. 72. 
K«ratfr<i/3M. to ttimd upon ; If' H^ 

{iaijMvac) rb wpmrap Zkov ml 

Korivnofat vl^oy C. 468. 
KMrawrivm^ to Umemi, to MMim Mwr ; 

rig ily •! — o^ cara^BNM, Ka#« ; 

C 1442. ip wif^tiip fIxiC gal 

gari^nptf goM&p £. 862. 
TLatajrr^fnQ^erommtd ; garavn^ tfri J- 

Xap€t iam tip' dpipa T. 177. 
Karaerpawrmf to UgkUmi wp6c row 

gat^ agpop Olraiap ihKvoc Ai^ car* 

awrpdvropToc T. 487* 

but itfed in a ikTOunble Miiae; 
8^ fiiov wioamp — mii gara^rpo- 
Kmrm/gfAlm% to flcMfftt«r ; i^ 5 A^oc 

nSc R. 780. 
Kcnwx'^^^^t ** rtUniu; mad in ito 
noptr MOM ; fiAic cara^xf 0'yr<C 
frraky tpifip E. 744. Fjgui»> 

tifalTi Sprig •ffpiPtlggaBmrnx^^'iff 
A. 1185. 

ft Mt 9mHi0xtt9ip gppfi caX^rri I 


whsthtr tht aertUjf eane§aU knythiug 

repruud in ktr tmmgtd kaart A. 


Kara^xoXA^M. to MUr^ to wntU tim§ 

bjf diUffi idp po% TQV xo6pQV iogi^- 

rk Tigaraexo^up P. 127. 

Kararifgrnt in the midd., to waito on§- 

Hjfawny ; &rtc dp%p rwA^p garor 

ragopai E. 180. 

KaraWOqfii, 1. activ., to du^UKrg§ 

an obligmlUn; A 3* virl^x'^^t ^^ '^<>- 

ra6jfaf«c; A^w v</l libii mdlef fMrf 

lohmt tkou pnmUedtif C. 227. 2. 

midd., ^iTfi walKXd pip aX pagpal 

ifUpOi gariBtPTo in X^wag tfyyv- 

rlpm^ far oJUn itngAnud d«y« Hum 

broyghi %u ntmrtf to pgin^ that ii, 

A«v« MiMcd HI to Aaar »«rf pfia f ftaa 

pUtuuuC. 1218. 

Karai^iSw, to i^Jr Ml ; garuila A. 86. 

KaratfX/^o/Miftf to f9 aa^ar certr ; Spa 

aa8' Cwov fiif garav\ia9i\g gvpf^ 

M« wft#cA«r A« kappin to ft* f9a« viirf#r 

eor§r to «(Mp P. 80. *Tha common 

reading is aarojcXiOfic, u$ wktiker 

hs kappon to 6f toiif damn to il«ip. 

Kard^9/ii, to aMnil to ; oSa-on fu/i- 
4O/UV10P Ap garafa^^p B. 506. 
Mu^giaTe correctly »Uo«ri the Scho- 
liast, explaining it e^a dp won irot- 
pioauu rohg ptufopipovg, 

Kara^i(pM, to dtUrwn gatafBiiptu 
w6Xip B. 831. 

Kara^OiM and aarafOiVw, the former 
transitive, to kiU, the latter intran- 
ntive, to p«riffc; 6 Ziir gard 
pip fOivag rdp yaudtiipvxa wap* 
Bipop R. 1188. inl aori^Ocro 
«ar4p P. 846. il uui^ r&pf wM^ 
garMiTO R. 870. dypi^ y£r^ gw 
rafOipoprOf oaatiing avajf P. 266. 
wipara — O^UXovra paXXov 4 ^Ea- 
ra^ipopBt ipd, vrongt^ budding re- 
tkor than dying aiMy £. 252. 

Kard^pagrog, incloudf wirpmiu aa« 
rdfpagrog ip iioiuf A.'848. 

Karat/^ifYW, to ml teto pioeot; ptl 
wdpdotiXop gal gaT^}^^grai x^^it 
U otoUt oU to nothing^ mnd U erumhkd 

. ontkorrouHdT.SOi, 

Karugdtio, to likon, io nndor tiko; 
A wdpr' igiipm rtXg 4p klyvwrtp 
p6poig f^atp gartigaoOipTi C. 830. 

Kdrupif to doBCond to Hades ; ip — 
gdgwpra 3iy pagpif gdrtitn A. 887. 

Kariva/pM. to tloy: Bapup it' aioap 
gar^paMg pi A. 868. 

KariraDJ4M, to jtoMgiktor; IfBappi* 
Pag Xiiag dwdaag gal aarf yapta- 
pipog Aj. 26. 

KarfpydCeMai, to Jiniik oampUtoly, to 
accMipiiMj wdpTa ydp gantpyd* 
•mE. 1011* XUprw^fik^ garup* 


yAffaoBi T. 1084. fJtpw §Miru(h 
ydeavr' ^raXXqXocy X*f^^ ^ ^^* 

Xanp^Ht, to kindtr; canpvr^tfMy 
Mp 9y <rrlXXf i P. 402. 

JLaripxouai^ to return from oiUo; #- 
mriv M fioi v^iv carfXOiiv iu)iror< 
C. 607. ^vy^c KariXi^MV A. 200. 

K^rcvyfio, c r^y^$ or nipp/tcatum ; 
Uircc d^yi^M r6ied€ oiv cartvy- 
^mv R. 920. 

KanwAl^t to UU to rmt, tout to iloep ; 
1* of death ; f (NioIm^ fu Zoi^v 
ifiotor&rav xartwdCu JL 827. 2. 
of the letting sun ; Bv aUka Vifd 
ivap^ukva ricrii KartvvdCu rt, 
^yiifiivov^AXuw T. 9&. 8. o^ 
ioothing paim ; 8 rdv Otoftordrav tU" 
fuUa cqcipftlvav iXsliov Miipov 
wod6c tirloiVi fvXXoZc carcvvofffay 
p. 692. 

Kan vx^M'^'t 1* '' P'''!' *' '^ <^' * 
iXffi ^pfvl Kar<vx<ro T. 761. 8y 

(Cerberui) carfvxo/ia* 'v caOapw 
j^qvac iV (ii^v C. 1571. — 2. 
l0tmjni«eaC«; varivx^^/'^* ^ ^^i' ^** 
^pac^ra — Kos&v kojcmc IcrpT^ai 
0<ov R. 246. 8. to pray for anj- 
thing ; ^rav carivx<« ravra Aj. 385. 
Xarix^f the Mveral lignificationi of 
this veib are all derived from having 
and koiding; 1. to hmvo t» on*** 
hondi } 5ir^n jc sal rhw iv X*P^^ 
KartXx^ C* ^^96. 2. (0 occupy a 
placo; Karkx^iQ 'OXvuwov ^ papfto- 
pokoffap alyXap A. 605. rdfov tif 
puftyra KabiUi AJ. 1146. 8. to 
ottam to; «[»c aWUi' 'ApyoQ 4 ^ 
KaiptUtv wiiov ripy Ka$Uiov C. 
882. w6Biv kXIoc y' Av f ^xXflorf- 
poy KoritfXAi' ^ ^^^' '*^ ^pA 
irav^ocpvrov o&rw putrdv tariff x*^$ 
how hi eould havo iupported to lamont' 
obU an oxitUneo P. 685. Svirfp Ji) 
wdkm. Karuxofuv yv^PV C. 1254, 
aa ^y yvmpy ilxoptv^ wpovtSoa&fuv, 
4. to Mocr ; xfvtv ff^pain c« 4 ka- 
rilx' f^y MKW A. 405. 5. to foil 
upon ; fOopdv ola Karkox* v^ ^^^ 
&0\tjov i6pov, datrueiiom tueh oi had 
faUon OH thy wretched houte C. 871. 
peydKoi Mpvpoi aarixov^ ipac M 
^v9jeXci(t, groat olatnours hatBO betet u< 
to our di&onour Ai. 142. cariix' 
dii wav 9Tpar6iniov iv9^fipiate» 
hefilUdthewtoU camp with iU-omened 
orUi P. 10. 6. to detain ; pnvl- 
0a9a A^r^ c^pif xarelx! 'Avato^t 
El 561, iao6p rt H^ carfivir' dfi^i 
Tpoiav xipovo¥ (fu) Aj. 410. ; and 
paniTelj, irXii^ey 4v A v5o7c xp^vor 
aari <X<' * "^^ ^^ 7- to put a iftja 
to land; Wmc «^ 'c yv*' ^kvo* 
pea/rOi^ wXdry iarUxtre g wko eon 
f§ ho fJwt with wmrimml* ear Aaw jmf 



MtotUilciiJ? P. 221. ihriVlier 

wovriac Xptv^^c Karl^x^*' ^'^ 
vav/Scfry erix^ 270. Aleo lued no 
taphoriodlj in the nme lenae ; 

mi, ttaictf tfcii viiiomef the night <£ 
anew p roepo r ouely E. 495. 8. 
ffilniiiij r$dv, ZiS, iwa^ty i 
dvZp&¥ vweppaffl^ cara^ot; 
601. can/tfvfc 5pyify £. 999. 
TV* raai^M Sivii^v C. 878. 9. 
roitrain oneteff; K&ym papwB. 
n)v pky (Aoav ipipetv fi5Xic Kori 
xoy R. 782. 

Kaniyoplw, 1. to eeniManj one 
anything; Mv twti irfiriwfiiv 
Koriyyopci V pov rhv r^pawov Ol 
wow K. 514. carqyopfZro ro^i 
cX^/ia rovro |m>v; 529. 2. 
convict i iy ydp ol x^^*^ wtiarhv r< 
fy jcoc iriptitfrlc rarifyopti Aj. 89] 

X.arnyopo^^ an aeeueer; lvv^yop^ 
ny&ffa rf taniySp^ T. 81 1. 

KanicooCf obedient ; yoydc Kar^tSo 
fvaavrtc A. 638. 

Kari|pf^i|C, eooerod or iWed ove 
iy KarmMjfttI virpy P. 272. oar 
pt^l Tvppip A. 876. iy aarqpf ^ 
9riyy E. 378. 

Karc^fiy. See KaOepc^M, 

Kari^^w, to grow etrong; i^ tr 
viae rpo^^ IX^Cf cai cari^xv^ 
Hpac C. 847. 

Kdroida, 1 . to /Imnw wtli, to he a$ture 
ed yi re« sarurOi /t^ iroXXo^c ' 
rpoxo^c — *HXtov riX6y A. 10^ 
oif^v av vov adroiffOa r&v aatn 
wipi P. 549. rofvr' ody l«rt2 aaro 
9a 1827. &9nc w6e^ hpAv Aal 
vdroi^fy Av9p6c iie rivoc irnktro 
225. iif2Xi«ra ^ a^5y f!irar* 
adriaW Sirov 926L 4 caroc09a 2 
XwTOi X4yy 1041. iiS ydp o25' I 
carocjfy ^A^ — 1134. koXmc « 
oi^a C. 1473. o6 tcdroiia 16) 
o6^ (nc o6 cJroi^f rdyOpMirwy 
439. o^ adrotaff h&owuca Cvv^^ 
pi7c tfiydtfa rf tariiy6p^; 810. 
caroitfO' «tfc ovJIy — iifi* 5fccXf i 
In; Aj. 586. tvov caroc^ iyw 
370. oif tdroiia irXi)y i«r2 o/iur^ 
^pdoai 406. ff-XfiM ji ro^rwy 
Karotia 418. rwc ^' o^c iyw ki 
o<^ il y' <l3oy 911. (oZ/ioi) / 
Xivra i* AytaTtiiviav ^p&aai 14 
2. to hnow hy experience^ or eight, 
hearing ; d Octf^rwy ^y^ /3«{ 
Mry^v Tmvi% T. 87. 4 ^vXXoy 
ri s^vyoy mlroc^ irov P. 44. « 
vdo caroi^* 8y y' lUoy o^^i irwiro 
250. tctiQ mfroi^f rhw PoHip' 
lyylrii ilr' edy iir' Ayp&v iln » 
9ir<(eiaiiyR.104a rivatxpdl 
roy — - Mfreitf0a l^**** T. 417. 



once it ^gnlliei U %ind§nUnd; oil 
mitrmH^ Xfw^ Xiyf «c AJ. 264. 
Kcroiffltf, proper] J u inhabit ; M^p 

P. 40. {f rovtf'a r^y dfy, vov xaV' 
•''^'vCf ^po^h^ C. 363. ffarouctl- 
#0a« hiu th« ngnification d t9 b$ 
tHutUmUd ; tAc AO^vat mc xar^ 
nigral KakSf* Aihtms^ Amp mMjf it it 
€0mUiiuiid C 1008. 
KmroinZm, (# bmIm I# dwM in any 
places !• mtsifm cii c6«rf« ; ^«x4i^ ^ 

Xwpf i* i/iirakip garouuAf but im rt- 
liini / miil mtUgm him «« mbodt in tht 
UmiC. 642. 

KmroutnlpMf !• e««»tirr«l«; ro(ai^« 
|i4 ^ KaroucTtlp^p Hpa¥ B. IS. 

KcroiKri{i#» I* P'^Jfi ffarouer«0«c 
(ifqca) B. 1178. T9ih^ co^ 3woi 
WM irivovc coroicnov^iip C. 385. 
ir^oc /Uy — taroutrteat 462 ; 
InU hn^ar^ 9l Hp^urA n 4 '■''* 
Xipavapf^ 4 varoutrl^ayrA *«#(, 
v#nrff MWiJif iMi« 4*ligkt or pMii« or 
mavimg m m t ko m to pily C. 1284. 

KiirMMiw, f omit through feor^ to hO' 
tilMto; Srwc /m) carMev9«<i€ Kra' 
Ptw E. 944. 

Sarvvrc^y to tpy out; /U^ raroir- 
n iM wapm¥ P. 124. irp^ ^xPp^ 
Toiu garowTtv0iit Aj. 816. 

Xcr«pA^ to Mt upriglii^ thenc« f« ut 
right i orjMCpol X^m IvAifXay f^if 
Ml garipBtteaw Pporoic E. 408. 

gtti KaropOovpToc 4pipa ; vUlhtyet 
fmi mo olivo mmd p onnud of my 
MNMf, or ti^t im my miud f C. 1484. 
XMraupiZoit to toil with m fmvourobU 
wmdf notaph. to torminuto fovour* 

In T. 824. tcfaoL ^foXdc 4ro- 
pahnu rpowucAc ^ tarovpiZttt 
&€wtp o^piV VM^/uin wpowopfUCu 
iiphf tua^ 4ptey AintAfUWu 

rhp 0iryy icdroxop T. 974. 
XSroh bouomth, iomu bolow, dmomwurdt, 
MArJBiP, bomiotK from bolom, 
KmrSfi^f m doop oowru; Kp(pLm wo- 

Tpiiu (M#ay iv Kormpux^ A. 770. 

Uaod adjoetiToly; U Karmpvxoc 

^7?Cf /^«* ^ iai6l«rraiM0ii« mboie 

A. 1087. 
K«i|Mii hoatf ooorAimgi mv/i' IOoX- 

«i A. 413. Ipfip^ 4XiMr ri m^ 


tmxolbifTmv vXmmioic /kipwdXy^rtf, 

Kla#, rito *<orf, tUmomij rvkfApoAtt 


yiiHU rohphv itorf tiap T. 626. 
Tobpbv %l rlp^fic Mop l336« rob* 
phv&w ipf Kie^ Aj. 671. robpbv 
wapulc Kol Karappkbponf gbap B* 

Kf^y4Cf ootimoblo, volmabio; obwm ri 
gtMv i^xop 'Apytimp wipa Aj. 

KfZ6f y, thomeo. 

Kfljiai, impert, fcfim E. 1 123. fciiro 
P. 359. B. 490. A. 1182. T. 935. 
Aj. 916. 1083. ftit» KtioouM A* 
73. 76. nlotrM C. 1515. A. 481. 
£. 238. 1. to /if <20i0ii, of a man ; 
ffffftro ir4XX' Apaariprnp T. 935. 
Afac 9oXf p^ ffilrat xcv**'*'* poe^eag 
Aj. 206. 2. spoken of one ^mi^ ; 
Mtyoc p^v ^y htiro P. 359. pn* 
Xia ik yipiOXa — Ktirai B. 181. 
fcf ftro v^Xfic — 9&fta A. 1 182. siT- 
rat ^1 vf Kp5^ ircpj wcpy 1225. Of 
any one Uoini rig o b ciipfvoc; 

A. 1159; oppoied $o ^vi^oyn. 
Aloe W fipiip Apriotc Pto^^yic 
tttirai Aj. 883. w!f Kilrm b ivarpd' 
wtKoc ivoipvpoi AlaQ} 897. ro7g 
Oayot^i roc fcXoirM wdprtt Kuplpotg 
IwtyyiXap 968. Iwti ik y^ huro 

B. 1267. 8. thence of one dood^ 
buriod^ mud dwiUior iu tko thodot bo^ 
lorn ; Kilrat trao' Ativ n4Xv/loc B. 
972. Ip oIc Kiirai riwotc C. 1520. 
4l\ti Mff^ a^oir cfitfopai A. 73. 
icfl yap aitl m/mpoi 76. f / yAp 6 
uip Bapmp — icfiVcrai £• 238. ip 

Aidov KtifUp^ 455. trwc 9avMy 
fMitfo 1123. 4. when uacd of one 
iiving, it geneimlljr oonTejra a notion 
of vookomi or iujirwuty; wapA 
relet pporAp mutu — ; T. 981. 
r^rev wpooUtip iBkXiig Zpnpa mI- 
rai P. 145. ir4yrt#v Apuopoc Ip 
pUp Mlroi 183. i V wfiX^eic ri£ 
9bpa0i mupkpQv; C. 402. 5. to 
6i in a dmilar aenae to the preced- 
ing I ip oAp pQwf roi^i nifUpm 
T. 82. Ip wopotoi Kupbpov^ Aj. 
1285. Ip r^ 9k KtioM rov u6pou 
nsft^pi^S C. 1506. ip rotait mI- 
fuyoc KQtf r^xi Aj. 316. ip wily 
«C 0<f MipiBa C. 247. 6. spoken 
of • tkimg imid domo^ dopoutod, being , 
romoimimg $ eel A vXoveia rpAwkia 
mMm £. 354, roUpfi ciirai vpe* 
rcric T. 698. ei rd Of d^c ^tpl" 
Bow rt Ktlrai wtwr' Ail CvyOq/tartt 

C. 1590. MA(m — a eel ynpmc 
AXvwa r»3« Miecroi tr^Xfi 0. 1515. 
^fiyfty jup rb wAhm nipipop Hh$ 
KtuBbp — iwtytipup 510^ 7. hence 
are Ibund ibims of q»ecch in iddch 
«ie9«u aeems to be used aa the paa- 
aire of the TOfb wmtUBm or rcM- 
ptu «• iffQ A(ift€rAx*H^ htkmf faitr^ 


«yAr w4pi Aj. 916. oAk Mt ftrov o^o) 
▼M« Kofffiiaai wKiw i^x^s tntf 

riffS0ii irJkjf dtau AmUdui hnt m 
gnaUr right cf emummnd ofur Jkaw, 
thun ks thould Jbavf 9vtr iki§ 108S. 
rt yitp It Aafi9«ut(Satt (^ ry IlaX^/Bov 
Micoff Iir«ir0 R. 490. in mCrni 8ca^ 
ffAruriyS^f fipmti Kwrm P. 501. 
cl raif/ Ayard TpSt K^trm Kpdrti^ 
if thit power ikmll «mR« la A<r wJlAMt 
hmrm A. 481. 

K«^4^Mrf <>vuiir# ; Mtfi^Ki' §Arf t«9- 
ra ntCMm E. 430. 

KftfVf, I011.9 for liMtfWf, ib«, sikf, jr. 

Ktlpm^ to cut off; flXifr r^f fiaBvfUCov 

lft« tiaughur of cattle; fi^ «2wt- 
^^ Iffcipt «i0\^c«fwy ^A)«r, lA«rt 
ruiklng on ho wunoid down tho homod 
hord in Uoughtor Aj. 55. 

Kciirff, f AilA«r. 

KffJcX^/MMff, iniMlld'iv^ ; wp&ra ah ko- 
KKdftMPot, B^yortp At6t R. 1 59. 

lUXoSof , a tound ; ^\fo Bi' 6rm9 «A«- 
Sor iyfftUrat Botus w^Koa E. 737* 

vpo/iixov^f^'T. 853. tfvyK«Tarrif 
KokBUPOit (j^^ir /9ot4 mI Acioy Aj. 
227. ctAoiyAjr 0IWI A. 686. hxttcrv 
vol KcXiuyal Wms 944. X^i ictkaipk 
^U^^ofia 1287. 

KfXcuMivaf , foroeioui ; 4 ^ arcAoiM^ 
irar 0v^ i^o^t^ yroKirKoa M^p 
Aj. 984. 

K^cv90t, 1. c way or rood; rpk- 
vX^f ^ 4*^ Kf XffMov T^S^ Macir^pcMr 
vl\arR. 801. irpth K4ktv$ot\39B. 
loni MXa^tfcM^ ^r toXvox'twi' /uf O. 
1588. 2. ojoumefi; voX/mmt 
WXffvtfor f/nrtif P. 1207. fuutpk W- 
Xcv6os C. 304. tH/m mXcMov ri|t t^ 
4^^r 9vawpa^lut 1401. ro7f rv^XoSrl 
Toi ailni ac/Xtvdof tfic irpairyiirov WXt 1 
A. 977* 2^ dvaTvyfOTariiy WXiv- 
aoy ?mf 1 198. &XX' oM* ^uo) 8J^ r^y 
&^' i|XJov ^Xfiy K^Xfv6ov ft'H^p 0^ 
/lav 8i}Xai ^tt$ Aj. 865. ^rflCror 
48^ ^fun^Mu E. 1278. i( SfiMrcCTat 
wtfii^U iccXf^tft E. 1154. Ai>- 
plied also to the ropolutiani of the 
itan ; afor ipxroy ffrpo^dS^s WXffv> 
9oi T. 130. — woXkh KikovSot ipw 
T^i, a long diitanoo teparatii w C. 

KiXwfffiOf a command: rdlf i^ Wftmr 
^ariiToo Kik^6<riuurw A. 1204* 

KiXd&H, to command^ io ordor^ to bid ; aif 
yw KflXc^ P . 853. Tovror mXc^ mCr- 
T» ai|/M(rf ly ^fiof R> 226. 4A, ctXa^ 

£.622. titV^*^"--'' ^3^- ^*) 
««Xf^fiffffA|aMyicd[(«itT. 1248. ^o^i 

riir -* At ^i iMX«4o|My P. 1181. ^ 



Tov jcvjpMr «A|r ^pctotti 640. •Ar' 
irffXa^of^ A. 69. aM* Iv mXt^ 
9lat0o7if fir ro^ jcaucotft 727. Ai^ 
fcr* wilrrmr «Xfva#t(r C 742. 

Kl\X#, to pot in fa laii^, to toil I 
wp^f ytr riifft iK4Xnfuw pkiku 

K^Mu^/Por* 'mpiif or if«sli(iif« ^ m 
Ktd ftot w6kiF Khnu^p09 % lobKifir t 

Kfy^f, tmntv; 1. uaed proper 
4^ mrl^r oXkif^iy P. 31. |ir 
M<riirir<UXiar # «tH|f nyMrtlrC^ 
R. 55. in tro9 ircr^f fw^f Mwri 
hp^tu^ fikii^ Xdxos A. 420. cti 
)f J^i^/oTi^iai rpoariQoMM E. 185. 
•poken of one &ar^i of anythii 
rov nov Wmt C. 934. 4r ^i 
O^^f Ml^f A. 750. f4 vw MV 
orJi^ ffiyy ictHi B. 395. Myqt X 
yilf Aj. 965. 8. and of one 
hringt nothing with him ; im^ 
aft Siinui 9« X*^P^ T. 495. 1) 
yV «^ ««^. Y« C. 360. 4. ( 
penon or thing, vnin^triHing,fooli 
olroi hearrvxl^rros A^inoo» nwo 
705. Mvkf yvAiuis A. 749. ^|4 
Ij^wiar myi^ Aj. 280. lorif actn 
ikwtauf Bopfudiorm 473. ^Xvio'iy 
nuff ^t^ft* M^f raiiSf £. L 
9i^ parody ^ x'^C*'^ ' 
323. T^ 9nf&i$oA Kopd 1043. 
YJkp 9ii Mpiif y d^^'MMir (t 
yor) C. 1008, lee 'A^hyu. 

Al!Bf yitp uMit oimh^ iart^ Aj. 

Kfi^, to wudco onmtjf, metaph. U 
populmto! ^ ee (Xo^^v) mm 

Kimovpott o Contour ; l$^ K^m 
T. 677. 1152. V4m$ Kdrrt 
1131. Ktm^pov ^rla po^K^ • 
9oKowoiht Mtmi vXcvp* 828. 

KirrAf, la prirJb, to pad; fnyS* 
X^a Wrrci A. 1017. 1hm$ 1I w 
/3aXf7W vev It ^ 84Xy mrri^aor 

K/rrpar, 1. a ^oad; /litrop 
tttrXoit nivrpotai paw uaiinrri 
809. *^(8arra nirrpmp oMw E. 
2. metaph. a ilta^ of pain ; a 
8oX4^v6a nirrp* Hiffawfra T. 
800 'Aar/fii. nimprnp otrrpii^ 
1318. 3. lA« atimnluo of dt 
tl /i^ Ti nhrrpoo tfcwr 47* vfuu 
P. 1028. 

K^paf, a Aam ; raupotwPKOpdrmtf T. 

KopdffTfit^ hornod; tupirrtip D 
£. 558. 

Kfpa^iof, hoUmgimg to thmndoTt ui 
an epithet to Semela^ who in 
■troyed by thunder ; furr^ 9^ 
poBoknk. 1126. 

Kf^iwdc, a lAaai(fr4afl; p^r$ rc| 


Mpovr^c ۥ 1498. wvp^6poc Om9 
gtpavw^c 1666. iyKOTMKii^op Bi' 
Xoc ctpavyov T. 1078. Th¥ — Iwh 
mf fOi09P Kipavy^ R- ^^ ^^ 
W9rt gipa»¥9l £u6t £. 813, 

Kipialim^ 1. to ^iii» to iMlr« fciiii ; 
•int II teayroc Xp4 ^^ ttpialyiiv 
ftkup A* 813. Ktpiaivtr^ </iiro- 
Xan rdi' «p^ Zdp^f«y f^crpoy 
1084. 8irMC ^ ir^ mv n mm^- 
ya^M T. 190. 3. to i«HM «tf mh- 
to^«; if /i4 n^ fipiot Kip^avtJ Si" 
ffootfc B* 889. ifQ Ap wpo9apKm¥ 
€fUKpA ttkpt&vn jtkya C. 72. — 
Xpit^ii Moiatpuv frq T. 230. 
woiv Ap rl ip(&9jfc 4 ^' upidv^ 
vaIok; AJ.107* 

Blp^i9r«c» aiMt frvfiimhli, hui; wp6{ 
fi lApiiVTW rpawilc 7V^/<9Cf ^v^ii^ 
4ftaft«a kimttlf to tJii Wit oTpwyout 
AJ. 730. 

Kfp«oc» !• ^'«f especially of numein 

803. r& ydp iipBoc riXw ^yw, x4 
x4p^ irpoMJ^frat R. 232. &^£^ 
rh gioioc iroXX^tc f u^Xcvf y A. 222. 
rA npjpc Iy9fy o/^loy 310. rov 
npiovc xfy*P 1034. S^nc iy ro7c 
tipitnp fiipop Moom B. 388. r4 
^tiXA lApiii Tiiuovae lpyAZ*Tm A. 
326. ni 'wl Klpdtny \iymv 1048. 
% mio^mUp ot prttfit gencnllv ; 
8ray n ^pfc ^C tipioc P. 1 11 • np" 
^C 'i foi ri rovrcp Ic Tpoiav /io- 
Xfly; 112. ri Ktivmw ttoKhv r^t 
tipion lurartBifiivpQ 310. rA i^y 
upiu KoXA B. 593. dfi4 rh vlp^oc 
gtpioM^ ^ucaiwc 889. roioy ^ in p* 
Ue AMs i*up ^pt*y; C. 385. ri 
€0i wArpap Kara^sdiLapn icipioc 
fpX<ra«; 1423. cipooc alir' ivw 
Xiytf A. 458. v6c of oM KaTBa- 
pmp xipJoc f^P<« ;, 460. ri uav9A- 
pup ^cterop <^ Xfyoyrof, %( tApioQ 
Xkyi 1019. ScmA'ukp o^Jiv p^iia 
M^ sfp^tt Sffio4y EL 61 . W /im Mp- 
3o( ylyioti^ Ay rmpit A ijC^^y /^y 
145. reic X16701C ipi«rtp ifijHUP 
tipioc 362. wpopoia^ ohlkp dpBpkf 
wotQ ifpgipi^XaBiip Afutpop 1004. 
m&3^ iy 9t Xvir^9a0a povXolfitiP 

1 297* ri yAp Miwttp fclXX^y rov 
XfAp^tipSocfipoi; 1478. iwrip^ 
ri y' f^ wpAp^up, linl wiOoiro^ 
dpioc i/iwcid T. 93. 3«oy Ap wkp^ 
3oc myf KcMfty 984. c^poj |tfy 
Mipmprm rme Miy/dp^iC 0* 92. 
rA 3i ^tipA^ rrmp' «vrev gpilg^ot^^ 
4 jiepf 4 mX» 584. «ip^9 vapai- 
Tc^tln sipjoc #y MCMC A. 1308. 

• Ai. 1388. fln^pey firvvv XivM. i 
£U|iy,cip3««j&7«r. ' 


Kfpc/Cf « wieNr'f 0rai5 or fk«fl(#i 

«rpKl3«#y AKuaXnp A. 964. 
Kfpro/uM, t« ji'Ai» to d§nd§: wArtpa 

ci Mpro/iwy Xlyiic r^f ; P. 1219. 
Kipr4pi|9iC, ^rifiM ; f/ ri pr^fi^vtc ^ 

m raX969 Xiytiy P. 1220. 
Kipr6/uoCf nviling ; ttpro^Uuc yX^- 

tfaic A. 951. When uied with re* 

ferenoe to the dupantian^ fnward i 

Mpro/t^ ApyalQf for kit fiowttd 

■ivOoCt e r§enUMi «99oc pvd^p 

A. 812. 
Kcp6i#y to ikltf«; 1. br containing 

within ituff; piy^oi noBaptup rripik 

n)y ^HytiP tea kMu B. 1229. 

1109. 2. b/ eonamling; rpv^y 
31 « v9f A. 85. 0170 «f^iiy T. 985. 
3. The peif. dttwa hu the lenae 
Qtt9 iU kid or 6ttrii4; f<i|rpdc ^ 
iy'Ai^ov ffal warpAQ xutvBArwp A. 
902. /i49' o9 ffiMv6f liiir' ip elc 
mirai r4irocc C. 1520. 5 31 Oaytliy 
m^f c ffdrw 34 74c B. 968. *Ai3f 
m^My Ai. 622. %l (kpoQ — > ciMvOiy 

KifaXfi, ths hiod; rtiA iily cffaXi)y 
icai 7X699ay ^pay ^iirru BtpivoQ 
Aj.234. '^ 

Kf^XX^y, dpkaUinian ; i& Clyi Ki - 
foXX^y P. 780. v6 Ki^oXXivyMy 
Aya( P. 264. 

K93f pi^y DNtf wfta toltti Mff 4if nnj 
pcnon or thing | ro93fl 7<lp oA 
t^itfultp^ fir tkon paymi court to 
him A. 545. wopit cixtt KtiitfUpMPf 
ho Itthonrt undtr^ mwo}f from «Ny to 
toko car$ tfkim P. 195. 

K43iv/Aa, folationtkip hj maniage ; 
6^:uiativehr a nialttfti; Apa^f ifiAp 
KtlStvfga B. 85. 

K93f 6m, to tolrt cart ^^ to tond ; ^o- 
ttiyfic /u ray rvfX4y a93iiiMy B. 
1324. Aii ai ai|3f6ovaa cat r5 oAy 
a^pa C. 754. Spoken of tko prr- 
firmouco of funorai oktefuiot} Jy 
Clyaiai ytpai a93iv9fic riiXac« kg 
ttrnngirfknmdi ikou^ unhappy^ tondod 
E. 1 130. Alio, to «0a<racl offinity 

Smmrringo; aMc rovro niiStpvop 
XaCf <to l*aii tkjtiif oontmet tiUf 
MMirriagff T. 1217. 

Kq3o/Mi, to 5# aniiaai or 9oiieitom$ 
ukaut, to toko eart of^ to nttond to; 
fin rov a93oiiiyov ppormp P. 170, 
Ml nyoc K^(i wipi 617. itwip n 
rev aovrav /l/av aq3it B. 1061. al 
a^Jdyityai roa TtXapApog »- alsoa 
AJ. 202. oi^poAc — rpaf£c a^- 
Aoukpomc E. 1049. ir4r<pa trap' 
aMy ra6 /Vav a43<a6^ fn ; 1319. 

K43ac»^|biliybr maniage 1 vpa^Xaui- 
fkbwy a4Mc rt aciy& a 380. 



Kfff/Cf timm or/mi gating mU; |iifJ6- 

^gfat htpt Mting from tk» thigki A« 

KifsfMy t0 ipurt «p» U hukbU; 9r&lki 
ydp ad iiot ^Ivtav ri^ he /SvOov 
«j|c7ov ai|«a, for again from ik§ 6oC- 
Um dripi tkit my purpio bubbling 
blood P. 778. IMM.* rdv Bipuordrav 
a\fMa miuofXvav iXcli#y tko kontod 
blood that bnbbUd from ik§ wonmdt 

K^X^fiipioy, that idbicA i«0|Am; f^- 
Tfu fptvic tfoi rovro mik^Hipiov 
r4c 'UpocXf <ac T. 572. 

K^X/c* n itoin, properljr «f blood ; kA- 

Up E. 4S8. metaph.« ^ ditgroeo; 
TOiAvii — gMia 9Vfifopae sL 838. 
— rotdvS* iym cqXIoa utiyCeaf 
ifinv B. 1884. i3 nc afo m JnfXic 
cacMV C^voiJCPC C. 1 186. 

Kiipatoct Conmon ; Kiivalto AU T. 
287. dtri^ — ^bpoiaQ itpov Kii' 
vaioy 760. A Knva/a cpvir2( ^ 
iiAv 989. 

Kqp» 1. in the plunl number lig- 
nifiet tho Fotoi; K^pic avawX&Kfi' 
roi R. 472. fiivfi ydp o^* al6\a 
vH Pporoiaiv obu Kilpt^ T. 133. 
9. a dUooH or malady; yo^MV 
dvip K&\ov woXai^ K^pl P. 42. 
nipa r^y^ <&vofffyciv 1161. -8. 
dUgrmet ; iXiv9f py ^fv^il KoXii^Btu 

' c4p wpovtffTW ob «aX4 T» 454. 

uan l/i/iivfty R. 850* ^v2 wat^- 
oii^/i^ frtfXu nipvyfia Btivou rbv 
erpanfy6v A* 8. xoivf K^p^pan 
vltt^ac 161. rd vd tiipbypara 
460. 2. • procfaMafioii ^ a korold 
or mar ; 8r' joOfr* di^pdc bpOUty 
Kilpvyuironf ip6piop wpoinfpbUtyroc 
E. 678. 
K4pvC» a horald or pu6/la oricr^ an 
omboioodor or moiMiifffr ; Ir a aw- 
roiaftv 4v '^PvC R. /63. K^pvl n 

/9wc — avvfivriatop 802. 9pofi 
Alvac i K^pvC ravra T. 188. K^pvl 
Aw oUotv Isf r' o/m7oc Ai^ac 764. 
Xalpiiv rbv KtipvKa wpoinnfiwtt T. 
226. vXilovc r^pvcac Xa/3wv Aj. 
1094. a^oi 9fol c^pvcic dyy^- 
Xov9//iotC. 1607. 
Ib$p69(rti, 1. f0 proelatm pubUely^ 
or ^ lioraU ; rotavrd fact *- Kpt- 
•vra «oc ad/iol — ciipoCay/ lx<*y 
A« 82« Aitkfd r&yii c^p^lac fx*^ 
192. 9^i|crttff9pvy0ivra448. 2. 
la proalajoi fwnenllVi oib y6p ri 
|ia« Zf fff i)y 2 ffifpvCac rdii A. 446. 
«napo^ ioiyp»¥ «— iyfitwc 'Apy<^ 
•Mt ««pi€a4 AJ. 1219 1 ttiipmw |i' 

lie HwavrmQ B. 896L 8. la a 
naiiiief ; il r^y dyx*&r6¥ yi rqpi; 
miy xfX^i'E. 1094. I4y/i4 va 
*9P^lvC «*^< A. 87. raSr* U^pv 
Oil ir2x« B. 787. Kap&lat r 
'AXniqvac irM« /mi irM iraic va 
irorl T. 97. 
Kq^o^, CipAlfiif, % rifer in Boeoti 
K^f itfov VQiMiQ p§i$pm¥ (cpi}V4 
C. 693. 

KiOaipd&Vy CilAaaraiiy a movntain 
Boeotia i jSoQc -~ iroloc KiOaip 
o^X' ff^M^Mvoc (ftfrat) R. 421. 
filv KiOaipwv 1127. Ma cX^r 
Mji^c K«Oaip«iy 1462. — i& KiO 
otiy 1089. 1391. i^p^y vaw«U* 
ly Ki9aip6voc irrvx^tC 1026. i 
KtOaipwyoc riwoy 11 34* 

KicX^CM, ta tttvofca ; r6y xpvoo^ 
rpav Si cutX^acM olv6va lUucxoy 
wtXatrB^vat H. 209. virot cueXqi 
r6v attvinrvov C 1674. 

KipaBoc, the Sicilian name for a / 
4 roivlrpi«Tay c/va^oc iCvpov 
Sirov; AJ. 103. See Birlrpi«Toc« 

Kiv^vMvtta, a Aaterrf, « Hm; i|6i 
ea nvivv%vpar^ iv ritp^ f^^P^ 
570. iro7ov ri KivSi^vivfia ; A. 4 

Kiviw, 1* properly la maM; ri 
ydp iCv^p 6ppa P. 8^4. /iif^i 
Mvi|9^rM nc Aj. 1160. ny ) 
Kaoxty dyipa •— 5{vrlpy ariyifai 
XoXivJ A. 109. KiywvTOA \6 
wpdc noTv Oq/Sqc C. 1373. 9vi) 
KiynBiioa 1666. 2. la roMia, to d 
forth; kIvu (r4beivi|ra») p6voy 
uii'wl cip^iaiv XiywvA. 1048. 
0* ^oyiora fi^JI nv^lrai X^yy 
1623. myqvoi irorpic Tb iwrwpo 
9Toy tAwpooiffopoy 9r6pa C. U 
Xauirp6y i|Xiav olXac ^ij»a * 
fOiyuar' bpyiBuy E. 18. |i4 « 
ope ayplay bivyi^y warpS^ T. I 
toia aiyaiivric kokA R. 636. lyi 
rcvwy dvSp' Ay^p lfri^(Mocg 
ffo7a4 A. 409. 

Ki^aqpqCi planlfd wilA ivy ; Kvm 
6piwy nao^fXiC ^x^^^* A. 1119. 

Kico6Cf ivy; kwAc mc drtyric 
820. <&yarapdacru iM u' 6 jcu 
T.218. r6y oly^ Avixovaa 
96y 0. 680. 

Kix^ywf l« r#aa^ la allain; pk\ 
pvxoi^ kIvwa rov jc^m Oiov 
668. fioX£y 51 x*ipoy lyBt Ay A 
fiij kIx^ 642. it ri fiotpa fi^ » 
yii, (oaL ainby) un/aH Jato 

1. H 

JUmgi aiwr him C 1461. 
on acoount of the metre, r 
scyx^Mtt which reading Dindori 
adopted, dp' Ir^ i/i^^vxev ctv 
ral /lev mi sorapMyroc ffi 
O. 1484. iifrp^Ssv JT 5ve« i 



iiwXfv ip99pap •( ti Mil rl« t#y 
». 1257. 

MXayy^t c(«Nf, iMf ; It' II ntrbf 
Af^itmv ffM gXmjyJi T. 207. 

ApatfTi^ UtrUpa^ iXAiovg 143. 
XXaCmi I« fcrvflMf t§ utur a thrUi try^ 
tticd only of binls i ro^c ^i^ «X2* 

«/«r^ A. 112. ^pW^y — Miry 

KMi«#, or cX^M, to liiMil, !• UfMni, 

«^ irarplic — lo^ra E. 276. itrtp 
n cXi«4C rdy 'Opt^rttmy ttattmv 
WW. 'cXofl* 6frfdp^¥ tfv ^ai' 
0tup T. Ml. IcXoiy 4 ii^rtiyoc 
005. Ic II yUvata warp^c fr«#ov* 
#m 'cXooar C. 1G04. XiylvylkXaoy 
v4irr<c 1617. iifXiay wi9a¥ xXatow 
»ar^ A. 966. gX^mp vOo^ptg' U 
cmHp I#oi0' Am — ^[fp4avi«iiiyoc 
/Imv T. 937. di/V«xa 'Ai^y 1061. 
oMI yip cXoSvac iriiw E. 277. 
%w^ ifutpr^P — ffXa jtfM ciirol^* 
pi#|Mullll. wAB^fUp^ipi^woXX' 
|y«/ JffXtfVtftf^^y T. 152. tp$ip 
Mf McXov^iMii vp&c 9IK0P T|f«^ R. 
1490. In tho following poamgct 
the iMitidple KkAmp mn/ bo nm- 
dcftd, f« lAjf rnK i jrX«wy lom7c/tot 
— iy^Xarvmy R. 401. od wpic 

fipip flip qU /p«7c« mKA^p I* d^piTc 
152. cXi«»ir fpii^fic A. 750. 
MXavfUi, m ctttimjir UmtHiaiioH ,* tifmc 
Ap i«r5c sXov^rMi^ fvoic w6ia^ 
kmplf tkmt mmifU hnp Ay fiat 0I1I 
if inmbUt P. 1244. nWmp roiptp 
dyvwtp mka^fM^^ vwiplu A. 923. 
KXawr^, to 5« /cM«Nl«rf ; oi tXav^rA 

ri^rly.iAX'Ipoipiyo/^laa 1362. 

KXfiOooy. 800 XA^ooy. 

MXttpicf rmmnud, iliutiriaMi; ). 
of « pcnon, etpocioUr of m ktro, or 
OM «f m6I« m^m; W i9T* ^ 
Kkiipic oot ♦iXocr^vc P. 571. 5 
iriM aXiiPhc OUivopc taXoi/upps 
R. 8. /m cXiiy5y Olliirov ndpn 
1207. cXuy^ col iwtupop fyoiwa 
A. 811. tfX«<volc Aafidaticatatp 
851 5 rXiti4c ZifMk 'AXcm^mic 
n r«3c T. 19. 5 cXfiy5c Aloe AJ. 
216. i Pip r5 jcXfty5y lUoc 'HXiiw 
mvrMi; £.1168. Spokontndoii- 
aoB ; whf 5* Irorp^t — 5 cXai* 
i4c c^ •wpf'oc £.292. 2. of 
a thh^ oipodalljr of af<ai«friMif dlifi 
or p<M«i| cXjtt^y BAp^rov «tfW 
T.747* ^pKmpA JmKa^ Aj. iM. 


cXfiyol r' 'A94MII 848. 'Hpac I 
ffXfiv^ pa6^ R. 8. A ffXcivd yd 
Mm^yaiitfr £, 166. tA kkupA 
rlC« P* 650. ra cXi/y' tUpiyiuira 
R. 1525. ffXfivdy Iroc A. 617. 
3. nlio of othor ihlnKi Runorallyi 
fimaut, fiUkrmtui 1 Mtyapltitc fc^**" 
p6p Xlyoc A. 1288. t/c r5 rXff 
y5y *KXJUIac rplryifM' ilydi^ H. 
671. r5 ffXiiiJy ^miloc tfrpa* 
riv^a 6114. 

XX/oCf />Mf| ffiMMN, f /tffy ; oM r&p 
Ifi&p Mrdy cXIoc ycOov iror' oMIy 
— ; P. 251. «Xioc Mprarop Xn* 
/3i7y 1331. w69tp jcXioc 7' Ay f^ 
gXiipTifiOP ffarlrxoy A. 408. vl- 
voiOio roO/ Iri^iritfiiy cXloc AJ. 
756. trap — ipyovfi pmOA K/k(' 
ipiyamfim xXloc a* ^O. {woncy Oa- 
po£9aip&pr$ ii4 'jtXiirily cXioc 073. 

XX<irrloc« lA«l m to te coMtmUdi rM* 
o^X^ «Xcirrloy P. 57. 

KXIvr^Ct properl/ o tAi^; but mod 
ailjoctivoi/ In tho wnio ofjrmttdtf 

KXiirr*»9 1. proporly toff mI; trap 
wapj cXI^m n xa/>'^^A* P*^ 1*. 
640. yiSr« mov rd r6t tik%wr%^ 
1258. fnc l« X«/>^»' «^^«'"Oplo<- 
r^p rQp Ipfiy ^viCiOov £• 289. 
Xfpo7y pXi^apa roZyli 1122. % 
to tf# oii^lAJNf ty Km/M; MXoitfi 
rXl^oi x<*f^ lvo/«ovc afayde £• 
37. 3irMc Xoyy rXiirf oyrtc i|o<iay 
fAnp A^oMpiv o^oTc 56. tl I* 
viro/3aXXopfyoi leXirrovn p50oi^ 

0I mc/^Xm /3arcXi}c» Am< ff <A« 
Mi|;Af^ IriMifi «r« ttfmUkUii $u(arning 
tkii$ todt Aj. 188. w^ Ap mkmc 
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rXi^ac rbp brir^y yipopf' IfU — 
iX^^pw C. 1012. 8. olao to rf*- 
cfi*#, not 10 muoh 5jf /rani «■ 5f 
accident $ W pi| pvpfopal tfXir* 
rov9l pi T. 242. — Ocol^i cXifrro- 
fuu A. 1 203. 1/ p4 r^ X^*V ««sXI^ 

UXtiiiip^ 1. o rtpart, or riuMMf ; 
— o£ p^ll rX^liSiy ^ Ix^v*^ 
olcali— li^XAi P. 255. ri iiira 
l^ifCf 4 ^^ cXifl^yoc «aX4c pdrify 
^ioiiiic ^iflXvpa ylyyirat C. 259. 
2. o pnpAtlltf tMrnti^f ; o^o oUa 
rip Pip 9sK^iApa E. 1099. 

XX^C«y to M^i to MMmto, to Molcr 

R. 733. ffi/yov yl roi 14 «ra7c 
IjcX^ 1171. i^f^i^ 91^^ V* 
y4#MrflpatfX9CfiR.48. IWte cX^f- 
{irat or p5c Kitfaipwy o5roc 145i. 
fyOa cXytirm Oyr^p T. 656. ol 
f(maprt^ «al cXfCop<yo» ir«r|p«c 
ffoiavv' Ifo p flw vA« T. 1258. 




yup KkyBMi B. 1287. cX jOpa yUp 
wXmk rMi iioiytTM 1394. 

ItfU; ffX^Mic li^<i0 «^s lr4XXiro 
A. 893. ol ipa9ir^¥ r^ cXfipov 
f/c H'<>^ ''<>^*'F A)' 1364. 5/a^ 
rode ol rf ray^iKo* fipalUc «X^^c 
lr«Xify K. 700. 
KXvpotfx^i ^<<*<"'Nf •" cUiPliiriir, «<• 
lollii/ ; MvWyMif voXXdv IrAi^ «X^ 
powxop AJ« A03« ^ 

KXifc* « 'f'^; <>^y «o' XPV'^A '^VC 
hrl yXMtftfa /3</)aci irpoi^rAXMV B^ 

lioXwtiav C. lO&A. 

KXi/iaCi itroiiorly n Wdtr, but uiod 
by Hophiiclvi to oxiinm tho Action 
of tho bo«ly in fcrtaliHg; i^v i* 
iufiwXiKTtn tXlf^aKiC T. 518. Sou 

KXivw, to JNWJMtf, l4> biHd, to CHrn, to 
mooo ; U dk wvO fikyt^v licXiyf coiXa 
jcXyOpa 11. 1*203. vrria 21 kXIvo- 
^at iiioaoa wp^c 2/iwa7tfi le^&voirXiitf* 
^ottni A. 1173. role 'm«»^C »Xi»- 
polQ S/cotf jcXiOfioav T. 131G. ito* 
ooiotv Awtlpotg KXiOtkt rettiHg on 
oithtf eoMttMut 101. vf /iov il^aiV- 
t<Ct iroT tfX/f«cic ; 1003. f^ffKin tM 
ivnirirpov PiifAQTo^ Hut wiiatXivyc 
C. 193. ifiipa likivH n gAvdyu 
irAXiydwayra r&vOpmwua AJ. lil. 
Hco 'AvAy^, 

KXio/a, o t$nt ; i^XoiQ tiKtfflatc AJ. 
190. fila i* it nXurla^ dttdpAv fAi| 

KXir^Cf f'l' ^'f*/** rf^ A^'' or woNNloiN ; 
Tcpiii'9/<it'ir/*^C«Xiri^i'T.370. llap- 
mioiav iiwip leXirdv A. 1131. 

XXovin*, to ogUttte^ to vorturb ; gal yiv 
ol O^Xiroc 9iov oifO* A^fip^Q — cXo- 
Vil T. 146. 6 rXiS/iwy — £c ric 
AitrA ffvuaroff-X^C x<*M<P*a kXov<7- 
riu C. 1243. i!»c *«' rM^ — drai 
ffXoviovotv dfi (vvoifO'ai 1246. 

KXoirf 6c* • ^*kf * kXoim *c 8»*»C y«v*- 
fffi r6v (kvur^riM^ SitXmv P. 77. 3. 
Ofii who 9$er9tlif ooMtriou mUekUf; 
f tXiI ^ A Ov^^c rp6c0%¥ iipi^ohok 
cXoiridc rdy fti^ilv A^Omc iv m^ry 
nxi^M^wt'* "Mi lA« mitiii tf thMo 
vAo i/fPMi oajfiAiitf wrongly tn Ifto 
liorlc, if wont to 6« 3ol«cl«d l>f^ortAaii4 
tn Hi fraud A. 489. 
XXoir4» fraud; sXoirj ri xdyiytfy 
^iryf/C P. 1014. vo2o7y xXoirdy 
dpl^oi Aj. 343. SeeAtpM. 
tXwmft tk§ turgo of tho eca } Ooth 
ciov Kkii^ya B. 197. ir^vriov A»- 
2wva C. 1688. Applied figuxBtiroly 
to tho oarfuiid ruJk of hones in a 
chuiot nee ; tXidon^ te«irirey iv 
ukmf Kiw^vov E. 738. See Kvk^m. 
Also to % man oTenrhehned with 
d^omity; f(c ^^^ sXv^wyii ^«i4c 

rvM^eooc IX4Xv0fy, lo ipftot • iCorniy 
SM if drtmdfiU etdamiijf kohatkoomo 

R. 1637. 
KXtfrfii/ty4#rpa* Cljfliaiiiotire E..1S60. 

KXvr^t 1. rtnomiAf; Iky^s^avXv 
rfic x^^M^ H. 173. gXvr&v IvA- 
pu¥ AJ. 177. kXvtAv 8c A/if^nic 
'iroXlfiy A. IIOA. 3. loud ; iy . 
ffXvro«c fTitfitfV a/iroXfoiCt faiUug am 
tho bloatUg fioeikt AJ. 3011. 
KX^M, 10 ^of ; 1. prDporiy ^tk 
tho tart ; mc rilir/Xotira r^p XAymv 
obftiv ttXIfotc P. 34. ^P n Kiup6p^ 
&p wptp olv iniiKoae, xX^yc 63. 
oDc Ah tAp X^ywy ^Xyd cXviov 8(»\ 
<lii^iirX/|tfrwy ^(ttp jUpoc itXvutp 
CHS. ffisi <rd ^4 Oo^ou sXvmv 910, 
ikp* 'O^iwoUc cXtfM 904. kXmiv 8y 
o^ AirffC </iouXii/ii|y 1333, flo^Ulo. 
iiAc 2i ooS aXvup 1367. ad^jy n)v 
llpacXiouc Aisof Tt ffXdfiv XivoMiv 
r' o^tp 1308. Ivniitrpoc yap, if^ 
cXyfiy U. 84. f' rwi^f XPjP^^*S 
wXiioialopTmp cX&iy 91. rJ/i lt\p 
ViKyc iwn kXi6mv ai;^fo9ai 317. 
rtmra xf 4 kXmiv ifiov 335. n'c 
ydp roiavr' Ay oinc Ay ^pyiCoi/ firu 
cXvioy; 340. 4 rovra di)r' Ayicrd 
wp6c ro^rov cXiriiy; 439. O'coirft 
cXi/wy 953. rufX^ ri koI rXvwy 
/ifl^fy 1389. od 2f) ffX^ rov — 
roiy /loi ^/Xoiy iatpvfi^vproip 
1 4 73. XUiiCi fai t6t' liffofiai c Xvwy 
1517. rlpotp t6 rf/iy&y 5yo/i' Ay 
tlilaipup rX/'My; 0. 41* irAi^* 
Jriori/Ofi arXv^iy 53. Juy^c l^^y 
6pap^ Stipbc Sk cXiniy 130. cXiific» 
i iroXifuoxO* AXara « 103« cX^va<& 
rov 413. AXyw cXoovoa ravr* lyut 
431. A iralAf, cXvcroy rAy^f wpoC' 
XwpMy Ciywy ; 494. oS X4ywy JX- 

rio/ Ay — UayooxoV*!*' cXvwy 
176. rl ooc rov/ 4arl Xvirqpiy 
tXviip 1178. £ira( rd roiavra'^ 
XpiC^ KXittp 1810. ^(^ Ifiow ffXv- 
fiy X^yovc 1353. irarp5c cXvfrc 
rov^ apiopipov 1408. cXvwv rA 
roSa* — Ay^p^Ci ol' IBivwinp 1439. 
filial — Xivffof ly iusateiuPf pti^k fm» 
povptmp (sKbtiP 1638. tqv^ o0y 
fieXvfy daifJMP iip&p 1763. X^yocc 
— olc ob fii .rtp^c* cXivwy A. 687« 
Po&Xti Xlyiiy n tal Xiywy fii|Ay 
jcXvfiy; 754.^e»yqc "~ tfwnr/iArwy 
gXiti ric 1331 rov^' lyw cXi^My 
AraCa T. 188. wplp m^ t/2oyj)y 
ffXvfiy 196. X6yov coXwcXix^yroc 
f^iffroy kKUip S89« rov? iuov 
KXitw vropMy 431. l^oifM OM^iyr* 
4 cX^ouit o08. Ivfifopdp — • jf 2op- 
cwc Mv xarA yX&voap tkbotp 744. 
sXiw nvop oUktov 860. 8cvrcpoy 
KX^if 874. cX^ovo" l^pilai 1038. 
At cX^iy ip4 1115. vfif A cXtfuy 



Aj* 151. tifn rmt kk6tm ^dknyyas 
283. fomr al cX^ tu4 858. 
«M||r 9oKM Tf&^«v JcX^MT 954. kX^ 
t^m it^ ot^ttfTwff Aiyovf 1299. 
tOJium fXaifs 1902. IrXmt ^• 
fyi^y^m £. 417. •<« Ib^ 4a«B Ay. 
«i|p4 cAWir 547. cA^Mff Ibr ^ — 
^iteir 827. rw/ Xkmt Kkimf 645. 
Ml Tv9r^ ^m9 cX^wmi 868. ffoi t# 
iJy9iFT% kA KkU^i 979. AW(«^mu 
Kkitw^m 1017. ^ riff Mo$w k\^ 
1229. IkAMT—oMrmS. ^wpSmt 
•M #^ /Sof Kkimtem 1275. 4w ^ 
^t^ itkim Tifir M08fV x*^*"^*' 
1814. 1XMff«5r«<WffX^ 1888. 2. 
to iirtffs («» to ttendUi 8S0V«r &r 
r$ff *A«2rr«r ^x^^mif ^^ mA^o^* 
4!x(8nvf P. 828. /impot fr «idU«i cX^ 
«r ar^r T. 418. rr)V nya^x^ 
cXuif /Mv 1105. leX^iv Muh fu^ 
rmUif ^Kuip' Irf p uf Smtf Unv Aj. 1140. 
•Mr M^tMM cX^ir £. 819. m4 
vB^nvf Hkk 865. 8. to («arii 

cr ^MdOMT 5y iUarM^ ; 5r itX^Mt 
Cnff TMT 'H^McXfUir tfrm 8frr^i| r 
8vA4ir P. 281. •& iyit %ia0^ Ibr 
40/AiK^ jAMA^nir «X^ir 425. M^ 
T^ Art^ cA4fa 587. otfri/ JPW 
•28a Kkitiw •tfT ^W8Mr 878. •! it«ri it^ 
ffA^if T«r AttAmt R. 305. fcAnwr 
«»v8fy 5^ffr«iT»x^f C.308. Itf^y 
«^ jml •M^NMT^ptir nA^ 798. Ircrra 
itMr> fid m mf rmAn gkbmif 1302. 4»r 
^4rf xA^ocf A. 19. TtAffkbr ^^<» 
^ps |i^ cA^«r riff /atXXMf^it^am ir«- 
T^ Ku^^aufmf vdfpn — ; 628. 71^ 
#•1 Wxinif tfiyMM Tiff 4^iff «Adiir 
988. fnM «A^oim w«i8^ l| r^ 
w4pm 1157. ixv r4iaf9¥ cA^ovm 
1232. ffoi w#v cA^ws mt O^So^w 
X!^99isi T. 88. «5r r^dwr — kA4m 
risir71. fo ^ «a4» 72. M»^ 
flimxi cA^fwra 9^*9 293. xAwiir 
y ifuunw 425. jcA^taTft l(inni^«r^ 
•i»/iir 1 148. t4p8' 8r«r cA^ir fdkir 
Aj. 837. ^ariAifr cA^srrfs AntSitu 
939. A'^ii cA^ir — hrwrivm^w 
979. irA^r 8f«r cA^ rii^ %^«^ 
*0^^rnr E> 385. 58inn'^iMr *«A^ov- 
•tor— iM^dErMr 471. Aff ^ «A^ 
558. JsA^wr i8o^ric^ Afyitfiof A«^«5 
mtA tfrfiv 1299. 4. to 9h§y^ to 
aiM hmd to ; nfir hr t4Kh KkUuf P. 
913. Mkkm T«r Ir r4Aci AJ. 1331. 
tAt if9€r^rmf kktw 1051. cA4ir 
4m8C.744. ▼•S8cxftcA4«rlll9. 
A. 663. T«d ftnt^mrm kK&w T. 
1234. $.uUemUsdoidsdgHmUdky 
«« ill ii«M» to 5# ill yai rw 1/; «•- 
«StcA4ff«ra«^ff #4^8iVidl E. 524. 

Wr T. 718. 

V m hrmmtki 8Mmi — «AfiNwAf 
iwrf{mft A. 709. Tfh 4bi>4a — 

gft&mt ift^tf P 484. 


KMbm, to UctrmUi in4mrrr^ Mt 

AJ. 1010, 
%AQ»^ to in^elr. to fall; ImCcf !&' oM 

Tmrr* B. 786. 
Krv^iloyiai, to wAlaa like a dog ; aA/ii 

— fMa8ai opvfitffai r« C. 1567. 

Ki4>aAar, a wtl4 hmi^\ (5r^aariiff) 
^ipffi tA vorni iei>i^> a Aa T. 713. 

KwMmt, lAf 9ig9 9f a iwarrfi thenee a 
fiMrrf itoelf; rovir aUAow icMtrroi 
Aj. 1004. {I^Miff fiUrai 8MrAM« ai4- 
89mf A. 1218. 

Xi^wfy Cooniaii; N^m Xh(^i' ^ 
XifM^raAJ. 884. 

X^«f, AtfUoM/ oolAoff w4rpm» ylokow 
P. 1070. a^ff UMiffW^AiSM «•;• 
Amt a. 1190. ffoUip Kirtro^ Aj* 
1144. 1382. ffolAMT v/Aaf apor^ff 
C. 1589. ooUiiff T^ 4x4»kv 1592. 
^a 84 wtf^Mir IkAiM aoSXa oA^^ B. 
1262. itoSXa 94tu^m T. 897. iraSXor 
"Apy^ C. 379. 1389. v 

Ea^idtf, to tuU to ilMp; f (^^AAy) 
iw^ T^ IXicaf P. 648. mm., ap- 
plied to Bgnify death ^ fffrc ^Hp 4 
«vma#flf MvpriXof 4icm|m(8i| £. 499. 

Ko^i|/ua, a Ivinf Joipm to f^Mp ; moi^^ 
/lorit f^ Jtrtrfiwir^ i^ vurpH 8wayJ« 
pw lanrpit A. 858. — 8eo A5r«> 


KMf«s 1 • to IhU to <li^. applied to 
d§mik ; 'npi^ iiuXSt) ft IM KoifJeai 
Aj.819. 2.tocMlaithewaTet; $§ufm9 
y tayim wwwftdrtHf hnl^w €rhfwnm 
»4rror Aj. 659. 

KMMAix^ff e ki^ftUemt • paraaiMir; 
MUtV — x<^ MiMA^f Afyia#M E. 

Xoii^rAovfy MiUaf la ttmptnjf ; hmf 
yt M^f umv iwK mm IfuMaf (to. oA etis) 
AJ. 859. 

Kotfdwowfy eoMilaf Iflf i(A«r | fyiMr «•- 
8tii>t» K»u4wmnf v apovaUuf, Ika wUM" 
for priMoce •/ o^r ee mm aH Uet E. 

KeiWfv f toiwflw, MMliiali 1. of a 
penoo ; fn^ Ir Icmt •^x*'^* M^rc 
A^Moo'ir aMn^ itomMoi, anlJUr ia 
frnytn nor $aeryie$$ to tJU mJi to 
•raiaiauileato loilA (him) VL 240. «•*- 
i^r Ir KMtmrt AinrtiMai |m<|[^ AJ. 
260. omtAt val8«r R 261. omtoI 
>• wr^ff ilcAfffolC. 450. S OMi^r 
oMStAfwr 'l«M4inyf M^ A. 1. 
K9Uff wmrpi E. 455. 2. of a 
thing s ffooibr ^jfrwrtr tit ^IXevt A^tr- 
T^P. 1130. TolKMyia H TaS8« OMT^l 
«4rrffff famytar/Urt C. 81. ^lar^ff 
OMTfiff MaAorfM^ ABikf 538. if- 
/MTft ommO a. 202. «i^ lj|M)r «m- 
1^ fowroi «t4vm 0. 1498. oMi^ff 
kp^ ^ fm frm Mkmffi T. 205. ir^ — 
4 9 wp4 (tm$ Muf^ wtip' 4^— MTTir 
Irria839. pjpm^ aaofS^ A.Bl, m»- 


9o» BtofArw iiion 147* rififiov 
rp^ov Kow^ tfiXux^t t^P^ E* 1124. 
wdyKktwffrov alfiya ffoiwoy ttkav E. 
1075. Kouf^ KnffAyfmri A. 161. wap- 
9iitMii Kfiffiias %tcofM9 irouH^y Mif 976. 
fff (mv Tf Mtl ^l^y — itMrj^r X^P''^ 'I*- 
485. ^/iuf r« iroiiH^y T^yB* iwtffxiiwrtg 
x4puf Aj. 563. Idfi|<y hrkmf km^ 
*^Api|y 1175. 3. ttied luhftan- 
lively ; Mp^rot/vi •— icou4if ivri 
rov^mfimfndiftaf A. 1011. in -^ irou"^ 
r il iifi!poS^ Iff P. 25. K4Ufk 8* Ixcu^ 
Tf iro) ft^AXffirT. 938. 4. adver- 
bially; Koiif ico^ 4^MMr iyytXAif 
kfipi&iftTmi C. 1341* w fM rf tc/hi- 
cir^vy Xib9pt Koiy^ ri ^w\f ^arra R. 
606. ik4i f»M wpi ah K0u^ A. 542. 
rit 3* lUAa TC^X9 ffa6^ ifuA rtSdxffmu 
Aj. 574., nme as Aart KoanwUof 

lUtf^roKoty hnving th$ mme parentt; 

ikwt^Mf KoufOT6iemif hptt/td E. 847* 
Kotf^, ftf mafcf ci»mM0a, to eommHni' 
eat§; midd. to eommun\cat» vsiih any 
on* ; oi^ ifidkifffat •Hr* iyit 'mum' 
O'dfolPf ntithtr «er§ vau wUling^ nor 
did J act in common with tfou A. 535. 
KouwWm, to iharo in ; KOumpoS^a rdnf 

abr&ifydftouf T. 543. 
KoiMM^t, a parinor, ont who tharet in 
anything ; 4 roS Murov noumw6t T. 
727. fivor ^ioM^ci Tvfljpyoi^ At ic«im»- 
y^f 6w Aj. 277. 
K9ipay/3i|r, a prineo, a rtt<#r; 64/ii|r 

ol KotpatftZm A. 931. 
Kotpans^ • king, o ruier ; 4 r^3« rT,t 
yiji Kolpums C. 1289. in^ Koiptof* 
*ABnPw 1756. 
Ko(n|, a hedt a couf fc ; wrrplnit Kotnis 
P. 160. tfy Kolrp wnrpdt E. 264. 
vply lijaZo Kolnyr ^ftvfAa^^'^vu T. 
17* ffi* otrroTff Zi^wit h^ iv luiratai 
roS&V oMfTpnoM T. 918. iw Koirms 
wcerptfaa E. 187* Jcafrar 3* Ix** 
Wptffi'C. 1704. 
ICo^d^M, to chattiu, to puniih ; 2t /lii 
K6Xaio rSyZt R. 1147. X^ts KoXd- 
(w Aj. 1189. vA «'<|ii^ Ani ic^AaC 
ixtliwfs 1087. 
KoXatt^i, CI puni<A«r, a chnttisor; rh 
ffh 8c?rai KoKeurrov /aiXA«y, 1^ r^ roSS* 
|vi| R. 1148. r^y tftf/4^ itOpofUifTa 
fiot fuiC*' Kokaar^p tmk wfhf ^fMprti- 
fUimp C. 440. it»oy iraXarroS «po«r- 
Tvx<ir E. 1455. 
lUXtdf, a lAcalA, a ieabbnrd; X*P^ 
icoXfffiir ipuark ZuwopmAOii {/^ Aj. 

lUXvos, properly iho ftoMM, thenoe a 

m(« ; Anovt h K6kntt A. 1 1 08. 
|UXi&i7y» a i^tt/dkra^ iN0M«tf ; ipA iro- 

A^f ^t lipaf 9oo f f ^ r w i wmyiu t^U 

XaAMn^fy Colomui a haro who gaTa 



hit name to a district in Attica ; 
r6pV IwwSrfiP KoKou^ o6xmrrai w^ 
9VP ifXTfhp «2mu C. 59. 

Kokmfit^ Colonutt a district in Attica ; 
rip iipynra KoAmi^v C. 676. 9*^ 
roSS* iwurrdrp KoX«miv 893. 

KSfAih hair, ie6fapf orAff^ AfifA*^toi$ 
dtquus R. 1243. K6/ai 8i* afyas tucri- 
PiffTot 4^«r9Tm C 1263. nofi^ — 
0vA\a/3^r x*^ Aj. 303. ^v X*P^ 
Hx^^ KOfiiit ifMt aoi roS9o 1 153. d«l 
wwtipois Bpi^ott rrry^/itpos iti/ua 
1188. ir^i|< 34 Affiwey fivf A^ 4k^ 
i^fli ftiorov icparht 9tafwnp4pr9t tStiMrii 
9 IftoS T. 778. 

Ko/A^Tiif, fioihortd, winged; KOftk^V 
Up, n winged arrow T» 564. 

Kfl/J^M, to fr«ar, to earrv, to contfoif, to 
Mrr^ niiMiv ; 1 . of a thing ; vkv» 
Aa — Tp^'ff wvphp ifih^ nifui^ P. 1419. 

ri fUKk9lS MOfdfttP i6/MtP TMrf ffft§ ; 

R. 679. frcuws, 6r KOfd(eTop ToSf 
&v3/HJs C. 1413. X^l^ 4p Bpaxu 
r«i^X«< — Ko/d(ofi§p E. 1103. ir4^^« 
yvr /ioi voiSa rir J!^y Aj. 526. koI 
3l|r Ko/d(n wpoavikwP W iyydStP 540. 
2. of a person ; rovrop 6eht tlwo 
icofd(etP P. 830. w4fu^op ifA4ftMrwt^ 
M riiieydkn fHoTpa K0fd(9t, 1452. vol 
ai^ wat, K6fu(4/Ae R. 444. KOfuffrw 
i^a 445. Kttpoi KO/JC§iP KH^ iijwf^ 
Kd(ova( /if C. 595. ikkd ptp ito,ut(tr 
ilUrtt A. 574. Kff rira ^rpnrov OtXoit 
KOfdC^ip Aj. 1376. ^ t^hf KOfdCoit 
hp ereavrlp f 9<X«ir, you may toko your* 
•elf itff wherever you pleate A- 440. 
Midd., voifipot re wdirag els Bdfioow 
KOfd(erat Aj. 63. t^p f $4koonL 
Hm' ifAOv Kotd(ereu R. 580. 

Ko/ird(fti, to hoatt; od wurp^ r^p 
r4xpnp itedfiwoffttt E. 1492. fJ^ Ap 
rt KOfiwd^etas Aj. 1101. 

Ko/iWtf, to booft; rl Bet fadnip noft^ 
vetp; C. 1151. tcofiwetp V o^l fio6» 
kofuu 1211. With an accus.; raSra 

— fori fioi KOfiwwC.lM, Ko/iweTp 
3* loV ArcAn trlif feCZe^tp edixp^ 
ipetios P. 831 . roffM> iitdpaeei uSBop 

Aj. 757. 4 n» — ai" M^' iieiiweif 
K^/ivos, hoattiug; Zeis yitp fuydX,%it 
ykAo'^nt nSfiwoot tiwepexMpei A. 127. 

— ndparot wdpeari nofnc hnppoSueu 
TkMAj.96. ' 

Kofi^rc^ to talk big | a^^iw r^p 3^ 
atir^ar A. 324. 

Kipie, dntt; niarl xp^ 3ff(ar xdptp 
vaA^yas A. 247. Acvr^ 3* iw^p ndpit 
256. vS^ayjrJMyo'fpayrif 405. x^ 
M» 3* ^bw '^fl^cro E. 704. — f 
woaSnr | fiaioaicm^ k^pu Kpi^ 
427. 4 ««! Jcaratfindri 6f/Sa(f 

A. 698. Sae'A/MU. 




K^m, wMriMM from diteaM; iiM 
ir ic^vM aa' a««XAd(gi vwrt P. 868. 

4fui$9mpiUt P* 1141* 

if/; wpofiifiai^ mtCpa C. 176. 6f 
^ wti^kBm^ td K6pm 906. t jkt ff^r 

•£tfd — 9po^wXmffi4pat 1099. ««- 
MT iywr ripU A. 391. t^UT olr 
[Opm r^ •U kwmkkMn fUpm0 765. 
▼vM r4v6« d^ M^QT 880. ic^^V'' 
|i^ Ik Mn^p«X0f wriyns &Mff 1087. 
XMarftnw Hiifiift wvftfuotf "Aiiay 
1189. rnt«^^r«^nfc«K>f«T.851. 
«p^ 9tt^§fi9tar 4 K^ X^i E. 456. 
XjmniA«^t«v KdpmM^ (jJhttm) T. 684. 
YwS^ hftnifUiWTmif mfoy, (|A« Furi^t) 
G. 127. «^r Tid^ oIImci S* afo/r^, 
AAA' 4{wyti4ini0 T. 533. 4 «t«^^ 
4A«f c^, (tAc 5;iAiNi^) R. 609. 2. 
• daughter ; Tiff t« mI Xr^ov ir^lpw 

C. 40. |X#M *Ii^x«« *^' £• ^• 
Aur^ ^pi| 560. 4rff vmSjp » Ik6^ 
#tM f^ir «^r»S it^f^r 562. An^Mipov, 
Oln^ K^pfT T. 405. OMmt m4^ 

XifCi^liM, CerimikUm ; lUX^iof K«p(^ 
«imB.774. T^H«^Mv|lMrlll9. 
H^ Kflpirifv x6lm 794. 

mtf^Uip the dty of Corjuf 4 ; 4 K^- 

B. 997. * lUMSt jmI K^^iyiff 1394. 

Ar r9f K«f (rlw 936. 955. 
B^M, Mlitiy ; e^ST fri icApof C. 1222. 
K^Mtt « SM f dl Tf Oif^lvf ar^^ P. 

558. I Ai5r 'AJUyi^Mt jr^s T. 

EAwf, o Mwui; Hi^ f hnrmt4ftMH»' 

fiHw^t^A. 116. 
Mmpdm, 1. (• 0rrf«r, f« nf/«; eM^ 

llfX^f iMflfO $t€iAt ^ imI t^ W Aj. 
1082, and POMl, •Orwt iiiumrr^ imr\ 
TvSf mt^iim^i b mu A. 678. 2. tn 
Wf in «rtf«r, f« prepmrfi 4 /i^ c/ff 
vtl^MT Xifiiff Mff'/Mi E. 1393. 8. 
U d* koMur U by mdernimg ; Xmh 
rpmf Ui9^ MAimt /^fwt £. 1128. 
yi^ <w# y g #» A. 392. IXwmi xA- 
jKlr/flK» A. 901. 4. f dnk^ U 
adtm limply; riiff ifUHS 9mk§t0t 
MTfdiitlr ii^ 'hfx^AHM fflMi; P. 
Elrniw, t0^< if li ci wiv # ^ «lr/iMr 
iMfcte E. 860. 

Mlrri^T.761. Uip — t^ Imt- 
wftiir ntiriim ftp^rm AJ. 1887. >»- 
MM|t dijptfir 4 rfyt f^P** 3M* 

|to»ff^ 1. tmuitifo, to %At«ii. to 

T* 1098> H^imtifVlxt Wfir w i yfc r 


t^ ff 8« mv^if x<P^ A. 43. 2. 
midd.; h (aXSipot) eMpoy irvv9f 
I^AAt wpQr9t CA/m ««v^fia^ Aj. 
1266; inUwM^ipTtiMv^(w9oKAF. 

Kov^lrMf, Ughi'mindiHs lAWf — A* 
vdra Mv^0MMV ifArwf A. 613. '— 
KQv^onfimp Tf ^A«r J^icM^ 842. All 
the M8S. have mmt^owimv. 

KeS^, /i^At ; iroC^r l£<fp«f vISa A. 
224. ipm yiip liftat omp irrut AAAe 
«AV «13«A\ 9ao0t9p C^Pt 4 K§6ftip 
muir AJ. 126. noi^ir e^^^io^ir 
fii^Kmt 555. rkWer— aro4^f Af^ 
^^Mttf^^orC. 1232. 

K^«, ce vnci/lrreto, toc/aiN0Mr; «v(m 
KiKpttj/mi di4flbt £S* imif^olwm Aj. 

Kpabm^ 1. to Miry Into «jf«el, to M- 
eamplhh ; w6Xuf irAvcv r^^iMy k^mv- 
#ar ov8/y« m eitu that ureampli»h$i ««• 
thing without the Uw ; C. 918. 2. 
to rule, to eommund; tfplravt imI 
e'lriivrpH Kpeiveuf iteX rupeawieuf x^ 
p6t 450. 5f Kpaiif^t arpmrov Aj. 
1029. 4 v^e Mpe^rw /Sist^iAcU — 
Kpopiiat T. 126. 4 itpuipmp r^^ 
rnt X'^ CJ* 297. 4 Kpuiimp rif^St 
ynt 866. T0tf KpuUmfft,*^ xf^' 

K^&ro, rA# head,farm^ eeuutemanee, 

KpairmSt^ ttreiig, powerful i Kpecreuuut 

furk x*P^ P« 1097. 
X^Im, 1. to rulet to reign i with- 
out a case ; A tV Ipw^ el upeerewf 
ret R. 530. re^vrdffwnuf rotf upa* 
revviy A. 660v eA reS Kpec r ourrot 
4 vlAif i«/i((«Tai ; 734. tmt ir^ 
ro^vTMr Irrl vdi^ kKOuarU E. 332. 
TMf Kparwci y ff2ara8<iV 388. ro7t 
KpmreS^uf •heeBeaf 1002. rlt A^ 
Tff mI #6lMt Kpttr^i; C, 401. irpo- 
Tc7f TM r«r ^Iktnf ptitApMve Aj. 
1338. vp^ t^ KpmSiaup Apd^et- 
pw T. 404. — With a gen. caae; 
Uke 4 Tiiv8ff Ttrr luaermp P. 977. 
1^ kApdifaf ttiXkiM 8 irffr9c Kpeerup 
(•c. Tift) B. 54. ffl fiKiwwret m^ 
'8«r4^hvMr K^rtir Aj. 1046. Af 
a4T»S irparw 1078. SW^f kidf' 
9mf iAiicf, eftx 4^ Kfurwf 1081. 
2. to preveit^ to knee ^he euperieritif, 
to control : without a caae ; twmt — 
xA 3ciA5f Kpa/nS P. 455. 4 Kukhe 
vifff vkp kyeiBSp. in&pmwoSf f tA r^s 
r^Xf Kpetnu R. 978. tfewtp A ^<* 
aparti Aj. 957. With a gen. eaie; 
mAA^ ftpmr^ roAfwr Mltfni P. 909. 
aw r liAf c^otA A^>«v 1037. «pa- 
T«4ireli>lr4 TAiS^vnf e«/M* E. 1166. 
i^Arw Twr e6r htXetf 1276. rofilf 
tS^ aAyA upt^ (m. reS 1^ Aa^r•Al^ 
■iX B. 409. lif^dini^f rev mCi^ 
<A^ 1198. pHit V h^ 


a M^mrft a 406. wU V ^uS 
7f ^ upm r fn mUf wtr4 409. imMt 
tfmrtku rvff ^/oiff 4«x«»f «vr^ 1209. 
yiff J > i^»Afw> S^ mpmirm 1388. 
mr<7 8) — •nf^ ift^atfidru A. 348. 
8W hSfdifar ^ikmf yif^i/ait Kpmrifnu 
Aj. 479. H mi 'Kpdnm rSm 'AxiA- 
AfW faA«r 1316. With m acois. ; 
M(rr« /4 094k9m mpmw R. 1522. 
'A KfJenirms 1623. t> ^W 6ibnvui «d 
▼•^ r^if 9fA9 9f n Kf KT wifw C. 1383. 
fci^ 'vfrMV* 8 M ■^tnrtZr C 843. 
8. Uthimkn fwtr^ !• ^1 lA« toltfr ^, 
f# ^am lA# 9iettrnf mur, with a 

fitfiKiiKi^mf C. 662. Bat mora 
eommonl/ without a case ; vir 
*AAjityA4iirff mJMT ««1 (m^ Mirm nl 
KpmroSirrm T. 181* tfsifCy cforafirt^ 
^r ''A^i Aj. 607. 8iV<« /MIm «^ 
rciy fUw^ ^M t h»\Kfttrw 762^ 
af fpwwT Mt w KfmnS^t warrax*^ 
Kpar^ 1. a fowl or ewp; a^arif- 

473. ito(Aav vikag apar^t, •( rik 
^hfj^imt litpiBw Tfl ««irai ^ (m>64|u»- 
ra 1689. 2. a 6aii», uied figu- 
ntively for a hollow into which 
riTulcts flow ; aaMpof aS Kp^frkp 


K^WTwr^im, to turpati^ to ereel ; i 
Koari^rtimif nmr Sfifiu T« 102. 

Kpdriaros, See Kptloamif. 

KpAfot^ 1. power, strength genenll/ ; 
whvKpAfru wucnf6p^ T. 186. •! — 
*AxiAAf6r rfiv 5irAMrT«r £ir w/jpi «^- 
ytiv I/mAX« Kpdrot itpiffr§Ua riri, 
}f AehHln were obout to oword the 
priu of eieeUenee to iome one ae eou' 
eerniog hit own ormi Aj. 438. io9pht 
rovf^ kwAvearret itpdnif having ra- 
Jeeted the might ef thie man (4joi) 
441. At rk aik Kpdni 9eaf6wrot aoi 
96fiovt w4fioiiu ffo^f. that I might 
poueu thj/ power and palaces uhen thon 
art dead 996. el reun^ itwrel rp3« 
Kelaereu Kpdni A. 481. 2. amho- 
ritjt, command ; ff\ V ik^KvBep itoM 
ttpdrot irfiytow P. 142. ^x^f Xo- 
fi4ff9ai aal Hpdrom rvpeavutmt C. 374. 
Itpdrot 8* ir^ Kpdrot vdXoi, wapdfiaroo 
oOU^f w4kei A. 866. wvp^Speto A- 
vrpearoM Kpdni p4fi*Mf R.201. ^f 
— (t 4yif itpdni re aal 9p6oooe wipm 
287. W ra y alir ((CI Hpdr^ 686. 
apini c4 ¥ eut ix^^a 768. r^^pow 
rvpdnmi^ I) Kpd/rn A. 60. rk Atfov 
^ 0^>tfMir M ttpJmii 166. ap((n| 8^ 
wiCrra aal Bpiiout fx** 173. 8. 
ntpereminenoe, metery ; vaOra — f4- 
pet tdmio ^ 4^ 4^ ^ xpi/rot rAf 
9pet§A4imif E. 86. AUm — fepofUim 


X«pi«^ afrfni 468. a4a aBa Tan fi f 
M^ ^M aal apdEnf 679. OffSriOr 
a8ir4/cfMF 4r Jjiiav ajp^Erat aaraarf- 
^utro Aj. 766. aay^ tm — vaAi n 
««X^ vafi WSa ajpdrar ^pnmu P. 
827. 4w #ol r4 mehmo farl yiy ai ai w 
afd(n| C. 393. aTr 89 #* «P^^ 
TiMrP Ifaaa' cImu ajpitrat 1334. 4. 
ooco nacd adrerbialljr ; hdiy^ vtf- 
ramt 8(«ir | wp^ *^X^ Kfmroe P* 

Kpe iT^ am ^ to be wkoUer ef, to mlf, to 
gorem; rAo 8" trkmo M^ 8XXaf 
aparuPii P. 366. If olpeu aav ai^aiar 
eMo 8r roirrmo Kporie^ew 1046. /oh 
8fi<i^r afa r ^ ii m r 1146. A ajwuA tia 
OiSfvavf x^yw A^iiff R. 14. I Kpm- 
rinmo {JM) 903. ZM 8f Ifoff 
vttbra aal Kpmoei £. 170. rAapAra 
^v 8^pfi ajpar^MMTy apfira T etm m o 
48MtC. 1316. 

KpeUroen^^ 1. superior In- prow c ai or 
•trength I oSoeK ifx^^uoW 4it mpeur* 
94im¥ A. 63. ^4qfOi T8r x^ aaa^ 
T^ Kpelffvooa Aj. 461. frrrc o o puf 4 
peto raSf moeiroovaf £. 1467. 2. 
of a deed, Minavj; i/ial — &</ larl 
Kpeloffetf iefxoinfl elpyeiffpiva R« 

1374. See^A>x^- S* ^<(^. 

enore fortunote ; Kpela^mo yhp ^te 

^Wt^A^II ^rv^iR.1368. rdk 

a^jpSif mp* edtro¥ ap«(avo/ | /Mjp^ 

Ko\ii C. 684, lame as pSXXoo i^ 

yaid. — ra xpeUerm /»if3i rMta 

A^fffir 1432. afffSoraar yd(p, ifirtp 8ffi, 

w^f 4to9plht 4tnreoeio A. 676. a^Sr- 

iroo — 6oyffir T. 1226. Koetowmo 

yhp *A«8f KeiOmo i ooaAo pJerem Aj. 

622. warr^f y4¥oe^ 8r xHl^Mvat 

upelffireto fikot P. 669. #«* 8CRaaa» 

TMr ffo^&o Kpet^om rdie 1230. 4. 

uaed adverbiall/, moreliereeift ; Kpeio'' 

900 iftmpwt4roo wpn R. 176. So* 

perlative apdriarat, 1. mestpowot" 

Jul ; KparUrrov wterplht 'EAA^Mir tm- 

^flf P. 3. i Kpdrioroo OtHwou xipm 

R. 40. ht — Kpdrunot fy ii^ifip 

1526. 2. most eieellent ; i»Aoot 9 

fiil ^ofi&o- Kodrtffrot P. 852. rdio 

yip poA Kpiriffro¥ 1161. •Iirif ttpd* 

rwTov Qo R. 979. 8a>y Kpdxnorom 

KTnfidruo ettfiovKtm A. 1087. 0pd- 

Xtara yhp icpdrtoret rko vairlF aami 

1809. 8. iilu$trious, chief; bav 

tA KpJgrtffra yut AravXa C. 676. al- 

poo4x^ fuffp9''4ku TfBc KpdrMrTar712. 

Kpefiaor4st 1. suspended; KpepMt^ 

r^ r^y ymnutt 4aeiiouop R. 126S. 

tV A^y icpeftetaripf edtxipot aarattflyiar 

A. 1206. aplj' 8jr {«rTffff KpoptireX 

fiwU hi?i4^ tfipiM A. 309. 9. 

Aawgia/f, lAal 6y wAiaA ana aaa <• 

suspended I x«^ a^i^iaarV V^ 
infr R. 1266. See 'ApH^. 


KH*^<m« htUnging f Cna% ; $f^ 
W9IM TiSi X^foyrfMf B* 400* 

rmmf ry ; TcMrpof w4pt^af ifri Mv- 
#W M «ynv«Mir AJ. 708. 
IjpilMMf. perimitihg tt a fomttfin; 
gmU^ wr»v T. U. *vr^ nf^ 

S^^Vf mjommiain ; kitfCruv Kpim^t C- 
471. wS* ^nwi «^nu fuMovai 
Kn^rM ii«yii8ct ^<^/MW C. 692. U» 
AipiraZu jrpniwi A. bS7. A irpi;y« P. 
1447. i — KfSiimt Tf warmfM ^ J!B§ 
Aj.849. vpot r^ ^t KfnvAwp vpht 
•mt JyMTvlMr «2r«C. 18S5. 

I^qrff, tke batit of a building ; A 
Kifraia «fvr)t /9irAMrtr T. 989. 

Mfk^i^ CrwUm; wihmyt Kfitrimf T. 

KpQ^#«, « Crfffcii wmnn ; ^MT^t 
tf(^*iif M«vi|f Ai. 1274. 

■pirr^ SceKpcrrV. ^ ,^ , 

l^lfw, 1. tychonu; rtitrmif Uomid 

0m Kpbmrrt XPn«^ ^' ^^7. 2. 
U deUrmiue, ttt deeidt; c2 {«r 
*Ax(AJ^*^ ▼«*' SvA«ir ^ v/pi Kfl^of 
tfuAXt Kpdnt iptoTtlus ran Aj. 438. 
8m Kpdm, kiaif9 hthmv tfo» mir 
T«^ff 9m^0r 8(«r]r 'Oivcvimt Ik^ikv 
P. 1351. M^r vtfAror (ir^ «r^ 
M#r«ff B. 84. H^ dprdinvcw^ ««ni 
mfi^ 544. d/ Uk ka^ A^v t«vt« 
8ai|iii^f Tit &r jicpd'Mr ^n^ Mj^ r^ 
ftir ^ptfot'if X^>«y; 829. «n< 7^ 
KPipai^i y9 % }C^ 09 lilfpnuf % wop- 
tktffcu C. 79 T«vr« T^lp t^ 
ji^iM4 A. 328. T^ r IXvir ob Xf^ 
vijt r4x«f «^iy «4^f T. 721. W 
X|p4« 9vdtmL yir # ««4^ Arrsr Cwra 
mpamii 966. t^ fMr 8(iiai«y «^ | 

^tmflh r^ «p7Mu raSra x^ Amv^ 
Xf^Mff 1019. paM, 'EAX^^Mir Sm 
a^itf^ <pitfT0ir P. 1829. 3. tc 
gMmmiui, !« fi«*flfi»«; ir^tyf irA^/AfT* 

' x« '^^ ^^' '^ ^*<* '^ '^^'^ E. 1 437. 
AfAs (o^r^) JKp(rM vaparrat T. 194. 
tI r <y ^ aai iradvtt ; 313. <r wi^ 
wfibi 0iaMKpi99»M94kmi3H7> Ai^P^** 
^ 't^aCr Aj. 583. 

X«6s^ m rum ; 3^ 1^ bffir^iaM Mpiah 

Xf^tff jt»dgm§Ht^ d$euUm ; x^tmw 3i- 

^Mliir MJQMf Mo&v Mplwu P. 1039. 
$n pdifTti vAW i *«y4i f^jptru a^tfct 
«<« Imr «Ai|^ B. 501. Ifipm^ 
•3 «y^ itfUa £. 674. At — T«r 
liy r^WMT Aa^mra «^ r4{iv «;plriy 

KM^a, CViM, a citjr ia iEldia; 4 t^ 
Kp^ar Ivyr ^fcayiir Aar^E. 174. 
. S^mSm* CWirafi ; l^ia)Ar WW £• 


Kpirilff, a>iff « ; A t«& vaAAMTiy ^pta-- 
Kw KpittSt Aj. 1222. 

K^f, teltcted, diHingui»ked: hJx^ 
'HpaicAci apir^ Ivaroaa T. 27* ra^ 
ras — i^tlkttt mhf at^fia aal $9oh 

Kpoaq, A thread; 9a\KH0Uf ^ a^aa*- 
^ly {iphrrm) C. 475. 

Kpoffof, ttfffrtm; •tUAti — apaaiTJ^t 
apoaof C. 691. 

KpoWSiff , f Ji« MM «f Saturn ; 4 viCrra 
Konitm^ fiaffOitbs -^ KpmdSas T. 127. 

Kpotvtf the god SmImi n ; 6 — Kp6ifmt 
muf P. 675. ivmKfdifwO. 716. 

Kponrrofy ruttiin^, makiug m ralllhg 
nvise ; ifuoniihi 9f6ft0t rrhrwr apa- 
niTMr b^rmp £. 704. 

K^oiWf, i/>« «f rMM ^' a rlB#r ; ^a — 
TflvtkiSof apovrol iufftdifwrr^ tcpniftiUy 
varovT. 14. 

Kpaar^of, la 6« eontflid ; 4»f hmrrUir 
aol roiSpTar fAf — aa^xl Mfvrdoif A. 

Kpinrr^f. eoneeulid; aparrf 1^ Ax^va 
tfa l|/Bf d^ifitof, hoppji in a yoalft 
aN^MawN la Mrrawi E. 155. But 
some maka Ax^'*'*^ ^^ paiticipla in- 
stead of a lubBlantivev lim rod 
Sva^aafirM rm it§up6^emr ^ 6 iw 
%fitl Mpinrrf Avao^^MiwSy grieving aw 
mceoMHt <^'(or in) hit unkuvwu ffouth, 
that is, that he pa$*e» kit fiouth in 
•6*cariijif. It alao implies diuimuta' 
I/iim; (fiat) laaara Kpinrrd ^ hn^ 
3aAffp«f 4r/Btf ^pwit^ the unleohed' 
for attd di»umbled vsordt of a rra/fjf 
mini/ ifo/« «fMN m« P. 1099. 

Kp^mre0, 1. la Aii/f, to remove cut tf 
tight any pcnon or thing | nmi a4 
MW| 43av v^ ap^r aar* iX^os C. 
114. ap^^ vtrpiSSci (A^tof iv aa- 
ri8pvx< (n6pfpf) A. 770. npb^ 
iavT^r Ivte /i4 ▼<« wISoi T. 899. 
np^ifm rilft tyxfs Aj. 643. # inwaT- 
air i^ fittByvKafti K6tf9t Kpd^ air 
(rik arfpia^iara) E. 428. mua., 5 — 
SofUfOiS elhSd vav KettpvfLpJvw £. 56, 
^ar^Kfcf 1^ KtKpv/i^wm 1286. 3fi^r 

— Kifi(tfr% x*^^¥ tteHpVfifidpw T« 
653. 4^' ^ras api^c/t Aj. 1124. 
KeitMip^ini tfdMii B. 1398. atpe- 
ciaily applied to persona buritdg 
ttpvfrtfftdm V i» rvftfiipei ftiAi^iy 
a«r#Ct^9iV A. 937. bbfibt ^ieew aid 
tuKtip^UpQt p4tan C* 627. Tp3« apa- 
^nu x'm^ 1543. : tftrm rhif rcAcw- 
▼aaar /Siar npifi^w me^ "kiJhpf 1549. 
Cawt Kpin^u nlf^ fm'v v^ Mpa 
Aj. 1019. 'ErtaaA/a ^r — aar^ 
X#M^f lapv^ A^ 25. 'Erss«A/a pAw 

— T^^ TS ffpH^ 106. wdrepttt 
jmepripimet ies e/bepyiviiif lapvaraa 
aMr — / 285. ri^ r ^a«Mr a4xl 
ap4farf 1026. 'kpifeiftm Spmewi 

SrE.827. 2. U\ 


4piaf foiUim P. 684. »4 l«Hk«puH 
Mut^ Kp^tu wmf lyitf* 733. Mh99 
Kf^m 903. K^itrm r A /4 8«« mU 
Jjym cdfivx*^ ^"^ 897. •& T^p 
Irri T^i^i^oMi Kf^wrtur C. 7&9« tfv 
rvr — vfi^iclf iful* itfiijr w 761. t»»- 
T« — • 0^ fflirff Kf^vTciv t^' Ajny H t^ 
T. 480. le^^f Ir -» MMKM/HiUmf 
IM» fid^iw E. 628. •M^v 74p ^f dci 
KpAwfUf //^ trt 945. 'Ep^if ^f ' iSyM 
BAmt #>t^ry V^^ 1969. tint rt 
Kfiilm: VMvr 0^ ^1 mueir <» ; Aj. 
991. intnuis.» to ti0 eomeealed ; r»v 
— m^cwmI Ai^ — ti ravr* i^opmrrn 
itfCwrmfeuf SkiiXm; E. 816. 4. 
midd. ; JBm t«/ fSif «^ amX^ 

«« Aj. 212. With an active Mg- 
nification; tfvarm — XP^' f^' 
^ Shika KtX fta^ma K^fmwrm Aj. 
633. ««r ^01 ^^« rkkiffih Mk 
KpO^ofuu T. 474. 
Kpv^«ubf, hiddtH; Kfu^ai^ ^aayap^ 
wtpiwrvxhf {m*tm) ni$ iword buried 
up to Iho hilt Aj. 882. 

