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Full text of "Allen, Gould, Hill genealogy : descendants of William Allen of Prudence Island, Newport Co., R.I., 1660 : including descendants of Jeremy Gould of Newport, 1638 and Jonathan Hill of Prudence Island, 1657 : with a short history of Quidnesset"

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of mtafj 



q)ate .^®°' 1940 


DEC 12 1940 



Descendants of 

Of Prudence Island, Ke^vport Co., R. I., 1660 
Including Descendants of 
JEHEMY GOULD of NevTport, 1638 

JONATEJAN HILL of Prudence Island, 1657 
with, a short 


Goinpiled by- 
Daniel Gould Allen (No, 343) 

North Kingstovm, R, I, 

Revised, arranged and published 


Edvrard A. Glaypool 
309 Bush Temple 


OF UTAH ^^^--^ M'-r.o^^^^^'^ . q 7 

Allen County Ul»««y 
Ft. V.'oyns, Indiona 


The greater part of the matter cont-^lned In this volume 
was collecte'i by Tianlel Gould Allen [Mo. 343] from bible and 
other records, and by personal Interviews with the older 
members of the family. It was published in 1898, three 
years after the death of the compiler, under the title 
"Genealogy of the Allen T^arally" or "History of Quidnessett". 
Had Mr. Allen lived to have properly prepared his manuscript 
for the press he would undoubtedly have discovered and. correct- 
ed many of the errors fm6. discrepancies which manifested 
themselves after it was printed. 

As the edition was very smallv it was thought best 
to publish a revised edition, adding an Index and as much new 
data as po<3sible. 

This volume oontq Ins .therefore, all the matter of 
any importance contained in the first edition, with as many 
corrections and additions as could be gathered. All dates, 
80 far as possible, have been verified or corrected by a 
close search of the Vital Records of Rhode Island and other 
works, as well as by correspondence. 

Any one finding errors is requested to send correct 

data which will be entered in a copy and deposited in the 

NEWBERRY LIBRARY, Chicago, to Insure preservation and, at the 
same time, be available to anyone who might desire to consult it. 

TUdward A. Cla^rpool, 
__ ?509 Bush Temple. Chicago. 

Januar^r. 190^7 

TO Trace Your Ancestry. 

After locating your parents by the Index, you will find 
Ills, or her 
trfeftj^^inrn^ririiini n-umber just above the narae; then look for 

the same number further forward under the v;ord, Ohildren» 

This will give the name and family of your grandparent, and 


so on. Illustration: Christopher Harris Arnold is the 


head of family #518, on page ; the superior figure 

indicates that he is in the eighth generation from Wlllian , 

the emigrant. The names in parenthesis give the line of 

descent, vi2. , his father, grand.father, great-grandfather, etc. 

Turning forward to page , we find that #518 is one of the 

children of Phebe Waterman Allen C^^o. ."539] who married Nathan 

Allen Arnold. Turn forward again and No. 339 will be found 

on page , as one of the children of Thomas GOTold Allen 

[No. 191], Continue In this way until the first generation 

is reached. Reverse this process to find the children, 

grandchildren, etc. , of any given person. Those having 

the sign + will be found under his or her individual number 

in the following generation. 

In a number of Instances authorities, or persons aencLtng 


m data have given different dates of birth, death ^«4- marriage/ 
In such cases preference has been given to the date which 
carried the best evidence of being correct, if given in 
full m the Vital Records of Rhode Island, such dates have 
been given preference. In^cases where there was no way to 
determine which was correct, both dates have been given. 

f^ome of the Vital Records of Rhode Island, notably those 
of NORTH KINGSTOWN, have been badly damaged by fire and other 
causes, which accounts for the absence of a number of names 
or parts o-^ names, as well as incomplete dates of birth, death 
and marriage. 


3-"- Daniel noulrl /lien. 

integral part of the Nar'^rigansett countw It nay h'=i v/eii 
to nref-^ce the fl.r'^t ch^ipter '/ith n nuotation from the 
Hon. E. 'R. '^oei'^ir, nubLishod in i.8.'.n. Khorie Islanri Histori- 
cal "^ocl-^^tv collootiOT?, Roo}: III, page 1. 

"The NfirrJ^.g'.nsett trihe occupied the v-hoL-. -^ 
v)r.oc;r^-it ooinit/ Of '•'-^<»htnp;ton, except the cou.ntr'y 'letween 
the P^'wc^.tuCi^ rive-^ ^ind '^'eknpnng, the pop>f3ee»5icn of w'lich 
c.^,_..-- ■•- to hn^^e oeen n frenuent p-uhject of cjontontion "betvfn 
then Pini. their western nelfhhorR, the pHquote. " 

;.('+'=» -v* the Pennote were VFinnulshed in 167?, ^.hf. 
K: rrngqnqettg clsiinied to whgt ie nov? thp Ccnnecticv- . 
nnd p. lonf: v/?5y into Kent Coii?ity. 

The tf=«r-»^itcr:' of Quidnessett (in Indian parlance 
Aq'^iidnepiet or A^^';itr'^o«5et ), ig situated in the northeastern 
pat^t of thr countr!'. Then thn tovn was incorporated in 

.IC74 it rrns called Kinr.:stovm and enhraced the vholp o-f t:.\B 
present county of Washington. in 17^2 it was divided into 

ttt-o tOTvns, North and nouth Kingstow-i, and at a later date 
the last named tovm was ^ubdiyided Into .Flxeter. ^iclninond. 

Hopklnton, T^^terly anri. Charleetovi'n. 

7oyyFze,vXy Quldnee^ett wog hounrieri on the north by the 
Potowomut river, extencung frora Greene's Porge as far north 
as the Maskachu^e brook or Magcachov;af;e river, thence fcllow- 
ing the Indian footpath or Pequct road., no^v called the Po-^t 
road, to the Cocuragquiesic river, now called Gtony Hook, near 
the house on tlie npdike fam, thence east a fevi rods on this 
brook and the Cociunfiicusguc Kar'nor, cr ^/Ickford Harbor; on the 
east by the Narragansett 'i^hy. 

After the line beti^een I'/qghington and Kent co-antleg waa 
egtabllahed, its northern line followed up the Potowomut 
river to Hunt'jg bridge, thence westerly on the Post road. 

The first purchase in the Nar-^agansett country wag made 
by Bichard ^r-nith in the year IG.^7. This tract of land 

comprises the Updile fat^n in the s out hv/es tern part of 
'juidnessett. "He erecte.d a house for trade and gave free 

entertainment to travelers, it being on the great road of 
the countri'^. " It ivas nade of logs and stood where the 
Updike house nov; stands, and sorae of the timbers find bricks 
of that house are still in the one nov? standing. By the 

marriage of Riaith' s daughter into the Updike f'^r.ily this 
estate, given to her by the vdll of her father, took that 
name, and so remained until it passed into the hands of 
Captain Joseph Congdon. Five or six years later Roger 

Williaras and one wucox built houses near ?^nith. As 

Wtl-linne d.i'.ted «50i(ie oi* his letteyg at CocujnsqulsBicK. it ie 
evident that he spent some of hi?? tine at thi^i place and. 
probably preached to the Indians. The Narragansett t.-r'ibe 

at this tine nimbered thirty thousand eoulg, including five 
thousand fighting nen. It i»^ safe to conclude that they 

were more numerous in Quidne!?-*^tt, Cocurascussick and Naraocock 
or Namcook (Boston fl^ck), than xn any other place. We hav« 

never be-^n able to find the exact location where Canonicus 
and Pliant on ojnoh, or even the iwder Sachem Coquinariuand 
resided. As the Indians were of a roving disposition they 

jiight ha^re resided at one tine in Narragansett and at another 
in nhowonut(\Varwick ), or Aiuidnecke (Rhode Island). Some 

have fixed the place near ^'-'ioxford. Roger Williams leased 

the land that he oc:rapied, and in the vear 1651 sold to 
Richard ninith his trading house, his t^vo hig guns and a small 
island for goats had been lent hin by the Sacheir.s. 

The Quirinessett territoi^y was purchased of Racher; 
Coquinanuond, Tune 11, 1659, by Major Hunphrey Atherton and 
ills partners, twentythree yea^s after Roger 'Villians had 
purchased Providence, and twenty two years after Coddington 
and others h'-'d purchased of Canonicus and Miantonoraoh, 
Aouldnecke ov Rhode Island. Newport \7as organised into 

■■• tois?r)ship in the vear 16:^7. 

Canonicus and Miantononioh were the grand sachems of all 

the trtbee In Hhode Iglnrrl, nnr:. r, oTrt of UaQsachusetts. 
T'le \^"^^P!«rpnsett t-»rlbe wns the no^t potent in >Iev/ irnelfinrl, 
and all, or ne«irly all, the otherpi vieve tributaries. 
Miantono?noh inherited the chief tan^hip frcj:; Jii^B father, but 
during hi? ab-^ence in v.-ar engai^en.'^nts , hi<3 uncle Canonicup 
was lookeii to a?5 procurator. A nore worthy, upright 

personage th^ dui^Xy race n«3V'-'r knew. He v/as .nearly eighty 

years of age when Roger Willians fir'st nade hie acquaintance 
and frionriRhip. Hig judfpient j^nd crafty echeiae^ were felt 

and respected far and near. The great r.achej:. of the 

Na-^ragan«5ett? dt«^'^ -Tune 4, 1647, a very old raan, nearly' 
ninety years of age. He was until ti:e end, a friend to 

Poger ^'111"'. ai'->'? nnr! hi'= ric:oor'.i. nt.P>a ,i v fn.'^ '-ettlement of Rhode 

Miantono.uoh was a famous young prince. He was a 

proud-spirited, turbulent chief, never •'".t yp.p,t, J'aesachu- 

setts and Connecticut both planned his capture, b^/- the use 
of the Mohicans, through their chief, nncas. The plan was 
successful. ]/-iantononioh was captured and taken to Hartford, 

rcrce ncnths after^^^ard the two colonies advised hir death. 
According to tiie decision, 'Incas carried Ki'-mtononoh to the 
spot frora where he had been tahen, and on their arrival one 
of Hncas' men split Iv'iantonOuCh' % heod open from behind 
killing hin instantlv. 

How soon after V.czor Atherton'e purcJinge , the .first 
lot of lanrT vrfiR p.clfl, I hnve iiot sufficlf^nt infomatior^ ^^,t 
hnnrt to ci-ov», hiit frcin g plat of the northern part of ouid- 
!ies*~ett In ny pog<5eB*3ion, showing the f arjao , fjid. the n^juee 
of persons ''.'ho purchased theni, they 7au«t have been put into 
the narlcet Innediately after. 

In the ye'ii'" .\6fj6 nost of the northern half was taken 
up hy Hs nan^r --is twentyfive purchasers. Some of theii vere 

th« ivealthte'=!t and most proninent raen of ^rovidenof^ . , Nem:) ort 
and Warwick. Among them were -^uch :;ien nn Thomas Oould," 

Oaleb Carr, ■"'rancis B.lmley, Jolin Oould, Captain John Cranston, 
John Sanford, John C-reene and r<cn, Valent.lne whltraan and 
Tjohert ^Vestctfte. 

I have heen unable to -f^ind the quantity of virnciy.m 
that Kaior Atherton paid ■for Ouidnessett , but there is no 
doubt but th^it he made a good thing by his speculation!?. 

The- purchasers invested their money for the 
it v/ould pay by the -^ise in the v*^>lue of the land. They 

saw, even at that early iay, that the l^nd ivas valuable, that 
the locality' v;p,s nn inviting one, a^d the soil v/ell adapted 
to raising com, ^hich was the staple product of the coiontry. 
The raisin*": of stock, horses ^nd sheep, had no more inviting 
platae, and Newport de.'tianded all their products. 

The d'i^-ds !?;iven to the purcliasers were recorded at 
Wewrport as tl-je records of Kingsto^m did not co:tmience "iJintil 

the ye^v lfi94, soiae tvnr/ ■ rt,HT> the town wn8 inco:!?poT?atp,d. 

Tlioiaa!^ froul'-l v/ae l':'- ■.■u-'-cAr-.qar' of t>.e rroulcl'Q rroiuit fa-n. 
It retained tl-^f-; n^ine foi- raOTe tTian one hvindreri and seventy- 
five :'oar«?. 

In 169?: TPrajicls Blialey 'i'^efle'-i. to Dajiiel Gould. Jr. \<iie 
share he had of Mao or Atherton, which share v;;^ ?> pa.rt of the 
trrict of land piirchaserl of the indipiiri .saclien. The share 

const 9te<i. of one himdreri an(^. fifty acres, and. the i^vxce paid. 
was fifty pounds. 

Thon-'^p Hart, i-'rancis Biniley and -John Could v/ere the first 
^purchT^er? of the upper f^^ould farm, lyinf: on the Potov/ojuut 
rivor. There vere five h''>ind'."'ed acres in thi.«^ fa^nn and 

three hiindred and twentyfive acre=; in ^hoi'iae Gould's Moiyit 
farm. Thoraag Gould purohafs-:'! it m^out 1660, an'"" his nephew 

and na'rie'^aKe ovn'^id it for ninety/one years. It had passed 

through five fif-i^ierations when, in the year 18,'^o, Thoraas Gould 
died '-mn. both fnrrns were vjilied to Thomas Gould Allen, jds 
nev'hf^.vj , Jerer.iah ciould bought out Hart, Biriley ajKl Jo3di 

Gould, and tliese txvc farras remained in the ffii>iily fo?" nearl?'' 
two hundred vears. Two hundred acres of the uPper faiTu 

still reiTiain in the All-^n f'Tiily. 

Af^i n-ny of the original ourcha-iers did not buy vrtth tn-^ 
Intention of raaletng perraanent settienent, by the year I7GC 
otb=r ftettifynf? h^id bought ther.i out. The Pojack farm and 

the one i^eLonglnc to '^■ih heirs cf th'^ l^^.te naieh .Al.l«n, v/ 
fivst. 0Viri>;d by Jlf^ninr powler, C^.leh C'lrr a^id John Sa.lles, thesH 
lots riannlng north ann -jouth. AfterTA'^^rrl Oeorgo T.ihiv'.tt- 

r^nd hi.!? sons, '^'eorr*^ ^ind Henry, honght tiie sonty, half of the.-?© 
lots, and the nort]; half v;as purchgsod by one n-i:.eri Reynolds, 
■'''or many year? it wafs onned by the Quaker preacher, Thoiia-s 

The fayiu ovv-'if-,-: >!■"■ r.eacon Thcrari.s Kill v.'as first purchai^ed 
by one r.'biv.ea W'llker, and another v;h08e na'^^e vr;e have been 
unabl'^ to 'ie<!;i»-''her , as early as? the year 1700. it wrsj^ filso 

owned by a family na^aed T^^Trnolds, and Deacon Hil''. 'b fcreat- 
grandfatheT, Thomas Hill, came from ^ehoboth, Kassachusettg 
and purchased it frora Henry Reynolds about the year 1720. 

The fanas between the nortji and south roads in school 
district Nijaber 1, v/erf '♦^irst o^/ned by John Oreene and son, 
Edv7ard Thurston o.f libv/port oiRned a snail three-cornered lot 
v;here Nathaniel S. -Allen's house now stands. 

•John ranford ovir.ed. v/hat has been ceiled the Greene farm, 
opposite o:ie ■'ostdence of the late "Deacon George All<3n. 

The 'Vhitenan farm vjas first o^ned by Valentine ".'riit,ou-'yi, 
and «fterwa_rd bv h\^^ f^on George, and grandson, G*^o.rgo, v^ho 
v;as in the v;nr on Portsmouth and went off vrtt'i t}ie British, 
He was made a Lieutenant-CUlonel ">.'■ Snt;land, married the 
second time, and leased another f'r?t:. The g^-e at- grands on, 

Hollies vrhiteraan, inheri t'vl the homestead farm, a oart of w/hi'- 

The -lescendfints of Hobe.r't npinv. , vr^Q eettlerl at Allen ton, 
pu?c'nafl»ed lanri i.r. (;,ulcineb-fi*t ?\hont thn tine th^it the Aliens, 
T?eyno.l4»5 nn''. T'.l'l'':'er;s Jiinde their r\rjr)eHV'moe. her'e. 

The ci.ti ?«^ne of vJ.nn'=;'^^<t>tt hnve nix-jnys b'^en remarkable 
for thnir ■'.nt'^rr.-ity :\nri uprirhtnef^^- or chnrf>ctor. vrminii; 

Peynol'ls '■'^'"■' -Toeeph Ppink v/ere rien of 4lBtlncticn. 

The flPBt sohoclhcuse b-ullt In North Klnr;<^tov/n v;r,B in 
Quldneseett. it 6tco<-!. on the v/arner lot th?t nov.- belonc*? 

to Kfithfin B. ^'nVrlTon. It v/^q for n long tirae «:t p-'.rt of tV 

Wi.fhtin^'n f^rm. Its si. te wne a quarter cf '\ Mile south of 

the schoolhouqe In district .N-uii;b(ir 1, on the^^rly ^i'le of 
the ro^d. The oldest person now living cannot teLl v^i^n it 

was re^'^oved. T>Vv 'sor'^s were ^iv^n ard deeded to the tov/n 

for school puroo^es. A schoolhouse was once in p;xistence 

•at the Pintrance to Judge Mien's farm. He probably >:ullt 

it for the benefit of his chil^iren , and it vvas aft'^rward 
an':exed to his house. In the year 1807, TJiojaas Allen, 

John Wightnan and ThOTtias C. Allen bai.It -^. schooDioiipe where 
the dist-«lct schoolhouse no^ =^tands. ^miiajn Tieimclds built 

one a littl*^-; later, orrc^ito the houpe of the late .''?li,"]ah 
Terry. In TRPO it v^ns raoved ^n^i con^ferted into a dT\'ellin£: 

hous e . 

In t.iie year 1860, the school district, Niir.iber 1, ~;~........ w 

a large and corainoriioue liouse just in the rear cf vihere the 

old one Uf^.er': to ptptnd. Di^t^i.ct Nunber 2 his a »30hoolhouee 

l.n the qouth pqft of yilli-^'s s^'. t. Thle territory and. Boston 

NaoK always '5ln\ii'=i''l £jre-ei'.iinence , not only in schoolhouseg, 
yxt, in '/'le c-l-r-i.lltle^ of lire. The '?a?3hlngton .Aca-lr^fr'' '^'t 

Tic:i:'i-r?fi £;rive fi new vapetus to edacation '(.hvond'h-. : 
Its influence has no^;here been jiore ;.ia"ilfe<?t ':"ia-i i.n this 
section of the tonm. The people 'i-u- o vz-r'-e tJie fli*st to sen ' 

their ■■90ns ^''''i ■-■'nu •■:-t'»-'- -;v„- v r,->0',-, home to f-nin n better 

The reliijl'/as feeling in Qiiidnes'-^ett begp.n sone tine 
before the "Revo lutlcn. It w^^s the custcia for the peo^sle 

to p. ^' terrible at so.Tie house in the neighborhood anri. ll^ti?:-: to 
a minister of the gospel. 7hile tlie British hrid r.ossespion 

of Narrrsgansett Bay tliey would set s!=>.il and r tin 'up the bay as 
though they intended to I'und, tivrreby frightening the church- 
going people. The ^•iiiar'-i v/ould notify the oeori le , vh\o ^ould 
run to their hones, enuip therasiel^^es vjith foiling piece? , f^v.c' 
ir^rch to the seashore. *^onie c^.rried their gi-ms to raeeting 
?rLth therr.. Most of the people of those <1eys v;ere some kind 
of Bftptists. There vrere scrie 'I'^f^'kev^ who v.-snt to meeting 
either in Hreenv/ich or ivickford. 

In the year 1RC6, Methodisn vint^ introriuced into the 
neighborhood by Elisha ^v,?eet. A clsss vpf? fomed with a 

membership of tvrelve or fifteen persons. The neighborhood 

hp^s since iai7 :riarnished two lainisters for this deno}alnation. 


The first w^s ?aon^s A-ifiony, Ron of Joseph Anthony of NOT»th 

??ovirieno«?, RhOiio iBlRnd, v;lio i-va-s born In thn ^e-i-? 1776. 

In loC"; lio rtr,, Annn Knov/if^s of* Omnston, Rhode Islnnd. 

"'■• (.:j,(-.; v/i.thi.n the Itniitr, o.f the I;a!^t 0-reenv.lch monthly' nr^f-.t- 

Inc f\hc-ut Ir^OG, He bought the f?iriT. pt Po^pcX, in QuirLneBpet 

and was a nnnufacturer* of salt for? lann^r year?, retiring frori 

thlB business about the year 184C, He began his jr.inistry 

here in 'oa« ye-ir 18 L7, and occagion'illy visited other )a*^etine?: 

His wife died in 1819, gnd in 1881 he m^^ied Lov-isa ChpRe of 

^v/an-^ipt^y, Ivlnssachueetts, v'ho died ir. 184?;. Slaving beco;;p 

feebly. qnd decrepit fron; f-ige ':>";d infirnities, he f^-old his 

farm in 1846 nnd took up his residence nt i^-^st rrreenv/ich, 

Phorie lsl"n<5, vhere he C'^tild atten*"! meetings «nd receive 

medical ^-id. He was f^iithful in nttendinr the Rnbbath 

jin.d. v'eeK day njftetings throu/:*h nil v-eather, and vr^s often 

called Tipon to '^t/ietx^d. funerals. His serrr.oniS vens fiiii of 

love ?^nd good.ijnLll to all people. He had four o'lildren by 

the first marriage end three by the second. Tv/o of h;ls 

daughters by the first ra'ir:>''inge have become v-ublic speakers , 

i/i;?. i l.yrlia I'aconber and ^^rcf^h r?eynolds. The former lived 

in Tilast fT•^»e^;n\'ich until her rieath, and the latter live;? in 


The second /ainister was the Rev. Joseph ^'/ant^.n ;,lien. 
fj^ >«. ////J 

After the Pequot v;ar, Connecticut claij-ied juri^-diction 


Rs f«r ne Na^'V'ig^nsett B^-', a^l T'lOi^ins Ooulfl. ne:!."rg"e wightnian 
qnd Jo^.n Gre'iie of ouianosantt , were tr>i:en to Tinrtforri., Connecti- 
cut, •ri'i confined ther-e is her subjects. They applied to 
the Rhcie Island Lef^islqture fo-" help, that I'm^y jii(-;ht "oe 
■"elen«3ed. The ■'^nr'f'ire hetv/oen the t^ra 8t;\tes v/';S continiied 
until the nh'V'?tP:v of 166.'^ settled the '"-ontrovMf«v. Mf?ny of 
the people of the N?:r'"?';£'i.nsett co^jnt?^' v.ere, fCi"? -i long tiiue, 
vqc mating ■:)'^t'--"^p»n Connecticut a-ri nhode Island. 

In M^y, Lo71, the Assenhly directed the Ooverniient to 
hold '1 >^'~.ti^t Pit Feste-wlir^ Other places in Mrirraf^nnsett. 
".'■■-oc.^-.-!'^ ; - l'";rX, Deput-" noverno'*', C-'-pt-in John Cr^n^ton, 

John Cogf-eehrnii, J.to5 '3?\rker, '"illinn Carpenter, 'Roger 
Williams, Lieutenant John Al^ro, Captain John Hreene, 
Assistants; Richard Breiley, ^ec. ; Tj.eutenant Joseph Torrey, 
Creneral Attorney; Rogers, Heneral Sergeant. The covert 

assenbled ''a^;' 16th, a rarrant having been is-^'^^fsd to the 
•inha'-)itants to appear at court at Tobias Flai^nder's house. 
His raajesty's Royal Ohartwr -'a^ -"ead, and the inhabitantR 
were called to asce^rtain as t9 their fidelity to his naiesty 
ajid hi? colony. A large nijrnber appeared and thev tooK an 

engagei.wnt to the colony. The court adjourned tc Pctta- 

"uainscut, l.Iay 18th, vn^.ve after siiiilar proc^.edlngs they 
adjo^ornod to neet at Acaj-ddneset ( Qui'ln^-.^iiett ) May l.9th, where 
they again adjourned to rie<=t the following day. On i[av 

20th they rt the cne-stor'/ houc^e of Thomas Could which 


Btocd on the LTcunt farm. The inh'-'bitn'rvH v=,- int G?^llerl to 

£lve V'.'^Av f^ncrnfement , v;ere dftelrou!? of Knowing whether this 
court, on behalf .of the colony, I'^i.i.d rlrir:. tc the i.c? reRfjions 
v.hlch they then i.r habited'. . 

The^e povsons were f^anuel Oyer, Robe-'."'t T'ptnk, Lieute'i-mt 
Robert 'Vestcott, John G.feene, George WifhtraJin , Thcn^p. Gould, 
Henr^i/ Ttbbits, Dnnlel Gcui'-l, J?iraes, Reynolos, r'rj-iuel v/jii.te, 
John Brtt:gi^, Johji Ar<.r\vp.v!s finrl Thonp? ^"f^teriann. A vote vn^ 

po<5?5e''l th^.t the court' ^ho^ili l"-- ■■'." clntn to their poRoession';. 
The persons enr'nf^.' 'ny the covirt v;<=ro Thonf^.s Rouirl, P'imuel 
Dyer, J^ TfeymVig, John Rweet, Rr. , John .Andrews, Henry 
Tibbite, Hrimuel w^ite, ^'mw^m Downing, Henry Oreene, John 
Pr^'.tt. Joiin Hrlgr*^, John nre'=''"e, Oeorse BroT?n, "Mlli'?ni Holiieg, 
Dnntel Greene, George ^'Ightraan, ^Robert "Vestcott, T^obert Rplnk, 
riainuel Pr^tt, Lodowlclc iTpdlXe m.i Updihe. The 

freemen chose Jones Heynolfl.*; constable, p.ncl Thona.g Oould, 
«onservotcr, in joint o3j:nsslon Richard r;;-iith pjid Sanuel 
Dyer engaged by the court. The Inhnbitf^ntp. chop,e Thoiaas 

Gould, Dieuten^^nt, and John Briefs, clerh. 
TCRI-.S 0^^ \-r. f-'^'/OhUTlON. 

Quldnessett had its share of this olasi oi people, sorae 
frbrn love of natn, some from lack of faith in -the ability of 
the Aiaerican colonies to tri\:3:iph over the .British Crovm, and 
others from cowarflice o.r tmiflitjr. Rome of theee tories 

went c^ : "-'Itish, ^"^.ri i"ere driven out of the 


neii^IAOfhcod whllPi the enen'"' had. oosBOselon or" Wev;port anri. the 
Y;oter<? of the 3^''. Araong theii was Jfj];.e!3 /v^Rtin, v;ho joined 

the B-«i.t-»sh. His estnt«5 ■<■!"'- oonfii^cf^teri, hut o^jvinc to hl^ 

wife helnf; left vrith the c^-^r of t^f-'elve chilriren, the estate 
was aft'='r?''^.:"'''l f^lven to her to n<5qi'5t in their support. 
After tJie ^7^-^ he v/^n n\iov;e'l. to ^eturn f\n<\ hnlp hlg ^n.fe in 
c-^rinA- for the ohil'^ren. He live'i. to the nc^. O'l 'linety 

c-e>zi-y>ri^ ^i ghtni^jn , who joinei. the Britl'^h, i-^-^^s in the 
hnttie of Portsmouth, HliOde T'?lan<U Kolnefi n'i^chtmnn 

reju^ined 'inri inherited the estate of hui father, (R. I. 
Pundulura, 'S'ehruar-' 7, 1=579; also Mistorv of North Kingstown. ) 

Al- ■•' t-- ■ -- -" T— •^-r-r' ri- ■ --^^-^..- -^-^^ 

^'•one of the Tories iilayed a double gnj^ie by ri-Jining their 
f?irm n-^oductf5 to tlie ^hore dur'.ng the *^irht, and slfTialing^ 
v;ith a dar'K. lantern for tlieir customers to run ashore for the 
trade. 3<9n;ia:riin Tanner at one tine loaded lile cart vrtth 

butter, eggs, porlc and salt neat. He succeeded in diipoeinf 

of it at the Calf Pasture point on the fTOUid's >'-Ount farra 
but v;fi<5 a little belated. He put his <=^on, Palner T?>nner, 
then a lad of fou'i^teen or sixteen years, O'l the old horse's 
bact to guide hlra, while he too>: '\ pitchfork and pricked his 
steed until ho v-ent en tv.e i-''-:v.. Palmer used to tell this 

story to armse the boys many years after its ocGuri''enoe. 



At t'c^ time the B-^-i.ti'=t"a v/e^-e in the Bay ^nd at li'--)vn)Ovt , 
Pin ^.rned force of foiar hundred, men v/e:re encTrapei. o.'i the hH.i- 
a little v.'e*5t of t>,e house of Donlel (Sra'''VA'll.en. Troops 

were qugrtered in the houses of JT:uneF> 'Vl£;htnpn, Jonathan 
.Allen, and another. In t]i« ycnth part of Qui rine?5 sett. 

^^/hon the ene/ny shoved signs of landing, all the forces 
hfastened tc 1h.<- point to repel then. There are InfUcatlons 

of the encampment in three or four places on that hill, and 
n^iie of the older Inhabitants can renembe?? the tall old oaks 
thgt once stood on thnt .sane hill, whlf^h shaded the troop?? 
In gUTcrier and shielded their, fron the winter's blasts. 




WILLIAM ALLEN wfi»3 born tn 1640 In Wales; died, 1685; 
raarrift'd ELIZABETH who died after 1685. 

I' Mary, married Vciovj^^ Reiriington.''r* 

II' Willlaia, born 1G64; narrled -"- 

ITIx Thomas, married Anne Barnes. -> 
IV' Jobn, bom October 26, 1670; narrled Sarah Ravens. ''• 

V. Matthew, born NovHiaber ?;0, 1675; raarrled Phebe •?■ 

VI' Mercy, narrled John Barnes. v 

VII. Sarah, resided on Prudence Isl;md; probfibly died 

WILLIAM ALLEN is said to have come frOi:> Wales in 1660 
and to have settled on Prude^ice Island three years later. 
AquidnecK., tlie island lying south of Prudence, had been 
settled twent3''tv/o yesiire, a.':/l had been divided into the two 
townships of Po-'^tsnouth and Ne^vport, the population of which 
had becoite comparatively numerous. It is not known v/hether 

he brought a wife v/ith hin or not. 


Aug. 21, 1683 he ^nd James Greene. Sr. were appointed 
as messengers to carry a letter .Tron the Rhode Island A^sem- 
hly to Governor Cr^Lnfield of New Hampshire, at Ur. Richard 
Smith's house at Narragansett, and they were to bring answer 
to the A.sserably. 

1385, 'Tune 2- \nil proved June 39, I68n. Executors, wife 
Eliza'oeth, eldest son WilliaiQ and eldest daughter i'ary Reming- 
ton. Overseers, John Albro and Rob«rt T.awton. To eldest 
son William all lands in Potoxvomut a)vl all lands and housint. 
in East Greenv/ich, at a^e. To second son Thomas, my now 
dwelling houp.e in nwanzey, onljr half thereof to be for my 
wife, SLi^abeth for live, and the stock thereon equally to 
tTife and Thomas. To sons Jolm and Matthew equally, a share 
of land in Rehoboth, at age, and to each :^0, To daughters 
Mercy and Sarah Allen £20 each, at 18, and a feather bed to 
each. To vrlfe, T^lli^abeth, household goods and an Indian 
boy 7 years old. [ Genealogical Dictionary'' of Rhode Island. 

MARV ALL}5N^, daughter of Williaji Allen and Elisabeth 

, was bom on Prudence Inland; died after 1710; married 

TH0MA8 REMINGTON who died in 1710. He was the son of 

John Remington and Abigail , 

Children: • 

9. I William Remington. 

10. II Thomas Remington. 


11. TIT. John Re-iington. 

\2. IV. Daniel Remington. 

1'. V. Joeepli Reialnr;ton. 

14. VI. r>tephe?i Reraington. 

15. VII. Matthew Renington. 

16. VIli. Jonat]ian Remington. 

17. ix.J'iary Reuington. 

18. X. Prurience Reraington. 

WILLIA-M ATiLPJN , son Of vviHian Allen and Elizabeth 

, v;as born in 1664 on Prudence Island; died at 

Portsmouth, Rhode Island; narrled . fi^ qiido ii l 

on PBUd e noe -Islny ^ v r 


19. I. Willlari, born on Prudence Island. 

20. II. John, narried Rebecca Hill; raarried second 

21, III. Ebenezer, born on PrU'lence Island. He has 

descendants living at Providence, R. I. 
'VILLIAM ALLEN lived all his life on Prudence Island. 
He v/as a popular man in Portsmouth, I'lis native town, and was 
several tines elected to the Colonial Assembly. His sons 

reniained on the Isl^rad antil the Revolution, when their love 
of liberty and independence excluded theia Trora British 
patronage. Thev '-efused to trade with the British agents, 

although offered gre^tt inducements. This incensed theia'so 

nuch that Wallace sent an armed force and burned every house, 


barn and haystack on the Island. Tj'iis daring movfsraent go 

irapoverighed the Aliens th-^.t they were obliged to sell their 
estates and seek homes on the raaln-land. 

December 13, 1687 Williari Alten was fined 6 s. 8 d. 
for refusing to take oath as grand ;:"in»yinan. [ Genealogical 

Dictionary of Rhode iBl^md, p. 2,j 

in 1705 he was Deputy for PortsJTiouth. [ Records of 

the Colony of Rhode Island, Vol. .■?, p. 55C.j 

THOMAS ALLEN"^, son Of Willxaia Allen and Elisabeth _^ , 

wag born on Prudence Island; died August 12, 1719 at Swanzey, 
Mass. ; Jiarried AWM BARNES, daughter of Thonas Barnes and 

Prudence . She died after 1719. 


22. I. Elizabeth, married Thoi£i;-^.g Hill.'V 

23. TT. Matthew. 

24. III. Thomas, bom October l^, 1706. 

25. IV. Anne. 

2-3. V. Rebecca Cole; married Thomas Hiim' ^s« w.>c^^«.2-5j 

27. VI. Alathsie. 
2a. VTI. Abigail. 
29. VUI. Nathaj-i. 

THOiMAS AuL.i::i renoved to Barrington. Descendants still 

reside at Barrington and adjoining tovms. 

1719, August 10. '."ill proved September 7, 1719. 
Executors, wife Ann and son Matthev/. To vafe a third of 


real and personal estate .In Hwanzey. To daughters Sll^abeth 
and Anne il8C each tliey having had .f^20 each already. to 

daughters Rebecca, Alathsle, and Abigail .^00 each, at 18, 
TO song Matthew and Thoraas all estate eqi-ially, both lands 
housing and movables, provided that dau^lhter Elizabeth Hill 
and other foitr dau£,'hters naaed Allan, be paid their parts, &c. 
inventory _u697, 19s. , viz: wearing apparel, ^S."?, money nnd 
paper bills, -Z5P., 7s., books Z?., arms and airinninltlon .Zp,, 
riding beast "18, 4 feather beds, 2 flock beds, 2 pairs of 
cards, weaving loom, 2 woolen sheets, 2 lin^^n sheets, pair 
of worsted combs, ."5 negro slaves ^.nri ^n Indian raaid-servant 
^64, mare, colt. 5 oxen, IP. cows, 3 heifers, 6 steers, bull, 
5 young cattle, 5 caiv^iS, 150 sheep Px laiabs, 17 sv.lne, real 
estate, ill, 800. 



JOHN AIjLEN\ son of William Allen and Elizabeth _, 

was born October S6 , 1670 at Korth Kingstown, R. I.; died 
March 2G (or •'^0), 174'^; married, probably about 1696, SARAH 
HAVENS, born June 14 (or 4), 1677 at New Haven, Conn., died 
after 1747, 

oO, I. Thomas, born about 1697; married Anne Cory.'> 
?1. II, Phebe; married P.locum, Joseph and vriuiam 

S10C14!: of North Kingstown are de'^cen^Ii^'its of 

^2. III. Tillizabeth; married Fairbanks. She died 


and he raar"?ied second, oarah (Hansfi.e3-d ) 
Rhodes of Nevj Haven, Con?!. They jiad one 

«on and t'^o daughter*?. 

•■^3. TV. John, born May 15, 1710; narriad nuith.-:. 

•■^4. V. Wlllian, born May 15, 1710. 

.^5. VI. Jonathan, born AUfn^st 6, 1717. 

36. VIT. Bathgheba, bom April 10, \^2\ (or 1719); narrled 

Jonathan Johnson. -r 

37. VIII, Hanr; married Oardiner of P.outh Klnestovm, R.I, 

37a. IX. Mercy, bom Repteraber 14, 17??4; raarrled Card, 

father of Jo<3eph Card of East C-r'^enwlch, R. I. 
JOHN ALLEN M'as the first Allen vrho caiae to Quidnessett. 
He carae over frora Pruflenoe Island 1 '■ l^o;? and bought (probablj'' 
of John Green and "^on, vho owned a large tract in that region) 
188 acres of land, paying f?933 1/3 for the sa'ne. The first 

block house was built on the east side of Allen's Rocks, 
vvhich rise to a nearly perpendicular height of twenty or 
thirty feet for a distance of about thirty rode. The 

second house w^s built a little wajr from the first, dowi 
a declivity, and v.'as enclosed v/ith ;^; stone wall six feet high. 
the area being about one and one-half acres. The house was 

in froi;: the road sorae eighty rods or nore. The3'' built at 

these points because they were sheltered frora the bleak, cold 
w?.nds from the vr«qt. north and northeast. The land around 

was very stony. 'Proni the qiiantity of shells foiind in that 

lot, it was evident that they feasted liberally on shellfish 


which v/ere foi^d In r^^A a^jout Quidnessett harbor in great 
abund^inc?. On th-^ e^ist si^le of the lot is q shallow v;ell 

of excellent water that 'quenched their thirst and supplied 
the house for culinary purposes. ^ron tjie hie:hest lyolnt 

of this rocK. is one of the raogt charming vlewg foimd on the 
shores of the S-v/. It overlooiis most of the exp^mse of 

water fron N- wport to Warwick Neck, taking in the tov/ns of 
Fall River, Massachusetts, Bristol, Warren and East Green- 
wich, while in the foreground nay be seen the Islands of 
Patience, Prudence, Hope and Despair, Tlie rock is about 

a mile fron the harbor, and frora t]-iree to five miles from the 

After a saw nill was erected soinv/ two or three miles 
away, a large hip-roof nanslon was built on '.hXs estate. 
Rix generations were born in this house, and, after surviving 
the storras of 170 years, it v.';ib torn down in 1831, to give 
place to a one and one-half glory cottage. The farm v/ae 

deeded by John Allen to his son John who beogne sole heir 
to the ?aomestead far;a of 1^50 acres, the deed of vvhich v;as 
given January/ i:^, 17:^"^, with a raarsh of five acres. John /yx 

left a daughter, Margaret, who married Christopher AWen . 0^,rlj 
The place hag always been owned by sone of their descendants. 
A Little nore than sixtyflve acres of the east part of the 
farm was sold to Jonathan Allen, or his son Caleb. ' 52 acres 
of the fana next to the road was conveyed to his son, Thomas 
in 1718. 


1747, /,prll 17, Will proved. Ti^recMtor, v/ife nqrah. 
TO vafe all Indoor laovables, and negro'^g r;iraon and Tiinah. 
TO three ?ons, Thomas, Willi aji, and Jonathan, wearing apparel. 
TO four daughters, Phe^:>e ?!1ocuki, Hlll^abeth li'alrbanks, 
Bathsheba Johnson, and Mercy Card, certain raoney legacies. 
To son rTonathan, my great bible, ^c. and two acres of land. 
To four daughters, the houeehold goods at vri.f e ' s 'leath. 

MATTHEW ALLEN^, eon Of Williara Allen and Elizabeth 

was born November 20, 1G7.5 on Prudence Isl^md (Portsmouth, 
Warwiclv, North Kingsto^vn, R. I. ); nari'ied May 2, 1700, 

PHEBE , born September 3, 1G77. 

^8, I. Mercy (or Marjr ), bom August 17, 1701; married 

February ?:?., 17?^S— ? (int. •Pebr-uar^'- 10, \7P,2-:^) 

Williara Cary. 
.^9. TT. Phebe, born April 3, 1704; raarried October ;^5, 

17^5, Robert Carter. 

40. TTI, Patience, born May 29, 1708; married -Tune \2, 1731, 

v/illi;aia A liny, Jr. 

41. IV. Marir, born April 18, 1710; married October 15, 1733, 

John Pish, son of Pres^e.T'ved and Ruth. 

iv'ATTHTilW ALLEN settled at Warwick where he held real 
estate. He also held some at East Greenwich. 

1709, ?«^. IP,, Warwicl;. ;:atthew Allen and wife 
Phebe, of Coweset, gold to Jas. Andrew of Providence, aeveral 


p.tecef? of Xrcnr-, ?it Cowe^et, fof j^8. 

l?."^?, Hep. \^ . He hf\ri a ce-rtlficnte froin the tov/n 
couicil of Ports.MOUtli, to ths tor/n co"uncll of N. Kingstoxm, 
for settlement in the V^tti^.-- tt)Mm. 

MERCY AIjLSN of Prudence Inland, riau£:hter of iViHiara 

Allen and Elisa^-'eth ; married January 1, 1702 at Provi- 
dence, H. I., JOHN BAMES of Swansea, bom April 9, 1(>80, 

son of Thomas Barnes ^nd ^rudence _^ . 

4^,. T. TSzra Bame«3, born March ^1, 170.'^, at Swansea, Mass. 

43. II. John Barnes, born oepte)nb^^r <!R , 1704 at Newport. 


44. III. Abialljdau. ), bo?n June 30, 1706, at Newport. 

45. IV. Thomas tJarnes, horn Hepteiaber Ifi , 1708, at Wev/port. 

46. V. A>ine Barnes, horn May 7, 1710, at Newport. 

47. VI. Mercy Barnes, horn "ii^ebruary ??6 , 171;^ at Providence. 

48. VTT. Phehe Barnes, horn May 10, 1713 at Providence; 

married April 17, 17.'^8 at rjloucest-^r, 'R. I., 
SaTiUel Allen. 

49. VITI. v/iiiiara Barnes, horn January 25, 1715 at Providence. 

50. LX. Araey Barn':.':, horn M^y S7, 1716 at Providence. 

51. X. 'i'^reelove Barnes, horn February/' ^3, 1717-lB at 

55. XI. Benjamin Barnes, bom "February 9, 1719-50 at Providence 
53. .XII. Joseph Barnes, horn June 30, 1751-?5, at Providence. 


54. XIII. Hannah Barnes, bom Jonuarr/ 4, 17n4-?35 at Providence. 

55. XIV. ivlqtthew Barnes, born Augi.iet 15, l'^20 -it Proin.rienoQ. 


Z 2 1 

JOHN ALLEN (TVllliara , v/illl^vi ), son of Williain Allen, 
wag born on Prudence Island; narri. ed PiEB^ilCCA HILL,"*"4aughter 

of Jonathan Hill, -Tr. ; married second . 

Chilflren (all bori o:\ Prudence Island): 

56. I. Willi an. boirt July 16, 1714. 

57. II. Margaret, bom July 29, ivie. 

58. ILL Jonathan, born Septerabe^? 7, 1718; married 

Ti;ii3?3Lbeth Huling.-- 

59. IV. Patience, bom Aug-ust 15, 17;?G. 

60. V. Caleb, born Janua.ry PS, 17?;.';, 

61. VT. Joiin, born October 26, 17.?35. 

62. VII. Ebeneser, bora April 19, 1728. 
6.-^. VlTi. HebeKah, born May 25, 17.^0. 

64. I.X. Joshua, born May 28, 1735; married Waite Crreene.-j- 

By second narri age : 
65» T, Jaines, bom li'ebruan'' 14, 1743-4. 


Z P. I 

lilLI'ZAB^TH ALL3N^ ( Thorn o.e, Willi an ), daughter of 

Thoraas Allen and Ann Bai-ne^j, was born on Prudence Island; 
died about 1727, probably buried at Barrington, P. I.; 
married Septeiiber 16, 1716 at North Kingstown, P. I. 
THOMAS HILL'?^()orn 1692 on Prudence Island, di.ed April 20, 


1768 f^ncl v'«s buried on the f^^nv. at QuidneB-sett where he had 
lived for forty years. His second ^^nl third wives were 
buried on either side of hin. He ^^ms the son of Jon^ithan 

Hill. He married second, V'^.rch .^l, 1728, T^BJ^ICCA COLE 

ALLEN, born, 1701, on Prudence Island, died Augiist 12, 1744, 
daughter of^Thomas A Lien and Ann Barnes, He raarried tliird 

ANIU (WAT7:t?maN) TILLINGHAHT, born May 1, 1G95; died January 
1, 1790, daughter of Benoni 'Va^erJ^ia3'l. 

66. I. Thomas Hill, bom 17,'33 ; died young. 

67. II. Caleb Hill, born March 29, 1731; narried llercy 

63. III. Nathaniel Hill, ooi-n 17:=;."; married Hannah, daurhter 
of John Waterjuan of Coventry. He ran the 

sloop from the mills to Providence and Nev/oort. 
On running in to Greenv/ich, Just north of • 
Sandy Point, his boat upset and he started to 
swim ashore but sank from exhaustion and was 
drowned. He had a daughter, Hannah, born 

January 16, 1762. His wife married second 

Thomas, son of ?oneg ^■<-yy^.<v^f^. 

69. T7, Pebecca Hill, born, 17.'=?4; married Thomas Stafford 

of Warwick. 

70. V. Mary Kill, ^o-^^\, 17?56; married Thomas Tillinghast 

of Prenchtov/n. Had descendants. 


71. VT. Anna Hill, horn, 17.38; nny^ried Davis of 

Frenchtown. Had cjiil-lre?!. 

