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f^j 3 

THE graduatp: committee. 

Talcott Williams, Editor and Chairnuin. 
Charlks Mkuuill Hough, A^ssociate Editor. 


Richard Rogers Bowkkk. 
Lynds Eugene Jonk.-*. 
E. Dauavin Hudson, Jr. 
Alfiikd Ely. 
Edward Cole Howlank. 

William Channing Russel, Jr. 
Charles Millard Pratt. 
Benjamin Whiting Franklin. 
Francis Marion Copfock. 
Charles Wright Freeland. 
Lyman Beecher Hall. 


RlCllAlU) lllLDRKTH TlIAVKl:. 

RoHERT Jay Mitchell. 




List of Chaptcr.s x 

ProfiKH' xiii 

Collaborators xxii 

Convention Notes .... xxiv 

Executive Council .... xxxi 
Convention Roll .... xxxiv 

Graduate Reunions .... xliii 

A A * Bibliography .... xlv 

A A <I> Chronology .... Iv 

The Chapter.s 
I'^rban _. 
( 'ohuiibia 
Yale . . 
Amhi'rst . 
Harvard . 
Geneva . 
Hudson . 
Bowdoin . 


1 73-200 

Peninsular . 

. . . 288-310 

Rochester . 

. . . 311-329 

Alabama . . 

. . . 330-335 

Williams . . 

. . . 336-353 

Manhattan . . 

. . . 354-373 


. . . 374-395 

Kenyon . 

. . . 396-408 


. . . 409-421 


. . . 422-425 

Cornell . . . 

. . . 426-437 

Phi Kappa . 

. . . 438-450 

Military Seuvkk. 

Introduction . 

. . . 453-455 

By Chapters . 

. . . 456-527 

Tabular Summari 

■s . '. . 528-529 

Supplement Ar> Llsts. 

Kinship in A A <l> 

. . . 533-549 

(Jeographical l)i 


in A A * . . 

. . . .100-632 

A A «!' by Names 

. . . 633-698 

Tabular Sununari 

•s . . . 699-706 

Appendix .... 

. . . . 707-721 


. . . . 723-727 




1832 TO 1878. 

5345 DVEE13y!:BEI?.S. 

Samuel Eells. ' tlnvER Andrew Morse. 

Lorenzo Latham. Henry Lemuel Storrs. 

John Curtiss Underavood. 

A Q 

Samuel Eells, Hamilton, '32 18:i2-18a(; 

Charles Kilbourn, Hamilton, '33 . 1836-1837 

Seth Tryon Wilbur, Hamilton, '?.(• . 1837-1839 

Samuel Eells, Hamilton, '32 . . . 1839-1842 

Giles Mumford Hillyer, Columbiii, iii 1843-1845 

William Henry Goodrich, Yale, '43 . . 1845-1847 

Theodore William Dwight, Hamilton, '4i) 1847-1850 

Henry Noble Day, Hudson, "'28 1850-1853 

Alexander Spaulding, Hamilton, '4fi . 1853-1854 

Frederic Dai^ Huntington, Amherst, 'M' 1854-1855 

Joseph Parrish Thompson, Yale, '38 . 1855-1850 

Richard Salter Storrs, Amlierst, '39 185G-186tt 

Theodore William Dwight, Hamilton, '4(> 1860-1865 

Edward North, Hamilton, '41 1805-1868 

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Bowdoin, T)!.' 1868-1871 

William Slocum Groesbeck, Miami, '34 . 1871-1872 

Moses Coit Tyler, Peninsular, '56, Yale, '57 . 1872-1873 

Lewis Collins, Union, '53 187:!-187G 

John Jay, Columbia, "M'> "<>- 

List of Chapter's. 



At Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. 

1832 to 1885. 54 Classes — 347 Members. 

At Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. 

1835 to 1876. 43 Classes — 207 Members. 


At the University of the Cit}' of New York, New York City. 

1835 to 1839. 5 Classes — 24 Members. 

At Columbia College, New York City. 

1836 to 1885. 10 Classes — 46 Members. 


At Yale College, New Haven, Conn. 

1837 to 1874. 40 Classes — 793 Members. 


At Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

1837 to 1885. 51 Classes — 467 Members. 


At Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

1837 to 1885. 39 Classes — 243 Members. 


At Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

1837 to 1884. 33 Classes — 387 Members. 


At Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y. 

1840 to 1880. 44 Classes— 184 Members. 

List of Chapters. 


At Westeru Reserve College, Hudson, Ohio. 

1841 to 1885. 49 Classes — 198 Members. 


At Bowdoiii University, Brunswick, Me. 

1841 to 188.5. 50 Classes — 2G6 Members. 

At Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. 

1845 to 1884. 44 Classes — 4.30 Members. 

At Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

1846 to 1885. 41 Classes — 289 Members. 

At Rochester University, Rochester, N. Y. 

1850 to 1885. 36 Classes — 217 Members. 


At Alabama University, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

1851 to 1859. 9 Classes — 52 Members. 

At Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. 

1851 to 1885. 33 Classes— 205 Members. 


At the College of the City of New York, New York City. 

1855 to 1885. 34 Classes — 244 Members. 

At Wesley an University, Middletowu, Conn. 

1856 to 1885. 34 Classes — 277 Members. 


At Kenyon College. Gambler, Ohio. 

1858 to 1885. 32 Classes — 127 Members. 


xii List of Chapters. 


At Union University, Schenectady, N. Y. 

1859 to 1885. 31 Classes — 151 Members. 


At Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

1858 to 1861. 4 Classes — 27 Members. 


At Cornell Uuiversit}', Ithaca, N. Y. 

1870 to 1885. 17 Classes — 128 Members. 


At Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

1878 to 1885. 45 Classes — 143 Members. 


Cincinnati, Ohio. Organized 1846, reorganized 1881. 
Cleveland, Ohio. Organized 1866, reorganized 1882. 
Chicago, III. Organized 1867, reorganized as the Chicago Graduate 

Association, 1882. 
New York City, 1868. 
Albany, N. Y., 1875. 

New England Graduate Association, 1876. 
Grand Rapids, Mich., 1880. 
Graduate Association of the North-west, Minneapolis, INIixn., 

Washington Graduate Association, 1882. 


The first Catalogue of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, a thin, paper- 
covered 12mo pamphlet of IG pages, was published in 1837, the first 
of its kind among kindred issues. The Semi-Ceutennial Catalogue 
is the twelfth in a series which has now lasted through half a cen- 
tui'v, and bids fair to continue without pause or abatement, in- 
creasing Im size and growing in interest through twice the number 
of coming 3'ears. "Without attempting a memorial volume, the 
present Catalogue is designed to place before the members of the 
Fraternity a record of its outer life. The prefatory pages contain 
a brief sketch of the organic growth of the Society from without, 
a roll of its Conventions, a Bibliography of the Fraternity and an 
Alpha Delta Phi Chronology. The Chajjters in the order of their 
establishment till the body of the record. Careful inquiry and 
(lihgent correspondence have shown that the order hitherto accepted 
is inaccurate, and it has' been changed to suit the facts in the 
present volume. The new order makes Yale the fifth Chapter, and 
reverses the pre\ious position of Hudson and Bowdoin, and of 
Dartmouth and Peninsular. The record under each Chapter con- 
sists of brief annals, intended to be a mere memorandum of the 
urowth of the Chapter, a partial list of College prizes, ar.d next 
the membership of the Chapter, lieaded by its charter members. 
Succeeding the Chapters is a Record of the Military Se'-v'ce . of 
Members of the Fraternity, compiled at the War Department. Its 
presence gives this volume a value of its own as an enduring 
record of the devotion of educated men in a great national struggle. 
'I'lie thanks of the Fraternity are due to Congressman Willits, <»f 
Michigan, for his zealous aid in obtaining the compilation of this 
list, and to Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, Secretary of "War, and Ad- 
jutant (ieneral Drtim, for its preparation. Its editing for tliis 

xiv Preface. 

Catalogue was in the hands of R. 11. Thayer, Peninsular, '70, una 
R, J. Mitchell, Williams, '56. Supplemental Lists of Kinship in 
Alpha Delta Phi, Geographical Distribution in the Fraternity, and 
an Index of Names, complete the volume, which closes with an 
Appendix, filled chiefly with new matter, obtained too late for 
insertion in its proper place. A table of contents precedes this 
Preface, and an Index finishes the work. 

The unit of arrangement adopted in this Catalogue is the Chapter, 
and the unit vvithiu the Chapter is the class. The membership of each 
Chapter is given complete, the same rule being followed in the lists of 
Military Se-vice and Kin. Each member who has ever enjoyed 
active relations with a Chapter is given under it, although his 
final relations may have been with another Chapter. This has led 
to a numoer of repetitions, and it is often the case that the 
later entrs' contains the fullest detail. In the Index of Names 
all the different Chapters to which members belonged are given 
in the or.ier of time. The last is in every case but one — W. B. 
Rankine, Geneva, '77 — the Chapter to which the member now 
belongs. I. T. Beckwith, Phi Kappa 'and Yale, '68, is entered 
under the former Chapter, while still retaining his connection with 
the latter, for reasons which appear upon the record. Within each 
Chapter the members are arranged b}- classes exclusively, an order 
specificall}' directed by the Convention of 1854, implicitly followed 
for a few years, aud then abandoned in part. Each member is 
assigned to his graduation year, often antedating tlie establishment 
oX the •Chapter, vr to the year of his admission as determined at 
initiation. The only arbitrary arrangement is in the <3ase of Timothy 
Dwight E,ells. Hudson, ''1^. In the Chapter record the names of those 
receiving a post-graduate election are entered in italics. Early in 
the history of the Fraternity the line between graduate and non- 
graduate membership was b}' no means closely drawn. The early 
prosperity and success of man}"- of our Chapters tm-ned upon the 
earnest support of 3'oung graduates in the vicinage, often members 

Preface. xv 

of the College Faculty, elected after receivino- a dogree. In Dart- 
mouth an entire class, which shared in the establishment of the 
Chapter, enjoyed active relations with it in spite of graduation, 
and their names appear in Roman. In Geneva, Hudson and 
Bowdoin, the post-graduate members at the head of each Chapter 
were, wnth one exception, all elected in the early years of the 
Chapter, immediately after their leaving College and while the 
relation of these members to the interests and activities of student- 
life was intimate and immediate. 

The record of each member consists of the full baptismal name, 
the Greek letters, and the residence. Where a baptismal name has 
been dropped it is given in brackets ; where, as in a number of cases, 
all but tiie first letter has been dropped, the remainder of the name is 
bracketed. In all cases where a single letter stands without a period, 
it is a name, not an initial. In three instances " M.", as punctuated, 
is a name, and in one " Fred.", with a period. In its large number 
of letter names the present Catalogue illustrates, as have other like 
issues, the growth of this new practice in nomenclature — a source 
of perplexity to the cataloguer and toil to the proof-reader — whose 
commencement is to be regretted, and whose spread is to be deplored. 
With the name is given a record of professional and collegiate degrees. 
In all classes from 1882 to 1885, inclusive, a dagger is prefixed to the 
names of those who have left College, or w^ho are not studying for the 
degree of A.B. or its equivalent. Each member in classes of and 
before 1881, whose name is not prefixed by a f, has taken the degree 
of A.B. or an equivalent grade, at the institution where the Chapter 
is situated, and in the year to which his class belongs. If this degree 
has been taken elsewhere, the dagger is prefixed, and the extra- 
graduation recorded in the lines below. If the degree has been taken 
at the same institution, but in some other year, the dagger is omitted, 
and the year of graduation noted below. Under this arrangement the 
name of a member who has belonged to more than one Chapter is 
frequently prefixed by a dagger in one Chapter and not in the other. 

xvi Preface. 

With the name are given only the three designations, Rev., LL.B, 
and M.D., which indicate professional study. All honorary degrees 
have been excluded in this connection, as it has been deemed best to 
let the name record deal exclusively with the results of study. All 
other degi-ees appear as a portion of the biographical notice. In 
designating institutions it has been the aim of the cataloguer to use 
the term most generally known. As the entries are the work of many 
hands a lack of uniformity is sometimes apparent. Andover and 
several other Theological Seminaries give no degrees, a fact often 
overlooked in Catalogues. The fact of graduation has, in this 
Catalogue, been noted with other degre^^s. 

The degree of A.M. has been omitted, save in some special 
instances. With rare exceptions it is a meaningless record of the 
circumstance that a graduate survived graduation three years and 
visited his College at the close of this period. The characters 
which appear after the name are omitted of design in certain 
instances. In the case of Miami this omission can only be 
supplied when the Chapter resumes its active functions. The 
residence is in all cases iutended to record the domicile. Street 
addresses for all cities over 50.000 in population, by the census 
of 1880, appear in the Geographical list. Street addresses in all 
other cities have been carefully recorded for use in future Cata- 
logues, if needed. 

It was the original purpose to make the entry beneath the name 
give only the present occupation, the collegiate degrees, the public 
offices and the military service, if any, of members. How com- 
pletely this modest purpose has been fulfilled in its most difficult 
particular the Table of Occupations abundantly proves. Informa- 
tion far in excess of this requirement was found to be at the 
service of the Committee, and the record will be found in many 
hundreds of cases to be as full as need ever be presented, while 
the vast majority of entries give a partial outline of the lives of 
members. Throughout, and in accoidance with the original plan, 

Preface. xvii 

tlje i)resont occupation is given first. The Catalogue date is as 
near as nia}- be January 1, 1882, and the biographical entry is 
presented as a record of the occupations of the living on that 
date, and the last recorded avocation of the dead, with, in most 
cases, the date on which the calling began. The date adopted 
has, however, been in no case allowed to interfere with the in- 
sertion of additional information. Throughout no rule has been 
permitted to prevent the addition of specific facts in regard to 
one member which would not be given of all. The successive 
charges of clergymen were not included in the original plan, but 
wherever these could be obtained the}- have been entered. In 
this, as in man}', perhaps all respects, the Semi-Centennial Cata- 
logue is presented not as fulfilling, but as approximating to the 
model of an adequate Catalogue of the Fraternity. The prepara- 
tion of such a work still remains to be discharged. The one 
necessity, to which everything else has been made to bend, has 
been publication in time for the Semi-Centennial Convention. To 
employ a phrase whose full meaning will be clearest to the many 
journalists included in these pages, it has been the sedulous pur- 
pose of the Editor to print the most news about the most members 
in the least space, and "go to press in time to catch the mails." 
The pre[)aration of the present work has been divided between 
the undergraduate and active members of the Fraternity at each 
Chapter and a Graduate Committee, the contract for publication 
being made by the Executive Council of the Fraternity, whose 
existence as a corporation has materially aided, if it has not made 
possible, the issue of the work. The first step towards the com- 
pilation of the Catalogue was taken l)y the issue of a circular of 
instructions, dated February 26, 1881. The work of sending cir- 
culars to all the living members of the Fraternity was undertaken 
by each Chapter on behalf of its own membership, and from these 
circulars the first draft of the record by Chapters was compiled at 
e:ich College. This labor for iMiami and (Jcneva was assumed bv 

xviii Preface. 

F. M. Coppock, '73, in one case, and by B. W, Franklin, '71, and 
W. B. Rankine, '77, in the other. The e(iiting of the other four 
Chapters, whose active functions are now suspended, was assumed 
by the Editor, materially aided by C. M. Hough and others, and 
in the case of Yale by graduate members of the Chapter. The 
record by Chapters, as compiled by many hands, reached the Editor 
in November and December of 1881. Since then the entire work 
has been compiled, and the portion already in manuscript has been 
edited, revised, compared with the circulars filled out by members, 
and gaps filled up by the result of over 3,500 special inquiries. 
The labor of compiling the entries of individual members has been 
lightened by the increasing attention paid to biographical data by 
institutions of learning. The records of Andover, Princeton and 
Union Theological Seminaries have been of constant use. The 
record of graduate and non-graduate members of Amherst College, 
prepared by W. L. Montague and E. P. Crowell, materially aided 
the full record given under that Chapter, as did a like compilation 
in the case of Middletown. The Register of Alabama University, 
furnished by T. C. McCorvey, has hghtened the work in the case 
of the Alabama Chapter. 

P>rors, inaccuracies and omissions still remain. "^Fhey will be 
judged leniently by professional cataloguers familiar with the dif- 
ficulties of the work. Regret at their presence is alleviated by 
the circumstance that in the preparation of this work every 
triennial has been tested and found lacking in its names, its 
dates or its index ; often in all three. 

At start, the work of preparing a measurably adequate Catalogue 
of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity presented many and peculiar 
difficulties. The past eleven Catalogues have nearly all been com- 
piled by undergraduates, whose zeal has not in all cases been tempered 
by accuracy. In one Chapter, Urban, the original addresses entered 
in the second Catalogue, over forty years ago, had, with two or three 
exceptions, stood unchanged. The addresses in the two Southern 

Preface. xix 

Chapters, entered before the war, had remained unaltered during a 
period whose changes can be compared onl}' with several generations of 
peaceful life. Of the remaining 'addresses in the last Catalogue nearly 
all those in the earlier classes were those originally entered ; and- in 
classes more recent the home address of each member stood unchanged. 
Above all, the Fraternity early- crossed the Alleghenies, and estab- 
lished itself in the West, at Miami, at a time when few records were 
kept, and attendance at the University was irregular. Fortunately the 
members of the Fraternity were not men unknown. Many have played 
their part in the history of their country and their State ; nearly all 
have left their mark in the community in which they lived ; and where 
an early death had shortened life, labor and achievement, our members 
have left a memory which inade the collection of information always a 
pleasant, and generally an easy task. It is due to these causes that, 
in the short space of a year, the volunteer labors of a few men, working 
in the spare leisure of journalists and lawyers, have reduced the mem- 
bers of the Fraternity, whose address was not known, to the brief list 
which appears in the Appendix. The accidents of changing address 
and occupation have probably included in it members whose where- 
abouts arc known to hundreds. The experience gained in compilation 
shows that but a short time is needed to clear up this list ; but it is 
one of the restrictions placed upon a work carried on, as this has been, 
by men engaged in the early active practice of their professions, that 
the time given to it is necessarily limited, and a prompt close must be 
given to the labors of leisure. 

With a single exception, and that due to a residence abroad, 
each member of the Committee has shared the labor of prei)aring 
the Semi-Centennial Catalogue. The greater portion of the work 
has, however, been necessarily carried on under the iuunediate 
supervision of the Editor. Three industrious and valuable weeks 
were given to labor upon the Catalogue by T. L. Mead, whose 
advice and assistance in all the earlier stages of the work were 
invaluable; while the editing of the Kinship lists, later, rested 

XX Preface. 

almost wholly in his hands. To Charles Merrill Hough, Dart- 
mouth, '79, publication on the appointed date is chiefly dne. The 
accuracy and completeness of the Catalogue, and the small number 
of members nnaccounted for at the final summing up are the fruits 
of his judicious counsel and industrious cooperation. But for his 
heart}' zeal the work would have fallen far short of the original plan 
and the just demands of the Fraternit}'. Besides preparing his own 
Chapter with exceptional accuracy, Charles W. Freeland, Phi Kappa, 
'81, edited two other Chapters, his labor in one case beginning 
with the circulars and ending with the proof. Special assistance 
has been rendered in the publication of lists of unaccounted, and 
in other directions, by the Star and Crescent. L. B. Hall, Am- 
herst, '73, shared in the general work of preparing cop}' for the 
printer, three Chapters passing through his hands. Like assistance 
has been rendered at nearly every stage of the Catalogue, by 
E. C. Howland, Cornell,- '79, and ^Y. C. Eussel, Jr., Cornell, '80. 
Upon all bibliographical and technical subjects the advice of 
L. E. Jones, Manhattan, '73, has been of constant value. The 
frontispiece and the design upon the cover were prepared for this 
work by E. R. Smith, Amherst, '76. The illustration of Chap- 
ter houses is due to the aid of E. D. Hudson, Manhattan, '64, and 
C. M. Goodsell, Peninsular, '65. The long list of collaborators 
gives better proof than any acknowledgment here can of the 
wide cii-cle whom the Catalogue has interested. In all directions, 
from members who shared the early labor of founding our Chapters 
to undergraduates recently initiated, the Editor has received the 
heartiest aid and warm encouragement. Without this the prepar- 
ation of the Catalogue would have been well nigh impossible. A 
still wider cux'le has aided with information in response to inquiry, 
and, like every enterprise of this character, the Semi-Centennial 
Catalogue has found in an admirable postal system its most useful 
aid. For the Editor, engrossed in daily editorial labor, a large 
share in the work of planning, editing and publishing this Cata- 

Preface. xxi 

logue would have been out of the question but for the accurate 
industry of Mrs. Williams, to whose painstaking care and tireless 
lubor is due whatever of value his connection with the enterprise 
may have given the Catalogue. 

To those within the Fraternity an explanation of the motives which 
have led many busy men to devote their leisure to a labor like this will 
not be needed. To those without its pale an explanation is neither 
requisite nor necessary. The volume is its own sufficient proof of a 
deep interest in associations which the years clothe with sentiment and 
surround with tender regard. In the broader battle and wader con- 
flict to which every educated man is summoned, if he discharge aright 
the responsibilities of his station and opportunity, the close compan- 
ionships of the lodge roofn may cease from daily life, but their inspira- 
tion remains. The touch of the elbow among educated men, the 
hearty cooperation and common labor of men enjoying equal oppor- 
tunities and weighted by equal responsibilities, remains a factor in the 
struggle for better things, within and without, in the life of the state, 
the community and the individual. That this Catalogue may, in its 
own field, supplement and strengthen the work already achieved by the 
Fraternity in this direction, is the strong hope of 



Hamilton. — Chapter Committee : W. A. Hoy, '83 ; W. C. Miner, '82 ; W. 
T. Bush, '83; G. K. Eraser, '83; C. G. Martin, '83. History, A. G. Hopkins, '66. 
Graduate Assistants, Edward North, '41 ; Edward Curran, '56 ; John Otto, Jr., '81. 
Miami. —F. M. Coppock, '73; G. L. Andrew, '41; D. McDonald, '59. 
Urban. — 11. H. Seeley, '39 ; Talcott Williams, Amherst, '73. 
Columbia. — Chapter Committee: T. D. Rambout, '81, Chairman and History; 
E. R. Greene, '82 ; A. E. Hyde, '83. Graduate Assistants, John Jay, '36 ; John 
MacMullen, '37 ; J. W. Fowler, '39. 

Yale. —I. N. Tarbox, '39; W. D. Sheldon, '61; C. G. Rockwood, '64; C. H' 
Smith, '65; E. B. Bennett, '66; I. T. Beckwith, '68; H. A. Riley, '70; E. H. 
Lewis, '73; T. Williams, Amherst, '73; C. M. Hough, Dartmouth, '79; E. C 
Rowland and T. L. Mead, Cornell, '79 ; W. C Russel, Cornell, '80. 

Amherst. — Chapter Committee : J. F. Kemp, '81, and B. R. Rhees, '83, Chair- 
men; H. S. BUss, '82; W. B. Clark, '84. History, W. Walker, '83; W. C Clapp, 
'83. Graduate Assistants, E. P. Crowell, '52 ; Talcott Williams, '73. 

Brcnonian. — Chapter Committee : J. R. Gladding, '81, Chairman and History ; 
G. R. Hovey, '82; Lewis Dexter, Jr., '83; C. M. Leonard, '83; A. H. Howard, '84. 
UAiivxviT>. — Chapter Committee: P. M. Washburn, '82, Chairman; J. E. 
Bullard, '82 ; R. M. Bradley, '82 ; H. G. Chapman, '83 ; E. P. Warren, '83 ; E. E. 
Hale, '83; H. H. Crapo, '83; J. J. Chapman, '84. Graduate Assistant, N. P. 
Hallowell, '61. 

Ge^bva.— Chapter Committee: B. W. Franklin, '71; W. B. Rankine, '77; 
C. D. Vail, '59. 

Hudson. — Chapter Committee : R. S. Ambler, '83 : A. W. Barber, '83 ; S. Coe, 
'84; G. E. Fouts, '85. Graduate Assistants, C. Cutler, Yale. '54 ; N. P. Seymour, 
'34 ; M. C. Read, '48 ; C. J. Smith, '70. 

BowDOiN. — Chapter Committee : C. E. Stinchfield, '82, Chairman and History ; 
A. C. Gibson, '83 ; S. W. Walker, '84. Graduate Assistants, H. L. Chapman, '66 :' 
J. E. Chapman, '77 ; W. I. Cole, '81. 

Dartmouth. — Chaj^ter Committee: G. T. Aldrich, '81, and W. W. Niles, Jr.. 
'83, Chairmen; J. F. Thompson, '82; W. E. Strong, '82: L. D. Cook, '82; J. 
Barstow, '83. History, E. R. Ruggles, '59. Graduate Assistants, I. W. Smith, '46 : 
C. F. Emerson, '68 ; C. M. Hough, '79. 

Peninsular. — Chapter Committee : E. H. Bowman, '81, Chairman. History. 
A. C. McLaughlin, '82. 

Rochester.— Chapter Committee : C. O. Bailey, '80, Chairman; G. B. Adams, 
'82, Undergraduate Chairman; A. W. Pulver, '82; H. S. Peltz, '83; H. L. 
Fassett, '84. 

Collaborators. xxiii 

Alabama. — II. M. Somervilk", '.50; Talcott Williams, AmluTst, '7;^> ; CM. 
Hough, Dartmouth, '7'J. 

W11-LIAM.S. — Chaptei- Committee : Rudolph Matz, '82, Chairman and History : 
A. H. Vanderpoel, '81. Graduate Assistant, William Talcott, 'G5. 

Manhattan. — Chapter Commiitee : W. H. Rachau, '82, Chairman and History ; 
G. R. Lockwood, Jr., 81 ; W. M. K. Olcott, '81 ; R. E. K. Brown, '83; J. A. Lane. 
'83; T. M. Purdy, '83; H.R. Chambers, '8-t. Graduate Assistants, F. W. Mason, 
'55; Adolph Werner, '57; E. D. Hudson, Jr., '64; G. N. Messiter, '75. 

MiDDLETOWN. — Chapter Committee: F. A. Jackson, '81; Valentine Hallcn- 
beck, '82. 

Kenvon. — Chapter Committee: Elliott Marfield, '83, Chairman; J. H. 
Douglas, '84; C. L. Cole, Jr., '84. History, I. B. Dudley, '82. 

Union. — Chapter Committee : S. H. Watkins, '82, Chairman; S. M. Griswold, 
'82; S. M. Case, '82; J. A. Van Voast, '82: F. W. McClellan, '83; J. B. W. 
Lansing, '83 ; G. V. P. Lansing, '83 ; D. C. McEhvain, '83 ; C. B. Templeton, '84. 

Cumberland. — Alexander Allison, '61 ; Talcott Williams, Amherst, '73 ; C. 
M. Hough, Dartmouth, '79. 

Cornell. — Chapter Committee : W. T. Howard, '83, Chairman. History, F. 
S. Washburn, '83. Graduate Assistants, T. L. Mead, '77; E. C. Howland, '79 ; 
W. C. Russel, Jr., '80. 

Phi Kappa. — Chapter Commiitee: C. W. Freeland, '81. History, C. W. 
Coit, '82. 

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Any detailed history of our Fraternity is neither desired nor per- 
mitted. It has heen thought well in these pages to notice briefly the 
most important public topics which have attracted the attention of the 
whole Fraternity in successive Conventions assembled. After tracing, 
through letters, minutes and reports, the evidences of a growth which 
meant more than mere expansion, and of changes which were not 
revolutions, we feel even more keenly than on initiation night the apt 
beauty of the time-honored comparison that likenS A J to some 
firm-rooted tree, not lacking in rich and pleasant fruit, while in 
strength continually increasing. Like such a form of organic life our 
Fraternity has grown, as all organized beings enjoying life must grow, 
though always watched and often pruned by truest friends, until after 
half a century of existence, however greatly changed in outer seeming 
by continual growth, in every aim and attribute of true fraternity life 
our A J(P IS the same as the brotherhood of the founders, just as truly 
as are the seedling and the full-branched tree still one in heart and 

The reasons which led Samuel Eells to organize the first Chap- 
ter are sufficiently and more properly toid in its annals ; but the 
condition of affairs which then existed was by no means peculiar to 
Hamilton. The old open societies which early sprung up in all our 
Colleges, and whose names still exist in most, had begun with no higher 
aim than to be active debating societies, and fifty years ago had be- 
come merely political clubs, whose only political creed was hatred of 
one another. If memory and tradition be not thought sufficient to 
justify this assertion, the early records of the older Chapters contain 
much reading, more interesting than pleasant, concerning the organized 
meanness by which these societies existed, and the determined opposi- 
tion they manifested to the ^founders ot A J *. 

Convention Notes. xxv 

Knowing, then, that tlio ostal)lishmcnt of every Chapter wouhl be 
made a personal conflict, the brothers of Hamilton trusted in the be- 
ginning to nothing but the personal efforts of some Alpha Delts who 
resided in the neighborhood of the proposed Chapter. Thus Brother 
Eells originated and watched over Miami, acting promptly in the work, 
the letter that told of all his plans and hopes being received at Ham- 
ilton, October 7, 1833. When the delegations from three classes had 
been graduated, and most of the members had found liomes for them- 
selves, on July 28, 1835, instructions were sent to Daniel Huntington 
to establish the Urban Chapter. This was done, and Arthur Cleveland 
Coxe, of the new Chapter, reported the foundation of Columbia, July 15, 
18;i6. This report of Bro. Coxe was made to Ira Adams and Theo. 
B. Lyman, who were sent out by Hamilton to visit, and in some sense 
to inspect, the A J '/* of New York. After approving of what had been 
already accomplished they proceeded to Yale, where they found, in the 
classes of '37 and '38, a goodly number of staunch Alpha Delts, who 
had received elections at Hamilton, among them Seth Tryon Wilbur, 
whose untimely death may fairly be counted as the first loss of the 
Fraternity. The Yale Chapter was organized during this visit of the 
Hamilton Committee, in July, 1836. 

In all these proceedings there is a straightforward simplicity well 
suited to the days of small things ; but there is also an enthusiasm in 
the work, manifested by such undertakings as this tour of inspection 
and organization, that cannot be too warmlv emulated in days when such 
simplicity is no longer possible. A feeling that such days were coming 
led to the calling of our first Convention, which met on July 27, 1836. 

This meeting, after formally adopting the word " Chapter," and dis- 
approving of the words "club" and ''branch," passed a series of 
resolutions relating to every essential of fraternal intercourse, and 
placing some limitations upon the spread of the society ; these last 
restrictions have only changed to become more stringent in times 
when, instead of rejoicing in four Chapters, we have been threatened 
with forty, while the substance of their other proceedings is still 
the organic law of the Fraternity. 

xxvi Convention Notes. 

All early resolutions concerning Conventions were honored more in 
breach than observance, their practical interpretation being that 
Conventions should be held annually, if possible. At any rate, since 
within a year after this first assembling. Chapters were founded, 
through the efforts of Yale, in Harvard, Amherst and Brown, the 
second Convention met in August, 1837. A general fear that the 
Fraternity would become merely bulky by such rapid development, 
gave rise to many of the acts of this meeting. 

This Convention also mentioned — strange enough it seems to us 
— as a matter for most serious consideration, that the Fraternity 
numbered two hundred and thirty-one members ; but there was reason 
for such thought, for the bod}^ of law by the first two Conventions 
established, coupled with such an increase in membership, made it 
no longer possible or advisable to extend the society by such 
private personal endeavor as was used in the beginning. Then, 
again, during these earlier years, the parent Chapter at Hamilton 
had been looked upon as " headquarters," as Bro. Egbert Bagg. 
writing to Geneva in 1842, phrases it. The natural increase of six 
or seven years made any such hegemony impossible. 

These feelings found expression in the Convention of 1839, which 
settled the rules of extension on the same basis of caution that 
previous meetings had indicated. Since the large and enthusiastic 
gathering at A A ^'s quarter-centennial, and in consequence of reso- 
lutions there passed, these matters have been decisively acted on 
only when the Chapters are united in Convention. 

