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Full text of "The Allen Memorial, First Series. Descendants of Edward Allen of Nantucket, Mass., 1690-1905."

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HIS B(><<K 1^>KS NOT 








The Aflen Memorial. 


Descendants of Edward Allen 





ConpOcr q£ tht Gtntftlogiit of Cady, Doolittlo, Fainnmn* Johnson* 

Lm, Scott, ttc. 

Cantor ci tho Palmtr HistoriaU Sodtty. 

Mombor ol tho Sodtty Sons- of tho Amoiioui Rovolution; 

Etc^ Etc 

CmHdfr tJkf Mart 4f mmrnv gmtrmUumas 
wiUi ' 

Ask Uf fmUtr mmd kt wia «i#w fA«#, 
ri/M M^rt mmd iJUf wOi Utt ik»9. 

Sloiia 09 Moms. 

rALMltk, MASS.: 

Pftyst 09 C. B. FisKB ft Ca 



DeicendanU o( Edward AUen of Nantucket, Mass. 


Descendants oi Samud AUen of Windsor, Conn., induding 

Ethan AUen ci Vermont fame. 


Pioneer AUens o( America, 
Inft^i tUng several generatioru each of the fifty distinct AUen fines. 

The second And third series will be published as soon as enough 
subscribers are secured to pay for the printing. 

Onin Peer ADen. 


The compQer of this work became interested in genealogical 
matters in 1884 while assisting in publishing the history of Palmen 
He then commenced gathering material for a genealogy of the 
descendants of his ancestor, Edward Allen of Nantucket The 
work was completed in just ten years, when in 1894 the manuscript 
and data connected with it were lost in the destruction of his store 
by fire* Not discouraged he commenced the work again, and now 
after the lapse of another decade, he presents the completed work 
to those who should be most interested, with the hope that his 
labor has not been entirely in vain. 

Nearty all the descendants of Edward Allen, in the male line at 
least, have a place in this work, save a few families which have thus 
far ehided the most careful search for their record. In the 
Appendix will be found the ancestry of the allied families in the 
author's line. 

In the interest of this genealogy, the author has traveled hun- 
dreds of miles, searched town, county and state records, ransacked 
okl garrets, turned over the musty leaves of many an okl Bible and 
deciphered the crumbling inscriptions of many an ancient 
headstone, and held correspondence with persons in nearly every 
state in the Union, in order to obtain exact data ; and yet, notwith- 
standing all this painstaking there will doubtless be found some 
errors in names and dates, which it is hoped the reader will overlook 
with charity. The author wishes to acknowledge the kindness of 
his many correspondents who have furnished data of their faimilies, 
and especially the courtesy of the several families of Nantucket who 
have offered him the pleasure of examining the invaluable manu- 
script genealogies of the Island, in their possession. 

It was the author's first intention to include in this volume the 
** Genealogy of the Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Ct," 
and '* The Pioneer Aliens of America," but the material for these 
two works has grown to such proportions that it has been thought 
best to issue them separately in the near future. 

Palmer, Mass., June 19, 1905. 


Allen Memorial, a 

Preface, 3 

Illustrations, . 5 

Explanations, 6 

Allen Origins, 7 

I. As a Place Name, ..••... 7 

IL Allen as a Personal Name, 8 

The Alans of Brittany, 9 

The Alans of Richmond and Brittany, . . 13 

Alans in England and Scotland, • 15 

III. Allen First Used as a Samame, • • 16 

Aliens in London, 16 

Allen Coats of Arms, 17 

Descendants of Edward Allen, ao 

Appendix, 99 

A Pedigree of Ann Coleman, 99 

B '' Provided Gaskel, 99 

C " Mercy Skiff, 100 

D '' Hephzibah Coffin, xoi 

E '' Rhoda Cady, 107 

F *' Eliza P. Doolitide, 109 

Indices, ^ X13 


To face pagw as indicated below. 

Orrin Peer Allen, 


Eliza (Brown) Huxfud, 

AbigaU (AUen) Keith, 

Ruftts Alien, 

Dea. Oliver AUen, 

Joseph AUen, 

Betsey (AUen) Marsh, 

Dea. Robert AUen, 

Eliia (DooUtUe) AUen, 

VesU Eliza AUen, 

Jane F. (AUen) Curran, 

George Edward Congdon, 

Rev. John Oarence AUen, D. D 

Thomas C Frenyear, 

Luanda E. (Scott) AUen, 

Jason Cady AUen, 

Charles Anderson AUen, 

Robert Clark AUen, . 

Sarah (AUen) Stoddard, 

Wmiam Starbnck AUen, 

Robert Cady AUen, . 

Robert Jason AUen, . 

Jethro Coffin House, Nantucket, 1686, 

















This genealogy is arranged according to the plan adopted by the New 
England Historical and Genealogical Register. Thus on p. 33 the figures 
on the left of the page denote the successive numbers of the heads of 
families which will be taken up again ; when a number is omitted before a 
name it indicates that such name will not be mentioned again. Thus 4 V 
Daniel, etc., we find again on p. 26 No. 4, where he is brought up with full 
particulars and a list of his children given. The small exponent figures as on 
p. 26 which follow thus, DanieP Allen (Edward^) show the number of the 
generation from the common ancestor, Edward, the emigrant. 

Abbreviations ^b. for bom; d. for died; m. for married; unm. for 
unmarried ; dau. for daughter. 

Old and New Style. — All dates prior to 1752 are supposed to conform 
to the old style then used. 


Insert in Descendants of Edward Allen of Nantucket, facing p. 6. 

The portrait of Dea. Rufus Cady Allen should face p. 73. 

The portrait of Mary (Gardner) Coffin should face p. loi. 

On pp. 39 and 40 for Huxfud read Huxford. 

On p. 39, 1. 13 from bottom, for Arly read Arey. 

On p. 40, 1. 2 from top, for Dunkham read Dunham. 

On p. 42, 1. 12 from bottom, for Sept. 21 read Sept. 22. 

On p. 50, 1. x6 from bottom, for Browne read Broone. 

On p. 54, 1. 3 from bottom, for March 18 read May 18. 

On p. 55, 1. 19 from top, for May 8 read March 8. 

On p. 56, 1. 6 from bottom, for 1823 read 1822. 

On p. 59, L 3 from bottom, for adopted dau. read their dau., Lilla 

HeUe, was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Cooke. 
On same p., 1. 2 from bottom, for Ida read Ada. 
On same p., 1. i from top, for Ernest read Emmett. 
On p. 70, 1. 3 from top, for Dec. 1858 read Jan. 2, 1859. 
On same p., 1. 4 from top, for Ernest read Everett 
On same p., 1. 5 from top, for Laura read Lura. 
On same p., 1. 14 from bottom, for March 23 read November 23. 
On p. 71, L 17 from top, supply brought after has. 
On p. 72, 1. 9 from top, for Oliver read Olive. 
On p. 73, 1. 4 from top, for Thayer read Hager. 
On same p., 1. x i from top, for Luella read Luetta. 
On p. 74, 1. I from top, for Sugar Hill, etc., read Green Hill Ceme- 
tery, Wallingford Village, Vt. 
On same p., L 9 from bottom, for Co. A, etc., read Co. H, 2d Regt., 

U. S. Sharpshooters. He was the crack shot of the regiment. 
On p. 78, 1. 1 1 from bottom, for Susanna read Lurana. 
On p. 79, 1. 15 from top, for Brooks read Brock. 
On same p., 1. 16 from top, for May 30 read Jan. 29. 
On same pi., L 18 from top, for Davis read Downs. 
On p. 91,. L 13 from bottom, for McPangton read Norton. 
On p. 94, 1. X from bottom, for Flaser read Frasier. 
On p. 96, 1. 5 from top, for Fary read Tracey. 
On p. 114, 1 3 from top, 2d col., add 57 after name of Marshall. 
On p. XX7 in index, for Dortnin read Domin. 
On p. 53, 1. x7 from top, after m. supply Aug. X2, X896, Mae Van 

On same p., 1. x8 from bottom, after married supply Nov. 30, X90X, 

Nellie R. Hauge. 
On p. 58, 1. 2 from t>ottom, after \Valling;ford supply m.Oct. 4, XS97, 

Nina Williams, 'llieir children are Hattie Laura Marsh, b. 

Jan. 13, X901, and Esther Louise Marsh, b. June 5, X903. 
On p. 59, 1. 5 from top after 1867 supply m. Nov. 12, 1896, Rhoda 

White. Children : — Robert Warren Marsh, b. July xo, X898 ; 

Lester Allen Marsh, b. Nov. i, 1901. Resides in Rutland, Vt. 
On p. S3, 1. 2 from top, for A. read H.; after N. Yi add m. X896, 

Amelia Hermonie l^i 


I. As a Place-Name. 

*' I believe now there is some sacred power and virtue in a name.*'— ^/r/m. 

Havmg consulted nearly all the English, French, German and 
Latin authors who have commented on th«. ilerivation of the name 
Allen, I have, out of their different opinions, come to the following 
conclosion : That the name is from the Aryan root A/a^ meaning 
mountainous, first found as a place-name in the uplands of ancient 
Sarmartra, north of the Caspian sea, where Mt. Alannus was located, 
whence that powerful people, the Alani, derived their name prior to 
the Christian era, who according to Claudius, were descended from 
the Massagetae, who defeated Cyrus the Great 350 B. C. 

It is also significant that equally early we find the Celtic root /f /, 
meaning high, or sometimes white or bright, among the place-names 
of Scotland, where dwelt that original tribe, the Damnii, who were 
found there on Caesar's arrival in 55 B. C, who must have settled 
there at a long anterior date. 

This tribe had a town called Alan or Alwan, at first on a river of 
the sam'e name, which the Romans Latinized into Alauna. There 
are also many ancient place-names in Northern Britain derived from 
^/ which might be added if space permitted. From these facts we 
must conclude that the name Alan — Allen — is of Aryan origin, 
fostered by the Cymrie race and planted by them first as a place- 
name wherever they located, and appears in Britain and Scotland 
long anterior to all other daimers on the island. 

In conclusion we venture to suggest that the name in the Orient 
and Occident came from the same root and was t>ome by peoples 
once kindred, the one remaining long near the cradle land, the 


friend in Paris as to the historical value of Morice, and learned that 

he was considered reliable by Frencfi critics. 

I. Conan, son of Gerenton, Prince of Alban, the 

ancient name of Scotland. He married Darerea, 

daughter of Calphumius and Conchise, a daughter 

of St Martin of Brittany. Calphumius was d the 

most powerful Lords of Scotland, but removed to 

Brittany, where he settled in one of the towns 

governed by his son-in-law. After the death of 

MaximuSy Conan governed Brittany a6 years under 

the dependence of the Romans. But in 409, 

upon the withdrawal of the Roman troops from 

Britain and the general weakness of the empire, 

Conan became independent and defended his 

people against the barbarians. He was a wise and 

able ruler and his country proved a safe refuge 

for thousands of those who fled from Britain, 

who sought protection and were offered homes in 

the waste lands of his province. Conan died in 

42 X after a reign of 37 years. 

n. Solomon succeeded in 4ax, died about 434. 

HI. Grattian (usurper), died about 445. 

IV. Upon the death of Grattian the rule reverted to 

Conan's line in the person of Audren, son of 

Solomon, who died in 464. 

V. Erick, son of Audrexx, began to reign in 464 and 

died in 476. 

VI. Eusebe, the next in succession, died about 490. 

VII. Budic, the younger brother of Erick, was called to 

to the ducal throne. He married Auanmed, 

daughter of Eusic, prince of Wales. He was 

warlike and successful He died about 509. 

VIII. Hoel, the eldest son of Budic, was at the Court of 
King Arthur of Britain, his kinsman, when he was 
call^ home on his father's death to succeed him. 
He drove out his enemies from Amorica and 
reigned in peace. He died about 545. 

IX. Hoel II, son of Hoel I, came to the throne on the 
death of his father. He married Rimo, daughter 
of Malgo, king of Britain. He died in 547. 


X. Alan I, son o( Hoel 11, married the princestt Azenou. 
It is probable that he derived his name from the 
remembrance of his ancestor Audren's snccessful 
conflict with the tribe of Alani» which had invaded 
France. Owing to the unsettled state of his 
province it was some years before he overcame 
his enemies and enjoyed peace. 
XI. Hoel III, son of Alan I, bom in 560, married Pritelle. 
He was able to rule over a united province, and 
died about 61 2. 
XII. Solomon II, son of Hoel II, reigned from 619 till 
about 633. He left no children. 

XIII. Judicael, brother of Solomon II, married the princess 

Maione. He abdicated the throne about 638 and 
retired to a monastery in Gaul and died 658. 

XIV. Alan II, called the Long, son of Judicael, probaUy 

on account of his extended reign. He died 690, 
after a reign of 50 years. 
XV. Gratton, son of Alan the Long, had a troubled reign 

and lost a part of his territory. He died 753. 
XVI. David, son of Jean, son of Geallon, reigned but a 

few years. Time of death not given. 
XVn. Budic, son of David, recovered his depleted territory. 

Time of death not known. 
XVIII. Milian, son of Budic Died about 792. 
XIX. Rivod, brother of Milian. Died 797. 
XX. Argant, a cousin of Rivod, reigned a few years. 
XXI. Jonathan began to reign in 814, the year of 
Charlamange's death. His rule was short. 

XXII. Judual, probably son of Argant, died in 834. 

These who follow, Morice says, descended from Judicael No. 13 
in the line of descent from Conan I. 

XXIII. Nominoe married Aryontael and ruled from 830 to 

XXIV. Euspae, son of Nominoe. He reigned from 85 1 to 

XXV. Solomon III, cousin of Euspae and son of Rivallon, 

brother of Nominoe, reigned from 857 to 874. 










Pasqatten, grandaon of Nominoe and nephew of 
Sdomont died about 887. 

Alan III, called the Great, brother of Pasquiten, 
reigned from 887 to 907. He commenced as 
Count of Vannes and succeeded as King of Brittany. 
He was recognized as ruler by the whole nation. 
He married Orgain and left children, Ridault, 
Count of Vannes, Derrien, Seignior of Elven, 
Pasquiten, Guereea, Budic, Heme, and a daughter 
who married Malvedor, Count of Poher, through 
whom the line was continued. ''Alan died, 
covered with glory and merit. The services which 
he rendered his country acquired him the name of 

Alan IV, grandson of Alan HI, came to the throne soon 
after the death of his grandfather. He was com- 
pelled to gain allegiance with the Norman Duke 
and became one of the chief rulers of the state. 
He died in 952. 

Hoel, son of Alan IV, died in 980. 

Gurich, brother of the preceding Hoel, succeeded 
him. He left a son, Alan. He died in 987. 

Geoffrey was the next Duke of Brittany. He was 
the son of Conan, son of Sok>mon III, son of 
Gurvant, who was cousin of Solomon III, and who 
had married his niece, the daughter of Euspae, so 
was in the line of descent from Conan I, the first 
king of Brittany. In 1008 he married Hadwisa, 
daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of 
Normandy. Date ot his death not given. 

Alan VI, called Rubeiz, son of Geoffry. He married 
Bertha, daughter of Odan, Count of Charters. 
He died of poison while beseiging the Castle of 

Conan, son of Alan V, died in 1066 and left no issue. 

Hoel V, Count of Camonville, married Havoise, sister 
of the forgoing Conan, by which alliance he be- 
came Duke of Brittany in xo66 and died in X084. 


XXXV. Alan VttFergeant, son of Hoel V. ind Havoise, be- 
came Duke of Brittany in 1084. He equaled his far- 
famed second cousin and namesake who aided 
William in his conquest of England, for when he be- 
came Duke of Brittany he refused to do homage 
to WiUiam, and maintained his ground so stoutly 
as to cause WiUiam to withdraw from his invasion 
of Brittany and sign articles of peace, among which 
was one granting the marriage of the King's 
daughter, Constance, to Alan in io86. She died 
X090, leaving no issue. He m. (a) in 1093, 
Ermengarde, daughter of Faulke, Earl of Anjou. 
Allan died in 1119. 
XXXVL Conan III, son of Alan VI and Ermengarde, became 

Duke of Brittany in 1112. He married Mathilde, 
daughter of King Henry I, of England. Their 
daughter Bertha married Abm LeNoir, the fburth 
Earl of Richmond, in whose persons were again 
united the two branches of the ducal house of 
Geofrey of Brittany. 

The Alans of Richmond and Brittany. 

We have traced the ducal succession of the Alans of Brittany past 
the Norman conquest of England, and now we will glance briefly at 
the union of the two Alan houses of Richmond and Brittany, as has 
just been noted above. 

Alan I, Fergeant, the first Earl of Richmond, England, was the son 
of Eudo, Count of Panthievre, and grandson of Geoffrey I, Duke of 
Brittany. Some historians, including Hume, have confounded him 
with Abn VI, Fergeant, son of Hoel V, Duke of Brittany, a very 
palpable error. These two Alans were second cousins. 

Alan I, Fergeant, so-caOed because of his red hair, was bom in 
Brittany before loj^. Styled Count of Brittany, but not Duke, 
X066. Commander of the Second Division of the Norman army 
under William at the battle of Hastings, Oct. 1066 ; created Lord 
of Croftone and Fumtebri in Hants; created Lord of Richmond 
and all Earl Edwin's lands in Yorkshire 1069. Styled Earl of Rich- 
mond from his castle. He died 1089 without issue. 


"The noble castle of Richmond which he reared long remained 
at a link between the Earldom and the Breton Dukedom." *'This 
castle still remains built with additions by successive Earls as one 
of the finest Norman buildings of the kingdom.'* 

The success of William at the decisive battle of Hastings was 
largely due to the bravery and strategy oi Alan, who was commander 
of the left wing of the army, and he was fully rewarded by the 
conqueror by vast gifts of lands, so that he became, next to the 
King, the richest person in England. Alan I, Fergeant, had* four 
brothers, Alan Niger, Stephen, Rebokl Lord of Widdlehams, and 

Alan II, Niger, brother of Alan I, Earl of Richmond, etc., succeeded 
as second Earl of Richmond 1089. Died 1104. Stephen, brother 
of Alan II, styled as Count of Brittany ixoi, was the third Earl of 
Richmond 1x04, died xx37. 

Ahn III, Niger, second son of Stephen, succeeded as fourth Earl 
of Richmond 1x37, married Bertha, daughter of Conan III, Duke 
of Brittany, about X138. He died 1146. By this marriage the two 
branches of the house of Duke Geoffrey were united, and the Earl- 
dom of Richmond and the Duchy of Brittany became vested in one 

Conan IV, son of Alan III, Earl of Richmond, was Duke and Count 
of Brittany, bom before X13S, succeeded as fifth Earl of Richmond 
XX46, and Duke of Brittany 1x56, married Margaret, sister of Mal- 
chom IV, King of Scothnd i i6o. He died 1x71. 

Constance, daughter of Conan IV, bom 1 163, succeeded in 1 1 66 to 
her title as Countess of Richmond and Duchess and Countess of 
Brittany, married Geoffrey, fourth son of Henry II, King of England. 
She died X20x. 

Arthur de Brittany, son of Geoffrey and Constance, was made Earl 
of Richmoiid xsoo, unmarried. Was killed April, 1203. With him 
closed the Alan line of the Earls of Richmond. 

It may be added in this connection that Alan la Zouche, third 
son of Geoffrey, count of Porhoet, established one of the consider- 
able houses of England in the x 2 th century, whose descendants were 
living in the X7th century. 

Further descendants of the Ducal house of Brittany : Alan, Count 
of Leon in 1279; Alan le Roux, Count of Penthrevre, died 1095 ; 


Alan, Count of PenthrevrCy etc., died 1312; Alan of Avangom, 
died 1265 ; Alan, count of Gavre, died 1481. 

Alan I, third son of Eudo, Count of Porboet, was the first Count 
of Rohen, died 1118. The following counts succeeded who bore 
the name of Alan : 

Alan II, died 11 64; Alan III, died 1195 ; Alan IV, died 1205 ; 
Alan V, died 1232; Alan VI, died 1303; Alan VII, died 1352; 
Alan VIII, died 1429 ; Alan IX, married Margaret, daughter of 
Jean IV, Duke of Brittany, and died 1462. Alan, sumamed Cognard, 
Count of Camonville, died 1058. Alan de Leshardrieux was bishop 
of Tregnier in 1267. Alan de Brue was bishop of Tregnier in 
1284. Alan de Gal wias bishop of Quimper about 1340. Alan was 
bishop of Camonville in 1344. Alan of Litte was bishop of 
Ausserre in 1132. Alan De L'Isle, was a leametl divine of the 
University of Paris, died 1294. Alan (Charter) bom 1386, was sec- 
retary 16 Charles III, king of France. It may be added that the 
Alans of Brittany who have Count Geoffry as an ancestor, trace their 
line also through the Norman dukes, Rehard the Fearless, WiUam 
Langswoard, Rolfe, the founder of the Dukedom of Normandy, to 
his Either, Roquwakl, earl of Marei in Norway, about 850 A. D. 

Alans m England and Scotland. 

As has been noted, the Alan name was first found in Britain, then 
early transferred to Brittany, where it was nourished and honored 
for centuries, then brought back to the British isle in the person of 
Ahn Fergeant, the General and companion of the conqueror, and 
others of his kin and name. A cardul research fails to find any 
Alan in Britain at this time save of Breton stock. 

Miss Yonge says in her history of Christian names that one of 
these Alans k)cated in Scotland, there married an heiress whose 
grandson, Ahn, married Eva, the daughter of Lord of Tippermuir, 
and became High Steward of Scotland, and was both the progenitor 
of the race of Stewart and the original of the hosts of Alans and 
Aliens, who have ever since filled Scotland. A descendant of this 
Alan came to the throne of Scotland in the person of Robert the 
Steward in 13x8. Another Alan was the second Baron of AUerdale 
in XX 54. Alan of Tewkesbury was a noted writer of the X2th 
century, who died x2ox. Alan of Beccles was the Bishop's secre- 


taiy 12x8 to 1236; died 1240. Alan Bishop of Cathoos was 
Chancellor of Scotland in 129 1. An Alan was made Abbott of the 
celebrated Battle Abbey, Mar. 28, 1324. Alan of Lynn, educated 
at Cambridge, became a celebrated preacher and author, 1424. 

III. Allen Fust Used as a Surname. 

Surnames were first used in France about the year 1000 A. D., 
and in England about 1066. While there is little doubt that a ma- 
jority of the Allen families of England and Scotland have descended 
from the Alans of Brittany who settled in the British isle, there were 
probably some next of kin who at first took the personal name of Alan 
who later adopted it as a surname, so we do not wish to be under- 
stood as assuming that all who now bear the name of Allen are of 
ducal extraction, for that is now a difficult matter to determine. The 
original name Alan has passed through many changes in spelling, 
though the form mostly in use is that of Allen since the X3th century. 

One of the early members of the family who boasted a surname 
was Henry Allen, Lord of Buckenhall, in Staffordshire in 1272. He 
was ancestor to branches spelling their name Allen, Allyn, Alleyn, 
and AUeyne. Robert Henry Allen, High Sheriff of Co. Devon in 
1 85 1, traced his descent in a direct line from him. John Allyn, a 
canon of Windsor, was bom in 1373 ; William Allen, bom 1532, was 
made a Cardinal in 1587 ; Henry Allen was Bailiff of Yarmouth 1271, 
William Allen, same in 1270-5 ; Johannas Allen, M. P., from Yar- 
mouth 13x4. The earliest names only are given. An English writer 
in 1851 says there were then 30,000 Allen surnames in the country, 
showing how numerous the name had become, and were quite evenly 
distributed through 32 counties. 

Aliens in London. 

As our Edward Alien came from London, whose genealogy is given 
at length in this volume, it may be of interest to leara something of 
the Aliens of that city, although I have been unable to connect him 
with any family there. Allen families have been numerous there 
from early times, many of whom have held the highest positions. It 
is a little singulaf that the very first Allen whom we find mentioned in 
London is Pyers Alleyn, who was Lord Mayor of that city in 1247, 


followed by Sir John AOen in 1521 to 1535, Sir WiUiam Allen in 
1 57 19 Sir Thomas Allen in i66o. The Dake Roger, son of Roger 
Alan, was Sheriff of London in 1173, Thomas Allen in 14 14, John 
Allen in 1471, John Allen in 1518, William Allen in 1563, Thomas 
Allen in 1654. There are also many Aliens found in the incorporated 
companies of London from the X2th century onward whose names 
we have not the space to give. The earliest will which I find in 
London was made by Geoffrey Aleyn, dated June 24, 1342, who 
mentions wife Matilda, sons Alon, Robert and William, and daughters 
Isabella, Margery, Leticia and Agnes. Many other early wills are 
omitted here. 

In making a careful search through the Parish Registers of Lon- 
don from 1538 to 1807, 1 found 1467 persons by the name of Allen, 
26 of whom bore the name of Edward ; the names of Joseph, Robert, 
Benjamin and Ebenezer are also very frequent, all of which have 
freely appeared in the American line of our family. 

From the list of Edward Aliens of London I have selected the 
following, either of whom might have been the father of our 
Edward of Nantucket, who must have been bom about 1670, either 
just before or lOon after, via : 

Edward AUen and Mary Smith, m. Nov. 28, 1640. 

Edward Allen and Elizabeth <— , m. Aug. 22, 1642. 

Edward Allen and Elizabeth England, m. April 22, 1647. 

Edward Allen and Judith Bull, m. April 8, 1670. They had a 
daughter, Grace, who d. Feb. x6, 1673. 

Edward and Saray Allen had a son John, b. Aug. 5, 1667. 

An Edward AUen was buried July 17, 1724. 
Edward Allen of Nantucket had a cousin, Benjamin Allen, living 
in London in 17 17, and I find in a London Parish Register a 
Benjamin Allen, who died there Feb. 20, 1721. The foregoing are 
given as possible clues to some future searcher for traces of our 

Alien Coats of Arms. 

** It was early in the 13th century that Heraldry became possessed 
of a regtthr system and acquired a language of its own which still 
survives." ** Arms,** so called because they were originally borne 
upon the shield of the owner, subsequently became known as 
* Coats of Arms,' from the fashion which prevailed of embroider- 


ing them upon the sarcoat or long robe which was worn over the 
armonr/' At first the right to bear arms was only given to knights 
who had served in the field, but later the honor was bestowed either 
for gallant conduct in war or for meritorious service in civil affairs, 
but has always been considered as a mark of special distinction. 

From the earliest days of heraldry the Aliens have been gener- 
ously honored by the bestowment of coats of arms. No less than 
saty-two Allen families have been thus distinguished, being found in 
nearly every county of England and Scotland, showing the Allen 
family has deserved well of its country for the last six centuries at 
least Notwithstanding the foregoing, albw the writer to hope that 
no one having the Allen name will assume the right to use crests or 
armorial bearings without the most positive evidence to sustain him 
in so doing, simply because someone having his own name has 
been thus honored in the distant past. 

Here we bring to a close our rapid survey of the rise and develop- 
ment of the Allen family in Brittany and England during more than 
fifteen centuries. It is a history of which no family need be 
ashamed, deriving its lines of lineage from British, Roman, Breton, 
Norman and French stock, and allied with the princely houses of 
Normandy, Angou, France, Scotland and England, while Kings, 
Dukes, Lords, Earls, Counts and Knights are found within its ranks. 
Doughty warriors in the crusades and armed knights for home 
defence sustain the prestige of the name. Later on, when the arts 
of peace begin their benign rule the family is not lacking in men 
who rise as leaders in learning the arts and sciences. Ever restive 
under restraint in early times, the rule still obtains when the days of 
reformation come, for we find the family giving its educated sons to 
swell the non-conformist ranks, or furnishing recruits to people 
New England with men who counted liberty of conscience above 
an things else. 

This inspiring background of ancestry is shared by the great hosts 
of Aliens, both in England and America among all the many 
divergent lines, but it should not cause a single member to rest con- 
tent with ancestral laurels, but rather prove an incentive for him to 
strive to keep alive the prestige of the name. Some of the sources 
of information for the foregoing, besides those noted : Myrvyrian 
Archaeology, William's Eminent Welshmen, Freeman's Norman 



Conquest^ Greene's Lives of the Princesses of England, Doyle's 
Baronage of England, Creesey's Decisive Battles, Domesday Book, 
Dugdate's Baronage of England, Harold's Fairhair's Saga, Vonge's 
Christian Names, Gibbs' Royal House of Stuart, Burke's Landed 
Gentry of England, Arthur's Christian Names, Mussane's Collectana 
Genealogica, London Callender of Wills, Norfolk Official Lists, 
Goiley's Homes of Family Names in Britain, Allen's Hist. London, 
Barry's Diet of Heraldry. 

Descendants of Edward Allen. 

The emigrant from London, England, who setded on Nantucket 

Uand, Matt., about 1690. 

Our sire with island acres was content, 
Hb sons are foond all o'er a continenL 

Our ancestor, Edward AUen, left London, England, for America 
about 1690. On his way thither the vessel in which he embarked was 
captured by pirates, a common occurrence in those times ; what be* 
came of the others is not known, but he managed to escape while 
the vessel was oil Portsmouth, N. H., and soon made his way to 
Nantucket, Mass., which island had been settled some thirty years 

How he came to make Nantucket his home is a matter of conjee, 
ture ; but it may be presumed that as the island people were much 
given to a sea-faring life, some of them may have been at Portsmouth 
at the time of the advent of our young emigrant and probably ex- 
tended an invitation to him to locate with them. 

Having been captured by pirates,* it is fair to presume, he had 
little left him with which to start life ; but this did not deter him 
from taking a wife in due time after becoming a citizen of the in- 
suhr republic. He was probably married to Ann Coleman of Nan- 
tucket sometime in 1693, and remained on the island untfl his death. 
Soon after marriage he built a house on the Plains west of Clark's 
Cove, some three miles out of the present town, where he lived many 
years. In 1891 I was shown the site of the okl house by William 
S. Allen, which is indicated now by a slight depression and a few 
pieces of brick. The original doorstone of this house was moved in 

*The tradition thai Edward Alka cane from Loadoo and was captured by piiatea, has been hand- 
ed down directly f-'nn the older members of the family, and is still preserved in the bmilics 
on the, so there is little doubt of iu correctness. 


1836 by Shubael Allen to form the dooretone of his house on Milk 
street, since known as the Isaiah Folger place. The stone is un- 
dressed, some three feet square, with a surface worn smooth by the 
feet of seven generations. 

.From the Town Records of Nantucket I have gleaned these 
extracts concerning Edward Allen : The first mention of his name 
which I find is in the record of a town meeting held the 17th of the 
1 2th month, 1706, when he was chosen one of the jurors to attend 
the Court Sessions of Common Pleas to be held the 35th of ist 
month, 1707. 

At a town meeting held 39th of ist month, 1707, Edward Allen 
was chosen constable. 

At a town meeting held ssth of s^h month, 1709, Edward Allen 
was chosen one of a committee to inspect every man*s meadow's on 
the island and where they find any man short in their proportion 
they have hereby power to amend every such man's share with the 
common meadows as far as it will go, to the best of their 

At a town meeting held sSth of 1st month, 1710, Edward Allen 
was 'chosen a juror with six others to attend next court ensuing to be 
held 38th of ad month, 1710. 

At town meeting held aoth of ist month, 17x3, Eklward Allen was 
chosen one of the trustees of the Island. 

At town meeting held 24th of ist month, 17 14, Edward Allen 
was chosen one of the jurors. 

At the same meeting he was chosen one of the trustees of 

At town meeting held 33d of xst month, 171 5, Edward Allen was 
chosen one of the grand jurors for the ensuing year. 

At same meeting he was chosen one of a committee to impound 
any hogs found on the commons after the time apix>inted. 

At town meeting held 33d day of ist month, 1719, Edward Allen 
was chosen one of the grand jurors for the year ensuing. 

From Nantucket Co. Record of Deeds is copied the following : 

" Be it known unto all men by these presents thnt I, Daniel 
Spotso, a Sachem on the Island of Nantucket in the Province of the 
Massachusetts Bay in New Engbnd, for and in the considcrati(;n of 
the sum of fifty shillings current money in New England to me in 


hand paid at or the ensealing of these presents by Edward Allen of 
the aforesaid Island of Nantocket, husbandman have granted* 
bargained, sold, alienated and confirmed and do by these presents 
folly, clearly and absolutely grant, bargain, seD, alienate and confirm 
unto the said Edward Allen, his heirs and assigns forever, common* 
age, freeage and pasturage for one hone on the Island of Nantucket, 
together with all the rights and privileges belonging into the said 
commonage or liberty of feeding or pasturing one horse on said 
Island, being one of those my lather, Spotso, reserved by agreement 
with the English, as by said agreement may more fully appear. To 
have and to hold the same liberty or commange for one hoise, unto 
him the said Edward Allen, his heirs assigns forever without in any 
manner of let, hinderance or molestation by me, the said Daniel 
Spotso, or my heirs, or by any other person or persons by our 
means, consent or procurement, and I, Daniel Spotso^ do hereby 
covenant and promise to and with said Edward Allen, that the 
premises before the ensealing of these presents are absolutely free 
and clear from aU former or other grants, alienations or incum- 
brances whatsoever, and that I have good right, lawful power, the 
same to dispose of. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my 
hand, and seal this twenty-eighth day of May in the year of our 
Lord, 1707. 
Sealed and delivered ^"'^■^■^■^ ' 

in the presence of us. jj^^ spao. } seal. I 

William Gager, ( ) 

Eleazor Folcer, Jr. ^-^v^*^ 

In 171 X Edward Allen, with sx others, gave a quit claim deed 
of the horse commons which they had purchased of the Indians to 
the inhabitants of the Island for their use. 