Kpv^f tocnily; f xpi^ * A^'^ '^*^ *^^ 
i¥ MuMf Kpv^f ttoAAy T. 686. Kpth 
^ M ««vtf« A. 85. Kpvfg xdpa O'f^ 
Arrtff 291. /i^ ▼< — ''P^'i^ acoX^rrrp 
ffopSiif 1239. 

Xp^ioff, hiddtH : ht rhp iucoXv^ oifirkr 

tvAito'^ci Kpi^wt oUovpAif 6fit PJ 
3 1 2. irpv^ioi' 6f lx«< ^^XM T. 359. 

Kpvffo6t^ a eruUi, mm uru; i r6*aZ§ 
HptnovoU^ fllf X^if, x^ TiiSf ; C. 

Xrcb/Mu, 1. (tf arfuiri, to tktaint to 
Qttuin to ; 9u§pyrrm¥ ykp tdtrbs oSr 
iterr^d^jpf P. 666. uhjt t&p Utiv 
iicHioatt 6/mf imrtp tiJMt H^ R* 
1499. oir ykp fidvaoffo^ rhw ^ixifypf 
hemadpapf Aj. UOO. roulvt ^mu- 
rm 8i|ra «i maffBon ^iKovt ; 1839. 
fi)^ fM/C«f mur^ ieniodia9a E. 992. 

i^ ^im|vd^i}y 1295. 5in»t vp^t ^ov 
ri irtpS^twufu ffol Kr^ftini^ X^^ "I*. 1 90. 
K&v^ ifiov Kti^u x&p*P 470. 8ivA^y 
lik» if 4fu» icHiatt xipuf P. 1356. 
o6 yap iroT^ ctfrow rl^r ^fiV <rr4^f< 
^Mi P. 1265. Irrtpyii 0«as ^kH- 
^o/ ^/ry^*' Aj. 764. £r 4^^ '^ 
X«<^* iierhrtk oArf, B di m r oif 947. 
fr«/ 7f 8i^ r^y 3v«'W^fMr tvo'ofiova' 
ittrnffdfin^ A. 915. 2. ta Aart or 
pMftfU; i/tot Tff Kal TJ vp^9i0^ ifuli 
MKT^tUp^ P. 767. • 9l9W0T\ Af 

lx*M^ ▼* "^ KOKTilpJpot tA ^ifir vp^ 
Xc^fif' — rdk IT 4f d^^iMf (to. muM() 
A. 1265. 

Knltm, toUmjf^tokUL 

Kr^{«» f • ftrf&rm fnturmi rita ; rev- 

nirum A. 204. 
Krfjpiir^it, 1. fuwnml rii€8 ^ i 
only in the plnnl ; $4 f^ dkrtftdo 
Tt, iJX ^ rdfot^i $da0m mdt^ i 
fUpmrvf C. 1412. 2. fum^rmi oj 
Mgt; ixPpat kwh yoomucht ion 
KTtfiUpmrm £. 426. rmm yitp Arl 

rd^ KToptv/utrm ; 919. 

Kr^io, a pouoaion, property ; 
applied to wemltk^ or peAMMioas p 
perlyw called; ««rr^ ydwotr 
rrf^orer KpoUint^ ^iKof P. 6< 
ravrat l^ffUtf^ a^rf <trii^ui aa) ^c 
apir^ T. 244. oUc Uruf ulikw tn 
puL ripuiSfffbif A. 698. 8dXy r^ ^ 
turaiy acHl^ #5x1 eACorm C. 102 
'Epwr, ts ip tcriipuain vhrrois A. 77 
2. to any thing oaluabio or dourabli 
ifib ydp rac ler^pM Tift Wmf t Kafioty ] 
81. fff TM Mj[j{<if imvM rV aM 
i^ ffroj ri Tea iwa X'^pU R. 54 
t^y Kpdnaroif KniptAnt^ obfiookU 
A. 1037. 

Kr^^iot, ptrtaiaJag la prjcala proptri^ 

aWaa^amialov^oTaaA4x*^*^« Aavi'm 
li*ni lA« llflfCf •/' a iWp of our om 

.flock T. 687. 
Kr^atfy poiffttwa, propertu; X4xov 
Sri xp<^ /«' 4AMai rrjiriir T. 161 
wKomw wwrp^fou arif^ia 4^r§piifUiri 
E. 948. varpjhiraTiiair 1282. Usee 
adverbially ; «9 84 wpoe^vwoApoB^ 
wpbs tpyov rniaiy T. 229. 

Kriim^ 1. to found, to buiU^ to pro- 
foro; Mriro9 M ry wponttptip^ rdr 
^oo A. 1088, gl. Kura^Kt^ow. 2. 
fo iavf Ml ; Tavai^ir t^ hceeriipa xa- 
Xtt^ •— apt^raiai TaSric arj^at dtyw- 
aZi C. 719. 8. to do; cal rovr' 
fr^if x*^ 7«muic«la rrCo'ai ; ond did a 
tpfimifM*« band dur§ to do tkttt doedt? 
T. 894. 

KTinr/«| to roiound ; ip^ 3* iicrimow 
vitpui T. 784. iicrvtw ol0^ C. 
1456. fft^nK* /Uy Zcfrf x^^tff 1602. 

Kr^rot, II /tfad NiaM ; 9pob^dlt^ m^r 
P. 202. Kel arr^of ipoipf virrov 
wpofikiit 1441. ^i^yas iptbnrm rr^ 
wot C. 1463. Wf aa wop' hpmr itovbt 
1lX*^M KT^wot — ; 1496. tusifuo-' 
rddti ipipMt KT^Ofo KponfTur bpudruo 

Kuilirfor, Cifautou ; the dengnttion of 
certain febuloua rocke on the ihore 
of the Eiixine s wupb M Kmi^w 
vtAaylwr SiBnyaas k^kt bKrtH Bmv^ 
piai A 955. 

Kifiepvdm^ to gotftrm^ to guidti «i^ 
7^ — efi^poAptm xtfi ij. 35. 

Ib^pHtffitt a pliel; igonk^fpLfw 
atiyea fikhiwrUf it mifiuotnrndt 



#9 'IfyvlMf 6imS Aj. 709. 
Xiwii*. t« confound i vaptU nkil^m/ 

smj^rtd f# patt kirn tk§iurgf rfhont* 
mud chariots romftmndid in tk$ middU 

KmOUm^ 1. Sntrani., to turm round, to 
toit round ; Ma lamKmif iftawrhf th 

fuifu fiirm KonKmitnm Aj. 19. pan , 
t9to$4fi' oUn Mvprn — itfi^p H pofun irv 
Kknruif U roiitd round mo Aj. 849. 
2. intimns., to revolvo; woXkil nv' 
nkoS^i n^mtf luJpM ^ UmE, 1357. 

«r«r l^rrtv wrpo^dios n4Kto9oi T. 130. 
XiMcAifai tfrfriciftor, eireolmr ; ^Aortfutf^ 
ktnmXAow^ iffoph ip4oon oimkia 9dr' 
mR. 161. 
MimKn^ 1. «ii Mi, applied to thingi 
round in ibrm, at the mn and iiari ; 
H oiMipi fUo^ ff«r^<mf Aii^ii|p^t ifktov 
c4kXm A. 412. Thence tho heovent; 
r( T^ liw Xt^evta k^kKoo ; P. 804. 
^{£rr«rw M nMrr^f aloi^r mMcAi^ rS 
KiynomAk^ fiyyot Wpf ^^» Aj. 
857 : — Alio applied to tkt orb of 
tko #jfr, and tko tjfo itttif; l/apdrmf 
mioAma A. 982. tipna Iwmrop fyOpn 
rmo mbron xAkKm^ B. 1270. 4 -^ 
iwmAv SpSif tdnKot A«4rr« nr Moptov 
Ai^ C. 709. vwr, 4 tA vdr/ iS^cr 
4^' iiuA K^nXoi roS^, i^tamrxit 
€ooH To!&iP *Arp4mt ipA ^voima voi' 
#(rP. 1338. 2. « eir«/f of men ; 
4k T^f oyoiSpou jmI TVjpoiviMv 
cAkAmt lUUx«r MffTMTir Aj. 736. 
3. iifcd adverbially in the latter 
•enae ; cither with a preposition ; 
mmi /A* oCBvt hf icinX/^ orpnrhs infidtnra 
wis ^ondCoTo P. 356. ^rotxn^ra y^ 
wp4€m$oo «Mr 49 k4kXi^ fim06rr€t 
4^b^4#Ti|^«r Aj. 710 ; or without a 
prepodtion i ^ofrf y aiyir d^x**^ 
«6i^ Aoyx*" ^irriir«\or er^/ia A. 
1 18. k6mXjp ykp tdn^ M^Xic^ iw 
AcAf a^dw vupnaris T. 193. 4^ 
— w^pitfTtf9 ir4iKAy v^rrtir 8^ 4^ 
rlir MImt 8ii««r wmrpit E. 883. 
c4irAy foiX^C*"^ A j« 56. #8 7f ^roxdCn 
«fare^f4yrar«i «^«Af|» t^ *P>7^ A« 
■•aMm, and KuXim^ to roll; ^wrt 
wo^lmt otB/m hf^imdoa 8rar 6^|(e<- 
wmurm fytfioi 9fmXoo 4wtipd^ wromtt 
KufMt* fiomwiHw lukaafuM 0am A. 

586. paaa., 4Ktyex'i^'^^y^"^ Ufpm ^ mh 
■4AjC« a gMd, m tup; otto fioMof 

1179. I 

tf«UL4in|» CifUono^ a mountain in Ar- 
cadia ; 4kdUUi»«f 4i4r#iNrR.1104. 


EaVXi^ief, CylUnimn : KWOaWof iv^ 

8ffi^f Aj. 680. 
KSftm^ a vflp#; K^pm^ 4y 1 4p4Jr w4rry 

/IdbV 4m4rr« Tff T. 113. Uaed 

figuratirely ; nfr84 ^' olep iprt^ 

KvpoL ^oaimt 4irb (dXi|f ^^f fl jpyer 

mMcXcrroA Aj. 344. 
Kv/iarMryi(f, doJiing lUt$ ravu; 8ffi- 

mI Kvpatrmyus SfM tthn4oio9w C» 

KnyiareirXiKi Intfftted 5y imvm ; 84* 

^Mf At Tiff Arrik Knyon'MrX^ X*Vto- 

pSmnKoMtrmC. 1243. 
Kwwryrff, a kuntras | ri^y awwy^ 

'hfropajf E. 553. 
Xvpify 1. a kilmet; tikipou Kuo^f 

Aj. 1266. 2. a Mp ; ffpor) 8* 

i^wrrtp^f icun} 9p6vmwm •tr^aAd 

Mir^WtfX«C. 315. 
K«nv7«r/«, to Auiil; rvr 4wl rmfMUf 

^f tminuuSt 4p6 — wdXai aiannrt- 

ToSrra Aj. 5. 
Kamryto, ftMit(i«ff , «Mrr]k<N;f Mil; ^4Xat 

|(3i|y T]} ^ vp48iiyMf f 2t 48^ Kwnryif 

Aj. 37. 
KMWtfM^arref, torn by dogii nwo- 

rv^pawrar ^A/uw IfaXia^litMif A. 1183* 
K4rpii, the goddcM FirHMf, tov*; ftf- 

KtKToot 4w /i4ry K4rpcf fafiionopM 

(mwvm T. 513. 8 r iiiMwoKot K^ 

wptM — rMf 4fdiffi wpittrmp 858. 

pii^ Ti o94¥ot a K4w^ 4irf4/Mroc 

Kii|p4m, and «iV^ !• ** rvyxitm 
opiHMed to kpmpi^uf* to kit ; tm^ 
/HI jri^tf^or, 048* h^ litoow pMif B. 
398. 4 irol 8c^tf^ra t4i^ 4w9atd(m9 
KvpA Ktbrnt ; E. 653. 2. with a gen., 
to oltain to, to ronch ; Itikala 8ciAaW 
Kvptts £. 839. fiUut^ Krfowot.ipat 
Kvp^^m R. 1514. rhf iBKiMf oXMh 
Kvotrai C. 247. 8Mw4r/Mfr nmrfymfr^ 
l/djtum lofhvms A. 862. oiBopUa m- 
^Xoff Kbpomfu C. 1085. 8. im- 
pen. with a dat., to happen, to befnti ; 
raSr* i/p* bpSm fioyk^aopai -^ Kupoh 
4fiol C. 1292. 1^ rei Wp^it 4/i^aH^ff 
irupffi T. 290. 4. it often has the 
meaning of to bo ; without the addi- 
tion of n participle I cX/ 8\A8 jcvpci 
P. 23. 4i«4r 489 vw8« roir wrf89vr 
icifd 887. fM^ •v.fiM^ ""iM/^^ 

^•( (uTohf Kopoif R. 362. flfr' 

jcc/ov mpffi A. 484. ff4H||p«T^, 4r rf 
wpdr/parot Kupo* were Aj. 307. w»8 
;«M y9« 'Piff' ^9 Tpyi(8ef ; 963. oi 
y4pmn mtpA C. 730. oM yhp Ar 

nrf 1700. 4Mi((ev M^ firr^ff 4{^ 
#)>yMU — W WW Kupoi: P. 438* 5. 
and with • participle; 1^ »n4t 
firnno^ pAl a mrm o k ^g^io aup§ P. 80. 
roSrow dot oi fiw nupoti 442. 



v^r'Ar — Kiipff7fi 794. E. 1401. <2 
34 14 re irpkf Koip^ ^/yM" i»^« «^ 
iraaiyuu P. 1264. hnA Kvpm r iyit 
IXMT i^kp A^ds R. 258. onrtf rotrc^- 
rw 4nnmMi¥0f mipm 594. ^ m^ ''^' 
Ml ^<3tf^ 4 TMovtf'a 985. vov kimcT 
Ur^Mt tntO^is C 119. ravr^ V 
4/«4W ♦oSiOof f/Mic^ in|p«7; 415. ti- 
fmsiit KvpM 678. Biw Imipoir 1161. 
r( <irrA ^ iiptyfjJpos . Kvpii ; 1310. 
&f fy^ Xa>>eif — ^«nrcirXir>yA^n| icvpd 
T. 385. i^y hM i^tMt Kvfm 898. 
cl a^ KypM Ktiarwf itdruM 405. ^^ 
^Urroi ir^l^pra rovro 8p«y Kvpta 412. 
Ay a6r]^ 5rrfp x*P'^ tMimv Kvput 
Aj. 538. oU' ^^ /u9«r mMot 1824. 
wflbs rirw^ 9he^ Kvptit: E. 1167. 
ffl fi^ 'ic6^aw iyit fvkiremif 1328.— 
6. lometimes the conBtruction ti in- 
verted, and the participle jrupfiy it 
Joined to a finite verb ; vXifdrior y6f 
4ir Kvpw P. 871. iiciXMva^ if»al 99 
vev tfvpAr <A)t Miffoi 540. 4r jrojr^ 
8/ ry fo^Mi in^«y 781. 7* some- 
thnei, as it were by pleonaim, KvpMf I 
and tx^ ^^ joined ; ^V At mptlf 
fx<M^ AS* ^7. taUnht in tx*^ m^ 
K^pwfy 1* 01M lA«( Aflf pmMT or 

eutAoritjf ; thnC if Mait«r tf; irw 8* 
4 le^ior vapjS rit, 6/iAr 8^it ^tfrbr 
47ff^ C. 289. 4 ir^f env§is 
1639. roif Kvpioif — 8^A«vr X^yor 
Aj. 721. — wfhf Ibf tf^f rAr ^«r k^ 
^y rHitf'w rUvrnv C. 1045. 2. t& 
jr^pM, f A« $iitibii%hid iavft ; rd r^Bt 
rifs T^f ic^M, lAt /aio< of thit iand 
C. 919. 3. biUmglng fo, proMr ; 
Ki8aip^ir, 8ir ^^|ti|/> t' 4^ irar^ r' 
iBiffiiiP (vpTi KUpwp rd/pw^ Cith^ron^ 
vhich both my J'athtr and my motHtr 
aUoUed to mo yot liinog ot my propor 
tomb R. 1453. 
KupUtSf rigktfuUy ; itupSmt tdrmffJi^ 

P. 63. 
Kifet, eonfirmotimt^ ntifieotiou ; wd^ 
rms yV 'x« ^"^t irvpof C. 1776, 
iame as icoie^ptnuu — 4 34 rvr firwf 
voXAfir ^mfp^fli Kvpos ilt»dpa imXfir E. 
K^. SeeKvplw. 

Kvrrt, « viMfi, UH urn ; ^fuitpbt wpo^ 

^Kca lymi 4i» ^fuitpf icdroi E. 1181. 

X4iM', L propernr a «i«f or ftileA; 

«cw«f Acuuiimi AJ. 8. wp^t eWfir 

Ufmt «al «p^ «wfir HUtrdp A. 206. 



ni^M 8* efrf 8i|p^f pl^t y«v Kvpmp — 
i^M^aUoTo 257. ^ ^ifffTMi^ irwrSir 
693. eWwr r« jmI ituWn' ^poi 
1004. 8«r«r ^wapdyfutr' ^ dirft Mi8i^ 
TMrov ^ e^s 1 068. jr^pot fiertipas A j . 
290. M^ ^1^ Kvolv wpdfiknrot 817. 
— 4 A^^T^^f ar^r R. 891. 2. any 
viU mouttor, as tftt S/iAiiur. Alio 
tho FHrin; fiofiSuriw dprt Zttfidrmf 
tfd^rroyoi furdZpoum itatc&p watwipyti' 
ftdrtnf A^wrroi jcwtt E. 1380. But 
Hermann understands jc^t in this 
place as applied to Orsrtes and 
Ki^r, « trumpet, but more properlr 
tkf bell of a trumpet; xaXKoari' 
jAov iMmpot As Tuf0i|ruriiff Aj. 17. 
Katn^tUf a waiiing^ a UmeHtatiou ; iof^ 
BpAy yvMuiriMr tf'oi t S^mmi mNc^jfurra 
A. 1066. ^wf^t — ip^anf Kauofftdrmp 
iiK6ei Tif 1 19 1. h^6^o§ 4{4W«Mrv- 
/Adrwr Aj. 314. 
KMcvr^f, waUiHg, lumenlotion; 4x<7 
Tif ohic AenifAOP — mMcvr^ T. 864. 
^ffi pJytuf Ktun/rdp Aj. 838. /tii e^ 
— M Koucvr^ rtuf^ wtrnfetp wph 
Bupw ^ixit vStf'i wpo^pup E. 108. 
lUfir^, to bewail ; v4kvp — /a^ *^^ 
jroX^if^oi fitfi^ MtmSaed ram A. 28. 
Tovrar — /i^t itrepl(e» pikre KtHcC- 
mdram 204. KtMcAo'eura ftiy — Mc- 
TC^MWf Kkeufbp kdxos (K^x^s) 1288. 
K6Xo9, « /im5, especially applied to 
the feet; K&Ka Kdfofo9 rvvT hr' 
dt^tfTov Wrpov C. 19. — lirfo — > 

i^juavp^ itiftxVf *^^<^ f ^ 'ty*' 179. 

Mtfdy iu^ K&koif ToXoif jnjpf P. 42. 
KmX^w, l4> hinder ; faraf, it ^« ir»> 

X^ci rh 9pw P. 1225. — eU* A 

KMX^ffwr vap9r A. 261. oUr4««A^- 

ffM^v^P"; ^. 1188. 
iUrini, 1. thehiUofatword; X'^ 

1239. 2. on oar; oSre wo/atifiatw 
an6iraif ipi^nep T. 558. 

Kwp^tor, Csrvciaa; Kim^kmu N^uAoi 
A. 1116. 

EfirtXXM, to prate; trans., f<i «#arjf by 
talking: yinmucht Ar 8o4x«iiyMi fiii 
KAriXXiftM Jl762. 

Ksi^f, dum6; but only used figura- 
tively by Sophocles ; M — 4 wdtrrm 
Mf^t, 4 Mlrr^ K%is Aj. 894. rd V 
lAAfS Kttfk ml waXaT lir^, 5mI lie 
other tteriet are eenteUm and UaU 
E. 980. 




AmfiidMHOt, rfcf behnfsiiig to Labdmeui; 

Tf iU/Btow^ *»*^ R* 267. Twr 

Aa0UKdt0 imfJerm 1226. 
A^^Swdiffft LmUaeUu, or « diicemiant 

o/Ukdmnu; A/afikutOmi R. 489. 

4M, Kknamt AmfiUMUMmfm A. 853. 

t4 Tf A«/»wti8a» yiwf C. 221. rk 

haBUuMmr ^bum Sptf/imi wi/mrm A. 

A43Smm, Ubdocui, a king of Thebes ; 
. Aibr tW Ae3<^mv B. 224. 
A«/H» e kmwdlt; upci^pcf — iifKpSf/ 


AdfipQt, uihimimt, bold in speech ; rk 
#iir X4a^ ^4« ^j* 1 126. 

Agwdb^ peif., «IXifx<*' Aj. 10S7* 
i&mx^ £• 1 '24. — aor., lA«x* R- 
1866. lAix«^«^C. 1743. Urt^iC. 
451. Xax<<^794. A. 516. 831. Aj. 
812. Acx<^ AJ. 1268. A. 1224. 
A«xmm814. Xex^«P*1102. Ao- 
Xeirar A. 909. To tbtoin or Aam 6y 
Im ; frequently with an accus. ; Ku- 
X^ Tff nAffAfwret Aj. 1263. ^lAr 
AaX^>^ ^"^ !'• 1102. T«vr' lAay' 
Ottcmif B. 1366. H)ff ^^ft X^m& 
kax"^ TOtfwrsr Motfuif uifw C. 
794. /t^ H^ v4k$yo$ iKixrr6if rt 
1748. eix * XPV'^^' ^ "^ ^^ 
yc<r fliref A. 616. ofx 4^ X^*^' 
2{/a Ti/iSis kaxw } 695. «(^fl l^i/^mv 
Mx^tp* Xcxev^a 814. rsa la«iB4ois 
tyKknom kmxw 831. etfrc rou y^ 
§mt iupot Ka^ntvuM 909. tA myi^A 
▼/\i| Aax^ 1226. <r l|p>«i ^pdi^or 
sb hrfx^MH Ktucd E. 741. r^yi3ov 
Tmrf4^ K9u^ <2AilX^t Mfwt 1124. 

Aj. 812. |r Sr tlXiixfv T^xvr 1037. 
Ajidviih a genitive; otf ri^i^Aix**'< 
T»S8f «i|^X«* C* 451. 

Aa^^prwfy AMjprios, Adpr»t^ Latrtn, a 
prinoe of Ithaca, and &ther of 
UljsMS ; ww4p§ta Aaifrmt Aj. 1872. 
5 Ao^ree y^Mf P. 866. 4 liadprw 
rditn 610. Aa^(M vm P. 87. t^ 

* Aagffrim 899* 4lm»^i|ret Si^tffow 
AM|rrftv415. TWAM^r(*v624. r^ 
aaw lM * Wi81 Tif Amtftim 1341. ««a 
4 tee Aaifriw Aj. 101. 4 AmtU 
TC&P.1270. « «w Ai^fiM AJ. 1. 
1. faitnuis., firg§ifid tf 
I Ir' A&ff AflKnpsf wdkm AJ. 
tt7. 2. acdv., tkmi smmmm sMI- 

T. 1017. 
Aifijpff Mei'ff/^, fifmndmimtijf, kif tteallh ; 
used with or without a genitive case : 

1. with a gen. ; (t ifui <rh wohkdttif 
fil/ua kdipf 9polht§iiMn E. 1144. 
Kdidpf 9k fiWfkt ical var^ff mpt^^Mu 
R. 787. K«3|mW A^pf C. 355. 

2. without I afiM Aifp^ — ^(iBow, 
8ri wpd^M P. 839. Anip^t XdBp^ 
1256. A«(8^ m' 4rfA«iSy B. 386. 
6bwifiovXM^ AdBpff 618. $ypOM9 j|A- 
atw Af 4|Mf KiBp^ T. 530. ir4AA* Ay 
ffcucdff Ai6|pf 0"^ aX^iaf aoicti Aj. 

Aa4'0aiof, Hcret, etandniitu, furtivi ; 
wMrfiam fru^ioH^r intdarwyw kmr 
Bpataif T. 376. KtBpaT U i^KU — 
Koxd 883. Kt$faSmf 6ii^ iwtvitmff' 
fUwii *^po6paw 910. Aa6^or in 
hp«iajf vpbf Uimt iymm E. 1432. 

Aaff Mf, ly. or beiotighr tp Laiui : ^4iwr 
r^r AoicMT B. 461. U, Aitfciar 4 
W«Mir 1216. 

Aiftvff, rf it§n§^ wMido rfiioMi tcM 
kiAifitrdpmfC. 1592. 

Aitlof, LeiNf, son of Labdacus, king of 
Thebes, and father of CEdipus. 

Atupotf a 9mH ; o^rt — Kiiwms 4p4^* 
e-Mir, etfrt AaJft ffir PtAt T. 558. 

AdxaiMu fem. Luodimmkni Kwh 
hatiuutus Aj. 8. 

AflX^, to ipook} vfif o8r fik^wtuf rts 
rovra roA/iV*i AaXcur; P. 110. 

AdkiuuL, a ek»ittrer; i(fi* 4rf AiUi|^ 
a^Aoi^ ^jwf^Mt^f <T A. 320. 

Aai^ifidam, 1. io tako koid of, to toko 
in tko kond ; rdl* 4p X'P^ ^^4^ A«- 
/Sovffp R. 913. $nuf U x«i^ — 
Kdfim: C. 472. /i^' brwoUr%p 
fvrnpa kafi^ Aj. 2.35. Hfupmcts 
kafiitp iyxot 279. vi9{« Xa/Mrra 
vmfWTfow E. 412. 8^ — r«Sxot </ff 
X«<iMff Aa/ScfW 1 109. vfMr(riff kafidt^ 
ra KoftwdBot viXaM T. 1168. 2. 
fe faici wUk ono; x'^t"^* 4pMtP 
kafiiip 8rsv #t x^*^ «r«l w4A»ff fU* 
kun^ lx«' P- 641. rlykp $1^ dkk' 
4p^ kafi€af; $47. if /m< ri T4C«r — 


8. to fffiss. 

vi^^^i^4«mir, ft A(m» udi rw Aa3«tfr 

I, Is ao/d, as sleep 
or disease docs; kof^fidifot yko oU 
(hnm» /It P. 755. ffrnt — s4r 4«1 
ka0iHf l(x« Ai- 061. if n M^ 
T68f tf r^ Xf^Mri n^iiandi Jiu 
T. 446. 4. le teiw 5y fono or 


guilt; /loXAor hf IX#it4 fi % ro^t 
wdmat 'ApytUvs Xmfit^ P. 47. k4yti 
e iy^ MXf ♦<A«rr4nir kafiw 101. 
wfAt pioM 9^ •bn t» Xdfioit 103. t^ 
mX^ Kafiima y 107. kttnAatw A»- 
/itfr, «/ M^ 0/Xm r, 6rorr«618. rA 
T^^a fu>v — AoiMw lx« ^3 1* «Vxpd' 

i y fAi^fff /SovAmr ^uut 1231. frrit 

Mt 1265. A <* ar X43|lt <r^ ^^Ui 
1417* Cv>^ ^ ubrixttptt rov ^ 
Mv X«3<<i^ B. 266. PaM., W 7^ tA 
T0u8f T^{a ia| Xif^af^ffToi P. 68. ^r 
T»Sri9 oJrMf T«i^ Aif^qMU tcoKoit 
A. 1063. 5. f« tak* by ehanet^ or 
*^'gA<; _l4ni' firwi Upovptuf Irrotrsir 
Xa3^ T. 82. /AifT lUXot Mpdr — 
Arrl 0^ov x4/ioi vor^ 1216. ifiXX' o^r^ 
ftoi 0^1 vm, kafiitv SwAwvfUHff E^^ 
ctuen, trx* Aj. 571. 'Ai8i|ff kafiiuf 
Ain^ifffHK9 E. 937. twm% iyit Xafiinf 
ciltuTk rouura R. 1058. rt fi* ob 
^nfiiof iKTfltwtt tMt 1391. MtXof 
noBtuptT (/m) rovro nKyatf^ \fl3«<i' A* 
275. KfMMr — AojS^ re X^f^' "^^^ 
TfX^/ioMyx^li^^* Xo^Sr 1rp4/lX1^ 
/M amnou muBa rMt ie/pSrd ftoi P. 
905. 6. to Ughi upon, to rmch, to 
find, to dottct ; obit tuf Xdfiou ftiov 
twX)<w Mhf oba^^ P. 1040. rl V 
KXyot foxoi^ ip KOKotr ^c XoftfiJj^u ; 
R. 1031. 8vev tftfir at/jam¥ l^pw 
a4/3o</uC.90. — lcftrX4/Gi||fM''f<v'- 
f(^Ml^ R. 461. Um fiM rf rtpth 
ettifw^ kdfips KoivS Ti /BwXffdo'arra 605. 
ibif U rot Xti^ Tf ffol /i^ A. 828. 
i4»' f kafiiiw iwtutrhf Mpa Aj. 1275. 
Pass. BtbTtpo¥ \n^ KaK6s; P. 896. 
fiouKtbvtkra — ical S^mt* ^X^^^f T. 
805. ifxfjmruf lUmiv 9ia» KxXou Xa- 
fi6¥Ta P. 533. ItfTiv fiiTTc ttiiyybB§¥ 
eiaif Kafit7if 652. r^x' ^ ^i^iK"' '^ 
ro^y XiC^oi Xftk* Ti/ ^F*' 1067. 
^pfi -~ ^/<as 4fift4Ta«r clXij^itiraf ^^or 
C. 733. rd^ Avrt/ oM itia^ iiuH 



/3X/^ x4J3m Aj. 888. wfodvfdatf 
ipyov — Xafiw T. 667. Wjp^iir — • 
iM^ kdfiot 817. 4 ^1^ fdofffia rou 
fvrtbaorrot Kdfijfs ; R. 1012. iHt 
X(hi rovro roth^iBos Kafitiif T. 253. 
WTifAwiistilxovKafioafT. 1179. 0^/1^ 
X^llOO. 7. to attain to, toot' 
rivt at, to gain ; 4fib ydp roi lernfm 
Tijf y(in|f Xa3ci> P. 81. ffr' IBfi ri 
irol V9r&y Xo^ftir 292. icX/of btripror 
Tor Xo^fiV 1831. ^bpx^r fipaxMO^ ol 
}JfiottM¥ 4kw(Sos R. 121. AXjd^y X«(- 
fiots tuf Kdyaicob^t9 wivtnf 218* ip 
U ry X^iir mU^ hf KifiotM rk wKtM 
4 ^trtipia C. 800. vo/or Xi/3M 8tdr 
4^iy 4 fiporSPi 832. 4>f ^liXjtfT^ 
air W v% )idfiou 1675. mtrra T«vr' 

0tniip(at A. 435. ic4« r&ifi4 ftmXa' 
fiH¥ 9 bfiotms ml r^ r^r m rBc u ir^Mi 
E. 257. «{ rtf/yof x4i9o^ 326. §2 
Xdl^Mf ^4ros 339. tX ^Mm^r X4dM 
538. fidtuf KokkP Xafi^PTo 9^4. $ra^ 
Bawtuf XfH^ '''<' *^ MV'^ rovr' fn 
Ka$w 996. «]popol«f ovS^r Ay6>/>2- 
voif 1^ Wp8ar X«3«(<r i/uufop 1004. 
8. l0C^M»M, l« IflJbf to on§*§tf; wo' 
r§pa 8* ^, i2 W/im rit olJpM'iir, Xi- 
iSoif Ai. 258. wAt 89r' ^ kw &» 
x4i9o^^ A^lf n(3f ; R. 599. rit war 

pafpi^iy T^KPUf Touuh^ Ip^hi kOfAfidr 

pmp R. 1494. kafi^ "ABpaarop Ta»- 
Bop^P C. 1804. t»^ Tf Ml kafii^ 
^tkop P. 667. rotff? «*• (i/yftvuyaoTdt- 
Tify Xa3*<ir 671. Iwr Tit — twpj^ 
itXffii kd0if r' ip Ptmrl ^ovrrtJUtp lU- 
potT. 148. 9. toroeeivoi KafiA^ 
wp6af$€y/M rotoSV ^yl^s, that I 
ilumid hiar tko voirt of tudi a Man 
P. 234. «i^' olvtp iAafiop rdio rk 
r6^a 1216. icol fi^p x^ *t ^ ^^^ 
X^iSoif ^/Aov R. 1004. 

tffiMr X«<P^ Xo^cir 1022. f W 
tray' jUXov / tkafiof-^l 1039. v^ 
«tv Xa/3i»r; 1162. vMir Xa3^: 
A. 397. S^Tor, — T^r fyil» 9^ 
^Oiff ((pMfcflu vniioriif Krcp Xa3«<>r T. 
48. a<rrirflx4/9oif Aj. 1101. vi — 
vpkf inir 4^id|iov acol ffo^ryHiTivr X«. 
/BflSr E. 12. TJb 43«i^ v^t '•S Aa- 
/Sovo-a 1295. oT ftv ol^ rif H^imw 
ainidrair\ oi^ Ir V<'i9 ^^0^ 1317. 
iS^iK AXytiiH^v Xci/Scur Tfiv trfir ^' 
^Xfpdir Aj. 489. ^198^ iro^ff mucoit 
TMS 08^1 X^npy Vjpdf 7' cfMtf X^niff 
hM^ T. 830. Tiif Bvyarpbt Arrf- 
vmra Xa^iiSkb^tit E. 582.; Acwop p^' 
ifMP ikafitt R. 276. Affwop tKafios 
rd¥ UhnP ixhy^op C. 285. 10. 
midd., to lay hold of, to tako to onotolfi 
0oi\€i kafittfuu 8i|ra atol Btym ri rov ; 
P. 751. bpx^s XafiMat mU apdrotn 
rvpoanfuwv C. 374. 

AmtLTtds^ 1. luhtt. • tartk ; wwairnt 
Xafiirra Xa^atdZos 94kaM T. 1188. 
Metaph. applied to signify tho mn ; 
obnirt fun rd6€ KofOtdiJios Upbp b/tpa 
04tuf bpSp A. 870. 2. used adjec? 
lively, onligktened by torekot ; {^ wpks 
TlvBiaa (( kofordffiP iienus C. 1052. 

Aa/iwpdt^ 1. ipUndid, brighi; Xiyt- 
wpib¥ ixUv ffAat ES. 17. agf ^ if 
Koftwf^ 4x(ov ff^icXor A. 412. i 
kafiwpi vrtpom^ ^kry4$mw T. 99. 
kofotpqtybp Sr^p OTtpovoi f(ar5(2rr 
y^f 4if Aj. 250. rk wpdiu Ka^ 
wpk bft^ufralL 1483. « >Jb fr T^xp 
yd ry tfiwriipi /ki(i| Xiy&vpof Atfvt d 
i^'^ioTi R. 81. ywr m1 tA Xi^or^ 
Tovra 8c< ^otMir lm C. 725. ab Xi- 
TM^i T^ ^r ^woMCopu&p koforpbt^ 
- "-^ 1146. mfpTM katarpk «■! 



mn' W« Mi ^<^ T. 578. «&HiA«f| 
AwrFME.675. U/uMtU^t-^ Kafir 
w^^ihnBf M 1119. 3. tUwi 
ww^ 060 inMi AMfotpk mtfifiuhH T. 

Ai^cvrVt « («rdbf or (amp ; 4W>^ t«v<- 
Ml A^HT^f oiff^ jtfM' Aj. 279. 

jjfgwmf 1. pioperiy to fAtM« ; Ik M 

994. Ara»xA — Ix^Hr Irrpor in 
fj^^ Iri £. 66. 3* UMd figu- 

' ^dtm Umfm^wtS B. 476. S. ap- 
pliMi to itmmd; vrntiof M aM^mtw ^r^* 
t4o€wdv9 yiifwf KyMv^M B. 187. 

SLaMim ud x46m» peff« xAi|6w R. 
41&. X^i|6fr B. 347. XMkii$4im B. 
866. — fttt, Xik«tf T. 455. ^aor., 
Ailto P. 46. 156.504. E. 1595. Ai- 
Ibi B. 904. — mid. pm., XdBrrm E. 
168. — peri: AcX^riw E. 554. — 
ftitt ^^ A PMBte ngnificatioD, Xik^ 
^ffMrE.1259. — aor., Kt0otfuaf E. 
1279. 1. act, f« 5t or roMU cw 
Mflitf, f« ii« AM. f« tfMp0 mulu; •£ 
Ai9ffi m' Vy^ ^ 316, lamo aa •£« 
iwikik^^ftm T^ff iryiif. ^^4 m2 
A%M« «P0««««^P*48, it^tuki' 
$9 9p9nwU 156. oM /M Xi^i 
Ai^M mA^r «M 207. #4 Ai6M 
#« B. 904. ok yd^ tu kh^tu 1525. 
4 €9 XaMifOi wpkt rah ffKom ^rat- 
X«»m Wwr ^Olur Mai; A. 9. 4 — 
A^l^v^ / IC^iMt 628. 5»wf5^A4- 
#<aT.455* Aaviybwi rr^Aifr &^p«y 
wfnai, A« iMM««r« ftnlEM lib« ^llmrU 
4ulc £. 754. atfrt ^Mto" lAdi>«v«F 
903. vdAai (w^ m <^^' 1561. 
|4 Ail|p ^laX^ lr« 1596. ^ 8m^ 
iiMlf Ail^ P. 604. Oro ru ttt i» 
hba^w B. 247. AfXi|6/Nu rt fq^ 
— dbxMy JyuXdgJrf 566. x4Mftt 
ixjfp^^f <6Mf ait iiaaararf fA«l CA«m 
ore aa cafaijf 416. 3. mid., mually 
with a ganitifacaae, to /ar^at; 4 A 
Ki$tTm £v v^ fa«9i E. 165. UmU 
#« .— afdva XfA^atfai 554. wp i ^w 
tff ^y^ aUT 6r Iv aaaatr Aais^uv 
1379. and with a paariva agnafica- 
tioa ; Mk wart Afaid^MMr Jyiirffar 

f&TMiUm^ iiuk 0$ wmt aarv E. 1359. 
A tfaa ryra i, IranpM midtrfoot ; Mr 

muaiv — Xafadr^far 6mAmr x** 

6ai»iffiir, laiwiarfnii, fcthar of Hadona, 

wifc of Talamon ; /larfAaia, Aaiyirf- 

8iivaff (l^rv) AJ. 1381. 
ASm^mUmog hr ww Kim fipujd^ 

kAdna C. 197. 
Aa^taadAa^. I.l6«parfilaj {4p>«» 

'A;^ifir Aalf P. 1337. 

B. 144. 
a 746. e^iff TiaT 


^i^aAif AciSf A. 739. M^Xjffo 
iras AtitT. 195, 3. av^opla^ lAa 
aativi iaAabilanff ; IWlAiat A«4ff Aj. 
663. %i 4v96g Ir ^Atm Am^i 0. 45. 
1^ vfiff Affiif 888. vdrra — Aa^ 
tnwww hnringif t§ 902. Aifir •— ^ 
fa'4Y<rr'alk«6ffirAJ. 1079. 

Adprtof MO Aaljpnfff. 

Amria^Xyi'^, thoggf'manid g Aaa^ia4x«i"a 
r frvMT A. 549. 

Ad/ftotf koiry^ tkoftif: arorrfir 4 Aa- 
aW^MTA 9i|p6r?. 184. 

Ada^K«yto«llar; ^iifvi^irof^ o^^ ^^r 
Ir ir^Air Aaatiy A. 1081. roUt r^ 
6cav^4v«r — 5 v' IXaatir T. 821. 

Aar^M, tirvituio} tXma Karpatm hf^ 
Uo¥ CiAav rp/^i AJ. 498. «6t >V 
lir 4 /*^ AtAmir — fr^ iwhrwiif </ 
fXM 6bm^ KarpoUuf; T. 837. 

Airpcvyia, tarvkag olV i^ 'Oyi^dAp 
inlMir Asrpaifimrm T. 566. 

Aarpf^f la Mrat proparly /ar Mra ; 
Aarpc^MrrdTvT.S6. /lax^MfAar^ 
air raa 4ac^dra» fipormf C. 106. 

Adrp^tf a i^trirf Mrteaf ; AvS^ ya wai 
^curi »vr Airpiir vortur T. 70. 

AMiipav, ^<9« <Pm7, generally found In 
the pliml number; viaat 4p<f£f 
Ai^ IXM" T. 645. W — awyxf^ 
aaif rr^ Aaflpaif AJ. 95. 

AiXfrnt^fiool^tkaJUaea} aaiaaaa anyaiev 


Aax^t. itflj aMNT^aaaa giJkw vaa ajplr 
tfararrar Mry^^^t aAfii^r AiCxar, 
aMif l^roalf A. 1388. The common 
leading ia A/xatf Aaotag hmoailtd tka 
iilMttrwMi bed of Megortut: but 
Botha conjectured Aax^r* which 
emendation h approved by Her- 
mann. Dipdorf, and Ellendt. Ma- 
gareua» by Euiipidea called Uenoo- 
oeua, waa eon of Creon. and eubmittad 
to a Toluntary death in order to in* 
•ure ^^iatoiT to the Thebana over the 
ArgiTet, Tirenaa having declared 
that for that purpoee it waa necca- 
lary to aacrifica one deeeended ttom 
the Dragon^li teeth. 

Adaam^mlumm; aK4yiMrAffa(n|f AJ.966, 

A^iaff, a $mldrom ; ZApow K40^^t vaA* 
k4^ mHtpaftiJpor T. 663. 4$ rifm 
A//ivraMr/ic7£. 1595. 

hftym^ to tojf, to ipialr, to r^to^ to toU, 

AtfAorAi, to ivioo mooy hoaiy ; i T4r 
oUmtl Af^Xartaii XP^^r ; will ko bo 
for raff plMnimagAj. 856. 

Affa, Aaotf , plamfcr, apoken of oottlo 
tahen aa plunder; AcCw knp/x^ 
fioSt T. 768. IfiM^i/yat ^ flp(a<- 
ao^MT KoUli Minu Aj. 86. a^lipuiiaTd 

AJ. 64. Ma«i Aai^ir il«vA aa| 


Adfittf propoljr l# pMT M « ii6«lt0ii; 
aIw I# Jud temn ; V $ftfmTt Amut- 
rl Ai(a«r S^Ck^nw C 1263, fiv libip' 
«t0o|i^ A. 628. 

^MM T. 187. S Zffs r^ OFnis 
iri^Mr If Ku/A^ ^«f 199. #i t^ 
fmyMvi Afl^ fc^a^Irrs Aj. 144. 
dfu wfi^ — mynrrifwr Ku/mimt 640. 

A«viiirMif^ fA«l/rff ii«Mla WM Jmw ; N^ 
^ r' M^ A«^i«n^8cf P. 1440. 

ikMtft/Atnu^ 9f or pfrtalnijif m aiMilMcf, 

Mi^MT AJ. 597. 
Afin*, Mi. perf., XAmbw T. 826. 
AcAmv^CT. 1679. £.1436. — AiU 
A«^ P. U43. Aj. 660. X«%irP. 
1073. — aor., thm% C. 1706. tkatw 
E. 604. fiUroy plnr. A. 142. Aivw 
P. 649. A/«Bf 468. X/«m R. 1247. 
Anrff& P. 967. Aj. 688. \at4» Aj. 
466.962. P. 891. 900. 1199. T. 47. 
Anr^cf P. 273. — {Mut. imperf., IXf(- 
v«ro T. 933. — perf., A^Aci^ R. 
1604. ;i/XfflmH 1418. AfAc^^/ufoy 
£. 938. AMk€itifA4r^ Aj. 639. A«. 
KitfifUvp A. 644. XfXf^ijUMi 68. Xf. 
ktiiiiUvoi Aj. 1224. — pluperf., 
kikwwxQ A. 1 1 87. — Alt., X<«^9iitfo/uu 
P. 1060. Signification 1. to /mm 
or rfiwrl a penon ; fSSorra -~ Xi- 
v^fff Axorro P. 278. /iJ^ Xlimr fi* 
aOrm fUyop 468. XiV^ ftir l^vryf 
900. Aw^ y^ ftt X^lwn^ ^ 1162. 
^i^vr U fu iiii \thtm G. 602. 3pa 
fu \tlwtnf 660. fywy^ Toi ff^* IXti- 
iroK hx60¥Td rt nil ffhna T. 233. — 
pnsi^ Kti^<ntA' ^ P. 1060. 2. 
$0 Uaci^ ipoken of a poion who re- 
mains in a certain state or condition, 
flencraliy of distress or misfortune ; 
6^' £if ediw iiJkv abr6t^ ripf 8) rtic 
rovetuf Xlvoi ro7f olo'cr alrcv d^OTCK* 
rw muBovpyituf R. 1247. o2irr«lpw 

op^ea^ ktw^ Aj. 638. — pass., ft^va 
K9k§tufue9¥ E. 938. ifuu — Z6k^ 
HvrHi<rt9 ol XfXffi/i^/voA Aj. 1224. 
pw V ai lUva i^ vdp kuktiftfiipu 
mciwu t<rif ithtiV'^ iKalffM^ A. 68. 
In the same sense but without the 
additional signification of distress ; 
roMr trvXfti^y h^ ffoi Xc(^ Aj. 660. 
XcSpaf Kdktnrrm ftovPQt Arr) eov ^ 
kaf R. 1418. ^yof vaHp ro^tir 
X^Xf^oi 1604. 3. Is fsaiM a p/aes, or 

Jiaipw P. 967. A MiXaf rirpat y^ 
Xer> — At 0* e&K l/MXXoy 1^-— 
Xc/^ir oM/rors 1073. 6t yc «&y 
X<ri^ Icpiy XijS^ MpM ifiw A»- 
iwstt ^^P*7^' ll^^- ^ K^nu — Xc(- 
iro/Mr Auof, Xf^ffi^^y i|f8i| 1448. 4^ 
$rmf wirptuf tii^fior XAXecvcr T. 



326. MwAix^vt Aor^ a^ws Aj. 465* 
hih yitp BUp mMtm k^ P. 1143. 
in ktkmr6rm «f tfor t^ altl fiUrm^ 
^wHgrmn C. 1679. 'Op^dmr — 
/9i^ XsXmvi^ hnruuSnp iw wt am y tou 
E. 1436. x<^ sWiyiA Xsfra A. 824. 
4. fe (mm a tAi«f !• eajf eis; sf 
/<•< Tt ri^op — - fra^il^^^Kffir. &t Xint 
^ Ty XiOiciy P. 649. W 8^Tar 
Xiw^ Urtm T. 47. fiUiW ^ 
/aorrcja wwri 76. 4br 8d|^c0cf X««m 
voXoaAr 8^ror 166. fXnrer Z^ rpe- 
nlfi w^VX*^"* ^^Ai| A. 142. —pais, 
I H kikMom A. 1187. 4^ Xiv^ 
h4ag ml ytfowf 8m(x**v< -^j* ^^2* 
•68^. Wy6oi IXie^ 8jcXavrrer C. 1706. 
6. teakandmt; tVo^rpv^^^iy frv 
Xi«^ ret 1^ Yijb pAi v^etfvucJr* P. 
891. 6. used intnuuitiveljr } Is 
/al( lAert, to b$ waiiliiif ; Xc^vu fihf 
•MT 8 wp69$§w fi§fU9 rh ^^ #6 /i«^ 
p^rrei^ sImu R. 1232. etf W m fiu- 
vtr Ik rovir olkev ««X^««iwt akla E. 
604. 7. pass., to 6f i^. or a6a«- 
«ii»iMd; Xclvotf /iqS^ ^, in^^. As' 
e&MT T. 1266. #o9 XsX«i/<|i^ A. 
644. f/nrorri ^m^cit 4 XiXff^4^«fl|p 
Xffyotf I ifnf I lAou fpfsA to ens drmmimg 
ntor, or too far 0f for tpoeekf Aj. 
639. Khrrwuf 6 wtut 8^0Ti|iwf etfr' 
MMiiMfTMir IXcfrtr' od8/y T. 933. 
XcnroyMu yiip 4p ^ J'^ S^Mwioi iOfS* 
djpoi', twoSW Koiroiy C. 496. Xcywr 
Af — r&p &p riiamw Xt/vmro t^s 
T^«u «^ffir T. 266. ^ iiAi '*^ wm^ 
pi^pmf /tdfTit $^vp md ymi§mg Xm- 
wo|i^ tf»^f E. 466. 

A§b^wor, a rtmoinder, plur., rssMiiu ; 
^pwrts uibrov Cftutfk ktiiftu^ Ir fipm* 
X«< Tc^ci $v6yros E. 1102. 

Asrr^r, 1. c&oifn; i|84Mr XtirrsI R. 
19. 2. to 6« Miff, or ipofcM ; lor* 
larciry vdmi Xsm, vomi M rsX* 
nrd P. 629. 
irrpor, properljr a M ; metaph. mer* 
rtaf#, or marriagO'btd; i tufrpiBtP 


» Ivfff&mtiM k<Uer^ Hk^vm ;^ C. 632. 
v£t r^ fajrpbi kmpo¥ oAk McitZy iic 
<<< ; R. 976. T^ 9vffwdfKW09 kiit- 
rpo¥ ivBaroifuvos ffvv T. 768. Ub 
furrpfai k^KTpwf 2ra< A. 866. t^ 
vcXdror KixTomf worh rmf Ath P. 
673. 'x^^'^ ^ kiurpa «al T^mo^ 
llu&^nopo9 R. 260. 

Acvr^t, tAin, lighk ; Xcvr^ 3^ — Irify 
ir^ft A. 266. 

Asproios, Lirnaoans 9p4ftiM AtfntoM 
09pas T. 671. Ac^patov 6^ Mpav 

AtffX*ff ^* tf^no'Mltoii, diiMMrM ; «p^t 
Ifi^ X^tfXay iifidrmif htofidtf ^ «"''< 
y^iM, ^Mi 0. 164. 2. ds/i6#. 

mlfoM ; ^^ytcK^TOp rittto ypirrmif 
«poMfre X^x^ (M^) A. 160. 



Atwiiw#<iy vkU$, k$Vjf ; ktmop^t Kir 

fm B. 74^ 
At4n«vtf, kmwng m «Ul« thktd ; (wid 

to be peculiar to tho Aigivee) ; 

XaUtmtww^mm A. 108. 
AgUuwwt, hmnur vkiukorm; Ai^K- 

flnrtfff, kbfiimyimt E. 696. 
AfMc^raAtfs, drmwm by wkiu ^^*i 

ift^rtgrm y^ wmrlt — JciicAof r^ 


icvff x<^*^ A. 114. 4i trmi Xcnd^ 
^ T^vS* 4ic titkaUmii ift^ptfiiXKo/im 
Tflx* 1079. AffMcy ira^if 1224. k^ 
^ff U kmnAv itmXhf ittpoiwi T. 778. 
Xmmif 8) ^fiilpf |i^(n|p 9i9 8rar wo9ow- 
v« — AcMy Aj. 613. v4^ AffMK^ 
MfiM^ wJjmm ^lu 694. 
Af^r«y 1. 1« arr. M frf A«U ; wdirrmtf 
Ir 1^0^ ffM^cjd^f 6nwf 4vn«f \<40vcii^ 
P. 837. «l M v^A** 'OSiwWft oTfft- 
X<rr« — ^Aff4^«MMy 1206. 'H/Mr 
KJJo¥t KfCaww T <fir 1398. KM^a- 
99^^ KMumn ftf R. 1524. %9 ^ 
^^rranr ««pl irSy •Am S^mv*'' Wfif- 
C. 134. 4 v^Ura Xa^tramw 


'HAMS 873w Wsrwr 84 f^/yo* Ac^- 
AfX(Mr A. 803. Mir iMta^ 

lEtrrf ew wmpitm hti^^tuf E. 3. 
If r' 8r iarpttw fiwdSf Ktia^m tk r4lf 
jijpiiy 106. KfCc9m tV Myt99a¥ ix 
wpMiXa¥ 1420. W Af^ow ; 1467. 
rMff ^ Aff^^ciir #r^Aer T. 225. f / 
/4 «P* Aff4rv«ir /kEroM 406. W w- 
fwtf« — lAffv^tfVf oT f3pci^< 893. r&y 

Av^ Aj. 871. V^i^ M^ /ft4 
Ac4rvfiar fv«v 874 . 2. fo i^ek^ t« look 
§UdJ(uUji mi i Kg^r^mif t tmmf f^n 
wrmthp 'w 99mp P. 707. ri i^ $>m 
Ac4vr«r ic^KAer ; 804. tb imtufw 
v^foraAMr/ 4Ac«#Mfi<y R. 1254. 
g ^ ^w^ tf g w, Af^M Mjr C. 121. m46*9 
A |i;i^ tf^*"* X«^«ir«iy SiMuofir 1638 ( 
AmwvTf — rk^ fiarikitm ftf^rfr Am- 
«4rA.932. ab ykp ix^ wmt iM 0r4^ 
^Bi/u KmiA^ rO* Af^mr T. 988. 
3. <# tf^Mrvf, to emuUlir; «&r m«« 
(w4hot«) AWv«pff C. 1199. 4. to 
wmiek ntr; 4 7^ oiiy Mr ac^cAef 
A«4ww mr Mifiw Ads C. 710. 4 
^ Ac4mir M ^ /SA^vwr itpifiet 
Ml* ifii, fJUl iloM ««l «m; invf T^i^ 
Ar 4 /4 A«4«)r«r — Ir' tf«lvM«r I^m 
«4rMr AOT]pifar ; T. 825. 

Af4w, toiiMM j ti Afiw9$MU Wr^Mf C 

A4e"i» !• pioperl/ « h§d; AiXft 
II^iheAm mytr^ |i«rrMVs T. 27* #vil 
T^^ #^ kdxu |«r$A4^ Aj. 488. 

A^XV M ^^ 8aw^»THf ^r x*#*^ 
• ^^.^ j^dlw R. 921. W fM v^ 

fA iiyi^Mri A^pf 1348. A Acxv rt 


Ml rn^? 4ii. T. 916. 2. marw 
rtif « ; iyor y§ Avrcir ami oi sol r^ 
o^^r A/x«» A. 569, Avov^Corra — t6 
84tfTi|ror k4x99 1211. ir/i^^ior At 
IXM A^x»' T. 359. #vf/ ^f A^X'S 
8oupidUifrar wrip^t Mx^i 6o6pws 
Mat Aj. 210. — asirvff Afx^^ 
4vff^7dr A. 626. rovr« ic^Scvvor 
A^X«f T- 1917. tiror is lU^w UitM¥Q% 
AfxW T. 512. five lib A^x^vr 3ri 
X^/if m' ^A^vite rr^ir 160. 3. 
« 6ini*f-NMl; fr«r sfr^f rto^^Ar 
V^ar6r ^A% A^x«' A, 421. 

Adxpiotf properly vkUqtus A/y^t V 
49^ iirMV Alton /9^x^ff ixAi^ar C. 
196. Uaed figuntively 1 vvtrra yjb 
Aix^ r^ X<f>^f /"" €V€rgtkingfmtlm 
img to mini 6elA l« my hands A. 

AiW, e lion ; Nc^iMff Iroiiror ^evK^Aiir 
hKdaropa kionn T. 1083. Af A^orrt 
0vnf6um P. 1422. M iJKatpa ra^n 
poKT&^mf Ktirrm t^tl^ P. 399. 

Af MC See Aa4c« 

Ay/M* If not uaed tnuuitivelv.^ In- 
trans. 1. tocfOM; v4rovAifCav- 
roc P. 634. aoha l9n Xnlai vp4- 
ripw^ iXk* i&¥ Xfi*^y fffifXor Mup 
757. £Atc -^ Aoivf raf» trO' AqCi v, 
a^rov ft^Miy It. 686. e^^aro ydp 
ravr*, o(fH wm XilayT 1%^ 731. 
r4 roft iroX4 «iii fttiiaud X^Yoy — 
dicovrfi' Acovffoi C. 520. Xiiyfi 3* 
fpiC Aj. 718. ric apa viarog Ic 
w6r% X^Cfi wokvit'kdyKftv IHiav A- 
pt0u6ci Aj. 1164. ir&c yap Ay 
Aiilat/ I76 a 1305. tlw^¥ 8 xpv- 
CfiC X^Cov T. 1110. Xa/iwpac yAJp 
Arf p mpeirAc ^ac ^^ F^roc mc 
X^yu Aj. 251. Uytt poOoue* IXqCa 
287. 9«4y o4 Xi||M rorl irpovrAray 

Ux^'^ A- 8^^* ^ ^^ * 8^t 
iodmU frvm anj/tkingt to #tM oofr; 

rAv X47MV Xi^Cm P. 1381. X^rtrf 

rovj* axovcC. 1720. o^ pir ^4 Xrilm 

Bpjivmv E* 104. rdWc Xi^^A^ 

Jimv 345. «j rAv^f p4 X^Cc'C y^mv 
71. Ivii li rdrT fikifitv T. 908. 

*»C ^Ci Mliriirytiiac riyc v4^dv Aj. 

267. 4 ply i| 8rov viae rpof $£ 

IX^C* mI Karivxwnv ii/iae C. 347. 
A49i|, oMivloe; [wtU^ revjf red ««- 

Kotf iaati X49f ri^ firai cAvAvavXa 

i*. 866. e4^i pvrori XA9a car«- 

Kotfidvy B. 870. 
AnOireroc. See XetfJireyoc. 
Av^MudX^pai. SeeXai^yM. 
Aqpo, baUnisi^ andadtjf; 8rey Xt/p' 

fX^y tiftfov 0. 881. t& X^ii' Jyoi^c 

964. ft^rpfw 6c ei Xi|p Aripa#it 

verl £. 1417. 
A^ppo, feifl,* ic rtiy »- «Uexpdy 

X^fi^rmf A. 818. 
A^pneCf LMieieM ; r^ h^^vlf r^* 


dyatakov/Uv^ ir»pi P. 789. ii 

Atifivla xQCtv 976. 
A9/<voc» I^MJUM, an island in the M' 

gaean lea ; rtic wtpi^^^ov yOov^c 

Afifivov P.S. X'^P* ^^^ A^ftyov 

war&y 1049. 
Aqplw, Itf ^']fi*i X^^iy dyipbg oifx^ 

ffMffMvo(T. 435. 
Aficfioviiyii, oblivioH ; i« — iroXl/iMy 

rfiv vvy 9f0ih Xi|9fio0iivay A. 151. 

«rayi7if ytv B. 1*23. irdc m^y 6 

Xj»ffn}c — ' ^C v^ Ay rdXfiifc l/3q ; 
124. riv iiiv — (Imm Xycral fa* 
nvov^i, 71o. Xytfrckff l^avccc avr^ 
dyipa^ iyylwuy wc >^*^ caracrci- 
yiuiy 842. X|^4c iyapyi^Q roc 
^fi9c Tvpayyiiof 535. oiff In-t Xy^- 
raic wytdfi iyayrtovfuyoy P. 639. 

AZOTIC* o6iirwM; rd B' 4y fiioip 4 
Xqorcy So'X'^fft 4 ^&' oMivdc roMi C. 

Aiyr^C; /^(Mn, pniuiuing to Latono ; 
Ai|r^a K6pii E. 560. 

A^av, adv., v§ry muek^ too muck ; 
&ffri ui) Xiay orlvf E. 1163. ^i- 
iouea Xiay iiovf vucufUviiy 1264. 

Itpidy Xipaia^ Uaving th§ taered toa* 
ten (the river Sperchiiis) P. 1200. 

Ai^vCt Libffanj African; iCo Aifivtc 
tvyvr&y dpjtdriay ixiararat E. 692. 

Aiy vvCi itnokt ; ix irpoffUpov Xiyy^OQ 
Ctdarpofoy 6^0aXfAbv apac T. 791 ; 
the scholiast, followed b^ Hermann, 
undexBtands b^ Xijydo^ in this place 
ih$ dimnen oj iight produe$d by dip- 
sajs; r$c irapajcfifilvqc Kai iri- 
piKtxvpiytiQ a&rby dXoyiUovc y69ov^ 
SchoL, rauing Mi dittarted Myetfrom 
th§ miit that turroundod tkem; but 
Elicndt would render the word lite- 
rally tmok§, and thinks that the vi- 
sion of Hercules was for a time in- 
tercepted by the smoke arising (pro- 
bably) from the sacrificial fire, of 
which mention had been just before 

Aiyifp^Cf f^''ii^ founding, vhiitUng ; 
wain Xiyvpf itdsriyi BiwXj Aj. 238. 

Aiyvc, detp-ioutdi Xiyua uiyOptrai 
atiiutv C. 677. 

AiOonSXXiiroCf ttono-^minttd s & ^v- 
XQ — x^Xv/3oc XiOocdXXqrov vr^ 
pioy wapixfivva T. 1251. 

Ai96X<v0Toc, «l«it«-oaftiaig ; 9%f6fii^ 
fuu Xi06\tvcToy'Apn Aj, 247. 

AiOoewo^QC* formed by ttoMt torn out ; 
dpphv x<^/AAroc XiOeara^i) dvyrtg 
A. 1201 ; see *Apji^. 

AiOd^rpmrog^ paoea with ttonos ; ire^c 
XiBSirrpt^oy ts&pnQ yvfifiioy 'Aieov 
MiiXey ^hifiaiyoiuy A.*n89. 

Aifiiji^y m portf a kwrbour, a roeoplmeU^u 



retting'plaeo ; & Xiiiivi c, & wpo/3Xi}« 
Tig P. 924. /3oqc oi r^c eqc woloc 
oi*K ioreu Xiii4v,irotec KtOaipwi^ovx^ 
cvft^yoc B> 420. ly' — j|y ^i 
irayrdc e/wvov Xi/i^v A. 987. /m 
^v0iKcl9aproc "Ai^ov Xijii|y 1270. J 
/livac Xi/iQV* difTOQ tipKtffkV waJi 
Kal war pi Baku p^woX^ wifftlv tt. 
1208. TtHc woXXoioi ydp /3per6v 
^iri^r^ i^ iraiptiaQ Ai/i^y Aj. 

Aipyn» properly a (sfte; 'At^a flray- 
ffoti^v Xiftvac £. 136. Used also 
to express tko tea; MqXi'^a wdp 
Xiuyay P. 633. 

Ai/toc, hunger ; ciTrat — fv r' 6i»yeuc 
hfiov Xiptf r' ottrpSc P« 186. #y 
Xiptfre Kal KOKdiai 312. 

Aiirap(«i»i fo tupplieato^ to importune; 

rov M* XP^^C ^* Xiwaptic Tux^^y $ 
B. 1435. &9wtp rtc <I eei Xcwa- 

foiii^i /tly rvxctv iitiiky ^cjoiif C. 
80. XiirapfTy ydp oi caX5y ^kaia 
wpoexpvCevfftv 1208. 

Aiwap^Ct bountiful; ek — Xiwapf? 
wpovor^y x<p^ E. 1370. t§ Ccivf, 
ft4 9avtfaCf irp5c rb Xiwapic* Hey* 
«/ ^avlyr^ dfXwra priKvyee Xoyov^ 
O eironger^ wonder not ot my pro/iii/v, 

AiwoCf fot i ayBpo^opov fiifipmre^ 
eRparog XiwoQ A. 1009. 

AiflTffo/ia*, to beuech, to entreat ; curw, 
irpowirvd, Xiffffopai E. 1372. wi- 
9oti — dvaC, XivffouM R. 650. wt- 
9otf poi, XiiF^ofiai 1064. — with an 
accus., h:ioi6c at Xlaaopa^ A. 1215. 
/i^, Xiffffo/iai ff', avia rddt Aj. 361. 
— with an infin., Xiaaopat — ^Ivov 
4Kuarayvaai — rdy wayKivBij gdrw 
viap&v wXata C. 1556. wpdc wy 
Ot&v a§ Xiaaopai — ^/lol wtOioBett 
E. 420. 

Airti or Xiral* prayere ; ^y XiraTc eri I* 
Xayrf C P* 60. rdc Oidc caXwy 1«- 
yovpai Kal Karaattiwrw XtraiQ C. 
1015. rdy dpayij Btby Kal ak Xiraic 
cipiZti 1554. oiroi — warkp* dv 
ardfftiC o^rt y6otc oBr§ XiraTc E. 

187. IjcceiQvc wl/irwy Xirdc P. 498. 
rde'd' iwU^foBai Xirdc C. 485. aol 
wpoarpoweuovQ Xirdc Ix^y 131 J., 
same as Unrfdffwy m. Kdr' oh jl- 
vovrai 6v9ra Jac Xird^ fri Oiol watt 
ripAy A. 1006. 

Alvac, Liekat; AiVffC ^ it^pvC T. 

188. ff^pvC uur oUtXog Alyac 
754. Acxa 309. 597. rby ^v^Jos- 
liova Ai'xay 770. 

AoyiZuuau to eoneidir, to refieet upon ; 
ravr liy elaw XoyiZov R. 461. el 
nc ivQ 4 Kal wXiovf nc iiUpeic Xe» 

ilZerai T. 940. il ry mU XoyiU^ 
M cxeXi Aj. 808, 

• MjrtMf, a nuHu: kIw rMwm 
ItM^kt, OKMrfiraliM, prrtHI. 

4fMr itwlf; U nAwtd UyxB r^ 

Und y VMrma ; U7XV witiie T. 
1047. |iv Irrd riiin Stf irri ri 

A«Bii. a Uittha ; etrt X«<^ ^^v 
tin (w^ttr 'opSv ia^Xinc nw«~ 

wpirr^ ai copar^iaic xWalc ari- 
if oiTfc E. 53. 

aiXUa uiviiv Xwviii' A. SS3. r Av 
Xwrtr ^farov T. 8]. Xllav «>«/> 
AwDufvrK It* f" kairv AJ- )<«• 
nS Xatn* xpJMV E. >07. x^ Xa>- 
rlc z^mc I41>. i fararan iiv^ 

ra> kMTJ« 1118. 9. aulMt, gi. 
ncmll; in Uia fiiaal oumberi id 
rciHiiu; Ipymr 4'* aif ri ^-''' 
irnpirtlr P. IS. aAK ri \»lf' 
fp»rf( 1349. ri Xatri rs« nc^ 
&'(« R. 1487. rnog^ ^ Ian iiw 
t4 XwWv eMlv dXXo C. 179. 
I. snd •dTorfaUll;, luT—ptr,ftr tkt 
JkUrri ri Xwriv — f aUfsftoi P. 
UZ Zcipac Kapm^i >u< (rroi 
ri AMtrJv 4M. U aajry ri XatTiv 
— i^or* E. 137a. iM — riXo*. 
rlv iptriCfri A. Sll, mrrloic — 
ri Xwviir «lX|iaaii> vavrOXirai 
71s. r» XMif 4J« £4v iXanirfi 
^T. 1S7. ric a*aitat It ri Xn- 
riv aiaioc M7. ri Xairit- f jq x''- 
fiin tn. ri XMTir ilajiuada — 
AaTc «iuw AJ. 651. 5r«c ri Xm- 

Mv 4 ;Mip>v U7pc'87B. illta- 
Mpa nXiI ri Xmriy 950. ^ aiv 
a^nirwval>r«XMrii'1158. Aod 
M B*cd io Um plnnl numbca j vc 
rA X«r' ivMC «iJ E. 1917. uJ ri 
X«nl ■«> fJXM ttnU^ C. 1139. 
Not alvkjri *xpmdit of flitura 
■» KofHvMav iwTptit ' 

place (i< furOmt ; 
rari^fifton A. 1305. 

WE T. 785. '^ 

Aafioc, LmIu, a uma of Ap<dlo( 

Aeffac Atlwi R. S5S. iln ^dp 

AoCJoc 8S4. A«(lav (■'poa«-iXda> 

0ilaa Ovvirnp) 1103. ri Aotiev 

wipAiuff Mur E. 83. ei vJa n 

Mi U JavXsc, dXXA Aofff E. 410. 

Aavrojii, a wa^blaf, aiatA; rbr ui» 

Maavnt iTfviv Atvrpiv A. 1188. 

viimv JMyaitf Xmrfi C. 1595. 

Xavrpalc rj viv Mfrl r* J{4*>f l* 

1598. 1^ wpie n Xaarai >aJ v«- 

pacr^BcXii^voc AI. file, rolrtla 

— Xavr/»fi)' ialmf Slaff iwictupay 

1S84. nlrt XaHrp«I«ii' tipf tqiSiag 

iUltaiiy £. 4ST. ao(n — Xavrpole 

Uivii^^M 1138, A ivMaxii 'oJ «*• 

rpaJa Gtpiti XowrpA T. 631. 3. 

« fjpiatfr* liiatian ; «■- 

■tC XavTf^ B. 84. oiA 

mfiptif wmrpl E. 436. 

' >i ; aMxtip if^C ^7^ 

ric^/ii)aa A. 893. ri» fity 

tt&yiiivXouTpiv II8S. 

I [ iMt of tn mnliwU 1 «Uf 

f \£^y luaiit tlvov A. 393. 

I '*<lMrf«-y aMiMrt; larA 

£!| rim fiimr iuU>raV C. 1615. 
- ' * [. Of laH ; Ai ' "■   

■f* kala«t' mini rw3 &•« C 589. 


.._  iHaa /.rti,- J, . _., 

r« waMiy if^^r^C XP*»V Mf^ 
Xa;i(iii«flc C. 1834. 
AaX"'1C> as aniMl allHiaat; traX- 
Xiiic(xin''*^iP'cXox'''ac K. 751. 

'x*C> 1. aMaMhuMd(,BH aaiiuJI; 
(VivwJfi vHmi riv ita/pM' rAtiA- 
wai Xixo' C. 1081. A Itmilc Bprnr- 
ro^ra XJvoic voXsiravc 'Esiyic 
E.481. 3. ■« armml had; n- 
vBBfrai XixM 'pit t*f 6tf VC G> 

Aayfqir, adr., widntU; Xiyt^y t^ 
iaav rime O. 1617, mat u X^ 

Avrifi^ I* ifaJ, u (wIm; ^mk 4 

AV71MC, dttfriulfM, *ad, MtlaadUfy; 
v5»o« taint XayDdc P. 1410. X*- 
ypir rivwv B. 185. i(f^Hi{<v aJ> 
|W7ic XarpJc AJ. 310. h Xarnf 
YJpa HI. XvfpAc/ifiJfwra Tpitat 
1188. — (awn — Xvfporirar i. 
XiaSot rii> *aniav(Jiw A. 817. 

AMuc, X-yrfba; ^— wix^AWia 
riMTHiroirvr T. 483. 

ktait.mLtiini but >lao uad sdiM. 
tiiUyt A*a| r»w«' T. 70. Iw 


AvMcT. 247. r^rlAvMc — «^ 

tmp Xarpi^ftara 855. 
AtotoCf Ljfeaeum, a niniama of Apollo ; 

A^Mi' dva|[ R. 308. E. 685. & 

A^cfi' 'AiroXXof E. 645. 1871. B. 

919. rov XvMcr^yov Omv Ayopd 

A^Mioc E. 7. 
Ai^jcioc* Lyeum; A^ci' 5pca li^c^u 

B. 208. 6 MJjyat A^nov ri irortfy 

P. 1447. 
Avfforr^voc, tiaying wolvn; ro9 Xv- 

aemeroi'ov 9«o9 liyopA Avcfioc E. 6. 
Av«o/«4Ji|C» Lffe4»mtJ$t, Ungof Scyrot, 

to whom AchlllM waa entrusted by 

hii mother to prevent hit pretence 

at the Trojan war } A rov yipoyro; 

Bpkfifui Avcofiq^evc P. 248. 
Av/MU 1. Jilih: Xv/mO* Ayvf^ac 

ifid Aj. 640. 2. metaph.9 moroi 

twrpUude^ diigructf XvfUi tif yip^ 

rpifiii C. 809. 

eoitCt J| 0^ M Xvfiaivtrai C. 859. 

Av/tuvr^Cf ' eormpffr, a dmroyor ; 
y^fiov oioy ffarasr^ffaire Xv/Miyr^y 
pcov T. 790. 

Av^f wvy a dutrovor^ a bum ; /iq^ 5 
Xv/MMV ^/i^i* Aj. 570. 

Aitufit wrUchodnou, oontuwulif; rl 
ipSea; w6Tipa X*P^^^ 4 ^^M9 
piovi E. 1186. Mi x'P'^ '^^ ^ 
fioioi 1187. 

Avrlw, 1. to oeeatioH griif^ or dU" 
trott; Kai it' 4f>AP — Xvwfi, ri 
WP&99U B. 74. rwv wmtovMy /ui- 
Xiora Xvwovtf^t ol ^v&a avBaiptroi 
1231. 2. t0 M lnw6(M0Mtf, or 

frtfvoiii; &yav y% Xvwfic A. 569. 
vircic yap 1071. Xvjtm H rovrovf 
E. 847. ijiol yAp iirrot roh/U /iq 

dp 9% \vwn9aoa fiovKoipnv fip^X^ 
airij pky tupiiv cip^oc 1296. dyay 
yf Xvirf7c Aj. 586. o^ /ifiXXov— 
J^ Xuwiooiuv 1118. W y^p /M X vwf i 
rovro; E. 59. 8. pass., io b§ of- 
JUcttd ; KOivhc iv «ocyo7n Xvwfic^ 
Bm Aj. 260. roT; waXot voo^uaat 
.— Xvirf ioOot 831. Imc r6 xalpicy 
cat r5 Xvwf iffOoi lu&Oyc &62. rode 

— Aay^vrac of'y opw XvwoviUvovc 
E. 1161. oifrc dyrirfoiiy aw%Q 'Ay 
X«flrM/«f9a Aj. 1065. dlyiv rov^f 
Xvw99«ic fofi 0. 620. 

AAwfif I'grijf, torrow of mind ; ^ov 
ydp aipu ivplbv OlHwovt Xiwatei 

, woyroioitfiy B. 915. vw' dyplac 
dlava X^wifC 1074. Xi^wy ^i^ipey 
Ji^Xic jSXiwM C. 827. 4wtl wOad 

— al fuuepal dfupai KariOtvro ii^ 
y^wag iyyvripm 1219. rl 8i ^vd- 
fUCfiC r^y Aij}y X^irqy A. 818. 
4yfiy X^wqc ivrt^^oww dxBoc E. 
1 19. x^C /^>^» ^f' in^anh ^^ ^t 



Idtf C6 812. X^wy woe A^Xarat 
voff^ Aj. 268. |iq^l wp5c aoaolc 
rocc oiflri Xvwqy wp5c y' Ipe9 X^wv 
Xa/loc T. 880. 2. dtifrftt, or mf- 
fiietion which any one suffen ; Xv 
frify wamy 'Aoyilocc /3aXf7c P. 67. 
fXoyrcc o^pfioKov 9a4lc Xivwiyc 402. 
« wXifpltfraroy adXioy Xvwac rac 
dw* ipov 1077. dXvoyn y'V^P'V 
Xi^wf 1180. e&c fffoy aa/iMy i/iel 
Xvwqc E. 528. rlcywy ]Mr«y l|iei 
tSf9vo%a pi wp69tarip 4 Xiwq wicpd 

Aiwiffia, aa offltction ; j 8* fx«« Xih 
rqpMy X^wq/iay r^' v/i7y 4pde«i T. 

Kvwtip&Ct trouhlaoato, ditirating ; ri 
90% rovr' ivrl Xvwi|p5y cXirf ly ; C 
1178. dpiaod ri \wnip6v E. 548. 
o6c Ay 4^9a Xtwifpd cXv«y 547. 

AviriipMCf gritoouiiy ; XvwifpMC ^^ p4 
vipw^v 9t pSXXov P. 900. Xvwq- 
OMC <* ^X<S •' B. 757. 

AvaiCt rt/ciiM, dWiMraaM; oA ydp i/y 
Xv^iC dXXif ^rparov wp5c fl7coy e^ 
f <C 'iXioy E. 568. Swmc X^y ru/ 
Hfuv tiay^ w6p»c B. 921. piSx^MP 
r&v ifi9r^tiv Ipol \{t9iv rcXiMoi 
T. 1161. oifi'ixti XvMy A. 598. 

Av99tilim, to In oxcotdimgly ongrp; 
dpa-^W€irpl Xw^valimv wdptt A. 

Avffffdw, to nir«; \v99&vrt 8" a^^ 
iaip6vmv iiUvvel nc B. 1258. cZJoy 
dprlmQ \v99m9av aMiv A. 488. 

Ava'tfw8i|C« maddcaiajp; XvaviMq y^ 
tfoy Aj. 447. 

dial; Xvrifprovc (^X^ iupdrtty E. 
625. ihic ipoi r69^ Ay KOK^y-^yk' 
yotro — Xvrqpioy E. 1482. Xvri|« 
pioy XOxfipa T. 551. Apa pi 8o- 
ffi7c Xvdfpt' odrj ra9ra rov ^yov 
^ipi ly E. 489. 
Aviw, 1. DToperly to loom; fc re 
y&y 8i^pqXdrai IXway idpir^o^y 
E. 745. Xvft r5y a^c vivXer 
T. 920. Xi^M e^ Ix^*^' liar^povc 
wo^fiy djc^c B. 1084. IXvei 8yos- 
wiyf<c ^oXdc C. 1598. Xi^v qWov 
dpi9ripdy E. 788. Xirii cfXaivA 
pXifapa A. 1287. 2. to /ne, to 
at frot, to diliotr; 5w*ic rd ro9 
9<ov pavrtt dM9ra Xi9opiv B. 407. 
r5 KoXdc 3* fyoy w4Xf i «rdXai0|Mi 
tt^won Xvtfoi Oiiy o/rov/iai 880. -^ 
•y ydp — Xiti ravr^ fwoc M^X^ 
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317. 6. te repmy^ to fiifMJte j X^- 

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AioyrcC B. 101. 

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-- u' AXy^yfi 1067. Uiad adTCP* 
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^yf7 B. 1038. 


MAf A fonn of uttcriDg an 00th «• 
prcMinf itmiml^ lued with an accufa- 
tlve, with or without 05 pnfixed ; 
•5 |(A nfy 5l9wo«yAy 'Aprt/tiy E. 
616. /lA Hi¥ rorpyay itf Way 869. 

MAyyiic* Mmgmuiam; MAyy^c ^*^p 

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futyv rmSi^ iifxayo^fWIfoy B. 

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i«ir (thai ia aainfA to teara) ifilJbM E. 

Mala, Afaia, tha mother of Mercuiy ; 

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]Cai|iAi#» to 5f affftr fir ; x'^^ />^i*- 

|ifia«y fSp^m^ hit knd mgn fit 

•lattAtor AJ. 50. 
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l^y 5ppf fiaitpimv iwliryu A. 135. 
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yiXMra Aj. 986. ttAprn aa/ya/iai 
T. 446. Iraw ri Ocr A^/c ric i/ff 
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v5a d$nr§ to 5« yturfrigmdt, jpMi arl 
lAf part ^a aiaAaiaa A. 761. Onoa 
uiad of tha «mA rwiUing of tha at- 
tendaota of Bacchua ; Afia wi piir5- 
Xoiai aalaiy a« ai /toty^ftfyoi wAy 
yvxoi xap<6o«ai A. 1 138. 

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voc ^C^avc Ipwny af yAc AJ. 380. 

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r4yt»y Xi5yn»y l^api P. 398. 

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MAffiarac. Baa iuitp6c» 

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B. 518. M«-|iaapaiMyCl50. 


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^okf Al. 192. Uaad M an appella- 
tion of the godi I Wc v' Iricrf rm¥ 
liOKoaiA^wv R. 1009. cir' Uiiv^ 
If Moai fioKpaUn^ '^^v A. 974. 
If ocpay, adv.* 1 • el a fvvaf diiimn€€, 
fir 0ff: MkiTM ftoKpAv wHvOai 
Mvopnc R. le. If K6pitSoc il 
IfMv wdXai puucpdv ilr^<7re 996. 
Tolpyoy 0^ luuepAv Xivcic P* 26. 

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B. for a long timo ; iwii rAv oi/ fta' 

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1881. *-- ^'^ -^ 

llaff/>^C, long^ dittontt in time or ipaee. 
1« Uied adTerbially t corc^ra ^4 
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Xfroi'C.219.iiiiierLfMiffCffroc. *- tie 
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Ki^rtdv wp^c ^ ivviaifioyi l^oip^ 
It. 1 80 1 • — dXA' 8n 6vva p&kmtw 
— ^{i^ov 8n xp^f ic P. 888. 

|f<(Xa, adv., Mry, Mry aiuc^ iT^^h^ 
oxeudingly; eompar.yfioXXoi'; euperL, 

IfoXoff^f, iofi, doliotAo; Iv /uUKmuuc 

waoiuiXc A. 779. 

MoXa^aM, f0 ujfUn; meC, fe loolikt 
le appoaa ; only uied by Sophoclee 
in the pMsiye voice s wp6c Ot&v 
^loXi&tftfOV AJ. 589. 1 yo90V poXajfifg 
r^8t, thou mojfott bi roiinod from 
MtidtfiSMP. 1318. 

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Xip6ir B. 190. 

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in a tooUUng looy C 778. 

MoXO^tftfw, fo fe/cM* rl ydp en JioX- 

If oXf^ra. See p^Xo. 

MoXXev. See poXo. 

IfaXX^C, a >Imc«; Wpiva pAv tar^ 
oIkov — poXXi^ TT 687. o(6c * 
vioirdKy poXX^ C. 476. 

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Av9p&v /uMp loiueac Am ty ol^xp^i 
P. 959. tv ydp wiky Av iUSpoi 
PmMv B. 120. il ro^c cray^yrac 
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Xiy* oiOic. Ac paXXoy piBm 859. 
eir aw' ediv&y paMy 898. e(ri 
irdiMiOiy — efirt roySv itm ipoBoy 
49S» ^-^oiisaXi|e(p9v |MiMy; 



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covtfov «al tta9f 708. pawO&vitv 
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Xov^a vet; 26. XP^^ paOocc ^y 
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pay^^yfcy w^XX' od^xp^y oUky 706. 
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Xaioc 1258. fj pky Ik Miyov pa9wy 
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yiiC T. 449. f^ xf^P^'^^^ '<« "f^^ 
ra ^i) fmytly XP***^ '46. li r5 tray 
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yoy Aj. 277. cdyw paBtM IX^Ca 
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paBiXy 1446. p4 >«' fM^ M 4<coy- 
ra P. 13. pa9iSiy yap oStt Ay Ap* 
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paBtXy oit AwoKaiptoy 155. revro 
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irw, irply pABoipt 949. paBw^A y* 

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Ifyoyra 769. Ap' Ay wap' ^p&y — 
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paB%Xy 670, f^ny — a^ip^SXfreft 



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ep£wm^ fiaOwy — fqc* 741. ro^ 

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Aj. 13. cofo fx^* iMt^ftSy S^fvv SS. 

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^My; 787. XkAmv r^ n^^tfucoy 

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888. 8. I« iuljjifwiifc ly li^At, 
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7«C i^ 0^ Zvwwific AJ. 1028. 4. 
t« piTciivf, to wutrrKaaJ ; koXA — • 

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Aj. 824. o8 naB^ 8c f I 8^cv dX- 
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AJ. 1338. i^ o{juiv9dym P. 902. 
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fioiro y Ay yyi»|iv |ii8o« 404. 8rc 
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|uly«ay' iyOaa* Ay &piip £. 1334. 
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jAp Aao^c AI«c — AirfXiM^Q^v Aj. 
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p690tc Aj. 89. 

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8ytipoic E. 489. calrot — funrrtiaQ 
iSu B. 894. — o8x2 ftamiat y 
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•8n ry8t 887. ^ 3. on oneuUr mr^ 
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ragZ* papniag R. 149. 

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G. 858. r5«8l rf poprtV Aco^vy 
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ipyimv papTtdpam A. 1000. 

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plwtic arf . or with rix*'!? undentood | 
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ikimp C. 840. 

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piyoc XP^*"^ paaalpu Aj. 700. 8. to 
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y«» B* 1828. vlyoc wXmpAyjMMoi* 




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ifiov AJ. 489. 

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adoomtogoi (of your counsel) 083. Wc 
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T. 431. nwrfi i\ &cri ^aprvofly 
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9tu¥ rd 9& VL 1083. 

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ripofuu roAvi^f o^ ol C. 817. 

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roltfjif fidpTvc iv Myote P. 810. 
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rUpa C. 457. 

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rmv iitrai fMirtf^My, or meting fooi* 
Uhiy thall lay hold of vibat ii koViowid 
from thM touch R. 891. 

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1. of a Uiing; f/|i4 kv/m* Xcvovf iv 
;«araia T. 406. ^avfi ftaraiaic 
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piUtv 683. 3. of ft penon ; w6' 
rtpop iyif li&rawc T. 860. & /la- 
rala 884. «i ri£ Jvo — ^ukpac Xo« 
yiCcraif fi4rai^c '^riv 941. cXvciy 
ay8p^ /Mn-aiov AJ. 1141. dyoir' 
dvpdratMf dv9p* lK«o8«#y A. 1830. 

MaralMCf vw^^'yt wrongfully ; ^ ycy 
/laraiMC a<rl^ /UXoi muq^ T. 986. 

ICarfiN#» foMck; raripa fiarf^PMv ' 
1194. MQ^* ii$Tdffng vipapartf*^ 
C. 310. /ftq^i yt fidrfvf 1740. ♦!*- 
Knc lULTivw^ dviptc AlyMOoy £. 
1096. 8y Kdpdrtvtc wpooBw iln- 
^fiy B. 1051^ m4 iMn^tfyc mro 
R. 1061. 

M^ri|v, 1. ta Mi'ai to mo purpcm; 
Hdr^v ydp d*v %liryc T> rdm^ tlp^- 
9%rai P. 1360. wwra ydp fpdSmc 
udrtiP 1364. i^c pd.m¥ iipqairat 
II. 865. i^i|84voc mX^C I^^^v 
^co^ff^c 0. 360. /lirqy yilp o^y 
d(iM/ui 8aiit4ywy fyt* fpavat 1453. 
oi^^l rfty irapoc M^*^ /idrjfp i{mv* 
9ac T. 840. ff j[y Srocc oXyiTc pdniv 

1109. 'AXcft^yifyf A<^ ;*^fll^ ^- 
ffotriy 1188. oMy Ipyoy rapra 

1188. oMy Ipvoy 
9pi|yfc99ac fuirify Aj.889. /i^my 
^p' 4m<(C— fico/uy E. 763. o8iim 
pAriiw yr vwc Y^ ^^ fi^^v Xi- 
YMc ; 783. 4 fMKnf y iroXXi) ^oq A« 
1337. 3. uoolMuly, with an impli- 
cation of imprudtnico; e6 y^ 8»- 
caioy ^ ro^c itaco^ pdriiv yp9«^ 
rode yo/iAC«v R* 609. rd 8i ^^Olyra 
/SovXov piilk lUfivSjoGat udrtiv 1057. 
A fii fpovf ydp ob fikm Xlyiiy fU»* 
rijy 1530. iroXXac 8* dniXal — 
pdrtiv — 9v^^ carnvilX^tfay C. 
664. 4 /i4&rify— oot oeccl XiXfyOot 
1038. ri iti pdrti¥ cofircTy; 1150. 
«C ~~ Tdit iuivwiipu pdr9i¥ £. 
1383. 8. roOdy^ idly, with an 
implication of wrong; 8/3p«(v ol 
woXXwy vwfpwXqffOf |i^ray R. 874* 
woXXdyydp futray wqfiar«#y Isyov* 
ftiyMy C. 1563. 4. faluly, or 
protondodly ; Xiyoyrcc ffr^ ^i|9Sc« 
iir^ ap' oi^y /i^nfy P. 848. X^ry 
pt&rqy Oyq^ffoyrac E. 68. •#( fir 
dry rf pini¥ XiXcy/iiyy wrivo^c 
Maxi|9 tea<«t i^ir^tf omiftict; maff 
iiuac 8' o&cir icpqCfi /tAX>i 4i« 763. 

}o< 9h¥ fidxv iopic rpowAc mara^ 
iiy¥V9i A. 670. cdv /t^xVC dyoyr* 
dwapxde Ofotffi T. 181. ^^yot ^ra.' 
(Tftc fpcc M^X^* ^ 1388. r5v ly 
8aicMC drpt9T0¥ pdxtue AJ. 858. tic 
dym¥a rtfii 9vpwtom¥ M^XVC T* 
30. 5 9jyy yyyatCi rAc |Mx<ic 'o** 
ovfU¥Oc E. 394. iy 8* l/ioi riXoc 
a^oly ylyo«ro rq^^c rqc M^XVC 
wipe C. 434. — used adrexfaially ; 
'Epmc d¥Uart ftdxav Aj. 7*77. 

I' Hdxopaif to fight I oW dpa Tptoeit^^ 
dXXd 9ol /iaxo6/u9a P. 1387. w6- 
Xi» /ftax'^ 7^ <' ^ wnpial¥U£ ifti 
C. 841. yvyalkc — wp5c d¥^p€tiQ oh 
pMxovpk¥a A. 63. ro^roic n col 
— ^XXoioi ro6n#y wXiioMy |mix^^ 
IHyoiE. 1868. 
I MiyaXi«yvyioc> ft Mmm o d ; iXXA yAp 


II ue 

ixte n(m A. 

4 tur)/tAA mi f t4 g 

Urf9f4mi atAfu^ U^n A. 12117. 

"EAmriniw Ai|Mf ^r «^*wf A. 
UtimfiUC^ 10 MfTMl, t# Ml right; 



«ttf /ii»«f R. 779. 
Milfillii, 1. act Alt, ^M^m P. 
923. Aor., 1. H^« C. 910. AJ. 
366. aor. Z /m^ P. 805. fM^t 
1284. ^#fli|rl286. /i/#ff 805. 1285. 
C. 842. A. 649. E. 440. 637. 1196. 
T. 796. ^Mam Aj. 245. P. 761. 
1232. ^U\» P. 961. 963. Aj. 479. 
|M#ff<^ E. 618. 860. /u«/vri R. 784. 
pM$iwTma 131. — 2. mid. aor., /m* 
•trraT. 196. /i/iff^if C. 1439. lu- 
6Mta«R.1269. SignificmUon, I. 
act, with or withautao accut.^ 1. 1§ 
giv€ upf U Ut g$ out of the hand ; 
/ft/6tr, fUits pM P. 805. «m tu9m 
805. u49tf w9t4 905. iJjC Is fu0i' 
mm nkf^e » iff 923. r^ /mi 
^M«rif5rAa961. /M6flrrJk TiCarav/ 
^ 963. tOBu #tf x«W 12^- •<" 
if fu$9ln^ 1286. /Uilcs x*^^ ^^ 
wmS$a$4^9MfC,942, 2. to^'vttrp 
a Uuag that it in oneli poMOBon or 
povcr; ttrpmrow ^ lu^ hf 4^ 
i/t^ Xip6s C. 910. ifU/uu •-- fnii4 

761. wmt tfnMr .— vdXt^ f u it umt 
Twni 123^ AaaA vr^tfsr — M^f 

Tin A. 649. il 84«yM|pof, hi xv^ l^^ 
iM69M Tii^ 5Adrr^ar Aj. 866. . 3. 
u giv$ «Mjf in lomng x Mr «(ptdcf 

AJ. 345. See f^ta. 4. !• fMd 

yintA, or jAm( aa an arrow; ^ 

ap^f «Mr. /M6fr BiX»$ P. 1284. 

thcDoe fli ^ <X^% (^dtf'/iara 4i^i^) 

tt7«, kmrl tkmm boik upam my fnt E. 
637* Alio Vied of vUsring woidi ; 
•2 1^ ^ u^fd pm s fvfiMiSaf tywr rf /u - 
«^« Hr A^yMT, 5Mt tkn wir§ highly 
mfimd^fir th* ajfnmt from him who 
gtt4 iMt la tik« telt B. 784. 5. I# 
/tat litM; ftMitri iim A^ytir A 
jcM^tftH hnimg gi9§m am Imm la My 
B iJb ltarr / au||*< wUk £. 618. 6. 
ia fJbM^lal^ iMm; /idlimtm m^ 
0Mtt dmifif lava #if j4 nr 5ffy«c 
ii^af«rT.79«. mSm /Or /UHu E. 


440» 7* fa lay aiiJr, la ntgUttI 
Tda6« fparr(5af M«6«<r AJ. 479. rh 
H^^iuw iu99t€m K. 860. ^ — 2^ 

rA^V|MribfraB. 181. IX.midd.. 
f Ui go, to gtv$ up ; iU9t9U t 4^* 
XaiptT60 rt C. 1439. rk yhp «a6oSr, 
Scarrat iKfu0w$4kmft oU Aa /M6f rra, 
v^ aaT Mari^ aA^ir T. 196, laa 
fro$4m, fii fi* iwaaT«^4tfVff rAa ^fir 
wpo^^hmf Ifioifiuf lUo^dif) luBMatf 
deprivo mo fut of lh§ Jiry rf thy eouff 
laaaaM, §o thmt J giwo it up E. 1269, 
whera Karc it ta la iindcittood be- 
fore /M6«allai. 

MM$l0rntiif to tran^or, to romooii ltd 
99 9alfwif§s i4aav fwi a i w ^ a 'tiar, aa^ 
Biay thi godtfroo thoofrom ihy diumto 
P.* 461. the aecond aoriit hai a 
neutral force t Morirratt kwSfitiBu 
removi^ doport C. 160. in rMarriaaa 
a^Aaa lU^x«f fMraar^ AJ. 737. , 

M^, uaMixfd wiNa; foiU wpo0f4pHif 
fi4$» C. 482, 

M«6^f^«r, 1. honoJUf! ra) a5> 
a^ri xfi^^''^ ▼^ fu96grtpoif P, 
1118. 2. laaiafffj 4v #y* jm6^ 
arcpar, W' ala^ Afff«H ^ /i^Virra^ 
IpriiyiaiT. 707. 

MfiX(x<as, homiodf ttmtriip punkxx^ 
wormf ftifwri 0wrp4x9% C* 157. 