Turning from our Fraternity's mode of increase to its internal gov- 
ernment, the same process of change is found. When two or three 
" branches " and some scores of brothers constituted the society, there 
was no necessity for elaborate organization ; the supervision and assist- 
ance of graduates such as Eells, Wilbur, Lyman and Storrs (a list 
which might justly be a much longer one) . was far more serviceable. 
In 1839, however, the widely spread Chapters felt the necessity of some 
central government, able to exercivse power between the sittings of 

Coiiventio7i Notes. xxvii 

couventious. The need took shape in a demand for '' consolidation," 
by which was originally meant a plan to clothe the Hamilton or some 
other one Chapter with executive authority. This did not find favor 
in the Convention, and the result of the movement was the election of 
a special representative by every Chapter, and these, with the 
President, were to be considered the permanent rulers of the 
Fraternity. This resolution recognized the true doctrine that A ^ ^ 
is an indissoluble union of equal, autonomous and independent 
Chapters, and it did great good in strengthening the feeling of 
fraternal union ; but, unfortunately, the exact powers and duties of 
the Council were not defined. This was an error in organization which 
all subsequent changes failed to entirely rectify. The Conventions of 
'45 and '57, the former being especially called for that purpose, the 
latter acting upon the personal suggestion of Dr. Storrs, the Presi- 
dent of the year; both these assemblies considered with earnest 
attention every plan suggested for increasing the efficiency of the 
Council. The same subject demanded, though less imperatively, the 
thoughts of subsequent gatherings ; but time has shown that every 
amendment failed, after all, to reach the root of the difficulty. In 
truth, the days had passed when our whole Fraternity could be ruled 
like a single family ; a corporate government was a necessity. At 
last the Convention of 1878, upon a motion of Bro. Francis 
Lynde Stetson, recognized this fact, by appointing the Committee 
which framed the scheme of the Executive Council of the Alpha 
Delta Phi Fraternity. The same Convention authorized the Council, 
and it received a Charter from the State of New York, on May 5, 

The corporate head of the Fraternity, then, is composed of fifty mem- 
bers, thirty-three of whom must reside in or near New York City ; the 
remaining seventeen Councillors are resident one near each Chapter. 
The thirty-three Councillors in New York City consist of the officers 
of the Fraternity, three members at large holding office for one year, 
three holding office for two years, and three holding office for three 

xxviii Convention Notes. 

years, besides one representative for every active and inactive Chapter. 
The members for active Chapters are appointed each by the Chapter 
which he represents ; those for inactive Chapters are appointed by the 

Such a large body must necessarily delegate much of its work to 
committees, and to secure rapid and effective operation, an Executive 
Committee of nine members has been appointed by the Council to 
meet at least once in three months, and as much more frequently as 
may be needful. This Executive Committee has been given large 
powers, including that of filling vacancies in its own membership, and 
will actively guide and direct the affairs of the Fraternity : its action, 
however, being subject to review at the annual meetings of the whole 
Council. Thus the advantages of centralization are secured, while 
the interests of every Chapter are carefully provided for by full repre- 

Our outward symbols have a public history worth noting. Although 
the slab badge, which was first swung at Hamilton in 1832, was not 
intended by the founder to be permanent, the very fact that it was the 
first, the original combination of our crescent and star, has been 
enough to preserve it from being completely supplanted by the badge 
now generally worn. As is well known, the latter originated as a 
graduate symbol. The first mention of it is of date July 3, 1833, 
when Calvert Comstock reported a graduate badge to the Hamilton 
Chapter. It is described as a star and crescent wrought in gold, to be 
worn as a pendant on the guard-chain. The report was adopted, but 
the fashion of the crescent and the star apparently left to individual 
taste. AYhen undergraduates as well as alumni began to provide them- 
selves with skeleton badges, substautiallj' as now worn, the subject 
attracted the attention of the whole Fraternity. In 1857 four Chapters 
expressed themselves in favor of change ; but after several committees 
had reported unsatisfactorily, the old badge was unanimously retained 
in 1860. In 1864 a new Committee recommended that both the slab 
and skeleton styles be recognized, but they were ordered to prepare a 

Convention Notes. xxix 

new report. Tlie Couventiou of 1870 accepted the Committee's report, 
but (lid not adopt it, and the society waited another five years before 
finally decreeing that the sl:vb and skeleton badges, as now usually 
made — the pearl skeleton badge being taken as a standard — are the 
only styles permissible. 

The sign of mourning so well known, a black ribbon around the 
badge, was adopted by the Convention of 1836, on motion of Bro. 
Arthur Cleveland Coxe. The same Convention authorized the use of 
seals by Chapters, but the style recommended has not found favor with 
the Fraternity. Song-books and Catalogues have always been issued 
by authority of the Conventions. The first song-book was voted in 
1854, and in the next year Bro. Charles Ray Palmer reported that the 
work had been completed, and was pecuniarily entirely successful. 

In the publication of Catalogues, ever since the first vote on the 
sul»ject in 1836, Conventions have played a large part, not always to 
the advantage of the work ; for the arrangement of names in alpha- 
betical order only, to the entire subordination of Class and Chapter 
divisions, was done by direct order of Convention. This method, the 
reason for which it is difficult now to understand, was used from '40 
to '54, and has been productive of much disorder and confusion. The 
idea of an index of residences was first broached in 1868 ; but it then 
came to nothing, and only in this present Catalogue has that project 
been completed. 

The publication of 1860 has been apparently the most satisfactory 
to the Fraternity, a resolution of thanks having been passed in that 
year to the Yale Chapter for " the best Catalogue ever printed." The 
preparation of Catalogues previous to the present one has been en- 
trusted sometimes to the Council, oftenest to particular Chapters, and 
once to the Committee on the Magazine. 

This last phrase needs explanation. For some years after the 
foundation of the Fraternity a plan was very much in the thoughts of 
many College men, of publishing, by cooperation among all the Colleges 
of the land, a magazine or review, which should impress upon the world 
the thoughts of College thinkers. Some few numbers of such a review 

XXX Convention Notes. 

were actually published at Yale, with no mouey loss, it is said, but 
certaiuly uo literary glory. It all seems a cumbrous plan now ; but, 
whether a delusion or not, the Fraternity shared in it. At every 
regular Convention for twent}'^ years the subject of the A J ^ magazine 
was discussed with gradually cooling zeal, until the Convention of 1854 
finally laid the subject aside. 

In another scheme, nearly as thoroughly forgotten as the inter- 
collegiate magazine, and in the apparent opinion of our countrj'meu 
as futile, has A J (p taken a part almost amusing. The Convention 
of 1853 quite resolved upon the size and shape of the stone, 
together with the inscription thereon, which the Fraternity would 
contriluite to the National Washington Monument. Repenting, how- 
ever, of so sudden a conclusion, the matter was put off a year. In 
1854: the Committee reported " favorable progress; " but in 1855 we 
went over to the majority of Washington's countrymen, and deciding 
that the scheme was impossible, thus contributed to the pile of stone 
now standing on the shores of the Potomac. 

But tales concerning events of merely temporary importance might 
he multiplied indefinitely. They are written in all the records, 
which the labors of all the brethren have gathered together ; and 
these same records, by all the respect due to the advice of graduates, 
the resolutions of Chapters and the decrees of Conventions, it is the 
bounden duty of the Fraternity to keep full and perfect. 

The records of the past, as well in those private matters of 
Chapter life upon which we have not here touched, as in the 
corporate life of the whole Fraternity, show a continual striving 
after that which is better, a modesty in prosperity and a fortitude 
in less fortunate times, which may well fill us with thankfulness. 
If the writings of the future shall tell the same story — and it 
rests with us to decide the issue — of the A J (P of another fifty 
years, it will still be true : — 

* * * When, at last, our hearts grow chill 
And turn to silent dust, 
, We shall not die, for brave hearts still 

• Shall keep the ancient trust. 




Chapter 245. " An Act to inoorponite the Executive Council of the Alplia 
Delta Phi Fraternity, and to provide for the organization of new Chapters." 
Passed May 5, 1879. 

The people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, 
do enact as follows : — 

Section 1. John Jay, Theodore W. Dwight, Algernon S. Sullivan, Erasmus 
Darwin Hudson, Jr., Edward Morse Shepard, and Francis Lynde Stetson, all of 
the City of New Yoi-k, and all persons who are now or may hereafter be associated 
with them or their successors, are hereby constituted and created a body politic 
and corporate by the name and title of The Executive Council of the Alpha 
Delta Phi Fraternity, and as such shall have perpetual succession, and shall be 
capable of suing and being sued in all courts of record and elsewhere, and of 
taking by gift, bequest, devise or purchase, as well as of holding, granting and 
conveying property, real, personal or mixed, to an amount not exceeding one 
hundred thousand dollars ; to have and use a common seal and break, and alter the 
same at pleasure ; and also to provide for the organization of such Chapters as it 
may see fit under such rules, by-laws and regulations as the said The Executive 
Council may establish, and with such powers as it shall give, consistent with tliis 
act and not in conflict with the laws of this State. 

Sect. 2. The objects of such corporation shall be to promote morality, 
learning, benevolence and social culture among the members of the said Fra- 
ternity, and to take charge of its property and business interests. 

Sect. 3. The said The Executive Council shall have power to make from 
time to time such by-laws, rules and regulations as it may deem proper as to the 
members, names and duties of its officers or trustees, and as to the time and 
manner of their election and their term of office ; and also as to the mode of 
acquiring and of losing membership in the corporation hereby created ; and also as 
to the mode of conducting the business and the affairs of the said corporation; and 
generally as to all matters within the objects hereinbefore stated and not in conflict 
with the laws of this State. 

Sect. 4. In case the said The Executive Council shall provide for the giving 
of a bond or obligation by any officer, member or subordinate Chapter thereof, the 
same may be made to the said The Executive Council of the Alpha Delta Phi 

xxxii Executive Council. 

Sect. 5. The principal office of the said The Executive Council shall be in 
the City of New York; and it shall be the duty of such Council, in the month of 
January in each year, to file a statement of its officers in the office of the clerk of 
the City and County of New York, and actions against the corporation hereby 
constituted may be commenced by the service of summons upon any one of the 
persons mentioned in the statement so filed last, before the beginning of such 

Sect. 6. This shall be deemed and held a general act, and shall take effect 

State op New York, ") ^^ 

Office' of the Secretary of State, > 

I have compared the preceding with the original law on file- in this office, and 
do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole 
of said original law. 

Given under my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the City 
of Albany, this 16th day of May, in the year 1879. 

(Signed) GEO. MOSS, 

Deputy Secretary of State. 



John Jay, Columbia, '36, President of the Fraternity. 

E. Darwin Hudson, Jr., Manhattan, '64, Secretary of the Fraternity. 

Theodore Luqueer Mead, Cornell, '77, Recorder of the Fraternity. 


George Benton Newcomb, Williams, '56. Theodore William Dwight, Ham- 
ilton, '40. Truman Jay Backus, Rochester, '64. 

two years. 
Artliur Brown Graves, Williams, '58. Talcott Williams, Amherst, '73. 
Adolph Werner, Manhattan, '57. 

three years. 
Alfred Clark Cliapin, Williams, '69. Robert Forsyth IJixby, Phi Kappa, '70. 
Alfred Ely, Amherst, '74. 

Executive Council. 


Miami. — Algernon Sidney Sullivan, Miami, '45. 
Urban. — George Nichols Messiter, Manhattan, '65. 
Tale. — Henry Augustus Riley, Yale, '70. 
Geneva. — Benjamin Whiting Franklin, Geneva, '71. 
Alabama. — Albert Clarke Stevens, Peninsular, '76. 
Cumberland. — John Lindsay Hill, Union, '61. 


Hamilion. —Edvra.rd North, '41 ; Rofcert Schell Rudd, '79. 
Columbia. — John MacMuUen, '37; Thomas Daniel Rambaut, '81. 
Amherst. — Edward Payson Crowell, '53; Charles Millard Pratt, '79. 
Brunonian. — Howard Malcom Rice, '60; Benjamin Barker, Jr., '81. 
Harvard. — Edward Everett Hale, '39 ; John Joseph Townsend, '79. 
Hudson. — George Franklin Smytlie, '74 ; Henry Noble Day, '28. 
Bowdoin. — Henry Leland Chapman, '66 ; Augustus Frost Libby, '64. 
DaHmouth. — Charles Franklin Emerson, '68 ; Horatio Nelson Twombly, '54. 
Peninsular. — Moses Coit Tyler, '56; James Henry Goodsell, '62. 
Rochester. — Edward Oren Sage, '53; James Monroe Hudnut, '72. 
Williams. — Henry Augustus Harman, '67 ; Francis Lynde Stetson, '67. 
Manhattan. — Edward Morse Shepard, '69; Jacob Van Vechten Olcott, '76. 
Middletown. — Abram Winegardner Harris, '80; William Day Leonard, '78. 
Kenyan. — John DeWitt Hart McKinley, '72 ; George Jones Peet, '65. 
Union. — John A De Remer, '57; William Birch Rankine, '77. 
Cornell. — Marcus Lyon, Yale, '52; Henry Lynde Sprague, '73. 
Phi Kappa. — James Davis Smyth, '74; George Kneeland, '80. 


The following list of delesrates has been compiled from the Conven- 
tion minutes at the different Chapters. 

The First Convention, held in the fifth year of the Fraternity, with the Hamil- 
ton Chapter, at Utica, N. Y., on July 27 and 28, 1836. 

Delegates. — Hamilton. : J. A. Piatt, '35 ; T. B. Lyman, '37. Urban : A. 
C. Coxe, '38. ColmnUa : G. M. Hillyer, '3G. Yale : S. T. Wilbur, '37. 

The Second Convention, held in the sixth year of the Fraternity, with the 
Columbia Chapter, at New York City, on August 18-22, 1837. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : T. B. Lyman, '37 ; T. P. Adams, '36 ; H. L. Storrs, 
'33. ColmnUa : G. M. Hillyer, '3G; H. A. Weed, '36; J. Vanderbilt, '37. Yale : 
S. T. Wilbur, '37; W. A. Sparks, '37. Amherst: G. B. Morris, '37; H. W. 
WilUams, "37. Brunonian : J. W. Dallam, '37; E. W. Howard, '37; G. V. N. 
Lothrop, '37. Harvard : J. G. King, '39. 

The Third Convention, held in the eighth year of the Fraternity, with the Yale 
Chapter, at New Haven, Conn., on August 13-17, 1839. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : G. Underwood, '38 ; A. D. Gridley, '39 ; E. P. Handy, 
'33. Miami: S. Eells, '32; G. M. Parsons, '37. Urban: T. B. Lyman, '37. 
Columbia : H. A. Weed, '36 ; G. M. Hillyer, '36 ; G. G. Waters, '36. Yale : R. P. 
Cutler, '39; I. N. Tarbox, '39; J. Perkins, '40. Amherst: G. Sumner, Jr., 
'39 ; A. F. HeAvit, '39. Briinoniayi : J. B. M. Potter, '39. 

The Fourth Convention, held in the tenth year of the Fraternity, with the 
Columbia Chapter, at New York City, on May 7, 1841. 

Delegates. — ^aw.tVz'oTi .- S. Eells, '32; G. Underwood, '38; F. A. Coe, 
'85. Columbia : G. M. Hillyer, '36 ; H. A. Weed, '36 ; N. W. Chittenden, '37 ; 
G. G. Waters, '36. Yale: C. Goodrich, '37; J. A. Benton, '42. Amherst: J. 
S. Thayer, '38. 

The Fifth Convention, held in the fourteenth year of the Fraternity, with the 
Yale Chapter, at New Haven, Conn., on August 20, 1845. 

Delegates. — Hamilton: E. H. Crane, '44; H. P. Bristol, '46; A. Spaul- 
ding, '46. Yale: W. H. Goodrich, '43 ; J. McLeod, '44; H. B. Harrison, '46. 
Amherst: A. Wilson, '42; F. A. Marsh, '45; L. Humphrey, '46. * Harvard: 
W. L. Ropes, '46. Bowdoin : M. M. Butler, '45; T. H. Talbot, '46; F. Vose, 
'47. Hudson : W. S. Barker, '41 ; C. Leonard, '43. 

The Sixth Convention, held in the sixteenth year of the Fraternity, with the 
Y'ale Chapter, at New Haven, Conn., on August 17, 1S47. 

Delegates. — 7/a?«77^o?i .■ H. G. Miller, '48; J. T. Spriggs, '47. Yale : E. B. 
Hilliard, '48; W. Aitchison, '48. Harvard: A. Halo, '48; W. L. Ropes, '46. 
Geneva : R. H. Lawrence. '47 ; J. L. Sutherland. "49. ITudson : S. St. John, 

Convention Roll. xxxv 

'34; J. Noorn'v, Jr., '38; N. L. Lord, '47. Dartmouth: L. (,'utler, "47; C. F. 
Mussey, '48; A. Adams, '48. 

The Seventh Convention, held in the nineteenth year of the Fraternity, witli the 
Amherst Chapter, at Amherst, Mass., on August 7-!), 1850. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : B. R. Catlin, '51 ; T. B. Hudson, '51 ; W. L. 
Ptirmelee, '51. Fa/e .- K. Bliss. '50; R. Lamb, '50; E. H. Roberts, '50. Amherst: 
F. A. Marsh, '45; J. II. Thompson, '50; K. P. Darling, '51. Harvard: C. 
Hale, '50; C. Dunbar. '51. Geneva: G. W. Watson, '50; E. R. Welle, '50. 
Hudson: G. B. Pierce, '51. Bowdoin : AV. S. Gardiner. '50 ; H. N. Day, '28. 
Dartmouth: O. Johnson, '52; W. H. Ordway, '52. 

The Eighth Convention, held in the twenty-second year of the Fraternity, with 
the Geneva Chapter, at Geneva, N. Y., on July 14, 1853. 

Delegates. — Hamilton: E. C. Morgan, '54; J. L. Williams, '54; S. A. 
Taylor, '55. Miami: M. Sayler, '52; J. H. Brookes, '53. Amherst: B. B. 
Breed, '53; J. M. Greene, '53. Daiimouth : D. Hall, '54. Peninsular: J. F. 
Becker, '53; J. A. Hubbell, '53; D. L. Wood, '54. Rochester : E. O. Sage, '54; 
H. Strong, '54; M. M. Marble, '55. Williams: C. R. Bliss, '54; H. M. Grout. 

The Ninth Convention, held in the twenty-third year of the Fraternity, with 
the Hamilton Chapter, at Clinton. N. Y., on July 25, 1854. 

Delegates. — Hamilton: C. S. Bundy, '54; C. Linderman, '54; S. B. Steers, 
'55. Yale: M. B. Ewing, '55; C. R. Jfalmer, '55; W. R. Woodbridge, '55; D. 
Shaw, '56. Amherst: W. W. Fowler, '54; C. W. Buck, '55; R. Choate, Jr., 
'55 ; J. L. Graves, '55. Brunonian : G. B. Paine, '55 ; A. H. Plumb, '55 ; H. D. 
Williams, '55. Harvard : D. W. Wilder, '56. Geneva : E. R. Wells, '50 ; A. 
B. Hawley, '52 ; F. C. Goodwin, '54. Dartmouth : F. M. Robinson, '55. Penin- 
sular : G. B. Eldrich, '55; A. Martin, '55. Rochester: E. L. Joy, '56. H'i7- 
liams : J. R. Dewey, '54; E. P. Hudson, '54; A. E. Kittredge, '54; H. R. Mur- 
dock, '54 ; E. J. Hooker, '55 ; R. J. Mitchell, '56. 

The Tenth Convention, held in the twenty-fourth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Harvard Chapter, at Cambridge, Mass., on July 20, 1855. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : J. W. Hubbard, '50 ; W. Hart, '55. Vale : C. R. 
Palmer, '55; W. J. Harris, '56. Amherst: C. W. Buck, '55; H. Derby, '55; A. 
S. Fiske, '55; C. H. Hitchcock, '56 ; S. Rice, '56. Brunonian: G. B. Paine, 
'55; H. D. Williams, '55; C. B. Goff, '56. Harvard: C. A. Chase, '55; J. Smith, 
'56 ; S. Lincoln, '57. Geneva : C. N. Hewitt, '56. Bowdoin : S. L. Gardiner, '55 : 
J. O. Brown, '50. Datimouth : J. H. Reed, '54 ; W. S. Ladd, '55. Williams : 
J. R. Dewey, '54. Manhattan : F. Baldwin, Jr., '55; F. S. Rising, '56. 

The Eleventh Convention, held in the twenty-fifth. year of the Fraternity, with 
tlie Yale Chapter, at New Haven, Conn., on July 29, 1856. 

Delegates. — Hamilton: S. B. Stecre, '55; F. H. Head, '56; B. D. Gilbert, 
'57". Miami: L. D. Manning, '57. Yale: S. D. Doar, '57; H. Neide, '58; F. A. 
Noble, '58. Amherst: C H. Hitchcock, '56; S. Rice, '56; A. L. Thompson, '56: 
W. Crawford, '57. Bru7ionian : H. D. Williams, '55; A. T. Britton, '57; D. 
(ioodwin, '57. Bowdoin: (i. C. Moses, '56. Dartmouth: C. O. Thompson. '58. 

xxxvi Cotivention Roll. 

Rochester: E. L. Joy, '56; I. E. Sheldon, '57. Williams: E. C. Hooker, '57. 
Manhaitan : J. W. Mason, '55; F. S. Rising, '56; R. Sturgis, Jr., '56. 

The Twelfth Convention, held in the twenty-sixth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Manhattan Chapter, at New York, on June 23 and 24, 1857. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : B. D. Gilbert, '57 ; W. M. Robinson, '57 ; A. J. 
Northrup, '58. Yale: F. A. Noble, '58; R. J. Carpenter, '59; C. M. Wheeler, 
'59. Amherst : G. S. Bishop, '58 ; E. W. Pierce, '59. Brunonian : A. T. 
Britton, '57 ; S. C. Eastman, '57 ; D. Goodwin, '57. Harvard : J. C. Ropes, 
•57; A. J. C. Sowdon, '57; R. N. Toppan, '58. Geneva: C N. Hewett, '56; 
G. F. Lee, '59; C. D. Vail, '59. Bowdoin : G. C. Moses, '56; N. A. Robbins, 
'57. Dartmouth: W. B. Wright, '57. Rochester: W. Abbott, '58; C. B. Crane, 
•58; A.-B. Rathbone, '59. Williams: R. J. Mitchell, '56; G. D. Goodrich, '57; 

A. B. Graves, '58. Manhattan: F. S. Rising, '56; R. Sturgis, Jr., '56; J. 
L. Van Buren, '56. Middletown : J. W. Smith, '57 ; T. R. Ercanbrack, '58 ; G. 
H. Whitney, '58. 

The Thirteenth Convention, held in the twenty-seventh year of the Fraternity, 
with the Williams Chapter, at Williamstown, Mass., on August 4 and 5, 1858. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : J. H. Morrow, '59. Yale : A. J. Taylor, '59. 
Amherst : D. Beattie, '59 ; J. P. French, '59 ; W. H. Goddard, '59. Brunonian : 
S. C. Eastman, '57; A. B. Judson, '59; H. M. Rice, '60; S. W. Duncan, '60. 
Geneva : W. H. Wilkinson, '53 ; G. F. Lee, '59. Hudson : W. W. Andrews, '59. 
Boivdoin : F. W. Sabine, '59. Dartmouth: C. Hosford, '59; E. Savage, '60; 
P. S. Conner, '59. Peninsular: E. W. McGraw, '59. Rochester: O. Folsom, 
'59; J. C. C. Clarke, '59; F. A. Macomber, '59. Williams: J. Dewey, Jr., '58; 

B. F. Lee, Jr. (Man. & Will., '55-8); H. H. Morgan (Gen. & Will.), '59. 
Manhattan : L. C. Bayles, '55 ; A. Werner, '57 ; A. P. Ketchum, '58. Middle- 
town : S. Jackson, '59. 

The Fourteenth Convention, held in the twenty-eighth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Miami Chapter, at Oxford, Ohio, July 5, 1859. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : S. T. Brooks, '62. Miami : J. S. McDonald, '59 ; 

A. Mayo, '61. Yale: 0. Leach, '60. Amherst: G. O. Little, '60. Brunonian: 
S. T. Harris, '58. Hudson : T. C. Ferry, '61 ; S. C. Williamson, '60. Bowdoin : 
J. M. Brown, '60. Dartmouth: E. T. Noyes, '57. Peninsular: E. W. McGraw, 
'59; W. H. Barnum, '61. Manhattan: J. W. Mason, '55. Kenyon : C. B. 
Guthrie, '59 ; R. C. Smith, '59 ; H. W. Chapman, '60. 

The Fifteenth Convention, held in the twenty-ninth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Amherst Chapter, at Amherst, Mass., on August — , 1860. 

Delegates. — ^aw?7z;o?i ; M. H. Northrup, '60; H. H. Curran, '62; W. K. 
Bacon, '63. Yale: E. B. Convers, '61; T. Peck, Jr., '61. Amherst: F. E. 
Tower, '60; J. Lewis, '61; W. I. Allen, '62. Brunonian: H. M. Rice, '60; W. 

B. Trull, '61. Geneva : B. W. Woodward, '62. Bou-doin : E. Stanwood, '61 ; 
W. E. Donnell, '62. Dartmouth: J. P. Olney, '61; W. F. Bailey, '62. Roch- 
ester : E. W. Leonard, '60; C. E. Smith, '60; W. J. Leonard, '62. Williams : 

C. W.Jenkins, '60; J. B. T. Tuppcr, '61; A. O. Treat, '63. Manhattan: S. 
Bromfield. '57; H. K. White, '60; M. E. Dwight, '60. Middletown: S. Jackson. 

Convefition Roll. xxxvii 

'59. Kemjon: N. Y. Kiung, 'Gl ; A. B. Payne, 'Gl. Union: J. Bell, 'GO; C. G. 
Clark, '63. 

The Sixteenth Convention, held in the thirty-second year of the Fraternity, 
with the Union Chapter at Schenectady, N. Y., on July 21, 1863. 

BKhiiGATKS. — Hamilton: H. M. Simmons, '64; F. W. Plant, '64; W. A. 
Cobb, '64. Vale: C. G. Rockwood, '64; C. M. Whittlesey, '64; 11. H. Bloom, 
'63. Amherst : E. S. Towne, '64. Brunonian : Z. Brown, 'G5. Genera : G. 
G. Brooks, '63; E. A. Conger, '63; H. R. Lockwood, '64. Hudson: S. 
Strong, '63; E. P. Williams, '64; G. T. Ladd, '64. Botvdoin : A. F. Lihby, 
'64; C. A. Robbins,'64. Dartmouth: D. Austin, '64. Peninsular: J. D. Town, 
'64; W. D. Hitchcock, '64; G. Shuman, '63. Rochester : W. J. Leonard, '62; T. J. 
Backus, '64 ; M. G. Potter, '64. Williams : A. O. Treat, '63 ; C. A. Kingsbury, 
'64; W. Talcott, '65. Manhattan : S. Bloomfield, '57; E. D. Hudson, '64; G. L. 
Thompson, '64. Kenyan: W. P. Brown, '64. Union: D. N. Vanderveer, '63 ; 
A. P. Strong, '64; D. C. Robinson, '65. 

The Seventeenth Convention, held in the thirty-third year of the Fraternity, 
with the Rochester Chapter, at Rochester, N. Y., on July 6 and 7, 1864. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : R. W. Mcintosh, '64 ; J. M. Holley, T,6. Yale : 
C. M. Whittlesey, '64 ; P. Merrill, '65 ; J. S. Norton, '65. Brunonian: H. B. 
Miner, '64; W. H. Williams, '65; J. E. Spink, '65. Geneva: C. Jacobus, '64; 
J. M. Colt, '65 ; H. R. Lockwood, '64. Hudson : A. P. Tallman, '66 ; J. G. 
Shedd, '65. Bowdoiii : C. F. Libby, '64; F. H. Appleton, '64. Peninsular: 
W. D. Hitchcock, '64; G. S. Albee, '64. Rochester : M. G. Potter, '64; W. H. 
Dickinson, '64; J. R. Doolittle, Jr., '65. Williams: G. E. Goodrich, '65. ,)rid' 
dletown : G. C. Round, '62. Kenyon : G. J. Peet, '65. Union : W. B. Lynn, 
•65; H. C. Littlefield, '66; D. L. Smith, '66. 

The Eighteenth Convention, held in the thirty-fourth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Brunonian Chapter, at Providence, R. I., on September 7 and 8, 1865. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : J. H. Hicock, '65 ; D. W. Bigelow, '65. Miami : 
A. W. Wright, '67; C. B. Montgomery, '65; A. A. Thomas, '67. Yale: J. 
M. Hall, '66; R. E. DeForest, '67. Amherst: G. Harris, Jr., '66; G. Brayton, 
'66; P. D. Cowan, 'GG. Geneva: H. Bridge, '67. Hudson: E. P. Caruthers, 
•G5. Bowdoin: H. L. Chapman, '66; G. W. Kelly, '&G. Dartmouth: G. E. 
Chickering, '66; W. Otis, '66. Peninsular: E. Rexford, '66; W. D. Hitchcock, 
'64. Tri7/ia9HS .• W. Talcott, '65 ; H. W. Mabie, '67. Manhattan: E. D. Hud- 
son, Jr., '64; J. A. Knapp, '65; E. F. Eurich, '66. Middletown : G. Yager, '66; 
H. J. Stevens, '66 ; D. H. Ela, '57. Kenyon : F. S. Nicholson, '68 ; G. P. 
Bowler, '66. 

The Nineteenth Convention, held in the thirty-fifth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Hudson Chapter, at Cleveland, Ohio, on August 29 and 30, 1866. 

Delegates. — //amtrto?i ; A. S. Campbell, "66; A. G. Hopkins, '66; C. S. 
Millard, '66. Miami: S.P.Scott, '66; J. E. Platter, '67; A. L. McLain, "68. 
Y^ale: D. P. Sackett, '66; J. M. Hall, '66. Amherst: L. G. Yoe, '68 ; W. P. 
White, '67; J. W. Burgess, '67. Brunonian: H. C. BuUard, 'G6 ; J. B. Mustin, 
•66. Geneva : H. S. Davis, '65; J. M. Coit, '65; T. M. Chapman, '66. Hudson : 

xxxviii Convention Roll. 

A. p. Tallraan, '66; E. H. Harvey, '67; S. H. Curtiss, '67. Dartmoidh : W. 
Otis, '66; F. G. Mather. '67; A. W. Wright, '67. Peninsular: G. B. Woodman, 
T.7; C. A. Dudley, '65; J. H. Chapin, '68. Rochester: W. Abbott, '58. 
Williams : V. P. Kline, '66 ; J. S. Ross, '68 ; O. M. Hall, '68. Manhattan : 
H. Newton, '66 ; E. R. Bowker, '68 ; H. F. Chapman, '67. Middleiown : G. C. 
Round, '62; H. J. Stevens, '66; J. B. Thomas, Jr., '70. Kenyan: N. P. Dan- 
dridge, '66; C. G. Wilson, '68; J. McC. McDonald, '68. 

The Twentieth Convention, held in the thirty-sixth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Geneva Chapter, at Geneva, N. Y., on July 9, 1867. 

Delegates. — /rrt»it7^o?i.- A. C. Coxe, '68; D. R. Breed, '67. Miami: 
C. S. Spencer, '69; J. E. Platter, '67. Amherst: A. T. Buchanan, '68. Bru- 
nonian : S. R. Morrow, '70. Genera: T. Foot, '68; E. Southgate, '67; H. 
Bridge, '67. Bowdoin : W. F. Shepard, '68. Peninsular: R. N. Jenne, '68. 
Rochester: A. K. Parker, '66; J. M. Taylor, '68; W. H. Davis, '68. Williams : 
H. W. Mabie, '67. Manhattan: T. F. Chaqjbers, '68; G. A. Boker, '69. Mid- 
dleiown : W. F. Sanford, '66. Union : A. R. Olney, '67 ; T. R. Shear, '68. 

The Twenty-first Convention, held in the thirty-seventh year of the Fraternity, 
with the Manhattan Chapter, at New York City, on April 28 and 29, 1868. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : J. H. Willard, '68; M. R. Miller, '68; S. F. Bagg, 
'69. Miami : J. E. Platter, '67 ; C. S. Wood, '66. Yale : C. B. Herrick, '69 ; 

B. D. Evans, '68 ; H. A. Beers, '69. Amherst : W. C. Ball, '68 ; L. G. Yoe, '68 ; 
H. H. Neill, '66. Brunonian : F. E. Bliss, '68 ; W. H. Lyon, '68 ; W. H. Poland, 
'68. Geneva: W. J. Cleveland, '69 ; E. B. Bostwick, '68; E. Southgate, '67. 
Hudson : T. D. Seymour, '70. Bowdoin : G. F. Mosher, '69. DaHmouth : 

C. F. Emerson, '70; W. H. Colgate, '70; H. N. Twombly, '54. Peninsular: 
W. C. Johns, '69. Rochester: E. W. Mundy, '60; J. M. Taylor, '68; 
A. C. Raymond, '69. Williams: W. D. Brooks, '68; W. La Grange, '68; 
H. R. Lee, '68. Manhattan : R. R. Bowker, '68 ; F. H. Hamlin, '68 ; E. M. 
Shepard, '69. Middletown : J. B. Thomas, Jr., '70; J. E. Robbins, '68; G. P. 
Mains, '70. Kenyon : P. Browne, '64; G. J. Peet, '65. Union: H. A. Harman 
{William^), '67; T. R. Shear, '68; E. K. Herrick, '68. 

The Twenty-second Convention, held in the thirty-eighth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Yale Chapter, at New Haven, Conn., on May 12 and 13, 1869. 

Delegates. — i/flwM/jfoji : C. D. Barrows, '69; S.N. D. North, '69; J. P. 
Underwood, '70. Yale: G. S. Sedgwick, '70; W. J. Betts, '70. Amherst: 
A. F. Fenney, '69; C. R. Pratt, '69; W. Choate, '70. Brunonian: D. P. 
Morgan, '69; R. A. Brown, '71. Geneva: A. B. Jackson, '70; J. T. Hale, 
'69; C. N. Allen, '69. Hudson: A. H. Hunker, '69; S. H. Curtis, '67. 
Bowdoin : F. A. Fogg, '69 ; J. A. Hinckley, '68. Dartmouth : E. H. Carrier, 
'69. Peninsular: R. E. Phinney, '71. Rochester: M. E. Gates, '70; M. G. 
Kellogg, '70. Williams: T. H. Brooks, '70; S. S. Baily, '70. Middletown: 
S. E. Holden, '69; A. S. Roe, '70; D. S. Alford, '71. Kenyon: C. H. Wetmore, 
'69; R. J. Wilson, '70. U7iion: W. P. McLaury, '69; J. M. Thomas, '72. Cor- 
nell: H. H. Seymour, '71; J. Brigham, '70. 