72. VII. Matthew Hill, bom Jamia^i/ 21. 

73. VITA. ; died. 

74. I.X. . 

THOMAf^ HILL went to Br\:'^vin(':ton — not to T?ehobcth a?? hag 
been supposed — taking v/ith hira liis wife Elisabeth Allen. 
He bought of Benorn Price of Harrington or Swansea in the 
county of Bristol in Aiai^gaohusetts Bay, twnety acres of land 
I'ov one h'.>iiidred and sixty po^-inds, the deed being passed July 
31, 1719. After a short period of perhaps five or seven 

years, his vrife sickened and died loaving no heir. At a 

date v/e c-^nnot fix he becar^ie en'^raored of Rebecca, his wife's 
sister and proposed iixarriage, but the laws of Massachusetts 
prohibited a m'-n narr^'^ing his wife's sister. His overture? 

vere persistent and he decided to take his goods "'nd chattels 
with the object of his affections and cross over the line to 
the land of Roger Williaias, 'V'lheve the people vjere nore acconodat- 
ing and liberal, a They settled on a tract of land in the 
northern part of Quidnessett in North Kingstoivn. Here they* 

spent their halcyon days and here the3'- planned and pl^oited, 
reaped 'Vir^. harvested thei''^ grain. Their children were also 

born and reared on this fairpi. Ju!v;l ■ ': . r .. . Thanro mil nn r i 

•ftoi3d Cu^.r;r] ^Tit^n vjr-rr nn i —i r ri h ^ ' i nmr r r bi fi n -ir cn rt nj n n di h'lit i na 
Jgt. t(?as the custorii in. those days to s;o before a magistrate and 


have the cerejnony soler.ni3ed thoy calleri on Benonl HP..11, a 
•Justice of North Kingstown, and he perfOT'iue''i ihe rites ^ "-iii ah 

Walter Criiin£rieve , vvho <<ett.lerl in Warvrlck about 1665, 
bought the next lot v/est of John Oould anri it v^as hoimrieri on 
the east 'cy Gould, on the north by the Potowomut River and 
ths Reynolds brook that flows into it, tkI on the -:>out:-. >:",■• a 
highway. Cruingleve bought the place vdth othiere ccncenred 

in the Quidnessett speculation and about the same tine Major 
Humphrey Atherton *: Corap«ny piirchased the whole territory of 
the Indian sachem Coc^uinnrtuad, June H, 1659. Cruingieve 

died soon «>fter this piar chase was made, and his v^ife petition- 
ed the General Court for pentissio^i to eell the estate, which 
was granted, ^^nd she sold it to Joseph Peynold'^ about 1636, 
and he sold it to Jonathan Rill, Au{;:ust PA, I'/l.';. v/hen the 

dan v.'ss constructed on tlie Potowonut v;e have no means of find- 
ing out, but it wae I'.ot until after the Cirst bridge was built 
in 1715. Jonathan Hill died in 1731, and it was not built 

in his day, for there is no evidence that he ever lived on the 
lan-^. he had owned. His son Thoraas Hill had lived on the 

land three years when he saw the necessity of -^ saw-mill, a 
fulling-mill, and a grist-'aiil. He and Ixis neighbor, Greene 

(probably the Quaker preacher), formed a company and carried 
on these several industries together fov some tine. After 

a while Hill had two or three sons bO'^n to hin an'L Greene five 


ov six, and it ^vne foimd oonvonient to work, tliese boys in 
when approaching nanhood. The plan of work vms thrat Hill 

should run the iiill one week and Greene the next. The boys, 

true to nature 'A^yre very rogruieh, Crreene's ''v">ys, 'vhen it 

Tv^s Hill's turn to run the mill, gagged the wh.--:^!"^ with railf?, 
sticks, <^n<^. o\r{ bo^irds, so thr-t it '-ould reiuire half of Hill's 
week to clear the whe'Vis: of debris ^ind repair the danage. 
All this tine Hill ^vas losing his share of the profits and 
Greene was taKin>i: it, Verv s5on " feud between the partiep. 

grev; up and the mills being on Greene's side of the river, 
Hill was obliged to sell his interest to Greene, and an acre 
of land went i^Tith the dan to secure wat'-jr power. 

Jonathan Hill gave bv deed to his; son, Thonfis, one-half 
of an open sloop boat, naraed the May '"^ lower or fourteen tons 
burthen, Tieceyaber .^1, \7 2S. This boat ".-as used in the 

trade of tjie conipany '.mtil they di'Bsolved partnership. Scon 

after the Gre-enes built a sloop for themselves of sevent-^en 
tone burthen and named it the Two i3rothers . She carried 

on trade between t'lo mills, and ^^evroovz avi. Providence toitil 
18 S7, when Judge Richard 'V. Greene built a sloop of twenty 
tons burthen n^njiied the Emil'r Ann , which v;a,s sold a fev; year«g 

The saw-mill and fulling-mill were abandoned after the 
company dissolved and the Anchor work? 'superseded them. 
Afterward a mill for grinding grain was established. 


The fi.rst house oullt on Hill's land was located on the 
hill about twenty rcodg above the bridge, and. the second vyas 
built on the rlsini; ground in the rear of the In'lian noujid 
by the sule of the forge mil pond. This jriound (Xnovn as 

the "'^ound Hill" ), is nerh^^ps fifteen rods long ^>n'l half as 
v,'ide and nearly forty feet high. The top is level and 

un'lerlaid with shells. There are sevf-.rnl large oak trees 

on the top ■^nr'. sides O'" it. It sets on tlie east bank, of 

the river just at the upper '-yi^i^e of tide water, as it T/as in 
17?38 w>ien Thorias Hill first settled ^heve, anri. just before 
the da'u •■.'•.\s built. 

'Tust by this laoi-ind at its base ^.'as the landing place of 
the Indian canoe. "!he■!^ the daja ^"'"•s biiilt it vr^s the end of 

navigation of all crafts. Near by I'/as the place v;here the 

natives S'-;t up their >'.'i.g'"varas when they dressed their shell- 
fish a-id veni8on. And here is the place v/here they danced 
crd sang their famous ^^ar '«hoop. The broken shells on this 
place in-'Ucate a residence of nany years. 

B^r the side of this place Thopjas Hill selected the 
resting place of his f^'rr.ily and n'~^ny of thei'i repose there. 

His third wife refused to m^yvi^ hin i-inless he ".ould sel.l 
off a part of his farm to dischJ.Lrge ':!■; in/lebt edness, and he 
sold to Jal>es Reynolds about 50 acres on the west side of 
the farm, extending to Reynolds brook. A large part of this 

Innd v;as bought back in 1864 by !^yria W. Matthevrson. 


Iji LL (!?«-^^i^-^ 

"^ The Genemoijy of fae Hi 11b hag lone b-^'^n n question of 
douiit aTl uncertainty. it Is more thrj-i thirty years since 

the. .firet pf^per vjqg put into ray hands for the purpose of 
recorrl.. r'efrch w;?^^ made in the Coloni-'.l Records and the 

name occur>e early hut once, a'ld Caleb Hill was found a? 
captain of a nilitary corapany in the tov/n of Porten^uth in 
the Revolutionary '•''rir. one najne O'-'.curs in "'esterly soon 

after the settlement of that town and one in the northern 
part of the st-^te. ["O.a.A. , Allen Oenealogy, page l'^3. ] 
The following Hi LI data is included in this voliorae to 
preserv»=t it for the benefit of future searchers interested 
in the fanily. 

/ JONATHAN HITj.f died before 1690; mar-ied MAHY . 

Resided at Warwick, Portsmouth (Prudence Island), Rhode 

:i- , I . R ob er t , riar fi e d >-^a ry ^ e a r ce . ■ '• 

3, II. Jonathan, born 1657; laarried ,-> 

//,XTT. Henry, born J^one ?A, 1661 at Kingstovm, R. I.; 

.Tiarried Jillizabeth . Had daughter ;.!ary 

Hill, v'bo na-^ried June P/?, 1728, vailian Nichols. 
JONATHAN HITJj carje to this coiontry nnd settled on 
Prudence Island in Narragansett Baj^, about 1657 or a little 
before. Filliriia Allen came from Wales in 1G60 and settled 

on the Island three years later. TJae tv/o fanilies were 

probably intijaate friends or nei>;;hbors before they left 
Wales, and one family settled the other. Jonathan Hill 

either married before coning to this ccimtr^^ or upon his 
arrival. His ^\lfe v;as named Marj', but notjiing further 

is knov/n of her. The Hills and A.llens lived dn Prudence 

Island ^nd acriuired large estates, until the war of the 
Revolution, when wi,th nany others they vjere stripped of 
their live stock, and everytliing else of value. Every 

\ house, barn and haystack was bu-^ned bj?' order of Captain 
^'/Jillace, a British officer in cormiiand of the fl'^-et in 
Nar"^a£ansett Bay, f^ir 'Peter Parker being Lord Adjiiiral. 
The Hills and Aliens were obliged to leave their hojaes on 
the Island for less costly hones on the mainland. 

%. R0f3:fi]RT HITjL,^ son of Jonathan Hill and Harv , was 

born at Warwick, Prudence Island, Rhode Island; died before 
1711; was married to MARY P'^ARHtp, bom prob^^bly in 1662, 
who was a daiifhter of John Pearce of Prudence Island and 

Mary _^ . She mar:"ied second, before Repteraber 17, 

1711, Jaraes nweet. 

Children : 
6~ I. Jonathan. 


6' 11. Hohert. 
r Tii. Daniel. 
§- IV. w-i.lli.n;T. 

y. V. John. 

/o. VI. Susanna. 

//,VTI. A"bi.gfii\. 

^ 'JONATHAN HILL, ^ son of Jonath^vt Hill an^l Mary , wae 

born in 1657 on Prudence Island, '-}.% Portsnouth, Newport 
Coijintjr, Rhode Islf^nd; died F!t?ptember 5, 17.^1 on Prudence 
Isl-^nd. The najue of hly i?n..fe 1. g not >nov;xi. 


/!-. I. Jonathan, married . Had sons: Barnard, 

Jonathan, and flathaniel. 

/3.II. Caleb, na^rled Huth . 

/^.III. Marv, iTiar-^ied riecenber 25, 1705, Isaac Lav/ton. 

/5% IV. Patience, married Cctob-jr, 1708, Daniel Pearce. 

/^ > V. "Rebecca, laarried John Allen. ••"• [A^e-^'L 

n, VI. Thomas, bom IG9?3; married firat Elizabeth Allen; fATS.^LXJ], 
married second, Rebecca Cole Allen. 4* ^^^j '^ 

'^, VII, JCbenezer. v» 

'9.VIIT. Rarah, married Mills. T 

JONATHAN HILL on December 24, 1695, calling ■Hraself about 3 
thirty-eight ^rears, deposed as to a conversation between / 

Caleb Carr and- son -John. December 24, 1698, he --wA others/ 1 

of Prudence Island were parties to a suit. He bought of W 

Philip ^weet , on July 6, 1703, a quarter of a farm in j 

Coweset for fifty pounds. January 16, 1721, he deeded to ^ 

his son Thomas of ^wanzey, for love, etc. , 105 acres in j 

n'arwic'K. September 15, 1731, administration on his 

estate v;as £:ra]ited to Jonathan and^Caleb Kill, and an 
inventory take?i v^hich amounted to .:o79l 3s. 6d, vi3. : 
wearing apparel, buckles & buttons £30. 5s. negro Jfine .^50, 
Dinah £5C, boy Cuffee £60, child Experience £35, nine 3''ear< 
oirae of negro Prince £40, 2 spinning wheels, worsted cor-^b, 
small V7heel, 3 prs. of wool cards, 6 cow;s, ?■ 'steers, bull, 
220 sheep, monei' due from Thos. Hil.l £40, etc. 
On August 24, 1713, Jonathan Hill^of T^rudence Island 
bought of Joseph Reimolds of Kingstov;n, one hundred acres ^^^ ^^ 
of land for three hundred poinds current money of New "^ng- \ 
land. Soon thereafter sixty ac'-'es no^e we^r^e ndded to thls,,^ 

tract. T5iis land was first purchased by Major Atherton__^ 

about 1665. January 1, 1728, Jon^ithan Hill/^6onveyed tMs 

tract of land to his son Thomas Hill of Barrington, in the 
count" of Bristol, Province of Massachusetts Bay, for one 
thousand pounds. 



3 r 1 i 

THOMAf; ALLEN (John , Willi. 'jm ) son of Jo'/in Allen and 

Sarsh H^ivens, was born about 1697 on Prudeno-^ Tslnnd; died i 

1780 at North Kinggtovm, R. I. ; raar:?ied Septeraber 4, 1716 at '| 

North Kingstown, AN"S51 CO^Tr o.-f i^or-tf^mouth, R. I., daughter of ■ 

Jolm Cory^^L_> 

^=='''' Children: 


75. I. Thomas, horn Hay 14, 1717; Mar:oled Patience rrreene.-'- | 

76. 11. Samuel, horn OoLober 2\, 1718; went to gea and v/ag ' 

lost on his first ^'oyage, vih'^in about tiventy- j 

four years old, i 

^^. 111. Eli'^abeth, born ilay 13, 17?^??; married Cornell 

Car '5 enter.''" i 


78. IV. Margaret, born April .^33, 17?!4; died unmarried. 

" I 

79. V. Mary, October 10, 17?!G; died unnarried Julj'' 3, I 

18?^?:, aged 96 years. 

80. VT. A?ine, born August 30, 17.^9; married Sajauel v;arner.v \ 

81. VII. Christopher, born October 26, 1731; married i 

fiargaret Allen. -j- { 

S2. VIII. Martha, born Januar:/ 2S , 17.^4-5; died unm«irried i 

January 18, 1807. 

!?. J.\. Bathsheba, bom August 1, 1738. j 

^ ' — ' v^nI 

Vital Records of Rhode Island, Vol.,. .•>-,. 5 of North VJ^/r 

:Toi^r\(i''Yv \ 

Kingstown, gives this '^^^i-'^S'^ ^^ f ollov/s :'^iT6r£ias, of 

and Ann Corey, of Jo^j-pf'Sec. : married by Jeremiah Oov;id, . 

Justice, Sep. 4, 1756." Note ^t top of page says the record^ ,' 
were badly d-^maged by fire ^r\r<, "noidoubt that errors in n^^imes - ;f 

nnd dates a^e here made." The date sho^'old be Sept. 4, 1716; ■ 

their first child (Thomas) was born May 14, 1717. Jeremiah ) 

Gould, the Justice «ho jai^.rrled them, died July 7, 1740 and his .i 

will was proved an 'I inventory taken JulyilG, 1740."^,/^j(^ "1 ^ 


THOJ.I/.S ALLEN was a prudent, industrious man r^nd ?i 
pet riot of the Revolution. He v/as n niejTiber of the Six- 
principle Baptist church of Wnr^ick, R. I. , londer Klder 
JOiTn Gorton. His death ^vas caused by a c;,?uv,oer on the 
-finger, the result of a fishhook ^oixnd, a-id he ^ras buried 
at the ho'^aestead of his Cather. 

"k'r. Tho^-. Allen" was Deputy to General Assenbly for 
Worth K:tn£:stown, May l, 1745, May, 1756, and January 10, 
1757. [ Records of Rhode Inland, Vol. 5, pp. 11.?, 489; 
Vol. 6, p". 4.] 

? .? 1 

JOHN ALLji:N" ( John"' , Willian ) son of JohJi Allen and 

Sarah Havens, ^vas born May 15, 1710 on Prudence Island; died 

3 2 

17?4; married S.IITH, daughter of ^eston Snith (James , 

Richard who v^as the first white man that ever trod on 

Narragansett soil.). He ^/as a iTierab--7i-' of -wilder "fir^tjaan' g 

Baptist church. Left a daughter 

84. I. Margaret :^raarried Christopher Allen.#/rA^«5. 8-/. J --7" 


BATHRHIBA ALLEN (John , ) daughter of Jolm 

AUen and Sarah Havens, was bom April 10, 1719 (or 1721); 

married May J?0, 17.'^9 at ^iJast GreenTr;ich, R. I., JONATHAN 

JOHNSON of East Greonirach. Resided at East Greenvyich and 

^renchtO'-m, R. I. 


Ghil'lren born f^t Eflist Cireenvfich j 
35. T. Fia-?'?./! JO'inson, born April ^P> , .1741. 

86. ri. Aliay Jo:in<3on, boom ■larch 16, 1745. 

87. TTT. Allen Jo>ins3n, born July ?5;?, 1748. 

88. IV. Jonathan Jorjison, born April 4, L751, 

4 :^ 2 1 

JONATHAN ALLEN ( John , Wllllara , vvilllara ) son of 

John Alien ani. Rebecca Kill, wa^ born neptenber 7, 1718 on 
Prudence Island; died April 14, 1811; married November 2, 
1740 at North Kingstown, 'R. I., ELIZABETH HULiNG, a grand- 
daughter of Andrew HiLling of North Kintrgtovn. «he died 
January 11, 176'1 a£'ed 4? "-ea^s. 

Children; ^11 born at North Kingstoivn J 

89. I. Phebe, born Ju?ie 8, 1744; married Jerepjiah Ayles- 

00. IT. iBathaba, born April 10, 1746; died ianraarrip;d. 
91. III. John, born July ^8, 1748; jnarried ?'ary Havens.'!- 

93. rv. Caleb, born i^eptenber 2A, 1750; na^ried Anna -^llen.' 
9.'^, V. Man-Afield, bom ?eptenber l.f?, 1752. 

94. VI, Nathan, born Rarch 25, 1754; r.iarried j'ary Re^/nolds. 

95. VII. Mercy, born July 22, 1759; married William Spencer; 

ma-"ried second J^tephen Oongdon. "■ 

96. VTTT. Rarah, born '^ebruar:'' 24, 17G3; married JIarch 18, 

1782 at North Kinestovm, HajiU'^l Bi^sell, 

97. IX. TUlisabeth, born December ?54, 1765; married December 

2, 1787 at North King>3tovn, (Teor.J^e riissell, 

brother of Samuel. They lived at -^>issell'g 

Mills (now Haj.Tilton ilillg ), North King^tov??!. 


Bnptlst ol'iUTCii in 1780, Tho hcu^qe in yiht^^'i "le wn.^ 

Rccustome'"! to w!5rs3ilp wn*? n-^nr !^;o.'cPi'')'bletown, In t'ne westerly 

pnrt of t?ie tovm. . Tiii.jg fihi^rch i..s fio olri.e??t In f^lorth 

KinL'stovj^i. "Rogor WlLLi^ns was Its first oreaciior, nnr\ in 

1659, v,lfler T'loinas BaJger wr^c- ordained, ami. settled tTiere In 

1GG4. Jongthfjn Allen vi^s an influstrious, prudent and 

n.evot'^.d .'ri'-ri. TTe; or.iit his hone v/here Nathaniel Allein's 

novi stands. 

MANflTT'ljrLD AJil,7-H w?ien li't Le liiOre tv;entyone years of 

a-'::e ioined the 'n-rirhtnan gang", a notable company organised 

by George "/ightnan of Qnidnessett. noiae tiiie before tJie 

wsr he held a coimtssion , as Colonel, and afterv/ard, while in 

the British service he was raAde Lieutenant Colonel. Their 

headquarters were on the island of "R/iode lBl'\n.d, under British 

protection. ^''roni their place of rendesvous they sallied 

forth at night and piimdered the adjacent farms along the 

shores of both siriee cf tiie Bay. Mansfield vms well enough 

acnuairited *'lth the country to conduct an armed force for 

prisoners and plunder. Jolin Allen, having seen fn:^. hoard 

so i:iuch of iiansfield's boldness and villainy, often said "If 

I could catch hlia in Nortli Kingstov^n, I v,onld shoot jiin as 

quickly as I v/ould siioot a blacX BnnKfi. " He was suspected 

of being ininlcal to the ntate and was taken before the 

Gorarai.ttee of war at ^ast Greenwich, and confined in jail. 
This occuv-vfiSd late in the year 1777 or 1778. He joined th*^ 
British and rifivev returned i^ailess Xn seciver^r. It >va.3 saio. 
that after the war he visited Ja.bez Rey n ol .'■!<: ; hov/ever true that 
might be it was evident that "lye. left, hio counts/ for his 
country's good." 


4 3 - i 

JOSHiJA .ALLj:\t (Jolin , wiiiigra , Willi^jin ) son of John 

Allen 9nd Re'Dec^n Hill, "ms bom 1\^y ^-^f iV^son Pr-ndence 

Island; nmrrled ^VAITE GR^ENK, born Septeniber 15, 1768, died 

T^'sbruai"/ 21, 1794 in her 26th yenr. She was the dftughter 

of Cileb Oreene «5nd Mnry Lippltt, 


98. I. Rhodes Greene, bov'n Aurr'Jiet 2y 1792; inn.r'.-*led 

Rebeccfi C. Bowen; married second Mary Ann 


4 3 ^ 1, 

CALT!3B HILL ( Rebeccg. C. , Thomas , Willian ) son of 

Rebecca Cole A Lien and Thomas Hill, v;as bom Karch 29, 1731 

at North Kingstown, R. I. ; married J'arch .?.?, iv.'is by Elder 

John Gorton of rr^rwicK:, IvlERCY STAFFORD, daughter of StuK:ely 

Stafford of v/arwick. He lived v/ith his father and hii-ed 

the homestead farm. ^or many years he was a Justice of the 

Peace in l^lorth Kingstown. 


99. I, stukely Hill, bom Tiecember 28, 1755; ?aarried 

Sarah Kenyon.-> 

100. TT. Caleb ILill, born September 5, 1758; married 

Sarah Gre6:ift.''!' 

101. III. Annie Hill, born January 29, 17G1; nar'^ied 

Hezekiah Ramington.-^ 

102. IV. Elisabeth Hill, born November 5, 1764 at North 

Kingst-own; married Charaberlain; died, IF, 

lO.-^. V. nnron Hill, born inarch p, 1769 at North Kln£:stown; 
m-'^rrled BenjaKin Bov;en of Bowf;n'?5 Hi. 11, 
Coventry. ^'ne filed In 1838. Chll<iren filed 


104. VI. Re'necoa Hill, born Noveriber 19, 177;5 p.t North 

Kingstown; married Ephrain Bov^en or Bov/en's 
Hill, Coventry. Had sons Caleb, Earl, ^nd 
CteiJhen (? ). 


4 "^ r 1 

HON. THOMAS ALLEN (Thomas"', John , V'illiain ) son of 

Thoiaas Allen and Anne Cor^'', was "ijorn May 14, 1717 at North 

Kingstown, R. I.; died Hepteiaber 26, 1777; married 2C, 

1742 at North Kinr^town, R. i. , PATIENCE rrHEENE, born 

February 15, 1726, died 'September 9, 1801 ag^d 35 years(?),' 

daughter of Tiavid Greene of West Greenwich, R. I. ('yho was 

descended from John Greene, a physician of Salisbury, •':ngland) 

and Sarah Barber. 

Children ^ all born at 'v^orth Kingstown j 

105. I. Lydia , born October 20, 1742; married Emanuel ? 


106. TT. Samuel, bom, 174.3; laarried Prudence BuLlocIc.v 

107. TIC. Son, oorn v^arch 26, 1745 . 

108. IV. John, born March^^, 1747; married Mary Goul|^;'* - 

married second .Martha Allen. •> 

109. V, Son, born March 20, 1748. 

L Records damaged by fire. Names. not given in 

Vital Records of Rhode Island.] 


TTlOIvlAS ALLEN was a Justice of -the Court of Ooraraon Pleas 
for Kings County' (no^.'r '"?sliington County ). He was a pror:ilnenl 
man in hig native to'.va '''ov rmny years, and a patriot of the 
Revolution. He tooK sraallpcx while rearling an infecteri 

newspaper ani 'iiecl. He vin<^ buried on hi-^ fariii nr^,-'rc the 

shores of Quidnessett Harbor. 

ELIZABETH ALLEN (Thonas , John , Willian ) son of 
Thomas Allen and Arne Cory, was bom May 13, 17;^2 at North 
Kin^'stovn-i, R. T. ; married May 4, 1747 at East Greenwich, 
Tf. I., CORl^ELL Carpente r of East Green-^ich, R. I., born 
April 10 (or 18), 17?33 at East Greenwich, son of John 
Carpenter and Elisabeth Grinnell. 
Children : 

110. I, !':honas Carpenter, born March 13, 174^ at North 


111. II. Cornell Carpenter, born March 13, 1748; na-^-'ied 

. Had son John. 

11?3.'TII. John Carpenter, born December 3, 1753 at East 

Greenwich; jiarried Sarah -"eathers. Had sons 
and grandsons, Colonel or Coriiell, and Joseph. 

113. TV. Abigail Carpf-^^Uer, horn July 5, 1756 at East 
' Greenwich. 


This na:ue is evidently ocrreot althoutjh sivan as 

Colonel in the Vital Records of Rhode Island. 

A'nm ATJ.^CN* (Thom'is"\ John^, WAllinia ) dauehter of 
Thonns Allen nni Anne Oo:rf, was >jorn AugiAs^t 7,0, 17P9 at 
North Kini;stovrM, R. i. ; iaarried SAMUEL WARNER. 

114. I. Uhty Warner, born about 1745; raarrled Brown(?). 

^>he. died Aut'iist, 1837 aged 92 years. 

115. II. i-tartlia ^Vamer, born April 16, 1759; narried 

Sylvester Paarce, C-iilrlren: Samuel, Caleb 
and Joshua, She died December 25, 134-'^. 


4 .-. 2 1 

CHRISTOPHER ALLEN (Thomas , -Tohn , Willi ai'i ) son of 

Thomas Ailem and Anne Conr, was born October 26, 1731 at 

North Kincstovm, R. I,; died, 1796; married aboTit 1754, 

MARGARET AI^Le:?, daughter of Jolin Allen and s^ith. 

Childr-^n : 

lie. 1. Thomas, born August 15, 1755; narried .^•• 

117. II. Marj'-. 

118. III. Martha. ^ ^^f^ J? Hf^l -U^ J^-ir^ i^-^--^/^l6^^-^ 

119. IV. Ereelo^re. 

120. V. Silas, born Au^nist ^4, 1765; narried Lucretia 

Allen; married second, Sarah Card.»i- 
1^1. VT. -Benjamin, born October 8, 1772; narried Susannah 

122. VII. Elisabeth. 

123. VIII Anna. ^^r^^^^ ^^^- /75g.;a^^^-^ ^o^^e^ 


CKRISTOPKER ALLEN was a ship, builder by trade ant built 
two boats; the first for his i)\-other Thoiaas and non John, 
a sloop najned "Ifayflow^^r" ; -h^} second for Jo.-in /.Lien, n-uaed 
"Lucy .Ann". The?re ^f^ve built at the house of Thomas Allen, 

Jr. , a quarter cf a inile from the shore and carried on whe'-'ls 
and skids to be launched. He was a prudent, industrious 

man and ^rorked "t his trade. In religion he v/as probably 

Si X- P T» i n ci 10 1 e B a"o t i a t . 


c 4 3 

PHEBE ALLEN^ (Jonathan ,Jolm ,WilliaLi2,V.'i llianl ) daughter 

of Jonathan Allen and Elizabeth Hulins, v?as born JiAne 8, 1844 

at North Kincstovm, P.. i. ; carried July PA, 1768 at North 

Kingstowi, JETIEMIAH AYLE^^WOPTH, son of Arthur Aylesworth. 

Children: C Vital Records oT North 

Kingstovm damaged by ftre; full dates not ^iven. j 

124. T. Russell Aiaesv/orth. 

1^5. !T. Heorse Aylesworth, born September 15. 

12*3. ni. Allen Ayles^vorth, born June II. 

1.^7. 17. Caleb Aylesv^orth, born November 11. 

1^8. V. Isaac Ayle8v;orth. born Janua^ry 6; married April 18, 

1808 nally Corey; died September 15, 1808. 
129. VT, Hf-unuel Hliodes^, ^orn 'n'ebruf'ry; married Au£r-ist 17, 

L308, Allo»^ Chadsey. 

l."0. VTT. Charles Ayles'/orth, bom March 18, . 

1-?1 . VI ri . Elizabeth Aylesworth. 

i:^P, IX. 'Rachel Aylesworth, boiri Mnrch 29. 
l''-^.. X. Phebe Ann Ay 1 ') '3*'.'0T't)i , horn M^iv 7. 
l'^4. XI. Phlli.p AyleBnQvfh , 'ocm Juarch ??9. 
1"5. XIT, T>hiiiT) Ayleeworth; <Xxe<\ follOM'ing Deceraber. 
l-'^fi.XIII. Wl.lliqra Ayleeworth, 'ootti Decenb^.r p?^. 

JOHN ALLEN" ( Jonath'ui'^, John'', Wil3.i!5n^, vri..iiir>n"^ ) 
son of Jonathan Alien and ELl^nbeth Hulintt ^"''^ boin July ?38, 
1748 at North KinggtovTn, R. T. ; died between 1771 and 1776-77; 
vi^vr\e6 Mey 17, 1767, llAT^^ HAVT^KS. She married second, 

March ."^l, 177':' at Morth King.stoiim, Alexander HuUng. 

Children : 
l."=?B. I. Jonathrji. He laoved to Granville, Ohio. 

I'^f). II. Jolin; carried Hannah ^^^tratton.-- 
140. III. Lydia. Jloved tc Granville, Ohio. 

JOHN ALL?3N wag made ^5. r:ajor of a reeimsnt in Worth 
Kingstown, May, 1771. His vn.dow married Alexander Ruling, 

a retired sea captain, v7ho was a cousin of Elizabeth Ruling 
Allen [ J. Soon after this event the^'- removed to 

Shaft sburg, Vemiont , where four children were bo-^n to ther;:. 
Their descends^ints are vi/ealthy people, soine of them residing 
at Bennington, Vermont. 

5 4 ? 2 1 

CALEB ALLEK ( Jonathan , John , wiiiian , Willian ) 

son of Jonathan Allen and Eli^^abeth Ruling, was bom September 
PA, 1750 at "orth Kingsto^f^n, n. I.; dlf;d June 6, 18^0 at 


No^'th Kinr:stovm; married Aueu^st 1, 1784, ANNA AT.J.F.'S , ]:crn 
about 1758; died March 29, 1841 aged 83 years, daughter 
of Christopher Al.len {/rn'fKi. 

141. I. cfoseph 1-Variton, bom AugUBt ^s, 1794; juarried 
.'v'aria Spin >:.•"« 
CAL.TC.B ALLEN lived and died at the homestead. Ouring 

the V7ar of the Hevolution he went to Hova Scotia and vrorKed 
nt his trade, ¥;hloh vr-is that of house carpenter. His wife 

was bapti?;ed in a brook near their house, in her 8??nd year, 
sitting in a chair. She was taken by ?aer son. Rev. Joseph 

V/anton Allen, and Deacon Thomas Hill, and iraraersed. 


•" 4 ."^ 2 1 

NATHAW alTjEN ( Jonathan , John , William , Wlliian ), 

son of Jonatlian Allen and Elizabeth Huling, v.-rts born KarcjT. 

S5, 1754 at North Kingstown, R. I.; d.\ed July 2S, 18S8; 

na rried MARY REYNJDLDS, daughter of Jabes Reynolris. She 

died July 4, 18??4. 


14??. I. mwell, born May ;^3, 1779 at North Kingstov.n. 

14?. TI. Susan, bOTTiMair 1S>..1730; nJ^irrled^Ednond Arnold. -r' 

144. XII, Elizabeth, born' December 22, 178^; married 

Rev. John c ar diner. v 

NATHA.N ALTJSN and his wife were Tories during the war 

of the Revolution. '.Vhile the Britifsh had ccntrcl of the 


Nf^rragansett Bgy, they were 'i^dtjr rrrvest, June, 1779 
and with geveral othetre, taken by Sheriff Brown to Coventry, 
Rhcle lelqnd, for corresponrUng i7ith the Brxtiah and giving 
aid to thera fr*on the shore of the Boy. He was ver^'- frugal 

an-;, has related how, in buying his f-^'cra, the first foi^- 
penny-half-penny he ever possessed helped to pay for it, 
Kis farm enbracfjd the Indian Cort on the Exete:; line. 


5 4 7> 3 1 

MEP.CY ALLT5N ( Jonathan , JohJi , Williari , William ), 

daughter of Jonathan Allen and Eii'-^abeth Huling, was born 

July P.2, 1759 at T^orth Kingstown, R. I.; carried October ?2 , 

1781 at ^Jorth Kingstown, WILLIAM SPJCf^'C.^'R; nar-ied second, 

STT5PH}i]N CONCxDON, bom May .^ , 175B, aisd AUf^ist 29, 18."^9. 

Children : 

145. I. Henry HT'^^'-iCfir; nif^rried July 10, 1806, Ann Brovm. 

140. II. Falter (or 'Vnnton ) J^encer; married July 4, 1811, 

Sarah Pierce. 
147. III. Christopher Spencer; married November P2, IP,09, 

Hannah Northup. , 

149. V. Elisabeth Spencer. 

150. VI. Lydia Spencer. 

. , 98. 

5 4 ••5 

RHODTilS GREEi'^'E ALLEX Of Providence ( Joshua , Johji , 

2 1 

\7illian , v/iinam ), son of Joshua Allen and v'aite Greene, 

was born Aiigust J3, 1792; died October 11, 1880; married 

Ilnrch Til, 1811. RRBKCCA C. ECV't^K who died Decenber, 18;?^ 
In her Z^v6. year, prchr/dy at Provirience, R. I. ; raarried 
second, Mgy 11, IB.?.^ MAKV ANN htiWT, born October .^, 1800, 
died T^ebfunry 10, 1871. 

Children : 
151, I. Richard Arnold, 'com October .^, ISii ; narried 

}^llen "Efisterbrook vjii^on,."- 
15'^. II. John Hoppin, born June 7, 1813; married Harriet 

J. Brlg£:g; r.arried second, Caroline Matilda 

Ib^. III. Joseph Crreene, bom ?'ebrua:i?y 20, 1816; died ?ebrn- 

ar^f SI, 1816. 

154. IV. Charles Hor.ry, bom April S4, 1817; married 

Caroline A-bl-i' !^or'?hev;,-'- 

155. V. "Rhodes Oreene, born June 5, lolG; married Lucretia 

Alsadia Al-'Lrich; married second, Aijaira Louisa 

156. VI, William, born Kay 3, 18S1; married Ann jv[aria Rich- 

ards on. •> 
15"''. VTT. Oeor?:e i-'ashington Lafayette, born May 6, 1824; 
married Sarah Matilda Royce.--* 

158. VIII. Abby Caroline, bom July 19, 1826; d.ied September 

6, 1827 at Providence. 

159. IX. James Nelson, bom June 2, 1828; married i^mily 

Margaret Mann. 


loO. X. l-li-iry Greene, born Au^rast 23, 1830; died 

September 5, 1831. 
16.1. XI. 'Rlcliricnd, born April 4, la.-^S; narried Julia Ann 

162. XTI. Mnry Preene, born February ^7, 1834; nar"f*!.ed 

T^ranois Baggs Cornell, »!- 
163.XITI. T^riward Franklin, born June 6, 1835. 

164. XIV. Tbora^s Jefferson, bom "ay 3, 18?;9; died Aufpist 10, 


165. XV. Caroiin^^ Rcij-ian , bom Peptenber PP- , 1840; married 

Joseph Hajiillton Warren.'- 

166. XVI. Thomas Jefferson, born AU£-i.«t 9, 1843. 
167.XVTI, iDruiiy Dunhara, born August 9, 1852; narried David 

Maxfield Hatch..;- 


S , 4 3 2 1 ^ 

STUK5LY HILL ( Caleb , Rebecca C. , Thomas , William ), 

son of Caleb Hill and ''ercy nt afford, v/as bom Decenber 28, 

1755 at Morth K;ing?tov,n, r, j, ; died 'R'ebruary 16, 1843; marri 

narried SARAH KENYON, bom> 1757, died December 11, 1847, 

daughter of Re:r.ington Kenyon of f^outh Kingstown. 

Children: ♦ 

168. I. Mary Hill, born :^ebruan'' 18, 1777; marr'.ed J^ai.'iuel 

Underwood of nouth Kingstovpi, 1314. The^'' 

had tv;o children. The first died in Infancy; 

the second, Stujcely Hnderv/ood, married Jlary 

Allen [A'OS.(P<? 7 


169. II. Thoracis Hill, oorn Juijr 5, 1779; filed Sf^ptei'ihH.r 17,1797. 

170. III. Holden Hill, born M«=irch 8, 1781; narriad Sarfih 

Ann OT»ny..> 

171. IV. A'ny Hill, born July 14, 1784; m'-ir-ri^d S^inuel Proud. •'• 
175. V. Caleb Hill, born October 6, 1787; Pi!5rried Hannah 

17.'^. VI. Mercy Ann Hill, born January 5.?, 1790; narried, 1811, 
Ezra Hpink. They rerioved to Ne^? VorK. Two 

?ons, Oeor^e and Ezra HpinK., live y\ei\T Htica, 
•i. Y. 
174. VII. ntukely Hill, born TPebruar-y LI, 1798; narried, 18^4, 
Pbebe Hall , daughter of Hpencer. Tliey had 
one child that died in infancy. They settled 

in l]eM Yoi/k. but returned in 18 SO. He died 

Deoeraber 14, 1878. 
STUKELY HILT, was on duty three nonths as a riinute raaji 
and wa«3 in service at Tiverton in 1778, but his tern of en- 
listri^ent expired a day or two before the battle of Porteraouth. 
He y?ag Lieuten.ant in the home =^ervice one year afteri'/ard, nnd 
L'uarded the phore nirht<? "/hlle the British h^id control of 
the Bay, 

His father bought for hira, of George ?ov;ler, a farn of 
tw7ent^mine acree on T^hich he lived ^11 hi=--; iaya. The 

house V7ag of the "olden t-«rpe". The stone chinney forjaerly 

nas tT/elve feet bacX. and about f:-ur feet high, A child of 

about ten or tv/elve year" of ^ge could jupt stand under the 
mantel +.iTn+ 1^=1, ; t' ^ -r-»ont part of the chiirjiev. 


5-1 3 2 1 

OALTiJB HILL (CHle'o", He>')ecca G. , Thomas , v/i.iiiam ), - 

son of Caleb Hill anr). Merc;!'' staffer*'!, was 'oorr'. neptenoa.-t? ,. 
1758 at North KLnC'^tovm; 'Uod Hay 6, IB??? (o?.' ifi.'io ) at North 
KlnsstOH-n; jaar-^if^d January' 4, 1784 (by Elder 'Jo^nn fTorton v/ho 
married his father twentynine years before, at North Kings- 
town, SA^AH CRETANS, bom April 8 (or 15 or 18), 1730, flirjd 
October 18, 18.?9 (or 18.'^7 ) at North Klnggtoivn, daughter of 
Thoraas Greene of Warm ok, H. I. a^id Kan^ (Wate-' ) Orreene. 
■Resided at Aquidneck honef^tead near ?otov?oraut. 

175. 1. Mary Hill, bom Repterr.ber 30, 1784; jna->^-ied Thoiaas! 

c, Allen. ►> 

176. TI. ^ones Oreene Hill, born July ??7, L786; married 

PatieiKie ■Robinson,'-'- 

177. ITT. Mrtckes Hill, born Pepteraber 14, 1788; married 

5arah Tar's. "■- 

178. TV. Thomas Hill, boi'n J"nnary 6, 179."^; married Lucy 

Ann Allen. iSey /)ri>,XocJ 

179. V. Parah Hill, born December f^iX-jC^ otoi^g-t- 6, 1800; 

died Deo'jnber f^6, 1800. 

180. VT . SRrah Hill, born -Tnly 18, 180^; married Christopher 

W. Greene.-' 
AKMIE HILT/"''' (Caleb^, Hebecca C? , Thomas'"', ^villian ), 
daughter of Caleb Hill and ?^ercy Stafford, ^vaa born January/- ??9, 


1761 at iv^orth Ktnsstowi, n. i.; dteri j?inufir?^ 20, ISP,2; raarrierl 
Poptenber 16, 1787, HSZEKIM REMINGTON, born May 28, 1757, 

died May 21, 1819, son of Willi ma Heinington and :^.veerove . 

Chil-i-ren : 
181. T. Willlnri ■R^^riin^'rton, born Repteiaber, .1788; narried 

Mary v/ightnian.'> 
18?:. IT. TT-r^eelove Reinington; raarried ClarJkP Lawton o.f ."Exeter; 

married second, Coggghall Tlionas of Morth i 


5 a. ^ 2 1 

LYDIA .ALIKN (Thoinag % Thoraae' , Jo'yi , Williara ), 

daUL'hter of Hon. Thomas Allen an'-''. Patience Greene, was boin 

October 20 » 1742 at North Kingstown, R. I.; died April 18, 

1812; narried May 12. 1732 at North Klngstoiri, Emanuel (?) 

Case, 'Ssi. , of wickford (probably his second vd fe ). 

ChlldT-en : 

18". I. Thomas Allen Case, dJ.ed May 19, 1788 aged 5 years. 

184. IT. TjA/dla (>ise, >>oen 1785; died f^epteraber l^^, 1785. 

LYDIA {ALLEN) CA?^E and husband resl'ied the greater part 
of their lives at ?>outh Kingstown, where he vms freqioently 
elected to the General Aseeir.bly as assistant or deputy. 
f5he and her children ^vere burled in the Allen burial ground. 

SAMIJTilL ALLTiJN'^ (Thonas^, Thora^s'^. John^, wiinqm^ ), 
son of Hon: Thomas Allen and Patience Greene, v;as born in 
1743 at the homestead of his father in North Klngstoivn; died 

November 4, \794; raarr-ied Hoveraber 5, 1767 at Reekonk, Hafts. , 
PWJDFINCE BTILLOCK of Rehoboth (^vho wf,«5 ^. c;tRter of Holnes 
^/ightnan's wife), bom abo-at 1737; rUnd. July 18, 1312 aged 
75 years. 

135. T. Dptiigliter , born Noveinb'^r, 1772. 

186. II. , born ^ecejiber 25, 17':'5. 

137. III. Betey (El-i;.;pibet]i ), born June 29, 1776; mai?ried 

^ Oen. Chri,«5top>ier Rhodes. -> 

183. IV, ThoraGs, born, 1778; r-iP.rried F.\j.'/.f\ Ann TiAllnghast.' 
188a V, Son , born Pebruarr'' I, 1780 [ This may hwe been 

ThoiL^'b. L 
188b VI. Lydln; died un?T.^rrled. 
188c VIT. Lucy; married June 18, 1795 at East Greenv/lch, R. I. 

Dr. Thon^.s Tillinghast of 'p'renchto".'n. 

Descend'^nts .Living. 
SAMUEL ALLEN was enstgn of the -^d Co. of IJorth Kings- 
tovm, Washington Co. Reglnent of Rhode Island Militia in 
May, 1784. LColonial Reecrde of Rhode Island, Vol. 10, p. 28. 

■^ Tee Explanations,^ pa g * »- ^—-^ ^-vw ^vff-t 


-/-e^/ ^y ^Z-^.^ 


HON. JOHN ALLEN" (' , Thomas , John . WiUian ), son 
of Hon. Allen and ?a. tience Crr=^-ene, was born March ^ 
SiSPf 9JM 1747 at Allen's Harbor, v,/ashington Co., R. I.; died 


DEC 12 ^940 

Au^UBt ^» [prob^ibly a fe?? d.fiy^ earlier ^^ ri.eath notice was 
in Providence Qazette of August 7th. L , 181/5 s.t North Kijif^g- 
town, R. T. , janrried January ??6 .(_ij^-+^, 1769 at North Kincs- 
tovn, MA^ OCTTLD, horn May ?>, 1747 (or 174o ? ), died ITovniiiber 
10, 1784, daUGliter of Daniel Gould of QiJ.dnes'?:ett and Mary 
Pry; married second, January 19, 178^, MARTHA ALLEN, bom 
April -i«—f-ei?- 17:^ 1761, daui^.ter of Christopher Allen (>•«.%■/.] 
and Margaret Allen. 

Chil^lren; all bc.rn nt Nortji. Kinrstovm: 
I87. I. Lucretia, born Jiane 2, 1770; married Rilas Allen.> 
i90. II. Patience, bo->:*n May .*;Q ( ov 31/, 1772; married 

B en 3 arain Wi gh tri an . • > 


rM^. ITT. Catherine, bo-^n Julv 7., 1774; raar."ied John !^> 

iS«-. IV. Ruth, bom May 10, 177-^; died K'oveiuber, 1778. 

■i^^. y, Thomas f^'Ould, 00m nepta]:iber 1, 1778; jaarried Up^ry 

s l9 &, VI. L^z-dia, bom July 38, 1780; married John Carpenter, 4- 

193.0. VII. John, born May ^9 , 1788; died September 1, I8O5. 
He galled for Lisbon vjhere, «fter taking on 
a cargo of salt, he sailed for hone. The 

vessel, it was supposed, went dovjn with all 
on board as it was never heard from afterward. 

194, VIII. Christopher, 'o').^^^ Octobe-»» ^1, 17r39; iiarried 
Martha n^^inh.-"' 

195. ix. Sfimuel, bom April SI -(-o-'^-Oecr^nbe^-e^, 1791 -f^*^ 
Ce-tr^i^iMa--fH-T--i^;'-&fH; died '^ebrnary 9, \79P.. 


19fi. X. Ray Gr'^jene, born November 22, 1.79.^; married 

197. XI. Mary r-ould, born June ,^1795 (J . v ; iu/u"/ n\5, 170 Q or 

t^?4^6-h married Christopher Arnol<l..'- 

198. XT I. SajTiUel, born October tQ^^-'^l^ii-Xs^i^^:^^'^^^ 2\ , 1*797 

(r^v-VlQ^; na-'i'rled Belllnh .Baker.-^ 

199. XIII. SuQ^tnnah, born September P\, 1799; married 

hr 1 8 1 p he r Ayn. old. ••■- 

200. XIV. Luoy Ann, born Karoh 16, 1801; luorried Thongs Hill.*' 
HON. JOHN ALLEW was bom at the homestead of his fatlier 

on the west bank of Allen's harbor In ^lorth Klngston-i. KIb 

advantages for education were as good as the corxion schools 
of his day afforded. There was but one schoolhouse In the 

tov3i and that happened to be about a half mile from his home. 
It proved to ^-^e the stepplnL" stone to his .l^.iture usefulness. 
He shov;r-d nothing remarkable In early life. 

On M»5iy S7, 1769, four months after his first raarrlage, 
he boujjht the Robert westcott faTTjn of eighty aoree, nov owned 
by Joseph Madison. Judge Allen lived on thlg farm when he 

was taken prisoner by the British. 

Nothing vri.ll develop a man's character earlier In life 
and more assuredly than war. John Allen v;as a -y^^w^i^ man 

but was never a ml 11 tar;'- He had made knov/n his mind 

and deten.iinatlon early in the Pevolutiori. He v/as determin- 

ed to support the cause of Liber'-y and In dependence at the 


qacrlftce Of life pn^l fortune. He wfjs not n f5Peech-rcaking 

man, but hr.ri £:T<eat influence with his neighbors who stood 
about two Patriots to one Tory. He hf>(\ opent j„ost of his 

life in Quidneseett , but in 1776 v;hen the J3ritish invaded 
Newpovt and had control of all the lower na\-'t of Narragansett 
Ba3', he was obliged to le-ave I'as farm in the handg of some 
other pel-son. 

He had been accuftoned to boating f^tones from Hope 
I'^land to Kewort, and it nas quite convenient for Ilia to 
take supplies froro Quidnegsett to the Araerican arjue ^t Tiver- 
ton, with his sloop Seaflower , and hi?? craft being in danger 
of seisu^e so near to i=!ir Peter Parker's giin ships, he moved 
his family and bo'-.t into Greenwrlch but continued his vocation. 
In the spring of 1779 he returned to his farra. The British 

were so disquieted that they capture hiji, and 
'also William Spencer, Christopher Hall, Oliver r^>ink and C, 
Tillinghast. ?5pencer had be-^n placed upon the Nicholas 

Spink fqrm while the owner w-^.s confined in Scituate, ten or 
twelve jailes frora the aeashore \'ihe:<?e his farra was situated, 
for coramunicating v/ith the British and running supplies to 
th^K It night. 

A large nwiber of Tories frora Quirinessett arid other parts 
of Wo-th KingstoiTn, had joined the British i^der the guidance 
of Col. George Wightrcan (the title v/as c^Lven hii- at the clo<5e 
of the Ti'rench rind In^^ian War ). The business of this gang 

w^s to plijncler the f«irr.s on tJie seashore. They i)illat;ecl 

and TDicrned five houses and. hairnB in one ?rirjit in Hor^th Kings- 
town, two houses being in Quiftne'?r-^'-tt . 

