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[compiled fob this IJ8E OP STUDENTS AND VISITORS.] 





Price Sixpence. 

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The arrangement of the following List is intended to 

acilitate as far as possible the finding whatever the Art 

Library possesses on any section of the subject within its 

scope; it is therefore as simple as the compiler could 

make it. 

A classification under countries or periods of time would 
no doubt have some advantages for the student ; but it is 
hoped that the sections, such as Antique, Mediieval, British, 
French, &c., indicated in the appended Table of Contents, 
will supply the place of such classification; while the 
alphabetical arrangement adopted will enable any section 
or subject to be quickly found ; the Table of Contents also 
serving in gi'eat measure the purpose of an index. 

It will be obvious to the student that many works 
named might fairly have been placed under several of 
the heads given ; occasionally titles have been briefly 
quoted in more than one division to save the trouble of 
cross reference ; but for the most part each book is classed 
under what seemed the most useful heading. 

The literature of some subjects more or less closely 
connected with Furniture will be found given in the other 
Classed Lists either already issued or in preparation. Thus 
woodcarving is included in "Sculpture" issued in 1882, 
and of which a second edition is now being got ready for 
press. Draperies, tapestry, and carpets will come within 
the scope of a " List of Books on Textile Fabrics," although 
they are incidentally treated in many works named in the 
following pages. Carriages, including Sedan-chairs, &c., 
are given in the " List of Books, &c. on Metal Work,'* p. 32. 
Wood-inlay and Marqueterie is given as a heading in this 

u 17729. X 2 

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List although it more fittingly belongs to " Ornament *' ; the 
same observation may be made respecting Lacquer-work, 
which nevertheless it seemed useful to mention here ; also 
Staircases, although they will be more fully included in a 
" List of Works on Construction," the materials for which 
are collected. Musical Instruments will be given in a List 
of Books, &c. illustrating that special subject. 

Frequent references have been made to the portfolios of 
photographs ; this class of illustration being specially useful 
to the student of Furniture. 

The titles have been occasionally abbreviated, as in the 
lists belonging to this series already issued • 

R. H. Soden-Smith, 

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Section I. 

General ; (includiiig the History and Use of Fnmitare in Yarious Countries 
and Periods ; Fnrnitore in association with other Arts, as Costome, etc. ; 
serial publications on the subject), p. 1. 

Section II. 

American (U.S.), p. 3. 

Antique, p. 4. 

Arabian, p. 5. 

Armoires, see Cabinets, p. 16. 

Austria, p. 6. 

Bedsteads, p. 6. 

Belgium (Flemish), and Holland 

(Dutch), p. 7. 
Bellows, p. 8. 

Benches, see Chairs, &c., p. 20. 
Book cases, see Library Furniture, p. 

Boulle, see France, p. 42, and Mar- 

quelxy, p. 57. 
Brackets, p. 8. 
British, p. 9. 

Buffets, see Cabinets, p. 16. 
Bureaux, see Cabinets, p. 16. 

Cabinets, Buffets, Armoires, p. 16. 
Candelabra, Candlesticks, &c., see 

« List of Books on Metal Work, 

1888, p. 81." 
Carriages, see " List of Books on 

Metal Work, p. 32." 
Cases, see British, p. 10. 
Cassoni, see Coffers, &c., p. 27. 
Catalogues and Collections, p. 18. 
Chairs, Sofas, Stalls, p. 20. 
Chests, see Coffers, &c., p. 27. 
Chiffoniers, see Cabinets, &c., p. 16. 
Chimney-pieces, p. 28. 
China and Japan, p. 24. 
" Chippendale " and « Sheraton " 

penods, p. 25. 
Clock cases, p. 27. 
Coffers, Cassoni, Chests, Caskets, p. 

CommodeBy see Cabinets, &c., p. 16. 

Confessionals, see Ecclesiastical, p. 28. 

Consoles, see British, p. 9 j Chippen- 
dale, &c., p. 25. 

Couches, see Chairs, &c., p. 21. 

Cradles, see p. 21, Hone; p. 28, 

Curtains, see « List of Books on Tex- 
tile Fabrics." 

Doors and Grates, p. 28. 
Dutch, see Holland, p. 7. 

Ecclesiastical, p. 28. 
%ypt, p. S3. 
Ehzabethan, p. 38. 
Exhibitions and Reports, p. 35. 

Fire-screens, see Chippendale, &c.> 

p. 25. 
Flemish, see Belgium, p. 7. 
Frames, p. 41. 
France, p. 42. 
Fretwork, see Woodwork, in *< List 

of Books on Sculpture." 

Gates, see Doors, p^ 28. 

Germany, p. 50. 

Gilding, see Paris Exhibition 1867, 

p. 89. 
Girandoles, see Chippendale, &c., 

p. 25, and France, p. 48. 
Gothic (Revival), p. 58. 
Gueridons, &c., p. 54. 

Haips and Harpsichords, see "List 
of Books on Musical Instruments."^ 
Holland, p. 7. 

India (British), p. 55. 
Italy, p. 55. 

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Lacquer, p. 56. 

Lecterns, see Beadiu^- desks, p. 60. 

Library Furniture, p. 66. 

Marquetry, Parquetry, BouUe, and 
other Inlay Work, p. 57. 

Medifleyal, p. 58. 

Mirrors, see British, p. 9 ; Chippen- 
dale, &c., p. 25 ; Frames, p. 41. 

Organs, see " List of Books on Musical 

Ottomans, see Chairs, &c., p. 20. 

Papier-MAche, see British, p. 9. 

Pews, see Chairs, p. 20. 

Pianos, see " List of Books on Musical 

Pulpits, see Ecclesiastical, p. 28. 

Beading-desks and Lecterns, p. 60. 
Bussia, p. 60. 

Scandinavian (Denmark, Sweden, and 
Norway), p. 61. 

Sconces, see Chippendale, &c., p. 25. 
Screens, see British, p. 9; Chippen- 
dale, &c., p. 25. 

Secretaires see Cabinets, &c., p. 16. 
Sedan-chairs, see Carriages in " List 

of Books on Metal Work." 
Sideboards, see British, p. 9, and 

Cabinets, &c., p. 17. 
Sledges, see Carriages in "list of 

Books on Metal Work." 
Sofas, see Chairs, &c., p. 20. 
Spain and Portugal, p. 61. 
Spinets, see '' List of Books on Musical 

Staircases, p. 62. 
SavIss, p. 62. 

Tables, p. 62. 
Thrones, p. 63. 
Torcheres, see France, p. 42. 
Tripods, see Chippendale, &«., p. 25 ; 
Gueridons, &c., p. 54. 

Wardrobes, see Cabinets, &c., p. 16. 
Woodcarving, sec "List of Books on 

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List of Works in the National Art Library 
Illustrating Furniture. 

SECTION L— GENERAL, including the History and 
Use of Furniture in various Countries and 
Periods; Furniture in association with other 
Arts, as Costume, etc. Serial Publications on 
the subject. 

Art Workmanship. — ^A Monthly Magazine of Design, to 
illustrate the Masterworks of all Perioda Fol. Lon- 
don, 1874. 

AuDSLBY (W. J.). — Popular Dictionary of Architecture and 
Allied Arts. {See articles, Buffet^ Cabinet, etc.) 
8vo. Liverpool, 1878, et seq. 

Decorative Furniture, English, Itauan, German, 
FLEiasH, etc. — Published under the sanction of the 
Science and Art Department. 20 photographs. 4to. 
London, 1871. 

Demmin (A.). — Enclyclop^die des Beaux-Arts Plastiques. 
(Les Meubles, Vol. XL, p. 1455.) 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 

Encyclop-edia. — The Popular. (Article on Furniture; 
Vol. VI.) 14 vols. 8vo. London, 1874-76. 

EncyclopiSdie ; ou Dictionnaire raisonnI: des Sctences, 
DES Arts, etc. 35 vols. Fol. (Article; Meubles, 
Vol. X.) Paris, 1751-80. 

Ferrario (G.). — Le Costume ancien et moderne. Coloured 
plates. 14 vols. 4to. Milano, 1816-1829. 

Friezes. See List of Works on Ornament ; p. 46. 

Furniture, Examples of, ancient and modern. — (About 
300 engravings, some tinted or coloured, of cabinets, 
tables, chairs, etc., mounted in gu^d-book.) Fol. About 

GuiLMARD (D.). — Geschichte der Omamentik. 42 Tafeln 
mit reicber Auswahlder Omamentik, Mobel, Kunst-und 
Industrie-Qegenstande, etc. (Plates.) 4 to. Berlin, 

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2 GENERAL. [Fumiture. 

Hoffmann and Kellerhoven. — Les Arts et rindustrie. 
Dessius relatifd a I'Art de la Decoration cbez tous les 
Peuples. Sm. fol. Paris, 1852. 

HoTTENROTH (F,), — ^Le Costumc, les Aimes, Utensiles, 
Outils des peuples ancieDs et modernes, dessin^ et 
dficrits. Chromo-lithogr, plates, 4to. Paris, 1883. 

Industrial Art. — Ornamental designs of all schools and 
periods. Lithographs. 4to. 1874. 

Industrie Arts. — South Kensington Museum. Art 
Handbooks. 8vo. London, 1876. 

Jacquemart (A.). — Historic du Mobilier. Woodcuts. 
Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1876. 

English translation. Edited by Mrs. Bury Palliser. 
Woodcuts. Imp. 8vo. London, 1878. 

Kachel (Q.). — Kunstgewerbliche Vorbilder. (Antique, 
oriental, renaissance and modem work.) Plates. Fol. 
Karlsruhe, 1880. 

Knight (C). — The Pictorial Gallery of Arts. 2 vols. 
(Vol. L, Useful Arts. Vol. IL, Fine Arts.) Illustrations. 
4to. London (1847). 

Knight (C). — Cyclopaedia of the Industry of all Nations. 
8vo. London, 1861. 

Kretschmer (A.). — Die Trachten der Volker, vom Beginn 
der Geschichte bis zum neunzehnten Jahrhundert. 
(Coloured plates.) 4to. Leipzig, 1864. 

English edition. 4to. London, 1882. 

Kunsthandwebk. — Sammlung mustergiiltiger kunst- 
gewerblicher Gegenstande fdler Zeiten, 3 vols. Fol 
Stuttgart, 1874-76. 

Landi (G.). — Architectural Decorations ; a periodical work 
of Original Designs for exterior and interior decoration 
in whatever relates to furniture, etc. Coloured plates. 
Fol. London, 1810. 

LiJfcVEE (fi.). — Les Arts Ddcoratifs k toutes les ^poquee* 
(Vol. L, Plates, 9, 23, 64, 57. Vol. IL, Plates, 72, 80, 
97.) 2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1870. 

Maskell (Wm.). — Handbook of Fumiture and Woodwork. 
See Pollen, J. H. 

MiNAED-VAN HooREBEKE (L.). — RecueU. descriptif des 
Antiquit^s et Curiosit^s du treizi&Die au dix-neuvi^me 
si^e. (42 plates.) 4to. Gand, 1866. 

Digitized by 


FiJi/mituure.] amebican (U.S.). 3 

Pfnor (R). — Omementation usuelle de toutes les £poques 
dons les Arts Industriels et en Architecture. Plates. 
2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1867-8. 

Pollen (J. H.). — ^Ancient and Modem Furniture a^d Wood- 
work in the South Kensington Museum. Photographs, 
etc. 8vo. London, 1874. 

Pollen (J. H.). — Handbook of Furniture and Woodwork. 
Ed. by Wm. Maskell. 8vo. London, 1875. (No. 3 of 
the South Kensington Museum Art Handbooks.) 

Racinet (A.). — Le Costume Historique. 600 planches. 
(Details of furniture.) Fol. Paris (1876). 

Racknitz (J. F. F.). — Darstellung und Geschichte des 
Geschmacks der vorziiglichsten Volker, in Beziehung 
auf die innere Auszierung der Zimmer, etc. Text, 
4to. Plates. Fol. Leipzig, 1796. 

Riesteb (M.) and Clerqet (C. E.), — Omements tir^s 
ou imit^s des quatre ficoles. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 

Thompson (C. T.). — Miscellaneous Photographs. 4 vols. 
VoL IL, Furniture, etc. FoL London, 1855-59. 

Viel-Oastel (H. de, Comte). — Collection des costumes 
d'Armes et Meubles, depuis le 5me sifecle jusqu'i, nos 
jours. 4 vols. (Vol. L, PI. 63-65. Chairs, PI. 
79-80, Greek Bedsteads. Vol., IV,, PL 58-65, 
French Furniture.) 4to. Paris, 1827-46. 


Decorator and Furnisher. Fol. New York. 1882 et 

Fuller (A. W.). — ^Artistic Homes in City and Coimtry. 
•Illustrations. Obi. 8vo. Boston, 1882. 