Cotivenfion Roll. xxxix 

The Twenty-third Convention, lield in the thirty-ninth year of the Fraternity, 
with theBowdoin Chapter, at Portland, Me., on May 18, 1870. 

Delegates. — //«»u7/0H.- F. B. Daniels, 71; T. A. Abbott, 70. Yale : C. 
H. Board, 71; C. Plielps, 70; F. S. Smith, 72. Amherst: A. P. Lyon, 70; G. 
C. Hall, 71. lirunonian: J. M. English, 70; F. Burgess, Jr., 73; J. E. Crane, 
72. Bowdoin: E. B. Weston, 70; C. L. Shepard, 71; F. H. Gerrish, '6G. 
Dartmouih: F. Brown, 70. Peninsular: II. B. Ilutchins, 71 ; R. H. Thayer, 
70. Rochester: H. P. Emerson, 71. Manhattan: G. McAdam, 70. Union: 
N. Dexter, 73; J. B. Loekwood, 70; W. P. Kudd, 73. Cornell : M. M. Ross, 70. 

The Twenty-fourth Convention^ held in the fortieth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Middletown Chapter, at Middletown, Conn., on May 17 and 18, 1871. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : F. B. Daniels, 71 ; E. D. Mathews, 73. Miami : 
J. 0. Shiras, 71. Yale: C H. Board, 71; B.L.Holt, 72; S.J. Elder, 73. 
Amherst: W. H. Chiekering, 71; P. N. Haskell, 71; L. Bradley, Jr., 73. 
Brunonian: R. A. Brown, 71; J. H. Mason, 72. Geneva: W. North, 70; B. 
Franklin, 71; G. N. Hale, 71. Bowdoin: W. S. Dennett, Jr., 71; H. Harris, 
72. • Dartmouth: M. O. Adams, 71; F. A. Thayer, 73. Peninsular: G. J. 
Holbrook, 71. Williams: H. R. Gibbs, 71. Manhattan: AV. DeF. Edwards, 
71; D. K. Young, 71. Middletown: T. E. Hancock, 71; \V. F. Whitcher, 71; 
R. J. Round, 72. Kenyan: B. Shulte, 70; G. B. Case, 70. Union: J. M. 
Thomas, 72; W. P. Rudd, 73; A. P. Thomas, 74. Cornell: E. J. Hadley, 71; 
H. J. Hurd, 72. 

The Twenty-fifth Convention, held in the forty-first year of the Fraternity, with 
the Peninsular Chapter, at Detroit, Mich., on May 22, 1872. 

Delegates. — i7am^7^!o?^ ; E. D. Mathews, 73; J. H. Jewett, 72. Miami: 
H. Ankeney, 72 ; F. M. Coppock, 73 ; W. B. McAlpin, 73. Yale : C. Sherwood, 
72; E. R. Johnes, 73. Amherst: W. V. W. Davis, 73. Brunonian: E. 
Judson, '65. Hudson : W. R. Perkins, '68 ; C A. Gates, '73 ; C. M. Russell, '73. 
Boxvdoin: F. S. Waterhouse, '73; W. A. Blake, '73. Dartmouih: R. W. 
Welch, '72. Peninsular: S. G. Milner, '72; D. C. Rexford, '72; W. B. 
Williams, 73. Rochester: G. D. Olds, '73; G. H. Raymond, '74. Williams: 
W. Talcott, '65. Middletown : D. R. Baker, '72. Kenyon : J. D. H. McKinley, 
'72; J. H. White, '72. Union : E. L. Mapes, '73 ; W. P. Rudd, '73 ; T. C. Becker. 
'74. Cornell: F. H. Jones, '73. 

The Twenty-sixth Convention, held in the forty-second year of the Fraternity, 
with the Cornell Chapter, at Ithaca, N. Y., on May 14 and 15, 1873. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : E. D. Mathews, '73 ; L. L. Porter, '73 ; C. P. 
Eells, '74. Amherst: A. Ely. '74. Brunonian: J. H. Hoyt, 74; P. H. 
Case, '74. Geneva: W. P. Conger, '73; G. P. Bellows, 73; F. D. Barto, '75. 
Hudson: G. F. Smythe, '74. Bowdoin: S. M. Carter, '75. Dartmouth: F. A. 
Thayer, '73. Peninsular: C. E. King, '73; C. S. Wilson, '73. Rochester: 
E. W. Hunt, '73; A. W. Norton, '73; G. H. Raymond, 74. Williams: C. B. 
Wheeler, '73. Manhattan : J. L. Woodward, '72 ; E. M. Wray, 73. Middletown : 
W. H. Eustis, 73; G. W. Shonk, 73. Kenyon: G. F. Southard, 73. Union: 

xl Convention Roll. 

W. p. Rudd, 73; H. E. Micks, '75; W. H. Smyth, '76. Cornell: H. Altman, '73; 
F. H. Jones, '73 ; H. L. Sprague, '73. 

The Twenty-seventh Convention, held in the forty-third year of the Fraternity, 
with the Union Chapter, at Albany, N. Y., on May 13, 1874. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : C. P. Eells, '74 ; N. E. Paine, '74 ; W. E. Lewis, '75. 
Amherst : F. F. Dow, '74; A. Ely, '74; F. C. Scoville, '75. Brunoyiian : T. D- 
Anderson, Jr., '74; W. C. Greene, '75. Geneva: H. E. Jones, '75; E. H. Ban- 
croft, '75. Hudsoti : J. Whitney, '76. Boivdoin : C. F. Kimball, '74 ; W. Pulsi- 
fer, '75. Dartmouth : G. W. Lee, '74. Pemnsular : H. W'. Rogers, '74; W. W. 
Smith, '74. Rochester: G. D. Olds, '73; J. S. .Fassett, '75; F. H. Rowley, '75. 
Williams: E. E. Finney, '75; J. P. Lane, '76. Manhattan: R. R. Bowker, '68; 
E. M. Wray, '73; J. Y. Olcott, '77. Middletoivn: F. H. Griffin, '74; A. E. 
Palmer, '74 ; A. M. Tallmadge, '74. Kenyan : J. R. Turney, '74. Union : M. W. 
Stickney, '74 ; H. A. Waldron, '74 ; C. B. King, '75. Cornell : H. L. Sprague, '73 ; 
A. Howe, Jr., '75. 

The Twenty-eighth Convention, held in the forty-fourth year of the Fratei;nity, 
with the Brunonian Chapter, at Providence, R. I., on June 1, 2 and 3, 1875. 

Delegates. — //amtrto?! ; F. F. Davis, '76; H. P. Eells, '76. Amherst: A. F. 
Skeele, '75; A. C. Boyden, '76; S. Salter, '77. Brunonian: A. D. Bosson, '75 
W. C. Greene, '75; B. W. Steele, '76. Geneva: B. W. Franklin, '71; G. N 
Hale, '71. Hudson : W. E. Gushing, '75. Boicdoin : S. M. Carter, '75 ; H. R 
Patten, '75; E. H. Kimball, '76. Dartmouth: J. Richards, '75; L. S. Cohen, '78 
H. D. Ryder, '76. Peninsular: J. H. Reynolds, '76. Rochester: M. Hirshfield, 
'75. Williams : E. E. Finney, '75; R. P. Collin, '76; S. D. Dodge, 77. Manhat 
tan: R. R. Bowker, '68. Middletoivn: C. M. Skeel, '75; S. O. Garrison, '76, 
Union: F. Harris, '75; A. V. Raymond, '75; R. Johnston, '77. Cornell: C 
H. Esty, '76. 

The Twenty-ninth Convention, held in the forty-fifth year of the Fraternity , 
with the Hamilton Chapter, at Utica, N. Y., on May 24 and 25, 1876. 

Delegates. — //flm27<07t ; F. F. Davis, 76; H. P. Eells, '76; D. A. Reed, '77. 
Amherst : J. C. Gray, '77 ; R. B. Clark, '76 ; R. B. Tobey, '77. Brunonian : B. 
W. Steele, '76; E. Hoyt, '78; A. D. Bosson, '75. Geneva: W. B. Rankine, '77; 
G. N. Hale, '71 ; E. H. Bancroft, '75. Hudson : M. M. Drury, '76. Bowdoin : 
H. D. Wiggin, '77. Dartmouth: A. F. Andrews, '78; S. A. Thompson, '76. 
Peninsular: 0. AV. Ferdon, '77; C. S. Brown, '76. Rochester: L. M. Hair, '77; 
H. Harrison, 77; W. W. Simpson, '79. Williams: R. P. Collin, '76 ; R. W. 
Gilbert, "77. Manhattan: R. R. Bowker, '68; L. E. Jones, '73; G. N. Messiter, 
'75. Middletown : S. O. Garrison, '76. Union : J. B. Hubbs, 77 ; W. P. New- 
man, '76; W. P. Rudd, '73. Cornell: C. H. Esty, 76; J. S. Milford, 77; 
J. Savage, Jr., '78. 

The Thirtieth Convention, held in the forty-sixth year of the Fraternity, with 
the Williams Chapter, at Williamstown, Mass., on May 23 and 24, 1877. 

Delegates. — Hamilton : D. A. Reed, '77 ; H. S. Paine, '78. Amherst : R. B. 
Tobey, '77; A. H. Wellman, '78; C. M. Pratt, '7'J. Brunonian: F. Harris, '78; 

Co7ivention Roll. xli 

E. Hoyt, 78. Hudson: W. E. Cusliing, '75 ; A. II. Palmer, '79. Boivdoin : S. 
S. Stearns, '79. Dartmouth : G. E. Atkinson, '77 ; C. II. Cooper, '77. Peinnsular : 
W. C. Johnson, '78; T. H. Noble, '78. Rochester: L. M. Hair, '77. Williams: 
W. L. Adam, '77; J. B. Perkins, '77; R. W. Gilbert, '77. Mayihattan : K. R. 
Howker, '(58; J. W. Hopper, '7G; I). M. Hunter, '77. Middletown : O. B. Coit, 
'77 ; E. S. Ferry, '78 ; W. I). Leonard, '78. Union : J. A De Remer, '57 ; J. 1) Par- 
sons, '67; W. P. Adams, '79. Cornell: J. S. Milford, '77; A. C. Wakeley, '78; 
V. "W. Hinkley, '79. 

The Thirty-first Convention, held in the forty-seventh year of the P'raternity, 
with the Middletown Chapter, at Middletown, Conn., on May 22 and 23, 1878. 

Delegates. — .ffawiirtort: P. L. Chester, '79; D. E. Walker, '79. Amherst: 
W. B. Mosman, '78 ; C. M. Pratt, '79 ; A. N. Millikin, '80. Brunonian : E. 
P. Greene, '79; G. I. Malcom, '79. Hudson : J. G. Fiteh, '79. Bowdoin : S. S. 
Stearns, '79 ; ^Y. L. Dane, '80. Dartmouth : W. H. Ray, '77 ; E. AV. Sanborn, 
'78; A. F. Andrews, '78. Peninsular: J. P. Brown, '79; J. H. Tweedy, Jr., '79. 
Rochester: S. S. Brown, '79. Williams: F. L. Stetson, '67; J. R. Adriance, 
•78; W. L. Brown, '78. Manhattan: C. S. Shepard, '77; J. McG. Smith, '77 ; 
W. C. Clapp, '81. Middletoivn : E. S. Ferry, '78 ; L. G. La Bar, '78; W. W. Van 
Deusen, '79. Kenyan : H. D. Aves, '78. Union : J. D. Craig, '80. Cornell : AV. 
E. Bramhall,'77; W. C. Bradley, '80. Phi Kapjya : G. S. Chipman, '78; J. D. 
Hills, '78; G. T. Stewart, '78. 

The Thirty-second Convention, held in the forty-seventh year of the Frater- 
nity, with the Phi Kappa Chapter, at Hartford, Conn., on May 7 and 8, 1879. 

^^EhTuGXTES. — Hamilton: R. S. Rudd, '79 ; G. T. Church, '80; S. G. Heacock, 
'80. Amherst : C M. Pratt, '79 ; A. N. Milliken, '80. Brunonian : W. R. 
Tillinghast, '79; G. S. Goodspeed, '80; H. I. Keen, '80. Hudson: F. W. 
Harrington, '79. Bowdoin: F. Goulding, '80. Dartmouth: A. F. Andrews, '78; 
0. P. Conant, '79. Peninsular : R. B. Bancroft, '80; F. F. Reed, '80. Roches- 
ter : L. W. Bowen, '79; M. Hirshfield, '79; C. 0. Bailey, '80. Williams: F. L. 
Stetson, 'G7; J. B. Atwater, '79; J. H. Seymour, '79. 3fanhattan : C. S. Shep- 
ard, '77; J. F. Chambers, '79; B. S. Weeks, '79. Middletojvn : S. L. Brown, 
'79; A. Mann, Jr., '79; A. W. Harris, '80. Union: E. L. Mapes, '73; F. J. 
Bassett, '77; J. D. Craig, '80. Cornell: T. L. Mead, '77; H. Gifford, '79; A. 
M. Curtiss, '80. Phi Kappa : A. Harding, '79; G. Kneeland, '80; S. Stone, '80. 

The Thirty-third Convention, held in the forty-eighth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Rochester Chapter, at Rochester, N. Y., on May 26 and 27, 1880. 

Delegates. — /^amtV^ora ; S. G. Heacock, '80; G. T. Church, '80; H. O. 
Jones, '82. Amherst: C. S.Lane, '80. Brunonian: S. W. Smith, '80; F. R. 
Hazard, '81; C. H. Pendleton, '78. Harvard: A. Hale, '80. Hudson: E. P. 
Ingersoll, '82; M. Hirshfield (Rochester), '79. Bowdoin : W. E. Mason, '82; H. 
W. Chamberlain, '81. Dartmouth: A. L. Spring, '80; G. O. Mitchell, '80. 
reninsnlar: J. II. Willard, '80; E. II. Bowman, '81. Rochester: C. O. Bailey, 
'80; J. M. Hunt, '80; L. B. Marcy, '80. Williams: A. K. tafiin, '80; H. L. 
xMatz, '80; C. B. Wheeler, '73. Manhattan: W. A. F. P. Mulford, '79; W. M. 

xlii Convention Roll. 

K. Olcott, '81; T. L. Mead (Cornell), 77. Micldletown : J. M. Yeager, '80; J. B. 
Scott, '81. Kenyan: W. D'O. Doty, '62; T. S. Wood, '80. Union: J. D. 
Craig, '80; H. Schlosser, '81; W. P. Williams, '81. Cornell: C. E. Manierre, 
'80; C. L. Saunders, '81; 0. L. Taylor, '81. Phi Kaijpa : S. Stone, '80; M. 
Stone, '80; G. Kneeland, '80. 

The Thirty-fourth Convention, held in the forty-ninth year of the Fraternity, 
with the Brunonian Chapter, at Providence, E. I., on May 24 and 25, 1881. 

Delegates. — //awifto?! .• R. S. Rudd, '79 ; J. Otto, Jr., '81; W. C. Miner, 
'82. Columbia: J. L. Smith, '81; A. L. Manierre, '83. Amherst: C. M. Pratt, 
'79 ; E. G. Rand, '81 ; E. W. Green, '82. Brunonian : J. R. Gladding, '81 ; W. C. 
Ladd, '81; G. R. Hovey, '82. Harvard: H. E. Warner, '82; M. H. Morgan, '81. 
Hudson: C. A. Shaw, '81. Bowdoin : W. I. Cole, '81; W. C. Merryman, '82. 
Dartmouth : G. W. Graham, '81 ; F. R. Lane, '81 ; A. W. Tirrell, '82. Peninsular : 
W. H. Graham, '82 ; A. C. McLaughlin, '82. Rochester : C. W. Smith, '81 ; S. W. 
Stevens, '81; G. B. Adams, '82. Williams: F.L. Stetson, 'G7; A. B. Bassett, 
'81; A. H. Vanderpoel, '81. Manhattan: W. A. F. P. Mulford, '79; G. R. Lock- 
wood, Jr., '81; E. F. Slayback, '84. Middletown : F. A. Jackson, '81; W. S. 
Pearsall, '82. Kenyon : H. S. Gregg, '81. Union: W. P. Williams, '81; S. H. 
Watkins, '82; J. A. Van Voast, '82. Cornell: A. G. C. Hahn, '81; W. T. 
Howard, '83; C. L. Saunders, '81. Phi Kappa: G. S. Huntington, '81; C. W. 
Freeland, '81 ; C. H. Carter, '82. 


A complete list of Graduate Reunions during the last twenty- 
five years has proved impossible. It has been deemed fitting to 
commence such a record by publishing the following list. Two 
of those mentioned below, whik; forming a part of the records 
of the New York Graduate Chapter, were held in connection with 
a Convention. The others were independent of such gatherings. 
In the case of the reunions at New York, the list is known to 
be incomplete. This is the more to be regretted, as the New 
York Graduate Association, definitely organized in 1868, is not 
an informal organization, intended merely to perpetuate annual 
reunions and banquets. During fourteen years it has had per- 
manent rooms, and has continued to hold regular monthly meet- 
ings throughout each year, excepting the summer months — 
meetings which have kept an "Alpha Delta Home" in this great 
city, where the recent graduate could coutinue the delights of 
Fraternity life, and the Inisier brother at mid-life could find those 
whom he had grown to know and love through nmtual enjoyments 
and tastes. The social features of these meetings have been ever 
foremost ; yet dramas, essays, critiques and discussions of merit, 
often profound and exhaustive, have made these meetings a 
means of growth to very many, and have given prominence and 
stability to an organization whicli would have survived but a brief 
period if pureh' social. 


June 25, 1857. 
December 26, 1866. 
April 30, 1868. 
November 18, 1875. 

December, 1876. 
December 20, 1877. 
January 8, 1879. 
March 11, 1880. 


Graduate Reunions. 


April 27, 1876. 
December 20, 187f 
January 17, 1878. 
January 16, 1879. 
January 22, 1880. 
February 4, 1881. 
January 30, 1882. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

January 3, 1873. 
January 2, 1874. 
January 4, 1875. 

Albany, N. T. 
December 31, 1880. 
April 27, 1881. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
December 20, 1881. 

Chicago, III. 

, 1867. 

February 7, 1882. 

Washington, D. C. 
February 28, 1882. 



A complete Bibliogniphy of tlic Fraternity has been found to be 
i Ml practicable in the present condition of Chapter and Fraternity files. 
Eventually it is hoped to prepare one which will include a list of all 
printed documents in the history of the Fraternity and its Chapters. 
To this end, the Editor of the present Catalogue will welcome 
information from any direction -in regard to books, pamphlets or 
newspaper notices bearing on the subject. The list below is complete 
in its collation of Catalogues and Song-Books. The file of the latter 
was made up at Amherst. The kind assistance of the Harvard Col- 
lege Library in lending three early copies of the Amherst Chapter, in 
furnishing all the rest but two, supplied, one by Brunonian and the 
other by O. B. Ireland, Manhattan, T)!), enabled the compiler to 
make a complete list of Catalogues. Acknowledgments are due to 
a number of other persons. Three classes of references are omitted 
in the following Bibliography — references to individual Chapters in 
College illustrated annuals, Convention invitations and newspaper 
reports of Fraternity occurrences. An effort was made to secure the 
last; but the project proved impracticable in the time at command. 
The Illustrated Annuals in which Chapters of the Fraternity have been 
represented are as follows, in all cases from beginning to date, unless 
specified :— Amherst, Olio; Bowdoin, Bugle; Brunonian, Liber Bru- 
nensis; College of the City of New York, Microcosm; Columbia. Co- 
lumbiad, since 1881 ; Cornell, Cornelian; Dartmouth, u^gis; Hamil- 
ton, Hamiltonian ; Harvard, Lidex, since 1H79 ; Hobart, Echo of the 
Seneca, to 1876; Kenyon, Reveille; Peninsular, Pnlladiuni; Middle- 
town, Wesleyan; Rochester, Interpres ; Trinity, Ivrj ; Union, Garnet; 
VVilhams, GuL; Yale, Banner and Pot Fourri to 1873. 

xlvi Bibliography in .1 J (I>. 


Catalogue /of the/ A A $/ Society. / 1837. / Printed at New York. / A 
Bastard title preceding the full title by one page, on preceding leaf is — A A 


Brown cover, carrying on first page / A A 4> /, same as on bastard title, and 
on last page, the skeleton badge, to wit: mullet point downwards, between the 
horns of a crescent moon, bearing the letters A A 4>. 

Paper, foolscap 8vo, 2 signatures ( — . . 2) ; Sfg inches by 5y'^ inches ; not paged ; 
contains 15 printed pages, one fly leaf. Contains 8 Chapters, arranged alphabetically, 
to wit : Amherst, Brunonian, Columbia, Hamilton, Harvard, Miami, Urban, Yale ; 
and 193, less 5 i-epeated, giving 188 names, arranged alphabetically, under each 
Chapter; no index. 


Catalogue / of the / A A <I> / Society. / 1840. / — / Printed at New Haven. / 
Brown cover, carrying on first page / A A <l> / same as on title-page, and on 
last page, the slab badge, to wit : sable on the chief a mullet vert, point down- 
wards, embraced by a crescent, argent, bearing the letters A A <i>, on the base, 1832 
argent, within a trcssure. 

Paper, foolscap 8vo, 2 signatures ( — . . 2) ; 7}^ by 4 J inches ; 15 pages ; 17 printed 
pages, 2 fly leaves. Contains a list of 10 Chapters, arranged alphabetically, to wit : 
Amherst, Brunonian, Cincinnati, Columbia, Geneva, Hamilton, Harvard, Miami, 
Urban, Yale ; including 329 names, arranged in a continuous alphabet, except 5 in 
an " addenda; " Chapter designated after each name, but not the class. 


Alpha Delta Phi / Society,/ 1845. / / New Haven : / Hitchcock & Staf- 
ford, Printers. / — / 1845. 

(The words / Alpha Delta Phi / are curved.) 

Preceded by an engraved title, carrying a vignette of a youth kneeling at the 
shrine of letters, steel, "Drawn and Eng. by W. H. Dougal," between the 
words / "Alpha Delta Phi." / above and / '-Sic Itir Ad Astka." / below 
the engraving. 

Yellow cover, carrying slab badge in outline on first page. 

Paper, foolscap 8vo, 2 signatures ( — . . 2 . . 3) ; '\ inches by 5 J inches ; pages 
21 ; 21 printed pages and 1 engraving. Contains a list of 12 Chapters, arranged alpha- 
betically, to wit: Amherst, Bowdoin, Brunonian, Cincinnati, Columbia, Geneva, 
Hamilton, Harvard, Hudson, Miami, Urban, Yale; including 655 names, arranged 
as in preceding Catalogue. 


Alpha Delta Plii / — / M DCCC XLVIII. / 

Title fronted by a i)ortrait of Samuel Eells, steel, •• Engraved l)y .1. X. Giiii- 

Bibiiography in 1 J 0. xlvii 

brodf from an ordinal raiiitiiiu'." t'acsimik' sifiiiature, '-Your friend and brotlicr 
Samuel Eells." 

Cover, green glazed paper, carrying on first page / A A * / . 

Paper, 8vo, no signatures; 81 by 5| inches; not paged ; 32 printed pages, one 
engraving. Printers, " Roberts & Sherman, Printers, 38 and 40 Genesee Street, 
Utica, N. Y." Contains a list of 14 Chapters, arranged alphabetically, to wit : 
Amherst, Bowdoin, Brunonian, Cincinnati, Columbia, Dartmouth, Geneva, Hamil- 
ton. Harvard, Hudson, Miami, Peninsular, Urban, Yale; and 943 names arranged 
as in preceding Catalogue. 

Catalogue / Qf the / Ai.pha Delta Phi / Society. / (Slab badge) / Cam- 
bridge : / Metcalf and Company, / Printers to the University. / 1851. / 

Cover, gray, carrying the same inscription as the title-page. 

Paper, 8vo; signatures ( 2'.. 5) ; 9| by 7| inches; pages 44 ; contains 44 

printed pages, no fly leaves. Contains a list of 16 Chapters arranged alpha- 
betically, to wit : Alabama, Amherst, Bowdoin, Brunonian, Cincinnati, Colum- 
bia, Dartmouth, Geneva, Hamilton, Harvard, Hudson, Miami, Peninsular, Urban, 
Williams, Yale; and 1,210 names, 5 in addenda, arranged as in preceding Cata- 


Alpha Delta Phi. / Same vignette as in Catalogue of 1845. / Sic Itur Ad 
Astra. / 

The above engraved title-page is the only one in the Catalogue ; it is faced by 
the portrait of Samuel EcUs, which appears in the Catalogue of 1848. 

Cover, yellow, glazed paper, carrying on first page an engraved design including 
date and major emblems. 

Paper, 8vo, signatures ( 2 •• 15) ; Sf^. by 5| ; pages 126 ; 120 printed pages, 

two engravings. Published by Calkins, Peed and Bangs, Boston Stationery Ware- 
house, 19 Exchange street, Boston. Contains 17 Chapters, arranged, with 
the exception of Cincinnati, Columbia and Urban, approximately in the order of 
their establishment, to wit: Hamilton, Miami, Amherst, Brunonian, Harvard, 
Yale, Geneva, Bowdoin, Peninsular, Dartmouth, Empire, Alabama, Williams, 
Cincinnati, Columbia, Hudson, Urban; and 1,545 names, arranged by Chapters 
and classes, with Index. This Catalogue, which bears no date, was printed in 


Alplia Delta Phi / Catalogue./ (Cut) / Providence : / published by Hruiionian 
Chapter. / 1857. / 

The line Alpha Delta Phi is curved. 

The cut noted above gives a s'hield of four (|uarterings, counter chargeil. 
argent and sable, each parted in two by a pale; first, dexter point an arrow de- 
pressed, sinister a sword, erect; second, dexter, sun rayed, sinister pen, plumed; 
third, dexter a kev, sinister a loose bow; fourth, dexter a book closed, sinister 

xlviii Bibliography in A A <t>. 

head of Mercury ; all proper ; on an escutcheon of pretence, argent, a mullet vert, 
embraced by a crescent argent; on a garter: "Fides usq0E ad mortem;" 
two spears, saltire-wise, support a mantle, crest two burning torches. 

Paper, 8vo, signatures ( — . . 2 . .) ; 8f by h^^ inches. Printers, Jones & Cogs- 
well, Concord, N. H. ; pages 158 ; 160 printed pages, including two pages 
of Errata. Contains 19 Chapters, arranged approximately in the order of their 
establishment, except Cincinnati, to wit : Hamilton, Miami, Urban, Columbia, 
Amherst, Brunonian, Harvard, Yale, Geneva, Bowdoin, Hudson, Peninsular, 
Cincinnati, Dartmouth, Empire, Alabama, "Williams, Manhattan, Middletown ; 
and 2,05-t names arranged by Chapters and Classes, with Index and Errata. 


Catalogue / of the / Alpha Delta Phi / Fraternity. / Issued by the Yale 
Chapter. / New Haven, Conn. / MDCCCLX. / 

[The line " Alpha Delta Phi" is curved and the title page has ornamental cor- 

Glazed cover, blue, carrying between the words "Alpha Delta Phi" and 
" Fraternitj' " the arms of the Fraternity, viz., sable chief, a crescent embracing 
a mullet, proper ; crest, 15 mullets, proper, in a wreath rayed downwards ; motto, 
" Manus Multae, Cor Unum." A sword and spear, points erect, saltire-wise, 
behind the shield. 

Paper, 8vo, signatures (1-24) ; 8| by 5/^ inches ; 195 pages. Contains 21 
Chapters, arranged by Classes nearly in the order of their estabhshment from 
Hamihon to .Cumberland: index of names, including 2,531 names. Printed by 
"J. H. Benham, Printer, Glebe Building," on reverse of title page. 


Catalogue / of the / A zi, *, 1832, / 1865 / Manhattan. 

The title-page is engraved, bears at top the star and crescent in clouds, and 
the characters A A $ and 1832 are intertwined. 

Cover, glazed green paper; bears the monogram " A A <i>, 1832," which appears 
on the title page. 

8vo, 15 signatures (. . . — 2-15) ; 250 printed pages and two fly-leaves. Contains 
title-page and reverse, blank, pp. 1-2; " Chapters," pp. 3-4; Chapter Lists, pp. 
5-174, Alphabetical Index, pp. 175-250. Includes 22 Chapters, in the supposed 
order of their establishment, same list as in preceding Catalogue. Index contains 
3,150 names. Harvard list ends Avith 1858. Published by the Manhattan Chapter, 
in the Thirty-third year of the Fraternity. 


Catalogue / of the / Alpha Delta Phi. / Thirt.v-eighth year of the / Fra- 
ternity. / Utica, N. Y. / Curtiss & Childs, Book and Job Printers. / 1870 / . 

Title-page, surrounded by a green and red border, faces an illustration, wood- 
cut, containing the Monument on the Closed Volume and Major Emblems. Cover, 
glazed green paper, carrying A A <}> and 1832, intertwined. 

Bibliography in ./ J 0. xlix 

8vo, 38 signatures (....— B-L 2) ; 287 printinl pagos, oxclii.MVf of illustration, 
four fly-leaves. Contains title-page and reverse, blank, p]). 1-2; " <!'. B." and 
" A. i2." and reverse blank, pp. 3-4; " Chapters," pp. 5-6; Chapter Lists, pp. 7- 
199, "Alphabetical Index," pp. 201-287. Includes 22 Chapters, in the supposed 
order of their establishment, same list as in preceding Catalogue, with the addition 
of Cornell, and an Index containing 3,753 names. After the list of Chapters pp. 
5-G, appear four " Graduate Chapters," Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and New 
York City. Published by the Geneva Chapter in the Thirty-eighth year of the 


Catalogue / of the / Slpfja Delta IDiji. / Forty-fourth Year of the / Fra- 
ternity. / Published by the Union Chapter, / 187(1. 

The title-page is surrounded by an ornamental border. Facing title is a litho- 
graphed illustration, with monument, etc. Cover, flexible green cloth. Cloth, 
green, 8vo ; no imprinted signatures; 9^ by 5j''5 inches ; 328 printed pages, to wit : 
Title and reverse, blank, and pp. 1-326, illustration and 4 fly leaves. Contains, 
title page and reverse, unnumbered, " <I>. B." and " A. 12.," pp. 1-2; " The Chap- 
ters," pp. 3-4; Graduate Chapters, p. 5; Chapter Lists, pp. 7-223; "Alphabetical 
Index," pp. 225-326. The Chapters are the same as in the preceding Catalogue 
and six Graduate Chapters, to wit : Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, New York City. 
Albany, New England Graduate Association. The Alphabetical Index contains 
4,476 names. The Catalogue, which bears no imprint, was printed by Weed. 
Parsons & Co., of Albany, N. Y. 


Songs of Alpha Delta Phi. Published by the Yale Chapter. 1855. Paper. 
12mo, pp. 23. Contains 22 songs, without music; printed by Storer & Moore- 
house, New Haven, Conn. 


Songs of Alplia Delta Phi. Issued in the Twenty-seventh year of the 
Fraternity. New York, mdccclix. Paper, 8vo, pp. 36. Contains 36 songs, 
without music. 


Songs of Alplia Delta Phi. (Coat of Arms of the Fraternity.) Published 
by the Union Chapter, in the Thirty-third year of the Fraternity. Albany: 


Cloth, 4to, pp. 38. Contains 58 songs, without music. 


Alpha Delta Phi. (Coat of Arms of Fraternity on Monument.) Published by 
the Cieneva Chapter, in the Thirty-eighth year of the Fraternity, mdccci.xix. 
Cloth, 4to, pp. 76. Contains 76 songs, without music. Index of First Lines, 

Bibliography in A J (P. 


Alpha Delta Phi. (Monument, on the Closed Volume, bearing Major Em- 
blems.) Published bj' the Amherst Chapter, in the Forty-third year of the 
Fraternity, mdccclxxv 

Cloth, large square quarto, pp. 99; contains 97 songs, and music of 56 airs. 
Index of Tunes, First Lines and Titles. Imprint on last page, A B. Kidder & 
Son's Music Typography. 


Alpha Delta Phi. (Monument on the Closed Volume, bearing Major Em- 
blems.) Published by Star and Crescent Publishing Company, in the Forty-ninth 
year of the Fraternity, mdccclxxxi. 

Printed from the same plates as preceding, with change of title as above. 

Songs of Alpha Delta Phi. Paper, 8vo ed., 8 pp.; contains Xa7pe and ten 
other songs ; prepared and published by the Star and Crescent Publishing Com- 
pany for use at Reunions. 

Songs of the Cornell Chapter, i-v. Five songs on leaflets, two with music, 
issued by the Cornell Chapter. 


Memorial of Samuel Eells. Cloth, 8vo. pp. 2.55. "Cleveland, Ohio: Cobb, 
Andrews, & Co., Publishers, 1873." Contains: Preface, by the author, James 
Eells ; In Memoriam ; Address at Miami University on the Study of the Classics ; 
Address before the College of Teachers in Cincinnati ; Tribute to his Brother ; 
Address before the Biennial Convention of Alpha Delta Phi on the Law and 
Means of Social Advancement, delivered at New Haven, Conn., August 15, 1839; 
Address before the City Bible Society of Cincinnati. 