A breach of confidence occurred here between Jolin Allen 
and q Tory cousin, Mansfield Allen. whii^. Jo'rji v/es living 

in East Greenwich, Mansfield was tarust into jail fvor being 
iniralcal to the United States. Out of si/rapath^r for his 

yoijng relative, John sent hir. food froir. hi8 ovm table on 
several occasions. /Jansfield, after making suitable con- 

cessions to Vr^. council of war, »/hich net at Greenwich, was 
released. Very soon thereafter he cf'ir.e in contact with. 

the 'Vightni?"in "Gfing" and deterirvined to turn traitor to Iiis 
country. He applied to John Allen for the u^-e of hip sloop 

to convey provisions to the British, then lying a short 
distance off Hope Island. He was told he cowld. not have it 
for such a purpose, biit if he v.ould take his t^'ade to his ovm 
countr-'^mien he wO'.ild he v/eicone to the use of it. TJiis in- 

censed the man and he resolved to '.-e tali ate, ^ccorrlingly 

he brou>rht the British froia their ships under cover of the 
darkness, to take John Allen and vviiiiRm Spencer, vdth their 
cattle and family supplies, to Newport. ^everything Spencer 

had was taken and he a^id his cattle forced to the shore, a 
quarter of a mile f-'^oii hifj house, v/nere three barges were 
a?;aiting their arri^'al. One of the boats wag grounded by 

t]i8 ebb of the tide so thPt it could not be rot off. It 

fell into the hands of the Patriots and the first nan that 
boarded it was William Parks. 

Elated wit]\ his success, Mansfield conducted the British 
to +he house of John Allen, a q-ioarter of a nile tn -mother 


rUT-ection. A mulatto boy, heionrlng to Jo'iti /Otlen's I'athe.r, 

v/ho h^d b<3en on the eho^e as guq:':'rl, met t>e B-^itlQh nt the 
door, qt the saiafj ti lae ■uy^^rninn: the fi^auily of the approach of 
the enemy. The loors cf the house were einaehed in with the 

butts of the It ijans, John Allen vjas rudely taken out and 

hurried to the shore with his olGthes and shoes on his an;:, 
f\nr{ was not allovred to conplete his toilet ■ijitil he v,-as snug- 
ly on hoard one of their hoats. Four hayonfits were placed 
at his hack and he was ordered to run. Ro stubborn v/as he 
that he declared he would not run one step and they nirht kill 
hir.i as quickly as tlie^y pleased. His ^nfe and four snail 
children v/ere rlriven out of the house wit): no other apprael 
than their nij^ht clothes. The driest girl, nine 3''ears of 
age, begged the soldiers to throv; their clothe?? out of a 
window, but they v?ere denied so much comfort and a bed 
was throvn out instead. The v.-lfrt casting an eye upon some 
silver spoons as she made for the door, thrust then into her 
bosojn and these */ere tlie only relic left then of a once happy 
home. The house was set on fire as soon as the fanily wore 
out and burned to the ground with a3.l its contents. ■ The 
fa'&ily escape.l to the hou<5e of Christopher Allen nearly a 
mile off, the nearest, hospitable retreat, tv /_ __/ 

Joim Allen's stock vi^2 taken and driven part way to the 
shore, but the minute men obUged the raiders to leave t/ieii 
and h^^isten to their boats. A few shots were exch^Jiged 

but the Patriots were afraid of hitting the captives instead 


Of the ciptcrs. The Kont.icih Ouarrlj? vyider Col. Joseph ^vy 

were just too late to effect anything. A cqjinonade fT?o:!i the 

gunehlp o*i£r^n as goon a? the people had gathered suff.loiently 
^o warrant a shot, hut no one was injured. oeverntl shots, 

explocied bonbshells, and now and then a chain shot have been 
plour^hed out . on the f arras in ranf'e o.f John Allen' «? house. 
Joseph and Willi an ^loc^jn, tv/elve and foi^rteen years old, 
respectively, at t/ie ''.ine, eac3i tugged home a cannon ball 
on their ".■•etur'': frora the shore- after the f u'e. 

During John /lien's passage to Ne^roort the raarines 
annoyed hin very luuch by picking at t]ie silver buckles on 
his shoes. He asked an officer if that v/^s the treatraent 

a .prisoner v;as to receive from his ^!a jester' s officers. 
After that he was better treated. He was incarcerated 

nearly five months in a loathsome prison vdth about forty 
other prisoners, black as well as white, nostiy in one room, 
some of whom v/ere chained to the floor abdve ^^nd below, in 
filth and a most sick^ming stench. The capture occu.rred 

at about 4:00 a. j;. , June 8, 1779, and they were released 
Cctober "5, 1779, when the British evacuated. Newport. 

John Allen v;as released about a month earlier at thxo 
earnest solicitation of a young lady friend who rv??s attending 
a ball at Newport where Hen. Prescott was a guest. KfiT 

beauty and ladylike deportment won the eye and attention of 
the British general when she sought the first opporti;nity to 
broach the subject of w-«. Allen's imprisonment. Rhe made 


her appeal fsc elonuentlv tlint he was set at liberty the next 

The Inpri sonnient o.f John Alien nnrl*? h\n nany friends; 
while the Tories of Quidne-S'^ett quivered ^-n th rnge vrhen 
they discovered the bearing it h^id upon their cowardV^ cora- 
plicity in the matter. 

The principal per'sons connected with hi^s c^ptiire were 
r-eorfe v;i £rhtraf5n , Jqjaeg Austin, Willima Cory, ■T?\be.!j Reiniolds, 
Ben^rinin Tanner, Nathfin Allen, M«visfield Allen, Tlicholae 
Spink, and several others <io escaped the vi £7. lance of the 
sheriff's posse. With the exception of Benjaialn Tanner 

these per-^ons w?ere arrested and held in Rcituate and Coventry 
for several months. -Tabes t^eynolds and Nathan Allen were 

accompanied by their wives i-uider sentence. 

Oliver Spink was captured in Quidnessett, taken t.^ 
Newport and inprisoned, where he took sriallpox '^.n.'i died. He 
was the father of Oliver Spink of Wickford. 

Charles Tillinghast, an enlisting officer in North Kings- 
town, v;as captured nt 'the sa^ie tijiie. Ha was taV:en to Nei^.'po 
'viewport where he was exposed to smallpox, but by vaccinating 
himself he saved his lif^. This disease was wuch nore 
zaaliff'iant at the tine of t]ie 'Revolutionary ^'.'ar than it is at 
present, fie was f'randfather of }ilx-Senator Charles Tilling- 
hast James, late of Providence. 

Jolm Allen was -n enlisting; oi"ficer about the sajie tine. 


An rttteinpt \Tr^ nane to c^.ptuTo ClTrl«itopjier Hqll of 
lower Qiildnas'.-:et t , but he ^/a? on the lookout qnd escgped 
wlt/i hi'-' fpjriil-r ^.nd. sonie ■soldiers vrho v;ere on gua-^rt. in that Hlg hone was humat and twelve gn.mng calves 

were driven by the British to Qu?mset Point and t?.kev. aboard 
their vessel. After the war^Hall was obliged to sell liis 

farru and it was bought by Fiajnuel F^pink, father of the Hon. 
Joseph J^pinlc. 

The Q^ii''l'i«?'?'*^t.t shores v7f^T»e closelj'- guarded day and 
night to keep tho eneny froja landing to trade v/ith the Tories 
and to plunder from the patriotic citizens. The Tories 

received exorbitant prices for their produce and live stock, 
while the Patriots had theirs stolnn. or -^'orced from then. 

At one tirie while t'le British had cvontrol of the Bay 
four hundred raen ivere encaaped on the hill, a little above 
the house on the Rould farm in Quidnessett. Capt. Josiah 

Gibbs was orderi;d to this station vrith his company to relieve 
the ninute men, Capt. Gibbs no doubt had coratiand of the 

comp^nips of Quidnessett. The^'' were on guard night and 

day from Potowomut .'elver to i^ickford Harbor. A part of the 

tine a company was kept at nuansett Point, but wras ordered to 
Wlckford. We believe it was coj-pjaanded by Capt. Richard 

Updike. The hH I on the nould coi^inanded a fine view 

of the bay and overlooked the v/hole of Pojack Point. It is 

believed the British r\(^Mf^,r! attejar)ted to venture nort]i of this 

point towfirdR ^«st Greenwich. CColonln.l ReooTi^ds , Vol. 7, 

p. 45S.J 

It ^eein^ there v/as n station In Qul^'lnessett and 
Capt. GVob'g oojanany vm.s ordered to It. Pojack Point 

was aboiit a ralle fror. th^t station r>nd it v/^ir in view of 
PotOkvomut and the river hy tliat nane. 

Troops vvere quartered in several house? In Qnidnes^ett, 
the house on the Gove??nor Greene Tana lyln.r; on the Bay, the 
li'/ightraan farm (confiscated ""-O tjie rtate ), Jonathan .Allen's, 
Willlan Cory' '5, v'Shristonher Allen's, and perhaps some otherB, 

The Generr-l Asseiably voted money and clothing to the 
prl -toners at ^fewoort under a flag of truce conducted hy 
Col. Hyer froia North Klngsto'^in. No names were iiientloned 

but it v/as unoerstood the benefits were for John Allen and 
■■'1 111 an ?^pencer. C Colonial ^^ecords, Vol. 8, p. PA4.J 

At the tine of his capture John Allen ^^as one of the 
comraissarles of the town. 

The next spring, inarch PS, 1780, John Allen foria*5d a 
partnership vj\th hl^ brother-ln-l^w, Thomas Gould, and they 
ooGupled the two f arras, vl'3. , the ilount farm and tiie roi.uld 
farra. They continued their connection twentytv/o yea-'-'s, 

ending in 180?? vihf^y\ his s-on , Thoiaas Allen, tooK charge 
of the farms and so continued i-intll the death of his uncle 
in Nove'aber, l^-y-n. 

Tils generous nature "nd practical good sense brought 
hin into favor and note a-aong his neighbors and fellow 


-••'- snoiild a quection arire r;G to the yer?.city of the above 
?,t^.tenpnt^, we vroulri. Bf^y ye nftpositiong taken un'-ler oath 
from Joseph ana Will-lroa ^locwi, Rai-iue.l CraT^rLiner , Georce Hunt, 
AbtcaTl Aylesv/oj?th, Patience i''lphtiTi"n , aiKi Catherine flpink. 
Tjie r!«no9ition'3 ^/e-i^e taken by -Tudfre Cov/ell of Providence, on 
p-^oOf of a petition to Ccnrress, {gotten np by the ?ieirR "t 
lav; of Judte /lien, to recover dfi-^ages for tjie loss he sus- 
tained V)y the burning; <i"y Iilf; houf?e and furniture, and the 
damage to his fa":^:i, to say notJiing of M?? tine and buJ.T erinfrs 
while in pri^^on. The petition was sent to Congress by 

rtenator Jaues vrhile he v/as in \.\\f^, Hr-L-^t.'-'id states Hen'tte, '{e 

nej-Tlected to attend to it, and it was either lost or left in 
the archives of the ^enatp. 

Judije Alien had an appraisement taken of hi« house, and 
v.'ent to Con^ri^ess, praylnr for indenmity, but for sorie reason 
lA'nVnofm it was lost. 

^/illtan !^pencer ernplo^^ed John .Allen an^l Thomas f"ould to 
estinate nis loss, but ars Allan's was lost he did not present 
his clain until 1853, when his son v;as sent to Congress by 
'■"enator J'ou'^s, -'-id that was neglected. His losses v/ere 

-^stij-^.'-.ted at about ^,i<!5"C. 


cltl!5en«?. T^rom the ^^v of tlie 'Revolriti on to the ye?ir 18.10 

'ne V7a»5 nlnost nlwaye in the public ejui/loy, eXthev In the 
oourtic 0T» the Gener^Jl Asseniblj'-. in 1784-5 ^inrl 6 he repi'e- 

sented hie n?itive towi 1"; the TiO^^k^t House of the Assembly , 
anfi in 1791 wdr eleotefi one of the Senators unrler the old 
Chfirter. ThPit year he was elected one of the Justices of 

the inferior Couvt of Comnon Pleag for the coiojity of ''/ashing- 
ton, ^>nr\. vjaft re-elected tv/o or three liiiies in succession. 
[ Colonial neoor'is, Vol. 10, r>. 4:58.1 

In jvlarch, 1801 he was elected 4th Senator a£;p"in. 
Thf^t same year he was elected Sd Justice of the old "riuorejae 
Judicial court" and was successively rB-elected until 1808, 
ivhen he reti-^ed f-^om the Bench, Durinr all that t?jie Pele£: 

Arn4jld Has Chief Justice. 

In 1809 and 1810 he was again elected representative 
to the General Assembly, and so highly was he respected that 
he held his fi-ill share of offices in the tovn as v;ell as the 

His bias v;as strongly neiaocratic. Thojup-p: 
Jefferson's se'itirnents v/ere thorou{:jily instilled into hin 
from tj;e beginning, and during Jefferson's a-id r'adi son's 
adainlst-««ations he gave thein his voice and influence as he 
did both the Fenners v;hile he occupied the gub(:;r3iatorial 
chair of the !ntate. ''''or twenty years, ei;ibracing the period 

from 1790 to 1811 he made h.iraself thoroughly acquainted 
the workings of both governments, the National as v;ell as the 


Juclta .Allen cr-ne to Ins 'iBath .r-?oiQ an -it tack of a 
furious >5Ml. T"ie aainal v/ag 'oroufht fvoni Hope Island 

that d^y, or the c\hy 'oof ore, nnd was turned into t'ip. pasture 
v/est of tne house, in v;hich wag a pair of oxen vriich he cofSr 
jnenced to fifht. The Judge vmnt out to separate them, when 

the >>ull turned ij^cn hira, butted hin dovm and trniipled upon 
hira lontil '<v.'a spin'^ \';as broken and he wa^ internally inju^'ed. 
Seeing his helpless condition he called for assistance, but 
It wag too late to gave hin. He lived but tlTirtyQix hours 

after. He died in peace — much 3?aspect<M fsn<^. much lamented. 

A very large concoijrse of people from all parts of the state 
gathered ^.t his residence by beat, carriage and on foot, to 
show their love and respect for a good nan and a christian 

'The Providence gagette and Country Journal (JOm Carter 
edition), thus speakfl of hin, August 7, 1313: 

"At IJ or th Kingstown, deservedly respected, JoJm AlLf>:i, 
Ksi. . in the 66th year of his age. This virtuciig, respected 

and highly useful neiTiber of society v/as depri^'ed of life by 
being butted and trampled on by ^'. bull. "' 

A lengthy and interesting obituary wps published in the 
sane paper, written, we suppose, by the !Ion. John Whipple, 
of Providence, who was one of j'ds laoftt intinate friends. It 
reads as follows: 


"TO ijr':i3ervQ the Integrity of cori'luct nnd coneistt-noi'' 
of principle aiaid public conversions, when force fri'l tyranny- 
set'? right nt defiance, to f^dhere to what is just and honor- 
able, is the ch^r-icte?-' of a great »j\cl £;ood man; that character 
belonged to -Tolnn Allen. 

when o''ar £:loriou^ Revolution biuret forth in 1776, 
'Ir. .Allen b'^c'^yne it"? patron and supporter. No d'^nrer coi^d 

appall hira, no bribe corrupt hira, no allurements could 
detach hin fro^n supporting the cause of hig injured and 
bleeding country. In the sane strugjle, Av, .^ Lien was 

taken av;a3^ by the eneny, and durinr^ hi« rit;oroug captivi.ty 
his house and furniture were lai'l in nRhoj;^ p..nci his f-irm 
stripped of all his stocK; but his Republican soul scorned 
to yeild to threats, o-'^ even to the scorpion cruelties of 
ruthless ener-.iy. 

His fellow,' citizens appreciating his distinguished 
virt'..Jes and his excellent understanding, correct judgment, 
appointed hira successively to t}ie various important offices 
of Legislature ?ind Judge of the f^upreiae and Judicial Court, 
offices which he accepted with node'^'t diffidence, and executed 
the trust with distinguished ability. 

In eariy life he chose the 'one thing needful' and became 
an exemplar^'' rieraber of the J'lethodist church. As he lived, 

90 he died-- o. Ch-^istian. His mien inspired reppect and 

on his countenance was iruP''^inted the soft smile of benignity, 


the eraanQtlon of a 'a^jr^an, benevolent fVii-l 'r-^.r>t-txou^ heai't. 

In public lire he v)as Ioiotwt for his Incorruptible integrity, 

suivnty of rannners, an<l for strict qijierence to social and 

benevolent vi^'tueft. As n husband, an affectionate parent, 

a sl>i OH i:>H frl'^nd, he had no superior and seldom ^n ecjual. 

The coMaunlty by hlis death has lost an nrilable cltisen, 

a liberal supporter of 15.terature, and one O'^ h^^r brit^htest 

ornanents as a C'^'itlenan and as a ChrlBtlfm. " 

p . . 3 2 1 

THOMAH AlJj'K^^ (Christopher"*, Thomas' , Jolm", v'lHijan ), 

son of Christopher Allen and i Margaret Allen, was born Augiist 

15 (or ^4), 1755 at 'JJorth Klnf'stown; died, 1815; married . 

. He settled in Nova Rcotla v/here he had 

several sons and daughters. 

Children : 

P.Ol. I. Christopher, eldest son. 

3 4 -^ 2 1 

SlhA^, Ah'^V^ (Christopher , Thomas', John , William ), 

son of Christopher' Allen and ..i'trijare.t A:Llen, vi^s born August 

^4, 1765; died Sept-Biab'^.r 27 (or ^3), 18?38 at ^lorth Kinfstov/n, 

R. I. ; 'aarried LiJCTPilTTA ALL?ilN [No. 18^3, born Jxine 2, 1770; 

died March 17, 1810 at North Klngstoiim, daughter o^ JolTn 

Allen and Wary Could; married second, f;at?A'I CAHD of Quidnessett 

i5ho died iDecenber ??0 , 18o5. 


;?03. I. Ceorce , born January 15, 1790; married Anstls Rplnk. 


20:^. 11. Jqnies, "oom 'Novinioet" 17, 179S; married ^'^.realove 

^04. III. Anna, "oorn T?H-T«uq-r«v i?, 180/^. 

By second ninrTl.«5ige : 
^05. IV. iqaao, horn ;\u£Cii'5t 4, IB15; nf^rried Marion Chadeey; 

n^rri^^-d '5e'?.ond, Elizabeth ,»> 

?5C6. V. P^tephen; narrl'3d Rll^abeth r3rigr;-»?.'- 
?.07. VI. Tjucy, corn Deceni'-^'^r 19, 1319; m^rriBd JpjTies !^. 

^oa. Vil. Susan, born -Tuly 16, 1831; ■in^.-'ried ChrlB'opher 


.?!Q9.Vin. Mary, bom January 1."^, ia?!3; nar?'lp.d Stukt^ly 


RILAR aTjL"hin waB a prudent, industrious inan and acquired 

considerable real estate. ?I8X»«l§X3(X«S0raKXXjSX'XX?5SyiSXX 

^ TTft and 

T5)^S.XX^HXfi{7J^*?5XX ^hls ;\lfe, Luc:^etia, were adrtdtted March, 

1806, nerabers of 1st baptist clTi-a-'ch at North Kincstoifm. 


f^. 4 5 ?, 1 

BIHNJAMIN AL".EN (ChTn?tophe>« , Thorcae , John , William ), 

gon of Ohrii^topher' Alien -^rnd Marti" '-'^'^^t /.lien, was born 
October 8, 177??; died, ia.'56; married December 2, 1804 at 
Middletovm, T!. I., S1JSAa'.'TAH AT.LT?1N, daughter of Thonas Allen 
of Miiidletoim, 

Children J' all born at Middletovru J 
p.ic, T. Elisabeth, bom Jan^oaw u, i809. 
Sll. Tl. .Ar.iey, bom Jan-'iar!'- If., 1811. 


2X2, TTI. Ly<i.i.° "Stanton, hovn April 18, 181?;. 

2\^, IV. ■Ruth, born ^ebru5\r!^ !<!, l''^15. 

21-i. V. Ro'D-srt T^.ylov "^tn-it-jn, bo^^n Tun^^ 19, 18?>0. 

?L5. VI. Ben,-i^.n<.ln, ■borr\ Mw 4, I8f;;>. 

316. VI r. J^^'.r'pJn, bom. Mnr'-.h 8, 18;^.. 

a^NJAMlN ALLEN. LL. D. , v/qs one of Rhorh-. I^lon/l? nost 
learned .■■nen. At the qge of rifteen year? lie rr-in nway from 

'nor.e to geek, an education. His cou-^ln, Ju.lre Jo;m Allen, 

neeti.i-'g Yiin vpivy w?irly In the jaorning, pe.rsuade'lL hiii to 
return with hin to his f".ther, arid he ivould plead for his 
father's assist'Oice. He v/a^ four/"'. lenie>it, and. the aid 

so much coveted was injaed-iately given. With the father's 

ttelp and his own untirinf;' perseverance as a teacher, he 
graduated v;ith high honors in the year 17Q7, at Brov.n imivers.i- 
ty, an'i v^as a tutor in that institution for one year, after 
which he v/ag chosen principal of the Plainfield Academy in 
Connecticut. A fe^' years? later he i^/as a professor in a 

college in Pennsylvania, and afterw?i-r>d in a collefje in Nev? 
YorX state. For several years he K-ejit a classical school 

for ho^'-s and younf ne*\ at Hyde Pa.rk on thf^ ^^-.-^-.-o n-p +'-ip. 
Hudson Piver. ^^ i \ C\J ^ 


JOHN ALT.TN (.Tohn''^, Jonathan'^, Johji"^, Willifm^, Willifiia''' ) , 
son of John Allen and Man'- Havens, raarried HANNAH RTPJITTCN 
of f^haftshurc, Verrnont, 


,?17. I. CLara. 

?.\S, IT. Jonathan. 

^19. TTT. Mary. 

^20. TV. :t;]unxce. 

P2\, V. Tjyriifi, oorn, 17fi9; married John KullnL','"" 

^PP, vr. Oliver*. 

^2-"^. VII. Dqvirl. T,ive'-T in 

•^?4.VTii. Joan; riir^ri Augu'^t lf5 , 1855 at Granville, Ohio. 

PP5: IX, Norman. Liveci in Ohio. 

^5 4 3 2 

nn. JOm^iPH vrAMTON ALLfi]N (Caleh , Jonathan , John , vfininja , 

vjilliain ), Qon of Caleb Allen and Anna Alleja, uas horn AugiAist 
<!?, 1794 at Quiflnessett , Tjorth Kincstoi^/n, T?. i. ; died .'[ay 2, 
187?;; married April 6, ia.J?0, J-IA'^Ia S?INK, born March P5, 
180C, died Januaw 15, 1890, dau£:hter of ]jar,haniel .'-pink. 

226, I. J'ALia 'ilLna, born i^ebruary P,S, 18S1; narried 

Thonas W. ^loyeg.-;- 
P27, l£. Lydia rijink, born July ?31, 1823; narried Lowell 

Pitcher of East Greenvvach; d.ied Apri L 3, 1881. 

He wag for one or two years a mtii-ibt^j.'' of the 

■Rhode Island Senate. No children. 

PPS, TTT. ;,:r^rtha Ann, born May .^3, 18?>5; died June 11, 1831. 
P.2^. IV. Jonathan, born December 31, 18^6; d.ied Jwly 39, 1859. 


2^0. V. Thoracis, born Jf\nuaw P,9, 18^3; flxnci r,er,tenheyy 5,18:^5. 
2^1. VI. Nathaniel J^plnk, born April 16, 13.^1; married 

Elisabeth Tlllinfhafit.^- 
P-^2, Vli, 'viiliara Pe^.n, bom Auniet 17, 18.^3; filed AUfViigt 17, 

18. ■^4. 
o7?.VTTr. ThojTi'^.s Pointer, born Augu'^t ^5, 18?;6; married 


P.''A. IX, Joseph I'/anton, born July ?, 1839; riled ?^eptenro'-.r 16, 

,?35. X. Ann Maria, bor?i -Tune P^, 1841; died, 1840. 

HEV. JOPT^PH WALTON' >i.LL-?N'S first rellglouq l7apre^<?lons 
v/ere received while reading: the -Sorlptures at the age of eight 
3''ears. In the. Kprlns; of 1814 he attended l/tethodlst meetingB 

in his neighborhood, and joined a cla^ss organij5eri h short tlnr. 
be-'^o^-'e. In the sp'^lng of 1816 he unit'^d vnth the f^ix- 

Prlnclple Baptist Church, subsequently v/as ord-'-ined deacon of 
that church and was licensed to preach. He continued in it 

a faithful servant for aboi.'.t five years, Vifh<^n he T^dthdrew 
and on May 30, \Spp, joined the :^irst Baptist Church of I'lorth 
Kingstovn. und'^r r?ev. wii\i.xj. North'ap, and was ordained to the 
v/ork of ministry at the sajae time. 

His field of labor "^.t .fl7st was at school-housen and 
private dwellings, afterwards In meeting-rouses at the irtlllagep 
remot'^ <^-^otz his home. Though yoijng and with but -^ limited 

education, his se-^vlces were ownied !=^ind blessed of Hod in the 


salvation of ;^1n7 souie. His c.lT'cnit coi^iprifsed Oromoton, 

tlie "Tin Top Me^^tiiG-houfje" , PiieTilx,, Apponaug, Green- 
vflch and '.'ickf o-yi. 

Jyine 1, \^2H, hi.^ di. scipleg nn/X others ve^e set off and 
organized into a church called the Union 3.ran-'.h of the Baptist 
Church, and, v,rtth the exception of aVjout three year^, he con- 
tinued its faitlifia .sheperd "lAntii 18'38, vl>ie■'^ he vms ohliced 
to reti^-e on accoijnt of ill health. 

531der Allen, ns he was early called was emphatically a 
self-made nan. He was independent; he gou£rht not to please; 

hut to win; his senuons were plain a)id practical, often .(Oint- 
ed, and his people v^ere made the hc^tter :*'or th'^jr^. 

An educated ninistr/, at the tine he ::iade his debut as 
a preacher of the gospel, was looked upon v/ith .lany quapicions 
by the country pecile. ^''or the want of education he applied 

himself o.ilii.:ently to the stud^'' of the 55criptures and such 
theolotcic^l books as v;ould aid hijQ in liis work of b^vIji^: po-uIs. 
That vvas his mission. That he was succe??ful, hundreds 

wlthi'i his locality i-d 11 testify, and not a few In the Judoaent 
will rise up and call h\n blessed. 

He was nfiVf^.-j? '■leoendent on his people for his sustenancn, 
but like Paul, ministered to his necessities with his own 
hands. Thourh the laborer is «=iaid to be worthy of his hire, 

his labor of lo^^e and toil was seldom, if ever, requited, 
perhaps froir. cboice. He was a public benefactor. He 

30Ut7iit to rani.o -.lie people bottor and thoy iistenccl to his 

Qiitdne^sett , \f not Nor'th Kinggtowin , 1*5 better, riore 
enlifht'^ned, an'i. mor>e r'ellgious for h\f? ki.nd.l7 :alni.Bt:>:'ntlons. 
Through his efforts 1 sranll neeting-house for' his people w^s 
built in 'jui(ln'^'?!-'^*tt . an-l '^fterw^ir'^ r nuch more convenient 
one on the plains between WioK."f*orft ind. Hreenvvich. 

As a man an^^. a citizen he wqs genial in hie habits, and 
his sociability won for hj.ra the respect and confidence of all 
vjho Knew hl}n, 

Oiven belov/ i« the history of Methodisjn as presented by 
f'ev. Joseph '"'. Allen, ^'-.'ho ivas the ori;.:in'-"l Methodist nreatiher 
in Quidneseett . 

"■Motic*^ v'r-i.s given that there v;Ould be a reliclous meeting 
at the residence of Jvluniford Davis, in T^renchtovm, Mir mother 

went. :s]lisha Sweet, I'/ho had recently ooiruaejiced preaching, 

vjas at the ra'^eting. At the close of the n^etlng, mother 

invited hini to preach at her house on a weeK day afternoon. 
At the appointed tine he c-a:'ie, and preached fron Jolin, 9th • 
chapter, 7t'A 'er-je, "rJo wash in the pool of Si loan". Sone 

twenty or thirty persons v7eT:'e present. Mr. Sweat was incit- 

ed to preach in the school house, that stood near the road, 
at the wQ^t end of TudG'e Allen's fa:::n!i. There was quite a 

gathering. Things looked hopeful. The Baptists beg.-m 

to wake up, desiring to -I'lo^'f vh^t this nev; doctrine vras, 

"Jesus Christ t^.r\r{. hXn CTUclfiprV a^s the central v^oint. in 

the course of tine there v/ere hopeful convert long. A claims 
v;as fo:i:Tiir;'^ oonf^igting of Tohn Allen, Mary Allen, Eli.^ahejth 
Allen, Anna Ttenington, Caleh Allen, A/ay flill, ^.ve'^lox^e 
"^ejalngton, John S}:>ink an-i. wife. Subsequently Thonag G, 

Allen ani. wife, Sajauel Barton, Eli-sabeth Ten-snt, Ajuv Tenant, 
Ar.iy Tourjee, Job Tanner, Robert Carr and Daniel Dawlay. 

"The labors of the Methodist liunietr^r londer Goi. was a 
great blessing to the neichborhood. 

"Quarterly raee tings v/ere held at the homes of Jolm Allen, 
John '^rpin^v, Geor£:e Allen, and sometines at the school house, 

"The circuit preaohora who vi-stited 0.uidnessett and 
v'ickfoTd during John Allen's life i7ere Pliny Britt, Theoohil^is 
flmith, A. -^tebbins, ELisha Streeter, ^/arren }3annister and 
Daniel Wentworth. J^or several years the circviit consisted 

of Centre^'ille, East Greenwich, Quidnessett and ^VicKford. 
The p-:'eachers visited one of these places evei-y ;.ionth and 
often held neetlngs at some fana house betw'^^en these places." 

SU^A^ Aj,L?.n'^ (Nathan^, Jonathan'^, JohJi'^, Willlajn^, 
William ), daughteTr of Nathan Allen and Marv i^eynolds, wns 
bom May 1?>, 1780; nar^ied i^DWOHD ARNOLD of North Kingstov/n. 

?-'^G. I. Nathnn Allen Arnold; narrie-l Phebe '"aternan Alien, •'■« 
2^7. II. A. Thomas Ar^iold. 
2'^s. T i I . "' ' ' ■• i T'l A m old. 

i:^_^ £aM^l^ r^/^^^ h^'-^3]j 

2-^9. IV. SfyTiue.l Afnol^i. ^^' 

PAG. (/•. nugan AvnoVl, 'oorn a'o out 1806; narrlRd Taylor. 

She died -.t Oen^^'evllle, R. I., '^ehvMfivy 10, 
1883, a£'ed 77 years. 
.^41. Vi. 1-iaT.y Arnold. 
^4??. VTI. Phe'oe Arnold. 

.■!3TjI3A]^t5TH khh7.N (Nat^inn"^, .Tonath.W^ , .Toim''^, 'Vi.;airtn^, 
wtlliqjn ), ds=!U2;hter or Natrnn Allen and lla.ry Reynolds, wag 
born T)ecw:;o'-^r ^4, 178J5; Jiarrled PJ^V. JOHN HAPTITNEH. 

PAZ, I. Nathan Gardiner. 
,'344. II. 'Toan Gn.r'llnor. 
.^45. IT I. Lydla GnT>d.i.ner. 

151 . 

Q , 5 4 3 

RICHARD AWIOLTi at.Ltt^I (T?hode<5 G. , Joghua , John , 

2 1 

Willlan , Willlan ), son of Rhodes C-v^.e-nf^ Allen and Rebecca 

C. Bowen, wag born October ■^, 18 ii; died rienteiaber 17, 18.'^9; 
raarried Jan^iary P, 18^51, va.isJ^ TiiAf^T^^RBROOK ^'IL^ON, born 
neptei-aber 27, 1808, di^d July P., 1884. 

P-'i'"'. L. Charles Henrv. 
??47. II. Albert i^r^ncip;. 
24'';. T!,. Elizabeth Rebecca. 



JOHN HOPPIN ALT,?i:!J (^'lodes C, , JooliUfi , John , vri.ntqia , 
V/illina )• ^o'^ ^^^ Rho-' '^T'eene Alien and He^^ecoa C. Bov/en, 
\7ae bOTTT June 7. irvL."^; died ^larch ?S: , loCO (oi-' l?.8o ); inarried 
January, IB???, HARRIET J. BRIGGS who died June ??G, 1854; 
marri'^d second, April a'^, 1855 CAROLINE MATILDA BARKER, bom 
April 7, 18-59; died April 9, 1876. 

Children : 
??49. I. John Hoppin, boin July Q, 1856. 


5 , 5 4 3 2 
CHARLE?; HENRY .ALLEN (Rhodes C , Joshua , John , vviiu?)rj , 

Will^ara ), son of Rhodes f^^reene ALl'^n and Reb'^cca 0, /Soifjen, 

was boi^ April .^4, 1817; narried March 4, 134'-?, CAROLINE ABBY 

PORSHEW, born October 19, 18^1. 


;?50. I. Charles Henri'". 

??51. II. ?!arah >•'. 

2o2. TTi. Ti'annie K. 

S5?. IV. ''5'rancis '"'orshew ) 

.?54. V, MaTT^r Jane ) 

255. ^Elisabeth Pierrepont ) 

• )twins. 
??56. VII. Caroline Anna ) 

??57.VIII.' C-raoe >]vel.irn. 


6 5 4 3 
RHODES aREEI^Di; ALLEN (Rliodes G. , Joshua , John , 

Wlirian , wiiiign ), son of Rhodes Greene Allen and Rebecca C. 


Bowen, wns born Ji;ne 5, 1819; n^vy^Xed August 26, 13.^9, 
LIJCHETIA ALGADIA ALDRICH, born Au^u^t 21, 1813, died Jvne 20, 
1843; n^^rrlei. second, 'inrch ??5, 1844, ELMIRA. LOIJIF!A CAR?:'']NTTi;'R, 
born October 17, 13>31. 

258. I. Lucretla, bom May 2P:, 1843; died June 10, 1859. 

WILLI AW ALL2N (Rhodes G. , Joshua , Jo5in , wiiii.a^ , 
^v'illiqra ), gon of Rhodes Greene Allen ajvl Rebecoi. r.. jBowen, 
wa«5 born Mw .'^, 1821; ranrrled ANN MARIA RCCHARDSON, born 
September 31, 1835. 

359. T. Rebecca Rhodes. 

260. II. Frank B^rn^rd. 

261, IT I. Albert Henry. 
26;5. IV. .Sarah Eliza. 

263. V. Jajues Byron. 

264. VI. Charle«3 Nelson. 



3 2 1 

John' , Wlllian , V/illian ), son of Rhodes Greene Allen and 

Mary Ann Hunt, v;as born May 6, 18?4; dl.ed July 31, 1834; 
married July 2, 1849, SARAH MATILDA ROYCE , born January 11, 


265. I. George Thatcher. 

266. II. Samuel Thatcher. 

267. Ill, George Hen.rj'-. 
253. T7. Ida Carirle. 

JAIvHCR N^L^^ON ALLEN"^ ( G.-"^, Jonhnr^^ 
Wll.lisafl-*- ), son o.f T^hode? Greene Allen and Mar/ Ann JIfint, v/as 
bonn June 2, 1828; nfinriod July 14, 1851, EI'IKLINE .vtARGARET 
MANN, bom October 27, 1827. 

Ohildnen : 
2t59. I. i5]4wln DorrnncQ. 

270. TI. C/i?irleg Nelson. 


^ 5 4 3 2 

RICHMOND ALL-IN (Rhorles G-. . .-Tosliua , JoliJi , Willi nn , 
Willi. qni ), (3on of Rhodes Greene Allen qnd Jvla.ry A"'^ Hiont, wa^ 

born April 4, 1832; died Karch 29, 186D; married Au^nist 19, 

18 51, -niLIA ANn" WEEDEN, born July 18, 1834. 

Children : 

271. I. Franklin Rlchjaond. 


i'lAH'r GR:.TS]f>nB; ALL?:^f (Rhodes G.^, Joshua'*, John*, William^, 

willipjr. ) »o*r of Rhodes G-^eene Allen '^nd Mary Ann Hunt, v;as 

born Februar:'- 27, 18J54; raarried July 4, 1851, PRANOI?? BAGGS 

CORNELL, bom October 15, 1832. 

Chilflren : 

2" 2. I. Charles Augusta Cornell ) 

) twins. 
273. TT. weicoiue Alon^o ) 


574. III. Clnrq JoRephtne Oorviell. 

575. IV, Clarence ."^urene Cornell. 

276. V. Ellfi ■'^ranees Cornell. 

f>7?. n, Walter Melvin Cornell. 

273. VII. Albert Louis Co^n'ill. 

J579.VIII. Tt!arl 46 ^ ore 8 1 Cornell. 

280. IX. "^CdTv^rrl Clifton Cornell. 


•^ 5 4 3 

OAT^OT.INT?; ROWAN ALL}!]K (.RhO'lee G. , Joghua , John , 

2 1 

V/illi^:j , >Vllliani ), rlaijfihter of Kiorles Greei'ie Allen nnd jlar^r 

Ann Hunt, wns horn September 22, 1^40; married August 9, .1859, 

JOSEPH HAMILTON WA^^EN, born August 10, 18?^4. 


2H1, I. Carrie ^^itelle Warren. 

232. II. NelUe Harailton Warren. 

28". III. Er:ir.a Louise wqrren. 

284. IV. Carrie JosepMne ^f^'f^rren. 

235. V. Nellie Ricbriond "J^vr-en. 

286. VI. Charles Henry ^'rarren. 

T^MILY DUNHAM ALLEN*^ (Hhodes G."\ JOfihua**, John'^, 7illiaia*', 
Willi arj ), daughter of Hh.odes Ovef^ne Allen and j-'ary Ann Kxint, 
was bo-.-ni August 9, 1852; narr».ed in^ebruary 23, 1874, DAVID 
MAXT^IELD HATCH, born April 21, 183G. 

287. I. Ethel Dunhan Hatch. 


170 . 

6 - 4 3 2 

H0LDT5N HILL ( !^t likely , O^ileb , Reheccp. C. , Thomas , 
Wllll<Tn ), son of StukeV/ Hill and. Rarala Kenyon, was born 

March 3, 1781; 41 ed July 15, 1818; eiil grated to Troy, N. Y. , 

an4 marrle'l y;AT?AH (or DEBO^JIH ) ANN CtRAY of that place. 

Children : 

^,^S. I. rreor'i;e Hill, born, IRl-^; married Mary R. Hart.-'« 

289. II. Deborah Brovm Hill, born, L805; iuarrted Thomas .B. 

ClarX. FJIie died in 1856 aged 51 years. 

??90. III. Thomas Olney Hill, born, 1807. 

3^i\, IV. Annie Tiii^qb^th Hill, born, 1815. 

29P,. TV. J-jies ^T. Hill, born, 1818. 

IV 1. 

'2 "^ 4- "^2 

AMY HILL (StuXely"", Caleb , Rebecca c" , Thomas , 

Filllain ), daughter of Stiikely Hill and Sarah Kenyon, was 

boi-^ July '.7, 1784; died March 21, 1872 at East Greenv.'ich, 

H. Iw , and v;as buried in the ?I111 buying .'^■•^ound; married, 

1321, SAm.T!;L PROTrD of Providence. 


293, I. Isaac Proud, born 1822; saarried Manton of 

Providence. He was a graduate of Brovm 

University, ^''ent to CRrnany and taught 

English and modem languages. Had children. 

G , 5 4 3 2 

CALEB HILL ( ^tuXely , C^il^b , Rebecca C. , Thomas , 

•Vllliara'^ ), son of Rtukely Hill and Sarah Kenyon, was bom 


CctoboT- 6, 1787; died April ", \fiPA; irirried, 1815, HANNAH 
Underwood of Houth Kint'et.oi'ji'i ■-■'lo died Au^riqt \p.y 1857. 

CMldT'en : 
294. I. f^ainuel Bowen Hill, bo.r-n in v^lorth KingBtovm, R. I.; 
iTii^.'r'i.^.d ^.t .'t!iT.<?t fT7:"^eniin ch, p. i. 

She died s.t Nev/port and h.e luarried second, at 

Newi-)0:r't TOT^z-^Rend; Taar.rled third, 

Thev h!^A two children hO'^n nt Newport 

and moved to Muscatine, Iowa vhere he died. 
SS5. TI. Holden Hill. Died at '?ea y^hen a young raan. 

20e, III. Sylvester ci. Hill, oo-'n June 10, 18^0; rjarried 

i'aw/ J. Dyer. 4- 
?97. lY. Sarah 0. Hill, born 18?^?; ir^.rried Heni^y 'Connor. •:« 
g98. V. Sue an Hill. 


6 5 4 3 

CA'P?., -PCN.^S GHE~.XV HILL (C-^leb , Caleb , Rebecca C. , 

Thomas^, Willia'3 ), son of Caleb Hill a^id Sar«h n-reene, wag 
born Tulir p,7 (or 2Q), I'^Bo at North Kinr'^ t oiti , H. I.; died 
September ;?.8, 1873 at Apponaug a:'id wag buried in the hoine-Btead 
burial c^ound at-Horth Kincstov/n; nar^^ied Deceiriber 10, 1807-, 
PATIKKCE HO^TNSOTJ of Providence, born Januanr ??1, 1787; d.ied 
AutTiist 1'3, 18 7 J?, dau£,:hter of Christopher ''Vhijiple Hob In son 
and Hannah At^vood. 

P.99. I r.f\\e'o Hill, born November 18, 1811; died November 
S5, 18 11. 

300. II. Ann 5li??\ Hill, ^novn November, 1807; diecl Noyr^nb^r 

30, 13?;4 «.t ''5n55t Gr^, R. I. 

301. III. Cal'ib T^ovilnson Hill, born J^overaber 15, 1817; 

laari'.ied ''nry Warner; marrie'i. second, v/xrlow 
CAPT, T^f;\'~R rrRT]T^!jv; hit.l v;n<3 r carpenter by trade, but 
left tbe t^n'i.e e^rlv in life ind went v;i.tii his brot'ier, 
^Vi'-'-Kes, Tiintil 1837, during which tine they v^m a large 
nacKot to Albany for flour and c,^atn. It was the first 

business c^^rried on between last GreenwiOiX and Albany. He 

then went to his farm in 'VarvTick a^.d, after living there a 
few years, he sold out to the baptist Association and retired 
fron active business. 


CA"^T. vvioK^!^ HTT.T,"' (Caleb'', Caleb , T^ebecca C. , 

P 1 

Thomas , Williaja ), Caleb Hill and Sfirah Gree?Te, vas born 

September 14, 1788 at i>iorth Kincstoi^n, R. l. ; died October 22^ 
1876 (or 1866 ? ); married K^-ch 24, 1816, SARAH TARS of 
Nev/port, who died September 22, 1866. 

302. I. Alfred ^icKes Hill, bom Marches, 1319; married 

B^^rtha K. Ooff.-^- 
CAPT. v.rtckes Hill began to run the sloop, " TwQ Brothers '' 
for ^lihu and Christopher c.r^.ene of the "Anchor" forge when 
quite yoi-jng; froii that he -ind his brother, fPones, bought the 
sloop Saphronla and coranenced trade v/ith Albany and Ne^v York, 


in flou-r -ni grain, raaXlng East Greenwich tjiexr headqua:cte;!?s. 
A little late.r ^onee ran the boat and Wicker the sto^^e. In 
a short tlire they enlarsel their hnsinas:-; -^nr^. bought the 
packet, Halycon . In 18^7 they 'llssolved. partnership, 

^ones i'oinf; to his farja '^nd "5' i ekes to Newport, "/here he 
:7ent into the brewing business, takinc; his son Alfred v'ickes. 
SARAR HTT.l"^ (Caleb"^, Oriieb^, i^ebecca C? , Thomas , 
T^'illlajn ), iauf-hter of Caleb Hill a'ld rjrrah Treene, v/as born 
July 18, 18.^6 at North Kinsstovm, R. I. ; .lied ,T\me ?,, 18.-56; 
raarrled January, 18.^1, GHHiSTCPHfil'R W. GRiilEWTC who died suddenly 
April 7, 1849 at Pro^ldenoe, R. I. He was a ^^y\ o.f Dr. 

Jeremiah Greene of East Greenwich, He was a merchant at 

East Greenvrich for several years; su'jseouently cashier of 
the Rhode Island Central b'^nk. 

Chil'lren : 
.■^O."^. I. Edward Greene. 


S , 5 4 3 2 

'vtt.lia;^ TE;'C\'GTCW (Annie , Caleb , Rebecca C. , Thomas , 

^■'illiran ), son of A:anie Hill and He-^ekiah Remington, was bom 
September, 1''88 ; u.^d January'' 11, 1865, i'.iarried April 13, IB13, 
MARY '"'IGHTMAN, bom rtept'^i.-ibHr .^9, 1791; died April ?33 , 1866. 

.304. I. P!tephen Alle-i Renin^ton, born November ??7 , 1814; 
died November 17, '. ". 




306. Til. Oeorjie Watte ^e/nlns'ton, 'oorn M<^y P.P., 18.17. 
•"^07. TV. vfntt,y .Ann Remnrton, born April C, 18??0, 

308. V. Mary ^'.'iglitiaan Remington, born Kovejaber 5, 1B?1. 

309. VI, Betsey Greene Reir.lncton, born GctobM-r. .-^.q , iR'-'6. 


6 5 

B^TP.'^Y (ET.IZA-B-^ITH ) ALLJilN o.f AOrth Ktngstovm (Sainuel , 

4 ."^ ? 1 

TbO].iag , Thoirias , John , Wilitiyi ), droighter of J^qjauel /.lien 

an'l Prurience BullooX, v/qs bo-^n June .59, 17''6; '^.led March S, 

1854; married November 25 (or PZ), 1802, GEN. CHRISTOPHER 

RHODES of Pawtuxet, or ^, R. I. 

-■^10. I. George A. R^iodeg, bom :-'=>rch 3, 1306; married. 

; married eeconri, ..v. 

31 L, II. O'lrlstopher Fimith Rhodes, bom August 15, 1808; 
raarrlei. Olive B. Kaman.-'- 

'^l^. III. ELl-^a .Allen Pho<-lec!, born October P^, 1810; rUed 

November 13, 1853; married Hon. John R. Bartle*^ 
vrho v/n*^ for many year '5 Secretary of rtate for 
Rhoiie Ifsl'-nd. They h^iri seven children. 

313. IV. Sarah Aborn Rhodes, born Aug-aet 4, 1815; married 
October IG , 1838, Henry T5ov;en Anthony, Tjj.D. 
He was a graduate of Brov/n Tfniversity, a^nf for 
many years, eidtor of the Providence Dai-l;r 
Journal . in 1850 he v;as elected Governor 

of Rhode Island, and was re-elected in 1851, 



In 1359 >ie wag elected S?[3{X.tX* to Congress, 
v7heT?9 he served four a^'id or^e half te^i^as. He 

died J^eptemher ??, 1884, afted 64 year-s, 5 months. 
She died Jul:/ U, 1354. They h-^d no childr-en. 

0:fiN. CH'RISTCT'heK t?HODtcs was a succes.s:^!^ raanufactiirer. 