Riddle (R.). — The Modem Carpenter and Builder. 
Methods for every cut in carpentry, joinery, and 
hand-railing. 4to. Philadelphia, 1867. 

ScHULDT (H.). — CTeber amerikanische Holzfournier-Sitze. 
" Kunst und Gewerbe," VoL XV., p. 43. 4to. Nurn- 
berg, 1881. 

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4 ANTIQUE. [Furniture. 


(Greek and Roman.) 

Bardon (M. Fr. D.). — Costumes des anciens peuples k 
Tusage des artistes. (Furniture.) 3 vols, in one. 4to. 
Paris, 1784. 

Beauvallet (P. N.) ET NoRMAND (Ch.). — Fragmens 
d'Omemens dans le style antique. 2 vols. 144 plates. 
Fol. Paris, 1820, 

Bedsteads, Bronze, from Pompeii. Photographs, Port- 
folios 421, 590. 

Ceci (C). — Piccoli Bronzi del Real Museo Borbonico. 
(Pompeian seats, tables, &e., in bronze). Fol. Naples, 
Another edition. Oblong Fol. Naples, 1858. 

FosBROKE (T. D.) — Encyclopaedia of Antiquities, and 
Elements of Archaeology. (Chap. 9, p. 219-351.) 
2 voLs. 4 to. London, 1825. 
Another edition. Chap. 9, p. 255-401. 2 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1843. 

GRffiViXJS (J.). — Thesaurus antiquitatum Romanarum. (Vol 
7. Roman chairs.) 12 vols. Fol. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 

GuHL (E.) and Koner (W.). — ^Das Leben der Griechen und 

Romer nach antiken Bildwerken. Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Berlin, 1860-61. Another edition. 8vo. Berlin, 1864. 

English Translation. By T. Hueflter. Plates. 8vo. 

London, 1875. 

Hauser (A.). — ^Die Mobel und Beleuchtungsgegenstande 
des Alterthumes. *' Blatter fur Kunstgewerte." Vol. 
IV., pp. 13, 21. 4to. Wien, 1875. 

Hope (T.). — The Costume of the Ancients. Fumitura 

Vol. L, pL 57. Vol. XL, pis. 134, 135, 136, 147, 168, 

173, 174. 2 vols, with 200 plates. 4to. London, 1809. 

Second edition with 260 plates. Roy. 8vo. London, 


Lens (A.). — ^Le Costume ou Essai sur les Habillements et 
les Usages de plusieurs Peuples de TAntiquite; pi. 19, 
Furniture ; pi. 49, Stools and Bedstead. 4 to. Liege, 1776. 

Malliot (J.) and Martin (P.). — Recherches sur les 
Costumes, les Moeura, etc., des anciens peuples. 3 vols. 
Vol. I. pi. 85, Roman Chairs and Couch. 4to. Paris, 

Digitized by 


Fw*niture.] Arabian. 5 

M^NABD (R.)- — ^^ ^i® privee des Anciens. (Vol II., 
p. 385, ''L'Habitation.") (Vol. IV., p. 670, Cliair of 
St. Peter.) 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1880. 

MoNTFAUCON (B. DE.). — ^L' Antiquity expliqu^e et representee 
en Figures. 15 vols. Fol. Paris, 1719-24. 

English Translation : — Antiquity explained, and 
represented in Sculptures. 5 vols. Supplement 
5 vols, in 2. (Furniture, Vol. III., p. 59.) Fol. 
London, 1721-25. 

Moses (H.). — A Collection of Antique Vases, Tripods, 
Candelabra, etc. Sm. 4to. London^ 1811. 

Paris. — Catalogue de la Collection Julien Gr^au (Serie des 

M^taux). (Fragments de Meubles, p. 49.) 8vo. 

Paris, 1881. 
PiRANESi (G. B. and F.). — Greek and Roman Antiquities, 

Painting, etc. 29 vols. Furniture, Vol. 20, Plates 

55-67. Atlas Fol. Paris, 1835-37. 
Rich (A.). — Dictionary of Roman and Greek Antiquities, 

8vo. London, 1873. 
ROBiou and Lenormant (F.). — Chefs d'oeuvre de TArt 

Antique (including decorative furniture). 7 vols. 

4to. Paris, 1867. 

Trollope (E.). — Illustrations of Ancient Art, selected from 
objects discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum. 4to. 
LondoD, 1854. 

WiLLEMiN (N. X). — Choix de Costumes civils et militaires 
des Peuples de TAntiquibfi, leurs meubles, et les 
derations interieures de leurs maisons. 2 vols. Fol. 
Paris, 1798-1802. 


Carved Woodwork, etc. 26 photographs. Portfolio 

Le Bon (G.). — La Civilisation des Arabes. (Furniture.) 8vo. 
. Paris, 1884. 

Prisse D'Avennes (E.). — ^L'Art Arabe d'aprfes les monu- 
ments du Klaire, depuis le VII« sifecle jusqu'i la fin du 
XVIIIe. 3 vols. Fol. Paris, 1877. 

RiOLO (G.). — La Porta Arabo-Normanna esistente nell' ex 
Monastero della Martorana in Palermo. 3 plates. 
FoL Palermo, 1871. 

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6 AUSTBiA— BEDSTEADS. [Fumiture^ 


Baumann (L.) and Bressler (E.).— Barock. Eine Samm- 
lung von Plafonds, Cartouchen, Consolen, Gittem, 
Mobeln, Vasen, etc. Fol. Wien, 1884. 

Blaetter fCr Kxjnstgewerbe unter Mitwirkung be- 
wahrter Fachmanner (V. Teirich). 4to. Wien, 1872 
et aeq. 

Falke (J.).— Die Geschichte des Schrankes. " Blatter fiir 
Kunstgewerbe,'' Vol. V., pp. 1, 9. 4to. Wien 1876. 

Falke (J.),— Die Kunst im Hause. Geschichtliche und 
kritisch-asthetische Studien iiber die Decoration und 
AusstattuDg der Wohnung. (p, 245.) 8vo. Wien, 
Another edition. Imp. 8vo. Wien, 1882. 
4th edition. 8vo. Wien, 1883. 

English translation, by C. 0. Perkins, M.A Imp. 
8vo. Boston, 1879. 

Storck (J.). — Einfache Mobel im Charakter der Renaissance. 
Lithogr. plates. Fol. Wien, 1875. 

Storck (J.}. — Kunstgewerbliche Vorlage-Blatter fur real- 
gewerbliche Fach-und Fortbildungs-Schulen . (Lithogr. 
and chromo-lithogrs.) (Section III., Furniture and 
Woodwork.) Imp. fol. Wien (1876). 

Storck (J.). See Periodicals. Blatter fiir Kunstgewerbe, 
etc. 4to. Wien, 1872 et seq. 

Teirich (V.). — Cabinet (Kunstschrank), im Auftrage Sr. 
M. des Kaisers Franz Josef I. 14 plates and 2 leaves 
text. Fol. Wien, 1874. 

Teirich (V.). — Cabinet, entworfen von V. T. " Blatter fiir 
Kunstgewerbe," Vol. II., p. 25. 4to. Wien, 1873. 

Vienna Museums. — K. K. Oesterreiches Museum kunst- 
gewerbliche Flugblatter. (Illustrations of Decorative 
Art). 8vo. Wien, 1881. 

Vienna, Museum of Art Industry. — Prachtmobel und 
Gerathe vom Ende des XVIII., und Beginn des XIX. 
Jahrhunderts. Fol. Niirnberg, 1884. 


Bedsteads, Bronze, from Pompeii. — Photographs. Port- 
folios 421, 6yo. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.'] Belgium — Holland. 7 

Bedsteads, French. — 17th century. Photographs. Port* 
folio 355. 

Bedsteads, French. — 18th century. Photographs. Port- 
folio 624 

Bedstead, Legs of. — Indian. Photographs. Portfolios 
595, 596. 

Bedsteads, Portuguese. — Period of Louis XIII. Photo- 
graphs. Portfolio 366. 

Chambers (K).— Book of Days. (Vol. L, p. 229. Great 
Bed of Ware.) 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1864. 

Paris Exhibition, 1867. — Rapports des D^^ations 
Ouvriferes. (Bedsteads, Vol. I., Dessinateurs D'Ameuble- 
inents, and fib^nistes.) 3 vols., illustrated. 4to. Paris, 

EiCHABDSON (C. J.).— Studies from Old English Mansions. 
(Bedstead, 2nd series.) 4 vols. Fol. London, 1841-48. 

Smee and Son (W.). — Designs for Window Curtains and 
Beds. Fol. London, n.d. 

Wright (T.). — Archaeological Album, or Museum of 
National Antiquities. (Bedstead.) 4to. London, 

BELGIUM (Flemish). 


HOLLAND (Dutch). 

L'Art Ancien a L'Exposition Nationale Belge. (p. 262.) 
Fol. Bruxelles, Paris, 1882. 

Societe de l'Art Ancien en Belgique. (Furniture.) 
Imp. fol. Bruges (1883). 

BOSBOOM (S.). — Voorbeelden van anticque Schoorsteenen, 
Cabinetten, Geridons, Tafels en Spiegels, etc. FoL 
Amsterdam, 1786. 

Ewerbeck (F.) and NEtiffEiSTER (A.). — Die Renaissance 
in Belgien und Holland^ eine Sammlung von C^egen- 
standen der Architectur und Kunstgewerbe, etc. 
Plates. (Text in German and French.) FoL Leipzig 
(1883). ^ 

Flemish (Old) Architecture^ Furniture, etc. Fol. 
Amsterdam^ 1642. 

Digitized by 


8 BELLOWS — BRICKETS. [Fumiture. 

Haohe (L.). — Monumens anciens recueillis en Allemagne 
et en Belgique. (Chimney pieces.) Plates, etc. 2 vols. 
Fol. Bruxelles, 1845. 

LiNAS (C. de). — L'Art et Tlndustrie d'autrefois dans les 
regions de la Mense Beige. (Ivory cofirets,) 8vo. 
Pai-is and Arras, 1882. 

Vredemen (J. DE Vbies). — ^Plusieurs Menuiseries, comme 
Portaulx, BuflTets, Tables, etc. 1680. 40 plates. 4to. 
Bruxelles, 1869. 

Ysendyck (J. J. Van). — Documents class^ de Tart dans 
les pays-bas du dixifeme au dixhuiti^me sifede. Fol. 
' Anvers, 1880. 

BELLOWS. See also Italy, p. 25. 

Beckmann (J.). — History of Inventions and Discoveries, 
Vol I., p. 103, Wooden Bellows. Vol. IIL, p. 154, 
Mirrors. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1817. 

Italian. 15th and 16th centuriea Photographs. Port- 
folios 10. 143. 

ITALLA.N. 16fch century. Photographs. Portfolio. 366. 

PiOT (E.). — Le Cabinet de TAmateur. (Bellows, woodcut, 
p. 164.) Fol. Paris, 1861-63. 

Pollen (J. H.). — Ancient and Modem Furniture and 
Woodwork in the South Kensington Museum. (Italian 
Bellows, p. ci.) 8vo. London, 1874. 

Shaw (H.). — ^The Decorative Arts, 'Ecclesiastical and Civil, 
of the Middle Ages. (Cellini Bellows.) 8vo. London, 

Strawberky Hill. — Description of Mr. Horace Walpole's 
Villa. (Bellows, see insertion at page 516 -) 4to. 
Strawberry Hill, 1784. 

BRACKETS. See also " Chippendale " Period, p. 25. 

Clocks. — One hundred designs for clock cases, etc., one 
plate of brackets. English. 19th century. 85 plates. 
Fol. n.p., n.d. 

Genteel Household Furniture. — (Brackets.) 8vo. 
London (about 1780). 

Heppelwhite (A). — The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's 
Guide; or Repository of Designs for Household 
Furniture, etc. (Bradcets.) 126 plates. Flsq>. fol. 
London, 1789. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] British. 9 

Ince (W.) and Mayhew (J.). — Universal Sj^stem of House- 
hold Furniture. (Plate 76. Brackets.) Fol London, 

Jackson (G. and Sons). — Detached Enrichments, Furni- 
ture, etc, in papier-ingLcb^, etc. (Brackets.) 4to. 
LondoD, 1836. 

POLIJSN (J. H.). — ^Ancient and Modem Furniture and Wood- 
work in the South Kensington Museum. (Bracket, 
p. cxxxiv.) 8vo. London, 1 874. 

Salandri (E.). — Architectural and Decorative Designs. 
65 engravings. (Brackets.) 4to. London, 1869, 

BRITISH. See also " Chippendale" Pebiod, p. 26. 