Feb. X9, 17231 Edward and Ann Allen had a deed of 10 acres 
of land confirmed to them by arbitration which had been in dispute, 
which had belonged to Thomas Coleman and given by him to his 

son Tobias. 

There are many records of deeds of land to Edward and Ann 
Allen, and between X735 and 1740 there are records of bnd deeded 
by them, apparently near Main street in the town to each of their 
nine children. From these records it would appear that in their 
declining years they moved into toiini and probably lived with their 
son Ebenezer. My attention was called to this fact by the kindness 


of Prof. Henry Mitchell of Naatucket, who furnished me with 
numerous extracts from the Co. records. In 171 7 Benjamin 
Allen of London, cousin of our Edward, sent him a clock made in 
London by W. Torolinson. This clock is a tall one, with brass 
works, and is still in good running order. It has remained in some 
branch of the family since the death of Edward. It is now in the 
possession of Mrs. Eben W. Alien of Nantucket. It will go to 
Robert M. Stratton of San Francisco. He is descended from 
Rachel, d. of Edward Allen, who m. Thomas Starbuck. Edward 
Allen, I learned from Mr. Wm. C. Folger of Nantucket, was a man 
of intelligence and pleasant address, one popuhr with his felk>w 
townsmen. He deserves well of his posterity, for he reared nine 
children, eight of whom manied and in turn raised large families ; 
one was lost at sea, whaling, at the age of twenty-five. As has been 
remarked, Edward Allen came to Nantucket after it had been settled 
by the whites some 30 years ; at this time it contained about 700 
whites. The Indians had been christianized and were peaceful neigh- 
bors ; all the lands occupied by the whites had been paid for and there 
seems never to have arisen any cause for serious dispute. The 
climate was mild, the land productive and the inhabitants pro8i)er- 
ous, as prosperity was counted in those days of limited needs, and ' 
our ancestor, as well as his neighbors, passed his days in content- 
ment, and when his pilgrimage was over, was laid to rest in the 
ancient burial ground near Maxcy's Pond, with grave unmarked by 
slab, as were those who had preceded him. 

X. Edward Allen, bom in England about 1670; m. Ann,* 
daughter of Joseph and Ann (Bunker) Coleman, of Nantucket, b. 
Nov. xo, x675. He died in Nantucket Feb. i, X74X ; she died there 

Jttly i» 1739- 

Children bom in Nantucket :— 

3. L Mary, b. Aug. 25, X693. 

II. Joseph, b. Oct* 10, X695 ; d. May 4, 1706. 

III. Benjamin, b. Mar. 33, 1697 ; unm., lost at sea in the 
South, whaling, X733.* 

3. rV. Nathaniel, b. Feb. 34, X700. 

4- V. Daniel, b. Apr. 33, 1704. 

5. yi. Sylvanus, b. May, 6, X706. 

6. VIL Rachel, b. Dec. 31, X709. 

^ForPidigiwolAMiColanBM AppcndisA 


7. VIII. Sarahi b. June 4, 1713. 

8. IX. Elizabeth,* b. May 2,1716. 

9. X. Ebcnezer, b. Dec. 26, 1718. 

2. Mary* Allen (Edward*), born Aug. 25, 1693; m. Paul 
Coffin, son of Stephen and Mary, b. Apr. 15, 1695. He died at sea 
Apr., 1729; she ui. (2) Nov. 29, 1731, Clothier Pierce of New- 
port, R. I., son of John and grandson of the celebrated Captain 
Michael of King Philip's war ; was b. May 5, 169S. He m. ( 1 ) Nov* 
19, 1718, Hannah Sherman, daughter of Eben and Honora, b. June 
23, 1700. In the common burying ground at New|)ort, K. I., is the 
grave of Mary Pierce, wife of Clothier Pierce, who d. Nov. 27, 1763, 
ae. 70 years 2 months and 22 days. 

Children by first marriage : 

I. Daniel Coffin, b. 1713 ; m. Ann Waldo of Newport; 

m. (2) Elizabeth Stratton, daughter of William. 

11. Peter Coffin, b. Feb. 26, 1718; m. Feb. 10, 1738, 

Deborah Hussey, b. 1721, daughter of George and 

Elizabeth. He d. Mar. -4, 1799; she d. Feb. 9, 


III. Mary Coffin, b. Dec. 23, 1724; m. Jan. 7, 1741, 

John Thurston of Newport, son of Samuel and 
Abigail. He died Mar. i, 1771 ; she d. Dec. 19, 
1773. He was bom at Newport April 10, 1713. 
Will of Mary Thurston made Mar. 6, 1773, proved 
June 5, 1773. ITieir children were : (i) Lathrom, 
b. Oct. 20, 174S ; m. Sarah Wanton; m. (2) Mrs. 
Martha Coggeshell ; (2), son b. and d. 1749 ; (3), 
John, b. June 12, 1750; m. Sabra Smith; (4), 
Mary, b. July 17, 1752; m. Nov. 18, 1771, 
Hezekiah Starbuck of Nantucket ; they moved to 
North Carolina in 1785 and had 10 children: 
George, Guyer, Clarissa, Hezekiah, Jethro, Samuel, 
Mary, John, Rebecca, Latbram; (5), Samuel, b. 

Oct 8, 175s; d* J"n« i9f "757; (6), Abigail, b. 
Mar. 10, 1760; d. Aug. 17, 1760; (7), Hannah, b. 
April 29, 1762; d. Nov. 11, 1762; (8), Samuel, 
b. Feb. 9, 1763 ; m. Mary Landers; (9), Paul, b. 
July 16, 1769 ; m. Jan. 2, 1791, Sarah Hall ; he d. 
in Maracabo, S. A., Oct. 8, 1802 ; she d. May 17, 

IV. Paul Coffin, b. Aug. 28, 1728; m. Nov. 15, 1750, 

Jerusha Snell of Newport. She had no children by 
second marriage to Clothier Pierce. 


The children of Clothier and Hannah Sherman Pierce were: 
(i), Clolhier, b. 1720; (2), Hannah, b. 1722; (3), Elizabeth, b. 
1726; (4), Freelone, b. 1727; (5), David, b. 1730. 

3. Nathaniel* Allen (Edward') torn Feb. 24, 1700; m. Jan. i, 
1724, I'rovided, dau. of Cipt. Samuel, son of Samuel and I'rovided 
(Southwick) Gaskcll of Newburyport, Mass. She d. Jan. 30, 1730. 
He m. (2) May 2, 1732, Mercy, widow of Prince Coffin, and dau. 
of Nathan and Mercy Skiff of Chilmark, M. V., bom Sept. 3, 1701. 
He died April 7, 1776 ; she d. April 24, 1781. 

From notes given me by Prof. Mitchell, I infer that Nathaniel 
Allen's house was located on the south side of Main street near 
Trader's Lane and about ^ mile westward from the Pacific Bank. 
In a deed dated Feb. 9, 1735, by which his father and mother gave 
him right to certain commons, Nathaniel is designated as a mariner, 
and from other circumstances we infer he was the master of a vessel ; 
and as his first wife was from Newburyport, he probably sailed to 
that port in his reguhr coasting trips ; and for a similar reason he 
doubtless found his second wife on Martha's Vineyard, for the storms 
often drove the vessels into Vineyard Haven for shelter when the 
occasion was utilized in forming acquaintances, and often resulted in 
transferring some of the fair maidens of the Vineyard to Nantucket 
homes. Nathaniel Allen and his first wife were Friends ; the record 
of their marriage and of their two children is found in the books of 
the Friends' meeting at Nantucket. Miss Gaskel * was a descendent 
of Cassandra Southwick, of whom Whittier has written in one of 
his most beautiful poems. 

Nathaniel's second marriage was out of " meeting " and he was 
then dropped from membership, but his two children remained 
within the fold of the Friends. His second wifef was descended 
from Gov. Carver, the Skiffs, the Chipmans and from John Tilley 
and John Hawbnd of the Mayflower. It is supposed that he spent 
the best part of his life following the sea, as we find be had little to 
do in connection with affairs at home. 

Children of first marriage : — 

I. Edmund, b. Oct., 1726; unm. ; d. Aug. 26, 1763. 

*Sw Appendix B lor herptdicrM. 
tSctApptndui C for her padigi 


xo. II. Provided, b. July 1 2y 1728. 

Children of second marriage : — 

III. Abigail, b. Apr. 10, 1733 ; in. May 5, 1785, Jonathan 
Moorcs, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth, b. June 12, 
1725 ; d. Sept 3, 1795. She was his 3d wife, and 
d. Feb. 14, 1817. They had no children. 
IV. Susanna, b. Mar. 2, 1735 > ^i^™* } d* ^P'* ii» 179^- 

II. V. Joseph, b. Apr. x, 1737. 

X2. VI. Benjamin, b. Jan. i, 1740. 

X3. VII. Mercy, b. Sept 4, 1742. 

14. VIII. Oliver, date of birth not recorded but probably earlier 

than the place given him would indicate. 

4. DanieP Allen (Edward'), b. Apr. 23, X704 ; m. Jan. 26, 1737, 
Elizabeth Bunker, daughter of Peleg and Susanna, b. Dec. xo, 17x7. 
He died Mar. 30, X788 ; she died Jan. 7, 1809. 

Children : — 

X5. I. Hephzibah, b. Dec. 10, 1738^ 

II. Caleb, b. Nov. 8, 1740 ; unro ; lost at sea, 1759. 
x6. III. Daniel, b. July 2x, X756. 

5. Sylvanus* Allen (Edward') b. May 6, 1706 ; m. Jan. 8, X727 
(?) Jemima Starbuck, dau. of Jethro and Dorcas; b. May 2, 171 2, 
He d. after X780 and before X784 ; she d. Oct xi, X798 (see New 
Bedford Records). He resided many years on Nantucket, where 
we often find him referred to on the town records as chosen to act 
as a juror, and in X746 was elected constable of the Island. In the 
Registry of Deeds at Taunton we find recorded in Book 45, p. 208, 
that Sylvanus Allen of Sherbom (Nantucket) removed to Dartmouth 
where he bought real estate for ^^257, dated 27th of ist month, 
X76X, and soon after he 'bought another lot of land for ^500. He 
probably resided in that tx>rtion of Dartmouth which was established 
as New Bedford in 1 787. He bestowed land at different times upon 
his several children. 

Children : — 

X7. I. Mary, m. Reuben Worth. 

18. II. Rachel, b. Sept 24, 1732 ; m. Sylvanus Worth. 

III. Ann, m. Elnathan Eldredge of Dartmouth. We find 

in Registry of Deeds at Taunton that he purchased 
land in Dartmouth in 1765 and X768. Elxiathan 


Eldridge, doubtless his son, was drowned in the 
Accnshnet river Mar. ax, 1800. 

IV. Sylvanus m. Abigail Kidder, daughter of Stephen and 
Mercy (Godfrey) Kidder; he m. (2) Sarah Russell. 
The tradition given me by Mr. Folger of Nan- 
tucket is that he removed to the Cape, and had a 
son and a grandson who bore his name, the last of 
whom was the master of a vessel and died in 
MadagascxLr in 1836 while on. a voyage there. I 
have been unable after much' searching to gain 
further trace of his family. 

V. Eunice, intention of marriage with Joshua Doane of 
Dartmouth, published Sept 2, 1767; she died 
before Oct. x, 1793, when her daughter Elizabeth 
rendered the inventory on her mother's estate 
valued at ^^234, 15s, 8d. Their children were: 
(i), Elizabeth, b. Oct 26, 1767; (2), Eunice, b. 
June 24, 1776; (3), Cleremont, son, b. Feb. 18, 
1782 ; (4), Joshua, b. Nov. 5, 1785. 

VI. Jethro, intention of marriage with Eunice Tabor of 
Dartmouth, published Nov. xi, 1773. He d. about 
1793; she d. Oct xo, X809. In X784 he sold 
' ''26 acres of land, which was his father's home- 
stead near the Bay where Fort Phoenix stands." In 
X785 he sold to his brother-in-law, Elnathan 
Eldridge, a part of the estate which his father gave 
him in his last will and testament In X784 he 
bought X74 acres of land near the line of Freetown 
for ;^2io. In Probate Records, book 32, page 
207, at Taunton we find entered the inventory of 
the estate of Jethro Allen of New Bedford, taken 
May 7, X793, amounting to jC^SSf X9S» sd. Sworn 
to by Eunice Allen. It would seem that the estate 
viTzs not settled till Oct 22, x8o2, when the estate 
was finally divided, one-third going to the widow, 
Eunice Allen, and the balance equally to the four 
chiklren: eldest son, Reuben; eldest daughter, 
Jemima, u-ife of Ansel Blossom ; youngest daughter, 
Clarissa, wife of William Nye; youngest son, 
William. In New Bedford Records I find intentions 
of marriage between Ansel Blossom and Jemima 
AUen published June 4, x8o2, and intentions of 
marriage betM-een William Nye and Clarissa Allen, 
published July 24, x8o2, and that William, son of 
Jethro Allen, deceased, died at New York, Septem- 
ber, 1798. 


VII. Lydia; intention of marriage with Samuel Hitch of 
Dartmouth, pub. July 13, 1763. They received a 
deed of land in Dartmouth from their father, Syl- 
vanus Allan, in 1771. She died before May 4, 1836, 
and survived her husband ; her eldest son, Joshua, 
was appointed administrator of her estate at last 
named date. 

VIII. Elizabeth ; intention of marriage with Issachcr Samp- 
son of Dartmouth, pub. Apr. 29, 1766; (2d), her 
intention of marriage with Elgit Hitch of Dart- 
mouth, was pub. Nov. 17, 1775. They were of 
New Belford in 1791. 

19. IX. Jemima; m. Robert Clasby. 

6. Rachel' Allen (Edward'), b. Dec. 31, 1709; m. Oct. 2, 
1726, Thomas Starbuck, son of Jethro and Dorcas, b. Oct. 22, 1706. 
She d. May 31, 17S9 ; he d. Feb. 5, 1779. 

Children :— 

L Sylvanus Starbuck, b. June 27, 1727 ; m. Mary Howes, 
daughter of Thomas and Abigail, b. Mar. 2, 1729. 
He d. May ix, 1813 ; she d. Sept. 20, 1826. 
II. William Starbuck, K Feb. 27, 1732; m. Mary Folger, 
daughter of David and Abigail. He d. June 3, 1 81 2 ; 
she d. Sept. 8, 1825. 

III. Rachel Starbuck, b. Apr. 20, 1735; m. Dec. 1753, 

Paul Gardner, son of Solomon and Anna, b. Jan. 29, 
1730. She d. .\ug, 29, 1775 ; he d. Mar. 17 ,1813. 

IV. Elizabeth Starbuck, b. Apr. 13, 1738; m, Walter Fol- 

ger, son of Brazelb and Phebe, b. Jan. 29, 1735. 
She d* Sept 24, x8oi ; he d. Sept. 30, 1826. 
V. Thomas Starbuck, b. Aug. 22, 1742 ; m. Dinah Trott, . 
daughter of Benjamin and Betsy, b. SepL 15, 1743. 
He d. Dec. 13, 1830; she d. Apr. 18, 1824. 
VI. George Starbuck, b. Sept. 9, 1744 ; m. Rachel Folger, 
daughter of Peter and Christian, b. Dec. 30, 1747. 
VIL Hezekiah Starbuck, b. Feb. 10, 1749. 

7. Sarah' Allen (Edward'), b. June 4, 1713; m« Oct. 19, 1731, 
Joseph Hovey. She d. Dec. — , 1766. 

Children : — 

I. Rachel Hovey, b. Aug. 14, 1732 ; m. John .Mien, b. in ' 
England Mar. 3, 1729. She d. Feb. 5, 1776; he 
d. Oct 23, x8io. He was the progenitor of an- 


Other line of Aliens in Nantucket not related ex- 
cept by marriage to the descendants of Edward'. 
(See Ancestral Aliens of America.) 
II. Joseph Hovey; m. Sarah Swain, daughter of Jethro 

and Dorcas. 
III. Desire Hovey. 

8. Elizabeth^ Allen, (Edward') bom May 6, 1716; m. William 

Child :— 
William Brewer, b. Dec. 31, 1744. 

9. Ebenezer* Allen, (Edward') bom Dec. 26, 1718; m. Aug. 
iS> i740» Christian Heath, dau. oi Edmund and Catherine (Sylvan) 
Heath, b. Aug. 5, 1724 ; he d. Aug. 12, 1753 ; she d. Aug. 29, i773* 
In a deed dated May 7, 173S, Edward and Ann Allen gave their 
son, Ebenez6r, one-half their dwelling house, bam, and other build- 
ings, with the lialf of the house lot on which they lived, also so 
much right in the commons as would keep 59^ sheep, with the 
house lot meadow, also a fourth part of the stock and other property. 

See Nantucket Book of Deeds, vol. 4, p. 178. 

The tradition is preserved in the family that Edmund Heath, the 
father of Ebenezer's .wif e, belonged to a titled and wealthy family in 
Engkmd, and being the youngest,*was sent to this country in charge 
of Capt. Richard Coffin ; in the same vessel was Catherine Sylvan, a 
pretty French girl whom the captain had found in France, and 
hired as a servant l*he acquaintance thus formed on shipboard 
between the young people ripened into love and in due time after 
landing at Nantucket they were married. Many years afterward a 
letter was received by the family, asking for heirs to the Heath 
estate in England, but the matter was never followed up, so the 
family never profited by the information, and doubtless lost a large 

Children : — 

20. I. Edward, b. Jan. 30, 1741. 

II. Tristram, b. Apr. 5, 1744; lost nt sea on a passage 
from Ix>ndon 1767, unm. Ax the time he was 
in London the method of procuring recruits for 
military ser\'ice by means of the press gang was 
in vogue, and he was warned to be on his guard. 









As he was walking along the wharf one day, an 
officer approached him and asked him to what 
ship he belonged. He replied he did not belong to 
any ship, when the officer invited him to bear him 
company. He saw in a moment that he was in a 
trapi but his quick wit saved him. Obsen-ing a 
brig nearby in the stream and that the sailors were 
aloft at work, he called out ** Brig ahoy ! when you 
get that topmast in end and fudded, send a boat for 
me." " Why," says the British officer, " I thought 
you said you were not the master of a ship. 
** Well," says our Yankee, " don't you see it is a 
brig, not a ship." The officer accepted the expla- 
nation as a pleasant joke and left young Tristram 
master of the situation. 

Judith, b. May 31, 1747. 

Ebenezer, b. Mar. 16, 1749. 

Ann, b. May 31, 1742. 

Abigail, b. June 30, 1751; m. Gideon Dehno; he 
d.May 17, 1813. 

10. Prov]ded3 Allen, (Nathaniel^ Edward >)> b. July 12, 1728; 

m. Mar. 17, 17479 Daniel Gardner, son of Samuel and Patience 

(Swain) Gardner, b. Aug. 24, 1727. She d. Dec. 3, 1798; he d. 

July 9, 1780. They belonged to the order of Friends. They still 

have descendants on the Island of Nantucket 

Children : — 

I. Phebe Gardner, b. Mar. 17, 1749; m. Silas Parker; 
she d. Jan. 5, 1832. 
n. Seth Gardner, b. May 24, 1751 ; lost at sea, March 4, 

ni. Rachel Gardner, b. Nov. i, 1752 ; m. George Russell, 

son oi John, b. Sept. 15, 1744; he d. March 17, 

rV. Edmund Gardner, b. Aug. 2, 1754 ; m. Phebe Hassey, 

dau. of Nathaniel and Judith, b. 1758. He d. 

March 11, 1777 ; she d. Sept. — , 1777. 
V. Pamell Gardner, b. June 24, 1756 ; m. Reuben Coffin, 

son of Tristram and Elizabeth, b. 1754 ; she d. July 

2, 1820. 
VI. Daniel Gardner, b. Sept. xx, X758 ; d. in infancy. 
VIL Elizabeth Gardner, b. June 3, 1766 ; d. in infancy. 
Vni. Silas Gardner, b. July 17, 1761 ; m. Susanna Folger, 

dau. of Benjamin and Judith, b. Sept. 13, X762. 

She d. Oct. — , X819; he m. (2d) Sally Barnes, 

wid. of William; he d. May 2, x839. 


IX. Abial Gardner, b. Sept. 7, 1764 ; xn. Zenas Coffin, son 
of Micajah and Abigail, b. June 3, 1764. She d. 
March 4, 1856 : he d. July 8, 1828. 
X. Joseph Gardner, b. Aug. 32, 1766 ; d. 1774. 

11. Joscph3 Allen, (Nathaniel', Edward*)f born April i, 1737; 
m. Dec 4, 1753, Hephzibah Coffin,* dau. of Robert and Susanna, 
b. Nov. 18, 1736. He d. in Shutesbury, Mass., Dec. so, 1S04 ; she 
is said to have died at Portsmouth or Newport, R. I., about 1769, 
when her youngest child was but two years old. As will be seen 
from the above record, they married at a very early age, Joseph 
lacking four months of being 17 years of age while his bride had 
passed that point His trade was that of a cooper, which gave him 
ample employment He lived on Nantucket Island until about 1766 
or 7, when he removed to Newport, R. I., where his youngest child 
was bom. The following condensed transcript speaks for itself: 
** Joseph Allen of Portenouth, Co. of Newport, R. L, Cooper, and 
Hephzibah bis wife, for ^^90, have sold to Oliver Allen, mariner, of 
Rochester, Mass., all their estate in Nantucket, Mass. 

Dated Dec« 3, 1768 at Portsmouth, R. I. 

Signed Joseph Allen, 

Hephzibah Allen." 
Witnessed by Joseph Peabody, 

Rowland Allen. 

See Nantacket Deeds, voL 7, p. 264. 

The year foDowing the same property is sold again. "Oliver 

ADen, mariner, and Joanna, his wife of Rochester, Mass., soM for 

jQ8o the land bought of Joseph Allen in 1 768 to Josiah Barker, viz : 

ten shares commons on the Island and eight shares commons in that 

part of the town called Quaise, dated Oct 3. 1769. 

Signed Oliver Allen, 

Joanna Allen." 
Witnessed by Benjamin Allen, 

Abigail Barlow. 

See Nantucket Deeds voL 7, p. 318. 

Joseph Allen was greatly attached to his wife, and did not marry a 
second time. His sons, Joseph and Robert, were taken into the 
family of their uncle, Capt Oliver Allen of Rochester, Mass., by 

*For pil ii nn M* Apptadis D. 


whom they were brought up. Joseph Senior, it is thought remained 
in Newport, as there was a Joseph there in the time o( the Ke\'olu- 
tionary War, and the family tradition is that he served in the war. 
There were two Joseph Aliens in the service and probably he was 
one of them. He was an expert horseman, and greatly enjoyed the 
turf.' At one time he was the owner of a mare which had beat all 
records then known. On a certain day when he was to engage in a 
race, his opponents sought to win by a trigk ; a ditch was dug across 
the way partly filled with boughs and loosely covered with earth, so 
of course when he reached this ix>int his mare partially stumbled ; he 
was so vexed by the trick that he struck his animal a severe blow, 
which was so unusual that she sprung to her feet nerved to the ut- 
most and won the race. In his declining years he came to. live with 
his son Robert in Shutesbury, Mass., where he died, and where his 
grave is still to be seen in the rear of the schoolhouse at the old 
Centre, marked by a shb of slate, well preserved. His three daugh* 
ters married and resided in Nantucket 

Children : 

I. Child bom about 1754 ; died in infancy. 

24. II. Hephzibah, b. about 1756; m. Feb. 21, i77i,.Peleg 


25. III. Margaret, b. Aug. 31, 175S ; m. Nathan Brooks. 

26. IV. Betsey, b. Nov. 3, 1762 ; m. Dec. 3, 1780, Benjamin 


27. V. Joseph, b. 1764 ; m. about tSoo Lucretia Smead. 

28. VI. Robert, b. Nov. 10, 1767 ; m. 1786, Khoda Cady. 

12. Benjamin^ Allen, (Nathaniel^ Edward'), bom Jan. i, 1740; 
pub. Dec. 4, 1765, and m. Abigail Trott, dau. of Benjamin and 
Elizabeth, b. Oct. 15, 1756. He was a mariner and lost his life at 
sea between New Bedford and Nantucket Dec. 24, 1798; she d. 
Nov. x8, 18x1. 

Children : — 

29. I. Elizabeth, b. Sep. 19, 1766. 

30. II. Tamer, b. Aug.s, 1768. 

31. III. Hephzibah, b. July 21, 1771. 

32. IV. Joseph, b. July 13, i773- 

33. V. Lydia, b. Oct. 19, i777- 

34. VI. Judith, b. June 14, 1787. 


13. Mercy3 Allen, (NathanieP, Edward'), b. Sept 4, 1742; 
m. Dec. 4y 1760, Stephen Macy, son of David and Dinah, b. June 6, 
1741. She d. Mar. 29, 1825 ; he d. Feb. 8, 1822. 

Children : — 

I. Stephen Macy, b. Oct. 7, 1761; m. Phebe Swain, 
daughter of David and Martha, b. Aug. 27, 1765. 
He d. 1825 ; she d. Nov. 16, 1804. 
II. Solomon Macy, b. Apr. 29, 1 762 ; m. Lydia Coleman, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Hephzibah, b. Oct. 9, 
1767. He d. Aug. 8, 1855 ; she d. July 21, 181 1. 
•III. Miriam Macy, b. Mar. x, 1764; unm. ; d. July 2, 


IV. Edmund Macy, b. May 5, 1766; m. Susanna Cole- 
man, dau. of Seth and Dorcas, b. Oct. 6, 1769. 
He died at sea in 1809 ; she d. Oct. 12, 1833. 

V. Job Macy, b. Aug. 18, 1770; m. Deborah Gardner, 
dau. of Prince and Deborah, b. 1773. He d. Apr. 
9, 2852 ; she d. Mar. 25, x86z. 

VI. Seth Macy, b. Feb. 2, 1773 ; ^o™* 

VII. Hephzibah Macy, b. July 30, 1775; ^' Abraham 

Coleman, son of Nathaniel and Hephzibah, b. Aug. 
22, 1769. She d. Oct. 24, iSoo; he d. Sept 7, 
VlII. Dinah Macy, b. June 14, 1779 ; unm. ; d. 1802. 
IX. David Macy, b. Aug. 8, 1782 ; m. Susan Stubbs, dau. 
James and Rebecca, d. Mar. x, 1807 ; he m. (2) 
Sarah, sister of first wife, b. Feb. 22, 178S. She 
d. June 15, x8x8; he d. Aug. 1853. 

14. Capt Olivers Allen, (Nathaniel* Edward' )• I have been 
uiuble to find any record of his birth, but it is doubtless earlier than 
the place assigned him in this genealogy, as we find him to be a ship 
master, and buying real estate as early as X760 in Rochester, Mass., 
at the port of Mattepossett, from which his vessel sailed. He mar- 
ried Joanim (surname unknown). He removed from Rochester to 
Hardwick, Mass., about 1777, where he bought a farm, and where 
during the war he served on a committee of correspondence. In 
X 7 84 he sold his estate in Hardwick and removed to Shutesbur)', 
Mass., where he bought a farm just east of the Centre, where he kept 
the first tavern in the town. The farm is now owned by Dea. 
Briggs. In X7S6 he was elected one of the selectmen of the town. 
On the breaking up of the Shay's rebellion, one of Shay's men 


called at Capt Allen's bouse for protection from officers who were 
on his track. Mrs. Allen told him to doff the soldier coat and don 
some of her husband's apparel and go to work on the wood pile in 
the yard ; he did so, and shortly after the officers called, but seeing 
no one but the busy worker at the wood pile, concluded their man was 
not there, so the poor fellow escaped through a woman's wit. Capt 
Allen died in the early part of 1 792, as we found on the Probate 
Records at Northampton, bearing date of Mar. 6, 1792, that Joanna 
Allen was granted power of administration on estate of her late hus- 
band. The widow, Joanna Allen, married for her second husband, 
Dec. 6, 180X, Perez Clark of New Salem, Mass.; as the records of 
New Salem have been lost by fire, have been unable to learn the date 
of her death. However, we find in Probate Records at Greenfield 
that Perez Clark made his will Oct. 7, x8ii, and on June a, 181 2, 
his widow, Joanna Clark, gave bond as one of the administrators. 
The will devises the use of one-third of real and personal estate to his 
wife, Joanna Clark ; balance of estate to be divided between oMest 
son Samuel, sons Stephen, Nathan, Perez, and youngest son Elisha; 
eldest daughter Dolly ; Deborah, heir of Polly Taylor, Eunice Curtis, 
and youngest daughter, Susan Stacy. 

Joanna Cbrk was living at New Salem as late as April 15, 1S24, 
for on that date she sells land there to Perez Clark, which was willed 
to her by her late husband. 

Children of Capt Oliver and Joanna Allen, b. in Rochester, Mass., 

35. I. Abigail, b. Feb. 6, 1766. 

II. Polly (probably) m. Oct 27, 1785, Theophilus 
Crocker, Jr., both of Shutesbury, Mass. lliere is 
presumptive evidence that she was a daughter of 
Oliver Allen, although the fact is not fully established. 

15. Hephzibah3 Allen, (DanieP, Edward') b. Dec. 10, 1738; 
m. Abisha Bunker, son of Samuel and Priscilla, b. 1734. She d. 
April 1, 1805 ; he d. June 17, 1761. She m. (2d) Hezekiah Russell, 
son of Jonathan and Patience; he d. Feb. 21, 181 7. 

Children by first marriage : 

I. Thadeus Bunker, b. 1758; m. Hephzibah Rowland of 
Hudson, N. Y. 
II. Hephzibah Bunker, d. in infancy. 


Children by secood marriage : 

III. Caleb Russell, b. March i8, 1763 ; m. Hester Calnant, 

dau. of Jacob. 

rV. Elizabeth Russell, b. Aug. 7, 1766 ; m. Barnard Rice. 

V. Mary Russell, b. Nov. 27, 1773; m. Joseph Weeks, 

b. Feb. 7, 1773. She d. Nov. 18, 1839 > ^^ d* ^^y 

II, 1836. 

VI. Phebe Russell, b. Dec. 31, 1775 ; m. William Clark. 

She d. March 32, i866. 
VII. Hephzibah Russell, b. May 37, 1779; m. Ebenezer 

Burgess, b. May 37, 1776. She d. Aug. 6, 1865. 
VIII. Laben Russell, b. Oct. 5, 1780; ro. Mary Hayden, 
dau. of Abishai and Merib, b. Feb. 31, 1784. She 
d. April, 1855. 
IX. Lydra Russell, b. April 33, 1783 ; m. Holmes Coffin. 

She d. April 37, 1865 ; he d. June 15, 1831. 
X. Jonathan Russell, b. Sept 4, 1785 ; d. unm. 

16, Daniel^ Allen, (DanieP, Edward' )» bom July 3i, 1756; 
m. Sept. 36, 1788, Phebe Hillman, widow of John and dau. of 
Seth and Phebe Folger, b. July 8, 1753. He d. Jan. 3, 1843 ; she 
d. May 10, 1839. Daniel AUen was emphatically a Nantucket man, 
for he never left the island but once and that was for a short visit to 
the adjoining island of Tuckemuck. It is said of him that he 
attended the annual sheep shearing on Sheeppen Hill every year of 
his long life of 86 years ; of course he was carried in arms the first 
two years. As tong as sheep raising was continued on the isbnd the 
annual sheep shearing was a great event, when the young and old of 
. both sexes would gather and enjoy a grand picnic. Daniel was a 
fanner and a large sheep owner ; his farm was k)cated some three- 
fourths of a mile west of the town, where he entertained much com- 
pany. In his day he was one of the leading men in town affairs and 
respected by alL 

Children bom at Nantucket : 

36. I. Caleb, b. April 9, 1779. 

II. Daniel, b. Jan. i, 1781, unm; d. 1833. 

37. III. Phebe, b. Dec. 35, 1783. 

38. IV. Elixa, b. April 18, 1786. 

39. V. George, b. March 37, 1788. 

VI. Mary, b. Dec. 31, 1790, unm.; d. May 10, 1835. 

40. VII. Susan, b. Jan. 7, 1793. 

41. VIII. Lydia, b. April 30, 1795. 


17. Mary3 AlleOi (Sylvanus'y Edward' ), m. Sept 30. 1749, 
Reaben Worth, son of Joseph'and Lydia, b. July 13, 1725. She d. 
Jane 4, 1785 ; he d. April 22, 1800. 