Laws of the State of New York, passed at the 102d Session of the Legislature, 
between January 7 and May 22, 1879, at the City of Albany. 8vo, pp. 714. 

Chapter 245. An Act to incorporate the Executive Council of the Alpha Delta 
Phi Fraternity, and to provide for the organization of new Chapters. Passed May 
5th, 1879; is on page 324. 

The Star and Crescent. First Number. Published for the Alpha Delta Phi 
Fraternity, by Authority of the Amherst and Cornell Chapters, in ]\Iay of the Forty- 
seventh year of the Fraternity. Editors : Amherst, Charles Millard Pratt, Henry 
Clay Folger, Jr. Cornell, Theodore Luqueer Mead, William Seymour Edwards. 
Frank Lusk Babbott, Editorial Contributor. Contents (titles of 12 articles fol- 
low). If sanctioned by the Convention, The Star and Crkscekt will hereafter 
be published Quarterly, and mailed to members of the Fraternity for One Dollar 
per annum in advance. Communications and remittances should be sent to T. L. 

Bibliography in ./ J (I>. li 

Mvad. (174 Madison Avoniu-, New York City. Now York : I'rivatciy I'rintcd, ]8S(i. 
liariii' (iiiarto. ])p. 1-2S. 

Tho --Star ami Croscent." Volume i. riihlislifd for the Alpha Delta Tlii 
Fraternity, in the Forty-ei<i,htli and Forly-ninth years of the Fraternity. Editorial 
c'ontrihutors : The Rev. Edward Everett Hale, '39, Boston, Mass. ; Prof. James 
Morgan Hart, 'GO, Cincinnati, Ohio; Prof. Truman J.ay Backus, "G4, Pou-i^hkeepsie, 
N. Y. ; Richard Rogers Bowker, '(18. London, England; William Crary Brownell, 
'71, New York City. Editors: Henry Clay Folger, Jr., William Seymour 
P^dwards, Theodore Luqueer Mead, Charles Millard Pratt, Julius 'Hubbell Sey- 
mour. Corresponding Editors : Hamilton, Frederick M. Calder ; Columbia, Albert 
F. Hyde; Amherst, James F. Kemp; Brunonian, William H. Pomeroy ; Harvard, 
Gustavus Tuckerman; Bowdoin, Horace B. Hathaway, William I. Cole; Hudson. 
Franklin H. Jones; Peninsular, Andrew C. McLaughlin; Dartmouth, Francis R. 
Lane; Rochester, Arthur W. Pulver; Williams, Austin B. Basset; Manhattan, 
William M. K. Olcott; Middletown, Valentine Hallenbeck; Kenyon, Irving B. 
Dudley ; Union, William P. Williams ; Cornell, Frederick M. Catlin ; Phi Kapi)a. 
Charles W. Freeland. New York: The Star and Crescent Publishing Company. 
1880-81. Large quarto. Title-page and Index i.-iv. ; Number i., jjp. l-2() ; ii.. 
27-54; HI., 55-78; iv.. 79-10-1. 

Volume II. of the '■ Star and Crescent" is not yet completed. Three numbers. 
I., pp. 1-30; ii>, 32-60; m., 61-8G, have been i.ssued with the same list of edito- 
rial contributors on the title page. 

Eells (S.) Oration delivered before the Biennial Convention of the Alpha 
Delta Society, at New Haven, Conn., August 15, 1839, on the Laws and Means of 
Social Improvement. By Samuel Eells. Cincinnati, 1839. 8vo. 

From Joseph Sabin's A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its 
Discovery to the Present Time. Vol. vi., p. 114. 

Political Conservatism. Addi-ess delivered at the Sixth Anniversary Celebra- 
tion of the Miami Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, August 10, 1841. By 
Jordan A. Pugh, Oxford. Published by order of the Chapter, 1841. Paper, 8vo. 

The Destinies of War and Labor. An' Address delivered before the Hamilton 
("hapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, at its Tenth Anniversary, July 26, 1842. 
By A. E. Gwynne. Published by request of the Chapter. Press of Bennett. 
Backus, & Hawley, Utica, 184:?. 

An Address on the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of Philosophy. 
Utica, N. Y. R. W. Roberts, Printer, 1843. 

8vo, pp. 31. Contains the Address, delivered by Increase Niles Tarbox, bt'fore 
the Hamilton Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, at its Eleventh Anniversary, 
at Clinton, N. Y., during commencement week in 1843. 

An Address on the Political Duties of the Patriot Scholar : delivered before the 
Alpha Delta Phi Society of Miami University, August 10, 1847. By Chauncey N. 
Olds, Esq., of Circleville, Ohio. Published at the request of the Society. Co- 
lumbus : printed by William B. Thrall, 1847. 

Paper, 8vo, pp. 1-20. Contains Address, pp. 3-20. 

Hi Bibliography in ./ J 0. 

Report of the Proceedings of the" Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Brother- 
hood of Alpha Delta Phi, held in New York, June 24, 25, 1857. Issued by 
the Fraternity. New York : Charles Seribner, 377 and 379 Broadway, mdcccla-iii. 
Cloth, 8vo, pp. 59. Contains an Address by Rev. R. S. Storrs, Jr., D.D. ; an 
Oration by Mr. Donald G. Mitchell, and a Poem by William C. AYilliamson. 

Report of the Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh Anniversary of the Brother- 
hood of Alpha Delta Phi, held by the Miami Chapter, at Miami University, Ox- 
ford, Ohio, July 5, 1859. Issued by the Fraternity. Cincinnati : Bradley & 
Webb, stationers and steam printers, mdccclx. Cloth, 8vo, pp. 1-39. Con- 
tains : Correspondence of Committee with Orator and Poet, pp. 3-6; "The 
Oration," by Geo. E. Pugh, pp. 7-28 ; " The Poem." by Charles Elliott, pp. 29-35 ; 
"The Business Convention," p. 3G; " The Dinner," pp. 37-89. 

Oration and Poem delivered before the Thirty-fifth Annual Convention, of 
the Brotherhood of Alpha Delta Phi, held with the Geneva Chapter, Tuesday and 
Wednesday, July 9-10. 1867. Issued by the Fraternity, Hamilton College, N. Y. 
Press of Curtiss and Childs, steam job printers, Utica, mdccclxvii. Paper, 8vo, 
31 pages. 

Oration and Poem delivered before the Ali)ha Delta Phi Convention, held Avith 
the Williams Chapter, Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 and 24, 1877. Orator, 
Rev. Edward Everett Hale, of Boston, ]\Jass. ; Poet, Prof. Henry L. Chapman, 
of Bowdoin College. Published by order of the Convention. 

Paper, -Svo, pp. 1-29. Contains: "The Leaders Lead," by Edward Everett 
Hale, pp. 3-18; "An Occasional Poem," by a distinguished member of the 
Fraternity, p. 19 ; " Poem," by Henry Leland Chapman, pp. 21-29. 

Alpha Delta Phi. Closing Ceremonies of the Forty-fourth Convention. Utica 
Morning Herald, Utica, N.Y., p. 2, Friday, May 26, 1876. 

Contains, besides a sketch of exercises, Oration by Dr. Herrick Johnson, and 
Poem, " The Wingless Victory," by Prof. Edward North. 

Society and Societies. An Oration delivered by Joshua S. Chamberlain, Presi- 
dent of Bowdoin College, before the Fortj^-sixth Annual Convention of the Alpha 
Delta Phi Fraternity, held in this city May 22d and 23d. 

Published by The Constitution, Middletown, Conn., in its issue of June 18, 1878. 

What Career? Ten papers on the Choice of a Vocation and the One of Nine. 
By E. E. Hale, Author of " How To Do It." Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1878. 
Ifimo, pp. I. -VI. ; 1-271. 

Dedication III. "To iSIy Brethren of Alpha Delta Phi, this volume is dedi- 
cated. Edward E. Hale. 

I. The Leaders Lead. An Address delivered before the Convention of Alpha 
Delta Phi, at Williams College, May 24, 1877. pp. 1-28. 

III. Noblesse Oblige. An Address delivered before the Annual Convention of 
Alpha Delta Phi, May 18, 1871. pp. 51-74. 

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Fraternitj' founded by Samuel Eells . 
Skeleton Badge first adopted .... 
Miami Chapter, first estahlishod by Sainuol l\Ah 


Miami Chapter, first announced meeting held . 
Urban Chapter, established. Charter issued 
Columbia Chapter, first meeting held .... 

Yale Chapter organized 

First Convention held, Utica, N. Y 

Amherst Chapter established, initiated (circa) . 

Brunonian Chapter established 

Harvard Chapter established 

Geneva Chapter established, initiated 

Hudson Chapter, established by Samuel Eell.s . 

Bowdoin Chapter established 

Dartmouth Chapter established. Charter February 24 

Peninsular Chapter established, Charter June 12 

Rochester (Empire) established at Madison University 

Alabama Chapter established, initiated 

Brunonian Chapter reestablished .... 

Williams Chapter established, initiated 

Manhattan Chapter established, initiated . 

Middletown Chapter established, initiated 

Alabama Chapter suspends active functions 

Quarter-Centennial Convention at New York . 

Kenyon Chapter established ..... 

Union Chapter established, Charter June 14 

Cumberland Chapter, initiated December, 1857, recognize 

Cornell Chapter established, initiated 

Yale Chapter surrendered Charter .... 

Miami Chapter suspends active functions . 

Geneva Chapter suspends active functions 

Phi Kappa Chapter established, initiated . 

Harvard Chapter reestablished 

Columbia Chapter reestablished 

Semi-Centennial Convention 

E.STO Pkkpktua. 

January, 1832. 
July 3, 1833. 
at Cincinnati, 

October, 1833. 
. Fall of 1836. 
July 28, 1835. 
June 16, 1836. 
June, 1836. 
July 27-8, 1836. 
September 18, 1836. 
Autumn, 1836. 
March 29, 1837. 
March 23, 1840. 
July 1, 1841. 
October, 1841. 
March, 1846. 
August 5, 1846. 
Winter, 1849-50. 
April 15, 1851. 
July 1, 1851. 
July 9, 1855. 
July 31, 1856. 
Spring term, 1857. 
June 27-8, 1857. 
November 14, 1858. 
July 16, 1859. 
March 19, 1869. 
Spring term, 1873. 
June, 1876. 
May, 1876. 
December 20, 1877 
February 3, 1879. 
May 18, 1881. 
May 16-18, 1882. 




1832 TO 1885. 


In the winter of 1831-32 five students of Hamilton College came 
together in an upper chamber, after the evening lamps were lighted, to 
devise a method of helping each other forward in their study and cult- 
ure and preparation for the future. They felt the need of warmer 
nutriment for their souls than that furnished by the drilled dry lessons 
of the class-room. Yielding to a good inspiration, which sometimes 
teaches the inexperienced to plan and build more wisely than they 
know, these five young men banded themselves together in a life-long 
league which had in it the seeds of a wide-spread institution. The 
names of the five students were : Samuel Eells, who died in Cincinnati 
in 1842 ; Lorenzo Latham, who died in New Orleans in 1860 ; Henry 
Lemuel Storrs, whose death, in 1852, closed the earthly career of an 
eloquent and devoted minister; Oliver Andrew Morse, who died in 
1870 ; and John C. Underwood, whose death occurred in 1873. In this 
movement Samuel Eells exercised a controlling influence. When he 
entered college there were in the institution two literary societies, the 
Phoenix and the Philopeuthian. The strong rivalry between these two 
societies was not infrequently inflamed into a feeling of hostility and 
bitterness. The evils connected with this state of tilings suggested to 
the mind of Mr. Eells the establishing of a "society of a higher 

4 Hamilton. 

nature and more comprehensive and higher principle." He meditated 
long and in private over the principles and the plan of the organiza- 
tion. In 1830 it existed only in idea ; but in the fall of that year 
events occurred which induced him to hasten tlie attempt to clothe the 
idea with the outward form of reality, A few of the leading members 
of the two literary societies were approached with caution and finally 
admitted to his confidence. All approved of the plan and pledged 
themselves to the work. The first meeting was held in Mr. Eells' room, 
No. 15, Kirkland Hall. It was a meeting for consultation only, and 
no presiding officer was appointed, nor were an}- minutes taken. At a 
subsequent meeting Lorenzo Latham and Samuel Eells were appointed 
a committee to report a constitution and a badge. The whole of the 
constitution as at first adopted was drawn up bj" Mr. Eells. Jt is 
apparent from this sketch that the beginnings of Alpha Delta Phi are 
veiled to some extent in that obscurity which surrounds the origin of 
almost all institutions. It did not spring at once into full-grown man- 
hood, but developed and matured until, in 1832, it attained its complete 

This history would be very incomplete if it failed to include some 
sketch of the brilliant founder of our order. 

Samuel Eells was born in Westmoreland, Oneida County. New York, 
on the 18th of May, 1810. He was a born leader of men. His nature 
was ardent and affectionate, and he exerted a powerful influence either 
by the kindness of his heart or by the force of his mind and character. 
He possessed to a rare degree that quality which is called personal 
magnetism. He developed in early life remarkable talents for compo- 
sition and declamation, which gave some intimation of the brilliant 
oratorical powers which were to follow. His mind was rapid in its 
action ; his habits of thought logical ; his scholarship varied and accu- 
rate. In addition to this he possessed a rare grace of expression ; an 
imagination naturally vivid and quickened by an intimate acquaintance 
with literature and art ; and a profound faith which compelled convic- 
tion. He entered upon life with a slender stock of strength, which the 

Haiuilfon. 5 

restless energy of his career oave him no time to increase. He was 
admitted to college in 1827, but in a lew months his failing health com- 
pelled him to seek new vigor from tlie sea-air and an ocean voyage. 

In 182.S he returned to Hamilton with renewed powers ; and, after a 
college course marked with unusual promise, was graduated in 1832 
with the highest honor of his class. In 1835 he began the practice of 
law in Cincinnati. His success was assured. In less than a year 
Salmon P. Chase had asked Mr. Eells to become his partner. His 
professional career covers only the five short years Avliich followed, 
until 1840 ; but they were years full of splendid achievement and still 
more splendid promise. In November, 1840, with health sadly im- 
paired, he sought a southern climate. He was never again able to 
resume work, and on Sabbath morning, ]\Iay 13, 1842, he died, at th(! 
age of tlnrty-two. "His highest title," said Mr. Chase, "was 

The internal history of the mother-chai)ter has been uneventful. At 
the close of the first half-century of her existence she has just provided 
herself with a beautiful home. Largely through the liljerality of Mr. 
Dan P. Eells, a brother of our founder, together with numerous 
and, in the aggregate, large contributions from other sons of Alpha 
Delta Phi, a "Memorial Hall " has been erected and completed, and 
the mother-chapter will hold her semi-centenary celebration under the 
shelter of her own roof. 

A partial list of the lionors won in college Hfe by the chapter is 
given l)elow. 

Valedictorians. — Samuel Eells, '32; O. A. Morse, '33; J. A. Piatt, '35; P. C. 
Hastings, '38 ; J. S. Sherwood, '40 ; Edward North, '41 ; A. P. Willard, '42 ; Andrew 
Dexter, '43; Erastus Willard, '57; S. H. Adams, '65; C. A. Gardiner, '80. 

Salidaiorians. — Lorenzo Latham, '32; George Underwood, '38 ; S. W. Adams, 
'30; T. W. Dwight, '40; T. G. Frost, '42; K. M. Richardson, '43; Herrick 
Johnson, '57; A. J. Northrup, '58; H. M. Simmons, '64; A. G. Hopkins, '(iG ; H. 
C. G. Brandt, '72 ; P. L. Klock, '80. 

Clark Prize Orators. — F. II. Head, '50; Ilerrich Johnson, 'bl ; F. D. Seward, 
'58; //. 31. Simmons, '04; C. S. Millard, '6(j; H. D. Cunningham, '66 ; M. R. 
Miller, '68; T. W. Fitch, '60 ; S. N. D. North, '69; W. E. Lewis, '75; Howard P. 
Eells, 76; R. S. Rudd, '79; C. A. Gardiner, '80. 


Prize Delate. — D. R. Breed, '67; C. -/. Lyon, '67; T. A. Abbott, '70; F. H. 
Bagley, '70; F. B. Daniels, '71; E. D. Mathews, '73; F. F. Davis, '76; R. S. 
Rudd, '79; G. V. Gorton, '79; C. A. Gardiner, '80; John Otto, Jr., '81. 

Pruyn Medallists. — T. F. Gardner, '64; S. F. Bagg, '69; C. A. Gardiner, '80. 

Head Prize Men.—T. A. Abbott, '70; J. L. Bennett, '71 ; H. P. Eells, '76. 

Southwortk Prize in Physics.— L. L. Porter, '73; P. L. Klock, '80; C. A. 
Gardiner, '80. 

Curran Prize Men, Classical. — B. D. Gilbert, '57; S. F. Adams, '58; I. H. 
Hall, '59; M. H. Northrup, '60; C. M. Davis, '61; H. H. Curran, '62; T. F. 
Gardner, '64; S. H. Adams, '65; D. 11. Breed, '67; J. H. Hopkins, '72; C. P. 
Eells, '74; H. D. Gardner, '75; F. E. Dwight, '79; P. L. Klock, '80. 

TompJcins Prize Men, Mathematical. — I. H. Hall, '59; W. H. Beach, '60; H. 
P. Bigelow, '61 ; S. H. Adams, '63; H. M. Simmons, '64; D. R. Breed, '67; T. C. 
Jerome, '68; C. P. Eells, '74; C. A. Gardiner, '80. 


Charter Members. 

Samuel Eells. 'l.A.K. 
LoKENzo Latham. EM. 
Oliver Andrew Morse. P.Q. 
Henry Lemuel Storrs. E.B. 
John Curtiss Underwood. E.H. 

*^^' Samuel Eells. I.A.K. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Foimder ; First President of the Fraternity, 1832-6. Died May 13, 1842. Set- 
sketch iu Annals of Hamilton. 

*^^ Lorenzo Latham. E.Q. New Orleans, La. 

Teacher, Natchez, Miss. Editor New Orleans Picayune, 185.3-60. Died December 

27, 1860. 

*^^^ John Curtiss Underwood. E.H. Richmond, Va. 

Lawyer. 5th Auditor U. S. Treasury, 1861; U. 8. District Judge, Va., 1863-73; Pres. 
Constitutional Convention, Va., 1867. Died, Washington, D. C, December 7, 1S73, aged 65. 

*i88o Othniel Samuel Williams. O.A. Clinton, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Prof. Modern Languages, Hamilton, 1837-8 ; County Judge, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
1846; Trustee Hamilton, 1847-80; Surrogate, Oneida Co., 1848-56; Secretary and Treasurer 
Hamilton, 1850-80 ; Pres. Utica, Clinton and Bingh;imton R. R., 1869-80. Author of Lectures 
and Addresses on Early History of Clinton. A.B., Hamilton, 1831; LL.D., 1871. Died 
May 20, 1880. 


Charles Avery. 1.6. Clinton, N. Y. 

Teacher. Prof. Chemistry, Hamilton, 1834-68 ; Prof. Chemistry and Toxicology, N. Y. 
HomcEopathic Medical Coll., 1809-76. A.B., Hamilton, 1820; LL.D., Western Reserve Coll., 
18.50. Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. 

*^«*^ Marcus CatUn. Z.O. Clinton, N. Y. 

Tutor Hamilton, 1831-4; Prof. Mathematics and Astronomy, Hamilton, 1834-49 
Author of articles in Gill's Math. Misc., 1833-5. A.B., Hamilton, 1827. Fellow American 
Acad. Arts and Sciences. 

*i8« Edward Parker Handy. E.Z. Utica, N. Y. 


Charles Kilbourn. A. )'. Nashua, Iowa. 


8 Hainilton. 

*i87o Qljyjjj^ Andrew Morse. Ai?. New York City. 

Lawyer. U. S. Representative from N. J., 1857-9. Died April 20, 1870. 

*i^ Lorenzo Parsons. Z.E. Westfield, N. Y. 

Prin. Springfield and Westfield academies ; Superintendent Common Schools, Chau- 
tauqua Co., N. Y. Pres. Chautauqua Manufacturing Co. Died February 4, 1868. 

Oren Root. Z.T. Clinton, N. Y. 

Prof. Emeritus, Mathematics and Mineralogy, Hamilton, 1881; Tutor Hamilton, 1834-7 ; 
Prin. Syracuse Acad., 1837-44, and of Seneca Falls Acad., 184.5-9; Prof. Mathematics and 
Mineralogy, Hamilton, 1849-81. Author of papers in Gill's Math. Misc., 1833-5 ; in Runkle's 
Math. Jo^urnal, 1856-9; and of Surveying and Navigation, in Robinson's series. L.L.D., 
Rochester Univ., 1865. 

*i852|j^g^ Henry Lemuel Storrs. E.B. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Trustee Hamilton, 1840-4. 


*^*" Melville M Adams. M.O. Pompey, X. Y. 
*^*^fHERVEY Leicester Coe. E.(-). Le Roy, N. Y. 

Died, Cincinuati, O., November 18, 1833. 

*'*^ John Goddard Hinckley. N.L Westfield, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Prin. Westfield Acad., 1845. Atty. for Lake Shore R.U. Died March 6, 1868. 

*^^'' Rev. John Finley Smith. V. V. Clinton, N. Y. 

Prof. Greek and Latin, Hamilton, 1839-43. Conductor Utica Musical Acad., 1840-2. 
Died, Urbaua, N. Y., October 4, 1843. 

Hamilton Spencer. A.U. Bloomington, 111. 

Lawyer. Lessee Chicago and Alton R.U., 1854-7. 

f Nathaniel Bennett. N.TJ. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Member Cal. State Senate. 1844; Chief Justice Superior Court, Cal., 1851-2. 
See Biographies of Representative Men of California. 

* ^^'''f Frederick Augustus CoE. P.E. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. Corporation Counsel, Yonkers, N. Y. A.B., Yale Coll., 1837. 

*^^'^ Calvert Comstock. hi. P. Rome, N. Y. 

Lawyer. District Attorney, Oneida Co.. X. Y., 1845-50. Mayor, Rome, N. Y., 1872. 
Editor Rome, N. Y., Sentinel, and Albany, N. Y., Argus. 

*^^^'\Rev. Flenry 3Iandeville. A.J. ]\Iohile, Ala. 

Trustee Hamilton, 1S38-41. Prof. Rhetoric and Elocution, Hamilton, 1S41-9. Pastor 
at Geneva, N. Y., Utica, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., and ^iobile, Ala. Author of Elements of 
Reading and Oratory; a series of School Readers; and a Commentary on Romans. D.D., 
Union Coll., 1845. Died October 2, 1858. 

Anson Stowe Miller. II. 0. Santa Cruz, Cal. 

111. State Representative, 1844; State Senator, 1846; State Judge, 1857; U.S. Presiden- 
tial Elector, 111., 1864. Lecturer on Political Economy and Law of Nations in Rockford, 
III., Business Coll. LL.D., Hamilton, 1864. 

James Augustus Pl ATT. I..\. Mineral Point. Wis. 


Hamilton. 9 

*'*'"'•' Rev. Lemuel Strong Pomekoy. l.T. Junius, N. Y. 

Trin. Monroe, N. Y., Colloi^iato Institute, and at I'ompoy and (Jortlandvillc for several 
years. Pastor Presbyterian Ciuirch successively at Pompey, (Janiillus, Savannah, and 
ilunius, all N. Y. Orad., Auburn Theo. Sein., 1836. Died February 19, 1879. 

*>'*"'tTiiOMAS Wright. SJ]. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Died March 29, 1867. 


*''"''tTiiOMAS Parker Adams. //'.,/. Waterfbrd, N. Y. 
fMosEH Mears Bagg, M.l). H.E. Utica, N. Y. 

'readier Mt. Hope Coll., Baltimore, 1837-8; Utica Female Acad.; and Utica Acad. 
City Phv'^ieian, Utica, 1843-81; Health Oflficer of Utica and Hospital Physician. Author 
of Pioneers of Utiea, 1877. A.B., Yale Coll., 1837. 

* — jAViLLTAM PIenry Clark. A.N. Detroit, Mich. 


Daniel Huntington. Z.A^. New York City. 

Pres. National Acad. Design. LL.D., Hamilton, 1863. 

*'''"^ John Martin Keep. P.Y. Beloit, Wis. 

Lawyer. Judge 1st Judicial District, Wis., 1800-3. ])ied March 2, 1861. 

James Otis Morse. MM. New York City. 

Iron commission merchant. 

*^«^tSETHTR YON Wilbur. ll'.N. New York City. 

Lawyer. A.B., Yale Coll., 1837. 


*i876.j.pjjjj^jp Pi^ASER. /.J. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lawyer. U. S. District Judge, Fla., 1866-76. 

jGeorge Yates Gilbert. F.P. Gilbertsville, N. Y. 

Eau Claire Lumber Co., Eau Claire, Wis. Formerly practising lawyer in New York 
City. A.B., Yale Coll., 1837. 

*'*"'fEev. Cornelius Willett Gillam. O.Z. Rochester, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, Fairport, N. J., 184-1-51; book trade, 1851-3. Died October, 1853. 

Amos Kinney Hadley, O.Z. New York City. 

Lawyer. Member N. Y. Aesemblv, 1847-9; Speaker, 1848-9. Counsel to Troy and 
Boston K. R., 1848-53. Chancellor Coll. of Archaeology and yEsthetics, New York City. 

Rev. Theodore Benedict Lyman. F'.A'. Raleigh, N. C. 

Bishop of N. C. since 1880; Resident Bishop of Am. Episcopal Church in Rome, Italy, 
4 years ; Rector Trinity Church, San Francisco, 1870-73 ; Assistant Bishop of N. C, 1873-80. 

*"''^|JoAn Howard Raymond. A.F. Poughkecpsie, N. Y. 

Prof. Madison Univ., 1838-50; Rochester Univ., 1850-5; Pres. Brooklyn Polytechnic 
Institute, 1855-64; Pres. Vassar Coll., 1864-78. LL.D., Rochester Univ., 1855. Died 
August 14, 1878. See Life and Letters of John Howard Raymond, 1881. 


* ^'"^ Rev. Samuel John Mills Beep.e. . /. 0. Nebraska City, Neb 

Yale Divinity School, 1842. Pastor Presbyterian Churcli, Clyde, N. Y., 1842. Died 
June 5, 1873. 

lo Hamilton. 

*'^«tHEMAN B. Ely. A'.Z. New Orleans, La. 


Eev. Parsons Clark Hastings. U.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Private Tutor. Prin. Auburn Acad., 18-50; Lecturer on Theology, and Chaplain 
Hamilton, 1851-4. Contributor to Rutland, Vt., Herald, 1855, Kew York Observer, and 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Eagle. 

*^^ George Langford, Jr. F.Y. Marshall, Mich. 

Lawyer. Prin. Sauquoit Acad., 1835. Died September 20, 1840. 

*'*^tJoHN Milton Lathrop. O.P. Sherburne, N. Y. 

jCharles Dudley Miller. .^.;V. Peterborough, N. Y. 


f (John) Lansing Porter. I.N. Auburn, N. Y. 

Farmer. Capt. 75th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-3. A.B., Wesl. Univ., 1839. 

fEev. John Wesley Pratt. 0. ¥. Lanshigville, N. Y. 

Retired Methodist clergyman; farming since 1857. Taught and preached, 1840-57. 
A.B., We-sleyan Univ., 1838. 

f James Osborn Putnam. I. T. Buffalo, N. Y. 

U. S. Minister to Belgium at Brussels since 1880. Postmaster, Bufltilo, N. Y., 1851-2; 
U. S. Presidential Elector at Large, N. Y. (Lincoln), 1860; U. 8. Consul at Havre, France, 
1861-6. Author of Addresses, Speeches and Miscellanies, 1880. 

*^*^|Rev. Levi Ward Smith. A.0. Germantown, Pa. 

A.B., Yale Coll., 1839. 

James Wickes Taylor.. E.Z. Winnipeg, Can. 

U. S. Consul, Winnipeg, Can. Member Ohio Constitutional Convention, 1851. 

*»859 GrEORGE Underavood. T.J. Auburn, N. Y. 

Member N. Y. Assembly, 1850-2 ; Mayor, Auburn, 1854. Attorney X. Y. Central and 
Hudson River R. R. Died, Auburn, May 24, 1859. 

fRev. Daniel Cibimings Van Norman. //. IT. New York City. 

Pres. Van Norman Institute. Prof. Classics and Physics, Victoria Coll., Can., 1839-45 ; 
Prin. Rutgers Coll., New York, 1851-7. Joint author, with Louis Pujol, Complete French 
Class Book. A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 1838; LL.D., 1802. Member Soc. for. the Promotion 
of Science and Art. 


♦^^^ Ira Adams. 1.6. New Orleans, La. 


*^^ Rev. Seymour Webster Adams. E.T. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Pastor First Baptist Church, Cleveland. Author of Memorial of Dr. Nathaniel 
Kendrick. D.D., Dennison Univ., 1855. Died September 27, 1864. 

*^«^« Rev. Amos Delos Gridley. I.A. Clinton, N. Y. 

Trustee Hamilton, 1864-76. Author of Thoughts for the Afflicted, 1854; History 
of Kirkland, 1874. Contributor to Mo7'th American Review, Hours at Home, Country 
Gentleman, Horticulturist, and Independent. Licensed to preach by Andover Assoc, 
1843. D.D., Olivet Coll., 1876. Died October 23, 1876. 

Panet Marshall Hastings, M.D. M.I. Hartford, Conn. 

Lecturer on Anatomy and Phvsiology, Hamilton, 1843-55. M. D., Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons, N. Y. State Univ., 1842. 

Hamilton. 1 1 

'^' Rev. Charles Jerome. A.'iK Clinton, N. Y. 

Author of History of the Presbyterian Churcli, Bcrifon, X. J. Died May 31, 1873. 

"**' f Charles James Lynde. 7./Y. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Drowned in Lalie Erie, August 9, 1841. A.B., Yale Coll., 1S38. 

t William Pitt Lynde. A.X. Milwaukee, Wis. 

T.rnvvor; nrlmittrd. N^cw York, 1841. Elected Attorney-General, Wis., 184.5; appointed 

U. S. Di^tii.t A It. 111. \. l-^i:. ; r. f^. Representative from Wis., 1847-9; (Mayor, Milwaukee, 
ISCiU; Mriiil..]- W i-. si:ii,. \--,i,iblv, 1866; State Senator, 1868-9; U.S. Representative 
from Wis., ls7.,-;i. A 1'... Y:ilr Coll., 1839. 

— f Charles S. Rice. l.B. New Orleans, La. 

Died, New Orleans, a few years after leaving college. 

Rev. Horace WiNSLOW. O.fl. Willimantic, Conn. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Author of published sermons and addresses. Chaplain 
.5th Conn. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862. 


'^"jHenry Augustus Brigham. .I'.J. West Troy, N. Y. 

Watervliet Arsenal. Military Storekeeper, Ordnance Department, U. S. A., March 6, 
1862-70. Died November 1.5, 1870. 

Theodore William D WIGHT. P.O. New York City. 

Warden Columbia Law School since 18.59; Prof. Municipal Law since 18.58. Tutor 
Hamilton, 1842-46; Prof. Political Economy and History, 1846-58; non-resident Prof. 
Constitutional Law, Cornell Univ., 1869; Amhei-st Coll., 1870; Lecturer on Ecclesiastical 
Law, Union Theo. Sera. Member N. Y. Constitutional Convention, 1867 ; Member New 
York Committee of Seventy, 1873. Pres. N. Y. State Prison Assoc, 1874 ; Vicc-Prcs. N. Y. 
State Board Charities. Associate Justice "Commission of Appeals," N. Y. State, 1873. 
Pres. Kirkland Iron Co.. Clinton, N. Y. Trustee Hamihon. Author of Dwight on Chari 
■ ■ ' " ■ ■ • Li ' -" ' ■ 

table Uses; Associate Editor Philadelphia, Pa., AmeHcan Law Register; Legal Editor 
Johmon'ii Cyclopcedia of I.ihrafnre and 5ci«?ncM,- contributor to JVori/t American Review. 
LL.D., Rutgers Coll. and Columbia Coll., 1860. 

Glenni William Scofield. A'. '/. AVarren, Pa. 

Justice in U. S. Court of Claims since 1881. District Attorney, Pa., 1846; Represen- 
tative in Pa. State Legislature, 1850-1; State Senator, 1857-9; Presiding Judge 18th U. S. 
J udicial Dist., 1861 ; U. S. Representative from Pa., 1863-75 ; Register U. S. Treasury, 1878-81. 

*'^^ Joseph Sackett Sheravood. P.F/. Auburn, N. Y. 
William Johnson Bacon. F.O'. Utica, N. Y. 

Lawyer. City Attorney, Utica, 1837; Member N. Y. Assembly, 1850; Judge N.Y. 
Supreme Court, 1854-70 ; U. S. Representative from N. Y., 1877-9. Trustee Hamilton smce 
1852; Pres. and Trustee Utica Cemetery Assoc. ; Pres. and Trustee Utica Gas Light Co.; 
Director Second National Bank, Utica; Trustee Utica Cotton Mills Co. ; Pres. Utica Savmga 
Bank. Author of Address at Dedication of Oakland Cemetery, 1860; Address on Sabbath 
Question, at Albany, 1870 ; and numerous others up to 1876. A.B., Hamilton, 1822 ; LL.D., 
1854. Member New England Geneal. and Hist. Soc, and of Oneida Co. Hist. Soc. 