Mffi^iwf, Ia0 lilllf f ol p^ toad ri fMi- 
4M»f tx^u^t witft J tppooT to you too 
dogrodod C. 104. 

U^tpipm, to bo mUottod^ U ho doeretd hy 
J'mto ; raiaSr^ f^P^" v^ 9tfiv f(^ap- 
pJtm rwf 'HpoMxJmif |«T«Xcvraa6ai 
«'4mm', ftidk liUff^ &a faitf, wcra da- 
CTMd la te (ik« eoneiution ^ tho tobouto 

rfHonuUtt. lea, 

^^arra C. 6. fpoaSov 7^ 48f ^^ 
aaaav /itCiir kSjos AJ. 257« aM^ llpya 
pMtm .x*V^ bfiUcos ^'f' AJ* 434* 
2. of afa, youngtr; X^J^ ndfrnf 
aol XP^ poUnfjoyAs C. 875. 

MtAaTxo^'^f ikasm 5(Bcfc Aatr, daW^ 
eootods pokayxdru •* ipptyd Ma 
a2K(<«« — a^rrpa T. 834. SeaAla/CM. 

MtAdTx*^^* dippid fa 5AmA afaani| 
uu^iitYxikmn kit T. 570. 

M4Xa6por, 1. aa obodt ganerallj; 
rm^ UpMKUpmf P. 147* pikoBpo^ 
t^yi^paifar ^laf 1439. 2. poUrmml 
mansions aaaAa IT tit pdkoSpu aA 
wdpffftts P. 1414. 8. a AaiiM, a 
aiaaJMn ; rrAt I* Mp pthdBpmif A« 
117. tff aa itAff mjpaur ^ rf r y a 

Mtkaiimf to bUuktni poK su 4 h F dpm» 
this goro Uoekonod Ai.902, 

Uthdp^v9ikoSf hovJMg dark laaad^ lAady ; 
y^pthipfokXtt 6.499. 

uAiut h pioptrijr Madk; H ffav 


XffiMH^jr iyif riiifV U fuXmUi^t Vf** 
0aXXofuu rptx^ A. lOUO. X Aiiy 
dark colour | Mr dXuoroff fiukii 1 . 

^Wt&9i nihW fM¥Ot Al. ISOh /«/- 
AiumI / <U^otf Tiff wup4fft^w wMt 
tdfwffttyiif ^^ P. 813. tt4kttt V 
/9^ff xo^Cv' ol/iatmlf (d^Mtr^f r*) 
fr^)7«ro R. 1278. /a^)Ui»^ t* tfr- 
rpmif ^cX/Xoflrtr <A^^^ E. 19. ii^ 
Aar 1^ 'AiSi^f rrfPB)fyMSr mU yiou 
wkevrt{9Tm R.29. 
MiXcof, wntektdt mtifr«U#; /i/Xfof 
ficX^ vudl XiVM^'M' R* 479. KXX' 
44 tAt /tiX^ C. 241. «irA M 
TCic4/iffyiM fJktoi fuKitof w4lkaf xXoor 
A. 965. A /t/AMf 1804. Aim fU- 
ktat 1822. f;iM ^ ^w fUKtat T. 
968. 4 puMa r^vxi P. 706. to9 
voTf Tf ^o^ici tf'iroiw/lov fidktas w69w 
AvISm; 1080. TJbf ^i^ ^X/wrpo- 
^ nil. M M<X/v /Mp«ff KirXrror 

— x4p(<' ii^tt 991. rlby /iAc«r ^(> 
rof 1032. AfiXa viy' A^Umi IvtM 
HX/oiff 'Ar^(8aif Aj. 612. 

lira xA AMXtrov, mjf fmtkor^ u bthovti 
ut to oltiHd to tko withot tf tko 
eitiuHiC. 168. 
McX^, Mfi ; ete Mt 4»r o^ $oAi^ rov 
lUkfrff (vortf), «4imim>I hut bo by tko 
oaro ^tomo mm ofikogpd% P. 196. 

4^dtnn liMkhmo kfu^ fir Ir vMti £. 

M^Xitfus lJb« otjoet of oaro; m4Xm fU- 

hiysd /CM X^ywcs, Irot, r^ tf^ ^poupow 

ififM P. 150. 
M^Xifffftty homoyi 99oeroSf fiMkt^nifC* 

MtXXjyi^f, about to bo wumriodt bo* 

troihod ; f^t /toXKoydfrny raXSbot — 

'Arrry^ff A. 624. 
MiXA^ni/ii^ff, a5mil to boeomo a brido ; 

rAcior if^fpor — t$s /mXXm^/i^ov A. 

629. 4/MXA^;i^f, ^y 84 Mij«t 4p- 

Wiwy fn« akarf^ T. 206. 
MAXm, 1. 10 fr« a6M«t 10 do; — 

Ebp{rrov v^Xiy hrtffrpart^ur airiiff 1^ 

M^XXciir Iri T. 75. lUxXom t mlrf 

— ro^x'^ ff^ayiis ie^w( — 1k«r0 753. 
lUxXmr ybp ale) 8/Nir ri rkt o9aaa ri 
/toy iral t^ iiroCaat iXMiias hi^Ooptr 
£• 297. ct /iM rJ^ «rjk iUXkoi rif of- 
#•11^ 8m^ If tiUt rfir xXi8^ 852. 
/iAAmio'i 7y r« — Irrwte w4fti^iM, 
Ma fiii «w 4X(Mf ^^not «]po^^i 
87 1 « T^nuy W /UxXfiff ao/U(tm b^/utr 
rMT km; B. 678. nX«ir 9* W ^ 
fidKkao ^pMnfir c? |»yi^porr^ aibrait 
dUfC.1681. ZpdtrmKmirilboKtiwd^e 
kaW %9 fUkioi wpdimu^ wp^^opa 
1771. ir^oim H mte^i /i&X« A. 



930. i /i^AXMir tf«ff 0. 1688. ibro- 
^f iv' OM0 fyx^^ ▼^ /UxXm^ a. 
858. t4 t' lr«iTa iral rb pJkXnf jcal 
r^ v^ 607. fUxXoimt rowrm A. 
1315. rl t^r oSir /aAXm^ •M«lf 
i^pi T. 1260. oM«lf /Mbrif tAv 
/MXX^rr«r AJ. 1399. 2. to pier. 
IWM, 10 Jkaw dittrwUmtd ; St ^ obit 
I/mXAmt Vf * rdXat^ XW^iv •iS^orv 
P. 1072. V^f* Sr ^lyyiyTA i P inrmMdr 
AmXAm^ waripa r^ '/Mir; R. 967. 
««iXX«f, rdkat, fyaWof xfSy^ »» iff 
M* HoifCvow Koitkr ftoSpa/f A.908. -* 
At XP^ IImXX' ^ *£imif jmI ifliMAir 
Ato^m; 1006. Aff # TfX«vH^ 
rov /Km /aAXci rokou^p 4 —- A^tror 
c&aifii^ txouf T. 79. W>Jip — 6H- 
^Mir 5 iAkkmf t«9 x^mw Wjp8of 
^pM; S. 1470. Irrw r^ iUXko9 P. 
1238. 8. la 50 oertuimly about to 
ba^pon^ or I0 do anything that muil 
happen or be done; i^otMa ydp ww 
wamU bp Klyoo kokov ykA^^ 9fWrni 
irol wofoopyUu^ 5^' <r /aiib^r bUcatoi^ 
^ /UXXffi womr P. 407. (mXp 
Xf (ee. oSm yopMm) 444. Am 
tutarm ft4kKm robs fyrOrrat iKfv¥oaf 
481. roMf 4y^ acifXiSa fotrina 
ifikp bfdoTi IjucXXer tfAtioauf roCroos 
bpw I R. 1385. ^. r( r 0^ ^mXp 
Xor I A. 444. roirmr iyit oba AacX* 
Xor ^' ir #f oFtfi riv 86n|r 8ir«r 
454. f I pBr 'Ax<XX«^ — ic^iy I- 
/mXX0 irpcvrer 5pirrt(at rivi, aim tfr 
Ttt «l^' l/M^r KXXoff— Ai. 438. 

#tff — 5AA' If ff5A^« Kw^t l/MXXe 
ypwr0f aU/«a K0VAMIV 1266. efa IJmX* 
Xff TM^ ftoi btvoof 86n|r ; S. 52^ 
4. <0 dtf/oy; ab/U rm rubr^ wer^ 
M«i bpmrra aob /UkXon^ fri P. 1240. 
M9 f^ XP^f'iM /UfXX«r« wpdatnw 1435. 
/uwpa AiAXfTov- 5XXA T^xw* C. 219. 
fpbovo'v ^ lUXKmfai ; 1076. W /«4^. 
Xflyitr x^»^i 1<>23. rl 89t« mAu 
Xoi$ i A. 495. W 8i|T« /UXXfi /4 eA 
va^iwCar Hx^w; Aj. 536. Tee m»- 
feyy^rov ri ^f » 4tomf it /ilXXorrer ; 
£. 310. At T^ /Ur /i^^Xfir mw^ ^ 

TO»T0l0^TMf '0T{ £. 1829. 

N^f, a m0iini/iil <lratii; /Jefirree 
linff riivff Mntemo9 /UKom Aj. 955* 
See *Eiria'Kovoff. 

M4x« and fUkofuu^ to bo an oiffoct af 
oaro or concom : 1. llie active 
form generally hai an impenonal 
signification ; the object of care be* 
ing exprened in the nominative or 
genitive caee, and the peieon con* 
oemed in the dative; Hoirw c2 
bUais lUkH P. 1025. tioilba r^ dn 
/UXfi 70 1026. itel 7^ 410I revve 
lUkumi. frdr iKwpS^fidKuIL 
877. 0$ fm fubMii^ bxxk 

Irrw fUKMf C 659. tHitai ri ffiMdny 
^i£Ur v44«i E. 451. 4mI ^ 4r 
ittf Crrai /•l^«lml C. 143S, /UMi 
>^ tApT tviat x^ ^liMir A. 1310. 

▲J. i74« yfiv yV ^'^ #ii<^i x<lf*w^<*< 
686. T«M #^ ^ir lf<«ir 4r H^ 
MiMfylt^Wff •lr/UXfi969,70. Sfii^ 
#i .-. m«i4v AcX{|96Hiy Tff M Tiirrv^ 
m pJJiM» £• 334. At ^liXiml roi 
fiiUir ^Mu £. 1488. Il bean ako 
Um ■(gmficatioii of • inui impot$d ; 
sfdir^t 8*, 8ry Mpirw iUXmi^ wapifiarw 
Mtifi f WXm, Ant fewfry (• ipAmu*- 
Mir |mMr <« tiilraiil«rf,niut uH im Any 
tMjr k§ trmmtgrmmi A. 868. 3. In 
Um niddl* or d«ponential fonn it it 
mod both pergonal ly and impcnon- 
ally; «&r ^im /UJi99$m E. 1466. 
rk AMvd /wv /UX«v 8iiHi(i#ff C. 1140. 
Tril^licMitbT^Aj. 1168. #«ir 
48f T^ #^ /tMkMm fim^l ffouf^^m 
Xpi9S E. 74. TAa^oT 8r fiiXMi' ^mI 
i486. rdSff /i^ fx^lMi^ ^^ U/tM^ 
vditUidksfuv hf 4kwU» T. 947. 
MMforrhf l,U bt MMi«tf, or fmmd 
fnlt mtk; Mh #^ fufmh^ iMlf 
Ar ^^2ff 4i«f C. 1040. 3. in • 
tnuiBtivo senfe i «fTi r^^i^T^Mp) 

i^ i 8lni« Mv^ AaitfrMi^ pomtatd 
wUk thu tfiiMMT. 446. 

imd fmult wUkg VyV 444* dk 
44r B. 887. •6m' iymyt — /i«^ 
^4'^*^**^ ^ Mmi^fr 806, mo «mU 
^iipu. aAx IrV 4v«SNr — jb>4|^yiir 
fiUm ~^MM/t/ffatta$pf A» 1149. awA /U/*- 
fii xpMpy yiiMual rfSi T. 470. tad 
pa A^^ •m^trwniwm li^p^p B. 

llA4tft8/«JM>, npncdk; ml« 4€9 tfrmt 
ifikir ^(Mff 8ir Mk pdfgkof i2t 4U P. 

lUr, oonjaiiclaoii, imimi^ im truik^ truly ; 
aomcttmoB tiaed aa a paiCide or as* 

llfp£UMffaiidMivAMff,JI«N«/aM«; 8AX' 
Ai^ 88tA^ 89rm MfWXM imudif 
E. 837. «iB<li«r »Mm wmpttn, M«- 
WXmp r Anir; 888. t$y9W avHk* 
Wgcl Mo^^XMi x^ ^86. M«y^XMt» 
A 8^ TA4t vAmt IrrtO^Mr Aj. 
1024. UtPJfimt^ /4 yw i ytnr faaoi <^ « 
•ttfdff 1070. 'At^m^imt, ik ll«yi)UH« 
«At 8r 8i^ 4iM P. 788. 

IbiMtiiiy I fffw ac fi it, frthar of Creon ; 
Kp4m^ 8 MnwcAif A. 186. ml M*- 
m t M 4m » lHwr311. 1088, wm Ham- 
mitu B. 88. A vw MiVMcAM 1808. 


la JaHW mgtriff; ri 
f wkti k k$ mgtrfirf AJ. 

MAvr, /mwt, tinngtk, might, fir^tff ; 
•0n» rfif /laiiar 8cii^ ^vatfrd^ci dv- 
dtlp^ T9 tUiw A. 960. v/Af r«i?ra 
inrMy 8fji&r c|%f tOnt AJ. 1048. 
4fA #iAwff VF^Wor £. 600. T^p 

ldm§ AJ. 1 39i 
MAwy 1. la rfMaia in any plaoo; 


;av P. 128. idp^tf i^pwiuw 799. 

. /i«9f4f j 799. ^ijMAAtf (x<^ 
vCrriv) ^ptor 802. lubwn^ vp^r 
6f«p 1170. 8^8airraf aai liimtrn lai^ 
r9fw 1288. MiMr 4r 2ir^ /UMir 
1384. /MaM9 B. 487. M<i^ 8^ff 
1291. a&raS /U/ aSn^ ffd^r 
C 77. rX^^iMTy fMMa «8; A. 
229. dXA' Mor d^tlrw mAwv Aj. 76. 
4f^ fi^ l^f I Ta9rar «t 34^iav' Z*^ 
Mir 80. /U/ At aifta Ixm^ 87* M^ 
na^' dr 88. «atf /mASt /Mr6; 899. 
6^11 ^(m^F a^av — { E. 81. X 
la rmaia Jlriii, la ilaad aaa*f grmad 
in batUa ; 8cf^s t^ Ir A^ xf't*^ ** 
|Urf IF 8(«uar gAyl^F myaardTiiF A. 
667. 8. la raaiaia Ibr aaj timat 
la w&h, la larry : of A Vf^on i wf^ 

8^ fttiimfr^ ^ XP^if^ ro^wrw 1064. 
WM >di^ /UPU9 ^d8tffiaff— ; £.946. 
draft raia^ imr 8ir alfiaar /iA^iF 
1018. #89 Mca /4i«v — ddi^Mrraf 
^FciT. 48. Ofathiqgt tbrtr^ 
^IXar raaaa^ 8«aMryAr i^fXf & /9«v- 
A4'ayMu, At aXhf w /laiwiSrrB AJ. 667* 

v^aafiA^f /MM! P. 884. 4. la ra- 
mmin in any aUto or condition, la 
aMtfa, la canliaMa | of a paiaon | 
rjkff ih htUrnnf a8 /mmi ratdrS* 8^ 
B. 298. At a6f^ 8r 8f rfir rd|«TM 
aal $pUmn iru lubmw^ adr^ 8f 4^ 
|€Xi|lLv«Af Wxar H^dai vaf' oSitf C. 
427. 1^ rai« fff&wF Iri nuSar ^ 
MFTiar 4fari9oa ^pn^^mrw A. 169* 
«f /M xy^ /lAmr -«- ivr^fimiknpf T. 
175. Of a thing; dXis — foWw, 
M* ftuietr, oM /ilMir B. 686. a8 
7«|p w* "* |iA^i Fafif raSk aacAr 
v^daaawrir, dAX' 4|laTara« A. 889. 
liVrfi 78^ adf' tUkm N^ /a^MTir T. 
131. 8« la avail; cw ra /Uvti 
w84a8a« ««i8W 8^a#apar drar AJ. 
628. «l 8) |i4, ^fA ^ dyA Ml ^p#f y 
Ard^aSaialaafl^iVi^T. 1191. dXXd 
vai 6afir hflk ftMNii a* driat^raFni 
1280. 6L tt aadiira, la akidi} ad 
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IXfiFifif A8< v)^ «4|i0ni /Mdwi P. 889. 
M^Jp^una, aarr, muitty; wa(at ftapifu^ 
r^St l a aar p afi b Adyatr; B. 728. 
Twr lOr V^Mir ^at ^m — wWai|| 
^yy w a r 1460. dfaaaiai d A y MW idr a t 



'Mt^VmdM, to medUai§i tpynr ftMptfbfUtf 
VOMIT, i filof rtra ; R. 1134. 

UMpiwii, Mtrop§i fiimip M Mfp^ 
Amplt R. 775 Mf^f. — TUkiffiot 
lit 4tL9i lUru, 990. 

M^Mt, a «Aar«, lot, partim, fwit; df 
hfwXks ^lUpas ^po9 fipayjif Ui /mm 
awuriv P. 83* fioflSa fUpos P. SOS. 
tl — Uiftarit y Ixct m4>0« I^ ^^' 
taru rov irXiMwi /U^ur Xp^Cfi C 
1213. Ix*^^ iC0iMtf farftroii M^' 

^UiX^v'*"' ^* «ai8<£ov rpo^ff 908. 
f«»t Xdfip — ^porr(Bof ^pof T. 148. 
r^/i^ov WBTptov xoir^ ff2\iix^' M^' 
£. 1124. t4 r AXXa «rp^, ffo6 m- 
/&ff< ro^^r ^por T. 1205. rodyi^ <v 
a/uKpf fUpot woio6fU90i P. 496. — 
nCrrwir ^p^biovt , vX^r S^or r^ ff^r 
/a/mi R. 1509. pMt fty 4^ r^. chv 
iJpot C. 1368. o0r« *^ Ijfin tuX 
SojcM, T^ tf^ /Upof A. 1049. 
Mctf^Ofi^ciX0f, in tA« antf of tU novtl^ 
antral; T^/ic^^/A^oXa yos &iroM^^ 
fttw fuunrwi R. 840. 
Microf, midi{<tf ; 1. of places t m^ 
0i}y Arfngt — ^MnAtrSfTOi R. 812. 
§dtiuA lU^voM dxTUfa C. 1249. 4v 
§J$4pi pAff^ mrkmi — Wow jk^kXos 
A. 412. vwXoi Zurrdf/tflw ia yAffw 
9p6tio¥ £. 738. ivfUffott ipKvffrdrois 
wiwrwca 1468. wp6t ft4ep Tpaxofimp 
iryoft^ T. S70. i¥ fJirp rpaxa4mif 
iyo(4 428. W iiir ^^y v^/iy 561. 
IjJffffa^ MnklZa wip Xifuw 632. ^r 
/U^y ^X4^ 698. 4w fU^ ^tid^i 
B4mt ff^ 800. wBiCr^ h lUaotaiM 
tinmrmpUu 914. fUffoif wpo^itoMt¥ 
ffrpttfHrpoit Aj. 708. HloMt /Jtf^of 
ymf £. 785. 4^mv wXwptut lUaffow 
?yX0f A. 1221. 2. of tho body, 
or iU parti; idvo9 «4pa latkfRt 
K4»rpotai funt KofiUm R. SOS. (ipA- 
fwy) A/4^ fi^^tfp wtpanrii woovmU 
IM¥0¥ A. 1208. lUffwt Kfmt liar 
cwap4ms T. 778. 3. of a number 
of penons or thingi: iv 'XpytUti 
fJaots P. 626. 4¥ fJffoa fiaroti Vk- 
SiMOK/cif^iir — #tuef« Aj. 317. icoUov 
TJAor uptmipos <— A^' el /Uref er&f 
TOO re Oopiic(ov whpov KoiX^g V Ax^P* 
Sov 0. 1691. Used advorbially^; 
fit fUao^ and ^y /Jv^ P. 605. T. 
612. 613. Aj. 1264. C. 689. £. 

U§^r6f, ftUlf tatiatid ; ktfW #89 /ao- 
OT^r 4*^ Bufiodiitms C* 772. 

Msrr^ Ie>'i4 ; i/um^ a*^ ■'^ 
A. 4^6. «8r ^MtfTi^ MfM' KT^iroii 
ffpenirfiir 6»A«ir»r £. 703. vjpb'VySff 
««j«^ puHrrim A. 280. 

Nfiniy !• a pvspositioa gOTeming a 


genitiTe case, botweom^ wth; once 
with a dative, KpmrmuSt firrik x*P^^ 
IffX^ P* ^0^7. 2. Used adTer- 
bially ; ¥M¥ fie n^ mffiXorriXy 
/Ura P. 343. 
3. M^ for fUro^i — - ifimif fC ^tpyw 

fjra A. 48. 
MoTu0d?Jimt to ehMgis rlr o3y &y dflcr 
— /AtroiSdXoit^ 3r Ms tffeydkr A^ytir; 
£. 1253. 
MtrvyryMS^Kw, lo ekangi onoU mnd, 
to roiint } o&row &t^i ital/MnrvMi* 
y«i riUiy; P. 1254. T. For Aj. 704, 
see furtufoyiyi^Km, 
MMTdr^mtu rtpoMtane$; pJi w^/tm wmnf 

Kol furiyrouuf rtBft EL 571. 
M«T<(3/M/iot, jMnuiogt avonging; «ar> 
ovpynjiirtHf fi/rrHpoftM irwfff £. 1379. 
MfToiriof, 01M vJb u to 6(a}iis; rivU 
yito luroiryuf fi^MT — C^atf ToSBf 
rov Miaovs T. 260. ff lurutri^ rev 
/&i|3iy ol^xp'v fHfS* <fiol Koicov nuvs 
447. If f»oi /nrrpi ^ tfoMi^ yubni fM> 
rolrtof 1224. 
NrroXAoy^, eAaiif«; KXAm V 4w /m- 
ToAXoYf voXvfiiix^Iysv M^f ip4ff^otf 
bu change of mostf ri tJbou arl lieadiftt 
6^ an artful man P. 1119. 
MtrflMryiTMS^aMi, lo s^n^s eas*! p«rw 
jmm; ff^rtfy ^dAvTMrA&f fMnve- 
yniff«i| 9iyiOv r' 'ArpffSwf Aj. 704. 
Mrroytoiiifu, to romove from on§ plaea to 
anothori p^ S^r^ Huafim tfiol wt- 
tfTffvtf'as firraim/^rdt G. 172. 
Mfra{6, MfanioMIs; t& 34 fural^h re^ 

TMir fuiScyidr ylyiwf xaiUt C. 292. 
Mcn^iof. a/^f raiad up; Irrore 
7^^ y^SovSc ml furJip^ios T. 783. 
furdpatM x^^ Simnri^orro A. 996. 
Mtram«#, fo draw atido; rfir t^ a^t 
— vcipd /cffTwnray ^a\i|^ fiokkm&s 
ktymv C. 778. 
MflraoTo^if, ekangt; kXk* clki 9vfif 

md turdrroifuf mSov A* 714. 
MfraT(9i|/u, lo trantpo$§ ; r^ acdwr «a- 

ic^ r^ K^pSos punaxiBfyiOfot P. 61 1. 
Mrra^^ptf, to traaf^or, to dbai^soaa^ 
mind; ol aol mUir yvAiu^ /isref- 
0*111 P. 950. 
M^ff^AtS l«/ni^w« to puriiM ; f I 7^^ m' 
&«^ci, tf^ aaa^ A^^TMf avUir S. 42ii2. 
Aiini — fUrtt/ruf o5 /mu^ xP^**** ^ 
Uirotfu^ to U wltik, to kawo a lAars of. 
to bolong to ; aj^ w6KMmt lUroOTat, 
o6xl^«)fi^R«630. ^^nviislo*^ 
^lor oMir vXlsr /im tf'oo fUro^riw 4^ 
^af C 574. 2r o§ro #m fnhowrtp 
o0r« Toiff Ibw 9MSny A. 1059. •& 
/Atrnr aMSn r^y 7* M' «T«i>«r E. 
McW^X^^Mu, ieeosM aftor; iMd^futni/t 

«aiaiAerWXi|f /lira P • 348. 
McT^C^'t t« lAan^ te jiartistpati img 


UmJL 1159. fihrm^ rMtkA fu^ 
ruxitnff B. 14^ nX wh t«SI< tw 
riiim fV«iff ^i&fmrxfiif A. 531. 4 

Www; P. 848. One* with an 

aeeas^ tmSi^ Ax^Si x4^ l""^ 

irX^Vtt nff ۥ 1460. 
HUnudm^ mhod$ with 9iktr$s fi^nudn 

y«&rv^lUwm^ffy«i A. 861. 
MtfrMBtf 9 « jlrMftTy MM wk9 Jam ku 

«Mf At • fm^p «MMilr3f ; •< ^ 

M v« M<X l«^C. 636. (^MfA^ 
li/fnmm B. 433. opMed ^yytyt? 
etfafy. 9^ Ir fiptroa 9/8t9 9§itptS9i 
pukiKm^ 9^ (vriy «A 9tami€w A. 
843. v^ cif IT fyJ^ ^i^rMMt 1^ 

rMm^pmlitrmrdku; P. 1174. 

v4 mCkm rt0x4p«ifT« AJ. 3. /MM^ 
TCAMffv' hFpurr^ilhlaf Xf^"^ it. 361. 

rf«mf ffM^ fuUmgis MmpUCi P. 

It M TfU m 99pti$, utmding tks amm C« 

1314. iJik' kwh rAf M^pUt^ it/ i^ 
X»«r IX7M M rrWxMva 6i4)Ulwrw, 
bmi Jhm modtrmU t§ irtmtdukU 
gritflhmt, wt dtUvw^tig tkyM' by 
. €0mtimmml grtnimgi E. 136. 2 6^ 

M0FA79. i-^i-r- 

r^nt ifit: E. S36. 
MirMrar, tksfinkmd; ir 6» ^cr^ 
mr iA/frni vA^MMmi T. 316. 

Mxf^h ^uiii^S Acp^ inrx*^ cfxP'^^ 
Tw «^i» iMv Aj. 368. 

M4 a BCgMiTt partiele ; asl, lot. 

M^S^4» IMC ai cOy ly M 


M^Sfa, aMMt a«( MWf a« mm, nMiug. 
Mffiyiai, !• tffviit, fa «9a<riMy l» 3«lt- 

3ml«; firritlff ^caa^MMrP.llOl. 

Itf"^ 4iara^44aarall34. adt 

J^4anra — 6ib«rHrT.881« W 

Hi|iNnt as 

li9«i^ 1* IfiyfA; i9 /4mi xH*^ 
T. 66. if n /4aw vAa A^yvr Mw 
vAiir C. 1141. 4m4 iim^ lik ^4aM, 
3aU arfaiMia A. 443. 3. M^ni- 
te^; 4 YM Airte aak aa*' ik^^ 


a^ir Kty9¥9 E. 1476. /aia^ A^ 
yor a 1133. inwra fMMia /m|6A 
fufirmir Ma 460. 
MaAiir, HfcOsa ; MipAa(8«r Nv/i^ P. 

Ma^M^t, Jl«li«a; MaXidv laaf Xitft 
T. 193. T^Ma^ja tUUi^ntvUifT. 4. 
M«Aif, JfWica ; Ui^iJU wAa Ai|ii«a T. 

MiAMTy aa appit frit; vAa yif wr imif 

t ^i m nw iKljkmf ^Ahum T. 1090. 
M^Asa, 4A«ip; A«^Ma4| a«if ^i^Aar 
Aj. 397. vpAt a4^ aai aa^iMU aiaci^ 
MaAga^ ay /a^ f« merUUt ttrnp; /ar- 
Kta^tpjfu inS^uf iift^ lipk rtSt 
0tmiplots E. 2!2, 
Mir« • ia«aiA ; •/ 6) aayyians ^W' 
ftf iiMp^ Kmi iniyw Mfurnf B. 1063. 
Mi Mtf i^t A. 604. vA46ffi aaA* 
Afia ^aawr P. 713. 6^ pJ^mi vfin 
JUOMt w4m T. 43. 
M^r, ta^Mtf, {a Iraf A, arUiniy. 
Marif, irt, avalA; 6/af 'Awaf /dim 
Aj.744. mW^Sc^mtC. 1330. Aj. 
641. Iiaa aar^ fofifur roa4ii6« a]pi(i)^ 
/laraf ar^aaf Ix"* E. 699. 
Mfy^i^ to bi angty^ to 3« tnragid: OfoSr 
^ Td[>^ 6a ri laiifUmw %U yift a4- 
Aai C. 969. M 6 /ii|r(tfif fpina i 
1376. aarpl /oiHaat f4MaA.1163. 
ffyav r fcari tafiSf laiA^ut T. 379- 
aAa TMlf /Mii4aara Aar^ a^ E. 
Maa^ to irndkuUf to aanaaact, to rf#- 
ctort; a«(#a y^ M^t r^rit /iarW« 
r4xar; R. 103* TMMf — aaASIa 
/oirarar 44r 1364. t4 tm aaa«f 
ffdpq^ l(r>« tf Aiyv /a|r4ffra< C 
Mfaarf. a«C «l aay |iiw« 
Ma^Mf atC 3^* 

Mi|^» fib fiUf i^a« of a victim 
oflRerad in Mciificai /AvWra «aa^ 
laipitMf A. 993. 16 idxH^Ttu ^- AirAt 
#ri 6M1 an^ 4yifir flM fii|f(ia' fA^ 
Miiptfsy f3« lAi^A; ttmrmffmu faiptH 

aaAaarr^f 4{tefjvfa a^ifA^t A. 996. 
Ml(rff, utiiktr^ a«r. 
Minip, a a ufW . 
Mara, a cititoa, a plia ; rihi3t/i9rar 

^H^aiia A. 139. 
Uwrp4$9Pf fnim tk$ motkgr's tid^; f 
tafrp6$i9 — fcWwya kUrf iwKif 
ata; 0.331. 
MarpJaaAtt, a wttUnreiiy: AfVf hfP 
imrpomikti Tf6f Mfdrumtf O. 711. 
Baincar forrpHnkm e4a>a A. 1109. 
Ilarpf0% wclfraal; iKm^mir — Ifpta- 
pm U r9 Mtk rinmrn B. 1336. a»- 
vpipa aal / a r r yya ai^iara C. 1198. 
3)fMr tV 6A;Caff ii'^tiawi W Ui rp4- 
fiar^ir ^^ tr; Tf813. Wy^piiiriia 

1 1 



— fiiirpifov X^iM £.1417. uS» fMi- 
rp^i Xicrpwv dras A. 865. 

Htixav6m, to pUiu, to cohiHm; rA 
wdyr' dtl — AvB/mwowt fifix^vw 
Btoie AJ. 1016. fUfitivdiniTtu robp* 
yov T. 683. rwoT hv lUpwmv 
rdXae i/ii|xavi2>M9y P. 295. x**^' 
ravT^kfiilXavA C. 1050. 

M^x^*^* "*> orri/Sciy a esiitriMiiev; 
cpariZ ik fifiX^^^h AypaiiKov 9iip6c 

A. 548. woloic ivlvcoi r^v5< ^i|« 
Xavaie wiwXop; T.771. ii^yvx^Mp 
/laxavalc Aj. 181. 'OpitfTQv — /19- 
Xttviun fdp Bav6vrat vvv 51 /tq- 
Xavaic o%cmopkvov £. 1220. 

^VX^i'VM''' *" art^cij a eontripauoi; 

tiawb xavT6{ &v ^putv XSyov 5*- 

Koiov fttixdviifta wousiXov C. 766. 
M^Xat'^'Ci /m/^ e^ arl{/Kc<, jftfriil* in 

upidUntti ffo^ov r« r5 fi$ix^^^ 

rlxvac — fx*»»' A. 862. 
Mnxavo^^dfoc, a contrivor of fhU; 

u^cJC ftdyov rotSySi utix^tvo^pAfov 

B. 587. 

IfialvM, to conloiiinial*, ttf polUit§ ; 
wooaOiv alfian vinl uiaiBiic C. 
1376. Ofo^c /Aui'Vciv 00 ric^y^pt^ 
vwvaOiVfft A. 1031. 

Muii^^voc» Uood'itainid ; fuaif6vwf 
y&fititv AuiXXrifiara E. 485. 

Miap6c^ vnckid; A fuaolbiv ifioQ A. 
742. 4 5' ad fita^ fip&t%t, T. 985. 

II laff/ia, a dtfiUmtnt^ a fw/Zttfion; 
Ap9ai5l fray fiiavua roif riOvqctfroc 
K. 515. 4 114 ftlaefia tmv fvrw* 
a&vTi^v Xdpffs; 1012. waiVavrrc 
re cal wXtiyivrtc aMxitpi 9hv 
fudffiiori A. 172. 8irwc fi^a<r/ia iraa' 
vriff^vyy irAic 772. fUaofta rovro 
^4 fp^'9C 1029. ftiaofia YJupaQt 
i»Q rtQpaiiukvov x^^^^ iy ryj .iAaif* 
vfiy B. 97. Mc iitd^itaroQ rovi* 

IftaffTMp, 1. oii« wAo dtjilft,m d«- 
JfJer; mc 5yri yric r^ffd* dyoffiy 
fiidcTopi B. 555. ware rf fudcropi 
KvvtOTi E.267. 2. anaMif^fr p^ 
jtoliutioH ; 8y ('Of>l<rri|y) iroXXa ^q 
ui 904 Tf^ftiv lu&ttTOpa iirsri^aw 
£. 595. 

Mi'yyv/ii and i^ivyu^ 1. 10 mix, 10 
Min^tf, to tngttgo in c0m<wI; iii|y 
oOi itimv ivdp&v T&x iiriffrpo^ai 
rhv xA^^av 'A/>|| /il^ov^ty C. 
1051. ri ydp Ppormw Ay tf^y ca- 
co7c fUfuyfuyuv OyqvMiy 6 ^ilXXwy 

liTtf^'l lAtfH/d A« rf wtortoU involvid in 
miffortunii^ lAal ti mbout to dig, gain 
hf dMloy £» 1477. 2. U A«m in- 
MrconfM wUk ; itc fnirpl p\p XP*^'! 
fu mxfiiivai B. 791. XPi^^ ^*7<l* 
rai n^rpl 995. 



Mmp^, nmi/i, /iu(«, triJUug, intigHiJi' 
cant; flpoyric a^rov fiucpA Xfi- 
^aya E. 1 102. (ipvic M< /•u^p^y cai 
ftiyav iuiptaay R. 1085. fAfrd ydp 
fif y<SXwy /3ac5c Api#r^ Ay koI piyoc 
^oir' vir5 futporiprnv AJ. 161. 
jh^cXnua fuxpbv atrlav 0* lr«N|iArac 

Mi/iyif'KMy 1. to nrnmbor^ to rt- 
eoiloet; irarp^wy 6pKimv /I'f^'V* 
fiiyoc T. 1215. pkiivn^ ^iroly fwrl 
*'4v X^^i' ^<'*Y Aj. 1555. Apx^c 
^i rqc fffc fitlia/i^ fUHPipfuBa B. 
49. rd 51 &9i9ivTa /SotrXov iiq5i 
/MMyn^flMMar^y B. 1057. ipdpov 
fitfiviiaBt ftn — 1401. tfov foyt^c 
lufivni^voc C. 1565. fii/iy^tfOi pov 
9ay6yroc 1^52. 2. to auiJIcf ««»- 
tion rf; M* Ay ipyq^^ify wwk £. 
565. ^yk' Ay pyifffOA P. 510. 
Ipy^ffar' oi^y 4iov n B. 564. rw' 
%py^v r&¥it pipy^ff^oi ypfi&y E. 

MivvOm, to diminitk, to becomo ci- 
Aamtot/ ; o^5' Aviryoi Kpnvat iicyv- 
9ow«r4 C. 692. 

Hiyvpopai, to ting in n pUuntivt voice; 
— ivG^ a Xiytta ptWipirac BafUlow^ 
aa futktvr' dii^My 0. 677. 

Miffju, tee/UyvvfiL 

Mmtim, to Aiito, to detotii fnffm yf /liy- 
rot x^^f^y — A. 491. 9if ii — ^ 
/itffowa iiiouQ Illy \6yip E. 349. 
piffiZ 51 Ik 'EXX^ywy orpar6c Aj, 
463. rofftfy5< pitrtly, fi^rf ri)y Jicqy 
irariiy 1514. o^ lAy pivwy cvpnc 
1324. Ifiloovv V, i/yiV 4v fumv 
ffaXdy 1526. piaoSyr' iiii^ci Aj. 
1113. "EKTopoi: iivtv fyoi fJiktgra 
fUffiiOirroc 805. 

Mto'ijpa, an object of hatred; A 5v9- 
6ioy iiioiifia E. 281. 

Mi09apyfi0, to reuive hire: 5tfoi 51 
piffOapyoiiyrf c ^i^'av v^^< A. 502. 

MiaBoCt hire, pay, rtioarrf; aal uil^v 
5 p««Wc y* oyroc A. 221. 3c — 
irorap5y Eui^yoy /Sporo^c l^oBov 
w6pivi x<ptf'v T. 557. wap^iypivottc 
fiurOotnv iipydvOeu rAit A. 294. 

Mcffoc, \, hatred; 'Api|, r5y ffA^y 
r5 5ciy5y pcffoc ip/3c^Xnc5raC. 1594. 
MC — rovriay pi9oc IcciiCiuic Ay E. 
540. cMk ydp kok&c rAffx^yri fit* 
ffoc i&y riKy irpoffyiyyirai 761. 
ptff^C rf yAp roXai^y lyrirqci |M4 
1503. 2. an dneet rf hatred, m, 
detetted penon; A w[aog P. 97ft. 
Ayirf rb pi9oc A. 756. 

Mtri^qCs »aWf ^ lArwA; Pp6x^ 
fitriSki, €tv96voe KaBiifkfgi^y (<s7o> 
M<y) A. 1207. 

Myi/a, M««onr j ^lov 51 r«9 rop^yr^c 
o^ pyf(ay fx«C > E. 564. 




^l wvnvtXf fyS^otc riyy^/if yoc c^ 
juiff, krfpoQ ^vinLOta TpoUc Aj. 

^innMibv dvBptiWmy E. 1116. ol- 
|uu ^vtifuT 'Opl^rov ravra vpo^- 
MiNii rtpa 921. A a* Ay Xo/^vc 

v|>^ rvp^y l/i^y ff^futc P. 14 18. 
M a?|^ Vy nmtimkrmmet^ readUctiom ; oirx 
«»#ra 7* iivfly iy rtf vet Mv^fiifc Cliro 
R. 1131. S#«y 7f cay Iftol /iviifi^t 
tin 1239. /^vi^t^¥ wmXat&w 0mp» 
ItArmw lxM9^ 1246. Mk — dii 
v4yo» |iv4M9y ^X***' C. 610. r&v 

Aj.617. Miw if if$m nttrprnv rt 
r6i^ tt^rpumm sol jiy^MV Kwtm¥ 
Minifiorf ^«#« (• rcjMwAtr, l« rrtolii in 

«M wapi¥§0a; P. 121. o6 ^vm^ 

rf&fiC o^ffir' oMir Aj. 1252. 
MyqfMMyv mad/ml i M¥ii/im¥ 'Epipif 

Aj. 1369. 
Mv9«rif^ « wwir, « tuittr; fLv^wri^o 

jio yv ftm mrafUc T. 9. roUpc 

Mrqcric, r«M««6r«Rer, rfc«f/MCJMi ; f #• 
yt ffi/Mv /itnScny Aj. 616. §1 #06 7' 
9^ a pip aMi — Ir' icxu fkvn^Ttv 
1248. Srov 6* Awopptl /iyi|#ric f6 
mwyO^oC 619. 

M«7fA4c, wiMrc^if; 9rv7i^—- 1^ 
Mu iuj%pShf tUtmv E. 98. 

11670c* Murmi itSyoc lx<^ (/u) C. 

warp^ac 7#C Uo^roy T. 162. 
3. • Jtui tkartj to which oim is 
entitled; dy^P ^ ^ loiuy 06 
Wiuiy i/MJ fBipQvn utHpawT, 1229. 
|ii| 0m6c nfM#ync ctra ro^c 6lioic 
^oa» wouieOf fitiiap&c C. 279. 
8. lN»/MtMiM: fiiQip^ tM' ixBtoyt 
tfvyrvx^yri P. 676. e^ 7^ Mf /mn/m 
«yi4c 7i Mv vMiIv B« 376« «»c 
aMr 4Ct ^^ vp^c vai^ic iayiiy 
718. flZ /Mt Hwiin fipotm ptXpa 
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9p6c tff 6v«8aV«M MM/ifi 1302. 

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Mpi r^^gpi^roix^wi 1643. 
voir MM imImv UvMir /&v A. 887. 
4XX« |M&«^ MOiiXcy Aj. 612. 
Mutdbr liotp^tf Awupi€m¥ w^tmv 
910l |Mi|if eitf iy f«6X« M3i»- 
M9B.IO88. 4. /am; Ivfl yie 
. IWXi ^p' 'AxiXXia atvur P. 881. 
Mw6 Mir SU^ |Mif« B« 887. i 


1458. •! rt ^7pa jii) ci7x^Mf C. 
1 451. — 6rf — wpic 6iirXi|c fiotpag 
/tiav gaB* iipipav t/Xovro A. 170. 
«& yivof — vvy ei utUpa goBa^pia 
fOiyu E. 1406. k f ipxopkva p^pa 
T. 847. Ivff n luyAXn polpa m- 
plUi P. 1452. 5. plur., Motpai^ 
tktFgtit; dXX/k gdw* Uilv^ UtipiU 
pagoaimvtc i^x^ A. 974. 

UQipiitoc»faUd f pMpiSia rlmt ipx*' 
rm C. 228. i uo^pUia ric ii^actc 

MoXf7v, once used in the ftttuie tenie 1 
^oi/uBa C. 1739., in other placet 
in the eoiMt. 1. le go; oM 
a<er4ry r^d* *»( rdxoc ^oXovea Xii* 
f «C i B* 946. dXX' 6enc 6 r6wo£ 
H p69^ pckeiStvd woii C. 26. ip' 
dv TIC aitrif Topw6c iC vp*»y p/6Xoi ; 
70. mc rdxivra — uokitp — dyay» 
gdvH (nc) 901. rtf 6* — tig iir6- 
^toy wdyop uoXa^a — • lw6pivgtt¥ 
1597. irol/i6Xii/icif; 1745. o^ 9«- 
|uroy ydp Mief /loXily 1755. 6f9po 
^/leXily eoi A. 233. rdy9p6t dy* 
rioy poXaly T. 782. wot pokmy 

Siy** s Aj. 399. ed /ijy ^loAMy — 
6fimy lorn K. 39. iroS pi y^j) iio- 
Xfiv; 802. fi»; Xii99 fioX^y I^m 
1395. ^2. I0 MMf, 10 emM, le r#- 
<i«m; oS e^ iy Xtra7c eriiXairric 
U elK*'y fioXf »y P. 60. npUc 61 
/IM rl Tovroy Ic Tpolay po\tXy ; 112. 
6ir6ray6l |i6Xy 6aw5c o^iV^c 146. 
tray p6\u9iy 307* idy /<6X«* '7M 
(mv rp6c Oiraiay x^ya 477. ei#- 
r^pac — ^M^y /loXilir (ro^c 6f o^c) 
728. A Bdyart -«. e6 6vy^ p^Aiiy 

work; 787. fi' ^^ «V XP^^¥J^ 
Xwe" ixfTyoi 750, 006 |ieXi7v ^<p 
801. irpiv dp rd Tpoiac wiila — 
p6\j£ 1316. f/c Tpeiay ^oXfly 
1347. am Kaipttop pokiiy B. 35. 
ijrM /ioXmf twavod p%y 397. e-fiff 
<y /i6Xec 6i|r* — iy rdxu; 765. 
t/c o7kovc fieXiiv lOlO. ovrty' dp- 
rUfC uoXily kftipigBa 1055. A ca- 
tapTVamy pokuy; C. 71. ol pe- 
X4yr<c f/c d9^9C wf6oy 416. wffy 
6* a'ripa poXo6ea wpaCdrM ra6< 
498. dgrw gal 6opovc poXtiy 761. 
p6Xf ri 9^y fdxtu p4Xf ri 889. dp^ 
70^ poX«7y yf radt 1097. 6rfUBf 
r6y gaetyyqrop poktXp 1 186. fv6fy 
p* i^a* dyiaruny juXtiy 6 — ce/pe- 
yeC 1288. mc rdxierd poi §uXmy 
AyoKTtL — VMMvettrw 1478. gM 
Itay p^ikgt piyoc 1524. oM pe- 
X<7y el jig dyagra 1626. Vtmc 

ol pftXepy 6«ef ic 6c«|y A. 328. pe- 
Xiiir — n«pynef«v wwkp gktrhf 
1128. #61^ x^W Ami'<Z |MX«Mr 
T.894. Wr«Mfypi&i^490b 86tor 



uSkm wavdfupoc 667. x^<>*^ f^ 
MPT^ dwo 'EXkaviioc Aj. 420. wp6t 
i6uov£ /loXkip 604. TtiiKp^ ^, {fv 
l^okyt fftlfitivari uiXiiv juv ifiHv 
673. 'iKoplntv 9 ifwkp iTfXaytMv 
HC\kt¥ dva^ 'AirAXwv 689. TfO- 
tcpoy iv rix*^ ftcXiXw 791. wp, 



&¥ 1211. fUkA^ra rdvii yav 'Opiv 
rap £. 169. Urap wtp oTjcaS* Ai- 
yteOoc fdXy 878. Apmyhp tic ^X' 
Bpo^ poXilv 446. «dr' Av AfyiirOoc 
fUXy 617* ^cMffo/iai — ai^ir rivii 
/mXiiv 860. yovai — lii^f r' ^p- 
rW 1226. Arc 9fo< u* Ivmrpvvav 
/toXiXp 1266. f/c "Aidov uoktiv R. 
1372. T.4. P. 1333. 'AcHc ^fXiov 
— i^avOifc— Ai^aW ifwkp ^fl9- 
omp/ioXowa A. 106. i& nUoiroc — 
Irflrim, mc ifutXtg alavi^ rfit ya 
£• 496. iUwiera/iai fiii rov rof 
dyXaSff/Aa irXj)v Ktivov fioXttv 896. 
tA f dir' dXX69pov yviiftac fioX6vr' 
6XiOplai9i cvvaXXayali: T. 842. oOr' 
ile iXtyxov X<«p^C ovr* (pyov iioXmv 
C. 1299. von — rd Tpoia w%lia 
wopOijvai iioXwv P. 908. vol fawlv 
ain-dp ic X670VC IXOflp ftoX6pr' at" 
Tiip dwtXOitp rt C. 1 1 66. iioir6Tg 
Kpiovn cripaipH iioXmv A. 1193. 
«r(v9ov /ioXovdra rdpipSf T. 886. 
'•^ X/>4 — AioXiJvra /*' 'HpacXil Xi- 
riiv; 892. oti* dwapdlat gpdra 
piov BiXu fioXmp 1013. $pa ttoXov- 
ca rSpir UoV iwii 9po«4 Aj. 772. 
«C A crpartiyhc — poXitp aMc rt 
vA l^yoi^oc ^OiXtiodrnp Xmfitirbp 
UfiaXtip 1866. i& edpart^ Bdpart, 
wp fi* kwurKtipM paXAp AJ. 841. 
AioXic a* ip6, a 7«7' irr* airrwv 
UcXw/349i|v/MXwy P. 830. 
M6X1C, hardly^ tearcilif. 
UoXxii^ a iuM ; oh lulKwdv vhpiyyoQ 

Ixwv P. 213. 
Mo/1^4, hUmt^ eautt for emplaini ; 4 
npa — popfdp ixmp IvpoS iopdc 
Aj. low. 

Uopapxia^ monarchy, tkt govimmeni of 
out; Xafiuip — x^P'^C wovriXif 
popapxiap A, 1148. 

MdvtiAOC, emMtoNl; ird pkp Iphe Iwi- 
roXoc frc fidnpoc It. 1322. 

V^voc and povpogf a(mi«, fP^ m/y, 
oj|#, QXOMonly, 

M^pioc, an epithet of Joto, giuudian I 
of the mcrod olive tree 1 h ydp alip 
hp&p ttifttXoQ XtitQm viy Uoplov 

M^poCt \. lottfaUi rwitrmfiU" 
pop rvx«<y A. 461. KdtkwXdtm rov 
eoO ^^tf ; 660. fapnrm p6pmp 6 
K4(XXi#r' i^y ipoi rtppiap dymp 

dpipoM Sff-aroc 1311. % imth 

•ndjmlo ; iv r^ ^ Ktiaat rov p6pov 

rtKpiipiip C. 1606. fiapvaxii pip^ 

1668. jidpop KQtp6p KartipyaoavTo 

A. 66. o^ff aXv^f rov ^dpov cociv* 

row 486. dxpvptpoc rif c /icXXoya- 

/wii — pdpop 626. rii' odv 4>a 

rdd' o^K <(flraXXa{<i ^pov 765. 

woe vh i**' f*W t9avic 125^ 

yvpaiKtlop pdpop 1278. airiav yi 

rAv^i ffifffivwy 'x^*' — M^v 

1297. 6 ^krt^ 'I^mw fUpoQ T. 

356. Mitvirlr^ /fO/»y rdp piXtop 

fOloae 1031. ayyfiXov jrac — 

/Mipov r' i;*^ Aj. 836. rdp o6p mc 

ir|^/tQv p^p 976. iVMic /(iy 

Av TpovKiipt9^ nloxior^udptp 1038. 

raffc 9varo^ ff v fi^poc £. 849. ^ 

3. a In'ncf ^ WealA; pdpip d' 6roi^ 

ffftyoc wXfro C. 1662. wXdKtc Z 

ip d^ptlripl p6ptp ^pdptpai 1679. 

pdpip dk woi^ Kai oft fiovXcvii 

rravciv; 768. tM ry iidp« Cvi^ 

rpix^i T. 877. ^ *• '^ * 

Mopffi^oCf doomed^ doerud hy faU; 

H itaBtipdp dXXo irX^y r6ii^pffiP 

f«oy A. 286. '^^ 

Mop^^, jAapf, form ; vaiweX^pov r|>o. 

wwc Mop^j)v JoXMffac P. 129. ^op- 

fW « r^c ^C o^ff airfordrft iroXv 

II. 743. popfi^ caXiy C 684. 8c / 

iv rpiffiy /lopfaioiv i(|fr« irarpoc 

T. 10. dpri fiXrarric f^opfnc E. 

1148. fiopfn pdXior' tUaoTOP^ &o>-^ 

rt wpiopoc Uppupar' Ay fiXi^ttac 

T. 696. ^iiyAy ^tvdc rpo4vr<v- 

rayrcc floppy E. 192. 

Moyyof, tee utfyoc. 

MoSffa, 1. « Alutt; Mopoap yo- 
po» C. 697. fiXavXovc — Mo^tfac 
A. 964. 2. a mmi; ; a^X6c «a- 
X*»v cavax^y iirayicoiy -~ GtiaQ 
dpriXvpop uo^oac T. 640. 

**^ «***• . *• *"*»»•■» <• WMlaiji tui/ ; 
oufipoic 19X/0V ri Kavpaoi fLoxOovoa 
C. 362. 2.tmna.,rotoi7; ^iroXXd 

01) cai 9fp/t4 Kov X^w cojca 

f«ox94iraf iyii T. 1036. 

MoxOfipa, toil ; 2y ydp — rd «>dyra 
Xwa ro5r' iVoc pox^npara C. 1612. 

M0x9qpor, loi/Mimc, wectriiMM; ^ 
jdU' iy w pdxBnooc P. 264. 9 C«S 
p*op pdxBtipop £. 689. 

M4x^«C» <«'. i«6ot*r ; ijiapac ro« uox- 
60c o*x 8X»ic ^»ac P. 478. rKa" 
ump dp iyw cai fioxOof Xtafiardc 
1090. ovjc av(v p^x^ov C. 829. 5r* 
4^11 «*£( 6 uoxOoc >}v virMv 438. 
•* ydp pi p6x6v* r^a* f^Qcac ipvpo^ 
fop 1364. roic Oayovn p^x^ o^ 
wpooyiyptrai T. 1 1 63. dXXotpudx- 
Stop pppimp iytvodpiip T. 1091. 
p^x^My r&p iftormrtop ipok Xvtfiir 
rtXtioOai 1 160. Uppoooprmr |iOx* 



ai#y Jtrmv AJ. 1167. ^x^ ^' I 

rptimp roZc vxfpr^roic fipvr^ C. { 

Mv^aXl«r,irir; idtpvwifiphtkia E. 163. 
If «U«#, !• A« tecfy or iripfimgi fSvov 

nMt0at 0Tay^¥mc R. 1278. mv 

?M#a ffifcif ft^plmp A« 995. |cvi6y 

#6^ 406. 
MMpoCf kuniag ktt inn ; ifU¥ ^ 

iroi/HM m« iuPCaobQ alpttv x^P^^ ^* 


fivMv Upmwu T. 778. 
]fv6liofi4U, f» ffieflilc, te rglmtt; ^'vx^ 
Yip 9vda voXXi lUH ftuBovnimi A. 

227. iv^i^ — ^^aV '«^ Mv9o»- 
liii^Aj. 1141. rA i' dXX' Iw'AiSov 
roic K^rm uvOieofuu A), B52, x*^* 
ftv99tfic rix« ^^^- 
MvOoCf 1. « tMr^f tpaek^ « rt^Mrl ; 
w^* i fivOoc icrdb-M E. 50. mI yip 
•(22 rftv iripec/ivOop /iiri|v4'ov- 
#acT. 840. rotf^yj' Miivci liSOov 
Aj. 757. oU* ( ^vOoc <y fipaytX 
fpAmok wApi€rw C. 1577. Hy f o 
^vOot, «»C — A. 272. S^ric np 6 
fivBoCm t£Ott ttwart 1175. wpivAv 
tQp ffutrip^p itpc I^OBmp P. 1596. 
0i 3* i/iMy fM^y lwA£otwo¥ 1405. 
ofa iritf^M* rslc 'mC ft^f^otc 1488. 
|iS9m coXiSc vfirrovvvy T. 62. fii- 
Aocf y il ri wtarw^m x/mmv 67. 
riy • /liyAC Mv^ ^C<« AJ. 224. 
§1 5* vvcpoXX^iuMM cXirroiwi ic^* 

fcvc 788. ^Ai'c •'^^ v^ ^A*^ *^'< 
ItvOi^y E. 865. 2. m mpimgi oi 
yAp iw fikatc ^ fiMoc E. 829. 8. 
CMSfrif I tf ifcMirM ; #ov — Yilp /Sao- 
x(vni/«lrf7|iMMrC.lI64. 4. « 
■Mttcff, MfiM ; i/Ml /lii^ •Miic^<v90C 
— ftMf»A.ll. yvy 8* a5 riy' 4m4C 
|w9»r — v«rpl fip««#a C 358. 
HvcfMu, tho cHy Mfutu; W a\ 
M Mr#Mu yWZiy P. 825. If wc^ac 
r^ avXvxi^^t'iMPC E. 9. 


— Mvc^i/a/MyE. 157. ri)y Mvieq* 

yaJoi9«y 1451. 
Mvpi^aproc, vtnf fruitful I fuhXkla 

fiVoUKapwop C.682. 
MvpioCy iiiiiiiM«r«6/«. 
MvpriXoCt MifrtUuti 5 royri^flc 

M^tfioc, M v<iaN ; Miw<«#y Awh CfHI/i« 

yfiy Aj. 707. 
M^oCt « AtfiMtff «rlM« that requlrat 

•xpiation ; -^rov/ iiro«K<8w /ivvoc 

M tf x^9 « rrcMfy « rvltnd piac« ; r4 fop- 

fiaKoy — iy pvxoic ^wC«v T. 688. 

piypiC fivx^'C ffix^^* ^^^ riri# 9f ov 

Aj.668. ov7apivpvxo7cfnA.1279. 

— If roci) ^4 ^*^ fivx^P /SXIirovo^ 
ifi ^vx4 P. 1001. 

M^f !• rluM the eyes or lipi i /i^ 
vayri C f ^Ixfifuv Otiav p69^^ kanhg 
etoud our 9ye$ «i §ndured lAf hiaviu" 
mnt dimmm A. 417. Uaed figura- 
tively ; iyarlrpof ac 8ri cal f*vq^ 
T. 1005, lee'Ayarple-M. 

Mwy, an interragatiTe particle, vA#<ft<r. 

MMpia, foily; ftttpiap Uup rit/ tp 
ftoi R. 536. f<«k*pv pMp/a*' 5^Xi#r<i- 
yM A. 466. riiirif /tttphg woXXqc 
irXia Aj. 782. ayjpa — umpioQ 

M6poCf fooUthi 1. of a perMD t 
l<Apoc ^ ft* viXoi cX^y e<9f y T. 
418. p6p^ hr' Apiip Aj. 1854. 
ete IvtiP oSrm fiApoff 8c 9aw7y Ipd 
A. 220. 6 ii6p« C. 598. ^ — 4 
fpwwaap 4 ftmpap Xiyyc E. 878. 
liMpy Umplap 6fX»midpt0 A. 465* 
I ^v^<ir, «c /t'*' ^^^ ^MCfYy Ifdpot B« 
436. i w\H9ra /cmmi £• 1318. 
2. of a thiQg I Mxi M^P^ '^^* 
re^X<'^/^ eev B. 640. fApai£ 8* 
Ay fKu/Q wpownijuBa AJ. 40l« /i^^ 
f m pii99prm BL 438. fAp^ |iec ee* 
m7c fpwiJp AJ. 591. 





Vat^ an affirmiitire particle, ya^ Irulu. 

Kococ, naval ; lit ykvac vqUi£ ipatyiv 
rixyac Aj, 850. 

Na(x(« ■omo ai vaL 

Vaitt, \, ta inhabit^ at dw€U in tmy 
place ; aiXAc woiac lytipo^ vaiit 
I*. 153. vtiaov •— if' 4c vaiu rd 
yvv C09. Ma valtiQ R. 4 1 4. B<ue- 
^ftioc Ot6Q valmv ir' dtpttv hokmv 
1105. la |M vaifcv Sptaiv 1451. 
4 yap riwc vacoiNfi roirtf ji ro^c 
rtfrovc C. 64. Ma xp4 ya'«v i/<! 
816. ryj' V^'v yatay w6\u 953. 
w BcMcvfv — OSifiav vaimv A. 1110. 
vaiove IrWv IIXivpMviT. 7. »i/<hc 
/liv iy Tpaxivi — yaioiii v 40. r6 
BtlfiilQ dcTv vaiovrac 1144. mc — 
KttfM yaJw ri Xecirdy E. 1156. Ocwv 
Stfoirlp irpdrvXa yaiovmy ra^i 1367. 

3. t«i cfi0«<<, lo aHd* ; KapvCac rov 
!AXff^iiyac ^^Ot fioi — vaiii T. 99. 
wov vaiti C. 118. vo^ not won 
vaiti 136. 8. 10 dw€U with any 
one ; dc M'*^ oA^fv^c Ovrcpoy .4&y- 
^pwy — vaiwy MdS^ 6\ovfUii P. 
1 093. 0^^ SrMv vaittc /«lra R. 4 1 4. 
Thence applied to any dUpoiition of 
the mind I ri)y ffj|y o* ifiov vaiov- 

9av oh Karuitt (^pyi^) ^ 8^* 

4. 10 5« in any state or condition ; 
C^ijC pe« KoOvwtpOiv — IxOp&if 
ioov vvy if Kb x^P^ vaitic E. 1081. 

5. of a place, to bo; & SoXaiiJc, 9b 
/liv irov valii£ dXlwXaieroc Maifuov 
Aj. 594. 

Ndtfa, a rtvor; KatrraXlac n vafia 

A. 1117. Figuratively of toan ; 

ioKpifmv pnKaoa Btppd ydfiara T. 

Ka/ilpriia, truth; r&yii ya/ili>rfia 

evuQalvn xP^^^v rov yvy vapovroc 

T. 173. 
HdlUoCf Naiian; wpoddvtfii NaC/aic 

&fia wtpiwiikoiot A» 1136. 
Nooc* A tomplo; "Rpac ^ ffViiy^ ya^c 

E. 8. ic rfty 'A/Sain ya^y B. 899. 

ffp6c— ^iirXoic yaoic 31. yao^ 

IgkcBat iaip6yotv9i% Btmvik ya- 

ovc — JirlXOMfify A. 153. dftfuU' 

opac vaob^ wvpitvttv 4^9i 386. 
Naira7oc, vpodjf; vawalaic iy Ki. 

9acpMyoc «tvx«''C R* 1036« 
K(i«i|, a W00d, a woodod vaUoif be> 

tween rocks and mountains ; Kitpvp- 

fivii ¥&w^ lau 1898. 
Navoct "^B>* ■* t^ir^. — ttar* dmpov 

OtraXov vdroc T. 436. Iv dfOiy* 
KTtp p4 wpowiay^ wdwu C. 155. 
r^yoc /3o4 irdpavkoc iUfi^ y^vevc 
Napnirffoc, e N«rets«us; 5 KaXXi/3o« 

rpvc vdptwooQ C. 689. 
Novdyioy, pro])erly • tbipwroek^ 
thence any wreck ; iiri/iirXaro ya»- 
aylmv KpioaXov lwwut6¥ wiiov £, 
730. /Scoy XiXoiirdtf* larriminy iy 
yavayioic 1436. 
VavapvoCt on admiral ; covrf wrpa" 
Tiiyooc ovri yavapxovc /ioXiiy qft^C 
Axaiwy Aj. 1311. 
Vavparti^, a tailor; ra;6rjf vtXdtti 
vavfidrtic obUlg itiiv P. 801. vtmc 
oilC tuMvpanft ^86. r i /m — - 3ufi- 
voX^ XiSyottfi irpiSc 0^ b yav/3ari|c; 
575. JM fiXoft yav/Saroi Aj. 843. 
oi yap ji) ai y ^^a vavfian^c "^ 
gar dpxiy rov irp5c*lXioy aroXov 
P. 346. frXf veayr' kwrd vaoal vav" 
fidtfiiflOie. Aln naval; vavpdry 
arokip 370. 
NavcXi|p<M, nroperly to piloi a tklp, 
thence i li' bpOtic riivit vavKk^^ 
piic moXiy A. 981. 
NavcXifpoc, a thipmattor; yavKXiy- 
pou rpbwoicpopf^v ioXmaac P. 138. 
irXfwy ydp, wc vavaXiipoc^ ob roX- 
Xai or 6km il 'JXiov wpbg oUtov P. 
Kavrpar«»p, iho ooonaandor of a $hip ; 
ZS" lariv tfuly yavirparaM b waXc P* 
NavXoxoc. 1. adj., affording a oaf a 
anohorago for ikipt; yatiXdyovcX«* 
wm¥ Upas Aj.455. 3. subst., am 
aaohoragi ; ib yai'Xoxa rai wtrpaXa 
— - Xovrpd aal wdyovg OWo/q wapa* 
vaurdoyrtgT, 630. 
Nave* e *^^Pi ,x4 vavQ ydp aCft P. 
538. ovri irvpyoc ovri yaiic R. 56., 
gen. vabg and yimc; yabc ^ianc 
lycpar^c A. 711. vab£ KoiiiirXovy 
bpiXiav Aj. 859. ya5c dpwyoi rq£ 
Aiavroc Aj. 300. ; iroXv«MVoy 5x9- 
pa vabc T. 653. ya5c aCi yoy 8p/ioy 
P. 317. ya^c ly' i|/i<y riraara* 
1166. yiwctf^c vav^arqc586. vimg 
o^C -"- ^vXnC 539. yfil»c iyoyra 
636. r^ *0^vaai«»c WMC <>83. yt^c 
yc riic i/«$C Ai'i 644. fie 5avy rd r* 
Iff vkmQ oriiXwtfi 1065. vcmc 5/ivv 
arkixmv kv •}y 1303. gppipvir^^ 
ptmc R. 933. Xaifiriy ytMC T* 



558* l«^ c^^rAiw rax<^C t^c^k P« 
612. dat. y^l uul vat — yi|i woun- 
Xd9t^ p. 343. i^W y^ v^yoc 
879. (vy^v — yoC luBilvtu Aj. 
245.,acciii. rp^ yavv r. 125. irpoc 
t«vv ilfu 182. f2^« 'P^ yavv 
459. <7|i' <]r« yavy 923. tMi^p^w- 
|if9^ Ic yavy 869. — plur. oom.* 
oXurvroc ctXaivai ySic A. 944.« 
gen. wXiwpbv t9WifiO¥ vi&v Aj. 861. 
ycMy — rairruroic J^mXIoic 12S5. 
9q&9 ittvakmv w6y Aj. 696^ dat, 
IwrdL iwvcl pavpdr^w P. 1016., 
•ceiUb, yavc* ^ 'x*'*' iyawrdXovy 
P. 279. 

IXmv^rMm, to Mii, t# acvi^flfff « lAtp ; 
II 'IXUm r9i ii tA yvy yf rav^roXm 
P. 245. iwvc, i^ 'x^i^ lyawr^ 
Xovy 279. /i^ ^ vav^roXfiy rax^ 
349. fcovra rofc voitrajQ 8rt tfo2 
vdyrfc iby ol yt vav^roX^c^ri c 546. 

Kc^9Cf * tmiUr; fSXoi tmrai P. 
527. f/c S'^y rd r U yiMC ^ril- 
Xm#s yoSra* 1(^6. ro^ ya^ac 
346. ya^acifop^i|«ayra Aj. 1122. 
|i4 M ^7**^ p^itTfiv P. 889. 

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rtvft* 'Ax"*^ P« 38. yavricfi 
#r«Xy 337* iwl Vff^yaTc yavrucalc 
Aj. 3. d^4i --- yf My dtpoi^iv 4^9 
yayruBMc i^MXioic wp^ fXiyoyroc 
1233. tt^H yavrutd 9ff«£f 9 vii^dy* 
ric dpj^y 'EKfptQ 1237. 

VavrftXXfl^oi. f« Mivi^ate a<Atp; vir- 
rtoi^ — #iXjui#iy yavr«XXirai A. 

VovriXoCt Mi' !• imm/; yavr/Xy 
vXary P. 220. 2. fubtt, c fai/or, 
m mmvigmUr; wttpu^iUifiiai^ fif' 
TW A9rt ptanriXoe T. 334. ry di- 
Xoyn pmtHkmf Aj. 1123. 

r3 yip yco^oy iy rouiZr^f piettriu 
X«pMC» V ovroS T. 143. x<>« ^•^ 
yco^My cal XP^*V M***'>' 7*7*^ C. 

If mWoCv a J^t3 ; wrpar^ V — dyi#- 
X4Xv|f tAw vuL¥%a¥ E. 740. old* 
aMdijM^/iM v«i y«iyl«M ff'OMTy; C. 

IfMyic, • fMV aMMfM; 'Sp«#c — 
3c iy iMrXacaTc vapiutlc ndmioc 
lyyvX'^uC A. 780. ric v«/ fl yfo- 
yl3wy T. 306. 

Kii^p4cf Ml*; PiopaUi 6«6y ivi 
#vyr»x^A4C A. 137. 

Kiar»Ct lAf ImI ; rAv ¥§dra¥ 33^y 
9T%l}p^t9U¥ A. 801. »4ar0y 3i ^y- 
y«C X«iM«M«y AfXIov 802. n'c 
mpm ykmroc 'c *^< XAC<s — irl«#y 
AqU^iUc aj. 1 1 64. vaitf«»y Tm¥ #6y 

,titcf«y yiyyMMi A. 623. 

/jjpwn •vy^nr M««*yw Aj. 807. 


ydp 4 AafiituUmc 4 *V HoX^/Sov 
Micoc {««ro R. 490. rh ^v war 
pt9r6c ycTxoc li OivBat XP***^ ^^^ 
it vafAf rh yf7«oc iycaXwy ipi7c 
702. noXvy«/rifc ApBilc yiurlwy U 
AfiftXAymv A. HI. r^c yiTcoc ^y- 
^^y Ivpatftov fx<K rapa^ac 788. 
Aiac pf rayf yyw9(^ 9vpou r' 'Arp«i- 
^aic ptyi^Xwyrf yiixiMy Aj. 703. 

Nfjcp^, !• •dj., dwd; XP^^ — 
oMp aUatOai pupSv P. 428. ro- 
Xfl — Aoioy iroXai yiirp^y R, 1243. 
r3y ^ ivavra wpavfUKiwu vKp6¥ 
A. 1283. vv¥ opftiy ¥iitp6¥ {r6¥ 
dpipa) E. 1433. 2. ■ub«t.,fl diad 
pffttfn; plur., lA« d#rMwd; iya^- 
pMy yf jtpiy 9 itawpoi 9Kid¥ P. 934. 
Mf rpoo/3dXov » jy ([wviy ¥tKp6¥ 
1006. yicpwy vXcknc C 1373. 
v%Kpm¥ wMMa 1360. roTc i¥tfiOt¥ 
i¥nfio¥ yfcpoic A. 23. il rfty y<« 
rp^y (dy rttiSf tovfitic xyU 48. rov 
yfcpotf 1^ lir(virovoi 217. r3y yt- 
m^y rcc dpWwc Ot^^ac filkfin^^^ 243. 
/owy 9dwTovoa¥ 3y 9^ r3y yfcp&y 
dirilrac 400. tiy ApiOfthv ly ¥tKpolQ 
w\ti9ro¥ iUttrai Ilfptfl^aMra 884. 
yiffvy ytffpMy d/UHfi6v 1034. m7rat 
^4 ¥tKp6c vtpi yfjcp5|i 1223* pporolg 
oir' i» yfiepoi^i /liroiieoci ov tw'iyf 
o^ 6ayoiMriy 844. r6y3f riy ¥iKp6¥ 
X<po7y ^4 9vyicofiiZu¥ Aj. 1026. 
r3y yfffp^y Oairrfiy 1343. A ro7c 
Apl9T0tc fpx*^"* *a^^ yiffpoTc A» 
197. rov^f rov yiicpod 283. Aj. 1133. 
'/'^vX^i^47Avpi»y(«p4y 1132. yvyj) 
— rovjf wafi^iiTup yixpov 1267* 
iv9ri¥ov yfrp#3 Aj. 1149. ry3' 
ir' dXjt//cy wcp^ 1x98. r6y3f r^y 
yf«p4yl303. X^diadbodg^mearfuti 
l¥ 0' Ipttrlotc ytcpdy ipfifOi i^ l^f r^ 
dpyiitfv ^yvv Aj. 802. 

Nicvc, 1. 4 p«no« d§€€aiid; AAp 
rdfoin HlavBat ylcvf; E. 433. 
ix6po¥ ii' aUti viKV¥ ; Aj. 1334. 
00 fiaprvp^9u Tav9* 3 car9ay«y y|« 
ffvc A. 311. If r6i^ dtrjpxfi tffvOoc 
¥tKim¥ 8 IX 2. • e»rjm; W 
^fi6g f63wy iral cfcpv/ipiyoc ylcvc 
^vxp3c ror' a^wy ApuA¥ aljM 
wUtm C. 627. rfty ^ doXi^c 9a- 
ydyra IloXvl'ifcotfc >^«vy A. 26. 
adyiy 9^pa¥Ttf^ 9 cortTxi tA¥ yi- 
ffvy 406. 4«X3y mc opj idcvy 422. 
XmiTm rpi€w6¥9mn r&y ylcvy ^- 
ffc 427. ff r&y U lii^c ;ii|rp3c 9a« 
y4yr' d6airroy i^dip^y Wcvy 463. 
8. of doubtfta Mgidfieation, that ia* 
•pokcn of a pfrwn dfMaiM, or a 
M«r# MiTM ; r Ay 9mp — J« ^vXay- 

iy^y t¥a ¥kK¥¥ yfapfiy* AiMifiA¥ 
yf«3a^ lafi A. 1054. lxf4C<lr»y 
a rf fiiOl i y lyMI* a3 My dfamp^p 


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ilffrlfM^rov iivhQwv vituv 1058. 
6 KorBavmv wUv^ A. 611. ti rhv 
a lnHc ftfiro6t Bap6vra (iirt i lOavu) 
i^X^ii^y diavr^v vUw (yivkcBtu) 

Vtfiia^ Ntm§a, • town In Aigolis; 
Nifiiac IvoiKov — Xkovra T. 1082. 

V*fU9iir6Cf diterving rf mmg«r ; e6 roi 
viltt9tirip P. 1178. 

Vifumc% 1. JM« tttdi^NoliMi | rdy 
tftwy t4/Maiv Ifff iTwv P. 514.^ Og&v 
pta ffoi yf/iitfic« oiwfp fpy* <&/av- 
vovtfftycoff^; 598. 3. a caMMVpr 
Mi^nalimi; vi/ttoic y^p C. 1750. 
•i ^ iw§9Ti viiuviCtoii XiyM E. I45d. 
8. the goddeM Ntntmt^ a penonifi- 
cation of ri^Arroui trngir ; weovt^ 
Kiiifat rov 0ay4yroc ^pri*»c £• 

Ki/iocv « iMitMiw^t; Wfioc iir^criov 
Aj. 408. 

Hi/AM, 1. todittrihuU, tQmpportwn; 
fZr< ^' 4>^ ricvoic iidipav warptfac 
yqc iuuptrov viftoi T. 162. 2. f« 
iftlMV, to give i Mkv Ofoi t4/iov0iv 
ildv ftM P. 1009. r^x' ^^ ^^ ^^^^ 
yipac ri^4*' 'm<^^ vtipMV 1051. 
Xipvtfiac viptiv tt. 240. OcJiirovc 
rouivr' lyi ffi< iraitf2 roic avrov yloa 
O. 1898. roiavra vl/Mt Zivc T. 
1018. KOKbv teiivtf Tt KafuU TOvr\ 
trav OdvyCf vf^itc Aj. 508. ovt% 
paOtlav ffvXiCMV vf7/if v ifiol rlo^ci^ 
11 80. roTc ^tXoic nude viuiiv 
1830. 9oi/iiv yl/ioifi' dv rnvt In 

/liiCw X'^P**' 13^« ^* '^ oicrifrtf, 
lo «l<ri6«lf ; w6rtpa I* av, f/ vkuoi 
nc ai^ny, Xa/3of c Aj. 258. rnvV 
oiv Utivtf wac rie alriav t4fui 28. 
4 Kal t6 wi9t6v r^c dXi|Oiiac W- 
uiiC ; do you speak th§ faithful try tk t 
T. 897. it warpbc wiioi^nv* wpav 
rov ffoXwc irpdtrotiv totttiv^ to thow 
j^ ka kmt ciny regard Jar kit fatkarU 
protperitii T. 57. avip 5^ *»C ioi- 
Ktv oil viptiv Ipol fBtvovTi ptHpav 
1228. 4. ia patttu, ta way ; Va 
— d r6v plyav Itagrmklkv tvxP^^^^ 
vlptie P. 393. dsrpawav KpdT^ 
vipuv «& Zfv irdrfp B. 201. yiig 
rjvi', t}c iyM icpdrq rf cai Bpivav^ 
yifim 287. y^c t^y vl/i^y 579. 
i!»C r<^ '<k cpdr^ — • aal i6povc vir 
ftotpi tfo^c Aj. 995. 5. ta faed^ ta 
indulge; t6v vwtpeikyi^ x^^^ ^^ 
povca E. 171. 6. lo eantider, ta 
etteem^ ta deem ; <I n nyv^ duap' 
riav vipttc 488. ; f iXov ^ lym ui" 
y%9TW 'ApyfiW vkau Aj. 1810. 

yi/lMV B.1080. Im^VUfia, ok d* 
tyatfi vkfit Btd¥ E. 147. ^ lyeiyt 
itawinv 4 M^^'P' '^* IXatfMv i/c 
4|idc t4fM» 588. rdpi^ dp' oMn 

NE3 1(7 

vi/iM irtfXiv C. 888. 7« obm 
uiod in the midd.« tafeed am ; r»v 
vtuSptoff dvipfQ dXf lyvral P. 701. 

Nf^9f V, atif w ; yla rd^i vt60tv i^9 
ipoi fiapvworpa Koxd C. 1449. 

Ncoff^yqroCf nnp/y ipiil ; yfoc^yqroy 
alpa x^^P^^ *X^^ ^* 1386., the 
reading of the MSS. is vtagh^tirov, 

N/ofiai, to eom§; Kp4orreL — Mpo 
petoieu raSra rain pdi aVUfi r«f9 
iraoinip^tfrra A. 83. 

Nc^oirof, newlM tkom; aSlkt 9oaw4Ku 
paKXA C. 476. 

Nfovr^flfiof, A^fpplolMiuc, eon of Achil- 
les; oMptu 8^ mur 'AxdUUvf, 
NfovT^X^^t P. 241. 4 — 'AxiAX4it 
voT Heowr^fu 4. 

lte6fforros^ nowltf betprimkled ; 9ha 
peofpdm^ H^ Aj. 80. «nl Mai- 
Adrry C<^< 815. 

JHU^vTot^ mtwlji poured out ; SpA — 
vM^A^otff viry^ TdAorrer E. 882. 

K4oprotf newly ritea ; rl V iorhf — 
WofTvral; C. 1503. frcmy ^ctyd- 
Xa¥ k p4ovrot d8« n^yi^ S^^ieisri roM 

N^of, 1. of a person, youug^ youtk^ 
Jul, 2 of a thing, now, aacr- 

Nffoffvdf, N«»/v pluekodi <r rwewdrir 

«aAAo«sA. 1*186. 
Ncoffff^f , s NtuvAalrAfd 5ird ; tptnB^t — > 

4»t 8w ircanlr tirjlff MoevAr jf^«i4r 

/IX% X4c<' A. 421. 
Nco^^fl^f, notpiv liaia ; t^^xcv A^ 

Wm peoe^er/fs T. 1120. Aikt — 

rffOff^oTl^t irc«rcu Aj. 882. — -mmu 

^oyq — rM§ 9po9keieram9 Adwr 

Nc^Mior, mid/v iafiieted; weardtmg't 

ifKirfpaffw A. 1268. 
NMx4peicrof, Nfviy imprinted ; tx'^ ^ 

Kcdwv irff0x4p*>'"^* Aj. 6. 
NfoxM^'t ^**^» nnexvoeted ; rl T iarh^ 

•ffni raox/«^ Hei^m^t P. 741. Kp^- 

«r -^ rfoxM^t veapeSffi $emf M #vrrv> 

Xfeus x*»P** ^' i57. 

Ncptff and Wp#fr, 6olnt0; rsSi rMrir 
o^oi? Wp0ff xdvl yi|f drv R. 416. 
KolroM 8* JTx^ yepBop akntUnrrom 
eu4p C. 1705. eui 94piew 4r T. 

N^prcpof . 5f/Mp, always spoken of lh« 
inhabitants of Orcus; f rt vepHpm 
Ms C. 1545. #ffiy rm wepripw A* 
598. 745. rk mpripttm fimr tiotfw 
Tai'r}f/Mg0rC.1658. — J^^Myi^ 

Nla^f, A^Msat, a centaur; N^#iaw 
^(rorroff T. 555. N^tfVM wdAai Kdi- 

Kiarup, Nettori N^«f 4 ndXist P. 




* P. MS. 

k« drmmm •« tk§ itring ; 
)ff KrfwirM P. 290. 
W t ^ 1. properl/ (• nW ; St *«(i»- 
w h WW fc^ fwfirw ^N^ v^«tf- 
rp€^ A. 370. #i «V rr^owra^ ^t 
«^W iM^ 437. 2. figuntirelj, 
l# |T«jii, f« «Mfiic ^ fl fi«rf ; yf ^ 

iwftnr — WcMr, vtMifri P. 482. 
Mi^fp* rlMd; «Mf^Csff m^Aai it^ 
«i^C. 1084. Uaed figumtivelj ; 

«Mx^iA.524. «l74p#fffK«m^ 

T. 828. 

i^ Ttf jRVM^m /Uf>«t x<M<^ mtermr' 
fidwmt rV vwAA^r /Mr Ai. 1127. 
Uied ligaiBtiTelj to mgnify biimd- 
not ; Uf wmifrm W ^f 4>^ klt4rptm99 

liiilpQfft new; rittClll f PWM pt^T^R0J(fl0 

Tfr/ayilMr E. 888. il\i|^^r«f f^ 
^«r MIIIP9 T#t ^ff iwu^iUv C. 

TiMm JM^ Murrl /iM E. 1038. 

If f8fo, lA« IW/jf ; tA T#f T«A«iM|ff tnt* 
960t l^tarVM C. 1285. 

n^Ktit mnd in|\4f« 1. mtreiUu; 
inik4m tk y4in9km wpi$ v^ § mm r ^ ^ 
fV*JMw«iAM6cTwfB. 180. 2.1111- 
fitiid; h4t bun nfXc^t jrvmcv^ 
Mumtr «)iSyMi ncAMfiiMVf fri A. 1 182. 

UirtMt ekiUiA, fooliMk ; — r^ •IPrc 
«]plr rtnM't rfir ^ Ir Wy /*^y<v mi- 
twAmw B. 652. i^vMt, Iff Ttfir 


iiatnti 9iB mf f iiipffimUdXmi$9i C.723. 
Mfravrtt, liMMiarj pmrmrm iarUuf 

IM^ T. 655. 
Mfroff «• itlmmd; ^jpc— r8r «■! rk 

riff y^^ow fadipt P. 800. •( /&#— 

irftofn wiam r^Ht 609. Ir t^ /m- 

7^ A«ftti iii4«iy C. 701. 
Itipm^ ta A«r Mfcfr, !• abtuimjnm m»§; 

— - w j fmif Ifbia C 100. 

•0rt #M^ir 8r y^fw wii^iy Hp49 

f^ #T^y«r B. 1228. 
ItiOTMs <• AMfitfrt l.iDtiaas., U be 

SMpiriorf U prtmH; /It^tyii — 

igiyiiyriik /i8XA«r, # mmt AMififf P. 

85. nafir ^ iftlrrw «pvmx«9 XfiC^ 

ifm 1041. WlUff >€ ^lipTw Ity 
. Mn|Mr|iiAfl&rtfMA.238. icalTWf^ 

Mm 274. «l 8» /4 m^^ ^^ #^ 
* »4m E.245. tf y^ 8Cn mcm^w 

JtuHwpwr AJ. 1227* mafV fayy^ y 


fiK t pipmr J/upot tMwrpw y^yi^off 
A. 780. 2. tmnt., Artl yurar 8^ 
A<if ««rp(8s r« r^r ri^ jmI ^iXmtu 
— ydca C. 853 — 56. wiff tm 8i« 

fiap u aif 48m^i' ptiAri jm hJyorrMf 
1206. «8rff rOciitfttf X^ olhr' f/ff 
IX«vx^ X«<^* ^M* fjpyov ^loA^ 1288, 

rMf /«4^c4^ ig. 1313. ri«$ >V &' 
^•t4 ^ r8f fx8^« 9qKA 1336. |tik 
^«wu T^ 8varr« ranf X^yor C. 1227. 
3- ]>■«.» fUmr yV ^^ riatU putmih> 
T«i A^>«a AJ. 823. 8Amm A(air 
48or^ trutmftdp^^ E. 1264. ir^0r«2r 
▼M Tw ^Uifr Mit^^Mff AJ. 1332. 
Ndniy l.vUtny; itXk'Ifihydpm 
«nvMi r9f limff kafitSif P. 81. y6ci|ii 
V^mtt' 5AaAi(ai A. 133. /«^ n 
miwy A K^^ ittf4p9Tm wUta lit 
T. 487. rinff Itmt rpowtim lAttp^- 
ICtm 748. 4 «^ v'iMff WiMff Amifp- 
vwror xifv Aj. 176. T«>ni — f^|p«i 
yiinir r 1^' ^lyiijr icol Jt^rot tmi' Ijpt^ 
/UMir E. 85. irdnff fxi'r ^|9X#f «^«- 
|Mr T^ipw 677. 2. Ui« godde« 
Vieunf } hMJk T^p k fttyaX^miift 
4a8« NWa — AiTix^7#» ef/if A. 

148. 'Epfiiii ^ irrf^Mf w^ NLni 

T^ 'A8i(Mi n«Ai^ p. 134. 
Niin|f4p*f« 5riii#iiif vietary; whf tpi» 
Tfirunvf^ T. 185. 

Nifoff, tmowjfi wirfuf npdUt 0. 1063. 
Nji^iff, inowg; rw9 p&pdtirm fdfim 

Niforri/N(ff, Jb«i|Mrf wilJkffMw; ri^# 

rtfith x<V«8>'tf Ikx^'IP*^'^ •Mfty 
84wi AJ. 655. 
NWdi, 1. in lb«v, l# nmdintnmdj io 
eamprekend, to lAiiilt ; 4rff ftipic^ aits 
ff«tf«r ^r ^i i4fi P. 413. rdU yk^ 
ifom Kfdrt/grwf 1161. roffSr lirtAvr, 
Irrv Vv'^ iM^ffiy Ifi^AiHb R« 
1054. a>M«ff n ro^rwr — ; C 1038. 
9mpm uM fpdCi wnr 8ror Mta T. 
34a Jwk 8\ f MffSff 1126. 2. !• 
purpoti, to dfttf^N, lo tnfffiiif l« rf«; 

m( m' fnup' '(^^ i««A' P. 877* W 
^ MfSr kpirtd «vTf ; 906. imI raahr^ 
kkn9^ BpmM f^tii ; 909. Pw ~~ tfout 
iyw &«" herii t«#B« 1004. •# W 
vow 8raMu PMai 1217. iT^ip PtTt 
$dMrw #ff A. 44. 1^1^ ykf mikrk 
Mil MmMTfiMu Mfif ; 766. umpdjim 

9mM$m P0tU AJ. 592. irri TA^t 
I^M«i£b88l* I PNif 9 Ivtryt v8r 
1429. 8.' mid., m the tbnom of 
tho obovo ■^gpiflftioBi, c« imiff^ 
timmdi moku mt rk A t rib to8 wiKpt9 

mmM^^» ^^^^fl9 ^I^^^^^Bfl ^^^^B ^P^^B# A^^^^^MB^^^H 

;v«^ B. 1417. 


vo^c/itov K^fer AJ. 993. 

N«yM[r, i0aiii«rlti#; h pfoperlj 

tpolEen of ktrdi tf eattU ; frwovs 
mtuiita ^ixiwMMrAr T. 270. 3. 
applied to rumming itr^amt; Kpf^imi 
— kif^Mf M^iilfff f€4$pmf (fi4i!i$o»' 
9Uf) C. 698. 8. dwpauunng^ but 
mod figuratiToIr; <A«i9' Crrii, If 
/«' A«^ kypUu v^toff M/iiSor AnvoMot 
ikafit^t M«y JU piriiA, wAonwr A# K 
iAaI iMir mtfttm tk$ erugl ^in that 
patiurtii M Mjf fm K. 1S50. 

NiiMdf, dupkltrdi vfuh Mif B. 

N«a4* poUiirfff; wifuitm poftdg B. 

MlcMiiAW, or eafiTMiarv; imdipm 

— ^^MW0«V| «la TMf Mkrtf Pf^^rroi 
E. 319. vwnUA\* A M^Cmu 681. 
vir IT Iv^ i X^v f ^v #ffir ro/Jf«- 
TOi ; 0. 88. Konnftlh — Iff^t t^ 
iC^'anirar, f MfU(rr«u 1 699. 2. to 
iMNlt, to ut§tm of I wofdCn — irt- 
woi44wtu kSyotffiw if^ fpyoiea^ olt ^Xi- 
/Hir ^por B. 516. Jt roi pofiiCus 
teT^fm T^y oMSiw ohtu 549. fff tm 
pofdCus — ofx A^^cv T^i' SUr^r 551. 
▼0^f «wto6f ^nir xpif^'^ra^' vofd(t» 
610. ffoXfif ifOfd(nt 859. viropa mh 

/«/C«<' 8w0Tvx<<^ W 0. 804. <»w 
«caX^r X^iy pofd{mw 1005. ^(C<m^ 
Srrif AitI t^i ojrov vdrpaa ftKoif 
infti(tt A. 188. ro^ Mfu^c lAfak 

4^y Aj. 492. ra^nir rd/u^c Hr vAiy 

— clff 3v8br vi^flr 1061. ttaro fof 
K^ &r T4pa$ poid(w tdrr6 £. 1809. 
— -X/yfi MyJ^ffi 9' 4/iiy A^l9M«rai fiUw 
B. 39. o^ rov KpanOrrot ^wi^t9 i«- 
id(kTmi A. 784. 

Ntf/i^f, confarmabU to low, atobluhid 
bjf /aw, or eiMtoiii ; k /idyun^ ifiXmff- 
TO t^fuua £. 1085. iypoM r m giurfaX^ 
#ffir pofUfUL A. 451. 

N^/u^/iAi « roeoived, or ««<a5/(sA<d cus- 
Imh; oMp y^ MpAwotffv^ «Ior 
4pyup0ff ffwc^ rdpoyi' iSXaffTt A. 

N^Mf, 1. law, etulom, MM^r, ri^Al; 
TMf ^r Aly^y rtf/cMS i^&O'af KorouMT' 
$4m C 338. Altai l^nateff Zi|v^ 
ttprtitou v^ftott 1884. ow 8uep X^K^ 
0f If SuMif ml wtf/i^ A. 24. Mil 'y^ 
iitoUmif mI it4f>^* 8M^JM8dr 287. 
oi roiaV i» MpAww/roF tkotaop m(- 
/MVf 448. I y *AiSi|f T»^ iM^MVf rdU 
rovf «o9fi615. lA toW mAcrrArvf 
9ifiMn dpt/^TOP f vmfjunm tir ^far Tt> 
Xm^IIOO. v6imp iti)JiUFTW ^ntfipTOk 
votlkfxfilf wttrd T. 1167* M >Af 
Ar ^AVM laWrair wd^iMf I Aj.1109. 
r*^f Mr md^MM fife^poif 1^^1822* 



9ol^ v6t»^ E. 669. 2. pooUivi low ; 
hcopKivoi i4ikot 88« A. 609. Klym 
9fyt0 Tff wdrmr 2r y^d^ vpittuwru 
itfiwoios ohptoftap 8<* «29/jpa TtKiKi»> 
9/i^fff B. 865. rd^ iiaBap6f O. 554. 
vdXir — uiifw w6i»ov jrpsMWflr fMr 
918. 9^ /ll^ A. 59. «p)r V A^ 
Xcut T« m1 yifut^v irrptfiiis ^arp 1 77. 
yd^ 84 xpi'^ varrl widErr^ a^mtI 
roi 218. AritfYmtfor rtSi fiunKdoiffm 
— -r4^f 878. irikfua ro/^vtf im§^ 
fialpoiM v^fuvi ; 445. t4fwvs hn^fiii' 
iwm rovf rpMCffv«^P9«f 477* Cirrif 

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ciff&no T. 485. 2. and to other 
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ved from I^M j KyieMlM /i4r eA* 



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tho Mind, mmimm; ^li^Mr£rr^ 
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9^199 96999 K. AM. 

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vort r^ McXoy'ApTOff C. 1388. 

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Horror ^{fX4Av6ci' P. 43. 
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berwvi; 5f 061^ In^ar t^ o5r« in^ 
9fl99a — iiXXvro P. 678. lUpaf — 
M^^if ^(mi 1418. 2. mid., I9 
e9nc€9l, t9 d9e9iv9; 190$ 5^ wiya* 

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9^(9fuu R. 693. 

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Aj. 251. 4m6fuan99 i mjrov (( /isp^s 
T. 113. 

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P. 1267. 469 r$ i««6«Tf rtt tWf, 
nvyttf 1306. Inar M^' ^'^t "^^ 

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99i E. 585. 4t9 9^x1 9w9p699U9m 999- 

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E. 396. mMi M pv8r ^h iJJ^ rf 
XP^ *wr^ 1001. T^ tV XP^ ^'^ 
IffXM' 1467. d /A^ iwM' «i T «K r6< r <t 
TiMl Aj. 1333. 3. mSt txfiw, hav- 
img pntdtmee^ or pnuftnl ; ri T^p 

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thitun «r« c^riMUtf to Aif furpou 
C. 1766. 4. lAi mmd^ tk§ umdit' 
funding ; rv^^s ri ^ tkm vir r^ 
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ot riff Syuir 47>«r4f E. 1320. •AM 
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ra itpir^w E. 901., tlwt it, o4 
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fiATOff T»v wmcri^ £• 402. /mv% 
7J^ &A0^ — y^rri^f Aikt ArcAj^^^ 
9i| Aj. 216. 

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Spfwrm AJ. 47. 99rtg — rArraf 
morpdkfwrcr 1036. 

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roir mpiyt rv/i^wr AiBov mSXor 
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^r dfiii T. 916. plur., iwsrlad; 

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ToSWjrMv; A. 664. 
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X^pomi wtJ^6ffm 810. Wi iwfi^ff4ov 
Uftu$'HK4icrpa$ E. 1840. 

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re R. 1407. iSXt^^Mwr V«P«t c^^k- 
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864. kw4opT9t I3ff r^fn^ 890. rJ^i' 

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liwS^i Xfli^iMTtitSffff 1440. VifiiAait 
iXlaurof 1466. Nvyi^ 'EXimmt/Smv 

B. 1109. KMpAcMu N^yi^ B«M^(8<ff 
A. 1116. ^Afrnfup yf/r«H(r r« Nvyi- 
^of T. 214. 

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A. 767. rv/i^f AporiSr litA^Vt ^ 
l(f>«r Kw» R. 1368. 4 cXtii^ff sAry 
iv/if(off in^ E. 292. 

