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i 醫 

sfe 翁 s 

餐 3 

To r 

0,rv.. 4, _ 

力二 H 

V 化:, 々- 

.^.^,^>^:、 .,^〉々、.,-1-;.^..^,1、.1,、^" '? ^W^^l^/^^'^>.^\K. >!t V 


V,>"-I、, .\〗 .v,<r.:y ?, i 

-VJVTAV^b- iv V、 ,/ 乂 、 

r..-i.;l-v〉>,1,v.>,l . 


、-. J-;/ J7, , ,/y 玄-」 >5 z- / f 









tlEV. R. S. MACLAY, D. D. 

Of the Methodist Episcopal Mission ; 



Of the Amerwcm Board Mission. 

F C H W : 




; €o3i 

As two names appear on the title-page of this dictionary, it 
is proper to indicate our respective shares in its preparation; and 
the more so, as it is due to the Rev. Mr. Baldwin to state that the 
larger portion of the labor of authorship has been freely performed 
by him, and that to his correct scholarship, extensive knowledge of 
the Foocliow dialect, and indomitable perseverance, the dictionary is 
mainly indebted for the degree of thoroughness and accuracy it may 
possess. The manuscript for that portion of the dictionary compris- 
ed in pp. 1 ― 631 was originally prepared by myself, but it was sub- 
sequently very carefully revised and improved by Mr. Baldwin, and 
a considerable portion of it (pp. 403 ― 631) was entirely re-written by 
Mm. The portion comprised in pp. 632 ~ 1014, together with the In- 
troduction to the dictionary, was prepared by Mr. Baldwin, and, as 
it was impracticable for me to revise his manuscript, it was printed 
just as it came from his hands. The general plan of the work and a 
responsibility for the whole are mine. 

. ' The design and scope of the dictionary are so fully set forth 
in the Introduction, given on subsequent pages, that it is unneces- 
sary to make any extended remarks on the subject in this place. 
The aim has been to present a work that shall at once illustrate 
the Foocliow dialect, and prove a valuable help to all students of 
the Chinese language. The definitions of the characters, and a 
large number of the phrases given under tbem, will apply equally 
well to any dialect through which the student seeks to acquire a 
knowledge of the general written language of China, Everything in 

if、 , / tr, i-l 



the work that is peculiar to the Foochow dialect has been carefully 
marked, so that the student cannot be misled on this point. The 
large number of Romanized words appearing in the dictionary, and 
for which the written language furnishes no characters, is an interest- 
ing feature of this dialect, and indicates that modern Chinese thought 
is outgrowing the stereotyped forms of this ancient language. The 
same feature appears in other dialects. 

It is difficult to assign exact geographical limits to the Poo- 
chow dialect, or to estimate with precision the amount of the popula- 
tion by whom it is spoken. In Foochow city, the capital of the 
Fookien province, and throughout the Foochow and loon lug pre- 
fectures, it is, with considerable variations, the veriiriculur of the 
people. Beyond these limits, it is spoken only hy the Foochow 
merchants, artisans, &c, &c. who reside in most of the important cities 
of Fookien. Regarding Foochow city as the center of the dialect, we 
may say that it extends, eastward to the sea, a distauce of about 
thirty miles; northward, to the Chehkiang province, two htuuli-ed 
miles; wesfward, to the Yenping prefecture, one hundred miles; 
and southward, to the Hinghwa prefecture, seventy miles. It is 
probable the dialect is spoken by five millions of people. The only 
native work on the dialect is a small Tonic dictionary, named the 
Paik Ing (Eight Sounds), and containing about 10,000 characters, 
which are distributed, according to their tones, under what are called 
the Initials and Finals of the dialect. The work is noticed more 
at length in the Introduction to this dictionary. 

In the preparation of this dictionary, the results of the labors 
of Drs. Morrison, Medhurst, and Williams, in Anglo-Chinese lexicog- 
raphy, have been freely availed of, and this general acknowledge- 
ment of indebtedness is gratefully made. Sincere thanks are tendered 
to those members of the Missionary community in Foochow who have, 
in many ways, rendered valuable assistance ― especially to the He v. 
S. L. Baldwin, and Rev. L. N. "Wheeler, whose opportune help made 
it possible to publish the work in Foochow, and under whose consec- 
utive superintendence five hundred pages of it were printed. A large 
portion of the Mandarin sounds, which appear under the leading 
characters in the dictionary, were kindly furnished by Walter T. Lay 


Esqr. of the Imperial Maritiiue Customs: Mr. Lay, however, is not 
responsible for any typographic errovH in this department, as it was 
impossible for him to correct the pi'oof-shects while the work was 
passing through the press. 

. A brief list of Additions placed at the end of the dictionary 
proper, and in it are given some additional uses of characters, and a 
few Romanized words and phrases which do not appear in the body 
of the work. A table of Corrections is given at the close of the volume, 
in which the more important errors occurring in the dictionary have 
been noted : the errors not corrected in the table are thought to be of 
an unimportant character, and their appropriate correction is readily 
suggested by the connection in whicli they occur. In the Index of 
Characters, where brackets have been used, it will be noticed, that fre- 
quently the same character is repealed once or twice. In these 
instances the character has different tones whicli afiect itft meaning. 
The figures indicate where each form iz found. 

The printing of the dictionary, in view of the limited and im- 
perfect appliances at command, has been a difficult* and tedious task: 
the type-setting and press-work have been performed by Chinese 
hands; and, during the printing of the larger portion of the work, 
the supervision of the press and the drudgery of correcting' the first 
"proofs", have unavoidably devolved on myself. A consideration of 
these circumstances will, perhaps, mitigate the severity of criticism , 
with regard to the defects and errors that may be detected in the work. 
The expenses of publication have been defrayed by the Mission Press 
connected with the Foochow Mission' of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, XJ. S. A.; and it is hoped that the proceeds arising {roiu tlio 
sale of the book may reimburse the Office for the the heavy outlay. 

The lexicographic elucidation of, at least, the more proiixiiient 
dialects of China may, perhaps, be regarded as a pressing demand 
of the times. A knowledge of the proverbs, peculiar idioms, audi 
common speech of a people so numerous as the Chinese 、vill throw 
important light on questions connected with the general laws of 
language; and is absolutely necessar^^ to all who seek to influence 
Chinese mind, or form a correct estimate of Chinese charucifr. 
The materials for the following dictionary have gradually aecumulat- 



ed ill our liaiulrt, from \i\ rious Hources, during twenty years-of ordinary 
Etudy and labor as missionaries. It bas been our cherished hope that 
ultinmtoly they might assume a permanent form, so as to l>c of service 
to others 、vho may follow us in the study auJ use of the Chinese 
hiuguago; ami it is with much satisfaction that we are now permitted, 
in the providence of God, to realize that hope: at the same time 
we recojjnize the entire truthfiiluess of Dr. Johnson's remark, that 
while ** every other author may aspire to praise, the lexicogi'apher can 
oiily hope to escape reproach". 

The work is now offered to the public, with the earnest desire 
that it mi^y be useful to students of the Chinese langnage ; that it 
may tend to facilitate friendly intercourse between Western nations 
nnd China; and, above all, that it may promote the cause of Christian 
Missions among the Chinese. 


FoocHOw, June 14th 1870' 

Conversion Table. 

The system of orthography used in this dictionary differs somewhat 
from the romanization adopted later by Foochow-speaking people. 
Since the latter form of romanized symbols has been popularized, the 
following conversion table is hereby introduced. 


Old. Standardized. 

VOWELS: a as in father a 

& , hat a 

^ " " set e 

e " " her « 

6 ,, ,, all o 

u ,' ,, French I, une u 

CONSONANTS: ch soft, not aspirate c 

ch' strong, aspirate ch 

h (initial), aspirate (as in his) h 

k soft, not aspirate g 

k' strong, aspirate k 

I as in English I 

m as in English m 

n as in English n 

ng as in singing, both at the be- ng 

ginning and ends of words 

p soft, not aspirate b 

j/ strong, aspirate p 

s as in English s 

t soft, not aspirate d 

t' strong, aspirate / 

w (initial consonant) as in ivant u 

y (initial consonant) as in you i 



The design of tliis Diotiouary is to assist the student in the 
acquisition both of the classic or written, and the vernacular or spok- 
en, forms of the Foochow dialect. The former in style, idiom, and usage 
often differs widely from the latter. In orthography however all the 
tables of initials, finals, and words are precisely the same in both forms ; 
and many single words and phrases that are strictly classic or com- 
mon book-phrases are also used in the spoken language. A consider- 
able part of such phrases are however confined to the literary class 
of the people. This has led some to style the more refined terms 
teachers' or scholars' patois. The common use of some phrases in 
the reading and colloquial styles appears in the plan of the work. It 
is farther evident that a fair proportion of the phrases in Chinese 
character at the foot of the page, as also the definitions of the lead- 
ing classic or lexicographic characters are the common property of 
the mandarin and local dialects of the empire. It is hoped therefore 
that this volume will be of - general use to students of the Chinese' 

The work contains 928 different syllabic divisions or sections, as 
written in Roman letters and numbered in the text. This of course' 
does not include all the distinctions arising from difference in tone. 
The number of leading classic and colloquial characters, including the- 
abbreviated and duplicate or alternate forms, and those repeated un- 
der different sounds is 9390, The number of paragraphs with one 
or more leading characters is 8311, and the number introduced 
by Romanized colloquial words, without Chinese characters to re- 
present them, is 1242, making the whole number of paragraphs in the 
Chinese and English text 9553. Besides these two classes, some 
characters are found in the phrases at the foot of the page, which 
do not •appear in the main text as leading characters. In such 
cases tile meaning of the character appears in the definition of the 
phrase where its Romanized equivalent occurs, and this is often the 
only, or the most important ;, meaning it ever has in the language. 
There are also occasional instances of unimportant colloquial words 
or particles, in combination' with other words in the Romanized 
phrases, which do not appear independently as leading words. 

The arrangement of the worK is alphabetic^ excepting that the 
aspirate and composite initials are treated as single and independent 
letters. The order then is a, ch、 ch、 e, h、 i、 k、 k、 I、 m, n、 ng、 o、 p、 
Sy t、 t\ u、 ?。, y. The Chinese characters are arranged in the order of 
the tones, when the Romanized spelling for their sounds is the same. 
The mandarin sounds are in general according to Wade's system. 


and are placed under the characters. The general definitions are on 
the authority of Kanghi's Imperial Dictionary and native authors, 
as interpreted by teachers and lexicographers. The colloquial or 
unauthorized meanings are al way r clearly distinguished. Sometimes 
an additional reading of a leading character is given before the 
general definitions, when its definitions are the same in the differ- 
ent readings. When they are different, both the reading and defini- 
tions are usually given at the close of the paragraph or in the proper 
alphabetic place in the book. In the latter case reference is made to 
the different sound- at the end of the general definitions. 

The standard authority among native scholarp for the veadingi^ 
of characters, as well as for their meanings, is Kanghi's Dictionary. 
The Paik Ing、 a native tonic dictionary, is not classic authority, 
though prized as a convenient Manual of the Rudiments ol this dialect 
and as funiishinij brief definitions of characters. Usage Jiowcver 
often disregards the readings of both these dictionaries. And in the 
present work such usage is frequently followed in assigning a charac- 
ter its Romanized alphabetic place, while the reading discarded by 
native usage is noted in the phrase "Read. ,,.in the dictionaries" im- 
mediately following the character. The readings of the Paik Ing are 
mostly used to introduce colloquial words and phrases. But even in 
this respect there is no strict rule followed by native teachers. They 
use much liberty, often choosing, either for its sound or its sense, 
some classic character, simpler than the one found in the Paik Ing. 

The pli rases are distinguished into three classes: (1) those 
following the general definitions are classic or book phrases; (2) those 
under com., are cominon to the written and spoken languages, and 
include many refined terms and some epistolary phrases ; (3) those 
under coll., are such as, by reason of idiom, meaning, or colloquial 
characters used wholly or partly to represent them, may be more 
properly classed as colloquial phrases. The number of phrases in this 
dictionary is estimated at 30,000 to 35,000, of which ^ ot % are corn- 
prised in tlie last two classes above mentioned, and are consequently 
used with more or less frequency in the ordinary business of life. 

A slight acquaintance with ' the language will convince the 
student of the impossiblity of making a thorough and perfect distinc- 
tion of the ])h rases into such classes. The litei aiy tastes, knowledge, 
mental habits, and modes of speaking of different native tea^rhers, as 
also the conceptions of the same teacher at different times, all tend to 
make the limits of the three classes somewhat variable, as found by 
actual expericMK^c in our work. Still there is ground for the distiuc- 
tion, and we hopo thnt it will be useful in showing gencM'iilly what' 
phrases are spoken and what are not. 

It should also be remarked in reference to the deHnitions of many 
of the colloquial phrases that there is no very fixed standard by which 
to test them. Usage varies to some extent in different places, while 
teachers and othorK often fail to agree in their explanations. This is' 
peculiarly the case iti reference to proverbial phrases. Some are uni 
versally known anrl used. Others arc local, and others still are different 
ly explained and applied in different localilios. 




The system of orthography adopted in this Dictionary is essentially 
that known as the system of Sir William Jones. It was used in 
Romanizing the languages of India and the Pacific Islands, and the 
dialects of the North American Indians. 
Vowels • 

1. a, as in f(u、 father. 

2. d, J, ,, care, fnir, or as e in there. 
8. a, " ,> hat、 mt, fathom. 

4. e, ,. ,, theyy prey, or as a in name. 

5. e, ,, ,, mef, seven > error. 

6. e, " " hey\ or as i in bird. 

7. iy -,, ,, machine. 

8. f, " " pin, or as the second i in infinite. 

9. o、 " " no, note, report. 

10. o, ,, ,, for、 lord, or as a in /all. 

11. ity " ,, bull, but oftener as o in move, or oo in school, 

12. w, " ,, the French Vune, jeune. 
Diphthongs in the first tone, 

1. ai、 as in aisle, aye, while. 
E, ow in now, howl. 





[. have the sounds of the component vowels. 


iu, as evo in pew^ c^ew. 

oiy has the sound of tlie component vowels. 

Triphthong in the first tone. 

ieuy has the sound of the component vowels. 


chy as in church. 

ch\ the aspirate ch, or the same as ch with an additional h, which 
is always represented by the Greek spirilus asper, or mark of 
rough breathing. 

h, as in hand at the beginuing of wordH, while at the end it in 
not fully enunciated, but marks un abrupt closing of the 
vo(:a】 organs, 


4. k, as in king at the beginning of words, while at the end it is 
a suppressed k sound, an (like the h) marks an abrupt clo&- 
ing of the vocal orj^ns. 

f). the aspirate k, 

C. I , as in la;'. 

7. ///. ,, " may . 

8. n, ,, " nay. 

9. ng, ,, ,, singing, both at the be^ning and cuJ of avoids - 

10. p, ,, " pay. 

11. p', the aspirate /), 

12. i、', as in say. 

13. t, ,, ,, tame, 

14. the aspirate f. 

15. w, as in wanf, wing, sijuan, in the beginning and middle of 


16. I/, as in yore. 

TJie native standard of pronunciation is a work called 戚 林 八 
音 合 訂 Cli'ek Ling Paik Ing Hah Teng or more simply the Pa il: 
Ing, or Eight Tone Book. As seen from the full title it is a compila- 
tion of the works of two authors, Gh^ek and Ling. The page is divid- 
ed by a horizontal line. The lower section is by Ling, and the char- 
acters are arranged by a system of 20 initials and 35 finals. As a 
dictionary, it is somewhat more comprehensive tban the upper pai't, 
but it is not used as a standard of pronunciation. The upper section 
is ascribed originally to C'h'ek (a military chieftaila of the Ming dynas- 
ty, known familiarly as 戚 將 Ch'ek ch'ang chiong ), and is the 
only standard of pronuDoiation for the Foochow dialect. It is a 
flictiionary in which all the characters are systematically arranged 
according to their sounds. Each simple word has three elements, 
an nitial sound, a final sound, and a tone. The initials are termed 
che Van, word-beads. The fiaals are termed che mo, word- 
mothers, or fundamental generic sounds. To reprasent the forme" 
15 characters, having the 15 different initial sounds, are used. To 
represent the latter, 33 characters are in like manner employed. 
The original number was 36, but three of these became obsolete on 
accouiit of identity in sound with other three lu the list. This sys- 


teiu of initials, tinuls, and tones constitutes the alphabet of the lan- 
guage , All the characters of the Paik Ing are arranged under the 
33 finals, as the leading element or symbol, with the subdivision into 
15 classes iinclei" each final according to the initial sounds of the char- 
acters, and the i'artlier subdivision into 7 classes under each initial 
according to tlieiv tones. In practice, however, it will be found that 
for a. considerable number of possible combinations of the Initials 
and Finals with their Tonic inflections, there are neither written 
characters nor colloquial words in this dialect. The above arrangement 
of cliai^ictors with their definitions constitutes Chinese Alphabetic 

By referring to the Tables below, the student will observe that 
an initial sound is a single consonant or two consonants combined, 
and that no vo、vel is ever used as an initial. (Words under the eng 
initixl, however, iimy be regarded as beginning with the vowel of the 
final sound or "with w or y ), It is also seen that a final sound con- 
.sists of a vowel or vowels, sometimes preceded by w or y, and some- 
times follo\ved bv h, k, or ng. 


The tonic marks belong properly to the Romanked orthogra- 
phy of the language, as the tone is always an essential part of the 
word. In theory and as commonly spoken of, there are eight tones 
in this dialect, but practically only seven, as the second and sixth are 
identical, and the characters and spoken words having this peculiari- 
ty of sound are invariably referred to the second tone. The tonic 
marks are the same as those used in Williams' Tonic Dictionary. 
They consist of semicircles, and semicircles combined with horizontal 
strokes. Their position at the corners of characters and words in- 
<licates the tone, as seen in the following" diagram : ― 

1. 2. 3. 4, 5。 6。 7. 8. 

<丹 ^ 旦) 答) 3k w m 達 2 

(Tang. <Tang, Tang) • Tak〉 ♦ ^Tang. (Tang, Tang^ Tak^ . 

The poetical division of the tones is into 平 聲 《pi"g (siting , 
the even tones, and JJ^ 聲 chah、 (sidriff, the deflected or oblique toncB. 
The Jirsf and fifth tones belon^j to the former, and oil the others to 
iho latter class. 


The tones are now commonly distinguished into two orders or 

grades, 上 聲 siong^ ^sidng, the upper or primary tones, and 
ha^ ^sidng, the lower or secondary toiieK. They are as 

follows : ― 

1. 上 2|i siong^ ^ing, the upper even tone. 

2. 上 上 siong^ ^siong, or siong^ siong^ , the upper rising tone. 

3. 上 siong^ k'eu^ , the upper departing or diminishing tone. 

4. 上 人 siong^ ik^ " " entering or ahnipt tone. 

5. ha2 ^ping, the lower even tone. 

6. 下 上 ha^ ^siong, or ha^ siong^ , the lower rising tone. 

7. 下 ha) yfc'eu) the lower departing or diminishing tone. 

8. ~T\ 1\ ha^ ik^ " " entering or abnipt tpne. 

Description of the tones. The names given to the tones above 
are merely translations of the Chinese terms and furnish a veiT imper- 
fect idea of their nature. The following very concise, luoid, and 
scientific description, with diagrams of the tones, is from the pen of 
Kev. Charles Hartwell of the American Board Mission. 
" The tones have five elements, which are pitch, quality of voice, in- 
flection, stress, and time. 

The Jirst tone has the pitch of a third, is the head tone in 
quality of voice, and is without inflection, without stress, and long in 

The second tone is a minor third below the first, and 
has the pitch of sharp one. It is near the orotund in quality of 
voice, is without inflection, has the thorough stress, and is long in 

The third tone begins on the pitch of a fifth below ― as in dia- 
gram No. 1 ― and gradually rises to the key note. Or, with a consonant 
initial, begins on the key note of the voice ― as in diagramNo. 2 ~ drops 
to a fifth below, and returns to the key note. It is 1 t?ag in time. 

The fourth tone is like the third in pitch and inflection, but 
ends abruptly with a strong vanishing stress. It is pronounced 
more quickly than the third, but is properly long in time, as is shown 
by its changing to the first and second tones in combination, which 
are both long tones. 


The fifth tone, beginning on the fifth of the voice in pitch 
with a strong radical stress, descends rapidly and is short in time. 
Sometimes, with consonant initials, it seems to take the form indicated 
in Diagram No. 2, the stress commencing with the vowel sound. 

The sixth tone is the same as the second. 

The seventh tone begins on the key-note of the voice, rises to 
the pitch of a second with strong emphasis, and descends with 
thorough stress to about a fifth below. It is long in time. 

The eighth tone has the pitch of a third, is without inflec- 
tioD, and is short in time. It ends very abruptly, though with less 
stress than the fourth tone. 


No, 1. • Upper series. 


yr series. 

— 1 N 

No. 2. 

Or, Upper series thus. 

Lower series thus. 

\ I !-^^ 

In the above diagrams the middle line is <lesigned to represent, 
the key-note of the speaker's voice". 


The Rev. M. C. White, M. D., formerly a member of the 
Methodist Episcopiil Mission, Foochow, now a Professor in Yale 
College, U. S. A. after careful study of the dialect, published the 
results of his investigations iu the Methodist Quarterly Review. We 
quote his graphic delineation of the tones. ― "The first, or primary 
smooth tone, called sio?ig* iping-, is a uniform even sound, enunciated 
^ little above the ordinary speaking key, but neither elevated nor de- 
l>i-ossetl, from the commence rueut to the close of the word. It is, iu 
this respect, like the euun elation of a note lu music ; it may, therefore, 
be called the singiug tone, or the musical monotoue. 

The second, or primary high tone、 called siony^ 'siong^ is enunci- 
ated ill the ordinary speaking key, and the voice usually falls a note 
at the close, as at tlie end of a sentence iu uuim passioned discourse. 
In connected discourse, however, the second tone is sustained, and 
turns upward, like the vauishiug stress of uuaccented words iu com- 
mon conversation. In attempting to pronounce the letters a-e, we 
notice lliat e is pronounced either a note higher, or lower, than a. 
So, also, it" we take the pains to listen attentively when a alone is 
pronounced, we shall notice that it has its ending, or vanishing move- 
mt'iit, turned upward one note; or, if spoken like the close of a seu- 
teiice, where the voice falls iu the usual way, we shall perceive that 
the vauishiug movement of a turns downward one note. This is 
♦ixactly the variety of enunciation, distinguished by the second, or 
isiong^ "-siong^ tone in this dialect. 

The third, or primary diminishing tone, called siong^ k'-'eii\ is 
what elocutiouists call tlie rising third, and is. heard in English ou 
the emphatic word in a direct question, as, "Does it rainf" where 
the voice turus upward, through the interval of two notes of the 

The/b"W/i, or primary abrupt tone, called siong^ ik^ turns the 
voice upward through the same interval as the third tone; but it 
terminates abruptly, as though the voice was suddenly interrupted 
iu an effort to pronounce a tiual h. In words which, in other tones, 
end in ; /^,the abrupt close of the fourth tone sounds somewhat like 
a suppressed or halt-uttered k、 but the clicking : ound of the k is 
juot heard. If a person should attempt to ask the question, " Can 
you open tlie lock!" and be suddenly stopped before enunciating 
the tiual clicking sound of the k, lie would give to the last word the 
priiiiarij abrupt tone. 

The./j/Vi, or seeovdary smooth called ha} ^ping^ is a quick, 
forcible ciiuiiciution, coiuineiicing about two notes above the ordinary 
kev, :uid smldeiily dropping down, at the close, to the key note. It 
is u liut is culled by eloculioiiists the falling third, and, when ein- 
j,h;itk', the faUun/jifth. It is sometimes called the scolding tone. 
It is heurd in a jietulant enunciation of the emphatic words in the 
8entence, "JW I'll do no such thing? 

The sixth tone is identical with the second, and no words are 
flrr!in.irc<l under it: tliat is. no spconfl'ny hifjf、、 or rifiinrf tone, has vet 


The seventh or secondary diminishing tone, called ha} k''cu\ is a 
guttural downward circumflex. It is, in English, expressive of pe- 
culiar emphasis, frequently indicating rebuke, scorn, or contempt, as, 

" Whence^ and w hat art lliou, execrable shape? 
' . . . Back to thy punishment, 
liaise fugitine." 
"You wrong me every way; you wrony me, liruUis." 

The words very many, if spoken with forcible emphasis, would 
also exhibit the tone iinder conside alion. 

' This IS probably the most difficult tone in the language to enun- 
ciate correctly, under all circumstances. 

The eighth, or secondary ahnipt tone, called ha^ ik, eTosos 
abruptly, like the fourth tone, but ditters from it by beiiij; emm'(,i- 
ated on a uniform pitch, a little above the ordinary key. The einhtli 
tone is an abrupt termination of "the first tone, in the same manner 
as the fourth tone is an abrupt termination of the third." 

The tones 】n Cdmbination 

Whcn words are eminciatecl singly, tlie tones appear in 
their full form and are marked in their eleraeots and distinctive 
peculiarities. But in compound terms ornames, and inph rases 
whose componeut words are in regimen, or close construction, 
they assume strikin.^; peculiarities, which in some cases involve a 
radical change. These peculiarities relate to the first or leadhig 
word of the term or phrase. The only exception that we have 
noticed is when the following word is a mere suffix or unimpor- 
tant word, in which case the leading word usually retains its ordinary 
character as to tone. 

The fivst tone (leading) is usually spoken witli a very strongly 
marked accent as in (scmy (teacher), Jci 、chi (a foundation). 

The second tone (leading) has the peculiar inflection noticed 
above in the description of tones. It sometimes imparts to the voice 
a slightly sarcastic accent, especially when the following word is in 
the 3d or 7th tone, as in '■siong seW (reward), (人' a mo^ (to feign). 

The third and seventh tones (leading) cannot be distinguished 
form first (leading). They have the same strongly marked accent. 
This is easily tested in colloquial terms which have no generally accepted 
character to represent the leading word. Native teachers, in horrowing 
a character for it, often disagree. One, perhaps, will use a first tone, 
another a third tone, aud another a seventh tone, character. 

fourth tone (leading), when ending in h, has the quality of 
the first tone (leading) ; when ending in k、 that of the second tone 
(leading). The following are familiar examples : ― tW" (hiva (to pluck 
flowers), k、ah、 、t、iCLng (a parlor), toh^ "ci&ng (a small table) spoken as 
M '■kidiig (a small knife) ; paik^ . imj (the eight tones), cK'ek) ngiook 、- 
the seventh month), H'cJCi licm/ (an iron chain). ' ' 


'Vhe fifth tone (leading) is spoken in a low or depressed tone 
of the voice without marked emphasis. The inexperienced student 
in his effort to speak words of this tone in regimen, according to the 
rules laid dovn for the tones in their full form, misses the sound en- 
, and enunciates it like the first tone in regimen, saying (nidng 
pwan;f instead o\\nieng pwanff (a year and a half), ^pn mk、 instead 
of ^pu srf/i\ (a Budhist idol). The distinction is very apparent in the 
coui[)amtive prominciation of such pi, rases as ^ki '^chi (a foundation) 
and ^ki 'chi (chess-inen). 

The sixth tone is obsolete, or the same as the second. 
The seventh tone (leading) is the same as the third tone (lead- 
ing), q' V. 

The eighth tone (leading) has no marked distinction ― as that 
prevailing in iho^fouHh tone — between words ending in h and k、 In 
the city of Foochow it is enunciated in a depressed tone of voice like 
fifth tone (leading), while in the suburbs, and probably in the 
country, it is often heard with a strongly marked accent like the fir at 
tone (le.'idi!)2^). This may be regarded as a kind of country brogue. 
In phrases having; the seco.:d wor'i in the fifth tone, this peculiar 
broc^ue is less evident, which is due to the strong radical stress or em- 
phasis pertainins: to that tone. Examples , ~ pah 、? ma (a white horse), 
sioh^ (a stone tablet), sidh, ^ta (to drink tea) ,刀 aA) t、ak、 (the white 
pagoda), hok, 化", v, (a pupil), hal、 (agreeable), nik) ^t^aii (the 


The following T:ibles exhibit the system of liomatiized Orthog- 
raphy, as used in writing the wovls or vocables of this dialect. An 
approximate representation of the sounds is all t lat can be hope(f for 
in this department. Some students prefer i and n to y and w where 
these occur in the system. Good arguments may be adduced for 
either set of letters. But it should be observed that such arguments 
are partial in their application and do not affect the system as a whole, 
when the tones and their combiiiations, as well as the vowel and con- 
sonant sounds, are considered. It is hoped that the system adopted 
in this work will be readily acquired and prove serviceable to the 

NoTK. Much difficulty is experienced in Romanizing some of the final sounds. 

(a) Some would write the pwl final pwe; others prefer the form pwoi. 

(b) Some give to the kwo final an additional slight a or e sound, writing it 
tvfoa or kwo'e. 

(c) Some would write the kio final kilo; others prefer the form kioa or kioe. 
Perhaps none of these forms fully represent the required sounds, which are 

accurately learned only by imitating the native mode of pronunciation. 

(d) The vowel sounds of the ch*iu and sieu finals are often confounded ― by 
teacheps as well as others 一 especially in the suburbs and country. The same 
remarK holds in lefereace to the piot and hwi tiaals, the tendency being to use wi 
instead of w;. 

TABLE I. The initials and the finals, with, the 
characters used in the Paik Ing to represent them, 
and their alphabetic value in Eoman letters. 

Note. The 11th initial (eug) denotes simply the absence of any 
initial consonant, hence the blauk on the right in the column of 
alphabetic values. 

Fifteen Imtials. 

TimiTY-THEEE Finals. 

6 K'ai 

7 Ea 

8 Ping 

9 Hwang 

10 Ko 

11 Sii 須 ii 

12 Pwi (a) 林 vfi 

13 Ku 孤 u 

14 Teng 燈 eng 

15 Kwong 光 wong 

16 Hwi wi 



Sieu (d) 

燒 ieu 




銀 iing 








之 i 









Kwo (b) 過 wo 




西 a 



Kio (c) 

撟 io 







聲 iang 

28 Ch'oi 催 oi 

29 Ch*e 初 e 

30 T'ieng 天 ieng 

31 K'ia 竒 ia 

32 Wai ^ wai 

33 Keu M eu 

1 Liu 

2 Pieng 
i3 Kiu 

4 K'e 

5 Ta 

6 P'o 

7 T'a 

8 Cheng 

9 Nik 

10 Si 

11 Eng 

12 Mung 

13 Ngii 

14 Ch'ok 

15 Hi 

柳 邊求氣 低波他 首日時 *i 蒙語 出喜 


TABLE n. Primary syllables or words, formed 

Note. Words, composed of the eiuj initial and either of the 


JIV. 6 


T>( / 



^丄 _ 








, ( 

k ung 















k long 










1 1 1 


































k wung 




1 ji 


," ^ 
k o 







k u 








k wi 









k U 
















k wong 









































































K a 








k 10 























k oi 



kju. e 




A. C 



























leu ; pen 





by combining each initial with each final, 

ihml.s Itiotu/j siea, L'lo, sicnuj, I' iiiuj, and k'ia^ begin with y. 








ti _ 










t' \va 


11 wa 















t lU 












in ail g 











1、 J 


_i、 „ 





















i.< / 
t o 







cli* o 


t u 


11 u 










ch* Wl 


At _ 

t u 






11 gu 



con Of 

lilt; 11 


III clXfif 













t leu 






















mong 、 










ell I 



























t a 







八 1、 c/ 

cn a 









cli 10 


t le 























































in wai 




1 t'eu 










Note. The eng initial is placed at the head of this table, an it lienotes tl»e aW'm 卞 
of any initial consonant, and therefore gives the simplest form of all the tinaU 
through each tone. Hence all words spoken without an initial connonaut, or begin- 
ning With w or y; are classed under this initial. See Note on preceding page. 




下 t 


下 TV 





















































































































oh ' 






































































































































































































It appears from Table III, and its note of explanation that 
there are 90 final syllables, which (as belonging to the en<j initial) 
are also independent words or vocables. They may be arranged 
alphabetically as follows : ― 

a, d, ag, aeh, aek, aeng, ah, dh, ai, aih, aik, aing, ain, aiuh, ak, ang, 
au, auh, auk, aung, e, e, eh, eh, ek, ek, eng, eng, eu, eii, euh, euh, 
euk, mng, i, id> ( yd), iah, ( yah J, iak ( ydk J, icing, ( ydng ), ie, 
iik, (ytk), itng, (y('ng), ieu, (yen), ieuh, ( yeiih J, ih, ik, ing, io, 
( yoj, ioh ( yoh ), iok ( yok ), iong, ( yong J, iu, ivh, o, 6, oh, oh, oi, 6i, 
oih, 6ih, ok, ong, u, u, uh, uh, ui, ui, uk, ilk, uny, vng, ^ca, wah, ivai, 
ivaih, ivak, wang, wi, w!, wih, xoih, wo, woh, woi, ivoih, wok, wong. 

The tables 11 and III also furnish the data for ascertaining' 
the number of vocables produced by the combination of initials with 
finals and the modification by tones. The whole number is (15X33X 
7) 3465. Besides these, there are two words not strictly referable 
to the table of initial and final sounds, viz., the semi-vocal nasal ng ' 
(no, not) on p. 595, and the word (ngiau, on p. 610, composed of 
the initial ng and a final compounded of i and au, ― making the 
whole number of vocables 3467. But probably less than half of these 
are in actual use. This paucity of vocables or monosyllabic words 
is largely compensated by the very frequent union of two or more 
words, virtually forming polysyllables, to express simple ideas. 
Thus the number of words is in effect increased to several thousands, 
which give to this dialect "a richness and variety of expression but 
little inferior to that of many alphabetic languages", 

Chinese phrases as foot notes. The expedient of placing the 
Chinese characters at the foot of the page was adopted because, while 
the dictionary was going through the press, we found it impracticable 
to combine our English and Chinese fonts of type in the same text. 
A fixed portion of the lower part of each page was, therefore, set 
apart for Chinese, the design being to place there the characters 
for the more important phrases occurring on the page. A new font 
of English type, which we could combine with, the Chinese, arrived 
just in time to be used in printing the Introduction . 



Ltd of Radicals and Index of (Jharaclers. These are coinpris- 
<hI ill pages 1015 ― 1104 at tlie end of the volume. Characters may 
Uisually be found by tlie alphabetic order of their sounds, as iu 
English dictionaries. But when tlie sound of a character is unknown 
to the student, or the native tei'. "lei' gives it a reading different from 
that under which it is classed iu this Dictionary, reference must be 
made to the Index. The radicals are 214: iu number, and the larger 
part of these are cluu-acters in common use. All other characters 
are 1 of some one of tliese radicals and u certaiu number of 
aJditioual strotos. To tiud a character in tlie Index, the student 
must first ascertain its radicid and tlien the number of additional 
strokes made in writiDg it. To facilitate tlie search, it "will be useful 
to observe the follo、ving suggestions, which are quoted with slight 
"jnodincatious from William's Tonic Dictionary, as being well adapted 
to our design iu this part of the Introduction. "The best mode of 
impressing the forms of the characters on the memory is an important 
question ; but in most cases, the union of the radical and primitive as 
the two parts to be remembered, has the advantage of simplicity, and 
tlie sound and meaning can be attached to these by the laws of associa- 
tion better than to a collection of strokes made apparently without plan. 
After learning the radicals, a careful examination of the primitives as 
given by Gallery will show the principles on which the great mass of 
characters in the language are formed, and practice in reading and 
writing will then make them familiar. Many of the most common 
characters are the most diffic-alt to find in the Index; tKey are generally 
placed under the simpler radicals, where they should be looked for 
tirst. For instance 以, 全, 令,] \, are all under 人; 井, 亞, are 
under 二; 兒, 先, are under 儿; all of which are referred to these 
radicals chiefly because they were prominent parts of the characters, 
and likely to catch the eye. Such anomalous instances amount to 
about two liunilred, all of tliem primitives, while the remainder will 
give less trouLle in ascertaining the proper radical. About one 
half (108) of the radicals are placed on the right or left of the 
primitive ― constituting one half of the character and easily recognized. 
Others, like 二, /j, 匚, 匸, 口, 行, P 孓 and 鬥, 
oivil n-fK-o tlie ])ninitivp :m(l give no t 訓 hlo. About 40 of them aro 



placed on the top of the primitive, a few of which enter into conibiim- 
tion with it, as in 奉, 夷, 靠, or 囊, in such a nmiiner an to ^xc 
some hesitation as to tlie radical; wbilo others, as > -^, 广, 广, 爪, 
穴, 竹, DOJ, 十 /、 卢, 雨, ai'e more apparent. For many of the 
remainder, where the radical is either in combination, or the char- 
acter is formed of two or three radicals as 相, 襲, or 現, prndict* 

will soon give the necessary facility in finding In counting 

the number of strokes in a diai'acter, the radical in not reckoned. 
After becoming familiar with the radicals tliemKelves, and haviug 
a general acquaintance with the primitives, the number of strokes 
can be most quickly ascertained by inspection. For instance, tlio 
character 驚 ( rice - porridge ), found under the radical f^, 
is made up of 弓, and 弓 , which severally number 

3, 6, and 3 strokes, or 12 in all; the character (bubbling water), 
placed under the radical 水, is composed of 幽, 豆, 刀, 巴, 
numbering 11, 7, 2, and 4, strokes, or 24 in all. The number of 
characters formed of so many strokes as these is very few, and in 
most cases a glance at the word is Sufficient to see how many make 
it". The following brief analysis may also be found ijiseful in the 
more difficult task of memorizing the general meanings of characters. 
"The groups of characters under most of the radicals naturally refer 
to the leading idea; about one-third of them are more arbitrary, a 
large part of the characters under them having no reference ) their 
radical. Those of the latter sort are usually primitives, of which 
there are about 1700 in the whole language". 

In conclusion, the following practical suggestions are made, 
relating principally to the acquisition of the spoken language. 

1. Study thoroughly the Orthography, comprising the rudi- 
ments of the language with the elements of initial, final, and tone in 
single words, as given in the Tables, 

2. Practice on the rudiments and tables with the native teacher. 
learning to enunciate as he does. No extent or thoroughness of in- 
dependent study can ever compensate for deficiency in such practice. 



;V Notice the important changes which occur in the combina- 
tion of tones, as given on pages xv and xvi, 

4. Also obsen'e liow the final consonants /?, k、 and and 
some of the initials, are often half-suppressed or seem wholly to 
disappear in the easy, native mode of speaking. Very close at- 
tention should be f^ven to these idiomatic changes, so soon as 
thoroughness is attained in enunciating words singly. This is es- 
sential to ease and accuracy in public address and common con- 

5. It will be found useful to pratice writing out, in tlie Ko- 
manized form, simple phrases heard in conversation. This will 
serve to fix them in the memory, and to draw the attention to many 
important words or particles, which otherwise might not be thorough- 
ly learned for years. ' 

6. The student should by no means confine himself to his books 
and teacher, but should mingle with common people and observe 
carefully their modes of speaking: The union of study and observa- 
tion will help to form a style, alike removed from coarseness and 
excessive refinement, while exclusive study with a teacher will tend 
to the formation of a book-coUoquial style, not fully or readily 
understood by the people at large. 








A raven with a white 
streak on its breast: the 
former is used in the term 
for opium : \u (a, or 、、16 
<«, (coll. 7(5 <twr), a cvow, 
a raven ; coll., \a pHhig^ 
opium ; \a pHeng^ (hong, 
opium as prepared for smoking 
*,« pHmg^ ^kwang^ an opium shop 
'(a pH^ng^ ^V■u^ crude opium, opi 
um in balls ; \a pHing* ngieng 
confirmed in the habit of smoking 
opium ; ,(a pHeng* 'mi, dregs of 
opium, as adhering to the pipe in 

Forked, a fork, a crotch : 
i the parting, of two fingers, 
《 】& branches, or tines: "<a 
■ ik^wang^ a slave - girl, a 
maid-servant ; coll., '。(a 
t《(aw, a female slave ; '\a ^t^au 
^kidng^ a slave girl. 

l/jTjT Read ,<$y used for the 
l#m coll. («, as in "^a ^chi, a 
t, -4 cicada, a locust; ",a 
fPang, to chaffer, to hag- 
gle ; "(a (Panff (hu, or (a 


(pctng Jc'-a^ a chafferer, a skinflint, 
a mean fellow. 

(丄 A coll. word, as in ,a 
. (cka, used for Ja -ha、 
dirty, foul, vile. 

(|^【、, A coll. character, used 
M It for the disjunctive or, as 
羼 in (chiong wan(f (ct jwjo, 
is it 80 or not ? also eu- 
phonic and emphatic, as in 
"se, (a, yes, it is, right. 

< j|J Inferior, second, next, 
junior ; to esteem lightly ; 
Ya hunchbacked, ugly ; used 
• as a prefix to names : "pok、 
(a, not inferior ; com., "(a 
J (!" the second class of Ktijin lit- 
erary graduates, comprising from 
the sixth to the twelfth, as their 
names stand on the official list ; 
"(a seng^ a secondary sage, as 
Mencius ; "(a maing^ another 
designation for Mencius. 

_ lape of th( 
Ya. neck : ""'a (ten, dumb, a 

亞孟啞 D 

亞 魁亞聖 

7 8 

是吓 不 亞 

5 6 

阿^ 夫 〇 


阿蝣 阿邦 

2 3 

尿" 鬟丫 


鴉 片土鴇 

6 7 

煙 鴉片^ 


鴉片 « 片 

CO 4 

烏 鴉老? 3 

1 2 






dumb person ; "a 、chil (coll. <a 
^chiX)^ a mute ; '(a 7ne^ an en gina, 
a riddle ; com., ^pang^ ^a, dumb," a 
mute ; ^^si&ng 、ing 、a、 the voice 
hoarse ; ,tHeng Jmff t& 《a, deaf 
and dumb, incorrigibly stupid ; 
COLL., 、chU si&h^ ^wong ^likng^ 
the dumb eat the (bitter) ^wong 
^lieng herb ; met., one dumb with 
gri ef. 

Brothers - in - l:i\v : 
Ca, relatives by marriage, 
e^ipecially brothers a n d 

Read coll. (ct: to snap, 
to break in two, to twist : 
Y.t。 \f siek\ to break in two ; 
A^). c« to pluck flowers ; 

chuV to break the sugar- 
cane ; '^a ^chHu^ to bend 
or wrencli hands, as in a trial of 
strength; wet" perverse, refractory; 
、a lanx/ ^tong^ or top to 
suap or break iu two. 

A coll. word used at the 
end of a sentence ; an ex- 
clamation of paint or sur- 
prise, spoken or ;ic- j ! 
• cording tointensity of feci- |j 
ing : ltd J a, or ^ai "》 oh ! ; ih ! se^ jj 


ja, it is certainly ; 

Vio 5 a, good, 

Read AaV coll. down, 
、 inferior, low, mean ; next, 
lisia once, a time, a while ; be- 
• low, under, to descend ; a 
little ; a particle denoting 
fold or quantity: ^ibig, the 
following year ; a} ngwoli^ next 
month ; a} Hd、 below, undei^ ; sioh^ 
once; lang^ o} twice ; Hing sio!" 
a} wait a little ; pwang^ one and 
a half; lang^ 6} sd^ twice as much; 

kW the following quarter of 
the year ; ^a^ 、gu, or tau、 tlie 
afternoon ; a} chieng^ low, vuJjj;ar, 
mean ; a* choh^ or a) ^s/d, sordid, 
niggardly ; '"a* i'aP the lower re- 
gions, hades ; ('si'iff, or ^tonrj^ 
the lower portion of the human 
body ; "(1》 m'A'2 a future day ; ''^f- 
、ing、 a menial, a servant; Jiu't、 or 
"a ch^eii^ the next time; (f^ "6》 Juu^ 
the very next time, another tiinc, 
liereafler ; "〃; 7w, the lower pre- 
fectures (of Fookien); "a; ^na?///, 
name given to the S. E. juaiitiinc 
districts of Fookien ; *V 
the next literary examination ; 
"a^ fihhmg, the next primary 
examination ; alt^ 7r w i a- to 
strike a few times, give a i^w 
blows ; ^nia ta? grasping, over- 
reaching ; 7ia^ siohy just once ; 
only, but, this only ; this one 
point remains, as to be spoken of 
or considered ; ""》 ^ai, or a} ^ pa^ 
the chin; 'V a secret, some- 
thing concealed, a secret purpose 
or design, as r/ sie^ noh^ a} so, 
^vhat secret desiga has he ? 'V 
V/Ww, to put the hand to, to seize, 
to begin to do; 、ma y'mg、 a feast 
given to a friend on his arrival ; 
a} 2)aik> iamg^ a bnlly, a rough, a 

Read ha^; coll. as in 
"a* imwong^ Araoy ; 
Hsia iWwong 、hai 、wou[/, the 
Sha,' Araoy superintendent of 
Trade ; "a* ^mwong to^ 
the Tantai of Araoy. 

Read ^yigd; used for the 
iVfr, coll. a}: the crying of a 

門 厦門海 

數 手厦 


南 科 

界 下日下 

年 下午下 


析, f.- 

P 極 音 

3 啞 子啞謎 

1 2 




AK A coll. word, perliaps a 
corruption of an': behind, 
after, rear : a' 'tau (or ^lau), or 
a' Hau sle^ behind, in the rear ; 
,/cilnff a* Hau, to follow after ; 
tiohj a* Hcm、 is behind, ia iu the 


To delay, to detain, to 
hinder ; late, slow ; to push ; 
to procrastinate, to put off; 
to pass time lazily ; to beat, 
to strike on the back ; to 
place at the side ; to force, 
to crowd, as with the el- 
bows ; next, near : com., 
\d ^yong^ to delay, to wait, tardy, 
slow ; \6 iSiy behind time, late ; 

mo^ to push the querue ; 
^p6y those acting as Hubordinate 
sureties for students ; coll., \d 
or fSUy to delay, to be late ; 
sioh^ nik^ to delay a whole day ; 
^mwong (么 to keep putting it oft; 
to delay from day to day ; kan^ 
ang、 to delay till dark ; "/n A> ^a, 
don't delay ; ^si tio^ nik^ to pro- 
crastinate from day to day. 

f A. A coll. word, as in (d 
i7nwonffy street night-^afes ; 
^mwong ^pUng^ at the side of 
these gates. 

Low, short, diminutive: 
COM., "^</ Uihixng^ a small 
l>reed, applied to men and 
lower animals; 'a 'a, dimin- 
utive in stature; (/"a, 
the crouching posture of ^ 
boxer; ^aMow and small; 
'a ^c7iw, adwarf ; kah? 
frame ― a small size or ' 
5 of fowls ; paik、 、kwi、 1 


(:m 丄., 
a small 
kind, a: 

榜 3 挨 

5 挟 

6 莫 

S 矮 

'0 矮 

延 保 





榜 4 挨 

7 矮 

9 矮 


畤 遲 






black dwarfish imps in the pro- 
cessions of the h}g%i to'; noh、 
noh^ (spoken 'd ^nu noh)、 very 】ow 
ill stature. 

A shoe, shoes, slippers, 
brogans : com., wak^ 
shoes and stockings ; 
taf shoe-strings ; (h, 
shoe-lining ; '*'cA^au jrf, 
HsiehT straw shoes or sandals ; 
^"tmmg^ 《d, satin shoes ; 
^ figured shoes ; id (^(aw, 
the month or opening of a shoe ; 
c« chaujKf a shoemaker's awl ; 
yony^ a shoe-pattern ; colt.., "jtf 
'chion 仏 the sole ov bottom of tlie 
shoe, (to beat one witli) ; /i pe\ a 
shoeing - horn, made of bone or 
brass; sMn(/ "f., to put on shoes, to 
wear shoes ; '\4 t'o' wooden-soled 
shoes ; i?unff /c, or Jung V-o^ 
woiuen's over-shoes ; ^ '■kiUng^ 
small shoes ; meng' the uppers 
of shoes ; 'V* Iiwong) a shoe-last ; 
/^V toe of a shoe ; id (s«, a 
shoemaker ; itang, the heel of 
a shoe ; id (tang sidnff the heel 
cord of women's shoes ; k'^ek^ 
'chiong p、ah、 {ii 'enff^ to beat one 
with a shoe-solo. 

A coll, word, used in 
formal affinnative answers; 
a sound of assent, yes, just so. 

A coll. character : cau, 
jff^ able to ; apt, capable, cora- 
petent ; possibly, proba- 
bly ; as an auxiliary, am, is, 
, do, does, will : a} "dm, or 
'V? ^hien tek、 can comprehend, I 
understand it ; 'sai tek, it will 
dp, answers the purpose ; yes, 

'鞋 '3 鞋 15 緞 "鞋 19 輪 21 儺 
權裏鞋 掌鞋曉 

2 鞋 "草 '6 鞋 "鞋 2" 鞋 的 

帶鞋 樣套椒 





may do it; ^d^ ch(P or a* chd、 tek、 
can do it, it can be done, practi- 
cable, feajiible ; ^a} ^sidng^ able to 
finish ; 6} se^ possibly, perhaps ; 
se^ ^ma chaV it is so perhaps ; 
(A (?, can improve, will get well ; 
<f chd^ nia} ch6、 can you do it or 
not ? is it practicable ? (t'ling, 
can comprehend it; *a* ^ming^ to 
understand clearly ; plain, clear, 
perspicuous ; a} sidh^ can eat ; 
sidh^ tek、 eatable, tit to eat ; 6} 
ptfth) can strike, pugnacious, con- 
tentious ; 7na^ or a* (a m/i^ can 
you ? will you or not? V" & can 
do everything ; ^mo 7i6h^ a* can- 
not do anything ; cheng^ a} sidh^ 
he is a great eater ; cheng- a} 
cM、 a great worker ; pihig) 
can change or reform ; 'a* laiing^ 
confused, as in miud ; tangled, 
as thread ; y'mg、 satiated ; 
ch6^ July he'll build up his 
family ― said of an industrious, 
frugal man ; 6^ ^pa, he plows 
and hoes ; meL、 industrious 
and saving; ^sai mng、 
quick - tempered ; rf? ^sidng (hwa 
j'U (? can the bargain be closed or 
not? a* yek^ po^ ^mo kang、 he 
gets hot but don't sweat ~ applied 
to a person who is merely hasty 
in temper. 



ly/"* Read %ilk^ ; coll. a'4h〉 •• to 
»J(« eructate, to belch, to raise 
》 wind from the stomach ; to 
' vomit, noise of vomiting : 
2)^nh^ alh^ or 、au aiih) or 
p^ah^ 、mi a'eh^ to belch ; ath^ md^ 
hiok^ incessant belching ; a'^h^ 
sioh^ ch、oV to belch up a mouth- 

(4) Acng. 

A jar, a vase, an urn ; a 
water amphora without 
spout or handle ; a round 
g' window : COM., *a e n g、 
Jcieng^ and ^aeng^ ch、oi、 
the brim and the raouth of ajar ; 
COLL,, ^^aeng^ ^kidng^ a small jar ; 
"a8nff》 His, inside the jar ; amg^ 
^kidng a'eng^ ^nie^ small vases of 
various sizes ; ^^amg^ ^sidng (tonff, 
the space between the outer and 
inner gates of a city wall ; ^^ch^oP 
acng^ dtng^ tioh、 mouth agape Hke 
a jar ― applied to infants. 

Aeng*. A coll. word ; a bustle, 
a great run of customers : 
^yd aeng^ or cheng、 a'eng^ great 
bustle, a rush of business, lively 
times ; amg^ 、k、i the bustle 
begins as when customers in 
numbers patronize a shop* 



JL^ Read ek^ ; coll. a/i, .* to 
JrJEt. raise and lower the hands, 
with the palms placed 
I ' together, as in saluting a 
Jung, friend or in worshiping an 
idol : aA, ichid. ah) jchidy 
salute ! salute ! 
(6) Ai. 

Pity, grief, Borrow ; to 
pity, to lament, to bewail, 
(^^^ to mourn ; to corapassion- 
■ ate, to feel for, to condole 
with; sad, pained, grieved ; 
lamentable ; urgently, heartily : 
、、<ai k、ok、 to lament and weep ; 
tonff to grieve, in great dis- 
tress ; ",ai ,Wn<7, or '\ai (dotig,, 
to pity, to grieve for; 
lamentable ; com., '"A-tt <ai, to 
wail, to bewail ; (chai, alas! 


llg^ 可哀 

7 s 

IK® 一!^ 憐 

着 Is:} 

中 嘴藥截 

甕 嘴甕仔 

,亂 P 墩 

都 讎儺變 

雔 通雔明 

3 4 





\ai Jcin c 人"" to make grievous 
complaints aud beg piteously. 

Dust, fine dust, such as 
is raised by the wind: 
^ting ^ai^ dust. 

Also read 、ai: an ejacu- 
lation, ah ! oh ! to sigh ; an 
expression of pain ; to re- 
spond, to answer ; to belch : 
in the coll. read ^ai^ q. v. : 
COLL., (ai ; (5, or (ai 5 a, an 
expression of pain or sur- 
; 、ai q} an expression of in- 

Mist, fog ; foggy, misty; 
the heavens obscured by 
fog or vapor; dense clouds 

Luxuriaut vegetation 
thick, shady, flourishing 
dignified, personable, pleas 
ing : \Aivo ^ai^ dignified 
*^ai ^ai kek、 seil^ accom 
plished scholars about a sovereign 

< Read H; coll. ^ai : to 

T'^p trust, to rely or depend on, 
I I 4 to confide in : diW or 
' &、 ai k^6^ to trust in, to de- 
pend on ; '^a/ wong^ to 
hope, to long after ; ^ai paung^ to 
rest upon, to depend on ; ^ai "-nil 
6} pieng^ hope you'll reform ; "^ai 
^chHong ^chHong (puriff, 、ai pidJi) 
pidh^Ho^he leans on walls and they 
crumbIe,on partitions and they fall; 
met" insufficient help ; n6h、 ^ai 
chiiV something in which to trust; 
i7nd n6h、 、"• chid} nothing in 
which to trust. 
^AL A coll, word, as in ^ai 
nai^ many, a plenty, great 
abundance ! ― as in replying to 
one who says there are none. 



' To love, to esteem high- 
ly, to take dcli^iit in, to 
feel attuflied to ; to desire, 
to want ; to We sparine!' of, 
forbearing, tender of; kind 
regard, love, iittiiclnneiit ; the ob- 
ject of love, tlio l)i4ovc<l : iiso<l for 
the coll. t、i^b"/、 (j. v. : aP 
I dearly loved ; <fP beloved, 

dear ; com., ,*V"" se/c^ to prize high- 
ly ; ^\inf/ ai^ benevolence, com- 
passion, love ; i(*haij to love 
rich'es; "ai) ; cAr//, to admire talent; 
"a》') 、ing ^il (A/, to love others*as 
yourself; "chhtuk) ai、 you mistake 
in loving, I am unworthy of your 
love ― a polite phnise ; coll, 
(i ^shig ai、 、ki ^nhig^ the person 
whom he tenderly loves. 


Read ^ai; coll. aP : nu 
exchmiMtion or ejaculation, 
about the same as (ui, q. v. : 
aP 5^/, iin ojiKtuIation e.x- 
pressivoof paiii or ot'seveie 
labor, as in carrying a heavy bur- 

An nnnuthori/otl charac- 
ter : a girl : (joM., 。lei"f <(P 
your daughter. 

Clotidy, obscure, murky, 
clouds hiding the suii. 

Like, similar; simulated ; 
hard to see. 

- Ai., 

Cloudy, obscure, sini hid- 
den by cloiuls : "uP to}} 
clotuly, murky ; aP oP ol>- 
scured, as the moon ; 
mw confused, ;is tlie 
mind, to do anything contusedly 
or carelessly. 


1 哀 2 塵 m '倚 
求 埃藹藉 

苦 3 和吉 6 倚 
,告 藹士靠 

其认, 嫁 

是伊 >3® 

愛才 愛人 

3 4 

1 1 

仁愛 愛財 

1 2 

可愛 愛惜 


倚望 至愛 

7 9 




Dininoss <»i si<ilit, to see 


A pass, a defile ; met.、 
contriictcrl, narrow-mind- 
e*l, mean ; exacting, ricjid, 
Yai, sk'rn ; distressed, urgent ; 
impelled, stopped up ; con- 
fined, straitened. : * "^hieng 
aV a narrow, irregular valley ; 
met" partial, unjust, 

JhJL^ Read (ai and 、ai ; coll. 

i"i (or ai} 、: an ejaculation 
^ \^ of surprise ; a prohibitory 
ll^g exclamation, stop ! don,t ! 


(7) Aik. 

Etf* An obstruction, a stop ; 
,R a defile, a pass, a danger- 
^ 〉 ous path ; a calamity, ac(,i- 

Jjjf dent, affliction, trouble ; 
Ivi) distressed, embarrassed, 
poor ; the 3d also means a 
small door : 、aik、 nang》 
distress, gorrow, affliction ; 
JcUng、 extremely 
poor ; aik、 calamities 
and troubles ; colt", aik、 
^nio tek, kwiP can't escape the ca- 
lamity; inevitable, fatal, as disease. 


To press the hand upon ; 
to seize or hold with 
- the liand ; to repress ; to 
tr ripe, to clutch ; to granp ; 
1) to pull ; to touch with the 
finger ; to lay tiic hancl on 
anything ; also used in the 
sense of placed, put away : coll., 
、ii.k.、 V,/a'/:", to press or touch with 
the hiiihl ; Ni'i.l" (,"'〃<//, to bend, 
to deflect, to make crooked ; uik、 



Crete ; *\!ik、 16 to ju'css down ; 
atk\ aiky press down ! press on it! 
^aik^^pUng^ to flatten by pressure; 
"*ae^j JcUng 々nt" to lay the liiind 
on one's shoulder; 、、dk、 ^rh^iong 
ui," pi&h、 to lean agninst walls, as 
small-footed women in walking ; 
aik、 fteng ^7ie k^6^ where has it 
been put? 

A yoke ; the yoke of a 
carriage ; a yoke, a re- 
straint, a principle of con- 


kipn^ Read yek^ / coll. aing 、: 
H^f^ a dull fire ; to smother, as 
a lire : 、\dng、 an to 
' smother burning coals in 
a jar ; ^^aing^ (A", to ex- 
tinguish tire ; a dull fire, as olive- 
wood makes ; aing) tieng^ (the 
jar) filled ; aing、 t、ang、 aeny^ a 
jar for extinguishing coals in. 

To limit, to fix or set a 
■▼ro time ; to settle, to deter- 
Haien mine ; to assign, to adjust, 
' to appoint, to agree upon ; 
to impede, to moderate ; a 
limit, an impediment, a boundary, 
a restriction ; a few, a short time ; 
a tlireshold : "ahiffi 、chi, to fix the 
limits as to time ; com., ^^aing^ 
7uk\ to fix the (Jay ; 、& kaP aing^ to 
establish the boundary ; ^^aing^ 
to appoint the time ; 、\hil 
aiacf to sot a task ; to appoint or 
set a time, , as for executing a war- 
runt, or collecting taxes ; 、\ui6n(/ 
aing^ the term of years con t met- 
ed for ; ^\imff^ 、mw(m{f, expiration 
of the time ; aing》 or ai"!/、 

to press tightly, to se- 

lionff imlitnited, abundant 

, 滿,^ 

7 -一) -一 1.^ 

限日 界限 

._ 5 6 

燜火 限止 

壁 o, 炭 

頭 _ 栀墙扼 

柩一 Hf 扼肩 

一, 緊, 

扼手 扼 1? 

1 災 g 

^1 阨難 




exhaustloss, infinite; V'",, 尸 lie.^ \ \ 
to fix regulations as to time aiul I.I 
work ; 'aiuf/^ k(i、 to limit prices, 
as officers do in times of scarcity ; 
^ahi{/ VYm/7, to limit one's eating, 
to diet ; 、Uu(i》 Mong^ to roguliite 
time, as for study, by the burning 
of incense slicks ; ''ainy; Jc、w"n{i、 
to set a large limit, as to time ; 
^aing^ 、king、 to set strict liiuits ; 
aiugi ^sang niky limited to three 

Threshold of u door or 
gate: \mwong aing^ (coll. 
^nwong taing^ ) a thresh- 



A duclc^ a mallard : com,, 
― Jxie aJc、 chickens and 

• dariu duck; "、j)ibig uk、 
flat (dried) ducks ; ak、 

Imuig^ ducks, eggs ; ch^aV <ik、 a 
small, j^veen-billed duck ; coll., 
ak、 ^moy the female duck ; ak、 
haeh^ the raale duck ; ak、 、kiJlng、 
young ducks ; ^mong ak、 a large 
duck ; lav} ak、 an old duck ; ak、 
^nio fihiuy a locality in Foochow, 
on the north bank of the Min, 
below the Great Bridge. 

To press down, to steady, 
to settle ; to bend, to crush, 
"^jp ) to suppress ; to repress, to 

• intimidate, to oppress ; to 
subject, to conquer, to 

destroy : used for the coll, tah、 
q. v.: "afc) [£d, to throw down ; 
met. J to overthrow a person, as in 
a lawsuit ; 、、ik) lek、 to force, to 
compel, to constrain by violence ; 

COM., 'W^j vhiP to prevent, to re- 
strain ; to suMue, to e o n i| II e r ; 
^\tan<] ah\ to suppi^^P, as u riot ; 
to stop, :u n row ; 《ilc) 
^iihnj^ to subvert one in Iuh cause, 
I to oppress ; 《,h、 Jcie ^slAag po* 
I you can't toire a Iumi to halirh 
eggs ; met" lie (,-umot be foiceti 
to do it ; "J" vuP t,"f; eM\\\ be snp- 

; "'-fro" iiu i^iiiiiiwi, i,、: j'"、a;,* 

to do it ; "J" vuP t,"f; eM\\\ be snp- 
presst'd, irrepressible, as a ("m- 

To stop, to prevent, t《> 
bring to a stand-still ; to 
reach, to arrive; to cut oil'; 
ai) unforeseen obstacle : 
^^ak^ ^chi^ to stop ; 
auk) to restrain the wicked, to j)ro- 
vent wickedness : com., "ak、 chip 
^sil uk^ to subdue one^s lusts. 


n 甲, 

Also read hak、 : to gulp, 
to s、、'allow, to d r i ij k : 
〜hwon'q ak、 the clamor or 
buzz of a crowd. 

fjTf To control, to govern, to 
^ntj rule ; to pawn for a time, 
) to reserve, to keep back ; 
• to affix; to escort, to guard; 
to lay hold of; to seize : 
、、aTc、 tcmng) to mortgage, to pawn ; 
COM., \cftHJ)、ff oK\ to affix the red 
strokes to official papers, to insert 
names, dates, etc., as a law-secre- 
tary does ; ak、 ^tea^ the accusa- 
tion, placed on the back of a crim- 
inal when led to execution ; ak、 
hwang^ to escort criminals, to 
hand over in custody ; ak、 huk、 
to compel one to obey, constrained 
obedience ; ^V'ai ak、 to give a 
pledge or pawn in borrowing 
money ; Jcil ak、 to put into close 
conHnement ; ak、 hwo) to guard 

遏 制私愁 

遏 止遏惡 

壓制 彈壓 

壓倒 壓勒 

1 2 

一 番鴨 扁鴨 


3 艮誰蓦 

7 8 

限寛 限緊 

限碗 限香 


限例 I 價 




inerch.'uulizo in transportatiou ; 
'Wf^" id、 n small priwn shop ; '^al\ 
《 pw"》"j, to compel one to move, 
:is when ho fails to p:iy his rent ; 
^ak\ nilcy ^chiy to <1;ite official doc- 
uineuts ill red iivk ; 、ak、 ^ pang 
7,T/,《〃/,/, to place in custody at :ui 
officer's ; "kw<wg ak^ to guard, to 
keei» in custody ; \hwa ak^ a mark 
or siixiiature to a deed or agree- 
iiuMit ; COM,., nk. samg^ ^kwang Hd 
to send one under arrest to the 

To [mil up, to eradi- 

Also read ^y^ng and 
^ycng : to shut, to stop up ; 
to obstruct ; to suffocate ; 
to prevent superiors know- 

Tho root of the nose ; 
the frontal sinus ; a sad- 



Creaking of a wheel; a 
roll creakiui:, y:rating sound ; 
' Ya ^ punishment of the rack or 
* wheel. 

Interchanged with the 
next: a box or vessel with a 
-yj^ -. cover, as gallipots, caskets, 
■ . ])ill-l)oxes ; a covered plat- 
ter : COM., \king a J" a 
jyold box, as made of gold or 
Rimply to keep gold in; * a k ^ 
kaP cover for a box ; ^ak^ 、chihi{f, 
gift of money to the person who 
ln'inirs llie presents ; ooix., 
^kidnr/y a small box ; ^\honrf ak、 a 
tobacco box ; jxdnif ak\io pre- 
pare the four boxes (of presents) ; 











、、tk、 W" a net- work sack in wliich 
presents are carried. 

A chest, ; I trunk ; a cask- 
et ; n, press for clothes, a 
il 二 I coffer ; a case for a set of 
、 books : COM., 、\ngihng、 al\ 
the box or case of an iiik- 
fitone ; "jxd, t>aUx\ ak, a card box, 
a small Hat box used for various 
purposes ; "、siu sek、 ak^ a dressing 
case, a cofter for female orna- 

Vrrl Intimate, familiar^ ac- 
customed, well-acquainted 
La " with ; irreverent, disre- 
• spectful ; to desecrate, to 
contemn ; to change ; to 
approach ; to caress : ^^aJc^ nik^ 
familiar, intimate with ; ^'ak^ 'w, to 
slight, to contemn, to insult ; 
ngwang^ to sport with, lustful 

A ca^e or inclosure for 
wild animals or prisoners ; 
Hsia encage ; a scabbard ; a 


press ; name of a tree. 
If- I" Read (6 ; coll. : a 
PHI prefix to proper names, 
A I used by southern people : 
E. 、、aki ("d, father ; ^。 化 
O: paa、 mother ; ^^ak^ Jc6^ 
Wo. brother; title of the heir 
apparent to the throne ; 
(mi, title giveu to an adopt- 
ed mother. 
Ak^. A coll. word: swollen* 
puffed ; mewf ak 飞 ak^ tioh^ 
tlie face puffed, as of a child after 

(10) Ang, 

Still, settled ; safe, calm, 
' JUt^ tranquil, ]>eaceful, at ease, 
i unconstrained ; content (乂 1, 

' • bannonious, to tranquil - 

「盒 "拜 is 1 哪 '1 河 2'|j^ 
絡帖 II 侮爹哥 

观 匣" 狎, 狎 2。 阿 22 阿 

匣': 首 嚼 玩 m m 




ize ; rest, peace, quiet, repose ; to 
rest, to settle, to make easy, to 
remain at rest ; an interrogative 
particle, how, how could ? where? 
used for the coll. (e",7, q. v. : 辟 g 
^ping^ contented id poverty ; oriy^ 
^ang^ to inquire after one's health ; 
{dng chaung^ to deposit the coffin, 
to inter ; com., \ang Jiang ^ rest, 
leisure ; still, quiet ; \aHg cheng^ 
silent, quiet, secluded ; ^^a^ig ^sing^ 
to compose one^s mind ; \ang 
to console, to comfort, to soothe ; 
\ang ^ch^ong^ to arrange the 
bridal bed ― to put the cash of 
five reigns under its feet ; 、ang 
hiok、 quiet, peaceful ; ^^ang hmg、 
safe, secure, as a business, or a» 
uu investment ; settled, arranged ; 
,anff lok^ happy, pleased ; to re- 
joice ; fUnff sekj rest, repose ; to 
rest ; \ang sek^ nik^ the Christian 
Sabbath; t^ai^ Jcio, name of 
a bridge in South Street, Foochow; 
pok^ ^ng, dissatisfied, discontent- 
ed ; AJHen- 《anff, in need of re- 
pose ; restless, in pain, as a sick 
person ; 、ang 5 ing^ wife of au of- 
ficer of the sixth rank ; (ang jning、 
to quiet the people ; (ang tong、 
to arrange, to set in order ; to do 
well, properly done ; (cm 仏 
peace, quietness, well and happy ; 
、o<a7tff <nang、 Annam ; ^\(tng Jttni^ 
the province of Nganhwi ; 、\Ming 
、ang、 a pass in the Min river, 
about 18 miles balow Foochow ; 
^Ming ^ang teng、 a military post 
at the above pass ; 、、 Hok、 、aug、 a 
district city in the Fooning pre- 
fecture, Fookien ; ,\ Chung (ang、 
H district city in the Kieaning pre- 
fecture, Fookien, a great mart 
for Teas ; ^Ing ^ang^ a district city 
in the Yenping prefecture, Foo- 

kien ; (Ang 々么 a district in the 
Chinchew prefecture, Fookien ; 
fUng hotigi content with one's 
lot; 、\a7tg hong^ (siu 乂 ki、 to at- 
tend quietly to one's own duties ; 
coLi", ; ng ^chiA oP chyeiV place 
it liere ; (wig Jca^ to leave meaoB 
for support of the family during 
one's absence ; ^ang how 
can I know that ? 

A quail which the Chi 
neee train to fight : 、ang 
iSunff, a quail under which 
two Or three species df 
Coturnix are included. 

A saddle : com,, "(m<t 
(a/ig, a horse's saddle ; (ma 
^anffikioy an arched bridge; 
(mcfc (ang ^chHo7ig^ a wall 
with a curving cap or 

Also read ang 、: accusr 
^|:| tomed to, skilled in, to 
( ^ know, to be fully acJquaint- 
• ed with; to commit to mem- 
ory; to recite, to rehearse t 
"sUki ,ng、 skilled in, thoroughly 
acquainted with ; i\ang lieng^ nut' 
ture, practised in ; ^ang seilng^ to 
repeat raemoriter ; 、、pok ^arig sW 
ko^ not versed in worldly flffairs ; 
,ang sek^ n6i^ Hi^ng^ to be versed 
in the classics. 

Interchanged with the 
next: a round hut,a thatch- 
ed cottage, a straw hovel 
' for soldiers; a pig sty ; a 
Budhist nunnery : com., 
^"^tang ^tong hmang* the four 
kinds of temples, viz. nunneries, 
halls, Budhist and Tauist monas- 
teries ; ^nd iku i<ing^ x\ nunuery. 


?^:諳 世故 


f 諳諳鍊 

7 8 

iir 已 il, 


祟 安安分 

4 5 

閩安 福安 

《安 平安 

8 9 

安息 日〇 

安床 安穩默 

安 安慰 舰 

安 閒安靜 




Also read ^ang : a coarse 
grass: \ang Ja/i{/, St. 
John's wort, or ground 
pine, used for thatching 
buildings ; the seeds of it 
are used for medicine. 

ttisr Rerul <y ―、 "/fmg, anrl 
ytk^ ; coll. <tz" 仏 as in 
(c/ 訓仏 dirty, lilthy. 



^Amj. A coll. word, probably 
a corruption of ^kang : to 
compel, to coerce, lo force, to con- 
strain one against his will : ^ang 
<i to make him do it ; jmoh) 
^ang "ngwai cho^ he wishes to 
force inc to do it. 

Also read ang^: to con- 
ceal, to screen ; to cover, 
丄 1 as with the hand ; to sup- 

• press, to exterminate ; also 
to grasp. 

^rtB Also read ang" to shut 
j^l the cloor ; to w i t h d r a 、v 
• ^4 from society ; an obscure 

• recess ; iu'uorant, d a r k - 
minded ; badly liglitcd, 

the evening ; an eclipse : ^ (" u g 
^mwong^ to shut the cloor ; ^V/m// 
tang^ very plain, unadorned, ;is 
dress ; met" unassuming, modest, 
retiring, quiet ; coll., ^m.ywjir/ 
(anff ^chid^ shut the door ! 《tn 稱 ug 
、ang fcwo) k''6^ push to the cloor ! 

Dark, pitchy dark ; as- 
tonished and silent, as if 
lost ip amazement : ^Ngek, 
^anr/^ a famous statesman 
of the Ilau Dynasty, 

Also read ^ang : to feed 
with the hands; to hold 
in the mouth : a word u.sed 
by the Budhists. 




( ^jt I ― Read ^kantj; coll. 、an(f : 
V H brotli ot'rice, congee ; tatte- 
less, insipid, tame : ^pmovg^ 
' ^ang^ congee ; &、 vig chaik\ 
or ''^ang ,t^ong^ thin rice- 
broth ; "^ang ^chkVitj^ weak, insip- 
id ; met.^ no triste or desire for, 
as when perceivcMl to be useioss 
or a liiilurc. 

^Ang. A coll. 、v(ml, as in 

jx, to decay, to rot ; 、m,j 
laruf rotted all to pieces. 

Evening, sunset ; a se- 
rene, clear sky ; tardy, be- 
lumlhaiicl; peaoetul, gentle; 
' rich, full, as said of furs : 
V《 ang、 late, slow ; 、、、ung、 
Jiwa、 late fruit ; 、、(ing、 、k% to get 
up late ; "aug、 "xha, a child born of 
aged pareuts : coll., ^^ang^ Jcidng^ 
to go late, to go after the time ; 
ang^ Ji、 to come late, to delay ; 
anr/^ to go Lite ; ^*ang^ ii^ late 
planted, as vegetables ; "、(m《f 、kwi 
nil" a few days later, to wait a 
:i few days. 

Sun obscured by clouds ; 
n tt dark, dimly - lighted, som- 
ber; gloomy; clandestine, 
• uuobserved, secret, under- 
handed ; dull, stupid ; pri- 
vate, mental : sef" a dark 
house ; ^\in(f ni wol^ ignorant, con- 
fused, dull ; COM., 'V《 dark, 
cloudy, loweriiiiJj ; 、\kwou{j ang、 
light aud darkness ; i"tu"f k、a)"f 
a spirit-seer, one able to sec evil 
spirits, as in a sick roon) ; " an(f) 
h<P a secret sii^u or vsij^nal ; "a", 
taiuy^ the dark temple, applied 
to the recess wlicro the "-nyii td^ 
idols are placed ; "ang、 、hvA、 :i 

7 泔 



'3 晏 

1 晏 


2" 暗 

22 暗 








12 晏 


17 暗 

1" 光 

2' 捍 













(lull Are ; \tHeng anr/ darkness, 
night; COT 丄., 【華? ?〃, night, 
dark ; aa(i、 ; inanff (:h(P dom by 
night; \t0Ji// ang^ in the dark- 
ness, in the night ; 
secretly, privately, clandestinely; 
ang) ma??/, ^unvang ^^itng^ to 
cheat people slyly ; V"?/7》 /7tf?//r/, 
dark needle ― i. c, a secret in jury ; 
ang) m6h^7}h6h^ or a)}g\mwo ^nixvo^ 
very dark, so dark that one must 
feel his way. 

IJ[^^ To put down, to lower ; 
to st 0]), to prevent moving, 
to dosist ; to take hold of, 
' to press down, to lay the 
hand on ; to g!*asp, as a 
sword ; to pull in or hold, as u 
horse ; to nil), to olir»fe ; to exam- 
ine, to try a caso, to iiujuire into ; 
to act according to, to conform ; 
according to, by : "ang、 2"? to 
liold the brifllc - rein ; ^chei}} auff 
to lay the liutid ou, as on the heart ; 
met" to examine yourself; 、 an(f 
(cJiHtf, to lay the hand on ; ^ifur/^ 
^77ien(/^hytho year ; ^aiig'^ Aa》V ac- 
cording to the time; coM./''an.</\s2, 
or ang、 eh^ah^ (si, (also rmf/^ ch、(ik、 
sap (,<??•), the provincial criminal 
judge; COLL., a?i<7^ ^chidH^a^ovanrf 
^chid 、k、wang、 or nng^ ^chid yo^uf 
or anff^ ^c/ud sie^ according to this 
way or fashion ; ang'^ ^chiowj 
wang^ in this w:iy, thus ; ang> 
^ehionff [Jcon 仏 thus saying, as to 
that utterance — sdL^ it is right, 
true, wrong, &c. 

^^〉 A table, an official table, 
^ a bar or bench before a 


, judge ; that which is on his 
A^' table, a case in law, an ac- 
"?^^ tion ; a sentence, a decis- 
ion ; to examine, to try ju- 


(licially, to decide cases ; placed 
in order, serial ; a limit or fron- 
tier ; a sacrificiul table; "cAai* anrf 
nti acctiBation presented, the case 
entered or reoorded ; anff、 "u, the 
oircumstancPH or merits of a case $ 
、、huh、 ang^ to fuce the tabic, stu- 
dious; 、、p、cth.> ang'to strike the tabic 
(t ocxprcsfl admiration); to beat the 
(k'.sk angrily, as a|n(lgc docs; com., 
"a'tffi td/i、 ail oflictinl <1esk ; 、、mg、 
kwcn、g、 mi nut OS of a judicial inves- 
tigation ; cm 卩) to examine 
or try a case, to judge ; " hvoak, 
tho official announcement of 
the names of the Siutaaigraduates ; 
"img、 yonff a law suit ; " Jiiong 
nng^ the table with incense and 
o fie rings, as set out before an 
idol, or to greet an officer ; coLTi., 
10 an") ko' mwo? hwak, the judge's 
decision tiot yet published ; the 
'names of tlie Siutsai not yet 

g 白) A small kind of par- 
tridge Avl)ieli breeds on 
^^^^ tlie ground, and is said to 
e ■ crow in the morning. 

Vkr' Read Jieng; coll. jawg.* 
WrV t^iG rafters of a house : 

' Hnng. 

2'M.i7 萌' tiles and raft- 
ers; "it.Hong^ iCmf/, laths 
and rafters. 

iAng. A coll. word : to equal- 
ize, to make equal : lOnff 
J!. 'rm/jr 'k、C>、 or ^ang 7a, or 一. ng 
ili 'pwo k'o' to equalize, to divide 

Read 力' coll. {aw<7, 
as in iOng tain to quell a 
Tan riot, to suppress a mob. 



昧 發!? ^桁 


番 案案故 

發 案案件 

7 8 

5 ^ 

CC 4 

按 候按司 

按手 年 

了 S 

按 輕自按 

當暗 暗針 

8 4 

天 暗暗瞑 

一 1 2 




Dry weather, drought, 
dearth of raiu ; sunuy sky ; 
land travel : com., 'ang' 
if-ieng, or* c//o' ang^ a 
drought ; 、atifj* . (chai, ca- 
lamity of drought; "-kin an<f or 
tv3ai、 ang* a protracted drought; 
、cm(f drought insects in 

grain ; ''ang* ^f-ieng (to k^e^ 
(or e, ), in a time of drought 
there are frequent appearances of 
rain ; cou", *a)iff iC/i^enff ng* kav) 
s6* the thirsty fields have not suf- 
ficient water. 

Read hang*; coll. nng^ : 
to solder : ^ang* lam* sol- 
der ; *ang^ it'cm, the place 
where the solder is ap- 
plied ; *sek, ang* pewter 
Han. solder ; ang、 copper 

solder ; 、sai iChieng h'd^ 
an 纩 to solder with money ― use 
bribes or hush-money. 

j^j^i Read hauff; coll. ang* : 
cakes stufied with meat, 
^gF* sugar, dates, or other arti- 
• cles : '"Am ayig^ a prepar- 
ation for the inside of durap- 
lings ; 、、tj)id>ng ang^ a preparation 
for the inside of cakes; '\tieng ang^ 
a sweetened preparation for cakes 
or dumplings ; ^\keng anff a salt 
preparation ipwoh^ tih^ o* (tieng 
ang* Jci、 he desires tlu)Re with 
Bweet stuffing. 

An^. A coll. word, used in 
urging infants to eat : ang* 
ang* take it in ! tako it in ! 

Ang*. A coll. word : high em- 
baukmeqte to keep out 
freshets : ang^ pauk^ the embank- 
ment has burst. 

(in Au. 

A furrow, a hollow ; an 
^XTj unevcnnesB in the ground. 

Y\Tt Indented ; meandering ; 
I H j the dip of the honzon ; the 
■ undulations in hilla ; a hole, 
Y°o a depression, a pit ; con- 
Yeh. cave : used for the coll. 
Wa. na/ij and n/ih^ q. v. ; '\sang 
a valley. 

^I^fpf Read ,ew and ^eu ; coll. 
Mjtjlj 、au: to vomit, the noise of 
Ou. retching ; to spit out : '"dw 
Haii. 《'o) to vomit ; '•au a'eh^ to 
retch or vomit slightly ; 
^au sioh^ c/i'oi) to belch up a 
mouthful ; I cm md* ch^ok, can't 
vomit it ; ,i 、kong wa^ 6^ '•au alh^ 
ineng^^ his talk makes people retch ! 
it is perfectly sickening ! "(cwz 
iUeng, to throw up milk, as an in- 
fant ; '"aw haik) to vomit blood. 

'^Au. A coll. word : dull, faded 
colors : (au ^au ,aik、 old 
faded colors. 


Also read ^aii: to pull at, 
to twist, to break, to snap 
in two: also read an^ and 
Yao. in the coll. (a, q. v. : used 
for the coll. (aw, as in *'^aw 
、! can chaik、 ii festival of 
the 1st moou, 29th day, when of- 
ferings of food are made at the 
shrines of idols and tablets : 、au 
、! cau ch'eilk^ congee offered at this 
festival ; ^^^au 、k€m Jiang 、 the cold 
weather of this festivals 

Refractory, perverse, ob- 
stinate, Belf-willed ; to rush 
madly against ; iu the coll. 



f 九寒. 

pi 血 ,九 

00 9 

2 3 

f 頭 1 錫鍀 

8 9 

彀 燥资料 

氣 旱田怀 


天、 多雨 

,旱 1^ 蟲 

-旱天 旱$< 

I 2 




the same as <a, to bend : also read 
《aw, q. V. : Vm> p、ek、 a wick- 
ed disposition, vicious, bad ; 
chek^ au^ vicious, wicked ; *aiC 
^ chily a disobedicyit, undutiful 
child ; ^aii" 7igik^ obstiuate, stub- 
born ; COLL., aii^ ,ww>?/7, to bend ; 
OM) sith\ to break by hiMiding ; ng^ 
^t^hig don't bend it ! an^ 
greedy, grasping; 7iau^ 
uoisy and refractory ; au^ ch、wa) 
(or swa^)^ to exorcise malign in- 

Read haiu、 ; coll. att^: 
A/tf after, in time or place ; be- 
hind, late ; next, then ; pos- 

' terity, descondants : "a?? 
S"U) succeeding state of me- 
tempsychosis ;thefntureexi8teuce; 

tdi^ succeeding generations ; 
7a,? H、oi, the hind quarter ; ^au^ 
^tHdngy the rear parlor ; 
iTnwong^ the back door ; au^ 
iC/iHongy the back wall ; ^^au^ 
《《w, the rear suite of apartments ; 
iti&ng^ the rear court ; au^ 
ikidngy to walk behind ; au^ W, 
step-mother; (m》 pa} step-father ; 

hiong、 a back aspect ; facing 
the other way ; "aw^ ^chHu^ "back- 
hand," ― i. e,, to clean up one's 
chips, to put things in order, asj 
after finishing a job ; ^nil ^7n6 au 
、ch、iu、 you don t cleam up after 
you ; au^ (mw、 next, after, after- 
wards ; au^ pWi、 ^sa7igy a back 
wall and hill ; met.^ a dependence, 
something to rely on ; a"* itong 
( pwOy a second husband ; (m、k、aung、 
fimg last to bed but first 

up, to excel one though beginning 

after him ? o.hf? 、hini. t.^nh .n 'Ann 

(12) Auk. 

Bad, vicious, <lo]>ra\ ; 
wicked, cros^i, tierce ; \ ilo, 
() ugly, (l(""mu'd, unijra- 
古 u cious ; tillliy, co:u'sr, sor- 
E. did ; unfortunate, unlucky ; 
in file coll. hard, (liftlctilt, 
unpleasant to get ('n with, intract- 
able, perverse : hIso reiul (" :um1 
0》 q. V. : 力' w 人、 nyik^ perverse, re- 
fractory ; 、"Utig avk^ 、y"ng sieng"^ 
to conceal his vices ; md pr"daim 
his virtues ; com., ^^sek^ auh\ to 
commit suicide ; ^\ai(k^ seu^ fero- 
cious beasts ; 、、iul、 'kwi^ evil spir- 
its, vicious devils ; ^'^Jian/j wtk、 
cruel, tierce,\vicke<l; 'V'/A' 产", v> an 
evil disposition ; '''chop avk、 wick- 
edness, sin, evil ; 、、! mk、 nffiek\ ret- 
ribution for criuies (of a former 
state); ^^auk^ ^hhuf (nik\ ehamuj^ 
bad conduct, an e\ il oxumple ; 
auh、 t'tk^ iiuilice ; 《", !、、 pt? punish- 
ment of crime ; auk^ pid\ a fierce 
servant, who backs up his masU"'; 
COLL., i7iffai auk) wickedness ; 
auky ^ntm/^ bnd people ; auk) ^ma 
^kwang ^kaW Jm, a savage cat 
watches nine houses ― i. e., a 
fierce meddler ; auk. ch 'tix^ 'bi 
auk) fing tmo^ ; i tierce fellow of 
course meets another to toniuMit 
him ― a bad inau will :il ways find 
his match. 

Also road ok 、: tojri、'"s|), 
to catch ill tlie 1j:ukI ; to 
We hold, to gripe, to st'ize ; 
Wu: much as the palm will hold: 
Yo. auk)《cfi、ii" to.sliMke hands ; 
^chiong auk^ to hold in the 
palm of the hand. 

the devil falls ia the rear ― 
said jestingly, as to one coming 


As ill (uik^ ch、(mk、 to 
urge, to crowd ; to press, 
as the teeth against eftcU 

li^ 形 惡狀 

,獸 鬼, 

f 十惡 

惡 逆隱惡 

後 埕後乎 

後門 後堵 

9 o 

?後腿 ,廳 

後 世後代 




other ; ill the coll. diily, lilthy, \ \ rvalls; to whitONvasli ; ])l;ister ; an 
Jetile<l ; vile, in a moral sense : ji unplastorod ; to paiiit on 

、 avk、 cli、mk、 ('si, vory tiltliy ; *auk., •, plasUn', to oniaiiieiit :i w 

rh'ank, oh, or auk, ch、<iuk、 kid 
ineaniiess, low cunning ; 'awX', 
ch'ank, ^'t^'fotil avlialations ; met" 
auger, fury ; V'/ 人', ch'-ank, Weng, 
bud we.'itluT ; auk、 (:/*'"〃 人', f/d/*, 
auk、 ch、utd、 iP'iit gUf^a food, 
gross fat — Hlthy habits of eating. 

Also read oA;: a curtain, 
a screen ; :i larije tent, a 
niiiiviuec ; to protect, to 
8holter;an awning to screen 
from tlie sun ; '"^mi auk^ a 
clooor:it ed border ! it the top of c ur- 
tains ; \tu)n(j mk、 to liang up cur- 

Also read "l、、 . 
ing of' a cock : ' 


tllC (M'<)、V- 

、a"k、 mik\ 
chickens ; 








,、^^ To water, to irrigate ; 
mfC to bathe, to wet, to soften ; 
• 乂、〉 to oru'icli, to mollify ; to 
wash : usc«l for the coll. 
woh^(\. 、' . "ul、",w*w 仏 to 
wash the hands ; 、v? auk、 
to wash; met.^ to cleanse tlielieart; 
、kwa、"f anK\ to water plants. 

Also mid oiv to moisten, 
to bedew, to water, to 
cause to inci'euse or grow ; 
to oiividi wiLli favors ; to jj 、、編 。) aung 
fertilize ; to cover or daub ' • 
tliick ; sliiiiing, rich ; the 
noise of water : tek^ etn'ich- 
0*1, as witli fuvors ; ^tang^ 
to paint a deep red. 

Also road oTy、 •• to wasli 
with silver or gold ; to plate 
l);ise metal ; to overlay with 
tiner inetiil, as the orna- 
iuent8 of a harness. 

Different colored days ; 
Avliite or washed clay for 
cVockery ; t<> wjish or plas- 
ter mud or uiiplas tered 


the cacklinij of 
、、(xuk、 人 forcod 

(13) Aung. 
Au?ig\ A coll. word : to watch, 
to Jierd, to guard, to look 
after, to care for: a"vg、 ('h、U>、 to 
watch the house ; aurnf di^ek, to 
watch against thieves; auny^ no/i^ 
to guard anything ; ^mo ^ning 
awufno one to Vstitiih^auug^ pnng^ 
to watch with the sick ; 
iSidnr/ Jau^ to guard the city 
watch towers ; aung、 (mwonf/ tuk\ 
、k、mg p'ah) k'eiik^ sidh^ to guard 
the gate, drive away dogs, and 
beat beggars ― are a porter's 

The 1st read Jc^oag and 
hatm(/\ the 2nd rend Jieng; 
used for the coll. auw/ : 
a bamboo pole ; a pole, or 
support of wood : tlie 2nd 
used for the coll. -anff, 
hong、 and haun.g、 q. v. : 
a bamboo pole ; 
; ,wnff aufig* a pole for drying 
j clothes oil ; 、飞 iong) aung^ poles 
I for curt: 山 IS ; " aim.g^ (ch'a, a fork- 
: ed pole ; "aim{f 、niong, a limber 
1 pole ; ^^amiff siek^ the pole i8 bro- 
ji ken ; aiauf the beam from 

,i which a lantern is suspended. 
Aun(/\ A coll, word : to rub, to 
rub with the hand's: camg^ 
aung^ to rub with the hands ; 
avng^ Jiu, torn, tattered, :is the 
(Mids of worn sleeves ; aung^ 
to rub dry; aung^ eii^ to wear 
away by rubbing. 

衍折 燎桁 

9 o 

桁 if 親 〇 

竹 i 衣裳 


涯 澤渥丹 

o 1 

冼沃 灌沃 

8 9 

,幄 _沃3| 

天 f 幅 〇 

齪 氣齷齪 

齷離 智 麵 

pi 死 




(14) Cha. 1 

A raft, a float ; to inves- 1 
tigate, to examine, to in- j 
CJh'ii quh'e into ; to se?ircli, to 
' look for ; it appeavfl tliiit, 
bavini; investigated I find 
― used in official comnmnications: ; 
i(c 力 a hok^ to cast up officiul ac- 
counts ; COM., \cha 乂 V 厶、 to inves- 
tigate, to examine; \cAa ch、ak、 to 
examine^ to search ; \cha、ming、\x> 
examine and make clear; \cha cmg) \ 
to examine officially ; \cAa (ching, I 
to examine truly ; \pwang (cha、 ' 
a guard in charge of ;i post or ; 
gate ; ^sd^ ^cha^ to search diligent- 1 
ly ; fCAa, a police search ; j 

"jCAa ch-ok^ to find out, to dis- : 
cover; ^\cha y& Jcwang、 an officer 
who patrols the streets at ni^ht ; 
"<cAa ^chHng^ to make inquiries 
before settling a betrothal ; coll., 
、\cha mwong) to inquire about \ 
to investigate, to interrogate ; fiha 
tioh) to find out ; <cha tek、 ing、 
to examine rigidly ; ^eng fiha、 to 
pester, to annoy one with ques- 

Drift wood, a raft of 
timber ; a small skiff ; to 
fell trees, to hew wood. 


Name of a river ; resid- 
uum, refuse, grounds, sed- 
Ciia iineut, settlings, what re- 
' mains after expressing the 
juice : COM., " tChiong <cha、 
residuum of rice ground wet, set- 
tlings or impurities of starch ; 
、byoh) ^chcty the refuse of medicinal 
herbs :ifter steeping, a second de- 
coction of herbs ; coll., \cha 

Kcdiinents, scttlinjjs ; ^\vha 
c,?/o",/, reckless, beyond control ; 
confused, f a i 1 i n g , at* a matter 
qn;in eleil over ; o^to jtoh^ onti 

utterly falso, wholly without 
reality ; ^\ch(f ;/ /, con fused, disM t - 
ranged ; k、i''V" 、iU'} ^kldinj ^to /< /••; 
fCh" 《〃, t,m"»(i topsy-tui'vv V)v iIk; 
children ; '〜<7〃( (""Vsedimt'nt, ^>ctr 

5^ The first only is usorl iti 
Foochow : ;i small, ronnii, 
red fruit, with an 
-^^g taste, vesomhlii)g tho crub- 
^ apple ; it ^rows in Shan- 
tung, and IS much used for 
its acid : cOM.,^V^f?i^ 
-. - the name of this fruit ; 
'^\nang (cha、 a medicine 
^/||| prepared from sangcha ; 
Cha, \sang fiha Jc6^ suugcha 
jeHy ; ^sang fiha ^tong^ 
sangcha sweet-meats. 

Pimples on the nose, 
wine blotches ; pimples on 
the skin : 〜hiu 、cha、 wine 



Tlie 2d is an unauthor- 
ized character : to grasp, 
to clutch, to grab ; to hold 
or take firmly ; to work, 
as a bellows. 

' To put down the foot, 
to tread upon ; the sound 
of trampling ; to walk 

Also read chaJ" : a col- 
loquial, word used in the 
north : I, myself; the pro- 
noun I in the Peking dia- 

M0 酒敏 

s 楂? 

2 2 

來 液滓山 

s 藥 渣 

親 查飼幾 

1 夜官 ^ 

差查 查出 

9 ^ 

盤查 細杳 

查案 查眞 

5 6 

查察 查明 

一核 f 一 考 




Read 'ch6; coll. *cAa ; 
the n、"r"ing、 early, Roon; 
timely, formerly, anciently; 
iH^times, l)dbreliand, pre- 
^^^^ vioTisly ; just commenced : 
Tsao. 、、; ha or 'cha 、1H it'au, 
the nioniing ; 、、cha 《smff、 
(Hpokoii W〃7 Je'tg), a little while 
ngo ; \^i/fff tuitff 、'ha, this morn- 
ing ; 、'- ha ('"〃".'/, morning and 
evniintx ; V/〃/ pwowj^ early rice, 
breakfast ; *iUV 、、h"、 early, timely, 
already, ns a tliinjx already pre- 
pared ; 〜7/'if 1^〃';/, morning au- 
dience, given by officers ; 、hai} 
'('A〃, at :i f(»nner period ; ^cha 、k、i 
kau^ anff Worn morning till night ; 
aioh^ L''ai.h\ a little early ; 
,、chrt c/aV^ the morning market ; 
•、cha /nnd\ to g:i'm a literary 
deprree in youth ; 'cha sioh^ pioo^ 
a little earlier ; V/〃/ 、w(wg, ^si ka、 
pok\ "w"//, the (Mirrent prices dif- 
fer morning ami evening ; ^cha 
Jcu、ang、 or 'cha .t'tjig^ the harvest 
of the 6th moon ; ^cha ^rawong 
iteng^ or ^c/ia tiwoyig ^kwang^ the 
earl}" and latter liarvests, 

# Now, present, just now ; 
-^^|~^ quickly, sinldenly, hastily; 

fiist, lor a moment ; in 
udvertently, unexpectedly 
ill the coll. read cha^ q. v. 
、i、hn' ktenff to happen to see, just 
8eeii ; .,\'//(,> chciUf^ cha^ t'di) to ad- 
vance quickly, then suddenly re- 

Also ro:id fCAa : a severe 
disease, very sick ; a run 
ning ulcer : 、、cha) (aai, f 
swelling or ulcer on the 


« 今 

4 預 

8 早 

10 乍 




















jiIAa^ To decoivo, to rlieril, to" 
nnpose u\)ou ; artl'ul, tVnud- 
7,h【 ulent, deceit tnl, treacher- 
ous ; not real, illusory, tic- 
titiouK : 、\ha、u[jiou(f、 to 
lie, to Bpcak falsely ; "cha) ngoi^ 
fraudulent, deceitful, treacherous ; 
"cha、 ^nieu^ to plot, to beguile ; 
COM., cha、 cunning, tricky, 

as a rogue; 、\kang cha) false, 
lying, full of deceit ; "pi{mg、 ch<V 
changeful, tantalising, unreliable, 
Protens-like ; ^^lek^ eha^ to drive, 
to force, to extort from ; cmj.., 
、ng6 cha、 to extort, to levy black 
mail, as in yainuns. 

A sort of grasshopper ; 
one says a large locust, 
called 'V7ia' ^meng; *。i:'/ia, 
、sihig、 a species of cicada ; 
used for the coll. <Vq. v. 

Read c-haik) or chSnk^ 
in the dictionaries : press- 
ing, urgent ; to hasten, to 
drive, to force, to compel. 

As "cha) 、menff、 a small 
boat, a pinnace, a gig. 

An unauthorizefl charac- 
ter : to try in the fire ; to 
purify, as metals ; re- 

Used for the next : a 
wine-press ; to press or set 
arate spirits: in the coll. 
read 《") q. v. : 〜hiu cha, 
a wine-press, a wine-vut. 

An oil-presR ; a sugar- 
press ; to press or o\ tract 
juices : iiu cha' an oil-press. 

A coll. word : crushed, 
bruised, flattened, as a peg 

ift 勒詐 

巧詐 奸 S 

¥ f ¥ 瞎 i 霍 




driven but not entering : 、chHu 
Ic^eOk, noh, mo' chiC the hand 
crushed by a blow ; cha' 
bruised by something falling on 




A loud Bonnd, a rude 

Read (; cAa in the Paik^ 
Jn/j in the sense of crook- 
ed, irregular teeth : coll., 
\ma iCha、 to insist un- 
reasonably ; fretful, troub- 
* Cha. lesome, as a child ; con- 
fused, indistinct ; c'fu^ (sfd 
chen(f* (? jC'^«, the words 
written very confusedly. 

I Cha. A ooll. word : clamor, 
confusion ; to disturb by 
noise: jcAa 、cha kieii clamor, con- 
fused Koituds, uproar ; ^cha icha 
nauny) confused by noise ; k^'euk^ 
J. ^cha nauuff, W> my mind all 
cou fused by him. 

( Cha. A coll. word ; to fry in 
fat or vGi^e table oil : pony" 
ih{ ^Id icha, fry it in oil ; 【c/4« (sm 
^m tioh^ I'ry it crisp. 

# 丄, Read cha^: used in the 
'^lH. Paik, ,1)1(1 for the coll. 
cha} as iu p6^ cha* now, 
■ just now, for the first time ; 
unexpectedly ; p6* cha) 
fii&ng, hear it now for the first 
time ; p6) cha' ch、eny、 ch''eng' (si 
^n'cjHj, p6^ cha^ po) Jc、i hd* iUmg-, 
u sudden cold freezes people to 
death, (so) one suddenly rich im- 
poses ou otlicrs. 



A school ; to abstain 
from animal food, vegeta- 
ble diet ; to revere, to re- 
spect ; pure, reverential, 
serious ; a closet : the Ist 
also read (chai, q. v. •• 
hai、 to abstain from ani- 
mal food, and vicious indulgence ; 
COM., \chv, (cM, a school, a school- 
room ; *ka) (chA, to teach school ; 
"siong^ fihd, to enter the school ; 
\chd ,kic, rules of the school ', 
\chd Hu、 or \tcn(/ (cM, school- 
mates; \k''wi,chd,to open a school; 
\ch(i 'siiy a study ; "sang、. (chd, 
to discontinue a school ; ^\nan(j 
/;A4, a boys' school ; "'rm ,chu, a 
gil ls' school ; '\chd Jcung, one in 
charge of a temple, a kind of lay- 
priest ; '\chd (應, a priestess, 
one who recites prayers iu houses 
and in Kwanyiti teraples ; coll., 
' W (chd, to be a school-teacher ; 
" Ji'/wong 、mw(my ,chd, a private 
school ; '\kwonr/ fihd, or jkong 
tcM, to make oflerings in school 
to Confucius iu the 4th moon; 
"sWii itQ7u/ .cha, a - vegetarian ; 
^'sidh, ,hwa ,chd, a partial vege- 
tarian ; "sWii 'cha 、chd、 to abstaiii 
from meat at breakfast ; "fCAa 
ch、ai、 a vegetable offering to the 
idols, vegetable diet ; fiha 'k'e or 
(cM 'kHy the mischief - maker of a 

. The last two are unau- 
J thovized, but are commonly 
' used ill Foochow : sweet 
cakes made of rice or wheat 
flour, stufled with sugar 
and glutinous rice ― olfer- 
ed to ghosts ― i. e., spirits 
of the wretched dead, as 

早齋, 菜 

愤 花齋似 


關門 Ml* 

,00 坐<^ 

r 齋 p 規^ 




lepers, begi^ars, <fcc.: &o., com., 
\chd ? J 07》 仏 a meal of cakes for 
ghosts ; '^niilnff^ fihd^ wheaten 
cakes ; hwa) ^o/id^ to offer cukes ; 
COLL., \pio(mg ^chd^ to distribnto 
the cakes after offering them in 
worship ; tJcwi ^chHong (oW, the 
(Spirits snatch the cakcH ; 霞 t.、 
avarice, greed ; ^miyiy ^tau ^chd^ 
large and small cakes for ghosts ; 
^cfid auff stuffiug of the ^chd 

The first is more com- 
monly used : to climb, to 
climb up high ; to usceud, 
to go up, as btairs, to go 
uloft ; to mount up a steei* 
Chi. bill ; to rise, as vapor; a 
rainbow : \f,cin[/ ^chdy to 
up ; ^hti、 to ascend, to 
high ; 、to"(/、 to ascend 


go UJ) 

to the 

fc3H Also road ^ehd •• the n;i- 

""! -, 八 /"»,》♦ .-\^ "、,",、 • 1 lO/ Wl 

fcl ; to cut off oven : used 
Jr^} for the coll. iSai, q. v. : ,"& 
1' jcAdy to bito lliu navel ; 
? nct.y to attempt iinpossi- 
biUtiea ; \c/iu taV the lunbilical 
cord ; 'tvDaiuj^ fihd^ to cut the um- 
bilical cord. 

Angry, vexed, nuragod ; 
suspicious, e II V i o II s ; to 
doubt : i"cC/id 、n(fi、 HUti- 




To take or seud a preK- 
cut ; to j)ruscnt to, lo oiler ; 
to dispatob, as documents ; 
to send up, us to a supe- 
rior ; the first chavactcr nl- 
— <TLi. t:0 meaiiB to leave, to sup- 
ply the necesfturicH for a 
journey ; a tsij^h : ^\chd to 
hand in to : ^'\chHng to do 



liver in pertio" ; ,chd soug^ to scud, 
as a present ; ^^^chd chieiC Jcwang, 
a bcarcT of official dispatches. 

A maggot : 1 V" ^ohdy 
the larva) of a beetle, loug 
white grnl)s that cat trees ; 
、\chd ^ch6^ maggots iu or- 

A sort of k'ck ; to pre 
pare aiiA compound ; to 
mix, to blcTid ; to make 
(lisbcy of vegetaliles, Iho 
poor do ; compounded, 
mixed ; to compare, aH opinions : 
^"kwo^ tCkd、 to bloud in due pro- 
portions, as spiccy. 
wf^^ To taste, to sij) ; to Avefc 
Upy the lips : 、\cM itu/ai^ to 
( cv laugh. Read ^chd: o plaint- 
' ' ivc sound, aB of' birds. 

A class, a fjroup, a novt, 
a company ; persons of the 
•£^7 same class ; aJso used as 
the plural first personal 
pronoun; 、\penfj (cM, 
friends; ^\ngu ^ehd^ we,us;'"fc<wm/ 
^chdy associates ; ^\chd ^nyeu^ 
crouies, fellows. 

Rain ceasing ; the clouds 
yiiiS^ passiu^i? and the blue sky 
appearing: 、\chinfj (c/ui, the 
1* sky clearing; '、i 口 wofi、 
'chd^ a In iglit moon ; ^\k^ai 
'chdy the cloiula rolling away, 
showing the clear sky. 

Cress, Hheplicrd's purse , 
a term for 8mall csoulout 
Chi plants, as crctss, pepper- 
1' grasB, mint, i&c. 
<T^53 To reap grain ; a hand 
ful of rice just cut ; to put 
ufr^ it tor^ethor, to hind into 

p 偶 蜜 


滑筵 $4 情 




To placp, to (Spread out ; 
to push, to puali over ; to 
C'lii upsot ; to press upon, to 
crowd : \ pai 、cM, to preKi* 
against ; met., to Blander ; 
COM., 、iO,ng、 ^chd^ to elbow, 
to push, as a crowd. 

To bite, to gnaw ; in tlio 
Paik、 Jng、 the teeth un- 
even or irregular : coll., 
'chd, a little more so, 
adding to, increasing, as a 
danger or risk ; iC/ia 'chd siohj 
tek-, 'kidnff c/ieu* HS, press a little 
harder and it will fall, as a bank 
when a run in made on it for specie. 

A thin fish, with a sil- 
very body and a purplish 
( tail, a mullet : jxik^ '^chd, a 
greenish mullet, Mugil ven- 
tricoaus;; (met '^chd, a kind of 
ancliovy, Coilia playfairii. 
( Chd. A coll. word, as in 'c/id 
【cM H<2u、 garrulous, loqua- 
cious, talkative ; ^chd 'chd 、m(>、 a 
garrulous old woman. 
' Chd. A coll. word : to wrench 
the foot: '■chd fWai, to 
twist, to wrench ; (cM p^wai^ or 
^chd jmuk, to burst (as a shoe) 
when you step awry. 

To go over, to cross 
over, to ferry one over a 
stream ; to assist, to aid, 
to succor ; to give films ; 
to make successful, to ef- 
fect., to bring aV)Out ; able, capable, 
I'.lftvor : "i" chcC can be done, prac- 
ticable; ''<.'hd\ch'-io'ng, io crossover 
.1 w'fUiT ; \hA\w(j^ to ferry porsons 
over ; COM., 'sit'S, cMO to give alms ; 
'"kctC ch<V to relieve, to wave ; 
*>,、h.iw chd' or 、chinff chd^ io relieve 
by alms ; ^"chd* sW to aid people ; 


"c/fi' seii^ a business comploted ; 
COLL., c/id^ fSenf/ itid* 'pa sem/^ kivd' 
wcd、 ^niai, even inadequate relief 
to the living is bettor than bury- 
ing them alive. Read ^chd : a river 
in SLaiitiuig. 

w^cr* A coll. character, found 
in the Faik^ Jng: a spe- 
' cies of hemp (Bahmeria 
tcnacissitna) from the fiber 
of which the grass-cloth is 
made : chd' (lonff, a tunic or shirt 
of grass-cloth ; "chd* k^o' grass- 
cloth trowHcrs ; "c/t^i' pwo' grass- 
cloth ; chd' garments of grasR- 
cloth ; "cM) tioiig) grass - cloth 
curtains ; (M'm cM) coarse grass- 
cloth ; '"chek^chd' to weave grass- 
cloth ; "paf" chd、 、mng, a white 
grass-cloth robe ; ^\kong ^sd chd' 
Kiaugsi grass - cloth ; chd' 
?iaun[/' in a snarl like tangled 
hempen fibers, as business or af 

-jAif Even, level, plain sur- 
/jM>> face, regular, ilat, equal, 
{ uniform ; to equalize, to 
■ tranquilizc ; to respect, 
decorous, correct ; at once, 
all together ; to adjust, to classify, 
to place in onlcr, to arrange, to 
make even ; quick, smart ; good ; 
to discriminate ; an anciout feudal 
state, comprising that part ofShan- 
tuug east of T'ai Shan ; tho 210th 
radical : also read ^c/tai and (cM, 
q. v.: '\chd iWi, husband and 
wife grown old together ; ' 
lik、 to work together ; com., 
'""•cfdny 么 handsome, well clroyH- 
cd ; to march in regular order like 
soldierH ; ^\chd ^clim(/y prettily 
dressed, arranged with ut*atness ; 
'""7"; ic/dmff, all, ontire, all pres- 
ent ; '" f/:hA ngip to consult 

齊 全齊譴 

00 齊力 

一, isin 磯 

i 總布 鏑 

賙 濟濟世 

施濟 敉濟 

濟 川濟人 

5 6 

,s ,濟 

; I, 擠 


toijother ; \ch6. to (govern a 
family ; '^^rhd ^ka ti) kwok\ to har- 
monize the family nnd govern tlic 
empire ; 、cM 、h()、 both d^ing well ; 
COLL., ^chd /t' (? to go together or in 
company ; 77twoi^ ; ch(i、 not yet as- 
sembled, as a company ; ^chci ^chd^ 
together, ready, in company ; 
^chd ch6、 ^chd siilh^ to work and 
eat in common ; ^chd m 厶 h、 chHm、 
lot us all uot laugh ! fih^ sWi^ 
sphd eat and enjoy it togeth- 
er; united iu getting gain. 

J Chd, A coll. word, a^i" in 、ehd 
siek^ to suap asunder, to 
break ; ^ckd l6i、 、ton 口、 to break iu 

^*2|l- To pare, to trim, to make 
^^Ij even, toe(juulize ; to divide, 
^ to apportion, to adjust ; to 
compound, as racdiciue ; a 
dose, a recipe ; used iu the 
coll. for dough ; met., duH, stupid, 
unlucky : \ticu cAcP to conipoui"! 
medicines ; '*^o/f^ cAd^ a dose of 
medicino ; colt", e/id^ tio!" 夕 
the dough must be kneaded ; 7mt. 
you are soft, unsophisticated ; 
chcV tek、 "lenfj, incorrigibly dull, 
always imposed on. Read 、hd, as 
in ^che^ (ch/t, a bond such as c:m 
be divided and one part retainud 
as evidence ; \tieu (t'/«i, to regu- 
late, to settle. 



Read cho^; coll. cha't^ 


HjfJ as in \2mif/ chat^ to help, 
to aid, to assist, to succor ; 
^cAat* lik^ to aid witli 
strength ; \^ha& 'nu^ to 
help yon ; cha& ^ngwai (or ym,) 
belp uie! ^^chat^ ch^oP to back one 
in talking ; "chai? ^yUnr/^ to aid iu 

ovorcoinini; ; chac ^v 'aig^ to as- 
sist people ; cha'i^ sioh^ Ibthj^ to 
aid with a company ; to liclp in a 
fight ; (sovf/ chai^ to assist each 

(17) Chaek. 
Chaek^ . A coll. word, as in iCko 
chaik、 a sense of emptiness 
or indigestion, as from eating 
bamboo-sprouts, etc. 

(IS) ChaGn"'. 

Three cornered dump- 
lings of glutinous rice, done 
. J up in leaves: COLL., 
! nioh^ leaves for wrapping 
dumplings ; ^^^chicmj 、mv 化 
Tsung. chain (f pointed (lump- 

ox-head shaped dumplings ; ^kvn 

chaaiif^ to wrap aud make up 


(19) Chah. 

Road chaik、 in the die- 

tiomiies : narrow, strait, 

p,v . small, diminutive : com- 
Chai. ' , V ' 

TsC'. pressed ; groveling, mean, 

narrow - minded : 、'一 ch(fh、 
^sicii^t narrow and small j 
" chah) &en〃)anan'ow patli,alaiie; 
COM., ^''chah^ ^wo' uanow cotton- 
cloth ; ^vuoo7tg dial" the door nar- 
row ; te^ chah^ contracted ground, 
a small plat ; a clclilc ; ^7o^ lioru/^ 
chah, exacting, illiWral ; coll.^ 
tio^ chahy the vond narrow ; ^^chah^ 
hek^ or chaf" kek^ much contract- 
ed ; 'Wicz/" ^sie i?m', a trifle nar- 
row ; chah^ chah、 ch<7 to do bus- 
iness on a yruall scale ; chah^ tek、 
、htnf/、 extremely contracted. 
MHz Read chaif" in the dic- 
Ar^ tiouarie^s ; like the last: a 
> quiver ; coilinj;^ of the roof ; 
" to hasten out ; to press ; to 

|f 些微 〇 

|WP 、,量 

p 葉 尾 


助力& £3 

調劑 帮助 

藥劑 i 

治國 ,劑 

齊家 齊家 

1 CS 





tattoo, or brand, as a punishment : 
、chah、 ^chi^7ici^ an ancient name 
of coin. 

"TiT^ Read chaik) in the dic- 
11^ tionaviea: oblique, inclined, 
Ohai ^ slanting, leaning ; name of 
Ghua: the six deflected tones : 
TsC'. COM., \ ping chah、 tSi&ng、 
the even and the oblique 
tones, all the tones of the Foochow 
dialect ; ^chah^ (sidng, the six de- 
flected tones. 

Read chek^ ; used for 
the coll. chah, as in VAaA> 
sidn.g) to pick apart and 
make into threads ; ^chah^ 
ch6^ to prepare the fiber 
for weaving grass-doth. 

Chah^. A coll. word: to slander, 
to defame : chah^ ^ ? ie?if/^ 
to slander people ; chah^ k'd^ or 
chah^ (i ch'ok, to slander him out 
of his place. 

Chah》 . A coll. word : to throw 
down, to pitch, as cash: 
chah) ^hiht 仏 to pitch or throw 
<iash so as to knock other cash out 
of a square ― a game ; chah^ tHek^ 
to pitch nails instead of 
cash ; chak^ ^ang Uaek^ to pitch 
clam shells. 

<20) Chdh. 

CMhi . A coll. word : sloppy : 
lang、 chdh^ chdh^ wet un- 
der foot, sloppy, plashy, 

<21) Chai. 

-|*|\ An interjection of praise 
'qI/ or surprise ; an interrog- 
^ T^ai ative particle, intimating 
' doubt or conviction, ac- 
cording to scope ; a super- 

lative ; a particle ]>laml uftor im- 
portant words lo dnuv nttontion, 
bat the regimoii alters its moan- 
ing ; to begin, to burst iovt\ 
plants in tlic spnnt; : ? hai ^seruf 
、min(j、 new moon of the 3d night ; 
'^ta^ tChai、 ol», how great! ^^ai 
、chui, alas ! \AJ Hu ^cfuti^ how is 
it 80? ^ang cha'i} 《chui、 where is 
it ? (Chai f serif/ p^aek^ the moon on 
the IGth, just after tho full. 

To cultivate, to plant, to 
tend, to raise ; to set Out 
plants or sapiing« ; to hill, 
to heap enrth at the roots ; 
a sapling ; to assist : '\chai 
sik^ to set out plants, to 
plant and tena ; com., 
^\chai JivKf、 to cultivate flowers ; 
fihai ch、U、 to raise veg(»tal)!es; 

to manure, to enrich live soil ; 
H fihai 5 can improve him* 
Read chctV: long plauks lor build- 
iag earth walls. 

The first two are most 
Jf^ used ; natural calamities, 
as floods and droughts ; 
divine jiwJgm^nts, ])lag\ies, 
miseries, niisfortmios, 
dangers ; adverse, calami- 
tous, uiifortunate : com., ' 
"(chai hwo^ or ^chrn ,yw?//, 
calamities ; 、\chcd 
troubles, misfortunes ; 
{Chui, divine iiittio- 
tions ; tchwi ^chai^ lk)ods, 
inundations ; ^^^h/m (ehai, conflagra- 
tions; 、\ch6tChai, to meet calamity; 

iCkai, to avoid calamities ; 
〜ieu fihai ""ti aik^ to diininU^h 
afflictions ami remove troublcb ; 
i、yon- iChai, sacrifices to avert 

解厄 I. 機災 

1 災^ 災 

災 災 

栽 培災鱗 

3 4 

^ 栽 to 

哀 哉何有 

6 9 

生明 大哉 



聲 %遷 




misfortune; \(7if/^ ,rhai^ a drought; 
COM,., ,c/un hivo^ ^Vie/u/ siony^ Ji, 
judgments are from heaven. 

To restrain, to purify 
one's sell, as wlieii about to 
perform rolipous ceremo- 
nies ; to abstain from eat- 
ing llosb ; to reverence ; 
docorouH ; to chasten one's 
desires : tlie 1st aho read 
、chd and ^chu^ and tlie 2(i also 
rend 《ch(i, q. v. : \ch<ji kmg^ to 
abstain and revere, as in worship ; 
fihai wiing、 to purify by absti- 
nence; ^^cJiai Ick^ cautious, pru- 
dent ; COM., ^(Chai kai^ nwk^ uA\to 
fast, abstain from vice, and per- 
form ablutions. 

、GhaL A coll. word, as in (chai 
Jca'ek, to perceive, to notice, 
conscious of ; 7u/ ^chai kaek^ not 
to be aware of. 

( (S • To govern, to nile» to 
S^, superintend ; to fashion to 
one'rt liking ; a ruler, u head 
man, a governor ; to butch- 
er, to skin and dress ani- 
iii.ils ; to cook : ^'ehfti tt^ to gov- 
ern ; 。?" ? W""', in aiuMcnt 
times the highest officer in tlie 
empire ; ^ka 'chaiy a steward ; ^ek^ 
^ehai^ a district magistrate ; xiio 
、chai、 a butcher, a jiook ; ^chai 
safe) to kill ; 、cfwi ka.k\ to slice 
mcjit ; "nk^ ^chai ,keng ^ngiu, kill 
not the ox that ploughs ; com., 
"chai siong^ a prime minister ; 
〜hd tchai, (coll. VA/o 、、'hai)、 a 
ruler ; the governing power, the 
mind ; coll., ^c/uti su^k/ pok^ US 
、h6 ^t^anr/ iSuny^ a preuvier's ca- 
pacity big enough to pole a boat; 

I 早 3 齊沐 f 象 S 勿 》 宰" 手 指 紙 IS 五 
災慄洛 宰宰相 裙 13 烹 15 流 聨 色 

m 實宰 7 邑 耕 1" 主 1 汁 m 目" 紙 紙 
S 戒治 宰牛宰 一"汁 滓 坊 1^ 氏 


?nef.y a person of great forbear- 
aiuic and niagnauimity. 

( t 1^ Read 'chi ; coll. ^c/tai ; 
J^llt a finger, a toe: ^^^c/i^Iu^c/iaiy 

the lingers ; <A"a 、cha" 
' the toes ; twai} ^tn6 、chai、 

or tttai^ ^vi6 、hai, the 
thumb ; Jcik kaik, 、hai、 the fore- 
finger ; tai\tOH</^chai^ the middle 
finger; ^moimidng 'cAai,the fourth 
finger; ^mwt ^chai^ the little linger ; 
^chHu ^ehai (mit);, tip of the linger ; 
^^sek^ ek、 (cAm', a double-thuinbcd 
person ; sek^ ek) 、chai H'^S ^peng 
lUgiCy "the double-thumbed cheap- 
en thin<:;s" ― said of any one who 
haggles about prices. 

To boil, to cook, to pre- 
pare food : ^\p^cnff 、chai, 
rfj^^ to prepare food. 

( \i^t^ Residuum, sediiiient; ref- 
"^J^H u^^e, d r e ^ K ; j>recipit;ite : 
r^T^ "chaik^^ ^chai^ sediment of 
z • liquids ; coll., 7)i'ek^ "^chai^ 
or mcl\ 'chaiy tears ; 、\ktu 
7nek^ ^chaiy to shed tears ; nick^ 
、chai ^chH&7\g ^tu iVid^ not n tear. 

《 Read 'chi in the diction- 
^yi" aries : paper ; a document, 
Jhij^ a writing : com., 〜hui 
" • Jitng、 narrow charts or 
scrolls ; "、chai Jiwong, or 
、(、hai taing' a paper shop ; 、""、ngu 
naik^ 、hai、 live ports of colored 
p:i!)er, variegatc<l paper ; ^^'chai 
])eh\ stationery ; '"、、chui (i, paper 
witli tigures of cloth— on it, 
burnt in worship as offerings ; 
'"'chai ?/c?^^apapor kite; "cA6^ ^hai^ 
written or priuted paper ; 
sek\ ch^ (t'Aosi, to revere lettered 
paper ; ^chai ^ p^wi^ pasteboard ; 

箏" 紙" 敬 

m 鶴 惜 

衣" 字 字 

〇 m 紙 




\p6 M 'chat, transparent paper ; 
'chai Hd, paper Bolea ; "chai ^punrj, 
a paper manufactory or storing 
room ; "^chai itei/j paper shavings ; 
'chai 5《'a?/, selvedge of paper ; 
'chai ,pauy done up in papor ; 
、 Jcing ,chai, common writing pa- 
per ; 、Jcv)onfj A'*"i"》 ^chaiy a su- 
perior quality of paper ; 7iffwol、 
kaJc) tchai、 wrapping paper ; b、ch、6 
、hai, or fihhi ^chai^ coarse paper ; 
叭 chai ^mrn^ (coll. 'chat ^htng)^ a 
paper match or lighter ; ,'t7tai 
ichihif/, aud ^ehieng (chai, two 
sorts of imitation money paper, 
as burnt in worship, scattered in 
funeral processions and placed at 
graves ; \ing ^chingpdh^ ^il ^chai^ 
mau*6 feelings are as thin as paper ; 
《chai ^chHcng^ a ticket, a label ; 
COLL., Wmi, note or letter 

paper ; 、"kah、 ^ngang ^chai^ or 、ka 
Hang 、chai、 paper ruled in small 
squares ; ^chai ji6、 or 、chai tf'ok^ 
paper things, as burnt in worship 
or for toys, transparencies, etc. ; 
'chai [kwi fiiong^ a few sheets of 
paper ; how many t^hects ? 、chui 
《n(/idng、 paper tapers, aa dipped 
ill oil aud lighted ; ^chai "^ngimy 
,tmg^ p^per thongs, as used in- 
stead of thread to bind books ; 
' (,hai ch6) JoMf/ it6^ a railing made 
of paper ― no means of support. 

A year; to commence, 
as after a full revolution : 
also read chai ^ q. v.: 
^\nieng ^cAai,aycar; coll., 
sioh^ ^7deng pwang) ^chai^ 
a year or half of a year; ^sang ^nieng 
ngo^ 、chai、 from three to five years. 

To contain, to hold, an a 
carriage or ship ; to fill in, 
Tsai to load on, to bear, to sus- 


tain ; to act, to do, to fulfill, to 
eflect ; to record; to adoru, 
to beautify ; to load in and truns- 
,ort ; wntteo, rocordcd ; filled, 
oaded ; an auxiliary Avord, then, 
tlierc upon ; an incnlculably high 
number : also read ^cluii^ <]. v. : 
COAT., "A'c' chaV to record ; chaV 
cJV'nh^ to enter in a ropister or of- 
ficial list ; chaV //w,t/ to keop ac- 
countH or records ; "(aw ihaV 
what is recorded ; run, < /'〃/、 
it 18 recorded ; cha 'C Uk, bearable, 
allowable ; better ; c k<ii^ Uk^ 
"^H、 can bear it, as to buy that 
araount ; chai Vi6} cau't bear 
it, unable, as to expense. 


Again, doubled ; to re- 
peat, a secoud time ; then, 
Tsai further, continued : "che、 

chai) che、 ^sang^ two or 
three times, repeatedly ; 
COM.,' VAa? ^kong^ to say or explain 
again; ^^^chafch^'eu? to take a second 
wife ; ^''chaV Ara) to bo married a 
second timo, as a widow ; ^^chaV 
paP repeated compliments ; 、Achai、 
^m^ffj to revive, as when near 
death ; regeneration ; coll., chaV 
iSmig^ to sprout again ; also upcd for 
a new spiritual birth, regeneration ; 
chai、 Ji、 to conic again ; chai> 
^sayiff chai^ se^ three or four times ; 
ckai^ Ji'^vHing ^kwi nik、 to extend 
the time a few days ; chaf chHong、 
7i(/^ se》 、chi& <si&uf/, if I speak to 
you again it will not be in that 
tone ! ― Bdid to a stubborn child. 

A coll. character, found 
in the Paik、 ^Tny : to stow 
away, as in a nhip ; the 
cargo or loadinpj of a bout, 
termed saV in the coll. : the ton- 

再拜 再生 

1 至三 

所載 ^ ^-^ 

博 如紙枇 

京統 〇 

玻 潔紙紙 

1 2 



nage or capacity of a vessel ; to 
roconl, "contains such an amount, 
_a term ustni on the backs of 
b:"ik bills : 、ch(d' hwo' to receive 
cargo, as a ship. 

To beur ! i bnrden, to 
owe;, a debt ; freight or 
- .- ])a?siiffe money: com., 
Cl'ai ''/c'icn)/' c h a V to be in 
debt ; ,("' chaV to pay 
one's debts; \chieng chaV 
money debts ; \su chaV private 
debts ; "Ao' chap 'chil 、hwang、 the 
son pays the fvttliev's debts ; "i'o 
chai' to collect dues ; \sung chaV 
fare, freight ; chuV 'mwi^ balance 
of a debt ; chaP '? wan/;, "the debt 
fully paid or canceled"— toils and 
troubles all p'.ist ; coll., \teng 
eJutV to ])ay a debt ; chai' md' ho* 
(uves notliing; '"chioh, chai^ . to 
borrow money ; ,l;u 、h'j chaV debts 
due a leper— 6T?7., must be paid ; 
kHhuf chaV wo'xf 、ch(d 'chio, 
the debtor hates the creditor ; 
c/uii' 'mivi ko' vmo'i、 H'-o o 議仏 
you have not yt't ^ot the bahncc ! 
― said to a mischievous child; 'nu 
n</ ^siu chap you'll not pay your 
(Vcl)ts ― you arc im filial! 

Chu . A coll. word, as in {>«c> 
J^ai did I' contracted iuto 
chat' (ulso spoken (画 chai、 
or (<n'), a pcradvcnture, per- 
haps, uiicertaiu. 

I - jNIatorinlH, stuff, or the 
Jt 8n1>staiK'e of things, for 
; ' winch the next is also 
usod ; :\bility, capacity, tal- 
ouis, intelligence ; eudow- 
.nu'iits, oeiiius, i(\ils ; a person ; a 
i^iaduaic ; '\chai tieti' gifted; 
cchai, mediocrity; icha" 


largely endoAVcd with capacity ; 
adept ; "(sany ^cfuti, tlic tlircc 
powers, heaven, earth, and man ; 
'V'c, iChaiy arrogant, conceited ; 
、ehai hok^ learned ; com., '\chai 
【wew|/, or ^\chai f^ddnf/, ability, 
capacity, tak'iit ; ""k'eu 、chai、 elo- 
quence, fluency ; ^tHbig 【c/"/i, na- 
tive talent, natural endowment ; 
"seu) iC/iai, (coll. seu' ichoi、、 a 
Siutsai, graduate of the first 
degree ― A. B. ; jww// iChai, liter- 
ary talent ; jwk^ tchai、 stupid ; 
^nii ichai、 surplus talent ; met.,, a 
deferred Siutsar j ,c^ai chuo1c、 in- 
ferior talent. 

It Woocf, tiniber, lumber ; 
/^X materials of which tilings 
t ' f are made, stuff ; nature, 
Ts qualities: ^\chai lUjiP skill- 
ed art ; a trade, an occu- 
pation ; iChai mu\ wood, timber, 
lumber ; JAong ^chai^ good stuff ; 
met, genius,' integrity ; sanff' 
^chaiy poor stuff; com., ,:hai laia^ 
stuff, building materials ; mcL,. 
capability, accomplislimeuts ; icA«ii 
Jew 霸 the guards of an officer's 
sedan'; ,t6 ^chai ,t6 ngie^ very 
capable or vcrsatik. 

J Chai. A coll, word, as in 、cha.i 
^kwi 【《'!"•, strike him a few 
btows ; iChai sioh^ taimg、 give- 
bim a beating, 
tt I Wealth, goods, property^ 
nX' money, funds, possessions ;. 
whatever men can use ; prof- 
its; bribes ; presents : cou.y 
tfi'ai. jc/tai,wealth; tcAai'/»o, rich- 
es ; ichai iwouf/, a wcalLby 
person; taik, \chai, to get gain,, 
tu succeed in a venture ; 、"iwak、 
1 tC.hai、 to become weultby ; ichai 

錢財 發 

o 1 


6 7 

三 才恃才 

小 才多才 


to 'I 


CHAIK. 55 

^tunffj a capitalist; ichai k、d good 
luck ; fhhn ichai, to amass wealth ; 
ichai isinfj^ god of wealth, I*lu- 
tus; 、pok、 7igie- ichieng icha7\ -wa- 
ges of unrighteousness; ^hainff- 
ichaiy sudden wealth; ichai^ 
to lose riches; ^^Ing ichai sek、 
7}gie- to lose your integrity for 
Dioncy; ichai Hd, complimentary 
gifts to the bride before raarriage ; 
ichai ^6 fShig yoh. rich but intirin ; 
COLL., k'ang^ ichai £nw, a slave 
amassing riches; met" to toil for 
the benefit of others; ^cliai ^chio^ 
a inan of wealth; im6 ichai (kwi、 
you beggar ! ichai fSing chaunrf 
securely rich. 

A ravenous beast, a lynx, 
a Avolf : road ich、ai in coll. 

Cl^aT q. V': doug, a wolf; 

• ichai (sing, a wolf's howl; 
meL、 fierce speech ; ^ichai 
dong ^ong to- the wolf on the 
road ; met., an oppressive ruler. 

A- To be in, to pertain to, 
/f-l-* to be at; to reside, to re- 
^^"j ^ main, to live, to dwell at 

' to belong to, to consist in 
involved in, depending on 
to be preserved or to continue ; ex 
istlng, being alive; in, is in, at; to 
examine ; a place, a home ; used in 
coll. for as, according to, as you 
phase :\'/iaP sek^ancimtly ; ,chai)- 
sek^ in the house, at home; 
pok、 chai- or m Hu pok、 chai 、- om- 
nipresent; chcd\king, the present; 
(kht chai' to live long in a place ; 
COM., ^chai^ peng、 living; chai) 
Jca, in the house ; ^ang chai^ 
where is he ! hence absent, gone, 
dead; ^^cheii^ chai- quiet, peace- 
ful; 《su chai- a place ; chaP 
ngwot' besides, surplus ; chai- 

kimg^ to witness, to attest, a wit- 
ness ; chai- ichicng^ before in timo 
or place ; coll., chai' Jca fliHmg 
7 tiki ^ho ch^'oky tio- 2Mcmgi Jim 
mci7ig, at home, for a thousand 
days you have comfort, abroad, 
even for half a day you have 
trouble ; chai- hiU^ as you please; 
7i(/- chai} regardless of, indiffer- 
ent to ; ^nng chai^ He Hd, to lean 
against a chair. 

Also read saP; coll. 
chai} : a stockade, a pali- 
(Jhai , sade ; an encampment ; a 
' stockaded village ; a forti- 
fied place ; a sheep-pen : 
^'^ch^eJa chai- a rendezvous for 
thieves ; ^^chai^ 、chio, chief of the 
band; "miong ^chil chai)- a strong- 
ly fortified place in Changpwo 
district, Chiongchiu prefecture, 
Fookien ; " 《a7ig chai- a forti- 
fied mountain retreat ; "chai 嵬 
(chio it^aii tai) i£- J<ie sm 么 the 
robber chief wears pheasant's 
feathers on his head ! as scouting 
the idea of being rich ― a play ou 
the words chai^ (<?/"•。 and u^hai 

A fabulous feline animal 
usually called " hcd 飞 chai}; 
C^hfii its figure is embroidered ou 
' the robes of censors as in- 
dicating discrimination: al- 
so road Hi, as in poems, for the 
sake of rhythm. 

(22) Chaik. 

A rule, a pattern, a law, 
M IJ an ordinance ; a principle ; 
t^^^ ) a standard, a measure by 
• which to test an act; to 
obey, to imitate, to con- 
form to ; an illative particle, where- 

f 寨 P 主 

主, 子騫 

在 Mi 騫, 

生 安在自 


g 無不在 5^ 

在 昔在室 

謝 狼赏道 

失 義豺狼 

ft 財 P 財 

26 CHAIK. 


fore, immediately, then ; a condi- 
tional particle, after that, in that 
case ; therefore, next, conscquciitr 
ly : ^hwaky chalky a pattern, an 
example ; \t'ien{/ ha-' chalky an 
example for the whole Avorld ; 
\t'ie?i(/ chaiky the hcnvenly model, 
as the rules of virtue in the class- 
ics; sonf/^ td* (dd chaiky models 
of government for imitation ; com" 
^chaiky iki JtUng, the just medium; 
^chitng chaiky a model, au ex- 

A largo, 】iigh mountain : 
lih. chatL\ Jnwf/^ tlie liigh- 
TsS ) est peak of a momitaiu. 

/tf|l Jieadch^aiky; coW.chailcy: 
1 日 II &chaiJc) 《sin(/, the person iu- 
dined, side wise; chaiky 
' ^ing k^aiuuf to sleq> on 
one side ; chaik、 ^slwj soi- 
or chaiky cPi<^^^g s6P to sit side- 


_ To reprove, toreprimand, 
to blame ; to punish, to fine ; 
、 to sustain, to be responsi- 
ble for, to have charge of ; 
to lay a weight on, to im- 
pose responsibility ; to ask, to de- 
mand : '^chaik-y Ha, to putiish with 
blows ; '^chalky wong^ to repri- 
mand in hope of reformation ; 、ki 
chaiky to record offences ; '^cheii^ 
chaiky self-i'eproach; teiUtg- chaik、 
to reprove severely ; 、、kiu icJdong 
chalky to demand perfection in 
others ; co:m., k^aiky chalk > to ex- 
act, to extort ; 、、c,haiJc、 hioaki to 
punish, to fine ; ^'^chaiky pe 、- to re- 
buke, to reprimand ; chalky mgi 
or chaiky ising^ an office, a trust, 
a duty. 

A lioad-tic, a headband, 
a turban. 


To call out loudly, to 
disjiTitc, to quarrel noisily; 
rf 'G garrulous, lueddlosomc*; to 
。 ' adniiro, to praise loudly : 
^^e/ufiky chaiky ^ch^infj si- 
eng^ praised by everybody. 

7"r^ Also read chek 、: a sjukI- 
bank under water, a bar ; 
Q^^^ rocks in water, a reef, a 
1' shoal, half- tide ledg^es : 
"chaik) sih a reef of rocks; 
chcdJc^ ^SHj a sand-bar. 

Also read tek、; coll. 
tiah^ q. v.: to pluck, to 
ami 】'u", to cull, to gntlior, as 
• fruit or flowers; to lay hold 
of ; to move on, to start ; 
to point out: 、& chaik) Jtvxf, to 
gather flowers ; clunky ch'aP to 
pull vegetables ; chaiky laoo^ to col- 
lect sentences, to comi^lc ; chaiky 
huki to investigate till the pris- 
oner confesses ; chaik) ^sing dm, 
star-plucking tower, alrigli tower ; 
"《cA'ai' chaiky to select. 

-i-vA To blame, to reprehend ; 
^imj to (loip-ade officers, to puii- 
H^^〉 ish by degrading ; to scold^ 
to be angry at, to find fault 
with ; a flaw, an error ; 
Chai. a change of appearance : 
"chaik) kaunr/^ to degrade ; 
^^^UVmg chaiky to revile. 

Inscrutable, occult ; pro- 
found, liiird to undorstaiul; 
L > the secret springs, hidden: 
jjj 吾 "V7ie' cliaikj very abstruse; 
|jL^) 3\蒙 人、 chaik\ to examine 
Tsc. profound subjocts. 

裏 o 

1 至啧 

8 9 

IS 摘商降 

G T 

壞 石摘花 

t^* 稱善 

Iss 嘖傭 

求 全責傭 

記責 自責 

8 9 

責打 實望 

其 中側身 


天節 炱 

3 4 

法則 天下 



曰 Ihc declining sun ; the 
I afternoon ; to wane, as 
《, the moon : nila chaiJCy the 
' sua past tlie meridian ; 
ngwoki chaik, the moon 
waning ; }i}ki ngwoki umj chaik^ 
the Sim and moou both have their 
zenith and docliuc. 

A bed mat ; boards for 
a bed ; luxuriant growth ; 
to collcH't, to gather ; slips, 
small splints of reeds ; read 
(>/""•》 a sort of wine-press 
or strainer, 

、》 f Gravy, juice, essence ; 
4 I 、 tliickcMiod liquor, slosh ; 
hili ) e'xpi'esstHl juices or essen- 
' ces ; sleety rahi, Avet snow : 
COM" \t>oiig chaik, 、varm 
gravy, soup ; ^^chwi chaik-y juice, 
essence ; cluiik^ ike)i[/、 the gravy 
is salt; ooTJ.., chaih'y ^chidw/^ the 
gravy is fresh ; chalk, "d, or chaik) 
it^an chai/ty Hd^ the leavings of 
gravy after a meal. 

Read ehieJc^ ; coll. chaik、 : 
Pfj a joint of bamboo, a joint, 
S?eh a knot, a node ; a feast, a 
' festival ; a limit, a solar 
term ; a classifier of joints 
^nd limbs ; all, every, in every- 
thing ; in a 7net. sense, frugal, ac- 
cording to one's means : ""inieng 
chalky annual festivals, of which 
there are eight ; chaiky (king time 
of a festival ; appearance, as of 
markets at festivals; chalky ^pimg^ 
or chaiky 、tau, about the time of 
a festival ; ^chaik^ s(? bills to be 
paid at festivals ; ngo- niJa chaiky 
■or ^ngo^ nffwoki chaik) a festival 
held on the first five days of the 
6th moon; ^^chHng iming chaiky 

festival of the tombs, in tlic 2nd 
or 3r(l moon ; \tcHrf chaiky festival 
at the winter solstice ― tinio fixed 
by tlie almanac ; p("k) chaiky 
ipimj "〃A〃, pence during all the 
year! ― a felicitous pi i rase ; //e^ seki 
se^ e/utU'y the 24 solar terms ; 
^cho^ ch<(tl\ to celebrate a festival ; 
^samfZ chaiky to send presents at 
festivals ; chaiky Ixetuf presents 
of money given to employees at a 
festival ; thlk^ chaiky a joint of 
bamboo ; nMk、 chaiky a cruin])le, 
crumpled, shrivolod ; met,、 l):ul 
luck; 、\<:h(tik、 ka^ festival lioly- 
days, vacations; chaik\ chaiky (/r<J, 
hooks linked in :i chnin to Imng 
things on; met, constantly rising 
or successful ; ^^udeng chaiky ha^ 
tim<»s of the festivals ; chaiky 
chaiky every joint ; all, in gen oval; 

chalky chaiky nang- always in 
distress ; " kcmk) chaiky tHanri^ 
every hone aclies ; chaiky chaih、 
(sai, to use sparingly. 



To remonstrate with, to 
stop a wrong; to reprehend, 
Q^'^f to reprove, to rebuke for 
leng. niisconduct: also used for 
^cheng^ to wrangle : "kan(i) 
chain g、 to reprove one's sovereign ; 
^"iting chain cf to reprove the em- 
peror In his palace. 

jqpff) To traduce, to slander, 
to revile : " chain f iing, a 
W W slanderer ; "chain g, mgi- 
"u- ong, slander, back-biting ; 
fhhKj mn(/ iChi chaing* 
a plaufiible slander ; com., 'hchang 
cJiaiwf to slander, to traduce ; 
COLL., thainff ch、oi、 ^sieu Jm, a 

9 n 

譖 人譖曹 

7 8 

諫 _靜 廷靜 

,都痛 〇 

1-、 ^ ^ff.^ 


節 假年節 

送 简節敬 

冬節 做简 

7 8 

明節 〇 

五月 節淸 

5 6 

年都 简數 

3 4 

湯汁; ^汁 




husbaiuVs sistor who shiuJcrs his 

A boiler for distilling, an 
lombic, a still ina<le of 
pewter ; n stoamor tor rice ; 
"eng. steam : (A" ehahuf a 
pan and hoiler ; hwuntf 
chainrf a rice steamer. 

To cover a house with 
I grass, to thatch ; a 】uat; 
f • mourning : \'hai' chahaf 
。"〖ig'' during tlic time of mourn- 
ing tor one's parents; coll., 
^ich^onff clufiiuf a bod mat ; 
,VA'"" ch《"n(i、 a straw ma(tres;s ; 
^h'cng chain a palm-husk mat. 

To aside, to lose the 
way, to wandor ; a stream 
. ,p diverging from the main 
cliaiuiel : ^chubvf tahuf 
or rhaing^ taing- in n, 
flurry, unaptly ; to leave the 

tf /jV- To present, to bestow, 
to give ; to confer, as by 
the crown ; to add to: 
(1、,, to make 

presents to friends ; ^'iteu 
chili ng- to make presents; ''chainr/^ 
VKjiong^ a flattering reoommcnda- 
tioii ; ^ Jiung chaim/^ or f-eky 
chirhig- to confer a meritorious de- 
orroo ; 、hy chainff- to honor a 
moritorions officer's parents ; Her 
ehaing- honorary degree ; coll., 
ehainfj' p(f n<j^ chaiwj- ikilng^ he 
niakes presents to the rich, not to 
the poor ; ^^chaing- aJa presents 
wliicli the bride takes to her 
friends ; chaing- qywang ichieng^ 
to present money as traveling ex- 
penses ; chahuj' Sigwui, give rae 
a present. 

(24) Cliaiu. 

I ? To report to the eni- 

poror, to Tnotnoriali/o tho 
O throne ; tell the sovm'ign, 
' to cause him to hoar or 

know ; to present otlb rings 
to tho o;oils; to piny music; songs 
or tunes; luuseular fibres : 、、chuit 卩 
7}<jok'i to ]>hiy the innsio ; ^^chaiu^ 
t、v/^i> statements made iii the me- 
morial ; i3("//a chaiu^ pleasant 
music ; "(,hi!^fc、 chaiu^ to inark 
time ami harmony in music ; 
〜haii《、 kail:) m vigiong^ offer to 
the gods "svith rovcMcncc and in 
silence ; com., ^^chaiu^ siontf- or 
chffiu^ ihwo)ig la* to memorialize 
the emperor ; chahc^ fhionfj^ or 
chxiiii? (pwonfj, a memorial to the 
emperor ; rnihuf^ chaiu) a verbal 
statement to the emperor; "(chmtg 
chaiii^ to grant the prayer of 
the memorial ; chaiu^ chiek^ me- 
morial folded and ready ; "chrdu) 
(人 v5, first draft of a memorial ; 、Hiki 
chaiu) a candid memorial; coll., 
chaia^ siohi ^pwong^ one memori- 
al, to memorialize once. 

Crape; rumpled, crenu- 
latod, crisp, frizzled ; to 
Chou corrugate, to wrinkle ; used 
' for next: COM., 、huiu、 (m、 
crape ; "sidn- chaiu^ tliick 
crape ; cot 儿', chaiu^ p^a^ Jdng 
mtu n6hi a crape handkerchief 
bears rumpling ; met" one who 
bears teasing; chaiv? meng* 
faced with crape, as a garment. 
^J^X> The skin wrinkled from 
/K^l age ; wrinkled, creased, 
rumpled, crisped : "chah 亡 
^alE^ < ?', rumpled garments; com:., 
yf^J^ a\haiu、 Jdny, imitation 
Chou. gold leaf ; chaiiC ihonff. 

皺衣 »金 


1^ 上、 奏. 

殺 無一寶 

雅 奏筒奏 

3 4 

樂 1^ 疏 

its 贈 f 盒 

贈曹 封贈 

膾 友投贈 

草 苫踏鍵 

3 4 

在苫 床苫 

1 2 



' ("V the murks of 

: ; ip^ui chaiu^ wrinkled 

Rca<l ^rheu; coll. chaiu^: 
to knit the eye-brows, to 
frown, to scowl ; a frown : 
ch(du) imi^ to frown. 

Also road ch^aiu^ : ^chaiu? 
7/, grain of the flesh, the 
Ts'mi (l"'i"ons of tlie muscles, 
' muscular fibres, the lines 
on the surface of the skin ; 
the thin membrane between the 
skin and the flesh. 

The brick walling of a 
well ; to lay as bricks, to 
讓 pile up, to finish off a well : 
' "chiug chaiii^ to wall up 
a well. 

Also read cli'^ahd •• a 
wheel, centre of a wheel, 
focus where rays concen- 
' trate ; to collect, to gather, 
to concentrate ; assembled 
from all quarters ; concentrated, 
as the spokes in the nave of a 
wheel : hok、 chaiv? converging, 
united in one. 

翁 2 Also read chaiu^ •• a fleet 
horse ; to run, swift, press- 
ing, urgent ; repeatedly, 
• frequently ; to reiterate : 
*chaii(^ (rt, a heavy fall of 
rain ; "7na chaiur a horse runnino; 
swiftly ; ^chaiu' dai, to come sud- 




To make a circuit, to go 
the rounds like a watch- 
man, a revolution ; pervad- 
ing, full, complete : 
eJii(l\ all-pervading, to go 

mahout ; ^c.hak\ te^ scattered 
all over the ground ; coll., 
T I 〉 chak、 to overflow, as 
water ; 〜 謝乙 7 chak^ to 
grow all over, like leaves 
on a tree ; '\*hak\ chak\ meki close, 
dense, as foliage ; chak) 
ik^vKcng, full of circles or approval 
marks, as a composition; rounded, 
complete, as one's words. 

riC To open tlie mouth ; a 
pinj fish sucking. 

To pluck, to pull up ; to 
draw out, as a sword ; to 
) make or cut out paper 
images ; to bind, to bind 
around, to bundle up, a 
bundle, for whicli the next is more 
commonly used. 

-jhf^ To bind, to fasten, to 
tuck up ; to wind round ; 
> to tie into a bundle ; a 

• bundle : com., "c k、ung 
ehak^ to bind, to tie in a 

bundle ; "chuTc, taP to fasten one' & 
girdle ; 、"^chak、 ^kmg^ to tie up 
tiijhtly ; ^^ehal\ tiong、 to lift up or 
o])ou the bed-curtains ; " chak、 ^ 
isionff^ to tuck up one's sleeves or 
skirts ; 〜fml、 hrmang, wind it 
full ; ^^chalcy dang Imuk) to wrap a 
corpse with red cloth or silk ; coll., 
chak^ taing- to fasten securely. 

17 A letter, a document, 
不 1 writings ; a dispatch, an 
ClY) epistle ; a tablet for Avrit- 

• ing; untimely death ; a thin 
slip of wood ; a paddle ; a 

fold of armor : '\vng ehak^ gen- 
uine dispatch ; chaJc^ or iyeti 
ehak\ a precious or valuable letter ; 

文札 〇 

,衣 裳, 

I: 糸 糸帳 

綑紮 紮帶 

3 4 

密 pi 匝圜 

IMP! 匝 

流匝 〇 


,匪 祖地 

馬 骤驟來 

5 C 

輻 鶴驟雨 

3 4 

1 2 


'u'hieiKj chftky :i former letter ; 
""dai chaky the letter just received ; 
^r.ha chaky (coll. ^p'ie chuk、、 
n dispatch, a letter. 
/df^A Also ro:i(l tak^ : to prick, 
y^lj to embroider; a paper, a 

1"' kind of paper ; a diploma ; 
'a contract ; to write out, 
jis a list of prices ; a reply tVom a 
higher ofticer ; a remonstrance to 
tlie emperor : com., ^^c/uti chak^ 
official stationery; jUui[/、 a 

|)urcli:ise contract ; vuw<hhj ^chu 
^chai chak, paper for edicts and 
dispatches ; also used by priests in 
making images. 

An unauthorized cliarac- 
ter ; to boil in fat or vegeta- 
ble* oil: com., ^c1ia1\\ to 
boil tish in oil ; 、'h" !、、 naJa 
meat prepared in this Avay ; 
ehal\ ^/>fhif/^ Hat doughnuts wkli 
meat stuffing; coll., ch《:k) or 
^den chak^ to boil in oil, tilings so 
"boiled'; iluchfd'^ (kw〜、 along kind 
(,f cruller ; ^tihu/ ehak^ and ikeng 
eh ok) dougluuits with sweet and 
salt stuffing, 

V I ^ Water flowing through ; 
moistened, damp ; to instill, 
ilsia to imbibe, to penetrate ; a 
• circuit, a complete turn of; 
in, coll. a classifier of 
the fall, or gauged depth of rain : 
Ixmgi dm chak) pmo? perspira- 
tion streaming down tlie hack ; 
COM., , chak) haki to combine, to 
commingle ; fully agreeing, as 
friends; chak) all around, 

completed as a circuit or term ; 
COLL., ikidng chaA、 to walk all over 
or through ; ^il ha- siohi chak) a 
foil of rain. 

A mixture of colors or 
> ingredionts ; pm'ticolore 山 
■ strcakotl ; mixod, bleiHU'il ; 
、 ' contiiscil, various, lK»tero- 
<>vneoiis, fragmentary ; to 
mix, to conipoiuKl ; to cout'uso, to 
revolve ; to bore tliroujxU : "£'、v〃',v 
cliaki suitable or unsiiitablo, tixiMl 
or vacillating, as the miml ; ^"scAcJ 
chaki medley of loud sounds; com., 
^\'lia]a sat/Cy mixed colors ; "ckaki 
eauff' (coll. chaki (赠 •,) lor 
i;cMier:il use; ^^chala hwo^ diftorcnt 
kinds of fjoods ; "hon (产 rhaki 
oonfiiscd, heterogeneous ; ^\'/tak> 
(('/'n, miscellaneous books ; 、、- l"iki 
; >o/'j Hei"f, different sorts, a med- 
ley ; (Buuj chaki tlie mind dis- 
tracted ; 、〜fju Jmong vJufki 
ch^eu^ everywhere, coming from 
all quarters ; ^^c/i(d7 pwcmg^ to 
mix, a mixture ; chaki hwo?- to 
hleiul, to combine ; <'h(fli J'vyf, 
I inixed flowers ; 〜h"ki 6^ u public 
wimrf; chaki low police; 

ohaki ^chilng^ different species; 
COLL., chaki <?AW a medley of 
little things ; chahi ipd 、t、cmg, a 
stall for all sorts of wares ; chala 
tio- intersecting roads; niet" things 
from different places ; jy'a/t^ chaki 
improper talk ; ^nil ht'enr/- ^nyicai 
p'uh) chaki you annoy me ! 

trtit Also read ch'aik^ and 
^ttlT ch!-a\; COLL., ch((Ja : a 
' stockade, a railing, a pal- 
• isade ; Anndow-bars ; a 
door made of slats : 〜haki 
lah- a kind of railing or palisade 
used to divide wards in cities and 
towns ; chaki imwo7Vj、 or chaJa 
laki "m"a" 仏 street-gates ; ^'^siek^ 
chaki to erect stockades or put 
up stveet-gates. 

1 前 3 紙 純 
札 劄魚洽 雜 

2 來 4 劄 %/周 10 嗜 
未 1 單 肉决雜 

機^ 叹概 

拌, 澳聰 

方 雜處, 

等>3 雜五 

7 8 

雜 書雜不 

雜货 混雜 

雜 色雜用 

] 2 

( HAK. 



A <xn:u'(l('d cjate, a bar- 
rier, a barricade, a dam ; ;i 
elm harrier like a turn-stile, or 
a stockade ; ;ilock, a flood- 
gate ; to fc>hut a jjate ; in 
Foocho、v, the front curtains of a 
POilan : COM., \kwa7if/ ehaki a Imr- 
ricM', u sluice 5:1 te ; 状 chwi chaki a 
f^luice, a Avaste-weir ; 2)(i6】、、 i'hiiki 
northern canal lock in Foochow ; 
COLL., slo)}<i^ chaJa upper front 
curtain of :i sedan ; chaki lower 
front curtain of a sedan. 

卜. A military post, a gimrd- 
1^ 】iousc, usually called eJiaki 
" 2 ijmnif: COM., ^sieli\ chaki to 
establish a military post ; 
"siu chaki to guard a post. 

Read chioJa; coll. chaJa: 
to cut, to cut up, to mince, 
Chiieh to cut to pieces : ? (J chaki 
• to cut -with a knife ; ^chaJa 
(hvng ch^oP to cut to 
pieces ; , chaJa Hong, to cut or lop 
off; ^chaJa sieki to cut in two ; 
^chaki (si、 to cut to deatli ; chaJa 
u、h'a, to chop wood ; chain lanr/- 
itcmf/, to cut into two lengths ; 
chaki it'au, to behead 一 used as a 
threat ; chaki iV'au imo ^ho 《si, 
out off your licad nnd make you 
die 、vretdi(H】ly ; chaki <mn(/, to 
us crabs. 