He wa9 elected Representative and ^lenator at different tines. 

His title Tjas co?iferred by his position in the militia. 

133 . 

3 , 5 

OA'^^T. THr/.:An At.t.itiN of North Kinrqtown, T?. I. (f^ainuel , 

Thonas , Thoraas* , John , 'villiqn ), 'iO'^ of riai-uel Allen and 

Prudence Bullocls., vyas horn, 1773, nt Qnidnessett, North Kincs- 

tov/n, T?. T. ; fii.ed Aufu^t 10, 13.'^^ at Albany, N. Y. ; laarried 

''^y 9, laCP. at TCast Oreenwioh, ^, I., ELIZA k\\l\ TILLINGHAHT 

of '^renohtovTri , i^ast Greenwich, t;. I., born Aufrnet ?, 1778 at 

East Greenwich, died jiarch ?0, 1849 aged 70 y^ars, 6 monthg, 

at Centreviiie, t?. I. , buried in '^y.e. Allen burying frround in 

North Kingstovm. She was the daughter of George Tillinghagt 

of Tilast nre*^^nTvlc?a and Mari'' ^^y^^,'vr\.^^ 

Child^-'en ^ born at North Kings toivji j 

-■^14. T. Maria, bom March r.', 130."^; laarried EsecX •''. jencer,''. 

.'JL^. II. Hlliza, born Hay =4-4*^ 14 V "'-804; jnar-^ied i^'illian 

■^18. III. Sanuel Hreen'^, born Aunist 15, 1805; narried 

Isabella j/I. '^ . werrill.-'f 
•'517. IV. ?^u«an Tillinghast, born "'''ebruary "8, 1807; married 

Paixl WheelocK.-:« 


?;18. V. Geor£.:e W. TilUngnast, horn July IS ( »r IS-fr ^^09; 

in".rrie<i Ann Tillinch?ist ; nnvrie'-l <^en>on(i, 
, P-he>)e A, ^'^f\t«iman."''- 
-?19. VT. Julif^ A., bo-n, 18 LI; di.erl .AUfPist 10, 1814. 
^20. VII. Eliza Ann, bir^m ^e^rnary 7, l^^l.*^ ^ a r TP.lB - h Tinrri.e'i 

Thon^e H. ''^^t teson.'- 
.^^I.yiii. Thomas, born -Tune ^8, 1814; rLied, 1816. 
322. IX. Nicholag Tilli.nghfiQt , bo.>ni December 28, 1815; narried 

nusan Gongdon Gardiner.';' 
•"^2.^. X. Julia Ann, born August 16, 1818; died unriarrled 

January 21, 1892. nhe resided at East 

-■^24. XI. ClariRRa Danforth, born T^ebrua_ry, 1821; laarried 

lyillian H. Avistm..-. 
CAPT. THOMAS AJjLSX '-^'as born in 1778. Eleven boys 

w.'ere born In o,uidnes'.-ett. North Kingstown, T{. i. , during 
that eventful year '.rhich was the nost tr:''inc tirae for Rhode 
Island di-iring the T^evoiutlon. Their nanes v;ere: Jorai Kail, 

''hristopher ^pinK, Thoraas Alien, John 'Vitvitiia-n , Christopher 
J^pencer, Thomas Gould Allen, «Villia)a '^eynolis, '^a^nuel Austin, 
E^ra Tiqvis, Elisha Sweet, F.ranXlin Green. "The^r v;ere con- 

sidered God send". Not on'-; oi" theii wae; born with freater 

promise than Thoir;ns .Allen. When his father died in 1794, 

he v'.'iR hut a little nore than sixteen years of age, just old 
enough to don the habil.iments of the yoimg nrm. His grand- 

father -lied ,1ust before, and his gre-^.t-^-ran'-Ll'ather just after 


he ^rj^B bom. H° hcl no othor ^id^/isor thnn q kind 

he'irted mother to 'lirect }ii« ^t'^ps. As 'soon r\c. jif» arrived 

qt the qge of twentyone he onme into possession or one of the 
he«t f'lr.'r.s In Qnldnessett or North Klngstovm. It had n fine 
view of Quidnessett H^rhor 'ind Mnrragansett Bny. He met 

vrlth several reverses that reduced hie fortune. Then he 

went into tr^ide at Albany. -I. Y. , but i^lth no better success. 
His i^.reif-iht bc-it v-.^ c^-lled the Albany . 

PATIEi^'CTil AlJjTal^ (Johci^, Thomas'^, Thonas"^, Johji^, v/ini^^ ) 
daughter of Hon. Jo'nn Allen and Mary Gould, v.raq born May.^^, 3/, 
177P, at ilorth Kinrstovni, n. i. ; died April 5, 1863 in her 
9??nd year; raarried J3>:N,TAKIN WIGHTJvIAK, a carpenter of North 
Kingstown, who died January 3, ViP.O, Resided on the Post 

Road north of Wlckford, near the Devil's Foot Rock. 

Chil-'lren ; 
."^.^•5. T. Daniel oould wirhtnan, born about 1788; married 

Mary Axis tin J^iuith.-V 
3S6, Ti. Isaac '*fi£'htnan, born 179?; narried -_,'^ 

337 TTi. Allen "''liChtraan, born 1797 at North Kings tov-n; died 
i^ninarried Noveiaber 8, 1875. He spent raany 

3'ears of his life in the cotton factory of 
Christopher Rhodes at Xatick, R. I. He 

apiassed a and "retired frora business. 
Not knowing how to divide his estate of «15C,0: 


to hi '5 i:ilnd, lie r{,\e<\ v.-ithout q vn.ii, the law 
in"ki.n£; a b-it-t!:rc' di-'l??ion th-^n he '^ould plan, 
328. IV. Jarvls B. Wtghtnan, born, 1799; died uniTiarriod 

Noveraber IS, I8 5l, at the horaestead at North'n. 
7?,9. V. Paicdon TLlllnghast Wightraan, born, 1805; narrled 

'I'^iry Ann "S'ohr.'r 

330. VI. Moses "'ifjhtman, born, L807; narried ,•]• 

3.^1. VII. Thoma? I'/i^-htiaan, born, 1810. 
33?. VITX. Lydia Case wi.ghtraan, born 1811. 

3 5 4 3 2 1 

CATHJ^RINn] ALLKN (John , Thonas , Thomas , John , "'Lilian ) 

HotYT John A11& and Mary Gould, nag borvi July 3, 1774 at 
iorth Klngstowii, R. I. ; jnarri.ed JOHN SPINK. 

33^. I. Albert HpinX "1st son", bo->^n i^oveiaber 9, IBQl; 
'liarried Celinda !^p\nk.'^ 

334. II. Thomas rxould Allen f^pink "5?nd son", born, 1803; 

narried Susan Allen. '• 

335. III. Hannah Ppink "3i:'d daughter", born 18^.'^(?); narried 

Harris Updike Sinxth.-V 
■^"^8. V. Gather'ine '^nink "4th daughter", born November 15, 

1814^ nar''\ed Sajauel Arnold.'- 
337. V. Harriet Spink "5th daughter", born January 11, 1810 

(?); married Benj^^a-iin 7. Gongdon. ■-■;•' 



6 5 4 3 2 

T?{OMAS GOULD AJ.L5N (Jo>m , Thoi.in8 , Tlioniag , Joiin , 

Willinan ), son of Hon. John Allen ^nd Mary Oould, was born 
Septeinber 1, 1778 qt Nort'a Klngslovm, R. I.; 'Ued November 
17, I860 qv-ed 8^ ve^i^s; n^rried Augiist 16, 1801, MARY HILL, 
born September 30, 1784 'it Worth Kingetcm, died J^inuary ?;C, 
1844, d5-tia£^Titer of C^.leb Hill '^.nd Srii'qh r!.T.p;ene. 

3.38. c. y?5ry Ann, bom Api'll "1, 1802; married A^hael 

Jackson Otis.'r 
3'^9. II, T-^aebe Waterrnan, born October 7, 1803; inarrled Nathan 

A. Arnold; married second, Oeoree T. Ni.oholg.'i' 
340. Ijl. Charlotte, born Aui.'ust (or October) 9, 1805; died 
>a lonnarried April ??9, 1890; a jaeiaber of the H. E. 

Church, East Oreenv'ich sinee 18"8. 
34L. I v. Sarah Greene, born August 19, 1807 (or 1808);, 

unmarried; was an active nejnber of the M. E. 

Church at TCast Oreenvdch. 
34^. V, Caroline, born Septeiab-ir 19, 1809; jiarried Ishfiael 

343. VI. ■nqnl'^1 nould, bo^n Deceraber 28, 1810; married 

Amanda i^'ate r?uan Allen.-'- 
■^44. VII. Lyfiia, bom May 10, 1813; married Benjamin B. Monroe. 
345. VII [. Thomas Gould, bo ri Noveaiber 21, 1815 - (or IS 11 . ) ; 

married Phebe Bailey Congdon; married seoonri, 

Hannah Tibbitt?? Greene. •':" 


•^46, IX. Harriet , bo.rn -i^nn^.vy 12, 18 17; .".larrleri Cnot. Rajiuel 

THO'vLAT. noNLD-ALLiilN had etC^ty-Ujo descendants li^lnG 
in 1877. 

6,5 4 3 2 1 . 

LYDIA ALLEN (John , ThojriaR , Thoin^s , John , Wllli?in j, 

daughter of 'Ion. -Tolm Allen and Mary C-ould, was boi^n July 2S ^ 
1780 at North Klncotovn, n. i.; died, 186;;, at Mystic Bridge, 
Conn.; ^narried /pril 5, 1793 at TUast Greenvnch, ti. I., JOHN 
CARPENT.'s:R Of East Greenwich, born Febn-iary ;?1, 1775, died 
before 18??5, son of John Carpenter and Harah Weathers; 
married second, IS??^, GREENE C APRON. 

Children , born at East Greenvach, R. I. j 
."^47. I. Cornell (or Colonel Allen) Carpenter, born November 

1, 1805; narried nhiopee.v 

-■^48. IT. Joseph CaT«penter, born October ';l, 1807; married 

Aiiiy (or Ali:r/ ) FJhippee.*^^ 

."^49. HI, Lydia A. Capron; '^.larried Lejauel Angell of Allendale. 

• 35 4 32 

CHRISTOPHER ALLEN (John , Thomas , Ihomr-.s ,, John , 

^ft'illian ), son of Hon. John Allen and j.Iartha Allen, rras born 

October "^l, 1789 at North Kinggto^hi, Waehinfton Co., R. I.; 

)0 at North Klnf/sto/i, died 
about 1840 at North fvincsto/-'-!, daughter o.^ Nicholas '^olnk 
and Hannah. 


^50. I. Lucretia, hov^ April P.0 , 1810; died un;.T^:c*'.\ief-l 

riept'^n'oe??, 1897. in e",rly life !?he lived 

witii two Tants , Rlternntely, until they ioath 
died, whan slir; v/ent to li^e vn.tli he.v brothe?:' 
John, nt Natic/i, t{. I. After hie death she 

lived v/ith Jier brother, Nichol'isg, near Fall 
Hiver, Mass. , where f^he died. 
•■^51. II. Patience, born i^ebruary 14, 1812; j.-iarried v.ii.L : ;^.i 

A I exander M i Her . 't* 
^52. TV. John, bom June IG, 181?;; raar-^ied Mary Bradford,-"- 
'^5'^. V. Nicholas, bom rieceraber 16, 1814; r.arried iiary Ann 

Nichol? v'ho died a few years ago. He died at 

??teep Brook, Mass. H«^ "/as manager of the 
J. B. Barnaby farra until bis death. Left 

one child ^'/ho lives at Rherbrook, -'ass. 
.■^54. VT. '''i_i\-:_njTi Tfenry, born November ??, 18?0; nar'^ied 
Margaret 5] leaner Patterson.-^ 
CHRIST0PHT5R ALLEN "^ f other, in order to divert his mind 
from going to sea, bought a fana in ivoodstock. Conn. , and 
settled hln there. One half of the farm was desi^Tied for 

Christopher and one half for }iis brother, Catnuel, as t]-i.e 
father's will confirmed scon after. In tijr.e the fa.r;'i was 

sol^i to pfiy debts, and in 1817 CJvri^ went to sea. 


C , 5 4 3 £ 

COL. RAY GREENS ALLEN (John , Thora^.s , Thvim'is , Jom , 

Willi. J3ra ) .son of Hon. John Allen nnd Martha Allen, was horn 
Novernher 22, 1793 at Nortli K:in£:<^tovm, R. I.; diad tNOvejaher 1?!, 
1S.?5; na-"ried J'^nuarn/ 31, i>ii9 at Warwick, R. I., EMMA WATERMAN 
Of Warwick,dau;c;hter of Joh_n Waterman. She died J-une 17, 


356. I. Amanda Taterman; narried Daniel Oonld kWfm,'.- J^ ^".31)^ 

COL. RAY CREr^wE ALLEN early had a strong desire for 
iailit?ary 'Usplay and wa? appointed itlnsign in the Igt Cowpaiiy, 
8th Re^.raent of Washington County, R. i. His cora-J.ssion 

dates hack to 1814. In 1818 he '^as proiv'ted to Colonel 

of the sanie reglraent. He lived on the homestead of hig 



Q , Z 4 3 2 

MARY GOULD ALLEN (John , Thomas , Thomas , Joiin , 

Williste ), daughter of Hon. John Allen and Martha Allen, 
vvas born .?^»* WQy » f -( o r June'^ 25, 1795 ftyy 179 ft->', at North Kings- 
town, R. I. , died ^epte?:iher 15, 1843; marrie'I January 8, 
18!^5 (or 18i?4 ) at Worth KingstoiMn, CHRinTCRHER A. ARNOLD of 
Natiok, R. I. who died December ?31, 1846. He Kept a public 

house at Natick for several ^rears. He v^a.-i married tvTice 

and had two or three children by his first marriage. 



SAIvirjTilL ALLEN*^ (John'^, Thomas , Thoraas", Jolin', William ), 
eon of Hon. Jo'm Allen and Mnrtaa Allen, vvae born September 
f^ r Ootob o y) PA, 1797 f (>_ ;■ 17:) 9 )■ at North Kingstown, R. I.; 
die'l Juljr S7, 1P.38 at War^clck, R. I.; married Jfinuary 16, 
1834, DELILAH BAK>:R of Natick, who died, 18J?8; married 
second, May 2, 18?^9, BETSEY WHITFORD of New Bedford, MaB8. 
vrho died i^'Iay ??, 1883 at Rrovidence, R. I. Resided at 

Warwick, R. I. 

/?57. I. Alon'30, born f^eptember 19, 1834; married Elizabeth 

358. 11. Ray Greene, bom April 36, 1836; ma-rried Avis H. 



6,5 4 32 1 

STJSANN.AH ./LLLEN (John , Thoiaag , Thomas , John , v/iniam ) 

daughter of Hon. John Allen and Martha Allen, was born 
September (or Tieceraber ) 31, 1799 at North Kinrstovm; died 
1819 at Natick, R. I.; married CHRISTOPH.fCR AR:>Ii/hD of Natick. 

-^59. I Ann Elizabeth Arnold, born Repteraber 2, 1818; 

married William Cole ^'atson; married second, 

Theodore E. Lawton. "f" 
.'^59a II. Arnold; died in infancy. 



S , 5 4 3 2 1 

LUCY ANN ATiMN (John , Tlionas , Tliomns , Jolin , i^l.lX.inn , ) 

daughter of Hon. John Al\«^n and Martha Allen, was bom inarch 

13, 1801 at North Klngstovin, n. I.; died J^iy 10, L874 (or 1879); 

narrled June 14, 18^1 at North Klnggto^m, t^. I., D'.^ACON THOMAS 

HILL llo. 178]. bom Janii^ir:'' 6, 1795 at North KingstOMTnjdiad 

September 16, 1880, son o.f Caleb Hill and Sarah 

Children : 

7.60. I. ?^usan Hill, horn July SO, 18.^?^; dlerl r)ece)iiber 6, 18?^2. 

."^61. II. Thomas Greene Hill, horn January (or J^e ) P.2, 18^5; 

died f;epterr.her S8, 1844. 
36S. III. Ann Eli'^a Hill, bom TJeceiuber 1", 18^9; narried 

Syria (or Lyria ) v;i.i>^ur Mattheweon.v* 
3fJ3. [V. Susan TnT«ances Hill, horn January (or Ji-uie ) <;3, 1836; 

died June 17, 1857. 
They joined the Q'aidne?!?ett Baptist Church, June 1, 1828, 
and he vrag ordained Deacon of that church, September 20, 18^8. 
They celebrated their golden yreddinG, January'' 19, I87i. 


65 4 3 

D/!]ACON GT^O^CE ALLiflJN (Silas , Christopher , , 

John' , William ), son of siias Allen and Lucretia Allen, v;as 
bo:"n Januar?/ 15, 1790; died September 17, 1860; married. 
ANSTIS SPINK born ^^eptember 18, 1796, died October P^2, 1380, 
daughter of John SpinK. He vjas ^n energetic christian man, 

Deacon of Baptist church ijider Rev. wmian Northup of 
North Kingstown. 


■^64. I. Luor'^tia, bom Novenher 21, 1815; nJirrl'^id Kovenber 
36, 1840, L^iunqton Vauglin. Three sons, two 

."^65. IT. TlneWne, bom December 14, 1817; married Benjfiniln 

36 6. lie, Clirtstopher, born March 20, 18^0; narried. Hannah 

^567. IV. Catherine, bom September 16, \HP,2; mari^ied 

PdcJia rd ^eyno Id.s . •:- 
?;o8. V. Joseph, born July 18, 18P,5; riarried Panny G. Bro^m 

of New York. The^'- ov;n the Greene .farm ' 

opposite the honest ead. 

369. VI, Benjnjain, bom January 3, 18;;39; married Harriet 

C on gd on. 'i- 

370. VTi. Jo]in ^plnk, bom October 9, 183?3; married Anna 

371. VIII. William Northup, born November 2C , 1835; married 

v,rigvitman, daughter o.f T]r\vxr{., of Frejidl^- 

tovn; married second, Congdon, dau^'hter 

of Stephen A. 
372, IX. Geor£:e wa^ren, born Januar)/, 1340; married Melissa 


JAI^S AT.LEJJ (mas , Christopher , Thomas" , John , 
Willi ain ), son of Silas Allen aiid Lncretia Allen, was bom 


November 17, 179" nt .lui'lneB^^ett , Nortli Kijicstov.'n, R. i.; 
died Febraar^/ L5, 1803 in North Kingstovm; married Novejaber 7, 
1819, PRiiJ^LOVE P^ARCE, born May 6, 1804; died Aw^uiBt ?5, 1868. 

Children : 
■^7.'^. I. Mar:/- Ann, bom Deceiabfrir 10, 18?!0; inarr led James 

Monroe ■DaviQ."'- 
."^74. IT. DTnll^r, born July PI, 18^4; died April 18, 1850. 
375. Ill, John, born June '^8, 1837; married Esther Ann 

■376. IV. Maria, born July 6, 18?^8. 

377. 7. Eliaabeth T. , born ^^ebruary 11, 1830; died 

Septeraber 6, 1865. 

378. VI. Hay, bom April 30, 1833; married Ruth Cornell.^- 

379. VII. Edwin, born January 17, 1835; died May 14, 1873. 
380. VIII. Theodore, born June 7, 1837. 

JAjMES AL'^J^:?! wag honored by an election to the Rhode 
I«5land Houge of Representatives, and to various offices, in 
h.ii3 native state. 

•5 5 4 3 2 

ISAAC ALLEN (Silas , O^iristopher , Thomas , John , 

Vvillian ), son of Silas Allen a^;d Sarah Card, v/as born August 

4, 1815 at Quidnessett, North Kin£,'stovm, R. I. ; diisd September 

30, 1875 at Van Hornsville, N. Y, , and was buried at East 

GreeniTich, R. I. ; married July, 1837, MARION CHADSEY, born 

June 14, 181??; died March 30, 1846, daur;hter of (leorge Chadsey 

and Betsey Spencer; married second, ELIZABETH . 


-■^Bl, I. oUQfvi Auf^OAsta; mo.ri-'ierl Edwin K^mkB; IIvrb at 

,Tp;T»«5Ry City, N. J, 
382. II. Cliarlotttt "aies; ja^rrled Dr. Potter; lives ^t 

Van HOrns^iiif^, H. 'f. 
'i^.'^. ITT. Sgrp.h; rafirri'id p.nd lives at Williajiantic, Conn. 

By second, carriage: 
PiPi4. IV. Charles, horn February, 1844; lives with his mother 
at Van HornKvllle, N. Y. , and is blind. 


G 5 4 3 2 

STEPHEN ALIjEN (Silas , Christopher , ThOj^as , J'Jhn , 

wiiiis^n" ), "jon of Silas Alien and Sarah Card, v/^ts born at 

Quidnessett, North Kingstovm, R. I.; married ELIZABETH oP.lGGS 

of Potovjomut, 'Varv/ick, R. I. He removed to rluaphrej'- Coxmty 

Tenessee in 1840. His v.Hfe died, leaving three daut'hters. 

He married again and hag a larfce family. 

6 5 ^ ^ 2 

LUCY ALLEN (Silas , Christoph'^r , Thomas , John , 

Williara ), dau^ter of snas Allen and Sf^rah Card, was born 

December 19, 1819; married T^ebrtiary 25, 18.39, JAMES S. AUSTtn 

of North Kingstov^, H. i. Resided ?it Dvat,-ht, 111. 


385. I. Sarah Smith Austin, boi-n September 30, 1840; died 

May fi, 1807. 

386. 11. isqac Eldred Austin, bom i^ebruary 18, 1342; lives 

at T Ir i dge , Phi lips Co., Neb . 


387. ITT. Lucy A, Austin, bom March l, 1844; died June 2, 1867. 

383. IV. li^r?/ Slla;^ born Jr.nuriry I, 1847; jiiarrled Sydney M. 

StevensrH* i- ' ^"'ju I'i ' l JJL i m gff , ill . II a n lang in 

:589, V. Hen--/ ^-iller Augtin, born April 18, 1849; married 

and lives nt Headen, Neb. 
390. VI. Anna ]Iaria Austin, born October 30, 1B5(? HNl; ''lied 

September 14, 1874. 
?;9L. VTI. Stephen Allen Austin, born Decenber 1, 185?!; married 

Mnry> Bell. Lives at Meaden, IJeb. 

39.'^:.yiII. James Bryan Austin, born May 5, 185^ (^; iinrried 

Annetta Rogers. Lives at Dwi^'ht, 111. 
39-^. IX. ousan H. Austin, bo-^n jMay ll, 1853; died in Infancy. 

394. X. Susan H. Austin, born Aufcust PP , 1859 pKj; narried 

Alexander Cline. Lives at Seattle, Tashri.npton. 

395. XI. Margaret M. Austin,-) Li., ii . i j i L . l 1 1 . i gifjtnr *» ^ 

r!08. " 

o 5 4 3? 

SIJSAU ALLEN (Silas , Christopher , Thonas , John , 

William ), daughter of Sii^'S Allen and Sarah Card, was born 

July 16, 1821; died April 6, 1858; married January 11, 1844, 

CHHISTOPHTCR HAV/KIKS. 'Resided at Fast Greenwich, R. I. 

Children : 

396. I. Sarah Adelaide Hav/kins, born :^ebruary ll, 3.845; 

narried Dr. Albro. Lives at Mendon, Mass. 


.?97. 11. C^'aristoplier Hnyrkine; mv-^lRd Reini.ngton of 

War^cK, R. I. LiveB "^t Providence. 
393. III. C^ssiUQ M. KawXing, hovn May, 1857; iiarrlefl Clara 
CranrJ.all of Tilqst Green wi.cli. He went to California anrl 

Tiled there. 
MARY" AJjL3N (Rllag*^, Christopher , Thomas' , 'Tohn , 
William ), daughter of Silas Allen and Fiarah Card, was born 
January 13, 18*?3 at Quidnessett , iMorth Ki?igstov/n, R. I.; 
marked March 21, 1844, STTTKELY UNDERWOOD who died February 
IS, 1877 at I'luscatine, Iowa. He wag the son of Sajnuel 

Underwood and Mary Hll-l»//r£7. f C^ kJ 
Children : 

399. I. Marjf Agiies Vnr^.'^T^j oo 6. , horn December 20, 1344; died 

Januar:'- 10, 1849. 

400. II. Mary Eddy Underwood, born March 7, 1851; nf^rried 

Howard M. Retnley.'"' 

Settled at East Gre'^nwlch, R. I. ; after a fev/ years, 

removed to Muscatine, Iowa, and when their daughter married 

thev went to Anaiuosa, Iowa. J ^ » _ 

' 2?S\. 

7 6 5 4 3 3 

LYT)IA AT.LEN (John , Jolm , Jonathan , Joan , v/i Lliara , 

Willi an ), dau£:hter of John 4 lien a?id Hannah stratton, wag 

bom, 1769; narried JOHN HULTNG, son of Capt. Alexander Ruling. 

Resided in Verraont. 


. Child?? en : 

401, I. HiT»nia Huling. 

40??. II. Alexander Huling. 


7 65 

JULIA ELMA (ov ALLIEN (Joseph w. , c^leb , 
13 .^ 1 

Jonathan , John , Wllllan , Willimn ), daurhte.-r of Rev. 

Jo<5eph Wgnton Allen and. MarlR Hplnk, v/ag bom Fehruary ?33, 

1821; died December .?, 1859; married September 38, 1845 at 

Horth Kingstovm, H. I., THOMAS W. NOYER of South KinK-gto^'-n, 

'5on of Robert F, Noyes. 

Ohilrlren : 

403. I. Luciua i>Ioyes; died young. 

404. II. Robert T^'annin^ oloyeg, boi-'n T'ebruary 8, 1850 at 

South Kingstown, R. 1, ; married Katherine H. 

aifford of Providence. He is a .sKillful 

physiCi^in at Providence. 


7 G 5 4 

NATHANl'^lfi SPir< ALLEN (Joseph W. , Caleb , Jonathan , 

3 2 1 

John , Wiiiiaji , William ), son of Rev. Joseph Wanton Allen 

and Maria Spink, wag born 'April 16, 1831; laarried ELIZA«:tth 
TILLLHGHAST, -9^ Of M-uraford Tillinghast of t^renchtonw, in 
East Creenwich. Resided on the homestead of hie father. 


405. I, .^va; married April 19, 1383, Joseph Slocim Madison. 


THOMAH POINT^'R .AT,l:^N (Togeph w."", Caleh^, Jonathan , 

:^ 2 1 

Jolm , ^Villiara , Willl?in ), gon of Hev, Joseph 'y?inton Allen 

find Ma-r-iq ?^ink, was bor-n Au£:iist i?5, 18^6; married 

Tlllinc^ast, -laUiThtftr of Mionford Tillinghagt of T^r-enchtoifm, 
in Has;t fTT.eenv;ich. He v/as « nerchant in Providence. 

One son. 


GT^ORGT? HILL (Holden'^, ntuKel:.^^, Caleb , Rebecca C. , 

2 1 

Thonas , Williara ), son of Holden Hill and Deborah (or Parah ) 

A^y-L Gray, v/as born, 1813; died May 17, 1377 at Waehincton, 
D. C. ; carried 'lARY R. HART, born about 181G, died ^leptenber 
29, 1876 aged 60 years, at i"ash;tnGton, D. C. , daughter of 
Capt. iniliain Hart of Troy, N. Y. Removed to Retroit .sone 
time before they vient to washin£";ton. 

406. I. ''^illi-ita lillliot Hill. 

407. TI. Oeorce Hoi den 'Hill. 

408. III. Cornelia Hill; married Thonas ^miians of Detroit, 

Mich, Two children. 

409. TV. \!ary Rill. 


7 , G 5 4 

CCL. nYLVT^?!T?.R G. Hill (Caleb , P.tii};oly , Caleb , 

•r o "I 

Rebecca C." ," , Gillian ), son of Caleb Hill ;md 
Hnnnah Tinderwood, v/as born June 10, 1820 at North Kincstov/n, 


^. I. ; ^iAed rieceicber 15, 1864; riarried October 15, 184.'^, 
MARTHA J. DYEB of Blue Hill, :'^dne, bom August 15, lSr-^2. 
Chll'^.T'ei : 

410. I. Edvn.ri Hill, born September 15, 1844; n-'irrieri 

Josephine Dny.-:- 

411. II. vvHci Tiiii, hoi:'n .*nni«t "0, 1846 at Cincinnati., 

Ohio; die'l May 18, iaG4. 
41.':'. III. Henry ^.nison Hill, born March 4, 1843 at Cincinnati; 

4ie4 July 1, 1849. 
41"^. IV, Martha A. Hill, born r^eptenber 21, 1849 at Cincinnati, 

414. V. Fr-'-'ni: A. Hill, bom June 2??, 1852 at Muscatine, Iowa. 

415. VI. v/iiiifyn s. Hill, born October 9, 185" ^^t ![Uf<catine, 

416. 1/TI. Mar^r L. Hill, born AuGUgt,9, 18^5. 
417.VIIT. Rowland G. Hill, bom July 6, 1857. 

418. IX. Sally 0. Hill, born January 18, 1850. 

419. r. «^usie Hill, born June ^1, I860. 

4^0. XI. *^ylves-t'>r ("^. Hill, born October PA, 1864. 

COL. SYLV'CHTI^R C, HILL ^^as an excellent fscholar. His 

fanily raove-i. to i'i^ast Gvieonv/ich earl3', where they soon divided 
and scattered. In 1840 he went to New Orleans vhere he 

^;pent the winter. The next spring he v;ent to Cincinnati, 

Ohio. In 1851 he raade a visit to California. Returned 

and took his family to Muscatine, lova and settled there. 

In 1862 a civil war being inevitable, he raised a 
vol-ojiteer GOiupany and vjas ai^pointed Captain. Soon a 


refrinent wns cf^illed' for ^n-'l "-ir m^hs. appointed Colonel, T^fter 

a yf^.fiT in service hf^ wa<3 put in coiiiraand of ^ brifiade, acting 
as Brifradier-f'ieneral, ^Hhile. leading hi?? o.O]rj:aand in the 

battle of Hillboro Pike, near Washville, Tennessee, he was 
shot from his horse and instantly Killed. His second son, 

Fred, vKis killed by his side at the battle of Yellow Bayou 
seven n;onths before. 

COL. Hill v/as a generous, intrepid man. vrhen duty 

called he was ready to make any sacrifice for the riiv'it. 
Energy and a sound judgment nade him a succe-sfu.! n^n. 
For the nost part he was his o^^'n instmictor. He had no 

fortune to lean upon; no foi^idation fo^' ^ corner stone, other 
than such as is laid by 'varriors and statesuen of the Old 
and New ivorld. The «cts of hip ref^ilnant are the stories 

of his history. 


7 6 5 4 3 

SARAH 0. HILL (Caleb , Fti^kely , Caleb , T^eb'-cca C.' , 

2 1 

Thonas , ^'/illiam ), dau£:hter of Caleb Hill and Hannah Under- 

ij700d, v.ras born in 1SP,7< at Korth Kingsto^'.n, R. I. ; raarried 

l.Iarch S7, 1843 at East Greenwich, R. I., HE'IRY O'CONNOK of 

Dub lin , I r el and . 


4?2L. I. r;usan Gertrude O'Connor, ^cr^T, 1844; died July, 1846. 

4.?.c;. II. Charles M. O'Connor, born October 3, 1851; married 
and has tw;o children. He graduated at ivest 
Point in 187?3; entered the United r.tates 
Cavalry and '.'as sent to Texas. 


4^!", ITI. Tienry C'ConnOr, "oovn June 6, 1855. He (Studied 

\nv! !^n4 w^s afliriitted to the B^r in v/oshi.nGton, 

Ti. c. in 1877. 

4r^4. IV. Arthur" O'ConnoT?, born April 7, 1858; c^a'^lu^ted p^t 

Iov,-J5 University in 1877. 

HE'^RY O'CONNOT? went to c Inoinn'-iti , Ohio in 1844 vihnve 

he sturlied I'^.w. ^enoved to .Muscatine, Iowa in 134S. He 

practiced Inw tventy.-rour year^; v'oq Jurlre of the J^uprene 

Court; District Attorney, tv;o years; i;ajor of thie 35th 

■Regiment in t.jie war of the Rebellion for tv/o years; ^pf'Ointed. 

Solicitor to the Department of State at V/afshangton, D. C. 

in 187?3 and continued until 1885. He then returned to 

Muscatine, lov;a. He ivas a m-^rx of £:reat natural abilitj^, 

small in stature but pov-erfi-il as h speaker. 

7 6 5 4 

CALEB ROBINSON HILL (TPones Cr. , Caleb , Caleb , 

3 2 1 

Rebecca C. , Thoinas , i^'illiari; ), son of Capt. Pones Creene 

Hill and Patience Robinson, v/as born Novei'iber 15, 1817; 
married July ^0, 184S MARY 'VARNER HARRISON v.ho died Septenber 
\2, 18o9, daughter of Capt. 'Villi am Harrison of Warwick and 

Catharine Towiisend 'Varner; raarri.ed sef.ond, v^iriow Curtis. 

Children : 
4^5. I. ^^llliari H^ones Hill, born Ma^/ 1, 184."?; raarrled 

r'epteniber 17, 18o7, Annie J. Spencer of v'aiTric3:, 
born January Z (or June 1), 184S, dau£:hter of 

Jnnuqr}/' 1^, 1875 (or T^ebrxisir:' , 1876). They 

hrid !=> dau£-:liter, Mary Eli^pibeth PIlll. 

426. IT. Anna uli'^abetl-i Kill, born April 19, 1846; cluia J-\}np, 
10, 1848. 

4?^7. III. ^ranois Hobinson Hill, hem April 5, 1850; died 
Auaxist 7, 1S7S. 

4"8. IV. GlioT'les Cr^-'.ene Hill, born :^eb-.-uary 15, 185?^; married 
Dec '-Tib or ?.4, 1874 Mary A. Tefft (or Tiffts ) of 
South Kintist oivn. They have one f5on and a 

daw'hter who reside at :PlaBt Grf^en^ach. f^ons : 

Frank R. and ""illiaja. 

7 5 4 3 2 

AL^^t^D ",'ICKE^ HILL (H'ickeg , Caleb , Caleb , Piebecca,C. , 

? 1 

Thoin^^s , ■■VilliaTi ), son of Capt. Wicker Hill and Sar^^h Tars, 

ipas born ^'larch ^^, 1819; married Bt'']T^THA E. CtOt^t' of Newno-^t, 
T?. T., T)orn June P.l, 1830. 

Chi Id-'' en: 
4"9. I. Florence Libbie Hill, bor-n 8eptoiiber 9, 185.3; died 
December 3, 1854.. 

430. II. DeLancey Kill, born Tune P,9 , 1855; died October 18, 


431. TTi. Lillian i"ickes Hill, bom April PA, 1858; raarried 

Leir.uel T^or'^ter, an attorne!/' at F-rovidence, 
R. I. One !^on, bom in IStl. 


4"?;. IV. Jessie Ilflvjn.T'rIfi Hill, horn January p.G, 18t?l. 

4"?. V. 3e??tnq oof.f Hill, hovn July 9, 186.". 

4'^4. VT. Alfred nclces Hill, born Kny lO , 1R65. 

47^5, Vli. s^rah Rose Hill, born April 14, 1R»38. - 

4^e.Vril. Addison Granri Hill, born October 11, 1871. 


7 , fc- 5 4 3 

GEORGE A. RHODES (Beteey , R-Tjauel , ThO;;.-i.s , ThOiiias , 

n 1 

John , 'Viiiinj.i ), son of Bete^/' (Eli^fibeth) Allen =in4 Gen. 

Christoplier HliOfies, vihh born Ll-arch 3, 1806; .iirt.l ,Tuly 3, 1850: 

n^.rried. ; mnrri'^d «eoonri, . 


437. I. Oh^ietopher Cornelius RhO'-leg. 

438. IT. George Clnr'-inoe Rhodes. 

No chil'lren by second ir.J^rri Jige . 


7 6 5 4 

CHRISTOPHER rjUlTH RHODES (Beti^y , RRmuel , Thomas , 

." 2 1 

Thora-is , John , I'.'illinm ), «5on of Betsy (Elizabeth) Allen 

and Cren. Christopher Rhodes, v,r?.s, born August 15, 1808; died 
January 17, 1861; tnari'ied February m, 1838 OhIWj B. MAMAW. 
Children : 

439. T. Jaiaes Rhodes, bom April 5, 1839; died Septeiuber 

10, 1840. 

440. II. Christopher RJiodes; died nepteinber 15, 1840. 


7,6 5 4 32 

MARIA ALLEN (Thonas , naiiuel , Thoinas , Thomas , John , 


Valliam ), rifiurliter of Captain T'lOiaaQ k\\(xn i^i'irl U^^^. Tllling- 
■ia?t , v;as bom Mai^ch 2,?^, 180?; at llortli Kincstovin, H. I.; 
died Augiast 4, 189S at C'-ii'ibrl'igeport , M?^ss. ; married at North 
Kingstown, }'3!^"!^0K ?^?-?MOEU or North Kinfstovm, vvho died March 
55, 1358 aged C.r ye are. 

441. I. Mar!'' f^^reene f^penoBr, born February, 182.2; died 

Tieceinber S6, 18??7. 
44';. II. Edna Rpencer, born .Auoi"3t , 18^4; died April 15, i8?59. 
447. III. Alice Allen Spencer; .tiar-^ied Dr. T?obert nedfUQ.'-> 
444. _IV. Eseok 3dv/in. Spencer. H,-^ ^^/. ^ >.'"!; .^^'^/x.^/jf""^ 

" ■• y2uSi2l.-^S':V??"^1>^^^^''i'-'i=' ^^^'^^'fy^. 

7 G 5 -i 7 2 

^LI'U ALJiEli (Thoraag , nfar^nel , Thoir^as , Thouas , Jolm , 

'-miiari ), daUfjhtor oT c^.ptain Thonae Allen and Alif>e Tllline- 

hast, ivas born May 4— (^or- 14-h' 1804 at North Klnggtov.n, R. I.; 
died June 15, 1848; married v.iTjLtam BATEilAJ^, v^ow of ThomaB 
Baternan of East c.reenvrich, :r. I. He died Noveniber 2, 1873. 

tt^^r^ ^.^. Children: 

445. I. Thomas A. Batf^, bor'i May, 1829; died January 18, 


446. II. h'ary G. Bateman, born Septeraber, 1870; died Karoh 

70, T8?;4. 

447. III. George t/. Bateman, born, 1875; '•Ued August 16, 1841. 

448. IV. T^'rancis D. Bateia-^in, "--.r-^. .'fv, 1840; died October 

S7, 184.7. 

449. V. y,'iiiisjjn A. Baten-^-n; died, 1888 at Han Eranctsco, 

450, VI. Thoraae ''^)^tm'::nn. Lives '=it Pqwtuxet , Pv. i. 

451. VII. Cii'irl^^fj /illen -ri^terif^n; died, 1870, in C^ ornia, 


SA'-nnUL ORTilT^NT'] ALLTs^N (Thorins'^, Haniuel*^, Thomas , Thonas*', 
2 1 te^g<^ <i2<t.ixx-u 

Jolm , i-'iilian ), son of Captnin Thonp.s Allen nnd. A**<je Tilling- 

hfi!5t, vrfi-5 boi->n An£?.ist 15, 1B05 at Nortli KJ.ngg towi, R. I.; 

died April ?Aj 1887; married -Tune 39, 18?>3, IRAB?CLLA II. P. 

IIST^^ILL of Centre^H.iie, R. i. i-jho died March 10, 1891 aged 

85 years. 


45!^. I. Henry Byron, loorn fPebruar:'- "4, 1837; died August 30, 

455. II. Isabella Jane, born July 3, 1843; married June 4, 

1868, Richard HOivland; died T^ebruary 1^, 1884. 
f^Af>!TJ''i]L CtR^.m^Ntj] ^iLLTTN leorned the carpenter trade, after 
v/hich he went into the ra^^nuf ^cturing business as superin- 
tendent in the enploy of Brov.'n h Ives, and later held a large 
interest in the '"irra. He lived for raany years at Hope 

Village, P^cituate, Rhode Island, and afterv?ard at Rrovidence. 
He ■I'^as a successful business rann and acnuired quite a fortune. 


7,6 5 4 

??TRAIJ TILLlNGH/i.8T ALLFN (Thonas , F^ariUel , Thonas , 
3 2 1 ^ 

Thomns , JohJi , vmnrun ), daughter of Carjtain Thoraas Allen 

and AX \*^ . Tillinghast, v;as born Februar^'' P8, 1807 at TJorth 

Kingstown, R. I.; died J^^nuar:' S8, 1895; narried November 1?3, 


1836, PAUL TOSELOCK Of Gr^ntreville , W^irwick, E. I., who rUeri 
Peptenber .^, 1853. 

ChlldT'p.n : 

454. I. DeWttt Ci-inton Wheelock, bo-rn }Iay .•?, 18S8; died 

i:arcii 13, IHGl. 

455. 11. Wllllari frreene ^"heelock, born Ootob'^r 17, 1836; 

married Mary B. (Hall) Najac.v 


7 , S 

COL. C-EORC?: '". T. ATiLEN of East Greenvacn (Thomas , 

Saiiuel'^, Thonr.s , Thonns' , Tohn , "■i.iiifua ), son of Captain 
Thon'^s Allen and Eli^a Ann Tillinghast, i"ns born July is (or 
18), 1809 at Horth Klncstoi^Tn , n, I.; dlod July ?50, 1877 at 
North Kingstovm; narried, 1836 ANN TILLINGHAnT of Ex<=^ter, "R. I., 
born M^y 16, 1817, died Novenber 1??, 184??, daufhter of ClarX 
Tilllnghagt; narrl'"-d second, May ??6, 1845 at Cranston, ^. I., 
PHIJ3': A. WATERMAN of Cranston. 

456. I. Theodore, born June, 1839; died October 9, 1843. 

457. II. , born 8epte;nber 20, 1840; died September P,0 , 


458. III. narauel Vnv<\ Kinc, bor'i J-'nuary 2, 1B42; married 

Harriet Minor. "> 
450. IV. Thomas, horn August 8, 1848; died August 20, 1849. 

460, V. Elenor, born ''^'ebruary, 1850; died T)eceirJ')'^-r 27, 1856. 

461. VI. GeorCB WateT.Tian; mai'ried tm.<zti. 


COl. GEORn?] I"/. T. ALLEN In earlv life lea:me,<-l the tn.ilo:<''f; 
t-^qrie; hut Hftev ^' tev yoHfs vjiien the "£;olri fever" broke out 
he started, with the crov/rl fo.c the "Ooi r^en r-ato" of C".lifomi.a, 
via Cape Horn, '^here he filled his coffers to repletion. He 
ret-urned to his native to^ n an*! houfjht of hiR brother, ^ojiiuel, 
the homestead of their father. 

Then the Beb'-llion hno",n as the "I)0T*r" v;ar broke out in 

RhO'-Ie Isl-nd, he had command of the Kentieh Oufirds v/ith the 

r'^nk of Colonel. He tr/as ordered to nove hip cconi-any to 

defend Rhode Island rights ^t Pawtuxet Brid5;e. Ke perforn;ed 

the responsible trust T/ caution ^^nd skill. On his ^eturn 

to Providence he was highly cojjip linen ted for his bravery and 

gallantry in accoinplishing so important a mission with but 

little bloodshed. 

7 6 5 4 3 

ELI.ZA ANN ALL^N (T}ior::as , n^'^auel , Thomas , Thomas , 

2 1 

John , v/iiiinn ), dan-^-ihter of Ca^^tain Thomas Allen and Eli^a 

Ann Tillinghast, was born February 7, 1813 at North Kinrstow/n, 

R. I.; died April .r;G, 1895; married October 2, 1856, THOMAS 

H. MATTTcriCK of Coventry, R. I. 


463. I. Thomas H. Matteson, born July 8, 1845. 

46.T. II. •PT.Fincis -Dane Matte son, born October 24, 1847. 

4G4. III. .vtqr>y Green^^ Matteson. 


7 6 5 

KSY. inoiIOLA^ TILLINrrHAf>T ALLEN (Thonn.8 , Sfinuel , 

4 3 2 1 

Thonna , Thonas , John , V/iilinn ), son of Capt?j.n T'lon'^.s 

Allen an^i. Sli.'-i'i Ann Tilllnghqst , v/as born Decejaber (or Feb- 
ruary), 1851 at North Klngstoivn, n, i. ; n^rrled April IS, 
1838 «^TJSAN CO^ODON GAT?TiiN}?iR of '^iorth Ki.nesto\'m, born ^entej.aoer, 
1815, died, 1889 ".t Groton, Conn. 

465, I. Helen Maria, born October 19, 1840. 
4'Ofl. II. Antoinette weilfs, bo^-^ April 2S, 184.?; --lie.i Sept- 
ember 2P., 1865. 
46V. Til. Henry Byron, born April 27, 1848; raarrierl F. Josephine 

468. IV. ^rank Garfiiner, born April 7, L860; inarried April 
22, 1885, ?^usan ELsv/ortb of New London, Conn. 
RTCV. NICHOLAS. TTLLIHGHAST ALLKN wag oonverteri in Harch, 
1830 at G6?it^eville, i^horle Island, and united v/itli the 
v/arvvick and Coventry Baptist church. He was licensed to 

preach in 134S and v^as ordained Au£;ust i;3, 1846 at Montville, 
CO'in. He becij-ie acting pastor of the Baptist '•hu.rch at 

•Vickford, H. I. in 184.'5, and in 1846 he becaiae pastor of the 
Second Baptist church at waterfo'i^'d, Connecticut, and the 
Union Baptist of Montville. In the sprinr of 1847 he became 

pastor of the Baptist church at Groton, Conn., and continued 
sir wumTK:^, T{<^ rerioved to Natick, R. I. in the fall of 


1847 nnri continued tyieve neaTli'' two y^.^v^ vihen he received a 
call fron the Baptist ch^ir'Va -it Jevfett, Oonn. He 

here eleven years. He supplied the church nt Voliontown 

one ye^ir, and Qt Millvi ?..le. Nev.' YorK, the next yenr. In 

1869 he wf'.e recnlied to CT.oton, vrhere he still remains. 

7 G 5 4 

CLARISSA DANrORTH ALLEN (Thorans , ^aiauel , Thoraae , 

7-2 1 

Thomas , John , v/tmnja ), daughter of Captain Thona^ Allen 

and Hiliza Ann TillinghaBt, nas horn February, 1R<?1 at North 

Kin£isto'^'n, n. I.; died March 25, 1860; married riLLIAh' H. 



469. I. Klij^a Allen Austin, horn "'^eh-'-nar^'- ^^, 1^49; ■■lied 

May 15, 1877. 

470. II. Cieor<;'3 HarKness Austin, ooyn Jime, 1850. 

471. TTT. TTugene Adelhert Austin, born July, 185S. 


7 6 5 4 

nAKl?]L aOHLL WI0}ITMAT4 (Patience , John , Thonas , 

3 2 1 

Thonas , John , ""iiiifin ), son of I'atience Allen and Benja^ain 

Wightiaan, '■t^s born about I'^BB ; died September 22, 18.^7; 
married T^ecerab^r 8, 181.y CATHJOinWE RlllVH, r^au^hter of Renjairdn 
S:ni*h and ?"iary Austin. '^■he died at /i' Oreen».'ich, R. I, 
Tfi. i.oo f. ^-^^l,c^: oarpeuter a"d v-cr) ■" ' '"'* '^""ovidence. 