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Blackie, Messrs. — ^Tfae Cabinet Maker's Assistant . . . 
Designs for Modern Furniture. 101 plates. Fo]. 
Glasgow, 1868. 

Digitized by 


10 BBiTiSH. [Fumiiu't^. 

Booth (L.). — A series of original designs for Deooratiye 
Furniture, etc. Lithographs. Fol. London, 1864. 

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48 plates. Fol. London, 1858. 

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holstery Furniture, etc. Plates (coloured and plain). 
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working drawings, with explanatory notes. By a 
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Cabinet Maker. — Design and Information for the Furni- 
ture Trade. Sm. fol. London, 1880. 

Cabinet Maker's Assistant. See Blackie. 

Cabinet Maker's Sketch Book. See Weale J. 

Cabinet and Upholstery Advertiser.-^— Modern Designs 
in Furniture and Upholstery. Fol. London, 1877. 

Carpentry a.nd Joinery. — '^ Every Man his own 
Mechanic " Seiies. Turning, Fret-sawing, and Wood- 
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Kensington Museum, with suggestions for the arrange- 
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• drawings. 

Charles (R). — Cabinet Makers' Sketch Book. 60 litho- 
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Lithographs. Fol. London, 1868. 

Digitized by 


Furniture,] British. 11 

ChjIELES (R). — Three huadred Original Designs for 
Window-draperies, Fringes, and Mantle-board Decora- 
tions, etc. Fol. London, 1874. 

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pole and cheval screens. Pier and Console tables. 4to. 
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Earlier edition. 8vo. London, 1868. 

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{See Chapter on manners and customs.) 8vo. London, 

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Cantor Lectures delivered before the Soc. of Arts, 1880. 

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Edis (R. W.). — Healthy Furniture and Decoration, (Health 
Exhibition Handbooks.) 8yo. London, 1884. 

Q 17729. B 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC ' 

12 BRITISH. [Furniture^ 

ENGLiaH Home. — ^Its early history and progress. With 
notes on the introduction of Domestic Inventions. 8vo. 
Oxford, 1861. 

Fashion of Fitrnitube. — Article from the *' Oornhill 
Magazme/' March, 1864. 8vo. ph. 1864. 

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and Furniture.) 8vo. London, 1882. 

Furnishing, The Art of. See C, H. J. 

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designs, reprinted from the "Gardners' Chronicle*' in 
one sheet.) Obi. fol. London, n.d. 

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of Fashionable Furniture, Seds, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, 
Book-cases, etc. 4to. London, 1823. 

Furniture. — (Fifty coloured platea of Domestic Furniture.) 
8vo. n.d. 

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Flscp, folio. 1873 et aeq. 

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graved from photographs, etc 4to. London, n.d. 

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artistic houses. Illustrations. 16mo. London, 1882. 

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Guide ; or Repository of Designs for . . . House- 
hold Furniture^ etc 126 plates. Flscp. folio. London, 

Digitized by 


Fumiture.} British. 13 

Hope (T.). — ^Household Furniture and Interior Decoration. 
Plates. Folio. London, 1807. 

House Building. — How to build, furnish, and decorate, 
with a complete treatise on house furni^iing and 
decoration. (Illustrations.) 4to. New York (1884). 

House Decorator, etc. — For Painters, Cabinet Makers, 
etc. Fol. London, 1880. 

House Furnisher and Decorator. — (Monthly Journal.) 
Lithographs and woodcuts. 4to. 1872-73. 

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House-building and House-furnishing, with illus- 
trations in the text. 8vo» London, 1879. 

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Furniture, etc. Plates. Fol. n.d. (about 1770). 

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ments, and various articles of taste and Furniture, from 
examples executed in composition, etc. Fol. London, 

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pieces, of the time of Charles I. 10 plates. 8vo. 
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ture, manufactured of Irish Bog Yew. 4to. Dublin, 

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trative of Kenilworth Castle in the Elizabethan period. 
4to. London, 1851. 

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Draperies. Chromo-lithographs. ObL 4to. London, 

JoNQUET (A.). — -Original sketches for Art Furniture. Litho- 
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useful Designs. Vol. I., Chair and Sofa Work. Vol. II., 
Cabinet Work generally. 4to. London, n.d. (about 

King (T.). — Specimens of Furniture, in the Elizabethan 
and Louis Quatorze styles. Coloured plates. Fol. 
London, n.d. 

B 2 

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14 BEixxsH. [Fumitufye^ 

KiNQ (T.). — Fashionable Bedsteads with Hangings, etc- 
16 coloured plates. Fol. London, n.d 

King (T.).— Upholsterer's Guide, etc. Plates. 4to. London, 

King (T.).— The Upholsterer's Sketch Book ... for 
fashionable Draperies, etc. Lithographs. Fol. Lon- 
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etc. Plates (coloured and plain). 4to. London, 

King (T.).— Supplementary plates to the work entitled The 
Modern Style of Cabinet Work exemplified. 28 plates 
(coloured and plain). 4to. London, 1840 ? 

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cuts of Furniture, Ornaments, etc, 11 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1837-51. 

A New edition, revised. 7 vols. 8vo. Lcmdon, 

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tiquities. lUustrationa (Furniture, 13th and 14th 
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Vol. II., p. 231. Furniture, 18th centy. Vol. II., p. 
306). 4to. London, 1845. 

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signs. 126 lithographs. Fol. London, 1855. 

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(Etchings of Furniture). Fol. London, 1873. 

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Upholstery Furniture, Looking Glasses, etc. Fol. 
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their iconography, or plans and other appendages. 
(Chairs, etc.) 4to. London (1802). 

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geometrical lines, etc Plates. 8vo. London, 1826. 

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and Furniture. 37 illustrations. 8yov London, 1878. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] BRiTira:. 15 

PrNE (W. H.).— The History of the Royal Residences of 
Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Carlton House, 
Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham 
House, and Frogmore. 100 coloured plates. 3 vols. 
4to. London, 1819. 

Robinson (J. B.). — Architectural Foliage, suitable for the 
enrichment and decoration of Furniture, etc. 4to. 
Derby (1868). 

Rustic Furniture, Ideas for. — Proper for Garden Seats, 
Summer Houses, etc. Plates. 8vo. n.d. (about 1800), 

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those engaged in Cabinet Work, etc. 65 plates. 4to. 
London, 1869. 

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terers', and Decorators' Work. 16mo. (London), n.d. 
(about 1870). 

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graphs. Obi. 4to, London, 1876. 

Earlier edition. Obi. 4to. London, 1874. 

SiDDONS (G. A.). — The Cabinet-Maker's Guide ; Instruc- 
tions in the Art of Varnishing, Staining, Jappaning, etc. 
Wood, Ivoiyj etc. 24mo. London, 1830. 

Sideboard. — Description of carved Sideboard, by J. M. 
Willcox, of Warwick. 4to. Warwick, 1858. 

Small (J. W.).— Scottish Woodwork of the 16th and 17th 
Centuries, etc. Lithographs. FoL Edinburgh, 1878. 

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and Interior Decoration. With Designs for Rooms, 
showing the Decorations, adjustment of the Furniture, 
etc. 158 Plates. 4to. London, 1808. 

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Coloured plates. 4to. London, 1826. 

South Kensington Museum. — ^Working Drawings of the 
Glass Cases in use for the Exhibition of Objects. 8vo. 
(London,) 1872. 

Another edition. 8vo. London, 1876. 

Standage (A.). — Practical Illustrations of Upholstery work ; 
designs for window draperies, bed hangings, domestic 
and ecclesiastical upholstery, eta Fol. London, 1864. 

Digitized by 



Stokes (J.). — The Complete Cabinet Maker's and Uphol- 
sterer's Guide. 12mo. London, n.d. 

Tables and Chaibs. A practical Quide to economical 
Furnishing. 16mo. London, (1877). 

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Assistant. 2 vols. 8vo. London, n.d. 

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Coloured plates. Imp. Svo. London, n.d. 

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Book. 4to. London, 1876. 

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and useful designs. 60 lithographs. 2nd edition. 4to. 
London, n.d. 

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Plates. 4to. 1825. 

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sury of Designs, etc. Plates. 4to. London, 1847. 

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Curtain Cornices, Candelabra, etc. 30 lithographic 
plates. Fol. Ix)iidon, n,d. 

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and Settees, etc. Coloured plates. Obi. 4to, London, 

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Styles of Louis XlVth., Francis 1st., Elizabeth, and 
Gothic. Imp. 4to. London, n.d. 

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scriptive (Coloured Photographs of interior of Apart- 
ments). Fol. London, 1870. 

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domestic Manners, etc., in England. (Furniture.) Svo. 
London, 1871. 


Adams (L.). — Decorations int^rieures et Meubles. (Cabinets 
Louis Xni.). FoL Paris, 1865. 

Buffets. — ^French, about 1660. Photographs. Portfolio 

Buffets.— German. Photographs. Portfolio 618. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] cabinets, buffets, armoibes. 17 

Buffets. — Italian, 16th century. Photos. Portfolio 618. 

Buffet, Warwick. — Photographa Portfolio 24. 

Cabinets. — English. 16th century. Photos. Portfolio 116. 

Cabinets. — ^English. Modem. Photographs. Portfolios 
92, 319, 658. 

Cabinets. — Flemish. 15th century. Photographs. Port- 
foUo 73. 

Cabinets. — French. 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. 
Photographs. Portfolios 73, 116, 366, 642, and 624. 

Cabinets. — ^French. Modem. Photographs. Portfolios 
319, 682, 602. 

Cabinets. — German, Modern. Photos. Portfolio 116. 

Cabinets. — German. 15th, 16tb, and 17th centuries. 
Photographs. PortfoKo 73, 260, 516, 574. 

Cabinets. — Italian. 16th and 17th centuries. Photographs. 
Portfolios 73, 366, 674. 

Camnets. — Spanish. 16th century. Photographa Port- 
foUos 270, 366, 566. 

Chests of Drawers. — 17th and 18th centuries. Photo- 
graphs. Portfolio 615. 

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du XI"»« au XVII1°^« sifede. (Cabinets.) Paris. Fol. 

Commode (Cassettone). — 18th century. Photographs. 
Portfolio 559. 

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de TArt Chretien." Vol. III., p. 418. 8vo. Paris, 

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logiques." Vol. IV., p. 369. 4to. Paris, 1846. 

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London (about 1780). 

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frontispiece. 4to. Paris, n.d. 

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etc. (Cabinets.) Fol. Paris, n.d. (17th century). 

Digitized by 



Lewis (B.). — Remarks on Ivory Cabinets in the possession 
of W. Flower, Esq. 8vo. Photograph. (London), 

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Ouvrieres, (Cabinets, Vol. I. Dessinateurs D'Ameuble- 
ments and £b^nistes.) 3 vols., illustrated. 4to. Paris, 

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Chretien.'' Vol. XXX., p. 209. 8vo. Paris, 1880. 

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(Cabinets.) 4 vols. FoL London, 1841-48. 

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of the 1 6th and 17th centuries. (Cabineta) Fol. 
London, 1883. 

Sbcb^taibes.— French. Louis XV. and XVI. Photographs. 
Portfolios 602, 628. 

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centuries. (Cabinets.) Fol. Edinburgh, 1877. 

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Loan Exhibition of Spanish and Portuguese Orna- 
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Majestat des Kaiser Joseph I. (Renaissance.) Fol. 
Wien, 1874. 

XT . — .Armoire de r^fectoire k Tusage des B^guines. 

*' Revue de TArt Chr(5tien." Vol. XXXIIL, p. 225. 
8vo. Paris, 1883. 

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(Cabinets.) Fol. Paris, 1883. 


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Premifere Partie, comprenant les objets de curiositfe, 
(Furniture, p. 523.) Sm. 8vo. Aix, 1882. 

Bethnal Gbeen Museum. — Catalogue of Loan Collection 
of Furniture. Introduction by G. Wallis. Illustra- 
tions. 8vo. London, 1878. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] catalogues and collections. 19 

Dabckl (A.) AND Basilewsky (A,).— Collection Basilewsky. 
Catalogue raisonn^, pr^c^d^ d un Essai sur les Arts 
Industriels du 1" au XVI® SiScle. (Text and plates.) 
2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1874. 

EssiNGH (A J.).~ Catalogue illustr6 de la Collection des 
Objets d'Art. Cologne, (p. 144. Furniture.) 8vo. 
Cologne, 1865. 

Field (R). — Sale catalogue of Furniture, Porcelain, etc 
Priced. Christie and Co. 1856. 

Gore House. — Catalogue of Specimens of Cabinet Work 
exhibited at Gore House, Kensington. Svo. London, 

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Ameublement. " Gazette des Beaux Arts," Vol. XV. 
2nd Series, p. 462. 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

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Sm. fol. London, 1883. 