Mixed up; refuse, sweep- 
in <i;s, dirt; sound of broak- 
ini; things : coa【., "lala 
chaki refuse, odds and 

Wranglin [;, noisy, clam- 
orous, turbulent. 

Chiiki. A coll. word ; us chifki 
rho、 to slasli nnd HM car, 
like au infuriated woiuaiu 


A huir-pin, a clasp or 
hodkin used to confine tlic 
< TsRii hah' or fHsteu the coiffure ; 
' to insert in the liair, to 
stick on the l»o;ul ; quick, 
l)risk, to collect speedily: ^\eh(w<j 
(?•"//, the gentry, the ofticinl class ; 
、\, hang hwok) hair-pin and ivory 
tablet formerly used at audiences ; 
COM., 、\chang Jma、 to -w ear tlic 
golden floAvev as graduates do ; 
"(chmiff kwa^ to wear silk scarfs 
n8 graduates do ; 、\L'h(mg Jma 
paP k、ak、 to put on the flower 
and go to salute friends ; ^sang 
iteu ^chanffy the three hair-pins as 
commonly worn ; coll., fhang 
iJcidng, small hair-pins; 、ngwoJvL 
^chang Jma, the white lily ; kxoo? 
it^aii (chang、 hair-pin or ornament 
for front of the coifture ; kwo? 
^nno% ^chang^ ornament for back 
of the coiffure. 

As ill the common 
plirase ^avg 《chang、 dirty, 

Read ^eheng ; colU 
chang / to contend, to (lis- 
(Ch"fn'r ,】"itc, to quarrel: ^\chang 
eng. oi》 to contend about 21 
place or seat ; ^rhanff 
ich^eiu/y to dispute al^out fields ; 
" (souff 、dtaug Jivng^ ndulterous 
quarrels ; 、\《'h《mg Jca 7U/ieh. to 
(juarrol over tlie division of an 
estate ; ^chang ¥《 quarrelsome ; 
resolute, earnest ; ^chang che^ 
to emulate ; (chang sie^ 7i6h^ 

,志氣 〇 

風 爭家業 


爭 位相爭 

T S 

1 客 P 簪花 

掛 f 3 花拜 

笏 簪花簪 

析 死 is 

Ci 1 

碎 斷 絶力 

7 S 

刀爵 粉 

設 卡守卡 

3 4 

,閛; ^閘 

32 OHANG. 


^chirtg ; coll. 
a well : "chwi 

^ing ihilng^ what strife of talent 
or jstrongth is it ? ― i. c, there's no 
need of quarreling about it ; 
^chang ^c/rd twaki itieng kibuf 
《" ill imilmg、 even to die is easy 
as sleeping to him who is striving 
to vindicate his wife's honor or 
save his laud ; ^cluing Jca (Aw? ;, to 
quarrel about property. 
《 Chang. A coll. word ; as 
《<chang chSU) a raw sore, 
as on a child. 
< JJl. Read 
J I ' ^chang ; 
\ (chm)g n, well of water ; 
― i^chang ^chwi, well-water ; 
\tHhig ^chang^ an open 
court ; 《chang ising^ elfs of tlio 
Avell ; 〜hang dan imw(mg, one of 
the gates ofFoochow; &phcciki H'^ 'eug 
ka'cn(f' ^chang^ bucket and well ; 
met.^ associated, connected; ^chang 
^chHng md- lai^ tek^ s6h^ Hoi, 
when the well is deep don't blame 
the rope for being short ; mct.^ 
don't require impossibilities. 
(^:!:^^ To behead, to cut, to 
^UJi cut in t、vo〜 to dissever, to 
^J^, sunder ; to root up, to 
' break off, as intercourse ; 
faded, forgotten, Tanislicd : 
COM,, ,、hang isid, to destroy evil 
spirits ; ^^chang h\can<j^ to behead 
culprits ; ^^chang twai^rf' to cut 
asunder ; 、〜hwi{f cheki to expe- 
dite ; to epitomize, an outline ; 
"人' a",(/ 《cha"(/, officer in cliarcje 
of an execution ; ^'^^chang it II 
J<xm(j、 to cut up root and branch ; 
meL、 to extirpate, as thieves. 

Also read ^chimg : a 
wine-cup, made of jade or 
eimn other valuable stouc. 

( 力 h A surname ; used in tUo 
^^^5* north for I, nie, myself. 


To accumulate, to collect 
together, to hoard up, to 



Promptly, quickly, with 
haste ; to hasten, to ac- 


its ; liquor beginning to 
^ clear ; a cup, a goblet. 

A small wine-cnp ; a 
shallow cup for oil ; the 
classifier of lamps : com" 
"(c'A?:" (ch(wg, a wine-cup; 
】"e/"w,7 /'么 cup cakes ; 
roix., ",A'<m〃 Jnoa W"m〃, blue 
flowered wiue-cup ; 、& (chiu 、chang 
^khlng^ a very small wine-cup ; 
^\ting (chanff、 an oil-saucer ; 
、\Ung sioJa ^chang^ one lamp, 

cjin^ Muddy, unsettled spir- 

Also read chieng^ ; a 
pi'incc of demons at sight 
of whom ogres and vam- 
pires flee; used as a charm. 

c t Slips of Avood placed 

between the lingers to 
squeeze them ; a mode of 
^ ' torture like the tliumb- 
screws ; to torture ; nar- 
row : COM., (('hang V/i/, thumb- 
screws ; 、〜hang ^chi kcki kong^ 
thumb and foot screws. 

To visit a smpcrior, to 
come before an idol ; to 
TVan second, to assist in bring- 
、 ' ing forward ; to introduce, 
to bring a present to one ; 


拨 指夾棍 

盞燈 一 盞 

酒盞子 燈 

G -( 


根 酒蓋盞 

斬 f 草 f 

斷噺截 1 監 

邪„ 斬犯漸 

桶 共井, 嘶 

井 樓門吊 


水 井井水 

1 2 、 


CHANG. 33 

to make clear, to bring to the 
light ; to go out ; to give evidence ; 
to praise, to commend, in which 
sense it is. interchanged with the 
next : \sio/i[/ chaii</ to assist in 
coin])letiiig, to forward :i matter ; 
chaiuf chmuf to aid powerfully ; 
COM., cliHiuf to ]) raise ; 

i<、h 舰 a) (/(?, a master of cereiiio- 
iiics at sacrifices. . 

^t>I:) To praise, to commeiul, 
to Liud ; to honor, to exalt, 
to magnify, to extol ; to 
Tsa'i' sing praises to, to record 
tlie ])raiscs of ; to assist, to explain : 
\-hang' njong^ to extol, to laud ; 
COM., \'hmH/' to praise ; 

\^(u:aiff- chanf to coiiuiu'ikI, to 
lioaov ; 'chedky chcuuf to laud. 

To impede, to hinder ; 
^ to sell, to profit ; to gain 
unfairly, to palm off poor 
' ■ goods. 

To dip, as a pencil in 
ink, or sop a morsel in 

'Ch: gi'a 、了' 

Chang* . A coll. Avord : to con- 
tend, to dispute about, to 
quarrel : chart iydng^ to 
overcome in a dispute ; chang* 
md- kiod' to succumb in a dispute. 

Timid, afraid; weak, em- 
barrassed : ichang yoki 
Ch'ien feeble; ichang liok^ incapa- 
■ ble, stupid. 

To rail at ; to manifest : 
ichang cJiaiu- to abuse, to 

-f2-^ To ruin, to destroy ; to 
injure, to spoil, to mangle, 
Ts^an " ti'ead on ; to kill, to 
b"i' slaughter ; mischievous, 
、vic"(l, cruel ; spoiled, 
pillaged ; broken food, leavings ; 
ileHtieiit, iieaily exhausted, ready 
to vanish : ^icJtayig k^woA; scarce, 
nearly exhausted ; com., 、chang 
hai- to injure, to oppress ; 、。ichmrg 
p6^ fierce;, vindictive; "u'hanff p*~6* . 
devastated : 〜! vUng ichang, quar- 
]-elsome ; ^^icJtmig H'mg、 harsh, 
cnie] ; "ichang Jmang, a light 
dollar ; 、、('han{j wZ'j a worthless 
thiiitr; "£w "、h<'ng, dregs ; ^\c7ia'»g 
chiki maimed, lialt ; "ichang (t'6nff, 
end of winter; coll., ichang chdia 
to cast as*ide as worthless. 

Ashamed, mortified, 
単/ T ohopfallen ; to feel ashamed 
-<&^、 of, to blush for ; to be 
sensible of one's defects or 
fiiilure : "ichmtg saik) or 
ts'au. ichavg i'n(jcmg、 shame- 
focecl,'hashful ; 2 icJiang, 
to feel ashamed, mortitied ; 
*\siu ichang, or ichang ¥oi) 
I ^ A high inaccessible peak 
jUj^ or cliff, a cloud-capped 
summit : "ichanrj mgang, 
id a high craggy summit, also 
~)\ high rocks piled up ; coll., 
Ch'an. ^^ichang W-au ichang (n<^, 
a stern, forbidding look ; 
ichang . mgi&ng, over- 
grown ; big and coarse, as of per- 
sons or things. 

.A'^ To adulate, to humor, 
to flatter ; to misrepresent, 

^j^r^ to gloss over ; to calum- 
Chan. - p ^ , . ■ „ 

mate, to asperse, to tra- 
duce ; servility, detraction, 

? If 



慚 p 巖 

慚 色抱慚 

,疾, 冬 

殘 物餘殘 

5 6 

殘 忍殘番 

3 4 


1 2 

殘 害殘暴 , 


m 讃 &殘缺 r. 

5讃美 ,讃薦 

i< 禮讃揚 j 

3 4 A 

ft 贊稱贊 

1 2 

34 CHANG. 


hhort duration, a part 
of a day ; to stop or cease 
,、, for a while : briefly, shovt- 
ly, in the interim ^ iiican- 
Avliile, suddenly : com., 
、〜chanff)- isly a brief space of time, 
a short period ; 〜haug 、- kie^ leave 
it awhile ― till I return for it ; 
^^chayig- hiok、 to stop a little 
while, to rest or cease for a time ; 
"chamf- qnm 仏 a room rented tem- 
porarily, as a lodging ; coll., 
chanr/' isi loki j^oki in distress 
only a while! chang^ sio/a ha^ 
stop a while ; to sojourn for a 
brief period. 

J^^} A stone-cutter's chisel, a 
CpJ^ small cold cbit>ol ; to pierce, 
as a thorn ; to cut in, to 
cut or chisel out ; to carve, 
as flowers : com., ^^chang- 
Tsan. ^to^ a stone-cutter's chisel ; 
^^chcmg- che^ to cut letters; 
COLL., chang^- ^t^tnff t^aii^ 
or chang- ^t^tng dhnj^ chisel it 
through, as thin metal. 

舊 I ^ To stand, to stand erect; 
^!占 to stop; a stage, a journey, 
Ciian a stoppage : ^'Sjiila chain/ 
' official post stations; coll., 
chamf' U'aUy end of a 
stage, a caravansary. 

A "warehouse, a godown, 
a hong ; a workshop ; a 
CImn— terrace, a covered loft ; 
■ palisades ; a scaffold ; a 
covered plank road, cut out 
of the side of a hill ; a hearse ; a 
pen, a stable, a sheepcote ; a wood- 
en bridge or pathway : com., 
^^chcmg- ^intng^ a "warehouse, a 
godown ; 、、johi chang^ a large 
medicine store ; "ito chang^ a 
tea hong; ^^wnq chamj*- a hong ; 

malignity : \chang A、eu、 a iovil- 
raouthed person ; ^ichang nen<f- 
to asperse, as an adept in vulgar 
language ; ^icJunuj dng^ a reviler ; 
^ichaiiy i7}gion(f, abusive lan- 
guage ; COM., ^icliang chain to 
abuse, to vilify ; '^ichawj ising^ an 
intriguing officer. 

Irregular, disorderly, as 
iJ^^ imdrilled troops ; unequal, 
^T^sLn une、'en : dang ichaiig^ ug- 
• ly, stubborn, sulky. 

Crafty, wily, cunning, as 
a hare : ichang 《'o》 a crafty 

To stab; to sustain, to 
support, to lead ; to sup- 
ply a want, to make up, as 
a deficiency ; to pull out. 

The murmur of water: 
ichang ichang "liong, 
sound of running water. 

The silkworm ; caterpil- 
lars whicli weave cocoons: 
\cha7Uj ^kieng^ raw silk; 
e ^chHnig iciumg, spring 
silkworms; ^H/ong ichang^ 
to rear silkworms; 、、chang 
ngiooJa " the silkworm 
month" — i. e., for rearing 
silkworms ; ichanff t'o) 。<f?:, 
the silkworm vomits forth 
the silk. 

To gormandize, fond of 
^^t$ eating ; greedy, gluttonous, 
Vu^r voracious. 


To chisel, to cut, as 
stone; to mortise: ^chimg 
; chang, to carve, to chisel. 

棧 房藥棧 

s 9 

T 字 I 

刀 O 

暫 歇暫房 

,時, 寄 


春 蠶養蠶 

8 9 

響 〇 

雙 讒 1W 

8 4 

讒口 讒伎 



CHAU. 35 

COLL., ¥6^ chanif- Hd, has gone 
to the hong, 

A tumbrel for carrying 
the wounded ; a hearse. 


占 A tiger-cat : chang- imav, 
a tiger shedding its hair. 


(27) Chan. 

^Jj-j^ Read ^chS; coll. ^chau : 
jfjpi the sediment, grains left 
^Tsao after distilling spirits, 
• dregs ; the dregs of Avine, 
the sediment of any liquor : 
^^chau p'dAjdregs, sediment ; ^chaii 
》ong, lees and husks ; '\sing 
(chau, fresh lees ; itng (cAaw, dull 
red lees ; ^chaii ch'a'P vegetables 
seasoned with distiller's dregs ; 
(chau chf'ai^ ak) a dish of seasoned 
vegetables and duck. 

IjJ^ An unauthorized charac- 
if ^5 ter, frequently used in 
^ Tsao P.osted bills and notifica- 
' tions ; to spoil, to injure, 
to ruin : (chau t^ak^ or 
(chau t^ak^ (spoken chauk, t、ak) 
to waste, to injure wantonly. 

rfl^ & Read ich6; coll. ^chau : 
||^7 as iu (chau ^chau mmn'g) 
rp , in confusion, disordered : 
perplexed in mmd. 

Charred ; coals left after 
burning: coM.,^i'a?2^* (chait, 
Tsao dead coals, embers ; coll., 
' 、ch、a (chai" firebrands. 

( TTT Nails, claws, talons ; to 

/IV scratch, to claw; to take 

《}mo up with the fingers ; an 

Chua agent, a minion ; the 87th 

radical ; ^chau mgu, nails and 
teeth ; met., servants, retainers ; 
、chau, finger-nails ; com., 
、chuv、 tiger's claws 一 shears 
so called ; ^^chau le- sharp claws ; 
COLL., (k、a ^chau, toe-nails. 

Interchanged with last ; 
to scratch, to clutch, to 
claw ; to titillate ; to tear 
with the claws ; to cajole. 

Read (cheit; coll. ^chau : 
to go ; to travel^ to run, to 
Tsou hasten, to flee, to escape; the 

• 156th radical: 、t6 ^chau^ 
to fly, to escape ; ^\p^atc 

^chauy to run about ; 、〜h(m 
Jiiong, to go into the country to 
work ; 、"chau itiong^ to return 
home immediately after examina- 
tion ; 、从 chau ^hwi^ to fly from 
fire ; "(chau nang^ to fly from 
trouble ; 、& (chau to lose its 
flavor ; i&(chau (ma, to ride on 
horseback ; "(cJum itong^ a table- 
waiter, an attendant in a tavern ; 
i8(cAa?《 yo7ig- to vary from the 
pattern ; (chau (ma tZ、 eng- " to 
ride to the office ,, 一 to bury im- 
mediately ; ^chau k^6^ to escape ; 
^chau ^ma dau, an upper verandah ; 
^chau (chau niahi ^cJtau ^cJiaic 
k、ok、 hide and go seek ; 、chau 
(chio, to transfer your patronage 
from one shop to another ; ^chtm 
Jco7ig ihu, vagrants, as foreign 
jugglers and fortune-tellers. 
cJJL5u To seek ; to return a 
J'^V balance, as of money, to 
,'ha, make dmnge: COLL., i9(e〉"m 

• ichimg (mw't, to return a 
balance of money; ^"cJmu 

tang 乞 to give wrong cliange ; (cJum 
Hie^ to receive a balance ; ^chau 
ch、ok、 to pay a balance ; (chau 

尾。 找錯 〇 


走 檨找錢 

8 9 

走馬 走堂 

6 7 

i 〇 

.t^ 火走難 

CO 4 

走鄕. ^場 

1 2 

跑 〇 


爪利逃 *J 

手 爪虎爪 

爪牙 〇 

炭 s? 柴 ss 

3 4 

糟 賴新糟 




siohi jx'fi) to give back 100 cash 
Read ihica, to pole a boat. 

<JLrpr Read V/";, coll. V/wr" 
^lll a lioa, saiid-Hcas or tliose 
'3** produced in sandy ground : 
"A-a 、- hmt, a flea ; 'ka 
^^3% '■chaii ^mi, tlea-dirt; Jiutvj 
Tsao. imironif (hi 《chm', mus- 
quitos and Heas ; s (^- (ka 
^chau ka- it is a flea-bite ; 
vno ^niict, '•ka '^c/xiu, "the agile 
flea " 一 an unreliable fellow, now- 
here then off. 

The second is a vulgar 
o.liaractcr : a fiirn:u'c, u 
kitchen rani^e, a place for 
cooking : '\(a :i 
furnace for steepinc: tea ; 
COM., \c.h;.OH(f chatP brick 
furnace ; * Jituui c/uni' to 
cook separately ; V/''m) 
lain- offerings to the kitclien ccod •, 
*chau) ^i-w/iy, kitchen god; 
cha ") to make offerinjxs tothekitch- 
en gods on 24th day, l'2th moon ; 
•cArt") (舰, kitchen goddess ; 
*chau、 dong, the top or f;>.ce of 
the range ; coll., isenf/, a 

kitchen"; ''/'"/y chu'P (A"r/, pres- 
ents made to a person Avhen chang- 
ing his place of residence; "(tidny 
chnu) pan and range ; 、Nd'(ik) ('/'.'"? 
to build a range ; ikiCing diau) a 
portable furnace. . 

人/^ ) Also read (chau : a skim- 
~JIt mer made of bamboo or 

iron Avire ; nests in caves : 
ao' in coll. tciiM, as <c/iia die, 

q. V. 

<<< A nest on a tree ; a den, 
a retreat ; a lurking place ; 
《 to nestle, to make a nest : 
"ichciu hieki nests and 



eaves ; "iidwkoM, to build retreats 
in trees or lils^h places ; com., 
、"ehm ichmi^ or 、、heu ^wo, bird's 
nests ; "c/reki whau, a deii of 
thieves; COLL., inio ichmt、 house- 
less, homeless. 

Name of a largo lake in 
the southern piirt of the 
C'h^o province of Nganhwi. 

<^ I To desolate, to destroy 
sjETj utterly, to ruin, to 
'^^^ tate, to exterminate", to cut 
off: "ichau iming, to ox- 
terniinate people ; 〜'h("t 
ClVao. chioJa or ichau mieJn. to 
destroy utterly ; "\L'hin.(/ 
ichrtu, to send troops 
ni^ainst the enemy ; coll., '^ichau 
^si'i ipa7u/ (e- to desolate, to level 
to the ground. 

HhlU A turret on a chariot, 
wSi from the top of which to 
'hi^ observe the troops. 

^dtrt Sometimes read Jiau : 
UsR to deride, to jeer at, to 
' C【〈, ridicule ; raillery. 

iCJiau. A coll. word ; as ichaic 
ichau, girt and ready, 
trim, ready to begin or 

to do expeditiously. 

A scull or oar for pro- 
pelling vessels, a long oar ; 
to shoot an .ai'ro、、', to 
throAV away : "vjeu chmi^ 
to scull ; ki;'? chaii^ a scull 
made of cassia wood ; wa- 
chcm 、- to make figures on 
a scull. 

平地, 根 

.^剿 p 洗 

,民 ,絶 

巢 穴圍巢 

1 鼎灶 1 結灶 


i 廊灶前 

i 灶分灶 

3 4 

1 9 



I J^- Interchanged with the 
preceding; to scull, to Avork 
卞丄 t he scull ; to row, to propel 
• a boat ; to shake, to cliish ; 
correct, done or plaeed 
properly : c/iau- (mtr'A,, to shake 
the tail ; chau- ¥m- to strike 
musical stones together; 謝" clash- 
ing, as opinions; (mw't chmi-^hi liki 
, the end of the scull has ijreat force ; 
met" to finish a job 飞 veil. 

(28) Chaiik. 

# To act, to do, to make ; 
Af^ to begin, to discover, to 
,T[〉 i a vent; to arise, to appear ; 
s • to rouse, to animate, as 
to a reformation ; work, 
workmanship, to transact business : 
^chauk\ (kung, the emperor ; 
\、hauk、 (.s'i'i, a teacher ; ^cJde^ 
chauk^ to invent, to discover ; 
《chauk) "〃•, to do, to perform ; 
^ ^t^ie))f/ ch(n(l\ of heavenly origin ; 
hanky c 人 'w, to die ; ,tomJ- c]Muk\ 
to move, to act, to work ; ^2^evg- 
chauky a return of sickness ; 
chauk) iing, to reform a wicked 
person ; manly ; (ching chanl\ to 
set about, to do resolutely ; ehauk^ 
Soil- to trau^^act business ; Jcewj 
ch(ntl\ to till the soil ; com., 
^chouJc^ HffUM to act Avickedly, to 
commit suicide ; 、\h(mk) chlki 
tricky, treacherous ; virulent, as 
eruptions; ^^chauk^bwaP strange, 
marvelous ; very intelligent ; 
chihif/' chaul\ rude, boisterous ; 
chauk^ ioki to rejoice ; chcml" 
to aid ill completincj ; 
^'^iminrf Ji h/ clicmh^ 、vil】f'uily 
perverse ; clieil- chauk\ ihvuoig 
cheii^ sen^ to reap the fruit of one's 
own doinp^s ; coll., dunik^ 《人 -", 
handsome, beautiful ; chauk\ ^ch\a(^ 

to annoy ; ehavk^ fak^ to injure, 
to destroy ; c/tfr Jca chavJ" t、ah、 
to ruin one's self by vice. 

licacl fhcu ami mul\ ; 
used in the Puik) 
for coll. chauJc, : to pull ; 
to snap, to break, as a cord 
with the hands ; t'!taiA、 
H《m(f, to sever ; chauk^ 
top "ow//, to part into two 
lengths ; chauk') lohi di^ to 
pull down violently, as a rope 
fastened aloft. 

竿 ij 





Healthy, strong, robust, 
well, vigorous ; liarilvy 
bold, lusty, healthy ; full- 
grown, manhood ; age of 
thirty, full, flourishing ; 
^^chaimxj^ stii?- a inuii of strength ; 
"L'hmmg) chi strong will, reso- 
lute ; ^^chaxmg^ viihuf^ a young 
man; "(w chmin(/^Si military cadet ; 
chaioif/- (sing, vigorous in mind, 
industrious; co:^r., chminrf Iciong 乇 
robust, powerful ; iming chaung^ 
an officer's runners; diungchcnmg* 
sturdy ; ikiovff chmnic/^ fierce, 
turbulent ; du.unu/^ a full- 

grown youth ; ^Ing ihiing (ma 
chaimg* as strong as a horse. 

卜〉 To bury, to inter, to 
E put under the ground : 
chmau/^ to select 
a grave-site ; 〜8職(/ 
climniff uncicTit custom 
of burying a living per- 
son with a corpse ; com., 
^^imoi {ov wncai) chmmy) 
tol)nrv; '^^k^'i rJunnig^ to disinter ; 
'^^haiu- vJtai(7irj* to bury in costly 
dress ; 〜]yortg vhrnmr/^ to give 
money in aid of burial ; to bury 

厚葬 葬 

埋靠、 起葬 

_ 卜葬 ^葬 

壯年 f 壯 

5 6 

1 壯士 壯志 

,知 故作 

,怪 〇 

作 擊作疾 

動 作病作 

T S 

,作 ,古 

,作, S 

作 君。, 師 




in the same grave ; ho- chaxmrf 
to bury an inferior in the vault of 
a superior ; haik^ chaung) to bury 
soon after death ; cheaf/) chaun(》 
act of placing the coffin in the 
grave ; satng^ chaung^ to attend 
a funeral ; haJa chamirf* buried 
together, as husband and wife. 

A 11^^ The first character is 
read ^chhoi; coll. chaumf : 
^ an awl, a borer ; a sharp- 
pointed tool : ^chaunrf 
"ddng, a small a、vl ; 
Chui. '^chaung^ U^au^ head of the 
borer ; \haung、 (膽 c;, 
point of the borer ; si&ng* 
chauncf an awl for sewing ; id 
chaung、 a shoemaker's awl ; ^pieng 
ehanng* a flat awl; (cheng chuMug^ 
small needle-like awl; pah. laki 
chaung) a borer used by carpenters. 

Chaxmff . A coll. word : to I'un 
or creep into, to secrete, 
to hide away : chaung) 
Hie^ to run into ; cliaung* h'-aencp 
to run into holes ; chaimcf U'li 
HU, to hide in the ground, as 

Il Appearance, form, fash- 

"HyP ion, shape, figure ; to ap- 
《7 ^ pear ; to accuse, to declare 
g' in writing, to state ; a 
complaint, an indictment : 
COM., ^ihing chaumf- form, shape, 
appearance ; &人' chcmny^ to liti- 
gate, to go to law ; "^auk) chaungi 
overbearing ; , chaun{f- (sii, a pet- 
tifogger, a notary ; /ceu^ chaung 飞 
to prepare and present a complaint 
to an officer ; "(/>6 chaung 、- a bail 
or security for the accused party ; 
(kwi chauny- like au imp, lience 
mischievous, tricky ; ― ' 

vigwong (colL^cAcJ ingwongoxchf? 
iugtoong)^ the first of the Hanlin. 

A store-house, a retreat ; 
casket, a strong box : 
!p als© read ichong, q. v.: 
。' ^\ki?i(/ cJiaiing- a collec- 
tion of Budhist books ; 
COM., chaimg- hoarded pearls, 
gems ; ^sd chaung"' Tibet ; ti- 
chaimg- hades ; ^He- chaungi 
议瞻 ig、 name of a certain deified 

Wj^^^ The viscera, the entrails: 
fj^w COM., ^^ehaung- (/m, the 
J ^ five superior and six in- 
ferior viscera, all the in- 
wards ; chaimg^ the 
five superior viscera ; coll., Uoai^ 
chmmg- large intestine, colon ; 
chaung- U'an^ bottom of the 
rectum, the anus. 



I o The will, desire, inclina- 
j|l V tion ; purpose, intention, 
resolution ; a sense of right ; 

Chih. ^ , V * 

nxedness oi purpose, strong 
determination ; to record ; 
history, annals ; statistical and to- 
pographical works : \i che、 seii- one 
aiming at excellence ; ^^^iu chi a 
purpose, a design ; ^'^tencf- ch<^ 
fixed purpose ; "ek) ch^ one pur- 
pose, concentration of mind; coir., 
"che> k、3 or chi ch^eil^ the will, 
purpose, intention ; ,iJa ch<^ to 
resolve ; taik) nh^ to obtain one's 
object ; sek) cM to fail, discour- 
aged ; chi 、noi、 feeble purpose ; 
ch^ k^e- ihgoiig vigong^ aspiring ; 
hong) che^ or Id- chi to animate, 
to stir one's self up to ; coll., chi 
k^e^ twai- strong will; wio che^ 
fickle, irresolute. 

志氣 立志 

定志 一 志 

9 o 

志士 有志 

T s 

P 腑 i^- 臟 

地藏王 〇 


寶 藏西藏 

狀 元經藏 

f 狀 1 

狀師 具狀 

7 8 

告狀 惡狀 

雜尾 形狀 

3 4 




grand, flourishing ; ' ch(? te^ "vvcll- 
governed, prosperous, as a state. 

4r^> Sometimes read : a 
carriage with a low front, 

"^liih lower than the back and 
' turning down from the 

To bear 、vitness, to give 
evidence, to testify ; evi- 
dence, substJince, proof ; to 
' ask, to inquire ; a pledge, a 
hostage, a guarantee ; also 
read chek、 q. v.: Jam che、 to 
exchange pledges, to contract ; 
"c/w) chenff to testify ; to seek 
instruction or discuss subjects 
with one's teacher ; ^^ch<^ chd- to 
give receipts for goods purchased ; 
COM., ^^ioP che) to testify face to 
face, as plaintiff and defendant. 

To fall, to stumble, to 
trip and fall down : jtieng 
^^J^ che^ to fall headlong. 

A present designed to 
make way for one, given 
**biilir at an audience or first in- 
' terview, or when entering 
school ; a tablet anciently 
held in the hands at audiences : 
、heJc) chi to bold the tablet ; 
COM., i、chg keng^ contributions of 
money from female guests at a 
wedding ; a present to a teacher ; 
"oA^ kien(f (Id, bridal presents 
from female guests ; presents to 
a superior. 

To grasp, to catch, to 
seize in the hand ; to ex- 
eiiih tend to; to present ; to 
' advance, to enter, to go to 
the edge ; to break down, 

To remember, to record, 
to write, to inscribe : used 
for the preceding ; the 2<1. 
character also read sek, q. 
V. : ke、 ch^ to record ; 
"人 7/ chi ancient records ; 
ijcwok) chi annals of the 
country ; com., \mng 
kwoJCy che^ annals of the Three 

A mole, a hair-mole ; 
black or red spots on the 
body : COM., *chg 《stt, hair 
growing out of a mole ; 冬 i 
chi a black mole ; coll., 
Heng ch& ' or ch^ Heng k^6^ to 
remove a mole ; ch^ siohi laki 
a mole. 

,、 •〉 To come, to extend to, 

to arrive at, to reach to, to 

- ffo to : the summit, the 
Chih. b J 1. 、 J 

end, a limit ; used as a 

preposition, to, at, even, 
till, up to; as to, respecting,, in 
order to ; as an adverb, most, 
greatly, much, very, the super- 
lative degree ; the solstice ; the 
133d radical : "t、aik、' che) the 
arrival of guests ; che^ to 

arrive first ; ,ch(^ dng, very 
benevolent ; die) Hi^ excellent doc- 
trine ; COM., ^ch^ ^sii pok^ pimg* 
while he lives will not change ; 
^seVi^ ch the four limits ― viz., 
front, rear, right, and left ; ^^ha} 
chi one of the 24 terms, summer ; 
UchS Jcing, to the present ; 'Wi? 
《chSn{f, very nearly related; coll., 
"cAe) (chieu, at the very lowest, 
scil" it will cost so much. 

> To ascend, to go up, as 
5Pi) a hill ; flourishing, as an 
qyL age; very, exceedingly ; 
' name of a city : "ch《 dimg^ 

敬 贄見鱧 

質^ 贄赞 

證«„ ;劑 p 

治 j^s -, 

. ^,隆 |W 

今 至親至 

2 3 

至 夏至至 

o 1 

死 f^ir 四 


至 至仁至 

7 S 

鬚 客至先 

5 6 

三 國誌痣 

3 4 

古詰 國誌 

1 2 

1 三&一 




as trees IVoni weight of Biiow 
ichififj che、 Avarnily attached to. 

Birds of prey, accipitrine 
birds ; violent, ruthless, 
liawk-like ; to seize by 


/ftiU) A goblet, a ^vine-cup, 

T^RP containini:^ 3 or 4 chbuj or 

^ }7\ irills : to tine one to drink 
Chill. ^ ' 7 ) 

SO many cups : ujoncj cltt 

to take the goblet. 

Ch^ . A coll. euplionic prefix : 
ch(^ chi? to curse ; ch^ 
chi? to do, to continue 


^"- A character, a letter, a 
_■ word ; lettered, written on; ' 
a writing, a letter, an or- 1 
z • der ; a symbol of thought; 
to love, to bear, to nourish, 
to suckle ; the style or title taken 
at marriage ; a name, a designa- 
tion ; to betrotli a daughter: 
cher to love and nourish ; '^tai- 
cher ^sieu^ the great nourish the 
small ; ta? clier to wait for mar- 
riage, as an affianced girl ; com" 
^untg eJu^' characters, letters ; 
^ipany ch^ plainly written charac- 
ters ; ^ch^' ^:>'?ro- copy-books ; 
•Wt'J ch^ running-hand char- 
acters ; W"* in/jang、 words, 
Bot phrases ; "龙 V"' cAe- elegant or 
pattern characters; VAe^ the 
finals ; 'VAe- st'au, the initials ; 
copies written at top of the page ; 
"chei ngier the literal meaning of 
words ; 、、h《'》 Hihif/, a dictionary ; 
^VAe^ hwak-y rules for writing ; 
chc^ to write ; che- t、(vUx、 a 
book of writing- samples in dif- 

ferent styles ; COLL., ehUhnf dier 
tlie authorized, characters, the 
mandarin pronunciation ; 6hi chiy- 
to learu to read ; che- ^kidng^ 
comments, marginal readings; c he- 
tang^ a copy placed under and 
showing through the })aper Avrit- 
teu oil. 

-A As in e/ie- (》 謂 i, to pro- 

create as birds. Usually 
read ,c/tu. q. v. 

A cow, uniare; the female 
of duiuesticated auiuials. 


A 會 i Read c/ieil-; coll. che" 
I — I self, one's self, I, person- 
ally: 'V/w)- Jm, pelf; che^ 
Tzu' to do yourself; "cht^ 

、ch。in(i, SL'lt-j)raise ; 'V/ie^ 
^chil taing^ taverns where 
yon cook your own provisions ; 
'cht^ ch'oP chHony- ipu isi/ic/, own 
mouth like a fly's— i. c, little to 
eat, how then supjily others? 
^\-he- ^sing maiu/ 么 unable to 
protect itself— applied, to an idol ; 
'""che- chHonff imo ^siauf/, "no 
voice to sing for self" ― to spend 
strength for others ; che- pok^ 
fia»f/^ M pok) mv't, it's your 
own stomach that aches, then rub 
it ― i. e., repair your own blun- 

Che-. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in che- chat- to help, to 

(31) Che. 

^ Che. A coll. word ; as ^che 
(chii, wet, soaked, as cakes ; 
dull, stupid. 

g 唱無聲 

自 身難保 


赏店 〇 

自做 自稱 

6 7 

1- 1 

寫 字自家 

4 5 

字典 字法 

字頭 字義 


偕字 字毋 

8 9 

草 字字眼 

4 平字 i 子 

4 小 字 

一撫^ 大字 

一 1 0- 




£ Che. A coll- word : to wrench 
tlie ioot to one iiirlc ; met" 
to fail partially in business ; 

stopped, iiiterniptcHl, ; is from tlie 

plots of others, 

£ Che. A cpll. Avord : to crowd, 
to press forward, to force 
your Avay : ich'e kwd* to 
crowd by ; iche H《 to tlirow 
down by pressing against. 

(32) Cheh. 

Read chek); coll. cheh): 
to spirt out, to squeeze 
out, as soft tilings by the 
hand : cheh) ch、ok、 di, to 
squeeze out ; cheh) Jiwa 
、m%(f、 to pre^s out the peauut 
from its red film. 

>Wlv Water rapidly flowing 
wHJk, out ; rapid ; cordial, har- 
• ^ monions, agreeing ; to ac- 
cord with. 

Cheh). A coll. word : to stop, 
as a leak ; to fill up : cheh) 
meki or chehy Hrmang、 to 

fill up or stop closely, as leaks. 

Cheh). A coll. word ; as cheh、 
cheh, Jcieu) (spoken rapid- 
ly ^chi ^chi kiei^) to squeal, 

as rats. 


■ To weave ; woven ; a 
Jnjtr general term for weaving : 
'cAe/Cy the thrum, ends 
• of weaver's threads : com., 
- ^chek^pwd^ to weave cloth ; 
^cheky to weave silk; 、chek、 
iilng^ a coarse cloth of cotton and 
asses' hair, from Shantung ; ^cheJc^ 
Jciy a loom ; &chek) (nil, the star 

\V\、jja, " in Lyr;i ; ,('heh、 rheii^ 
figures woven m the fabric ; V/"','> 
c/u?- Vw/, an officer at Soochow in 
chars^e of the duties on silks and 

To spin, to twist a cord ; 
to join, to connect, to con- 
timie ; to come after, to 
• follow, to succeed ; to 
pursue, to search for ; to 
apprehend : "chel" Jii^ briglit, 
splendid ; perpetual, as doctrine ; 
YQchek) heki to seize ; an(f cMk) 
to watch at night, as for 

Tribute, presents from 
other states ; to govern, to 
^^^^ attend to ; to record ; to 
' act officially ; official duty ; 
title, rank, office, station ; 
many, numerous : "、chehy kang、 
purchased degree of a kangseng ; 
、、si(mg chel、 steady employment ; 
^^chek^ chek^ numerous ; com., 
" Jcwang chek) official title ; ^^chek^ 
hong)- official duty, one's employ- 
ment ; seil- the duties of 
one's position ; \"kaik) chek) to 
deprive of office, to degrade ; " Jca 
chek、 to confer a title ; "《2)z' chek) 
my title ; chek, hereditary 

office or title ; "tai> chek^ ihw't Jca^ 
a retired officer. 


To disband troops ; to 
store up military supplies ; 
) to collect in un arsenal ; to 
desist from, to lay aside, 
as arms ; to fold, as wings ; 
^^c/ieky iibig (p*ng, to disband 
troops ; cheky Jccmg Jc'ioo, to 
lay aside sliields and spears ; chek、 
iJa to fold the wings ; hok、 cJiek^ 

家 PS 

職 1 職 

職 i 職世 

事、 職: P 

職 f 分 m 

^^^^ u. 

獲, 監 

府 緯熙練 ;. 

9 n n 

5 6 . 

織絲 織誠謂 

42 CHEK. 


pie/tfj^ ^kil iheu(/, at convenience 
go and do. 

nfin Noise of a crowd ; hum 
Hp IJ of insects : ^rhHu cheJc, a 
C:! hum, a murmur ; a hubbub ; 
' COLL., chek) inilny^ or chek) 
t'hek^ imln<f milncf^ inutter- 
iii!^, unwilling; chek^ehidk^ or cliek^ 
chek^ chidk^ chulk^ noise of lips in 
eating ; ,net., careless, slatternly. 

rt To make bricks ; to make 
5^J£ an arched grave ; the smiff 
: " ' of a candle ; embers ; to 
dislike, to snuff at. 

A sharp agricultural 
utensil like a mattock ; to 
attend to husbandry. 

>^^n A species of bream 
mpU (cyprinus gibelioides) Avith 
/*V_^ a long dorsal : j^hHeng 

chek) a fresh bream ; com" 

、,chefc) ingil, a small bream 
Chi. reared in ponds ; chek) 

ingil Jc6^ a plaster made 

of the bream. 
土 A To take in the hand, to 

pick up, to lay hold of, to 
*^ grasp, to apprehend, to 
• catch ; to maintain, to 

retain, to receive, to keep ; 
to stop up; a handful ; obstinate, 
bigoted : cheJc) (chHu、 to grasp ; 
chek) (siu, to receive, to keep ; 
COM., ^^cheky seii' to manage bus- 
iness, a manager ; used for dea- 
cons ; 、分 chek) sell' (tang^ schedule 
of duties, as in a yainun; chek、《 
heady, opinionated ; i"Jcavl、 chel、 
ek、 "rt, every one telling his 
own story; chek) ek、 a man of one 
idea ; chek) pek-^ to hold the pen 
― i. e., to write for another ; cheky 
ihv. to hold the decanter, as the host 

To put in order, to 
"jgP repair ; to cover, to thatch ; 
卞,) a spinous grass : chek^ ok) 

to renew the thatch of a 


-l-tt To collect the materials 
rojBT for a carriapje ; a car well- 
l^j^,.' , arranged ; imioii, concord, 
• aecreement, to make evcry- 
tliing agreeable ; to collect, 
to gather, to compile ; to act 
gently and cordially : 、hwo chek) 
to harmonize, concord ; ,cheJc、 "'", 
peaceful, placid, as the coun- 
tenance ; ^isil chek^ harmonizuig 
words, to reconcile ; cliek^ ming^ 
placid, tranquil. 

A leech, called (chwi 
cheK\ : ^t^ong chek^ peng 
〉 chiki swallowing a leech 
causes disease. 

About to eat ; now, im- 
mediately ; soon, presently ; 
〉 when, then, forthwith, 
near ; if, perhaps ; this, that 
> is, or, alias ; full, abundant : 
^cheJCy Jcinff、 now, the 
present ; ^chai- chek^ close, 
near at hand ; ^chek^ chek^ 
full, an abundance ; ,chek、 (ngu, 
noon ; COM., ^chek^ k、aik、 instant- 
ly; ^chek^ ^ch^il, or cheh) Hi, or 
chek) ^kwang^ then, soil, it's thus 
and so ; ^^chek^ s<? that is, i. e. ; 
UcheJc) oi^ according to places, as 
at a feast ; to ascend the throne ; 
^^chek^ sok^ quickly, hastily; ^^chek^ 
pienr/^ at your convenience ; " Jii 
^ch^il cheJc^ if not this then 
that ; COLL., Y^chek) chek、 himg^ 
brought out at once, 'as ready 
money ; chek) ^ktoang pong* (sing, 
so just dismiss anxiety ; ^^cheky 

各執 一 詞 

事 孰事單 

行 鯽魚孰 

現 P 便舉 

卽彼 卽卽 

n-uc -111 -✓〕 

3 4 

卽位 卽速 

i Anil Ep? 

5 6 

■p 輯^ 今 

蛇 S 即 a 


ut u feast ; Jcil cheky set, obstinate ; 
COLL., chel\^ ))c»rverso ; k (? 

vhek^ che^ ; lea s'6,V bigoted in 
opinion ; r/ir/k'y ek、 pok^ 
tenacious of one idea and blind to 
all otliers. 

To tic, to bind, to fuston, 
^ as a horse or cow ; a cord, 
) ji thread : chek) imi, to 
fasten, to bind to, as hy 
kindness ; chek^ ("ia, to 
tie a horse. 

Substance, essence, na- 
ture of, the material of; 
rough, pluin, unadorned, 
unpretending; sincere, hon- 
est ; to confront, to cross- 
examine ; to establish, to sub- 
stantiate ; opposite to ; to appear 
in tlie ])reseTice of ; firm, as a text- 
ure ; a disposition, a habit ; centre 
of a target : chek^ brilliant, 

gifted ; '^cheky t plain ; the mind, 
as endowed ; ^iung chek) the 
adorned and tlie plain ; 》'auk) 
cheJcy plain ; ^chu chek) natural 
ability ; com., "ichai chek) original 
endowments ; ^H'-d chek) person- 
'•ility, nature of ; h/iing chefc) form, 
ligure, sign. 

An ax, a hatchet ; an 
anvil or iron block used by 
•〉 smiths and others. 

j^ll A written agreement, a 
E^lJ J bond: chek^ chS long and 
short documents. 

The back, the backbone, 
the spine ; convergent, as 
羣 " ribs ; ridge of a house ; a 
sierra, a ridge ; a bone ; in 
coll. used met. for a de- 
pendence, a ground of reliance : 
VAe々) ding, the wagtail ; "iu 



i/'fOff/ (/" chd、、 orderly and intol- 
lifXciit ; 《'、vr"// ehck^ crest of a Iiill 
or iiiouiitaiii ; ('ou", t7"'/') 
k"uk、 tl)c Kpiiio or bjUikbono ; 
L、hck、 tlie comb or a)>ov of 
the roof; chHo) chek、 the ridge of 
a roof; ^p'liXng chek^ kauk) 
ngauuj^ hin spine is weak ― caiTt 
siifely rely on him, 

; Tliin, loan, emaciated, 
reduced to a bone ; poor, 

^ " aa laud ; to make lean, to 
impoverish; to retrench, to 
brin^ down ; spoiled, aw 

meat : "e/teA^ peng^ emaciated by 

sickness ; "cfiek, ima, a lean horise ; 

chek^ H'Uj tliin soil. 

A wagtail, called cheky 
ding; it has a mottled 
black neck ; also called 

Panicled millet (milium), 
one of the five grains • 
quick, rapid ; the god of 
agriculture: 、'"silchek、 rice 
and millet ; ^^ha} cheky 
evening; "kg ^chai Are* chck^ "of- 
ferings ready, present quickly ; 
COM., haUfr chek) the god of har- 
vests ; sia^ eheky gods of land aud 
graiii, the Ceres of China, 

To gather, to hoard up, 
to accumulate; to increase, 
to add to, to pile upon : 
"chek) Jcm、g、 or chek^ taiky 
to acquire or lay up 】nerit ; 
^'^ cheky Hwi, to pile up ; " chek) 
(sang, to accumulate property ; 
^^Jtung cheky to hoard up, as grain, 
etc ; coM*/V'A€^) chieng^ to incr^case 
gradually ; i"ichong cheky to hoard 
up ; cheky hank) to gather ; ^^cheky 
、deu ising to^ much from little ; 

1^ 小成多 

積 漸存積 

積 產屯積 

7 8 

積 功積累 

5 6 

旣 齊旣稷 


桑 稷下稷 

2 3 

瘠 病瘠馬 



形 « 眷令 

7 8 . 

才 質體質 

5 6 

文質 樸質, 

美質 質地 

1 2 



vhcky k^ihiff to accumulate debts ; 
、(、heJc) a stoppage, indigestion ; 
ihant/ chek) constipated from cold ; 
1 Jiimfi ihang hil chek、 sickness 
from wind, cold, heat, and consti- 
pation ; COLL., chek^ isutng 《toi 
(,、、《,"〃, grows to mountain size ; 
人" c/ieA'y to cure consti})ation. 

Merit, praiseworthy acts, 
meritorious deeds, conduct 
Chi 、、'ortliy of reward : inter- 
' changed 、vith next. 

To twist liempen threads 
豫目 on the knee, to split hemp- 

on fibres ; merit by laud- 
' able works ; an affair, a 

business ; to complete, to 
bring to a conclusion ; to join, to 
})iece : \ku)、(i cheh、 or sio} chek^ 
or chek) ngleki luoritorious deeds ; 
、}H)h、 chek^ iki vtta, iimvilling to 
twist tlic hbres ― i. < ?., lazy ; ^s'^ll^ 
chek^ iJunif/ 《//i, a time of perfect 
tranquillity, a golden age. 

^-JU-. A trace, a foot-mark, a 
footstep ; vestiges, effects, 
consequences, signs ; the 
ifWK results? of previous con- 
) duct; to trace out, to follow 
up, to search for the effects 
■Kq of : 、'h€l、 chHo)iy' form, 
^ shape ; ,"m{^ chek^ cheu- 
^sinr/y to form your own 
h)ok、 cheJc) in- 
coM., ^ishig chek^ 
1 ratH's of (leit y, miracles ; ,。〈义"/ (7"《'〉 
niU'icMit signs, ivlics; ^\vhiing L、hek) 
loot-{)nnts, truces of; ^'^ihing chel、 
I'onn, shape. 

rt-y-^ Solo of tlie foot ; to step 
Jh/ft ou, to tread on ; to leaj) 
〉 up, to dance ; metatarsus 



Plfc of birds : chek^ the 

if/^ Kobin Hood of Clnna, in 
产 i") the (lays of Tsin ; "s;h 
' Jcie clteky to cat the 】】i(jUi- 
tursus of chickeus. 

XfMl To stride ; to straddle 
Irg or step over a tiling; to 
〉 walk reverently, to step in 
' a formal manner, to meas- 
ure one's steps. 

nrjtt To stop carefully ; short 
|f>^K steps, a mincing walk ; to 
* " Avalk here and there. 

(Jhek、, A coll. ciiplionic prefix ; 
as chek) chidk^ to spatter, 
to splash ; L'kek) ehak^ to 

wind about and bind, to tuck up 

as one's clothes. 

Read choJa; coll, cheki: 
nyflL:, to select, to raise, to 
QYii promote ; to employ in 
' office : '^cJteki 《ehHl, to 
I'ecommend a Ktljin to 
tlie emperor for office ; ^^cheki 
(ch、U kamip- to recommend to 
a district magistracy. 

Read f'cJa; coll. cheJa; 
as ^^cheki imwcmg, the door 
opening into the 2d, hall 
or privute apartments of a 


tt^tt A thief, a robber, a ban- 
QH/ (lit, 】iigh、v:iyuian, a ma- 

rauder ; seditious, those 
who rise against the gov- 
ernment ; the enemy ; a 
term of contempt ; to murder, to 
maltreat ; to rob, to pillage, to 
oppress ; a fly in grain ; in the 
coll, read ch'eki q. v. : ^^k'triu^ chela 

^門 |ig 賊 

1 取知縣 〇 

g ,取 pi 

1 蹄, 雞 

|l 跡!^ 跡 

神跡 跡 

自新 ^蹟 

〕. ^穩 咸熙 

不績 其麻 

暑積; ^績 

^滞 m 笼 



n bniulit ; \vhan(f chela to 】>lim- 
(k"、 to oppress ; 、〃〃〃《 clieh. a iiy 
that destroys the stalks of grain ; 
^iuah. chela or imiki cheki 、、h、\ 
the oqnisetum hyeinele, known as 
tlic Dutch rush or scouring rush, 
much used for scouring and polish- 
ing woods and metals. 

To cut, to cut in pieces ; 
to cut asunder, to divide, 
to separate; to obstruct, to 
1 e • intercept, to stop ; to cut 
off, to amputate ; a por- 
tion ; to discriminate, to make 
nice distinctions ; in coll. a topic, 
:i theme, a point, as of doctrine ; 
always, evorything : ^chek^ cheky 
skilled in argument, making nice 
distinctions; ^chek2 twang- to cut 
off; COM., 〜hu chela to prevent, 
to stop ; ,(chang cheh. moderate, 
temperate, as in words and acts ; 
、io7ig 乏 cheki tlie upper portion of 
anything ; coll., 、、heki mala to 
stop the pulse, to kill by pressing 
oil a vital part as pugilists do ; 
、a cheki so》 to close an account ; 
"tih cheki candid, bold ; ^'^ cheki 
chela seic' k^^ angry about every- 
thing ; "eheJa kw(f- H," divided 
into two apartments ; "cheJa 
to make shorter ; ^chi siohi chela 
iki to^ this point of doctrine ; 
、kong siohi cheki to discuss a 
theme ; pd- siohi chela one point 

3315 Read tank); coll. chela: 
a stamp or seal, such as 
" used by constables ami 
pettifoggers : cheki ke^ a 
stamp ; ka€ cheki or kaP 
cheh. M to stamp for autbenti- 

An insect that destroys 
tlie stnlks of pniin at tlie 
joints ; a, kind of Hessian 
riv. , 


The cuttle fish; also 
, called chl'eJci " black 
I tliief," an (1 m cki mf/il, 
MBjh " ink fish ; ,, in medicine it 
is called 、kai ^pHeii 《s 化 v, 
Tse. and sold in drug stores- 


Chtki. A coll. euplionic prefix ; 
as cheki ch'tki naiiuj^ to 
talk incessantly. 


To duplicate, to add ; to 
fly 】iigh ; a surname : also 
read icheng^ q. v. ; 、\chenff 
ismff^ I, the inferior officer; 
ccm" " (cheng (chu、 great- 
grandfather ; " (cJmig ^ckii 
or ^cheng (chu (nm, 
great-grandmother ; ^ch eng 
great-grandsons ; ^cheng 
、son.g (m'" great-granddaughters ; 
、\dimg、 (chit, a celebrated disciple 
of Confucius. 

(誦 fh 

To increase, to augment, 
to add ; to repeat ; repeat- 
od, doubled : ^"^^cheng (mi, 
。• to grow in virtue ; ^cheng 
Jco^ to exalt, to raise high ; 
"10) ^k^eii niJa (cheng, population 
daily increasing ; ^cheng ek、 (or 
COM., Jca fiheng^ to increase, to 
add to; (cheng seil^ to prolong 

50,^ 口日^ 

曾子 2K 

9 o 

1 2 

祖 曾祖她 


記會 臣會 

猪 ^ 短戳 

4 5 

受 氣截二 


; 截織截 

截 脈截數 

斬截 上截 

7 8 

截 斷阻截 

5 6 

木 賊截截 

殘 賊蟊賊 

1 2 

Also read icheng : used 
in the Court dialect as an 


/jPL A Budhist priest ; a 
T^f religious life : \8%'eng 
^VF* fiheng, a devout priest ; 
eng. *silh. (chenff, a venial 
priest ; *rmoah (cheng, I, 
the lowest priest-; *hw(ik、 tChmg, a 
priest of superior sanctity ; \cheng 
a Budhist temple ; * fiheng sUki 
clergy and laity, as used by 
Budhists ; COM., \chetig Jcct、 a 
bonze, a fraternity of priests. 

J/j^ To hate, to detest, to 
•I'rt^ dislike, to abominate : 、、k、6 
(cheng, hateful, abomin 
. ■ able ; sei^ iing fihmg, to 
be hated. 

乍— ―… ― ― 

interrogative, how? what? 
' in what way? \cheng tek、 
how? fihe7ig imo^ what? 
^cheng tmng, how can it be done? 

yt.jpL An arrow with a string 
tied to it, used for shoot- 
( ing birds ; a short arrow 
higli : fheng 、ch% an ar 
< ^^Ki row bound with a string 
Tseng, ^cheng ch^ioky to fasten 
the thread to the arrow. 

A fishing net ; a lifting 
net suspended by the 
mrr^ corners : ha} ^cheng^ a 
crab-net ; Ueu ^cheng^ to 
cast the net. 

; To wrangle, to dispute, 
I I* to quarrel ; to strive for 
precedence ; to contest, to 
。• litigate ; to reprove, to 
remonstrate, in coll. read 
、chang、 q. v. : \hun(f fiheng, to 
divide and dispute; " 一/ fiheng^ 
to wrangle ; ^\cheng ikioiiq^ over- 


bearing ; "(c/wwp 俨 gibig, anx- 
ious to excel, competitive ; ^\eheng 
s'eUng^ to contend at law ; ^^^hmg 
emulous, ambitious ; ^^^heng 
^k^m^ wrangling ; ^\clieng ^$ang^ 
to contest an estate ; " (cheng tait^ 
to fight ; ^cheng ^eng^ to strive 
to be first; ^^^che>ig nai^ noisy 

Used for the preceding : 
to wrangle : ^cheng sSUng^ 
、& 4 to litigate. Also read 
chain- as Jean- chain(f* 
to reprove a superior. 

To pierce, to prick ; to 
force in ; also read chainff 
、6t!, as in the coll. ngaing^ 
chaimf firm, stiff. 

A kind of guitar or lial'p- 
sichord having 】2 copper 
, strings : '^\cheng tiki guit- 
g' ar and flute ; "、chenff 
(eheng, loud piercing 
sounds ; 〜hung ^cheng^ a kind of 
kite ; jinglittg sounds of pieces of 
metal or glass hung in the wind. 

A displeased look: imiiig 
iCheng, to look angrily^ 

A small cymbal, a pmail- 
sized gong ; the ringing 
sound of metals. 

To rise above ; con- 
spicuous, eminent, lotty 
like a mountain : ^cheng 
iing, lofty, dignified* 


Tinkling sound of genig 
『 r metals ; the sound of 
( 二^^ gems when they are ruiig 

風攀 1 

,笛 pit 攀 

爭 先爭鬧 

爭 產爭顧 

7 8 

爭 氣爭口 

5 6 

爭 妍爭訟 

* 爭 f?. 強 

怎的 分爭 

9 2 

偕 家可憎 

7^ 8 

僭寺 僧俗 

6 6 

末 偕法僧 


CHEN (;. 



To urrive, to extoiul to; 
the utmost, the highest 
、r^i:f^ degree ; many, numerous, 
' :i multitude ; to collect, to 
conijrogato : palk^ fiol、 
ipieng may every hap- 

piness come to you ! Jci k't'iln<i^ 
chihiff* ^chcmj^ a total famine ; 
isiouff 《cheng、 to come swiftly. 

A small stream in Ho- 
nan,one of the head "waters 
(,h*, of the Ihvai river ; to 
L g' read I to ; at ease, loose, at 
liberty ; many, abundant : 
pa iky kok^ ^chenr/ fheng^ may 
your granaries be filled ! 

A needle ; a cauterizing 
probe ; to prick ; to use 
• the needle in acupuncture ; 
^-L* pine leaves : ^isilng ^che7ig^ 
c^P^ I pine leaves ; ^^ony ^cherig^ 
Chen, sprouting rice ; com., 
\chen{f fP'wi^ unfinished 
needles ; \chHong ^cheng^ to 
thread the needle ; \cheng chid? 
acupuncture ; ^do Jcing ^chevg^ or 
^chil (ngu ^chcng^ the corapass- 
noedle ; \chen[/ siting^ needle and 
thread ; \hwa ^cheng^ needle used 
for embroidering ; \cheng ch、eng、 
a scale with the pointer on top ; 
COLL., ^chenfz p^e^ eye of the 
needle ; " 《 tHeng ipang ( chcng 
pointer on middle of scales-beam ; 
、\chenff (kwonf/、 a needle-case ; 
《cheng H in ^cheng s iCmg* H iu 
sidng^ incessant stitching ; met" 
to work incessantly ; Uoai^ pwd* 
^chengy or tioai- ^kioong ^cheng^ 
large needle ; ("i ^mo fheng^ 
darning needle ; ichieng 《chenff, a 
Avire for stringing cash. 

A buiulle of sticks, a 
number of sticks tied up 
ctiOng- i"to a faggot. 

^ A fruit like the filbert or 
r>ri hazxjl; wood, brushwood; 
J .7 tliorny bushes, as in a thick 
^ hedge; also a small sort of 
chestnut: ^^^sieu (chenff, u 
smnll filbert ; " (Me,?// ^heng, over- 
grown with bushef*; com., imau 
c chenff, a small filbert ; coll,, 
、\chmff Jcnng, dried filbetta ; 
\ch、ang (chmg, fresh filberts. 

A general name for com- 
mon silken fabrics, as pon- 
TaG"" gcc, sarsnet, lutestring, 

Abundant, exuberant fo- 

2Sr liage, bushy trees ; collect- 

'; 1^、 ed, an accumulation of : 
Ln in. / , 1 

^clienc/ 《cheng、 exuberant 


Short hair: ipeng fiheng^ 
the hair disheveled, tan- 

Even, regular, as feath- 
ers grow ; to cut off 
smooth ; to clip even ; to 
shear ; shears, scissors ; to 
kill, to destroy ; to reduce, 
to clip off ; light, as a dye 
or a color : ^''^cheng miefa 
to destroy utterly ; ^^^cheng 
(dirm、 to trim the linger nails ; 
、、choi 《cheng、 to cut out, as gar- 
ments ; to consult, to reduce, ns a 
price ; COLL., "^heng ch^o? or 
^cheng "mug ch^of to cut into 
bits ; Jca ^6 (chenff, scissors, 
shears ; "、! leng (fceuff, to clip 
down, to reduce ; ^cheng a 


剪 減 〇 

8 9 

生 檨翦滅 

6 7 

i 管小榡 

2 8 

鼻^< 平針 

針 針种針 

針? 針線 

針炎 羅經 

5 6 

針^ 穿針 

3 4 


1 2 



siovo ; ^r/n fHj 'Jitr" J/f>nfj^ tO cut 
tlouor pnttonis ; ik、ir't 、'ha》(j、 to 
bcirin to cut tlie woddiiiij (Ircss; 
Vf'~ V//("'/7, iiiodiuin-sizLHl scissors ; 
Ji }ra small scissors; ^chen<j 

《/f"///, to loj) off; ^cheiuj ^chenr/ 
kal\ to j)arc tlio nails. 

c J.^^ ShaIlow-]>atcHl, super - 
fic'ial, unskilled, not pro- 
UZJ? f'ouiul ; sophistical : ^vhenf/ 
|lj hdti^ sli allow - brained ; 
mjjfj ic/ufi ^cltenfj^ mediocre, of 
Chk'n. small capacity. 

^C/ienf/. A coll. wor*! ; as ^chevg 
/cffky (also ^chicnfj kak、、 
finger uails, 

< Cheng. A coll. word ; as 

^cheng iheng n, feast 

given to one about to go 
on a journey. 

To advance, to enter ; 
to go up or on, to got on ; 
eiiiu to walk before ; to bring 
• forward ; to approach ; to 
promote ; to present ; to 
introduce, to recoininciui ; to come 
near ; progress in, promotion, an 
advance : \te)ig cheng^ to obtain 
office ; "song chmg、 to select and 
promote ; ^s6^ chcng^ inordinate 
ambition ; com., *cheng* seif} ;i 
])oc'tor of Laws, LL. D., the third 
literary or military degree ; 
^vhouf lilJci to receive government 
salary ; ^diemf 、i、d、 to introduce 
wealth; to bring tribute to tlie 
emperor ; '^n?c;?// chemf first ossiiy 
in second division of tlie Four 
Books ; tlic ancients ; the proood- 
iiig class of siutsai ; ^chetu/^ ek、 to 
advance, to increase ; V' 力— 尸 
Ji iong^ to offer incense, as on the 


Mils on tlio 1 all niirlK of Hih 
"loon ; i。c/"'v i',K""f to infrodiH'c ; 

'V/〃 "〃》<7"//7"y/〃) or (i<,'//v,",7, 

to plnco the coffin in tlio i^i-avo ; 
i'heuff top to luIvniR'o and Vol ire ; 
i'houf a stu<k'nt enterinfjns 
:i eniididate ; one huvinnr just 
obtaiiHHl liis doprroc ; chen(f^ j、ol、 
toi^ p 〔、! X、 t'oP uiialile to 
advance or retreat, impracticable; 
cheag^ th'jd iu i)mccm(j、 no door to 
advance or retreat ; i. e., in o^reat 
straits ; coll., cheng^ 61a to obtain 
tlie siutsai degree ; 、\*hemf isoig^ 
to advance ; cheng、 siohi 2)u、d^ to 
take a step in advance. 

|"> Correct, strniorht, square, 
[ right, not awi'y ; erect, 
Ch5nn^ not inclined, even, not 
。• deflected ; regular, usual, 
proper, to settle, to deter- 
mine ; the first, principal ; just at 
the time of ; constant, usual ; 
genuine, real, as goods ; to put in 
order ; to assume, to enter on, as 
an office ; to adjust, to govern, to 
execute the laws, to punish ; also 
read 《ching, and in coll. ^chidng 
and chicmrf q. v. : ^^Jcil dieng) to 
rest in the right ; "che7iff、 ch6€' 
to punish sin ; ^^chenij^ hwaJc^ to 
pronounce a judicial sentence ; 
^^chenff itonff, the tribunals of 
magistrates ; "chen(f Hi^ or cheng* 
to- true doctrine, right reason ; 
^^chenff 01' the principal seat ; 
'W 鎖/ 尸 right feeling, a right 
spirit ; '^^ Jiwong chevg^ or ^tuvg 
ehenif u])rit?lit, just ; ^\simg 
chmg) ancient saixes ; Jv\oi 
chemf /'厶 /, to divine by the tor- 
toise shell ; cheid- ehenif to com- 
pare and correct ; higxt cheng、 
tlie five dements ; ^pHhig cheng、 

:!^ 正先正 

2 ^ 

j:iS 位正氣 

1 堂冗理 

正 菲正法 

進前居 正 

引進 進;^ 


進益進 S 

, 寶 ^進 

i, 進士進 ft 

I 4 5 

,進 P 近 

。? S 進 〇 


CHENG. 49 

crooked and straight ; (siu cheng、 
to obey the truth ; chew/ 《?: 
Jcioangy to adjust the clothes and 
cap ; COM., ikiong isil twaki cheng^ 
Hi, to wrest the truth by violent 
talk ; Hi chenff mgiong song- the 
doctrine good, and the words ap- 

I ■ ' 〉 An unauthorized charac- 
ter, but found in the Paik、 
• Jkg : disease, sickness, 
1 ailments, disorders : com., 
^cheng* haiir character of 
a disease ; ^cheng^ ngiki incurable 
disease ; ^song^ cheng* a curable 
disease ; 、(hwang cheny* disease 
growing worse; bcmJc)(、heng) (coll. 
mgai cheng^) violent disease 
COLL., ^panxf' chencf sickness 
cheng* ta'eng*- serious illness 
mwoki cheng* to cure sickness 
mwong、 clieng* or k^ang* cheng^ 
to inquire into the nature of a 
complaint, as a physician. 

■rp/.> To rule, to govern ; a 
Jm/^ standard, a regulator ; a 
Ql^l treatise, a guide on a sub- 
ject; government, politics ; 
laws, regulations : '^ch'ek^ 
cheng) sun, moon, and five planets, 
or elements ; %kmg chencf to 
transact government business ; 
^dng cheng* official clemency ; 
》iwong chenff royal government 
i. e., good rule; cheng、 
a tyrannical government ; ",^a 
<^heng) family regulations; "chen- 
Ung^ official orders ; "laung 、- 
cheng" to discuss government 
matters ; "(》• mi cheng、 the author- 
ity is yours ; com., 'Viola chencf 
Literary Chancellor ; "Icwok) 

cheng、 or clieng^ seU^ the national 

To reprove, to repri- 
mand ; to remonstrate 
^^s^ with, to admonish, to ex- 
postulate ; to testify : in- 
terchanged with the fol- 

-^?^> To prove, to confront, 
to testify, to substantiate ; 
to prove by authorities, to 
bear witness ; evidence, 
testimony: "chm- chff to 
confirm by evidence; Jci h iyong 
iyong d ^chii cheng* ^chiy the 
father stole the sheep, and the son 
proved it ; com., 、& cheng) kieng* to 
testify ; "che7ig、 ngieng^ or cheng^ 
keu^ verification, proof ; ^^Jcang 
cheng^ to testify; coll., ch6* Jcang 
clieng^ to bear witness. 

To advance, to increase, 
to flourish, to grow; to 
stick, as into a case, or 
'〉 about the person, in which 
j— I sense the same as the next ; 
Chin, to curb a horse ; ilame of 
a dynasty, divided into the 
Western and Eastern Tsin, 
A.D. 265-419; a feudal state, 
now the southern part of Shansi ; 
COM., ^^chen(f liiki to receive 
a government salary ; ^^cheng^ 
Jcong haing^ a district in the 
Chinchew prefecture, Fookien. 

Also read cMen^ •• to 
stick into, to insert, to put 
n into, as a socket ; to shake, 
in' to agitate : used for next : 
chmg、 hwok) to hold the pearly- 
tablet, as at audiences ; cheng^ 
^sing Kohl book containing a list 
of the officers in the empire. 

、江縣 〇 

證 I 曰 tt| 日 

政 is 佐 ia 

1 1 

政 學政國 

5 6 

論 ^ 爾 1® 

Co 4 

家政 ^ 令 

1 2 

王政苛 政,, 

T 政 "政 

惡症 病症 i 


,症! ^症 I 

效 凝 



/T^) Carnation colored silk; 

a light red; to wrap 
fl^tj around ; to gird, as with a 
Ch"^' Basil : 、 Cheng" ,dng, Ibe 
«* red sashes " 一 i. e., the 
literati and gentry ; chm 于 ^ing 
^'eng ^seng, a literary gentleman. 

A pebble, or secondary 
gem ; a stone that may be 
considered a gem. 


To soak, to soak 
through, to penetrate ; to 
•--^S' macerate ; to moisten, to 
Chh' mollify ; to water, to be- 
dew ; to saturate ; to steep 
in, to submerge, to immerse ; to 
flood, to lay under water, as fields ; 
drenched, wet, imbued with, 
watered ; gradually, gently : 
*cheng^ eiXng*- to saturate ; tai- 
chmg) a great flood ; *cheng) 
id''- ai'eng, to lay the paddy fields 
under water ; coll., 'cheng) to 
drown ; cheng) mauJc, to soak to 
pieces'; *cheng、 ipui, to swell by 
soaking ; ,chmg) 'chwi, to sub- 
merge in water ; *cheng) ch'o> 
to soak in vinegar ; cheng) 'si (cA'(2 
sneng ^kiCtng, to drown daugh- 
ters ; 'chmg) hwa? dissolved by 
steeping; "chmg、 cAW soaked 
till unsavory ; ''chenrff-av? soaked 
through ; cheng) (chwi (t'eng lang 、- 
it'au t (? the solcn steeped till the 
meat of its two ends appears ; 
met., failing, turning out badly. 

Cheng>. A coll. euphonic prefix ; 
as cheng^ chibuf to 
usurp ; cheng、 chieng^ to 

tremble ; cheng'* chidng^ yes, just 

bo; chmg) chMng、 to plant, to 

drop seeds. 


>-V An adverb of past time, 
past, gone by, already 
《,伊 done ; how ! ""/""i? Vew, 
TaSng- is it done or not? "ihd 
ichen。, how can it be so I 
"icheng (fcing, already, past ; "e* 

cheng, not yet ; coll., paik, 
icheng or yd? icheng, formerly, 
previously, already ; miod't^ wheng, 
have not yet, never have. 

A story of a building ; a 
, shelf, a step, a round of a 
,P ladder; a layer, a strata, a 
iseng- tier, a stage ; lamina, a 
plate or anything laid on ; 
still more, added to ; a step, a 
degree above; a classifier for steps, 
stories of buildings, &c. : com., 
'\cheng icheng, every step ; 
icheng, steps or rounds of a lad- 
der; '\ch^ieng icheng, a thousand 
stories high— i. e., very high, as 
a mountain ; "dai icheng, a 
chow-chow basket with shelves 
or divisions ; 人嘗' icheng , 
how many steps ? icheng ch'gU) 
gradation, regular order ; "tchengr 
ch'&a) (Imng iniing, every step 
(of a business) plain ; ising dai 
icheng, a large basket with divi- 
sions ; (Sang icheng ilau, a three 
storied house ; an ancient bridal 

|-jr» Also read iteng: a va- 
TRRt riety of large coolie or- 
《 ange; the shaddock: ^chHu 
Cheng- I Cheng, autumnal shad- 
docks; Jcang icheng, sweet 
shaddocks; iwong icheng, yellow 
shaddocks; ^sang icheng^ a melo- 
dinus, a woody climber belonging 
to the dogbane family. Read 
t.(dnf)^ a table, a desk; in the man- 
darin (jmny taing^ a bench. 

分明 〇 

幾層 層. 

千 層萊層 

8 9 

層 層梯層 

6 7 

曾 經未首 

會否 何曾 

2 3 

浸 臭浸透 

浸醋 浸化 

浸肥 浸水 

6 7 


大 浸浸彼 

8 4 


CHENG. 61 

An empty vessel ; to 
^ exhaust, to use all ; finish- 
ed, empty, exhausted ; a 
quantity used up ; all, en- 
tirely, wholly, fully, coni- 
Chin. pletely, to the utmost de- 
gree ; to indulge, as one's 
grief ; a superlative, very, 
most, exceedingly ; a work brought 
to an end ; to till up, as time ; to 
achieve, to accomplish; to stop, 
to conclude : 、cheng*- niki the 
whole day ; Her? chovf- a month 
of 30 days ; ^ ^cha pok^ chevrj- 
mgiong, I cannot write all I wish 
to say ; COM., ^cheng- chieh^ " ex- 
haust chastity " ― to commit sui- 
cide, as a widow does ; ^cheng- ^ch^iX 
ihu, drain this flagon, as the host 
says to guests ; ^chcng^ to 
apply one's whole mind ; , cheng 、- 
iki to^ to try to do right only ; 
^iu ikilng cheng- inexhaustible, 
illimitable ; ^cheng- ^pwong hong- 
to discharge one*8 full duty ; 
^^cheng^ ^su (/w, to use all of one's 
resources ; coll., " cheng 、- J. siohi 
sie^ meng* during his whole life, 
scil. I must support him ; "cheng)- 
ich*'€7ig^ or cheng^ chH (? to solicit 
a bonus beyond the price of the 
property sold ; (kong rad- cheng^ 
all cannot be told ! cheng^ 
chioJa cheng^ utterly destitute ; 
cheng^ chiohy ch6^ to- ition 仏 to 
chant as Tauists, till the candle 
burns out ; met" to do so much and 
then stop ; cheng^ ; h6、 very good ; 
"cheng^ hwa9- very depraved ; 
"cheng 义 《mwi, to the very end. 

A plant whose roots af- 
ford a yellow dye ; residue, 
remainder, balance ; to ad- 
vance constantly ; sincere, 


as in professions of friendsljip : 
^^cheny- (c/t* 么 also called mong 
(dtU), a plant used to dye yellow ; 
cheng^ isirtg^ loyal officer. 

rd^- Ashes, embors, snuff, re- 
ttj^i eidiuim after combustion ; 
cii^ a quenched brand ; relics ; 

• •what is left, as of a con- 

quered people, or after a 
conflagration : iil chevg- the re- 
mainder, as of embers; 叫 mochengi 
quenched brands ; ^siu ne^ kwoky 
ehenf 产 to receive what is left 
of the population of two kingdoms. 

Presents to one (sotting 
"Jiii— out on a journey ; precious 
•^j^** things : ^''clmty- irtyi^ or 

• chew/- keu(f parting gifts; 
koir clteng- to make part- 
ing gifts. 

2 Cold, fihivering : often 
uRed. for next, but incor- 



Also read chi&n g 2 •• 
clean, pure, spotless, un- 
thtrr defiled; upright, guileless ; 
,• to wash, to cleanse ; only ; 
all ; rapids in tho river Ilan ; 
^^^chHna cheny^ or ki'ck、 chewji 
clean, pure ; ^^cheng- 、sh,g, to 
purify the heart ; a clean heart. 

Still, silent, quiet, at 
pjff rest ; impassible, imper- 
S』。 tm'baWe; no bustle ; mild, 
。• j>eac'iable ; pure, like 
water ; to judge, to pon- 
der, to meditate on ; to desist : 
it^img chzruf- at rest, peaceful ; 
eh《 clmig- very still, solitary ; 
chen(f' dio^ to sit quietly ; cheng- 
mgiong^ quiet advice; cheng- (nil, 
a chaste virgin ; cheng 飞 sek) to 

|S 淨 2 

Hi 儀 

盡田 ^壊 

2 3 J 

1 1 

伊 一 世面 

盡 所有盡 


0, 盡本分 


其道 無篛 


壺盡 > 心盡 

6 7 

盡 節盡此 

4 5 

書不 盡一曹 


盡日 大盡 

1 2 \ 



rest ; ^cheng^ (yo".<7, to nourish by 
repose : COM" \chHn.g chetu/ clear 
and silent ; che"(f- correct, 

chaste, as females ; VuJ' chm# 
fond of retirement, sedentary ; 
's'dalc) chemf' still and reverential ; 
'i})i>、g chencf- or ^ang cheiig- 
peaceful, tranquil ; coll., cheng^ 
chidhy cheng^ very still, retired. 

法曰! To eiU, to invite ; to 
pny? allure ; to ornament, to 
^ bedizen ; handsome, bo- 
ing' witching ; still, in which 
sense it is interchanged 
with the preceding, 
^j^^i Small, fine, minute; to 
U,pJ think, to plan, to devise, 
'v*-^ to scheme ; to meditate on ; 
^' to tranquilize, to harmo- 
nize, to restore peace, to 
clear, as the sea fiora pirates ; to 
regulate, to settle disturbances ; to 
become clear and quiet : ''cheng^ 
imeuy to plan, to devise ; "'liki 
cheng^ sSil) Jitcxxiff, daily to plan 
for everything; "cherig^ ^ii, to 
consider ; "chen'g^ Hi, to regulate ; 
^\pi vl cheng*- fhi^ allow mo to 
manage it; ^^cken<^ hoang^ to 
eettlo disturbances ; ''cJieag^ ihico, 
to harmonize ; "^A^ii*, hole, 
chen(f to act witliout 3- plan, 
reckless, fool-hardy. 

Also read 《ching and 
力 Pi 《c/i—, but usually cheng^ 
and ch*^ain^ : chaste, as a 
g' virgin ; to stand erect; 
weak, gentle, delicate, slen- 

Cheng、. A coll. euphonic prefix ; 
as cheng*- chcmgi to chisel, 
to engrave ; to stamp, as 
dollars; cheny*- chidng^ to purify, 
to lustrate, as a Tauist priest does. 


(36) Chciiig. 

I Read fihtmg; coll . iChJbig: 
^/^^t^ a kind of gomuti palm ; the 
'"^ cliamoerops, whose bracts 
furnish coir for ropes, mats, 
― coarse garments, &c,; the 
Tsung. coir from the Borassus 
GomuUis; a dark brown, 
umber : fh'eng teilkj the 
palm-bamboo ; "(eAiJw.y ^/sai, rain 
garments made of coir; " tCh'&ng 
chain- ? oir-mats; " (cMnff ^siong, 
a box covered with coir; " (h'&ng, 
c'A'eif* the palm tree ; "\cM"ff die 
tjne, boughs of the palm ; ^cheng 
hoJc^ a coir-dustcr ; (c/iS/iy soh^ 
loki ^chioi Jca ^king, coir-rope 
put in wcter grows tighter ; met.^ 
increasinj^ misery ; fCheng sa.ik、 
umber color ; icheng pHmxf palm- 
bracts ; ^ch'eng ^si, palm-fibres. 

Read (chung ; coll. 
_ . ^chemj : a horse's mane ; 
y^j^ bristles ; leaves of the pine; 

<t^JC a horse's mane ; ftil ^ch'eng, 
Taung. bristles of a hog; isUng 
(ch'dng, or isilng pah^ 
^htn^y leaves of the pine tree. 

么 Read /:hung / used for 
- the coll. ^cheng : a high 
T 一 knot of hair, worn by fe- 
8 輕' males ; the back lappet of a 
Chinese lady's head-dress, 
which extends over the neck; 
false hair ; a periwig, a false cue : 
mang (ch'&ng, wigs, or false cues 
for men ; (nil ^ch'mg, lady's wig ; 
^chcnff, to dress the wig; 
^chmg "'rtw, the end of the wig 
or lappet which is attached to the 
head ; ^cheng siohi Hiv, a hair- 
roll, a lappet ; ch'a/P (ch'6ng, the 

1 靜 3 提 m '靖 四 
養静 靜謀方 

2 淸 4 好 6 平 S 曰 , 

P 櫚枝 〇 


8 9 

榜蓑 槔犟 

G 7 

弗靖 標竹 

靖和^ 作 

靖 之靖亂 

3 俾予 




tops of vegetables ; '■cheng taing* 
a wig-shop. . 

i Cheng. A coll. word : to pour or 
dash water on anything, 
to drench ; to quench or 
extinguish, as fire; to cleanse 
with water : icheng Jcwo、 Uo^ 
throw it, dash it on ! icheng 161a 
to pour down on ; ich'eng Pah) to 
cleanse by dashing water on ; 
icheng siohi ping, drenched all 
over the body ; ^sai (chwi ich'&ng, 
to dash water on ; icJieng kw& to 
extinguish, as with water ; icKeng 
Ian- dash it wet. 




A district in the south- 
west of Shantung, on the 
TsoiL Yellow river ; an ancient 
city in Lu, where Mencius 
was born ; a surname. 

The district in Lu where 
Confucius was born, situa- 
ted in Yencliau-foo in Shan- 
tung, and not far from the 

|*|t_r An angle, or comer, as 
|^j7 of a city wall ; a bastion ; 
a nook, a cove ; to live 
■ together ; abashed, asham- 
ed : tchea, abashed ; 
^maing^ fiheu^ a name for the 
first month ; * ising (cheu, corner 
of a city wall ; 、ha 、chm, a dis- 
tant, lonely nook ; * Jmong ^cheu, 
a sequestered cove ; fheu ck) the 
residence of Confucius, as in the 

A fabulous feline beast 
called ing% em- 

blematical of kindness to 
animals ; a royal groom or 


hostler : 'cheeky (cheu, the seven 
royal grooms. 

^Tr± Silk first dyed red thrice, 
<^t\ then twice dipped in black; 
r^sou a dark brown or brownish 

■ purple, puce. 

J-BCi Also read ^chil : to con- 
( ^fl]^ suit with, to take advice ; 
TsqIu to inquire into matters of 
• government ; to deliberate 
in public assembly ; to 
select, to choose : fiheu kek^ to 
select a lucky day; \chU (cheu, 
take counsel ; "(cAew (cM, a con- 

X/ftrt To speak in an under- 
tone, to whisper, to speak 
into one's 'ear: '^JcHng 
tcheu, to speak privately, 
to whisper to. 

Arrl To strike the rounds at 
AXS\ night, to pace the beat, as 
【 a watchman ; to seize, to 

■ take with the hand. 

Minnows, small white 

― fish that skip over the 

( J))、 • water : met., a simpleton : 
丄 sou, ,. J ' ' , 
"(cAew ^eng^ a foolish 





Fire-wood ; a kind ol 
wood used for making 
Tsoiw combs, and watchmens* 
rattles ; also used for fuel ; 
a surname : ^cheit sieng^ 
the wood for making combs. 

To run, to go, to travel ; 
to sail ; to hasten, to qiiick- 
en one 丄 8 steps ; to flee, to 

run off, to escape ; the 
156th radical ; in the coll. 
a menial, a runner : i"cheu sen* 

獸 o 

鲰生 〇 

^00 o 


諫訾 〇 



% 〇 

七 驄誡吉 

K 邑驄 ® 

7 s 

陬 o 

城陬 〇 


孟陬 〇 


鬃 店卑陬 

1 2 

5 善 CHEU. 



quadrupeds, four-footed animals; 
^pwong 汇 chm、 to abscond, to 
go abroad ; (cheu (ma, to ride 
on horseback ; (hi (cheu siJa 
to make the sand and stones fly, 
as a strong wind; ilo"ting 、cheu, 
rumbling of thunder; coll., ; cheu 
(keu、 "running dogs,,, 一 runners in 
brothels or other low places. 

《、"j| A pool, or pond with 
crooked border ; a water- 
J^J^ tank used for a fish-pond : 
• deng 《cheu, a water-lily 
pond ; k、lilk、 《ch€u, an 
angular pool ; ding (ckeu, a beau- 
tiful pond ; (chm 《chi, ponds. 

Read ^neu ; coll. (cheu 
a bird, the feathered tribe 
^^cheu Jca 'eky male of birds 
^^cheu^mo^ female of birds 
、《cheu birds and beasts 
^^cheu kdf a bird-roost ; "cheu 
chidhy a sparrow, a small bird 
"cheu (kidng, little birds, bird 
lings ; i^cheu tain- a bird-shop 
^^chieng 气 heu、 birds just out of 
shell; ineLy timid, unsophisticated 
^ ^ching 汇 chm, a small spotted bird 
caged by the Chinese ; ^chm seid 
or iQ^heu ^wOy birds, uests ; ^^^yong 
(chm、 to domesticate birds ; 各 ong 
^cheu^ to snare birds ; "aujc^(cheu、 
vicious birds ; ^chwi (cheu, aquatic 
birds ; ; ya 、hm、 wild-fowls ; 
p'ahy (cheic, to shoot birds ; ^Yang^ 
、hm, charcoal birds; 、"c"u itnui^ 
a stool pigeon ; "(cfieu dSng, bird- 
cage ; "(cheu k'vcang^ feeding cups 
in a bird-cage ; '^^cheu ^id^ig^ or 
^cheu ^ng^ a bird -like Hound; Hhm 
kiev^ ch^ok^ ijmng vaioong^ when 
the birds sing, (ladies) must get 

M) Read ch '4il、 ; coll. cheu^ ' 
an insect (Ptiuus) that eats 
ehu books; moths in clothes, 
' wood ,& c. ; to eat as insects 
do ; to decay, to rot : 
、& sion^ cheu^ worm-eaten ; cAew, 
(hung, dust from moth-eating ; 
、\chu chev? books worm-eaten ; 
(ngai cheu? decayed teeth ; ^^cheu^ 
iV-'eng^ a moth, a wood- worm ; "《《 
isiong cheti clothes moth-eaten ; 
"cAe") hoki email pitted, as a kind 
of Lichi fruit. 

1^1"! 》 To curse, to imprecate, 

il/i ^ to rail at, to swear ; to 
rt?? recite spells, to curse ; an 
PH ) oath ; a charm, a spell, an 

^jiu incantation, an impreca- 
Chn. tion ; a prayer : cho, cheu? 
or cA€w' md^ to rail at; 

to curse. 

iCheu. A coll. word, also spok- 
eu chidJa; same as ichieu 
q. v.: icheu icheu ^sidng^ 
loquacious, as beggars ; to troub- 
le by prating ; icha ickeu, to 
annoy ; m6hi lohi ^chu wctP icha 
icheu^ don't stay here and trouble 
with your prating. 

-!! To complete, to make a 
HTT circuit ; to meet, to go 

towards, to go to, to draw 
' near, to approach ; to 

accompany, to follow, ac- 
commodated to ; the place to 
which things tend, or culminate 
at ; completed, finished ; to come 
near in time ; an adverb, then, 
immediately, at once, presently, 
forthwith ; that is, the same as, 
jast 80 ; a conjunction, then, if, as 
if ; able to do, willing •• niki cheii^ 
daily progress ; com., 、、sing chedf- 
to finish, to complete; cheid- 8^ 

核, 就 o 

衣 裳姓蛀 

MB 姓蟲 

9 o 

1 2 

鳥聲 上蛀 

7 9 

鳥 籠鳥躍 

養 鳥惡為 

賴鳥 &凝 


鳥店 I 鳥 

T 8 

鳥雀 鳥子 

鳥獸 鳥架 

8 4 

鳥雄 烏母 


CHEt. 55 

the same as, that is; 、cheui kiilny^ 
to come near, close at hand ; ^chev}- 
oi^ to be put in a place ; to occupy 
a seat; coll., ^chevf- di、 to come 
at once; ^cheu^ chidyig^ straight, 
correct, as when placed in the mid- 
dle;, ^chiong chkv?- a make-shift, a 
stop-gap ; chev^ (i k^6^ yield it to 
him, let hitn have it, as the house 
he occupies ; cheu 乇 、chHu、 "at the 
hand/' ― as to do by the way ; cheu^ 
siohi ^oi^ come together; cheu^ 
^chid sie^ after that fashion; *cheu' 
chHong^' exactly like, just as; ^cheur 
kieng^ kau- instantly efficacious, 
as medicine. 

t- A large accipitrine bird, 
perhaps the eagle, or white- 
Chiu headed condor; said to have 
' a yellow head, red eyes and 
beautiful plumage : ,cheu 飞 
&eM, an eagle ; a condor ; 、ling 
cheu^ fSang^ Eagle mountain, in 
the western part of China, 
(38) Clieu. 
、^_^》 Water disparting into 
7—1— streamlets ; to lead water 

•} ' in channels : to pour, to 
Chu. , ; ' . ^ . ' . 

soak, to saturate ; to 

record ;' to comment ; to 

collect ; to strike ; to fix the mind 

on a subject; to remember: ^cheic^ 

muh, to gaze at ; ^^cheil^ ^chH ^tl 

ihieng^ arrows set on the string ; 

^^chevf- 、king, closely attentive ; 

COM., ^VAeii* e》 to regard closely ; 

"(chwi ch'eii? water flowing in ; 

COLL,, langX cheii^ to slough, to 

spread, as a diseased place, 

\Ttr ) To soak, to steep ; to 
dye ; water-soaked, dam- 

^i、 aged by soaking : com., 
' 、>efc) cheti^ a cup to soak 
pens in ; coll., 

langi fioaked, or cooked soft ; 
"cMil) hcP' soaked rotten; spoiled ; 
chtil^ it、(mff, softened in hot water, 
as food. 

rr K) To stop a horse ; to rest, 
to tarry, to sojourn; ahorse 
at rest ; a halting-place : 
' "ch'dU> chaky or cheil^ 
tenff to live at a place ; 
stationed, appointed to a post ; 
"ch'6il) ch'tilk^ to stop ; chiU、 peJc) 
halting place for the imperial cav- 
alcade ; COM., "ch 欲 1 ihw(mg、 tho 
Manclius, because they guard tho 

p~| > To obtain one's end by 
flattery ; to increase, cxce- 
'^I^ ive; usually read cheilky 
• q. V. : ^^clieU'^ Jciing、 to 
flatter by a respectful man- 
ner ; "c/igil》 ingiong^ finical, fastid- 
ious, as about language. 

M) An insect (Ptinus) which 
eats clothes, wood, books, 
Clm &c', ; to eat, as insects do 
' in the coll. read cheu、 q. v, 
ch'eu^ it^il7ig^ the Ptinus 

kV) To transfix, to stab, to 
jj thrust, to stick into the 
^ ground ; to erect; to pierce 
a with a sword ; to put tho 
r plowshare into the ground ; 
Tsu. to dig up weeds ; cheiZ^ 
Jcen 仏 to plow ; cheU、 
mng、 to dig up weeds ; cA*&Q? eng^ 
to pierce, as with a knife. 

rijl> A filthy place ; a privy, 
旧 II a necessary ; a place that 
requires cleansing; to wash, 
I 曰, f to cleanse ; in order, to 
J 只 fj put in proper places, as 
T'sc. guests ; inclined, oblique ; 

K 足 s 防 

1 1 

,腐^ 札 

筆 漬漬斕 

4 5 

注 意水注 

2 3 

緊 〇 

^ 矢於 1^ 

¥3 注 目 


效 鷲鳥 靈 

就 像就見 

5 6 

就 來就正 

8 4 

就 近就位 

1 2 




a gorge through which a stream 
Jorces its way ; ^ ^chHiig chev^ to 
cleanse a filthy place ; V/icii' 《su. 


To cut up meat into 
slices ; steaks, bits of meat, 
Tzu splices of meat: ^ch'Cil^ J<m(f, 
to cut up meat for soup ; 
tai^ cheii^ large slices of 


Relaxation, dissipation ; 
gay, loose, liceutious ; to 
follow one's passions, to 
throw off all restraint : 
cheu^ gay, restless ; 
*hro07if/^ ch'eil^ profligate, dissipat- 
ed ; ^cheii^ a restless, liceutious 

^^t>j> Also read ^chil: the can- 
thus or corner of the eye ; 
a fierce look ; to look at 

• angrily ; a lappel, the plaice 
w here it folds over ; 

^ingang chcii、 to look at angrily. 

Cheil^. A coll. word : as in Jca 

or 本 a cJieid ^pnu^ 
a straw pouch to putthings 
in; small bags to cook rice in ; 
also called ^Maxt (pau, q. v. 

1 2 A preposition, fi'ora, 
I I conmiencing at, beginning 
from ; a pronoun, I, my 

• own, self, myself, personal- 
ly ; to use, to lead, to 

bring ; 132d radical : '^cheil^ ^ku 
kiki Jdug, from ancient times to 
llie present ; ^ch'eu^ JLHcng^ from 
hcjivcn ; ^ehcur hon ff to rouse, 
to muinate one's self; com., ^"^clicil^ 
chai- at rest, i)eaceful, quiet ; ch'tii- 
<S?"/7, one's self; ^^cheii' 、sin{f mang 
(2) 6 , cannot preserve himself; 

I ch'eil' se- opinionated, conceited ; 
^^chtil - ch'euk 2 self-sufficient ; 
^*ckeu' ngicong^ to consent, Avill- 
ing; "cMiii (diHng, self-styled ; 
ch'eil- woHg、 angry 、vith one's 
self, remorseful ; chiHi^ X;'e》 to 
throw one's self away ; cheii^ 
iJiyicmg ch'eil- Sifjii, to soliloquize 
aloud ; ch'eil- chauk, ngieki self- 
procured retribution ; cheil^ 
一 lion g, to assume, headstrong, 
presumptuous ; ch'eUr Jti Hi Hwwng, 
conscious of fault ; cheil- eheiig- 
to kill one's self; cheu^ t'eung- to 
maintain self-respect; ch'eu- iy^ng^ 
of course ; naturally, spontaneous- 
ly ; cheil' 《sinff, to reform one's 
self ; clieu^ iming fliUng^ a clock ; 
chedr eng, certiiinly, ought, 
should ; eheii- ko、 jyok, heir cannot 
take care of self, scil" how then 
look after others? coll., chevr 
dai ^hwiy lucifer-matches. 

To assemble, to con- 
gregate, to gather ; to 
ehu meet ; to tend to, to con- 
' cur; to iucline towards, 
popular ; to collect, pre- 
pared, ready ; to dwell together ; 
a dwelling place, a village ; a con- 
junction, a meeting ; a place of 
meeting : ^^chea'^nr/il^ to converse 
together ; "ch'g{i、mm, to meet and 
form plans ; ^^cheu? sang^ meeting 
and separating ; ^^immg cheil^ an 
assembly of the people ; ^""cheil^ 
Ueng- to collect ; to amass, as by 
official exactions ; ^^eheilng* ^ing 
(su chtur towards whom all hearts 
turn ; COM,, ch'eii' chik、 or cheii^ 
hicol^ to assemble ; chek^ che0 
to hoard, as Avealtli ; eJc、 Jca 
ithmng cheu^ all tlie family met 
agaiu ; cheii-^po q)won【h a vase for 



9 o 

1 2 

,。 聚散 

自稱 聚語 

自足 自願 

難保。 f 是 

自在 自身 

自天 自訓 

-自 古及今 

12 〔-, 昔 

裁 奠放恣 

3 4 

淸画 厕所 

1 2 


precious thinj^s ; a dish made of I 
paper, carried about by beggars 
in the 12th month. 
I I J A wick; a stick of in- 
yv-r cense ; to light : Jiioiig 
么 u ch 據 a iighted iucense- 

• stick ; COM'" 《ang cheil- 
three incense sticks ~ usual- 
ly burnt in worslup. 

jLLJ To stop, to desist from, 
to cease ; to detain ; to 
dwell, to stay, to live in ; 

• to endure ; to Avithstand ; to 
erect ; after another verb 

it is often merely a sign of i>ast 
time, or indicates that the action 
h;is rested : ^itung cltcvr to dwell 
together ; com., \】cfl ch'eil^ to 
dwell in ; ^cltang- ch'eii^ to reside 
temporarily at ; ^cheu- (e/"', to 
dwell, to live at; ^chev} pwo^ to 
halt ; i)ok、 ch'&u- unreliable ; 
<J0LI", chefir ^seng isiCwg, to live 
in the provincial city ; cheil' Jc^a^ 
to stand, to Avait ; cheur 、chHu、 to 
rest the hau<l ― stop worldng. 

L f.? A post, a pillar, an up- 
AV4- right support, a joist ; met" 
' f 、! a main dependence, a states- 
*i ' man ; to support, to uphold: 
\'<eur cheil?- to })la-ce a post 
in position ; ^cheil- }i<i- S《t, ein- 
j'm>r,s historian; (Ww// diu' "ti 
vh'tU' a firm rock iu tlW stream ; 
met" person of ability ; ""'Jcinff 
^tMhif/ cheii' " pillar of the lieav- 
t'ns," i. e. able statesman, Atlas 
of tlie state. 


1^ The foot, the log ; suf- 

^PT-- ficioiit, enough ; full, sa- 

^^^^ tiattnl ; surplus, too iiuioli ; 

" ' in lull, ontirely, wliollv ; to 

satisfy , to please , to supply 
the wants of ; pure, as silver ; ac- 
tions, conduct ; the 187th radical : 
also read' cheil* q、 v.: "cA 繊'》 
j^>27?/7, afull complement of troopi 
and iu'ms; "ch'&Ui cheUky conceit- 
ed ; "poh, higo ch'&uk) he disap- 
proves of me ; 、"^se】c、 cheuk^ to 
slip ; to fall into sin, a fuuxpas ; 
叫 cii cMilJcy to raise the foot, us 
in walking ; COM., 、"io> cheul\ 
wealthy ; 〜hMk, &dng 、- enough 
for use; i、ok、 chMJi) not full, in- 
sufficient ;- "ckMk) a》 fully satis- 
fied ; cheUky contentment ; j}oh、 
chMky never satisfied ; che(lh、 
ch'6ilky or S>? toanr; cheiiky or 
f^h、ilng eJt^uky fuH, sufficient, 
ample ; C€>ll., chUll\ Hd^ full, as u 
string of cash ; ch'eitli\ fhie^ to 
cash in full, as in redeeminij hank 
bills ; cheilky chtilky (chi sd! fully 
this much ; ch&uky cheU^' abundant > 
as food ; ch'eilk^ tahvj^ full "vvcij^lit, 
as dollars ; ch&ilk) saiky pure^ 
without alloy, as metaJs* 

rtfXni Congee, gruel : ^^chtul\ 
^f»C ^chHiKj^ thin gruel ; ^""chcilh -^ 
laki Grains of rice in crrucl : 

ChU. 7 江 7 .... 7 - ^ ^ 

\clvien(j cheuk^ nee por- 
ridge, or congee ; com., 
"Wt>rt chciik^ to prepare cOHgce ; 
it^ong chcilky sweeten"! congee ;. 
mla Hid cJt 'tuky congee of the sula 
rico ; ch、e"(f、 chciik^ cold congee ; 
nilki clievjky meat congee ; coll.) 
jmonff} eheu/Cy rice grud ; ch&Uk) 
^sanf) ^avff pvmv/* yar ^saiuj 
Hfxou/'y tUrecr- bowls gruul, and also 
tliree bowls rice ;: to npi»ly 

the same ruk rigidly, to muke 
110 allowaiico for different cir- 

,,! S 

粥 淸粥粒 

足 意知足 

1 1 

富足 足用 

失足 畀一足 

足;; ^我足 

柱 足兵自 


下 天 • 

^步, 不露 

暫 住住止 I 

同住 居住. 


A camile ; to illumine ; 
to shine ; ill the coll. read 
Chir chioli^ q. V. : ileng chh'lk) 

tlic lotus-flower candle 
^chcng ched1x\ to pjiuff a 
candle ; uih nrjicoJa (m cJt'tilk^ 
illuniinated both by tho suii aud 


Read seiU\; coll. ehW": 
"m/ a father's younger brotlicr, 
' an uncle ; a respectful title 
' applied to persons cither 
older, or with _\vliom you 
are slightly acquainted : 》《 力, 
chiuJcy or 'ch'6i).L') pnh) paternal 
uncles, uncles on tht' lather's side; 
chtiik^^cJiu^ agraiicUhtlior's young- 
er brother ; W< pah) (Jdnfj 
tor male cousins on the father's 
tiidc ; *ch'6aJc) pah, ^cJiid mhno? 
lb in ale cousins on tlie f-ithcr's side ; 
''chtiik^ 、inf/, A\ ifc of a father's I 
younger brother ; ^leng^ chMk) J 
your junior paternal nncle ; \7ca j 
ch'<Hlk、 my- junior priternal uncle ; i|,7 c/teCd', 】ny deceased junior :'; 
I);itcrnal uncle ; *ch'6a7:) tifa junior ;| 
】>at(?rnal uncles and iicpheAvs ; jj 
i〜le'teh'"lk) a linsband's younger ij 
l)vothcr; c/icf<A'y elder broth- j ! 
or's Avifc, and husbaiKrs younger j! 
brother; *V'/ie<7/j Jcunff, a grniid- j| 
father's youiiijer brother ; also, ;' 
husband's or wife's junior paternal ! 
undo ; itonf/ cheuk^ the sons of 
j^randfatlicr's younger brothers ; 
ipan c/ifiukj o、、Ti junior uncles ; 
.qraduate ; my fellow-graduate's 
father, avIjcii junior to my father ; ! 
'Wi;, c/icfik^ first uncle ! "tie^ i 
chunk, second uncle ! — as in ad- ' 
ilrossincr persons younger than i 
your fatlier. jj 

R 届 To order, to bid, to 
enjoin : liiieuf/^ ch'tilk^ to 
instruct him face to Ihce ; 
• ^md chci'l/Cy to bribe ; com., 
c/iei'd'j to commis- 

sion one to do ; COLL., chcilk^ ho* 
to order, to charge. 

To gaze, to look .it 
earnestly ; to fix the eyes 
on : Hcong c/ieiiky to look 
at distant objects. 

A sort of tub, with n. 
stick in the center ― musical 
instrument in Confucian 
•vvoisliip : c/ieilky Si(/u, 
instnnncnts to direct a 
band of mutsic. 

To pray, to supplicate ; 
to recite jirayers ; joiuod 
to, connected with, attach- 
ed to; to begin, to com- 
mence ; the origin, the 
beginning; to cut oft', to sever ; 
to repeat, to reiterate : "(s;eu 
cheilky an assistant at ■worship ; 
^^cJtcilk^ ^nng 力 j, to pi'ny for 
happiness, longevity and children; 
"eh'mk, ii'inff, the fii'e-god ; com., 
ehiilJc^ cIkdh/ to praisjo, to laud ; 
^^mieu- c/i'eilky a temple-keeper, 
acolytli ; ">neJ、7 cheilk^ to repeat 
prayers silently ; '"'cheilk^ siiO- to 
return thanks ; vheilk^ seu^ birth- 
day congratulations ; to pray for 
long life ; eh'eiik^ ko* to im])Iofc ; 
^'c/ieilky .hok) to bless, to bestow 





Sometimes written with- 

4 叔 

5 叔 

7 家 







6 令 

S 先 

10 小 






^MK? out the top stroke: a mul- 
Chi: titiido, a concourse of at 
least three persons ; many, 

匳 、多 -【— 謝 

々入 _ . 風 rn-M j\iaj mm 
^ 叔 三 i, 2 ' 减 〇 




a quorum, a 】najoi'ity ; sign of the 
j)lural; tlicy, much ])co))lc ; all, tlic 
people as distinguished from the 
ofticers: 、ch'6i'tng、 《W, many, much ; 
dieilnrj^ 《kw(x, inm'h and little ; 
^chtilng^ h6^ loved by the many; 
^cMUng^ Hi, many reasons ; Haik) 
chMi、g) to obtain tlie favor of all ; 
€0M., chtfing^ lot- many classes or 
Ivinds ; ^Jcung^ the public ; 
the assembly; eh'euny* (人 "e", 】imny 
months; muny persons ppeaking ; 
ichihiff cheu/iff^ to go Avitli the mul- 
titude ; cheii^ cheang^ to gather a 
crowd; ^hwang^ chiiXng^ 7id^ hated 
\\y all; \sa7tr/ dng ising cJiMilng) 
three persons make a concourse ; 
似 kwa ]yok、 tiJa cMuvg* the fe、v 
cannot resist the many ; eu- ch 'eUng^ 
^^ung 《ti, to make known to all the 
j>co])le ; COLL., chtilnff ^k^eu vigong 
iuffong^ noisy declamation of a 
multitude ; cheiln(f meuf/y all, 
every one ; eheiinff paJi^ sanrf 
all the people. 

To plant, to sow; to 
grow, to raise, to cultivate : 
-^j-^ chefmff hok、 to bequeath 
liappiness, as by one's vir- 
tues ; "*ch'&Wnf 产 vgUki dang 
itimg^ to raise pearls in the Blue 
Field (of Shensi) 一 i. e., to bring 
up good children ; cheilnrf sieng^ 
to cultivate virtues; com., ^chai 
eh'tilncj^ to plant, to sow; ^^cheilng^ 
(nfju kol\ to raise grain ; cheCanf 
^chil uc(m(f, pills for the procreative 
powers ; 、、ch'Mlng、 tau- or ch'eUng* 
to vaccinate ; ch'&iing^ tyong 
tai(^ to vaccinate in western style. 

^^>^》 Remiss, careless; cxtrav- 
*^fX. nsfant, as in speech ; to 
allow, to permit Avrongful- 
su"。"' ly ; to indulge in ; to let 


go ; allowing, although, perhaps ; 
to shoot an arrow : also read 
tChung, q. v. : "ch'eilng* ilh to 
give Avay to one's lusts ; ^^ch'eUng* 
seil* disorderly ; profligate ; 
^*eheHv(f (sil, or cheilncf iy(mg, 
although, even if, even though ; 
cheiing* inf/io3ig, to talk extrava- 
gantly ; chiiXnff son(f to shoot an 
arrow ; ^"eheunrf pai- Hd, the 
disorderly violate propriety ; com., 
1。"》"〃 cheiiiif/ to indulge in, to 
allow, as to do wrong. 

A clan, a family, a suc- 
cession of, as posterity ; 
„, ^ inferior, a subordinate, 
sung' second to, to folloiv after ; 
secondary in 】'ank ; attached to : 
also read ^chwif/, (Ch^ilnff, find 
icMlng: q. v. ; "ch.iHlnf 卢 *xhM, 
followers, retainers ; "se^ cheiln(i- 
a body servant ; pitki ch'eUng^ 
servants, menials ; iki cheiing- iil 
ihung^ his followers were nu- 
merous as tlie clouds?. cJitilng- 
ito?if/ Jdvfi tof- term for second 
cousins ; "ch'dilngi- ^j.^ ^pHnc/^ the 
secondaiy-first grade of officers ; 
COM., ^ing cheiing * a ieninle 
servant that escorts the bride ; 
cheiing'^ ka、 a female servant 
given to a bride. 

CheiXtig^. A coll. word ; to add 
on, to increase ; to leave 
an additional space ; as in 

cli'eVmxj^ siohx ik'-wang, " add a 

circle •" ― as of hair left to increase 

the size of the cue. 

(41) Chi. 

_ 、j A sign of the genitive ; 
^ placed between two nouns 
^^T^ or verbs it answers to who, 
" • Avhich, that ; a pronoun, 

'^h 怒 衆 
衆兰 s 寡 

'犯 人 不 

衆 田 11 種 

'種" 種 痘 

玉 五 12 縱 

'縱 "縱 縱 
肆 效 17 從 

、縱 醴 * 

從 從一品 




衆理 得衆 

衆 多衆好 

60 CHI. 


he, she, it, they ; this, that, these, 
those ; often used in the abstract, 
niter a noun, or as a relative par- 
ticle ill apposition ; wken doubled, 
tlie first refers to the antecedent 
ijubject, the second as a relative 
ro the following substantive ; to 
adv^ice, to go to, to arrive at: 
J《>W going* wliere ? "sid 《("hi, 
to let go, to reltrtquish; \dd 、€hil、 
this person ; \ming 2^iSn(j^ ^hi^ 
<liscriminatG- it clearly ; ^iutailc) 
c^M iingy a virtuous person ; 
\t^ieng ^hi tai- large as heaven 
and earth ; '^ch'd muki ^eng (cA/, 
where plants and treos grow ; ^\cM 
to go to the country ; \chi (sil 
^< hH (jH H^a, faithful till death ; 
(chi kaP ^chi^ forbid it ! for- 
i)id it ! ^chi ^ehii ^ii Jcwi, the 
virgin becomes a bride ; scmg 飞 
(^'Id <chi iinff, tlie person vho 
coiiforms to this. 
< Chi. A coll word ; as ki jchi 
(jAi, the female secrets ― 
used in vile expressions. 
《(,M* A coll. word ; as in ^chi 
che) veiy, extremely ; a 
superlative used at the end 
of phrases ; pai} chi、 ch^ utterly 
depraved or ruined. 
(《)hi, A colL euphonic prefix ; 
as in ^chi (cha, to examine, 
to investigate ; 《c/", (chwa, 
to draw out, as cards in playing. 
、(JM. A coll. word ; as in fhi 
^chi chJ^ai、 cress, mint, or 
shepherd's purse ― it is nail- 
e'l T)n door-posts on 3d day of the 
3cl liioon. 

c ^ f To stop ; to lodge, to 
I I dwell, to rest ; only, but, 
however ; politciK'ss.; to 
' alight, as a bird ; to seize, 

to detam, to prevent ; interrupt c^V 
stopped ; that which ihe mind, 
rests in, aa object ; to cease from, 
to desist, to- be- still, to remain, to 
wait ; the 77th radical : 、"Jx、mg) 
汇 chi, to bo reverential ; ' se! 
only thus; "、? li dht, to detain ;, 
la^chi s'eilky to stop for the night ; 
^\(ing (Ml 、chi, rest satisfied with 
your object ; (chiong 、chi 
about to stop ; "V/"* ^ che、 sienfj^ 
seek for the highest excellence ; 
COM., 、fdf, uiotion and rest 
deportmont, conduct ;- iheug W"', 
walkiftg audi stopping ; iho V/"', 
or 2^oJiy 《tihi, not only \ keng^ V/d、 
to restrain, to forbid, to prohibit ;. 
i^W" ]nno- iyong (sf",/, "stop 
and call out ,, 一 a notice over door- 
Avays ; iu Hi 《chi, unlimited, 
boundless, no traces of; V/m 《(./〃•, 
to stop, to 】iinder ; coll., h'hi 
tHCing^ ^to soothe pain ; ^chi txnmf/^ 
" we stop receiving pawns " ― no. 
tice on a pawnshop), 
c^.t Happiness, felicity: hoJcy 
IHlr (chi, happiness ; seA、 《chi、 
QYiWi heaveu-l)esto、vGd felicity ; 
• keky Sihi, good fortune ; 
尺 ^6 sen 飞 V' 力/, having 
already Fccoived great ha})piness. 

< rt t The toes ; the foot ; to 
m F stop ; the base, foundation. 


in Avliich sense snmo as 

next: iS'wr/ 、hi, foundation 
of a city "wall ; JiHn V///, 
Cocliin China ; com., ":a V/r/, 
to lift the feot in walking; 7mL、 to 
go and do. 

C|^ t A basis, rx foundatioTi : 
I Mr imi VA/, the nuns of :ui old 
Avail ; COM., Jii ^rhi u toim- 

(+1 口 dation, tliat upon 、vhi('lt 
JJ_L any thine; rests, or is ])uilt. 

步揚, 凍 Q 

於至善 j::^ 

安 汝止止 

4 r,. 

止 留止宿 

2 no 

% 止: ^"是 

1 死矢 k 他 

之 之野之 

大 木生 

人 天地之 

之 有德之 

之子 明辨 

何 iV 




c ― ^ Read ^ch il ; coll. 、'hi : 
I ~ * seeds or ^^lips, as of ])lriuts 
T^u andfruk; nutH, as ot* lotus ; 
I ' dice ; the roc or spawn () 卜 

fishes : "kio't 、hi、 iVuit ; i 
^ch^aP V/u', seeds of vei;'cta!)U's ; I 
^iugtl ^rhi^ the !S])a\vn of tislics ; 
^kic/cy ^chi^ to protluco seeds; \k、f," 
(chi、 melon-seeds ; V///, 
to plant seeds ; (('/〃• v、 tdinif^ 
seeds not yctharclonod; ^dv)uj V/", 
lotus-niits ; \ki (('/"•, cliess-tncii ; 
•itau (('/"•, Uico ; '^t'If''ioiiff' dci V 力 /, 
chess-nioii (32 in miml)cr) ; invcMit- 
ed by Wu, B.C. ] 1 20 ; 

V'///,kiiMl()t'('hess-iiicn (:Ui(— ) 
in iiunibLM-) IialT black, half uhile, 
invented by Yau, B. C. 2300. 

< |— I Only, merely ; but, how- 
ever, yet ; this, a liiial 
particle : used in the coll. 
' for thus, thus much ; hero, 
in this (j)l;ice) ; this, tliis 
one: "《chi t<fik、 only can or could ; 
1' ((; /"• ^h(^ only h:ive, 】mTdy; row., 
、s(ch.i Jjifj, only for, siin])ly on ; ic- 
couiitof; ^^^chi nr/inony^ only wish ; 
^lv6^ only oii;j;lit or shouM ; 
(cfd ^hu^ only pron)iscd ; 、! il p、,、 
only fearing lest ; coll., (chi vmV 
here, ill this place ; 、clii dohi loi; 
this class or kind; W"' ^( /c, in 
here; ^c/ti chiinrf' so mischievous, 
so bad ; ^chi lUC or (('/"• ch'^tdyV 
so tine, so showy ; ^chi ^kwanrf^ 
an illative, thus, then, hencu ; W"' 
""I this and that, here and tiicre ; 
vn6 ^cld into ^hll^ lunthcr this nor 
that, no trouble, nothing the mat- 
ter ; unprovoked, without oaiiso ; 
《chi jmig, or ^ehimtfuj^ this tside, 
this way ; ^chi siola ihui^ or ^thi 
siola ihu, tills once ; (<;/"• 、h('j、 or 
^chi ^nm in(j (人么 so very good ; 

(('/"• 《poHf/, or ^c/ii 7 to* or ^c/ii 
iscHfj Hi? or 、'hi loin now, this 
|)(M*io(l of time ; ^chi H,t. in'cnfj^ 
tins person ; ^chi U^uu sie^ in this 
spot, • 
, t r-| A heel fjc-t horn, a spinous 
^VM tree; a fruit like the puma- 
? Z、. lo with a thick riiul; to 
injure, liurtful, like thorns : 
、&、 chi kc !、、 a thorny bush; 
roM., 1 he l>iu(', niodiciiial 

SCO I of the V 力/ 1 ree ; k、wk) 
(coU. a bitter medicin- 

;il bark (? the hoveuia dulcis). 

The holo in the 】iub of a 
、du、d, wlierc the navo 
(〜: 1, projects ; tlio cn<l of the 

• nave projecting fiom tho 
A\ hoc'l ; (livcrfj^int^, like the 

forks of a road : (n/" a 
t\v<)-lio:i«k'd sinko, said to be 
fouiul in the north. 

< -rjx^ An ancient cuLit of 8 
fs^^ •",(、,'(>《. about CMjti:il to the 
English foot; a little, a 
few: ^c/n cMy ,chi a 
little way, near, as one 

living close to iiie. 

Name of a river on tlie 
cast const of China ; to 
strain spirits ; a fctraincr 
made of plants. 

c 、iL A small island, an islet; 
)1 1 to dwell oil imisl'.'t: 。" ((; /W 
^iih (cZ'/, an islet in tho 

• water ; J I (chm, ^tl (chl, 
on the lake and islet. 

c -| 1^ A frairrant plant ( 
1 pcntnndi-ia dii^ynia), it is 
also called "teh or 
" " Jononr/ Jdong : "/W'i. (('/"•, 
afi^^olica, a medicinal p】:int 


1 果 8 魚 


7 棋 

9 象 


12 只 


16 积 

子 子 








2 茱 '結 

a 蓮 


'8 只 

> 、 

IT 枳 

'9 輞 

子 子子子 












of which nn ointment is made ; 
the roots of the epidendriara arc 
called 'c/ti. 

(^It>» To cnihroicler; era- 
broidcrcd, braided ; to put j 
•T'^ on br.iid or l.icc ; the 204th | 

• radical: coll., \cheng Wd, , 
eiubroiclcry, needlc-work. I 

( Ytl* The remnants of a meal ; , 
meat dried with the honos 
:i「 in it: fkatiff (<■•/", dried 

• meat. 
An elder sister ; n school 

mistress : in the coll. *c/nd, 
q. V. : "chi nrno? sisters ; 
*paiky the eldest sis- 
ter ; "ngwoki [chi, lady in the 
moon, usually called isiong mgo .,• , 
*(chi (cA£, elder sister ; mother of j 
the heir apparent, when a secon- 
dary wife of the emperor ; '(c/" 
tHong^ husband of an elder sister. 
( >~>. Meaninp:, intention ; will, 
|z| purpose, design ; the suh- 
^ ject, topic ; the main drift, 
the sense ; excellent, sweet, 
pleasant-tasted; delicate ; a 
Chih, decretal, orders : \chn (('/〃: 
purport of the book ; "tai- 
(c/"', the main purport ; 
*ttd (chi、 a topic, a text, a theme 
or thesis ; ^"Jcang 弋 chi、 sweet, lus- 
cious ; "Wti (i7"'M, excellent wine ; 
"VAj fh(ii、 how good ! com., 
"sen 卩, ^chiy the imperial com- 
manils ; "^cAi e* intention, will ; 
the imperial rescript ; "hon 《- (chi、 
to receive the imperial orders ; 
"/nroi* (chi, to violate the teach- 
ings of. 

< \\^ A finger, a toe ; to point, 
to refer to, to point out ; 
•' " to indicate, to teach, to 
a particular, a 


mode: intovchnngcd ^vith last : *m 
the coll. Wm?, q. v.: "(ch、iu (chi, 
a fincjer ; 、乂 ngu 、chi、 the finirorii 
and thumb; "k5a, VA/,tlie tliumh ; 
"siki (chi, the forefinfijer ; ch?i}ky 
to? (chi、 the proat too ; W〃: 
(chi《ynfj、 to point to the palm of 
the hand ; inet^ very plain ; 、chi 
heJa to Avrite with the tiiisror, to 
calculate, to plan ; ,。W'i W?, to 
direct, to show how or "what to 
do ; Wii ch^eJc^ to rebuke ; roM., 
"W/£ to teach, to instruct ; 
"(eA/: Hieng^ to teach, to roronl 
to; (chi lak^ finger-nails; 、、tiki 
、chi、 to point <lircctly to ; title of 
an officer iu the Han dynasty. 

(^]t# A stack of com ; to 
^S^O^ number ; the ninth place 
Chi^l in notation ; one hundred 
' millions ; a weight of 640 

、 Chi. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
ns in (ehi (cha、 to stew, to 
"boil, to cook. 
*JtfyX^ Road isi; coll, ichi: a 
IflPwjp fish Avhich enters the rivers 
《 Chih from the ocean ii; May, 
• and returns m September, 
probably the shad : ichi mr/fly 
the shacl; ichi ingtoong wg% a 
large lish like the ^tomg Jcwa. 

.^fjj- Used in the Paik) ^Ing^ 
^iC^ for the coll. ichi: to tern- 



per metal by clipping it 
while hot in water : ichi 
(chwi, to temper in water ; 
icJii ch^ol to dip red-hot iron in vin- 
egar 一 a restorative iu fainting fits. 

J Chi. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
fts in ichi ichoy to disturb, as 
by loud talking ; ichi ichi 

kiei? shigiiTg-of locusts. 

指 a- 直指 

^斥^ 示 

食檳 指使 

五 指巨指 

7 or. 

背 官手指 

,意 1 日 

直 , 

題官 廿曾 

ijW 曰 ^會 

^姊% 丈 

|5 姊?^ 姊 


C Chi. A coll. -word, as in ichi 
ngnl、 or ichi ichi ngak.) 
the locust Jifter shedding 

it's coat in autumn ― so called 

from its song. 

c Chi, A coll. AvorJ, as in ichi 
ichijaca, kind of fireworks, 
emitting variegated colors. 

c Chi. A coll. word, as in icJu 
cheh) (spoken ichi teJv) or 
ichi de/iy) to squeeze out ; 

ichi chehy ch'-ok^ di、 squeeze it 

out. See also cAeA,. 

(42) Cilia. 

A sigh ; to Righ, to la- 
ment ; painful regrets, ah ! 
alas ! an interjection of 
admiration : \chU* (chidy 
to bewail ; 'fChid ihu、 or 
^ckid t、ang、 to sigh ; Jiil (cAitl, 
long-drawn sighs j chiole^ (chid, 
in on instant. 

XSS^ A net for catching liai es; 
^3 a net for beasts ; to stop the 
^-tTV' 、、- av, as a net does : 

tch'id, a net for catching 
hares ; 《cA'/(l ij/etc, a BiuaJl 




Head (chau, or chau, ,• 
coll. ^rhid: a strainer, a 
-. cullender, a skimmer made 
ao' of bainboo or wire : "(chiA 
i/i^,a bamboo ladle, a strain- 
er, a skimmer; ^chid die pe* a 
sieve placed in a vessel for steam- 
ing rice ; tChid> die mid pang* 
hmjf Jvih tola ikwong, the ladle 
loses it's handle and the dipper 
usurps it's place ; met., one losing 
a situation and another persou 
getting it. 

Also read <cAa, or ^c/A'a; 
drift-wood ; a small raft. ; 
. ' to fell trees ; to hew wood : 
1 ising fChiO^ to raft lumber. 


To cover, to screen, to 
-/*" 、'ail, to conceal ; to shade ; 
* ChC^ to intercept, to stop ; to 
■ overspread, to overshad- 
ow ; a parasol : ' 'c/w'm ^phid, 
extensive, much, as talk ; com., 
*,c/"(i Jcwong, to shut off the 
light; *^chidpi^ to ^hade, to cover; 
*^chid ^yhig to hide, to conceal ; 
^ffihid vmwang、 to deceive, to hide 
from one ; ^^chi<l vjonrj, a Bun- 
B^iade ; , (chih ^U, a raiu-screen ; 
^*^k'-ang teilkj (chM (s'""〃, to cut 
down the bamboo and tend its 
sprouts ; met" to discard the old 
for the new ; coll. ",c/"'(i [yh"j 
tngat tai- to hide wickedness ; 
^chid (ing* inoJi^ inohy shaded till 
It's very dark. 

Read Shi, or ^chie; coll. 
^chid: elder sisters ; a miss : 
"(chid mwoV sisters ; 
"(chid 、hu, or ^chid. Hony^ 
husband of an elder sister ; 
Tzu. 《eA《<I, daughters ot 

ttie gentry ; "(pieu (q/"'tJ, 
older female cousins of dif- 
ferent Runiames ; "tpoM ^c/i/d, 
own elder sister ; "》a iny 
elder sister ; ^"ngi^^ '■chid viwo't, * 
sworn-sisters 一 i.e. pledget! frientU; 
'。uk) ^chid, a dwarfed duck; 
met., a stupid fellow ; "(chid ('"(i, 
a lather's concubine ; 《('/"• (!, 
elder sister ! a common mode ot 
address ; ichid or st? (('/"'(J, 

terms applied to concubines ; (u/t/d 
S/?a, grandtkther's concubiue. 

胞 1, 姐 

姐 姐 

IS 家 






. ^虹 

k 妹姐夫 

遮雨 1 砍竹 

ft 6 

,遮 光 

f 嗟 t 乎 



Ochre color ; a carnation 
or reddish brown ; a re^- 
dish soil : ingang iil ai(Jc、 
• V// countenance like the 
reddish soil ; ^c///d < ?', dress 
"vrorn by felons ; ^cAid auk、 a red- 
dish soil. 

< A relativo or domonstfca- 

live pronoun, it, tliia, that, 
bo, she; these, those; who, 
' wliich, wfiat ; after verbs 
it forms a noun ; after 
nouns it indicates a class; placed 
between two nouns or clauses, it 
puts them in apposition ; makes 
an abstract sense ; often a mere 
pause to arrest the attention : 
、ho1" ((,h;d、 a student ; 〜f'l 、(,/ud、 
the (Ic-id ; 、、ku ^chid, ancient, as 
time, Diei), things, tfec; om(j、('h; &、 
a listener ; *、s'6w,/) 、fi;&, nature ; 
naik、 ^chfii "^pwong yd ^ virtue, 
that is the cardinal thiiic; ; com" 
^Jiieng V'/〃tI, a virtuous person ; 
^chid ; l(d、 "let kuowiiiG^ (,i cs 
come " ― a common sign for 

C|^Jl> A coll. character, often 
u<ed for the preceding ; 
tins, that, these, those : 
^c/f d ifitnf/j this person ; 
W'/d 、k、'ii)!wg、 this mode 
or way ; 6h^ ^ohid ,'/"/',, 尸 after this 
fashion ; ^cfuA o hiUy this, tliis 
thing ; (h\(> 、r/'/<l .s'e/r or ;? >^<> V/r/d 
tap no Mzcii thing or matter ; V 力'/ i 
tk^'wanij :、〜 "if" or ^t^t 'fa, 

this form or w:iv ; V/〃Vl rhemf au^ 
this illnt-ss, scil. is serious, <fcc. ; 
^ch id Ive' 'jtiOiff St 11^ ill in (cause of) 
anger is hard to l)oar ; V/'/<!t ck'^oV 
^nanfj Jc'^un^ tliis is har<l to utter, 
as from shame, fear, A:o. 

t.t?fe> To take, to take out ; to 
collect, togatlier: c/tiH' seky 

Cliii to gather; 、(: h、aijdhg chi &》 
• tiomf to cull (sentences) 
from books. 

Th -, sugar-cane : com., 
hang chid) the sw eet 
^ cane; name of a large town 
L on the Mill, 20 miles west 
of Foocliow ; j>、6h、 
Clu、. refuse, slireds of the cnne ; 
力 ('d' c/>'?/5, rind of the 
cane ; ) (? ?"" ;, the slips 
or settings of the cane ; 、\t、o'"ff 
o/^/d' sugar-cane; roi 丄., ^^pah^ chiiV 
white cane ; "k、aik、ch;&、vc k'idk 
chid' *to express the cane juice 
'•r/r/ii、 ,、h、id, a sucjar-caiie mill 
、\'h; &、 sioh^ chaik\ a joiiit of caiie 
^^r/n'iV t*'io7if/^ a stalk <»{' cane 
i、7r/<i> /lak, tuft of leaves at top of 
the cane ; ^^chiiV sections of 

tlic cane ; 〜(; c/u'd ' fallen cane ; 
? net.j adversity. 

t,— Sometimes used for the 
-n^lJ precedinij : a tree v hoge 

C'h'ili leaves fire fed to silkworms; 
' its wood is used for mak- 
ing' mnsioal instruments, 
bows, and «irro\vs ; from its roots 
is mn<le a reddi^sh-yellow dye used 
for the impovial garments : ^\so7>^ 
chfW the mulberry and chia、 trees ; 
(nu ch id ' a species of the c/uH ^ 
tree wliicli is evergreen, and has 
thorns at its joints. 

) To roast, to broil ; to 
4// toast ; to dry before the 

fire, to lient ; warm, hot ; 

til in. , 1 ' , \ , 
near, to approach, to ap- 
proximate ; to fry in honey 
as f^cme physic is ; c,,"V 

, \v i ; le<l hnsh of inoat aiul fish ; 


一合 德節倒 

一 9 o 

I 1 2 

藤 一 杖聽 

阜 1 1 節 

館刻 i©S 


6 7 

|l 者本也 

古者 ft 者 

,者 死者 



,hxJoaug ch <J, to roast ; \ch^ing 
chiA ^ to be intimate with : coM.y 
• tChen J ch, &、 acupuncture and 
cauterizing: cou", "^hwl chid, ^ 
lang^ yek^ burning with passion. 

AH^) Also read chid * : to as- 
1 ti eist ; to borrow, to lend ; to 
gj^^ ask, to beg for ; to make a 
pretext of; to pretend, to 
suppose ; if, for example, 
assuming ; hypothetical, to use for 
an illustration ; to praise : in coll, 
read chiok、 q. v.: ^chid ' iing^ to 
lend to one; to use another per- 
son ; 'pok、 chid ' straw sa idals ; 
•、ka chid ' if, supposing that, to 
make use of, to assume ; chid ' 
imhtff, to use another's name ; 
,cA/d> a pretext, a subterfuge ; 
*c/iid > ong ^ I beg to ask. 

The partridge ; franco- 
lins, grouse : com., *c/nd^ 
' Jcu、 the common partridge. 

i Chid. A coll. word, probably 
a oorniprion of jcAor, as in 
iCh'id ichid kieu^ clamor, 

confusion of sounds. 

{ Chid. A coll. word : an excla- 
mation, there ! there 'tis ! 
there you have it! 

I^if To present or offer, as 
in worship ; to borrow, to 
? hilh assist, to help ; to trust in, 
' to rely or depend on ; ab- 
lative of cause, nianner, or 
instrument, by, with, by means of; 
to avail of, to use, as a means; to 
use for a while ; mild, generous, 
liberal ; in confusion, disordered ; 
to lead, as by a string; : also read 

chil\ q. V. : "oi ^ cAid ^ to comfort ; 
^\rAa (Aid' to help, to aid; 
chid} 8elf-confideiit; com., "iC/tiong 
ch^d^ to trust wholly ; 'VwX、 chi &、 
to trust only in; ^^chid ^ 、kwa、 to 
presume on being a widow ; coll., 
(ai chid 1 to trust in, by, by mcana 
of ; chid 》 po、 or chid ^ o》 ichieng^ 
purse - proud and overbearing ; 
chid * lau * 5 neng^ to presume on 
being old ; chid * cJt^oi ^ to trust 
in one's gift of speech ; chid * iJcu 
ong、 or chid ^ aiik ^ to rely on 
strength, arbitrary ; chid * twai * 
ok 、 、 8im、 to presume on size and 
browbeat a smaller person ; chi &、 
sie ^ or c/iid^ 7a sie * or c?tid ^ 
sie^ £ t^aUy to presume on one, a 
authority or influeuce. 



CT-A- Read chek 、; coll. chiHh 、: 
j[rah a track, a trace, a foot* 

《力 〉 mark ; a spot, a stain : '\^'a 

»ar^ chi&h 5 foot-printft : ^\ping 
j(J^^\ 《i fk^a cliidh^ k'd ^ OdUng^ 

Chi. walk in \\ i s footsteps ; 
"c/V/d'/, toH ^ mark fl'ided 
out ; ^^Jiong ch 'tdh^ traces, 
scars, marks ; ono Jionrj (rno chlihy 
without mnrk, trackless, no trace 
(of him) ― he never comes ; cJudhy 
hihu? ch、ok、 Ji, a spot appears on 
it; iaK》 chid/t, pock-marks. 

Read chHok 、; coIL 
(hidJi^^: a sparrow, a wren, 
eh.hw a i^iiiall bird : clridh^ 'ki- 
lao, & tg^ or ^rlrid fMdhy spar- 
rows ; iC/t id c/t'd , 、kii.ig、 
little sparrows ; ""Han^ chi&\^ ( 聊 ff, 
or 《au) <'hid ' , imct/' 仏, ,o go To bed 
before t'le sparrows, as on the first 
niglit of tlie year ; d (〃/ 么 an 


去行, 退 


。 G 

"藤 o 

不 藉全藉 

慰藉 奇藉 


借意 〇 


& 6 

針夕 《借人 

潘 炙親^ 

1 2 

eo CHIlK. 

old sparrow ; Inef.^ a i)c'i »on of c\- 
pciieucc and knowledge. 

One, single, not a pair 
Ji* or set, one of a ]);ur ; a 

classifier of men, animals, 
■ birds, vessels and of things 

ill pains or sets: com., 、 (t(i'"y 
thmh , single, tinly one ; '(sUnff 
cfiiU'i. , doiible, duplicated ; coll., 
•c/"'<JA, «o* coimtud one by oue ; 
chidht «o* wai * how inaiiy 

疆 re there ? nioh^ chidJi^ oue ; 
*chidh> pwaruf oue aiid a hall'; 
*'cAt c'hidh) tULs one ; *pek^ chidh^ 
another one ; (7"'<IA》 chidf" singly, 
every one; ,'足 Tci chidh^ a few; how 
many? Vi' chWi^ or naum/ chidJ" 
ft small one ; iko dong chiAh、 en- 
tire, a whole one ; '^cheu chidJi、 
small birds in general ; chidh, ^chi- 
kng 》a、 one cash buiidlca of veg- 
etables ; c/tidA, ichieng Hiong^ one 
cash per ouuc« ; ' f)、.i(Jn(f (c/wti 
cAi'<JA, c/ie^ a bit of papci; or a 
singlu word, soil, you are not to 
Binuggle auythiiig iuto examina- 

Chi'd/i) A coll. word, for -which 
the preceding is often 
. . usi'd : just, just iioV ; ail 
illative particle, then ; between 
adjoctivos it intensifies the mean- 
ing : t'/tidJi, Ji、 or c/iidh, chidJi^ Ji、 
liiis just come ; chidh, 、i, just 
ilead ; ckid/i.chidh, 'ho, just well ; 
; just wow finished ; ^cht'on// wang^ 
<•'/'"' > f7/?(I/<, 、mi tek, do it thus and 
it will answer ; /c'd ' c/tidh^ k'd^ 
very quick. 

(44) Chiiik. 

lioad chail、 ; coll. chi- 
(J/i-'j .* noiso of 、vat(;r fall- 


ing ; to si)lr\sh, to spill, to spill over 
as water : "ch;dk、 k、<P t>i.illecl ; 
ti^ng^ chidk, to splash over from 
being brimfull ; chi&k, iwong, all 
spilleJ ; yomf chidk, to spill bv 
shaking ; chidk, 'c/Heng, to spill 
out till only a little is left ; "chWc, 
'mwang te^ spilled all around. 

ChWc、 A coll. word : to smack 
the lips as in eating, or in 
a quandary : chidJc^ eh'oi 》 

to smack the lips ; chidk) chidk^ 

■fSanfffhung ,tie'nff, smack ! smack ! 

it's Boiuowluit sweet I 

Read cA'a^j ; coll. cki- 
化 •• soimd of a hog eat- 
Chih i"g ; to smack the lips, as 
• above : chidk^ chi&k^ kieu* 
sound of a hog eating ; 
chidkj chidk、 fSidnff^ sound, as of 
persistent begging ;- ch^oi ) iiaing^ 
chiCiki cliidJc^ to continue smacking 
the lips iasina quandary ; sioK nih^ 
chidk^ kaiO ang^ smacking all day 
long till dark. 

(45) Chiang. 

ERead ^ching ^ coll. ,cAi- 
Ung : the first month of the 
Cliin" year : "tChiUng ngxcok^ or 
ising ichi&ng, the first 
month ; "Jai 、chiilng, the 
next first month; "pai) ,chidng^ 
Xew Year's compliments ; "(A'cri 
'chiUng, to resume business after 
New Year's ; **^c?d&ng ngwok^chiu 
fkie Jmang tiki must at once re- 
tuni the compluneuts of the NeW 
Year's feast ― must make return 
presents ; "oA'oA*, ^chi&nff, on the 
opening of the first month ; "kwo、 
(t'hiang, after the first month ; 
、\chidM(j ngwok^ (cA'g, beginning 

月頭 〇 

正 過正正 

快還敵 w 

正 正月酒 


正^ 正 P 

地 1^ 月!^ 

^去 s^i 


it 紙 k 子 


幾雙細 *< 

rsK 別: a 

«{數 ,半 

,雙, 隻 


of the first moon (of the new year.) 

Read ^ching ; coll. (chi- 
Mtn dng : transformation ; au 
^J. apparition, form taken by 
g' spirits : )(yeu ,/"•(!" 仏 or 
fChidng kimi ' elfs, mon- 
Ptcrs, prodigies ; *pieng* (c/"'d",7, 
to change into an elf; met.., to be- 
come experienced ; 、Jcau ^chulng, 
monkey-sprite ; \sidng ^chi&ng, to 
become a fairy ; \ha fChidiif/ pUk、 
hwai ) shrimps and tortoises ohang- 
ing into elves ; met.^ insignificant 
fellows, as petty rebels, <tc. 




t Chi&ng, A coll. word: to 
frighten, t o frighten 
away : fChidng (chau, to 

frighten off, as pigs. 

( Chidng. A coll. word, as in 
fChidng ^chidng Hiong, to 
glance hurriedly about. 

Read 'chang ; coll. (('/<《- 
9jfig : fresli, insipid, taste- 
less : ,、chiilng (sing, fresh 
inside, as Avhen the salt has 
not yet penetrated ; 'e^ 
^chidfiff, insipid ; pah 、- Wvwi (chi- 
&ng^ tasteless as water ; '■chidng 
、chiv', weak wine ; '■chidng lang^ 
insipid ; '■chiUng jiid noV some- 
what fresh ; Jceng 、chiiing、 salt 
nnd fresh ; cA'oi ) ( chidng, a taste- 
less mouth, as in sickness ; Jcenrf 
(song c&'t/, lak 飞 '■chiiXng ,tu ;, sionfj 
Xrrco' have experienced all sorts of 

■ ") Read cJieng^; coll. chi- 
1 1~* &ng、 : correct, straight, 
* viglit, not awry, erect ; 
ing' even, not inclined, not de- 
flected ; regular, usual ; 
proper, exactly, fitting, suitable ; 

tlie first, tlio principfil ; just, fit the 
time of, while, durmg ; real, pc(,n- 
uinc, as goods : V/t?(I////' ;'〃',/, "writ- 
ten or mssic style ; "chiCCmf 
upright ; '"chidng^ Jcing, correct, 
vutuona; "ch'idng、 t<mn(f or chi- 
(Irtf/i ,k(ji、 right, moral ; chidntf 
chi&ncf^ cxactlyjust right; chiAiig* 
chidng^ (M, just the thing ! "cAi- 
d/fff^ —'ff, the person himself; 
"chiiui(ji^ sai , chief imperial com- 
missioner ; "chidnff) se* right, yes ; 
、4<'hid"'y、 (k^iro, examination for 
Kiljin degree ; chi&ng) itnidngy 
the principals, not proxies ; "chi- 
ilng、el、'pHri(j, the chief-first grade; 
"chidiuf 、hm '^pHnfj^ the ninth or 
lowest rank ; ^"chidnfi^ Jciing, the 
empress ; md * chHonff^ chidng, un- 
like, dissimilar ; chi&ng) (Id ^kong^ 
while speaking. 

iChidng. A coll. word: to 
splash, to ppattei* : tcld- 
iXng lang* spattered ; schi- 
dnff sioh, (sinff, splashed all over 
the person. 

J Ghidng. A coll . word: to 
bounce, to bound : jc/w- 
&ng -, m6, to bounce away 
and be lost ; icMAng ^m6 noi ' 
bounded off and can't be found. 

Read chmff and cJd&nxff 
coll. c/ndng\' clean, pure, 
spotless, unclefiled ; up- 
right, guileless ; to wash 
clean, to cleanse, to purify, 
to lustratc : "chi&ng^ the pure 
region (of Budh) ; com., chidng^ 
chidng^ unmixed, pure ; ^"chidnff^ 
'chwi, lustration water ; ,'(s''i i、k、* cheng^ to purify from flesh- 
ly lusts ; COLT.., chiUnff chHo' to 
lustratc a house and exorcise spir- 
its, as on occupying it. 


1 愁淨盡 

淨 土淨水 

九品 宫 • 


正 一品正 

1 正 是正科 

正 身正使 

a 正經 U 正當 

^文 g 正氣 

G 一 I 

P 精鼈怪 

^ 賴城箱 

(4G) Ch\L 

A sort of Boletus, or 
branched mu^^hroom, paid 
(々 :一 to be incorruptible, and to 
" • grow only in felicitous 
times: \c/ue "•, a sort of 
fungus, used as a condiment in 
the emperor's food ; \ ling 
the precious boletus; coll., \chl'e 
^mio tiy sesatnum j ^chie 《 nncai 
j)、;big、 w.iter-like cakes, sprinkled 
with scsamam-seed ; ^c/d e ^inxcdi 
ang、 stuffing of sesainum-seed ; 
^dt ie i JHicai ^vm, loaves stuffed 
wiih scsamum-seed. 

A goblet ; a cup holding 
Jp^ four gills ; a hyphon ; a 
《《iih vessel for serving rations ; 

• a plant for dyeing a red- 
dish color : ngiik^ (r'hi'e, 

the pearly cup ; ^laiu^ ^chiCy a 
syphon ; 爾" to waste, to squan- 
der ; ^chiu ^chie^ a wine-syphon. 

t ^ A tree used for dyeing 
^TM^ yellow ; a species of gar- 
*Chih denia: com" ^chic ^chtl, the 

becho-nut, used in dyeing. 

and also as a febrifuge. 

- I , Interchanged with the 
yyT^ next two : to branch, to 
Vliih diverge; to hold ; to gi、'e, 

• to pay ; to prop, to succor ; 
a branch, a bons^h of a 

tree ; posterity, descendants ; a 
Rent or tribe ; to attend to; to 
bear up, to stand firm; diverging, 
parting ; the 12 horary characters ; 
to measure ; in the coll. to pay ; 
also the correlative, to receive, to 
draw, ? IS wages ; the C5th radical : 
Y"? ^rJiie^ the 1 2 horary characters ; 
COM., ^^chie p^wai^ descendants, a 
tribe ; "'^cliik c lie^ divergent ; de- 

parting from the right, as in word 
or action ; ^^picuny "'夂 the orig- 
inal stock ; ^ ^chie "'h'thi(j、 or ^chie 
ifi'jdnr/^ to pay out money ; to 
draw money ; ^^^chie C'lng^ to use, 
to expend ; ^\<:/tie to Kuccor ; 
to bear, to sustain ; lie ^chiCy 
the lichi fruit (diiDocavjms Icche) ; 
、\ti/"j ^chie^ to suspend specie pay- 
ments ; 、"iaiv} ^ch iCy Avaiting to 
redeem its bills, as a bank ; coll., 
"t<? i^chie itH tck\ 、k、l、 can't bear it, 
as expense ; ^chie ,kt)ig ichihty^ to 
pay or draw wa^es ; (t'A/^ iiiohi 
tcap ijay or draw how much? ito^ff 
tchi'e、 to overdraw money ; ^hmg 
,eliie^ a rush for payment, as on 

A br;inrh, a twijr ; a 
JRa/ slender post ; to scatter, to 
1^^^^ branch otf ; a tributary of 
1 • a river ; sometimes used 
as a cla.ssiHer of ndcr 
things, as pens, pencils, flowers, 
etc., <fcc., : 、\chi& yek^ boughs and 
leaves ; 、\ch i cntin^ juiius of 
bonehs ; ^\ku (chi'e, wiihc ed 
boughs ; Jma rhie^ Hower-tw gs ; 
rem., (CAy'e, twipfs of cast a; 
^^^k^ai ^ohie h o ik^ yek^ to brai c i 
and leaf out. 
U The limbs of tlic body ; 
N vjf hands and feet : com., ^rhie 
QY^^ the whole body ; seil'^ 
• (,'/〃• 夂 the four liml)s; "aiUl* 
p《,ih、 ?、 入 all tho 
member of the body. 

WX^ Grease, suet, lard, fat; 
Ijpi hard gums of trees ; meL、 
(J 二 h honors, glory; to grease; fat 
I • ani nuls: ^\k6 ^chie^ ^2:rease 
and suet ; com., chlb 
-""•, a reddish grain-like substance 
used for dyeing ml ; ^yhtg 、(: hit. 

pi 肢百 IS 


,枝 發葉 

帖枝 娃枝 

« 葉枝都 

ft 支^ 支 

f5 支 

支 錢支用 


地支 e 支派 

8 4 

1 0* 



,;'"/'//;/ /•/〃•':, the people's lUt — i. (*. 
1 heir itioiU'V. ! 

A sound, :is of )):\nliiiLr \ - 
usctl ill as \\\ 》、e/:、 

<('/〃*''、 a coarse kiiul (>t*\vool- ; 
vn (*loth. " 

To respciCt, to revere; to 
invoc'iitc ; only, merely, 
二-了 l)iit, however, yot ; respect, '; ;,(): 
~ roverenoe ; i^reat, inipor- ' 
t :int ; to condole, tO com- 







fort : (Cliie km《f t(i vene- jj 
rate ; ,(M" "xhHl、 only this. I j 
A veddisli blue, a clay \ \ 
color, a naiikeeli tint ; :i \ 
fugacious, undccidcHl hue: ! 
co、i., ^"^chli' s(f)h\ a re<l<tisli 

A (loinonytrative pro- 
noun, this, tluit, tliese, 
those ; the use of this 
\\ovi\ ill the following ]>hrH- 
si's is in ]):irti:il imitation 
i1k' m.-MMbirin : vVi ie /"》 tliis- 
(uio ; 、,hik H" liere ; Com., '^'chie 
yoiHj^ thus, so ; ^chic oP eh^'ci'O 
tills ]>iace; U'/ifecSihalft^ this time ; 
, U'/tie ^ohoiuj tuP contracted 
c/t i sh/t^ tfliong Jd tai^ tliis 
:i1i':ni', this one matter. 

'fo sacrifice, to offer 
slaughtered victims before 
thd [^ods or penales, (these 
ottcrinijs are generally cook- 
ed ;) to present otFerin2:s 
worship ; to hriiii^ uu oblation, 



lie, Mrown, 

1, 】mq)lc ; /i to ooiiu' Wf'm'e the pjods ; the time 

,p6, a purple rol)o ; ''rhle /.'e/z/.-.tlie '; of worship; an ottering, a sacri^ 
))iirple chrvsaiitluMuuni; '^cA//; :! tire : coal, ''rhih sii)^ \o present 
oni, the bi^crstroemia or cm]>c il ^-i^nticos ; ''(M' chie? to otter 
mvrtle; 'rlue jni —ff、 n slarli sacrifices tothedeiul; ''rhie'rmriP 
wiiose influences protect from ;! or chile to make oftonngs at 
malaria ; i^chi'e ^vhai Ji6^ a plaster ii ihe. j^raves 
for boils ; ^cJde iud the 

imperial certificate i;iveu to tike , . -.. - , 

tirst of the ITanlin ; 'rhie Jnrapvuy W the 49 ihxy^ of mourning; "中 ie" 
luuikeeii clotli ; \pi(nt (c!"t',、 fi"e || .ohnnff, or chib' 'chu ,neng, 
nankeen ; 'chie, n tvitai^li ; t<> snerifice to ancestors; 'hiong' 

l)urple ; *o// io;,f/、 'rhie, a (lark ]mv- \ \ c'/"? to prescnt nn offeniitr ; 'sionf 
pie; ^'^fCh''i}irj cAv/<7 V///^, n. bluivsh 

"<'MS) 、16、 or chi'e, 
cH///, t5;icritiei:xl rites ; "('/"6、簡//, 
prayer ; an elei?y hunc up (luring 

]>iir|)lo ; 《"f〃/ '(7〃 丫;, ; I iii^c 
I'cddisli |uiv|»le; ^^^cJue ijh^ff :lkliul 
of lily ; tlie swallow ― in ])oetic 
langiinije ; COLL., f—'AV 〃: 3 the 

egi»;-pl:int ; al^*o the (^ea<i ch^ai^ of 
tho shops; ^i'lue ))ien(p a pur]>lo 
facing of a jrarunMit ; ^cJdi lm、 
n pure, briolit jiurple. i 
To 0]>))ross, to be iindnly ' 
? itrict ; to elude, to revile ; 
Avi'ak ; :i thnlt, defect, flUw : 
lazy, careless. 


offerings when the 
I corpse is placed in the coffin ; 
i CO LI., chie^ rch'enf/^ fields reserved 
I to sustain tlie aiu^estral Avorsliip ; 
I -pd chie^ to arnnii^e the offerings ; 
k、3(^i cliic^ first offerings at k 

To join, to oOTTit^nt, fo 
unite, to cohhoot ;. to form 
iVicndships ; a limit, a bor- 
der, ;i roLHon ; the line of 
juncture in tlnn<j.< ; the 
where anything Ix'gins ; 


; place 

祭: 祭 

祭 祖宗獻 

一 |K 禮 |K 文 

做^ 祭墓 



蓮紫, 燕 

紫 P 紫^" 

,f 紙膏 , . 

,袍 凝 § 

一, 此, 色^ 



the tiiiieot'crtMnin hiof; "(>、、', siiife : , 
to join ; V"〃《 cfif't^'- j 
ftssocijitioii;* ; rli'-ok,\ 
Oiqionrj ^rjn <'hi;'? :it tlic time ot j 
Kpeukiiig ; ,:《'?》"〃 c/t/6' the zenitli. j 

tLjl> TVt cut out, to fcnn; tn 
1 adjust ; to govcn" to rnJe, 
t(/i't'[r"l:it('; toliniit, tahin- 
" <ler, to prevent ; to make, 
to invent ; a rule, a regula- 
tion, a law ; to wear mouniina : 
Hd cliie' nifcs of poIitenes«» ; chie' 
cft(? to invent; com., "i.、ntl、 chie? 
a rule, statutes ; ch';. & to' a pattern, 
a recjulatiaii ; "c/i^ttmf/ chie' to 
discover ; chie' ch<mk、 to make ; 
ch';i、 to adjust ; ''hiel\ clil'a^ 
to restrict, to exact ; oinr/^ cli'tx^ 
to fix tlie am aunt or thne ; V/〃? 
itai, ft viceroy ; Jd'iig chie' a low 
military officer ― oorufnands less 
tliaii 100 men; '(,"•'/ chie' to wear 
mourning for ]>arents. 

Interchanged Avith the 
last in some senses : to in- 
vent, to make ; to out out 
clothes; a fashion, a mode ; 
to compound, as medi- 
cinos ; a pattern ; a fur cloak 5 ch ie' 
fi iii;.(mf/、 to cut out clothes ; com., 
、"k"hm chie' a fine model ; an ex- 
cellent conipoinul ; —iff ch 化、 n 


Iie\v pattern, a recent invention ; 
*^chie' yohs to compound medi- 
cines ; ''hie> yoh, -、 won{f, to prepare 
pills ; chie^ to decoct med- 

icines ; "《choi chie' to cut out, to 
make, as dotbes ; "ch 化) p'-aiC to 
cast cannon. 

— »Hlj,> Another name for pnni- 
^^^^ dcd millet, j^rowii in Shwi- 
!》i ; it is not nrltiti'nons nnrl 
■ resembles wheat : 'V///c' 
' m.i, paiiiclcd niillcf. 


Also rc!i«l rJi'-iiV: Avfnry, 
sick, <lisi';jst'(l : 'V" chie' 
cnjisiimptiot), a Hn^titig 

f> To pull, to draw ; to 
olistniot, to Iiiuder iroiu 
entering} to take, to 
choose, to select, to draw 
out ; to raise \i\t ; to c-atcli, 
tf) grasp : ',<'/"? ("", to grnsp the 
elbTm- firmly ; vtet.^ rigi'l, severe ; 
COM', "Jc、e"i/ chic' to i'luteli audi 
compel one. 


Tnrocefveintlieluinl; ta 
reoeive,to cnniiect , to splice, 
KPr^ ) to join ; to »uccvcd; conibin' 
eil M-itli, united- to ; to take 
ill, as joW; to meet, io 
associate with ; to take, as reflect" 
cd liglit; quick ; to graft, as a tree ; 
to inherit, to come into the pos 一 
session of: com., 、\kuu chiek, to 
fraternize; ""chiek, eng^ or cM'elc, 
tai、 to entertain a p.\e%X ; ,、、hi'el<, 
siXk^ to connect, to join ; ch';klc、 《'd, 
to take another's place ; "chiek, 
、m.v:'i, to take charge of a niattei' 
when nearly conijjletcil ; ^* chiek, 
ka、 to receive an i«lol or a supc 
nor ; "ohiWc) VA"/", to inherit a 
pi olessioii ; to receive, as an unfin' 
ished job ; chi'ek、 ,<*/' 環仏 to honor 
(a graduate) with :i feast; chick ^ 
haul; to set a fi rtfrtnied hone ; 
chiek ^ Jiwavg ',thi(f, a pavilion 
for meeting oliifers ; roti.., chiek-, 
£ nt)u/ k'ah, to receive gfiiests ; 
chick, sat/Iff* to receive and dis- 
miss, ns guests ; e/dek^ meiig* an 
a(lopto<l dauo-hteT— Hecoiid wiil- 
of ,1 fion-in-law ; chi'd\ eh^ev* to 
graft trees } /tV chiek, Hev^ to 

接 駕接手 

接 續接尾 

交接 接印 

掣肘 牽掣 

7 s 

業 1 囊 

裁 製製炮 

o. o 

狭 制制臺 

劍 制裁制 

天 際法制 

際會 交際 

一 ^ I , 



^() and bi'injjf one htxvk in a nrilaii ; 
<*hiek\ sioh, ^^ to got a job of 
work ; 、*hibk、 kw(? V 厶' to re 
ocive, to take from another ; chieh\ 
paiui/^ to manage tor, to Kuccced 
another iu the luauageineut 

A-^V' A joint of bamboo ; a 
巨 fl joi"" a knot^ a node ; a 
7^.' , 》 certificate, an article, u 
verse, a section oi a chap- 
ter ; a limit; a term, a 
holiday, a festival ; a time, a reg- 
ular interval ; an emergency ; thie 
period or manner of doing a thing ; 
economical, temperate, moderate ; 
chastity, virtue, as in a widow ; to 
limit a thing ; to maintain ; to 
restrain one's passions ; to mark, 
as music ; a classifier of limbs, 
joints, topics, affairs: in the coll. 
read chaik^ q. v, ; ^paik^ chiek^ the 
eight festivals ; 冬' h、6 chiek^ to 
maintain one's principles ; ^chihk^ 
、ing sik^ to limit one's diet ; ^chiek^ 
《eng) to repress one's natural dis- 
position ; \hu chick^ a certificate, 
a tally ; com., ^chiek^ kieng^ eco- 
nomical, frugal ; chiek^ chie^ to ad- 
just, to control, to regulate ; \si 
chiek^ time, times and seasons ; 
chiek^ chapter and verse ; 
^sek^ chWc、 to lose integrity or 
chastity ; (ting chiek^ chaste, as a 
female ; chihk^ eilng^ economy ; 
、siii chiek^ chaste and virtuous ― 
to remain a widow ; chiek^ hav? 
chaste and obedient to her husb- 
band,s parents ; "dii'efc) hau、 
^hioongy honorary portals to virtu- 
ous widows ; "ehiek、Jibig, uncor- 
rupt, virtuous ; 〜! cwang chiek^ a 
limit, a restraint ; keng、 chiek^ 
Jiong^ money for chaste widows. 