Children : 

I. Reuben Worth, b. July 3, 1750; m. Lydia Gardner, 
dau. of Simeon. He d. June 3, 1781 ; she d. Feb. 
24, 1784. 

II. Charles Worth, b. Dec. 29, 1752 ; d. Dec. 29,. 1753. 

III. Geovge Worth, b. March 12, 1755 '» d- Sept. 27, 1766. 

IV. Job Worth, b. Sept. 10, 1759. 

V. Elizabeth Worth, m. Libni Gardner, son of Paul and 
Rachel. She d. April 10, 1839 ; he d. Jan. 2, 1826. 

VI. Mary Worth, b. May 31, 1764 ; d. Jan. 14, 1785. 

VII. Lydia Worth, b. Sept. 13, 1766, unra. ; d. May 2, 1863. 

VIII. Ardno Worth, b. Sept. ii, 1768; d. Aug. 5, 1772. 

18. Rachels Allen, (Sylvanus^, Edward')i bom Sept 24, 1732 ; 
m. Sept 16, 1774, Sylvanus Worth, son of Joseph and Lydia, b. 
June 27, 1727. She d. Jan. 31, 1812 ; he d. Sept 9, 1811. 

Children : 

I. Miriam Worth, b. April 19, 1752, unm. ; d. Aug. — , 

II. Puilla Worth, b. Dec. 5, 1754; ra- John Cowan of 

III. Gideon Worth, b. Jan. 9, 1757; m. Phebe Tabor of 

Fairhaven. He d. Oct 15, 1831. 

IV. Solon Worth, b. Feb. 25, 1760. 

V. Drusilla Worth, b. Dec. 4, 1761; m. Samuel Stubbs, 
son of Benjamin and Eunice, b. Dec. iS, 1761. 
She d. July 15, 1834 ; he d. Nov. 28, 181 7. 

VI. Rachel Worth, b. Oct 29, 1764; m. Isaiah Folger, 
son of Shubael and Lydia. 

VII. Christina Worth, b. Dec. 19, 1766 ; m. Samuel Stubbs, 
son of Benjamin and Eunice. 

19. Jemima3 Allen, (Sylvanus', Edward')t m. Rol^ert Clasby, 
son of William and Abiah. She d. Jan. 23, 1789. 

Child : 

Abraham Clasby, m. Sarah Ray, dau. of Alexander. 


20. Edward3 Allen, (Ebenezer% Edward')* born Feb. x x, X74X ; 
m. Oct ^t 176X, Ann Macy, b. Oct. 24, i744> dau. of Abraham 
and Ann. He d. Jan. 2, 1820; she d. May 22, 1S26. He built a 
large number of houses on Nantucket as a matter of speculation. 

Children : 

42. I. David, b. Oct. 14, 1762. 

43. II. Shubael. 

44. III. Tristram. 

21. Judith^ Allen, (Ebenezer% Edward')* born May 31, 1747; 
m. Oct. 30, 1768, Oliver S])euccr of R. I. He d. Sept 29, 1793. 

Children : 

I. Elizabeth Spencer, b. May 22, 1768; m. William 

Hosier, son of Giles, of R. I. 
II. Judith Spencer, b. Sept 15, 177X; m. George Law- 
rence, son of George. She d. 1821. 

III. Tristram Spencer, born Oct. 9, 1773; m. Priscilla 

Coffin, wid. of Abijah and dau. of Thos. Block. 
He d. Dec. 26, 1832. 

IV. Lucretia Spencer; m. Benjamin Budchell, son of 

Richard and Hephzibah. She d. Feb., 1797. 

22. Ebenezer^ Allen, (Ebenezer^, Edward'), born March xo, 
1749; m. Mary Wing, b. Feb. X2, 1749. He d. Oct. 8, 1790; she 
d. Oct. 16, 1789. 

Children : 

45. I. Anna, b. July 21, 1776. 

II. Content, b. Sept. 15, 1777 ; d. Aug. — , 1805. 
III. William, b. April 23, 1780, unm. ; d. in the West 

46. IV. Mary, b. May 27, X782. 
46J. V. Abigail, b. ^Iarch 19, 1784. 

VI. Christian, b. March 16, 1787. 

23. Ann3 Allen, (Ebenezer', Edward'), born May 31, 1742; 
m. Feb. 7, 1760, Alexander Gardner, son of Tliomas and Hannah, 
b. Jan. 4, 1740. She d. Oct. xo, 1803 ; he d. Aug. i, 1798. 

Children : 

I. Latham Gardner, b. Oct. — , 1760; m. Priscilla 
Gardner, dau. of Barnabas and Abigail. He d. 
Sept. 18, 1830. 

II. Albert Gardner, b. July 24, 1762 : d. Aug. 27, 1763. 


III. Alexander Gardner» b. Nov. xi, 1763; m. Lydia 

Fitchi dau. of Jonathan and Eliaeabeth, b. Aug. i, 
1764 ; d. Jan. 33, 1792 ; m. (ad) Elizabeth Mynck, 
wid. of John. She d. July 19, 1853; he d. Dec. 
— , 1800. 

IV. Asa Gardner, b. Nov. S, 1765 ; m. Elizabeth Chase, 

dau. of Francis and Naomi, b. May 23, 1766. He 
d. Jan. 3i 1795 ; she d. March 12, 1840. 

Jacob, d. Jan. x, 1769; Tristram d. Dec. X2, X771. 


24. Hephzibah^ Allen, (Joseph3, Nathaniel', Edward' )j born 
about X756; m. Feb. 2X, X77X, Peleg Gardner, son of John and 
Keziah (Coffin), son of Peleg3, Nathaniel% Richard', b. X743. She 
d. 1784; he d. X809. He was a mariner and took his sons with 
him as soon as they were fourteen years old. He met his death by 
accidentally falling into the hold of his vesseL His descendants are 
still in Nantucket 

Children : 

I. Benjamin Gardner, b. May 6, X77S ; m. Judith Coffin, 
dau. of Josiah and Judith. He d. March 9, 1S53. 

II. Henry Gardner, m. Phebe Gardner, dau. of Solomon 
and Miriam, her third husband. 

III. Hephzibah Gardner, b. 17S0 ; m. George Hobson of 
Baltimore. She d. in Baltimore July 9, X820; he 
d. there Dec. 6, 1830. 

25. Margaret^ Allen, (Joseph^, Nathaniel*, Edward'), bom 
Aug. 31, 1758; m. Nathan Brooks. She d. June 19, 1830, after 
keeping her bed for 30 years. 

Child : 

Hephzibah Brooks, b. March 14, 17 78, unm.; d. 

Feb. 10, 1842. 

26. Betsey Aliens (Joseph3, Nathaniel, Edward'), bom Nov. 
3, X762; ra. Dec. 3, X780, Benjamin Brown, son of John and 
Mchitable, b. Jan. X9, 1756. She d. Sept x6, 1808; he d. Dec. 34, 
x8i8. Some of their descendants still remain on Nantucket 

EKza (Brown) Htutfud. 


Children : 

L Priscilla Brown, b. Nov. 14, 1795 ; m. Joseph Hoxfad. 
She d. about 1842 ; he d. 1876 ae. 93. Their 
children were Henry, BeDJamin, Joseph, Eliza, 
Mary, Margaret, Almira and Maria. They are all 
dead excepting two, viz : Mary, b. Sept 12, x8ix ; 
m. Robert Norton; she is living at Edgartown at 
the age of 93 in 1904 ; and Joseph Allen Htixfud, 
now living in Providence, R. I. He m. Ann Clark 
of Nantucket; had a dau. Etta Huxfud. The 
above Henry Huzfud m. Lavina Holly ; had two 
children, Bradford (deceased) and Daniel, «- until 
his death in 1905 editor of the Randolph Register. 
Benjamin Huxfud m. Lucy Fisher ; had Annie M., 
who m. Holmes W. Smith of Edgartown, Mass.; 
Abbie C, who m. Fred W. Vincent, and Levi F. 
Huxfud, a printer at Brockton, Mass. Eliza 
Httxfud d. young; Margaret Hiudud, m. Jared 
Norton, and their son Jared Norton lives at 
Edgartown. Almira Huxfud, m. Chase Pease ; had 
no children. Maria Huxfud m. Ephraim Ripley ; 
children, Edward, George and Tristram of Edgar- 
IL Benjamin Brown, b. July 7, 1791 ; m. Nancy Gardner, 
dau. of Alexander and Elizabeth. She d. March 
z6, 1865 ; he d. May x, 1854. Has a dau. Deborah 
Brown, now (1904) living in Brooklyn, 
in. Alexander Brown, b. March 30, 1797 ; m. Sarah Bell 
of New York. He d. in New York. Oct 12, 1834. 

IV. Henry G. Brown, b. Oct 4, i8oa ; m. Lydia Hodges, 
b. 1803. She d. Sept 19, 1873. 

V. Eliza Brown, b. April 19, 1805; m. Dec 14, 1823, 
Thomas A. Huxfud, son of Joseph and Mary 
(Arly) Huxfud, b. Dec. 20, 1798. He d. Sept ix, 
1872; she d. Aug. 26, X887. They resided at 
Edgartown, Mass. Their children were : ( 1 ) James 
B. Huxfud, b. March 20, 1825 ; m. Caroline B. 
CoflSn of Edgartown ; he d. Nov. 2, X89X ; had 
two children, twins, Allen T. and Laura, b. 1865 ; 
Laura, d. XS94 ; Allen T. lives in Pawtucket, and 
has a son Allen and daughter Laura. (2) Charles 
Huxfud, b. Oct 12, 1827 ; m. Martha S. Coleman ; 
m. (2) Charlotte A. Hamblin, both of Nantucket ; 
he d. Oct x6, 1878. (3) Caroline Huxfud, b. 
March 28, 1830; d. Dec 13, x88o. (4) Alexander 
B. Huxfiid, b. Sept x, 1832; d. June 15, 1902. 


(5) George F. Huxfud, b. Jan. x8, 1835 ; m. 
Dec 3, 1885, Adeline Dunkam of Nantucket; 
he is living (1904) in Edgar town. Mass; his 
children are (1) George T., b. Sept 6, 1886, now 
(1904) in Worcester Academy; (2) Doris Carolinet 
b. Jan. 31, 1893. (6) Elizabeth Allen Huxfud, b. 
Sept. IX, 1837; m. George Coffin of Edgartown; 
she d. Oct. 8, 1900. (7) Mary A. Huxfud, b. 
April 6, 1840; d. April 10, 1873. (8) Maria R. 
Hiudord, b. May 12, 1842; d. Feb. 12, 1902. 
(9) Thomas J. Huxfud, b. April 4, 1845 ; d. Mar. x, 
x867. (xo) Josephine L. Huxfud, b. May 3X, 
X850, resides in Edgartown, Mass. She has fur« 
nished most of the material for her family record. 

27. Dr. Joseph4 Allen, (Joseph3, Nathaniel', Edward') 1 b. X764 
at Nantucket, Mass.; m. about 1800 Lucretia Smead, b. Oct. X2, 
1776. She was the daughter of Ebenezer and Mary (Stebbins) 
Smead, and she the daughter of Joseph Stebbins of Deerfield. Dr. 
Allen d. at BucUand, Mass., Oct. 23, x823. His wife d. September, 
1839. Of Dr. Allen's early life little has been preserved, save that 
his mother died when he was about six years of age and he was 
taken into the family of his uncle, Capt. Oliver AUen, who had 
retired from a seafaring life at Rochester, Mass., to Hardwick. It 
» thought that he was afforded broader facilities for education » 
than could have been gained at the common school, but of that 
nutter we are uncertain. It is known that he studied medicine 
with Dr. Kitteridge of Franklin Co., Mass., and that he commenced 
the practice of medicine and surgery in the town of Buckland, Mass., 
whtte he bought a farm OcL 25, X797, where he became noted for 
his skill and success. To give a better idea of the man we quote 
from one who knew him as a boy and who wrote of him in after 
years : '* Prominent among my early recollections is the old family 
physician. His form stout, short, compact, straight as an. arrow, 
always encased in two overcoats in winter and one in summer, in 
each of which was a socket for his immense umbrella. His iace 
square, laughter-loving, though somewhat furrowed by age and care, 
shaded by a broad-brimmed hat; seated on his large bald-faced 
sorrell, with a slow, springy trot on his professional rounds, he looked 
the very embodiment of medical science. Everybody said he was a 
learned and skillful physician and surgeon, and they firmly believed 


what they said. He had an extensive ride and no competition, and 
who in all that valley would not trust his very life in his hands? He 
was never in a hurry and I never saw him in a carriage of any kind. 
He always rode horseback, and at the same easy gait He loved 
fun, and in the exercise of that he made me fear him, for he 
threatened to bleed me and how I did hate him. But when I was 
sick and the dreaded doctor was called he looked and spoke kindly 
and measured out some *^ doctor's stuff " from his capacious saddle- 
bags and went away. Soon after that word came that the Doctor 
was very sick of fever. How every countenance fell; even my 
sympathies were aroused in his behalf. But couldn't he who had 
cured so many other folks cure himself? I thought so. But the 
doctor died. The whole town was filled with gloom. I went with 
my father to the funeral, which was held in the church. A large 
assembly was gathered there. The coffin was placed on a table in 
the broad aisle, and at the ctose of the services, when the audience 
passed around to take a last look at the remains, my father lifted me 
up and through the glass I saw the rigid features of the old family 
physician now sealed in death. It was a mournful, solemn assembly. 
They had come together to lay away in the old cemetery a benevo- 
lent, kind-hearted, Christian man ; a member of the church, one 
who often prayed with and for his patients. Would or could his place 
ever be filled?" 
Children bom in Buckland : 

47. I. Lucretia, b. April 4, 1802. 

48. II. Louisa Smead, b. Oct ix, 1803. 

49. III. Joseph, b. July 30, 1808. 

IV. Erasmus Darwin^ b. z8i6 and died in three weeks. 

28. Robert^, (Joseph3, Nathaniel', Edward')> b. Nov. 10, 1767 ; 
m. X786, Rhoda Cady,* b. in Shutesbury, Mass., March 16, 1765. 
He died in Wallingford, Vt, May 15, 1856; she d. there May 23, 
1850. As before stated, Robert Allen was bom in Newport, R. I., 
and his mother dying when he was about three years old he was 
brought up in the family of his uncle, Capt Oliver AUen of Hard- 
wick and later of Shutesbury, Mass. He married young and com- 
menced life on a farm in Shutesbury, later known as the White 
place, just west of the Centre, where his family of eight children 

•Sw Afiptndis E lor Imt ptdigfw. 


were bom. In 1806 he removed with his family to East Walling- 
fordy Vt, then just being settled. There he purchased a farm on 
which a log house had been erected, and cleared up a farm on which 
he spent his remaining days, and which continued in the possession 
of one of his descendants till 1897. Neighbors were few and far 
apart at first, but in a few years new settlers came and let sunshine 
into the hillsides by the felling of timber and the founding of new 
homes. A meeting-house was erected there in 1828, iihich was 
occupied by the Congregational and Baptist societies until 1856. 
Robert Allen and family were members of the Baptist church there* 
The old church was taken down many years ago. For many years 
Robert Allen followed the business of buying cattle and driving them 
to Brighton market ; he was a man of rare good judgment and quite 
successful in the business. His wife was totally blind from about 
1800 to 1830, at which time she regained her sight and retained it 
untfl her death. In her youth she is said to have been remarkably 
beautiful, the belle of the town of Shutesbury, but she was a woman 
of great endurance and used to recount with pride to her children 
how she and her sisters looked after the farm while her father and 
three brothers were away in the Revolutionary War. 

Children, all bom in Shutesbury, Mass. : 

Rufus, b. Sept. 22, 1787. 

Rhoda, b. April 30, 1789. 

Oliver, b. March 27, 1792. 

Calvin, b. Sept. 11, 1794 ; d. Sept. 28, 1796. 

Joseph, b. Aug. 27, 1797. 

Hephzibah, b. April 11, x8oo; d. Sept 13, 1803. 

Betsey, b. Sept. 21, 1803. 

Robert, b. April x6, 1805. 

20. Elizabeth4 Allen, (Benjamin3, Nathaniel', Edward') » b. 
Sept 19, 1766; m. Silas Coleman, son of Francis and Abigail 
Coleman. She d. Dec 16, 1840; he d. July 20, 1841. 


I. Benjamin Allen Coleman, b. Aug x, X797 ; m. Aug. 5, 
X824, Eliza Parr, dau. of Stephen and Betsey Parr, b. 
Feb. xs, 1807. He d. April 12, X873 ; she d. Nov. 
22, X879. 

II. Hephzibah Coleman, b. Dec. 30, X798; m. Daniel 
Osborne ; resided on Nantucket 











III. Thomas Coleman^ b. July 191 i8oz ; m. Emma 

Paddock, dan. of Elisha and Love Paddock, b. 
Jan. 7, 1805. 

IV. Joseph Coleman, b. Aug. 29, 1 803 ; m. Chartotte 

Paddock, dau. of Elisha and Love Paddock, b. 
March 3, 1807. 

V. Susan Coleman, b. x8o6; d. 1815. 

30. Tamer4 Allen, (Benjamin^, Nathaniel, Edward'), b. Aug. 5, 
1768; m. Seth Myrick, son of Joseph and Abigail Myrick,b. Jan. 22^ 
1766. She d. June 19, 1852. Children by first marriage: 

I. Sarah Myrick, unm. ; d. Oct. 18, 1805. 

M. (2d) Simeon Starbuck, son of Thomas and Dinah, b. Feb. x6, 
1765. He d. Oct. 19, 1850. Child by second marriage : 

II. Albert Wilson Starbuck, b. Oct. 3, i8ix; m. Mary 

Ann Joy, dau. of Moses and Deborah ; he d. Jan., 


31. Hephzibah4 AUen, (Benjamin^, Nathaniel', Edward'), b. 
July 2z, X77X ; m. Elisha, son of Elisha and Deborah Folger. He 
moved to Maine in 1826. She d. Aug. X5, X838; he d. Nov. xo, 

Children : 

L William Folger, b. Oct 2x, X805 ; d. May 25, 1823, at 
sea while on a whaling voyage with his father. 

II. Uriah A. Folger, b. May 3X, 1808; m. Dec. 6, 1826, 

Mary Pinkham, dau. of John and Rebecca. 

III. Lydia Folger, b. Nov. x, x8i2 ; m. Dr. Moses Frist of 

Norway, Maine. 

IV. Edward S. Folger, b. Jan. X2, x8x5; m. Harriett 

Bartlett of Augusta, Me. 
V. Hephzibah Folger, b. Aug. x6, x8x8; m. Alpheus 
Hayward of Wobum, Mass. 

VI. Francis Folger, b. Dec. 3X, x82x ; m. Eliza Caton of 

Augusta, Me. 
VII. Benjamin Folger, b. Nov. 22, X828; m. Martha S. 
Newman of Augusta, Me. 

32. Capt. JosepM Allen, (Benjamin^, Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. 
July X3, X773 ; m. Abigail, dau. of SolonK>n and Abigail Coffin. He 
d. May i| X856 ; she d. Oct. 29, 1862. Capt. Allen was a noted man 
in his day, and very successful as a whaler. He was the first to sail 
into the Japan seas on a whalixig voyage from Nantucket 


Children : 

I. Eunice, b. March 3, 1 796 ; d. young. 

56. II. Susan, b. Aug. 5, 1798. 

III. Hepbzibah, b. Oct xx, x8ox ; in. Reuben, son of 

Abisha and Jedida SwaixL She d. Jan. 8, 1853 ; he 
d. Feb. X9, 1856. They had no children. 

IV. Benjamin, b. Nov. 6, 1804, unm*.; died Oct. ax, 


57. V. Eunice, b. March xo, X807. 

58. VI. Joseph, b. Feb. 5, x8xx. 
' 59. VII. Mary, b. Jan. X5, x8x4. 

60. VIII. Sarah, b. Dec. 26, x8x6. 

33. Lydia4 Allen, (Benjamins, Nathaniel', Edward' )» b. Oct. 19, 
X777 ; m. Silas, son of Tristram and Rachel Swan, b. Dec. — , 1775. 
She d. March 23, X853 ; he d. Feb. — , x8io. 

Children : 

I. Lydia Swan, b. Aug. 12, X798 ; d. Aug. xo, X813. 

II. Avis Swan, b. April 26, 1800; m. Alexander, son of 

Peter Paddock Swan, b. Dec. 30, X798. He d. 
April 26, x868. 

III. Seth Myrick Swan, b. May X3, X803 ; m. Mary Ann 

Fisher. He d. in California. ' 

IV. Edward C. Swan, b. Feb. xx, x8os ; m. Eliza, dau. of 

Charles Folger. 
V. Charles Bunker Swan, b. May 3, X809; m. Susan 
Hussey Adiome ; m. (2d) Eunice Easton. 

34. Judith^ Allen, (Benjamin^, Nathaniel^ Edward'), b. June 
X4, X787 ; m. Edward, son of Joseph and Susan Brown, b. Dec. xs, 
X784. She d. July X4, x8i2 ; he was drowned Aug. 2, X825. 

Children : 

I. Joseph Brown, b. Aug. X9, 1807 ; m. Hanxiah, dau. of 
Seth and Lydia McCall. He d. in California 
May xo, 1850. 

II. Judith Brown, b. Jan. 3X, x8x2; m. Dec. 6, x 832, 

Benjamin, son of Seth and Eunice Ray. He d. 
Dec. 22, x866. 

35. AbigaiH Allen, (Capt Olivers, Nathaniel', Edward'), b. 
Feb. 6, X766; m. 1784, Reuel Keith, probably at Hard wick, Mass., 
where they were published April xx, x784. She d. June 30, X828, at 
Shekien, Vt. He was b. Jan. X3, X7s6, in Easton, Mass. ; d. Oct. x6| 
1837, at Shelden, Vt 

Abigal (AOcn) Kdth. 



I. OUver Alien Keith, b. Jane 37, 1783 ; m. Feb. xo, 
x8x8, Martha Brooks; d. Feb. ax, x84x. 

II. Melinda Keith, b. July 5, X787; m. Joshua Brooks 

of Burlington, Vt., b. Oct 9, x 7 80, in Lincoln, Mass« 
He d. in Burlington, Vt, Nov. X3, 1829 ; she d. in 
Cleveland, O., Feb. 9, x86s. Their son, Oliver 
Allen Brooks, b. in Middlebury, Vt., Feb. x, 18x4 ; 
m. Sept. 29, X840, EUenora Bradbury Kingsley, 
dau. of Rev. Phineas and Parnel (Keith) Kingsley. 
He d. in Cleveland, O., May x6, X892 ; was one of 
the early merchants of Cleveland. Their son, 
Oliver Kingsley Brooks of Cleveland, b. there 
May 2X, x84S; m. Oct. 22, X884, Hattie Ellen, 
b. Feb. x6, 1855, dau. of James D. and Susan Allen 
(Shryock) GiU, of Meadviile, Pa. Their child, 
Katherine GiU Brooks, b. Jan. 3X, x888. She is the 
eighth in descent from Edward Allen, the emigrant. 

III. Joaxma Keith, b. Nov. 25, X789; m. Jan. 23, x8x2, 

James Famsworth. She d. Oct. 5, 1864. 

rv. Rnel Keith, b. June 26, X792; m. X817, Maryetta 
Cleveland; m. (2d) at>out X839, Elizabeth Higgin- 
son. He d. Sept. 3, X842. 

V. Cyrus Keith, b. Feb. 23, X795 r ™* ^^b* ^^» X822, 
Mary (^lisle. He d. March 19, 1844. 

VI. Lucy Keith, b. June 25, x 797 ; m. Holland Barlow. 
She d. Jan. x, x 87 7, at Fairfield, Vt. 

36. Caleb« Allen, (Daniel^, Daniel', Edward'), b. April 9, X779 ; 
m. Love, dau. of Thomas and Hephzibah Clark, b. Oct. 22, X780. 
He d. X824, at sea. 


6x. Sarah Jane. 

37. Phebe* ADen, (DanieW, Daniel*, Edward»)i b. Dec. 25, 
X78.^; m. Oct. 3X, i799» Simeon, son of Latham and Lydia Macy, 
b. May 4, X779. She died July 25, 1S68 ; he d. .Aug. 25, 1849. 

Children : 

I. Eliza A. Macy, b. Feb. 27, x8oo; m. July — , X827, 
Obed Bunker, b. May 28, x8o2. She d. Sept 23, 
X875 ; he d. Sept. X3, 1839. They have one son, 
Edwin G., who resides in bouth Boston. 


n. Reubeo Macy, b. Nov. 14, 1801 ; m. Hephxibdi, 
dan. oC David and Miriam Hairis. He d. Dec 27, 
IIL Hephzibah Macj, b- Oct. 9. 1803 ; m. 1823, Edward 
Sanfbrd, son of Silas and Peggy Sanford, b. 
Aog. xo» 1802. She d. Nov. 13. 1891 ; he d. 
Jnne 24, i860. 

IV. Maiy Ann Macy. h. May 12. 1809; m. Joseph 
Carpenter. She is deceased ; her dan., Emily J. 
Snow, b of Nantucket, and a son, SamaeL is of 

V. Lydia Macy. b. March 19, 1811 ; m. (ist) Nov. 20, 
1831, WOliam P., son of David and Miriam Harris, 
b. March 21, 1810. He died Nov. 2, 1836, at sea. 
She m. (2d) Dec 5, 1850, William B. Starbnck, 
son of Josiah and Nancy, b. Jan. 22, 1817. She 
d. 1903. Blr. Starbock is a resident of Nantucket, 
where he has for many years filled the office of tax 
collector in an acceptable manner. 

VL George M. Macy, b. Nov. 14, 1816 ; ro. Lydia, widow 
of l^^IKam Barton and dao. of Nathaniel EarL He 
is deceased ; she d. Nov. 27, 1879. 

Vn. Phebe A. Macy, b. Ang. i, 1821 ; m. James F. Chase, 
b. Nov. 7, 1816. She resides in New Yori^; he 
d. Jnnc, i8s7. 

38. Eliza* ADen, (Daniel3, Daniel*, Edward*), b. April 18, 1786 ; 
m. Jnly 9, i8r2, John, son of Robert and Lydia CaUer. She d. 
Jan. 22, 1869 ; he d. at sea Dec, 1819. It is related of her that 
she was engaged to Benjamin Gardner of Nantucket, who invited 
her to accompany him to the annual sheep shearing, which was an 
occasion of great enjoyment in those days for young people. She 
donned her white dms and waited for him all day, but he did not 
appear, and in bet she never saw him again, for he went on board 
of a vessel in the morning and sailed away without giving a reason 
for his singular conduct. He settled and married in Hudson, 
N. Y., in after years. 
Their only child was 

SaOy F. Calder, b. April 10, 1813 ; m. Edward C, son 
of Charles and Eunice Morris, b. Oct. 31, 1812. 
She <L Aug. 2, 1877. Mrs. Morris had one son, 
Charles .\., who was killed in the war; a daughter, 
Lydia, who married — ^ Chase, who is the keeper 


of the life-saving station at Caskatel, Nantucket; 
and a daughter, Emily, ^ho married J. K. Caswell 
of New Bedford. 

39. George^ Allen, (DanieU, Daniel', Edward'), b. March 27, 
1788; ro. Deborah, dau. of Peter and Ruhamah Fosdick, b. Aug. 
8, 1790. She d. Aug. 20, 1833 > ^^ ^- (^d) ^^^' — > i^3S> Nancy 
B., dau. of Robert and Lydia Calder, b. Oct. 5, 1804. He died on 
Nantucket Island July 8, 1849. ^^ spent nearly all his life on 
the island of Nantucket excepting when he was away on several 
whaling voyages. In his day there were thousands of sheep owned 
on the island, and as they were pastured in common they were des- 
ignated by ear marks ; George Alien had this matter in charge and 
was always known as George Allen the ** lamb marker." 

Children bom on Nantucket Island, by first marriage : 

I. Peter, b. Dec. 6, 1819, unm.; d. July 12, 1851. 
II. Daniel, b. Jan. i, 1823, unm.; he was a sailor; d. 
July 10, 1857. 

III. James D., b. Oct. — , i82Sf unm. ; a sailor; d. in 

Payta, Peru, Jan. 25, 1845. 

IV. George Washington, b. Dec. 30, 1827, unm. ; d. June 

28, 1843. 
V. Benjamin B., b. Dec. 12, 1829; he went to Australia 

about 1833, and has not been heard from since. 
VI. Lydia B., b. Feb. 16, 1831, d. young. 
VIL Phebe F., b. Feb. 16, 1831 ; drowned in Madollet 
Harbor by the upsetting of a boat July 24, 1849. 

Children by second marriage : 

62. VIII. Caleb Folger, b. May 7, 1836. 

63. IX. Deborah Gardner, b. Sept. x6, 1838. 

X. William H.,b. Nov. 2, 1840; has been blind for many 
yean and resides with his brother. Caleb, in East 

64. XI. Samuel Calder, b. June 7, 1843. 

65. XII. George Washington, b. Nov. 24, 1845. 

40. Susan4 Allen, (Daniels, Daniel*, Edward'), b. Jan. 7, 1792 ; 
m. March 7, i8xx, Reuben Weeks, b. Nov. 23, 1788. She d. 
March 28, 1828 ; he died Dec. i, 1861. 

Children : 

I. Edward Weeks, b. June 6, 1S14; m. Maria Fitch; 
m. (2d) Patience Bray ton, widow of John Bray ton. 
He was a successful captain of a whaler. 


II. Reuben Weeks. 

III. Elizabeth Weeks, b. Dec. 27, x8ii; m. Benjamin 


IV. Daniel Weeks. 

41. Lydia^ Allen, (Daniels, Dan]el^ Edwaid')* b. April so, 
179s; m. Aug. 31, 1 813, Benjamin, son of Jonathan and Abiah 
Barney, b. Dec. 34, 1790. She. d. May 5, 1851 ; he d. about 1887. 
He was a shipmaster, and cousin to Joseph Barney. 

Qiildren : 

I. David F. Barney, b. March 30, 1814 ; m. Eliabeth 
A., dau. of Samuel and Eliaa Barney. They resided 
in .Huntington, N. Y. 
II. Benjamin A. Barney, b. 1825 ; m. Lydia H., dau. of 
William C. and Mary Swain ; m. (sd) Sarah MitcheU, 
b. Dec 8, 1803. He removed to California. 

III. Lydia Barney, d. at the age of x8 ms. Oct. 8, 1836. 

IV. James M. Barney, b. 1837. 

42. David4 ADen, (Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward>)f b. Oct 14, 
1762; m. Nov. 6, 1783, Susan, daughter of Benjamin and Susan 
Meader, b. March 12, 1763. She d. Dec. 27, 182s; he m. (2d) 
Hephzibah, widow of Benjamin Starbuck and dan. of Elihu Coffin. 
She was b. Feb. 6, 1774 and d. March 29, 1845 '» ^^ ^ March 13, 
1837. He was a sheriff of Nantucket for many years, and a very 
influential man on the island. 

Susan, b. June x8, 1784. 
Eliza, b. Dec 2, 1789. 
Capt. David, b. Dec 4, 1791. 
Edward, b. July 28^ i793,unm. 
Shubael, b. July 14* t79S- 
Benjamin, b. Jan. 7, 1 799. 
Phebe, b. Oct 14, 1800. 
Tristram, b. Feb. 22, 1803. 

Frederick, b. Oct. 9, x8o6, unm.; d. May 24, 1823, 
from the effects of swallowing a half dollar. 

43. ShubaeH Allen, (Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward')» m. Dec 
27, 1786, Abigail Gardner, dau. of Stephen and Christian. He d. 
May — t 179s, in France His widow m. (2d) Wnu Wliitney of 
Hudson, N. Y. 




















73. L Locretia, b. Jone lo, 1793. 
II. Josiahy unm. ; d. at sea. 

44. Tristram^ Men, (Edward3, Ebenezer*, Edward* )i m. Nov. 
14, 1795, Polly Nobles. Removed from Nantucket to Providence, 
R. L He d. April — , 1802. His widow m. (^d) Benjamin 


74. I. John N.» b. March 7, 1796. 

n. Nancy, b. April 25, 1798 ; m. Godfrey of Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

III. Winnifred, b. July 9, 1800. 

IV. Lucy, b. July 9, 1800; m. June 7, 1821, Ezra Beebe 

of Newport, R. I. He d. June 30, 1821. 