Edward North. P. V. Clinton, N. Y. 

Prof. Greek, n.amilton. Pres. N. Y. State Teachers' Assoc, 1864-5; Necrologist Hamil- 
ton Alumni, 1851-81 ; Necrologist N.Y. State University Convocation, 1875-82. Trustee 
Hamilton, 1881; Commissioner Auburn Theo. Sem., 1878-83. Author of Memorial of 
Col. Henrv H. Curran, 1876; Published Address before N. Y. Teachers' Assoc. Member 
Am. Philological Assoc; National Teachers' Assoc; Am. Institute of Instruction: N. Y. 
State Agricultural Soc. ; Utica Musical Acad. ; N. Y. Hist. Soc. ; Albany Institute ; Oneida 
Hist. Soc, etc. L.H.D., N. Y. State Univ., 1869. 

12 Hamilton. 

*iw Rev. Linus Mead Peck. F.W. Cazenovia, N. Y. 



*^««" Thomas Gold Frost. M.P. , Evanston, III. 

Lawyer. XT. S. Presidential Elector, III., 18G8; Pres. Evanston, 1880. Trustee Knox 
Coll., 1809-80. Died December 22, 1880. 

Norton Asa Halbert. I. T. Midland Park, N. J. 


*^^*'f Cotton Mather Kendrick. I'.f:. Hamilton, N. Y. 
*i84o jggy Stephen Franklin Otis. P. I. De Ruyter, N. Y. 
Charles Ashbel Parsons. 6..\. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 


Theodore Medad Pomeroy. ./. )*. Aubnrn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. AmericanExpressCo., New York ('ity. Mayor, Auburn, 1875-7; U.S. Repre- 
sentative' from N. Y., 1861-7 ; State Senator, 1877-79. 

* f J ared Sidney Torrance. I:.Z. Passaic, N.J. 

Lawyer, New York City. Died May 2, 1872. 

*'^ Ashbel Parsons WiLLARD. /L^K Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lawyer. Councilman, New Albany, Ind., 1848-9 ; Member Ind. House of Representa- 
tives, 18.50-2; Lieut. Gov. of Ind., aS52-6; Gov. of Ind., 18-56-60. Died at St. Paul, 
Minn., October 4, 1860. 


Andrew Dexter. B.F. New York City. 


* "^^ Frederic Gridley. Z.fJ. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Banker. Buffalo Steam Engine Works, 184-5; Cashier White's Bank, Buffalo, from 
1850 till his decease. Lumber business, New York City, 1860. Died December 8, 1876. 

Rev. William De Loss Love. I'.F. South Hadley, Mass. 

Trustee Olivet Coll.; Trustee Mt. Holyoke Female Sem. Author of Wisconsin in the 
War; contributor to Bibliotheca Sacra. D. D., Hamilton, 1871. 

Robert Mark Richardson. ¥.<!>. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Col. 15th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

*^'^'^ Alfred Billings Street. 


m, AlbiuiN 

Albany, N. Y. 

•, N. A\ Author <.(• Tlir lluri 

nil!!.' of Sohe- 

iii^;s ami '1 
ls'41'. Ale 

■,.r Nrw V,.i'k. In.m; W 1- 

•Kl rirlui-cs in the AcliiMiidac 
inber Albany lustitule. 

'.ma Waters, 
ks, ISiU; Tlu' 


New York City. 

,n Coll, 

Henry Hunn Thompson. 

Assist. Treasurer N. Y., Lake Erie and Western K. R. Chief Paying Teller U. S. 
Treasury, Washington, 1861-5 ; Cashier Natio-nal Bank, New Berne, N. C, 1866-8. 

HaiiiiIto72. 13 

*"^'^ Rev. Edavin Hall Ckane. (I>.K. Gawar, Persia. 

Missionary, A. B. C. F. M. Died August 27, 1854. 

Rev. James Eells. H.l. AValniit Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Prof. Sacred Rhetoric and Pastoral Theology Lane Theo. Sena. Trustee Western 
Reserve Coll., 1857-9; Prof. San Francisco Theo. Sem., 1876-9. Author of Memorial of 
Samuel Eells, 1873. D.D., Univ. of City of Xew York, 1861. 

* '''''' Rev . LoREN Eaton Haven . //. /. Waterville , N . Y . 
*^«^^t Harvey Hubbard. S.E. Noiwieli, X. Y. 
*'**"f George AYilliam Jackson. F.I. Farrows ville, Va. 
*i8fi4 Y^x Newton Jerome. P.E. Iowa City, Iowa. 

Lawyer. U. S. Revenue Assessor, Iowa, 1862-5 Trustee Iowa Univ. Died December 
. 7, 1S6L 

John DeWitt Rexford. Y. 7'. Janesville, Wis. 

Banker. Pres. First National Bank. 

Albert Backus Roberts. B. T. Murfreesboro', N. C. 

Cotton Planter and Fruit Grower. A.B., Union Coll., 1844. 

Richard Kingsbury Sanford. /'../. Fulton, N. Y. 

Custom House, New York City. Editor. N. Y. State Senator, 1862-3. 

I John Sayles. A.I. Brenham, Tex. 

Lawyer, .ind Prof, of Law in Baylor Univ., Tex. Author of Treatise on Practice ol 
Law in Texas, 1858. 


Everett Case. E.P. Lansingburg, N. Y. 

Cashier Powers.' Bank. Memher N. Y. State Assembly, 1877. 

George Washington Coavles. P.P. Clyde, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judsje Wayne County Court, N. Y., 1864-9, 1874-80. U. S. RepresentaliM' 
from N. Y., 1869-71. 

John Horton Daniels. O.N. Chicago, 111. 

Cashier Money Order Department, Chicago Post Office. Member 111. Legislature, 1870-1. 

SuiviNER Stowe Ely. Y. P. New York City. 


f Samuel Gurley Love. Y. ¥. Jamestown, N. Y. 

Prin. Jamestown Institute; Superintendent Public Schools. 

Theodore Steavart Parsons. T.P. Henderson, Ky. 
George Oscar Rathbun. A'.Y. Auburn, N. Y. 



*i864 jjenry Platt Bristol. E.II. Clinton, N. Y. 

Tutor Hamilton, 1849-53. Died August 19, 1864 



Levi Parsons Com ax. //. 7. Newark, Ohio. 

Lawyer, and Superintendent Schools 2 years. Capt. 76th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 3 years. 

jDan Paemelee Eells. J. P.-. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Pres. Commercial National Bank; Pres. Ohio Central R. R., since 1880; Vice-Pres. 
N. Y., Lake Erie and Western R. R., since 1879. 

Deavitt Langfoed. T. T. Vernon, N. Y. 

Civil Engineer, Northern Pacific R. R. 

*'^^ Alexandee Spauldixg. 3.W. New York City. 

Collector Internal Revenue, 8th N.Y. District. Registrar U. S.Land Office, 1850; Judge 
Mai-ine Court, New York City, 1872. Died February 20, 1876. 

1847. - 

^^^ Rev. Homer Baetlett Morgan. Q.M. Smyrna, Turkey. 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1850. Missionary, A. B. C. F. M. Died August 20, 1865. 

^1850 ^YiLLiAM WiLLSHiEE EoBiNSON. I.H. Penn Yan, N. Y. 
fJoHN Thomas Speiggs. A". T. Utica, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Mayor, Utica, 1879-80. A.B., Union Coll., 1848. 

^^- Rev. Joseph Walwoeth Sutphen. 1. 7'. 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. 

Amos Underwood, Jr. M.N. Phelps, N. Y. 

Ticket Agent N. Y. Central R.R. 



*''^ Rev. Nathan Allen. A.N. Utica, N. -Y. 
Joseph Strong Avery. 0.0. Clinton, N.Y. 

Lawyer. Postmaster, Clinton, 1857-60; Surrogate Oneida Co., 1863-78. 

*'^ Samuel Allen Bennett. 1 

Lawyer. Died April 12, 1860. 

Benjamin Caryl Ely, INI.D. 


EfeNEY Giles ^Miller. ././/. 


Rev. JosiAH Wilcox North. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1856. 

Edward (Francis Baxtee) Oeton 

E. St. Louis, Mo. 
A.J. Girard, Pa. 

Chicago, 111. 

Middletown, Conn. 

J.O. Columbus, Ohio. 

Pres. and Prof. Geology, Ohio State Univ., since 1873; Pi-of. Natural Sciences, Statt? 
Normal School, Albany, N.Y., 1856-9; Prin. Chester, N.J., Acad., 1859-65: Prof. Antioch, 
Ohio, Coll., 1865-9, and Pres., 1872-3 ; "Asst. Geologist of Ohio, 1869-75. Author of Geology 
of Ohio, vols. 1., II., III.; contributor to American Jourrial of Science and Art. I h.l)., 
Hamilton, 1875. Honorary member Kirtland Nat. Hist. Soc, Cleveland, Ohio; Member 
Wis. Acad, of Sciences. 

Hamilton. 15 

Edward Austin Sheldon. ./.J. Oswego, N.Y. 

Prin. State Normal and Traininsj School, Oswego, N. Y. ; Superintendent Schools, 
Syracuse, N.Y., 1S51-3; Oswego, 1853-69. Contributor to American Journal of Ji'c/vca- 
tion; author of scries of Readers and Spellers, 1806-76, and Teacher's Manual of Reading. 
rii.D., N. Y. State Univ. 


Lewis Alexander Brigham. E.A. Jersey City Heights, 

Lawyer, New York City. Prin. Monticello and Sullivan academies, 1850-2; Member 
Board of Education, 1865 ; Superintendent Public Schools, Bergen. N. J., 1866-9. Member 
Board of Police Commissioners, Jersey City, 1874-5, and Pres., 1876. Member N.J. State 
Assembly, 1877; U. S. Representative from'N. J., 1879-81. 

Rev. Archibald Henry Campbell, LL.B. P.Ff. Ca- 
sey, Iowa. 

Prin. Bowling Green Acad., Ky., 1851-6; Lawyer and Insurance Agent, Chicago, III., 
1858-76. LL.B., Hamilton, 1857, and Chicago Univ., 1801. 

Rev. Francis Fields Ellin^vood. A*. E. New York City. 

Sec. Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. D.D., N. Y. Univ. Trustee Hamilton, 

*'^ James Solomon Gardiner. O.S. Whitestown, N. Y. 

Prin. Whitestowu Sem., 1853-80. Pres. Hamilton Alumni, 1876-7. Ph.D., Hamilton, 

Martin Luther Kimball. A.E. Berlin, Wis. 

Lawyer. State Senator of Wisconsin, 1857-8. 

Rev. Welcome Lewis. H'.X. Coventry, N. Y. 

•Retired Baptist clergyman. Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1871. 

Rev. Andrew Bigelow Morse. A. A. Le Roy, N. Y. 

U. S. Treasury Department, Washington, 1864-6 ; Bureau of Military Statistics, Albany, 
N. Y., 1866-7. Prin. Boys' Select School, Albany, 1850-1. Missionary to Siam, 1856-7. 
Contributor to Appleton's Cyclopaedia and Knickerbocker Magazine. 

* '^* Randolph DeForest Sanders. 0. W. St. Louis, Mo. 
AlvinTenney. E.X. Brooklyn, N. Y. 



*'^' Tjri Carruth. A.I. Vineland, N. J. 

Lawyer. Editor Green Lake Spectator, Berlin, Wis., 1856-67, and Vineland Indepen- 
dent, 1871-5. Died October 23, 1875. 

\Rev. Alexander MacGregor Ho'pjper. /. U. Adams, N. Y. 

Pastor Baptist Church. D.D., Madison Univ., 1870. 

Rev. Joseph Welton Hubbard. l.U. Wilton Junction, 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Prin. Clinton Grammar School, 1850-1; Pres. Northern 
HI. Coll., Fulton," 111., 1875-7. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1852. 

f Commodore Perry Jones. E.T . Unadilla Centre, N. Y. 

1 6 Hamilton. 

fCHARLES IMoRTiMER Lee, M.D. B' .B. Fulton, N. Y. 

M.D., Geneva, N. Y., Medical Coll., 1S50. 

f William B. Mumbrute. A' ,7j. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Wolf River Transportation Co., Stevens Point, Wis., 186S. 

*^^2 James Oscar Noyes, M.D. O.X. New Orleans, La. 

Phy.sician on Staff of Omar Pasha in Tml. \ T"'' I'loprietor and Editor of Kmc.k- 
erbockt'r .Vd'/axhif, ISoS. Commissioner (-1 I u. La., 1807. Contributor to New 

York Tri'iniic, Detroit Jfree Presn, North • , Advocate; autlior of Roumania. 

Member New Orleans Acad. Sciences. M.H.. il ir ;,i i i .11, 1S53, and Univ. of Vienna. 

Benjamin Bradford Snow. B.A. Auburn, N. Y. 

City Superintendent Schools since 1870. Coimty Clerk, Cayuga Co., 1859-64; Provost- 
Marshal, 24lh Dist. K. Y., 1864-5. 

fWiLLiAM Walter Stow. ./'. T. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Attorney Pacific R. R. Member Cal. Assembly, 1854-5; Speaker, 1855. 

Benjamin Rush Catlin. M.E. Washington, D. C. 

Examiner in Patent Office. Tutor Hamilton, 1853-6. Chaplain 115th Regt. U. 8. C. 
T., 1865. 

Rev. William Neal Cleaveland. A.Q. Forest Port, 
N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 

Martin Ha^\t.ey. LB. Baltimore, Md. 


Rev. Thomas Boyd Hudson. B.I. Clinton, N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Tutor Hamilton, 1854-G. D.D., Hamilton, 1873. Chap- 
lain 75th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2. 

Walter Scott Kimball, M.D. E.J. Eatontown, N. J. 

Pres. N. J. State Homoeopathic Med. Soc. Author of a Treatise on Diabetes. M.D., 
N. Y. HomcEopathic Med. Coll., 1863. 

*'^™-|- James Benjamin Olmstead LaGrange. B.(P. Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died March 4, 1876. 

*i865 p^viD Little Parmelee. I. A. Aurora, N. Y. 

Prin. Cayuga Lake Acad., 1856-65. Died August 4, 1865. 

Rev. William Alvin Bartlett. E.'Q. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Pastor Second Presbyterian Church. D.D., Hamilton, 1877. 

*i8ci Edward Howard Buck. A. P. Maiden, N. Y. 

Grad. Auburn Tlieo. Som. Died January 23, 1861. 

Rev. Frederic Humphrey. FJ. W. Faribault, Minn. 

Prof. Ecclesiastical History, etc., Seabury Divinity School since 1878. Prof. Mathe- 
matics, Iowa State tiniv., 1856;'Trustee Griswold Coll., Iowa, 1870-8. Chaplain 12th Iowa 
Inf., U. S. A., 1864-6. 

Hamilton. 17 

Milton Hera'^ey Meiiwin. N.l, Utica, N. Y. 

Justice N.Y. Supreme Court, term 1874-88. Surrogate Jefferson Co., 1860-3; Mem- 
ber N. Y. Constitutional Convention, 18B7-8. LL.D., Hamilton, 1878. 

Samuel Fkanklin Miller. ILL North Franklin, N. Y. 

Farmer and Lumberman. Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1853 ; Supervisor Franklin 
Co., 18.')0-7; U. 8. Representative from N. Y., 18G:!-5 and 1875-7: Member Constitutional 
Convention, 1867-8; Commissioner State Board olCliaritios, 1S6S-80. 

Samuel Gardiner Williams. 7./>. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Prof, of Geology, Cornell Univ., since 1870. Piin. (Proton Acad., 18.53-9; Seneca Falls 
Acad., 1856-7; Itbaca Acad., 1859-69. I'li.l)., iramiltou, 1870. 


Myron Hawley Beach. ./. V . Dubuque, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Commissioner of Education, Dubuque, Iowa. Director German Thee 
Sem., Dubuque, 12 years; I'rof. Mathematics, Brockport Collegiate Institute; Prin. Seneca 
Falls Acad. Lieut. Co. A, 44th Iowa Light Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

fCHARLES Duncan Gilfillan. B' .X. St. Paul, Minn. 

Minn. State Senator, 1878-81. Recorder Stillwater, 1853-4; State Representative, 1864-5 
and 1876; Pres. St. Paul Water Co.; Vice-Pres. First National Bank, St. Paul. Member 
Minn. Hist. Soc. Maj. and Paymaster, U. S. A., 1862-3. 

tRuFUS Sheldon. P.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prof. Mathematics, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. 

William Nathan BoYT«fTON. J'. J. Selma, Ala. 

Lawyer. Auditor and Attorney, Selma. Rome and Daltou R.R., 9 years. LL.B., 
Albany Law School. Commissary Staff, C. S. A., 3 years. 

Charles Smith Bundy. B' . V. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Commonwealth's Attorney, Richmond, Va., by military appointment, 
1868-9. Author of Bundy's Justice. Orderly Sergt. and 2d Lieut. 5th Wis. Inf., U. S. A., 
8 months, 1861. 

Charles Linderman. A. P. Clarinda, Iowa. 

Banker. Vice-Pres. Page Co. Bank. Clerk Supreme Court of Iowa, 1867-75; State 
Representative of Iowa, 11th General Assembly, 1868. 2d Lieut. Co. A, 8th Iowa Cav., 
U. S. A., 1863-5. 

^'^'f Henry Franklin Lyman. E. ("■). Cortland ville, N. Y. 
^^' Edward Christopher Morgan. J. U.K. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Died August 6, 1857. 

^^^ Joseph Loomis Williams. O.K. Hamburg, N. Y. 

Dicd February 16, 1858. 


Theodore Avery. B'.Z. Utica, N. Y. 


Jordan Romans Ciiappell. 0. W. Windsor, Mo. 

Stock-raiser ; Mail contractor. 

1 8 Hamilton. 

Rev. William Hart. A'../. Westport, Conn. 

Commissioner of Schools, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 6 years, and Batli, Me., 3 years. Chaplain 
19th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 2 years. 

fSETH Parsons Pratt. E.B. Lockport, N. Y. 

Farmer since 18T0. Prin. Raymond Coll. Institute, 1855-8 ; Sedgwick Institute, 186.5-70. 

f Joseph Addison Prindle. A.O. Denmark, N. Y. 

Teacher .and Preacher. Assoc. Prin. Oswego Home School, 185-5-6, and Oswego Acad., 
1865-9; Headmaster and Prof. Natural Sciences, etc., Oswego Normal School, 1869-71: 
Prin. Lowville Acad., 1871-72. 

Andrew Shuman. A. P. Evanston, 111. 

Chief Editor Chicago, 111., Evening Journal since 1856. Editor Evening Journal and 
Syracuse,]^. Y., Journal, 18.52-6; 111. State Penitentiary Commissioner, 1856-71; Pres. 
Evanston Board of Education, 1875; Lieut.-Governor, 111., 1877-81. Author of Loves of a 
Lawyer. Contributor to many magazines, etc. 

Schuyler Bliss Steers. l.I. New Orleans, La. 

Cotton Broker. Candidate for Congress, 3d Miss. Dist., 1870. 

*'^'^|Sylvenus Aldrich Taylor. A.X. Cortlandville, N. Y. 

Died, Stony Brook, N. Y., October 1, 1853. 

jMiLAN Lester AVard, I.Q. Manhattan, Kan. 

Loan Commissioner, and Prof. Mathematics and Engineering in State Agri. Coll.. 
Manhattan. Prin. Norwich Acad., N. Y., 1861-9; Prin. Ottawa Univ., 1869-73; Acting 
Pres. Kansas State Coll., 1879. 


*i^'tELi Burlingame. I. a. Pillar Point, N. Y. 
* ^**^j-IsAAC Augustus Cowles. A.Y. Syracuse, N. Y. 
Edward Curran. K.A.Y. Utica, N. Y. 

Leather Merchant. Associate Founder Curran Prize, Hamilton. 

*'««*tVAN BuREN DuTTON, LL.B. I\A. New York City. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1860. Capt. 7th N. Y. Inf. 

Franklin Hervey Head, LL.B. A'../. Evanston, 111. 

Manufacturer. Dist. Atty., Kenosha, Wis., 1860-1 ; Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah, 
1866-8; General Manager Elk Rapids Iron Co. and Bangor Chemical Co., 1872. LL.B., 
Hamilton, 1857. Donor of Head Prize Fund, Hamilton. 

*'*''|George LoBiNGiER HoRBACH, LL.B. RJiK Omaha, Neb. 

LL.B., Hamilton, 1856. 

Rev. Ariel McMaster. P. I.. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Prin. Gilbertsville Acad., N. Y., 3 years; Trustee Galesville Univ., Wis. 

*'*^tRiCHARD Channing Moore. P.X. St. Louis, Mo. 

Teacher. A.B., Columbia Coll., 1856. l^ied in St. Louis, Mo., October 6, 1867. 

f James Stewart, Jr. -.f-). Ellsworth, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Member Neb. Legislature, 1857-9. Editor Omaha, Neb., /"/mes, 1858. LL.B., 
Hamilton, 1856. 

Hamilton. 19 


'**'"tCHAKLE8 Mehuil Ferhin. Watei'towii, N. Y. 
Benjamin Davis Gilbert. UK Uticu, N. Y. 

Literary Editor Utica Herald since 1877. 

Rev. Hekkick Johnson. H'.l)'. Chicago, 111. 

Pres. Board of Education of Presbyterian Cluircli, Philadelphia. ]8fiR-7o; Prof. Homi- 
leties, Auburn Theo. Scni.,1874-S0, and" in I'resbyterian Sem. of the Northwest. Author of 
Christianity's Challenge, 1881. D.l)., Western Reserve Coll., 1867. Member Chicago 
Hist. Soc. 

Rev. Charles Edward Robinson. B.X. Rochester, N. Y. 

Pastor First Presbyterian Church. D.D., Williams Coll., 1871. 

William Mason Robinson. A'.li. Grand Rapidt?, Mich. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Agent. LL.B., Hamilton, 18.58. Capt. Co. A, ifith Mo. Inf., 
U. S. A., 3 years and 3 months. 

Rev. James Avery Skinner. I'.W Syracuse, N. Y. 

Agent American Tract Soc, Syracuse, N. Y. Tutor Hamilton, 1860-2. 

Augustus Coe Van Duyn, M.D. J', li. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Surgeon, U. S. A. M.D. , Mich. Univ., 1862. 

fWiLLiAM James Wallace, LL.B. E'.\. Syracuse, N. Y. 

U. 8. District Judge since 1874. Mayor, Syracuse, 1873 ; Trustee Savings-Bank, Library- 
Association, and KebTe School, Syracuse. LL.B., Hamilton, 1857; LL.D., 1875. 

•"^^^^ Erastus WiLLARD. P.(l>. Indiauapolis, Iiid. 

Died in New Orleans, La., April 3, 18.58. 

Seymour Fenton Adams. E.L Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty., Lewis Co., N. T., 186.5-7. LL.B., Albany Univ., 1861. Capt. 5th 
N. Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1862; Capt. and Chief of Staff, Military District of Harper's 
Ferry, 1865-7. 

•^ '^ Charles Blackmer Cole. ./'. V. Waukon, Iowa. 

Editor of North Iowa Journal, Waukon, Iowa, 1862-5. Died, Mendon, N. Y., 
August 15, 1865. 

«i856|j^Li Grahame Johnson. H'. T. Chaumont, N. Y. 
Ansel Judd Northrup. i.fl. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lawyer. U. S. Circuit Court Commissioner, 1870: Trustee Syracuse Savinjjs-Bank, 
1878. Author of Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks, 1880 ; 'Sconset Cottage Life, 1881. 

fFREDERiCK Scoville. P. 'f. Fort Scott, Kan. 

Lawyer. Member Mo. Legislature, 1871-2. Capt. 8th N. Y. Cav. 

*i8.w J^KEDERICK DwiGHT Seward. /'../. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Died May 8, 18.59. 

Rev. Wallac;e Walter Thorre. II'. 1'. Centreville, Iowa. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1880. Pastor E. DesMoines, Iowa, 1877-SO. Chaplain 3d 
N.Y. Inf., U.S. A., 1861-2. 

Rev. William Henry Webb. A'.U. Springfield, Ohio. 

Pastor Second Presbyterian Church. 

Oliver Morris Wilsox. </"./. Irvington. ludianapolis, 

Lawyer. Sec. Ind. Senate, 1865-9; Asst. U. S. Atty., Ind., 1869-71; Member State 
Legislature, Ind., 1871-3. Author of Digest of Parliamentary Law, Superior Court Re- 
ports, and Primitive Governments and their Parliaments. Contributor to McClure's An- 
nals of the War. Capt. and Maj. .54th Ind. Inf., l.Stb Army Corps, U. S. A., 1864. 


William Bacon Goodwin. /.J. Waterville, X. Y. 

Cashier Xational Bank of Waterville. 

Isaac Hollister Hall. F' . 0. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Editor Sundmj School Times. Prof, in Classical School, Galena, 111., 1859-60; and 
in Union School, Norwalk, Conn., 1860; Tutor Hamilton, 1861-4; Prof, in Syrian 
Prot. Coll., Beirut, Syria, 1875-7; Asst. Editor New York Independent, 1864. Con- 
tributor to Journals Am. Philolog. Soc; London Soc. of Biblical Archaeology; Am. 
Oriental Soc. ; Author of a series of articles on Cypriote Writings and Inscriptions ; 
Contributor to Bxilletin of Torrev Botan. Club, also to Journals at Jena, Leipsic, 
Hanover, and Strasburg. LL.B.,* Columbia Coll., 1865; Ph.D., Hamilton, 1876. Mem- 
ber of London Soc. of Biblical Archaeology, Am. Oriental Soc, Am. Philolog. Association, 
Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Torrey Botan. Club, New York Acad, of Natural 
Sciences and other literary and scientific societies in Syria and this country. . 

Hector V(oltaire) Loving. -.E. Louisville, Ky. 

Wliolesale Grocer. 

John Herschell MoRRON. li'.0. Peoria, 111. 


Rev. John Alsop Paine. 6.E. Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Prof, of Nat. Sciences and History at Robert Coll., Constantinople, 1867-9: Prof. 
Nat. Sciences and German at Lake Forest Univ., 111., 1870-1. Associate Editor 
Independent, 1871-2. Archaeologist, 1st Expedition of Palestine Exploration Soc, 
1872-5. Author of Catalogue of Plants in Oneida Co. and Vicinity; of Identification of 
Mt. Pisgah, etc., in ill. Statement of Pal. Expedition Soc. Ph.D., Hamilton, 1873. 
Member of Am. Oriental Soc; Soc. of Biblical Archaeology; London Soc. of Biblical 
Research, Literature, and Exegesis; New York Acad, of Science, and Torrey Botan. Club. 

'f George Edward Roys. A'. H. Lyons, N. Y. 

Died September 7, 1870. 

Daniel AYebster Wright. N.I. Bowling Green, Ky. 

Lawyer. Trustee Ogden Coll. City Atty. of Bowling Green, 1869-71. Member Ky. 
Stale Legislature, 1873-4. 


William Harrison Beach. 7'./. Beloit, Wis. 

Prin. Beloit High School. Prin. Dubuque High School, 1867-75. Member Wis. Acad, 
of Science, and Am. Assoc, for the Advancement of Science. Sergt., 2d Lieut., 1st 
Lieut., Adj. 1st N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

Area Brookins. K.K. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. 1st Lieut. 24th N. Y. Cavalry. 

f Francis Edward Hale. .V. /. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Capt. 1st Mich. Art., U. S. A. 

Hamilton. 21 

Milton Harlow Noutiiuup. /./'. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Editor Syracuse Courier since 1869. Agent New York Associated Press at Albany, 
1869; at New York, 1869; Washington correspondent N^pw Yorlc Express. 

Horace Porter Bigelow. A. I. Waterville, N. Y. 

Banlier. Supervisor, Oneida Co., ISSl. 

'^t Arthur CuRTiss Danforth. J. A'. New York City. 

Capt. N. J. Vol., U. S. A. Killed April 20, isr.2. 

'^^ Chaeles MoRTiaiER Davis. A. T. Utica, N. Y. 

Literary Editor, Utica, N. Y., Morning Herald. Died August 5, T80S. 

fKcv. William Whiting Newell, Jr. d'JP. New York 

Sec. French Evangelization See, New York. A.B., Univ. of New York, 1861. 

Charles Henry Roys. /.</'. Lyons, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty. Wayne Co., 1871-.3. Capt. Co. G, and Bvt. Maj. llTth N. Y. 
Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5 ; Bvt. Maj. for conduct at Fort Fisher. 


ISamuel Thomas Brooks, LT..r>. O.A. Washington, 
D. C. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Alb.any Law School. 

'^ Henry Hastings Curran. A. A. Utica, N. Y. 

Lieut.-Col. 146th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., for two years. Killed, Battle of the Wilderness, 
May 5, 1861. Curran prize founded in his honor. 

Robert Howe Davis. B.I. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

fRev. Henry Martyn Grant. M. T. Middleboro, Mass. 
Warren Higley. A.i:. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer and Judge City Court. School Commissioner, Cayuga Co., 1861-3 ; Prin. Cayuga 
Lake A4d., 1863-6 and 1868-70; Prin. High School and Supt. Schools, Auburn, N. Y., 
1866-8; Prin. High School, Cleveland, 1870-1; Supt. City Schools, Dayton, O., 1871-3. 

tJETHRO Green Mitchell. T.A. Toledo, Ohio. 

Lumber Merchant. 


*"^-t William Kirkland Bacon. A'.//. Utica, N. Y. 

Private, Co. A, 14th N. Y. Inf., and Adj. 20lh N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862; was mortally 
wounded at Fredericksburgh, December 13, and died December 16, 1862. 

fHoRACE Webster Fowler. K'.O. New York City. 

Lawyer. A.B., Yale Coll., 1863. Capt. and Bvt. Lieut.-Col. 16th N. Y. Art., U. S. A., 

2 2 Hamilton. 

f Lilian Hardixg, Jr. M.F. Longview, Tex. 

Prin. Longview High School. Supt. Public Schools, Hanging Rock, Ohio, 1863-4. Lawyer, 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 186i-8. Prin. NVhite Haven. Ky., Acad., 1867-9. Mayor, Boston Station, 
Kv-, 1870-6. Prin. Pendleton Acad., Falmouth, Ky., 1877-8; Pres. Andrew Female Coll., 
Hiintsville, Tex., 1878-81. 

Rev. Stephen Grosvexoe Hopkixs. T.l. Deposit, N.Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Sergt. and Adj. 160th X. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 3 years. 

♦"^"IHexry Alaxsox Butler, Clayville, X. Y. 

Business. Died April 29, 1870. 

WiLLARD Adams Cobb. E. \. Lockport, X. Y. 

Editor Lockport, X. Y., Journal. 

*'^' Philip Clixtox Currax. LB.K. Utica, N. Y. 

Private and Sergt. 146th X. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1 year. Died December 17, 1877. 

William Hubbell Fisher, LL.B. O.H. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Patent Solicitor. Author of Fisher's Patent Reports, 1873. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 
1867. Member Cincinnati Literary Club; Xatui-al History Soc. and A. A. A. 8. 

Theodore Faxtox Gardxer. I'.E. ]Montfernieil, Seine- 
et-Oise, France. 

Teacher Ithaca, X. Y., Acad., 1864-5, and Utica, X. Y., Acad., 1865-72. 

* '*^t JoHX CuRTiss KixG. l'\ 0' . Port Byron, N. Y. 
*i86s i^QjjEEx Wesley McIxtosh. I'. 6. Vernon, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died, Clinton, Iowa, March 10, 1S68. 

Paysox HuxaERFORD Minor. -Jl. Rome, N. Y. 

Prin. Rome Free Acad., 1879-80. 

Fraxk William Plant. M.l. Joliet, 111. 

Lumber Merchant. 

Rev. Henry Martyn Simmons. T.E. Madison, Wis. 

Prin. Kenosha High School, 1864-5; Superintendent Schools, Kenosha, 1874-9. Editor 
of Chicago, 111., fwiiy, 1879-80. Member Wis. Acad, of Sciences. 

Henry Tompkins. A'../. New York City. 



*'^"' Silas Hobart Adams. I\L Rochester, X. Y. 

Teacher Ithaca Acad. Died March 5, 1870. 

Rev. Dana Williams Bigelow. T.\. Utica, X. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 

John Henry HicoK. T.S. Fhnt City, Mich. 

Lawyer. Supei-visor, town of Homer, N. Y., 1874-5. 

Albert Phillips. 0.Z. X^ew York City. 

With Halstead Sc Co., Provision Dealers. 



Augustus Scott Campbell. O.H. Cliicaoo, 111. 

Cattle llaiser, Wyoming Ter. Deputy U. 8. Murslial, Noi-tlicrn Dint, of 111., I80!»-77. 
Member of U. S. Syndicate, London, Eng., 1874-6. 

Haines Dkake Cunningham. iJlK Troy, N. Y. 

Editor Troy, N. Y., Morning Telegrum, since 18S0. 

■' Lewis Eeyburn Hempsteaix //. /. Galena, 111. 

Lawyer. Died February 29, 1S71. 