Children : 
47n. I. Janes vrirhtnan, born Reptej»aber 3, 1816; died in 


473. 11. Benjqjiln Aborn ^'Hfhtnan, born AU£-,"ii8t 6, 18S0; 

narrled Stilly Very. Three ohilrlven: Daniel G. 

BenjRrdn find . 

4"4. ITT. liar?/ (lonld wightnnn, bcrn /r>ril ■'^O, I8??l; narrled 
Horace Shlppee of v'tcXford, a blacXsiait'a by 
trade. They had on6 ?on nnd o?ie dati^'hter. 

475. TV. Patience Wlghtraan, born Januar^/ ?"^7, 18S5; married 
Isaac ^Vadleigh of F-pringf ield, ZfXHi, Both 
died at Jiiast (^rf;env.;ich, p. I. , leaving tvro 
sons. One of then, Is^ac Wadleii-:h, Jr. , 
married Tjizzr: Kay, ^-^aufhter of Thomas May of 
Tj; s^ <5 1 Or e en^'/ i cli . 

7 6 n 4 3 

IGAAC v/iCtHTmAN (Patience , Jo:an'^, Thoinas- , T>cii;r'& , 

John' , v'iiii^ya ), <5on of Patience Allen an-l Benjarcin V/ightruan, 

was born in 179.;^ ( ? ), He was 98 years of are i^i 189;5. 

married at Aurora, N. Y. tv;o or tliree tuaes. Had several 


7 G 5 4 

PARDON TILLIWGHART "riOHTKAN (Patience , 'lolin , Thonas , 

.3 2 1 

Thongs , John , ^7illiaia ), son of Pntience Allen and Banjaj-iin 

Wigiitj-'^n , was born in 1805; died Heptenber 19, 1888; narri.ed 
MARY A>IN TPQHR of Worth Kingstown, t^, I., who died a few weeks 
before her husband. They had been married raore than fifty 


47G. I. hydif^ vrtrhtraqn; rnnri'led ?o- •''^'' -«-^--.7^T_-j^ r,f< T^q<5t 

477. IT, Busle ."5, ^''ig'itmn; lonra^rr'ied. 

478. III. Daniel C-onld "!\t;'''^\,ia^in, T.i.ved at Pttts^biArg, Penn. 

479. iv. Henvy rightmnn. 

7 654 

DEACON MOSES v/iHHTMAN (Patience , ffolin , Thcnas , 
3 2 1 

Thcrans , John , ''"illinn ), eor. oi"' Patience Allen anri Benjaiain 

wiglitrQan, was bor'n in 1807; died January IR, 1875; riarrierl at 

Natick, ^, I., who survivefl hln. He resirXeri 

laost of his life at 'latick, heinf a '■leacon of the Baptist 

church of that place for sever'^-'l years. 

Chil' : 

480. I. Eli'^abeth 'Vightnan; uavrieri Arnolri. 

7 6 5 4 3 2 

ALBERT SPINK. (Catherine , John , Thomas , Thomas , John , 

'.yiilia'n"), Bon of Catherine Allen an-'l Jo':n Sni'^.k, was born 
Novenber 9, 1301; die'l May 1."?, 1890; raarried Decenber 15, 18."51 
CELINITA S^IMK, born T^nbruariA 14, 130??, daughter of Nathaniel 
Spink of Quidnessett. 

431. I. Nathaniel Tyler s^>ink, '<-^ovr\ Tieceiaber 11, XSZ2; 

married Septenber 9, 1869, Caroline, daughter 
of Peles Con^don. lie wn.p -" merchant at 
Providence but retired froi-^ business. 


4?!^.. TT. Vv'tilif^m A\Tii-.vt ^plnk, 'lorii f^epteiiibe.T? 2G, 1834. At 
t^ie '^ge o.f .fourteen he w^s t^.K.en sicK. and, afte" 
lingering: ■f^or thlrtyeight years, died. TnTrin-^-;.-; pr? 
■i^eb-rua.ry 10, 1835. 

48"^. TTT. John Byron !^plnk, bcm May 1??, lfi-"59. vvrq never 

married and always lived at the ^lonestead -'jxth 
his parents. Ho vin^ tho L::.^ » > <» t-g:TnrLnd^on o f 

'b^ ^■■ rot^ya ■ luidar pe . n . '*!lty of - d * y » l>ift. 


7 6 5 4 

THOMAR GOTTT.T) ALLETI HPi^^K (Catherine , John , Thomas , 

Thomas'" , John", Wllllnj:i ), qon of Catherine Allen and Jolm 

at Quidnessett; 
Spink, vm<5 horn In L803^ Instantly killed -T\ay 15, 1873, by 

falllnf: fron ^ load of hay; inarr^led nurjA^' /.PJIOLD of North 

Kln£stovn, P. I., who died January. 1, 18GC in the 54th ^rear of 

her age. 


484, I. Jonat?ian Arnold Splnk; narrled Sarah ■nf'j:iout:.'i of 
Providence. -he spent several years in 

teaohinr in t.he public schools o.f I'v' and 
T^!ast Gree^iwich. One son, Russell Spink, 

born in 1874. 

48.""). IT. H^mnah Spink, bo>'n Januar^r ,?3, 1840; died Noveuber 
S3, 184^. 


486. Ill, GeOT'£^e T. HplriiC, born, 1844; entered the '\7yny and 

died in the hospitnl at Gettysburg, 186."^, '?.f:ed 
nineteen ye'^rs. Buried with the fairdly at 

the homes te^^d. 

437. TV. i[»r>n^:n ^'pink; n^r.^ied' Caot. John (?), wickford, 

4oo. V. John Thongs -pink; married^ riarah 3. Mronohester of 

Bristol, H. I. , in 1865. They reside at the 

hojuestead in Quidnessatt. ' ?iro dau;-hter^:. 

7 , G 5 4 3 

HAWNAK ?PINK (Catherine , John , Thonas , Thonas , 

2 1 

John , li'illiaia ), daurht<-->r of Catherine Allen ai-id Jo^nn P. pink, 

was horn in 18!?.^ (?); married T^ehruary 7, 18,'?a, HA'^.TC?^ UPDIK}5 
^^iTITH, oo1:'n J^eptenher 15, 1H02, died May 1, 187^, son of 
Hon. Benjaiiin Smith and liar:' Austin. 

Children : 
480, I, Juan ■'J'ernandos ^nith, born Jf'ebruary 13., 18^.9; maj^rieri 

November r,7 , 185."^, Albert G. Howard. nhe died 

June ^3, 1860. 

490. II. John f^plnk f^raith, born June 20, l8."=iC ; married 

January 26, 1859, Homer A. Phillips. 

491. Ill, Benjamin :^ranklin Rmith, born November l"^, 18^3; 

(Vi.ed linmarri^d Heptenber PA, l8o5, A devout 



49?:. IV. Hnvvxet npink J^'iith, hovn '^^.T^tenber ^C , l^.-^-l:; 
rmrried t'Joye.'nber 20, I^^a, Je'^i'^e Davi!?. 

49". V. Joseph .'"rivin siiith, hovn Jnnuaw 11, 1837; rinrrle'". 
in the sprin:; of 1862, Mary Suiliy-in. 

494. VI. v/iiiiTja Maxwell, "novn October 8, 18.^8; inHrried 

Francect Pollnrd who dtefi Rt Mystic Bridge, 
!.[«irch 1, lo7C, aijed S6 ye^r^, ?5 inonthg; nnrried 
second, lillln A, Whitfield. 

495. VTI. Mary Catherine ^nith, born A^xiMst 8, 1840; r\\p,6. 

April ";, 1357. 
49r:;.VTTT. Amy flpink Hi^ith, born f^entenber 15, 184']; laar^'ied 
;:ay 10, 1869, John H. coMltpr. 

497. IX. Ayis Ann "^uith, born Aurust .'=^0, 1844; married 

February 14, 1885, Goorge M. Wee den. He 'li',5d 
^•pr\ I <. 1890 in b^is 5'5rd year. Two childre?!. 

498. X. Oeor^^e Harris Hrjith, born i larch 14, 1847. 

499. xi. Hannah Austin, born ^entenber 15, 1850; died 

September 6, 1851. 


7 , Go 4 3 

CATH^T^INK SPINK (Catherine , John , Thoiaas , Thonas , 

2 1. 

John , '■Hlli^r!; ), daurhter of Catherine Allen and John "^'pink, 

v/as born Novenber 15, 1814; died February ^8, 1871; married 

October 3, 18.39, 8A>.UreL A^'ICT.t). •oot.Ti i^'ovenber 4, 181G, died 

January PA, 1889, gori of Erinond Arnold of North Kintjstovni^fl*-*/ 

He married ^ <?*?cond time. 


500. I. Jos'-ip'i ^i)i.n>: Arnol'-l, y^ovn Dec^n^ier 4, 1840; narried 

'^eoi'£'i'".*T''''t i-]. /.lien; m^irrleri "second, Hann-ah B. 

501. XI. ■i'~i-»'v E. Arnold, oo-n T^e^oruafy ??4 -f^f^-^^t-)-, IB^-"^; 

ji^'-vi-'i.ed John G. Allen.-"' 

502. T[T. John A. Ai'^iold, bori Julv p.o , 1845; r.Pi-cTrted Jiiili.a 

A. Tevvy,''.- 
50."=5. lY, S-isan Arnold, oorn Jun^ 11, .1348; ranrrled George 
A. hvK ton,''.' 

504. V. Lynan K. Arnold, oom March 4, 1850 yT); nrrvvxerl 

Ahh'/ E. J^herraan.-:- 

505. VI. Jn:ae« W. Arnold, born May .17, 185?; narrled ^. daugh- 

ter of .^^Pirton Crreene ; r.'^rried second, Mary 
Oardiner; narrled third, i^arah .Brovm; one child 
by the second ir;^.rrl'-ige and one by the third, 

506. VII. Phobe ^, Arnold, born Mny 18, 1854; married 

Dficernb-ir 17, 1876, Ranuel A. -tone v/ho wn<H 
bora 4arca L'3, L8.TI. 


7 , G 5 4 3 

Hat?t;tt!:t sPITK (Catherine , John , Thonas , Thonine , 

? 1 

John , '^ilLliii ), d-.u/'ite".-' oC ^'it ■i.erine Allen "^nd Joh_n, 

\r\^ born January 11, 1810; died Mai'ch ?", Irt.'^.''-; i:f--n-'inri 
B.rK.l/waW F. CGTTanc\T of vickford, n, 1. 

Chil^rpn: cQu.^^f] . 

507. I. Harriet Congrlon; narried Benjan^in Allenl'v 


MA^Tf A'>i\i ALTJ]N (Thoims 0. , .Tohn^-, THorafis , Tlionas^, 
John^, v,M.iiinri ), r\Po.x£;'^tev or Thome f'o-.ilri /..lien and ;rln??y 
Hill, wng Torn Ap-?ll 31, IfiO^; inar'r.-i.ed April 14 (o.r 4), 18^38, 
Af^AK^ilL JACKFlOT^ OTIS Of MontviiiP;, Co?-in. , born April 4, IBO?; 
^.t ]/Iontvllle, ''i'-^^'-' -it Chicago, II'.. , gon of Asaliel Otis and 
Mary Chest »■;;;-. 

Children 1 Sf^^^^n ^vorn in Oonnectlcvit S 

508. I. Harrison Gray Oti.s, norn Hay 10, 18S9; laarried 

I'aria WheelocX..-;- 

509. [;, ^sahol Oti.s, 'oorn April 4, 1830; dif^d April 4, 187:1. 

510. ITT. Thomas nould Otis, oorn Tune 10, IS.'^l; narried 

Cai-'rie Arnold; married second, Ella Preebor^i.^i* 

511. IV. Oharlotto Allon Otis, ^'■^O'r'n Ilaroh lo, 18.%''; i.iarrif^d 

T^ortunatus Hubbard.''- 
51?. V, ■'^rancis Chest-^r Otis, hov'i May 8, 1835; fiind 

SeptejGber 2^, 1841. 
51''. VI. Sarah Greone Otis, horn Decei.iher 14, 1837; un;aari-ifsd; 

Lives at Chioa^'ro.. 
514. VII. Asahel Otis, horn Au^-x-t 11, 1830; died July 4, 1840. 
515.VTir. :.:ary An--; Ctis, horn March PG, 1841. hives at Ohica^, 

They JaOv-^d to Ohio Vney hecane re^'uced in clrci^^ 
Qtanoee, and v-orked t.heir way to Ci'dcago. Here hy ho3\est 

labor? and /industry they acnuired a respectalile fortune. 



7 G 5 4 

PKTZB^: WATERMAN ALLEN (Thonae 0. , Jolin , Thonas , 

3 r; 1 

Thomas , John , "M.lllniU ), dfiU£;htHT' of Thcnae Cculri. Allen 

and Mary Hill, v;as ;)orn Octobm? 7 (o?; 5), 1303; rU«d AuL'^-^st 
17, 1858 qt Chicago, 111.; narried Septenibe.i!* 3, l^^^C at 
i^orth Kin£sto\OT, K. I . , 'lAllIAl^ ALLEN ARNOLD of .(^"orth Kings- 
town, from whon «he sep^'i^^ted foi^irteen yf-;ars later. He 
was the '?on of Edrr.ond A-^nold and Su9'?n Allen .^'"'•3/ He died 
May 555, 1839. -^he nar— I'^d second, GF.CRGt^ T. NICHOLS and 
went to ::hil'3af:c. After he-" death he went to n^lcJcford, H. I. 
ivhere h- ai'^d. 

Chil'-iren : -^«-v-- a^i- frt-^^^ A^r-tZZ^^v^"^ A ^' 
Slfj. I. Mary Ts.eynolds Arnold, hoi-n July 4, 18^51; raarried 
Thomas Bater.:an.'> 

517. IT. Lydia Ann Arnold, born April-, 18^3; married Hon. 

LuoLUs B. Otis.-'- 

518, HI, cl-iri.stopher Harris Arnold, '•jc^rn Januarj'' 2, 18j;5; 

married Aliuira Cole TVobittB; iaarried second, 

Abby ?. May.'v 
510. 17. Lucy Jilineline Arnold, born, 1827; narried George jB, 

Nloholg; married th.ird, Dr. JohJi w. BiOcford,-; 
5?C. V. Carrie Arnold, born March 8, 18^9; vy^^nt to Ch.icago 

and mnrried Hichard woolford of Maryland. 

Kar! r.. fiaughter, Jennie "ho v;as born Hay 8, 

1865, di.ed AU£/u<:t 8. 



CAH0TJW)5 .ALLEN (ThOKins G."^, John'^ Thoin^.s'*, Thonrig , 

2 1 

Jo.lm , Willi an-i ), ^l^uglit f^r of Thongs noulri Allen qnd M^iry 

Hill, ^';g<3 bovn S^dpterib'^r 19, 1809; raar\nod Mny x.^, 18/50 at 
North Kln£:sto^ri, T], i., ishMAEL ELI' ^7.3 ct v/i.c>:fo?.^rt., R. I., 
born .Avi£-"ast 9, 1806, eon o.f T'lojnne; }r,;\.rirefl of North Kingstov^n. 
He wf5f3 q h!ime«5<5 mker. 

Chi 1 fir on : 
5^1. I. Willi an Allen Tillered, bo-'n A.prll ^, L8S1; n^^rried 

1357, nnn-^nh y. Ccngdon o.f "v'ic};for<i. No 

•5^?. II. S^^r^h Creene ''illdred, born "'ebruary J^."?, 18.'56; nnrried 

5er£;egnt Georfre H. Chuv'C?a; jv.arrled second, 

Hanry M. Coffin. ■> 
5^"^. III. Alf^i'ed V. Illdred, born '"'ebrviary 29, 1844. :^or a 

Lon£' time he was in a market at Nevroort and 

Vfickford; nfterviard bout^ht t};e "Gardiner ?am" 

ne-ir niocmaville Corner?, R. I. Hn:narried, 


7 3 5 4"^ 

DAMIT^L OO'ILD ALLEN (Thonas G. , John , Thom^^ , Thoraas , 
2 1 

John , "illiaj.i ), 'ijon of Thomas Goiild Allen and ■^ary Hill, ^yaq 

born December 5?8, 18 lO at North Kingstcwi, H. i.; died Jan uar?/ 

10, 1895 at North Kingf^town; n^r'^ied November S6, 1840 at 

Centrevllle, n. I. , AMANDA v/A-rj-jr/w alLFN, daughter of 

Col. Ray Greene Allen [A^/ffijof North Kingstovm and rlunice 


Waterman. Heqidefi at Enst at tine of n^.^-.-laLO. 

524. I. vjiiiiarn Wat^wian, iiom May 13,..V"i4.5?; ri-tr'r'if^'l 

5^5. II. Ci^i.-'l^.s Tenr'y, born July 1, 1844; married Nellie 

Louise Claij :..'■• 
c-o,;_ TTT^ Triorz'^.'? Oould, bom ^ebruawr 1, 1847; unnar':*i.<^''l; 

resides at the hone'stead. 
5^7. TV. Jolm .T'Jdvirln, borri: flcvenber .15, 1348; imnarried; 

resides at the hojuestead. 
5??o. V. ■H'ranh '/alden, born -Tul^'- 10, 1851; narried 

5^9. VT. Daniel nouii,, ''^"Jim neptenib^^.r ??, 1854; married 

."[ay Arnold. '•> 
DATIIt:L aCHT.T alLEN attended school at 'TUbrahajn, rlass. 
in IS."^!. He Graduated in the scientific course, ■'.realeyaji 

University, Middletovm, Conn. , in .18.39, and the same year 
bouf:ht Kent Acadei^iy at };;ast Greeniivich, R. I.; and wag p.rlncipal 
fQiji •Ubi? linage until it t^as succeeded by the ?]ast Green^'ich 
Acadenv. Tie» -^oll it to t'le i^rcvid^nce vethodist Confe.rence 

In 1841. He T7as principal again in 184-V-44. Ke retired 

to the fam at North Kin£^stown in 1844, where he held several 
town and state offices '^t differ-ent In .1885 he 

retired from active v>usiness, Golden vrMdline celebrated 

November 26, 1890. y^ a^^^^-^e^ud- ^i^<>-i^- ^/^ U^.^ ^clJ^ 


7 6 5 4? 

LVOTA ATJ.EN (7hon=is G. , John , Thomas , Thomas , 

John , Wllllara ), daufchter o-r Thona's Conld Allen an-'l J'nry 

Hill, ifa?3 oorn 'lav lO, 181?; na-^rled March 17, 1^40 at '^Jorth 

Ki'.ni-Btovm, n. I., BT^.NJ/'vMlN B. MOHT?O.TiI Of ^a^t •nroenvaoh, T^.. I., 

born IMovenber 16, 1813 at Bristol, R. I. They emigrated to 

New York In 1^43; thence to Chicago, in, i/here he had charge 

of the boys in the shoe '"Te2/-,rti'ient in the ^tate RefO'CTi School. 

He nl^tev^fy.vd held ^ ttinil^r position at v/rni:-:esha, Wisconsin, 


7 6 5 4 ? 

THOK^f; nouLT] ALT.T^N (Thoirr-vs n. , Jo/Ji , Tlionas , Thomas , 

2 1 

John , 'Villi'i'i ), son of Thoiaas Oonlrl Allen and Mary Hill, 

was born Noveinber ^1, + r i\^ ( o^:- 1315 'h" carried January .^5, 
\n:^S, PHEBT^ BAILEY COtiGDON Of WarvvicX, R. I., born, 181? (?), 
died October 2, 1865, dau£:hter of Cid.Hon Congdon of n'arv;ick; 
laar^'ied second, }Iay '-^.?, 1867, HANNAH TIBBITT?^ np-pv^N-?! , ri«u£:hter 
of fitephen '^-■reone of Sast Cry*^,e'nvn.<ih, R. I. 

THOMAH GOVL'O ALL.iilN, JR., li\'ed for seve'-al yea^^s on 
the "Mount ^ann", Quidnessett, i-rhere he held several public 
offices. He after^'/ard moved to East rrreenv-.ich v/here he 

was in the flour, grain and coal bu"iines? until witliin a few 
years when he retired fro;; active business. He stilL 

resides -"'t East nre''.viViich. 


7 G 5 4 3 

HARRI.TCT AT.L^N (Thomas G. , JoJm , Thojrias , TJionias , 

2 1 

John , v;iiiinjM ), d-iUf-hter of" Thcrr^* r- y.\ri / 1 i o., -,„ri :^parr 


Hill, was born -TsinuaTr/ \2, iai7; ns^rrled Septer.h'^r 17, - l a gft 
at North Ki.nge to v;n, t^. I., CAPT. nAIvHJEL SH'^i'RJ-IAi: BAKER of 
Wickford, T?. I. , born, 1815, cLled January 5, 1990 at Provi'-ler 
1?. I. 

Chil^-ren : 
5-^0, T. M^jry ^>i<=.n'inn Baker, 'bor'i ■T^mAa.r}'' ^8, 18."^8; marrierl 

' •••^pnif^l PJili^bury.-- 
5ol. II. ^ur-.'i.-jt T. 8aker, born AuoPist 13, 1340; inair^iQrl 

Ja-aog '". GoorivrLn.-:- 
5'^2. TTI. Samuel !^. ^aker, horn /U£ur,t 4, 1844; ]':«r""iefi 

-Toseph.lne Maxflelri.-^ 
CAPTAIN PAIvfirFL ^snUfiM BAKT5H v/ent to sea early in life 
Qn6. st tvjenty three ^vas captain of a brig belonc'ing to 
Warren, T^hon.e islan^T, v/'aicli he took to Calcutta, Lon^lon, 
^ar' v.d Calirornla, the?i hack to London vraere he laft the 
ship an4 returned hy steaiaer to hi ?: nativf; Inrd. On his 

,o»--.;-'-^ h-' -'f^-* i"^,- the groce""" '•-vv i^-p,aQ at Provtrience. 


7 , 6 5 

CCKNT5LJ. (or COLONEL ALLEN) CA?{PT^1^T^^R (Lydia , Joh:T , 
4 - 2 1 

Th07nas , Thoraa'= , John , "Tiiiiaja ), son of Lydia Allen ^nd 

John Carpenter, ^'vas horn Novejfo'^r 1, 18C5 at East Green^'.ach, 

R. I.; died April ^C , 189C at ^"arv.ick, P. I.; r.arried. 

_______ ^hiotjee. 

— ^ 

Chil-iren : 

533. T. John Carpenter; married Hiildah of Coventry. 

They had five children. 


CO^i!'WLL CARP'";NT^t^ ^wris ^t Ivjnber rueroh'^nt at Mystic .'3ri.d*;:e, 
Connecticut in 1850. At ono time he a planinr nil! 

In GeorgiQ, v/'aicji Tn-i sold soon nfterv?prd. His <?on, John, 

was admitted into the fivn and th^iy bi^ Ca.rpentar T)ock. -at 
south Aiponauc, Rhode Island, in 1877-78. 

348 . 

7 6 5 4 -"^ 

JORiiJPn CARPT^'IT""'R (Lydia , John , Thonas , Thonas , 

2 1 

John', wiiiian ), son of Lydia Allen a^id JohJi Carpenter, ^^as 

bcm October 21, 1807 at Rast Crneenwich, R. I. ; carried 
February 27, \Pi2B at .f^ast Greenwich, AlvIY (or ATjIIY , "naj:;e foimd 
both vrye;!! ) pHIPPKE, daughter of '■rillia]-;. !^hippoe. 

Childrenj born in East nreenv-acl*? 
ZZ4, T, Charles Thomas Carpenter, born .An^nist 4, 18?G. 
5-'^5. II, Joseph ^f'eathers Carpenter, bo'-^n Novftnbi^\r 4, isr^o, 
5"6, III, Rev. ^"illia?n Carpenter. 
5^7, IV. Charles g. cq-rppnte-?. 

PATI.TtlNCE ALLKN (Chr^.stopher" Johji^, Thoiaas' , Thomas", 

2 1 

John , ^■'ii'^.-.nn ), (lauf'hter of Christopher Allen .'-oid iiartha 

J^pink, v/as bom l^ebruary 14, 181P, at Quidnessett, North Klngs- 
toj^, R. I.; died Varoh 2C>, 1888 at DeKalb, 111.; married 
Uay 14, 18353 at P^i^-r^ yrm, Yates County, N. Y. , v/illjaM 
AIiT5XANT)TDR 1TIVj>":R, bom May 4, 1810 at Trenton, Oneida Ccijaity, 
K. '''. , died November, 1889 at ReKalb, 111, eon of Alexander 

Killer and Mary . m early life she resided vjxth her 

unol3, iJichoiris :jpini.. .MDDUt I8::is oho onii^rated to Penn Yan 

in comp'-<ny ?dth has dauiihter. 


Chi 1 fir en: 
5'^S. I. H^vviet An£-iistq 'Ul.ler, born July ".^, 13.^7; narried 

5"^^. TI. Wtlllnra Henr-jr ^Uller, born Aurust 8, 1S.'?9; inarried 
'I-ilr^Kift. Ann riev^ard.''- 

7 , Co 4 " 

JOHN ALXJiJN (C'ir\s"t.yvjv-;r , John , Thonias , Thoi;ias , 

2 1 

John , nil\l'"Ji ), son of Christopher Allen ^i^-.] :";ri-r'tha npinX, 

was horn Jixie 16, 1813 nt ".lorth KincstOK-n, RjJL. j died_at 

KingstOKTi , RjJL* J dierL_at_,....,--^ 
Nqti CjLt_S.L .. I • : ^ti"! "-;;v vi M^RV BRADt^OBD of v/arwick/ R. I.f^ 
^ 4it^4^. He vT^tS^?' r.? an'l ^t one tine wns einnl O'/eri hv 

the •^pr'^giies;^ /^Resi'-led qt wn?T»ri.oki rUtZ<.e^fi. 
Chi I'lr erUr-^r y^;; 

54C. ■: . ' , ;■ '^piriror^l, "'vorn, 1845; na.rried ""Martha L. Sov/en.-'' 

1 ' G 5 4,3 

AMOR CARROLL ALL^^N (Christopher , John , Tiaoiuas , Thon?^«, 

John"', ""i.lli-'in ), son of Christopher Allen and Martha HpinX, 

'VIS horn January lo, 181*3 at North KingstoiT^i., R. i. ; died 

r'ehrviary .<;, 18oi. rjt Blackstone, Jtass. ; carried June 18, 184?! 

at north Kia£-tovm, R. I., HARRTiilT K>]]vIPTOtI. horn AUoV*^;t ?A, 

1819 at Rlackstone, '!ass. , died Woveniher 18, I8O4 at Blackstone. 


541. 1. Romeo ?. , horn December ?^1, 1843; died Rec^iiiber ?53, 


542. IT. Orlando T. , 'rji-i riarch ^52, 1846; died, lor,5. 

543. III. Tiiva Florence, born March 23, 1848; died, 1848. 


544. TV, Araan'-la. M. , born hl^vch 2^, 1848; iny^Trlod April PA, 

1373, Theoflore n. jrVnic-m-i of vvoT.ce«t^^r . '-~-^- , 
No chllriren, 

545. V, rlnrTlet A., bora n<3pter.b'i.r o'J , 1849; living (1906) 

at ^'/orce'stHr . . ' . . 
54*3. ■*/!, Anos O'ari8tophf5r>. bo-?n l-iai'' 19, 1851; rixed iinr.'iar":'i.'?rL 

<T^>nup.ry <2, 1878 at v/orcRstf^r, j!-iss. 
547. VII. Kt-wViiKx rpink, born nectenber 10, 1853; carried 

December ^9, 1892, Orlanrlc M. HlGSins of 

■■'orc'^ister, Mn^iS. ; ^na.r'.'iHfl -"^econri, 

Jor""lan of Ounlia, Nebras'ivfi. 
54'^, VT-;- . .'j-fl'infio P., bom i)ec«"iber 19, l^--. ; . •n-v'-w^ri Tiv.i«i 

V.r,V r.r>\f],r\'\. -' 

549. IX. Jennie B. , born, 1857; rw^vl, 1857. 

550. X, 'TU5tu=! KrgXine, born -Tune 6, 1859; narrled, Leila 

Cer trurie iJn'lerwood. "- 

i^ITiLIAM HT^T^'TTf ALLEN ' {Christopher*', JOjxa"^, Thoiaas\ 
3 2 1 , John , wi.i\-i.,nn ), p;on of Chrifitorh.i^r Allen and Martha 

i^pinK, '•vag 'oovn Uovej;:ber ^.^, 18^0 at i^ofth Kincstov/n, R. I. ; 

iiarrled ^-,h\-nary ?,G, 185?^, MAHOARET TCLrJANOR PATTTlRnON, 

llovod tc rv— v..v,_ zy^ Y. , in 1840; and to DeKalb, 111. in li;4C. 


551. I, Charles /lenry, vtorn Decenber 17, 185^3; died 

neptenber 4, 1854. 

552. TI, M^irtlaa SlennoT, horr. October 10, 1854; nnrr.led 
TDeceriber 11, 187^, ?. Spooner. One son, 

Allen Clinton Hpoone--, 'V\\ 19, 1374. 

n'ae '^.lod nepteraber" 8, l3'}o. 

"•'^. "" . ^ jj'iielia Caroline, bo;!?n Deoeiiber 13, 1855; i^j-ttXc*! 
I'ry 4, 1886. v.-.tnirin A. Rei^Tiolris, Portland, 
Ori?f"on, 0-V/o chlli'lren. 

554, IV. Jnmeg ^r^ncis, born ■^Jfxnufxvy r'H, 1858; married. 

.'illla M, Traver.-- 

555. V. 'lart'ia Luoretia, born Januray, 1860. 

55'3. VI. Li'^j^ie TZva, bo-t-n -Tuly 5, 1864; ''lied April 6, 186G. 

557. VTI. oliT'tcn ricwar'l, born -Tuly 5, 186e, 

558. VIII. iiarca.r»;t .r;. , born ''February 8, 1874; dierl February 

9, 1874. 

7 G 5 4 3 2 

AliONZO ALLEN (Sanuel , Jo'm , Tbojiar, , ll^OL.r^h , J Or 

'"illirin ), son of J^arauel Allen r.nd Delilah Baker, was born 

neptenber 19, 18^4; narried Decenber 4, 1851, I!T,it/at3t:tji PJr^jH 

of Philadelphia, Penn. 

Children : 

559. I. .Anna J'atilda, born Tune 5, 1856; narriod Sy.^'ln 

r- ^\ll'n r^ {o ^ '"Yilbui^Mat theweon. »;• 

560. II. Lillia jM. , bom !iay 20, 18G0; died Febrnar!'' 4, 1861. 

561. III. V,!\-r\r Holt, bom .Tune l^, 186?3. 

56^, IV. Luciu-s JIarcellu?=i, bom Pepteir^ber 2, 1865. 

AT.ONZC .nJM^ v.'a«? educated at Kent Acaderav in 183S-40. 


He entf^,T»e''l the raichine shop ^t Apijonaug, R. I.-, ancl ^fterv/ard. 
iioverl to PhUqdolpJUa, Penn. , '■x-uu"-'! he nnaesed n fort line. 

RAY ORPETJE .ALLEn'^ ( Spjr.uel*^ , Jol'ji^, Thongs'*, Thorao.s'', 
John , William ), eon o.f Samuel Allen and Delilah ^iKev, was 
born April 2^, 1336; dle^l .Tnly 51, 1861; married January 1, 
1350, AVIS M. OrR-KUE, dni^fhtf^ir of Joiin Cv<=',ene of Coventry, 
R. I. 

SS.-^. I. Marietta A., born July 39, 1^50; jaarrled June I.'?, 

1375, Hilas R. , son of Leir.uel N. Richiaond of 

Hope Valley, R. I. 
564. TI. Ray Groone , i-'Orn vi^irch P.e; married Leila E. , 

dqu£hter of Jrones >1. Reynolds of B^irbervllle, 

R. T. 
5G5. III. Roon A., horn f;epte;aher ^0, 1855. 

566. IV. vralter JB. , >.orn June 10, 1859. 

567, V. John A,, ho>'n Tnnuary 5, 186?.; r.*.nrrled ''^'e'l^runry 14, 

1.886, H daughter of /u'los >]. , of 



7 6 5 4 

A^'N ELIZABETH ARNOLD (Sus^nnBh , John , Thongs , 

"^2 1 

ThojL^s , John , ^•■M.iliarri ), dau^hfeer of ?usann?.h A Lien and 

Christopher Ar^iold, v/as hem riev.temher 2, 1818; married 
November 6, IS.':?, vtlliaM COL" "'.at RON of South Klnrstovm, R. I. 


born v.o\T^r.:o^,v 6, 18H, rL-i.ed July ??9, - 1074 (? ); married second, 
t,V.r^9t 2, 18 5? -HS^ TIWCTiO^ji] TZ, L AWT ON. T?egi--ic. ] ^t South 

King-e^tovin. R. T, 

Chtlriven^ two hy ^eoori'l. ir/'rria^tr-^J 
5*38. I. Caroline L. v/Htson, oo>n Cotcbei' i, 18.?S; died the 

??r:'e d^.y. 
5C9. TI. Christopher H. Watson, horn July 4, 1840; died 

570. r:i. lidw.'i'.-d Clarence ^'Jntson, oorn July 8, 184.5; rUed 

July 3, 18 4i/ (? ). 

571, IV. Christopher Wntson, horn Jlny 6, 1845; narried 

F!"rah Dean. He died October 10, 1875. 

57^;. V. Watson, horn May 6, 1845; d:led i:: Infancy, 

57.';. VT. Slieha i?/atson, horn M^ y (or - Marchy'l4, 1847 fiS* 
574. VTT. nusan Adel^ude ^''atson, oorn T.-! Q'.rov-.i-^io -» or i,g/.-g — f-.-^r 

Dece:nher 4, 1^40 JJ^ jna.rried Captain Marshall 

Cary Gilbert, of New >3edCord, K'ape. One child, 

Marshall, ho?ni TiHcenber 16, 1878. 
57.5. VIII. T^rank Stuart w^tson, born 5'i<»hr*j«ry 4, lf>5f5~f^^ 

neceniber 10, 1851 - a- ); - 
576. IX. williajn nien T.n.wton (X}, horn January 11, I854; 

laarried and lives at r.,)uth Kincstoi'.'n. Has 

chi idren, 

ANNA T^T.izA HILL (hucy A.^, John^, Thor-ias"^, Thoiuas^'^, 


John \ ^'illif'ia ), d^jurhter of TiUcy Ann .Allen Rn-I. Deacon 
Thomas Hill, ■<""«? "oom T)ecejLi'''^er» i?, 13^9; raaT?"^-ed Tecer.b'^r 17, 
1848, SYHIA wxLBirH ]IATTH."5wr^0N o^ Oovent,-y, R. I., oom 
^ebruq.ry 19, 13;>4 ^t Covent-^'. nettleci In North Kin^g- 

tovn nt tVie ti,rnr> of tjiftir nir\''iage. He nfterv/qri. went to 

Nfi?ragqnsett Pier vv hare ■i'^ Is- mjj'nfc'er of "The .M'^tthevyRon", 

577. I. idq .Burgees Matth«.vre_,on, horn May S.^, 1852 (or 105."!) ) ; 

married May 21, 1878 ftr!7~-4^^Si4, John J. Benson. 

578. 11. Thdn^iQ T-reene Jiatthewson, horn Noveiaber 5, 1854; 

I'i'irried Celia ■!. >'r,r!_i,c;on.«-- 

579. ITT. Ryria 'Ttrour Katthewson, h:^rr. ::ovejaher 5, 1854; 

died March 2, 1855. . .^ 

Ma t thews on , /_/>*. ^-^ "J 

580. 17. Syria 'ViVour;^ horn July 5, 1856; iiarried Anna Allen.'> 

5^1. V. i."alter Hill Matthewson, horn March ? -(-e^--^P«->, I8«l ; 

died PehruarT'- 2, 1887. 
5^-^. VI. Kverett Irving Matthewscn. horn Novenber 2, lo'^S; 

Harried January 27, 1892, J'Tabel Benson. Had a 

daughter, 5dith Benson 'iatthev/son, hor^i 

Novenber 2, 1892. 

7^5 4 3 

EMFJilNE ALLIEN (aeorge', i^ilae , Christ opli^r , Thoj.iaQ , 

Jchn*^ , v/iiiinr; ), daughter of Tesccn Cf^cvre Allen and AnfttiR 
Ppink, wag bom Deceriber 14, 1817; died rseptejuher 7, 1885; 
r.aT.ried i^ehruary 25, 1844, Bf^-'TA'-T - t,avtCN. 

'^'^H7y, I. ^Tjioiu?^ Lnvi'ton. 

"34. II. George L3?/ton. 

•"^Bo. III. Dani.ol TiJ^iwton. 

■"3G. IV. Tiiii^fibe/tl-i Lnvirton, 

7 G 5 4 

CHT^ISTCPHh:.?. ALT.EJJ (G60r£:e , TMifiB , Cliristopher , 

.■^2 1 

Thonnpj , John , v'iHiriTTi ), son cf Tiert'oon George Allen and 

Anetips !^i;vnk, was born inarch 20, IP>20; dxerl July ^'G, 184?; 

nr'VTxerl 'iarch, 1846, H/NNAJ-I 'lADlRON who rUed In 1895. 

.'■.G7 . 

CATHRRlNIi] ALLEN (George'', Hilae"^, Christopher", T^-onaq"' , 

John , ■"illl^aii }, dqufjhter of lOeaoon G.^orC'^! Allen and Anstis 

F'ni.nlc, i»-as horn J^epteiYoer 16, 18 o^; r.^rried Kovenher ^5, 1^.46, 

T?IGHA'^To R'^YNOLDS. They rjoved to Grand Travis, Ben-ziie 

County, Michigan, 

Children : 

587. I. Richard Re^'^nolds, 

538. II. GiVoert Reynold^!. 

7 6 5 4 3 

BTNJAMIN ALLEN (George , riilafe , Christopher , Thomas , 

2 1 

-John , v'i. iiirui )^ qon of Deacon George Allen and Anstis i^i'lnk, 

v;as horn January 3, \.P,20; died i^ehruary 11, 1376; married 

HARRIF.T COWr-Tio>I, hor^i ah out IB."^", daughter of Benjamin F. 

Congd.: -net npink y^'^lf] 



589. I. v,'qi+.=T. 0., bOT'n ^'^P'.^yabftr 11, 1874. 

590. 'II. Benjnvnln, boi-n September 11, 1^74. 

591. Tii. riqughter. 


7 G 5 4 

JOHN RPINK AT.L^IJ (Geo\v>3 , r^tln^ , ChriBtooher , 

Thoraag'' , Jo;!}/ , v/iiUfu-i ), eon of Deacon C-earce Allen fcid 

Am^itxs SplnK., v/ag born October 9, 18.TS; rUerl i^ebruory 27, 

U576; ranrrled October 18, lainS, /JINA crt^jcnti:, (lau£:hter of 

Oeorf.'o C. Trreene. He inberited Hope Island where he lived 

several years. He ^old it and riov-^d to Quldnes'sett a short 

tiji.*^ before his ^leath. 


59'^. I. Lulu Vl. , born Ccto''«,'?« ?6, 18G4; narried" December 

^1, 1887, Charle« r. r-eene. 

59.'^. 11. Ann H. , born May l, 1866. 

594. Ill, Oracla E. , bom October ^30, 1870. 

595. IV. j'lllton rr. , v,orn January 2, 1875. 

596. V. John r;. , born ^uly 14, 1875. 

7 6 5 4 

CECROE v;AT-:Rir::j ATJiE'N (rTeor£:e , J^ila^ , Christopher , 

7 p. 1 

Thonas , John , iVi. iiinn ), *5on of Deacon c.eorfe Allen and 

An.stis Spinh, wob born Jnnuary, 1340; carried I'elissa Tourgee. 

V'ont to iTew York Qoon after nnrria£;e. They had two or 

t J ir e '•'. i.'.b i 1 f 1 r en , 


760 4 r> 

KAKV A^N AT,T,ii!H (rTaT'.:'^« , ni.ine , Chrletopher , Thon^^s , 

John', "'illl-'a.-. ), claut;hter of Jraaes Allen f\ncl Pre-elove Pearce, 

wn^ bom 'Heceiii'b-'jr 10, 1HP,0 ; ri^trrlf^d. October ?!?^ , 1840, JAi-ER 

M0NT70E DAVIS, bom ^ebvu^vy 2, 18?:!1 p.t i^ortb Kinfcstovm, t?. t. ^ 

son of Ezra Davis anrl '.lehitable Re^mclas. 


5S7. T. Hettie Dnvi.c;. 

508. TT. Hann-jh J. Davis; married Fayette B. Bennett of 

HO]oe Valley, '^■.. I. C'liildren : Allen B. Bennett, 
Jame8 D. Bennf^tt ana Mary E. Bennett. 

509. III. Mary D. Davi^g. 

60 0. TV. Ida (r. Davig; married ^■.'illiajn H. Oonclon of ^Varwick. 

He vi^s killed by horse*? February 7, 187;j. nhe 

died in 1883, leaving fiong: ^redericK J), Congdo 

a; Id Arthur H. Oon£:don. 
601. V. ■Sjaaa A. Davis; mairried ChriPstopher Allen of ntrat- 

fof'd, Conn. 
JAMES '''ON'ROS DAVIS received but a school education, 
He attended ^\'aghin£:ton Aca-le^ny, 'VicKford, two years, 'v^'l the 
aoaderay 'it Kin£-;<5tov,Ti for the gai/.e len£:th of time. At t]".e 
af'e of sixteen he began the mercantile bu^Biness, ^ihxch he 
continued for a terra of years. In 1849 he encased in the 

manufacture of KentucXj'' jeans ndt?: hiiB brother-in-lav;, Kenry 
J^weet and his cousin Albert S. P.eynolde, and from that tii^e 
until he retir'="1 from the mo?e active pursuite of life in 


1873, cnrrted on ^y very e.xten=?ive huf^inegg. Mr. Travis h?is 

rione rauch for the villn£;e of Davxeville. In 1852 he was 

instrumentg.1 in securinc the est?iblisl'ii'.'i'''-nt or? the post office, 
in 1866 gnd '67 he serveci hie to^in acceptably ns ^. loenher of 
the ^ho-ie iRnnd ARseribly. He has he'in ^ consistent raenber 

of the ■v^i'-lnessett Baptist church since 1839; has been treasur- 
er of the society many years t and a nunificent (5ont"^ibutor in 
all tines of nee*"! for charitable an'l other purposes. Upon 

the rebuil'-iing of the church edifice in 1885 he furnished one- 
third of the fun'ls necessary for the coiapletion of t"ie build- 
ing, and subsequent 13^ purchased the pipe organ, v;hich he pre- 
':ented to the church as a giCt. He has been a director in 

the national Bank of East freenwich for iii'o-iy '/ears and vjas 
elected its president, October IP, I008. 


7 G 5 4 3 

JOHl^ ALLEN (Jaraes , ?^ilas , Christopher , Th.onas , 

2 1 

John , William ), son of James Allen and Freelove Pearce, was 

born -Tune <?8, 18r;7 at North Kingsto^'Tt, "R, I.; married September 

11, 1848 at Richmond, R. I., ESTHER ANN alEaANTIEH of Rtchniond, 

dau£:hter of Alb'^rt H. Alexander. 


60?;. 1. John Albert. 

60.'^. TT. Ella F. ; died in infancy. 

604. III. vviuian s, 

605. IV. Henr</ T. 


606. V. Ray Jfones. 

607. VT. ■Ri.clvn^fi V', 


CAPTAIN HAY ALTJi]N (Ja'aes'^, f^'il^'^s?'^, Christ oplien? , 

3 2 1 , 

Thojnns , John , Willlfun ), 'TaineQ Alien and :^T"*^,elove Pearce, 

v/as bor:i April 30, 1833; r.nrrled ^eptenibsr 19, i860, RUTH 


Childr'^n : 
608. I. Minnie AyX'^.sytovth, born June ."^O, 1361; died 

!? e p t ei ab e?? ?3 S , 1 8 33. 
60f".^ TT. jenniP Bvi-on, bonrt June 24, 1866. 

CAPTAIN RAY ALLEN was for nany years one of the Mogt 
slvillfiil steamboat navigators on Long Island Sound. In 

1888 he retired from business. Resides in Providence, R.I. 

J^A^^ /f^^-^-^ 


•7,65 4 

MARY TijD^Y lINDERiVOCD (Mary , r,ilas , Christopher , 

3 2 1 

Thomas , John , ^''llliara ), dauf;hter of Mary Allen and Stukely 

Underwood, was bom I.Iarch 7, 1851; narried T)ecei:iber 23, 1873, 
HOV'ARD M. RE.ViLEY. She £;raduated frojr. the Iowa Rtate Univer- 

ylty and ?nas been honored v;ith the degree of Mnst-ir of Arts. 

610. I. Bertha Re)nley, bom August 15, 1875. 

611. II. James ^ildwin Remle^r, born T'eT^ruary 24, 1877. 

612. III. Arthur Rejniey, born August 20, 1873. 

613. IV. Alfred Reraley, b07:Ti August 13, 1880. 



MAT?Y T^T.LA AUf?TTN (Lucy , ^.ilqg , Christopher , Thongs , 

2 1 

•Tohn , i"illlnn ) d^iufht'^r of Lucy A Li-m air-i Jqiaes S. Austin, 

wgs born Janu9-.ry 1, 1847 -^t Provt'lence, R. I. ; im-^rled 
Noveraher, 1865 at Dwlght, 111., SIDNEY M. STEVENS, hom 
Janunry 5, 1343 ^t Onton^iPion, Mich., son of ^re'lerick 
Stevens --md Marl^i Chapel, He i?5 ^ machtnist and inventor; 
in politics, Prohibitioni«5t ; in rellf'ion, Adventlgt; resides 
at Petersburg, Va. 
609, I.J'^iaes "Frederic "^tevenB, born October 1'^, 1866 nt 

Dwlght, 111. ; married Tuly, 1892 at DeKalb, 

111., Eyq L. Kliber. He ig nn Blectrical 

engineer; Prohibitionist; Adventist; resides 

at Cenevq, 111. No children. 
609a IT. Ralph ?^teven«, bo-'^n in 1868; died in infancy/-. 
609b III. Lucy M^ria Stevens, born April 1, 1871; narried 

(^eOT'ge Edg«r Bristow.* 
609c. IV. Bert Eugene Stevens, born July 5, IS?.?; married 

Bess L. 'Oor«/in.*i' 
609d. V, ;\lon^o £delbert *^tevens, born October 15, 1875; 

married Alice McDonald. 4- 
609e VI. Frank W-'iriels Stevens, born March 9, 1878 at Joliet, 

111. ; resides at Petersburg, Va. 