1 To fold, to double uj) ; 
to break, to destroy, to 
) injure; to pile up; to bond^ 
' as the knee ; a fold, a 
doubling over : coAr., 
"(c/iSu chiek^ folded paper for 
memoi anda ; ^^chiek^ liok^ a writ- 
ten digest or resume ; coll., 
p^ong^ chikJc、 to spirt Avater on 
stiffened clothes to fold them ; 
chiek^ ,i i'Ho" 仏 to fold clothes; 
^sd fChiouff pel" ehiek^ tu wash, 
starch, stretch, and fold. 

-Ll^ To sunder, to snap in 
J%)\ two, to break off; to fold, 
》 to bend ; to oppress, to 
• repress ; to reprehend ; to 
decide, to discriminate ; to 
deduct ; to stop ; to injure ; to lose 
one's heir ; an act of a play ; to ex- 
change ; to lose in trade ; to make 
amends for, to set over against ; 
to abase, to lower ; unmarried : 
^^cKtek^ (tilng、 the just medium ; 
chiek^ huk^ to force one to 
submit ; "chWc、、8ong、 to break ; 
to injure; "chVek、 ilk^ to shame 
one ; ^chiong Jcimg chiek^ choi^ 
to make amends lor misconduct 
by good works ; com., 、sj^、、&al" 
chiek^ crooked, deflected; met., 
involved, as matters ; ^^chieky 
pwang) to reduce one half, as a 
debtor compounding 、vith credi- 
tors ; ^^chiek^ ichieng^ or chiek^ kcC 
to pay the value in money ; coll., 
chi'ek、 (f'au^ discount, reduction ; 
paik、 chiek-i to pay only SO in 100. 

A river in the Chehkiang 
province ; the Chehkiang 
C《J > province ; to 、vash rice ; to 
' rain ; to cleanse : chiek^ 
、chwi、 river in Chehkiang ; 
COM., "chWc、 Jcong, the Oheh- 

錢" I 江 〇 


析 折半折 

o 1 

2 2 

損 析辱曲 

中 析服折 

C T 

©as* 析 

廉 關都手 

2 3 

節 孝坊節 


章 節失都 

節儉 時簡 

節 性符籂 

節 節欽食 

接過手 < 



kianoj province; ('oi 丄., cliiik-,^koiig i 
,pan(/ i^yno (Sr^n;/ the Clieli- ' 

kiang attendants (at 1 he viceroy's) 
do not chajijiro (with those from 
Fookieii) ; "tef." let Qi\t\\ one stick 
to his own business. 

_ The brightness of the 
stars ; bright, luminou< ;, 
) splendid : chiel\ chi'e1、、 
brilliant, dazzling, splen- 

To fold p;arments ; a 
Y^n^ scam; a plait; a frounce, a 
Z^^^ gather like those in the 
petticoat of a Chinoselady ; 
>J ) plaited : cou", 'chick, (i 
Nieh, ^sionr/^ to fold clothes ; 
^chiek^ phoo't ^ to fold bed- 

f pf An oar, a paddle, or 
H whatever is used to propel 
I *1 ^ a boat ; to row ; swift ; 
woody, forest-like ; ; chiu 
chiek^ boat and oars, 

A comb ; to comb the 
hair ; to clean : V* h i e 
(hung milk 飞 (?八 the wind 
en* combs his hair'and the r;iin 
Avashes his face ; met" the 
hardships of traveling. 
Xyf^ To lie prostrate ; timi*l, 
il^^ cowardly: also read sik\ 
l^^) q. v.; chiek\ hnk^ to suc- 
le ' cumb dastardly. 

A small boil, a pimple, 
a sore. 

To con<|uer, to over- 
come, to triumph, to ob- 
tain a victory ; 8ucco?^,sful, 
victorious ; a victory \ to 
complete ; to announce, as 
a victory, or a promotion ; 



hustily, quick, proinj)!, as a 
licM aKl ; joytwl titlmj^s : 
cltikh、 lo 】vi»ort, as a victory ; 
、、h lek, rf"h'、k、 sAvitl, prompt ; 
cJnelx\ sprinir examina- 
tions tor tl)e t il i r d degree ; 
roM" Y///t7"j (人" /e"、 (s])(»kon chiek^ 

])rec'0('i()us ; **e/neh\ 
ready, dcver, ini^onious ; ^chlel\ 
; W, npt, ready at ; ^^Jihtg chUK\ 
to obtain dcirroos at sucrossivc ex- 
aminations •, chii:k\ quick- 
wilted ; "<'hi&k 义 p6^ to hasten to 
report good news. 

The cye-1 ashes ; wet" tlio 
oyo : chiek^ the eye* 

A fan ; the -word is us- 
ually 8oen on formal cards : 
"J《""{f vhisk^ ulipjht fan ; 
"(hlnf/ chiek\ handkerchief 
and fan. 

Handsome, elegant ; a 
female officer : ^^chiek^ 
a kind of palatial house- 


Tattling, loquacious, 
Avordy ; to reach ; at, ex* 
tmm、 such a time ; to ex- 
amine and direct; an officer ; 
u surname; iiaino ol'jiTnouii- 
t;im: used for (('/"V",/, to diviiio; 
also for the next : ^''Ksien o^ijionfi 
fihihuj ^cliiciuf^ to tattlo about tri- 
fles ; COM., \*\t'/ii*e'jif/ i^iUi) ;ui officer 
in charge of the imperial lurem. 
3^5^ W (> y <1 y , loquacious : 
^l=r ip/w//7V、/〃V"/7, out of hift 

C luin. (? , . ' 11 '7 
y/r///, w:iml(M-ini>; laik. 


1 o 

寶事 pi 

f 楚 ,好 

捷勞 ii! 捷 

捷 t\ 榜才 

I 捷足 春捷 

沐雨 獻捷 

攝 被櫛風 

攝衣裳 〇 




Ql^-* To look up to, to ruvoro, 
to roijard with vcKpect 


\vhieng 、n{iim"j、 to look- 
up to; coM,,,(Anra7'/7(M/"'9 
to look at cHrcfully ; good- 
looking ; \chU"ff w(mfji to long 
ioY ; to meditate with dcHirc ; 
^ejnmg ^ing \<nc ^cldenp^ to whom 
the people look up ; ^sek^ Jxwang 
to make & fatvx-pm hi 
public ceremonies* 

An fi】)ron ; a flap, n skirt ; 

a curtain of a car ; to ad- 

口 lUst, to nut the dress in 
Chun. 1 , • e ? •» 

order ; fljjpping: ^cJmng 

^chieng^ trim, neat ; flap- 
ping, as a curta'm ; ,pok、 (ing €k\ 
.chievff^ not enough to fill an 

Similar to the last; a 
curtain of a carriage ; a 
h\\s^ curtain over an opening ; 

• an overlap that hides a 

To divine, to cast lots ; 
divination, castinp; lots ; to 
observe, to wait lor a veri- 
' fi cation of ; to look to- 
wards; to judge of, to form 
an opinion of : also read chimg" 
q. V. : ^^chUmj pok^ or J deny kim^ 
to divine, to prognosticate. 

/ L. Superficial, trifling; low, 
'|r~t vulgar ; to look at careless- 
Vlmn to ^kiiu over, as in 

• readinjj fast : sctV 
low, tririins; ; i\chi(h》ff pel" 

to read over and over Avithout 
trying to understand. 

V L To moisten, to tinge ; 
Y |L| irmist, damp, wet ; to vc- 
^Chan cei、'e bcnotits ; to partici- 
' pate in, to be a recipient 

of; <)l)Ii*;e(l, benefited ; iinbuod 
with ; iiit'eetod, aftoctcd : in tlie 
('o】l. to bestow, nlNO tiio cor- 
relative i(loa> to receive p:ratul- 
tously : ^\chienff peng^ taken sirk ; 
<"0M,, ^^fChieng Jcwongy h\ your 
frtvor ; 、、,Mhig (oriff, to receive 
^'avor ; COLL., \chieng inipor- 
tunity, to force one to j^ive; 
iChihtg 、ch、a or .chihiff V/"/, to 
bestow gnitiiitously ; to rm'ive nn 
a gift; ,cha ,chihuj 'cha doh^ 
^pwong, give me a book ; Vcahig^ 

^ehieng 'cJm, let me pet it of 
you as a gift ; ''k^'^^ak, ^neng ,ka 

,chimg Jcwong、 let me also 
DC imbued with your favor. 

To sprinkle with the 
cTflll hand, to bespatter ; to 
l?i^n 、vash out spots ; name of a 
' river in 8z-chnen ; "Ss^i 
(chUnff, to wash clean ; 
COM., ^^^ehieng ^siong^ to wash 
out ppots from clothes. 

Also read ^chieng and 
chieng^ : a swift current, 
a raceway ; to flow swift- 
• 】y ; to spatter up, to dasjh 
•igainst; 1o squirt out; to 
spurt out, as blood. 

To Koak, to moisten, to 
dampen ; to overMoAv ; :i 
^ spi'iTig apnearintrandrcai)- 
• , pcaring : \chicny iniek^ lo 

Similar to the last : a 
dripping rain ; to dri/zle, 
to drip, to patter, to rain ; 
to moisten, to wet by de- 
grees ; to 、、'ct through ; 
soaked, saturfited : _ _ 
wet to the skill. 

0U^ 〇 

衣裳 1 滅 

光 冼湔湔 

5 6 

认 家也沾 

畢 ^ 病 

卜佔! site 

盈 一襟占 


瞻德 » 不 

6 7 

所膽 ^0 

膽 望民人 

膽仰 觀膽 




7J、 Sharp, i>oiiited, acuto, 
— yu^ peaked, conical ; tupuriti^ 
to a point, wedge -like, 
' j)yramidal; iicedloahapetl; 
clever, ingenious : com,, 
"/>V fChieuffy sharp nose; ^^^chieny 
le^ sharp, p'asping; 、、t*6{lk) ^chie/tff^ 
a medicine made of the bamboo 
leaf ; i"ti/i{/ (e/"V"/7, extreme, very, 
the ])rinie, the best; ^^^chieng t^'a//, 
the pointed end ; 、& (chie'ny ^micty 
the point ; ding ojo^ig <c/"Vw,/, 
a medicine from the points of tlie 
lioriKS of young goats ; coll., 
kack^fihienff^ triangalnr ; ^ 《chi^nff 
ch^oi ' protnuling mouth, stick- 
ing a word in, officious ; ^kaag 
Hang ^chieng^ olive-shaped. 

A silken banner, a crook- 
jfv^ ed flagstaff; to signalize 
C'bieu 。nc t。 c。ine ; careful, at- 
' tontive. 

Also read chong^ : to 
engrave, to carve ; to cut, 
^Chien* chisel ; to censure, to 

• degrade : ^^^chieng Jc、iik、 
to engrave; ^sing ^chiemj^ 

new edition ; ^^^cfiieng ngeJc^ to 
degrade an. officer. 

\X~t To peep, to spy at, to 

rit|l glance at; to look at stealth- 

^Chan ; 人"" ,'/"V"//, to peq> ; 

• "fC/iie/ij haiu} to Avait for. 

( Chieng. A coll. word : a wedge, 
to drive a wedge ; in a 
vieL sense, smitten, cleav- 
ed ; pressed, crowded iu : (r/"V",/ 
sioh^ ^chieng^ to drive a Avedge, us 
ill a tenon to fasten it; ^ckUmi 
sioh) oi^ to crowd into a place or 
seat ; fChienq tdof" hong^ (or (A:",) 
to add another share ; k^'eilk^ Jxd 

Hair or wool workcil 
"ito a felt; coarse woolens, 
US blankets, car)>cts, rugs 
itc, ; COM., te} ^chUiiff^ a 
carpet, a ni^ ; ,p^tco 
(r/〃V" 仏 to spread a carpet ; 

J'etf^ (PaUy a }»arcel done 
lan' lip in H iMig ; ,/"V",/ U、wff 
(*.arpots ami rujxs ; \c/iuhir/ 
mS^ a felt hat or cap ; ^^chienff (tci, 
telt soles ; COLL., \^/?«?o ^chienp 
kaik^ 、h、ai、 to spread rugs and 
tie up festoons. 

jPI^ A falcon, a goshawk, a 
yello、v bird that chases 
^cIiicQ pigeons ; a sparrow-hawk : 
(in(/ fC/iienf/j hawks and 

Congee or gruel made 
from rice thoroughly boil- 
• I ed : ^^chieng cheilk^ thick 
旁臂。 and thin congee. 


Unable to advance ; to 
wind about : ^^tunf/ ^chieng 
n, . to make uo progress : met. 

A sca-monster ; a large 
Ws* stnri^con, or perliaps a 
( j!'"^ gninipus : ^ch ie ng (toi, 
an* grampuses and sturgeons. 

To fry, to cook by fry- 
ing ill lard or oil ; to stew, 
. to decoct ; to vex, to 
"en' liarass, to irritate: com., 
\rhieng ^t^ong^ to boil wa- 
ter ; ^^chieng 'pidnf/^ iViod cnkca ; 
、L*hil、 to fry, adding wa- 
ter tor c:ra\ y; ^\chien(f 、ch、f、 to 
roast, to grill ; coll" ^chieng (su (.w, 
or ,chien(f , pa 、})a、 to fry crisp. 

,覘候 〇 

鐫 級窺^ 

o 1 

銷刻 新銷 

8 9 

|K 尾 嘴 

項 尖尖頭 

尖 利竹尖 

2 3 

前 炒鼻尖 

00 S 一煮 

iSH 還煎? J 


檀5£ 擅底 

1 I 2 

fhffHj ^chlentj ^si, cleaved to deatli 
i)y a thuiulor-bolt. 

( ChUng. A coll. Avorrl, n, In (cJd* 
emj an * perhaps a con- 
traction of 'chi iSenr/ 

this time, now, the present. 

( To rriil at; to abuse ; 
ftbilsivG Irtnijunge ; to iiuui- 
,3I ilcst, to Irtake piaiti. 

t 1^ Slmllo、v, thin, beaten 
out, as a piece of metal ; 
Oi^n superficial, ignorant. 

<A^* To flatter ; pleasant 
'g^S* words, ap^t'ccablc talk ; 
sly insinuations : "c7"V",y 
' ^chihiff^ artful talk, sIihI- 
low conversation. 

To present food to one ; 
to give a flirowell dinner 
to ; parting presents of 
• ' • money or food ; comfits : 
COM., ^^chicHff pieky a part- 
ing dinner ; ^^chicng iheng 、dtiu, 
farewell entertiiinnieut to one go- 
ing on a journey. 

《一 昌 J^ven, regular, as feath- 
ers jjroM' ; to cut off 
力 smooth, to clip even ; to 
shear; shears, scissors; to 
, ― kill, to destroy; to rccliice, 
Chien. to clip off; light, fi3 a (lye : 
iu tlie coll. read ^clieng^ q. v. 

To trcacl upon, to tram- 
ple oti or over; to Avalk, 
Ch*kiT to stop ; to afrangc in or- 
' der : 、、chih、g tak^ to tread 
upon ; ^"-chibig 《'M" to 
tread in another's footsteps ; 
^^chieng oigion(/、 to keep one's 
、vo】v.l; '''chieng yok、 to fulfill a 

IV) tlestroy, to kill, 

<^\ti!rmii);itc ; to finish, t<, 

, 化, cxliniist ; tf) clip, t<, ? »l,crir} 
Chicn. • , 7 I , , 

]i(»acl ( ch^ieyiff ; coll, 

Chi!!n^ lo<>kiii{^, youtliful, jiiv ('! los- 
• cent ; tiVMli, ^r^'Ci», unripe : 
tek) 、《、kUn《j, y(Mni<;-' 
lookinjT, boyish in flj){>euranoe ; 
^chieng Jcwa ono (nony \*hieng 
^kiang onu jyok^ ; unripe me- 
lons have no pulp, so cliildreii 
have no experience. 

】《(\a(l ^yenr/; coll. ^rltienrf: 
liannft'ss kind of liouse- 
Hzard, of a livid color. 

Rca<l ^ ch i n 

(I ; 


c 《《? a piliow ; i"W"V'",/ <fi^rm 
• 、"ong、 a SI null trunk shap-* 
cd like fi Chinese pillow ; 
^ehieng <《*<m ^kidnrf^ h small ]>il- 
low ; u、chi(hiff i^t^mi pwo ^ cloth 
wrappers for pillows. 

Boards for cutting baoks 
on ; talilets lor nieinor- 
randa, tables to be written 
on .with rt pencil. 
/^^) An arrow; an nreher ; a 
— I^ll boM'-shot ; to dart out ; to 
(!' f?ie? ^P^".^ forth sucklcnly ; 
' swift like an arrow ; n slond- . 
er bamboo; hristniii^: ^'^t'eilky 
chUnrf a sTcnder hainboo ; com,, 
iW"V/i,/ an arrow ; 'V///Yw//, 
、k(m《i、 iintinislied an'ow-sl»;ifts ; 
、-〜 n" chUnfi^ mounte<l nrcliers ; 
, chienrp loot - nrchcrs ; 

、"chie'nff to^ taru* t-coursc.* ; 、、 JdiwJ 
chidnff bowH and m'rmvs ; ^7/^////' 
chid nff) nn arrow "with a flng ~ - 



箭 s 弓箭 

步箭 箭牌 

箭 執馬箭 

4 5 

竹箭 箭矢 

箱 1 枕頭布 

枕 枕頭 

一 ^^^^^^ 

i 行 i〇 


1 別 

7« cHi^Ka. cmoG. 

、: ^^〉 TnterclianucMl with the 
yF]^ noxt : wMter llowinix on ; 
* :i stream burstiii*;' i'ortli 

yjjfe?^ ] r(*])ejilcHlly, :、u:"" : 

C'h'K'n. riowiiiL^ towards; ('/〃•'//〃/, 

Grass eaten l>y nnimaN, 
pisturage ; to lead ;ini- 
nials to i;ooJ i>:isluvos ; to 
introduce, to rccouniieiul ; 
to s;uarantee, to insure ; 
to lay ^nt Ibod ; to ; uldre, to Wor- 
ship without a victim ; ropetition, 
; t ? Uicccssion I 1 W/ /t' fC/iu^ :i 
AVi*itte!i rccomni^Tulatioii ; "(c//""?: 
chieruf or ^kii vhien</ to reeoiii- 
"t。i(l, to introduce one ; com., 
"(yxJ chicnff to recntnnieiid an'l 
be security f\>r ; ^^chieng ^ te * 
Jiwoitf/^ to rocoinDiCTid to a ))laoe ; 
^^chietuf khcoJx\io coinTnend to :x 
vacant place; 2*W'?V",/7i w〃//7 /' ; to 
I recommend to tlic ]>ost of tt""'li(>r 
or secretary ; '"^'(//(w,/ rhietuj^ to 
rocoinmend one's ctn])loyc to an- 
otlicr )>arty ; coll., cliient/^ W〃V), 
the j)alroii, one who recoiiiiuoiHls. 

Used for tlie hist : to 
continue ; some ; to suc- 
ceed, to recur rcpontetUv, 
as a f:imim' ; ;ii;:nn, re- 
peatedly : ehiih"/ Jx'i, STic- 
cessive fSimim's ; Hi ien<f (kUl, to 
rough it in the bush. 

A ]M'o)7 ; to sliorc u)) .1 
IcaniiiLT liouse, to siip!")rt : 
Chieii :i Avuter - d:uu, 】n:idc; of 
' stones and earth : ro、r., 
ch'uh)g、 ; ch",'mfj, to pr(>|) 
a wall ; chictuf H6, to tlirow clown 
by too much pi'ossui'c on the 
props ; COLL., t'h;L:H(i、 ch"i"、 to 

'强' : 戮', 1^ 方 館 
A 占害薦 1" 薦地 
"t^f "椎 "薦 缺 "怖 

% 地 )i 地', m 

a ni;viul:ite ; 、cf"e'"") Jio'^tr/^ or i! 
chii'titf^ hionf/^ an :ir('li(M'、s pay Ij 
from tire <;<>voriinuMit ; '^JnrmHj ;| 
r ///// s'iiV elite n<f^ time flies like i 
arrow ; c()u", ^sioh, clui'nt/ to 1 
shoot arrows ; toi ^ an | 

arrow-oaso ; ^f^ije^ ckitnij^ arrows 
tlirust tliroui^li the ears ― w pun- 
ishment ; ^pnik , chihty^ path' ) 
teihif/^ one Imndred arrows all 
into the target. 

To assume?, to arrrtcratc 
to ono's self ; to usurp ; 
to ovor;<tep one's limit oi* 
runk ; (lubioufl^ wrong, ei、 ! 
roneoiis, llilse ; usm'ped, 
Chieu. <lcsj)(>ti (;, assUniinG: : V/"*- 
e/i(/^ ,/W//〃、 surreptitious- 
ly styled ; ^chie/*f/^ ch^iek\ 
to nssuine, to cjot surreptitiously ; [ 
(,o、L, ^chie)i(/ rho ^ " I usui p the j 
seat," as hi taking a high '* place 
at a feast. 

L ) The second character 
|J-| oomnionly, but erroneous - 
ly, so used : t<) tiikt* ]>rccc- 
>|JH^ (ieiico of; to trespass upon, 
|| I to usurp, to seize, to snp- 
riioji. ]>laiit, to take l)y force ; to 
assume, to ;irro<^:Uo, to 
take tho libcM'ty ; U) J)os- 
se^s : also read ,hith)ff、 q. v. : 
'? •/〃•"// rhJentf^ to trespass on: 
f:<>M,, ^\k}onff vhihifi^ to tnke by 
force ; iW〃V/'〃> (.svV/v^/, to take tlie 
jM'ecedcnce of; 力;〃 ) chicng^ to 
take ]»()ssc'ssi(ni of torcibly ; "chi- 
ft} ta im'Toach on tlio land of 
; motlior ; COLL., c///V" 〃- ;tSfu ten! 广 
to pr(.»ss to the front; in hrtttlo ; 
chlthif/^ (^nenr/ chHo^ to koop f)Os- 
scssioM of n lionsc without piiyinc; 
rcMt ; J (/: chienff k^o 》 usiu'p- 

p(l Uv liiiii. 

—僭 坐、 f 占 

偕稱 竊 

.WJ^ 百屮 

f ,箭 






prop i\ house ; chirnff chiClny^ to 
shore up till mn,t. 

'IV* lii^ht ; to 1)0 alaniioJ, 
struck with (iroad ; fl-ur- 
tul, tiniicl, alV;ii<l, ;in\ioMs ; 
a l»:ittk\ :m oiit^MLicinvnt ; 
w;u\ hostilities ; inilir.nrv, 
jH'r ,:" ni'iLT to war : 、'hi- 
h,l" armor ; ^chienfj^ 
kky :itV:ii(l, tiM-rified ; V/〃'- 
.svwv ^ ;i soUlior ; ^^/chi chihuf^ 
})rotracted v:\iv ; ;i voti'niii \v;ir- 
rior ; rcM., 、ch、ok、 rJiie/iy^ t<> s^o 
forth to war ; ^chih«/' tatu^ to 
liixht ; 7(/Ym oJiienty to tight, to \io 
to war ; ^toi ' cJtiettff to join 1 kit- 
tle ; ^chihig^ ten<j^ troops in }»Ia- 
t<)OTis ; ^^chieng^ drums sound- 
ing the charpce ; \chu^ ii 
challoiijje to tight; 尸 ; tio/if/, 
tlio field of battle ; ^^^ndmg chi- 
hvf s7>a, a flag of truce ; coll., 
chitng^ ty&"{h a victory ; chim</ 
《sio, or ehieng^ pai ^ a defoiit ; 
ip'anff J p^anr/ chiimf or Hm Heu 
chiing^ to tremble, to shake ; chi- 
eng^ (chHu, fine brass-wire. 

The head awry ; to 
iiver with cold ; foarful, 
trembli!i<?, a tt"r i 2: h t d : 
Ji am/ chihif/^ slii veVing. 
Read ^chieny^ to smell. 

. 〜 > , Before, in front of, in 
Bt|l presence of; in aflvance ; 
Ch'ion to U^lvance, to go forward ; 
' to lead, to lc;ul on ; for- 
merly, previously, ancient- 
ly ; the former, tlic past, tlie pre- 
ceding : in tlie coll. road iSenr/^ 
q, V. : COM., ^\ckicnf/ haiu^ belbre 
aud after, front and rear ; 、\chihiff 
nfjwok) the preocdinc; inontli ; t^rhi- 
eng nik, a former day ; \chi'en(/ 

{ing the ancients; ^\chioig Jieu、 
tovnw.v dynasties ; 、,; chi<h"、j i7i<fi- 
"h】 h<:i〉.inijr-、 lonnorly said ; 
、、j、h!hHj p V、 o ' t( > Avalk rtrsl ; 
,o'"y〃".'/ visible, lIi(»))reS' 

ichihiif^ fornuM'Iy, jn evioiisly ; jc/i/- 
*'n<j <ftu、 InisLund in a lunnerlilo ; 
)nnA ) seniors ; voiiorabJo 
sir ! <ichit'n<f haiu^ 、山、 h,、 before 
imd alter 一 iiuulvunc (;, belbreliaud, 
as ill lK»iTo\vinin[ ; Ukk\%Q' 
l<H*tcMl Students ut or Fu ex- 

aminations 一 from the 2d to the 
] Otli iianicH ; <^chiejig Jmang^ or 
^f'hlhi<f ch''iUV a tormer occasion 
or time ; pol" ^ehimg pok\ haw} 
just ;it the tune ; coll., 6. ^ "-kong 
,rh}en(f ; To/if/ haiu^ IIang、 Hd 
k'6 ^ you '11 be talking of Tong 
:ind IIuii ! i. 0., wide of tbo mark ; 
^ehitng to^ ^/co/u/ ^kong Jd、 the 
one of Avhom I spoke. 

jajCtC To ford, to cross water, 
to Wilde througli ; to dive, 
c 暴^^ to Avalk on tlie bottom ; to 
^^3% hide away, to abscond, to 
i| 曰 secrete oue's self; deep, 
Ch'ien. ! still, calm, placid, as deep 
、vat(?r; ancient name of 
the river Han ; carefully, 
cautiously, stonlthily : dHng ^chi- 
cng^ placid, stiJI ; reserved ; ^chi- 
enff iChonr/^ or ; ehitng huk^ to se- 
crete self; ^chicng 2^wo^ care- 
ful stepy, :i stealtliy tread. 

】{ea(l ^yhnfj; coll. ^chi- 

yn — /, as in ijchimg ; chHl、 a 
mole ; <^rJueng ^cIiHl ^sihif/^ 
the rank smell of a mole ; 

the squeak of a mole 一 is a bad 

1 戰 3 戰 5 出 7 变 

甲 士 戰 戰 
2 戰 * 久 6 戰 《 對 

棵 戰 鬭 戰 

ALrn. DicT. 

穿 issr 顿歹 

眼前 ) 刚手 

p 首 前步 

前人 前朝 

1 1 

前 後前月 

戰書 戰揚 

戰 陣戰鼓 


78 CHlfiNG. 


Also read ich^ihiff : a 
f^fe^i person named { Chiing 
^Chien tK*^wg、 who lived in the 
' Shang and Chow dyuas- 
ties to the age of 767, and 
then vanished. 

A copper coin, cash, cop- 
pers ; coin, money, cur- 
*C^1!en' rency, a piece of money ; 
• wealth, property ; a tenth 
of a tael, a raace, which the 
cash once weighed : com., ^^tmg 
-hihig, copper cash ; ^iChiettf/ 
taing^ a bank ; \chUng yony、 
cash-signs (in front of a bank) ; 
\chiengpHeu^ bank-notes ; ? twang 
ifihitng, foreign dollars ; 
tpwanff, a grooved wooden plate 
for holding unstrung cash ; ^chi- 
hig fihengyti needle used in string- 
ing cash ; \chihig (/n? 。:, a balance 
of money ; ^iChihig kieng^ a charm 
made of cash strung in the form 
of a sword ; ^ichimg ^pdy cash or 
silver medals (hung round the 
necks of children as charms) ; 
^^ichieng itengy a bamboo for hold- 
ing cash ; ifihieng^ to receive 
money ; ^^iChieng ek、 a mace and 
one tenth ; 、\chihig W interest ; 
"iChUng hi ^ immersed in gain ; 
、"pwonff ichienffy capital, stock in 
trade ; ^^^chieng lioh、 Iiistory of 
coins ; COLL., ichienff 、chwi 、ch 、他 g 
cheilky mouied ; ^chieng 、chwi、 
premium on money ; ^si tphihig, 
ordinary currency ; ^tong pah、 
fphieng^ good currency, all the 
cash good ; ^hieng 、kUluff、 or 
{ngai 、chihig, bad cash ; ichimg 
chHong、 or ichieng kwong、 s6h) 
cord for stringing cash ; ichimg 
taek^ a savings' box ; sphieng tak、 
a cash-bag ; ichieng 7aw, a hig}i 

wooden box for cash — uHed fn 
shops ; iChierfff pie?ig^ " cash 
braid " ― i. e., the cue; ^chienff 
taung^ viiing^ money esteemed 
as life ~ excessively parsimonious ; 
chieng ^chHo7iff pek) kwo、 
^ can't pull it through the cosh* 
hole ; " vieL^ he's so etingy I cau 
get no money out of him ! 

Worthless, mean, base, 
vile, low, ignoble, vulgar ; 
Chi^ cheap, low.priced; to d 亡 
preciate, to lower ; used 
for what is one's own : 
"chi 各 nffi iinffy a mean fellow ; 
COM,, "koi 1 chimg^ noble ami 
base ; "a* chihuj^ low, base ; 
' \mi chi^ng^ insignificant ; "chi- 
kng、 h/wo、 " miserable baggage ! ,, 
― as a bad woman ; "chih*g》 n6i * 
my wife ; ^^chihiff^ yong、 my sick- 
ness ; "chihiffi p'^ek^ my mean dis- 
position ― language of affectation ; 
COLL., chieng^ mi&ng^ life of 
drudgery ; ehievg^ chd * "mean 
dough " ― a butt for ridicule ; chi- 
^ng^ fP^wi^ " low crude mass " 一 
applied to depraved persons ; ch" 
mg^ chauk^ mischievous, as a 
child ; cheng^ chieng^ very de- 
praved ; very mischievous. 

tlji^^ Karae of an affluent of 
ywtr the Yang-tsz-kiSng, near 

Ngan-king-fu ; to find its 
• way in, as water does; 

to increase by degrees, 
slowly, by little and little ; stealth- 
ily, as decay ; to flow, to imbibe ; 
to tinge, to soak, to penetrate : 
chieng^ chSU ^ to soak gradually ; 
chimg^ Jc*Hhig、 to approach by de- 
grees ; COM., chek、 chieng^ by lit- 
tle and little ; chihig^ chieng^ 
slowly, gradually. 

1 銅 3 錢 7 錢 9 錢 "收 "錢 "本 "賤 19 下 賤 "賤 

錢樣錢 尾牌錢 利錢人 賤貨恙 

'錢 ^ 6 錢 8 錢 10 錢 12 錢 "錢 "錢 18 貴 《 微 《賤 "賠 

店票盤 翔簡一 累錄賤 賤內癣 




The moat around a wall, 
fosse, a ditch ; a Kluice 
to 】L、a(i water upon treetj ; 

Mr a 


tfT^ to deopen, to dig out. 



(40) Chieu. 

To beckon, to motion to 
with the hand, to hail ; to 
invito, to let people know ; 
to induce, to lead in, to 
bring in, as converts ; to 
faise, as troops ; to confess ; selt- 
criniination ; to excite ; a hand- 
bill, a sign, a sign-board ; a wave 
of the hand, a signal ; to tie by 
the foot, to entangle : com., \chieu 
,anff, to invite to peace ― as rebels 
by offer of pardon ; Hng, 
to introduce ; \chieu jAw, to beck- 
on and call ; \chieu (ping, to re- 
cruit soldiers ; \chieu Jvung^ or 
(chieu Jwiig^ (as spoken in Chang- 
l«h), to bring back the soul ― as 
of one who has died abroad ; 
, (chieu iChHng (coll. ^chieu tnii 
sai'), to invite one to be a son-in- 
law ; \chieu ho、 to invite one 
to be the emperor's son-in-law ; 

* (chieu ngi^ * ^inff, or ' (chieu 
Jdong ^itng, to raise volunteers ; 
"tChieu ipd, a sign, a sign-board ; 
" (chieu chik^ to call together; 
"(chieu ichai, to prosper in busi- 
ness ; " ,chim neng^ to confess 
one's guilt ; "k、ok、 Ha ising tChieu、 
extorted confession. 

"pTj Also read ,chHeu : to fly 
jrjt back, as a bow ; to spring 

* back ; a bow unbent. 

ftjt Brightness of the sun ; 
Hm bright, splendid, raani- 
C^l^ fest; luminous, refulgent: 
' "fChieu fining, refulgent ; 

"(chim mitk, order of precedence 
in th€ ancestral hall ; "(chieu Jcung 
V-d * an embroidered fillet, also 
called 、* 、hwa m6^. 

The parts of the body 
between the heart and the 

J 焦 

groin, three imaginary or- 
gans which regulate the 

Used for the last : burn- 
^pti ed, scorched ; Maf'kftned, 
?, 1," cliarred : smell of burn- 
mg; vexed, barassed, anx- 
ious : COM., 1' (chieu s6 , 
parched, hot, feverish ; (sing , chieu, 
distressed; *\chieu mong^ har- 
assed, anxious. 

Interchanged with last: 
to burn moxa ; to scorch, 
to sear, to char wood: 
• COLL., fChieu tiohi burnt, 
scorched ; ^ chieu (《<z, 
scorched, as in being fried; " (chieu 
,pa^ burnt crust adhering to 

Raw hemp, hemp not 
^^^^ yet cleansed: (chieu <《, 
<C!h! 二 yellow hempen clothes, 
, • worn in mourning for 
grand-parent^; tChieu m6* 
mourning caps. 

The banana or plantain : 
― COM., (chieu, the plan- 
■JV*-* * tain tree ; , pa , chieu '^kico. 
plantains; ^pa fChieu nioh、 
the plantain 】eaf; ,chieu 
kak、 cloth made from the fibres 
of a kind of plantain. 

A soldier's brass kettle 
, or skillet, about the size 
of a peck measure ; a brass 

1^ 問 frn 

花? 燥 

8 9 

招 I? 明 

認, 打成 

集 招財招 

2 3 

勇。 招牌、 

義 It 

招 鼸馬招 

。招 魂, 招親 

。招 呼招兵 

招安 招引 

1 f 

80 CHIEU. 


A vrr 
K todv or 

Chau. 1 , , '\ 

A wren, the tariii, the 
some such small 
e.hieu Jieu, a lirtl" 
bird with an ti、vl-sh: 屮 t'cl 

Road ^chien; coll. .chietf: 
^IxE a look-out loft or tower : 
(^V" gleu, a look-out 


±hrl Pepper, peppery, hot: 
义 ♦•eu&pwig, tlic peppery 


room —— term x\ 
'queen's apartment ; com., 
V〃《 (chieji, common pop- 
per; Jma tchiei(、 chillies; \hrmuf 
《ckim, red-pepi)er ; Jcica (chieu, 
melon-shaped peppers ; 
tchieu, the button-pepper ; 2 诚 i 
^chieuy white pepper. 

< >【、 Read ^sieu ; coll. ^oMm : 
little, not much, lew, not 
many ; hriefly, u little 
ao' while; seldom, rarely ; in 
a slight (loijn»e ; limited ; 
to cnvc, wanting, deticiiint, insuf- 
ficient, destitute : s6、 "^eJn'eiu much 
or little ; how much ? "chieu 
JcHencf or Hwang 'chim、 to owe ; 
k、al" S:him, too few, too little; 
,k、wr>Jc、 ^chieu^ deficient, destitute ; 
'chieu (chieu, very few ; Hhtr/ 
(chim, or chenrj^ 'ehieu, or 、y& 
"^chim, very Rcaroo, very little ; 
衩 chlm "-chHl ^to Jai、 Hinall profits 
BGCuro large gjiins; "-eidcn t^e.n(f 
to make small gains ; ^chieu 
^chicn.f/^ to owe money ; 〜! dm 
mung、 to I'eckon less, to cheapen ; 
^chieit niolh 霞 i》 how much de- 
ficient ? 〜hieu sidh^ (fJ cheiV 
cat sparingly and it has fine fla- 
vor, scil" eatinp much cloys. 


11/^) Li':lit, briL^litrtcss ; to il- 
J^tJ luniiiiat(\ to cnli^iit en, to 
" * shiiui on ; to j>:itr()iii/A\ to 
ivi^:u'(l, to care tor, to over- 
see, to assist ; confoniinbly 
Chao. to, acconling to ; as, like, 
same as ; to follow , us 
copy ; to imitate, as ;i 
mo<leI : COM., ^\tJnm^ 〃?? //, by 
t urns, rotation ; chif u^ yev^ very 
bright; wenff^ or chi,"《》 

kid/if/^ to look in a mirror ; (、hh'iP 
1c 0、 or chim) k^avtf to ovcrsoe, to 
take care of ; 、"hwanf/ rhit'u、 or 
to ) chieAi? reflect ed light ; ^sd 
i'.hieit^ shines in from tlio Avpst ; 
"(、h;m、 eng) to patronize ; chieii^ 
^chHong^ h curt;iin-w;ill 一 in front 
of a yamun ; 'V、//?'<??? hirot^ an 
official communication ; cJiien ^ 
? siom'j, as usual, custoinriry ; chim) 
saimg^ according to the ca】c'n】a, 
tion ; ^^cJdeiC lii^ uccordiiii; to tlio 
law or regulation ; " "'ho7iff chiew) 
f:ic-similes clipped from the ends 
ot bank-notes when issued, and 
kept to detect coiintorfeits ; 
"cMieu) ,tHibig、 snb-otticcrs, us at 
the treasurer's; c/iieu^ alavne 
hicrh lantern (in processions ) ; 
chlcn^ (//, accoiHlIn*; to reason ; 
〜hieu、 kit' accun-dinp: to cur- 
rent prices ; coll., chit fSivfr 
kiiXuff " mirrors to illuminate 
hearts" ― hcM before tlio bre;iKt 
by bride aiul groom ; chidjig、 
<^hiev!* direct lii^ht ; chieu'yo/ig^ one 
by o?ie, articles reckonod singly ; 
chieu) "? 7。 p^woh^ dried in the sun. 

•^fjj^ To promiilorato, to an- 
F?0 nomKv, to proclaim ; to 
teach, to exhort, to in- 
Struct the empire ; to on- 
ce nr ago ; a proclamation. 



7 缺 



1' 昭 



20 照 








f 少 

S 少 







19 高 


樓 椒 










"^份 ) to roprc 

ini)H»rial "'script, (]('('r('(,, ' royal j 
inundate : roM., -"、 ,hO, or 
' rhif.H ;i roynl Tn;mcl;ito ; j 
*、, 山'' ,? to ])r()inuliro tlu' ; 
ruyiil ooinuinnds ; hm)"f ''/〃》〃〉; 
lo issue ; I 7 oy:il decree ; '** 力?/ | 
chh'V' ,】('rr('i' fVoni (»iio of* t he ini- 1 
pcrial ho:n'»is; 、、Jih:v) a p-'i- : 

vilion-si'drm in 、、'l"(,h imperial \ 
rk'm'cs :m' borno ― ; is those en-! 
iiobling Olio's niKVstors ; colt", i 
^tnii^ chit'u、 royal jiroclaniation , 
when an onijiiTor Mscends the ] 
tlirono ; ^palh cMeu^ pnx、.l:im:i- 1 
tion aiino\mci!ig the death of the ; 
emperor. | 

The sccotkI ron<l .s/V") | 
l>nt often used tor the • 
first : to ,;(• (山 1, to Matno, j 
'tul ; to haw I at : I 
l^f^ ^c/neu^ 《、li,fi】、、 to rebuke ; : 
(; h'iao. 'cldetf^ '! f("if/ to scold. I 
The first rcnil ^rhieu, ;i 
look-out tm、 cr, :is in "7/?:"" 
Jc!" the city - loll whorij the 
" watches ,, arc iK'ut. 

To sacrifice to ancestors 
and to spirits : a saci itice, 
L'hijK) a mass, u rorjnicm ; to givu 
' a cup of wine to a son at 
h'lH Aveddincj ; finished, ex- 
hausted ; to complete ; to burn 
moxa: "10》 chieu) 、《、hU, the iatlier 
gives the cup to liis son ; diai ^ 
chieu) to re-marry, as a widpw ; 
COM., chieiC a sacrifice ; 

:i religious festival; ^^chiev? 、n<'fU, 
prayers used at a sacrifice ; coll., 
cho ^ chieu、 to ofler sacrifices 
or requiems ; ttnai * ehieu^ ull- 
f50U】s, festival ; "ch 《? "iw'i、 chleu) 
a sacrilice to avert conflugra- 



、; coll. ('!•'" 〃V 
to curse, to imi,m':it(', to 
riiil at, to swoar ; to ri^ciic 
„ - spells ; a cursOv mm inipre- 
l"L ("itio 〖,: ,V/"V7/》 ,、h,、 to 

niid sj K'l I s ; ch h' f C ( tuj 、 
spells; "*wii",f) c/ii^ti^ to- 
r('j)cnt iiu'jnitations. 

】,、ire'、vo,"l, fuel, scaltor* 
od wood ; to cut wood i 
Chlao^ a wood-cutter ; a look-out 
' torrare, a Avatch- tower : 
1。 ' ch^'ai ^('liicify to cut 
woo<l ; /'hieu Vniff pole at id rojx'S 
for carrying 、vood ; m"/>、 《r/r/<^//, 
or 、〜*hien Jm, a Avatcli-tower ; 
^\Hr}et( f/iv ;, a Avood - diopper's 
song ; ^oliicu f/〃/, a wood-cutter. 

^ Loan, poor, anxious and 
sturviiiir : COM., 、\chieu 
rJtoP a lean, hjiHoav look ; 
distressed from want of 
toorl ; 、"\chieu ch'iP anx- 
ious, ])erj)lexc(.l. 

Also rend ^ehieu ; to 
chirp, ns birds : liarsh, 
dissonant.; n husky, siip- 
""P* jn essed voice ; to clintti'r; 
noise of voices : 
^cMev^ to chirp, as birds ; ; iliarsh^ 
dissonant cry ; coll., ^clticu la'e^ 
to disturb l)y clatter of voices ; 
ichieit s", chattering till my 
ears buzz ! 〜chim ^n'eng k、aung、 
md ^ tioh^ to keep folks awake by 
incessant talking. Read chieu' to 
chew, to gnaw. 

To look at, to POO ; to 
】ook at furtively ; to glance 
at : "^\rjiieu ek) ^chleu^ or (as 
spoken iuinrindarin) ichHen 
ch^ieUj I liad a look at it. 



呼 pM 職 

^瞧 ,噍 

,l 燥 

1 褸, 歌 

念咒 採棟 

P 力; 一一一 d A々5 


子 淸驟難 

€^0 之佳" 

白詔 ? S 責 

鄧 詔詔亭 

8 4 

御 詔頒詔 




(50) Chih. 

Cklh^ A coll. wonl, as in ch)\ 
ch'ok^ iU, to spirt out, us 
w ater tWuu under a stone 

^vheii trodden ou. 

Chi/i^ A colL word : same as 
fi/i^ as ill chih, nid ' (:h、ok、 
unable to articulate, to 


Cliih^ A coll. eui>hoiuc ]>rcfix, 
as in chih^ vJwh^ to east 
away, to throw aside. 

(51) Chik. 

To flock together ; to 
gather^ as clouds ; to as- 
CfiL semble, to come together, 
1 to congregate, to collect ; 
to complete, to tinish ; to 
bring together ; quiet, at rest, to 
rest; to "go directly to the mark ; 
to mix, to blond ; to make a col- 
lection, to compile ; a miscellany, 
ana; a place wliere people collect, 
as a market: \kHa chile 、 to collect ; 
to take up, as subscriptions of 
money ; chik^ a collection 

of the classics ; com., chtil ^ chik、 
or ^hwdt * chile I to concjregate, to 
assemble, as by appointment ; 
♦joAd cliik^ to come together ; 
COLL., ^ chile ^ sioh^ (toi, to collect, 
as persons or things. 

Used for the next : sick- 
ness, a disorder, a disease 
that comes suddenly upon 
one; calamities, afflictions ; 
urgent, pressing, hasty ; 
unlucky, infelicitous ; to hate, to 
dislike, to envy: ""chik^ peng^ ail- 
ments, disease ; chilc、 t^oruf sick- 
ness and pain ; \haag chik^ chilly, 
a cold ; sjcefc) chik^ urgent, hasty ; 

l(i ' chik、 a perttilenoo, h dungorouA 
disease ; vhik、 to l"ut', to 

envy ; com., 、\cJam!f *:hU" itiaiin- 
e<l ; (•/"•/.、 a SL'ci et disease ; 

"hwu/" ktu^ chik^ return of uu 
old disease ; "tuik, chik、 to take 
a disease. 

Kiivv, jealousy ; to en- 
vy, to dislike, :is a com- 
^j^. petitor: ^^chik\ or m6 ^ 
' chik^ to envy, to liuti* ; 
(chHaff chi/\\ deadly ha- 
tred ; COM., "chil、 to* jealousy. 

Silent, still, quiet, as an 
empty house; solitary; mi- 

niove^i, like a recluse ; des- 
olate, lonely: ^^duk\cheinj^ 
I a dead silence ; chik^ 、yo"y 
Chi. 2)oK t07if/^ unmoved, iin* 
porturbable ; com., chiJ" 
chilc^ or cltik^ ilieu^ or 
"chik I chik^ mok^ mok^ silent, sol- 

Gorsc, furze ; a thorny 
shrub whose seeds are bit- 
ing 5ind spicy : 'W"'/:^ c 《《人 
a very spinous plant ― the 
seeds used for diseases of 
the eye. 

Scattered, in confusion ; 
wasteful; incessant, astiUk ; 
eia puWks fields cultivated by 
the people ; trodden under 
foot; led, as by a string:^ 
also read chid ^ q- v. : ^\long chik^ 

ffe^ A book for records, a 
^ tablet ; a list, a register of 
^jP* the people ; the place of 
enrolling, one's native 
place : "(teng chik^ to en- 
roll, to take a census ; 、1W chik^ 
sojourners ; com., ^chil chik^ books ; 

I? 籍 〇 

藉 ISO 


7 8 


惡_ 嫉, 寂 

疾 得疾嫉 

殘疾 發薈 


急 疾冒疾 

8 9 

1 病, 疾 

集 一堆〇 


會 集齊集 

3 4 




\klnf/ chih\ s.icrod books, (; lusi^ic^ ; j 
,'f"d、 vhik、 to record ; recorded ; ; 
1/'"'》 c/nlc^ jKiturulizcil citizens ; 
w"" chik) to ussnmo fhlsoly ; Jong 
vhik\ notoritms, inthuious ; in dis- 
order, :us ;i table after a. 

Chik\ A coll. euplionic prefix, 
as in chik, ehiok^ cut off, 
extirpated, as posterity ; 
chik^ chef" out oft', :is a road ; 
chik\ chak\ to cut up, to mince ; 
chik^ chiHf" to smack tlie as 
ill eating; nlso sound of falling 
rain, or of treading iu slush. 


True, sincere, unfeigned, 
genuine, pure; in fact, tru- 
ly, indeed, no mistake ; a 
likeness ; actual, not sec- 
ondary ; spiritual, pure, 
subtle, unmixed ; used in 
coll. in sense of very, ex- 
tremely : COM., 、 idling 、ka、 
true and false, genuine and spu- 
rious ; fihing sik^ true, really ; 
meng^ or (ching "xhio, one 
destined to be emperor; fihing 
wak^ lively, true to life, as a like- 
ness ; ^ching hwo^ genuine goods ; 
\chinff tpw(mg、 one's actual cap- 
ita) ; 、'& fl ^ polcj i7)iwang 、ching、 
the truth cannot be hidden ; ^ching 
^chinQy truly, really ; '^^ching pok^ 
7i€* ka^ positively not two prices ― 
as on shop-signs ; coll., fihing (A 么 
very good ; ^^cMng pok、* Jc、ang, 
utterly unworthy ; ^ching chidh^ 
^ching^ positively true ; ^^ka paik^ 
tChing, to pretend to know the 
truth of; ^chi7}g chidng^ exactly 
right, just so; ^ching Jiwang 
,ching 、ka ihwang 、ka、 if true 
then true, if false then false. 


The b:Jl of the eye, the 
Hri| yhh"i、 or 

"厦 1 "tit I" .chifffj^ the \n\\)\\ ut' 
the oy(% tlio eye ; 《〃//y'y 
/•/'//',/, ;i disj)lc'aso(l look ; COM., 
10/"》 \chin(j^ the eyeball proini- 

To stare at angrily, to 
gliiie at. ' 


ff^^ To get anijry, pnssion- 
KJLhL ate ; to 】:"1 ; nngry : "wo* 
'Cilu ""夕 <ching, angry, pas- 
• sioiiate. Head itieng^ to 
bully, to puff and bluster. 

、!^ Cleaned rice ; select ed^ 
Apt ripe, mature ; fine, subtle, 
J delicate ; the best, the fin- 
g' est ; unmixed ; devoted to, 
accustomed to, expert at ; 
skillful, as in strategy ; tlie pure 
parts of anything, ctherial ; es- 
sence of things ; it is prefixed to 
other adjectives to indicate a high 
degree of ; the animal spirits ; the 
semen, germinating principle in 
nature ; an apparition, form taken 
by spirits: in the coll. read ^chi&iig^ 
q, V. : filling lik^ earnest, en- 
ergetic ; 、i (chi7ig mik^ fine, pol- 
ished ; 、\yong (ching, the sun ; 
^i7iff {Chinff, the moon ; " (chiyig 
^linffy intelHgence ; ^^^ching eth- 
er, pure essence, first principle of; 
COM., fihing (ping, picked sol- 
diers; fihing 、Pung、 highly intel- 
ligent, well-read ; ^\ching ^tnff, 
unmixed, uniform, as color; ^ching^ 
t^inq, energy, animal spirits ; ^^siek^ 
^ching^ involuntary emissions ; 
^^^chinrj ik^ the vital secretions ; 
COLL., filling Jcwong^ completely 
stripped, all gone, as property ; 

液! s 


純 洩精賴 

氣 |l 兵, 



露睛 怒生 

堪 假八眞 


二 價眞不 


§ 眞 不 

眞本 事不 

,假 ,、命 

經篛 IS 籍 




f 7 Vi'i'v \h\i\ tt'mlcr ; 
('•/"•/'.'/ 、、- spirilloss ; /7*/>i// . 
、.、•/•//,//'/<》• "Ims jLTi'oss spirits" ― , 
r:m sen' imps: ,《'/';"'•/ 、'' 入'' "; /, lit- ! 
"11"'、 tloiu^ just -ri^'ht. I 

lil/i? t(» \\v nn ;( liorsc's liiNid, ii 
( whicli his tudder U ke[)t. 

K-p ('vinl»;iU sot in a tVnrne, 
^1 p usimI to siuu.'ili/"' n. Iiall in 
^"■^■^^ armies ; n i'\ inbnl uscmI by 
priests ; n l»rnss tninl>o- 
rinc ; ""lU'r of a I'cll or dniin : 
iftUi<j ,hhi!/, ;x lirass cvnibril ; 
^ shuj fC/n.n;/y tlio spiritual <lnnn 
― it is of stoiio and said to i^ivc 
out :i sound before rain. 

1^ To 、! JO, 1o tnko ; to col- 
^\ p Icot taxes ; 1<> U'o out t o 
Vht diastisc ?, to reduce retVac- 
""g'tory states, to subjuo-Mic, 
to conquer: rhe/ifj ,/〃•//〃, 
to go on a jdurnev ; '丄, f" "{f hwak, 
to cliastise ;i rebellious state ; 
swo\ ^ to collect customs; 
,r/n'/tr/ JJi^ to eAtonniiinto ; com., 
\('/"'/,/g 'pi, :i private secretary 
who kot'ps account of taxes ; 
*,/〃•//,/, " expedition to the 
Avest ,, 一 in book of the Taug dy- 
jKisty ; \'h'ol\ ^hhiff, to go out 
to war ; \chinr/ ("u, or ^hhig 
Jion 仏 to levy taxes. , 

~ The first : V 、入, ".7",/ 卿 Z、 
【卜 (ooll. ^chiAnff uffwok,) the 
( }z ^ tirst month of the year. 

Chong. -' 

JTjP^ A vapor niiide by heat, 
>%|v sto;xni ; vapor, mist ; to 
? steam, to cook by yteam- 
int;, to distil ; a multitude, 
uli ; to enter, to advance; 
clouds of dust ; liberal, princely ; 

: :t winter sacrilico : t'» r",nmit 
I <T'st w itii s!i|i('riors in rank ; to 
] Iny *lt)\vn ; \/a'h/f/ .vlthoj^ \o rise 
i u|>, as st("mi ; 'jfhtff ,"/〃•〃'/, va- 
! ]K)rs causotl hy lu*:it; '。,/〃•〃•,/ M, 
ij ste*\vc<l ])t':i!'s ; COM., ^\r////ft/ nuk^ 
W ini'Mt cooked moist ; ",'•/"•/,.'/ ^^d, 
! I a stc ?、、 \',1 (]u:irter of p"rk ; 
,ch 'uuj lahfj^ to l)oiI soft ; " 、《小 ing 
j.w (/•'';, sli*n't-c;ikos, lunch : ^rhing 
、 iwmji 、p;CbHf、 a kind of lar^xe h\9- 
cuit ; "('•/〃》<// vhUn 》 to kiss ; 
,、? W。 ch、iA) 10 imprint a 


【一 Use'l for 】:ist : twicrs of 
liemi) for Ijiu'iiinLT ; small 
\々>、 tircwooJ ; heini) torclies ; 

thLlm-. ', J 1, , 

、: ipor, stoani ; all, nuiner- 
oiis ; lo rise, us vapor or 
stoma : 、\"hir}f,f ^ching vik\ sityag^ 
rislui^ liiu'Wr and hij^lier, con- 
stantly hnju-oving, as a country. 

"if^l^ Scrillion blossoms ; a 
kind ot" three-ribbed rush : 
^,rr^^ 10"'力"/7 a. three-rib- 

o' bed riLsli ; com., ^\mwanff 
f^chiuffy a vetjetaLle like a 
turnip. Read ^chHng^ flo、very, 
elegant, flourishing. 

g、l To pour from or into, to 
^ lade out ; to lighten ; lo 
deliberate, to adjust; a 
' 】a(3(ile, a spoon ; to drink: 
、& (ching 《chiu, to ])our out 
Avine todrink ; com., 、\chiwj chioky 
to deliberate, to plan. 

A banner, a standard 
having plumes, which are 
(^^n^ wnvini to encourage the 
o' troops ; to make signals ; 
imHignia, signals ; to dis- 
criminate, to make manifest,, to 
prove, to show forth : 

,旗 o 


蒸日上 〇 

糕 s 蒸 

。;^ 蹄 „添敢 


8 9 

G 出征 1^ 收 

,±? ,西 

k 伐征稅 

一神鉦 〇 




flags ; \ehing chiek^ a passport; 
V '力? "、難 、 testimonials of merit 
fjmiited by tlio oniperor, and often 
liuiiu; up in the hall; ^^c}ti/if/''c/tion<f 
chiek^ hau^ momHuents to virtu- 
ous M'idows over fifty years of 

^+r. A ford, a ferry ; alandin g- 
7£Hi l)lnce ; a L^haul ; to lord, 
Clfin cross :i stream ; to i 川- 
• bue, to moisten, to soften 
by soaking : w a n g 
,chirLff、 an excise station, guard- 
houses at fords; com., 
,Jdug、 Tientsin, port of Peking ; 
tl»e constellation Cygnus ; ,ching 
ik、 the secretions, as saliva, <fcc. 

A probe, a surgeon^s 
needle ; to probe ; a cau- 
tion, a check : pointed, 
urgent ; to exhort, to re- 
buke ; to urge to reform : 
^^chlng Jcie^ admonitions, cau- 
tionary maxims ; \ching o^giony^ 
exhortations, good advice ; ^chmg 
kaV to caution, to waru. 

Luster, brightness ; pure, 
^Mrt cloar, light ; crystal, crys- 
!!; r." talline ; com., ^^chwi fihing^ 
a crystal, a quartz crystal ; 
; ta (chinQ、 the tea-stone, 
cairngorm stone ; ^haik^ phing, 
smoky quartz ; (chwi ^ching JcQ/n 仏 
"crystal palace ,, 一 Neptune's 
abode ; coll., sioh^ (('Mng、 aa in- 
ferior crystal ; ^t^au hwok、 ^ching^ 
" the hair crystal ,, 一 moss-agate. 

Read ^sinfj; coll. (ching: 
I I a Chinese pint containing 
C〈*,n ten hak、 and once made to 
hold a catty of rice ; a pint 
measure: 、\ching Hau^ a 
pint and a peck ; "、mi (ching, a 

pint measure lor rice ; tau} (ching,. 
a pint measure for beans ; "(mi 
sio/i 5 ^chinf/y one pint of rice ; 
、\chiu《j pwany、 a ching and a 

To UKurp, to encroach 


'-r>' Upon, 10 enter gradually ; 
Ql^^ to appi-opriate, to plunder ; 
• to invade ; possessed, as 
hy a spirit ; bad, calami- 
tous, as a year; dwarfed, defonned, 
in wliich sense it is also read 
"xJiHnff : " ((,hinfj chieng^ to en- 
croach upon ; "(chinfj f《'o",<7, to 
plunder, to devour; ching twak^ 
to take by force ; ^Hai ^ 、ching、 
poor harvests. 

Used for the preceding : 
(^又 properly a swift horse : 
(chhig fChing^ a fast run- 
ning courser. 

To influence, to act upon ; 
lll^* a malign halo; abundant, 
" great, full. 


tChing. A coll. euphonic pre- 
fix, As in (ching (chiUng, 
to stare at, to look about; 
^"(Chinff ,chong, to perform the 
toilet ; ^ching fihong^ to pack, as 
in a trunk ; (ching fChiong, to 
peer at slyly ; ^ching ^Ung, to 
pound, as ill a mortar ; ^ching 
(chih'iff, to wedge ; *\ching chimy^ 
chicn<f to tremble ; filling ^chang 
(chang,U) quarrel. 

A pillow ; to gather, to 
pick ; a cross-bar at the 
back of a carriage ; a bone 
in the midst of a fish's 



穀 sr 

奪 大侵駸 

9 9 

佔 侵吞侵 

6 7 

升" 升半、 f 

豆 升米一 

1 1 



水晶 黑晶 1 


蔵規 箴曹 

P 獎節孝 ^ 

旌简 旌表入 

1 2 



brains ; a stake for tethering a 
cow; to lie near to, contiguous, 
adjacent : "ching (pihig, by the 
pillow ; sleeping together ; 'Ung 
t《'eu, (coll. '■chi'eng it'mi) a pillow ; 
COM., 'sew' 、ching, an ornamented 
pillow ; *teilky "xhing, a bamboo 
pillow ; *k'6 ' 《chinff, large pillows 
for couches ; 'k^aung' xch''ong 
^ching^ a square ottoman ou a 

< Itir To shake, to move, to 
stir up, to agitate ; to ex- 
cite, to stimulate ; to re- 
n' pair, to restore, to put in 
order ; to rescue, to save ; 
to joggle ; to flap, as wings ; to 
terrify ; to uphold ; to stop ; to 
receive ; to contain ; used in the 
coll. in the sense of to move up ; 
to reckon, as integers: ""^ching "kH, 
to resume ; '^ching tong^ to shake, 
to rouse up ; "ching Jiing, to rise, 
to flourish ; ^^ching <^6 (hai, (the 
earth) contains the rivers and 
seas ; COLL., 、"chi7tg siong* to add 
on, as counting fractions for whole 
numbers ; 、ching Jcmg、 to move 
higher up, as on a seat. 

《_p^ To rescue, to pull out, 
Jffl^ as from a well ; to deliver, 

to save; to raise up: 
ng' "、? ling km、 to save; 

"(ching wong* to draw out, 
to rescue. 

alms to the poor ; coll., ^ching 
^tiU sek^ ffihiong, aid you so as to 
" make you complete." 

<;^il Single thin garments, 
IfC^ black silk worn in sum- 
(?^^ mer; embroidered gar- 
g. ments : "^tong (sU (chinff 
(hi k、ek、 in summer (wear) 
single grass-cloth. 

The boards of a car- 
^ riage ; the cross-board ; to 
move ; a carriage ; cramp- 
• ed, disturbed, distressed ; 
the last of the 28 constel- 
lations, h. d. e. ff. in Corvus ; the 
pegs of a lute ; "^Afi ^ching, crook- 
ed, winding ; distressed ; "Aching 
nieng^ grieved in spirit. 

To terminate, to finish, 
to make an end of; to ex- 
terminate: ^^'■chbig chiok\ 
to destroy utterly. 

To divide fields ; to come 
before the idols ; to an- 
nounce the emperor's com- 
ing ; to die ; a motive. 

To examine, to look at ; 
to try, to verify : ,。"~ching 
mek^ to feel the pulse. 



A boy of ten or twelve 
years : "^ching itung, boys 
who play at funerals. 

<r|p: A largess, a bounty ; to 
HJ^ give, to relieve, to supply ; 
^ rich, affluent, abundant ; 
' ang' COM., ^^"^ching chd ' to give 





A nuptial vase, the bride 
and groom pledge each 
other after exchanging 
them ; they are often made 
of half a cocoa-nut, an- 
ciently were made of half a gourd 
or of metal ; "hahi Aching, to ex- 
change and pledge the nuptial cup. 

A well ; a deep pit ; a 
field laid out regularly ; to 
^ , draw water ; arranged, laid 
g' out in order: in the coll. 


念 殄絶診 

當 暑珍絲 


捩童 賑濟 

4 ^ 

k 敉極援 

河海 f 上 


動 振典振 

枕, 起 P 

5 6 

P 枕? 枕 

1 2 



read ^chang^ a. v. : "ching (chwi, 
well-water ;*cA'e* ^ching^ a market- 
place ; *ch6^ ^ching ,kwang ^tHengy 
to look at the sky from a well ― 
inexperienced, narrow-minded. 

To make even, to place 
evenly ; to repair, to mend, 
to put in order ; to make ; 
g' to arrange, to adjust ; to 
adorn, to make new, to 
trim up : "ching soJc、 to arrange, 
to bind in order ; com., "ching 
tcAtf, in order, trim ; pretty, as a 
face or dress ; *^ching sMk^ d 
,kwaji(/^ " dress neatly and dec- 
orously," as for worship ; '"■ching 
tong^ to repair, to put iu order. 

The roe or eggs of fish ; 
the name of a fish. 

Bushy, black hair ; a fine 
head of black. hair. 

^ To shake, to quiver ; to 
~ shiver ; the Slst diagram, 
rS^anc belongs to thunder ; to 
shake, as by thunder ; to 
quicken, as a foetus ; to 
awe, to impress ; thundering, ter- 
rible, as a sound ; dire, awful ; to 
intimidate ; to raise; to alarm : 
"ching iloi, rattling sound of 
thunder ; "ching no^ incensed ; 
"(ching long* to quiver, agitated ; 
"te* ^ching\ an earthquake. 

Filaments from a co- 

coon ; a thread ; to tie ; 

CWn^ black : "'chinff mik^ close, 
' compact, as texture of 

\《j^y^ To bind with cords ; to 
turn, to twist ; to revolve ; 

a revolution ; perverse, crabbed. 

PustulcB of any kind; 
eruptions, pimples ; a cu« 
taoeous disease ; sore lips : 
COM" 1, thuny ' ching 、 pus- 
tules from cold in the «yB- 

* Ching, A coll. euphonic pre- 
fix, as in i"ching ^chiong^ 
to slap with the palm of 
the hand ; "、(Jdng (chang, to cat 
off ; I ching (chenff, to clip off 
with shears* 

' Ching. A coll. word, as in ^*^t6 
、hing、 the back of a knife- 
blade ; £<'aw ^chingy 

the part of a hoe above the handle ; 

if-au 、ehing、 the back of a 


A kind of grain ; a feud- 
al state which occupied the 
Q^.^ region of the rivers Wcci 
' and King ; a range of 
mountains in the south of 
Shensi : com., tphing^ ancient 
feudal state (Shensi); ^*iching iHetty 
the Tsin dynasty, B. C. 186-120; 
"iching ^sil Jiwong, " First Em- 
peror ,, of the Tsin dynasty, who 
consolidated the Chinese empire 
B. C. 240. 

A small species of cica- 
da; eggs of the mantis ; 
a> breeze or large blue-bot- 
tle fly : , \ching ' s i w , 
" breeze-head " 一 a hand- 
some head. 

The passions, reckoned 

to be seven ; the feeliogSf 
qJ^O the desires ; temper, pas- 
eion, affection ; lust, con- 
cupiscence ; the circum- 
stances, the facts of a case : an 

始皇 |SS 首 

鋤 頭頻西 

7 8 

T 备掌 

震 T 密 

f 頓 P 雷 

f 熏衣冠 

P5 齊 

t 井觀 H< 

i 水市并 




ftffair, a matter : com" \('l>htg ! I nuli.'u- red ; a s\iniaint* 

fchin'g, genuine f&elini,'; icinmf 
Hi, or iChi7ig Hi sion(f accoixling 
to facts, reasonable ; (sv'ng £(•/"•",/, 
to act from mere fteliiig : '6 化 
iching, the real facts ; 、ch、ck、 
iching, the seven passions ; "kong 
iching, to act as a peace-maker ; 
、(? cang iChiny^ a licentious dispo- 
gition ; iChing tlio facts or cir- 
cumstances of a case ; 
Jiing^ appearance, state of affairs ; 
""iching hon(f* fondness, as from 
mutual fitness ; iching ihiff, inti- 
mates ; "iChing haiu) close inti- 
macy ; *pok) kUl7i(i^ iiny ichin(/y 
unnatural, outlandish ; 、\iu(/ 
idling sic ' sea ^ " politeness and 
custom," as in making presents ; 
iching mi'eng^ to regard tenderly 
the wishes of another ; 
iching, to excite one's compassion. 

1^ 圭 The sky clearing np after 
a rain ; the clear blue sky ; 
^ji^M the stars coming out ; in 
"I'lDg'the coll. isanfj, q. v.: 
" fii'mg iching, the clear 
gky; ^wang iching^ clear sky at 
evening ; chHok^ Jin ^ching, the 
magpie's call promises clear 

s Ching. A coll. euphonic pre- 
fix, T:H in idling ^cheng^ 
to dash Avater on or 
against ; iching icfii&nri, to spat- 
ter about, to rebound, as rain 

(53) Cliio. 

[The next six are interchangeablj- read 

A conifera with red heart- 
wood ; vermilion ; a cin- 

used for 
noxt in seiiso of dwtirt': ^\c/iio 

l ed cluilies/' om、 of the atteiid- 
nnts on the god of learning ; com., 
"{Chh (tajHj^ vermilion ; 力 io 
,/"•, or ^('hio 、chil, or ^chio ^hu 
V/〃7, tlie colehrated commentator 
Chuhi, of the' 1 2th century ; 
your/ ^rhiOj M. philosoplior who 
opposed the teuchings of Meuciufl. 

Also road a pigmv, 
^prT a dwarf ; a short pillar m 
tl)e roof like the kin^j-post : 
' ^\rhio ; rt, a dwarf; the 

A warm peppery medi- 
cine : COM., \chio iily hel- 
Cl 出. leboi'e. 

-r*/f^ Cinnabar : com., 〜chio 
Al^r ,sa,, cinn.ibar ore ; ^。 (chio 
< rhu essays of success- 

' fill Ivujin and Cliinsz; ^chio 
fj/ie^ critiques in red ; an 
imperial answer or rescript ; 
i7i</u n g f rhiOy verm ilioii ; (chio 
fta/f(/y li^lit red vermilion ; ch、ek、 
f (? /'/", tiiR'st vermilion ; coi 丄., 
,clno ttiXfig^ or '^\chio inck^ red 

-wL A pearl ; ahead ; a neck- 
jKt^ lace ; beud-liko ; pearly ; 
( Chu 出 ie, excellent ; in the 
1 • coll. pox-piistules ; round, 
plump, round and tirni : 
COM., i\ching tChio, ijomnne pearls ; 
^chio Jcwang, ri frontlet of pearls 
worn by females ; wtuuj^ (c/iio, to 
barter in pearls ; yd ^ ―"〃 (chio, 
night-sliining ]»c'arl ; (chiu Jeu,</, 
" the beaded lily ,, 一 a fennile or- 
nament; hak^ //e 人' 3 di'eng ,hio, 
" united gems and struiiL^ pearls,'' 

1 墨 |i 、珠 

f 砂 t 卷 

侏 儒荣萸 

7 8 

朱 衣求丹 

討 情天晴 

1 2 

人 情世事 

不 近人情 

分: g 厚 


姦 情情形 

5 6 

七 情講情 

眞情 實情 




ciuhleins of connubial happiness; 
\tieH fChioy court-beads ; coll., 
^chio fChio, roiuul and hard, aa 
twisted rope ; '\chio (" "?, goddess 
of small-pox ; *^c/tio toP e:ir-(lroj)s 
of pearl ; *,chio pihtr/^ braid with 
bead-like edges ; ntek^ Hit 
lias a pearl in his eye 一 cloar- 
nighted, discriminating ; laia ^ 
tC/iiOy beads made of silex, -glass 
beads ; ^ch^ok^ ,hio、 small- 
pox ; 、chwi (chio, chicken-pox ; 
lau^ Jm hod* so) (chio "^ka ^chil 
f p% " pearls strung on a tiger," 
false pity, as of a hypocrite. 

Also read (t'U : to curse, 
to imprecate misfortunes 
upon one ; a curse, an im- 
precation, an oath. 


《 > 灰 Read ^chU; coll. 、chio: in- 
J-T terchangeably read "xhwo: 
-^j*^ lord, master ; a host ; the 
• chief, the head ; a family, 
a household ; to govern, to 
rule: "chio #ng、 master; ( ping 
^ehio guest and host ; chHo^ "xhio, 
owner of the house ; Haing) 、chio, 
shopman ; ^JiiXng (chio, a mur- 
derer ; 、k、u (chio, the person mur- 
dered ; ^keii^ 、hio, the Savior, the 
Lord Jesus ; (ong ^chio^ a bene- 
factor ; ^^Jcung 、chio, a princess ; 
i"chio seil^ a manager ; kwo) 、chio, 
a transfer, as of property ; ngieh\ 
^oMo^ the proprietor ; ^chio (chio, 
every household ; ^chio chaxinff 
chief occupant of a mausoleum ; 
、i、chio or "xhio ^sing^ to control, 
to direct ; 、m(> 'chio no help for 
it! ^sing cho^ "xhio, the mind is 
the ruler ; ^^md * ^chio tek、 ^ can- 
not control it ; '^chio ^choi^ to plan, 
to manage ; ^chio cheng) absolute 

control ; "eh6 》 飞、 hio、 to be master ; 
Hun(f、 to inspirit, to encour- 
age ; "VA/o 7,' 么 the two 
comniissioiierb who prosido at ex- 
aminations for the Ivtljin degree ; 
0^ (t'/i/o che^ marketable ; 'cAVo 
chc^ unsaleable. 

[The next two are interchungeaLly mad 

二 f 、 To define, to explain, to 
S-p* illustrato,to record, to write 
,Jh:i about ; togivetliciiieaniiicr; 
' annotations, oniendations, 
a commentary, <] ofi n i - 
tions, notes ; in tlie coll. to de- 
cree, to destine : com., ckio、 che^ 
comments ; "chio) or chio) 

slok^ notes, explanatioTis ; "chio) 
sae ^ the annotated classics; jHeng 
chio) emendations, parallel rcrid- 
ings ; chi (? i,、gU、 tlio caption or 
first words of a written accusn- 
tion ; COLL., iW"V tiUnr/^ to settle 
or determine, as by Heaven's de- 
cree ; "c/uV seii^ " ruler of 
longevity " ― an attendant of the 
municipal guardian god ; ^^chio^ 
(sanff chio、 《si, he determines lile 
and death ; (ing i^yong ^f'ihtfj chio^ 
tidnr/^ marriages are determined 
by PIcaven, 

To melt, to fuse nictals ; 
to cast, to coin : com., rhto^ 
thing to cast pans or ket- 
tles ; "chio、 t、Ve1、'., cast- 
iron ; chio) p'au^ to oast 
cannon ; chio^ ichienr/ Jcwoh~^ a 
mint ; COLL., chio" wa^ or chio) 7a 
toa^ to coin talk, to make up a story. 

[The next three are interchangctibly 
read chwo.^ 

Roasted flesh offered, in 
p* sacrifices ; to set up an al- 
Tso. tar to Ceres ; to recoiu- 


註死 1 鑄鐵. 

壽司 註生 



疏 註定註 

做 主主副 

4 5 

賣 主的意 


主 事主意 

1 2 

救主. <?主 

店主 凶主 

7 8 

出 珠主认 

5 6 

珠 墜珠辦 

8 4 

朝 珠珠媽 • 

3 2 



jKjusc, to reward ; blessings, hap- 
piness ; to bless ; a seat, a place : 
VAio* nilk^ sacrificial flesh ; 
chio* keng、 sacrificial flesh pre- 
sented to condoling friends after 
funeral ritefl ; 'c/teo^ to be- 
stow land, as the emperor on a 
good officer ; *,tH€7ig chio、 be- 
stowed by Heaven ; coll., ^^pxoong 
chio^ gifts of meats distributed 
among the friends at the conclu- 
sion of the third or seventh w eek 
of mourning. 

Happiness derived from 
"th - " ■ * 

wealth'or office ; dignities, 
「 felicity ; a year : 'hok) chio^ 
^Ai? good fortuue; ^liHeng chio^ 
ry 尸 lining taifc) Heaven blesses 
Tbu. the virtuous ; ^ngwong 
chio^ the first year, as of 
a reign ; ^'^chihtg chid* to 
Bucceed to the throne. 

The steps on the east 
VL^i leading to the hall ; land- 
*r^^ ing at the head of the 
stairs where the host re- 
ceives his guests : ^chid* 
fkai, eastern steps where the mas- 
ter enters ; ^chihiff chio^ to as- 
cend the steps. 

(54) Chioh. 

rtnf Read cheUk,; coll. chioh,: 
n^^h^ also interchangeably read 
' cimoh"' the second is the 
vulgar form : a candle : 
、lak、 chioh) wax-candles ; 
Chio. [tM chioh、 tallow- 

candles ; "ch、aP iiu chioh) 
vegetable - oil candles ; 
"".gaingi iiu chioh) hard candles 
of tho k'-'eilng^ or tallow-tree ; 
xpong (or pmmc/^) (sing chioh) 
candles with stalk and pith wick 


g; ^tieng (sing chioh, candles 
with cotton-wrapped wicks ; chioh ^ 

pwang a wooden salver to lay 
candles on ; "jiw chioh、 taing) oil 
and candle shop ; chioh) "", or 
ihioh、 f7iil (iu candle-grease ; 

、chioh、 ,8m9^ candle-wick ; chiok^ 
^kS^ or chioh、 imeng^ the stalk wick 
of candles ; chioh^ te* stumps of 
candles ; Hieng chioh^ to light can- 
dles ; chiok) lau* s waling or gut- 
tering of candles ; "(hionp ckiok) 
incense and candles ; chioh) sioh^ 

teiiy one candle ; 、kang ^ma chioh、 
torches carried in processions ; 
"t'/"'oA> HaUy a candlestick. 

/-f^; Read chid^; coll. chiok" 
1 to borrow ; to lend ; to ask 
for, to beg of: "chiok) tai^ 
• or i7id cMoh) to borrow ; 
chioh^ ichieng chd * chai ) 
to get into debt ; ^^chioh^ ^chieng^ 
to borrow money ; chioh) hawig^ 
a borrowed sum ; chioh) <《d ^t^ai 
^n&ng^ to hire an assassin ; chioh) 
sW, to borrow ; 、、chioh、 lc、6、 to 
lend ; n6h) chioh) <i, lend him 
things ; chioh) md ^ Ji, can't hor* 
row of him ; chioh) mwonff》 I beg 
to inquire ; "chioh) jWiid??.^, to 
borrow a name ; sid^ chioh) thanks 
for the loan ; kaeng^ ^nil chiok) 
to borrow from you ; " chioh, sJtOJc) 
to beg a night's lodging ; chioh、 
Jca n& le) to borrow at 20 per 
cent per month ; chioh) (pwo nak、 
borrow to repay in nightly in- 

Chioh、. A coll. word, as in 
chioh) ^hwi iUng^ to put 
a hand-stove under the 


Chiohy A coll. word, as in 

借名 宿 

i 錢 f 去 

8 9 

6 7 

燭>3 香燭 

油 IS 硬油 


牛 油燭茱 

g 昨階 pig 

明 德,^ 

天^ 分^ 

胩肉 昨土. 

1 o* 




chiohy chioh、 ^chiong wang^ all 
alike, all just so. 

Read chiok 、; coll. cliioh^: 
to eat, to chew, to masti- 
cate, to ruminate : 、chioh 乂 
iping<Jong^ to chew beetle- 
nut ; ^chioh^ Ha to chew 
and get the taste of ; *chioh^ lang^ 
to masticate ; *^kong wa^ chioi" 
cliiohi to speak cautiously. 





consider and decide ; coli", "ckiok、 
tidng^ to considei and settle ; 
^chid tai^ kie ^ ^mwong chai、 
(ching chiok^ sioh^ con&ider 
the matter once ruore. 

f^g^ A flambeau, a torch, a 
ViEhfrx link; a lighted match 
burned at night ; an ar- 
rangement for keeping a 
light during the nigat. 


A cyan thus with three 
leg« ; a cup for libations ; 
a metallic wine-cup ; a 
bamboo wine-bottle ; a de- 
gree of nobility, rank or 
station : used for ch、iok、 small 
birds : Hieki chiok、 to discriminate 
ranks ; com., ^Jcwang chioky a de- 
gree of rank or nobility ; "chiok) 
liXk^ rank and income; ^seil^ chiok) 
to bestow a title ; ^chiok^ (chio, 
titled lord, my noble lord! also 
applied to the ^si&7ig Jiwong idol ; 
^\ping chiok^ decanter and gob- 

To eat, to chew, totite, 
to craunch, to ruminate, to 
mumble, to masticate ; a 
mouthful, a bite: ^\chu 
chiok^ to chew. 

To pour out wine, to fill 
a cup ; a glass, met. wine, 
liquor ; a dinner, a feast ; 
to avail of, to choose the 
good and - act upon it; to 
consult, to deliberate ; to imitate, 
to adopt : i2《sieu chioJc) to drink 
wine moderately ; com,, ^H6i 
chioh^ to drink together ; ^^^ching 
chiok^ to consider, to weigh ; 
、、chiok、 Kong 乂 or chiok^ ^ckoiy to 




A white color, pure, un- 
sullied, clean ; nice, clean- 
Chio. looking. 

A joist to support a 
]4yi ) plate or girder ; a sort of 
U king post. 

To put on, as clothes ; 
to cover over ; to cause, 
to order, to commission 
one ; after verbs it indi- 
cates effect or completion 
of the action ; to stick to ; 
to be, to he at, on, or in : 
in the coll. read tioh^ q. v. : 
"ho) chiok^ joined to ; "(Tia ehiok^ 
seized ; "Htc chiok^ true, real ; at- 
tained ; ?w chiok^ unreal, xmattain- 
able ; chiok^ mieng^ sticks to the 
face ; COM., ^^chioki Jcek) urgent, 
hurried ; ^^chiok^ ^mong^ distract- 
ed ; chiok^ siJc^ truly, really ; chiok、 
lok^ clear, certain, as a clue or 
trace of ; ^^chiok^ ^ a fixed pur- 
pose or desire ; chiok、 lik^ to ex- 
ert one's self; coll. chiok^ .shxg 
siong^ to entrust to one ; chioky 
^niX Jd-S^ paing^ I give you entire 
control of it. 

Interchangeably read 
chwoky •• to interrupt a 
connection with, to cut off 
a thread ; to interrupt, to 


|f 忙 ff 意 

附 著拿著 

酌 量酌定 

5 6 

對酌 斟酌 

8 ^ 

爵主 瓶爵 

^ ^(一 ^^^^ 

列 爵官爵 

6 6 

P 話嚼嚼 

93 CHIONCt. 


sunder, to bveuk off, to terminate ; 
to extorniinatc, to destroy utter- 
ly ; to renounce, to abjure ; to 
cross 、v:Ut'r, to overpass; shooting 
:) thwart, us meteors ; a superla- 
tive, very, extremely, entirely, 
most ; a stanza of four lines : com., 
、chiok,、 siitV posterity cut off; 
chiok\' ^chflng, no pcerls or germs 
― leaves no heirs ; chiol\ H'twj、 the 
very top ― as of a peak ; ^chiok\ 
km}、 an iiiinutable sentence or 
stanza ; ^ch^ek^ chiok^ a stanza in 
sevens ― lieptatnetor verse ; chiok) 
sail" very beautiful ; ^pai ^ chioK\ 
utterly ruined ; ^chiok\ womf 
hopeless ; ^cJdok^ Jmii, to break 
off friendship ; ,chioJ" niieu^ sur- 
passingly excellent; ""chiok^ iching^ 
no foeliii.2:, ungrateful : coll., 
^chiok, tU? no road ― resources all 
cut off; 〜kiok、 samuf very ex- 
acting; chioky ^chio a close-fisted 



A chapter, a section ; a 

composition, an essay ; a 

^ . f 二 statemeut; rules, law8,reg- 
"aug. ulatious; a piece of music; 
clear, distinct, beautiful, 
manifest ; a display ; a grove ; a 
metonic cycle : com:" 、\chiong 
W"', the purport of a chapter or 
fiectiou ; yok^ hioak^ ^sang ^chiong^ 
'^tliree contracts" of the emperor 
^K6 ' Cha of the I Ian dynasty; ― 
ill the coll. a bargain, an agree- 
ment ; ^'\chiong ^tHdng^ regula- 
tions; a settled plan or mode ; 
'V'^ ^chiong^ a seal, a stamp ; 
^\chiong chiek^ chapter and verse; 

、chiong、 a literary compo- 
sition, an essay; ^chio7i(j kwo、 the 

sentences of a chapter or para- 

工^^ An ornament or play- 
jTH* tliinji^, made of* jade stouo : 
、\kib (ehiong、 two kinds 
®* of stone oni anient s borne 
at levees and sacrifices ; 
"liong 义 ^chiong^ to Lear a sou. 

Luminous, beautiful, ele- 
gant ; variegated ; mani- 
lest ; handsome pluma<(e : 
^^^chiong ^ming^ or ^chieii 
(chiong, illustrious; clearly 
stated ; 、\chiong sicng^ to render 
illustrious the good ― as by pro- 
motion ; COM., '^^^chiong hica^ a 
district iu the Taiwan prefecture, 

Name of a river ; apro- 
focture in Fookien, near 
PI ^ Amoy : COM" ^chiong 
(chiu "m、 the Changcliau 
prefecture ; 〜chion{/ '2 細 o 
kaingi a district in above pre- 
fecture ; ^chiotig ,ping、 rock- 
candy ; also called in coll. i^Pong 
、P(m(j; \chiong Sii{f、 a kind ot 
velvet from Cliangchau. 

■ 1/^ To take, to hold in the 
yl^' hand ; sign of the future, 


shall, will, about to do ; 

si^u of the ablative, by, 
with ; then, soon, pres- 
ently ; to help, to support, to 
nourish, to take care of; to ac- 
commodate ; to use, to avail of; 
to go Avith, to escort, to accom- 
pany ; to imitate ; strong, stout; 
long, large ; to receive and act 
upon, as orders ; imbued with ; 
to act, to advance, to increase, 
to make progress, to approach, 
to go towards a mark ; to follow; 


彰善 彰化 

1 2 

弄? s '彰明 

文 章圭潭 

D 6 

1 1 

圖一章 |早 節 

1¥1曰 章程 

1 2 

絶路 絶^ 


絶妙 絶情 

7 8 

S 絶交 

七 絶效絶 

00 4 

絶 絶句 

1 2 



going*, p.issinjj, as time ;, to con- 
ceal one's purpose : Wi^l in the 
coll. ; IS k、ek、 to mark the ucousa- 
tive or object of a su(U'Oe*Hn^ 
verh ; also in soiikc of iicrtr, jionr- 
ly, aboiit, like' ; how, iit \s\vx\ 
v:iy ? why ? w htMvtorc ? Also 
wviA chionff q« v.: com., 
\lni^ li»M'o;itter5 ,vltiovg ^ho 、i 
hmv slwill wc nniiiau'o it ? V 入 
Jawg i<l'd、,h6i.、 to ntufie fm' sin 
by merit ; ^.chiontj Jcu》i(j、 u ijon- 
orfil ― ajijilied to Tartar G(M)ei*nI 
of the city ; (*(>M,., 、(: hiohfj ptrofi、 
、h6、 tK*n\l/ well, almost tiinsluMl : 
、n、w'y"g , ch in ng r h e it 》 

j list lot it at tluit ! \r./u'o/?(/ 
cA'iJrt ' about, nearly ; \r/tio/tf/ 
irsfwg^ thus, so ; ^.r.hiotHf yom/ 
how ? in what mnniicr? \chioiuj 
Jc.i, or fChiovfj you(f JA、 why ? 
wherefore ? ^'hiotuj ('/"J , 

t-ai、 now how shall \\v inaii.'lfje it ? 
、 tChiong keilnr/^ "("u', clone nt 
haiid ; fChionfj 'rlrld J.*; k^d ' 
take au ay this tliiiiir ; 、\chi(yn{f 
Mng ^pi M"ff、 to jiuloro others 
oy yourself; ,*ht、mfj ,hm.\i pok^ 
h""ma、 "the gt'ncral don't dis- 
mount " ― a lock of which the key 
romaiiis fast till the lock is shut ; 
' \vht.07)rf di'^ek^ , ch iong pnih\ 
" :"")ut 7 or 8,, 一 nearly, as iiear- 
Iv spoilud, almost dead, etc. ; 
、、,Jii《)i,fj rJi^ifuI:. a/tn/^ rhUJ}iky it's 
Avrong :iml let it lj,) on 8o I ,',/〃•'"/,/. 

^tu ht/fi\ " rnado his" Hudh 
with his clny " ― equivalent of 
presents rcturnod ; brirle dressed 
ftt expense of hrid(>i^room, etr. 

】)"st,、', h:ilf.fluicl, thick ; 
syrup, juice ; pus or* luat- 
... . - , tor ; broth boiled ilowii 
* ― thick ; Ronietimos used for 

th(» next : COM., 、、 tcMonff rhnik、 
tlio thin part of rioo-st?irch ; 

wine, liait*7r ; tau^ ho^ 
,/,/〃•()/"/、 ln\'ni-iMira niiey ; cotx., 
'V'" niii'o, slosh ; 

、',•,〜 ,Jd">i!f、 tlx? hraitis. 

An tinaiithori/,{.'d charac- 
^-jjl^ tor : Hturch, to srurch ; 

iio(! i?rnund 、v('t, I'ir'e- 
«tarch ; 、"i ,<,M,""j、 to wash ami 
starch ; ^chioftg ,i (.、'i',"',/, to 
starch cUjthos ; ,cf,l"7iff "'.hu, iIm! 
rofuse f^frice-stMrch ; ^ .rJdovg^ 
to ,i?riu'】 rice for st;irch ; 、\ch、<wg 
,、Jdonu, common t<tard» ; (chiong 
toi 2 a Bt;uvh-bag. 

fjflC Alanned ; nj»prelionsivc i 
^ ^dno7ig 《h",f}}"f、 territiod, 
Chalig <i tVightened look. 

Jofe The cflm])lior (lauru* 
> ^申 cainpliorn): 、vhio?g muk^ 
(ri , cain])hor • wood ; com,, 
fCAfo//// gum-caiTi- 
plior ; ^chiimg (('h'u, cam- 

; A ffudul fitnto, II OM' part 
早!) of Tai-n^^'in-fu in Shan- 
^3"* inn^; nn ancient city in 
Kii, ; ilso ill the luodurn 

A spL'ci<?s of Knmll ci- 
rri (* a (i a , or grasshopper, 
clii^ whose elytra are green- ' ' 

A kind of chcvroUiin or 
£:a/A^llc, hornless and of e" 
vgHiit i^hapt', and is said to 
J*p)H*ar Avhen there is a 
c'yJ^ good emperor on the 
Chiuitr. thron<3 : rChw^ig lilf" pa- 

m m 

〇 〇 

就錯 pi 

將 八嘗錯 

將近將 >3 

9 o 

^將 做昵 

,次 嘗換 M 

將來 |劝/ 

一 1 CJ 




eelle and deor ; \nfffln^ ,chio"ff、 
ft white gazelle. 

A I)U5!l»rin<r8 parents* , 
oalldl 'k'l. ,«'.ln>mtf : 、 (hinff 

( Ckion'j. A coH. worfl : to peep, 
to If>ok at nlyly ; .f^on 
,rAio".fj、 to }Kvp at ^^lyly ; i! 

,e.h>o)Uj inliroiif/ p^muf to peep !j 

through a door-crat-k ; < (; 

t"if/,y, to peer at fH'opl" 

(Tli.e n"*. Jour characters interchangt- 
4bly read chvonrj.) 

Oiu.', single, .'jlone, ,"i'li' 
vidt'il ; bent on, to turn to 
one tiling; to lako upon 
Olio, to ^•rosunio, to as- 

' suinc; t<o1t\vilk»<i : *,dnwig 

t'liuan. vA'rt, only tliis ; ^xhiouff 
ck, to apjily (the niiml) to 
one t lunsr ; 、fu>k、 ^kantg 
<rh;')"fj、 modest ; \chi''"i(f ir,mcmff、 
tl>o single mutter, tlic sole busi- 
in"Sft ; co>f., \ckioii{f ,H":/、 or 
ft'hfonf/ c" a siugle mind or pur- 

Iw»st' ; *^ch>.o».ij ,id,、fh te' cAe* to 
mve ft fixe<i rus"lvc; *chtiil ' 
, chionrfy aasutning, j>ertinaciou8 ; 
" (cki'm;7 、fc'/h)"(/、 or (Chiong 
(<h'.nff、 to li.ivc entire control ; 

,sin;/ ; w/c, ,chionf/, iiothincr is dif- 
iicitjt to the (ietermined iniud. 

法 g Also road 、fhnang : 3 
bird : "hnany* ,ckhng, a 
V7= hjrd' ono fays a — cies 
of jay. 

Also ri-.'if] -.t'trirnfj : n 
, larce fish, :i }>iko ? found 
ill lake Tmigting. 


A briok, h tilo ; to cover 
Avith brick : com., 、、,ehi,,"g 
vffkra^ bricks and t^es ; 
" J^【"ff , <、h ionff^ poMon 
bricks — iiidicntinp M oaltli ; 

Avnll ; " io'w ,chi'mff、 to 
burn brirks in the kiln ; 
,〜/>"/v> ,!do>"j、 tn lay brick floors 
or paveim'm ; ^\chioHff mjihtg^ 
a coarM* ink-stono ; 、\chim、ff 
ipt^onrf^ a large cartluMi vopsrl ; 
f ,?, 丄" ":,ifj ,chionf/y ml briok^t ; 
《"f ,M("Mf、 to lay bricks ; Han 
(Ai ,hio>*ff、 a flat brick f',r 
floors ; f vJdonff "、m、 broken 

71io ]»;ilm of the \vmm\ ; 
_ _ tlio paw or solo of uniin:ils ; 

OhuV a 、vcl、l,tW foot ; to la^p; 
to control,, to rtile ; a oon- 
Irol, :i jurisdiction : (:om,, 
^ck^iu^chionff (in coll. 'pa^chiwfi), 
the palm of (lie iiaml; 'chiou^j sfn^j 
yek^ hot palm, as of a sick cbiM ; 
halc、 ^chioufj^ to clapp the ])a:i(ls 
as in praytr ; ^^^chionff kau^ to 
teach authoritatively^ us college 
professors ; 、。、chiouff '人 wm〃, tu 
control ; "(tAit>〃,7 ao^ or ^chiong 
koi^ to keep accoutits ; a clerk, 
a hook • keeper ; " ,sih)f/ i ing 
^ehionoy tlio genii-palm ― a plant; 
^chiong siimrj^ <^mitvj ,ckio、 a gem 
on the palm— i. e. prccinua, cner- 
ished ; ^chiontj situif a 】arge fau 
carried in |>rooeh>ions ; ^chionff 
(/:"、 the Wrunuucr (in playt^) ; 
"xhiou!/ , 》wait 仏 manager of a 
tlio.'itrical coiupany ; <joll^ ^tn*j 
"chion(/y u roHy pulm ― ; i liuky 
sign 11) palmistry ; p、ih> (chHu 
''chiontj^ to strike the palms, to 
tcrule one ; 'chionjj ch^oi ) 、p,i 


心 ^ 

碍 m 

7 尋 


', ', 


墙 5^ 





(or 、p*J), to 屮 tho chwk. 

To exliort, to animate, 
to oxeito, t" im-ito, to yu- 
< - coil rngt* ; t<i larnl, to pr:"Mj, 

to give i*tti<*'Knry to; to 

£tiinul;itr <»iK> to ertort ; ,、,/',—/ 
^ihu/ /nrak^ auk, to rewiuxl thv 
good ; uul punish tho Vnid ; \i>6 
V//""?,*7, tu praiso, lo oornmeiHl ; 
COM../ 、、、hk",g choag' t\\collont, 
pertectly upright. 

A surname ; a place ; 
sonietimos used in coll. for 
this, thus ; Jcu a 
( kiml (,f aquatic grain ; 

COLL., ^ eh long 、! c、 vxmg、 or 
^chiong 'wanffy thus, in thiei man- 

An oar: ^stnff ^dnong^ 
Z^mI a pair of oars ; com., 
•^"^^ H'-aang^ 、ehiomj、 to row ; 

^^j^ coLi", ichio7iff sioh^ ^pa, 
^71 ^ one oav. 


<it4、 A kind of leather ; to 
sew k'Hther ; to mend, as 
Jj*, 暴 4 shoes : (X>M., 〜hii)ng 《么 
o' to mend slices; coll., 
^chumff t to patch 
with leather ; ^^ hiong ; -, m ho; 
a cobbU'r ; ^chiouf/ r/i ta^tg^ a trav- 
eling cobbler^s load. 

A sauce, f»icklo, brJne, 
or condiment, niiwle <if salt 
and sugar, used in cook- 
' ing ; reliphcs, st^asoninifs, 
like oilmen'ei stores ; snltcd 
preparations: com., ^^titnjj vhioyuf 
swoel con d i i nent s : ^ehio n */ 》 
^hwoug^ or cfiiom/ Jnr^o^^g taijtfj^ 

a Hhere oondiinoiitfl aro 

sold ; 】V/"t'/《/》 KiU(、i;s, rond:« 
m""ts ; ,、hioMf/ ])i(kk(i 

inincc^-nns'it; com.., ton^ *hio)i(j^ 
a bonn-rolisfi ; chio^itj^ 、ruf、、 pre- 
»CM'V0<1 j^ounls ; <、h"""j、 
、k'h"j、 " pickled down close, , 

> To takv ohnr^oof troops, 
-jl^V* to lend t roups into tho 
么,. ^ field ; to Hi;t ;is a uoiiornl ; 

。 ;i g('n(*r ;"、 a londor : also 
re:wl (''/〃:<>"f/, q. v.: (om., 
、,chk»nfj) Jcung、 a general ; the 
Tartar Gene»nil ; "(! 《 rMo"ff> or 
"ch'Mig) fkwm"" military officevt ; 
fw、 chiong^ a licutiMiant-^eneral ; 
"chifWff) s6i > poncral-in-chief ; 
"chio" 纩 (jtai^ a military observ: * 
tory ; "7<> chioHff* a soldier ; 
fChSmff chiong^ a trolonel (>r 
major ; "chiovg、 (pmff, to handle 
troops ; "eh' ok: chio'"g、 to go out 
to war, as a leader. 

To screon, to shade ; to 

_ _ separate, to 《】ivi<iti; to 

?,, 霍 shut up, to incbide ; to 
Cnane. • " 、 , , 
^ r;use an embankm(»nt ; a 

barricade, a trench, a 

fence ; a screen, as of cloth : a 

dikt? ; a terminus; an intervening 

distance : ,cA/<I chio7^g^ to shade, 

to cover ovor : ^^^p6 chumg^ to 

protect ; a barrier ; chio,,g、 pi'e^ 

to obstruct the way. 

> iVfalaria, j>oPtilontinl va- 
•y^3^ povR , postiferouH air: 
J^h^^ V/r/w?'?) liV an epidemic, 
a ]>laj;uo; COM., vhicmff 
malaria ; coll., pwok、 
(or pofk、、 chlo7Hf a postilonco or 
disti'inper among nniniHlK 一 used 
as a curse ; pwok\ ckky^g) 7W, a 
dr:t(l from tho diytotnpor. 

'獎 W\ 4 獎," if 
勵惡 峻鞋义 
'獎 8 褒 , , ^ 
善 獎 3?^ 鞋 醫 




17 老 






12 將 






&6 CH10NG. 



A cat u met irrowiui; over 

the oye : ^chioJtf/'^ /;、 u 

(The next two characters intiTchungo- 
ftbly read chwoug.) 

TTt Complete, t"itir(、, unhro- 
^V¥V ken, pcM-tucl ; all, the u'h<»lo ; 
二 t"itirely ; to complete, to 
finish, to [)erfect ; to do all 
tl»:it is requirod ; co>r., 
^ifthio7ig pe} fully prepared ; com- 
plete, as in virtues or _i;rares ; 
〜<?/"V"i/7 rf hlong (ahUng, c<un- 
plote from hej^innuit; ti> eiifl ; 
、<fihion(j (y^《/, the whole heart ; 
<jim<j、 almigluy, plenipo- 
tentiary ; V'/",? -, M(mg, pure and 
entire ; uniform, as a color ; 
,; chianfj Jca、 all the family ; '"selc^ 
、chion(f、 perfect, faultless ; "jm; 
ickiong, to insure, to guanuitoe ; 
Hlong rchionqy both (、ompk"e ; 
^^^chiovf/ chiA ^ to trust wholly ; 
*\<jew ^ ^chiorifj "j^nmts liim 
Hri unmutilat ed corpse," snl. by 
Kuicicle, to avoiil being belieadod ; 
^^^chiong pwo^ :、 oomplete set, as 
of books ; Avholo cotliii-hoards ; 
"iChkm、q fM!? oxtonding the en- 
tire length ; thvougli ami through, 
us water-soukod ; ^chiong P(rik\ a 
large toldcii (,ard ; coll., ^rJiwng 
pad" ^ehiong Jci&、ig、 lie tliat 
knowp all fears all ; ^i-ltionu t6P 
of a wliole piece. 

A fountain, a spring ; 
_tTT% the })ead waters of streams; 

i V ; I dopartmcnt in Fookien : 
\/t>^ r y<wj ichlonf/^ ix deep 
{j^r fountain ; rchiotuj^ 
Ch'uan. f*onrce of a s t r a ni ; 

; c// ion(f^ Hades ; ci )m" long 
、cht)i, spriiiLT - \v;it or ; ^\ -hioiig 
j'hiu 、}、u、 the Chinohew pre- 
lect are. 



^ to .IS 

Chou. i、* 

Universal, comploto, on- 
to supply, to pi oviiit*, 
ji 丫: h,", to assist; I'leuty, onough, 
sufficiiMit ; to lunke a cir- 
cuit, to surround, to envi- 
ron : a fiundus dynasty of Cliiiui, 
IJ. C 】 255 ; secret, subtle, 
tiiK; ; dose together ; a curv(、 h 
henJ ; to extend every whero ; 
honest, trustworthy ; to the end, 
entirely : fihhi pHent/^ all uround, 
everywhere ; com., ^^.c/iiu ic/non(/, 
entire, complete ; ^ckiu mik-^ -well 
done, as work ; f:uiltless, as po- 
liteness; ,chh/ chak、 all around, 
environing ; ^\chiu ? Hon 仏 very 
minute, as in planning details ; 
<chitc !;' //, to vsur round ; "tChitt 
Jieu^ the Chow dynasty; ^ehiu 
chii ^ to givo alms ; tai ^ <,ing pol\ 
"、,hiu, to treat a person iudiffer- 
omly ; ''\ehiu 'Id, Rites of the 
Cli()\v ; zchin JcHug, the Duke of 
(Jho、v、 ji son of \Van-\v:nig, and 
bi f)thur of Wii-wang, who found- 
ed the Chow dynasty. 

MLiterchanirecl with tlie 
last : to revolve, to circu- 
late ; to inform people : a 
year: \chiu p^teiuj every- 
whti'ie ; ^chiu awoV a year, 
:i >»irl]i-*lay annivorsury ; com" 
^cMn ; chio/i(/, all c<»nij)lete ; ^chiu 
i?iienf/, the revolving year ; anni- 
versary of a death ; ,sim ^chiu 

〔 周 鱧週遍 

一 周 詳周朝 

一 州 府周全 

I 透 泉 I 水 

一 屍 全部全 

111 2 S 

^ 全^ 賜全 

ii 十全保 <^ 

|一 純 全全家 

I 广全. 91 

^ 全 始全終 

1- 3* 




III A district or uopart- 
iiM^I mont, U'ss than a pivfecN 
^ChotL ^ c<»ritiTient, a 

division of (he earth : \chiu 
kon"'、 the cliiu district 
and the prefecture ; com., '^^vhiu 
p^ioany'^ the magistrate of :i 
c'hiit ; V'o/', /'力 i'/, Foochow — the 
capilal of Fookion ; * 山 Ing (ngcmg 
,'/〃•", department of Lungntiiiii 
in S. W. })art of Fookien ; 、iu{j 
^ch^iaifj ^chin^ department of 
Yun"r(,luin in southern part of 
Fookion ; ^^khi ^chiu wan</^ kwok^ 
the nine continents, the "world, 

^\\\ A spot encircled by 
J^WX Bt reams, as an island ; al- 
^Chou. luvial tracts along inar<rins 
of rivers ; a place "where 
men collect, a village : 
fChiUy the island of the Ge- 
nii ; COM" ^pieng^ "the side 
of the island" ― the "five points" 
of Foochow ; COLL., \tong 、chin、 
island of Chungcbau between the 
"bridges at Foochow ; "(c 力 ,w《, 
head of the island ; 、、 ,chiu W、eng, 
alluvial fields, made laud. 

1^ A boat, a junk, a ship, 
■ t>| ' a vessel, a craft of any 
《;^ ^ kind : to sro in a boat : to 
transport, to (! arry in a ves- 
Kel ; a stand or holder for 
a cnp ; the 137th radical : 'V,"" 
ehiek^ the propellinir implements 
of a boat ; com,, \\l'ilng ,chiu^ a 
dragon-boat, in coll. usually called 
ilio7ig ^sung. 

itff To cover over ; to con- 
/Tjl r ceal, to hide, to shade ; 
Chou something stretched for a 
' shade ; to deceive. 

' ^f;tet "r:un pfro、n"jr tliurkly ; 
tliickly set, c'lost* touetluM- ; 
CI 二" 。 (》".'1\m1, (h'liKf : ,V》/.V ,k'il 
' , rh in m i h、 <\ wellitit^s 
(M-owded together ; ^^n'ta ^ 
vmk\ fcJtin mil" :i donse <urost. 

^ npl Cliirpin: [; <»r bickeri'ijj 

Mfp|l of birds ; to cliirj*, to hick- 

er: ,rlnurrhiey the I'hirp- 
LIiou. • ' . , . J , I 
lug^ oi birds. 

击!^ A frame in front of a 
W4fr ('nrriH<;cs near wliicli the 
工 driver sits; a kind of dash- 
' board : " Ji"ng ^chiu^ the 
be;ini or dashboard in front 
of a carriage. 

A l)envily laden cart 
■w hich is lo、、' in front ; a 
heiivy load ; heavy. 

To bostow dmrity : 
、\id(mg ,/"•?/, to givealnip; 
roif., ,Mu ch <V to relieve 
the indigent. 

Spirits, liquor ; distilled 
liquor, ninde i'vom rice, 
sanij^lino ; niet. a feast, an 
entertiunmcnt ; also uRt»d 
to designate heor, "vviiic, 
and other liquors ; to devolope, as 
wine does the disposition : 、、'havk) 
^chiuy or yong^ 、chiM、 to distil liq- 
uor ; ^tHeng khiu, dew ; com., 
rkau fpici chilly wine drunk by 
the bride and groom ;it the mar- 
riage ceremotiy ; liong^ ca- 
pacity for drinking liquor ; 、chiu 
p、ek、 one's disposition shown in 
his cups ; (c!vh 之 4' 吼 or ^chiu 
aing^ earthen Avine-jars ; ^^X^'ajig 
、chiu, or sie ^ ^chiii^ fond of liquor; 

^酒 1 酒. 

密 |S 木 

蘢 舟人居 

8 4 

州 田舟揖 

中 洲洲頭 


凝洲 洲邊 

7.、 8 

九 州萬國 


州东 春州 

福州 龍麇 

3 4 



、,hi," old wine ; ^^fjAiu eik^ a j 
feast ; ,? /"•" ti*,/, a l>o()ii compan- 
ion; suiiishoo, wliisky ; 
、、,'hiu -、 pi" 仏 or f,h"、 it wine- 
bottlo ; ((;/"•" VA"w 仏 a small wine- 
cup ; "\u"ff 'cki"、 to brow liquor; 
^ chili X :〜/ a dii*ttllery ; ,、chin 
ii'hienf/^ or 'chiu (c/trt, a fee, a 
<louoour; 。(cA/" ;〜, or ^chiu ^ktcf\ 
wiiiebihbcrs, tippItTS ; (,OM", mk》 
\*hiu ^hung^ nivinf^s <»f :i <lrunk- 
•ird ; tioh^ 、chiu ,sa^ to have a tit 
from intoxication; 'chin 、ing 、! cH、 
" commence d rinking ,, 一 as ;it 
f leasts ; *sid/ii chin ckoV drunk ; 
((•/"•" wofiy^ a wine-stain ; 、ckhi 
k?flk^ a liquor-syphon ; ^chin lidag^ 
a forfeit to drink ; paiiuf (c/fiw, 
to make a feast ; 、chiu ^ting^ a 
Inrgc jar for carrying liquor; ^chiii 
it'Kiid^ tubes in wine-heaters. 
^ Chiiu A coll. word, used' for 
to keep, to maintain : 
V7im 、! cwa, or ^chiu ^kioa 
i7iio?iff t??en(7, one who main- 
tains w'luowhood, a. widow-wo- 
man : 、chiu ,sang ^kwa^ one whose 
husband is absent. 

(r'8) Cho. 
rHj-f ) To curse, to improcatc ; 
^ □ bad l;inguage, curses, im- 
rV"** procations: "cho) cheu^ to 
lltf > imprecate; com., " cho^ 
"Jfj^ to curse, to rail at ; 
Tsu, COLL., ^^cho^ch^oV to swear, 
to take oath ; laung^ cho* 
to swear recklessly^ to 
rave ; "(、/io) chenjf eli^oV to take 
a det'p oath ; cAo* t、h、oV (nid 
mhlfv'fi to swear away life ~ "n、ay 
(I) die if it's not so" ; cho* iiitng 
^jh6 、k、i 7";, to swear at people 
without rule 一 i. e., recklessly ; 
Mo* ,i 、ch、a ;t\xK md^ pwok^ 

curse him as a block thut can 
never tiprout I 

t| I 2 To assist, to lu'lp, to aid, 
Hjn to strcngtlion ; boneticiiil ; 
to suvnor, to support: in 
' the coll.. read chaP q. 、'•: 
"<po'"ff to aiil ; "OM., 
'V*o^ o/to' to succor; "rhi/ Hn"(f、 
to cMicouragc, to emboldoii ; "hi、 
cho^ to help cheerfully; cho^ e,," 
pW filii lik^ to lend a helping iiaud. 



To encounter, to meet, 
to full in M-ith ; to suffer, 
^ Tsuo endure ; to occur, to 
• happen ; to cruise, to go 
about; to make a revolu- 
tion ; r. season, a time, an occasion : 
**fC/iO 7ige^V or (c/td ihimg^ to meet, 
to happen ; " 、ch6 》ihiff、 to de- 
grade ; COM., ^\ch6 n<myi to meet 
trial?? ; ,chai^ or <yo"/7, 

to fall into calamity ; coix,^ 
ft ^chHu^ fell into his hand 一 wjw 
injured by hioi ; .cho Aw ?。, a mere 
chance, fortunately. 

f Chd. A coll. word, as in ^chS 
; ngwo7iff, senior wrangler 
at the Hanlin examina- 
tion k ; (C/i<> ingwomj ^tit^ a hu'ge 
pond outside the' west gate of 

t f - The left, the left hand ; 
second, an assistant ; to 
r^~^ witness to, to prove, as u 
' coadjutor ; deflected, bad, 
depraved ; to degrade, to 
reduce in rank ; ;i surname : com., 
"^oAt> ichiiu、 the left hand ; chai ^ 
^cho^ on the left side ; *c7/<5 ^pihig 
(coll. ^ch6 fp€7w), the left side; 
fSio7if/ '^choy a mutual mistake ; a 

2 遭災; j^" 手 

f 魅 F 難 

樂 助遭遇 

護 助助胆 

G 7 

霉 ffi 嘴駔 

;辛 mj a J Hi 

m 1 2 

酒 徒愤酒 

pit ,錢 

酒瓶? J 酒 

p 友燒酒 

diwijjrwinent ; to miss ""、h other; 
'(rA'5 to^ a wrong road ; tUlso prin- 
riplos ; '(c/it) itonff^ the chief oi the 
f wi> 6h^ ^ktcanf/ of a district; ^ch4 
; pkng, c-hainborsonthe left and 
right of tlie liall ; coll., ^^ch6 
chak、 petty officers. 



soon ; 

niorninp; ; early, 

Taao """,*、 I" 、 , 1"'",'*, , j,wt 
• conimiMMTil ; then, pre. 《- 
ently : \\\ the coll. rend 
、nha、 Ci. v.: *V'A<> the morn- 

ing ; V(m〃, or \'h6 viwo^ 

morning and ovouinp ; 〜,/tJ 
Junamf In'oakfast ; ,kUc、 ^chtK, 
early, forthwith ; "ch6 sfcoV 
youth, the period of adulescence. 

Used for the preccdinpr : 
a flea ; a san*l-floa, or those 
r^:) j)roducc(l ill the san d ; 
' spokes entcrinj^ the tire; 
iu the coll. read 、chau、 q. v. 

The fruit of tlic Can- 
iK'iriura, or jujube tree ; 
dates ; the second charac- 
ter is the abbreviated 
form : COM., 、kong、 、ch6、 
pressed date s without 
Kernels; ^^mik^ (c/u;, eiwcct 
dates ; ^\song 《c/u}、 a kind 
of acid jujube plum ; 、ch6 Jc6^ 
pugarcd uatc-cakcs ; 力》 aA; 、ch6、 
the white date ; coll., ^^\'Ji6 it'aii^ 
large dried dates ; ^cho oid 》iihi 仏 
cakes with dato-stuffiug. 

' Ch6. A coll. word, ns iu ^ch6 
sioh^ 'ohoy to r:in with the 
knuckles; ^t'aii k^d * " ^ch6 
noh^ give him a rap on the 
head with your kmickles. 


To db, to act, to per- 
forin the duties of; tu 
•T^J build, to construct, to 
• make, to ere:"**; to bo- 
jjiHi to commenitc ; to 1m\ 
to become ; used :is tlu* ooll, of 
chan/cy and coi 丄., 凡 <P r/ie^ 
to w'rik' ail ngrccinont ; €"h"、 
ahx^f to TTinko :i Imstlo ; '*cAf> * 
tai 2 or cho > tai ^ kit ) or ch6 ) 
Htil ^ to work, to do l>usin*'8S ; 
r.ho 、 eli^woi > bold, bnifffpiiLf ; 
"ch6> thmff、 :i wind rising: ; tits, 
spusms ; rho ' Jcwrmg^ to be an 
officer ; cho ) (义" wvz"y, or ch6 》 
Jc^xmng ^hwan;j^ to " take on " 
— to scroani :ind resist, as nn un- 
ruly child ; ,: rAf? ^ in:ide for 
sale, as slop-poods; r/to ' ,h、fi, 
"to l>e a stick " ― i. o., inflexible; 
<*h6 、 fW/w,/, to cultivate inonritain- 
land ; cho 》 "^nyang^ " to be eyo8 ,, 
— i. (\, to oversee; r.ho ^ ytng^ 
tired of doing ; " cM ^ ^ 《、, a 
mason ; ^^cho^ top to make coup- 
】(*ts; to con tend with ; ch6、 、pa 
hie ' to })lay at theatricals, as 
children do ; to trifle, to pretend ; 
' VAo ' kwoh^ to trick, to bait for ; 
ch6 > chd^ "to be dough " ― a butt 
lor imposition ; ,W"'tI^, chd 》 or 
chidh^ chiAh^ ch6 ^ have just done 
it; chd ^ sek\ "celebrate the tens" 
― i. e., every tenth anniverKay of 
one's birth ; "cM) W"r/, to so;ik 
in water, as rioc to increase the 
quantity ; to play in water, as a 
child ; cho * tau^enfj ihung、 the 
colli preceding the 8ni;ill-pox ; 
inet,、 ti titMoe attitude ; "cA<5 * 
hfcot ' to keep New Ye:ir,s eve ; 
^Hidnf/^ cho ) to contract for ; 
paufc、 miditff^ cho 》 to moil, to 
slave ; mj^ ch^ionif cho * not act 
like doing it ; i 川、 vill'mj; to <lo ; 

,做歲 t 做 

|?<做 ,水 

,對 ,局 

做 3^ 土 

做 代做風 


貢複 00 

極 早早歲 

早 腿早懷 

左雜 早晨 

S 左堂 

J C 細 





、'滅 、 cho ) pfdk、 eho' u^ 4o U'ellor- 

/ ^ To assist, to help, to 
-iTZT aid ; a swoiid, an assist- 
Vt ant; rr deputy, A wibsti- 
tuto : i:h6、 U> aid ; ,【2' 
cho ' ,Htn(J tu aid 

tlav emperor, as :ui otfiecr clues ; 
COM" 'liCuifj, a inajor-gcneral 
of Manchus or Monguls. 

i" A furnncc, a place for 
oookinir ; :i kitchen range: 
ill the coll. voail ckau) q. v.: 
^mahig^ stU ' rf/6 ^ of- 
ferings made to the kitchen 
deities in the 4th inooii. 

A 8ort of revisinn^ juclge, 
a j udi;e of appeals ; :i place 
AviicM'c officers meet; aconi- 
pnny, a class ; denotes the 
plural of persons ; a sur- 
name : ^cho^ yon, your 
class ; 7;/ a f^roup of 
chilflreii ; com" 7^/'^ 
the six Boards ; "'M ch 乂、 a fa- 
mous general, A. I). 250; '\tHen(/ 
^cho^ heaven, the court of heaven ; 
"Jciwff <:cM, spirits, messengers. 

Noise, clamor, hubbub ; 
IJpW an outcry ; to make ;i din, 
C ^ |3 to v()c'itVr:ito : icho chak^ 
to vociferate ; the din of :i 
jfl 日 crowd ; (; 01 丄., '〜W jc/to, :i 
Tbao. clnmor ; "'AJ kieu' a 


A small jni)k, a sinacls ; 
a boat, a pimince ; pek 飞 
T 細 :,Z"; a Canton sea- 

going juiik. 

^lagjjfots in ordure : 
,chd 《h6、 grubs found in 
T 鼠 《lth. 

A trough, a】ogdiannel - 
ed out as a tronjrh, a man- 
l,8£u> ger; ^ viit, a tub for liq-' 
' uor ; a Hexible wood ; rt 
sort of fruit ; in the coll. 
read q. v. : "(m" ^ch6^ a. horfic- 
trouirh ; "(<;/"•" scA(>, a wine vat, a 
"^fr A Tnill-mc (?, a sluice ; a 
ffulf, a gorge ; d cnnal ; ta 
「J! ^ lead on, as M'atcr, to turn 
a AVatcr-conrse ; to convey 
revenue to Peking: ^ohS 
ong、 to transport jjrain (to Pok- 
ing) ; inho £<5, the Grand Canal ; 
COM., icho 、mi, or ^ch6 sWo"7, 
grai)i-revenue of the Grand 
nal ; ich6 tok^ the Supcrimendent 
of the Grand Canal. 

Del ic:ite, brittle; a 
rumbling in the stomach; 
"Tsao used for tliG ooll. «16 in ^dio 
■ ' iVmi^ the part above the 
tJiigh in a quarter of pork. 

5 Cho, A coll. Avard, as in ^chS 
chatk^ a sense of emptiness 
in the stomach, as from eat- 
ing bamboo-shoots, Ac. 
/| A 2 To sit; to sit on the 
1 今 heels ; sittinpr, remaining ; 
- * a session ; a srat, a place ; 
' to lunintain, to hold ; in- 
volved in, implicated ; to 
Rit in judgment on, to judge ; ta 
place, to set down ; to kneel ' 
itaed in coll. to buy up, as goods ; 
to niJike up a loss ; also in the 
coll. read adi^ q. v. : "cM 》 -.tong^ 
in court, occupying the magis^ 
trate's bench ; ^^"^himng cho 》 re 
turiiinrr on one^n self, as a orinio ; 
"ck6 2 nrjiL'o^ pok、 (rt"〃, no rest 
sitting or sleeping ; com., ch6 * 
(mag, or cho ^ ho^ to live on an- 

I 坐 〇 

、坐堂 〇 

,槽 〇 

天曹 功曹 

o 1 

人曹 曹操 

爾曹 兒曹 

5:11 夏. i 遼 

天子 佐領 


護 佐以佐 

七 做八倣 




other 5 to monopolize in trado ; 
^('fu? :"〃/'.7 ptttky l):",k to- 

war 丄 s the south an<l front towards 
the north, as a house ; 、、h<? ten;/' 
to coiitinuo ill a ]>l:ico on ; riianl, 
•、r ,Ht work ; ^chfP choi^ involved 
in vvww ; <.,01丄" cho^ (p€J",,, itch 
on tlu' Imttorks ; to :ii<l 

one in coniplotiti^ ; vho^ t" 
make U)> :i loss ― tiiko it off your 
hands ; cfi<? Inrd* to lay in :i stock 
of <xn(>(lK ; cfn? c.knP bunJcued 
witli (h'l»t ; chn^ yhVi, ^so7if/ ,p""!f、 
to sit idly and eat up your inherit- 

£1 A seat, a throne : n 
phriiR% a pedostnl ; a cl:is- 
fiitierfortcjnples, churches, 
' towers, pag<>d;is, hills, cit- 
ies, moveable j»:iviIions, 
Ac.: *t(V cM 乂 tlie imperial star; 

ch6^ four 8c:its, as for a social 
piirty ; COM" ^ch6^ oi) a f^cjit, a 
throne ; ,/Kn7" ch6^ eight chair- 
bearers ; \kuug ch(9 Ht^ an arm- 
chair ; ^wang ch6^ the bottom of 
a bowl ; 、《hi(mg ilu ch6^ the ped- 
estal of ail incciise-vase ; coll., 
se^ ch6 ^ kieu^ a sedan with four 
bearers ; ^^sioh^ ch6 ^ ^sidng^ a wall- 
ed city ; "si&"ff》 ch6 * rites to the 
kaV in which the priests occupy 
high seats ; ^c/fio cho ^ the head 
priest in the ceremony. 

A black color ; xindor- 
lings, lictors ; low otfioers 
who execute conuuands ; 
a stud of twelve horses ; 
H manger or pen for horses ; 
a tree whose see<lrt dye a 
dark color ; grain not yet 
hardened : used for 、ch6、 
^^ch6 ) pek^ black and white ; 
、ch<P liV or chd^ , pioang^ 

liotoj-s, policemen ; ch6^ Jiwangy 
('op]>eras ; colk., '\/ ch6^ eoup. 

yZ-H^ To build, to croct ; to 
戈 pi it»:iko, to construct ; to 
^Y^!^ m'n"、 to Wgin, to coin- 
• iiUMiw ; to act, to do ; to' 
ri'cord ; read ch*'Z 》 q, 
V. : to hegin ; ^^Jcitng 

i'f*o ^ n horosoopv for a male ; 
、l、、cwfj cht'" horoscope tor a fo- 
nijilo ; COM', *%7?(>^ clt^ah^ to record 
otfirially ; ^^rh^mivy^ ch6 ^ to ere- 
ate; 1〜7'《" chauk、 to fabricate ; 
to rcpiiir, to patch np, as lor Bale ; 
'V7a(5 ^ hirAi^ to form, to create. 




early : 


I-Ar Read ohok" coll. ch6h、 
^-|-- persons employed to bury 
'!,'st!o 〉 the neglected dead, find to 
' ai't as coroners : 気、、 ngii 
•、h,>h , name commonly 
given to this cliiss of persons; 
u, c/fohy fjnisping, mean ; (u?(mg 
c/t6hy to bear false testimony. 

Chuhy A coll. word : to fill up, 
;is lioles and lenke ; to stop, 
as an accuser by bribery ; 

ch/,h、 ka!" to plug up tightly. 

Choky A coll. word, as in ch6h^ 
^ch>mg^ to farm on shares ; 
ch6h、 、kvA W"' ch、eu、 to 
rent fruit trees — to bargain be- 
forehand for the fruit. 

Choh^. A coll. word: to throw 
down or away ; to cast off ; 
to throw aside as worth- 
loss : chdhi^ loh^ or ch6h^ to cast 
down; chdh^ tai^ to throw away; 
choh J tc^ to dash on the 

ground ; X:V/ 》 chvh^ fpihig^ 
thro\r it aside, as grief, busi- 
nes8, etc. 

化 w 仵 8 

造 is 作 ft 

一造 造册創 

I 7 Jt 

城: H 座 

I 爐座」 

T^t 座椅香 

座位 八座" 

6 7 

帝座 四座 i 

一 4 。 L 

坐鎮 坐罪 ^ 

一 5- 南朝北 , 



< Choi. A coll, word ; to gather, 
to crowd tojjether : (ckoi 
to push over by crowd- 
inj? ng.iiiwt ; fChoi 、m。ang, to fill 
■H-ith a crowd, to crowd a place. 

Exhilarated with drink, 
intoxicated, fuddled, 
- -, drnnk ; a tTebmich ; fas- 
Tsui' cluated, enchanted, de- 
voted to, gtupefied with ; 
absorbed in, engrossed with : 
COM" ^'chiuchop intoxicated with 
liquor ; Wio?'' e' tipsy ; choV 
(coTl. choV 'pa), drunk and 
full— M (lelKtiich ; \^n(/ choi, fas- 
ciuatcd AVi'th ; choP Jia, saltad 
】、r;uvns; *c!'oV "^ngang imung 
eyes dim from intoxication, 
inuddlocl ; VAoi* haiu* after in- 
toxication, scil. people act in dif- 
Icrciit ways ; coll., '(hong choi) 
intoxiciitetl with smoking. 

-f-'ly To cut out garments ; 
^^jr to make clothes ; to trim, 
f tci cut olF ; to moderate, to 
8"i' reduce, to diminish 5 to 
guess, to plan ; to regu- 
late, to adjust : COM 巧 \choi ^chU, 
to trim off' books, as in binding ; 
V/")ii (i, to cut out clothes ; tc/iot 
^('henff, to cut out ; to adjust ; to 
,limiiush, as the price; 'ichoi 
ip^unf/, to cut out and sew ; ^\choi 
,t6^ a. p.Tper-knife ; 、"chunq iChoi, 
the examiner for the Chinsz de- 
gree; "(choi tok^ or chioJc) ichoi, 
to plan; "ichoi 'kenff, to diminish; 
^\choi k^v^ok^ to reduce the num- 
I)er of men ; coll., (choi chHoh、 a 
tailor's foot-rneasure ; "(ckio ichf)i、 
U> decide for yourself ; twai^ ichoi, 
vnl out of whole cloth. 


jlOV?»^ Sad, chagrined ; do、vrf' 
cast, Borry-lookinpr, in 

Hi wJiich sense same tin next - 
' 、l、aung、 choi ^ sad, sor- 

-jjVx^i Sick, lean and sallow, 
cadaverous: com., ^\nffanff 
r^^^ saik) fichim choi ^ the vis- 

' age wan and Iiaggardr 
- lA^ I Thick, tufted, like tns- 
ftocka of grass ; a jiort of 
T,!ui honeysuckle; to Collect^ 
' to assemble, to flo#k to- 
gether, to be "with ; a col- 
lection, a selection ; rustling, ns 
of bushes or appare! : "koP choi、 
tufts of grass; clnmps of trees; 
\hmg chop a friendly gathering ; 
^^choi ^ chuk^ clansmen. 

Diseased, infirm, suffer- 
ing; doleful, dumpish, in- 
disposed ; worn out, de- 
stroyed, ruined : ^\l6choP 
or ^hwong choi ^ tired, 

YtTxk} Also read choky to call 
21 -jCi out, to cry out in alarm ; 
to hist, to call to ; to taste, 
to eat, to craunch ; to suck, 
noise of suckiiig' 

A thing to put out fire 
with, an extinguisher ; to 
temper metals in watier ; 
to bring into contact witl" 
as fire with water; the first 
also means to dip, to dye, 
to color ; the second also 
means to bum. 

Hie angles or canthi of 
the eye ; a clear bright eye ; 
clear, pure; to look directly 
at; ^Wioi^ jHh、g、 the fifth 








,悴, 額色 

紫缺 s 载 

銳 度鋭威 

1 裁 PT 總载 

o 1 

裁衣 k 縫 

,醉 m 書 

據 職醉後 


3 J. 

- ) CM 




^TjV' To mil at> to 8Co|d, to 
pilip vilify, to ubu8c ; to W 
^^J^ jjcacli, to awUHc ; petu- 
• laiit, angry : Zy"V choV 
to Urawl, to rail at; \littff 
thai * to (Ksgraec one. 

(62) Clioi. 

To come together, to as- 
semble ; .'in adjective in- 
r dicating the most import- 
ant, the highest degree of; 
very, extremely, exceed- 
ingly ; altoj^ether ; ability, as of 
nil officer : com., ,《/t"' (X", very 
good ; *ch6i* yeu^ highly import- 
ant; *eh6i* pok, J<^ang、 utterly 
worthless; COLL., chdP 'htca ,c/t*,'<i, 
very Wasteful ; cfidV tdk、 ho、 iing 
,》inff、 the inalicious female heart ; 
V/"'e" t 糊 jf, a long time ago, an- 
ciently; choV fkidng^ very timid. 

f) Ro.'id choV; coll. chdi 、: 
a full year of age: (脚 
ehoi , "clutch when a year 
old" ― custom of placing 
implements before a child 
to Ree which it will first take; 
*isiHng cJidV a full year old ; ,ch6i > 
*/»«» or c/idP sioru/* over a year 
old ; 'sioAt choV »ioh、 ,sang nik^ 
one year and one birth-day anni- 
versary i. e. three yeare of age, 
an the Chinese reckon ; chdV 
ono year and two months old; 
V/iJt* 、kwi、 a year and how many 
months old ? 

A bamboo net for fish ; 
to become entangled in the 
meshes of the law ; a tres- 

f>a8s, crime, sin, fault, of- 
ence ; a violation of the 
laws of the land, or of de- 
corum ; to criminate, to 


rej^rd as r.nminal ; (; uilt, i)unl»h«> 
ment, retribution ; 、,ch6i、 tmafuj ' 
or efi6i* ivh'i;,.、 a culprit ; com., 
"chdi* fk^m, the chief culprit ; 
"Awan^r* c/toi ' or taik、 ch6t* to 
transgi-esa, to sin ; "(sie" chdi * a 
trifling offence' ; "'"etiy、 ch6i* io 
confess a fault; *\tonff cJwi ^ to 
bear the ]K?nalty of bin ; ^*huk\ 
chdi * to confess and Hiibinit to 
punishment ; 'V/VA'j c/wi* tontone 
for sin; tt* chop to punish of- 
fences; choi* auki wickedneM^ 
"chdi* hwo* or cfi6i* .k^ihiif^ traoii* 
grensions, sins; chdi* siofiff* ,k<t 
chdi* accumulated guilt; colx-, 
c/idi* taStiff* or cMi, ttoai' a griev- 
ous sin ; mv3on(f chdi* or ch、ol'、 
chdi* banished lor crime ; 'si chdi* 
a capital crime ; paing* ch6i、 tO 
iujSict punishment. 



jFjr One who executes or- 
<^Y*-« ders ; a Motor, a soldier ; 
underlings, menials ; to 
conclude, to end, to finish ; 
to die ; to the last, the very 
end ; hastily, abruptly, urgently, 
in which sense also read choV : 
chok"yon{f、 abruptly ; com., ,ping 
choky a soldier ; "'sieu chok、 camp 
followers ; colt", **ngwoh^ chok) a 
turnkey, an underojuler ; ,、chok、 
^kidnff^ the "soldier" obess-pieces ; 
a servant, one sent forward %6 

A dog nishing from a 
^ ji ■ cover ; abrupt ; tierce, ira- 
petuous, precipitate ; sud- 
• denly, liastily, hurriedly : 
"(ch'onff t-/iok, impetuous ; 
perplexed, harassed. 

7 仔 Is: 

, 小卒 卒 

7 8 

? lea 

堪 最前成 

?S5 誶最妤 

1 f 

10* CHOK. 


J-yftr To grasp, to clutoli, to 
T— ¥^ peizi', as hy thf nape ; to 

butt, to piisli; to pIui^kouT : :| 
' ^cIiok\ iki hitaky to clutch j 

his hair. j 

ttJ^ Yesterday ; tunc past ; : 
Hpl recently : V/» 化 "ik、 yes- ;; 

terday ; 、t、hoJ、、 ye'- 
• torday-noon ; ^choh\ yH^ 

last night. 

jf|JL Ashamed, disconcorlod, 
'l^p out of counten;nu!0 ; to 
bluslj, to redden; blush- 

chok\ ashainod. 

PTo pU'diro :i host, to re- 
turn liealtli ; to rocoin- 
T8。 peifse, to return a oompli- 
ment ; :i vessel for 8ti*ani- 
ing food : choh\ host 
and guest pledging. 


A spinous tree of firm |j 
wood, wlioso now leuvos \ \ 
—Tso appear as booh as tin- old ij 

• ones fall ; to root uji trees, i! 
to fell treeK ; narrow, eon- j| 

fined ; a trap for catching boasts. 

1,33 To take out, to select, 
«E|^ to raipo, to promote ; to 

Vscfi employ i" office ; to r»'ject, 
' to extinguish, as good r«s- 

• olutions ; to pull up, to ex- 
tirpate : ,paA、 ('hok\ to promote 
good men to office. 

To wash, to rinpo; todrink; 
large; frit, sleek, bright, : 
—Clio 'cfiok.i choh\ ! sleek and ilat ; 

• bare, as a inount:iin-t<>p ; 
bright; ,Vi vhok\ to sprink- 

】(, ; to oleaniie, as the heart. 

^l'!'】'l,v, turbi.l, thick, 

Cho. I'ga"' : /'"",/' nW。 mil- 
' e<i, ilI-ji!»sorte(l ; wf'f., }m\ 
i-onijtany ; com., '\chHHy 
,'ho!、、 clear and muddy ; coli,.» 
"y""f ct>ok\ coiiluBi'd, excessive, 
.IS ornaineiit. 

A chisel, a ])uiic}i ; to 
<nrt., to cliist'l, to bore into; 
t" <;ri!i(l or pound to pow- 
'ler; to tlij;, JIB a well ; to 
(>\m\ out, an n road ; to 
}>uncturc ; to brand, to 
mark, as a tlm't'; to act 
contrary to right priiu-i- 
iii the coll. read eh^'tl\ q. v.: 
'*tnvk, ch<ih、 to cliiscl out ; "ch(J、、 
to (lirr through a partition ; 
'\cftHon(f chok^ to l)orc thronf(li ; 
wpt" to pervert right principles, 
(04) Chong. 

.^f^^ Honorable, pminont ; 
liigh, exalted, great ; re- 
^ si)Octed, nohle ; a term of 
respect, your ; to respect, 
to revere, to dignify, to 
Tsun. voncrat e ; a vessel used for 
libations : com., "(choNff 
h6 ^ (u fiat is) your hon- 
orable name ? " ,''hon!f 'iiong, hon- 
ored elders ; ",ch(mg keiuf or 
,chon(j ttfhiff to rev 010 ; " ^chong 
koi' exalted, ewim'nt ; ,。<cAwt〃 
ka' Sir! your honor! ""kng^ (chmg, 
■or ,cho7}g Jamg, youV father ; 
".I'-ievg ^chong, celestial, lioiior- 
ablo ones— applied to Tuuist iiloln. 

To oboy, to follow a su- 
perior ; to comply witli, to 
oDlonn to ; to act as rtw 
qnirod, to yield ; to induce 
one to oboy ; obodionce, ao- 
qnirsccnoe : "(i、/"mf/ i^ung^ to 


1 捽 2 昨 镧 1" 混 
其日夜 酢濯濁 

髮 8 昨 胱 7 拔 《洗 11 淸 

〇 午 ^權濯 濁 

"醺 "尊 "蠤 "尊 "天 

濁 M 號敬 尊 

«奪 15 穿 "尊 19 尊 21 令 23 遵 
墜墜長 貴尊循 


( HONO, 105 


" let all tromVlitiglv obey ,, 一 
phrHS^c at t)u? eiul of tM^icts ; com., 
\vhoi}ij to obi'}' coiiunands. 

To f^it croHs-lojr^rt'cl or 
cu(l<llo4 u|,, t<» sit on the 
IkhOs ; to make antics ; to 
sit h:iu<;litily; to walk with 
measured Htcps; )»l!icod to- 1 
pothor, as scales of nrmur: 、 、v:ho"y 
i;, to Hit haughtily. 

A vase tor li));itiof)S ; ft 
botllo, a docjuiter, a Jar, 
a VHsc ; tlic first also means 
tSnm luxuriant fuliagt' : com., 
iy^^ "cfiht ^vhovg^ a wino vaso ; 
Triun, fA,*W ^ihong^ a feast given 
by a KUcccsKful literary 
caiulidato ; clnih\ ^chmfly 
a foftBt given to a graduate by his 

^chohff^ oouiitry-tUf^hioiK 


A mm, a tnve ; full, 
j»leiity ; exuberant, ah lu- 


Booty, plundor, loot ; 
stolon floods ; pawn cm! ar- 
ticlcs; to receive bribes ; 
suborn, to bribe ; to 



penerous ; 
… to 



shivep : hek、 to be- 

rate slaves ; Ji6 tilng^ pok、 
fChouff^ in what respect is 
it not good ? 

adorn the head ; or- 
namented, dressed, adorn- 
to dross, to rouge, to 
to boHUtify ; to 
to appear in a false 
Chuang. guise : COM., ^^chovg sok^ 
to make the toilet 一 an la- 
dies do ; ,Aow/7, to 
drcps the hair ; tamf (chon(f、 mod- 
cTatcly adorned ; \chon'y ^tai^ or 
.choHff itai l6k、 a toilet-table ; 
^^choi}g Jihiff、 a bride^a dowry, 
IrousKCjiu ; COLL,, tc/wng lid^ liiV 
or fChong c/iUcoV chHcoi * tinely 
dressed ; ^^^chovg ch6 ^ to aswunic 
to bo, to feign ; "(chonff (《a, to 

liide, to ('onr(»al : com., 
、\ch《mg rhf.vif iiiurkA or 
proofs Ly uliich stolen 
property ih rocoirniziMl ; 
,,w— to give a bribe ; 

booty, plmiJer ; ^chomj ,tang^ an 
inventory of s t o 1 o n art iclos ; 
、\h"i(f ^chong 】)ok、 an un- 

equal division of tW spoils ; 
"t"ik、 ^cho7tg^ to rocuive bribes ; 
^kxcong ^dion(jy to lay ay pa、、 ", 
od garments : "、wwm"'f ^chonn^ 
ex|)iration of time on u pawned 

To put into, as a hap; 
to store ; to load, to stow 
crniaDg>, t? pack; to catch in, 
° as rain ; to rociMvo, to con- 
tain ; to send to, as a pros- 
en t ; to bind, to tie on ; to droKs ; 
style, dress, fai^hion : ^ehovg fiok、 
to tie up, as u bundle : com., 
^^^ehong hwo、 to pack away floods; 
、\c!i(mff ^n'mmig^ full ; 

,。; /m'"/7 ifim ,<?/iow^/, dress of tlie 
j Ming dynasty ; ^\heng ^chong^ 
traveling clothes ; "ouf/; ^ehongy 
the upper purtH of a garment j 

dressed iu imui,8 clothes ; ^vhoug 
^siong^ to pack in a box ; to park 
(paper) trunks (for the spirits at 

各 , 4 酒 《粧 8 姊 

宜命縛 3F、 臺 

M 3 蹲 '"减 7« » 粧 

m 夷 穫維褒 

1, 朝 

7 B 

1 不明 f 赃 

賊 赃分赃 

^^^s ^^^^ 

k 做 打 


106 CHONG. 


A fniicr.-il) ; COM.., ,'',""'p .hftn'j、 
to |Mit tobacco (in the l»ipo>. 

Plants ! rrowiiiir ruHk dr 

oils, jrravf, stem; wrrect 
"aiung. i" 山, ct ; adoniea; a 

farmhouse ; a bam, -a 
gm'ijro ; a cottajre ; a road ; a 
Burnnine: \fiiong ,<,/<ow'</, (cull. 
JtUmfi ,t'A'"/>/7), u farmhouse, a 
village ; *,chou*/ (,',/*•",/, Ptt-i n ; 
•jr<n?4 (V/wti(fy a tUlse appearance. 

|-J-« A vulgar character 
HoinetiinoR used lor the 
i)rec<.'ilin}j : re.-ul iP'"nff; 

""""'S' coll. ,*'hiu>ft: ft lui-se «».op, 
a store : */' 講' ,t'/'.o,',/, a 

cotton-c)«»th store; V,/"'&v/(< ,力 ow.7, 

a bank ; •''•/""'•'/ a customer ; 

one of whom to borrow. 

J.d^ Ui'!»<l ,'',tS"、{j ; used in 
thu 】):iilc lag for tlie coll. 
*r^~* ,i'hoti(f : :i sort, a kind ; :i 
Chuuug. of affairs or im,i- 

dents: \dum(j , cJwtifi, 
sorts, kinds ; *<;A/«l ,'ho"fl、 

;<| ,/""'.'/ {《W, this kind ; 
,((;/"• ""/•, ,ch""'j ; /"• tliis 2>ar- 
ticular aftair. 

A fish with re<l eyes ami 
small wait's like the roach. 
In Jup.-in this ('haracter de- 
notes tho salmon : coll" 



Manjyr persons convers- 
injj aiiiieuhly; to talk iilcjis- 
''^ antly to one ; unitedly, as 

flatter ami then traduce. 

c To ri'stram, to bring 

Jj^^, Avitliiii limits ; to hold the 
f^J^^ britllo-rein ; to adjust, to 

tu regard order, to ecoD* 


Rc.kI f chic fin ; coll, 
(('/"'"〃, 08 in ',W"">,7 jteif, 
T 麵 i or M»f/ W'"'".'/, A 

■ sniall (lianioiid used lor 
cutting glass. 


To Piick, to draw the 
l»reast ; to lick, us a sore : 
"choi"f <U"f/, or chonff* 
<t7"?, to suck out uii ulcer. 


Superior, remarkable, 
one of a thousand ; to 
win, lo overcome ; to cx- 
fi'l ill wisdom, (; iniiiuiit, 
fxsiUed; unusual, strauj^e ; 
in the coll., fine, splendid ; 
attractive, agreeable ; pal- 
atable : *\'honf/* an 
eminent scholar; "cAw,/, 、ni、 
jrooH, excullcMit ; COM., "chong* 
Acu * tbe purchased degree of 
hrmjAeityj coll., 、"cMong chofi!,、 
excflHrig in goodness ; ',《y<, 
chough or chemj^ c1mi<i* or chony* 
vhidhy choiijf^ tine, most splendid t 
'ho chwty^ excelleut I 

} To stop work, to finish, 
i^V* to complete a task ; con 卜 
j)letctl, done; to stand 
鼠 titiil ; to wait aside, to re- 
tire ; proud : "kiP chwitf* 
to report the completion of; com., 
*\ieoiifi ckon{,、 completed ; "/>4' 
chonf/" "reported done," finisbcdt 
as :i temple. 

t 秀獎俊 

俊 士俊夷 

耀犖、 盹搬 

零, ® 

其代 1 

aii 厳 

1 3 


HJLk ) To see, to look at ; the 
H^Sr it:itne of a hero ui the Han 
cut (1》 "叫 

High! lofty, steep, ns 
moutitainfl ; irn|jetuon!«, 
liasty ; .stem, fovere, as 
one's tem|>er ; lofijj, t'x- 
tctidetl, hiroTf : V'/'o 〈,- 乂' 
ChUtt. 、hikuf ;、 liijrh and J>ieci|»i- 
tous ; ^itiffientf (t/kowc/ stern, 
exact— ; cfionff* Hidny^ 
ft lofty slope; *chonf/' kik^ ,il 
towering to the Bkieit; ,""., ex- 
alted, as doctrine. 

tn^y A hu8baii(1innn, a pen.'' 
ant, a rustic ; an officer 
who superintended t.lie 
' fieldn; the god of hiisbnnd- 
ry ; a district : *jMng 

chong* a superintendent of fields. 

Deep, profound, as wa- 
ter ; to dig a channel, to 
deepen a water course ; 
deep, eeriouBf as rever- 
ence ; abstruse, well-read ; 
n district in Honan : *ch(mg、 tWc, 
having deep wisdom. 

》Z、 , Interchanged with the 
preceding: deep, abstruse; 
reverential ; to dig deep; 
' necessary, shonld ; to take 
out, to appropriate, as an- 
other's property : *ckong* ^ngo H 
,setiff, taxes our property to nour- 
ish himself. 

Fat, fleshy, as a bird in 
season ; an excellent schol- 
0.00: ar; rac?;,. Pheasant dis- 
conree : ciiong^ nffcty ele- 
gant in style and senti- 
ment, as an essapr ; *fin^ chong* 
clever, excelling in intelligence. • 






A Stately lio"e ; diuni- 
fie«l, mnjt'stlr, ; exccflin;^ ; 
r!ipi*1 ; liigli, I'll '、、•"■('' 1 : 
ruM., poik, choHff ' or 
:i *paik) choiifi^ (,-"", the 

ii oi^fht fine hursts ― lii oriiaTiiciit:)! 
Il work. 

Hot footl ; fl»pfrn;r»ncif(9 
of :i im-ril, or <>i' :"i oftrr- 
iiijj in it'orsln'|>: to cjit tlic 
lenvin^fl ; ' V/"",,/> (f), tlic 
Icaviirg^ ; "d'n"'f the 
j frapinent« dixtnbutcd to the wor» 
j shipers. 

Bumplinffs of pluthiotis 
不 rice, wrap|>erl in K-aves :iti«l 
J-^S eaten on the 6th d:jy of thu 
6th moon : in the cofl. rtnul 
f\^\\ cha'eng^ q. v. 

To store up, to lay l>y ; 
to lioard, to treasure up ^ 
"^.^^ to contain ; to conceal, tcr 
hide, to secrete; to h- 
er, to accumulate: 
tc/w»w/7, to hide closely; , VAo^/i/jr ArV 
(fl,(«'",(/, to equip witli armor; met, 
to have tal^t in reserve ; com., 
**ich(mg cheky to hoard large qiiaii' 
tities ; *\chong 》.onff, or fphm'ff 
nffv)ok、 Jiong, to lay up provis- 
ions for the month ; "'flwy 、chof,{f, 
concealed, secret ; coll., "ichonff 
k'aunrf to lay by ; to FHde o"e,8 
»elf; "ichong te* aw.^' to secrete in 
ail undergroand vault j "ichonff 
,si'"ff h,ca、 Hau、 " hides the stars 
niid transforms the Dipper " ~ 
tricky, scheming. 

、 f J To preserve: to -cfend 
from injury; alive, to exist; 
{ 丄 to lay by ; to take cure of, 
• as of one's life ; to inquire 

困 §C 地睹 


藏. P 器 1 於 


诚 我以生 

tsi 天 



fttVor, M oneV health ; to attend 
cartifnlly to; roM., \chong chiei^ 
or fj ikovfjs to keep thc-simi- 
les of bank-bills for proof; ^jchouff 
Kin if to reserve law-cases ; coll,, 
i^ho^iff (•"'tf/ Hie^ to lay up in the 
in'uul ; 'j*k(mg U)hid inyai ^i<ing^ 
cherishes the wicked purpose ; 
、ichong or ichonff ichony to 
intend ; iVfumg cho ' ng^ ^chong 
eho * U'ill you do it or uot ? 7v/ 
ickojig unexpected ; ^hong au^ 
have thou^tit of the future ; icho?<f/ 
/fulAj V7r/(? pwong^ intend to do 
this for a living. 



I^Ct Hent in kind, rental, 
TmA rent ; to lease, to rent, to 
( \^ let; to hire;. tribute, taxes: 
• COM., ^chuy land-rent ; 
、 ,hu 卞 ou(j、 a ren t-con- 
tract, a lease ; \chu yok、 an agree- 
ment to rent; 《"' (c/(", seat-hire, 
as at theatres ; 亡 (chu, security 
for rent; 、iak、 or top ,chu、 
tt) pay rent; kHtng^ (chu, arrears 
of rent; •(cAVew ^hu^ or ch、ofc、 
,hu、 to offer to let ― as in posted 
notices ; ^ing ^tcong ^chu yo1c、 a 
perpetual lease ; 、"" <t、iu .chu^ a tax 
on rents ; colu, ^chu chHo、 or ^chu 
chHiP tev^ to rent a dwelling; ^chu 
f,woP to hire bedding ; ^t^d (cAm, 
to collect rent* 

《 OAu. A coll. word, as in ^cAu 
wai ^ or (chu wai、 hte^ 
here, iu this place. 

tZ^U A grandfather ; a pro- 
lllpl geuitor ; ancestors ; the 
- founder of a family ; an- 
' ceHtral temple ; origin, be- 
ginning ; the first, as of a 
family ; to do like, to imitate a 

founder; accustonit'd to ; to wor- 
sliip the M iiYMde gods : com., "(t'/"* 
/to^ granflfathor and father, ances- 
try ; ','t、/", c:hicn(t、 or V/'" ^sittiy^ 
iinccstors ; ^^^chtng ^cA?/, a greul- 
grandfather ; ^clwiuj 、ehu 、pi, a 
^reat'grand mother ; "(Z'tJ 'c//?/, a 
Ureat greiit-grandfather ; ? ifftcot , 
((,/m, Atid 7i(fW0i * 、(: hu"^"u、 tnuter- 
iial grandfather and jirandmother ; 
"(srt the first, as of a family 
― used for Adum wwA Eve ; 'V*ai, 
(('/"《, the first emperor of the dy* 
nasty ; "(c/m ngiek^ the ancentral 
estate ; "、chu (^rt, an originator, 
an inventor ; ^simg VA", a de- 
ceased grandfather ; lie} 、cku poky 
lie} Jc、io7"j、 lodves the old home 
but docs not forget his native 
tonguo ; COLL., 、、、chu ck、io》 the old 
homestead ; 、chu tdi ^ aidh^ 
pwo7i( 户 ; in employment perpetua- 
ted in a family* 

(t/rt To hinder, to impede, 
, H to obstruct ; to stop, to 
Chu wuse delay ; to oppose, to 
prevent ; grieved ; dunger- 
ons ; an impediment ; a 
defile ; to suspect, to doubt : 
i、"hibif7 ^chuy obHtnictions by 
land and water ; ,'(cA« 《Zie/, to 
detain ; ^^k^toong^ Wm, to coax 
and hinder ; com., 、\lang 、ehu、 to 
oppose, to stop ; 、"chit chek^ to 
prevent, to block the way ; 、cku 
、chi、 to hinder ; coll., ^chu Hi 
(nid teky ^kH ^si7ig^ prevented by 
raia from starting ; tefc) teu^ 
stopped him; ^chu md^ teu^ could 
not prevent him. 

(>^p| Interchanged with thch 
i tl above : to stop, to prohih- 
it ; to pass over ; to di- 
• vulge ; to destroy, to dis- 

W0 w 截 

&留 勸& 

蛆 厝險阻 

) 富菜 

始祖 太祖 

會祖 高胆 

招祖 柚租 

保龃 納祖 

7 R 

祖 榜祖約 

存 意地租 

c 肌 

comfit, to scare ; 、chu VA" to 
quarth, to intrigue against; "c7iw 
te^ obstructed. Read (Mrt: an al- 
fluent of the river Yaiijj-Tsz, west 
of K'irig-chau-t\i in H\ipeh ; an 
ancient district, now the extreme 
southwest of Shensi. 

c 么 J 


A basiin or boAvl like a 
tripod, used in Bacrifictjs: 
,《t'A" taiu} a basin used in 

Jttf Maggots in put rid flesh ;: 
flyblows, eggs of flies 5: 



i Art A band, a fillet, a string, 
a tape for tying the dress 
or hair ; a fringe or tuft 
' of silk ; to tie, to sew to : 
"cAm seu ' cap strings ; 
*'A'at (chu (hci itieng, to untie the 
cord and go home 一 to resign of- 

Also read ichtt : to taste, 
to bite ; to chew in order 
to taste : "vhu cMok、 to 

^Jfen Irregular teeth, which 
飽凡 do not interlock easily ; 
<iiscordant, as opinions, ia- 
• congruous; to bite, to eat: 
"c/m lugu, teeth like saw- 
teeth ; met., uncougeuial. 



A chick, H fledgeling; 
the callow young, of birds-: 
,(sieu jc/m, a fledgeling ; 
*yeng^ iChu, young swal- 

Rocks covered with 
earth ; cliffs. Read 'c/w, 
to obstruct, to Hinder ; an 
impediment ; a defile. 

'Ki'ok, iC/iu, Riiow-worms, 
found in Sz-ehueii. Re;id 
,c/iV; a centipede or milli- 
pede crtUod '"'cheA; 'cM, that eatii 
the brains of simkiia. 

-^tt Tb die ; dead ; a prvtli to 
Xftt tlic grave : iu the coll. dv- 
Thu ing, :w fowls ; gone ! (Jead ! 
■ ― used to avoid the com- 
mon term (H: "; c/"< lot" 
to Oie like falling leaves : coll., 
rclm (fcik ^kidnfj, ft. dying;' cUittk ; 
iOJiK k、6 ' {W, he*s dead r 

声 Interchangetl with Ihst :' 
V t| to go \\\y\ to proceed, to 
^ fptL travel \ to -preserve, to lay 
• up : "iC.hif (mmff, to pro- 
ceed ; "iCku .jC/i»V*y, to go 
forth war. 