45. Anna4 Allen, (Ebenezer3, Ebenezer*, Edward'), b. July 26, 
1776; m. Aug. 10, 1802, Reuben Clasby, son of John and Ruth, 
b. Aug. 23, 1777. She d. March 2z, 1854; he d. Nov. x6, 1857. 


I. Mary Ann Clasby, b. May 3, 1803, unm.; d. Aug. 31, 


II. Louise Clasby, b. Jan. 2, 1805, unm. 

HI. Susan AUen Clasby, b. Oct. 14, x8o6 ; m. Thomas, son 

d Eben and Eunice Rand. 
IV. Charles Augustus Clasby, b. Feb. 13, 1809. 
V. Charlotte Clasby, b. Sept 30, 18x1 ; m. Edward M., 

son of Roland and Susan Gardner. She d. Aug. 8, 

1835 ; he d. 1872. 
VI. Aim Maria Clasby, b. July 12, 18x5 ; m. Nov. 9, X838, 

Thomas Jemegan of Edgartown. 
VII. Mary Aim Clasby, d. Aug. 3, 18x9. 

46. Mary» Allen, (Ebenezer^, Ebenezer*, Edward'), b. May 27, 
1782 ; m. Uriah, son of William and Elizabeth Ray, b. Dec 26, x 783 ; 
m. (2d) Thomas Hobnes. She d. Jan. 4, X850. 

Children : 

I. William H. Ray, b. Feb. 13, X807 ; d. Oct. 20, X817. 
II. Eliza Ray, b. April 6, x8xx; m. Thomas Butler of 
West Virginia. She m. (2d) Reuel Starbuck. 

III. Mary W. Ray, b. Sept. X4, 1816 ; m. March 2, X832, 

George, son of Joseph Winslow, b. March 5, 18x4. 
She d. April 5, X887. 


461. AbigaiH Allen, (Ebenexer^ EbeneseH. Edward*), b. 
March '19, 17^; m. Klay 11, 1803* George Banker Coffin of 
Hudson, N. Y^ son of Noah of Cooperstown, N. Y^ b. Nov. 4, 
1781 ; d. Feb. 9, 1855 ; she d. May 31, 1852, at Hudson, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. WUHam Allen Coffin, b. andd. Aug. 30, 1805. 

n. William Allen Coffin, b. Dec« 4, 1808; d. Dec. 12, 

in. Mary Allen Coffin, b. June 22, 181 x ; d. Sept 8, 1838. 
IV. Avis Coffin, b. June 20, 1815 ; d. Dec. 12, 1831. 

V. Phoebe G. Coffin, b. July xo, x8x9 ; d. Oct. 13, X899. 
VI. Elizabeth Ann Coffin, b. April 22, X823 ; d. June X3, 

The above Phoebe G. Coffin, b. July xo, 18x9, m. Wiliiaro Henry 
Domin, b. July 3X, x8xx, d. OcL x6, X877, son of Thomas aiul 
Phoebe (Marchant) DomiiL Phoebe G. Domin d. Oct. X3, 1899. 


I. Abbie Doniin, b. SepL xo, 1835; nuTheo. Robert 

II. Anna Rodman Domin, b. April x8, 1837 ; d. April 30, 


III. Mary Coffin Domin, b. Oct. 22, 1838; d. April 15, 


IV. William Coffin Domin, b. Feb. 20, 1840. 

V. Emma Domin, b. April X5, 1842; m. Edwin P. 
Livingston Browne; she d. June 29, 1887. 

VI. George Bunker Domin, b. Dec 5, X845 ; d- ^^b. 2, 


The above WOliam Coffin Domin, b. Feb. 20, X840, m. June 20, 
x866, Mary J. Evans, b. Sept X9, X845, d. Sept. 30, 1898, dau. of 
Robert W. and Harriet E. (Wescott) Evans. 

Children : 

L Mary Domin, b. April 9, X867 : died Aug. x, 1868. 
II. Arthur Evans Domin, b. April 3, X870 ; m. Caroline 
Louise BuD. 

III. William Coffin Domin, b. Aug. 4, X873 ; resides in 

New York. 

IV. Ftorence Domin, b. March xo, X876 ; d. Jan. 14, 1885. 

47. LucretiaS Allen, (Dr. Joseph4, Joseph^, Nathaniel*, 
Edward')* *>• April 4, 1S02 ; m. Sept. 22, X828, Dr. Joseph Toiier, 
h. Nov. 2X, 179X, in Bangor, Me. She d. March 25, iSSi ; he d. 



July 24, 1874. Dr. Tozier commenced the practice of medicine in 

Londonderry, N. H., and later in York, LeRoy and Clarkson, N. Y. 

He was eminently successful in his profession. He retired in his 

declining years to Brockport, N. Y., where himself and wife spent 

their last days in weU-eamed rest from labor. 

Children : 

I. Lucretia Smead Tozier, b. Nov. 26, 1829 ; d. July 20, 

II. Charlotte Lancaster Tozier, b. July 11, 1831 ; d. 
Nov. 12, 1835. 

III. Marion Louise Tozier, b. April 28, 1833 ; m. July 7, 
1857, Dr. Alexander Freeland Telfair, b. Nov. 17, 
1809, d. Oct, 1872. Children : (i) Emily Freeman 
Telkir, b. Oct. 15, 1858; m. April 16, 1891, 
William E. Harvard. (2) Joseph Tozier Telfair, 
b. Aug. 3, i860; m. Nov., 1884, Miss Armstrong. 
(3) Abbie Louise Telfair, b. Feb. 8, 1862. (4) John 
Watson Telfair, b. Aug 2, 1863. (5) Eugene, 
* b. March 20, 1865. (6) Veneta, b. June 5, 1868. 
(7) Hugh Blair, b. May i, 1871. 

rv. Joseph Allen Tozier, b. June 24, 1836, in York, N. Y. ; 
m. March 23, 1872, Alice Lillian Winslow of 
Brockport, N. Y. She d. Sept 24, x88o. He 
m. (2d) Oct 23, 1884, Alice Finch of Coventry, 
N. Y. ; she d. Jan. x, x888 ; he d. July 19, 1894. 
He had bur one child, a son, who survives him, 
George Herbert, b. Jan. 12, 1873. Mr. Tozier was 
a self-made man who left the. impress of his talents 
upon the community where he lived. In his varied 
life he was a school teacher, pharmacist, school 
commissioner, member of the local board of the 
normal school, superintendent of the Sunday school 
connected with the Presbyterian church of Brock- 
port, of which he was a prominent member. He 
performed well his part in all these positions and 
impressed all with the sincerity of his purpose. 

V. Dr. Lemuel Lancaster Tozier, b. March 16, 1839; m. 
May 301 1864, Emily A. Putnam, b. Feb. 9, 1840. 
Their children are (1) Laura Lucretia Tozier, b. 
Nov. 30, 1865. (2) Lemuel Lancaster Tozier, b. 
Nov. X, 1869; d. July 8, x88x. (3) Franklin 
Lyman Tozier, b. March xx, X873. Dr. Tozier 
commenced life as a teacher, having at one time 
the charge of the LeKoy Academy in connection 
with his brother ; but for years he has been one of 
the leading physicians of Batavia. 


VI. Charlotte Conlay Tozier» b. March a. 1844; na. 
June II, 1868, Dr. Herbert Aagustine Mone of 
Batavia„ b. Nov. 3, 1844. Their children are: 

}i) Louise Harriet Morse, b. April 5, 1873. (a) 
essie Tozier Morse, b. Aug. 16, 1877. 

48. Louisa Smeads Allen, (Dr. Joseph4, Joseph^, Nathaniel', 
Edward'), b. Oct 11, 1803 ; m. Oct. 24, 1824, Dr. Lawson Long, b. 
Feb. 25, 1798, in Shelbume, Mass. She d. June 22, 1864; he d. 
March 23, 1882. Dr. Long was the eleventh child of Stephen and 
Nancy (I^wson) Long. His mother was bom in a fort in Shelbume, 
to which the people had fled for safety, and was the first white child 
bom in that town. His birth occurred in 1758. Dr. Lodg studied 
medicine with Dr. George Winston and later attended the medical 
course at Dartmouth, where he graduated in 1822 and directly com- 
menced the practice of medicine at Shelbume Falb, Mass. ; in 1823 
he went to Buckland as successor to Dr. Joseph Allen, just deceased ; 
in 1831 he removed to North Adams, where he remained until 1836, 
then returned to Shelbume Falls to give his children the advantages 
afforded by the Franklin .Academy. In 1845 he removed to the 
present city of Holyoke, then known as Ireland Parish, a part of 
West Springfield. He believed in the great future of the place, and 
as he spent the remainder of his life there he lived to realize more 
than his wise forecast had promised him. Dr. Long was eminent in 
his profession, of a strong personality, of sincere religious views, 
and left a name still honored by those who best knew him. 

Children : 

I. Isabel Lucretia Long, b. Sept 2, 1825, unm.; resides 
on the old Long homestead in Holyoke. 

II. Lawson Allen Long, b. July 13, 1827; married 
July — y 1855, Lydia Vashburgh ; she d. May 24, 
1883. They had no children. Dr. Long graduated 
at the Berkshire Medical College in 1 849, and was 
the first young physician who located in the rising city 
of Holyoke, then Ireland Depot ; later he removed 
to New York city, where he practiced his profession 
many years till his retirement in 1893 to the old 
homestead in Holyoke, where he now resides. 

III. Louise AugusU Long, b April 16, 1829; m. 1857, 
John Prescott Woodbury of New York; he d. 
March 7, 1861. She m. (2d) Prof. William Henry 


Woodbury; he d. Sept x8, x888. Their ton, 
Wniiam A. Woodbury, b. Feb. x6, 1864, is a 
physician now practicing in Buffalo, N. Y. His 
mother resides there with him. 

IV. Joseph Darwin Long, b. Dec. 12, 1831 ; m. June 25, 
1862, Margaret Baldwin, b. Feb. 9, 1840. He 
graduated from Brown University in 1855, studied 
Uiw, and was admitted to the bar at Cambridge, Mass.- 
Removed to Minneapolis, Minn., in 1885, and con- 
tinued his practice there till 1894, when he re- 
moved to Los Angeles, Cal., where he now resides. 
His children are: (i) Louise Harriet Long, b. 
Aug. 3O9 1863; m. Lewis W. Peck, who d. in 
Arizona. -Their children are Dorothy Peck, b. 
Dec. 14, 1890; Marjory Peck, b. Dec. 28, 1892 ; 
Katherine Peck, b. June 3, 1895. (2) Lawson 
^ Walter Long, b. Oct. 4, 1864; m. and lives in 
Spokane, Wash. (3) Margaret Isabel Long, b. 
Nov. 30, 1869; married James Albert Tuthill; 
they luLve one child, Gretchen Tuthill, b. Nov. 11, 
190X ; reside in Newburgh, N. Y. (4) Charlotte 
Baldwin Long, b. Aug. 7, 1871 ; m. Dwight G. 
Holbrook; they have two i»ons, Robert Dwight 
Holbrook, b. June 7, 1899, and Darwin Long 
Holbrook, b. July 3, 1903 : reside at Sioux Falls, 
South Dakota. (5) Howard Darwin Long, b. 
June 17, 1877; married and lives in Spokane, 
V. Cornelia Maria Long, b. July 20, 1835 ; m. Henry 
Pratt; hed. July i, 1878; no children. She resides 
in Buffalo, N. Y. 

VI. Emily Frances Long, b. Jan. 7, 1839; m. Dec. 17, 
1863, Henry Chandler, b. Feb. 22, 1830, d. Dec. 
21, 1896. She resides on the Dr. Long homestead 
in Holyoke. Their only son, Albert H. Chandler, 
b. Sept. 10, 1872, unm. He is a graduate of Cor- 
nell University and is now a civil engineer in New 
York city. 

VII. Helen Juliana Long, b. Dec. x, X84X, unm. 

VIII. Sarah Yale Long, b. April xx, 1844 ; m. June 14, 1869, 
Dr. Byron H. Daggett ; he d. at Buffalo, N. Y., 
Dec. 28, X903. She continues to reside at Buffalo. 
They had two sons, (x) Byron B. Daggett, bom 
June 26, X870, and (2) Allen Fenton Daggett, 
b. Dec. X7, 1S77, unm. Byron B. Daggett was 
commissioned Lieut, and signal officer U. S. Army 


in Spanish-American war and sen-ed in Cuba. He 
m. April 19, 1892, Lulu Choate» dau. of Rufus and 
Ellen Choate of Buffalo, N. Y. Their children are 
Hiram Choate Daggett, b. Aug. 8/1893 ; Margaret 
Choate Daggett, b. Jan. 14, 1895 ! Dorothy Patience 
Daggett, b. March 30, 1900. 

49. Josephs Allen, ( Dr. JosepM, Josepha, Nathaniel', Edward' ) , 
b. July 30, 1808, at Bucldand, Mass. ; m. Oct. 21, 1832, Sophia K. 
White of Heath, b. May 2, 1814. He died at Parma, N. Y., 
Sept 9, x888; she d. there July 2, 1865. Joseph Allen was for 
some time a student at Yale College, but on account of failing health 
did not graduate. He was a man of quiet, unassuming manner, yet 
possessed a well- trained mind which enabled him to present an 
argument in such a lucid manner that his opponent was convinced 
that he had mastered his subject at least He was a man of deep 
religiousness, and impressed everyone with the sincerity of his 

Children : 

I. Jane Frances, b. at Buckland, Mass., May 20, 1835 « 

d. at Palmyra, N. Y., March 2, 1837. 
II. David White, b. at Palmyra, N. Y., Sept 28, 1837. 
He enlisted in 1862 in Coroi)any A, 140th Regt 
N. Y. Volunteers ; died at Gettysburg July 2, 1863. 

Jane Frances, b. at Palmyra, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1S39. 

Helen Sophia, b. at Leroy, N. Y., April 6, 1842. 

Mary Augusta, b. at Leroy, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1844, 
unm. ; resides at Adams Bason, N. Y. 

Alice Isabelle, b. at Leroy, N. Y., March 23, 1846 ; 
d. Oct. 17, 1849. 

Flora Louise, b. at Leroy, N. Y., July 20, 1848. 

Joseph Henry, b. at Leroy, N. Y., Aug. 20, r85o; d. 
Aug. 20, 1853. 

Alice Isabelle, b. at Leroy, N. Y., April r4, 1852. 

Susan Lucretia, b. at Parma, N. Y., March 27, 1854. 

Ida Blanche, b. at Parma, N. Y., June 25, 1859. 

50. Rufuss Allen, (Robert^, Joseph^, Nathaniel', Edward')> b. 
Sept. 22, 1787; m. Aug. la, 18 10, Sarah Furbush Warren, b. 
March x8, 1789 in Newfane, Vt; she was the daughter of Jonas 
and Mary (Ober) Wanen. Her father ser\'ed through the entire 
Revolutionary War, and in his declining years, although poor, he 













Rufu Alen. 

Do. Oliver ADco. 


would not accept a pension. Rufus Allen d. in Wallingford, Vt, 
Sept 30, 1879, at the age of 92 years. His wife' d. Oct is, 1862. 
He removed from Shutesbury, Mass., with his father, in February, 
i8o6» and remained on the old homestead for 73 yeara, or until his 
death. Soon after his removal to Wallingford he taught school for 
several years, receiving five dollars per month the first year, and ten 
dollars per month for the second year. He excelled in mathe- 
matics, and could solve problems which baffled all the other 
''Masters" in those parts. The salary for teaching proved in- 
adequate, so he had to relinquish that calling and give his time to 
his trade of shoemaking in order to support his young family. He 
retained his mental and physical faculties in a remarkable degree 
until the close of his long life. Himself and nearly all his family 
were members of the Baptist church at East Wallingford, Vt 
Children bom in Wallingford : 

81. I. Laura Warner, b. Aug ix, 181 1. 
Lucretia Smead, b. July 29, 18x3. 
Rufus Cady, Jt>. .May 4, x 8 x 7. 
Alvina, b. Bkijf'8, x820. 
Betsey, b. Dec 8, T822. 
Rhoda Anderson, b. June 27, X826. 
Albert Marsh, b. May 30, X829. 

51. RhodaS Allen, (Robert*, Joseph3, Nathaniel^ Edward') » 
b. April 30, X789 ; m. Dec. 11, x8o8, Jonathan Anderson, b. Aug. 25, 
X786. She died at Wilson, N. Y., Sept 28, 1840, while on a visit 
there. He m. (2d) Thankful Weeks. He d. in Wallingford 
Dec 9, X872. He was a successful business man and acquired a 
handsome property. 

Child by first marriage : 

Hephzibah Allen, b. Feb. 3, 1817, d. March xs, 1817. 

52 • Dea. Olivers Allen, (Robert*, Joseph^, Nathaniel* Edward' ) , 
b. March 24, X792 ; m. Oct 9, x8x3, Naxicy Sarah Sweetland, b. in 
Fitzwilliam, N. H., Feb. 18, X790, dau. of John and Sarah Sweet- 
land. Her father was a Revolutionary soldier. She d. Sept xs, 
x850. He m. (2d) Mrs. Jerusha Bissell of Rutland, Vt He d. 
Oct 23, X852. Dea. Allen settled near his father on what was 
known as Sugar Hill, in the east part of Wallingford, and com- 
menced life in a log cabin. He reared a large family on the old 














hnn and in time erected a comfortable house and accumulated a 
competency for old age. In 1828 a union chnrch was built on his 
farm, occupied in common by the Baptists and Congregational* 
ists ; this church was dedicated in January, 1829, and Oliver Allen 
and Isham White were chosen the deacons of the Baptist society, 
which position they retained until about 1850, when on their leav* 
ing town Thomas York and Linus F. Holton were chosen to succeed 
them. The first Baptist minister was Rev. Artemas Arnold, followed 
in order by Revs. Horace F. Davis, S. B. Thompson, Sanders, 
Joseph Packard, Small, Daniel Packer, and Lyon. Rev. Stephen 
Martindale, the settled pastor of Wallingford viUage, had charge of 
the Congregational society there until his death, when he was suc- 
ceeded by Rev. Mr. Sanders. Elias Kent was the only deacon who 
officiated for this society. 

Owing to the death or removal of many of the people from 
''The Hjn," services were discontinued after 1856 and the old 
church, which had served its purpose in former days, was allowed to 
go to decay and at last was torn down. Fifty years ago the de- 
scendants of Robert Allen, who had settled on *' The Hill," might 
have been counted by the score, and at one time four generations of 
the family were attendants at the church ; but at present only two 
families remain, one of them on the old Allen ho m estead, which has 
remained in the family for nearly a century. 

Dea. Allen removed to Rutland, Vt, soon after 2850, where he 
resided at the time of his death. 

ChiUren bom in Wallingford, Vt : 

L Oliver Lewis, b. Nov. 2, 1814; m. May 8, 1838, 
Sabra Holton, bom in x 81 6. He d. in Wallingford 
Dec xo, X874 ; she d. in Plymouth, IlL, March 17, 
189X. They had no children. He was a farmer on 
Sugar Hill, also a merchant at East Wallingford. 

Lndnda, b. Oct. s, x8x7. 

George Sweetland, b. June 2, 181 8. 

Robert, b. March 9, 18x9. 

William S., b. Dec. 29, 1820. 

Betsey Ruzina, b. Dec. 24, x823i m. 1871, Dea. 
Waldo Alien, b. 1805. He died Aug. xi, 1875; 
she d. Dec 3, 1884. No issue. 

Dr. Horace Draper, b. March 19, 1825. 

Emily Williams, b. Sept. 25, X826; m. March X3, 
1848, Elam Clark Lewis, son of Jonathan and 











JoKlli Afcn. 


Sally (Smith) Lewis, b. in Williamstown, Vt., 
March x6, 1836. Mrs. Lewis d. at Rutland, Vt., 
June 14, 1894. He m. (2d) March 4, 1896, Mrs. 
Elisa A. (Johnson) White of South Hadley Falls, 
Mass. She d. Nov. 13, 1902. He m. (3d) Dec. 
26, 1904, Mrs. Hannah A. (Johnson) Everett 
of Gardner, Mass. Dr. Lewis was successfully 
engaged in the drug trade for 41 years at Rutland, 
Vt., from which business he retired in 1893. He 
has been honored by his townsmen with positions 
of trust, among which we note that of assessor, 
county commissioner, etc. He is a director of the 
Rutland County National Bank, and president of 
the Marble Savings Bank. He resides at Rutland, 
UL Addison Frank, b. July 4, 1829 ; d. March 3, 1835. 
93. X. Elisha Romanza, b. June 10, X83Z. 

XI. Ftorilla Saxah, b. March 24, 1835 ; d. Oct. 15, 1849. 

53. Josephs Allen, (Robert^, Joseph3, Nathaniel', Edward'), 
b. Aug. 27, 1797 ;^ m. 1825, Sally Cook, b. Dec. 30, 1801. She d. 
Nov. 28, 1830. He m. (2d) Alpha Cook, sister of first wife, b. 
Nov. 29, 1809. She d. at Whitehall Aug. 25, 1872 ; he d. there 
July 20, 1875. H^ commenced life on a farm on Sugar Hill, 
Wallingford, Vt, but soon removed to Hoosick, N. Y., where he 
entered the mercantile business ; removed thence to Granville, N. Y., 
and later to Dorset, Vt, and shortly after to Whitehall, N. Y., 
where he continued a successful mercantile life and also became the 
proprietor an.d manager of a hoteL In Whitehall he was highly 
esteemed as a citizen and became prominent in public affairs ; he 
accumulated a handsome property. 


L Marshall Joseph, b. in Wallingford, Vt., April 8, 1827 ; 
m. Aug. 6, 185 Si Mrs. Frances Elizabeth (Gamryck) 
Williams. He d. Dec. 8, 1890. His widow sur- 
vives him. For many years he was a member of 
the extensive importing house of Paris & Allen, 
in New York city, in which business he amassed a 
large fortune. He had no children. 

U. Elizabeth, bom in Wallingford, Vt., Nov. x6, 1828, 
unnu ; d. in Whitehall, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1904. She 
resided nearly all her life in WhitehaU, where she 
was prominent in church and social circles. 


IIT. Wmiam Bansey» b. in Hoonck, N. Y^ Nov. s, 1830* 
unm.; (L in New York city, March 25, 1896, 
buried tt Whitehall, N. Y. He spent mott of his 
life in New York city, where he was a printer for 
many years. He was possessed of scholarly habits 
and wide information, and spent some time in 
travel abroad. He was an invidid during the last 
few years of his life. 

94- IV. Heman Cook, b. in Danby, Vt., Jan. 13, 1834. 

9S« V. Hannibal, b. in Granville, N. Y., March 16, 1836. 

96. VI. George Henry, b. in Granville, N. Y., April 36, 1840. 
Vn. Charles Robert, b. in Whitehall, Jan. 15, 1849; d. 

July 31, 1849. 
VIII. James K., b. in Whitehall, April 31, 1851 ; d. July 5, 

54. Betseys Allen, (Robert^, Joseph^, Nathaniel', Edward' )> 
b. Sept. 31, 1803 in Shutesbury, Mass.; m. Nov. X3, 1833, Levi 
Warren Marsh, b. in Dummerston, Vt., Aug. 4, 1798. She d. Dec. 
8, 2887 ; he d. Jan. 13, 1888. Levi Warren Marsh was descended 
from John Marsh, the emigrant from England to Salem, Mass., in 
1633, through Ebei^, Zachariah^, Jonathan4, Zachery', John'. His 
mother was Charlotte Warren of Dummerston, Vt. He commenced 
his married life in Nei^'fane, Vt. ; removing thence about 1833 to 
E. WaBingford, Vt., where he spent the remainder of his long life. 

Children : 

I. Albert Warren Marsh, b. in Newfane, Vt, Nov. 6, 
1833; m. Jan. 3, 1866, Frances M. Fosket of 
Winchendon, Mass. ; she d. July 13, 1866. He m. 
(3d) Jan. 3, 1868, Rebecca H. Holt oi Weston, 
Vl She d. Sept 5, 1891. He m« (3d) Dec. 5, 
1893, E. Estelle Esty of Brandon, Vt He d. in 
Mt Holly, Vt., Nov. 14, 1898. His adopted 
daughter, Delia L. Ogilvie, m. David Griswold of 
West Rutland, Vt, and their children are LiUie, 
May Belle — deceased, and Rowena Marsh. 

II. Robert Allen Marsh, b. in Newfane,Vt., Dec. i, 1835 ; 
m. Nov. xo, x8s8, Laura A. Congdon, b. Feb. 9, 
1835, daughter of Stephen and Laura Congdon. 
He is a Is^ge and successful farmer near the village 
of Wallingford, Vt Children b. in WaUingford : 
(x) Bertram G. Marsh, b. April 36, 1863, resides in 
Wallingford. (3) Elam Lewis Marsh, b. Nov. X3, 
X863 ; d. Nov. X, X875. (3) £1^ Laura Marsh, 

Bcbey (AJIoi) Mmh. 


b. Nov. 30, 1865 ; m. Oct. 27, 1886, Ernest B. 
Aldrich, resides at Rutland, - Vt., (their children 
are Eva Louise, b. Feb. ix, 1889; Mary Laura, b. 
April i6y 1893). (4) George R. Marsh, b. March 
15, 1867, 

IIL Rhoda Anderson Marsh, b. in Newfane, Vt, Feb. 31, 
1838; m. Sept. 31, 1853, Henry Hewett White, 
b. March xx, 1838, son of Isharo and Rozy 
(Hewett) White of Wallingford. She d. April 33, 
x866. He resides in Stoddard, Wis. Children of 
Henry H. and Rhoda A. White : ( i ) Frank Henry 
White, b. Oct. 3, 1853; m. Jan. 35, x88x, Katha- 
rine Mary Louise WeUing, b. June 39, x863 ; 
their children are: (x) Dora C.,.b. Jan. 36, 1883 ; 
(3) Clara Helen, b. Oct. sx, X883; Charles 
Edward, b. Sept X5, X885; (4) Rhoda Olive, 
b. Dec. 3X, X887 ; (5) Herbert Henry, b. Nov. 8, 
X890; ^S) Esther Ellen, b. Sept. 37, X894. (3) 
Charles rerry White, b. Dec. 5, 1855 ; m. Sept 36, 
x888, Lavina Beardsley Godfrey, b. April 8, x868 ; 
their children are: (x) Ida Marsh, b. Oct is, 
1889; (3) Helen Godfrey, b. Aug. 6, 189X. (3) 
Nelia Estelle White, b. Nov. X5, x86o; m. Jan. 33, 
X 886, Fred Lewis Chase, b. i860; he resides in 
Bartonsville, Vt.; their children are: (x) Ina 
Laura, b. Aug. xx, X889; (3) Arthur Henry, b. 
April 37, 1893. 

rV. Betsey Alvina Marsh, b. in Newfane, Vt, Jan. X3, 
X830; d. in Wallingford, Vt., Oct 34, 1850. 

V. Minerva Davis Marsh, b. in Newfane, Vt, Jan. 36, 
X833; m. Dec. x6, 1849, Albert Moore, b. in 
Plymouth, Nov. 16, X833; d. in East Wallingford^ 
May X3, X874. Their children bom in East 
Wallingford : (x) George Albert Moore, b. Oct X3, 
X850; d. June 7, x863. (3) Jennie Minerva Moore, 
b. April 38, X853; m. Dec. x, X883, Edson P. 
Culver; their children are (x) Clara Belle Culver, 
b. in Mechanicsville, Vt, April 8, x88s ; (3) Cleo 
Edson Culver, b. in Mechanicsville, Vt, Feb. 35, 
18S7 ; (3) Mildred Idelle Culver, b. in Chester, Vt., 
April 34, X890. (3) Lilla Alvina Moore, b. Aug. 3, 
X857; m. May xx, x88x, Charles E. Piper of 
Weathersfield, Vt; she d. Dec. 9, X884, in North 
Springfield, Vt; they had an adopted daughter, 
Lilla Belle Cooke, b. Nov. 30, x886. (4) Ida 
Eugenia Moore, b. Sept xo, x8s9; resides in 


Boston. (5) Clara Manila Moore, b. May i8, 
1866; d. Sept 39, x88i. (6) Edgar Moore, b. 
March 26, x868; d. Nov. 21, 1873. 

VI. Laara IsabeUe Marsh, b. in WaUingford, Vt, May 29, 
1834; m. Sept. 2, 1853, James Y. Nelson, b. in 
Woodford, Vt., May 30, 1827. She d. in Tinmouth, 
Vt, April 8, 1878. Their children are : (x) Betsey 
Jane Nelson, b. in Tinmouth, Vt, Oct xo, 1854 ; 
d. Sept 20, x86x. (2) Charles Warren Nelson, 
b. in Ruport, Vt., Nov. 27, X856; m. Oct 10, 
X877, Clara A. Kelley, b. in Rutland, Vt, Aug. 27, 
1854. He d. in North Springfield, Vt., Sept 27, 
X894. Their children are: (i) Laura A. Nelson, 
b. in Tinmouth, Vt, Nov. 8, 1878 : (2) Clarence 
H. Nelson, b. in Tinmouth, Vt, Nov. x8, 1879; 
(3) Ora N. Nelson, b. in Pawlet, Vt., Sept xs, 
X883, <1* Oct X4, X883 ; (4) Mabel B. Nelson, b. 
in Springfield, Vt, Sept 14, x886; (5) Bertha C. 
Nelson, bom in Springfield, Vt., Oct s, x888. 

VIL Manila Weltha Marsh, b. in WaUingford, Vt, Maxch 
23f 1837 ; ni- D^* 2f 1858, Alonzo W. Graves, b. 
Aug. x3, X837, son of Samuel P. and Hannah 
(Willard) Graves. He d. Nov. 15, X904. She 
resides in Rutland, Vt Children : Dewey Alonzo 
Graves, b. Aug. X3,'x864 ; m. Aug. X9, X890, Hattie 
F. Elliott; he has for the last x6 years been 
engaged as a teacher in Chattanooga, Texm., and 
for the last six years as professor in a school of 
xooo scholars; has no children. (2) Mattie 
Manila Graves, b. Oct 3X, 1867 ; m. June 27, 
X889, Schuyler W. Hammond, M. D., who is 
practicing his profession in Rutland, Vt.; their 
children are: (x) Morrice G. Hammond, b. Sept. 
^Sf <S9S ; (3) Weston C. Hammond, b. April 25, 
X899 9 (3) Olive M. Hammond, b. Aug. 27, X900. 

VUL Charlotte Louise Marsh, b. in WaUingford May 3X, 
X84X ; m. March 3, X862, Charles H. Wood of 
Blackstone, Mass.; m. (2) May i, X867, Marshall 
Thompson, b. May x, X839, son of Augustus and 
Martha Thompson. She d. April 26, X903. They 
resided in No. Clarendon, Vt One chUd was the 
fruit of the first marriage, Frederick W. Wood, 
b. Nov. X, X863 ; d. Feb. 6, x88o. 

IX. Rosina Cornelia Marsh, b. in WaUingford, Vt, Nov. 7, 
X&43 ; m. July 3, X863, Andrew H. Wells, b. Dec. 
i3i x334. They reside in Chester, Vt Children: 

Dea. Robert AHen. 

Elb* (DooUe) Alkn. 


(x) Andrew Marsh Wells, b. in Wallin^ord, Vt, 
April I4y 1864 ; m. Nov. 19, 1885, Minnie Augusta 
Allen, dau. of Albert M. Allen, b. Dec 21, 1864; 
their children are (1) Anna C. Wells, b. in Chester, 
Vt, Oct. 17, 1887 ; (2) Carl A. Wells, b. in Ches- 
ter, Vt., Oct 31, 1889. (3) Roy Arthur Wells, 
b. in Chester, Vt, Dec. 22, 1880. 

55. Roberts Allen, (Roberts Joseph3, Nathaniel', Edward' )• 
b. in Shutesbury, Mass., April x6, 1805; m. Oct 25, X832, Eliza 
Paine Doolittle, b. Feb. 25, 181 2, at Townshend, Vt, dau. at 
Roswell and Charissa (Burt) Doolittle.* He d. in Vemon,Vt., Aug. 2X, 
X889. Dea. Robert .'\llen remained with his parents on Sugar HiU, 
Wallingford, Vt, until he had attained his majority and lor a few 
years after his marriage. He resided at different times in the towns 
of Newfane, Townshend, Jamaica and Windham, Vt, but about 
X856 he removed to Vernon, Vt, where he purchased a farm on 
which he spent the remainder of his days. He was a man of 
generous impulses and gave largely of his means for benevolent 
objects. His life and purposes were deeply imbued with the honest 
religious views received in early life. His moral worth was acknowl- 
edged by all who came in contact with him. He was for many 
years a deacon of the church in Vernon. His widow survives him 
at the age of 93, and resides in Vernon, Vt, (X90S). 