Jones Collection, see South Kensington Museum. 

Milan. — Museum of Industrial Art. (Furniture.) Photo- 
graphs. Portfolio 559. 

MusifiE d'Artillerie, Paris. — L*Art Ancienu See Franck. 
(M.) Photographs. Portfolio 366. 

Pollen (J. H.). — Ancient and Modern Furniture and 
Woodwork in the South Kensington Museum. 
Photographs, etc Svo. London, 1874. 

Robinson (J. C). — Catalogue of the Soulages Collection. 
(French and other Renaissance Furniture). 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1857. 

Soulages. — Collection. (French and other Renaissance 
Fiuniture.) Photographs. Portfolios 10, 143. See 
also, Robinson (J. C). 

South Kensington Museujl— Examples of Works of 
Art, with brief descriptions. Sm. fol. London, 

South Kensington Museum. — Catalogue of the Special 
Loan Exhibition of Spanish and Portuguese Orna- 
mental Art. rFumiiure, pp. 21,119.) 4to. London^ 

South Kensington Museum. — Handbook of the Jones 
Collection. (French 18th cent, furniture.) Svo. Lon- 
don, 1883. 

Jones Collection, Photographs. Portfolios 602, 628. 

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Vienna, — ^Austrian Museum of Art Industry. Moebelfor- 
men der franzosischen Bemussance, unter Leitung von 
Prof H. Herdtle. Plates. FoL Wien, 1883. 

Villa Myutjs A G^bs. — Furniture. Photographs. 
Portfolio 618. 

Wallace (Sir Richard). — ^Collection. (French, Furniture.) 
Photographs. Portfolio 542. 

CHAIRS, SOFAS, STALLS. See also Thrones, p. 63. 

BornCHER (C. G. W.). — Die Holz - Architektur des 
Mittehdters. (PI. 18, Chaii. FoJ. Berlin, 1842. 

Cabinet-bcaker. — Working Ornaments^ and Forms, full 
size, for the Chair and Sofa Maker, etic. Fol. London, 

Chair, Imperial. — At Goslar, German, 11th century. 
Photographs. Portfolio 674. 

Chairs. — English, 17th and 18th centuries. Photographs. 
Portfolio 582. 

Chairs. — French, 18th century. Photographs. Portfolio 

CHAIBS.r-:Italian, 19th century. Photographs. Portfolio 
- 58SL 

Chairs. — ^Italian, 16th and 17th centuries. Photographs. 
Portfolios 19, 143, 866. 

Chair-makers and Carvers of London. — Supplement to 
the Book of Prices. 11 copper plates. 4to. London, 
1808. Bound -with it, a Second Supplement, With 
2 copper plates. 4to. London, 1811. 

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pp. 761, Dunmow Chair. Vol. II., pp. 109, Jenny 
Geddes Stool.) 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1864. 

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Jahrhunderten in den innem Landschafben Norwegens. 
(Plate 9, Chair.) FoL Dresden, 1837. 

Falke (J.). — ^Uber Sitzmobel. " Blatter fur Kunstgewerbe,'^ 
Vol I., pp. 18, 21, 4to. Wien, 1872. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] chaibs, sofas, stalls. 21 

Freeman (St. G.). — A Lecture on "Oiaira" delivered in 
the Hall, Waterford, Nov. 20, 1879. 16mo. Waterford, 

Fbeese (E.). — ^Zeichnungen fiir Korbmacher undKorbmobel- 
fabrikanten. (Illastrations of basketwork chairs.) 2nd 
ed., enlarged. Fol. Kiel, 1867. 

Genteel Household Fuknituke, — (Chairs and sofas.) 
8vo. London (about 1780). 

Grose (F.) and Astle (T.). — ^Antiquarian Repertory. Vol. 
L, PI. 10. Chair supposed to have belonged to Venerable 
Bede. Vol. I., PI. 10. Patriarchal or Archiepiscopal. 
Chair at Canterbury. Vol. III., PL 197. The Dunmow 
Chair, and Coronation Chair of Queen Mary (at 
Winchester). 4 vols. 4to. 1807-9. 

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Bomaine, aux premiers deux Si^cles. (P. 32. St. 
Mark's chair. P.69* St. Peter's chair.) Svo. Paris, 1874. 

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XL, page 34. Dr. Busby's Chair. Vol. IV., page 309. 
Cradle and chair of James VI. of Scotland.) 4 vols. 
8vo. London, 1826. 

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" Formmg the 4th Vol. of the Every Day Book." (P. 
143. Sir P. Sidney's chair.) 8vo. London, 1849. 

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32 chrorao-lithographs. Obi. 4to. London, 1840 ? 

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Ages, and Benaissance as applied to the decoration of 
Furniture, etc. (P. 3. Ivory chair of St. Maximian; 
at Ravenna.) 8v6. London, 1855. 

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of Designs. Obi. 8vo. London, n.d. 

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From *' Mflanges d'Arch^ologie," vol. I. (5 plates, and 
woodcuts.) 4to. Paris, 1849. 

London Ex. 1862. — ^D^^gations OuvriSresi, T Expositiou. 
Rapports. Vol. II. Menuisiers en Sieges et Fauteuils, 
Tourneur en Chaises. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1862-64. 

London Ex. 1862. — Rapports des d^^guds des ouvriers 
Parisiens. (P. 518. Menuisiers en Sieges et Fauteuils.) 
Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1862-64. 

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22 OHAiRS, SOFAS, STALLS. [Fumituve. 

Manwaring (R.).— Ohairmaker's Guide, etc. 76 plates. 
London, 1766, 

Maye-Sencier (A.). — Le Livre des Collectioneurs. (Stalles 
de choeur. 15th cent. P. 20.) 8vo. Paris, 1885. 

MENARD (R). — ^La Vie Privee des Anciens. (Chair of St. 
Peter. Vol. IV., pp. 670.) 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1880. 

Paris Ex. 1867.— Reports of Artisans. (Page 64. Chair- 
making.) 8vo. London, 1867. 

P.VRIS Exhibition, 1867. — Rapports des Delegations 
Ouvriferes. (Chairs, Vol. 1. Dessinateurs D'Ameuble- 
ments, etc.) 3 vols. Illustrated. 4to. Paris, 1867-69. 

Paris Ex. 1867. — Rapports des Delegations ouvriferes. 

(Vol. II. Menuisiers en Sieges.) 3 vols. Illustrated. 

4to. Paris, 1867-69. 
— • Reports of Artizans. (Chairmaking, p. 64.) 8vo. 

London, 1867. 

Pas (C. D£). — Ofidna (aic) Arcularia, in qua sunt ad 
spectantia diversa, eximia exempla ex variis autoribus 
coUectaiete. (Plate 63, chairs.) Fol. Amsterdam, 1642. 

PiOT (E.).— Le jjCabinefc de TAmateur. (Venetian Seat. 
16th century. Woodcut.) Fol. Paris, 1861-63. 

Pollen (J. H.).— Ancient and Modern Furniture and 
Woodwork in the South Kensington Museum. (Chairs.) 
8vo. London, 1874. 

Richardson (C. J.). — Studies from Old English Mansions. 
(Old English Chairs, 2nd Series. The "Augsburg." 
Steel Chair at Longford Castle, 3rd Series.) 4 vols. 
Fol. London, 1841-48. 

Robinson (J. C.).— The Art Wealth of England. (Photo- 
graph of the " Augsburg " Chair.) FoL London, 1862. 

Small (J. W.).— Ancient and Modern Furniture. (Chairs, 
plates I.-IV.)) [4to. Edinburgh, 1883. 

Soldi (E.). — Les Arts meconnus. Illustrations, (p. 72. 
Chair of St. Peter.) 8vo. Paris, 1881. 

Strawbekry-Hill. — Description of Mr. Horace Walpole's 
Villa. (Couches, p. 461.) 4to. Strawberry HiU, 1784. 

Stbeet (G. E.). — Restoration of the Cathedral of the Holy- 
Trinity, commonly called Christ Church Cathedral, 
Dublin. (P. 135, Oak Sedilia.) Fol. London, 1882. 

Toms (W.). — 36 new, original and practical Designs for 
Chairs. 4to. Bath, n.d. 

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.Furniture,] chairs, sofas, ^stalls. 23 

YEBGHJ^fitE (J.). — ^Bacueil de Sieges, anciens et moderaes. 
Lithographs. Obi. 4to. Paris, 1877. 

VULPIUS (C. A.). — Curiositaten der physisch^-literarijsch- 
artistisch-historischen Vor-und Mitwelfc. (Vol. IV., pL 3. 
Cradle. Vol. V. pi. 1*. Chair.) 10 vols. 8vo. 
Weimar, 1811-23. 

Warner (R). — ^An Histoiy of the Abbey of Glaston, and 
of the Town of Glastonbury. (PI. 14. Abbot's and 
Monk's Chairs.) 4to. Bath, 1826. 

CHIMNEY-PIECES. See also "List of Books illustrating 

Adams (G. L.). — Decorations intdrieures et Meubles dea 
^poques Louis XIII. et Louis XIV. (Chimney-pieces.) 
100 Plates. Fol. Paris, 1861. 

Adam (R. and J.). — The Works in Architecture of the late 
R. and J. A. Designs for interior, etc. decoration. 
(Chimney-pieces.) 125 plates. 3 vols. Fol. London, 

Architecture, etc.. Flemish. — Plates, including Furniture, 
etc (Chimney-pieces.) Sm. fol. Amsterdam, 1642. 

Beratn (J.). — ^Ornemens inventez par J. B. 137 plates. 

(Chimney-pieces.) FoL (Pans, c. 1670-1700.) 
Boucher, Ranson et Lalonde. — Designs for Furniture, 

etc. (Lalonde, 6 plates. Chimney-pieces.) Fol. Paris^ 

(18th century.) 

Brooks (S. H.). — Designs for Chimney-pieces, with eleva- 
tions, etc. FoL London, 1857. 

Bullet (P.). — ^Verschyde Schoorsteen Mantels nieulykx 
geinventeert. Fcp. fol. Amsterdam (I7th century). 

Champollion-Figeac (J. J.).— Le Palais de Fontainbleau 
ses origines, etc., son etat actuel. (Chimney-pieces.) 
2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1866. 

Hope (T.). — Household Furniture and Interior Decoration* 
Plates. (Chimney-pieces.) Fol. 1807. 

Johnson (T.). — Designs for picture frames, candelabra, 
chimney-pieces, brackets, clock-cases, etc. Fol. 
Westminster, 1758. 

Johnson (T.). — One hundred and fifty new Designs, by 
T. J. Carver. Chimney-pieces, Picture frames, etc. 
4to. London, 1761. 

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24 CHIMNEY PIECES. [Fumiturc. 

Jones (W.). — ^The Gentleman's or Builder's Companion; 
Designs for Doors, Chimney-pieces, etc. Copper 
plates. 4to. London, 1739. 

Le Pautre (J.).— CEuvre d'Architecture. (Chimney- 
pieces. Vol. 2.) 7 vols. Fol. Paris, n.d. (I7th 

PiNEAU (N.) and Roux (L. Le). — Designs for Chimney- 
pieces^ Wainscot-panels, Buffets, Pier glasses, etc. 42 
plates. ObL foL n.d. 

Richardson (G.). — ^A new collection of Chimney, pieces, in 
the style of Etruscan, Greek, etc. Architecture. 36 
plates. Fol. London, 1781. 

RoiTTER (R). — La Renaissance de Fran9ois l«ri Louis XIIL 
Decorations interieures; portes, chemin^s, meubles, 
etc. Plates. FoL Paris, 1882-5. 

STRA.WBERRY HiLL. — Description of Mr. Horace Walpole's 
Villa. (Chimney-pieces, pp. 401, 418, 435, 454, 468.) 
4to. Strawberry ffiU, 1784. 


AuDSLEY (G. A.). — ^The Ornamental Arts of Japan. Fol. 
London, 1882. 

Chambers (Sir W.). — Designs of Chinese buildings, Fur « 
niture. Dresses, Machines, and Utensils. Engraved 
from the originals in China. Fol. London, 1757. 
French translation. 4to. Paris, 1776. 

Japanese Art. — Catalogue de TExposition retrospective de 
Tart japonais, organis^e par M. Louis Gonse. (Pp. 
218-230, Sculpture in Wood and Ivory. Pp. 231- 
255, Lacquer.) . 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

Liberty and Co. — Eastern Art Manufactures and Decorative 
objects. Furniture, etc. Obi. 8vo. London, 1881. 

QuiN (J. J.V — ^Report by Her Majesty's Acting-Consul at 
Hieikodate on the Lacquer Industry of Japan. (Parlia- 
mentary Paper.) 8vo. London, 1882. 