Kw and r«r, now. 

ir4e, 1. mffAc; cT ri i^ A^ R. 
198. r2{ T^p f2^i>ffH mI whi Ime 
#f< Sia3c8«y/i4in| Wpir T. 29. tr 
•I^Aa r^ — rUru ^ "AXmif 94. 
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^ 43« ^f Aj. 208. hr^rw 8»»- 
f^ y^ MUi^ B. 91. — fiior 
r/»#^i trp^ff niicr4f R. 374. Hitvw 
^ijidtnit pvKrh Aj. 141. rmcrht 
mltufiit teinKu Aj. 667. f^/t* nw- 
r^f E. 492. -^ 4y nMcrl rj rSr A. 
16. ip nttri T. 148. fmctI rfU E. 
634. — « 94C E. 196. — nAAal 
jcMcXoS^i r^ffrts Vi|p« t^ tnu E. 1367. 
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r«ff 4^^ipaf r My C. 624. gen., 
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davor otfr' ^f V^' 4** ^rrfiCuM 
48^ E. 770. vwcT^ff >V Vu v4^3« 
vpiys Kdraeomr fx<< vt^cwu Aj.21. 
ftmoff nurr^ff 278. nirrW l^cXMr 
Ai^ff P. 602. 2. the darknm of 
the inlbnuU raponi ; llAX' mM phi 
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8. uaed figiumtireljr; pfp 3* 4Xffl^ 
t^ hf ti^uurvf $40nK9w a 1681, 
aa it were th$ night ofeaUunkgt that 
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r4pf<f 3x^A. 1118. 

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lurrn Aj. 684. 

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C. 1260. AirV 3* Ayo/vMr»f Isr^ni- 
rai ryxMff P. 846. 

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•f ri M^dimr icoTfiSf wev P. 44. 

N«/ii«, 1. to ngittitt; ipa pip — 
fifyf v43a puimp R. 468. 2. u 
perctive^ to know; i wdpm pmfuip 
TeipM-lo, 3i3aim(rff ll^/hrr<(Tf R. 300. 

Niin/yMff, ignobU; oMtU r«r kytOtim 

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E. 1073. 

Ktni(m^ to turn onoU back in JUght^ tm 
JUt; 'Apca <— vtJdffwrop ^fi^n^a 
nntinu wdrpca irovpop R. 193. 

NAror, th§ back; 4^ W»ra «d rpo* 
X»» fiArtu 1l^{op — * frriaal wpomt 
E. 708. — wfHp ,hp pJuPTpp wpQrmm 
pmra ^mxBtU 9dp^ Aj. 110. ft 
voAAA 3j^ — arol x*<pi *>^ ntreiM 
^X^<raf 4y4 T. 1036. il p&rn tcmk 
rrV, « fUoi /9^X<««t 1080. 4^ 
Mvro, need adverbiallj, from kekimd ; 
roibff d^yfir^ Min wirtnt *Af9 
A. 124. 





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Wmnjm^ U rMriM A«i;pil«Wjf, or «f • 
fitfil. iiied figuntiTely. of th« Mtn^ 
2<r of AgMremnon > Ar('A>«vi4^MMi) 
mmrk $ty fidpfitipm iJiv fti wof 'Vvr 

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ft wwy r n (4mv 791. |6«r voAm^ 
ImT. 283. And used m^tetinHj i 
1^ wmf^' Mfi Midyiir T. 40. % 

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{^SMr, 9ikt0999 P. 1148. *E«r«p0t 
llmr ^ iJht0Tm lu^n^hm Aj. 804. 

302. temrfv^w rJSt IjpicMf 1^ 
#«ir (^ 1638. ^ 120& « (m« 
1121. U (4m 826. « i4pot, t^Mi 
848. 8. •ftnigti€r, • ttrtngtr: 

adj.; W Xf( M ~ ''^ ^^"^ 1^'"'*' 
#T^y«ir ^-i P. 185. /uufrnPHf yiip 
%Kmuw |IPM «jp^ drrfir C. IS. riX- 
fM (MWf M l^inif -- JbMrnryfijr 184. 

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ifiyfUimt Ira |mMf frMrrti^fir rt 
P. 318. iwl€rm^•U96p^f^mrM9rmf 
l^wr 856. |4«f k4y^ fUro um R. 
452. IAhm 99r^ Agrrd foPf4«wri 
715. fir Kflf(»6Mr(lMr 1110. kX^ 

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fcrf {^MT y Ir tfMiir <rT« — *vMt- 
T^mW 671. <a r M48r 48^ rf 
(^ idfimm 644. 4w f4 T^Xwt T 4yi» 

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Umnfti 1251. m^' AAmv |4mv 
1450. mr6m9i — ^^i^ai^ff 8^ t«v 
l^w 1497. fUTvrt f^MT 1549. 
I/mt 4nc«rv4Mu /i^ T«r ^ w utp m^ 

1578. r(Mff «^ l^2r « |^ Aw- 
TvSr T. 809. rit v*/ Irrbr 4 (^ 
430. ma^ damf I I^km I^i 528. 
rmg i0m$mf ^ywpm iims 6BB. iifm^ 

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1^ ^ if 6Mttif E. 44. W«Mrirf 
14^1434. vwMH'irilWWt^M^ 
1442L I^Pat and ^rh, m put in 
Ml ni T^ Arr«r « 

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r^^ivr £^iwr Vi^*, Acroiff ^ff tyatnur" 

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Kfoff, « MMrd ; w^x^wuf «f W #M 

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Miforkmn, emumrtimgt m comurii (^ 

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A. 537. 
ttipifvu, f# mgfH; t^tifwu P. 1294. 

R. 642. {Wwu jkM E. 1248. 

t^p^iytt 84«n4j. 27K l^i^ifwi/tfM 

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per ^fiol P. 1439. 


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of \fXnix9A Jaiik ; oTt 6f»6$w «7 Md 
Toyf (^i«^^r E. 153* i ^^mt/trnf 
infuk Aj. 956. r^ mlkof ^vS^mm^ 
(^»«^i«r A. 789. 3. lubsty • 

bnthir, or f iit«r ; r^r t«v imtfiimt 
•^t^Mu^MT Aj. 714. oAt/s rff x^ 
{mi/ioff 1366. 6 trhit {^mu^i C. 
1357. x^(^»«MMf<^ovl376. r^ 
3* ai {^pw^r rouBff A. 198. oM ▼< 
X4 (^Mi^Mff 484. ^idudr§d; rfir 

947. 4. applied to Joto m the 
deity that holdi together the bondi 
of ri/atfoNiAip ; vpSt nwr^ l^uyiM^iM 
A/a l^rayior A. 655. 

Htfraip#w, 10 dairou: rU duyi^, ^ 
rd^it i^M tM* uxj*^ 04\§ot muaov 
(iwfiXc; T. 884. SeeAix^^. 

HvpoXt^^, 1. to Miidofi itfitA; ro7r 
iwfdKyovfUf T^of Aj. 276. 2. to 
tkar§ Iht pain ofg v§^6fififuu XM- 
Kfvffrw "Am (^wakyw fink tvS8< 
TvTf/t, I /(far U$t^ uHekim, I thar* 
vilh him th§ pain 0/a violtnt dmik 6y 
iltfiiiii^ 24a 

RiiwnrQiirAi, to tind away to dwoll with ; 
iw oTr ykp x^9 ^ X^"*^ tiwwroiicc** 

if ^acff, wikicJk dwiiii togothor with 

tho doadt it it not fit to monm C 

Ivi^vTM, 1. trant., to Join togothor ; 

€t fiii ^vM^wy* kX\k ^oKXiamf «4^«« 

if you aro preant not to mtitt in Join-' 

ing but in looting the quarrel Aj. 

1296. 2. intrens., to Join togothor in, 

to confer ; (vM^vrrror >Jyotffi E. 21. 
8iwa0yurr4r» nftlbw combatant ; irpor- 

Xofifidi^t — tvMMnrMT&t ^iXon C. 

8vMiv8cU»y (0 atient, to ogroo with; 

^6fii^ftlfUf |wiwv5w Aj. 923. 
Bf^wHiXAf, dwelling with; X'l^P^ ¥^ 

Xurra vp^f r/n fifpnAof 4&r ; R. 1 126. 

Used ngaratively ; Afar — 9f(B ttc»- 

Wa {^MHiXflf Aj. (>05. 
SuMipyw,' to roturain ; tw^il^ At t^ 

Xot I Aj. 590. 
Bm^vopor, a ^iiJiow travffi/«r ; tM« 

rifff iwifjotopop P. 538. «p^ tow t^ 

(up^v^r T. 317. 
Uumwofuu, tofoUow with ; ««l|muf rk 

nhurrm ron fiUv (wmiri^fir R. 1125. 



Kol ykp 3 'Kpdni^as ot rm rf 0lf 
(vi4nrtra, /or |A« lAtii^ wherein thorn 
preoailedit did not conduce to thy 
protperity in life 1523. 

WiHfeaydiCofuu, to eo-cperaie: c7 (vyMtt- 
HKcit ml iwepydtroi^ mmm A. 41. 

Bw^pydTiiff, a JfelUw'Worhman, an at- 
fiftoNf ; fT^A^lf — tfal ^w^ydrift 
P. 93. 

Bw^pSm, to oiiift in doing anj thing : 
aire tiWpStis, tV ▼« Spd^ar Irry^ 
weu E. 342. 4y olirjotrf reifSff cci- 

/ft^iV 0^ c^ Cvr^pCM" T. 83. 
BvWpxo/Mi, 1. to meet together with ; 
ivel rh o^ X/x<^ |vri|X39ry mrm i have 
ahared thy bed Aj. 486, cl /4 rsl 
(uri)X9f » unleu he hath eonepired mth 
thee R. 572. 2. fignratiTolr, to agree 
together, to vatto; 3iriM ar^ XV** 
KMnw t4 tfM nhftav ^weXBey^ 4^ 
&r\itf 3nrXi| ^ayp« 10 tAat Jkif favour 
and mine towardt jfM, aattti^ to* 
gether^ may, inttoad ^ aingte, appeer 
Bvrlrrioff, living in the tam§ heute; 
elbcoiffuf cl tu4rra0r Ir reSk ^uSe 
yipocro R. 249. 
Bvrtr^ff iato/iig«a< ; I |Ur o3r ZAe 
6 ^ 'AvrfAAMT (vPffTvl aal rh fipurm 
Bvri^3«y to iletp wilA aav onf; fnr 

{urc^ciff Yf ygAiyiwify E. 577* 
Bvrfvi^CM»tos[««toffteAn' wiM; vaAAol 
yAp J8n aAir ipo^offiw fiporuif fafrpi 
^wMwMMr^ay R. 982. 
Bwcurat, a bed-feUow; Ifi^^tfx** (fif^ 
ewopfairdpa Aj. 1280. ^'VXP^ *f^ 
ofwdKur/M rodro yfyporeu yw^ gau^ 
{iwfvroff 4w B6fioa A. 647« 
Uwfnyopiw^ to plead for anyone; Mov- 
ycaa (wtnopeSt vemffu rA Knr^ ' p 6 p m 
T. 811. 
Bvr^jopof • 'g^^i^g ^ith ; panewL aaiyA 

To«f v^Aoi (vHftyopa T. 1155. 
Ban^S^fiai, to r^oiee with any one ; oSre 
Tcuff TapffX9o2raiff JSmIt (uHi3<vMif 9m^ 
rvrr^ir AfrdxosvaXirC. 1400. 
Bvn}prr/A4w, to row with any one^ figu- 
ratively to luceaur ; m1 f»|3^ (ir^ar 
i| nipof (vn^prr/MiT to puU wil4 iAm 
NO leuthnn before A), 1308. 
BMitf«a» a eign, or i^fnai amed upon, 
a compact; ^vpipopat ^&f$nik ipSiSy 
the eignal of my dtKiay C. 46. eS tA 
Oi|0'&f TltplBov re atrrai viar' M 
(^pOi^tam^ where lie the eoerfaitl^ul 
eompocte of Tktwu aad firitheeu 
C. 1590. 
MupUmnu^ I. 10 unite together; 
hdx^ 'Hpaickei nprrbif twrrSaa, for 
having Joined together an appointed 
bed with Hereulee T. 28. 2. figu- 
ntivelyy to roaff ad agednulto struggle 
wUh; ikyiidpost I (wMfirnu^ the 



mJUttim wUk wJUdb yon Amw UrwggM 

mmotktr, « Jwiit wIiimm ; in #m (m*- 
i«T0^ P. 1277. *AiA|ff x«^ <<^^ 
tiMTsfff A. 538. 

r« x*' {ivMv^cEnu P. 561. 

MfeiWy yrWwmif tkmgki; ^^tm~- 
4 IJmM /k«M^ «3Att A. 279. 

€9kabit; |w«i«M^ T^* 4^ T. 541. 

|i# {MwaM^pTwr Inw B. 57* yyo i 
^Smi w f i mmi Fr m tumk Mutfir (vpmkm 
C 1340^ not Mtutk MUBMSp bill yiipf. 
0mflm 4(x^ < (uMiM? P. 1163. 

dutt^jimm&m T. 1044. 
gipitfwif, iwtlUmg wUk; 9§ rt i^ 
9yttjf9 wm Amsm xM^ Ipmioi (^^ 

MMt (f^MtfMff IW«iyi«) £. 808. 

M 4 {iPMnf tAt Kdkw ifdr A(n| 
▲.447. fit <r 4r Aran, T(t ^ 4ryp(. 
•Iff «4w wf i4mmm ^UA«yf ^bv; R. 


1208. ^ rif «fo Im mfXU murfir 
{^Murof O. 1186. 48c 7J^ fM/(«r 
fiKifin ^imiMt 4ir /IM E. 776. 

Inp^pmyut to bhd 9miȤtf' ^ tin otuk to 
•MV ooo; i pm (vifAfionaf w4fB^ 
wfi§ dtimn* ot iAm hmti moom to mtf^ 
oonviif MM homo P. 1863. 

laWffyMWMMiy mUkd; two6 MopitAU 

BvPH^i^nity •!!« 6mui4 &v «ii ootk to 
mmotkor; ^wmfi dr mt i^rn^ ^^^i^f 
/ proeurod aworn otaodoiot to myttif 
C. 1804. 

l»ao ^fJiniif(vmtft9a O. 889. 
Wm mf t ki m ^ tomiittf to co-opnoi§ wUk i 

/loTtrnt wap4ifTm mil ^ wwi ^ i A i S prrf mm 

P. 869. 
Miy / ti , to <to », to Mrt »iMt ; fitpoiyko 

iw Xp9 roSro ^ X^ih^^ ^^ ^J* 
Iif4r, properly tko odgo of m ranori 
iiied ligiumtiTelji ^^wi /Mte «8 
TOT Ivl (iif«« T^xiftt oomtidor tkot jfMi 
NMi ataa^ c/^iii #» |jh« viry «d|f • ^ 

X) i r4, the dc6iute atticlc, f Atf. 

'0>8Mf,f A« M£*f A ; I r £y8Mf , Aff4- 
KinMy AlriAr 7^i«f E. 896. 

10yicM» 1. • wi^A't • *«rrfeii ; 

WMutflh wpooiK§4M •ymt ^r •yuicpf 
K^ru E. 1131. 3. priiff ; ^iiT 
^MMT ^f /ii|8/j>« Aj. 129. tfW 
<^ AxAm Myums ri 8c« rpi^uf 
pofff^, »A«C flMfrf ii lAtf r« to cA«ri«A 
tko ompty boott of m wwtkorU nmrne 
T. 814. fipox^ ri/ efrci /i£8oy o<« 
jyvMr vXtar, Aff rffiiMfJ mm« 6rj«/' 
eoutono not full if troubU C. 1164. 

Uix'kl lr«M6/# Mii nW 1343. 
"O^likM^ to/Wlpw e IracA; ^opfiSit 
Xpalf orlfioif iTyic^M tMc w4Ko$ woo 
P. 161 

*Otfnpf, e trmwellor; imiffo» 81 ^i^n 

8i0i9 I8ir«f tMT l>|i«^4lH' !'• 1^7- 
'08iM«f4», I. iDtiiiii.| to Joumoif, 

. iogo ommjomntijfi 9r t^mKtHoo 
tSHT lliiwyfa WW B. 801. •* 

7^ Ir— 4^ hnitcop^ Uotwop&o 
C.99; r«ir#ytr/48Mv«pfi^(AJyi*) 
844. ' oMkoop — pii — iSMTMMkca 
853. Mi/iVO* V2^ — 4|^ff^ 
£r 48Mvapf« 1363. J^s 8^48m»». 
poQ/itp tp0m )CFiC<»t^: £• 1088. 
3. tnuii.ytolravf/arM'; Mmv^uI) 
v^f W roCoU volrtrdmovt; B. 1027. 
3. \ued figurative]^ ; f woo — ifiiK* 
iK^wcif ida^ iitimf iiio ar 6p o0 AJ. 
1209. See^ir^s. 

'OlMir^, o trovolUr; §u^uf ikix' 
hi wpk$ Tuw Uotoipmo B. 293. 

'08^r, • tkruMdi U 9 iwwr^n 
rSwoOf x*N^ Mokthm rnoMo X'^^'o* 
wooi M$, rpffW 'AA|i^ C. 67. 
iwal r AfSkre tW mtroffditrw Mr 
X«A4M& ^^l|pM#i 798fF Mii^poo 
1586 " T' •^'^ 

'084t, * 1. m my; tfx<^ *' M4ff 
R.733. «A| 48cv /M — ««Af iBMT 

/ 41 iiov 

4AM»^n|r 804. tA / 4{ 

iy4f«rMr^8AMfC.113. f4^tt«r 
T| #f v^4llyieff c(f 48W mirvy^ AJ. 


37. iBpSf *wk — ftdartj/Qt iptl6t dr 
Mp voptUrm 12SS. Ir rpiwXmt 
iioa B. 1S99. Ii«a Sto^fUM — tfi/yi- 
fidXkou^ar ittM6pmP Uol C. 905. 2. 
mjoumey ; 4 o M^f «o^«vWa P. 981. 
Kttr«pirM«i' S* '^f 4*^ rr^\Xf I 1402. 
mfimdxfwp Mow H. 116* ff") rq^Sf 
riff MoS 8c^fM#y ^M^"'*!' 4 *f^ fp^^' 
rot T^w 1478. — fuuipiuf yi^ — i 
woo^^rdknt M¥ C. 20. rif^ r^r 

mr 96« Mov Kmrdpx*"^ ^' ''f** 
1023. T^iff W Mo8 U67. olbr 

1402. 4M fUv 4^ ^' 'tf^vwi /UAoiMTa 
9^0>rer^f 1434. tftArr^x^r nt ^o^ 
lAi^ <«• Tiv<r8c T^f 4M 1502. M^t 
fipaxMt ylyrrrai ftaxpd A. 232« 4$j(o- 
ftup Koipigp Mp 975. Mp^t M/ui 
fdpouffw 4M T. 108. 48^^r^y 
T<X«vra(«r — Apfun^ ia^ o&rtfv 154. 
A T^i^ff tV Mr v^AHwr Aj« 725. 



kiara rtb/i^ ovAdtyx'''^ ^73. otm 
i^rdkiip 48ov E. 396. 1^ — ^rd- 

1265. TfXArroff ixBpti^ vimra^r 

rf rvr 4Sf 1287. 4rif A^f ^< T^^ 
43^0ayrfrra re m1 (firr^ tfo'ciBor 1306. 
TOia^v — l(4m(v Mr 1310. % V 
Mt fipaiprrm 1493. — Mmt Ir 
rcwrl* aico^v C. 559. roIi wap§kBo^ 
trau MoSIr 1399. 48oif nmk&w ifuuh 
rhf fltf iamorpo^4fif A. 226. 2^ 
Zv^rvxtordniv K4\n9op tffwm rmf 
woMkOcufeAp Si&w i 1198. cirvxovrrA 
rai^3ff ToZr MoSt E. 68. 3. figu- 
ntively, th§ jourmu to th» lAoWif 
Iw/oitf, ifct i0ay of a$ath ; rhf m«(* 
rair Mp ffxtlxawnuf A. 801. ttvo/uu 
tM* irolfMP iUp 869. /S</9i|iC€ 
An^ifMi TJ^y voyvrrdniy 43fiy 4va- 
9W T. 872. 4. a way, a iMiW ; 
voXAJkt 48o^t ikUpTa ^poprtiof wKir 
pott B. 67. $*hf^ji4ytk fidpot fi' 
txmp iwtuff§Pf ip V mtctp iyptaa, 
48ms a. 1260. rii wpAra iikp hi^i 
ttpar^ptp, vpQra 8^ oUtpmp Mis 0. 
1816. ^op^ffos lA^ df^ oUtmp ^ 
riP, idfT fff rii^ aXXipr |iarrun)f Ix*" 
'08um(«, (0 pain^ to mum pain ; hkywh 

9a KmBuptfiipii E. 794. 
'08^, oain ; ^ 1. of iho body ; Ir 
<K Mwwuf 4/io9 Aui^ T^ obrMt P. 
185. 8v»^ 48^M» iMf* 6«yff 8* AXp 
7/(Mir 816. 4r 8tfMnrcUUuUToif 48^ 
KUf T. 955. t^ KuHl^pt iypUsp UA- 
PflP varo6t 971. wowmnuUpot 4XX^ 
Toa 484MUf 982. XMropop V 48v- 
nbr — i8(oTw 1017. 2. of the 
nind ; t^ yjip h Kiiaaosp oUtMia 
«^ iMytUoff 484psf twvrolpoi AJ. 


355. iC^««w7^^'«tMMvP 
'^OBvp/iAt a iamMtaltm; itarci8or — 

|^o3or yoM^Kifr T. 50. offr' 48ifyi4- 
Twr iktlwrr' oU4p 932. 
'084payiai, !# iiiiiMRl ; roMvris — ml 
X^i jcM^oi Aj. 320. (lpT^(k^ 
Wat JKol TcXfi ic^^pmu 376. ^l tm 
/i' 48^0011 C. 1441. riip wBuSa rain^ 
oT 48toffrai irdXa A. 689. 
*08i^^f6c, Utytm; *Oivff9o6tV.U4. 
371. 427. 564. o^r^r 4Mi^^f4t 568. 
84^101 '08vtfVf4f 604. '08u^vf4t Aj. 
149. 950. '08iNr<r«v Aj. 36. 118. 
1325. 1353. P. 1035. im^ '08wr. 
9tv Aj. 1295. 1300. P. 26. fym" 
*09v<r99v Aj. 1360. — « r '08m-- 
4r^«f/ira P. 314.588. r^t "Ohwims 
fiiat 921, vp^ff Tov Koxiarom «4k jw- 
irdr 'OBwrvim 384. I( 'ArptiSMr 
IpTtt Kitf 'O8u0V^ 404. vX4y y 
'O8v!r0'4wff 439. '08utf«r4Mf X^>«rr»ff 
592. T9f'08Mr(r^tr^t632. 'oSwr- 
ff4wf X^f*" AJ* 038. 2p' *O8v0-Witff 
ffX^M P. 964. '08vdra'«if, 4iov 71 
965. /ifir *08iwtf/wf 4«||064fn|r; 
1279. AIbvt* — taropop 8un '08vr* 
vims Upunof 1349. — 4/«^' *O8v^0'c« 
Aj. 296. '08v^^« viy^Urw P. 64. 
— 'O8u0vr4gi fhf vhf ip^rdrqp X4y^ 
Aj. 104. » '08w^^4b — A«40#flvA9 
P. 1204. 

*08o»r4f, to bo traviiUd omr^ to ho por* 
frnmud; 4/m1 ^r o^x 48«rtf C. 496. 

^0$9P, from whoaoi* 

^'(Mi, whoro, 

'O6otfr«ca, boeauti^ wkoroforo* 

Of, an exclamation of grief or pain. 

Ol| whUKtr, 

Olorif, (Eoan, a iheep patture^ the 
name of a district in Attica; Ojit- 
Ti8of iic ro/AovC. 1064. 

OlSo, til know^to M«, to vadcnfamf, to 
bt atturtd of* 

OlB^roiw, (Edipuu 

OTifta^ tho twolHng of tKo ioa ; wopf 
fipuxiouri w§p&p tir tXfymffv A« 337* 
woprlas k^t oUftia 684. 

0&ra8<, homowardt homo; trap wop 
dUaV AlyiaBot p/Skp E. 378. o3 /iif84 
Kkifii^ -> oUtio^ p^tt *£XAd8os yj|f 
paifiaiwif taikBo P. 255. r^r OtaV 
^cryor vrikoP 497. ^/t^ot &s«(- 
^<iy olka8« 929. 

Olccibr, 1. domouie; oUom wd0ii 
Aj.253. oiirfiar ols termt ifartwrois 
E. 208. ▼oio'iy okcfMf icaicoa y»- 
fovpta C. 769. Ir rotf yhp ^otowv 
ierru (h^ Ari^p XPV^^^ A. 657. 
^84v)«f ekciov muwv 1172. vlrtfloy 
ekcMr 1234. ic^^ oIkuoc Aixas 
T. 754. 2. paurmaj^ ; i yfs Uphm 

okoias xPo^ A. 1188. 8. U- 
tomgimg to a bmh himmff^ hi$ ewN» 
0wii; wiMcr AajBiftr (eo. 8<li#t r^ 
wtuia)i ebcfSy, it '{ ^t^^^ rir^; 
B. 1162. — 8f drper ekfCMr 



▲j. 127S. 99ir4pm wnp^at | vp^ 
9bttUu XV^ (tc SkmkMp) i A. 1 161. 
cbr An^ •&«<« #f«y9f Aj. 903. 
€im4r%9, m dcmutie, • Jtmutie ttrvtnt ; 

T. 904* w^f iETtrrvt Atfvtp tUirms 
tftmKm Ri 1114. |W fw§f ^X^ 
Jf u rm w tdfr^fUi^ C 835. 

Smf Imt iKMiffb /i^Mff R. 756. 
OM», f« JiiAaMi, 19 dwill; tUtof 
Kx« C 608. KAXMf — HMrv^MTf f 
•LrMyicr #4rff «&yi^]338. Afyi^far 
6/ ^«l«r Im^ £. 1090. Ur^ 
^'fiptnSt Irrtorrtr «^ tlUtmiiUini 
P. 2. 79r — tt^ dXopyiMr «l^ 
• tm y i/f I P 221. •ttcftnyUrv rr^ 298. 
•er8r«r«lvc»M^ B-4U. Mi^ 
vff — tUkitfin h 4'^iiuha 990. r^ 
— vV fpoifTtf ifu rim Mutfir oiicfir 
TAmc^ B. 1390. a/ M/i»p(«u WXffif, 
«&» il riff tLicf , ^fSliif KMfipt0m9 G. 

if6 Mvj^ tlUai^tr^, 31. iKmrmnoh 

fi^ff 0l!nK<« aUi^ptnpn A. 883. 
Olsivri^t «» inA«6il«iit; kxpAtf 9hai' 

tV«— r^mwf rmiwM* C. 633. 
OlKfTi^ff. «ii imkabiiamt ; iftam — {Smtm 

•6n|T«v Tyxctf" B. 1450. 
OlnfT^ff, iiiA«6il«rf ; IffTi /li^ MKifr^ 

(I xSpn) C 28. MuiTwff ^MT ^iin^ 

€AHifrmf^am imktbiUnti Moff x80*^ff 

TJrJ c^yfM«r •Mrofcff C. 732. *Ai- 

8o«M(rrtfffi;/«iiri^T«p<fT.282. 8rtt 

TAiStw fH/aamt Mffmp vAm 1151. 

IXM^tf / «Mt«|w aj. 890. ^AiIpv 

jumwijimii olH^rmmt 518. 
OiU£w» t# wuk§ f# iacfi/; At vd^anXsr 

yaurUrdgn C. 781. 
oinBtw, frgm ktmg i iXvfrttrrtff olko- 

•fir iy«r 'AyoiMf (^y^MX^ ^j- 1031. 

Aafir,ir Sr>y^ «&0to 1080. Wr 

• jwjpmf A u Bmf rrfrf ; C. 859. 
ObiM* «l Ami* ; 8oSA«t <— tUm rfot 

fdt B. 1128. tA dfff ilkM 8M^t 

C.S53. 4 r dkM ( W^iff) 768. aI^ 

am — xk'^ fSki^tmf 8 x^ ««m& 

OfctfMyiAs l# 'm'' tji • 5mim; Avi^ 

Tif Inawff AmtCs gfatPfyifi Jf^a/mAf 

wBffb E.183. 
Olumiift pnpaiW fa a Vmm^ 5mi#. 

■M^; mV Mot timmmAt ird ra 

rp$tt: P. 82. 

cKmt clnriyi^trt B. 1429. dnif /thf 
ifSs rMi P. 159. 4| aAem kafid^ 
TTlOftS. Mf^ «]kir. viiJUa E. 917. 
1188. 148A. C. 844. T. 528. 686. 
- 980., biil Mf' flKMrp ol 5mm AJ. 1000. 
P. 467. «F^ i^Mm ltM«f B. 1491. 
iftf / Ik flbiw B. 880. €kmi ^ 


7«^ tXttrnf E. 93. M^^ip ^ iv of* 
iCMff 1301. dbcTM w o&ttv ifrlmt 
6ftfmiUpwT.B60, Af (rov f&i|M oi — 
4nr^ obrtir 1265. ffor* o&rovt ^vrS^ 
T«vf cUir/frrai AJ. 65. wdrtpa I* Ir 
«lkMf 1^ V 5ypMr 4 AiCS^f — > r^ tf^»- 
«r«T«i ^; B. 112. A8ciy r iv" 
«lka»r 241. 819. tiUmirm §lfw4imo$ 
4p Toa l/io& ypwrro B. 240. 8M- 
^ff flCK«r rMf 481. •^0^,6 7 v 
•Ikovt Ttht ift/ahi i^rtikiftupf 434. ote 
fT ^ t" tfbwf 037. Mn' «&ouf 1447. 
98* ArarrirMif obmw rlf^^ir A. 676. 
2. a hotM, omU country ; ^Y^ 4>^ 
X6ffu KAAif erparmi 9p^ «]k0r £. 564. 
ir^f olvor 4A8f Aj. 431. vAm 8* A* 
vp^ff oIkm P , 68. ^ dUmif fuktuf 60. 
vX^ 8" 4f dkM 240. v^ff 0Zkm r^ 
^ir l«c«'«#4y ^ 486. wkimw H *Uda¥ 
VA^f alxM 544. wdXof 9pbt afitor 
#Mr/8^ Urro B. 115. — Irr^ffdlkMr 
ffivl T^f 8xXi|f ^vyAf — 5«^Xm E. 
1126. 48^— %««r^5s^0lk«9 'Hpo- 
xXiff T. 155. trtvrm -» 1*^ •Amm 
643. idi^ ia^dUmfUmlBi. wS- 
rtpm frp^ff oikovf — WAcyot AVyoMir 
frtiM; A. 455. h^ dbutw Mln i^o^ 
fUfuiw 749. ^6^0/ ^' Iff dlkouff P. 
311. «A4m «^ flikouff 883. W/^ov 
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T. 589. 
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act, olm^ pur p« 169. AJ. 687. 
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ftaXMr cOiiAar C. 109. AXX' ^fU — 
•lkri/Mr« 342. ^rf«»^' •krdpMT. 
1026. •iKTcl/Nvrw P. 800. 2. 
paw., AXX' •*« Ik W^tr iMrt^pt^ 
•Srof B. 1404. 

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r^t R. 1508. lad ^ oUrUat $4km 
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8d«rn|»*or P. 227. rf«r Aro^lw •<>«» 

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AJ. 617. oUrpk tV /8^«««' («<P) 
P. 1152. 

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1032. 4rf olrrp£f lx« T. 1069. rov 

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C. 1317. vorpkff /Ur Ir Bi^wMriy 
OWm T. 6. AfKtraipar OlrtMt ac^^ir 
404. waty4porrt OatIm 566. r^ 
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K6fni 1089. r^cMT OMit T. 595. 
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A*" Olriaaair T. 508. 

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V^/IATM A. 706. 

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Xovtf-a KUtviif O. 680. oMn BdEc- 
Xoi'R. 211. 

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a/oiif, fiffuratively, an imaNf ptritfa ; 
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P. 839. •(«« 7^ oM* &y — AXXmt 
— rXi|Mu t4B« 532. 0(101 tfiov xdU 
ffiov Mkv hp rvirrmf upmr^w^ 1047. 
0^ fUr 068^ lAAor («&«t) R. 
1051. o^ioi y^ olPr^ hf h^rpw — 
rl^ 1227. olii^ 8ff U7^ oM^ C. 
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X^ &r ot/uu — Amivfiv 1003. •!• 
fuu — 090*^ — i/ifdituf 1058. fll* 
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w4fi»^at E*. 541. p]!^a« fuUiOTa — 
wpoffiwai Tim 920. «nM iU\§im •lt»M 
1439. — fo^cro r^ IbV 'Ax"«- 
«tf n{v8« SifXiStf'tiy iymr oIIntw /Ur 
fiiXitfT' iKo^ior XafiAp P. 613. — 

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wtip9urMr)ffim T. 533. 
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dund; 4Mil/ar«*rr4BT48iai363. 

2. of gain, to 5« «ifrtoiJiaii ; r^ ff^JpSot 

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Tfit P. 451. vplt Ofr«(w x«^ 

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448. Ohm Mf Ix^m" 719. vp^ 
w^pm Ofrfff vAim 1416. rW Ofnit 
in^ — At ^i wi* T. 199. 9^yovt 

Cfirrfr rt t y tr; 1181. 

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Olx«Al« T. 478. k^ Mhtaw — O/- 
X«Xkt 856. t4*' 1^ ^Iwiffrjfuif Olx«- 

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lyttbr Wxiw<^ E. 805. Urtaowf 

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ever n&miag 161. 

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P. 369. Aiw^cff ^XMY* ^^ '"^ 
«^ a^ nr— «rxffr« rrcAAr C. 299. 
I^mImt — «rx«r«« 898. rif jc^pat r* 
«rx« Ai^3i£r 1013. vdfpMTi — tt 
v^ fX«^* T. 730. Hx^rmi tm Aj. 
730. Alto ined figuntively of those 
vho Jeptirt iff, or crt «iMtoA«rf 
«r«y %,iial4; x*^' dTyrrai 6ap 
p^ ; P. 412. Tfir mUrpms Wx^M^'^^r 
7«wW E. 143. v^ Wxay«^iMir clt 
'AlSar822. drxf«799. drxtrai vvr^ip 
1140. flTx** 8b^^ AJ. 978. |r<#i(r- 
^m|I..,4 o^^m*^ 4^ T. 85. oT- 
X«Ji« •HUaff 1133. dTxWf IAmAo* 
limw^^fWMi Ai 880. if ^ 7!^ In- 
#^« |tf« Tfli r «rxt^i« 1107. of- 
X«r« 8^«irr« rd^ '#MM«^ 1350. 

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8£f^ ttf^ 205. r^ c^iSiAfMr — 
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■hirlff f ( iiir M^tm 4«y4r — tff v^ 
Air 1069. 4hm& r lAiif Aj. 817. 
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rimd; rl ytf ir mi u f ffu m^ imtivmn 
AtMh Iwf^wof E. 1047. 4>^ 
tlumm fifirir R. 310. V (/Mrrt ^) 
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•#r^ Iff itfir vw 7»Mr 895. y^^ 
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diff, tff tpibal ffMffffff ; ffbf Ikr «Kwf 

fX<«f AJ. 906. 
'OKAi(«, to liffik tfuvM from weuineis 1 

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to l»« rt/ttctoffly to ^ AffclciMrd ; t4 

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litfww^u p. 1 11. 3. Ujimr, to 
dnmd; rifott fil^w ktpik rovft 4wf 
f«^<r liir AJ. 1373. Ar oTf r o^f, 
«Kmi (tc. m4 foif f miaxp^) P. 895. 
4kiw tm ff^f r MrffrffMrovo'* R. 746. 
ffol /d^y 61am 749. riir ^i>o8^ff irib^ 
r<ff 922. irfir vfi^ AMl^fff — iiofw 
986. 4 7^ rdU* ^iy«r gttBtP ifff 
hrSwroXiSi 1000. 8r ^ Affytrrf C. 
735. luinmif^ $i^pa w§piftumt ^ffMct 

li«4|r; AJ. 81. ffffl v«r T^ ^UfTP^t 

KiuTOMf mhit Upw fu Bti; R. 976. 
iooirr' Mywn (lit^fftiy) C. 661. 

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T«vr^ iffvqi^ R. 834. 

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pw -f^ 9lm Skp99 p. 875. ffffl fiiip 
Pjmy tamt^ ixupop obit Bm^ E. 318. 
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A^A.24S. 2. /Mr; /i^ >a' itam 
Uimmnu itntKtrArt P. 225. 9w^ 
rmp y liop|p fffffffir R. 1175. rmtfU- 
Ki0^ itam ^ fxff« ; C. 65^ «M»rM — 
Iffiw 9% hA^m T. 180. ^pMWMT« 7^ 
mr ofo 8y HUrtff htw^ AJ. 82. /i#- 
yar Ikmt Ix*' mI vif^^WMi AJ. 139. 

'OA^^^M. to if#effi or prouMffM Affspv ; 
/ii|Mr iA3/C«»' n. 1528. —Myim 
^rkruftMtm iOifitCero £. 683. 

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ffiU {^ iAiUMf if) Wmcto R. 929. 

ffpwrf t' kx4mf ip %»• S\fiM$ E. 1 56. 

T^T/Afff^^(0vC. 1718. 

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MfNf j Tffff wrfrr* tMfff/ioPfff <A^ 
R.1197. I v^ v«A«i^ r lA^*ff ir 
wdpotit iAp lA3*ff liffffW 1282. 

'OAMjpifffy 1. of ft thing, fwmiciMu, 
itUTMclim ; ItOtr iAdbter AlkyrM 
Aj. 786. rAr r 4Af4^ Wf Iff" V 
fmriPfi4fii^ C. 1680. 4a«Mu#i #iir- 
flAA«>«2i T. 842. 2. of ft ponon 
ritin§di ^^^^^^ Iktiplm T. 875. 
iAAi ff kAibt 5Aff^ i4f M$mm 
•bdCn AJ. 897. 

^OAcljpMj Mmcftoff ; ^ filWb' <Ac- 

MMfffSir ^ ^i4^ A. 1277. ffiff fit 


R. 480. JMywff — ^ T^ ikt$^ 
)Mti; 1843. 

rtti'ipa,rt/MiCMa: A. 1371. 
r^ XP^MV A. 621. 

E. 786. 

^Aictff|Olr«eft, orfurnno; r^iyrmji'dx- 
icoZf /yirif^w E. 852. this is commonly 
trantlatod to ht eutumglsd in ikt 
nint; but IIerm«nn, and after 
him Ellendt, mora correctly render 
ii t0taU ufMM lA« traekt ctU hif tht 
wh§iU — Tftifrel l^iirrcr exp r ew ei lA« 
rriiM E. 787. 

^OXkyfUj imp., AXXvrar C. 895. perf. 
■ec., ikmka P. 76. E. 664. 1474. 
T. 1184. Aj. 880. 8XMXat R. 1166. 
«Am\c and Skmkw R. 940. C. 1579. 
1609. A. 195. 1160. Aj. 958. ^U- 
Kofup R. 1505. Aj. 778. AkmkArpt 
R. 126. 257. ikmiJTa 759. 956. 
C. 1576. A. 1016. 1274. E. 796. 
i\mk^oi» P. 425. ikmKArm^ A. 174. 
885. AXimX^os p. 1032. — ftit, 
iKth P. 1374. R. 448. T. 715. 
A. 747. ^aor.«liXMraC. 558. Ak§- 
aas P. 1157. i^M'c and Akt^w 
£. 262. T. 1029. A. 867. ^^oi 
Aj. 144. ik4^cat Aj. 383. med. 
praes., SXKurtu R. 1/9. ^XXMrtfcu 
U. 799. imp., iiKXvf P. 680. E. 
915. T. 649. Alt, IXov/uu P. 1093. 
iktrrui A. 759. 5Xo^mcAi 59. ikn- 
009 P. 1024. aor., «X«ro R. 822. 
856. C. 1652. A. 513. AK^no 171. 
Ikoitinp R. 645. 664. SKmo E. 283. 
P. 949. 1008. IXmto R. 1349. 
E. 126. 5Xoi««i P. 1024. 1369. 
tfXoiiTo T. 882. AXokro Aj. 829. 
^^^804 E. 998. R. 1157. A. 694. 
818. 5XeAA^Mv A. 833. 

i. act., except in the perf., lo dutrojf; 
rii^Ak^aaM; 1157. 5x«If^, ^ryi^ 
fftcm 0'ff, roiSrSf reif X^TOcr 1374. o^ 
T^p tv^ twQv fi' 6kM R. 448. vw 
yitp $§oi a^ 3p89vri, vp^vfc 8* ^BXXv- 
^oy C. 395. o0n| {^ Am^x^) *^<u 
^fXAu^ir A. 669. v«f oU 6kti moI 
tM«; (4 i^f) T. 715. Ir — fr(. 
8oi^ vciroSa'ai^ a^i»f -^ tks fi* Ak^aw 
1029. 8r e^ «aytrnu nd •ommt' 
5Acr riyd A. 867. or la ibi<4; fi^ 
Un¥W Akww E. 262. ^4 — iX^^oi 
Aorcwy /Sorib ml kaUuf Aj. 144. roiv 
8i hamUxBu 6x4ana fiairt\%t Aj. 
388. iral T^p 4Aefo ^^^rtiimi icol 
AK^aa C. 553. 3. in the perf. of 
the act and mid., to peritk, to be 
deuro^ or kilted; ikm^M ifV ip 
iuJ^ £. 664. $hmkmH 1474. IAmA' 



iKmKm T. 1134. ^ 4X^Ximm» AJ- 
778. arxw«'t <^^M^« 880. &U«Aa rai 
^« wp9o9mp$epA P. 76. W 8* lle^ 
^XMX^of Te^revf 1032. JSXmAwR, 
1 166. 1^ — 6kAfieiitMP 8^ Im 1505. 
4{XmA« yiip 8^ vdrra rd^ C. 1609. 

eroff aiir AAAirre T. 649. 4UA«^ 
^ i^lWr P. 680. 5Xf loft r, Ifiaat 
K^ff T^ ib^ rMc 1024. 5t — 
ipSdtt MoS^ 1098. ^Meu 9 A^ 
Amrrpri^^R. 1157. Xey cdnn^ 
^oilyMta A. 59. 4x«l/ii|r R. 645. 
4X0^ 664. 5Xo<o E. 283. P. 949. 
1008. 8XMT0 R. 1349. E. 136. 
S\mff0t P. 1024. 1269. tketpn T. 
382. AXewre Aj. 829. r^ vAr ^ 
iXmkAra E. 796. SkmXw k* y^ 
Aj. 958. oTr 4yA ^Ktar' Ir ieikne' 
iXmkArmf JcXvtir P. 425. AdSsv V 
ikmkim R. 126. Ai^t t^ 4w<eTaw 
iSo^iX^f f^ 5XMX^f 357. AtfEsr t^ 
4XmX^ 759. vvr 88f vp&r r^r t«xw* 
jSXMXtr 949. efiff^ Ivrv lUXu^, 
AXX' 4AMX^a 956. X/|ar OiMswiy 
4XMX^a C. 1576. 8XMXf ^j^ 8^m9- 
Mr; 1579. yipovt Kea^ ieyx*^^ 
TMT AXiiX^wr A. 174. w^Xmi ^v^ 
AMX^ JiXMXff Ti|^8f 1 95. Ay A^9mW — 
w\uarw MeKTOi Uepai^offi^ 4XaH 
X^rMy885. MnS*^AMX^ajrcyrci 1016. 
AXi«X^ M|i* He^et^yirm 1374. — 
Ar/tMir 5x«Xffr 1 160. — ifM 4KXXirre 
E. 915. £y v^XiS Ayd^fiei lUXannu 
R. 179. T^r ripean^v rwrw IXXues- 
8« 799. 8<' fiyrtp 4tXtre (x«^) 
832. aMr v^P^i^cv AXrre 856. /i^ 
8* 4ro(y arcivof Akmo C. 1653. /Jar 
K9tt ^liUpv Aknm A. 171. &XX* 
AScX^r £X«To 513. rW a^^r enMr- 
8cX^ /«4^ fa^ ^lyerwv icuM«r f&tf* 
ixllr8a^ m4^ 4v' oJMSr riy^r 694. 
ffiaryt — ^ 4Xfrrai vXiv^k 759. 
Xiry/MTdrar MvBeu riuf ^pi^iiiiKf ibtear 

K>Xicif, </fflritcliiw; itmdmmf ikUm 
rX^M«^T. 518. 

'OXo^f , diM, raiiifrf ; iXoJk >^ £. 833. 
4 vov 4X0^ er^yti T. 843. 

*OX0f, the whoU^ emtire; k/t/fyeu tm 
/A^X^t obx 8Xi|f ^os P. 478. rpoTs 
tkovs i^ lipot els ipKTovpoif ^K/iiimn 
XP^rove £. 1136. r^ nXcinraSar BT 
IXoy (sc. jrpMffd'V Xfli) C. 480. 8n^ 
XOf iKXeuf 9evff InrXciwaf, e«x CXmv 
trrparny^f Aj. 1084. 

*OXo^vpo/Mu, to lameMt ; 8 — 'inir 4Afe> 
fiprreu^ ipva £. 145. 

'OXvyiv/o, Otjfmp'u^ a city in Pelopon- 
nese, fiunoui for itii temnle ; amirt 
rhif Il8i«r«r §t/u ySa h^ ipi^mkJkif mi- 
fim^, M it T^ 'AM^« Mi4r, eOA 
tAjt 'OAv^vioy R, 900. 

'OX^tet, %m^n; Zcfo 'OX^|an#y 



T. 274. Mt S lUyms 'OK^mt E. 
791. 'Ok6itM»oi$t9iPMS. 

Olympmti y^r Tt V|p«mw- 

a 1651. — Sr (W^) 'OAiiitmf 
««nif ^i^buM R. 867. ^y '€»»iiM99 
1086. rMT'OAnyorar A. 754. 'OA^ 

drxAflv605. '<U^ 


, ^^ j^iMMU, Miif 0fkimdrid 

10; partkiilariy fpokca of brotkgn 
mod titi§n ; Uirm f^ror TMinr Sftml- 
C. 1769. ffcrnir ^^aM^or x^ 
(mt i ip rfr; A. 508. Ifia^Mff 
4k ^iMf TV «■! ra^rav v«rp4f 509. 
I^ft^ R. 689. 4d^ — I^M^MT C. 
8124. 4 #«^' V^^ior 829. #u|rp^ 

988. f^rwOfUi 

|IM wwiff 1407. wfl^ #i|f iiamif»0m Mil 
a «# t y »4 r^ i E. 12. fV ^ Vaynir 
817. 521. 

'OpuQuir, wane m Mfuu/ias, mUmt^vSt 
|iM tfv^^ '^ i^trnm^pm T. 1187. 
v«S mS r JJ^inQitowf Aj. 1291. «^ 
^ r JMi^Mt C. 1277. ffr" 48cX- 

ZfvW ipuUmmfwA. 488. 
lOyi^r^M^ !• meemmptnw; ifrwrrl 8^ 

tfir T«2r wM#A i ii wrvmfm imtmti^ 

^O^ma<m^ aummptmyimg m iht mm* naff ; 

TCiibr 8i A^^ #Tai4itfw4 rt ytipyt 

MfUBOm R. 187. 
<ViB{piM,iA0mr3f; ^ rii if»0ptm x^i^f^ 

O^i^^ot^ • sAmmt; ififift Upk R. 

1428. vvAAWln t iftfipoii iXiw rt 

mmipmrm C. 851. 4in|^^ i^ ^ 

fif^ 6961 MN» vwM^Mur A. 822. 

kf/ — l^f ctfr^ 'Apm A. 942. 

•5 4yUmf fMfi, tfMT l^t T. 145. 

-— fUkas iftfipot x*^^^ fl^Hflfvwf 

{mlMirm^) R. 1279. 

i ^wrfw Afarr*! Aj. 496. 
lOjpuA^M, !• b§ wlUMiCy or to 5««ff tiilcr- 
CMintmli; #^ rsir fiATudriit «tr- 
XMT^ JH^twrTM R. 867. 1^ •& •& 
Xfir M^ J^uAMir 1185. If— tbK^n 
wwT fl^mM ifytui I|ara8»f^ 4aA* Irrii 
4p«A«; Aj. 626. iMOVff (A>z) otfrf 

^ T^fyrJ^or Aj. 1180. 
^Ofuklmf 1. MwwrMlitfii, imi€rtmurt$; 
Irr* ^mI ^ o^xli 0^ ^ J^mAIs «]p^ 
vMfl varrt P. 70. •2ri8f& ««i)>^t 
— 8fvr4pBr Jj^uAW l Xll4>fi M 4t f«f 
K.410L 2.A MMliaf, or omcii- 
5lur# ; wdu y^ innbif %^ ^ 
i^tkLgi R.I489.— 8.ifld<ljir; 
%H«r 7« Mikff mi WgA itr Jj^uAiw. Qf 


^Of»tfm^ UthtiHi KUNiTyi^itp^iiifia 
P. 854. ofo AAmm wfiroomiUim fyifjm 
whw ippmftw O. 245. 8r fu ^tK^ 
S/tfi* ianffwdintt wp6t tftftoffuf Y«2r 
wp69$tw ii^tx"* 870. 8^ 6fipter9tk* 
0Ttuerl kttfittif Uitmwf 1252. tfipm 
#f r48' — ifihif rNMi Soiwvar 1706. 
v^aV 'Mf W« 8aj^4Hr E. 894. 
fywwi UitpiMf h^idfrm iw E. 1222. 
iftfimruf Ham kafi6trf P. 582. I/i^mi^* 
r 4aWxMf rM* ofyAair 819. tA 
«04a#f A«^v]pd^ — ifttiofrm R. 1488. 
•4 y^ 8r MT 4AA0r^lbif tftimffw 
•TMror C. 145. 4Aafiv Jj^tmt J 48. 
rot c4<«nMAf Jyi^rtir 8Hi^8op((t 558. 
rmf tfifir M^MTTwr 4/i^iirwr nfriSyMiivf 
1202. liiptrmf Mriuw x^V 4rr^ 
XM^a ac|pcn'4ff 1646. AAo^r^poi^iir 4/*- 
M^TMT ic4icAMr A. 962. 2. uiod 
figunlirel/ In tho lomo aenie; 
mgrtKoQaiam t«V^ ^m«( R. 1222. 
#MpiiM#s r»i^ 1^ C. 1086. 

1681. fAMwr ol^ Ax^f 4a^ ^ftftAnuf 
*Ap^t Aj. 692* itAy4» Ao^poMV 1^' 
hnmtmrfUmi 'fpoiftw T. 910. 8tfr- 
f^Mif i^ S§»pmfaf ytdftmi fiaXaSn 
Aj. 51. iyit yiip i/iitdirmif kroarpS^ 
fovf mMs knfp^ 69. ml piii r^T 
V^ Mu fp 4 i w hdarpofoi yvAf u i t 
M|v442. ^048^ 7M^ 4v^ J^ra#r 
MiMi /M 0. 820. r48f Aiyi»ilB0r 
Uf^ iftpm ^ A. 870. 8. tk§ 
tight; tnyipH^^iH** fatHptuf 
A 167. m4 /•' — M* 4fiAMff ikA«. 
wuut ift/i' txoMf mudbr ^«(nr ipp 191. 
#fM)«8of l|pKti r^ ti^ it»ftm 94rt- 

TOI T. 612. — ^ Tf T^f Ijll^MI 

I^Amt 4 81' ifwv ^w 1015. ^ 
IftfJrmf t Jpafir t« kA^ ip$^9 fpn^ 
— ffoniyflff IT0 To^irkAivMi royri fnav ; 
R. 528. 6p$oii 9fukka¥ immriM to4>> 
T«vf4ffiir; 1885. — •4ic «II* ^^^lo^iy 
«»(0cf fikhtmf wttripa %W \» wmt- 
•3or R. 1871. Used adverbiahj; 
y m mmm hf Jpfi iv ippmgw T. 240. 
t«y«fd|p4ir tfr tpfamw wtffkt MopitAg 
748. v^pyoi /Mr, dt mAiir tfrtfyttf^ir. 
4w4a^ Jyi^hvir, vp4tfiwC.15. Aff««r 
lyi^ifl/ «klm wiiy4m 4HiM|i vX^- 
r(Nr Tf nyi^ A. 756. cl^ il c^ 
Ti^f4ifr MR*' 1^ T. 102. 4. ik$ 
c«iNjilra«ficf ; A^p^ff Iwi^ W«r« 
R.81. t4 r^ >4f Ifvui Sti*^ 4iM 
8itfi4T« A. 686. SpA rh' i/ms ^/iftdnt^ 
tU^plns f4atr C. 788. wmpt I^ 
w«r^ 8«Ai«iw ^oMlt TcA^viAm; Aj. 
457. TilT«rTtff4rTiirW«r48irr«r 
fikh§w R. 999. r> 04r fpmtpw 
Spfim P. 151. 5. o fwAf, AH n^l 
^>f5l ; AM^Mmw %ui nU r4Ap 
/Mi wuijpfif, Aj* 088. — /^▼••''Ti*- 

fXPr P. 171. i M^ k^pk Ml 


KOT^ %UI KtA ^19 T. 378. — iff 

l|i/ia E. 891. 

^Oyuvfu, to fWMr; l^«ni|i lPytry« T. 
1 178. ifuv Ads WW rw fu fmpTos 
K^paT. 1175. ^/irdrrtf fiktwtiw r^ 
•Ak^ &^ (drr' 'AxiAA^ vdUir P. 
357. &r Ai/u^ 9tnt If tiwi^niy oMr 

#fC.1147. 4Ma«t — Vc&'AxM- 
«^f A/to^mp vf^roff rrc^tSr; P. 619. 
iyi^off M^flir dficoBfl 838. 

^y ff^' — ^yioTf id^ff r iii^* iff mbrht 
ifw rdku R. 1369. 

'0/i2>rioff, pr0lfcltji^ a rMf« an epithet 
applied to pertieular dettiet ; wpis 
$§mf h^jrpAmv C. 1335. 

*0ft6$€Pf frma ih§ mim pleet , or ioiiref ; 
dshyMwnX^ 158. 

'0/ieibf, e/ilc« ; 8^«» ^^loSbt rtSi uuKots 
Vf^mrtfav* P. 1358. t^mw vwrp^i 
ffikyx^oTtpof, t4 BT IUa' V^ibt Aj. 
548. Vy^^l««!«'1133. AfiMQvitfTf 
-^ mr Bppco'm^af iptfiot SfoAoy 
Ivi5p^p vyocuff A. 583. — liiaUnn 
rob ipl^rtffuf P. 985. 4 *<fi*^ 
4/Mia vttt Mip mbr^ irepti Aj. 1345. 
S /Iff 8ef(ynir i/totardinaf Mrnnwdfu 
A. 827. 

9 SfuSmt md 8f«a cl^ ^(\9ff P. 390. 
eo^t y 4fiolMt R. 563. 4^1^ y 
lyiMwr (#mwyay) C. 418. Twrrd ^m 
r^ pf (t iiaaUn tAwh ri|ff ^Aiitfviif 
kiym 940. «ai^ md (mt V^s I{ 
Ifiov ri^4^rrai A. 310. iw^h 9 6i»at- 
ms Mkv itfvov % wdpof (kAwp i\1^ 
kituBa) Aj. 369. Ae^or 9 ^/tioUa 
Kol T^ niretf^ WXfi E. 357. rvr 
0^ Afuims KttX f^ l|fvl0T^tfu 895. 

'O/MicA^i, lo ea/l mil f«. by way of 
gjcUiHg ; ti 9 ifUk frwMf iiimsk^ 
mr^s E. 703. 

'O/ioXoy^ 10 CMiftu; S/iaKtyA Td8« 
P. 968. 

'Oft^oXit, one of tho tamo eUtf ; Bifii$is 
rnvV Auiwroka Xmi A. 739. 

*Qf»Mo$4m, to eel i« uaiioii. to afrte; 
8«paica T«ilp7«r, cArcp ff ifttffodu 
A. 533. 

'O^i^ffvAaTxyofi 50r« ^'ruM fA« mm« 
wmb; oM<ir olrxf^p rohs 4^100*- 
vXdTX*^^' W/kiT A. 507. 

^pfi^tfvopefy \,hegiftUn by tki $am§ 
parfnli ; rkw Sfdiwopotf 'ApTt/MV T. 
311. 3. f0wiji£ tofothtr in tk§ tamo 
w»otb ; tx^ 8« klteroa md yimux* 
4ii^^v«poy B. 360,8chol. elf %if Imipf 
ittuwot md fyii. roS vwrp^t Iyi4rv»- 
p4ff Tc Kol ^NBTt^f R. 460. gL Jfi^va- 
|iM that iS| is fV avrfr iKMmp 



'Oifi^OToAM, hoimg ikt oomfonion ; B4«^ 
XM' — MoiMtSwr ifdarokow BL 313. 

'Ofupik^ OmphuU i 'Ofiidkp rf fio^ 
^ T. 351. h^ *0H>dA9 v^m 
Karpoifum 355. 

'Ofi^aX4t, f ^f NtfVf/ ; oaed figniatifely 
of Dotpki which the Gieeka eoa- 
lidered to be lA« eontro oftko omrth; 
obicin rbw S$uerow ^fu yua hf V* 

'Oj^t^ • vm'cf ; especially e ^rofknk . 
voico; Kur ii»i^ riu 'AvAAmw 
C. 103. ei|e«4f, nt^ ^yi^ w^ U 
ItfvJkXih w4fa 556. etfr^ Ir ver^ iff 
^s T^ff l^^ff hrjicerro 1353. 

*Ofidff, oquoUys tAmi KdufOdf tfr i^ 
^8imf Imu Aj. 1351. 

^Ofuts^ hovooor, novortkeitti, 

^Ovtip^ m droam } ^j( i^If Sfdrart 
rotwap E. 417. 

*0vfi8{{M^ 1. to rtproedb, to etlKp»> 
roto ; uflually haa a dat of the per- 
■on, and aocui. of the thingi or the 
prepoiition dr prefixed to the per- 
son : ^h V i0ki6s yo revr* iwoM(mif^ 
I tfei oMfflf hs otxJL rAfV 4rfi8Mi 
rdx« R. 373. 373. — tmov/ UolBiC 
off ^' 96pi^§is pJyawiil. in iw»- 
9mif Ti xAw «d(pof murwr 1433. if' 
iiXjow rolfw§tios — mwoiiw' c{f W 
C. 758. rms 8r 8imi(wff t»vi^ 4rfi8(- 
Coa ifioi — ; 975. reieirref ihr rotfV 
eyffiSi^fftt rropdr; AJ. 1377. rov/ 
•te M^ thrms woT^ c» l/U To6ir«i8af 
Igffif Mliems iw§iS(^m P. 519. pan., 
TOiovf^ 4rfi8i«Mt R. 1500. 3. to 
roviU ; followed by two accuiatirei ; 
roiavr* 4rf i8/{cit /m rMt itmwriow^ 
a 1006. hnMi md rv^X4r / 4m(. 
Si^ot R. 413. 

'OrtiSof. 1. /ewfy rtpetofiMi, good 

or bad ; 0*0! laXMrorri rovi^ «v«t- 
Sqi e6 miX^r P. 475. 3. hiumu^ 
ditgroeo; roftviSot — iwodUomi P. 
519. KOfiMM V ivr kr^K^ 9^ ^f«iK 
lwi9 tdrxP^ SwaOos 831. ^«f — 
reinrtiSoi rdx' fti' ipy§ fiuur^w ftaXKow 
R. 533. luof6ptts roOif§&$os ^Tor 
rf /M8/yri rbw hJyow 784. |y8a m^ 

rwr l/AMT TfXev/iCMi 797. 8cu^ 7"* 

itfaAos vmfiyiafmw h^tkSfoiw 1035, 

that is, rafpysM 4rtl8ovf vA^ — 

||8Xm9 ratfytiiof — - «rf ttio^ clt W C. 

757. o^ 8v fV^fte" 4<el 5^M^r(as 

6w§iBos oM» 971. rcffoSad /it mirfs 

liMiSos muSaf ^^fvad/m 988. Krar 

iud ym a M r^ fipiil^ Tpefor, SdoTM- 

fvr <Mi8ef '£AAdMr Aj. 1170. Mh 

X8i| Tvvre refrffiSef A«/Mr T. 353. 

aeAm rts — A^ysv muc^r ^^'^ynn'** 

ovT Swuhs 463. hmlMo^uf 4p«ev«r 

Aj. 7U: 8.^iMeuajr; |4 nivjia 

in ONO 

««vr«5 fiportSt UtiUt P. 956. f^M 
«- Ix^P^* fh^^ ^^ £• 1068. 
4. • ftrwm etifftd ftUk ignominiti 


9mnp4e0WT' 4M^wr« E. 452. ABv- 

4rM ftm^FTtmi — •4« flrbr Ir 5fliMa 
irtfpsa 490. wpoen^ ^da/mra it^' 
«firiM^645. voAAol >Ap 48i| ca^ 
itmipm^iM 0pormf ftarrfU | w w w4 ir#i|ywr 
R.981. FiguratiTel/y c/mcv, or 

4^V>**«« TtO<|^ fpfMMT <rffiMr cJMfV^ 

^ |MawE.1382. See Ami^ J«yMH. 

«iM, mm iyxn ^tf iHk^Mr mic dbr*- 
rp«fii T. 1010, nme as //lol Ttn^^ 

Mp% «•<« M^tfta Aj. 650. — 
lx« 9 9 9m4i u trnffrupw Mt^'iftm A. 

€fm i^x^f T^tt - «nK«f «« 458. 
4x«{r, 99AXHt 1A9 Umfts Momf^ 

A. 613. A^' <r r' Imtit 9tpm9i E. 
1050. e^rt «Mr y^s Mt 4^ 

MfAnm Aj. 894. 

"Orunyu, 1. todfriMmJmattgefrom; 
^^h9 5Hk« rfir ^iw wopfim^ T. 
567. 3. naed tii imfr§c»t'mg gotd 
to UT one ; Umut^ ^^*^ rem rf 
ytmmim x^ «iil t^« «]p^ 4m^ — 
•IpflyiillCar, Mcycn tkmt U hUtHd C. 
1048. 4. aleo M «N amik 5y dkirA 
fl pmra 5iiub &tM«r(^'; ^^ yfir iMi(- 
/i^, AAA' ApaSw — iA«i;^, aM^ / 
ant prMjpfr, K. 844. 

* O w y i « , 1. fl M«M#; oM^ 4m|^ — 
Mov P.251. rdwr T^M/y>^<ra^' 
iv HMoP itkttm; C. 41. f^^ouvi 
Ta fa ay m r^ tw#8c miWr 60. Siw 
«f^ r tt mi C dM^rm rh viv 802. 
wd 0m rh %ii9im Inyia iMrfuroi 
MAir 1007* eM* li>«^ «]p^« row riSr 
|w< ywi dytw> fx*tf ; T. 3 1 7. rbitfwvf^ 
4^ M* Mimmmf roi/Aw ^mnlfwf 
lSif9ftm reSf ^^laa jMiraa; Aj. 426. 
Uted adTttUalljr } 'Afytm m^ 4mi- 
mAt^ivff, Im^ 8* 'OWmif £• 
684. 8m^ r AM^tfre *lA«i«ff P. 
601. 2. «« mypeUmtUm; Mutfir 

Aiir B. 1385. 8. iJb« miwa ^« 
»«aM ; t t fm mp M m^ 8f lavmt C« 266. 
TCA5 — T^ air iMpi 8hiK« wii(rr«f 
907. iVIriTwI^MUtwa^lM^ 
|4 v^^OCM^ JBMBift 673. 4. m tum§ 
' imp§rtiMg kmtmir; iynr >4|p •» M> 
Tilrf fy^ w /if T y ^ er Tt814. 


M^ r^ pairfhi Ipt^ui vMr/k4#»f vA^a 
'OM^Mt^M. 1. to fMiM ; — J(m^ 6* 
dSprfl^rre'EAffiwf P. 601. tAv Aidltv 
H^ ra infQiU(9f B. 1042. ic 
8oMAet. ^ipotf^i T»ft«^ T^ refiSff icmi^ 
Wyrfff iuffio^n^pm C 61. 4 Tiff 
V^mfs ^uyrp^f Jufofutv/tdi^t T. 1095. 

1036. 2. once in the lenoe of in 
utter, or imeribt; Kiym^i yk^ oAa 

tcrfrf ta aa tight wmrdi C. 295. 

8. mid., la cmll anytkiitg oatV awa ; 

hnl raa 1^ vaiSd ^ jaiyid^rra, a» 

wAaf tffcaaal tk€m dU k§ m^U m» kii 

MOH 7 B. 1021. 
'OywC, a aai/, a ttaw ; lUfia^ dv^ Initi 

'vA^'^^ X«^ Aj. 303, 
'0(^6fffTaf, /rf atitrf with mrngtr; 4^ 

4(^69araf H«iit»/«^WfaA. 1286. 
'O^Mi^Kvraf, dM^i/y-diaifalMf; 4{wKitKv- 

raaadiaf A. 1300. 
'OC^MS properly to ikarp$m, thence la 

prinokt; ^i^ V^4MM rai^ tCfiaai 

ar^T. 1166. 
'0{4ff, 1. lAarp. lArltf ; 4t^ aA«. 

8aa iMTf^^af #oa4S vi^Aaif E. 727. 

viapfif Iprclat 4C^ f^iyy^ A. 420. 

— ifr^aiifTaff 4(^ umtvitdirmi^ Aj. 

314. 4e^ icA«fC«r a/<T4r A. Ill 

2. thence applied to expreH amger^ 

r«AaM«H/ i #1^ ^^ C. 1 195. 3. 

fe^ ie^f i^at At Aiyti Aj. 251. 
»f 4^ (4 r^r) iim 4(ffia ^rf aal 
rax«r ^fyxwfm P. 797. a^cM T^p 
aaa iSd^is — 8cijA/ 'AX"a^ vdrras 
Aj. 977. 4{c«a 5ad^ roa i/MNk A^ 
yois 8i8a4f £. 30. 4. jUrf. do- 
itruetivtg fv^mif i^^kuf iKfiiUXitt 
ayaV — faiafaa araAiyyiafaf A. 
1223. Compantive, twijt; fvyOa 
wp 6 9poftm^ ^vr4pf ga^krema x"^"^ 
A. 108. 

'OC^raiwff, tkriU'Unnd; ^vr^nav 81A 
vrf4/iaraff P. 1082. ACvriitir 7^ 
£. 236. ^vr^Miff ^Mf B^v^^m Aj. 

'Ol f fii wf , ikriU-tpUml^ or a'aar*«weid ; 
ic^fiMWf Aff 5«8i^T. 969. 

'Ofvx^AMf , wilA adbMwal pittiaa ; (<^ 
X89 I* ^vx^A«f aais 4 Afiaaraf 
A. 945., in eome edition! the reading 
is 4(4xaAat agreeing with wait. Din* 
dorf has 4(ax^Aatt, agreeing with 
i|p7«2r. Hermann, on the authorit/ 
of seveml H88. adopts 4|vx4A«f. 

'OviaMr, a/WlM0fr,aaaltaadaal; ajjpff' 
InM T. 1254. aaanrtraa ('As^ 
AiiPVf 1 waBPwaTia>wa anwaa fMi^iv 
C. 1094, 

'Oad«r, aa atlaadaal: 4 f^ iw dawf dl 
^ yn» ft T^ Mmt A. 1095. — 


odBi >V x4099 eiK^ Um999 fikfir 

TCMT r'lniW C. 1105. 
Ov|9, wib«rf , ioAi(k«r. 
*Oii|r(mi. tpJbfli, ct mMI liiM. 

'Ortff'tf, kir§uJUr, 

'OvXiCm, properly In arM.* iAm inXht 
itpKd^aifu ^oi Y inrJu^/tif^ Aj. 1102. 
Uied figumtiTely, to arm onntlfvitk 
boldnut ; vm wvf^ iufiK^aau rot- 
ovT«r dodao$ oMi W hmiX^n tA^ 
hwtiffrwf JcaX«tk ; E. 984. 

*OrAoF, uied by Sophoclet only In the 
plural: 1. «rMf,orcrm0Mrofany 
kind ; 'rwf 'AxiAXc W foXMy P. 62. 
Aj. 41. 1218. 1316. T6r Arut^rMr 
ftrA«r P. 78. rfir 'H^aicXff(«r <mi 
8ffirr^r fr^MT 262. r^^SvVArjf- 
Twr rov vorp^f 362. rmr SvAmt ffc(- 
Miv KAA«ff Kpsr^i 365. tl r^M **^ 
i>of 8vX' A^NOu^oiT^ ^ 376. rfirSff 
rdy SvAmt 791. rA^ fioi fic0«lt SvAa 
961. 4 IvAAA^iftr /it jc&ir«M9^ffaf 
SirX«y 967. ri 7* SrX' lx«^' l^**^; 
roit ^fM4f SvAoitf*! iro^fM|9cb — ^9»u 
1053. vtomBv 4*" 4/Mr ftrA«r 1096. 
ffp^ci rfir v»r trXnr 1276. SvXmt 
m «nirrp4f 1850. W(fi' 4^«^MMy 
frXe AJ. 100. r^ fvAiiv Twr Ar 
Wpi 437. ftrXMT fKcir^ At^mt Wpi 
916. 2. in a figurative^ wme 
koaoy ormoA tmopi; wwXAmt ^^6* 
<rX«r A. 115. M&ot ^ rV« ^' 
crvytpwf ISci^f jr fvAiir'EXAa^i iceii^ 
"ApurAj. 1174. 

*OvM i0ik<r«, whithir, 

*Ovpibt, rf^okot kind, tort^ or maNRir. 

"Ovonrtp, wAftAcrfMMr. 

'Ov^ofy Aoi0 nutny, a< waRjf flf ; only 
found in the plural ; mU tmt 0a- 
r^rrwr x^^<m (Mfify v4pi A. 214. 

ytynrtu R. 1407. 
*(hr<(Tai', wAen. 
'Ov^rty vthen, 

'OvT^py a Muftdtr^ u tpteUttor ; koI uol 
rif irriip — •Iv'iMr ^p<iC«< ^J* '^• 

'OvT^f, bakod; tir h/mpcerimerow at' 
8i)por 4«T^ 4ie rujp^t vt pM'KfXf l^aw- 
0/yT«^lrff2irllMrA. 471, 

"OnMroy Beo 6pJm, 

'OnSyia, tko fruit of ih§ vim ; 7AcMn|t 
iwAfiat tiro wlo¥ot vorov xMrroi 
fit yqr Baacx<ar &a^ A^v^Aav T. 700. 

^OvMT, &OI0, in wkat MeaMr, iJbol, in 
ordor tkut, 

*Ormnnp^ JuU ot; dkms SviMVip tM' 
#Y4»r^vXAMvAj.ll58. 4rni»r 
hntawif col ^ fit k. 1336. 

'OprfM, L Form. 1. act., perf., 
Inmi Aj. 1129. B. 753. A. 6. 
P. 672. innraA. 1114. Alt, Ift^ott 
— 5fff4 P. 1240. T. 108. 809. 



A. 329. — %T« P. 832. E. 1302. 
T. 603. 797. Aj. 644. ^mrdt R. 
135. — iihitai'^ R. 796. i^etm 
1274. ->^c<r#(u A. 1265. -aor. 
ind., flSor P. 250. 448. A. 239. 487. 
Aj. 1121. E. 62. 890. 911. iBft 
Aj. 1005. E. 1256. cfSf and Oir 
E. 768. T. 139. 792. 897. R. 119. 
759. A. 960. — dOo/Mw E. 752.843. 
•f5«Tt T. 689. R 1226. fl8arP.271. 

— con., X9m E. 259. 263. Aj. 526. 
982. A. 1323. %r Aj. 6. 834. % T. 
115. Aj. 83. tBifTf Aj.418. —opt, 
ttoifu P. 351. 1032. B. 505. 831. 
T. 608. Aj. 377. fSois P. 21. a 
252. 1220. A. 314. AJ. 217. tSoi 
T. 882. — imper., 18c T. 221. 818. 
C. J 462. XUrt Aj. 496. E. 1376. 

— inf., nw P. 680. 1378. R. 824. 
882. 1045. 1077. 1297. 1335. 1528. 
C. 1102. 1724. A. 206. 1256. T. 
1062. Aj. 81. 584. 1 144. 1319. 1898. 
E. 864. 1489. — partic., di^ P. 667. 
R. 587. 1116. C. 1480. A. 400. Aj. 
1202. T. 928. E. 963. 1267. 1370. 

— ttou^a T. 1266. E. 874. 875. 
885. tUm C. 76. M^ra E. 746. 
R. 298. M^ff a 1672. tUmt P. 1838 
A. 428. IBpSriy Aj. 1897. E. 752. 
2. The praet. and aor of the midd. 
are also met with ; 6p&fim A. 590. 
6pmf^4lf^ T. 305. — cMm^P P. 851. 
R. 1217. Mfui^ T. 1000. MfUL^ 
P. 1100. riffdrtfffE. 965. Aj. 844. 
8. pan., SeSerat A. 402.419. 4f94rc4 
T. 452. i^ R. 509. tf»9^tfw A. 

II. Signification : to jm, lohohold, to look 
mt, to percfior, to regord, to know 5jf 

'Oprialim^ 1. intrant., to bo mngr^ ; 
00 ykp 4p7«(rffir mX^ T. 549. 2. 
tmnt., la nuifco ongrjf, to atir up to 
aug$r; ffol ykp ti wiroav ^6auf oi» 
y Ipydtftutt R. 835. cit Jpyj^ tuHf 

'OpToyor, 1. OM iMCniMfRl; xXfi* V 
ipydimif 8rov 4«^mf oTt ixfVl^^ T. 
901. 2. « ooJilriMr, in which 

MMo we also use the word InoCrM* 
M/fif; Affdrrwr Kotem Spytufwf Aj. 

'Opyii, 1. NolMrel diipoiJIiM ; «>i 

VnbriY¥tnofAK9o'6pydA.8G7. •U- 
i8iir rir ipftpk* ^#m1 Vy^ ^ 
A^MtAj. 1132. 8f ^ oMri tf^irrp^ 
foif 3p>wt tfjp4»c8of , AXX' Irr^t dyuXot 
Aj. 626. Koproitioa 6pymt A. 947. 
2. imjmUt ; fawt — 3pyy >^oi#^yi| 
viyllXl^ In* R. 1241. S. mnrmr, 
iniUgnotion; ipyf fiap§tf P. 368. 
ico4k I«^ 8rov V>V •X'tf ^ • &» 
/A4«4tty oh i§t4 1293. JpT^k 4k^M^ 
T^4M4yR.887. lfevM98fVHi9B44. 



fimf^iw 624. t^ igrphmrrm — vtim 
V ifyft 807. Tivff rJis ^' ^m* C. 
413. Vyfx^*^8^- «'8^Vy9t 
(mt 909. rar ipTW' K^f^^ /umi^m 
A. 280. Mif :— /B49«K«y #e Vy^' 
WX^ 782. ify^ tCfiamt Kmrm^x^ 
$w («iHk«rm) 1185. 9b xi»u ^ 
i^ K 215. MiV<i^ "yi^ ^rt^ 381. 

Vy^ ^99. Irx^i' Vy^ 1274. V- 

Wpf^ T. 725. rt/CJrjfVif m^ hviff 
tn I^Mr t48« 929. A«Tffy# •fos 


'OjMM, folMiii merijictt^ or nlM ; frin 
« €yinmlfy(m^aahn ^T. 782. 

VvW Itfvn^yHmi ▲, 1000. 

4r •he Iv ijpyKMi^ Ivf KXimf — ; 
R. 839. V VWV '^^^; 384. 
'Olprfyw, 1. 10 ttrttdifmrtk the hand ; 
lK«r^X<^ C. 850. x^ — 3«- 
l^r IffC*' H82. 2. theoM r« 
gritmt; tv ytf /im «Ixm J|p/t«rc P. 

0^ JftiiS^nvy P. 948. — f*^ «^ 


'OjpfiM, 1. «MUil«MMu; Am;p« 

Sptm v^HMf T. 785. 2. ihmt dwlU 
in noKNtetnf; 8yfir Jptinr P. 925. 
hftUu wtfu/ka B. 1028. r«r ip«(iir 
mU x^MumfTMr X«AA«r T. 1158. — 
oljpriir Tnjpir A. 851. 

*€if9€9»fii:ni$^ thmi fnuutmU m^uuiwu; 
Un^ bpmiMrm R. 1100. — A- 
yfutkm $1^ bp9€9i0^m A. 849. 

•Op^nim MuwrE. 1108. 
'OjptmfM, MMiiii«tMii« ; ijpcrr^ps «iv»- 

i»ri Fi P. 891. 
Xy^rrnt, OritK«iL 
iCViiM, 1. €nei; S^rt wiifrmM Jf- 

rflxoi C 1820. 2. iomd; If9tm9 
mmyiirarA. 1191. I^ftf" Mp^t 

Tvf E.878. 

A. 1188. 

AAmtit At vmrp^faa Btptia Mfurwn 
ipidminn Mpwifm A. 972. 
KVMg» l.irMr,ii|mf5l; Uwwt^ip^ 
•If Irv^v £.27. T^ I* Mr liw 
«lm 84raf (jiH^} Aj. 285. «^ 
|Ur JlpM wMra imw W ffi i & 
718. 4f«i8r I tA^mt if8k« 4C V 
i8r IfifMr 782. % Il»«if5f, iNmd ; 


fit 48^ wopiUrm Aj. 1283. ^t ^M- 
/lirwp ip8fir — mrnrMpcrrd toM- 
icXiyia R. 528. JftfMf iJuAAor tftfim' 
9af To^0vf V<>''» 1385. 8. figu* 
lativel/ of m protptrmii nw^ifiMy 
UanJiMg ^prlgki ; tfrirrct tt is bp- 
8^ Ml ww^n tcr9po9 R. 50. 80^ 
4*^ 7«r — «•/ 2{pMr edlpitfaf 898. 
To^f In (x80i^r) vAlofrtf hMt 
A. 190. fit r6/ 4Xir(8«r fik^mf r^ 
bpBififs E. 947. 4. in • iirai^At 

96v^opa) §1 r6xoi mt^ 6p^ /{fX- 
8^« R. SB. 4pi» rk roST ~ At ^f 
ip8^ ^irf/pfi /Mm^ytfmi O. 1428. 
Totyap 84' ^p#9f v^i^ MWK^iMffijr v4> 
X4irA. 981. oMr ' ^«Pf I llmiff ^ff 
^84r T. 846. 5. tnt*Just^ Hgki ; 
ipa — bpdd ^ thfimiffBfup — ; 

1087. T^ r i^ H*ifn^ ^t^ T. 

873. ^i4i«« ^ 4iAfUp9tn9s bpBf vid^ 
AJ. 848. As toutus if9k fiapryotaf 
(lyor 847. fikhvm rSr fi^r ^. 
firvira 8^ ric4rar R. 419. v^r f8oi/r 
MrfMf506. ff5{ ^f ^»^t 528, 
r^ — AtiUv f4iw ^cvf I SuM^wf of- 
84r 853. r^ r ipih^ WvfiV 1220. 
X^(« — ip^ iKoufff/f 4ir«6r«i C. 
520. rdfirof l»f V V^ 4rvr«t A. 
1183. bp06w 5' Xi|8ci' U 1180. « 
ttptgrimm (Zcv), ffrfp Jfp# liM^ffif 
»<(rrMr Mavm R. 903. 

'(V84i», 1. lo fiBtitf, to Mt ttprif Ai I 
t4 tm r^n|8tff Jy»#ii«'ffi |i' llfff, njf 
wmtled euUam vUi Mf ■•• vprigkt P, 
882. Mid DBMb^ T^ 7^ Jcwr^y r^ 
•^^iiyi8m«B/^'|$P.809. ^ST 
4 rX^^ Ip^S if VMr 8^Mr E, 
732. 2, U Hireeif U send Mlraighta 
5XX'o8ri x«^* ^ rSt IpBttBf fif- 
kn P. 1283., thmt J^ m4 Mrp. 
3. la rtfulalc, to ut riglitf to rtiltfrf, 
to Miuf to prMpcf , or iuretfd ; ti9fd(u 
f W Mw^M /BUCm' R. 39. Mir >ip 
8f0l ^ kfikmi^ «p4rif 8* ^BXXwray 
C. 395. yiptimi 8* ip80Mr fAmlpor, 
8ff r^ff v/ry 898. tI lUr 8]^ v4XMf 
5«faX«f 8m1 vtXXf rdX^ rt (^«mf 
8yi8»m v^Uir A. 183. %M KM- 
vow8|p80v«4X4r 167. fvx^T^JpiM 
mU — uatrmf^hni tir f5r^x**rr« r^r 
Tf 8MTvxMrr« 1143. PMi^ -— ^t^yot 
4p80y M |ttir|MT/p«r (tfr) AJ. 181. 
T«r r iylto i i M »*r r«C« tA voXXi c^ 
fuOr 4«ffi8uxfB A. 871. 


'OflC^ hpnfviyUjUhtumdtTUi^ 
theaoo to tpp^nif to 5«Utf; w r pJ y 
Ail ^i^r VC« T. 751. 1^ V{ff. 
nu ifci»n4f 288. 2. to «ta5Ui5 
imw§ I •! reM* Ir li^itfvMrir 8fi- 
nr r^MVf A. 448. 8» to Mpcrato 
kff ktumdtrimi in V** **'^ *^^ 
7M VC«< «4t^08Mvbif«^ P. 882. 


lUp9t T. 121S. 
"O^iof, 1. Unfid bg «» oath ; mm- 

163S. I^ff M #M A^ A. 805. 
8. an •pithai of Jof«, guurdiun of 
oatkt; ZifMiri^iMr maS P. 1908. 
*0|pKOf, 1. en Ml4; tM* V*or 
ai8«r#rlf iMV B. 647. r^ — rfir 
r* 4r V*V M^yoi' MrolBcra 658. 

v^ofMu C. 656. flpMT fl^r^ wpiafiaXiuf 
hAiuff%» T. 354. KvycAAf 6* Zpn^ 
wfoarMt E.47. Axtracfrai x^ 8ffi> 
Mf ^MWf AJ« 685. •0IWX 6pMfr, 
ollnr 4r M^m iJ. 1092. Ii' Zp- 
KMiP Kotwtp Ar iv^MTOf A. 890. 
3. tk§ god of'oathi: rtuh' ohf UXvw 
Zalfmw iiftm x^ vw^ ^^^ ^' Vf^' 
C. 1764. 

'OpiU0fur4mf to twoar hy^ to oali to wit- 
n§u by Ml otk; 99obs bpt trn f u ortat 
A. 264. 

'OmJmj 1. act, to fMlIt, to urgo ; 
i bd ^9 — *^€fut ipfian — M 
fiwh ^TcAaiof Aj. 175. 2. to hastMn t 
fiakfiiSmfi^ (Upmif ifdfn wOai^ bp/aAfr 
bkaXdim^ now kottouing to thout 
forth victory on tko topi of tko bat- 
t/trntali A. 188. 8. midd., Co^o, 
to go forthf to ut 0ul, to ottompt ; 
wt bwiiM 8y Ms vAom^ (/uy c&i|, 
rtpnico^ bpl»iAfiM9a P. 468. vKitt/up^ 
bppdoBm raxbs 522. (sc. 4 f^iwf). 
bpftdfu^ it moo 869. i^ /U*" obif 
op/idfuOow 1068. 4/«€if — 6pii&v9tu 
raxfZr 1069. vo^a 6* bpftSrtu kut* 
ofonmriipia v^Xwr iiA^aait C. 1070. 
^v^X* 'yi^M^ 'Y*^ 1161. bpftufUy^ 
— vp^t acotf'ryHh'ov rlffuf 1830. ^ 
4p/i^/Mmy ^1 woohrroo *Ai8i|y 1441. 
^fufi*^ vtprlpat — voKpinf vXdms 
1572. ^Ibirf^ 9^ cmiaiiroovi bttp 
bpiutfUimtf af^oaeking hitkor 1665. 
Spfutrtt — fit M^tO¥ T^or A. 1097. 
^K 8* bpimiUwoo vorpbs ^vytuffuf 1218. 
48^ — ^/<ar' 4v' oTirafy T. 155. 
rvKTmp i^* bfuit — bofuam fiorof Aj. 
47. /8mv — *KympAi»Moi^ iifuy Mpo 
rM bpiiApȴO0 1203. iiKbm rwbt 
olkrov 8i' oftrwr bprlttt bpfm/Uyoo; 
do i Aear cmnc fuMfMlatiiiii Hf»lp bunt' 
ing forth in tho bou$§t T. 861. 8r« 
ol (ool) — - di^raia ycvvMy itppdihi 
w)i0yd^ whin tht odMrn ttroke of the 
axff iM« it^flietedon him E. 189. wfbs 
6fl«r Apfoipdvos^ movod by tho gudi 
E. 76. 4x6p«r 8* O^pif krdpfintr^ 
bpfaSfrmtf thoftariiu intolomeo of «ii«- 
Mi'ii is hurrytHg AJ. 195. 



'O^^Uw, la loon upon ; ob ybp Ir — 4^- 
Karptoa tititaauf ipwow Mi vputpou 
pJyoiM Appouif^for I hod not boon crMp- 

ing bw othoro tyoi^ and biiog ttrwg 
haot Uaut upon tho slight C 146. 

*0^^, impotui^ impotuotity ; paiiopih^ 
{^ bppH fia^xt^ Mmpn finSt 
4x9i€rmo ij^pmv A. 185. ^ Tovra— 
wrm mo/t bpp,kpf bprnom 'ArpoMoxb' 
pof; P. 562. rlt m pociyay o xpSo; 
rttbppi; P. 287. i n^' 'Arpim, 
in-^bi' 4Xflv6fp(at pdkiM if^KBv rj 
W9 6pf4 riAMi84r E. 1502. 

'Optd(m^ to pat into port ; ryxy wpbt 
raMo bpfuabtis wHotf P. 542. 

"Opp/os^ a portf a harbour; i/oJbi Hfvoo 
tppoo abyd(mo P. 217. o4 7^^ ni 
fypot 4oTiM 802. 4t rbo bM^mo 
oppotf Bojfnio^ KKibwva B. 196. 

'OptfSoaniwot^ augural; §ls ybp ■»- 
Kaiih¥ buKOif ifwiBondmoo T^mt A. 

'Ojprtf, 1. a bird generally ; t^ 
nrtpoo bpoiM R. 176. viic^f bpmMot 
A. 420. bpms bjufpphfOL^ Ai^r lep- 
TiXot E. 146. ola rii^ 86Aior Ipny 
T. 105. oanrpof ydoo 6pot$ot h^ 
M$ Aj. 617. — vn|i^ Sprtr 
P. 948. ifKUu oikas 4fa cimi ^ 
7/MiT^ bprtbtn^ aa/pSi E. 18. ^pntfi 
^3i^ wiya^iMf Tfi^rrai Aj. 1044. 
Koopoifimo — ffiAuor bpoibw A. 842. 
2. a bird that giots an omon ; ri 8fr^ 
8r — o'KOwoho ra — rote 6w aki' 
(omas bpotM R. 966. kyvin bxabm 
^atfyyor 3^W6flir A. 988. oM* Ip^ 
ffMAUWf bmMotfiioi fiods 1008. 8. 
an amM; bpiftfii ybp koH tV ^r* 
alot^ r^x^ wap4^n iipMf B. 52. 

"Oprofu^ 1. act, ta roust; tpaoa 
fu rbKUnrra b§h ^ vmo ppdnu A. 
1047. 2. midd., to rush^ to ronso 
onosolf; npMO'oo bfiotpwcorou wupbs 
bpp*¥09 (fSoiff lU) btirbM wpbs lov^^ov 
6fav B. 177. Irraf 84 llap9mwnC»t 

— bpmnm C. 1822. wpor4pag Ikav 
fhrtp bpwophas wiksi B. 165. aM* 
fK itpApoi fioti^ and no longsr a crj^ 
amoC, 1618. 

''Opot* a mouMlaiN ; "Eppam^ Spot P, 
1445. miJMwtls bfiarop boos B. 719. 

— ^bw tts (afyAait) Awci* opta bt^^oi 
208. ra/wK #v^ ixowp bp4wf 1 106. 4a 
pt ¥ol9t» bpwuf^ iwikk Kkdisrm bbp^ 
KiBoipmr 1 45 1 . NiwaW o^^nr iuf9^ 
pttsbxbm WIS. 

'OpoSf a bounduro; 8«wt — y^t 84 m% 

'pfialwps bpwr C. 401. 
'Oywuw, la ruiA ; b$pt$ bxpiroef^ ufmii.- 

Mditmoof bM4ropo9 ttpoovmr «lf iM- 

7«ay R. 877. XaljpMr At V*^^ 

vp^t 8£Rat AyAra E. 1488. 
^Oprlrptn^ Ortygiam; "hprspuf *Oprf^ 

yUof T. 212. 
*Op6a9m^ to dig ; npb^m rdf iyXH *— 

yaUu bpbf^ Aj. 644. 
*Op^ai^(vi to boriano ; bMomt 4k 




^ 938. 

Tfir #d^ ^6Uir Aj. 607. 
'0p^oidff« bireft «f purMlt, AfrMMrf ; 
wmUi^lpji^XiK^A). 638. 5r«r 

K4xt A. 421. 

\VXVM^ « WffiMf ; N^M Ki4ri' Vx4- 
|i>r« AJ. 684. 

*<H, pronoun relallTe ; wh0fWkiek^ukaL 

*Ch, Ail MM. 

*OvMff| 1. Atfly, MNCfMNcrf 6y di9in§ 
Uwt; 9^ ydp #w 04fui. 9mf Irior 
4c^|p"f ^^ yvnuic^ IrroMu Krtpi^' 
liaxm, £. 425. konnpm^ Mmif Aj. 
1384. 3^Mi ««P0«pyi(tf^M» A. 74. 
2. lawful; t^d rf ^MPtSsy Im r^, 
1 r^KMT, #<^ P. 658. 3. jnir«; 
8/ Mmt x<V«^ Ao^ C. 471. 

'X>r^ m imiU^ a iUnek ; ^^ fiapvifOm' 

5rfri^ W «5rov — vt^iry^f f A. 
408. d m^ M ^h*"" MriMr 4rfi^ 
i0TmX99 4s 9ikl9 1070. 

wr^Mf 4 ««2r A. 1216. (^/di««v' 
#yA wp99t M f — dt^iA«r I^Mtf T. 

^ 4rr(i»Mnr0f T. 766. 

*Oriy tAaf, 5«Micw, wkerrfon, 
*Ortfios^ m tmmd; tXinkW aiA«r Irv^flr 
Aj.1181. ^' «Mis 4f<^(rrarw Im- 
v^wff lr«^»f C. 1476. 
*Or«TM; aa cxcbmatioii of aoROWt 

^r | i4 n » » c# tsciu^ to urgi, U imli- 

«ir in^raa iBr^MW. «2r4ki\Aar els 
^«V M«tf Aj. 60. Irpiiw/ai wtw 758. 


048^ and M tf Kg f umthm^ ky m 

Oilf, lA< gnmnd; fofuifmims Wf^ 
•83Bf, 8AA«r^ «4mo^ #»^ oyt^o U iir 

0484 MicikfT, lur, iwl tfotr, Oii «t mil, 

04 t t( f^ ■• ••#, iMl my Mi^ Mt mf y 
■iC mmyUdmgf — ifcfc y, ■•■<. 

OWnrs MMT, ii0f «l oiy ttac. 


(Mk^i, w* longer* 

O^Kooiff turtljf not^ iktnforo nou 

OfiitoSr, if it not tot tkonforo* 

O0Xi»fy ^Miratctioi; «My whv w4$u 

Aj. 913. 
03vy thorrforot wkortfore, 
OA^ffjca, on wikicik aoeountf on ueeount of^ 

OdM^iee 5m^io. 
OUnpf whoro. 
OArw, not y«l. 


(Mptlyiof, of or pntaining to kiotin^ 
colonial ; obpuifUuf to tm xfi^f'oortfin 
R. 301. oipa9(m9 V oMou 866. 
obpdmoif fms A. 935. o^ftunas 13^ 
v^oXnnSif P. 1399. ofportar fo* Axmw 
C. 687. rvfiu Utpio ^myvr^r, e5- 
pdifnoo ix^f v6i.irXif^i vAjor A. 414. 
rhf o^oAoif mfutf E. 1053. <— 6ifn9 
ohpoarlaM ^kiyoHf Aj. 194. 

(Mpoy^ff, ^MVf II ; fori M^yvs h ohpotf^ 
Zc^r E. 169. A T^ oMv •A^ai^ 
Sf^AfltrMK Aj. '832. wfi^ o^ptu^ 
Mi» C. 382. obptoff 9K4k^ vpofo^ 
ywv E. 742. 


Oipoaifi^aa, feodhg on tho mouniaini ; 
iBimi huHNf^ o6f ^ fx'i x^' o^pt9f 
/3i6raf P. 1133. 

Ofp((«, l0 ^iii« ]>romoroialv, or wilA « 
Jfavouroblt wind ; tt t^ //lor yoM flKo9 
'^Koi^ ipi^ o8pt9ns R. 696. 

Oljpiaf, protperouif favonroMg f o^^ 
irKd^ P. 855. y4wono U wkoSt 
oipdt TO icfitfYaX^f 769. ipA^'O^ 
pufMk wtkiotu lip^Aj.873. rm^ 
ngy A/u(o ri^r v^\4i^ XP^ w^ H 
oipiwr Ijpa^ioSnv fit ^vMr wo9oiif Aj. 

Olpot, a fovourablo knoso; e^p69 rotf 
WffMTy oipot P. 844. Tovra ^y 
fotrm nr* oipoo T. 468. tUpoo 4f- 
BaXfimo iftmo abrf 'j/hov^ tt»w6f r 1^ 
vo^ll 812. 

Oir, IA« Mr ; 4^ oSf Tmy^ffy E. 27. 
TvfV^ ri T^ <(ro r4ir rt M«r Ti( t^ 
J(p4fMnr* d B. 371. Ti|f diumba^^ 
v^yvt li* imt9 ^poyfUt 1387. «if 
fto ^ioyyhi oJmiov arwcov fidKKoi li* 
4kiirA. 1173. 4{ftr li* iktir jr/Xo3ay 
liv<(Mf «p<uff vA^Mf E. 727. 8«' 
^Mt 8v voifiC >^ 4« 4"^' hn^Mouf 
1431. X4y0«f fJkipo5r wkir^m oh 
irm fipoi varir 'Oliiv«v4r Aj. 149. 
Ir TMtfiir Mr f VI rf f«x9 9diam; 
Aj.817. 4 8^ r' 5nf tAs ^f^w, 

04r(o, Jtelf, oondUiom; riu iamiMmo U 
▼4 AmHt t Mot y 5«r rtilrf/m Miiiii* 
tiomfor thofnturo T. 907. 