Children : 

97. I. Orrin Peer, b. in Wallingford, Vt, Sept 30, X833. 

98. n. Jason Cady, b. in Wallingford, Vt, Feb. 26, 1835. 
ni. Julia Augusta, b. in Newfane, Vt., July 30, 1837 ; d. 

there Jan. 23, X839. 

99. IV. Charles Anderson, b. in Jamaica, Vt, Feb. x, x840. 
xoo. V. Robert Clark, b. in Jamaica, Vt, Oct 8, 1842. 
xox. VI. Sarah Augusta, b. in Jamaica, Vt, Oct 30, X846. 

VII. Vesta Eliza, b. in Windham, Vt, Nov. 6, X854 ; d. in 
Vernon, Vt., Jan. 16, 1862. 

56. Susans Allen, (Capt. Joseph^, Benjamin^, Nathaniel*, 
Edward' ) f b. Aug. s 9 1798; m. Edward J. Gardner, b. March 22, 
X794. He d. May 22, x33x. She m. (2d) Charles Mitchell, 
b. Jan. 27, X786, son of Christopher and Jemima Mitchell. He 
d. Nov. 9, 1858 ; she d. Oct 5. X836. 

* Set Doolink and Burt familict in Appendix F. 


Qiildren : 

I. Albert A. Gardner, b. Nov. ao, 1816. 
11. Judith J. Gardner, b. April x6, 1819; m. David 
Parker, son of Joshua. She m. (ad) William Swan, 
son of Eliho. She d. Aug. — , 1876. 

57. Eunices Allen, (Capt. Joseph^, Benjamin^, Nathaniel', 
EdwardOf b. March 10, 1807 ; m. June 29, 1832, William E. 
Shearman, b. Oct. 27, 1803, son of Nathaniel and Hephzibah. She 
d. Sept. 23, 1847 ; be d. at sea. 

Children : 

I. Eliza Palmer Shearman, b. Sept. xa, 1836; m. Dec. 

20, x86i, M. S. Allen Etanage of New York. 
II. William E. Shearman, b. Dec. X4, X839, uimi. ; d. at 

sea Sept 2X, 1875. 
III. Virginia Shearman, b. May ^^ 1846 ; d. April 19, 

58. Josephs Alien, (Capt Joseph^, Benjamins, Nathaniel', 

Edward'), b. Feb. 5, x8ix ; m. April 22, X835, Lydia B. Coffin, 

b. May 4, X817, dau. of 'EUakim and Mary. He d. at sea Nov. xs, 


Child : 

Benjamin, b. June x, X836, iuun. ; died at sea near 
Norfolk, Va., Sept xo, 1855. 

59. Marys Allen, (Capt Joseph4, Benjamins, Nathaniel', 
Edward')^ b. Jan. X5, x8x4 ; m. at Nantucket, Nov. 24* 1833, Uriah 
J. Tuck, b. Oct 4, X807, son of Samuel J. She d. Sept X7, 1855. 

Children : 

I. Emeline Tuck, b. Sept x6, X834 ; d. Jan., x8s2. 
II. Susan Mitchell Tuck, b. Sept 29, X836 ; m. Nov. 3, 
X 874, Peter Calyer. 

III. Joseph Henry Tuck, b. Nov. 4, X838. 

IV. Mary Hussey Tuck, b. Sept x6, X840; m. Marcus 

Starbttck, b. Oct. 24, X839, ^^ ^ George and 
Elizabeth Starbuck. 
V. Horace Tuck, b. Jan. X2, X845 > ™- Rosada Bowen of 

VL William Starbuck Tuck, b. Nov. — , 1846; d. Sept, 

Vesta Eliza ADen. 


60« Sarahs Allen, (Capt Joseph^ Benjamin3| Nathaniel', 
Edward')» b. Dec. 26, t8i6; m. Jan. 27, 1836, William Starbuck, 
b. Dec. x8, 181S1 son of Joseph and Sarah Starbuck; he d. April 
2Si «873. 

Children : 

I. Joseph A. Starbuck, b. May 12, 1836 ; m. Mary Abby 

Pitman, dau. of George and Charlotte. 
II. Alfred Starbuck, b. Jan. 29, 1838. 

III. Martha Abby Starbuck, b. Aug. 11, 1840; m. David 

Baldwin of Boston; she m. (2d) Enos Fenton of 

IV. Walter Starbuck, b. April 23, 1843. 

V. Abbott Starbuck, ) twins, b. June 3, 1851 ; 
VI. Everett Starbuck, ) both d. Sept. 4, 1853. 

61. Sarah JaneS Allen, (Caleb«, Daniel3, Daniel', Edward') • 
b* ^-^ ; m. George W. Turner of Boston, b. 1809 ; he d. in Boston 
July 29, 1878. 

Children : 

I. Harriet E. Turner, b. May 19, 1835. 
II. George Nelson Turner, b. March 15, 1838; d. Sept. 
24, '1840. 

62. Caleb FolgerS Allen, (George^, Daniels, Daniels Edward' )» 
b. at Nantucket May 7, 1836; m. May 17, 1858, Mary Perkins 
Christian, b. at Nantucket Jan. 25, 1831, dau. of Samuel and 
Lucinda Davis; she d. Oct 14, 1890. He m. (2d) Dec. 3, 1891, 
Mrs. Lydia R*, widow of George W. Galivan and dau. of Freeman 
and Lucinda Atkins. She was b. Sept 11, 1843. He d. at East 
Providence July 28, 1894. 

Child by first marriage : 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 13, 1859. She resides at 
East Providence, R. I. 

63. Deborah Gardners Allen, (George^, Daniels, Daniel', 
Edward')i b. Sept 16, 1838; ro. Oct 15, 1858, George Hartford, 
b. May 7, 1837, son of Barachias and Abigail Hartford. No chil- 
dren. They reside in South Boston. 

64. Samuel CalderS Allen, (George^, Daniel), Daniel', Edward< ) , 
b. June 7, 1 843, at Nantucket, Mass. ; m. Sept 3, 1 869, Ella M. 


EastOQ, b. Aug. 14, 1850, at Nantucketi dau. of Albert and Mary 

Easlon. They resides at East Providence, R. I. 

Children : 

I. Ella Amelia, b« Aug. 5, 1872. 
II. George Albert, b. Feb. 26, 1875. 
III. Edgar William, b. Jan. 7, x88i. 

65. George Washington^ Allen, (George^, Danie]3, Daniel', 
EdwardOf b. at Nantucket Nov.* 24, 1845 i °^« J^n^ 33» 1775* Lillie 
Emma Colvin, h. Feb. 2, 1856, dau. of Asa B. and Abbie Colvin. 
He resides at Woonsocket, R. I., a boss machinist. 

Children : 

I. Austin Henry, b. April xx, X876 ; d. June 4, 1877. 

II. Florence May, b. June 17, 1878. 

III. Franklin Ellis, b. Nov. 30, x88o. 

rv. Emma Gertrude, b. April 14, 1884 ; d. Nov. 3, 1887. 

66. Susans Allen, (Davids Edward3, Ebenezer', Edward>)» 
b. June x8, 1784; m. Frances Milligan Young of Nantucket. She 
m. (2d) David Worth, b. Dec. 22, 1773, ^^ of Jonathan and 
Abigail; he d. Feb. 25, X855 ; she d. June, x86s. 

Children : 

I. Josiafa Young, b. x8o2 ; d. young. 
II. William H. Young, b. SepL 20, X804 ; m. Elizabeth 
Backus. He d. in New Bedford, Nov. 4, x87S. 

67- Elia^ Allen, (Davids Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward*), 
b. Dec a, 1789; m. at Nantucket Charles Starbuck, b. Feb. X7, 
1786, son of Reuben and Anna Starbuck. He d. on the coast of 
Brazil March ax, 1825 ; she d. Feb. 20, 1864. 


I. Delia Maria Starbuck, d. young. 
II. Charles Edward Starbuck, b. May 3, x8x6; m. Feb. 
x8, X846, Lois Neal Pease of Edgartown, b. Oct. 
30, X823, d. June X3, 1904 ; he d. May 30, X863. 
Thtii children are (x) Heiuy Pease SUrbixck, b. 
March ao, X85X ; m. Charlotte Puffer Baxter of 
Nantucket, b. July 5, X853; they reside in Sanu 
Barbara, CaL ; their children are John Austin Star- 
buck, b. Sept 22, X887, and Edws^ Baxter Star- 
buck, b. Nov. 3, X892. (2) Mary Eliza Starbuck, 
b. March X3, X856 ; resides in Nantucket. 


III. Delia Maria Starbuckt b. June i8, 1817 ; m. William 

Holly of Edgartowo. He d. Feb., 1864 ; she d. 
. March 6, i886. 

IV. Benjamin Allen Starbuck* b. Nov. 24^ 1819 ; m. Jane, 

widow of Stephen Fisher and dau. of Oliver 
Chadwick. He d. Jaly 13, 1879. 
V. Josiah Allen Starbuck, b. Nov. 34, 1819 ; d. 1821. 
YI. Ann Folger Starbuck, b. Jan. 1825; m. John Smith. 

She d. Sept., 1 849. 
VII. Susan Starbuck, b. Jan. 1825 ; d. young. 

68. Capt. Davids Allen, (Davids Edward^, Ebenezer*, 
Edward'), b. Dec. 4, 1791 ; m. Mary, widow of Tristram CoflSn 
and dau. of WiQiam and Lydia Moores; she was b. July 13, 1805. 
He d. April 13, 1839; she d. June 26, 1888. A remarkable inci- 
dent is related of Capt Allen which is entirely vouched for. While 
on a whaling voyage in the Pacific he had thxown the harpoon into 
a large whale, when the enraged monster struck the boat, carrying 
the captain and a portion of the boat far under water ; but it is 
thought that in some way a portion of the timber prevented the 
whale from closing his mouth, so that the captain was freed from his 
captor and came to the surface and life little harmed by his perilous 

Children : 

I. David Meader, b. April 6, 1830; d. Sept. 13, 1833. 
102. II. Tristram C, b. Dec. 10, 1832. 

III. Lydia Moores, b. Nov. 5, 183s; m. Nov. 7, 1870, 
Robert Mitchell, b. Sept. 3, 18 16, son of Samuel 
and Hephsibah Mitchell. He was a merchant on 
Nantucket. He d. Dec. 31, 1891. They had no 
chiklren. She is living (1905) in Hyannis, Mass. 
X03. IV. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 6, 1838. 

69. Shubaeis. Allen, (Davids Edward^ Ebenezer*, EdwardOt 
b. at Nantucket July 14, 1795 ; "l Jan. 15, x8i8, Mary Starbuck, b. 
Oct. 3, 1796, dau. of Kimball and Mary Starbuck. He d. May 22, 
1857; shed. March 3, 1887. He was a sailor from Nantucket, 
and also engaged in farming on the island. 

Children : 


X04. I. William Starbuck, b. March 20, 1819. 

II. Edward, d. in in^mcy. 
105. III. Edward Coffin, b. Feb. 11, 1823. 


xo6. IV. Frederic Barnard, b. Feb. a, 1835. 
107. V. Benjamin Franklin, b. Aug. 26, 1839. 
VI. Alexander, d. in infancy^ 

VIL Sasan Meader, b. Aug. xx, 1833; m. Jan 9, 1872, 
Thomas S. Mitchell, b. April x8, 18x4, son of 
Thomas and Lucy (Swan) Mitchell. He d. July 6, 
X893, on Nantucket His widow still resides there. 
VIII. Mary Coffin, b. Feb. 5, X836, unm.; resides on Nan- 
IX. Catherine Starbuck, b. May 3, X84X, unm. ; resides on 

the island of Nantucket. 
X. Shubael, b. X838 ; d. Oct X839. 

70. Benjamins Allen, (Davids Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward'), 

b. Jan. 7, X799 1 ™* 1834, Ann Lewis, b. 1809, dau. of James and 

Love Lewis. He d. April xo, 1838; she d. May X5, x885. She 

m. (3d) Alden Sibley of Pawtucket, R. I. 


Ann Maria, b. April 5, X837 ; m. Dec. X4, 1855, 
. Edward C. Allen, b. Feb. 4, 1833, son of Shubael 
and May Allen. 

71. Phebes Allen, (Davids Edward3, Ebenezer", Edward')> 
b. Oct 4, x8oo; m. Frederic B. Chase, b. .\ug. 33, X795, son of 
Otis and Betsey Chase; he d. May X4, X873. 

Children : 

I. Elizabeth Chase, b. March — , 1833 ; m. Asa Hutch- 
inson, son of Jessie and Mary Hutchinson. She d. 
Dec. xo, X874 ; he d. 1885. She was a temperance 
lecturer in Minnesota* 
II. Susan Chase, b. March 4, X836 ; m. James S. Kelley, 
son of Allen and Rebecca Kelley. 

III. Frederick William Chase, b. Oct 3, X830, unm ; d. 

1853 in California. 

IV. Seth Clark Chase, b. x 833, unm. ; was a prisoner in 

Libby prison ; d. April — ^ x865. 
V. Ellen Chase, b. Jan. 34, X835 * °^ ^^^y io» i859» ^^' 
John H. Shearman of Maine. 

72. Tristrams Allen, (Davids, Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward>)» 
b. Feb. 33, X803 ; m. March 31, 1830, Elizabeth Lucinda Joumeay 
of Staten Island, b. Aug. 4, x8z3. He d. April 30, X873; she d. 
Dec 35, X893 in Hesper, la. Tristram Allen belonged to the 


society of Friends ; he was a minister in that order, and was re- 
spected by all for his exemplary Christian life and character. 

Children : 

I. David, b. Jan. 31, 1831; m. 1855, Lepha Anna 
Carter. She is deceased ; he resides in Ashland, 
Oregon, and has several children, but I am unable 
to obtain their names. 
II. Joshua, b. Oct. 4, 1832 ; d. June xi, 1835. 
X08. III. Susan, b. Nov. x, 1834. 

IV. Frederic, b. Nov. X3, 1836; m. Nov., 1855, Sarah 

Hutchinson. He has several children. 
V. Cornelia, b. July 20, 1839; m. Nov. 1857, Charles 
Kingsbury. They live in Ashland, Oregon, and 
have several children, but I have been unable to 
obtain their record. 
X09. VI. Mary, b. Dec. ix, 1840. 

VII. Henry, b. March 26, X842 ) . 
Vn. Albert, b. March 26, 1842 I ™' 

Henry d. May xs, 1842 ; Albert d.Aug. — , x86i. 
xio. IX. Anna, b. Sept 13, X845. 
X. Jennie, b. April 7, 1849. 
I XX. XI. Gertrude Gail, b. Dec. x6, 1853. ' 

73. Lttcretia SAllen, (ShubaeH, Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward')* 
b. June xo, X792; m. Walter Cure, b. Aug. 29, X789. They re- 
moved from Nantucket to Hudson, N. V., where he died. 

Children : 

I. Josiah Cure. b. Jan. x, x8x3; m. Emma Mills of 

Staten Island, N. Y. ; he d. in New York, Feb. 3, 

II. Charles Cure, b. Oct X2, x8x4. He was a physician 

and is said to have been murdered while traveling 

in the West. 
III. Mary Cure, b. June 2x, x8x6; m. Sept 8, X840, 

Benjamin Town of Hudson, N. Y. ; she d. June i, 

X877 at Jersey City. 
X. John Wesley Cure, b. Jan. x6, 18x9. 

74. John N.S Allen, (Tristram4, Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward' )» 
b. March 7, 1796; m. Eunice Hitch, b. April xo, X797, dau. of 
John and Rebecca Hitch. He removed from Nantucket to 
Kennebec, Me. She m. (2d) Shubael Hussey. 



L Tristram, b. May 28, 1818; d. aboat 1838 in New 

Orleans; unm. 
IL Nanqr. 

75. JsuM Frances^ Alien, (Joseph^, Dr. Joseph^, Josej>h3, 
Nathaniel*, Edward')* b. at Palmyra, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1839 ; m. Feb. 
39, 1872, Charles E. Curran, b. at Kingston, Canada, April 8, 1837, 
son of James and Mary (Cox)Curran. He enlisted in Co. C, ad Iowa 
In&ntry at Danvenport, Iowa, April 24, 1865 ; mustered out of 
service July 12, 1865 at Louisville, Ky.; resides in Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

I. Jennie Bell Curran, b. Jan. iSi 1873; d* ^ug. 22, 


II. Flora Augusta Curran, b. June 25, 1874 ; m. June 14, 

1905, W. A. S. Plata, M. D. of Kansas City, Mo. 
Previous to her marriage she was a popular and 
efficient teacher in the schools of Elk Co., Kansas, 
her native county. 

III. Joseph Edward Curran, b. March 19, 1877. He 

enlisted in a Nebraska regiment and had seven 
months' service in the Philippines, but was mus- 
tered out on account of illness. He now resides in 

IV. John Wesley Curran, b. Nov. 30, 1879; d- F^^* 3» 


IIL Ida Bell Curran, b. Jan. 12, x88i. She graduated 
from the Normal School at Brockport, N. Y., in 
X901, having prepared herself for a teacher. 


76. Helen Sophia'^ Allen, (Josephs, Dr. Joseph^, Joseph^ 
Nsthaniel^ Edward')* bom at Leroy, N. Y., April 6, 1842; m. 
April 24, 1861, George W. Doty, b. July 4, 1830, at Ogden, N. Y., 
son of David and Mehiubel (Lamed) Doty. He resides at Adanu 
Basin, N. Y. He was for many years a school teacher, after which 
he retired to farm life. 

Chihlren : 

L Ida Isabelle Doty, b. Aug. 13, 1867 ; d. June 23, 1868. 

II. George Willoughby Doty, b. May 30, 1 869 ; d. Dec. 4, 

x888. . 
III. Clarence Allen Doty, b. July 29, 1878. 

Jane Fnncet (Allen) Cumn. 


77. Flora Louisa!^, Allen, (Josephs, Dr. Joseph^ Josephs, 
Nathaniel^ Edward' )f b. at Leroy, N« Y., July so, 1848; m.. 
March xi, 1874, Lewis Mayo, son of Judge Walter and Elizabeth 
(Hall) Mayo. He resides in Leavenworth, Kansas. She d. at 
Cape May, N. J., Sept. 9, i88x. 

Children : 

L Alfred D. Mayo, b. Dec. 18, 1875. 
IL Walter Mayo, b. July xx, 1877. 
in. Mead S. Mayo, b. July 10, X879. 

78« Alice Isabelle^ Allen, (Josephs, Dr. Josephs Joseph^, 
Nathaniel^ Edward' )f b. at Leroy, N. Y., April 14, x8s3 ; m. 
Nov. 34, x87S, Charles M. Gilman. He resides in Elsinore, 

Children : 

L Mary Melissa Gilman, b. April 17, X877. 
n. Ada Mildred Gilnian« b. Dec. 33, X878. 
UL Allen Tucker Gilman, b. May xx, X890; d. Nov. 33, 

79. Susan Lucretia^ Allen, (Josephs, Dr. Joseph^ Joseph3 

Nathaniel^ Edward' )• b. at Parma, N. Y., March 37, 1854; m. 

March xo, X875, Judson Hall Webster, son of Alvin and Cornelia 

(Bailey) Webster; she d. at Ogden, N. Y., Tan. x, 1885. 

Child : 

Florence Ada Webster, b. JaiL »o, X876. 

80 Id^ Blanched Allen, (Josephs, Dr. Joseph^ Joseph^, 
Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. at Parma, N. Y., June 35, 1859 ; m. X893, 
Charles F. HUl of Hoquian, Washington. She had been a teacher 
there for some time previous to her marriage. 

81. .Laura Wamei^ Allen, (Rufuss, Robert*, Joseph3, Nathaniel' 
Edward'), b. Aug. xi, x8ix; m. April X3, X830, Levi Philanda 
York, b. Oct. 39, x8o6, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Kinney) York of 
Wallingford, Vt. She d. in Wallingford, Vt., Feb. 9, X875 ; he d- 
in Waterman, III, May 30, 1SS7. 

Children b. in Wallingford, Vt. : 

L Son (unnamed) b. Sept. xs, X83X ; d. Sept sx, t83x. 
IL Son (unnamed) b. March «-, X834 ; d. Apr. 3, X834. 


III. Levi York, b. June — , 1835 ; d. July 31, 1835. 

IV. Marshall York» b. Oct. 17, 1835, (adopted); he tn. 

Dec — , 1858, Sophia Fales. They reside in 
Brandon, Vt. ; their children are Mary and Ernest. 

V. Laura Ann York, b. April 6, 1838; m. Nov., 1858, 
Harvey D. Congdon of Wallingford, Vt She d. 
'Aug. 9, x88i. Their children are (x) Sherrie; 
(3) Hattie F.; (3) Ella A.; (4) William F. 

VI. Rufus Allen York, b. March 8, 1841 ; m. June 20, 
1876, Sarah E. Steward, b. May 13, 1845. She d. 
Sept 3, i88x. They had one child, Myna Augusta, 
b. Aug. 3, 1880; d. Dec. 14, 1883. He resides in 
Watertown, UL He m. (2d) Oct. ix, 1900, Mrs. 
Lucy French, dau. of Leverett and Abigail (Hart) 
Culver, b. in Wallingford, Vt., Aug. 23, X835. She 
m. (x) Granville Congdon; m. (2) Dec. X3, x86-, 
Eben C. French, who d. Dec 8, 1897. I'hey now 
reside in Sandwich, 111. 

VII. Augusta Alvina York, b. March 27, 1S43 ; m. Feb. 14, 
X867, George Griffith Congdon, b. in Wallingford, 
VLf Feb. 29, 1838, son of James H. and Lydia 
(Brock) Congdon. She was a teacher in Vermont 
previous to her marriage. They removed to Water- 
man, 111., in x868, where the family is permanently 
active in the Baptist church. Mr. Congdon has 
also been a leader in civil affairs. He has held the 
office of justice of the peace continuously since 
x88x, and has just been elected for another term of 
four years (X905.) He was town clerk X869-X87X ; 
collector, X864, x86s, x873«x879, x886, X887 ; 
constable, XS65, x866, 1873. Children b. in Water- 
man except the eldest: (x) Lillian Congdon, b. 
in WalUngford, Vt., March 33, 1867 ! d- Dec. 8, 
1867. (3) George Edward Congdon, b. Feb. 35, 
X869; attended the public schools of Waterman, 
1 876^x884, graduating from the Sugar Grove 
school under F. W. Hall in June, 1886 ; taught in 
the public schools of DeKalb county, lU., 
X886-X893 ; at Morgan Park Academy X893-X89S ; 
at the University of Chicago (matriculate 3336) 
X 895^x899, A. B., .April x, X899; during 1899 to 
X90X teaching in the public schools of DeKalb 
county and at home; X901 to date, instructor in 
mathematics and science in Sac City Institute, 
Sac City, Iowa. He has been a frequent con- 
tributor to the puzzle departments of the following 



papers since 1884, viz : New York Tribune, Chicago 
Weekly News, Chicago-Inter Ocean ; Burlington 
Hawkeye, Portland Transcript and other papers; 
conducted a puzzle department in the Orange Judd 
Fanner 1889*1894; a solver and frequent prize 
winner in the Woman's Home Companion and 
Ladies' Home Journal at the present time. For 
some time Mr. Congdon has been interested in 
genealogy and local history ; has been historian of 
Old Settlers' Association of DeKalb county from 
1894 to date; one of the originators and the first 
president of the DeKalb Historical society 1900; 
member of the Illinois State Historical Society 
1902 to date; has published the Waterman Year 
Book 1902 and 1903; is preparing a genealogy of 
the Congdon family and a history of his native 
town of Waterman. His studious investigation has 
to light the names of five hundred ancestors. 
(3) William Allen Congdon, b. Nov. 24, 1870, 
unm. : he is a successful farmer in Waterman, an 
extensive raiser of Barred Plymouth Rock poultry 
for market and breeding purposes ; elected trustee 
of the village of Waterman 1904-1906. (4) John 
Solon Congdon, b. Feb. 12, 1873; m. Aug. 13, 
19031 Ellen Avery Kellogg, dau. of Rev. Henry 
Lyman and Mora Emily (Blanchard) Kellogg, b. 
July 5, 1879. H^f mother was the daughter of 
Jonathan Blanchard, some time president of 
Wheaton College, and his wife, Mary Avery Bent. 
Mrs. Congdon is a graduate of Wheaton College, as 
were her father and mother. Her uncle, Charles 
A. Blanchard, is the present president. Mr. 
Congdon graduated from Wheaton College (A. B.) 
1900; (A. M.) 1901 ; taught in Western Normal 
College, Bushnell, 111., 190 1-1902; instructor in 
science Creston, Iowa, high school, 1902-1904; 
same in Fort Collins, Colorado, high school, 1904- 
1905. Child, George K^Uogg Congdon, b. at 
Creston, Iowa, July 28, 1904. (5) Carrie Perry 
Congdon, b. April 14, 1876; m. April 6, 1905, 
William F. Congdon of Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
VIII. Ella Elizabeth York, b. Oct. 8, 1846 ; m. April 6, 
x886, Chauncey H. Starkey. They have one child, 
Laura Starkey. They reside in Aurora, 111. 

82. Lucretia Smead^ Allen, (Rufus^, Robert^, Joseph3, 
Nathaniel', Edward'), b. July 29, 1813; m. Dec. 2S1 1832, 


Crispin Bull Edgerton, b. April 24, 1804, son of Robert and Ann 
(BuU) Edgarton of Wallingford, Vt He d. Jan. 3, 1883; she 
d. Oct 3O9 1894, in Wallingford, Vt. 
Children : 

L Sarah Allen Edgerton, b. July i, 1833; m. June lo, 
1849, Samuel E. Rogers of Wallingfordi Vt. She 
d. Jan. 30t 1S94. Their children are (i) Edwin 
Everett Rogers, b. Sept. 19, 1853 ; m. Aug. 9, 
1 88 1, Mary E. Hurlburt. Their child, Olivet 
Rogers, b. Nov. i, 18S6; d. Sept 19, 1888. He 
graduated from Middlebury College. (2) Myron 
Clark Rogers, b. May 12, 1856 ; m. Oct 18, 1881, 
Ada Laselle Edgerton. He resides in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; was educated in Wallingford high school ; 
was soon in successful mercantile life in Walling* 
fonl and Troy, N. Y., is now very successful in 
life insurance. Has been deacon for years and 
now is an elder in the Presbyterian church. 
Children: (a) Charles E. Rogers, b. March 3, 
1883 ; d. March 4, 1883 ; (b) Gertrude Minnie 
Rogers, b. Sept 28, 1886; (c) Harold George 
Rogers, b. Ort 17, 1888; (d) Hugh Samuel 
Rogers, b. Nov. xi, 1889. 

II. Martin Van Buren Edgerton, b. Sept xo, X834; ro. 
Aug. 31, X870, Eliza Lilly of Potaski, N. Y. He 
resides in Wallingford, Vt, where he is a successful 
contractor and builder. 

III. Rufus Allen Edgerton, b. July x6, X836. He enlisted 

Nov. 26, x86x, in Co. H of the First Vermont 
Cavalry, was taken prisoner in Banks' retreat. 
May 27, X862, paroled from Bell Island, Sept x6, 
1862 ; d. at Annapolis, Md., Nov. 4, x862. 

IV, Claris M. Edgerton, b. Jan. 3, X839 ; m. Jan. xx, X864, 

Eliza Ann Doty of Danby, Vt She d. July 2x, 
x887. Their children are: (x) Maude Berry 
Elizabeth, b. May 31, X869; m. Dec. x6, X896, 
Warren C. Kane of Malone, N. Y. Their son, 
Lawrence Edgerton Kane, was b. Oct 26, x898. 
(2) Lester Clark Edgerton, b. Feb. xx, X872 ; d. 
Sept x6, 1872. (3) Jay Deforest Edgerton, b. 
Oct 8, X873; ™* March X7, 1898, Ida Damon. 
Resides in Cleveland, O. No children. (4) Jessie 
Calista, b. Feb. 6, x87S ; d. Sept 20, X875. (5) 
Mary Lucretia, b. Oct X4, X877. (^) Ora Calista, 
b. Jan. 8, X884 ; d. April 20, x88s. The foregoing 
Clark M. Edgerton resides in Chicopee Falls, Mass. 


V« Betsey Alvina Edgerton, b. March aa, 1841, unm.; 
resides in Wallingford, Vt 

VI. Andreas N. Edgerton, b. Aug. 7, 1843; °>- Feb. 14, 
1873, Elizabeth P. Thayer of Wells, Vt. She d. 
Aug. 38, 18S3. They had one child, Lucretia E. 
Edgerton, b. Sept. 28, 1S81 ; d. Oct 7, 1881. He 
resides in Wallingford, Vt. 
VII. Edgar Frank Edgerton, b. Sept. 18, 1845 : m. June 8, 
x88i, Emma Colvin of Danby, Vt. He resides in 
Wallingford, Vt. 
VIII. Ella Luella Edgerton, b. Aug. 18, 1847. 

IX. John Congdon Edgerton, b. Aug. 15, 1850; d. Dec. 
a7, 1850. 

X. Mary Jane Edgerton, b. Dec. 18, 1851 ; ro. Feb. la, 
1868, William Rogers Johnson of Tinmouthy Vt, 
now of Leominster, Mass. Their children are: 
(i) Anna Lucretia Johnson, b. Nov. 16, 1869; 
m. Jan. 4, 1888, Charles H. Jackson of New 
Haven, Vt. Their children are Maybelle Anna 
Jackson, b. Feb. 8, 1 889 ; Eugene Jackison, b. July 
31, 1890; d. Aug. 38, 1890; Arthur William Jack- 
son, b. Aug. i6, 1893. (3) Bessie Mary Johnson, 
b. Nov. 19, 1873; m. Dec. 33, 1887, Arthur B. 
Ingalls of E. Clarendon, Vt They have one child, 
Cecil J. Ingalls, b. July 8, 1891. (3) Frederic M. 
Johnson, b. April 33, 1876 ; m. Aug. 8, 1898, Daisy 
Ann Phelps of Keene, N. H. Their children are 

(a) Chester Arthur Johnson, b. Feb. i. 1900; 

(b) Bessie Myrtle Johnson, b. Aug. so, 1901. 

(4) Ethel R. Johnson, b. Oct 14, 1879 • ™- ^^b. 
8, 1905, Rollin Clayton Kane of Wallingford, Vt ; 

(5) Eugene Johnson, b. July a, 1883, a. Aug. ai, 
1883 ; (6) Chester Arthur Johnson, b. Oct ao, 1887. 

XL Alvin Mortimer Edgerton, b. June 8, 1855 ; m. Feb. 
14, 1883, Bridget Ellen Taney of Bennington, Vt 
They have one child, Lucretia M. Edgerton, b. 
Nov. ij, 1 886. He resides in Wallingford, Vt 

83. Dea. Rufus Cady^ Allen, (RufusS, Robert4, Joseph^, 
Nathaniel', Edward')* b. May 4, 181 7 ; m. Aug. 15, 1841, Adeline 
Hannah Sanders, b. in Wilmot, N. H., Feb. 7, 1835, dau. of Rev. 
John and Hannah (Barron) Sanders. She d. in Wallingford, Vt, 
Jan. 6, 1847. He m. (ad) Oct 10, 1847, Mrs. Sabrina (York) 
Dickerman, b. Aug. 35, 180S, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah York. 
She d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 7, 1890, and lies with her kindred in 


the old cemetery on Sugar Hill, East Wallicgford. He d. Sept 9, 
19029 at the summer cottage of bis son in the Adirondacks« In 
the language of one who is well qualified to write of him, I give 
the following concerning the life and work of Rufus C. Allen : ** He 
was bom in Wallingford, Vt., and resided many years on the old 
Allen homestead. His father was both shoemaker and farmer, and 
the subject of this sketch followed both avocations. He was thirsty 
for knowledge, but could gratify it only in the district school. In 
young manhood he achieved success as a teacher in his vicinity. 
His warm heart and bter reading developed a keen, inteOigent and 
patriotic interest in public questions, and the temperance and anti- 
slavery reforms have had his earnest support. The true Vermont spirit 
lives in him. His integrity, good judgment and consistent Christian 
character are so marked that though he has never sought office in 
church or state, it has been repeatedly thrust upon him in both 
relations. Such duties have been uniformly discharged with credit 
to himself and satisfaction to others. Converted in early life, he 
united with the Baptist church at seventeen years of age, and has 
always been an active worker. Not only in Vermont where he and 
his wife sang together in church for 35 years and toiled variously, 
but with large churches of city life in Elizabeth and Brooklyn his 
zeal and ability have made him prominent where his services have 
been sought for positions of trust or cooperation. The esteem in 
which he is held was lately shown in connection with his 77th 
birUiday, when friends, including some of the most prominent 
people in Brooklyn, gathered to do him honor. In home life he has 
been happy, beloved and appreciated. Twice married, his cheerful 
disposition combined with that of his wives to create a sunny and 
true home atmosphere. Their children rise up to call them blessed." 