609f VII. Dora Ella P.tevens. corn July 10, 1830 at DeKnlb, 
111.; mmrr-ie'l August 21, 1901 at DeKalb, 
Alfred Lso Butler; reBl'leg 'H Chicago. He 
te a 'R.'R, Conductor; in politics. Democrat, 

G09g VIII Daisy Beatrice Stevens, born ^eb^-uary 10, 1887 at 
DeK«)lb; raar-^led "Pebruary 14, 1907 at DeKalb, 
Eliaer UeLoss Dunning; resides on a farrn in 
Cortland Township, 

609h IX. Josephine lUthel "Stevens, bo-^n f^eptember 14, 1888 
at DeKalb; resides with parents. 

6091 . X, Sidney Austin *^tevens, born December "1, 1889; 
died December, 1891. 



7 6 5 4 

MAT?0AR-5T M. AUSTIN (Lucy , ^ilfis , Christopher , 

3 2 X 

Thomas , 'Tohn , wtiiimn ) dauf^MRr of Lucy Allen *ind Jqiaes ^, 

Austin, was born ^ebru^ry 10, 1864 nt Divlght, III.; married 

February ?l, 189? at Joliet, ill., HOBET^T H. MAY5??, bom 

June "5, 1359 ^t Leraont, Cente-« Co., Penn. , gon of John 

Mayes 9nd Ellen Carter. He is a Plumber; In politics, 

Republican; rellfir<. on, Methodist Episcopal; resides at 

Dwi^ht, 111. 


609 J. I, Anna fvlargaret Mayes, bo'-n March II, 1894. 

609k II, Avis Lucille Ma^res, born April ■'^, 1895; died 

August 25, 1895, 
609 1 III Lucy Ella Mayes, bom July 15, 1896. 
609nj IV. f^ydna Austin Mayes, born Jantiar:'- 10, 1898, 
609n V. Janes Robert Mayes, born July I?, 1901; died 

September 39, 1901. 
609 VI. Marjorle Roberta Mayes, born March P.e, 190"^. 
609p VII, Grace Eva Mayes, born March 19, L906, 


614. V. Agile?? "Reial^^-y, 'oo-cn nept<^j.roer .14, 188^. 

615. VI. 'Robert G. Kerr.ley, horn July P2, 1384. 
61C. VTI. Jsnnette ^eralev, -■-^o-^n Reiatei-be-r' ^??, 1887. 

^ 410. 

3 , 7 5 4 

}CDWI^) HILL (Sylvester 0. , C.'Hle>3 , !^tuKely , Caleb , 

o 2 1 

Rebeccs^ c", Tlioifins , V'i.lllniu ), s^on of Sylvester G. Hill 

nnd I'l^irthH J. Dyer, mhs born September 15, 1844 at Ci3icinnat.t, 

Ohio; carried, l.iay 15, 1867, J0r5E?HlN>-: DAY of Rockinghara, lowa. 


617. I. :Pre<i Hill, born Tieoe.'riber 51, 1867 at Muscatine, Iowa, 

618. TI. i^ben Day Hill, bor^i ?;eptenber <35, 1870 at ^evergreen, 


619. i:t. Alice B. Hill, born Jnenteinber 5, 1872 at I'-UBcatine; 

^ied Julv, 187.'^. 


3,7 6 5 4 

ALICE ALL."R:N SPSXCT^R (Maria , Thomas , Saiauel , Thcnias , 

T 2 1 

ThoraTs' , 'John ', "'11 linn ), daughter of Uaria Allen and VrroX 
npencer; married RCBEPT GEDDTS, a physician, v;ho died at 

Children : 
62C, I. Vfiiiiaju Geddis. Live« at London. ."Rng. 


^ , 7 6 C 

TILLIAM GR^EN}!; TOEELOCK (^us-^Ji T. , Thoiaag , Sajnuel , 

4 3? 1 

Thcrr.aft , Thonas , John , wiiiism ), son of Fjusan TillinghaQt 

Allen and Paul v/heeloclc. i-as born October 17, 1836 at Centre- 

ville, H. I.; laarried Janua-^^ 6, 1858, MARY B. (HALL) HAJAC 


who died October r:7, 1895. 

oSL. I. ArmtHT" cn.lnton ^'Hieelook. born ilovejaber 0, 1S5B; 

died Nover.:ber 9, 1864. 
6^;^. TI. Gyron H^ll THieelook, born Ai>ri.l 1.1, 136.1; died 

Tio^^eiaber 1^, 1864. 
62Z. it:. 'Vniifini Green Wbeeloclc, born July 11, 186?.; raarvied 

April ^9, 1885, J^usie t^. Mqnobeeter of Tiverton 

'P. T. They hnve fice children. 
6^4. IV. Annie Clinton -'h-^elock, born June PA, 1864; raarried 

February 17, 1887, ^'aiter Wilson i^ranklin of 

Providence, R. I. They h-ive t^jc children. 

WILLIAM r?HTijTi;T^ to:i51T!]L0CK ur.on rea^hint; r:ifi.nhood evinced 

s. stronr; desire to rove fibout, r:-.d n boot ftr.d ehoe finn in 

Providence enployed hiii ^.s a traveling saleen^n. After 

a term of fifteen years he enf-need v/ith h fini doing business 

in leather belting, ^s t-^qv^iinc s^legii^n, and if^ still in 

th'-it business. 

458 . 

87 6 5 

SAMflHL WARD KiNCr ALLV.N (George W. T. , Thomas , r:aniuel , 

4 3? 1 

Thomas , Thonas , John", William ), son of Colonel Geor© W. T. 

Allen and Ann Tillinghast, ^/as bom January ^, IH42 at North 
Kingstovm, R. i.; Liarried July ^, 1.860 HARRIIET KINCR of 
Jefferson, S'choh^rie C'^-cnty. H. Y. , bom .May 8, 1841 at 
Suitrait, N. Y. , daujht-^r of Chauncey Minor and Lucy B. , 


Chi loir en: 
CPj5. [. Tjiorii!~i8, >)orn April 14, 1B74. 
Gn6. TT. HOfl'p-^r-. , "ooj.-'n April 7, lo7G. 
627. TIT. Lucy Ann, bo-'*! !='oirte?ab'^.r ^1, 1878. 
6?8. iV. f^siinu^l ^vht-'I King, born -Tqnuari/ 7, 1881. 
G39. V. Noriian, born M^rch !";5, 1887; rUed ?>'.rc'n ?7, 1887. 

SAJvtTJEL i^.AT^r) KING ALLKN r6C^iv="^ bic eleiaentary eflncatlon 
'it ta=5 ?]^st nr'^ienw/ich Acrieytiy, "Ubsenuently entere-'l tbe New 
York Conference Jjeir.lnnry, anri pur^ur-i.-i -^ :nore thorough course 
qt Boston iJniverglty. In 1881 he enlisted a.«5 a member o.f 

the llt'i 'J. 8. Inf. and served until 18G?;, being specially 
detailed for detached and recruiting service. He chose the 

bar as a profession, began itg stuct'" wxth II. ^. v.'Hcox of 
je)ffeT.^on, N. Y, and entering the lav ri.(rii->nrtjaent of the Boston 
nnlvorsit3r in 187.", vms in 1875 graduated rro;.i th>at institution. 
He vjfis adrnltted to practice at both the Massachusetts ar.d 
T^hode Island bar, and in 1877 located at East OTreenv/ich, vvhere 
his j^Jioirjledge of the law, unitod with ability and application, 
soon brought bin to notice and caused h\n to be identified 
with T large proportion of the iiaportant cases in the county. 
He entere*-! puMic life in 1884-5 as th-^ successful candidate 
of the Republican party fo-" the ?^tate T.egislature. He is 

also judge ad/ocnte o^ the 0. A. R. for the ^epartraent of 
■Rhode Island. He is "^n acti'i^e raeriber of the '-'. 'F,. <ihurch 

of Hast fTreen?.nch, and has fron ti;r.e tc tir.e filled the iiore 
irjportant offices connected with thft organ! ';ation. 



3 7 6 o 

IIKJH'RY BYRON ALLEN J.\M.cnons ?. , Tho:;in'3 , Sar^iuel , 

-t r; 2 1 ^ev« 

Thorans*, T'lon^.-^ , John', "'llLl;a: ), ^Q-^i of .Niohol-Tis Ti:i.\^3ig- 

hnst nnd ?^n<3^n Consrlon Or'ArainfiT', wns born Aprt.l ?57 , L84B at 

Groton, Conn.; ^Il'vi y^rch .^6, 1875; la^trrlei April 1.1, l«71 

?. .TOf^HipiiXNE ^TAT^.T? of nroton, Conn. Ti^o chllrli-f^n. 

3 7 6 5 

JOSEPH S'l^lWK AHNOLT) (Catherine ,^^ , John , 

4 .'• 3 1 

Thoi^as , Thoiaas , John , ■'aili-uii ), gon of Catherine npink 

anri Hajauel A.rnolri, v;r,.q born De<3eiabfir 4, 1840; raarrlod January 

14, 1863, G^ORCtIANNA 3. AT.L'illM, born H-.^oarubar 1, 1845, rUed 

Janua.r?/ ^9, 13G5; married <5eoo:ad, jM'ay 6, 186G, HANNAH B. AIJjEK. 

Children : 

O.'^O. T. Goo-(:'gf> A. Arnold! , bOi'-n January PS. 18G5. 

G'^l. Tl . '•lusan 4. Arnold, bom 'February 5, 18G7; rr:arri.ed 

CsOr?:'^ H. Cham)lln. 

6'^n. Til. Herbert Ti!. Arnold, born Woviaaber 4. 1374. 

6."=;.';. [V. T^annle k. Arnold, bom October .?0, 1873. 

6'=^4. V. AlTuyra E. Arnold, bo^-n ;;:aroh 6, 188.'^. 

6.'^5. VT. Joseph ^,. Arnold, born Aun.^t 5, 183o. 


3 7 C 5 i 

MARY "fC. ARIIOLD (Catherine , Catherine , John , Thonag , 

.3 2 1 

Th0;;iM-, , John , ;"llli''"in ), dau£;hter of Gather uvi n"f>in>: ■':-:.X 

J^amuel Arnold, wag born ^ebruavy 21 f-cr ^^^^^, 184-'^. ; inarried 

October 2:^, 18G4, JOH>I G. alLhJN, born I larch 18, 1838; drovmed 

off Vne 8loop Hesoluti.0 71 durlnr: the cal*^ of nept'or.ber' 3, 1886. 

Call 4-0 en : 
6?G. I. Jqjnes v/. , bom ^'overib^.r*, 1865. 

637. II. Joseph }:. ho en H'^nt'^.ioer , l" '^. . 

3 , 7 6 5 4 

JOnN A. AR:'IOLr) (Cathe-rln'-) , Catherine^, Tohn , Thoracis , 

7. 2 1 

Thorans , Joh-i , 'vin.ioja ), c-on of Cather^ine Hiylnk a;id S?ynuel 

Arnolri, vas born July P,0 , 1845; di^id "{aT^o/i 13, 1889; nnrried 
Au£^i«t 6, 18G5, JULIA A. TV,i?TJY, horn Deoeraher 6, 1847. 
Child-o-^.n : 

638. [, lie Lite o. T^r^nol'-l, 00 '.-"n Noveinhf^r 7, 1866; rUed 

fi'ehru^.vy 27 , 188.^. 

639. TI. Annie V, A-?noli, horn January 13, I806 (?). 
640.. III. Jennie '•'. Arnold, horn Au£riet 8, 1871. 
641. TV. Irene v,, Arnold, horn April 1, 1875. 

G4'i. V. Eugene T. Arnold, ho^n J^epteiuher PA, 1877. 

643. VT. Lavinia I. Arnold, horn ''arch 17, 1880. 

644. VTI. ■Pre'l'^i.e Arnold, horn Janu(\n'' 16, 1883; dind October 

9, 1885. 


F3TJSAN AT?NCLD" ( , Catherine*^, John"*, Thomas , 

3 2 1 

Thenar , John , Wllliari ), dau£'hte:r of Catherine F^iri.nx and 

Ranuel Arnold, ivas horn Ji^ne 11, 1848; married AU£:u.-^t 6, 1865, 

GTiiO'lO^ A. "LAi^TOl^ vyho raod J^-nuary ?8 , 1845.- 


645. I. ALnyra J. Lav/ton, horn March 29, 1867; narrled 

T^^ehruar^^ 3, '.887, Arha J. Place. 


640. TI. Beni»iiln ^. Lnwton, born ilarch 8, 1870. 

647. iIT. ELua C. T,i.^;7ton, 'novn July ?!0 , 187,^. 

648. TV. hottxp, ^'. L'\H+.on, born Mny ?^, 187!:. 
G49. V. Emelino A. Lawton, bcm July 29. 1377. 
650. VI. "R^rpxlerio A. Lav;ton, born July 2, 1880. 


a 7 G 5 4 

LYwAN H. ARNOLD ( Cat h'^^ , Oat.he.rlne , John . Tnoraas , 

Tjioii!^,«3 , Jobn ', ^Vi.lli'-in ), son of C^ F'pink nnd. Hpiiiiuel 
Arnold, wos bom March 4, 1850 Jr^, narrierl AB3Y E. !^H".R;:aN. 

051. T. Lnov Arnold, bo-n April 17, 1875. 
652. IT, T/rqT.y tt;, Arnol'^, born J^inunry -"^l , 1877, 
65-'''. III. A'-l'LiH L. A.rnolr!,, born July 21, 188". 
654. IV. TUchol^.« Arnold, born 'larch ^., L884. 


S , 7 G 5 

HA^^ON GRAY OTIS (i«ary A. , Thorns G. , John , 

4 .-^2 1 , 

Thosanf? , Vronr.c. ^ John , Wxn-trin ), son of Mary An-; Allen 

and /sahel Otis, v/a^, bom May 10, 1820 in -lorth Klnr.-.stovm, 
T?. I.; died April 17, 1888; narrl*id iiecenb«-^r 1, 1856, MARIA 
TrffiT'lLCCK of Providence, R. I. 
655'. I. ■'^ra.ncis C. Otis, born April 28, 1858. 
656. II. H'^nrj'' A. Otis, 'oovn iJovHi.iber 4, 185'). 
THOMAS GOTTLT) OTI^t"^ (Mary A. , Thoiias 0."", ^JoAn'^ , Thona»5 , 
Thoi^V's' , John , ^''llliani ), f^on of .ilary Ann Allfin and A^iahel 


Otin, v;n<5 hom 'Ivm''. 10, 1B?1; nnvyyU^A. July ?;i, iafi5. O/t^^.h: 
AriicJOLB of Wick.fOT'd, t^. T. ; ju^-rrlefi .secona, KLLA jnJr^JMBORN of 

'357. I. (\p)OV[:e A. Oti.s, novn May ^3, 1860. 
65o. II. rT»-"5".-'t">'Ud^ C. Otis, nO"?n Ooto'cer 16, 1367; r'Ae'"! 
Aup^^t 9, 13 6n. 

659. IIT. w. iTi'lnj: etls, horn ^eo^n^^r-y "?•. 1-^.71. 

660. IV. Jennie Otis. 

661. V. Tnomne C-. OtlB. 

662. VI. ;:ary Otis. 

One c'tilld by seco?iri nnri'la£;p, ; cMod in infancy. 

CHARLCTTTC AU,7.n OTIH^ (Mnry A. ' , ThoiuHP, Q? , Jof.n'', 

'I r> 2 1 , 

Tjio:!i^s , T'lom^i-s , Jo'in , ^'M.lli'-v.i ), riaurhter of '.'ar-'' Ann Allen 

nnd Aeaa<^l Otis, ^vas bom 'inrch lo, IB."^,"^; n^ii-.-.ned Mfiy 2, 1364, 
?0 RTUNATU''' WJB.iiA^D . 


663. I. Olive T,. 'riubb^.rd, born Hiebru^iry SI, 1865. 
6i^4. 11. portiJiHtue nnbbr^rd, born i-Iay ?, 1866. 

665. III. Otl? A, Hnbb^.rd, born May <>? , 1867. 

666. IV. Alert r4 Hubba-^r(, bo^n Aufnst 1, 1870. 

MA'-^Y R-RYf^OLDS AR\'CLT)8 (Pbebe W. , Tho-i.oc! 0."^, Jobn*^, 
Tbonins'^, 7bomas'^, John^, •^^illini'i^ ), «iauf;}iter of Pbebe w^terraan 


out f^tt^ /Ca^^^M/tv^^ f .", 

Allen md. N!5th'-.n A, A??nolri, v7a<5 born Jul^'' 4, IB^l- iiarr.ted. 

Mfl.rCl 3, 1844, THOMAS BATKMAl^, bom AU£:ust ;5, 1817, 4i.ed 

•T-^niiar;''' 14. l'^75. H'^ "'^s High gii'^T^lf-C oif Kant County. 

Chilrli-en : 

o67. r. i\--xr^r v,\\c^, jBatHjrinn, '^o-n JuV^ i.s , 1^45 -•'t }?,nst 

Oraenwifiii, ^. I. ; dlBd n^pte-.-iber 3", \''\(!>2. 

663. Tr. j-nnte Baterm^i, born riece.'aber 8, 1347; mn-r'T'led 

Claranco Butler of ^?ookville, Conn. , n :!ierchant 
of Provi'lence, H. I., i/h'=;r'^ /le 'lied Axi^ust ?17, 
1877; r:nr''''».ed second,. 'Oeceniber 15, 1336, Ei'l£;rir 
M. Bond, of 'Vorcej^ter , llaBS. Resides ^X 

"oroest er . 

LYTlTA AT>TW AmTCLD'"' (Phebe v,,r, \ Thonas 0.^, JoJin*^, Thoia^is"*, 

Tbor..n.s' , Jobn*", i'"llllaja ), rlFiUt:>:ter of ?bebe vVfiterJii-m JJ.len . 

and Nr.tlir.n a. Arnold, T;r,s ^om A^ril, 18^.^;. ranrried HON. LTCIIIS 

A \ 

S. OTIS, born, 1S?!0, In Oblo. 
Children : 
66S, I, C-!»orre Ti. Otis, born, 1344; nnrried ^I^ry Keep.*'' 
^70. TT. Zf^vior L. Otip, , bo->:'n, 1848; j-nrried Adele Cooper.'' 
G71, i'.I. C^^ri'ie ■*^v--f*>**-A. ) Otis, born, 1849; nnrried Olin L. 

G7?., TV. Je-'inie 'F,. OMs, bo-^n, 13f:."^; n-'\rried Charles OounRel- 

67?.. V. Lydi?\ A. Oti'^, bow\, 1356; narvled ''^)V. H^wv/ood. 

ReBi'l'^"=? "^t '!t. Clair, Nev; Jersey. Two childre", 


674. VI. ][f^-^r T. Cz\'3, -v^-n 1359; ^i^-vvx^fl H':^rbe:?t "•'M.i.'son of 

Boot on, M'^.ss. 'nefii'lpi at. Color^f'^lo rr/r-inf'R, 
Co-iora.'lo. One p:on, 

675. Vr';. Nanov A. Oti??, "novn, 1361. 

67G.VITT. Luciiis 3. Otis, 'oo-n, Tae4; riteri, i.8i;5. 

LYTirA Al'I A^L'iOTjTi vrns f)4uoTtP''l nt Kent Acfldeny, >]af3t 
OrT. o (tin \v t o""! , R'lO 'le I "3 L ^n i. . 

HOI. LUOnjr; B. OTI?; v/ac, jnr^r.i.tte.rT to t::e bnr in OJii.o 
incl ii'i^? nnde Tudi^e of the Court of Con. on Ple'Hs, J^aTlusky 
County, O'lio. He corinenced 'ousinepB wi.t}"i "out one dollar 

and in fortytwo years hnd acquired a iriilllon. Ke laoved to 
CMc^f'O in loGO and o'!i''^'i-'^^' '."->-•' l^w of-^ice fo- fi"e brnXing 


3 7 6 5 

C]iT?rnTO?H^!R ILA^TriR ARl^CLfj (Phebe 'V. , Thonap* C. , Joim , 

ThOHi^s , Thoraas' , John', ''■illi'":i"^ ), so^i. of :?'hehe "Vater'aan ALlor 
nnd Ngthnn a. Arnold, was horn Jfinunry 7 (or P) at North Kings- 
tovm, R. I.; raarried Oecenher ^4, 1846, ALriPA CCh}? TIZi.'ST':'!:?^ 
i'?ho died <=-t Chicar-o, 111. ; narried second, Octoh^r 14, .185'3, 
AB3Y F. MAY, born T^nuary 13, 1S3G. 

G77. I. ■'•Yilliaja Arnold; raarried Iris Pond of i^ranklin, Mass. 

v;here the-ir li^fed. They had tv/o <ihildren. 

678. TT. TPfirin.-te Hay Arnold, born neptej'.bnr 17-> , 1860; narried 

and has children. 


G79. Til. Fa:'X1^-. CT^rtruri.e Avno\<\, ■bo:v" ?^'eijt«^-;'.iber 4, I86t-1; ran-crled 

ririri h^.e chll'-'tren. 
'>80. IV. Mnrion Arnold, hovn June, 1878. 

S 7 « 

LUCY li:JvrRT,iT^E AR^TOLD (?h-?06 "^ , Thonnr; 0.^, Jolr^S, 

73iorr*s^, T':o-T.r.s'^, Jo-nn^, '■■i.ilinra"'- ), dnug^-'.ter of Phebe v/qterjaan 

Allen a-vT Nnti-i.^n Allen Arnold, wn.^ born, 18^7; married TPebri.i'-"'" 

'id. \P>Ai^ Jr"?-^ CrTT.omT, B. NTCHCLf; of -•M.cii-ford, t{, i. They 

separated. Jle, tajojig the tv;o f^ons, sottiod at Providence, 

R. I. , v;hiie she, taKlnc th^, tvw dau£;hters, went to CMoarro, 

111. , where she riamled -second, GEORGB M, A'J.ISOl!^ of ^npland, 

rind settled '^t -Buffalo, N. Y. , ^raere he died. He nas an 

architect. Tne married third, DH. JOHN W. BICK^^ORD of 

LOcXport, N. Y. 


G81, I. Charle<3 J". fTi"!hols, born i^ebruary P.(^ , 1845 ^f*^ 


68.?. II. war/ ?5. Nichols, born October .^5, 1846; married. 

68."^. TIT. "mii--ua ^". Michols, born March .^1, V'>lff^Jr^: ria-^ried. 

684. TV. Lillj' ^:. Nichols, born T)ecembHr IG, 1849; married, 

685. V., Annie Alli'5on, born, 186-5^ 
68.3 . VT. Henry Lincoln Allison, bom, 1864. 
687, V.IT. OeorL"'^ .Jc'Vood Allison, born, 1866. 
6o3.vri:i. '^v^.nX Otis Allison, bom, 1869. 



8 , 7 G 5 

SAHAH nR^???IE VLDRED (Caroline , Tao;a-is 0. , JoJi:i , 

4 3 2 1 , 

Tnora-'S , T'lori-^.s , Jo^an , v.'i.ii.i;-u-i ), fif^-urhter of CRrUline ;\li.Hn 

an'-l IfSjUaoel Til L'lTr'od, w^ug bom ?»a':>r'unfy ^?;, .183G; iriarried 

SHRC-EANT GECKGE K. C.WJT^CH who ^vas ■KiLlerl l^nroh 14, isep. r,t 

^oi't Royal. H'"i v/a? a jiy^n^'ber o.f r^oneral "Gumsi'io? '?"':'!">'=!'"'!.i ti o"i. 

s:ia raarrlerl second in 13G8, HEWTrY M. COFFIN of Nev,' "fo.rk City. 

Oh 11 ''•'.•' en: 

6?.9. I. Henr;r O'luroh, 'lorn, 1364. 


7 6 5 

""'•^rrj^iAjvi v'ATD-i;/.^ ATiL-iW (Daniel G. , ThOj-vas G. , Jolm , 

■ 4 - r» 1 , 

Thomas , Thoin<-:<? , John , ^nillnrn ), son oi" Dfinlel f^'Ould Allen 

and Arapinda ¥atorT".^n Allf^^n, w^'^ ho'cn .»iay 1"^, 184?); juarTr'iod 

February 17, 139-^, A. i^Ll.a Rt^ynOL^S, dqurhter of wilbu.:" n. 

Reynolds and LncT-et-ia . 


^90. I, Tif^-«-^r r^oui.d, '--ovn Ma:"i': '^G . 1893. 

5 "5. 

3 7 6 5 

CHARLTiiR H^C^^RY. ALLEN (Rjanlel G. , Thonay G. , John , 

Thoii-c^-, Tho.'aa'i'^, -Tohn'^, ' f Lilian -*• ), son of Daniel Gould Allen 
nnd Manda \Vaternan Allen, vas bovn .Trdv i, 1844; narried 
Kcvember 13, 1877, N-PT,!!!? LClTIfjE CLA^P of Po-.nfret, Co.;n. , 
born AiJ?.'i.l 1, lo;3o at A^i^thonsT R. [• 

OhildT'en : 
691, I, Hov/aT»d Y'^-T^on, born Aut;unt 15, 1878. 


^KANK v/ALD.T^N AT.LJ^'iJ^ (Danl'^T r. .^ , ?ho}aa.^ c.^, John^, 
Thoinns , Thoja^.s"^, John , v/wiijui^ ), son of Daniel r-oula /llf^n 
nnd /jiifinin vfat'iman A.ii'^n, wag boi*n JuL^^ 10, l^5\] riaTTled 
%'ovenb»:ir S, !' ' ' :r '''OTc^^Tter, M'Ibs, 

C'lii. I'i.T^'^n : 
G93. T. "^r-unX; 'l\-?d in Ln-fancj'-. 
69", II. Lillian Aa^.noLo. "oorn Deceiib'^r 51, 1334. 
694. III. C^itherine, bom J-inun?y ^0, 1386; dleri July P.^ , 1887. 
635. IV. Joseph Stuart, bo-n Ootob'^]? .16, 1339 

^T^A'IK "/ALDON ALLEN w«\g e'l.uo'^ited at the »?t nreoniTLCh 
Ac^.'^ler.i'"'. /'t thf^ "^f^e o.I" •5^37 3! it '•)T' h*^ le^T*n*^'l the fT^m on''! 

flour business "^t H-^.^tro:?'!, Conn. He afterw-^rri bec^^aue inter- 
33tnd in tha i-*of-lr:3rntor bosf bucinG33 which ho still orriss 
on at Pntterson, Nev; Jer'se-'-. 

5.^9 , 

3 . 7 8 5 

DAf^AL OO'TLD ALLJtlN (Dg:iie\ G. . Thoiuas 0. , Joha , 

4 3 3 1 

Thon^-s , Thonas , Johi-i , ''.'llli-vrO, ^on of "Oqniel noui.1. .Allen 

finr!. Am^Tflf. v/nt'^n;i"'n Allen, ^''as bo.TTi neoteMbe?? ?,, 1854; lanrried 

woveiub-.r 1?, 188.'^, .UAY AHNOLT), daughter of Colonel P:tephen 

Arnol'l of Appon^ug, t?. i, 

Chil'l.-'^en : 

696. I. [nuo. v:- o;r:: ^-^^otejnber 30, 1884. 


Thonas'"', -Tohn', v.M.iitvaa ), dauc'itRf of Harriet .Allen nnri Cipt. 

f^nnuel ^^hi^/rM-in, wos born Jannnr^/ ?^o, L37;8 PH^; :i^r"'"iftd 

•Tnnu^iry 13 , - i/ ^ '^O i Y ) lUNI^SL gALir.JTITJY. 

G97, I. Nellie S. Salisbury, bon January zo , 1359. 

698. II. T^rank A. Sqli^bury, born ]>.ro:-i ??:^, IBGO. 

609, III. Mi^.ry ^Clln Snligbury, born Ko^renber 1, 1864; married 
Henry YO'^ng. Two -sons: Kov/nrd T^ayriOnd Young, 
born April 19, 1887, qnd R?ilp?i n.^iisbiiry Younr, 
born Heptenb'^r 9, 1889. 

7CG. IV. Hattie B. S^llgbury, born t'^ebruary PA, 1873. 

HAH^T^.T T. 3AK'I!T? (Ha':'riet ' , Thon'^.s G.", John , Thonms , 

3 2 1 

Thorni^g , John , Willirsn ), dn\:i£;hter of Harriet Allen "^nd Capt. 

nnrauel niie.rraan Baker, v;a« bo.rn Anru^jt 13, 1840; raarrled 

JAIvRS W. CxOOWiN of California, born J^ne .89, .18--. 

r-vildren : 

70 1. I. Ja)nefi v/iins Goodv;in, born June ^9, 18G4. 

70-2. II. Allen J. Croodv/i.n, born Januar/ 17, I8ri7. 

7 r: "^ . T ■ ^; . ^ v> - -A\ e L . Goo dv/in , b or n J uly 17, 18*38; di e d 

DeceiUber 3, 1868. 

704. IV. Go'^per H. Gojd-vin, ^^o-r-n December 30, 1870. 


37 Go 

J^A-nf^L n. Pik^yM, JR, (Hn-?r*iF)t , Thorr.fis n. , John , 

4 .? ? 1 

riiona.s , Thorr.?;8 , Jonn , ^filli-Rii ), son of Hr.ri-if t ''Horn find. 

Cnpt. rjp'.inucl ^hor?:ian Baker v;a<3 horn Aui::u<5t 4, 1B44; narriod 
JO !1^?HIC'I1 MAX:^Ii'LTl of ^T^rren , t^. I. 
Chi 14-? en: 

705. I. Oharle<3 C-. B'akor, born April .^9. 1368. 

706. II. Hlran M. 3aXer, '"^orn October ?4, lo70. 

707. III. ^^elle A. ■S^Xer, born Jr^niifiry ^1, 1871. 

703. IV. iVait^-.r A. -I. B^Xer, ''^■ov"^ June 10, 1880; dle'l 

8 7 6 5 

HAR'f^ITilT ATirfuriTA Mitj/^it^ (P;itlence , ChristoiOier , John , 

4 •? <? 1 

Thora«s , Thoiaas-", Joh'- , Wl Lli'-oa ), dnurhter of Pfjtlence Allen 

and ^7111'."n Alex^.nier ■'tiler, '-as^Tjor-n July 9.7,. 1P"7 -it 
■ont-o''.on, -leKnib Oountv, 111. • :..'irrled. J.-muary ?.! , \<'.^S'- "\ 
P-3K'iib, 111. IHAAC L/CCNA^D "filTJi'-VOOD, bom Aunxst 5, ^'^■'^ p-"^ 

Herklne?.' County, i^. 
iroh ueionf;. 

cinrinf^Ti eT'l, He-^v.lT-iei- County, M. Y . ,. son of Abr^jn Ellwood an^l 

Ohi.laren. all bo-'.^n at DeKalb, 111;^ 
709. I. Wllllari Leonard Ellwood, bom November 6, .1859; 

nnrrled JenrXe Mr^y A 11 en. "^^ 
''10, IT. Ha-^riet M^iy i^llvood, born Ka.rch ir?, 1861; :.iHr.ried 

.Edv,'?ird Tjlyinceton Mayo.'> 
7 11. i'li. Mary Patiences T^lUvood. bori I'lroh 18, 186?;; married 


7.13. 17. GaKli^7 DnygeT't }5l\woori, born Aupugt 2P., 1866; digd 

Ooiooer' 5, 1873. 
713. V. -Tessie Millei' }^ll«;ood, oorci Fe':^"''ua.r-.'r 9, 1869; 
nm.vvxed .'Benj'^iran i^rn.nX.l-'.ri Jlr^y,.'. 

7.14. VT. 7jV^\n '^^vvy >]llv;ood, bom AU£;nst 10, 187,3; a-.v.'— \b<1 

T.U'-U Ml7 CrUrlHT'.-V 


3 7 ,-. - 

WILLI AH KFAiW "•IILL^'R (^-xtxenoa , Christopher'^, Johii^, 

4 3 S 1, 

ThOTifR , Thona=? , John , ^vi. i i-i. ;yi ), gon of Pntle'ice A.llen ^md 

Willi an Alexanc'y.r J'CliQr, 'vas born Au£;ugt 8, 1839 at Kingston. 
DeKalb County, m. ; j^nrrie^ Tieoenbnr ^7, 1863 at OeKal"), 111. 
■lARTHA ANxf ri^'VARD 'vho w/ag born at Albion, N. Y. 

Children, born at rieKalb, 111. : 

715. I. •VilLi;Da LomIs ■tiller, born J^eyterdber i;^, 1384; ^-^"A^-/. 

married Minni*? Rhodes of Cleveland, Ohio v;here 
he gtill resides. One child, died In infancy. 

716. II. Edith Vaur;han J/ilLler, born June 39, 1867; laarried ^ 

John Leonard Alkire, (at DeKalb, IlLl One 
child, Leonard Henrj'' Alkire, born January 11, 
1888 ^n Tjenve-", Coio-^ado. 

JOH 1 BRADT^ORT ALLT^iy*^ (John , Christopher , John^, Thomas'^ 

3 2 1 . John , ^"''lllian ), .son of John Allen and Mary Bradford. 

was born' iyt^ 184 5at^^^«r*^:.R^JL.; iaarried,YWf»«-, MARTHA L. , < 
BOWEN of PhenisyT^ Residerl^ at v/arwiolL <M r i gnnt . -.i1?Triner^v ^^^^ 


He Kept ^ <?to-ce at Rivef Point for tv/enty -/fiare uririei^ the 
ftrra nane of Nichoi<? ^md Allf^n. 

718. II. 3essle •^-' oJwSnA.^j,>A -^X Ri.v*^r Point, R. I. 
■719. HI. John .Bradfo-fd^ l-^ny-ViA^ rVtct^ lb, ll^^, 

ORLANT)0 P. ALL"^N (Anos C. , ChristoorviT? , loh >. , Tno:;is , 
Tho^n^s''^, John""', '■71111^,.^ ), son oC A^nOB Carr'Oll Allen t^t.c\ 
Hai'-rlet Keiupton, horn .i)Hco);hor 1??, ifiD.O; uaiTirid, L885 
LIZZIE MC^ART-iAND of "Vorcestf-jr, .•■li^^ss. 


730. I. Charl'-.'S Pr-ncis, "oorn Jnnnar7 ''-'^t 183G. 


JTISTUn T.]i{<5KlN]f3 AT.L-^N (A}riOg 0. , Olirlstopher''' , Tohi"^, 

4 /? 2 1 

Thora^.9 , Thoraas , John , "Mlli^.i:'. ), son of Alios Oarrcoll Allen 

and Harriet Kerapton, w^c; horn Jme 6, 1859; ia"T»ried }'arch -JS, 

188*5 TjT/tTjA C'HiRT-RTrm!! HTijniiiRHTLL Of Worcester, 'lass. 


7<;i. I. Hattie "^Jd^/ina, horn ■Oecemher ^•■^, 1886; died 

'4oye;uh6r 1, L895. 

7?.^. II. Mattle Justlna, horn T)ec=imher ^o, 1.888. 

S 7 ,6^.5 

JAM.hJS vhaNCIJ: ALLKK (Wllliara H. , Christoi^nnr , Jo.m , 

Thor-ris"^, Thoj'ias"^, John^, ^niliaT;-'- ), son of v'iiiiaTi Henry AlL^-r^ 


and }.i^rr,nvf,t ]i31eano.r Patter^sorj, ' born Janua.r3y 29, 185.^ at 
DeKalb, III.; nar-rler; Ju't^ ?l, 1.883, tIi^la M. THA'/^R. 

7?'3. I, cTanet 'ranceg, bom ■Oec^niber' \2, 1885. 

ANNA MATILDA ALK^^N (Alonso''', Jjaj'iu-;!^, <To:in°, Thon^ns'*, 

"2 1 

Tboraag' , John , imiiain ) riqufjhter of Alonso Alle'i -vvl 

".ll^alieth 'Rush, was born June 5, I85o; raarriefl Ilarch (or 
■Nfovr-ab^r) l'^, lP,-'j7 SY'Rlfi iVTT/euR j/iATTH:^VnoN, born July 5, 
1353, '5on of An-ia ^.ill^a Hill/yK-l^^anrl Hyrla vrnbur Hatt,he";gon. 

7^4, I. I4a Allen ;>^atthewson,, born July IG, 1891. 
T'lOMA?^ GKTi;ENH MATTH5"\'nOH'^ (Anna 7.. , Lucy A. , John^, 
Thcinag'', Thona'j'^, John^, im ii--r:i-'- ), son of Anna ]i:ii.'.?a Jlill 
and. Syria ''.'-i.lbur vlatthe^son, ^^as born Novejab'^r 5, 1854; 
7.narrled Tiove]ub'=?r 9, 1881, C^^ILIA M. MA^ITSON. 

V-^o. I. An7ia Maria Matthev/son, bom 'Oecenbor 19. 1883. 
O'fjorf;^ Hill ■'iatth>^vT«5on , born i^farch 4, 1886. 

fi^^ -^ WN>A.V. ^ej'^w^^C^^V..^ ' 

l^qa^^i^ 669. 

3 8 7 G 5 

r-T^criCrTT; L. OTIS (LyrUa A. , Phebe v/. , Thoraas a. , To'.n , 


Thoraag , ThO'Q^\s , Tohn , '-Yillin.Tr. ) son of Lydia An~\ Arnolri 

and Ken. Lucius B. Otis, vias born i:*' 1344; married Wove:ibcr, 
187?^. '4km KJIV,?. He has be^n cashier of a bank at Oilcaso 



3 7 6 5 4 

LUCY MARIA STEVENS (H^vy TiJllq , Lucy , PLl^g, Chfigtopher , 

3 2 1 

Thoni^.s , Tohri , willl^n ) 4^ne:ht^^r of Mary Ella Austin and 

Sidney M. Stevens, was born ApT-ii i, 1871 at Dwl^TTit, 111.; 
narrled March ?0, 1898 at DeK^lb, 111., GEORGE EDGAR BRISTOW 
^ovn June 1?3, 1860 at Cveston, 111. He is a Veterinary 

Surgeon; in politics. Republican; religion. Baptist; ^esldes 
at DeKalb. 

I, Joseph "idney BriBtow, bom June 1^, 1899. 
II, Dorothy Lurena Bristow, bom September 5, 19C0. 
Ill, Ella Margaret Brietow. born March 16, 1904. 


BERT EUGENE STEVENS (Mary Ella , Lucy , Hiias , 
Christopher , Thomas , John , wiiiiara ) son of Mary Ella 
Austin and Sidney M. Stevens, was born Jiily 5, 187."^ at 
Elwood, 111.; married in 1894 at DeKalb, 111., BE<^S L, 
DORWIN. He is an engineer; in religion. Baptist; in 

politics, Republican; resides at Hararnond, Ind. 
Children: #^ 

I, II«rold Sidney Stevens, born '"'ebruary 5, 1895. 
II, Cora Evelyn^, bo^n March 2^, 1899. 



8 7 6 5 

ALONZO EDELBERT ST.EV?ilNS (Mary Ellg , Lucy , Hi las , 

4 3 2 1 

Christopher , Thomas , John , "M niMj;! ) gon of Mary ELla 

Austin nn4 ?^i(i.ney M. rit'^^ens, wq^ born Octob'-^r 1^3, 1875 at 
Elwood, 111. ; married in 1899 at Chicago, ALICE McDONALD of 
DeKalb, 111. He ig a machinist; in politics, Republican; 
in rellEion, Baptist; resides at DeKalb« 

T, ward AXonzo Ht evens, bOT.-?! November ?7, 1899. 
II, Eva Viola Stevens, bom November 13, 1901. 

^^^rvutZu^^^ ^^4^ ^^^f //^^. /r-^-22^^.^^_^ 

qov'=ir«l year*?? , finci hns 'VM.'^'iised aon^.x'lPiv^CoX'-) v;e?ilt,'ii, On^ 


9 3 7 G 5 

ZAVIOT! L. OTIS (Tiyrii'^ A. , Phebe W. , Tlioraas G. , Jorin , 

4 7' 2 1 

Tlionne , ThOK'-'S , Jolm , '"llliaia ), son of T.vfUn Aim Arnold 

and Hon. Luclu? B. Otis, vv-qs born In LB4''-! ; dteoL sUrTdenly 
J'ma?,r3/ ?;8 , 1839 fit Chioaco; ra^.rrlerl ADSLE COOPjTR. He vro<5 

in tbe •^^"'-- '■ -i tv vi r. mfi-ier. One child. 


G 3 7 6 

CARRIE ~B, 4^?-*r4 OTI?^ (Lyd_ta A. , Pliebe W. , Tnorc.Rs G. , 

5 4 r> r 1 

John , Thomas , ThOjuaR , John , Willian ), daughter of Lydia 

Ann Arnold nn-l ?lon. Lucius B. Ctiis , v/as Viorn, 1849; narried 

January 9-, 187S CLIN L. KIEACH^lK vAo died at Mt. Cladr, Kev' 

'TevBhV, She re^^side^ at Chicago. On<^, daughter and one son, 

Luciu<5 B. "'eacheji. 


9 3 7 G 5 

JETJNITT E, OTIS (Lydia A. , Phebe ^>'. , Thonas C. , John , 

Thorcae , Thoraag'' , John^ , Wllllaj-i ), daughter of Lydia Ann 

Arnold and Hon. Luciue B. Otis, ^'as born iv \85^ ; juarried 


C hilar en: 

7p.'7, T. Charles Counselnan. 

7.'58. II. Edith Coi-inselnan. 


9 8 7 

WILLIAM LEONARD ELLWOOD (Harriet A. , Patience , 

6 5 4 ^ P> 1 » 

Ohrletoplier , John , Thon.ns , 'hcj;.-.- , Joir; , ''riij.i.n-, ) 

?5on of Harriot Augusta Miller and Isa^.c Leonard }^ll-wood, v/as 

born Nove^Tiber 6, 1859 at neKalb, 111; i.iarrled July PA, 188.3 

at DeKaVo, I Li., JBrJJlPj i',IAY ALLJ:?!, bom Repteiaber IB, lar^.'^ 

— n A/ ^ f ¥i ...*— fiM^-^ 

C'llla^^ri, bcri-n a^: MerOilb, ILL.: 

7??9. I. Jessie Jean [Flllv/ood, bor?! Aiignst PP, 1884, 

7/50. II. H'5r^iet Elise Ell'vood, bom Ma-'/ 15, 1886. cu ^ 

q 3 7 G 

HAR:RI.h1T may ?jL'y"COT) (Harriet. A. , Patience , Chrietopher 

John°, Thoiaaq , T^ioriag' , Tobi , '■ftii\an ) daue^bter of Harriet 

Augusta filler and Isaac Leonard jrilt^ood, v/as born Warch IS, 

18G1 nt TieKalb, ILL; inar-^ied April 8, 1897 at TOeKalb, 111. 

BD'7A^lD LIVING^TC\' i-'AYO, born June 16, 1843 at Rrrcqinore, 111., 

died Marcb ?3, 1905 at DeKalb, 111., son of Edvrard Leonard Mayo 

and Unily Hoi den. He ^"as ^ pb7-=:icia>i and su^^feon. Resided 

at DeKalb, 111. 


731. I. Sdv/ard Leonard Mayo, born October 6, 19C0. 


9 3 7 

MARY PATIT^NO: ^LLWOOD (Harriet A. , Patience , 

Christopher", John', Thojuas^, Thomas'^, Joh^\^, v'tniroi ) 
rtriurjhter of Harriet Au£,usta Miller and Isaac Leonard Ellv/ood, 


w^.e "oorn Vi^voh 18, 1.86."? at DeKalh, tit.; died Deceraoer -f^ 2>2- 

• fo? fi?» . 190^ gt r)eK^\lb, 111. ; -.nrr ir-d QritD'o^^sr .1, 1884 nt 

DeKalb, JOHN HENRY LE^YIS, born Novenber z"^.", 1853 at Cortland 

N. Y. , eon of Jqnes Xen^on Lewis ^.nd TiOulBe Marie F^-irgeson. 

Tleslde^ !=t TIaK!";!!:), 111. , «v;aere both children were born. 


7-?, I. Jr'raos ■'illl^vood Lewis, bor^i Noveinber P^ , IB.-l?. 'Ux 

V"^"^. II. Hnr""iet Louise T,e?;is, boiri February So, 1895. 


9 8 7 

J?!;S?^i:^ MTLTjT;"R ELLwcori (Harriet A. , Patience , 

Christ ooher*^, John , Tho?:ias , TnOK'r- , Jolm , vvi.iliaji ), 

daurhter of Harriet Aurueta Killer and Isaac Leonard Kllwood, 

was born Feb';i.'.ary 9, 1869 at DeKalb, 111.; married May 28, 

1890 at T)eKalb, 111. . B/^NJ.^jCCN FRANKLIN RAY born, 186??. at 

Rushville, 111., eon of W H. Ray and Mabel Tolle?3. 

Pf^o-ijip) F^t Denver, Colorado, J^o CA-v^. 

987 6 

F.RVi/TN PERRY ELLWOOt) (Harriet A. , Patience , Christopher , 

John'\ Thona?;^, Thomas' , John , v'i/Qify-i ) eon of Harriet 
. Augusta Miller and Isaac Leonard Ell^vood, v;a.s born Au-iist .10, 
1873 at DeKalb, Illinois; maitoied «epte4';ber 6, 1878 at DeKalb, 
LHLTI MAY CtTjRT.ER, born M?ky 29, 1874 at DeKalb, daughter of 
Henry Benjajuin Curler and Relina Rolnh. In relii";ion he is 

a Christian Scientist. Reside at DeKalb, Illinois. ^4i«-2v 



The followinc f\.v^- probfibly i-iescendants of Wllli^^n Allen , 
ABIOATL -ATjTjTiiN, dqughteT!' Of Cr^ieb Allen of No.rt> Kings- 
town, born, 17"^3; lied, 1792; nnrriRrl, 176,3, af? hlf? «5econ4 
wife, CHAmjVc; TILLxKOHAnT, ho'm April 5, 17 R9. They had a 

^on Pardon Tillinghaet, oorn June 8, 1763 ^/ho married Mary 
f^weet. C Greene? of P.hode Ii^land, page 1"^9, 3 

JOSHUA at,l:s]N, Bon of Gnlnb, of North Kingstowi, carried 
Septenber 13, 1750 at Routh Kinsstom, HANNAK WATSON of 
Jeffrey, [ Vi.tal Tjecords of Rhorie Island. South Kingstown, 
par'*5 1, J 

UA^Y ALLEN o-t^ Nort'i KlngHto^Tn, laarried March 9, 1777 at 
South Kinicetovrn, 'Robert ^3ro'7nin£ or south Klncstovm. [Vital 
Recor<ls of ''hcle TRland, South Klngsto^.-n, pnt^e l.j 

SABAH ALLE1\', daughter of Joshua Allen, born 1765; died 
May 2, IS?? in 67t>i year; n'-^rried DAVID ORTrTijNB of North 
Kings! ov/n, >)orn Woveiiber 4, 1760 at North Kin£'stovm, died 

September 1, 18.'=?4, eon of David Greene and Elisabeth , 

"Another accoiant states that Davlc r.:. ''r-vrh r\r\x. of Jeffrey 
Allen, a Ifevolutionarv Soldier". 