Otfri, Mil W, nor. 

OArtfi, by iMiiiMiif. 

OIStos% tkit pinan, 

Offrw and pihmSf thutm 

ObxL, not, 

V>^iX^f , m dtbtar ; alb xirotfftt 4yit 

Iri; Aj. 587. 
'O^IXm^ 10 owf , l« b$ indabud I0 ; i^(- 
Am ro4f ^cMf nXXV X'^u' A. 331. 
irai ^ Tovr' ^Utrcu vaBw P. 1407. 

E. 1164. 4i^Aor, optat, would ikat^ 

Xnvpop P. 957. ^^(r«cu 8* AbtXop 
rpf fyjp^ B. 1157. AiS^cv— i^ /i4 
vor' iytt vpoaiMf 6 rdkat A^tKoif 
T. 094. A^akoif vdpot^w inkiww 
fio¥ E. 1 120. ^ Af9k9t Tou(8« T^y 
yp6fai^ iinu E. 1010. — tf^Af 
ftpinp99 ttl$4pa 86mu — Mp Ai. 

''O^Aof, advantage ; kiytu V *ATp§(9ais 
^Aof {| V i^ T^f ; P. 1370. 

'O^MA/iOfy th§ 0ye: xa^<*t< '^ "^ 
kv/in' A«^ d^tfoA/utfy E. 1460. S» 
ii^a^d(M ^ffi ^^doA/i^f &^f T. 
546. Bidrrpo^ b^BaXfihif ipat 792. 
o^r b^0a\fuiv i/uiw airf yipoti' 
httt^w ipirovffp icak&t 812. tffirtp 
6^9aKfuus y§ rots ovrott 6pf Aj. 84. 
iardmwif 81^ BtofJirtiw ifui Akyiarw 
£f tr^0'ci8oy ^0aA^7f ^ 972. o& 
8^a TOts ifuiSfftP b^$aX/ulis 9or4 
(wpoffkt^trtuf) B. 1377. cT m^ ^^ 
atfrix^tf^ ~~ itt^mV 4s bASaX^wbs 
iftoCs A. 807. ff^ T^ Mofik fviiJbw 
moflr^i jrpftT* ^y h^BtiXtula 6pm¥ 760. 
used figuiatiTely ; koI /iV M^yw 
y A^OaA/i^f 0/ voT^s ri(^ B. 987. 

Kpi^soUmfp&if %f P. 1312. 
'oAiff-Mbw and <^f ir or ^^0^9 to ft« 
|ta6/« lOy fo €drp0it oumlf to; rf ia^ 

ip&^rffiri m my MntiaiMlj A« M«[i 
iMMf tear tk$ tikoTMiUT rf fM^;' 



fuSpy /uip(ay ^^i^mImw, / incur ik$ 
imfmtathn of folly from a fool A. 
466. oMoSta roi vnuAnr^ ^^Aim«(- 
yfi, iii/'WiU incwrt tk$ impuUtkm tf 
folly 1015. 

*0^^f» lA« oyobraw: yff^Ai| IT 4fp^» 
Mrcp alf»ttr4ow fUog olrxf^ A. 534. 
r^>7ci IT b^ ^^f^i vayicAi^rrMff 

*Oxw, to boar; kx^ npAff^ai^f vicpb 
ol/MrySf 0»^ 5xf?rai, tfiitaal ick« u 
birno in an$wtr to kit bittor §kritkt 190. 

"OxQAMh mAic/c, 1. a cAtfrioC ; mA- 

730. 2. 5x«VA >«^f|«<^P; /4 

"Oxlht a itMp 5aiiA, a aiaMtttf ; Nvffadir 

apMT maiiipttt txfioi A. 1 1 1 9. 2«^ 

Xcwv Tff mp' ^x^"^ P. 716. 
'Oxtfofi A mound; Ofrms bw^ ^fx^ 

P. 719. T^Aavyti wmf <x^ T. 

*OxA^ (0 mo(eit; At vap^ vi */ 4f^ 

vobit¥ 5xAc«r B. 446. 
''OxAar« a croiM< ; ««A^ aav ravrtf y 

ci^oMT^ ^X^' T. 423. 
'Oxof y a cAart«t ; Jx^* atyaovt fx^^^va 

nyp4^af B. 808. bUaerom imrk^pSm 

Sxo¥ £. 698, that it, i^o 8^ yt- 

r«r0Bi. — Bapffa(ois6XMs717. 
''O^, a VOIM • # x^^ "^ ^^'^S 'M^fi 

^t /Boaa'oy alrrpAir jn ratf 6>ip^ 

'ArptiSais E. 1057. 

'0^11, 1. a fifAt; 4 7^ ^' •* 
vdpu B, 1238. 4 rloMT by? %ff 
4y #^p9f 1375. Mk^ iV 'Hpa- 
itkioin dxof TO kKUim Ktiirrauf f^ 
|{fir P. 1398. Sdaor o5 mvMbv aly 
i^iM 0. 583. «oMr cit tjk^ vAiar 
AJ. 863. 2. f Aa $ight of tk§ «ya» 
or th$ ajf« itielft mtt IrAps— a4t 
t4'*a fiofSami B. 1828. 3drAar Iffa 
«p<((af aMf A. 52. 8. a aiiMs; 
«r ^ A^yaif T^ 5fir E. 405. 





IlMcr^Sffv i«3f, eM « iet; virpn 
7^A«r«f^Ml««y«W»ctP. 1071. 

ntfwmnff tlUgtthir viU; 4 ««y«ci- 
«#T«A.7Sa. T. 1114. 

nieymffnt^ fruUfml^ riek U fiuUi; 

«ii(>mimi E. €25. 
ll0>Kc«#if. f A«l MMM/f «</; tAt «v)r- 

miiiii ffftrw Mi^ wKittm C. 1659. 
lUbyKXiBimM or «iyKA«vrM, 1. 

UmnatiTelyy «Mr laaitNtiiif, or wMp* 

t«^; wMUMTTOf aOy ^UXirrt T. 

649. 4/ 4fp4v« w«yicXa4rrMf A. 

S25. 3. psM., Miidk Umtnltd ; 

«i>K Ai irrt» flIfiMi Mii^ clXMr £. 

lyyKMMr, CMiMra f« •II; 41 'A18« 

wrymCwwp hiiuma E. 136. ^M^Mif M 

•wynlPNf lAcuririas AfoSi 4v ff4A« 

vwsA.1106. WMHT Tovr* «i47«mi«r 

Atytiff; A. 1086. 
n«yi(wr«t, fA«t l«j^ «ll |# di§p; r^ 

wiryw if r •tUi^Mf' A. 798. 4 vweptd- 

Ilffyici4mT«f, ell cc9€ni iPtiA 4imI ; w^*- 

wkifKrm ■■> «4 i> t T rf t' l(9X6or MA' 

•yiSMiv T. 504. 
Ocyiycniist mlift^ tU; 4 vcryapad^ 

K^iMv nSr P. 675. 4 wuyttpmrkt 

Xp^mt C 615. 4 wtq/m pm r ^s 0«B«f 

Ai.660. vhwtepipmr^9 94ku'Hfm0>' 

IkftyM, • kiU; *Apt9i mCyM' C. 961. 

A^fotTflh «2t 4g4y i > » w4>o r fMXtvra 

1697. KaHfnatr impmif U miepm A. 

407. rt tio w i Ofrsff myapMcr^tMTfft 

T. 681. Tiv Ofnir Zfp^ 6fi#TMr 

fUyof, iM, yml; vrfyov xMi'^vt 

P. 298. 8wra4A«r vimir dV^ A. 

865. «^«4v«8*ff 4vi^ vJyM^ 972. 

KM WAf A. 143. «wyxiA«MV ffuritm 

itpiJinwAMPfJi E.IB». 

lUeyxptfT^ mtuuiUd mU 09€r; rui 
«f afm w m fxM ^^P tfvyK^aif It T. 658. 

IWyXf4tfiMf and vdry^pwrM, «li gUdtm ; 
#• W 7 >y 4# i f ^yi^ rr4fi» Art/yir 
Aj.92. niyxf^M' ^ 8{fp«r E. 500. 

iy#i|, mUmiijf^ tufirimg; pdkUm wA' 
itm KkA0 A. 965. 0r^yw ykg ml 
w dim ft§ xi6 }(f4tmt — > hlUmm C. 7. 
T^ Int ji4r oAv l^ A^ywr »4iv 

Odfii^ « Mti^Miiry o calfMJIjf ; t4 

vatfffMTa itffiM v^t A^r^ T^f ^lyi^ 
ffMWf J^4vi|f 4W^f P. 198. r^ U 
*dhifi\ 4raSBr ^t v«6cii^y 8£la^W /m 
R. 564. vf 4^f I tA m(in|f 46Akf «*- 
M^Mn-a 1240. rk /lir «a94M^ 5 
'vaAvr C. 862. v4f <^«r r^ ^^ vttaiyA' 
lA^M P. 884. wtwv^/Umi /th — 
wifpci vil9wui rokfi^ T. 141. 

Ib(6of« • mi$/onuii0, Mltfwiljf, fif^tfr- 
mf; <TC^^4M8tir «^ P. 648. 
W0S '•^^ 4 x«fOff — cS rir fi'vitiaf ; 
R. 782. ?M#/ 8y iKW9ftuyoinif rA- 
$99 840. A Iffif^ I8cir wdiot 1297. 
icoa — r^ 4M «^^ 1881. ««ioy 
«i460f Zttmrru in XPt^^^ilP^i O* 
610. T^ ZtiA TAo^oy — wd$n 1080. 
voiS^f r4ir ^tflrr^ Hmmtvr^ wdBoi 
A. 1300. tfTr if^t -^ ««(rvui m(8m 
««9f IT v4pM E. 208. T^ 47xi0Tiips 
rotUt Tov «i6ovf T. 255. iMrahtmf 
/i4r0r 0pormf t^avM rofil* «Zmu «^ 
#Dvt 260. ic^xw'ai piaot — JLw kimp- 
O'twr otfn# 'HpoitAlvvt -^ iwiiuikt v»- 
6af olirrt^ai 862. ol rtfioSr^ i^opAa^ 
9^ 1259. iw^Tf TJip Uoif wdBoM 
ittM^99n Aj. 214. cl^Af^v^fiif •lirtia 
vilv Aj. 258. irSr r^ vwrvx^ ^ 
$o§ 806. A VfpMvtpxit v49off 961, 
4«l I* SpAcui wlLfTm riif fiporoa «49» 
Aj.828. «^^r«ir8^v4AA'lW 
JkA«w4K9i^ T. 152. 4rMT4m(ff A* 
|i4^ptfr ixjMW 'ArpttSmit 9i?Jf ^ 
W9ffiAj.918. 4AA* 4iMr 4iit tw;8t 
ram wdUw KvpA P. 887. I^Amt 
4mvH^ to6 vi48Mff 9otmiUp^ A. 587* 

II«ii4ry 1. PoMfiy a namo atod to 
Apollo ; Mb A^Aif lUud^ R. 154. 
Ik ik lUudif T. 220. 2. « Jk^ti; 
vw2i% v«i8mi 4r4yfrff T. 209* v4Ait 
f Sftom iAp ivfuifidrmf yfy»tf ifiam 
9^ wadnuf r« KtA ^rtifayfidrmf R. 5. 
vw^ 8^ A^^f I €rmfi§€9i Tff tI^ 

aaOttotf btUngittg 19 ckUdr§n; mtft 

Iff^Mrr^o^ A* 909. 
IIai8t4M, !• hring Mf^ «r «rfNMU dkilrfrvir, 
t# Miimcl; #• eiM y whr 4ni^ 
8«iiMr Mc4r C. 928. tl 8* a^r^ 
9kfkf Ua «ai8f4fif T. 451. Wr**. 
tiktfi$9t ifrt «ai8f4fiir wNa AJ. 592. 

riKKm wmtMn Maui P. 1845. M 
y aMf Af ImSf 4#vr {^M C. 568. 
H ai i ta W f u ; a amnfanrr y Am mm 


cmra rf vwtoirr^ A. 1290. 

TUuUnUm^ to bigit ehildnn ; fuit tZ 
— • acal wtuMomuh K. 579. 

lUuSorp6^, thai nourithu ekildr^ni 
yktumat muMefrp6^ 9¥ ^dXAor 4Kdma 
C. 706. 

IIai8oii|p7(a, tk$ procnmtwm rf ehUdrtn, 
spoken of a penon ; r^ 9^ rdrrov- 
0'air Kiwoi TOtf tXffuf tArw t^OTflicyer 
wathvpytop^ and Uavi thi moUur a 
proenatreA of wntehid ekiidrtH to hii 
own offtpring B. 1248. 

IWCmi to iport ; #tof 9ni(tMf kut* l^- 
eoi £. 557. 

lUuif a ckUdf a ion, a dougktn, a youlft, 
a maiifiii. 

IlaJW, 1. I« ftrtlEt, to wound; t^ 
4KTp4wom — «■(« Si' 3|ry9f R. 807. 
hrmrow iipepa rmp mhw lAicktfw \Q70, 
fnH^« r aMx**p f^M offrif AAA' ^yii 
1382. vaUnrrtt to acol vAnytfrrcs 
A. 171- rt fL* obit krrolar twoiff^ ra 
1294. Koiffw^ ^' fm^ oArixtif 
oMi9 1299. ffoZroy -— 8<vAi)v £. 
1408. voZroy d^ jk^ xApBor T. 
1 027. T^ tk — vo/f I Ktfofl^ lidarvp 
hvkg Aj. 238. waiaas Kdpa 'B^^€P 
801. A Ai^f herlt^ nu^Mr T. 1076. 
— kw6d90i irHiKii¥ hcpa» wallas £• 
735. 2. to inflict a oUamity ; Sfv- 
Wjpay ftnuatu M tf6a^ v6ffw C. 550. 
iv 8* /fif K^ ^^f — i^iya fidpot fi* 
4xw iwmaMP A. 1260. 

Ikucir, a pkytician; M4 rv/ mbrf 
wtLUMfu KOKw iwumfw P. 168. Hi 
Wi ftoi voiiii' P. 821. 

nau^iof, 1. Aca/tn^; irai«rCat tit 

X^tpat iKBtuf P. 1829. 8. tubit, 
tt heaUr; £y Ix^ vouiyMi^ ««! /lov* 
vor lar^pa r&y 4fi&¥ KmsShf (te. Iioca- 
AoCua/ <r« TcvMoi) T. 1 198. 
^ noirrdM, la etou; m Iwum wdxrow Aj. 
^ 576. 

RoinwX^ff the river Paetolui ; tW /i^ 
Tor noicrwX^ P. 398. 

ndAoi, formerly f beforo^ long unee. 

IlaAcu^Sy ancient, otdyforwur, 

niUaioyio, iffiMiaM, prtu^tner ; t^ KokSn 
V ix^p v6\ti i^ikuffpa tKkwvto XSroi 
My olrat^^iai, i imploro tko Deitjf 
never to dettfoy tko wwlom that Aai 
proved benefleiul to the state B. 879. 

noAaiarff, properljr « iDrM(<fr,metaph.y 
a ciiiininif pialtef ; tfo^t voAoiari^ff 
KciMt P. 429. 

lUtAo/^tn-af, anctoil ; roArat t^ ifo- 
«pmy-« ros vaAoi^dtrov vpavoW T. 
820. T4<r8ff rt porrcia — n( y^ #£ 
^/lov vaAoi^y A* /«ol «oi)9aff ^rwo^ 
vort C. 455. 4 vaAaCterif A(in| 

RoA^iif, 1. a hands ^ voKdpeu 
$infTiSt¥ P. 177. 3. a ihveg dom hy 

nAM 189 

the hand; in r6« 8^ 5^pf vaAi- 

pa9 90T4; to do what work f P. 1191. 

Schol. wpa(uf ^ fpyoif, 
lUiXatufeSoSn «M ^ai/Cjr rf murder ; 

6or^ 7ii4^0a« jcal voAc^iMubr ^ ^lir 

T. 1197. <rtf (vpf^Sca r^ ««Aiv>> 

nily £. 577. 
IUUiV| 5aclr|5acfta^atn,MMr ^{aia. 
naXtrrorof, bent back; waXLrmm t6^ 

T. 509. 
UakurrptMsf crafty ; tA ^ wovoipya 

aol ««A4yrp(3^ — ^nworp rf fo rr tf 4| 

*Ai8av P. 446. 
IlaAirrpavot, tumid backward* s ^/nvf 

ai woAirrpavat c^\ffv8oir Urea P* 

IXaAt^tfvrat, AMrrjfii^ 5aelc; waXlrW' 

ray 8p^i|^ Mrrio'ai amat ftvoimv 

B. 193. 

naXAfU, Paflat^ a name of Minerra ; 
fftfird re wait (AAs) IlaAAi^ *A8db« 

C. 1092. Ziirbs ^ Beurii Ms Ha^kds 
Aj. 933. il noAA^ T. 1025. wp6s re 
naXXi(8of8i«AaiSMW<f B.20. A^n^ 
Ti|f TlaXXdios KoXauiUmi vao'Ay 'A^ 
Mu rifutndni w6Ku C. 107. IlaAAi- 
8aff«car A. 1169. 

ndWm, 1. la wiW, ca brandith^ to 
tkuke ; x^ vdhXtuf rjkr 4pii^ ftekiav 
rpo^PAllO, Z4t ubrobt oi reray 
pMVot fipafiiis Kki^oa iniKu^, wkcre 
tke appointed umpiret had thrown far 
tkem with lot* E. 700. K\^pos iredJF 
obK 4wdkXerOf tke ioi kere wa* not 
ihaken A.* 392. 2. intrana, la 

Juiver; 4itriTatuu fo0^^ ^P^ 
ci^i irtUAiMT B. 153. 

XliUai, lAa eailiwf of ht$i d^-» 
wdXat KoBaipei A, 275. 

IlaAr^, kuried} raArf kwreiwupl A. 

XloX^y to ttreWf to tprinkle; kM 
Xpwrl 8f4^ c^iy n\d*«r A. 247. 

HaiUfiwra^ nouriikingalli weuifitmrei 
P. 392. 

napLfiimif^ very long; iuda^at^^aM 
wofipitlKea yious C. 1605. 

lU^ijyat, continual; woMoifn^ vi^ 
pip^ voAAmt beam¥ onryywy r* aifiri, 
6jf a /(/« continually crowded full with 
many dreadful and deteetable eomowa 
£. 842; the above it Hermaim*a 
reading, who subntitutct almn for 
Ax^y, Dindorf retaini hxietv, but 
BO fiir agroee with Hermann, that he 
adds alSn — v^ u ^ r wo ^ hxemf edi^u 

nappiifrwp^ on every aocoMnl moIW; 
ywii — rav8f mvi/i^nia ympov A. 

ni^iopar, Moilaii/arlMRala; ^^md/t' 
pope C. 159. 

lUpoHi^^ wkoUy ; 4JiXd tw — fdpoM, 
KoA^ T^ wapartb^ AJ. 899. 

nipMki9ftro$^ full of blow*; wdpmkiiKrm 



■■y KA > i wi — MXm ky^imif T. 504. 

ndfon^itf verw&dimg aU eitiu; r4 ^ 
tw9tfm «u T^ fUkXuf lui rh 9fhf htrnp" 
k4€u p4imt W^MhrtfmMi9imr&¥ fiU- 
^wdftMokis iterht irms A. 610. such is 
the raiding of all the M8&, and if 
it be oonreet wifonXa muft agree 
with vi/tt^fir the futurg^ mnd ihi 
iiutmmt^ mmd lAtf put, tkii imw^ (ihut 
ptrvdm •H eitiu) muH «i(^Cm— fi«- 
tXdmg CMUf upom tke lifi of wMrtalt 
fnt fnm cmlmmittf : it moat be ad- 
mittedv hovever, that theoonetruc- 
tioo is extrameljr Ibrced; conse- 
qnentlj twtrj cntie has hie own 
oonjectiiie. Heath would read vd^ 
««X«i fmr TMrnmstd fr^m emlamit^ ; 
Eiiuidt reada ^prntm. EUendt aug- 
gceta a atill more violent change, 
Miw 9p99m itmrAif fiUrw ^dforvfaif 
itgrhf int. Dindoifli remark xa 
perhape the moat aenaible, ** plane 
non dubitari ^tcat qiiin Sophoclea 
aliiid quid acripaerit :** he ooaenroa 
alao, that 9pmmr ahould not be read 
In hia edition, an eiror which U re- 
tained in the Oxford reprint 

tU/itptBk't mil-^inimg; §ti^ vufii myi- 
^r, P. 718. 

Arrp^ fiwdsTL 105. 
ndftt^tmi, 1. ull cMtumiMg ; vi^ 
fUxrav wvph ioftOJiai^ £. 1128. 
2. Mmtimgi fim/mn wmpMMirmrur 
A. 993. 

vJ^ii^n hdrau E. 831. 
lUr.thegod/'aa; 2& life ndr, lUr A ndr, 

n^ k^ht\aytiT9 fdr^ Ai. 678. 680. 

(Arydrqip) IWte ipt^wifiirm epem- 

AaeffmB. 1100. 
Ilfliid4Aief, tlt0gelkir wHektd ; 4U M 

tW waWliXier P. 1013. eMT tfr^ |y 

wd^Aiet imj^ 3ir flfi^r C 1 1 13. 
Uufdfupos aee eaHllM*^'* 
Hdimpx^t 'li^ruUmg ; rtSk eeSs w mi fdp 

XMf — ipUmt C. 1293. 
JUMKpvm, Mflfl lm»enUhi§; woM- 

Kpw90 ~^ 0i»rd0 P. 684 waMnpin^ 

Mpfttgrm T. 30. 
nn ^i jiiT mpf mll-tmUmimg ; x^ 

pdrmp uffUMf P. 1433. 
HaiH^iiet orwdpJiMiaf. wi>H^iiai w4ka 

A. 1127« aee vMi^ieff. 
ndil^^niy partetaiag le, or ^ lAa wkcit 

pt9ft9\ sw34^ vdiai A. 7. wdi^ 

/iat«)^aU27. Ii^ Tt vaHNl^ w^M 

£. 970. #1^ ffAteif — »><yiae erparev 

Ai. 831. Aepiaev mft^ievt M /Mf 


ndpliMfy »eM Jatf ; vAt IT otic #yA 
Xfhmff ir — — »8hy fpaW; T. 293. 
numwrntf mmtJuMifff or r^lijV; 


ititmt mki^ x<^^ T. 608. wpdr- 
^«iv iMnfOf e& $u vmMcmt rm; 

1237. 3vwf — IdvevM ir^Mtm C* 

IkU3»lpr»f, p/eiaflvf/ 3 edrdMret i^* 

3a»y £. 1066. 
UnttifiMpot* through the whoU day; 

t$€P lUkH wopdfitpos T. 637. 
Tldif9vTott duljf la 3« cbtirvid f #««r 

3* e3 «d»6tfr« 6^/u' ^{irwa* tlM^ 

W^MT ptrgUrt^ Aj, 698. 
Ilarr^iof, dunag tAa wAtfii ii^3l; 

Tff MhBmputw A. 133. 
Tkamntx^t^ aifftf/jf vigi/<; tA 3^ war- 
mtx^imf fiif enrytpal IvpCroe' a^Ml 
tuytpmf dUmf, taa — 9pipfet E. i^. 

ail 99 ^aiH^ifWu Mivaxai Xf "*'<'^* 
A. 1138. TiS4 ^lei vdmrx* mu ^a4- 

navAvprotaee «dv3«prof. 
HaroifT^, fa da deemiJuUy ; Iria «•• 

rovay^a^a A. 74. 
noMspyitfia, a wicked^ or deceitful 

action i puerdlpapai irairAr vcwMpy^ 

fidrMir A^Mrrat K^f E. 1379* 
Ilayovpyla, deception^ wiekedneti; 

pwfpytmt 3ciH|r rhpnui* fx^urraa^ P. 
913. wayavpTiat 7^lifit«r Mpihraif 

^X'tt" A. 300. (4 ifyupos), — 

rht fty A^yeu aaieov yXA^cp 3iydrra 

aal vayevpylaff P. 406. 
IlaivilipTaff, capable of ever jf thiag uickid^ 

nefariout; rh yap w a w i jayar ala 3y 

iiir veA4 E. 1499. rh phf wa¥aapyu 

ml vaXirrp^B^ P. 446. 
Ilaivayfa, compiite armour^ 9'"fP(yi 

r]br Xffteaavjjr — fSrm fiam aay^)*- 

><f A. 107. 
naivAiliwf, l3« /aii aieaa ; Tir aljpiar 

war^^Xipwr B. 1090. 
nd)wvprot» crowded full with; vanWpry 

vi^ifi^i^ Sffirfir i rt v fp m ^ Ax^ 

(waAAAr3ciWSrT^)al«MB.841. See 

narTd(»xW' MO wdm^ai. 

ndm^ai, lard of all; \k Zta^ Mr 

vdrn^X* C. 1037. 
Ilarraxff everifwhere, 
n«{^raxa»» eeeruwhere, 
llarrtX^ff 1. caNip^a,paj/acl; !«•(* 

Mv y alaa ««mX^ 3^^ R. 930. 

vorrtX^ paimpxfa^ A. 1 148. 2. ali ; 

lax^fpai rt «amAf«ii« a/i ear AaarlAa 

A. 1003. 
IlavTtAfiff, aifagalAaf ; tut xfi M *<v- 

TfA^f l^vf tfr B. 669. 
ndyr^^iai, aiait 3aaa«re3li; infac^t «- 

«drri|Ma y4pat £. 677* 
llarr Ail^Mir, aiail wralcAad ; 3 varrX^ 

^liir M B. 1379. Ik 

Vdfim k 147. 


Ilflyray^t. thi^t mukn mH oid ; 0viwf 

4 vorroT^pMS A. 602. 

pcioff At Tit airrA — itM^««T»»A^^ x«*- 
/i^ jcAamitoa C. 1242. 

lUrroSbf, 1. muUtfarumi. varum; 

iromlf Wm AJ. 739. Kiwaiffi wtuh 
TOMu^t B. 915. 3.^rtat, cxeMrf- 
tii|: ; wtwroUu ^iX^nrrof E. 132. 

Ilflt^^iropaf, /«r<i(« m «xyMdi«iilf; acol 

A. 356. 
noKT^imit, aU'tieiHgt thai M«s ai< 

T« C. 1088. 
norrovpT^t, that darn $9try things vtry 

wiekidi ^wrl warraufyf Aj. 440. 
ndrrms^ hf alt meant ; vdanms yitp lx<* 

rdHt Hvpat C. 1776. wdimn BoAmat 

yilpC<Vx>'Aj. 1047. 

vpatfytiy «t(rv (r^ iAjcof) P. 646. 

nayvtfToros, <A« kil i»f ail; fii^M 
And^ttf rii¥ wwfvffirdni¥ 48wr&««a'«r 
T. 871. Used adverbially ; ^HXiow 
wpoctin4wm99ii^69rarw 9^ Aj. 845. 

XU^AktBpot^ 1. utUrly dutrovtd; 

9a^\40povt rh wiv ifpms t^ ^AMoi 
E. 997. Kol tf^ aeoKo^ ledUcitfTa icol 
«aywX«9Mvf tvyopvtttf'ffiay Aj. 826. 
2. utterly wicked^ or abandoned; 
roiff mvwA^poix 'ArpcfSaif P. 322. 

{uyi^fMi o^rov voMftXfif O. 1019. 
2. utt«riy a5anil<ni«f, oi dtf/raved ; 
&' 7^ voMiAiit &(>^ Jiyay htiuofbdam 
C. 1266. Tf voMiXti woTfl E. 534. 
rf voMiXffi «ai3l Tf Am^tIov P. 

narrcOKw, to look aUtnlirffjf, to pfer; 
fYlirw 1^0*81 Tflnrrolrciy v^Aiir Aj. H. 
r^ 3* &7p(oif tffvayri marrkms 6 volt, 



1084. WW y^ otfiAfyiA wdpa £. 778. 
§Jd(wwdpaA]. 888. vdba rrffi«{«iy 
961. vdrra yV — clwrn WpaC. 
1500. At iV iximnf riMM fiwkii- 
w wdpa A. 1164. 3vo« 3* »Apl(<v 
8^ r A ^^Atroi vtdpSy T«^Ti|y v^ 
fuCi rifif »rfXir Xf^ *•*"* — tlf 3»" 
6^ vftfciV, 6uf wJbfft It it ftts dfKi^ 
MiiMlMni to be intotenU «"^ do wAa(- 
ever fcf pieam, 4'«* ^j* 1060, in which 
place, Ellendt observes, vdpa muit 
not be construed as e^lffri. 

napd^ a preposition governing a geni- 
tive, dative, or accusative case: MMr, 

UmpafiaUm^ to post 5y, to onit ; rk iihf 
9c«rirap^/9av T. 499. 

nopajSdUXw, to repay, to put againU; 

pa3a\Xoyi^a«, frat me dsMit npai(< 6jr 
ocAer decoitt C. 231. 

nopo/Sar^t, to 5e traiugrrucJ, or rie- 
lated ; Kpdrot — wapafiary oMav<$ 
vfXci A. 866. 

napayy4hXM^ to bid^ to ei|fem; fUa 
rairra wtftifYyeikas Mwn vpMirciv 
P. 1163. 

UaparpcdXi/ffULf an emfrroof; ^hfXF^ 
wwoTiHUiff'fia A. 646. 

Ili^yopor see woffiyopot, 

Uapdytif 1. to bring vUhin ; pass., 
vop^tycroi ybp Mpmr 8oAitf«wr ipto- 
yht cftrw rrfyar £. 1383. 2. to 6e 
tJidrieed to do anything ; T»^revf 
^{frttfTtuioi KoKmt vapinrfUfMvf /u^' 
6e«jir Jpydff^ rdBe A. 294. 3. 
to miiiead ; f&4 /*• *^ fii|icM ««y«- 
7«(7iyf E. 844. fyA 8^ ry ^^ to- 
pil7^fii|ir, 6hI I was <ed atMjf 6y my 
jfearB. 974. 

napit8cc7/M» '** exoaipte; rb vdv tm 
vapdiScry/i' Ix*^ R- 1^93. 

napa8(8«;u, to de/iver; ^k — t«^x^ 
«ap«8(8o0W — rf AoMprlav P. 397. 
— AAX' oi^ 'O8vo'^ti viv>^8o0ttir P. 64. 


ton ttaring on him vitk taoage flapou^, to periuade, to exhort, to ad^ 

ej^ff A. 1216. 
n^ for vdpctfTi, 1. it ti presenf; 
i(8c ffo« ffXctni v4pa E. 655. oU* 4 
ic«X^iiy irdpa; 1188. el rh rAyS* 
ffibvvy «4pa 1194. <mi( SV H/ur 
AiT^Mf r^of — vdfa C 556. U 84 

1167. h\Xd troi iMnra edirdpaE. 
1021. wp6xetpoif a rl 901 wdpa H^t 
X^poty P. 737. 4 ykp d^u ob wipa 
. B. 1238. 3ry 71 vovi fo-ot jud 0*01 
«^ C. 814. 2. it 11 oiiewaUe, it 
it in ene*« power; oM T^p xXatio'M 
vdpa E. 278. ySr — «4pa AeiMC^ 
ebOfAopoif wekAroi ^dat Aj. 694. 3ry 

VIM ; T^ evff^ir 8^ eoi 
P. 617. fSnpaiyffaE. 1464. k^3i» 
vcwaiMis A. 1308. tr' eb^ vo^cu- 
9ovo^ oUh it wK4o¥ worn R. 918. — 
er^y v^AA* &y ««^vovr B. 1513. — 
4 funyutfe^a ow d tfw vi^ycov ; 
P. 121. tf fltfyovr Ar 4*^ wa^rco'cy 
1335. ml tf^ nwra -— we^vaam, 
1420. vapaiWflrflu o'm jBodAajou t& 
Hpu^pa C. 465. 8pwtfar ^r ^7^ 
vi^aiW<r« E. 931. 6m m4 «»v* ^ 
wpeih^yJaF &8i|Aor I|py0v T|» ssycur^ 
tfm Aai9«2ar T. 667. viAev ^iM, ml rls 
muoiy^O. 1183. 
Ik^fluct^ioi, to lie near ; JUX* A9 ▼!* 0^ 
'Ai3f myaml/ieMf 4pf P. 849. 

mifpa Ml*^ efcvwxowT"* Ml34«' fi8ier — ^ „_^ — ., ^^ 

TfXSr 989. f iBidCe^iai «4p* 1^39. Iliydimaf, en, or aear the iJbers ; 
ftrp ««rd(ai #11^ Ir 8eii^ vd^ A. I Kr(evff Ai^iimtt Aj. 639. 




jU( iwm AJ. 1066. mit4 ImIox^t 

_ «i^«\Ai#v« fpimr A. 298. 
n/poAMtiiMr lA« Ht^ mmriiims; wit- 
nJp y.^y >^, 1. !• fiir|WM ; #«^ r 

f ^•f(v «i^iMM(4«Mr dHlp R. 604. 

a. mid., t« P** *y; *» rp4fiattnf 

Xh9t9 ml wmftiiiMfi4tu€0 Mpgrms 

a 129. 

|^ff&oM4r nyiVui«0v/tfu A. 926. 
IlMw*MMir. c j0<M« ; fmr' iftSif KmfJr 

iJ^nftid$i^ E.12B. 
lU^umrri^ to itvtii fifor; 2 — ««(- 

<y0vr Ofrar vnyvoicWtorrcff T. 632. 
Ili^flr^drMt to MNtf fradk M an echo ; 

WW P. 1 44&. 
Ilaysv^r^tfu. to JL$ omwrd; 4 r i^f 

n^^Xfitros, frtnkd; wwenKiKT^ 

^w w yt u in K f ^ -^fitrriLMlficif^pas 

flmriiTfilimrt '" "■*•'■* ^" ^"'"f f ^a|6ci4t 

iAAM »i yft i | ii CCa»fi Aj. 254. 
nyfl^/r. to /aii dtfvii ; ff /m< ri r^(«r 

muy •■« ^lAoi M^ crrtfiM katkfaiiem 
dmem mgUeUd P. 649. 

A«H^f t^^ P. 818. 

nipufHrrm^ to rjjlt; rb npaftbhh 
TteMy roMyr' iytdv katifiJamf^ wftn 
«ii/ ruir, Mjf ehitdnu^ imeurriiig ttick 
diigrmm U. U^ 

ITa/iiirirfw, 1. properly to rfraw 

eiur«; MfAa^nfir Sctf^t 4nMV^^ 
|{« «iyatf«$ idbwcwx*^ ^ 722, 
•ee 'Ammwx<^ ^- '' uduet; 
#i «■! 8imW AKmm fp/Mff «•- 
^arvfff M a43« a. 787. 8. to 

•Wtm > w »i y ,/w ll wiil ««< wr«l 
«M 4y /«rci /nm yMir pny^MM C. 

napmrrmimt to itoiirf hmt, to etftH; 

Wj^B.400. TMf fl^TMrt tm efx 

4Mt flUSavUMir myarmrii A.905. 

Ilyirirfrti, Mf «*• ftoii^ ^. ir oiilf 



IliyarrtCrtf, ftm., «» aiiuianr, e mhi- 
pamUn; At M^ tAi|v(« va^MrrtCrir 
T. 885. ^ ri^ d^^fwpot wapagrdru 
C. 565. 

Qi^atfTf/x*'* 1* to e}ipni«c4 Hear; 
Ifx^r inyerrt(xM^v« nij^^amg — «•- 
6lfffT« B. 808. .» 2. f # Ml«r; 8^ 
/MM vi^am/x«rrffff A. 1240. 

n4p««^«t« dweUimg mw^ luigkboHring ; 
in wdneofkw cSdapt C. 789. rhms 

fi9ilwdpoykn4i4finpdMmf$i AJ. 876, 
nafopdpm^ to tndufi h wv/Jir^ 9t 
oX^i^Tv wapoUtfiW tUrrt mI «■- 
•oSiraC. 1671. 

n^M^poW*, to 6« Ml 0^ M^f Miilif ; 

W naptuppwMtZ; P, 804. 
I l iyg^yrfyi^f, 6t«t^« on^i mum ; Mi 
8^ wnpmf fh tiAW imoftoif iw\ ff^iftm 

.-9«». 8ee'A««y)ef. ^. fr ^ 

ftAtfTis fym ltd yif^ftmi kMorgfJm #•- 
^ E. 464. 
nap r f yv dtt^ topromiif; rq^Sty 4t<tt' 

TM^ ^1 v^nryr^ C. 94. 

IltMpaf, 0ii« lAtfl tiff 6<Mif«, oil cttiuor; 
tfMpof ff^^ffrpow Wy*^, rfir luydXam 
wdpOpot 4p ii^mb ^wuSm A. 792. 

Ili^i^ liU cAffft ; nfAif -«- r^pyyci V 
ffMn m^ttCr A. 526. 4|f «v liia«t^- 
Am viv^ Afiwf «i^<f feu^ «T«- 
Aiy/Mir»s 1224. ..^Timf — 5f ip 
liVL^ MMMt vufHak n a M Mo t iwimx^Uia 

TUptataBtuff to Md i Wi04^im mI 
irmiMi6ffiWC. 1886. 8Mttit mwtum- 
6«tt^; A. 1089. 

ni^dtif^ to pirmUi iue4 inpenon- 
ally i ^ Wax* hf klywf txufu wfh 
rk roSr lini, tf /mi wapiUot, wmek 
could I tay in mntwir to kU words, 
uore iiothwtd mo, P. 1087. 

lUpttfu, to be prffMNf. 

I^M^y to Atorro; vi^mn wtmtpmf 
x6m^ a. 865. 

tItipttaUxoiuu, to rtcoivif wifffff — 
wi^M^ArMMi, ^4pto¥ §9X0 9mntko$ 
T. 534. 

IU^ff«^, to Imiujfrtif ; W pj^ ^ 
f<i4>or rvpdmmif — m^l^My A. 60. 

lW*C^lPX<y<, to lr«iif|prfis, to pioUto; 
VfMT wi^cAiovra 8«yi*pwr 8(n|r; 
A. 912. 

Il4p«^Ttir, • imrpiut, on ovorplut ; iw 
wmp4fyoa §o¥ fto, ooeoumi «« «i •• 
ovorplut P. 471. 

^I^XOfi^ ^ I. properly to pen 5jr ; 
At i^ wopihMm/ el Jpm C. 906. 
4omwnpdk§oroKl92B. 4wolweif%k$o 
htfidtem 4om T. 896. fciif — >«»- 
piiAir foto iyo6m$ B, 1241. 9. to 
oteopo i oM li ififmroi fpoopk m^ 
$A9fT.225« 8. iiMd«lioofite<f 
peifii j riAyot Hkf wetp- 


•kUrrmif P. 1S42. vmit woptKBoih 
<raif MMk O. 1889. ▼Arm^AtfoMrAr 
MAr A. 1198L t^ M^r m^XMrr* 
Iporor T. 69. 

IIiyrfrrMr, 1. properly iMar c ^rl& ; 
wv^oriovr rr^P^tfoyra Aoi^«(f E.261. 
2. mn immaU ; foit ifaaH wm^iormt 
y4ifoir0^ mitkir iii«3f b§ iiimalf wUh 
w« A. 869. 

llmpm$6tm^ to eotrer, f« Miiipti ; triCrTwt 

ehf itmpwiCmmtt Aj. 1048. 

to fwrnuh^ to ^ro$id$; A ^fwx^ — 
Ai0McAAi|r«y OT^^uor m^^owtf'a T. 
1251. «^^f — eviH^ ftmpd^m ImSt 
^' •& 4^/^^iK P. 945. ^xXiipai 
^i8ou lifffil^ ir vopt^x^fMy R. 36. 
rpo^t k/m^kkr^o^ ^V *y^ — «»• 
pIrXM' B. 1184. vtetr y^ ^ vorc 

— 4 M^ ^/i^ «iy^' cwoioy; T. 
705. 0*17^ «i^Murx4«^ icA69i 1104. 
f>flimn — wop4^9 ^ ri^r roSr ik^i^ 
r0if ru^ C. 1285. iuMilar x^ «•- 
parX*^ «a0^ 1 494. r^ Mp* furop 
^^rf tt oAroy ^pwl xif» wopuax^i^ 
C. 1185, that !•, #rixap<C««'0ai. 
Toloy ^fAtaiif W9p4x*u fam R. 1806. 

— 4^* f^^ar«f Kfu^U wmrtTn vmpdax* 
rf a^oyri iwvriAMir Aj. 1 125. V«'< 

4viiy R. 58. wupirxofup (IpcMw^) 

IIiy^T*^'* « eomfirlor ; inrd /, lytrty 
wupdiyopot Bst J)<il» 

Umpfilicm^ to eomo forth ; tW (UI^* ibni^ 
ia TtvKpos ipMw trriynt /i^ '(« 
«afi4x<«i' Aj. 729. 

lU^ymroMf, Parthinopdtut ; 9itTos 8i 
IlopOtiwraibs 'Apir^ tpwvroi C. 1822. 

tlopBipotf 1. a virgin ; roiy 8* A^ 
Xiaii' oUerpaof tc wapBirow ifuuif R. 
1462. Ik TcuVSf 8*. otfraiy inp94vot9 
C. 446. oi 8i viyMrai Vri««y 1602. 
chw rots 9tip$4¥0ts vrivonrrn itfuiproih 
fu¥ 1642. 4s it ^yphtf iynimi — 
Taptf^fwrpotfvrd^o'crai A. 1222. Iws 
m irrl wapB4uoo yw^ KXi|tfJ| T. 147. 

. wmo/ Myn' iwupe4iw2\0. 2. 
a leoman, generally ; ^if EipurfCar 
o7<r9a 8nra 9ope4voif ; 1209. Xc^vov 
/ii|8^ 9^ vapBit^^ &*^ ofirwr 1265. 
fioTf muJMMs/S^/g^vXBT. 1060. mt^ 
•Ikiw otiroupou^iy, fioTf vvpBdmi C. 
844. 8. an appellation of god- 
deiaef ; — koXm r ipmyol^ ria iti 
Tc 9ap$4povs9 iti t — SpAaas w4im 
rip fiporoU vditL tff ju^t ^Epunts Aj. 
822. T^ yoffffm^a snpBiiwf R. 
1199, tkiSpkiHS. 

Uaphuu^ 1. act.« to tujfor to pau btf^ 
to Ut fou; 9op€\i Kkv9m/ f^wor 
iif lU^^ KimAftMPOP E. 722. ~^ vXff»* 
piiw wkttfpkv wuptU T. 985. AXXA 



ff 8« v^ff w6kp woptiff' ^tovr^r i^ 
Xof mkum iSW E. 809. 2. to ((( 
c/0i9N, |0 htpor ; ro^phif vnyiflr md 
neraiAfikhm¥ Ktdp R. 688. 8. to 
«Mir, 10 fM>^to0<; wi^iMi Btofim 
a£8^r T. 679. <r /am e4fust itXo^' 
Kr* W 84 m4. «t<pit P. 657. M^VVr 
rh fkii ob ^pdrmi R. 288. ical pipf 
wtipiiffm y Mh 845. imMt wmJ|«)» 
ri}ff iXifitUu iwos A. 117& TifUv 
waB^faarm — 9uo§7^ Utfw C S(S4. 
TiQv /urptoy wopols 0. 1214. 4. to 
tii^fr. to oUow ; AXXi /im «4p*' *^ 
ir/uKpir fffarfiy E. 1474. AXX> oM*, fc" 
o^^t i^cX«r, wttplwtaf C 597. •«(* 
Af — Bdmrtof «i^4^w irt4Mr A. 1030. 
4y4^ 8i «^ wuv ^IfU rot wa^lt rilBc 
P. 132. fiii wupjs ««vrov fiperois 
&^i8of P. 955, T^ vW yommm Ir 
vium K4>y^ n^Ktr Adrc 0pax4a 
puH 8€iSr8ai ^pmi^your wehU spirit 
kotk shom forth in fim words^ to that 

I mod toy but littU^ or jfow uMo 
spirit hath ia ftto vordt brought to 
pau (or allowed) that / Aait nud to 
tay but UttU C. 576. 5. pan^ to 
bo nogUetod^ or to havo patted atooy ; 
1^ T^ ««ycSXffi ircrripl rwo pJkw l| 4ptw 
valSMT vMf vfl^cSra, MtWXfw 8* 
Irliy ; ftad all ajtotiom patted away ; 
E. 535. 6. midd., to^ld ; «* M 

fi^ 8oic6 ^ipowfir K4yei9^ obit &y vi^(^ti|F 

oi;^! M 8off6 ^poM& C. 1662. 
lUbir, Paritf; II^^ — MVfMlr. P, 

tlaplmitut peif, v^4rnirt Aj. 1162. 

waptvrdiftu Aj. 117. mpoarh R. 633. 

«apf«rrwrof P. 1824. vapterr^c^s 

724. C. 1034. waptrrdrm^ R. 1047. 

mpe^nirow "E, 1859. wi^ftfniffttiy 

C. 1118. aor. 2., wap4cnqs AJ. 92. 

1368. vtip4ffni Aj. 48. wtyaoTodfr 

C. 492. wapoiirds T. 195. C. 997. 

mpotfroffa £. 287. vcyotfrdlrrcf A. 

1200. paai* aor., vape^rdBn R. Oil. 

wapaard^tirw C. 1271. mid. prea., 

npiffrtmu T. 745. C. 920. 
Signification : 1. act, to stand arar, 

tottand by; 0oa wapaffrSffa E. 287. 

0*9^ 8^ iin4ww yiif roof vapevniroaf 

1359. KiMKXy T^ip o^^ Mnkiobs tbtas 
Xc4rr JCf»(Mi mpaurds T. 194. di/M7r 
8ff fii^ yiHtukts hf^ Mpwr WXat vn- 
p4crare Aj. 1 1 62. t f rtf o-^ — KTcfriM 
vapaards C. 997. wc^aar^trrcf Y^d(^ 
A. 1200. 2. to approa^ near; 4 
mI wn^^ffTif ic4vl ripfi^ bi^ora ; Aj. 
48^ 8. midd., to bo by the sida 0J' ; 
vov t 4fanKd(su r4u4pi aal nuplarok' 
90A ; T. 745. 4. to flaaif ky mo mu 
auiitamti 4ts fS 9op4aryis Aj. 92. 
rovr4 roi ^ i^eumtf tmMT Am |«o« 
0^pLiamx99 vmpeirdMu 117. ^t^wat wo- 
^m|f x<f^ Aj. 1868. A. i# 

c e 



0wfn iiyWSr hf vrnprngrtJ^if ¥^ C. 
492. . 6. te te prfttNl wilA ; tknk^ 
%9 wn4Bk»9 i aw ftr Ir fffr n^^ «•- 

«|4f #•(» «^f» w^y yi ^Tw 127K 
Tit wmM€rdnit vUmt P. 724. t^ iwr 
lyt ^ ^ f Pf2uf B. 68S. IjAMir r4A/ii|ff 
vff vn^MT^ot ^ v6r C. 10S4. r«v 
wyt^nftff 94pmn P. 1324. iyvif f^ 
A X^M* 'M^ wi^ffrmt /ttf C. 920. 
14^ |iM mytmlf, tk* duigm htu 
suggMi Umf/U m§ R. 911. 
Il^Mw4f, or niyporriff, mount P«r- 
««tMif; IXi^iff yiip Tw M^4fmM 
^^M II^Nv#*S B. 475. 

■A<T4r A. 1130. 

mtt ; Kdtitmf wdfmuH ml %6fm9 'Aftr 
iUmt A. 1140. 

v£rnp9M><B AJ. 649. 

vn^owfiv lx*o^J Aj. 636., that is. 
W •!« i^ m^rnr; — >Wf olr lb' 
4yifir TMf Irw ^plmMw h9 ^^mt — 
w mp9v0itm; E. 1093. wmp w ^iiuf jthf 
cMs imI #4 »tv AiXiir 4»f 90 rit wJr 
4!rrir 936. — tnuf wtipmtA ^P*&* 


•a^TM ISfora^ir A^ T. 357. 

lUmiw, !• I«*l«; ^Ai|#« IT i^^iarof 

■mm5 «dl#M*u A. 202. 
Ilorrdb, • jAawfcgr; MNni^Tiir «X4«« 

va 4jn^!^MT«r V^ mm4(« A. 1192. 
nUx^ imp., twmrx^ ^ ^^* l^^- 

Hmrx^ B. 1272. perl, w 4 wmf9m T. 

1067. a 518. 601. 896. 900. W- 
P. 730. «««w«^MH B. 516. 
a 877. 957. A. 982. irt- 
Aj. 519. wtwvMr m n. plur. 

C 268. * Alt, wtiM^Mu A. 96. 

wtinrm R. 228. — aor., fraisr C. 

36^ 543. P. 1000. Iratffff a54X 

1198. lrairE.164. ««(4b R. 325. 

C. 216. T. 969. «^r E. 382. 1018. 

«yEltoT.94X ««{9Mi^.5l7. mdBtMw 

A. 919. m9f«^£. 203. 1164. P. 316. 

501.987. 1343. 1383.1407. B.251. 

554. a 1535. A. 96. 236. voii^r P. 

323. 668. B. 40X 1530. C. 272. 

1494. vaMra E. 376. T. 141 vo> 

f4r E. 1500. nilm C. 1205. 

Mmt C 1021. A. 917. 

%Bi6«itioa: 1. l# mfm 
«m/ 4m9 ««iM^ P. 316. 

323. mbr Mii& Mw4r 987. 
A «ikx**« 992l «& f' fy4r *i 


1000. dm XP^ wMtif fu v^t ru^tm 
tri 3pd? «MXff4tf^rffiy 1343. !■ ^ 

vf^tTsi 7i^ AAA* ii^y 5rrf pyif Mhf 
B. 228. vaMir Irt^ rmaV iftUn 
^pQtrdfOfif 251. va6^ fyiwf 6r 403. 
«ff«oy6lpiM — tif AA4$i|r f^poir 516. 
T^ M «^9ivi' 4vMMr f^f «a9<tfr 354. 
•(Mt cT Iva^f r, 90^ ^rsT IB/m mwi 
1272. Mi|8^ir 5X7fii^ wUdp 1530. 
voMr fijr 4vr«l^ C. 272. iflwV 

362. A WrcrT Amlq 518. Ivaffff — 
hrdh¥ iKair^ ix""^ 543. v/vortfa — 
3<i«4 vp^t MutMt Mtutd 601. l/»yMf 
Tfvoi^f Hfmriif ^ iifiiiifofuu 877* 
w4wo¥0a ^ufi 896. «U vcp Wroi^ 
5itiiiroaf 900. wtWMf0its Warn r4Jt 
6wTtipSuf 957. ifUii It al va94rr«ff 
l^iV<«9 1021. iHbiar, r wa6ff 1198. 
««9ciW ri 3«4ii>^T«Cra A. 96. 9§taa§uu 
yif oS Toa'oMvr oM4r ibid, rh /4 «^ 
9f tf' hr 5XAa tX^^ t5 fniffft/utf 236. 

917. M^ *^^ KoaA vd(4bMr 919. •{> 
9pii titmif Mpmf wdaxtt 933. oU 
vaaYflf ^vyaarMffriPv/Mini T. 532. 
4voiar ravra ovm^opnt 9va Wawia 
1067. £y T^ l«B«f B. 164. voUitm 
wdBta «a9f ur 203. uul itM ikIi fnff 
tar^ponf ira0oS^a M^Wiy ^76. twmt 
wdBps rt xpnt^H 5R2. olfirar'^t^iaS 
yt ^ vd^ff r48f 1018. vnrof yitp 
yaf twe 4^U«Tai vatffo' 1 164. i 
rv//i^' 'Ar^*rr, 4w vaAAA vaMr Si* 
Acu6«p(at /«4A4f ^|9^^f 1500. X 
to nptr'uneif l« (Mra 5y «i/ifri«acc; 
lB4iTffma«a6o4vaC. 16^2. ic^yia- 
/kl9Mf vaAifira T. 142. mJ ^ol— > 
TMrr" 4^«Ta< waiciV P. 1407. Af 
•Sir^Mir />ATa5r^m(AwB.325, ac 
T^ licai^ A/vf IT. 4 |4 tfi — fio^Amt 
«a9ffar C 1535. fxM 9wnf$in fmfty' 
fdb Miat)iM A. 982. rc^n^ fi rl 
wav «<4iM AJ. 517. CuraCv x^tt^va^a* 
«X««>««6ifirO. 1494, that it. «i«««iSr. 
vsrffWv0i'6Br; m/Ui Aa«Ma/l«Ml5Ml 
P. 730. rtwdSms «A«< wi/IAmmm i/ 
aw7 C. 216. T. 969. 4AA' af va/ ^ 
4^>« M^v^f t48cE.1018. 3. 
f i wiaxf iW, fa r§efi9$ a Wnr^l ; #3 

«^X'<''» vwA^^'vw 5* aia ^r^araafai 
rliKfir, la fWfipf Wa^li, aail Aaaii^ 
r«MtMrf, »0l fa Iraav Amp la rnay 
lAm C. 1205. h^ £a laaaxar cl 
rcAtar^^ X^ '•^Mi' •'fu^ I486. 
Irav r mf^ fu^iarif tl «fvar64rof 
Aj.519. lara >^ tS ipar f5 «a«^ 
MrrmHP.668. nStm fO^^wm- 

wUt P. 501. wfh a 9dH ra rV m- 
^Maaa M^ T. 942. 4.ffaawf ai. 
0X^^9*h9UUrmUii lririipiWfaU» 

^ a' &myw^ «4ax*<^ M*^ <*Jf ■*** 


C. 768. o«ft 7*#» ,««*» "i^^rT' 
iiSirof «r W«ji wpoeyhfmi B. 761. 
STlt ii to be obwrved that rt^cw 
Eod Mr or darrOpaM are fhscmently 
- onpo2ail.l272. 0272.957. h 668. 

tA V fry* MW ww***^ ^^^ tmfJMf 

% MfM&ra C. 268. • 
Tlmnef^ to mak§ a Umd iiMtf, f« e/aatr ; 

wnrftdffUf <Tf VTV^ M^ A)' 

168. • , ^ 

lUnryof, a eluHgr^ a emoifc; rd^wr ««- 

rvyat T. 515. v^raTet 'Apfaf A. 

XUfriirvm^ I. I«» tirik$^ properly with 

a weapon ; «4ra|or f b Bic|Mr «M 

P. 738. 2. uied figuratively ; 

f JUr« ii dan^fr tkat I afflid my mimi 

with ealamUy A. 1084. 
Tlar4of»m lee wdaoir9au 
IUrrc«, 1. »e triad ¥pm; x^ 

riip AivAMT wrmf P. 1049. fx*'' 7^ 

yfipoy ©fix 4wkr wartSr C 87. wrw 

wopfTx* rf tf^Aam pmmiKrn Aj. 1 125. 

2. to trampU unti§r foot^ !•» ip«ni ; 

r^ir Sdnyr wortiir Aj. 1814. T^*^ 7« 

T^tafArmrfiy A.741. 
Xturhp, afatUr. ' 

TUrpOj a pattmal etmntry^ Mir« JathiT' 

Lnid : Mlp^v wiAiffir aijf w^/»f P. 

1398. vfhswdfrpaMOhfitwkiKaiUU. 

waXiffffvroif tpifntu*^ Pirifftu virpat 

• Airovaor R. 194. trtlr/w iMwa«rif Af«m 
C. 1428. rf£ 8tw ^Irpar Ji^w/iar 
X^Xonrcr T. 825. 1 «lT|Wf e^i8i»f 

• rwiKW R. 1524. aatfX^Xaiffr wdrpaf 
C. 377. aAytardXii^fr vdkpai 1832. 
iuffor JoTif ai^l Tdt a*T»5 virpai 
A(Aor yo/JC« A. 182. vaiar m^rpat 
Lor ar 4 T^iwf wot* r^X^I*' ^ 
ffMir ; P. 223. 

ndrptos^ paternal; i y»s wrptas wo- 
Arrai A. 800. i vdka warpia P. 
1 197. tA wdrpta kSyw wakaiit ZAfuera 

• R. 1394. 5t« t4 w*rpia Tf^x«« »■• 
pi8r8oo«y P. 397. 

narpfty tM(iM lan(f» cminlry: y*|f 
&wMrai irarp(8of R. 641. ^^liSarcvtiy 
wwrpiSos 8*25. warp(8of ^{aiaii^iw 
C. 429. rfwiarpaTf^i warpi8a t^i' 
ra^f T. 861. ^ ydp gun warpfil' 
{foTMrar 8op( Aj. 510. rin^ Iv cw 
varpd* tfinni«o<piair; C. 206. ¥ucw 
$4Km warptSa r< r^r wV ««^ ^avr 
854. rlt 9nr iftal yipw^ Ir Arrl 
ffott wairpis I Aj. 514. 

IlaTpufinrfff on« of the tami country with; 
iaretpwf, i K48aip«Sr, — o Wr^ Iwi — 
ailoifoiy aal worpi^raar Ottlwpv aal 
rpo^ aai m^vt^^ affC«iir R. 1091. 

tUeromp^ after hii father; ^htepluuim 
$9^ iibhs rk wuTfABw if ho be truly 
aiiaa wUh hit futhor^ dupotitioH ; 



AJ. 548. ripos c7 aw^jpyiaraf — ■»> 
rMep^ if whalt extraction thou art fty 
lA«/alA«r*liu<i«C. 215. 

rbirpMcXof, Patrw/iu; IkCrpoKAaSi St 
9ot vttTp^f ^r tA ^Twra P. 432.^ 

IlarpoNT^f, a parrtdtif; fty^aMr — 
Ka^cloi^i T^ woTfoitrioop R. 1288. 
aartX0«tf^/ft4««v^»^« mtrpoaripy (Irri) 
C. 607. M^ aal wecrfomino «&• 

narpo^amir, a vorriddo; t^ wcrp^ ^ 
^mmr, r^ l^c^if R. 1441* t^t 
warpo^^fmv ftirrptft « <A« aialJb<r tW 
«/«!« your father T. 1115. 

Ilarp^f, palfma/, ptrlaiaiax to a fo" ^ 

Ila^a'Kor aee wa^. 

liaSXa, re^^ cettatiou; waSXi vw aa- 
afir a0n| rekwrii toSSc T&rBpkt Arr^ 
T. 1245. 8f /lai — ra^wir |Xc{« «■»> 
Aoy ^r XP^ M^^PV ^ 38. aal wav- 
Xay Mc rifffBi f^ wev^ &y wx^ "^ 
wov/9c^iaf P. 1818. 

Ilaiipof, }fi0 ; x'^**' f^"' ^ woAXflSn 
waSpd WW X#y«# £.678. ^ 7« 
wai!pa rwo ifutp aaafir 1179. waifi 
y As 4wti»f ^iWwffir 1431. Ir Tpofa 
8^ fioi aaXAol fUr ^xfr^» wf« ' 
if^k^tfim Aj. 1001, the JISS. have 
wtwpa 8* w^X^'viac 

Ilawrr^p, oue wJba p«(J an «ni{ to or 
cauiei (0 cfttM ; *AwicXipri^ WBwwrqpa 
w^/iOw W9t v^aav vp^t 'IXiav P. 1424. 
*Opi9rriiP rmt4o — waawri^* #^<C9 
E. 296. 

nawar^pwf, the nme at wawrHipi 4a«-' 
^of — awfllp ^ ftrocre aal p6cou waiiw- 
'Hipiaf R. 150. 

TImUt. imp. waWaa A. 952. ftit, 
woAwtrar E. 785. wa^wo^MV 786. 
1287. wa^MT A. 571. wa^anarroi 
P. 1365. — aor.t Iwaawa R. 397. * 
iwauaus E. 788. waS^or 975. 976* 
pan. per£, viwrnffuu P. 1264. w^ 
mnrrai Aj. 256. wffva^^6a £• 786. 
wnrav/i^rvf Aj. 272^ wtwavfufanfir 
774. — ftit.« wcwB^flfMu A. 91* 
wffWB^trai T. 584. also, wnfow- 
fuu C. 1044. wa^fi P. 1410. mid. 
aor., wa^arra A* 875. wmiSa^u 
A. 280. Aj. 478. 1382. wa£www«c 
R.631. E.1421. 

Signification : !• act.» goncmlly witli 
an aecua. fa put an end to^ la tmakm 
til ceaae; oikovo 'Op^anft ami ah 
wttAcvrov Tc(B« ES. 785. e^x 9n*s w) 
WB^fMr 796. Ifravai rur R. 897* 
wa^f 9m»op C. 1478. *Ai8ivt A v«i^ 
tfwr Towrlff ra^ Tc^avf Ipw A. 671. 
wa^fWKf iikp >Ap imou9 yvmucta BS2m 
also with an accuiative of the penon 
and gcnitiTe of the thing ; u r^a^ 
Iraaaas r^t vakirfkAaemu iBafa BSw 
788. w* — wamrrat tfXyawt P, 




1365. Mid viUi the preiMiitioii Ik 
htioin Um genitive ; veSnr iic lummif 
^. tcSmt M Mvr^r E. 975, 976. 
-ytJiAFtms ixPpoht vm^o/ntw E. 1287. 
8. M«.,le«nM; Wnwyuu P. 1*264. 

^ e#M, w«««4«»/tfu A. 91. «i 94- 
WBWfli, Mifpr' &r ff^ryx«& 9oKm Aj. 
356. tl vtemyiipw M^'' ^< /mSAAat 

4 f«r«r ftf ^ W Ti 372. viwrnf/utt 
iM«^E.786. •«xi*»^a«^C.1044. 
wiw i f Ur fr MucMf krpi&rm Aj. 774. 
wpSttm ^9 9i99M viuevi Av>fSf P. 
1410, Mine ■• wwftt^, vid &# eiir^. 
3. mid., <e cesft; vofiew Aj. 1332. 
A. 280. 9m&9mt9 tfywrrtt R. 631. 
w«^e«#«tE.1421. Iftr^hMauak 
ydmn — in Mt Iv cTr vhWmt^ It, t/ 
X^f^ Ktywf; A. 875. veieW >• 
/i/rrei Aj. 478. 

niUm^ fe yWftr, to kind ; Ir r 4 vw/- 


irani&i R. 1349. Used figum- 
tiveljr of <&« |Mii0ti«i< iMMCit elimghg 
fe IM /JM6f ^ ihrenUi; itp^irr^ 
vfSfl x«y«^lf vA^ T. 1046. 

iMidff, b$hmgimg to « p/«M; ^4$i|i' 
faff w>irf>>j, tkt ftlimgM pftk9WOod» 
ImttdM A. 416. Aiyx^ wlidr, iA« 
«nwi{ bmti$ m iA« p/ciii IV 1047. 

Ilttftr, 1« « p^iMf lA« tkumptign 
«Miilrir; W f 6 fir r> vtlts Aj. 30. 
Ix^ N Tppfs w«#« eel vtUe r^ 
454. tA Tpmikk wlla wpovauM 850. 

0trm (Kii^eif) C. 695. rvfJIft 
k»tfmi eJKfirr^ ^ vl^Aii^i vtlW A. 
415. Itfw^^oir virti vtSier ^ lU^ 
1182. 2. wed abo of lib tpw 
cttirad If e ctle or vuiuiMd witkim 
tto fmeimett ; rl 6ibif s vtKor i^a^e<- 
TS#«««rC.I3l4. TATpe(efvt8U«sp- 
#ie«i P. 908. ^ it rk TpoUa vttf 
JbreoTcAfi 1281. 9fih &r tA TMlof 
vfSric^eMf /U\||f 1316. v/ifrk 
Tpd^ 9991m 1362. iKwf rh Tfotn 
nAor, 1. tht ground t 9^^(a U 
yi^iikM 9f^ 949^ iewe r y ^^^ mirai 
k. 181. seWm^ef v^3er C. 468. 

5 'fit U^htf tbulmt vfSor taXafiamt 
Aj. 846. «^ and dt vAor, aie 
■omefimee uied adverbielly in this 
senie; ree 9k vlvrerret v^ E. 
737. it wOer e^ mmw A. 269. 
0k tV vt immw m it 9i^m gdpa 437. 
2. need in the nme eenae ae vtKar. 
iktiUt^ or tpMe 0^ eae rile or amnirjf ; 
T^ «Mi^wr WW E. 1851. W^eei r^ 
Aaf9i9m vAir P. 69. J A^ipw 
vel«r i^^Ukmf 1450, nine ae 4 A9- 

f* Kal^M^r vilir C. 381. 740. 


ff/r Oii/Siff vikr 416. ir^i raikrkv 
kfifue99lt 949w P. 542. i vAcmtt^ 
inhmt tkktyAfttiwf 949o¥ C 724. 
8. once • pUin ; vor 3^ /vLdTAore 
ptumylmf K^eaTer fwvutdr vMer £• 
nl3op|«, en l5e /rr*a«<<; levfire yjlp 
r^lerif eel /M^^iet T. 783. 

n«i6a^X^ ^ ^9i 9tilBti0x*^ 9tBrfi 
T. 1168. 

9tHf vdiki rk ««mU eidiuil^ 4 viii^X^ 
A. 672. 

IIi/#M, act imp., Artiif f E. 555. frtitff 
T. 358. ^ perf., v^veilta E. 315. 
Aj. 756. — Aitl, vcltfffii' P. 1380. 
vfieiMr C. 740. »- aor., htwaw P. 
889. «ae«ffP.619. C. 1800. vc(- 
earra P. 102. vf^earrct 590. 608. ^ 
paac. ftit, 9w99liaoi»m 620. — aor., 
vcle^ifri 48S. £.974. vt ie6i|Mu« C. 
1416. P. 1262. vfi^crt 12.S3. R. 
526. C. 760. vfieffiira E. 401. 962. 
— mid/ Alt., 99iffOfim A. 67. 1086. 
Aj. 624. T. 1170. vtl^fff Aj. 589. 
E. 394. — aor.. rl6n E. 926, T. 567. 
R. 321. 9l$9iTm P. lOX 9MtaiP 
R. 1065. viM 649. 1064. 1434. 
C. 1183. 1443. A. 979. vi6/tf«ei 
E.421. C.1336. viAd^Mf P. 1210. 

S^niflcation: 1. act, to furtumdt, 

to nori 5jf fitntumHf to imdutt; 9^ 
9ftL 9ti$ti Aj. 150. Kmrd r Ir rtt 
ijt^ reiavra kiymf Uit kw vcMm 156. 
ffvfiif t — in Xf^n M* M rkv 9§iu4' 
fuufTw Mpa9ifiiilmf$miram: R. 55.). 
elSa ydf #§ ravre ^j^ vcttbr C. 801. 
tlwkfJif^ ifU 9^19919 oUt ^ ffZ,M4rt 
To4v3i relv v/Aeff 807. vi^it /m 
1512.. W r Ir 94k^ 8ff7 ^aUAer {( 

«f(m^ Ayctf"; P. 102. # A^ 

vt/eaiTCf a(«ir, 4 v^r 2rx^' updrt 
590. vf/^arrcf A^ 508. 4 «««««' 
«- f/K* ff/f 'Axaievf miiut€w 9$Umt ere- 
Aflr; 619. ok 9i 99 h/^yiptm Tee 
poa^iimrot fvti^cr lert /4 / 9r^ip 
|w^y*889. M^ riyOf — ATcerd- 
Aer vtiemr |W«e8eA «p^ r^ Ka8^ W 
9i9o9 C. 740. v^Aiy 9k wUms 1300. 
m4 vtSr k M^ 3«7 1444. 4<^ oktc 
Ivfiif T^ fvr^evMor T^i' «ai3a 3o«m« 
T. 858. ^ wi Y ip Xdyoit wf;#fiy 
iMne^M^Ae MUNr &r A^ P. 1380. 
3. peif, vmi6a, ia lued iotianil- 
tiveljr* to k§ ptnuadtd^ to ki cee/Meal ; 
Wveiia (l#iA5y ff&w) E. 315. mI 
Mxo avwr vAreitfa rev/ #eiredrcir 

K ree AtAur 
wwieifif A^ 

T«a i/mi y0^f»au v<i#6«(r B. 526. 
'4. Ilienee to fM#<r •mmif to Ae ptrw 
mmnM, to el^y, in which npiflcalion 
it it used abo in the middle voiee 1 


«tMi|Ti E. 974. P. 483. vfMr«f7tf* 
ifkol E. 962. rt ««iff0i|Mu A^r 
i/uu^ip P. 136A. irffiff0«U ^^ G. 
760. Inrvrtdw r« vtiff^iiml ti /im 
1416. W9t9am E. lOOA. T. 1318. C. 
624. w9i9mfK4yorrtEA\9S. 9*(0w 
Xryo^ XPV^« T. 470. vt<9fl«^, 
M^ Stfltfiyrt R. 1414. 9M tm ^ 
X«^ r«(«^^uu T^ 8^ P. 1236. •& 
liil wlBirrm P. 103. m) 9i$6§u¥at ry 
T< wiftMta^i ^rpar^ 1210. i|v ^/m) 
v<9p R. 321. viA»« 0ff\4tfttff 649. 

f/IMf VI#Otf fMOi 1064. VlA»S W AIM 

1434. wiBoS im C. 1183. AAA' 4iol 
viM 1443. Kol 9h rf ^tftmi ti- 
•od A. 970. IJ^ r 4m) wlin E. 926. 
tti» v<»|r T. 570. o£ic liir «i«o(- 
Mil" R. I0G5. vi0i9#Bi ml wi^cumi- 
9fir C. 1336. ^H vitf^^tei E. 421. 
th0 flit. paw. it onoe used in 
the MDM of fa b$Uiv§s WMiBivoftm 
yiip £3c «rA( *Ai3ov #ai4»r v^r ^dt 
AMAtftiW P« 620. the mid. ftit has 
the signification of I0 ute y ; To7f iv 
WAci fi*fiS$9i wTffiuti A. 67. Tc(d'o- 
fuu AT f)4 1086. vfdro/uu 8* A ^m 
tofffi T. 1170. mCr/ fywTf wt^flyuu 
Aj. 623. ^ r obx\ Tflirffi ; 689. ^ 
3^ o&X^ Tftrti Kid 9wmafiff%tM itud; 
E. 384. 
IliiA^f per$ua$ion; AAAd «* Hffwurw 
wttiit Kwrov vo^ff M^ff E. 662. rfit 
ir<i99Uf voyx^itfry vvyKpuB^it T. 668. 
nf7/M, 1. ea ix^rimMf, a trial ac- 
com[ianied with danger; vfi|pf 1^ 
o6 «po0'«M<^i}^ V T. 688. wucpkif 
3mc« M* vv^pox^ rfyBff toAmV«" ^t 
E. 463. 2. an attempt ; MopieJi 
99 vcipdy ri9* ^9pmf hfiwifftu Bnp«^ 
fuwotf Aj. 2. rl rii^ — ^^^«|fv4' 
W97p€uf 283. r§tpd rit (irnr^ ^' 
(r — 3i|Ai&a'« 466. mi m4 #i«r Ttf 
t4v3« vcipay U^w 1036. 
Ilii^adw see w^patim. 
Utipdm^ 1. la olumpr, fa tadfarour; 
tr 8^ oi vffipff^^«^aA««y R. 399. 
wttpdcrar* AAA* AM<«t ># friyqtrai irarfr^f 
— OT^ C. 1*278. — fofikif wp6aB9v 
% rk lio^ioo 99ifAfaMtt Ip8«ir £. 83. 
vtipttfUtm 84 TMy8< rmf ^flf*"^ 460. 
vflipd TO Too^ Btpawt^uf P. 149. 
Vfipf Mrraovoy C. 788. — ri^r Afu^^ 
Ttay — Aj«Aa3fliy vc^pdo^oMai P. 1233. 
iarriBpap v^wd^fuu C. 968. rt roirra 
vf<^ E. 767. 2. fa mah§ trials to 
try btf upiriment ; 068* ci 8oKa«f fx*^% 
lyoit hr yvmiui fi^i wtiMtfUimi T. 690. 
to 8* lifaitflla vf^«atM vow E. 1236. 
ncior/or, fa 6« €b9y§di 99t9riow rdBc 
P. 082. frtioY/or, aeti fn|8^ ^6 
R. 1616. 
ntAdyMf, oa fAo f«a; U Av^araAiy 

fffxaM^i^ *— viAdyMir T. 646. 
ncAayoft 1. tk$ ami; wmpk 9k KMk 



r^r iraAayW 8i8iiyaKt iJih 4cr«l 
Boov^piai A. 966. 6n>cp vcXcc>m 
Kf»4<riar T. 118. w4KtefQt Kt^ 
wm; Aj. 466. ^hccipUt^ Mp vtAo- 
^^r MoAiir 688. lyua wvXh vAayw 
4p(C<« ^' *08v^a'^ rtiif P. 631 
*i, a oayoff ; md^s ^ay^t^trai /la- 
ap^r^ 8«i^vA«yar, oM vAiiovMr 
C. 669. 3. used figuntivelj, a «• 
^ froM^it; /i^' 1^ v4AvyM lAa- 
Xor^ ri, y$ havt cbtaimid for ytw kt 
a Mil Ma 0f tnmbl§ C. 1743. 
IliAdfai, 1. intianSb, fa approach^ (a 
eoma iiasr ; ruArTf «fAd(ffi 9Wffiir%t 
oMtlff laitr P. 301. «p^s #Mr — 
v/Aoo'O'or 1148. tljpi{« viAd^for o^r 
vdrpaff 1393. alS* 4f<^ vsA^a^tr 
C. 1109. wkdCw iM ToMf ySrms 
1768. //U ^ a<p(y ^ vaAdoai 8|i4. 
/ly Aj. 873. 2. trans., la frriaf to- 
wardioraaar, lasiaAtaap/fraadk; ^iryf 
M* oda^' kw' tAkimf wkStrt P. 1136. 
3. used figuratiTvly ; ySr wtprnktmA^ 
tkitupoif tnkinu ^dor lb«r iandkauf 
rf«r Ai. 696. 4. the pass. TtAaa«$nu 
is used intransitively ; Xp^vff «•- 
Aaa^b f^Aoaot P. 1311. nAa^- 
OqwH — M T^r MrtfMf ip •■•St 9i^ 
R. 213. "^ 

n^Aor, Noar. 

IlfAdniff. oM mko etmn aoar • of ri 
O'tf/Sfli (^yor — ffooif vdof ««Adrar 
P. 1149. r^ TfAdrair AwT^MT «vr^ 
rfiy Ai^f P. 673. 
ntAd«, fa draw nmr, to apfroa€k ; % 
WW r^ l^^av«^or v^par n^diot 
vfAfia' O2dri8or la m^S G. 1063. 
»pk rmwU rot /»' lx«* /»WTt fnk^ntt 
4^ ^k^^Y^t TtAiir r^^ rtSg 9p&^i §taX 
9w^pm9t9 E. 487. 
n4A«ia, a daof; vt^4l9iWM< vnftrif As 
lyi^a vfAfffar Aj. 140. rki ^owr4' 
pout ^dAAMr «iA«£af P. 269. 
IltAffidf , a dovi ; AtAAo/a rux^ffi^tarat 
vfAffidf C. 1083. ^iry^ aUi}aral wra 
Am8mm Ztffcw Ik vi AcidSapp T. 171. 
n^Acavr, an aaf ; ax^(ovn «4p« ^o"^ 

vtA^Kfi E. 99. 
ncAarl8i|f, af tka family of Ptlapa; 
tA/M nfAavi8«r E. 10. rd t^ 3rra 
aalft^AAoyra ncAoviSfir aoad 1490. 
n^Aa^r, Pihpts iv ra /itydAa A«^£3c 
Mlvy n^\avof C. 702. A ndAovos A 
wo6i0w voA^rof Hnrtla K. 494 « 
oOic oh$a — ipXMi^ irrm ndAo«« 
0dp0apo9^p^: 1271. 
IIAm and WAo/uu, la ftr, l« prtf/Vsi 
aaoMiiK la haffpaa; #y«^ /Ur odi 
ToiMf T^ Tfl 8ai|iori ry t^ Ib^tpl Tf 
6aytfm v^y^iaxof v^Xm R. 245. k&i 
rmM pun Xafiw 9 6f»oUif aol rh v^ 
rSffiai vtAfi fi. 267. ToSt rv^AoZr 
<)4p mBr^ it4kiv9ot 4k vpmr/firm 
wAu A. 977. Ura 'Ailav ^•^m 



iM nsp 

Mi •MvMf V^^M T. 1151. 
Sir Mpimm 99u4npo9 w4Xih A. 33S. 
KpAroc -* 90paBar^ *^/f f vIXfi 
II6(». S#ric — oMlrof, /i^j* 4r<rif- 
r»c ««Xit 1011. mid., 0iuKpoi t^ji- 
Xmv X^t €faXMp6p w^pyow ^v/im 
9ik»ifrm Aj. 158. 
IIi/iTr«Ct <A« >{f>*; A ri/iirrvc E. 
694. 4 v^frric — XavoyiA^ C. 
m^wuf U mtd^ (• dMDmUht 
DIrfCv Mr ; sT iirj|p vlv^c P«MO. 

'Aifam'op wivBtpAp C. 1304. 
IIiv6liii, l# MMinit f# fHiVff; ^tvX2 
•I wiMiw — «aci R. 1830. 4*^ 
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pdy vflr' Mpa9w A. 337, AUo 
of perioiM iMNf, or fM«litf Mt; 
W Mf t^iiiftw fC« r<pf K. 531. '^ 

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wkpaw vfpAv^ oVi H C. 890. 8. 
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rip/M ray ptov vipA^jf B. 1530* ^ 
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Ov/ioO rip^tfyc B.674. 

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ymZc iXuiirac U. 1505, the leed- 

lag of the MSS. ie iropf Jiyc* 

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Aj. 888. 

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yivra wMnr' Ay thidoic A* 471. 
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tplril a), uaft. 

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AJ. &(il. 

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MiM lA/i tupirJiHiijf of mrdt E. 

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N4*l to l/itff aloHO'^til' morluh hulk grit/ 
uMienrtdf wkirowUh ikou «iirjiMiMil 
thoM wUkln K. 152. 2. MirlA^ ii/* 
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iripitftf5y 4<(«vtfac X4yoy, wkai 
word loorihv ofttptelal ohttrvotioH katt 
ikoH koaril of mol VU UAU 8. 
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OiAy 3tfnrpa(E(aiff AJ. 745. wtpiw* I Ay« r' Jyrpo m1 vifp«c 

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12S3. 9tptff^d ipav T. 61 4, that it, 
iroXvirpay/ioydy, roXXA vporrciy. 
ri ydp vfpMrad irp^my 0vk Ix'* 
yoSy oMya A« 68. roy^c irfpc#«6c 
iffri r Ay 'Ac^ov 0l^My A. 776. 
Uc^«rlXXi#, to prqMrf , to toko emro of, 
to decorato^ etpocitlly to to^ mil • 
oorpu for burial; r5 9bv Hitac iri- 
pwrlMMvea A. 894. rdfov tnp^ 
9Ttk€wvTt Jvvnfyov yccpoS Aj. 1149. 
firifCa ^ avr5y id viptrrtiXiac M 
(rbv e^yitu lA« t»0r«<) Aj. 808. 
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ti ikai Xk» godt toko otpoeiol euro P. 

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AyOlwy Oqvqy irarpoc £• 888. 

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I. 15C. 

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riivdt wtptfay^ y4<voy Aj. 66. 

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ircpi^yroc d' w^p OaptirM, Uo 
piaiuiy vUt tk§ knodio Ai.22&. 3. 
eonspieuout^ ronoumod ; & cXuyi 
XaXufi/Ci ff^ l^v way vainc dXiwXag* 
roc Mutfm¥^ trdeiy wtplfaproc 
ttUl AJ. AUA, 

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ipH iTffiii^iywc 5tfyi)c /^iTy | AJ. 81. 

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irr^y vi/my/tf T. 921. 
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iU r' Jyrpo m1 wirpue B« 47B« 



SpokeD of mount Panuutut } 9k V 
inria iOi&^w virpoc^&wmwt X«- 
yv^ A. U 1 3. A 9i0wdwtui ^Xfic 
flirf wirpa R. 464. 

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P. 457. wtTpaiac ^^^ dtipdioc 
fhnfii AJ. 683. & wahXvxo^ «a« 
wiTpmim OtpftA X^rpa — wapavau* 
ri^vnc T. 630. wirpala pk&tra 
U^wtp (SUfinp) A. 821. a r' ip 
rojf^ wwpaUf ioMpAitc E. 148* 

ncrrapfCt f^^jr; IliXO* dfuiilft(c 
rimii wtrpiipuc ^riyac P. 1246. 

nirptyoc, rtflrjf; oZroy fUv ^pac «^*^ 
dfifiOvpov witpip^c MtnfC P* 1^* 

nlrpoc, • (ar^* ilMf» • rtdk; ly «!• 
rpoi#a vlrpoy Urp^mv P. 296. r^ 
Xiw^Syoi virpocc C. 436. mc o^c 
AptA^oi T^fi^ot wirpoi^i w&c raro- 
Un4il£ 9a¥%i¥ Aj. 715. ffai yAp 
i.¥ irirpov 4^y #^ 7' ipydvitac 
B. 334. •< KSka nfi^i^y nAV Iw' 
6J0»rmt wirpow C. 19. ro5 re 60- 
piffiov trirpov 1691. tS^oyr^ <v' 
^cniC Ip gartipifii wirp^ P. 272. 

lUrpMiCf WI9, ftoiijr; virpM^u 
— Iv tmTkfpvxL A. 770. vcrpM^it 

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IlfMoiM^ fo Mfitirt; IIvO^ (Mt^ 

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7fiXi 001 R. 604. rcMov maXUwm 
rdw9p6c T. 386. 
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Q^tmi fXiTotrr* AyXcMVi vifajp B. 

wipyMP wtvK6nf9t *Il4«<#roy tkiip 
A. 123. 

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Uif¥tt¥f uUmy; riv varlpa irar^p 

v/Mrlvffv< B. 1497. 
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Il979« 1. pffoporly mfiumUm; in 

mich MOM it is not used by Sopho- 

dot: nliq • Urtmm; hpA coXhw^c 

f»c £> 083. roc^r^c 7< miy^C (m. 

Jfl) C 480. t^x^P y o^dn r^yac 
9»mfuu ioMp^tp A. 797* f^pmyt¥ 
wayii iatpiifp T. 849. 2. uaed 
figmtivdj J f/ rfc icovo^c 'v' fy 
*^979C ^ *»r«#r fpayp&Q^ kid Ut^rw 
htm jfH fl tUppmg9 tkrmigk mtf ««r< ^ 
tAf/Miitam y AMfiiy R. 1387. 
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w^lai Xmfiiprm WK^wrpop K. 412. 

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Ai.808. vivfYf r 4v 7f «»X«M/a 
rfrp^iBi 806. 

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AJ. 1258. i<ri^«y |i4mv 
vwMr 0hfp t 9^ ^iw r^ |i^i 


Aj. 30. Uied figuntirely ; Wc ^ 
wtfifi^a^ fullopa ialjitup rvp mo* 

wkmt dumrnt is U tkmi hmik LmmdM with 
mighttr thmn mightUtt btumd ^ptm thy 
UHhappff/0Uf B. 1300. 
114^9/10, m Imp I tip ii9faUt9Ttp cal 

lapta Aj. 820. 
Uiikt6c^ Hxidi Iv ydp — yOoyl wa* 

li^Xcirc, P§Uiui 5 nvXiiifC v^voc P. 


p699p r6 pvp wap^p P. 754. f{ 
irorf — 4y^rai^ ktrowlap ^X6ya 
wifutTo^ B. 166. #%fMy 3' iwi^ra' 
pal n vq|ft' l^^oyrd yivT. 43. ci- 
vrtp n duphp wUpa 46. <&XX' M 
ir^fM col X'^P^ *^* ffvieXoi'My 129. 
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Aj. 356. BptiPtXp Iw^Ac wpbc ro* 
/cwyri v^M^r* 579. rot6pii uipro% 
<— IlaXXilc fvfC^w iTQ/ia 933. ut^ 
wJt^ ^nvry cal ptriypotap riOff 
£. 571. 4ffr5c 5rra wiipdrttp P. 
502. rX^yal / IktipA^ Ait r&pd 
wipara /J/iviiy 858. dpdpiBpa 
ydf 4kpm wiipara R. 168. Ip ro- < 
9oMi r4/ia#« 1319. rik rou^i ny- 
! 9c7y «4/iara C. 743. H ^ </( ^mT- 
P4U ft4 fd yvi', ^kirotfictfirfi waro^a 
Kal p^rpfa whputu 1198. woXXAy 
yip Ay «ai piray wtiudrttp hcpov' 
pipmp 1662. r4 AafiitucMp oUmp 
hpmpoi wiipaTm fB^rmp M w^paat 
wiwropra A. 590. IM^a viovc 
BapdrovCt wokXA 9k wiipara koI 
KMP9waBn T. 1267. warp^ opA^a 
wnpara £. 250. r&p Ip&p — rif 
pdrup Apifliy 863. piyac dp' Up 
tfccivoc dpx*tP llfi^pOQ wiipdrmp 
Aj. 915. Kpimp Si m r^^' oMIir, 
aXX' a^5c «* m< B. 379. Ip ro- • 

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roi iiwXa fipup Koxd B. 1319. p^ ' 
irXW r5 irifpa r$c ^rifc riOa AJ. 
356. iHfpara M r^paoi A. 590. 
IIifpalMf, 1. act., M ii|;iirf, |« lii/litfi in- 
J»r3f Hpom : fl n vqpaiViic ipi C. 
84 1. f I pf viipavf ic n AJ. 1293. r«c 
5* 5 ff^p^iwc ; C. 897. rkp ydp fia- 
Xdpr' drptumtp oUa Koi Bt^P XtU 
pmpa w^p^papra T. 712. JMtiTv 
pkp ip&p ri, wm^aipup II pif E. 
328. 2. mid., r« 5niv tWI m •»#«(/; 
or to M/«r wU; 1/ ydp votq^MC* 
f#9« mipapoiptPOCt if <A«ii «5a/t rf« 
m, U MMftrf eAci iAmi wiU trhig twU 
MlA«M{fAJ. 1134. 
Ofpor^. cmUmitff, «mI, «uno M ri|pa. t 
wifpoyfC drip T. 48. w^fi9Pl^p 
Avocriyoy (ti#lld<ypoc) 875» r^C 
r»y r«po^oic f pov9C E* W- 4 


fioyi)y aifrif (avrc^) ^a^i} ; 054. 
— rv/ioi^tfkc <&x^v XaP€ip T. 1 179, 
that ia, tarap^ 90v. oft r« x<<4^>' 

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AayOtf^ ahOaipiriH 12S1. Sn r4 
0ffXi Ki^^ n|/Mydc 4>7<^[frai A. 
nUipaJki^ olljf ; rulpoc ^^voc T. 769. 

IIicp6c, hUt$rtjf; iHovuiilmp wutp&t 

Xli/if X4r/ai ; KatttfotttXe fiifpol caXvv- 
r^c ui«f ivro iri/uXfc A. 998. 

tif$^ fyua iaspiktv E. 894. x^^^^ 
TVfktQ diipaf nniwrbp — vJ/AirXiy9c 
wiiiov A. 415. rov r6vit (KpaT^pa) 
wXtivac 9m; C. 481. pool., way S' 
IwifAwXavQ vavaylwp KpiifaTov lir- 
frueihf wUov £.719. Tn 6i MiMlcrf ; 
irp/y rod* ^fii rlpwy al/i4rMV yty^ny 
irXifffOqvac A. 121. Sray li irXq- 
ff9yc *ilc y^<»v liwovci^ P. 516. 
inia.,4fii|vp^9cy — iv^myvfta XUrpi' 
iwXiatt; C. 5S2« 

ni/iirpq/M.'to 6iirN ; eAfia — irivci* 
yti^Aafi6vra Xa/iwAiot riXac ^pih 
M«T. 1189. 8c y^v warp^y gal 
Ofo^C ro^C ^yyiMic ^vy^^C ffariX9My 
i}9IXi|tff ^y rvpi r/ifaoi ffartfxpac 
A. 201. 

niyoct /f<Af iqttalidnem; M^ri — 
r^c ^ ^vtffiXi}c yipMy vipovri ^vy- 
Kar^HKW wlyoc C. 1261, all the 
MSS. read irt^yoc. 
* n/vMt <^ ifriNfc; 6^oic« at rovpby 
al/ia r&y Ifi&y X'f ^^^ ^^<^ tfir/irf 
frarp^ R. 1401. cv' i^/ioc iC^mv 
jcal KiKpvnpivo£ vicvc ^'^Xfi^ *'<"'' 
a^rwy Oipjidy td/ia wUrtu C 628. 

T. 1045. 
Ilirp^drjcw, to uU ; frpaOdc 'O^^Xv 

ry fiappdpm T. 251. Used figum- 

tireljr ; wiirpafiM cdirdXwXa, 7 am 
, bitrayetl^ and am undons P. 966. 

IKrriii, perf., irlmrwca £. 1469. iri- 

irrwccv C. 753. ircirrws^, ace. E. 

1459. Vfirrwie6r(cR.l46. irivrwroc 

A. 1005. wtWT&ra Aj. 815. 905. 

A. 693. Alt., irstffft T. 594. a 1376. 

wtaa&fuOa £.391. wtffovyrai Aj. 

620. -*aor., Iri^^ dmet AJ. 612. 

friffi A. 184. vlvw T. 702. irlirac 

Ai. 1069. wiffff P. 815. C. 896. 

1221. wicoipiA, 240. rcmiy R. 

876. 616. 1209. 0. 762. Aj. 1040. 

1062. £. 890. wtaAy P. 990. A. 

1014. Aj. 818. 868. rcM^^iyc R. 

129. rcaovMy T. 1028. rietfyrfc 

R. 50. rcMvvai 0. 1604. 
SigniAcationt UfaU, topirhks ttpar' 



ipi^y '■^wlrp^ wlrpae dyuOty al/Uh 
Cm wimiy P. 990. 9at8l gal warpi 
BaXaftfiw6\^ wtnly R. 1209. Iq li 
ycAyara warp^ wtvovvtu C. 1604. 
M yf win ravrakkiBilc wvpf6ooc 
A. 134. rev ik wiirroyroe vc^y 
£.737* iy /tieoic /SoroTc — fwxoc 
Battt w%9iS»y Aj. 318. «Sci*< poffroffy 
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Aj. 815. ffU a^09fayti wiwroyra 
828. irp6aBtv atuan rieci /luiy- 
9«/c C. 1 376. o^d J«Xfoy ly f^yalc 
wtirrAr' AOawroy A. 693. x¥^ 
vX^croc 5* iy 9ripyoi9t wtvwyrai 
IwwM Aj. 620. Iwt^ n4 rM% 
Bdwrmy avr6c f /c rafAc viq^ Ai. 
1069. — rvpayyi^ efiry wt^ol* 
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rec Oiiiwov ^^yev A. 1005. Ay «#<* 
Jrl^ecfif irfeoveay — *{c m' wXieiy 
T. 1028. iTfirrwr' aafX^y rMt 
cvyKaOapft6ffM Aj. 905. dUopta 
fdi9fi aycv ^Odyev /ily ol rivriM^ 
£. 1459. Ie9i rec rd ffcXqp ^yay 
^pey^/iara wtwruy fiaXiera A. 470. 
ravr^y v6ftiZt ri)y irdXiy xp^yy 
verl iC e^piwy tpaptwvay ilcptfOby 
wtatty Aj. 1062. — rrayrcc r' 
ic ^p95y ffal irferfyric Seripoy 
R. 50. 4 7^p f irvxiTc — ^ayo»fu$^ 
4 wtwTftKirtc 146. cdydp^ fitSpm 
wp6s y i/iev iri ^f7y 376. y^peyra 
e^ 6p9ovy fXavp^y. 8c ylec vitfy 
C.396. KoXSy yt fjyroi n4 'i dfiov- 
Xiap iriecTy £.390. inaovfu9\ ti 
Xfiit warpi rtfiiapovfuyoi 391. ^ 
ct9ttfffu9a 4 rjirroifcy T. 84. ir/w- 
rity PaptiatQ wpib^ Bi&y Svcwpa* 
Kiaie Aj. 746. Hvmy w6r' AyipAy 
ly pieotc <tpffv0r<(ro<c viwrvv ^ 
rX4/iMy; £. 1469. rjy ^m rdXac 
o^ie (ty iror' Ic reeovrey oiciac rc- 
tffiy I3er« Seey iriirrMCfy f^n C. 
753. e6J' ay ^utaiMC ic KOK^y W- 
eoi^lri A. 240. 8enc Ic Koc^y Vf- 
ewy acfirai 1014. «lic Ay c/c Siryey 
wkojf P. 815. tK 9K6rm^ cAy al^xpd 
wpaoiryc% e6 »er* afdrxeyv wtcti 
T. 594. raXfic Af^cy tlXafiov 
fiiyif wtatly R. 616. ifiel wtOkaSai 
ptfi^ AfiovXi^ wiffiiy £. 421. o^c 
Ix'' raXaiya vet yywfiqc irleM T. 
702. 8ray nc ic irXloy vley rev 
OiXeyrocC. 1221. rd AapianSdy 
elcwy bpQuai wiinara ^irmy iwl 
trmiaei riirroyra A. 591. iy f 
iXijtcarec /3owi cai cXvreic riowy 
a/veXioic Aj. 867. r^y fvi' 6j3/My 
ff-p^c /i9Xa cal re/fiyac rMiTy 1040. 
'£p«#C« 3c ky KTiiiMai wiwrti£ A. 778. 
ca{ ayiyyqrMy 4pa ;iv9oi roXwc 
rirreveiy T. 62. rA wpiy J* tpya 
Xtpeiy — afcXa wap' AftKmc lire«^ 
— 'ArpWaaiC Aj. 61Z 



ni^n^Mt !• totrutt, to wt^€ in* I 

172. rii»oc fiporAv X6yo¥ rovi' 
^9awb9am iU iri^rfvicc ayav E. 
873. i/M |iiy U <MOtf '( 'E<>^>^ aXXov 
#a^9 ^VfMl* Uovna r^it wivrthm 
X*7y 874. •J^f' «^ irar^Jp — ueoiro, 
MMcf/ ily rifMic yo/iiCiiy avr^t «'<* 
m^fty ^' ^fwy 1309. iniAo^ / tS 
n vi#ri^4y XP^^ T. 67. , , 2. !• 

0Tfh9mP Xiytic B. «2«. ^, ^9^ 
Btm¥ vA^cMoy* (X^ivovCt r^di 646. 