Children by first marriage bom in WaUingford, Vt. : 

I. Rodolphns Warrington, b. Feb. 26, 1S43. He enlisted 
in Co. A, 2d Regt. Vermont Volunteers, Feb. 1862 ; 
he d. in Mt. Pleasant hospital in Washington, D. C, 
July 26, 1862, and was buried in the Soldiers' Home 
cemetery at Washington. His bravery and faithful- 
ness as a soldier was an honor to the name which 
he bore. 
II. Adelaide Hannah, b. Oct g, 1844 ; m. Dec. 24, 187 1, 
Perkins M. Brown, b. Nov. i, 1844, son of 
Archibald and Lydia M. Brown of Bascawan, N. H. 

Rav. J. O. ALLWt. a. D. 


They reside in North Woodstock, N. H. Th^ 
have no children. 

Children by second marriage : 

III. Rev. John Clarence, b. July 28, 1848; m. 1874, 
Julia I., dau. of Rev. Charles and Irene (Bell) 
Johnson. The following appreciative sketch is 
from " Men of Vermont," published by the Tran- 
script Co., 1894: "Rev. John Clarence Allen is 
from an ancestry distinguished in religious con- 
stancy. His ancestors for generations were Baptists, 
while his father and mother were active Christians 
from their youth, and sang together in church for 
thirty-five years. Love of music and skill in it are 
family characteristics, no less than church work. 
(Mr. Allen's sister Fanny is the wife of Rev. T. J. 
Whitaker of Brooklyn.) He was educated at 
WaUingford high school and Black River Academy 
. at Ludlow, Vt., and was graduated with highest 
oratorical and other honors at Madison (now 
Colgate) University at Hamilton, N. Y., in 1874. 
Mr. Allen entered upon his first pastorate in 
Newaik, N. J., in 1875. Success crowned his 
efforts. Following this work he served the First 
Baptist church of Elizabeth, N. J., for five and one- 
half years, performing loyal work, baptizing many 
and raising the church. The earnest call of the 
Hanson Place Baptist church drew Mr. Allen to 
Brooklyn. Here his highest devotion and energy 
found wide scope. During the summer and fall of 
1885 he remodeled the main audience room and 
erected lecture and Sunday school rooms, fitting 
them with essential modem appliances for church 
work. In the first year of the pastorate the entire 
church debt was pledged and paid off, amounting 
iO 540,000. During Mr. Allen's ministry, thus far 
he has baptized over seven hundred souls and has 
been the means of securing over $200,000 for the 
use of the Baptist denomination, and has borne an 
* ' honorable part in the formation and work of the 

Brooklyn Baptist Church Extension Society. His 
activity in temperance and other reform work has 
been highly commendable. At the National Pro- 
hibition convention at Cincinnati in 1893 he was a 
delegate. To many social organizations he has lent 
his earnest support and membership. Among them 
are the Phi Beta Kappa Society of New York, the 


American Institute of Civics, Metropolitan Museum 
of Art, Brooklyn Baptist Social Union, and the 
New York Alumni Association of Colgate Univer- 
sity, of which he is president" His last pastorate 
was that of the Bergin Baptist church in Jersey 
City, where in 1901 his health broke down in the 
midst of a revival, which rendered suspension of 
work necessary for the time. Since then he has 
supplied as strength and opportunity have per-, 
mitted. He resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. The 
degree of D. D., was conferred upon him in 1895 
by the American Temperance University. 
rV. Fanny Gray Allen, b. in Wallingford, Vt , Oct. 6, 1856 ; 
m. Aug. 21, 1889, Rev. Thomas J. Whitaker, b. 
June 2, 1844, At Deposet, N. Y., son of Benjamin 
and Clarissa (Hulce) Whitaker. When xS years 
old he entered the service of his country, being 
mustered in Aug. 27, 1862, as a member of Co. E, 
109th Regt, N. Y. S. Vols. He spent three years 
in ser\'ice, mainly with the Army of the Potomac ; 
participated in the battles of the Wilderness, Spott- 
sylvania, Gain's Farm, Cold Harbor, before Peters- 
burg from June 17 to the following April, Welden 
R. R., Poplar Green Church, and to the close of 
the war. He had many narrow escapes, but was 
unhurt. After the war he engaged in farming, but 
being called to the ministr)' entered Madison (now 
Colgate) University, graduating with honor in 1S76. 
Has been a very successful pastor at Franklin, 
Hornellsville and Brooklyn, N. Y. Has baptized 
about 800. He is now the pastor of the Bushwick 
avenue Baptist church of Brooklyn, N. Y. He has 
one child, Allen B. Whitaker, b. Aug. 8, 1891. 

84. Alvina^ Allen, (RufusS, Robert^, Joseph3, NathanieP, 
Edward'), b. March 8, 1820, in Wallingford, Vt. ; m. Sept. 20, 1840, 
Thomas C. York, b. in Wallingford, Vt., Aug. 28, 1820, son of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Kinney) York. He d. in Townshend, Vt., 
Jan. 27, 1877 ; she d. in Exeter, N. H., Dec 29, 1887. 

Children b. in Wallingford, Vt : 

I. Ellen Lucretia York, b. Aug. 22, 1844; m. July 24> 

1863, Rev. Cyprian Pierre Frcnyear, b. . He 

d. at Townshend, Vt., May 13, 1876. She resides at 
Exeter, N. H. He graduated from the theological 
department of the school at Fairfax in 1863 ; since 

ThomM C. Fienyaet. 


then he has served the churches in Middletown, 
Ira, North Springfield, Jamaica and Townshend, 
Vty over which last church he was settled in No- 
vember, 1874. He was successful in all his 
pastorates and left a name honored and respected 
in each. He was of French origin. His parents 
being Catholics, he was early instructed in that 
faith, and was confirmed in the church at 
the early age of ten years, in which he con- 
tinued until the age of nineteen, when he was 
converted to Protestantism. He then devoted seven 
years preparatory to entering the Baptist ministry. 
He was ordained for the ministry in 1S63 at Fair- 
fax. From the published account of him at the 
time of his death we have the opinion of one who 
knew him well and who speaks of him as '' a man 
of more than ordinary ability, and who was held in 
high esteem by his church and denomination. He 
had been the secretary of the Vermont Baptist 
State Convention for seven years, and was largely 
instrumental in consolidating the records of the 
Vermont Baptist anniversaries. He was quite a 
historical student, and at the time of his decease 
was engaged in i»Titing up a very minute history of 
the Baptist denomination in this state." The chil- 
dren of C. P. and E. L. Frenyear are (x) Thomas 
Cyprian Frenyear, b. in Middletown, Vt., March 16, 
1865 ; m. June 28, 1893, Emma Louise Chase, dau. 
of Rev. J. N. Chase of Exeter, N. H.; d. in 
Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1903. He became early 
interested in electrical science, the study of which 
he continued through Phillips Exeter Academy, the 
Boston Latin School and Harvard College. His 
fitness for the position won for him a place as the 
manager of the Cagandutta Electric Railroad System 
at Gloversville, N. V., which position he took in 
June, 1892, and by his energy and perseverence won 
the esteem of all and soon paved the way for his 
advancement to a higher place with the Westing- 
house Electrical Co. at Buffalo, N. Y., where he 
gained the confidence of all with whom he came 
in contact, and at the time of his death, such was 
his promise, he would soon have been advanced to 
a still higher position of honor and trust. Led by 
the benign influence of his parents, he imbibed in 
early life a deeply religious spirit and experienced 


conversion at the age of eleven. He was con* 
nected with the Delaware Avenue Baptist church of 
Buffalo, in which he served as superintendent of 
the Sunday school, deacon and trustee. His widow 
resides in Saybrook, Conn. Children : (a) Marion 
Chase Frenyaer, b. April i6, 1896; (b) Allen 
Cyprian Frcnyaer, b. Nov. 1898 ; (c) John Thomas 
Frenyacr, b. Oct. 13 1903. (2) Flavia Frenyaer, 
b. in Ira, Vt., Nov. 22, 1866; d. at Jamaica, Vt., 
Feb. 25, 1869. (3) Grace Frenyaer, b. in Spring- 
field, Vl, Dec. 15, 1868; m. Aug. 15, 1893, 
William H. Goring; had one child, Irene Grace 
Goring, b. Sept. 27, 1896. Reside in Alleghany, Pa. 
(4) Florence Alvina Frenyaer, b. in Jamaica, V't., 
Aug. 22, 1870 ; m. Feb. 26, 1893, l^rin J. Jones : he 
d. Feb., 1902 ; she resides at Kxeter, N. H. Their 
children are (a) FUvia Locke Jones, b. April 20, 
1894 ; (b) Russell Cyprian Jones, b. Dec. 26, 1896 ; 
(c) Hazell F. Jones, b. May 5, 1899. (5) George 
Albert Frenyaer, b. in Jamaica, Vt., July 10, 1874 ; 
m. in Buffalo, March, 1899, Jennie Porter; reside 
in West Hamilton, Ontario, Can. ; have one child, 
Irene Ellen Frenyaer, b. June, 1901. 
II. Frances Emma York, b. April 13, 1850; m. Feb. 20, 
x88o, Wesley R. Phillips; she d. in Brattleboro.Vu, 
Aug. 26, 1884. Their child, Frances Phillips, b. 
Nov. 19, 1881. 

III. Mary Adell York, b. Jan. 17, 1859 ; d. July 27, 1859. 

IV. Mary Clara Edna York, b. Sept. 12, 1S60; d. in 

Townshend, Vt., May 12, 1877. 

85. Betsey^ Allen, (RufusS. Robert4, Josephs, Nathaniel', 
Edward'), b. Dec. 8, 1822 ; m. Jan. 3, 1844, I^nsford W. Congdon, 
b. in Wallingford, Vt., June 16, iSii, son of James H. and Susana 
(Phillips) Congdon. He d. in Wallingford, Nov. 36, 1878. After 
the death of her husband Mrs. Congdon and her daughter, Rhoda, 
resided some vears after their return from Kansas on the old Allen 
homestead in East Wallingford, which had remained in the Allen 
family for nearly one hundred years, but was sold by them in 1897, 
and they removed to the village of Wallingford, where they have 
since resided. 

Children b. in WaUingford, Vt. : 

I. Quincy Adams Congdon, b. Feb. 9, 1848; d. 
March 18, 1848. 



II. Rhoda Elvira Congdon, b* Dec. 12, 1S50. She was 
aD efficient teacher for many years in her native 
town, and for some time the superintendent of 
schools there, which position she resigned in her 
temporary removal to Kansas in 1890, but since 
her return she resumed teaching till forced to resign 
on account of failing health. 

III. Charles Lansford Congdon, b. May 9, 1S59; d. 

March la, 1882. 

IV. Pitt Harvey Congdon, b. Oct. 28, 1861 ; d. in 

Sedgwick, Kansas, June i, 1890. 

86 • Rhoda Anderson^ Allen, (Rufus^, Robert^, Joseph3, 
Nathaniel', Edward'), b. June 27, 1826; m. Sept. 13, 1846, John 
Tabor Coogdon, b. Nov. 20, 1818, son of James H. and Lydia 
(Brooks) Congdon. He d. in Wallingford, Vt., Dec. 2, 1850; she 
d. there May 30, 1847. 

87. Albert Marsfa^ Allen, (Rufus5, Roberts Joseph3, Nathaniel', 
Edward'), b. May 30, 1829 ; m. Nov. 20, x86o, Margaret E. Qayis 
of Belmont, Mass. He d. at Poultney, Vt, Nov. 26, 1901. He 
commenced life on a farm adjacent to that of his father's in 
Wallingford and pursued that avocation successfully. Later he 
removed to Londonderry, Vt., where he took a prominent place in 
local affairs, and about 1887 removed to Poultney, Vt. He united 
with the Baptist church, then located on Sugar Hill, Wallingford, at 
the age of ten years, and ever maintained an upright life, respected 
and esteemed by all. 

1X2. I. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 15, 1862. 

113. II. Minnie Augusta, b. Dec. 21, 1864. 

114. III. Cora Jane, b. April 5, 1867. 

1x5. IV. Helen Lucretia, b. June 30, 1870. 
11.6. V. Josephine Gertrude, b. Oct. 13, 1872. 

88. Lucinda^ Allen, (Olivers, Robert^, Joseph^, Nathaniel', 
Edward'), b. in Wallingford, Vt., Oct. 5, 1S17; m. Jan. i, 1842, 
Linas T. Holton, b. in Westminster, Vt., Feb. 20, 18x7, son of 
Reuben R. and Rebecca (Tower) Holton. He d. in Plymouth, 111., 
.Nov. 26, x866. She d. March i, 1899 in Plymouth, 111., where the 
family removed in 1856. 



L Nanqr Emma Holton, b. Aug. 4, 1846 ; cL Aug. 3O9 

II. Helen Rebecca Holton,b. Oct. 28, 1851 ; m. Sept — » 

1868, J. M. Ralston, lliey reside in Chanyte» 


III. Wallace Lines Holton, b. Feb. 25, 1854; m. Jan. 29, 

1873, Sylvia Paush. They reside in Sarcaxie, Mo. 

IV. Emily. Charlotte Holton, b. April 26, i860 ; m. Oct. 7» 

1880, William D. Ralston of Plymouth, HI., now of 
Mound Valley, Kan. Their children are: (z) H. 
Inez Ralston, b. July 30, x88i ; (2) Eva P. 
Ralston, b. Nov. xo, 1885; (3) Verden W. 
Ralston, b. March 28, 1891. 

89. George Sweetland^ Allen, (Olivers, Robert^ Joseph3, 
Nathaniel, Edward')» b. June 2, 1818; m. about 1845 Amanda 
Stafford. He d. Feb. 18, 1863, in South Wallingford, Vt.; she d. 
Dec x868. He was both lawyer and merchant, and was the 
manager of large business interests, in the midst of which he was 
stricken down with a fever which closed his useful life. 

ChOdren b. in Wallingford, Vt : 

Mary Ann, b. 1846. 
Winfield Scott, b. X848 ; d. young. 
Wioslow, b. 1849 1 d* young. 
Clumcellor Cicero, b. April x, X851. 
Oliver Holden, b. March 7, 1853. 
Horace David, b. Feb. x, X855. 
Elam Clark, b. X857 ; d. X863. 
Franklin Pierce, b. X859; d. X873* 
Jennie A., b. x86x ; d. X865. 
George Sweetland, b. Dec. 27, x862. 

GO. Robert^ Allen, (Olivers, Robert^, Josephs, Nathaniel% 
Edward')* b. March 9, x8x9; m. Feb. X4, X838, Eliza Albee, 
b. Aug. 25, X820. He d. Jan. 22, 1863; she d. May x8, X89X, in 
Creston, la. He removed from Wallingford, Vt., to Iowa in x 8s 5* 

Chiklren bom in Wallingford, Vt. : 

122. I. John F., b. Feb. 5, 1839. 

123. IL Elvira ll, b. Nov. 22, X84X. 
X24. III. Ella M., b. Aug. 30, X846. 
125. rV. George W. S., b. Oct. 15, x8so. 

















OK William Sfi Allen, (Olivers, Robert^, Josephs, Nathaniel*, 
Edward')* b. Dec. 29, 1820; m. Dec. a, 1841, Lovina Edson, b. at 
Shrewsbury, Vt., Oct. 8, 182 1, dau. of Zidon and Polly (Kimalls) 
Edson. He moved West in 1850, and died at Aurora, 111., Aug. 25, 
2873; she d. 1904, at Aurora, 111. I regret that my record of this 
family is not more complete, but it is the best I could obtain. 

Children : 

I. Mary Jane, b. at Rutland, Vt., Nov. 21, 1842, unm. 
II. Merritt Herbert, b. at Mendon, Vt., June 21, 1844; 
m. 1878, Maryette Eveline Bell, at Houston, Texas. 
He d. Oct 23, 1889. 

III. Mira Frances, b. at Mendon, Vt., May xo, 1846. 

IV. Delia Eveline, b. at Mendon, Vt., Oct. 29, 1848; m. 

Dec. 14, 1878, at Rutland, Vt., H. E. Ferre. 
V. Zidon Edson,. b. at Wheatland, 111., July 17, 185 1 ; 

d. unm., Nov. 6, z88i. 
VI. Ella Amelia, b. at Wheatland, 111., April 29, 1854; 
m. Jan. 8, 1881, J. B. Tripp of Aurora, 111. No 
126. VII. Vernon Ellsworth, b. at Wheatland, 111., Aug. 6, x86t. 
VIII. Lewis Clinton, b. at Wheatland, III, April 21, 1865 ; 
m. June 27, 1894, Hilda Nelson. 

92. Dr. Horace Drapei4 Allen, (Olivers, Robert^, Joseph^, 
Nathaniel^ Edward*), b. March 19, 1825 ; m. Sept 20, 1846, Esther 
Thankful Culver, b. Oct. 29, 1824. She d. Dec. 17, 1859, at 
Rutland, Vt He m. (2d) Dec. 2, x86o, Susan Marion Smith, 
b. Nov. 20, X830. After taking a course of medical study with 
Dr. Ron of Rutland, Vt, he commenced the practice of medicine 
at Weston, Vt., in x848. Removing thence to Rutland, Vt, where 
he became skillful in his profession ; thence he removed to Rutland, 
111., where for some years he suffered from ill health, and retired 
from medical practice. He d. Feb. X9, X90S. 

Chiklren of first marriage, b. at Ruthind, Vt : 

X27. I. Flora Esther, b. Dec. 2, 185X. 
X28. II. Carrie Nellie, b. June 27, 1S56. 
X29. III. Merritt Draper, b. March 7, X859. 

93» Elisha RomanzA^ Allen, (Olivers, Robert^, Josephs, 
Nathaniel, Edward')» b. June 10, X83X ; m. March 22, 1857, 
Henrietta Stewart b. July X5, 1838, dau. of Levi Harrington and 








Louisa E. (Todd) Stewart. He resided at East Wallingford« Vt., 

and was for many years engaged in the insurance business, and 

prominent in the affairs of the Baptist church. He d. Jan. ax, 1905. 

Children b. in Wallingford, Vt. : 

I. DeWitt Clinton, b. July 15, 1858 ; d. Jan. 25, 1861. 
Minnie Louise, b. Feb. 3, 1865 ; d. \larch 35, 1865. 
George Levi, b. July 11, 1866 ; d. March 24, 1867. 
William Stewart, b. Aug. 9, 1869. 
Flora Emily, b. April 11, 1877. 

94. Hcman Cook6 Allen, (Josephs, Robert^, JosepM, 
Nathaniel', Eduard*)f b. in Danby, Vt., Jan. 13, 1834 ; m. July 28, 
18579 Mary A. Peebles, b. Dec. 18, 1828. He was a prominent 
farmer and man of affairs in Ellenburgh, N. Y., for many years. 
He d. Oct., 1895 ; she d. Dec. 5, 1903. 

Children : 

L Charles H., b. Feb. 25, 1858, unm. ; a farmer in 
Ellenburg, N. Y. 

132. IL Mary E., b. July 15, 1859. 

HL Robert J., b. June 16, x86i ; d. young. 
IV. Marshall P., b. May 5, 1863 ; d. young. 

95. Hannibal^ Allen, (Josephs, Robert^ Joseph^, Nathaniel', 
Edward*), b. March 16, 1836; m. Jan. ix, 1859, ^9jy Hetty 
Lusher, b. Jan. 22, 1837; she d. March 13, 1890. He m. (2d) 
Jan. 2, 1892, Cornelia Augusta PoUey. He d. Dec. 26, 1898. He 
resided in Whitehall, N. Y., but for many years had the manage- 
ment of a summer hotel near Lake George. 

Children : 

133. L Joseph Cady, b. Nov. 25, 1859. 

n. Frances Susan, b. Nov. 4, 1861 ; m. June xo, 1891, 
Ernest A. Greenough ; she d. Aug. xo, 1894. 

134. HL William Frederic, b. June x8, X864. 

96. George Henry^ Allen, (Josephs, Robert^ Josephs, 
Nathaniels Edward'), b. in Gramille« N. Y., April 26, 1840; m. 
Nov. 12, X862, Charlotte Hopkins, b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Sept. 3, 
X840. He was connected in business with his brother Marshall for 
many years, and is now a member of the large importing house of 
Paris, Allen & Co. of New York. Several years ago he spent some 
time traveling abroad. 

Ludndi E. (Scon) Anen. 


Chfld : 
135. George Marshall, b. in Whitehall, N. Y., Aug. 15, z863. 

97. Orrin Peei* Allen, (Roberts, Robert*, Joseph^, Nathaniel*, 
Edward' )• b. in Wallingford, Vt., Sept. 30, 1833 ; m. Feb. ao, x86o, 
Harriet Lyndon Maria Garvin, b. Sept. 12, 1844, in Eastport, Me., 
dau. of Andrew and Sarah (Lyndon) Garvin of Eastport ; she d. in 
Palmer, Mass., Feb. 25, 1862, and is buried in Vernon, Vt fler 
parents came to Eastport, Me., from Pictou, N. S., where her 
mother, Sarah Lyndon, was bom, and probably her father also. 
Her parents dying in her early youth, she found a pleasant home 
with her married brother, James H. Garvin of Boston. She bad a 
sister Theresa, who m. Charles Frizzell of Quincy, Mass., and 
another sister, Henrietta, who m. John Taylor of Cambridge, Mass. ; 
these all survive her. She experienced an early conversion and 
united with a Baptist church in Boston. He m. (2d) June 16, 
1863, Lucinda Elmina Scott, b. June 5, 1845, in Vernon, Vt, dau. of 
Elea2er Guernsey and Sarah A. (Noyes) Scott of Vernon. From 
the several biographies published of him we condense the following 
facts : 

'' He numbers among his ancestors five worthy members of the 
Mayflower, viz : Governor John Carver, his wife and granddaughter, 
Elizabeth Tilly, John Tilly and John Howland, besides many of the 
earliest emigrants to New England, and several who engaged in the 
Colonial and Revolutionary wars. He completed his education at 
Chester, Vt, Academy, where he won an enviable position as a 
student During his course of study there he taught school in the 
towns of Windham, Cavendish and Vernon, Vt. After graduating 
he taught school in Hackensack, N. J. He was for several years 
superintendent of schools in Vernon, Vt» and resigned the office 
on his removal from the state. He came to Palmer, Mass., Oct 5, 
1859, when he commenced the business of pharmacy, in which 
he continued tiU the fall of 1902, when he retired from the business. 
'' He evinced in early life a decided txiste for literary pursuits, and 
his course of reading has been unusually extensive, ranging through 
nearly all departments of literature -and embracing the classics, 
poetry, history and various sciences. He commenced writing for 
the press at the age of fifteen, and has continued to contribute 


to numerous publications since. Has been interested for many 
years in the subject of local history and genealogy; has written 
many historical papers for the press, and has published the 
genealogy of the Lee, Fairman and Doolittle families. Has copied 
and published the inscriptions of the two ancient cemeteries of 
Palmer, and besides compiling the present volume of the Allen 
memorial, has nearly completed a genealogy of the descendants of 
William Scott of Hatfield, Mass. He compiled the manual of the 
Second Congregational church of Palmer in 1895, and on the occa- 
sion of the celebration of the jubilee anniversary of the foregoing 
church in 1897 was chdsen to deliver the historical address. He 
was also chosen to deliver the historical address on the occasion of 
the celebration of the centennial of Thomas Lodge of Masons in 
Palmer in 1896, of which he is a member. 

''He has never sought office, yet has been called to fill many places 
of trust He was secretary and treasurer of the Eastern Hampden 
Agricultural Society for nineteen years, and for three years a member 
of the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture. He was for many 
years a trustee of the Palmer Savings Bank. He was for several 
years superintendent of the Sunday school connected with the 
Second Congregational church of PaUner, and for seventeen years 
the clerk of this church. He was one of the pioneer movers in the 
founding of the Young Men's Library Association of Palmer in 1878, 
being its librarian for some twelve years and one of its trustees till 
the present time. In 1883, when the history of Palmer was pro* 
jected, he was selected by the town as one of the publishing com- 
mittee, of which he was the chairman, and devoted much time to 
the collecting of material for the same until its completion in 1889. 
He was the prime mover in establishing the Palmer Historical 
Society, which was organized in May, 1899, and incorporated 
through his efforts in May, 1900. He has served as the curator of 
the society since its organisation. He has collected and identified a 
very complete flora of Palmer, embracing some 450 specimens. 
Mrs. Allen also comes from ancestors who took an active and 
notable part in the wars of the Colonial and Revolutionary times. 
Her ancestor, William Scott, was a participant in the famous " Falls" 
fight ; her great, great-grandfather, Capt. Moses Scott, was one of 
the brave defenders of Fort Massachusetts, and his son, Ebenezer 

Jaion C«dy ADen. 

Chutes Andenon ABea. 


Scott, her great-grandfather, survived a captivity among the French 
and Indians of Quebec and came back to prepare for his service in 
after years as a soldier for American liberty, and living to a good old 
age became an honored pensioner of the United States. 

• Child by first marriage : 
T36. I. Ina Lyndon, b. May x6, x86i. 

Children by second marriage : 

II. Walter Scott, b. Feb. z, 1867. He received his 
education at Mitchell's Boys' School at Billerica, 
Mass., where he was awaided a gold medal for 
superior scholarship. After graduating he was 
engaged in his father's pharmacy for nearly ten 

III. Julia Adeline, b. July 6, 1869. . She graduated from 

the Palmer high school in 1888, and from the 
Westfield Normal School in 1892. She was quite 
precocious as a pianist, having successfully per- 
. formed on the piano at a musicaJ entertainment in 
the Palmer Opera House at the age of five years. 
She has since been engaged as a teacher of music. 

IV. Liilie May, b. Sept. 7, 1870. She graduated from the 

Palmer high school in z 888, and finished her educa- 
tion at the Westfield Normal School in 1892. She 
is now (1905) assistant in the post office at Deer- 
field, Mass. 

08. Jason Cady^ Allen, (Roberts, Roberts Joseph3, Nathaniel', 
Edward*), b. in Wallingford, Vt., Feb. 26, 1835 ; m. Dec. i, 1864, 
Mary Sophia Combs, b. in Enfield, Ct., Feb. 14, 1846 ; she d. Jan. 
12, 1896. He is a real estate owner in Vernon, Vt., where he has 
lived on the Allen homestead since 1856. Has been honored by his 
townsmen with nearly every office in their gift, including that of 
lister, selectman, overseer of the poor, justice of the peace, etc. 
Was elected to the Vermont Legislature from Vernon in 1896, re- 
ceiving every vote save two. 

Child : 
137. Robert Cady, b. March 14, 1878. 

99. Charles Anderson^ Allen, (Robert^, Robert^, Joseph^, 
Nathaniels Edward' )f b. in Jamaica, Vt., Feb. i, 1840; m. Sept. 6, 
1864, Abbie E. Ball of Athens, Vt He d. there Aug. 11, 1865; 


she d. Sept. g, 1872. No chSdren. He was a young man of fine 
physique, ambitious and active in any' laudable pursuit which en- 
gaged him. His early decease was due to a sudden fever, from 
which he never rallied. 

100. Robert Clark^ Allen, (Roberts, Robert^, Joseph3, Nathaniel% 
Edward' )> b. in Jamaica, Vt, Oct 8, 1842 ; m. June 18, 1864, Jane 
Almira Lockwood, b. in Chester, Vt., Jan. 6, 1846, dau. of Lyman 
and Almira (Lockwood) Lockwood ; she d. at North Springfield, 
Vt./April 29, 1867. He m. (2d) Oct 13, 1867, Lucy Cook Lock- 
wood, b. in Chester, Vt., Nov. 23, 1S35, dau. of Joshua and Lepha 
(Taylor) Lockwood; she d. Nov. 7, 1868. He m. (3d) Nov. 15, 
1869, Mrs. Hattie Maria (Chapman) Henry, b. in Chester, Vt., May 
zo, Z835, dau. of Aaron and Sarah (Thompson) Chapman. She 
m. her first husband, Warren Milton Henry, Nov. 22, 1856. Their 
only daughter, Hattie Henry, married, and died March 22, 1905. R. 
C. Allen has resided in North Springfield, Vt., many years, where he 
has engaged in the business of carpentry, and has also served as the 
road commissioner for some time. . . 

Child by first marriage : 

Abbie Jane, b. June 13, 1865, unm. She lives in Springfield, Vt. 

101 • Sarah Augusta^ Allen, (Robert^ Robert^ Joseph3, 
Nathaniel^ Edward*), b. in Jamaica, Vt, Oct. 30, 1846 ; m. Jan. 18, 
1869, Lafayette W. Stoddard, b. Aug. 6, 1848, in Vernon, Vt, where 
he owns real estate and has served as one of the selectmen of the 
town for several years. She d. at Vernon, Feb. 13, 1905, esteemed 
and lamented by all who knew her. 

Children born in Vernon, Vt. : 

I. Wallace Emerson, b. Jan. 3, 1872. He was educated 
at the Brattleboro high school and graduated from 
Eastman's Business College in 1892. He has been 
for some years bookkeeper and paymaster for the 
Williamstown Mfg. Co. He m. Sept 23, 1896, 
Laetitia L. Irwin of Williamstown, Mass. Their 
child, Helen Irwin, b. Nov. 2, 1903. 
II. Bertha Allen, b. March i, 1877 ; m. Oct 22, 1902, 
Chester Daniel Hicks. They reside in West 
Springfield, Mass. 

Robert CUrke Alien. 

S«.h (Altai) Stoddud. 


102. Tristram C. CoiEi^ Allen, (Davids, Davids Edward^, 
Ebenezer*, Edward' )i b. Feb. lo, 1832 ; m. Aug. xo, 1864, Lavinia 
E. Taylor, b. Nov. 35, 1842, at Rome, Mich. ; he d. July 39, z87x. 
She m. (2d) Oct. 22, 1873, Smith McCaibury of York, Mich., b. 
March 4, 1829. 

Child by first marriage : 

Mary Lavinia, b. July 15, 1866, in Tecumseh, Mich. ; 
m. Jan. zi, 1893, Edson Clark, b. July 13, 1846. 
They reside in York, Mich. 

103. Elisabeth^ Allen, (Davids, David4, Edward3, Ebenezer*, 
Edward' )» b. Oct. 6, 1838 ; m. Feb. 7, 1857, Asa Gifford, b. March 
4» x834f son of Asa and Hannah (Brown) Gifford. He is a boat 
builder of Gloucester. 

Children : 

I. Ellen Chase Gifford, b. Dec 8, 1857, at New Bedford ; 
d. April 27, i86i. 
11. Charles Gifford, b. March 2, 1873 » d* March 2, 1873. 

III. Jesse Gifford, b. March 2, 1873 ; d. March 3, 1873. 

IV. Allen Brown Gifford, b. Sept. 21, 1876, in Gloucester. 

104. William Starbuck<^ AUen, (Shubaeis, David4, Edward3, 
Ebenezer*, Edward' )i b. at Nantucket March 20, 1819 ; m. SepL 24, 
x868, Nancy J. Lamb, b. Nov. 24, 1843, <^u. of B. Gardner and 
Susan Lamb. He was lighthouse keeper at Great Point, Nantucket, 
from 1855 to x886. His service was often inspected by Dewey and 
Schley, who were then naval commanders and inspectors of light- 
houses. He always found them genial men, and his service 
approved by them. He has been a life- resident of the Island, and 
at present is the only male representative of our family bearing the 
AUen name. 


Clara Louise, b. April 6, z88z. She graduated from 
the Coffin high school in 1897. She is proficient 
in music as a teacher, and organist in one of the 
churches of Nantucket. 

105. Edward Coffin^ Allen, (ShubaeU, Davids Edward^, 
Ebenezer*, Edward')» b. Feb. xx, 1823; m. Dec X4, 1855, Ann 
Maria Alien, b. April 5, 1827, dau. of Benjamin and Ann (Lewis) 
Allen. She d. Nov. xx, x866 ; he d. Nov. 28, 1893, at Blue Spring, 


ChOdren : 

I. Elizabeth Been, b. Feb. 35, 1857 ; num. Resides in 
EdgartowD, Mass. 

138. II. Edward CofSn. b. Oct 14, 1858. 

139. III. Annie Maria, b. Feb. ss, i860. 
240. IV. Harold, b. May 8, 1863. 

141 • V. Lincoln, b. Nov. 10, 1866. 