A book, a volume ; a> 
record, a. letter, a writing ; 
'Shu— ^ocaruents, dispatches ; to 
u' write ; style of writing : 
"鋭, (chu, the six styles 
of writing ; .com., "(cM 'ping, an 
officer's correspondence ;• "tchu 
'king、 the Shocking— Book of 
Jlecord*; "翁 (cM, the Four 
Books ; "ffika seng' or 'chil chak, 
an epistle ; ,chU ka* book-fihelves ; 
、\ch'a ,paing、 a writer in a govern- 
ment office ; (chu ideny^ a scholar 
― now applied to the character of 
" teacher " in plays ; *\chU ^ngily 
the language of books ; mek^ (cli/ii, 
to re-write a book from memory ; 
•、、、kong (c/ra, to discourse from a 
book, to preach ; (chil ittmg, hoy 
waiters in schools ; (cAtt (pau, n 
satchel for books ; fChil 

沮 8 組 歸 6 龃 嘗 1。 螂 12 伊 18 狃 "六 17 書 "書 21 罄 
滯綬 田齬雛 蛆 祖往書 經信^ 
2 俎 * 解 ^ Vj、 '雪 去 "ffi 16 書 "四 2。 書 22 講 

S 組嚼 雛蛆落 鑼征稟 書辦誊 

JH.F1!, Dicr. 15 




book-oovere ; 'ho* tcAO, % portfo- 
lio ; *'eh*6 fdhOy or tht>Hf ,<^<*, a 
ranning-hand ; ,**au ,eha, an 
agreement in dividing an estate ; 
'cAfl, an almanac; coll., 
,cha 1*8*, ff'au'ld lejimine 
rcaohed only his h«id— a dull 
Bcholar ; ,oha a pedwl, » 
mere booWworm ; ,cAa <rtA> » 
preMingrlilock for books; ,i poky 
^ 0* Jboon^ he is tvoU read. 

Used for tBo next: a 
flue paid to redeem one's 
eelf; richcR, wealth, prop- 
erty; to slander, to bear 
fklse witness : \chll {(ikah 
property ; (cAO» iainily pos- 

Property, richea, goo3,、 
醫 things of value; neceswi- 
ties, articles wanted; a 
T"' fee, n douceur ; a treat, a 
present ; to take ; to trust, 
to rely on ; what belongs to one, 
what 18 natural, as disposition : 
\cha Awo' property, riches ; com., 
,ku>anq ,cAfl, a teacher** salary ; 
,ngwo%、 ,chn, the monthly pay (of 
omploy^R) ; *'chiu (c/ift, a douceur ; 
pck, fChtty the pay of a 'wnU'T or 
physician ; '.cAa 'pwonff, capital ; 
^chil chek、 ability, intelUgoilce ; 
COLL., Jitaig \chu, irages. 

To deliberate, to plan, 
to consult ; to Rtate or* ask 
( in writing ; a dispatch be- 
tween equals in rank; to 
sigh, an iuterjection, ah ! 
<th! "won<7* (CAa, to lament ; 
'、、 ,M ^cheu, to consult, as on of- 
ficial matters. 

Used for the last: to 
deliberate, to consiilt, to 
deviRc a way ; to inquire 
abont: ,,'cA<2 (ineu, to plan. 


f Manner, gait, form, —- 
riftge, air; beautiful, grace- 
ful ; agreeable parts ; nat- 
ural etiflownicnts : 、,,hmff 
,cJiH a fjtic fitrurc ; *\t^Unff 
tChn、 natural endowments ; ",chU 
cJuk、 a beauty ; u.ntural ability. 

k t —•^ . .n . A ^ —一, , m 

itSJU Also V 
nisnea ; 

Also read ibH: to collect ; 
rovidc for need ; fur- 
to asAiRt, to act 
jis second to : ",tttnff 
or ,chU (kunff, the heir- 

To discriminate, to dis- 
27? cusfl ; not. one alone, all, 
several, many, every ; in, 
respecting ; a prononn at 
the end oif a sentence, or 
a word implying doubt i a sign of 
the dative, on, upon, to, from, at ; 
it( is often introduced to make 
rhythm : need in the coll. in the 
tcfma for woman and danghter : 
COM., 、,tcAa ,Cihig ipu sak, all 
the celestial Budh8--24 in num- 
ber; 、',chn ihwanff, all, every; 
"<cha iheti, s feudal prince or 
viceroy ; ",cAa. oi* alt the per- 
sona, gnests, or places; coll., 
'ckn wa' ,tu understandB All 
that is BAid ; *\chil itiiong, or <cArt 
^nionff (nSnff, a woman ; ,cAU 
fiieng 'Hdnff, a daughter, a miss ; 
"<cha jnrlny, all those present. 

A d cop-seated ulcer ; a 
cirbnncle or anthrax ; in 
the coll . a kind of itch or 
T'n' rash : "'tanff ,cAn, an ul- 

|s 认 IIS 

f 位 y 

諸凡 諸侯 

an 9 


風 姿天姿 

3 H 


月資 酒资 

家货 8- 

逋 書紫財 



ctiratcd wound ; '(; .ch(l、 to 
Niick a sore ; coll., "^'eliHn (c/td, a 
rasl) on the hands ; *,snu(/ niafi、 
<c/"?, to have " the wlicat-rash " 
― during the harvest of the 3d 

The mustaches, which 
1 為 tlie Chinese wear long ; 
*i» beautiful, good-looking. 

Mnhuly, disease, infirm- 
ity ; un hnpLTt'ection, as a 
niole ; a iiiilinjr, a fault ; 
• an eccentricity: *^sieu (chil, 
a trifling blemish, as in 
one,8 character ; ^.ch^w'i i*u6 、kht 
(Chily to magnify another's foibles. 

walk slowly, imped- 
ed in going : *,c'/iUl 
hobbling, wulkiiig step by 

A common name for 
grains and pulse ; rice used 
《匸、 in sacrifices,. lYliicli must 
be of the besti; a cake of 
glutinous rice :■ \ndng 
fChU^ clean cooked-rice ; 、 (chil 
tjtinff, rice in vessels for sacrifice. 

Dark colored silk or 
satin ; the dark color of 
sediment ; black : '(cAa (《, 
dark clothes. * 

A weight equal to eight 
(<'a, or tne third 'part of a 
tael ― not now in use: 
" ,cha ^tf'Uy small weights; 
a mite. 

Unleavened cakes ; pall- 
id cakes, or dumplings made 
I'W of riyc-flour, called huuy' 





lA* "Waste, untillcd land : 
overgrown, jungly; to 
( clear new or waste land; 

sy\ ground under cultivation 
( one year ; to open a road ; 
Tzu. to cut, to rend ; a dead 
tree still standing ; tbe 
Olid of tlio aj^lc, in which 
sense used for next : "(cM 'mew, 
to extirpate grass and weeds ; 
cleared land. 

End of the axle within 
the nave ; treasure wagons, 
I'zu ' Of Puch as carry arms aud 

• spoil ; large wagons with 
places for sleeping and car- 
rying stores; manure carts : 、\chil 
Mi, baggage wagons; "(cAa fiilng^ 
traveling equipage, impedimenta. 

fjf* To thatch ; grass on a 
-^ijr Avail ; a spinous trailing 
plant with a triangular 

• seed; to collect ; "(chil 
(ku, the Caladium Sagitti- 

foliura, a species of Arum. 

M Pickled vegetables ; mel- 
ons, etc., salted { grass 
growing' in marshes 一 
sedge, rushes. 

To bear, to produce ; to 
_ suckle, to nnurisb, as ani- 
mals ; to grow ; loving, af- 
' fectionate, as mothers ; 
unwearied, repeated, dili- 
gent, in which sense the same as 
the next: also read ch^ q. v. 

Unwearied effort; dili- 
gent, persevering, untir- 
Tzu; "^6 ; self-denying, disintef- 
ested : fChil fC/iil jwi sieng^ 
to labor auweariedly in do- 
ing good. 


蔷 〇 

1 〇 

IS 衣 锱錄 

9 o 


i 〇 


求疵 〇 

生麥痕 〇 


a A phonetic particle used | 
in the. Shi King at the end I 
of sentences, as an aftiniv j 
Htive ; this, that ; many, as ; 
Hacrificial vessels set in or- j 
<]er ; an ancient name of the 6th | 
month : also read 力"/ 丄 q. v. : "p*i \ 
、ag6 ,sic .chili not what I think of; 
^.pihif/ taiu^ Hu ^chi/y many sacri- 
.ficiul vessels. 

The lower parts of one's 
G;arnients : also road ^cA d 
' ^/ and <chai, (】• v. : 、i; kh、 (ch a 
^sinr/ itong^ to hold up the 
rotes and ascend to the 

ifel^ Also read ^chie: to spenk 
^Z^'^ hastily or unadvisedly, to 
'( speak without thinking; to 
~j|J)^ slander, to vilify ; to think, 
icpi^ to consult : to limit, to re- 
Tiiu. 、strict ; faulty, impertinent, 
disorderly : ngie * to 

slander, to plot against, 

HF+* The female hemp plant ; 
曰 sackcloth ; a rush, a sedge, 
•( used for sandals ; coarse, 
' unpolished : "pwo to 
repair detects.; to correct, 
:H8 bad essays. 

、 《《< A river in the northeast 
yfag of Shantung, flowing into 
Tz^ the sea ; a district in Shan- 
* tung ; a dark color. 

^fif' Also read Jiw? : to raise 
thti eyes, to stare at ; to 
soowl, to look angrily ; self- 
satisfied. 】2e:id ,Ji、wl、 a 
ri 'ver ti-ow in g int o lake 

Hunor-tf^eh in Kian<?su ; a district 

of Kwei-teh in Honan, 



ofjrot ; 
liead ; 

Also road chhV : birds 
or beasts deticiont in some 
( Z ^ mem her; monsters; abom- 
inable ; old putrid bones 
c^JnJ liaving some flesh on: 
^'jnai ^chil^ to burv putrid 
flesh. ' 

The 21st. zodiacal con- 
^'telliitioii in Orion's lieud; 
a lurge tortoise called \chil 
JdL Read ,e/tw(\ the 
horns of an owl ; the crest, 
to I'aise the crest on the 
to bristle up, to look in- 
to pout the lips in anger* 

Read -j^hi); coll., ,chil : 
as in \chil a fine flavor, 
Tzu as of crabs. 

c A son, anciently it meant 

~| * a cliild ; a boy, a lad, a 

person ; an heir, posterity, 
' issue ; interest on money ; 

seeds of plants ; a sage, a 
philosopher, a venerable and wor- 
thy man ; Confucius ; you ! sir! a 
term of address somewhat like 
comrades ; a degree of nobility, a 
viscount ; the first of the 12 stems, 
denoted by the rat ; the third 
watch— from 11 o'clock, P. M., to 
1 o'clock, A. M. ; the people in 
distinction from tTieir prince ; a 
spot, as of dirt, or on dice; ad- 
ded to nouns it often lias a dimin- 
utive sense ; the 39th radkal: 
COM., ^'chtl sek, a son ; offspring ; 
、\nang "^chii, a son, a boy ; i、S"t 
'cha^ a daughter, a girl ; ''^^chil 
,song fid, guardian of posterity ― 
a god of the niUHi(M|>al temple ; 
〜h(X ^song 、thi(j、 "posK"'hy nails" 
― stuck in riw offered at raves, 
or on ohaw^ing one's place of rosi- 


女 子子孫 

?-于 〇 

t 〇 



,麟 〇 



賴苴 〇 

雙議 〇 

P 齊升堂 

P 豆有且 

匪 我思且 


rnrj. 113 

-doiice ; ^'tiotifi U'hiK the eldest j 
son; Hek、 、'- hU, cljililrtMi by the ! 
principal wife ; ,; <i:''A & an 
adopted son of the same sur- 
name; ^^chil "'ft, sons aiid daupjht- i 
; ers ; td ^ younger sons and 

^brothers; 、 t",pt ^song ^chSlng^ 
the hours ^chu aiul 、h《ju (waUM- 
nnd tire) conflict:; met , opposition 
in the destinies of two persoiw; 
'(cAtt sd * or pmin(f a son- 

in-law ; n、ai) ^ch(l^ the heir ap- 
parent ; \kv ng 、(: hU, sons of tlie 
nobility ; 、\iimf "xhu、 the sons of 
men ― used for the Son of man, 
fthe Savior; ^khmg "^cJiil^ov ^^k^ung 
Jiu 、chil、 Confucius ; ^'^o^^i hok、 
^chii^ a child born alter the death 
of the father ; ngitk^ ((! //u、 a dis- 
obedient son ; 'Vie' W'ft, ancient- 
ly children of nobles, now of the 
gods ; 、ngu ^chil 《teug , 人 "'"o, five 
sons all Kiljins ; ^chu ^soitg 〜t、io)ifj, 
the two middle rafttM's of :i roof; 
eky ^chil ^kH Jc6 ileu, one son raises 
the high tower, i. e. has talent, 
jc'/-^^ To bear, to carry ; to 
1 1 - undertake, as nn otricer : 

"(( ,力 a (I, 化 nf, ―》 enff 
• able to sustain important 
offices ; COM., 、"ch(l sd ) 
jeareful, discriminating:^ 

Also read ^f^htl: to 、vml 
and hoe earth aroutid the 
roots of pliints, to hill- 
To boil in 、vtit<M', to stCAv, 
to steep, to decoct; t o cook, 
to dress food; l)<>il<3d, cook- 
ed : COM., "卜, ''"2 Silk , tu 

cook thoroughly ; ' ch n 
itieng^ to boil with sweet- 
ening in ; ^chitng (r 力 《7,, 
to fry nnd then stow ; 




V/〃7 to boil soft ; teh*l 

iHuuH ^ •'、!、') not boiled throngli ; 
V//'l siA/i, to rook lood ; ^ch^anfj 
、'! n"t pfjfij cooked without 

('omlimcnts; 、'hU ,}"""j、 to pre- 
pare opium for the ])i{)0 ; V/'" 
'chin} kah\ HIAng^ boil wator and 
it sticks to the pan; met., unset- 
tled, vexatious. 

^ . A ruler, n lord, a mas- 
. I • ter ; tlie cliief, the hoad ; 
亡 a host ; to gDveni, ti> rule; 
• to make one tlie head ; 
certainly, undoubtedly, am 
a lorcTs behests : in the coll. read 
、chlo、 q. v.: 、〜h(l Jcung、 or "-chil 
your l)ighnesB ! my lord ! 
the emperor ; "(Mrt te》 to rule 
(the empire) ; ^Jamg Wtrt, the 
dmighters of the emperor; ^ping 
^ cht'l^ guest and host; com., ^""islng 
(ehU、 or (^sing ^chil ^pd^ tlie ances- 
tral tablet ; chev{,、 、chiX、 to place 
the tablet in tlie ancestral temple; 
COLL., Heny to mark or dot 

the tablet ― as done by an invited 
person of distinction, 

1 A prop, a post, to shore 
^"T- up ; to pierce ; to stick ; 
^ to point at. 

To fly upwards, to fly 
Iiiijli ; to soar like llio 
]>hoiji\' : hoiHj^ ^cltit^ the 
pheiiix flies high. 

A sort of troo oonsid- 
ored tlic l»(^st of all tm,s, 
'lassed with tl", yow, 
c'y))ross nnd codar ; to cm it 
Llooks for V>ooks ; one's 
villnsxo : "(霸 7 、chf'l, mulhcrrii'S 
niul yews (planted by amvst(),、), 
1 1 once one's l)irtlii>la**o : ( ch il 



ch、't'>'iHf、 a ciiljiiiet-inakfr ; 


卿 主桑梓 

主治 A$l 

重任 仔細 

肚子 仔肩 

子 膿子 

人子 孔. H< 

太子. < ^、子 

相冲 靖 

子 弟子午 

5 6 

長子 嫡子 


;" g UV Jcunj, II title of the god 
of litonitiire. 

《k An aflluent of the river 

J>i& llwai, near lloochow, in 
I fI Hon:ui ; nn islet ; uUuviou 
T's"* in ; I river: \chiH (('Art, an 

(XJZ A mulbcrrv (broussoii- 
yRST eti:i papvlora) from the 
I FI bark of which pi"'r :uul 
Cli'u' cloth c!\n be made : ; : 

't7<rt, aleafot'].:\pt'r; 'chil ! 
^deng (se"ff, a fine quality uf>: 屮 e「 jl 
Somotiines read <:•/'.':-' <^ '.• 
a large ruiniuitnt with a. 
bu8hy tail (u yak?). 
*(7Aa. A coll. word : a brogue 
for (eh'tci, water. 

]S[;vterual affection ; love, 
kindness, mercy, conipas- 
i yu\ sion; gentle, soft, tender 
to; a motlier: :VArt 
iUf/i^nt/j niothei- and Eith- 
er; benevoloJit and 
merciful'; com., \fca ichi" my 
mother; \cha conpassion- 
ate; \cha ,pH iui 'pwo'tg, com- 
passion is the chief thing— a Bud- 
hist saying ; \cha ,.w'"/7, K»n«- 
l,o:irted ; *sen</ icAa, of a kind 

fe- The fishing cormorant, 
W the rhalftcracorax ; i v'ad- 
er, a kind of heron: 'V" 
jMa, the fishing cormo- 
rant; '7o' ; cAa, a white 
T'zu: egret with pendeut crest. 
V* Herbs and shrubs grow- 
J^i ing in great abundance ; a 
^•pnA 賺 t', an adjective, this, 
Tzu- that ; an adverb, now, the 
present ; a conjunction, but, 
Rtill: "Muff icha, the present. 

港嚴 i 悲 Ar^、 銭 

ifr t '慈 爲 '性 1' 鷺 
S i m 本 慈 紫 


— — 

Used for tho last : sweet, 

pleasant, rich ; humid, 

― soft ; t(t iiiercivsi?, t<、 grow ; 
Tzu. -- - - 

to oni-icl) ; to moisti'M, to 
fertilize ; to riso, to over- 
flow ; uioisluro, juices, snj) ; mi- . 
uiorous, ninnv : ' ';' /<<? (roll. , (;/ <«7. 
e>) a line flavor; "; xtu' to j;ot 
(i)> :i row-; 'V'/''? 'j 剥, to ''irenirth- 
on, as by tonics ; com., 'V'/'" ,?'!/ 
ku".»'f ""ro, to nourish the vital 
secrutious :vn<l ilepress the ipiioous 
principle, as by cooling i'ovd. 

The loadstone : -. p<、m'- 
• ; ire : *\ch(l I 
―. -, , tiM' loadstone 
attracts the ricc<lle; «!om., 
〜'.h'a /:'e' crockery, fine 
pottery; ',vm!fiChil、 foreign china- 
ware; coL'r" '\cha k'e\/uci, pulver- 
ized porcelain. 

■ ^、人 The loadst 
lain, chinawH 

f^*^ Also read ,cAa ; a hoe, 
called ".cha ,ki, having » 




long, narrow blade.. 

Also read ,cM : twins ; 
to bear twins ; to grow 
rc>ad ma in 


^jt* Also read ,cha : a small 
|Mt round tripod ; a round lid 
or cover of a tripod. 


(67) Chui. 

^Chut. A coll. word : an inde- 
pciukMit demonstrative i)it>- 
lumn, this : 'chid 《t7"", 
this, this thin*;; 夂' ^^。^) 
i give tliis to him ; "7"" i'"' 
cA'ga' 、k(m !, 'ti, how can this be 
told or explained ! 

>4 "滋 "'滋 17 磁 Pi 

玆 事陰石 2 & m 
'滋 15 滋 降 引 m 

S 補 火針器 5 


(68) Chuk. 

■JUCf A bnib of n dart; to 
fVj^ collect, to draw together, 
'Y^^* .18 a banner does ; a dun, a 
3"" tribe; a fainily, or kindred 
of the ftftine surname ; de- 
crees of kin ; a class, a kind ; 
' " chiti <ihuk、 aquatic niiimals ; 
COM., 、,ch,titg chuki of the same 
rlan ; 、chuk、 Hioug^ the chief of 
a cl:in ; 'chuk、 (//'wo, genealocricjil 
register of the clan ; Vcot * chuk、 
.1 clan that produces officers ; 
*rhuk\ wot}<f a flourishing clan ; 
,',/""', fkauff thing id* fellow* 

The barb of a dart or 
arrow, iron head of a dart ; 
■"T" -- sharp-pointed: "chH chuk^ 
or cliimg* chuki the barb 
of .in arrow. 

Used for the last and 
the next : tufts of small 
Tsj^ bamboo ; thick, luxuriant 
growth, as of trees or 
flowers ; a mold for cakes. 

To collect, to crowd to- 
pother ; a crowd of poo- 
pie; aframework, or whisk, 
' OQ which the silkworms 
spin their cocoons, called 
*ichang chid\. Read chain* one 
of the notes in music. 

A phenix of a carnation 
color ; a species of large 
duck near river banks. 




An ancestral temple ; an 
ancestral tablet ; what is 
T honored ; to honor, to rev- 
erence ; that to which nico 

recnr or resort ; to revert to ; the 
natural center; the origin or source 
of; a clan, those of the same 8ur- 
name : '*,tHeiiff ,c/nmff, the celes- 
tial bodies ; *\ckunff '—,•".{/ "m, 
Board of the imperial kindred ; 
fChtmff, seaK, riven*, moun- 
tairjs ; "fiok、 ^chiA ,ch,"i《f (cM, 
students revere him (Confucius) ; 
pni ' VAm (c/t«n〃, to dis^fraoe 
one's ancestry ; com., ** ,chung^chny 
oryjiu ^ehung, ancestors; 
mien* an ancestral temple ; ,ehunff 
chukf fellow-cJansmen ; '*,phun(/ 
thing, senior kinsman f- ~ a cora- 
pellatioD ; "(Chung td* I,, your 
young kinsman. 

1;^ To rejoice ; pleasure, 
jrt delight ; to think over, to 

; 5* The noise of water ; 
ijr mnrmnring, flowing wa- 
ter; bubbling, as a fountain. 

*^ An ancient badge of 
princely dignity, eight or 
" nine inches wide, octavo- 
"g' II a1, with a bole in it: 
"p^ek, <chung、 round and 
square gems, anciently worn by 

U/t^ A vestige, a trace; s 
mMu track, a footprint ; to fol- 
<^jj' low in the track of anoth- 
IJ'i* er ; "fjo'eu (chunff, strap- 
glinp footsteps ; met" un- 
Teung. settled, vagrant ; com., 
(Chnng chek, a footprint ; 
a trace, a clue to ; ,?《 
(Chuvff ill chek、 no clue whatever. 

To recede, to retire ; 
― to act aa if returning ; to 
^Taone go back ; to follow ; a rev- 
olution of the moon; self- 


p 踪無跡 

I 示兄 J 禁 



地宗 o 

天 it- 宗人 

8 Ok 

,! s 




abashed, Kelt-l\ainiliatc(l : ' xMiUj 
{W〃,/、 unable to advance ; to 
shrink from, to desist. 

S 凶 A kind of boiler ; a run, 
rn<<» a hunk, us of hoinpcn 
cITJ^ thrciuls ; to count ; nivme 
of a place. 

A mane; rid go of Wis- !| 
^ tics OH a hog's iiet-k ; in the 
coll. read 、cf—, q. v. 

Perpendiculnrly, doAvn- 
TKrC wat-tl ; a ineridi.iii line ; a. 
* irir# vestige, a step ; the first 
also read cheiliuf ami the 
second ^ch'-ang, ichil/iff, 
Tsung. ami cheCiny^ q. v. 

K A pig six months or a 
Y year old ; a }>i^, n, shoto ; 
*• the last of a Utter ; a lit- 
g' ter ; met,., niany, numer- 
ous : 、 (chung Jdhig, sniuU 
and large pigs. 

mA sort of tall thuja or 
yew, wliicli furnislies tim- 
ber ; to beat, as a drum. 

A kind of gomati palm, 
the clianicprops, whose 
bracts furnish coir for 
"tH--^ ropes, mats, &c. ; the coir 
j'J/J^ from tlieborassus gomatus; 
Tsung. a dark brown color, uinbcr: 
in the coll. read (chi'ti 仏 q.v. 

, Chung. A coll. Avord : cold, 
shivering : JctCtk. kidk^ 
(Chiivfjf, or lc、auk、 人 
,chunff、 or Jc^oitg ,lc、onq (ch'unfj, 
in a great shiver :iiul teeth chatter- 
ing ; 'A;'i ^chu7i(j^ besjin to shiver, 
scil. when cold weather commen- 

To collect and tic u|» ; 
to unite the whole; to 
I > combine or compreheml 
in o' 出 ; all, altogether, the 
7>Vi> 、vl'olu ; still, nevertheless ; 
Tsung. :i supervisor, one who con- 
troIf4 all ; a generic term ; 
oi'iicrally ; in the coll. cer- 
tainly, positively: coM.,'eX*/cA?W(7, 
! ill in 01)0 ; 、、'h, Jconff, a sum- 
mary, :in outline ; "'ehnng keilng^ 
ov keil/iff 'c/nnif/, or "chung kiekt 
the Slim tot:il; ,、、)u'nf/ 8o, or ^c/mng 
p'w/ a gt'iicral account book, a 
ledger; °((:/t'"w// 'kimng, or *'^ch\m<f 
(仏 to have entire control of; 
、。、'.h'vnff Ay 人' 5 a viceroy ; ^\ch'-i'eng 
(chung, a chiliarch, a colonel ; 
、〜! 顏 r^:/>07\ examiners for the 
Chiiisz desfree ; coll., " ' lung 
(c/""',/, all, the whole ; ""xhrnig 
'chunp, wholly, certainly ; "(c/ 卿. (/ 
("'(J, a model, a synopsis of; 
"'chuyiff tioh^ certainly, must; 
、(''hw", ptcoh, ch6 ' bent on doing ; 
J- "r.h'mg ifi, he'll surely come; 
'cinmg ; 《'm'., the boss of a job ; 
'ehimg a general uame or 


To equalize, to fix, to 
adjust ; to level, to meas- 

«urf ; a rule, a gauge, a 
plimib, a line ; even, exact, 
just ' to rim true, as a 
Chun, watch : "tchmg chnik) a 
nilfe*, a model ; " ( pieu 
'cJtuncj, fixed, settled ; 
COM" 、。(ckun!/ 'JH', the "many-hand- 
ed " Budli ; COLL., "(chwng J^'cm, 
the exact aira, as in archei'y ; 
'^\chdng ikidng d ' ^cfnm/jf md ' 
'chung, dbes the clock run right 
or not ? 

賈準 o 

,行 餹準 


準則 檩 * 

1" 8 

^^^^ ^^^^ 



總 共總結 

8 一 ^^^^ 

•A hlA n 


CHtTNG. 117 

^ vy/. To permit, to approve ; 
/xt to hear or answer, as a 
Jh^i^ p.i'ayer ; to allow, to de- 
g' cide ; to receive, as impe- 
rial orders on a certain 
day : COM., 、poJc, ^chung (coll. ng、 
^ehung)^ not granted; '\p'-ie (c^im 仏 
to approve officially ; ^^chung pe) 
to make ready ; 、、chung Jci t6^ to 
answer prayer, as God does ; coll. 
、chung sioh^ sidng^ ka^ granted 
on one throw of the divining 
blocks ― one block with the ob- 
verse, the other with the reverse, 
nide up. 

( Chung. A coll. word : to guess : 
、chung (chi, to guess dice, 
cash, or seeds, held in the 
hand ; ^chung me^ to guess rid- 
dles ; ^chung tioK to guess cor- 
rectly ; '^chmig ^ting me^ to guess 
enigmas on lanterns ― in the first 
month ; k'^eilk, '■nil '■chung nioh^ 
wai ^ how many do you guess ? 

<+y^t Read '^sung in the dic- 
tionaries; to point a piece of 
( , 1» wood and fit it into a hole ; 
A'^E a tenon, a wooden spike. 

( h^tw Poor and distressed ; 
^ harassed, pressed : \k、ung 

< ' '■chung pok、 ha} worn out, 
Jt'^^ harassed incessantly, dis- 
I tracted with cares. 

Lofty, eminent ; in the 
highest degree estimable 
T , and honorable ; noble, ex- 
Bung' alted ; worthy of worship ; 
to adore, to praise, to ex- 
tol ; to revere ; to collect, to fill : 
^iChung 么 vw.v lofty ; great, 
honorable ; (,chung (tH'mg 

t6^ to revere heavenly principles; 

^chung dieu, the whole mommg ; 
ichung^ or ichung Uilng^ 
to respect profoundly ; com. , 
\chung paV to worship ; ichung 
hong) to obey reverently ; 、。<fihung 
(ang, Chungan, a district in Kien- 
ning prefecture, celebrated for 

A thicket, a bushy place; 
crowded, as trees ; bushy; 
collected , assembled in 
numbers : *cA'<5 muk^ 
_ ^chung, grass atid trees 
Ts'ung. crowded together ; com., 
" iChung Jing, a thicket ; 
"twai i <fihung Jing, a 
large monastery. 

ni. Smaller streams flowing 
r/. into the main river 一 trib- 
I utaries ; the meeting of 


A bell, a clock : com., 
\chUng tjcu, bells and 
^ drums ; " ( chilng ^ang 
kang、 a temple of the 、ngu 
td ' at the j Yong bridge, 
Foochow ; ^"cheiX^ iming (chUng, 
a clock ; 、\chUng ^pieu laing、 a 
clock and watch shop ; taung^ 
^chilng, to ring or strike a bell j 
(Chilng 'hiong, the bell sounds ; 
"tchUng ; km, a belfry ; coll., 'Xnoi 
Heng 〈chUng, what o'clock is it ? 

A measure equal to 64 
or 100 Hau; a cup or gob- 
^c(ims let ; to collect ; to bestow, 
to confer ; to repeat ; 
heavy ; gifted with, en- 
dowed ; again, repeated : "(chilng 
aV very dear, beloved ; com., 
sang'' ^chUng, the surname 
Chilng; "(chilng Jci, a god who 

鍾 愛鍾爐 

Its f 褸- 

自 鳴鐘鐘 

5 6 

鼓, 山澗 

大 is 鐘 

2 8 

f 叢林 

尊祟 祟拜 

8 9 

謝祟天 a 

暇祟高 〇,h 

禱 倥傯不 I 

准傭 准祈凡 

8 4 1 

不准 枇准, 

1 2 

, i 

118 CHtlNG. 

bastard ; coll. "'chiXng 'chi, seed ; 
,? ^chUng^ to sow, to plant; chHoh) 
tchUng, seed-rice ; sioh^ ^chUng 
loi} of the same kind or species. 
(|^^ The heel ; to follow one, 
to imitate, to go after one ; 
to visit ; to tread hard ; ta 
connect : **chiek^ ^chiitiffy 

(J;^^ Fire burning up ; to kin- 
《^^ die, to burn : com., "*A«je 
'chilng, an ember or coal 
g' to kindle with. 

To swell up, to tumefy ; 
a swelling ; inflated, swoll- 
en : COM., "ip*eu '•chUng, 
swollen, inflated ; ^wwiff 
(chilng、 jaundiced and 
Chung, puffed ; "ichUng tionff* 
dropsical ; ai fining ^chUnj 
tukj a sudden swelling or 
sore ; cou,., mtk^ cheng^ *r.hilng, 
the eyes much swollen; ^chilng 
^kH sK, to swell up, to bloat. 

To listen to, to follow, 
/4V|- to comply with, to agre^ ; 
L'r^ to believe in ; commencing 
g' from, place of origin ; a 
preposition, throusfh, by, 
from, in ; since, whence ; a way, 
a manner ; compliance ; a follow- 
er : also read ,chh'lng and chBUng* 
q. V. : ichUng mienff^ to assent to 
one's face : com,, ^*ichilng meng^ 
to obey orders ; ichdng ch'iUng* 
to follow the many \ ,,cJiilng jneng^ 
at couvenience ; \chilng ekwong^ 
i compulsory ; *\chil7ig ^chitng^ for - 
- merly ; ichiia 口 、ku 、i frojn 
former times to the present ; 
iChUnfj (cA'.rt hain^ from this time 
[i on, henceforth ; iChiluff ilio/if/, to 
jj relbrin, as a prostitute ; so'"ff* 

* 3 撐 嗜 S 臨 

h said to extirpate evil spirits. 

A long-headed grasshop- 
per ; a species of locust : 
\chilnff csU, a green locust 

To beat •with a pestle ; 
to pound, to pulverize, to 
grind to powder : com., 
^fChUng (mi, to pouiul or 
hull rice in a raortar ; coll., 
Cbuug. *fCh'(ln</ 人 "0》 a stone mor- 
tar; fChUnff /;'o' dUii, a 
pestle ; (Ckilng ch、d ) to 
pound rice into flour; ^chilng 
tpUnff、 to flatten by beating ; 
ikitng it^au (chUng, to beat 、vith 
the fists. 

"^yCf The end, termination, a 
tfe^ finis ; death ; to end, to ter- 
' ' 、 roinate ; to end one's days ; 
ung' to the last ; at length, final- 
ly : *seng^ <t'/t<i'>w, to per- 
form obsequies carefully ; com., 
*sitng^ iChUng^ a peaceful death ; 
'fChflHff (sinff, a lifetime ; \m ^sU 
lU iCkilnff, without beginning or 
end ; ichiong ^sU ^chiong n.(f, 
complete from lirst to last ; "lUng 
(chUnff, near death ; (chU'n.g ^kiu, 
.It last, finally ; ^iC.hUng (sing Jcitk^ 
ki/ioh^ to reap life's resnhs ― at 
death; "(cAftw《 ,« // twcd' sBU' 
the great matter of lite ~ i. e. mar- 

A seed, u germ, a, kernel ; 
a sort, a kind, a class'; that 
„ wliich sprouts : COM., 
*■ "itiouf/ 、chu)iff、 to trans- 
mit, to propagate ; . (onfjr 
(chting, sprouts of grain ; "(jiffn 
'chflnff^ little fishes; 'chUtif/ 
'chf)n</^ sorts, kinds ; ',t;/"":j 
^chaiif/, mixed ; illegitimate, u 

從 權從前 

腫 賬從命 

種子 接蹯 


大事 種 

結局 終身 




終 |K 身 

白 ^ 終 

斯 f 米 



ic/iUnff, to obey, to follow ; 'rhaP 
; chUng ho^ ch'ok) ka* ^chUng 
,fm、 before marriage she obeys her 
father, after marriage her hus- 
band ; COLL., 'ickUnff ^t^au ek\ ne* 
item by item from the first; VArtw/jr 
,8i"ff chai' cho* 'X*'?, to make over 
new again. 

(71) Chwa. 

Read 'ckatt; coll. ,chwa: 
to scratch, to titillate ; to 
tear with claw's; to grasp, 

■ to snntch, to clutch : \chwa 
( pa Hi&ng, to grasp by the 

collar ; *tch,oa 'la. 如 ng, to mark 
or scratch in clutching ; * fihtm 
md ' tioh'i fails to dutch it. 

Read (Cha ; used in the 
Paik Ing for the coll. 
Ch<a (Chwa : to take ; to pull, 

■ to draw, to drag; to pull 
out, to draw, as lots r the 

preceding character is commonly 
used instead of this : \chwa cA'o 足 
to pull out ; , (chwa tChHkng, to 
draw lots; *fihwa tpdy to draw 
cards ; " (chwa Jc'-'eng^ to draw a 
bad card. 

< TT^ Claws, talons, nails ; to 
11 V scratch, to cUw; to take 
; ha^ up with the fingers ; an 
' agent, a minion ; the 8Vth 
radical : also read (cka"., 
K^. v.: '"'cA'dca claws and 

teetli ; 7net., emissaries, assistants. 

<72) Chw,ah. 

Chtoahy A coll. word : to vary 
from a model or stand- 
ard ; to err, to miss, to 
mistake : yong* ^chau chwah^ 义" (5' 
varies from the pattern ; kauk、 
-AtooA, abone displaced, sprained. 

(73) Chwai. 

{ CImal A coll. word : to eat: 
iclnoai kaing* accustomed 
to eat it ; ichxoai '/w», or 
iChoai (pa ^pa, to cat heartily ; 
ic/ncai md * U6 ' can't eat it all. 


To grasp, to lay hold of ; 
to take up with the hand. 

To bind, to tie ; the lap* 
ping of a selvage, as in 



Also read chwang*: to 
lollect, to assemble, to 
come together ; to place 
a coffin in a dead house ; 
poles and thatch to cover a coffin. 

An awl, a gimlet, an 
auger, a drill ; to bore, to 
*T8UM di'ill, to pierce, to perfo- 

■ rate ; m<?., to worm your- 
self into, to investigate se- 
crets ; to pry into, as abstruse 
doctrines : 、"\c1mang ,chi (mi 
Jcihiff, th« farther you bore the 
harder it is ; met., deep, abstruse ; 
COM., **(€hwang le* to toil for 
wealth, avaricious. 

Also read chang*: to 
walk, to advance ; to flee, 
to run away ; to scattei;, 
to put to flight ; to hasten, 
to urge, to quicken, to 
, "(tf/iwowy pwo* to hasten 
one's steps. 

To connect tilings to- 
gether, to continue, to car- 
? 8= 了 I'y on, to take up where 

■ another left off ; to imi- 
tate, as virtues : 、" chwang s'&il* 


press : 


1 彌堅 

e 抓 H 着 o 

-起 #B 襯 

從 新再傲 


從頭 一 二 


出 嫁從夫 

在 家從义 




or "chwang iSmg-> to carry on the 
work of a predecessor. 

Interchanged with the 
last: a kind of carnrftion 
T?>!^ band or cord,- a red tassel 
s "*°* or tape ; to connect ; to 
collate ; to compile a work : 
"chwanff (siu, to collate, to ex- 
amine and revise. 

Also read ehang、 : a sort 
of stone scepter made 
with a cup, used in pour- 
ing out libations ; a kind 
of bottle used in worship. 

' Chwang, A coll. word : full- 
fleshed, hearty, hale, 



(1^3 > Read ( hwang ; coll. 
chwang) in imitation of 
Q^^^ Foochow Mandarin : to 
H 画.' profit, to make gain in 
trade : ^cJmang'^ le^ to make 
gains ; \t6 chwang) ^kwi (a 
iChimg^ gain a few cash more. 

^ppi To eat, to drink ; to feed 
^jft persons, to provide for; 
Chua^ dressed food; delicacies, 
' condiments, relishes : se7ig^ 
chwang^ a rich bun que t ; 
COM., \ngau chwang^ meats, del- 

To regulate, to correct, 
to dispose in order ; to 
Chuan^ grasp ; to compose, to re- 
• cord ; a statute, a rule ; a 
received maxini ; a busi- 
ness, an act ; to edit, to revise 
books, to publish : clmang^ 
to record ; a title of the first Han- 
]in academician ; "V chwang; 
strange, marvelous ; ^clmang ^ 
chie^ to compose works. Read 

mung、 to reckon. Read (s07"j, 
to select, to commission. 

^gg- Used for the last : to 
p-Ht admonish, to exhort by 
SO precepts; to communicate 
• instruction: "chwang、wi《j、 
to write essays ; ^''chwtmg^ 
mJc) to narrate. 


聯 ik 



To beat anything with 
piece of wood ; a kind 
of hard wood. 

lll^ Read fiwi; coll. ^chwi: 
full, jutting out, promi- 
ei】t, as a forehead \ full 
' and rising in the middle, 
as the contents of a ves- 
sel : " (chwi Jceng^ or (chwi (k、i Ji、 
rising, as leavened bread* 

c If^ Water, liquids, fluids ; 
y jC fluid, running ; clear, wat- 
-^j^j ery, limpid ; aquatic ; a 
' stream, a river ; a tide, the 
tide ; a passage, the time 
of going by water from one place 
to another ; danger by flood, in- 
undation ; the first of the five el- 
ements ; a discount on coin or bul- 
lion ; trivial, common, as water; 
easy, gentle, unstable ; the 85th 
radical : com,, ^^Hl 、hwi, rain water; 
r"chwi a town at the foot of 

the Min rapids ; 、-〜 hwi '/mo Jiu, 
M'ater-carriei's and tire-kindlers ; 
tdiwi twciP spring tides ; 
(sieu, neap tides ; 、〜hwi (k', hnlt- 
nioon dumplings, stuffed nnd boil- 
ed; ""xhwi senr/^ the nature of 
w ater ; met" yielding, as said of 
bud "women ; ^^^chwi rjivr/^ ripples ; 
^^so7i(f tchwi, to go Avith the tide ; 
〜.hwi k、(mk、 a puddle ; ''^\chioi 

水紋 順水 


夫,. 5 

3, 卩, 火 

顦高 雨水 

1 2 

異朮 j 

X-0 -A^^ ^^^^ 

異 撰撰制 

幾個錢 〇 

聰 利多賻 

1 i 


OigiXng, quicksilver ; 〜,hwi Jilng^ 
a tirc-engine ; ^^chwi ^simg Jiwa、 
the Narcissus ; ^^cfmi 、hw(、 J,u^ 
large pewter heaters used in liquor 
and barber shops ; "chwi pwo^ 
the water-gate ward in Foochow 
suburbs ; coll., 、chwi Jiung^ the 
water is roiled ; ^chwi p^wok^ scum 
on water ; ^^chwi Jci、 a frog ; a 
flower of the 3d and 4th moons ; 
^chwi (ma、 a water-spider ; 〜htoi 
iSng, a pale red ; ,(chwip;au、 bub- 
bles; (chwi p'a^ blisters ; 
toai ' ^chwi Hhc sidh^ tek^ tiohi has 
become acclimated here ; ch6 * 
^chwiy watered, as rice to increase 
its bulk ; to play in •water, as a 
child ; "c/mi Hong, floodtide ; 
a;chwi p^'wong^ ebb-tide ; ^chwi 
Pauk、 or 、chwi tah^ water reced- 
ing or drained off; (chwi ^ch^au^ 
a naval review ; ^chwi J^u Md} 
water runs down ; met.y to put 
the blame on subordinates ; ^chwi 
^chHeng ^ngll himg^ in shallows 
the fish appears ; met., kno\vn by 
plain facts. 

(77) Chwo. 

This syllable in its various tones 
is interchangeably read Chio、 q. v. 

(78) Chwoh. 

This syllable in its various tones 
is interchangeably read Chioh^ q.v. 




To plege, to p'w" ; an 
excrescence, a blemish ; 
unsuitable ; verbiage, tau- 
tology ; connected with, 
hanging to, appenclod, as 
a postscript : ^""chwoV sd ^ a son- 
in-law ; "chwoV 、)%gtl, tautology ; 
、\h、oJc、 chwoi^ to pawn, to pledge. 

The down on birds, the 

fine undcM'growth of hair 
on animals ; birds molt- 
ing; furry, downy, soft, 
delicate ; like felt, velvety: ^^chwo? 
Suihiff, a felt hat ; "、hwo chwoV 
asbestos cloth ; ^^chwoV mok^ a 
felt tent. 



(The next seven are interchangeably 
read chiok.) 

-Mj* Grass and plants just 
JHq sprouting ; fat, liearty, Vig- 
Chu^,> orous, as cattle : 、*'ch、6 

• chwok) Jci ifiga,, the plants 
have sprouted ; ^nghi 

(.yong chwok) chaung) Hiong, large 
fat cattle. 

_L|[r Stupid, dnll ; unskillful, 
Tffi unapt: \、、k、ieu chwok, ex- 
diii!^.) pei'tiiess and stupidity ; 

• COM., "chicok) Jciug, the 
dull thorn, i. e. my wife : 

"chwok) ; c/if":, my poor abilities ; 
COLL., (i ichai chwok, aioh^ tek, 
'ki'dnffy his talent is rather infe- 

To pick up, to gather 
, with the hand ; to pluck, 
ll?el?>j;0 seize, to lay hold on: 
chwok、 sik^ to gather, to 
cull out. 

(The next four also rend tiok.) 
fj^^ To sob ; to prate, to talk 
incessantly : to imbibe, to 
di'iiik; to sip, to taste ; to 
翁 t kiss : ''\liu cAwoA;, to gulp, 
^/V> to swill down ; "cAtw&, 
Cluieli. seilk^ to drink congee ; 
nu't., poor, destitute. 

To clip, to pare; to en- 
义 J?,J grave; to mutilate, as cul- 
Chueh ) Pi'it's ; to reject, to cast off: 



拙 才裰拾 

9 o 

巧 拙拙荆 

7 s 

2 出贊 fsM 

,堉, 語 

水 涨水^ 

00- o 

忙 H KB 


6 T 

水部 水雞 

花 水火爐 


1 2 





, tf uy^ to engrave and pub- 

To join, to connect, to 
sow or tic together ; to 
oversee royal robos ; mix- 
ed, v.'iricijatcHl ; to stop, 
put :"i iMid to ; fcnoors or 
i-in:iki'rs in ancient courts. 

To stop, to desist from ; 
a rc]>aircd carriage : ^hok, 
pok'^ chvoolc^ to stady in- 

(SI) Clnvoiig. 

This syllable In its various tones 
is iutcrch.iugc:ibly read Chiong^ 
q. V. . , 



A mistake, an error ; 
mistaken, erroneous ; to 
"^j^^ err, to diiFer, to miss the 
• mark ; diftcronee, discrep- 
nucy ; fault, excess ; differ- 
inir, unlike, unassorted : also read 
,<'ltui and (c,H, q. v. : com., \ch、a 
rh'^auk., error, mistake ; used for 
death in coll. books ; 、 <ch、a pok, 
(to, nearly, almost ; \cA*a pok^ 
Heng, unlike, of different sorts ; 
*Jiung Ji6 pok、 ( cA'o^ not the least 
error ; coll., , ,ch、a tek^ htoong、 a 
great difterence ; <cA*a siok! puso* 
differs by one step— to vary slight- 
ly, a little too late ; ,c/t'cr 8ioh、 
、- fdeng, a narrow escape from dan- 
ger ; {ind (ch、a unchangeable, 

—cP A fork in a road ; a 
prong, a crotch ; to cross 
( Ch'a interlace the fingers : 
■ COM., '(cA'". ^chHu, to in- 
terlace tlie fingers ; *tHik^ 
tfh、n, an iron fork ; "yd* (ch、a, 
evil spirits ; coll., ^sang ,cA'a tio^ 

li throe diverging roads ; "«oA, 
i j :^'on(/ "oh I ti'h、u, a straight mark 
I j and :i cross ~ error-marks in com- 
: positions ; ,c7<>a wuP tio/i^ can't 
j I fork it. 

I i J.-o7 To fork out, to nip ; to 
j I -jyC drive out, to pitch out, to 

Used for the last : di- 
verging brandies of a tree; 

< Ch'a^ an instrument for catching 

tish ; a prong for sticking 
mud-fish : "(c/i'a (—nffii, to 
fork fish ; COM., ',(c/t'a tHong* a 
pronged stick ; a long wooden 
fork ; COLL., mmff、 (cA'ct, a long- 
handled pi'ong, used in shops. 

The first also read cA'aV 
■^yC streams or roads diverg- 
( * ^ iiig : 、\mny (cA'a- /o' (A'ew, 
a trivium ; ",mng ,c/t'a i<5, 

< a river in Liautiing. 

Read (c/t'tJ,' coll. (ch'a: 
. _ _ to recover from sickness ; 
ChT* convalescent, recovered ; 
' a slight ailment, a slight 
epidemic like the influenza : 
COM., "(aaw (CA'a, slightly better ; 
COLL., pang* d * «cA'a, the sickness 
has abated somewhat ; ttoai^ (cA'cr, 
much better ; chefc, chieng* ^mwong 
{Ch、a、 steadily improving ; cheng* 
mrf' kieng^ (cA'ei, no improvement 
in the disease. 

< jtyfy To roast in a pan or 

boiler ; to fry in fat or oil : 
QY^Q COM" cA'rti ' to fry 

• vegetables in oil ; "(cA'ce 
,cAa«, to fry with a season- 
ing of distiller's grains ; coll., 
(Ohieng ^ch*a, to fry and roast ; 
*cA'a (mt', or 'cA'a 'mi tt^onff, sug- 

炒茱 1 

7 8 


IP 三 

魚 2 二 

叉夜叉 一 

遠 义手, 

不 差差的 

不 等分亳 


差 不多差 

4 r,. 

霊 錯〇 

别 定學不 



ared rice roasted and formed into 
cakes; "cA'a pwoi* to heat and 
dry over a fire ; 'cA'a (Chietiy to 
roast and scorch, to. toast thor- 
oughly ; 'cA*a tk6 '( t», to roast 
coffee ; *cA*a md * ikong md' 
lang* fry it and it doen not get 
done through, boil it and it does 
not become tender ; met., a block- 

<j|,|、 Read (cA'aw,' coll. *cA*a; 

to disturb, to anuoy, to 
-^^ ^ tease : **ch*a (tiong^ to dis- 
■ turb a plaoe of recreation ; 
,'ch*a 'nffu (hid, to throw 
everything into confusion ; *jo'aA, 
*c/i'a, to cause trouble ; *k^ok, ^chu 
wai ' *cA'a ^gtoai, you stay here 
aud annoy me ! 

' CA'a. A coll. word, as in *cA*a 
fSenff, or *cA'a Jenff, a short 
time since, a little while ago. 
j^. I > Interchanged with ^ch^au 
(to' copy) : a document, a 
cll^ government paper ; a bank- 
note, a receipt ; paper mon- 
ey : coM.y 'iChieng cA'a' (or 
tchihig p^ieu*) government paper ; 
,ptoang^ itiflUng pwang* cA'a) half 
in silver, half in paper ; coll., 
ch^eki t»idnff ingUng fSang iSidng 
cA*a, seven parts silver; three 
parts paper. 

-^i-t^ To talk extravagantly, 
to vaunt; to deceive : 
'(XsHoa cA'd' to boast; 
•c/i*a' nga、 startled ; "ch'a) 
«i strange, in doubt. 

w""|"*》 Used for the last: to 

\X\^ foam and sputter in anger; 
^ to talk angrily ; to grum- 

n^^> ble : in the coll., to trouble, 
to interfere with : "c/i'e 尺、 

cA'a' to rail at ; coix., cA'a' 
to disturb, to cause failurcM. 

J "|* ) A handsome girl, n beau- 
XrT* tiful unmarried young la- 

r-H«) To bind up, to 8eal up ; 
5itt sealed np, as in winter ; a 
sacrifice at the end of the 
year, when all things are 
Beaded up by the cold. 

■jyU Firewood, fuel, faggots; 
■"^jK wood, brushwood ; to stop 
* C?a^ upi to puard, to defend : 
' COM., jcA'o, to gather 
firewood ; 'V'A'a ,t6, a 
wood cleaver ; '*5cA*a tang、 a pic- 
\\] of wood ; "fcA'a (nffa, a wood 
broker ; "jcA*a thuy a sudorific 
medicine ; coll., j3*t/>ai' jcA'a, to 
split wood ; jcA'a kaiky a sickle 
for cutting grass; jcA*a kioh) 
blockheads, stupid workmen ; 
"icA'a k、ah、 or jcA'<« U'Jdo kf^ahy 
wood dealers ; jcA'a 7«r«, fuel ; 
jcA*a bundles of wood ; 、(: h、a 
'《ow//, a block to cut or pound pn; 
{c/t'a f/tooV chips, shavings : 、ch、a. 
'mi ,htt (oAM " wood-and-i icG husK 
band and 、vife,,、 acil. living to- 
gether only while their stores 
last ; scA'a kwok, billets of wood ; 
"fcA'a (ngil、 a wooden fish ; met.y 
a blockhead. 

Jl^' Thin, lean, emaciated, 
-^*Tn sick ; met.y vicious, de^ 
' Ch^i praved; bad, spoiled, ruin- 
* ed : COLL., {cA'a ngaing^ 
a kind of paralysis ; ''joA'a 
utterly vicious ; ruined, as bu' 
sincss ; chmff) (yd jcA'a, a wasting 
disease ; 'VAd* jcA'a, to degener- 
ate ; to go on and spoil it ; mekf 
,tu tch^a k'-d^ eyes fixed in death. 

ptl 坐藥 

柴 客柴魚 


f 刀柴担 

柏 吒討榮 


吵我 錢鈔 

吵^ 只塊 

吵 五罅拍 

124 CH'A. 





、Ch、a, A coll. prefix, as m ^ch^a 
(ch、(Z, forks ; forked, trans- 
verse, crossed. 


A wife, a partner, a 
spouse, a consort taken 
with logal ceremonies : 
^ch'etV ";hUi, to marry a 
wife ; COM., \hu ^ch''d^ hus- 
band and wife ; ^ .ch!'d 、hil, wife 
and children ; "c'aiJc) "de- 
stroys the wife " ― as fortune-tell- 
ers say of a husband's adverse 
horoscope ; \ch、<i ^chil h6、 hal" 
a happy and united family; ''^p^mt 
fih^apiek, W"?, to leave Avife and 
children, as \vben going* on :i 
journey ; t、auk、 、ch、(X hie ^ 、hU、 
to entrust Avife and children to 
another's care. Read ch 、(? ; to 
give a dau^'hter in marriage to one. 

Luxuriant foliage : ^cA'a 
fCAVi?, thick foliatfe ; mov- 
ing clouds ; to exert one's 
self, as an officer does; 
\cA'a cautious, rev- 

Similar to the next : 
grieved, afflicted, sorrow- 
TVau ; suffering from hun- 
s ger : (Ch'dy famish- 

ing; COM., ^fCh'd ^eh'a?if/, 
or fCh'd ^ch^anff fih^d^ pitiable, 

Intense cold ; bleak, 
cloudy, wintry, stormy, a 
cold Avind ; shivering, 
freezing ; calamitous ; af- 
flicted, grieverl : ^^Jca ^6、 
solitary, lom!ly ; \hung 
^il ,ch^d tch^d, sleety wind 
and rain ; com., 、\ch、i 
iliong^ or (ch'd iliong .ck'd (cMang, 
pitiable, grievous ; afflicted. 



The stripes, colored or 
plain, in silken fabrics ; or- 
namented, blended colors 
and stripes. 

To roost, to perch, to 
nestle ; to sojourn, to stay 
at; to reside, to settle 
down ; to rest, to repose, 
/] at peace ; a perch, a sleep- 
Ch'i. ing place, lodgings: "(cA'^i 
rSeng^ a place to live, ,a 
home ; "changi ^ch^d^ tem- 
porary lodgings ; COM" 

《, 01* (ch'd (chi, or ^ch'd p6h^ 
a stopping place ; coll., ^md t6V 
rCh^d p6h^ no place to stay, no 

Read ^ch^ai in the dic- 
tionaries ; coll. fCA*a •• a 
Q^p^ messenger, a commission- 
er, an embassador, one 
sent to manage affairs ; to 
send, to commission : also read 
^ch'a and ^ch% q. v, : com., 、\kHng 
《ch'd, an imperial commissioner ; 
^\meu fCh'd^ to look out for busi- 
ness ; 、8(tonff ^ch'd^ to be a police- 
man ; chiekj 、ch>ii、 the bearer of 
a memorial to the emperor ; ^cA*4 
"^kHeng^ or 、\ch、(i "^sai、 to send, to 
commission ; '^^fih^d reve- 
nue cutters ; (ch、d Hd^ a police- 
man's fees ; i7igwong ^ch^d (coll. 
^ch^d ydhy or ^ch'd ^neng)^ messen- 
gers, bailiffs ; paing^ ^ch^d^ to pro- 
vide for officers while traveling ; 
'^\cK'd fiha^ a police search. 

A vulgar character, used 
in the Paik) 、Ing for colL 
ch^d ^ : flour made from 
rice : ^kwi ch'd ^ rice flour 
for steamed dumplings ; 
c《V"' cA'(i , to sift rice flour ; ch'd > 
fCA/o, coarse particles in pounded 


差 船差查 

當差 達使 

8 9 

棲!^ 身 

p 凉 PS 

1 雨凄凄 

悽 慘孤凄 

霎苴 瘻悽 

拋 妻別子 

妻 子好合 


妻 子尅妻 

娶 妻夫妻 

1 2 


rice ; ch}d) ch'-d ' pah 、- as white as 
rice flour ; ^saSng^ c/i'(P a present 
of vice flour to a family in mourn- 
ing ; '\hwi ch'-d ' presents in return 
for riiie-flour. 


A vulgar character nsed 
the Paiky 、工 n(f ; a kind of 
Tsao long gourd with a rough 




deep-green skin 
^iSie ch'-a'd , a long serpen- 
tine gourd ; *c/i'ag ' owng, gourd- 
pith 一 used as a medicine ; cA'ae! , 
^m6y seed-gourds ; 'cA'ae ' ipang, 
a frame to trail gourd-vines on. 

Read ch'ak" used for 
the coll. cA'«e ' : to* rub 
with the hands or feet : 
,c/i'<7g> ,kwong Jcwong, 
to rub smooth ; ^cJi^a'e^ 、kH, 
ovch'-aV A'(5'or ch'-aV 《wi<5, to rub 
off; ^ch'-ae'' md^ 'k% can't rub 
it off. 

(Jh、aV A coll. word: to scold, 
to repel sternly : ch'-ae ' 
; nSnf/, to scold people ; 

t6i) ch^ae^ to rail at each other. 


Read tilk, ; used in the 


Sm Paik, Jng for the coll. 
c'A'ae/:, ; a chart, a map ; 
■ a lianijjing picture or draw- 
ing ; ptisteboard foi- iiinps, 
&c.: Opwo? clil-atk^ to make paste- 
board for charts ; '"c/tc^ ch^aiik^ a 
scroll witli iiiscriptious ; " zca^ 
vh'aelc, drawings, pictures ; 
ch^oek:, j<'a?<, the lower roller of 
a chart ; ch''aek, sioh)— hok -.、 one 
map, one hnngitiij picture ; 、"^"、'm 
ch'a'ik) md ' ; kiAuy, old charts 
lire not salable. 

Ch'attky A coll. intensive par- 
ticle, as in • ch'aSk, ch 、"- 6k, 
fjn'w//, or ch、U:.、- ch'-a'dk^ 

(siuff, quite -fresh, spna-new. 

(80) Cli'iieng. 

■^t^^"* Read ,c?i'an(j, used in 

H^Jv the I*aik, jiig for the 

T?h《 coll. ch''ahig\' to make 
、 another angry ; to pro- 
voke ; mutual I'pcrimina- 

tions : ^^ch'-aeng'' '人 "i vh^ahtg^ 

angry recriminations. 

Ch^am(/\ A coll. word, as in 
cN'aeng ' to bristlo 

up, as hail' ; to rise, to 

flame up, as fire : it'au hicok, 

ch'aeng' 、k、i Ji, the hair bristling; 

k'e' ch'-a'^ig" ch-aeng' 'k% steam 

rising ; anger flaniing up. 

(87) Ch'ah. 
rttt Read ch、aik 、; coll. 
ijTT ch'ah" a slip, an invent- 
) ory, a register, a list ; a 
■ census-book ; a patent or 
commission of nobility : 
'\chil ch'ah, a register ; books ; 
'VjoA;; cA'a/i, to examine the 
official records ; 、。chaP ch'ah, 
recorded ; "chciiu ) ^sieu ch、ah、 
revenue report to the ernperor ; 
'VA'«/<3 kwong' documents, law- 
books ; Jcau tap ch'cih, a transfer- 
paper ; '^pi'eng^ Hang ch>ah、 
official list of literary candidates ; 
''\tin(i' 'k'-eu ch'ah, a census of 
population ; ch'a'h) 職 (h a patent 
of nobility ; a commission, as to 
appoint a king of Loochoo. 

Read ch'aik" coll. 
o/<'«Aj; a book, an essay, 
?', ) writings : ngo^ tO^ ch'ah , 
essays on the five tli ernes at 
the 3d session of examina- 

1 送 % 



10 卞 




'S 册 



棚 t4? 




1'" 核 



f 擦 起 







籍 麵 

光 t 燊 








iLPH. oicr 





tions for KiljinT-hence called \mng 
itioHfj ch'ah) ,• '\'.heng ) ^ti&ag ch^ah 》 
the prize essay of the tirst KUjin, 
and list of crraduates, as forwarded 
to Pekiufr^Jiionff se^ eh'ah ^ essays 
ut the 3d session of the provincial 
examinations ; \c/til cA*aA, books; 
^tdi * ch'ahy to compare copies 
Avith the original essays ; ^mwotig 》 
eh^ah 3 subjects lor 3d seswion 
essays ; \tainff^ se^ ch^ah^ essays 
of the Chiutbz at the examination 
before the emperor. 
Ch、ahy A coll. word, as in eh、ah、 
7i:*e\ to raise up, to litl ; to 
help one rise ; ch'ah) Jcen^f, 
to raise high. 

Ch^ahy. A coll. word, as in ch^ah^ 
chHh. almost, nearly, with- 
in a little : 'warn/ ^to ^ch^iu 

ch^ah^ ch'ih^ p、tk、 p、wai) carried 

the bowl in his band aud almost 

broke it. 



Read cchUti; coll. ,ch*ai: 
now, just now ; scarcely ; 
^Te^ used in iraitalion of the 

• court dialect ; the common 
colloqiii.'il h c/iidh) q. v. : 

\ch^ai ich^aiy just now ; '(c/t^ai 
(ch'ai h6 ' has just gone. 

To guess, to conjecture, 
to doubt ; to dislike, to 
jyf^j* jibhor ; to fear, to Jippre- 

• hend, lest : ",tmg (Ch'ai, 
enigmas on lanterns ; 

*-\ch、ii tof" to j!iidg« of ; 、\ch*ui 
j>ok、 ch、ok、 inconceivable ; com., 
"(cA'rti* 、sionff、 to suspect ; (si 
,cA'ai, to "guess poetry" — by sup- 
plying the missing word ; ,cA'ai 
ikunff, to "guess the fist," or 
mimber of extended fingers, I 

morra ― a drinking cTJuno ; 《<;/''fU' 
me ' to ffuesB :i riddle ; coll., 
k^SUk J hiil <t'AVw', for you to guess. 
/^r-f A bio; id hairpin ; met., 
females : com., '\ch^ni 
( Chuii ;足〜"""〃 (sift sek , bjijrping, 

■ rings, and head-ornamentH 
in general ; 、\himg (ch'ai 

p'-o * kidng* to scatter the hair- 
pins and break the mirrors ; met., 
:i family broken up. 

Interchanged with the 
jJv* next throe : to pluck, to 
eifui choose, to take with the 
' hand ; variegated, adorned 
Arith colors ; cities or 
lands allotted to officers for rev- 
enue ; :i suruarae : "'cA'ai kwo) 
to select sentences ; pek^ 
V'/i'rti', u white ground takes the 
colors ; COM., *\hwa 、ch,ai、 variega- 
ted, beaut ifuf; **'yi<^M ("*(n', the 
live colors. 

To select, topick, to pluck, 
to choose, to take with the hand : COM., '"c/i*ae ''"id, 
' to buy up for goveruineiit, 
as rice; V/t't"' ilenff、 or 'c7i'«i 
Jeng (A"m, to collect money (as for 
the dragon-boat festival) by beating 
gongs, and drums ; ^ch''ai ileng Jc6^ 
"songs of" the Lotus," Buug ut the 
dragon-boat festival; 、ch、ai (to, to- 
pick tea leaves. 

Lands or cities allotted 
for the rev enue of officers : 
'IVtti (ch'ai te ^ territory set 
b ' apart ibv grandees ; il/eu 
、d)>ai、 officers jointly 
ruling :i circuit. 

Varieg:ited, ornamented 
^ with diftereut colors, cle- 
gaut, gay-col oved ; bcauti- 

■ iul, as figures in silks and 



五釆採 K 

8 9 

F 欽 t 錄 


t 欞首飾 

不 出清想 


猜^ 度 |S 

饞纔去 i 

試 策鵡韉 

6 7 

策 書策對 

一 4 B 

呈 策鄕試 

三 場策進 

_ 1 ? 


cems; lucky, pleased : com. 
? Jctoong (cA*a《, glossy, brilliant 
、tch>ai tea* painting in colors 
•(cA'flfi eaiki variegated ; coll, 
'cA'ai ch 、& a > fine prospect, said of 
a flourishing family, festivities, <&c.; 
*nff* fihig pa'h , *ngtoai ^ch^ai 
tt^au, don't injure my good omen I 
scU. by uttering infelicitous words; 
fktoa 《cA'aif a gift to a messenger ; 
(sieu (cA'a»', douceurs 一 as to 
waiters in eating houses ; Aa/!^ 
^fih^ai, to encore, to praise; 
fk^wt 'ch'ai^ to commence any 
business ; mik, 、ch'ai, a good eye, 
discrimiiiatiag taste. 

Interchanged with the 
' last : variegated silks or 
ijy^ sating ; festoons, streamers: 
. COM., ^ch^ai (tiu, red silk 
for festoons ; "ch、ai Jd, red 
silk banners borne before gradu- 
ates and at funerals ; ""^ch^aipwo' red 
cotton cloth ; *ililiig hong * *cA'a« 
*pi&nff^ presents of cakes before 
weddings ; (cA'ai lyong 

Mngy to wreathe festoons and 
light lanterns ; coll., *cA*ai kaik) 
festoons ; sahig^ (cA*<m*, to send 
silks and satins (to the betrothed); 
**(Sang schmg (cX'<m* kieu* a three- 
storied ornamented sedan •, pHoak^ 
(cA'aij to wear silken scarfs, as 
graduates do. 

A sort of tree, the wood 
which is hard and dura* 
TVai We like that of the chest- 
■ nut or locust. 

*rt^^ To pay attention to, to 
piJfC notice, to greet: ' ',o (chHu 
Ta'《i、 (or fChiei^pok, 'ch^ai, the 
• cut direct, to pay no atten- 
tion to. 



梂 1」 

Ta'ai. , 

Vegetables, edible herbs^ 
greens ; food, viands : 
-'、 ch、aV saik, an emaciated 
look; ch!"ai、 vegeta 
bles : coM.,"cA'at* Jmong, 
a garden of herbs ; ^\chau ch^ai* 
pickled vegetaMes; ^*'haich^ai> sea- 
weed, limpets ; "(sieu ch^ai 》 con. 
diments of leaves and greens ; 
COLL., aidhi ch^ai ' to be a vege- 
tarian ; cA*at' the turnip- 
radish ; cA'at' ^cheng, salted leaves 
of vegetables ; pa/t , cA'at , cabbage; 
ch'aV (Chaiy rentable sprouts ; 
cA'cw" Jcang, dried vegetables ; 
met.^ rumpled clothes; ch、aV (t^onff 
picong* berb-soupand rice 一 thank- 
offering to the a' kaV ; ch^aP 
huk^ " herb-Bndh," i. e. a vege- 
tarian; ch'ttf (pie, or ch'ai* ip6 ( pii, 
the outer leaves of vegetables ; 
ch^aP ktooky vegetable stalks ; 
ch'aV it'ing ch、aV 'Id (w', the 
vegetable worm perishes with the 
vegetable ; met, the sinner dies in 
his sins; mw<A' si&h^ (sang nik^ 
ch^ai * pwohy ^siong siong * ^sd 
(tHhiff, expects to be deified before 
he has fasted three days. 

A bee ; an insect having 
a stiog ; a kind of scorpion 
Ts'«£ "^th a long tail ; ",p'un 翏 
ch>aP a bee; ch^aV (mtof, 
the sting of a bee. 
yii** Grass, herbs, esculent 
herbs ; a law, a rule ; name 
*i?^、, of a feudal state, now 
Jnning-fu in the southeast 
of Honan; a tortoise: ch'-aV 
s'iuk^ a prince of the Chow 

An adverb of time ; just 
now, near, at hand ; short* 
TWr ly, presently, tlien, at once ; 

7 小荣 1 

? 海杀 

6 6 


不脉^ 色 

統耩 1;^ 狱 

00 三層 

欲 布龍鳳 

7 8 

拍 我彩頭 

^ 色怀通 






Ts'e. 》 

ticarcely, barely : in the coll. read 
(cA>a'/, q. V. : \ch'ai Ja" just , 
come ; \di、ui ( 人" (5, then it will 
do ; ^Jiwong 《h、ai、 then, just 

Read ^chai; coll. ^eh^ai : 
a ravenous beast, a wolf or 
Clvai lynx : \ch、(i Jxm.d, \x wolf; 

Avolf 8 heart ; met" cruel. 
(89) Ch^aik. 
/titwt Side, the side, on the 
1 日 j| sulo, lateral ; to incline, to 
. f^-^^^> bow down, to beud ; moan, 
' perverted, low ; rebellious, 
seditious ; only one : in the 
coll. read chalky q.v.: \sang ch^aik\ 
hill-side ; Hibig Hiong [hwaug 
ch^aili\ tossing to and fro, sleep- 
; 'rJt'-aik^ 》nuk) to cast hate- 
ful o-lanccs at; ^ch^aik^ 、ngi、 to 
incline the ear ; ^^Jiwang ch'cfik ) 
rebellious ; com., 〜h、ai!" sek^ a 

To fathom, to sound ; 
to estimate, to measure ; 
pure, clear, as varnish : 
COM., ^^ch^'oik^ tok 飞 to 
fnthora, to investigate ; 
、"- pok 、'ch、aik、 inscrutable, as a 
sudden death ; \、ch>aik、 che^ to 
dissect words 一 a species of 

ifvFIll Secret grief; distress ; 
M to pity, to commiserate, 
?丄 《1"*) to sympathize : in the coll. 
' auger, envy : com., "cAV": 人、 
Hirtg^ tender-hearted, hu- 
mane ; ch、Hk、 grieved ; coll., 
Ci^aik ) (sing, or ch^cdk > ch^aik ^ 
displeasure ; distressed, as 
by death of friends; chhdk 、 (sing 
taeng ^ deep envy ; ch^aik ) \n 
^nenqy "envious to dca-th" ― filled 

witl) envy ; chmg ^ ch、aiJc、 to 
weep bitterly ; ch^aik ^ po、 
chHeu ) lenff Jcilng, to envy the 
rich and mock the poor. ' 
J^Jh^ A thorn, :i spike, aprick- 

T^tJ ; to prick, to pierce 
<P^.^^ with a thorn. 

A bamboo slip, such ns 
books were once engraved 
rps.g on ; a book, a Avriting ; a 
• stratagem,, n plan, means, 
, an expedient, a scheme ; to 
whip, a switch, a whip ; a divining 
vslip : in the coll. read cA'a/iy q.v. : 
cA'tn/i'^ books; com,, 、、ie) 
ch'^aik^ a scheme, a contrivance ; 
"Ji(m[f ch^aik^ a capital plan ; 
^'^h wng ' ch'^aik^ to submit a plan, 
fin A list, an inventory, :i 
TjTj register ; a census-book ; 
" ) a patent or commission of 
J^lj nobility ; to choose, to 


plan, to contrive : in the 
coll. read cA^aAjq.v. : '〜chii 
ch、uik, books ; '"'sit ch^aik-^ 
a historian, 

t Posts of a stockade, a 

ypjjtr railing ; a stockade : in the 
? 〉 coll. read chak ^ q. v. : 
• '^'ch'aik 3 imwoJig^ street- 

To break up or open, 
to split ; to destroy, to 
'IVe pull down, to take away ; 


t o dissect, to take to pieces 
^^chunk:, e)t 《广 to dismiss 
from office ; ch'aik^ "、.wi, to 
destroy ; chtaik ^ Jc'a" to split, 
to open, 

JL)r^ To rive, to crack, to open, 
JtCT to burst open, as buds ; split, 
么' I ) ^'iven, cracked : kak^ch''aik^ 
' the bursting of buds. 

,門^ 任 

書册 .&<册 

一艮策 00 

書策 計茶 

惻 忍苦惻 

不測 測字 

,室 ^度 

侧 耳反侧 

■ 8 9 

山侧 侧目 

繞 來 凝可 

- 1 2 


CH^AK. 129 

(90) Cli'aing. 
^Mfc^ To verify, to prove, to 
Snrt/ fulfill; a prognostic, an 
P/?^ omen, a sign : com., 
ch^aiiuf tietr a prophecy, 
an omen ; 、h、aing) (c>/"7, a 
priest's fees ; 扒 ch、aing、 、i、gu、 pro- 
phetic sayings ; coll., mamg 》 
ch、aing 》 a prophetic dream ; 
ch、aing) (nf/ai, the omen is bad. 

一一 ) Inner garments ; to give, 
to assist, to patronize, to 
befriend ; to give eftect to, 
to illustrate, to show oft'; 
to match : com., \pui 
ch^aing ^ to illustrate by exam- 
ples ; ^ch^aivg^ (mng, long dresses 
worn by Manchu women and 
concubines ; ^ch'aing ' (i, or 
''ch^aing^ ^p6^ a Tauist's gown. 

An inner coffin ; to collect 
firewood. Read kwcmg) a 
TVen bucket for drawing water. 

》 Beautiful, good, comely, 
4 曰 fair, personable, as youths; 
a pretty mouth, smiling ; 
' a daughter's husband ; to 
borrow for a purpose, to 
serve an occasion : in the coll. read 
chHd)ig^ q. V. : \'h、aingi tai^ to 
employ a substitute, for, instead 
of; "m《 ch、aing) fine, beautiful. 

Used for the next : lux- 
uriant herbage : fine grow- 
^, ― ing grain ; fresh, new ; 

Vyfl ICO . f\ ■,, , • 

line, illustrious. 

、: 》 1 '? A plant, called ^''ch'-ainff 
^ch>6^ the root of which 
^ dyes red or madder ; one 
■ sort gives the carnation 
color, once used to dye 
the imperial robes. 

) To collect, to gather ; 
to run together, to run 
into each otlier ; a gather- 
on tl»e water, as at a 
regatta ; to go with, to 
Ts'ou. enter togetlier ; a concur- 
rence, as of circumstances; 
in the coll. to add to, to increase, 
to supply a deficiency : coll., 
、、ch、aiu 》 ichienr/^ to add more 
cash ; ch^aiu ^ 、king、 to add to 
one's troubles ; ^tHhig eh^aiu 》 to 
add to ; ch'^aiu ) noh j chi&h 》 to 
add one more ; ch'aiu) Hd naung、 
confusion worse confounded ; 
^'^ch^aiu ' twang * to increase the 
mortgage and sell off; ch'aiu) so) 
to make up the number ; 、、eh、aiu> 
po^ to grow richer and richer ; 
chak 2 cUahi^ to add in at random. 

To examine, to judge, 
to search out the truth, to 
、 〉 observe closely, to look 
into all the particulars: 
COM., '"<icha ch、ak、 to scru- 
tinize ; ^^^sing ch、ak、 to examine, 
as one's own heart ; ^^sd ' ch'ak^ to 
examine carefully ; ch、o!" 
to ferret out ; 、"^ch、ak , ^hhig, to 
investigate the circumstances of; 
^^ch'^ak J twak" to exaniiue and 
decide officially ; "anff ch、aJc) (si, 
provincial judge ; "sek) kauk、 
ch^ak) to neglect to examine. 

To rub with the hand ; 
to rub hard : ch、ak) 
,、' to rub smooth. 


j|;t^ Wrongly used for the 
^ry^ next : to take, to receive ; 
f^^^ to raise ; to courtesy with 
3 a' tlie handa bowed to the 

覺察 p 據 

t 察司。 i 

1 1^。 奪 

,00 k 出 

1 查察 M# 察 

f 錢 1 〇 

美 倩錯草 

^^^^^^ ^ 


識語 陪激 

3 4 

識 兆識资 

1 2 i 

130 (H'AK. Cfl'AKG. 

ground ; to tuck up the skirts. 
I 丫. To insert, to pierce, to 
ir?|5 net in, to stick into, to 
luck in ; to thrust into or 
■j^H through ; to transplant ; 
qi+i) to set in a Bocket ; to 
Ch'a. meddle, to interfere in, to 
help ; an iron-pointed pole 
used for cariying sheaves 
or prying up clods, in which 
Bcnse • the next w used : com., 
'eh^ak, (hum, to insert flowers, as 
in a vase ; *ch^ak , 7tw, to stick 
willow boughs, as a charm at the 
, ChHng iming festival ; col", 
*ch'ak\ .ch'anff, to stick up green 
twigs, as one does when feproua, 
to ward off the disease from his 
village ; ch、ak 、 (Ony^ to set out 
rice shoots ; *ch^ak , chioh、 to 
stick up a candle ; met.^ a- boat 
going down stern foremost; ch^ak. 
ch'-oi ' to interrupt by talking ; 
、ch、(ik 、 'ch'd md* —ff、 "stick 
grass in the hair and sell one's 
neif into slavery" ― as the poor 
say when pressed for money ; 
VA*aX*, peli) ,ning tnP to meddle 
in other people's biwiness; 、kHng 
eh^ak, tai* willing to help. 

Iron farming utensils, 
spades ; a pointed pole to 
carry sheaves called ,h6、 
ck'ak a needle : used in 
the coll. for a flat hairpin 
ornamented with green swallow 
feathers : coll., *ch>ak、 oA, a 
hairpin casket. 

-j^. To pound off the hnsks 
of wheat '; a pounder used 

5*^> in building earth walls: 

L *• used for ch'ak, (to insert) : 
*teak, ch、ak 、 a pounder 

used in making earth walls, 

'押 《ff 評哪, '塱 "變 1' 毚 , "# 
花 靑草別 鍤翁角 考拜將 

-揷 4# H ih 8 鍤 1, "參 "參 "參 

柳湖 身代盒 Si 謁 謀見達 


coll. called ank^ *cA*ft. 

To drink each other's 
blood in spirits ; to bloody 
> the lips ― a form of oath ! 
、*ch、aic、 hiek^ to let blood 
and touch the lips with 
-an oath of blood. 

Garments with a double 
border : com., "ch、ak】 
ka^i the pieces inserted 
at the sides where the 
skirts separate. 


To be concerned with ; 
to join with for consultA* 
tion, to advise, to give 
^ > counsel to| to blend, to 
mix, to adulterate, to mix 
Ts'on. in, as inferior goods ; to 
form one of three ; to have 
an audience, to see one ; to im- 
peach, to report to the throne on 
other officers ; confused, mixed, 
as colors ; a deposition, an im* 
peachment ; the 2Dth constellation 
comprising the stars a, b, g, c?,e,a5,《, 
and A, in Orion : "(Ch'ang hiokyio 
wait upon a superior ; "(chang (/^<5, 
to examine ; com., "(ch'ang ^meUy 
to plan, to scheme ; '*(cA*a,w pai , 
or "fCh^ang kihig* to yisit a stipe* 
rior ; " fCh'an^ chiong* a colonel ; 
"(Ch'^anff fCh^a pok, ^chd, oneven, 
unassorted ; ^'(kwang fcUang^ to 
depose from office; "(cA*<m〃 
^ong^ a degraded officer ; coli«, 
*\ch^ang'chm^ to add water ; met.f 
to talk covertly ; (ch^ang ta9ng* to 
cool by adding cold water. 
i«A A delicate hand, a hand 
with tapering fingers; fine, 
*f^n tapering, small ; to take 
' up with the hand. 

1, 水 

不齊官 4 



>h^ Bamboos varying in 
length ; a pandean pipe ; 



_ Three horses abreast in 

the tbills, called 、,ch'anq 

a chariot; tho horses ontside 

iffj'^chaina^ (Confucius) loos- 
Ts'an. ed the outside horse and 
gave it (to a poor man). 

— Read fChHnff ; coll. 
|X| fih^ang: the color of nature, 
'chl^ as the azure sky, or the 
green of growing plants ; 
H green or blue tint ; a 
dnrk color ; wan, palu, sallow ; 
Viorti' * fCh^angy or tching ,ch、ang、 
dark, jet black ; ^^tHeng tch、an(j, a 
vcddish black ; ,oh^aiH/, 
iron-gray ; *'ch、anff kak^ a kind of 
green frog ; \ch、ttt!f 、k'iibi'g、 
apricots; *f6'A'rtM(7 、kwo、 "the green 
fruit"— olives ; ich、a"(j :kil"(j、 
"blue vein" 一 a fierce fellow ; 
iChl'ang Janff, dark blue ; \ch、a'iig 
siohi porphyry ; ,ch''ang (ChHing 
liohj lioh, <lark und greenish ; 
'ch'anff pok^ ^ch^amj Jang pok\ 
ilanff、 neither black nor blue ; 
uiet.y as one neither decidedly 
wise nor silly ; "(t'A'tm.iy ,i、 "dark 
elotbes*' ― a play-jictor m female 
droHs : 'ch'anff (i sidng^ black nilk 
thread ; *\ch^ang pwo* black cot- 
ton cloth ; 、\ch'ang iwonff^ dark 
yellow, jaundiced. 

■ I , Read ,«ew^ / coll. 
AX* fiK-ang : raw, green, 
*Sli^ um'ipe; met., ignorant, 
unskilled ; a stranger ; 
'\ch^imff ch、ek、 raw var- 
nish ; fhwang (ch>(m{j、 "becomes 
more' and more raw ;,, at laut 

umviniiip; 'V'A'rt»《. eaten 
raw ; ,fA'«//(7, to insult a 

stranger ; 〜- h、"》. !, 'leu/jf, things 
raw and colcT— 'StuV. to be eaten 
n|)aringly ; *\eh'-ang (《'flfM, "raw 
head"— one ignorant, yet nssuin- 
ing ; fih-ang sal\ ,kong、 uiuMired 
aiid cured tobacco ; ptcaiuf ^ch^anif 
saki half raw and half ripe or cook- 
ed; *',ch^anff a bulbous root ― 
me<licine for the Wood ; 、ch、itw'j 
fkidng, greatly frifjhtened ; (cAVm); 
、'hHu, an unpructiced hand ; 
(Ch'-ang mwong^ tauug^ green und 
silly, as in teasing one excessively. 

Read 、m、g ; coll. 
、ch、ang, ns in '〜cA*tm.«7 
; manf/, blind ; 
imavff pd * (m'TO no} 
pwoh) twai* the blind in 
getting wives wish only i'or large 
ones ; met., to regard only size in 
choosing; (M'orw,/ ,mang (Utfuf 
ik'-ie ,uik、 ('M<r, a blind man riding 
a bfind lioi fe ; met., to attempt 
hazardous feats. 

{^jAfc Cruel, inhuman, hard- 
hearted ; to be afflicted, 
psuiied, injured in mind ; a 
8U|jerlative applied to suf- 
ferings, sad ! lamentable! 
"'cA'<m/7 kok、 unfeeling, 
tyrannical; com., ",c/**4 
、ch、anff、 most lamentable; "(c/i*tm/7 
(itionff, pained, deeply grieved f 
COLL., 、ch\i iUong ^ch^d 'cA*a»<7, 
distressing, most pitiable; "^ch^anff 
ulas ! 、ch、ang ^md 't'A'awp, is it 
uot Kad ? 

Like the preceding r 
paiued, feeling ncutelv, 
Ta'uii g'"^evc 夂 distressed ; sick' 
' tiled from former Buffer- 
ing ; already, formerly r 


够傷 慘睹 

慘酷 sws 

生地 眚盲 

生袁 rS 

生 愤欺生 


靑 衣靑布 

o J 

靑 * 靑石 

靑 蛤靑仔 

C T 

而贈; K*: 

臂 I 




"ch'ang t!~ak、 to feel acutely. 

Read 、idnff;col、,ch'anff, 
as in \chHn(/ 'cA'aw<7, to 
awake, as from sleep or in- 
toxication ; 'ptoaky 、ch、(mg, 
to arouse, to excite by- 
appeal or instruction. 

' Ch'^ang. A coll. word, as in 
(c/i'""./7 飞' h、a'ng (8—, just 
new ; fresh and fine, as 


Half a ^tau or peck ; a 
meal ; fine rice, rice flour ; 
many, much ; fine, excel- 
lent, beautiful, as woman;- 
to laugh, smiling ; to 
examine ; clear, bright ; three 
girls together : *i)ck 飞 ch、(ing、 
white vice, anciently culled as a 
punishment ; "ch'-ang ' j yong^ 
laughing ; clear, pure ; VA'aw'r/ 
("h、ang、 (i huk^ beautiful clothes. 
X^^>fy Bright, clear, resplen- 
i|^5Jk^ dent : COM., ch^ang' Imuf 
lustrous, brilliant; ,di、ang、 
langi Jcwony, bright, lu- 

The first read ch、aing 、; 
coll. ch、ang、: to repent and 
confess ; the prayers ami 
incantations ot'Tauists and 
Budhibts for the dead : 
Ch'ien. COM., & Jcin(f ch>ang、 
prayers and confessions ; 
、paP chang^ to recite prayers, as 
employed priests do ; "ch}ang、 
hioo'i, ' to make penitent 
confession ; 、、ch、ang> (《《.'■" the 
worship of "Measure Mother" 
(guardian of children) on the 15th 
of the 8th moon ; "ch'ang) 
ngwonyi to regret (do away with) 
the vow ― a ceremony enacted 


when a previous prayer has not 
been answered. 

A brilliant gem, the 
luster of geraa : "(CA'oj 
Ta'an. ch、ang、 pendent gems ; 

• me/" hanging flowers. 
£ Ch'ang. A coll. word: strong, 
rude, fierce, eager, impet- 
uous : ich、(mg ma) eager, 
venturesome; ^ch^anff teJc、 、henff、 
very strong and bold '"ch、ang Jc'-a 
★fing (cA'z'M, strong feet and 
hands ― to act rudely; iCh^ang (ngu 
ifih'-ang 'ma, (like) a fierce ox or 


+y|、 To transcribe, to copy ; 
*T^jJ^ to buy up, as forfeited 

1 I goods ; to confiscate, to 
yS/!\ sequestrate : in the coll. to 
(i^y/ beg, as priests do: tho 
Ch'ao. second also read ch^a^ q. v. : 
、\ch、au muk 飞 ik、 Jcxoang^ 
confiscated to the government ; 
COM., 、biCh、aH ^chily to transcribe 
a book ; 〜ch、aH ^sid, to copy ; 
、,fih、au (chonf/, or 、\ch'au taung、 
to buy forfeited goods at pawn- 
shops ; 、\ch、au Jca、 to coniiscate 
household property ; coix., 、ch、au 
A 薦》 to beg subscriptions, as 
Budhist priests do ; ^ch'ait Ha Hdy 
to take a copy of ; [chHu ph、au 
kHooh^ [pw(m 仏 a book of copied 

Read, 减、 6; coll. (ch'axt : 
to practice, as troops, to 
lVi。 train, to drill ; anxious, 
' solicitous : ^^^ch^axi lieng^ 
to drill ; ^\ten(/ ^ch^au^ a 
winter drill ; Uan(f fihhtu^ to 
review troops ; ^dmi (ch'uu, a 
naval review ; ^ch^aic (J>ing、 or 

橾 練冬操 

o 1 

杪當 杪家 


杪寫 杪赃 

T< 官杪書 

摧 璨渺沒 

拜 纖隊悔 



i 醒白粲 

Co 4 

^怛 |円 醒 

CWAVK. 133 

fCh^au ^yeng, to drill troops ; 
\ch、au ^sing^ or ^ch^an ^sing pah^ 
pok、 anxious, careworn. 

Read fih^eu; used in the 
Paik、 ,Ing for the coll. 
Ch'iu fC/i'"" •• to hold up the 

• dress in walking ; to over- 
haul, to examine : "Kong 

^chHu tCh、au (i, to hold up the dress 
with both hands ; ^chHu ^xoong 
,ch^mi Jceng、 to push up the 
sleeves ; \ch、au chak, to raise 
and fasten (the skirts) ; \ch、au 
naung^ or fih^au higu JvUl, to 
throw into utter contusion by 

Read coll. ^cUaii: 

grasses, herbs, plants with 
( herbaceous stems, plants 

in general : ^chUm 
y I grassy lands; met" disrepu- 
Ta'ao. table places ; pek^ "xh>au 
Cjt>% to pull grass ; met, 
involved in trouble by 
others ; *(c'Aa "xh、au, straw of the 
first rice crop ; "xh、au yoh^ herb 
medicine ; \ling Jiiong ^ch^mi^ a 
fragrant plant used in hair oil ; 
W' ^aii t、ak、 a straw bed ; &、 ch>au 
ch 'ae^ coarse, badly done, as needle- 
V ork, compositions, &c. ; 、ch、au 
Hi li&k、 straw slippers without 
heels ; ^ch^au (pau, a straw pouch ; 
met" a simpleton ; ^'^ch'au ^ma^ 
foot travelers ; 、ch>au Hd^ "straw- 
sandal fee" ― to police going far ; 
《cA'aw i^neng "^ki&ng ^tH&ng yd^ 
pauk、 itmg^ even a straw image 
hearing it would be excited as by 

<j-|.t To clamor, to wrangle ; 
H^J^ to annoy, to trouble, to 
•g^^ tease ; to interrupt one : 

• in the coll. read'cA'a, q.v. : 

COM" 10 chauJc) ^ch^au^ to 
trouble, as evil spirits do; '"eA(a" 
、yeu、 to annoy ; (e^*at^ nau^ to 
make a disturbance ; coll., ^k'i 
、di、au (brogue kaV (cA'm^), to 
annoy one ; 、ch《au sidh^ to tease 
for food ; 、di、au fining %wong^ 
prince of teasers ; "^di、au (nang 
seid hard to bear the annoyance. 

Read di、eu? ; coll. ch^au^: 
effluvia, bad odor, putridity, 
Ch(ou stench ; to stink, to smell, to 
• rot ; met" vile, corrupt ; 
disreputable, in bad odor : 
、\h、au、 a stench ; ^ or 

ch'au^ Ha ^ a putrid scent ; * Wcm) 
lang; QY ch'au* ho^ rotten ; "cA'em) 
^h、6, or ch^mC (sing a fishy 
smell; ch^au^ iueng 一 ihig, the 
smell of milk ; ^^chau" ma) to 
hoot, to rail at; cheng^ ch^aic^ or 
eh^au^ 、ngu seng^ or "ch^au) ^ngu 
haingi an intolerable stench ; 
"cA'tm> ^midng (siitng, a bad rep- 
utation ; ping Jcang, a 
corrupt heart ; "ch'au) che^ ong^ 
"bad-odor luck"— said in jest of one 
who succeeds with poor talents ; 
ch'au^ 、hvh (inff, smoked, as in 
being cooked ; cUav^ Jcau lc、avk、 
cheng^ ^ai ineng^ even a filthy ditch 
may drown people : met" it's dan- 
gerous to trifle even with trivial 

(95) Ch^auk. 

Aj£; To wash or plate with 
'^S' gold ; stripes, striae, as in 
Ts? > stones or fabrics ; to file, 
• to polish ; to tattoo ; a 
stone for grinding gems, 
<fec. ; to mistake, to err, to do 
wrong ; to slip, erroneous ; mixed, 
in disorder, confused ; crossed, 
barred : also read ch}o、 q. v. : 

肝 f 字運 

秦臭 >3 

臭 五杏臭 

7 8 

臭@ 臭禺 

5 6 

臭 味臭斕 

3 4 

吵 擾臭氣 


鞋 馬作吵 

草草 t 

8 9 

早 草靈香 2 

6 7 

P 亂 i 早地紙 

換衣 „f 紮^ 

操>$ 兩手 A 

1 B 



ed ; "ch}au7ig、 Jcwang ch、€k、 the 
three locations of the pulse ~ a 
medical term ; 、、ch!^aung、 maJ" 
only an inch of pulse ~ near death ; 
VA(a7m, i;?/7, an inch of time ; 
COLL., ch、cnmg、 ch^aimy^ ^p6y 
mere bits precious ― parsimonious; 
ch〜nmg、 ,ki7ig iuang ^md ch'mmf 广 
,kwovg ,ing^\y\Xh «n inch of |;ojd 
it is hard to buy an inch of timef 

f l> To wound, to cut and 
|l injure, in which sense the 
^ first is also read ^ch^onp; 
4^11^ to begin, to invent, to ere- 
/tyP ate, to found, to lay the 
Ch*uflDg.founc]ation of; to reprove, 
to correct ; the comnience- 
ment, the first: "《tinff eh^aung^ 
to blame, to punish ; (, o m , , 
"ch、aw、g)ch(P to create; 、、ch、aunff、 
to create the world ; "ck'(mn(f、 
(,"i, to begin ; the commencement; 
ch^aimg^ nyiel\ iUffg ^ (sin n^iik 乂 
i^nang^ to make a fortune is easy, 
to keep it is difficult ; "ch*"aunff、 
lie^ to estabKsh a custom. 

Read (sowg or ^mjoang / 
r-*! colL ch^axmg\' a cross-pin; 
8uS a bar, a bolt; to bolt: 
• 、\hw€mg €h、aung、 a cross- 
bar ; nieL^ a sore on the 
abdomen ; ^\mtoong ch、aung、 % 
door-bolt ,"ch'aunff、 itntoongy to 
bolt the door, 

A horse going out of n 
door; to thrust out the 
CTnff.;»«^d ' to appear Buddenly, 
" to bolt out ; suddenly, 
abrnptly, forcibly : com., 
*^ch^aung^ to* to rush across the 
road, as before au officer when pass- 
ing; "ch^aung* iioong iinwonj/, t& 
bolt by the gates of a yamun ; 
ch^aung* kong* or ch^ aunff^ 

8Sa ' iSi ch、ciul、 ihmff, the seasons 
rotate; com., sek^ch'-avk, or ch^ank, 
vgwo^ to err, to mistake ; \cA'a 
ch'avk, a mistake, an error ; 
、ch、auk、 chak, mixed, miscella- 
neous ; *ch^unk,himP to be offend- 
ed by mistake ; coll., 'ch^ionfj 
ch^aiik, to err through haste, to 
do luirriedly. 

A sheaf of corrrse sedcre, 
as used for straining spir- 
its through ; to col/cct 
together; snmll, vile, mH\g- 
niticant, far which the first 
is commonly used. 

To take a pinch with 
two or three fingers ; 
pinch, a pugil ; to take up 
a little ; to snatch ; to bring 
together ; a little ; a meas- 
ure of 256 grains : com., *ch'attk、 
m6* to snatch off one's cap 
、ch>auk、 j»n(5, to pluck hjur or 
feathers j coll., *ch*auk、 to 
pluck up ; ch!~auk、 Jchig^ to hire 
additional workmen ; ftioh-^ ^pa 
eiohi ch,auk、 chek、 jci, amassed 
by handfuls and pinches ; ch'-auk, 
sioh^ kwo、 to select one sentence ; 
ch^avk^ ,Jma, to cull out here and 
there ; ch、auk、 <«a, to pinch (the 
throat in order to cure) colic 
ch、auk、 ichieng, to borrow money 
itiS ch^auky to borrow. 
(96) Ch'aung. 

ff J The Chinese inch, regard 
' 、1 ed as long as the middle 
T?ln joint of the finger, the 
tenth of a foot, and varies 
with the foot ; a very little; 
the 41st radical : com., ^ckaung" 
ek、 an inch and a tenth ; •dVawwpr' 
siong* over an inch; \hwong 
chl-aung^ lieanff* the mind eonfus- 

训賴 門〇 

8 9 

,造 ,世 

寸 陰懲創 

^ww^ 一、, 

方寸 m 寸 

寸一 寸上 

7 8 

P 毛, 起 

H 帽 

8siK 雑 

1 5 



<:kkmg^ a rough, lawless fellow. 

Read ch、ait,、g 、; coll- 
ch!'ann^ : to force one's 
. . way, to、 bolt ahead : 
u""g''cA'a'(w./7* I tie, or ch^auuf/^ 
Hii Aj'cJ 'to bolt into a place; 
*misong ch'^aimg^ ^niiconf/ ch^aung* 
just push ahead ! as when uncer- 
tain of the way; ^tiganng* chhiiaiy^ 
to rush about like a stupid fellow. 

(97) Ch'e. 

Read ck-ea '; coll. cAV; 
^yTL the bride's dowry, sent to 
'T^'i^ the bridegroom's house a 
• few days before marriage ; 
a corpse: * cA'e* to 
carry the dowry with a display ; 
*chiek,ch'e、 to receive the dowry ; 
'c/tV ftang, list of the articles 
sent ; cAV p^ieu* the carriers' 
tickets ― as checks for their pay; 
*kien(f^ c/i'e^ to visit the corpse 
previous to its being encoftijied. 

A|t ) Read S ; used in the 
'^TM, Paik^ Jng for the coH. 
^J?^ chW : to feed a child ; to 
• feed, as the parent bird its 
young ; 'cA'e* (iienff, to feed 
with milk: 'cA^e' nU* (kidng, to 
feed a child ; VAV sioh^ ch'6V 
give him a mouthful ; "cA'c* mieng^ 
to offer vermicelli (to the corpse 
in a sitting posture). 

^-p> Read s'eiV; coll, ch、e): to 
fjji, try, to experiment, to 
*^hij^ test ; to compare and find 
■ out ; a test, a trial : 

Jd-amf^ to test and see ; 
cA'e' mtpong' or cA'e* ^ang mwong' 
to try with questions ; "cAV 
^chHu taunff to test one's skill ; 
"c/iV sioK cAV to make a trial ; 
<:Ji>e、 (ckonff, trial-toilet (of a bride); 


(:/tV Hid'iff, "try the pan" 一 the 
bride's essay at cooking when the 
husband's friends are invited. 

Read c'h'&i'; used in tb« 
Pai/Cj ,Inff for the coll, 
cAV for which the 】ast is 
commonly used : to try 
food) to taste : "ch'e* 
siah、 (o taste food ; "cAV *iong、 
to test by tastirrg. 

CAV. A coll. euphonic prefix, as 
in c7iV chHk » to stab, to 
kill, as a chicken ; cA'e* 

ch^Sil ' to look about. 

-t A market place, a 
iTt sqtuire or open place where 
Qjj'yj people trade ; a crowd, 
groups of marketraen ; 
.crowded, vulgar, billings- 
gate; marketable, salable; to buy, to 
trade in the market; to bid, to offer 
a price : ^*^sieu ling k&iing* ch^t* 
low people frequent markets; com., 
cAV lea} the market price ; 
"(? ntcatiff ch^e^ the regular shop- 
prices- in distinction from commis- 
sion I'ates ; 'VAV v}ong、 prosper- 
ous tvad^ ; ch^(^pai^ (coll. cAV t/>'i) 
dull tr-nde ; '^chwi ch>^ the tide 
(which brings fish,etc.,) to market; 
the tide serving ; »iong* ch^t* 
opening of uiarket ; t!-6Vch!-^ close 
of inarket; '"eA'e^ "-king^ state of the 
market-, coll., cAV a market 
place ; wa) ch't* md ' ichi'eng^ 
x\ bnsk market but no profits. 

Read 《力 coll. c/i'e* as 
ffil-ffi. in hak, cA'e, to sneeze; 
巧 f 'VAV hak, 'Jcwi chWi, to 
' sneeze a few times ; cA'e* 
hak、 md* ch^ok^ unable to 


C/iV. A coll word : the obverse 
side of a cash ; cA'e* p、ok、 

篛 i 甓 

市 旺市景 

s 9 

近市 市 

嚷 甞小人 


00 試看 、 

仔^ 一嘴 

0^ 飽诚 


迎 饮接饮 

闺裡 1 闘 

1^6 CH-fi. C 謹- 

the obverse and reverse sides ; 
,nong cA'e' fok, a game ot twirl- 
ing two cash and guessing heads 
or tails; — c,"i both obvferse 
sides up. 

(98) Ch'e, 
-t^ Read fih、u ; coll. (ch'e: 
'MJl the first, the beginning; 
( ,乂嚯 incipient, at first : \ch''e ek、 
Ch'u- the first day of the month; 
V'A'g it'au, the first few 
days of the month ; ^eh>ok, (('/", 
the commencement of next month; 
*ngwok, fih% from the 1st to the 
lOth of the month ; ,\tong (ch% 
at the first, formerly ; \ch'e [kwi, 
what day of the first decade is it ? 
\ch'e ek, sek\ ngd' the 1st and 15th 
days— are set days to bum in- 
cense to heaven and the gods ; 
(c/i'g sek, 'tie, before the tenth ; 
\ch^e seh ngie} just after the tenth ; 
(chTd 'kau ne^ sek^ se' the 9th 
and 24th— are fast days; .ch'e 
,sang .ch'e se' oni ono n(ja:oh_ on 
the 3d and 4th it is eyebrow 
moon — new moon. 

£ Ch'-'e. A coll. word : to scold 
harshly, to belch out a 
word or two in anger : 

jcA'g 'nffwai, you speak harshly to 

me ! jc/i'e kaing' accustomed to 


(99) Ch'ch. 
Ch'-eh,. A coll. word, as in 
ch'eh, k'6 ' to go fast, to 
run away ; k'-'tilk, (i ch'-eh, 
k^6' he has darted away from 
me; iChH ch'-eh, to rush past; 
ch'eh, ; m 么 bolted ! disappeared ! 
^mwang .tH'mg ch'-eh, a kind of 
rocket; '■chvn ch'eh, a squirt ; jcA'i 


(100) Ch'ek. 
、、p The numeral seven ; 
/J~L used ill coll. as a superla- 
Z、〉 tive or intensive : com., 
JT^ 't'A'e/i;, sek\ seventy ; sek 飞 
""^l^j ch'ek^ seventeen ; ch、e}c、 
Ch'i. ch'-ek, the seven sevenths ― 
clays of funeral rites for the 
dead ; V/i' (; 人', 'cha paik, sd ) seven 
sons and eight eons-in-la\v ― a num- 
erous family; coll., 、。di,ek) '■kong 
prdk, 'kong (or to talk 

deceitfully ; ch、ek、 chidh, seven 
(persons or things) ; cA'e/t, 'ka 
^nenff, seven persons; ch'ek, iie 
paik、、i'e, the tall and short devils- 
attendants of the 'ngu td ch'ek, 
^thmcj paik) k'ieii' very quick to 
comprehend ; ch'-ek.Jci done/ paik^ 
Jci a' (the mind confused) bylmany 
things ; ch'ek, 'pwo paik, nah_ 
patched all over ; taung^ ch'eJc, 
close of the 49 mourning days. 

I, To scold, to cry out to ; 
tftr to hoot at ; to mention : 
",) 、、ch'elc)ch'a) to hoot at; 
"ch'ak) iming ong^ (anff, 
- give my name and sal- 
utations—an epistolary plu'ase. 

RA cubit or Chinese foot 
of 10 ch'aung\- in the coll. 
n ., 〉 read chHoh, q. v. : 'V'A'e/.', 
L 1 ch'aimrf regular, propor- 
tioned; '\san<j ch'ek.kung^ 
a three-feet sword ; 'chi ch>eJc、 
.near, as to place; ch'-ek, hwok^ the 
looper or geometrical worm ; 
1 '-ch'ek, ek, ,ch i ( ch a, an epistle; "leA , 
ch'ek, ,chi :i minor reigning, 
r f> Kead sek, ; coll. ch'ek 、: 
to wipe, to rub with a dry 
1 JAi) cloth : 、"1(山、 di'ek, to dust 
and wipe ; ch'ek, mek, 
'chai, to wipe away tears ; 


1 初 8 出 5 當 7 初 8 七 八 A ''R 劍 書 孤 

^^初 一十 壻講名 寸 15 尺 18 六 17 拂 

頭初幾 五子講 n 宅安 尺之^ ◦ 




ch^eh^ H 各 t6k、 to wipe chairs and 
tables ; 、ch、ek、 《W" to wipe clean. 

I \ Carnation, purplish or 
^Jl J light red, flesh color ; 
naked, destitute, barren, 
' poor ; to redden ; to 
denude ; the 155th radi- 
cal ; in coll. read chHdh^ q. v. : 
ch、ek、 saiky carnation color ; 
ich、ek、,chil、 an infant ; the people ; 
、ch、ek、 t6^ the equator ; "ch、ek、 
《Hng、 sincere ; coll., cheeky ^p6 
itmg ^ka chidng^ Jcing^ bright 
brass counterfeits pure gold; me" 
a hypocrite ; ch^ek^ itieu {tiex^y 
nude, stripped to the waist. 

Varnish, lacquer, viscid 
or resinous j uices that 
can be used in painting ; 
^^!^ to paint, to varnish ; black, 
、'》 as lacquer ; adhesive ; 
Ch'i. exceedingly friendly, doat- 
ing upon: \ken ch、k、 .siong 
Jikng、 united as by glue 
and varnish ― intimate friendship; 
coir./cA'e/t, mieng^ varnish-paste ― 
for stopping holes ; \chio ch^ek, 
red varnish; ch、ek、 paint and 
varnish ; ^ch^ek^ (chwi、 the quality 
or gloss of varnish ; coll., ch'ek\ 
^sa ho^ a painter ; fih^ang ch^ek^ 
raw varnish ; p^ah^ ch^ek^ H'^eng^ to 
close up the cracks of a coffin 
with varnish ; k^eilk^ ch'ek^ ka^ 
poisoned by lacquer ; bh、ek、 tek、 
《A(5, well varnished ; ch^ek^ sioh^ 
kw(P to varnish one coat ; 
Jcwong ch、eh^ highly polished 

rtHk The knee, the patella ; 
/iBr a long slender spear : 
Ch《 〉 i^ch'ck) hd at the knee ; 
' met" children ; "pp? c.h、ek、 
i7iu 判 ang、 the knees and 

face of a slave ― i. (? •, obsequious ; 
COM., 、、! c、ok》 ch、elc、 to bend the 
knee; 、、hok^ stork, s legs; met.^ 
along thin ppear : in the coll. long- 
legged like a stork. 
1^ 灰 To exclude, to expel, to 
I l< drive off, to send off ; to 
Qj^f.j^ ) scold at ; to pry into ; far- 
' reaching, extending to, 
extensive ; plenty ; saltish 
land : ^^^ming ch^elc^ or tik^ ch、€Jc、 
to reprimand sternly ; 、^ ping 
ch'ek^ to drive off; "(cAi ch^€%^ to 
point out one's faults ; "mi&ng^ 
ch^ek^ to rebuke one to bis face, 
fe-rf^ Used for the second 
jhwA below : a sort of pole-ax ; 
qI^^ to compassionate, to pity ; 
• mournful, sorry ; aroused, 
vexed ; deformed, marked 
in any way; near, related to, dear to; 
relatives: <hiuch、k、tdong Jcwang, 
mutual sympathy ; com" 、\chHng 
ch、ek、 kindred ; ^^Jiwong ^chHny 
kwok、 ch>ek、 the imperial kindred ; 
i\(ihHnff ^peng c/"sA'》 Hu, kindred 
and friends ; coll., Hie fihHng 
ngwoi ^ ch、ek、 near and distant rel- 
atives ; fihHng ch^ek^ tioai * sd 》 all 
of one's kindred. 

Used for the last ; grief, 
sorrow; to be afflicted, sad, 
pained, mouruful : (iu 
c/i^e/c^ sad, afflicted. 

A sort of pole-ax, a bill; 
an ornamental kind of ax 
carried in processions. 

Ch、eJc>. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ch^ek^ chHok) to drink; 
eh!~ek、 ch、ak、 to insert : 
cUek^ ch}auJc、 to pluck with the 
thumb and fingei' ; ch^ek^ chHdk ^io 
rub, as clothes in washing ; to 



親 朋戚友 



皇 親國戚 


面 斥親戚 

7 8 

屛 斥指斥 

5 6 

鶴 膝明斥 

3 4 

奴顔 屈膝 


,下 „k 膝 

油漆 t 水 

8 9 

漆 麫跌漆 

6 7 

膠 漆相聨 


赤道赤 >:^ 

拭 潔赤子 

1 2 



jinito, to cut up (iiu\ as vejrctnhli'.s. 
f Ti il Ktvrti r/it/k\ : coll. c-AVAr,; ; 
5 HV a thief, .1 robber, a bamlit, I 
1 a high\v;iyn)ati ; seditious, ; 
tliosc who rise ngninst the 
'; ovornincnt, tl>e enemy : 
n term of reproacli : 、<'h^ek、 '/) '八. 
l>:iM(iitti ; *rji'-fl>\ Hong^ or ch>ek 、―' 
、hi"»、 a hand of thieves; c/'.'e《', .w, 
or V/'VA'i<Mo, a deu of thieves ; V",i 
r/i'-ek, a |)irjite ; '^hcavg ch^ek^ 
ri*l>els ; 'eh'ek^ j^'aw, loader of 
thieves ; ^pah, taung* ch^eL\ day- 
tljiovcs ; VA't 丄〜 'chunff kak, 11 
tliief-cntcher ; *ii!d{% ch^fk, ijilng 
,/""'.7, to catch a thief by the ; 
articles stolon ; ' t'AW', 

(',/〃•, a thief uttering an | 
imperial edict ; ",'''., he lies gra'ul- 1 
ly ! "fAV/.-, , pm, "thief's talent " ― ; 
,iM»il in scoM'mjT :i !" IfeHng child; 
、、<'h、t'l、 niH\ thiof's eye ; wf., ' 
keen eyesight ; '*rAV;/'j h''k.、 
iVinf/ cho ' neoc';<sitv makes thieves. 

(101) ' 
Read ch ok ^ ; coll. ch'-<il\ : 

a chisel, a puncli ; a coM ; 
"^亍 I chisel ; to chisftl : 'VA'tX-, ^ 
• ^kiduff^ a small chisel ; | 
"£ yenff cA'g^、 a gouge ; ! 
ch^vkf Jki& (or pauk,), burst it in i 
chiseling ; **ch'Sk^ V-au'' or cA'^Aj j 
.tying to chisel through ; j 

'V/i'",, md * aei^ can't endure the I 
chiseling 一 i. e., teasing, as of a 
child ; c'/i'^Aj fVimg ^pioong (ling, 
able to chisel out the skies ― has 
great ablity. 

(102) Ch'eng. 
To prop, to shore up; 

to f:\sten open, as with a 

、1声 stretcher ; to pole, to push 
.^^P oft* to make a show; a 
i^'^F' fulcrum, a prop, a stay. 

-ij^ A branch stretching out; 
a a fiilc i um, a pi-op, a 8U]> - 

poi t' a ! slanting post ; to 

l»"le a boat. 

, Ch《ett". A coll. word : to 
murmur, to complain, to 
find fault: fCfi^eiiff (i, find 
fault with him ; (c/''«wjgr ^<:h^eng 
tSiAnf/^ teasing, as a cliilil does ; 
(ch、eng Jiai ;/""•, to groan. 

Ucsul 'sieuff; coll. 'ch^eng: 
a brush lnooni, a besom ; 
■^gV^ a coarse bamboo brush for 
' cleaning out pots and 
kettles ; to sweep away: 
COM., "、'h、eM(j 'chHtt, a besom ; 
'*^ch^e)iff (<,/i','" (siwff, a comet ; 
COLL., 'tidiif/ ^ch'-eng^ a brush to 
cleanse pans and pots ch^eng k^d* 
to sweep away ; ^ch^eng £<c»i^, to 
elenti house ~ in the 1 2th moon ; 
tch、m'j Jcu}onff、 to copy composi- 
tions carelessly ― as examination- 
copyists do, unless feed by th« 

A steelyard : com., hod* 
ch^enf/^ to weigh it ; ch^eng* 
Ci 'si", one who attends to 
1 ng' the weighing, as at Bait- 
houses ; ch^enff' fiheng, the 
pointer on the top of scales ; 
\cheng cK^eng* scales having a 
pointer ; Haxi ch''eng^ the peck 
and scales, measure and weight ; 
COLL., cli'-eng' ^kwang, a steelyard 
bar ; ch'-eng^ ,/itca, the notation of 
pounds and onuces on the bar ; 
ch^eng' it^ui, the poise; ch^eng* Jcau^ 
the hook ; cA'en〃> wau' the cord 
to hold by in weighing ; ipang 
ch、mg、 the common catty of 16 
oz. yttoai* ch、eng、 the large catty 
of 18 or 20 oz. ; (iu ch、eng、 the oil 
catty of 17 ^/lo oz. ; ek、 paik、 

冪星 ^秤 

受筅 5* 宪 

7 8 

,透 , 賣 

鑿 仔圓鑿 


賊目 賊是 

1 憑賍 1 賊 E 

總 甲拿賊 


白 报賊賊 

反 賊賊頭 

賊 照海賊 

。" 41 

一 賊匪賊 If: 

I 1 0* 



cW'mg^ a catty of 20 or 21 oz. ; 
ttinff { jnoanff ch、a、g、 n kind of 
Kteely.ird used in fruit shops ; 
^kait' ch、n《/、 full weight ; twai * 
t'A'ew.〃, {ChHnff Hie ^sieu ch'mg) 
^chHng ch^ok, to buy by the large 
pound and sell by the small. 

Same as the preceedincf: 
steelyard ; to weigh, to , , 

f 巧) 
稱 a 

J,* ■* adjust ; suitable, sis one 
eng. wishes ; corresponding to, 
satisfied with : also read 
(chHnff, q.v.: 'fStang ch^eng^ suited 
to each other ; *pok^ ch^enf/' 
nnsuitable, not fitted ; \{ltigch^eng^ 
to adjust, to regulate. 

、j^^) Cold, as weather, the 
J |T| person, things ; frigid : 
pjT^ COM., *yR'j ch^eng^ hot and 
ing' cold ; 'ch^eng^ (tHeng, 
winter ; ,oi) cUeng' (coll. 
JkiUnq ch、mg、、 to fear the cold ; 
*ch、m(f chek^ cold accumulated 
(in the system) ― a medical term ; j 
COLL., noi ' clC'enff He, "to occupy } 
the cold chair" ― rejected, not j 
loved ; sidh^ ch^enf/^ pwong^ to eat 
cold rice ; met., unusually early ; 1 
d ' ch'mff^ 、a m6^ are you cold ? | 
ch、eng、 Hid,ng ch''eng^ chau) "cold 1 
kettle and hearth," destitute, i 

、 V ) To sound, to fathom ; 
VjlA met, to comprehend ; 
'Hsin cold water ; me(., to cool 
• one's affections ; a depart- 
ment in Shansi : ,ch、eng、 
(chwi, a large affluent of the Yellow 
river ; "ch、en{f、 ling ,sing ipi, to 
cool a person's affection. 

Ch'-eng^. A coll. enphonic prefix, 
as in ch^eng^ chHong^ to 
thread ; ch'-eng' cUeiXng* to insert, 

to join ; ch'-eng^ ch、a"),f/ to bolt ; 
ch、m!/i ch'fdnff, to hire woikmen ; 
cA'ew'<y, c/iHeng^ to pierce ; to join, 
as boards 、vith bamboo pins ; 
ch'-eng^ ch'-enff cJi'-a'eng' ch'-uhuf 
bi istliiic of the hair ; rising of 
rough nesli, as before an ague 

^^e^^ itietuf; coll. ^ch'-eng: 
a field, a patch laid yut in 
T'ieti P.l:"s; land, a plantation, eul- 
• tivated fields : ; ch'-eng 
te^ cultivated lands ; 
"i^h'^enff^kwonf/, fields and gardens; 
"/)f'7o'jcA'e«/7, to set out rice-shoots; 
'^(7t'm»7 iloi (ung, Rnail-shell 
strise ; met,, waving streaks in 
wood ; eddies ; 'V/t'ew.,? kHe ) laiul 
deeds ; *\ch^eng iChSng, dikes 
between fields ; ^ch^eng the 
rent of fields ; "('h6 , jc/t'ew/7, to 
farm ; ^'^hwong iCh'eng, uncultiva- 
ted fields ; iCh'enff 、chio, owner of 
la'ids ; J,nn(f inihirf ; ch'enff、 fields 
' reaped in rotation 一 to support 
I ancestral \voi*ship ; ^chn ; c'A'e"//, 
i fieMs for tlie support of a student; 
'' ic/t^mff me/iff' the chief owner- 
ship of land ― which pays the 
j^, etc. ; ^fh^ent) Jcilnff, sccond- 
I ai y proprietorship of one who 
I rents and divides ; ' V/t'ew,/ 
(mil, how many acres has the lot? 
Jcung iCh^eng ni/ kaxC so ' (c/"c" 
thirsty fields are insatiable ; met.^ 
the gains not enough to satisfy 

Read iChang ,• coll. 
iCh'-eng ; the , silk-worm, 
caterpillars which weave 
cocoons : *。ich*enff Aenff, 
the silk worm ; "\ch、mff 
iJcmg (si, cocoons ; fik-eng 
iJcenff f'o, (or Hnonffcsi], 
the silkworm weaving silk ; ^yoiu/ 


fa 繭絲 〇 

田 荒田田 

8 9 

w 螺紋 p 

1 1 

田 園佈田 

2 8 

>3 脾 IB 地 

水?? ^>人 

畏 淸淸積 

7 8 

熱 淸淸天 

5 6 

稱 5^ 稱 

8 至种 相稱 

140 CH'fiNG. 


ich^eng (kenff, to rear silkworms ; 
tch^eng ^keng pieng^ 帽 6, silk- 
woi'Dis change to moths ; ^ch'^eng 
^kenff si&h) nioh) the silkworm 
eats the leaves; met., to eat greedily, 
a ravenous appetite ; ^eh'^enf/ 
、! Ceng (mi, silkworm dirt —- used 
medicinally for sore eyes. 

Ch^eng^. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ch^enr/^ ch^onff to 
twist, to wring, as clothes ; ch>e)ig》 
chHomj^ to put up, as the boards 
of a shop-front, or the movable 
doors of shelves ; to attach, as 
uppers to the soles of shoes. 

(103) Cli'eng. 

Read fih^ung ; coll. 
ch^'tng ; onions : \chyeng 
chio^ onions cut up fine ; 
\ehyenrf onion bulbs ; 

fihytng 、kiu sannf/ onions, 
Ts*u ng. chives and garlic ; ^fih'eng 
pah) the stalk just above 
the bulb; a very light blue; ~(mng 
^cJC'eng Jiwa、 to sprinkle bits of 
onions in cooking ; ^fih'eng 务、 au 
c《<5f, decoction of onions and tea, 
used in measles and colds ; 
、(chy&ngiJcwong, onion-stalks; met" 
things made hollow, as hairpins 
and ear pendants ; ^ch^eng 、kwong 
chang^ a circular punch or 

H I * Read ,chHong ; coll. 
J*^, fih^eng^ as in \ch''eng ^pwo^ 
《 丄, 冒 sweet flag, used on doors 
as a charm, on the 1st day 
of the 5th moon; 、hang 
\chy&ng ipwo Jiwa ^hang ^tek Jc'toi, 
sweet flag rarely blooms ; met" a 
rarity, a wonder, as one strangely 


To sei35e, to take hold 
of with all the fingers ; to 
rumple ; to take, as the 

A strainer made of 
wicker or bamboo for 
straining spirits. 

To track by the scent ; 
effluvia, savor, smell, odor, 
stench, putridity ; to rot, 
to stink ; a bad name, dis- 
reputable : in the coll. 
read chhu? q. v. : 。c/,e?? ho》 pu- 
trid ; spoiled ; lo^w 《sing ch、eu) 
without sound or smell ― recondite, 
as principles ; ^\mi ch^eti^ wamf 
cuimg^ a bad name lasts forever; 
COM., ^'\hio7ig ch^exC pok^ ,ti, can't 
tell fragrance from stench. 

To smell, to perceive 
odors, as a dog does ; 
eh'ou plaintive cry of birds. 

自 ) Roasted or parched 
wheat or rice ; coarsely 
go;\nd— rice, like grits: 
ch^eu ihong, loocl oi 
dried grain : "ch、eu) ne* 
parched rice-cakes. 

-4;^ ' To walk, to go, as if 


A vulgar character, 
used in Paik、 Jng lor the 
coll. ch、eu) : wood, a tree ; 
au' woo.den; timber, lumber: 
"ch、eu, siohi ^tau, a tree; 
'VAW muk、 trees, woods : "、pa 
ch'eu) to climb trees ; cAW iSinff, 
silvan elves ; chi'ek) ch'eiC to graft 
a tree ; ch 、& i * cA'ew' to fell trees ; 
ck-eiC laiid timber ; ch、m、 yhig^ a 

木 7,〇 

1 稂, 餌 

香 臭不知 


^臭 萬年 

« 聲無臭 

的開 臭腐 


m 蒲 花早 

葱管 菖蒲 

6 7 

花 葱頭茶 

葱白 散葱 

8 4 

CH'EU. 141 

chym^ ^ chicly look at water ; met.j 
to spy out beforeiiand, as thieves 
do ; "eh'gU 》 ti。》 "looks nt the 
road" ― said of one gazing at the 
floor when near death ; c/t'eil ^pah^ 
pu\ look at uothiug ― helpless, 
hopeless ; k^eill\ (i ch^'til 、 sioh^ 
ny^ 、h(> 、yong、 if he gives you i\ 
look, you can't well exist! c7t'ert ' 
payiy^ to visit a sick person ; 
"kskng/^ cA^e?^^ near-sighted; ch 、秘 
^t^ibig sidh^ pioong^ to trust to 
heaven for food. 

y、A》 Light, nimble, sprightly; 
々人 to help, to assist ; to 
•jf^^ compare ; for, instead : in 
' • the coll. read cAV q. v. : 
^'^c/i'eu ^ c/io' to aid, as by 
a gift of money. 

Neither first nor last, 
medium, second in order ; 
化 1 corning after, inferior, sec- 


ondary ; next, succeeding; 
to put in order ; a halting 
place, an encampment ; a rest- 
bouse, an iuu ; a shed, a stall ; a 
mansion ; a position, as of the 
stars ; a time ; a place, a station ; 
to halt, to reach : wok^ ch'^ 'eU 》 to 
break the order ; com., "chyiU > 
seU 2 or ch'eil > td ^ order, arrange- 
ment ; so^ cUeU ^ several times ; 
ch'6 〉 ch^eil ) hurried, impatient j 
''''ch'eu' 、chH" the 2d class of 
merit : Jci ch^eil 〉 the next in order; 
ch'^eil'^' 、n(mg、 the 2d son ; coll., 
ch'^eil ^pa\ second quality of white, 
as sugar, vermicelli, etc. ; ^ni&ng 
ck'M ) order of names ; <;/im Jiui 
ch'eil 》 ch 、& il 》 every time, repeat- 

The next is commonly used 
instead of this: a thorn, a 
prickle, a sliver, a sharp slit. 



trtJe full of leaves and blossoms ; 
ch、m、 Jcu k^6 、 the tree decayed ; 
W?e"》 kwok) billets of wood; ch、m、 
nioh、 taxing^ tioh^ "( fears 

lest) a leaf may tall on his head" ― 
wanting in boldness, 
rty^ Mournful, sorry, sad, 
'^- chagrined : com., ^m^ch'^eu^ 
^Ch^u sati ; \eh、m tit, grieved, 
• distressed ; \ch、eu rnong^ 
dispirited ; <,ch^er< zmi, a 
distressed look ; \si(ut ich'eUj to 
assuage grief. 
(105) Ch'eu. 

To marry a woman with 
the legal ceremonies ; a 
marriage ; the 2d also read 
^ch'il, q. V. : COM., ^ka^ ch^SU ^ 
betrothing daughters and 
Ch'u. taking wives; \wongch 、'& iV 
has married a wife; '^ch'eil ) 
fih^d ch^'eii ^ taik、 ch'^eil ^ chHeK\ 
ch^eu ^ saikj choose a wife for her 
virtues, a concubine for her beauty. 

-fir*^ To run, to go, to 
iKqX advance quickly ; to see 
what is pleasant and hasten 
' to do it ; to regard pleasur- 
ably ; sprightly, playful, 
graceful ; amusing, pleasing : ,e) 
ch^eil ^ intention ; *、chi eh^eil ) the 
purport of; COM., ^Wi'eU^ hiong^ 
])ok、 ^tung^ dispositions differ; 、、che、 
ch^eil ) denire, purpose : \ching 
ch^eil ) gratified, a relish for ; coll., 
ch^'eil 》 remarkably amusing, 
novel; ^mdch^'eu^ not worth seeing. 

To spy, to look at, to peep; 
to descry, to reconnoiter : 
COM,, 、H6V ch^eii ^ to look 
at each other; coll., "chy6U 》 
^cJmig^ to see correctly ; 
"ch"&it ^ ch'eil > to gaze at ; 


次序 .f^ 取 

,1 覷, 助 

覷 覷覷路 

ru 6 

對覷 觑眞 

志 趣情趣 

趣 向不同 

意趣 肯趣 

8 9 

娶 妾娶色 

,妻 娶德" 

嫁 娶完娶 i 

凝橛, 苦 




M.i- A thorn, a sting ; to 
n|J pierce, to prick, to thrust 
I a sharp point into ; to 
Tz'u' embroiaer ; to brand, to 
tattoo ; to cat into ; a 
visiting c:ird, because it was once 
eiit in wood ; to stub and kill ; 
to spade up, as plants with a 
trowel ; to pole a boat ; to repri- 
mand, to blame, to criticise ; to 
lampoon ; satire ; to pry into, to 
oveihear ; to examine : 'cA'S'V seu* 
to embroider ; ^^mong ch^til * a 
thorn ; 'cA'da ' 'sU、 the Prefect of a 
chau ; COM., cA'ga ) k、aik、 a con- 
cealed murderer. 

A place, a spot ; a 
Ijtmi * 一 ^ " — < ^;' 



cnmBtance, a condition ; 
added to some nouns it 

often forms the concrete 
also read 'cA'?2, q. v. r *th6 
eh*5a * where? com., *kauk , 
ch'Sa * or cA'gtt》 cA*ga, every 
where ; *sSil ' ch'Sa ' the four 
quarters ; aSU * ch^SH * ; m itnwong^ 
no way out ; met.^ in remediless 
straits ; ,oi * cA'&a * a place ; ^ch'- 'ed 、 
*«a, the 14th solar term ; 'oA'gtl > 
ch^liX ' Jcung ^cha ck^ia * ch*ea , 
*sieu ling^ there are good and bad 
men everywhere ; col" cA'eA*, 
cA'Iti ' pie * to run all about. 

Insects that irritate iht 
skin ; a hjury, poison ons 
蟄 jk^〉 caterpillar, called 
蠘 翁 


(106) Ch'etik. 

To gore, to push, as an 
ox ; to excite, to oppose : 
"'kang ch^SUk, excited, 
inspired by ; com., * VA'MX;> 

htoan<f to insult, to incur anger ; 
"ch^Silk, ^king ^senff ^ching, feel- 
ings excited by the circumstances^ 
ck^Sak^ muk、 (siong ^sivg, dis- 
tressing to the sight and pmnful 
to the mind ; coll., 'yd ck^Sak\ or 
ckeng* ch、sdk> greatly distressd 


To be choked with an- 
^[Yl per, full of choler : com., 
"^八 > ?、 ch、'&ak, no* made angry; 
0' COLL., chlUky («•, angry to 
death ; ch^eilk^ 'pa, filled 
with rage; cA'eilk^ pang* sick 
from excessive choler; ch、M]c、 (a(n', 
or ch、5Qjc、 ipi、 vexed, displeased 

To walk unsteadily :. 
^Hikt ch*MA\ irresolute, to 
- - walk unevenly ; "ku}oh、 
c.h>mh, to walk with short 
and halting' steps. 

To constrain ; urgent, 
^ Fp* pressed upon ; near, short, 

close, small ; shortened, 
LAO* hampered : "j)'aik, ch'mk, 

very urgent ; "cA'dft^", hi^^ 
straitened ; ch^Silk^ cheeky knees to 
knee», as in sitting opposite. 

To soak, to steep in 
yjl— water ; feces, dregs ; in the 
coD. scurf on the hands, 
u' incrustations : coll., siong* 
ch^eiik^ incrusted, as dirty 
bowls ; ch、Silk、 kak^ kau、 a thick 
crufit adhering; ^'aA,jt>on/7' c 卩' Hl/c、 
to chisel off urinary incrofitations 一 
tor medicinal uses. 


JJ"! To seize, to grasp, to- 
J^p* ^ipe and hold, to catch : 
卡^ > '*pwo^ ch'-Mk^ to seize ; 
'VA'gftA, ch€k. to catch 

促 1^ 狭 

7 8 

^^^^ - 

生情 f 怒 

處處 小人 


位虚 處暑 

7 8 

各返 四返 

剌. 5 返 

剌繡 刺 




1|JL|^ Similar to the next two: 
win to tread on, to press with 
the foot, to kick : 、ch 、滅、 
iifong^ reverential. 

Hurried, quick ; uneasy, 
anxious, distressed ; to 
tread on : "A'c/t", ch、'"lJc、 
hurried, urgent ; coll., 
ch'-'euk, 、nang kwd' the 
suspense hard to bear. 

To frown, to knit the 
brows," ^ch'-euk^ ak) or 
iping chyiilk- to frown. 

A lifting-net for fish, 
made of fine bamboo net- 

High, eminent ; equal, 
even, straight ; to raise ; 
luxuriant growth. 

Ch'-eak^. A coll. word : to cut, 
to chisel or saw off : 
cJi'-eilk^ siohf Jcihiff, "reduce an 
edge," as in making a tub smaller ; 
ch^eilk^ to shorten, to reduce 
the length. 



A sort of hatchet; com- 
monly used for bored iron ; 
iT a gun, a blunderbuss, a 
u"g' ginjali, a pistol : com., *ehio- 
ch、&iXng) to cast guns ; 
*ch^liU}iy^ ka" gun carriages; *(cA'«'m 
ch'-Mng^ small guns, pistols ; 
,ch*Mnff, -'si't, musketeers ; *(" 
eh'-SUnff' to clean or scale guns ; 
COLL., pong^ ch^Mnff' or (A'W 
ch''eilng^ to fire off guns ; c/i^eiltig* 
»dhi the fuse or trigg«r-ooi-d. 

As ill *fioki chy"ing) to 
come unasked : coll., 
ch'''eimg ' ( Id sWi , or 
"ch'-eung^ Uie (li sidh^ to 
invite one's self to eat; 
^^ch^euinf toll:, to come uiibiddea 
to t}>e table. 

Ch^'eii7if/\ A coll. 、vord', to 
insert, to put into its place: 
c// 袖 w.V' p(iif^、 to insert a handle.; 
ch'-'&anf/- Jc>u t4h、 a table with 
movable legs ; ch'-Mng^ ka\ or 
ch*''eang^ toing^ to insert tightly. 

Ch^eit7}ff\ A coll. word, as in 
ch^eiing^ to vomit from 
inhaling offensive odors ; ch'-'iUng^ 
tioh^ cA'aw* e, to inhale stench. 

CUeiXng^. A coll. word, an in 
cK-'eung* tio\ to meet, to 
fall in 、vith ; ch'Mnff) 'chid ^Jdng^ 
have met with this state of things; 
chf-'eUrtg^ '^chHu, or ch 、'& iing) 、(: h、(ii 
{spoken ^ch'-Cmg ^cJiHu, &c.), to 
thrust in the hand and take at 



Stupid, dull, inapt ; fool 
ish, silly, idiotic ; lustful, 
hankering; out of his head, 
wandering : " (chH iChing、 
doting on ; salacious; com., 
"<c/i'r <«i'ow/7, a silly 
thought ; " tchi hang* or 
" 'chH (tai, a dolt, a booby ; ',<cA'i 
roong^ '^sionff, the (vain)hope8 
of the foolish ; coll., " (c/)H (cA'i 
《'MX-》 ty&ixk、 to draw back sillily, as 
one peering and then avoiding ; 
"(chS liiang seng* hoo、 '^k'-ieu (wfl, 
a stupid (but honest) man is better 
than a crafty woman. 

巧 A o 


p 心妄想 


f 情 f 

,赏 A 

^首 |g 鋭 

一! 55 


i 然急蘧 

1 3 


Laughing, to laugh at, 
to ridicule : ^chM ' <cA'e, 
to liuigh at one's self, 
for blundering. 

Ugly, unhandsome ; a 
homely woman ; lewd, 
TVu "^vorthiess, foolish: \ngihig 
' fih% pretty and homely, 

JI-*-t^ A worm ; ignorant, stu- 
'QS^ pid ; unpolished, rustic ; 
(^^^ sincere ; to impose on ; to 
' treat as if ignorant, to de- 
spise : a(ch'i ,JiH、 blunt, 
honest ; \ch'i ^man^^ the uucdu- 
cated people, 

.IhlL The female of birds, the 
[Q aE hen; met., weuk : com., ^chH 
( 々翻仏 female and male ; 
• met" a pair ; \chH Jiilng 
(pihiff, a pair of cudgels. 

To punish with a bam- 
boo, to bastinado ; to cor- 
rect so as to reform ; to 
flcourge, to flog, to bam- 
boo : 〜 i^ieng ^ch% \o flog. 

A kind of owl or hawk : 
met" as in \ch'i (tiong, to 
act unscrupulously ; ^ka'ek^ 
,chH, or a (ch"i Jiieu、 the 
horned owl- 
Uneven, projectingirreg- 
ularly : also read (ch'a 
Ch'ii and (cA' 么 q. v. : ^^^ch^ang 
' ^ch% uneven, irregular. 

< ChH. A coll. word, a.'^in ^ch^i 
、TcH J" ruffled, as feathers ; 
^ch\i chHe^ chH'e) rough, uneven. 

(ChH. A coll. word: to suatch, 
to catch at, as the skirts of 
one running: ,chH tek) tioh^ caught, 
irrasped; ^chH md^ tioh、 can't catch 




( €hH. A coll, euphonic prefix, 

as in ^clc-i ^rliHA^ to twirl, 
to turn, as in alathe ; ^hH ,ch、6, to 
twist, to roll between the hands. 
( t The upper teeth ; met" 
fc^^f the mouth, words ; to 

t^poak of; ugc, years ; sort, 

• class, associates, equals ; to 
commence ; to wort, to 

class by the age ; to record, to 
write in ; the 211th radical : in the 
coll. (n.gai and q. v. : 、〜hn ^nga^ 
upper and lower teeth ; ^\nieng 
、chH、 or "(chS so、 age, years old ; 
"、chH Hiong^ elders ; ^"pok^ "^chH, 
not speak of him ― he is ^vorthless; 
COM., "k》Ai) "xhH {coll. k'eil ^ ^kH)^ 
saw-teeth ; ^\ki)ig ^nietig (chong 
Wi'/, what is your age this year ? 

c f-m^ An arrow, h dart ; swift 
/l^ as an arrow ; direct, open; 
QYi^ to set forth, to arrange ; 

• to swear, to vow ; to dis- 
play ; to resolve, to form a 

purpose; to void ord .ire; the 111th 
radical : \〜fH sie ^ an oath ; 
tile, "i 、h% he is as straight as 
an arrow, i. e., blunt, honest ; com., 
^^ehimg^ 、ch% arrows; Jcilng 、ch、i, 
bow and arrow. 

Dung, ordure, excre- 
ment : in the coll. read <應', 
q. v.: "tehH H、ung、 a close 
stool. Read Jd: a sigh, a 
moan; a murmuring sound. 

A hog, a pig ; the 152d 
radical : "■k'eng 'cA' ?', do<;s 
Chlh and sxyine; hai"ch、i、 (to 
■ confound) hai^ with. 飞 h>i— 
to mistake words. 

、 Ch"i* A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in "xhH [diUi, to lire, as 
te'a leaves ; to roast, as coflee. 


tk- 矢 麼桶 

o 1 

其 直如矢 

尊齒 矢赞 


鋸 齒今年 

6 7 

齒長 不齒 

I 年齒 齒數 

參差 齒牙, 


,笞 P 張 

雌雄鞭 〇 

a 自 5 錄 





s ChH. A coll. euphonic prefix, 1 
as in ; ch、i ; c 力, to hoot, to ! 
shout at angrily or contempt- 1 
uously. I 
亿 Ch、i、 A coll. word, as in 1 
Ji, the fizzling sound ot'j 
poor fire-ci'ackers ; ^chH 、k、i g/f, I 
rough, bristling ; ; chH chHe 》 chHe'' ; 
coarse, rough ; disarranged ; com., 
nidh, 16 、chi ka'tk^ ^chH chHe ^ 
chHk ) don't stay here and disar- 
range things. 
(109) Ch^a. 

Wasteful, extravagant ; 
to spread out, affluent : 
Ch'S 、(釔 《eu ^chHd ; ing iky pride, 
' extravagance, licentious- 
ness and laziness ; com., 
、 iChH& Jiioa^ gay, wasteful ; \hwa 
fihHd^ or fihHd "xhH、 extrava- 
gant, prodigal. 

Also read JciX : a chari- 
ot, a carriage, any vehicle, 
a cart ; a machine for 
raising water into the fields; 
to roll or turn over ; to 
turn about ; to screw in ; to turn, 
as in a lathe : com., \t}ai ^chHd^ to 
draw a carriage ; Jmig、 a 

wheel ; ^^chHd Jiu, a charioteer ; 
,; sirng fihH&, boats and carnages, 
by water and land ; 〜hwi (c/i'id, 
a "water-raising machine : Hak、 
(chHd、 to work this machine with 
the feet ; ^^^hwl 'Jung (dH^X, a loco- 
motive, a railway car ; ^^^cJHd 
kwo" to turn it over ; ^"\chH(X taing^ 
a turning shop ; 、\chHii ngwoh, to 
turn gems ; 、 、 fiibig fih、Ul、 ; in ele- 
vator ; COLL., ^^^chHd panic ^ to 
exact exorbitant interest ; <chH& 
^chHd t y'eng、 perfectly round ; 
^chHd ^chHd Hiong、 to revolve ; 
fihHd Hiong ^sing Jcidng k'o ) to 


turn and go away ; (cJiSd ^tie^ to 
raise water from a pond ; ,/W<J 
、ti'e、 to screw in. 

As ii】 ^ohHd iku, a white 
41^^ stone of inferior quality, 
( ci7e brought from Incli^ 

' Jcil HinQ、 the white-stone 
button ― denotes the 6th 
official grade. 

A plant called (chH& 
chieng^ a diuretic : com.; 
chHd ^chimg (chi、 seeds 


of the same. 

J-rj-* As in "(chHH <^9^'> a large 
^^SL kind of raytiius ; coll., 
《 Ch*6- (ch'id^ i7ig6 ch'oi ^ mytilns- 
mouthed ― i. e., taciturn ; 
fChHd ^ng6 Jc'wi (d, "the 
mytilus gapes ; " met" at length he 
deigns to speak. 

c I t A conjunction, and, also; 

1 j further, moreover, still ;'h * thus, so, yet ; a word of 
' doubt, if, should : com., 
"、! cm "xhH &、 carelessly ; ^ku 
(chHA, merely, for the time ; heky 
^chHd^ if, perhaps ; hwong、 ^chHd^ 
still more ; "hSk) ^ch'id c yong^ 
possibly so ; ^chHd^ also ; [chH/L 
、hi、 joy to you ! coix,, ""chHH 
maing^ by and by, presently ; 
^chHd miooyy/ sioh, ^sidn(/^ ^nst go 
and ask for once. 

5 ChHd, A coll. prefix, as in 
cch^id chHd ^ ^kidng^ small 

Q-|*^i Diverging, branch ing off, 
Jtm- a road parting; in the colU 
diagonal, cris-cross : coll, 
ch'iiL ^ chHd - diagonally ; 
ch、id^ higaiig^ cross-eyed, 
j! squinting ; ch^iA ^ "eu (coll. chHd^ 
l! Heu)^ strips of cloth cut bias. 

且然 而日 

螯 苟且或 

,挈 , 

剝 it 渠頂 


過車. 店単 

火 輪車舉 

水 単踏阜 

^車, 輪 

奢 華花奢 

、奢 淫^ 




Ch^m \ A coll. word, as in 
f'A'/tl ' cfrid ' the clattering 
sound of cymbals. 

(110) ' Ch'iuh. 

Read ch'-ck\; coll. '、! i、W>、: 
>J|^ carnation, jMU'plish, golden; 
>^ ".^ > flesh color ; the color of 
■ anv highly polislied metal; 
linked, nude : \7/'/dA , 
<7>'/(i^) l)rii»ht, b>irnishe<l ; 
."/,.'/<lA> a brilliant red ; flushed, as 
the face ; Wt、 ,、 burnished 
pold ; V/t'/d/'., i8lnff lo' naked; 
HwaV ch"idji、 and »w, chHtXh^ 
superior and inferior gilt ; *chHilh^ 
t<jk, tak, or VA'/d/') hcang^ kwang^ 
very bright, as nietallic surfaces ; 
、ch、Wi> pa'? "red panther," a kind 
of strong, dark tobacco ; *kau^ 
fhl-idk, the best gilding, as on 
paper ; 、,ch、W、、 'ki^ng 'hoi, •mali- 
cious spirits that afflict children ; 

spirits infesting children are soon 
dispersed ; met., a narrow-minded 
person is satisfied with a trifle. 

ChHdhy A coll. word, as in 
chHdh^ ch^ words brand- 
ed or tattooed on the temples of 
banished criminals. 
ChHihj. A coll. word : to scoop 
from the bottom, as fruit 
in baskets ; chHdft^ ^heng (heng, to 
scoop up thoroughly ; ch"iW"— 
ili k、(ing、 scoop up and see (if it is 

(111) Ch'iik. 

Ancient form of tlie 
•j l\r character for kek、 (urg- 
!、 〈々) ent) ― used in the Pai^, 
Jng for the coll. ch'idk, : 
fearful, timid, Biartled, 
palpitating : " JcUng chHdk^ the 

veins throb ; ""shtff 7a kiemi* 
rh^ck\ i、h、iCik'.,ch、i&k、 to be startled, 
in :i tremor. 

Ch^idk.. A coll. 、vord : to cut up 
fine, to mince, to grate ; a 
coarse grater : c/i^kU\ c/iSn ' or 
cfHdX、 Tumn 纩 navju/' to cut up 
fine ; ch、i&fc、 ^pcng, (black) wood- 
en sticks beaten together in thea- 
ters by singing beggars ; ch'^idk, 
Jncang iSU, to grate potatoes for 
drying; Jnnang 5»a ch^'dk^ a 

ChHdk,. A coll. word : to rub, as 
in washing clothes : chHdk> 
j)cth、 to rub wliite. 
Ch、i&k、, A coll, word : to pluck, 
to t witch, to pull at, as the 
kite st ring : chHdk^ Hong, to break 
in twitching : ky&Hk^ ,t ch*idk, 
tchatt, he plucked himself awav 
(from me) ; c/Hik, ^kH ch^idk^ 
tears himself away. 
ChH&k^. A coll. word : to tread 

on, to trample : chH^^ 
to trample to death ; ch^idk^ mauk^ 
to trample to a jelly ; ch^idk^ 《'aAr) 
Hd, to tread the bottom out. 

(112) Ch'iang. 
, Ch、Uing. A coll. word : a splint* 
er, asliver : .cA'tdrt^ tSh^ a 
sliver stuck (in the hand) ; ^h'-idng 
ft^ieu to pick out a splinter. 
(< Read 'chHng ; coll. 
H|T| ^chHdng : to request, to ask 
Pn courteously, to pray to 
& beg ; to ask, as for orders ; 
to invite, to bid, to en- 
gage ; to confess : "、chHdng Jiung 
jf ew, to get the official seal to 
close (and protect) a place ; 
、"chH&ng ^chitL, to invite to a 
feast ; **^chH&ng ^■aik、 invitation- 

|1 酒 p 邮 

,封 l〇 

見 戚极极 


快消 i, 

鬼, 仔鬼 


慣惯 1^ 豹 

赤答答 赤 

露髓 大赤 

赤 金赤身 

赤赤 赤 

1J 2 




cards ; "ch'&tiff adi ' please sit ; 
*^chHAng pieng* please to consult 
your own convenience ; *^chHdiig 
Jdeng* to beg an interview ; 
^ch^idng (to, please take Bome tea; 
*^chHdfiff ihtoi {mwonf/, to invite 
home ― the parents' ffrst invita- 
tion to a daughter after her mar- 
riage ; 、ch>i&n.g (iHmg, to ask for 
more ; "chHiing (hiong ^hwi, to 
get incense ashes (in bags) from 
temples ; *'chHdng leng* to ask for 
orders ; ^^ch^idng aionff) to get 
paper images (as of the 、Ngu id ,) 
to carry in proceesion ; ^chHing 
kf"ah、 ng* chaV sioK (sgnf 淑 * in 
inviting guests don,t mind (pro- 
viding) an extra pair of chop-sticks; 
•*cA'i5n<7 ,an(7, to salute, to present 
compliments ; ^chH&ng cn6i ' to 
confess an error; ^chHdng ^tSng 
'• ,8(1 iind ^chHdng t6V mengf) 
,kdj invite from east and west but 
not from the opposite side of the 
street ; met,, to admit strangers 
and exclude friends (from a part 
in any businesH). 

Read (sihiff : col I 
^chHdng : ring-worm 
"(mng 、chH&ng, to have 
ring- worm; "(Atci ^chHdng, 
a reddish ring- worm : 、"ki" 
^chHdng iShig lap protracted ring- 
worm becomes leprosy. 

Read 'sanff ; coll. 
^ch^idng: to scoop, to lade 
up or out, as flour • 
、*^chHdng Jci、 a scQop. 


Read chSdng 、; coll • 
chH&ng^: to hire, to em 
ploy one to work for 
len' wages: "cfiH&ng) tai^ or 


ch^idnff ' ch6' to hire work 
done ; 、、c.hSilng、 ,A;e/?(7, or chHAng'' 
kioh、 or ciiHAng* (ftetu/ ,A;i^</, to 
hire workmen ; chS&ng^^sieu^ 
to hire for small jobs ; chHdng* 
itong Jc'6n(j^ to hire permanently ; 
chHAng) ("Snff iCie itna imu mek^ 
'chaiy hired mourners shed no 
tears— moral, what you wish done 
well, do yourself. 

I I* Read tsing ; coll. 

IjiA, ich^i&ng: to finish, to com- 
《Ch'0,H",, a« a job partly done: 
e cho , iChHang,, to finish ; 
"iChH&ng ngii ' to com- 
plete one's apprenticeship, as at a 
second shop ; ichHdng (mwi, or 
iChSing (wong^ ended, finished ; 
^*cchH&ng midng* to put an end to 
life, killed, as by additional ills ; 
iChH&ng twai * grown large ; chioh, 
(hu iChHiing ^kidnffy borrows (gets 
another) husband to rear her son, 

ChH&ng^. A coll. wordf : an eel ; 
:i kind of reddish eeT, called 
^kwi ch''iAng* said to Jump at the 
sight of hrc and to be uiifit for food. 


^ %M Read cA'e^, ; coll. fikHh: 
a note in music ; the first 
( ch'a "Iso means to rail at, to 

R" scold : "(CA'ie 、kwang、 a 
music school : ,',cA'《6 tang* 
、 a load of musical inatru- 
Ch'ih. ments, as borue in fdol 
^ocessions ; ,cA'ie (cA'ii 
(m<5, a vixen, a scolding woman ; 
by met. applied also to men. 

( Extravagant, profuse, 
large, superfluous, prodi- 
J^:^ ga.i:*\kieu (cA'", proud and 

接 侈侈莪 

尺舘 尺担 

成 藝成命 

倩 工傚成 

刻 萁倩; sl^ 

k 安 請罪 

8 9 

門 請香火 . 

請見 請 IS 

請坐 講便 


c 鍾. 

agant talk ; com., ^\chHd ^chHe, 

( I j| Also read 'ch、ii: to 
3^1 r tear open, to pill apart, to 
jJ-L tear away ; to drng, to pull 
up : "ch"S j)、6 ^ to tear 
asunder ; coi 丄., (h ^c;/^'/e. 
Ch'C'. to grasp, to embezzle ; 

compel others to share the troub- 
le or expense. 

c -f f| A bow unstrung ; to let 
W]| go the string of a bow, to 
relax, to oast off; injured, 
' spoiled ; easy, dissolute, 
uiicoiicernecl; ^^chJ'iehwai^ 
spoiled ; "chHk mng、 scattered ; 
COM., "de、 '^chHe^ obsolete, eftete, 
done away. 

<XXA^ To gape, ^raping ; an 
H^;^ open mout h, like a fish ; 

1 • suecring, disobedient. 

< ChHL A coll. word : to equal- 
ize : g yen ; chHt nioh^ wai ^ 
divides into what equal parts ? 
、t、h 、仏 tek、 to come out even, as 
profits and losses ; 趣 》 、ch 、化 tek^ 
^picong idiicng tik^ comes out 
even, so as to save the capital 

《 ChHL A coll. word, as in "-chH/e 
H^oi (or ^ch^oi)^ to half- 
kneel 一 a polite form, as in New 
Year's salutations. 

A fringe or border on n 
flag ; a flag, a streamer or 
pennon, long and fringed ; 
to tie or sew on fringes, a.s 
\^)L a sipjnul : to signalize : \k'i 
Chih. ch'ie ) flails : ^set'i ^ cJtHe > to 
hoist a fluGT. 

h^fk ^ Flame, blaze, splendor ; 
T^m/ the glare oflights; to catch, 

、^ ^ to spread, as fire ; m€f, to 
盲 好 rage, as lusts; numerous: 
mJ^l COLL., ch、il 3 nie ) to spread, 

Chih. to catch, as fire; V/i'?e '7uri, 
to kindle, to catch tire ; 
'VA'/y 'A:% to rise and burn, as 

yOp^ Wings, fins : " 、(: hlnff 
rA'/c ' or 、kiX ch"ie" to tlap 
the wings ; com., 、\nffU 
cicie ^ tins, the shark's fins; 
i^ch'U ? 。魏 jT/, a superior 
Tzu. kind of biche-de-mer. 

'、士 〕 


To cook or dress provi- 
sions ; wine and food, 
victuals ; millet used in 



The first read ^cn% the 
second ch'aik^ and chy^il \ 
the third ch^eil^ and com- 
monly used for the coll. 
ch、Ve 、: thorns, briers, 
^ . brambles ; in a met. sense, 
1 1 to kill, as fowls ; to excite 
feeling: COLL., ^^chHe^ chHe'* 
thorny, rough ; ^^ch'ie ' 
、ch'a}" briers ; ^^chHe ) 
the place stabbed, as of 
animals butchered ; "chHg ) pa^ 
'^ch'an^ thorns ; "chH^) Jci!^., to kill 
a chicken with a knife ; 、sdHe、 
chHk、 'Jhd, "thorn-maul," wielded 
by the attendants of T'^ai ^ 、mng, 
to beat the wicked in the next 
world*; '〜h"*tl^、 o^M tai^ a species 
of small prickly caterpillar ; 7neLj 
:i danpjerous fellow ; ^ m'4k、 

or '^^chHe ^ mek, (chiu, it hurts the 
eyes ― excites envy. 

帶^ 目晴 

莉继 p 麻 

草 莉雞莉 

"刺嘴 00 

6 7 

00 莉草 

4 5 

f ^翅 %參 

^起 ^翅 

樹 幟熾火 

,然, 、織 

_g 散, 弛 

別认 她壞 


* 破, 破 


Fjjt To cut, to carve, t<^ 
vu J mince, to slice ; to urge, to 
C^if ' press ; a superlative, very, 
• vehement, earnest, eager ; 
pressing, important, se- 
rious, momentous ; the important 
parts, a resume ; sincere ; all, the 
whole, entire ; to feel, as the pulse; 
to express souuds by joining ini- 
tials and finals, called '"c/i'ee/i", ^ing: 
clHik^ sik^ Bincerelv; coir., '^chHkk, 
chHek, or p^aik^ chHek^ earnestly, 
presshigly; "chH'ek) xoom/^ to hope 
for earnestly; "、k、ongchkik"ki 
to pray fervently 5 人', chH'ek) the 
whole;"c 力' 2 '说》 y"? very important; 
"ch、Wc, poky 、k、6 ngico^ you must 
not delay; "iChHnrj c/i'zeA-, Intimate, 
as a friend ; Jcxcang chHeky deep- 
ly impressed of charged, as ■with 
another's matter ; ^''chHek, 'cA'i, to 
gnash the teeth 一 deadly hatfe ; 
<:kHek\ mieng^ a kind of sliced 
vermicelli ; coll., chH'eky p6h^ p6h^ 
to Hlice thin ; t.Hng 'yd chHH\ in 
deep Ernest. 

"JTITI a stcine step; ornament- 
J ed tilds laid for steps; to lay, 
Ch'i ) as tiles ; to placfe regularly, 
*■ to fit in : "teU/c, ch'itk^ to 
lay steps. 