John Milton Holley. I.l. La Crosse, Wis. 

Banker. Landsman and Ship's Writer, U. S. S. Vanderbilt, 1864-5. 

Rev. Abel Grosvenor Hopkins. T.K. Clinton, N. Y. 

Prof. Latin Language and Literature, Hamilton. Contributor to International Review. 

Chester Huntington, T.I. Liwood, New York City. 

Manufacturer Varnishes and Paints. Prof. Nat. I'hilosophy, Hamilton, 1870-80. 
Member of American Assoc, for the Adv. of Science. 

"fSEXTUs Hungerford Knight. I.E. Westfield, N. Y. 

Died July IS, 1865. 

Cl^iARLES Wesley Merkitt, LL.B. y.(l>. East Aurora, 
N. Y. 

Lawyer. Prin. Aiirora Academy, East Aurora, N. Y. LL.B., Hamilton, 1875. 

Charles Sterling Millard. W.Q. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Pres. Indianapolis Car and Manufg. Co. 1st Lieut, aiul Adj., and Bvt. Lieut.-Col. llTtli 
N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Charles Patterson Skinner. V. ^^. Westfield, N. Y. 


' William Henry Spencer. A.H. San Mateo, Fla. 

Died May 28, 1877. 


fGEORGE Elias Barger. E.\. Erie, Pa. 

Treasurer Erie Dime Savings and Loan Co. 

Rev. David Riddle Breed. F.F. St. Paul, Minn. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Trustee Albert Lea Coll. for Young Women, 1880. 

Edwin Jerome Brown. A. T. Oneida, N. Y. 

Lawyer. .lustico of the Peace, 1871-0. 

Rev. Samuel Jackson Fisher. M.iL Swissvale, Pa. 

Pastor Presbyterian (Jhurch. 

NicoLL Halsey. Z. '['. Ithaca, N. Y. 

George Wolcott Hubhell. M'.E. Newark, N. J. 

24 Hamilton. 

Chester Jennings Lyon. .V. F. New York City, 
f George Henqy Waggoner. P.FJ. Newark, Cal. 

Sec. and Gen. Passenger Agt., South Pacific Coast R.R. Co. 

* '*^f Frederick Winston Caneieli). J.F. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Died September 23, 1865. 

Alfred Conkling Coxe. E.A. Utica, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Director State Lunatic Asylum, Utica. 

Henry Everett Case Daniels. l.H. Chicago, 111. 

Teller, U. S. Sub-Treasury. 

Charles Gardiner Egert. P.H. Ogdcnsburgli, N. Y. 


Martin Rumsey Miller. P.H'. Bath, N.Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School. 

James Hazleton Willard. 2'./. Bedford, Ind. 

Lawyer. Member Ind. House of Rep., 1872-3, 1878-9. 


Samuel Farwell Bagg, LL.B. M.iL Watertown, N. Y. 

Sec. and Troas. Watertown Steam Engine Co. Prin. Unadilla Acad., 1869, and Franklin 
Acad., Prattsburgh, N. Y., 1870-1, LL.B., Hamilton, 1877. 

Charles Densmore Barrows, LL.B. l\ H. Clinton, N.Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Hamilton, 1870. 

Thomas Warner Fitch. 0.1. Cairo, Til. 

Auditor Cairo and Vinccnnes R. R. Co. 

fSAMUEL DuMONT Halliday. T.J. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty., Tompkins Co., 1874-5; Member State Assembly, N. Y., 1S76-S; 
Trustee Cornell Univ. A. B., Cornell Univ., 1870. 

Eev. Theodore Charles Jerome. //. 7'. Manistee, Mich. 

Member City School Board, New Bedford, Mass., 1873; Trustee Colorado Coll., 1S74. 
Contributor to ChrUtian at Work, Philadelphia S. S. yjm«,9, Boston CongregationaUnt. 
and Chicago Advatue. 

fRoswELL Miller. J. A'. Cairo, 111, 

Gen. Supt. Cairo and Vinccnnes R. R. 3d N. Y. Art., U. S. A., 3 yrs. in service. 

Simon Newton Dexter North. )' .Z. Utica, N. Y. 

Associate Managing Editor Arorning Herald. Special Agt. Census Office for News- 
papers and Book-publishing Interests, 1880-1. Sec. Oneida Hist. Soc. 

Hamilton. 25 

Thomas Ai.den Abbott. IL(I>. St. Paul, j\Iinn. 

Clerk. Prin. Soulhold Acad., 1870-1. 

'^* Rev. Frank Herbert Bagley. II. E. Klmtbrd, N. Y. 

Pastor Reforined Church, Greenburgh, L. I., 1873-.5. Grad. Union Theo. Scm., 1873. 
Capt. 45th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. Died July 15, 1878. 

f Frederick BuRCH.vRD Churchill. U.B. New York City. 


Rev. Maurice Dwight Edwards. ./.}". St. Paul, ^linn. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, D.ayton Ave. Church. 

'^"fHowARD Freemax. ././/. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Died, Brooklyn, X. Y., April 26, 1870. 

t Clarence Marian Giles. E .K' . Wccdsport, N. Y. 
Jonathan Platt Underwood. E.(I>. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Dealer in Lumber and Salt. 

t William Haines Van Ostrand. E'.F. Newfield, N. Y. 



James Levi Bennett. F.I. Oneida, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Hamilton, 1872. 

fDEWiTT Clinton Johnson Brigham. //. T. Hornellsville, 
N. Y. 

Editor and Principal Proprietor Hornellsville Times. Canal Collector, Brockport, 
N. Y., 1872-3. Author of Truth of History, in Washington, D. C, Republic. 

Franc Burchard Daniels. B.J. Chicago, 111. 

American Express Co. 

t^VooLSEY Rodgers Hopkins, LL.B. fLIJ. Auburn, N.Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Univ., 1875. 

*"'^' Rev. Fred Gridley Kendall. M.E. New York City. 

Died, steamer Helvetia, Aug. 25, 1881. 

Rev. William Reed. I). T. Troy, N. Y. 

Pastor Mount Ida Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

t Julius Irvine Bailey. I'.Q. Auburn, N. Y. 


Herman Carl George Brandt. l^.F. Baltimore, ^Id. 

Prof. German, Johns Hopkins Univ., since 1876. In.structor in Modern Languages, 
Hamilton, 1874-6. Editor of Lessing's N.athan der Weise, 1881, and a German Grammar, 
1881. Contributor to Am. Philological Journal. Member of Am. Philological Assoc. 

26 Hamilton. 

Charles Chapin Gridley. /y.J. Chicago, 111. 


JoHX Hampdex Hopkins, LL.B. A.B. Rochester, N. Y. 

LL.B., Albany Univ., 1875. 

f Jay Hamiltox Jewett. '/'. 7'. Scotland, ]\Iinn. 


•j-Edward Simeox Xorth. J. '/'. Clinton, N. Y. 


William Perry Xorthrup, ]\LD. 0.1. Xew York City. 

House Physician Roosevelt Hospital; Clinical Asst. to Dr. Agnew. M.D., Coll. of 
Physicians and Surgeons, 1878. 

Samuel Van Vechten HuNTixGTox. B.A. X. Y. City. 
Edward David Mathews, LL.B. ii. T. Utica, X. Y. 

LL.B., Hamilton, 1874. 

Laxseng Lee Porter. N.F. Chicago, 111. 

Teacher. Tutor Robert Coll., Constantinople, 1875-6. 

Hexry Wade Rogp^rs. Pennington, X. J. 

Lawyer. Master Scientific Department, Heathcote School, Buffalo, X. Y. Author of 

The Illinois Citations, 1881. Contributor to Philadelphia Am. Lme Register, St. 

Louis, Mo., Southern Law Jieview and Central Law Journal, and X. Y. Princeton 

JoHX Arthlir Skinner. M.N. AVestfield, X. Y. 

General Insurance Agent. Clerk and Treas. Westfleld, 187.5-82. Director First 
National Bank. 


Rev. Carlos Tracy Chester. W.0. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Late Editor on Saratoga, X. Y., Saratogian. 

Charles Parmelee Eells. ii. T. Oakland, Cal. 

Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. 

Nathaniel Emmoxs Paine, M.D. 1.0. Albany, N. Y. 

Asst. Physician X. Y. State Homoeopathic Asylum for the Insane, 1877-80. Contributor 
to X. Y. Homaopathic Times and to Records of X. Y. Homoeopathic Med. Soc. M.D., 
Albany Medical Coll., 1876. 


Hexry Dwight (Williams) Gardxer, M.D. Z'. '1'. Utica, 
X. Y. 

Teacher, Westfield, X. Y., Union School, 1875-6. Asst. Physician, Pontiac, Mich., 
State Insane Asylum, 1S79. M.D., Columbia Medical School, 1878. Member Oneida Co. 
Microscopical Soc. 

Hamilton. 27 

William Ebenezeii Lewis, /.I. Utica, N. V. 

AsBt. Dist. Atty. Oneida Co., N. Y., 1881. LL.T.., Ilannlton, ISV.l. 

William Gleason Stone, M.D. >IJK Eliiin, HI. 

Asst. I'l.y.ician in Insane Asylum. M.D.. B.'ll.'Vi.o Med. r„ll., 1878. 

Nicholas Dubois C^iiase. 1.1. Great Bend, Pa. 
Frank Fillmore Davis. l^.Z. Lyons, N. Y. 


John Richard Steele Dey. 6*.//. Pclham Manor, N. Y. 
Howard Parmelee Eells. ./'.//. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Asst. Sec. and Treas. Ohio Central K.K. Cn. and Ohio C. Coal Co. 

Richard W. Johnson, M.D. J.//. St. Paul, ^Slinn. 

Asst. Surgeon U. S. A., Fort Assinabolue, Montana. 

George Sidney Robbins. I. T. Las Vegas, New Mexico. 

Civil Engineer. Prin. Carbondale School, Kan., 1879-80. 

''" William Thomas SprigcxS. H.n. Utica, N. Y. 

Died December 19, 1877. 


Glentw<jrth Reeve Butler , M . D . 0. 1'. Brooklyn , N . Y , 

House Surgeon, L. I. Coll. Hospital. M.D., L. I. Coll. Hospital. 

t William Ferdon. J. P. Piermont, N. Y. 


John Sanger Hawley, M.D. N.A. N. Y. City. 

House Surgeon N. Y. Hospital. M.D., Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 1880. 

Rev. David Allen Reed. J. 2'. Springfield, Mass. 

Author of Protestant Foreign Missions, from the German, 1880. 

AYiLLiAM Bacon Crittenden. M. T. Bucyrus, Ohio. 


f Walter Cary. T.I. Gunnison, Colo. 

.Journalist, Gunnison Xews-Democrat. 

Howard Simmons Paine, M.D. I.O. Albany, N. Y. 

M.D., Albany Medical Coll., 1881 ; M.D., Grey Prizeman, Univ. of N. Y. Regents, 188 

Charles Oliver Young. /.J. Port Jervis, N- Y. 


28 Hamilton. 

Theodore Hand Allen. T.B. Utica. X. Y. 

Student Union Theo. Sem., 1S81. 

James Miller Bennett. A.E. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Student Auburn Theo. Sem., 1881. 

William Smith Carter. /.V. Oneida, N. Y. 

Student Auburn Theo. Sem., 1881. 

Porter Lee Chester. /7. T. Geneva, N. Y. 

Student Auburn Theo. Sem., 1881. 

Francis Edwent DwiGHT. A.E. Clinton, N. Y. 

Student Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons. 

George Varnl^i Gorton. E.F. Eichfield Springs, X. Y. 

Prof, in Richfield Spa Sem. and in Allen's Acad., Chicago, 1880. 

Robert ScHELL RuDD. P.P. X'^ew York City. 

Student Columbia Law School, 1881. 

Delevan Edward Walker. A'./'. Mohawk, X. Y. 

Student Buffalo Med. Coll, 1881. 


George Taylor Church. F.P. Saratoga Springs, X. Y. 

Head Master Temple Grove Sem.. Saratoga, N. Y., and Associate Editor, Saratogian. 
Teacher, Saratoga High School, 1880-1. 

Charles Alexander Gardiner. A. A. Albany, X"^. Y. 

Prof. Greek. Albany, N. Y., Acad., 1881: and of Languages, Allen Acad., Chicago, 
111., 1880. Compiler on Johnson's Eucvclopedia, 1880; Editor ou History of Civil Service 
of State of N. Y., 1881; Author- of "National Education, read before Univ. Convoc, 
Albany, 1881; Contributor to Albany, N. Y., Argus and Journal. LL.B. Hamilton, 1881. 

Seth Grosvenor Heacock. -. //. Buffalo, X^. Y. 

Student Auburn Theo. Sem., ISSl. 

t William ]\Iillard. M.I. Clayville, X^. Y. 

Manufacturer of Agricultural Implements. 

Percy Lincoln Klock. B.0. Watertown, X. Y. 

Prin. Saratoga, N- Y.,High School sincelSSl. Teacher, Richfield Springs Sem., X. Y., 


John Otto, Jr. A.ik Buffalo. X. Y. 

Real Estate Broker. 


t^^VA John Beatty. O.P. Marquette, ^Nlich. 
Fred Manwell C alder. M.A'. Xew York Mills, X. Y. 

Haiiiilton. 29 

f Daniel ('lay IIougiitox. //. /. Oakljind, Cal. 
Hahuy Orlando Jones. E'.A. Ilollcy, N. Y. 
WoiiTuiNGTON Cogswell Miner. N.iL Buffalo, N. Y. 


fCiiARLES Herhert Avery. V.l'. Uti(;a, N. Y. 
William Henry Avery. .\.l'. Clinton, N. X. 
William Theodore Bush. V. //. Lowville, N. Y. 
George Kenneth Eraser. FjIK Albany, N. Y. 
William Alexander Hoy. ./'./. Albany, N. Y^. 
Clement Graham Martin. \ .1'. Albany, N. Y. 
Edgar Whitman Nash. F.I. Albany, N. Y. 


Edward Woodbridge Avery. //. /. Clinton, N. Y. 
Robert Belden Barrows. BM. Clinton, N. Y^. 
Granville Ingraham Chittenden. r.lJ. Plainfield, 111. 
Andrew Leishman Gardiner. ./. 1. Fort Covington, N, Y. 
Clarence Mann Paine. ZJ-^. Albany, N. Y^. 


Frank Douglass Allen. ./. £". Malone, N. Y. 
Charles Milton Ford. 1. V". Belfast, N. Y^. 
Milton Kent Merwin. M.T. Utica, N.Y. 
William George Russell. ././/. Marcellus, N. Y. 


1835 TO 1873. 


It was through the personal effort of Samuel Eells that the 
Miami Chapter was established. It appears from the ''Memorial" 
of the founder of the society, that in February, 1835, he came 
to Cincinnati to commence the practice of the law. In September. 
183(), he delivered his first public address before the Miami Chapter 
of A.A.iP. at its first anniversary. The Chapter, then, must have 
been established in the month of September, 1835. The following- 
facts relative to its establishment Avere comnmnicated to the writer 
by the Hon. Wm. S. Groesbeck, of Cincinnati, and Mr. John P>, 
Temple, of Louisville, Ky. 

Sanmel Eells came to Cincinnati carrying a letter introducing 
him to Mr. Groesbeck, who had. the year before, been graduated 
at Miami University, and was then engaged in the study of law 
in Cincinnati. They immediately became friends. Mr. Eells laid 
before his new friend his scheme for founding among college 
students a society which should "be national and universal in its 
adaptations, so as not merely to cultivate a taste for literature, 
or furnish the mind with knowledge, but with a true philosophical 
spirit looking to the entiTQ man, so as to develop his whole being 
— moral, social, and intellectual." Mr. Groesbeck approved of the 
plan, and consented to aid Mr. Eells in his undertaking, and was. 
thereupon, duly initiated, by Mr. Eells, in the law office in which 
Mr. Groesbeck was at that time studying. 

Miami University was at that time the most celebrated institution 
of learning in the West, and Mr. Groesbeck, having just graduated 
there, was acquainted with all the students who would probably 

Miami. . 31 

be available for niembersliip in a society such as ]Mr. Kells liad 
in view. lie sutroested certain names to Mr. Eells . of those who 
seemed the most promising of the members of the university, and 
a correspondence was immediately commenced witli Ihem relative 
to the establishment of the society. This resulted in C'iias L. 
Telford and John IJ. Temple coming to Cincinnati for initiation 
into the society. Mr. Temple, in a lengthy letter to the writer, 
says of this: "Brother Eells. by correspondence with Charles L. 
Telford, induced him. with his classmate .Tohn B. Tem[)le. to visit 
Cincinnati ; and in tln'ir room at the Deunison House initiated 
them as meml)ers of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, and thus laid 
the foundation of Miami Chapter, which they organized immediately 
on their return to Oxford." 

Of the first pultlic appearance of the organization in Miami 
University, Brother Temple writes thus: '' Soon after the organi- 
zation, in the fall of l<s;35 and ensuing winter, and when the 
membership was about nine, it was thought prudent to bring the 
existence of the society to the knowledge of the faculty' and students 
of the college, and it was arranged that notice of a meeting 
should by request be read at morning prayers by the president. 
He accordingly announced the meeting of the Alpha and Delta 
and Phi society, manifestly- to cast some ridicule upon the an- 
nouncement. In a few days the members appeared with badge 
breastpins, and at once a very pronounced opposition to the or- 
ganization was manifested by the students, although they were 
ignorant of the character and aim of the society." 

It was attempted to make this opposition to the society effective by 
excluding any future members from admission to the literary societies 
of the university, of which there were two. Resolutions to this effect 
were passed and rescinded, and again passed. When they were made 
final, the members of Alpha Delta Phi quietly resigned from these 
societies, and. taking with them a goodly number of those who did not 
belong to their organization, proceeded to form another literary society, 
similar to those which they had left. The new literar}' society 

32 Miami. 

flourished, and finally absorl)ed one of the old ones ; whereupon the 
other expunged from their minutes the resolution prohibiting the 
admission of Alpha Delta Phis, and the opposition ceased. 

Alpha Delta Phi soon became one of the institutions of Miami Uni- 
versity, and flourished for a period of thirty-eight years from its 
establishment. During these years many other societies were insti- 
tuted, with varying success, some of them becoming rivals of Alpha 
Delta Phi, but nothing occurred during the existence of the Chapter, 
after it became au established fact, that was peculiar in its nature or 
of uncommon occurrence in the ordinary course of under-graduate 

In June, 1873, Miami Universit}' was closed to students for an 
indefinite period, and with it the Miami Chapter ceased to exist. The 
membership of the Chapter was never large ; but we believe that it may 
be said of the members, that ^hat they lacked in numbers to make 
them strong they more than made up in enthusiasm for aud loyalty- to 
their society. They always felt a pride in the fact that their Chapter 
had been established by the founder of the society himself, and it was 
with the deepest regret that, with their ranks still filled, they saw their 
old Chapter take its place amongst those whose active functions 
are suspended. 

During the first year of the existence of the Chapter, it is believed 
that thirteen members were initiated, the names of whom it has been 
thought proper to place at the head of the membership list, as charter 


Charter Members. 

Charles Loomis Telpokd. //./. 
John Baylor Temple. 0. T. 

Albert M. Fletcher. T.ff. 

Hugh Lancaster. //'./'. 

John McCoy. M.J. 

Chaltncey Newell Olds. £'.i?. 

Samuel M. Smith. 7. ?*. 

Eobert Duncan. )'./L 

George IVIcLellan Parsons. P.I. 

Samuel Reber. //. )'. 

Robert Calendar Smith. B. W. 

Virgil Milton Dubose. I.E. 

Hugh Thompson Reid. T.F. 

Robert Hamilton Bishop. O.M. Oxford, Ohio. 

Private Teacher; Master Grammar School, Miami, 1845-52; Prof. Latin, Miami, 1852- 
73. LL.D., Farmer's Coll., 1877. 

William Slocum Groesbeck. LI. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Retired Lawyer. Prof. Cincinnati Law School, many years. Memher Ohio Legisla- 
ture; member Constitutional Convention, Ohio, 1851. U. S. Representative from Ohio, 
1857-9. Member of U. 8. Silver Commission, 1878. 

*i849 jj^y-YYian J. Groesbeck. M.N. Covington, Ky. 


*^^^^ Samuel W. Parker. Y.Il. Connersville, Ind. 

Lawyer. Pres. Junction R.R. of Ind. ; Member Ind. Legislature, 1836-41 ; U. S. 
Representative from Ind., 1851-5. A.B., Miami, 1828. Died February 1, 1859. 

O. N. Stoddard, \Aj.D. Z'.S. Wooster, Ohio. 

Prof. Nat. Science, Wooster Univ. ; Prof. Nat. Science, Miami, 1869. 

34 Miami. 

William Dennison. J. 2'. Columbus, Ohio. 

Retired Lawj^er. State Senator of Ohio, 1848-50 ; Presidential Elector, 1852, 1856 ; Gov- 
ernor of Ohio, 1860-4. U. S. Postmaster General, 1865. 

*i859 Horatio J. Harris. A'.F. Vicksburg, Miss. 
*^^'- Daniel 3Iolony. A.0. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Prof. Mod. Lang., Farmer's Coll., and Prof. Mod. Lang., Miami Univ. 

James Clement Moffat. Z'. E. Princeton, N. J. 

Prof. Church Hist, in Princeton Theo. Sem. Author of Introduction to the Study of 
^Esthetics ; A Comparative History of Religions ; Song and Scenery, or A Summer Ramble 
in Scotland ; Alwyn, a Romance of Study. Also numerous articles for Periodicals, Printed 
Addresses] and Society Papers, in all not less than 125. See Hart's Manual of Am. Lit., 
and Index Volume to" Princeton Eerieio. D.D., Miami, 1853. Member of the American 
Oriental Soc, and of the Hist. Soc. of N. J. 


*i853 Albert M. Fletcher. 7'. 77. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Approximate date of death above. 

*'^^ Hugh Lancaster. H.P. Hamilton, Ohio. 
John McCoy. M.J. Independence, Mo. 

Merchant, Manufacturer. 

Chauncey Newell Olds. E.Q. Columbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Member Ohio Legislature, 1848-9; Ohio State Senator, 1850-1; Atty. Gen-, 
of Ohio, 1865 ; Solicitor for P. C. & St. L. R. at Columbus, since 1870 ; Tnistee Miami 
Univ.; Trustee Lane Theo. Sem.; Trustee of State Asylum for Insane, 1866-76. LL.D.. 
Marietta Coll., 1869. 

*^^'i Samuel M. Smith, M.D. A.Y. Columbus, Ohio. 

Approximate date of death above. Prof. Starling Med. Coll. Ex. -Surg. Gen. of Ohio. 

*i854 Oharles LooMis Telford. B.A. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


John Baylor Temple. O.Y. Louisville, Kv. 

Pres. Southern Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Ky. Cashier of Farmer's Bank of Ky., 1850- 
78. Trustee Centre Coll., Danville, Ky. Author of Address before the Graduates of Ero- 
delphian Lit. Soc, Miami Univ. ; also of Articles of historical and miscellaneous character, 
and on li* ins. ; also of an Address in Prosecution of Rev. Gilbert Robinson, before Pres- 
bytery of Louisville. LL.B., Transylvania Univ., 1838. Pres. of the Military Board of Ky., 
from September, 1861 to July, '62. 


*^^ Robert Duncan. V.B. Fayette, Miss. 

Committed suicide some time during the war. 

George McLELLANf^tet^o^^^""^ l\ I. Columbus, Ohio. 

Retired Lawj-er. 

.*'^' Samuel Reber. ./. Y. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Probate Judge St. Louis Co. Died at Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1, 1879. 

Miami. 35 

*'^^ Rev. RoBKKT Calendar Smith, li. '/'. Macon, Ga. 

Prof. Mental ami Moral Phil., Oglethorpe liiiv., Milliiigeville, Oa., 18u3-":j. Con- 
tributor to Oolmiibia, S. C, Prexbyterian llerinr, ])ie(l while Pastor Presbyterian 
Chureh, Maeoii, Ga., May 2.', 1874. 


* '*'^- Virgil Milton I) UBOSE. l.ll'. Texas. 

Approxiniate date of death above. 

*""•' Samuel J. John. I'/. A. Wanen Co., Ohio. 

, Appro.viniate date of death above. 

John Gilbert Lowe. A',\. Dayton, Oliio. 

Retired Lawyer. 

* ^*^^f Hugh Thompson Keid. 7'./". Keokuk, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Territorial Dist. Atty., 1840-2. Pres. Des Moines Valley R.R., 1869-72. 
Col. 15th Iowa Inf., U.S. A., 18(52-3 ; Briu;. Gen., 1863; resigned, 1864. Died August 21, 
1874, from wounds at .^hiloh. 


William Birney. A.<1>. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Contributor to Westminster Revieic, Fraser's 3fagazine, N. Y. Commercial 
Advertiser, etc. Capt. to Brig.-Gen. commanding 3d div., 10th corps, and 2d div., 25th corps. 
U. S. A., 1861-5. 

*'**'' Jacob Butler-. B.1\ Muscatine, Towa. 


Philemon Beecher Eaving. J. V. Lancaster, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judge Common Pleas, 1862. LL.U., Uuiv. of Xotre Dame, 1878. 

*^^^ John B. Groesbeck. /\1\ Cincinnati, Ohio. 
*'''' James H. Hart. ^'.A^ Piqua, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Adit. 71st Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ;j;,ieut.-Col., April,1863; Bvt. Brig.-Gen., 

*'*«' Robert S. Holt. l^.X. Yazoo City, INIiss. 

Lawyer. Died May 27, 1867. 

Samuel F. McCoy. ././/. Chillicothe, Oliio." 

Lawyer. Probate Judge, 1852-61. 

* 1862 Joseph Miller. E.B. ChilKcotlie, Ohio. 

Lawyer. U. S. Representative from Ohio, 1857-9. Died a U. 8. District Judge in Neb. 

William Alexander Moore. A'.//. Midway, Ky. 

Farmer. Pres. Midway Deposit Bank; Justice of the Peace; Pres. Midway Paper 
Mill Co., 1874-8. 

Henry Folsom Page. P.Z. Circleville, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Presidential Elector, 1864; Member of Constitutional Convention of Ohio, 
1873-4. Author of Law of Divorce, 1850 ; Virginia Military Lands. 

*"**' George Swan. I^.O. Cohnnl)U8, Ohio. 

^6 Miami. 

*^^^ John Baer. B.W. Columbus, Ohio. 

Fanner. Approximate date of death above. 

*^^^ William W. Belville, M.D. H'JL Woodbridge, Cal. 
*i88i ^YiLBUR CoNOVER. U.S. Daytoii, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Died October 3, 1881. 

] Charles Elliott. A.0. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Bib. Lit. and Exegesis, ISTorth Weetorn Theo. Sem. since 1863. Prof. Western 
Univ., Pittsburg, Pa., 1847-9; Prof. Greek, Miami Univ., 1849-63. Author of Treatise on 
the Sabbath, 1868; Part of Lange's Commentary, 1874; Treatise on Inspiration, 1877; 
Hermeneutics, 1881. A.B., Lafaj-ette Coll, 1840 ; D.D., Ohio Univ., 1861. Member of Am. 
Oriental Soc. and Victoria Inst., London, Eng. 

* ^^'^^ George Ellis Pugh. E. T. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Member Ohio Legislature, 1848; City Solicitor of Cincinnati, 1850; 'Atty. 
Gen. of Ohio, 1851; U. S. Senator from Ohio, 1855-61. 

Robert Wilbur Steele. E.T. Dayton, Ohio. 

Retired Lawyer. Trustee Miami Univ., also Lane Theo. Sem. 

George L Andreav, M.D. 0.6. LaPorte, Ind. 

U. S. Examining Surgeon since 1876; Med. Examiner for all the principal Life Ins. Cos. 
doing business in Indiana. Author of A Contribution to the Rational Treatment of Dysentery ; 
The Sanitary Value of Forests, 1879. M.D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, 1845. Member Am. Med. 
Assn.; Am. Acad, of Med.; Am. Public Health Assn. Sanitar}' Inspector, U. 8. San. 
Com., 1861-5. 

Rev. John Mason Bishop. I.F. Covington, Ind. 

Pastor Presbyterian church. Trustee West. Fern. Sem., Oxford, Ohio. 

*'*'^| Charles August Jones. A.II. New Orleans, La. 

Pilot in employ of the United States. Died July 15, 1866. 

Calvin Fletcher Vance. H'.I. Memphis, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Sec. and Treas. Miss, and Tenn. R. R. Co., 1853-66; Atty. for same R.R. 
since 1860. 


Samuel Glasgoav Armor, M.D. Z'.X. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prof. Long Island Coll. Hospital; formerly in Med. Coll. of Ohio, and Univ. of Michi- 
gan. M.D., Missouri Med. Coll., 1845. LL.D., Franklin Coll., 1872. 

* — C. H. Bryan. A'. I. Columbus, Ohio. 

Went to California many years ago, and there died. 

fOfiADiAH Miller Conover. E.U. Madison, Wis. 

Reporter Supreme Ct., Wis., since 1864. Prof. Anc. Lang, and Lit., Univ. Wis., 
1852-8; Regent Univ. Wis., 1859-66. Author of Wisconsin Reports, vols. 17-52. Editor 
Northicestern Journal of Literature, 1850. Member Wis. Hist. Soc; Wis. Acad. Science. 
A.B.,Coll. ofN. J., 1844. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1849. LL.D., Univ. Wis., 1878. \ 

*'^' Moses Peed Green. P.Z. Hannibal, Mo. 


Miami. 37 

*"'' James Samuel IIiBBEN. /./'. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Merchant. Died October 1", 1ST7. 

Daniel W. Iddings. 7. Y' . Dayton, Ohio. 

Lawyer and Register in Bankruptcy. 

Adam McCrea. M.iL Ciroleville, Ohio. 


* — E. T. Mendenhall. E.L Wilcox Co., Ala. 

*'*'* Benjamin Person Portis. /'.J. Cuba Station, Ala. 

Planter. Member Ala. Legislature, 1853-4. Died December 16, 1878. 

GeorCxE Knox Shiel. E.Q, Salem, Oreg. 

Lawyer. U. S. Representative from Oreg., 1861-3. 

Isaac Van Ausdal. I.^. Dayton View, Dayton, Ohio. 

Merchant. Director Dayton National Bank, 1880-81 ; Director Cooper Insurance Co., 


*'»'*' Charles Barnes. A.B. Madison, Ind. 

Teacher. Supt. Schools, Madison, Ind., 1853-5 ; New Albany, Ind., 1855-67 ; Madison, 
Ind.. 1867-70. 

*^**' Lafayette Washington Ciialfant, ./.J. Felicity, Ohio. 


♦^^-^ Thomas Haire. ./../. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Vers ALIUS HoRR. E.U. Urbana, Ohio. 

Not in active business. Clerk of Courts of Champaign Co., 1867-76. Capt., Co. 1, 
66th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1863. Ohio Military Agt. at Louisville, Ky., until 1866. 

George Washington Keely. E'.V. Oxford, Ohio. 

Dentist. Prea. Am. Dental Assn., 1876. D.D.S., Ohio Coll. of Dental Surgery, 1853. 

William Bennett Moore. A.^. Washington, D. C. 

Chief Clerk and Deputy Fourth Auditor, since 1863. 

* ^*" Silas Bailey Walker. A.I. Sidney, Ohio. 


*'^ M. A. Brown, M.D. .¥. 7'. Circle ville, Ohio. 
*^^ Charles D. L. Brush. A.H. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


*^^' William Davis Gallagher. A.F. Cincinnati, Ohio. 



*i872 ^YiLLiAM S. Burrows. E' .Y' . Franklin, Ohio. 

38 Miami. 

Robert Pattersox Effingek. 7'.Jl'. Peru, Ind. 


James Samuel Goode. T.I. Springfield, Ohio. 

Law^-er. Judge Com. Pleas, since 187p; Mayor, Spriugfic-ld, 1853-5; Pros. Atty. 
of Clarke Co., 1858-61. 

James Douglas KiRKPATRiCK. J. A. Charleston, S. C. 

Cotton Factor. 2d Lieut., Co. B, 3d S. C. Inf:, C. S. A., 1862-5. 

Algernon Sidney Sullivan. //. Y. NeAv York City. 

Lawyer. Public Administrator, City of Xew York, 1876-81. 

Thomas Lee Wright, M.D. /. '/". Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

James Clark, LL.B. I.I. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. Judge Court of Common Pleas, 2d Ohio Diet., 1855-8. Con- 
tributor to New York Ledger, 1865-82. LL.B., Cincinnati Coll., 1848. 

*'*'^ Charles Pinckney James. H.0. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Approximate date of death above. 

*i**^2 Rev. Henry L. McGuire. H.iL Richmond, Ind. 

Died wliile Pastor Presbyterian Church, September 4, 1853. 

Rev. John Clinton Bonha:m. (KF.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Prof. Phys. and Phil, in Bonham Sem., St. Louis, Mo., 186.5-72. 

Thomas A SHTON BuRROWES. I.L Springfield, Ohio. 

Retired from Stationery business. Prin. Cincinnati Female Sem., 1850-9. 

* — Herman B. Mayo. A'. W. Columbus, Ohio. 

Mel ANCTHON Wade Oliver. M.X. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judge Com. Pleas, 1856-66; Member Ohio Legislature, 1873-5 ; Alderman, 
City of Cincinnati, 1880-2. 