: ^ ^^' /i- <^— -'- /T'^^ K~-y^'^ rf,3, 


I. Davifl Greene. boT-n June (o?- Jfinuary ) 4, 1736; mpr^^ierl 

II ann ah ??."?■? . 
II. "SHi-^fibeth rrr-eene, noT-n Mw 19^(or 17), 1.737; n^-vx-ied 
Chnnrl-tn iFat<?on. 
III. Jo^hufi Allen Greene, born DeceTTfoeT* 1-'=^, 1788; mar-^led 
Abbie Dyer. 
IV. Joseph Oreene, born April PA, 1790; nnrried. j-'pry Kcrthur;, 
V. Oqleb '^'-vf^'^.ne , born H^rc/i 15, 179?; ii.firried. r^arnh Ann 
VI. ■Reynolds Greene, born ,T^-nuf\nr 13, 1794; ra-'^'-rried S^irah 

VII . Thoinag Gref-;ne, born J^inuary 8, 1796; married Phebe 
VIII. "/illi'Tra Greene, born Aunast ?, 1797; married 

IX. Benjamin Greene, born July 4, 1799; died r.epteiuber ?21,1800. 
X. ^^T^y\ Greene, •bor'n February 1^, L8C1; married Robert 
XI. Hannah Greene, bcm December 20, 1802; married Robert K. 
XIJ;. Benjajain Greene, born May 5, 1307; died November 25, 1818. 

rf~ /? 1 <^ J* A v_l ^ • — — — 

^ MERCY ALLEN, wife of Caleb, died at llorth Kingstoi^n. 
July 6, 1782. 

JOHN ALLEN died at Kiddletovm, ae 92 yre. , November 8, 



JOSH'JA ALLSN died. Hi ^lorth King.stovm, r'overaber 6, 3.786, 
J^A'nn^L A,T,T,Ti:W aieA at Middl«town, ae. 76, Mnrch ^-2, L79B. 

[ Vital Recorrls of Rhode Ifi.l^.nd., XII, p. 37, j?ron Newpo::?! 

Mercury. j 

SARAH AT,T,Ei\', wife, of Cfileb, filed at Prurience Isla'-.d 
Tune o6, 1771. 

!^kh.'^.3 ALLTilN died at Prudence Island, Oajjette of rlarch 13, 

CHRI^TOPHT^R ATJ,EN died at S. Kingstovn, ae. 75, a 
Revolutlonari'' soldier. Move;a>)er 5, 1319. 
[ Vital Records of Pliode Island, vol. xiil, no. 110, 115, 
from Providence Oa'^sette, j 

CHHTSTOP?l?,R AT,T.ji:A% deputy for Kinestovm, October 27, 
1703; 1707; Lieute-a-n, 1711; Captain, 1714; Lieutenant-Colonel 
of Nort.ii Kingstov/n, 17*^4. 

WILLIAM and JOHN ALLEN [ ^ons of v'illl.ani.No. 3j of Ports- 
mouth, adjuitted freeraan '^ebrviary, 1723-4. 

v,'ILLIA;m anr: JOHN ATJ,.FN [sons of Williaia, No. 3] of 
North Kingstovjn, a^ljiitted freeiaan May, 1733. 

JOHN ALLTJIN, Jr., captain, Caleb Hill, lleute-.ant , JOnKlTA 
ALTi?i]N, ensign of 2nd co. of Porta'aouth, June 13, 1757. 

MR. THCK.AH ALLTilN, deputy for Warren, Hay, 17 B7. 

THCMAP ATjTPlv , LpT'obably No. 24 j deputy for Barrington, 
1773, 1774, 17R0. 


THOMAS ALLEN, cnptaln o.f iSarrington corapany, 1775, 1776, 

THOMAS ALLEN, captain in Col. Cooke 'g rQglra^nt. 

THOMAS ALLEN, captain in Ist battalion of infantry/, 

Deceinber, 1777; 'i^ebruary, 1779. 

C Reeorag of the Colony of Kiio-ie Island, Vol. .'?, p. 479; 

Vol. 4, pp. 19, 113," 168, 350, 337, 481; Vol. 5, p. 439; 

Vol, 6, p, 5?!3; Vol. 7, pp. 205, PAl , 351, 519; Vol. 8, 

pp. 65, 349; Vol. 9, t). 1.P3. ] 




JEREMY GOULD , son Of Richard Gould of Bovin£don , 
County Hertford, iilnglnnd, wfis born ahout 1581 p.t Bovlngton, 
EntrL«^nd; died 1654 or 1655 fit Devon England; narri.ed Noveruber 
^7, 1604 at Cheshain, County Buokfi , Fjngland, PRISCILLA GROVt^R, 
who riled after 1655 at vhnt Iq now Mlddletovm, Rhode Island, 
Rhe was the dnurhter of WllLlain Grover of CodiTiOre. They 

resided '"it Newoort, 'R?iO''!e \f^\'-''^'A , 

?,. I. Mary; married Wllll'Tia Jeffrey.'"* 

.'^. IT. Slraon; living In London, 165-'?. 

4. III. Thomas, born about ier:?5 or 16n3| married Elizabeth 


5. IV, TirBTiel, bo->-'n about 16?!5; na-^rled ^^'alt C 0£:£e shall. •^• 

6. >/■, John, born about 16r!5 or 16.?^6; carried i'argaret Hni^t. 

7. VI. Henry, baptl-sed July 1^, 1631 at Aston Abbotts; 

probably died young. 

8. VII. Daughter; rr.'^r^led wiwij^fj withlngton. Had son, 



JSHSI.rf OOTTLD vv-'^.s asse^-^eed xn Xdp.T^ fo^* property tn Hilton 
«nd Wegton Turville, Co^jnty BuokB, ^nglp.nd.. In the reglgtry 

of in«^rriQge >ie Is called son of Richard noniri late of Boving- 
'lon. January PA, IC^l he wag witness to the will of Alice 

Lucae of 'V-Lnrrave, County Bucks, T^lngland. 

He cajae to Nev; England in 1637 an'l perhaps tarried for 
a short tine with his brother Zaocheus at vveymouth, Mass. 
He ".-as in T^hode Lsla-id as early as 1633. He was arlnitted 

a freeman at Nevroort, at the first tovra raneting ever held at 
Ny^jport, i'^ay 20, 1638. "1638, Nov. 20. Was ajnong those 

admitted as Inhabitants at Navfoort after this dete, " On 

January 38, 1639 he was mtness to win of Henry Russell, in 
v;hich Zaccheus Gould was trustee; a^d In 1639 sold land in 
Vi'ejmouth to his brother Znccheus. "1641, Jlar. 16. Freeman' 

?^ni\Xir tradition states that he went back to England and 
returned in 1642, bringing his ivife and three children — 
Daniel aet. 16, Thomas and John. He settled in the part of 

the island which is nov/ ?{lddletov.'n, where ""-onie of his descend- 
ants still live. 

In 1649 he ^^as on a cojnmittee (composed of yl person from 
each tOTJffi ) appointed "to examine son-e votes brought into 
court. " 

lie "/as elect^id to the Colonial Asserably several y^ars 
TJhile here. 

His wife dieii. Ister t'lan 1655 npA wns hixrie'l in ^n 
orchard on the .fpi^Tin wlilch he had. given to hi? son John. 
Soon fiftefward he returned, to }!3nglrind, Ke wrote to Job 

Lane Jijne 6, 1C54 thnt he intenrLed. to return to New Enplfnd, 
in r-'.no+h'^r letter he speaks of hi.«5 -^on Rimon then, (165/5), 
living in London. C^-ould Oene^.lor?/ (1895), v). 19.] 

There ie no evifience thnt Jeremy Gould ,v/as ever a non- 

conforjnist or v/as ever In any way allied to any sect. There 

is no evi'ie?ic9 e^'nn that he was a member of the li'riends 

nociety in Mevport, up to the tirae he returned to England, 

about 1655, which sect by that time had beoone not only 

popular but ni>inerous In the whole colony. 

The Fi^{'lish ancestor's of Jeremy f^-ould for eix jtenerations 
6 5*4 3 

'^re -^s follovi/s: Hi chard , Hicharyl , Richard , Th0jr;a<3 , Richard 

Thomas L^iee nould Oenealog^/ (1895), pp. 19,1^0.] "Upway 

Manor", the place of his nativity, and the family coat of 

arms held as ^n heirloom so many y^ars , all indicate high 

rank and intelligence; v,-h.iie for more than a hundred years 

tills fainily married '^"id inter-married with the most noted 

people in the coion^r of ^hode Island, 


MAW GOTILD , daughter of JerftT::y Gould and Prlsoilla 

Grover, died after 1675; married about 1640 "'TLLIAM JE^^FERAY 

(or JETi'-pRTiiY), born, 1691; died January 2, 1675, son of Willlan 

Jefferay and Audry Harve^/. 



9. I. Uiivy Je.fferay, born March ;50, 1642. 

10. 11. Thoiaas Jef. ferny. 

11. Tii, Fiusarr.P! Jefferay. 

12. TV. Pri.scilla Jefferay, bom 1654. 
l."^. V. oarah Jeff era/, born, 1656. 


THOMAS CtOTTTiD" , son Of Jeremy Ooivirt nnri Pri.'=!Cllla Grover, 

was born 16;??? or 16??; rlied. AUfjM'^^t p.0 , 169.?; married. June, 
1655 T5LIZABSTK COnropc-T/j,L (divorcee of John Coggeshall ), 
youngest ^laughter of "Gillian Baiilstone (or Baleton ) of Newport 

and Elizabeth , No children, 

THOMAS GOULD wae probably adnitted a freenf^n in 1645. 
He wag corporal, 1644; elected to military offices in Newriort 
in 1654. That sane year he was chosen one o:^ the six com- 

missioners of that tovm to transact the affairs of the four 
towns that then comprised the colony. He held this office 

until 1660. Tf'reeraan, 1655, Mar. 2S, 1657 he bou£-ht of 

Koshtosh, Indian riachem. the isl'^id called by the ''iJnslish 
"Gould T'sland". In 1661 he bought a farn of three h'andi'^ed 

aor'^s in 0.uidnes<?ett, in the Narragansett cointr^'' (now J'lorth 
Kingstown). He doubtless built a log cabin and placed a 

man there to fence in his farm and take care of it generally. 
Afte?» a whdle a one-story hou=e was erected ajid additions were 
made until it becane one hundred feet long. Daniel Goiad, J: 

raised his familv there and so did Jeremiah, ^.i-=. son. An 


enclosure vi^s built of 'o-^rberry "oufiiies on the east nj-id south 
sif^.eB of the door yivl two zy? three ficres XfiTC^.. The seeris 

of the barberry v/ere i.nported. rron T^:n5:L'':ind, The birde 

carried the seeds north ?.nd west until the bushes reached as 
f!^r ^s the Connecticut Tfiver. At qbout the sni-ie time seed 

wf5s brou£:ht from ;5n£'lnnd nnd planted in F.alei::, jMrjss. They 

becgjne so n->.i":e-r.ous in Middletow.Ti, T^hor^e Isl='>nd, in 1766 that 
the Oenerol Assembly p-iss'^d '^n "ct to h-'ve then destroyed, 
[Colonis^l T^ecords of Rhode Island, Vol. 6, o. 509.] 

v'];en his residence ■■'.•■^ts '^t ^evv'port he vjns elected to the 
Colonlnl Asserably --nd '=,fter he settled in o;jidnessett he was 
several tineR Assistp_nt and Deputy for Kingstown; constable, 
Kinfrs Tovm, 1670, June 20, 1670 he vcas sent as constable 

to sei^e '^ny persons pretending to exercise jurisdiction in 
llarragansett on behalf of Connecticut. in 1670 he was 

elected oo.iiTiissioner of TickfO"':'d. 

Soon p.fter his settlejuent in the Narrapi^msett coi^ilry 
he v'?)c; much harassed concerning the jurisdiction of hi,s farm. 
The Rhode Island Colony clained the territory from Pancatuck 
River to the Narragansett Bay pr.d so -did the Connecticut 
Colony. For seventy ycirs (Professor Crrftene says) it wag 

in dispute. Thonas Oould and Henry Tibbitts possessed famis 

on t}:e ll^ri^agiansett Ba3'',and Henry Re^molds on the upper 
Potowonut T?iver. They '7e""e confoiAiided to know the jurifs- 


diction to vihxr/'i tf-ioy '-lelont;^'"!, "hey confornierl c^naralJ-y 

to ■Rhode I gland ris ^i riattp,?.' ol" preference. Thonas rrould, 

iiavino livedo, at w Newport would of course cLing to the cclcny 
he hqd learned to love. Tibhlttg and Reynolds p'ould u^^ite 

vrlth Could because he was a strong nan and a nan of influence. 

The f'-eneral Court ^n*? ad;journed from "Pettaquanoscut" 
to Thomas Gould' s- house in Acq^iidnessett , May 19, 1671. 
Benedict- Arnold was ^oyernor, hut the coi;irt was held by John 
Clarke, the. Deputy Goyernor. There v;ere six AsslstantB, the 

Secretary of state, the Attorney General and the General 
r.erreant. At this court May SO, 1G71, Thomas Gould v^ae 

chosen Conservator of the Peace a)id Lieviterfnt of a nilitary 
ccr.pany. The object of this court v/nc to engage the people 

to stand by the colony of Rhode Isl-nd by a oath and 
to ass^ore the peciAe th-^t it T;as not the purpose of the court 
to deprive then of their ju^t estates. 

May ^0, 167.'^ he sold to John Cranston of Kewii/ort, for 
,C??0, Gould Tsl^^nd, half now and the other half at death. 
May 12, 1674 he sold to John Cranston the whole of Gould 
Island for full satisfaction. 

May S, 1677 Thomas Gould and others petitioned Asseiably 
for instruction, assist '^nce and ^.r^vice -'^s to oppressions they 
suffer under fron: the Golony of He and others 

were arrested in th'^t year and taken to Hartford and imprison- 
ed. Their release was der.anded and the prisoners coi(.prciai>5'ed 


by proKii'sing to ^irlhore to Connecticut. PlPintinf: tine 

coinpelleri then to ^-inke that cojapronlee. 

'Tune IS, 1C78. Thomg f^ou.ld wne ^.e^^iin appointed 
ConBervFitor of the ■Peace, 

July 29, 1679, Thorap..s GouUl and fortyone others of 
Nnrragansett petitiont^d the King, praying that he "would, put 
an end to the^e differences about the govemjnent thereof, 
which i;;ith b«en 80 fatal to the prosperities of the place, 
aniraogities f?till arising in people's r.lnds as they stqj'id. 
affected to this or that novernnent." 

Newport had becone a place of note and trade early in 
its settlHucnt. it increased rapidly in population and 

v'ealth. Thomas f^-ould and his nephevr Daniel, carried on !> 

lucrative business between Quidnessett and Newport for nany 
years. They raised sheep, c^-ttle and horses, besides corn, 

oats and v;heat, 

Deceiaber C, i6o9 he made ^^. agreenent with his nephe?/, 
Daniel ^-•';.ld, by v/hich the latter v/ns to pay to Thomas Mould's 
'"ife, .Elizabeth, "IlO a year for life, in lieu of all her claims 
of land in ^'ari-'agansett. 

169C. Deputv. 

ICO."^, 'September \^, The wifiow beinj; desirous of being 

with her child-ren, her husband's nephew, Di'mini Goiiid, engages 
to pay her ^10 a year for life, as agreed v.'ith his uiicle 

Thomas, v;ho he says h-'d dece^''?--*! ''■^"' '■■'■.'^ soth of Augrist. 




DANIEL CtQtjlD , son of Jereiny nonld. nnd Pr'tsciLl^ (trover, 

wci!5 born in 16?;5 nt Ne'vpo.ti't . RhodR Islnnri; (\.\^^.ri March 26, 1716 
f.geil- 3C yrs. nt Nevrcor't, R, I. ; m^.r'riefi "Decein'oei* L3, 1651 f\t 
Nei«,"io-t, "'AIT OOar-EPlHATiL, born Repteiaber 11, 1636, dlerl July 9, 
1718, dfiught^r of John Cop;£- •-="-■. .0,11 rv,,- .-rr^'-. 
Chilriren, born '^t Newport: 

14. I. ".''^^ry, born. March ?., 165.'^; nmrried Joseph rrye.r, or 


15. ■ II. Thoraae, born ^''ebrnary ??, 1664-5; married Elizabeth 


16. Ill, Daniel, born October PA, 1656; narried Mary Clarke, •■;• 

17. IV. John, born \{^y 4, 1659; carried Sarah Prior.-]. 

18. V. Pri'-^-cilla, born June ^0, 1661; died January P^, 1689 

at Newport; inarri'^id John Kart. 

19. VI J Jeremiah, born 'lay 5, 1664; drowned at Nevjport, 

April ^7, 1666. 
PO. VII. Jajaee, bom October lo, 1666; married CathPi.rine 

PI. Vlli. Ji^reniah, born ^^ebruar^'' <;, 1668-9; died August, 1670 

at Ne^vport. 
PP, IX. Coninnt, born April .?8, 1671; died September 3, 17.^0 

at Nevrport; riarried Jo^nn whitpin. 
P.'^, X. Wait, born "'ay 8, 1676; carried Joee^ph Peckhain.v 


T)ANi:'i]L GOULD settled on fi ff^m wlilch his father gave hira 
in Mlddletown. TViIq fH"'.T.i \h h^-'\1\ held ity hi.s descend^ntg. 

He Kas corcnrls'5'i-cne.? in 1656, 

The exact tine -^frinn he made Xnoim Jiis chri'^ti an faith is 
not knowj. Mary ''•'Isher and An'^. Austin were the first friends 

that oa.'ne to this covaiti'^''. They arrived at Boston froia 

IMgland In 1656, They were imprisoned five v/eeXs and sent 

h'.ck tc rt;n£,i"nri. He joined the Quakers, enibraoing their 

vipv/s aisong the earliest <5f those who i-inited ?/lth tliat .sect 
in 1659. w-j.ixiJ5ri Coddington, Mary i>/er and Daniel nould 

were the three persons ^/ho organiz-^d the ^^^iends society in 
Neiii^ort. In a panphlet of his, relating to sufferings of 

Marraaduhe Ptevenson and '"illiar-i Fohin«on in Boston (they 
belonging to the saiae sect as .Daniel f^-ould ) he nnntions that 
after ooirAng f'r-on Saleri to Charlestown ^lerry '• neets Us 
a constable and a rude company of people v.lth hija, and takes 
us all up (about ten in number, besides the tro banished 
Friends) and after nuch scoffing and nocking exajuinations, 
all of us were led to prison, and Ood doth >.nov;, vvho is a Just 
rewarder of all, hOM' hamless, peaceable and innocent we cane 
into the town, behaving ourselves in nuch fear and humility 
of r.iind, yet notvrlthstanding, being Quakers, to prison we'nust 
go, V7here ^-e remained some d?iys. " Seinr. criticised as a 

"Dumb Devil" v/hen he refused to b':^ led Into speech, and they 
sayinf he was sir.iple and igno-^^nt, beguiled and led by others 


laore subtle, he rvnswered: "If you thi.nk I rijr. ^inp.13'' beguiled 
nnd not "Jlllfully in error hcv/ have vcu showed kindness to nie 
or v;her6 has your love ''.ppaared to help ne out of the ignorance 
qnd delusion you suppose T hfive fnllen into"? "Do you thlnK. 

you'^ prison ";hip ^nd base us^ige '^re the way to I'^.o it? is 

that the wqy to be£rin vvlth to restoi:'e ^'r/ one ^-^on. the e^^-^or 
of his ways?" Then song on-; cried out that 'he is more 

knave than fool'. Then. I nns^'")-"ed af:ain and said if I hold 

.ay tongue I '';.i a Tii^-ib Devil a fool and ignorant; if i spe»3X I 
a.n. a knave. After this '^^'ichard Bellingharn the Deputy 

Governor, beini" full of eni"/ , said to ne : '■I'.'ell, n-ould ^'■ou 
shall be severely whipped' , vvhich aft erv-rorde done with 
thirty stripes upon- my naked back,, being tied to the carriage 
of a great gun. '■■ And this is ny comfort to this day, and I 
ble'^s the Lord for it that ray sufferings "i'ere in great iniiooencc, 
''here v/ere five v/hipped at the sarae tine, tvo laen an'"l three 
women, the nen having fifteen stripes each, and the v'onen ten. 
After we were whipped we were all led to prison, where our 
lodgings were with our sore backs iipon tl'ie boards, i^'^here v/e 
remained until after the execution. " 

In the 8th month, 1669, the Qu^irterly neetings of Nevnoort 
sent hin to Maryland fo-" t'^e first tijne. He sometines rode 

o^K horseback, stovi-ing to hol'l neetings anoTig friends after- 
noons a>^d evenings on his way. In his Journal he gives a)i 
accoi;int of his first voyage to Karyland. Jle says: ''It 

ple^ised the Lord to n^ke ne. find good favor rr.r. ixiy trnvele 
find l*ibour wer*) ve.'rr/ euccespfnl wherever I went, and ni'' return 
home was in the end of 166S. " Ma^r, 167.1 he v^^nt on his 

second voyage tc v?;ryland. On this trip hf^ had John Burnegai 

for ills traveling coinp^-.nlon and often spoke of hi.s "good, 
o:)nforta>>le tines". "^ojaetlmes he had 's'riends on t.^.e^ ^-7ay to 

accompany hira. rteveral tiraeg he went to '!a.!:'yland, Philadel- 

phia and as far south as Vlrtiinia. 

He T^'as Deputy, l67??-3; Assistant, 167.V-4- 5-; Tie var, 
taxed Z2 lis. 9d. , 168G. April 1, 168", ?.rrlved in Me^TCort 

on return from fifth voyage, y/hich included travel in Maryland, 
New Jersey, Delavvare and Pennsylvania, the distance aggregat- 
ing 1987 railes. TJovenber 1, 1687 he started on his sixth 
voyage to :iaryland. His last journey was made in 169."?, 
3y that ti?ne the people called Quakers h«d becO];ie quite n'laaer- 
ous. The doctrine Daniel Oould disseminated in /lis journeys 
took root and grew. societies v/er^ forned and meeting houses 
wherever there were people and a convenient locality. 
October 1.- 1G93 iie was retii-^ing f^om his last trip and dated 
his letter at i^^'iri^agansett : "i ivent over the v/ater in a canoe 
V7lth Old Place to Canonicut, and lodged that ni^jht at Joseph 
':lowry's". He ceased his journeyings at 70, >i..t did not 
close his ninisti.-^r i.intil a nuch later date. His faith i-tpr 
strong^ and UTa^^averiiig. The ri\:yit he dif^d "ne f-aid tc Elder 
John Collins viho was with hiin, "Oh, jGl:n, wliat I hav« been 


profff-iring is ti.e truth. " 

]:fiT.£;p-r'p-t C-ould HltcJiQll, the rrould ^d.Rtorlan, ri.ves -m 
interesting account of tY.xH aesiducus lii-'-ai t^.ken froia the 
jrlnute'5 of his 'leath on tlie ■Records of fi'ie ti^rienris of ■Rhode 
Island, '''onthly Meeting, page ;^4. ■ It reado a.s follovr^: 

"Daniel Gould, aged ninet^r i^ears, departed tJiis life M.t 
his ov.n house, in "tievport, ^.hode Island, on the twent^z-sixth 
of the ninth month, 1716, and was huried in the friends' 
burying gro^^d •nef.ti' the ineeting house in ■'lewport. He hore 

a faithful testiiiony for the truth he posse-ised, both in 
f?uffering many stripes in Boston and with frenr;ent testimonies 
in public, and finished this life in n ^^nll asstcanoe of Life 
Eternal which he signi'T'ied on his death bed and encouraged all 
to beiieve^n^lv-aKin the saiue yuth^^^^ ^^^. ^iU^ /^..^ 

April 9, 1716. Inventory, ^^OG 17s. appraised by 

Jonathan ■H.chols and Panuel Rcg>^rs. 
7. - 

JOHN nouLT), son of Jeremtft*!' Gould and Priscilla Grover, 
died after 1680; married MA^^GARET HART, ivi.riovT of Edvard. Rhe 

died after 1671. No c]\ildren. 

vrhen he v;as old enough his f^-ther settled hiia on n ff^-'TX 
about four jailes from Newport, in vvhat is now called Middle- 
town. His mind seem.s to have ru". to public eraployi-ient and 

he wf\<3 jgeveral ti' es elected to offices in the colony as well 

He v/as adi:iitted 
as Ne\^port. ^^freejuan. May 17, 165."^; Commissioner 1655, 1657, 


\(:C:\, ICfjP.; Depi^ty 1664, incrj, 1670, 167.^, 167.^^. 
'[••■y 1-"^, 1667 he was O'l. n to make a v^t^. levy of 
!Il50 for defence of the pl^^oe agnlnst the enemy nnd for 
supiolyins defecte In prioon, stock -^n*-' poimA, and nountine of 

rr^iaqt J^uns. 

ApT^Tl ^0, 1671. He receiverl fi letter of this rUite froi:. 

Brir^prsoe?, i^ifned your cousin (i. e. nephev/ ) Peler Witherington. 
M'ly 14, 167 p, he ^' the novf>wior, Tieputy nnvemor pvA ^''alter 
"lir>-e were appointed- to dr-'V/ up instructions for f:e Tiiiode 
If.lf\nd 00Eirai8oioner«5 x-ho ^ere to iieet s conmiittee from 
Connecticut , 

■necei;;ber 3, 1674. He and his orother Tinniel \?ere appointed 

overseers of their hrother-in-lav/ ^''illiaii Jefferay's v/iil, 

Home tme about 166?5 or 166.'^ he bouf-ht r tract or mnd 
containln£: about one hundred and sixty acres, boujided on the 
south by a hi£/hv:ay, on the west by Irnd of Henry Hei'/nolds, on 
the north by the ?otcv;oinut Hiver and on t>ie east by l-^ind of 
■"rands '-•-inly. in "fter years he deeded the pl'.ce to hi.s 

brother Daniel, who i'^ turn deeded it to his pen Jaices; J^riep 
df^eded it to his nepliev; -Terejiiah, vho aft erv/ard deeded it to 
his son 'Daniel. 

John nould doubt les-^ di^^d rt his ho^.e v;ell stricken in 
years, and \^as buried ^it the farr.ily bvi-^vinf f"^oimd in Kiddle- 
town. The family account states that, having no chil'-'ren 
of his ov,n , he gave hi<r estate to his br'other T;t 
T oh.n . 



MAHV aoULC' (D^iHiel^', .J <-,ve:■<^\f«^ ), ^lauthter of Danlf^l 
nould f^n-l v,'ai.t Cof;£:*?s'i'ill, v.^^, born Mnrch r., 165-'^ nt K6i?,Tpo-t , 
P'toi-le Tsl-md; die.d -Tanu'^xr'r 9, 169C nt Nevirpo.ft ; carried June 22, 
1672 J0?:5?H jiiRYt^R or BRIER Of '^fjvvyort , born, IG45, <i.i.efl 
Ji^ay 21, 17C4 af'^^id. 59 yenr'v!, Tbey nvere rciarrled. ■'=,t t/ie b.o'use 

of Governor Corirunf^ion. ' ^eorce ^ox r.nri jo/ti .'ilubb':' v^ere 
present nnfi. signe''! the marriage certificate v/ t'nirtyfo'ar 
One chilli: 

24:, I. Kllzab^itji r.ryer, bo?-'n -Tune IB, lo8;>; nnr^led. 

April 8, I'^'lS , Joseph .^Sorflen. 


?> P 1 

THOMAS GOULD (T)anlel , Jerenil^h- ), son of r.anir?i Gould 

and Wait Oog^-e shall, v/ns bo-'^n i^ebruari' ^.'^, 1654-5 at Nevrport, 

Rho-Te r-sl-^nd; died Karch (o-" Hny ) 11, 17.'54 aged 79; rcai-r-ied 

Janunry 1^, 1690 at Portsmouth, R. I., JlT.izABSTh .'vXv:^ , bor-n 

F!epteraber 15, 167,J5, died '-^arch ????, 1759 and "was burled In 

Clifton t-^ave^'ard. "ihe v/r,,3 t'le dau£:hter of Jacob Mott of 

NewpOT't and Joanna niocuii. 

Chll(j-:*en, born at T^ewport: 

"5, T. PrlRCllla, born "'•ib'^viriry -", .l'>v)?), 

^6. II. f'arcy, born December 1", l''J94. 

27. ill. Daniel, born Deoer.ber IB, 1G96. 

TjB. IV. Thomas, bom Deceiaber 1, 1698, 


no. y. Joanna, born October S4, 1700. 

■^0. VI. jROOb, bom ^Tov-JMbHT? 2\, 1704. 

"1. VII. ^lll'^fibeth, bo-^n May 4, 1707. 
.■^^. VIII. John, born F'ibTU^r^/ 15, 1703-9. 
•^•^. IX. J'U'ie<3, born July 5, 1711. 

THO'iA- PoUT.T), on ibe 4ep.tb. of h-i<? f^tber, .inherited fill 
tbe boraestenrl est 5^16 cont-^lninc nearly tb-^ee hundr-^i'l acres of 
excellent Innri.. He T>a<5 T)Qputy lf396 to 1703; 1704, 1707. 


■"^2 1 

DAUIEL nOTTLD (Daniel , JereriV-**- )♦ "^on of Dani^.l Oouid 

and v,'ait Coggeghall, 'vPie* bom Cotobp,r ?4, 1656 at Nevniort, 

Kln£:stovm, P.. T, ; nnvvU:(\ KATJ^ CLAKKE, bom January 11, 1661, 

aied Aurn^t IC , 1711, riau£:btp-r of ^rniter Clarke and Content 

rreeiu^.n. ^be jr.arrie'i second, ijm.o''- ohapiaan. 


'54. I. ITary, born March P2, 1681. 

•■^5. II. Jerer.iiali,.bom April 2?.^ 1683; n'v—\-^ --.-;.,,. v,^ + v v..,^, 

■^6, III. r)Pinlel, born n^cenber 22, 1686. 

37. IV. Thorar.e, born March 2Z, 162?. 

DANIEL COULD, J^. , 'lap, settled by his uncle, Thonas Could, 
in culdne6S'::tt , at the Gould's <ount fani, and lived with 'A^:- 
'jncle. His vife was the daughter of ^''alter Clarke ivho was 

tv?(^ntyone "ears Deputv Governor and three iz-ears Govern o.r o" 
tbe <^olony. His son Daniel i"'^>-= sf^.ttled in Nevmort and v/^s 

connected in business v/ith his uncle Thomas, in Barbadoeg. 


JOHN CrOTTLD" (Daniel' , JeTeialp- ), eon of Daniel .:-... '. 
r,-\r\ VTitt Corr-'eBhrvLl, wa^ born Mqy 4, 1659 ^^t Kfii-vyor't, R. I.; 
.I'.'-^a March 5, 1704 a'i4 waR bi;rle,(l iTi CUfton ■bu^.-^^• g-^ound; 
ranrrled /sufuet ?0 , i6Bf5, "^ati/JI PT;ior, bo-r-n Octob'^r, 1064, 
riled after 1714, dauLV^ter of Matthev; Prior a'vi. liary. '^be 

nsrrisd spc.oiid, Coverno'^ it'^i+ov. r< i -.^^lo^ 

.?8. I. Mary, born Novera>^er. .^9, l6o3. 

^9'. TI. Wait, born May .^8, 1691. 
40. Ill, Harah, born I.Iarcb IS, 1694. 
'■-1. IV. Contert, born April ?5, 1695. 
42, V. John, born Ancu-st 19, 1698. 


•^ ? 1 

JAi.RS acuLD (Daniel , JereiwB^ ), r.on of Tani^l Oould 

and Vi'ait Cog^/e shall, T^;af? bo->'n October l''^,' 1C66 at Nev,i.ort, 
H. I.; died at NeTirr.ort ; married Catharine Clarke, born Pev. tejti- 
ber 6, 1671, died January P.5, 175S, daUi':hter of Governor T'altei 
ClarXe and H^mnah ?^';ott. ^.hn inar-^ied second, Nathaniel 


^^. I. J'jjuey, boi-n June 14, 1.696; 'la-'r'rled J'ari^ Rathbiin. 

Hi<^ "^aufihter Mary, na-"ried Benjamin Alny of 
>'evTcrt. f5}ie wa?? reri }.nov<n af5 the landlady 

of a prcjr.inent lioardinf;: houae in Newport a-'td 

Oener^.l ^"nc;Vij-ir-ton Ti^.c, once hev {'iueet. TheiT- 

'i.wurhtRr ^^tience, r.i'w^xeri /Ufustns Jo?'.nston. 

44. 11. wnlt'^,r, oox'n Apr-*. I J?, 1093. 

3 2 1 

WAIT G-OTJLD (Dgnlel , Tpi^r^nWirr^), rlDUf'hte-r of Daniel 

^ronlfl vvl ■.•f\i.t Ccf-f-eRhnll, Avag ootti Ksiy 8, 1676; rU.ed at 

Newport, n, I.; raqrr'ierl -TO^^tcPH Pt^CKHAW, loom Karch 8, 167S, 

riied January 14, 17?;6, son of JoVm Pp,c};h^jjt anc" Tarah . 

CTilli'lrR-i : 

45. I. Peleg PecX/:riirj, born I^ay 1, I'^IO. 

46. II, Daniel pRclchan, born Novenber 4, I7ii, 

47. III. v/ait PecK'irj-i, born Ijecejuber ?]9, L713. 
43. IV, i.'qw/ Pe.ckharn, born June 29, 1716. 

49. V. n-.rab Per-.yj:..: ;.. ^ 

J^JR^KIIAH OOtjld'* (Oaniel'', .Danie'/', Jera-:V^4*- ), qon of 
Daniel Gould and Harv Clarke, vjfi*^ born 2P<^. 2 rxnth, 168.^; 
rlted July 7, 1740; marri'^d ?:LI5;AE.^TH t-''AT?D vrho .-y.Pd in 1747. 
F;b« i?;as the '1au£':hter of Tboii'^? Tard of';ter, lilnrlanr'.. 


50. I. Parah; married TCiianuel Nortliup of Kingstoxvn. They 

have '-■'escendantfg llvinL'. 
-51. II. Mary; -Tiarried Jabez Oreene.*^ 
5S. III. Catherine; died aged about hO or ^5 v^j^re. 
5-'^. IV. "RJlisab^th; married Jar.ies Grer-:"^e,'!' 
C'l. V. Waits; ;.-iarried Thoi.via Eiflred of Quidiies^ett, North 


Klng-qtovirt. Tney live''! ^I'l'l dlRri on the 

!^he rLled July iG, 1754, leaving no nejirs. 

55. VT. Ruth; nar'r'led. (^'•^ovc.e Thonns of '•acK.fOT'd. .Terf^jaiah 

Rr.ri Allen M, , ^'e^e •ieBC'^ni'i.r.r.ts of thei'.rs. 

56. YXI. Hnm^ih; r.-ir'^led Henry Wall of ^''tckforrl. They h-v/e 

rleecend?^nte Itving. Iiani.el wjqii, ir^te of 

'■VickfOT'^l ■■''^.s one. 

57. VTTI. Daniel, oorn 1717 or 1718; narried Mary Fry.-;- 

J5B1CKIAH ncirj.E inherited the landed estr^te of hie f-.ther 
in Quidne'^c^ett hy vn/i.l. There Vi -i tradition in tjie fp^jrilly 

that D-miei Ooulo V'^s wll-.ini:' fvom Greenvjich to hie home end 
his tv,c f^ons overtook hin on horseback, Dnniel offered to 

take his father on behind, but -Tereniah dismounted and offered 
his father his horse. This v'ps accented. The father 

discovering i«:hich son loyed ^-nd "^espected hir^.tlie laore, v/iiied 
all his fana to Jerejraah. Hov/ever true thi-? the 

ouidnessett famiB M^ere ^.•ill "d to Jeremiah. 

ileing f.-»Pndson of D'^'niel Ooiild, the Quaker preacher of 
isewport, his love nnd veneration fo-':* that society i-.f^re verj'" 
gra^^t. He v/a-'-, one of t/ie ru^nbers v;ho hi.iilt the Friends 

meeting house ^'.e^^r Paine 's nill in '^nst areenmch, in '1700, 
and vrjit^ for eighteen years clerk of the nonthly f:nd quarterly 
meetings. The records are plainly )f;ritten. His penraanflhip 

Tvas ver^'' plain and beautiful [or - • i ^/hlch It "'/ns -rttto 

He v/ns- obliged to re-.!;"'; t;ie office in 17.39 on of 


He 'ws^s f\ ''list in£;uisl-':id. nan in V^e colony of ■^'lorie Island. 
Tiepnty. f'or Kings tovm, 171G, 171P, I7i.p, \7?l, North Kingstoiwi, 
I?.*?? , 17.^8, i7?0, 17-?, 17?'5; ClerX of the Hon^^e, 17;?1; 
Assistant, June, 17^!^, L7?;/? , 17?:4, 17^G, 17.';6, 17"7, 17"8, 
17."9, 1740; '^peaX--?, \7^7, Ke n^^'S elected ^ Justice of 

tlie Inferior Oourt of Cora' -.on Ple'is '"o-:* Kinr-sto«7n. ('r.-rtt-.-v^ri-r-ri 
"''~-<=!?nin£;ton ) County for tvo yen"»:'s. 

He lived in nuchlove -'.nd h^nnony in his f'^nily nnd v,-j.tli 
hi"? neich'jors. He died hirhly respected bv the people of 

the Colony '-nd )nuch Inmented. He v-f\<i, buried on the .'/0"unt 

firm. His widow vins huried beside hiLi. 

?he will of'^h '^'Ould wf^s 'written ne^irly four years 
before his de^nth. The -(^irst d^^y of July, 174C he -tdded a 

codicil. Hi.s in-/entory "r^.s tnken the IGt'i of the snjp.e 


After "ois dehts were paid he ga>/e to ?nis v;ife, ?lH?*ibeth. 
one-h«lf of his -^eal estate ns long ns '^^he rera'ined his widow, 
but if she should n^^rry ^£;Hin she v;as to have thJ.rty pounds 
per aiini^un in lieu of 'nt-iv <lovjer. J^he v,r?\!? to hp.vp: the slave, 

Rachel, Inventoried at seventy povjids, also one. f'-iatiier h'-;d, 
one-half r,r thp. household furniture, 'ind the .best ridinr beast. 

He f^ave'to his son Tlaniel, the other half of ivis real 
estate, a^id after his raother's death all her dov;ry v;e;nt to 
hill, his heirs and assigns forever, and the rest and residue. 


He w«s to vvf n:\r?=ih 'Tort'iup one ffocl cow, the negro 
■/'\-"\ cf^illed '^eggy whic'i «?he h^'A =;lre?\rly r^ce/lve.rl. 

He "-'-!, s to p^.y 'V^i.t "f.: tr;r..-ri twentv po-uj-iri.P! in noney and the 
Te£.;ro t-.tri Juad v/iiich she h^d already receivid. 

He wjjs to pay ^lUth OonLd (then uniTi^r'^ied) tvi-o h^^^ndred 
and flftv ooundg, one feather hed, four 'silver gpoons Marked 
n. ^, , and on^" rl';"'.n£ oeast ■'"1th some other t.hln£y. 

r[f, i!rp,s to pay Hannah Oould (th'-^n univrried) tivo hundred 
and ftftv pounds, four ^11^'er spoons marked H. (^-, , and one 
ri' hes^st nt her jr^rrlage, or I'-aen Bhe sshall arrive at the 
fi£'c. of ti'vent" vears. 

The two unmarried ones were to li''; \^ . • .'-'.^' I'/lth 
the Mother ''ov\ lorother as before his death. 

Tlanlel Oonld vjnn to pay the grandson, 'Tf^jT'enlah nT»eene 
tv/enty 'jound-s f/hen ''.•^. "•r^i^'es "t t.he age of tv7entyone. 

Hjach of his other grandchildren were to have a Bihle 
at the cost of tv^ent" "--'■■".■-. -- ^ '" — are capable of 
iiaklng fjood u-se of it. 

In the Codicil he t^a«re to f^^'rah ten v-oi^dR nore. To 

'"r-. it tv'entv ooun -s rio^^e ^^'^ to Hanj"' h sixt^r •ooim'ls rcore. 

-5 4 3 ?. 1 

UAJIY GCHTiT)' (Jereniah , .Daniel , Tinnlei. , Jerejui*^ ), 

daughter of" Jere^niah nould and Tjli'^ahet}. ''/ar-d, vr^c j-ri—ied 

February iv, IVSG to JABJCS: CrRj^lJilN]!: of Potov/onut , T?. T. , born 

July ?56, 1.705. They h^-ri. t^«,'0 -^oriR an4 one '•ic.iirjTtHr. 

4 .-^ - .1. 

]STilZAB^7]{ g;:ild (JerRmi.?ih , Dfmif^l , .r)r.n.l«^l , Jera-.i'^^ ), 

ilauciitHL- o.r To^oi'ii.'iA OouLl ^,."/f. Eii-^fibBth ii'ard, duKl Juli' 1'!-, 

l?-'"^ nnri v/f*«? prob^.bly bTiv.-i_eri ti. Potowonnt NecX; narrxeri 

T^eb'run'-y 17, i.7^7, JAii^<5 c-r-h^-tntj; of Pctovor.nt , ho^n Ai^ril 2, 

1701, 'Ite'^l, 17?]9, son o.f Jnbe^ Oreene. He v'a*^ a p>iyslc">.an. 

He raorrled. second, H«nn=iii, ^K.u::itR->^ of Abrahswa Tu-'Aer? o.f 

One ■_ 

53, I, J^TTiies ^Teene , bo??n Hecein'beT' S, 1730, 

57 . 

? .r; 1 

DANIT^L ooTrLD (-Te^-ei'iiah , Dmniel , Bnnxr.i , ,T.:jre?ni«rfT- ), 

son of Jeremiqli OTOuii. ^nd ■^CliK^b^tJi Wavd, was born f-.bout 

17 L7 ov L7 18; r'aed Cct'/n-i-' 8, 1745; i:ig-?rled T^eb-un.ry 7, 1741. 

i.!AHY pTfv, ho-n July 1."^ (o^- 15), 17???, aierl Jnnuary -"^l, 1790^-^ 

• d'^ug'hte-? of TuO.'Tios ^ny {'^ori of i^eputy Trover-nov MajO'" Thoiias 

'^"cy ) and. Ua'P'r o-reene. -be ;r;an''?led seoo.nii, f^ieiJtei.ibe.T "1, 

1749 Captain Benjaj.iin n.-r.-iene of •'— - -.^. "- ;., R. i. 

Chlldnen : 

50. I. Maw; navT.-i_fvi^,Tor_ri Allfin. . [Ao./o^ Hr 

60. IT. Tlioraas, born May 1.-., 1745; died ijijiarrlHd^^-ff'^'^''^^.^/^'^^ 

DAU^I'i^^T, noULn grew to mnhood under the wHtoh.ful o^re of 
•■) •.ind. npi-jo-; -T r=-'t r.- + ^',~., Thp, Pf, ,=..^ r^ris Qf t-'f> Rbc-^.e Isl.'^nd 



jlonthly li'^otln^' of FrlensXs. 'spe^jk o.f him tHug: '•D?inlel, f?cn 
of ^U)vov.\\^.h ■^•■nr!. T^ll'^aheth Goulrl, v,'r.« p. pfoirilslng younf r.^n, 
noro 30 thnn is oonnion, oeln:: of n. Graceful ^"o^-^, oy.nyvolent 
(-'.i sn09lt\on nnd. en£^f\£?.n£;: ri-^nn^^Te, to sno'a h fle£::ree ae T"!.er- 
e4 '11:1; !:iuc>i >)"A07'vl "->- ncnunint^n'-t^is. " w>ieth'?r hp. 

iiv'^d to s'=;e ^11 his siste:?^ ir.^.r:?!'-^! is not known. As 

CathOTln^ 1"? not ii«j?itlon'i'1. in tiie ^-lli it is sup')0''6<i she 'iiB'l' 
before the i^ill V'^is v/ritten, qn^ vms the first peT^son hurte'l 
at the '^oiont farni. f^a-rlv in life he heg^in to rit-^.-.-nct the 

nttention of his neighbors ^.r\ri f el Lov; tov;ns . 

Denuty for Nex'-noort, 1741, 174 o. 17.:.", r.,- ■;o?v.'. i'inr^tcTn, ^,- 
1744, for -i^VUetov.n, 1744. . In the -;> of L745 he v,'^g\ ^^ 
elected to tbe lov/er house of the Coloni?il A'^eembly. His 

(3nr»oer of usefulness c^ne to --^n end. soon '"-fter his ''distinguish- 
ed f ?.ther h''-/!. coiriylete'i his sphei'-e . ■ \ 

As ther>e h^^s btj^:;'! -or.e uncertainty f-.s to the -tge of 
D'inieL Gould, "'e o"fer in proof fi. deed to hln frora his father 
of on.3 hu.n'u--;d acres of the f nm bounded on the v;est by 
Thor-ins Hill, on the north by the Potov/oraut Hiyor, on t.vie east 
bv ;,-ie grnntor ^.nr^. on the south by the hi£'hwny. Prob''?.bly ng it 

v;as f> fleed of ^'ift It w?is executed ^s soon ^.s he vrric- tv/entjr- 
one ye^rs of ^i'e. As he ■.'-''s ^ ver^/ proriising young n'^n, 

his father noved by the love and affection he had for this, 
his only son, vif,hed to fayor hin ^nr^. encourage hin to rise in 
the v/orld. The rieed is dated August ?,8, 17."^8. Deduct froia 


thl^ twentycne y«nr»? nnd it fixe<5 his hlrth Iri August, 1717. 
Hie father died two yenrs loiter ^^nri he w^jb ol'l enough tc 
^.djnlnli^teT? on ht<3 fnthe^'s ostnte aq executor to his will hlR niothf^-?. 

THOMAf; GOITTjD w;qg not brou^i-.t up to n-^ labor, out 
pn'^Rnd. hl.«5 tine xn fi'^'iing, and horgebacK ri.^' 
He wa«3 prou'l hut not ung^-" 1 1 en an ly, hau£.:^ity or ostentatious. 
He ra?; of neriivm c^tfAture, gracefully forned, ll-:'it hair and 
blue ey-'-s. He liveri. vith hiB laother and sister at V/a?v,fick 

I'leck until he i^as nearly tv.'er.tyone, ^when he wa^ sent to 
Philadelphia to coraplet^ hl=; education. After he returned 

to hi<5 home he spent his Lets.- • v-tdlng books and 

nev/gpaper*?. He was wealth'/' C>.^ ..::j.sf-! tir.eq as h^ evened 

eignt hundred and twentyfii'-ft -^creR of land in r\ot:'thP,y^ri 
Quidnessett and ^fa? fauong the richest in the towi. 

The houge on the .'.'ount fam "/ds ccnirienced soon after 
the first Thorax's could' s- purc'iaoe in 1660, ano additions v/fi^e 
made to it at different tinee. In 1786 it had becone so 

dii-apldated that It vms untenantable and the two far:a« we-r-e 
occupied as one. The house fell or I'/as taXen dovjn, but the 

old stone ohlianev «?as left until 179C, v/hen it v/as 
underlined and pULlMd " - it broko into three pieces, 

p;0 tp.nficicus t]-.e P;hell lirie of v/.ic'!: it v;ns iiade. For 

the benefit of those who have a particular interest in the 
history of these fnn-as we give the rents of thera ver^'' nearly 


fis they occurred nr.r". ^.^ '- ... ..nd then .in Cfjptni.n Oreene'g 
acoo-ant oirn-ent vath Thongs Ti'^ulri. 