^jTt A concubine, a second- 
- Ar- ary wife, one taken with- 
》 out the legal ceremonies ; 
■ term by which ladies des- 
ignate themselves : ^ch'-vtig 

man*s concubine is called Jiu 
iiiig / COM., ^"-md chH'ek) to buy a 
concubine ; chHek^ tsing I, your 
handmaid ; ''^chieny^ chH'ek^ I, 
yoiir lowly handmaid ; H、ung 
chH'et" or ai ' chHek, a beloved 

jL^ Read chiek\ and cA'eil 、; 
coll. ckHe\' the jams of a 
, Joor, called \mjpo?i(/ chHe ' 
• or t、aUc、 chHe '/ ''chHt 》 ^wai, 
the jarns are slanting ; 
V"m"、(7 chHk > the croee piece over 
h door-way ; "ik) chHe ) the side- 
pieces ; pdh, ineng irnwong chH'e ) 
^pienff, to stop beskle people's 
(doors, as beggars do. 

( ChHe. A coll. word : to more 
heavy articles, to shove, to 
edge along ; to veer, as the wind : 
tch'iS chid/Iff^ move it till it stands 
Squarely ; the sun approaching 
ihe summer solfltice ; jcA'ie (fvai, 
to move awry ; the SUn approach- 
ing the winter solstice ; cc/t'ze 
、mi, to shake rice to the middle 
of ihe sieve. 

ChHe\ A coll. word^ the same as 
c/i'td transverse, diago- 
nally : cA'?V ^ jiia n6i' somdWfiat 

(114) Ch'i6k. 

To steal, to take slily J 
clandestine, underhand, 
privately ; to regard pri- 
vately, what you do your- 
self; I, iny ; when used 
Ch'en. alone, means I was theire, 
it was my opinion, I did 
BO ; to have a place, to offer an 
Opinion ; unfit for; usurped, assum- 
md ; tinged, dolored : ch^iek, 
to steal ; *ch'-iek^ chHexC to laugh 
at secretly ; 'chHek^ oi ' to usurp 
office ; *chHek^ ilang, a light 
blue coloir ; *(cA'ii ch、iik、 'keu t6 ^ 
rats dnd dogs steal ~ said of thiev- 
ish people ; chH'eky iUng, to hear 
by stealth. 


切 齒桀砌 

8 9 

誤 |§ 切 

切要切 1-^ 

5 6 

切 望懇切 

切音 切切 

IJ^ 竊狗盜 


IT 欲载 




Read chek 、; coll. chHek^: 
a large kind of crab with 
serrated claws and shell, 
the latter being more 
elongated than in the 
^chHekj (ch'any, raw crabs, as 
sliced and seasoned ; Honfi* ckHek^ 
crabs cut up and boiled ; hek、 
chHek^ crabs boiled whole ; *^m6 
chHelc^ the female crab ; chHek^ 
Jc6y red meat of the crab ; *chHek, 
^yonQy crab-groins ; 、chH& 、- Jceng, 
a crab-stew ; chHcJc^ p^ang* the 
crab is empty 一 has but little meat. 

(115) Ch'ieng. 

― 广- A thousand ; many, an 
' I indefinite number : com., 
*Ch'ien '<ch、ihi(/ siouff^ over a 
* thousand; ^iCh'^ieng swot* 
(may the king live) a thou- 
sand years; your highness! \ch、ilm(f 
ch^ iung^ the thousand character 
classic ; *,chHeng voatig* most cer- 
tainly, by alt means ; ,chHeng 
tkinff, a thousand of gold, your 
daughter ! (Ch^ieng Hi ^ngaiu/^ 
"the thousand ^li eye" ― an attend- 
ant of the goddess of seamen; 
^"fih'-ieng Hi Sna, a courier ; 
*\chHeng itneu paik) kie ' to 
scheme in every way ; "^chHeng 
fSanq vjanj^ ^chioiy very distant ; 
fChHeng inieng poky (sii <ku}《, the 
tortoise which does not die for a 
thousand years; fnei., said jeeriug- 
ly of a cuckold ; eX;, Jca 》au 
'■iiwang ^chHmg Jca viong* a thou- 
sand families hate the one rich 
family ; coll., fihHeng Jcing poJc、 
(,n6 lie, a thousand pounds can't 
move it ; met., unchangeable, in- 
flexible ; (ChHtng iJieng ma- cursed 
by everybody. 

The chief of a thousand 
^"4^ men : ^*^chHenf/ paik^ (chi 

Ch'ien 《" 仏', to get a thousand or 
' a hundred. 

• Exuberant foliage, flour- 
• I • ishing vegetation ; gruen- 

filvieng, luxuriant. 
t^^it A road leading north 
y\ and south ; a cross-way 
<(5h'iln through the fields ; a path 

• to a grave : '*A'a/ (chHhiff 
paik^ to dig up the roads 

betwen fields ; met" avaricious. 

Read ^sieng; coll. 
fChHenff: fresh, raw, as 
I meat ; fresh fish ; brijrht, 
new, as colors; clean, pure; 
in good order : saik^ 
'chwifChHenf/, the colors arebright; 
"fChHcHff (niinff, fresh and bright; 

、noil、 or fihHeng hw 
fresh fish ; ng^ fihH'mg ch'ieu) not 
bright, dull ; fih'-ieng Jiwa, fresh 
flowers ; tchnhiff \tieu itieu, or 
iChHhighiOang^ kicnng' very fresh; 
fiUicwj ch'-ai * fresh vegetables ; 
Jcwong (Ch^ie/iff^ clean and whole, 
in good order, as clothes. 

Used for the coll, 
(Ch^ieng^ as in ^ha (chnhig, 
pickled prawns ; ^*,chHmg 
虫了 -I. Jiang 、 dried shrimps. 


As in (P^ie ng fihHe ng, 
the motion of the dress in 
walking ; garments shaken 

• by the wind ; in the coll., a 
kind of concealed stitch, to 

fe1l、 in which sense often spoken 
chHm^ : fChHhig iCheng, the con- 
cealed fell-Btitch, as in facings of 

鮮 魚孅乾 

r 鮮 f 明 

開 阡陌色 

5 6 

之得 H4 千 

萬 水仟佰 


百計 3}»山 

里馬, 謀 

文 千萬千 

^獎_ 千上 

g 姆 蠘戮映 


To move, to remove, to 
place else 、、小 ere; to ascend, 
to be ))ronioted; to change, 
to transpose ; to improve ; 
to banish, to deport, to 
drive oft': com., \ch''ien(f {?V, 
to move; variable; "^^chHhig 
,kil、 to change one's residence ; 
'fCh^ihiff sieng* ^kai kwo* to im- 
prove, to reform ; \k*oon(j ^kinrf 
pieng^ (cAHhiff, (an unfavorable) 
change in the times ; coll., 
^chHing cheii^ done indifferently ; 
^mtoong fihHeng cheu* k^d ' (《 *«at, 
though 'poorly done, iust accept 
(the article) from hiinl 
P^gg As in fpHenff ,chHeng, 
ypBi to walk round and round, 
*Ch'ien ^ whirl about ; to writhe, 

• to wriggle ; to gesticulate, 

yv All, the whole; unan- 
imous voice, the general 
*Ch^ opinion; a flail: com., 
■ *,cA'ww^ Jeimg iti&nff, a 
public document, as to 
state that an affair has been 
settled, &e. • 

Disputatious, skilled at 
argument; insidious, lying 

len' flatterer ; a disputatious 
Slips of lettered bam- 
'^w' boo, used for lots, for 
*Ch'icn which the next is used; to 

• subscribe, to write one's 
name, to append a signa- 
ture ; a kind of basket ; the red slips 
of paper on the outside of envel- 
opes: COM., \chH'eng ak、 a kind of 
law-secretary in a yamun; *fihH'eng 
p*-wo^ record of cases in a court ; 
"f-aik^fihHkng^ to stick the red slips 



of paper on envelopes ; '°«aew<7' 
tChHt'n(/, to hand up a decision to 
the officer for approval ; ^\chHeng 
midnff^ to sign a name to a paper. 

m Similar to the last: a 
slip, n, warrant, a permit, 
Oh'ien ^ ticket Imving the officer's 
' name on it ; lots before an 
idol ; slips in cups before 
a judge, each slip denoting five 
blows ; to probe, to bore through; 
.the written i-esponses of idols 一 
indicated by the " lots ,, ; **t'eUky 
fCkHhiff, bamboo slips ; ",chHhiff 
e' (coll. (cAHhiff meng^)^ import of 
the lot; fCh^ie'nff, to draw 

lots before idols ; ""mi (chH6nff、 
an ui*ffent warrant; 、"\ch、iing p^o* 
record of taxes. 

/t/T Tablets or slips on 
'^^i which to make memoran- 
*C^^ da; a letter, a writing ; 
' note-paper with water-line 
or stamped pictures ; writ- 
ings lianded to the monarch : 
COM" 、,《ch、i^n(]f ^chai, fancy note- 
paper; "laki ^chHeng^ glazed billet- 
paper ; ^chHing^ the domes- 
tic sort ; (Ch^i^nff, the Suchau 
sort; ^ngn 9aiJc、 .^^Hkng, fancy- 
colored varieties. 
>t-A* To cut, to pierce the 
菲 |j throat ; to part, to divide, 

^^T. ^ to cut asunder. 

Small, narrow, cramped; 
contracted, as one's mind : 
used for <fih、ang、 crueL 

|>tMv Similar to the next: 
slender, sharp-pointed ; 
'ch^ien, acute ; crafty, subtle : 
''\chHkng yok^ delicate and 

115 弱 

i 謹 

s 9 

G 7 


4 5 

2 3 

送 簽命名 

o 1 

簽 薄帖簽 

8 9 

條 人簽押 

命公呈 〇 

光 景變遷 


P 善改過 


1 C* 

1£^2 ClHn'. CH 、而. 

Fine silk; small, delicate, 
like silken fibers ; silk web 
with a \vhile "vvoof and 
black warp ; niggardly, 
Ptingy : \chHihig Jid^ 
Ch'iea. trivial, n little; ^^chHeng 
('"•e", Piiiall, minute ; 
\ch、i<^nff tyoiiy a dcHoate waiat. 

To destroy utterly, to 
exterminate, to pieroe, to 

A?rfo road ^ching and 
^ch'ing: to cut>toengnive; 
sharp pointed ; a point, an 
aw 卜, a gnjvor. 

To swincT to and fro^ to 
play on a whirligig : 
Ivieu. 々"― , a swing, 

^ Ch'-itnrj. A coll. worcl : hoAcl- 
tbrcraost, prone, hoadlong : 
^rhHeng loh^ or ^tou Hwg ^ch^ieng 
I6h^ j/i, to tall headlong. 

< Ch^ienq. A coll. word, ns in 

《chHhig mimg^ the city 
pronunciation for chHil\ mihig^ 
plioed vermicelli. 

< Shallow, n ot deep, super- 
^-©^ ficial; light, as colors; easy, 
ClH^ SHTiple^ as ideas ; having 

' few strokes, as characters; 

Khort-h aired ; flowing tUst: 
CMt., ^'ch^'icng saik^ pale colors ; 
^'chHmg Jco.u、 a slight .'acquaint- 
ance ; ''^ch'ihifj polc^ (coll. ^ch^iing 
pdh 仑 thin, shallow, as soil, ideas, 
et.c; ^chHeng sax(k^ scant, imper- 
fect, afl a composition ; 、、chHin(/ 
flang^ a light blue; ^^^clvitng ki"i(f 

superficial knowledge ; 
^\niiio}ig 、、hHlnf} e , 、ch、in(f、 
-words simple, sense prolbund ; 
""t、Airi ^ch^lhig dl\ hihig^ the 



shallow water shows the stoneft— 
"murder will out." 
( To open, to spread ou% 
I 単 J to enlarge from the origi- 
Q\J^^ nnl condition ; manifest, 
clear, jJain, to make plain: 
"、ch、img ^mijig^ to explain 


The moat outside a 
wall, a fosse, a ditch, a 
Bluice ; to deepen, to dig 
out: "sfot' ^ch^iang itauf 
ch、ieng) the falling wall 
fills the moat. 

ChH'mg\ AooU, word: to stab, to 
prick, to pierce: chHeng^ ^S7\ 
to stab to death; ch'ie^ig^ sioh^ etS^ 
togiv€ a stab with a sword or knife. 

Ba»r(1s for cuttingbooks 
on ; tftblet for memoranda; 
tablets to be written on 
with a pencil. 
ChHbig^. A coll. word, as in 
chHhig、 chHeng^ few, not 
too rouch, ju8t about the proper 
amount; na》 ^chii ^k^wanr/ ch>it)ig^ 
ckHkn(f、 tioh^ only that much, jusfc 
this medium. 

ChHelig\ A coll. -^vord : bamboo 
pegs inserted in the edges 
of boards to unite them : p^ah^ 
ckHbiff to. unite by pegs, 
s ChHmg. A coll. word : the 
space hetweon the oxtend- 
e(J arms ; a ththom ; to clutch and 
pnl? recklessly : Hioh, tfikHhig^ one 
lafh€>m ; 、nil ng' ("; "'/7 ^ch^'itng^ 
you must not gripe and pull. 
(116) Ch'ieu. 

To Ie;ip over, to trip, to 
hop across ; to vault, to 
Ch'ao step over ; to go betbre, to 
• precede ; to excel, to sur- 


關明 G 


11. 吞 淺意 3^ 

淺藍 〇 

淺率 o 


,,薄 o 

淺^ 〇 

I 〇 


1 f. 


pass ; to promote, to raise: in the 
coll., manifestation of sexual pas- 
«ioD in animals ; ,ch、im ^kimfj^ to 
excel the crowd : com., \cfHm 
,fting^ or pak^ to raise, to 

deliver, .is spirits in the <ji>'wo tci^ 
rites ; (senff, to grant life, 

to roprievG ; coll., (c/i'ien to^ iUS/ifi, 
to spirit people away (to heaven), 
R8 genii can ; niet.^ to succor per- 
sons ; 、(chHeu Jcik ka'tk^ an excited 
chiokon-cock;'yd (ch"i€u、 exculiing, 
very fine ! 

X> 1 1 Also read (chim : to pave, 
^^IJ to clip off; to see, to wait 
^Ch'&o on ; to encourage ; distant. 

An iron implement for 
turning the soil, a spade, a 
I pick, a crow-bjir ; to dig 



, ChHm. A coll. word: to hem: 
.chHeu tChm(/,' the hem- 
ming stitch ; fChim (i ision</, to 
hem garments. 

< Sad, downcast, sorrow- 

I E| fill : \iu ^miff ^chHeu '■chHeu^ 
C?hO "ek at heart ; sorrowing 

• in secret. 

'iff 小 Also read sieu\' a steep, 
abrupt hill ; a cliff that 
Ch'i^ obstructs the way ; severe, 

• strict, vehement ; '^^chHeit 
chiok^ or ,、ch、ieu p^ek^ u 

perpendicular cliff; ^^chHeu tik^ 

< />JN Like, as if, similar; 
1 ^3 handsome, pretty, bcauti- 

fill, superior ; ^chong^ 
' ^chHeu, beautiful ; ^"pok^ 

ir.hHeu, homely, unhand- 
some ; "(ch'ieie ,8enff、 lifelike, as 




the dress of actors, puppets, etc. ; 
"'wd ' 'c7t'?«/, to show oft* one's 

To laugh, to rrigfrle, to 
be pleased ; gisd, joyful, 
pmiting, laughing, • p'loas- 
•i»t, jolly ; a Hinilo ; to 
Ifiyigh at, to ridicule: in the 
poll., light colors : com., 
"ck'uu' 'Ueiig (coll. c.h'ien' 
w>e??<7'), a liuighinjr liice : 、、ha'"fj 
chHeu' smiling; "(/W ch'ie.u^ \nn\\^ 
iiig, liuighablo; '\hi ,hi c/<Hof、 to 
fjiggk' ; '/«;?<) lau^rlied at ; 

"pc* ihig HH ch'f'cN^ to make your- 
self n laughing stock ; coll., '*safA\ 
cA'z'ewUhecoIor is lightish; ""^mcmff 
chHeu^ to jest, to make sport of ; 
clHeu" to laugh at secretly ; 
chH'v? 'pa (or to luugli im- 
moderately ; chHeu" wenif (Aw, a 
RraiHng-lhced tiger ― one wiko 
hides a cruel heart under, <fcc. ; 
chHew) iUhig JcUng ch、ciik.~j ; n'6"ff 
po' to mock at the poor and envy 
the rich ; chHeu) Ji、iu (or ,〕d (fiu 
5 人 or Jcv. <pi ; or Jcu ,tvng 
iCliHomj)^ to "laugh one's Pelf into 
convulsive stooping" ― split one's 
sides with laug-hter. 

C/iHeu}. A coll. word : to raise 
"with a lever, to pry : ck-ieu^ 
siek, to bre.'ik in prying ; ch、ieu、 
^s'iiig^ to pry loose. 

(117) Ch'ih. 

ChHhy A coll. word, as in cJih'h^ 
(chau, to run away, to ab- 
Rconr] ; chHh, ^ttng ("e Jc 、厶 ) where 
has it run to ? also ii8cd in the 
phrase ch^ih, <'hHh、 ch'-uh-^ c/i^u/i^ 
the humming sound of low con- 

玩笑 偷笑 


臉 A 声货 

生_货 ^笑 



壁§» 直俊 

.^p 心悄 

赵 生赵雞 

8 4 

赵 升赵拔 



<7/t'iAi. A coll. euphonic prefix, ] 
OH in cA'i'A, c/tHohi or ch、ih、 
chHoh^ chHoh^ to tremble, &a from 

ChHhj. A coll. word, as in ch^ah^ 
chHh^ nearly, almost, with- 
in .1 very little. 

Ch、ih、. A ooll. imitation of ihe 
mandarin for eating, as in 
chHh^ pok, (/)(*" can't satisfy his 
appetite, ravenous. 

(118) Ch'ik. 

€U^ih\. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ckHk^ ch^tk^ to chisel ; 
chHfc、 ch、W、、 or (; A't/c, ch'-akj to 
trample on ; ch^ki ck、o1Ci to take 
a pinch of. 

(119) Cli'ing. 

tLjjT The color of nature, as 
txt the azure of the sky, or 
《cfi^, the green of growing 
。• plants ; a very light green 
or blue tint ; wan, fading 
nway, pale ; the 1 74th radical : in 
the coll. read ,cA'crw<7, q.v. : \chHng 
^iiffanffy kindly, genial; VaA;^ ,cA'in<7, 
copperas ; 'chHnff hlk: lapis lazuli ; 
'{ yongtChHng, smalts; cwiiL.、\chHng 
{A7m^,ablue cloud ; "^vJiHug ^tV-eng 
pek, nik^ a clear, bright day ; 
fChHing^ or fihHng (nieng, 
youth, the time of youth ; 、ch、ing 
ileng ^chie, a light purple 
、i^ A dragon-fljr which sips 


JLd^ A dragon-fly which sips 
ffi"^ the water, called \chHng 
f^J^ iting: ,, chHng lUk^ a species 

filHwf (ling a 
sort of dragonfly ― one 
Bays locust. 
、 )~f^ Pure, limpid, clear, un 
/ccf sullied ; sharp-sighted ; 
*Cli'inff clean! incorruptible, right 
principled ; clear, ringing 

as n Aound ; to settle, to become 
clear ; to settle nn account ; style 
of the present Manchu Dynasty 
of China, Manchu : com., 
kiek^ or >,c/i'm/7 chi&ng^ pure, un* 
sullied ; "(chHnff tang* weak, thin 
in consistence ; lightrcolored ; 
^\chHn{f ,hi(»,ff、 fragrant, as flow- 
era, a good reputation, Qtc. ; 
"(c/i'inff to' jW, flaes carried 
before official sedans ; *^^ch*viff tU 
'■chmi iminj kidng' pure as 
Avater and clear as a mirror ~ 
nnirape.ichably chaste or honest ; 
" fChhng tminff, the festival of the 
tombs ― in the 2d or 3d moon ; 
"(chHng (c/t'M, or ^chHng ^chHng 
、ch、u VA'w» plain, intelligible, 
settled; ",ching 'chwi, well-water; 
fCfiHng ilionff, clear and cool; 
cooling, as drinks ; "itenff 'chHnff, 
to make a final copy ; ,chHng aeu* 
elegant in person ; fihHng 'chU、 
writers in yamun8;,cA'in^ ch'iong* 
one who only sings in plays ; 
"mung/i (ch*inff, to close up the 
account ; coll., (ChHng kUk^ thin 
and thick, as fluids ; tting ,cA'i"/7, 
to clarify water ; pang* (chHnff 
TcUk、 scrupulously neat and 

Deep, profound, ab- 
struse; ardent, as affection ; 
Sh£a well-read, learned ; retired, 
*' ■ far back, as an apartment; 
late at night; deep-linted ; 
an adverb, very, extremely, well ; 
to secrete ; a long robe : ^chHng 
f yonq, an abyss, deep water ; com., 
"(ch'ing Jcmi, intimate friendship ; 
,chHng ^chHeng^ deep and shallow; 
"(chHng ichonff, to secrete, reti- 
cent, profound ; (CA'iw.^ ,«a?i/7, deep 
in (the recesses of) the mountains; 
Jcanff fCh^inff, late in the night ― 

深 1^ 深藏 

7 8 

淸 楚淸水 

5 6 

如镜 ||E 明 

淸 如水明 


P 道旗 〇 

淸 淡淸香 


蟥 炯淸潔 

靑 春蜻鍵 

靑 天白日 

洋靑 靑 ts 

8 4 

靑 眼緑靑 

1 C* 


toward morning; \chHng 'wonff^or 
,ch^mg 6 , abstruse ; ^^ch^ing seng^ 
to believe implicitly ; \chHng haiu^ 
extremely generous ; * (chHng 
,chHng c/uiuk, ek. to make a pro- 
found obeisance ; coll., ng々hHn{j、 
dull of hearing ; fihHng chidh^ 
tchHnff, very deep or profound. 

•Y>w< To weigh, to adjust hy 
n^\rt weight ; to call, to n/lme, 
'ch'Sne (。 designate, to Style | to 
g' say, to talk about ; to 
compliment) to commend ; 
to admire ; to feign, to plead as 
an excuse ; a designation, an ap- 
pellation, a name : also read ch、mg、 
q. V. : ^tcJiHng "til, to extol, to 
concede one's goodness ; com., 
*,chHng 《Aw, to style ; tended, 
designated ; ,chS(l * ^chHng (coll. 
c/(t€* ,chHng)y to praise or style 
one's self ; *,chHnf/ JdXng^ to es- 
timate by weight ; coll., fikHny 
fkilng i)H4k、 a shallow bamboo 
basket to weigh in ; tChHng tu2n(f^ 
md* hiilj sell it to you by weiffht; 
k-MJc, (ning^cJHng cAaw*/' praised 

To love, to be attached 
to ; liking, pleased with ; 
*^1n near, intimate ; near to, 
• belonging to one's self, 
personal, myself ; a relative, 
felated to, having affinity; kindred, 
kin, kith ; parents ; a wife ; alfianc- 
ed : COM., *fihHng ch'ek, kindred, 
relatives ; "tChHng (Su (coll. ,chHng 
near and distant relationship; 
",c/A*/«<7,A;a, the families of a mar- 
ried couple ; **,chHng kMnff* - to 
be intiinate with ; "'"ffie' * 【chHng、 
adopted kindred ; "'cfiHnff aP to 
love, to cherish ; "<c/"ew <c/*'«n/7) 
to introduce a husband ; "lik^ 

CH' 應. 155 

fCh^itiffy the six relations 一 father, 
mother, brother, sister, Avife and 
children ; " chHnff ,sinff, one's self; 
"lenffi fChHnff, your relative ; jwd* 
(chHnff, my relative ; 、\chHnff yeJi\ 
or .chHng haiu^ warmly attached, 
as friends; " iChHufj ^ong^ov ,chHnff 
{ punf/、 descended troni the sftm'e 
grandfather ; *\chHny *mvy moth- 
ers-in-law ; 'mr< iPau (Ch'-incf^ kin* 
dred of 8 paternal grandmother j 
,c lining Jca chtuk^ pah, sister'tt 
husband's brothers ; fChHvg ,ka 
key} the wife's brothers ~ so called 
by the husband's relatives ; coll., 
end ' tChHng, to betroth ; 
(ChHng^ to tnarry a wife ; mh、y、 
fihHng、 to accotnpahy the bride j 
tok、 tChHng、 to take a bride by 
force ;<cA*2w<7 (hiAnff tip or fihHnff 
^chHu chBUk, own brothers, 
f ChHng. A coll. word,as in (chHnff 

^ch'-ang to awake from 
bleep ; aroused, -attentive. 
, CIHng. A coH. euphonic prefix, 

as in fihHng ; chHopg, to 
dress ; fihHng ,cA'aw 仏 to a<W 
more water, as in a pot of^ boiling 
water ; fih、ing fih、iXng, to pour on 
boiling water ; ,cJHnf/ tch、eng, to 
moan ; to speak Btetnly. 
《 To sleep | rest, sleep ; to 
4jjo> rest, to detiist, to repose j 
^^^^ a back chamber, a bed 

chamber ; an adytum in a 

temple ; a retiring room in 
a palace ; a dwellbg house ; tk 
mausoleum, at house near a gravcj 
**cheng* 'chHnff, the chief sleeping 
place ; chev^ ^chHng^ to go to sleep; 
^chHng «eA, a sleeping apartment; 
ancestral hall in a mansion ; 
COM., ^chHng sik^ pok) fi>ng、 no 
rest sleeping or eating. 

討親 正寢 

親 堂親毋 

令 親親熟 

8 9 

丄 〈親 親身 

親疎 親家 


i 觔 k 戚 

P 呼;? n 稱 

iis 遠深 @ 


To request; to ask court- 
^ pt eosly, to pray, to bog ; lo 
^r.r^ request liberty to do ; to 
1 ask, as for orders; to invite, 
to bid, to engage ; to con- 
fbss, to acknowledge ; to inform : 
in the coll. read "^chHdng^ q. v. : 
^^chHng hiok\ to call and make 
inquiries; '^^chHng ong^ I bog to 
inquire ; ^^chH/u/ choi^ to apolo- 
gize for a fault ; ^keng^ ^chHng^ to 
invite respectfully ; com., 、)ok) 
^chH/ig ch'ta ^ -、 lai、 he will come 
without an invitation. 

Also read ch^aing" to 
shed the milk teiHh, as 
children do ; shedding or 
renewing the teeth, 
c Ch、ing、 A coll, word, 03 in 
^chHng (e/Wn/;, jiist so ; 
evactly ; ^chHng "-chHng (A(J, just 
right ; just well or recovered ; 
^chHng ^chH7ig silk, just cooked 
through ; just acquainted or skill- 
ed in. 

t ChHng. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ^chHng "^h、iong, to 
rob ; to act recklessly ; "^chHng 
、ch、enff、 to sweep with a brush- 
broom ; ^chHng "^ch^i&ag^ to invite, 
to request ; ^chHng "^chH&ag^ to 
Kcoop, to lade out, as flour. 
( Cking. A coll. word : fresh, 
raw, as shell-fish not cook- 
ed through ; "-cha k、ak、 'chHng, 
cooked too rare. 

A dike, a ridge, or rais- 
ed foot-path between fields: 
COM., ^mo 》 ffihHng, the 
ridge on the edge of mill- 
stones ; V、 ffihHiig^ an 
earthen dike; coll., 'fih、eng 
iChHny Jcil tek、 、chwi td ^ 
Hi pwoh^ tek、 <,neng^ as field-dikes 

confine water, so doctrine binds 

:ChHng, A coll. word, as in 
i7\gait ichHng、 quarrel- 
some, stubborn. 

i ChH'rvj* A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ^chHng ^chHong^ to 
squat, to sit couchant ; 夂 
; ch、ong、 to eat greedily ; A:*d > 
^niA 7idi > ffihH/iff ^ch^ong Hd 
k^6 ) hurry and stuff yourself! 
〜chHng tfihiHag, to finish ; ^ck^iiig 
ffihHeng^ to grasp and pull at. 
(120) Ch4(). 

[The next three are interchangeably 
fead cA'iro Iti the two different tones], 

< ChHo. A coll. word : to turii 
round, as ih marking or 
shaping ; to turn, as screws, to 
screw : ^chHo Jcwong, to turn and 
make smooth; ^c/Ho 、king, screw it 
tight; ^chHo chidag^ to turn or 
screw straight; fChHo 、ch、io Hionp, 
turn it round and round. 
( ChHo. A coll. word, as ini 
fihHo Sng^ or 、ehHo %ung^ 
a fruit that resembles the irbutuB; 
(chHo iuny Jcang, dried arbutus ; 
^chHo (img Hing, a cRp-knab like 
the cirbUtUs. 

Read ch^auk^ tod cAV, 
used in the Paik、 ^Lig for 
the coll. chHo\* a house, a 
dwelling, a residence : 、、! H 
chHo^ to build a house ; 、! co、 
chHo) an old house, a former resi- 
dence ; 〜/iu chHo) the ancestral 
dwelling ; "cAW (cA?" the rent of 
a bouse ; "twai^ chHo" a mansion * 
"cA'》V ^kidnff chHo) itiie', small 
houses, shanties ; "cAW chek^ th6 
ridge of a roof ; "chHo) ok) ch、dk、 
fihu, "a house to let" ; "chHo、 ^chio\ 
a house-owner ; chHo) to live 



厝屋出 a 


^# 〇 

i 〇 

大 厝厝仔 

2 3 

祖 厝厝祖 

o I 

起厝 葡厝 


不 請自來 

請菲 敬請 

1 i 


cH'ioK. isr 

in a house ; 'chHo' 'tie', in the 
house ; term for a wife ; Hiong 
chHo> to return home ; 'sio/i, chHo' 
iHenfr, a whole family ; V/Wo' 'kwi 
ISh, how many suites of houses 
(separated by courts)? ch、io、 nilk^ 
sd 2 a dwelling having many apart- 




[The next four tire interchangeably 
read ck'wok in the two dift'erent tones]. 

Read seilk^; coll.cA'ioA,; 
rice in the husk, unhuUed 
rice, paddy : chHoh, 
rice and paddy ; ''ckHoh, 
*xhUn(f、 seed-rice ; *chHoh) 
iti&ng, a threshing and drying 
floor ; , ch、ioh、 siCing^ a paddy bin; 
*chHoh、 tong^ stout bamboo mats 
eet upright to inclose paddy ; 
\ch、ong Hd chHoh) granary- 
paddy ; (c/ia chHoh、 and ^"^wong 
fChieng ch^ioh, the 1st and 2d 
crops of rice ; "p'ctnff, chHoh: 
blasted rice. 




Read sik^; coll. chHoh^ : 
mat spread to Bleep on : 
"、ch>au chHoh^ straw mats ; 
chHofii sioh^ Hidng, one 
piece of matting ; '^chi'eng 
; chHoh^ a pillow mat-cover ; 
'\ch^il chHoh^ to spread mats. 

ChHoh^. A coll. word : to start, 
startled ; a sudden start ; 
to toss about : c'A'ioAj iUeu tJcidng, 
to toss about clams in cooking (so 
as to diffuse the seasoning); chHoh'^ 
sie 2 iiu, to diffuse the soy by tOBSr 
ing ; chHohj pwang* ^tHeng Jcmg、 
to toss half as high as the sky ; 
greatly startled. 



Read ch^elc 、; coll. chHohy 
a cubit, the Chinese ft. of 10 
inches: "chHoh^ siong* over 
afoot;''c/i'ioAj ch^aung^ feet 
and inches ― measured, pro- 
portioned; " 'Jiong chHoh、 to meas- 
ure by feet ; ^"k'-woh^ chHoh) a car- 
penter's square; pang chHoh) or 
Jciinff kaiC chHoh^ the common or 
standard foot : "Jca chHoh、 the 
domestic foot, also called Hd 
chHoh^ (shoe-basket foot); cfihoi 
^phmg chHoh、 the tailor's foot - 2 ^/lo 
in. longer than the common ; Jdng 
chHoh、 the Peking foot ~ about an 
inch longer than the common ; 
tHckj chHoh、 an iron bar for beat- 
ing thieves. 


A sparrow, a term fot 
small birds like the finch or 
lark; a kind of cap ; a sort of 
wheat: in the coll. read 
chidh) q. v. : '^ma chHoki 
a sparrow ; (wong cA'^o/c, the gold- 
finch ; ch、iok、 yok^ the sparro-v^ 
hops ; met" delighted with ; ; 
ch'iok, almond trees and sparrows; 
COM., "、! c、ung chHok) a peacock, 
-ff Af A magpie, a jackdaw ; a 
jay : chHok, (coll. ,k'a 
^, ) chHoh') a magpie ; (u chHok、 
a raven ; ch^iok, <fihau Jciu 
kiXy the dove lives in the 



magpie's nest ; met., 
occupying her new home. 

A string tied to an 
row to draw it back again: 
y chHok、 a bow and 
stringed arrow. 


-Trt> To cut with a sword of 
fj^JV knife ; to amputate ; to 
Ch'io.' chop, to hew. 

1 厝 认 4 米 6 粟 8 粟 
裏 3 厝粟 © 
2 — 幾 5 粟 7 粟 9 倉 

厝 落種械 m. 


^0 Is 

2, 簾實雀 

1 家尺 草驚 

曲 尺平尺 

尺寸 量尺 

is^ 上 

if 黄占粟 

158 CH'IOK. 


Light, bright, splendid, 
brilliant, refulgent; to 
Ch'io shine ; to polish, to burn- 

• ish ; to erabellislf ; .to forge 
metals: 、chHok:) chHoJc、 brill- 
iant ; *chHok^ Jcing lui eng^ to 
forge metal for swords. 

Jf^X A flambeau, a torch, a 
link ; a light€(d match 

,Chi^ 》 burned at night— on an 

To burn, to singe, to 
ilvM cauterize with moxa; 
^,.^' alarmed ; clear, distinct ; 

• luxuriant, as flchvers: *t6 ^ 
chHok) fearful; VA'ioA;, ngaV 

to burn the moxa ; com., *chHok) 
hieng^ to perceive distinc'tlyi 

I ^ A go-betweeto ― in mak- 
^ \ I ing a marriage contract ; a 
Ch'io * surname: "imid chHok, a 

' match-maker. 
JLa a ladle, a spoon ; a 
spoonful, a little ; to bale 
Ch': ) or pour out ; to adopt, to 

• follow : ,chHoJc) Hng, to 
drink a little ; *laii^ chiok, 

a cullender ; 'ek、 chHok) (chwi (chi 
(<<5, so much as a spoonful of water. 

• ^H: The peony, also the <3ah- 
/、 1 lia: COM., ^'chHoJcy yoh^ 
Ch'if ) peony roots ― a medicine ; 

• "jpahi chHoky the white 

论 |ly Large, ample ; slow, lei- 
surely : com., '''chHok.pok^ 
Cho' 〉 faithlesa,dishonest;"67i'io/<;j 
* hd ^ to nickname ― both in 
a good and a bad sense ; 
"chHok) cfH<)k、 Hu 5tt, overplus, 
more than enough — as of ability 
to do ; COLL., 'yd chHok、 or chHok) 
tek) "leng, very lively ; pretentious. 



To melt, to fuse, to fovgc; 
handsome, lustrous, ag 
eyes ; shining, as gold ; 
brave, courageous ; urged, 

A ladle ; rv beam for a 
bridge : ",pw'i chHok、 a dip- 
per. Read ,pieu、 a pail- 
handle ; the handle of the 
"Dipper"; to lead, to draw. 

Iji^ A city in the feudal state 
(lis of Tsi, now a place in thef 
(E , Shantung pi 



Also read ch^SUk^: noise' 
of dashing water; to lift 
up water with a ladle, to 

3?3?^ Read chioky ; coll. 
^ft fl chHoky •• interchangeably 
) read ch^wok^ : to drink, to 
sip, to imbibe by mouth- 

, fuls : 】V?^at"cA'i:o&)agreat 

Ch'ueh. drinker ; "chHoJc) Jcanq 
Jcang^ sif) it dry; chHok^ 
sioh^ cUoi 》 to drink a mouthful. 


Light of the sim ; fine 
words ; elegant, flourish- 
5J^^ ing, prosperous, increasing 
in wealth or peace ; power- 
ful, effulgent ; to increase, 
to illurainate any thing ; gooii, 
rich, affluent : 、\<^h、iong tai ^ pros- 
perous and powerful ; 、\chHong 
iTninff, splendid, fine, as an essay; 
COM., seng^ flourishing, 

as having a numerous posterity ; 
<iXoig fChHo7ig td ) Jcwiff, the god 
of literature. 

M n % 6 媒 8 漏 
爍刃 艾妁勺 

2 爍 8 悼 5 灼 T 勺 9 一 
金灼 兒 欽勺 

昌 明畠盛 


乾 乾昌大 



鱒有餘 i 

薄 縛號綽 

8 4 

水之多 I 句 


p n The door of heaven ; a 
paj gate of the Soochow wall: 
*Oh^n \ch、ionff hak^ the door of 
an- paradise ― one says kept by 
Kwauti ; a cool breeze. 

、/S A herd of animals flee- 
ing: COM., filiHong Jcwong, 
' fierce, incontrollable; coll., 

has an ungovernable mouth 
mid wild tongue, 

g As in ,(c/4'/(m〃 jWf/fl, the 
^[rj ponifret : coll., ^chHeng 
rh' iChHong^ fresh pomfret ; 
g' *sUk■^ (ChHong^ cooked 
ponifrets ― for sale. 

JLtf A singing woman, a 
tl^t prostitute, courtesan: com., 
(chHong ho;T "(ChHong ke^ 
ylJB a strumpet ; \chHong 'iu 
《 Id^ chok、 { posterity of) 
Cli'ang. prostitutes, play actors, 
lictors, and jailors (cannot 
compete for literary honors); coll., 
ch6 ' (chHong, to be a courtesan. 

Also read ^chiong •• the 
sound of stones, bells and 
C/'h'ian di'ums ; a noise, a tinkling: 
lang' \k''eng fihHong^ the ring 
of stones or metals. 

Interchanged with the 
last : sound of a bell ; a 
kind of tripod or boiler ; a 
lano' ^vine boiler; agun; aspe8,r, a 
pike, alance:"c^eM(CA'2(??i<7, 
ft wine-boiler, a still; com., \chHong 
/ttca^'j the art of handling the spear; 
"'new tChHong, a fowling piece ; 
" (chHong ^td yoh^ plasters, etc, 
for spear and sword wounds ; 
^'\chHon<j 、ch、iu、 a spearman ; met" 
one employed surreptitiously to 




write an essay ; coll., " (chHmg 
t^a'ek^ to thrust with a spear. 

Interchanged with the 
last ; a wooden spear sharp 
Qj'..''^ at both ends, a lance ; to 
oppose, to withstand ; to 
thrust at ; to rush against. 
To walk rapidly ; to 
move toward a superior 
S*g. q'—r to gambol, to 
* skip about. 

dllTi Like the preceding ; 
also read fihiong: to move 
Ch'iani ""regularly, to go across, 
to walk awry. 

The flag (Acorus) : in 

the coll. read (chy&ng) q. v. : 

【 d , coM.,'\oA'tori^ 5 jotfo, sweet 
g'' flag, used as a charm on 
doors in the 5th month, 
also as a decoction for driving away 
bed-bugs, etc. 
f ■ I. Read (ch'ong ,• coll. 
小、 I (chHong, as in -^fihHong JS, 
<T^u^ a country lout ; "tChSong 
' lie ipdy a country-woman. 

[The next two are interchangeably read 

til Mountain streams ; per- 
III ennial brooks : com., 
'ch'ua' " iCh、ion{f 、Jcwong, the Sz- 
chuen and Canton provin- 
ces ; "、c.hHong '^kieng aud 
I'tChHong 、jmong, two sorts of silk 
from Sz-chuen ; ^'.chHong ilieng^ a 
bitter herb from Sx-chuen ― makes 
a cooliug drink ; *\chHong 、kilng、 
Sz-ohuen tormentilla ~~ used to 
purify the blood. 

A hole, an opening; tobore 
through, to perforate ; to 
ClTin. clothe, to put on; to string, 
as beads : m the coll., to 
stretch out, to extend (the 

o 川建 1 川葛 

8 川 繭川絲 

00 9 

驢婆 T 廣 

蒲 村驢村 

5 6 

1 1 

手 鎗刺葛 

S 4 

鎗 刀藥鎗 

1 2 

鎗 法鳥鎗 


鏗 鎩酒鎗 

娼 優練卒 


熟鯧 娼妓 

野舌 鯧#? 


P 阖 娼嘴 



band) : com., \chienff <ch'iong, 
the hole in Chinese cash ; ^^chHong 
iCheng, to thread a needle; 
^sing (coll. (chHong ^sing ^ peng ), 
the abbreviated form of the 61st 
Radical ; \chHong (scmg kaJc、 the 
pianie ; coll., ^chHong ch^tk^ 
*'chisel a hole," ― i. e., work 
to do; filiHong filiHong Hiong^ 
going to and fro, unsettled ; ^chHu 
^chHong tik^ to stretch out the 
arm ; ^chHong Jc^a ^le Hd, stretch 
the feet, then recline ― get an inch 
and want an ell ; ^chHong ^chHu 
tmmo ^t^Ung^ extend the hand 
and touch the sky ― a vaulting 

Read ^cUong; coll. 
"xhHong: to take, to extort, 
Ch'i^ to force away, to rob ; to 
ravish ; to snatch, to strug- 
gle for ; sudden, abrupt, 
rude, grasping; a comet : "chHong 
tok 飞 or ^chHong kiek^ to plunder; 
〜w ^chHong^ to beat and rob ; 
,、chHong 、}m'i、 to snatch from the 
flame^? ; "chHong pah) to discover 
by quizzing^ ^'chHong ^chd^ to 
"flnatch the cakes offered," as 
spirits do ; met" to eat greedily ; 
^^^chHong ^cha ⑨ ong, finished ear- 
ly ; 〜 ch、auk、 to blunder, 
to do carelessly ; ^hSong <,chieng 
'Aw, the money-devouring tiger, 
as delineated in gambling hells ; 
met^ a grasping, avaricious 

Read 、chhmng ; coll. 
IJi^rt 、ch、iong、 as in ^'^^chHong 
eh'uS "冊 to pant, to raise 
• wind from the stomach ; 
to rise, as the fetus in 
the womb. 

<j> L A high terrace, or level 
FmV spot, from which a good 
八 prospect opens up ; high, 
conspicuous, open, display- 
ed; to polish : "(A'<5 Hi、iong 
high, level ground ; com., 
""^chHong liong) ;i tine situation, a 
good prospect ; ^^^h^cang "xhHong, 
broad, spacious, 

<jr>!>r Ahirmed ; frightened : 
IT j^Y ^^'ch'-iong liwong, alarmed, 
CI!' 丄, apprehensive. 

A shroud: 、'kok、hHcm}^, 
^gp^* stork's feathers woven into 
" r*^ clothes : a robe with wide 
o sleeves and lacings, worn 
in theaters, is so called, 
^THjTl A covered place not 
/lotiL walled in ; a shed or shanty 
J}^^ for a work-shop ; a build- 
hilh ing appropriated for u 
/l^yV temporary use : com., 
Ch'iing. ^\chie7ig 'ch^io7igfy a niiut; 

、\p'urtff (c'A'/(W//, a mat- 
shed ; ^^"^kH ^cliHong^ to build a 
shed ; 2i(?m' 'ch'-iovg^ rice stands, 
i.e., for selling cheap in times of 
famine; ; sung 、chHong, a shipbuild- 
er's workshop ; coll., k^'euk\ sidh^ 
"^chHong, a beggar's hovel. 

^Zl^rj Long days, a long period; 
ylvtl bright ; through, pervious, 
extended ; tilled : 7iik\ 
^'"^cfiHong^ a long d;iy. 

To sing in rccitntive ; tQ 
ory out, to give the word; 
to lead, to conduct, as 
b singing ; to crow : com., 
^sieu ch、《ong、 singers of 
ditties ; "cJiHong、 Ha, vocal Jind 
instrumental music ; ^chHng 
chHong^ those who only sing ( in 
plays); Jiu chHong^ ho^ the 

厥起 廠米. 

o 1 

氅 錢厥藝 

地 k 亮寬 

喘 上 高敞 

早完^ 錯 

白槍 搶: 

9 1 

槍, 搶火搶 

甲 槍奪毆 

穿$ ,山. 

錢穿 穿 




husband sincjs and the wife 
follows ― coimulnal felicity ; corx., 
^chHong^ k、w()h、 to sing son<5s ; 
chHonff) sioh> cA'oA% to sing through 
one act ; ^chHo7ig^ pwong^ to ottbr 
rice to the corpse ; chHong、 <,leng 
Jma sm? to sing tlio lily-drawl, 
'i. c, bepfgars' flongs ; chHong、 tek、' 
、! x6、 well sung. 

I ip^ *) A workman, a mechanic, 
I^T* an artisan of any kinct : 

p," " " 认 kHeu chHong'' an expert 
workman ; com., 、muki 
ckHong ) a carpenter, a 

joiner ; %t^u chHxmff a mason ; 

kliHong) it^au^ a hoad-workman, 

a boss. 

pi ) To lead, to go before, 
i — 1 to induc<?, o-r yoduce ; a 
Ch^in leader, an example, a 
guide : also read tChHong, 
q. v.: ,ch、ionf/) (Sf2, to take 
the lead, to begin or invent ; 
^chHong^ Iwang^ to head a riot ; 
COLL., 、、- hHong、 ch、ok、 Ji, to lead, 
as in an enterprise ; ^^chHong^ 
aioJi^ tenif to lead a troop. 

ChHovg\ A coll. word : proba- 
bly a corruption oW^Ji'^ii'mff^ 
to insert, ns in chHong\ 、l、au hie ' 
*'in6erted-head play" ― a )>lay of 
puppets witli movable hcadH. 

[The next two are intcrchangeubly 
read ch*wong^, 

A bracelet, an armlet, an 

II amulet on the arm: 、\king 

(Jh'ujil! ch'^iouff a gold bracelet. 

rtj ) To string together, to 
connect ; a string of; 
Ch*uan leagued or banded : com., 
• ^'^chHonff^ ,t 、職 ff, ill league 
with ; "chHong) 《me", to 
form a cabal ; "chHong) kwo、 to 

pnss a string thronpli ; "《hio)uj 
chHovff^ :i string of'fVafj^rrint beads; 
、\chibig chHonxf a string for cash. 

A wall made of bricks, 
Ktoncs, or eartlr,a defenise or 
. wall : COM., "7" 广;、ionff, 

a firti-proof wall ; "《! ": 
c>|t»| qcJi"i(mg, to inclose hy a 
Ch'iiuij;^ wnll ; <,i)nr.07}g ;ch、ion{f、 :i 
wall :, door in it ; 

cch^i(m(f ^peuff^ planks used in 
building adobie walls ; 、》 Jiwan g 
^iHong, a crosR wall ; com.., Hie 
'、ch;ionfj, to build walls of brick or 
stone ; f^diHong (Pvng pi(Vi) (M', 
walls slide and partitions fall ; inet,^ 
a sudden calamity; 'filiHong ;/ 仏 a 
low wnll ; (^cJiHong 小、 au "big, on the 
top of the wall ; i^ch^iongtw^ 、h6、 
the line of wall is excellent ; kah、 
sioh、 ^tHmrf <^h、io""、 to divide by 
a wall. 

]&^| imperial D.-irem : 'penp; 
~ y ^ch'ionq. lady of the bed- 
® chamber. 

[j-rfj^ Female officers in the 
imperial h.-irem : 》w, 

A mast^ any mast or 
spur that supports the sails: 
^\svnf/ ifih、ionff、 ship- 
niHSt.s; Jiung ich^iong teny^ 
(m(" (like) sails and a 
Ch'iang. CHvalrytrou}) ― rapid, t o 
the point at once, as an 





-Also read saik 力 : a rose : 
^diHong t9m' Jnca^ the 
cinnamon rose ; ^Um(j 
^chHonfj a fruit that 

ripens in the 10th mooiu 

A sort of broad-ax; a 
pole-ax made square, n bill : 
t^sU ^c/i'iovf/^ ti fitatesmau 
in the days of Shun. 

翁蔬花 〇 

串過香 $ 

串 通串謀 

一 陣 1 金釧 

倡 出梨倡 

9 1 

倡始 倡亂. 

土 匠匠頭 

巧 匠木匠 

8 4 

唱曲 唱飯 

1 -V 


CH: 讀 Cr. 

|J f k A sp«ar, a wooden lanco; 
a post ; to inaltreat, to rob, 
{〈, 〜 to wouiul, to kiil : \ch、ion(j 
u''"ng、,/w 々! to maltreat and rob. 

[The next two ftrc interchangeably 
rend <7i"i«>n<7]. 

Road iChonrj ; coll . 
^chHong : to squat , to 
'ru-n- crouch, to sit on tho heels; 

to squat low ; VA'i'o"/7 
tii^ ,Utu, to squat on the 
ground ; Jcxi iChHongy to 

sit couchant. 

5 CliHong. A coll. word, as in 
(Ch'iong ,/"m〃, to winnow 
in tho wind ; ;': chHoh、 to 
winnow paddy. 

X An clopUant ; a figure, a 
^3|yJ form, an image, the shape 
^ things take ; superstitious 
a"S' autraries or fancy, iniacina- 
tion, rosomblaiiee ; alaw ; 
to imitate, ])antoniimc : "siony 
chHumf ati kltia^ illustration ; com., 
''r.hHoiv/ £"//", ivory ; *ckHonff 
"a"f7、 t'lej>haiit's ffall, used medi- 
cinally; 、t、Uu(jdtHon(fi to 
look at tho form of the Iieavens ; 
ror.L., ch^iow/ 尸 V ,kau,kav, the 
proboscis is hooked ; met, applied 
to a beaked nose; V/t'/",'//* tp'"'" 
i'lophant's ski"; a medicine; a 
name for India rubber in Canton. 

Interclmnged with the 
' preceding : like, similar ; a 
jj 'f* figure, image, likeness ; a 
"ang. Rt.'itue, an idol ; to resemble, 
to imitate: com., "Jdng 
ah' 1071(1^ n form, an image ; "imico 
vhHong^ to limn, to copy ; "'nffeu 
<:/','/(>", 尸 or "iSinr/ chHong^ an idol ; 
COLL., "ch'iwig* yong^ or cfiHo" 于 
hicng^ yong* according to rule ― 

right, excellent; n/f chHong* \nencty 
tiniiKHily ; rtf 卩 ch^iong- saiA\ inie- 
rior color ; c/iHonf/ iid, resembles 
his father ; clHong^ kihig^ to pre- 
sume, to suppose ; chHong^ chidh, 
cliHong* very like to ; ng* ch^ionff* 
c/i6 - to do contr.'u ily, to blunder^ 

Also read ^tong; a swift 
current ; in the coll., 
^^, to draw (water): "ch'ionfl* 
*■ yon'/ the surging of watery 
COLL., "oliHon<,/、 'chici, to 
draw water ; ckHmig^ to draw 
OMt tin dry ; cJC'ionf/ sioh^ p'-wttk, 
to tlnuv a bucket of water; c'/iHonff* 
jsio/i^ Jcx>ng、 to driuv ajar full, 
ilij/i Read ^chionr/ ; coll. 

chHong^:io pkice together, 
J:} ^ 10 insert ; to fasten the 
g' uppers to the soles of 
shoes : ^"chHony^ £<i, to sol& 
shoos ; ch、ionf,、 l、<ik、 ^peng^ to in- 
sert the movable boards ( in the 
front ot'ii shop), 

ChHo7ig*. A coll. word, as in 
chHonff^ ; 《'(ZM, to dre.s8 the 
bride's linir ; chHong^ it^mi ch、ak、 
bridal pins of gdld or silver ― or* 
nainentod with beails; ch'-ioncf ji'ati 
a/Oj a casket of bridal presents. 

(124) Ch'iu. 

_:Y.f, Autumn, hauvost, tho 

/^K time of reaping; tliQ return 
( ^ of the year ; a year ; autuni- 

+cn nal ; sorrowing, unhAppy : 
)^^H^ COM., ',(cA'':M ,f'ec«/7, or 

Ch'iu. '"\chHu kie ' autumn ; 
"fC/iHu tJcinff, autumn scen- 
ery ; "mainff^ ,(7t'i''/, the seventh 
month;'7iA;,fC/t'i?r, the beginning of 
autumn ― 13th solar term ; "<《a,i〃 
.chHuy festival of the 8th moon, 
15th 4ay; (cAHu '^sing^ the autumn 

秋 f 秋 o 

景 孟秋立 

天 秋季秋 

8 9 

水 霄鞋實 

様$¥ 漆 

4 5 

像, 像 P 

像^^ 偶 

象 象皮形 

8 9 

象 胆觀天 

6 7 

1 象 牙 

.00 P 下 

2 0* 


CH'iu. m 

A»T^K An eel, n mud or conger 
KfAjT eel :\nd (々",,《, n freshwater 
^fclli; eel ; COM., " c/i* *M, a 8cd- 
drapon, myriadH of inilcM 
long ; met., in classic laii 二 
guage, a longfnnrrow boat. 

A long-legged bird liku 
an adjutant, hriving red 
eyes and a bare neck ; it 
is ravenouH, hence met: 
applied to viciouB persons; 

yTJ> a pond, a figh-pond, .1 

, , pool ; a snmll tributary of 
,fcLiu t'lc Yellow River near Liii- 
• hi^n, in Shansi ; chilly, cool; 
racnmiful,to excite sad feel- 
ings ; a narrow pass: ^* Jiang (cA'iw, 
a cascade, waterfall. 
( ClHu. A coll. word : whiskers, 
beard ; the beard of some 
itnimals : cA'oi > tch、iw、 whiskers, 
mustncfies ; ch^oi ' (chHu tlic 
whiskers covering the checks \ 
iSUng iCh'iu, piuc leaves, 
c r* The hand, the arm ; an 
■ I • autograph ; handy, ^uick ; 

cr to handle, to bold in the 
Suou. , J ' 

hand ; met., a person, ac- 
tions; the 64tn radical : 
COM., "'ch'lit chcilk, li.ands and feet; 
met., brethren ; "'ch*m V'/〃:ow/7, 
palm of the hand ; "^chHu pie ' tlic 
^chHu "ctcanff, the foi e-uriTi; 
"t6i> 'c/iHuy to work together; to 
lend a hand ; linndy, as an iristru- 
men t; ' •, tauff 'c/t'm,singl e handed ― 
to work alone ; ",/:inr/ ^chHu, to 
have the management of; "ha'- 
^chHiiy to put the liands to, as to 
work, to seize one, etc. ; '*^chHu 
,ch^au, written, not printed ; haiu' 
^chHu, hci'eaftei' ; 'oA'/u under 
one's control ; 'ch'^iu/mak,or (t'A'i'-" 
^mwong, or 'c/t'tw Uiwuf skill, ai t, 

HM<iizeR; ,chHnp6 "autumn report- 
er" (of Ktljins graduating )— an 
attendant of the god of learning ; 
\ehHu .hung yd* ek.yd* (leuff ek, 
•,/<!* at the autumnal equinox the 
nights become colder and colder ; 
COLL., .ch'iu /laeng* glaring heat 
at the beginning of aiitunin ; iloi 
p^ah, ,chHu tvoai* ptoan^' siu, if 
it thunders on the drst day of the 
(iX-, ,chHu ,tcrm the harvest will 
be only a large half, i. t., meager. 

iKT \. Also read 'ch^ieu: malev- 
AJkK olent ; ill-natured : com., 
< 、pok、 ,chHu (or ^chieu) 

pdk, (cA'rti, not to spdak to, 

,the cut direct. 

To bind, to gather in 
si) eaves ; to collect, to as- 
semble; to grasp, to clutch, 
to gripe. 

A strong wood ; the tree 
is like a ye\r or cnjress : 
,(c/"'M J pin(/、 3 chess-board. 

The wail of infants, the 
hu'ti of insects : */'.hHit 
chek、 the cry of infants ; 
tChHu, chattering of 
birds ; the tinkling, as 
6f gems. 

•tJjJL Also read 'chHm : to 
iArA change the color of; to 
ci!*iu colly, to blacken, as with 
' smoke. 

^|>r Traces of a carriage: 
MiyT *(C/iHu ,ch^icnff, a swing, a 

("3h '二 whirligig, a seesaw; coll., 
• 》Wi, ,c/i'iM fOJiHeng, to 
turn the whirligig ― a re- 
volving toy of four paper men on 
projecting arms or axes. 

手手杪 〇 


手 k 手下 


掌 手臂手 

激 寻足浮 

敏 海鰍餹 

00 4 

不 锨不棵 


夜^ 1 夜 



164 CH'IU. 

dexterity ; ('oLT", 'ch'm .tcwff, tl)c 
elbow ; ' ch'iu 、、hai、 the fingers ; 
^ch'iu chaik^ joints of the arms 
and fingers ; ^'ch^iu mah) the 
wrist i>ulso ; kak、 'ch'iu^ work- 
ing together, mutually suited ; 
V/i'w a kind of hand-n'it; 

^^ckHu 、tong、 long-armed ; 7)tet,、 
avaricious, tlnevish ; 'chHii cho ) 
Vauk^ done, finished ; (cA'iw iV'ou j 
7a I, the hand short; m^i,, do work, 
no money ; ^ch^lu hauk、 chieng^ 
h:ui(ls full of mischief; ^chHu^sinff 
tamg^ the "hand-force heavy" — 
noisy in working ; 《《J ttil ^ ^chHu 
(com., txoai 2 ^ch^ui), the right 
hand, that wliich holds the chop- 
sticks; t6 ^wang ^chHu (com., 
V/i*i'"), the left hand, that which 
holds the bowl ; 、、h、iu t^afi、 or 
、chHu I6h、 mittens ; 、chHu Uthionff 
,tong pidag^ "M't, lire emptied 
into the palm ; nieL^ nv^eut ; ^chHu 

se^ nilJc^ it's flesh on the back, 
:tnd it,8 fleah on the palm, of the 
hand ; met.^ to treat iittpartially* 

Cfffitif TJglv, deformed, ilMook- 
ing, vilo, disagreeable, dis- 
^iT^ graceful, shameful; 
' ashamed, BliamefacTd ; to 
<li>tlike, to hate; to com- 
pare ; a group, a »ort : ^^chHu 
haimf disgraceful conduct ; 
^rkung 、chHv、 a gang of petty 
thieves ; "^^chHu loP a vile set, 
vagabonds ; com., ^chHti ho》 an 
ugly woman ; ^ch^iu laiu^ uijly, 
dot'onnod ; vile ; 、。、ch、iu 1>ai 〉 a 
disfigreeable gait ; "W/V" sek 、- ho^ 
'mihig pok\ taik^kieng^ ,hung Jen, 
:i homely (laughtei、in-la、v can't 
avoid seeing her parents-in-law ; 
7Het" the culprit must appear 

'手 3手 %t M 
指 長行類 

'2 手 4 手 ';羣 m 





before his parent or muster. 

A besom, a broom ; to 
sweep np dirt : "ch€k、 
Jci (c/i'!'", holds duster and 
broom ― term for a wife 
or concubine ; coll" "saw) 
【ch、i'ti、 a brooin ; ^ch^eng 
、ch、iu、 a besom. 

To irapriaon, to confine, 
to oagt, to handcuff; a 
prisoner, a felon : coal, 
"、chHu 'hwangi (coll. iChHxi 
iuinf))^ a criminal ; "Jcang 
'^chHxi^ M prisoner ; ^^^chHu 
J^ing^ a mge for carrying 

Jht^tf Read ^chH7i; coll. 、chHu: 
held, caught, bound, con- 
£ ^^.j^ Strained ; lo pull towards 
one, as tho branches of a 
tree : ^ch^'hi "^king 、king、 
tightly held, restrained : "7n6h> 
<fih、iu ^ngwai, don't clutch rae ! 
^^^chHusioh^^toi^gRth^ved together. 

; GhHu^ A coll. word : thick, mat- 
ted hair, disheveled bain 
s ChHu. A coll. word : wan, woe* 
begone ; ^mu ^yieng pieny^ 
;chHu, a certain person has be- 
come wan III his looks. 


> Vinegar, pickle, pickled: 
COM., "chiong) chW salt 
re!ishes and vinegar ; coix,, 
ch^o^ 、m6 tS(mff,、 as sour as 
the mother of vinegar ! 
siiVi^ ch、o) to "drink vinegar" ― 
jealouR, as a 、vife; c/iV a'6ng^ a 
vinegar jar ; ch^'o^ Jcilnfj, animal- 
cules in vinegar ; ch^o\sing ta'eng^ 
deeply seated jealousy ; ch、o、 
c j>、ang saek^ p^iMi 》 "dash in 
pieces the vinegar jar" ― used 

一 堆醬酣 

莫揪 t 揪 


s 囚犯 

3 4 

姑 ,箕黍 

不 得見公 

魏 媳婦免 

fes 龜 J 

6^ 勢氐 



16 & 

wholly in a met. sense for a raging 
fit of jealousy ; ^sienff di'd" 《t" 
^siong ktoo' have tasted both salt 
and vinegar; met" have experi- 
enced all the bitter trials. 

4dtt> To. place, to put into its 
Jprt place ; to make known, to 
si、o、v abroad ; to conceal, 
3 u' to set aside ; to take at un- 
awares ; to use, to employ; 
to relinquish ; arranged, well-or- 
dered : 'ehf-o" Hi, or ^ch'-o^ ^sie, to 
adjust; Wi'o) <.sil, an elegant 
phrase; \u 'su ch、o、 、h、lu ch'tdk^ 
no place for the hands and feet ― 
perplexed, distressed. 

A-|J[-> Interchanged with, the 
npSr last : to place, to set down, 
- P to settle ; to store up ; to 
reject, to cast away : al o 
read ph、o、tl、 q. v. : 5('Q?*d 
c7t(o) to throw aside ; ^'kU tik^ch^o^ 
^chii ^wonn^ to pi'oniote the up- 
right, and reject the perrerse. 
(126) Ch'6. 

To take, to bold, to grasp: 
to manage, to exercise, to 
i^* ^ drill ; expert, used to ; to 
maintain, to restrain one's 
self, to moderate one's 
desires ; a purpose, a design ; a 
self-imposed rule ; consistent, prin- 
cipled: in the coll. read fiUau^ q. v, : 
COM., fih^6 Jcwongy to exercise 
authority ; ^cA'<> (siu, or®,cA'o ^tH^ 
to adhere to, as one's principles. 
Read ch^o ^ as in ^^chiek^ ck、6 ^ to 
maintain integrity. 

To twist by rubbing on 
the knee, to rub, or roll be- 
tween the palms ; to twist, 
' as thread on the twisting 
apparatus : com., ^ \cA'd 

sidng^ to twist thread ; coll., 
iSly and 〜wong、 to roll up the 
two kinds of ri co-flour cakes into 
balls for the winter-solstice feast; 
fih^o i ye /7, to roll into a round 
shape ; met" to reconcile parties ; 
'^c/iid tai^ kie^ to settle 
this matter ; 《di、6 ;?? 么 to adjust, 
as a dilRculty between two ; ^ch'd 
s6h、p if^oh , fhuv g tt、 ai , "twist a rope 
to bind a tyfoon" ― to attempt the 
impossible ; 、\ch、6 pwoh) <,yeng 
niek^ pwoh^ ^pienffy roll it nearly 
round, pinch it nearly flat ; met,, 
one nearly succeeds in securing 
harmony, when another spoils all. 

To recover from illness, 
convalescent ; a slight ail- 
ment or epidemic, as the 
influenza : in the coll, read 
q. V. 

To pass by, to go over, 
to transgress, to slip, to 
eiT : ^^^cho 4^6^ to miss an 
opportunity. . 

Also read ^ch^a •• a skiff, 
a boat, a small vessel : 
"(sieu ^ch'o^ a small boat. 



Used for the next: a 
white, lustrous stone;fresh; 
beautiful, to look fascina- 
ting: 、乂 kHeu chHeu) ,chi 
^cU6^ a bewitching smile. 

To polish, to work on, 
to cut and polish ; to work 
TVo^ at, to make good, as an 
• essay : ^^chHek^ (fh'd, to 
cut and polish ; met, to 
reform, to aid one in self-disci- 
pline ; chHek^ {il (ch*\6, like out- 
ting and polishing (a gem), scil.y he 
improved himself. 


小 繼巧笑 

剝 扁蹉跎 

,剝 蘭攝 

節橾 槎線 

f 寸 橾待 

8 9 

諸柱 1 襪 

措手足 , ^ 

|S 辭 所 I 

1 0* 






0_ A tishy f»mell ; strong, 
rank, reeking, as the scent 
of persons ; met.、 in the 
coll. lustful : COM., \)}gV. 
,<-h>6y fishy scent ; met., 
"fs'loT fi*h ; COLL., (c/i'd 5<J, fishy, 
briny ; iHf/il '八 iioh 、- ke^ 
(or keni/) yoii must avoid (eating) 
nsh ― as doctors say ; 
,cA'(5, the rank scent, as of persons 
or of a well d' ied up ; *,ch''6 (Sing^ 
or ,sin^/ ,cA'(5, lustful desire. 

The drunken frolics of a 
person in liquor : ,(c 力 
tch、6、 drunken antics. 

Uneven hills : 、(ch、6 oigd^ 

the inequalities of hills, 

undulating outlines of 


Pendants of precious 

atones or pearls hung like 

-, beads around the edge of 
rs o. ^ o 

a coronet. 

A sort of striped aquat- 
ic grass (? a vallisneria) 
Ta'ao 、、'hich d icks are very fond 
■ of; met.^ to joy in, delight- 
ed .vith ; tine, as an essay 一 
in all moa to the variegated 
beauty of this grass : \ing 'cA' 么 
two aquatic gi asses, used in sacri- 
fices; ''ch'd *xh、<ii、 beautiful, 

Also read ^6: moved, 
aroused : nad ; to afflict : 
/t'(J, toiling and 
suffering ; ?6 ,sing (cA'd 
tie, ah, how weaned I 
《J^^ Chagrined, thoughtful, 
sad, vexed ; covetous ; 
affected by : 、ch、6、 
' chagrined, vexed. Read 
ch、6 ' as in '"{Chieu ' 
di stressed, bereft of peace. 


^ Herbs, grass, plants 

with herbaceous stems ; 
( ' " plants in general ; hastily, 
tlltfl carelessly ; the running 
jr\ hand ; a rough copy, the 
Ts'ao. original draft ; to cut grass, 
to mow ; the 140th radical: 
in the coll, read 'cAV//<, q. v. : 
'"c^'o 'yd. pertaining to the coun- 
try, rustic; "'t'/i'd ch'-aun(f t(» make 
a model ; com., ','c/"<5 muki plants; 
pf,ik、 'cA' 么 all kinds of plants ; 
.kang (fA《 the **Bweet herb" 一 
licorice ; "Vo or 
sauk, or 'cA'<5 (c/>'(5, hastily, care- 
lessly ; '*cA'(5 eke* or (ch.U、 
the running hand ; "'c7t'd k6, first 
draft of a writing; ^chai 
(usually (C'A'm 'chai in the coll.), 
coarse paper ; '*'oA*d (hwci, flowers 
made of the pith of the ^t'^ung'^ch'^ 6, 

( A""^ A coll. character ; a kind 
of barilla obtained trurii 
*^B】。 marine plants in Shantung; 

* potash, pearlash, saleratus: 

'cA'o 【c)mi、 or 't'A'<5 ,t、onff、 
saleratuR water ; "*cA'd lo* a solu- 
tion of potash ; (to/, resid- 
uum of barilla. 

Coarse rice, paddy that 
TTjmS has been hulled, but not 
cleaned ; in the coll., dark* 
■ ish, unbleached : com., 
*'cA*(5 , 'mi, coarse or dark 
rice; COLL., ch、6、 ch.<i、 a coarse 
grass cloth ; ch-d ' pah) a darkish 
white ; ch^6 ' 'cAae, darkish paper ; 
ch'-d^ pahiif'onig^ a second quality 
of white sugar. 

To bathe, to wash the per. 
son; to cleanse the heart, to 
Ts'ao reform : '"^a ch'd > to bathe; 

• ch、6、 Mng "Ok 乂 taik、 to 
perfect one's self in virtues. 

P 米 1 


f 紙 if 花 

草 字草稿 

縻 草草索 

草創 草木 

pi 條 "草野 

懂 兮操嫁 




CirOH. CH'OL 167 

• To break, to injure, to 

take off the edge ; to hum- 
W^Ji^f^ ble, to oppress, to treat 
harshly ; to trim, to file oft; 
in which sense the same as 
next : 、ch、d、 chikk\ tried by afHict- 
ions; ipok,i ekiJi6ch、6、 -il drnj^ un- 
willing to put up with the slight- 
est illKUlt. 

A^t^^ An iron pan or boiler ; 
a file, a rasp ; to rasp, to 
•^^^ tile, to smooth off the sharp 
or rough poiuts ; to rub 

Af^JV Uecd for the last: to 
i^lj cut, to lop off the corners 
and sharp points, to trim 

• and prune ; lo cut up, to 
cut to pieces. 

pflj^ ) To mince up meat ; 

H^r* broken to bits, minced ; 

'tL , small ; to attend to trifles, 
ly o. , 

A4|t^ Read ch、auk、 ; in the 
'^^ST coll. ch'^o ), probably in 
TV? imitation of the coll. inan- 

• darin : a mistake, a fault, an 
error, a blunder : ^pok^ 

ch^o^ no mistake, right ; 、k、<m(f 
ch、6 > ^ngang^ to see wrongly, tlie 
eye deceived ; ^"^nil ch、6) you 
err ; ^tai ^ h ie ^ cho 》 ch'^o ) to 
blunder in work. 

、 V4""? To go to, to arrive at, 
HTpJ to advance, to cuter ; to 
^y"^^ contain ; to complete ; a 

• prayer ; hurried ; also read 
cho 2 q. V. ; VA'd ) sea * 

promotion of literary men ; com., 
ch、6 > cheu^ to complete ; ^eh'^o ^ 
^kwong^ to go to the school room; 
"c/i*o ^ "m、 ril go to your honora- 
*b】e mansion ; ) c/i^i^tl ^ flur- 

ried, agitated. 

(127) Ch'oh. 

CA^d/f^ . A coll. word : to stab, 
to pierce, to thrust with tl e 
hand or a weapon ; to stick, as 、vi,h 
a pin ; met" to pet employment, 
to rusli about : rh^oh^ (t'crq/ Vaic^ 
to pierce thronrrh ; cli^oh^ (si、 to 
stab to death ; r/i'o/t^ can bore 
in ― (Min pit work ; ^77*6 ? io/t, k'tUk^ 
《"fi cA'o/i. nothing lor yon to 
gain out of me! W、i chHli^ ch'o/f^ 
to rush to and fro. 

(128) Cli^oi, 
Loft y , iTionntainouR, 

rugged, as a hilly country; 
Ch'ui a ""'"ame : 、": h、ui oigui^ 
' lofty, rocky peaks. 

Also read 、vh、"i: the 
luster of a gen), a gem 
Ts'ui hanp^i" 卩 down, as trom 

' thi» girdle. 
/^I To urcre, to press, toec^ge 
J^ffi on; to importune, to has- 
^ Ts'ui ten, as the paynient of a 
' debt ; to reiterate; to has- 
ten, as guest 8: in the colK 
read 、ch、w't、 q. v.: 、人 "h、oi chyeilk\ 
to urge; ^^sciV ,ch^oi^ excuse us 
from (sending again) to urge 一 
written on invitation cards. 
(、.lA« Also read 〜f*h、oi: deep, 
dear water ; tears trii k- 
lini^ clown ; fresh, new, 
clean ; spoiling, ruining; 
snow d rifled ; name of a 


The maiTOw, medullary 
matter in bories-'V/^Zw^ij 
kaul\ 、(: h、iA, (your kind- 
ness) penetrates to iny 
very marrow ; ^^chiok^ ^ki 
"xh、i、 sucked his nian'o、v — i. e., 
was revenged ; com., 门 kaul" 'c 力'" , 


髓 嚼其 g 

催深入 ifS 

巍 催促賜 

3 4 

府 造次崔 

1 2 

就 造舘造 

錯 !,」 士 P 


錯 哏效務 

一 骞挫 4 於 

挫節 不 以 




To estimate, to calculate, 
to reckon ; to try, to feel ; 
to rub in order to ascer- 
tain, todetect: COM., ''ch'oi 
《m 么 to feel after, to search 
out the sense ; ^"^ch^oi tok^ to inves- 
tigate, to conjecture, 
《 Mournful ; in straits, 
l\ rrl fearful : ^"-ch^oi 、ch、oi、 
•I'M mourning, afraid ; *(ch'oi 
• k'eil ' anxious. 
<^ 曰 To gnaw, to masticate ; 
M'H^ to eat greedily, to bolt 

^ Ch^'oL A coll. word: a chain, 
as worn on the neck by a 
criminal or a child : tHek^ "xh^i, 
an iron chain ; o^gUvg 、ch、oi、 a 
silver-chain necklace ; ^ch^oi taid 
kauk^ to put a chain on the neck. 

The female of the king- 
fisher, the feathers of which 
are used in plumagery ; 
the fleshy protuberance 
from which the tail of the 
bird grows : Vioi^ ch、oV 
the male and female king- 
fisher ; COM., V/i'oi ^ 《?" 么 feathers 
of the king-fisher ; ''ch^oi ' J^ang, a 
purplish blue ; coll., ch^oi ) ^md 
、chei" common name of the king- 
fisher ; He7}g ch'^oi ^ to ornament 
with its feathers. 

The mouth, the beak, 
the bill of a bird ; a spout, 
a nozzle ; the edge of a 
knife, etc.; an aperture, an 
adit; to wrangle, to chatter, 
to talk much and impudently, to 
give lip : COM,, V'A'o* ' sieK the 
tongue : ^toi ) ch>oi ) to speak face 
to face, to disonss ; ^^td ch、oi、 
the edge of a knife ; ^\*h^oi 》 k、ak) 


thirsty ; ^'^ch'^oi ) 'tiinff, honey* 
mouthed, affable ; colt", "ch^oi ) 
siek^ 、! cii 'i'f、 the palate ; ch、oi 》 (/>*(i, 
the cheek; "ch'oi * k、idk、 a hare-lip; 
、、ch^oi> 4>au wa} by-words, slang; 
、&/ c、(iik、 ch^oi ^ tX^au^ abstemious; 
ch、oi》 Vna, the gift of gab ; ch'^oV 
t、uk 人 OT pcmf 产、 dull, slow of speech; 
pak^ ch、oi、 to open the mouth, to 
gape ; ^ch^oV clever in talk ; 
ch、oi ) c/i'au^ abad breath; railing; 
^^ch^oi^ sionrj^ your mouth itches 
(to eat) ! x^choP saik\ loss of 
appetite; ch、oi) J^ang (or 、Vxtiig、、 
remnants of food ; i"ch、oi、 saung^ 
"reckon by mouth", i. e.^ without 
the abacus ; ch^oi 》 n、u Hhi^ to 
protrude the mouth, to pout ; 
ch、oi、 5 p^ui k'ieu) kHeu* (the 
upper) lip curled"; ch'oi) ^kiAng 
,mie (7ni€, critical, teasing j ch}oi) 
Hie nainy^ ^mi ^td <,sirtg ^kang <^t6 
He ^ f,J, his mouth chants Budha, 
but his heart holds a razor ! 

To stop, to drive back, 
to repress ; to overpower, 
k,jr' to set down ; to push upon, 
• to thrust forward, to crowd 
against, to impel ; to break, 
as the wind doea trees ; to reach; to 
put out, to extinguish, as a family : 
\ch、oi ek) to abate, to repress ; 
"《h、ol chiek^ to push against and 
break ; inet.^ affected, disciplined 
by trial. , 
(129) Cli^oi. 

、 To break in small pieces, 
to smash, to pound to bits, 
to comminute ; bits, frag- 
ments, pieces, endings ; 
petty, troublesome ; dis- 
heartened, broken-down : com., 
"^hnng M6i ^ ground to powder; 
J^ing ch、6i 、 bits, fragments ; 



嘴 |g 嘴萬 

嘴 利嘴癢 

刻嘴頭 o 


^ 膽頭話 

嘴 舌仔嘴 

»嘴 刀嘴 

翠 藍嘴舌 

7 8 

5 6 

瑞 s 3g 濯 

® 摩 揣度 

1 2 


"s(S ch、6i ' fragmentary; me《., petty, 
troublesome ; ,cA'(5i -、, odds 
and ends of work ; ,cA.'(5i 'ao) petty 
bills ; 、ch>H ' 、king、 bits of scenery, 
as delineated or embroidered ; 
'ch、6P iiilng* for miscellaneous use; 
*ch、6P tngiing, broken silver ; 
COLL., j>、ah、 ch^6i ' to smash, to 
break to pieces ; c/i'<5i ) ichieny 
chek、 Jcwong "kihig, to gather a 
large sum by driblets ; ch''6i ' ch6 ' 
to do chores ; ch'&i) ^konff ch、6V 
Hdng^ to prate about this and 
that petty concern ; 6i ' ch'&i ' 
sidh, (or chioh^ fond of constant 

Read ch^6*: used in the 



Paik、 'Ing for tlie coll. 
cA'<5t V to cut, to chop, to 
cut down, as trees : VA'<5t * 
' to cut off ; *ch 、& i * 
Ts'o. c/iW to fell trees ; *ch'-6i * 
«'oAj ng6} to lop off a bough . 

A spinning wheel, call- 
ed ''ch'6i\chH&. 


(130) Ch'ok. 

ill To go out, to issue, to 
! It proceed from, to manifest, 
) according to the tenor of 
' the following or preced- 
ing word ; to eject, to put 
out; to surpass, to excel; an auxil- 
iary verb, implying completion 
of an action ; occasionally read 
o/i'oi 、 with similar meaning : com., 
"ch、ok、 ik^ out and in, ingress and 
egress ; "ch''oky sic ' to be born ; 
"ch、ok、 p'ieu) to issue bank-bills ; 
to issue a warrant; "ch、ok) koi、 
"produces honor" (in the family), 
as good sites do; "ch、ok) ngie^ 

to complete an apprenticephip ; 
、、ch、ok、 lavntf^ oviparous ; 、、ch、ok、 
,8i"y、 to render pernonal eervice ; 
to gain promotion ; "ch、o1c、 、mng, 
the proa nets of the poil ; "c/t'oA;, 
k-iDok^ to enter upon office ; ch'ok, 
ch'-oi * to do the talking ; 、'ch、ok、 
chUilng^ to excel the crowd ; 
、、ch、ok、Jca、 to forsake the family 一 
become a priest ; "ch、ok、 ichimg, 
to pay money ; ch'ok) 、j>6、 to put 
forth the precious (pustules) 一 a 
polite phrase ; '**^8iong pok, chok、 
inconceivable ; coll., ch^ok) ^kilng^ 
to visit the privy ; ch、ok、 {i'aw, to 
rise from poverty ; ch>ok、 、k、(m、 to 
put to sea ; banished ; ch、oJc、 meng* 
to be the responsible party ; ch、ok、 
Ji、 to come forth ; ch'ok, lo* 
"exudes brine" ― said of a filthy 
garment : ch、ok、 ,cA*g, opening of 
the month ; ch'oJc) (sang, to make 
one's debut, to commence 
business, as young men ; ch、ok、 
pok^ original, self-originated, as 
ideas; ch、ok、 (nhig iSmff, to appear 
before people ; it、auch、olc) kaek^ ho 
has horns 一 beware of him ! 



Read chiok) ; used in 
the coll. for ch、ok 、: to 
scorch, to cauterize, as 
with the mugwort ormoxa 
pnnk: ch''ok^ ,hung i-niwong^ 
to scorch mosquitos (with a taper). 


Used in the Paik^ ,Ing 
for the coll. cA'oA;^ : to take 
in the fingers, to take a 
pinch of : chok^ sioh^ ch^ok^ 
to take a pinch ; ch、ok、 
sidhj let us take a pinch and eat 一 
said by those eating at a friend's 
expense ; ch'-ok^ /icai, to exact 

衆 T 豕^ 

產出缺 p 

蛋,? 5 身 s 出 

貴出 s 出 

世出 票出 

3 4 

単 出入 ^ 

u 去 剩模 

碎 用碎銀 

碎數. S: 景 

鋇 碎碎工 

1 2 

170 CH^ONG. 


Read (auky; con.c/i^ok,: 
i^^jK small seals or stamps, oall- 

ch^ok^ to stamp. 

(131) Cli'ong. 

A ijranary, a storehouse 
for rice or salt; a granai'v of 
T . ,r the government: \eh、(mg 
。• ('',"〃, a granary ; 〜(7/'o"/7 
fully occupied, 
distracted by cares ; com., &mi 
trh、(mg、 a rice gianary ; 
tCh'onff, Palt warehouses ; \ch^onff 
^nffo (coll. ^cJcoujf chHo a public 
granary ; \eh、o》ig (cAw?//, asupei'- 
intendent of granaries ; \ch、ong 
( mi p'im) tickets for drawing rice 
from the government granaries ; 
、ahwak、fih、ong、 to sell grain from 
the granary ; ^^ngie ^ ,ch''ong^ a 
charity-granary ― where rice is 
sold cheap in famine; coLL.,,A*cm/7 
i,s€nrf^ localities of granaries and 
salt godowns; ,ch、cmg"^U pwong、 
lan(/^ lek^ lade out the granary- 
rice which (is inferior and) boils 
to pieces ; mef.、 to buy things or 
employ workmen without regard 
to quality. 

Sometimes used for the 
last : hastily ; the green 
^f^^T^ tint of plants, the azure of 
g' the sky ; tiourishii,g、 pros- 
pering ; lioary, ajjed, old 
in service : 、\efi、(mff ^Vicng^ or 
,k、il、、(f ^eh^07){j^ azure sky, the fir- 
mament; '\c/ronff (Id, old, waning; 
an old mat! ; j>ek、 frmtl" ,d(^07ig 
<.ngau{j^ a youiig-lookiiicj old man ; 
COM., 、'\ch、o"(j r'^e)ig^ living things, 
the people ; suk^ a vegeta- 

ble modicine ― expels humors and 
bad exhalations. 

An ulcerated wound, a 
fiore, an ulcer ; a, boil, an 
Chimng eruption: '\ch^ong ", a 
e wound ; COM., ^cn^'oug tuh\ 
the pus of Bores ; ^kmig 
,cA《<w/7, a dry sore ; "te》 trh、(mg、 
the piles ; saik\ 、ch、o》、(f、 lice-sores ; 
COLL., ,h、cmff hioak^ sio/t^ f^i》ig, 
ulcers all over the body; 《ch*"<mff 
,sang siong^ men(f ulcers coming 
out on the face, as from licen- 

Color of gems. Read 
、ch、imiff、 a musical sound; 
T^fl^. the jingling of stones. 
^vA^ Vast like tho sea ; name 
of a river and lake ; a su- 
^TVamr perior district in Tientsin- 
iu: ^\ch^07ig ^hai .chilionx^ 
capacity (to drink) like 

the sea. 

r 1 . A hamlet, a village : 
小、 I fSang {Ch、(wg、 a mountain 
( Ts'un "'nlet ; COM., ^\/nong 
• ^ch^ong^ a village, the coun- 
try ; COLL., fchon.f/ n 
rustic ; ^h、ong ^I'i ^p6^ a country 

An unauthorized charac- 
ter, as in the coll. ^^,ch^ovg 
^ (《", compartments in a 
boat or ship ; a hold ; 
^^^k^xoi (ch、ong、 to break 
bulk ; tch'ong 、peng (tu j>»(5, the 
compartment-covers all gone, 

A window, an aper- 
tAfi tm'e to admit light ; a sash, 
^ Venetian blinds, a shutter ; 

a school; a student: ^ch^ong 
(flilS^ <)ig"、 a paper window ; 
Sjl^^ '\c/V'ong ha^ at school, 
while at Ins studies ; 

諶 tV(,A'7, , <kie , 
e a school -room ; com" 

窄 簾 

w 量鄕村 


,• ^,海 

,生, 甚 

管天 ^ 老 

0^ 義<^ 


< ^米票 


瀹 is<^\ 總 

戳 仔柏戳 

1 8 


伸 〃h、ong、 or \ch'-on(f Hu, 
chums, fellow students ; '.se-t/c/«/i 
■honf/ ,ch'07if/, has studied pain- 
fully ten years ― i. e., a long time. 

A kind of crane with 
ash-colored plumage and 
- L red cheeks : \ch'oiig Jcmg, 
Ch' 議; \ch'oii<j 
kmik, the black crane. 

< f I To guess, to judge, to 
^fvl* surmise ; to consider, to 
I -' reflect, on : '^ch'onf/ tok^ to 
Ts'un. conjecture ; to reflect on. 

tjiA^ Grief, sorrow : \ch'd 
TM 、、h、ong, to pity ; grieved, 


|| I A bedstead ; a conch, a 
settee ; a suit of bed 
^ y ^ clothes ; the boards which 
I j. 1 make the bedstead ; a well- 
(j[^V curb ; a measure of 8 
Ch'uang cubitR : COM., ,WXk、 ^ch'-ong. 

a bamboo bedstead ; Huk. 
soV ich'-ong^ a single bedstead 
、iCl),ong , jo't^o, bed and bedding 
COLL., ^"iining ich^ong, a bedstead 
a bed ; ich、ong Jcwcmg, the cross 
pieces ; " 、c.h、ong a closet in 
the back frame ; iph、ong fChid 
Jmng、 the fenders ; ^chl'ong ^Tmng^ 
a figured bed- valance ; "1<f"aung、 
tcA'on^,acouch, a settee ; ^^<fih'-ong 
pia.h、 '"V, the backside of the 
bedstead ; ^*tak^ ich^vng, a step in 
front of a bedstead ; ",tHm ileu 
ich^ong, a kind of bedstead with 
front steps ; 'Vau' o^d iCh'ong, 
"B udh a-bedstead" 一 the common 
sort without steps aud having 
curved feet. 

cH«u. in 

Read itung; used in the 
,iik、 .Inq for the coll. 

P<,ik、 (7>《(7 … — ― —- 
unT 、ch、(m{j : to eat much ; 
ung' gluttonous ― used oppio- 
brionsly : "twaV <rh''ongy 
a gl'itton ; 'V'A'o"/7 eat your 
fill ; ' VZt'ow,/ pwong^ stuff yourself 
with rice ; ^"irh'-otu/ chie ' eat and 
stuff; seil., and not work. 
Ch^onff. A coll. word : to wring, 
to Avrench, to twist ; to 
extort : eh^oHfj* ,wang^ wrench it 
crooked; ch'-on(f*,i 、si(m(f, to wring 
out clothes ; 5《S7W hv,ok、 pie/ty* 
radh^chf'onif don't wrench his cue; 
ch'-ong^ ichieng, to extort money. 

(132) Cli'u. 
Zl rw| To cut ont garments ; to 
-owj begin, to commence ; the 
( ch'u Si'8t, the beginning ; incip- 
' ient, at first : in the coll. 
read ,cA'e, q.v.: ^\ch''u^sinffy 
the first thought ; ^sfi (ch'ic, the 
beginning, at the first ; <,om., 
hok^ to commence strdy ; <ch、u 
(ch、u hwoi ^ to become acquainted 
with ; fih、u (Ch'-eU , the first time ; 
(ch'u eny^ to enter on official life. 

Coarse, uncleansed, 
vptl dirty, as rice just threshed; 
( I large ; open, coarse ; rude, 
vulgar, boisterous, unpol- 

ished ; gross, indecent ; 

TVu," dirty ; harsh, as a voice ; 
partially, rudely : com., 
iCh、u ew' coarse and fine ; (cA'tWw, 
or ,ch、u 8ilk^ or ,cA'w inguoang 
(coll. (CA'w ila), vulgar, unmanner- 
ly, as rustics ; wa^ obscene 
language ; cou", ,chh'iman"、 rude, 
fierce ; ,cA'w ( p'tci, in the rough, 
the unfinished article ; ,cA'w sauky 
coarsely and hastily made ; 'ch*^u 
cho ' to do rough work ; 

饈祭初 <^ 

鐽 飽饈鈑 

I 牀 f 錢 


壁裏, i 

橱 lEi 牀 

鋪 IT 

獨睡牀 i 

3 9 

悽 搶竹脒 

,鶴^: 度 




\ch'u 《chong, a large, coarse 
l^Miiale ;〜 rA'?<c/ie2 common words ― 
such as the unlearned know ; 
V'/i'" "?, 6, the privy ― a delicate 
phrase ; (sing twai * Ha7ig, 

careless and bold ; \ch、u pwong^ 
ta)ty^ ch\xi > coarse rice and taste- 
less vegetables 一 a polite phrase 
used by a host ; \ch、u ^mi ttcai * 
^ngang^ shaggy eyebrows and 
large eyes. 

^'JkJ^ A coppice, a bramble 
^ V.^ bush ; a thicket, a clump 
of trees ; spinous ; distinct, 
' clear, orderly, well-done, 
properly finished ; painful, 
sharp ; a feudal state in the Chow 
Dynasty, now the chief part of 
Hunan and Hnpeh : n、ong、 ^cJi^u^ 
or ^ying 'ch、u, painful, sharp 
suffering ; ^^rcong 《cA"", completed; 
COM., 、\chH》、(j ^h'u, clear, com- 
plete, finished or settled properly. 

Interchanged with the 
»jrfp last, in the sense of painful, 

Xa?J* suffering. 

The stone base of a pil- 
lar or column ; a pedestal, 
tIT a plinth' 



To hasten to one's place; 
to stride off, as in the 
presence of a superior ; to 
run, to walk quickly 
"(M'tt cheng) to hasten to 
the front ; ^\ch*^U fikHong^ 
to advance quickly ; "(cA*" 
iyeny h& sie" run to the flame 
and stick to (the man of) 
influence ~ to be a parasite. 


士、 ^ Aho read ,chil : unable 
Tv/^ to advance from fear or 
disability; to go awry: 
^t^^ ^\chil ^ch*'^y impeded. 


Also read ^chu : a chick 
or bird just out of the shell, 
and yet able to peck : 
^^wang .ch^ily name of a 
southern bird. 
Ant To cut grass; straw, 
J^t hay, fodder : "<ch'U inffieu, 
c (^a to cut grass ; "pf (cA% a 
u' Budhist priest 一 in the In- 
dian language ; '^seriff ^ch^il 
eky sok^ a bundle of green grass. 
々"? 1 Slow ; remiss ; insensi- 
f^[y bly, little by little; to free 
( Shu from or remove, as a 
• calamity : "(cA'ii nang^ to 
free from evil ; fih^il ^sUy 
slowly, carefully. 

To open out, to unroll, 
to expand, to make room; 


to disburden the mini 
exhilarated ; tranquil, at 
ease ; 】ax, easy, remiss ; 
slow, leisurely; in order; comforta- 
ble : in the coll., to lay, stretch, or 
spread out : " ,ch'U Hieng^ to open 
out;^cA*?2 in order, slow, as a 
gait ; COM., ^'^Jd'wang (cA《a, 
spacious, ample ; ^chHl tHong^ joy- 
ous, exhilarated ; (cA'U ^tionff, 
roomy, spacious; coll., ,A*tf iming 
iCh^ony^ to spread the bed ; ,ch、il 
H6y to lie flat, as culprits to 
be beaten ; ^ch'il mmg、 siong^ to 
spread on the top of. 
《 •iJ/ A pronoun and adverb; 
irT^ this, here, now ; the last 
spoken of, the thing in 
• hand : com,, 、pi (chSl, that 

is ,難 

,! 8 

i 趨炎 

淸 楚趨進 

o 1 

iMUH 「兀楚 

大眼 p 楚 

淡 茱粗眉 


大 膽粗钣 


粗他粗 >3 

粗妝 粗字 

1 C1 




find thtH, there and here ; 'AV 
(«A'rt, wherefore, consequently ; 
• iiuj (oA'rt, by, for, on account of; 
*'chi *c/'.*a, only this ; *chek、 *t7i'ii, 
thus, then (it's ho and bo); "cMii ' 
'r/t'rt, from this time ; 、k、i Hu (c/t'rt 
'li, how is there any reason in it? 
i. c., it cannot be right ; "polc^ (''/t'rt 
chaik, ipi, if not this, then that ; 
if not now, then soon ; "ch'U k、tiik、 
this moment ; 'c/t'tt 《3 ' ttw.(7 (《'"'7, 
(we) of this occupation ; coLt., 
(t'A'rt 、kin.g ng* ^pi 'hU ^king^ this 
Plate (us of trade, etc.,) is not like 
that Ktate. 

Small, contracted, 
diminutive : '(c/i'tt 'c/i'ii, 
very small, minute. 

Clear water ; fresh, 
olo:u» ; name of a stream ; 
also read (sd, q. v. 

To dwell, to reside ; to 
be ; to act ; to occupy the 
place of ; ■w liile in ; to dis- 
tinguish ; to manage ; to 
judge, to decide on ; to 
attend to ; to do what is 
proper; to adjust, to settle ; 
t o place : also read c/i^eU ' q. v. : 
、JcU 'c/i'ii, to reside, to dwell ; 
COM,, ""oA'tt 《e'to adjust, to set to 
tights ; ^\tieu (ch'il, or 'cA'ti ihwo, 
to reconcile, to settle a dispute ; 
"'ch'il 'si, to visit with death ; (I'll) 
kill (you) ; "«cA'« ichang, to 
behead ; (c/i'fi Jmng^ to discrimin- 
ate, Jl8 superiors in reference to 
faults of inferiors ; "(ch、il 'wtt, a 
virgin ; ^chiong Ji6 H 、ch、H, how 
shall we manage it ? coll., 、ch、U 
eeil^ n(f ^sidng ^hwang pieng^ 
ttHeu ^s6, has not settled matters, 
but rather made more mischief ! 


^^Dt^ To take, fo lay bold on; 
pfjiL to use ; to exact ; to seize 
J/., on, to take nway ; to ; is- 
puuie, to appropriate ; to 
receive, to apply to ono'rt 
use ; to get, to induce, to bring 

upou ; taken, applied, selected ; 
niso n':id chyeii\q. v.: ^*^ch*ilhimk, 
to imitjitc the pattern; 'cA'tt tChu、. 
to rely on, to use for one's profit ; 
''c/i'ie'々, 'cA'tt, to appropriate ; 
COM., chlil* (cA(rt, to bring on 
one's self ; ''(cA''ft e* to approve, 
pleased with ; *"c/i'<l ^k^ieu, to uro 
uuntjinc; "(cA'tt seng^ to get credit, 
trusted; Wt'tt to get security 
or bail ; cou.., ng^ 'ch^ii e' dissatis- 
fied with ; 'c/t'ii 'ngaiy to extract 
a tooth. 

A rat, a mouse, rodent 
animals in general ; me" 
timorous; thieving ; skulk- 
ning, lurking; a rascal, » 
mean fellow ; the 208th 
Shu.「 radical: ,。(cAw)《 'cA'ti, a 
water rat ; 、、 (hionff (cA'tf'a 
T[\\\f^^vn.i\sik^ch'^^l^chi of ordina- 
ry abilities ; com., "7<5 ^chHi, a rat ; 
*\rhieiig '^chMl, moles (in coll. 
fCh'-ang imang (ch、il, blind rats) ; 
ftieu 、'h、il, the marten or sable ; 
ichonq ^lionff^ rata hoard 
food ; met., be provident ; coll., 
、"h、'il k、i6Jc、 a rat-trap ; icUeng 
(cA,'ii, field rats; Jiu (cA'ii, a 
squirrel ; (cA*<i ch'ek^ a pilferer, a 
petty thief. 

― Sick from grief, a settled 
melancholy ; moping, dis- 
eased by sorrow. 

Read 'cA'w/ used ;:! the 
Paik, .Ing for coll. 《h、il : 
'"^ha*" an exclamation in driving 
• animals, hoot I shoo ! also a 

老鼠潛 竄 

取巧 k 信 

竊取 取意 


t 死!^ 斬 

此 e 不此聽 

k 此 S 此 献 

故此^ 此 

174 CH-UH. cH^Uf. CH-UK. C E-UK. CH'U^^C^. 

vrord of contempt uttered with the 
middle fcigcr thrust out. 

(134) ChHili. 

Ck'uh" A coll. word, a« in 
^ ch'ih. chytl" elC-uIi^ ck^nh^ 
ft low sound us of t、vo persons 
ialking; ,i 'hil Hie ch'i/i^ elcih^ 
v/t'i/Ji^ c/h'u/i^ 7)1(1 ^ "lieit tek\ 'A'"",/ 
siti ) 'mJA, they are muttering lliere, 
Idon'tkuow what they arc s:^ying. 

(135) CVui, 
Read ^mi; coll <^ch^tu: 

bits of banibof), a bamboo 
. switch : \ch'iu 'ki&ng^ or 

\eh、u'i ^sdy small switches ; 
,iChUti 、kong, stripes, 
marks ; \cN'm it-mi ch、ok、 、h6 
"^kidng^ whipping makes a good 

(136) Cl"uk. 

Ch^uk.. A coll. word : a superla- 
tive, 08 in (" eh^yk\ chhtk\ 
very black, very dark, the 

(137) Ch^iik. 

Ch> A coll; word : to trend, 
to trample ; to destroy by 
treading on : ch;QJc) to trample 
to denth; chHlk^ ndh^ td indent by 
treading on ; ch^itk^ taintj^ to 
trample dotVn hard, as earth ; 
cK-iltc^ ^panff te^ to tread level 
^vith the earth ; met.、 to break up 
and gut ^gamblers' dens, etc. ; 
cfHll\ ,k'a ch、iof" Hdy trample 
under foot; 7net.^ to oppress tke 

(138) Ch^Ttig. 

- /i〈 Spring ; the beginning 
of tne yeur ; glad, joyous ; 
《 r ^udtoft : wine, spirits ; a 
man s uatne ; met" times, 

seasons, periods ; b u d d i n 4 
starting' : com., ^^ch^nntj J、ih", !、 
spring ; fich^inuj chle 》 sjM'iii*^ 
sacrifices ; \ch*')otrje^ vcr'ul (Icsiro; 
y/〃Y., bftwtly pictiire-; ; ,、sht!f 
、eh、ur、(f、 onrly sjiriiig ; 

AV"/7, the first mouth ; "ik> 
(chhm{j、 op。】in,g of spring ― the" 
,f tlic tt\*onty-fbur solar 

tirst of the tt\*onty-fbur s( ― 
torfns ; 、\ch、 Hng 2)6 1 "the spring 
reporter (of Htcrnvy suocoss)'' — 
uanie of an attendant of the god 
of lenrrling ; \ch、u7)ff 、,、hiS 
^to/?/7^Spring ftnd Auttnnn Annals— 
a book of Confucius ; coll., 
、\chhinff 、id&tif,、 a large kind of 
w;lfbr cake ; v (chHm〃、 

I "meeting the spring" ― nn nffichtl 
.reet-procession, in Avhicli au 
trtheu ox, called ",、h"w(f %ngu^ 
torue ; ^tiBtiff au^ 

d me"f}、 spring lias :i stepmoth- 
er's face, i. (? •, is chiiui^euble ; 

iVfi tuuj ^tiieu sioh 》 k 、(! ik) tek\ 
^eh^ietuj Jdng、 a brief part of u 
spring-evening is worth n thoii- 
tiand of gold ; sciL^ to recreate in. 

A lot)g-lived tree ivscni- 
bling the banyan: ^^^cfcuitrf 
Jdofhij^ the (<:h、u7i(j tree nnd' 
Jiiong shrilb ; 7Met" lUther 
and mother. 



A salt water fish ; it rcscni- 
. M, bles the ^\wong (kwa、 and 

' the Fooehow colloquial. 

^*jr^ A dappled or iron-gray 
t^*^ horse : 、〜igu Jiwafh、untj、 
^KT- I > a pie-bald horse. 



子 五花 il 

養 ,瓜, 

後醤 , 

,餅 P 春 

f 秋左傳 

立 春春報 


春 夭春意 

出好仔 〇 

ip 痕 It® 

i 仔 T 樨 





An onion ; a kind of: 
swonl ; n jjroen color ; ; 
wind or hrcnth having . 
vent ; a thorough draft ; in 
tho col], mid ,r/i^i^/iff^ q. v.: j 
^ch^inigUhif/^ tbeKarakorum Mt.'s, ! 
1^^-% Iliirried, alarmed, agita- j 
.V^^ tod : ^no^ l、"e、 ^el thing 
(tV^o^ cxoitcM^ to anger, 

'^'exasperated ; \ch、vn(j 
、m(wff、 proei}rttate. 

A pebble or stone rosera- 
blhii^ a precious gem. 

(丄 仏、 


Quick at lienring, nptutc, 
】'e<'idy, quick-witted ; to 
porot'ivr cloarly, to dis- 
criminate irit(^lligently : 
\ch、、ftig cJ(^ah\ to dis- 
'JVung. eriniinatc ; \fHhig ^chhrng^ 
licnven-bostowe j in tell i- 
fjonce 一 s:ii<l oftlie cmporor ; com., 
im;nfj, olever. intelligent; 
,<cli、v、、g onhuf Jhig le} clover und 
apt ; \t*]vu)i<j 〈mirt{f mok^Jcind fa,^ 
《?" o"/7, the clovernoss (of othors) 
(,an,t exceed the omperor's ! 

(,"",? ek、 clover nil luR life, 
^^tupid just this once ; coll., 
,h、Hhfj rjninff or ^ch^vnfi 

ifi^hiff Ucidfiff^ a quick-witted 

To crawl, to wriggle, as 
worms; to move, to stir; to 
do stnpidly ; foolish, 
^ simple; nide, xmsnbmissivo: 
• COM "\nffu、hhmg , simple. 

(U^^ Larf^e eyes : in the coll., 
drowsy, sleepy ; coll., 
力 or 1 ^^ch^ung 

swh^ k^ail\ ( 人'? /, to doze a 
spell ; 、、h、mi{f sioh, 、hi ^i/ting^ 

to take a nap ; 、、h、v7)fi X 〜? 
tek\ ( buy it) napping and it's 
worth all tliat ! 
(139) Cheung. 
> Yoiinj ;, delicate; harmo- 
I F ulcus ; deep, hollow; to 
( 、 . mount upwards in the air ; 
Vp "J to agitate, to move ; to 
^4 rnsli, to dart, to strike 
Ch'uDg. against; to send, as letters; 

iiwd in the coll. for steep- 
ing by pouring on hot water: 
、"\chHmg tong^ mov^d, excited by; 
coM",/tS:?wyr《V6?i,<7,to dart int o the 
sky, as birvls,dust, noise; 、\ch'ii/n(j 
3 ruined (as business) by 
the happening (of an unlucky day, 
word or act) ; ^ehh'mg ,tHmg 7n6 ^ 
nncient imperial cap with a peaked 
erown ; t/)i) ^ck^ang, mutually 
angered ; .ch'unrj (/"•, "has met 
joy" ― said of a sick man who 
recovers on marrying ; coll., 7mv》 
fih、Uii(f f 《' img^ th e outcry 
pierces the skies : ^eh'-iXng to 
steep tea ; ^ch^iXng fioug, or 
fih 卜 ilng "^kung 、hwi、 to pour 
boiling water on ; ^chHlng yoh、 
to ranke a medicinal infusion. 

Xrf> Also read 》iJmg : young 
4\n^ fjrain, . delicate, tender : 
T,h^ (<^A'rt》?/7 small and 

fV| Also read ^Hmrj: a cup, 
a hollow vessel, generally 
< small and covered : com., 
^chHhig (coll. k^aing^ 
filiHing)^ a kind of hoAvl 
or large ciip^ with the cover close- 
ly fitted to the rim. 

Easy, bland, oomplai- 
sunt, calm, gentle : also 
L^f^**' read <chung、 ^chilng^ and 
b g' ch'eU7irf^ q.v.: com., ^chHlng 


p: 動神被 

一 刻古 


一 時 愚蠢 


. 世 00 

帝王 «明 

聰 明莫過 

聰明: ^讽 


天 聰聰明 

患忙 f 察 

、氣 悤^ 


】y, to come in conflict with ; cui.r.., 
' ^ch*"il7ig t^au ^ to go fully up to, 
as a sedan bearer to the ftppositc 
side before turning ; 、、《vh、ii"(f 
taxing^ hna it^mi^ to rutsh against 
the horse's head ; mef" to come 
in conflict with a fierce iVllow or 
some god (and receive injury). 

(140) Clrwa. ' 
Read ch、w(wg 、; c o 1 】 , 

ch^wa\' to lake away oue'rt 
m » custom in business : to 
scheme, to plot against ; 
to spoil the business of 
another, as by underselling ; 
"chMm) Ji t7iVa* k^6 , nmtually 
drawing away (each other*^ 
custom'); I'cA 〜/? a) hwo^ ipenff, 
draws (all the custom) to his side ; 
"ch*iDa> te^ Jiwony^ to get away 
anotber'8 place, as by slander. 

Ch'wa\ A coll. word : sudden 
distortiona, pmna which 
the Tauist priest professes to euro 
within 49 days: eh^wo? (wai, dis- 
torted, awry, as the limbs, mouth, 
&c., ch"m^> ^pHdrfffy lame in the 
foot by distortion. 
Ghhoa\ A coll. word, as in 
ch^wa" t6^ to take the 
wrong road, ― to fall into sin, to 
become vicious. 

(141) ChSvang. 
The 3d properly read 

(sonff, but classed with the 
others in the Paik\ titty: 
to swallow, to eat ; a meal ; 
a classifier of mealn ; to 
gather, to select : "(cA^ 
fih!^ 鶴 ng、 breakfast; com., 
"ek》 nik^ ^aancf fChHoang^ 
three meals a day ; (wawj 
tch、wang、 supper. 

iUngy or ^ohHlng ^ch^Ung (ilitg 
iUngy not hurried, easy, as 
one's manner ; ^ck'ilvg hwcmg; 
slow, not pressing ; coll., (ch'Unff 
*kwi nik^ to allow a few days 

To fill, to satiate ; to 
extend, to carry out, to 
continue ; to act, to fill an 
office ; to stop up, to 
stuff ; sufficient ; Ion;?, 
high : \cA*ttwr/ sik^ stufted solid ; 
COM,, chSilnff) to difltrib- 

ute among all, as forfeits ; 
\ch^ilng 、mv)ang、 filled ; ? h、Unff 
eh&Uk^ sufficient, in abundance, as 
wealth ; \ch""Ung M、 to satisfy 
hunger ; coll., ^,ch^Ung ^oh^ 
^midng^ to add another name, as of 
a partner; ,my>ong) ^cJC'Ung Jcung、 
banished to the colonies. 

Sorrowful, grieved: 
•fChHlng ^ch^Ung^ distress^ 
ed iu mind. 

The mind much moved; 
agitated, pertnrbeii 

Also read Aung : & net 
lor catching biMs, 

To fly up high, to soar : 
》che、 ^ch'Ung (sien, 

heaven-aspiring ambition. 

A path, a crossway ; to 
support ; to move, to ex- 
" uu cite; to rise, to rush 
""^'against, to overflow; 
abruptly ; towards ; a car : 
,/ai? tCh、ilng、 a great road ; com., 
、 fih、ilng taun(/ to meet sudden- 

1 日三餐 


地方 „早餐 

T 來篡 1 去 

銜撺馬 fs- 


衝 撺銜透 

1 2 

舯# 大銜 

:!: 忡志可 

.名 ,充軍 

k 滿 k 足 

充寅 充衆 

1 S 

中 nw-S BS 冲, R 




To weigh, to measure 5 
to estimate tho value of 
tilings ; to choose accord- 
mg to mentor value; a car- 
penter's plane : 、(ch、'wa7tg 
Jieng^ steelyards, to weigh ; met" 
t o estimate abi 1 i ty ; \ ch'wwiff 
(80H(f、 to select, as good officers. 

A craVtrap, a bamboo 
ap for tish, having a 
-., , .. small entrance : ^taik.^ngU 
iWO?ig ,fA、ww/7, to take 
the linh and forget the 
net ; met.^ ungrateful. 

To select from, to pick 
out IVom with the hand. 




To explain, to com- 
ment on; select sayings ; to 
illustrate, to expound 
books ; to discourse upon, 
to set forth and enforce. 

Stooping, creeping, bent 
down; to go ulong doubled 
over ; decrepit; to kick. 

Convalescent, recovered 
from sickness : \ch、w《mg 

(Jhiiun.'a, 。r .cA' 垂》, 

recovered troin illness. 

To 8 top ; to change ; 
next in order, to succeed: 
tch、v)a7、g ^kai^ to change. 



、! JLf Water gushing out; a 
Vrfrt rapid current: 、kek、 ilia 
Ch'uan iCh、wa/n{f、 a rapid 

• flow is called a torrent, 

J^f^ A reddish color ; a pale 
JKjJj* yellow or carnation tint, 
*Ch'uan made by once dyeing. 


To pant, to wheeze, to 
^;isp ; breath, the life : 

瞻.' ((厶 '請 W to gas^>, 

• to pant ; 、"^hhfHi7"j xeX', 
tlie breath ; com., 
^chHtavg^ to wheeze. 
^ A J— Erroneous ; opposed ; to 
contradict : the l^Gth 
Ch'uL radical : 、" chHmn g ch、 cmk、 
wronpf, erroneous ; 、、nm,f" 
itu ^to ^ch^wavg^ a bud 

A furnace, or cooking 
place ; u. mesf*, :i table ; to 
steam, to cook gently : 
"tC/iSc't ch^wong^ to steatn, 
to cook ; COM., '?〃 《7 
nh^wariff- to eat at one table, us 
brothers before living separately ; 
' V〃〃'y ch、v)ang、 to eut at sopartitw 
tables. ' 

3^ ) Read tch、wan(j ; coll. 
Tp^V ch、w<jmg 、; a spear, :i Juvc- 
】in: ^^teO,k\ ko chScawf 
' long bamboo-spearH. 

To seize violently ; to 
usurp, to turn traitor and 
seize the throne : used in 
the coll. for ch'ita) q. v. : 
"ch'icanf/i r^gik^ to rebel 
and seize by force; com., 'VA'w7"/iy> 
oi^ to usurp the throne. 

X|f^^ To fling away ; to tempt, 
to seduce to evil ; to g^t 
Tifnon one to consent ; "ch、wan{/) 
• c/iiol% to entice, to inveigle. 

Used for the preceding: 
to sneak away, to hide, to 
rp Hkulk ; to kill ; to seduce ; 

Td UUU. /* • ' 

to lumigate ; to secrete ; 
petty, weak, pusillaniniouH: 
〜h}wang) huk\ to hide nway ; 
"xhHl ch>wang、 rats secrete thera- 


115 伏 

簇逆 位 

II o 

k 爨分爨 

多埒 I 

I: 錯 _#途 

喘息 氣喘 

^改; 5lTl 流 

痊愈 k 瘡 

f 衡继邀 




selves ; //"'/•• pilferers skulking : 
Jo clnrartg^ to niri away, 

(142) (Vwi. 

AI^o rcM(1 ,'/' W : a j 
t^eiuM'al iiaino t'nr binls ' 
with sliorr ""Is: a spe-oies ' 
of pi»;eon ()r <1<>V(». , 

A sr^rt of grouiul lizard, ' 
ail .'initnal \vh*iso (k^scrip- 
tiuu ivsoiuLlos that of tlio 
pvob»)sois-in*)nkey ; dnbi- ; 
tative purticle, rilri^onirlK 
if, supposinij, oven if, though. 
jiUon insr that ; t(、 jmsh nff: r(m., 
V'/'''" aUln>u<rl), all>oit : 

rou", fr/i'?r/' : yo/\f/ V ―、" 
though it is so. 

An a \vl, n l^orer ; n 
T^jjl sli.'H'p pointod tool : th(> ' 
( V :u、('\, tl"' i»(、'mU to bore ; 

Sill, 1、,. I J 

Ti'itiiii;^ : \tito ,//"/•/, a 
ponril ; 3 々; ,/〃• 

m}'^nl\ (likf) tho ])oints o\' awls , 
nnd knives ― small ",: "t(M、 ; \n 
^('/riri (''/'/• ff^ no to 
stick an m\v1 ― wrorcheilly ]mn]\ 
with Avhite 
'/'iH 、)、w.、 the . 
I'o-cr ol ilan^ Yu of: 
1'"'" Ts(». 
J^/A- To pusli a \v:iy, t o expel, to 
push from one ; to .'tl)st:un 
( froin ; to shirk, to shift, to 
throw of, as rosponsil>ilitv; 
to refuse, to <k-c'liiie ; to * 
socodo, to rosiixn, to <^ivo iip ; to 
deny one's self; to exumineolose- 
ly, to iriiiir ; to select ; to iTcoui- 
I'nend : 〜('hSri ,k'a?\ push open; 
\ch'"iri ; ik, to riMiiovo ; V' 人,? ; 's'" 
to dod'me,to reject ; 、 fCh、iHk"iol、、 
to refuse, to rcMiouiice : 'VAV/ 
t\(uk\ or (ch^tci hri, to shift from 

MICK an :i、、 I — 、、 " M I" 'I 

Pptt^ A hhck horse w 

(維 卞〃' 

self to Otli(M'S : ''r.、V7/''/ 

tlir thivo i'urrow s jJowml 1/v 
tlir Emperor; 'V '力 >〃,/(X 々, to reconi- 
mond : to scnuiiiizo : 

^\r/rtci lannt/ to I'oasou out, to 

> ^;? t\ The trru'es of a carriajre; 

fK:£r ; a hand strap to iiolci 
, ( l»y in :i coach ; .steady, 
' ' riui(《 tranquil : '"chek^ 
,/,、',H、 to liold tho roins ; 
: '。(*V/',/"/ qniot, tranquil ; V 
: ,rh'tri io }<kcit\\ to quiet, 

I ij^jt-n Tc^ cook, to (Jrcss food : 
i h\ tlio ('"oll, restricted tA 

尸'〃 to stoma r\ve ; 
f to sterna 
i 1)i'ori<l ; ,h 、"- ! f"l、、 to heat by 
: steaming;: ,/,》r; 、ftm*ff (or 
〃《力 slik) stoMined lialt' <lone. 

Rt^ad ,h;o;.; coll. (c/f","'f: 
to m'jx(、 To jm'ss, to h:is- 
.1,*^ t(、" ; to dim, to iinportiiiie 
" ' for )>nyiaont: ,〜,'//'?"; p^aiL\ 

, 、、丄 《; to press the invitation, 
j ;is by sorHlinix a 】】">ss('n!Lr(、r the 
' jjiiosts ; ,、! i、tf"〜 7vv, ro dun urijoiit- 
ly ; ("广 、,、'*7",7, to luistcn parturi- 
tion, ns by niodicMiie or by offer- 

' 乙 sv7>'jr7, parturitim)-]>o\vd<?vs ; (ch、w'i 
,hihi(f dio)U/f^ to dun for taxes ; 
.vhhct midng^ ""rj、 \ox\ ve.vatioiiH 

i To Wow, ns. the Avir)d or 

] yftC ^vith the brcatS ; to Avhis- 
[ ^^^y tie, to pulV; a Wast, a lifust; 
; "^S^ to j»lay on a \viii<l-inst5u- 
八 "ic"it:roM."/m",,7,/,〃〈,tlie' 
Ch'ui. wind blows ; ^ch^'wi Jiang ^ 

,討, 4 

催迫 催請 

,安 1 饿 

4 推論 ,殺 

椎舉 推究 

P 托』 二 推- 

椎 辭推却 

椎 開椎移 

6 ,- 

,立錐 iV 

P 刀之末 

雖然" 4 雞 

[Tlii,-* wddI \6 iiUcrt'liungoubly read 

Ch'iofi^, t\. V.J 


'exposure to 、viml ― is b:i*t lor 
the siok ; \rh^ic't ,/"?, to pr:iist', ' 
rrcoinincnd ; '\c/t^wl 、h《、 V、 

play on instnniKMits ; :i l>:iiul of 
inusirians ; \ch^tci iUio Jdu 、 
to blow aside the h;iir to liiul a 
sore ; 〃〃《, to pry iiitd faults ; 
t oix., ^vJiho\ k& old or thd(*tl by 
ihc wind ; ^ch^ic\ tahnf Cooled by , 
the wind. 

、Chyw't. A coir. Avord ; as in 
,c/cwi ; hu"'" to "i^ui^ss 
fingers" a drinking^ <janie in which 
Ihe loser must clrink. 

[Thin word is iiitCrchartgeuWy rtud 
Ch'iu, (1. v.] 




[Tliis word, i» inter chi!hg*5ubfy i'Cad 
K^JCioh, q. v.j 


_ TWic:ite, frail, c^usily 

lip. broken, brittle, criicklinoj, 
^'T^ sluvery, crumbling ; crisi), 
light, :is p;l'stry-crust : in 
the coll., quick, spry ; to 
Td'ui. make ; i swell, foppish : \ hi 
chHcot ^ ]>]iunt. tlexil)lo ; 
roi 丄., \^onf/ c/t^icoi ^ (jiiick, 
prompt ; *^*c/ ^ ch'icoi ^ soon dono 
t>r effected ; ,ch;u)o? 'Jiil/"j (or 
ifiidhf/)^ tlucnt ; constraining, au- 
thoritative; ch'wot ^ /, persons 
t)f influence ; \t/(i ch、v,(ft、 very 
finely dressed ; Exceedingly 
prompt or successful ; ch^wo't ) Hong 
5《cm/7, or ch^^woV lang^ itong^ it's 
brittle and will sn:i{3 in two ; met" 
applied to a foppish fellow. 

(14T) CliSvok. • 

[This word is interchangeably read 
Ch'iok, q. v.] « 

• >V'-^ Tlie iiitrntioii, will, pnr- 
h=i i.M»si» ; thoujnjlits, ideas ; 
mi>tiv(、 ii"'ri":Kion ; sei>- 
ti'mmt, oj)[iliOii ; ni(»uTiin^- 
oi, a M'ord : com,, V xi'u'l > 
i 丄、: i, purj)ort of; 〜.s'//《〃 inten- 
tion, ^\•\\\; 'V /if/wot ^ bf vond e\- 
poct.'irion ; /rV , so/if/ Jeu^ unit- 
ed in feeling ; "e' ktenff^ opinion, 
sentiment ; ^"^k^eu purport of 
one's reiiiiirks ; "(? to h;ivc ;t 
purpose, intiMitionally ; 、"";k、 
to <;ot Olio's Avisli, ijratitied ; 
、VncoV e^to un(Torst;m<1,t() ththoui, 
as a meaiiiiijx ; "tiU'lng) sutislied 
with; unoxpectedly; '^^;^ t? 

\\vsyx)rr{\r\cr to one's wish ; mef" a 
ccM'taiii c:irvecl ornnineiit — :i syni- 
bol luck; COLL., '■'"'Av^ purpose- 
ly ― usually in ;i bad sense ; 
: j'hoHfj unevpccaed ; c> "u) h,/ 
\ diai^ sidhy the intention f^ood, 
I no matter about thu least (being 
! poor). 

' Used for iho last : tht 
; brrast, thopit of the stom- 
I ach ; the tiesh (m the 

Lreast ; the heart, the 
bdsom ; the thoughts, 
opinions, ^ee]illg^* : ^hilNfj the 
bre^lst ; thoughts, desires. 

The seeds of the nelum- 
bmm ; barley : (/, pearl 
W bjirley : com., (7>"', pearl 
• bdrlc} ; e) V"/: (t'onf^ barley 
brotli ; 、mi JcilHg, barley 
root ― used medicinally to expel 

意 怀存意 

意 如意故 

意 意 。不 

意得 意會 

見 n 意有 


意意外 ^ 

醒 意思 >3 

脆, 脆^ 

舰 柔脆爽 

鼓, 毛求 

吹 i,^ 京 



重 To recall, to bring to 
M t=t mind, to recollect ; to 
think upon, to reflect on : 
V nlhig^ to think o 「; 
^JiVi Of ke^ to recall, 
or hvxup lo mind ; #;* to 
think of things long past. 
liSd^ TV" myriads, a lac, a 
hundred thousand; also a 
"yi myriad, a hundred 
• m i 1 1 i o ns ; innumoniblc ; 
quiet, repose of mind ; to 
pupply and make quiet ; to con- 
trive, to calculate ; to guess ; to 
VKit : V tieui ,chi vhtilng^ multi- 
tudos of people, all mankind ; V 
diaiJi\ ltd 》 Wlnff^ plan, then 
vouMl constantly succeed ; cxm" 
Wm, 尸 《) myriads and lacs ― in 

I^fic^ A toujrh wood, suitable 

/J ^3 for making bow 8, a sort 

' of ash or alder. 
1 1. 

, 1 To clothe, to put on 
yXj/ clothinp, to wear clothes : 
^Yi^ also read (? •, q. v. : V Jc、if、g 
" f^kia^ to wear light fur- 
clothing ; tai/Cy 
to clothe with virtuous words, i.e., 
to hc:ir and embrace good doctrine. 

A silken screen used by 
the ancient emperors in 
the audience-chamber ; it 
was ornamented with 

A retired, obscure 
place ; to bury, to inter ; to 
sacritice to those who have 
1' been buried, to streams, 
or to the moon ; to hide. 
■ Z" 、) A final euphonic parti- 
^T^^ cle, denoting a plain state- 
--^V meat, or the completion 


of the sense : V 、; finished, juei 
that and notliing more 
. I , 2 Not yet, not now ; 
A\' <1enotcs the sixth moon ; 
'^r'l the ei<xhth of the welvc 
• branches", and Hymbolized 
l>v u sheej) ; time from 1 
to 3 o,clock p» M.: COM"' VfA?d/'/7, 2 
p. M. ; i",ff/n k^aik^ time from 
from 1 1 A. M. to 3 r, m. ; 'V peh、 
lyoTfffy not necessarily so, probably 
not ; pok、 ,sieng ("; to foreknow 
M'ithout divination ― often used 
facetiously ; e} jMong ^aiu chiek > 
not yet married and maintaining 
chastity ― as a pirl who remain h 
sini^lc ftfter the death of her 

Il I * I Taste, flavor, seasoning;, 
relish ; :i delicacy, a reUsh, 
^ 《lainty ; Btyle or beauties 
L ' of composition ; to relish, 
to take pleasure in, to 
solace, to recreate in : "^lU 
(coll. ^chO a tine relish ; com., 
"(",7?, the five tastes, as sweet, 
bitter, etc.; a tonic medicine for 
the kidncyp; '"/"e'/ taste of the 
mouth ; n,eL、 good to eat ; "人" e , ^ 
the natural flavor ; me«" feelings ; 
iteu hal\ united in feeling ; 
tti to discern tastes ; mef" to 
relish the beauties (of a book); "",i 
sea-relishes, i. e" fish ; coll., e》 
tamg^ or tid/if/^ a strong taste or 
scent ; so^ or t6^ taste, flavor* 
til X Easy, simple, plain, not 
Jnt hard to do, readily accom- 
>!t pushed ; negligent, remiss, 
1' disrespectful ; to extirpate 
weeds, to drees a field : 
also read ik^ q. v. : ^\nang ^ diffi- 
cult and easy ; com" "iilng easy, 
not difficult; '\kHng ^ to treat 


1 憶 3 遙之屢 7 衣 德 矣 未 禁 "考 

念億 報中輕 W 1 。未時 然昧味 

'」同 4 億 r' 億 6 萬裘 9 而正 刻 13 滋 15 口 "難 19 輕 

德 兆 則 億. M 衣 a 11 午 "未咮 * 易易 



TL in , 

lightly, to contemn ; 、ilng <^ V~wak、 
、ik、iu, easy rid out of hand, as 
salable goods. 

I Separated, foreign, of 
jV". abothfer country, different, 
-^j^ diversb ; admirable, tin- 
• usual, strahee, rare, ex- 
traordinary, bizarre ; per- 
verse, heterodox ; to marvel dt, to 
regard as different ; to oppose : V 
fP<ing, foreign countries ; com., 't* 
^chunff, foreign kinds, as of plants ; 
V (ttcanff, heterodox; V yong、 、h6, 
remarkably good ; ? nik、、jn(}o p'/P 
some future day I tnll requite 
(your kindness). 

To practice, to accustom 
one's self to, to be skilled 
to serve assiduously ; 
sprouts of a stump : V 
ngie\ a resident graduate. 

Labor, distress, toil ; 
afflictions, sufferings ; to 
be weary ; to endure, to 
labor in : *moTc^ '^ngd ^ 
none know my trouble. 

J &,. A coll. word : dirty, filthy: 
te^ a} tyCi nff) .t''&ngs6i^ the 
ground is very dirty, you must 
not sit on it. 

jBJ\ A coll. euphonic prefix, as 
in e' wa^ to draw, to 


(150) fi. 

nttl Read ;?•, used in the 
5g Paik, Jng for the coll. (g, 
《 as in (g JcU, the inarticulate 
noise or prattle of babes : 
c€ ha'e ) the cry of runners 
Wore the sedans of idols or 
officers ; cM、 ,e hae ' to be a crier 
to clear the way. 



Read 力 coll. 【g, as in t^ikilf 
the same as tkii: (ji 
laeh, a hiccough, raising 
of wind after a full meal ; ti 
{^jused as a call, hoi halloo! 

A coll. wordjdenotingpet- 
tishnesB or obstinacy : eh, 
eh、 means I will I or I'll not I ac^ 
cording to circumstances. 
(152) Ek. 

One ; the first ; the samej 
as one, alike ; the whole, 
at once ; a few ; a, an ; sin- 
cere, real, honest, pei-iect ; 
to harmonize ; to unite, to 
even, to make one or uni- 
form ; the first radical : in 
the coll. read sioh^ q. v.: com., ^id* 
ek、 the first ; 'VX', ,si'" 仏 with the 
whole mind ; "e^, 、ckung, or eJc) 
ch^ieky or ek、 Jc^ai ' all, the whole, 
wholly ; "hek^ €k、 fixed, uniform, 
as a rule ; 、huk、 ek、 the only one ; 
"ek) teng^ certain, settled ; "ek, 
Jca iing, one household ; "ek、 tik、 
straight on, direct ; " ek) at 
one breath, i.e., without stopping; 
"ek、 it's the very best (thus); 

Mong) heretofore, habitually; 
el\<^si,kang^m amoment, suddenly; 
ekj '■kil ek、 tong* in every act, the 
whole conduct J Jiimg ,hung poky 
ek、 confused and disagreeing, as 
talkers ; ek、 mi'mg^ ^chi ^kau, just 
acquainted with ; eA-, ^kH saeng' 
ihwanff, to pay tip all at once ; ek) 
、k、eu ka' only one price, as asked 
or offered ; ek, ^ngio^ig ke' ch、ok、 
sell ' (mo! lUang (twi, when a sen- 
tence has gone forth, a four-liorse 
team can't catch it ! coll., ek) ngo^ 
ek\ sek^ "one five one ten" ― all 
complete, as a narration ; ek -、 si&ng* 

1 直一氣 


1 獨一 一 定 

8 4 

一 總畫一 

1 2 

第一了 S 

莫 知我勤 

好異 日補? 

異 端異樣 i 

異 邦異種 I 

2 8 4 

容 fl^ 脫手 





fiHmg^ a mere thread of BKy 一 
above a narrow court. 
■ I j Bent, curved, as a bud ; 

# \ the second of the ten 
、 stems, related to wood ; 
second year in the cycle 
of 60 years ; the 5th radi- 
cal : '《'<u" €k、 the great first cause; 
、kak、 ck、 the l et and 2d of the 10 
stems ; met., first and second, this 
and that, good and inferior. 

The house-martin which 
has bluish plumage ; the 
、 YL ) twitter of a swallow. 

Usually read chak、 : the 
creaking roll of a wheel ; 
'yj a creaking, grating sound ; 
■ punishment of the rack or 
wheel : 'e/tj ek) creaking of 


To bring the hands 
before the breast and make 
a slight bow ; a bow a la 
Chinoise; a salutation ; to 
give way to, to cede, to 
resign, to yield ; to bow in: 
*ek) yong、 to yield to, to allow ; 
*itiong ek、 to make a low bow ; 
COM., '(sang ek^ three bows ; 
,chauk、 ek、 to make a respectful 
bow, to salute. 

Sometimes used for the 
7p| last : te pour or bail out, to 
U?^) lade, flo transfer liquids: ^ek^ 
ipi cheii 、 iChil, to Jade from 
that, and pour into this. 

A conjunction, or, either; 
moreover, further; to press 
down with the hand, to set- 
tle; to stop, to cause to de- 
sist, to keep back ; to abate, 
to rule,tokeepone'8 self-possession, 
to repress, to restrain ; handsome : 



*€^;5 6^:5 slowly, reserved;*'6A:jAe^or< 
else, or perhaps ; eTc、 ok、 grieved f 
、、! c、olc、 efc^ to repress ; ',eA, ^yong 
cheil^ ha} humble, lowly-minded ; 
"eJc、 ek、 ek^ wong、 one low, one 
high ― as musical sounds, now 
depressed, then elevated. 
丄 j3 Discontented, disquiet- 
化 ed ; looking sad, and feel- 
" yT^^ ing forlorn. 

- • To pour in more, to 
augment, to increase ; to 
Yj ^ benefit, to prosper, to ad- 
• vantage ; advantageous, 
beneficial; full, superabun- 
dant; restorative, strengthening, as 
a tonic ; more, in a higher degree; 
the 42d diagram : in the coll. 
read y&h、 q. v. : "(cheng ek、 to add 
to ; 、、J(Hkng seu^ ek、 the humble 
are prospered ; com., ^^cherig^ ek、 
to advance and prosper ; "jW ek、 
profitless ; ek^ of what ad- 
vantage ? how does it profit us ? 
(mu Jc6、 a medicine used in 

A piece of gold, in 
the Chou Dynasty weigh- 
ing 30 taels ; in the Han 
Dynasty, 24 taels ; and in 
the days of Liang, 20 taels. 

FuB even to overflowing; 
still, as a full vessel ; to 
overflow, to run over ; to 
spread abroad ; a handful : 
\ing ek^ full to overflow- 
ing; ^ong ek、 overflowing ; to 
spread, as one's fame ; 、nmang s》' 
poJc^ ek、 full, yet not runniog over. 

Damp, dewy, moist, 
soaked through ; to steep, 
"^r*^〉 to soak ; water running 



母 膏盈溢 

益 8 何 i 益 

S 9 

益進益 i 

6 7 

I? 益, m 

i 然自下 

1 1 

注 兹称神 

作 揖挹彼 

7 8 

長 楫三揭 

5 6 

太 yg. 乙 

1 C* 




Jty^ The sc.'i-eagle, or hawk, 
^rt!^ drawu on the bows or 
"^.^^ stems of junks, to denote 
• their swifi sailing: ek, (s/", 
an €agle-hea(i on the bows 
of junks. 

f^A^ The til r oat ; to hiccough 
IIm^ from impediment in the 
Yj > throat : ek) to swallow. 
1' Read auk^ : convulsive 

yl P A sobbing, a catching 
Hp* of the breath : \u ek、 a 
〜'. > sigh, quick or asthmatic 

pt A city, a place where 
l-i-l many people assemble ; a 
domain, a feudal state, a 
I ^ principality ; a fortified 
1^ 》 camp ; a capital city ; a 
Yi. district or its walled city ; 
a stoppage of the breath ; 
the 163d radical, contracted on 
the right of the primitive : 、ek、 
(chai^ a district magistrate ; 
\hung eJc》 to appoint to a district 
magistracy ― an ancient term ; 〜w 
ek) to heave, to sigh; com., ^'^siti ek^ 
the chief district of a prefecture. 

JEky A colL euphonic prefix, as 
in eky olc、 to bend ; eJc、 ak、 
to repress, as quarrels ; to in- 
sert, as dates ; ek^ wak^ to scratch; 
eJc, aik、 to press Avith the hand. 

(153) Eng. 

The nightingale, or a 
gay species of thrush, that 
《 苓,、 " nestles on the willow and 
1 g' sings well ; variegated 
plumes : 7( 《? 《 (enff Jci 、'il、 
has variegated plumes ; com., 
^^woiigfing^th^ mango bird ― called 


in poetry \(".h、ung fing、 the vernal 
thrush. , 

^E/ig. A coll. word, for which 
the last character is some- 
times used, as in ^eng seiik, the 
poppy ; ^mg seilk, Jiwa, poppy 
flowers or capsules. 

The harmonious singing 
of birds : ^\eng <en{j, the 
carol ings of birds ; met., 
g' mutual admonitions of 

Read (ing in the diction- 
aries, but usually read ^eng 
y in Foochow : an infant, a 
'ing' babe, a sucking child, a 
new-born girl ; to rush 
against, to surround, to threaten; 
entangled, inclosed, hampered, 
restrained ; female ornaments : 
"'Mu (€nff, a demon, a fire and 
water sprite ; "iX\ ^eng itcmg, an 
orphan asylum ; " (enff ii, a suck- 
ling, a babe. 

A cherry : "(Cng it^6, or 
"(chio (enff, a red cherry ; 
'\eng fi6 (A''ew, cherry lips. 

A parrot : ^\eng Joi, or 
" eng Joi, the buccinum 
or nautilus shell ― is like a 
parrot with its head on 
its breast ; coll., 用 
the parrot ; ,eny M ka' a parrot- 
perch ; ,en(/ Jc6 p'e' parrot's nose ; 
mpt.,' a. beaked nose. 

The death of a prince 
or grandee ; to die ; many ; 
fleet, prompt : '\chiX Jim 
'six waki (mg, the death of 
a prince is called ,.g; 
\mg 、mg、 many ; fleet, swift. 

曰翳 1 


螺 諸侯死 


00 嬰 s 

-t s 


兒 霄桃, 

育 嬰堂嬰 

黄鷥 春鷥 

8 9 

有 營其羽 

於 邑首邑 

5 6 

邑 宰分邑 

3 4 

g ^⑩鳴 1^ 

J 84 

F 縣 


Also read (heng: noise 
of drums or bells, clamor ; 
Ying the rushing of water ; the 

• din of loud voices ; , p^eng 
<eng, aloud noise ;,enf7/:'at' 

ruehing of waters; clang of bells. 

Also read ,hen(j : (eng 
(enff, the roaring of water 
Ying over stones ; the dashing 
of waves. 

The rumbling of wheels; 
mm muttering of thunder ; 
^Hung! 'roaring of cannon ; a buzz- 

• ing, stunning noise : \loi 
(€ng, the roar of thunder ; 

'(Cng (engr, the rumbling of many 

/-f-* Read flng; used in the 
coll. for ^eng: to place, to 
put, to set, to lay on or 
^own : *(eng kid ^ to place 
. low; *^enff n6h) to set 
things; (place) for setting things ; 
\eng chi&ng^ place it straight ; 
*(eng '■chi Hie^ set it in here ; \eng 
hieny^hieng^ lay it in full view; *^eng 
、! d itHdngr J<Mng、 waits vainly to 
hear the watches beat 一 a coarse 
expression applied to brothel- 
visitors ; (enff 、ld hieng^ sip just 
btaying in the world— said of a 
worthless fellow. 

. Read ^ing; coll, (engr, as 
in ,u fiihig、 a dark 

muggy atmosphere. 

'Eng. A coll. word: to touch, to 
. tap, to strike lightly :' 'eng 
sioAj a* to give a touch ; 'e'ny 
ichid 'eng ichid, touch ! touch ! 
|^|-t> A seal, a stamp, an offi- 
FN cial signet ; to seal, to 
Yia s|:amp, to affix the creden- 
• tials ; to print, to take off 



an impression : com" '*,tai 
^(f (coll. ,k'wi eng^) to open the 
sealfi— resume official business on 
the 20th day of the Ist month ; 
'\hmi(f eng、 to close the seals ~ on 
the 20th of the 12th month ; 
'^chUk, eng' to enter upon office ; 
eng' to traoBfer the seals of 
office ; "eng' fih% to print books ; 
'V"〃) (Awa, to print flowers, as 
oil cloth ; "enff' 'peng^ printing 
blockp ; eng) sail" a red pigment 
of oil and vermillion for stamping; 
paP mg、 to worship the seals; 
COLL., ah) & eng* stamped, as 

That which is proper 
and right, ought, should 
be, suitable ~ that which 
is likely to take place ; to 
answer, to respond, to grant 
petitions; to fulfill, to come 
up to expectations, corre- 
spondent, answering to ; correla- 
tive, proportionate, retributive ; a 
lot, a number: also read ,m^, q.v.: 
; 《! m〃 (Sing .siong eng^ the echo 
answers ; met., people of the same 
tastes ; COM., (di ' to answer, 
a reply ; mg、 tak^ or tak、 eng、 to 
answer, to respond ; "chi'ek、 eng 
to entertain guests; to re-enforce 
as in battle ; enff 'h% to promise 
as superiors do; eng^ iSinff, to 
promise, to assent to, to permit ; 
'V",, to pay civilities and 
make presents ; '。《"^?, % reasona- 
ble, proper ; e?if ch、oi) to answer 
back — in anger ; "enff '^kong. 
answered, saying ; eng^ ngihig' 
fultilled, answering to the predio 
tion ; COLL., (!' md ' eng) he can't 
or will not answer ; eng^ '^kwang 
nioh^ wai ^ amounts to how much? 
what is the Bum total ? 


應理應 j 

8 9 

,板, 對 

印 書印花 

接 印過印 


開 S 封印 


P 烏天 〇 



裡 安現現 


安 正安只 

安 下安乇 


ENG. m 


A disease of the mind, 
grief, despondency ; a set* 
ued melancholy. 

|u>V^> To shade, to overehad- 
Ij^fc ow, to protect, to shelter ; 
乂 l|*^、 shade, shadow ; shady, 
cool ; the hereditary care 
of the Btatd : com., \chid 
Yin. eng) to overshadow ; ,jt?e, 
mg^ or *eng^ pe> to shelter, 
to protect. -- 

Eng*. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in etig* ong^ to dip : 
eng* aing^ to extinguish, as coals 
in a jar ; eng^ aung^ to watch ; 
eng^ ykng、 to engross ; to insert, 
to patch, as with boards, 
n 3 Read Jiang; coll. img : 
\W\ leisure, repose ; idle, unem- 
谬 ployed', indolent, empty 
' unoccupied, as a place : 
im6 icngy no leisure, busy; 
*ieng inSng, idle persons ; *te' teng, 
the ground vacant ; 'teng ichihig, 
unemployed money ; img chieng^ 
idle and mischievous ; \eng t« a' 
leisure time, other than the special 
time ; *ieng leng (peng, leisurely ; 
•ffinff ch6 ' pah^ ch6 ' to trifle, not 
doing one's task ; img ^kong (eng 
tH(in(f to prate, talk of this and 
that ; I'V" 卩 wc^ (hiu it% don't in- 
troduce irrelevant talk ; 
*kwang twai ' pah、 【m<5 ch'oi 
(chHu, idly trouble a husband's 
eider brother, because he has no 
mustaches ! met" to interpose in 
others' matters. 

fflZT i To sing or hum in a reci- 
lyli^ tative, to chant or drawl out 

the words ; music of birds : 
ii^Z "mgi to sing hymns ; 
pp^v "en 纩 V~ang、 to sing and 
Yung, sign, to hum plaintively. 





>Z^» To walk under water ; 
J^PT to dive and seek for things 
'yub^ under the water ; flowing, 
S' meandering : "e«<7* ,cAt jtw 
<c/"', to dive and sport iu 
the water. 

Filled, stuffed, crammed, 
made solid ; overflowed : 
"(M eng* filled, crowded. 

Sincere, worthy of trust, 
sure ; friendship, confi- 
dence ; trusted, relied on ; 
trust, office, a responsibili- 
ty; to bear, to sustain, to ex- 
ecute, to undertake, to be respons- 
ible : "enff* ho、 to bear, to Mustain; 
"<wA:je?t^'8ole responsibility; "«en|7' 
eng^ to trust ono in a matter; <Mn^* 
engf'aresponsible trust; coM.,cAat/t> 
eng^ a trust, a charge ; "enp* e' 
according to one's wiuh ; t6 * eng* 
to asBuroe office •, ling e?iff* Jc6 
^8ing^ illustrious office, and steady 
promotion ― a felicitous phrase. 

To consider, to think, 
to contemplate, to dwell 
upon with satisfaction; 
thus, in this manner. 

To rent, to lease, to hire, 
to charter ― said of houses, 
furniture, vessels : "(chu 
eng* to take on lease. 

A bird with a crest, 
likened to a woman's head- 
dress ; perhaps it is a 
species of hoopoe. 

A knife, a aword, aeharp 
weapon ; the edge or point 
of a knife ; sharp, strong ; 
to cut, tokill: ",jt«w^ en.ff* 
warlike weapons ; Jvung 
Jfin. eng^ the edge or sharp 
point of. 


祖賃 兵刃 

信任 任意 

7 8 

tts 獨任 


休提! 詩 

白 傲閒話 

閒 板閒傲 


閒 時下閒 

7 8 

地 閒閒錢 

1, 认 

1 S 





J^Lgmi PreixDant, "vvith child •• 
Tfrj-' 、c"gi vl\ to bear, to bring 
forth ; 、iu ejifj^ to conceive; 
'jfl^ iSli ,t\ii kwai^ eiig^ illicit 
pC_L birth and strange concep- 
^rn. tioTi ; COM., \hwai mg、 

1 pregnant ; ^e/if/^ lio^ a preg- 
nant woman. 


JLr-rti Slow of Speech, unready, 
hesitating so as not to 
if, speak nna<lvisedly;to stam- 
* • mer, to s])oak with difficul- 
ty; cautions remarks : \ing 
^chiA Jci ^ngioiuj yA、 en'/ the 
words of the humane are spoken 

To stop a carriage, to 
block a wheel; a chock, a 
catch ; a length of eight 
cubits : ^hwaJc^ eng^ to 
remove the catch ; to 
unstop, to set agoing. 
g^r\L A measure of eij;ht 
J|HJ cubits, or about ten English 
, " feet; to fathom, to measure 
the depth of; full, to fill. 

2 Soft aud flexible, but 
tough or tenacious. 


X A succession of descend- 
fHf ants, a line of posterity, 
'^^^ heirs; generations, ages ; 
1 g* accustomed, practiced : 
sell 2 descendants, 
posterity ; ^^in// sek、 chio^ eng^ to 
bestow official promotion on one's 
descendants in perpetuity. 
Emf, A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in en(^ yong》 to move, 
as waves do: eng^ wang^ to change; 
to exchange ; eng^ aung^ to rub ; 
rubbed, daubed. 




^Eng. A coll. word, as in ^hig 
7igie^ ants: ^'eng iigie^ ^taOy 
an ,int-ncsl; ^e^iff 々/仏 a centipede; 
i'eTiff ^'eng (A:'^/, a centipede's feet; 
7net" paper marked in a certain 
way ― a kind of lottery, by which 
friends decide their respective 
contributions to an entertainment. 

r^^-j^ Read ^hung; coll. ^hig: 
^HI a red color, reddish : H^caP 
i 1!膨 ;—, a deep red ; \7igmig 
i^uff, a lightish red; ^^^chau 
i€7if/^ a dull red ; ^\t'6^enff^ 
or i^nvi /, a peach or plum red ; 
chH&h.^ a brilliant red; ^eng 
chHeiC a lively red color ; *V ieng 
^t^aii^ has a reddish tinge ; ^\eng 
^tang ^tang^ or ifing lUJc) liek^ or ^mg 
to^ to^ intensely red ; ingwong <jeng 
Jcfw(j、 dried lichi fruit ; ";&nff 
Jma, a red dye-stuff; ^eng haik、 
m6^ the red mid black caps, i. e., 
lictors ; sc7?/7 "mng 、k、i pah^ nilk^ 
red cosmetics raise white flesh ― 
sobriquet for a fair, fat man. 



ip tg A bowl, a cup, a deep 
wIJh' cup ; a surname : ^tung ^eu^ 
^V" ancient name of Fookien ; 
gou' COM., "cto a tea cup ; 
"<t'07i(/ (叫 a kind of small 
bowl ; i\eu pioanff) a cup flill and 
a half; COLL., ^ch^ilng ^eu^ a cover- 
ed cup to make tea in. 

Bubbles on the water, 
YIdD foam, froth, spume : "《jt/ew 
、eu floating foam. Read 
丄 仏 aiv^ to soak, to macerate, 
to steep, to soften by soak- 
ing ; "mV ^ma^ to fiteep hemp. 

紅花茶 K 

5 6 ^1 

1 頭 |i 丹丹 

紅赤 有紅 

糟 紅挑紅 


大 紅銀紅 

3 9 

东錫 %獻 

發 軔胤嗣 

5 C 

其言 也謂 

孕婦 仁者 

3 4 

孕 育懷孕 

1 2 







A gull : peky (eu、 or ^sa 
wriite gulls ; Jiang fiu^ 
a gull at rest ; Jcung (ew, 
a flock of gulls. 

A coll. word : hungry : 
pok、 Ho the stomach 
empty, hungry ; ^eu m6} seid hun-^ 
gry beyond endurance, famishing, 
'jMp* To sing songs in recita- 
SJqo tive; a chant, a ballad, a 
~ "ditty: Jco^ to sing 

Bongs; ,(6" iTiging^ to chant; 
^si^ng^ ^eUy fine chanting. 

Used for the last and 
the next : to sing, to crow 
merrily ; a surname : ^^eu 
ftd^ an executioner's sword; 
•(m 、y&、 a celebrate 
sword-manufacturer of ancient 
times ; COM., (ew j yong、 a surname. 

t^Jrt* Also read (eu: inter- 
HfyTf changed with the last two: 
濯 to vomit, the noise of 
g ' retching ; to spit out; a 
child's prattle ; to sing, to 
make a cheerful noise : in the coll. 
read 、au、 q, v.: ^"^m haik^ to spit 
blood ; '《eM t^d" to vomit 

iJIa To strike, to I'ash, to 
knock, to beat with a 
stick ; to fight ; to switch 
up, to drive on, to urge : 
'to》V (ew, to fight ; 
to disgrace by beating ; JiiXng 
to cudgel ferociously ; com., 
么 to beat the police ; ^^eu 
《sionff、 to wound by inflicting 

JtJf^ Young, tender, iramar 
A/f ture ; small, youthfiil, un- 
Yu der 16 years ; in the coll., 
' fine, as workmanship ; del- 
icate and tender, as meats, 
etc. : COM" ^^{nienff eu^ young in 


years, juvenile ; "7^ ew) old and 
young ; "Hiong eu^ the elder and 
yoimger; ^^eu^ Jung, a lad 一 applied 
to one entering the lists for Siu- 
tvsai degree, while under 10 years ; 
eti* hok^ ^sil a yonths, primary 
reader; coi;L.,e"》 naung^ sleek and 
soft, velvety ; eu^ kiek^ fine and of 
close texture. 

"T^ I An old form of the band; 
^/L a conjunction, more, also, 
further, moreover, and, and 

• then, still again; in a higher 
degree ; before a negative 

answers to but, still ; the 29th rad- 
ical : eu^ Hv^ there are more ; "e?? 
on(f to ask again ; com., "eu》 
^kieng^ additional; eii^ se^ ek) 
Jvmang sie ) kai ) (or Jcicong "-king) , 
there is still another state' of 
things; COLL., eid ev^ fihiong wang^ 
yet again thus ! eu 乂 en^ ek^cheng 
<fiheng^ step by step over again ~ 
precisely the same as before. 

Elegantly dressed, em- 
broidered garments ; the 
Yu Wade of grain springing up; 

• easy, quiet enjoyment, 
plenty. Read stv?^ a sleeve, 

a fur cuff. 

, 1 " The right hand, on the 
right ; to honor, to give 
^ the precedence to, as the 
right was once the place 
of honor ; to encourage, to 
aid, to support ; high, honorable, 
noble ; strong, violent, high-tern- 
pered ; a second in rank or com- 
mand : "cA<52 eu^ "to the right of 
your seat" ― your honor I an epis- 
tolary phrase ; com., "、M eu? 
left and right ; '^^exd 、ckHu、 or "m* 
fPeng 、chHu、 the right hand ; 
"、M eu^ JLing、 one's neighbors on 

右鄰 o 

右 邊手左 

左 右右手 

叉兼 座右 

7 8 

幼童 IX 簡 

5 6 


p 傷 II. 幼 

嘔 吐闥歐 

激治 PI 血 

善醒 毆刀 

S 坎 S 人 t* 




the left and right ; ext} c y^^g^ 
the right camp or military divis- 
ion ; eu^ itong, a district itmgis- 
trate's assistant. 

/I i To aid, to help, to protect, 
'T/-| to 9U( cor, to lend a hand 
to; divine protection^assist- 
*a/t ance, care, kindness of the 
gods; to protect, to shield, 
Yu. as the gods do: the first 
is commonly used in the 
Bense of divine, us well as human ^ 
protection : to protect, to 

defend ; ^eu^ cho^ to aid ; 、'mel、 eii^ 
secret protection, as of the gods. 

A pnmelo or shaddock 
(citfits decumatia) : 
、chU、 the pumelo ; ^kek^ eu^ 
mandarin - oranges and 
# f Indulgent, to forbear 
^^^L ^vith ; lenient in punishing; 
" to relax, to give scope to〜 
• to tolerate, to encourage ; 
crimes of ignorance ; a 
permanent benefit, a fitr-reaching 
advantage : ch6i ^ to remit 
punishment ; \sang eu^ the three 
venial offences ― sins of ignorance, 
accident, and thoughtlessness ; 
\ngwong a mitigating circilnv 
stance; venial sin; ^Jci (iii (pgwong 
cu^ I beg you to regard it as venial. 
^•4^^^ Used for the last: to 
encourage guests to eat 
• 《'7 (by music) ; to do the 
honors of the table ; to 
urge to eat, to wait on : 
$ik^ to invite to eat; eu} 
^chiu, to offer wine. 

\f-A I A park, an inclosure 
In I for animals ; an aviary ; a 
^ menagerie; a walled pad- 
dock ; a limited acquaint- 


ance with ; a superficial knowl- 
edge of; inclosed, confined, 
restrained : "Wt、 eu^ a deer-park ; 
"ihwonff et/' gardens and parks. 

A kind of weasel or fer- 
fet, of a yello^wish color, 
Yu which destroys rata ; a 
polecat ; the motion of hair 
or feathers : "^pieu ew* 
the feather floats. 
Eu\ A coll. word to glaze, 
glazed; the glazing of eartV 
en ware : ev} is glazed ; p^waky 
eu^ to put on glazing, to glaze. 
(156) £u. 

£Jic\ A coll. word : on fire, 
- burning without flame: 
eii ' Hoh 飞 caught fire, is burning ; 
eii' iwong, burnt up, consumed. 

To prepare, to provide 
for, to get ready ; before- 
hand, already ; prepared 
• for, provided, ready ; to 
confer \rith: '*eU* ingiong, 
a prediction ; "eii ' Jci^ or "eii ' ke^ 
to anticipate, to long for ; com., 
"eil^ (si^ngf (coll. Sii * ^seng), for- 
merly, previously ; 'cAa 、ta 
sawig' to plan beforehand ; ^*€U * 
(coll. eil 2 paingi"), to get ready 
beforehand ; eil ' (cW, to prepay, 
as wages. 

Interchanged with the 
last : a large elephant ; 
easy, contented, idte, in- 
' dulgentjtaking one's pleas- 
ure ; a jaunt, an excursion : <Jtt* 
tai ' lazy ; hwang^ eil ' Jiwong^ 
think of the evil in time and guard 
against it ; ha} eil^ ^ch^Ung lilng^ 
easily and leisurely ; com., ^iu eU * 
monkey and elephant ; met., to 
suBpcct, suspicious, hesitating^ 

1 患豫防 

Is 早!; w 


6 7 

預言 預期 

4 5 

園囿 謎 

贿食 货囿 



7 8 

橘 袖宥罪 

6 6 

默 佑抽子 

3 4 

保 佑佑助 

1 A* 





A tuber or esculent root, 
called \sil eil^ resembling 
the yam, but with a coarse 
fiber ; it is used as a sto- 

Together with, joined 
to,conuected with, interest- 
ed in : also read 'u and ^rt, 
q. v.: ^eil 》 ^meUy to consult 
with ; V《 I!" 2 unconnected 
with ; ^ Jiang Stl ^ to interfere in, 
meddling ; 、y>6k、 taik、 ^il^ unable to 
engage iu ; ^eil^ 々•, to know as 
others do ; \h6 ^ what connec- 
tion with ? COM., 'ert^ hongi (coll. 
€il ^ sioh^ hon(/)^ to have, or con- 
tribute, a share ; concerned in. 