Charles Stewart. B'.I. Easton, Pa. 

Iron Master and Manufacturer of Iron. Director, Thomas Iron Co.. Hokendaugua. 
Pa. ; Director, Warren Foundry and Machine Works, Phillipsburg, X. J. M. D., Lmv. ot 
Penn., 1852. 


Alexander F. Hume. M..\. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judge Com. Pleas, since 1876. 

Rev. George Lewis Kale. P.I. Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Pastor first Presbyterian Church. D.D., Wooster Univ.,lS75. Chaplain 90tb Ohio Inf., 
D. 8. A. 


*'**^*' Richard Clough Anderson. U'.S. Dayton, Ohio. 

Manufacturer of Agricultural Implements. 

Miami. 39 

Samuel Alexander Bonn Kit. /.J. (Jrcensburg, Ind. 

Lawyer. JudKCof CMvciiit Court nince is;- ; ^fcinbor Iiid. Legislature, 1854-6; Judge 
of Com. "pleas Court, Dearborn and Uunh Cos., Ind., 1856-60. 


^^'^^ James H. Perkins. l.\i. Cincinnati, Oliio. 

Lawyer. Approximate date of death abovi. 

f Robert Stevenson Yoorhis, LL.H. 1.\. New York 

Lawyer. Prof, of Med. .Iin-ispnidcn.-r in Mr,l. ('..11. nf Mo,, isr,.",-;; St. I.'.uis Coll, 
of Physicians, 1867-9. .\.r.., Coiilr.' Coll., is.-.o; 1,1,. |;., Cit,rinii;iti l.i.w .^<l,ool, IS;VJ. 
Author of an address brloiv the (h-aii.l l.n,l>cr of Maso,,-. in M..., IsTI, Mil.jrrt, Free- 
masonry as an Element of Civilization. Major and .)ud^e .\d\oeate (len. Mii^s-ouri Militia, 

185 1. 

*'*•* Samuel Heron. E.A. Connersville, Ind. 

Lawyer, and was shortly before his death ordained to tlie Presbyterian Ministry. 
Died November 17, 1860. 

* ^''^"t Jordan Anthony PuGH. ././"'. Cincinnati, Ohio. 



Rev. Harmar Charles Denny. P.N. New York City. 

Priest of the Society of Jesus. Prof, in St. Francis Xavier Coll. 

Milton Sayler. /../. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Member Ohio Legislature, 1862-4; Member Citj- Council, Cincinnati, 1864-6; 
U. S. Representative from Ohio, 1873-9. Author (with Swan) of Supplement to the Revised 
Statutes of Ohio. 

Rev. David Saving. A.K. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor Independent Church. Editor Chicago Alliance. Author of Truths for To-day, 
First and Second Series; Motives of Life; and Club Essays. 


Rev. James Hall Brookes. M.K. St. Louis, Mo. 

Presbyterian Editor. Author of How to be Saved ; ^^aranatlla ; The Way made l^lain : 
Is the Bible True; From Death unto Life; May Christian.s Dance; The Books of the Bible; 
seven vols, of The Truth, and about 100 tracts. 

Rev. Andrew Gowdy Chambers. B.I. Freehold, N. J. 

Prin. and Proprietor of Freehold Inst, since 1868. Priu. Dept. Mi.imi Univ., 
1853-6 ; Supt. of Schools, Piqua, Ohio, 1856-60. Pastor of church in New York City, 1864- 
5. Prof, of Math, and Astr., Mt. Auburn Inst., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1865-6 : Supt. Ohio Female 
Coll , 1866-8. , 

*'■*'- Rev. Pollard McCormick Morgan. 0.1. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Priest of Roman Catholic Church. Died April 14, 1872. 

40 Miami. 


Kev. Thomas Foster Cortelyou. T. W. Montgomery, 

Pastor PreslDyteriauiPhuixh. 

Eev. John HussEY. 2'.i?. Lafayette, Ind. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, retired. Pi-of. Glendale Female Sem., 1865 : Hanover Coll., 18(57 ; 
Pardue Univ., 1870. Ph.D., Hanover Coll., 1871. 

Rev. John Thomas Killen. K. T.K. Morris, 111. 

Presbyterian. Ex-Prin. Normal Dept. Miami Univ. 

Lewis Noble BoNH AM. I.E. Oxford, Ohio. 

Farmer, and Agricutural Editor, Cincinnati Commercial since 1880. Prin. Bonham 
Female Sem., St. Louis, Mo., 1859-72. 

f John PuRSEL Haire. E.I. Ripon, Wis. 

Clergyman and Teacher; Prin. Wis. Female Coll., 1870-3; Prof. Latin Lang, and Lit., 
Ripon Coll., 1873-5; Prin. Jancsville Classical Acad., 1875-8; Member Board of Trustees 
Wis. Female Coll., 1870-75. A.B., Williams Coll., 1855. 


LuTELLUS HussEY. Z'.B. Lockland, Ohio. 

Farmer. Until recently in the practice of Medicine. M.D., Physio. -Med. Coll., (Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Private and Ist Sergt 83d Ohio Inf., U. S. A. ; Lieut. 63d and Capt. llOtli 
U. S. C. Inf., 1862-6. 

Rev. John Newton McClung. 0. Y. AVellington, Kan. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 1st Lieut. 74th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1S63-5. 

Rev. David Jackson Strain. T.I. Athens, 111. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Prin. North Sangamon Acad., 1856-66. 

William Taylor. I.E. Bourneville, Ohio. 

Lawyer and Farmer. 


Archibald Stewart Dunlap, ]\I.D. A.O. Dayton, Ohio. 

Asst. Surg. Kat. Milit. Home since 1870. M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1867. 

Lewis Drake Manning. E.E'. Batavia, Ohio. 

Justice of the Peace. 

* ^^^ Warner Symmes Oliver. I. fl. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Merchant. Died May 30, 1874. 

William WiLMER Page. r.B. Portland, Orcg. 

Lawyer. Prosecuting Atty., 4th Oreg. Dist., 1S60-2 ; Circuit Judge, 1862. 

Miami. 41 



Nelson Saylek. A'. J. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Mayor, Home City, Ohio, since 1879. Prof. Cliena. and Med. Jurig. Ohio Med. 
Coll., 18o9-C2; Prof, of Am. Lang. andChem. in Mt. Auburn Young Ladies' Inst., 1858-63; 
Trustci! Miami Univ., since 1870. 

Joseph Lyle Thornton. ./'. 7'. Mitldletown, Ohio. 

Farmer. Priu. Hughes High School, Cincinnati, 1860-73. M.D., Ohio Med. Coll., 1862. 

Gideon Reed Brain AED. Springfield, 111. 


James Stoddard Dewey. l.V. Detroit, Mich. 


Edward Alexander Guy. A,X. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Robert Moore. M.L St. Louis, Mo. 

Chief Engineer and Contractor in building Belleville and Carondelet R.R. ; Sewer Com- 
missioner of St. Lo\iis, 1877-81. Author of paper on Storm, Water and House Drainage in 
Sewers, Transactions Am. Public Health Association, 1881 ; on Street Pavements and House 
Drainage in Engineering News. Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers. Asst. U. S. Engineer, 
1863. ; 

Tudor Homer Parker. P.I. Covington, Ky. 

Lawyer. Died June 21, 1861. 

William V. Scioieltzer. J'.S. Troy, Ohio. 


Rev. Joseph Crocker Snow. H'.I. Newark, N. J. 

Pastor Universalist Church. Prin. Westbrook, Me., Sem. and Female Coll., 1869-72. 
Author of Letters from Abroad, 1878, and numerous contributions to religious press. Chaplain 
23d Me. Inf., U. S. A., for 9 months. 

f Samuel Frank Steele. P.X. Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Com. Pleas Judge since 1872. A.B., Centre Coll., 1859. 

Edgar Melville Ward. F. T. New York City. 


Herbert Henry AYeakley. A. J. Troy, Ohio. 



Rev. James Smith McDonald. '/./.>'. San Rafael, Cal. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 

Duncan McDonald. 7. '/". Urbana, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atty. of Champaign Co. 

Rev. George Turner Crissman. }'.IJ. Kearney, Neb. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 


Elijah Francis Dewey. L\. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Lawyer. Circuit Court Commissioner, 1870-1. Local Editor Detroit Free Tress and 
Chicago 'Times, 1861-3. 

Arthur Boyd Parker. V. T. Petersburg, Ky. 

Farmer. Clerk, Boone County Ct., 1866-74. Private 5th Ky. Cav., C. S. A., 1861-5. 

Abram Morris Pence, LL.B. //./. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Cincinnati Law School. 

John Riner Sayler. O.A. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Author of Sayler's Statutes of Ohio, and Sayler's Form Book. 

Rev. Frank Asbury Spencer. N.d. Columbus, Ohio. 

Tutor Ohio Univ., 1865. Has retired from the ministry and become a merchant. 

Walter Scott Thomas. T.I. Troy, Ohio. 

Lawyer. U. 8. Commissioner Southern Dist. Ohio, since 1865; Pros. Atty., Miami Co., 
1866-70; Trustee Miami Univ., 1870-80. Acting Ensign, U. S. N., 1863-5. 

John Andreavs Webb. A. T. Austin, Tex. 

Hardware Merchant. 

Cyrus M. Wright. M.0. Basle, Switzeriand. 

Dentist. Prof. Mechanical Dentistry and :Metallurgy, Ohio Dental Coll., 1870-2: 
President American Dental Society of Europe, 1878. Author of Praktische Gesprache 
iiber Zahne und Zahnarzneikunde, 1875. Correspondent of Johnston's Dental Miscellany, 
The Dental Cosmos, and the Cincinnati Dental Registry of the West. D.D.S., Ohio 
Dental Coll., 1864. 

Edward Nicholas Clopper. P.0. Texas. 

Prin. Texas Pub. Schools. Prin. Pub. Schools, Cummingsville, Ohio, to 1879. 

William Judkins Comley. H'.J. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
David Wade OuY. A.H. Oxford, Ohio. 

Merchant. LL.B., Cincinnati Law School. 

Thomas Brainerd Marshall. 0.8. Troy, Ohio. 

Miller. Orderly Sergt., Co. K, 83d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Archibald Mayo. /. ¥. Chillicothe, Ohio. 



*'**'■' James Polk Broavn. A.J. Dayton, Ohio. 

2d Lieut. l.Mh U. S. Inf., 1863; Bvt. 1st Lieut., 1863; 1st Lieut., 1864; Capt., 1867. Died 
at St. Louis, Mo., June 9, 1875. 

* — Aquila J. Daugherty. a. ¥. Hamilton, Ohio. 
fTnoMAS Lewis Deaveese. ././'. Troy, Ohio. 


Albert Henry Gere. /.'. .V. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Wholesale Merchant. 



Miami. 43 

' William AVoodkuff Olds. /. /'. Colmnhus, Ohio. 

Adjutant, 42d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., tliiMi ('apt. (\). A. Killed near Toint Gibson, Mis«., 
May ],"1863. 

HiRAM David Peck. LF. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor of Cincinnati, 1876-8. Author of Municipal Laws of Ohio; 
Manual for Townships in Ohio. LL.B., H.-irvard Univ. Private 86th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 


'■ William Irving Tuoii as. E'.(I>. Troy, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Private, Co. H, 11th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Theoi30RE Darwin Brooks, li' . '/'. Convoy, Ohio. 

Prin. Convoy Schools. M.D., Ohio Med. ('oil., 1864. Asst. Surg., S8th Ohio Inf., 
U. 8. A., 1864-5. 

James Wilson McGregor. EJ-). Oxford, Ohio. 

Farmer. Formerly Methodist Clergyman. 

fDAViD Bassett Snow. /. W. Ottawa, 111. 

Lawyer. Serge.-vnt, Co. K, 83d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1S62-5. 

fWiLLiAM Evans Guy. J. 2'. St. Louis, Mo. 

Iron Manufacturer. Vice-Pres. and Sec. St. Louis Bolt and Iron Co. since 1873; Pres. 
Tudor Iron Co. since 1880. Author of occasional correspondence and editorials in St. 
Louis Globe- Democrat. Member of St. Louis Acad, of Sciences and Amer. Inst, of 
Mining Engineers. A.B., Princeton Coll , 1865; M.E., Freiberg, Germany, 1869; LL.B., 
Cincinnati Law School, 1879. 1st Sergt., 86th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1862. 

John W. Mayo. M.U. Greenville, Ohio. 

Private, 20th Ohio Inf., U. S. A. 

Frank Stuart Powell. P..\. St. Louis, Mo. 

Commission Merchant. 

Moses Fleming Wilson, LL.B. lJl>. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Asst. Pros. Atty., Hamilton Co. , Ohio, 1866-9 ; Pros. Atty., Police Court of the 
City of Cincinnati, 1869-71 ; Judge of Police Court of the City of Cincinnati, 1877-81 ; Atty. 
for Adams Express Co. since 1871. Author of Criminal Code of Ohio, with Notes of Deci- 
sions and Precedents for Indictments. LL.B., Cincinnati Law School, 1865. 


Henry Clay Johnson. EAl. Norwalk, Ohio. 


Charles Bates jNIontgomery, LL.B. J.J. Cincinnati, 

Lawyer. LL.]?., Cinciimati Law School. 

James E. Stewart. T.O. Springfield, Ohio. 

Bookkeeper, Springfield Savings Bank. 

44 Miami. 

Carlisle Barrere. A.E. Chillicotlie, Ohio. 

Wholesale Grocer. 

Samuel P. Scott. ./.J. Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Rev. Charles Seely Wood. E.I. Urbana, Ohio. 

Presbyterian Home Missionary in Wisconsin, from 1869-73; since then retired. 

f George Spencer Bishop. l.B. Mankato, Kan. 

Banker. Prin. North Sangamon Acad., 111., 1870-1. Coimty Surveyor, 1871-6. Mem- 
ber Kau. Legislature, 1872-80. Private, 167th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1864. 

t Stephen Ashton Burrowes. J./i. Franklin, Ohio. 

Banker. LL.B., Michigan Univ., 1869. 

f^*'^ Rev. James Harvey Clark, li.d). Trenton, N.J. 

Episcopalian Clergyman. 

fRev. James Edward Platter. F.K. Winfielcl, Kan. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. A.B., Ohio Wesleyau Univ., 1867. 

f Alfred Addison Thomas. A. W. Dayton, Ohio. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor of Davton, Ohio, 1872-5; Atty. for Cincinnati and St. Louis Rail- 
road. Private, 4th Bat. Ohio Cav., U. S. A., 1864. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1867. 

fAMOS WiLLETS Wright. O.Y'. St. Louis, Mo. 

Asso. Editor St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Editor Milwaukee Sentinel, 1880-81 ; Editor 
Fort Wayne, Ind., Gazette, 1868-71. Lecturer on Eng. Lit., Miami Valley Coll., 1874-6. 
A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1867. 


Albert Ankeney. A.(I>. Alpha, Ohio, 


James E Brooks. A. P. Cambridge City, Ind. 

Telegraph Operator. 

William G. Blynn. J.J. Oberlin, Ohio. 


Ahijah Raymond Byrkett. M.S. Troy, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Private, Co. H, 11th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 3 years, 3 months. 

Joseph Matthews Hibben. F.Q. Hillsboro, Ohio. 


Rev. John Boyd Johnston-. ^..V. Shawville, 111. 

Pastor, Congregational, Shawville and Roberts. 

*i87i ^lvan Leander McLain. A'. J'. Urbana, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Died May 14, 1871. 


Miami. 45 

James Lafonts McLain, M.l). E.V. ITrl)ana. Ohio. 

Druggist and Pliysiciau. 


Anson Sherwood Baldwin. N..\. IMum ('reek, Neb. 

Lawj-cr. Member Nebraska Legislature, 1881-2. 

Frank Stuart Brooks. IJ"). Columbus, Oliio. 

Coal Mercliaut. 

*^*'* S. Mitchell Smith. M.(I>. Coluuibus, Ohio. 

Newspaper Reporter. Died March 7, 1878. 

KiRBY Smith. l.Z. Hillsboro', Ohio. 


*'^'*fC. Stetson Spencer. T.I. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Died while in college. 


James Miliken McFarland. E. W. Topeka, Kan. 

Chief Clerk, Kan. State Board of Agriculture. 

Joseph McMaken. U.P. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Suburban Reporter, Cincinnati Enquirer. 

John Boyd Roby. P.(IK Ludington, Mich. 

Lumber Dealer. 

Harlan Page Ustick. ././". Washington C. H., Ohio. 


Rev. Ebenezer S McKitrick. Alleghenv City, Pa. 

Pastor United Presbyterian Church. 


t James Scott Baker. ^'.A^ Huron, Mich. 


Robert Hamilton Bishop, Jr. P.P. Mankato, Kan. 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. Private, 69th and 167th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., one year. 

Edwin Campbell Martin, LL.B. E.J. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Cincinnati Law School, 18T9. 

Rev. David Ross Moore. Brookville, Ind, 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Director of Oxford Female Scm. Contributor to 
Cincinnati Herald and Presbyter. 

James Oliver Shiras. O.N. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Telephonic Engineer. 

46 Miami. 

Robert Brewster Stanton. Z.l. Denver, Col. 

Division EugLoeer, Coloi-ado and Clieyenne I)iv., U. P. R.R., Room 3, Union Depot. 
Denver, Col. Member Am. Soc. Civ. Engineers. 

James Patterson Ziegler, M.D. Mount Joy, Pa. 

M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1880. Member Am. Med. Association. 

Horace Ankeney. 1. ¥. Alpha, Ohio. 


Sylvester Lyons Bishop. E.-. Denver, Col. 

Civil Engineer. 

Moses Branson Earnhart. Troy, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atty., Miami Co., since 1879. Mayor, Troy, 1877-9. 

Rev. George Edwin Gowdy. Carlisle Station, Ohio. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 


Francis Marion Coppock, LL.B. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Ph.D., Heidelberg, Germany, 1876; LL.B., Cincinnati Law School, 187S 
Author of numerous essays on legal topics, since 1879, in American iauo Record. 

Henry Webster Hughes. Glendale, Ohio. 


*i88o ^^iLLiAM Barkelow McAlpin. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Wholesale Merchant. 


f Thomas Gordon Brown. Xenia, Ohio. 

Postmaster at Xenia. A.B., Cornell Univ., 1874. 

f Parker Dickson. Avondale, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Asst. U. S. Dist. Atty. for Southern Dist. of Ohio, 1876-81 . 

* '^^'^-j- John Smith Galloway. Columbus, Ohio. 

Died while preparing for the bar. 

f Horace A Irwin. Dayton, Ohio. 


f James Oscar Jefferys. Dayton, Ohio. 


fRev. John Carruthers Watt. Findlay, Ohio. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. A.B., Wooster Univ., 1874. 

Miami. 47 

^"^^f John Caleb Baker. Greens? I )uri;-. 111. 

Died while prepaiiii!,' for Ww. bar. 

■j-Harry Campbell. Fronton, Ohio. 

Drug Merchant. 

■f-Rev. Harry W. Henry. Wooster, Ohio. 

Presbyterian Licentiate. 

fRoBERT AroRRTsoN. Princeton, N. J. 

Student Princeton 'I'lieo. Seni. A.B., Princeton Coll., 1876. 

f Balfour Snyder. Columbns, Ohio. 



■j-Newton Claypool. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Asst. Treas. Union Railroad Transfer and Stock Yard Co. 

■(•Joseph Ellis Galigher. Park City, U. 'J' 

Superintendent Ontario Silver Mining Co.'s Mill. 

fJoHN Platt McLaren. Glendale, Ohio. 

Medical Student. A.B., "Williams Coll., 1877. 


1835 TO 1839. 


The Urban Chapter, eonuected with the University of the City of 
New York, was estabUshed, as were the first five chapters of the Fra- 
ternity, through the efforts of graduate members of the Hamilton 
Chapter, or undergraduates who had left that college for other insti- 
tutions ; among these, in the case of Urban, Daniel Huntington, Ham- 
ilton, '36. AVith him were associated sevei'al other members of his own 
Chapter ; and in the earliest catalogue of the Fraternity', 1837, under 
Urban, to the names of those belonging directly to the Chapter is 
appended a list of graduate members of other Chapters resident in New 
York Cit3-'and its vicinity, while its list also contained names connected 
with an early effort of the Hamilton Chapter. Urban, the earliest of our 
metropolitan Chapters, occupied at an early day, while the membership 
of the Fraternity could still be counted by tens, the same relation to 
the interest of graduate members in the fortunes of the Fraternity, 
which has been for the last twenty-five years happily and successfully 
maintained by Manhattan. 

After the lapse of two-score years, in which Urban, alone among the 
Chapters of an ever Crescent Fraternity, numbers one-half its members 
among those whose connection with it has been transferred by death, 
but little remains to be told of the fortunes of the Urban Chapter. Dr. 
Raymond Hoyt Seeley, '39, has added to its annals his own personal 
reminiscences of the Chapter.' " The Urban Chapter," he writes, " had 
a brief, but not inglorious existence. As it met but a few times after 
my connection with it, my recollections of its proceedings are neither 



minieroiis nor very distinct. I iciiicnihor. however, that some elioice 
men were in its ranks, and that its meetings abonnded in good fellow- 
ship, and were both profitable and interesting. 1 recall one occasion 
on which representatives from the Colnmbia Chapter met with us, and 
among them were Mr. John Henry Hobart, son of the distinguished 
bishop of that name, and Mr. John Jay. sine(! then Ambassador of 
the United States at the Court of Austria. The evening was well 
occupied, and was memorable in our annals. 

" Soon after this Urban Chapter was witlubawn from the University, 
and, if I remember correctly, it w\as for tlie following reasons : — 

" A rival societ}' had adopted the i)ractice of electing its 
members from the Sophomore class, wdiile the Alpha Delta Phi 
elected none below the last term of the Junior year. By this 
arrangement our rivals had the o[)portunitv of selecting the most 
promising men, unless we should follow^ their example of electing 
Sophomores. But, as the meml)ers of the University, for the most 
part, entered when quite young, it was thought that their scholar- 
ship could not be sufficiently developed in their second year to 
afford a fair opportunity for judging their qualitications. Hence, 
instead of petitioning the Council for leave to choose our members 
a 3'ear earlier in their academic course, we concluded to recommend 
a withdrawal of the Chapter from the institution. Our petition was 
granted, and with the graduation of my class — that of 1839 — 
the Urban Chapter ceased to have any connection with the 
Universit}'. I need not say that this action caused us many 
regrets ; but, I doubt not. it has seemed ever since to every one 
(as at the time) the liest thing, in the circumstances, thnf could 
be done. 

"Soon after the Conniiencenicnt in the sunnner of 1839 the 
membei-s of our Chapter were scattered. The most of them, I 
think, removed from the city. No meeting has since been held ; 
and it is prol)ablc that some of them hav»> entered the realm of 
mystery beyond us. Yet the hearts of the living members are 



loyal ; and it may not be out of place to suggest the propriet}' of 
having one more gathering, that we may brighten the memories 
of ' auld laug syne,' and mingle our tears of S3mpath3^ over our 
departed comrades, while we once more pledge ourselves to each 
other, and take courage for that part of our earthly career which 
is still before us." 



Charter Members. 

James Samuel Evans. F'.X. 
Henry Partridge Fessenden. Z .A. 
Frederick Hughson. F.N. 
Robert Ransom Kellogg. T.S. 
• A RiiOADS Van Nostrand. E . S. 

Alexander Hamilton Bailey. //. 7'. 

David Conger. A.P. 

William Armstrong Dod. M.d. 

"*^^|Alexander Hamilton Bailey. A. T. Rome, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Couuty Judge, Greene Co., N. Y., 1851-5; Member N^. Y. Assembly, 18t9; 
State Senator, Oneida Co., 1862-5; U. S. Kepresentative from N. Y., 1867-71. A.B., Coll. 
of ]N'. J., 1837. Died April 20, 1874. 

^^"tDAViD Conger, M.D. A.I\ New York City. 

A.B., Coll. ofN. J., 1837. 

fFREDERiCK Hughson. F.N. New York City. 

Lawyer. Counsel to N. Y. Savings Bank. A.B., Columbia Coll., 1839. 

^*'" Rev. Robert Ransom Kellogg. T.S. Milford, Pa. 

Studied Auburn and Union Theo. Seminaries, 1835-8. Pastor, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1839; 
Romeo, Mich., 18W-S; Detroit, 1848-53; Dis. Sec. A. F. and C. U., 1853-5; Pastor, Lo Roy, 
N.Y., 1855-7 ; Lima, 1857-9 ; Milford, Pa., 1861-6. Died September 25, 1865. 


^^"t William Armstrong Dod. M.J. Princeton, N. J. 

Pastor,, Princeton, N. J., 1852-9. Lecturer on Architecture, Coll. of N. J., 
1855-9. Rector, Trinity, Princeton, N. J., 1861-6; without charge, 1866-72. A.B., Coll. of 
N. J , 1838. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1847. D.D., Columbia Coll., 1859. Died Decern. 
ber 31, 1872. 

Rev . James Samuel Evans. P. X. Woodside, Newark, N. J. 

Retired Presbyterian. Tau£?ht, New York City, 1819-43; Pastor, Middletowu, N. Y., 
1844-9; Setauket, 18.50-68; preached, N.J. and N. Y., 1870-5: Pastor, Newark, N. J., 1876- 
81. Grad. Union Theo. Seminary, 1839. D.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1857. 

52 U7'ban. 

*i807 Henry Partridge Fessenden. Z'.A. Orange, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. A.B., Columbia Coll., 1837. Died October 9, 1867. 

* '"^ A Khoads Van Nostrand. E' . 8. Mound City, 111. 

Lawyer; practised the latter part of his life as Civil Engineer and Surveyor. Died 
March, 1865. 


William Edgar Baker. /.A. New York City. 
Elias H. Howard. i'./A Washington, N. Y. 
* — jCoRNELius Verbryck. F.J. New York City. 

Died within three years after leaving college. 

Rev. Alfred Augustin Watson. E. T. Wilmington, N. C. 

Rector. Before studying theology admitted to New York Bar. D.D., Univ. of N. O. 
Chaplain 2d N. C. Inf., O.8.A., and Post Chaplain, Hospital, Goldsboro, N. C, 1861-3. 


Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe. I '.J. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bishop of the Diocese Western N. Y. in the Protestant "Episcopal Church, since 
1865; Priest, since 1842. Rector, Calvary Church, New York City, 1859-65. Author of 
Christian Ballads, 1840; Impressions of England, 1856; etc. D.D., Trinity Coll., 1865; 
Kenyou Coll., 1867. Member N. Y. Hist. Soc. ; Fellow National Acad, of Design. 

Rev. Benjamin Moore Goldsmith. M.F. Bellona, N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church since 1852. Stated Supply, Southport, N. Y., 1842-5; 
Pastor, 1845-9; Stated Supply, Bellona, 1849-52. Trustee Elmira College, since 1863. Grad. 
Union Theo. Sem., 1843. D.D., Hamilton Coll., 18SU. 

George (Catlin) Griswold. T.8. Dresden, Germany. 

Retired, lived abroad many years. 

* "*^' Charles Edward MiLNOR. P.I^. New York City. 

Merchant and Banker ; many years of firm Babcock, Miftior & Co., importers; from 
1861 till death, of firm of Morton, Bliss & Co. Pres. New York Mercantile Library; 
Trustee St. Mary's Coll. Died May 8, 1877. 

*'^^ Rev. Stephen Patterson. N.X. Vicksburg, Miss. 

Rector Christ Church. Died of yellow fever, September 14, 1853. 

#1879 j^g^ Jacob Van Nostrand. O.Z. New York City. 

Prof. Deaf and Dumb Inst., New York City, 1838-57 ; Prin. Tex. State Inst, for Deaf 
and Dumb, Austin, Tex., 1857-76; Prof. N. Y. Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, 1876-9. See 
Annals of the Deaf and Dumb, Hartford, Conn. Died November 29, 1879. 


Rev. Samuel Hanson Coxe. I'.N. Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Rector, late of Utica, N. Y. D.D., Columbia Coll., 1863. 

t Willi AM Edward Cramer. //.//. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Journalist, editor, and senior publisher Kviiing Wisconxin, since 1847; associate editor 
Albany, N. Y., Argus, 1843-6. Presidential Elector-atlarge, Wis., 1872. Trustee Milwaukee 
Female Coll., 1858-61. A.B., Union Coll., 1838. 

Urban. ^3 

fMiLLS EIly Latiirop. Z'. T. New York City. 
Rev. Raymond Hoyt Seeley. P. A. Haverhill, Mass. 

Pastor, since 1800, North Church; Pastor, Bristol, Conn., 184."?-9; 
Springfield, Mass., 1849-58; American Chapel, Paris, France, 1858-G(). Crad. Union 'J'hoo. 
Sem., 1842. D.D., Univ. of City of N. Y., 1804. Assoc. Member Victoria Inst, of Great 

'^''•' Rev. Benjamin Franklin Stead. /. (9. Astoria, N. Y 

Studied Union Theo. Sem. ; Pastor, Presbyterian, Bridi 
N. Y., 1852-79. D.D.,Univ. of City of Now York, 1865. Di 

f Emory Townsend. A'. J. Pike, N. Y. 

Studied Union Theo. Sem. ; Pastor, Presbyterian, Briderburg, Pa., 1842-52; Astoria, 
N. Y., 1852-79. D.D., Univ. of City of Now York, 1865. Died February 15, 1879. 


1836 TO 1885. 


In 1836, when the Fraternity- of Alpha Delta Phi was but foui- 
years old, she established her fourth Chapter at Columbia College. 
This Chapter, since known as the Columbia Chapter, was founded 
b}^ John Ja}-, then a Senior in Columbia College. Mr. Jay as- 
sociated with himself his classmate, the Rev. Dr. John Henr3- 
Hobart, and these two undergraduates, having been duly initiated, 
held their first meeting on the cA^ening of June 16, 1836. This 
meeting was presided over by the Et. Rev. Arthur Cleveland 
Coxe, then an active member of the Urban Chapter, connected 
with the University of the City of New York. The Columbia 
Chapter began that night to exert an influence wliich has since 
been felt in the pulpit, in foreign courts, on the bench, at the 
bar, in the legislature, in the professor's chair, and in business. 
At that session there were initiated : Harvey Augustus Weed, '36 ; 
Giles Mumford Hillyer, '36 ; Henry McVickar, '36, and Nathaniel 
Wilham Chittenden, '38. 

At this time the Alpha Delta Phi stood "alone in Colmnbia, 
and the rapid growth and increasing influence of this secret 
brotherhood served only to deepen the jealousy of the uninitiated. 
At length the Chapter numbered thirty-three, nearly all of whom 
remained active members to the last, and their pi-ogress excited 
such unpleasant feelings between classmates, that the Chapter re- 
turned its charter to the archives of the Fraternity, having reached 
the fourth jear of its existence. 

An interval of forty years now succeeded, during which the 
oriirinal members attained eminence in their several callings. Six 

Columbia. 55 

entered the ministry ; seventeen pursned the study of hiw and have 
since acquitted themselves with distinction ; one of whom, John 
Ja}^, has wortliily and efficientl}' represented liis countr}- as United 
States Minister Plenipotentiary to Austria. Three of them have 
been elevated to the bench : Samuel Blatchford, who declined the 
Judgeship of the Supreme Court of New York, in 1855, when so 
appointed by Governor Morgan II. Clark, but who is now Circuit 
Judge of the United States for tlie Second Judicial Circuit ; the 
late Hon. John Vanderbilt, at one time New York State Senator, 
and afterwards Judge of the County of Kings, N. Y. ; and the 
lion. James Walker Fowler, Justice of the District Court, in the 
City of New York, for the Third Judicial District. Two have filled 
the professor's chair with well-merited suceess in New York — 
Professors John MacMullen and William Henry Leggett. Two 
became bankers, well known in Wall street circles. 

From time to time applications for a charter of Ali)lui Delta 
Phi were received from students of Columbia College ; l)ut none, 
however, met the entire approval of the Fraternity until the re- 
ception of the petition of the reorganizers of the Chapter. 

With the surviving brothers and the Fraternity at large to encour- 
age them, eight undergraduates assumed the task of reestablishing 
Alpha Delta Phi in Columbia. The initiation ceremony took place 
Wednesday evening. May 18, 1881, in the Masonic Temple, corner of 
23d street and 6th avenue. It was conducted by representatives from 
the following sister Chapters : Hamilton, Yale, Amherst, Harvard, 
Geneva, Peninsular, Dartmouth, Williams, Manhattan, Middletown, 
Kenyon, Union, Cornell and Phi Kapi)a. There were present one 
hundred and ten members of the Fraternity. Conspicuous among the 
speakers, after the exercises of the initiation, were Professor George 
B. Newcomb, Williams, '56; Daniel Huntington, Hamilton, '36; 
Professor John MacMullen, Columbia, '37; Hon. David R. Jaques. 
Harvard, '42 ; Professor Charles Sprague Smith, Amherst, '74 ; Theo- 
dore L. Mead, Cornell, '77. The Chapter is now fully established 
and confident of a brilliant future. 


Charter Members. 


John Jay. N.\. 

John Henry Hob art. N. P. 