SiEBOLD (P. F. von). — Nippon. Archiv zur Beschreibung 
von Japon und dessen Neben-und Schutzlandem. 
Atlas of plates. 2 vols. Fol. (Vol. I., parts 1-2. 
Japanese Furniture.) Leyden, 1832, etc. 

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.Fwpniture.] china and japan. 25 

BRITISH, ABOUT 1750-1800. 

Adam (R. and J.). — ^The Works in Architecture of the late 
R. and J. A. With designs of every kind, both for 
interior and exterior decoration. 125 plates. 3 vols, 
fol. London, (1773,) 1822. 

Adam (R. and J.). — The Architecture, Decoration, and 
Furniture of R. and J. A. Selected from works pub. 
1778-1822. Photoligr. plates. Fol. London, 1880. 

Cabinet Maeebs' London Book of Prices, and Designs of 
Cabinet Work, etc. Plates. 4to. London, 1793. 

Chippendale (T.). — Designs for Sconces, Chimney and 
Looking-glass Frames, in the old French style, etc. 
Plates. 4to. London, n.d. 

Chippendale (T.). — ^The Gentleman and Cabinet Makers 
Director. 160 plates. Fol. London, 1764. 

Another edition. Fol. London, 1759. 

Another edition. Fol. London, 1762. 

Cbunden (J.).— ^The Joiner's and Cabinet Maker's Darling, 
60 Designs for Ornamental Frets. Plates. 8vo. 
London, 1765. 

Another edition. 8vo. London, 1786. 

Edwards and Dably. — ^A New Book of Chinese Designs, 
Buildings, and Furniture. 4to. London, 1754, 

Genteel Household Furnitube, in the pbesekt taste, 
BY A Society of Upholstebebs, etc. — (Fire Screens 
and Fretwork.) 8 vo. London (about 1780). 

Fubnitube. — ^The second edition of genteel household fur- 
niture in the present taste, with an addition of several 
articles never before executed by a Society of Uphol- 
sterers. 8vo. London (17 — ), 

Johnson (T.). — ^Designs for Picture Frames, Candelabra, 
Ceilings^ Chimney-pieces, Brackets, Clock-cases, Geran- 
doles. Metal-work, etc. Fol. Westminster, 1758. 

Johnson (T.). — ^New designs, by T. J. Carver, of Ceilings 
Chimney-pieces, Slab, Glass, and Picture Frames, etc. 
for decorating ornamental furniture, in the present 
taste. 4to. London, 1761. 

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Jones (W.). — ^The Gtenileman's or Builder's Companion, 
containing Designs for Doors, Gateways, Peers, Slab 
Tables, Pier Glasses, etc. Explained on Copper-plates. 
4to. London, 1739. 

Lock (M.). — Originals designs for Furniture. 1740-1765. 
4to. London, 1863. 

Lock (M.). — A New Book of Pier-Frames, Ovals, Geran- 
doles, Tables, etc. Imp. 8vo. London, 1769. 

Lock (M.) and Oopeland (H.). — ^A New Book of Orna- 
ments, consisting of tables, sconces, spandles, clock 
cases, eta Plates, London, 1768. 

Manufactureb's Pattern Book of Candle Branches, 
Drawer Handles, Lock Escutcheons, etc. FoL 

Manwaring (R.). — Upwards of one hundred new and 

genteel Designs of Household Furniture in 

the present taste. Parts L-IV. 120 plates. 8vo. 
London, n.d. (about 1760). 

Manwaring (R). — The Carpenter's Compleat Guide to 
Gothic Railing. Plates. 8vo. London, 1765. 

Manwaring (R.). — Cabinet and Chairmaker's real Friend 
and Companion ; upwards of a hundred designs for all 
sorts of chairs. Plates. 8vo. London, 1765. 

Rosis (A.). — A New Book of Ornaments, consisting of com- 
partment decorations of theatres, ceilings, chinmey- 
pieces, doors, windows, etc. FoL London, 1753. 

Shearer. — ^Designs for Household Furniture, 19 pages of 
illustrations and diagrams. 4to. London, 1788. 

Sheraton (T.). — Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Draw- 
ing Book. Plates. 4to. London, 1793-4. 

■ German translatioa — Modell-und Zeichnungsbuch fiir 

Ebenisten, Tischler, etc. Plates. 2 vols. 4to. Leip- 
zig, 1794. 

Sheraton (T.). — Cabinet Dictionary, etc. Text. 8 vo. 
1803. Plates. Fol. London, 1803. 

Sheraton (T.). — The Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and 
General Artist's Encyclopaedia. Coloured Plates. Fol. 
London, 1804, etc. 

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J%rm«ttr6.] *' CHIPPENDALE " AND "SHERATON" 27 

Thompson (G. T.). — ^Designs of Chimney Glasses, Girandoles, 
Cabinets, and Cornices, after styles of Adams, She- 
raton, Chippendale, etc. Sm. Fol. London, 1878. 

Wallis (N.). — ^The Complete Modem Joiner ; designs for 
chimney-pieces and door-cases, with their mouldings, 
etc., friezes, tablets, etc. Obi. 4to. London, 1772. 

,"Weale (J.). — Old English and French Ornaments ; com- 
prising 244 designs of examples, by Chippendale, 
Inigo Jones, etc. (Eepublication). 4to. London, 1868- 


Chippendale (T.). — The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's 
Director. (Plates 163-166. Clock Cases.) Fol. 
London, 1762. 

Clock Cases. French, 18 th century. Photographs. 
Portfolios. 143. 

Clocks. —Collection of 100 lithographic designs for Clock- 
cases and Time-piece Frames, with one plate of 
brackets. English, 19th century. FoL n.p., n.d. 

DuQUEBS (L.). — ^Dessins de Meubles, Pendules, eta 6 plates. 
FoL Paris (1806). 

Marot (D.). — Livre d'Ornaments invente par D. M. (Clock 
Cases.) Sm. Fol. (Amsterdam), 1702. 

Sheraton (T.). — The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's 
Drawing Book. (Appendix, pi. 29. Clock Cases.) 4to. 
London, 1793. 

Zanetti (G.). — Studii Architettonico-Omamentali. (Plate 
179. Clock Cases.) Fol. Venezia, 1850. 


Cassonl — ^Italian. 15th and 16th centuries. Photographs. 
Portfolios 366 and 515. 

Chests. — 16th and 17th centuries. Photographs. Port- 
folios 542, 574. 

Coffers. — Italian 14th and 15th centuries. . Photographs, 
Portfolios 366, 515, and 265. 

Coffers. — German. 14th and 15tb centuries. Photographs. 
Portfolios 366 and 113. 

a 17729. C 

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Coffers. — French. iBth century. Photographs. Port- 
folio 866. 
Coffers. Spanish. Photographs. Portfolio 366. 

Maze-Sencier (A.). — Le Livre des Collectioneurs. (Oassone, 
p. 24.) 8vo. Paris, 1885. 

Pollen (J. H.). — Ancient and Modem Furniture and Wood- 
work in the South Kensington Museum. (Coffers, pp. 
XCVIII., 118-147.) 8vo. London, 1874. 


BOURGOIN (J.). — Les Arts Arabes. Architecture, Menui- 
serie, Bronzes, etc. FoL Paris, 1873. 

Dahl (J. C. C). — Holzbaukunst aus den friihesten Jahrh- 
underten in den innem Landschaften Norwegens. 
(Doors.) Fol. Dresden, 1837. 

Jones (W.). — ^The Gentleman's or Builder's Companion, con- 
taining Variety of useful designs for Doors, Gateways, 
Peers, etc. Copper Plates. 4to. London, 1739. 

KuHNT (Fr.). — Sammlung modemer Zimmereinrichtungen 
aus den Industrie -Ausstellungen zu Halle und Karls- 
ruhe. Fol. Dresden, 1881. 

Le Pautre (J.). — (Euvre d' Architecture. (Doors, VoL 3.) 
7 vols. Fol. Paris, (17*^ centy). 

KOUYER (E.). — La Renaissance de Fran9ois 1«' A, Louis XIII. 
Decorations, interieures, etc. Fol. Paris, 1882. 

TwoPENY (W.). — Specimens of Ancient Woodwork. (Doors.) 
Fol. London, 1859. 

DUTCH, see Holland, p. 7. 
ECCLESIASTICAL. See also Medieval, p. 58, 

Arendt (Ch.). — ^Designs of Altars, Pulpits, etc.) in the 
Bomanesque and Gothic Styles, executed in Luxem- 
bourg. (Chromolithographs.) Fol. Luxembourg 

AUBER (C. A., Abb6.). — Histoire et Th^orie du Symbolisme 
Religieux. (VoL 3., p. 262; Ameublement de 
Ufiglise.) 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1870-71. 

Barrier de Montault (X. Mgr.). — Traits pratique de la 
Qossixuction de I'Ameublement,. etc., des ^glises. 
2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1878. 

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Fmmiture.] • ecolesiastioal. 29 

Bare (J.).- — AngKcan Cburob Ajohitecture, with eioiae xe- 
marks upon Ecclesiastical Furniture. (Woodcuts.) 
12mQ. Oxford, 1843. 

Bakraud (M. L'Abb]^). — ^Notioe sur les Confessionaux. 
"De Caumont Bulletin Monumental;' Vol. XXXIV. 
p. 697, 825. Vol. XXXVII, p. 51. 8v6. Paris, 1868 

Barraud (M. L'Abb6). — Des Troncs destines h, recevoir les 
offrandes des Fidfeles. **De Caumont. Bulletin 
Monumental," Vol. XXXV., p. 369. 8vo. Paris, 1869. 

Barraud (M. L'Abb6). — Notice sur les Chaires k Pr^cher. 
« De Caumont. Bulletin Monumental,' ■ Vol. XXXVI., 
p. 5, 113. 8vo. Paris, 1870. 

Bock (Dr. F.). — Geschichte der liturgischen Qewander des 
Mittelalters. 3 vols. 8vo. Bonn, 1859-1871. 

Bordeaux (K.). — Principles d'Archdologie appliques a la 
Decoration et I'Ameublement des figlises. 8vo. Caen, 

Bordeaux (R.). — Principes d'Aroh^logie Pratique appliques 
k TAmeublement Artistique des figlises. -'De- Cau- 
mont. Bulletin Monumental," Vol. XVIII, p. 65. 
8vo. Paris, 1852. 

BouFLET (L'Abb^). — ^La Chaire de Clermont (Oise). "Revue 
de TArt Chretien," Vol. XXVIT., p. 204. 8vo. Paris, 

Brtdgens (R.). — Sefkon Church Furniture, with Candela- 
bra and Interior Decoration. 60 coloured plates. 4to. 
London, 1838. 

Bury (T. T.). — Remains of Ecclesiastical Woodwork. 21 
plates. Imp. 4to. London, 1847. 

Cambridge. See Instrumenta Ecclesiastica. 

Carter (T. J. P.). — King's College Chapel : Notes on its 

History and present condition. 8vo. London and 

Cambridge, 1867. 

Cerf (Ch.). — Histoire et Description de Notre-Dame de 
Reims, Ouvrage om^ de planches, etc. (Vol. 2 ; p. 361.) 
2 vols. 8vo. Reims, 1861. 

Chambers (J. D.). — Divine Worship in England in the 

13th and 14th centuries. (P. 9. Lectern.) 4to. 

London, 1877. 
Churches. — Modem. Church Furniture and Decoration. 

Descriptions of the most beautiful Churches in Europe. 

Illustrated. Fcp. fol. London, 1867. 

c 2 

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30 BCCUSiAsxiOAL. [Ftf/m%tv,7*e. 

Ohubch Fuknishinq. — Guide to Church Furnishing and 
Decoration. Sq. 12mo. Chicago, 1876-77. 

Chubch Furnitube. — Mobilier d'figlises. Specimens des 
divers styles depuis le XI®. si^le jusqu k nos jours. 
2 vols. Vol L, Ouvrages en bois. Fol. Paris, 1881. 

CORDES (A. W.) and Qiesenberg (E.). — Das Chorgestiihl 
der Kirche San Severino in Neapel. (Part I., with 
9 plates. 1st series of " Italienische Renaissance^" 
etc.) Fol. Leipzig, 1875. 

CussANS (J. E.). — Inventory of Furniture and Ornaments 
remaining in all the Parish Churches of Hertfordshire 
in the last year of the reign of K. Edward 6th. Cr. 
8vo. Oxford, 1873. 

OuTTS (E. L). — Church Furniture and Decoration. Litho- 
graphs and woodcuts. 8vo. London, 1854. 

DiDRON (A. N.). — Ameublement et deration des eglises* 
*' Annales Arch^ologiques," Vol. IV., p. 1. 4to. Paris, 

DOLLHAN (F. T.). — Examples of [ancient Pulpits existing in 
England. 4to. London, 1849. 