To praise, to extol, to 
― laud, to eulogize ; to cajole, 
••^ to flatter, to overpraise : 

• ^sei^ eil^ to receive praise; 
i。pok) iugil 、chi eil^ unex- 
pected praise ; com., ^\ming eil ^ 
feme, reputation. 

Zf/JU^ Rich in clothes and chat- 
HKQ^ tels ; to enrich, to leave to; 
' " plenty, superabundant ; in 
excess, supererogation ; 
liberal, generous: 、\chHi/ng 
eil^ full, in abundance ; ^^erl^kwok^ 
to make the state prosperous ; com., 
"ett^ ^ngxoong pwo) superior Soo- 
chow cloth, marked eil ^ 〈ngwong' 
ft^t^ To know, to understand 
Mu the import of; to make 
known, to proclaim, to 

• manifest, to declare ; to 
instruct, to teach, to ex- 
plain ; to compare, to illustrate ; 
instructed, manifested ; instruc- 
tion : ^^'^hieu eu^to cause to know; 
to comprehend, as teaching ; "卞 i 
au^ to illustrate, to compare; "sfeVz, 

a qualified to instruct. 


^jtK^ Interchanged with the 
last : orders, commands, 
Y\x injunctions, edicts, official 
' notifications ; to signify, to 
proclaim (to the people), to 
order ; to reprove ; to compare, a 
comparison : M * 5^ a proclama- 
tion ; i^h'ii V'/ti, or siong^ eil^ the 
emperor's command ; ^chHn SU * 
your letter ; com" 'Men dU^ to pro- 
claim, to cause to know ; ^a^ wa^ 
official orders ; 、、hme eil^ a district 
superintendent of the Siutsai. 

£ju\ A coll. word : to wear 
away, to impair or dimin- 
ish by constant attrition : eii^ k^6^ 
worn, attrite, rubbed, as a book, 
shoe, etc. 


Read luk" used in the 
Paik^ ^Ing for the coll. 
eiXh^ : a sound in the 
throat ; to blow, to pant, 
to wheeze : Mh、 Mh^ kiei^ 
(spoken rapidly ^il (ttA;《e??),a gut* 
tural sound, grunting, as of a pig, 

(158) E:uk. 
-^1^ An ancient region, now 
in the S.E. of Kansuh and 
, S.W. of Shensi ; an ancient 
' town in Shantung ; ele- 
gant, as an essay : '^^eilk^ 
eilJc^ brilliant, gorgeous ; " hok、 
eilk^ fragrance. 

Used for the last : beau- 
tiful, colored, brilliant ; 
elegant, said of a polished 
gentleman : "gilk) Silk) 

Also read 6 V warmth, 
heat, internal heat: Jiang 
eiik^ cold and heat ; 




; p 喩 Is 曰 

曉 喻譬喩 

5 6 

國 蒂源布 

譽 T 裕, 

虞之 *^ 

份 受嚳不 

知 何與與 5 

7 8 

不得與 與 ^ 

5 G 

無與 干與 I 

3 4 A 

薯蕷 謀 




、ok、 Sdk, summer - heat ; cang 
^c/i'id Haki quiet and warm 

called \ing Silk, or &ak, 'li; 
some say a species of wild 

Sad, sorrowful ; Mdncss, 
Borrow, grief: *sdk, <i、 in- 
ward grief ; *2£iA;, <hau、 a 
moan, as of one in pain. 

MRead hiUk, in the dic- 
tionaries ; the rising 8un, 
Y.. > the dawn : *iak, nik、 sun- 
^ rising ; gfl々,jcy over 
success -— applied to the 
mean man. 

•r"jEr To carry the head in a 
serious manner, to conduct 
Z、) gravely ; attentive, grave: 
eUk^ eilk^ to lose self-pos- 
seBsion ; *,chiong eUk^ the 
emperor who sucoeeded H wangti, 
B.C. 2513. 

(159) Eiing. 

Read ^Ung in the dio- 
tionaries: water welling up 

f, in a spring ; bubbling ; 
rising up, protruding ; an 
affluent of the Yang-tsz- 
。. kiang in the north of 
H u p e h : ' ,hilnff eilng^ 
water bubbling up ; com., ^"'eilng^ 
to well up, as a spring; "gti/i^' 
ch、ok、 (water) gushing forth ; 
"cdng^ ichiong se^ the bubbling 
spring monastery (at Kiishan). 
LtW^ To embrace, to hold or 
^ajE clasp in the bosom ; to 
Yyj^ carry in the arras ; to tuck 
up the dress, as in running ; 
to screen, as the face ; to 
conceal from ; to gather round, as 


a crowd, to puph forward, to 
throng : 'V'?<* eilng^ to embrace 
with the right arm ; " haiv} <iilng^ 
the criers in the rear of an ofl5cer; 
^*?ilng^ cheilng* followers, tho 
rear-guard ; ^^^Ung^ pe* to screeu; 
COM., di2n<7' *cA4, to press ; crowd- 
ing, as in & full street. 

To stop with earth, to 

close up, to dam ; to ob- 

Yopg struct,' to hinder, to pre* 
vent ; to heap earth about 
plants ; to conceal from : 
t6 * 16* kilng^ saik, the road is 
blocked up ; "QUng^ ,il siong* 
iimff, to prevent complaints from 
reaching tho emperor. 

A disease in the nose ; 

raS a stoppage or catarrh id 

<T the nose. 

To use", to employ, to 
Berve of ; to cause ; use or 
Y nsT exercise of a thing ; use, ef- 
ficicncy; serviceable; using, 
availing of ; by, with, by- 
means of ; commonly, general- 
ly; expenses, outlays ; the lOlst 
radical : com., 、、kwok、 eU7i(f ex- 
penses of the government ; "gflng^ 
ihinff, to inflict punishment ; 
SUn^ utensils, tools ; chiek^ eilng* 
to economize ; ^ilng^ ,ping、 to 
employ troops ; 8Un^ 、piconff、 to 
employ capital ; ^^eilng^ stU * au 
era ploy 6, servant ; Silriff to^ foi 
current expenses ; eUng^ ^pwo, to 
use strengthening (food); '"iw 
Silnff* useful ; eUnff* (sing, careful, 
heedful ; pok^ t'eUng^ ^ilnxf unfits 
worthless ; eiing^ chencf (Sing Jd、 
to exhaust the ingenuity of the 
mind on it ; (thing Jieng ^f-ung 
eiln(f current and used every- 

用事 有用 

用刑 器用 

9 o 

上聞 國用 


擁 蔽塵於 

6 7 

後 擁擁從 

4 5 

寺右 i〇 


湧 出湧泉 

1 S 

淘 湧湧起 

7 8 

旭 B 旭旭 

5 6 

B 4 




where, as money; ooix., md ^ eil7i(/^ 
teky tioh^ cannot a))ply it to this 
use ; (sai eUng^ to use, to employ; 
eilng^ ineng^ to employ men. 

To moisten, to wet ; to 
enrich, to fatten ; to 
Jun benefit ; to increafio; moist, 
• damp ; 】'ich, fat ; glossy, 
velvety, sljiniug, sleek, in 
good liking ; ^tu)tg^ tek^ to enrich, 
to fertilize ;、 chiX eiXng^ to moisten; 
Hony ttXng^ glossy, sleek ; com,, 
*eilng^ Jiwo, moist and even, a8 
the temperature of the body ; 
^eu7ig^ hie ^ an internal emollient 
for the 】img8;e^w' pefc,U) moistr 
en the pencil"— presents of eatables 
to one going to the examinationfi; 
COLL., ^chid "'? z '-yd eilng^ this 
ground is very moist. 

(160) Ha. 

The 1st read hale) and 
hak^; the 2d also read 、ha : 
used for the coll. Jia, as in 
\ha fha clHeiC noise of 
laughing; Jia twai ^ 

Ho. chHeu^ a loud, hearty laugh. 

JTa\ A coll. word, used in 
answering to a call. 

t》 Read hau) ; used for 
the coll. ha\' mourning, 
funereal : ^tai ^ ha、 to wear 
mourning; "ta) h xi k ^ 
mourning apparel ; 、、 hu、 
JiSnff, a white cotton curtain 
hung before the coffin ; "laUHong^ 
the mourning staff ~ it is covered 
with white paper and carried by 
eons of the deceased ; 'Vm) 
、nmang、 the period of mourning 
(27 months) ended. 

Clouds tinged with red; 
vnpor, 8mokiness : com,, 
Sia "Ji 戮 g Jia, clouds and 
• crimson vapor ; 、\ha,p、co 
kain (卩 the chief district 
of Fuhning prefecture ; ^ha 
'p^'ioo f 械 a street in Nantai 
(Foochow) at the north baso of 
Great Tempk Hill ; 、? ui 、niong 
"^sang two female idols ia 
" Bhody PooV、 temple ; coll,, 
<fi7\g Jia^ crimson clouds ; Jia ^mg^ 
lightish red. 

A female complaint ; 
\hong sha, a scar, cica- 
Ii8ia« trix, Read 、ka : chronic 
pain in the stomach : ^ting 
Sl'a, intestinal concretions; 
O'igieit 、ka、 small worms in the 

Remote, distant from; 
why? what ? 、\ha % far 
and near; ^ha ^cheu^ distant 
' retreats. 

Small crustaceans ; a 
shrimp, a prawn, a craw 
fish : the first is comraonly 
used : COM., Jia, sea 

jvV^ItC crawfish ; Jia chiong、 pick- 
Hsia. led shrimp relishes;;^^ 

fresh shrimps minced and 
boiled ; 3。《Aff j7??a, a toad ; coll, 
Jia (/;'w, a long flat crustacean 
with short feelers ; JcHu katng^ 
Jia Jc^u siohi yong^ cuddled up 
like a crustacean ; Jia 4ng^ or 
《Aa iuwg^ prawn meat; Jia^chHu^ 
the feelers of a crawfish ; ^ha 、mi, 
small shrimps dried ; jia chak^ 
assorted prawns ; Jta ^chHeng^ 
shrimps in pickle ; ,chi&ng 
pieky kvmV shrimp-sprites and 
turtle monsters; met" weak, in- 
significant people ; Jta ^ma 、dong 


海 蝦蝦模 

霞 娘産婦 


霞浦縣 〇 

孝滿 霎雷 


带 孝孝服 

9 2 

哈 哈大笑 

IP 哈笑 IP 

潤肺 潤筆 

期潤 潤和 

潤澤. 義 

1 5 





si&hj ,tHeng ^ngie^ a toad thinking 
to eat a wild goose ; met" one 
who attempts things beyond his 

A blemish in a gem ; a 
crack, a flaw ; a fault, a 
bad habit ; distant, separa- 
ted : 、ch、ek、 Jia, carnation- 
colored gems; '^Jia (chil, a 
mistake, an inadvertence ; *pok^ 
、nU Jia (chil, I do not consider 
you guilty. 

sZTa. A coll. word, as in Jia 
Hidng^ soon, shortly, after 
awhile ; ^ha Hi&ng k、d、 will go 
shortly ; ( ^m6 ^eng Jia Hidng 
sidh^ no leisure now, will eat soon. 

T2 Below, down, bottom ; 
inferior, meJin, vulgar ; 
Hsia ; to descend, to go 

• down ; to put, as the hand; 
to fall, as rain ; to sprinkle, 
as powders : as a verb, often read 
(a in the Classics ; in coll., read 
q. v.: COM., ^siong^ ha^ above and 
below ; "M》 sjt)^ni7, ^ha} k^eil ^ and 
,ha} ik^ the 5th, Vth, and 8th tones 
of the Foochow dialect ; ^ha} 
(pHng, of an inferior class ; 
\mwong ha} pupils ; ha^ ^chieu 
laiu^ to sprinkle seasoning on ; 
k、aik、 ha} or 、7igang ha^ at this 
instant ; 、"ha} Hi^ to rain ; ha} 
^chilng^ to plant seeds ; met,、 to 
inoculate ; koh^ ha} or ^tai ha} 
your excellency ! ho} 、k、au ha} 
ngxoong^ to utter vows, as in invok- 
ing curses on enemies before an 
idol ; "ha) to keep down the 
temper ; ha} ^chHtt^ to put the 
hand to; to seize one ; ^^ha^ pek^ to 
use the pen, to write ; pok、 siong^ 
pok^ ha} neither up nor down ; 

met.^ in straits, in a fix ; coLL.,^a^ 
I oh, to put down into ; a way of 
managing ; ^tang ha^ 16 now 
there's a way to do it ! 

Summer ; a mansion ; 
dear ; variegated ; name 
Ilsia of a dynasty : ^\tilng ho} 
• China ; com., 、"ia} ^tHeng^ 
or ha^ kie ^ the summer 
season ; *V;a^ pin a* grass-cloth ; 
ha} ti, summer clothes; "ha^ itieu\ 
the Hia Dynasty (B. C. 2205- 
1766); 'Hikjia" the 7th solar term, 
beginning of summer ; mainf/ 
ha、 teUng^ ha^ and kie * ha} the 
4th, 5th, and 6th months ; ha} "^kwi 
steamed rice cakes 一 eaten at the 
lik-^ ha} terra ; coll., ha} che) niky 
ch、ok、 ^hw% at the summer solstice 
the. Sim emits fire ― is very hot, 

A mansion ; a side 
room: 、nai; Aa* a spacious 
house ; "Jiwa ha} a showy 
' mansion. 
tttt^' Leisure, relaxation ; self- 
HK^ indulgence ; unoccupied: 
" (hiu ha} or ha) eu ^ relax- 
ation, ease; com., Jiang ha} 
at leisure ; '^'^ch 'eu ' ko、 pok -、 
ha} no time to look after one's self. 

HaK A coll. word : to trans- 
port, to convey ; to carry 
from place to place in a boat or 
carriage : ha^ (mi, to transport 
rice; ha^ sie^ nohy what are you 
transporting? ha、su?iff, to con- 
vey (goods) by boat ; ha^ sioh^ 
sai^ to carry one boat load ; ha} 
kwo、 "lai, to bring over the sea. 

(161) m. 

(II<L A coll, word, express- 
ing assent to another's 
statement^ yes ! it's so ! 

自 顧不睱 

華 厦休暇 

立 夏大厦 

8 9 

夏布 夏朝 

6 7 

中 夏夏天 

下 氣下犖 

下 雨閣下 

下 品門下 

下去 下入 

6 7 

上 下下平 

4 5 

1^ 汝暇滅 





Read ^ngd; coll. 7t(f : to 
look aslant, or askance at ; 


i^i glancing the eyes : *A<i m6^ 
^ • to cast hateful glances at ; 
、、hd ifihrg^ to leer at 
people ; Ni6 (sanff Jtwa^ to stare 
till the eyes are dim ; 》pWc) (hd 
laung^ the turtle stares at its eggs ; 
\m(J iUgil nai、 catching uo 
fish lie stares at his basket ; met.^ to 
pursue a less, in default of a 
greater, business. 
JId \ A coll. word : an ex- 
clamation of grief or fear: 
hd) hd^ kiexC sobbing, moaning. 

JHd. A coll. word, as in ^hd 
hdh^ a mocking, irritating 
tone ; to sneer at ; to make fun of; 
^hd Jid kieu、 sighing, sobbing, 
the same as hd^ hd^ kieu、 q.v. 

Also read 'Aaz and hai^: 
a crab : \pong hd 》 crabs ; 
COM" *hd ^ Jceng, crab-soup; 
COLL., \m6 hd ^ crabs with 
hairy claws ; ^m6 hd ' 、k、au 
A:V hairy - clawed crabs 
and persimmons 一 s a i d 
to be a poisonous dish breeding 

Hd 2, A coll. word : to sob, to 
cry, to whimper, as a 
child : chaV hd^ sioh^ .sidng (or 
kwo^) ^ngwai cheu^ p、ah、 whimper 
once more, and I'll whip you ! 

ffd A coll. word, as in hd ^ 
I6h、 Ji, to settle or sag 
down, as the collar of a coat when 
unbuttoned ; hd ' hd^ tioh^ settling, 
sagging down, 

(162) Hae. 
HaV. A cplL word : to call 
out, to shout at, to vocifer- 
ate, as before officers and idols : 


ch6) t'd luiV to be a lictor or 
crier ; a company of lictors; hat > 
'liwang ^tHeng^ to cry loud enough 
to turn the heavens ! 

恥 A coll. Avord : to shame, 
to disgrace ; to insult : 
hae^ ^sieu (W, to sharae one by 
drawing the fore-finger over the 
cheek and crying out hae haV 
iTimg <jri6 meng' sjt>*m,to reproach 
one for being shameless ; haV 
haV ilHe o^a ^wong^ shame ! 
shame ! you big cry-baby ! 

(163) Haek. 

Read A^A:,/ coll. haik 、: 
to collect, to get or buy for 
use : ^ha'ek^ pe^ to buy 
female slaves; ^halk^ ngiek^ 
to purchase property ; 

to hire workmen ; 、 haik) ^tong 
f keng {or chd^)^ to hire steady work; 
^^haek^Hd sidL ptcong^ employed to 
eat rice ! ― as said when workmen 
are lazy or too many. 




i^EH ^ Read heng" coll. ha'6ng、: 
■yB^ a swelling on the person : 



^haeuif^ ^kH to swell 
up; ha'ing) ,t*"ong; puffed 
from (washing in) hot 
water, as a cut ; "ha'&ng、 hamg^ 
yek-^ an inflamed swelling; ^Uiamg^ 
hok、 puffed into a small lump. 
- ,, ? A lane, an alley; a street 
XjV of dwellings : com., "(人 彻 •</ 
TjV^^ haeng^ the 2d of the "seven 
®' alleys" in the city of Foo' 
chow ; ^\id Aacm/ streets 
and alleys ; J^wci Jc<i 'liu ho.encf 
"flower street and willow alley" ― 
alocality of brothels ; coll., Jihig 
ha'dng^ alleys ; haeng^ t^'au, or 

宮巷 街巷 

梨 媒湯爆 

價飯 P 起 

長 工 蓄禮 


,田认 H 

蓄業 蔷认 

9 g 

毛 蠏蔷婢 

毛 魚 e 聣篡 


花 P 睨蛋 

si 貌生 




Iiaeng' "、"a、i, tho entrance of an 
III lev ; ha'^ng^ ^kidnrf ha'eng^ i^vie, 
small alleys; hahig 》 ^chieu 
k^eul\ Sid/ty sd ^ tlie alleys few, the 
beggars many ; met" little work 
with many to do it ; supply 
small, demand great. 
iVf^i^^ Road chiing; coll. 
ttlfTt haemf: to throw out heat ; 
T ^ heat reflected or beating 
' in, as throiigli a window : 
^hatng^ hatng^ yek. hot 
from the reflection ; ^ha'eng^ (fa, 
dried by the reflected lieat ; haeny^ 
silk^ lufitured by the warmth, as 
fruit ; haeng^ s7iidnff, scorched 

(165) Hah, 

Jldh^. A coll. word, as in Jici 
hdh^ to sneer :it, to jeer; a 
sneering, mocking tone ; to tease 
by saying Jtd hdh^ as to a crying 
child/ ^ 

(166) Hai. 
么、 To laugh and joke; to 

O smile .It, to ridicule ; in 
H。 the coll., an exclamation of 
' surprise or astonishment. 
^^/^tf The sea, ocean ; the re- 
/ jiL ceptacle of rivers ; mari- 
• time, marine : com., 、; hai 
^yong^ an ocean ; kwo 
、hai, to cross the sea; 
^ch^ok^ (hai、 to voyage; '(Aa/ ch'^ek^ 
pirates ; ^s'eU ^ ^hai fihi n6i、 with- 
in the four seas ― i.e., the world ; 
"Viai liong^ capacity like the sea; 
、o、kai ^ marine delicacies; "(Aa《 
《8enfj、 beclie-de-raer ; "^Aa^ Jmong 
(spoken "lai 《ww ?, 力, the superin- 
tendent of maritime customs ; 
、、、hai ong、 transport-junks ; "(Aoe》' 
Jcwang、 a port of entry, a custom 
house : "(Am' jMng (voong^ Nep- 


tune, god of rain ; ^^donq^ 7mf, 
Shnughni ; hok\ dl (lung 1mi、 hnp- 
})incss liko the east Poa; coll., 
"(hui kaek^ "corners of the Rca"' ― 
i.e., distant regions ; 'haina^ "sea 
talk 、,; wet., talcs, yarns; ^hai ^td 
(mwo icken(" feeling for a needle 
on the bottfun of the sea; meL、 
difficult, impracticable ; 7/"i Jmo 
sionf 产 the sea Budhist ― a smooth- 
headed tish ; "Jiai t、aun(f a flood 

A wine vessel made of 
pewter ; an amphora; 
earthen ones are sometimes 
so called : coM.,**"oAm'Aai, 
a wine vessel. 

Seasoned, minced meat, 
pickled in brine; the brine 
in which meat is pickled ; 
to simmer : 、、"^、(mg "uii 
chieny^ to ofte r m inced 
in sacrifice. 

To cry out, to bawl ; in 
the coll., an exclamation of 
surprise, as on dropping 
something: ^^hak^ hai) to 

An infant beginning to 
laugh ; a child, children, 
* Hai youth ; generally applied 

• to boys : ^\hai ^t'Ung^ in- 
sects ; COM., ihai 《《, a child, 
boys ; COLL., ^hai d k、v)cC 

<Jl^ig^ boys treading on the lotus ― 
as pictured on lanterns at New 
Year's ; Jiai Jc^d 《 pung、 "the boy- 
torrent has burst" ― used in curs- 
ing noisy children. 

Bones of the chin ; the 
chin : COLL., pah^ ^hai^ the 
I 化 i chin gapes ; meL^ you 're 

• lying! Jiai pah^ ^hai t^ok^ 



o 1 

2 2 

醯 醢以薦 


海角酒 檑 

7 9 

龍王 上海 

蓮" 海關, 

參海防 k 

量海 海 


海. 內海 

海 海賊四 

洋 p! 海 f3 

掀 掀熱縱 

1 2 




"your chin gapes and drops" ― as 
8ni(I to a mendacious person. Read 
Jcai; ugly, ill-favoreu. 

Shin of the lug (tibia); 
bones of the human frame; 
bodily members : \kilng 

■ thai, sinews and bones ; 
Vg&j ihai、 the trunk, head, 

bands and feet ; "nffu ^kwang 
j)aik、 、hai、 the five faculties and 
whole frame ; com., \hai kauk^ 
human bones, a skeleton. 

To harmonize, to agree, 
to pair ; consenting ; in 
i^F* concord, of one mind ; to 

■ langb at, to ridicule : \hwi 
ihai, to ridicule ; com., 

•ihwo ihai, to harmonize ; cordial, 
agreeing, as a married pair. 

The laugh or smile of a 
rvyc iiiild ; used in the coll. as 
{ an exclamation of surprise 
' or pity, ah ! alas ! also a 
cry of burden-bearers. 
Read A'ai ' as in 'X-'ai ' sau^ to 
cough : *fkang k、ai ' a dry, irrita- 
ting cough. 

A coll. character : crock- 
ery: 'ihai crockery- 
war6 ; '"jAaijyeWjapottery- 
' kiln ; ,sieu Jmi, to burn 
crockery; ihai kwang^ an 
earthen pot. 

"Jl 'I A horary character, the 
Sfj^ 12th of the Branches, an- 
-gT^ swering to boar: com., 
• "Aai* the year "boar", 
as marking the time of 
one's birth ; "hoi ^ (nietig^ years 
of the cycle containing this 
character ; "hai; nywok^ the 10th 
month ; "/iai、si、 9-11 o'clock,P.M. 

Also read n^ni^ in tho 
dictionaries: to shut, toprc- 
vent eutrauce; stopped, nin- 
"1. deivd, obstructed: "kaifc, 
hai* cut off from; met" not 
comprehending; not agreeing in 

r t\i Mlitru'y weapons ; a 
i>J£u spear, a bow; shackles, fet- 
/l 么? tei's: "Jci hai^ a curious 
• contrivance, delicate ma- 
chinery ; met., cunning; 
COM., i,&V hai^ military weapons; 
COLL., hai 2 tain^ to be at feud, as 
two villages. 

J/ni* ReraiRS, slow, negligent, 
MlflaC inattentive ; the 2nd also 

*^ I read ^kai and kd ' q. v. : 
'^T^' I's'iHk) y&、 pH hai^ busy 
morning and night ; com., 

Hsieh. "hai* tai ' lazily, slowly. 7jai and kai ' in 
the dictionaries : a hall, 
suite of rooms : "^"Jcung hai ' 
a court, apai'tments. 

A fabulous animal, call- 
ed "haP chai^ the lion-uni- 
X^" V corn, embroidered on the 
robes or censors and j udges; 
met., haughty, steru. 

Chives, a kind of scal- 
lions which a person fast- 
ing is not allowed to eat : 
COLL., "Aaz ' pah^ chive- 
whites ― i. e., the bulbs 
used medicinally. 

»«-|JU>^ Also read hai ,•• to cry 
H4jv out, to bawl ; used in the 
hIP* coll. as a word of prohibi- 
• tion, stop that ! you must 
not ! 


獬 w 截白 

懈怠 廨 

夙 夜匪懈 


機 械器械 

6 7 

亥 時隔閎 

4 5 

亥 年亥月 

i 亥猪 


00 9 

4 5 

五 闘百骸 


筋骸 丄《骸 

1 0* 



Accidentally, a pleas- 
ant hap : hai^ haiu^ an 
H.ieh unexpected meeting. 

To injure; to hurt ; to 
prejudice, to offend ; to 
diunage ; noxious, calami- 
t o us ; a sense or fear of, a 
feeling : com., \chang hai ^ 
to injure ; "^siong hai^ to wound, 
wounded; '/e^ hai ' severe, hurtful, 
formidable; viet.^ stingy; \chai hai} 
calamity; \hiconff hai^ opposing 
and injurious, a risk ; *pi'e^ hai ^ to 
avoid calamity ; Hukjiai、 to poi- 
son ; COLL., hai 2 ^ing hai ' 、ki 
huP che" ^s—, in injuring others 
you injure yourself; hai * Uk、 
ich>an(i、 to injure most grievously; 
hai ' p'ok^ (wang chioh^ sik^ 
to injure persons till their bowls 
are turned down (empty) and sub- 
sistence cut of. Read Aa/t, : why 
not ? how not ? 
(167) Haik. 

ik Read hi'eh^; coll. haik" 
Jill blood : *haik, 麵 A., blood 
Vr"* and pulse; me<., race, stock; 
Viaik, ,si, small particles 
of blood ; '"haik, fe' dysen- 
tery; "haik) k'e' blood and 
breath 一 vigor, bodily stamina ; 
'VcV haiJiC (soi, the constitution 
debilitated ; "'pwo haik, to renew 
the blood (by tonics); "kMjc、 
haik, coagulated blood ; ' V haik) 
effused btood, as in parturition ; 
"haik、 'pwong, capital in trade ; 
haik, itie, the soft spot below the 
shoulder ]<j\nt\haik^ kwai' lumps 
of coagulated blood in the system; 
"haik、 Jrn, charms (written) in 
blood ; haik、 .sang (jmn.g, men- 
strual flooding ; haik、 ili'ng Jifig, 
profuse bleeding ; haUc、 kang 


bloody sweat; met., excessive 

npj Black, sooty ; dark, ob- 
.' 「!" '- scure ; cloudy, dull ; mat., 
wicked, malicious : "hcLik、 
ichU、 dark moles on the 
skin ; COM., "hailc) anfl) 

pitchy dark ; h<xik、 p-iing^ to de- 
ceive maliciously; "^"haik^ yd'night ; 
haik^ pek^ ,.nang (hv.n^/, difficult 
to distinguish the bad from the 
good ; COLL., (siriff (kanff haik^ 
mik、 black-hearted, malicious ; 
haik-, chiong^ darkish purple. 

Bright, splendid, lumin- 
ous, like a tire or the snn ; 
angry ; to scorch, to glis- 
ten : '"haUc、 no* very angry; 
haik、 haik, fiery, as the 
sky in a drought ; glorious, efful- 
gent ; COM., "liieng Jiaik) brightly 
displayed, effulgent. 


An angry tone; to threat- 

, , en, to intimidate, to anger; 
> scared, frightened : in the 
coll. read kidh) q.v.: ,*Aa《A, 
cha) to terrify by threats. 
(168) Haing. 
I^fch> Perverse, obstinate, un- 
reasonable; crabbed, cross- 
grained, mulish ; disagree* 
ng' ing with others : also read 
ihwang, q.y.:" haing' ngik^ 
refractory, perverse ; com., haing、 
ihmg, to act unreasonably ; head- 
strong ; COLL., haing、 haing) or 
'yd haing^ insufferably mulish. 

An edible species of 
spinach, called haing^ 
^ chai\' COM., haing' ch'-aV 
Usien' w"'— 1 spinach and vermi- 
celli ; ^hwang haing、 a kind 
of spinach ― used medicinally. 

^WmWW^''^ 衰, 16 躯 IS 曼 2。 墨" 着 

害 害害害 縣氣 13 辅 血 本 子 夜 雜 
2 傷 4 災 6 避 8 血 1。 血 12 氣 與 , "魏 , , 幼 I 
f 害 害脉痢 (ilt〇 血符 暗怒逆 


Also read haing^: an 
》nr aq,uatic vegetable, a kind 
^ 7^ of duck-weed with white 
8 叫 Stalk and reddish leaf- 
used in wine to communi- 
cate a rich, delicate flavor, 

J Fortunate, lucky, bless- 
ed; happily ; nn emperor 
^ reaching, or tarrying in, a 
sing' place ; to hope, to watit or 
long for ; lucky in getting; 
to rejoice ; to love, pleased : 
haing^ to hope for; hding^ 
how so lucky? com., 、p<jk、 haing^ 
tnlucky ; ^mxoong pok^haing^ 
a domestic misfortune ~ words 
used on cards, as at the death of 
the eldest son ; coll., haing^ tek^ 

Interchanged with tlie 
last: to obtain or avoid 
. without merit or right ; 
s】。g' lucky, fortunate : ^haing^ 
cheng^ undeservedly 
promoted; ^haing^ neng^ to use 
flattery; com., \hieu haing 乂 a 
lucky hit, to get by a fortunate 
> ^一 2 Actions, conduct : also 
A~X read Jimg and Jiong^ q. v.: 
. ^ COM., Haik^ haing^ virtuous 
1 g. deeds ; ^^pHng haing^ con- 
duct, character ; ^\ngiong 
haingi words and acts ; ^\sing 
haingi the disposition, intention, 
as good or bad ; coll., tuk^ ^sing 
cA*cm》 haingi a venomous heart 
and vile conduct ; haing^ tek^ (his) 
acts (are) malicious. 
» J»>2 A kind of plum : com., 
、、fiaingi Jiwa Jiiong seh 
jjv' Hi, "the almond fragrance 
extends ten 一 a poetic- 
al phrase ; 、\ng11ng haing 义 


white almonds ; one says, nuts of 
the Salisburiaadiantifolia; '*Aaw^ 
5m<7, almonds ; "haing、 lok\ (fong, 
an emulsion of almonds, rice, and 

(169) Haiu. 
/□di To wait ; to inquire for< 
i^t. to wait on; to visit, to 
'r/ congratulate ; to take care 
of; a time : com., ^'seil ' 
haiv} to wait upon, to 
serve ; "ong、 hahi} to inquire 
after, to send respects ; haiv} ka> 
I wait for you, Sir ! "j-st hahi^ time ; 
hahi^ 'song, to wait for selection 
or appointment ; /'mV 、pwo (Aw, 
to wait for appointment, as prefect; 
haiti^ ,chie, "waiting to redeem 
(our bills)" ― a tank notice. 

After ifi time, late ; be- 
Ai^ hind ; theti, fiext ; posteri- 
'■^^ ty, descendants : in the coll. 
read hav} and at^^ q.v.: com., 
ichieng hain^ before and 
after ; ^'haiu^ Jai, hereafter ; ^"haiu^ 
ch'-'^W the 2nd wife— after the death 
of the first ; haiu' hok、 I, your 
pupil ; haiu^ hwoi ' Hu Jd, there'll 
be a time of meeting again ; 
*^haiit^ pwo'i ' of the next class in 
age, juniors ; kwo、 haiv} after 
passing away ― after death; coll., 
haiv} (pong, the next set or com- 
pany ; hereafter ; haiu、 .sing, or 
haiv} 'cA'i'w, afterwards ; haiu* 
V-oh^ successors 一 scil., good or 
bad, as sons ; ^seng (neng ch 厶、 
haixd ^neng itiong, former people 
did so, and their successors perpet- 
uate it. 

» tX* A bank or tumulus, 
JJl^ used to make fire signals 
on ; milestones, a half or 
• a whole league apart. 

1^ 娶, 辈 

^ 候 f 來 , 

8 9 

1 1 

伺候 問候 

杏 1 花香十 


香行 >3 行 

i 行 1 行 

倖 伎徼倖 S 

6 7 

不幸, 進臉 

不 幸 家門 I 

冀幸 何幸 

1S^8 HAK. 



Thick, large, substan- 
tial; liberal, generous, kind; 
well, very ; faithful, iuti- 
raate; well-flavored; rich, as 
soil ; to esteem : com., ^haiv} 
poky thick and thin, liberal and 
stingy ; "\ing haiv} kind, benevo- 
lent ; ^^chHng haiu} intimate ; 
*haiu^ teUng^ grave, dignified ; fat 
and heavy, as persons; ''haiu} tap 
to treat well ; *hait/ :ong、 great 
favor ; ,haiu^ a rich flavor ; 
*haiu^ e' a generous mind ; 'haiu^ 
p^auk, a kind of medicinal bark ; 
COLL., haiic' haiu} sa'eng^ hnl, 
make you a liberal present ; hain^ 
pok^ ,tu se' liberal or scant, still 
the intention is entirely (good). 

A queen or empress ; a 
乂口 prince or ruler ; a tributa- 
gojj ry sovereign ; behind : 
COM., 、。ihwongr haiu^ the 
empress ; "Jmong t^ai * 
haiu} the empress dowager ; 
Jiwong l、ai ' haiu、 the emperor's 
grandmother ; "Aaiw' (《'w, gods 
of the land ― worshiped on the 
left of the grave ; ^\tH'eng haiv} or 
fiieng haii^ seng* 、mu, the 
Chinese Amphitrite 一 goddess of 

To meet unexpectedly ; 
pleased, delighted to meet; 
unsettled : ' Viai * haiu^ 
pleased to meet. 

(170) Hak. 

Blind of one eye ; wholly 
blind ; met., ignorant, un- 
Hs—ia: ' educated : com., "hak^'chu, 
a blind persen ;. coll., hak^ 
(Chii, or kaJc) 'ki&ig; a 
blind man ; (hcong hak、 the eyes 
open but sightless ; hak) kae ' or 



haJc、 nmt^ to bawl, as a blind 
man — talking at random ; hak, 
^chu 、tHdng ^sidng^ the blind hear 
the voice ; met" to depend on in- 
formation only; hak> "^kUhig k^e^ 
me\ fihiu Jcwong^ the blind so an- 
gry that their eyes open ; met" a 
high degree of virtuous indigna- 

II 日 To call out loudly, to 
|>p^ hoot,to shout at; to reprove, 
^^〉 to reprimand; an angry 
' hoot; a guttural, gurgling, 
choking sound : com., 
"hak、 lmg、 to shout the orders, 
as a leader in a mob ; 、"^haTc) laung、 
tai^ iSing^ the great god who 
hoots at the waves ; met" an out- 
rageous scold ; lajiaJc 、飞 hwi 判 ang, 
gurgling-water rock — a spring 
near Kushan monastery ; hak、 
"xhioi ising ^pinff, to congeal water 
into ice ; to succeed in every 
thing ; "lak) t6 ^ to clear the way, 
as lictors ; met" to bawl ; coll., 
Jieng hak、 to reprove in a loud 
tone ; hdk^ nav^ hdk、 ka% ) noisy 
vociferation ; hak、 ^ch^ai^ to ap- 
plaud, to cry out " good ! fine ! " 
nak^ &ioh^ ^sidng ^ngie pieng^ ch6^ 
ak、 gave a hoot (loud enough) to 
change a goose into a duck ; met., 
to scare one out of his wits by 
hooting ; hak、 (《。》•, to bargain for 
in the Tump. 

Read ha^; used in the 
Paik、 ting for the colL 
hak、 : the voice hoarse or 
broken ; the sound of crack- 
ed earthen or metal ware: 
,d&ng (inff AaA;>the voice is hoarse; 
i、hak、 》iiing、 or hak、 hah, tSi&ng, 
a broken veice ; a clattering, as 
of cracked metal. 

% 8 親 6 厚 7 厚 9 厚 11 皇皇土 ^令 
溥厚 待味抓 太太" 天 16 瞎 18 喝 
-^,6厚8厚1。皇 后后 后子浪 

厚 重恩意 后" 太 la 后 1 寶 "喝 大 

神 20 鳴 
喝 道 
水 2' 噴 



Ilaky A coll. word : to w het, 
to 8tro|) ; also to sneeze ; do 
hak\ ^hni strop the knife a tew 
strokes ; hak、 rh、e、 to fineeze ; clt^e^ 
hak、 ^kwi chidh^ to sneeze a few 

To unite, to join; to shut, 
|— I to close; to collect, to con- 
•jjj I vcTio ; accordant to, agreea- 
' ble, liarmonious, suitable ; 
a [>air ; the whole ; united, 
together, with ; a measure, 
about Vio of w idling; in the coll., 
to settle, to pay oft* a score ; cheap, 
not dear ; to break, to snap : 
\tHeng chauk^ (<?/"' hak) marriages 
jnade in heaven ; com., ^^chd hak^ 
joined together ; Mmk、 ^chiong^ 
to join the palms j ^hak^ ^chioiig 
Jc&^ the street between opposite 
shops ; 1wk、 kMng^ all together, 
the sum total ; ^haK\ "^Jcing, shut 
or joined closely; hak、 Jiu^ a kind 
of child's cape ; \hwo haJc、 har- 
monious ; "icjc 飞 wgi、 suitable ; 
Via^'i "^ngang, suiting the eyes, 
as spectacles do ; ^^hak^ chaung、 
buried together; ^^hak^ (sing, of 
the same mind ; ^^hak^ sek^ "suits 
the pattern ,, ~ suitable, cheap ; 
"hakj Jca、 all the family; " haki 
ch'eiing^ kwok、 the United States ; 
COLL., ha\ jyicoi ^ l、mg、 or hak、 
iChieng t、eng、 to double one's capi- 
tal by profits ; hak^ ^chieng ^kH ^ka 
€l\ to double the capital and a 
tenth more ; hak^ <^pwang^ a cheap 
lot of goods ; hak^ iChienr/^ to 
break, snap anunder ; hak^ filiHng^ 
to settle up ; hak、 ^chicny Wawi to 
pay up the balance ; sioh^ hal\ a 
pair ; hak、 ^sieng^ or hidh^ ^sieng^ 
hinges \hak^diHoh>, a folding fbot^ 
measure; A" 人、 t6h) a pair of tables. 




f 合, 


Utsed for the last : to 
join pleasantly, to har- 
monize ; united, blending ; 
to instill into; imbued, per- 
vaded with ; hak^ to 
to mix ; "Cj/wo hak 乂 pervad- 

Also read kak、 : a knee- 
pad of leather ; a sort of 
leathern sash or aprou for 

A leaf of a door, a two- 
leaved door ; alt within 
doors, a family ; to shut, 
to close ; the whole, al- 
together; why not? ^^hak^ 
pik\ to shut and open ; com., ^^hak^ 
Jca、 the whole family, 
-4— „ To cover over ; to unite 
for a purpose ; why not? 
jj^i hak"kwi Jilt why not 

• return home ? "hak^ katck^ 
ingiong H che) why do you 

not each reveal your wishes? 

The Tartar pheasant, 
which is gregarious and 
pugnacious ― a symbol of 
courage : "hak)、Jcw(mg、 '^^ 
helmet with pliunes of 
pheasant's feathers ; hak, tang^ a 
thrush that sings at night. 

Why? why not? how? 
wherefore ? to stop by an 
II。 order ; to intimidate, to 

• hoot at: /laky Mk'、 wliere 
are its limits ? limitless ; 

hak^^ (ting (iieng how cau you 
say he will come ? 

rl^ Also rend hiok、 in the 
Jji^^ dictionaries : warm, hot; 
,^^i injured by the sun's heat, 

• a sun-stroke : coll., hak^ 
tioJ" nil\ (Aw'i, struck by 


爾志 鷓冠 



家 || 各曾 

洽 阖闢闔 

7 8 

國 P 洽 If 

合 家合衆 

合>2 合式 

合眼 合葬 


和 合合宜 

7 8 

合 共合緊 

合掌街 〇 


齊 合合掌 

天 作之合 



the suu'h heat ; rhdh 飞 k、f> ' nik^ "iwl 
Hd hak、 don't go into the sun's 
beat and get a stroke I 

Loquacious : W haki 
one of the 64 diagrams. 


Short garments ; poor, 
hempcu clothes ; woolen 
stuffs ; stockings ; a beg- 
garly fellow ; , 6) hak 、 
to wear poor garments ; 
、haki Jill, a beggarly fellow ; *seU} 
hak.t menials, servants, 
ttqcl A kind of twilled felt or 
haircloth from Shantung ― 
'g^i used for cushions. 

A scorpion ; grubs found 
in decayed wood. 



A linch-pin ; the creaking 
of carriages ; to regulate, 
to control ; to guide the 
morals of society ; to turn, 
to revolve : "kwcmg hak、 
to govern. 

Hale, strong, robust, 
vigorous, sturdy : \hm 
hak^ to speak iu a loud 
• tone, to proclaim ; '^viwak^ 
hak 义 a flat nose and face ; 
hale, robust. 

(in) Hang. 

nrll Exhilarated, lively, cheer- 
ful ; merry from wine, 
^ Hfto tipsy, half-drunk ; jocund, 
' riftnt, as nature : &、 chiu 
Jiang, merry from wine ; 
、(hang chieng^ excited iu battle. 
I t-rt As in io(tanff Jiang 、 a 
"fflA city of the ancient Han 
( 7 country in Hupeh. Read 
• ihanff, as in "Aang、tan(j, 


a district of Kwaiig-ping prefect- 
ure iu Chihli. Read hm":, as iu 
tmuf full, abundant. 

A salt water cockle, a 
species of Area or bivalve 
with furrowed shell, a 
small clam : com., " fihio 
Jiang 、 a cockle with a 
smooth, dark shell ; coll., 
Jiang ^pengy a dish of 
clams with one shell off; Jiang 
k^atk\ clam shells. 

tSA* , Simple, foolish ; an idiot- 
ic look : "{Ch'i :hang、 or 
判议 勵 silly, stupid. 

(Hang. A'coll. word, as iu Jiang 
iHi/, a closet with two com- 
partments for dishes and food. 

Rare, few, scarce, sel- 
dom ; a kind of flag ; a net 
for birds or rabbits : 
"(Acrny (wong、 a bird-net ; 
COM., "(Atm,? hieng^ rarely 
Han. seen ; ^\hi (hang, or 
^^hang Hu, scarce, rare ; 
COLL., 、a(hang 、! ciUng, rare child or 
children, as when born late 
and only one or a few in thefhmi' 
ly ; 、hang tek^ 、harkg、 very scarce 
or seldom ; ^^^hang tek) comes 

An ardent, energetic 
disposition ; fearless, vio^ 
lent; hasty, cruel : ^\kiong 
' 、ha}"j, overbearing; 
^^'hang ho^ a violent wo^ 
man ; ^^^hany chuk^ a fierce clau. 

(力 Pleased, contented ; to 
YtT* be happy, joyous; credi' 
Ha^ ble, trustworthy, in which 
• sense read ^Jc^'ang in the 


1 婦 |t 族 

罕仔 罕的 

希早 举有 

罕網 举屌 

6 6 

1 1 

珠 S 00 

3 4 

,!: t 淡 

W 戰 P 郎 

親 顳酒酣 

7 8 

昝 轄顔顯 

祸 夫蹩褐 

iisT 衣褐 


HANG. 201 

A gate ; a gate of a vil- 
lage, ward, or street ; 
small wall ; to shut : "l.i 
(Aawy, a ward-gate. 

Also read Jcang: a kind 
of jackal found in the 
Ilau desert, but described rath- 

■ cr as a fabulous beast. 
Read ngaruf a village pris- 
on ; ,ip;i ngang、 a figure like a 
unicorn painted on prison doors ; 
•'ngangi ngUJc^ a jail. 

曰 To grasp, to lift up ; to 
^P-y ward off, to shield, to de- 
^2 fend ; to stop : *^hang woV 
' to guard ; '^ngU (chai 'hang 
hioanxf to guard against 
calamity and ward off troubles. 
< rnr Used for the last: to 
J^j fend off; an obstacle, hin- 
drance ; to guard or escort ; 
' to environ : *'hang Jcioang, 
to keep a pass; ""^hang kaik^ 
pok、 々unff、 impeded ; conflicting, 
as ideas. 

<|j-T* Sunset, evening : *'^hang 
II I* 8ik、 a late evening meal 
jja【 *h6 3 h6 2 '■hang (Aimy, very 

■ light ; abundant. 

' To wash clothes ; to 
iBnp bathe, to purify one's self; 
a decade of days : "^hang 
' chok^ to wash, as clothes 
and cap-strings ; "siong* 
^hang^ihe first decade of the month. 

*jll_p Angry cries ; to call, to 
Hi^^ call for ; to vociferate, to 
《^^ halloo after ; to cry, to 

■ bawl : "^Iianf/ keu' to call 
for help; COM., "(hang 

kieu^ to cry out, to bawl ; "^hang 
tWOHff, to exclaim against false 
charges ― as before magistrates. 

Courageous, depending 
on one's self ; martini, for- 
midable, brave ; libera], 

To spy, to glance at ; to 
bow down and look; to 
expect, to hope for ; tho 
2nd also means a tiger's 
roar ; met.^ an angry tone, 
as in 、*^hang iU (Kau 7m, 
he yells like a roaring tiger. 

An unopened flower : 
i*^hang 'lang, the lotus 
flower ― a poetical name. 

The tench (Leuciscus 
idella) with dark green 
fins, spinous ventrals and 

Also read hanff: to 
move, to shake ; shaking, 
trembling : "Jiung ^hang^ 
shaken by the wind. 

A violet color, a rose red, 
which the good man, it is 
said, does not wear. 

A large branch of the 
Yang-tsz river in Hupeh ; 
a famous dynasty of Unina 
(B. C. 201-A. D. 260) ; 
(Jhiuese ; in the coll., per- 
sonal appearance, form, stature : 
"(tHhiff hang) or jd hang^ the 
milky ,way ― in poetry called 
^* iiigiXng hawf silvery river ; com. , 
•'n、"iwanff han(f* Manchus and 
Chinese ; han(j\Jcunr/^ naturalized 
batmerraen ; coll., han(f (fihig^ the 
Chinese ; hanff 'met, the form, 
stature ; ngainff^ hwxf bold, reck- 
less ; ngaum/ hcmg) oi'(cA'i hang* 
stupid ; Ho hmifj) I, an old man 一 
used in plays ; twai ^ han»f ofgreat 

良 jjfi? £Mf>B? 


風 憾天漢 


M 究, 如 

i 敕 t 呌 

2 no 

不 旰食 

6 杆關 81 

禦 災捍患 

里閛, Si 





stature ; 'ho, persona- 

; (i ! ,">"/ 、ii<" M)i<j, he is 
very tnll. 

Also rc^nd 'hang: dry, 
boat I'd air ; to dry ; dryiug, 

Also reail sie/iff: much 
fire ; to dry at the lire, to 
roast ; to respect : 'huntf 
《k.(tn'j, roasted dry ; "^'nt/o 
"■k'ntuj haiKf e' 1 higlily 
respect him. 

Ilamf. A coll. word: to think, 
to su]>pose, to consiilcr, to 
regard as ; also to give notice, to 
it\tonn; to acknowledge, to con- 
fess ; to ask, to re<|uettt : han(f 
fek, to suppose; /lancf se^ tie^ 
was thinking 、vlio it couKl 
be ; kdtnif hdu(f 、la", I have 
nlready notitiod yon ; h<m!/、 t.(tik) 
choi 2 or /'.<-〃','/' pok, se^ to confess 
a fa\ilt ; k、mng、 inform (the 

<icad) of going to sleep 一 i. e., to 
、veej_、 by the coffin before retiring; 
hang^ sid^ to express thanks ; 
ham/' 'ch'id '/"•, to present joyous I 
salutations, ad women and rustics 
do ; hang' 'k'i taenrf to thank one I 
for his trouble ; han(j、 '■nil k'd ) 
^ngwai ch6 ' request you to do it 
for rue. 

Ilang\ A coll. word, as in the 

reduplicated form 
han^f) to be moderate, not persist- 
eut,' not exacting ; hang^ h(m.(f 
('卿 0"// md^ be easy (as 

to price) and just sell it to me. 

A b:\r, bjin ier, a fence ; 
J^j^ an iiiclosuve, a IbUl or 
stable lor horses ; to close, 
*^sien' to obstruct ; to protect, to 
defend ; to regulate by 

law ; to tbvb'ul ; to move about ; 
largo ; aconstoinod, pnu-tiot'd : 
'Jtciig, to fjiiiird against ; 
\hniHi i.、V々, U) rcjtcl evil intiuenccs; 
\h(m<j sik、 accustomed to. 

I |\ All, jointly, altogethor ; 
IpiV conipletcly , totally ; al- 
\hm 、、'ays; all aroumljVeaeiruipj 
' every wliore ; concord, as- 
soc'iateil ; liasty ; a dia- 
gi'am : *pok\ iha" 仏 dis.'vgreeing ; 
COM., \hanff tbo emperor 

Hien-fiing (A. D. 1850-61). 

03 Leisure, repose, rest ; 
rHI indolent ; unoccupiod, omp- 
£ Yi^^^u ty : also read 'k'any, q. v. : 
• COM., \a''ff Junif/, repose, 
quiet; ha* cf、aP ,义 •〃, 

at home uiiemployofl ; '\/ian(/ 
; ('!">、 ff、 feeling of leisure ; "jm 
'('/'.'«•" hd' Jtan<j, fond of idleness, 

Skilled, accustomed to j 
loving leisure ; elegant, 
retincd : '';/""'// "~'"ga、 
polishecl, elegant ; com., 
Jiang siik^ versed in. 

A kind of pheasant : 
COM., "pahi Jicingy the 
silver pheasant. 

Cards for binding ham- 
pers ; to close or bind up ; 
to seal, to bind up crevices 
closely ; used for Jiang 
(altogether): '\hung ihai\g 
to close ; seng' ek^ 

the inclosed letter ; 
Jumg、 your esteemed 



to seal, 

、、 iigiik 飞 

玉緘 〇 


內信 一 滅 


51! 驄^ 緘 

,雅, 熟 

1 遞手 i 閒 

閒情 〇 

閒 暇在家 

咸 豐安閒 

7 8 

閑習 不咸 

防鬧 購用 


1 o 


Used for the next: to 
^^1^1 contain, to infold, to com- 
£ prehend in, to envelope ; a 
• letter or what is contained 
in an envelope, in which 
fionse it is the same as the last ; 
liberal, capacious : \hang kak^ a 
coat of mail ; com., \ pau Jiang, 
to infold, to contain ; magnani- 

A cup, a Avooden bowl ; 
WpV a casket, a case to hold 
A things. 







Saltish, as salt water ; 
salted, preHerved in brine ; 
bitter : in the coll. read 
Jceng^ q. v. 

To hold something in 
the mouth ; the mouth full ; 
5 to contain ; to cherish, to 
tlAv sufier, to put up with or 
jH^^ tolerate ; to restrain ; to 
Han. place gems in a corpse's 
mouth : in the coll., incom- 
plete, confused ; shabbily : com., 
\pau Jiang^ to hold, to contain ; 
to be lenient ; ^ Jiang chHeu^ to 
smile ; ^ihang ^wong^ to endure 
false accusations ; & Jiang Jieilk^ to 
Bmother (resentments) ; coll 

itHe^ to be in tears ; \hang 
ihfwg, incomplete, by halves ; 
Jiang Jiv、OT\hang fmig; confused- 
ly, anyhow; Jiang Ji'e^ at odds 
and ends, shabbily ; Jiang ^ming 
Jiang k、aung、 half asleep ; Jiang 
Jiu paikj to understand obscure- 
ly ; Jiang ang^ dusk, even- 


y^A:^ Usually read Jcang; 
coll. Jicmff, as in Jiang 
s^"", o 仿 rank, station ; 

• sie^ 7whj Jiang 4^、au, 
what is his official rank ? 

-IflB Also read "-hang : com- 
posed, tranquil ; pleased ; 
4 liberal ; aftected, aroused, 
anxious for others ; Jiang 
<yong nidnrf ngwoi ^ (ing 
(chi His (hi, aroused by conader- 
iDg others' faults. 

j.^ 4.1 tJnion, harmony ; to be 
SlpV accordant, united; sincere, 
cordial, hearty: Jiang 
sAw?o, to harmonize; "che, 
Jiang 、! cang ^sing^ sinceri- 
ty influences the gods. 
自工 Read hang" coll. Jiang: 
kfdt 1 1 to snore: "k、(mng\ng6 ng6 ) 
JuinQy to snore loudly in 

* sleep. 
A fence about a well, a 

well-curb ; u feudal state 
of the ChoAV dynasty ; a 




vtvilti To sink in the water, sub- 
metged ; to leak ; marshy ; 
lian to soak; to contain, 

• capacious : \hang 》ircg、 
submerged ; Jiang ^unff^ 

to contain ; enlarged, liberal ; 
" Jianff ^yong^ to cherish, as vir- 
tues ; kind, meek. 

Cold, wintry ; shiver- 
ing ; poor, unsupplied, ne- 
cessitous; my, mine; plain, 

• simple : ^^swoV Jiang^ or 
Jiang ^tHmg^ winter; 

Jiang so^ plain, unpretending; 
COM., \hang sik^ the day before 
the , ChHng ;ming festival, when, 
in former times, cold food was eat- 

|t 素, 食 

1 羼 f 寒 

7 8 

涵 沉涵容 

5 6 

1至誡 感神 


f ,* 

含混 含暗 

舍啼 含含 

7 8 

究 1 田 

包 合舍笑 

3 4 

s 甲包 rsa 

1 2 

204 HANG. 


eu ; ^hang (srt, cold and heat ; Jiang 
(fe"〃, shivering, cold ; 
Jian(f、 or Jiang (sa, a cold ; V《 
Jiang^ periodic colds, catarrhs ; 
、 Jiang ;? a poor student ; Jiang 
《ka, or Jia7i(} tjuwonfj, my family; 
^ Jiang the mind chilled 

(with fear), discouraged ; ^^haiig 
lo、 "cold dews" ― the 17th solar 
term ; * Jiang k>e^ Jcwi senff the 
cold has settled on the kidneys. 

An unsteady gait ; em- 
barrassed, irresolute: 
\hang kai 、 to walk awry; 
at a loss what to do. 

sJIang. A coll. word : to consume, 
to burn up ; to lieat, to 
hoil : Jiang 《'a?? to hurn or heat 
through ; Jiang ^tio^ to burn coals 
in a furnace ~ on festive occasions; 
Jiang Jiion 仏 to burn fragrant 
wood ; Jianf/ laiii^ to boil pig's 
food ; to burn muck for manure ; 
Jiang "mi 《toi, to burn a heap of 
refuse ; Jiang lai^ a burning lep- 
rosy , 一 said to one carrying a 
hand-stove or wearing thick 
clothing in warm weather. 

Jiang* A coll. word, as in Jiang 
kcC a bride's furniture ; 
Jiang hcC taing、 a furnishing shop. 

Usually read hanrf; in 
coll. read Jiang : ^ Jiang 
Han ymxfox \hangSng 

• "^wang、 the Imperial col- 

A fabulous pheasant ; to 
fly high ; white ; protract- 
(if e(l, well-sustained; a plume 

• or quillto write with ; writ- 
ings ; a prop ; the stump 

of a tree: 、\chil hantf written with 
a pen ; ^^hang^ rm\ literary. 

The northern pca; met.^ 
wide, vast : 、"umg2 hang^ 
jjan the troubled appearance 
' of water ; ^^ho ^ hany) vast, 

r j-JU^ To hate, to abhor ; to 
■j/Wy murmur at ; to feel indig- 
jjI^^ nant at, resentful ; regret- 
tins^, vexed : "wong】 hang) 
to abhor ; "jt?J ^ hang^ to 
clierish anger. 

> To fall down or into, to 
sink ; to descend into ; 
Han overwhelmed, ruined ; to 
' involve another : "hang、 
7iil\ sunk, drowned; 
" hcmgi koi ^ a criminal's cage; 
、"i(xng^ seng^ a pit for trapping 
animals ; to fall into a trap ; 
、"iang^ hai ^ to inveigle one ; 
COLL" '^^iSidng hang^ the city-walls 

Not satisfied with eat* 
oi^ ing, to eat too little. 


Pastry ; cakes stuffed! 
■ with meat, sugar, dates, 
V • or other articles : in the 
coll. read angr q. v. 

Greaves on the arras ; 
to solder ; to hasten : in 
^ , the coll. read an 于 q. v. : 
ygTt^ ^'hang^ yoh^ soldering. 


To contain in the mouth ; 
sallow ; the jaws, the* 
3^、 chops ; to shake the head : 
• i"ia} hang^ the chin ; hang^ 
ha} 《chio, the pearl under 
(the dracron's) chin. 

S& 藥 下頷 

陷害 城陷 

陷櫃 陷 w 

7 s 

抱憾 陷溺 

t 瀚怨憾 

8 4 

翰墨 a 瀚 

1 2 

林館 書翰 

翰 林院翰 

8 9 

歸腎 P 胞 

寒露 寒氣 

5 6 

寒儒寒 >3 

8 4 

風 寒時寒 

1 2 


MAU. 20i5 

y^^i Read Jiang; used in tho 
^ coll. for Aan^V to close, to 
shut up; to close partially; 
■ to keep a tire by covei'iti'g 
it with aslies: 、ch、oV hamf 
'■king '■king^ mouth shut tight, as 
of a clam ; "^^mcong 滅' hang* 'Id, 
shut the doors partly ― with the 
leaves overlapping. 
(172) Ilau. 
rrtZ» To howl, to bellow, to 
roar, as beasts when atraid 

(uX!oi'.ang''y 、; \^ ,? runt, as 
swine ; a loua call ; to pant, 
to gasp : \hav. haik^ enrag- 
ed ; \pcm thai" to rave, to Hcold 
furiously ; ^Jiau^ch^wanrf^ asthma; 
COLL., Jiau Jiau kieu) a howling, 
as of dogs. 

J— The scream or roar of 
fjjpi a tiger ; beside one's self 
( wit.h anger. 

Read Jc6; coll. ^hau : to 
weed ; to extirpate, as grass 
or weeds : \hau 、ch、au、 to 
pull grass, to weed. 

The cries of animals, es- 
pecially of cattle and feline 
Kau animals ; met.^ to rave, to 
• scold : \sai'hay^ a lion roar- 
ing ; met" as in V 《twig 
《sai (/ 脑, a scolding wife, a shrew. 
[Hau. A coll. word : to call one ; 
to inform, to tell, to direct 
to do ; also to bawl, to cry out, as 
in distress : 7"m 、i Ji, tell him to 
come ; 1&6 ) 7iaw, go and call him ; 
、hqu ng 义 en(f calls and gets no 
answer ; 、h(iu sioh, hiok、 to call 
a-while ; ^sidng 、hau ^si&ng eng^ to 
answer as soon as called ; "-hau ^li 
^hau k^o ' to bawl back and forth, 


as two persons ; "utu kcvf to cry 
lor help ; 、kau "-Incany ^tHeng^ to 
bawl (loud enough) to turn the 
heavens ; 、hnu ^si '/tun wak、 "cries 
dead and alive" ― i. e., in great 

Filial duty, obedience, 
rcRpect to pnrents ; monrn- 
ing' for p:u'(*uts : used in 
the coll. for ha) q. v.: com., 
"i,au、 so7u/ dutiful to par- 
ents; i""fM、 Jcmg、 to obey and 
revere; ^^hau\sing^ a filial disposi- 
tion ; \"Lau、 ; ch.t'i, filial duty and 
parental love ; ^^han^ ^c/n'l 
Jtwong^ portals in honor of filial 
piety ; "pol" haxC un filial ; hau、 
c 漏", 7, a mourning son ; 、" h au、 
Jie'7if" name for a Ku jin graduate ; 
"hau〉 Jcing, a classic on filial 
d utiles — one of the 13 ^king; 、"mvf 
^sing "^kang tong^ d'^Umj the filial 
spirit moves heaven and earth I 

The horsG-ho'of or king 
crdlb ; tlic XiphosuriB or 
J Limulus longispina : cou", 
hau、 [TiffioHf/, c rub's groin ; 
met.、 the humnn groins ; 
hau) Jcie^ a crab - shell 
dipper ; limC k、u'i1" sihtg^ 
fans curvnd like crab's shells ; 
、Vum) k^'oek^ (mnfj, foreign um- 
brellas — are so culled ; huu) hidk^ 
^mfiomig^ Venetian blinds; hau、 ) mkj (mi Jci" the crab- 
dipper on the contrary is baited 
(stuck over) with the glutinous 
rice paste ; met" to get more (as 
presents) thari one gave. 

Hav^. A coll. word, as in the du- 
plicate form /tawV/« ?,, round 二 
shouldered ; to bow in saluting 
one ; {ye^i ^to hau) hau、 to make the 
loins bend ― to bow respectfully. 


地 p 穀傘 


>3 感動天 

廉 孝經孝 

6 7 

坊" 不孝 T 

孝 慈孝子 

孝敬孝 >3 


獅吼, ^ 順 

獅 吼河東 

7 8 

S i 早 

5 6 

哮 赫咆哮 

3 4 

門 那含禮 


f: 舎緊緊 



-1-/1 To imitate, to learn, to 
^^\f copy ; to verify; like, eimi- 
lar to; effectual, efficacious ; 
an example ; to exert one's 
self ; to oflfer \ effects, re* 
Eaiao. BuItB : COM., 'Aaw^ ngihi^ 
fulfilled \ effectual ; *iSing 
hau* wonderfully e 伍 cacious, as a 
medicine ; *hau* "", to imitate a 
bad example ; *ki^ng' hau* to 
be efficiei>t, efficacious ; 、 hnu* 
iiing* ft promoted dragoon, an 

tJsed for the preceding: 
to toll, to labor ; to follow 
a rule, to imitate ; effects, 
results : COM., *,kang hau* 
meritofious effort ; ,kat(} 
likj to exert one's self; 'Aom' to 
moil for others. 

Joy, hilarity ; jovial, 
cheerful ; pleased, as with 
others' company. Read 
^kieu : wise, intelligent. 

A school, a colle^, as 
anciently called ; an incloB- 
ure, a horse-pen : also 
read kuu^ q. v. 







/^•y(/》 Read haiu 、; coll. hau、、 
as in •hai^ (mnff, young, 

HouT """" 


youth, young persons from 
16 to 30 years of age ; hau^ 
^mng tie * a licentious 
young scamp ; 、& haid ^sang jimg^ 
or hat^ ^sang 、kiilng、 or hav} ^aang 
^nhig iTiie, young persons. 

(173) Hauk. 

The Ist read k、auk、 the 
2nd read ak^ ; used ia the 
Paik) 、! for the coll 
hauk" to pound, to beat 
with a stick, to cudgel : 
Ho. uk、\Jiong ^tmg hank) to 


beat with a tobacco pipe ; hauk., 

lang* tSUk, ,jt>*ie, struck him two 
a few) blows with t\ bamboo 
erule ; 、、havk、 ch>6i * beat it to 

pieces; "hauk、 'chilng, swollen 

from a beating. 

(174) Haimg. 
i/— ^ Read ihenfj ; used in 
/fVjT* the coll. for Aaww^Vajoist 
丄! n"^ in a floor, a sleeper, a 
floor-beam : "i!a.u haung*OT 
ilau ipang haung* upper 
floor beamer ; "f— tpanff haung* 
thejoists of a lower floor ; ^"haung* 
、niong、 the floor joistB are limber. 

Indignation^ resentment J 
dislike, hatred, spite ; to 
regret, vexed, Borry : "(A;*<5 
haung、 detestable ; "8iok、 
haung* to gratify revenge; 
coif., "ihiinff haung; to hate ; 
I'haung^ (singf, a resentful disposi- 
tion ; haungi ^aing ta'eng^ deep 
reBentment ; "t^'ff> haun# to 
have painful regrets ; haung^ poh^ 
taik) would that I for ! coll., 
haungi kau' («•, to hate till death ; 
haungi ,8ang m6h^ haung* '« ; 
hate while living, not when dead 一 
bury reeentmentB ift the grave. 

Nape of the neck, that 
which rests on the pillow; 
great ; a surname ; often 
~* used for a species, 
class, sort, item, thing, 
article; in the coll., a sum, a depos- 
it of money, funds ; com., "hating^ 
itong, the neck long, as of a goose or 
snake ; haung^ (Am, "neck tiger" 一 
a virulent boif on the back of 
the neck ; coll., ckioh) kaung^ bor- 
rowed money ; Jcung haung^ pub- 
lic funds ; haung^ present re- 
sources, funds in hand ; kHeng* 

1 效 3 效 6 奴 7 効 9 後 
驗允 用力生 

'神 4 見 6 功 8 効 1。 後 
效效 効勞生 

1 恨 I? 長 

!?: 恨 pi 恨 

腫, s、 

撺 T 碎實 


HEH. 207 

haung^ debts ; kauk、 haung^ each 
sum or account of money. 

《一 2 Strong, powerful: usual- 
/| T* ly read^Ae?i^and hai7ig\v.: 
^ 、 haungi haumf vigorous, 
g' strong and formidable. 

(175) He. 

Tt;A^ Mild, virtuous, excellent, 

官 i^〜 admirable ; admired, as ap- 

plied to women ; the vir- 
• tuousoue—Le., the empress: 

3 he) (mi, mild and excel- 
lent ; ^he^ hwang^ a virtuous exem- 
plar ― said of women ; com., *he) 
(cA》', Her Majesty's orders. 

Yrfti) Also road hie 、: an am- 
of the monkey tribe, 
Yxsf large and monstrous : ^he^ 
he) the orang-outang or 

Frequently, repeatedly, 
again and again, repeti- 
tion : usually read kek^ q.v. : 
' &he) fihHng, to praise or 
speak of repeatedly ; ,he、 
hoi 2 to ofter gifts frequently. 

^rjr\ To laugh out aloud, a laud 
laugh : ^he^ he) <yong^ the 
sound of hearty merriment: 
also read tiek^ to gnaw. 


Me^. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in he" heii or he* he) h'eiV 
heil^to sob, sobbing, sighing; he) ho) 
or he" ho hif to sprinkle, as water 
with the hand ; to spill or slatter, 
as food in eating ; h£ hxoa^ to burn 

H^. A colt, euphonic prefix, 
as in h& hat^ to disgrace 
or shame another by drawing 
one's forefinger across the cheek 
and crying ha'e V hae V 

(176) He. 

D'it/l> Read Jc、wo ; used in the 
J2.jjJ Paik, Jng for the coll. 
Slaueh. 《! •• to emit breath ; heat- 
ed, suffocated, as in a large 
crowd : 、k、e、 )i"h、ok、k、6、 
the breath emitted ; ^"^d ^ Jie (neng^ 
it suffocates people ! as said of a 
crowd ia a theater. 

^H^. A coll. word: to eat, eat- 
en, consumed : ^h't 'kwi 
、mng、 to eat a few bowls full ; 
achHng 、ch>u、 all eaten ap clean. 

itn Read ^heu; coll. Jie^ as 
ylAp in ^\h'e Jeng^ or ^leng 
s 』-、 'kwo7ig^ the windpipe, 
• trachea; in ooiumon lan- 
guage, the throat : also read 
^hd in the coll., q. v. : ^^^he ileng 
it^auy or ^\h'e ^leng the top of 
the throat ― under the chin. 

A cdl. word : to blow or 
breathe upon, to emit the 
breath forcibly. 

^HL a coll. ward : to steam, to 
dry by steaming after cook- 
ing; steam rising ; to warm up, aa 
food by steaming ; -Jie sUk^ steam 
it done: Jie yek^ or Ji'e yek^ yek^ 
to warm food ; Jie (mng p^au^ blis- 
tered by rising steam. 

^He. A colK word, as in Jt(S 
me》 to cajole, to play the 

(177) Heh. 

I/eAy^ A coH. word : to raiff, to 
snuff up; to blow from the 
nose : heh) (tie', or heh) Hi4 k、6 ' to 
snuff up, to draw into the nostrils; 
heh、 ch、ok、 ^lij blow it from the 

1 行 8 懿 4 懿 5 掷 '显 9 氣 1。 儺 "喉 "喉 IS 喉 "P 侯 

* 懿 然出认 管頭蒂 

莠 〇〇〇〇〇〇 去 〇〇〇〇o 




Heh), A coll. euphonic prefix: 
as in heh> hwah ^ to sport, 
to play; to jest, to trifle. 
(178) Hek. 

Tore-assemble, to unite, 
to collect ; to rise up ; to 
loll out the tongue ; to 
revile, to stander : ^hek^ 
y &、 a concord of harmo- 
nies; ifiek) sev} (hu ^sie', to gather 
And to dispense. 

ifyA^ Hot, burning ; used in 
y^Ri the coll. in the sense of to 
攀 ^ steam., to heat or cause fer- 

• meatatioa by covering 
close; tosmother, to "take a 

sweat", as under bedclothes: coll., 
、hek、 jmong 义 to cover and steam 
rice— after cooking it ; ^hek^ 
^hwang ^sUy to steam potatoes; ^hek, 
y'e\ to oover and heat up j 'hek) 
smothered to death ; ,hek) ak、 
^kidng^ to hatch ducklings by heat; 
、hek) lai ^ sweltering leprosy ! 
said jocosely to one wearing thick 
clothes in hot weather. 

Leaf of a door ; a kind of 
I -lance with tassels, placed 
'〉 in chariots ; a chariot so 
guarded ; standing erect ; 

To snuff up, the nose ; to 
draw in the breath ; to 
gather, to collect : 、hek、 
ttiong, to cottect and to 
scatter ; '。々 《人、 hek、 a deep 

The iKMso. of flowing 
^3 water ; running, gurgling, 
Hsi 〉 murmuring, as ton'ents : 

• "hek) hek、 "-chie (ch 化, to 
for«ako duty ajid iniiitate 

bad examples. 




^ A water-course in fields; 

a moat ; a Hluice for water ; 
ilsieh^ overflowing. 

Same as the last. Read 
mile 乂: to flow rapidly ; a 
current ; water foaming 
and rising. 

Quiet, silent, peaceful ; 
taciturn: ' Vi 威 cheng^ 
peaceful, undisturbed. 

Read sek^ in the diction- 
aries: to abound, to flourish* 
ghih plentiful ; to color up, to 
' grow angry; flushed, crim- 
soned ; a carnation or 
carmine cotor. 

Read sek^ in the diction- 
aries : a rain cloak : 、》pwak> 
hek, an overcoat or cloak 
of leaves, worn by hus- 
QT^ A sound spreading and 
Fj-I^ reverberating ; a buzz of 
" ) flies; a soughing among 
trees ; a report going 
abrond: "hek、 (hiong, in- 
sects generated by dampness ; 
、》iki hek) great, disproportiopal. 

Hek^, A coH. euphonic prefix, 
as in hek、 hikk、 to heat or 
dry by a tire; hek^ hok^ to brush 
off; hek^ hak、 to hoot at; also to 
strop, as a knife or razor ; hek、 
hwaky to give or pay out, to offer 
for sale; hek^ hank) to beat with 
a stick ; hek、 haik^ to buy, as for 
one's use. 

A sort of wild beast ; to- 
t»ke in huuting^^; to catchy 
jj * as thie-ves ; to.get,to obtain, 
to receive-; &n opprobrious 
epithet for female slaves ; 

,聍 〇 

,饗 〇 

€ 靜辯 iJ 

o I 

癩歙張 〇 


爆 鴨仔爆 

7 8 

熟 If 死 〇 

^赞 薯塌 

4 5 


翕 受敷 聰 

^ 如也 〇 



、heki t6 ' to catch thieves ; ,sih、ff 
(nang haiu ' hek^ at first difficult, 
afterwards acquired, as knowl- 
edge ; COM., Vi€^j choi a (il ^tHeny 
iU '#M 【fd y& ' if one sins against 
HeavOTi, there is no place for 
prayer 一 a saying of Confucius. 

To draw a line, to mark, 
to line off, to divide by a 
* line ; to paint, to sketch a 
picture ; to devise, to draw 
a plan ; a mark, aline : ,ek、 
heJc. one stroke of a pencil ; "chi 
hek^ to trace with the finger ; com., 
、hek、_ ek) pok, n& "one mark, not 
two" ― the prices are uniform ; 
che^ hek、 the strokes forming a 
character ; coll., "nioh^ wai ^ hek^ 
how many strokes (in the charac- 
ter)? ,8eki ch'-ek^ hek^ 17 strokes. 

tl To carve, to engrave, to 
1 1 cut with a graver ; to cut 
flua^i glass ; to cut open ; a grav- 
• er, a burin: Viek^ seii^ to 
attend to business ; 、hek、 
Jc^ai^ to spfit open ; com., ^"k-aik^ 
hek^ to carve j met., to shape, as 
one's ideas in composing. 

The- name of a stream ; 
the roaring of waves ; 
sound of waves dashing 
against each other. 

The ripping sound heard 
in tearing oft' the skin, the 
sound of tearing flesh 
from the bones. 

A coH. word, denoting 
cause, means, manner or 
instrument ; with, by, in use of ; 
to uses to eraplioy, to make use of : 
also spoken k~ek、 q. v, : hek^ ,t6, 
with a knife ; hek^ ica* hiHh) ineng^ 
to tEreaten people with words ; 




hek^ 'chil ka^ iueng^ to teach 
people by books. 

(179) Ilek. 

__Li. Uncertain, doubtful; 

P|/ perhaps, if, perchance, it 
•^^2 may be so ; a certain per- 
• son, somebody ; when re- 
peated, it means either, 
or, tliis, that: h'eJc^ (ing、 or "h'4k、 
"■chid, a certain person ; "Mk, 
%oak、 some one says ; com., "A^A;, 
(cA'i(i, perhaps, probably ; "h'dci 
se' h'ekj Jii, either is or is not; 
COLL., "Aeij inenrj/y a certain man, 
some one ; "hSk、 sio/i^ picang^ Jiuiy 

Serhaps feall'atinie ― i.e., very eel- 
ora. Read mik^ : a place that 
Deeds defence. 

To lead into error, to 
delude, to blind the mind ; 
to excite doubt, to lead 
astray ; to un settle 
another's opinions ; suspi- 
cion, doubt ; deceived, blinded : 
COM., ^\yev AgA'j or ^mi hek^ to 
delude ; iugi hek^ to suspect, sus- 
picious ; h'ek^ cheilng' to deceive 
the multitude. 

>^>| A measure equal to ten 
iHil. Hau or pecks, or to a 
»2 picul of 100 catties ; to 
meafiure grain. 

Read haik 、; used in the 
JPai/c, (Inff for the coll. 
i heh^ : to pant, to puff, to 
gasp for breath : X'e' htk^ 
panting ; chmg^ hek^ or (yd h'':k、 
panting heavily ; h'ik^ sioh^ h 'k^ 
to take a breathing spell ; hek^ ipH 
sjo'rf., sound of panting. 
H'eky A coll. word : to fuse 
metals, to smelt : hekj^ 
(king, to smelt gold ; Ji%k.^ 、ng%D<mg 

或认或 一 

3^ 是或非 

或 曰或且 

刻劃 或者 

不二 箬壤 


摺畫 畫 一 

禱也」 畫 

於天 i、i 所 

獲盜穫 is- 



'pS ,Ai<, to faae the ashes of idol- 
paper ingots ― ftcH.、 in order to 
extract the pewter. 



-^r* To pervade, to pene- 
1^ trate ; good, siicoetisful : 
<『? 、 、,ie)ig Jcij, excellent ; Y^u" 
"^"g' Jieng^ great prosperity ; 
COM., ^heng ^t^ung^ pros- 
perous, successful, 

Yi^^ Foolish, frightened; in 
the coll., to vociferate, to 
< IP speak havbhly, to express 
dislike by vociferations : 
\ch、ioHg 《heng、 foolish 
and frightened ; coll., Jteng hak、 
to scream at ; heng (Aa cMoyig^ 
the two generals, 《IIeng and 
,! la ― idols in the ; Sing ^Kwong 
xnouastery, near Black Rock hill, 

A puffed belly : pacing 
^ Jien(j、 inflated, pufted up, 
jj/^ as the belly with wind. 


: Aa in 、hmg (heng, anger, 
if^A hatred: greatly displeased, 
• T» vexed ; quarrelsome, per- 
1 tinacious. 

Read 7 續 7/ coll. (heng: 
a Biga of the superlative, 
very, much, great, exceed- 
ing ; stern, severe, harsh ; 
grievous, painful : 、heng 
H6n. sd^ very much ; 扒 heng 
fully able ; ""^henff 、h6、 very 
good, all the better ; 、tan{j ^heng 
J6、 now we are at a sad pass! 
I heng 、hm(i ftie ) or 、 keng ^heng a》 
fieverely, harshly ; heng 'ho 】)ofc) 
kwo) incomparably good ; (heug 
、k、6 Hu、 very well off, well-to-do in 
the world ; pang^ 'yd 'heng, very 

sick ; \htmng 7"* tek、 (heng, very 
much pleased; 、heng (sin^/, or7i 《? 
"leng (wV/,<7, harsh, unfeeling. 
>pt^ ) To desire ; to be moved, 
JrPiJ excited ; an appetite, a 
《., passion, a desh^e ; pleased, 
sing' delighted with : also reud 

Jiinff, q. V. - COM., '。( 人" i 
heng^ the risings of deaire ; 
heyig'' poetical inspiration ; ^^hen(f 
(,w, Qx 'tu heng^fi passion for gam- 
ing ; "/ie》iff) .hxcang^ to call, one to 
p)ea3ure ; to invite emilingly, as 
shopmen do; "heng) ipHeu^ lecher- 
ous; ^\k6 henff^ a strong passion for; 
COLL., "p、€ih) Hong heng) oir heng^ 
it^au p^ah^ no7ig, the deaire inter- 
rupted or thwarted* 
、! ~ I 》 Void, waste, desert ;di8^ 
卩 J tant, remote ; to differ, to 
•"J"^ distinguish ; also bright, 
• lustrous : "heng) 、wonj、 

remote ; 、").e7ig、 pok, ^iu 
5Z/i/7,very diifcrent from other men. 
、! ~ I〉 Distant, remote ; pro- 
》|nj found, vague ; an abyss; 
^•7 to forbid. 

Ileng^. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in heng) hang、 to teli, to 
report ; heng^ hidag^ or hmg、 
tongi hidng^ vibrating, toppling ; 
met" uncertain, as to the issue, 

一 To go, to walk, to pro- 
> ^了 ceed ; to act, to do, to 
i TT direct ; imports the action 
ang' of the following verb ; to 
appeal or transfer a case ; 
a step, a road, a way, a path ; 
the elements ; a manner, a motion: 
also read haing^ and Jiong in the 
reading stylo, and ^kidng in the 
coll., q. V. ; COM., 、\heng 〃《? •, to do, 
to act ; \hen〃 J, to practice medr 

爲行醫 O 

K: 由人行 

興 5 

s 柏斷 

5 6 

1 2 

的狠 起興 


不 過歡喜 

狠 好浪好 

7 8 


亨 通嗜哼 

8 4 

亨嘉 亨 


icino ; \hen(/ ,c/irt,arunninghand; 
ihenff the dress, as being 

H^ood or poor; ^iheng 7d, to salute 
in due torm ; \he"g fihong, a 
traveling dress ― a short outside 
garment;. Vie^&《a《, the night lodg- 
ings of idols or officials ; 

lang* Jiung、 2 per cent, inter- 
est a month ; Jieng 、cheu, to walk 
and run ; met., employed, as in 
official duties ; *ihmg sHU* or Jimg 
paing* to transact business ; ,/??oo; 
iheng, to go a-foot ; *^henq sieng* 
to act virtuously ; \hmy ('li, trav- 
eling baggage ; 〜heng ngwok^ 
Jping, to hAve the menres ; pH'eng^ 
thenff, to go all aroun d ; "(ngu <Jh.m g、 
the five elements ; ^\heng lok 、- itu, 
picture of a person, a likeness ; 
Jieng 、h6 (sinff, or Jiing 、h6 sfe'tt* 
to be benevolent ; coll., ^hu Jieng 
laung^ ch6 ) to act as a rake or 
spendthrift. Read haung^, as in 
haung^ haung^ iil yd ' the appear- 
ance of great strength and energy. 

JLtz^ The purlins of a roof; a 
plank to CTOSB a rivulet; 
^Haine stocks for ibe feet ; a 
clothes-horse : "ok、 Jieng^ 
the purlins of a house. 



A balance or thing to 
weigh with ; to weigh ; 


« compared, adjusted ; a bal- 
ustrade; transverse; a yoke 
or strap on the head of cat- 
tle ; the space under the eyebrows ; 
"Jieng 尽 iong、 to weigh and meas- 
ure; met" to estimate, as one's 
ability ; 〜kwong Jieng、 poise and 
scales ; met^ accurate, definite ; 
Jci %heng^ or n^ilk^ c^ew^S a kind 
of armillary sphere ; 〜ckunff Jmi 仏 
straight amd transveree; ooyi.^Jieng 
fSang^ name of a southern mountain. 


ilhrf Constant, perpetual, reg' 
时、 ular ; according to rule 
. or law; to continue of the 
、 ! z| same mind, persevering t 
"Jieuff. 'sinff, the mind 
H6ng. constant, as in virtue^ 
"ihenff isionff, perpetual J 
COM., ihen(/ ,sang, a mountain in 
the west of Chihii. 

Twang of a bowBtritig ; 
flapping of curtains ; 】argt、 
» jjg great; to enlarge, 
to act fibe rally : "Jmnff 
iheng, liberal, generous ; 
iing itieng iheng t(>、 men can 
spread the doctrines. 

^ Used for the last ; wide* 

* extensive, ample, grand, aa 
a prospect ; the eehoinjf 

* noise ofa wide hall : ^"Jieng 
^kioong, flpaoioiis ; iheng 

(toong, vast, extensive. 

Gate of Bti alley ; the 
bar of a gate ; wide, spa- 
» jj.jj cious, vast and vacant : 
g' 、"hang 、heng、 th« gate of 
an alley; "(A;" <Jieng^ 
the gate of heaven. 

A fVagrant plant, like 
mallows : to* iheng (? ), 
sweet vernal grass ; ,hiong 
g' Jieng, a fragrant plant. 

•w— A gem, anciently worn 
jpfnT on the person as an or- 
s jj. nament : pek^ ihenff, a 
white gem ; ^ch^ung Jieng^ 
an azure-colored gem. 

Read ; used in 
the coll. for iheng: to give 
M 霞 back, to restore, to return ; 
■ to pay back ; to bid, to 
offer a price lower than 

'行 8 行 8 行 6 行 8 行 

書裝 息事善 
'行 4 行 二 '步 9 行 

鰭臺 分行李 

S 随九 S 

含 弘宏廣 

恆> 心怪常 

7 00 


屋 桁衡量 

00 4 

圖 行好 >2 

五 1^ 行樂 


212 HENG. 

that asked : same as ^tenrj^ q. v.: 
\hen!7 chai 》 to pay a debt ; Vt> 
tAt?>?/7 ,^ take and return it to him; 
\heruj 、l(tu、 ivturncd ; \hmg ka^ to 
ofter a lowor price ; ^Jieiiri 7if/iconf/^ 
to pay vo\\'8 ; done as one wishecl ; 
^Jienr/ ich^'i/tf/., to gi\*e up a girl 
to be married ; ^pr)on(j 
cheiV le) to repay principal by in- 
stallments and stop reckoninfj in- 
terest ; ''、hmff nioh^ wai ^ how 
much do you bid ? \heng ^chHng 
《eA'w, fully paid up. 

^Heiig. A coll. word : suspend- 
ed, hanging down, as a 
cord ; to bow or incline (the head): 
、heng kid ^ or Jieng I6h、 Ji, hang- 
ing down, dangling ; 、heng ki^d} 
^t^aii^ to incline the head ; ^henf/ 
( A"«f tieu) kaek^ drooping skirts and 
hitched up corners ; met、、 incom- 
plete, not just the thing, 
Heng^. A coll. word : taciturn, 
reserved, incoraraunica- 
tive, silent, mum, of few words ; 
to refuse to speak : hmg^ Jieng^ 
taciturn ; t6i 、 heng、 both refus- 
ing to speak ; heng^ ch6^ keep 
silent and let him do as he pleases ; 
hen(f tek、 "wng, very taciturn ; 
heng^ heng^ "-k^eng ka} ^si iUing, 
the still (log bites people to death ; 
met.^ the reserved man is terrible 
when roused. 

Hen, A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in heng、 hwang^ to tie 
loosely ; Jieng^ hang^ to keep a fire 
by covering with ashes. 

(181) Ileng. 

iJJ. Read ^hung; coll. ^hhig: 
to warm at a tire ; to heat, 
<Vt to toafit : 、o 、hhiff 《hwl、 to 
warm at the fire; ^\hen(/ 

(cA'"/, to warm one's bands ; 
'V— <7 tpau、 to toast bread ; 
^^Jihtg tWfm【f, warped by fire ; 
Mng oaCinif^ burnt, scorched ; 
、、Ji'&n!jfk、ieu、?》ffutt, curled by the 
heat, as paper. 

/A-i^ Read Jamg or ahvng} 
^3 丄 coll. ,henq •• a salt-water, 
々" scaleless rish ― itis of aflat, 
circular shape, and some- 
times has a yellowish tinge 
on the belly ; found in the Foo- 
cliow market : 、\w(mg ,htng^ a yel- 
lowish variety of this fish ; ^^Jitnr/ 
ingil \nonf/y the Ji'^ng salted and 
dried ; ^\htng Ji'eng the Ji'6ng 
flavor — applied to any fish partly 

^Hlng. , A coll. word: earnest, 
aroused, as by seeing what 
others effect : ^ng Hd Jimgi^ 
his mind is aroused. 

(182) lieu. 

Read ^haii in the diction- 
aries: the asthma: com., 
、\heu chik^ or ^heu cheng^ 
' disease of asthma ; ^heu 
sau^ an asthmatic cough ; 
thm ^chil (coll. Jteu ^chil) an 
asthmatic; coll., ^heu ^chii md^ 
seit^ tek、 sau) an asthmatic can,t 
bear couj^hing ; met, one can't 
endure others' wickedness. 

A prince or feudal bar* 
on in ancient China ; a mar- 
^u、 quis in modern days ; pret- 
' ty, handsome ; but, unless; 
to receive happiness ; a 
target for arrows ; a surname : 
Jieu youfj^ to avert evil and ob- 
tain good luck ; C0M>, fChil </ww, a 
petty prince; ; hm iU、 my lord mar- 
quis ; ihm chiok^ title of puarquis. 

IP 疾 

,角 11 

欞爻 & 

包 拱彎洪 

火 洪手洪 

1 2 

還 淸楚烘 


f、s 箬壤 〇 

^本 住利 

還願 還親 

5 6 

還了 還價 

8 4 

掏還伊 〇 

還債 〇 





Dry provisions, food 
g| 矢 prepared for a journey: 
i H dio7ig^ dry provisions. 

ftfj^ The throat, the trachea: 
矢 in the coll. read Jie and 
i H 二 s 厶么 q.v.: \he" Jeny^ vul- 
garly either the windpipe 
or gullet ; ^^yeng ; hen, the 
throat ; COM., 、kWc、 Jieu, Adam's 
apple ; \fim ^ngoy tho quinsy ; 
cheil^ raw sores or intlara- 
ination of th« throat, 

A musical infltrumeiit : 
Jc、wng Jim, a flat flute 
jlou with 25 strings. 

Pimples, pustules result- 
ing from hud humors : 
\heu Wirt, a pustule. 

A female name ; used in 
the coll. as an opprobrious 
epithet, applied to women ; 
' vile, wanton, adulterous : 
•ikeu kaing 》 habitually 
lewd ; Jim [l"wang, or \heu Jiea 
sie ^ in a 】ewd way ; "Jim o^xO 
tidng^ or Jmi ^tii (chHCi, gadding 
about wantonly. 

A monkey, an ape : in 
the coll. read Jccm, q. v. : 
i\m《 Jteu, a female monk- 

An arrow with an iron 
point and feathered shaft ; 
« jlau the barb of a dart. 

(183) Heii. 

r|^) The genial warmth of 
the sun ; hot, vivifying, 
nutritive ; soothing, kind, 
gracious ; to steam, to 
heat, to Avarm ; to mature, 


to vivify; a red, warm color, carna- 
tion ; ^^heO? tietV warm, gcMiial ; 
gracious ; ^\/nro h'&iV genial, ai* 
weather ; placid, kind. 
|-|/^ ) Usually rond Jtil : to 
Hp] blow with the mouth ; to 
^ speak well ; used in tlie 
coll. ill the souse of a 
rattling in the throat : coll., 
htil^ h'eiV Jciev) :i rattling sound 
in the throat, as IVoin phlegm or 
asthmatic affections. 

f A mother ; a dame, u 

7fm matron : ''"16 h&tV an old 
y 5 woman ; hf^ii^ hcfV the fruc- 
•firp tifvinjj effects of the sun. 


To eat much, to gor- 
mandize; to give; glutton- 
ous ; satiated, filled, sur- 
feited, loathing : "y 乜 7ig、 
h'tW full fed, satiated. 

S|J|> Mad with drink, rav- 
IjU ing drunk, furious : "臉 
W 、chiu, delirium tremens. 

(184) Heiih. 

licit /iy A coll. word, ns in 
h&uh)nie', to draw in the 
breath, as in wailing : hei^h^ JwiXh^ 
kim^ a loud wailing, as of women 
for the dead. 

(185) Heiik. 

To rear, to feed, to raise; 
to domesticate, to herd ; 
eh'u to cultivate ; to restrain ; 
' to bear with ; to obey \ 
cattle, domestic animuls ; 
to gather, to hoard, in which sense 
the same as the next : ^^^seng heuk^ 
domestic animals ; ^^h'&uk^ mnk、 
to raise cattle ; "i'6ilk、 cheiing^ to 

音牧 音衆 

幽酒 牲音 

5 G 

,^ o 

^^^^^^ ec 

勢, \H 疋 


f 漬 〇s 

結 喉喉喊 y 


nourish the people ; (t'i^n'ff ha} 
isui heUk, fChi, who in the world 
can bear with him ! com., ISk^ 
h'eUk, the six domestic auimals ; 
h'eilk, (8mff、 you brute f ' 
To collect, to accunra- 
late, to heard ; to rear, to 
- nourish > good vegetables : 
\chong h'eilk^ to hoard ; 
''h'ciik^ lik 、- to reserve 
one's strength ; "cAi hMk^ fine 
vegetables; com., 'cAe/t, hMlk、 to 
amass; ^h'tUk, a purpoecformed. 

f ' T。,,,, 

the mind : 'A 滅, 'yong^ to 
■' nourish ; ,、ig hMik、 treas- 
ured up, as virtue or 
learning ; 、hdiik、 no^ to become 
angry, wrathful. 

To drag along, to pulf 
by force, as one drags an 
'C'h'u— ox ; to shake rudely. 

To stimulate, to enconr- 
age, to Btir up ; to excke* 
口丄- to effort, to animate. 


(186) Hexing. 

To offer blood in eaorii- 
fioe ; to sprinkle sacrificial 
'、 vessels with blood, to con- 
A*^}^ Beoratc with blood, as tem- 
jpty* pies ; an offence, a wrong ; 
Hsin. a pretext, a cause of quar- 
rel between nations ; a 
presage, a token ; topcrfume one's 
self when worsKiped, as an ances- 
tor; to fumigate ; to excite ; a 
tiger's skin to wriip arms in : 
*heiing^ 'ku^ to dedicate drums 
with blood ; ""/fc*ie h'iUng^ to give 

to excite or treasure in 

HL ^ 

cause of offence ; com., "hHilngi 
k^ek^ a pretext for a quarrel;: 
"kiekj heU7}g^ to be at feud 

(18V) Hi. 
—f Not, negative ; not s &, 
opposite ; not right, not 
(a good ; false, bad, wrong ; 
shameless, low ; to slander, 
to reproach : "Jii Hi, un- 
reasonable ; \hi hvmk、 unlawful ; 
'V"' y' & ' not 80 ; "Jii 、chMX fihi 
oi * did not say (or rifean) that ; 
COM., (hi, yes and no, right 
and wrong ; "(hi (cA'ii chaik) (ji>f, 
if not this then that ; Jii iiigiong 
pok^ ch!"oJc、 don't utter wrong 
words ; Jii itunff ^sieu (d, not nf 
trrflmg matter I 

Few, rare, seldom, in- 
frequent; loose, not close or 
j^f near ; to hope, to wish, de- 

* sirous; to scatter ; to stop ; 
to moltjas feathers; to sLcd, 

as hair : "(hi wong^ to desire ; com., 
\hi 、hang、 scarce, few ; ,At ikir 
rare, remarkable ; coll., Jd haing、 
how strange ! unaccountable ! 

Used for the last ; to look 
with longing, to hope earrU' 
estly; to remember kiDdljr, 

To sob, to catch tbe 
breath in weepinc ; to 
snore ; timid : 》h、 to 
sob and' cry. 

Name for pigs in Hu- 
nan ; tBe noise of scaiup- 
ering pigs, grunting; 

• "^hunff a fabulous* 
animal which protects 

against snakes ; Jd Jing, a medi- 
cinal root. 


^望 希举 

非 此則彼 


之謁, 非 


非 理非法 

T 隙 1 

鼓 敏貴 


7 8 

P 意 P 養 

k 蓄力 

1 3 






To licat, to roast or toast ; 
hot, burning ; light and 
heat together ; abundant, 
pervading ; day -break: 
COM., \ Chio (/"•, a cele- 
brated commentator on the 
/our books 一 usually call- 
ed < Chio ^chil. 

|g 口 Light, splendor, bright- 
iSw ness ; flourishing, glorioup, 
c'l^^ prospering ; extending, 
lasting, ample; dry, drying: 
^'^^\\ "\fii JiwOy prospering ; ,M 
Hai. .ch^ung ^ta, Hyson tea ; 
\hi itieu^ a flourishing dy- 
nasty; COM., b Jc^ong (/"•, the emper- 
or Kang'hi, A. D! 1662-1723. 
jL-dfcr The cry of one in pain 
or sorrow ; sound of alarm 
or indignation, Oh! fie! 
grumbling ; the muttering 
of spirits. 

•^ii Happy, lucky, blessed by 
the gods ; to implore the 
gods : 'jiung ,hi、 great 

food luck ; COM., \kiln(/ 
6 i (Sing :hi、 "respectful 
congratulations on the new 
(year's) happiness" ― written on 

Open, wide apart, not 
ypP^ close ; loose, coarse, sleazy ; 
( Hsi thin, few ; careless, remiss : 
• *(/"• (.SM, bare, as leafless 
trees; com., V'wy ^seng ch、ek、 
f!ek^^huj,ai Jii, few men have ever 
reached the age of seventy; '。(/"• 
</"•, open, apart ; coarse, as doth ; 
COLL., Jii JMnff, apart, not close; 
"(2/4 </"• sioh—t if>au、 very open or 

To dry, dried ; day- 
Hfij break, bright. 

( Hsi. 


>j3< To counterfeit, simulat- 
TOi cd, pretending ; like to ; 
•jI M obscure, seen dimly : "az ' 
' " (/,?:, appearing as it'. 

The fibers of hemp, used 
in making linen ; line hemp- 
en cloth: l^ck^ fine aud 
coarse hempen cloth. 
Pretty, handsome ; pleas- 
ZfS. ant sports, rambles ; to 
pla》 t? enjoy one's self: 
*, hi hie 'games of children; 
"(hi ; iu, a plcaRure excur- 
sion ; COM., "Jii ch、ieu) playing 
and laughing. 

Jjrt A partner, .a consort, a 
royal concubine ; the wife 
( of the heir apparent : 

• " JcUny (hi, the imperial 
concubines ; ' V"' (ping, a 

maid of honor. 

-fXr The surname of Hwang- 
//O ti, also of the emperors of 
^QY^^ the Chow dynasty ; a gen- 

• eral term for the royal 
concubines, in which sense 

the same as the last ; beautiful ! 
noble women! (like Houri, Hebe), 
because of the fame of the Hi 

The voice, sound of the 
breath emitted forcibly ; 
a sigh. 

The sound of mirth ; 
agreeing, in harmony; 
if? pleased,delighted:coLL.,(/" 
• Jii cfiHm, to laugh pleasant- 
ly, the face lighted with 
smiles ; ^hi (li, to smile, to grin ; 
Jii fhiiho {/id, or (hi Jii ihd (hoi, 
a cooly*R cry ; Hi Jm ^tu (also 
spoken 、hi Hi Jm Jn), carelessly, 

^0 〇 

嬉笑 宮. g 

6 7 

^^^^^w ^^^^^ 

f 豨一 

來稀 稀? s 


生 七+古 

禧 F 鍊:: < 

禧„# 賀新 

朝^ 熙, 

熙 i 茶 it 

3 4 



To to flit, flying ; to 
go Kwitlly ; 8onriiig, lofty : 
' ' ^ used in the coll for , pwi^ 
"1. q. v.: \hVneu,oi\hi JcHn<i^ 
birds ; \hi Jt" a house; 
on deck, a high cabin ; \/n J^'e/^f/, 
god of winds, Boreas; com., \hfOif/ 
《hi p^aijk) sunff、 IVightuned out of 
one's Avits ; 《m ^cheu dk^ the 
dust flies and the stonusrun, as in 
ft gale of wind ; V" /A the flying 
dagger — in theatricals; 《hi 7m 、ki、 
the tiying-tiger flag — borne before 
officers ; \hi pwak, ^i^Ung the 
flyiug-cymbal priest-one of Budh's 
eighteen disciples ; coll., Jii ^sieng 
poh^ pidh^ can fly to the eaves 
and light ou walls, as uu expert 

Vapor ; a name : com., 




^ "ml" (hi, the traditional 
founder of the Chinese 
monarchy, Fohi ― also call- 
ed 。(/"• Jiwong^ the emper- 
or Hsi. 

A sacrificial animal of a 
^1^^ uniform color ; sheen, 
《 goats or oxen Avere used ; 
spotless, pure : ^V"' t 湖 (h 
sacriticial animals. 

Samo as the next: to 
feel joy in; joyous, doliglit- 
ed ; cautious, fearful of: 
Zo/;^ delighted. 
< I r Pleased, joyful ; that 
trl^ Avhich givt^s joy ; to feel 
glad ; to give joy to ; to 
8" rejoice in, tolik" : com., "V" 
Jmang^ or ^'\hwaag V"', 
】:)le£ise(i, glad ; ^^"^kum/ 7;.i, to con- 
gratulate ill person, joy to yoii ! 
、、hi s'6u^ or 、hi k^etuf a joyful 
event; ^"Va ^c7wy, a feast ; 〜"人 V 
ft delighted look ; "7"' Jcing^ fees 


on testivo occosions ― paid to the 
village temple ; (,oi 丄., hd) (Sinr/ 
pregnancy ; 、 hi ^sing ta'tn</ 
the joy-god stirs— i. e., the niar- 
ria^o ifl about to be consuinmjited ; 
^hi chc^ lu"(i、、a "the word 、ld 
has two mouths in it"; met,^ the 
two families <ju;irreling iibout the 
marriagtj presunts. 

、! Tl. a coll. euphonic prefix, 
ns ill 7" (力么 to look as- 
Ivan CO, to look angrily ! it, 

JJi. A coll. word or euphon- 
ic prefix, as in <Jd ;、 
sound of groaning ; an ejaculation 
of burden bearers ; Jii M 、k、i Ji, 
to set up a l:uigh, to smile or grin ; 
Jn Jd Jut 乂 m, indecent haste, ; is 
ill eating ; to speuk low and lust, 
to mumble M'ords. 

(188) Ilia. 

The 1st is a vulgar char' 
^ acter ; the 2nd read 
and ch、a 、; used in the 
gpiy Paik^ ^Ing for the coll. 
.W^2> JiiCi : to open, to crack 
Hu. open, as wood in drying ; 
yawning, gaping ; cleft ; 
met'、 lax, dissipated, foppish ; to 
open, us a *loor ; to straddle, to 
stride : \hifl(hiii (k'wi, yawning ; 
wide open, as doors; .jxatg Jiid^ to 
stride ; Jiid ^hid di''ieiC (also spok- 
en 7/>?a 7y/ci di、iiit/)、 to open tlio 
mouth wide ami laugh immoderate- 
ly; (///J, or ^/H/tiJdd rtk\ levf/^ 
scatterorl, in utter contusion ; Jtid 
yawning open, cleft in twain ; Jiid 
ck'ol ' gaping mouth 一 i. e., dead, 
as a clam ; Jtid (pa" "niiikes a 
spread" ― foppish ; 'chu\ oitiig "yA 
Jij'd, this person is very dissipa- 

開!! 二. T?^ 

喜金 罅 

» 酒 s 氣 

拱喜 喜事 

喜歡 歡存 

,牲 1 

1 羲, 皇 

8, 敍 M 

走 石飛刀 

魄散! ^沙 

飛 廉魂飛 





^Jlid.. A coll. Avord : given to 
sport ; idle, unemployiid, 
to spend time in recreation : 7//<I 
kainy ^ Imbitiiated to idling ; "lid 
itioh, Jdok^ to sport awhile, 

^Ilid. A coll. word : that, that 
one, the other ; the oppo- 
site of ^chid (this) ; also an intens- 
ive particle corresponding to "e》 
(t\vo),very,exceedingly, incessant- 
ly : 7u'd ; nSnf/^ that person ; ^/lid'C'd, 
or 7ii<i 'A-'ioanff, that way, shape, 
or fashion ; (力 id Jm't, or 、hi& tiolt^ 
that time or thing ! ― an exclama- 
tion in trying to recall a thing to 
mind ; ^hid ma、 chidh^ se^ 'ina? such 
scolding is scolding indeed! 
^hid twai ^ twai ^ very large ! 
^liid kae ^ ne^ kaV to cry out in- 

(189) Iliixh. 

l|jHh Read haik" coll. hWi" 
p^flj^ an an^ry tone, to threaten, 
■^'/^ > to intimidate ; frightened, 
intimidated : "tidJi) ch、a、 
to threaten, to browbeat; 
^hi&hy khau, frightened away ; 
hwai、 hMh) fi、 to browbeat 
him with violent talk ; ^hidh^ ^si 
inhig^ to frighten people to death 
with threats. 

(190) Hiak. 

Hi&ky A coll. word: to deceive, 
to impose upon, todelude; 
to cozen, to cheat : hidk^^hung^ to 
deceive ; hlUk^ kwd" sihuf (or 
ipenff)^ to succeed in deluding ; 
cheated, gulled. 

HidfCy A coll. word : to fall, to 
topple ovei;^ to fall Ibr- 
Avarcl or backward ; also to flap or 
move suddenly, as a door ; Jddk^ 
'tOj or hid/i\ Ho I6h, to topple 

over Hat ; hiiXk, X'/V to flap over, 
ns a leaf or a <lo(>r. 

IIiM、、 A coll. \\on\ : to flap, 
as :i bird's win us ; to flut- 
ter, to tiap ill tl、r wiiMi ; to niisc 
or open, us thing's thst on one side ; 
flapping, oscillating, us things 
pendent ; throbbing, as tlie heart: 
hidki hidk, oscillating ; hiilk、 
to raise, as a trunk lid, or as a dog 
raises his ears ; Iiidlc^ hW" kitu* 
the noise of things oscillating. 
(101) liiang. 

R(*ad f/im/7/ coll. Jddng: 
%|V an elder brother ; a senior, 
Hsilut-.^ supL:i'jo 二; a term of re- 
spect: Jtrwig tie^ ov Jimmj 
tie * :k6, brothers ; \hidnij 
tie 2 pwo? friends ; ^ pau Jiidnff^ 
own elder brother ; ** 《《t>"〃 (力/山"/, 
elder cousins-german ; " u ,j i e ^ 
Jii&ng^ a foster-brother ; a dear 
friend ; also a woman's paramour; 
" Jtidng (sd, elder brother's wife ; 
^\hidng niong^ tie ^ an older, yield- 
ing to a younger, brother ; '\hidng 
tie ^ Jmuy ch^%oan(f (or ^pwo7iij 
cAaw^), brothers cooking and living 
separately ; "(hithif/ ti'e; ^chamj 
Jca 、hw〜、 brothers quarreling about 
the property. 

^Hidng, A coll. word : a rank 
smell, as of putrid lish ; a 
stench, a fetid smell, un offensive 
odor: ch、aa、 Jiidng Jndnxf^ u 
stencil ; Jtidng JiiCui^j a rancid 

IIidnff\ A coll. word : danger- 
ous, perilous ; a risk, a 
mere chatK^e : hid/n/^ kidny^ pauA\ 
very slight chances ― nciL^ of his re- 
covery ; hidn(f lolly to topple over, 
as one dozing in u chair. 

伙 〇 

兄^ 爭家 

兄 弟分徵 

1 讓弟 〇 

|3 兄 1 嫂 

胞 兄堂兄 

弟輩 〇 

兄弟哥 〇 

1 弟 〇 

i 死认 〇 


大 話嚇伊 

嚇牝, 走 





A luniso in I'uins ; to 
abandou, to throw aside, 
to destroy ; to lose ; to rc- 
}>\idiate, to disinherit, to 
depose ; to stop, to fail, to 
pass away ; obsolete, null ; spoil- 
ed, corrupt ; useless, degraded : 
(,OM., \hicon(/ hie ) to lie waste ; 
abuudoned ; V/i"V, obsolete, 

intermitted ; ^hie ) cripples, 
infirm people ; V/?V ' i'si scl、 seil^ 
time wasted and business failing; 
"^nccwff ^tv d hi? to abandon it 
when half done ; coll., ^chid tai ' 
7))d^ hie ' tek、 ho * this matter 
cannot be set ; Uside. 

To Kpend, to use ; to 
dissipate ; to exert ; ex- 
pense, cost, trouble, outlay; 
Avusto ; lavishing, squan- 
dering: COM., ^tong^ hW or 
/vVe ^ cilng ; to spend money; 、 Jma 
J ilk 》 to squander ; 》 、; ' hit 、 "a 
needless expense"-sjud politely by 
the guest or receiver of presents; 
^ehnk\hie ) miscellaneous expenses; 
hie ^ lik^ to exert one's self; 
hie ) traveling expenses ; "hit 、 
cheng^ ^sing Jci、 to waste one's 
mental energies on ; coll., hie ) 
AV spending breath on ― trouble- 
some, difficult to do. 

、》 To fence, to play with 
weapons ; to divert one's 
? self, to sport ; a play, a 
\-t comedy, a theatrical exhibi- 
tion : COM,, ^'\iuhie^ sports, 
Hsi. games ; ^ pang^ ox hie ) 
sto^ a theatrical stage ; 
"kiP 《cAfl, play-actors; 、"hiP(j)ong, 
play-bills ; hie ^ ^pwong^ a list of 
plays ; i^tieu Ate * lewd dalliance ; 
/lie ^ ipunffj the "green room"; 

^''hie^ ta^if/^ a male actor drcKscd 
as n female; c'ou", A") it^au ,^ (;, 
head manager of a theater ; cM * 
/tie 3 to play, as actors ; /ue ) la'e/iff 
to make sport of, to annoy ; hid * 
•s""// itioN.;/. the play has begun ; 
hie , c:h、(nttvf gaadinpj about to 
theaters; ^)'a/t3$smy Ate' sporting;, 
niiscliicvous ; ; payvj 、kong hie ^ 
plays in the colloquiiil; hU^ ch、ok、 
the parts of a play ; hit ^ sioh ^ 
ch、Qk、 one part or act. 


二) The lungs ; they are 
connected with tJcing 
(metal): Aee'^Aw, thelungs; 
COM., 、"\Icanghi? "liverand 
lungs" ― as of goats 8old 
in the market ; hie 、 ^kioong^ the 
bronchial tubes ; "hU, ^ 《W, con* 
sumption of thelungs ; // ie ^ ^chiexi 
so ^ the lungs dry and inflamed ; 
hie > fSio7if/ fhwg^ cold in the 
lungs, bronchitis, 

,,f ? Small : pe* Jcang 
\Yl itOHf/, a small sweet sorbus 
I^M or service tree. Read hok、 
as in hok、 hok^ luxuriant, 

Jjp^ ) Strong, robust, hercu- 
lean, athletic : '**j9c* hie * 
energetic, strong to bear 

Why ? how ? a page to 
an officer; a waiting maid: 
、 jjsi Jiic^ a waiting boy 

• or maid ; WiX、 how 
can you approve i ihie 
poJc、 k^eil^ y& 》 why do you not go? 

To wait for, to hope ; a 
narrow pathway : JiU 
Hsi k 訊 9、 a foot path. 

?M 、奚 

8 9 

調戲 戲旦 

c 7 

1 戲子 li 

1i 戲棚 

雜 費路費 

花 費硪費 

7 8 

而廢 動費 


失事 fHS! 

廢 人廢時 

3 4 

荒靥 P 她 


tf/^ A foot or bridle path, 
Jpaa. a narrow path ; to pen- 


etrate through by-ways ; 
to go where there is no 
road : \sin(/ ihib, made 
mto a road. 

<jl A small meadow mouse, 
called J(M、 or Jcang 
【; t'ew ihie, the sweet- 
mouthed vat ; its bite is 
considered poisonous. 

To lead by the hand, as 
a blind man or a child ; to 
go with, to take along ; to 
join, to lock arras ; to 
, , carry, to take up from the 
nlieTi. ground ; to leave : 'jAie 

to lead by the hand ; \hie 
ichHu itung iheng, to go hand in 
hand ; \hi& it% to take ia the hand, 
to carry. 

An ivory stiletto or 
horn bodlun, used for 
. jjip* opening knots ; anciently 
' worn on the girdle ; a 
kind of large tortoise : 
*pwoV <Aie, to tie the oodkin to the 
waist ; , {Ate, name of a star, 
m In A field of 50 (/m《, or 
I'j I about 8 English acres ; a 
( plat of ground : '^hie eh^ai 、 
kitchen vegetables. Read 
Jde^ a low wall around a 

Kind, gracious, forbear- 
ing ; benevolent, liberal, 
charitable ; to show kind- 
ness to ; give in charity ; 
compliant ; to give, to 
concede ; to adorn ; benefit, grace, 
charity, presents : *hie^ aV or ^chil 
hik * compassionate kindness ; 
"sei^ hie * or ^sing hie ' to receive 



favors ; "/i/e* kan? id teach kind- 
ly ; COM., '2,o",7 hie 2 f^race, mercy; 
、、e"{f hie ' or hai'i} hie * your 
great favor ― an epistolary jjirase; 
hie ' ,ang kaiu'f :i district of 
Chinchcw pretbcture. 

A fr.-igi'aiit species of 
marshy orchid, like a Hub- 
emaYia、 with many flow- 
eta on one stalk, calledl 
" Jmtuj hie *. 

Fine cloth or linen (from 
the west) of a loose text- 
ure, a kind of Decca mus- 
lin : 、、hik ' ision.f/, loose- 
textured cloth, anciently 
worn as mourning. 

To tie, to bind ; to con- 
attached to, to think 
to retain, to hold : "^mi 
hie 2 to tie ; "hie * ilienffy 
to follow, as results their 
causes ; "hi& * (sing, fixed in the 
mind ; com., ^'(kwaiig hie ' import- 
ant results, consequences inrvolv- 

The substantive verb, 
to be, am, is ; to connect, 
to continue ; to succeed to, 
in which sense the same 
as the last and the next : 
*cA'ti hie ^ this is (thus and so) ; 
^"hie 1 «e* ih6 kd* what is the cause 
or matter ? 

To connect, to tie, to 
continue ; a successio© ; 
^\siong hie* continuous ; 
COM., "si^ * hie i a geneal- 
ogy, a family record. 

Intelligent , perspic a - 
cious, wise, clever; shrewd, 
(juick - witted , subtle, 
ingenious, adroit, skillful : 





係 是何故 

8 9 


|i 蕙, 裳 

恩惠 盛惠 

^ 惠惠教 


00 參 

同行, 待 

P 提, 手 

k 躍 I 


ho ' Jienf/ '■sieu hie" desirous 
of appearing clever in some 
little matter ; c'om.、 'te' hie ' wise, 
discerning ; wisdom. 

■ I \2 Rage, anger; to hate, 
I to dislike ; irritated at, in- 

'^i、 digiiant, angry. 

A species of beetle or 
clcatla, called Viie * Jc'", 
living only half a year. 


To investigate, to dis- 
cern ; ingenious, full of 
^ ― plans and shifts ; knowing, 


rfftj^ A mountain precipice; 

llWA hills formini; a gorge? 
through which a stream 
of water forces its way : 
"tieyi k、m g、 h iek^ th e 

Shanking gorge in Kwangtung 


/ t - NarroAV, strait ; a con- 
tracted passage : met.^nwx- 


Sound of a dog barking: 
^"''Ueng hU ^ or ^'keu hie ^ 
the dog barks. 

(193) Iliek. 
il ^ Read hiek^; coll. hiel\: 
11^9 heat rising up, ascending 
^ heat ; to warm, to heat ; 
' exposed to the tire, heated : 
^hiik^ siong^ heat rising 
up ; ^hiek^ tioh 飞 burnt ; hiek^ (《a, 
dried ; "iiUc、 blackened by the 
heat ; ^hieky sioh^ the loadstone. 

Blood ; the 143d radical : 
llll in the coll. read haik, q. v. : 
〉 、k、ek、 hiek^ to weep tears 
Jrisieh. of blood— written on fu- 
】iei'al cards ; hiek^ a 
species of madder. 
1 I . Generous, noble-mind- 
Y^S ed, public-spirited, zealous 
'^^^'Vi for the right ; bold, intrep- 
id; to assist, to redress 
another's wrongs : 
h\k\ a hero ; "eng; hiek^ mutual 
sympathy ; 、""hWc》 noble-mind- 
ed, intrepid ; "/"^; sexi} or ^""hiek 
k^aik^ a bold advocate. 


"2 r o w - m i n d e J , me: 


chHeng hiek^ slialloAV and 
narrow ; ^"hiek^ ai ^ a nar- 
row pass ; met" mean J "(pi hiek^ 
low and contracted, mean, 
t t.> To hold, to carry, to 
J^MA carry under the arm ; to 
hold tlie string of a bow; to 
conceal ; to store up; to hide 
in the bosom ; to defend ; to 
trust to, to depend on ; to presume 
upon, overbearing, arrogant: used 
in the coll. for keky q. v. : ,iUk) 
t% to hold under the arm ; to un- 
dertake ; COM., ^^Mek^ chiV to op- 
press arrogantly ; coll., hiek^ 
Jiieng^ to cherish hatred ; kaeng^ 
<i hiek, Jiibiff, is at feud with him. 
1-^^ The sides of the body ; 
the ribs, place under the 
arm ; to gather ; to intimi- 
date, to reprimand ; to 
一 take advantage of: p'aik) 
BAsoh. hiek^ to intimidate ; com., 
〜M hiel\ etc^ hieky the 
left and right side ; huk, kauky 
the ribs ; hi'ek 飞 the side ; coll., 
hiek^ tH&ng) side-ache. 
^JL^ A cave, formerly used 
/1 for dwellings; a (Jen, a cave, 
j^„^2 a hole, a grotto ; under- 
• ground cavities, graves ; at 
lurking place for men or 
beasts ; a sinus in the body ; to 
bore or dig a hole, to dig through J 

1 智 3 犬 5 矯 7 罎 
慧 吠上烏 

'蠛 4 狗 6 罎 e 燈 

左 脅右脅 

^ 待 « 制 

狹 陰卑狹 

8 9 

i<p 秧 〇 

俠^ 肇慶 

5 C 

i 氣 ^ 士 

3 4 

,俠 一遵 

f 1 地血 

9 W 


HIDING. 221 

empty ; tlie 116th radical : ^^k^ung 
hiw^ a hole, a den ; hikk^ JcVl, to 
dwell in caverns ; com., ,mM?o) 
hiek^ graves, vaults ; 、kek、 hiek^ a 
lucky grave ; kiek^ to ' a good site, 
as of a grave ; meL^ a vital part of 
the system. 

L+f Agreement, concord, 
"^Am union, harmony ; mutual 

Vf^'i help ; united, assistant, 
joint ; to aid ; submissive : 
H I I COM., *it/ung (sing hWcJiki 
Heieh. to exert strength unitedly; 

*(tilnff hWc^ or hiik^ itdi, a 
brigadier ; *Ai^ ^lidng, a briga- 
dier-general ofbannermen ; 'AieA;, 
jpai'the second bridesmaid ; 'hiek^ 
-paing^ tai * hok、 s'&U* assistants of 
a prime rninister ; hWc、 ong^ rhym- 
ing, cadence. 

Sng Harmony of sentiment ; 
^ union of thought ; a man's 

Hflieh, n 腿 e* 

The head; the ISlst 
radical, seldom used in 
classic writing; in the coll., 
the numeral for leaves of 
books or flowers, lobes of 
liver, etc. : coll., *hiMs,o) the num- 
ber of leaves ; A 《狄 j «o' sioh^ pah^ 
has 100 leaves ; hiek^pwang^ a leaf 
and a half. 

(194) Hi6ng. 

Read ^hilng; used in the 
Paik) t'Inff for the coll. 
ihieng: to lift up, to remove, 
as a cover, for which 
'•hwang is more commonly 
used: ^^Jii'mg ''k% or ^\hieng Jc'-wi, 
to uncover ; Jom kai ' Jiimg 
remove the skillet-cover ; ^hikng 
Hd iUAng^ uncover it and let it 

(曰 g Light, manifest, appar- 
ent, conspicuouH, clear ; 
TiiiA^ illustrious ; glorious, efful- 
曰 S gent; to make plain, to 
exhibit, to display ; , to 
Haion. render illustriouH : ' 'himg 
"the illuHtrious finish- 
er" ― a deceased father ; '^^hi'mg 
to manifest ; com., "(hie'/iff 
iining, or 、hi"g himg^ to make 
manifest ; ^'"/lieng haik、 luminous, 
as a god's response ; 、'、hihng seng^ 
clearly efficacious ; ^""^hieng tak^ 
distinguished, famous ; "^hi^ng 
^chHu taung^ to exhibit skill (in 
work or against an enemy); coll., 
^hieng Ha hien^ made very clear. 

tA curtain drawn over 
or around a carriage to 
keep off the sun ; the cur- 
tain of a sedan. 

< »Q To compare, compared 
4 to, like ; to spy out, to ex- 
plore; a weathercock ' 
"kang、 '^hieng^ a spy. 

fJLQ General name of bivalve 
Wtjl shells, but especially thin- 
shelled and lacustrine ones; 
■ sometimes applied to some 
hanging cnrysalides : in 
the coll., J,ieu '•^ q. v. 

Clear light, cloudless 
sunlight ; the clear sun in 
winter melting the snow. 

The eyes starting out ; 
to see, to regard ; to view 
slightly : '""^hieng'-hieng^ to 
look at ; "tfiiSng '■wang^ 
good looking, pretty. 

A small chisel, a sort of 
javelin ; a hand-stafi*. 

現 S 

手 e 間俱 


聖 顧達顯 


5 6 

考 顯著顯 

3 4 

起^ 開, 

士 貝數掀 

|i 辦大學 

ii 領協拜 S 

協力 中協默 

3 孔穴 ^ 穴 . 

1 2 



A precipice, an abyss ; 
difficult, dangerous, naz- 
Haieii ardous; insecure, in dan- 
• ger; mef.y corrupt, wicked : 
\kang ^hieng^ depraved ; 
COM., \"gui ^hieng^ dangerous, 
prejudicial; ,7"V"'? l3 a dangerous 
place; met" the key of a position ; 
00LL./( 力 ie''"/7 kwo、 or "-hieng Ha kwo、 
to pass over d auger, as of a serious 
illness; ; paid" 、hUnf" or ^hihifr 
pauk^ to risk the danger ; 
jHeng (mwa)t y te^ ^hieng^ ful 1 
"bf hazard, as walking on . the 
verp;e of a precipice ; 、hUnq 《su, 
or ^hieiiff cSic (SiCy almost, within a 
little ; 、hi'mg ''hienff pwak、 
came within a little of falliug. 
(jf^^ A dog with a long snout, 
jJb\[ a pointer used iu hunting: 
"7"'{"〃 Hl)}ff、 name of a 
horde of Huns famous in 
the duys of Confucius, so 
called from their savageness. 
Hieng^. A coH. word : to throw 
to pitch, to toss ; to fling 
away : hieag^ kiao^ toss it over 
(here or there) ; henff hieng^ pitch 
it away ; hieng^ ^ch^a^ to toss bun- 
dles of wood ; hihiff ki &、 or hieng^ 
lolly k^6 3 fling it down. 
Himg^. A coll. word, as in hie ng^ 
hiing^ or hieng^ hieng^ Jiil^ 
dangerous, perilous, full of risk, as 
in standing, or placing things, 
close to a briuk. 

Virtuous, wise, moral, 
worthy; excellent, Huperi- 
or in morals or in intellect; 
a term of hiiidation ; to 
surpass ; to praise, to call 
Hsien. worthy : ^Jtieng 、chai、 su- 
perior abilities ; \h i e n g 
Jiieng^ to value the virtuous ; 

COM., ^scng^ j/t/c';?//, ^*iges and phi- 
losophers; ^JiVeng Jng^ a virtuous 
man, a philosopher ― a class of 
men next to sages ; ^^ihienxf taik\ 
exalted virtue ; ^\hieng (ch、d, a 
faithful wife ; 'VA^X:) sek^ 7ie^ 
Jdeng^ the seventy-two disciples ; 
COLL., Jiteng Jnooi * '^virtuous un- 
ion" — a good ■wife is so called. 

To dislike, to hold iu 
contempt, to think meanly 
《 -", of ; to loathe, to despise; 
prejudiced, suspicious; fas- 
tidious ; jealous of: com., 
^^^hieng haung; to hate ; "p?V * 
Jiimg^ to avoid exciting suspicion ; 
15^;? JdSng、 to dislike, to reject; 
COLL., Jtieng laiid to be fastidious 
about things ; Jdeng Jcang ^kien(/ 
keng^ "hates Rver and gizzards- 
dislikes this and that. 

To suspend, to hang 
down ; to be anxious, in 
£j-*r* ' suKpense, undecided; 
anxiously; unlike : \hung 
chiok^ or ^\siong Jiieng^ 
very unlike ; com., ^\hienff Jci、 
the divining pen ― usually called- 
Jci pek^ ; 、, JiMnff wongi to look 
anxiously for ; ^\hieng Ji% inse- 
cure, as one's footing ; precarious, 
as affairs ; coll., Jikhig (sing taiu) 
Hang、 the mind in great suspense ; 
"^chid tai ^ Icie > kd* Jiieng Hd^ the 
matter still undecided. 

» 1 Dark, somber, blackish, 
like the deep sky ; to man- 
( lisien age ; deep, still, silent ; ab- 
' struse, profound ; name of 
Kiaking ; the 95th radical : 
COM., ^\hieng td > or ^'^ Jiieng fiihig 
sioiig^ td^ the Shangti of the som- 
ber heavens ; coll., Jiieng ^tang^ 

主 天上帝 

^虛+ ^帝 

f i 

懸絶 相懸 

6 7 

避嫌 棄嫌 

4 5 

二 賢嫌恨 

賢 妻七十 

賢人 賢德 

賢 賢聖賢 

厳 犹賢才 

5 6 

输地 * 過 

3 奸 瞼危險 

HIMG. 223 

a god supposed to act as porter 
in heaven. 

Also read ^hieng: glister- 
Yy^ ing dewdrops ; pendent 
i Tj • dewdrops : falling tears : 
deep flowing water, a wide 
sheet of water ; name of a 
river in the south-west of Shansi. 

rT- L The string of a bow; 

chord of an arc ; the moon 
^ Hsien quarter on the 8th and 
■ 23d days of the month ; a 
beating pulse : 、八 igu Jiieng 
a guitar with 5 strings; com 
^Jcilng Jdeng^ the string of a bow 
^siong^ Jdkng、 and ^hieng. 
first and last quarters of the inoon 
COLL., ihieng 、tong、 a bow or lute 
string broken. 

Silken strings of musical 


\hieng JcS, 
'HskT to play songs ; Hi [hieng, 

• to tune the guitar ; com., 
,ch'ek) Jiieng^ a seven- 
Stringed fiddle ; ^siXk^ ihieng^ "join 
the guitar string" ― a widower 
marrying his second wife. 

Also read ^hieng: con- 
fused vision, dizzy, wan- 
Hsien dering eyes; defective, 

• squinting sight; confused, 
mixed, out of order ; not 

discerning, mistaken. 

Jlf^ The Julus or gaily 
JjrC^ worm, a sort of railleped, 
f Hsien called ^^majiieng^ found in 
' dry places ; it is of a dark 
purple color and curls up 
when disturbed. 

The side of a ship or 
boat, the gangway or bul- 
warks of a vessel : ^^k^aiu^ 
Jiieng ; i Jco^ to sing to the 

' Hsien. 

accompaniment of beating the 
junk's side. 

Also read ^hieng : brag- 

/yT gi"g^ puffing, vaunting, 
《1, boasting; to display for 

> ^-二 sale: "JiiSng 7igUk^ Jciu 
i^pj c5m, to offer a gem for 

Hsien. sale ; meL、 seek a market 
for one's talents ; ^^cheii • 
Jiieng^ self-praise. 

n 日 I Used as a vulgar char- 
J^^ip acter for the next : luster 
HMen^ of gems ; to manifest, to 
' appear ; to display, to di- 
vulge, to show ; apparent; 
to be seen now, plain, conspicuous, 
de facto ; present : com., ^^hieng^ 
ch、ok、 to become manifest ; "hi^n^ 
chai^ now, at present ; ^^himg^ 
Jiing, to appear in real form ; to 
show one's feelings; ^^hieng^ k'aik^ 
this instant ; ^'^hieng^ ^clmng^ 
ready money ; "hie'7ig》 Jmang、 
current dollars ; ^^hieng^ Hi, to pay 
(a bill) at once ; ^^hieng^ ^ pwang^ 
the police now on duty ; coll., 
hi'mg 乂 sie ^ "a sight to the world" 
― the vicious going rapidly to ruin; 
hieng^ iSidng^ or hieng^ ^idng 
iSi&ng^ ready, de facto ; hieng • 
、chiongtai、 )m、 the great man with 
the ready palm ― an epithet for 
p=t > To appear, to be mani- 
fcJi fest; plain, open, revealed : 
《si" 2'c&w〃7"'— 92 concealed and 
' open, secret and revealed ; 
COM., "hw(xk、 hieng^ to 
be manifest. 

Edible species of spinach, 
Artemisia and Chenop- 
■Hsien odium, distinguished by 
' the adjectives prefixed : in 
the coll. read haing^ q. v. 

f 理^ 班 

現 形現刻 

5 G 

f 現在 

3 4 

求售 自銜 

而歌 f 玉 

k 歌理絃 

5 6 

上 弦下弦 

3 4 





False, hypocritical, de- 
ceitful : \hiew haing^ to be 
wholly intent on gain ; in 
• coll., a lucky hit. Read 
i-ngim, a 户 in ^,chieu iugieu, 
a tribe of pigmies in the south- 
west, said to be three cubits high. 

Also read ^ym: to ask, 
1 to seek, to beg, to solicit: 
【Chiao s tf^ieu hok、 to pray for hap- 

f' »iness ; com., 、 Jkieu haing* a 
ucky hit,a fortunate coinci- 
dence. Read kieu) in the diction- 
aries : to go round, to ward off; 
to assume ; frontiers, limits : 
kieu) a circuit-officer ; \pie/i(/kieu' 
the borders ; ,kim、 mieu) mysteri- 

nr^^ To dread, to apprehend ; 
i^p atone of complaint, quer- 
( ifsiao* ulo" : \/iieu (him, appre- 
' hensive. 

*f\Tt Great ; agitated, not at 
ease. Read .ch'ai : vulvar 
( talk. 

A gentle horse ; skillful 
、 、、: J/L( at the game of throwing 
Hsiao dai'ts ; strong, courageous ; 
disinterested : \hieu Hl'mj, 
valorous ; '"Jiieu Jc'i'a kaxi' 
an aid-de-camp among banuer- 


Stony ground : ^\jH 
(Aie", rich and poor soils. 


To sprinkle, to irrigate, 
to water ; to dip; false, 
Yao perfidious, ungrateful: 
COM., '\hieu pok, false, 
hard-hearted ; '\hieu j^/c, 


in a contrary way, peiversely 
Read ^lim: an eddy, a whirlpool 
A hollow roof ; hollow, 
个 3rapty, unfilled ; famished, 
^ Hsiao, ^^"g'y: "Meu hok, an 

• empty stomach ; mef,., ig- 
norant ; "i?igwoHg (hieu, a 

star in Aquarius. 

A kind of owl that eats 
its mother ; 7net., strong, 
j^i^Q wicked ; to hang up a crim- 

• inal's head in terrorem : 
"Jiie't Jceng, owl soup ; 

" Jiimkiong^ or Jiieu '■ilng, strong, 
unscrupulous; "(Az'ew '么 a winter 
peach; COM., Jiieu (sing, ungrateful. 

A horned, or barn owl, 
called 、\chH Jiieu; a fabu- 
^L、i'ii^ lous animal, called 

' ,hieu, having a sheep's 
body and a man's face. 
(Uife Light, clear, in the morn- 
P525 ing ; day-time ; luminous, 
perspicuous, plainly stated, 
■ intelligible, apparent ; to 
understand, to compre- 
hend, to perceive : com., ^\ming 
[hieu, to know clearly ; ^^kHetig^ 
Jiimg thim., "wanting in perspi- 
cuity" ― written as a critical note 
in essays ; ^^'■hieic eiX^ or '■hieu se^ a 
proclamation for general informa- 
tion ; COLL., <f/u ^/lieu tele, know it 
fully ; "lieu teJc) (tH6ng, to under- 
stand what one hears ; "dm tefc、 
sic ' ko、 to understand worldly 
matters ; '■hieu Hau, know it 
already ; (nil d ' '■hieu tek、 md * do 
you understand or not ? 

(196) Hih. 
Hih? A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in Mh 飞 hiooh^ to cheat, 
to deceive, to humbug. 

分曉 |S 諭 

声 fSS 霄 

羹 枭健梟 

7 8 

腹 1 兀 s 

溥^ 滴^ 

一 1 2 

,妙 1 

激福 激 *f 

僥倖 i! 麂 

1 2 





(197) Hik. 
Jlik^. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in hikj hu\ to fold up 
hastily and imperfectly ; hik^ hak^ 
to shut, to close, as a fun. 




To rise, to get up; to 
flourish ; flourishing, pros- 
. „ . perous ; raised, elevated, 
promoted ; to be in de- 
mand, fashionable ; to 
move, to put in motion : also read 
heng、 q. v.: \hing (ping, to 
inarch soldiers ; com., ^Jiingpai^ov 
(hing (soi, to flourish and to decay ; 
、 (hing 、k% to rise, to flourish ; 
ichiong Hng to^ the Tautai 
of Hinghwa, Chinchew, and 
Yungchun departments , Fookien ; 
Jiing 、Tm ^sang pai ^ siok) Jmng、 
"the Kushan monastery flourishes, 
the Siok Hung one decays"; met" 
said of new friendships, trade, etc., 
flourishing on the ruins of the old; 
、 Jiing wong、 flourishing, success- 
ful ; \hin g hwa" a department in 
Fookien ; , Jiing hwa^ Jii&ng, 
Hinghwaians; to com- 

mence a work ; ^si Jiing^ fashion 
able ; i。eAawA:》 Jiing^ made over 
new, as a house ; coll., Jdng 
^sang pai^ lang^ the buyer (pays) 
three, and the seller two, per cent. 
(to the go-between). 
r~| An elder brother ; a sen- 
/\t ior, a superior ; a term of 
《H respect : in the coll. read 
Jiidng^ q, v. : com., 、HaP 
Jiing, or thing Hiong、 eld- 
er brother, a superior ; 、\hing td^ 
brothers ; " (hing td ^ <Ji ^chHu 
cheUk^ brothers are like hands 
and feet ; ^pienjiing td ^ male ma- 
ternal cousins ; also the sons of 

paternal aunts ; 、、i、cm Jdng td ^ 
uterine brothers; 、\long Jiing td * 
paternal cousins ; n6i^ hing td ^ 
wife's brothers ; 、\hinff j<az\ exalt- 
ed Sir ! a term of respect in letters. 

Odors perceived at a 
long distance : 
^jCt^ Jiiong^ fiiraefl of incense, 
g' savory ; met" a wide reputa- 
tion ; ^ming taik、 f^mi Jiing^ 
his illustrious virtues are fragrant. 

mTo receive the savor of 
offering, to accept the 
Chin fumes of incense ; to enjoy 
' food, to relish ; to desire, 
to extol ; to shake : sionf/ 
td ' fkii Jiing、 Shangti receives 
our incense ; 、& hing simg ^ to 
covet, to long for. 

A desert or void place, a 
Ml wild remote from towns ; 
the edge of a forest : 
Jdng^ tracts beyond 
towns, wilds, 
fapjl^ A large, powerful horse ; 
t^lQl a pasture or paddock for 
^ J horses : Jiing Jiing (mm 
^ma^ fine, robust stallions. 

A door-bar, or latch 
outside of a door ; to bolt or 
bar a door; a bar or frame 
in a chariot to hold weap- 
ons ; an ear, a handle : 
i\hiug ^mwong^ to bolt the door. 
Read ^keng: to investigate fully, 
(Hing. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in Jiiarf ^heng^ to hoot 
at ; (hing (h—, to dry or warm 
at a tire ; Jiing (hwan[/,、 to re- 
move, as tiles i'vom a roof. 
(二 n Also read henff 、: to in- 
^jpj form, to advise of; to spy, 
to pry into : JcHb "dng. 




坰, 門 

兄弟 p= ^台 

胞 兄弟堂 

弟如 手足 

兄 兄弟兄 

典 作典大 

兄 典工時 

8 9 

典 化典化 

6 7 

一水 道典旺 


典 起典泉 

8 4 

典 兵典效 

1 2 



to searcli for information; ttUng 
(力? '"/7, a spy, informer. 
^Iling. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in 7/271/7 7 續 7"〃, to 
turn over, as the leaves of a book; 
Vi?*"/7 7a'on<7, just speak out (your 

/rrt| Interchanged with the 
Tftlj next: a thing perfectly 
£ JjJ.^ formed ; t。 form ; a figure, 
議 g' a form, a body ; a law, a 
statute, which should be 
fixed; perfect, fixed. 
TTt/ Form, shape, figure, ap- 
Jpy pearance, contour ; materi- 
ipj-r al ; bodily ; manner, visage, 
8 air ; site, aspect ; a land- 
scape ; an apparition ; to 
imitate, to give form to ; to ap- 
pear, to make manifest ; to show, 
as the bones when lean : com., 
、hiuff sie^ the outline, as of scen- 
ery ; chaung^ or Jiing yong) 
shape, form, appearance ; \hing 
ch、iony》 a likeness, an image, as 
of a god ; 、hing ^ilng ^ku kwai ) 
his visage is outre; \ngwong Jiing 
Jiienff ch^ok^ the original shape 
manifested ; \hing chek^ 
form, appearance, a trace of; 
liking saik^ the expression, looks ; 
^Jihxg chek^ or Jiing bodily 
substance, the human form ; \Va 
Jting, picture of a man ; coll., ^mo 
Jiing chek) no clue, no traces of. 

An ancient principalitjr, 
now Hingtai district in 
the south-west of Chih- 

An earthen vessel re 
sembling a skillet or tripod, 
used to contain broth 
when sacrificing to ances- 

TT |l A mold of earth ; an 
y% J example, a formulary, an 
(Hsi ensample ; to mold ; to be 
an example : ^"^Hieng Jdngy 
a law, a precedent; \ngi 
•、hing , a good example. 

A whetstone ; a square 
or oblong figure for sharp- 
ening tools ; naiue of a vau- 

Punishment by officers; 
to castigate ; legal punish- 
ments torture; penal, crim- 
inal, as laws ; inimical to, 
destructive of, said of one's 
destiny or of the elements; a law, 
a constant practice ; to sacrifice 
victims : 、\ming Jiing^ to punish 
properly; com./'^A:^ Jiinfj, or tong、 
Jting^ to pnnivsh ; " Jdug 1mak、 
criminal laws, punishment; "Jiiriff 
<^pung、 the criminal office inaya- 
mun ; higu Jiing, the five punish- 
ments; ? ihing hwah, punishment; 
^\hmgpwf/ Board ofPunishments ; 
"Jiing keil^ instruments of torture; 

Jiing k、aik、 "punitive and de- 
structivft" ― said of clashing fates 
among members of a family, pro- 
ducing sickness ; '^^Jiingpwo^ iSiong 
^sUj President of the Criminal 

trP^ Read Jdeng and ^kieng; 
H Vv coll. Jiiny: dizzy, confused, 
t^siian giddy, light-headed ; to 
' swim, as the head : ^\wong 
Jiing, dizzy, giddy ; ^t'au 
Jdng, light-headed ; ^hinff 仰 ng, 
sea-sick ; ^hing kiev^ dizzy (from 
riding in) a sedan ; ^hing Jiing 
Hiong, reeling with dizziness. 

A declivity in the con- 
tour of hills ; an abrupt 
precipice ; a defile, a ravine, 

尙 書嗜眩 

刑 尅刑部 

9 o 

1 2 

刑鄧 刑具 

7 8 

刑!^ 刑镯 

加 刑刑法 

3 4 

„ 儀型 ,刑 

圖形。 kin 


形 色形質 

7. 8 

現出 e 形跡 

古怪 原形 


^象 ^容 

形勢, 形狀 

11 , ^ - , ^ 

a gorge ; a hob at the side of a 
furnace ; a place in Hukwaug, 

^Hing. A coll. euphonic prefi^c, 
as in Jdnfj Jumg^ to burn, 
make a bonfire of; Jdng Jimg, to 
restore, to pay back ; Jiing Jimg 
Jieng、 hanging down, pendent. 




To stop, to rest, to 
desist ; to keep silence ; 
Hsieh to terraiuate, to discoii- 
■ tinue, to appease : com., 
、 hiok) sek、 to discontinue, 
to rest ; "viol、'、 ~k、g to take a 
breathing-spell ; ^ hiok^ tan 
to put down the load and 
rest ; 、hiok、 seilk^ to lodge over 
night ; ''hiok^ He ) to lay by for 
the season, as goods ; coll., ^hiok^ 
«A:'«, to rest the feet (by sitting 
down); hiok) pioong* taing^ to 
stop at an iun ; iwd hiok-, or (nio 
itiuff (mo hiok、 without stopping, 
incessantly ; hiok, tav? to rest at 
noon ; h''6 * hiok) "go rest" ― a 
slang phrase, like "^o to grass"; 
hiok、 sioh^ hiok^ or hwk、 sioK a} to 
stop awhile ; hiok^ sioh^ sW" or 
hiok) sioJi^ k、aik、 、hu、 to rest a 

A scorpion ; used for 
scorpions in the classic and 
jt'TZu ) coll. Scriptures, as in Luke 
10: 19. 

To visit a superior or a 
gentleman ; admitted to 
an audience ; to signify to, 
to intimate ; to state or 
declare, to inform by peti- 
tion ; a card : , hiok) Jcieng^ io visit a 
superior ; ^hiok^ sid^ a guest 

(200) Ilioiig. 

Fiajjrant, odoriferous, 
aromatic, sweet ; incense ; 
jjgj - effluvia, or aroma; met ,、 
reputable, renowned, 
fragrant, as a name : 
COM" "Monff (cAV;, aromatic 
plants ; ^\hio))ff (ku, a Iragijiiit 
mushroom ; "(/"。'/»,/ Joi, ; i large 
species of univalve; '^)"'"'"// ; yw'〃, 
a kind of finger-lemon, the "Budh's 
hand"; "(tH'eng ^hiong, "heaven! v 
fragrance" ― the Mowtan Camel- 
lia; ^\hion(j ilu, an incense vase, a 
censer ; "(sfew ,hior)(f, to burn in- 
cense; Jiimg sidng^ incense sticks ; 
"t'eilk^ (hiong, incense sticks with 
bamboo splints inside ; ^tong ^ung 
(hiong, incense sticks made with- 
out splints ; ^hiong 7"p;, incense 
ashes ― carried home from tbe tem- 
ple after worshiping ; Jdong 《yt《 
t,oh、 a censer stand ; "Jiiong '/tewr/, 
Hongkong ; coll., ,hiong, to 
Bmell odors ; Jdong Jcan'g, bean- 
cui-d cakes, flavored with soy ; 
'\hiong t'ak) inferior incense in 
coils, used as nigbt-burners j 
Jdong 5 jnd 风 cakes of scented 
soap ; Jdong toi ^ or Jiiong (pau, 
small perfume bags, worn at the 
festival of the 5th month. 
從 p A village, a hamlet ; 
4fI) the country ; a ward, 
Hsiane sectiou of a town or city ; 
five,cAaw,or I2,500hou8es, 
mokedk^hiong; rude, coun- 
try-like, rustic: i*<Ai(mys&《, an old 
man titled by the Emperor ; com.、 
""\hiong Hi, village neighbors ; 
" (hiong (ch'onfj, a village ; '"Jdong 
Honff, an association, a society ; 
''\hi<mg ^sing, village gentry ; 
"JiioHg p'-wai > the distribution of 

,绅 ,派 

1 鄕村 鄕黨 

,着, 里 


7 8 

I 香竹香 

5 6 

天 香香爐 

3 4 

螺 f 嫁 


香 草香菰 

J?S 見 |S 舍 

歇 季歇胶 

5 6 

^檐^ 宿 


1 3 




ward business ; Jiiong Ho^ vil- 
lage elders ; Jiiong k、ang、 the 
ward patrol ; pai * Jiiong^ a vil- 
lage of depraved morals ; \hiong . 
se^ the provincial examinations 
for the KQjin degree ; Jdong 
8ilk^ village customs ; J^ieng fhiong, 
a union of villages for defence ; 
COLL,, 《hiong a} the country ; 
Jdong ineng^ rustics ; Jiionga} 
tio^ country roads ; Jdong ^mi fiUe 
ek、 sek^ ngo^ ward rice (contribu- 
ted to temple keepers) on the 】st 
and 15th of the month. Read 
hiong 、: facing, directed towards. 

Clamor, hum, noise of 
P 日 talking ; to vociferate : 
<^": ' Jiiong Jiwa、 vociferation 
of a crowd ; com., 'keng、 
'•chi ,hiong Jiwa^ noise is 
forbidden ! 

Interchanged with the 
last and the next : noise, 
^Hsl^ vociferation ; to forget ; to 
• impose on. 

To impose on ; false, de- 
ceitful ; to forget : Jiiong 
iwonff, to forget ; 'cha^ 
Jiiong, to deceive, to hum- 

fJiE> A genial warmth, as of 
I] Q the sun in spring, a pleas- 
tM* ant heat: \hang Jiiong 、 
cold and heat. 
Q-p* A bright, hot sun, the 
3 日 sun's heat; to dry, to parch : 
(Hs^I^ 。m'&j Mong '■ii eUng^ 
' ^ "^" — and 


warmed by the 
moistened with rain. 

The iris or fleur-de-lis, a 
plant used to dispel sor- 
row, also called ^lek^ 
fihy 幺 ng (deer's onions); 
when worn on the person 
"HsUan! by a woman who desires 

a son, it is called i~ngi iiiancf 
''ch'-o; met" a mother ; , (ch、ung 
Jiiong, father and mother ; 
^ Jdong W6 iwonff <iu, the iris 
dispels grief; * Jdong tjtoug, a moth- 



To dry at a fire ; clear, 
brilliant, splendid ; hot, 
to burn. 

Warm, genial. 


JUjr The hood of a car; a 
WT* high-front chariot ; a bal- 

H8ii^. cony, 

1 o w window ; 
a study or library- 
room ; laughing, playing ; 
satisfied : 、。 Jiiong ; ngong、 to carry 
the head high, a bold deportment; 
、、ngil (hiong, a lady's carriage ; 
、\hiong Jiiong 、 pleased, satisfied. 

Ingenious, expert, cun- 
ning ; nimble ; name of a 
country or tribe in primi- 
tive times. 

Read ^siong in the die- 
1j|1T9i tionaries : noon, meridian: 
Hsiang "^hiong 、gu、 midday. 

Noise, clamor, fracas ; 
sound, echo, a ringing 
din : COM., "Hnff 、hiong、 
(ffl^l shadow and echo ; met., 
a trace, an inkling of; 
Haiong. ^^^hiong^ 尺, V instruments 
of music ; 、A(hiong Jing、 
small bells 一 like sleigh-bells ; ^\loi 
^hiong ^tHeng ha^ (ti, when it 
thunders, all the world hears ; 
met" everybody hears the story ; 
^^"-hiorig liong' a clear sound ; 
、》1iiong JcUwj, "sounding bow" 一 
a musical apparatus attached to a 
kite ; COLL., "^hiong ta&7ig^ a rat- 

響亮 響弓 

s 9 

天下知 〇 

,鈴 l« 響 

影 響響器 

4 5 

lis ,午 

對 OS 魚軒 


忘 憂蟹堂 

椿萱簦 草 

7 8 

雨潤 鹿葱 


P 植 P 一 S 

鄕試 is 止 

1 2 


HIONG, 22d 

f ling, a clatter ; "liong (mar, a name 
given to Shantung footpads ; p^ah^ 
、hion【, "-peng^ to inflict resounding 
(i. e. liglit) blows on culprits ; 
、hionff siohy "i&n 仏 it sounds, it 

【1^ To offer sacrifice ; to 
iJ* feast ci guest, to spread 
7 — out a feast ; a sacrifice, a 
1 g' banquet : ^^hiong (ping, to 
feast a guest ; ^"liong sM^ 
to offer sacrifices. 

Used for the last: to 
offer up, to present to a 
y god or superior ; to enjoy, 
g' to receive an offering ; a 
feast, repast : Niiong Mlng^ 
to enjoy the use of ; com., ^^hioyig 
sm^ to enjoy long life ; "hiong 
hok、 to be happy, blessed. 

1^ A worm that notices 

flounds ; a silkworm (?) : 
tgr*^ ^hek^ (hiong, insects bred 
1 g' in damp places, as mosqui- 
tos, etc. 

Ti^) Name of a precious 
TiPJ stone ; an ornament worn 
jjsJa^ on the girdle. 

) Towards, facing, opposite 
to; thinking upon, inclin- 
鬆 ^ ) ed to; an intention ; an 
object of study ; time past, 
\t=^^ former, heretofore ; a 
Hsiang. window or opening ; 
points of the compass : V 
hiong、 intention ; com" Jiwong 
hiong^ or hiong) (site, the direc- 
tion, bearing of; ^seil^ Jiwmg 
hiong) the four points of the com- 
pass, everywhere ; ^^hiong^ paek^ 
northerly; hiong、 simig^ facing up- 
ward ; uhiong) Jai, heretofore ; 
、Ho)ig、 haiv} hereafter ; "hiong) 

nik、 Jciy a sunflower ; hiong、 
sieng^ inclined to good ; "hiong、 
pHeu) bank bills stamped and 
made payable at another bank ; 
COLL,, hiong) penff, to advance. 
f=f ) Also read ^hicniff: a little 
while ; suddenly ; formerly. 


- ^ Provisions for workmen 
atnd troops ; taxes paid in 
TT^''^ kind to government ; duties 
in general ; to give or send 
food: 、"iionff 、tang、 a 
duty "chop"; COM., 、\P^ng hiong、 
or fjtiong hiong^ soldiers' rations ; 
" hwakJiiong、 to give out rations ; 
"(chi& hiony^ to receive or pay 
rations ; "hion(/》 ^ngilng^ commis- 
sariat funds ; ^^cho^ hiong、 con- 
tributions to aid government, 
rjAn^ Also read ^mng: the eyes 
Rh j rolling, to move the eyes; 
丄 to see indistinctly, dizzy ; 
' to appeal' fresh and clear : 
hiong、 hwang) bright and 
clear, brilliant. 
^^》 An ornamented wrapper 
"trt for gems orseals; variegat- 
flsiif^ floweiy, adorned ; 

• quick, rapid. 
A rule, a precept, a reg- 
ulation ; an example ; gov- 

Hsien ernmental; a ruler, an 

• officer of any rank from a 
prefect to a viceroy ; to 

impose or publish laws, to govern ; 
to follow closely; abundant ; well- 
informed r i、hiong、 tch% the im- 
perial calendar ; ^^hiong^ hiong^ 
pleased^ gratified ; COM", "At/ A《07i5^) 
the prefect ; hiong) the govern- 
or. Read ^hieng: bright, illus- 
trious, as in ^hieng 、hikng leng、 
taik、 effulgent were his virtues ! 

{8 府憲 

助餉 憲書 

支 餉餉銀 

1 兵 :® 發餉 

向 票餉單 

後 向日獎 


北 向來向 

1 2 

四 方向向 


^ 向 jt^ 向 g 

ijt. 福 i 蠻 默 

5 6 1 


To offer or present to a 
god, or a superior ; to 
• ' K give or present to another 
fFnlX (in polite language ) ; to 
FH/V hand up to ; an offering ; 
Hsien. intelligent : com" 、hiong、 
keiing^ to ofler to idols ; 
"lionff pek) to offer strips of mock- 
silk (by burning); "liong) siong^ 
to offer up ; 、hiong) ch、aiJc、 to vol- 
unteer advice (to the government); 
^hio7ig^Hd uJc^ to present offei'ings; 
tfiiong) Jcung, to report merit. 

卜 〉 Read ngiek^ in the dic- 
pjEiT tiouaries : to consult on 
criminal cases ; to judge 
or decide a case, to ad- 
judge : "》.iong、 ktilk^ to 
HsieD. examine a criminal case ; 
^hiong^ oigilk^ to sentence ; 
,tChHu hiong^ tho aurtumnal assize. 
(201) Hm. 
P \ - To cease, to rest from, 
"lyiL to desist ; to repudiate 
( Hsiu a negative, don't, stop 
' good, excellent ; to praise 
to commend, to felicitate 
to forgive, to let off : 、\hiu Jca. 
excellent ; "(/"•" sek^ to desist : 
COM., 、、cang、 seu? Jiiu、 "every 
thing stops" ― said when one die^; 
^^ingyoong [pHng Jdit te) deprived 
of his office; 、\hiu (chU、 a bill of 
divorce ; Jdu Vxn(f ipong (ing 
laung、 Jii, don't listen to what 
Bystanders say for or against ! 
|>I/r In a ravine or shady 
1^41 dell ; dark, shady; solitary, 
《靨 secret, retired ; far back, 
' deep, hidden from view ; 
obscure, my^erious ; 
hades^ tbe shades, the spirits in 
hades ; to go or be sent intoretire- 
raent, to rustveatc : 、\ch、iew 《hiu. 


to deliver spirits by masses ; 
'\hiu immg, the lower and upper 
worlds, spirits and men ; ^\hnc 
ang^ very dark ; Jnup'ek\ solitary, 
as a place ; Jiiii 《.h、iu, an iniprifi- 
oned culprit ; com" (hiu 、'aga、 re- 
tired' and tastellil, as a room. 

"ffctr Shade, shelter ; protec- 
M^T^ tion, kindness from superi- 
( Hsiu ors ; to protect, to sustain ; 
' a place for sheltering : 
"isin.ff Jiiu, diviue assistance ; 
"ihiinff (/"•", great favor ; ''\hiu 
eng' to protect, as the gods do. 