Thomas Oov.ld'^ CTPnr^-jiciliev held one-r^alf of the two 
ffi-nii^? from 1740 to 17n.7, +hen hie mother's downr rested to 
the end of- yi<=i-yr life in 1790. , After the death of Daniel 
Oo'ald, ""^i'lh^i-'d, nojiU'^l c^-ri John f^ry, brothers o.f i.'rB. noviid, 
conducte«i the gfffiirs of the e^tf^te until^iin Oref^rp tooK 
chf^ts*=' in 1747. The Moijnt f srn: , ccnsipt of three hundred 

and tvventyfive acre?, v;nq neM.rly ?.ll un^ier cultivfition, the 
upper forni of fi^^e hund-':*ed ncree wfis he^ivily wooded with large 

rreorH:e Tibbit + f? :"ented thR lower farm from 1747 to 175??. 

Jolrin Muraford rented from 1752 to 17.'' 5, and the I'^-rt.-e 
rrift extended to 1757. 

Richard Cornell rented from 1757 to 1759, at six 
hun^ired pounds per annum. 

JoT-in Fiy le^^^ed the farmf? from 1758 to 176.? at nine 
hundr'^d pounds per annum. Hi)= lease v;as extended to 17C4. 

He then leaeed both ff^rms from 1704 to 1766. 

In 1766 Thomas Gould became c.f aee, but tv/o or three 
mcnths before thj^^t event he entered into comP'''n3r I'Hth Jxts 
stepfather and contijiued until 1773, vrcf^n the ff:^\ i"nes ir-acje'-i 
to Captni.n Matthew Manchester and Bpni^r-in rjearle, son-in-law 
of Captain Benjai'.in Greene. 

I'l 1775 'vlitthe'^' K^nc*ieste.r built the barn as per bills, 


at a ooqt of four hnrifiv^A ooun'ls. I'l 17'"^^ ...-. >-.- -'-■.■':/ 

n^n c;Ciri. prepuce to the British i^'^inr off at ion's harbor. 
In 1780 he 'n^d to lenve the fni^i, n^.d vert nwny in debt 
J?'?660.00, off«ri">if; '3il'<'e">» Tid the bfiinnce in '^.eprecinted 
continentnl n^ono;". ntuX'^-l:'' Hill v-t^ eiaploy*--;^ to coiint it 

•as q v7ltncj=:=!. In 1784 he w?5s eunraoned to the In-ferior 

Court of Coi:;i on Ple^R of I'/^'.^hington County Finri. the verdict 
vrnc! ac'-.inst him. He ^ppenlerl to the '^uprerae Judicial Court 

s>nri the judgment v/a<5 ag^in against him. Then he petitioned 

the Cxeneral A«<5emhly for a ne'"," hearing anri it t^.'^s £.:ranted. 
He 109 t hio case for the third tine. He then put money 

in the h^^n-if? of one of the Judges of the Coiirt (Judge Potte.r 
of Coventry), ^ho placed it in the handa of the General 
Treasurer ,v;here it ren-'ined three or four years. The 

execution wae served and he went to jail at f^outh Kingstovm, 
where he v./ns kept nearly four years, vjhen ho died. His 

wife died one or tv^o vears before his death. His son vent 

to Captain Green«=i and bej'ge'^ hin to pllov/ his father to attend 
his wife's funr^ral, he being ??esr'^nsible for the "^ebt for four 
or five days, but CveenR refused to coriply. 'Vhen j'anohf^ster 

died hi'r ~ons w/ere notified that they could have the body for 
bui'ial by paying the riebt and Interest. The sons refused to 

coreply. Before Captain Manchester's confinement in jail 

he vjns elected to the General Assembly fro;n Cranston several 
tlues. In 177.^ when he v/ent upon the Gould faria to 1790, 


ho bought for hi.«5 son? th-?'^'^ fHvrr.^. »^r\ p^id for* fiem. Three 

of his 'i'^jUf'hters Wf^rf? raT^'^ied in the oli. houf^e on this fnrm 
to Benja'r.ln T^emngton, of "/-^-"'io.x, -vvt" Hronipton, and not one 
of then llve'1. w.lth hl.n nore th-\n three ^rearg before denth 
re?aoverl theju. 

Keri?c ost^to in 1775 v;^.? the best capital. The wheel 

and the loom were the staples to he convertefl Into llnT'i --.nd 
vjooien fabrics for s'lmer and vn.nter v;ear. lilyerv fam house 

had its wheel and loom and t'le op.:;rative-? to '70rK. then. 
Ever?.' rian'o daughter ^as an adept at these important nao'iines. 
■^lax vras raised and y-zol v'ns f:row! to Keep thera busy winter 
and siaTiner. ''''liile the fabrics v/ere in preparation the 

farmer v;r,<; r^^'isinf stock. Calves, lambs, colts and rif>' 

were raised in £'reat n''^J■lb^1'■'■ . > <tter, chense, •'■■- 

cjrn, T/heat r^ncl hay v;eT>e the prln''iinal n-«od"ti";tfi of the rich 
anri fertile soil. All these oorj-.odit-'.eB T/er^ raised in 

abundance on these fa^Tis. Two h^jidred and fifty sheep, 

forty to sixty head of neat cattle, twelve horses, and fifteen 
to twttnt'r hogs Vyr tiie fall slaughte-" t-^ere the worKlng, grov.-pr ., 
c;;i.dtr>l of these farms annually. TMrty to fo^^ty acres of 

corn, yielf^iing frcr; oiie thousand to tv/elve Ivjidred bushels 
r^re as cojir.on as the seasons. 

The v;orkjnen on these fams if/ere nostly negro slaves; 
a few v;hite men would v;orK by the day. The tot^.l nionb"-- 

■p/oul>1 be frcni eL>':ht to ten. Tv/enty oot;.s for stoch r-.ttinf; 


«nri for V)utter an4 cheo«5»^ laaVilng, wnro to oe r.illked by 

the slaves but they ffere be/tter "/gll b^illderg than t tilers 
of the soil. "^if^h ro\(\ f^cv.a of vairtouq kinds a-ffordf^ri the 

-■'^- nr.fl poor «llkfi, q graclouf? bounty. 

Thora-'^g Gould luxuriated in the abundance of all thtd 
land and sea could n.ffovd. 'Gut few young men ^e:ce born to 

hpi ■'"ii P!?p;ed v^lth p;uch an abundavjce of everything' that nature 
and art co\;li^ produce. He had hi<; pet hor=;e ani"" "'.i? pet 

dog, besides a .fov/iing piece that ivculr' Kill game f?i3!?ther 
than anv other run in Quidnes^-et t. Nobody vfho Knew !l'honas 

nould'i* "oli loit-; ^:ur' da-«ed to ohallence hin fo^? r> c^hot. 
It is a curious ola relic in keeping vn. th the olri bull ' r. eye 
w?itc;i and shoe buckles. Many a turkey has been won at a 

V'V.C,^ of tv;o hi;ndred to three hi^ndred yards, one h''Ui(lrefl 
yards being the natural shot, A sharp shc'.t^r could double 

that and take a turkey ever">' tijie, 

Thoiaas Gould night have been a dif fe:^ent Ma.i had hi i. 
father b^^^n spared until he had grovm to iianh^od. The aoral 

and religious training so necessary to tiie ojiild, tho boy and 
the nan, was aXiiost entirely i(?iored; and the rellgi.ouB 
principles so thoroiighly understood and practised, as v;oLl 
IS believed in by his ancestors, v*ere never taught hl.-a-. So 

^e- plodded thr-ough a long life vdth but little thought or concern 
as to the great future. No doubt he saw and fully realised 


the v/>'on£ lie ^inn aolng (ilj'isalf. n'hllH not a corrupt man, 

he neglected the weighty '■lattere that make the Christian. 
Nevertheless lie was a •■r^v^f intelligent nan, very in^^enioug 
and witty In oDjjja-inieatlng his thou£;hts. It v,fas ve.yrr 

interestinc to listen to the long sto^'if^*? th-^t fell fror. hlf? 
lip*5. ^ojae of hlq neighbor? v/ere in the habit of calllnc 

on htm to ll'^ten to the long reheareal of what he had seen 
and experienced in the tines of the Ti'r»-;nch and Indian war, 
and the v/ap of the 'Revoluti.on , laough he did not figrare nuch 
in the forraer, and but ver*' little in the latter. He v/ae a 

patriot an'l. loved his ccuntr?,'- , but he loved ease and comfort 
too i:;uch to engage in the strife of bloody war. He vas in 

the arra!/- thr«e nontjis, but a little before the battle of 
Portqiiouth, his tern: of enlistiient expired a'ld he escaped that 
defe^it. j'.'any of his neighbors accepted pensions for their 

services, but he declined a petition as he v^aa too proud to 
!TSK favors of tjie i^ovem-'^ent, for so sh0T»t a service. 

We cannot pass by the "Old Kound" so well knovm for clan \nthout a notice of ite popularity. 'Tudtjlng frova 

the viounds of "^jhells on the shore in two or thre*-) places 
the In'"Uang must have resorted liither i^i Groat n-ji^bers to 
cut out shellfish to carry to their dlsta^^t v/igwa*ne. F^^oiae 

of these nounds ccvei' an area of '•.?i acre and a^i'e several feet 
deep. ■'t'roni the s'^AJTJ'i'.t of tlie jlount there are three or four 

r.'.ounds in full v-.^v-?. Ye-r'- soon qfter the white man settled 


t'ae coxcitvy they .resorte""! to this plaice to iMxiu^'lHiiQ •> 
'Tt.vnl-('e«; oo plentiful on the Qhor-eg of Qul'lne-^-y^tt, ]inv^)or, 
known ag Allen's h^r^bor fo?? raove than q Jnandred yea-(?g. The 

cluap of rcd:^ that £cave rise to the name "Oould's I'onnt" 
v^iTiS north-engt gnd. eouth-'--;Hst nea.-?ly a nnn?'ter of a ;J.lp in 
lenrth hv an eltrhth of n nile hroad, an^?. it^s height , eixty 
or «eventv feet from water level. 



Abbotts, Aston 152 


Dr. 94 
John 11 

Aldrich, Lucre tia Alsadia 44, 
and 73 


Albert H, 131 
Esther Ann 92, 131 


Leonard Henry 
John Leanard 




ra well 42 
Abby Caroline 44 
Abigail 18,19,158 
Alathsie 18,19 
Albert Francis 71 
Albert Henry 73 
Alonzo 89, 124*, 152 
Amanda M. 123 '^ 

Amanda Waterman 85,117,146 
Amey 64 

Amos Carroll 122,151 
Amos Christopher 123 
Ann H. 129 
Ann Maria 67 
Ann Matilda 152 
Anna 34,59,42,64,66,127 
Anna Matilda 124 
Anne 18,19,32,39 
Antoinette Wells 107 
Bathsheba 20,52,33,34 
Benjamin 39,64,65,91,114, 

Bessie Warner 151 
Betsy (Elizabeth) 49,80,102* 
Caleb 7, 21,. 24, 34, 39, 41, 42, 

Caroline 85,117,146 
Caroline Anna 72 
Caroline Rodman 45,75 
Carrie Arnold ].16 
Catherine 50,84,91,113,123 

and 147 
Charles 93 
Charles Francis 151 
Charles Henry 44,71, 72*, 118, 

Charles Nelson 73,74 

Allen, Cont'd, 

Charlotte 85 

Christopher 21,32,33,39,40, 

42, 50*, 54, 58, 63*, 64*, 86, 87, 

Clara 6fi 

Clarissa Danforth 108 
Clinton Hovrard 124 
Cornelia Caroline 124 
Daniel Gould 1,14,85,88,117, 

David 66,158 
Ebenezer 17,24 
Edward Franklin 45 
Edwin 92 
Edwin Dorrance 74 
Elenor 105 
Eliza 81,103 
Eliza Ann 106 
Elizabeth 15, 16, 17, 18*, 19*, 


Elizabeth Huling 41 
Elizabeth -Pierrepont '' 72 
Elizabeth Rebecca 71 
Elizabeth T. 92 
Ella F. 131 
Emeline 91,127 
Emily 92 

Emily Durham 45,75 
Eunice 56 
Eva 95 

Eva Florence 122 
Fannie K. 72 
Francis Forshew 72 
Frank 147 
Frank Barnard 73 
Frank Gardiner 107 
Franlc Walden 118,147* 
Franklin Richmond 74 
Freelove 39 
George 7,63,70,90,127,128, 

George Henry " 74 
. George Thatcher 73 
George W. T. Col 105,106,137 
George V/arren 91,129 
George Washington Lafayette 

Georgianna B. 114,139 
Grace Evelyn 72 
Gracia E. 129 
Hannah B. 114,139 
Harriet 86,119,148^,149 
Harriet A, 123 


Allen, Cont»d. 

Hattie Edwina 151 

Helen Maria 107 

Henry Byron 104,107,139 

Henry T. 131 

Hovrard 138 

Howard Vernon 146 

Ida Carrie 74 

Isaac 64,92 

Isabella Jane 104 

Judge 8, 51, 59, 51*, 62 

James 24,64,91,92 

James Byron 73 

James F. 132 

James Francis 124,151 

James Nelson 44,74 

James W. 140 

Janet Frances 152 

Jeffrey 158 

Jennie B. 123 

Jennie Byron 132 

Jennie May 149,156 

John 15, 16*, 17, 19, 20*, 21, 24*, 
51, 32*, 35*, 34*, 35,36*, 58, 41, 
42, 49, 50, 51*53, 54*, 55, 56*, 58* 
59, 65, 56, 70*, 83*, 84*, 85*, 85*, 
87* 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95*, 

John A. 125 

John Albert 131 

Jolin Bradford 122,150,151 

John Edwin 118 

John a. 114,139 

John Hoppin 44,72* 

John S, 129 

John Spink 91,129 

Jonathan 13, 14, 20, 21*, 22*, 24, 
54, 35*, 40, 41, 42, 43*, 65, 66*70 

Joseph 91 

Joseph E. 140 

Joseph Greene 44 

Joseph Spink 114 

Joseph Stuart 147 

Joseph VJ. 68,69 

Joseph V/anton 10, 42, 56, 67*, 96, 

Joshua 24, 36, 43*, 158*150 

Julia ELna 66 

Julia Elma (or Elmer) 96 

Justus Ersldne 123,151 

Lillia M. 124 

Lillian Amanda 147 

Lizzie Eva 124 

Lucius Karcellus 124 

Allen Cont«d. 

Lucretia 39,50,63,64,73,87, 

Lucy 4,9,64,93,153,135 
Lucy Ann 51,90,127,138 
Lulu M. 129 
Lydia 37 ,41, 48, 49*, 50, 66, 

Lydia Spinic 56 
Lydia Stanton 65 
Mansfield 34,35,53,56 
Margaret 21, 24, 32*, 33, 39, 

50, 63*, 64 
Margaret E. 124 
Maria 81,92,102,136* 
Marietta A. 125 
Martha 37,39,50,86,88,89,90 
Martha Ann 56 
Martha Eleanor 124 
Martha Lucretia 124 
Martha Spink 123 
Martin Van Bur en 156 
Mary 15,15,20,22,32,39,45, 

Mary Ann 85,92,115,130,141 
Mary Bradford 151 
Mary Gould 51,88 
Mary Greene 45*, 74 
Allen Mary Holt 124 
Mary Jane 72 
Mary Reynolds 116 
Matthew 15,16,18,19,22* 
Mattie Justina 151 
Maud W. 147 
May 118 
Mercy 15,16,20,22,23,34,43, 

Milton G. 129 
Minnie Aylesworth 132 
Natban 18, 34, 42*, 56*, 70,71 
Nathaniel 35,95 
Nathaniel S. 7 
Nathaniel Spink 57 
Nicholas 87* 
Nicholas T. 139 
Nicholas Tillinghast (Rev.) 

Norman 65,138 
Oliver 55 

Orlando F. 123, 151 
Patience 22,24,50,83,87, 

108*, 149, 150* 
Phebe 15, 19, 22*, 34, 40 
Phebe Waterman 70,85,116,143, 



Allen Cont*d, 

Ray 92,132 

Ray areene 51, 88*, 117, 125*, 132 

Rebecca 26 

Rebecca Cole 25,31 

Rebecca Pliodes 73 

Rebekah 24 

Rhodes 72 

Rhodes G. 71,75 

Rhodes Greene 56,43,44,71,72, 

Richard Arnold 44,71 
Richard F.132 
Richmond 45,74 
Robert Taj^ior Stanton 65 
Romeo P. 122 
Rosa A. 125 
Ruth 50,65 
Samuel 23, 32, 37, 48, 49*, 50, 51, 


Samuel Greene 104 
Samuel Thatcher 73 
Samuel I'Jard King 137,138 
Sarah 15, 16, 22, 34, 65, 158*, 160 
Sarah Eliza 73 
Sarah F. 72 
Sarah Greene 85 
Silas 39, 50, 65, 64, 90, 91, 92*, 93, 

Stephen 64,93 

Susan 42,64,70,84,94,113,114,116 
Susan Augusta 93 
Susan T. 136 
Susan Tillinghast 81,104 
Susannah 39, 51, 64*, 89, 125 
Theodore 92,105 
Thomas 8, 15, 16*, 18, 19*, 22, 24, 25, 

32*, 33*, 37*, 38*, 39*, 40, 48*, 49*, 

63*, 54, 67, 81, 82, 105, 138, 160, 161* 
Thomas G. 8,47,70,141,146 
Thomas Gould 6,50,58,82,85*86, 

Thomas Jefferson 45* 
Thomas Pointer 57,97 
VJalter B. 125 
Walter C. 129 
William 15,16*,17*,18,19,20,22*, 

23*, 24, 30, 32, 35*, 34*, 58, 44, 70, 

73*, 158, 160 
V/illiam Henry 87,123,151 
William Northup 91 
William Penn 67 
William S. 131 
V/illiam Waterraan 118,146 


Frank Otis 145 

George M, 145 

George McWood 145 

Henry Lincoln 145 

Ida Annie 145 

Benjamin 177 

VJilliam Jr. 22 
Andrew, Jas. 22 
Andrep;s , John 12 

Angell, Lemuel 86 


Henry Bcn'ren 80 
Joseph 10 
Thomas 7 



A, Thomas 70 

Addie L. 141 

Almyra E. 139 

Ann Elizabeth 89,125 

Annie H. 140 

Benedict 167 

Carrie 115, 142 

Christopher 51*, 89, 125 

Christopher A, 88 

Christopher Harris 116,144 

Edmond 42,70,113,116 

Emma Gertrude 145 

Eugene T. 140 

Fannie M. 139 

Fannie May 144 

Freddie 140 

George A. 139 

Herbert E. 139 

Irene E. 140 

James W. 114 

Jennie M, 140 

John A. 114,140 

Joseph S. 139 

Joseph Spink 159 

Lavinia I. 140 

Lucy 141 

Lucy Erne line 116,144 

Lydia Ann 116,143,144,152,155* 

Lyman H. 114,141 

Marion 145 

Mary 71 

Mary S. 114,159,141 

Mary Reynolds 142 

May 147 


Amold Cont^d. 

Nathan A. 85,143,144 

Nathan Allen 70,116,145 

Nellie B. 140 

Nicholas 141 

Peleg 60 

Phebe 71 

Phebe P. IL4 

Samiel 71,84,139,140,141 

Stephen 147 

Susan 71,111,140 

Susan A. 139 

William 70,144 


Humphrey 3, 5*, 6, 27, 31 

AttTOod, Hannah 77 


Ann 170 

Anna Maria 94 

Eliza Ann 108 

Eugene Adelhert 108 

George Harkness 108 

Hannah 113 

Henry Fuller 94 

Isaac Eldred 93 

James 15,56 

James Bryan 94 

James S. 64,93,133,135 

Lucy A. 94 

Margaret M. 94,135 

Mary 108,112 

Mary Ella 94, 133, 153*, 154 

Samuel 82 

Sarah Smith 93 

Stephen Allen 94 

Susan H, 94* 

William H. 82,108 


Abigail 59 

Allen 40 
Arthiir 40 
Caleb 40 
Charles 40 
Elizabeth 40 
G-eorge 40 
Isaac 40 
Jeremiah 34,40 
Phebe Ann 41 
Philip 41* 
Rachel 41 

Aylesworth Cont'd, 
Russell 40 
Samuel Rhodes 40 
William 41 


Charles G. 149 

Delilah 51,89,124,125 

Freddie A. 149 

Harriet T. 120,148 

Hiram M. 149 

Mary Sherman 120,148 

Samuel S. 120 

Samuel S. Jr. 149 

Samuel Sherman 86, 120, 148*, 149 

Thomas 35 

Walter A. H. 149 

Bannister, Warren 70 

Barber, Sarah 37 


Caroline Matilda 44,72 
Jaraes 11 

Bamaby, J. B. 87 


Abigail 23 

Amey " 23 

Anne 15,18,23,24,25 

Benjamin 23 

Ezra 23 

Freelove 23 ■ 

Hannah 24 

John 15,23* 

Joseph 23 

Matthew 24 

Mercy 23 

Phebe 23 

Prudence (LIrs.) 18,23 

Thomas 18,23* 

William 23 

Bartlett, John R. 80 

Barton, Samuel 70 


Charles Allen 104 
Francis D. . 103 
George W. 103 
Jennie 143 


Bateman Cont*d.. 

Mary Ella 143 

Mary G. 103 

Thomas 103,104,116,143 

Thomas A. 103 

William 81,103 

William A. 105 


Elizabeth (Mrs.) 165 
William 165 

Bell, Mary 94 

Bellinghan, Pdchard 171 


Allen B. 130 
Fayette B. 130 
James D, 130 
Mary E. 130 


John J. 127 

Mabel 127 

Bickford, John W. 116,145 

Francis 5,6 


George 34 
Samuel 34 

Bond, Edgar M. 143 

Borden, Joseph 175 


Benjamin 37 

Caleb 37 

Earl 37 

Ephrajjn 37 

Martha L. 122,150 

Rebecca C. 36,44,71,72,73 

Stephen 37 


John 122 

Levi 122 

Mary 87,122,150 

Breiley, Richard 11 
Brier (See Bryer) 


Elizabeth 64,93 
Harriet J. 44,72 
John 12 

Brimly, Francis 174 

Bristow, Dorothy Lurena 153 
Ella Margaret 153 
George Edgar 133,153 
Joseph Sidney 153 

Britt, Pliny 70 



(Sheriff) 43 
Ann 43 

Fannie G. 91 
George 12 
Sarah 114 

Broxvning, Robert 158,159 

Bryer (See also Brier) 
Elizabeth 175 
Joseph 169,175 

Bullock, Prudence 37,49, 

Burnegat, John 172 

Bush, Elizabeth 89 


Alfred Leo 134 
Clarence 143 


Greene 86 
Lydia A. 86 



Joseph 20 

Mercy 22 

Sarah 39,63,92,93 


Abigail 38 
Almira Louisa 44 
Charles G, 121 
Charles Thomas 121 
Cornell 32, 38*, 86, 121 
Cornell Allen 120 
Elmira Louisa 73 
Euldah (Mrs.) 120 


Carpenter Cont'd, 

John 38*, 50, 85*, 120, 121 
Joseph 38,86,121 
Joseph Weathers 121 
Thomas 38 
Vfilliam 11,121 


Caleb 5,7,31 
Hannah 159 
John 31 
Robert 70 


Ellen 135 

John 61 
Robert 22 

Gary, V.'illiam 22 


Emanuel 37,48 
Lydia 48* 
Thomas Allen 48 


Alice 40 

George 92 

Marion 64,92 



Champlin, George H, 139 

Chapel, Maria 133 

Chapman, Ralph 176 

Chase, Louisa 10 

Chester, Mary 115 

Church, George H. 117,146 
Henry 145 


Emily 118,147 

Nellie Louise 118,145 

John 11 
Thomas B. 76 

Clarke Cont'd. 
John 167 
Mary 169,176,178 
Walter 174,176,177 

Cline, Alexander 94 



Catharine 169 

(Governor) 175 

William 170 

Coffin, Henry M. 117,146 

Cogge shall 

Elizabeth 162, 165 
John 11,165,169 
Mary 169 

Wait 162,169,175,176, 

Cole, Reoecca 18 

Collins, John 172 


Arthur R. 130 
Benjamin F, 84,114,128 
Caroline 110 
Frederick D. 130 
Gideon 119 
Hannah F. 117 
Harriet 91,114,128 
Joseph 2 
Peleg 110 
Phebe 159 
Phebe Bailey 85,119 
Stephen 54,43 
Stephen A. 91 
William H. 130 

Cooper, Adele 143,155 


Albert Louis 75 
Charles Augixsta 74 
Clara Josephine 75 
Clarence Eugene 75 
Earl de F037est 75 
Edward Clifton 75 
Ella Frances 75 
Francis Bap-gs 45,74 
R. I. 38 
Richard 186 
Ruth 92. 132 


Comell Cont«d. 

Vlalter Melvin 75 
Welcome Alonzo 74 

Cory — Coi^y 

Anne 19,32,37,38,39* 
John 32* 
Sally 40 
William 56,58 

Coulter, John R. 113 


Charles 143,155* 
Edith 155 

C owe 11, Judge 59 


Clara 95 
Rowland 110 

Cranston, John 5,11,167 

Cruingieve, Walter 27 

Curtis Widov/ 78,100 

Damouth, Sarah 111 


Emma A. 130 

Ezra 82, 130 

Hannah J, 130 

Hettie 130 

Ida G. 130 

Jaines Monroe 92,130 

Jesse 115 

Mary D. 130 

Dawley, Caniel 70 

Day, Josephine 98,136 

Dean, Sarah 126 

Delong, Sarah 149 

Don';in, Bess L. 133,153 

Dooming, V/illiam 12 

Dunning, Elmer De Los 134 

Dyer, Col. 58 
Abhie 159 
Martha J. 98,136 
Mary 170 
Mary J. 77 
Samuel 12* 



Alfred Y, 

Ishmael 85,117,146 

Sarah Greene 117,145 

Thomas 117,178 

V'Jait 180 

William Allen 117 


Abram 149 

Erwin Peri^r 150, 157 

Harriet Elise 155 

Harriet May 149, 156 

Isaac Leonard 122,149,155,157 

Jessie Jean 156 

Jessie Miller 150,157 

Mary Patience 149, 155 

Oakley Daygert 150 

William Leonard 149,155 

Elsworth, Susan 




Elizabeth £2 

Fales, Charlotte 93 


John 22 
Preserved 22 
Ruth 22 

Fisher, Mary 170 

Fohr, Mary Ann 84,109 

Forshew, Caroline Abby 44,72 

Forster, Lemuel 101 

Fowler, George 46 


Fov/ler Cont'd. 
Henry 7 

Fox, George 175 

Franklin, V/alter Wilson 137 

Freeborn, Ella 115, 142 

Freeman, Content 176 


John 186 
Joseph 55 
Mary 179, 182 
Richard 186 
Samuel 186 
Thomas, Jr. 182 
Thomas, Sr, 182 

Furgeson, Louise Marie 157 


John 33,36,47 
Marcena 101 




John 42, 71* 

Lydia 71 

Mary 114 

Nathan 71 

Samuel 59 

Sarah Ann 159 

Susan Congdon 82,109,139 


Robert 103, 136 
William 156 

Gibbs, Josiah 57*, 58 

Gifford, Katherine H, 96 


Ivlarshall 126 
Marshall Gary 126 

Goff , Bertha E. 78, 101 

Good van 

Allen J. 148 
Casper H. 148 
Freddie L. 148 
James W. 120, 148 
James Willis 148 

Daughter 152 

Allen M. 179 

Catherine 178, 182 

Content 169, 177 

Daniel 12,50,162,163,165, 

168*, 169*, 170, 172, 173, 174, 178 

Daniel, Jr. 6 
Elizabeth 168,176,178,180, 

Hannah 179,180 
Harry 146 
Henry 162 
Jacob 176 

James 169,174,176,177,178 
Jeremiah 6, 32*, 165, 169, 173, 

174, 176*, 178, 179,180, 182, 183 
Jeremy 162,163,164,165,169 
Joanna 176 

John 5, 6, 27, 163, 169*, 173, 174, 
Marcy 175 
Mary 37, 50, 63, 83, 84*, 85, 86, 


Patience 178 

Priscilla 169,175 
Richard 162,163 
Ruth 179, 180 
Sarah 177,178 
Simon 162,154 
Thorns 5, 6*, 11*, 12, 58, 59, 162, 


Wait 159,177,178 
Waite 178 
Walter 178 
Zaccheus 163 


Deborah or (Sarah) Ann 97 
Sarah Ann or (Deborah) 76 
Sarah Ann 46 




27, 28 


(Captain) 186 
(Governor) 58 
Anna 91, 129 
Ayis M. 89, 125 
Barton 114 
Benjamin 159,182,186 
Caleb 159 
Charles S. 129 
Christopher 78 
Christopher W. 47,79 
Daniel 12 
David 37,158,159 
Edward 79 
Elihu 78 
Elizabeth 158,159 
Fones 25 
Franklin 82 
George C. 129 
Hannah 159 
Hannah Tibbitts 85,119 
Jabez 178,181,182 
James 182* 
James, Sr, 16 
Jeremiah 79,181 
John 5, 7, 11*, 12, 20,37,125 
Joseph 159 
Joshua Allen 159 
Mary 81, 182 
Mary Waterman 47 
Patience 3 2, 37, 48*, 49 
Ray 89 
Reynolds 159 
Richard W. 28 
Samuel 81 

Sarah 36,47,77,78,79,85, 
90*, 159 
Stephen 119 
Thomas 25,47,159 
Waite 24,36 
William 159 

Grirmell, Elizabeth 38 


Priscilla 162,164,165,169,173 
William 162 


Henry Benjamin 157 
Lulu May 150, 157 


Benoni 27 
Christopher 52,57 
John 82 
Phebe 46 
Spencer 46 

Hanks, Edwin 93 


Mary Warner 100 
William 100 


Edvrard 173 
John 169 
Margaret 162,173 
Mary R. 76,97 
Thomas 6 
William 97 

Harvey, Audry 164 


David Maxfield 45,75 
Ethel Dunham 75 


Mary 34,41,65 

Sarah 15, 19, 32, 33* 


Cassius M. 95 
Christopher 64, 94, 95 
Sarah Adelaide 94 

Hayvjood, (Rev.) 143 

Higgins, Orlando M, 123 



Addison Grand 102 

Alfred V.'ickes 78,79,101,102 

Alice B. 136 

Amy 46,70,76 

Ami Eliza 78,90,126,152 

Anna 26 

Anna Elizabeth 101 

Annie 36, 47, 79 

Annie Elizabeth 76 

Barnard 31 

Bertha Goff 102 


Hill Cont»d. 

Caleb 25,30,51,36*,45*,46, 
47*, 78, 79, 85, 90, 97, 99, 100. 
Caleb Robinson 78,100 
Charles Greene 101 
Cornelia 97 
Deborah Brovm 76 
DeLancey 101 
Eben Day 136 
Ebenezer 31 
Edmn 98, 136 
Elizabeth 19,30,36 
Florence Libbie 101 
Fones 78,79 
Fones G, 100 
Fones Greene 47,77,78 
Fred 98,99,136 
Francis Robinson 101 
Frank A. 98 
Frank R. 101 
George 75, 97 
George Holden 97 ' 

Henry 30 
Henry IVilson 98 
Holden 46,76,77,97* 
Jajnes G, 76 
Jessie Edvrards 102 
Jonathan 24,25,27,28,30,31 
Lillian Wickes 101 
Lucy A. 126 
Lucy Allen 47 
Martha A. 98 
Ifery 25,30* 31*, 45,47, 50, 85, 

Mary Elizabeth 101 
Maiy L. 98 
Matthew 26 
Mercy Ann 46 
Nathaniel 25, 31 
Patience 31 

Rebecca 17,24,25,31,34,36,57 
Rebecca C. 36*, 45, 97 
Robert 30 
Rowland G. 98 
Ruth 31 
Samuel Bovren 77 
Sally 0. 98 
Sarah 31, 37, 47*, 79 
Sarah 0, 77,99 
Sarah Rose 102 
Stxikely 36, 45, 46*, 76*, 97, 187 
Susan 77,90 
Susan Frances 90 
Susie 98 
Sylvester G. 77,97,98,136* 

Hill Cont'd. 

Thomas 7, 18*, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 

29*, 31*, 36*, 42, 46, 47*, 51, 90, 

Thomas Greene 90 
Thomas Olney 76 
Wickes 47,78,79,101 
y/illiam 97,101 
William Elliott 97 
William Fones 100 
William S. 98 

Holden, Emily 156 ^ 

Holmes, V/illiam 12 

Howard, Albert G. 112 

Howland, Richard 104 


Alexis 142 
Fortunatus 115, 142* 
Olive L. 142 
Ottis A. 142 


Alexander 41*, 9 5, 96* 

Andrew 34 

Elizabeth 24, 34, 40, 41*, 42, 43 

Hiram 96 

John 66,95 


Mary Ann 36,44,73,75 

Hunter, Carrie A. 156 


(Senator) 59* 

Charles Tillinghast (SeiO 56 

Jefferay (See also Jeffrey) 
Mary 165 
Priscilla 165 
Sarah 165 
Susanna 165 
Thomas 165 
William 164 


Jeffrey (See also Jefferay 
William 162 

Jefferson, Thomas 



Allen 34 
Almy 34 
Bathsheba 22 
Jonathan 20,33,54 
Robert E. 159 
Sarah 34 
Theodore 3. 123 

Johnston, Augustus 178 

Keep, Mary 143,152 

Kempton, Harriet 122, 151 


Remington 45 
Sarah 36,45,76* 

King, Samuel Ward 105 

Kliber, Eva L, 133 

Knowles, Anna 10 

Lane, Job, 


Lavrton , 

Almyra J. 140 
Benjamin 91, 127 
Benjamin S. 141 
Clarke 48 
Daniel 128 
Elizabeth 128 
ELua C, 141 
Emeline A. 141 
Frederic A, 141 
George 128 
George A. 114, 140 
Isaac 31 
Lottie M. 141 
Robert 16 
Theodore E. 89, 126 
Thomas 128 

Lavrton Cont»d, 

William Allen 



Harriet Louise 157 
James Ellxvood 157 
James Kenyon 157 
John Henry 149, 157 

Lippitt, Mary 36 

Lucas, Alice 163 

McDonald, Alice 133, 154 
McFarland, Lizzie 123, 151 

Macomber, Lydia 10 


Celia M. 127, 152 
Hannah 91, IS 9 
Joseph 51 
Joseph Slocum 96 

Maman, Olive B, 80, 102 


Matthew 186* 

Sarah B. 112 

Susie E. 137 

Mann, Emily Margaret 44,74 

Mansfield, Sarah 20 

Manton, 76 

Matte son 

Francis Dane 106 
Mary Greene 106 
Thomas H. 82, 106 

Matthews on 

Anna Miaria 152 
Edith Benson 127 
Everett Irving 127 
George Kill 152 
Ida Allen 152 
Ida Burgess 127 
Syria 124 


Matthews on Cont'd. 
Syria W. 29 

Syria Wilbur 90, 127*, 152* 
Thomas G-reene 127, 152 
V/alter Hill 127 

Maxfield, Josephine 120, 149 


Mumford, John 


Najac, Mary B. (Hall) 105,136 





Charles E. 145 

Anna Margaret 135 

George B. 116,145 

Avis Lucille 135 

George T. 85,116 

Grace Eva 135 

Jonathan 173 

James Robert 135 

Lilly E. 145 

John 135 

Mary Ann 87 

Lucy Ella 135 

Mary E. 145 

Marjorie Roberta 135 

William 30 

Robert H. 94, 135 

V/illiam W. 145 

Syina Austin 135 


Emanuel 178 

Abby F. 116, 144 

Hannah 43 

Er,ima 109 

John 86 

Thomas 109 

Mary 159 

Sarah 181 

William 67, 90 

Edvrard Leonard 156 

Edvrard Livingston 149, 156 


Lucius 96 

Em.Olin L. 143, 155 

Robert F. 96 

Robert Fanning 96 

Lll, Isabella M. F. 81 

Thomas W. 56, 96 


Alexander 121 

Edith Vaioghan 150 

Harriet Augusta 122,149,156,157 

William Alexander 87,121,149,150 

William Henry 122, 150 

William Louis 150 




Chauncey 137 

Harriet 105, 137 

Lucy B, (Mrs.) 137 

Mitchell, Margaret Gould 173 

Monroe, Benjamin B. 85, 119 


Elizabeth 169, 175 
Jacob 175 

Movnry, Joseph 172 


Arthur 100 
Charles M. 99 
• Henry 77,99,100 
Susan Gertrude 99 


Asahel 115,141,142 
Ashael 85, 115 
Carrie 143 
Carrie S. 155 
Charlotte Allen 115,142 
Francis C. 141 
Francis Chester 115 
George A. 142* 
George L. 143, 152 
Gertrude C, 142 
Harrison Gray 115,141 
Henry A, 141 
Jennie 142 
Jennie S. 143, 155 


Otis Cont'd, 

Lucius B. 116,143,144*, 145,152 

Lydia A. 143 

Mary 142 

Mary Arm. 115 

Mary B. 144 

Nancy A. 144 

Sarah Greene 155 

Thomas G. 142 

Thomas Gould 115,141 

'.V. Irving 142 

Zavior L. 143, 155 

Parker, Peter 30, 52 

Parks, William 53 

Patterson, Margaret Eleanor 87, 

Potter Cont'd. 

(Judge) 187 

Pratt , 

John 12 
Samuel 12 

Prescott, (Gen.) 55 

Price, Benom 26 


Mary 177 
Matthevf 177 
Sarah 169,177 


Isaac 76 
Samuel 46,76 

Pearce — ^Pierce 
Caleb 39 
Danie 1 31 

Freelove 64,92,130,131,132 
John 30 
Joshua 59 
Mary 30 
Sarau.el 39 
Sarah 43 
Sylvester 39 


Daniel 178 
John 178 
Joseph 169, 178 
Mary 178 

Peleg 178 
Sarah (Mrs. ) 178* 
I'Jait 178 

Phillips, Homer A. 112 

Pierce (See Pearce) 

Pitcher, Loi-rell 66 

Place, Arba J, 140 

Pollard, Frances 113 

Pond, Iris 114 

Potter (Dr.) 93 

Rathbun, Mary 


Benjamin Franklin 150,157 
W. H. 157 



Abigail (Mrs.) 16 
Anna 70 
Benjamin 188 
Betsey Greene 80 
Daniel 17 
Freelove 48, 70 
George Waite 80 
Hezekiah 36,48,79 
John 16, 17 
Jonathan 17 
Joseph 17, 27 
Mary 16, 17 
Mary Wightman 80 
Matthev; 17 
Prudence 17 
Stephen 17 
Stephen Allen 79 
Thomas 15, 16* 
V/aity Ann 80 
William 16, 48*, 79 
William V/ightman 80 


Agnes 136 
Alfred 132 


Remley Cont'd, 

Arthur 152 
Bertha 132 
Ho\vard M, 95, 132 
Janes Edvan 132 
Jeanette 136 
Robert G. 136 


A. Ella 118,146 

Albert 3. 130 
Gilbert 128 
Kenry 7,166,167,174 
Jabez 29,35,42,56* 
James 12 
James E, 125 
Joseph 31 
Leila E. 125 
Lucretia (Mrs.) 146 
Mary 34,42,70,71 
Mehitable 130 
Richard 91, 128 
Sarah 10 

Wilbm- G. 146 
William 8*, 82 
William A. 124 


Betsey 102* 

Christopher 49,80,81,83,102 

Christopher Cornelius 102 

Christopher Smith 80, 102 

Eliza Allen 80 

George A. 80, 102 

George Clarence 102 

James 102 

John 102* 

Minnie 150 

Samuel 102* 

Sarah Abom 80 

Thomas 102* 

William 102* 

Richard, James 33 

Richardson, Ann Maria 44, 73 

Richmond, Lemuel N, 125 


Christopher Vftiipple 77 
Patience 47,77,100 
William 170 


Annetta 94 
James 11 
Samuel 173 

Ralph, Selina 157 

Royce, Sarah Matilda 44, 73 

Rush, Elizabeth 124, 152 

Russell, Henry 163 


Daniel 120, 148 
Frank A. 148 
Hattie B. 146 
Mary Ella 148 
Nellie S. 148 

Salle s, John 7 

Sanford, John 5, 7 

Saunder, Tobias 11 

Scott, Hannah 177 

Searle, Benjamin 186 

Seward, Martha Ann 122, 150 


86, 120 

Amy (or Alny) 86, 121 
Horace 109 

ViTilliam 121 

Sheffield, Nathaniel 177 

Sherman, Abby 

E. 114, 141 











Smith Cont*d, 

Any Spink 113 
Airs Ann 113 
Benjamin 108, 112 
Benjamin Franklin 112 
Catherine 108 
George Harris 113 
Harriet Spink 113 
Harris Updike 84, 112 
Joirn Spink 112 
Joseph Edv/in 113 
Juan Fernandez 112 
Mary Austin 83 
Mary Catherine 113 
Richard 2,3,12,16 
Theophilis 70 
Weston 33 
V7illiam Maxwell 113 


Alice Allen 103,136 

Annie J. 100 

Betsey 92 

Christopher 43, 82 

Edna 103 

Elizabeth 45 

Eseck 81,103,136 

Eseck Edmn 103. 

Henry 43 

Lydia 43 

Mary Greene 103 

Peleg 101 

Walter 45 

William 34,43,52=5=, 53, 58,59 


Albert 84, 110 

Anstis 65,90,127,128,129 

Catherine 59, 71,84,113,139, 

Celinda 84, 110 

Christopher S2 
•Ezra 46* 
•Creorge 46 

George T. 112 

Hannah 84,86,111,112 

Harriet 84, 114 
•John 50,70,84,90,110,111 

John Byron 87, 111 

John Thomas 112 

Jonathan Arnold 111 
• Joseph 8, 57 

Maria 42,66,96,97,98 

Martha 50,86,87,121,122 

Nathaniel 66,110 
-Nathaniel Tyler 110 

Spink Cont»d, 

•Nicholas 52,56,86,121 
•Oliver €2, 56* 
Robert 8, 12* 
Russell 'ill. 
Thomas Gould Allen '84,111 
William Albert 111 


Allen Clinton 124 
F. 124 


Mercy 25,36,45,47* 
Stukely 36 
Thomas 25 

Starr, F. Josephine 107,139 

Stebbins, A. 70 


Alonzo Edelbert 133, 154 
Bert Eugene 133, 153 
Cora Evelyn 153 
Daisy Beatrice 134 
Dora Ella 154 
Eva Yiola 154 
Frank Mariels 153 
Frederick 155 
Harold Sidney 155 
James Frederic 135 
Josephine Ethel 154 
Lucy Maria 135, 155 
Ralph 133 

Sidney Austin 134 
Sidney M. 94, 133,153* 154 
Ward Alonzo 154 

Stevenson, Mamiaduke 170 

Stone, Samuel A. 114 

Stratton, Hannah 41,65,95 

Streeter, Elisha 70 

Stubbs, Johji 175 

Sullivan, Kary 113 

Sweet, Abigail 31 
Daniel 31 
Elisha 9,69,82 
Henry 150 


Sweet Cont'd, 

Jame s 30 
John 31 
John Sr. 12 
Jonathan 30 
Mary 158 
Philip 31 
Robert 31 
Susanna 31 
V/illiam 31 


Benjamin 13, 56 
Job 70 
Palmer 13 

Tars, Sarah 47,78,101 

Taylor 71 

Tefft, Mary A. 101 


Amy 70 
Elizabeth 70 

Terry , 

Elijah 8 

Julia A. 114, 140 


Coggshall 48 
George 179 

Thurston, Edvrard 7 


Almira Cole 116, 144 
George 7, 186 

Henry 7, 12,156,167 

Tifft (See Tefft) 



Ann 82,105,137 

Anna (Waterman) 25 

C, 52 

Charles 56,158 
Clarissa Danforth 82 
Clark 105 

Eliza Ann 49,81,82,103,104,106 
Elizabeth 67,96 
George 81 
17. 82 

Tillinghast Cont'd. 
George 81 

George W. 82 
Julia A. 82 

Julia Ann 82 
Mumford 96, 97 
Nicholas 82,139 
Pardon 158 
Thomas 25,49 

Telle s, Liabel 157 

Torrey, Joseph 11 


Amy 70 

Melissa 91, 129 

Traver, Ella M. 124, 152 

Tucker, Abraham 182 
Hannah 182 

Underbill, Leila Gertrude 151 


Hannah 46,77,97,99 
Leila Gertrude 123 
Mary Agnes 95 
Mary Eddy 95,132,135 
Samuel 45,95 
StulcBly 64,95,132 


Lodowick 12 
Richard 12,57 

Vaughn, Launston 91 

Veiy, Sally 109 

Wadleigh, Isaac 109* 
V/aite, Samuel 12 
Waldron, Nathan B, 8 

Walker, 7 

Wall, Daniel 179 




(Captain) 30 

Wanton, Sarah 159 


Elizabeth 176,178,181,182 

Thomas 178 


George M. 113 
Julia Ann 45,74 

WentTOrth, Daniel 


^'festcote, Robert 


Westcott, Rouert 

12*, 51 


Catharine Townsend 100 
Martha 39 

Mary 39,78 
Sainuel 32,39 


Carrie Estells 75 

Carrie Josephine 75 

Charles Henry 75 
Emma Louise 75 

Joseph Ifenilton 45,75 
Nellie Hamilton 75 
Nellie Richmond 75 

?/ashington, General 178 


Amanda 88 

Benoni 25 

Emma 51,88 

Eunice 117 

George 105 

Hannah 25 

John 25,88 

Phebe A. 





Caroline L, 126 

Champlin 159 

Christopher 126 

Christopher H, 126 

Edward Clarence 126 

Elisha 126 

Frank Stuart 126 

Hannah 158 

Susan Adelaide 126 

7/illiam Cole 89,125 


Annie Clinton 137 

Byron Hall 137 

DeWitt Clinton 105 

Maria 115,141 

Paul 81,105,136 

Walter Clinton 137 

William Greene 105, 137*, 136 

Whipple, John 61 


George 7* 
Holmes 7 
Valentine 5,7 

VJhitfield, Ella A. 113 

V/hitford, Betsey 89 

vmitpin, John 169 

Wickford, John 112 



Weathers, Sarah 

38, { 

(Elder) 33 

Allen 83 
Benjamin 50,83,108 
Benjamin Abom 109 
Daniel 110 
Daniel G. 109 
Daniel Gould 83,108,110 
David 91 
Elizabeth 110 
George 11,12,13,35,52,56 
Holmes 13,14,49 
Isaac 83 
James 108 

Jarvis B, 84 
John 8, 82 
Lydia 110 
Lydia Case 84 
Mary 48,79 


Wightnan Coxrt«d. 

Maiy Gould 109 

Moses 84,110 

Pardon Tillinghast 84,109 

Patience 59, 109 

Susie E. 110 

Thomas 84 



M. F. 





2, 3*, 4, 11, 25, 35 


Ellen Easterbrook 44, T. 
Herbert 144 


Peleg 174 








Hen IT 148 

Hovv'ard Raymond 148 

Ralph Salisbury 148 


Aquidnecke, Sachem 3 

Canonicus Sachem 3, 4 
Coquinaquond Sachem 3,27 

Miantonomoh Sachem 3, 4 

Uncas Chief 4