Field (W.). — Stones of the Temple, or Lessons from the 
Fabric and Furniture of the Church. 8vo. London, 

French (G. J.). — Practical remarks on some of the minor 
accessories to the services of the Church. 8vo. Leeds, 
J 844. 

French (G. J.). — ^Illustrated price list of Articles of Church 
Furniture in the Exhibition of 1851. 8vo. Manchester, 

Gaertner (F. von).— Sammlung der Entwiirfe ausgefiihrter 
Gebaude von F. v. Gaertner. ObL foL (Munchen, 

Gailhabaud (J.). — L'Architecture du V® au XVI© sifecle, et 
les Arts qui en dependent. (Vol. IV. Lecterns, p. 254, 
Stalls, p. 260, Pulpits, p. 280.) 4 vols., 4to. 1 vol. 
fol. Paris, 1858-59. 

Guenebault (L. J.). — Dictionnaire iconographique des' 
Monuments de I'Antiquit^ chrdtienne et du Moyen 
&ge. (Ecclesiastical Furniture.) 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 

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Furniture,] ecclesustical. 31 

Hart (Rev. R.). — Ecclesiastical Records of England, Ire- 
land, and Scotland, from the fifth century till the 
Reformation. 2nd ed. (Ecclesiastical furniture.; 
8vo. Cambridge, 1846. 

Instrumenta Ecclesiastica. — A series of working designs 
for the furniture, fittings, and decorations of churches 
and their precincts. 4to. London, 1847. 

Jacob (Q.). — Die Kunst im Dienste der Kirche. Ein 
Handbuch fiir Freunde der Kirchlichen Kunst. 20 
plates. 8vo. Landshut, 1870. 

JouRDAiN (L. Abb]6) and Duval ( — Abbe). — Les StaJles 
de la Oath^drale d' Amiens. 8vo. Amiens, 1843. 

Lee (F. Q.). — The Directorium Anglicanum. 4to. London, 

Lowe (T. H.).~On the Interior Arrangement of Churches. 
8vo. Exeter, 1842. 

Lt)BKE (Dr. W.). — Vorschule. zum..Studium kirchlichen 
Kunst der deutschen Mittelalters. Fiinfte Auflage 
mit 170 Illustrationen. 8vo. Leipzig, 1866. 

English translation by L. A Wheatly. (Engravings.) 
8 vo. Edinburgh, 1870. 

MiLLiN (A. L.). — Antiquity Nationales. (Vol. I., pi. 2L 
Lectern and Candelabra.) 5 vols. 4to. Paris, 1790- 

Money (W.). — Parish Church Goods in Berkshire, AJ>. 
1552. Inventories of Furniture, etc., from the Original 
Records. 8vo. Oxford, 1879. 

NoHL (M.) AND Bogler (R.). — Die Chorstiihl im Kapitel 
saale des Domes zu Mainz. Fol. Glogau, 1863. 

Palustre (L.). — ^De TAli^nation du Mobilier des Eglises 
"Bulletin Monumental," Vol. XLIII., pp. 664,747. 
8vo. Paris, 1877. 

Palustre (L.). — Le Pupitre de Sainte Radegonde. " Bul- 
letin Monumental," Vol. XLIV., p. 258. 8vo. Paris, 

Peacock (E.). — English Church Furniture, Ornaments, 
and Decorations, at the Period of the Reformation^ 
Lithographs. 8vo. London, 1866. 

Pews. — The History of Pews. A paper read before the 
Cambridge Camden Society on Monday, Nov. 22nd, 
1841. 8vo. Cambridge, 1842. 

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PiCABT (B.). — C^r^monies et Coutumes religieuses de tous 
les peuples du monde, representees par des Figures. 
(Eocles. Furniture.) 11 vols. Sm. foL Amsterdam, 

POUGNET (M. l'Abb^.) — M^moire sur les Anciens Autels, 
Rotables, Chaires k PrScher, etc., des figlises de Pro- 
vence. "De Caumont Bulletin Montimental,'* VoL 
XXXIV., p. 524. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

PuGiN (A. W.). — Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornaments. 
P. 168. Lectern. 4to. London, 1844. 

BAMigE (D.). — Meubles religieux et civils, conserves dans 
les principaux Monuments et Musdes de T Europe, etc. 
Lithographs. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1864. 

Rock (D.).— The Church of Our Fathers. (Vol. IV., p. 207. 
The Altar.) 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1849-53. 

Rock (D.).— Hienirgia. (P. 486. On Altars.) 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1851. 

Rohault de Fletjry (le).— La Mease, fitudes arch^o- 
logiques sur ses monuments. Plates. 3 vols. 4to. 
Paris, 1883. 

Sancet (L.). — Stalles du Chceur de la Cath^drale d'Auch. 
Fol. iParis, 1862. 

Scott (W. B.). — Antiquarian Gleanings in the North of 
England, being examples of Antique Furniture, etc. 
4to. London, 1851. 

SouLTRAiT (C^» G. DE.) — Notice sur les Stalles de i'figlise 
Notre-Dame de Bourg (Ain.) ''De Caumont. Bul- 
letin Monumental," Vol. XVIII., p. 97. 8vo. Paris, 

Street (G. E.).— Restoration of the Cathedral of the Holy 
Trinity, commonly called Christ Churcli Cathedral, 
Dublin. (P. 134. Pulpit.) Fol. London, 1882. 

Tarb^ (P.),— Trdsors des %lises de Reims. (Plates.) 4to. 
Reims, 1843. 

Walcott (M. E. C). — Sacred Archseology ; a popular Dic- 
tionary of Ecclesiastical Art and Institutions. 8vo. 
London, 1868. 

WiLKS (J.). — ^Wilks's Mosaic Tapestry Patterns for Ecclesi- 
astical Furniture. 4to. London, 1859-60, 

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Furniture.] egypt. 33 


Denon (V. B.). — Voyage dans le Basse et la Haute figypte. 
(PI. 133.) 2 vols. Text 4to. Atlas. Fol. Paris, 

Lane (E. W.). — Modern Egyptians. (Furnituie. Vol. I. 
pp. 7-28.) 3rd edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1842. 

Poole (S. L.). — Social Life in Egypt, a description of the 
country and its people. (Furniture, pp. 32-36.) 4to. 
London, 1883. 

ROSELLINI (I.). — I Monumenti dell' Egitto e della Nubia. 
Plates, 3 vols, fol. ; Text, 9 vols. (Vol. II. Plates 76, 
' 89-92.) 8vo. Pisa, 1832-44. 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.). — The Manners and Customs of the 
Ancient Egyptians, includiug their Private Life, 
Manufactures, etc. (Bed Rooms.) 3rd edition. 5 vols. 
8vo. London, 1847. 

Another edition. (Furniture of Booms, Vol. I. 
Furniture, Manufacture of) Vol. 11. 3 vols. 
8vo. London, 1878. 

ELIZABETHAN. See also Mediaeval, p. 58. 

CoNDY (N.). — Cothele, on the banks of the Tamar, the 
Ancient Seat of the Bt. Hon. the Earl of Mount 
Edgcumbe. (16th and 17th cent, furniture.) Fol. 

Fildes (G.). — On Elizabethan Furniture ; a Paper read at 
meeting of Decorative Art Society, Feb. 1844. 8vo. 
London, 1844. 

Frames. — (Guard-book containing specimens of Eliza- 
bethan Frames, lettered on the back, ** Elizabethian 
Details, 1566.'^ Fol. n.d. 

Frames, &€., Elizabethan. — A. Collection of Designs for. 
Sm. 4to. n.d. 

Frames. — Elizabethan. 91 Engravings, 16th century. 
4to. Lettered, " Elizabethan Frames." 

FAAMES.r— Elizabethan. 258 Engravings, 16th and 17th 
centuries. 4to. Lettered " Encadremens." 

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34 ELIZABETHAN. [Fumitwre: 

Haluwell (J. 0.). — ^Ancient Inventories of Furniture, etc 
Illustrative of the Domestic Manners of the English in 
the 16th and I7th centuries. 4to. London, 1854. 

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Digitized by 


Fwmiture.] Elizabethan. 3& 

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Digitized by 


36 EXHiBiTjOKS AfiD KBPOBTS. [Fumitu/re^ 

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del878. "L'Art/ Vol. XIIL, p, 326. Fol. Paris, 


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8vo. Leeds, 1868. 

Digitized by 


Fv/rvdittTe.'] exhibixioks and beports. 37 

Lpji^poN Exhibition, 1861. — ^The Crystal Palace ^nd ita 
Contents ; an Illustrated Cyclopaedia of the Great 
Exhibition. 4!to. London, 1852. 

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tions, Designs, and Art Manufactures. Fol. London, 

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Anothet copy. (Furniture. Vols, 3-5.) 5 vols. 

8vo. London, 1851. 

— — R^orts. French. (Vol. 7. Furniture.) 8 vols. 8vo. 
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London Exhibition, 1862. — Cassell's Illustrated Exhibitor ; 
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HtJNT (R.). — Handbook to the Industrial Department 

of the International Exhibition, 1862. 2 vols. Post 
8vo. 1862. 

Illustrated Catalogue of the Industrial Department, 

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fib^nistes; p. 736, fib^nistes en Necessaires, p. 769, 
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Reports of the Juries. (Class XXX. Furniture and 

Upholstery.) 8vo. London, 1863. 

Rapport de M. Natalis Rondot. (Chap. 3. Objets de 

Bois. Sculpts ou Toum^, Tabletterie, Marqueterie.) 
4to. Paris, 1863. 

D^dgations Ouvriferes k PExposition. Rapport. Vol. I. 

fib^nistes. Vol. II. Menuisiers, etc. ; Toumeur en 
Chaises ; fib^niste ; de la Marqueterie. 2 vols. 8vo, 
Paris, 1862-64. 

Digitized by 


38 EXHiBinoKS AND REPORTS. [Fumitwre. 

London Exhibition, 1862. — ^Illustrirter Katalog der Lon- 
doner Industrie-Ausstellung von 1862. 2 vols. 4to. 
Leipzig, 1863-64. 

London Exhibition, 1862. — ^Alburn des Installations les 
plus remarquables de I'Exposition Universelle de 1862, 
k Londres, public par la Commission Imp^riale. Fol. 
Paris, 1866* 

London Exhibition, 1864. — A Memorial of the North 
London Working Classes' Industrial Exhibition of 
1864. 8vo. London (1864). 

London Exhibition, 1871. — Official Eeports. Farts I.-X. 
(Furniture and Metal Work. Part II. Sm. 4to. 
London, 1871. 

LirCHET (A.). — L'Art industriel k TExposition Universelle 
de 1867. Mobilier, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

Lyons Exhibition, 1877. — Recueil descriptif des prin- 
cipaux objets d*Art ayant figur^ & TExposition retro- 
spective . . . par J. B. Giraud. (Heliogravures.) 
Fol. Lyon, 1878. 

Maillou (P. Rioux de) . — Union Centrale des Arts 
Ddcoratifs. S^ptieme Exposition. "L'Art," VoL 
XXXL, pp. 149, 167, 201. Fol. Paris, 1882. 

Manchester Exhibition, 1857. — ^The Art Treasures Exa- 
miner. 150 illustrations. 4to. Manchester, 1857. 

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decoration. Exhibition, London, 1862. Rapports du 
Jury Fran^aise. Vol. VI. 8vo. Paris, 1862. 

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de 1867. Arts-Industrie. Meubles, etc. 2 vols. 4to. 
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Mobilier National. — Catalogue des Objets Appartenant 
au Service du, par E. Williamson et A. De Champeaux. 
8vo. Paris (1882). 

Museum der modernen Kunstindustrie. — Muster- 
Sammlung von hervorragenden Gegenstanden der 
letzten Weltausstellungen von London und Paris. 
Woodcuts. 4to. Leipzig, 1873. 

Paris Exhibition, 1855. — Reports on. 3 vols. (M. D. 
Wyatt, on BVuiuture. Vol. I., p. 276.) 8vo. London^ 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] exhibitions and REapORTS. 89 

Paris Exhibition, 1856. — Rapports du Jury. 2 vols. 
(M. E. Du Sommerard. L'Ameublement. VoL II., 
p. 1113.) Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1856. 

Paris Exhibition, 1867. — ^Austrian Report. Die Kunst- 
werke und die Histoire du Travail. (P. 113. Mobel, 
von J. Falke.) 8vo. Wien, 1868. 

Catalogue Q^nerale public par la Commission im- 

p^riale. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1867. 

Illustrations of Classes. Photographs, Prospectuses, 

etc. 2 vols. (Vol. I. Furniture.) Fol. 1868. 

Jury Reports, English. 7 vols. (Vol. II. P. 279. 