8. r# •^ry ; f* r^p »••* a"7^^ 

r^p wApoc trvyx" X^v T. 1218. 
nitric, l./i«lfc, Miff, C0Hjidtnrt; 
0p^tu Ih iritfTfCf ^Xarrawc ^ 
iri#rta C. 617. vvp y Av r^? Ofy 
wimw f4p«c B. 1445. f vi^rip 

854. «l ri'c 1^4 riVric iv roic tfpwfU- 
vmC T. 585. o6r»»c ^X«* / * »«**;*Cf 
MC T^ ftf y io€ttp lpt9n 577. 'Opiff- 
r^c Ttf riXa iri^iy f fp^y £. 725. 
r(c |M« fcyflrot ri^<€ Muso^ ; 
B. 1420. 2. « pUJge^ iiJMifawct, 
<M/rM«f i«« .• IfiPaXkt xtip*C ''^'fiy 
P. 802. Wc /«•« X'P^ ^^C wi^riK 
ApxoioLP rUiNMC C. 1628. riy, •& 
r2iuuy'. Uop^a iriVriv E. 875. X4- 
>m¥T% wivtip mv lx««C 'f«Pf«^*«« 
T. 620. Ac »f>ic »■' ■•«»"•' »'VW 
avairiiritfrfiiftcc; 1172. 

1. of a penon; M<*>' • fri»r*c 

B. S85. lyy, il^if "C ,«XX«c, «*^ 
«r^, «C i*M«*C «»'«P 11 If- ?*•' 

C. 935. fiXal H H9V iri^ri) Mr*- 
•rfc 357. iri^oi: 'AroX^Syr w y^- 
VOC 1324. role •««"'«5 "" wt9Toi9i 
#iriiM^yoi#i 1S»7. <7M B^ mvroc 6y 

«t«r^ ilitp K^yaOlt^ KoXo^fUPoc 
638. /i^rifp it9ii ric w*^* K. 227. 
6#fi trpoc iri^'V'ckC ^P<'C 11^5. 9y 
war* l« r©XX4#y iy« h^vov wfio^^y- 
POP 9i9T6p 1344. 4«0a ro7c Xayoi^i 

iwric. ^r,p4c >^fPf P- '•^*«; 
AIM camMimg ; aXX' M* Sry ^v 
Mfk i^y W/HiC r^i* C. 1035. 2. 
of A thing; •!*> •"»•«• eredtbU; 
ite a* 1^ iiMM /liy o*x'» 'o^ ** •? «^^« 
vp5c rWt irt^if itoi ^/3o««Ct<«A««; 
arP.71. fiyii4-aAct*«^»ir*»ja6 
^••r5y i( Afi^y ^rtp6p ilifray «C 
r4r iknc C. 87. •/ T^P w ri#riy 

l#ny l« XPW'^P'*^ ^***\ ?^ *~*" 
vl «M ^yrilfl «i#rd rif^Jf rfc 

v^MC wipi T. 77. ♦^^ •X«»'. w«- 
P^vpuSr^XOiC B. 764. A ri Gr 
'^^^^n«p46by « «7r« W«K M 


Ctfi^V/iara C. 1590. rb cup /ioyoy 
virr^i^ fuKdvcmp C. 632. i| «t«il r^ 
wi^hp riit AXi|9c(at W/Mif ; T. 397. 
riVhp 94kis th vtffrhp 4ftp5ptu ^pwl ; 
C. 1485. 

IliTr^, not found in the active voice : 
pau , (0 5tf roHoinetd ; iri«T«»9<lff 3ri 
— otfxl vo^^Mu C. 1043. mid., 
to blHtt^ to P'^X' t ^^ ^ ^ Ifitiw 
y in ttmkhp wtpr^ofuu C. 656. 

ntrim, 1. t0 fall upQU, to atioek ; 

ip mi/umt wlrpttp AJ. 184. 298. 
2. to /■//, (• dU ; irupot twrrpo 
Mxa TO vonit C. 1729. 3. to 

ri fiii wlrpttp KOK&t C 1738. 
n/wr, fat ; wtopot woroO T. 700. 
IlAiC<*« P«M-t '• wtHdor; rhf itpJ$p' 

4jr^ Aj. 871. Wt irAiyx^ voXfr 

nA/^«* (0 opproackf t/ 4 x^^^^^^* 
AH^p 6cMf vX^«i imUoi p. 717. rdBo 
Toit dwrareTt •&« ^pirrJk wkdBow K. 

IIAoi^. I« voHdtr, to go uiiroy; 2p' 
larriy; Jp* •*« l^rir; 1^ yr^Atp »X«. 
vw; C. 317. pass., iul /Aott i/mp 
I6aitopo9 ttkwmiiipn C. 348. woMJk 
r it»M4fm 111 fiAffi vAara<r8«« C. 305. 

IIAirw*at « voiuienugi Mp /»* *«•*• ' 
^ai^ 4pr(Mf lx« — ♦•'Xn» »Aii»i|pa 
KAMUclr^if ^rAr B. 727. 

IIAibnif, a wwUrtr; vo^ipr yAp i^tfa • 

Ji4v2 8ifr«<f vX^*; 1^- ^^i^' 
nXai^nitf a ummdoror; rbp vAarfniy 

OiSlnvr; C. 3. wKopiroa, vXai4- 

rat Tit 4 9fifffiP9 aM* tyx^^pt 1^3, 

nx^Mff • wnndonMg; reSdf SarriMww * 
«Aii«» a 1116. 4a« Tip a0nt a 
^ot) 6*4 xp^iwv vX4i«if toio9 in 
i(*wJiio(hi P. 748. woAKkt r 4Mff 
4x^yrafp0vr(8ot vXdlMir H. 67. 

wMittt kypipofm wupoi ^tkat it. 

1103. vpftf virpar Ofniff vAixa P. 

1116. AaavVM 54 vXiicfr ifuff^ 

C. Ib78. T^y irayatv^ itdrm ptttomf 

wkiita C. 1560. vtoripv vXaxar 

1573. lUpair M vXdaa 2owlo¥ Aj. 

1 199. ioT itcpaa tat wyy ^ s w vAa- 

lUMam^ to invent i Kdyovt ftBupoin 

wKipcmp Aj. 148. 
tlAmrriSf Jtignod^ wmpMititiopi ; wXa- • 

rr^4t cl^ wojpl B. 780. 
nx^rv, «M oor, Iho Modo of •» oor ; 

BKmop It htlfimtikUwtP vXiray Ai. 

351. A r fl4^/Mf lawayX' kflm 

vMcl vMam^iiNi vX4ra Mrvffi C 

721: TlMf «4t^ ^s ^ vVif y>yr^ 

vXirjr aarlax«^ r« 220. vinply 
SfyvMy eipfr vXirn aanry^tir 855. 



rut •M* 9vfiimtffi ^dfft iur^tXkrrm- 
roi Aj. 1329. 
• lUcKT^f . piaiied, iwUlwd ; wkwrms 
Upaa B. 1264. vXfrroSrir A^rtbw^i 
A. 64. 

nxl»f and 9K4wt^fuU ; in tfv¥ oikrov 

. vA^f P. 1063. ^vmt r^r Mpa 
viCrr* /vioTiJifuit wk4m A. 7 1 7. fip^X^ 
ra^ ahwi fcMsr aim Syuay wK^ttf 
C. 1162, taf9pm famptoM vAfW Aj. 
1129. lU v^Mv woAAm) vX^ Aj. 
1091. — hwUUa WK499 E. 697. 
ravT^ /rrl r&mf ftrnpUa voXXJit irX^ 
Aj. 732. pdni fiaptioM rov PMnyXcfof 
vX/« P. 39. i^ ^^ flXiN' ipnM»*f 
rii¥Vkwkk6rrm^9k4m E. 1397. 

nXf ^^i> flce wif€^t»»i¥, 

nXciMNt, lAtf <ii/« ; vtrof vXffiwJb^ /la- 
patpmtf C. 1262. woTMr trXtupai^ v<*pf 
. ykmxm T. 678. ^<c S* iAj&rtffw rXtv- 
f»ay initfvy 922. ^wrydtnp wKtvpiuf 
d^' (my «al ^MU ircvXirXM^*^*' ^27* 
vXtuy»^v vXiupJb^ «i^«f 936. vXcv- 
pkifiuifffii^€arnrfi€ ^curydp^ Aj. B21. 
'— ff^MTf vXfvpcuff lUavw fyx<*' ^* 
1 22 1 . wpocirr6<rff9To vKtvpeSauf ttprl'^ 

KOXXOS X*'''^ '^* 7^^' VXf VjfMMn 

T^i^ vpaaiMX^^ {hfi^Afiktiarpw) 1042. 
tfVflO'/A^f 3i{f^f vXffV{p«r 1073. wuTiAt 
— if7«lfr vXciM^ir tf*^ ^/lol rdirtlT 
^iriicov^Cf Aj. 1389. Uaccl figura- 
tively for th§ vhot§ bod If ; pJr^t M 
w\§\miL fiovs M vpunaat tpmt pA/vrf 
yot ip0bs tit 6i6¥ woptimu Aj. 1232. 

nxtupdtfffr, wAv^J'rom tka Bid*; vXtv- 
p6$wwKtvp^waptttT. 934. 

nXf upoKov^ f ctfl l/t« tidft ; 1^ M 
vXffupoKovAr a(x' OM^^^bni Aj. 232. 

IIX«v|»oir, a iif/f; vXfuywr ^ji^c^iar 
(/. 1114. irXfii|p& mpoarutUvTQt /ov 
T. 030. ro7i ^fioii vXtuyM»7r VS irXi- 
tffZror 1216. ray ^rr(/9fTfli vXtup^ 
ItfirffMrrfdy Aj. Hiil. 

nXfimij' Vimr^h^ a ciiv in /Ktoliu; 
yo/owr* rr* ^r nxcuytAn T. 7. 

nx^«, imiicrf., IvXcif IN 1016. fvX«i 
Aj. 12i:i. P. 6<m. — )>oir, WirXfi^ 
icar P 72. vivXt^ori 402. — uor., 
fffXfvvar Ai. 1084. iwKticart \\ 
1027. vXfArayrttf 1022. vXti^^orra 
1016. 1. proncrly itf «ai/i vXcii 
t' At wpbt oUo¥ P. 68. ^t oUw 240. 
irM«i» irX^wy; 244. Svoi irX^wy 302. 
4y 3* ^fiOD 4f8«| ZtifTtpw whiwri fioi 
364. vX4»v/»^falicK»vs383. vX^^y 
622. Sirai — /SovXoifMete vXfiir 626. 
vXAfV wpbt iUw iic rl^r tifiarpw 
n9wdpvi0Q¥ 643. vXciV 4*^ Iro^f ; 
666. itrl rwroif — 3u6,^9rM vXwiMriy 
689. d^xa Tov8< vX^mt«s 829. ^ifS* 

Tp»lair r< vX««!r 903. tfr rol iral rh 
vXffi^ 4|i£ff tfMil — lrr( 961. vXt^y 



>m6^ (fifir 1269. Mi^rat ^^op^ditfvrra 
X*'/«&i>»f Tb vXiaj* Aj. 1122. airVr 
i^X**" — A&f frXci; Aj. 1213. 
wplbt VMov ftr — Mvavtbt frXn ; 
P. 668. twktu ifC avTMf 1016. — 
v/irX«MMf o0r^ ipopKot MtA P. 72. 
irp^r i^^f vtrXfAcarff 402. — Mmrn 
wkt^wn* hrrk vcwo') vtoMnpf 1016. 
^Mtf vXff^orrsff 1022. tmpxt ik" 
kmv Uyp* iwkm»t Aj. 1084. 2. 
umnI figumtively ; 43* Irrlr 4 ^ 
(oMTo, ««! ra^ff Iri vXMrrts ip$^t 
rohtiikmn wmaAfuOa A. 190* le. r^f 
trarpUot, iw kokm pun vXmt i^i- 
/A^yp {Mrffi £. 327. 3. once fol- 
lowed by an accuntive caae; In) 
— - $» 9rikim htkt^€w^ &v fivl« 
P. 1027. 
nxifT^f 1 • properly, « 6/mv, « »Ma^ ; 
•t — iriyx^ tcpttr* iMpMX^ vXih 
TOMTi r^ou P. 1 443. itftr Mywara wK^ 
y^ rffX«vTiMra A. 261. w rt fotrbr 
vXiyyfir Aj. 902. frsXXAf V Mipta 

— ^ripimv wkaeyia tdpunr^o/Jima E. 90. 
3rff ffM mwdXMfr Ami* yt wv tm 
itppMn Tkarii 189. 2. motaph., 
a caUmitif ; ai 3* 3ray vXiiyi^ ^t 

— 4wtfi§ Aj. 1 37. t^uM /fti^ 'jc fMv 
vXm4 riff tc9 272. /atydkm 34 Xi^ 
pMydkms wkiry^ rm ^pafx*^ ^v*^ 
rlatarrMt A. 1330. 

nx^/M, a Mtfw; fUT^imtm ikd t wr m 
wkiyfutra T. 619. r^rprt — patTl- 
pMffi wkirfpMffuf A. 1268. etfrc riv 
7f rj3of i|9 wk^pfpm 260* 

nxqteff, 1. a grmt a«M6cr, a aialii- 
l«W«; vX^^i vwXXMr /Aifrwr P. 712. 
o& ujt^ ^Apep KTtu^ riv« 4XXA #^ 
rX40fi x«^ It. 123. tfrfv n vXi- 

vX^i xf^lH'^*' V AX/a«cra« 641, 
642. ipxu Tif a^rAy 4 'vl rf wkii$n 
X^ff ; C. 66. Arat Mkp ikktlvu 

rr«ttf iw\ vX^f Ijpnr A« 662. 
fl^nMl fiMiilUy» •6iim(iiNM; v^ 

MNi Y« vX{f«o> AJ. 863. JLXXmt 34 

wkijOot obit hrmoBdm KtutAi^ R. 

nXi)tfiW« Id abound f vdr vai^l /Ur 

ti»0'4n!j3< «Xi|0vtif — T. 64. ift tu0 

i|/Mf i99 h mkifi^ kkfot C. 378. 

4 vXiff wMfr XP^f^^t iMrsouHg mg€ C. 

nx^y, 1. a prepoution foveming a 

genitive; tjcipf, betidgu 2. an 

adverb or conjunction; fetii/fi, ^f» 

kowevir, but, 

TMpn't /«'<; /3«^ -^wk^iptu ^ 

eMipa«ii> Tff aral kwmm^ 3«|pas A. 1004* 
vX^Mf irnt vriyot Aj. 300. ra^r 
0h pjyroi riit M^ev vX4|pi|ff l^t A* 

1039. vkipn r Ixarrt ^*fp^ ^ 
XM^^Mff C. 782. • vXMlmnw 
aUjor Xvmw rat A«^ ^lav P. 1070. 


nxy/w, to/U, to MCku; ApW ^ 
««tv« X«¥l vAiyfiMi TOTi P. 334. 

^T. 1203. 
IIMri^ l.tofoflMr; clTM^cxff 

3. f • W • iiMr jMif AAmt ; ArAiK**^ 

X^^MWff B. 1130. 
lUfritt^ MHT, mtighkmirmg^ emaigmmit ; 
it amt^ i^i^nK^ aMn w ^A^* iHi#Ky 
vAikIs t^ Myiffr A. 757. hkiurm 
vJUiris 759. ««yt^rff r9#lc vXir- 

wk^gU vrnprngrdnt T. 883. «< wtf- 
mn wAiKrk IXtwrtt 892. — W M 
vA^riM 7^ C. 58. 48ff wX^eUi 
w4f9t0uf M f^ t T«S8< vcTf T« KtA yv^ 
Aj. 1147. Used adferbully; rwS 
wk^rim w y^r r t f £. 915. rnffi 
wM'W ««r^ T. 1085. vA4#iNr 
IU4r#«i. U itrikt, f« imiriiils T^t 

Xi^^TliBri P. 267. wwUwnit Tf mil 
vAiTY^^t A. 172. Jp«yi«ir — ^mgy^ 

y i yy T. 9i27. ft»M v^Ai^Xiuu E. 
1407. In #f' Mm Tf8« vAvyinu 
XfcW C 611. •ir^ f0u4n0 wkit 
7«2ro i4#MsA. 813. 

▼M* lyw r^M vAiK«r Aj. 1 158. 
IUm» 1. tkimrt tf mitimgj ntviga- 

0iMfif^m P. 304. 4in|r(c' Kr Mf 
irAMT l^ur ffbn 463. vA«Sr^#yy^ 
itr €K9ww 465. tW vA«Sr vMcSrfoi 
548. M MiA5t vXwf Itfrf 637. 
IpwntM wXwf •foi^ff r< ff«Arr«x4f 
r69. wfcMt fL UtMM — r^ rXtfir 
«TfA<ir 899. 2. 0fp«f\mnHn f^r 
fiUng s MUfif sal vAaSt 51^ mry«i 
ydb Kmrk vp^punfif 1 437* 3. a r«faf f ; 
(ff 4 vAaat »* 4r x^ £• ^1- 
M«WXaM, f It tMc vAafir igr^ikm- 
fMr Aj. 1024. 

nA«4iriart 1. rkk^tpuUut; arwx^t 
Arrl vAaariw B. 455. #olMvAaiia(a 
T^fr mMm E. 353. 2. i7<n*. 
trimi ; v«4ii|r I* lirf wkmiwi^ X"^ 
ftufyimtR. 1070. 

lUavTMi, fa b4 rkk ; wKf^ti — tutr 
•bar. f/iMui, /Jym A. 1 153. 

IUavrl|M, t0 mtthi rkh^ !»«•# ^ ^ 
aaricM; 5*' al (Aa^^ial^ ^-'AaIvs 
arffvyyiMff cai y^Mt vAaar(^«r«i B. 30. 

nXa^rat, wta/lA* ri^ti; /tmtpw vAa^ 
Tiv A^Im Aj. 130. A vAaart aal 
riyai>i4 B. ^0. vkU r m rm « y 4rra i 
EL 638. 9 k U r m wm t f^ tu Kf^v 
imfi m U w\f E. 948. (ifff ^lai aaf^ 
aiyif r x*^ "t*^ wAa^fy r«fir Mpmf 
lOM. wmrfhi 4nf np4i| ai»i> m 

^ vAalry AL 488. ^ ^' ittA 

yhmr Ir Arri aal vmrfb ; Wf vAal- 

Tat Aj. 615. 
IlAa4r«r, Uia god Plmi^i a l ttra r rt f 

IfvMv ftW lUa^itg d r' VlT^ *V** 

Mtf mmirx<l«<^ AJ. 1185. 
lU^^tt iiav»);«5(« ; Aarfa'fTai /M«^ 

T* If^ Wumaf , aM vA^avior O, 

Ilanf^yia, 1. a IratlA, a 


Ta4« vp^w P. 635. aAa Irri X]h 
araTt av«vyA* ^Mma^ror 639. 4tvr4- 
Ma 8«4 VM^yiaraf 1082. tA viAAA 
WM^yMf" la;^ ^ AAAiM K. 554. aa/ 
Ma al i^vat 8fa«i aUT V^^t •M 
«MifU(rifa alMr kKm^u T. 145. rttit 
M aalfMf wwt^iitmm fiitmmt Aj. 555. 
IfiMir liVMi wfiiyidttir AJ. 659* 2* 
VBed figuimtivd/ : vmi^m ralf^ al 
war^ a4& ip Mfi^iM fiXmi /Mi$i|ata9 
alrt vplf vIAat WXfi C. 618. 
Tbrn^/tmif^ lk§ in»g9 i it M ww rfy iiw i f 
rr^^Mir iM^natr T. 564. At — 
aviyaTi^ alraa wpw/Uvmir I»l 4 f w t 
T. 775. ^« /Ur iwxkrmM fUfifmn 
€4pKta wm4ii/oii$ r« 1043. 
IIWm, I« IrMCAtfi U w9f w nUrm f 
XV^ larptia A. 1132. wi^ r£a 
a w ^ r ni a fii|lfylf Ibm& laaT. 1150* 
4^ /Uivf vy4o«a«r £. 610. 
nwl, 1. a IrffM; l»Mr !«' A^4^ 
rpnr 9t alAioa v//ivfi vi«4 P* 19* 
IwaavlMf «- 9ff99m9i» wpoaa A* 
585. 2. IA« ipiad ; % vMa^rir « 
/Mnamifc? a^ni ap^faa aia £. 427« 
3. lAtf IrMCA af aalMfl/i | IwaMl 
VMa/ E. 709. iffitm infidixn wi«ir 
AtwKp vi^if fifimf grmkdpfiitgm A* 
Iblaytfr, aa afftailaat an yWi; aif 

go l a y ^ f Jav^ipr Wrci A. 1181. 
Iltlaaas, ef wftaf raaalry? aalaalr; 

■c li>V> Mil^'lii' ^aaiaC. 1 162. 
IblAnif^ fwiyi «/ /Ml ; Ifiia valikMt 

^a4^ a. 1091. 
llaltiJ^, inittdt (^g^fi^i ' f^hf* 
mitirlr ^^ «44>' P* I4ll» *^ 
If ii4r ^/iW, are (o be taken together : 
i^Mtfr velfu^ tmu4wQtm wiMea afa r 
K. 1093. 
lUltr, itfAaacr, 
Ilal/a, /raM iorm pla<a« 
Ilel^i fa JMr§; rl >lp i«^o8a volti 
^ t iy rt wyaaTiftita Aii3««^ P. 671. 
we8p«aTi v^fMnfff C 1501. I y 
'AiSff rair W| iaa f falrsat volt? A. 
515. «i//Utf»arT«/4'«^lMrAj.94l. 
T^ y^ wmKm^ ^Afrjft^ ilv4#tit, t4B« 
£.4. I«l ^a >la «alt«, volfir r •£« 
klmtfv%mi COfUmt) 166. waM 
ral €99 $nm¥9m ftk AeoAfiwlM 
fdfia 1159. tI >l^ valifir fearrat 
iMfta$ulf$4kmf al«lr/Mli^T. 195» 
tke Mioliail, itltovad by EiftiH' 


coniider rh voMr to mean t^ iro^o^ I 
/MMT but Hermann, with whom 
EllenUt agreei, nyt rk wo«MMr« dott- 
derium eat in popult animia regnana, 
inde nopulua ipee deiiderio plenua, 
in which caae the paasage ma^ be ren- 
dered, tk» pmplt in iktir anmiy^ iaek 
wUUngU UmrnfuUii^ vMild Mt Ul him 
go : Dindoff however traniUtea it aa 
foliowa, nam qu» eat deiidorii Tia^unua- 
— quisque, iic^ to groot it tko onxieig 
ihot eoek witkingt Ste, ; pam., rhni- 
$99 fl in0o6fM$a T. 639. mid., va«a^ 
tup^ yitp ^ffi4 wwB^POfttu T« lOS. 

no9i, whtrt, 

TMtj tomtwkon* 

lUtfof, «fMir«, longings Uvi^ rognt; 
rb I wi$os afrrairs trrra P. 697. 
5rov 0'f XP*^ ''^ ft6$09 udkuff^ lx«< 
642. oihoi fiimt /m ^ iri$t Ti. 6l(L 
v^§pa 9600191 (4^^f ) ; C. 834, that 
II vMy. ^ vMv yif i x4pt9 1108. 
Is iJjaff^ Ibr, ci «^ Kifioit 1675. 
iti$os md aoafir (ip* fi' rif 1694. 
ik8a«^^iir fikt^d^mif miBw T. 107. 
•frf^ 4irrt$^ofiWfTtu r^ifs wf<Jb (uiw 
367, aa ra^f voB^ 431, and r^r 
^&r iitfa^i'tu 96009 113*2. r^r v^tfor 
T^ 6i i/MM, that ia i/Uv T. 628. oS 
rv •<— i^tiop Avfupot w6B^ 752. 
Tov tfov ar o^lf v^f £. 812. 
rdM^ v^, frjf regroi for ma R. 969. 
irdiJMff Tod'fiav waSov v^Mtrra r^r 
rvptunftZa; did they pUeo tho kingiy 
poiptr ho/oro regrotj'or aa? C. 420* 

nai^ whithor^ 

na(, tomtwhire^auitwhiri, 

noiatj Poems, the father of Fhiloetetea ; 
liaiarraf vUif P. 5. 6 rov Ila^arroff 
waif ^lAorH^t 263. IlaJevrat W«- 
ror 318. 459. i( vo? Holamf 329. 
rf no/a*Taff t^$i 1214. A Iloiai^or 
mu 1245. mu no^arraff 1396. IXa(- 
ovri mrpl 1416. 

IIm^, fa aiaiira, to do, io perform^ to effect. 

nohi«<f • groutff verdmni ; a^ikrti vauicm 
C. 156. 

IIoiic(\Ai», properly to variegote; metaph., 
to tpeok dertiUHH}/; In iyit voam 
olZ\v iwltnk tp A waicUAtif wd^au 
T. nil. 

Uoucikts, properly variegnled ; metaph., 
intidioui ; uiarh varrhM &y f6pm9 
k6yov tmtdoy laixit^mu^ voudkop C. 
766. T(«orf»oia(^af Ixcif T. 411. 

nanriA^oraXar, vorioutiii or /"//y a^ 
pointed ; 4x9^ §ao njlt wouukoirdkf 
lUra P. 848. 

riaucjAfMr, tinging onigmntienUy i ^ 
wuetk^Sht S^tI R. 130. 

Umnikme, doeeitfuUtf, ennningtifi ««^ 
nikmt a W wytA^ w P. 130. 

Ila^i^*^, 1. properly a thephord ; 

woif^ kfpofi&rttt P. 214. wotft^ 



yhp iaOa R. 1029. va^V JUAm 
1040. 2. metaph., a ruUr ; oi 
roi pimp Mnpauk votpdimp htrnpni' 
9opm AJ. 353. 
nal|un|, • flock rfthtcp, n herd of eattU ; 
ioapetrtp Aymp IjkpBe wolptmp AJ. 230. 

— va^iMiff — {wfia^/Aifir R. 1125. 
ri — - 9otppmf rip^ hrepMiwret fidmp; 
Aj. 42. 9p6s TO votppos ittrphtmSS, 
woippoM Tff vdaas c2r 8^,^ia«f Kopi(enu 
63. ip woiupms wirptep 184. 29X 
vphs p^Kn aai va^finu Wa'MV 1240. 

na^^(or, nme aa voipmu — 6rfpopt 
ff^ vdp^m nhrl womrtur m^ R, 
761. 4pf/acf va^iMaiff iwo^rdnvp 
1028. hirkaSrivotppUis 1135. Xatat 

— nortpmp^ffpipea — a^rpSr mtpdm 
6wurrdrut$ Aj. 27* 

IlaiHt vaaf iaNca ; "Kpropw, rtpot «ai> 
r^fl T^aaAXik vrff^yun^ 1^ dr AiAili 

Itoipipos, mvonging ; eXt $oht «— woUnpm 
vdBta w«9f7y vdjpai £. 203. watr^iaf 
Adni T. 805. fr , A raxfMU vab'^iai 
T^*Epii^tAJ. 830. 

Ilaibr, wAat, i;^ wftal tart ? 

n^af, a/MM ; olht tv/jpav vAc|» T. 672* 

Jloke/Jt0f to «rar wiM, fa contend «tf4; 
aol /ii^ xf*(f wokep&pw C. 191. 

IlaA^i^Mt, 1. a« enemp; Mpm wo- 
kdptop tx^pdp r§ P. 1286. vaA^ciar 
3va>Mr9 ^ ^yn6pi9Pot 1307. ra^ 
y ainhs ni^TW vokepiom A j. 1 1 1 1, f 
tfolTJ^Afat 9ok6piog vaotfani mr^; 

1112. 2. ^fiii; 

rfi TMfdBc Aj. 806. 3. wtrtUto) 

rop in 0of^ yeymru nktpUn addbr 

Aj. 992. 
n^cfiai, loor ; w6kepnt aWv M/ 

4a^ ai^i vanip^ P. 434. inml^ ij^ 

woX^fMPr A. 150. aa 3va9^yiy Tucraav* 

alffl ifvxf «a\//iavt E. 212. 
IlaXf^, fa turn the loil, to jdmigh g 

Fop tf^irar JUny'^Tar Awr^wtrai fw* 

vcly T^rti vaXfSar A. 34 1 • , 
IlaXlar, tke gunrdinn of a cifv ; *A|yb>« 

na\idf P. 134. 
IlaAi^f, konry; vaXmf tipuypm x*''*^w 

Aj. 621. vaXud ^ ^i«r//ift R. 183. 

voAiav wipnp w6pro» A. 334. — " * 

w6pTon 9iraf I^^VMMt P. 1 108. 

lUXit, a aily, a <faf«, a frrrifory. 

n^i^fia, 1. aaifjf; A9ir— ap^t 
T^ T^W v^ayia 1M4 1 0. — 2. 
a Haff; 4 y^ {^mi ^i aid wdfia^pm 
aal ^(Aavf ^««{im Siaataa x^pt^ ««- 
patfx««^ ve^i^ C. 1492. 

noXirnt, a cifiiaa; Aal^ff vaXmu R« 
513. C. 1575. « Tat awpUtt vaAiraM 
A. 800. tIpos aaXiTMr T«a8a R. 
1164. (^ vaXirfir 1526. >f vtta 
aal aaJraif a 1097. fiU woXerd^ 
fl^A.79. otro -- fiifwnkerim t4o^ 
OP ^Ipdpmpf w6pop %0B, 



lU^iMt • fimalt cithen ; i wXhiitf 

£. 1218. 
IkAAiffit* 0ftim,frtqm€mtl^, 
UtXktkxtf M mmnjf wmjft; mku yii^ 

mirrh9 wtAA^ ««AAcx9 #c^f C. 16122. 
IPgAwrffyttrrtt rirA m tkmrioti; rf w^ 

Atf^M^V — et/Sa A. 149. 
lWX«^ot» FMms, king of Corintb» ih« 

reputed mier of CEdipue. 

■MN5 mmmdt; wf^ riff rarp ^ ti m3 

99kiyA^wmt 9fif6t T. 1158. rb' 

f6^ Tf mU veAvyA^^ry /iej E. 

631. il t^pT Irawm Hit tnk^K^ 

cev Mf 788. 
neXrtw f f, I*t4ifd4ru%i r^ A«/B8«rf (y 

ireiM naAiAJjpev rt ««1 reS wp49$§ 

Kiifimt R. 267. 
ll<A^i|Xefi i. mueh'tMndi rhif 

««X^fA«r v^ijr T. 1 84. 2. /«// ^ 

IIeM6#irrtff, knviMg munit rirtimtf »•- 

Xv#vrevf wUxt»9 f«>^f T. 759. 
lleAAcfpMff, muHif'tutftifii i wkUi^ptnt 

Mli/tf AJ. 55. y 

IteA^rMMf, ciMirM4*ii l« ei// rW WiA^* 
ffeiMr'Aia«r AJ. 1172. 

IWAiMT^yiiN't <*/>«/«Nt; 4 WAfM «e- 
AMTTii^MMf M^f A. 835. 

tUK^ttW9$f kmvhg muHjt ««rf/ veA^ 
«Mrer l^x^V* ^' "I** ^^*^» 

IUAmi4x«<v'i •rr/M/, wi/e; vlAwif* 

lleA^X^fl, A«vJ«f f«l/#d mnM,* J 
v«A^X^ ^^^« C. 162. Wf vAiy- 
X#« «^^X6»« ^(« 1-M8. 

n«Avr<(irifrt i'atifitifei i wd^^n 9typ0 
n«Aiiri(in|ff tS« C. 1255. fleAwM/inft 
ii^lt — Imtpiwra A. 110. HaA^ 
MiffuC. 1809. 1416. A. im. n^ 
AwM/irevf Witm^ A* 26. M|A«if ffiw»- 
#v4p<WTM^ #M|^ noAvMkeiif 1174. 

C. 376. rh0 V tA (^MHMMT re^, 

n^Aiiridtfr A/vw A. 108. 
lleA^irref, mittk jMli$keil ; 4¥ v4A«i#i 

«»Aii(^#Teif C. 1666. 
ncA^A0y«T»ff, mmtl^wtrndfringt rfWu- 

«j'rtf; k yk^ $k W9kt&Ate}fMr9t dkwlt 

iUkimmmt, fttti tf iW/, fuumg muck 

P. 766. Wf i veA^Mxof iyti; a 
205. wk¥w4im¥ 'Ax«^ Aj. 624. 
T* fiJrm veA^raMT T. 118. A n^ 
Aemt 4 wf4Hw vnA^rvpf f Knrtk 
IfaAivevrt wuuijf'fiMed $ 4(<i m1 ve- 
A^wwff mI viAixi'^ 4 — 'I^ii^ 
R. 479. 


A^#vrer yji^ d!^' dvf|e^e6ri rdr 

KTwhnm •L vdAai inx^cff E. 1410. 
IleA^, MifrA, Meiijf, Mil. 
n«Ai«Td^iiAof, mbinHdimg im gr^pti; 

iucrii voAwrifvAof A. 1120. 
lUAvrrc^r. enwmd ; e^ 7^ &y ir^ 

voAwn^ff 26^ fljpve vmynffwrnt M> 

^ini t R. 83. 
IleA^rreyef , 1 . e€Hilwgmtimjf grttnM ; 

r^ woKtirrwMf Tfolmif P. 1 330. 2. 

ImmtntUg mueh ; ft^ ri fut wiA^rre- 

MriTM^E. 1267. 
lieA^X'^^''* ^i^i^^ 'm twriettf frrew^M ; 

limf iccAf^tfvr #r «tAwrx^rn»r /uf 

C. 1588. 
n«A^A«f« mMck-^nduring I veA^Aat 

M^ Aj. 935. 

A^V^Oiipor mir^ff Oix«A/« T. 477. 
vwA^^^ffer r« Imiim n«AeviBAir t^ 
K. 10. 
II#a4x«4^ itumif'hundHt; 4(«i k«1 «e- 
A^evff mU veA^x*'^ '^ ** 'C^tft 
K. 4H0, 

ileA^X/^i^'off *''<'^ '<* /f^''« ^^' veAtf- 
Xpmv nvMiwr U« 151. Miwiiivf rAt 
wokvxp^9¥t K 9« 

n«Ai^MiyMf, hMvhg manif numtt j «•• 
Atf^MiyMi Kfli^^Miff r^yl^f l(7«AfuiA. 

nt^vflSbt, I A/* eondHeUrf mi Aj[)|)clltttioti 

kIvcii to Mcrviir/i vo^vwmi' '£^4*^ 

XO^Kiev Aj. 819, 
ne^vfl^M, III ctttiduets c!W«^ 'E/i^v 

riii^ vi^vt^ rixmiif fi4fiaM¥ T* 617. 
n^ifVMf. 1. mHiatiiMgi 90fiw{fm9 

K^mt i^tnrtNf T. M 

2. ill 

PeAij^oi M , «lrwi#/jr MirW ; vwAnj^ 

feo vJ^nHret A J. 572. 
tU9Jfti0fwt, J^riitg ^kumd^miljfi *»* 

imp9¥ *H/MurA«« rh wifAWtftif 869. 
no/mr^f, a roMduelar^ i$udn^ eimfmMlm ; 
wofiwht A9 T. 614. — fir«M^ tV 
SivAoCff vcvAve^f 11.280. ji/ Hi^ Tir 
wJn^ ftintU li if^ m^Am j C. 70. 
Tiff in 0*&p wttfarif ltf57* ^/Mff 5' 
4yit vo^viiMf IV ^ff wdirrtMf S/yo /«TiiA' 
l«/r«M A. 184. — «/f #i >i^ ve^v4y 
f« utMrhf AyytAer 1|<nf 1*. 498. — 

mv^vAr C. 727. *C^iiff 4 vt^v^y C. 
1545. 4M Ktndftx^^ Wf ff ^«rf « wuftmhf 
U u§ xtt^**^ M'* 9p99rdi90m wm C. 
Iler/M| 1. fe tahur^ (e undfrg§ /«• 
A«iiir, Im/, or |w/ii ; veiwi^o t^ ilA* 
yfr^, mX A^>ev#* eMiff viUiv C. 365. 

M ^l VeMI Tiff, l«l V^MW /ir4^«|ar 

fx«<i^ 610. W (Irairer) M^(«T«r 
TeSr M/4ff els vender 1414. ) ml 
vjp^ iMfpA# vevA; AJ. 38. 6ire«f 
weHlMtf irol iM{<Ai^ w2ra«ff kMdvttnv 

IptvV ^X*^ P* 1^<^* A veMi Ux* 
in|lff/i4»wr I*. 105. veMk^ vA««|pay 
VHt^ yAi»x<m T. 667. Avif TuPiiyrl 
fori nr Air^ wwnf T* 70. 2. t* 



undtrtahi Ukeur, l« toil Ml ; 4 v^>^ 
6t»itSa «fif Mlp «*T# '•w« Aj. 1345. 
r^ ydp fu ^oAXov c2ir^ff. ^ '/Mvrf 
vwmik; 1346. fcor xrt ralf 4^«t 
Mpdtrt^ iravfir fipon6% 1359. t^^ 
M^ voiwr 1394. v^f r^ Ktd^ 
voMiW P. 531. •< I* mMfimum wot 
noi^vAMir; C.336. ott^rck^ 
j|y mMW r«(8« 343. oM^ 3<7 mrtir 
1026. X^i yi^ tMs M4p^ Axx' 
4XX«»f vorfli, /«r A« f/milcf ^nitiPti^ no- 
tkingt ^f Ai JUrtfiiti him9§l/ U nn 
purjum R. 1151. 3. pMi«» l« ^ 
dUtrtuid^ or «Jhaiu(«i; ictt^ v«- 

§ih«utttd fry uneoatlug fmint T. 08 1« 
lUi^p^f • «* JrW ; vAtfJMi M4i^ Mf 

Ult¥ ofpf? vonip^ P. 435. 
n^f, wofk^ lahourt I«i7, minru, 
noKr/(«, f • iNfrw«r^«» In UHk U ih§ tea j 

4 verrMT^lf MvprUof U. 40 A. 
n^iof. p^rluitting la ifrt aMi iiiflWiif; 
wuifrUvt ofrAMMir T* 100. v^m^ 
kA^mi 0. ICilin. — roi^/a tfi^AAa 
0. l<iA5« Ttfrrlwf » 3iiwt«doif — 
— Bffjffffftu^ip — vnNuf At 5n3t iff 
Tf|f vorr(af X^^f 1*. *J(iO. rhif wiif- 
rto¥ ytudaxif 'Ptftt ^ikuf Mt C. 

vJji^ Stf^ri 1*. 7 IS. 9o¥ram6p^ 
Aj. UM5. 
n^iTttti lfr« iM ; voAwf w^irroy Ou^t 
P. 1100. icr^r Ibtfiyr %irrw wpo- 

"Afnit mJ^c v^rror hrrinvpfftp C« l(i77. 
vtfAioi! vZ/tw vJi^ov A. U35. v^rrov 
r* tlimklaM A6tn¥ 345. t^^Y v^rrw 
T. 114. viMf A^^AiMToi^ iff v6irrov 
w4rpaif 77'. voAX^ /Ur iv v^i^ry 
ffarit Ti 8fiu( wdirra k(M^¥ lOOII. 

l(|Mfta 9¥9t^r»lf iffoi/MO'ty 9ri¥9¥Ta 

wiirrop Ai. Of>0. ^AMfK •— vJrruv 
v/H</3Ai|^' AA/ffAiMfroir 1 107. 

llilvoi, ttii oxvIuiniUiaii of iMirniw. 

Ro/)«?K| 1. Iii^/|if, Id ajjord, tit J'ur- 
'tithi 0vwff kiffuf rif ifAUf CM174 
ir^/)||ff H. O'il. 4m<>> '7X<>' ^{«4Tm> 
iro/MiV 1255. irJi»iNf — Sc^^x***' ~ 
r^ir f tfny/ioi' Tf AcMMToi A^X'><' ^* l^l'^'^* 

iit 4 fit3< voo^ tfAoiTo E. 125. oTr 
$tht 6 fUyat 'OA^/iViof vo/ri/oi vi(0<a 
va0<7y v^t 203. 2. In frrln^; 
iTMf &i^ ff Tit trromt T^y *v(inr^ ipurrw 
9tvpQ ei}ir/« vJpoi C. 1450. 3. 
piiM., luwd in tho part norf. only, 
dttiiH§d,Jul§d : rV mp^tilimi^ t^p C. 
422. wwpttiUpiit avfA^topoi A. 1 31 0. 

TlQfwr4»tt lAcil tuHtt b$ g0u§; ^ 3* 
mt vMflur/a P. 901. #yJ^ '^•V 
iuM^ MM «ipf irriM' AJ. 675. 

Itopt^ 1. 10 frrjfff, I0 Mfitwy, lo 
IfMMfirly t« WNtf; /«^ <^4X«v~ 



rf4»t woptv^tufi* fty it S^vt P. 512. 
IU«KT« x<^f ▼Vi /«m wopmadrm 
C. 1474. iriffToAdkt vorpl tax** *'^ 
pfwroy «ir xp^vy 1508. U — tcta- 
/«^ EAfTor fiptrtAt fueSov *w4ptm y«p- 
O'Jr T. 557. rov «vpf^9«rr0t (Irou 
E. 791. 2. piin., 10 g0^ to frt fM- 
pr/lf</ to go; fiws dirfr ayiiffpot 1^ 
fUoTiyot 4p0bt ff/t 43^ vopcwnu, u 
eompfiiod to go Aj. 1233. vpfrt ^tcv 

VOpff^fMU C. 849. — WOpt^OftM Ibh 

6«5fR.787. ««pf^M«cu«^(AiyC. 80. 
vopf^yrai y^ dl3c 3^ riMt x^^ 
raAoiot 111. ol wopt^oftm wfl^t 
robt iftmfriig A. 883. wopowMm «t4- 
Tat T. 3211. a^r^Aiyroff iff 8^ 
va^^ffTai301« — ira^^«/uu U. 676. *"* 
W 04Kmt^a fi^ wopt^rrm C, 831. 
riffor xt^vvv* A8«A^ ^riCry v«^4- 
#0^404 A. 81. ti 3i rit Mpowrm x'P' 
trhf ^ Ai^yy npt^roi, frtil (/* tfiiy 0H0 
woih pntumptuimih In dwd ar mril 
U. H84. ^ 

na^/w, Itf /it.v iMtl# ; tA Tpotn wtltm 
90(tOnam P. 008. ihif wopB&^t X&f 
r^¥ ii»4i¥ 1301. 3rM^ voyrlKbt Taiiur 
1 427. rovro ffol w^tit v»plfl7 A. 207. 
mof6St¥ 71 T^i^ i^¥ 514. 

nop6)M^, I0 lr«iN»;Hfrlj AaAiC iC Ik 
7« r{ftf3t v9t «4^^i^^ ^' ▼^X*^* 
T. 700. 

no^/Utf 1. ff /MiiM/ptiMrr^lM^nrtr ; 
roirid^ 4i^tf 41 tAk ifi6y wofi$f»A¥ T. 
5(in. 2. ff ilmil ly' lAtf im ; «^ 
^^itniOi — Xlap¥nir(a¥ Mp ffAirW | 
aT0¥6t¥ra 90f9fU¥ A . 1131. 

nop/^w, III hriMg { tf M 9f l^t ht4ptmt¥ 

ni^of, 1. ffymiifrftf, or Urail ^' l5« 
if<t; /lit V^HII Mffa$in AJ. 407. 
2. « rivor; (Wff* i|'' Way viSp^ 
T. 5(»] . 3. <t iMV ; f7/nr« — 3tfty 
•IiUmC Awdpxou vipo¥, Mt* i(ay«fi| 
3aff/0v/«ot Ato, wAtN kii kturt'ttwliug 
lorturo hhould if lax, fra traulcl rriiii«< 
altiNjf l/i# way, whoneo mgy rttiff 
uiif;ht ho obtotHtd P. 608, but tho 
old rL'tiUing Vfiut t/nrti — Mty oi^idftt* 
Cwdpxot ir6ou¥ ff. T. A., 5« enwU uiong 
(ill 11 placo) vfhoHM JacUiljf of tuppiiek 
mail bo otttaiatd, 

nipwu^ tho haudU, or kroco of a ohield ; 

/Soioif AffiiKTO¥ aoKos AJ. 573. 

n6ffu$^¥, from a dManco; 0tuf§A &y 
vdfftaO§¥tiotfi.ii¥T, 000. 

nafHfVMt, to prepare^ to JkrnUk ; tK^m 
fitw T^o^Mi map9<>»oW i/A C. S4tS. 
v^Kcy/M vopa^KM'ftiya, aNNaiiiiciMje' an 
impt^laul matter E. 660. — i^ 34 
T^UAa in(mi voymiMa AJ. 1377. iy^ 
ydp oip' 4 wi^^^MU raSt R. 1476. 
poot*, Ihroi — x^ #T4Xaf VMnfrcTM 
P. 770. 


C» 17S. I{« 94p9m fijptn x'y* ' 

furtW £. 306. 
idfriti • ktifir; §€T9 w^jpnt ^|p4^ 

IWtiMMr, the god KfPimmt ; IIt#i»> 
Mmm niiiArr«|^ 7«fst T. 501, 

C.5S. ilM^T^ItoMiMKVflKJO. 

i li rt i l A>ii if , KfpUmUm; tUmMmUtt 

lUrift « Kfteatf; nAt iral Wra R* 
4A9. Od/vm 4 whf Writ 639. W- 
#fi v^ #f 934. cl w4rit ^ g w i iw fcr 
4f^tir0 A* 897* virif #1^9— lAAtt 
4r 900. «i^ wii l gy^ i J#*4^ wtfrti 
1181. Tir «i\4(«AMr Wror 4(<irT. 
184* vdm Tff #»f lfff«r« 384. f»^ 
vi4riff |iiir 'Itadkfr ^/iW mM^tw* 

Il4 » i it &#•» iiiiir&, id time Ww iiNf ; 

«4r«r vU HhH^ * A^t xH^ — 
i^«»T»il#if ; R.658. 
Itorafwi, uMA/McfW, uMitMMly; «]pW 

Ibr^^f , • river ; ^ fiMffmm «»r*> 
^ BA|»«rT.556. mp^ril rw wrw 
|tf( 1^ «0f AJ. 849. B«wgf(iir virra- 

iifir869« ^iii|rrV7V4^^'*'**'^iM'^f 
*AxiA<VMr A^ T. 9. i^ji'ViirB- 
mtmHirm — *Ax<A^ 606. 

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Ai. 1 164. 
Ovr^ 1. of timo poitv Met, fir- 
■Mr/jf; 3.oftlielatiii«yaNiM|m«0r 

lUr^tf^ 1. wkkk of twof 3. 

wed in tbo pluial advefbiAllyy «4rff- 

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ItoriiMwt (0 UmA ; Imt y lir oMt 

^■■r4o4i>xy»S^T. 1304. 

#• tiy^wir TdT, tfM r« 84X0f Irx* 
4«^X<V^» ^/MffP. 1103. 4(»H|9iff 
v^/Mf T. 88. Wf V* fM v^/Mf 
•liif tf Vl^ff ^ fff^Mi a 1714. 
3. emtmmity, • mUmIimi I«I ; r^ 
Wriiy r^ HSr ^^Sr^au R. 371. 
T»v MMc«6 Wr^MV fifr«if6tlff C. 1830. 
«w w wfi mw nwt iyitr/ipM «4r/i#if A. 
868. rtr r 4iW «4r/Mv — oMtlf 
fUnr 0rvfi(H 873. rlt ^ «4r/Mr 
In «^v*^Mi; 1383. v^^t iwrKi- 
liirrM 1336. ^ |icv gyi^ti, rkr 
#lr It^fiiv wi^im^ 88. 

tUrpiMf rtiffwrfy wmrahisi vi4m« — 
^firv P* 394. A w^moi Iciinfint O. 
84. •( «4fWMi #^^ Tilymfir ro i WX9 
/^•riS^ii' 1088. fr4rW'A^ 

flMi^ Mnik* « WriNlrt o tmrnUkm; 
4t^ Hm ti m1 Wfir Ai^ar P. ''^^ 

Bmx^ ^ V^X«« T. 700. ^xl» 
Ami «ovir ttfimimmtf P. 31. A «fiMU 
AAuAr Tt w*r4ir 1447. fldlipa^t •( 
ai|MrV iiMikKximf «oWSr— ^wrp^x^ 
C. 157. Iff M lomcffv YtPf id8«f Mv* 
mI h/^ f ^w hw f n^fmnim wofoO T. 14« 

Ibwi mmmm$r$* 
iWf, iktfiti, mfmi, 

lyftMM, 1. • ifMrf, «« orf ; 9pSyfi* 

didtf v]pir#iMr ^1^ R. 813. vdt V 

ttfrnrm A. 339. ry {vrffi8«MU rhwpay/m 
fiitikti^aifn 367. i^Uif T^ ^fSrfiim 
0h9 rdxf I ni^ AJ. 840. — r^ fvli- 
Id^Mi -— AWnu xfiK^f Vjp^fffllrxM 
wodyfuif frrovfai 0p9rA9 A. 309. 

ffcroi E. 611. 3. « OMll#r, flu 

W9pf6hi¥ fJym E. 660. W 8* fUr 
v«v8ff w^yimr99 «/jpi ; Aj. 734. ^pdU 
Mr |M« «ip«)^9 6ry ff* MfiMtrwf P. 
•143. TiMt r 'Arfc3« tmT i>«r 
♦Orw — i ttMr p4 f9i ff wfdyftmrt x^' 
ptMi 594. Ix<^« ^ *P«7I^ 778. W 
74^ 4y r^ «mM« A^t 6<iAar«ir R. 356. 
trtv «9r^ fNinv Tvrfi^ wpdyfUKTOf 
€Ttm fxc<«699, wpdyyioTM wCw; 
C. 117*2. T^ vpSyfA tytiw 9^x ^' 
W9(t' fMir A. 84. uhr^fpAyimvtu 
Kmk^ vi V0A)fyi« 343. rmoit^it ^9 r^ 
«]pi)yio 403. 8. • <l«lf » or mn^i* 
IJM ; Ir tf v^«ypair»ff ampt? wvr«, 
in vAtfl «Mufif t0N M «NiM 60 Aj. 807. 
«*v vir' «Vtl vfdrffUKTt ; U ipAmiI eir* 
•MutoMt Ml I placW f T. 374. 

I^pfiyof,' 1. mn met,m indi wwKrkt 
— >vp&yof ifH0wmr fx<* ^^p^^ Aj. 
31. wfwfikhnw t t^wrl wm A 
rofilf «]p^ 843. 3. • SMlltr; 
vpfiyvr 8* iWfctr oMr Mpttmf 
Xpf«r, it li /«'«£ (ik«t « «•!• dUidl 
tf«</rftf mo M«fl«r C. 1185. 

n^arr/vf, f A«l mimI 5« tfm« ; 4^gMi6c4ir 
rlvporrWrR. 1439. 

nipdirrAifi r50 iMr, or Muthor of any- 
ihinffi Zf^ ir^ VfditTmp fmig 
T. 350. k 8* i^v«Mf IC4vpiff — 
reM* fdmi vpdKTtf 059. 3. •!• 
§wi0gtr I film fr«r oMr wpittrwa* 

IV«C<ii 1 • <5# efieUng of mi ything | 

•X^^'^**^ v^ 7* 'f^tf^f *0i< 
wUurMs M figofrfi flC /#Ml t5« cmi> 

IMiliM T. 876. 3. m ««iIm ; Off** 
r^ 7^ Tii^ |y vpito' ^•'^ A/|w, 
4Mfsr l|ofirT«Ou|ir ^ 0.566. — 
1/ ^V «l TMo/lff ir]p4(ffiff r^iMu R. 895. 
VMf 71 fAf wydtffit — 8i>ril^ wii- 
^i^iti C. 963. rdr rt w#Mta» rdt 
Tf 1^ ^X^yxiVMy vj^w A. 481. 


8. mnything that ht happ§it§d, a ttaU^ 
or OMditiom: Vffi tlpmp Afayrer 
4^ wp&^v Aj. 777. •£« «]<fe iV 
0V «y»fi|tt^ 770. r^y o^rov tfucovfir 
v/w(irT. 151. avI^tf^rvx^KX^oMrtt 
v/M^ir r4»^ff 298. Ml lauAa wpd^M 
ifitiu^mnk rf wtuBoicr^ A. 1290. 

l^w^M, impoif.« Urfuffffw R. UOS. 
C. 278. 985. — Alt., wpUm T. 1205. 
vyN(t«jf P. 840. O. 651. 960. wpil^i 
AJ. 1300. «M((ffiirT. 1101. —nor., 
fi^a P. 1253. R. 09. twpaiat 
P. 1211. Ir/Mi{c and Upt^w C. 
1701, 1702. rv/Ni{ay Aj. 441. wpi- 
imfu R. 8G2. 1000. v/Ml^cMf E. 791. 
vprftcMr C. 8f)2. v^oi^r A. 272. 
wpulop P. 1385. v/»<i<rM O. 408. 
— ojj)iiM.prao8., wfwcoiUpmv T. 1257. 
— impcrf., iwpirarro R. 125. — perf., 
ftnrptefiUpw 11. 1140. wtw^teyfUtm 
R.621. T.661. vflmyAt^iviff E.539. 
— fut, vtrpdtjcrai C. 805. — oor., 
^ayMCxtfir T. 676. ftf^xBiwrot R. 220. 
vpax^f^Oi nom. C. 1577, lice. C. 
1117. v/MxO/in-t»y R. 1287. —mid. 
aor., lm^4^^F R. 287. 

Significauon: to db, lo ptrform^ to 
#^M(, lo attend fa, I0 00jie«rii i>ii#- 
ulf about ! to bo ftrotfoma^ to bo in 
any condition good or ill. 

Ti^Kris, told; wpar^ rir i^hniu^w 

IVadM#, fo tootko; Motfut r^S* IXiroff, 
AffTc wpoAiftaf wdify P. 646. 

1^^, 1. to appoar, to atom to bi^ 
wpiwu ybp As r^pwwot §lffopw E. 654. 
3. to bicomOj to b§ fitting ; 6 vat ifnot^ 
6 wag 8y wpiroi wapiu^ hnr4w§af rdZ§ » 
XP^pos E. 1245. oU^ vSy iunarr^tu 
wphtoi wphs ^t E. 629. vii$ vo rvv- 
X^ciy «p/rffi T. 725. I^^rt ^^ eepu^ 
wpiw^af 1116. oAjc JKrciy irpmi P. 
111. Oigpor 06 wp4im rbfi'ix'''^ ^ O^* 
8. th« participle i« either joined with 
iffxt or used as an odjectiTe ; frpct- 
fttf fpyo¥ wounf &p otf tfot wpdwotf; 
P. 1211. Tov/ ^<rrly ffSif ir&votetf- 
^itf'm vpiwop 0. 1582. wp4wo¥ y§ rhif 
it¥ 8a//«oMff Tov/iov r^c AJ. 530. ht 
ificufi^ vpiwon^ abrf icaicd T. 883. 
wpiwmp l^f vf^ Ttfi^f ^wi^«Zk R. 9. 

I^r^ditf, I. tnuM., 10 Aoiinur, l« 
rtvortnooi pAi rb ikj^tpbt it^opun wptV' 
fit^pt wK4o¥ T. 1055. 2. intmiit., 
to bo a wnior, or Iho otdoU ; rb wpoff* 
fiidoi^ ifib 00T« yokmt$cu reO Ko^iy^ 
p^Toy ftdpa 0. 1424. 8. to lii hold 
m honour: *OkCpan» TeOI* 5 vpctf^ 
j9«^ vorv AJ. 1868. 4. to mmI ; 
fifi' tymyo wptfffioAwvokb A. 716. 

np«^/iirf , 1 . pot., 0M; Mibet, an old man ; 
♦oSWt r 4 v/»tf«r^M P. 558. wwr4pa 

34trBi,pQB\. it^Uoyp:$tt4rnii0 
rdi 9 h wpifffiit — t^ a i WT n » R. 



805. b wpioPvc-^tdpa &vXotc 
aiprpotel ftov acaOimro 807. 5 wpio^ 
fitfC n^Xi^ 041. wXavarac rtf b 
wpkvfivQ C. 124. ri^ iroO" 5 irplow 
/3vc; 141. A vpi0/3v C. 1211. A. 
1020. ir^<r/3vR. 1018. 1121. 1147. 
C. 1148. 2. compar., greator; ti 
a re wpiirQbrtpw tri aracov coc^y, 
rodf^ iKax OlitwovQ^ if thtro bo my 
tvU greater than anothor^ thii both 
(Ediput/or hU tharo R. 1864. 

np^Ow, too wifirpiipu, 

Ilp/a/ioc, Priam; lipUtptov fU¥ Mq 
P. 601. 

ITp/affOai, to purehaao; rdXX' M 
KOKW 9KIUC oba Av rAialuify Mi^ 
rpbc riv idov^v A. 1156. ova iw 
wpuaipuiv oMiB^c ^yov fiporSv^ 
8tfric KivaXoiy ikwt^tp BtpuaiviTm 
Aj. 472. '^^ 

Ilplv, ^/iir«, ptooioualu^ formorly, 

UpUa^ to bind font; (ttarijH wptMic 
iwruAv II dvrbyk^v AJ. 1000. 

Hplwv, a iaw: wplovoQ in^^prnpa"^ 
— iv rofiy(6Xov T. 696. 

np^, prep., bofaro, in time or pUee ; 
alto expreMing proforonoo, in pro^ 
ftroneo to, 

IXpod^rioy, a utburb; Ik wpoagrioa 
X^fii E. 1425. 

IIpopa/vM, to go fonoard^ to proeeodt 
to advaneo; irpopM* iw' Uxarov 
BpdffovQ A. 846. 5 ftkv XP^^^ ^4 
iid vp5vov vpotfjSaivl uoi P. 285. 
wpofiaff &i§—irpoPa9^ M fiet a 
845 — 847. irom Ivufurpot vpoft* 
/S^v rixV A. 888. 

npo/SaXXw, 1. to oxpoio; in which 
sense it is found in the middle voice 1 
iv y (Aary) fit irpobfidXav dfAov^ 
ipj/iov, 011 which thou didit expose 
mofriondteup doitrtod P. 1005. ; and 
in the active, foic' i/tavr5y s^c 
dpdc ^iivdc wpojSdXXwy dprtwc o&c 
c/aivcu R. 745. rdr" dXXec, dXXeO* 
d'rcpoc Kdpa irpo/3dXXMy IwwucAv 
6xtinAr$ity^ how ons, eN<i iJbea iko 
olkort pushing forward tho hoadi ef 
their chariot hortoi E. 780. 9. to 
Mil away ; iwil uoi r^y BifUif c^ 
wpol^pakiCi »inco thou towarde ma kau 
Cttit away all law T. 807. 

ItpofliftAl^w^ to load onward ; wpafil* 
/3a(f, ffo^pa, wp6ffw 0. 176. 

UpSpXfifui^ 1. a prMoclion ; ttXatv 
iwiffTi irovrov irp6jSXf/ia AJ. 1198. 
2. metaph., a pritorc; ^q^iv^^^v 
wa6pK^pM |^^S' qUovq tx^^ AJ* 
1055. 8. a Musfn, or dofamca ; 

Xafiuv wp6fi}jifia eavn^ weMu 
r6vb' Ayv&r ifiol P. 006. 

npo/SX^Ci * projection^ or prwneni^ry g 
& XtfdviCf A wpofiktirtc P. 024. 

Ilp^/IXqroCf Mil ««Mjf; ni'^^i f ^db 




Aj, 817. 
BfiopoAm^ U cry almtdf irpo/So^ n 

IIpop«X4f a bmiw&rki irpJy /ciy — 

Oot^Moc Aloe Aj. 1191. 
n^«7fviic» mncutrmi; $ioi WftoytptX^ 
A. 929. 

6 2w, Wfwywm¥ Wf^owdrmp Ai. 
380. mcUph., w^mm rp^voyoi iro- 
•r«s^« Ctfiii, prgmtt 0f tBiU AJ. 1170. 
n^fi^M, l« tfrvad leforthmud; oCri 

IlfitiiUvvfu,. 1. f« fMCiily or /<§/ 

«i^ — J^iroiM^Mrcu E. 456. 2. 
!• iJbM9 JlTif y or beforthmnd ; wpodti- 
Coc oUy a^i r^ ^ovflv B. 824. 

n^ifXoCi mmmifiU: Xiiv^m ydp Af> 

7Mi^«y iic vpocqXov E. 1422. 
Dpo^vXMCt mcnifiiUif, openly ; coXtfy 
|M« roi^ vripireyovfiivy 9avitv 
wpoiiXmc naXXo¥ 4 rqc ^VS if^^p 
ywoixSc Aj. 1290. 

npoiMrtrnf^ t9 tmik brftrchund^ or 
fUimiy: n Kox^ tfj) — 4fvxH ¥iv 
if irj| r^ 8yra vo^ flJUtfyO* 8/imc <d 
wpoiiiiaHUv iv cacoic flvai #Qf^ 
P. 1003. o^ ^vi-ar^v ro^ ivo^- 
rovc Tohrmfw ywStftat wpoiMctuv 
AJ. 183. mid., dy • 84p /u Klvrav- 
poc — vpoJi^^rvy wap^Ka 8<0yi6v 
oMiy T. 878. 

npoM^tpi, to titTMif, t0 mb^mdomi 
diwSkiika rX^finry, wpMiouai P. 
311. ^^ fu rappi^ac wpoSif^lAl. 
di^Hp — wpoiovQ p>' lotKt K^jtAtirwy 
r^ irXovy vrcXiTy 899. ivpoti^ 
ifUic wpoiovvat B. 331. 06 m mi) 
vpoffM C. 835. i wpoSiicin: 828. 
|i]| von vpoMofiy ri^^ isa^ 1830. 
o^ yikp 3^ wpoBov9 UkAaopai A. 48. 
ill) vpo3odc iffiac 7^*lf Aj. 586. r^y 
cciX/|^ wpMtfra col Kottavipl^ of 
393. iraripa cai fAovc wpoiovva 
006c EL 380. ii»c rax<7i ric fiforoJc 
X^p*€ 3ca|((&i7 cai wpoM^ aXlvKtrai 
Aj. 1248. ir' ^py^pt 7< ^4^ ^vx^y 
wpoMc A. 322. rikc yip 93omIc 
Srcy wpoiA9i¥ driptt 1151. 

npo3dhriic« • trmtar^ m bciftftr; 5cWS 
wpMrtte KaXiiO#ai P. 94. 

npoJoroc, kftrmy§d, obandtmtd: 'Ay«u 
uip»wa ttamf t% x*ipl wM^rw E. 
123. 8ai^rp«c a£i7c M^uaw x*^ 
poty, «S r^ ip5ir «Uotr ploy vpi- 
tftfor 201. vp^oroc 3A ji^mi oio- 
Xiitt 'HAIcrp« 1083. 

np69poiuf:.kMrrfimg,kmd}m^; fArm 
— f vyi^a wf6ipQU»p oCvripijf mrf- 


npo<«ir<7ir, (uproelffim ; r^ lt^p6y^n 

^wip irpottirac Ipuipitv 11. 351. 
npcMFvIirw, ICO rpoiyyiirw. 
llpoiCfficpai, BOO irpo6Cff i(/iaf» 

flpoix'^t "M irpottx*'* 

UpQ1|YnT^Cf • /M<'#ry o guidii toXq 
TvfkoXvi ydip a^^ dXi woe ^^ ^P^t 
yiirov vlXii A. 977. p«fP9{ 7< /^*^ 
rot tfol frpM|yi|rotf nyoc 3«lrai B. 

nppovpiopffi, uidttif§f hoitx'^^p*^^ 

irpoOijpi7T. IIUO. 

npoOuufa^ J'oncardHeu^ ordout; 31- 
3oi« itfooMy r//y3f r^v wpaOvftlav 
AJ. 580. oi vSv ply ^i yf wmr^pa 
KXfi*^ ric witpoQ wpoOvplac B* 48. 
r/c iroO' 4 irpoOvpJa; 838. Aor« 
fthwo/ Ap irpoOvpiav iJ^Xoy fpyov 
r^ oropaiWoai Xo/ScZv T. 888, wo 

npMi^poc* dethoui, iogir : &MWpMv» 
lioc iiai* Ait E. 3. : tHtUui ; wAXtu 

tOXaZ iPn^ rf 9j wpMvffi tig 
^ir rvv^yif Aj. 38. 
Ilpotoriipi, 1. to tUnd htfon^ to 
eonfroHt ai an onomf s 4 'o' t^p 
Aide froXipioc wpol^ni rorlj Ai. 
i 1 12. 2. to attitt, toprotoct ; ol 76, 
fiXoii wpAvrtir' ApayieaiaQ Hxiig 
> AJ. 790. 3. to tluHdkeforoM turnip- 
|uiaiit{ 4 oc iroXXo 34 — Xiirapff? 
irpodofify x<P^ E. 1370. 4. to toko 
tko lotti^ to bi J'oritHott ; A ro7oiy 
ix9p^*C — • irpooor^rifv fAvov^ 10AO 
took tk$ Uod in tho $Uugktor of tkoir 
/mi E. 988. B.pum.t to bo oddeii tA 
0A fiiUa OlXoip' Ay AdApar* Ma- 
rtXoSai ipwyi ypooraOlyra* / tkmUd 
wiik to coubroto thy inriiuibU wtopont 
mdded in our old IL ^06. 
npocipyw, 10 toil for ony mm; of 
0^ woXXAdtc ri^y ^^y wponlpmp 
wpo^afuc ^0x4*^ ^^pt Aj. 1249. 
IlpOfciipai, I. t« ViOispmd; inuXg 
pkp A¥ ^^ wpoAxtlpiO^ ataxwTip 
fiApM AJ. 1038. Krleoy 31 tm irpo* 
Miplyy rifoy A. 1088. U ii y^Ct 
tOt¥ irpo^Mi/, iyaClovot Bpopfiin 
ittCJ^fpoi T. 899.^ X^ci r5y avrqc 
vlirAoy, ^ XP*'^^'*'^ vpo^Mcro 
§uitrr6¥ inpo¥tg T. 921. Z lo /i« 
pTNirtfo; ri yCy 3* 4f^ioc «^ff 
wpAxupoi Aj. 422. 3. lo oppotor, 
to propoto; $tol — t^MovrtQ oMy 
9^ipATm¥ irpori iplywy, lAo godM — 5fb 
iogfoUo to nono of tkoir provioutly op- 
poimtod tignt O. 1508. y4pot w^ 
Ku^rtu B. 883. f^roy vpociMm 
i^fldXitHfro¥ iy iroXn A. 38. y3- 
/Mvc 4inpfinli¥om0a rabc "ptmtpi 
yooff 477* ri^y wpomipiywy n xp4 
wp£rof4y« «^ lAo lAtfiif i proMiit loy 
wftoi il ii r^ 10 io A. 1318. 
Upoff^^Mt <• taAf Mfo ff oAjr mm; 


eoH yitp o^p wpoKiiiotuu A. 737. 
MC f^v wpoKfiiofiipa T. 969. 

vpovnpai Kov^a T* 29. 

ktrald; yitBtf^ Atopic ^pOi*nf Kit 
pvyftdrtiv ip6fto¥ irpocf pvCavroc 1^* 
674. ravra roWt 119 «(&S«i ffafii 
wppntp^lavra A. 84. cif /if ^ 
irpoi^ifpvCac 467f 

npmeXaiM, to weip kfftrthmndi ^yx^ 
i* Apa Kob uatpdv rpoficXaiov T. 

XlpoKXtvu^ to /mm ftrwmrd ; ytpathv 
ic x^P<i tfwMa €b¥ wpotskiyac fikiav 

iIpoXa/i/3ibrM, to pr^fgr; t/ «p& ro^ 

lioif wpolkaSt£ tA rmvi^ lw^ C. 

UfMiXiyM, to finuU i oficow lyw 901 

ravra irpovXiyoy ir^ac ; B. 073. 
npoXcJiTM, to (mm; oifwWac Y^pac 

irpoXirwy P. 1400. iraripa riv 

vov iy Xvypf yqpf rpoXilri^y Aj. 

502. 2. to l««M of, to duitt from ; 

0^3* iBiKM rpoXiirfly roJi 11 f oi 

rbv i/45y crovaxHi^ warip' aOXiov» 

nor will I Uaoo off tkU to ci 110I to 

groan for my wroieked faikor E. 130. 
npokkvo^m, tofortmt; pZa xpi) va- 

Ofly uf ^ doKM wpoKa.it99U¥ P. 

npoiiaiMyM. to Icam 5^0r»Jbii4; il- 

vaycy wpoiftaBap vripyuv KtucA P. 

np^fUivrtCt • pn^pi^fiu; fl^iy A wp6' 

fAavrt^ Aixa £. 467* 
Jlp6uaxo£, protoeting: /w sfXaivA 

Xoyya wpop^xov iop6^ T. 853. 
npo/ii|Ofia and wpo^rfiia, foroihought^ 

prooidontial con; ay wpofniOti^ E. 

1342. 4 X^ptC "* ^C irpo/Ai|Oclac 

P. 553. 99^ — rpo^i|Oi> C. 333. 

rjyc irp5c ^/M^C Mixov wpofitiBiac 

1047* i^y 4 wpo/ifiBia gal rf 

Xiyovri aal cXvoyri avuuaxoc E. 

Ilpo/iqOfi^c* Promitkouti TtrAp IIpo* 

fitfitvQ C. 56. 
npoui|Oi)c» prooidfRt, AiftcfniAi afout; 

ovrf n roil Oaviiv «'po/ii|04cf <tof al 

a/i coneornod about dooih £. 1067. 
Upo/iil y vw, to diieUuo boforthand ; wpo- 

firivvayQ 71 rovro /Ai|3fyl rofipyoy 

•A. 84. 
Tlpouvdaftai, to promMg wpopvarai 

n/ioi7yM/iaC. 1077. 
IIp^MoCi ' «Ai^» 'w y&e wpifioi C. 

888. roy icavrmv Oi^y Oioy wpSfiov 

npoWfiM, to f0 /wlA; lOfO' Iwy irpo- 

yiiiirat r5 dv«ftpi«roy oliia *v«Ay 

'Apiic E. 1376. 
UpSvmOf UforotkoHgkt,frofndtntmi 



ctiftf; vpoyoiac «I^M«a P. 763. 
wp6¥ma Sr* ioriy e^t y5c #ad ^ R. 
078. p?| /Mt wp6voC y rotf OioS 
f vXitcrla C. II 82. laifiopac Xlywy 
irp^yoiay f9x<«y rsi^f roS ytrpoS 
frtpc A. 283. iw^a' tpyov tol 
trp6pota¥^ Qy fA>v AJ. 532. woo- 
yoiac o^^iy dyCbMirMc l<^v dpooc 
Xa^fly a/Miyoy £. 1003. 2. pf*- 
aeknco; roSroc f^ Oforp^v»y — 
rifC iraXa/i^rov wpopoiac T. 830. 

Ilpoyovct prooidoHt i rovrov ri'c Jv 
901 rilM^p^ 4 wpovo&artpoc 1) Jpay 
dfiilvmv lyplOif — ; Aj* 1 19. 

npoCiyiw, properljr to roootpo witk 
kotpitatitif ; figuniti?eljr« 1. to te 
tho eauH of anfftking to another, to 
proeurt; iXir/Cff QrtC *«' Opoffoc n 
«'poC<yf7» Vp** ^i^kkh clw pivrfiictf 
anjf eo^fidiMOO T. 723. x'paCt a* — 
varp^C h"^ ^ ^pay r^ woioBi 
Xajjirpd wpo^l^Pfiaav BuftarOt kandtt 
which hovo oeeauonod tho oneo bright 
oym of ffour father to bo thui for yon 
to loA upon B. 1483. 2. to iJk«v; 
MC vvp way riX«vyrt irpoClyitt «&•« 
It to M« 4M Ntfiv o^Mil to perform tfMry- 
tAiiif G.466. 

IlpdCfyoc, a hoii, or Amimi; fIXfC 
ydp wpoUvov tar^pvaap E« 1443. 

ITp6oirroctee wpe&wroQ* 

nptfyaci «Mi tA« i^ioU; wpAwac 
tfr6Xoc B. 169. 7va wp6wapra Mued 
cacAy Cvyotcfl C. 1239. roO r« 
TodwavTOQ d/urlpow v^|iov A* 

npovi&^X*** <* 'H^^ before i oMfyl 

rb rivuv C. 2129. 

IIpoir<&rwp, a forrfkiher; A Zfv, 
ypoy6ywy wpowdrttp Aj. 380. 

npovi/iiTM, 1. toMiid5f/0r»; ^oi- 
jSoC <^ irpodrcfi^'i m C. 671. l/ftol 
— > iroXXanc f QfMiC XdOp^ rp»o&- 
wt/twtQ E. 1144. 8c 0^ iW |to« 
irpoviTffi^fy ~- tfiro34y re cal OKiav 
ll47* 2. to conduct; x^ wpo* 
irl/A^aync fOiMV C. 1663. 3. ta 
give, to carry to; (i^oc 4 yiwp 4 
pfXl«i»y ri wpowiui^art P. 1190. 

4. to deal forth ; lob^ cl^vcyovc Ctf 2 
rpoirluiroyrac f ^voy, nMrrmf or- 
rwf li(al dMl/infc lian^Ator P. 105. 

5. to onnouneet to bring tidinre; 
St aaK^yytkrd /loi wpowtft^a^ dxt 
A. 1273. 

npoirf riyCt 1* falling fonoarde, hent 
down; Kv y^P vporcr^C T. 973. 
Schol. f /c ^^^ Bdvarop vpoyfyivc«&c* 
4 rapfi/iiyoc f/ff r4y 74^ wiMy* 
4 i**! wp6atiWov KOtfimnipoC 4 *«* 
/i^yoy Kiifuvoc' the two laat iiil«r> 
pratationa* mti EUondt, aceoid witK 
UioMMOorthopaMBgo. 9./«ll«a 



M ikt grmimd; rpUif9$ nXrm vp*- 
virlCf M«^ « layfmUmT. 698. 
IIpon|XaK(C«iy to mJU, l» cAiiar; mit 
Kpioyra tai r^mk/if 0r6iui vpovf 

XlnCi B. 427. 
Uf^wlwru^ !• /fl/l upm br iiiadv«it- 
ance : Ira r^^ iy A^ygrf pi 
vpovi^yc v^irii a 157.f th« 1188. 

Upovi n m^ U/mii iMra I0r«, I* tM^ 
B. 1S72. 

miva^f wktm th§ Immd mirmdy titda 
/hM t«ii B. 685. 

Upippiloe^ torn np ^ tk§ fwito , thrown 
kmdimig; MvpriXoc— ^(fpA^vrp^ 
(MiiC rcp«^<C E. 602. r& wa¥ 

— ff^oprat |iy«c 758. 

np^, « piepotttum fOTeraing « t^i- 
tife, datiTO, or aocuMtiTO cmo» to^ 

mffjtWMf totMinsf. 
npoM/My 1. to iMit or fcrii^ to; 
rA v4y8^ 8|m9 J«ar6v wpo9^yi 
99/i/uyil fic^g^fiara T.759. Wc'< 

— wp99iiyuy%v xP^lai P. 236. 2. 
to JMnOft to €9mpgli i — Sfiyl 
ri rp^c '0^2 moflriTir pcOlyrac 
4/Mc rifayil «'pori|7<'^ B. 131. 

npo^dBm^ to iNif ifji4; motopb.* to 
€kim§ M, or r(/Mto wilA ; gai /im 
wp994hr% P. 403. 

npMivTM* 1. mod IniuitiTclyy 
to oii to, to oilraiiito, to fl<l«dk to; 
rf ntfrfsM ri/iAc wpo^Awrup, to 
«tlri6Kto AtfMMir to f A« i/m^ E. 848. 

tkirngt—^iimA fMtmg (to lAf Imi*) 
424. nil n wipa xfioc if4 wiku 
vpooi^VCf ^ thMiJatien umM fur- 
ther irtmbU m mv cauntrtf C. 236. 
2. ialnniLvya fBhfOvaa rp^x(*(f*')* 
cat ri^' «< cttcoic m«A wpogi4fii 
rmc wiXai ri vp^ 'fi**^* "Jf 
wiUttriag immd «Mri Mil »jf ipiWl, 
up^ekUg if tkim •ffiUii*m$y ttkiek 
gfrimg fr&m jm, Amil mitmek to lAr 
firmrmfikihia R. 667. 

Ppowpgfe, to «Mf, to Mfiii; M( Oi- 
Xovroc ^r 'p«v vpo#ap«?y «ay 
R. 12l* Miry wp09apgA¥ 141. »c 
Aar vpo#«pfl6v #purpi gipiaw^ idj*^ 
f JmI ftviii^ • (into «M M M«jr miip 

Ppo— piirfgw^ to /f 9 or o4^iifl to; 1 8* 
iyrl Mjpitv 86pc x^ vpoo«ppi#ai, 
fS^ vWdb imjU rvmni /ir Aif gj^ 


U MbMt tij to prmri T. 494. 
8r«c Ay airy wop* t/^iAy M/iitfyc 
dyr£irocMi cai ^pf>»»a olc 47'7<C 
npo^ov^M, to ipMilt to. to cidM»»i 
wpovavlaif ftfirt roMi, p^/ ipi 
R. 362. al piv c^mi wpocaviiiam 
Ivtmp Aj. JB42. ral rd Tftmgd 
wtiia irpotfav86 850. I^n^p' <' 
XPCMV rairf F wftoeaviav E. 266« 
*- pMi., iyi* 8* 43cXf4 col vpoaqv* 

8«;p9>' «&<<£. 1137. 
ITpotfavpcTy. to fMdk; rplr vvpl 
Btpp^ wiia ftg wpoca^fg A. 615* 
•omo M8S. read wpogip^ otbon 

VLpovfiaivm^ to f« to or toi0crtff» to 
flppTMcik; wpoeifia ydp odic dy 
iror' d^i/SIf dXco^ Ic rdvd* diutk' 
fiogtr^p gopav C. 128. irfic ydp 
dy poe&v ayi)p — wpaefiai^ pa- 
cpdy; ^0r Amp lAMftd a aiaa ifiMiMd 
— go Jmr gwaif P. 42. Wc '< *- 
wpoaifiii fttivia ; what frgnMtf kmtk 
coMcwMn ikml B. 1300. 

npoo/3dXXi#» 1. to 8rtNf to or 

apoa ; Ipol rurpd^ MvaQ — rpoa* 
/SaXvy dvoiwrai T. 42. Spcoy 
ovr^ wpogpakmPf imftmiig aa Mlik 
•a AJMM(^284. «8ffXfiay o^x ^P9C 
8^y €avt^ ri cd^ vpoo/SaXfic 
E. 962. grioyfifia ydp 8oKovaa 
wpocfiaktlp Mt¥^ for thinking to 
appijf a /aM albarm to yMi T. n28. 
2. to vrFf, to eompil; aii p' dydycy 
wpo^PdktK rd^ f/aaAly C. 1180. 
8. to dirut lAiaitoafiaa la, to pto t r w ; 
rpoa/SaXaaa^ 8aa C5v aflvoc <7«-ff, 
•(tending to «A«toMr Aa, wAca a/t'sf, 
oMaaiaaM T. 677« rd pkw e8n 
rpaal/3aX< 841. 

npoa/IXirM, to Mb al, to hehMi & 
fd(, rfXfvmTay ag rpaa/SXi^^ipA 
yvvB. 1183. rpaa/SXirciy ydp ai 
oAivw (Apdc) 1486. rdy 8* ivavra 
wpogpXiiTM ¥igp4p A. 1284. iwtt 
aa* lyw wariipa 84 pdXiara rpaai- 
piJUfgga T. 464. aa( p4 arpa^Xi- 
^ac aaX<? 793. rpoa/SXivfiy 8^ IC- 
igrl mn rd rav8f irpdjv Aj. 839« 
a^MaBXi^ad pat wfpayiia warpdc, 

Ilpaay/yyapai, to 8f aMailpaftf, to mrit$; 
y»«wa<4 aocai 9vpa8 tiXtvriv mc 
gagi wp09ylypiTM C 1200. role 
ydp Bav9g9ip4}fiQe ^ wpaay^yairot 

np4gi4yfta^ a rrafpi iaa ; alatfa — rA^ 
(ly^C ip«Sy rpaa8lyiiar a^y mc 
i8fCdpf y fiXMC T. 628. 

Qpogiipgoutu^tgUohghnHtfor; vpa#- 
viMaa Xf fiaa^ a8r^ jT Aarm. yiy> 
wpo^Hpggw vayrax# C. 122. 

IIpaallxa|iait 1« to rtoaf#f; al 


Zmver 'H/MucXIa w^oeHloftm T. 230. 

Up^fi^t f&t*po9cUUrM B. 1428. 

wpoeMtyfutni T. 15. 

AXttXa, Kof 9k wpo9iia40tp& IvpiStv 

P. 76. 
npotfJi^Mfii, t0 ^iM ill aidtlJM ; cat 

iro6 n ral fiop&£ ^Ipoc wpoMovav 

P. S09. 
npoffJov^M, f« $ipiet; gai ri iroo«^- 

^ocM vloy P. 778k /i^^i wpo9c6€a 

rU% T. 866. 
'Bp69tSpoCf turrminduig ; wpoMpov 

Up^um^ U h§ n§ar, to h§ ^rmmt ; mc 

Av ayvoia frpoof P. 129. yyw/iq 

ydp <| nc Kilir l^v vimrkpcv wpiff- 

%9Tiv A. 716. 4 ^ ^y^^ ^<74 

/Sopd ^Offfl ITfMffflVai x4 l^Tiiv 

iroXX4 /3o4 1287. rov XJyov ^ od 
Xp4 f^^vov wpoctivoi T. 260, oune 
M 4$o¥tla$ai, c4p irp69wriv ob 
KoXif 484. <&v^pl roft XP***^^ 1*^4* 
/ii|v wpootiyai Aj. 617. ^loff -^ ^ 

<9riy E. 644. Iir<ira /liyroi x^ 
\6yoc tak^c rpoff^y^ next, AotPfBfr, 
fair nnawH wu addid P. 852. 

Tlp6oufiit t0 approach ; Ma /iq wor' 
tic titviv warp^£ roirmp wpivnmi 
pnUv E. 429. 

Ilpofffiiriiy, to tpeak lo, to addrtu; 
TovTo yap 9* Ix** pAvov wpoauwkiv 
R. 1072. I6c poi Tpo9uw%ip ahriv 
Aj. 584. rdc bfMlc Sir«c irpo^fi- 
froc/icv 'A9dyac 1200. 

TLpofupfiaivm^ to intaU; oif yAp 9a- 
y^i Kal wpoatpfi^vai #< XPVi 
AJ. 1827. 

UpotfcyWirM, t« addrtu ; r6p itfptih 
r^f'HXiov vpotfivyirM ravvtfraroy 
ill Aj. 844. 

ITpodrlofffa, only used in the form of a 
participle ; to bo Jittiaf^ or ioomly ; 
orav — nc Spf rd mi| wpoauKOra 
P. 891. 59ovyfffa iCwpa wpdaffm 
Koi/K kpoi wpoOHKita £. 608. 

HpQithpi^mt to eriop on or towardi ; 
roupyov — ^iSXy wpo^ipwov R. 
539. -^ Tvp^v wpootlpwov doaoy 
E. 888. fofiovpai rb wpaokpwov 
Aj. 225. cat vol wpookpTov rwr' 
iyw r5 ^ppaxoy opw v<&ya 1234. 
wpoatpxu^ wpookpytTM riy iyy^c 
P. 776. 

npofrkpropat^ to approadt^ to eamo mar ; 
irpooiAvMy tflya P. 22. vywri 
co^ff iyvMT^ fMM wpo^iiXOtB' Ipti" 
povrtg R. 59. wpoeiKQa^^ A wai, 
irarpi C. 1106. gAwtl wpoeijikOtv 
1627. irp4afX9i Jivpe Ai. 1150. 
vp^iX9i T. 794. rpo9iX06y9' iSi 

npo . 


aby vokXf vrSk^ 496. rpofiXOwv 
^9t v-Xqviev varp^ 1065. il^ 
— r(tf/ }%*'*' rfcfiqpca rp«d|Xilic 
£^ 765« rpoalpxtrot rM' iyYvc 
P. 777. 

npotfivpltfCM, f« ^Mil 5jf Mf or «i- 
perionco ; 8y u^vov wpanvpw iw* 
r^y E. 1344. 

npotfi^X^/*'^* to pray: pi^vwwpoO' 
tvxov ptiSky A« 1318. 

IIpoosx^S 1* trans., !• Arw^ to; 
ric M — irpoei^x'* ^'C irpo9ii7ii7f v 
Xpita; P. 286. 2. intians., to 
lourA at ; riyi ^rdXy rpon^x^C 
r^y^c yqv ; «>tA v^^t anMwiii Sat 
tkou touohid at thi$ tandl P. 244. 

Upoatiyopktif to tpoak to, to oddrm; 
9by rb ravff bp&y r§ sal wpoantyo" 

npoaiiyopoCi 1. aeeottfd^adirtutd; 
Tip wpoc^yopoc : P. 1337. ri inr' 
kuol ^ wpoaqyopoy It lor* ibroviiy 
•I Jov^, fiAoc ; 1338. Sroo Omfrwy 
iavovpai pfiitvbc wpae^yopoQ 1437. 
2. used actively, addremmg; IlaX- 
Xa^oc 6«ic 3«itfC lcofjij|y tiyuar^y 
irpoff^yopoCf """ addntung kor ta 
pray«r A. 1170. 

ITpoffqcM, 1. .to C0iii«; tlvip Mc 
^Xoi wpoviiKtrt P. 229. oSytx' 
i|/i7y aitfcoc VKOwbc irpotriffff ic C. 35. 
ffptxpbc wpoaiiKuc bytOQ £. 1131. 
2. used impenonally, to boLmg^ or 
pertain to; tl ik r^ Uv^ rovr^ 
wpooriKU AaUp n tfvyyi I'ic, if tkera 
ii any noar eonnoetion betwtin tkU 
ttrangor and Laiut R. 814. ry ydp 
wooaiiKii irXifv y' Ipov Kal 9qv 
rait; for to whom it thi» m duty^ but 
to mo and thotJ E. 897. o5 voi 
wpoffiiKti rqv^f wpoafmwtiy furvp^ 
it dott mot btcomo thoo to giva uttar^ 
aneo to tuch a vord 1204. 

Xtpoetipaif to ' tit down noar or •(; 
ifXfcoi wpooiiptBa Pwpoiai R. 15. 

IXpoffOoffiM, to tit noar or at as a sup- 
pliant ; rqv^ b rpavOam&v tipav 
C. 1168. 

IlpdaOc and rpA^Bty^ ndr^ I. befon 
in place or tinie,/«irfli«r/y ; 2. witl 
an article,/«nMr ; roi; wo6oBa Ka^ 
/lev R. 268. rev wp6avtv X^yoi 
851. ro7c bppaaiy reic wp6tr0tv C 
871. rov irpoffO* kp^pov rov^s ivc 
riiyov wXdvov 1116. iv yc wp^<rBa 
kK iffo II xp^i^ T. 82 1 . rd^ wa&oBa 
/3fXf wv aXrdtr P. 1136. ft. ab 

ildtr; rbv wp^Ot ytvt^Bitrra Hi 
Xvyf/cq, tho oidor btrm Polwnic 
C. 876. 

UpoaBiiatif attittaneo; «po^4'^ 0<« 
Xiyii vopiitt 9* 4/My bfiOab^att, fiii 

npo«9iyy<SyfeS to tonoh; Jkw6 |s* AX«: 
4v wpo9Biyfc P. 806. w|»6«0« 





vvy |iov C 170. tkn X«</3ifc i(^y 

tfiyfiy P. 9. 

Ilfovi^cXy, tee wpo9op6m» 

I]JM«caXi«#» f# Mil «|M»; Mnpiv 
«i vpo«KaX«# Aj. 89. 

II^^«Bci|iai9 1. to /if nmr ; ^/i^i 
jiitfvy rcpurffif wpomulfupop A. 
1208., thence to 6e RMr; iyfic 
€HpaJo¥ iwwcp tlpyi r6¥ vpoejcii- 
/upoVfgivimg rtim to f a« ojfktmt h$ kild 
in |A« HMT 0M E. 712. 2. to 6« 
eiaiiieletf vriA, or imiuil to; il r^ 
wpdeut/iag xP^erw E. 233. ^ ed 
wo6€ni0ai cojciy 1029. ri^y ^/3ov- 
Xiay, 8tfy ukfi9roy Ai^pl wpi^tit- 
rai KOK^v A. 1228» yi) X^/"C irpoe^ 

" dieiroc B. 232. 8. to^iM otusitj 
up to; fiApmQ i^ dyooif wpo^Ktiut" 
0a f I hawigivim mytelfvp to • fotiUh 
Aifiifiii^Aj.401. ijfipA Ik Tif Ba- 
v6yn wpo^KiUu SUn^ end you will 
JuUtybtkaUd, in addtiUn^ky Idm thmt 
u dead A* 94. ^vtffi<yi|C l9^ ichoL 

H^eevMrUi, to e^mnitr mnd prauidefar ; 
rd ^ eA wifwsat wdwra irpoecoray, 
iiU j^ mr§ nH meaulom€d tocMmbr 
emry thimg A. 684 ; but the more 
approved reeding It aov ^ aip e4- 
ftNEtt, fir your tokt J kmvo boon ee- 

npeeKvWMy 1« to odoro; y^v n 
wpo9ttv¥0^v9t S/ia Ktd rbp Bt&v 
'OXv^fvoy C. 1650. wpoeg^atu 9", 
&C9ip 9tb¥ P. 653. 2. to leiiito; 
warpfa wpo9Kb9av9l* tin BtAp E. 
1366. wpocK^ayn n)y /•«# deuroy 
fceeiB^eiy P. 529. 3. to kid firo- 
wtlito; #riix< 9pocK^ae x'^^'^ 
1394. 4. to propiUolo; r^ir ^9^ 
ver 2i wp69tvooif^ propitiaU ihtir 
tmxy P. 765. 5. to nvrii^iA ; v^yw 
rfc ei wpoeievyeviify ei^ Irngpioc 
^ R.327. 

IIpe#Kvpf M« to aerf wih, to «ji«»iiiitor ; 
«» Itivorarop wianuv (waOmv) S«' 
i7M wpo^Kvp^ 4^9 B. 1299. 

npovkapfiapmt 1. to tojf Ao/i ^; 
rd^ pt. — wpioXafit tov^aat T. 
1020. ^•ttttokoioonmlf; wpo9' 
Xappapiig^S6c n KMv^ptai Cvya^- 
«ri«rdc ^iXovff C. 379. 

JlpoaXi^oom^ to /tfofc eC, to bihold; 
u^ wfook»vo€i P. 1057* V rittvmv 
€n/ w^iC 4^ l^ptpoc — rpo^Xi^^- 
tfiur ipoi B. 1376. rapfitieuyup oi 

Aj. 542. tit 4' iffriy, 8yr<if' Mpa 
wpo0ki{f^0itC arparov s Aj. 1023« 

npoapdw^m^ to mdhort to; peae., 
vXinpoIei wpo^/uLxBip (i/if^f #- 
TpwUiiMMdokmy to miysiduT. 1042. 

Upiepivrnf 1. to inf»«in; etv' 
ly*vMi wpUpiv% E. 1227. , dAXi 
efys wpdtgptm 1391* •! I* V#vx^ 

C«»v wpocfdpM B. 620. 2. to Mit 
/•r, to await; rbv fior^pa wpoe^ 

rtiv rmvit wpocpivoo^ M wav 
arnp' if 4Ci<y 295. 

Upovuiywpi^ 1. to arriM^ to koppon ; 
ipoken of the ftilfilment of a prophe- 
cy ; olov, 6 waXiiQ^ wpoffifuUv dfap 
ro^woc r5 Otowp6wop i/plp rdg 
roXac^rev wpopoiac T. 818. 2. 
to opproaeh; oit ip' Utlv^ y' cM 
wpovpiliaiBpa^ifi P. 106. 

npovpeXfiy, to opproaeh; ei — rpo^- 
/leXflv ffoXd Aj. 72. /limv ^ 
wpo9fuXmv orparnytor 708. «pee«- 
ft4Xo4 /i4yey T. 1099, 

IIpov»4fMa, in the middle voice to add^ 
to gioi in odditionf wp69yttfiat il 
/Ml X^^ fip^X*^^^ ^P^ pattpol^ 
d>Xiic iMg T. 1206. ichol. irp4tf- 

Upoopiaaopaiy to nuk onwordi ; 9fa£ 
Utimv iroXXu ^^fian wp09vi990» 
pkvQvt A. 129. 

IIpo«vw/ida», to fliOM toiMrdi; X<4tf- 
910V i' Svov yyoiv ^raroy tig ^imp 
aUl wpoctvApa P. 709. ichol. lav- 
r&v iaiyci, i^yovv iffvpi^cro. 

IIpotfo/uXiM, properly, to 6i convmr^ 
iont witkt tlienoe to kuvo uperioncod ; 
iriipf 3* o^ rpo^w/iiX^ei rw T. 588. 

Upo^top&m, 1. to Miold; ab r* 
oifiaud roipip vpe^^iA ffpar* ly 
4^aX/io7c 4p6y A. 760. iAXov 4* 
dv -^ wp^tiotg — tfjUVQv AfrAp 
wpbc hwipov 9io9 B. 175. ippaow 
wototc /SXlirwy erarlpa T4r' dy 
wpocttiov 1372. rhpfiov 9iXo/uv 
wpootiup "— varp4c li/urlpov C. 
1/54. e&c •« 9ir<ipa»Ktt4voy irpotf- 
f7^< KdKnp&y droC T. 33. lewc 
vdp r4«'ov — vpo^idfly iOcXiic P* 
145. |y9a pit iroO* i/Xiov ^vyoff 
wpociiffu E. 373« doKVoy ptyikap 
wpo9opSi9a t6uM9i fiXdfiap tdwy 
ditfe^vTMy yipmv T. 839. wc 
rpotfii^f rode Mo¥ y6uQVQ 1129} 
irpe9f74oy — f de/iara oiavrnp 4yff- 
p«i'E.634. dy (XM^ay) /19 wor* 
47M irpoei4ily 4 rdXac i^Xey 5e«- 
9oii* T. 993. Biapdrttv — vy irpo#- 
f;4oy 6fBpXpo(e Aj. 972. 2. to 
iook opon, to Ttgord ; pk /•', Uf rivM, 
vpoeiitir' dyo/iey, da aof , / fulriaf, 
iopic on wi$ m$ Umlom C. 140* Once 
lucd ae a depdncat verb ; obg dX- 
aoXc 9po9opmpkpm ^/mi ^bpSpftam 
€tp C. 244. 

np4Mvpoc, ao^Uaariaf j V «4r4c 
^ woiiompot V, 686* 

np4ee4*Ct  tig^^'rfi ^t^ rpoao^p 
ilmMp AL 70. fikrdt^v lytty 
rpdeefiy E. 1278. 