VI. Lucian, b. Nov. 10, z866; d. Aug. 6, 1867. 

106. Frederic Bamard6 Allen, (Shubaels, Davids, Edward3, 
Ebenezer', Edwaid')f b. Feb. a, 1825 ; m. Sept 34, i860, Ellen 
Davis ; he d. at Nantucket May 9, 1893. 

Child : 

Emily, b. Nov. 34, 1861 ; d. Oct 17, 1863. 

107. Benjamin Franklin^ AUen, (Shubaels, Davids Edward3, 
Ebenezer*, Edward') » b. Aug. so, 1829 ; m. April 4, 1861, Caroline 
Batty, b. Oct 16, 1832, dau. of Joel and Lois Batty of Starksboro, 
Vt; she d. Jsn. as, 190s. He resides in Hesper, Iowa. 

ChOdren : 

I. Francis Eugene, b. March 11, 1863 ; d. Dec 13, 1863. 
II. Frances Lois, b. Dec 6, 1864 ; d. Jan. 13, 1877. 
III. Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1873 ; d. Nov. 7, 1874. 

108. SusaiK^ Allen, (TristramS, Davids Edward^, Ebeneier*, 
Edward'), b. Nov. i, 1834; m. Nov. i, 1855, Daniel Smith; he is 
deceased. She resides in St Paul, Minn. 

Children : 

Truman Smith, resides in St Paul ; and three others. 

109. Mary^ Allen, (TristramS, Davids, Edward3, Ebenezer*, 
Edward')f b. Dec 11, 1840; m. April 39, 1874, David Chase; he 
d. Nov. 6, 1893. She resides in Hesper, Iowa. 

Children : 

I. Gertrude Chase, b. Jan. 36, 1875. 
II. Frederic Chase, b. March 4, 1879. 

110. Anna^ Allen, (TristramS, David4, Edwafd3, Ebenezer*, 
Edward') 9 b. Sept 13, 1845 ; m. Aug. 30, 1873, J^^es A. Chase, b. 
in Bristol, Vt, Aug, 30, 1844. They reside in Park Place, Or. 

WiDiui SuiUcl Ak. 


Children : 

I. Lula A. Chase, b. Sept. 15, 1874; d. Nov. 29, 1874. 

II. Howard G. Chase, b. Jan. 12, 1878 ; d. Aug. 24, 1878. 

III. Grace A. Chase, b. June 20, 1883 ; d. June 27, 1889. 

IV. Laurel H. Chase, b. Dec. 19, 1884. 

111. Dr. Gertrude Gail^ Allen, (TristramS, Davids Edward^, 
Ebenezez*, Edward')* b. Dec. 16, 1853 ; m. Dec. 10, 1873, Cyrus 
Wellington, b. Feb. 22, 1844, in Albany, N. Y. The following facts 
concerning Dr. Wellington are taken from the Chicago Evening 
Post of Feb. 15, 1894 : ^Dr. Wellington gained her early education 
at a public and private * Friends' ' school, and graduated from 
Norwood Seminary at St Paul. Subsequently she taught for four- 
teen and a half years in the first-named institution, and for three 
terms in the Seminary, giving the best of satisfaction as a teacher 
and earning the praise of the parents as well as winning the love 
and respect of the pupils. Mrs. Wellington studied medicine in the 
Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary at the New 
York College and Hospital for Women, and at the Post Graduate 
College of New York City. She graduated with distinguished 
honois at the second named institution in the summer of 1887, and 
then engaged in the careful study of surgery under leading surgeons. 
She was, in fact, the second woman to take up operative surgery in 
the Post Graduate College of New Yprk City. She developed a 
remarkable aptitude for her professional work and was a hard and 
industrious student Dr. Wellington practiced medicine in New 
York City and St Paul before coming to this city, and she has 
in Chicago patients from several states. She served on the staff of 
the Woman's Hospital and Training School exhibit at the World's 
Fair as physician and surgeon, attending with success to the only 
case of any importance during the term, and also caring for the 
first injured person on the grounds on dedication day. Dr. Welling- 
ton is an honored member of the alumnae society of the New York 
College and Hospital for Women, and also of the Illinois Woman's 
Homeopathic Society. She is a member, as well, of the Municipal 
Order League, which secured the establishment of the West Side 
free public bath, and she belongs to the Kilo Club and is a member 
of St Andrew's Episcopal church of this city." She has a delightful 
home over on Washington boulevard, with a cozy office on the second 


floor of the Centzal Music Hall building. Cyrus WelUngton, her 
husband, is a well-known lawyer &nd orator. 

Oiildrcn : 

I. Marian Elizabeth Wellington, b. Sept. 30, 1874. She 
graduated from the Baldwin Seminary in St. Paul 
June, 1892, and has since taken a course of study 
at the Chicago Musical College. 

II. Philip Allen Wellington, b. Feb. 34, 1877. He 
studied for three years at Notre Dame, Ind., and in 
1894 entered the school at Hamlin, Minn. 

III. Margaret Louise Wellington, b. June it, 1879. She 
commenced a three-years' course of study in 1894. 

112. Mary Elizabeth? Allen, (Albert M.^ RufusS, Robert^! 
Joseph^, Nathaniel*, Edward' )» b. Aug. 15, i86a, in Wallingford, Vt. ; 
nu x886, Hiram R. Dawes of Bellows Falls, Vt. Mary E. Allen 
graduated with honors from Leland and Gray Seminary, Townshend, 
Vt, at the age of nineteen. The year following she was sent to 
Ogden City, Utah, by the Baptist Home Mission Society of Boston, 
Mass. After laboring sixteen months in that field she was compelled 
to return home on account of poor health. At the age of 24 she 
was married to Hiram R. Dawes and went to labor among the 
cok>red people at Muscogea, Indian Ter. After staying there some 
time she went to New Salem, a few miles from Atoka. She labored 
there until her health failed, when she was compelled to return to 
her father's home in Vermont, leaving her husband at Atoka ; but 
she was not allowed long to rest, for her husband's declining health 
called her back, only to see him die. Some time after her husband's 
death she raised about f 1000 and went to the Chickasaw Nation, 
Indian Ter., and started a school in Benryn ; it was the first colored 
school in the nation. She was there some four years and had a farm 
connected with the schooL At first she had no assistant, but she 
persevered and succeeded in building a suitable house, and in six 
months was keeping school in it. In 1893 she gave it to the Baptist 
Home Missionary Society of New York. She was appointed super- 
intendent and had support from the missionary society. Her school 
was named the Dawes Academy in honor of her husband. She was 
called to Poultney, Vt, by the illness and death of her father, and 
remains there with her mother. 


113. Minoie Augasta^ Men, (Albert M.^ RufasS, Robert4, 
Josephs, Nathaniel*, Edward')* b. in WaUingford, Vt, Dec. ax, 1864 ; 
m. Nov. 19, 1885, Andrew M. Wells of Chester, Vt She was edu- 
cated at Leiand and Gray Seminary, Townshend, Vt., and became a 
very snccessful teacher. 

Children bom in Chester, Vt : 

I. Anna C. Wells, b. Oct. 17, 1887. 

II. Carl A. Wells, b. Oct 31, 1889. 

U4. Cora Jane? Allen, (Albert M.^ RulusS, Roberts Joseph^, 
Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. in Londonderry, Vt, June 30, 1870; m. 
April 15, 1885, Edward M. Magoon of Jamaica, Vt She was edu- 
cated at Leiand and Gray Seminary, Townshend, Vt. ; resides in 
Stratton, Vt 

Children : 

I. Clara B. Magoon, b. in Londonderry, Vt, Aug. 5, 
1887 ; m. Harry Baybrooks ; lives in Jamaica, Vt 

II. Albert A. Magoon, b. in Stratton, Feb. 6, 1891. 

III. Herbert C. Magoon, b. in Stratton, Feb. s, 1893. 
rV. Harry Magoon. 

V. Mary E. Magoon. 
VI. Grace N. Magoon. 

115. Helen Lucretia? Allen, (Albert M.^ RufusS, Robert4, 
Josephs, Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. in Londonderry, Vt, June 30, 
1870; m. March 14, 1895, Jo^Q J* McPangton. They reside at 
Port Washington, Wis. No children. She was educated at Leiand 
Gray Seminary, Townshend, Vt, and at Castleton State Normal 
School, Vt She successfully taught nineteen terms of schooL 

116. Gertrude Josephine^ Allen, (Albert M.^ Rufuss, Robert^ 
Josephs, Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. in Londonderry, Vt., Oct 13, 
187s ; m. March 14, 1895, George Earl Douglass. They reside in 
Andover, Vt She graduated from the State Normal School at 
Casdeton, Vt., and taught eight terms of school with success. 

I. OUve Elizabeth Douglass, b. June 34, 1898. 
II. Clyde Benjamin Douglass, b. March 30, 1901. 
III. Ruth Gertrude Douglass, b. July 12, 1904. 


117. Mary Ann' Allen, (George Sfi, Oliver^, Robert^, Joieph^, 
Nathaniel', Edward*), b. 1846; in. Arnold Farga She. d. about 
x868 ; he is also deceased. 

Child : 

Carlos Fargo, died at 16 years of age. 

118. Chancellor Cicero? Allen, (George S.^ Oliver^, Roberta, 
Joseph3, Nathaniel, Edward'), b. April i, 1851 ; m. Jan. x, 1874, 
Mary E. Lincoln, dau. of Josiah Lincoln ; she d. Aug. 15, 1876. He 
m. (2d) June 15, 1882, Laura A. Jackson, b. Aug. 7, 1853, dau. of 
William Jackson. Mr. Allen was left an orphan when a mere lad to 
make his way in the world. He began with a clerkship in the store 
of his uncle, Elisha Allen at East Wallingford, Vt, where he soon 
evinced those qualities of business which lead to success. After re- 
maining there a few years he went to Boston in 1^73, where he has 
since remained and won success in business. He became early 
interested in electrical appliances, which business he has built up 
from small beginnings. He is now the manager and treasurer of the 
Boston Electric Co. with office at 548 Washington street The busi- 
ness amounts to one half a million per year. He has a beautiful 
residence in Roxbury, where he has lived for some years. 

Child by first marriage : 

Mary Adell, b. July 5, 1875. She is a graduate of the 
Roxbury high school, and later attended a course 
of study at the Burdette School of Languages and 
a course of music at the Boston Conservatory. 

119. Oliver Holden? Allen, (George S.^ Olivers, Robert^, Josephs, 
Nathaniels Edward'), b. March 7, 1853 ; m. Eliza Crandall; she d. 
March, 1889. He is a farmer and resides in South Wallingford, Vt. 

Children : 

L Chloe, b. 1877. 
U. George, b. x88i. 
III. Chancellor H., b. March, 1889. 

120. Horace David? Allen, (George S.^ Olivers, Robert4, 
Joseph^ Nathaniel, Edward'), b. Feb. x, 1855^ at South Walling- 
ford, Vt; m. July 8, X874, Ada Porter, b. July 19, 1857, dau. of 
Isaac N. and Hortensia B. (Odell) Porter. He is a farmer and re- 
sides in Danby, Vt. 


ChOdren : 

L Jennie Hortensia, b. Jan. 22, 1875 ; m. Jan. 23, 1894, 

WiUiam H. Herrick of Fitchburg» Mass. 
II. George Chancellor, b. April 5, 1878. 

121. George Sweetland? Allen, (George S.^ Olivers, Robert^ 
Joseph^, Nathaniel% Edward'), b. Dec. 27, 1862 ; m. July 3, 1888, 
Eva Nora Alger, b. Nov. 13, x868, at Hebron, Ind. He is in 
business at Carthage, Mo. 

Children : 

I. Lillie Juvel, b. July 10, 1889. 
11. Maude May, b. Sept 3, 1891. 
III. Ella Adell, b. Oct. 20, 1893. 

122. John F.7 Allen, (Robert6, Olivers, Robert4, Josephs, 
Nathaniel', Edward')ib. Feb. 5, 1839 ; m. March 5, 1875, Catherine 
McKanna, b. at Ogdensburg, N. Y., Oct 13, 1853. He is a resident 
of Council Bluffs, la. 

Children bom at Creston, la. : 

L Ella M., b. Feb. 16, 1877. 

II. Agnes E., b. Feb. 19, 1879. 

III. George F., b. Feb. 14, 1881. 

IV. Robert F., b. Jan. 17, 1883 ; d. May 10, 1884. 
V. Hattie S., b. June 10, 1888. 

VI. Bemice L., b. Sept 3, 1890. 
VII. Bessie Elvira, b. July 17, 1896 ; d. March 28, 1898. 

123. Elvira L.7 Allen (Robert^ Olivers, Robert^ Josephs, 
Nathaniel', Edward'), b. Nov. 22, 1841 ; m. July 5, 1863, Levi 
Snell, b. Oct 23, 1828, in Penn.; he died about 1892. Her home 
is in Lincohi, Neb. 

Children : 

I. Arthur A. Snell, b. at Mt Pleasant, la., Nov. 28, 1864. 
II. Eva M. Snell, b. at Lincoln, Neb., Sept 16, 1873. 

124. Ella M.7 Allen, (Robert^, Olivers, Robert4, Joseph3, 
Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. Aug. 30, 1846; m. Aug. 28, 1861, George 
W. Hardwick; he died June 18, 1874. She m. (2d) Jan. 3, 1877, 
Charles E. Dahlburg. 


Children by fint marriage, bom in Lee Co., Iowa : 

L Leola E. Hardwick, b. March 3, 1863 ; m. June i, 
1883, Banks Stewart of Alliance, Neb. ; their chikl, 
Bessie E. Stewart, was b. Aug* — , 1884. 
II. G. Elmer E. Hardwick, b. Dec. as, i868. He resides 
in Laramie City, Wyoming. 

Children by second marriage, b. in Creston, la. : 

IIL Fk>ra E. Dahlburg, b. Nov. 3, 1877. 

IV. Clarence T. Dahlburg, b. July 6, 1879. 

V. Nina H. Dahlburg, b. June s8, 1883. 

VI. Jessie M. Dahlburg, b. Oct. 5, 1883; d. Sept 39, 

Vn. NelUe H. Dahlburg, b. July 13, 1885. 

125. George Washington Sargent? Allen, (Robert^, OUverS, 
Robert^, Josephs, Nathaniel*, Edward'), b. Oct. 15, 1850; m. Oct. 
38, 1886, Mary Whiting, b. Nov. 36, i860, at Mt Pleasant, la. He 
is emfdoyed in the clothing and gentlemen's furnishing goods busi- 
ness in Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Children bom in Mt. Pleasant, la. : 

L Robert Whiting, b. June 15, 1888. 
II. Julia May, b. Sept. 5, 1890. 

126. Vernon Ellsworth? Allen, (William^, Olivers, Robert*, 
Josepbi, Nathaniel*, Edward')* b. in Wheatland, IIL, May 6, 1861 ; 
VBu Nov. t6, 1887, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward and Margaret (Lamb) 
Dunley ; she was b. in Aurora, ID^ July 18, 1863. He was educated 
in the public schools of Aurora, IIL, where be stiD resides. Has 
been a clerk in different oflBces ; is at present in the storehouse of 
the C B. and Q. R. R* 

Children bom in Aurora, nt. : 

I. Lnh May, b. July t, 1888. 

11. Clyde Edward, b. Sept. 33, 1889, 

III. Roy Edson, b. Feb. a6, 1891 ; d. April 15, 1896. 

IV. Earl Bernard, b. Aug. i, 1893 ; d. Febw 7, r89S. 
V. Harley Francis, b. Dec 16, 1896. 

127.* Flora Eslhcrr Allen, (Dr. Horace D.^ OlivciS^ Robert*, 
Jo8q>b^ NadianieH, Edward<), b. Dec s, 1851, at Weston, Vl; m. 
Jan. t, 1876, Horace W. Flaser of DL 


Children : 

I. Merriit Edgar Flaseri b. Dec. 24, 1876. 
II. Rollin Elam Flaser, b. March 14, 1878. 
III. Mary Lola Flaser, b. Oct. 25, 1888. 

128. Carrie Nellie? Allen, (Dr. Horace D.*, Olivers, Robert^ 

}08eph3, Nathaniel', Edward'), b. in Rutland, Vt., June 27, 1856; 

m. Nov. 28, 1877, Willard E. Proctor of Rutland, 111.; d. 1888-9. 


Flora May Proctor, b. June 21, 1880. 

129. Mcrritt Draper? Allen, (Dr. Horace D.^ Olivers, Robert*, 
Joseph^, Nathaniels Edward')» b. May 7, 1859; m. Feb. 3, 1891, 
Louisa Webber ; she d. Jan., 1895. He resides in Rutland, 111. 

Children : 

I. Blanche Luella, b. May 13, 1892. 
II. Son, b. Jan. 1895. 

130* William Steward? Allen, (Elisha^ R., Olivers, Robert*, 
Joseph^, Nathaniel', Edward'), b. Aug. 9, 1869 ; m. Aug. 10, 1890, 
Anna T. Riley. He resides in Saratoga, N. Y. 

Child : 

Margeretta Flora, b. Feb. 3, 1892. 

131. Flora Emily7 Allen, (Elisha^ Olivers, Robert*, Josephs, 
Nathaniel', Edward' )# b. April ix, 1877 ; m. June 7, 1899, Ernest 
D. Dickennan. Reside in Mechanicsville, Vt. 

Children : 

I. Allen Elwin Dickerman, b. May 23, 1901. 

II. Gordon Ernest Dickerman, b. Dec. 3, 1902 ; d. 

Dec 14, X902. 

132. Mary Elizabeth? Allen, (Heman C.^ Josephs, Robert*, 
Josephs, Nathaniel', Edward'), b. July 15, 1859 ; m. March 4, 1884, 
William H. Sawyer, b. Sept 9, 1835, in New Salem, Mass. He re- 
sides in EUenburg, N. Y. ; she d. Jan. 14, 1896. 


Henry Allen Sawyer, b. April 18, T885. 


133. Joseph Cady7 Allen, (Hannibal^, JosepbS| Roberts 
Josephs Nathaniels Edward' )» b, in Whitehall, N. Y., Nov. 25, 
1859 ; m. July 24, 1881, Jessie A. Bascom ; he d. Oct 24, 1887. 

Children : 
. r ' ..-— ^ I. Fary Eugene, b. May x6, 1882. 
^ II. Mary Almira, b. Sept. x8, x886. 

134. WilUam Frederic7 Allen, (HannibalS Josephs, Robert*, 
Josephs, Nathaniels Edward' )i b. June x8, X864 ; m. March, X89X, 
Fannie CaldwelL He resides in Ridgewood, N. J. He has been 
with Paris, Allen & Co., New York, since x888. 

Children : 

I. Dorothy Sherman, b. Feb. 6, 1892. 

II. Janet Perry, b. April xx, X90X. 

III. Caldwell Bradley, K^«. v n^ «« r^^^ 
TV. Eluabeth Stewart, \ ^^"^ ^' ^^ ^L 1903. 

135. George Marshall Allen, (George H.«, Josephs, Robert* 

Josephs, Nathaniels Edward'), b. in AVhitehall, N. Y., Aug. x5, 

X863; m. June 3, X896, Grace Fanshawe. Resides in Morristown, 

N. J. He is now (X905) traveling abroad. 

ChOd : 

Lorane, b. in Morristown, N. J., July X9, X898. 

136. Ina Lyndon^ Aflen, (Orrin P.S Roberts, Roberts Josephs, 
Nathaniels Edward*)* b. in Palmer, Mass., May x6, x86x ; m. 
Charles Robert Carroll, b. in Stillwater, N. Y., Dec. X2, x8s6. 
Reside in Rowe, Mass. 

Children b. in Greenfield, Mass. : 

I. Jane Frances Carroll, b. Dec. 3, X877 ; m. Oct xs, 
X902, Ellis Edmund Potter of Rowe, b. in Green- 
field, Mass., Oct. 24, 1877. son of Edward and 
Annie (Lincoln) Potter. Farmer, resides in Rowe, 

II. ABcn Robert CarroU, b. Nov. X3, X878; d. July 6, 


III. Lillian Louise Carroll, b. Nov. X4, x88x ; m. May x6, 

1900, Frank Martin Pahl, b. at Turners Falls, Mass., 
Feb. X, X875, son of Martin and Rosaxma Pahl, 
who came from Germany in x87x. Frank M. 
Pahl enlisted in the Brooklyn Barracks, April 2, 

Rolxrt Culy AHeii. 

Robert Juon AUen. 


1897 ; went aboard the battleship Indiana April 16, 
1898, and sailed the next day for Cuba. He 
served on this ship six months and four days and 
was honorably discharged at the Brooklyn navy 
yard Oct. 12^ 1898. Reside in Greenfield, Mass. 

IV. Josephine Eliza Carroll, b. April 8, 1885 ; m. June 5, 
1901, Willis Leslie Shumway, b. in Whitingham, Vt, 
Jan. 26, 1872, son of Chandler and Olive Irene 
(Goodell) Shumway. Reside in Rowe, Mass. 
Their children are (i) Edith Josephine Shumway, 
b. in East Whately, Mass., June 30, 1902. (2) Eva 
Frances Shumway, b. in Rowe, Mass., June 5, X904. 

V. Alice Lyndon CarroU, b. Dec. 23, 1887. Graduated 
at the Charlemont, high school; now (1905) a 
student at the Moody school. East Northfield, 
- Mass. 

VI. Walter Charles Carroll, b. Aug. 23, 1890. 

VII. Amy Flora Carroll, b. Feb. 4, 1893. 

VIII. Herbert Allen Carroll, b. May 28, 1897. 

. I^ Jessie Gladys Carroll, b. Sept. 19, 1900. 

X. Frederic Walker Carroll, b. June 14, 1903. 

137. Robert Cady7 Allen, (Jason Cady^, Roberts, Robert*, 
Josephs, Nathaniel, Edward')» b. in Vernon, Vt., March 14, 1878; 
m. Oct 24, 1 90 1, Mrs. Minnie Alice (Morse) Easton, dau. of Luke 
J. and Hattie S. Morse, b. in William8\'ille, Vt., Oct. 30, 1872. She 
m. (ist) April 5, 1894, Leslie C. Easton; he d. April 14, 1897. 
They had one child. Amy L. Eaton, b. Jan. x 3, 1 896. Robert C. 
Allen was educated in the schools of Vernon and Brattleboro, Vt., 
and in 1899 received a diploma with honors from the Scranton 
school. He lives on the AUen homestead in Vernon, Vt., where he 
has made marked success as a fruit raiser. 


Robert Jason, b. April 20, 1903. 

138. Edward Coffin? Allen, (Edward C.^ Shubaels, David^ 
Edwards, Ebenezer*, Edward'), b. Oct. 14, 1858, in Pawtucket, 
R. I.; m. May x6, 1879, Elnora Florence Sawtelle, b. Sept. 17, 
1858, in Sidney, Me. He is a special agent of the New York Life 
Insurance Co. at Palatka, Fla. 


Chfldren : 

I. Anna West, b. in New York Oct xj, i88x. 
II. Edna Shennan, b. in Sidney, Me., Sept. 9, 1884; d. 
at Ocala, Fla., April 12, 1892. 

III. Gertrude Estelle, bom at Blue Springs, Fla., July xo, 


IV. Vesta Florence, b. Oct 6, x888. 

V. Harold Coffin, b. in Ocala, Fla., Dec. i, X892. 

139. Annie Maria? Allen, (Edward Cfi, Sbubaels, Davids 
Edward^, Ebenezer*, Edward' )» b. in Pawtucket, R. I., Feb. 22, 
x86o; XXL Aug. X2, X889, Charles F.Whipple, b. Sept X9, i860. 
Residence in Pawtucket, R. I. 

Chiklren : 

I. Norxnan Allen Whipple, b. Sept 30, 1890. 
II. Helen Elizabeth Whipple, b. Oct 9, iS9i« 

140. Harold? Allen, (Edward Cfi, Shubaels, Davids, Edward3, 
Ebenezei', Edward'), b. May 8, X867 ; ni. June 5, X884, Charlotte 
Timmerxnanse, b. near Brexxxan, Germany, Oct xo, x862. He is 
engaged in pharxnacy at Englewood, N.J. 

Cbikiren : 

I. Valesca Lucia, b. X885 ; d. May 20, XS98. 

II. Ruth Starbuck, b. X887. ^ 

III. Maria Harms, b. 1S90; d. Oct. 7, 189X. 

IV. Miriam Coffin, b. July 27, X900. 

141. Lincohi^ Allen, (Edward C.^ Shubaeis, Davids Edward^, 
Ebenezer*, Edward'), b. Nov. 10, 1866; m. June X4, XS96, Nellie 
Burton Bateman. Residence, Waverly, Mass. He is a pharmacist. 

Chiklren : 

I. Lincoln Lucian, b. June 19, 1897. 
II. Viola Louise, b. Nov. X2, X899. 
III. Leila Burton, b. March 2, 1903. 


A — see p. 23. 

Ancestors of Ann Coleman, Wife of Edward' Allen. 

The name Coleman first appears in history in A. D. 664, in the 
person of a noted Scotch Bishop of Lindspame, an Island on the 
northeast coast of England. He died A. D. 676. Five branches of 
the family have been honored with coats of arms. Thomas Coleman, 
the grandfather of our Ann, was bom in 1602 and came from 
Wiltshilly Eng., in the Ship "James/* which arrived in Boston June 
3, 1635. He settled first in Newbury, Mass., removed thence to 
Hampton, N. H., and in 1664 he settled at Nantucket, Mass., where 
he d. 1685, ae. 83. His first wife, Susaxma, the mother of his 
children, d. Nov. 17, 1650. He had seven children, of whom 
Joseph, b. Dec. 2, 1645, m. 1672 Ann Bunker; he d. 1690. Then 
dau. Ann, m. our Edward Allen. The father of Ann Bunker was 
George, son of William Bunker, a Huguenot in England, who came 
to New England and settled at Ipswich and later at Topsfield, Mass. 
He married Jane Godfrey about 1645 ; was drowned at Topsfield 
May 26, 1658; of his five children Ann, b. 1654, m. Joseph 
Coleman, father of our Ann. 

B. — See p. 25. 

Ancestors of Provided Gaskell, Fmsi* wife of 

Nathaniel Allen. 

She was the daughter of Capt. Samuel Gaskell, son of Samuel and 
Provided (Southwick) Gaskell, whose father, Ed\%'ard Gaskell, had a 
grant of land at Salem in 1637, who had by his wife Sarah five 

Her great grandparents, Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, 


came to New England in 1630 and settled in Salem» Mass. He was 
the first to manufacture glass and earthem ware* in this country. 
About 1658 they joined the Quakers, and as such were fined; the 
wife was the heroine of Whittier's poem» ** Cassandra Southwick." 
Their daughter, Provided, the grandmother of our Provided, the 
wife of Nathaniel Allen, was ordered to be sold as a slave to any 
Christian shipmaster, but to the lasting honor of the shipmasters of 
those days none would buy her. 

C — See p. 35. 
Ancestors of Mercy Skiff, second wife of Nathaniel Allen, 

FIVE of them being OF THE MAYFLOWER. 

Her line of descent from Gov. Carver has recently been quite 
clearly established as follows : 

I. ''John Carver, sonne of James Carver, LincolLshill, Yeoman, 
called by the grace of God Governor of our Colony December ye 
loth, 1620, one year ! He died April 5, 1621." 

n. His wife, Katherine Carver, died in the early summer fol- 
lowing. (See Bradford's Hist. Plymouth Plantation). Another 
account says Mrs. Carver was a sister of Pastor Robinson. 
. in. John llUey m. first, the daughter of John Carver in England; ? 
(name probably Elizabeth). She doubtless died in Holland. M« 
(2d) February, 1615, Bridget Van der Velde. He and his wife died 
at Plymouth soon after landing, so says Bradford. 

Maurt in his ** Relations," p. '44, says John Tilley, — I find in the 
Leyden MS. Records, — ''This February, 16 15, John Tilley, silk 
worker of Leyden, married Bridget Van der Velde." This proves 
that John Tilley's dau. Elizabeth was the ofiEspring of the first 

IV. John Howland, m. 1621 or 1623 Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Tilley ; 10 children were the fruit of this marriage. John Howland 
d. Feb. 22, 1672 ; his wife Elizabeth, d. Dec. 2, 1687. 

V. Elizabeth Tilley, b. 1607. The Bible printed in 1588 and 
brought over in the Mayflower by William White, discovered a few 
years since, now in Hartford, Conn., contains much written memo- 
randa on its margins at a very early date, among which has been 
found the foUowing: ''John Howland married Katherine Tilley, 
granddaughter of John Carver, Governor appointed Anno Domini 


163O9 of Ply mouthy now called New Plymouth." (See Conn, 
magazine for March, 1899, ^^ which a photographic illustration of 
the above and many others is given from the old Bible, which fully 
establishes the above claim). 

VI. John Chipman, b. 16x5 near Dorchester, Eng., m. 1646, 
Hope Howland, dau. of John and Elizabeth. She d. in Barnstable, 
Jan. 8, 1683 ; he d. July 8, X684. 

VII. Nathan' Skiff, (James')f b. in Sandwich, Mass., May 16, 
1658 ; m. as his second wife Dec. 13, 1699, Mercy Chipman, dau. of 
John and Hope, b. Feb. 6, x668. They lived and died in Chilmark, 
M. V. He d. Feb. 9, x 725-6 ; she d. June 19, 1724. 

Nathan was the son of James Skiff, the emigrant who settled in 
Sandwich, Mass., 1637, where he d. after x688. His wife is said to 
have been Mary Reeves. She d. in Sandwich Sept. 2X, 1673, (See 
Freemans Cape Cod). 

VIII. Mercy, dau. of Nathan and Mercy Skiff, b. Sept 3, 170X, 
widow of Prince Coffin, m. Nathaniel Allen as his second wife. As 
will be seen from the above, all descendants of this couple are 
eligible to be members of the Mayflower Society. 

D. — See p. 3x. 
ANCcnroKs of Hephzibah Coftin, wife of Joseph Allen. 

Her Coffin line. 

The name Coffin, or Coffyn, is of very ancient origin and signifies 
a basket. For much of the following concerning the early history 
of the family I am indebted to the researches of Hon. Allen Coffin 
of Nantucket *' Within two short leagues of Fallaise (the birth- 
place of William the Conqueror) stands the old chateau of 
Courtition, once the home of the Norman Coffins, the family name 
having now become extinct in that vicinage. The present owner, 
Mons. LeClare, is the grandson of the last Miss Coffin, the estate 
having descended in an unbroken male line, as is supposed, from 
her ancestors. She married in 1796, from which time the name of 
LeClare has succeeded to that of Coffin as possessor of this 
ancient estate." 

It is thought with good reason that Sir Richard Coffin was the 
first of the family in England who was knighted by the Conqueror 
for his valuable services, and from whom the English branch has 
descended. The estate now called Portledge in the parish of 


Alwington, in Co. Devon, has been held in the Coffin family since 
the conquest. The family has been held in high esteem for ages, 
and many of the name have added luster to the house. Seven 
branches of the Coffin family have had the grant to bear arms. 

Nicholas' Coffin, the grandfather of the founder of the American 
branch of the family, was horn about 1550, and had his home in 
Brixton, Co. Devon, England. He m. Joan , and d. 16 13. 

Peter* Coffin, bom about 1580 ; m. Joan Thember. He inherited 
his father's estate at Brixton and d. 1627. The widow, Joan, d. in 
Brixton May 30, 1661, ae. 77. 

Tristram^ Coffin, b. in Brixton, Eng., 1605 ; m. about 1630, Dionis 
Stevens, dau. of Robert Stevens of Brixton, and came to New 
England in 1642. He settled first at Salisbury, Mass., and later in 
Haverhill and Newbury. In 1660, having become one of the 
purchasers of Nantucket, he removed there with his family, where he 
remained till his death Oct. 2, 1681. He was a man of influence 
and one of the wealthiest proprietors of Nantucket, and its chief 
magistrate many years. 