J. H. PoUen, on Fancy Furniture.) 8vo. London, 

Lacroix, E. fitudes sur TExposition de 1867. Text 

8 vob. 8vo. (Le Mobilier, par M. L^on Chateau. 

Vol. I., pp. 169, 457. Vol. III., p. 81.) Atlas. 8 vols. 

in 2 obi. foL Paris, 1867-69. 

L'Exposition TJniverselle de 1867. Illustrde. 2 vols. 

(Furniture. VoL I., pp. 132, 133, 464. Vol. II., 
pp. 316, 377.) Fol. Paris, 1867. 

Luchet (A.).— L'Art industriel k TExposition. Mo- 
bilier, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

Rapports des D^^gations ouvriferes. 3 vols. Illus- 
trated. (Vol. I. flb^nlstes ; Doreurs sur Bois ; 
Marqueteurs ; Dessinateurs d'Ameublements. Vol. III. 
Menuisiers en meuble antique ; Tapissiers ; Toumeurs 
en bois; Menuisiers en batiments.) 4to. Parid, 

Rapports du Jury International. 13 vols. (Vol. III. 

Section I., p. 5. Consideration sur TArt dans ses 
Applications k I'lndustiie, par E. Guichard. Vol. III. 
Section II., p. 19. Meubles de Luxe, par MM. Di^terle 
et Pollen. Vol. III., p. 203. Tissus d'Ameublement.) 
8vo. Paris, 1868. 

Modem Industries ; a Series of Reports by Twelve 

British Workmen. P. 82. Cabinet-making and the 
Woods employed ip it, by C. A. Hooper. P. 93. 
Cabinet-work, by T. Paterson.) 8vo. London, 1868. 

Reports of Artizans. (P. 1, Cabinet-making; p. 64, 

Chair-making ; p. 107, Cabinet-work.) 8vo. London, 

Digitized by 



Paris Exhibition, 1867. — ^Report on Furniture, etc., by 
R H. Soden Smith. (Clasa 91.) (Vol. III. Reports. 
P. 221.) 8vo. London, 1868. 

" Reports of the United States Commissioners. Platos. 
6 vols. (Vol. I., p. 59. Furniture, Upholstery, etc.) 
8va Washington, 1870. 

Paris Exhibition, 1878. — Artisan Reports. (Division VI. 
Cabinet-making, Furniture, Cabinet-work, etc.) 8vo. 
London, 1879. 

L'Art Moderne k L'Exposition de 1878. (P. 386. 

Furniture.) Fol. Paris, 1879. 

Les Chefs d'CEuvre d'Art k TExposition Universelle, 

1878. Vol. L, pp. 79, 94. Vol. II., pp. 8, 57, 103, 
129, 163, 185, 200. Fol. Paris, 1878. 

Die Kunstindustrie auf der pariser Weltausstellung, 

1878. (Das Mobiliar, p. 57.) 8vo. Leipzig, 1879. 

— - Von der pariser Ausstellung. (Die Mobel) *' Kunst 
und Gewerbe," Vol. XIII., p. 67, 76, 84, 93, 99. 4to. 
Numberg, 1879. 

Paris.— Exposition d'Art contemporain. Notice descriptive. 
Deuxifeme s^rie. (Meubles, p. 1. 8vo. Paris, 1879. 

tARis Exhibition, 1882. — ^Union Centrale des Arts D^- 
coratifs. Exposition Retrospective de 1882, 2"^® 
fascicule. Le Bois et les Tissus. 8vo. Paris, 1882. 

Pecht (F.). — Kunst und Kunstindustrie auf der Weltaus- 
stellung von 1867. (P. 238. Furniture). 8vo. Leipzig, 

Philadelphia Exhibition, 1876. — Treasures of Art In- 
dustry and Manufacture in the Exhibition. (Furniture, 
plates 3, 10, 17, 25, 41, 45, 49.) Fol. Philadelphia 
and London, 1877. 

RiMMEL (E.). — ^Recollections of the Paris Exhibition of 
1867. 8vo. London, 1868. 

Sala (Or. A.). — Notes and Sketches of the Paris Exhibition. 
(P. 319, Furniture.) 8vo. London, 1868. 

SiLLiMAN (B.), and Goodrich (C. R.).— The World of 
Science, Art, and Industry, illustrated from examples 
in the New York Exhibition, 1853--64. 4to. New 
York, 1854. 

Smith (R. H. Soden). — Report on Furmture, etc. See 
Paris Exhibition, 1867. Reports, Vol. III. ; 

Digitized by 


FurmtuT^.'] exhibitions and reports. 41 

Union. Centbale 'Des Beaux-Arts Applique a iulN- 
DUSTRIE: — Exposition de 1865. (Catalogue.) (Meubles, 
p. 37, 97, 308, 610.) Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1865-67. 

Vienna Exhibition, 1873. — ^Die Mobel auf der Wiener 
Weltausstellung. " Blatter fijr Kunstgewerbe," 
VoL m., p. 26, 33, 41, 49. 4to. Wien, 1874. 

Kapports de la D^^gation Ouvri^re Fran^aise. 

(Marqueteurs ; Menuisiers en Batiments, Paris ; 
Menuisiers en Meubles Sculpt^s, Paris; Menuisiers, 
Lyon.) 8vo. Paris, 1874-75. 

Wakefield. — Catalogue of the Industrial and Fine Art, Ex- 
hibition, 1865, (Furniture, p. 15.) 4to. Wakefield, 

Ward (J.). — ^The World in its Workshops : British and 
Foreign processes of Manufacture, and works of Art in 
the Great Exhibition. Cabinet-work, p. 192, 8vo. 
London (1851). 

Waring (J. B.). — ^Art-Treasures of the United Kingdom ; 
examples from the Manchester Art Treasures Ex- 
hibition, 1857. Fol. London, 1858. 

Waring (J. B.). — Masterpieces of Industrial Art at the^n- 
ternationaJ Exhibition, 1862. (Chromo-lithogrs.) 3 vols. 
Fol. London, 1863. 

Wtatt (Sir M. D.). — Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth 
Century at the Great Exhibition, 1851. 2 vols. Fol. 
London, 1851-53. 

Wtatt (Sir M D.). — Paris Universal Exhibition. Report 
on Furniture and Decorations. 8vo. London, 1866. 

FLEMISH. See Belgium, p. 7. 

Seeaho ** Chippendale,*' p. 25, and Elizabethan, p. 33. 

Carver and Gilder's Guide, and Picture Frame Maker's 
Companion. 8vo. (London, 1874.) 

Cousin (J.). — Le Livre de Fortune. Recueil de deux cents 
dessins in^dits. Public d'aprfes le MS original. 4to. 
Paris and London, 1883. 

Frames, — 17th and 18th centuries, Photographs^ Port- 
folio 615. 

Digitized by 


42 FLEMISH. [Furniture. 

Fbames. — ^Flemish, 16th century. Photographs. Port- 
folio 143. 

FfiAMES. — Italian^ 16th century. Photographs. Portfolio 
143, 366. 

Fbames. — ^Italian, 15th century. Photographs. ' Portfolio 10. 

Whitehead (J.). — Designs for Chimney Glasses, etc. 
(Frames.) 30 Lithographic Platea Fol. London, n.d. 


Adams (G. L.). — Decorations int^rienres et Meubles des 
^poques Louis XIIL et Louis XIV. 100 plates. Folio. 
Paris, 1861. 

Alvin, (L. J.). — Lea grandes Armoiries du Due Charles de 
Bourgogne, grav^ vers 1467. Plates. 8vo. Bnixelles, 

Ametjblement et l'Utile, L'. — (Periodical publication.) 
Chromo-lithographs. 4to. 1870 et seq. 


CoiGNET, ETC. Fol. Paris (1877). 

Androuet du Cerceaxj, (J.). — (Euvre de Jacques And- 
rouet, ditDu Cerceau, coupes, vases, trophfes, caiiouches 
fleurons, balustrades, ferronerie. (134 planches, 254 
sujets.) (Reproduction by Baldus.) 2 vols. fol. 
Paris, n.d. 

Arcadtus (F.). — Cours de Dessin lin^aire Industriel ; choix 
de modules pratiques; menuiserie, ^^nisterie, 
charpenterie, et serrurerie. 3rd edition. FoL Paris, 

Architecture. — ^Miscellaneous collection of architectural 
plans, etc. ; also designs for Furniture. ObL FoL 
Paris (1760). 

Armbruster (F.). — Musfe Lyonnais. Recueil photogra- 
phique d'objets d'Art et d'industrie choisis dans les 
Musi^os, etc. Lyon. 80 photographs. 4to. (Lyon, 

Art et LIndustrie. 4to. Paris, 1877, et seq. 

Art Ornamental, L'. Fol. Paris, 1883. 

Asselineau, — Armes et Armures, Meubles, et autres objets 
du moyen kge et dela Renaissance. 146 plates. Fol. 
Paris, 1844. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.'] France* 43 

AssELiNEAU. — See p. 32, Ramee, D. Meubles religieux et 
civils, etc. 2 vols. 4to. 1864. 

AuBERT. — Ameublement Parisien. (Designs for Furniture.) 
54 coloured plates. 4to. Paris, 1840-50. 

Berain (J.). — Ornemens irivent^z par J.B. 137 plates. 
Fol. (Paris c. 1670-1700.) 

Beunat (J.). — Dessins des Decors d' Architecture, de 
Meubles, etc. 4 to. (Paris), n.d. 

Black (C. C). — Catalogue of the Collection of Decorative 
Furniture, etc., lent to Bethnal Green Museum, by Sir 
R. Wallace, Bt., 1872. (Louis XIV. to Louis XVL 
See Coll. of Photographs.) 8vo. London, 1872. 

BoNNAFFife (R).— Inventaire des Meubles de Catherine de 
Medicis en 1598. Mobilier, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1874. 

BoNNAFFiS, (E.).— Collection de M. Spitzer. Meubles et 
Bois Sculptds. " Gazette des Beaux- Arts," Vol XXV., 
p. 246. 8vo. Paris, 1882. 

Bonnaff6 (E.). — Histoire du Mobilier par A. Jacquemart. 
" Gazette des Beaux-Arts," Vol. XV., 2nd Series, 
p. 51. 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

BoNNAFFifi (E.).— L'Art du Bois. "L'Art," Vol. XIX., 
p. 265. Fol. Paris, 1879. 

Bosc (E.). — Dictionnaire de TArt de la Curiosity et du 
Bibelot. With Illustrations. Imp. 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

Boucher, Ranson et Lalonde. — Designs for Furniture, 
etc. Chimney-pieces, Beds, couches, etc. Cabinets, 
doorways, etc. Fol. n.p., n.d. 

BoUTEiLLER, Le. — See Le Bouteiller. 

Beuner (P.). — Le Tapissier Decorateur de Paris. Fol. 
Paris, 1879. 

BuRTY (P.). — Le Mobilier Moderne. " Gazette des Beaux- 
Arts," Vol. XXIV., p. 26. 8vo. Paris, 1868. 

Bury. — Modfeles de Menuiserie. Accompagn& de details 
. . . . suivis d'un Traits des Escaliers. Fol. 
Paris, 1825. Another Edition. Fol. Paris, 1836. 
Another Edition. Fol. Paris, 1855. 

Oarrier-Belleuse (A). — Application de la Figure 
humaine a la decoration et k Tornementation Indus- 
trielles. (Furniture.) 4to. Paris, 1884. 

n 17729. D 

Digitized by 


44 FRANCE. IFui^iture. 

Champeatjx (A. de), Darce], etc. Lea Arte du Bois destifunis 

et du papier. Mobilier national et priv^, eta 4to. 
Paris, 1883. 

Champeaux (A. de). — Le Legs Jones au South Kensington 
Museum. (French, 18*^ cent y. furniture.) Illustrations. 
Svo. Paris, 1883. From the "Gazette des Beaux- 
Arts/' May 1883. 

Chenavard (AiM]fi). — Album de rOrnemantiste. (Furni- 
ture.) Sm. Fol. Paris, 1836. 

CoLiNET (E.). — Eecueil des restes de noire Ait National 
du Xline au XVIII^e gi^cle. Fol. Brussel, 1873. 

CoLLiKOT (E.), and Beaumont (A.). — Eecueil de Dessins 
pour I'Art et Tlndustrie. 2 vols. Fol. Paris, 1859. 

COURAJOD (L.). — ^Bas-reliefs de Bronze ^TArmoire de Saint- 
Pierre-aux-Iiens au Mus^e du Louvre et au South 
Kensington Museum. Illustrations. *' Gazette des 
Beaux-Arts," Feb. 1883. 8vo. Paris, 1883. 