Upoawik&l*^ tomppnadt; pMib« Ila- 

y^t hp%99tp6ra rcc wpo€w%KiiMi9a 

^BvyArup B. 1101. 
npocwkfiwm, to mmd to; rh¥ yua£ 

ithfiQ wpo^wkfi^vri. mM 0> llOS. 

it — fi4 'riyxav aitthv Mpa wpoa* 

irifi^aQ IfiM O^vi^c 1851* 
npaawkviuii, to Jig to, to attoek $ud' 

doulif ; Wc yap iro/ <lpx4 v'ov ca- 

ffov vpooiirraro ; Aj. 275. 
Upo9w%vOojMt^ to aoA out ; wpo^wiv* 

Oov, Xtve^ aiftiv^ wapraxf C 

npotfr/«TM« 1. to foil mtornoor; 
pmptHai wpocwiwrovoa T« 900. 
wpoow%om¥ Sx^v AJ. 1160. wpoo- 
wio6vra wioq P^ptf ca0q«6at rt/ 
notffi^MyoC C. 1159. 2. to itriko 
mgoinU ; Ig AUmq fidOpoy wpool* 
ir<mcv A riKvov, roXv A. 848. 
ft. to foil upon, to Ugkt upon; pJ^ 
Ktd X&By |M wpoowiomp P. 48. p^ 
wpo9wt9m¥ pi XdOy roMy 158. 

Upiowirvm^ to full b^oro on on«^ 
kneety thenco to tunplieaioi wpov- 
wirvm oi y6va9i V. 488. o/rov 81 
wpoawlrvovea E. 445. 

n^tf'JToXiw, la accompany, to approach 
tO£0tk$r, or in company ; rdc a6pac 
yap ttaopA — a^g mii irpo^roXov- 
fUyacC. 1100. 

UpSmroXas, 1. an attendant, a ttr- 
vanti Tt£Wpoaw6\MvC.90\» wpd^" 
wokol n vol 1550. wpSvwoKoi A. 
1199. Im woSvwoXm 1305. vpotf- 
w6\oic ^vXaanrai AJ. 585. oiiipo 
wpoawiXmp dy aitrbv B^ric x^f^^^ 
iiOivuv aopitg 637. wpoffwiXioy 
8^<540. dvip&ywpcvwSkotpK^^. 

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ravra T. 187. wpovw6\otv £^ 
poXwUav C. 1056. 2. • fmalo 
atlcttdant; & wpovwiXi B. 948. 
iSol^ wpo9w6\Mv rtvbc virotfriyov- 
0-9C /v«oy a/«rOi^ai E. 78. adwl 
irpofffr6\ov pi&t fkowipiSi x^pova^a 

llpoam^am^ 1. to /oU round, to 
cling tog wpoawrivatTai irXivpaT- 
nv dpriaoXXoc — x^^'^'' &wav aar* 
dpOpov T. 764. 2. to embrace ; 
ic 8' vyp5y livcMV* Ir' ^l/^fg^^ ^^ 
Okvip wpoawTvoffirai A. 1222. 

npoardoaot, to command; iop6c r* 
hv iv x<*M^^^ irpoOTfray/iiyov fil- 
viiv iiaatoy adyaObv wapavrdrriv, 
and in tho timput of war ha would 
rmnain at tho pai appdntod'an up' 
right and hravo compamon A. 666. 
x2ri 8f7 9p6vroan Ipdy C. 495. 
rl 89/ ^fftvpf ^^' rporr^lfVfic 
iroMiy; 1022. 8ff oMy 989 vXi^y 
r5 rporrax^y VMi7y P. 998. 

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rardy xP^*^» ^ ^*** ■*** jinfnif 
E. 771.^ 

npotfrarifDioc* tictolm, ]NvUe(iii{; 
cXvMC d¥ 4^i|, ^o2^ «]po«rar|Mt 
E. 627. ^ 

IlpoffrdrifCf !• apatron^aprtitttor; 
Aw6Xkmva wpaordrav T. 208. fc 
(ydrov) «*€ vpevrdlriiy OMr^pa ri 
— fodvov VUapivaopiy R. 303. 
mar oh ILoiovrog wpoararev yh 
ypdrLopcu R. 411. My oi XqtM ^ 
irori wpoordraw laxwy B. 883. ^ 
2. a tuppliant ; tg io9 6 wpoor&riiQ 
1178. ro8 9<otf yi irpoordrfy 1280. 

IIpotfrfJxM« to MM* towards i oi8i«> 
Kployra frpotfrcix^yra tfii/iaiyMwi 

B. 79. 4 8ctfpo wpoanixovra dU -* 
ioppiApMyoy; C 80. ^ai8p(k — 
aaiyiiju wpovrii^owa 821. 

IIpo^XAM, to gojorward ; pmofko 
ydp^ wc ylpoyn, frpo5mXf c lUp 

npoor^cM, to/x In; |iui., '^v^ 
frpotfraciyroc 2ov T. 830. 8fiyor«- 
r^* /»ly t9pa£ wpoanrcuBtltQ fi/9^ 
part 888. 

TlpoariBtipif ^ 1. to «^; pmipvC 
'Oplarov rcBora wpooBiivci rwa 
£• 921. $tdwl rcHaii r^v x^^ 
raxiiay rpootfrc T. 1243. ri 
ydp wap' ipap 4filpa ripwtw ix^i 
wpooOtiaa advadtXaa rov 7c carSo- 
yfiy. 2. to oceoiioni rd 8fiyd 
yap roc wpoariBy^ iavov iroXvy 
A. 248. 8. to tnpoM upon, to 
fatten upon ; Iw' ipavrif r&oV 
dpdiQ 8 rpoonOcic B. 820. o^udy 
ly y' ifiol rpotfdQVfi^ rdff8* op^C 

C. 152. 4. mid<L, to taJbr, or 
arf(< to ononAf, to p<act iu«r; rov- 
rqy itd^oOov idpapra T. 1214. ^ 
vpoffOiffAu irlXac X*^^ MXov^h 
they vtiA to ploM 3|Mft near tho land 
C.405. olc dy ah wp6o$p, roSc ^* 
i^aa' iXyai apdroc C. 1334* va*- 
8My — r6y |ily dpoiyww pui pog 
irp6a9y ukpipyay B. 1460. o^c 
fvfXic OlXoyrt wpoaOkaOeu x<>P**^ 
C. 771« W — Xhovof* dy 4 IMvrovra 
vpoffOf jpqy irXioy } A« 40. 

UpoorpiirWf to entreat; to^wMl «r^, 
6 Zcv; wpovrpiww AU 818. m 
tff irpooTpirw fpdaoi 6, 50. 

npo«rp8raioc» luppJicjif, usod bot] 
as an a^jcctivo and aubitaniiTe 
ovd* irato'xvy*! tt* 8pMy r^y «jpo« 
ro6waioy^ rby huryy P. 918. muc^ 
81 rpo#rp8vaioc Ai. 1153. — - a% 
wpacrporeaHovQ — Xirdc ixonf € 

nporrporii, a nippltealJMit oranCraatj 
Wya vdXiMC iirirmc vpo^rp^vij 
ipov / fx^y 0. 564. 

Updorpowag, a eappliant; p^ — mdl§ 



yiyf P. 7C2. lanitfUv #i riync 

MXa«iw «r^o#TvxMr E* 1456. 

\Z^ip^porrtc £. IIW. M« 
WfiO€fipti^ pkOm C 482. XMrrpa 

fiS^Tnwpoifi^ P. 1095. Ciy 
r4xf M wp6^pt ae. ri rdCc P. 
764. SL U mtr; rouOrm itkvri 

MX^ f«Z#t f i^r^t^w tmmk G. 786. 

f^tyKTVc; P-1656. 
II|»4#f6<y/M, «s mddrmi X«/3f7ir 
wpU^ypm TOfW dv9p6c P. 285. 
sal nc vurp5y wpSofBiyita Uww 
r6v i^« Aj. 495. 

€tmg; 1. €lApenon; «c #* 
r9M6f wfi09fOJI P. 528. 4mc7 
IXatimi wpi^fOdi 583. «(X« ^y 
fCciar varpi^ wpocftX^c A #9ft A. 
889. 3. of a thing ; wp6c r' 1 1 
ri #M jror* oZff4y £rr« wpovftKie 

554. x4w irM#fiX4c nean* x^P<C 
wapkiik^ Mi Irtrif^uoc rovry. — 
•5i^ lyyo/ fIraCf ovra vpo^fAlc 
vtfiUA R. 822. wpo9fLkilc XiCac 
X470VC E- 662. — lupeii.. #x4^ f^y 
yip 'EXXi^ oroX^c vrdl^x** irpo«<- 
f0^9Tkrnt ipoi P. 224. 

II^o<ifiXfic« «*lik afrunily dUpotitUm ; 
tl #of vpotffiXMC ** ^om7 ylpa r^^ 
5^ rifo«M Maa6a« Wcvc E. 

Upoafpi^ 1. oddUhm^ imenaat ; 

iwn. 9po0^opd a' •&€ Itfr' In C. 
1272i 2. « ftO ; tro«v (xP^s^) jr^ 
4 «4 wp99fofA ^^Xi^f rai C. 587. 
Jip69fop0C^ MMeful ; ripi y^ wor* Ap 

E. 2207^- vaytf* 5ir4y 5y /iiXX«« 
wpi9€ttp wpiefopd 9 vfuy Mi nf 

IlpMf«M*^ 1. I* tddrm, to ipMlt 
to; iXX' Mk wpo^fwtl p: In 
P. 922. pk^ • i{Mx%99aM, pnri 
9po0fmyap na^ B. 238. H^ 
lipme iixioOoi pnU wpo9ft¥ti¥ 
818. 4 «M##«#y6y M E. 1472. 
naa^ §5 A yp— 4w9|M9a T. 228. 

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4Mt rih^ wpQ9fttt mlv f&np E. 

1294. iM ne^r^Mu 
A liovi ««rp5c i 

'p5c d «Mi 


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i4v KXX^8ac wpi^x^p^' ' ^TdiwCt 
ikofmmmu ptgrniU afGroeimm gmmn 
E.872. %mpni€ii; Mkp i)M 
009 wp6€X9p' i«i E. 515. 

npooxri^**f 1. to witkfir, U do^ „^ 
tirt; ri wpo^xprnl^mp piOttP ; B. 
1155. vfl9or c<N«^ 7db» 8«oy #4 
ypoax^«C C. 524. r* wpo^Ypf 
ioprm nf Bmtiipmn; 1162. ooric 
^r a«v r«9ra wp^^x/Moi rwxfip 
1170. aiMMi wpo^xfifi^v^y 1304. 
2. to AcM Mirf ^; oM €oi vpoe- 
XPvCopiP p. 1044. 

II^oax««piM» to oopfi* to ; rofc roS^t 
wfo9xmp%lp A^yoic P. 952. 

mighhomntig | wpi^x^P^ r6woc B. ''^ 
1127. 2. tubiu, M tii5«5jtaiil; 
rfii^c wpo9%<iifmp ikp^iP C. 494. 

jftr&c ^ wpo9x^p^y'kpnc 1067. 

IlfMof a^M, to |Mrik« tofnii pJ^U 
wpoo^wbonr* tn P. 1043* wpo^* 
^fuwfop C. 831. 

np6€m^ 1. b§jfOHd,fur(kir ; fifpai 
wp^m T. 194. wpoptBali — vp^OM 
C. 176. 4f>d /liy yip ^fin^ t^p 
pip tpwoimap wpSem T. 544. 2. 
/«r ojr> «' 4 ^utoKCtf; wipyoipkp^ 
ot roXiy 9t4yow9tp, itc dir 4/i^ii* 
rMV, frp4^ C. 15. '8. tu^ri., 
M /ffr Of jNMiiM#; 3rft»c ^^' v/iAy 

l«f ^7M E. 383. 
4. to iko grtmmt Ungtk: Xnytt V 
Iptc ipapovca rov wpovmriiTm 4v- 
tpmp ytp6pfmp ip IvvoXXay^ X^ 
yov Aj. 718. 

Up69tt0%p^ from o ditUmct i oril- 
Xovra ydp wp^^tp Aj. 710. 

Upiomwop 1. ik§fueoi gpari 3* 
iyXwarfp4c cvvi} wp6cwwa Oiaaa- 
Xic viy d^irlx» C. 315. 2. tho 
tounUnanco^ tko vuagfi wr^^ac 
Wf09mw^ A. 1217. pif p* Awoaro' 
PV'VC ^^y 9^ wpoomwmp aJonlv 
p%BtoBai E. 1269. fmipf wpovm^ 
wfp 1289. ok f5 94y ^liaac wp6otHy^ 
WOP B. 448. 4 roa4y^ ix**C rdX- ^. 
^9C rp^awrov 533. 

UpoovfikiiOiCt ttroiot; ripa rpoMH 

npoirappkm^ to feoffor ony ooo; pk 
pop wporAppu A. 88.' 4 (w^Ovc 
«4rjMc o4a id warph^ \pa^ wporap^ 
fiiip T, 89. 

UporArim^ to oppoim btforohond ; 
Xpi^p wpotiimg 6c tplpnpofp iipUt* 
Ilp xfifa^ iLW9i% aiyiaMiM /SipMCt 

r4r 4 •«w^»' Jtt»»^ — 4 — {••^ 
IIpM'fliiw* h to iff«tolk forOk ; If- 
W ir^itH t^pa P. 1376. JM 





wportlrm T. 1 174. 2. f pui fir- 
ward, l# «xjmm; oi 9^ roXXdKic 

y^y 9oal,jor wkom cAmi ^Mm, «- 
jMiiif thjf9wn Uf; didtt M wUk tk» 
iptar AJ. 1249. B. I« pfitMil; 
#f ovc fPorfivMy rove Oco^ 4^**^*^^ 
WOifC F. 980. 
np^rf^oc, 1. •Ai^Urmtrj wpo- 
rkpac if at Virip R. 164. dcric 
dikiov^ t6 ff^Xftfrov iirrair^Xy 
f ay|y OjPa rwy rporipc^y ^pc 
A. 102. 2. adf.. b^frt; rov ^i) 
irp6Ttpo¥ rlv^ M Tpolf rti¥ai rd 
d<My a^xvra /3&X9 P. 197. co^ff 
f^ri X^Ca« wptrtpov 1h1. <fcXi 
wp6Ttpo¥ otBipa Svvai fAyav — 
KklvoQ k'vhp J^U 1171. 
UporiBniu^ 1. acty l« pui 6f/»r«, 
10 pfoM Wort ; 'krpka — rpodivr* 
<&dfX^ Oflryoy oAei W rlxywy Aj. 
1278. (&<i«9irpoOiyrfC0a<4&P.274. 
fopPnC Toffovrov, ^ 470C1 /i^^y 
rpoaiic A. 771. a* J«Iyai — wfio- 
OlvncMdit^ thMyhavhgput m» htr§ 
M lAort; P,268. 8; ^v y&pfiot 9h 
wpovOtiKae 9wMy E. 1189. irpo- 
Oi2c ^ X<^P<> ^f^^» kitving prof- 
find kU right hund P. 930. 2. 
10 §ipou, to giiB* murto: Kravwy 
wp6B%cra^virtU79, 8. tofit/'oiii, 
t0 imMM anything on any ono; 
irpoBiativ wivBos oUuov vrkvuy 
A. 1234. yf wrlp«i ry rowrp fioffta- 
\%iv wp60tc A. 216. KofirM roiov- 
roy ow^ icoirtc i^ Ai&c irpovOQCfy* 
069* i prvyy^ E^pvffOcvc T. 1038. 
4. 10 AoM /brcA, f0 «U«<ff«; 4*^<v' 
alrhv irpodfic Aj. 1030. 5. mid., 
10 call logethtr an aaaembly; 5n 
ffiiycXiiroy r^y^f yip6vr^P Tpoh- 
Of ro Xlffxi|>' A . 160. 6. to pnfir ; 
wApot roApow irMow w-pofiOiyro r^y 
rvpayvida ; C.420. — rpoOiffOai 
U\&Pnav, to takipncautioHtataintt ; 
vvy d* ilfX&fiiiav rmpii wpovBkn^v 
lyi E. 1326. 
IIportitaM, t0 «il«0m <« prifirenei, to 
prtferi ^tiq irpori/if p4 «««4 
vf^uclyai T. 719. 
nporiw, IP Apnovr 6{^0ri awtktr; ov 
yAp r^^v y%»y rm caffiyyqrw KpiMy 
riy p*y rpoW^ac* rA>' ^ driftdaac 
Ixii ; A. 22. 
nporplvMt !• C0iiip«/; 1. *<*•» *C 

r^pvcA frpo^yylrw, aiirf I bid tks 

korold hmil T. 226. 

ITpo^lc^it/iaiv 10 0r^r or ittrpet iirv 

moHily i m£ eh irpo^cdif m T. 756. 

npodirroct Munffiti; «/( wpoiwrw 

^Ac^vy 0. 1442. 
npo^xM* 1. to iurpait^ tooieol; riyya 
ydp riyvoQ iripac irpo^x** P* 1'^ 
rj ^ iiri«rri}iiy #v fiov irpo^x^ 
rlx' Aw R. 1116. coifiro/ (c 7 . 
ipov Ttftiv vpolCovff' ol cocoi rwy 
MU^¥ A. 208. 2. mid., to pnteod^ 
to moko a preltif ; ^ |iiy ra^ Ay 
irpoirxoM A. 80. 
npofaiyw, !• act., to fatiNM mm 
to be teen ; oifpawf mXif vpo* 
faiywy E. 748. 2. to utter wordt ; 
wpohfiivtp ovrf /if/Coy* of r' IXa#- 
ffoya T. 323. 8. fa (cy epio; 
ftotpa wpo^aivit Bokiap tal fuyiXav 
Arav T. 847. 4. to Aom a dtug* 
of doing anything; ri pi^yrtc 
dXXoc^y yviifi^ riip wapog ^» 
frpo6fai¥tc ; to do what with purpmo 
differing from tkoto thiogi which thou 
hlfWt dldu intimaUtlP. 1 177. 5. pati., 
to appear^ to bo toon ; rpoi^y^c 
ik fikrArav txwv rp^^o^cy E. 
1277. woOovyri rpo^y^c C. 1501. 
wpo^A^vfii KaCiaic ^Jm inpivoXoitfi 
vaic A. 1135. rpwaol ^iXiCipopot 
ypo^yifri poi R. 163. $y(payrfi- ' 
av) o&r* dir oUtvwv 9b wpobfavtiQ 
ix*^P ovr' iff Of wy rov yywffroy 395. 
dIXXa ^ &&hta — wpol^v^ Xiywy 
790. &Q nc d|^' ai/iaroc bfunpow 
wpofavHVa C. 246. 6. to bo per- 
cfivM tv Afcnng ; vpoAfdvjf kt^ 
TlpAfavToc^ forothowo, prodiettd ; iftoi 
yap 4y wpofavTO¥ U warpAcT, 1 149. 
wc rb Ofloy i}y wpA^vrow 1153. 
IXp^^affiC, 1. aprrteiC; dfrq ydp 
^y 90i wpAfaatc icjSoXfiy Ipl P. 
1023. 2. dirtetioti: M vpo* 
f dtff c BiipAct oeeordhig to iho diroc^ 
tioH of tho Contour T. 659. 
ITpo^fpifc, fuperi., fA« oldoti^ or fA« 
tooit ominont ; rw wpoftprAr^ piA* 
vw aifftatpt C 1528. 
Ilpd^pwy, wt'ldng, eordiol : yiyoO 

wpA^pwv lipTy ApwyAc B. 1872. 
npo^vrfvw, I0 pr0cr««il0 bf^ort^atf; 
jfiydy ^fiyfic vpof vri^avnc iMp- 
fiy E. 191. 

wAvrac ic «i^ov ^^ *^<vffai fofltp npof{iw^ aor^ lignifiM te A«v« ^m 
pdirpf+«v A. 270. ri^ yAp ff bornUforo; eovwarpbt^lgrpo^ 

n '^^-*» i — fl.^A«. ^v ranjp Aj. 1270. 

npof Mvtw, 1. I0 ultpr aloM^ ; M 
KWKvrtf — ix^ ^^^^ rpo^yflt^ 
£. 109. 2, to proclaim, U docloro 
publicljf ; CAi Mi irpo^yd rovio 

AvAyiai rjit wporpkwu fipor&v; 
E. 1184. 2. mid., 9b yAp p, 
X iffoyra rpo^rplif'*' Xfyfiy B. 358, 
gl. wapuatniaae, 8. I0 nhort ; ooi 
7' jfl-i^tf^vrM rf Mi irporpitoiMM 

npo^yy^ifM, to groot ; x«P<**' « ***' 

p4 Ooimiy At. 1068. v/mv rpe- 
f^yd votfi KaJf/«f lo«c rAii B. 221. 




1. of A p«non t irwf ^ «•& v^ 
X<i^f ^Knun» E. 1486. 3. of a 

|(^f x«^ P- 737. 0n ra^ff 
W0^X**f^ ^xP^* ^pf^ftm E. 1 105. 

IV«X<vf» « piieher; nrnptrirmf x"^ 
kUs — rp6xoy A. 426. 

q^XpUp /• muMni b^/onkand; mA- 
rteyiaM — 4 wfoCxptoif T. 69S. 

ly^Xiip^ la Mfoofiet; vp^ ^^y 
aM x<^ ayo x iy*»» #Mr odvancmg 

lifAium^ or vp^yuni, IA« jmoji or «lfn» 
of a ship ; clt ArrAMar, cb wp^poM^ 
«lff wp6it^ P. 480. aai^f aal vAaiif 
Cr ^f^< >4p aaWk vprfyAy^r 1487. 

I^y or vp«, ^rvaia/Mfv/jf ; B^BbiMi 

« ^wv T. 628. 
I^af^t a prwmonttiqf ; hottpSHf iptiM 

Uf^fpUf ikg prow of a ahip ; ^U irrXl' 

aTf ffZf wpfptuff fif vfvyiyiiy P. 480. 

/vfittr VMifia T«fac 'p^ifaff M 

P. 68ft. 

— > v^im( iiM T. 1171. f/ M ^ 
wpiftwr* txf^b"' ^^f^l^^ 1439. cf- 
Ami U 9mf wfirwrm XfiC"^ ^ 

Hp*» y^ y^ » » /vvl 3oni, nobU ; vpMra- 
T^Nir «&nMy P. itO, 

I^pmr, adf ., iGrtf« f^r /A# ^frtl liai#. 

I^dfvft Jlni^ m dignitfitimoy or placa. 

nradii It §iumbUi f «•* vralMr*— 
M P* 213. 

llTi^tt^ wimatdi ihtp4 w wm Kopi B. 

Unp69^ 1. a vtN^j arc^ y^ 
^oQ9S«f oAk tfaii^f fr A.991. 2. 
figuratiTeljy ait oai«ii derived ftom 
ilia flight of birds ; Urn U0 hrmt 
•3 wirnr i^ hiAf wrtflhif Hfn/9pf cZr 
Wr <X#af C. 97. 

Xtnf/lit 1. a iHn^; Acua^ff x*^' 
VTcp^ rreyar^f A. 114. 2. 

figiuatiTely, AtJUgki; >ar^ Irr^ 
/ifvr CrxMi^a a' ry a j fg 3{lrrdMar 7^ 

Urwnit. winged i AAt 9T§pm h ^B9 
/ a^Tte" ^€Tai /a^eyri^ v/i^t *Ai3i|ir 
C. 1460. 

llT^f, winged ; 1 . of a bird ; 
wnpnig in ittfuk waAcfat Aj. 140. 
 i ^ i >p tpmp P. 943. 4 nr jrrfrbff 
•2Mi4t A. 1069. arnMir Ay^ Ai. 
168. 2. of aa arrow ; vrfWMi 
2m p. 166. vA^ ^C AaviMAar «r 
«vrt v4|Mr araa^ mSt Mvt m >•> 
0rfi f^fide 703. wraryNr 4a^ ^yir 
laAMT 1096. Uaad aateDhotieaUir ; 
4 wrapal l^ai, O wingtd pMwt P. 


Ilr^tfvwy la tffwadk, or attal/ through 

terror t IWn^la 9t9«dr C. 1463. 
nrvx4« a/oltf, thence a dM/9 or A<i//!m0 

between two mountains; iwrakif ^r 

Kitejp«yet«rvxa«f B. 1026. 
Urim^ la a3aai<fia/#, le 9pwm ; vr^ar 

Aatl Tf li^iuiH) A. 649. ar^aat 

wpoffAw^ 1217* 
Ilrwmir. fugiiive. JiuiieriHg^ of birds t 

wM^TSf lAiiri /M P. 1082. 
IlTMyM, c /aU; wtwrwat — fipor&if 
X^i wbAAA 3fiMl wT^fun^ m^xpd 

A. 1033. 

nrmx^t f^' ^* ^' <liat; wrwxf 
SiatTp C, 733. 2. of a perwn s ' 
arwx^f ^1 «Aaw/ov B. 433. m4 
a^ vf^pff «T«»x^ "^^ ^kAM/i^Mir 
1606. ^v>df afir ((« vT«x^f ^Ai^ 

/A^r C. 443. VTttfx^ f^^ if^^ '^'^ 

i4mH 1337. 
nv6uc^f, Pgihian^ or Detphie; t^ 

nii6iit^ pmrruaif E. 32. ti n«9ia3r 

itev /larrf Mir B. 242. rk IMuA — 

♦«($otf Sc^^iara B. 70. MAaiai IIv- 

iuctS&of E. 49. 
n^iat, Pgthian: 4 v^t n«9(aa # 

Ai^&irttaiv ^irrair C. 1031. 
nv6/A4s't 'A^ beiiom; U U wviiUwm 

tttkHf9 cwXa kX^9^ B. 1261. 
flvd^iarra. propkMgimg mi J>9lMi 

fV nu94^iamir iartuf, tk§ nr&pksHe 

kearik qfDeiphi B. 963. 
nv6^f, Ipwardf Deiphi ; nv0dtr Ida 

B. 603. wpptieptu HuMs 788. 
IIvMr. /^Ma, or JMphii var aaXa- 

Xp^aMT nufiMWf B. 132. 
IIvad^M, to mak§ dou^ U fm$l§n; 

v^ 6iaasr (3d/ia) Aj. 378. 
IlMKwdt, 1. Midr, so/itf, JreaumU; 

wvKamt9p4eot9 Aj. 1187. 2. pra- 

dlraly shrewd; ^uUa tm dvtaa vmk«- 

Mif ^M3fi^ vb9i9 p. 843. 
lisaydrnpef , tMek-wingtdj or as others, 

aMtav in number ; wwofiwr^pei I* ^hm 

«— ffMTsyiaSa^ 3i|3drff C. 1/. 
nuKFdariirraf, ihiekig-^poited ; vwKa»- 

ertimte M^vtf C. 1094. 
n^anff , a pugiHti ; 'Xpttn — Xaris 

AjTaWararai vArrnt 8v«f ^i X''*P^ 

T. 442, 
nifAi(Si|f , Pghdee ; ^rart l^iwr Ila- 

XdlvE. 16. nMAi3ifl363. 
nsAanr* Pgiien; 'EAAdiwr ^yepal 

naAdrt3fff T. 636. 
n4\f, a disar, a iiala, a |Mrla/ ; ekgip* ^ 

hmewierev v^ift x*^^'* A. 1171. 

flCrw Tiialff vaara/Mir vdMit Aj. 11. 

ri$e wpkt 94hp £. 808. — db«- 

3fiaaA>ai vdMf 1430. laaaaSr — 

rrpanryiav vdAatf Aj. 49. adXar 

«- htM^ Urn B. 1244. v^Xaa ^ 

hmkA M^kmre 1261. cXfl^ >V ^ 

vnAaa fdls l^fytfai 1294. ktfU , 


>dU #a' hrrk wiSAoif rmx^ii^t Ul. 

«ai C. 1565. 

P. 420. 

n«Aaijp^rt MM ifAtf waiehei a door or 
paMtag$ ; rmov ynXiyb r f^Aami 
Tf wcpor V^ 'M A«(^ Aj. 559. 

n^^MTOf, ImI, 9 sirtm § ; t4 rf sanl- 
fu/jorwaif iwikdXayxt in$fA«rov — 'jnf- 
pof C. 1237. Mm, i^^f, Sri v^ 
/laror ^(^lov R. 668. Used ad- 
verbially I 49 wwii4r^ mi la$i C. 
O. 1671. 

nw$d9o§aM^ 1. i0 imqnire ; perf.« 
v^nw^uu, Alt , vc^ofuu. — 9or4pa «vr- 
acUoi' &r, tl vo^p tf^ 4 ffo/ray C. 007. 

' /aI^ ctSdr' «&r^r M^'' ^ ^ wy9«(y«i 
1 157. — r^ M^ wtfMoi votf Wir 
(4 v«r4^) T. 66. itwrw wvBd^&m 
tMT ijJi»9ui» w4fi 91. in w^Boitt 
8ri Ipdv — fwrntt^ vikuf R. 71. 

1805. — Mf!69 iMKUm vc^ftftf' 

^ Artp; 1444. 3. fo >mf 9Ui by 

^ inquiry. It h$ar; wvMvfuu — 

AiyiiUf ^ar — •Artr' cM(f ir jlAf^ 

pMy vMov T. 108. — Vfwvyt^anf -^ 

«4p<i mitfiuMi To4mAr 140. tJ^ 84 vc- 

9v9iUwp X^yy 291. 8«(i^ ln| vtviM^ 

^/yof ffonfyopfiy ^Mv vir r^jfioMw 

^ Oi8(«0Mr R. 618. — MiHt^ lUXofti' 

v^ E. 1216. Irt) v^tfoira (^^ c« 

vpdrrffiy} T. 92. rh /&^ w6^^9«, 

rwri fi* AXT^citr lir 458. Ut r%\%v- 

1 1 40. wv9iff$M vai8^t S^^Oj^ Arcv 
Aj. 628. r^x* '^ M* — irv6oiv6ff « 
9%amciU¥Q0 677* m^xP^'^t *' r^^r^ 
rir, XoyMt icokdftar 1 1 88. o^ 7^ Ibr 
^^ «v6oi^ fcotf R. 388. At wi^oi/tiit ib^, 
8r0v v^ ivfiivC' 11. fi ntfolaro 
ffuXArra rAfii 925* — XPP A*^ ^^*' 
9m9 6 ♦o(il30f, £r vc^fi rdx* E. 35. 
ff{ rets* i TCKoSra vc^froi 462. 
vffv^ci U T. 895. vff^M rk jrtdniT 
&9A(ai wa9i|furra R. 1240. /uipTvpA 
KdKtffTos MpAwwr rp«^a4f ra?f mjiy 
4«rty riAAa /il^ '( KXA«r «% C. 
1268. The old ediUom and MSS. 
have iriBn for v^, a reading which 
all the commentators condemn, and 
which probably arote from a mere 
tranfcriber*! error: but itill various 
emendations or alterations have been 
suggested in other parts of the pas> 
sage; Elmsley, Reisk, Dindori; 
and othen, would read rm^ak tar 
rUKKa, do not hear wktU eonoima 
me yroNi oihert^ that is, / cai^en 
mim fuuiUt Brunck puts a'stop 
ier |irf 19 and reads Tsere lor tAaAc, 


m*P 219 

d(9 not hoar (or inquiro q/) tkU from 
oiKoro: EUendt again would nut s 
colon After rlUx«( which he retains in 
preference to rovre or r^^) fiiteor 
me oeteroqui etiam (ttoi^ peasimo 
tibi oonsuluisse : ne ab alio coupe- 
lias, / ooi^tot ikai I havo in oiker 
roipeeio o/jo cotuniied verjf hoJ^ 
/or four ouppori ; ioarm U noi from 
oiif ono oiio : lastly, the former 
part of the pasuf^e is rendered by 
different persons in different wayi, 
/ cot^ost thai I haoo oomo (or that 
I am) tho woTMt q^Mfit in prooiding 
far ^our oupport :— or, / oall yen to 
witnou^ that^ though tho woroi ^ 
Men, / Aaoe eomo to prooido for 
^ur oupport: Dindorf well explidns 
It to mean ftaprvpA ttdunara om 
hiwoMmitdrm Bpowripia. 

llv^t 1. properly yk'rr ; v5p 81^ ok 
np^r P. 295. wopkt itha 298. ry 
KtHUfi^ ryS* hroaaXoniUp^ npl ^pift 
aoo 789. apuoooo hfuupmairoo vwpit ^ 
R. 177. %t 711'^ — 9ypl e^pi^oi am- 
rdxpat A. 200. vSp hipattM 265. 
Oihip6tf 4vT^ Ik wvp^f wtptamA^ 471. 
wofti^dKroo mp^f E. 1128. ok vip, 
obit tyx^ ''*' Mio*9Mv oka hoor pd^i ; 
T. 1010. vvp^ ^^yorret Aj. 1257. 
wupl and rrtp^nuf R. 470. wokrf ' 
^vrti wvfl A. 181. wjijp woUmmo 
XopJp/ (i^ptto A. 1132. 2. used 
figuratively, perii; epW 9opi itpftf 
wiia riff wpe^o^pp A. 615. 3« 
groundtooo hofo; 8i\vt« t^ Amf- 
aioTff wvpt £. 876, sehol., Andry 
iKvdu 4. an expression of re- 
proach I i vSp oi and wSr 8f$ie, 
iAei» Jirohrand and uitor horror 
P. 915. 

niipd, a pifrOf a funorai pUo ; wvpSt 
wA^pM^ T. 1203. 4rt — 4t vvpdr 
/M 6jff 1244. nr vvpf anarros £. 
747. ^xSAa «p^ avpkr ip^ k4§uCo 
P. 1418. iox^f t 4pd vepof — 
fiiarpoxor E. 889. 

n^pTOf, 1. properly a tower or 
turret ; oCrt *^PYO' ^* f^aSs R. 56. 
e^ iffrv y\ oUk «^P7or 1878. «^ 
701 /i^r, oT w4ktr or4yooaw C. 14. 
apir atol ort^intpa «i^^nf««r— ^H^oar* 
ror iKur A. 122. oor ir rir (/le*- 
ptiior tirnow) iKfiot olhr^ "-^f^* ^ 
wiayof^ ohx hXhervaoi — root lap- 
^vyour A. 943. 2. met, a dO' 
fenoe% a Mwark ; Awdrwr 8* ip% 
X«ipf e^pTSff Moras R. 1200. eya^ 
acpol payhiMta xof^ w fa Xtp ko vipy ou 
fwpn wiKarrai Aj. 1 49. 

Hiipy^ff, tower-iiko^ towering; ka^ 
dacpat («€ vupyiAset wXawlff T« 

n iytier, a machine doing the office of 


f^Arf^m|f4fP.llU. 4«iyf^ 
fm Mf TffAr l y^^ fti rfi C. 65. 
 ^ ^<F"> IfTftmSm 19^ B. 900. 

900* 9./mfr^«aAy; iwmffdfm 

lU ^ mit f perimimmm !• • «•//; «M 
mAidiff i<^ Avfrnff ^|^/Mr, «iitf « 
■MM mmmM m « dUfM WlrsiTM If 
fMTJilf jdteitff R.809. 

fl Mi^t l^i n / iS It irvslr to or irmtn mmmg 
h w § e §; bill ttwd flguimtif*]/ of 
f9ndm$ ik$ dmrmUtr ^ «if 


•Mr ^ p^pnif vvTi^ 
W ««M^vi» «A{yi»rrt^ fin 

wiIImmiI Rpud to ogo ; AlrvcforM 
wiMv MKmt G. 314. «rfX«iro% 
# fti^ftf^irmt ft l ^tw M VifaAoig 
1065. «Mi r l^pmi ^ «4A«ir 
l^i^Mff 1071, ito ^^i^tam. tn4mn 
94kmt £. 005. «mAm fiU fdfmmp 
71S. lrrV« r tx^ mUmc 795. 
I{^ 1^ Ar«r WXottP <iVii#off Iboik 
v^Ams798. v/rr»rrtf — > vfiAM 1m. 

lUpM, o dSmifiNkli • 5r«#nv»| tJb«- 
Xmv t^itTif P. 700. 

IlAtk 5Mvf Im Midkfli flMUUMP t 5ir 

IIi^ to MM# MoiiN#r« to • mmmtr^ If 

'F^ a puticle «xpraMaigc«ig«v/iirv. 
•orro eoHieti; §ikiKrf$ iw lU^m 

Af& •& M>«^ Aj. 1339. t^ iii^ 
^rMrA^X^wP.1381. Used 
adforimUlj ; ^fra 7^ rh 9U re 
#lb«^3M^»i^«Mi'R.320. ia^« 
Hr iBitr ftf^i 083. 

ipwfi^ PfUm a»rht fmiw R. 795. 

«^«is, c&r c5 rif 01119, fqiUtt kM- 
. iB^orC. 1S32. 
'PMuyMty imdoleHi; «m yap- /MMit 

fikut^t; E. 946. 
^ta(w, /« leal or bmise^ thence /a 

d€9if9M bif iabour ; 3oi)A«f Ai^r Af 

ikty&fptv ^MTo T. 967. 
Mmr, m rug ; BdKwtm pihc^ P. 30. do 

ftrrl hiaiUp^ ^dUni wfiHwru fimi, 974. 
"^^rro, MO AflMt- 
>iiXi(«» propcrij lo ctU Ihrougk Iht 

baekbame^ thonce It tlaugkUn 

mhtK^ M<f^ Aj. 56. rtfti r — 

It^t m;V^iC< 909. 
* "HM b^ componng rkmpmdUt ; IT 

Mh tho goddcM Rkm : r^ v^mt 
Twd^ictr "Mot fUor wMr C 1075. 

>^ J. It ^fc^brw o smni/Scii 

•Sr' 5r l>i4 Oilyioro lc(p mir^ 
Zi|i4 T^t 5AiS#f«t T. 9H7. 9. It 
lit; W ^cjorrtf P. 1176. dbt rim 
8^ f4fms wmkdfuuf mtr/; 1101. 1^ 
lor; C. 543. At rl H^a/uw 1799. 

*P^t, I5# /act; M^Xn r l^prfwr 
0r«p tifw^Uv f4iot o^tx^i A. 595. 

'PfS^por asd ^d^Bpow^ m turrml, • 
tftvoio, Hotr ; vc^ ftitpmri 
XcW^f A. 708. K^fMi Kirfi^tO 
rofU(8ff M0pw C. 608« A^Wiir 
lir^p ^49pmv A. 105. voW ny' 
A>]pAr *l^/iqi^ f94ipmf 1111. 

*?4wt^t9 verge, or tnc/int tcHmtdt i • 
fiAfi yjlp Ttvrt ^i^ rolrp ^httuf Km 
718. o-ofMs rovT^ Irri Ttitytr <lf 
ViU A^or R. 847. 

'Pffv/io, o #/rram ; if5Mptr t8 k^otV 
MCtAiX^ voTMT p§6fmri nirr^x«< 
C. 1 68. #^ia^ voXAf ^lyiori v^t#- 
vtieviUwenn A. 198. 

'P^,lt/0it; 8l(i|f I— KAifSiMf Mi- 
A^f ^tdnpr fwy^^t, rf rvnoMrti tr/oir 
/oMt ^prtMliNf «5rMrf to ooto C. 
960. Tovf • /Ur ^Irw torn t^^ T. 

'H7i'iV«<* 1* l» breaks rttn^w^— • 
OtovtO^rro ml hff^f'Tm wkMlir^ Ir 
fItllMi A. 479. 9. It 5Mf«l; 

U t t fbm ^oM Oi^ fif^ioro T. 
015. 3. intraiUL, $» buret Jvrik; 
VhO^ voyA fagyiwr 840« nd* III 

T0V iwaiv«aro 
*?t(a, a root; 


limr m^n^P (Kwci) R. 1280. 

*F9^i«, • tpord^ a sapina; 

Us Hwtrn^ma r6Bt rlfn/im; K. 355. 

^^b«mi C 818. IjprMf vtm^f 
^il^lr ^ itftApo/uu 877. t4 iro^Ai^ 

TMf i ^ p il r if riW( 1283* Kwm Str- 
mIC'wi' ^it^*^ Aj. 388. rk 8«i4 
fitiutra «— xnn^ 1205. SmtA /t^ 
•Air ^ilfM ^^ Wjp8ffi aroirdy E. 61. 
*fi|T^f, tkiU mn^ or 001* te apokgni 

H. 8»3. MAp hf6aC Mk ^nr^ fm 
12118. ^^yllfl^4rT'lvatC.l005. 
8<ii^ *», 0^4 ^^ (r«^(#»y^ 
TCI0 iwaiv«arot) 1*. 748* 

tkiitMeff mi 14 wmf$4>'fH 
^MtNToyO. 1803. 

r/MVf £«ttrr»t ^'(m' 
157. Pwyiipiff)c^ 

V0V 8if^if ' iror* «1 mv — - iMr tm^ 
i^ar4pmf ifiif ir^ii A. 500. 
'Pi^Mrf, to eausg h iuke rooi^ io fi.t 

fidBpowt yn$^¥ 4f^i(miki¥w C. 1687. 

*P^i^c(pfi«rot, uning a moift ekarloi; ^ttir 
^opAutrotf ^vyoyrtff ^AA«if, JIginff 
with ike coniesii qf 9w\ft chanoi* C. 

*Pnri^, a Mrmi*, « auI, impnlts; but 
iU MnM varies with the context i 
1. a bUt$t of wind; fitucx*^*^ 

137. iFri TMT ovrfir Mfimv tuMi 

^X^' A**^ r^rSf y' Ix^vfu^ A. 
920. « mjf or 5eam of the atara ; 
wc^^^ryyfiff Afxpttp ^wds E. 106. 
02 84 nrxwr &v4 ^iwor C. 1250., 
which 11 generally rendered and i/ome 
from the twinkiings </ the start bg 
night; hut Ellcndt and Hermann 
would translHto it 6/<iW«, from the 
noclumai htasit. 

'PivTftf, to hurl, to throw; woKrf 
fiwru ruy>{ A. 131* ftjdff^ vMt 9i» 
— ^nrrffi irp4t hfA^hveroif 4k vmtov 
94rpt»¥ T. 777. Tov M^r Kff^oXV «ra2 
ykAcffOM ixpay ^arruBtpi^as Aj* 235. 

'PivT^r, AiifM ; i ^nrr^i 'I^rev ^per 
T. 356. 

"PiiTTif, le lArotff, Io cagi^ io expou ; 
r4 yitp adrteyfta rvyx^ fb^a -— 
^r lUimv «X^ T. 602. f^i^y 
KAW X'P^l*' •" Ooror Upat R. 719. 
Ir l/l^itftr olrxpwf ^ ^pi^ior P. 265. 
Wi^f r ^jcr^f o^r^r T. 268. Ik x8»- 
9«f ^/^wr lovrir R. 1290. pilfer im 
yit 4a r^et S^ev rdxi^v* I486. 
woAAA 1^9 rdkta x80rl fbrrmif Uaniv 
. T. 787. ^ psM., Ilk — A«f8i» Kvrlr 
v^ifreff Aj. 817. AAA* erxfrai 8i^ 




vdrra rovr^ 4f^tfifJpa, bat att ihit it 
tune gone^ ihrowt^ tuAde {in eeem) 
AJ. 1250. 

'PU or ^fs. M« nodHlf; iMmr 
^w^dr/ 8n# w^ ^uvt lie re fee4e» 
wkwAt fuXae9h o^ia Aj. 901. 

*Pd(. aflmiiii ; 4k ^ ao it M^m y^reen 
feai Aj. 415. 

"Po^^f, le murmiir ; 1. tnmi., rwra 

4ffi9ew4itetA,290. 2. intrani^X^ 

*pAor, « 5j/SAm0 dashed ai^ust the 
slioro ; vAff wh^ 4iftipiwK4tirrmeMUir 
fUtfot Kkvme ^- fiterkr Ker4exw r« 883« 

'Poi]88er, a tehlMMing noiae; wtfAe 
yitp foifiBet oia Ae^/tet 4ie A. 991. 

*p/raAoy. a club; r^a atH A^x** 
^49aXU T« rivd/eem T. 510. 

*Poir4, 1. M^ turn ^f the eealee^ an 
imputee ; efuaph wmktuk eiifmr 
«MC«i ^»iHt R. 981. 2. • criffiff, 
A eriticat tnoMcnt; 4¥ ole fiewf 
wif 8c tntfUtm T. 8*J, schol. Iy «i»8^ 
irid 4ir\ ^vpev Air/«nf terofUif^^ 3. 
Mff //iW mnmctU t^f t{fe ; ftmii 0iee 
/MM (^<rrO (.'. 1504. 

'Po^/m, /o abnarb; 4a iUp 4ax4kte» 
fi4fiptnct eipaat WMsyioMCf r' 4pvi^ 
^f^o^i^wwucevrT. 1044. 

'PvOfiiCm^ io tneaaure^ or to shape; 
rl9e PvBfdCttt rj^v 4fik*^ K^ifp firsv ; 
A. 31 8, schoL ^XW>T^C**'« 8umnrMr. 

'Pv/io, a defence; aftuapoi ueyJikmr 
XOfit a^oKsflbe v^pyoe fvpa w4korrm 

*Fbopat^ io prelect^ io rescue; f^ 
pe aUfokaaee C. 286. ipflan^rb 
ptfikv irras 4w rpm loplbt 4pf6eeTo 
Aj. 125.1. 8ri fyme i rt fM»«r nfyBc 
Pvaaipiie v^iv R. 72. fvnu asemhe 
aeX v^Air, ^vetu 8* 4p4^ koeoA 84 way 
pUuepa TOO TfftfnyjK^f 312, 313. -— 
£X0(8* fori! /»' hw4 rt f^rov Ifl^e 
Ktuf4e^w 1352. 

'Pi^ior, 1. a pledge^ a hostage; 
ksSl p9\(o¥ cl^a focwe ««Uff< riCx* 8i^* 
0'ctt C. 862. 2. a ransom^ a re* 
guUai; ^^r p6¥ov 84 ^vtf-iair r(r« 
▼<Uat w^f Tov 8iMt0iirrof etf84r ciStnu 
Koie^ P. 947. 

'Pvrib, a rrm or bridle; eirvui^t^ 
hw\ ^vT^pof , le AiMlrii tfrtM tiaekened 
mn C. 904. p4yu9 IwwMr^ebimipa 
hafide Aj. 237. 

'Pvr^f, Jiewing ; fwrme Mrtof Keyrpk 
vol x«^ff C. 1594. ^vrwr BoawopUsm 
frerap&e Aj. 868. 

"Pii^, strength; hurrrh — oh utf 
fdp:^ rnvtir rir. AAAA rW wA#lc4 
Xtp»9^ R. 123. M<i|ff ye pibnu aaX 
wpenrtwr sv rte^t Uam 1292. rotpyot^ 

T. 1015. r^ 



7«fy /A# pokt ^ mp toH bMuUei ■!#« 
A. 1199. ^oiMpiL >«fir Ar ifttidirur 
€ml9ti #iff wpotr^x"^* CS« 321. 

riipvm A. 405. 

Abofn rf nutt^fSo^ Aj. 19. 

wdM$ AJ. 573. 
aiA«yJff, the iilmnd JklBmif ; 4 cXcikA 
SaXivJt Ai. 593. r^s Iftipifha^ 

v^SorSo^U^uMf 847. 

SaXff^, /• loi»« It heave ! a metmphor 
UkcB from the toning of a ship in 
a itonn i w4ktf y^ — Ayv f3if 
MXf ^1 R. 33. wpAetet ik /Uim m- 
Af^i 'Wi4Krpa E. 1063. 

SaA^H^^w^ff, the city Seimffdeenui 
5 e^Ar laX/M5«K^^f A. 956. 

%ikn^ ike ieuinjf ^ ihe tea; ittwokr 
Aev wikmt Ma^ h^ Ur%9 P. 371. 
2« utrd figuiatively of a city egi- 
tcied bif periit i Ti/UyM^wMtes — 

A. 163. wi^Xii -« irAiwcov^ai iM(p« 

^ w#6 r It* efx *^ ^^ ^i »i n> eiXmt 

SUXviTif, a intmpei; olFr« rev aX^tfr 

•vUvryytt Aj. 384. trrdimt V — > 

yaA«9s foal ^iXnyyef J^ay E. 701. 
a^tt, the dtj 5^rtfw; rlr wpki 

IdfMmm ilKntrpaw A. 1034. 
a^plt JinA ; mplntt rr^ ^~ iftit 

•a^aUAarP. 1143. U iihf iijci- 

nefiifipmiM edpitmt T. 1043. 
lavrevy the leflex pronoaB of the 

iecond penon, qfihpie(f* 
liifa, mtanyiutigfpiaMgtCeriaimh^, 
Im^tfi^h cerimni Mfvrw (^m) T. 

Zaf4i« ai«a{/SMtf, J^'a, Mrlata, «irrv ; 

r^yi/faAar ea^f Xfoift P. 401. vU- 


r Irrlar M^t #a^f R 
TAm(rr'3r4e4«M^a^ll83. am^i 
irtflnu armsi eaf it fUir a5f ar 
Cri497. ea^ vfemgp^oi^a A. 34. 
V Ml^ Ml ra^ A^; 401. 

^aIm r4Aaf 4va aiMi f8/vaa/ V^0^ 
#i^E.18. ea^aivMaifa6«if 33. 

lawt — iiu9 irjydkft aaf^ 41. 

aafi #1^ tteSra 873b viyiMr^ 

a5f# (a5rv) aa^ 964. aaflt «^ 

X^ffer ij(in Hftnfuu 1 104. iitfuilf 

W #at9 A^ 1314. 4^4m* — <4l 

Tavrii aM Ulfeyeof — aa^ 1358. 
At rdjf ly aa^ A^tficyT. 388. — 
vav ai fiArra ff aa^t ; R. 390« ^ 
/4 M^ ^^ifiot H^^ '^s low, ft 
aui^s Irt Zc^f , x^ Ai^f MIBtff aa^t 
C. 6*29. compar., 3a^ca aal aa^aa- 
Wjpinr aA^ fo(/3otf re aaarov ZifrJt C. 
796. — Miperl., ai^ a3 rif 3a eKowmif 
rdV — iufMoi aaf^arara R. 386. "^ 
ifiir» Biaa{/Sr«//jy, plain/g^ eertaM^, " 

Jfidmntfu^ to esHnguith ; mei,^ io U\jie ; 
Ktl fi^ 8c«Sa rif r^ySc wtTptuf iefitew 
Aj. 1036. 

a<avrav, the reflex, pron. of the > 
•econd penon, ^ thffeelfm 

2dfia$f 1. aanaralioa i cfirc^ '^•^X** 
Ztbt fh' H i/ua e40ai A. 304. — 
3. an object tfveneraium; iatA/MO^ 
kyweS Znn^f i^rjarar a^/ter P. 1373. 
£ Hm ieyfhp e40at R. 830. iiai^Afff 
Ai^a^f ('Op/anif) aaai rea iati 
eifiat E. 676. Crt tA vir^ T'^XV 
Vi^3<8oaaa, U» itdtruipa ran/poKritfrnif 
ktirrmif $^lp9, rf AmtprUv e4fiat 
iw4fTmre¥ P. 400. 

lefiUm and etfiiCogtat^ 1 . to worship ; 
ffl #4i4f — rhf iupia^ Ic^ aal ai Af 
rait aff/tfC'o' — Adaafv C. 1554. 
3. to revere ; 9€oht — ri^uuf e90i(9ar 
C. 1011. r^a fffoff/tfaa e^filemea 
A. 934. &'>^ aff/Bia«f(ff C. 643. 

34^ and e4$ofutu 1. /a vorjAip ; 
ImfUeme ff3i| ai^iaa R.886. aiaM 
T^ Aiarror ff1|^ y*^ ^ 3|i^aA^ 
e4fitm 898. ^Ai3i|r, la /liiw e4fiti 
#cAa A. 773. 3. to revere^ to 
reverence ; r^*Ai3ov a^Stia A. 776« 
9ff«a ^ i/a^' 'l4iW ff Ai4^ a/^MT 
fuyler^ Aj. 699. a/ISfia ^a tfo^ 
i9ffa( rif A. 864. pan., ^ r «licM 
a>Aiaa ZUp e4fiote fm \w4ka) C. 764. 
3n aal ai4Ait r4rpo^p m^tkee itMoerv" 
TfSr aal r^ ftkee e4fite$m C 187. 
re^ fwrtieoms e4fitaf C. 1379. 
ra^ i/toewkdyxrovt e4fi§af A. 507. 
•Tn w4fiti I^Mir P. 1148. rAAafea 
a^^errar — ipJaaa M epira A. 166. 
'Ar^daf H$€iM Aj. 653. J^^r^ 
yhp T&r 4^ Vx^ r^fkar ; A. 740. 
oh yjb r^cf 741. 3. to eham 
regard ce retpeet to ; rohe hao^ 
a^iafirrat a^ir A. 736. eh yh^ 
raaT 4t wkdoe e4fim R. 700. rrflt 
Xf^ wiiFraM e4fiew £. 969. 
Sitfiaaat, JaUemed h$ m refe\ ueed to 
deicribe the ^ Me Ww te a 


chariot ; if |i^ •* Am/ ff 99tftSa9 Tv- 
v»r E. 713.> Me AWiwu. 

Ai^f ^iXor C. 96. 

mIJmi ^il0rrcf A. 291. ^rlot X'P^*' 
Ini^av E. 708. tTs «yV ^ 'fM^ 
a«^r Z4fMt A. 580. db /Ur Sl^ 
ir^cof — #«oi voXA^ oiUm 9^wrm 
4p$mfftar icdXuf A. 163. 6f«f — liroi- 
^ffr 4w 8* Itf'ffM'ffr ^7^^ Mo7t 1360. 

S/Mf, 1. a Jtams^ alio /rv; t^ 
voyai^rit ^ Mat ^^^aior^rcvimr P. 
974. #^m«r WAat T. 604. ircv- 
icinrf Ai^Mrra A«viir<(8*ff WAat T. 
1188. ^.Hf^mimg; fiparriif ru^ 
< Ai^ ^Aat C. 95. 3. tho shim- 
inp of the euni knfiMfl^ ^Kiuit 
cOmt E. 17. 4. the Hphi of day ; 
1 fociv^t 4Hpaf rl wvf ^ikn AJ. 

ScXAd/fSflK, prictU of Dodona ; ^uv- 
Tflui — 8 tAt ipffCiir aca) x^y""*"^ 
iy^ aiXAfir iv^Mif iA##t «2rryfa- 
^qy T. 1 157. 

3UX/ia, m rcwiM'b^neh; hrrUa ^ 
9ihita0iM MnrriXXfTaa A. 7 18. 

S^^/uura, a tfenerable pntpik^t ; r^ 
99iu4iu9rw 81^ 11. 556. 

SffiMs, 1. m€r§dy koip^ $aermi$ 
9%it9^ noo'tiSdr C. 55. ^fl/iM( rt 
muf naAXikr *KH^ 1092. ^c/iFai rt 
Ifwv vailfff 'Lpufitt £. 1 12. ^^fiyJif 
*Ep<yvf Toy^Sat Aj. 824. $§&¥ 
^tfunhfC* 90. air raZrSf rmtt c^itr 
puiat 8i}^^XMf ^*e4f 459. t^ etfulitf 
iifOfM C. 41. ^ticMMT VtCmtT. 762. 
•9 v^MU tfc^tm ri8i|MCrrai WAi| 
fiporo*&uf C. 1058. ctfu^ -— fidBpw 
riV krKht9p¥W C. 100. — tA Wfi/ 
V fati ro5 8ffo9 fmrrtifwra; R. 
958. % nraudf booii/ul i rkvdfu^ 
(fwil KiKaCitt^^wn Aj. 1086. 

Sff^fiai, to hasien^ to depart ; rtirroi 
— Ht' afoovf T.. 642. i r 1^0^^ 
/i^m Aj. 287. ^«8ff(f t" It oU^w 
'^ ^T^Mus vX^oy R. 446. irav inpff7 
4teriwwt 0v8f(r; C. 119* viUjy, 
^(\a, ffv8&/My 1721. 

SW* • '^ r«o#M in a temple ; XpiS^t 

P. 1812. 

Sn/ia, 1. a m^a; TwrS* &ro(ff'«if 
dbiaT.611. 2. a portent; ^^ 
8orrffS oMlr oiyiiTtpr rpwifurmr C. 

2i|fia(rwy 1. le tiuftealf bti eipnt or 
iMrtft, to eignifif; €%i»Jafi 8* 5r« 
^i^r T^ iirX i^Aor 'leyi^Mii jK4pa 
C. 821. y6m yitp ote iuri/iar€9 



aib«ff C. 1665. ri«aM^, ^i^ fx«< 

X4p«r wfl^ afrrW rM« 71 P. S3. 
K€WO¥ Tk 8^#a^rfia eiviatrta rUt 
87. K^^orra wpo«Tfflxe>'T« ryuif- 
rovei /aoi R. 79. roarrar aiXt^ virra 
ffilf»ai99Uf ifniU 226. x'^i ^^^m* 
8&«r988. nvft^Mn*' 1050. ri^i««v 
C. 6 1 . ravra tnnuufw^ ikkkuBa S67. 
T^ wpe^^prdr^ lUif^ e^fuum 1529. 
hiXMS 8* l(f ri vmMmr viw A. 242. 
K/»lom tfivuilrfi /laAiSr 1193. ya 
X^f ffiifuurirm T. 844. X^^P** *P«' 
4|faat 7^a2ti ciqfudroved n 867. «4- 
/uur' Sirav faidrrtt — ykmrras ix* 
ipoin mA^iutw £. 1286. 2. to 
eemaiaiuf; W x^ vaifiW; dtiMoii 
T. 595. Tc^KM»— rq^^'wc lUXfir 
^r 4h^ ftowiir r «/!& Aj. 678. t^ 
1U9 rif a^ rtof airt yiipa 
C. 708. 3. mid., t4 ^ 
|iai Aj. 32. 

%miuiinmp^ ame ' who hrk^ imtelKpenee^ 
an infenmant ; a5rM pm A €^' 
fidnwfywoS R. 957. 

SifMiari a i^a; oivmmi T alkt 8f- 
fkf diPrf rev Kwme^^He^elpere A. 
257.^ aa^tfiVMr tMn E. 874. — 
Olivia 1^ fl^cir Twr84 /ia« avyiryT^f 
€urpir^ % fipominr rm\ % ikAt rlUt 
C. 94. 9i4^ n^MM fdreu Mx^ 
fflf 4^ yeyAt E. 24. ^a»« 8^ eei 
tnupM^a, rMff a^rrofia R. 710. Aa- 
/Siiv tfiififfMi Toiavra 1059. Wx*^' 
ail^Ma rivr ^ft^f nkUtr A. 985. 

S8fMi^f« itreng^ vigeroue; iMMJimr 
hnrur eBwepittfor f vyf vAa Mipiar 

MreSf power^ etrengik ; oSrat 8i Wt 
KSy^ Tff aal oiMiw* Kpure*; C. 68. 
T^ ri|a8ff x^^pet eh yey^iptuce w^hes 
781. ^vfAMr afo iXiItf^aen tfi^i 
Aj. 433. 3* morai feree^ or 
etrenath ; f 1 9#6«f M^m/m E, 325. 
cl A4ito(f a6^Mff 840. fUym ri #M- 
Mt 4 K^apcff la^acnu viaaf T. 
497. e^^m 'vl rucfly tW fiaypor 
TfAfw^ai Aixe>^ C. 1090, thai ia» 
M rtiqy. *- tfirf^ rt y' lari vfi 
i&Ai|8t(af ^Mwf, R. 869. ^ 3. 
vioienee ; v^Xa ireipermi^ nikte ipd^ 
9$494% C. 846. venv^ 9$ivet — 
'AxcA^ff <A# ai(^A/|f river Aekekme 

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1. of hody ; 06 y^ hf e04murrd ye 
dkMP pe r. 935. fit taer y' 4y^ 
eeirm 1889. eUiwm poKpkr wr4a$eu 
a$4rerTet R. 17* wpo90)Jw§af yiLp 
a6 eHrm 1486. 06 >Ap 8r 9$Uoi. 
rehtAr 94pei ipnpee tpievr O. 503. 
a68ir atf^iw 850. ^pt^ /Ka" Saai^ 

vtp M9»e9 T. 923. i^m aJkyA — 
Saacnp ^ ef^ Aj. 797. 9. ed 
mind ; alio to 6# a6to ; atfrw y^ ^h 
reSV irep e§iret$ iXffiW t6 Tpafiav 



wMm M cSm 9i%w P. 1420. •& 
mUim^mf Ar fMMiW W^ C. 257. 

i999€m9 Mk #«i#9MH ^Mi 1S47. 

fnv H |i^ #flMf. vimi^0«/4ai A. 91. 

#«&w 1031. x4^i)r Mkw cidpofup 
Wfih T«vf^ AmA^^vfw A). 165. 
T^, «fir«f MfMT, n^ «ir E. 594. 
{vpfivw «Sr CrMVff &r «f^ 934. 

11 €6. «ttiy«r, i2 094m9M^ IwASv 
1407. 3. !• A«v# iMMwr^ or «MlAa- 

•Mmi p. 454. cfT ris <AA#r ^r v4- 
Am Hhm C. 457. Vf^ v4Air 9 
M^rwfim 0$ 4 p9it€ w fmir — /Uym 
733. •AM ##^iv v#i»gTtr iM^ip 
t4 #ili M^^TyMm A* 449. wmrfit^ 
«frff riPM« €§i»mT99 h wKtwr^ Aj. 
483. cint Irr' ArJkipvflMfr TtMvror, 
Strt mmftm ntftfiii^m rdp^ 1041. 

E.986. •«/miiv« Mi|84r 1002. 

arydk, !• 5# Mifiil; W irtyfi; P. 
794. C. 1273. rfyar mXt^M P. 853. 
rrySr f«A« R. 569. ly'fwr Irti 

T. 728. |w > f yyfit rrywov rf Mtnf- 
>i^ 811. Arri |4 '0^ Wjplnir 
1116. #iyttr4fMiawrE.1229. #i>fr 
AqfMM 1314. riyfir li>w>« 1450. 
wrfkn^UL C. 113. #5 7V •^ '<74- 
tf«pM«984. — #{>«C.lll. T.970. 
#f>« Mr ltr4n AJ. 87. wpirw Aj. 
SfyfMT, the promontoiy Sigmum; 
vwjp^SfyfMT P. 355. 

R. 341. f t' i>v #iyt /M <Mr€4 
v^0MiMi A. 1236. ml T#f ftyar 7«^ 
lrr( WW r«y9t M>*t 1241. ^of 
TvV^ 'iry^ |nrr«r T. 318. veff 
mMtuf 985. #r)V «i^*^^ '^"^ 
1105. rdj^h^^eryf «T4e<iV Jiff- 
PM Aj. 171. TWMull tf^riiMT 4 '0^ 
f^i 286. ^fyi^ vma' i§ut0 Irrw 
£.461. r(t •ir Ir A^isr ~ /MTi^ 
kan^hfUt^r^ kiymf; 1253. 

m wrpihJh f7T. 415. AT Irnriyr 
Ait; P. 731. 

— yilynftyfirt #vyw|r iwimHif Aj. 

ttyai^ 1. pioperlj <rMi; ts vA 
3tC/ Im^ipinr Wrt , /i^ ^diffaf 

wttf WW^^mfW^/f Aj. 636. TW wyKptKTwf" 
raw #l3l|^M' MffW ME VMPVff WfpHf^ 

mA4 yanii/w — > Ar iMtif A. 
* 471. % «i <rtn Umdi^m w^ptm ; 


«T«v4ffyrM 4r Tfpii ri84^ T. 883« 
irrtdwr/ ^iMM ri34|pi» AJ. 147. 

Xl^ fUT^«i 9tMft Kmimifiiin^ A. 

SkrfiXcr, the promontory Slpvitui 

liw^ v^r (Up^ A . 81 9. 
Si^vfttirt ^ M« rae0 qf Skffphui ; rfir 

iif^w Si^v^MSoy TtMos Aj. 189. 
2(rvf«f, Sityphui ; 4 f^v&^rvt 2i^ 

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wm4ff 1295. 
SiTOPdlpMr, auppiginff food ; t«9 wori 

Tff^d^Mu riT0y3/tfv fMAff«ff v49ir #\v^ 

8»t; P. 1080. 
ln»wrfi», le 5# «l/«fi/, /• Irmp tUtmeg ; 

— ; P. 721. ritfirfr; 939. /^ ei^ 
wirm R. 231. f/ S* «3 trmwi^9^9t 
233. •« #i«v4Mf l^ffi ; 1146. «M6 
rMMrfir C. 868. o0r' lir ^mw^^mifu 
A. 185. «al riMr^f ^mS E. 647. 

riiririlf rikr AmhV4(« mw4 JL 1075. 
iriar^MW^C. 1619. 
SiMi/t, proporljr on lA« l^ tUU ; not., 
igtwrmmi; ^itmAtf IsX^air or^ 
Aj. 1204. 

oviT C. 1215. 

4fAiricdCrfi A. 1016. 
Xnv<MpMf, SiMfRoiMMaii ; A Xw 

/tMpft y^'nif^9 fotd Aj, 414. 
avi^f, ths huti qf m sMpi §1$ U 

pmmuik 0ttdi^ wqBmrti — *E«rafOff 

Aj. 1257. iif lU^ riciff* $(rru 

wft T. 800. 
iKMifpufu^ §9 dUpem; ^ oraldCMu 

T. 985. 

lir/A«r, |A# leg\ 9hpu^ #jiiX|| «po- 
foUir £. 743. 

litmofami, 1. /o ok»erP0 , ^it^m 

9 htot*$ ToSro trvftpopas 0vo W w^i^ 
T. 106& 2. to eontitUrs n^m 
yip E. 434. €Ki<^mrU — iV ^XV*' 
BwMT ^^cdr AJ. 1007. ^^m 9k 
Twvro wfirwf R. 584. 

Smv4, <frr«»t QUir§; #»<v4 Tt yip #^ 
mU T^ l4rn|Mr «iMi tfAovror ImSi^ 

MUf V^ AXirrM Aj. 3. tfiniHit 
li^217. fl^ — A&vT 4v» #«r 
iwSri 731. U§umif «fvy«iv o»|r(ff — 
AroaiA^ 783. ftipvi ««M w m fi m ^w 
2«il«Tif, « AifrriMM# with thunder 
and Uffhtning; rvfAf 

vrtfr^tlpdMerAx*' A. 414. 

^tflvr^M^t 1. properij • efiyf; 

MrraiT «^ ?le^4rf M^rfpirE. 

412. MiWpV ■p g l M f J i R. 456. 



2. a tuppori; oArMr w&r' iu ro^ 
Toir 7f ToSr vid^pMy Iri Mmt^p^ 
vflit 0.852. 4 vidfirr/Ni ^MT^t 11 U. 
S. a §eepir€ as an onaign of power ; 
U ¥w aitnirrpu aco) Bpimvt fx«« C. 
426. 9f^wn hmX 0'in}irTpa irpoirfiy 
450. ^ic^pa nal tfp^vt Ixm' 1 356. 

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vanfirT/Nw M^'tftroi P. 140. 
2diirT«, torujA«iidSeiEm/y ii|Mfi; 4rf 
4 wyp^ipot Mt mcii^ 4Aa4Mi -~ 


v^AiT R. 28. 

3bniV>/f , a prHsxi ; •hr6pa, m4 ^irfff it 
•1^ oSffoi^ri^f E. 574. 

^Ktd^ a thadtf or ghadow ; 1. uaod 
properly ; irofac oTf Mipuv vcirp^y 
f imiryoS rvidly P. 934. 2. figu- 
ratively ; tfxif riyl X^vpiif iuf4ffwa 
Aj. 294. ffiroMr re fnu tfiriikr Aiw 
^Xi| E. 1150. 4^t aU^9 lUAo, 
irxV «yB«*Aa — it aro^^ip ^kuU Aj. 
126. Mp^f oto^ &^of« AAA' 4di| 
^KMf 1236. tKXX' iyit miiryov «rK«aff 
o6ic hf wptaiftn^ A. 1155. 

3UAi}p^f, hard^ harth^ eruei; VKknpus 
itoiiov UfffMP R. 36. ^tk vkktip* 
iytof ^poi^ifMTU A. 469. rk atcKiipii 
— Mxyffi Aj. 1098. fficAii^ fiakBd- 
Hwt A^vwy C. 778. rJ^ ^kAiip& ir«- 
rp^ff acAvcTf roDS* Jipfl^^rov 14U8. — 
trickiipkif ^xhf^ Aj. 1340. 2 4^vx^ 
itkAiip^ X^i'/^' Ai6oie^AAirror or^- 
/uor wapix&wrtk T. 1250. ff«Ai|pay 
^/r.olBa w. rp6^w Itcrt C. 1611. 

Sicoirtei, 1. to looXr; vkqitu^ (t^ 
tww *ir^ iwraoBm Siirr^t wirpa P. 
16. /&i|ic#r* AAAMTf ffKiwti E. 1466. 
2. to o^MTM, to Aramt/M, to eontider ; 
iriCvra 7^ vkoww P. 282. W 3^a 
8«i ffttoiruM 426. irAoCr ^^ *( dir^ir- 
Tov fmAA«y i| *Yf^^ mcowuif 465. 
T^y ^/or ^ffoiTfiv 604. mcowA ithyA 
585. I|y tS axoww ^ptffxw tafft¥ 
R. 68. T& irp6ff jroo-l vkoww 130. 
frof' oS rif &y 0>icoirwr ntt* — iicfidBot 
ffa^ararm 286. irdCyra yiip CKon 
A^r291. T^c 0'ffoirfiir4O7* vh6- 
wu icX^¥ 952. 0K0irou0'i Hy ir^lAai 
yiiwn ^BopJuf C. 370. citAwn ii4i 
aw wpiiw' f roy 9toO ^Xauerda 1181. 
c2 — iw^pydffttf vniwti A. 4 1. 0'ir^rci, 
Ary «i(irirr' ^oi^Mte 58. 06 rhf 
XP^PWf Xpk AMAAoy 1^ T^pys ^icorcly 
725. T^y a6rov attowH^ vpSi^u^ T. 
150. o^Mr T^ To^rov fi2AAoy 1^ to»- 
/liv aiC9mm¥ -Aj. 124* 3. mid.» 
in the same senao; rl 8^ Ar — 

R. 964. Imoti roitfttr #2 ffKorov^4- 
Mil rapfiH9 T. 295. 
SirMrir, 1. a waieh^ a §coui^ a 9fi$ ; 

rdAir P. 125. t^ vmirf ^r ««« 
^Jr in ^Mfta^it C. 1098. ofirtx' 
ifu¥ flKnof 0'icair^r vpoo^fit C. 35. 
^Ko«if 8^ ruf — efx^^w ^rcAdrSOS. 
4»f &ir tfiTMrol yfiy iKff rfir c^fi^wr 
A. 215. iijp^t oTa SouAc/off firyjk x*^ 
poS^cy, oTm wyy l^ffrSo'i «'k«vm Aj. 
925. 2. amari toaimat ; irdlr- 
Tfff, AoTff ro^m ^icevofi^ t«{<^ 
ay8/»^f roSSf A. 1020. 
SirercWty dark; yvfifAmm ampvt^ 

W R. 1326. 
3bc^of, properly i/ariknetf : 1. tki 
MhatUa beiwo ; U» ow^ot, tf^i^ ^r, 
Ipc/Sof i ^oMLvifrvrw^ in iiiuol Aj. 
388. A riir Acl ic«r& ySf vuitw c^ut- 
vot C. 1 698. ri|f ri Kol 9Kirtw jc^ 
C.40. A yAwKfiOi voiScf ipx*^ 
VKifTw 106. 2. the darkncM of 
hiitidH€U ; Ut axirov v4^ 4^ R. 
1313. fikiwomm tw fikv Sp^^ imtrm 
84 m^or419, that ie, tniikv M- 
trorro. — 6$o^i^ — iw axir^ ^ 
Aonr^r oh iiJkv o&r IBfi in^oiaro 1273. 
3. eanegaimeni; t6Ko9 atcir^ Kp(f^ 
E. 1388. v«s, T^ 9lKakh¥ ro6pyw^ 
irir^ov 8ii 1486. in aitir^ nir 

vM-ci T. 593. T«r Mi|34y V^f if 
axir^ r§ximiUpw A. 490. rt fu 
KOT^ vxirw wvr\ htfiwoKf k^yoiffi 
irp6s a' 6 mwfidniM ; P. 574. ^/Mir 
McoiScty lir^ ^^0-ir^ovri(5t A. 688. 

SmotAw, to darken i iyib awvrAam 
fiki4H»pa arol 8«8<iyw^ Aj. 85. 

SkvAoI, a whelp; *Ai8av rpUftufttf 
ffK^KwtaT, 1088. 

Sx^y, #jmm7, 5ooi;y; mrwAiC v^ Wr 
M^Aa0pa irik W/A^ir P. 1414. A 8* 
&y A43pf 0>ir ^iruAa — n4f VMJkv 
^mV<(W< 1417. 

2«t^MMr, a eub^ or youi^ Am; |a4 
rif, 4»t icfHis ateiiufw kaibnis, 8u0>if- 
ywy &M^i^ Aj. 966. 

licvftos, Sciftoe^ an island in tho 
iEgaaan sen ; liis WMpiffdvv Xsvpov 
P. 240. Sri x4 2«il^r Av^ir AAjcI- 
/utfT /i^nip l^v 826. ^ff tV Sinl^ 
381. ^vfTpcua Sirt^ff 457. fd(««r' 
A^k^ kattof 'Hi¥ :Uvpoif 958. 4w 
2n^M^m#*'1344. 1354. 

S^pdf, $mailflUiie» 

liofuuf irov/uu^ to hasten ; ^(Aor Srris 

S^t, pron., ihine> 
Sovrior, 5'imiviii a promontory in 

Attica ; dxpar ^wh vAcUm Xnn4ov 

Ai. 1199. 
3to#i» wisdom; 09^ 8* Ar ar«f(ar 

vopafMbl^uw iufip R. 503. ^0^ yi^ 

Ik tov ffAfii^r Ivsi w i ^arrtu A, 




2o^{^ to pefftrm h ewmfng or 
#ip^m«9mu p. 77* 

Sv^MS, iMii/, indigence: Sert ftk 
wwdmf wwrh ^w tm» iStov R. 1461. 
1^94 TMT rM(nir r</ texfffC 607. 

Srari^T^, sparing^ ecnnip; wwean^- 

A. 1068. 

4«r»T.775. irpljrrf^irw«r#wv^iM*«' 
< Ti»^ Jim^^m 1244. 
3bi4#Y<iMry ewttdiliM ekihee; Uaf4w 


S*d^, Sparim; 1^ el Mwc^ Yi>m<r 
it 2««l^ rt P. 325. Svipnvf Ai^- 
tf«v 4x«tf AJ. 1081. ffb 4»4 lieifffm 

anvr^f f «oivit, a funiaro* of the The- 
bus; #wi^r«r4s^M^C. 1531. 

avM^t, a JiMUM, or eonvuMen; 
fipvxAtiufeeewmeftmetT.W2. MaAr 
4cr Arfff wwmetUt 1073. 

SMUp 1. Upbuk; ewdememKnt 

mim fiereS hdxne T. 687. it^FM" 
#v£««R.1248. 3.lolMr; ^• 
peSm If eUff Biip^, etxM rov Kueme 
^Meree, e^ ^wdeturret i^^tpahere A. 
358. — (MUM., iewure yitp wiUi^ ml 
perip^mt T. 783. •vfimtt ^f x^iAaT- 
mr AAX^^Mf ^oMuff 4FyMir A. |Ott. 

tauum 9p^ M^f, bui pereuaeien 
Jrem m villmkn drew thee E. 551. 

3mpa, m eeii; *yw — «A^w t' cini- 
Amv ^4rir «vt(^tt#i hKryoKkAereu 
A. 346. 

avffipM,ltM«r; 04Klir«raMM^4^~ 
Ir' l^w§ipt £. 523. muSof , ott ffci* 
Wt irort T^kil' ^'^ ipevpaif IkrMror 
X^jS^ ew§ipme /dree wpoeuBt «<&- 
|iyi«r fira£ T. 33. ^hrpUVUei^ 
iew§tp§ Aj. 1272. — pa8i.»Mfy vtp 
•Mr ierwd^ B. 1498. 2. lo 
eeaUer^ to epreed; m^ — rrtlM 
^«rdv iBi(iy •lffird(#vfl'4;ur E. 632. 

viwt wwifUem Kmfids £.262. vfis 
•mm <<(«#•« — «rif4ir li^; rfiff 
0wi9Umin; P. 1022. 

P. 364. 578. 1055. «>f^«M#ir^^ 
Afl^rw «w^p^ AJ. 1372. i( ewipiC 
'Krpim E. 1500. ^ rr<^' ^leytr 
C.329. <X«v — /4r«/>^AM'* 
<iy>f f»5iiW •0fM #v^^^ x ^yt* ** ^ 


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fta emf ^tmfi4im¥ 1137. frfhi ru9 
^^ttwrov ewmdfrm C. 606. 4 
rW^yiOT^ M^ rovSf 1277. 't'I^ 
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wdKuf hwr9 rei^le ewfyuM B. 1405. 
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R. 1246, g1. muBdr.rovr/tfTiroCOl- 
3/iro3af. — riret tf ewiffueref — ir«- 
rp^cr C. 214. & M ^Wp/ia fA^i" V" 

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eir4f§i I3f<y /l0u\4'»/Mi R. 1077. 

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laly ; rhe cljpoor 1ir9px**<4^ P* 400. 
Sirfpx'Mv Ti iro^' tfx^' 716. 

Src^Stf, to haelen ; 4yi$ U ehw x^ 
kSywt TOMTIT ix^v^ teweUw E. 
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833. ewt^mtt, el i»k9 T*vepw h 
rix^ ^fii» AJ. 791. Mr ferevea 
rhif erptenik^p — tA^ ^pftAftMPee 
1202. t^ ^iTf Mffiy 3^ ffol m^r^ iro* 
pav6 P. 616. ewM§ur iwh fvnipoe 
C. 904. •! /J» 4|i|pva#fUiKM rrt^ 
Sotwrur 1021., 2. to «lrto# emmeeiiif ; 
imI t^ 9^ #rff48oii«^ JLm mliro^fMe 
«Mt £. 243. 3f nrf63ff< «ayftfr AJ. 
799. riTffGfVir KotKn" niw^rSr w 
Ow 1144. iXkH yip el nrc^lMVffff 
C. 1027. 

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4iB ewkiripomif Imi Wmir ^ AiriSe^ 
i^n A. 1053. 2. BgitratiTely, 

the mind; Uh — iundeaaa 3i^ fuL" 
X»0m rwifihe ewkdyxT^* ' Joumeg 
thai hme eepeeiaibf hmrasied mjf 

artMr, 1. aehei; 4w ^ep^iwi tc 
/lorriti 9iro$f R. 21. M 0V«3# 
fotimem «|irlf ^cvfin^ Ir^iccro A. 994. 
2. the burnt nJkee of a corpse ; ^r 
0paxM X*^V fUyifTeif emfna UikeUu 
^ir«3ov ftpavaiw E. 748. (2«rTp3« — 
trvoSf 1111. ^ ^ iUftm wpethryi' 
^r £^1 ^T^t fep^s ewMe re 
aMl^icMCrll48. 5ff 4*^ 7«^ |i«i oi vpo0- 
#9«ar #ve<4r 1189. 

aiTM^ 1. erlffiiiy fiunilif; re^fi 
h^M{ui nrydr; Aj. 1277. 2. 
^prliy; Evp4retf ewepd rts if; 
315* efae w r — *UAi|r IfM'Mt 
K^p^ffw #yy>y (ty^ur ; 419. MXAmt 
•ATtMi r im me 0wepi A. 1149* 3. 
the eemin0 ef eeeds ; imNdne — 
iyptee ^ M ewepi Mpinevn s A. 

Zwipes, Ae eeming or p te dm ee; f ep fih tf 
Miymi e w ipee^feed^ the p re du ee qf 

ekemti eh yhp hffeen'fhe fiUe 




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T«if $pm§Upoa C. 1 1 46. 

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Ittfor, •& tfnvBaZN'ffit l^ir O. 683. 

P. 683. rW mvM r«x^ 1307. 
8t0v x4^ rwtvB^y IImt r^vdc Aj. 
18. rixyi — ^vm^t ^t ^i^M rift 
ifi^s •£« Ajk, an aeoiiiemi^ not 
ftorihy kow€9tr rf m^ Mioi R. 778. 
SNwviir, « tf rofi ; f^Mv ftMna rra- 
y^i«f B. 1278. 

^nor T^ — dfta P. 772. ar^p* 
ard^mw Bp drt gai xh^ i/n^oitrivom 
Aj. 10. x^ 9rd(H hnikift "A^mi 
£. 1413. 

Zr09ftdi9fam^ to emijniun; W xM ^< 
ic^) — OTatf/Mote R. 1111. 

Srotf/i^f, 1. a siaiiatif am abode; 
Iv^if^r / ^Twr — i| wp^t r^ XaX- 
iriiSorrof E&/io/af aroBiid P. 487. 
3. a eaUU-pon; x*¥^ ~~ ^^ 
T^ c2f fvavX' fy^ ffAovMir, o&r^f r* 
c/f r4 Aotw rralj^B. 1138. 3. 
a doorwajf or portaig tl aroifuiuri 
roMrdf ^^ — 'a^pow iyit «rfx« ^ 
hjUvw E« 1323| Ir T«2r m^MTit- 
tf'v ■choL 

Sn(^B7/ui, • drop or iffvmrffif ; ^ 

rro^/Mirof A. 1334. 
SlnCtf'tf, «/r{/Sr, dUoord ; rt r^ ifiouKop 

— ffrdaip 7Ai6arn|f Iv^povit B. 634. 

rofifim iiJkv tit Xiqfon ariffVf rotM 

iwtKB^ T. 1169. f^TM, mt^fisy 

r/Nf, /mCxoi C. 1236. 
Srar^f, otagnani; rror^ tit 0Btijp 

P. 708. 
3rryi<C(iii, lo eovor^ of sleep, lo omt- 

shadow; (hryov — ^ 0T*7«C^fir 

ifi^ E. 771. 



Srrvoi^f, eooerod; A«Mri}f x<^' *▼*- 
poyi ertyaa^t A. 114. 

3r^, 1. a ftN/, thence a Aoiutf ; 
Ktuc «o(as OT^t; B« 1164. i^^ 
aalkipfaf ri^rSc rj^r rr^r 1228. Xi9i 
arirpis iam 1616. M or^t lir« 
A. 1333. ctirM or^t T. 201. ^vt 
ffT^yfft x«P*/My 492. im/ ri iMuy({f i 
0T^ 864. vpbr olr ri^ MpSnr 
i^oSoaroptuf orryiit E. 30. rifo^fi 
iarooriipm oriytft 900. r4»8« ri^ 

tfT^y 1489. — TiJkff 4<^t tfT^VOff 

Ikov B. 633. ariyoi fUr dSc 927. 
fXIrv oWyor (viy^yrrai) 1384. 2^ 
rr^yu^UMrMFM 1396. wpfi^v^w 
rr^yof T. 838. ote cT •— xm or^ 
y«f B. 637. Korii ariyoi tfwcouo'ir 
irromoifrrf f C. 338. itarA or^yof 
icAi« E. 274. AJFyitftfot /i^ o& arordi 
rr^yoff 1300. 3, « dbiM6#r; 

oAfarhmt ariyp B. 1263. S. o 
cavom; Jt^uifmt rdvBt vfTsimt 
OT^P.1246. ^oifT^MftiM 
286. olmv^A^ rr^ ;»96. 4. e 
fftami tfr romirp fiam niyi/Mni 
rr/yii A. 879. Ik jmriipiixof oWy^ 
987. iw atmip^t ^rtyp E. 374. 
6. a IffR/ ; vyiof arW 4pir«iov tfT^ff 
Aj. 108. Moton^yntM^'IAvi^ 
mir 738. 

Sr^fy akouUf an abodo; vAwir 
Kruf — ar4yot Aj. 300. r^ ^h 
Ik h^ahv ^€ rr^f 1 166. 

Sr^yw, lo ooo#r, lo proieei; v^ 

ri /«^, fli 96kuf 9r4y»Hn» C. 15. 
lo ooniain ; r^ ^h^' ^''^ ^^ 
roAirffbw or^yor £. 1107. -* S. 
lo oonoeai; t( xpk — ar4yom % W 
A^ytiy P. 136. K«i — jdr ^ 
^Of rr^ B. 34l.^BM., ^i^pw n^ 
ilM9 f 2 rrryo^te T. 693. 
artivT^f, oloif/jf proMsedt iroddendomn ; 
rrffiwrit ^f fwAAif P. 38. 

Src^X^^f <o ^t pe moiy, or d§pwrU lo 

ooMOf toapproaeh* 
3WAAii, 1. act imperil, ImAAov P. 
493. 667. — Alt, ortXo^ir 636. 
ar^knin 971. rrtXtiW 619. 899. 
T.609. #T«Xfira399. OTiAoSpm 
B. 860. — ftor., IothAa A. 166. 
4cr9(KKfitP Aj. 1034. tfTiiXvri P. 
1066. rrff(\ayr»f 0. 741. rrctAe»>- 
rtf P. 60. — 2. pa«. peri, 
IotoX/Umt T. 773. — aor., 1^ 
AiK £. 396. Aj. 821. 8t Irrix^ 
C.666. 3. mid. aor., lornxkiair 
B.4S4. ^^ 

ffignification : 1. lo pnparo for, 
or Ml oiii on a JoumoM or oojmm ; 
Kw6t y Iv' tfAXor tfi^V a M&s rt 
wait IrrtAAor P. 667. r^t ortAov- 
/Mir 636. McyAoof, 5^ 8^ W»8c 
vAoMf l0Tff£\<^ir Aj. 1024. vpoSe^ 
/a' loutf Kdir\iirdiiyT^ vAovrmXffdr P, 
899. f ^f 8ror riC t' Ak nibt or^OiMn 
nwroi 1066. 2. lo tend, lo oono^, 
lo fgteh : l/i* «'' 'AxomW Afiioa'tm 
rfltfasoTcXflr; 619. 4i3<f orcAoM 
o'c 971. rhf ipydmp^ w^/o^ rvA 
OTcAourra B. 860. irteorht U ¥v — 
€ltxrnu ortAAy C. 299. dl ^ 4p 
AiToa OTf Uaa^f s !( oUmf i»»kw P. 
60. (/lat 6' ^ — ArrciA' ktfir«M 
A. 166* 8. lo Miul ybr, implying 
oommaiMf ; woKXJk yiip rdit fyyftlyotf 
IrrcAXor oMr iKwUitwifAXmw KtrikS 
oJbT69roKuf wiia^fumd iC Imimo'm 8^ 
/Mtff p. 493. ote l| Ms 9r^Kuno9» 
AAA* A y^pfiy Are inCrrwr atKwc^U 
C. 741. 4. So JU o«l, lo dfcit ; 
ffi^/Mfr — ««y3(icwr orcAf ii» x*^**"^ 
r^ T. 609, MhoL, varamiMir, /irS^ 
rcir, v^piiteAffair airhf roir^ nf x** 
tAm* 6. pan., lo 6f fiNl; 


yi^ •8mii' 4^rrdknM AJ. 921. 

«4p« C. 556. ^ i9 mt 9iU; — 
48f» tAcmt, rr/AXM«ff; P. 4(>4. 

1403. 7* /• ^ «rfi/ bj comnuuid ; 

^y iwrmiiJim^ T. 773* 8. mid., 

Jli jimtf fair U met^; lv<l fX*^9 

Ar«b«wf r»^ d^M^ iwntk^uiif R.434. 

3lr /j wy | ia, groaning i w6?ut V A/nov 

Tf naX rrt Mryyuknr R. 5. 
SrvMTii^, arimming^lmmintaiian ; /U- 
Asm r Ailf f e rtr uy p ul it mil y4- 
•if vAMrr((ffTai R. 80. artrmyiUs, 

int. lyUvTM, fll^x^ ~~ '^'^ ''^ 
hrU 1284. 
SrfPi^at. ioaroaHj /• moaia, /• Immeni ; 
itii rr^Mfi P. 905. varpbt f^ifvror 
lAMTMr d^— rrtWlfcji' C. 18(>8. 

9Ttrd(ii A. 873. vdfpa rrffp4(ciy Aj. 
961. 4ff lii^ Its Tj /U(n|y AcArx/Urp 
#TtfMiC« E. 1291. — /Mr, rrtMiCfeir 
P. II. 

Srtpvctiff, (0 he lamtnUdi Mf tV 
•^ #TtPMrrif y •M riv r^^Mi A\7f <- 
»^^{^/^tirrr« C. 1639. 

9f»n4x** ^ Amimiii, l9 IntMni ; <— A«l 
rrWxMM Ii^Xamw E. 139. r^ 
i«l «»r|4f 8«A«(s 0r*Ax9*f 1065. 

Sr^» !• MioMrfH le Immenti 1. 
intimoiL. j ««fMTi ^r €rir§» E. 
947. 4 WW iA«& tfrivM T. 843. 
tfrrt/^Alvrr^M 1161. W8^««ri 
-.- /»i#RiMriSr ^riruf 1178. vp^ 
8ikivff 7^ U 0r4r§it 1203. ArrMtrl 
8^ #ir r«a W9p$4r9a arirmnnn V^ 
T«^r C. 1643. 2. trans., % mS- 
MT rr^PM P. 338. t4 vwr vtA«t 
0r4mi9 340. tAvI r«l wrirm^ lumd 

795. 4 8^ 4*i^ ^4 «^^ ▼« «M 
Md r J^ rr^Mi R. 64. Atl r^ 

1707. I#W ^fMMtt «^o84mir vMot 
MKCMT rr^Miir A. 1234. rl 9i wf' 
— 4^' ^^ rr^Mit TdS«; £.1171. 
wwf r^ 8«^i^ ^A^ 9h 9Skp 
rrim; 1203. 3. met., applied to 
IA# roaring qf ihg $oa; icirfir t^ 
i^ VMn^rcNT kniiufw orirorm 
wirrif Aj. 'i()0. 

SrffMMfdf^ « luirrpw pasonge ; ZpofUt rt 
ffol tfTWMrkf irxforAmt iitSt B. 1 399. 

ar/fy^pia, « Imw dbana; or4frpifim 
>J^8MMfiM wfoofinkw w4iw T. 1 128. 

SrjpTM, 1. !• lovr, l0 tieljgkt in ; 

hnrl #M vAitr T. 574. iwU #• Atfx*' 


!A«mr #i^p|«i MxM ii Mi t j 
AJ. 211. M » ^ <^¥C«' 
R. 1038. 9$r Ir i#T«r t«»I' 
8r ^jdmmid Vf% •^' ^ t4imi#i r«t 


^/Mif, erifyiv $fmt C. 1526. 4»f 
wr4pytir ipj A. 292, ordpyti yi^ 
MtU iyytXoP tuutmr iwHr A. 277. 
K6yot9 V 4yi» ftkaSow oh cr4pym 
^Uinr 539. To^ovf fy^ ro^r 8»8pat 
•4 rr/^« «or^ P. 456. tfipar 7A0 «6 
0T4pyiy^t» oM Bai/iOMt T. 279. 
nuifat rii m(mv ffr9fy4rm^ ntryif Td8« 
Aj. 101& 2. lo en/rmil ; ml rhr 
kypfvrhf 'Av^AAtf and noffepHfrnM 
— ^^ri» C. 1096. 3. la 5tf Mit- 
Unied wUh^ io mequieaee In. lo 
picl up with ; iyif 84 hmyxn 
vpoifuior oripytuf ntutd P. 534. 
rr/mir ^Jb a/ vd8ai /u x^ XP^* 
{wMpy pwtfit 8<8dtfvffi C. 7. ^-ffol 
rr/fyt difr yvmutn T. 486. 04 7^ 
iTxf vAf 8r «T^|p|a^ iraic^ T48f A«4#- 
m«r 988. rr^i^or, krrtim C. 522. 

9rtp<4t» /i«rrl, eruei ; kf»mprtifuirm #tc- 
^ $tUf9fr6§rTn A. 1248. 

Tir^pUfpmr^ moInU; t$uXkn9 XP^ 
9r9pt 6 ^fimr $^ it 4^mr6^tuf luutkr 
luitour iM€tp§aU§r w6imr Aj. 909. 

Sr<^, lo deprive ; 1. act., 4 tV 
rrf^4^tif riffftf tIm^ eevrw y6rer ; A. 
570. 2. paM., ^mrht iertfjipdmir T. 
176. TiM^ y iertfnitUros C. 861. 
vAo^ov wnrpYou nr^euf iejepiyiirp 
E. 948. T§f r$t fl oTifi^oyuu t»- 
f9f 1201. /MToiarCw T o<r Ti}f Im» 
rrff^4'f^«< A. 881. — Motr^o^r 
rrc^i|8f(f Aj. 506. §t eee ertpli$A 
C . 1 445. 8imy 48«A^r iar^pkiiipep 
54o A. 13. ffo6 /*^ €r*p^^t yt R. 


9rfffirr4f , Meied^ ic be hved ; rt 8iT^ 
^Mol fikewrhr 4 ertpnrU R. 1338. 

9r«|pi«r, I. |A« bretut; fl8t ^ov 
Si^vtpif eiifvmr ix^ iXyiiea ^ 
P. 781. rr^pmr bfeypiUt C. 1605. 
4rHip««f erdpime vAoyit aipueeepd' 

rmr E. 90. x^^^V*^** '^ '^ ^▼^ 
Mitfi vM'ovrrai Sovvoi Aj. 619. or^ 
Miir 8if^Ci»^tr (Uf) T. 565. S 
pAn «•! OT^ 1000. 2. net, 
^ ehf pk er4prer itXy^tmipi T. 482. 
4^ wfupmr er4frmr b4x*e0m rhp 
Lc4nir C. 488. o0r«-^ xM ^ ^^^ 
wmrixfiPf iiie/iitobe ihme minded 
A. 635. 