Hon. Peter4 Coffin, b. in Brixton, England, 1631 ; m. about 1656, 
Abigail, dau. of Edward and Katherine (Reynolds) Starbuck of 
Dover, N. H., later of Nantucket. Peter Coffin ''was one of the 
original purchasers of Nantucket, and tradition says was the wealthiest, 
then owning large mill property. He was a merchant of Dover 
before the purchase, and subsequently lived at Nantucket, but only 
for a short time. He was made freeman in 1666 at Dover; a 
lieutenant in 1675, on ser^'ice in King Philip's Indian War; a 
representative in the Legislative branch in 1662-3, ^^^ again in 1679. 
In 1690 he removed to Exeter, N. H. From 1692 to 1714 he was 
at diflTcrent times associate justice and chief justice of the Supreme 
Court of New Hampshire, and a member of the governor's council. 
He d. at Exeter March 31, 1715, but most of his life was spent at 

JethroS Coffin, b. Sept. 16, 1663 ; m. 1686, Mary, dau. of Hon. 
John and Priscilla (Grafton) Gardner, b. May 27, 1670. He d. at 
Mendon, Mass., 1726; she d. at Nantucket Oct. 27, 1767, ae. 97. 
A substantial house was built for the young couple at Nantucket on 
land given for the purpose by the bride's father, by Mr. Coffin, «ith 
timber prepared and shipped from Dover in 1686. Here the couple 


lived for more than twenty happy years, and here their six children 
were bom ; then the family removed to Mendon, Mass.» where the 
father died. The above house, erected in 1686, still stands, now the 
oldest house on the island. After the death of her husband the 
widow returned to Nantucket, where she lived with her son Josiah 
in a house built in 1724, which still remains in the possession of her 
descendants, and on the wall hangs the oil portrait of Mary Gardner 
Coffin, painted more than 180 years ago. 

Robert^ Coffin, b. on Nantucket Feb. 21, 1704 ; m. Pamel Coffin, 
dau. of Samuel and Miriam. She d. Oct. 26, 1727; he m. (2d) 
Susanna Coffin, dau. of Jonathan and Hephzibah (Harker) Coffin, 
b. in Nantucket, Dec. 30, 1712 ; d. April 9, 1795. He d. Aug. 8, 

Children by first marriage : 

I. Joanna, m. Bridgman Stubbs. She d. Nov. 24, 1760. 

Children by second marriage : 

IL Susanna, b. Sept 18, 1731 ; ro*. James Whipple, son of James 

and Patrina. 

III. Catherine, ro. Paul Folger, son of Nathaniel and Priscilla. 

IV. Hephzibah, b. Oct. x8, 1736; m. Joseph Allen, son of 
Nathaniel and Mercy. 

V. Peggy, b. Sept 26, 1738; m. Jonathan Coffin, son of Nathan 
and Lydia. She d. Oct. 7, 1805. 

VI. Mary, b. Nov. 18, 1740; m. Coggershall Rathbom. 

VII. Ephrairo, b. Jan. 4, 1743; m. Sarah Folger. He d. July 
15, 1810. 

VIII. Jethro, b. Dec. 23, 1744; m. Margaret Brook. He died 
July 4, 1776. 

IX. Jonathan, b. Jan. 22, 1747 ;^m. Sally Fosdick. He d. Aug. 
24, 1823. 

X. Robert, b. Dec 4, 1755 ; d. unm. Dec., 1774. 

From the above it will be seen that Hephzibah Coffin, wife of 
Joseph Allen, was descended on her mother's side from Hon. James 
Coffins Tristram3, Peter*, Nicholas'. 

James Coffin, b. in England Aug. 12, 1640; m. Dec. 3, 1663, Mary 
dau. of John and Elizabeth (Kimball) Severence of Salisbury, Mass. 
He d. at Nantucket July 28, 1720. He spent the last fifty years of 
his life at Nantucket, where he was judge of the Probate Court. He 


had fourteen children, all of whom, except two, married and had 
famiUes. From him descended some of the most noted members of 
the CofSn family. Among these may be mentioned Admiral, (Sir 
Isaac" Coffin, Nathaniel^ William^i Nathaniels, James*, Tristram^, 
Peter', Nicholas'). ''He was b. in Boston, Mass., May x6, 1759. 
Entering the English Navy in 1773, he was commissioned a Lieuten- 
ant 1778, Captain 1781 ; Rear Admiral of the White Squadron, 
1804 ; Baronet and also granted a coat of arms the same year ; Vice 
Admiral 1808, and in 1817 Admiral. He d. at Cheltenham, 
England, in 1839 without issue." In 1826 he visited Nantucket, 
when he gave ;^iooo for founding a high school there. Afterwards 
he added to the sum, which now amounts to $50,000. 

Jonathans Coffin, son of the above James and brother of the great 
grandfather of Sir Isaac, b. on Nantucket, Aug. 38, 1693 ; m. Nov. 
21, 17x1, Hephzibah, dau. of Ebenezer and Patience (Folger) 
Harker, b. 1694 and d. Dec. 30, 1773 ; he d. Feb. 5, 1773. They 
had ten children, of whom Susanna^ Coffin, b. Dec. 30, 171 2; m. 
Robert, son of Jethro and Mary (Gardner) Coffin, who was the 
father of Hephzibah? Coffin, the wife of Joseph ADen. Their son, 
Robert Allen, the grandfather of the compiler of this work, and Sir 
Isaac Coffin were third cousins. 


Hephzibah Coffin, wife of Joseph Allen, claims descent from 

Edward Starbuck through the marriage of her ancestor, Peter^ 

Coffin, to Abigail, dan. of Edward Starbuck, who came from. 

Derbyshire, Eng., and settled in Nantucket in 1659* He was b. 

1605; d. at Nantucket Feb. 4, X69X. He married Catherine 



Hephzibah (Coffin) ADen's descent from Thomas Gardner is as 

Thomas' Gardner came probably from Sherbom in the north part 
of Co. Dorset, England, about 1624 and settled first at Cape 
Ann. He removed to Salem in 1626, being one of the first settlers 
there as well as one of the first members of the church; made 
freeman in x 63 7 and chosen deputy the same year. He m. Margaret 
Frier, who d. x6s9; m. (2d) Damaris Shattuck, widow. She d. 
Nov. 28, X674; he d. Dec. 29, 1674. Of his nine children Hon. 



John* Gardner, b. 1634 ; m. Feb. 20, 1653, Priscilla, dan. of Joseph 
and Mary Grafton. He was a marine captain, became justice of 
the peace, judge of probate and chief magistrate. He d. May x , 
1706, at Nantucket His wife d. xyxy. A granite monument 
marks his grave near Maxcy's Pond. Of his twelve children Maryi 
Gardner, b. at Salem May 27, 1670, m. x686 Jethro Coffin; they 
were the grandparents of Hephzibah, wife of Joseph Allen. 


Joseph Grafton, the great-great-grandfather of Hephzibah 
(Cofiin) Allen, came from England to Salem about 1636. He m. 
Mary—, the mother of his children, who d. Nov. 1675 ; he d. 
before 1683 ; was an active marine and merchant at Salem. Of his 
four children, Priscilla Grafton, m. Feb. 20, x6s3, John Gardner. 
John A. Andrew, governor of Massachusetts, was descended directly 
from Joseph GraftoiL 

John Severence came in the '^Elizabeth" in 1654, was an original 
proprietor of Salisbury, 1637; of Boston, X663; a commissioned 
o£5cer in the militia 1671 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and 
Ursula (Scott) Kimball, b. in England 1621. He d. April 8, x682. 
Of hb twelve children Mary Severence, b. Aug. 5, 1645 ; m. Dec. 3, 
19631 James^ Coffin, son of Tristram^, thus making John Severence 
the great-great-grandfather of Hephzibah, Joseph Allen's wife. 


Ebenezer Harker, m. Patience, dau. of Peter and Mary Folger 
and granddaughter of John Folger, the emigrant. Their dau. 
Hephzibah Harker, b. 1694, m. Nov. 4, x7xx, Jonathan, son of 
James and Mary (Severence) Coffin, b. in Nantucket, Aug. 28, 1692. 
She d. Dec. 30, 1773 • ^^d. Feb. 5, 1773. It will thus be seen that 
Ebenezer Harker Sr., was the great-grandfather of Hephzibah, 
Joseph Allen's wife. 


Camden derives; this name from Fougers, a town near the 
frontier of Normandy, France, which was fortified by Raoul de 
Fougers, and afterward built a castle. 

John Folger came from the city of Norwich, Co. Norfolk, 
England, in 1635 and settled on Martha'; Vineyard. He had m. 


Meriba Gibbs in England, where she died, leaving a son Peter, who 
came with his father to the Vineyard. 

Peter* Folger, b. in England, 1617; m. 1644 Mary Morrill, who 
had come over in the family of Hugh Peters. He removed from the 
Vineyard to Nantucket in 1663, where he d. i6qo ; she d. 1704. He 
was well educated, and being well versed in the Indian language was 
of much assistance to the settlers. 

There have been many illustrious descendants of Peter Folger, 
among whom we may mention Walter Folger, astronomer, mathe* 
matician and representative to Congress; Charles J. Folger, U. S. 
Senator, Chief Justice in Court of Appeals in New York, and Secre- 
tary of the Treasury under President Arthur ; Benjamin F. Folger, 
the noted genealogist of Nantucket ; and William C. Folger, another 
dehrer in the same line of research, who left a vast amount of 
material as a result of many years of labor. Of the daughters of 
Petei' Folger, Abiah, b. Aug. 25, 1667 ; m. 1690 Josiah Franklin and 
was the mother of that great man, Benjamin Franklin ; and as we 
have seen, another daughter, Patience, b. about 1670, m. Ebenezer 
Harker, thus making Hephzibah, wife of Joseph Allen, and Benjamin 
Franklin third cousins. 


Richard Kimball embarked April 10, 1634, from Ipswich, Co. 
Suffolk, Eng., at the age of 39 on the ship '' Elizabeth." There 
came with him his wife and seven children, besides relatives of his 
wife* He settled at first in Watertown, and removed Feb. 24, 1637, 
to Ipswich. He was a wheelwright. He m. in England Ursubi, 
dan. of Henry and Martha Scott. She d. before 1661 ; he d. 
June 22, 1675, ae. 80. Of his eleven children Elizabeth, b. in 
England 1621 ; m. John Severence, whose dau. Mary m. James 
Coffin. Richard Kimball was the great-great-grandfather of 
Hephzibah (Coffin) Allen. 


Henry Scott was of Rattlesden, Suffolk Co., Eng. He m. Martha, 
b. 1574, and had Thomas, b. 1594, and Ursula, b. 1595, who m. 
Richard Kimball. Henry Scott is supposed to have died in England 
prior to the immigration of his widow and children and their families 
to New England. He was the great-great-great- grandfather of our 
Hephzibah Coffin. 


E. — See p. 41. 
' Ancestors of Rhoda Cady, wife of Robert Allen. 

Arthur says Cady is derived from the Gaelic, Ca-dia, meaning the 
house of God. In Scottish, Cadie means a messenger. The name 
has been found under the varied form of Caddie, Caddy, Cadey, 
Cadeye, Kadye, Cade and Cady. The form Cadie appears in the 
Domesday survey. Five of the name have borne coats of arms. It 
is an ancient name in England. 

Nicholas' Cady, the ancestor of our family in America, first 
appears on our records at Watertown, Mass., in 1645, when he had a 
deed of land there, his occupation being that of a carpenter. He 
there m. before 1650 Judith, dau. of WiUiam Knapp. He sold his 
possessions in Watertown in 1668 and removed to Groton, Mass., 
where he is supposed to have lived tmtil about 17 13 until the time 
of his death. His children bom in Watertown were : John, Judith, 
James, Nicholas died young, David, Ezekiel, Joseph and Aaron. 

Of the foregoing children Capt Joseph' Cady, b. May 28, 1666 ; 
m. Sarah — ; in 1691 he did garrison duty to protect Groton against 
the Indians; was elected constable of Groton in 1695; was an 
innholder there from 2696 to 1701. On Feb. 22, 1703, he sold his 
estate in Groton and removed to Killingly, Ct., buying a farm one 
mile east of the present city of Putnam, where in 17x5 he erected a 
pretentious house, still standing, which became historic in after 
years. He was chosen the first captain of the trained band in 
Killingly for its defense against the Indians in 1720. He d. Dec. 29, 
1742. His children were Joseph, William, James, Isaac, Abigail, 
Stephen, David, Jonathan and Benjamin. Of his children, Stephen^ 
Cady was b. in Groton, June x6, 1701, m. March 20, 1723, Abigail, 
dau. of Samuel and Mary Lee of Killingly, b. 1 703. He was a 
prosperous fanner and mason in Killingly, where he d. June 21, 
1785; she d. Oct. x8, X782. His children were Samuel, Martha, 
Mercy, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Sarah and Rhoda. Of these children 
SamueH Cady was b. in Killingly, Feb. 24, 1724; m. Jan. x, 1746, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Philbrick) Winter, b. Jan. 
7, X728. He d. in Shutesbury, Mass., April 8, X799; she d. in 
Prescott, Mass., in 183X at the remarkable age of X03 years. 
Samuel Cady removed from Killingly, Ct., to Shutesbury, Mass., in 
1764, where he bought a farm just west of the Center. He gave 
three years' service in the War of the Revolution, and his three sons 

108 APnENDDC. 

also served more or less, evidence of which is found in the Mass. 
Archives, which testimony admitted the cbmpiler of this work 
as a member of the society of the Sons of the American 
Revolution. The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Cady were: 
(i) Lurana, m. Samuel Henry of Amherst; m. (sd) Samuel Emes; 
Gen. Henry of Burlington, Vt, was descended from her first 
marriage, (a) Jason, had ser\'ice in the northern army in 1777 ; he 
settled, X790, in VVaterbury, Vt, (3) Jeremiah, m. Hannah Warren ; 
he d. at the home of his daughter, Salome Cook, in Hadley, Mass., 
June 1, 1848, ae. 97 yean, 10 months and 25 days; he was one of 
the Boston Tea Party in 1773, and also fought in the War of the 
Revolution. (4) Elizabeth, m. Edward Crosaett. (5) Abigail, m. 
Samud Crosaett (6) Samuel, served in the war for liberty ; he d. 
in Walhngford, Vt., Sept 16, 181 3. (7) Tamar, nu Dariing Shaw. 
(8) Rhoda. (9) Chk>e, m. Thomas Kibbe. (10) Saxah, m. 
William Bnice. 

The above RhodaS Cady, b. in Shutesbniy, ' Mass., Match 10, 
1765, m. 1786 Robert Allen, grandfather of the compiler of this 

The following are ancestors of Rhoda Cady on the female side : 


William Knapp, a carpenter, was proprietor at Watertown, in 
1636. He d. there Aug. 30, 1658, aged about 80; name oi this 
fbst wife not known. Had seven chiUren, of whom Judith married 
Nicholas Cady. 

Samuel Lee is first mentioiied fay Bond as of Watertown, Mass., in 
1695. He removed to Killingiy about 1717, where he became a 
large land owner. He d. about 1728 ; his wife, Mary, d. 173a. Of 
his sia children Abigail, b. 1703, m. March 20^ 1723, Stephen Cmty, 
the grandfather of Rbodas Cady. 


The nanie is Suoa and is foond in Enghwd as early as 858, 
Seven blanches of the family have had coats of arms. John' 
Winter, came from England in 1633 and settled in Watcrtowi^ where 
he was a tanner. We have no record of his wife. He d. April 14, 
i66t, aged 90. His property went to his son, John* Winter, b. about 
i4}3« He settled in the present town of LezingftQn. His wik*s 


name was Hannah—. He d. Jan. 18, 1690, leaving a good 
property. Of his eight children, Samuels Winter, b. March 12, 1685, 
m. Feb. 16, 1713, Elizabeth Philbrick of Groton, Mass. He settled 
in Killingly before 1 708, where he was a large land owner. She d. 
in Killingly Aug. 20, 1756. Of his seven children Elizabeth, 
bapt. Jan. 7, 1728, m. Jan. i, 1746, Samuel Cady, the father of 
Rhodas Cady. 

Thomas Philbrick is said to have come from Lincolnshire, Eng., 
in 1630 and settled in Watertown. He was a mariner and the 
master of a vessel before his immigration. Thomas and Elizabeth 
Philbrick had seven children, of whom John, b. in England, m. Ann 
Palmer. He was of Watertown in 1636 ; three years later he settled 
at Hampton. On the 20th of 8th mo., 1657, he was drowned with 
wife and dau. Sarah and five others while aboard a small sloop on 
an excursion to Boston. Of his seven children, Ephraim^ Philbrick, 
b. 24th 2d mo., 1656, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Ellen Barron. He re- 
sided in Groton, Mass. Of his three children Elizabeth Philbrick, 
b. Nov. 18, 1690, m. Feb. 16, 17 13, Samuel Winter, the grandfather 

of Rhoda Cady. 


Ellis Barron came from England and was a proprietor in Water- 
town June 2, 1 64 1, where later he was constable and selectman. He 
d« Oct. 30, 1676. Ellis and Grace Barron had eight children, of 
whom EDis, the first child, m. at Watertown Dec. 4, 1653, Hannah, 
dau. of Timothy Hawkins. Ellis Barron d. at Lancaster about 1672. 
Of his ten children, Elizabeth m. Ephraim Philbrick as above. 

Timothy Hawkins was of Watertown in 1635, where he d. 1651. 
By wife Hannah had three children, of whom Hannah, b. June 10, 
1637, m. Ellis Barron Jr., as above. 

F. — See p. 61. 

Anoestors of Euza Paine Dooutile, wife of Roberts Allen, 

(RoBERi^ Joseph^, Nathaniel', Edward')* 

Her ancestor, Abraham Doolittle, was bom in England about 
1619, and there married Joane AQen, daughter of James Allen of 
Kempston, Co. Bedford, and came to New Haven before 1642. 
The Doolittle family of England was descended from Rudolph de 


Dolicta, a Norman noble, who went to England with William the 
Conqueror. The name Du Li tell is from De Dolicta, a place on the 
coast of Normandy, France. All the Doolittles of England and 
America are said to have descended from this ancestor. 

Abraham Doolittle, d. in Wallingford, Conn., Aug. i x , 1 690. John* 
and Mercy (Peck) Doolittle of Wallingford, Conn. Rev. Benjamin^ 
and Lydia (Todd) Doolittle, noted minister and physician in North- 
field, Mass., where he d. 1748. Amzf« and Jerusha (Smith) Doo- 
little of Warwick, Mass., and Townshend, Vt., d. in Winchester, N. 
H., April 9, 1830, ae. 93 ; his wife, Jerusha, d. there Oct. 19, X844, 
ae. 103 years; he served as ensign in a Co. of minute men in 
Warwick in 1774. Roswells and Charissa (Burt) Doolittle of 
Townshend, Vt. ; he d. in Wardsboro, Vt, .\pril X4, 1863; she d. 
in Jamaica, Vt., May 25, x 858. 
Ancestors by marriage alliances : 

James Allen of Kempston, England, father of Joane, wife of 
Abraham Doolittle ; he had a son Roger, who spelled his name 
Ailing, and settled in New Haven ; he is the ancestor of a numerous 
line of Allings and Aliens. William and Elizabeth Peck from London 
to New Haven X638 ; he d. X694, ae. 93. John' and Mary (Moss) 
Peck of New Haven; died in Wallingford, Conn., 1724. John 
Moss of New Haven, 1639 ; d. in Wallingford, Conn., 1707, ae. 103 
years. William' Todd of Panlefrack, Eng., whose son, Christopher', 
came to New Haven in X639 and m. Grace Middlebrooke ; he d. 
x686. Samuels and Mary (Bradly) Todd; he d. X7T4. SamueH 
and Susanna (Tuttle) Todd of New Haven, d. X74X. Michael 
Middlebrooke, father of above Grace Todd, was of Hold Mills, Eng. 
William and Alice (Prichard) Bradley ; he was the son of William 
Bradley of Bingley, York Co., Eng., and was a Major in the 
Parlimently army, and a friend of Cromwell; he d. 169X in North 
Haven. William and Elizabeth Tuttle of New Haven 1639, where 
he d. 1673. Roger and Frances Prichard from England, and settled 
in Springfield, Mass., X643 ; he d. in New Haven X67X. The ancestry 
of Jerusha Smith, who married Amzi Doolittle, is traced as follows : 
From Rev. Henry Smith, who came from England in 1635 ^<1 l^ter 
settled in Wethersfield, Conn., as minister, died there X648. Samuel' 
and Mary (Ensign) Smith; he d. in Hadley 1703. Preserved^ and 
Mary,dau. of Chileab (Smith) Smith of Hadley; he d. 17x3. Dea. 
SamueH and Sarah (Morton) Smith; he d. in Northampton, 1799. 


Also from another line of Smiths as follows: Lt Samuel and 
Elizabeth Smith, came from Ipswich, Eng., 1634 to Wethersfield, 
Conn.; he d. in Hadley, 1680, ae. 84. Chileab* and Hannah 
(Hitchcock) Smith; he d. 1731 ; she d. 17331 ^c- ^^" James and 
Sarah (Ensign), from England 1639 to Hartford, where he d. 1670. 
Richard and Ruth Morton of Hartford, 1669; d. in Hatfield P710. 
Abraham' and Sarah (Kellogg) Morton, settled in Hatfield; she was 
dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Root) Kellogg. Lt. Joseph and Joanna 
Kellogg of Farmington 1651 ; of Hadley 1662 ; was Lt under Capt. 
Turner in the " Falls fight," 1676. Samuel' and Sarah (Root) 
Kellogg of Hartford and Hatfield. Thomas Root, son of John and 
Ann (Russell) Root of Badby, England, b. 1605; came to New 
England 1637 ; soldier in Indian War from Hartford ; wife's name 
unknown; he d. in Northampton 1694, ae. 89. Capt. Luke and 
Elizabeth (Gibbons) Hitchcock; he was of New Haven 1644 ; soon 
removed to Wethersfield and served as Crown Point in 
1645; he d. 1659; his wife, Elizabeth, was sister of William 
Gibbons, who came from Fenny Compton, Co. Warwick, England, 
in 1636. 

Descent of Charissa Burt, wife of Roswell Doolittle, as follows : 
Henry' and Ulalia Burt came from England and settled in Spring- 
field, Mass., 1638; he d. there 1662 ; she d. 1690. Dea. Jonathan' 
and Elizabeth (Lobdell) Burt of Springfield, where he d. 1715. 
Dea. Henry3 and Elizabeth (Waniner) Burt of Springfield ; he had 
service in Indian warfare and d. 1728. Lt. Jonathan'* and Bridget 
(Barnard) Burt of Deerfield, where he d. 1752. EbenezerS and 
Abigail (Bartlett) Burt of Deerfield, where he. d. 1825. Charissa 
Burt, m« Roswell Doolittle of Townshend, Vt. Mercy, dau. of 
Henry Burt, who m. Judah Wright, was great-grandmother of Gen. 
Ethan AUen of Vermont fame, so that he and Charissa Burt were 
fourth cousins. Elizabeth Lobdell, who m. Jonathan Burt, * was 
probably sister of William Lobdell of Hartford, 1655, and later of 
Springfield. William and Joanna (Scant) Warriner of Springfield, 
X638; he d. 1676. James* and Elizabeth (Baldwin) Warriner of 
Springfield, and a soldier in King Phillip's war; he d. 17 27. 
Richard and Isabel Baldwin of Cholesbury, Bucks Co., Eng., where 
he d. 1633; his son, Joseph' and Hannah Baldwin, settled In 
Milford, Conn., 1639 ; he d. in Hadley 1684. Francis and Hannah 
(Msurvin) Barnard of Hartford, 1644 ; Pladley, x666, where he d.. 


1698, ae. 81. Joseph' and Sarah (Strong) Barnard of Deerfield, 
where he d. 1695. Dr. John3 and Bridget (Cook) Barnard of 
Hadley, d. 1726. Hannah Marvin, wife of Thomas Barnard, came 
from London with brothers, Rinold and Matthew in 1635 ; she d. 
1676, Elder John and Abigail (Ford) Strong; he was b. in Tauntpn, 
Eng., 1605, came to Dorchester 1630, Northampton 1659 ; d. 1699. 
Capt Aaron Cook, from England to Dorchester 1630; Windsor 
1638; m. Miriam Ford, dau. of Thomas; was a captain in the 
Indian troubles many years; d. in Westfield 1690, ae. 80. Capt. 
Aaron* and Sarah (Westwood) Cook of Hadley ; was a justice of 
the peace and captain 35 years; d. 17x6. William and Bridget 
Westwood came from Co. Essex, Eng., in 1634; settled in Cam- 
bridge, thence to Hartford and thence to Hadley in 1659, the 
richest man there; he d. 1(669. Thomas Ford came from England 
1630, to Dorchester 1637, to Windsor and Northampton in 1659; 
he d. 1676. Robert' and Anne Bartlett came from England to 
Cambridge 1632, to Hartford 163^, Northampton 1655, there 
killed by Indians 1676. SamueP and Sarah (Baldwin) Bartlett of 
Northampton was a soldier in the Indian. war; he d. 17x2. 
Williams and Abigail (Lyman) B^tlett of Northampton, d. 1761. 
Richard and Sarah (Osbom) Lyman ; he' was the son of Henry and 
Phillis (Scott) Lyman, b. in High Ongar, Co. Essex. Eng., 25 mOes 
S. E. of London; was bapt. Oct 30, 1580. "He was the 
great-grandson of Thomas Lyman of No\istoke, Co. Essex, who d. 
1509 and was in direct descent from Thomas Lemon, who held 
lands in Co. Wilts in 1275, and of Sir Ladulphus Lambert, a kins- 
man of William the Conqueror, who was present at the battle of 
Hastings, and of Sir Robert Unfreville, Knight, Lord of Tours and 
Vian, who received from the Conqueror a grant of the forest of 
Reddersdale, and whose grandson became Lord of Reddersdale, 
Northumberland'* Richard Lyman, m. Sarah, dau. of Royce 
Osborne of Halslead, in Kent ; she was entitled to a coat of arms ; 
he sold his estate in Onga in 1629, settled in Charlestown in 
1631 and in Hartford in X635, where he d. X640. Richard' Lyman, 
m. Hepzibah, dau. of Thomas Ford ; he d. at Northampton 1662 ; 
his homestead on Pleasant street has remained in the family for 
mpre than 175 years. John3 Lyman, m. Abigail — , he d. in 
Northampton 1727 ; his dau. Abigail, m. William Bartlett as above. 
(See Lyman Gen. for foregoing of that family.) 

Index to Aliens. 

Note. — The figares lefer to the page on which the name is 
found. AVhen the tame name occurs more than once on same page, 
it win xppeai but once in the index. 

Earl Banwrd, M 
M,M EbMwur,U.X).3a,n 

dnr Vllltam, CI 




^•nrd, m ». Z). », «S. 18, CS 




llitu Romania. BT, 11 


3lnl>Mb, N. 2S. S>, 32, C, 59, CS, ST 


:llialMib flMwart. H 





I1BM.. 10.03 




lultr WllllBiuii. W 





•nny 6r*]t, TC 


ion Bally, fa, ns 








t»DOr« LflK. U 

'imiic* ft! 

*»!•«)■ Enrm*. U 

CbmtiKD. n 



Fn>iklld Ite-o*. to 


Kmltrle. M « 




n«orK-,33. 4T, W 


(»«» Alt.«t. M 


ncorM rtiincilJar, OS 


Coorife HcDiT.n, 12 


<i«i.tKt UtI, U 


n*oin Manhill. S3. M 


RtoriiB Awwiliuil. SO. M, M 


C4»>r^ Vi-|>bli<eiun.4T.t4 


HkrnNUsllora. M 

MuibaU P., S) 
Mud* May, n 
MmtIu X>npaT, 11 , » 
MiRltt Haibart, SI 
Mln Fnuicii, M 
Mlanla LmIm. ia 
hiqdw Aueuu, SI, rj, si 

HlTUio Cottln, !« 

Kanor. W, U 


Ollnr, W, 31, XI. «, 4t, IS, 53. K 

Ull*ar Boldui, M, 03 

OUnr LbwJt, DC 

UrrlD Pmt, n, a 
PMar, IT 

PtiaM, », «^i «. « 

niab* r , « 

Puilr. M 

I'lOTldtd, SS, 30 

BbgMI, a. », 38, 3> 

liaabta, ICT 


Bbodm AntfenMi.n, n 

Kob«rt, 31. St. 41, 43, SC ei, SO 

BoMn Ukdy, SS, ST 

ItulMrt UterM, 01, (0 

HoMrt r , tn 


Hut Li 

1, a. ST. 44, e. «, CO, G 

VciDun Ulawonb, SI, M 

Vwca Ffciranep. OS 
VIolA LoalM, M 
Vallar 8cntt. St 
VllllaiD, Ht, 31 . 
Vllllau Bkiuar. H 
Wllltom Fredarie, 83,90 
William K.,4T 
Wllllaina.lW 31 
TlllUm ^tarbnck. OS. SI 
Wllltan Scawan, Si. S5 
WlnOald Soxt, W 
WlDDlIrwI. 4> 
WlDalilw, 80 

Index to Names other than Allen. 


ICdwin. P. 1^ SO 

HaDiT tl , 30 m 

Jului.3t ^ 

JuMi>B, 44 -^ 

JudltB, M 

MaUtkbl*. 3S 

I^rkiu* W., 7« 

llodotMll, JtooJuulD. 3t 

UaiiDUUkli, M, 31 

BUDMl, «■ 

Uotlar, Ttwuuu). 40 

RartlMl. KmrrlaE, ti 

Uuljr, Kboda, 3a, 4| 



LjiJla. 4ti, 4T 



Hr -jinH, S«U1« B., IM 

Kobart, 4B, 4T 



Loi>.ta _ 

<;aluMi. Hmmt, 31 


lla«M. Ein. 49 

Carlltl*, Mary. 4> 


Cui'^utiri JuwpU. «• 

ItaDt. lUrj A.. 11 

CairuII, AllM L.. M 

UUmII. Jin. Januba, U 

AJlau U., VT 




UDvIa. B.. W 


Fr<Mriu W, n 


UarMn A., >T 

Jau * .. W 

UnfMB, Julio. *I,4T 

J— If G, tIT - 


Krawar, Wliiniw, a 






Canar, LapbaA.GT 

jMbUB, 4S 


Manna, 49 



VbaM, ,411 

UUvar K„ a 




i>k*ia, a 









rmkna u^as 



1^1. M 








Jim«_y, « 













ClMdwtekTuii!^. 6S 


'"'*°' IWnliVTuouiiHD), M 










ChTlaUMi, LuoiDdk (DftTls), sa 






Doll)', M 














Clubr. Abim, 31 


Comb*, UUT B., A 


Onn*lll*, n ' 
Hun* O., TO 


Joba 8^ 11 
JUuKitf uf4 v., n 

LrcUk (luiioki), TO, T9 
Hu U., TO 

QuiDOT A., n 

Snuo (ruUlM), TS 
Cook. Alnbk, ST 

Cooka, UIlM U., M 
Cu«wi, JolM, 36 

CmmuU, kUa, *1 

Craekw, TiMstibllM. M 
CBlnr, AUkm) (Hwn), » 


ZdUD p., W 


Lrrareit, n 
Hlldrad 1., SO 
Cum, CteriM, CT 
Joba W.,CT 

Comu, CtwriM K^ dS 

non A- M 

Mkr7 (Ci>z), O 
Curtli, KuuUw, U 

Dttalbsn. CUtIW K., Sa 
UlanoM T., M 
jMtla »^ M 
NUII* H.. N 
KlU Uq H 

DanMt, AIMd r, U 

UnoB ti>u 


DIckwmu, Allan E . as 
iitami D., SB 
Uurdon v.. W 
DvwM, Ctftnoiiiut, /r 

LuonUiL M., n 
Martto, V. B., 72 
Umrj L., ra 
Msrr J , n 

KdinitoD, unt C, n 
Kuban, n 

(uusii A.,ni 

IiUoo, LovluH.M 
Zldon, 11 
EldrMlca. lUukUiM, tt, IT 

i]:*i7.i.. iciMii«,u 

li-mu, MunJ-.W 

Bulwit sy.,W 
KTrran, Mriu Hauufa A.fJollDKHi). S7 
F*l*>, HupUa, I» 
Faatlisira. uniu«,M 
VarKu, Anuld, M 

OmUltta, c&MlMadtnnj, p 

Mary A., i 



fliBtM (UarebaDt}, M 


Ullt* £., N 
KaUi U., St 
Dmj, Dmnd, H 
Ctarauea. Ct 

_utA, « 

.. Hunk* V^ M 
Marjr L., K 
AWrtllt h.,B$ 
Uuitlu >::.,«• 

ir. Ablelllf M 
BtiiJiiiiiiD, 30, 43 



„, J, 




BOUuyMr M ^ dU 



UalMiUi, 33 

HanlwlBk,0. bUiSM.M, 




















UaiiLta, curlkiuu, » 


Uvary, UklUa, W 




HairWk. •tlU^U^n 


Uieka, t;&Miar U, W 



mu, i,ii»rito f„ M 


uiuioMi, Jotui, as 



Ullcli. Elitai, :« 

Boon, Lodnd* K, U _ „ 

Hunmb. M _ 

jobn H.. eo 
NfctbkDlal. 63 

V Ilium B., GI 

Mvtll* A., Bl 


IIaab«n. M 



23 1^ 

J : 


nil (: 



^^i- y v^ 






**»■«>« DOB NOT 

» >. ,1, >