Daubourg (E.). — L'Architecture interieure, Portes, Vesti- 
bules, Escaliers, Anti-chambers, etc. (Text in French 
and English.) Plates. FoL Paris, 1876. 

Davillier (C. Baron). — La Vente du Mobilier du Ch&teau 
de Versailles, etc. 30 pp. 8vo. Paris, 1877. 

Denon (V. Baron). — ^Description des Objets d'Atts, qui 
composent le Cabinet de. (Meubles, p. 188.) Svo. 
Paris, 1826. 

Destailleur (F. H.). — ^Recueil d'estampes relatives k 
Tornementation des appartements au XVI™^^ 
XVII^^e, XVIII"^® Slides. Gravies en fac-similej 
d'aprfes les compositions de Du Cerceau, Lepautre, 
Berain, etc. FoL Paris, 1863. 

Duguers (L.). — Eecueil de Dessins de Meubles, Pendules 
et Candelabres. 6 plates. Fol. Paris (1806). 

Eastlake (E.). — Eecueil de Meubles et d'Ornements 
Intdrieurs, dans les diff^rents Styles depuis TEpoque 
Louis XIII. jusqu'a nos jours. Premiere Partie. Fol. 
. Bruxelles, 1866. 

FEUCHteRE (L.). — L'Art Industriel. Eecueil de dispositions 
et de decorations interieures. 72 plates. FoL Paris, 

Another edition. FoL Paris, 1839-48. 

Digitized by 


jpurniture.] France. 45 

FouRNiER (E.). — Le Vieux-neuf. Histoire ancienne des 
inventions et d^couvertes modemes. (Furniture, 
Vol. II., p. 19.) 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1859. 

Frajtcard. — ^Portes cochferes des Menuiserie. Fol. Paris 

French Decorative FuRNirtrRE. — Published under the 
sanction of the Science and Art Department. 20 
photographs. 4to. London, 1871. 

Gadriot (P. F.). — L'Ouvrier Menuisier. Traits coinplet de 
Dessins appliques d. la Menuiserie. (Doors, parquetry.) 
Text 8vo. Atlas fol. Marseille, 1860. 

Garde-Meuble, Le. — (Periodical publication.) Coloured 
plates. 4!to. 1872 et aeq. 

Garnier, Audiger. — Nouveau Manuel complet du Tapissier, 
D^corateur et Marchand de Meubles, etc. (Manuels, 
Roret.) Plates 18mo. Paris, n.d. 

Gateuil (N.). — Recueil de Menuiserie Pratique. 4to. 
Seine and Oise (1876-83). 

Gaussen (A.). — ^Portfeuille Arch6ologique de la Champagne. 
(Chapitre XIL Mobilier Civil et Religieux.) 4to. 
Bar-sur-Aube, 1861. 

Guichard (E.). — De rAmeublement et de la Decorations 
int^rieure de nos Appartements. 51 pp. 8vo. Paris, 

GuiLMARD (D.). — L'Ameublement et TUtile, Recueil de 
Dessins des Sieges, Meubles, etc. (24m« ann^e.) 
(Coloured plates.) Fol. Paris, 1870 et aeq. 

GuiLMARD (D.). — Le Garde-Meuble. Journal d'Ameuble- 
ment (32™© ann^e). (Coloured plates.) Fol. Paris, 
1870 et seq. 

GuiNARD (A.). — L'ameublement Artistique, carton du 
tapissier du XI® au XIX® si^cle. Fol. Paris 

Hauser (A.).— Die Mobel der Renaissance. ** Blatter fiir 
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D 2 

Digitized by 


46 FRANCE. [Furniture. 

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Digitized by 


Fumiture.l France. 47 

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Digitized by 


48 FBANCE. [Furniture. 

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liche Termen, gestellet auf ardt der funf Colummen zu 
gebrauchen . . . vor Schreinwerkren (sic) geinventiert 
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Digitized by 


Furniture.] fbanc£L 49 

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50 JTRANCE. [Furniture. 

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Choix des plus belles pifeces .... FoL Paiis, 


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Digitized by 


furniture!] Germany. 61 

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rations und Stubenraaler, Tapeten-Fabrikanten, &c. 
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Zweigen der Kunst-Industrie, redigii-t von W. Baumer 
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English translation. '* The Workshop," 4to. 
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mentik aus den Konigl. Sammlungen fiir Hand* 
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Luxusartikel im deutschen Styl, in Musterbuch fur 
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Enthaltend alle Arten von Fenster, Bett-und Zimmer- 
Decorationen, etc., im modemsten Styl. Fol. Berlin, 

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Baume des Hauses. (20 coloured plates.) 4to. Dres- 
den, 1882. 

Digitized by 


52 GEBMANY. [Fumitv/T^ 

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(Chromo-lithogr. plates.) Fol. Leipzig (1879). 

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beiten in praktisehen Beispielen. (F. Luthmer.) Fol. 
Berlin (1882). 

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Fol. Munich, 1871, et seq. 

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Modern Furniture. — Die elegante Welt. Meubels und 
Verzieiungen im modernsten Geschmacke. (32 coloured 
plates.) Obi. 4to. Augsburg, 1847. 

Nectstes Moeble- Journal, &;c. See IQmbel. 

NoRTHOFF. — Vorbilder fur das Kunstgewerbe. Sammlung 
ausgefiihrter Mobilien fiir die Kirche und das Haus. 
Plates. (Designs for Art-Industry; a collection of 
Church and House furniture designs.) Fol. Leipzig, 

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fuhrter Arbeiten, als: Mobel, Decorationen, Haus- 
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ture, utensils, &c.) 6 vols. Fol. Berlin, 1821-37. 

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badischer Kunst-und Kunstgewerbe - Ausstellung zu 
Karlsruhe 1881. Fol. Frankfurt am Main, 1882. 

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plates in chromo-lithography. Designs for Furniture, 
classical stvle.) Fol. Potsdam, 1852. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.] Germany. 53 

ScflUEBLEB (J. J.).— rPrachtige und zierliehe Meubleti, auch 
andere rahre uud kiinstliche Aufsatze, etc. 138 plates. 
(Canopy beds, couches, buffets, &c.) Fol. Augspurg 
(early ISth century.) 

SCHUEBLER (J. J.). — Nutzliche Vorstellung und deutlicher 
Unterricht, von zierlichen, bequemen und Holtz 
ersparenden Stuben-Oefen, etc. (24 plates. Library 
Furniture.) Fol. Nurnberg, 1728. 

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d'Armoires et de commodes Men proportionn^, etc. 
6 plates. Obi. fol. Nuremberg, 1738. 

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Parade, k manger et k jour. 6 plates. Obi. fol. 
Nuremberg, 1738. 

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praktische iEsthetik. (Vol. If. Pages 248-347- 
Furniture.) 2 vols. 8vo. Frankfurt a. M. 1860-63. 

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verwandte Arbeiten. 4to. Berlin (1871). 

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Zeitschrift des. 4to. Miinchen, 1867. 


See also Medieval, p. 58. 

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London, 1885. 

Photographs of house of. Fol. London, 1886. 

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etc. Lithographs, 8vo. London, 1854. 

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15th century. Plates. 4 to. London, 1835, 

PuGiN (A.), and Others. — Modem Furniture . . ^ . 
Coloured plates. Sm. 4to. 1822-3. Another 
Edition. Sm. 4to. 1823. 

Digitized by 


54 GOTHIC (itEViVAL). [Fumiture. 

Talbert (B. J.). — Gothic Forms applied to Furniture, etc* 
30 lithographs. FoL Birmingham, 1867. 

Talbert (B. J.). — Examples of Ancient and Modem 
Furniture, etc. Lithographs. Fol. London, 1876. 

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Plates. 4to. Leipzig, 1851. 

English translation. Plans and designs for Gothic 
Furniture. 48 plates. Fol. London, 1858. 


See also Holland, p. 7 ; " Chippendale," p. 25 ; and " List 

OF Books on Metal Works," p. 31. 

Boulle (A. C). — Nouveaux deisseins (sic) de meubles et 
ouvrages de bronze et de Marqueterie. See Marriette, 
*' L'architecture k la mode." Vol. III. (Gu^ridons.) 
FoL Paris, n.d. (17th century). 

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Director. (Candle Stands.) 3rd ed. Fol. London, 

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frames for looking-glasses and girandoles ; cornices, 
pole and cheval screens, pier and console tables. 4to. 
London, n.d. 

Genteel Household Furniture, (Gueridons). 8vo. 
London (about 1780). 

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Guide ; or Repository of Design for . . . House- 
hold Furniture, etc. (Candle Stands.) 125 plates. 
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Furniture, etc. (Candle-Stands.) Plates. Fol. n.d. 
(about 1770). 

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ceilings, chimney-pieces, brackets, clock-cases, geran- 
doles/metal-wcrk, etc. Fol. Westininster, 1758. 

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et Gueridons. FoL Paris, n.d. 

Digitized by 


ffumiture.] india (British). 55 

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Tables, etc. 8vo. London, 1769. 

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Paris (about 1680). See aZao Mariette. L' Architecture 
& la lilode. Vol. IIL 3 vols. Fol. Paris, nA 

HOLLAND, see p. 7. 

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hibition held at Agra 1867. (Furniture, pp. 303.) 
Imp. 8vo. Roorkee, 1868. 

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K- Mus. Art Handbook. Furniture, Vol. II., p. 32-66.) 
2 vols. 8vo. (London, 1880.) 

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exhibited in the South Kensington Museum, (Furni- 
ture, p. 103). Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1874. 

ITALY. See aUo Catalogues, p. 18. 

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Beaux-Arts," Vol. XIV. 2nd series, p. 97. 8vo. 
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di nobili sale, ed altri ornamenti 3 Parts. 67 plates. 
(Plates 6 and 18.) Fol. Milano, 1782-96. 

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Vases, etc. 60 plates. Fol. Venezia, 1831. 

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Italian Ornament. , Fol. n.p., n.d. 

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posizione e decorazioni ornamentali. Fol. Venezia, 

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architettonici. Plates. (Ornamental Vases, Tripods, 
Tables, Chairs, etc.) Fol. Milano, 1837. 

Robinson (J. C). — Notice of Works of Mediaeval and 
Renaissance Sculpture, Decorative Furniture, etc., 
acquired in 1859 for the S. K. Mus. 8vo. London, 

Digitized by 


56 ITALY. [Furniture. 

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Utensili sacri, e profani per usi comuni della vita. 
100 plates. 4to. Milan, 1811. 

Scott (L.). — The Renaissance of Art in Italy. Chapter V^ 
4to. London, 1883. 

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meniiil Architecture, etc., from originals in Italy. Fol. 
London, 1803. 

3rd edition. Fol. London, 1810. 

Another edition. Fol. London, 1826. 

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" Blatter fiir Kunstgewerbe,'' Vol. L, p. 50, 53. 4to. 
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"Bulletin Monumental," Vol. XL VIII, p. 56. 8vo. 
Paris, 1882. 

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zioni, grandi suppellettili, ec. (Chairs and Couches.) 
Fol. Venezia, 1850. 


Lacquer Work. — Commode (Cassettone). Photographs. 
PortfoUo 669. 

QuiN (J. J.). — Report by Her Majesty's Acting Consul 
at Hakodate on the Lacquer Industry of Japan. 
(Parliamentary Paper.) 8vo. London, 1882. 

LECTERNS, see p^ 60. 


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Woods. Designs for Doors, Tables, Bookcases, etc. 
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hold Furniture. (Plate 22, Library Steps.) Fol. 
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Steps.) 4to, London, 1793. 

Digitized by 


Furniture.} marquetky, parquetry, fee. 57 


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Marquetry, etc. Chromo-lithographs. 4to. London, 
1872. 2nd ed. 4to. London and Derby, 1882. 

BoTJLLE Work. — Photographs. Portfolios 73, 542, 624. 

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Ouvrages de Bronze et de Marque terie. See Mariette. 
'' L'Architecture k la Mode/' Vol. III. Paris (17th cent.) 

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Mobilier National. Fol. Paris, 1883. 

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^galement la Marqueterie et la Sculpture simple. FoL 
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represented both in plane and perspective; being 
useful designs for ornamenting the floors of halls, etc* 
24 plates. 8vo. London, 1739. 

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Parquets pour appartements. 30 chromo lithographs. 
4to. Paris, 1845. 

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Inlaid Woods. Designs for doors, tables, bookcases, 
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ouvriers Parisiens. (P. 762. Marqueterie.) Imp. 8vo. 

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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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II 17729. K 

Digitized by LjOOQIC ^« 


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Digitized by 


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Digitized by 


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See also *' Chippendale," p. 25. 

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Digitized by 


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LONDON : Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoodb, 

FrinterB to the Queen's most Excellent Miyesty. 

For Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 

[3886.— 1000.— 9/85.] 

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