Also read Jiau : to call 
out, the confused noise of 
a crowd ; a cry of pain, 
shrieks, moaning : 6 ) Jiiu, 
a moan of distress. 

A powerful beast, said 
to devour tigers : "jjot Jdu, 
a ferodous monster ; met., 
fiercej valiant, as troops. 

A fine war-steed, a high* 
spirited horse. 

An owl, regarded as a 
bird of bad omen : ,\chH' 
Jiiu, a horned owl. 

Also read '^hieu: rotten 
wood ; decayed, putrid, 
putrescent, rotten ; tailing, 
forgottenj out of mind : 
、hiu muki ; pok) (tieu, 
rotten wood can't be carved ; 
met., a> worthless scamp ; ivning 
jyok) 、Ma, an imperishable name j 
COM., '■km hwai^ ruined, destroy- 
ed ; (^ lang^ or 、hiu p& decayed, 
as wood. 

p 暗 ,庥 

超 幽幽明 

5 6 

休致 W 書 

事休 原品 


嘉^ 息 1^ 

獄^ 讖 1 

功 pi? 竃 

獻 鱧物獻 

5 6 

獻 上獻策 

,供 , 帛 




" I 華— « Also read [kieu : sick, 
w A* diseased ; colic, griping 



.„ . pain in the bowels. 
Hbiu. r 


Rich ; affluent, abundant; 
to provide, to enrich ; 
weath, riches : in the coll. 
read po\ q. v.: co]>i,, Tto) 
koi ^ iping chieng^ rich 
:and poor, high and low ; "io、 koV 
<hai ^ 、tHbig、 riches and honor 
^ire from heaven ; "io、 ch'eUk^ 
■abundance, wealth ; "lo) Ji6, very 
wealthy ; ho' kwok, Jciong ( ping, 
m rich country and brave soldiers. 

To assist, to aid, to 
| seoond ; to investigate; an 
assistant, a substitute, a 
• lieutenant, a vice, a depu- 
ty ; an ancient l^ead-dress ; 
In the coll., a classifier for sets 
•of certain things, as buttons, 
bowls, plates, cups, chop-sticks, 
Ibracelets, ear-rings, &<j. : oom., 
^chidng^ ho) principal ^nd assist- 
•ant ; &ho、 Hi, an assistant, a man- 
ager ; ,ho、 assistant examin- 
er ― in the provincial examinations 
for Ktljin ; ,ho、 sai 》 a deputy com- 
missioner ; *Ao〉 chimg) a colonel ; 
ho) iie\ a compellatiou of low mil- 
itary officers ; i"iG) 、pong、 under 
(Ktijin) graduates ; "/to) U'hun.g 
schoi, a sub-examiner of Iviijin at 
Peking ; *^Ao' koi ^ a sub-clerk or 
vice-treasurer ; coll., 'wang sioh^ 
ho、 a set of 1 bowls: tei'i} sioli^ hcP 】 
pairs of chop-sticks ; s6h^ sioh) ho) 
a pair of bracelets. 

To give,to<ieliver,to hand 
over : COM., "ho) t、auk、 to 
charge with ; "Jcau ho、 to 


deliver to; coll., ho、 k^eilk-^^i^ hand 
it over to him. 

•i【 ) To go to, to repair to, to 
*ttJ^ hasten ; to arrive at, to 
corae: "ho> k6 》 to go and 
inform, to present a peti- 
tion ; "Ao》 meng^ to obey 
an order ; ho、 yok、 to engage to 
meet ; coil, ho* sik. to go to a feast. 

To contribute towards 
defraying funeral ex- 
penses, to assist an inter- 
meut by presenting ar- 

Ji^f 》 To announce the death 
^ !、 of a parent or rela- 
tive by the nearest moura- 
' er, on the 7th day; to go 
to: COM,, "ho) ^ing t、aik、 a 
card announcing the death of a 
parent and the commencement of 
funeral solemnities. • 

To fall down, to fall to 
the earth ; overthrown : 
''yeng ho、 to fall down. 

To annex, to arrange ; 
to lay on, as colors ; to 
superintend ; near ; to ar- 
rive at ; a tutor, a inaster 
a workman ; a suwmme-: 
"fSt'i hd^ :a tutor, a master ; com., 
ho) hwoi * to imitate a bad exam- 
ple ; in tlie coll., to do ^relesaly, 
anyhow ; 、n'aV ^chii t、ai) ho、 tutor 
of the heii*-apparent, 
ttj-M To €x&ct, to levy, to 
BjjT collect, to require ; taxes 
, Fu of money or military -arms; 
' tribute from fiofs ; to give; 
to receive ; to place iu or- 
der ; a meter of 4 and 6 feet in 
the lines : 曱 ho) smoi ^ taxes, im- 
posts ; ho, libiff to levy taxes; 




太傅 P 栊 

p 傅; 

命 Ji^ 音帖 

櫃 付託交 


副 將副榜 

副 考副使 

正副 副理 

5 C 

富足 富豪 

3 4 

富 貴在天 


富 貴貧賤 





COM., ,6i ho、 regular poems and 

verses of 43 and 6s, 

/■ l.> To think UDon with 

1》, pleasure ; pleased, gratified 

身^、 "with, as a friend, 
Fu. ' 

ihtmnff, the son ])Mys his lliilier'rt 
debts ; 、mu Imi" ' :i charita- 

ble society to aid burials ; coll., 
^sa A (? a teacher, a niastor, a skill- 
ed workman. 



To blow, to breathe ; 
used in the colL in tho 
sense of to charge one 
with ; to bid, to order, to 
instruct, to direct one how 
to do : COLL., \hmi(j ho) or ch'eilk\ 
ko、 to charge one. 
JIo\ A coll. word : time 
enough for : ho^ rnf ho" is 
there time enough or iiot?/i/7^ ho^ 
or md^ ho、 not time enough ; 
^kang 、kinfi Jcidag cheu^ ho) walk jj 
quickly, then you'll have time |j 
enough. 1 

JIo\ A coll. word : to aprink- ! 
Je with the hand or a water 1 
pot, to dampen, to bedew : ho) 
、chwi、 to sprinkle with water ; ho、 
^dng 7a, sprinkled it on his body ; 
(chwi <Jt6 ^li ho、 bring water and 
sprinkle it; ho^ lang^ to wet by 

>J^2 A father ; a senior, an 
ancestor, an old man ; the 
head, as of a family ; a 
title applied to peasants or 
aged people ; to rule, to act 
as a father; in a met. sense, kind, 
loving; COM., ^Ao- 、mu、 parents ; 
sfio 〜! iil、 la ther and mn;\t''im(j ho^ 
Heavenly Father; "[senff ho^ own 
father ; ^stii} ho; a foster-father ; 
\ka ho; my father ; 7io* tChHng、 
iathcr 一 as used in epistles ; ^"^chu 
ho; grandfather and father ; a 
grandfather ; ^"".sieng ho^ my late 
father : "<,h'ri)ll、 h<9 younger pa- 




Read <Jm ; used for the 
coll. ho" to support with 
the liands ; to hold up, to 
Kustain ; to raise, to lilt up : 
"/iO》 '乂" 厶 help him to rise ; 
(("fi、iv, or 弋' h、iu ^to Ji ho^ 
hold it up with your linnds ; "ho) 
W(iHff, to support cue in parturi- 

The rack or cl\eeks of a 
cart; end of the jaw-bones ; 
to flank, to help, to second : 
ho) chu 》 to second ; ^^'siiV 
ho^ four stars near the 
north pole ; n counsellor ; com., 
ho^ cho^ to SUCC017 to help. 

A wife, a married wo- 
man, a female under sub- 
jection ; a lady, a female ; 
beautiful : com., "lq^ "mil 
(coll ho^ 、nil iHeng)^ wo- 
men ; hi? (6 2 female duties ; 
"thu ho^ husbaud and wife; 
ihifj ho、 an adiiltevess ; seK\ ho》 a 
daughter-in-law ; ta ^ ho、 a younger 
brother's wile ; ''""liek^ ho、 one that 
hangs herself at the death of her 
husband ― a Chinese suttee ; "^lang 
ho; lazy women ; met" fighting 

Xame of a country and 
of a bird ; an officer ; a 
retinue, a, suite ; to cover ; 
:i large, low hill ; broad, 
extended: '\song ho^ 
name of a bird ; met," a retiring 
scholar; ho^ ho^ extensive ; "Ao* 




ternal uncle ; 'Vio^ chai ' 'chii \\ (^hUlnff a retinue 

1®, 從 

9 o 

四 輔婦女 

7 ft 

-扶手 扶桶 

一 ro ^ 

會祸起 〇 

子還 义毋 

„ 叔义 1 債 

祖义 先义 

家父 义親 

7 00 

5 6 

^子 ^<<乂 




To c:irry on llio back ('r 
shouldtT, to bear, :i bur- 
den ; to Hssunic a dnty ; to 
vely, to depend on ; to Uu n 
the back oa, to disregard, 
to refuse ; to be dt^foatcd, to fail ; 
10 owe ; to wliglit, to be ungrate- 
ful : \ku ho》 UDgratet'iil ; disap- 
pointed ; Vto^ seng) to forfeit con- 
fidence ; COM., ^ho^ chat ^ or ho^ 
hihiff to owe, indebted ; "u>\onfj、 
unu'i'iitol'al for thvorH ; ViO^ f": 厂 */7, 
ung*r:iteful ; V^o' hi^ involved in 
the crimoH of otliers. 

.ftf^j A hill covered with trees 
lljS and grass ; some say a b:ir- 
' " ren hill. 

Abundant happiness, the 
favor of Heaven : ''seu^ 
^tieag ^chi ho^ to receive 
the blessings of Heaven. 



^ ~ J I Also rr;w] 
/r= r out water; :i 
々【i 厂 "h"' 'ten, :i 


f 古' 


|— I 2 To protect, to screen, 
to close upon; to stop fur 二 
<〗u thei' progress ; a chamber 
' door, an inner door ; a ong- 
leaved door ; a hole, arT 
opening ; the nidus of larvae ; 
inaster of a family, ship, or shop ; 
H person ; people in a certain call- 
ing ; a fiimily, a household ; the 63d 
radical : ^pok^ ch、olc、 ho^ %^ing^ does 
not go out of doors ― a sedentary 
person ; com., ^^mwong ho^ a door; 
^'^^mtcoHf/ ho^ (sieu (sing、 be care- 
fal of doors ― i. e., guard against 
thieves ; " 力 the population; 
^'ho^ pioo^ Board of Population 
nnd Revenue ; "Jiorifj ho^ taxes 
on landed property ; coll., Ik? 
pwo^ iSenff^ a ward of Chungchau 
Island, near the "Large Bridge", 
in Foochow. 

«】 iiO、: to b:iil 
, Imilinp vessol: 
bout's bailing 
buck(its or ladles. 

r f A To rely on, to trust to, to 
I rt (lepend upon ; a father, u 
}>:ireiit ; a hcilper, a support- 
er : 'Vic»2 se^ one's depcMid- 
i'Hce — i. e., parentis; 
h</ to lose u father. 

To aid, to deliver ; to 
r d , to preserve, 
save, to succor, 
to patronize. ; the tiunk of 
an army : com., "fio^ ka^ 
an imperial escort ; Ito^ ^shig kidnr/^ 
"tilii(,id-min'or" — worn in plays ; 
h(/.ying 乂〃 《,"shielii-charm,, 一 i.e., 
the powerful aid of a patron ; 、"io》 
cho^ to aid, to «uccor ; h</ 、U、 to 
hold an office temporarily ; ho> 
^ch% a portfolio ; *°Ao^ fhunfj, 
"safely scaled" ― two churacters 
used on a latter-stamp. 

Geometrical worms, 
which curl up and stretch 
out as they go ; hampered, 
repressed, cowed down : 
^Wi' (?/ tj ho^ a worm, called 
the looper ; to span with the thumb 
and fore-finger. 

r/L2 Near, about, approaciv 
H、l ing; to lean on; to follow; an- 
* Fu iie.ved, attached to, tributa- 
ry, dependent; to join ; sup- 
plement, appendix, in clos- 
ure : " ho》 to de[)end on ; kie ^ ho^ 
to intrust to, to send with ; com., 
ho^ kciXnff near, adjacent ; ho^ (hl、 
to dwell near, as in u part of the 
same house; /" 乂 channg^ to bury 
with other remains; ho^ ^chu^ a 
stimulating medicine. 

? <嫂# 附 

?一 ^ 

護 助護封 

^^^l^ni ^^^^^^ 

,斗, 恃 

戶部 糧戶 

門 戶門戶 

7 出戶庭 

受天之 Tt? 

5 6 

W 債 W 恩 

辜 * 負信 



Corrupted, carious, rot- 
ti'ii, spoiled ; pulverized 
castrateti : 7to》 Jiing, the 
putiishinent of castration ; 
COM., 'nilk^ ho》 rotten 
meat ; ; U (coll. ho^ ^il ^ko)^ a 
tbolish pedant ; V<to》 lang^ spoiled, 
as food ; COLL., tav》 ho、 bean curd ; 
ho^ pHeng^ thin slices of curd ; ho 乂 
Jcang、 dried bean curd. 
I^/Lj To sacrifice to ancestors 
个] J in the hall ; to inter in the 
same tomb : ^ho^ sik, to 
sacrifice to ancestors. 








Near ; quick ; to help : 
COM., "10》 、ma、 a son-in-law 
of the emperor. 

A fresh-water fish re- 
sembling the perch, said 
to go in pairs or shoals, 
and to be faithful to each 
other ; like the chek"n(^ii, 

- mf' 2 Interlocking, like sermt- 
fj ^ ed edges, or cog-wheels 
fitting into each other ; 
with, together, each to 
other, reciprocal, mutual, 
blended, interchangeable, respon- 
sive ; a butcher's double hook 
\kau ho^ united ; ®Ao^ ^siong at 
mutual love ; 、ko、 uk^ serrated, 

\^rj^^ Closed up by the ice, 
ice-bound, frozen, congeal- 
•"■"^ ed ; a glazed, icy ap- 


Read ^6; coll. ^ko: a eu- 
phonic termination, as in 
singing songs : "(Aci 《M, 
sound of laughter. 


h6. ― 

Good, right, exopllent, 
well ; very ; in the coll., an 
intensive adverb, both in a 
good and a bad sense, ex- 
ceedingly, superlatively ; 
done, thoroughly cooked; well, re- 
covered from sickness : also read 
hd ), q. v.: COM., "(Ad e* a good in- 
tention ; "'h6 s&a^ (coll. 、h6 lax % 
meritorious actions; '^sionff^ <A 么 
very good ; 《h(、、 the best ; cap- 
ital ! the very thing ! "cAe^ SW, 
very intimate friendship ; 
chHexi^ luughable, amusing ; "《A<J 
k、an(f pretty, beautiful ; cou", 
"7td sWi^ good to eat; 、"h6、k'iu 
taunff tine skill or tact ; yd^ ^My 

f)assably good ; ^^ho midng^ good 
ot in life, a lucky state ; 'hd 
"^kidng pok^ chai^ (《夂 a few good 
children are sufficient ; ^"hd Hd^ 
"good bottom" ― i. e., wealthy ; 
t、Wc、 pole ) JcCnff(mng Jut hw'i, 
good iron is not passed thro' the 
furnace thrice ; met" a good man 
does not need repeated reproof ; 
[heng, exceeding harsh or 
unfeeling ; 、h6 k^d^ wak^ in very 
good circumstances; ^h6 tek^^ kik^ 
extremely good; 、chU 、h6 Hau^ 
cooked done ; pan^ 、h6、 recov- 
ered from the sickness ; 、h& 
( p^tcng ng^ 、ch、ai lok^ t& (A«?a, the 
good bee sips not a fallen flower ; 
met; applied to one of high aims. 

Hao. , 

To love, to take pleasure 
fond of, to like, to de- 
sire, to wish for : also read 
、h(>、 q. Y.:h6^ o) to like and 
to dislike ; com., ch6V h6 * 
greatly to wish for ; ''A(J , hok^ 
fond of study ; h6 * hak、 domestic 
harmony ; h6 ' Jc6^ aspiring ; h6 ) 
saik-, licentious, lewd ; ho ' 《chiu, a 

好 浪好學 

, 好命 好底 

憤好手 K 


笑 好看好 

好 至好好 

5 6 

呵^ 意 

愛 互物呵 

^互 互相 

^食 ^馬 

^儒« 爛 

3 4 

腐刑 肉腐 

- 1 2 

h6. 一 

Avine-bibber ; h<P ,s、StV fond of 
meddling ; coll., ho ^ sid/t, ^lan(f 
eho ) gormandi/in<j and lazy. 
士 To diminish, consume or 
destroy through time or 
Hao use ; to spoil ; to dissipate, 
to squander ; to injure ; to 
render void ; vicious, bad : 
,hil hip "wasted, squandered ; com., 
'A3》 hie" to spend, to expend 
rMrorely;c/ia^*2A<5' triflirtg'expenses. 
116 \ A coll. ward : an ex- 
clamation in answering 
to a call. 
/ ~ I* Which, who, w h a t ; 
^ Pj how, wherefore ; accord- 
f lio"^ ing to the sense of the con- 

• text ; a surnaine ; to bear, 
to carry : alsoread h6\ q.v. : 

^^hoyd^hovi? why? Jfo^ notlong, 
a short time; com., \u how ? 
in what way? Jio 炎、 how is it? 
how will it do? ^Jiv ko^ why ? what 
is the reason? ^^h6pek^v^\\\ must? ― 
i. e., there's no necessity ; \h6 
Heng Jcang (aang^ how very diffi- 
cult ! Jio laumf what matters it 
(between youandme)?;/"^^^"'?, 
what hindrance ! ― i. e., it's of no 
consequence ; ^h6 hvmmf how 
much raore ! much rather ! Ji6 
iping Jio k'eO? what evidence ? ― i. 
e., no proof whatever ; coll., <-ni6 
nai^ <h6^ no resource, imposflible ; 
.jAo cke^ fihiong wang^ how can 
it come to this ! 

-Jf y * The lotus or Nelura- 
4pff* biura ; also ? applied to 
$ •jjj' some Malvaceae : also read 

• ho 2, q. V. : BJi6 ^hung^ a 
south wind ; com., ^Jio 

Jma、 the lotus ; ih6 cpau^ a purse 
carried at the girdle ; ^^pok^ Ji6^ 
mint, as spearmint, peppermint ; 

HO_ 235 

ecu 丄., Ji6 yel\ (patt, steamed 
flour (lakes of the sliape of lotus 

Used for the noxt : a 
porcupine with b 】 :, <, k , 
pointed quills ; imperial ― 

• applieti to H. M.'s herds 
and flocks ; superior to 

otliers, eminent, excellcnit; martial, 
high-spirited, brave, a leader ; o\- 
celfing in mental qualities : <,om,, 
、\ing fjmng Jto kiek, excelling in 
prowess, a hero ; <Jid, a vil- 

Ia<;e brave ; ^ho 义' V hi*;h-spirited ; 
ho、 ; A 么 wealthy and influential ; 
、\h6 rtiiy a porcupine. 

.Long, fine hair : dmvn ; 
pomt of a pencil ; ritoins, 
j^J^ motes, anythiijcr very 

• nute ; ten strands of siFk ; 
the ten-thousandth of :t 

tael : ^^^h6 《?? zd, small hairs ; "'/mi: 
ihd, to write; com., ^/i6 JU, or 
(si Ji6、 a very little; a mote; 
^\him(j ^ho pok、 tdi、a、 not the least 
en'or; cotx., sioh^ (si sioh^ Jio (《w 
mtV ^h、a、 differs not in the least. 

A city moat or ditch, a 
fosse : 、\sing Jl6, a city 

Same as the last: the 
water in a fosse : ^^Jiosiong^ 
on' the bank of the moat. 

An' oyster : ^^Jio 、sang、 
an oyster bed. 

Used for the nex" to 
call, to cry out, tr,implore ; 
to groan ; ^\hu Jio^ to cry 
out, to call. 

觴山; ^讒 

城壞 缓上 

51- 毫不差 

奢毛 揮毫 

5 6 

富 豪豪猪 

豪傑 土豪 



荷 風荷花 

?何 等艱難 

何 故何必 

5 6 

P 何 4 如何 

i 費 T 也 




To ronr, as a tiger," in 
which sense the same as 
the next ; :i (uK,k,s crow ; 
to call Mloud, to howl, to 
cry : ; ilsu read /lo \ q. v. : 
\/m Jio^ to crv out; 'Jtf/ j 
(tHknff, to imploro He;iven. 

Somotinios read to 
roar ond howl, as bears and 
tio-ers : 3: 力 (; ^pcfK^ :i liowl- 






ho ^ or tai 

lien (I ; /〃〃,,• coll. :/i 么 as i 
in 、- J"> 'f;''m !、 the wiiulpipe, ]: 
the thr(»at ; 'Jt6 Jf-ntj it、m" ;: 
toj) of the throat ; Jio |i 
Mnp tn ) '、uh、g jc^'Otuj jj 
"■king 'khifj tioh, fx; dutch people j| 
ti'y;htly hy tlie throat. • i! 

]U:u'k, designation, do- 
Tioniiiiation ; a "chop", la- 
_ bel, name, c{)ithet orstyle; 
j^p^ sii^ii of -I shop ; an order, 
^ verbal or written ; a sur- 
name ; signal, countersign ; 
to name, to style, to des- 
to mark : com., \chong 
what is your hon- 
orable name? ^piek^ ho^ an addi- 
tional name, as the virile style ; 
、kwok、 ho 2 name of a dynasty ; 
\Ytihig ho 2 name of the reign; ^h6^ 
leng^ a mandate, a proclamation ; 
^"^clu'} ho^ a. mark; ho^ kwa) a 
soldier^s coat ; ^^ho ^ so^ the num- 
ber of the marks, as on articles ; 
'Va》 ho 2 to affix the signature ; 
^siii ho 2 the first, as to size, etc. ; 
"Ao 2 p^mi a signal-gun ; hd ^ 
a recording office ; "h6 ^ 
labeled cells in examination 
halls ; COLL,, ^midng ho ^ a name or 
designation ; ho ^ ^midng^ or ho ^ 
、la imidngy to name, to desig- 


f f To l>enr, to sustain, to 
寸口 r carry on the head or hack, 
J 一 to carry on tbe shoniders : 
/|-|f ^ also read ; ho^ q. v. : /to^ ho ^ 
I to carry on the back or 
― shoulders ; ^'"paik^ lfik、 .sv^ 
ho 2 bears a hundred bless- 

To congratulate, felici- 
tate at tbstivals or on hap- 
py events; to make pres- 
t'nU, tcr reward ; also 
met" presents, to bear : 
co^i,^ ^^lio^ to congratulate; 
^^ho ^ 7a, or ho ^ keng、 congratula- 
tory presents ; ^^ho ^ on'm,g、 to of- 
fer New Year's salutations; ^^^iiw^ 
ho 2 "respectful salutations", as 
written on presents; ho^ ""mwancf 
ngwok^ to felicitate with presents 
Avhen a child is a month old. 

White, a white color ; a 
summer sun, a clear, lumin- 
ous sky, for which the 
pJS ^ first is generally used : 
Drj^ h6 乂 h6、 enlarged'; self- 
Hao. possessed ; i。A<5 ^ fiimg 
Jcing k、wok、 the glorious 
heavens and golden palace (of 

The light of heaven, 
aM luminous, like the clear 
sky; resplendent, bright, 
l^i^t lustrous, glistering : ^"i'ai ) 
ff pf ho 2 the firmament ; ^^h6 ^ 
Hao. (sh" a hoary head ; seW^ h6、 
four gray beards (of the 
Han dynasty). 

A warming pan, a hand- 
Xtyl stove ; bright, lustrous ; 
name of a place where 
• Wu-wang had his capital, 
called ^king: h6 ^ h6^ 
chHoJc^chHok^ bright and splendid. 

膽首 P 京 

2 金闕 

|K 年, 天 

賀喜 賀鱧 

6 7 

gtt 是荷 

號 她號舍 

GO 4 


p 號^ 號 

尊 號刖號 

5 6 

ffg4 喉嚨 

3 呼 sli! 天 

n6H. HOl. HOK. 

,/^!, Great, swelling waters ; 
W r| a watery expanse; im- 
raense, vast, affluent ; an 
* ■ overplus, superabundant, 
enlarged, noble : 
taung^ or h6^ tai^ vast, as the 

Extensive, as waters 
reaching to a distance ; 
^ vast, boundless : "t 6) 
ao' tJcieu, broad, like an ex- 
panse of water ; *,sionff 
,chil M、 the books of the 
Shang dynasty (in import) are 
Tast like the ocean. 

(204) Iloh. 

H6hy A coll. word : to cook, 
or heat up, as cold food : 
h6h、 pioong^ to warm tip vice ; 
hdhy y'ek 飞 to heat up ; h6h^ (ta, to 
heat, or fry^ dry. 

(205) Hoi. 

,JIoi. A coll. word : an ex- 
clamation of regret or sur- 
prise ; the same as (o/, q. v. : ,hoi 
j<5, Oh 1 Ah I 

To shun ; to respect ; to 
avoid mentioning, a8 
sacred ffames or improper 
• subjects ; to hide ; to muf- 
fle ; name of a person in the 
ancestral hall : */ioi ' che} sacred 
names ; hoi\ming pok、 hoi , senff 
names are sacred, but surnames 
are not ; com., ^ngW hoi , sacred 
name of the emperor ; hoi ' to 
avoid using, as a sacred name ; 
, hoi ' to trespass on forbid- 
den subjects ; *fOhong hoi * the 
sacred name ― sail., of your de- 
ceased relative. 

The woof of cloth ; de- 
grees of latitude ; cross, 
W transverse lines; to weave, 

to entwine : Mng hoi、 warp and 
woof; *'ngu hoi ' the five planets ; 
'"te^ hoi ' 'geographical divisions ; 
( OM., hoV lik\ a, fringed ceremo- 
nial cap. , 

A kint?fiBher, with 
5i beautiful - plumngc ; the 
4 cock is called hoi \ the 
hen ch^oi ' ; com., ''hoi' 
ck、oi、 ngicoh^ the chryso- 

JToi. A coll. word, used in 
calling to a person : halloo I 
you there I the same as joi, q. v. 

丁 lappiness'i'dicity, good 
fortune ; good, lucky ; to 
〉 bless; a blossin<:, divine 
prosperity ; provided with 
nllthinscs; sacrlticial meals; 
to store up; with : com" 、"iok、k、e~、 
happiness; "hionff hok, to be Imp- 
py; '*'n(/yhoJc, the five blessings- 
longevity, wealth and honor, 
peace, virtue, and a good death ; 

happy by your favor ; 、'ho】" kiong' 
Fookien province ; "hoi" 、chiu, 
Foochow ; hoJc, ,c/Hdng kainc/^ the 
district of Fuhtsing in the Foo- 
chow prefecture ; "hvmk.) hok, to 
enjoy happiness ― i. o., become fat; 
"hok、 luk\ sev} 'hi, happiness, 
income, longevity, and joy (i. e., 
children) ; hok, te^ hok, ong 'jmai 
{coW'.Mi)^ the fortunate are buried 
in lucky grave sites ; """hok, taik^ 
eheng' iSing, the god of wealth, 
mammon ; coll., hok、 ,chiu k'-ah^ 
tdi ' pwanr/'pah, Foochow traders 
halve the hundred— i. e., oflbr only 
half of the price demanded ; hok、 
U'e? 'yd 、h6、 or 、M hok, k'e' "good 
luck"; met, a fine, portly form. 

福 德正神 


福棘 壽喜 


福州 發鼷 

7 3 

福 分福建 

5 6 

享 福五福 

玉 氣 〇 

地 緯翡翠 


尊 諱五緯 

8 9 

eg: 諱 ^ 諱 

,字 , 直 

商 書灝灝 i 

8 A 

238 HOK. 

Also read aik^: a 
piece of wood on the horns 
of cattle to prevent their 
goring; a quiver for arrows. 

The spokes of a wheel : 
、hok、 chaixC to collect, as 
at a metropolis ; conrerg- 
ing, running together. 

Variegated, black and 
..jure mixed ; to embroider 
- in colore; elegant, flowery 


as writing ; a variegated 
garment : 、hok> ^mieng., an 
embroidered coronet. 

Jfllf Tobrush,to wipe, to dust; 
^Wt to push away, to oppose, to 
"*^jj^〉 expel ; to contradict ; per- 
verse, disobedient ; a kind 
of posture-making : 、hok、 1 
iing (chi smg) to thwart one's 
wishes ; COM., 、hok、 (? V t6h) todust 
chairs and tables ; 、hok) (cA'i'w, a 
small dusting-broom ; coll., "hok, 
'unff iting, to brush off dust ; ,hot) 
f'ctA, to dust clean. 

An edible vegetable 
■with white roots, of the 
size of the finger ; it is 
found in Shanttmg. 

BramNes or luxuriant 
herbage concealing the 
path ; happiness, luck ; to 
• screen ; to clear away, to 
open : *hok、 滅、 happiness 
and official income ; 、'hok, k'took, 
(hung (cA'<5, to clear away the 
thick grass. 

JVtW| Raveled silk ; a screen 1 
rrju a trace to drag a bier: 
'•Pu?, 、"cheJ{、 hok、 to accompany 
" a funeral. 




Used for the last two ; 
a ribbon to hold a seal. 



. Fu. 

Silken cords which are 
used to carry coffins ; met.^ 
fine, elegant, applied to 
the emperor's wordsr 
"ilung nok^ elocjuent, per- 
suasive, as imperial sayrags. 

Vl\ Also read hvmk、 : cold j 
to open the sluices, to let 
water flow over fields, for 
purposes of irrigation : 
hok^ taung* to open the 

Clean, pure ; to disperse, 
to drive off ; to wash away; 
a sacrifice or baptism to- 
obtain good : "holc、 ^tU^ to- 
ward off (evil). 

A wide strip of cloth ; a 
IJJq^ roll of paper or cloth ; a 
•^E^' selvedge or hem ; a border 
^ or frontier ; a classifier of 
maps, pictures, rolls, flags, 
walls, and strips of cloth j leg- 
wrappers : COM., hok、 a 
hem, a border;' \chion ^AoA;,a whole 
strip ; "se' kok、 a set of four 
scrolls hung in halls ; " hok、 pwang^ 
a strip and a half. 

汐 ilfl LTte, as if: "(hmmg 
-iWft hok、 resembling, appear- 
'7 ) ing, seeming as if. 

Disheveled hair ; head 
ornaments ; like, nearly, 
『> applied to things, 

-III A negative ; a term of 
1444 deprecation ; not, it should 
4^ )' not be, not permissible ^ 

,半|5 怫 

i 〇 


邊 幅全褐 

|g 除, o 

霄 5 蕩 

豊草 1 纖 

祿 }^厥 

8 9 

塵拂潔 〇 

,手, A 

,椅 io 

t 人之性 


HOK. 239 

contrary, distorted : "iok、 (ti, not 
to know, ignorant of; ^hok^ kik^ 
not to arrive at, to fail of. 

A bat, called ^'pieiig 


\\xt hok^ ― a term used in the 
coll. for the embroidered 



or painted figures of tli^ 

An adder, cobra, or ven- 
omous serpent ; a locust 
f5 , - before it flies : "wlc、 isie 

• (called in coll. [ngu tuk^ 
iSie)^ a venomous serpent, 

a viper ; 、hok、 、ioi^ a large snake, 

'Dissatisfied, displeased, 
discontented : &hok) ; yong, 
displeased ; ^hok) ok、 vex- 
ed, disquieted. 

Fragrance, odors diffus- 
ed around : ,h 、k、 eiik^ u 
pleasant fragrance. 

To repeat ; to and fro, 
back and forth ; unstable, 
unsettled ; to subvert, to 

• overthrow, to defeat ; to 
throw down, to upset, to 

prostrate ; to judge, to inquire 
into caref illy : also read p^aiu\ 
^.v. : a (tie' Iff hoJc、 fallen down ; met" 
impoverished ; reprobate ; com., 
、a、hwang hok^ to repeat ; vacillat- 
ing; "hok> "么 to repeat an ex- 
amination ; 〜chiong Jcimg hok^ 
muk^ the whole army annihilat- 

Zl/^ A wadded or lined gar- 
ment ; doubled ; the second : 
Yv^^ '3 讽? Iff again, vepeat- 
' ed; "hole) to ^ a double 
road, one above and one 

A pad or covering for 

the knee. Read pioak" a 

„ sort of tunic worn by 
Fu. ^ J 

That which embraces ; 
thebelly,abdomen, bowels; 
the seat of tbe mind ; the 
affections ; rich, thick ; in- 
timate, dear ; the earth : in 
the coll. read j>ok、、 q . v. : "hoJc、 
{Sing, very dear, intimate ; 
〜nihoJc) a poHthumous child ; ^ku 
hok^ pot-bellied, dropsical ; ^'^H^ang 
hok) a son-in-law. 

A prane ; an emblem of 
age ; the name is applied 
2 to many of the Avaaers : 
COM., ^^hok^ Hihig, a paper 
Bedan and crane, burnt on 
the last of the seven-sevens (funer- 
al rites); hwak、 ^txmg ; ngang^ 
has gray hairs and a young face ; 
pah^ hok^ a white egret ; hok^ 
(mn 仏 a long dark cloth coat, 
worn by mounted attendants of 
officers ; kok、 ch、ek) a crane's leg; 
met" long-legged ; hok^ (tinff, 
crai>e-shaped button, worn by 
Siutsai and Kiijin graduates. 

The black bird, pie, or 
jay ; small birds of this 
class which go in flocks. 

To learn, to receive in- 
struction ; to practice ; to 
> imitate ; learning, science^ 
. study, instruction, doc- 
trines, tenets, school of ; a 
Jlsiao, college, a school-building 
in the coll. read 化, q. v. 
coM^ "-Viol" sik^ to study and learn 
"lok-t seil^ doctors, academicians 
i\ch、u hok, a freshman ; hol\ (seng, 
or hok\ ^seng Jc6^ a student, a 

^士一 ,學 

童顔 學習 


,輦, 髮 

遺 腹坦腹 

覆沒 重複 


」覆2 軍 

顯 覆反覆 

9 2 

"蝮她 i 然 

s 蝮蛇 

『 4 

弗知 ,ss 及 

J 2 




scholar ; hofc^ 、tv''l、 a lemale pupil ; 
hoJc^ itoacf^ a school-house ; ^munff 
hok^ arithmetic ; 、sim ho?" the 
T)rimary lessons ― a school book ; 
、ho1" itaiy or hok、 yenn^ a literary 
chaacollor ; coll., hok、 on/f iwai ^ 
of fjreat leai'niug; hok^ seiV He, a 
chair with carved arms and back. 

White, glistening 
plumes of bii ds; pure and 
jj^^ : white : ^pek, len hok、 hoi" 
• a white bird with glisten- 
ing plumes. 

Sometimes road /oi\ : a 
kind of anijnal allied to 
j-^- i the fox ; it burrows and 
一 ' sleeps much, has u shax!) 
nose, and long pie-bald 
fur ; a badger : */ioky ^kiu^ a tbx- 
skiri robe. 

The ends of silk cut off 
and hanging down : ^seilk, 
Jionff hok, the tUther of 

r^-^ To judge, to examine 
into, to search out ; to 
力 ^2 keep in order ; to punish ; 
to prosecute or accuse one ; 
to sentence : ^hoA\ sik、 to 
ascertain the facts ; 、ho】" painrj^ 
to revise a oase ; ""、f\、 chaiu) to 
accuse by memorial ; coll., hok. 
sioh^ "-pioon^j^ to send up a memori- 
al accusing one, 
! To investigate, to ascer- 

A^V^ tain the fUcts ; the reul 
' circtimatanoGs ; truly, veri- 
ly ; to pare and carve ; in 
the following senses the 
He. first is commonly used ; 
the kernel or seed offruit8 ; 
the nucleus ; a nodule ; hard gan- 
glions in flesh : 、 liok、 to inves- 
tigate the facts ; ^^^chawj hok、 

IIu. ' 

to search out a matter ; "(/"oo 
hok\ the kernels or seeds of fruit; 
COM., 、"tok々 <f>6^ walnuts. 

(207) Hong. 

Lng Road yeng; coll. Jiong: 
T^jp tobacco ; Dpliun : 、\ch、aHff 
( Jwruj, raw tobacco ― a yel- 
^LrCl low sort ; ^^sllk^ ,hon(" 
^/^[Zy cured tobacco ; ^^Jciug ^si 

Yen. Jionrj^ fino-cut tobuccQ ; 
kaii} Jw)ifj^ a- kiuil of 
stron£^ tobacco ; "Jimg ,7>aw, :i 
tobacco-pouch ; Jiong ,p(tii nak^ 
two bono or ivory pieces at the 
neck of the pouch ; "、dL、a Jioug、 
to cure tobacco over the fire ; 
"-chwi Jiong^ a kind of tobacco 
smoked thro' water ; "(hcmff 
iten;/^ a tobacco or opium pipe ; 
"thong k e 11 ^ opium - smoking 
apparatus ; "(w Jiong^ or '、yong 
(/ao"/7, or /z p ' i e ng^ Ji^ong, 
opium ; Jiong crude opium 
ill balls ; Jiong Jco^ opium prepar* 
ed for smoking ; Jiong (m" opium 
drcg.s ; Jiong (/w, fellow opium- 
smokers ; '〜? VH> jiong^ to smoko 
tobacco or opium ; ''chHd./tCf Jumg^ 
please tuke a smoke ; "J、ong 
"cmmg, an opiiun-smoking (len ; 
kaik\ Jiong^ Xo cure the habit of 
smoking; n(fien(f Jiong^ or Jiong 
uffUruf addicted to the use of 

Jloag. 八 coll. word, as iti 
Jiong Jciag、 iulerior or 
imitation /jfold-leuf ; st^ Jio)i(j ,kin(/ 
t、aik) Jd、 It is covered Avith imita- 
tion gold-leaf. 

( Disbhcdient, perverse, 
>j RjJ quarrelsome, revengeful ; a 
if^i^ &upi3rl;"ivo, very, in uch, 
、 • excessive, in whidi senso 
veiul'/ien^ in the coll., q.v. : 

煙具鳥 5 

^^^^^^ ^ 

^^^^^^ AAr 

核 P 祧^ 

實 P 核采 

辦 劾奏核 

8 9 


6 T 

鬆 裘叔梁 

白鳥 鷲^ 

奚學 學臺 

1 3 




aiso used in the coll. for scowl- 
in<7, looking angrily at : coll., 

you scowl thus at me ! 

^Xt=t TTsed for the 】ast ; the 
>l FA snarling of dogs ; to bite, as 
•^^^ pigs;quarrelsoine,pervcrse; 
• intractable : Halu、 "Lony, 
to quarrel. 

Salary of officers, sti- 
peiul, euiolutneuts, govern- 
- ment allowance ; com,, 
^hoiiff^ luk\ or hong) ,stng^ 
official income ; 、hon(f 
^haiu^ a f;it salary ; hong^ ^sing 
^yong JiVciuj^ a salary to promote 


To instruct, to teach, to 
tX/,| expl/iiin ; ^ doctrine, a 
precept, a definition : com., 
• * 人 -c^'? hoH'g) (coll. ka、 
hong)、, to instruct ; "homf 
tiP the second superintendent of 
education in a department ; ho'ng) 
imimy <c/id, a school for children. 

To recite or rehearse in 
a musical tone ; recitative; 
to ridicule, to satirize, to 
reprove by irony ; meta- 
phor, allusion: '/iong/^sSilnff^ 
to chant ; , hong) c/iydil) to satirize, 
pointed irony; "umg) kang^ to 

Ordure, dung, filth, 
muck, excrement ; to ma- 
-p.^ - nure: in the coll. read ponfj\ 
' q. V. : "hoiig^ Jd -Mejig^ to 
manure the laud. 

To endeavor after ; to 
excite, to rouse one's self; 
to spread abroad or reach 
to ; to brush away ; to lift ; 
prompt, impetuous, rapid : 


'"honff' (hi, to spread tlio wiii<;s 
to fly ; 1 met., to put forth eltbn ; 
COM., yiorifj' c/tc' to rouse oiio's 

4: A row, a line, a column, 
4 丁 as of characters ; a sericM 
《iJ"D《'. order; a company of 
25 men : also read ihenfj 
and hai?)f,\ q. v. : '\hoTU/ 
to range in order; com'., 
'ngu, a company of 25 
men, military ranks; 、、hou(f (, 
ch'ok, (—/, promoted froin the 
I'anks ; "ngamf ihong, wild ^eeae 
(flying) in a row ; met.、 the order 
or number in the series ; coll., 
nga7ig^ ihong td ^ 'ktci, which num- 
ber (of the brothers) are you ? 

Xtl Read iherif, ; used for 
/mT the coll. prefix Jtcmff, as 
< Hsing. in hau7i(/' iioor- 

• beams ( when spoken of 

X-"- The capital of Cheh- 
4mTi kiang, famous for its silks ; 
i Hang, a square boat, a raft, in 

• which sense used for the 
next : '\t''ie)ig Jiohq^ the 

milky way; com., V 讀; 7 ' (cklu、 
Hangchau ; '\hon.g sUiuf Ilaiig- 
chau fans ; 、\h<m(J .cheng.n qu ik- 
ing needle; '\honri kiak, the 
Hungchau Aster or Chrysanthe- 
mum, used to flavor tea. 

1^ 丄 A scow, a square boat 
JviJXi foi' ; to sail, to navi- 

《 Han- gate : 'V'Art -、 ho"ff、 to pity 
and save — a B u d hi 8 1 
plinise ; it'ai Jiongy ladder 
and boats ; met., to scale hills and 
cross seas. 

天 杭州 

7 ft; 

^伍 出身 


p 其田 〇 

訓 導諷誦 

ft 厚 m 訓 

i 狠俸棘 

1 2 



jrn^ To fly or dart down, as 
a bird ; the neck, the 


狼! I 


The neck or throat of a 
bird ; an important pass 
" 」 into a country ; to swal- 

A scar, a cicatrix ; a 
mark, a trace, a line ; an 
『n itching ; a flaw iu glass or 
pearls, a crack in crockery- 
ware : COM., i(chwi ihong^ 
a trace in water ; met" marks or 
Beams in glass and gems ; ^,sing 
〜hong、 a fresh mark ; coll., fjiong, 
Jiong^ marks ; 《md ^homj i?nJ 
chW" no marks whatever; ^simg 
kwo^ ^chwi ^md ^hoiig^ the ship 
leaves no mark in the water ; 
meL^ no trace, no evidence of it. 

To submit, to return to 
one's allegiance ; to de- 
scend: also read kaxmg\ q, 
COM., "mkt Jicmg, or 
ihong fyak^ to submit to ; 
\hong tping、 troops surrendenng; 
、f,tau Jiong^ to submit, as rebels ; 
•Jiong fChily or ^hong 、pieu, ar- 
ticles of submission. 

, Read ^hwong; coll. 
l^jf ihong : to prepare, to 
t"-^ J guard against, to keep ofi 、: 
\hong pe^ or ,t07ig Jiong, 
to be on one's guard 
against ; ^Jiong ch^ek^ to guard 
against thieves ; Jumg md ^ teu^ 
unable to ward off^ or keep from. 

m2 A fabulous bird ; the 
raale is called hong^ and 
F the female Jiw )ng ; the 
g' Chinese phenix ; it seemt* 
to be a species of ar^iis- 



pheasant ; poetical title for the 
empress : com., "lo ny》 Jcwang、 a 
cap ornamented with pheaixes ― 
worn by brides ; ^^Itong^ ^tie ^chil 
ying、 the Phenix Lake College, 
Foochow ; COLL., hong^ Jmo7ig 
^cheu pah^ ^ pioa^ig 《m3, phenixes 
have a hundred kinds of feathery; 
me《" none whatever, wholly des- 
titute ― a play on the coll. sm<5, 
which means feathers and no^ie* 

To receive respectfully 

in both hands ; to receive 

ZT" from a superior, or loffer to 
e g* him ; to approach respect- 
fully, to revere; to obey, to 
follow : COM., "hong、 seU* to serve; 
、"i07i(f iSing^ to flatter ; ^^hong^ 
yong^ to provide for one's parents ; 
"hon 才 、chi, to receive the impe- 
rial commands; ^^hony^ kau? to era- 
brace the doctrines (of a sect) ; 
、& hong^ h6 ^ to offer congratulatory 
presents ― an epistolary phrase ; 
、i hoHg》 s'eU^ ^hiong [hwi, to burn 
incense to; ^^hong^ Jiengko^ seil^ to 
follow the old (mode of doing), to 
imitate predecessors. 

A chaos of waters ; roil- 
7^p ed, turbid, muddy, as a 
I^n torrent^ foul ; confused, 
' indistinct ; mixed, ill-assort- 
ed : COM., "Aow(7* chak^ 
mixed, promiscuous ; Jiang hong^ 
or hong^ tiong) confusedly, as in 
doing ; ^""hong^ (tie'ng, crazy ; 
COLL., ping Hd ndV hong^ his 
mind is somewhat confused. 

' Used for the last : con 
fused ; dirty, turbid ; urr 
Hun clean, as animals ; filthy, 
• foul, like a sewer ; a privy : 
1、 ho7iif chok^ foul, dirty; 
Jmang hoyuf a privy. 

^0 ,、濁 

f 事 k 雜 


香火 1 奉行 


牽賀, fS 

奉首 奉教 

奉 承奉養 

書院 115* 

00 00 

防 備防賊 

7 S 

f 痕 新痕 




To disgrace, to dishonor, 
-r to bring reproach o n ; 
grieved, ashamed, morti- 
^ I ned ; to distress, to excite, 
to trouble : 、hong^ Jeung^ 
Tsung. to dishonor the prince. 

f\J The 2d read ( ping, used 
for the coll. hong" duty, 
the daties of an office or 
X^ry^ a situation ; a part, a share, 
iJrJ a portion, an interest in : 
Ffen. the Ist also read (hung'q. 
v.: *ft'^ienff hong* natural 
endowments ; com., chek^ hong^ 
duties of a position ; *^pwong 
hong' one's own duty ; *hong' 
teng* fixed, destined ; *wok^ hong^ 
to go beyond one's proper sphere; 
*hong、 ha} my, mine ; hong、 ^su 
ttong iui, the duty that one ought 
to perform ; hong* ngwoi * 'A<5, 
Buperexcellent ; coll., hong^ 
to have a share or concern in ; 
ch、ok、 sioh^ hong、 to contribute a 
share ; hmg、 t^aw, a share, a por- 

Low jests, vulgar mirth, 
lewd allusions, scurrilous 
merriment ; 'ciw hong^ to 
trifle ; *hong* (i, a harle- 
quin dress, a masquerade. 



I, > > To help, one who can 
'"ft* assist ; a scholar, a distin- 
guished man ; a man, a bus- 
band ; a porter, a work- 
man, a sedan-bearer ; an 
exalted lady : also read Jiu, q. v. : 
COM., Yiong* (hu, a man, a hus- 
band; "<hu Jca、 your husband ; 
" (hu (Ch^d, or Jiu ho^ husband 
and wife ; "Jiu <ing^ an officer's 
wife, your wife; S (Am iing, a con- 

cubine ; ,hu^ hostlers ; Jen 

(/m, paternal aunt's husband ; " (hu 
,sing 、chil sek、 husband and chil- 
dren ― in the language of fortune- 
tellers ; COLL., "(/m if-au, head- 
man of porters or eedan-men ; 
"(Am '■^ common porters, etc. ; 
hu ling iud ^nd midng^ the lucky 
lot of her ladyship. 

The skin, the epidermis ; 
the soft flesh ; minced 
^ meat ; pork ; the breadth of 
• four fingers ; skin-deep, 
superficial ; beautiful; 
large ; to skin, to flay ; to receive : 
"(hu H^d, the body ; (Am, 
muscle, flesh ; "hwak、 Jm、 the 
。,.!jin • COLL., "jjtj'we (/m, the 

Bran or husk of wheat ; 
the refuse of hemp-seed 
or ground-nut, after the 
oil is expressed. 

To brood over, to hatch ; 
accordant, agreement; 
belief, trust, confidence ; 
calyx of a bud : "(力 w kak) 
the calyx, the coat of seeds 
germinating ; "Jiu smg) veritable. 

i To captivate, to capture, 

|Jj2l to take prisoners in war ; 
( a prisoner ; spoil taken iu 
■ battle : "(Aw fphHu, a cap- 

; Tt3 The husk of grain ; the 
capsule or pericarp of seed ; 
the calyx. 

/i\ff The outermost wall be- 
,3rj\ yond the citadel; the 
( " suburbs ; the purlieus of a 

竽信 俘囚 

皮虜 竽甲 

肌 虜髪膚 

8 9 

夫 仔廣體 

f 息! <® 

馬夫 夫星 

夫妻 ^ 人 

丈 夫夫家 

,譁, 衣 

本 分分定 

8 4 

1 君夭分 

244 HU. 


The female hemp ; the 
pellicle lining the culms 
of reeds ; met" related, a 
distant connection : \ka 
Jul, the white, medullary 
lining of some sedges ; meL^ dis- 
tantly related, lightly esteem- 

A raft, a float of wood 
or bamboo ; in the follow- 
( ,Fjf ing Reuses read ^p^efi in 
' the dictionaries ; a ridge- 
pole in a roof; a drumstick; 
n barrow to carry dirt: \hu (sH, 
(or \p'eii t'srt), a screen, the inner 
doors opposite the main entrance; 
\/iH t、nng、 (or ^p^m tHing^)^ light 

A stem or petiole ; 
calyi ; a raft ; lower bar 
of a railing ; handle of a 
knife or bow ; to wash in 


Also read ip、 eu: 
drumstick. Read ^pai 
bushy, a thick, luxuriant 
growth of plants. 

To spread out, to diffuse; 
to give ; to issue an order, 
to promulgate, to an- 
nounce, to show forth ; to 
state to a superior : \hu ^su^ 
to spread or promulgate, as laws ; 
COM., ^,hu eilng^ sufficient for use ; 
,pok、 JiUy insufficient ; \hu yoh^ 
to apply plaster. 

Diseased ; a wasting of 
strength, atrophy : 、titk、 
p- - Jm seU^ 、hai、 to injure the 
whole empire^ as by exac- 





A stone resembling a 
gem, a false gem : "(m Jm、 
aa inferior jade. 

To sit in audience or 
state, with the legs bent 
under one d la Tarquei 
called ^\ka ^hu: ",hu Jiu 
£ yongy to make an obeti 
sance, as females do. 
rif L The instep of the foot 
{ptyj where sandals are tied ; 
* Fu the toes \ "<hu chiU* over- 
alls worti by soldiers. 

I I.. . Read Jmi ; coll. Jiu : 
lyl^ ashes : 、"hw'、 Jm, ashes, 
(,《ui cinders ; 、\hu laiu ' the 
■ ashes of pewter-foil paper, 
rf^l^ Read Jiu : used for the 
y^jr^ coll. (hu, as in " Jiu hak, 
( ar fhu ^hu hak^ hak^ or Am 
tak、 kak、 to blurt lies 
recklessly, to humbug J 
(hu (hu kieu^ the buzz of insects 
wings ; the whistling of the wind. 

,J7m. a coll. word, as in (hu 

waV or, Aw waV there, 
in that place ; see also in 'Att waV. 

< A tiger, the king of 

1^ beasts ; met., brave, fierce; 
awful, violent : com., "(Am 
• ichau, tiger's claws ; meL^ 
tailor's shears ; "(Aw ^sing^ 
the tiger-crab ; met., an ugly face ; 
,。'^M itiu, a tiger-trap ; 、hu Tcauk、 
Jc6^ tiger-bone salvo ; "7m pie ' 
tiger's arm ― the right side of a 
grave ; '■hu chiong、 a brave gener- 
al ; "(Am '^chang, an executioner's 
block and knife , as carried in 
idol processions ; (ngu 'Am, the 

^臂 虎斬 

虎 螺虎槻 

1 2 

答鳴 虎爪 


料!: 喝!: 

注 火灰灰 

趺跌然 附 

腐 砍娜跌 

o 1 

毒 麼四海 

? K: 敷 e 敷藥 

敷施 敷用 

}^ 思桴炭 

8 4 





Five Tiger Mt,8. south ofFoochow; 
COLL., laid (hu ( spoken la} 'hu ), a 
tiger ; la} 、hu kwa* (Su 、chio, a 
tiger wearing Suchow pearls ; 
me" feigned gfentleness ; 'hu itS ^tU, 
A tiger carrj^ing otf a pig ; met., to 
carry a child on the back ; 'hit 
if'au isi^ ^mm, a tiger's head and 
% snake's tail ; met" a fierce begiu- 
ning and a cowardly ending. 

A signet made of a 
veined stone like a tiger's 
H 亿 skin: "hu ihu, a sisnet 
仏 sent as a warrant, wn^n 
soldiers were levied ; com., 
"Aw p'^aSkj amber. 

Also read 、hU : the bank 
of a river, a desoent or 
"j^" lawn sloping down to 
a stream ; branch of the 
river Huai in Ngan- 

* !■ 1 ,• A store-house, a honse ; 
a record-office, a library, a 
'^■» treasury ; the officer over 
• them ; a department or 
prefecture ; a prefect: 
VSATj ^hu^ the six elements ; com., 
* Jcwang (Aw, an officer ; \hung 
•Aw, a deputy-prefect ; ,、hu (厶' 
prefectural examiDations ; ,8iong* 
'/tw and V 'Am, the upper and 
lower prefectures of Fookien ; 
Vai * his honor, the prefect ; 
Wpwong 、hu, our prefect ; I, the 
prefect ; "'A'!< siong^ your house ; 
"{Awt tfiu, return to your home ; 
COLL., ^hu pah^ tne prefect's 
police ― are so styled ; 、hu po^ 
ngvod* kaing^ Hd po* ngwo^ missed 
both at the prefect's and at the 
district magistrate's ; met, failed 
in both matters I 


>/|j> Same as the next: to 
\yf stoop, to look down and 
•Zl consider ; to condeacend to. 
Read'miVn^r; to try earnest- 
ly, to exert one's self. 

( t^ft To stoop, to bow ; to 
'4l«r consider ; to look down on, 
to condescend to ; unequal : 
"、hu huk^ to fall proatrate ; 
、"hu ^chungy condescend 
to grant it ; "(Am to bow the 

'Rite The inferior viscera : 
H|fT COM" 、、chaimg、 、}m、 the 
superior and inferior 
viscera; "Wc) 、hu, the 
stomach, gall, bladder, in- 
testines, and secreting passagea. 

(yjfc A suffix of names, a title 
A/ of respect and honor ; to 
■^^^ address respectfullv; usual- 
u' ly read h&, a. v. : * Vwi 、hu、 
the honorable ^Nd (Confu- 
cius) ; "sionff* 'Aw, the eminent 
Siong* ( coll. Jciong t'aV Jeung) of 
the Chow. 

A hatchet, an ax; to 
out, to hack, to chop, to 
fell: ""Am an ax- 

u' handle ; 、"hu dok) to criti- 
cise, to coiTect. 
^ A boiler or caldron 

•^tT withoul feet ; a me 麵 re, 
containing about 6+ '<aw : 
"'Am chaing' a boiler and 
rice-steamer ; "p'd , *hu 
itHng (chiu, to break the skillsts 
and sink the boats ; wie 《-, una- 
voidable, compulsory. 

A sort of basket, square 
outside and round within, 
used to contain grain when 
worshiping, called 'Aw 、kwi. 


1 琥 '六 '分 '上 
符 府府府 

'官 6 府 8 下 
珀 府考府 

APt«. PICT. 32 

1 釜沉舟 

1 六, f 

7 8 

俯首 臓嘛 

i 伏俯准 

3 H 

t 上 P 府 

r 府 f 

9 W 






Preserved or dried 
meat ; flesh : \siH ^hu, or 
*sok, ^huy slices of dried 
meat, formerly sent to a 
teacher ; teacher's salary; 
COM., *lSk^ (Aw, dried venison. 

<- I: ' Large ; beaatiful, good ; 
bti numerous ; great, eminent ; 
^y'"* to begin ; I, myself ; a 
term of respect in address- 
ing one : *(Chiong ^hu, a 
cap worn by literati ; '(Aw "hu, 
much, numerous. 

Black and white, diver- 
sified ; embroidered, ele- 
gant dress: "Am hok) dress- 
es anciently used in sacri- 
fices, with black and white 
or embroidery resembling 


axes ; elegant, as an essay. 

JLtt A dewlap ; how ; why, 
uH wherefore ? dark, blackish ; 
< the Tartars, the Mongols or 
• Huns ; long, lasting, eter- 
nal ; a spear ; a surname ; in 
the coll., careless, remiss, reckless ; 
mendacious : ,ihu 'hung, a kind of 
rouge ; \hu 、k、6、 an aged person ; 
COM., 'ihu tchh'l, a squirrel ; coll., 
"ihM itu, careless, remiss ; "jAw 
ihen'q laung* chd ' to act reckless- 
\y;^^ihusiok,to lie, to talk ridiculous- 
ly ; ihu iUny pxiod' a fine Formosan 
fabric, made of woody fiber. 

/in-* A street in Peking is 
innT called "Jm (tung; the term 
<• ^ is mostly confined to the 

A spirit fermented from 
mare's cream, called 
TT„ ' ifiii; also butter, or oil of 


A sort of water bird, 
much dreaded by the fish : 
ihu, a bird like the 

The beard : ihu 'yhig, 
the whiskers ; com., "ihu 
(cM (coll. ihu (ckn), a 
' whiskered person ; "Jiu 
(Sil, the beard on the 
chin ; beard and whiskers ; 
"ihu thu, long, curly beard. 

J.^r| Pepper : com., *"tAte 
Tojl iChieu^ pepper ; joaA, ihu 
i 'g^"^ (chieu, white pepper ; iku 
,chieu mvoak^ ground pep- 

it II The papilionidse : coac^ 
^Qn "{Aw tUk^ a butterfly; coll., 
f ― " ihu tiek^ it^aUy the hat- 
terfly, as in embroidery ; 
ihu tiek^ taing* "butterfly- 
shops" ~ shops on each side of a 
common passage. 
VLrt A lake: in the coll. 
^5?|H read £W, q. v. : com., *\hu 
t ^ ^kwonff, the old province 
of Hukwang, now Hunan 
and Hupeh ; "Jcong ihu, 
river and lake ; met., in the coll., 
beggars, jugglers, <fec. ; *^'-n(ju ^huy 
the five lakes ― the Poyang in 
Kiangsi, the Tungt'ing and Taing- 
t'sau in Hunan, and the Tai and 
Tanyang in Kiangsu ; coll., jAm 
(nang l、aW ktod' sexC (chHong, 
Hunan thro' to Sz'chuen ; met..、 
throughout ― said of a long rent in 
clothes or houses ; k、ang、 Jiu, a 
kind of game in playing cards. 

Interchanged with the 
next : the bottle-gourd or 
gourd-squash : com., ihu 
ilu, a bottle-gourd; 


* Ha. 

1 湖 


f 謹 

胡說鄉 ® 

c- 3 

,行 亂傲 

胡 i 胡塗 

9 o 

胡 粉胡考 

T 8 

6 6 、 

鹿脯章 甫 

8 4 

修 臃束據 






gourd (shaped) ; coll., (/m lu 
5 p'ieu, spoons made of the halves 
of gourds. 

.■ t f- A gourd : COM., \hu J,u, 
•jrH the bottle-gourd ; ,,hu 
< "-" saung' a large kind of gar- 

Interchanged with the 
next: congee ; to seek a 
- living: COM" 、,}m (人, 'ew, to 
get a livelihood, a bare sub- 
tjfc| Paste, gluten, thick por- 
nRfiH ridge ; to paste, to stick : 
* H in the coll., careless; con- 
fused, muddy; mendacious, 
reckless : in the coll. also 
read c/lw, q. v. : coll., ; 《", care- 
leBS, slovenly ; confused- 
ly, any way ; *Jiu itu Jcming, a cor- 
rupt, reckless magistrate ; iku ^sd 
^«a, shiftless, unreliable. 

Coral : ihu '^lieng, vases 
used in sacrifices ; com^ 
\sang Jiu (col. ^tanff ihu), 

A sheldrake or mallard ; 
a wild duck with a crest ; 
a small specieR, near the 
Yangtsz river, is called 
* (kwang Jiu, the crested 
duck ; *ihu (i, a wild duck 
or mallard. 
, t - An initial particle, now, 
Jv* therefore, however : also 
read Jiu, q. v. : iing 
' 'cAid, now as to the benev- 
olent man; "'c/i'er^ ihu, 
fr-f^ To lend a hand, to aid, 
JfTC to help, to assist ; to uphold, 
i 【fu to protect : used for the 
• coll. ho\ q. f . :■ "thu cho^ 

toasfiist; "ihtiJigui, to aid one in 
difficulty ; COM., '\hu to 
uphold, to aid. 

1^4- A wind blowing down, 
WUC called "ihu ,yeu : "M 
^^■^ Jiung, a tempest. 

A kind of hatchet or 
small ax. 


- , 層 , / A flower : com., '^Am 

- :J: * (ihiffi the hibiscus niuta- 

【>^> bilis. 

A species of cicada or 
dytiscus, called ^\chHng 


Jm、 supposed to be able to 
■ recover its young, and 

cause cash, rubbed with 
its eggs, to return to their owner ; 
"ihu isie'ng, a species of cicada. 
^kft An animal that can 

change its form, or can be 
{ possessed ; BuspicioHS, mis- 

trusting ; a fox : ^\hu JciUy 

fox-skin furs ; com., " Jiu 
;! i, a fox ; "Jw ,sieng, a good fox- 
elf, tvorshiped as keeper of the of- 
ficial seals ; i\hu 、ngi, to doubt, 
suttpicious ; hwang^ ihu, possessed 
by the fox-elf; j/m ^ko '^hu ,wi, the 
fox borrows the tiger's terror ; 
niet.y one who assumes a bold as- 
pect ; COLL., ihu ili (.ma^ or ihu ^li 
^ma fChidng, a fox-elf ; Jiu J,i hnwi 
'^mioang te^ the fox-elf's 

tail dragged over all the ground ; 
met., ones bad deeds discovered. 
rftfT An arc in mathematics ; 
HjiX curved, arched : 《«iow/7 
f ""^^、 to string a bow ; Jiieng 
• ihu, a bow suspended, as 

at the door on the birth 
of a son. 

1 仙 、疑 

靑 蚨蚨蟝 

8 9 

1, 風 w 

1 扶持 

4 5 

^助 ^$危 

2 3 

仁者 1*1 

鳧鳧 t 去 

官 珊瑚冠 

舍 糊糊塗 

5 6 

lin ,塗 



answer ?— i. e., it will not ; M tAu, 
almost, perhaps ; "><5 {Am cmina', 
to "protect the people ; 、*mok、 ,kd 
(A" (t、Ung、 nothing higher than 
heaven ; 、yong (chai thu yd , are 
four tinw particles, used as the 
sense rec|uire8 ; com., '*,chi 【Am 
y& , 'chul、 four particles in 
essays ~~ spoken of by m critic m 
in excess. 

To breathe, an expira- 
fHr* tion; to call, to invoke : 
« ",w ihu^ ah ! alas ! Jiu jAd, 
to call out ; COM., "tcA'inff 
ihu、 to address one by his 
title ; compellation, address ; (Au 
^hung hwang^ (a, to invoke wind 
and rain, as jugglers do ; (At/ ngek, 
expiration and inspiration, breath- 
ing ; COLL,, ihu ,yeu hak, V6k、 to 
call out "ace" (for the opponent) 
and "8k" (for self). 

嘘 a 

i <^ '*tai » cAw, to call o«U 
• loudly ; ihic tang* "call the 
morning," as a cock's 

A river in the South- 
west of Chihli, called Jiu 
^ £《(5, flowing into North 
' lake, and thence into the 
Peiho abov-e Tientsin. 

iBu, A coll. word, as in Jvu 
fSiu (sometimes spoken Jiu 
,diu), a mud eel shorter than the 
common eel, of a dark yellowish 
color, and having a pointed head. 

Read jAtcoy coll. ihu, as 
Jm\ in ihu sionff' a Budbist 
i prieKt ; ihu siong' se* a 
°' Budbist monastery : see 
also under chwo. 

Same as the preceding ; 
also to hoot, to menaoe : 

A pUDt called ^kwi rmik. 
(devii'B eye) from the red 
and round seeds it bears ; 
a species of Hoy a (? ). 

A tally made of two 
Blips ; B seal on two pieces ; 
to correspond to ; to testi- 
fyi to agree with, to evi- 
dence ; a spell or charm 
written for preventing evil or for 
ft cure : 、ihu chiek^ a tally of two 
slips : a pass or warrant ; com., 
\hu nak^ to fit, to match ; *wa^ 
iku, to draw a charm ; \hu chieu^ 
鳥 written prayer or incantation ; 
*ilm cA^ak, manual of charms ; 
COLL., *pang^ Jiu^ sickness 一 a 
phrase of fortune-tellers ; ,ihu t6i * 
g bag eontainiug charms— worn 
on the person ; ^hu ^chwi p'eng* 
p'ony) to spirt charm-water from 
the mouth, 

fA vase or pot, a cup, a 
tankard, a wine jug : steu 
•hu, to throw arrows into 
' the jar ― an ancient game ; 
COM., chek、 thu, to hold 
th,e tankard ; coll., nid * jAw, a 
ohamber pot. 

An interrogative 
"'■l^* adverb ; intellection of 
doubt, admiration, or in- 
quiry, placed at the end of 
a sentence ; after nouns, a 
eign of tbe vocative ; after verbs, 
n preposition, in, towards, to, with, 
from, up to, in resj^ect to, as, like ; 
eign of the accusative ; an exple- 
tive : 、w Jm, how sad 1 how miser- 
able ! 6' Jittj just that and noth- 
ing more ~ a closing phrase; 
"j>ok、 ik^ ,lokt t^M, is it not pleas- 
ing ? ' V《 、hu pok) M, do you un- 
derstand or not ? "、k、6 Jiiu will it 


乎天 之乎 



乎民 1 高 

知^, W 

乎 知乎不 


乎 1 不亦樂 


将都! ^合 

苻- 符 i 




(209) Hu. 

Empty, vacant; unsub- 
[jH Btantial, unsatisfactory ; 
' Hbo!' void, vain, inane ; hum- 
ble, poor in spirit, pure ; 
abstract contemplation, as 
tinders tood by the Budhists ; space, 
the void of the firmament; the con- 
ftellatioD Aquarius : \hu Jchmg, 
the firmament ; com., *,k''ung (hU、 
empty ; *,hU ^nng (coll. JcHing 
,hd)、 humility ; JiU, the con- 
stitution weak ; *(8mg (hit, fearful, 
timid ; ch^ particles, as ad- 
verbs, etc. ; "\hU to* to spend vain- 
ly (one's time); JiU ngidh^ a de- 
ficient number or quantity ; '(hit 
,kUng、 " scant catty" — pound of 
12 OK. ; *,hil <wig^ vain forms or 
rites ; fkU ling ichmg, a hypocrit- 
ical show of kindness ; " thu ,tiong 
,»ing aie ) to make a false display 
of one's state (or designs). 

Ifl^ To blow with the breath; 

respiration ; to praise, to 
< ^^jp recommend : ngek、 
• breathing ; com., ",cA*wJ 
<Aa, to blow with the 
breath ; niet.^ to speak a good 
word for; coll., jiil ,hil lcieu、 
fiound of panting or of phlegm 
in the throat. 

A mound ; old mausolea, 
or burial-wastes ; a desert- 
ed re^on, a wild ; a place 
■ for fairs or markets, a fair : 
、、 JiH nxvoo* a burial place ; 
itionff, a place for fairs ; '\An<Jt Ji/H, 
to go to market. 
1^1^ To rob ; timid, fearful 
ll^r breathing or sobbing, mak 
' H" ^"S a noise through the 
*■ nose: "thi <M, to sob, 

II " 1*^ To stare, to open one ,翩 
n J* eyes at; to hope for, to 
( Yu gloat on ; joyful : ( hit 
thenff, to stare at ; ",cAu 
fAUy the joy of a mean 
man ; a plain, homely appear- 
ance ; fguHff JiH, pleased. 
rtjr An interjection ezpreas- 
p J* ive of grief, distrust, or 
c yjj* admiration : "(hU ( cAtd, 
ah I alas! 
trj The crown worn in the 
P^- Shang dynasty ; it re- 
( Hsu. "cmbled a Cantab's cap 
in being flat on the top. 
To vauut, to boast, to 
qJ* brag ; false, boasting ; 
(^i? great, big: "(hU ,mwo, 
• excellent counsel or me« 
morial, as on state affairs. 
At To stammer ; slowly, 
^ J ' leisurely ; to wind or 
t Yii twist ; bent, weak in the 
middle ; a cord: •*< Att 
hwang* or (hU iSU, glow* 
ly, leisurely ; k^'&ilk^ curved, 

^~rA^ To grant, to allow, to 
g-T- let ; to permit or acqui- 
esce in, to accede to, to 
■ accord ; to listen to and 
promise ; to betroth or 
promise in marriage ; to enter or 
advance ; to flourish ; an excess, 
more than, very ; a surname ; 
sometimes used in the coll. for 
the demonstrative pronoun thcU、 
also for the adverbs so, thus: com., 
,'(Aa ngtoongi to vow ; 、8ieu (M, 
a very little ; 、hiX fihing ,kung、 
、! Tu、 the true prince ― a Tauist 
god ; **eng^ (/lU, to promise ; coll., 
、hiX chi&\ that one ; 'Aii tcai * 
there ; 、"hil t6V (or ka'ek^^ in 

應許 許塊 


3 SB 


6 7 

I 場 k 塊 

Is 墓 

2 8 

f 實吸 

虛文 k 張 

虛 度虚斤 

7 8 

^ 虚 字 


e' to change one's wind, to for- 
give ; '\hm siok, to repeat (teach- 
er's) explanation, as pupils do; 
COLL, "'kwi Jnn, how many times? 
several times ; Jiu't ^'au, or ' V"《i 
HioHff if-au, to look back ; i7iet., 
in a little while, soon ; ihu't n(mg、 
to become damp; ikid .ch'-ung^ 
"retnrn of spring" ― a poor man 
becoming prosperous -, Jim Hiong 
; ing、 to turn round ; ihui siohj 
'saik, to return one of the articles 
presented ; Jiui (t'ciu «a^', an injury 
coming on the xnjarer himself. 

A coll. word, for which 
the last is sometimes ueed ; 
an independent demonstrative 
pronoun, the correlate of jcAwi 
(that) ; ihui 'hd iChui lugai, that 
good aod this bad ; ihm ng^ [pi 
chui, that not comparable to this ; 
'hi& ihuiy that! that there ! an 
ejaculation in trying to recall a 

rrt Interchanged with the 
Ml preceding character : to 
J— ^ curve, to bend ; to turn 
fin) round ; to double, as a fox : 
(i^ '\hui ^khcang, circling, 
Hui. as hills ; com., *\hui ^long^ 
porches about « court ; 
"jAwi chiei^ rooms on the front 
side of a court facing the house; 
^\hui pie* to avoid, to get out of 
the "tvay ― scU., of an idol or officer. 

^-K-^ Long worms in the ab- 
donien, the tape-worm. 

' Hui. 

y^rrl To pace to and fro, to 
go and return ; to hover 
£ I about : ipai Oiu'i、 irreso- 
lute, back and forth. 

250 HUI. 

' ' 

that place ; -、 hii or 'hil isa 
no ' at that time ; 'hit xOn(f, 
long a lime ; V'rt 'mcmg ticai ' 
very hrge ; 7irt , penff, on tli 
side, in that direction ; 、ha、t 
in there. 

Also read hM' : boast- 
ing talk ; to display ; to 
., talk largely ; energetic, 
bold, moderate: \k'iDa 7"i, 
to vaunt ; ^iyong 、hil, to 
display, to spread abroad. 

( ) -f^t Also read heU\' a tree 
Tfyj^ like the chestnut ; it bears 
1^'^ a black nut resembling an 
H8U' acorn ; soft, flexible : 'hU 
'All, pleased, joyful. 

(210) Hui. 

I ^ To revolve, to turn 

Ijlll round ; to return back, to re- 
vert to; returning; repent- 
ing, changing the mind ; 
I WJ crooked, deflected ; a time, 
* Hui. a turn ; an effort ; a chap- 
ter in a novel or book: 
COM., *ikui serig' (coll. ihm (jo'aV), 
to answer by letter ; \kH\ Jnff, 
*' the reply " 一 an epistolary 
phrase ; V"" ,kci、 to return borne ; 
*ihxu lilk^ a conflagration ; a title 
of the god of fire ; \hm (cM, or 
^hui i7iffii\ to bring the ancestral 
tablet home after burial; \hnl 
Jixu kmc' Mohammedanism ; 'ihui 
pico^ to tnrn back ; ^"ihu'i tnanff, 
to veer to the south, as a typhoon ; 
"ihui (cfiHu, "turn the hand" ― i.e., 
to set down (tho sedan) ; to re- 
turn a blow ; 、,(ioanff ihui, to rec- 
oncile ; i\hui ^mwong^ the first 
visit to the bride's parents ; ^\lai 
sAi<<, to come and go ― i.e., to and 
fro, both ways ; "jAwt ,sing Hiotig 

適照 ®s 

、迴圜 週廊 

回 间轉頭 

意 同說幾 

同囘 >3轉 

同同 8: 來 

南 P 手 1 

教 囘步同 

^主^ 回 

同 家同棘 

5 6 

囘信 囘音 


^ U 


HUK. 251 



、! St Water flowing round 
*^jR| and round, an eddy, a 
I whirlpool ; name of a lake 
■ in Hupeh ; indistinct, as 
edolying water : ^hui ^hui^ 
indistinct^ not perceived clearly; 
^iing ihui, an eddy, a whirlpool. 

Fennel or caraway seed, 
a small fragrant seed 
like dill ; in the coll. read 
ijo'we, q.v.: *ihui (hiong, or 
^sim ikul, fennel ; *tai* 
lAwe, star anise-seed. 


To see indistinctly, simil- 
itude ; to turn aside, oon- 
. trary, opposed, unreasona- 
/^S ble ; a bright appearance ; 
^l^g Budha, the various Bu'dhs: 
Fu. * *'^hwong hu\ seen indis- 
tinctly, resembling ; com., 
^huk^ Jcau^ Budhism ; 、huk、 kauk) 
Budh's bone ; met., a Budhist 
spirit or affinity in one ; , huk、— 
tang^ a load of Budhist idols and 
Implements ; *huk^ (chU, young 
Budhist novitiates ; small images 
of Budh ; ^huk^ (Sonff, a large red 
flower, (? )8pecie8ofHibi8cus;'VmA:j 
'chHu ,kang、 finger-lemon ― usual- 
ly called Jiiong £ yong; ^\8ang (p6 
■huk、 the three precious Budhs ; 
jmi £^5 huk、 Amida Budha ; 
"(mi iud huk^ (properly (mi lek^ 
huk", the past Budh ; "huk 乂 hwa^ 
Hu iyong iinff, Budh transforms 
those having affinity with him ; 
COLL., "ch'ai ' huk^ a vegetarian. 

To lie or fall prostrate ; 
to humble, to subject, to 
oppress ; to hide, to con- 
ceal ; to brood; to acknowl- 
ijCi^i edge, to confess ; to ab- 
Fu. scond ; used as an adve b, 

meaning humbly, in my opioion : 
COM., '*Aw^j wong^ to hope for ― an 
epistolary phrase ; '', huk^ ch6i* 
to conffBS faults ; ^song huk) mid- 
summer, the dogdays ; huk^ ,pina^ 
soldiers in ambuscade ; "huk、 sie * 
to assume a fixed shape, as things 
often bent ; coll., huk^ tio ' to ho 
in ambush by the road-side ; ,seng 
cmai huki hUn(f isidng^ to plan 
well beforehand. 

Again, reiterated, to do 
the second time ; to re- 
p,^ ' turn, to reply ; to restore, 
to repay ; to report to, 
to answer ; to recall the 
spirit of one who died away 
from home: huk、 Jcii, to 
come again ; "hvk、 tsiu, to take 
revenge ; com., ^"huk^ meng^ to re- 
port on a commission ; huk、 
(agxcong^ or huk-^ Hiong (ngwong 
chek) to regain former health ; 
COLL., huk^ '■Hong to revert, as 
a country to the original possess- 
or. Read hok、, as in ^hwang hok、 
or ^tiing hok) repeated, again 
and again. 

China root* (Smiiaz 
China), of which the best 

1 kinds are from Sz'cbuen; 
' COM:, huk. {/in^, China root ; 

pah^ huh、 Jinff, white 
China root ; httk^ Jinff <.k6y China 
root jelly. 

A square cloth-wrapper 
>^l/\r for inclosing things : com., 

2 ,pau kv.\ a wrapping 

To use; to wait on, to 
serve ; to submit, to yield 
to, to accord with ; to 
cause to submit, to 
convince: accustom- 


Fu. ' 

9 復謦雲 

伏罪 伏勢 

7 8 

t 有 f 人 

彌 * 怫佛 

阿 彌陀佛 

柑 i 二寶佛 

怫桑 怫手 


佛檐 怫子 

7 8 

、教, 骨 

。大 ISTS 佛. 





ed to, acclimated ; to think ; to 
fold ; to dress ; garments, mourn- 
ing apparel ; a carriage cloth ; a 
quiver; an aftair: 、k、ok、 huk^ to 
yield submissively ; com,, ,(i 
hu/c^ garments ; 、; si"g huk、 to 
commence wearing mourning ; 
^huk^ "^mtjoang^ the period of 
mourning ended ; "mk、 seil^ to 
serve ; *nuk^ tuk^ to take poison ; 
COLL., huk^ tSio、 vanquished ; huk^ 
fi ^kwang a} submit to his rule* 

Hak^. A coll. word, as in hvk^ 
tuk^ gruff, rude, stern; hasty 
and cross, ill-natured, peevish ; 
cheng、 , huk^ tuk、 exceedingly 

(212) Hung. 

E Breath, spirit ; passion ; 
air-gusts, a gale, wind ; 
p 各 baste, fleetness ; manners, 
deportment, etiquette ; in- 
stitutes ; administration, 
policy ; fame ; example, fashion ; 
instruction, reformation ; influ- 
ence ; disposition, temper ; to af- 
fect by exafliple ; heat in animals : 
COM" \liong Jiung、 to take the 
air ; ^^hung laitn<^ or 、 Jmng 
tp 6y waves ; ^^,hung & taste, fla- 
vor ; " t^ung ising^ the human ap- 
pearance; -^olus; " JiungH'u i^ming 
^ching^ the manners and spirit of 
a people ; 、\hunp silk^ customs, 
nsages ; ^hung (kingf, scenery, 
landscape ; ^\si ^hung^ the winds 
of the season ; ":hung ^liuy a wind- 
tumor ; jiung^ to expose to 
the air ; meL^ to divulge a secret ; 
^Vhig Jmng, a circulation of air ; 
" 《hv7ig koi ' a bellows ; 戊、 hung 
thang, a cold ; ^^^hung VAm', geo 
manoy, the luck of a site; (hung 

(cAW HiUy the wind sways the 
willows ; met" applied to one who 
assents to every thing ; ^ie ,hu7ig 
ik^ silk^ to change the customs ; 
COLL., p^ak^ Jiung ch6 ) p6 * the 
wind blowing in heavy gusts; Jiwig 
<《'ai, a typhoon, hurricane ; Jiung 
c p^U7ig^ sails ; 'hung ^kwong^ brill- 
iant, as funeral rites; ^hting ^chtDi 
^mwi^ " luck, 8 fag end"; met., a 
boy hopelessly degenerate ; Jiung 
f^sieng^ a fkmiDgmill, 

The maple ; also applied 
to the sycamore : \tang 
Jmng, red maple ; s\kung 
iSingy the maple palace ; 
met^ the emperor. 


The leprosy, sorofnb^ 

^U^^ and kindred diseases ; in- 
sane, insensate ; paralysis, 
g. palsy : COM" " Jiung 、tihig、 
lunatic, crazy ; "《hung (niong, a 
paralysis; Jmng paralytic af- 
fections ; Jiung Jc6^ plasters for 
the palsy : Jmng tuk、 Jtiu cheil^ 
Bcroftdous, or conflueDt, ulcers. 

一 卜 Luxuriatit; plump, good 
一 I 丄 looking ; easy, melodious ; 
《 Ffene a round face: com., Jmng 
"xh、ai, a graceful gait; 
plump, as the face ; Jiung 
(riffa, elegant, as essays ; ^huru/ 
iSing^ a IWely look ; ^hung ong^ 
fine harmony, as in music and 
and poetry. 

The peak of a mountain ; 
met,, a earners h amp: 
Jiung iltoang^ peaks and 
ridges; c(m.、 《chihig ihung、 
a bigh mountain-peak. 


^0 |i 欽 


風寒, 風水 

8 J" 

1 露風 t 棍 

時 風風瘤 

民情 風俗, 


風 一-卿 i 土 

風波 1 風 * 

凉風 風浪 

7 8 

成 脤脤滿 

屈 服衣膦 

1 f 



The point of a weapon, 
a sharp point ; the van- 
( p • guard ; turbulent ; bris- 
tling, to rise up like spears: 
\c/iie?i(/ Jumy, tlie van- 
guard ; coM^ 》e 人、 Jiung^ the 
point of a pencil. 

Fire-beiicons, placed on 
Wjj^ liilla to gi、,e notice of the 
(仏, enemy's approach : \hu7ig 
^ "iwo、 a beacon-fire. 


1^ it Road "tw、g and hong、 
y^y in the dictionaries ; same 
- 7 as p、OH(j' (to spurt); in the 
coll. read Jncng : to direct, 
to give orders to : 
ho、 or 《hwig ?io) to direct, to bid, 
to enjoin on ; Jiung ho) Jiung tcV 
to charge straitly. 
,1^ To separate, to divide, 
to halve ; to distribute, to 
* apportion, to give ; to par- 
• take with ; a tenth in dec- 
imal notation ; a cauda- 
reen, tenth of a mace ; the tenth 
of an inch : also read hoyig^; in 
the coll. read tpwong, q. v.: com., 
\hung Jie^ or \hun('i piek-^ to sep- 
arate, to part asunder, as friends; 
\hung pi4k、 to discriminate, to 
distinguish ; \hung sang) to scat- 
ter ; 、 ,hung (ming^ clear, plaiu ; 
、? uwg /noaky to portion out, as 
、vorlc, wages, <fcc.; sek^ Jmng, 
ten candareens ; 爾" a superla- 
tive , very, perfectly ; \hung 
pwang^ one tenth and a half ; 
、\kimg ckau、 to have separate 
kitchens ; "Jaing fiho7ig^ to di 
vide stolen goods ; met" to di- 
vide into shares; 、\hu7ig、hu, a dep- 
uty prefect; 、\hung、h6 pok、 ^h、a, 
not the least error ; ^^Jiung ^ung 
pok^ "xh、il、 will not accept a cash 

(for services) ! coll., ^hung ^h6 
chWi 、 c'hei ,tu i7n6y not the least, 
none whatever ; Jivny ch、"uHg、 
(t" Iwany^ ho ) tenths and inches 
(met. the nuud) utterly coufus- 

\T\ A river in Slmnsi, a 
^{T^ branch ol' the Yellow I'iver : 
FOn J""iy ^yonfj iV:ong^ name 
' of a person in the Tang 
dynasty ― synonym fo r 
happiness ; ^\hung '、yong Hihig 
hany^ Fanyeuiig's king* nodding hie 
chin (because he did not know all 
his depcendiints) ; com., '^Jiung 
、 chill, Fancliou wine. 

Also read Jiung: a tree 
like the elm with white 
wood : ^^^hung 《i?, the elm; 
meL、 the anceatral home, 
^ft • Perplexed, <;onfa9ed^ 
-^a^ tangled ; raveled; to mix 
F6n up mii【iy things at once ; 

• hurry> bustle, clamor ; a 
variegated I'ibbon : com., 

,\hmig vhak\ mixed, confused ; 
、、Jvfmg Iwf'ny^ {coll. Jiuvg Jiwty 
lau7}y^)^ confused, as a crowd ; 
perplexed, diatracted ; Jvung Jtung 
pok) contradictory, as reports. 

Budding, blossoming ; 
the fragrance of plants or 
flowers ; numerous ; har- 
monious : Jiuyiy JiU7iy^ 
odoriferous; Ji/img 、hw07ig, 
spreading fragrance. 

mFume, vapor ; shadowy 
signs, a will-o'-the-wisp, 
p.^ airy omens ; uuk) .hnngy 

• or Jiung ^ching^ noxious 
vapors ; Jtung ,ung^ aerial 

influences; 'A"i Jumg, marine va- 
pors ; met" pirates. 


'It % 5 分 > 
鋒火離 Sit 

4 盼 8 分 8 分 

m m 散 

APi.n. DiCT. 33 

i 酒 21 


f 文不取 

分 毫不差 

i 赃分府 

w 半 w 窻 

分明 分發 

9 o 



SiJL The domain granted to 
princes ; to heap up earth; 
《t J gi'eat, affluent ; to enrich ; 
to invest nobles with rule, 
to appoint to office, to con- 
fer investiture ; to give a title of 
nobility ; to seal up, to close; an 
envelope, a classifier of letters : 
COM., ^ Jaing fkiong faP iSinf/^ the 
high provincial officers ; 
fhnnff^ a rescript inclosed in 
boards, as a death warrant ; 
\hy7tg chai.'i'/ to bestow titles, as 
the emperor does ; ^ngilk^ <hunfj^ 
rank conferred by Heaven ; 7i6i * 
9eng) ek^ thimg^ one letter; \hxm(, 
euff) to close the seals, an officers 
do on the 20th of tlie :2th month ; 
\/iu?iff semf (coll. ^hung 'p'ie'), to 
seal a letter ; '^Joing 、si7if/ tioiig^ 
the records of deification ; ^hang 
to shut up (a house) ; ? lung 
iSung^ to impresH boats ; coll., 
,kung ^mwang^ to (cure aud) bind 
up eels with strings. 

A species of turnip or 
― ― rape : (p'i、 rape and 
greens'; met., poor, trifling, 
as talent which is still 

Leeks, onions, strongf- 
flavored vegetabl es ; an iraal 

jjujj^ food: COM., 、o ,hU7l(/ so^ 

meat and vegetable diet ; 
^\hwig the flavor of 
meats ; coll" Jiung ^Id ^sang 
ipwang ch'ai) ch^ai ^ Hd pang 
《pw<mg (h7mff、 meats embrace 
three kinds- of vegetables, and 
vegetables tJhree kinds of meats. 

Vapor or steam ; fumes 
from cooked vegetables, 
savory odors : 、\hung Jc6^ 



steam from viatids ; odorous 

A full goblet ; full, abun- 
dant, affluent, copious, 
exuberant ; rich, fertile, 
prolific ; taiented : 、\hung 
J 671 (/^ an abundant harvest; 
COM., 、\hung haiu^ gener- 
ous, as a feast ; wealthy j 
plump, fleshy ; '\htmg iiiimg^ a 
year of plenty ; 、\hung "^w(mg、 
abundant ; lull ar.d plump, as the 
face ; ^\hanfj Jiuny^ the emperor 

幽 The capital of Wan 
1) waiig, now Huhien iu Si- 
(T^j ngau-fu irt Shensi: "(kung 
^tUy a district in Chung- 
chau in. Sz,chuen, where 
the fire-wells occur ― hence used 
as a synouym for hell or tophet. 

A fragrant wood burn- 
ed tor its perfume. 

^J; Jr The beam or ridgepole of 
a roof ; confused, disorder- 
^'pV^ ed, complicated ; a hempen 
g' coverfng : "te^i 八、 hwiff 
iChi、 to hatchel the silk 
and tangle it ; me*., to complicate' 
state aflairs. 

A cold mist ; hoar-frost ; 
sleety rain ;' ^ ^'- U siok^ , hmig 
Jiung^ drizzling rain and 
• snow, sleet. 

Rice half boiled; to 
steam rice after boiling : 
Jmng leic' rice boiled and 
C steamed, food thoroughly 


,雪 4^ 露 

豐 酆都治 

年豐 滿咸. 

6 7 

登 豐厚豐 

S 蓮 

2 8 

菲 T 善 

溝 封船葑 

S 9 

封 信封神 

6 T 

玉封 封印 

4 5 

iss 大& 


Read iUng ; coll. ,fm'"(" 
as 'm,kun(/ imwowj, a mos- 
^ quito ; Jiufiff iTntroiif/ ten'/ 
ng' (or ka^), a mosquito bile ; 




Jiang on"、onff ; t—/, a 
medicated 4)reparation in rolls, the 
smoke of which stupefies mosqui- 
tos ; Jiung ^mwoHf/ Jcid^ a "inos- 
quito-cangue" ― i. e., curtain; 
^kunf/ umicong cheng^ kait^ the 
luosqultos arc very thick. 

^Hung. A coll. word, as in 
Jiung ^humj ang^ evening 
twilight, dusk. 

<vl^fl Rice broken to pieces ; 
Jv/V flour of any kind of grain ; 
1: ' crushed, broken, commi- 
e g' nxited, in fragments ; piiij- 

meiit ; to adorn ; to white- 
wash,tocolor:coM./*mi'/tw/?/7, rice 
flour ; ^ynieny^ "-fmaff^ wheat flour; 

Jccui 仏 a kind of dry ver- 
micelli ; ^^chwi "mn{" moist vcr- 
mieelli ; Nniug pHeng^ ,k6^ cakes 
of rice flour and sugar ; V" 、huny, 
to powder, to whiten ; '"hotg 'peng^ 
or ^^hwig ^pd^ a writing tablet ― 
Chinese slate ; Niimg ch^oP or 
、"; hung tfmng ch^oi * smashed to 
shivers ; 、"U ^hung^ a drizzling, a 
falling mist ; coll., ^^'huuf/ pidh、 
whitewashed walls ; lc、6, 、 
pah^ "hid. Just Avhiten it over ! 
i^hunfj ihif/^ or ''hung ^hnnr/ ; i}/"/ 
i'mffy a fair, rosy (face) ; 
{《o?i/7, the small intestiiies of 
8 wine ; I6h^ sioh^ meng"lnw (!、 lose 
the powder fram the whole laco ; 
meL、 to be ashamed. 


To seize or hold 、vith 
the hand ; to move, to 
shake ; in coll. books, ; ilso 
means to adorn, to deck : 




COM.., 'ta thing, to dress out, to 

To fall prostrate, or on 
one's back ; to overthrow, 
to ruin ; to move, to shake, 
to agitate : "Im'wj s'eii^ to 
ruin an affair. 

Iir.paticQt (lesiire, zeal, 
iivdor ; anger,- violent fcel- 
h]^ : ""-him (J 、'匿 awj (or 
mon(/), vexed, chagrin- 
ed ; '、"umk、 'hung, ardent, 
zealous, as for study. 

« LitevcliangCKl with the 

last ; anger, iiulignation, 
r^* resentment : ,ting 、】瞧{,, 
to restrain anger ; com., 
"(Aw"// wo' or "7iun// A-'e' 
anger, vexation ; (f "-hung 

pole, i 'ping, unappeased wrath. 

^f-'^y\ A mole or fickl-rat, 
WJ) also cnllcd 'ym(/ 'olHi, sup- 
/T posed to be a transfortna- 
tion of the lantclier-bird. 

(j^ir Hum of a crowd ; eing- 
nm incT, a coniniiiigling of 

v(")ices ; to intimidjite by a 
Hui'g. loud voice ; to cozen, to 

clieat,to beiruile; to tempt, 
to deceive : com., ""hung p'ienff' 
to deceive ; coll., hidA\ 'A"〃〃, to 
beguile, to cozen. 

CpgTrt The voice of persons 
M±\ fighting; to qnarrul, to 
f^^J Avrangie, to fight. 

The ore of quicksilver, 
cinnabar ; mercury, quick- 
silver: \sim Mng lieng^ 
"lung, to smelt cinnabar 
iuto quicksilver. 

p 銶丹 It^ 

k 平哄 


忿氣 忿忿 

3 9 

發慣 忿 !^? 

6 7 

值事 00 

4 5 

粉碎 粉 

牌 粉碎松 


粉 粉板粉 

O 6 


- 2 

i66 HUNG. 



Read 、! &t'hi[f; coWhunffy 
as in 'hunfjp^a* to fear lest; 
, 'hunr/ p^a* ti ; li, lest per- 
chance he may come. 

Clonds, fog or mist on 
the hills ; shaded, dourly, 
numerous, like the clouds; 
a fructifying principle : 
Jamg ^il, clouds and rain ; 
met" to copulate ; V'?"?/7 'ww, 
mother o' pearl ; \hvn(j hanff the 
milky way ; com., V' 篇 or 
^hung huk^ 'Jlafj, Yunnan China 
root ; 《(人 、hufLg、 clouds rising; 
*\hung ,chfd, or Jnmri pe\ or 
ihung fau、 covered by the clouds; 
\hunf/ 0^ a fog ; \hwi (f ,t、ai、 
cloud-ladder; met.^ literary promo- 
tion ; % p^eii <Jvnng, floating clonds ; 
me" uncertain, as wealth and 
honor ; ^t^siong Jmnff、 propitious 
clouds ; 、\hmiq koP the provinces 
of Yunnan and Kwoichau; 、、hun{j 
^peng^ a woodcMi block used to 
beat on in temples and yammis. 
i^-j- Red color, reddish, fiery, 
^ I rosy, ruddy, as the com- 
£ X r plex'ioii : used for Jcuvfj 
""g. (work); in the coll. read 

the Hibiscus rosa sinensis, or 
fthoe-flower ; ^^Jamg red 
lead ; 'nrt Ji,mfj、 ladies' work ; 
^huriff U'i^ "red rain" ― (poetically) 
falling peach-bloPsoniK ; com" 
"ijLung hahuf the red almond ; 
Jiimff ; rujan (;、 a florid complexion ; 
、\himg 、hu,i(, Jca ^ing^ a painted 
heauty ; coll" Jtunff ; ngang 
pole) ynidag^ a rosy-faced (beauty) 
usually has bad luck ― gels a poor 
, 1 A Rurnamo. Read ; ping: 
Y fcj^ a horse running ; to mount, 
to ascen^J ; the sound of a 

hard wall ; to trupt, to rely on; 
b(Kistful ; dissatisfied, 
• A A 8 wan, a wild goose ; 
fj^i ct a lotter-carrier, a 
i jr postman ; large, vast, pro- 
found ; learnedh: 、\hung 
pieng^ to send a letter by 
one ; 、, Jnw fj nrfmnj^ a wild goose ; 
hi Jiuug、 flying geese; met,^ float* 
\x\<l banners ; "山 wig pmwff, the' 
primordial influence, or aura ; the 
eastern horizon ; com., Jmng <.ong^ 
great grace. 
、- f L Interchanged with the 
TjLL last : water rising ; an in* 
£ undation, a deluge, a tor* 

rent overflowing ; great, 
vast, immense; a surname ; 
、? rUnff Jnro7if/y a great waste, 
chaos ; "Jnwff 、chwi, a flood, the 
deluge of Yd; com., ; hung ,m7uj 
ijdo, hvidgQ over the JMin 4 
miles west of Foochow. 

A roaring, dashing tor' 
rent ; tlie noise of many 
' iluD waters turbid, roily, foul ; 
' polluted, sordid, dirty ; 
great, confused, blended ; 
the mass, the entire, the whole of: 
^\hun(f tSi7i(f、 the whole body ; 
COM., Jiuyig '、huwff、 roiled ; '^'^Joiug 
hwa、 careless, doings without close 
scrutiny; ^sing (cull. 

<iSiilHg)y suitable, fitting. 

A »-ri The noipc of wat er, roar- 
fJWil ing of the waves. Head 

h w a n g 
hy:a)vj、 float! npr ; met,、 nn 
even, or well-moduhUed, 

Also road /;?/f?//;ariver 
overflowing and roak- 
inp: streamlets ; a river- 
bank ; a river in Honan. 

庫化 渾成 

洪水 渾身 

,康, 荒 

% 便!! 雁 

紅 粉隹人 

ft 丹紅杏 

,板 |i 花 

00 雲貴. 

8 浮霎 

00 * 露 


3 4 

雷毋 雲漢 

1 0* 




I Used for the next : a 

Wl halo near the sun ; colored 
i vapor ; the rainbow ― all 
supposed to be an impure 
effluence of the sky : used 
for k^6iXn(f ia the coll., q. v. : 
ihung i7i(/d^ a rainbow, colored 
vapors ; \hung ikio^ the arched 
rainbow ― a poetic phrase. 

To quarrel, to litigate ; to 
injure, to denounce to of- 
ficers ; to involve others 
u g, by speaking; domestic dis- 
cords ; a niau'8 name. 

To bum, to light, to set 
on fire ; to kill, to destroy: 
in the coll. read ihang, q 
\hu7ig hwa^ to burn up, 
as paper ingots before 
idols ; ^hung ^kiong^ to burn in 
cense ; com., ikung fihil Jc^ng 
illy to burn the books and throw 
the scholars into pits, as Tsin did 

fj^L. A grave, a tomb, a 
J^pJ tumulus ; river - banks, an 
i embankment; great, vast 
' ^sang Jmng^ heaven, earth 
and man ; com., 、'Jmng 
mwo^ a grave ; Jiung ^sang^ hills 
covered with graves ; pai 》 jiung, 
to worship at the tombs ; \mng 
Jiung higxi Hieng^ name of an an- 
cient book 一 now lost. Read'Aim^; 
a rich, loaray soil. 

Also read 'hunrf: an or- 
nament ou the bit of a 


F r u i t fb 1 , flourishing 
plants ; fragrant flowers 
growing together ; etring 
of a bow : ^^hungsik^ bear- 
ing much seed ; \A U7ig 
hemp seed. 

To meet undesignedly, 
to fall in with, to run 
against ; to occur; great, 
cDg* wide : COM., \hung (nging^ 
to meet and receive ; me" 
obsequious ; ^Jiung ^sl, time of 
meeting with, seasonable ; ^Jinng 
^si le^ k、e、 opportunely and clever- 
ly done, as an essay ; ^^JkU7iy 
ijiihtg, a propitious year ; coll., 
Jamg kwi^ set days ; which are 
the set days ? Jiuiig ^saiig^ set 
days of threes ― i. e., the 3(1, 13th, 
and 23d of the month ; Jiiwg 
(ing (chi siok) ^saiig J mug wa) on 
meeting people say ouly a little. 

The soul, the spiritual 
part of the ghost, the 
ethereal manes w hich aw- 
cends : in Changloh, and 
some other brogues, spok- 
Hun. en ^hong: 'WX') Jiung^ to 
lose one's wits ; com., 
^'^t^sing Jiuvg^ the spirit or mind ; 
"<8cmg ^hung ch、efc、 p^a^k^ the 
three ethereal, and seven animal, 
souls ; "Jiwang ^hung^ to revive, 
as one very sick; ^^J,ing Jmng、 
the Boul, ppiritual part of man ; 
"{Chieu Jivng, to beckon (brirg 
home) the soul (of one dying 
abroad); ^\hung Jn p'aik^ sancf^ 
the souls flown and spirits scatter- 
ed 一 frightened out of his wits ; 
"Ji/UHff pok^ ho^ the soul not 
cleaving" to the body ― a siuMea 
fright ; COLL., JiUH 口 }/aek^ ^ki&ng 
^cliiiu tJcwong ^tmfjy his sou la (wits) 
frightened off to •Canton ! 

Sort of pork halls: 、? nwff 
■ II, J 職 (J, pork balls reasoned 
产、 争 with soy and onions, then 
rolled in flour ami steamed. 

附 體錢飩 

招 魂魂飛 

還魂 IS 魂 

三魂七 If 

失 魂神魂 

1 2 

利器 逢年 

時 fa 時 

is 子逢迎 

6 7 

五 典費實 

^墓 P 一墳 


258 HUNG. 


(213) Tliing. 
.r^l Loyal merit, meritori- 
oils ; 'to acquire merit in 
unJ* the service of one's prince : 
Usuu. 5/ 么 or \hang nrjiek, 

merit in serviiis: the st^te; 
*kio)vf JiUfifj, to establish merit. 

Twiliglit, the light re- 
flect efl after sunset : \uk, 

,hil>i'h evening: t\vilio;ht 
II.sLui ( '- -- , '• ' . 

Hsiin. J - 


,sid\hang, reflected light. 

The morn, t'Me dawn, 
the sun rising in briijlit- 

J 斤 

Joy. rejoicing, pleased ; 
to see indistinctly. 


An ancient musical in- 
一— struinent made of por (! e- 
、 - * " Irt'ui, with 8 holes about the , 

J-S size of a goose's egg, and j 
( 'Jr\ blown :it the apex. 

I ii Also read ihutif/ : the 
>l^iJL heat of tire rising up; a flash 
</V 、 or flame ; to dry at a fire : 
H"°g' in the coll. read ,h'6"g, q. v. 

Smoke rising ; steam, 
■ _ exhalations ; to smoke, to 
【;' 麗"' fumi crate ; to heat, to 

parch ; harmonious, agree- 
• able ; to 1 

皿 , ,,c*i 1 G 

, —―, to becloud ; distress- 

lls^l,* ed ; evening: \hUng Jiang, 
ai^reeable ; uneasy, fidg- 
ety ; \han'/ sUc、 twilight ; coll., 
•'c'A/d iP'ru se' (A'',"/7 £,"•, this skin 
is (dyed and) smoked. 
~j-f- Like the last : fire ris- 
ing ; to heat ; vapor or 
""、 steam ; fumes from cooked 
ve<Tetablcs ; savory odors : 

steam from viands, 
odorous exhalations. 

• Fr:igrant 】)l:mts, fra- 

"^t: rrranco, as used in houses 
,» 、 to expel demons ; a savory 
smell ; balmy, as a south 
wind : 'V"m/7 (hiiwf/, or 
'V"7'"〃 ',鎖 g, the warm south- 
ern breezes. 

@=g Intoxicated, drunk; 
聖 smelling of liquor : "c/"", , 
,h Uvfi JiiltKj^ beastly 

Analagons to tlie last, 
and properly read heiV; 
erroneously, but common- 
ly, read (hilng : mnd with 
、 drink,ravingly drunk: com., 

ilsuing. '\Iianff 'chiu, infuriated 
with liquor, delirium tre- 

A tribe of aborigines, 
called '\han(j iXk\ ; they 
dwelt near Shensi; 、* (fiiinff 
; nu, the Huns, for which 
:V^^ the first is mostly used. 


I »| Unfortunate, unlucky, 
y\\ unhappy, unpropitious, 
( r ~~ • adverse; lugubrious, 
mournful ; judgments of 
Heaven, calamity ; malig- 
Hsuing. nant, cruel, bad, in which 
sense it is used for the 
next: '\hang iTiienf/, an unpropi- 
tious year ; com., " (hiing tieu* a 
bad omen ; '\hilng seng、 bad 
news; ^\hangJmk. a mourning 
dress ; *\han(j ,t6 kek、 '■chieUy 
much bad, and little good, luck. 
D^l Malevolent, cruel, inhu- 
hrp man ; vicious, malignant ; 
(, ^ tearful, a cv^ of fear ; com., 

Is 多吉少 

^信 凶服 

JI 年 IT 兆 

議, 酒. 

2 8 

其 蒿南 


者 皮是熏 

7 OB 

斜 職大听 

建 勲夕曛 

勳 劳勲業 

1 S 

HWA. 259 

fhUng hanff* a fierce, cruel man ; 
*Jiilng ^chHuy a murderer ; fhUny^ 
k^e' deadly weapons ; ,hil7ig iVui 
pok^ Ha cnHeu' '^lienr/, the deadfy 
dIow does not smite a smiling 
face f ifhUnff auk^ wicked, trucu- 
lent ; n、ing .hung, fierce, reckless ; 
COLL" Ji'ilng Jiilng, very ma- 

、\A^ The bubbling of a 
、' |XJI spring, the noise of rapid 

* ^ waters J the s o it n d of 
tumult: *Jinng eUyig^ gui 
gling of a fountain. 

The breast, the chest, 
the bosom ; the mind, the 
heart, the feelings ; the 1st 
character represents the 
breast inclosing the heart : 
\hilng ichong '•king sen' 
literary, accomplished ; 
ihwai, the feelings ; 
COM., thilnff itong^ the 
breast, as of fowls ; *^hilng 
*mwanff, the chest puffed and 
hard ― a medical phrase ; coll., 
fhiing iSmff, the bosom. 

Jj/jr Also read Juoyiff: to 
InVt raise, to lift up ; la lay 
(E, bold of, to pall out; high, 
亂 lofty: used in the coll. for 
(hieng, q. v. : ,'siu 、hilng 
JiHng、 to raise the head high, 
as reptiles. 

Joy, delight, happiness ; 
gay, jolly, delighted; 
pleased at getting or doing 
r something ; laughing, raer- 
. ry : *JitXng <kwang, pleas- 
Hsin. ed, deliglited ; 、 Jiiing 
i^ong^ with pleasure; 
JiUng haing^ in ecstasy over luck; 
"Jiilng oi * solaced. 

J* 3^ A light red produced 
jft^? by a trine immersion in 
Hsiio* tfle dye; a scarlet tint: 
' " ,san(/ ik"ui ,hilng、 three 
dips make a Kglit red. 
Jf/A A cock bird ; niasiulino, 
/^tt maleof small uniinals,biid8, 
ygyj^ aiiti insects ; courageous, 
itiartial, bnive, heroic ; 
strong, rapid, energetic, 
bold: COM., "(chH ihUnff, female 
and male ; "(sing JiU't"j、 or Hang 
ihUng、 brave, heroic ; " Jcanff 
JiUng、 unprincipfed and ambi- 
tious ; "ihilng. chaung) burly aiid 
strong, martial ; '\hHng iwonr/, or 
"ihilng Wong ^chi^g^ a mineral 
substance of a brick-red color from 
Loocboo ~ resembles b u 1 p'h u r ; 
COLL., iki&ng ihilur/ ,nid noi * 
walk a Kttle more rapidly ; ihUng 
ihUng 、chHu、 spry with the hands, 
to do quickly. 

lAUl A bear, the hibernating 
H \^ animal : "Jiilng 、chiong、 
■Jj;>*J bear's palm— a delicacy ; 
ihilng ^iiffi (Sanffy Bear-ear 
mountains ― a range in 
Honan ; com., "JiilJig Homg, bear' & 
gall ~ a medicine. 
iHang, A coll. word : tight, 
taut, stretched ; the oppo 
site of n'tang^ (slack): pek、 ihilng 
ihilng tioh^ pull it very tight. 

A blossom, a flower ; 
met., pleasure, vice ; varie- 
gated, ornamentJil, carved ; 
to exaggerate : the 3d is 
the ancient form ; the 2nd 
also read j/tjoa, q. v. : com., 
i。(hwa ; pwonff, a flower- 
pot ; ,\hwa chHong* (coll. 
,/tzca,«a), a florist; ^hwaHwi, 

花 盆花匠 

o 1 

2 2 

熊掌 熊胆 

9 9 

黄^ 黄耀 

雄 i 壯雄 

5 6 

,…一 \^ b 二 • t 

雄 v.? 雄奸 

8 4 


然 I 一 

掀 8f 1欣 

8 9 

胸 滿首掀 

錦 繡胸懷 

, 洶湧, 存 

it- 手 T 惡 




a flower biid; 《hwa paing\ or ^htc a 
p^icng^ leaves of a flower ; \chai 
、hwf!, to cultivate flowers ; \hwa 
^kiktfjok^ tlic United States ; ,hwa 
,h、i<J, wasteful, lavish ; Jiwa 
'<?A'a/, a (lonoeur ; Jtwa <k、ir》: and 
,hwci s?d^ the opening :ind falling 
of flowers ; Jura iChong^ a llower 
shop ; \hmi actors persona- 
ting trirls ; 、j)ek、 Jnoa^ accomplish- 
ed scholarshi]) ; Jiica "xh^d, richly 
decorated with flowers ; me(.、 af- 
fable ; tap 《hwa, to wear flowers; 
•fhwa stdng^ floss-silk ; ch、e》iff、 
《kwa, notation of pounds and 
ounces on steelyards ; Jiwa pwo、 
figured calico, chintz ; ^Jiwa hiooi^ 
a lottery ; \7uca ^seng^ peanuts ; 
Jiwa. yon 口、 flower patterns ; 〜h、<f) 
^hwa^ artificial flowers of pith ; 
Jiwa c/t'e"》 fire-works like flowers 
and tree? ; met" fruitful, as a wo- 
man ― term used by fortune-tel- 
lern ; 、,Vrm(f Jiwa lawig^ (chil, a 
prolligate, a rake ; coix., niek^ 
^chiu 《hwa、 dim eyesight ; ,hwa 
(hwa ait ) kai ) an extravagant age ; 
、hwa siof" ipioOy one flower ; 
Jiwa lak、 lak\ or (hwa lok\ lok\ 
flowers in profusion ; Jtwa 、ku 
^knnrj and Juea <々" 5 p6^ male 
and female beggars from Ngan- 
hwui ; Jiwa spotted, speck- 

led ; Jvm memf kl"aik、 a false 
face ; Jnoa {mg Hiu lioh^ gay 
colors, as of clotlies ; Jiwa (mng 
sek^ jyaik\ to rattle on in talking. 

Read wa^; coll. 《hwa, 
as in Jiwa ^fni^ a large yel- 
lowish hopping bird; 
Jiwa imi t'ieu) ka? the 
、 Jma itni hops on to thv 
cage-bars; met" restless, as a 


/ 1^) To change, to influence 
l^jt 80 as to alter, to traiisforni; 
to melt ; to digest ; to con- 
vert, to pass into metcmp- 
Bychosis; to cicate; to re- 
form ; to traiiRinute, to barter, to 
exchange : com., ^^pieng^ hwa^ to 
change, to reform ; ^\sieu hw<x) to 
dij^est (food); ^^k'woHg) hwa' to 
reform by exhortation ; ^^'kang 
him、 to transform ― used for spirit- 
ual regeneration ; ^^kau^ hwa\ or 
hwaHo^ to improve by instruction; 
、"ma、 tSe?ig, produced by uieta- 
morphosii^i, as insects and vermin ; 
f/n?i(/ hw") a prefecture in Foo- 
kien ; 、"iwa、 (ngxcong 'p6^ to bum 
mock - ingots ( to idols ) ; hwa、 
;t、(vng (w(m 仏 pills for phlegm ; 
" hwa、 人 V ^sang^ powders to help 
the breathing ; 、& hwa) (chd, to beg 
food, as priests do ; "hwa) tfihUng 
Ju, an urn for burning raock- 
money; met,, a spendthrift ; coll., 
ka'&ngi hwd* ^chai sioh、 yo7ig^ like 
burning paper ; met, to squander; 
hwa^ into^ or hwa、 k、6 ^ turned to 
nothing, burnt up, as paper ; ch6 * 
1m(£ by good luck, fortunately ; 
ihiwg hwa\ or Jinnc/ Jmng hwa> 
hwa) cnroless, easy, indifferent. 

The elegance of flowers ; 
abundance of flowers, 
blooming, flowery ; charm- 
ing; ornatnented, adorned ; 
;' l— * ftplendid, glorious ; hoar- 
Hua. headed ; a de、"gimtion of 
China; to cut a melon in 
quarters : used for Jiwa (a flower), 
q. V. : ''\hwa \iiu^ gray-headed ; 
^\yong Jim" white-lead ― a cos* 
metic ; COM., Jma Id^ splendid, 
brilliant ; ;》'?^^/ Jiwa, glorious, 
glory ; ^ch^id Jnmy extravagant, 

華首 IS 華 

il- 化。 錢爐 


化 散化 

生 化尤寶 


化 t5 化 

^ J2、 

子 變化渭 


花探花 k 

會 花生草 

7 00 

花 花線花 

國 8 花旦 4筆 

栽 花花旗 

1 2 



HWAI. 261 

prodigal, as of wealth ; \hioa'pieii, 
a kind of -lionoriiry portico in 
front of a temple ; ""pok^ ^hwa pok, 
jtank, neither gaudy nor plain, 
the just iiK'«Vium ; \him tanc/' :i 
irocFH birth-d:iy ; V' 爾 
the genius ,Jltna (of the Han 
♦lynasty);- 7/>et., a skillful doctor ; 
\'kwa (kwony tai^ td ' his Efful- 
pence, tlie great emperor — title 
of "u'my, god of thieves. 

Also read Jnca : a tree 
of Avhose resinous bark 
links art' made, also used 
in making cups : 'jAwa 
cJiiu.k\ a bark torch. 

A fine steed, a good 
liorse ; of eight steeds be- 
longing to Muh-watig.B.C. 
980, one was called \)aca 
iliu (Beauty). 

Clamor, noise, hubbub, 
vociferation : ^Jdong Jncia, 
a'confused noise, as of a 
row ; \?iwa iyo7i(/, hurrah ; 
l^-p COLL., ^"Jiica ihira kieu^ 
Hua. the rustling (of leaves), 
noise (of rain or running 
、v ater). 



II A boat, n pinnace ; to 
■ I row a boat : ^\hiOa (chU, a 


' Fa. 

^Ilwa. A coll. word : to esti- 
mate, to calculate : Jiwa 
k'ong^ calculate and see ; Jtwa 
'pwong soiing^ /e' to estimate prof' 
its according to the original cost ; 
Jiwa chidnrf ch'ek^ ^icai^ to calcu- 
late straight and chisel out crook- 
ed ; meLy to plan properly, but do 
it wrong ; Jiwa tek、 se^ I reckon 
so, it's just so. 

JItra/iy A coll. word: to joke, 
to jest ; to riot ; vicious, 
dissolute, dissipated : hwah》 Jd 
wa^ jesting ; mOh 乂 hwah、 don't 
jest ; k-o 2 hw(th、 to go on a spree ; 
fMh, himh) to live riotously. 



Jhdai. A coll. word : to pass 
out of the mind ; gone, 
ceased ; relinquished, as a feeling 
of grief, resentment, &c, : (sing 
(hwai, or (hwai (s ―, to pass out 
of mind : "^chid (sing ^tu Jiwaik^d * 
this feeling is all gone ; (sing s'iU * 
md^ (hwai, can't get rid of the 
thought or feeling. 

J To cherish in the heart, 

to dwell on, to think of; 
£ to carry in the womb ; to 
I -jy^ embrace, to favor ; to com- 
j 1、 fort ; to come to ; to return ; 
Iluai. to put in the bosom, to 
store up, to lay by ; to re- 
member, to cherish, as ill will ; 
AVouiided feelings; private, selfish ; 
the heart the affections; kind 
thoughts of; the bosora, the lap : 
'•\si 、hwai, poetical taste ; "ihwai 
taik^ to meditate on virtue ; com., 
"Jiwai nieng^ to think of, to long 
for; 、\hwai mg\ or Jnmi (《'af, 
pregnancy ; "ihwai p6 ^ to carry 
in the bosom ; ^\hwai ^A'w, a kind 
of small flat drum; ihwai hiek^ 
ch small fine-print books ― are 
smuggled into the examination- 
ball; COLL" ^^ihvyai p6 ^ ^pi ipa 
piek^ tieu^ itayig^ clasp the guitar 
and play another tune ; met" to 
disagree and Fepavate. 

別調彈 O 

懷抱琵 g 

P 抱 |g 鼓 

懷念 懷孕 

4 J* 5 

ISP 德 

曄叫, 子 

曄, 然, 

燭! ^ 


t 陀 仙零吼 

不 抓, 




\£f^ A large affluent of the 
Vpp Yellow river, which (drain- 
^ Hual the provinces of Hon an 
and Ngan-hwui) empties 
into it through the Hung- 
teih lake ; even, equable flow : 
COM., \h7oai (Sangy a. whitish 
wood ― used medicinally as a tonic. 

1^4* A species of Cassia 
>Mg^ (coll. Jixoai ch、eu、、, resem- 
i g^*?* bling 6enDa(CaRsia sophora 
' and Cassia nlata) ; the yel- 
low flowers are used as a 
dye : COM., \mng Jiwai、 three 
<!assia trees ; met" high statesmen; 
*ihwai Jma、 cassia flowers ― a de- 
coction of which gives the gold 
<JoIor to paper burnt before idols. 

\ To spoil, to injure, to 
destroy, to ruin ; broken 
down, fallen in ruins, dilap- 
》 idated ; ruined, injured ; 
spoiled, rotten, useless : 
COM., *j)'6 ' hwai * broken 
down ; ruined, as a reputa- 
tpai' hwai * to destroy, to 
, ^hwap s'eil^ to ruin one's 
affairs ; ,(song hwai ^ dilapidated, 
in ruins ; hwai ^ the bowels 

diseased, as by chronic diarrhea ; 
COLL., imidnq fSidng hwai^ k、6、 
his reputation ruined. 

(217) Hwak. 

A rnle, a law, usage ; 
regulations, precepts ; a 
:) punishment or legal inflio- 
' tion; an art; skill, industry; 
sect : COM., }mak、 reas- 
on and law, reasonable ; 
、。hwak、 《0% or "hwak) 
chie > rules, regulations ; 、、? mak) 
Jca、 writer of accusations, a petti- 
fogger ; "cAe^ Jmak、 rules of writ- 
ing; hxmk^ art of fencing ; 


tion ; 

^'^^chHu hwak^ handicraft, skill in ; 
、"iv:aJc) mk々 or ^sung hwai" 
magic arts ; "k*wok、 hwak^ the 
laws of a country; ^^htcak^ 
r^rmong, a sect ; jyok^ Imak^ re- 
fractory ; ^hwo7}g hwak. a way or 
mode (of doing); Incak^ ha} sub- 
ject to a law or rule ; \u hinak) 
"^k'o te^ incorrigible ; hwak、 [ma, 
weights of large money-scales ; 
hwak、 iteu, the main-spring of a 
watch ; COLL., ^mo hwak、 teky 
unavoidable, necessitated. 

To issue, to appear ; to 
send forth, to germinate ; 
Fa to cause to go ; to dispatch, 
to throw out ; to fermemt ; 
to show forth, to manifest ; 
met.^ the spring and summer : 
COM,, "hwak、 (sin 仏 to show pity, 
give in charity ; ^"hwak) leng^ or 
hwak-, ho^ to issue commands ; 
"maJc、 pwo》 to step forward ; 
wet" to gain a degree ; ^^hwak^ 
^siong^ to make presents ; "hwak) 
c/l"/, to prosper ; to rise, as dough ; 
i、hwak、 ang^ to publish the names 
of Siutsai graduates ; hwak^ kang^ 
to take a sweat (in fevers); hwaJc^ 
md ' to offer for sale ; hwak、 
^chong^ to sell offpawned articles; 
hwak、 Hdk) to clear off, to get 
rid of; Jiung hwak^ to distribute^ 
as wages or work ; hwak^ sanff 
to show temper ; hwak、 hok, bless* 
ed ― i. e., fat, corpulent ; hwak、 
ichai, to grow rich; iChd hwak、 
"let us jointly prosper" 一 said in 
reply to the congratulatory phrase, 
hwak、 iChai ; coll., ^ting hwak^ 
tek、 sd^ to have a numerous 
posterity ; hwak, chauk、 to sprout; 
to come out, as sores ; to flhow 
(resentment) ; hwak、 k、ah、 to dift- 

發起 $1 案 

發步 00 

9 o 

國 法法門 

7 Co 

法 刀法 

8 4 

法 制法家 

1 2 

理 法法度 


損 壞腸一 

|§ 花^ 壤 

i 山 一二棵 


HWANG 263 

pose (of goods) to foreign traders; 
hiimk、 or hwak^ '^'w, to be- 
come moldy. 

Hair of the head ; met., 
herbs, trees, moss : in tlie 
coll. read hwok^ q.v.: 、haik、 
hwaJ" black-haired, youth ; 
、peki hwak、 white-haired, 
the aged ; com,, \sil hwaJc) beard 
and hair; ViO^j hwak、 crane's 
feathers ; met gray-haired ; 
*hwak、 'kak、 "hair and nails" ― 
applied to portions of these, as 
U8cd in rites to recover the sick ; 
JmaJc) pok^ (chf"a, not the least 

/V^ To destroy, to strike, to 
\\/ fight; to punish, to subdue, 
Ya^^ to desolate ; to cut do wn ; to 
• brag ; a meritorious deed ; 
a go-between, to strike, as 
a bell or drum : ''hwak^ choi* to 
punish crime ; *hwakj sie)ig* to 
Doast of one's goodness ; ')iwak、 
tJcu, to beat a drum. 

A door on the left; 
meritorious services ; to 
set forth one's services, in 
which sense same as the 
last : hwa\ yok、 the eide 
doors of a gateway ; worthy ser- 

入 At a bamboo raft, a large 
^ji^ ship like a raft, an ark. 

Fs. * 

A peccadillo, a crime : 
to punish, to castigate, to 
flog ; to fine ; a fine, a for- 
feit : COM., "chaik) hwak^ 
to punish ; "ihinff Jmak、 
punishment ; "hwcfJc^ (,chieng^ to 
fine; "htoaki ^chiu^ a forfeit of 
wine ; **kwak^ hong* to mulct an 
officer's salary ; hwak^ koi、 Jiiong, 



make him kneel (to his wife) 
while an incense Btick burns ― as 
in puppet plays. 

Want, destitution, defi- 
ciency, failure ; without, 
delicient ; to fail ; to spoiJ, 
" to injure ; empty, poor; 
fatigued : 、\kilng Jmak^ or 
ipiiig hwaki indigent, beggared ; 
COM., ^*k'-wo\ hvoaki destitute, in 

YjH^ A boneless animal, said 
'^[^ to get inside of tigers and 
i gnaw them ; crafty, tricky, 

• deceitful, treacherous, iV- 
ing; clever, artful, as chil- 
dren ; to disturb, to cause trouble; 
"、Meu hwaki traitorous, false; 
"'hwaki che\ a tricky rascal. 

J^^fl^ Smooth, slippery; polish- 
i'H* ed, glassy, glairy, soapy ; 
Hua 2 sharp, knavish, oily ; flat- 

• tering, cunning ; to dis- 
turb ; used in the coll. for 

free, easy ; also a mode of cook- 
ing : " Jcwong hwak^ shining and 
smooth ; COM., *°hwakj sioh^ soap- 
stone, a medicinal mineral of a 
whitish color ; coll., "hwak* 
p'wak, free, liberal (in the use of 
money); kwa\ fiong^ to cook in 
boiling water, as things rolled 
in flour. 

(218) Hwang. 

Joyous, jocund, glad, 
frolicsome, gleeful, merry] 
to rejoice, to be pleased 
with: COM., "thmmg (A《, 
glad, pleased j to like; 
夂 hi Jmang (coll. Jmang 
Jmang (hi (A《), jubilant ; 
COLL., Jmang (hi fiong^ a happy 
funeral, as when the deceased has ' 


,葚 1 

iS 俸 窮 mV 


實 颢刑罰 

o 1 

^善^ 鼓 

不差 i 罪 



!髮 |i 髪 

黑髪 白髪 

flons and grandsons ; ^hwang "li 
(hwang ^hii^md midng^^ Jiwang 
、hi tdz、 n、mg、 and J twang ^ie'ng 
I hi are phrases denoting exceBS- 
ivo joy ; (hwang 7"' tHcu" to 
jump for joy. 

To roast meat for sacri- 
fices : \hwang chid > to 

p roast, as meat and liver, 
ran. ^ 

l^jf/^ A banner,a streamer with 
Urffir sentences on it, hung in a 
( temple or carried in pro- 
cessions ; a duster, a nap- 
kin ; to move, to sliakc : 
、 Jiwdng ii/onQy forthwith. 

Used for the last : a flag, 
a streamer ; streamers in 
general : \chHng Jixoang^ 
or Jiung .hwang^ a bana<?r 
borne at funerals. 


A beast's footprint ; 
time,aturn,arepetitionof ; 
to reckon ; to change ; a 
tribe in the South, now 
applied to all foreigners ; 
U6ed iu the coll. for a dollar : 、eJc) 
Jtwan 口、 once ; ^^lieng Jncang, in- 
cessantly ; COM., \hwa7ig ^man//, 
barbariaD' ; \hwang kwok、 foreign 
conn tries ; , Jiwang ^siX^ the sweet 
potato ; Jiwang ^sung 'p、wo, ship- 
anchorage ― a locality on the south 
bank of the Mitr; 、"xh、U Jiwang^ 
this time, now ; coll, 、"\hwcLng 
i/iihiff, (opprobriously ^hwany 
^kiilng)y foreigners ; 、kw on g 
Jiwan 口、 or ^chHng {kwwvff, an un- 
chopped dollar ; ^p^nng it6^hwang, 
broken dollars ; ^^'clieu Jivoang^ 
the Mexican dollar ; Jixoang 
f^chUng. 'kiAng^ fractions of the 
, dollar ; "^acA'j Jiwayig^ a quarter- 

dollar ; ^*^ten(j f/iicanjy <loUan 今 
alloyed with copper. 

A gra\ : ? r a ?) // 

Jx'<m{7, uinid the graves ; 


Used for the next: 
)lant8 growing luxuriiuit- 

Fan. " ^ • * *、 

many ; to environ, to lencfv 

plants growing luxuriantly ; a 
nuraerous progeny. 

A fence, n hedge ; a 
boundary, a f rontier ; to 
ineibse; to ward off, to- 
protect ;' a cover for a 
chariot; a covered car, in 
Fati. Avhich sense the 2nd is 
commonly used : Jiwang 
ilH\ a fence, a wattle ; ^\hwan(j 
ipinffy a screen ; niet.^ a states- 
man ; ^Vi- 5 yong ch'^eilk^ Jiwang, 
reckless ― like a goat buttiug a 
fence ; com., 、\hwang ^tai^ a title 
of4.he prpvincial treasurer. 

A dust basket or large 
sieve, called 、。 ,hwang J/> ; 
to hide, to cover, to 




The sow -bug or wood- 
louse, usually found under 
things left long on the 
grounfl : '^\lilng Jiwang (il 
the dragon hides iu 
the earth ; 7n€t.^ one unable to 
rise or gain rank. 

Ment roasted for sacri- 
fice; remnants of a sacifice 
Hciit to princes by the em- 
peror : Jmanrf nilk^ sacri- 
licial meat dressed. 


于泥 ||S 

,屏 P 羊 

p 衍, 籬 

1 銅番 Is 

鳥难。 1 番 

番 * 蠻 

i 一 * 

燔^ 職然 


HWANG. 265 



To bawl, to clamor, to 
yytf^ vociferate, to cry out, to 
《*i?i!^ make a noise ; pleased, de- 
■ lighted ; name of an ani- 
mal like a fox : used for 
^hwang ( glad, joyous > : \hwa7ig 
Oif/o, clamor, vociferation. 

A male wolf; Borae say, 
a wild boar : 、kea Jiwang, 
a species of jackal ; 'Aoi 
Jmang^ the a u t u n g 
muskrat ; *Jiwang ^chil 
p% beaver skin. 

To spread out; to agi- 
tate or wave, as the wind 
does a flag ; to translate, 
to explain ; loose, flutter- 
ing, as a flag. 

To fly to and fro ; to re- 
turn, to change ; to vacil- 
late, fickle; to revise a 
case; to translate books, 
in which sense it is com- 
monly used for the last : \hwang 
ang' to rejudge a case; ^Jmang 
ho% vacillating ; com., 
ilc、 to translate (a book) ; \hwang 
JcHong^ or Jiwang wa* to retract 
one's word; Jiwang Jciing^ to re- 
tract statements in court ; coll., 
Jiviang ch<P to do differently; 
Jiwang 》i&ng, or Jmang tjcong 
Jiwang tH&ng^ to take back a 
promise ; Jiwang H.iong ipeng, to 
turn over, to invert. 

A paw of a plantigrade 
animal, as a badger: 
^ihilng Jmang^ b ear's 
paw 一 esteemed a delicacy. 
To turn back ; to turn, 
VjL as the leaves of a book ; 
'^^T^ to rebel, to be contrary ; 
to combine against, oppos- 
ed to; but, contrary, 



again ; com., 、、hwang hok、 repeti- 
tion ; changing ; "(sz.ow- ^hwang^ 
opposed to ; opposite, as two mean- 
ings ; ''(A«j(zn/7 tchiong, to turn 
over the hand ; met.., easily, readi- 
ly ; "^hicang kwo' to tarn over, 
as leaves ; "(hvmng ^pwong Jcwi 
ifigwong ^ to return to the 
original, as to principles of duty ; 
、"}man{^ haP on the contrary it 
will be injurious ; coll., ^hwan/j 
、k、i、 to remove, as tiles from a roof; 
"ch6) ^hwang^ to rebel ; "kaV 
、? mang ftHeng, to scream loud 
enough to turn the sky over ; 
'^hwang J,i hole) ¥6 ) "turn to and 
fro" 一 to vacillate ; "^hvmng mmg) 
the "reverse face"; met.、 the op- 
posite idea ; to turn a cold shoul- 
der to one. 

To return, to come back, 
H^S^ to go back : com., "[wong 
'p!^^ ^hwang^ to go and return ; 
■ difficult; '-Jmang sid^ to 
return to one's own house. 
Hasty, precipitate ; a 
fpV^ passionate disposition ; to 
regret : "hwcing, ^sing, to 
be sorry for. 

Used in the coll. man- 
darin : cooked rice, a meal ; 
to eat : ^siki Imang^ (colL 
• mand. ch''i\ hwang、、, to 
take a meal ; (cM hwang^ 
breakfast ; 'a hwang^ the second 
meal (of the emperor). 

To call to, to call out, 
to call for, to bid ; to name: 
^a》 "ihu hwano^ to call to; 
• COM., ^"^cjnidng hwang^ 
"her name is called" ― as 
in the purchase-deed of a slave 
girl ; COLL., hmang' (《 ^did V6 ' 
call him to go with ; hwang、 Hit 

I: 喚名喚 

,! s 

I 面准返 

1 1 

反!: 反天 

源 害倣 

過. IJ" 歸 


反 lik 掌反 

躧!^ 覆相 

腔 翻供熊 M 

覆 翻譯翻 M 

皮 翻案翻 I 

8 4 A 

譜 囂議予 





pek, he who invites (uuother) 
to gamble will surely lose. 

Great ; . beautiful, hand- 
some, variegated ; leisure- 
― ly, at case ; to take one's 
Hnan' pleasure : "mi <cAc«' hwang' 
(yong, how excellent and 
beautifal ! 

jrA* The brilliance of fire; 
fj^ltSl refulgent, splendid: 
'^f^ ^hvsang* lyong ek, ^sing^ 
"狐 brilliant and all now; 

、hwcmg、 Jiu Jci Hu iUng 
fiMonQi how very fine and ele- 

-j^JI^ Name of a bonze ; the 
^jSr country of Magadha, 
whence Budh came; the 
language of the Budhists, 
Pali, or Sanscrit : 、? mang) 
higil^ Sanscrit ; 、hwang、 
chanting of Budhist prayers ; 
'hwang^ tpunff, a cloister. 

Z/j£^^ A branch of the river 
J yl Hwai in the east of Ho* 
nan ; to spread abroad, 
°* to expand, to dissipate ; 
the 59th diagram, denot- 
ing dispersion : ,hwang、 lang* 
finely decorated. 

Used for the next : to 

^HT: float, driven by the wind ; 
*^ *^ name of a river ; broad, 
expansive : &h/wang、 aV 
ch'&Ung、 to love the multi- 

To float, to flow down; 
yj/^ to transport ; extensive ; 
to spill over : \p*eu hwang* 
an' to float ; me?., vague, su- 
perficial ; 、。hvmn(f (c/du, to 
go in a boat ; coll., fmang、 lang' 
Bhiflless ; to do in a careless way. 

jl|-|> Used for the last two ; 
to overflow ; to float, to 
羣 fluctnate ; in motion, agi- 
an' tated: "fmang)lang、 vast, 
as a deluge ; "hxcang^ 
hwang* pok) ten 才 agitated and 

To traffic, to deal in ; to 
buy cheap and sell dear 


!^… 1 ― ― —―. 

/j^^ COM., "fmang) 力 wo, to 
deal in goods ; "kwang) 
m<P ( coD. hwang^ k^6^ 
md*), to sell off (goods); '"hioang" 
(sii iSie'ng, to carry on a contra- 
band trade in salt ; hwang^ md ' iing 
(A'ew, to traffic in persons. 
Jlioang'. A coll. word : to act as 
a nurse, to suckle ; to tend 
children : hv}<mg、 inemj, to suckle ; 
iueng hwang' and Jcang hwang' 
wet and dry nurses ; hwang" ni? 
'kidngy to suckle or tend chil- 

Hwang\ A coll. word, as in 
kimng^pe' to break wind 一 
a vile phrase used to express con- 
tempt for what another says, as 
in hwang、 _pe, wci} and hwang) 'nil 

To return, to revert, to 
come back ; to restore, to 
i'TP^ give back, to repay ; to re- 
n' gard, to look at, to give 
attention to ; to look back; 
still, furthermore, even to this ; 
now, forthwith, immediately : 
used in the coll. for iheng and 
iteng, q. v. ; com., ^\kwang 、chHu、 
to strike back ; \hwang iyong, or 
Jiwang ihung, to revive, as the 
sick; [kau Jiwang fihHng 'ch% to 
return or pay up in full ; Jiwang 
s-ak^ to return to common life ; to 
become laymen, as priests do. 

還陽 還俗 

私鹽 還手 


貨 K 賈贩 

? sSh 疋贩 


舟氾濫 ^近 

1 2 

* 浮泛泛 


渙齓沘 f 

7 8 


IS 乎其有 

3m 然 一 新 


HWANG. 267 

Much, numerous, 
many; confused, multitu- 
. p dinous ; a variety of affairs ; 

■ a saddle-girth, in which 
sense also read ; pwang : 

\htoanf/ iWiff, over-strained polite- 
ness; COM., \hwang ^kang^ much 
and little; ^^hwang chak^ hetero- 
gciieons, as a crowd ; confused in 
mind : \hwcmg 《hioa, pomp, show ; 
、: ka (A'CM ho ' Jmang、 a numerous 

A kind of southernwood 
or Artemisia, whose de- 
s^^"^、 coction is sprinkled on 
• silkworm's eggs to hasten 
their hatching '."ihwang 
Ji6、 a plant like celery ~~ for pick- 
ling in winter. 
|-* All, everybody ; cora- 
y\ raon, vulgar, u sef ul ; 
i.^ generally, for the most 
Y\ part; the world : com., 
J / 1^ '(cM ihwang, all, every ; 
Fan. * Jiwang 【iu, all that 
there is; 'tai* ihwanr/, 
Avliatever, whoever ; in general ; 
、。ifman(f Jca'ng、 the world ; 
<,hxcang^ to think of the world, as 
bonzes relinquishing their vows ; 
(; OLL., Jiwang ^chung, all, for the 
】no8t part; Jiwang s'dil^ tioh^ ^sang 
'sil, in all matters think thrice. 
■fjET Troubled, annoyed, pci'- 
plexed, heated ; to trouble, 
i to intrude on ; trouble- 

■ some, irapertinent; griev- 
ed, Bony : COM., i\h/imnff 

to trouble one ; annoyed ; 
".se'tt' Jmang, much business per- 
plexing one ; "ihwang :W(J, troub- 
led aud anxious ; "pok) naP 
Jiwcing^ can't bear the trouble of; 
" Jiwang s6 > troubled and fever- 

ish ; ihwanff to over-oxert 
one's self, as after an illness. 

A cross - bar; trans- 
verse, crosswise, athwart, 
1" across ; perverse, grim, 
*"ng' unreasonable ; mulish, dis- 
agreeing from others ; the 
narrowest width ; unlnclcy, un- 
timely, unfair ; disrespectful ; to 
cross, to go athwart : com" 
"ihtoaim tiJc^ transverse and 
straight ; "ihwang ^sing th,oan 口 
itongy cross, perverse ; thwaiif/ 
iliong, to measure across ; Jivjang 
auk) refractory ; Jmdng Jion 口、 
cross-beams ; '"ihioang tchai, un- 
just gains ; COLL., Jiwang 
tdh^ or ihwang ^^au t6h) a long 
narrow table ~ as at the head of a 
hall ; ihwang sav? a kind of flute ; 
ihwanff wah^ the strbkee of a 
Chinese character j 、ta ^lang 
^kwangy across, athwart ; Jmang 
ryeu and ihwang lah^ the trans- 
verse strip and the boarding below 
the plastered portions of a room ; 
Jmang ^kong Jiwang tHdng^ to 
prate unreasonably ; ^wang (mi 
^chil itriS picong^ "rice earned un- 
justly bolla into no rice" 一 i. e., 
Heaven's curse is on injustice. 

A cage ; a fence, a rail; 
ing ; to cage, to confine * 
» j^,an mixeH'. ihwang ilengySihiTdr 
' cage, ihwang ilie, a fence, 
a wattle; Jmang lyonij 
(ugau Iwancf mixed and confused. 

Mineral salts, proper for 
painting or dyeing ; alum ; 
to dye with alum ; to tan 
or cure (leather) in lime 
and copperas: com., "joaA, 
ihioang^ alum ; ihwang 、hu, alum 
ash; Jiwang sioht alum shale ; 


橫>2 横腸 

煩力橫 直 

耐煩 煩燥 


煩煩 櫃不 

4 5 

凡 煩勞事 

2 3 

凡 i 有^ 

蘩 蒿諸凡 

6 7 

家 口浩繁 


繁 雜繁華 

3 4 

8< 繁簡 

_ 1 2 

268 HWANG. 


\ch''ang Jaoantj^ .mue copporas; 
'•taru/ ihwoji!" blue or greeii 
vitriol ; ^chu ' J twang, sulphurct 
of iron, copperas used in dyeing 
Mack; ooi.u, ,、h、<jn(i Jiwang^ frosli 
(i. 0. uabunit) alum ; ip''ui itd 
h'-o * Jiioa/iff, take tlio skin nnd 
<lyc it with alum ; ihicaiig ip'-u'i 
talng^ u tanuiiig shop. 

A tree which produces 
不日- liarJ black Bceds used for 
i l,luan* beads ; eiguboartls i)laced 
' ■ bet ween two boar Js \>efore 
a houg ; pillars before 
JXfaves ; po!^ts to steady a cottin on 
t restkv ; title of dofuuct graudees : 
'ihwanf/ ihioa/uj, a martial 
iippearauce ; sorrowful ; \pioanff 
Jnoang, to advance with difficul- 
ty ; (coll.) intimate. 

rff A sail of a boat or a 
Ijljj ship: *"/mo) ihwarifj^ a 
s !.' 〈1" canvas Bail; *ki。a、 Jitoang^ 
' ■ to hoist sail. 

An ancient college or 
gymiiasiura, A. D. 200, 
capable of accommodating 
30,000 students : , Jtwaug 
rooms for study near the 
;m temple ― mostly diaus- 
t'tl in Foochow ; *cheng^ Jmatig 
",7, to enter the college 一 be a 

■H 4 - 1 Ufied for the next: 
YJF^ herbs, grass ; a bee or 
' wasp ; a surname : "iwang、 
Jcumn 仏 a bee's head. 

AA^2 A rule, a guide ; a cus- 
^gP torn, a usage ; a" mold, a 
pattern ; to imitate : 
hwawf a pattern, an ex- 
einphir ; hwajig^ ^ui^ to 


preserve by good rules ; "Jtuny 
htoang^ a popular custom. 

A-^> A trick, a ploight of 
J hfind ; magical arts, sor- 
HuttiT eery ; apparitions, drcauis, 

• visions ; false, deceptive ; to 
delude : "pie'.n[j、 hwang^ 

magic arts ; ^*hw a n mo 'n 
dreams, visiona. 

I Evil, trouble, distress, 
.M-* cahuiiity, misfortune; grief, 
lluan sorrow, affliction ; sad, uii- 
' liappy, vexed ; distressing, 
fearful ; to grieve, to sor- 
row for or with : hoajxf di:?- 
tress, affliction ; "hwo; Jtwarig^ 
calamities ; com., "hvmn[/^ nan(f 
misfortune, troubles. 

One who serves, an of- 
ficer, a pervant of the 
j'j^ crown: "Jcwang hwang* an 

• officer ; "Jiiong hwang^ 
gentry ; hwang^ sihV Or 

Imang^ Jcwan{f, servants, as of 
the crown, eunuchs ; com,, 
、"! APan(f、 tiiong, salary, perquisites 
of office. 



To rusli against ; to of- 
feud, to transgress, to vio- 
late, to invade ; to resist, 
to 0]>pose ; a criminal, a 
culprit; to endure, to be pes- 
sesscd by : com., "nmn(j、 hwak, 
to violate la^^; '^^Jmanrj^ 、kwi, or 
hwang^ isid^ possessed by a dovil; 
"/it^a;?-/7^ ch6i * to transgress ; 
hwang^ sioiig^ to offend the 
higher authorities ; hwajig^ (hung, 
an adverse -wind ; hwang^ hoi j 
to violate sacred uamee ; hwarig^ 
^ch^ilng^ to disagree with, oppos 
ed in views ; hwo/ng^ kc\ or htvanr/' 

札鬼 ^TO^ 

Sol 囊犯法 

o 1 

2 2 

官宦 鄕宦 

8 9 

禍 患患難 

6 7 

幻 夢憂患 

4 5 

洪範 ^ 幻 

2 3 

1 宫 范冠 〇 


黌 宮進蠻 

7 S 

。布帆 « 帆 

,桓 P 桓 




ch'-'eiXk^ to incur dislike or enmity; 
COLL., hwahg^ pa^ig^ taken Rick ; 
h wcn"/ ^7}tng ch^oi ) offend people's 
months ― i. e,, provoke theiii to 

Slow, tardy, leisurely; 
careless, lax ; easily, grad- 
"麵. ually, gently; to let 
things lake tJieir own 
way ; to delay, to dawdle, 
to take matters easily ; in the coll., 
T O tic loosely : com., "mang、 kek^ 
,s^hy)i(f chd) to help each other in 
emergencies ; ^ htnang) tP^Mf 《chi 
kie 3 to wait for reinforcements ; 
met" to gain by delay, as in mat- 
ters of debt, &c. ; hwang、 tardi- 
ly, slowly; 、 Jc、wanff kwang^ 
lenient, easy with, as in cxtend- 
in<? the time ; coll., ^mwong k^d^ 
,i liwaiuf sioh, just tie it loose- 
ly ; hwang^ sioh^ pwo^ wait a little. 

To rear and feed domes- 
tic animals, to bait ; to give 
presents to, to bribe, to 
allure with the hope of 
getting favor. 

(219) Ilwi. 

jJ^> Brilliant, refulgent, glo- 
TOra rious, like the sun ; to 
( ^^T^ glisten : \kwon(/Jiwi^ brill- 
' iant, glistering. 

Same as the last ; lumin- 
cms, splendid, like fire : 
< ■•jjui ^taiky Jvid" illustrious vir- 
' tue ; \hioi tjiwonff, illumin- 

Like the last two : efful- 
gent, glorious, as the sun : 
^^sid :hwi, slanting sun- 
beams ; ^sik^ ihwi, the 
evening sun. 


【 Hui. 


To sprinkle, to scatter * 
to throw away ; to move' 
ilui to shake ; to animate ; to 
' be agitated ; to point out, 
in which sense the same 
as the next : 、\hwi iho, to flourish 
the pencil ; \、,hwi JcHng, to play 
the lute;"(Awu' hwok^ extravagant ; 
"、cM Jmi, a major in a Manchu 
corps ; to point with the band. 
Read ihung^ as in ^\hunfj ^lung^ 
whole, unbroken. 

To rend open, to tear 
off; to point out ; humble, 
unassuming : (Awn', 
to point out, to direct ; 
"Jmi JcHeuQy humble. 

Good, beautiful ; a cord 
of three strands, a string ; 
queenly garments ; a kind 
of sash ; a banner ; the 
stops on a guitar : t,(Awi 
,iag, fine sounds ; met,, female rep- 
utation ; COM., " Jiwi ^chia 、fm, 
the Hwichau department iii- 
Nganhwui ; 〜hwi m'if" Hwichau 

To fly with noise ; a 
kind of colored pheasant ; 
colored, adorned : i\hwi 
Jmi, to fly up and show 
^* the plumage ; 〜hwi a 
Hui. variegated pheasant. 

A signal or marking 
flag; to make a signal, to 
motion to ; quick, hasty : 
Jiwi Jceng, to motion with 
the hand, as in giving or- 
ders ; COM., ^hwi ha} your honor ! ~ -' 
terra applied to a military officer. 

To break down, to 
throw dowrt, to level, as a 
-gui ' house ; ruined, destroyed, 
• dilapidated, fallen ; abolish- 



府靈 〇 


機 音嶽州 

7 9 

Is 赏謙 

t 揮 1 

」 揮霍 

7 8 

光輝 德嬋 

遲 緩寬緩 

8 4 

P 兵之計 

緩 急相濟 




cd, cast down ; to vilify, to defame, 
to slander, in which sense pame 
as the next ; to deprecate calami- 
ties by prayer ; to shed the toeth : 
COM., "Aici hwai^ ruiued ; 'e.hiek、 
^hwiy to pull down, as an old 
house 一 term used in deeds ; 
,(hioi hukj useless, as cripples ; 
* /ivrt paung^ to backbite ; coll., 
^hwi , dilapidated ; 、hwi i7ihi(j 
ihung nuoo) to destroy (remove) 
people's graves. 

To be angry with, to 
H«T*i vituperate, to revile, to 
^ defame, to plander : com., 
ji^y^ "^hwi pattng^ to vilify, to 
p!$V backbite. 

^LM^ Fire; blaring, ilaming ; 
烁一" 一:" 

bright, splendid : 
tfiwi, burned up. 




I I ■* Ashes, ashy; lime; ta 
plaster ; to give up one's 
( jj^- purpose, disheartened : in 
1' the coll. read (hu^ a. v. : 
COM., \hroi ihi, ft limekiln ; 
• (sieu (hwiy to burn lime ; '^hic'i 
'chwi, whitewash; 〜 jring JoTif; 
,},toiy the red lime eaten with betel- 
nut ; lUgUng (hw'i、 ^chio Jao't^ and 
mek. \hw\ are three shadet; of ash 
color "<kw't eng) lime-stf^nip ~ 
lifted in marking goods j "(力 
V/t'tt Icwa^ a coat of ash-cotored 
rat skins ; coll., ^nUng Jiw'i chak^ 
^/:^au, to plaster up a^n aperture ; 
c/<'(> * ,//?/) darkish lime ; (hw't {.<f?V, 
a small trowel i (hwi pidh^ & plas- 
tered partition ; ^hn^i (Sinff, or .sing 
(ft 10'" discouraged, indifferent to. 



j\VO To jest, to ridicule, to 
fTSl li\ugh at ; n name. liond 
( Hui to pity ; afflicted, sad ; 

infirm, invalided. 

Read ;A:'?rJ in the dic- 
tionaries : great, liberal, 
extensive ; to enlarsre : 
',f/"rJ hufi、 to regain pos- 
session of; ^\/nn Jac(^ ex- 
tensive, great. 

^tj^ Read: ^PHm in the die- 
^火 tionaries : to play 、vith, to 
^ laugli at: ^^Jnct ^chhiy loud 

' laughter ; to ridicule; 
" (hv :〜 ihui, to dally and 
sport with. 

YlJlf Also read ^wi : noise, a 
II nxUlhag, ns of thunder; 
《Zj^^J^ tired, ja(led : ^hiri Jnct^ 
• the Bound of I'lunbHiicj 
thunder; "(? ,ff6 ^ma J act 
^foi^ my horse jaded;.. 

< .1^ Read (A?"<v colt 、! ivA: 
^J\^ fire, flame ; met" quick, rap- 
^ ^ id, urgent ; fiery, as tlie 
' disposition : ^^' /mi 

calorfc ; ""iw't Jiu^ ashes ; 7/?r? 
、c/Ulng, or "m't 7ntk\ rQsiduum 
of wood、 embers ;' ^Ittci yeng^ a 
flame ; ^hwi Jiwa^ sparks ; 、hwi 
tioh^ taken fire, Hghted ; ^\sieu^ 
、hw〜、 to burn ; "cw't lu/o ^ an oven;. 
^hvyi (W, a steel ; 、hw'i siolty flint ; 
、kw't itma^ a paper-liglitcr ; c/ieii ^ 
ilai ^hvn^ Inciter niatches \ 
ngie ^ tinder \ j)、uh) 、hw〜、 to strike, 
a light ; 、hw'L Jf'ou^ 9 cook ; ^hvH 
^e^oij smoked hatns ; "、hw'《 yof" 
gt>Eipowder ; "^hwl sang^ a fiery 
temper ; 4iw〜 pHeu^ a liasty war- 
rant ; '^sU^i ,.s'??/(/ 、IiV :〜 chiolji^ be 
careful of lighted candles !: 7i?r? 

I? 火 1 藥 

® 隨 火, 傾 

徵諧 ^0 


B 褂 恢後 


^爐 IgM 

IS 誘 微 

*r, 6 

毁伏 00 

3 4 

毁 壤析毂 


HWO. 271 

<smk, color of fire ― term used by 
ffmelUM-s ; '7j7ri ik、in(f、 tongs ; 
人 hm't /'A'</, a fireman's tongs ; 7«oi 
《 p<ir、 or 7"p;. (('AV<J"〃, a fire-shovel ; 
I'hto't ("rt, a torch ; crullers ; ,7t" 
"■hm"!,, a bamboo blower ― 
Chinese bellows; '(/mi td ' the 
god of tire ; h'nf/ ^/lUil, to cvtch, or 
■pet on fire ; *' 人'' i (AwJ, to kindle a 
iire ; "m't ^siea pauk^ j)auk、 kieu、 
the tire burns with a crackling ; 
(tau 7aw;, to leap into the flame, as 
insects ; " Iiio'i iluvg tsung, a st«atn- 
lioat; '^hict fSien eh'-io' a, conflagra- 
tion ; 7i«?j yeu^ fire-hawks 一 i. e., 
})limderers at a conflagration ; 
v、'iik)— ch、ok、 、h'in'" eyes flashing 

f >t Read (htm; coH. 7/?ri, 
as in \ka liousehold 
furniture, property: 
• *f]yioong Jca '■/iwt, to divide 
property, as brothers do ; 
、''hvk sik^ food, provisions ; '■hwt sik^ 
'ang, a chow-chow basket. 

Rend "mo; coll. "m't, 
ill ^"'Inm ke* or 7<m e* 
fellow-workman ; 7/«p? 


(ffl^ P、 


11 UO. J 、 



< 1^ Fire, flame ; to burn, to 
^J\^ consume ; heat, fever, fe- 
^ verish : in the coll. read 
"•wi、 q, V. : COM., \sin(/ 
、hwo、 heartrfire; A wo ok 、 
fire pent ; ^hwo Ink) fire noxious ; 
、hwi> so ^ fire parching ; "(h,no 
inonfi^ (or 2), fire excessive ; 
*^^htoo i^pwg (or 《'(J£》), fire abated 
― are all medical terms referring 
to "the igneous eleracut" iu the 

( >| Perhaps nn abbrevia- 
^yC ted form of the next ; a 
messmate, a comrade, a 
• companion: i^adiii thecoll^ 
"tm, q. v.: 、"hwo niong、、 
the mate of a merchant ship ~ 60 
called iu Canton. 

A rolle(^"e, a comrade, 
accomplice, associate; 
m-any, numerous : a com- 
par.j% a pnrty, band, socie- 
ty: ID the coll, read "tv^i、 
q. V. : 、"! mo H'e、 (coll. ^hwo ke" or 
、hno ^ or ^At/^o 6* partnera, 
fellows ; p^wan^ associates^ 
a company ; ckeUny^ (hwo, all the 
partners; com,, "hak^ ^hwo^ joiut 
partnership ; coll,, ,hwo 7a cho ' 
to work in company ; ^hwo Hd 么 
to buy in partnership. 