SrcMvxoff eeninining in iie beeem^ 
ttiunco fruU/ui ; vt 8/iiir » er^prg^ 
Xov x8oi«s C. 697. 

Stmmu, lo 5o deprived qf any thing; 
Xaipwf TV mil tfr/jpitfte, lo r^/Woo 
antf lo 5o deprived qfjog T. 136. 

Srt^ov^t ^' iiakining ; funpiweSa 

'A^ ifrff rrt o owf Kas 4(^ pmt 
«f , A^yiA Aj. 250. 9vfl «■! ertpemmt 
R. 470. 2. briHimneg ; I Aiycv^ 
OTff^ovf fAoy4ilK» T. 99. 

2TM,5nipi*l; oWfo^Ajyo4t A. IIH^? 

^ifawt, a ofwpw I o4^o enefJmte 


•tfrc fialkiSaf niiAdctir pttftw 4fu^ r4p' 
^6fukw Aj. 117H. UneU m«il»- 
phorically m M# iviMirrl t^f vielorif ; 
TtfOc -Ap 4 rr^S^oMf P. 830. £r 
(ApitfrtLr) oMf lrx< tfT^^inwr c^ 
icA«(at fi^yw Aj. 460« the nme us 

2rt^^M»/i«, « erMMUn^, ampihing that 
erowtu ; ^rt^dumfta v^pyMT A. 122. 
9ipKW99S^ fuydkam ^mmW i^nC^ 
^tfdtmpm C. GOO. 

Sr^ff, a MWA ; rttt* Ir Xf^ ^f^^ 

rrMoi^t T^ v^mir rr^< A. 427. 
r^A0av koifiairi ml ci^cNrd^iMS x^ 

d iyo^pitliB £. 450. CM M v«7XP^ 
^•11 fyA OT^^ Afl^^it Aj. 93. 

trfikfU « |»i/ar, or M/wima ; 6w^ aM^i^ 
tf^iniir OT^Aify txitiif EI. 710. Aar- 
^di^i tfT^Aify htftof vtol^ar 734. 

Snipffw, to fijt ; poas. or mid., to rv- 
mam /Mrf ; ^v fumpaimm ^Tfipt' 
{u wvri rfr Aywyiy #x«^ Aj. 193, 
CwMf vflA^ Xf^^ 99wrh9 Irtrr^pH 
{of ichol. 

SriiS^, to tracks ww iertfitiTm wkmh 
^ Uv^povrmw Aj. 861. 

Sr//9or, 1. a no/A, « foUumy; 

$yu¥ ip^s Mt or j| $p»rwr ^rifiot 
A. 7C9. ri/ Ixft orifio¥t imukM^ ^ 
$votuaif{ P. 157. vrifiop iy/u^i 
TArSff v^Xof w«v 1G3. -» ^foyyii rov 
ffrlfiau Ktn^ Miyta» Spavmof, /A# 
votr« qfoM erawiing aiomg hit path 
with d^jgHetdtp 206. 2. a faotttep ; 
artfiou y oiMs ruwot P. 29. fv\d- 
|crai ffrtfios 40. in which of the 
above Benset it ic used in the follow- 
ing pasNige, seenii doubtAil ; ^/nf- 
fAOif oOrm X"^' 'Mpi&wmp ffrifiou 485. 

SrurrJf, varieffated^ tpatlgd; trruermv 
% Kaaimw lurk 9tMw P. 184. iiNti- 
¥na%¥ icMSm vrutrhv mpdmi^ tKupop 
K, 568. 

SroA^, 1. equipmentf garb; v'jfy' 
Itajikp yitp '£AXi8ot eroA^t Mpx** 
wpoir^tmrris ipot P. 224. ac/vfiy 
r« XA^^^ '"■' rroAp T. 761. ^urci 
vh¥ ffToAf fi. 184. 2* a fifirmetii^ 
a robe; fiopat /Upos itpoffHoffaif^ 4 
rufa OToKiir P. 809. aru^$ rovrai 
^kMMiir C. 1359. fAwov Svtfvirfif ere- 
Air 1593. 

Sr^Aot, 1. equipHutnt for an ex- 
pedition, thence a Jleet fitted out ; 
K€er4axo¥ itvpQ vtmfiJurg trrik^ P . 
270. w\4m¥ ybp ob ««AAf €r6k^ 
543. diiiKoyTir «*€ ravriir^ er^Afi 
557. 2. a navat expeiiituMf a 
vo$ag§ ; ab pAw vtvAiWKOff etfi^ Iro^ 



Kot ^ otfrf TMf wM^ov er^v P. 73. 
ic«i^ Vx^" v^ w^'^lAier tfT4Aflv247t 

— icA«c«9tr el^ fioi pumpbt *lt OKrw 
ar6k»t 488. r^ eboT fwryor rr^ 
Aor 497. X^ trT6k9§ wopirbiftrm 770. 
•ihror' &if erAdr iwhtbamr $9 1026. 
8. an anHaiReii/, an arMy; v^ 
To^ff 'Arp«(8aff ml r^ 'ArpciMr rr^ 
Aor P. 904. T^ Hr^Jiayx^ it ^b- 
fims ar6kot^ — ^f^fpat C. 1307. 
tMc fd^ Ktbff^9» wrikuf T. 225. 
wpoa§kBM^ dSt ff^ voAA^ ertf^y 
496. Morffi 8tf ^101 wpSvus eWXai, 
mjf wAeto |MO|i^ it skkeminp R. 169. 
4. lAe oeeMJoii or purpotg qf a e^y- 
e^; rlri er4Ay wflo^4^9t ripit 
yn^; on what pmrpote waUmg didtt 
Mom tatieh at thit iandt P. 244. rit 
e* i^r dbtoB^w er^Aet ; R. 359. 
T^ mrTMor iprlica arikt^ (^ 'H^weAi; 

— ItfwtfMifr T. 559. 

Hr6piay 1. IA# mouth; ttrxt bvA^ 
or^ o6w T. 973. ei^ Vf«ir(wr«» 
oripaffw T. 934. fSt mA^r irrl^ 
Mr Kop4ffai or4pia -« ^/ms dnc^^s P. 
1 141. 2. the mouth at an inatniment 
of speech ; wtploAA* /wcx^ ^ •▼•- 
/Mtrwv R. 1219. ydfwvt eol {vyife- 
p^ ToG mv di^KOff eri^urrof (X 967. 
*- ml K^rra ml veiwW rr^ui wpe- 
«i|AiLri(« R. 426. ri y dt Inrr^ 
war i\»v$9poi or6fia R. 706. r^ rot 
•b^(lfuv eri/ia ^iporrfiot Idmt C. 
131, that it «6^iyiovFrfft rf oripMn, 

— T^ Buoif aJbrc^ i^avayidCu or^ 
609. wmrpbt rb Zymiomerov ic4- 
wpoaiyopow or6pm, C. 1279. eel I* 
6w(AAiiiNri er6pm A.505. itt ^ r^ 
ohf ^ptffffu er6fM 984. roi^ j{S- 
MueT<{;«aT. 1166. ^a^AMiir er^^Mi 
Aj. 636. 0^ rb obp Moum oripa 
1089. o\ ml ri obif Xdfipop cr^pa 
1126. 3^Aof 9b pMbarl ncmbv ixK^ 
emr or6pa 1204. pnt^ iwairut ro^ 
pJb¥ oripA £. 623. /liAii ybtp Iwxev 
rur Ac^^r er^^ 1247. rb o^ V 
b^Rurm Uvp* btr6$KrfT9» oripmC, 798. 

3. speech; rbybpobp — htoucr^tpm 
aT6pa iknUif R. 67 1. cw'/ ^It rStT 
iit\96rres di^ier er6pa C. 985. 

4. the mouth or CHtratwe to a citjr ; 
^eravMAer oripa A. 119. 

%r6papyot^ bold of tpeech ; itipv^ai 
p* tit i^vorrar, cfrf x^ mic^r, cfre 
oriftapyoif E. 597. 

Sr^^My, 1. Me mouth or eii/rvin«« 
of a cavern ; 8^tf wa^i a6rV tfr^ 
ptw A. 1202. d ^n^ — xdihmfiow 
kt9oit4hktfTO¥ or6pumf wiy rf x**** 1** 
1251. 2. a 5i7; At, cT ris lAwl- 
e'lr KCMut v4pot ^{^prre ^ enrf^uai 

Sr^M'M'ir, |iei«^ </ «jiM0A ; 0TdftM 
voAAi^ Ix^ ar6pmw O. 799. 



SrvM^^ to mourn Jor; /d^ o^ r^ I I^psiiirf Sir, • camp; mrti^^Af^wwr 

^/lir rrwiBXiiv mir^ (I^Amt E. 131. 
Sr«Mix4f « grmtdng; fx*^^ rr«m- 

X^ AJ. 903, nine u txi^i^ wriv^w. 
Iirm^ut^ 1. uUering groami^ mourn- 
fid; rrtr^f^wiC re 7n^ fli^uwAtft 
R. 187. A rroa^ffora — A 'Irvr, 
mUh Itvt iAof^ptrw, %if E. 144. 
9. rourimgf of the oen; ^hp oro- 
fKltrre v«^m^ A. 1131. 3.«jretl- 
li^ groant ; rroMfftret ^f ta^ flriSiU 

Sf^Mfy 1. a groaning; arim^h^ 
rhmto^ 0ap9/0pSm P. 688. rr^iwir 
aauroS iroMtk 742. aritwf hrrhwoif 
1446. ir M iur^wm Mwra frA4- 
TlMTw ml rr^f 4^^9 T. 619. 
2. lAeitotM^liWfffa dashed agoiiul 
the ihore : rr^ fipd/uvat 9 hrrf 
wXiiytshtrai A. 68a 

SrANi^u, le Wr«w, /e tproad; wmSba 
cl3f m«X« l^tf'M 0T«fp^e T. 898. 

9rox^<VMUf <0 MsreA en/ ; •! 7f erv- 

ar/N£irrw, le UghUn^ io JUuh like 
Hghining; viwoKid rf orpdn^oprm 
X»f^ ^t Ayurih-^v fi^f^ C. 1 61 1. 

STjpNiniiyiey «ii armg; wpSroa itatpt-' 
«fls #T^cif«^^ef P. 1411. A^c#Tcr 
JaKu fi iof arpartiimros 1416. arpi^ 
arodmii' it 'Afyn C. 14 1 8. fr«f — 
rdUii^ arpdirwii* Ayotgu robrlv'^; 
1421. HjcXciv^'EAAiSef orpdrwf^ 
irfttfmFTOf E. 686. ^JcAiv^ r^ nw- 
rot^ arpi/rwpL 'Axwfir P. 69. 

Sr^src^/tftty It eMlr# a miiUarg e^ 
pediHon ; e^ — rifi dft eftruc' 2rr^ 
T w< ip»Te yiMuic^f Aj. 1090. 

Srfcnn^M, Io Irarf oit amir, io bo a 
general; A rov ar prn t tivn ^mafrot iv 
Tjpo^ «m4 'ATMV'i^ttwef wai £. 1. 
«eS^ rr^«nry«?f reSSc ; Aj. 1079. 

l/Tfoir^ymif, a camp or encampmeni; 
lUao9 M - ir^ee'fMAAr erpefr^Tior, 

Aj. 7oa 

Sr|p«r9>(t, belonging io a general; 
«■! 3^ VI Si^^Mf 4^ arpemrfieiv 
vtfAoif Aj.49. 

SrjpanrWf , a general; ei buraoi arpn- 
vvyw P. 264. r^ff — tAt *Krp4- 
mt b&eaue avporen/unf lOia obx 
Uete arparry^ Aj. 108^ I* rtpot 
arpoenffit 1088. vAfMVf Kkpmma 
Kafilm and r^ arpenr^ («• 109a 
«fi^ rrponiyofo eArt potidpx^tot po- 
Amt 4iP''i' 'AxMiir— * 3M#/iMrt* 1211. 
6eTp«Yy^Mv</i^4rnraf 1366. ^«^] 
— 'Hlf^T y 8f4Mu Hp arponrj^A, 8. 

^i^i^Ai r y , |A# lMM<0r i/ on anM|f ; 
arpomiMiroo XF^^f^ C. 1431. r^ 
•vpnilAinir 'Ayy^poiewi Ai. 1202. 
— A IivAm rr^OTi|\iru P. 782. 
'Arftaei, IthM erfcniAirai 861. 
lAJWr^iAAtr— rr^OT^Mrar Aj« ^a 

tfrpor4v«3or Sw^^qi^iJhuf P. 10. 
2lr|par^f, 1. afianit|f. 2.acroi0itf; 
Tirytr^f rrparte TrfLrrme T. 1048. 
3/4>in| T^ ipjucToa Iwitofidpotfa orparhtf 
hipue 1086. arpvrbt V — A»MU\u(t 
T^ 9§odaif E. 739. «7M /«' iw ««\Af 
erporf 3«rp«|f^oefirra T. 792. 
^lirp^pm^ 1. to luffi, io wield; Bik 
uoKyfpJupw orp4^mif ftlpmemot — a^ 
Mt Aj. 672. 2. Io lurn upeide 
dbiOA, Io uptei ; ^rrtou adru erpiilmt 
— ai)ipm0» woMriXXerm A. 7ia 8. 
paat., Io Ivnt back or round ; xp^f^ 
fipax** arpm^rm C. 1 644. or^ofc It 
•0r«f IW ; A. 316. 4. mia, Io Itirn 
6adlr ; arpi^ orpdrevp' h "Xpyot C. 
1418. 6. in a figuratiTO aente; mm., 
iobei^/iueneed or movorf ; rev 14 eev 
^ff^^ o^ hM orpoipetnpf J would noi 
be moved bg ikg noiee Aj. 1096. 
alao Io be changed ; iclr ^ov arpOF' 
^/if OvfUt T. 1 124. bMipJtnl pke — 
«5 erpipfi E. 606. 
Xrpo^dsf whirled round ; ipKrooorpO" 
^dJUt KdkevOoi^ the eireular paiht rf 
the Hear T,nU 
liTp6^t^ Strophiue^ king of Phocia, 
and father of Pjrladeo; y^pwr Jtrp^ 
ftotE. 1100. 
tifpwfit^ epread^ ouiepread; arpurh 

/SdAAomir ^dpii T. 912. 
Irpu^dofaoi^ to roam ; tiXkf U K$Xk0 

bupJermr arpm^fUini T. 90a 
Snryc/i^r, 1. odious^ hatrful^ abo' 

minable; arvytpb» Ix^ bbewarpoif 
6pAr la" iXXoit P. llOa rhf ipA 
orvytpbM T^ydSa ytSaM 1169. 2. 
wretdked; vX^y roiy ervytpour A. 
144. A^ TOO aruytpoS T. lOia 
arvy^piar twkaaf Aj. Ii7a ^Mrrai 
artrytp^ Boipon 1193. ervyvpel <^ 
mU E. 92. $p4iimif o ^v) f ^p 6e to y6mf 
104. 6i|po^0Aefii'rs vniyiMr Imi #rv- 
yi^ oryyput P. 166. 
Srvyc^. wrelehedlg; ft u pe g oAo fi r r a 

aryytfoif arvytpAt P. 166. 
^iruyim^tohote^todeleet: ro^3i(A^ 
Tovt) md wpieatat orvyu P. 87. 4 T 
*Ar/w(8«s nvywr 389. oAvit^ *At^(- 
laff ervyn 682. Idi^ re ww 8tT ^ rtf — 
arvytit 1307. olbr (M^) ml ary 
yme^ ivoucriom R. 1296. rde re 
roKpAaoM aruym T. 680. fMl — 
rrvyevo'i ro^ ttoKobt Aj. 13a ri|f 
li UadoM (^i) rr»>6 E. 1016. aor 
ak» iyi» yumrmt oUat owjfu A. 667. 
paM., ri W iarhr — wph y iptw — 
yobpame; T. 786. e^ret 1^ 
Sr^^Mff, Stggian; Itrbywa Upuf 

SrvM^ 1. hat^; b 
wJLm^bt T. 1038. 


rrvyMSri Ai<. 

^f AJ. 658. mryyi^ rt ^Srm P. 
1123. «wr 6btA9 — mryi^t C. 
1175. rh TaprJipev ^Tvyi^ wterp^ 
iptfios 1392. 2. utthappp^ wniek- 
ed; I mryi^ mUiP P. 1332. ^ ryr 
y i$r vA wfAcBw ertrp4s (Sflu|i«r) 

£.906. a<iMMmvy»£vr'Ax^84^ 
OTvyifhv oiu^oM A. 121 1. 3. MMMtiM ; 
ffrvyifhs fU9 ^Untnf Si|Xor <! R. 678. 

"Apqf A. 139. 
Srv^A^r, rugffed; vryfkh 3^ y9 mJ 

X^or A. 250. 
SvyTffH^s, 1. alrJM, ^ kindred U ; 

71^9 S^ C. 1159. 9^ H wc^ itiiof 
ivyyvi^t %K9ii wo9ip E. 1193. Mpa 
vvyyini R. 551. €vyy%pu X'P^ 
5y a broiker't hand C. 1389. Uied 
subitantiTely, kindred; rh €vyyw4t 
E. 1461. R. 814. 2. bom Uh 
geiher wiih; el U virffww fiirh 
fu futtp^ ml M^yAi' Mptfftuf R. 

:JhryytyreH^ ie aid; A BttA wtcrpfot^ 
mrfy^vBi •/ iXXk rvr E. 403. 

%rf^tyrAaitm^ I. te he made eon- 
eoieua of; wMrrn &r ivyyrotfur 
4/Mym|ic^«ff A. 917. % io pardon; 
ffiyyrtfre E. 249. Zfte ihf (iWyM* 

3iQ7M6fii|, pardon^ forgiveneu ; ovy- 
yi^fifir ix*^% tignifics /o foirgivei 
wwr^ tk reirrmv^ o73a, «V)nrMSfii|r 
lx<« E. 392. 5i^pl wfyrAiknv ex** Aj. 
1301. rb^oif al^ff oinryMi/M|y Ix*'*' 
P. 1303. IjSf TM r*xi| omi^ M^ 
airp 7*, kkkk ffvyyr^fip ix^ ^^ 
eireunuianee is u^feriunaie io her 
at leasts but U affords oeeasion for 
forgiveness T. 327. 

XuYyrmfuir^ni^ pardon; fuydXspf fiJkp 
ifisH Toirrmr $4fMroi avf/imfioaitnir 
T. 1255, Mime ai irdmt vvrff^imft* 

tuyKoOaofUCmf io inter iopether; wewrm^ 

^hfyKdfum^ io iaftour together with; 

ytc, oiyKOfuft Aj. 967. 
2iryKara(f i^ymyM, to bind eioseig with ; 

bdo^iw^ ftTp avyKori^twcrai tautfAj. 

SiryKOTaTOM, io bum ioaether with; 

ir pwairdaof AoAAoa o Zii K4ktarro 

ffvyaofi^Oofuv A. 1 187. 
JeyKwrtucTsiim^ to siag iogsther; ita- 

pawKiKr^ XtfA ffvynemcrhs — fiorh 

icdiBornpof Aj.226. 
3hryK«rf ^muM, io prajf for at the same 

time; •» Ip^fr, T«vr« #vymir«v- 

14^*9^ A. 1317. 



%ryieaTouc4m^ to dwett together with; 
4e^^g 9ur ToifS*, r^f 4 Siw^iA^f 
T/jfNM' T^/wrri ffirymn^finiicfr «ii«t G* 

SvyKwrMJcrf^M, to Ismail together with ; 
otairJurx^ avyaaroutrtm^Uni T.532. 

liytMifMu to lie together; rmireir cI 
fioKnrs frovi fiUxwre x4|<*f tpcSt 
4^v avymifUpovt Aj. 1288. 

Svy»r«^i(iw/u, to mingle together ; 8*i- 
Aalf 3^ avYK€icpafuu 3uf, / am m- 
voloed in wretched 10109 A. 1295. 
ThaiL^aewr dbtr^ r^ie avya^KfOfid- 
nir, Aj. 879. woffxpt^r^ avyKpoBtis 
wrapped in the anointed robe T. 659. 

S^TucAifTwr. eonvoked; oi^yicAirror rfi^ 
iff Tcporrw vpoMtro hjUxf ^« 

Svyico^fuEo^uu, to /io totlA, to 5# married 
to ; r^Sff (rf ofirolrrp) ovyKO^^iiiyi4> 
i7|r E. 266. 

2i/yicofd(t»^ 1. to oofiMjf together; 
irroSfOa yd^ ftot awn avyitofd(wrm 
C. 591. ffh ^mm rw^ vor risfhr 
X^potrfi^ ovyMi/JC«<y Aj. 1027. 

J»yicvp4v^ to meet with^ to eneounier ; 
rp5ff avyuvpeoir^xV ^ 1406. 

Inyx^t to confound together^ to over- 
throw ; rk V iXKa ovyx«t w4^ 4 
wayKpariit XP^ros C. 615. t^ yhp 
aftutpdis ArioTf ji^ tV «i^t ^^ffxfi 
X^of T. 1219. 

'Ziffx^^P^ I* gi^l^S 'vyx^Mi MXiir 
P. 1327. 

2vyx«^fnn'^ot« that must be fielded to ; 
i|fur 8* o6xl 'vyx'f^^ C. 1428. 

SuAielAs to «po*/« to toJfco awag; «»- 
rp&f 7«jpat ouAMrrfff P. 1351. «»- 
Awrra r4^ irol ra tmt BtStf C. 926. 
— 06 yitp S/f vers {mirr6s 7* 4k^»^ov 
rmh' i<nfhi9nr #>i6 P. 4 II. 

SwAAiV'i^clMi, 1. to ooioOv to toy 

hold ff; K6fiiii¥ bMfH^ in^i nkkufiiuf 
X^pl Aj. 303. oi«AAcjU^ — l^rpifMr 
P. 788. tt' 49" V ^ o'vAAo^S^ fM 
967. (vAA43cr^ V 0^1^991. 2. 
to /oJIro atMrjf with one; fawKti 
4rHunh¥ IvKKafiur ix rna^M 79s P, 
573. T^ 8* o2ir ri^i^a ovAA^3^ 
BHnrtffftara lettru wap'^AtSp Tlokvfiow 
R. 971. rdaU vvKAafiitr ipds C. 
1 386. waSSotr 5^ ro6f ftkr (uAAo^ovo^ 
oM rp^i T. 1 143. 3. to oootc/; 
ov3<ya ^ oM* Sorit i^ov adft^os^t 
auMidfiovro P. 282. 

SoAAiw, to CTMiffi lA loosing ; si /ii^ 
^vi«aifwr AAAA ouAA4oMr wdost Aj. 
2iy<i9a(M«, 1. to ^0 tojgether wUh^ 
to assist ; 3r oASiM^^v ^M^t oU« tfiiy»» 
/9i|Mu vo3f Aj. 1260. Tipor0i ay/ifid^ 
fiiilicwf she is gone io Tirgns T. 1143. 
2, to agree with ; fmns 9^ 4yA ra^ 
roiri avfifiolpori^ Urn pesrum aeusfd 


T. 1154. ^wm* vlr hnJUk AW»* 
w^/tfiuipti 1164. TM^ pmtUpir^m 
0wiM9n Xfiifvm rm pw wtupirns 
172. 3. to befrU; f wpSru fup 

Eb 254. 
jayi/B^AAff, 1. intniu., to m«#I; 

^/i*^ Mi( C. 905. 3. tnni., 
to at Jf^ <» «lr{/Sp ; M#(3«X«tfr fvif 
Kami^ to 5riM^ i// tMfilf to aM/cA 
Aj. 1303. 3. to mnjeeiwt; ry 
iTvvdrv ew/tfiakiH^ lx«»; C. 1472. 
4. mid., to eoHtUUr with mtsttV; 

tAs in^«i««s IkhM' IH'VT* P. 

— #^aSoX«r ^ii^f A^»i|f P. 401. 

|4^ t^ ^^ 'T* ^M'Am' IL231. 
2«yi/SaXM« Me (4i)i«X«t. 
2mi3ow\<^ to ^M otfvlor; ^ii»N 

niioikmf Iri R. 1370. 
SiyijSottAofv an atfetjfr; #> r 4>^ 

tfw mtfrc #<y<3o«A«r t4c<« P- 1305. 
2«yi^aav4ktfMf9 to iemm togeiher wiik; 

aMtls iwUrvni i»» 9vii4taBup rhiwt 

Aj. 356., lee iwlmiim, 
7/bfi^aprvp or ^4<M«vrrvr« Me I^^i^m^v** 
Siy^Vtf^Tif^ to to«riAf togeiher wUh ; 

(v/i^tf^ni^ «»i P. 436. #ff ^lyi- 

fiafrvpm £. 1215. 
Siyi^icXM, to tftfitf tn baiiU^ io U an 

^; P. 1352. »* 4ff fiMCf rf 

yvpud wwmmx*'^ A. 736. 
24i|i^ot, 1. an «//jf <ii war; (i^ 
|iix«r Tf T«r /^ C. 1312. T«Mf 
^mrrev — virroZri wvftfidxM^uf 1397. 

'Ax«mS« tW«X^ ^ •»* i^^^ Aj. 
1032. <ytiir rir Mpa 8f Sjpe #i<|^^««- 
Xov XfliS4r 1077. ri fiauhf effrwt ^r- 
rpihnt Tiff (itfiH^XM^ ; Aj. 00. tw- 
dp9 Mfm im»*x^ woptwrdptu 117. 
2. AH atmatani; %««f ifM '^ 
/i«x«v R- 135. T^ t' Wpl T# «a^ 

^X«t ALni 274. el W /c^ A4(xw^< 
TvStf ^v/tfidxty C. 451. Wt Ir /it 
v£rl« ^m^X^^ •kM fiStf ; 819. iKr 

/ikxotft A«c2r 4«e< 1378. ri/ Mqp 

x/ywTi ml kX4m^i #W>«X«' ^ ^79. 

If 7 «^ «I >«i>M« T#fa tAi^ r^- 

any^icrtoxM Me ^vtH^^^KP' 
Sty^ffo, to flWWMri wUh or iogeiker^ 

to tf^M/ te MMMitftf s «i< m' it^ 

ey4#M^ and ihgdap now aceop^ng 
kgaampoMmwUk ika time gritvea 


Mtf at to wAol A« tff aUni R. 73. 
mU r^ IMiV^ T* awiitiier pU f u ws xf^ 
lY (C^ftrv), cjid Aavfffi^ €)7ImIM m 
iMjf a ftMtf, (that ifl, Aami^ /tiwi to 
«o advanced an age) 963. 

SUyi^MTpef lee ^Cftfurfos. 

Sum^T^f* MJfiptorf together^ inierndn- 

WKi/mru T. 759. M^ m1 Tiww igl 
ovyVMTV «nM( R. 1281. 

l^fifAumt^ mingled together; aiy»- 
ftutrd Tf Xclot Jttem fioimiktee ^poih 
Hl^unrs Aj. 53. 

Sv^roi^M, to jpor/ tvi/A; Nujpif^^ 
off wkuera evfiwm(ti R. 1109. 

Siyiveiii, to tfoiA against ; vAXm — 
$Urmwn aofoniooet hap a a tm f $xou 

StyiviyNVT^nVf Me |v/ivi^NitfTd(n|f . 

2Miir«^0Tiv44 MO ^v/iwapCmyu, 

SV««ff o'^f o// together^ the whole; 
arporit r^ e^wae P. 387. r^ — 
r^ram trrpat^ 1210. 1241. er^ 
rf (^^irarri Aj. 1034. rpv rt eiftr 
voiowf rrporev P. 1278. (^i^■«f 
'AxoMT Ao4ff 1227. — rleare^ -^ 
iCftMuptms olfToit 1031. rrcdw M 
re^ {^yurwTos R. 813. of e' — 
£r«r«^gyMr l^nutm C« 1329. r^ 

vorrfft 1642. — wir^ ieop W |4*- 
rarrcf R. 752. 

^t/arivrm^ 1. to engage in battle 
with; Wr AyfiMi r^ av/aname 
fUxnt T. 20. (nynrttf'^ ^»m /Uiwf 
{TpmeC) Aj. 462. 2. to Hght upon^ 
to/all upon ; aaaeti rowSrIff ^i^ivt- 
VTMc^ Aj. 424. evfiMiwru fipf 
R. 113. 

l/d/iwKwt MO ^^fivAovt. 

Si^vor/M, to labour with^ to aetist in 
labour; oH* Ib^f, o^ Tupoiirct fir 
TV ovftMOpttp C. 1370. fl {nytvoHh 
e>fit A. 4]« T^f aia4diertw $4Xm 
jmI tfnipiraMir Aj. 1358. ev/atim* 
warft E. 974. 

SUydr^offTfifi one ftho aide in dotnf^ or 

fartake§ in ; ' evitepditntp Uoo R. 

^to/iMpdeem^ to att together vJlA, to 
ffMicI; rk ft ikko ml (^N'po'^* 
Aj. 1375. 8f4 e* ^ §Arhe iM^« 
evfarpiea^w T. 1 167. 

SiyoTArtfi*, to/oM up; n^^vmiavyt- 
wT^ovo — bApae T. 688. 

Styif^t 1. toeoHtribule ; ^wotom 
w <MMrf^ lir e§49m K. 034. 2. 
to aeeommodaie oneeef/ to \ irr« 
av/ifiptaf TM Kpetoaoeip £. 1457. 
Tj8f ybp toeotoepmi C. 647, that ii, 
Twiyiy •ioM^iai. 3. to 5# ejtpo- 
dient; uaSpd *f in 4'(wf ippitnw 
wjSbt Mpa rMf oup ^t E. 1432. 
T* #wyif^ferr« r^ be\ Klq/me P. 181. 


rh evuipdpw vuMi 914. Afi^ 'wUttupa 
tafii ^y/i^porra R. 875. A m4 ^o< 
cvfiu^4forra A/{«nu C. 1 KM. Tf Aflr 

mtrmt Itt 1631. — ^omt tfy m 
{vyi^jpp, Ttyi^vnu P. 655. 4. to 

Ms; P. 623. 6. io harmonite 
with ; rti ir vor^ 4^ ^ iw^m/fao^f 
r^hiiiv |vPB(ffffiy ivoiM roit ifuSs «•- 
ir0«f Ai. 426. 9,mid,^iobearwUh; 
iml 0H|«rwpri tfw^ci P. 1074. 

Snyi^^ !• unUe in hoe ; •tm 


ainyi^Hy^, 1. on oMidlffNl, on events 
unpikinff that Ufalh \ t9 t< ovfi^o- 
^olt j3/«v — Ir Tf Soift^pwr (vMAAa* 
Taut R. 33. wl tk 0i<yt^opa2 afrroS 
miMfiXcif C. 1018. c'^TAp ^1" r«<t 

Mmu . dr /U4/919V ^por R. 515. 
roMTiv ^^tipoi^i mU m |«yii^op&t 
(li^of 4yi« iidKurrm tmt /fetiXcvyi4rtir 
R. 44. wiu^om yitp &r lt«6ty <A|r 
rmf iim9 r^t ^T^t E. 1440. 
fM^A M^ {uy«^opttf V Urafuw T. 
1135. aft ya^ £Xi* A^o^ «^. o^ 
4rffv (9ti^popat C. 146B. — 2. 
a fwiunnie event ; «&v| ^vfupopeuat 
IMv yrfifii^s S/nrti SiUpwor ififjdrwf 
Aro E. 1221. 3. a ealamitif^ a 
miM/ortune ; vp&t r^ wapo^at |vm' 
^pdt P. 873. Wt 4 i^^Pt T^t 
^uyi^dpSt; R.99. rvidb^ »ciW mfXa* 
iftauT^ avftj^opatiuprjffUiniif 833. 3c(- 
Xai« ToS rpv riff re ^v/i^opos f<roy 
1 347. KkO^pa UtM^s ffvfi^opas 1 527. 
(vftipofiat iMhtfi' it^V9 C. 46. ffh — 
olicr^tpoutp jcol rMf ffvft/^opat x^^ 
256. If TJ^r mXmhp ^yft/^opiuf yiruvs 
4pus; 602. StfTii ^i«vf fiat ical 
T^^tfvr Kol (uj^i^otfAf TvS ^oS Sdficat 
oT^wrvf 966. <i fiii ^vfi/poptA Kki- 
wrwffi lu T. 242. jco) (v/j^w^ toi il^ 
fiS^Mu W y 4r» ff7 820. Mdwura 
ffyf»ipop&9 fiipot 824. fiapntof i"!*^ 
piuf iw t/AuoiffUf varo^ff dtdofm^f 743. 

^Ki^ 3* woUa raura fufiipoplat (hn 
wiwoifOti 1066. •IpAfyu — > v^r d^r 
fiffi/^iopdif E. 779. of/iM roXatioir ipa 
r^U ^vft/popas 1170. ai^im, pajih 
wvtiipopiuf 64xov T^ Mpa Ai. 68. 
4w tf Ivfi^o^f 8ii^6^r A. 1214. 
SW^'f v«/u/t canvenkntf adoan- 
taaioui ; yuarfk fihf rk v^/tipopa 
rd^or rA' H*^m P. 287. «i^cu« 
Wm« vol fiotiiofjmt rii ^ifit^opa C 
465. tfiyc^f y ^r xajrotf •» ^A/itpopoif 
696. fflv4iy ^«« C^yi^ 1349. 



Svfb^vrt ^ ice (iiyi^vTc^. 

S^/i^Mf« 1. eotuotuMt la, mnjh/- 
jf^ in iriitfOfB t9<l4; Mt M riit 
ai|f iroSof oAk Irau X^V* *mh Ki- 
Mjptir «vxl v^fn^mtfotrixt; R,421. 
2. used iigumtifcly, kamemeui; 
rk yv¥ C^yi^MMi 8c^i^^tfmi C. 625« 

S^, {^y eAs^^to^ker, 

2^, prep., wl/A, /fli^Mtfr ipiM. 

SiwfSi* lee {Mn^&tfii 

SM4/Mt iCe (MWfflOff. 

SvmmWw, to approve^ to MMSMi't 
tbenco to Miuvfi/ ; vh 9 Uxl n'^' < 
mil ffWMur^cif 1^ ; E. 394. (kip- 
miP€ts; 1271. iwMiwp ttrnhn^evih 
^¥wa P. 122. Jhnp {ur^vtcv, M to 
what I premised C. 1504. 

Xwu»p(m wo ^wmipim, 

:bamky4m wo (vmiAt^m. 

SvMiAAay4»iAtonwn/ioji, mt^ thing that 
intervenei^ a eonjunctwre ; h re 3ai- 
tUimif ^vpoXkayaa R. 84. i^m 
liwoXXoEyp; 960. vekf fevtCnit — 
(vPBXAoyiit; C. 411. rh t h^ ik- 
h^9pcv in^ifutt puoihir^ hkMaMt «vr- 
mkhrftut^ T. 842. A^yt i r ^ 1^ 

i9 Iwuhknp kdytnf Aj. 719., tune 
aa rdy ytpirrmif ^wttXXmrwivrtm c^ 
ro^f 8<A Adyny. 
SvMiAAiwif, to Aam intereemm wiih ; 
M^ (woXX^oi^i «w A. 1110. % 
^eijjfya t( vif* 1130. raf e^ 

Tff T^t oiitf f evrifAA^x^t 4*^ Aj* 

2mwrrU(m^ to arm/; tf/iel onip^ ▼« 

arM viAidit 4jHip &vin|t 4pMi^ 

— ewmndCop R, 804. 
SiwBvditc^fMi WO timnreiir^. 

2lWvT*» 800 (wivTW. 

SiMi^>iri(C^, 1. to «iMr/«4 «IMJ^ to 
«furtf 0»; $t^ iwrnprnoffMnoF Ao- 
ytlmv Om Ai. 493. watBow — T%r 
fdp hprtmt iyit ^vmpiwJurm$ linyi^ia 
C. 823. irai tf^r muce^ jciwumci 
mU voMiX^^llfMVf tun^dUrfiey Aj. 
827. inbra y^ ewB^ivat •((•AX* 
3r«f fidfimiicat £. 1139. 2. figu- 
Tfttirely, to omep mentally, to 
prehend: it ivuMi tny^^ 
ixoCat KM (uM^vtt^tf <<yfW AJ. 16. 

ZwmrwurHtt we {iwMvirHlt. 

SvMwSdbi we timwtdlw. 

SvrouA/a aeo (uMwAie. 

S^MttiAof aeo (^vkwAm. 

2»r3fl(lfM, to »hp together wiA; hJJJi 
fM viwM2|or AJ. 354. 

Sw^^f, bound; ^ v Mrmn olbdCrnu 
Ai. 62. viwO^revf Kywr 4ftoS rmipove 
cJwf/ieTnpef 289. 

aiiiM», to binds rabf fi0rmsmb$o0^ 
fMSri vw84ret fitih AJ. 62. 4*^ 

H h 




P. 1004. 

jnU €^pm € w B. 488. At •Ax^ #«r- 
l^d Uimna w M#ir i« k vt4lf 1014. 
aUiiVii, riUlM§ im caumoii UjfHhgr ; 
iK yi^ €m49fmnmi rv aw nfm am KJkKom 
Mdkxfu /uvmrrit AJ. 730. ^hnp 

ttli^ ii^XiJtoapifmB C. 1884. 

!• A4i«t fmmUimr inttreot tn t miih ; 

^ymnuf P. 481. TVilnr 'At^Im 

li ««irl rot» aAnS twi^ Uakf^ ^ 

mU wHf R* 487. Ivflim tfx ''H^* 
ImSn M i^hfawrm T. 198. ira( /im 
I wyii ^n wrt j A&t |4rifrriar f^ l^ i 
Aj. 004. 'Av^AAmt — ^/m1 |»M/ifff 
dlS^fwr 091. TMt fMwv^i 
rp^l^^E.250. fUM^rt 

•Orw vdblw (NPi&r / IXifOfft ; 1381. 
dXcvrpM iw fU^ Kiiwptt Pu09w6iui 
IwvfiraT. 814. mf rcirp0y8Mif«iyw 
liMfir P. 70. I y ^tnt MtMff ^ir 
Tn^rwr (mix^ C. 1181. in wSir 0^ 
Xmti Tifir ^(Xifr /tfi/ii«i {mh^ A. 761. 
«Ma4f Ir ^wmSti kmruHm ^w^ 
AJ. 200. Vififf 8i — i»lB tuM&r 
200. twmt ^cM N^ma — Vx^mt' 
flfrf«8«i {i»Ar iiCfiif 088. W ^ 

It 8# jiMiMrf in mmrrmge to; ti^ 
ftdmpi {^Mrri E. 30a tms fsMSri 
raH wmrikf ^Uat 880. MunO ««^r 
M^, f tA rSr |4pti 88Z 8. to 
8# pruemi ma a guardimn ; i/A — 
ALni x*' 9irras cl (vPfSw cIvimI 
•iW R. 278. 4^ •'^^ «^^ ^ 
/iM lnMSrair flAvMT T4i4ff G. 777. 

v^ Pw ^^P w^B ^w ^0^p#^ "• ^WP^PVH#^^^Wk 9V Ww 

ammtmhI wilA ; v^Xir — > fy w ^iii 
r Mfrnt ^ W^ I^Mrrir B. 803. 
MUKiSf vtAXMf 8«1 {iMSmi E. 890. 
fli 8^ €ir Oiffy C^PMTi 001. 8. to 
8« eonaianiip wiik^ to fti8iiil ivilA; 

r«r &>9f(Mr B, 80X x^ ;^4im{wp- 
Ar Mamflkt MM/ntu C. 7. 8ry T^M*** 
ifVPTVi mafaiwmma^ mppvim vov. flw 
ml WfOi «— mu Kk m4a m9w M |m^ 
MM 1240. fry T^ #1^ mMv |to» 
MTi A. 808. TMr ftikm wwijmm 
InmOm AMTiSMM AJ. 881. 

aKPWwtfti, to flffiif <Ji m99m§; (A«r 
» # w w a i r rffair C. 872. 

t m ( pi p i f I t tee ^ lo ^^wyi. 

nvTO wmAm *■■ wwfalfi^iKaHM^ 
' ^T.S71. 



Sivtr^ 800 ^aaafth, 

S«r«^lt» 800 |«p«48«. 

aw n iii rf faMM 800 |llPf«PriI(i|^UH. 
S^VfWWf 800 l^towf . 
2bWxOi»,totifiitoUiAato; oOroiriWx- 
'ifir, 8aaA oityifiAffiW 1^ A. 819. 

SM^^y^pOf 800 (MTIfy^pOf • 

liir^flyioi 80f I^HjOli^ot. 

VO^M / Maf P. 882. 4 (m^^v* 
Wr/iof — wmrp6$ T. 8a 4ft««(ti W 
/iM 4wx^ wlini$a$ iftfUL E. 891. 

a wnyfr /ito p 8eo (ymifwrfJ^ 

a^oi uw f^ OHO wAo «<lf icriiA aiio/A#r« on 
aaaeaadr; Iflfi yAp koI Ziffi c^Hiutot 
l^»4Mir AUf ^ IpYMf v3^i C. 1209. 

I n/M wrm ^ to octifl in turjfima; rW 
0n4rr« rMf no'Oirrf ir l«Xi» AJ. 

liiia0 (^ a if to MWf wWL to ottfiil to « 
wiah : waSiiAv iwHkaarn G. 1840. 

SMl^ 800 (Miyifl. 

SwOiipiU, to «K«# amd Mnd; X<W' 
— ^ Mf^ t ToSlff r iw O y ii ^ t mt P. 

SiwAHkns to dSi« lMOlA#r wlllk ; wwwl 
{•ipOoMSr TMi^ C. 1087. «M •n^ 
inwir ^ T. 717. tait tf #■ xfk 

iiaam 798. Uacd 

figuimtiYoU I 4 >4f (•& Wp) ff8r^ 
/i««i #w*4«»fi fifarais P. 1429. 
Sw^il/M, oor. 1. iw^m 1471. C«*^ 
Mf R« aoo. — Mr.« 2. i^t T. 
008. 1. to pgfceiva ; (^f 8^ 
t^pT At MOf f — x«P<7 v/i^» V^ 
TpMi T. 808. Z to 4riioi9 ; ofx^ 
tiir(i|ff; E, 1339. at rhf AS/maaa 
f^hym wmi^iu A. 1203. am t Ut 
\mtiiu oe. 9a9f4rma fdl» T. 90. 
8. to tiii4l«nto»^; «1M rt m) |«rAvu 
ril« S. 129. (loniico ToArot 1471. 
•Mr imfimk* £r oi voocUAMff v^ 
T. 1111. At Ti ^4r |mV M AJ. 
99. imap ^mimu B. 840. ofx' l^ 
MfvpMtrOOO. ^111^^988. alU 
iwhn M^Mr ; R. 028. /nflir (vr- 
Mlf Ar A^ tif tfOf r' f^Mr C 980. 

A. 899. -r— 1- 

3ii»(rnvM800 («»<rnvtt, 

SnwCrnif 800 tw^oTMf. 

auPMtH, to Aiitf topilitfr «p<l8 ; ^•i- 

WW ixjliwra^n rmwaUtfr 4^ T. 1227. 

lAif wiama rairmwi mmmUm i/aat P. 

880. faiff T^ ^t*^!;^^!^ Xf^^r^. 
InwMm^ a fKffk at £. 234. 

^maaBap&T^B ooo {i 



mAt Tii( t^ 4{ <fi«« vmkatfmrm C. 


34nw/iof , fiedinff to^Hker^ cotuoriing ; 
Am k49i^ vwUim P. 142*X •/ M 
tf^Pvo^iM rli(t» /Uov rpoff Zbi wfoiiwf^ 
kit C. 341. Ik Tff 9w mwm^ vii^A«ilr 
Affl iwmiUL rov Tt 0wi4fmr E. 

a^ifa, 1. / oai MfMdoHff ; rrv- 
ycpol ^ydaua^ t&nA — 1^« fipfiw E. 
03. d^fMv dmrt iStfrof B. 250. «Ms 
(vMiMf Ik /cttM^ IUA0V «4P"; 704. 

rpuyfta fimtKivnum A. 266. 2. / 
know; |vrtiUrf oA ^p^cit; R. 
830. "Apfot » Wymt ^ t^nf** 
XA^rwr £rra C. 952. 

Smwur A# see ^wotie4m, 

S^voocof wo {^roiiMt. 

2wrJ;«rvyu lee {w^/Amyu. 

aiwewio, a /iirffii^ together^ a eonmrl- 
inffi i IvifovffUu 9npSt9 ^W P. 
024, that U, ^f ^iWrrff. ^ 
&r ^^ymt StSpiyia riff {iwiwiof C. 
653. Iror M vXiK^^t r^f i^«v 
liwoiw^ wAtfti M<Ni hati betn 9aUd 
wiih tis eompanp ^ the dUeaȤ P. 
516. reiavra «'oi Toirr^ ^tfrtr, A(^i^, 

wKdwf §ueh u IAm aeeouni far tkee^ 
O stranger^ noi honoured in words 
but rather by experience C. 63., 
this passage however ii ytfj vari- 
ously rendered, non fiuim mogis 
quam ipso usu nota, Brunck: non 
•ermone tontum honesUta, sed multo 
mngis, qiuuido praesens consueveris, 
Musgravo : Ulomm doorum honorem, 
quie est vera religionis lanctitas, non 
verbis, sed re mogiB et faetis declo- 
rari, licisigius: non torn sennonibiis 
hominum et fama haec celebrari, 
quam consuetudine et uiu in honore 
haberi, Hermann. 
Smw^mmj^mu, to eontraet the browt : 

vphs iifjMt yptSd T. 866. 
SM^roAmiraf/M, to ahare <fi miaerg ; 

rett 7^ ifontpou ^ /drott Mf rt 

evmekaiitmpabf rdu^ C. 1 1 36. 
Svrro^dnw, to ttir up together ; ^x^M 

tk vo^oi ^vrrapoieeorTm w4kM A. 

SurrZ/uw, to out ahort: owrifufovoi 

yV ^^ voSiifff a T»*ff noMii^foifeM 

fihdfiau A. 1000. 
3hwT(9i|fu, to oompote^ to concert ; ip 

fipoxti (wtftlff A/yM, / apeak com' 

prming it im brirf E. 663. ^iirr«- 



If If yihaae va\^, jaMng wilA Aim 
muA loughier AJ. 296. x«* ^^^ 
Tilf , and he that ooniHoed thia R. 

S^re^f, bri^s sM mm, fdi /i^Msr, 
iJO^ vivTotim A. 442. ^oa^ U eu 
enftaui nfiinSs oirrofia R. 710. 

Smy^s, 1. 5fif4Sif; (wfTOfun^ 
ran t**^ &r r^x*¥u A^ar OJUtwv 
AAoA^a C. 1575. 2. hutantlgi 
ewT6/ms otsiwrp^ rvrait R. 810. 

S^vrorof , vehement ; omniie^ xf^ hitt 
T^ oAr^f WrAer T. 919. 

Surrp^X*«» !• <0 rum together «rill ; 
in(9^iMf o3 Kpoir^ /miXixUm^ weriip 
^a^paxi ewFrpixai C. 158. 2. Is 
meet with ; sir/, rf ^^ — (le^ 
X«* T. 876. 8. to agree vJM, te 
concur with; wahki *o^ Myni 
rf9a rovre ewrpixaof T. 294. 

j¥irrp6^o9^ 1. brought up together 
with ; rk ^brrpopor yima Aj. 848. 
ff/^ To7f ^ravei e^pe^'E, 1181. 

lafik oirrpo^ $ltfii ix*^* nothe^ing 
ang famiiiar fuee (to look upon) 
P. 171. 2.usedfiguiativeljr; wpab- 
^dmi Kthtoa ^arrha oivrpo^ At 
rat^lUrwf roo^ there appeared the 
ndae peculiar to a man aa^fin pain 
P. 203. obairt ownU^ bpytla 
4*vff8of, AAA' iiaha ^s?, ia lie 
longer conatant to hia hahituai tea- 
per^ but wandera from it Aj. 625. 

Immyx^am^ 1. to meet with^ le 
tight upon; kperia f^aoaa owrro» 
X^of ob fuf M^ ffTOMlir Mr R« 
122. ^Muoiw 5l tfvmxoMu C. 1479. 
9iirrvxJI»r aoKmr Mpmr 'ArpaMr P. 
320. pcip^raXtf ixfi^ ownuYjkna 
P. 677. 2. to bifaU; ww rbau^ 
rvxhr vdBoa Aj. 806. 

2urrvx^ an event ; waapaSn Ba&r M 
owTvxtaua A. 158, vp wpoo^dr^ 
woph Tur$tmr abrf MopAfg iranxfUf 

2wmp4nfs see (um»fi^Ti|t. 

twm^s see iwmptt, 

2vmm^a4» see ^vi m^o Um, 

2^7^, 1. a ahephenPa pipe; oh 
ftokwhM cbpty^t ax^ P. 213. 2. 
a vein ; fri ybp Bapftel c^perfot turn 
^vemei fUhaof piroa Aj. 1391. 3. 
the nave of a wheel; h^ «5H^j^ 
iarxiirnr rr^Aiyr fx^ 4lCW^ ^1 

S^oytet, a alager^ thence a awordi 
6 fUy o^ayeba imiifap Aj. 802. 

3^ay4f 1« alaughter; 8^Am^< kA^ 
4(01 x<^' MUann e^crj/da E. S7» 
I Ao^or, eS mrrA c^arj/ha ioKoprndema 
558. of/ An^ oiniaa tffovif AJ. 
902. 2. a wound ; biu^kpear^m 
aSpa rfir ipJSte efapfAe T. 570. 4k Sh 
roSV <8« tffayfir ImAMt At 



pAku «6f 9h$i ^ci ffol rMt; 714. 

#fciy^tT. 753. 
a^^W, « tUufOkUred vieiim ; x«V^ 
li6kT« #fV -WM^ Aj. 218. 

^iinuKMh^ h4^ta$m 0Jfot^ A. 1377. 

#^dEyMf MMtf meMit Mttrrfir, or 

death 6p murdtr, 
:MC^i4aiap: Sr T^r ^ (n^iin|y) 
^llf M 7«i«ff AJ. 331. T^r«»« 

af«Xf|p^ Mierimg: #f«^f^ wtpT^ 
^1^ AJ. 159. 

SfdUXM, aor. IvfifXtir Aj. 457. IrfiiAar 
£. 408. — DIM. imperf., tftff«AAov 
E. 1473. — Alt., wfmKivwrm T. 71C. 
1103. — aor., #9f^i| AJ. 1115. 
#f«Xi»T. 61& 0^0X^0.75. ^^ 
Ay T. 296. #^cAc«r« 724. 1. to 
cmmm to /i/^ to acerihraw ; v«AAi 
TM #|iiii^ A^ Ivf^Xar #5if m> 
— T^Syii> # ay ia^trWf E. 408. 3. to 
Mb; « Ai^ — M481I m' ^ 

Aj. 447. 8. pm., to bg tHpped 
w^ to yktf; rmpfiw rhi^ c5 »f<l^- 
rarra A ^f^9 ^^^ T. 296. tnumt 
cl«f«A4«rvr«i — vvHIwfir 716. 4. 
to 5« ilnHvitf A/f; Mfki rMi y 
cl #f«A4tf«r«« TBAAit) 1103. — 
•tf ri /4 tf^aAii r 'i" ^ v**"* T. 618. 

ifn^ wnntpm 724. Ir tmi Bmmmut 

^Ui ^ A trfmkft; C. 75. 5. 
to «rr, to/ii// Into «rr«r ; ml /Uvrit 
ftr Vmttm to^«lAA«v«iiU«i; E. 1473. 

Sa^ta, vdWiMiildrt urgemiiif; r^^* 

^M^Mm £. 104Z 9f%s vff(»fi 

Aj. 150. 
^f fi yl H • «m/; tffpvyatof fpitf< T. 

612. # f y > a « wmrp4t E. 1214. 
ax«8^f M«r» flinafi, mearip, 
SX^^^'Mt 1. dlarm^vflfidiaciottf ; A 

#X«^Ai« A. 47. 4 #x^Am P* ^^^ 

T. 876. 2. fHMMM; OC^ 

Sx^lMf l.«;i!PMr««ar,^r5; rx9- 

ftmftJhy^ 'EAAiSM rrtAtf MPX<« 

P. 223L r4fuinm wxw' h.^ A. 

1154. %Mmi i€)dytmw^pus 

Mbntim P. 940. 
Sx^^ to AKfMOf ; #x^{iMri «4f* f<*^ 

ax<«v^ «kA ilUtotf; ^irri I* 

iikf ^f rwM AcAffir dM AmAIm 

J|X«A4b 1. liMiifv ; ^■lyfww rx*" 

A{ Ai. 193. flf TV Ml A#y<{M*u 

#XaM 803. 2. ffliMr, rwirftoj 


¥w IT la# 4 tA^^mmt ip r/ri fX^^ 
KMov; R. 1286. 3. iMay; 4iw- 
Toy fx*^$ ^ax^ A. 231. Henca 
9x»f^ii uied advcarbiallr aignifiea 
kardljf^ aeareelpi ^x^V if ^ ^ 
atoan t«^ J^/io^t ^rrtiAdf^ifr (#0 ^ 
434. ^1 #x«^y ^4C«<y ^ifT 3ir 
/jil^xM^ ^ A. 386. 
SiK«, 1. toprcaerM, to keep 9^4; 
'A0iCMi IlaAMb, l^^iC« m' A«J P- 134. 
a6rfl/ / ^f •Acavf 311. ^ a»a«p 
499. /i^w #ff«l &tA((Ht9 tit 7« r9a6c 
7$f 4i^ 524. adaai (^f) mucav fi^r 
vpdni roSSff 907. 6 9^ iM 9la id- 
ywi^ Umvw (^ff) B. 1 180. *k$iiimt 
— T^ aoaa^iwa (<A>air v^aw dlta 
Tt C. 263. ikvmp'fM aArtrHia'atf^y 
w5c eA9ox* 277. fd3« y^ X^P*' 
eif^/wf la»aar 1105. W %9ft kvih 
aat 1119. ^^ vta a^ rit a^ 
ifiSa 1212. fir ^rrir 4 ^i^ovatt A. 
189. awaar rtavhia 549. vwr r 
IpSey fti htMf ai^<« ri voAAA e^H^ 

fx^u v&ma v6kaf 1045. ai^a«r |Ur 
^X4^ T^i^ ICa8/iff<aa x^^ 1147. 
MWO¥ fitw e^urros T. 85. tf ratf 
^H>vr4> T^ /9/or ^i(£i» aaaafff E. 758. 
aal ftitf fywy la'«»a^ fittuwf oUi lai^ 
313. i^ T^ia &i^ aaXAf laMa* ^/ia»- 
tV 1313. 5t rA^ff aV iemems U 
voAXAr aaawr 1348. vAdtw Bikumn 
Mjpa Aj. 799 I and poauTely in tha 
lama sanaa t 9I rh vtt^^vJi yt t^ 
^SSat ^^1 P. 109. a( >4^ la weire 
M^itmir 4^^$^lf R. 1457. Ibvv aaa 
r aM^ a«»99Mu v^pm C. 1347. ra^ 
vXclof«f ifrm§i4tfmn tioa &a {^ a'ctfui^- 
/iiiwvt A. 314. ^ar^ff AvCfof yifiA- 
Miff T^ ^^$t ^ii6f(f 331 . 4 ^94^tu9u 
% vhrftw T. 83. iT war* a^^ 4$ 
MSfiovt ttotfu 0m94wTa 608. etwmvfut- 
vifa lEAAav aff«Xi|a#ai ^Wfa (<1X^ 
Mira (U ##} 732. ip eoi via^ fywyt 
aiCoiim Aj. 615. r^x* l^a / terns 
wdtieBt — etemw^Aiw 677. 9M«f 
€€€mcu4»QS HOB. frfly A^m» iawiir 
tpyetietemOA E. 60. foixeamit rca'n^^- 
fUapr 1220. ^f^« c*^me'ft4im (ria 
84/iMf) T. 623. Mm» — aHyiOT^ 
a&xi ai^troi C. 1031. 2. to aftlalm 
afl/a/|f 9 to OMif/. to rraaiia ; tf^arrar 
AM, t aal a)i6C«i m' ^< P. 397. — 
At ^a $€eifi Afiur ri/ l((f la, Aara 
aviHaaf «art C. 387. aW r« >Ji^ 
Ij^f^ia I^KvAtar # 3i' ^/taa aiMfur 
T. 1016. AAA' iitfitJJ^a €1 vdAia 
eAemt^t Zpm P. 1377. 3. to pra- 
/apit to guard; rh fif$mne — Ir 
^larnlf #2(ff<a W T. 683. aAfaM^ 
aad f4Aam P. 755. r«alf aifia 
IrAaia, A air a5 a^cit 792. lAA' 
oM (fh /MXat) a^ *Ai3«f re am- 
I (4rrtia a^m Aj. 645. at^W ^H 


rmSru ffttCi^Bm iiArm E. 430. S^- 
louca ^^, /Ai r9ut Ko B t^rinta p6fwut 
apkmir f c^wra rhf filatf rth^uf A. 
1101. oXA' afrr^t ««1 irfi{« C. 1.V27. 
4. mid., to pruerve for cneaelf, to 
retain ; •/ ^mmt Myxoy' «^t^ ^^ 
iccuwy, i^ACtr' hif tV «Aa43<<«'« At- 
vtp 0^1 ^iKffTw EL 98 1 . 982. tmtc^ 

0*«rpAtf M4p^ AAA* law(ll|fn|r XH^'t^' 

tn#ff 840Vf«T«r ^it BdKrmt yp9^9 

T. 679. 
3Uf«r4w, tm he able; #M4n| 7^^ Itytiir 

ofiK^ri ^«MM# A4vi|f hnUbtmw ^x^f 

Sm^io, a ^odfjf, a jmmou, « dlMfl ftMfy. 
26ff. m/«; ^ <^ v6f l<r«i C. 1212. 

/irri ^r P. 21. 
Tmrkp^ « Moviour; rtrrqpof «^2rf 
(to^ #io4f ) ^(ovf ^ ik^ i»oKw P. 
728. ri rvr /tiy ^ 7^ ^tirijaa 
itA]fC« TBL. 48. ♦o^f S* iM<« ^M^P 
^ IkMT* mil r^ov iroiwr^^t 150. 
if (y^tfv) tf"^ vporrinfy cmrfpa t9 

— fioww i^wpl^KOfi/tP 304. tfotf yt 

— emrif yi t^ t4i^ 4r XP^ l^^* 
T^ Tp v4x« fJytof emriift* hpH8^ 
C. 461. hnX U rn^rU 'fit wmiipa 
etunh^ — iwtftfidJikM 464. 4 fi4rof 
ffi#r)^ S^MiT 'Ayi^fiMMf E. 1346. 

vtniipas U4e9€u P. 1467. tl rV 'i" 

P. 1882. k h/uh 4tui ftdptr i^ 
iShi r4pim r^t rtrfijfbs C 729. 



Itnfr 6oStif vrttxo^f^^M iuertSs Arrl r^ 
vamipiaff A. 186. vdSrra tw6^ ^eem 

43i5. trmnipUaf IxM^ra 'fMt Mai w n 
Aj. 1069. 
S«rH|pior, 1. eawnp^ giving mfelif; 
rd^ &r y€V9t/u^ vurw trim 9fy r*- 
Thpwi Aj. 766. ^r 84 r^ A^cr crfc* 
&r A43Mt tA vAcW ^vmtiptnC. 800. 
r Am(iwtf 34 tm vmfrkpC l^<« «// mmju 
f^u^eig /mm him u vamaked E. 
913. 2. uaed u an epithet of the 
godt, ffuardian ; paikoe^ayu 9hS- 
euf fjatnifi^ Upk Toa ^mripUts £, 
273. 3. «(/Sr ; thoi^ in the follow- 
ing paiBBge it if more commonlj 
taken in an active eenie. bringing 

pierC. 488. 

Im^pw4mt \,to be prudent; alht 
ffm^perwa^ e(^ tbatfiw wdptert E. 
299. «2 ^mfpor^9ts — I^^Cdrca r^Sf 
457. em^rw meXir Aj. 583. vmi 
vbypmaiiiM9^ nt^porf&f; 662. ^ 
S/uy bfD^tlof rows yirotro o^m^porw 
1243. Scrrif o ttfporw Mororm R. 
589. 2. le 5tf wite^ to act 
iem^pinioms P. 1243. ob ri 
rm; Aj. 1238. 

Imffiims^ moderateig; o(h^ 3y 
rit yf #ii^M»ff lipXM^ ^* Aj. 1054. 

SaS^ptir, wj«f « prudent ; M Ir Wi, 
eA^fmry* oboo E. 357. w^ 3f M^ 
ffOMu ^m1 ^iXevtf'i Aj. 132. T^Tfp 
PD^efirri Ai|pciy bt^pbt obxl w d^p or o i 
T.435. oAk 4»«iir ef vAm ni^i tfii. 
fpe#ir /i^erfir P. 304. 

ToVif f • a rtiilfr ; 3p* elo-te rayoht brras^ 
ttr A^f, A«7wy ; A. 1044. 

TaAo/irwpor, wretched; wdrtp roAo/- 
VMp' OiSiirovf C. 14. rir roAo/- 
vtfpoi' /3(or 91. k roXahrmp* Ol- 
biwwn 744. A roAo/vwpff 1282. 
a8«A^ — t4p roAoivi^ A. 56. 
itttl^ov rov roXuanipou rdi^a E. 
1209. AroAo/wMpoi B. 634. 

TrnXai^pttTt wretched; k Tokol^pmr 
ybrtu 887. i rukaiifmr A. 39. iyk 
— A ToAiUteMr 858. 4«AaMTef — 
ToAci / ^pKr ftygfMU tM* fref^aoy Mr 

ToAoMlfiSMr, wretched; iyit toAom^ 

3Mf C. 545. 
ToAo^f, Talaue; 'Ivwofi^bon^ Ar^erM- 

Affy mir^p ToAo^t C. 1320. 
TdAot, wretched, 
ToAir, « marriageable maiden ; Axi^ 

^yof r^s fuAXayd^tow rdxibof %ku 

fUpor 'Arriytfnit A. 625. 
To/dot^ a director; rb^ rofdoM^laaxot' 

A. 1139. 
ToftMbm^ to hnaband^ though Ellendt 

would rather render it to fteeioe im 

otore ; mU la^ ra/mbtwat >«f4s 

Xpoooporow A. 940. 



Twn^Kmf A. 819. 

Wrc rminmkm9tU 9vp^4p9§ A. 1S5. 
Tv^jiMf, wtde-siridinff ; 99iiA» ^Epf 

rvr Tta4w9dm9 Aj. 824. 
Ti^ir, 1. c station: AtonMy Ms 

Wl^ir Ifx'tnir lx«( Aj. 4. 3. a 

«7i(«d!rMi ^ 9olditr§ ; 4 r8r {^ 

Tiydt^^v^^ I. to «/Jr up; v^ mU 
r49* 9UK99 M^wr |fa«jiwr Ix*** ^^ 
^•fA.789. 3.lolroti6^; 8c»4 
rmp6if€u €0^ §lmtm$4rm$ U, 483. 
v^dbvij^MU ^Mtt A. 108'i* 

ift/u T. 953. 
l^l^^ tofemr: 1. intfwu., m4 ^ 
TMM««r w p o ^t P. 747. Tv^iilBifir 7« 
m4 /mi ««^f ^{/\«|| M44f R. 1011. 
#ii\j«Tm Tup/M^M^ lx<* T. 37. Aae 

rw^twwf 175. rmpfituf rW •< vfi^. 
#«mi /4 #^«A| v»r^ 296. t^ muKm 
^mffith 457. T«y3A ^r c/t A^ymr 
rr^ir TwdCvT /wAl^ 1169. rmpk^ 
#« tV •^ Aj. 541. TM^ ^ 590. 

rtmh #M C. 293. rapfitw fdp fym 
M^ hmyttmUn lyci T. 720. r^ rW 
05 TiViySA f40ir P. 1235, that ia, rW 

•5r frM fofiulL 296. Ix'** ^« % 


T4frmp99f TmrUrut; KakmwhTapriptm 
^rwyriir vmrpfc^ fptfiat C. 1391. 
4 rSf mu ml TaprdpQv C. 1570. 

Ttf#vis I. to plaet; iwrit KoxorfA 
T^f If I«tA viAttf vmx^rrtf A. 142. 
2. to appoint i o4 mf rd(im ^okio' 
rcir C 645. •! rcnryyi/^vt /^H^' 
E. 699. Mpts ^m a im o rmtfiUvoi 
749. liMyMr — M^f V V^ r/riiirrai 
P. 1166. I, toorder^tooommiandi 
/4 t4^m E. 1487. w^Aiff 7^ l^ur 
IT/U xM ^^^9»f ^P**: A. 730. Tax- 
#f Iff y4I^ IJplf it viir hmoo^ifrmr Omo 
P. 6. irtiMf IT cTf 4iri ««AA«r r«x* 
«f(ff 1129. 5f' 2r ^ r«xMff tJT 
l^pltf C. 855. Henee t5 nxj^w 

is tlM Mm« M T^ VfMT«X#^* ^ 

TmipHoi, portaining to m butt; 

^MCTVPH /Ur 8i6l«r IrnXfa ^(W^ ^^ 
^m T. 757* 
Twywrfnii, datfpktoring kmiUi 


Tn(|pov^Xa, a awne given to Diaiia« 
tntU-hunting i Tavpow^Ko AAt'^Apro- 
tu$ Aj. 172. 

ToSfOff, • 5Mir; oH^ior t^ Aiviqrw t«S- 
Aor A. 351. ^orrfir In^r TWfof 
T. 11. rrrpm6poo firiuk roApov 506. 
diuMvvr iymt 6itov ra^fMvt , ac4pBff 
fiornpoM Aj. 290. roSpot At ^^i^ 
/MMf 316. fMTf tV 5v^ byp^ «^ 
iM f^ tfrrfs aoX wtrptSoi 4 rdfof B. 

TavpofffdyoSf appointed for ttaging 
kuU§; ^adp^ T w y y frfyy T. 606. 

Tflft^y «!# i04« 5i«riM M# doad^ m 
bariiri 5r«v iilMi *yit ml n^ mv 
Tiif«^f y4tj C. 588. crw^nr vp46ff 
vmpsiouf E. 1480. 

Tafi, 1. intorwtont^ oopmiturog 

rfiff r^ff ft or^fioopmt r«^f £.1201. 

Aj. 1805. AM^nr^ a^r^ ln^aXtir 
TB^ff irsp 1367. 2. « loiii5; 
tMc it — fir TM^ $iom Zaiaimt. 
1088. InM /AJ^ rMs Mbrrwr«5r^f «<ff 
To^ v^r 1060. 
Ti^fv 1. a IONi5; ini tw 8db«> 
ror^rrii^if lx«R-042. ^(Kiloi- 
^••m) iBMn" ffa^i a^pwr rdipoif 
1453. ^ots tfror ormow rii^oit C. 
412. Ir rii^oin 6/^6t jr5y tcrtpUpj^ 
ow 1412, that is, lii«rcr« ml «Tf^ 
(Vrt. — Kkok Kidifoo rdfoo 1592. 
IloAim/«ovf Wirvr — /d^ t«^ aakb' 
fMA.28. r<(f«9x<^*<^^^'«^00. 
'ErtMcXiiB— r<(^ apin^ 196. vi^ 
Kooftaoaa 391. rav A^^Afor ir 
Tifk|» ri6tZra 499. wpbt 9p§ia rw/tfi^ 
X«*TMr fyx^H^ rdipoo vorauHoo 842. 
Ti(^ r ^ffciiwy p5x1 Kf^9T9 1026. 
^vjdk ^ drtfmt ip rip^ aar^iOmM 
1056. terloop tk rp wpoKstpJp^ T«(^or 
1086. «V(VT^ct Td(^ 1200. $wm$ 
Kpi^lmta ra^ ^p^Mf TOP ip^pa Aj. 
1019. Am oiipm rupifitioMt t4^ 
1042. ItSpuniorop vdpop sbp^prm 
1146. T«I^ — T«Sriv4a^iyl373. 
Irnli^vtrpa^E. 148. Sbprd/potot 

— rtevf 435. •I^t rav t^^ AmiC* 
Mf a4^ y6mp vm' ^^ 857. i^tfar 
wiarp^ Vx<MrTai^88l. T^vaAAA 
varp^ «]piff Wi^ KTSpUpotm 919. 
raS aaa iaivS^a /i^ mXcivtaiai WU 
^1160. wav riaV i«t(Ma -. TiU 
^S 1209. raa ^J^ C^^at oU 
Irrir ti^^ 1210. 2. 5tiHal, <»* 
tormont; i fih h rd^top X4kiirm 
aoofui E. 1392. vifar w^trrtfafirrt 
iaarirav piapaa 1149. ra^ AMAf* 
•fit Ti^lf 1163. T^ff^mr'abaat 

— v4tar M R. 1447. a^T^^^lf^ 
p^ Ti^ m^nairw Kp^wr Hr idp 
vpariaar, fir r ArMirfaaf lx<« I A* 21. 
Taarar t^ — cr^^«ir 203. v^a 
oMxMpn Ta6k raa Ttifaa 306. m^ 


vipav 486. mU «i rM* toS rdt^ 
f4«rff<t furm^uif 530. md /i^ A«^7a« 
y ^^tftaU^r «l WMrpbf TM^ R. 987. 
Tdi^pott m irgnek, a ftu; «2f M mv- 
tmA aid^ miMrroff If^S^r ^^EMTijpoff 
Tdt^ipiif ftrfp Aj. 1268. 
Trfya, ftiidlr/y, tp§edUp ; ptrkapt, 
Tdxpt^ ceiirUift tpud; raxot yiip 
. tfymt fcol irvMr V ^^H^^ AJ. 801. 
ipm iiJkw 0^ tviM i^kxmn 9m9 i^awpovt 
Udtm A. 223. Abo often med ad> 
veibiall/ ; hk rc(x«vf. tfy rdx^h ^^ 
rdxih twiftiy; and Arw Toxof • ^« 

Tcy^sw, !• koiiem; w4fiffm tax'mi'* 
R. 861. *AAi TixvM C 219. its 
timrm ^ rmx&imt AJ. 1143. 4XA.' 

TaxW***"* ^ ** A^^ ^ffifthf • AtAXok 

Tbx^i ft9{/2; comp., id/ramify MiperLf 


T^ an adjunctif e particle ; and, 

Tryym, 1. lo wtf/, le moititn ; ^o^ 
Xtfu 8^ 6§uw 7X9mu y^MiT tirrffw R. 
1277. rc^Aii — r^yyottf* ciim «»- 
pffiiirA. 626. x<^ — ^^ry*< <* ^ 
^^vo*! «ia7icXa2rr«Mt 3«^a8af 826. 
piiM., VMriMut Sp^VMf rrfyiiiMmt 
K6/ukt Aj. 1188. voAAdCici SJ^ Tofi^/i^ 
^iyxlh Kpmi P* 1442. 2. /o M^rf 
tean ; 4 vov ASunfir x^'^P^ ^^XT*' 
ZtutpUmf ix"^ "r* 8^^ paBt.« fMAor 
5^i/8|p0f X^^C^' iriyytrv K. 1279. 

Tc/Mi, 1. /e bend^ to sireieh; rc?> 
Mu T^ $Hiw iftdxi/ra fidKji P. 198. 
raht SoTit 4yKpttr^s W8a Ttirar focf- 
irci /ii|S^r A. 712. 2. lo #fnM; 
r& ft^ rff(rf ly tfyox A. 707. 8. lo 
€xiend : V^ *'<^ #Ti(9i| mCroyor 
"AMot A. 124. (^AiuuTi IT iurrdxas 
rdi^ aXykauf, A T4rarai rk yv¥ P. 820. 
yvr y&^ i^x^v imp ft(as Himro 
^t ^y 0/3i«ov 8^;io<t A. 696. 

TfipfO'/ot^ TiremoM: 4 mCrra Mififir 
T«ip€ffta R. 300. —2 7«^^ Tc*- 
^0-(a A. 978. 1042. Svokt^ Ibvrri 
roM^ i^mr' hrttrrafuu fUUiora ^(/3y 
Tffipf 0-lay R. 286. 

Tf ipM, lo pain ; vpdb^dmi Ktinfw dr- 
Zp^t ciirfo^ in Tc^«yUp>ov too P. 

T§KfMlp«uuu^ io ew^jeeiure; oU* AvoT 
ari^/» iMWtfr T^ MMMTMr wakai rtiqiat- 
ptvai R. 916. 

T9Kft4ipi»iff a protjf or siffn ; Bopimot 

w(a^ lx<M^TMfj|^*lP^^'''i'A^'^ 764. 
*0p4ar«» rwtt 6fw rwpikf»a¥ 892. 
if iiK!0i6aaiu9 ^flDaii fipn^nt ^M'^o'^ 
rwfoifpm 1098. Ir rf 8^ mSnu to9 
lUpoy 'nofanipi^ ; C. 1606. 



Tinfoiavm^ Teometia ; Twiaivaa <— 
tra« T^Ac^rorrot Aj. 324. i( Zdta T^ 
^OKOM 771. r^ SovplX^rror 6^o]pt- 
por w^tti^ 4p^ T4ii^iftfv«r 879. 

Tco^rrcya* Mel hoM ioti herpentng; 
ma^akirtip* As rts hafidv £. 107. 

TlKvor, aeKUd, 

Tuowv^OyOr TtcMwr^o, Iftel Aa«6roiMik< 
farih ekUdftn ; itfiufipn ^ nowwra 

Tfo^, 1. lo Uffei dkUdren; ^d- 

1216. 2. met, simply iob^get^ln 
engender; p6fiM — ^'voSfs, aim- 
9Uaf V mMpm Tti am94» t9s 867. dimL, 
/typios 4|MmCof xp^i'M TtKMvroi y^mt 
^Mpof rt C. 624. 

T/ktmt, «» ariifietr; v^o^vr^ovtrt 
vXcupoZriir A^teoAAof fior* r^troMt 
X*T^ dnw jmt' 4p0|pMr T. 765. 

TfAiyuSir, rWomofi; vaT TiAi^MMf 
Aj. 183. TOtf TfXiC^MPOff •» ofirov 203. 
vorpl — T«AiviMn468. T<Aivi^666. 
Tff Acv'^* ''^f voT^ ^/idr 6^ ifm 987. 
ftff ^K mtrp^f idf ff/fu TiAiyifimt yty^ 

TffAiyi^rieSy rofasnomoii ; TtXiyidpM 
vw Aj. 134. 

T4\fiof, d^nUiv§: rtXilar ^^q^ — 
leX^ riff /AffAAoy^yi^ov A. 628. 

TcAcidM, lo 6rifi^ lo an gnd^ ta aeeam- 
plith: vBiwat 'rl rurtly r^ c6vy|pov 
TffAffMffai X^x^^C- 1091. o£8)ir «lj». 
7«i o^M rcX«iovff6ai rdSc T. 1247. 

TtXc^iifwof, Aaoiitp lAe /tilf numhtr rf 
monUu; rcXt^iiPOf — 8«84Mtof 
V^of T. 821. 

TAflof, loMt; w^9p* Spa vpirtff #vi- 
OT^iw, w^rcM WAca vtpatrdpm^ Mr- 
irpi/ 4>«7« T. 944. 

TtAc^, lo ao0oiii;9/iftl ; paaa., 4 oWjpyA* 
'Arp/«»f, in woAAd iratfbr 8i* lAfv6c- 
ptat fUKu i^K$€S rp iw 6ppf t«Am»- 
«^r £. 1602. 

TcAfo^^^f, Mnffiap lo en ontf, oe- 
eompiishmp: rtkur^ipos Adni Aj. 
1369. ^/lara — 8bf rcAfv^^. 
ffrani thai Ihejf maw be aeeampiUkad 
R. 636. h>tt Ar imurxM^ tS rvAfff-- 
^^^ X^P*^ Mm/ ^^« jj» r#- 
Ifim /or lAo ben^/Ut received io 
grant Aim Mo aeeompiithmeni ef 
the favour (whioh I nremieed) C. 

TfAcimubf, 1. AmI; iV nAcv 

roioy OifZW 4^^v R. 1628. rh^ r«- 
A«vnuor /tfor C. 1648, not /9(tv re- 
AfvHiy, but i9(or vp^f r«Aci^V ^o- 
^^mu — - 48^ yhp ^ifut t^ r«- 

icA^f T. 164. — tW ToknraUm 
r 8A«r C. 480. Uaed adveibiaUx. 
fir the iaet time; 4 fAf« tiA««^> 
raS^ rt «)poo^A^^«^ rar B. 118S* 



iff rdUvraUv ifntS ^^ipr w j^ifv^ 
iftffdErMrT. 1139, hm T^r wtfH r%s 
nXflvrlf ftmt ^fk/^V idhfrt ichol. 
2. MMirinm^ wor$i ^fmli; 9nuf — 19m 


TflXf^TBiy TMndoff ; T^M^t^KVUy «■? T«- 
Ac^rvntf Aj. 324. ^ ««i v«v ^j^ 
tCm T«A«^mrraf Aj. 209. 

Ta«vrdU, U end, U JUith; r^ V 
it4tw WW TfAcvriiyaf /m xpt: ^'' 
477. mAm TtAi^irrff T. 1242. irAr 
^ 7 J »f vXfyi^ nktvrm^m A. 261. 

TIU«vr4» lAtf Mil; ypAen «hm5 #»mov 
nXcvrV ^ K^k wpoey l yifrrm C. 
1200. [r«r/A«0TOff'Al39f — /totpa — 
lyUvTM ^ff rcAflirrdIr 1226. #^^arot 
iKfv TtA«vr4 1471. rcXtvrl^ir r«v 
/ttw ^s^U^TffAfiSr T. 79. wmSki m 

' 1246. 

TAi4iii| lo #ji4^ |0 eimpletgf to bring to 
m clMf, to oeeompUMh; TflXaSrrci 

&t«ri/»t^ T^ 4Sif MMirE.716. 

TiXMyicF ^ M«& 142/. rtktvr^w 
T«v/Uw/i&AcircAc«vT. 79. T^TJi^ 
«^p6M TiX« *y4 R. 232. rwr Tt ^«r 
rcXMff ftnp 1448. rsMVf' Ivif y^ «f S* 
<r iTr^ in TtAfir I^oImt* C. 636. 
W ^ y Ivif ^i^ iftfumii rwA«iSrr( 
/IM654. cl TiSff iMcc/ff TflA«lF882. 
v4 y •* TfA<4 865. TcAci; riXci 2§6s 
ri un^ i^mp 1081. r4Jf W rtAtir/ 
/iM 1437. rfX<4> r $0^ h9 jiAxjrf 
fy o wfir ft ivfkpipo^ oJbrmt M 1630. 
iD*ri^ ^ voAXmw lr< r^x^ V<X' 
Afnytf iAiw TvAfir A. 1052. rohs 
Mo S MTntrmt wiftom ^AfjUfrm r^ fitotr 
TvXtir 1101. pui.« A #•/ rt K^^ 
AM^ M TffAo^yMM P. 1367. Ms 
lifwf' i^ftiiapr MwAr xgnir^Stif h^^fhi 
r«r ^iMT TfAo^Mi R. 797. #^ y 
fllTvvri^ mr^rfAfirrwC. 1410. 

Aj. 671. 4« T«AM#i|Mtt xp€«ir ic 

Hi itomm T. 173. (A^>«r) U ofx 
4i<r Tt ^ TtAf^raA 739. t^mrxt 

KtTHm 1161. r^KmnUmtv tltwottt.* 
iM E. 1836. Ml 8ik TAfrrai rfiv' 
^A»vl456. % to perform: i/ur 
U Twni Wrr^ iwtetciwrm rtkw B. 
252. Iwynr — Xr 9 htooemtur^ t«- 
Amt cl 13. in WW «&r riAMirri 
«^4m 466. AAA' «V ^ rdUSra 
504. vUiM r9 oU AteV, iym M 
«irr5ff Ar M(py rtkf T.285. /*«(• 
M« f i4( twu — iiuf fnhee r\ fmx#ir 
«iT«A|if TtAMrAJ. 524. 8.te^ 
i^ perjietrmte: iffw^ itfUrme t«- 
Ai^wni B. 465w 'AviAAMr ^ 4 
MuA Wtr ifA riAAr — vAlM 1330. 
Id/ #nnU«i TwAfiir E. 769. 8mm 
H wr, I /M»fawfwi yiAfSr 935. W 


— rdf o4k /s' trar rtkoSfur; 1051. 
lyVf «6r(M rtAofi^i roffpyor 1391. 
8mit r #r/A«^ff rwro T. 913. ^^x^ 

— rtA^MPv' ktnoietor tfrfor 1253. 
4. intiani., /• happen^ to entne ; 
IXomy — amSax^ r«Ac<> ir^Mfr T. 
822. rcA«S0^ ipol, /A# «tir«e« eome 
to on endf or are aeeomplUhed E. 
1409. — forest 7^,1 A«T^ <'f 
AtfTt^ TtAi^ fur /, a M/MrtfA ^taier 
date^ am enrolled omongei the cit'tMene 
R. 222. 

TiXfim^torUe; iAiovr/AAorrof £. 689. 

TA«f , Mtf Mik, aii end^ the event ; '/ 

T i/aeH riXof oiroat ydroiro rifolk riff 

pdxn' vfyi C. 423. X^A*^ *'' ^A«f 
r«v (fjtf hfuspf 1527. 4ps 84 waht ri- 
Aof y4«r d^(Mrr« 1627. rh v4\os — 
^<pv 1718. ry TtAci frftfTiy ^/p«r 
E. 725. rem ;^4mv WAoi T. 166. 
r4A»r 8* l^ificc Zth ky^not Ko\&t 
T. 26. oter iff 69oy rikot "Apyevt 
A/pmpfii$ti/up C. 1402. wtfihw iifiou 
TfAot; 1467. 2. UMd MiverbiHlIy, 
rikos^ at last; r/Aof 84— > A^ywt 
ib'^m Aj. 294. w&t 8ir — rAof 
Mw^ ara6r4ff 384. WA«f ^ jbrnrr^t 
TVf dbro^i^tft^ofMu 998. rA«r Tt 
jUrroi 9tyff irlmie^r ftoKw oU A. 
233. T/Aof 84 — A^i Tif cff 268. 
— Bth r/Aoiff, eoniintuUljf; lA rl' 
Aovt — f8x«v TfAfl«r8w rof^r ie 
dpi eiop Aj. 670. ^f WAot, <ii /Atf 
r>ii^; oMir 8tiMiflr ^t WAot /a^AA#i 
irM«ir P. 407. — WAf I yiip^rn^ 
d^, r«vr* ^v' ib«iy fyx*^^ fi^ if 
night have ^/t angthing^ on thit the 
dag bg all meane ieimee R. 198. <f 
Ti jbp 4 rh^ i^, rovro 9th riXmn ii 
V«P> #r/|px**w* 3. any kind of 
religione rite ; o8 witrwa etpfh rilht 
vwruA rikii Broroieuf C. 1052t 4^ 
{mu fimftobt r4ki^ t^ tyaupwa Knimf 
Ad T. 237. 2. nuptial ritetj tA 
riMii^iicJ^ WAi| Aax^ 9€(ktuot Wt AiSm 
84<Mt A. 1226. 5. appointmente^ 
armt^ or perhftpa more correctly 
oferinge or tpoile which, being taken 
in wnr were hung up in templce ; 
IXivwr Z^rl rpewti^ vdyxokMo rdk^ 
A. 1 43. 6. el ^y T^ci era ol ipxemst^ 
thote in power; — itA^ir rfir ^ 
rAfi Aj. i331. Koha ohmpat rooroe 
inroht ie riXei P. 383. rtk^^dr 
WAffi KkUuf 913. voSs ir riku fio- 
fiAoi «t(M^ A. 67. 7. J»r^/» 
erfeow f ^ ^ ; fporw A$ 8««r4r, f i^ 
^i^ WAf A^c fpoeoSon R. 316, thai 
ie, koentkUf lee aAh. 

Tf/a^f , A^Im^^m^ ^0 * eaered grooe ; 

fimpohtidCn ryteAai^n MUUttaT. 

T^iiMf, « aeerW g r o o e ; 

mpi 009 — ^ipoeot C 185. 


T4tum^ to eui aiunder^ Ut eienoe ; xdpa 
r^fUf§iP l\ CIS. arpSr* iarh wdrru 
iral io$pa r4fm x<^ 1^^ ^^'^ 
iyif rifum ir\2«cor Aj. 1 158. rtftovaa 

441, ^^x*^^' ^ Ap** VMPOf rt«yri| 
fi^ar^yxw rrriitu^ww E. 8tt9. 

TUs^ihin^i Tt^ — S^PBffir A. 600. 
Av^rM tm( C. 539. THm ix9p^ 
E. 1080. 

T//Nir, 1. a paHeni^ a prodigif ; 

fkiptott 4^ ^ikW' ir«A«r Wpat To«t 
S^i E. 487. ii 9a»t»Ainoif r4pas 
itii/piPO& r^ A. 372. 4krrf fii|ic#r^ 
tk9 ripat P0fd(ti9 ubT6 E, 1 309. rdpas 
rot ii^ Ktutmir MawtffuM T. 11*21. 
2. a momitr i iMp6aumx9i^ riaaa 
T. 1088. 

Tf^a^jc^ff, on UUerpreier tfpwUni^ 
msooihmifer: idp fu r^ rtpaait^^ 
Xdfijft Kotyf ri 0ovktiaapra H. C05. 

T//yia, 1. a bound or Hmiii 9p^fio¥ 
9^ la^as rf ^^ci rik rdpfutra E. (j70. 
2. moLf /Atf mil 4|^ /i/> ; Wjfvui t«S 
fiiou R. 1580. 3. aiiainmeni; 
ripim r^f ^wnip/at C. 7*20. 4. an 
uim^ objeei^ or ffoalg 4 <fc^ ««^0ti| 
irM ripti ii^Ktro ; Aj. 48. 'C^^f 
(T^* ityti — vfi&f a^& W/VM E. 1389. 

Tipiuot^ 1. al iheend^ bounding; 
iKd6im x&poif r§pfdw C. 89. 2. of 
time, Am/; rtpfdw — afi^pwA, 1312. 

T€fnry6s^ deliffhtfui^ jdeasinff ; rk 
TtpwpikwtKpk yiyi^rmC.02\, rffwr^r 
fT ri woo wdBoi Aj. 517. ahf 8^ 
rtpwvSt (r4dtniH9) Aj. 948. 

T/jf»irw, to deiighi; rk riproirra C. 
1219. Myiara — Wf4o^a 1283, 
robfi^ if r^4»<if ic^ T. 1238. rl yif 

470. — pass., rdpwwStu U/»9 P» 458. 
ir&7^ rkti^¥ tctimaf Mp/wo/iifif R. 785. 
W r^fnra^/M^a C. 708. WacvoM'i rtp« 
08c2f roZr8« 1142. off (A^ymt) ^ 
M r/fiffi icXdwr A, 687. 
T^ii, delight; yvoltt rV vo^S^oy 
r/yy^ii', 4 v* lx«< B* 1477. ^ {i' /mi 



imrwtlif X9o¥6t C. 770. 
0'a^ T^ifi^if Moi^at ^c<r 779. 
r4p^t¥ vop* <UAiiv J4i}8cy^f rc^atf/«ln|y 
1124. rur ^m t</4<' ^p^o^^f ffvpci 
T. 290. riiw 8i rZ/^ur — «M M^oi 
816. ^irciSJ^ Wf4<' 43c 9oi rh tpSof 
AJ. 1 14. fiMiw Koidtuw W^iy AJ, 
1180. Wf /Mi, Wr #/ •&f W/i^if 
iwierai; 1195. 

ThapTos, the fourth; riraproif 'Iv- 
vfl/A^iT* &r4jT«i^y v«H^ ToXo^ff 
C. 1319. 

Trrpdopos^ propcrlyy drawn bg four 
honot, thonco four-ligi^td s bil/rndprn 
TOTpa^pov ^do'faa rudpoo T. 506. 

T«Mr/wf, Teueer i rov TcMCMt ; Aj. 
335.904. TffMr^firrfpcmr707. r^ 

6^* Avi|v8a TcvHpoff — fi^ '{m n^ 
KCM^ 7*27. W/ivci /if — Tf Si^r 7(»9. 
itttu^w ^tpytar TrMTpof ^(«^cnu ^inr> 
riit thraukow 782. vov 8* fori Ttmpn 
— ; 784. wdpeart fa^ Ttikpot nf 
^ P. 1046. — Tciwyw Aj. 958. 
962. 969. 1143. — tit x*^ Tt^gpw 
Aj. 738. abdiif ydf 9okS Tcimk^ 
kX^it 954. 4k Tfurpov 1220. — 
Tff^/i9» ffiyAififam R. 675. mud^y ^ 
TIF Tf^icpy ^porra 814. Tc^R/iy — 
&ry^\X0/iai 1355. — TcMcptfy ffoAfi 
C. 335. ToSay w^Mjp^ ^m«a Tiv- 
ir/wy ii/i^/ o'oi At/^ 559. ort uragflT 
M /Uy Tf iWp0y 49 tbx** /iftXciy 791. 
Tffvxofy 1. aing., a vetuL or mm; 
CfW^ kttil^ 49 0oax**r€»xtt 90949- 

rot KOfd(ofU9 £. 1103. K4K€09t9 

o^r^y Tfvxor 1 109. 2. plur^anM; 
rh rt^rb^d P. 870. 9r§ rdHrom 
rtvxta wopt^tSoo'aif 897- rbfArtvxif 
AJ. 569. rh r 4iMa rc^ koI/ 4fni 
r€$d4torm 574. 

Tc^M, 1. to preparo; wolkiAirmn 
T«^X«<*' 0^>a>^ T. 753. 2. to dp ; 
£ V0VS, vo^, ri o^ §1^ 49 fil^ Tf ££» 
Tf /MT^iy, O /tfol, /ool/ wAof lAotf 
/ (to wi/4 lA«f hineofarth in Hfot 
P. 1173. 

Tixy^^ofuuf 1. to ctfolto 5y or/ or 
skill ; X*P^^ ^' Tf x'^<>^4/<1M^ T. 531. 
rnt rcxyw/i^yi|t rdtSc 924. y49otTO 
ti49rtu^ vuy 8co8 rcxMi/^yov AJ. 86. 
2. 5jf eunnitig ; rtxynrtei mwrf 
P. 80. ^iX«i 8* 4 9v/«^r rp^oikyjbt- 
98ai KXiMff^f rfiy /ii|8iy 3|p8wf 49 o^vat^ 
rtx9miU9m9 A. 490. 

T4c*^9 !• "'/• «itai/; Wxw tAp 
Wx''*^ Ir/jpoff wpoHxti P. 137. 9phit 
rou 3i8ax9f/f ; o6 yib tic yt r^t r4» 
Xyi}r R. 357. rj^y r4x9ti9 8* 1^ rw- 
^\^f 389. 4 fJrra obrot %9 49 rf 
r4xns 562. oflycac' 4^ eoifipSrMtmf 
o&Ny /loyriirqff Ix^ ^X'^' 709. 
* Wxi^f oil/ura riif ^ii^f icXiby A. 985. 
AAA* o& 9orp^fa9 rqy r4x9tpf 4K6tarm' 
vat £L 1492. — Wx*^ '''^X'^V' ^w^ 
^poua-a R. 380. tf'c^ldy n t^ /tif- 
Yoi^y WxMtt — lxi»y A. 363, cS^c^ 
Tp/ioS T^iic vo/ivffi^ Wxyqy fiifiatam 
T, .617. y/yor ydtu Jip*r>^ r^h^ysf 

Aj* 350. o& TJkp fidimuao9 r^* 
4ienpr^fl9 1100. 2. artijieo^ 

trivanee ; voyro^ '■'(xi' *'/'(<■* *~* 
Alfiu^ 6v^ O'lrqyaZari Aj. 739. — f^vm 
yiip 0M9 4k r4xi^t wpivatiM Kotc^t 
P. 88. fiiiU r^ r4x9p acclyoif fiMa^tu 
rovra 760. Spwyra — mums rfXi||ia 
robfib9 e&fM «w Wx^TV f"^ R. C4S. 
3. workmanship; Kpariip4f olgla^^ 
bApbt sSx**^ ^^Xfn O, 473. 
T/xi^W^ lAtf workmanshin; ftrwuiin, 
^Aov/M^jpyotf TiyiVf rcx'^H'i'^ 4u4ipd9 
P. 36. 2. spokeii of a doeeitful 




pefsoo s 9tufovfyUa Scinir Wx^^ii^ 
fX^btfvwt Mom mmi dtUtinbh roiM. 
iritmmee ^fimful vUianj^ P. 916. 

TiSwfb VNlil CAoi /iM#« memtnchUe. 

Tim, 1. Ip M«IA !• diMoiwe: 
pttM^ It te flie/l«rf; itiFlf /a|^ 
Mirm A. 995. ini m» tfifip^ t4- 
m^^ubmif X»^ ^ Mm/tk kttww 824. 
% im tmoulder cirwjf, to become de» 
tmjfedf d w4^u ^CM JK > r fai 4»r «r^ 
cffTw 897. 8l /9 |NJie a>My; 
KkaSm^ rhnum B. 275. '/>ov toic*- 
fiJims 834. imrA M T«ir^i<m /UXfoi 
^A/or vdbfar kAamt A. 965. nr' Atl 
vdUrtif iV iut4prro¥ oifuiydif — 'Ayth 
tUfi^om E. 122, that v^Ji»A(n$ 'Aywr 

T^ABVT^f, etuupiettoHt/rom tifar ; n^ 
\mrftiitmf tyfi^ T. 521. 

Ti|Xcv^^f Ir tfrrpMf A. 970. 

T^fU^wf^t, pertwoedfram 9fw : Ix^ 
r^kt^€a4t P. 189. 

IVurMff, cfgitek am 0ge^ m «A^ 

tN|Xi««8r»f, lune at mpAiic^Bc. 

T>|A4f9fir, /rem i^ar^fnm a dtaUimoe, 

T^fAMv/ffy teem from af«f% thence rfi»* 
UttU; T^kumh^ tmif P