Goods, merchandize, 
commodities ; to trade ; to 
brrt>c : hwo、 ^V!!\ bribes ; 
roM., "fiwo、 uk^ goods ; 
h-mo^ mik、 the qunlity of 
goods ; Atro' ^ching ka、 sik. "the 
goods genuine and price true" ― a 
shop sign ; ^^\md (or paing^ or fe^) 
hwo) to purchase good^, to buy 
stock ; * hwo、 native goods ; 
i^nffU hwo^ firth ; OOLL., ^nffai hwo、 
bad goods; hwo、 ,td, or hir^o) ki &、、 
inferior goods ; hwo^ sidng^ the 
goods (are) cheap. 


— Y*' Sometimes used for the 
next ; growing grain, es- 
£ jj=。 p^cially paddy and wheat; 
• ^rain, corn ; the 115th rad- 
ical : i。ihwo mek^ paddy 
and wheat ; 、、ek、 Jtino ^seng ^kiu 
sot ' one stalk bears niue heads ― 
ill a good year. 

vK 生九穗 

货 啜麥」 


計 夥件合 

平伙 長夥 


火 火旺火 

食夥 計心 

SS 伙耿 

燒厝 i 豕伙 

輪 i 火 

帝 4 起火 

3 次气 1 




• • Harmony, union, con- 
TvO cord, agreement^ peace af- 
$ ter strife ; mild, kindly ; 

pTT* agreeing 、vith, as medi- 
Ay% cine ; inclined to ; to agree, 
' iVji to be at peace, to unite, 
to harmonize ; to go with, 
* to join, to ; icconipany ; to 

uo' conform to ; in coll. man- 
darin, with, to : also read 
/iwo^ q. V. : \hwo ihai, harmony, 
as ill mvisic ; cordial agreement ; 
COM., k^e^ or Jiwo s(mjf har- 

monion8, agreeing ; \hwo' nv:an{/, 
genial, as warmth or the weather; 
\hwo 、h6、 or i^kwo iping^ or ^Jixvo 
jnuk\ peaceable, on good tenns ; 
\ftwo sifmrf Bndhist priests ; 
'^kon<j ihwo^ to exhort to peace ; 
\hwo yok^ a treaty of peace, an 
aijreement ; coll., ""Jtwo yek^ or 
; f'ro ihwo yek^ tepid, lukewarm ; 
Jiioo 、k、enfi ^song ka^ peaceable 
(logs biting each other ; met.^^ two 
persons (instigated) to fight ; 
Jtwo S907ig^ md^ cho ^ tek、 "^mwo 
po' md ^ Uk、 can neither be a 
priest, nor marry a 、vife; met" in 
Ktraits ~ a dead lock. 

Also read hwo^: used for 
the last and the next : to 
mix and season, as cooks 
do; dishes to mix food 

To accord, to respond, 
Jti\\ as in singing ; to concil- 
Iluo iate ; to mix up, to blend, 
as tastes : also read Juoo, 
q. v.: ^^hu>o^ (si, an anti- 
8tro])he ; to respond, us in refrains; 
、"ku)u hwo^ a few voices in ac- 
cord ; met., few agreeing or as- 
senting ; 、2/mo》 Jcmg、 to season 

soups ; COLL., hioo^ sioh^ W", t(l 
write a poem on the pame U»cma 
(and compare with another's). 

-Zpijjj Evil, misery, suffering; 
l|||rn calamity, adversity, sor* 
flllo row, judgment, woe, 
' more especially when be* 
yond one's control ; uuhap* 
|)y, unfortunate ; to curse, to in* 
jure ; used in the coll. for rain, ad 
dripping down : "hwi? hwang^ ad- 
versity ; COM., 、、hw</ hai * evil, 
misery ; 、\chai hwo^ judgment, 
calamity ; "Aw o; 、kong、 the root 
of the evil ; *''n/<J hwo^ to stir up 
trouble ; "hw& pok^ ,tang 小 eng、 
calamities come not singly. 



|rrt Read kwoh^ ; coll . 
rSt hwoh " to cheat, to deceive^ 
Z ^2 to mislead, to entice : 
about as hinoh^ q. v. : 
^""k^eilk^ fi hwoh, k、6、 de- 
ceived by Liia ; hwoh) k^o ^ ( 《?" 
enticed to gamble ; hwoh^ 1aco、 
5 peng (or ut/ig^)^ successfully de- 




Obscure, • dark ; night, 
the close of light ; the last 
day of the month ; misty, 
dim : i^hwo't ) 卩"? '/?仏 ob* 
scare ; com., "fuooi 〉 
lugubrious, unlucky. 

To teach, to instruct, to 
reiterate ; to admonish, to 
give line upon line ; to in- 
duce, to lead to, inviting : 
"koM) hwo? to teach dili- 


I 晦氣 ^誨 

局去 晦明 



單行 乞伊 

惹禍 禍不 

7 8 

災禍 禍根 

禍患 禍害 

W 熟 詩 

和 >^釣 

7 8 

,睦 e 和尙 

和諧, 和氣 


HWOl. 273 


IAr^ To repent, to change, to 
regret ; vexed with one's 
V self ; to explain the dia- 
• grams : hwoi haung^ vex- 
ed, remorseful; com., htcoV 
、kai、 or 、hwoV ch6i^ 、kai kwo^ to 
repent and amend ; */moV (Sing^ 
compunction ; coll., t《di) hwoi) 
to regret, to repent ; hwoi ) ^tong 
,cJt% to regret having formerly 
done 80. 

Read stool 、; coll. hwo\ 、: 
a year, the new year ; a 
year of one,s age, a year old 
according to Chinese reck- 
oning ― the year of birth 
Ibeing reckoned one : ^hiom ) so* 
years of age ; ^nioh^ vmi、 hwoV 
how many years old ? ^"^kwi hwoi > 
how old (is the child) ? hwo'i ^ sd ^ 
young ; shwoV twai ^ iUhig mwoi ^ 
twai 2 the person is small for his 
age ; hwoi ) pwong^ New Year's 
rice, as offered to heaven and 
earth, and to the ancestral tablet ; 
^cho 〉 hwat ) ( country brogue 
^tiong hwoV、 the feast on the last 
night of the year. 

To collect, to assemble, 
to convoke, to bring or 
call together ; to make a 
compact, to unite by agree- 
ment ; a blending or join- 
ing ; an association, a club, a eo- 
leiety, a meeting, a cabal; a 
church, a congregation ; a joint- 
stock-company ; to meet, to "visit; 
an opportunity, an occasion, a 
meeting ; to let all know; to un- 
derstand, to know : COM,, ^hwoi ^ 
ckik^ to assemble ; "hwoV ngie ^ to 
meet for deliberation ; &mg、 hxmi ^ 
or xojcau) hwoi^ a Christian church ; 
hwo? (31710, or "hwo? e) or hwoV 

ngwd* to perceive, to comprehend 
、i hwoV Hu^ fellow-members ; 
hwoV tJcwang, a club-liouee, an 
exchange or guild-hall; "hwo't》 t6P 
to pay money through bills of ex- 
change ; to pay through another, 
turn a debt ; hwoi ^ pah、 a compi- 
lation of elder members; "hwo? 
(sd, wives of members ; elder sisters 
in a church ; 《M hwo? an oppor- 
tunity; ,sa?ig hak^ Av?ol* the Triad 
eooiety; mieng^ hwoP have (mere- 
ly) met, , slightly acquainted ; 
"jtm" hwot^ to visit one ; 、& hwoV 
fl"", Chinsz' graduates, from the 
2nd to the 18th incluBive ; hwoV 
(chH)ig 'chiu^ fenst to a bride's 
relatives ; coll.^ '''kwoV tiok^ met, 
assembled ; "hwoi) meng^ to meet 
face to face ; hwoi * Jaro、 Hau^ have 
met, aR new friends; ^md Hi hwoi * 
dull, stupid ; hwoi^ ^V'au and hw(A} 
Jc、a、 the manager and members of 
a club. 

t2 To embroider, or adorn 
in colors ; to paint, to 
^ draw, to sketch ; also the 
thruiuB left in weaving ; 
艮 red colored threads: 'Vit/joi^ 
ul wa} to sketch, to paint; 

"fmdl 2 j,u^ to draw plane 

^/&3L} To run in drops ; to Bep- 
arate, to disperse ; water 
^ flowing in a racfe-way ; 
roaring surges ; enraged, 
vehement : "TiwoV I 魏 ng、 enrag- 
ed, as a mob ; hvxA ^ pai ' dispers- 
ed, broken, at troops. 
^ — Water gurgling and 
t eddying, a whirlpool; the 
二 1 Brst alBO means a vessel or 
Vlffi utensil : s'eU^ ^chii huxn^ 
f (Ch'anffy the Poor Books 
Hui. with all the comments. 

會面 繪翥 

8 9 


會嫂 ft 耆 

會友 會 

2^ 8 

教會 會意 

會 集會議 

8 9 

昧 大做歲 

歲 大 认?; 

Tii. 歲 !?鳳 

悔 罪改過 , 

274 HWOK. 



i 虫; 



虫 2 



The outer gate of a 
market ; the gate of a street 
leading to a market ; a 
road : \k^icang hwot ^ a 
street gate. 

To stop in the middle, to 
stop suddenly ; to under* 
stand ; to deceive ; to 
translate ; to turn round, 
to arrange; to rouse, to 
call together. 

Read koVm the diction- 
aries : lack-luster eyes, a 
dull vision ; eyes weak 
from the wind. 

To be deaf, born deaf : 
^ilung hwot ^ entirely deaf. 

Troubled, moved, anx- 
ious, disturbed ; stupid, 
lethargic : ^hwoi ^ Jmoi ^ or 
^Jmony hwoi ^ harassed, 
confused in mind. 

As in t/iwoi ^ mUng^ to 
wash the face* 


(224) Hwok. 
Jjjf A single floss of nilk ; 
>>yr the smallest fraction in 
^W^^ notation, a millionth ; to 
• forget, to disregard, to 
make light of ; to ex- 
tinguish ; neglectful ; suddenly , 
abruptly, unexpectedly, all at 
ODce : ^JcHng hwok^lo slight; com., 
、fw)ok、 liok^ negligently, cursorily; 
、hm>k、 iyong^ or "vux)k、 <yo7ig^ 
•kang, suddenly, abruptly ; ^^Jie 
fh6 fSi hiooky the Bmallest fractions 
in notation. 

|L^n Minute ; abstruse, inex- 
乂 plicable ; that which daz- 
》 zles or flutters the mind. 



JLArt To clear away, to brush 
J ^vC off dust; to take up refuse, 
ll? 》 Read k、auk、 to slap, to 
' strike, to push. 

To turn the hand back, 
to beckon, motion to one : 
丄 f ) ^\hv)i htcok^ extravagant. 

A tablet of ivory, bam- 
boo, gem, or wood, used 
at audiences in former 
times ; designed for mak- 
ing raemoranda, and after- 
ward used aa ornaments ; they 
were held before the breast : 
"c7/6^j hwok^ to hold the tablet ; 
COM., "inga hwok、 an ivory tablet 
― used by Tauists, and in theatri- 

A violent distemper ; 
disorder of the stomach, 
vomiting : "hwok、 lioang^ 
vomiting and purging, 
cholera, bilious colic. 

Used for the last: speed, 
celerity, agility ; a sur- 
name ; a range of moun- 
tains in Hupeh : 、\hwi 
hwok, aroused hastily, pre- 
cipitate ; 、*hvjok、 、mnff, a moun- 
tain range in Hupeh ― the Atlas 
of China. 

Leaves of pulse, used as 
food ; greens in general : 
XI<x hwok^ greens ; com., 

hwok、Jiiong、 Betonica of- 
ficinalis— used ill colic and 

Read hwah^ ; coll. hwok, 
as in ^t^au hwok^ the hair 
of the head* 




To seize, to take hold 
of, to grasp in the hand, 
to secure. Read wa^ or 

黎藩 薄香 

7 8 

霍山 〇 


撺霍 〇 

P 毫絲忽 

忽然問 〇 


忽孱 忽然 







hwa^ : a trap or snare for wild 
beasts. Read h<? : to spread 
abroad, to divide. 
>-+fc Rain flowing in torrents; 
rushing streams ; waters 
boiling and bubbling: *Ao^ 
hwok\ a house with deep 
recesses. Read ho; as in 
•nod^ ho^ diftused, as doctrines. 

To cut cjrain, to reap 
the fields ; a harvest, a reap- 
ing : hv,ok、 the au- 
tumn liarvest ; 、ugip hwok^ 
to reap grain. 

A measure, a marking- 
line; to adjust by aline ; to 
measure by a rod or line 


II 0. - 

A large round pan or 

^^p' boiler without feet, called 
JJ^i 、H、ing Jmok^ ; to bore, to 
• chisel or engrave. 



~ I—* Square, cornered, angu- 
jt lar ; a place, a region, a 
side ; manner, art, rule, 
means ; correct, regular ; 
then, thereupon, in that 
case, in consequence of; towards, to; 
like ; to compare, to lay together ; 
to possess ; a prescription ; a thin 
board ; a written list of vassals : 
、hHil、 then, consequently; 
ooM./^ga^ 《hwong、 the four points of 
the compas8, every where; \hwong 
hiong、 facing towards, the direc- 
tion ; ^te^ 《hwong, a place, a situa- 
tion, employment ; ^^ngu Jiwong 
ehak^ (cA*a, resorted to from all 
quarters, as a central place ; 
,hwong、 to illustrate, as by para- 
bles ; "tai 、 、hwong 、 liberal; 
、、Jiwong hwafc) the mode of do- 
ing ; "Jiwong iui, the circuit, the 

bounds of; ^k^unr/ Jmong Jiing^ 
a name for copper cash ; Jixoong 
teiik^ "angular bamboo" ― said to 
grow at "(ITwcmff ^kwong iugang 
near Yungfuh ; ^heng Jiwong 
pien^ to do good, to bestONV 
chanty ; Jiwong Hon 沪 a Budhist 
monastery; me^., the abbot ; coll., 
^hwo7ig chi&ng) squarely, in exact 
position; Jmong ^V'au Jc'wo、 
square-toed boots, 

A n e i ghborhood; a 
J-/[l street, a lane, an alley ; a 
burg, a country house, a 
g' shop ; an arched gateway, 
an honorary portal ; used 
for ihwong (to guard, to obstruct): 
COM., "siohi Jiwong, a stone arch 
or gateway ; "<chu Jiwong^ a 
bookstore ; " chidJc) hau^ Jmong, 
portals to chaste and filial widows; 
、& paik、 seu^ Jiwong, portal to a 
person (about) a hundred years 
old ; COLL,, i^kHe) Jiujong、 to erect 
an honorary portal. 
"I Fragrant, odorous ; met" 
riT agreeable, pleasant ; vir- 
tuous, excellent : \kung 
g' Jmong^ a large collection 
of flowers ; ^\hwong 、chi, 
fragrant plants ; com., Su Jiwong 
paik^ sie ) to transmit a virtuous 
(reputation) to all coming time. 

JL. Also read Jiwong : a sac- 
X /? rifice to the manes with- 
( in the gates of the ances- 
a g' tral hall ; the area within 
the gateway ; to sacrifice 
to the manes on two successive 

^唤 A wood used by cart- 
小力 Wrights and shipwrights; 
the white board used by 


fishermen to entice fish : 

暮芳 W 


節孝 坊百 


石 坊書坊 

廣巖 〇 

方 法方圜 

1 方 1 方 

五方 i 處 

方向 地方 

且 5 方 

276 HWONG. 


^su Jnoovg muk^ a kind of log- 
wood, sapiunvood. 
gC- Used for tlie next: the 
^ry^ sun setting, twilight, dusk; 
( obscure, coufused, dull ; 
' in disorder ; to oblige to 
do : ^Jnooiig mwo\ ^ confus- 
ed, not discerning ; ^^wong ,htmmg 
twilight ; COM., \hv)ong ^ti, in a 
stupor, unconscious; fSi7t(/ 、? m07ig, 
one just married. 

Marriage ; to take a wife: 
cOM.,\A?ro/?/7 nuptials; 
iluD V"。o"6^ (M, marriage eti- 
• quette ; \hwong fihil (coll. 
tmai ^ f.、aik》, betrothal- 
contract ; ^hw07iff f^nang ka^ StU, 
marriage of the sexes. 

小 /ff* Unsettled, unstable, as 
^^3* water : "^^hwovy <iWong、 the 
^ king of the Tsi state, 
about B.C. 300, 
pl^ A porter ; to shut the 
I 昏 I door at evening : 、k、aiu、 
< 穩卩 (h to visit the pfilace 

' on matters of litigation ; 
Jiwong ^g、 a door keep- 
er, a eunuch who keeps the harem, 
■frfr Used for the next : de- 
\fWT serted, waste, wild, bar- 
ren, unproductive ; distant; 
。' juugle, heath ; empty, un- 
cultivated, void ; unripe, 
blaste(^ ; a famine/ a dearth ; to 
overshadow: com., Jiwong Jiang, 
desert eJ, gone to ruin ; 、\hwong 
hie ^ waste, uncultivated ; inter- 
mitted, as business ; 、\hwong (sw', 
at irregular intervals, as work ; 
、\hwong 、y&、 a desert, a waste; "Jci 
Jiwcmg, famine ; coll., Jiwong 
jion/jr, incredible, random talk ; 
JiWong ifih、en(j、 uncultivated fields ; 
^hwoiig Mie na^ oi ) 《h、u\ Jiwong 

Oi'ing ng^ oi》 《pSn (or 、m6 menff、 
:P*"fit)^ a famished fowl does not 
fear the stick, so a hungry man 
has no shame (or fear of ridicule). 

-Ijf-' Fluttered, perturbed^ 
lir confused ; apprehensive, 
nervous; obscure: Jiwong 
-Tinp hwoky fluttered, nervous ; 
乂 JL COM., ^\hwovcf iTnong^ agi- 
Huang. tated, hurried ; ^^Jiwoiig 
(Chiong ^ apprehensive, 
precipitate; 、hw(mg ^chiorig 、k、en(i、 
a greedy dog; met., a rash, head- 
long person. 

Not discerning, stupid, 
dull ; confused, forgetful. 



一 舊 • - Blood, the blood above 
fff^ the heart. 


A membrane, or part 
of the thorax above the 
heart ; the vitals: "pen{/》 
ik^ Jc6 thw(mg、 the diseaso 
reaches the vitals. 

To talk in sleep, incoher- 
ent ; to lie, lying ; raving : 
3ojmo7ig ^yigiongy lies ; 
^\hwong miev} fabulous, 

To inquire, to search out ; 
to inform one's self ; to ask 
advice of, to consult, to 
deliberate : com., '^^'hwonff 
^cha^ to investij^ate; 、hwong 
anff to get information about a 
case, as through the police ; 
ch^ak^ ^hwong^ to investigate of- 
ficially ; 、hw<yng Hn^ or ^hxoong 

1 ^^1查 

膏肓 藝。 


慌 懍病入 


饑荒 唐 

, 荒疏 荒野 

k 凉 i 


滔王 1. 閻 

8 9 

婚禮 婚書 

6 T 

昏 迷婚姻 

,昧^ 昏 

f 枋木 〇 


BTWONG. tit 

^Jcau, to seek friendly alliances, as 
by inquiry, 

( A steersman, a pilot ; a 
4jJ Jj flat-boat, a raft; a galley 
f}'^'' of fifty men: 、wa"hv)ong, 
ang' a carved or ornamented 
boat. Read Jiwong : two 
vessels • side by side, u double 


To spin, to twist into 
threads, to twine ; lines, 

7," , threads, cords; to suspend, 
a"g' to tie up : 'Viwonff chek、 to 
spin, to weave ; com., 
'"iwong itm-, I'eeled pongee ; 
*'?iv}on'g itiu ^satig, a pongee robe. 

Like, resembling; seen in- 
distinctly,seei)ung, dreamy: 
^ ^^hwong jmong^ timid, un- 
decided ; com., '"vwong 
hok、 somewhat like; coll., 
F^^. '■hvoony hok) iki&ng ichid 
kwo、 seen indistinctly as 
he passed by. 

( /T./ Used for the last : like 
jljMJ to, seeming ; to imitate, 
to copy; a model, a copy: 
y*! * ~\siong '-hwong^ much 
I alike, similar; com , , 
Fang, ^'hwong yong^ to copy the 
form or pattern ; *tmwo 
、hwong, to follow the model ; 
COLL., ""iwong (i yony^ imitate 
Lim ; "thwonfi、 '■chid sek^ or 、hwong 
'■chid 'p^wo^ follow this form or 

小 Interchanged with 
^Irjr Jiwong (fluttered) : wild, 
乂" mad ; fluttered, disturbed, 
unable to collect one's 
_ thoughts : "、jmong hwok) 
Huang, perturbed, hall-crazy. 

《丄培 A curtain, a screen for 
the light ; an ancient or- 


nament for the head. 

c Htf Sometimes read hvxmg" 
Btr to give, to bestow , "nid 
乂" by the recipient) : •." 
ang' "-hviong^ to give in kind' 
uess ; "haiv} 、hwong、 to 
bestow abundantly. 

The first light of the 
|l| Y\ morning ; clear, bright ; 
p met" perspicuous, as au 
ang' essay ; to begin, the com- 
mencement; just at the 
time of, to occur, to happen. 

^>r-% Cold water ; to compare, 
V/jr comparison, illustration; to 
add to, to increase ; a time ; 

、 g' here; present, now : usual- 
ly read hwong、 q. v.: 

"(khiff '■hwong^ time, period ; 

"、hwong tho state of the times. 

To reject; to let off, to let 
go; to exteiTdjto liberate, 


to loose ; to lay down ; to 
indulge, to relax, to dissi- 
pate ; to scatter ; to open 
out ; to accord : in the coll., a last; 
to stretch with a last ; in the coll., 
also read pong\ q. v. : 、,! iwong、 
Hang、 daring, reckless ; ^^hwong^ 
to place ; COM" ^^hwony^ sSU^ 
dissolute, disorderly, impudent ; 
s^hwong) Jcwong, to emit light, as 
fire-flies ; ^^hwong^ k6^ "open for 
accusation", as set days in a 
magistrate's court ; '"hwo'ng^ (senff, 
let (animals) loose to live, as 
Budhists do; hwong、 ^seny 
hwoV voluntary clubs (who buy 
animals) to "let them live" ; coll., 
hwoTig) a shoe-last ; m6 ^ hwong、 
a cap-block ; hwong、 id, to stretch 

澉告 ^生 

放肆 放光 

9 o 

1 2 

放胆 放置 

7 8 

惠貺 厚貺 


傲 伊檨傲 

傲 樣摹傲 

8 9 

佛^ 傲?" 

衫彷徨 〇M 

紡綢 紡綢, 

CO A- u 

扇 舫紡績 , 

1 2 




shoes ; 、hw(mg、 twai^ (or Jc^wayig)^ 
stretched larger ; hwouff paufc) 
burst in being stretched. Read 
^hwong : to imitate, to follow ; to 
reach to; great, as in 、hwong 
Jitlng、 great merit. 
Kpf 》 More, moreover, furth- 
)S/\ I er : sometimes read 
^J^y "vwon(}, q. v.: com., ^'king 
hwong) the times, one's 
yf/l^ prospects ; ^hwon(f ^cIiHA^ 
K*u:uif. still move ; V" hwomf 

how much more? 
Hwong^. A coll. word : a boil : 
^sang hw(mg、 to have boils; 
hv)onf ;、 (san^z sioh^ ^si nr/^ to hnxe 
boils over tlie whole body ; 
hwomf the boil has burst. 

High, exalted, supreme, 
honorable, imperial ; beau- 
an * titul, fine, excellent ; an 
u^g' autocrat, a monarch, a 
potentate, an emperor ; 
Heaven ; to act right ; to go and 
come ; quick,- rapid : sometimes 
used in books for Jixmng (the 
female phenix) : ^Jiwong and 
^Jiwong 、; pi、 deceased father and 
mother ― uow called \sieng 'A-'d 
and ^^sieng "^pi; com., ^ihwong t(P 
the emperor ; ^^^hwong haiu^ the 
empress ; \\hwong fChHng, the Im- 
perial Pure (dynasty) ― uB€d in 
the dates of tablets ; 、\hwouff 
siong^ His Imperial Majesty ; 
、\hwong (hi、 the imperial concu- 
bines ; "thw(mg (fHhif/ haiu} Hht^ 
High Heaven and Earth ; t、ai, 
siong^ Jiwong^ the father of the 
emperor ; Jivoong (o"/7, imperial 
favor ; ^^Jiwoyig 八、 AHng kwok^ 
ch、ek) the imperial kindred ; ^sanrj 
Jvwong, the three emperors, Fu- 
hi, Shinnung, and Huangte ; coll., 

Jiwong td^ ch'^oV (or wa k*^ti'tk、 
sidh^ ^sing^ "an emperor's mouth 
and a begijar^s body'' ― he talks 
big but is dressed meanly ! Jiwoiig 
td ) ^chieng md} (md tek、 wang^ 
wangi swot ^ the emperor has 
money but can't buy myriads of 
years to live. 

I^^l To poh : Jiwong <]iWong, 
X^ZIZ bitter crying, to wail, as a 
《ni^^^ child; the lmrmoi\y of 
"ang' dVinus and bells ; " Jiwcmff 
akj clamor, hubbub. 

Uudecided, hesitating : 
^"^'hwong Jiwoytg^ or <,pori(j 
^Hu^<^ A 鶴" 仏 timid and irreso- 
uang' 】ute; to go back ami forth, 
as if one had lost his way. 

The female of the pbenix, 
a fabulous bird : hong^ Jciu 
%uan^ iAw?<m'7, the phenix seeks 
議 g' his mate ; met" marriage ; 
COM., 、"wng、 Jiwonff, 
the male and female pTienixes. 

Leisure, vacant time, 
disengajred ; indifferent : 
^^^^ '^mok, 'kang hek^ Jiwong, 
, does not dare to be idle ; 
pok、 ihwong^ busy, no 

An empty ditch, a dry 
raoat or fosse around a 

s*-" city ; m€《" the municipal 
醒 g' guardian ― an idol god: 
iSing tjiwoyig^ the city 
moat ; COM., ^^^sidng ^hwong mieu》 
the palladium or municipal tem- 
ple ― in every walled, or district, 

― A river in Kansuh, a 
tributary of the Ta-t'ung 
„ ^ and Yellow rivers, near 
Sining-fu ; cold water ; a 
turbulent torrent. 

,隍廟 o 

莫 敢或遑 

f 惶鳳匦 

7 9 

國戚 I? 呼 

后 土皇親 


皇如 皇天 

皇 親皇上 

1 2 

皇 帝皇后 

9 ^ 

1.4 S 

皇考 皇妣 

况 且何况 

3 4 

放 大景况 

1 2 


HWO 脈 





I A great blaze ; splendid, I 

't^S^ bright, luminous, glorious: 
£^^-*^ \ni ing ^sing <Jiwo n g 
uang' ;力 wow,/, the brilliant stars ; 
'\hvyi Jiwong, effulgent. 

Fear, apprehension, 
tremor ; terror, dread, iuve : 
、k"i\ng、 fearful ; 
COLL., fkidnff i^hwoiig^ ap- 
prehensive, frightened. 
The locust: cha) 
g 卞 the migratory locust 一 styl- 
%uan ^Jiwong (chai, plague 
uang' of locusts ; &ang》 Jiwong, 
drought and locusts. 

A garden, a yard, an or- 
chard, an enclosure for 
flowers or vegetables ; im- 
perial Bepulchers ; used on 
shop signs in the sense of 
arfine establishment: , 'Jiwong 6?? 
girdens and parks ; com:., VA'aS 》 
jvwon 仏 a vegetable garden ; 
\hw(mg 诊 ing, a gardener; 
"iJiwon(/ iting^ a summer house ; 
、、! iwong xhu^ the rent of a gar- 
den ; COLL., Jiwong ong、 a sort of 

A bank, a levee, a dike; 
a defense^ a screen ; to 
guard against, to keep off, 
to defend; to repress, to pro- 
hibit, to provide against : 
in the coll. read Jiong, q、 v. : 
COM., '^^Jiwoiig Hu, to girsird, as 
soldiers ; 、\hwong ch'eh^ to watch 
against thieves ; ^\hwong pe^ to 
be ready for, on one's 'guard ; 
"ihwong (siu, to protect ; \fmong 
Jiung, medicine for flatulency ; 
HZiOLL., Jiwong tek^ 、kinQ , to keep 
strict watch; JiiDong md^ teii^ 
unable to guard against or pre- 

f 方 


An impediment, an ob- 
stacle, ; I hindrance ; to iu- 
P i jure: 、-、 hwong 7)gai^ an 
obstacle ; com., 、& Jmong 
hai; a troublesome, or 
dangerous, impediment ; ^*Ji6 
Jivdonf/, how can it obstruct or do 
harm ! pok^ Jmong^or^\u Jiwong, 
no hindrance, harmless. 

Also read (wong in the 
dictionaries: the ore of 
'》、 metals ; firm, strong ; na* 
tive sulphur : tung 
Jiwong^ copper ore ; com., 
ssjiu Jvo^ong, Lopchoo sulphur. 
' ~ The bream ; a thin, 
broad fish of a greenish* 
,$"4 white color, having email 
迎 g' scales ; its tail is said to 
turn red from fear or ex- 
cessive exertion ; a species of 
bream, common 0,t Canton ― is a 
foot long. 

The sturgeon ; a species 

扭 S found in the river Yang- 

《W 、; il tsz is of great size. 
Huang, o 

A species of Tbaraboo 
with a white bark and 
joints close to 多 ether ; the 
wood is used for boats 
and muskal reeds ; a 
grove or cluster of bamboos. 
JSwong. A colL word, as in 
Jiwonff ,swi, or Jiwong 
,AW, a medicinal herb ( corian* 
der?), a decoction of which is used 
to "bring out the measles." 
i,iiwo7ig. A coll. word : oppress- 
ed with cares, hurried : 
Jiwong hek^ panting with the 
hurry ; Jiwong ^ioh^ Jmz, ex- 
cessively driven indeed ! cho ^ ^ma 
jna Jiwong^ distracted with many 

妨 p 妨 

防 風妫凝 

n 寸 


園 亭園祖 

o 1 

茱 園園丁 

S 9 

旱 蝗園囿 

6 7 

,蝗蛇 ^災 

k 煌惶恐 

明星煌 嬉 



Read ^wong ;ool] . hwonff: 
distant) far off ; a superla- 
、hwong^ k'&ang^ far and 
near ; 、hwong; tio 》 a long 
road ; Imonr/^ idi^ a remote place; 
lie 3 tcky htiiong^ far separated ; 
^ch^a tek、 hwong^ very different 
from ; niky H ^tong hwong^ the 
days (seem) long, as from lone- 
liness ; shwongi k^ancf^ to look at 
from a distance ; ,di、a pok、 ^t6 
hwong^ about the same distance, 
as two routes ; hwong^ hwong^ 
、! cong 、kH ji'aw. to begin speak- 
ing at a distance (from the real 
point) ; hwong^ tioh^ ^chHmg Hi 
k%iXng^ tioh^ (tigang ^^eng^ (search 
for it) a thousand miles off (yet 
find it) befwe your eyes. 



' 1 * Clothes, specirttly taose 
y^J/ for the body ; a case or 
( C wrapper, a cover ; the 
' husk of cocoanuts ; the 
145th radical : also read 
q. V, : ^pek^ ti (coll. pah^ 
Rtuclents ; COM., \i ^siong^ or \i 
hiik^ clothes ; ,Hi ,i、 rain garments; 
V/(:a)(also spoken ,u ka^) a clothes- 
horse ; 。(? : sik) clothing and food ; 
tap the umbilical cord ; sidng^ 
sewing-silk ; 、、mi7iff ^t, pictures of 
garments on paper, burnt to the 
miserable dead ; ''^seii^ (《, a shroud ; 
COLL., ^sionrj Jc^d^ the skirts ; 《i 
<,sdong a> a lap made by hold- 
ing up the skirt ; ^scni^J^ayig Hil 
(or I'ttl^)^ the clothes ragged and 
dirty ; rsiong fiUa ck、avn《i、 
(Ch^a Jmn 仏 garments lacking 
(only) an inch, and shoes (only) a 
tenth — sciL. do not fit well. 



To rely on, to trust to ; 
to agree, to conform to ; 
according to: 'V (hi, 
like, similar ; 、\《 lai^ to 
rely on ; com., (i ^m'l^ as 
you like ; 'V ichilng^ to conform 
to (his wishes). 
/tL He, she, it ; an initial 
T^-T f»artiJe, ori】y, because, 
《 Yi that ; a surname : Hmg, 
' they, them ; com., , •(《 (*^"^7, 
d famous statesman of the 
Shang dynasty, B. C. 1766 ; coll., 
kaukj iumff^ they all ; ,z ^chid 
^nhig^ that person ; ch6、 se^ he 
acts in his own peculiar way. 

To smile in bitterness, 
to moan : ^^auk^ a loud, 
forced 】augh ; 《i ^ngn^ the 
hum (of children reading). 

I^j^ The tone of indignation, 
M snrpvise,diseatisfaction;for 
( shame! alas! groans, do- 
' lor ; to belch ; "(i to 

A fierce dog ; extepded, 
continuous ; flourishing; to 
exclaim in praise, good I 
fine ! an interjection ; to 
add to, to depend on : J. (i> 
fine, flourishing. 

iL/^ Often read 'JcHS : a kind 
ilpT* of ox witbdiverginghorn?: 
Yi also the same as the last : 
• strong, fierce, as a dog; to 
display ; long, extended ; 
to rely, to depend ou ; an interjec- 
tion, oh ! ah 1 

^/tL Name of a river in Ho- 

i iJ nan province, a branch of 

( the river Loh : it runs 
Yi. ,- 


through Sung-hien in Ho- 

o 1 

k 伊 2 各认 

從 i 等伊 

稀 依賴你 

鞋差分 U 你 


冥衣 壽衣 

1 2 

衣食 衣線 

雨衣 衣架 

7 8 

衣 裳衣服 

骚看 il! 衣 

遠近 ^路 




^j/^ Ripples on water, the 
T^pT curling lines made by wa- 
《"— 4 ter in gentle motion. 

To heal, to cure ; medi- 
cal, medicine ; in the coll. 
also used for mwok^ q. v. : 
COM., \i ^seng^ a physician ; 
,(《 tJcwang, a dispensary, a 
hoBpital ; 、/i to cure ; ^Jcioang 
an officer's physician ; ^csmy (A 
a skillful physician ; \Ung 《i, a 
quack, a charlatan ; , Jieng (? •, to 
practice medicine. 

A blue and white duck, 
which frequents the sea- 
shore in flocks, and fore- 
tokens storms by flying 
inland ; also said to fly to 
atld fro with the tides. 

I/L^r Read ^6 ; used for the 
UHJ coll. (i : a common appella- 
tive prefix : also read aky 
• q. v.: a J 《ti&, father ! V 
^ma, grandma I "xhi&, 
elder sister ! 

^ I > I By, with ; for, that ; in 
order to, to the end thnt ; 
^^Y\ a reason, the cause by 
which, using, taking ; and ; 
• next, at, according to ; 

preceded by ^su^ therefore, where- 
in, that by which, thereby ; suc- 
ceeded by iui^ deeming, to consid- 
er, to regard as ; preceded by ; A<5, 
how ? how could ? often a sign of 
the accusative, from, to, in : "pok、 
% not deem or regard as; com., 
Hy suitable, will answer ; "'z 
^chienf/ (coll. H ;seng), formerly ; 
^^Hsiovg^ the preceding ; "^ngwai H 
nffwoV besides me ; \su H 5 yon/f^ 
wherefore, wherein;' & (i te^ so that ; 
H 、k、eu ong》 "ing, "with the mouth 

ask the heart" ― consult your own 

卜 Thopnrslanc (Pin ■tnf]ro): 





fcl^ Luxuriant, gro win g 
■J^rank; flourishing vegeta- 

Thou,you,Tonr; flourish- 
ing ; a final particle, denot- 
ing that the subject is not 
of much consequence ; al- 
so forms adverbs : "seHky 
% suddenly : (i Heng、 you 
ali ; ^^'nai % it is thus, 
just 80. 

Near, next I0, at band ; 
approaching both in time 
and place ; to reach, to 
come towards, to np- 
proaoli : '/, friendly ; 

I until now, near (in time). 

^ To rely on、 to 】efin Tip- 
'I'gj on or au^ainst ; trusting in, 
Yi to depend on, to engage 
' one to do ; inclined, lean- 
in? ; a fulcrum, a support : 
in the coll. read (rri, q, \\ : ^""H lai^ 
or [i paung^ to depend on ; 
'^\p'ung % partial. 

The sides of a chariot ; 
place in a war-car where 
Yi the weapons are placed. 

^ At the beginning of a 

I ~ pentence, stopped, fuiished, 
just done, already, past; 
sign of the perfect; to term- 
inate; to decline, to put 
away, to reject ; as a final, exces- 
sive, no more : com., Jdng, 
has, already has ; "(i ^wong^ past, 
done ; senxf excessive, too 

倚 |3 輕 

邇來 倚赖 

倐 爾乃爾 


以前 以上 

阿媽 阿姐 

行醫 阿爹 

7 S 

娜醫庸 肇 

51/ 6 

窨冶 官醫 

醫生 醫館 

1 2 


貝台 ; P 7 夷 S 夷 9 夷 

much : 、H kwo^ iSing^ has past, is 

ovci,、 as a business. 

c/. A coll. euphonic prefix, 

as in ^a, to break in two ; 

c", to brandish, as the hands or 


»— I A bridge ; the bank near 

jTh' a bridge ; an embankment: 

^ }~ also read 【/;i, q. v. 
Yi. 1 

I ^ Also read iie and ^chHe: 
%l J to split wood with the 
i J 飞"^ grain ; to fall down ; name 
-jkl f of a wood used for inner 
^ I lii coffins, on account of its 
Yi. durability, 
t-j;-^ A king-post or girder 
Yvfj on the top of a pillar, to 
i Y\ support tiie roof; a kind 

• of chestnut ; a fungus or 
Peziza, called ^^chie ^i. 

Also read • 仏' a clothes- 
horse : ,(i ci, a rack for 
clothes, which the sexes 
must not use together. 

Harmony, concord; 
pleased with each other? 
as brothers and friends ; 
joyful, satisfied : \hing td^ 
ii c《, fraternal joys. 

Interchanged with the 
' next : to confer, to bestow, 
to bequeath ; to induce or 
bring on one's self ; to 
cause : V ngwo^ to induce 
by an error ; com., ^^i hai * pok^ 
^chHeng^ to injure dee'ply, as by a 
Vicious example. 

To hand down, to be- 
Stl queath, to leave to, to 
£ Yi communicate to posterity; 

• to present to ; mutual de- 
ception ; to ridicule ; to act 

so as to be despised. Read t'ai" 
to defraud or insult. Read ; fai : 
weary ; remiss, negligent. 
^)\m Also vead ^/e; self-suf- 
^Ti7 ticient, assuming, arrogant; 
i Hhallow-mindcd ; to de- 

' fipise, to look down on, to 
insult ; verbose, to brag. 

Even, arranged ; to equah 
ize, to level ; to wounds 
to kill ; to cut grass ; great, 
• ample ; to clilss, to sort ; 
contented, pleased ; re- 
mote, distant, foreign ; a tribe in 
the west, now applied to all 
foreigners who do not speak 
Chinese, barbarians in the sense 
of the Greek harbaroi : \i zsiong, 
to wound ; V dng, or V tik^ d 

Mucus or a running from 
the nose : 〜un{f ^e, name 
of a marsh in Shansi. 

Warm or hot water \ 
flowing tears : ^\lieng ^i^ 
incessant weeping. 

A wife's sister; mater- 
nal aunts : COM., "(; ci, a 
maternal aunt; 'V Jiu、 
maternal aunt's husband ;, 
husband of a wife's sister ; 
'V (met, and Jtung, grand- 
mother's sister and sister's hus- 
band; ; nion^f term for concu- 

A wound ; an ulcer, a 
sore ; to hurt, to injure ; 
distressing to the mind, 
' wounded in feeling. 

SThe whiskers ; a copula^ 
tive conjunction, and, also, 
, Urh together ; aud yet, even ; 
' a disjunctive, but, yet> 


姨 夫姨媽 

mts ,姨 

i 〇 

: 狄 〇 

人 〇 

傷 〇 

淺 〇 


5 6 

兄 弟怡怡 


^禰 衣枷 

巳過身 〇 

Ki 姨 



contrariwise ; still, as ; used for 
the person j^poken to, thou ; an 
initial particle ; the 126th radical : 
\i iking J haiu^ now and hence- 
forth; V"'', a final phrase, denoting 
"that und nothing else"; com. ,V 
、hH &、 moreover ; \i hwong^ 
Btill fiirtbor, much more. 

r^J^ The sides or corners of 
U[|n the mouth ; to close, or 
i XJrh purse up, the mouth ; to 
* sip. 

A funeral car, a hearse. 

The spawn, the young 
of lish. 

A wriggling gait ; to 
stroll, to saunter : in the 
following senses, usually 
read ^sie; a snake, serpent, 
serpentine ; subtle, mali- 
the constellation Hydra. 

Also read H and ^ie : to 
go by the side of the road : 
\i Hi, to walk sidewise, 

d A boy, an infant, a 
Itx* male child ; infantile, fee- 
ble ; a suffix to nouns in 
' the Court dialect : \hai ji, 
a boy ; V children ; 
COM., ^sieu my son ; \i hie 》 
(like) child's play, as a thing done 
carelessly ; '。;^ cutch. 

t|ti:j Forced laughter, un- 
Jyp willing compliance ; lo 
( Yi quacious : in the coll. read 
' and q.v. Read ^wa: the 
prattle of children. 


citms ; 



J^i>^ f^weet cakes ; sugared, 
怎口 s^'oet, pleasant ; to feed ; 
% y. '\hang ^i^ (like) taking a 
, sugared cake in the mouth 
― so filial duty is pleasing 
to a parent. 

IXj^ The chin, the Bides of 
|9m the mouth ; one of the dia- 
grams ; to nourish, to feed: 
〜ki £《, an old man wlio 
waits to be fed. 

A pitcher or goblet with 
a handle and spout ; a wa- 
ter-pot or basin : 、\chi^, 山 
w ine and water pitchers. 

A tripod 01' vase used 
in temples for libations ; a 
constant rule or law, an 
invariable principle ; con- 
stant, common : 《iong、 
the (five) constant virtues ; com., 
〜 " (sojiff, the Bohea hills. 
(227) le. 
^A^;^\ Also (i andc&'in the 
AVprf dictionaries: a kind of hard 
Yi wood, used in cabinet- 
• work ; a chair, a couch : 
COM., 〜kung cho ^ He\ an 
arm-chair; ^'^tik. pwot 》 He^ straight- 
backed chairs 一 without arras ; 
】s(/g Jcwanff, the rounds of a chair; 

iik^ or ^^He taing^ a chair-eush- 
ion ; COLL., He ^t'au and He ; t€u、 
short and long benches; 'Jddng^ 
a small jchair, a cricket ; 'ma hok^ 
(/夂 a square stool ; ^I'ma chah ( 《'夂 
a folding chair ; H'e "shoe-chair" 
― the chair occupied by ladies in 
dressing their feet ; Hdddng (teu, 
a sort of small raountain-sedan. 
^J\^ The warp of cloth ; to 
"^VV hang, to strangle one's 
/llfflC g^if. 2V 3 Ssi'i, strangled to 

墊 ft 刈椅 


關 椅得椅 

直 背椅椅 

山.^ 座掎 


a 常 武翁 

4 5 

兒 茶舍^ 

小 兒兒戲 

8 9 

孩 兒兒女 

而、. S 逸邐 

4 5 

而 今而後 




The results of conduct ; 
rr ^fn a name or honorary title 
■H"^ given after death ; a post- 
iuimous title, an epitaph ; 
a memoir or eulogy of the 
dead : ^ie ) hwak, the rule or mode 
of bestowing posthumous titles. 

To kill, to put to death, 
to exterminate ; to over- 
hang, to cover, to bury. 

rfc-> Used for the next : cook- 
^ ed rice spoiled by mold ; a 
hai'sh, sour taste. 

The second also read 
,ye'n(/ : a stoppage in the 
> throat ; unable to swallow, 
choking ; a hiccough, a 
^]f\ sobbiug. 

Cloudy and windy ; the 
sun obscured and almost 
hid by the clouds. 

r»r*^- Poor, lean, meager ; ca- 
巧 daverous, emaciated. 

A feather fan or screen, 
a flabel ; to screen, to in- 
tercept ; to seclude from 
observation, to keep close; 
to repress ; to destroy ; an 
obscurity in the eyes ; trees dying; 
a fabulous pheasant. 
疾 A disease of the eye, a 
cataract, called 'chionff 
i'e '/ COLL., 、舰 ic、 (cMu 
■ sioiif/^ ie) to have a, cata- 
ract in the eye. 

A tributary of thn R. 
Hwai in Nganhwui ; to 
'一 disperse, to scatter, to 
spread abroad ; easy, lei- 


surely ; many : * ie^ graceful, 
as a hawk's flight ; many and busy, 
as workmen. 

A species of buUace : 
; yo/?/7, a kind of white 
willow found in Shantung, 

To transplant rice ; to 
move, to transpose, to 
shift, to remove, to change 
the place or direction of; 
to transmit, to convey, as 
infection ; to migrate : com., 
^Je Jc、wi、 to move aside ; \ie (s/, 
to remove (the nuisance of) a 
corpse ; V6 iung, to forward an 
official dispatch ; coll., chev} 
'ha kaek^ move it to that spot ; 
i。iie' sioh^ hiong^ to change thu 
position of ; ^\ ie &7ig ni&h ^ 
ch、ek; move the camp so as to 
seize banditti. 

The bar of a door, call- 
ed 、〜hig : "})ailc、 Hi 

《chH、 Pehlihi's wife cooked 
a hen with the door-bar 
(from poverty). 

rt 1? To remove ; to advance, 
I^tW to reward the worthy : in 
i Y^j^ the following senses usual- 
' ly read e^; a gradation, a 
series, as of steps, hills, 
weights, ifcc. ; to rise, to superim- 
pose : ' chainif to confer hon- 
ors, as on an officer or his parents ; 
COM" 1 V6 Jmng^ to enuoble (an oi- 
ticer's ancestors). , 
/"V Also read ^hie : a poeti- 
^ cal word, used as an ex- 
£ Z ehxmation of admirution 
or interrogation in the 
middle or at the end of a sentence; 
all ! oh ! how! 、"iaik、 Jc^ how 
splendid ! 

p 今 〇 

^^^^^ ^^4^ 

展唇烹 雌 

百 里奚妻 


賊 ,屠 〇 


許 角移一 

移文 移就 

8 9 

移開 移尸 

目 嗎上醫 


^法, 醫 





A father, a sire ; a title 
of respect given to officers 
Yi and gentlemen : com., 、pah、 
• {16, elder uncle ; ijcung J" 
a duke, a title of the munic- 
ipal god ; ^^kwang H6 iie^ the god 
of war ; \wong iie^ a prince royal ; 
imwongy an officer's house- 
hold ; V?2 ; i 夂 a private secretary : 
COLL., twai ^ '16 i 仏 your honor ! ― 
said to district magistrates, marine 
inspectors, &c. 

U Read sie ? used for the 
coll. ie 3, as ia He^ ch'oi 、 
greedy mouth ― said of one 
eating often or irregularly ; 
* ch'oi ) ^chil ^iong, a 
greedy woman. 

;: p1ti2 Read chop; used in the 
JPaifc、 ^Lig for the coll. ie 、: 
、 to sow, to sprinkle, to 
scatter about : H 色 * 、chilng、 
to sow seed ; 、H& * ^mwang 
te^ to scatter all over the ground ; 
^ngu "xhil, "sprinkle the five 
seeds or fruits" ― on the bride's 
furniture to secure good luck. 

Read yd^ ; sometimes 
used for the coll. ie \ as 
in ie * to work in the 
night ; ie ' siok^ Jc'&ng, to 
do a job of work by night. 

(228) Ik. 

The mutations or alter- 
nations in nature, as of the 
sun and moon ; the theory 
of combinations and per- 
mutations exhibited by 
diagrams ; to change, to exchange, 
to barter ; a market : also read 6^ 
q.v. : co、r.,i3mc〃'"2 ik、 or Jcau ik^ to 
trade ; commerce, barter ; 义 
Jcing^ the Yih King or Book of 



Changes ; ^chiu ik. the Chow Book 
of Changes ; ^\ku7)g <^pang Jcaic 
ik、 to trade fairly. 

The light of the sun, the 
sun shining in its full 
strength : "/人 wi'A:^ to-mor- 

iri^ A pestilence, a con- 
\Gf tagion, an epidemic, a dis- 
A^^i temper ; a disease that has 
something supernatural in 
it : coM""frm'(7 ik^ a plague ; 
^ch^ung {ung ha} ik, spring and 
summer contagions ; ik、 an 

J^Q The brightness of fire ; 
fl^^y* glorious, shining, blazing : 
^^^^^ the luster of a good name : 

• iJc^ flourishing. 

Brilliant, splendid, glis- 
tening, as a bird's plumage; 
to sparkle: 、、ik、 yeu^shining, 
as fire-flies ; refulgent. 

Interchanged with, and 
used for, the next in the 
phrase ik、 nik) to-mor- 
row ; "zVt'i -jninff, bright, 

The winga of a bird ; 
sails of a ship ; flanks of an 
Yi^^ army; side-horses ; a coun- 

• sell or ; to assist, to sup* 
port ; to shelter, to brood 

over, to defend ; to-morrow ; leis- 
ure ; cordial ; vigorous, daring : 
ik^ iky respectful ; flourishing, af- 
fluent ; at case ; iJc, wings ; 
met" adherents ; kit iJc^ to flap the 

jLyrt Like the last: wings; ready 
j/.;>j4 to fly ; to help : tk, iTc、 re- 
^ 2 spectful ; h& i\ an assist- 
' ant, a counsellor. 



^® 翌明 

時 疫輝螺 

T 8 

g 日瘟疫 

5 6 

. ^平交 易 

貿易 易經 

地 ,五子 

攩 種瀵滿 


嗜 嘴諸娘 

e 師爺, 嘴 S 

鬥 ^ 

4 5 

,老爺 〇j 

伯爺 爺 A 




A^ft-^ Fluid secretions, as sali- 
w^'p/ va, sweat, milk, pus, sap 
' thick dregs : ngiXk^ ik 
• the pearly secretion ~~ Le., 
dew or pure water ; ? 
ik、 a continuous sound; com. , 
*ci'hing ik^ secretions of the body 

Overflowing waters, ris- 




Yi. ' 

ing floods : ,fing, ik^ H- 
yj^ ( centiousness, dissipaticm ; 
*taun(f ik^ prodigal, as- a 

To escape ; to let loose ; 
to retire, as into qniet ^ to 
run to excess ; ease, leisure, 
idleness ; to indulge one's 
ease or temper ; kwid, easy, 
careless about : 'ik^ i\ to move' 
in regular order ; com., '(ang i\ 
quiet leisure ; ^Ung. ik^ to retire 
from active life. 

Interchanged with the 
last : ease, leisure, repose, 
idleness ; crime ; luxury, 
voluptuoasnee*; tO" omit, 
as a duty, 

. The arranging of musi- 
cians ; a player : j>aik、 ik^ 
yj- t a band of eight musicians; 
• COM., ''iki (SenffySi musician; 
_ those who wave plumes 
in the Confucian worship ; grad- 
uates who could not be entered 
ae Siutsai and are reserved. 

A conjunction, and, also; 
too, moreover ; likewise, 
further : Hk^ se^ also is ;: 
"ik^ Hu, moreover ; "ik: 
、k、-f>、 also can or ought. 

Used for the nextrlar^, 
^eat ; abundant, flounsh- 
rng.; adorned, beautiful; 
ftt order ; enduring, as 



Yi. ' 


generations, or a family : "ikj ikj 
sad, gloomy ; "化 y^k^ many ages,, 
an old family. 

# Confounded with the' 
last : game of chess ; band- 
Yj I some ; a curtain : ',化 
• (chHu, the PhilWor of 
Chinai, B. C. 450 f ''paxik, 
ik、 to play at chess. 

>^lt^ Persons sent to guard 
Af^r the border ; feudal or gov- 
■^Vj ernment service; to serve, 
to minister to';' official un- 
derlings, hangers-on at of- 
fices, policemen ; a servant ; to put 
in rows : in the coll. read yAh、' q. 
V. : "iJCi ik^ iaeessant^as labor ; 
ik^ one sent on service, a servant; 
"iheng ik^ te> go abroad, as of- 
ficials. . 

TV be on the lookout 
foiv to spy, to peep ; to be 
YJ ©B the track for criminals; 
'■ to lead on ; to give, to be- 
stow ; "化 tki lively, pleas- 

To belike, to put away, 
t€r discharge, to weary of ; 
YJ B to put an end to, to &iish; 
' to suffice: "jM i&j not 
weary of, to like. Read 
to besmear ; to fall into ruins, 
destroyed ; "A<5 * fo' ho? to- 
ruin the country. 

To explain, to make 
clear ; to interpret, to trans- 
late ; to make parties un- 
derstand each other ; to- 
transfer from one lan- 
guage to another ; to transcribe ; 
an interpreter, a translator: \tiong 
ik、 to interpret ; com., "Jiwanff 
ik, to translate. 


,譯 〇 

下土 fss 

8 4 

倚 生亦是 

7 8 


5 6 

淫 決蕩決 

00 4 

淫 液箱欲 

yi 2 

IK. 287 

Interchanged with the 
last : a fleet horse, a 
racer : "ikj ma^ a post- 



To shoot, as at birds fly- 
1 ing ; an arrow with a 
V I thread tied to it ; to take, 
to seize ; a perch, a roost ; 
black ; the 56th 】'adic:il: 
*^ik^ tyong ,k(mg, a river in the 
northeast'of ICiangsi ; "ik,pok, ik, 
sSak, do not shoot at a sleeping 

tjrv^ A "Species of pear from 
Aniram ; a pillar, a stake or 
, post to tie animals to. 

A To enter, to go into, as 
a house ; to penetrate ; to 
ju 2 become a member of ; to 
■ enter a family ; to recede 
from view; to receive, to 
take in ; to ^)ut into; receipts, in- 
come ; the 1 1 th radical : used in 
the coll. lor 'lie, q. v. : "ik^ hok^ 
to enter on one's studies ; com., 
、、h、ok、 iJ" to go out and in ; out- 
lay And income ; "ik、 le^ to pay- 
part of the interest, as on a pawn- 
bill to obtain an extension of time; 

(S2'<1",(7, the two entering tones 
(•ith and Sth) ; "Hk^ (chHng, enter- 
ed in full, ― i. e. the account all set- 
tled ; "iki hau' ch'^ok, td ^ at home 
filial, abroad respectful to eld- 

77". A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in i\ iik^ to throw 
away ; to wave, as a flag ; ik^ o】" 
to sweep aside ; ik) yek^ to loosen 
by shaking, as a stake ; ik^ ydk^ 
to fan. 


To draw out, to unravel, 
as silk ; to get a clue ; to 
yj < state in order, to 】ay toe- 
fore, to explain, in which 
sense it is like th« last; 
■continned, unintermitted; long, 
great ; at the last extreme ; to ex- 
haust, the utmost : ^^kai ik^ to ex- 
plain ; V" ik^ to unravel, get the 
clue to. 

To like, to be pleased, 
. 一 to rejoice in, to have joy 
^ \ of ; happy, pleased, «on- 

■ tented. 

[j To throw one down ; 
/ to support by the arm ; 
i side apartments, like retir- 

■ ing rooms : ,; Aw 化 to up- 
hold ; itinff, side apart- 
ments of the imperial pakce ; 'Hu 
ik、 to persuade, to induce one ; 
Jiung (or ip^'uny) ik^ a scholar's 


Yi. ^ 


The armpit ; the side ; 
thepnrt under the forelegs 
of animals : ik^ ha} under 
the arms. 

A small species of spot- 
ted Itzard or eft, called 
ilil7ig (grass-driigon); 
Uek^ ik\ a ground-lizird. 

A post for the govevn- 
" inent, a place where cou- 
'"^^ I Tiers rest or exchange ; a 
hostelry, a posthouse ; a 
stage ; a courier ; to praise, 
to extol ; uninterrupted, incessant: 
in the coll. read y&h、 q. v. : Uok、 ik^ 
poky chiok^ incessantly, as persons 
passing ; Hk、 chang^ a post, a stage ; 
Jcwan(j、 the postmaster. 

出睇 〇 

戈不 t 宿 

一 乂陽江 〇 

驛 官默馬 


k 絶 f 

,蜴 8i 驛 


,繹 i 縛 





ifff Ab, according to ; again, 
as before ; iu consequence 
c of ; just so, tb us, like to, 

in imitation of: \ing ^yong, 
or ^iyiffhiik^ again, as before ; 
COM., ; ngwong (coll. ^ing 

hw(ik)^ stilly yet, as before. 

0A cause, a reason ; to 
avail of, lo take occasion ; 
V Yin to follow, to comply with 
■ circumstances ; because, on 
account of, for, wherefore ; 
a participial form of the following 
verb, or an ablative absolute ; an 
illative particle, then, next, so : 
^dng iyong^ a latent cause, mu- 
tual sympathies ; com., (ing, 
the cause, origin ; \i7,g oi^ on ac- 
count of; \ing ^kv)o^ cause and 
effect; met,^ conduct and recom- 
pense, as absorption into Buclh ; 
"\iug (cA'tt, on account of this, 
hence ; V:"/7 hwo^ taiJc) hok^ 
through calamity get happiness ; 
Jng Jcai^g te^ meng^ on account of 
the rape destroyed her own life ― 
a phrase in law-suits ; coll., fing 
^chioHff wang^ hence, thus. 

The wailing or incessant 
P crying of children : 《ing 《a、 

from sobbing or 

( V 目 dumb 
Xia, . 

A sound, a noise ; a tone, 
|Z| a musical note ; the voice ; 
( Yi^ a reply, a report, informa- 
' tion, news ; the 180th rad- 
ical : COM., ^.sidng ^in(jy a 
sound, voice ; ^"^paik^ ^inr/, the 
eight tones ; a tonic Fookien dic- 
tionary ; ^\kwang dug and 、t>u 
ling^ the mandarin and local pro- 
nunciations ; "、ngu ^inq^ the five 

musical notes ; ^ing aeiuf pok^ 
,""•17, no intelligence has come ; 
,ti (in 仏 to recognize a tune ; met., 
to be on intimate terms ; ",I(wang 
(/wy, the goddess of mercy. 

To stop up, to close ; to 
dam up, to turn water- 
courses ; to raise an earth- 
— »^ work ; the second also 
(f'^Cl, means an earthen mound, 
Yin. such as besiegers raise. 

J[||Tt Marriage, affinity ; rela- 
A(Kl tionship on the female side, 
(二 7 a. bi'ide: com., '\hwong 
frfA '―, betrothal, marriage ; 
(JV^rt "fcWc) —、 to settle a mar- 
Yin, riage contract ; " (ing Jca、 
or ^inrf fihHng, families re- 
lated by marriage ; the folLowing 
phrases are used on letters ana 
cards 一 "^ing ,ka td^ (commonly 
Mg Jcwong" ta ' ) your relative's 
brother ― said by uncles in address- 
ing the father or uncles of the 
other family ; ' V".<7 iUgn Id ^ your 
stupid relative ~~ as the fathers- 
in-law style themselves. 

To take in the hand ; to 
press near, to run against, 
as a. sword.; to confuse; to 
assail ; bold, audacious, 

^'JC To dam up, to dike ; to 
■^yp fall into the water, lost, 
( Yin <^i'o^'ned: ^'fin(j muk\ sunk 

• in the water, drowned. 

UH Read ,yeii<j; coll. 
Jam smoke : '""hwi ,ing, the 
(,Yin smoke of afire;",Ao?jy7,m«7, 

• tobacco-smoke; 

i/ncinff, very smoky, filled 
with smoke. 

,烟 o 

ist 沒。 火姻 

弟 娘 »^ 弟 


姻家 姻家 

G 7 

昏 B 士昌 

五音 觀音 

八音 官音 

得福 聲音 


困此 因禍 

因^ 因果 

,緣, 因 

f 然^ 原 


ING. 239 

Hanuonious ; tranquil, 
•Tjrt^ peaceful, still : ^mg 、ing、 
( agreeable; deep and sol- 
• einu, as the music of a 
harp or organ* 

That which is proper 
and right ; suitable, agree- 
Y「 ^ able to law and correct 
ing' principles ; ought, should : 
also read eng、 q. V. : \ing 
<sU, 8h ould or must be ; ^^chie 《ing、 
should only be (thus); com., \ing 
Jcai、 or \ing 仏 ought ; -coll., 
,ing Jcai fihiong wang^ cho 》 this 
is the proper way to do. 

The breast, bosom ; self, 
personally ; to receive, to 
y suslain, to assume respon- 
sibility ; a girth, surcingle ; 
stoppage of breath : 
(ing tSUng^ eiig^ hard to sustain a 
high office; \ing ^Ung^ a labored 

The luster of gems, the 
polish of precious stones, 
as crystals : ' ^chie Jjig, 
rose quartz. 

A fine pebble, like ; i 
gem; gemg^ or jewels for tlie 
neck : \ing ; ngUng, a stone 
like the jade ; ^^ing lok^ a 
necklace of gems. 

Dumb from disease, an 
ailment which produces 
' dumbness ; in pain, suffer- 
mg : \'oig (OS, duiub ; \ing 
Jtm^, dumb and deaf. 

The goiter; a ganglionic 
swelling on the nock ; a 
Y— • wen, a tumor : "hWc、 ,ing、 
a bloody tumor ; ^^.kiXiig 
《ing、 a tumor with turj^id 
veins ; "人 a glandular swell- 

ing ― which is aggravated by fits 
of passion. 

— Iffi Sincere worship, a puix 
yplSp sacrifice made to Heaveu 
^Jj^ by the emperor : ^^^ingsiU^ 
tl? an acceptable sacrifice ; 
(卞 "zming (inff, pure woi'- 
Yin. ship, 

A vessel to keep fire in, 
an earthen jar with a long 
narrow neck. 

Used for the preceding : 
a canister, a jar with 
a contracted month, a gal- 
lipot ; an earthen pitcher: 
COM., Jii" !in 仏 u wine 
Yin. pitcher ; "Jud 、ing、 earth- 
en gallipots. 

To mold, to model, to 
form in day, a potter ; 
滅 t" to mold, as a ruler 
does the maimers of the 
people ; molded, trans- 
formed, influeuced ; to distinguish; 
plain, iutelligible : 、\ing j^i^c, ^ing 
to discera men's abilities ; 
^\in<j itu sea} loV to train schol- 

The elements : 《ing <tm 仏 
the genial influence ofheav- 
en and earth, the stimulus 
ytn of nature Avhich produces 
囚 things ; the 2d character is 
Yin. also applied to hemp. 
^ HB The tassel or fringe of a 
^^C, cap, the cord or throat- 
band to tie it with; the 
"ig. fringes or pendants on a 
bridle ; tassels once worn 
on the breast : com., ^ing lik^ a 
fringed ccreinoaiaj cap ~ worn in 
summer ; lik^ 仏 suiumcr-cap 
I Iringes ; hail、 dark, inourn- 


士類 〇 

人才 。S 陶 





t ,瘿 

00 9 

膺 壅紫瑛 

■ 膺重任 

P 該, 當 

f 須 w 應 

290 ING. 


ing tassels ; coll., (ing 8io\ 、liu^ a 
set of cap-fringes. 

LT' Flowers without fruit ; 
-*tf* bloom, foliage ; flourishing, 
《:^、 luxuriant; excellent, superi- 
"^' or, eminent, having fine 
talents ; brave, noble-mind- 
ed, virtuous ; a tassel ; an ancient 
state in the west of Nganhwui : 
Vo/fcj (ing, falling petals of flowers; 
、,ing ihwa, beautiful ; English and 
Chinese ; com., ihilng Ji6 

kiikt brave, manly, heroic ; ^ing 
ihilng 'h6 hang' a mighty man, a 
hero ; Hai ' /ing, or *,ing Tcek、 le' 
English, England ; 》", aioh) 
quartz crystal ; 'cAie sik^ ^ing, 
a bluish limestone. 

Also read (eng: a species 
of creeping plant, a vine 
-^rj* called *^ing giiA;, resembling 
ing' the wild grape. 

" I I * Thick mats used on 
floors ; a padded mat or 
( cushion in a carriage ; 
• tiger's skin cured to sit 
on ; occurs in the term for 
wormwood : com., '<inff iti" 仏 or 
ting iting ,k6, wormwood ; one 
gays a medicinal plant like mar- 

Zlrt% Used for the last : a 
mattress ; the lining of a 

( Yin garment ; hems, plaits : 
. " Hvoi 'inff liek^ ^tHng, piled 
cushions and arranged 

ftans (or dishes); met.y living in 

The gates of an inner 
jggj city-wall ; the wall inclos- 
<» J ing til em ; to stop, to ob- 
struct, to hem m ; met., 
poor, distressed, in straits : 

"itilng the second or inner 
gate of a city. 

The sound of pestles in 
pounding mud-walls ; nu- 
Yjj^ merous : ^ing (ing, many, a 
great crowd. 

Obscure, dark, somber, 
shady ; the shades, hades; 
the lesser of the dual pow- 
ers, the female or recipient 
in nature ; matter quies- 
cent ; the inferior of two 
• states or things in con- 
trast, as the moon, earth, water, 
night, female, secret, private, 
shady, rear ; to screen, to cover : 
"Jiung ^ing, or ch^awig^ (inff, a 
moment ; ' V<w' , (ing, the moon ; 
,ing ; tt, dark and raioy ; com., 
^'(171 ff lyorig^ the female and male 
principles in nature ; ^ing ihung^ 
a departed spirit ; "(ing (Ai4, or 
,ing Jcang, hades ; /ing ho* or ^vig 
imwonff, the female organs ; ^"(ing 
(Ping^ "soldiers of hades" ― spirits 
at the beck of the infernal gods ; 
" (iriff ifneu, to scheme secretly ; 
fing taik^ or ,ing k^ek^ private 
acts of benevolence ; (in'g chenff* 
an internal ailment ; an illness re- 
curring in the afternoon ; ^\kwong 
<《w/7, time; ,M,or *\inff Jc^vyi^ 
a female complaint ; coll., (inff 
^yong mmg、 a face of two colore, 
as the white and black face of the 
god (In (J (yong (si; met.y the light 
and dark pieces of pork in a feast ; 
^ingpoky (ing (yong pok, iyonffy 
"neither yin nor yang" 一 、 ' ' 
ed, at odds and ends. 


A piebald horse, spotted 

white and black, 
brindled streaks. 


陰 虚陰虧 


7 8 

陰府 陰兵 

太陰 陰蹑 

累 湖列鼎 

8 9 

利: PI 石英 

。大英 ^吉 

英 雄好漢 


嚷 雄豪傑 




Accipitrine birds ; the 
falcon, the hawk, the eagle, 
the owl : ^kaek^ ^ing, the 
horned hawk ; com., ,(ing 
il/onff yeng' feast given to 
sailitary KUjin graduates. 

Jng. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in ,ing (unff, to sprinkle 
over; (inff (e" 仏 to place, to set 
down ; ,inf/ (wanfj, crooked, wind- 
ing, as a path ; 、ing (ykng、 to cov- 
er, as the face with the hands. 

< • "Water constantly flow- 
; perpetual, enduring ; 

final, complete, as a cure ; 
ung' distant, long-continued, 

forever : com., 'iw^ ^wong^ 
or *'ing sie , forever ; 'Hng hok、 
the Yungfuh district in Foochow 
prefecture ; *Hng tch'icng (chiu, 
the Yungchau department in Foo- 
kien ; , Hng twang* kak、 iteng^ 
"vines cut off forever" ― phrase in 
deeds, meaning finally conveyed, 
not redeemable ; coll., Hng 、hi、 
(with a succeeding negative)neveT; 
Hng 、! (u md * hwak、 iChai、 will nev- 
er be rich ; Hng ,ch''ung (p<S tZd, 
"(like the thin) Yungchau glass" 
—he's very irritable ! Read eng 、: 
to recite, to chant. 

* A shadow ; a picture, an 

«>y image of a thing ; a vanish- 
ing appearance : in the 
coll. read 'ow^, q. v: * Hng 
tfiionff, shadow and echo ; niet., 
close attention, obedience ; com., 
"loa' Hng itu Jiing^ to draw a like- 
ness, as of a thief in order to catch 
him ; COLL., Hng (ow〃, a mere shad- 
ow or reflection 一 a due, inkling 

^rj I To draw a bow ; to pre- 
R I cede, to lead on ; to induce, 
《n, to point out, to show ; to 
■ introduce, to recommend, 
to bring one forward ; to 
seduce, to influence to evil ; con- 
firmed, as a habit ; to quote, as in 
proof; a halter for a cow ; a prefa- 
tory notice ; a fuse, a match ; 
measure of 100 feet: "Hng. Jcang、 
to draw a bow ; com., ', 'aiew Hng、 
a short preface ; ^^ing t6 ' to lead, 
show the way ; "Hng kihig) to in- 
troduce to an audience with ; "Hng 
cheng) to recommend ; "Hng Hu 
iliong ,ka '■chil id * to entice the 
sons of a virtuous family ; "Hng 
(Azo;, to catch fire, combustible ; 
COLL., Hng (m'd t^'aw, a ringleader 
in mischief ; Hng id * the main path 
(to a house); Hng si&ng' "leading 
thread" 一 to give one a clue to ; 
Hng tio^ tlUng, "the leading-drag- 
on" ― a blind man's staff. 

To drink, to imbibe ; to 
suck in, to draw in the 
Yjjj breath ; to rinse the mouth; 

• drink, drinking ; conceal- 
ed, secret : see also the coll, 

words si&h^ and chHok): '* Hng 
(chihig, a feast to one going on a 
journey; Hng haung^ to cherish 
hatred ; com., Hng ^chwi (H 
ingvjong, by drinking the "water' 
know the fountain ; met., to learu 
by experience, as trade-secrets. 
Read engK' to give to drink : eng^ 
、ma iteu iChieng, watered his 
horse and threw down some cask. 
< Att*- To season and dress 
^"t"^ meats very thoroughly :■ 

* ",p^mg Hng, to dress food; 
n' sek, Hng pofc^ eik^ meats 

poorly cooked (Confucius) 
would not eat. 

欽錢 烹每 

8 9 

子弟 ^火 


引見 引進 

4 5 

小引 引: S 

圖形^ 弓 

影響 畫影 

葛藤 东古 


春州 J. 水斷 

世 东福东 

宴, 遠 【承 

角 if ilk 

1 o 




^JLQ] To stretch ; still more, 
how imicli more ; to grin 
broadly : ' Hng wak\ to say 
n' further ; , Hng (i i'lng e) 'how 
much more this man ! 

An earth-worm, the lum- 
bricus : in the co 丄, Jca 

Yin 、&鶴 ih q' V- : Hnff, 
• the earth-\vonn, also call- 
ed He^ ililnff^ earth-dragon. 

《 匕 A full head of grain ; a 
^ H spike of grain ; the beard, 

awn ; a sharp point, as of 
a' a pencil ; an awl ; a ring^ 

on a scabbard ; ii fine criti- 
cal taste, in which sense the same 
88 the next : ^siky Hng, a fall head 
of grain ; Y 街义 •) to pierce 

through and protrude, as an awl 
through a bag ; met" of quick 
parts, clever. 

< HWT^ Clear; intelligent; litera- 
•^^^Q rV, critical : 'Hng ngwo、 

cWer, having versatile 


^Ziht A lappel or flap in front 
不 iil of a coat, buttoned under 
《丄 the right arm ; the skirt ; 
a single mat : ^ (ch6 Hiig, 
yOC the left flap and seam ; 
JSn * Hieng Hnff、 to put the 
hands together and bow, 
as females do. 

<"l 卜 A kind of large, oily 
-^T^ bean, Ifke Windsor beans; 
J$ii J? e n 1 1 e , kin d-hearted : 
^^saik^ Id 2 (i, ndi ^ Hng, 
stern-looking but kind in 
heart ; ^Hng 、y'mg、 to go and come, 
succession, as of day and night. 

A good taste, well fla- 
vored ; to gormandize, to 
" guzzle; well done, thorough- 
ly cooked ; mellow, ripe* 
Read tieng\' fine, excellent. 

^Ing. A coll. euphonic prefix, 
as in 'inc/ "^ong、 to nour- 
ish, to rear ; Hng 、ang、 to shut a 
door, to close but not bolt it. 

A A man, n. human being, 
a person ; human, belong- 
» jgjj to mankind ; placed 

' after nouns, a laborer, an 
artist, a person having a 
calling; the 9th radical : sometimes 
used for (nlng in the coll. : ^^^ang 
; inff、 a male ; ^nil 、ing、 a female ; 
(尺 others and self; ^^^tilng 
iing^ a factor, a broker ; com., 
"(sieu iinff^ n mean man ; ";sin.ff 
(ing^ to attain adult age ― 16 
years old ; Hhc (; ing, aborigines 
'W?? (ing, my wife ; 〜cho7ig Jiu 
jng, your wife ; ^ing (oArt, sons 
the Son of Man ; Jca (hig, domes 
tics, retainers ; ^ing 、Jca、 families 
ij/nff, uky clay images, toys ; iiny 
(ngiong^ arsenic; ??'^// (se",,, gin- 
seng ; iing ^smcf ^t^ieng 、! i, the 
mind (in accord with) celestial 
principles ; iinc/ cheiXng'* Jmng 
Jiung^ a confused crowd ; 'J/ng ^ni 
wrwf 产 tik、 ^chi iling^ man is the 
(most) intelligent of all beings ; 
COLL., <iing Jm chHo^ family resi- 
dences, dwellings ; (ii'ig (tilng^ raid- 
die of the upper lip ; ^ing ^tilng 
JcHeu) kait) md^ siong^ nt^ sek\ 
,<fe) if one's upper lip curls up to 
the nose, he II not reach the age 
of 24 ! ',ing ^siiig pok^ cheilk^ ^sie 
^t^o)Hj ch^iong^ man,s mind never 
satistied (is like) a snake swallow- 
ing an elephant ! 

1 矧 人 4 地 m 
曰矣 龍穎^ 

%\ 賓 7 顔 9 歛 

伊 鲴 穎 悟 維 

'色 荏人已 

厲 "佳 13 女 '5 中 

而 苒人人 

內 "男 "人 "小 


人 人 

7 成' 9 內 人 

人 ,人 21 人 

3 土 " 尊 參 


ING. 21>5 

/■ , Humanity, regard for 
^ others; tultiiling one's duty; 
s benevolent, kind, coiisid- 
eratc, merciful; with a neg- 
ative, numb, insensiblo, 
paralyzed ; the pupil of the eye ; a 
kernel, a pit, a siuuli seed : in the 
<:oll. read ^dng^ q、v. : "c/t^'w eheilk^ 
pok^ iinf/, the hands and feet 
numb ; COM., Move, charity; 

\hi[/ taik^ kindness, benevolence ; 
\iu【f hahi^ trusty, faithful ; 、pok、 
iitig、 unfeeling, xankind ; ^haing^ 
iinr/j almonds ; \iug ngic ^ ie^ 
humanity, rectitude, courtesy, 
wisdom, truth ― are the live car- 
dinal virtues. 

A full vessel ; full, com- 
'Y^Vr pleted, replenished, over- 
i -y. ? • flowing; fullness ; arrogant, 
°' audacious ; tilling, increas- 
ing, as the moon ; to over- 
pass, stretching beyond, overplus : 
^agwok^ 《",7, full moon ; V",i7 
k、wok、 waxing and waning ; 
、mwang、 full ; complacent, conceit- 
ed ; ^\ing sank, exceeding und do- 
ficieut, as expenses and receipts ; 
、、chM 2 auk^ kwang) ^ing^ his ini- 
quities are full. 

A coluran, aa of a palace ; 
a pillar that supports the 
k?"*^ roof ; a prop, a support ; in 
ing' Canton, a tree with red 
heart-wood and grayish 
bark like the beech. 


4 * > To revere! 
gu^ a colleague, ! 
the third c 

To reverence, to respect; 
" , a fellow-officer; 
of the twelve 
branches, from 3 to 5 A.M. 
― belongs to wood and is 
denoted by a tiger : (hilng, 
to revere ; com., ling ch^e^ 3 


A. M. ; iing Jcicang^ fellow- 


Similar to the last : to 
spect ; to ailvunce, to 
s >fr^ gain promotion ; n money- 
• girdle ; a colleague ; far, 
distant : ' V"/7 Ojong^ to in- 
Irisuc, to gaiu a cause by bribery; 
"J^aff yd^ by night, evening. 

The ninth of the ten 
stems, connected with wa- 
* ter : great ; to flatter, to 
"n- adulate : ";::〃/7 koV the 
north ― pertains to water. 

A-p Sincere, worthy of trust, 
sure ; friendsbip, couti- 
E » dence ; trusted, relied ou ; 
to bear, to sustain : also 
read eng^^ q. v. 

Interchanged with tho 
next : luxurious, going 
about for amusement ; 
theatrical, stage-plays ; de- 
bauched, lewd, obscene, 
lascivious ; to commit adultery. 

The vising of water ; to 
soak, to drench ; to go to 
excess ; to lust after ; lewd, 
• immoral, licentious ; excess 
in calculations ; great, as 
faults ; to incroach ; a long time ; 
COM., "(kcmf/ <in{j, adultery, forni- 
catiou ; Iwangi lewdness, 

incest ; \iug ho^ an adulteress ; 
^iiig (A"" 叉, depraveJ manners (of 
a community); <;,ing ^ch% obscene 
books ; i^mg h(iin《f lewd conduct ; 
^ing iing fCh^d (nrt (or WtU) (ck'd 
'nil (or 'chU) zWi/, if one rav- 
ishes others' wives and daugh- 
ters, others will ravish bis. 


壬 癸姦淫 

了 8 


5 6 

恭 同寅官 


惡貫盈 寅 


滿 1 縮, 

盈 盈闞盈 

禮智信 W 

f 足 K. 仁 




鎮 1 

Beams made of the 
^ngu itung tree ; the turn- 
; Y ed-up corners of roofs ; 
^* glory, fame, honor ; Rplen- 
did, glorious, beautiful, as 
flowers : com:., \in(^ Jcw(mg、 brill- 
iant, as stars ; ^iing Jiwa ho、 koV 
splendor, wealth, and honors; \ing 
yei^ glory, distinction ; Vw〃 
^chung yeu} (chu、 to reflect hoaor 
on one's ancestry. 

The sparkling light, as 
of an illuraination ; dim, 

•^、 twinkling, shimmering; a 
ng' dou]3tful, intermitting 

light ; to illuminate : \ing 
(ia£, a volcano ; '^iing iinff, shining 
faintly ; hSk^ (sing, a twink- 

ling star. 

Interchanged with the 
― last : the color of ^eras, lus- 
* ter of pearls : bright, lus- 
ung' trous ; intelligent : ^seu^ 
(ing^ a fine pebble like a 
^em ; ^^V'eng^ t^ing^ to hear indis- 
tinctly, to doubt, uncertain. 

A cord, a single thread; 
to thread a needle ; to tie 
together with threads. 

Also read eng^: threads 
used in weaving ; to lay 
the warp; to weave, to 
make a fabric of silk or 
cloth : "chek, iing、 to 

To wind, to tie around ; 
to roll up ; to go around ; 
confused, tanked : ^'^ling 
仙 g' (waw, to twme about ; 
tangled j "iinff Jiui, wind- 
ing, as a path. 


A tomb, a cemetery ^ 
burial grounds: Jiung^ing, 
graves ; '\8ieng the 
。• family cemetery. 

Conspicuous, as a peak ; 
high, mountainous ; a high 
Y mountain : i\cheng 、ing, a 
g' high peak ; met., eminent, 

Erroneously used for 
the next : to bud, to ex- 
? -WlA pand, to shoof forth ; to 
till : "ling sauk) to expand 
and contract ; dng se^ a 
famous beauty of the Ch'iu state j 
"Hiong (hig, summer. 

Gain, profits; abundance, 
overplus, superfluity ; to 
j/*>yi* ■^h, to conquer, to excel ; 
m the coll. read iy&ng, q.v. : 
" iing (mufcmg, abundance; 
iing {H, overplus ; chieng^ dnff, to 
win a battle. 

The broad ocean, the 
circuit of the seas ; a place 
Y. in Tsi, now Hokien-iu in 
ing' Chihli : COM., " (teng iing 
tkio, the bridge at the en- 
trance of a provincial college ; 
'°iinff iJi^toang che' liok^ihe. Univer- 
sal Geography ― prepared by Gov. 
iSil kie * iil of Foochow. 

A glow-worm, a fire-fly ; 
luminous insects in wood : 
inong —、 a fire-flv put in 
a (gauze or paper) case ; 
ho"ch'6 iui dng, rotten 
plants breed glow-worms. 

f^t^ Excessive showers ; to 
一 rain for more than tea 
days r iing 'tt, a long. 


drenching rain. 

SI 環誌略 

滿 登瀛搦 

5 ft 


9 o 


糴 祖凝臺 

榮耀 榮宗 

,華 富貴 


lu. m 

To dwell in a market ; 
一 to lay out, to itieasure ; to 
( ^r-* plan, to scheme, to attend 
to business ; to toil, to seek 
9, livelihood ; to erect, to 
\im\d ; a cantonment, a camp, 
ftn intrenchmeqt; military ; the 
iflfkntry, troops of the line, the 
Army: in the coll. read ty&ng, q.v. : 
\king iinff^ to scheme, to seek a 
living; *iing seng* an outpost ; '"nff 
Aienffi a livelihood ; sek^ to 
puild ahonse; a star near Aquila ; 
*iing (tneu, to trade. 
fing. A coll. euphonie prefix, 
as in ling lilng^ to divide 
OqnaUy ; ling iWang, to take a cir- 
to coil up, as reptiles ; ling 
fff&ng^ tQ collect (Rubscriptions); 
ta assemble, as at arable, worshi|), 
"c, ; ling iung^ to sprinkle, as oit 
in ft crtoldng-pan ; ting ty&ng, to 
wiq, Jis in gaming. 
(230) lu. 

' Sorrowful, grieved, 
mournful, sad ; thoughtful, 
anxious ; to think of with 
sorrow ; to act so as to 
bring disgrace ; grief from 
neglect or dispraise ; low-spirited, 
melancholic, nervous ; grieving for 
parents' death ; sickness of preg- 
naiicy: *pok^ (iit, not anxious, com- 
ppsed} "Ung (《M, secret grief ; 
<'oif., '(tang to sympathize 
with, anxious about ; scA'ew, 
or",?M mong^ sad, dejected; 

ift mourning ― as officers re- 
jport to the emperor ; leO} 
eorrowfuj and anxioi^s. 

Also read Hu : inter- 
^ changed with the last : to 
take one's ease, relaxation 
from labor; grief ; sad, 

Abundant, extra, excess- 
ive, an overplus, superero^- 
{itory ; satisfied, tranquil, 
■■ joyous ; leisurely, easy, un- 
concerned ; to excel, more 
than able for, competent ; u) trifle, 
to play, to dally, to be on free 
terms with : "(《 ,iu, eringing, ob- 
sequious ; "(? Uoki capable and in- 
capable; fin Hu {«, enough and 
more ; 'V" ting^ a comedian ; com., 
",iM faong* a grade above Siut^ai 
― between the Hing ,8enq and joa^i 
kong^; COLL., ' ch'^-O} chai * 

to saunter about at ease. 

A harrow to turn in the 
seed ; to harrow in seed, 
t»-cover seed when sown, 

A doe, the female of the 
stag or of any other deer. 


I^AL The bleating or cry of 
J^yj deer : (iu (iwj the baying or 


bleatiiig of deer. 

《 #■* A friend, a companion, 
A/ an associate ; att&ched to, 
fon4 of; to be friendly 
with, to unite cordially ; to 
act as a friend, fraternal, 
he&rty, friendly) friendship : ^'ilieu 
Hu, feUow-officers ; com., "tpenff 
Hu (brogue ipeng 4 fi'iend i 
"havi Hu, filial and fraternal love : 
"Hu ai 、 brotherly regard ; Hu t6 * 
rules and duties of frjendship ; 7<j 
'iu, an 0I4 friend ; hwoi * '/w, ^ 
fellow-member ; ^chiu nilk^ ipeng 
Hu, mercenary friends ; leng* Hu, 
your IVieiid. 

憂愁 1. 

隱憂 檐憂 

7 8 

營 謀不聶 

6 6 

營 生營家 

8 4. 

經 營舞巩 

,友 1 愛 

^ 友朋友 

優 游自在 


餐 優有餘 

伊優 優劣 

8. 4 




A hole in 
square window 

^1 f 1 Also read ^iu: the stop 
lyXf of a beast, the round marks 
* of a paw in the j]^round ; 
the tracks of wild animals ; 

the 114th radical. 

wall, a 
t lattice 

with sliding doors ; to lead 
on, to instruct, to bring 
np : \ch^ong or Jto^ 
Hiiy a window; ,'iu {ming、 to in- 
struct the people. 

To speak pleasantly to, 
to fidvise ; to animate, to 
Yu encourage ; to nllnro, to 

• entice, to draw on ; to 
tempt, to mislead : 

iSung sienr/^ [iu, to lead one to 
virtue; com., ^Hncf Hu^ to entice, to 
】efid one to evil ; 叭 iu hek^ to tempt, 
to seduce. 

Uselesfi grass nmong 
grain, like the panic grass ; 
f&i'es, darnel, weeds ; met" 
' the riffraft* of society ; vi- 
cious, raiBchieVous : "iu 
tngiong^ vile words ; -、 long Hu, 
cheat, darnel. 

( An ancient sacrificial 
|--| f vessel, made with a cover 
*Yu and a bail, to hold frngrant 
' wine ; it was placed in the 
center on the altar, 
《 I ify Ripe, matured, finished; 
[/ M ripe, mellow, as grain for 
making spirits ; elegant ; 

• satisfied ; the 】Oth of the 
】2 branches, represented 

by a cock ; the 164th radical : 
nffwoky the 8th moon ; com., 、H" 
J", hour from 5 to 7 P. M,; ''Hu 
fh'e\ the Hu hour-cock ― term in 
divination ; "Hu 。ri (mw; about 
7 P. M. 

c4jas^ To collect fuel to make 
^ ^ a fiacrilicial pyre to Hestv- 



c / ■* To have, to possess; to 
^\~\ be, to be in possession; ot'tr 
「, on forma the past tense ; 
' in replies, is equivalofit to 
yea, I have, it is; toatt.lin, 
to got ; farther, and, also, more, 
in addition : sometimes used for 
in the coll.: com. sofne- 
times ; "'? w oinr/^ limited in 
amount ; "Hw eilng^ useful ; "(itc 
(,《??';?j7, or H" purposely ; {(1、 
overplus ; "^iu ^ming sik^ the 
mere name without the reality ; Hu 
Hlng iU <j)ieu^ has strength but Is 
no schemer ; ^iu (sU ^hilng, a 
beginning without an end 一 left 
half done ; 、& 判 long chai * 
^simg^ (just as) I said before. 

A (lark green, a sort of 
invisible green ; to smear 
V and blacken. 

To trcacl, ns fi beast ; 
steps of aniraalp, foot- 
tracks, tracos ; to tread 
over; to dampen grain to 
IVee it from the chaff ; 16 
winnoAV : ' V?《 ^chimg^ to trample ; 
Ie7ig^ the trampling of animals; 
met" devastated, as by rebels. 

Also read Hu ; used for 
the next •* to bend, to make 
pliablo, to twist, to con- 
tort ; to make wood sup- 
ple by heat ; to subdue, to 
bring under. 

Wood that is pliable, 
r:^. * ousy to bond ; easy, flexi- 
ble, not stiff; complaisant, 
condescending; compliant, 
meek, g^nll^, soil, mild, 





Ibland ; fawning, flattering; tender, 
as budding plants ; to show kind- 
ness, to be gentle with ; to cause 
to submit, to subdue by kind- 
ness : \iu ^vjong ling, to act kind- 
ly toward strangers from afar; 
COM., *iiu ^niong^ gentle, yielding; 
Vm yoki soft and weak; 
iching, complaisant feelings, as of 
a married cou|)le. 

Axil Used in the name *(ChH 
•jOT {iw, a prince in the days of 
t ^ Hwangti. Read (hwl: 
worms in the abdomen. 

The lame of a beetle : 
*iiu cchd, long and white 
grubs which eat trees ; 
met, said of & graceftil 

Used with the last: 
ephemeridae, flies which 
collect about ofial : \jt)*ew 
tiu, dung-flies. 

•f*;fc^ The scollops on the edge 
or end of a flag ; a flntter- 
t^Ya. ing of flags. 

To ramble, to roam, to 
walk, to take a jaunt, to 
Yu idle, to saunter ; to travel 
' incog., to go on a circuit ; 
voyaging, traveling, 
absent : 'fSieng (iu, dead ; com., 
、iiu 6hi go abroad to study, as the 
Siutsai do ; 'V" taung^ to vaga- 
bondize ; fSanff nfftoanff^ 
*chwi, to take excursions on the 
hills and water ; "iiu ,kd, to saun- 
ter in the streets ; 、\iu ihur>ff, 
wandering ghosts ; 'cA'ew hd , 
thang、 idlers love leisure ; "ch'ok, 
liuy an (idol) procession ; kek、 
a lieutenant-colonel. 




* Yu. 

Interchanged with the 
last : a tributary of the R. 
Hwai ; to float, to drift, 
to swim; to travel, to rove, 
to go abroad ; to go with 
the crowd ; to take pleasure in, to 
enjoy one's self ; satisfied, self^ 
pleased, an air of content : ' 
iminff、 idle people. 

Water flowing along 
with rapidity. 


*A branch of the R. Pa, 
which flows into the Yang- 
tsz east of "Wuchang in 
Hupeh ; oil, fluid grease ; 
paint ; oily, unctuous, fat, 
greasy; shining, sleek, glossy ; 
easy, gUding; thick weather; cord- 
ial, agreeing ; used as a verb ; in 
the coll., to oil, to paint : com., 
"(Attm (Seng £«w, peanut oil; pok^ 
:h6 iiu, essence of peppermint ; 
'iiu ihvAy putty ; 【《m pah^ the 
whitest sort of lime ; ,Vm ch^ek^ 
paint and varnish ; "sioh^ £«•", pe- 
troleum ; 'mew/7 ^hiDO (iti、 naphtha ; 
iiu I ping ^ an oil-can ; liu <:teng, an 
oil-vessel made of a joint of bam- 
boo ; (iu ,81, the hair-spring of a 
watch ; iiu 'wan^, a pewter chande- 
lier for burning oil ; liu lak^ ,hwa 
"mng、 oil, wax, flowers, and pow- 
der ― necessary for a lady's toilet; 
COLL., iiu stuck up with oil, 
greasy ; iteng 《iii, wood-oil ; 'tienff 
iiu, to burn oil ; 16 h^^ ,^too, to 
fall into the oil caldron (in bell); 
jtM ipmg, pork-fat, suet ; iiu 8ioh、 
kwo' to paint one course ; o-u ch'oi ) 
tH'6 ' ^t6 <sing、 has an oily mouth 
and a razor heart. 

、漆 油 

生油。 k 灰 


擊" 遊民 s 花 

閒 f3 遊, 

魂 t 手好 

水 T 街 1 

蕩 t 山玩 

遊 1 遊學遊 


7 8 

情 蚩扰蝤 

軟 柔弱柔 

00 4 

柔 遠人柔 

1 f 



Jx-JL A small white fi^, an 
pom eel (?) : used for the coll., as 
i^*^y^ in \iu ohH'e ' a fresh-water 
Y"' fish ; the large ones are 
called (cAt ing'a; \<?< 
a Bmall fish of a rank odor, abound- 
ing in ffit. 

AIJ^ A species of fiat fish, 
VSnC with several antennsB, call- 
i^^^^^ ed in the coll. \iu ^ngU; 

Bold in the markets in 禽 

dried form. 

I The antecedents of a 
U-f thing; A preposition, 
' M-l through, by, from ; 4 way, 
a means; cause, instrument 
by which a thing i§ done \ 
,y V ― to serve of ; from, or by 
permission of; to let, to 
permit, at liberty ; to enter by ; to 
pass through, as the hapds of ; to 
fpUow : W【c 入' iSl, hence, therefore; 

(it/ { yong, gracefully, self-pos- 
sessed ; *ingwong tt'w, a cause ; 
CQM., ,iiu ilai, heretofore, from the 
first; \iu ftHeng iiu meng' pok^ ^iu 
ting, it depends on Heaven and 
destiny, not on man ; coll., Vw 
ehai * 、nil、 as you please, it rests 
with you ; tiu (i Jmng, humor his 
whims ; (iu ^ngwai di' as I 
desire ; '。【wd tlai iiu, no reason 
for it ; iiu fitiHng kati* <«g, from 
化 e near to the distant relatives— 
«0i7., let ypur regards be portion 
e4 out. 

A post-house 
for getting relays 

a place 


IP . . . 

? Y horses and sending on ^is- 
patches ; lodge for watch 
mg fields ; to err, to mis- 
take ; very, exceedingly : ^\iu ik^ 
^ post-station 

Spiritg w'hich have set- 
tled ; wine after the fer- 
mentation is over ; weBtem 
regions ; summer ; to finish, 
to come to perfection ; the 
end } valiant ; accustomed to ; » 
euphonic particle 9t the bftgipning 
of a sentence. 

To urge, to coii8trai|i> 
to press upon ; a crowd, a 
> Yu throng; to exhaust, to ew, 
• ry to the utmost, to end, 
in which sense pame as 
the last } brave, strong, unyield- 
ing ; to bring together ; to collept : 
*'t»w iinff, a herald. 

Used for %he Qext! a 
Busplcious monkey ; a lap 
dog, a puppy ; aoubtful, 
BUBpecting ; still, even ; w 
if, Uke, alike, rather, same, 
resembling ; thus, so ; 'cA'»4, 
still further ; 'V" yoA, as if; 'Vm 
(cAil, a nephew ; com., 'Vw 
' " , , d 

pok, kiaki doubting an 


A scheme, 4 pjan; a 
drawing ; to plot, to con- 
trive ; to draw, to make A 
lilceness ; ^ role, 4 way, a, 
mode of action ; cheeriRil : 
"jwew {iw, a scheme \ "加 liu^ ft 
fine plan. 

H A bad-smelUng — t; 

stinking, fetid plants ; the 
jT^^ heavy smell of rQ\,t^ 

Luxuriant, as vegeta- 
tion, plants growing thiol?; 
j^id ; ibundaptly. 

秦 〇 

5 6 

汝 無來由 


由 人由在 

天 由命不 

由 由來由 

; P 由然^ 

P 魚: P 此 


A light carriage, like a 
curricle or chaise J light) 
tflfling J 'taik, fiu lil im(j», 
virtue light As a feather. 

- , f \ Extraordinary, remnrk- 
yl able, exceeding ; singular, 
I strange ; o^d, differing ; 
• an adverb of oomparisoti, 
very, excesaively, still 
more ; to exceed, to surpass j to 
dislike, to resent ; a fault, & crime, 
in which eetine sAme as the next : 
V" senff^ vastly more ; *jiw still 
hiofe strange ; *Aau' iiu^ to imi- 
tate, and exceed in, crime ; *iiu 
^k, a beautiful T^'oman ; *tiu dnff, 
to hate people ; ^kHeng (i", a fault; 
,chH iiiiy a prince in Hwangti's 
times ; COM., tiu a district of 
Yeaping prefecture in Fookien. 
•lJUt A fault, a crime, an er- 
for, wickednesa ; a mftn's 



An excrescence, a protu- 
•/jfr^ berance ; a tumor, a swell- 
ing; ganglionic swellings 
' on the neck : ''chtooi * (in, 
an exoresoenoe; niet.y super' 

kj^ To so on the water, to 
4|V dart through the water ; a 
f ^•'Cy place ; A relative pronotm, 
who, what, that which ; a 
euphonic particle ; far, dis- 
tant, long : t^ong, darting, as 
fish ; met.y cheertully ; siong^ ttw, 
to seleot a son>in-Iaw ; Jeung ^ohU 
tiu thenfft what the good man 

. To think of, to grieve 
j]^: for ; discoDtented, mourn* 
i^Yn ful, aorry ; Ixrandless, re- 
• mote ; to go fkr ; leisurely: 

*iiu |tM, vast; perpetual ; .'Vtt 'Hm, 
a long time ; tiu (cAai, think aboui 


excellent ; to 
to cominetid, to ealo- 
gize; to tnake happy, to 
rejoice in i ,A(t, co»m- 
metjdablft ; ',(A:ce ^ngett^ ^ 
happy union ; com., *\ka k*eng* 
.^he efinperor Kiaking, A. D. 1796- 

Beautiful, fine, good of 
its kind, nice ; excellence. 

< goodness : com., *\ka kv)^ 
' a fine sebtence ; ,ka ling 
ichai *chil、 a beauty and it 
man of talent (married) ^ *,ka ,ki, 
the happy time ~ a wedding; Coll., 
chauk, fkuy beautiful, fine. 

JLfYi To add to, to superadd, 
71[| or place upon; to confer 
《^i|[* on ; advanced, as officers 
are ; to charge, as interest : 
COM., ^*(ka ^keng., to add 
and subtract, to inoreaee and di' 
mioish ; "(ka chdi* to inorease 
goilt ; '\ka k^raaki to widen ; 
/cwang^ to promote in office ; ",ka 
【9ang、 interest of S oa»h on 10 
per month ; *\ha taSna* increased 
weight, as of debt ; ^ka fihmg^ 
or , ^ka iPieng^ to add to, to in- 
crease ; Jca ek, pmn * to duplicate ; 
Jea ka* or ^ka ichieng^ . to add to 
the price, to offer more ; coll., Jca 
pvfot 》 atik^ twioe as wicked ! Jca 
、k€ng chei^ tsidng Jiwa^ (if the 
buyer) adds and (the seller) falls 
the bargain will be closed. 
工 In Gems on tbe faair-pin of 
a head-dress ; a sort of 
( brow-band or fillet. 

,增, 添 

1^ 三 加重 

加竊^ 冠 

加減 加罪 

6 7 

1 I 1 

佳句 佳期 

i 然 ^】 

允 人繁统 

8 T 


甚^ 異 



\Vhat is within doors ; 
a household, a family ; a 
( cifia lionie, ad welling; domestic, 
' domesticated ; title of a 
husband or master of a 
f:iiuil y ; term applied to some dig- 
nitaries; the country, the govern- 
ment ; to dwell, to live at; a sect, 
a professiou or class ; a suffix of 
nouifs to denote persons : com., 
\ka kit ' domestic expenses ; \ka 
lot ^ the burden of (supporting) 
the family ; 'cA;a rtgiek^ property ; 
pai * tka, to squander a patrimony; 
、ch;ok、 <^ka^ to become a bonze or 
uuii ; ^to ^ ika^ Tauists ; V Jca、 & 
physician ; \a Jca^ unprofessional 
practitioners; \ka"ng、 doraestics, 
attendants ; \ica Hiong, the head 
of a, family ; 、"iak) Jca、 the whole 
family ; ^^ch'ia^ Jca、 self, myself, 
tai、 (A;a, all of us, you sirs! 、\ka 
ho^ or Jca iugieng^ ray father 
^ka paik、 my elder uncle ; Jca Jcu 
paternal aunts ; ^chHng Jca、 fathers 
in-law ; COLL., Jca (si, utensils 
tools ; Jca ; hwo cho 》 made for fami- 
ly use ― of superior quality. 

A buck, the male of 
deer : 、tciu Jc(i、 au elk with 
a short neck. 



A boar, a local term for 
pig ; hogs are called Jca in 
Corea and Chihli. 

-rtfc A bulrush or sedge ; the 
巨 2 An"i(^、 from the reeds of 
t C^iu which musical pipes may 
■ be made : 、卜 ka Jiu、 the 
Avhite, medullary lining of 
sedges ; met" distantly related ; 
lightly esteemed. 

Re:id rkeu ; coll. Jca •' 
glue, glutinous or adhesive 
Chiao jellies, viscid gums; to 
' glue ; Joined or sticking to- 
gether : "(cAioZ Jca、 glue ; 
、\nffi 飞 f 人 VI, isinglass ; "((J Jca、 
mule-skin jelly ― used medicinally ; 
Jca kak^ to glue fast ; Vaung、 Jca 
k^6^ the gluing has loosened, 
* ^冒< Read (kau ; sometimes 
used for the coll. ^ka^ as iu 
^Chiao ho^ to deliver or intrust 
• to ; ^\ka k'eilk^ (i、 deliver 
it to him ; 、\Jca chW < pau, 
a straw-bag to cook rice in ; Jca 
^ung chHoh^ u kind of ornamented 
、K(JU A coll. word : to cut, to 
clip with shears : Jca (fd, 
shears; ^to ^kidng^ small shears, 
scissors ; Jca t6i、 ^peng^ to cut in- 
to two parts. 
、Ka、 A coll. word, as in Jca 
^lang.kH^ slanting, oblique, 
tilted, as a dilapidated house. . 

^ False, fictitious, illusive ; 
IP 立 feigned, hypocritical, un- 
re3, simulated ; a pretext, 
to pretend ; supposing, if, 
because ; to suppose, to in- 
stance ; to borrow, to get an ac- 
commodation, to avail of; great 二 
also read ka^^ q.v. : 、扒 ka cii, if, for 
instance ; 、""、ka chid ^ to borrow ; 
in the coll., fictitious, as a story ; 
COM., i、、ka ^ch^hc^ to borrow help, 
to do by proxy ; "(X'a (叫 if, sup- 
posing that ; 汊' a pok^ td ^ to pre- 
tend not to have gained promo- 
tion, as ^Sieu Jiwong JcHng did j 
、乂 ka 、h(>、 hypocritical ; *A:a m6 ^ to 
feign, to assume ; (Aa iChHong^ a 
lath and plaster wall ; 、ka Imo^ 
spurious goods ; coll., 、ka paik. 

^0 ,好 - 

假借 假手 

注包、 如 

交乞 伊交 

7 00 

魚膠 阿勝 

霄孳" f 

:?31 家 i 豕? 乂 


儒家 家人 

7 8 

道 家醫家 

家業出 家_ 

8 4 

家計 i 豕累 


X 丄 



,chinff、 to pretend to know the 
real facts ; 、! ca midng^ a fictitious 
horoscope, as used in betrothals ; 
'ka che* ising tfau itd huk^ pre- 
tend to be extremely honest, yet 
steal a Budh I met., a boastful, 
but false, claim to honesty. 

Read '^kieu; coil. 、! ca: to 
twist, to bind a cord about; 
to sti'angle with a cord : 
"ka (king ,ing tiofi^ twist 
it about tightly ; *'A;a ^ch% 
an apparatus for twisting the 
strands in'makiug a rope ; *^ca (a《, 
to strangle to death. 
^£joU a coll. wordt, as in 、! ca 

(chau, a flea, 
'.fia. A coil, word, as in ^ka 
(As, to anno^r, to disturb, 
as by jabbering ; obstinate; " hid 
inXng'-ka ^kSy that man i» per- 
verse ! 

^ A three-legged goblet 
丄 with Bxt ear, and m^e of 
IB* stone, holding six pints ; 
it was used in the Sbang 
dynasty ; 、、k、wang ^ka hai& 
have washed the gob- 
lets And wait to converse 

f The price or value of a 
thing; the 2nd, read 、ka^ is 
a saniaane ; also read 
q. V. : COM., *ka) (ChUngy 
the price ;' ',8mff Aa' one's 
Chia. name, reputation ; ,iSi ka^ 
the current price ; ^'•kong 
&a, to ftsk (a high) price ; *polc^ 
ka^ "not two prices" ~ -used on 
signboards ; \u ka' ^chi *jo^, be- 
yond price, invaluable ; ka^ 
to raise the price ; coll., ka? 
fSi&nff, the price' demanded ; ilS 

ka* ^ma kd* the value of an ass or 
horse ; met., an exorbitant price ; 
"I6hi kd? or t>6k、 kd? the price has 

乂 Leave of absence, a fur- 
IPQ^ lough : also read (A;a, q.v.: 
COM., ^*k6^kd* to apply for 
a furlough ; "(sieu ka* ex- 
piration of a furlough j 
coiX., pong' ka' to give a vaca- 
tion; "Jcf^ibi ka? to open shop at the 
close of the holidays (on the 6tli 
of the l8t month); "k6 ' pang^ ha^ 
to ask for a furlough on account of 

A horse m the harness ; 
to harness a carriage ; a 
chariot for the sovereign's 
use ; to drive or tuftnage a 
horse ; to sit in a carriage; 
ta mount, to ascend ; to embark, 
to go aboard ; to avail of ; a title 
of respect, as if addressing one ia 
a chariot, sir, your honor : used 
m the coll. for divining-blocks : 
coM, *%a* (Peng^ demise of the 
emperor ; ^^chong Ara) or ttai ka* 
sir I your honor I *'seng^ ka? his 
majesty, his godsliip ; ,sui ka^ 
followers of an officer or idol ; ^ 
ka* I trouble yoo, sir I coll., ka* 
fPvoi^ divining-blocks ; fSang 
sidng' kd? three lucky tiirows of 
the blocks ; (nil *a3 ittfat * Aa* 
you're very pompous indeed! 

A stand ; a press, (S rack, 
a ease ; a dumb-waiter ; 
an open frame on which 
things are placed ; a scaf- 
folding or frame-wc/Ak ; to 
】aj on a frame ; to fen<J, to ward 
off ; used in the cofl^ as a classifier 
of bedsteads, closets, clocks, large 
money-scales, ladders, balustrades. 


I§ ,駕 


假^ 假, 

假 消假放 

價 落價告 

7 8 

f p 死^ 

絞緊 k 着 X 

Ao. : COM., 、pek、 ka^ a pencil-stand ; 

oasu } *,hwa kd* a flower-stand ; *,t 
ka' a clotheB-horae ; *ka* 'A% to 
raiB9, as a pole on forks ; *<aA;, Asa* 
to erect a frame or ectifibld ; couu, 
meno* ka' a wash-stand ; fCh^iong 
ka? kwo* k^6^ to fend off with a 

A Bhrnb resembUog the 
tea plant ; its infliBion was 
formerly used &a a bev- 

To mamr a husband; to 
send a bride to her has- 
band's house ; to oast im- 
patations on another, to 
implicate : *ka? hwr to 
bring evil on one; com., *ka^ 
ch^HU* to ffive in marriage and to 
marry { "Aa* iChong^ a dowry; 
"cA'oA;, "ka、 to beoome a bride ; 
"cMUnff* kd^ ft slave-girl who goes 
with the bride ; ocox., "Aw' mi > 
or Ao' inking k-6 * married to a 
husband ; A;a, Jcih V-m^ Jdi ^ptoi, 
the hen flies with tbe cock 一 the 
wife follows the husband's for> 

To §ow or plant grain ; 
TMt.y farming ; the spike of 
grain ; wild oerealia : "ka、 
mik、 to sow and reap; 
"hoki ka? to learn husbandry. 

Head kau^; coll. ka?: to 
instruct, to teach, to show 
how : ka? t6 > or hong^ 
to instruct ; "ka? ,cAa, to 
teach ( popils ) to read ; 
"Aa' iChd^ to teacQ school ; ka、 (tu 
td * jo'aA, ,8a ho、 teach an appren- 
tice to strike his master ; met., the 
initiated injuring his teacher. 


tSa. A coll. word, as in tkf$ 
^kunfft the common earth* 


A coll; word, &B ih tka 
lau^ to roll about ; y^<Kf,lau 
卩, the head Bwimming rrom 

tKa. A coU. word, as in tha 
ika Heu' a clamor of voices, 
the oaWiDg of orowa. 
tKa. A coll. word» as in ika 
lak^ crossed, inter- 

eeotiog, 88 two sticks or lines. 

tt>1l^ Read 'ngau; used in the 
IfAf^ coll for ka*: io gnaw, to 
■^l^ bite, to masticate, to chew, 
ss a cud ; to oloBe the teeth 
firmly : "kc^ i?iga^ or ka? 
^ngaiyio gnash the teeth; '*' 康 fir ko^ 
to bite one another, as dogs ; ka} 
Hong^ or kc^ taung* to bite off; **ka* 
sioh^ ch^oi * to- bite off & moathful, 
to give a bite. 

(232) K4. 
> '+ A street in a town, a 
1 主 T tWoughfarCj a market 
( CM where people pass : com., 
**Jcd a market-plaoe ; 
fiikng Jcdy streets near 
the imperial palace ; wA, cAe* Jcd^ 
cross-streets ; **Jcd t6 * a thorough- 
fare ; Jed ao, shop-accotmtB ; coll., 
Jed (tonff, a street ; fpvng Jcd^ the 
whole street ; Jed ^au ha^g^kaVc^ 
heads of streets and corners of al- 
leys -" scil., are noisy ; (pd dis- 
played in the streets, as goods ; 
met., to sit in Btreet-doorfl, 88 
women do. 

Arf^ Read JLong; used in the 
Paik、 Jng for the coll. ,ifed, 

as in Jed ingil, a fish with a 
large belly, hence called 

,市 ,道 

藩 牙!^ 

訓 n 

嫁 n 

妝 n 

起, 搭架 « 

架〕 衣架 

華 字 



KAKK. 303 

twai* pokj Jed; met" a corpulent 

(ICd. A coll. word, as in (kd 
- Jed kim^ (or kd^ fed' 
kieu'), to cry, as a child, to disturb 
others by loud talking. 
、 J^jJ Read 'kai; coll. ^kd: to 
m>Ti open, to loose, to untie, to 
•^JJ unbind ; to release, as one 
■ bound ; to explain, to make 
plain,to comment; to dispel, 
AS sorrow: ^"-kd^pongy to loose one's 
hands IVom behind his back ; '^kd 
floi, to untie a knot ; ^^fid Jc'^wang, 
or (£ (Seyig^ to loosen, to relax ; 
"/"d siokj to explain ; chid' to 
comment ; annotations ; '^kd mong^ 
or (Sing (chieu, to dispel mel- 
ancholy ; "k^wong^ ^kd^ or 'Ad 
k、won{,、 to persuade, to expostu- 
late with ; ""^kd k、ak、 to quench 
thirst ; "'ytc? 'A;'aM lo avert threaten- 
ed evil ; ^"^kd m<r Jc'-wi, can't untie 

To forward, to transmit, 
to hand over to ; to send 
under arrest ; to exclude ; 
to transfer an officer to 
another post: also read 
Chieh. and hai、 q. v. : com,, 
^"kd^ A;'too, to pay in the 
salt-revenue; 、'M' siong* to send 
up for trial ; ^"kd ' ,kung cchong, to 
forward the materiel of an army ; 
"a A, kd 》 a criminal's guard ; ^*kd 、 
inguomg, firta of _the Ktijin 

-Rjjid fcaV; coll, k& 、: the 
? nd is a vulgar character : 
a kind of dry itch, called 
"t'sai kd' ― said to follow the 

common itch ; " (mnf/ kd ' 

Chieh. to have the itch ― a country 


膠 the 
■* I 出," 

Read ^Jcai and kai ' in 
the dictionaries : a hall or 
C'liieh suite of vooras in an of- 
' licer's palace ; nn official 
hospice ; rooms for subor- 
dinate officers, called "Jcung hi、. 

i Kd. A coll. word, as in ^hd 
'"•'",7, or Jed 'teng, or ikd 
^tinf/ sie'' above, upop; aloft, iu 
the upper story. 

Kd^. A coll. word, as in kd^ 
iswiff, to low a ship. 

(233) Kas. 

tfCfl^ Read Jm; used in the 
coll. for ka^\- to call out, 
to bawl, to cry out, to vo- 
■ ciferate ; to call out to; 
^"Id kai ' is calling out ; 
"mSh, Tca'e ' don't cry out ; "/tag , 
kaV kim) or ka^ ' "mang ^tHenfj^ 
to vociferate, to bawl ; ka'6 ' keu* 
to cry for help ; "'ka'e" ch6 ' (A 而 w.(/, 
to bawl (like) raising a rebellion ; 
kaV paik^ Jcang chHo' (tu <t'tdnff 
kieng^ to scream so as to be lieard 
by (the people of) eight houses! 

(234) Kaeh. 
Kathy A coll. word, as in 

JcaSh) to make a noise like 
one suffocated or strangled ; to hic- 
cough : ka'6h., sioh^ iSidnff, to ut- 
ter a choking sound ; a suppressed 
cry\ as of a fowl when seized. 

(235) Kaek. 

yfo^ Read k(mk、 in the dic- 
y\ tiouaries, but commonly 
《hia, 〉 read ~kaik、 in Foochow : a 
■ horn ; to dispute, to test 
one's strength with anoth- 
er ; to butt, to gore ; horny, hard ; 
a corner, a point, an angle ; a pro 
tuberance or jutting out; a tuft 

叫!: 傲反 

^呼, 呼 

i 廨鱧呼 

7 8 

柙解 解元 

解軍装 〇 


解 課解上 

口 解賣開 

解 解渴解 

解>3 焦勸 

5 6 

解說 解註 

解 酈解寬 

1 f 



of hair ; a headland, a cape ; a wine- 
jar ; wing of an army ; one of the 
28 constellations, a and s in Virgo; 
the 148th radical: in the coll., a 
quarter, as of a dollar : 'ka&k, '", 
to push with the horns ; ^chung 
kaS/c^ tuft of hair worn before the 
age of puberty ; ,Jcung iung ek, 
kaSlc、 an official dispatch ; com,, 
\ngu ka'ik) ox-honis ; "ka'^k^ 'k'eu, 
to wrangle ; \t'ihig (pi'eng 、hai 
Ica'ik) remote regions ; coli*" chHo) 
fca^y corners of a house ; ka^k^ 
fhwang, a quarter-dollar piece ; 
«e> ka'ik, square, four-cornered ; 
Aagyfc, hexagonal; ,mng fihihng 
ka'ik, a corner, a projecting poiut ; 
'Aa kaek, in that corner. 

Bead Jiilng; sometimes 
used in the coll. for ka%k^: 
a cock bird; masculine, 
male of certain animals and 
Insects, as well as of birds : 
,(m<5 ha'ik^ female and male ; *M'^ 
JcaSk^ a chicken-cock, a rooster ; 
'iugu ka^K a bull ; 、y<mg itO>ka》k、 
(she) keeps a paramour. 
(236) Kaeng. 
Kaeng\ A coll. word, as in 
kaMg* JcaSng* to bawl, to 
vociferate harshly ; haMg、 
Icahtg" or haing^ 'k'i M 
^A^gn^Tjto bawl at the top of one's 

f p> Read hMn 診; coll. 
-JUL* AjaewgrV a preposition, with, 
-,〜 by, to ; for, m behalf of; 
with, in addition to; an 
adverb, as, like to : 
"ifertSn^ 'ngwai ichd k'6 ' go with 
me; kaZ^g^ 'nH 'Aon^, I say to you ; 
"ka'&ng、 ,i tdi' 'chHu, lend him a 
helping hand; ka&nff、 'nil ch6' 
do It lor you ; '*kaSng^ 'ki&ng, to 


tend a child ; ka'&ng^ ichm sioht 
yongi the same as this ; kaSng* 
^nSfig hang' to inform one ; hahig* 
ch'oi ' chioh, kwo、 "borrow of the 
mouth" ― to stint one's self in 

(237) Kali. 

Read kaik、 ; coll. kah、 : a 
pattern, a model, a rule ; 
ruled lines placed under pa- 
per to write by : "Mh、. sek, 
one's bearing, mannerism ; 
"kaung) kafi, to humble one's self; 
'\ung kah, a model for essays ; 
nidh^ ^chid kah、 8ek、 to stand on 
one's dignity-, pretentious ; kah、 
ingang '■chai (spoken ^kang 'lang 
(cAai), paper ruled in squares. 

Read kaik 、; coll. hah 、: 
to separate or divide, as 
) by a partition ; to inter- 
pose ; set apart, separated, 
sundered ; next to, adjoin' 
ing, neighboring : "kah、 pidh^ 
(usually spoken Jccmg pi&h)^ ad- 
joining; tcah, taung^ kept for a 
(subsequent) meal ; "kafi^ iinangy 
to pass the night at ; kept over 
night, as food ; "kak^ sioh^ nik^vd' 
terval of a day ; "kah、 tek, hxoong* 
fkr removed, distant ; (ingf ti/ong 
no^ kah、 doh、 it'Ung 'chai, the xnviB- 
ible and visible worlds are separa- 
ted by only a thickness of paper. 
Kahy A coll, word : to test the 
weight, as by weighing 
with other scales : kah、 chtng* 
test the steelyards ; {<d 1&6'' kah^ 
k、ang、 tcAi<J,take it away and test 
it and see. 

JTaAj. A coll. word : mixed, in- 
terlocking : kah^ nmmg* 
Interlaced confusedly, in a com- 
plete snarl. 

牛 雄共我 

P 雄, 雄 

夭 逯海角 


牛 角角口 

4 6 

. ^文一 ^ 

角抵 總,, 

日 隔的遠 

隔 隔 一 

T 8 

5k 袼 隔壁 

KU 6 

格式 降袼 

3 4 

^ 手 T 仔 

齊去 伊 


KAI. 306 

JSaAj. A coll. word: a close 
apartment in a boat ; a 
bnnch, a parcel, as of paper or 
books : kah^ meng、 the top of the 

JfaAj. A coll. word, as in Jcah^ 
'kH、 to pry up or open ; kah^ 
tmtoonff, to pry a door open ; kah、 
siik^ to break in two by prying. 

JBTaAj, A coll. word: distress, 
grief :^a/i> sek) to faint un- 
der great distress ; kaJi^ftieng, craz- 
ed with grief ; d * kah^ pang^ will 
grieve himself sick ; ang* mang* 
Tcah、 to grieve secretly. 

Kah^ A coll. word, as in hah^ 
meng* separated, estrang- 
ed, as by a quarrel : ng* fihig tioli^ 
kah^ must not be offended ― a po- 
lite phrase to a departing guest. 

JTaAj. A coll. word, as in sek^ 
ch^kah^ transverse, cross- 
wise, crossed, as two lines or 


Kdhi. A ooll. word : a rumbling 
and deraDgement of the 
bowels ; to mutter, to feel angry : 
poky ^16 'tU kihi AtAj kd\ kdh、 the 
Dowels in a very disordered state ; 
^i ,sing ^Id ko* ^Id kdh^ Vi^toat, 
still vexed at me in his heart. 

JTdAj. A ooll. word ; a brogue 
for kek^: to carry under 
the arm ; tight, small, contracted : 
k^d^ kdh^ kwo^ ili, clasp him 
(the child) under the arm and 
bring him over here ; k6h, "A, a* 
k^ak, kdh^ (the garment) is too 
small under the arm. 

(239) Kai. 

All alike, uniform, 
y^Y* things of the same sort ; 
<^^rj| all, altogether ; used after 
le ' a recitafof items, or nouns 
of multitude, as the sign 
of the plural : \kai Hu, all are or 
have ; fkai poky Icik^ none equal 
to, unequaled ; iyong, all 

thus, all the same. 

Jty^ Used for the preceding: 
1 1^1 to accompany, to take 
< Chi^ along with one, as a par- 
le ■ ent takes his child ; asso- 
ciated, in connection with ; 
all at once, together: 、 ,kai ,ka,i, 
strong, robust ; (W, growing' 
old together, as husband and 
wife ; *tkai tu ' with my younger 
brother 一 a phrase used on cards. 

|^I4a Steps, especially the 

j|Sr stone ones at the door ; 
<l the ascent to a hall, u 

-t'Jgu flight of stairs ; a grade, a 
(+白 degree, a rauk ; gradation ; 

Chieh. a source or cause of some 
evil ; to rise, to emulate : 
,Jkcd ngek、 a step, gradation in 
office; *(hoang Jcai, an offidal 
grade ; *Jcai (w:ln《, moss on stone 
steps ; Jcai^ your honse; 

"<kai fChiiCi a prefecture in Kan- 

Roots ; a kind of oress 
CTowing in marshes: 
《& eS a'^^ff (A;ai, the roots of 

• plants; 
^Ul> The melody of birds ; 
the sound of bells and 
《 Clll^ drums, harmony heard at 
e a distance ; the soughing 
of the wind : '*fkai ,^at, 
birds singing. 

1 1 


台階 階州 

o 1 

1 1 〇 

官 階階蘇 


偕:? § 階級 

6 7 


,偕, 老 

及 然 〇 

皆 有皆不 




- 二 , J . An agreement, an enlist- 
r*V* ing contract ; to connect, 
to prepare, to arrange ; fit, 
proper, just, what ought 
to be or is right ; neces- 
sary, permissible, or convenient ; 
deserving ; full, abundant ; the 
said, the, that, the aforesaid, the 
foregoing, what has been mention- 
ed : \Jcai linff, that man ; com., 
',kai (towff, or ,inf/ Jcai, ought, 
proper, just ; *Jcai 'kong, ought to 
say it ; COLL., *chi<ing^ (kai, just 
right or proper ; ng^ ^kai, ought 
not ; 、,kai ought to di6, an 
ejaculation, alas! dreadful I .kai 
t<in(f in error ! what a blunder ! 
im6 Jcai chai ' uncertain, not to 
be depended on ; Jcai <cAd 'chi& 
ought to meet this fate. 

1-4- Interchanged with the 
next : a banl^ a boundary, 
( j^、 circuit, limit ; to guard or 
■ re-enforce a frontier ; a 
hundred millions : *Jcikn(f 
'kai, the wide world ; \chung (kai, 
high lands. 

I^Hfr* Also read Jiai : a step, 
WjPz a grade, a succession, an or- 
<» der ; a bank or terrace : 
M. *(8ang ,kai^ (an altar) with 
three terraces ; "kiu Jcai^ 
the nine ascents ; the imperial 

aHU^ As in ",^at Jcaiy the 
Yl§l murmuring of Btreams 
(&口 flowing together ; cold; 
• incessant ram. 

ilCai. A coll, word, as in Jcie 
Jcai, a fowl's crop ; tMk^ 
Jcai、 to stuff a chicken s crop- 
scil., to make it weigh more ; 
twai ' Jcai、 a large swelling ou the 
front of one's neck ; sMk^ Jcai, a 
sluggish crop, one that does not 


To change, to alter ; to 
exchange ; to reform, to 
do better ; to correct, to 
araend, as a composition : 
in the coll. read (义' toi, q.v. : 
COM., "(Am* yonff^ or ^kai 8ek、 to 
alter the form or pattern ; "'A;ai 
k(C to many another husband ; 
"Jcai ktvo^ to amend, to reform ; 
"、kai itu pd:> ngiek^ to change 
one's employment ; ^"^kai pi^ng^ to 
to change, to do better ; "'Aai ,ki、 
to change the appointed time; 
"•'kai wan(y (mwoncf fhl, "alter 
the doors" ― rise to u higher posi- , 

To split a horn in two ; 
m4p to open, to take off, or 
^工 apart ; to cut up, to sever 
' at the joints ; to dissipate, 
to disperse ; scattered ; to 
explain, to narrate, to make plain, 
to comment ; a commentary, a 
meaning, an explanation ; to stop, 
to cease, to do away with the ef- 
fects of ; a trace : also read kd *, 
and in the coll. ^kd, q. v. : '*'^<ii 
t'raak) to let go, to escape from ; 
COM., *。k、voong、 ^kai, or ^kai 
k^xDong* to persuade, to restrain ; 
j>ok、 Aai, can't discern (his pur- 

UnuBual, strange, re- 
markable : *\ki Jcai、 rare, 


pone) ; 、、、kax ^romg sek^ kiek, to 
relinquish false charges and settlo 
the quarrel ; ^kai tn/c^ to disperse 
bad humors. 

,究 釋結 

i 脫醤 

改 換門閬 

改 變改期 

改 阖刖業 


^ 嫁改過 

潰賅! ^樣 

祟 垓三膝 

! 7 00 

一, 講 4 正該 

戚 一赝, 




Interchanged with the 
next: a boundary, a limit; 
a region ; to warn, to 
caution; to guai-d against; 
to inform or announce to ; 
to beware of, to refrain from ; to 
observe a regimen ; to cure of the 
use of ; injunctions, precepts, in- 
hibitions : 、hv}ak) kaP to restrain 
by penalties ; rules for a regimen ; 
COM., 、kai ' iteu^ prohibitions ; *kai * 
*cAt, a thurab-ring ; * A; a i ' sale 、 
avoid taking animal life ; *'^kingkai ) 
to caution, to beware of ; 'fChaikai* 
muki ilkj "fast, abstain, bathe" 一 
a notice posted on special oc- 
casions ; ^seu* kai * "receive the in- 
junctions" ― Budhist initiation by 
a brand on the head ; coll" kai * 
a* ch'Sil* beware of the second 
(offence); kai * cAHoA^ a ferule. 

Rale of condaot, pre- 
cepts, warningB, orders, in- 
oj^jj^ junctions ; to deter by cit- 
• ing the penalty ; to exhort 
to desist, to prohibit : kd * 
kai^ to give good advice ; com., 
*i€k、 kaV the Ten Commandments ; 
•(tinff eky kai ) paik^ rebuking one 
restrains a hundred ; "tai ' ^tinff 
^Heu kai* grave offences are to 
be punished, trivial ones to be 

To bid, to charge, to 
urge on one's attention. 
Read kek^: urgent. Read 
k^aik^: &] axmed ; self-willed, 

Used for the next : one 
who serves, a waiting 
-. boy; great, good: com., 



"Aoi ' kai* your servant 
boy ; i"8ieu kai ' my valet. 

>v ' To assist, to attend uj>- 
•^1^ on; an attendant, a domes- 
i^,'. tic, a valet, one who an- 
Qounces visitors ; numer- 
al of persons ; for, because ; 
great, goo 击, firm, upright ; a 
single animal, one alone ; trifling, 
unimportant ; a limit, frontier, 
border ; conterminous, bordering- 
on ; the carapace of tortoises, &c. ; 
armor, mail, a cuirass ; to act, to 
represent : "^A, kai * a single indi- 
vidual ; "ilinff kai , the scaly and 
shelly tribes ; com., "kai > e' to 
take umbrage at, displeased 
through misapprehension. 

To walk awry: ^*Jcieng 
kaV to walk irregularly 
and make no progress. 

A kind of gem-tablet 12 
I, inches long, in ancient 
' times held in both hands 
when in the imperial pres- 

t> A red-spotted, scaly 
lizard, called "A^, kaV 
found in damp places : 
used as an aphrodisiac 
medicine, also to expel bad 

-IJo The mustard plantr 
■^h^ ,ch^i^nff kat^ small, 
d trivial ; COM" "kai ' ch^ai * 
• the mustard plant; kai^ 
ilang ch^ aV a kind of 
coarse mustard ― cultivated for 
greens ; "kaV lak、 or "^ai* 
mwak; ground mustard. 

jAKJ The sole fish, the plaice 
or flounder, ajso called ^pi 


1 法 % 6 警沐 8 十 誡 小 

戒 指戒洛 誡百誡 

'戒 ^ e 齋 7 受 9 懲 10 大 "食 

條 殺戒戒 一懲价 

纖芥 芥茶 

8 9 

6 7 

實介 I 

价〕 介 

1 1 



jj^ 人) Read hai、 in the dic- 

I4^r tionaries : to gnash the 

V^r J teeth ; 7neL、 furious, in a 
Chieh. V, ' I ^ • , •, 

rage ; the plates in mail 


A scratch, a little sore, 
a scabbiness : kak、 kaV a 
scorbutic disease with 
scabs like scales ; com., 
、kai 》 teh、ong、 the itch ― a 
refined term for Jc6 16 \ 


To reach to, to arrive 


/s"T:f at or tend towards in time 
' r^ZTj or place ; a limit, terminus, 
rr" set time ; the summit, the 
yptf extreme point; unfofc || ynni' 
Chieh. tunately, unluckily : 'kai ' 
am^'expiration of the time; 
、kai ) Jciy to come to the time, at 
the appointed time. 

fff ' A division between 
Jff^ fields, to mark separate 

C《iLi ownership ; a limit, bounda- 
• ry ; frontier, terminus ; to 
draw a line of separation, 
to limit ; to sunder friends : com., 
*kai ' ipd^ landmarks ; \kau kai ' 
conterminous, adjoining ; kdV 
boundary of land ; 'a* kai ) the 
lower regions ; met.^ miserable 

f hosts ; ^siong^ (tUn{/ ha、 ,mnff 
ai^ the upper, middle, and low- 
er, worlds ; *sie ) kai 、 the world. 

I To ask alms, to demand, 

丄', to beg ; to give, to bestow : 
j^T COM., ' '"^'eii^, kaV (coll. 
■ k'-'eiik^ sWi^ a beggar ; to 
beg ; 、、kai、 (siu, king of 
the beggars. 

A kind of coarse grass 
used for thatch ; a cover, 
> a covering, a thatch, a roof ; 
a canopy, a vault ; to cover, 
to hide, to roof; to screen, 
Kai. to conceal literally and fig- 
uratively ; to overshadow, 
to overtop ; a conjunction, since, 
for, for that, now then : '^kai 、 
ting, because that, since ; com., 
" jcong kai ) a jar-cover ; " (cMa 
kai ) to cover, to overshadow ; 
、bkai) sie* (sSnff, in all the 
world has no equal ; "(& 'z' kai * to 
build a house ; coll., "kai ' 、wang、 
a covered bowl ― also called 
¥aing* ^wang ; "(Atoa/?^ kaP to 
remove and relay, as tiles on a 
kaP if'au p-cO (or t/d), a 
bridal veil ; kai ' sie, ' ng^ tek^ whol- 
ly unappreciated in the world ! 一 
as one says ruefuHy. 

A gelded ox; met •, 
strong, lusty, vigorous :' 
**kai * thing, punishment 
of oastration. 


A partition, a bulkhead, 
something that stops the 
passage ; a shelf; to ob- 
struct, tty intercept, to sep- 
arate, to interpose, to 
hinder ; separated, sunder- 
ed ; next to, neighboring : 
in the coll. read' kah、 and Jcang, 
V. : COM., "kaik) iChHong^ a wall 
intervenes ; kaik^ piek^ ,td ^ie'ngf, 
separated many years, as friends 
say on meeting ; 1caik、 to di- 
vide into apartments ; lcaik、 
tvsangi to cut off, to block, as a 

饕 形福墙 

蓋 蓋頭帕 


7 8 

世 itr 起 


蓋 遮蓋蓋 



下 三界世 


下 界上中 

7 00 

变界 地界 

KV 6 

屬 期界牌 

俯瘡 5S 



A tripod, a kind of in- 
cense-caldron in temples ; 
j^。 it contains about 8ix Hau, 

• or pecks ; a heavy, earthen 
pot ; to grjisp, to {ake hold 

of; the l93d radical. 
p'S^ The diaphragm, rtny 
Hpjcf thin membrane in bodies; 
Ko ^ the breast, the mind; a 

• hell-frame : in the coll. read 
k^ainf/\ q. v. : 、kaik、 mok、 

the midriff between the thorax 
nnd stomach ; \hilng kaik、 the 
treast ; com" JcaiJc、 sik) Jmang oP 
unable to eat and the stomach 
turned ; ^ku kaiJc、 ^sing ^sieng 
pole) taiky coilsUmption, dropsy, 
and inability to eat, even the 
genii cacn,t cure'f 

JL>4 'To strike, to box, to fight ; 
to stop, to impede, to fend, 
^ > to ward oft'; to repel, to 

• beat back with the hand. 
The spreading of branch- 
es ; to come to, to reach ; 

j^。 》 to examine, to sift or un- 
' derstand thoroughly; ex- 
cellent, extfaordinafy ; to 
influence, to cause ; to attack ; to 
change^ to correct ; to grow old ; 
a mark, ruled lines to writ6 by ; 
a limit, a statute ; a frame or stand ; 
to advance, to rise ; years having 
the "branch" ; in{f in their cyclic 
name : in the coll, read kah、 q.v.: 
bping fihi kaik、 (srt, a diviiie in- 
fluence ; ^Jcaik^ u!" to inquire into 
(the nature of) things ; com" 
,kaik、 ngwol ^ extraovdiuary, in 
excess of^ beyond the usage or 

^Jtf The skeleton of a man or 
beast; the bones sticking 
> out, lean. 

\Jt * The hides of animals aft- 
er the hair is taken off ; 
~~ L ) the human skin ; to change^ 
• t o put "tt; to renew, to molt ; 
to cure or break oft' a hab- 
it ; fo degrade one from office ; 
musical instruments of skin ; de- 
fensitg armor ; leathern ; a wing 
during molting ; the IV 7th radical: 
COM., ""kail、 cliek^ to deprive of of* 
fice ; 、kaik、 ^tea^ a published dis- 
】nissai ; "Jcaik) pHeng) to break 
off opium-sraoking ; coll., 、、kaik> 
taung^ Jcilhg, (the habit) broken 
off at the very roots ; ^'^^chieng 
Jionff kaik、 his rations stopped ; 
〜mid>)ig kaik、 his name struck off 
― dismissed from the yjimun. 

To piece, to seam ;. tc 
form tlie woof, to weave. 


The quill or stem of a 
feather, a quill ; interchang- 
卞^"^ 礓〉 ed with Uk., metming the 
• hollow legs of a tripod : 
"kcmg^ kaik^ with rapid 
pinions ; met" high resolves. 
Tr T> To cut off the left ears, 
fl^> or the heads, as of prison- 
'- ers, or those killed in tat- 
tle ; these were sent to 
court anciently as evidence 
of victory. 
Jil^ The marks of a; tiger's 
■fri^ claws ; gashes made in 
^"•'^ seisdng its prey; a sKrnameJ 
the name of a state in the 
Tsin dynasty, now Yung- 
yang district in the Kaifung pre- 
fecture, Honan. , 
Y^_L Read Td'ek、 ; coll. lcaik、 •• 
to tie, to fasten, to bind ; 

1 •'t * tied, fixed: kaik. .loL to 
1 Chieh. ' ' ' 

革奮翻 o 



錢糧 革名、 

片、 斷浙 

革條 革 15 


7 格物 o 


仲醫 Kr 得化 

1 蠱脇神 I 

脇食翻 BIT 5 

,膜, ffi , 


tie a knot ; 、! caik^ taing^ to tie firm- 
ly ; kaik, 'si 'ioi, to tie a dead (i. 
e. hard) knot ; "ch'cii kaik、 fes- 
toons ; kaik、 'ch'ai, to festoon. 

Read kiek^ ; coll. kaXk、 : 
a sickle, a reaping-hook, 
called also J^imgkaik, and 
\iang M- 
(241) Kaing. 

M> Read Jieng; in the Coll. 
read kaing* and often used 
in epistlert : a word of com- 
- panson, more, better, still, 
the more, the rather:*A;am^' 
、h6、 the better ; kaing' kaing' or 
•Jceng kaing*80 much the more, the 
rather ; *kaing* 6V to desire it all 
the more ; ^kaing\chie 'lie', to vary 
continually— becoming worse and 
worse ; kaiiiff* tmd "the 
more without dregs"— said of 
one inveterately unprincipled. 

Read kwang^; coll. 
kaing': accustomed, ad- 
dicted to, fixed in the hab- 
it of: *kaing' ai^ habituat- 
ed ; *ch6 , 1caing、 used to 
doing it ; "cA'oi , ^kong kainf in 
the habit of talking so. 

A district, the fifth m 
order of territorial divis- 
ions; a district magis- 
trate ; the district oit^: 
COM., kaina^ a district 
magistrate; Kaing" the 

principal district; "M"ff h 诫 t 
or kaing* tsinp, a deputy district 
magistrate; "chek、 ! SUny" kaing* 
(graduates) appointed at once to 
the district magistracy j tming 
hain^ and "au» Jcwang haing、 
the two districts which embrace 
the city of Fooohow ; "haing* 么 





the district examinations. Read 
ihihtff、 and interchanged with 
ihibig, to hang up, to sugpend. 
(242) K'-iu. 

To drag, to pull ; to 
scheme, to plot, to stir up, 
to implicate : "Jeaiu* wong* 
to contract a dislike for t 
"kait^ hv}& to bring evU 
on one. 

The truss of a roof; to 
roof over with beams ; to 
construct ; to unite, to join 
together ; t o copulate ; 
finished, completed ; to 
forth, to catch, aa fire: 
"Jcaiu、 fChingy the procreative 
principle or action ; com., ^kieky 
jfcam* to contrive, as the plan of 
an essay. 

To buy, io procure for 
Bale; to barter; to hire 
one : *'kaM 'md, or leaiu* 
te* to purchase, as goods 
for retail ; kaiu^ $idng^ to 
procure a due to. 

Used for the next : to 
meet unexpectedly ; to 
happen at, to bolt upon : 
kaiu* nang* to meet troub- 

To meet with, ta see 
suddenly ; to occur, to 
- ― happen ; accidentally ; to 
• complete : «* AatV soon 
completed ; to occur easily} 
soon caught, as a disease. 

To marry again, a seo 
ond marriage ; fondness, 
K affection, love; to unite, sex- 
ual union: *\hwong kaM 
to marry again ; kaiu* hciki 
or Jcau kaiu* to cohabit. 


^怨 , 驕 

S 用 





KAK. Zll 




rail at, 



*lt> To 

穀 fu"; 

„, cm mi 

Like the last : to meet 
with, to come in contact ; 
the union of the sexes ; 
the blending of the in- 
fluences of heaven and 

Dust grimed in, dirt, 
filth, scurf; impure, sordid, 
disgraceful : m the coll. 
read 'Aawj q. v.: 
kaiu^ dirt ; filthy, sordid. 

To shame, to disgrace 
one ; to reproach, to taunt, 
to rail at ; artM, unprinci- 
pled : *no^ kaiu* to scold 
angrily ; *kaw? choi* to 
to abuse. 

Collected together ; suf- 
ficient for use, enough ; 
in excess, adequate, am- 
ple, filled up ; completdy, 

To stretch a bow to the 
archers, or bowmen ; 
enough, full, in which 
■ sense used for the last: 
used in the coll, for kau\ 
q. V. : *ik, kaiu^ to stretch a bow 
to its full power ; com., \neng 
kahi^ and pok^ iUeng kaiu' able 
and not able ~ used in imitation 
of the mandarin. 
(243) Kak. 

|Xf The plumule or scaly 
B-f covering of a growing seed ; 
) the budding of a plant ; a 
sprout or bud ; the first of 
the "ten stems"; met, the 
first, number one, the head, excel- 
lent, the best ~~ from the common 
use of the "stems" as ordinal num- 
bers ; to begin, to get the start of, 
to excel, to surpass ; armor for 

the body, a cuirass, a corselet ; 
military ; applied to the hard, de- 
fensive coverings of animals, as 
the carapace of turtles, the elytra 
of beetles, the large scaly plates 
on some fishes ; the finger-nails, 
<fcc. ; graduates of the Cninsz de- 
gree : *kak、 ekt the first and aeo* 
ond of the "stems" ― are used hy- 
potheticall^ for superior and in- 
ferior qaalities, as of essays ; ,/g^ 
kak、 tbe gravid uterus; com., 
、kaic、 (w'w, one who heads % sub-- 
scription ; 'j^'toi kak、 armor ; "滅 
*c/i«, the first of the "ten stems" 
and"twelve branches",u8ed in com- 
bination to denote years ; 、\chH(mg 
fSang kak^ the nianis ; **fSanff 
H''ing kak、 the three highest of 
the Chinsz graduates ; coll., "kok, 
^kidng^ & kind of vest when 
made witb a pocket, called "^gUng 
kak 、; **kak^ t<'aw, the head-maift 
of porters (at a landing). 

To take or press under 
til* arm ; to carry secretly; 
to succor ; assistants; to 
take up with pincers, to 
nip up; to squeeze* to 
press between two: doubled, lin- 
ed r in the colt read kek^ q. v. : 
C05L, "kak、 haki agreeing; "hak、 
tax ' involved, as matters j ^haky 
'Jmng、 a double^ or Mnc^, petti- 
coat ; "kak、 ijmig, joined boards, 
as in inferior co^s j 、。k(ik、. Uah^ 
:《* 么 a flower like the peachy with 
leaves resembling the bamboo %. 
COLL., kak, la^ trieky, knavish ; 
、、kaik、 man^ a money-safe» 

A measure eontaioing^ 
|— I about a gill ; ten make a 
> filling; to collect, to joia 
' or come together ; used in 

授 o 

1 竹挑 1 

k 合 k 带 

銀 甲甲頭 

鼎 甲甲仔 

穿 山甲三 

六 甲甲首 

能穀 甲 tJ 

5 6 

一塵气 i 

S12 KAK. 


the coll. to unite, to mix, to blend ; 
to join, to sew Beams : also read 
h(ik^ q. V. : COLL., 、k<ik、 'pwong^ or 
^kak^ (hwo, to join partnership ; 
^kak^ yoh 乂 ; wong, to make pills ; 
kaky kSh^ to sew up sleeves ; kak^ 
mik) to visit prostitutes ; kak、 Jc、a、 
gambling partners ; kak、 、chHu、 
to work together, as those of 
equal skill can ; 、k.ak、 tek、 、h6、 or 
Jcak、 tek、 I6h^ living together on 
good terras. 

ZtK^ A garment lined Vith- 
out wadding ; doubled, 
•jj^^ lined ; a neck -covering: 
' ^kak^ f 膨? 仏 a lined dress. 

/5|fir TheColumbidae ; a dove, 
a pigeon : 扒 kak、 a wild 
:o pigeon; com., ,pahi kak) 

• (spoken pah) tak》、 the 
domestic pigeon ; coll., 

pong^ pah^ kak》 {tak^ to let off 

f A Bivalve shells, thin and 
ffj^ marked like a Tellina or 
》 Donax ; a muscle, a cockle : 

• kak^ a kind of strip- 
ed frog ; COM., ^kak^Jcang^ 

dried muscles ; \""hik、 <Jii^ a yel- 
lowish kind of moUusk ; coll., 
kak、 W", the muscles of a cockle ; 
kak"li p、ong、 to halve the edges 
of boards, as in floors, 

JLjIr^ A butterfly: ^^'kaJc^ tiek^ 
a small butterfly or moth, 
ej^a the cabbage, or sul- 

' phur^ butterfly. 

f l To cut, to gash, to 
|l hack ; to wound, to injure; 
jjo'〉 to cut in t wain, to separate, 

• to divide ; to deduct, to 
take off: COM., ^'^kak^ teu^ 

to reap rice ; ^'^kak^ niik^ (《 fih、ong、 

"cut out flesh (to patch and) heal 
an ulcer with" ― to create a new 
want in supplying an old one ; 
"'•*ci> kak、 to flay alive ; coll., 
\^kak^ Hong^ or kak^ taung^ to cut 
off; kak、 ^chai (t6、 a paper-cutting 
knife; "jcak、 ^tyeng^ to manufacture 
wooden pails ; kak、 p^'o ' Jma 
f^Ung^ "disfigured her fair face'' ― 
name of a play. 

A creeping edible plant 
(the DoUchos tuberosus), 
j^uo of whose fibers a coarse 
• yellow cloth is made; creep- 
ers ; met,, relatives, pos- 
terity: ccm" 、,"mng kah、 the 
mealy taro ( DoUchos trilobus \ ; 
、、! cak) "mng, flour of the mealy 
taro ; 〜Jcwa kak、 melon and creep- 
er ; msf',, relationship ; ^^fChieu 
kak、 plantain grass-cloth ; i、kak、 
Jcong, the kak、 root ~ is a sudor- 
ific medicine. 

g4jh The rumbling of chariots 
rushing to battle ; hasty, 
*^〉 precipitate, violent mo- 
tion : "Jem kak、 a rumb-« 
ling, as of chariots ; a 
confused melee. 

-t-rjl Read hak^ and hak^ ; 
;^, used for the coll. hak^ as 
^ • Mn kak、 kak、 Meu) to talk 

constantly, loquacious, jab" 


lLal\ . A coll. word : to adhere, 
to stick, as paste ; to stick 
fast ; adhesive, tight in : kak^ Jcu, 
"pjlMe sticking"; met., contused, 
imperfectly done; illicit commerce ; 
kok、 mk^ finally, at last (must do 
^o)\kakjHek\ tHek^ tainrf^ immov- 
ably iixod ; s6i 》 rnd ^ kak^ can't sit 
still ; ^mo kak^ sidh, unimportant, 
trifling; kak^ tamg^ sticks to his 

m 根, 鶴 

2 2 

瓜 葛蕉葛 

9 o 

1 2 

粉葛 葛粉 

7 8 

割斷 割桶 

5 6 

臀 瘡細割 


00 割肉 

2 3 


野^ 白偽 

合 藥九合 

合 本合^ 

KANG. 318 

«hop ; kak、 tfcau, dirt hardened, as 
on the hands ; kak^ si'ek^ an indis- 
tinct articulation ^ 、kon{, wa} kak^ 
,cAaM,hi8 talk is like sticking dregs 
一 i. e., vile or useless ; kdbfc^ sioh^ 
iwong^ stuck together into a ball ; 
kak^ingd^ contumacious, nonpluss- 

Kaki . A coll. word : to be at or 
in ; kakj siong* sie ' is 
above ; kak^ ^chi ("e', is in here ; 
kak^ '^chi (penff, is on this side. 



― A shield, a. buckler ; 
"~ r~* arms, defensive armor ; 
《 kIL what protects or fends off; 
• bank of a stream ; to seek, 
to try and obtain from, to 
procure ; to provoke, to draw on 
one ; to oppoBCv to offend, to 
break laws ; offense, crime, guilt ; 
incumbent, pertaining to, concern- 
ing, bringing results to one ; 
trunk of some plants, a stem ; a 
frontier : \kang Jc'"voo, arms ; met., 
war; '(&£m〃 hwang^ to transgress, 
to incur guilt ; ^yok^ (kan'y, how 
much ? COM., \kang siek^ implica- 
tion, concerned in ; 'Jcang cheng) 
to bear witness ; * fii'mg Jcang, 
the celestial stems ― teu characters 
used in the cycle ; \lang (kang, a 
balustrade ; coll., ka'dng^ '■ngwai 
tm6 Jcang kwd* it is no concern 
of mine. 

^Kang. A coll. word, for which 
the last is sometimes used : 
to force, to compel : Jcang ^^ ch6) 
compel him to do it. 

yf^r* Culm of the bamboo ; 
■'■ I * slender wooden things, as 
< Kan a' rod, pole, cane, shaft, staff 
■ 一 often made of bamboo : 

COM., *tieu、 Jcang, or 、ingil Jcang 、 9 
fishing-rod ; ' 。 " A > jcang, a, 
bamboo pole. 

X I* An inferior gem ; a kind 
^ I of coral : "ilonff Jcant^, 
( Kan ornaments raadeof brancn- 
' ing coral of the genus 

ttr^ The liver ; it belongs to 
riT the element vjood: and 
《'Za:. rules the system ; intimate, 
• the feelings ; a brown col- 
or, umber : com., '\m Jcanff, 
pig's liver ; '\kang the consti- 
tution, or state, of the liver ; 
"Jcang ,king cheng^ disease of the 
liver ; "Jcang 麵&! k、aik、 '<'w, 
"the liver wood repressing the 
earth ― i. e., stomach ― loss of ap- 
petite ; "Jcang itiong ch'-avng^ 
twang* "liver and bowels cut into 
inches" ― greatly distressed. 
JfT Interchanged with the 
At j next : inordinate, unregu- 
(/^。J! lated desire ; to violate de- 
coram, to contuse proprie- 
ty ; to disobey ; cunning 
cabals, plots ; vicious, corrupt, 
selfish, malicious ; clandestine ; 
villainous, unprincipled, crafty, 
intriguing, traitorous; adulterous ; 
COM., ^\kang '■kHeu, crafty, wily ; 
"Jcang ising^ a traitorous officer ; 
"Jcang sd 》 a spy ; Jmng JiiXng^ 
to excel in cunning, a clever scamp; 
Jcang ch'a、 or Jcang Awi, false, 
fraudulent ; Jcang clC'ek^ you vil- 
lain ! 

Illicit intercourse, crim- 
inal connection, adultery ; 
rape, incest ; to deflower, 
• to debauch : com., '"Jcang 
iing, adultery, illicit com- 
merce ; Jciong Jcang, rape ; ^\kang 

1 干 a 若 6 干 '欄 
戈 千證干 

2 干 4 干 《 天 8 釣 
犯 涉 于 竿 

姦 淫姦婦 


^ E , 奸細 

8 9 

土 I 寸 

症 肝木尅 


肝 氣肝金 

3 4 

魚竿 i 竽 


314 KANG. 


ho、 aa adulteress ; Jcang iching 
anff a lawsuit about adultery ; 
*,kang 、kwai, to inveigle and se- 
duce, to kidnap. 

The cooly orange (Citrus 
margarita) : com., ^^hung 
Elan "divide the orange"; 

met., to share with others 
― an epistolary phrase ; 
、huk、 ^chHu Jcang, the finger-lem- 
on—usually called Juong lyang. 

ftnr* A wood like sandal 
^1 * wood or mulberry, good 
< Kan for spear-handles ; a staff, 
• a cluD ; posts in a railing : 
COM., *t^i Jcang, a flag- 
staff ; *{Mi Jcang , a mast ; coll., 
Jcang kiek^ the stone-posts 
which clasp and uphold a flag- 

'^/-^ Dry, exhausted ; to dry; 
^HT. met., clean, entirely ; all 

gone, wholly consumed : 
■ also read tkUngy q. v. : 

COM., *fkang ad ) parched, 
feverish ; Jcang chi&ng* dry and 
clean ; met" all used up ; "\kang 
<oArj"dry salary" ― i. e., a sinecure; 
* Jiang eaik, stoppage, as in eating 
dry things ; met" in a tight place, 
penniless ; 、 Jcang iJcwo, dried 
fruits ; COLL., "Jcang pwang* mix- 
ed dry; Jcang jtH? ,»a, roasted 
dry ; Jcang 'aw, a hard, dry retch- 
ing ; Jcang (《fi, to contract for in 
"clean cash** 一 to pay in niouey 
(not in things). 

mRead ,keng; coll. Jcang: 
the night - watches, o f 


which there are five, cora- 

mencing at about V p. m. 
and ending at 5. a. m. : 
Jcwig^ to set the watch ; 

«oAj Jcang jHkng, one watch j 
tiding (Jcang, the first watch j 
"aiong!^ Jcang and 'V Jcang, the 
early and late watches ; "jD'aA, 
(hinff, to beat the watches ; iSung 
Jking, to go the rounds ; Jcang 
^hiong, "watcSwnceiise** ― a night- 
burner placed near a coffin ; fkang 
(tong maing^ sd* long nights 
make many dreams ; met., delay 
increases the risks. 

Read Jcmg' in the die* 
<yfrW tionaries : a superior kind 
of riw, slightly fragrant 
when cooked, called 
"Jcang 、mi ; it lacks the 
viscidity of the siik^ ^mi (glutiueus 

# Sweet, grateful, relish- 
iug to the taste, agreeable ; 
pleased, happy ; voluntary, 
' williog ; delightsome ; spe- 
cious, winning ;; the 99th 
radical : "Jcang, 'cki, pleasant 
food, such as is ^ven to the aged ; 
"Jcang iling, a timely lain ; com., 
"Jcang chi& * sugar-cane; Jcang 
(Ching, a common porous plant 
resembling the cane ; *\kang (Sinff^ 
or Jcang ngwong' votuntaiy, will- 
ing; ,、 jcang s^iiJc^ the province of 
Kansuh ; "Jcang ild, an ancient 
worthy who became minister at 
the age of 12 ; "Jcang (cA'd, lic- 
orice root; coLL., Jcang chau* 
pok, Jcang lan(f to keep ar thing^ 
till it spoils rathef than give it 

vjIK Water in which rice ha» 

V H been washed ; it is used 

*v" for washing sores and for 
Kan. , ■ o , ,1 1 

Starch : in the eolL reao. 

、ang, q. v. 

4tt 羅 40草 


甘 I 林 f 摭 

9 9 

,米 T 力曰 

更天; 更 

St 起 t 一 

塞螯 i 

煉 宽束赏 


佛手 w 旗 

8 4 

姦 拐分柑 



A disease of children, 
arbing from imperf