Thomas Daniel Rambaut. f?.!'. 
Job Lewis Smith, Jr. I.l'. 
Edward Rowland Greene. J.(P. 
Albert Fillmore Hyde. A.I. 
Alfred Lee Manierre. //'. ^\ 
' George Howard Abeel. H.J. 

J08IAH Huntington Fitch. Z'.M. 
Frederick James Hamilton Merrill. J.J. 

*^^^ Giles Mumford HiLLYER. J.(J\ New York City. 


Rev. John Henry Hobart. N. P. Fishkill, N. Y. 

Rector Trinity Church. S.T.D., Columbia, 1856. 

John Jay. N.A. Katonah, N. Y. 

Publicist, Lawyer. President of the Fraternity since 1876. U. S. Minister at Vienna, 
April, 1869 to April, 1875; N. Y. Commissioner for Antietam Cemetery, 1868; Pres. of the 
Union League Club for many years ; Sec. of the N. Y. Irish Relief Committee, 1847. Distin- 
guishedfor his early espousal of the abolition cause and a life lonij support of indepcndencii 
in political action. AuUior of nearly 100 published sjk (clus ami addresses, — among others. 
The Dignity of the Abolition Cause; Report on ilu ( ..ii>tiiiiti()nal Right and Duty of 
Congress to Exclude Slavery from the Territories and Xew Statis, 1839; Ca.ste and Slavery 
in the American Church, 1842; Progress aad Results of Em.ancipation in the West Indies, 
1843; America Free or America Slave, 1856; Lccompton Crisis, 1858; The American 
Church and the Slave Trade, 1860; The Great Conspiracy and England's Neutrality, 3861 ; 
The Great Issue, 1864; Centennial Oration on the Battle of Harlem Plains, 1876. Contribu- 
tor to International Review, North American, I/i-itorical Magazine, and many other 
papers and reviews. 

*^^' Rev. Henry McViCKAR. Z'.J. New York City. 

Protestant Episcopal Clergyman. 

*— Henry Ward, Jr. P.IL New York City. 

Columbia. 57 

*is75 George Gilfekt Watkiis. ll'J-). New York City. 


» '^'^ Harvey Augustus Weed. A'. /v. New York (%. 

Lawyer, . 


^•'^"^ Rev. Charles Aldis. 2'. /A Detroit, Mich. 

Rector Christ Church. Died at Morrisania, N. Y., April 1, 1857. 

Samuel Blatchford. i:.l\ New York City. 

U.S. Circuit Ju.lcj. since 1S78. Vrivate Sec. to W. H. S^yard Gov N V, ]8;i9-41; 

lUiHt^,.,- <,.,• I'^il-" r •< T>i-tii>t .Tuil'T.lSCT-TS. Tni^tce, Columbia, Biiice 18t)7. LL,.!^., 
Miit.u\ . , l^^I -, 1 . ■'■,.,, .i-iMiriut.- nf X-w V..rU; New York Civil and Criminal 
. Vm /i' ''V , !'l,f,n- - ('■ ivnii Cniirt LVpnit-, ITvoU.; lUatchtbrd's and llowland's Ad- 
St;"i;li!H'l',.l.,;:n,ini.....hlbnrsrn.,.. ■:,..,, vol. Member N.Y. Hist. Soc.^ 

Nathaniel Willl\m Chittenden. E'A'. New York City. 


* iw Henry Partridge Fessenden. Z'.A. Orange, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. Initiated in Urban. 

* ''^» Anthony Halsey. r'JlK New York City. 

Banker. Cashier Tradesman's Bank. Trustee, Columbia, 1872-9 ; CJlerk of the Board, 


William Henry Leggett. M.A. New York City. 

Prin Private School, 1841-81. Editor of Bulletin of the Torrcy Botanical Club, 1870- 
81. Member of Torrey Botanical Club; also Acad, ot bciences. 

John MacMullen. O.K. Washington Heights, New 
York City. 

Prin of a Private School, 1841-81. Author of the Education of the Rich, 1881; belf- 
Government in Schools, 1880; Nathan Hale, a I'ocm. 

Rev. John Ireland Tucker. AM'. Troy, N. Y. 

Rector Church of the Holy Cross. Prin. of the Warren Free Inst. S.T.D., Columbia, 


*"^^ John Vanderbilt. /•:'.//. Flatbush, L. I. 

Judge of Kings County Court, 1843-6 ; N. Y. State Senator, 1851-3 ; Candidate fo^^^^ 
Gov., xV' Y., 1856. Chairman of the Committee to Investigate the Affairs of Union Coll.. 
1853. Died May 16, 1877. 

*"^^ Samuel H. Whitlock. A.I. New York City. 



Benjamin Tredwell Kissam. N.Z. Bayone City, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York. 

^•«» Benjamin ROMAINE, Jr. A'..\. New York City. 


■" "*^' George Templeton Strong. P. 6. New York City. 

Lawver. Trustee, Columbia, 1853-75; Projector and Trsas. of the U.S. Sanitary 
CoraSion; Conptroler Trinity Church Parish, 1870-5; I'^es.of New York Philharmom. 
Soci Pres. New York Church Music Association; Trustee New York Lite Ins. and Irusl 
Co. Member New York Microscopical Soc. 

58 Columbia. 

*^^^ Francis Marion Ward. A. A. New Orleans, La. 

Merchant. Died of yellow fever, September 2, 1847. 

*^8^2 Henry Hall Ward. ^.0. New York City. 

Lawyer, firm of Ward & Gibbs, 1848; afterwards Banker, firm of Wa-d & Co. 
Treas. N. Y. State Soc. of Cincinnati; 17 years Pres. New York Club. Died at Saratoga, 
N. Y., August 27, 1872. 


*'^ James C. Roosevelt Brown. N.A. New York City. 
*^^^ George James Cornell. O.A. New York City. 

Lawyer. Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1849 ; Manager Soc. for Reformation Juvenile 
Delinquents ; Trustee New York Bank for Savings; Founder and Pres. New York Club. 
Died November 1, 1857. 

James Walker Fowler. M. 17. New York City. 

Lawyer. Surrogate, Orange Co., N. Y., 1852-5; Judge District Court, City of New 
York, Third Judicial District, 1870-5. 

Frederick HuGHSON. F'.N. New York City. 

Lawyer. Counsel to N. Y. Savings Bank. Initiated in Urban. 

Daniel De Forest Lord. N.A. New York City. 

Lawyer. Trustee, Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1860-81. 

* — James William Walsh. MjP. New York City. 



* — Gerard Smith Boyse. £'.//. New York City. 
* — James Farley Clark. H'.A. New York City. 


*i868 Alfred George Jones, LL.B. F'.X. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1842. 

fJoHN Lewis. E.A. New York City. 
Rev. Dwight Edavards Lythan. f.I. Govanstown, Md. 

Priest Roman Catholic Church. Ordained Protestant Episcopal Clergyman ; Rector, 
Lancaster, Pa., and afterwards entered Roman Catholic Church. 

*^^^fRev. Ebenezer Platt Rogers. P. T. Montclair, N. J. 

Student, Princeton Theo. Sem., 1837. Pastor, Congregational, Chicopee, M.nss., 1840-3; 
Northampton, 1843-7;, Augusta, Ga., 1847-53; Seventh Church, Philadelphia, 
I'a., 1853-6; First Reformed Dutch, Albany, N. Y., 1856-62; South Church, New York 
City, 1862-81. Died October 22, 1881. 


Thomas Daniel Rambaut. E'.I. Newark, N. J. 
Job Lewis Smith, Jr. /. S. New York City. 

Columbia. 59 

Edward Rowland Greene. AjV. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Howard Abeel. F'.A. New York City. 

Initiated in ManluUtan. 

Albert Fillmore Hyde. A J. New York City. 
Alfred Lee ISIanierre. //'. W. New York City. 

Joseph Wood CusroiAN. ^..Y. New York City. 
Josiah Huntington Fitch. Z'.M. New York City. 

Initiated in Manhattan. 

Frederick James Hamilton Merrill. /.J. New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y. 


Horace Newton Congar, Jr. P. A. Newark, N. J. 
Charles Burton Crowell. Z.K. Cleveland, Ohio. 


1837 TO 1874. 


The Yale Chapter, in its origin, like the three which preceded it 
in the organization of the affiliated Chapters of the Fraternity, 
was established by members of the Hamilton Chapter, who had 
gone ont from the parent Chapter, carrying with them the anthorit}' 
to organize a new Chapter. Its charter members were, therefore, 
themselves initiates, and its first recognition by the Fraternity in 
convention assembled antedates by nearly a year the date which 
has been in the past assigned to its organization. The charter of 
the Colnmbia Chapter issued earlier from the central authority of 
the Fraternit}', and decides its priority ; but the first meeting 
of the Yale Chapter was held before that of Columbia. Repre- 
sented in the First Convention of the Fraternity, held in its fourth 
year, with the Hamilton Chapter, at Utica, July 27, 183G, by Seth 
Tryon Wilbur, the Yale Chapter continued for thirty-se\en years 
an active Chapter of the Fraternity', whose members still maintain 
their relations with its public work and private enterprises, now 
that its active functions are suspended. 

" Soon after the Chapter was established at Yale,'' says Dr. 
I. N. Tarbox, of '39, " there sprang up an odd and funn3' society 
in opposition. The beautiful pin worn by the members of the 
Alpha Delta- Phi was imitated with a pin made of tin, and costing 
six and a quarter cents. The tin was first painted black, and 
then the paint was scratched oflT to give the crescent and the 
star. The first article of the constitution of tlie new society read, 
' There shall be no president of this society.' The articles that 

Yale. 6 1 

followed, pertaining to other enstoniary officers, had the same 
negative cast. The conchision of llie whole was that ' ev(!rv 
member should do exactly as he had a mind to.' 

" However, our Chapter suffered no liann from this innocent 
ridicule. Indeed, it rather brought us into notice, and made us 
conspicuous on the college grounds. ^My class being that of 1839. 
the time soon came, after the establishment of the Chapter, for 
initiating members from my class. From the first the society 
aimed at a high range of literary' excellence. In the preparation 
of papers to be read at the meetings, each man felt that the 
obligation was upon him to do his best. There was, perhaps, 
full enough of self-congratulation and nuitual admiration among 
our meml)ers at the choice character of our membership. Tliat, 
how^ever, is natural to young men in such associations. They want 
the action and the friction of the great world to bring , them to a 
more democratic estimate of themselves and each other. I look 
back, however, over the space of more than forty years, with great 
pleasure to those evenings when, gathered in our society room, we 
gave ourselves to literary work of a true and genuine order. I 
think we might, without impropriety, appropriate the noble words 
of Cowley : — 

* Sa}', for j'ou saw us, yc immortal lights, 
How oft unwearied have wc spent the nights 
Till the Ledseau stars, so fam'd for love. 

Wondered at us from above ? 
We spent them not in toys, in lusts, or wine, 

lint search of deep philosophy," 

Wit, eloquence, and poetry; 
Arts which I loved, for they, my friend, were thine.' " 

The Second Convention of the Fraternity, assembled in its seventh 
year, was held with the Yale Chapter, August 15, 1889, and its public 
exercises consisted of an address by Samuel Eells, the first of those 
public celebrations by affiliated fraternities which have now become an 

62 Yale. 

annual and normal part of their history. Large in numbers, strong in 
character, at a prominent institution, the Yale Chapter, in the earlier 
years of the Fraternit\', bore a prominent share in shaping its policy. 
The Brunonian Chapter was established by a delegation from the Yale 
Chapter, and the conversion of a local society, / F A', at Amherst, into 
a chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi was largel}' due to the efforts of the 
Yale Chapter, — efforts which ripened into close and intimate relations, 
only severed by the suspension of the latter Chapter, in 1873. The first 
catalogue and the first song book of the Fraternity were issued from 
Yale, and until 18G0 all the catalogues of the Fraternity were compiled 
in the same Chapter, with two exceptions. 

The list of members which follows these brief Annals sufficiently 
attests the character, the ability, and the worth of those who filled the 
ranks of the Chapter for thirt^^-seven years. Its meetings were for 
many years, and to the close of the Chapter, held in a hall on the 
southwest corner of Chapel and State streets, and the exercises of 
three conventions, in 1847, 185G, and 1869, were held in this hall. In 
1867 this hall was newly fitted, and bore, until other Chapters estab- 
lished themselves in halls of their own, the reputation of being the best 
occupied in the Fraternity. The Yale Chapter suspended its active 
functions in the spring term of 1873, and a formal surrender of its 
charter was made to the convention held in the same ^'ear with 
the Cornell Chapter. The step had been for several years in con- 
templation b^- the Chapter. It was taken at last after a conference 
between members of the Amherst and Yale Chapters, in which all 
present agreed to the necessity of a step, regretted, but on all 
accounts justified b}' the circumstances of the case, and a due regard 
to the reputation of the Chapter in the past, its membership in the 
present, and its interests in the future. 

The honors won by members of the Fraternit}' at Yale during thirty- 
seven years included, among other prizes, twelve valedictorians and 
fourteen salutatorians, and four DeForest men during the shorter 
period in which that prize was awarded. 


Charter Membeis. 

Moses Mears Bagg. (Kl. 
George Yates Gilbert. /'. T'. 
CiiAUNCEY Goodrich. A'.V. 
Charles James Lynde. AM. 
William Pitt Lynde. A.l. 
William Alexander Sparks. LA. 
Seth Tryon Wilbur. I'J .'1' . 

Elias Loomis, LL.B. ^.A. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, Yale, since 1860. Tutor Yale, 18.33-6; Prof. 
Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Western Kescrve Coll., 1836-44; Prof. Univ. of the 
City of New York, 1844-60. Author of Practical Astronomy, Analytical (ieometry and 
Calculus, and other mathematical text books; also of articles in Transactions of Am. 
Philological Soc, Am. Journal of Science, Gould's Astronomical. Joiirnml, i)ubIication8 
of the Conn. Acad, and Smithsonian Institute. LL.B., Univ. of the City of New York, 
1854. Member Am. Philosophical Soc, Philadelphia, Pa.; Am. Acad, of Arts and 
Sciences, Boston ; British Scientific Assoc. ; Glas£;ow Philosophical Soc, Scotland; National 
Acad, of Science, Washington; Meteorological Soc, London. 

Rev. Ray Ralmer. E. 0. New York City. 

Sec Congregational Union since 1866. Pastor, Bath, Me., 18".5-.50; First Prcsbvterian 
Church, Albany, N.Y., 1850-65. Author of Memoirs of Charles \\,iu\, lS2'.i; The Spiritual 
Life, 1837; Memoirs of Mrs. C. L.Watson, 18.39; Text r.ook, ls:;i): Spiritual 
Improvement, 1839; Hints on the Formation of Keligiou.i Opiuinn, isOii; llyiiius of my 
Holy Hours, 1867; Home or the Unlost Paradise, 1872; Earnest Words, 1873. b.D., Union 
Coll., 1852. 


Cassius Marcellus Claij, LL.B. Y.A. White Hall, Ky. 

Farmer, Stock Breeder and ex-politician. Meuilnr Slate I,<L,'isl.iturc' of Ky., l"-;;5 and 
1839. Col. Lexington Univ. Regt., 1S45: ('apt. M..uiil((l Vds., Mexican War, 1846. U. S. 
Minister to Russia, 1S61 and 1863-9. Member llarri^lnnu' ( '..m cnti.ui, ls4o; (,'incinnati Con- 
vention, 1872. Author and Editor Trae .iDicriraiiili'-l'i-O. and of many published orations and 
essays, 1846-81. See also Life and Writings of C. M. Clay, 1858; The Clays of Yale, 1862; 
Men of Progress, 1S69; The Kentucky Cyclopaedia, etc. Hon. Pres. Scientific Naval Club, 
Cronstadt, Russia; Hon. Member British Emancipation Soc; Member Zoological 
Soc, St. Petersburg; Institut d'Afrique, Paris, and of many societies in the U. S. Maj. 
Gen. of Volunteers, U. S. A., 1862-3; Col. Com. Ky. State Militia, Gen. Estill's staff, 1863. 
LL.B., Univ. of Pa. 


Henry Harramond Bacot, M.D. N.fl. Society Hill, S. C. 

Retired. M.D., Med. Coll. of S. C, 1840. 

64 Yale. 

Moses Mears Bagg, M.D. O.K. Utica, N. Y. 

Physician, City HospiUl, since 1876. City Pliysician, 1843-7; Health Officer, 1850-4. 
Instructor Rhetoric and Composition, Utica Female Acad., 1861-4; French, Free Acad., 
1863-4. Author of Pioneers of Utica, 1877. M.D., Geneva Medical Coll., 1842. Initiated 
at Hamilton. 

*'^' Rev. Walter Clarke. sl'.0. BufFalo, N. Y. 

Pres. and Prof. Greek, Mobile Coll., 1839. Pastor First Congregational Church, "Water 
bury, Conn., 1842-5: South Church, Hartford, Conn., 184.5-59; Mercer St. Presbyterian 
Church, New York City, 1859-61; First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, 1861-71. D.D.. 
WilUams Coll., 18.53. 

*i87o Frederic Augustus Coe. F. A. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lawyer, practised 1841-70. Died January 9, 1870. 

George Yates Gilbert. P.Y'\ . Gilberts ville, N. Y. 

Lawyer and Lumber Merchant. 

*^^^ Rev. Chaiincey Goodrich. P..\. NeAv Haven, Conn. 

Pastor, Trinitarian Congregational Church, Maiden, Mass., 1843-7; Congregjvtional 
Church, Watertown, Conn., 1849-56. Prof. Rhetoric and Oratory and the Pastoral Charge, 
Yale, 18.56-68. Associate Editor Webster's Dictionary. Sec. New Haven Colony Hist. 
Boc. Died March 27, 1868. 

*'**^ William Alexander Sparks. I.J. Yenice, Italy. 

U. S. ConsiiJ, 1S4.5-9. Died August 19, 1849. 

* '^'^ Seth Tryox Wilbur. E'.I'. New York City. 

Died December 2, 1838. 

John Kno^vxtox Bartlett, M.D. N.A. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Pi%ctising medicine since 1841. Contributor to Transactions of Wis. State Medical 
Soc. Pres. Wis. State Med. Soc, 1876; Vice Pres. Am. Med. Assoc, 1872; Vice Pres. 
International Med. Congress, Phila., 1876. 

Rev. Robert Bethell Claxton. H'.J. West Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Rector St. Andrews. Prof. Homiletics and Pastoral Care, West Phila. Divinity School, 
1865-73. Rector successively at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Madison, Ind., Cleveland, Ohio, and 
Rochester, N. Y. Editor Gambler, Ohio, WeHern Episcopalian, 1853. Trustee Kenyon 
Coll. and P. E. Theo. Sem., Gambler, Ohio. D.D., Kenyon Coll., 1849. Author Question 
Book on the Gospels. 

William Stuart Fleming. J'. J. Columbia, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Chancellor Eighth Chancery Division of Tenn., since 1870. Author of History 
of Manry Co. 

'^' Charles James Lynde. A. 11. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Drowned August 19, 1841, at the burning of steamer Erie on LakrfErie. 

William Pitt Lyxde. A.I. ISIilwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Atty. Gen., Wis., 1844; U. S. Dist. Atty., Wis., 1845; U. S. Representative 
from Wis., 1847-9, and 1875-9 ; Mayor of Milwaukee, i860 ; Member Wis. State Assembly, 
1866, and State Senate, 1868-9. 

^*® Rev. James McChaix. A'. V. Abingdon, Va. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church, Franklin, N. Y., 1843; Presbyterian Church, Abingdon, 
1843-69. Editor Cultinistic Magazine. Died March 1, 1869. 

Rev. AYhitman Peck. A. A. NeM^ Haven, Conn. 

Retired. Pastor 13 years. Teacher of private schools till lately. Author of Andrews' 
(Revised) Latin Lessons; Practical Business Arithmetic; Manual of Christian Faith. 

Yah. 65 

'"'°t William Ball Peck. I.iL Keokuk, Iowa. 

Lawyei-. Hud his name cliangod to William F. 'J'cllord. 

Carlos Feknando Kihkiho, M.D. Z' . A. Alcantara, Brazil. 

Lawyer. Vice Pros., Maranliam, 1847; See., I'roviiu'o of tlio Amazon, 1858; Member 
Brazilian Congress, 1863-6. 

'*^'' Rev. David Tappan Stoddard. A.l. Oroomia, Persia. 

Tutor Yale, 1840-2. Missionary, 1843-57. Autlior of a Syriac Grammar, Arithmetic 
and Dictionary. Died January 22, 1857. 

'■*'" Thomas Grosvenor Talcott. AjV. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Practised at Otsego, N.Y., 1841-5; New York City, 1845-61. Died March 
4, 1870. 

'^^ Rev. Joseph Parrisii Tuompsom:. I.E. Berlin, Prussia. 

Pastor Chapel St. Church, New Haven, 1840-5 ; Broadway Tabernacle, New York City, 
184.5-71. Editor of the fnilcpnulfnt, 1848-62. Author of Memoirs of Timothy Dwight, 
David Hal.', Havid T. SInddnrd, Snmni'l Pilts, Bryant Gray; also of The Serjeant's Me- l.r,-;mv- 1.. Voiiiil;- M.ii. 'I'lir 1'. lirvci-'.- K'lu-c, The Holy Comforter, Kii\\A. Past 
and ]'r.~:in. -I'lir ('liri>ii..n <;i;h(s, 1.. vc an. I r.-nally. The 'I'heolosy of Christ, Man in 
Genesis and ( imloL'X', and Home \\"nrslii|]: al^i .\utlior of numerous pamiddets, sermons 
and addresses on reliuious, social and scientific subjects, and contriliuticms to the A'^tf 
EnglancUr and Bihliotlieca Sacra. D.D., Harvard Univ., 185G; LL.l)., Univ. of the City 
of iSTcw York, 1868. Died September 20, 1879. 

'**'* Joseph Bradley Varnum. 11. 0. New York City. 

Lawyer. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1849-50 and 1857, and Speaker of the same, 1851. 
Author of the Seat of Government of the U. S., and The Washin!,'ton Sketch Book. 
Member N. Y. Hist. Soc. and Am. Geographical Soc. Died December 31, 1874. 

''"''' Joseph Knox Walker. FI.N. Memphis, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Signer of Land W.arrants, 1845-9; Member Teian. Senate, 1850. Col. 2d 
Tenn., C. S. A. Died August 21, 1863. 


^'■' Rev. RuFUS Putnam Cutler. fJ.O. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Pastor Park St. Unitarian Church, Portland, Me., 1846-54; Sau Francisco, CaL, 
1854-9; Charleston, S. C, 1869-72. Died December 9, 1877. 

Abraham Evan Gavynne. E.T. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer, 1842-55. Author of Sheriflfs and Coroners. Died January 30, 1855. 

Richard Dudley Hubbard. J^J. Hartford, Conn. 

*Lawyer. U.S. Representative from Conn., 186S-9; Gov. of Conn., 1877-8. LL.D., 
Yale, 1S77. 

*i84i ^Y^^TTS Sherman Lynde. 1.6. Homer, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Drowned on steamer Erie, bni-ned. Lake Erie, August 9, 1841. 

Augustus Rodney INIacdonough. 7'. fl. New York City. 

Sec. N. Y. L. E. & W. R.R. Co. Manager N. Y. House of Refuge since 1876. Trans- 
lator of Nature and Life; Aucassin and Nicolette; Author of more than 300 articles in 
ScriOner'n, The Nuiiou, etc., 1861-81. 

Rev. Samuel John Mills Merwin. Z'.A. Wilton, Conn. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1868. Settled, Southport, Conn., 1844-59 ; So. Hadley Falls, 
Mass., 1861-7 ; Author of Old Sights with New Eyes, 1852. 


66 Yale. 

*^^' Rev. AViLLTAM Herbert Norris. A.I. Philadelphia, Pa. 

. Rector P. E. Church, Carlisle, Pa. ; Woodbury, N. J., 1855-V5. Resident at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., until death, February 17, 1880. 

John D Sherwood. A.X. Englewood, N. J. 

Author of The Comic History of the U. 8. ; The Rights and Wrongs of Stockholders; 
What I Saw at the Battle of Kissengen; Visits to the Homes of Authors; Knobs of Travel; 
The Silent City of Greenwood ; Pilgrimage to Sunny Lands. Col. and Aide-de-Camp, Army 
of Potomac, 1862. 

* "*' Rev. Levi Ward Smith. A.l. Germantown, Pa. 

Studied law and practised Rochester, N. Y. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1849-50. 
Adj. Gen. of IST. Y., 1851-3. Rector Christ Church, Albion, IS^. Y., 1859; St. Michael's 
Church, Germantown, 1861 ; and Chaplain IT. S. Military Hospital, Germantown. Bled 
December 22, 1863. 

Charles Janeway Stille. A.M. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Prof Eng. Lang, and Lit., Univ. of Pa., 1S66-8; Provost, 1868-81. Author of How a 
Free People Conduct a Long War, 1862; Northern Interest and Southern Independence; 
Historical Development of Am. Civilization ; Memorial of the Great Central Fair for the 
U. S. Sanitary Commission; History of the U. S. Sanitary Commission. LL.D., Yale, 1866. 

Rev. Increase Niles Takbox. P. A. West NeAvton, Mass. 

Sec. Am. Coll. and Education Soc. since 1851. Author Winnie and Walter Stories; 
Uncle George Stories; Tyre and Alexandria; Mneveh, or The Buried City; The Curse, or 
The Race of Ham in the World's History ; Missionary Patriots ; Life of Gen. Israel I'utnam ; 
many articles in Ntio EngUuider, Bibliotheca Sacra, etc. D.D., Yale and Iowa Colls., 
1869. Member N. E. Hist, and Geneal. Soc. 

JosiAH Davight Whitney. O.B. Cambridge, Mass. 

Prof. Geologj', Hai-vard Univ. Author The Metallic Wealth of the U. S. ; Geological 
Survey of California; Geological Survey of the Upper Mississippi Lead Regions; part of 
Report on the Geology and Topography of a Portion of the Lake Superior Lead District; 
Geological Survey of the State of Iowa; Geological Survey of Illinois; translator of Berze- 
lius on The Use of the Blowpipe in Chemistry and Mineralogy. LL.D., Iowa Univ., 1870. 

*i«4i William Perkins Williams. A.F. New London, Conn. 

Died, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, March 9, 1841. 

»i87o \yjLLiAjyi Chauvenet. M.J. St. Louis, Mo. 

Prof. Mathematics, U. S. N., 1841-5; Prof. Astronomy, U. S. Naval Acad., Annap- 
olis, Md., 1845-.59; Prof. Mathematics and Astronomy, 1859-69, and Chancellor, 1862-9, 
Washington Univ., St. Louis. Author of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Practical 
Astronomy, Binomial Theorem and Logarithms, and other text-books, and of contributions 
to Am. Journal of Science and Am. Astronomicttl Journal. LL.I)., Prcs. A. A. A. S. 
Died December isi 1870. 

Rev. Joseph FewSmith. H'.iL XeAvark, N. J. 

Pastor Second Presbyterian Church. Prof. Sac. Rbet. and Pastor Theo., Auburn Theo. 
Sem., 1848-51. D.D., Columbia Coll., 1855. 

*"*' Stuart Wilkins Fisk, LL.B. P.O. Natchez, Miss. 

LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1843. Col. Miss. Inf., C. S. A.; killed Sliiloh, April 6 or 7, 

Rev. Daniel March. N.L Woburn, Mass. 

Ordained 1845; Pastor, Nashua, N. H., AVoburn, Mass., Philadelphia, Pa. Author 
of Night Scenes in the Bible, AValks and Hours with Jesus, Home Life in the Bible, From 
Dark to Dawn, Our Father's House. D.D., Univ. of AVestern Pa., 1864. 

Yale. 67 

John Perkins, LL.B. ll.l). Sweet Springs, W. Va. 

Lawyer and Cotton Planter. Juilge Dist. Court, La., 18.5T-.3; U. S. Representative 
from lia., 18.'>,3-6; Iteprcsentalive La. Secession Convention, 1801; Member Confederate; 
Con!,'res8, 1861-5. LL.B., IIar\'ard Univ., 1842. 

"''^ William Pp:kkins, LL.B. /.//. Tensas PaiLsli, La. 

Dist. Atty. LL.B., Harvard Univ., lH4:i. Lost with the steamer Arctic, Septcnilx'i 
•27, 18.i4. 

'**^" Rev. Geokge Kichakds. I'.l. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Tutor Yale, 1844-6; Pastor Central Church, Boston, Mass., 1845-.'>9: Litchfield. Coim., 
1860-6; Bridgeport, 1866-70. Died October 20, 1870. 

Lazakus Denison Shoemaker. P.N. Wilkesbai-re, Pa. 

Lawyer. Pa. State Senator, 1866-8; U. S. Representative from Pa., 1871-5. Member 
Hist. Soc. of Pa. 


Rev. Jackson Jones Bushnell. (KU. lieloit, Wis. 

Tutor Western Reserve Coll., 184-2-4; agent, 1844-8; Prof. .Mathematics .-md Nat. 
Philosophy, Beloit Coll., 1848-58 and 1863-73. Died March 8, 1873. 

Rev. Azariah Eldridge. A.Z. Yarniouth Port, Mass. 

Congregational clcrgvman. Tutor Yale, 1845-7; Pastor North Congregational Church, 
New Bedford, Mass., 1847-56; Fort St. Presbyterian Church, Detroit, Mich., 1858-65; Am. 
Chapel, Paris, France, 1866-8. Sec. Evangelical Alliance, New Yorlc City. 1S70-3. . D D., 
Hamilton Coll., 1863. 

Rev. Joseph Emerson. P. J. Beloit, Wis. 

Prof. Greek, Beloit Coll., since 18-54. Tutor Yale, 1S44-8; Prof. Latin and Greek, 
Beloit Coll., 1848-54. D.D., Yale, 18S0. Member of Conn, and Wis. Acad, of Arts and 
Sciences and .\m. Philological Assoc. 

Rev. William Tappan EusTis. ./'.-. Springfield, Mass. 

Pastor Memorial Church since 1869. Pastor Congregational Church, Winchester, Mass., 
1846-8; Chapel St. Church, New Haven, Conn., 1848-69. Director Am. Home Missionary 
See, and Vice Pres. Am. Missionary Assoc. Author of The Service of Praise. Contributor 
to the ATew Sng lander. D.D.,1881. 

' August Canfield GiLLETT. I'./L Washington, D. C. 

Edited the Jacksonville, Fla., A'^fcv, 1845-53 Clerk of Census Bureau, 1853, till death. 
Died February 7, 1856. 

fCnARLES Philip Helfenstein. //.//. Shnmokin, Pa. 

P^ngaged in Coal Mining. 

William Law Learned. ./.T. Albany, N. Y. 

Presiding Justice Supreme Court of N. Y., 3d District, since 1870. Prof. Equity, 
Trials and Civil Law, Albany Law School. LL.D., Yale, 1878. 

Donald Grant IVIitchell. .1.1'. Edgewood, New Haven, 

Fanner and Writer. U. S. Consul, Vi^nicc. ls,-,:!-4 ; U. S. Commisj^ioner Paris E.vposi- 
tion, 1873. K.lit..,- //..nfh and Home, isr,:, n, m.-mIm,- c.v. c.innr.l V-,1.. >>-liool of 
Art, since its , iit. Author of Vi' ii '- i - i- . IM, ; l.nih >i.iiimi. r IS49. 
The Lorgneltr. l>.Mi; ILvn-ies of a Bach,!-, i- • 1'. m -.1^;. '-' : I -1 - '.'omgs, 
1854; Farm of Edgewood, 1803; Wet Days ai Klu. u M 1^.1 : ; ; " '' ':,''"i', -■ '""';-■*;,'• 
Johns, 1860; Rural Studies, 1867 ; Pictures of Edgewood, 1»08; About Old >toryleller«, 
1876. Contributor to Mw Englander, Atlantic, Scribner, Harper and St. Nicholas. 
LL.D., Yale, 1878. 

68 Yale. 

Rev. BiRDSEY Grant NoTHROP. A'. A. Clinton, Conn. 

Sec. Conn. Board of Education since 1867. Pastor Congre?ational Church, Saxon- 
ville, Mass., 1S46-57. Agent Mass. Board of Education, 1857-66; Pres. Am. Inst, of 
Instruction, 1864-9. Author of numerous worlis on education and agriculture. LL.D., 
Williams Coll., 1872. 

PoMPEio AsCEN^o DE Sa. /. /.'. Alcantara, Brazil. 

Planter. Member of the Maranham Province House of Representatives, 1848. 

Rev. Thomas Coffin Yarnall. B'.X. West Philadelphia, 

Hector St. Mary's Church since 1844. D.D., Univ. of Pa., 1868. 


Rev. Joseph Augustine Benton. I.F. Oakland, Cal. 

Senior Prof. Sacred Lit., Pacific Theo. Sem., since 1869, and Editor-in-chief of the 
Pacific since 1864. Pastor Congregational Church, Sacramento, 1849-63; of Plymouth 
Church, San Francisco, 1863-9. Author of California Pilgrim, 1853. D.D., Yale, 1870. 

Joseph Venner Brown. A'. A Conneaut, O. 

Taught school and edited Conneaut Reported', 1842-4. Commission Merchant and 
Receiver of Public Moneys for the Mineral Land District, Mich. 

Rev. Alexander Huntington Clapp. N. V. New York 

Since 1878 Treasurer Am. Home Missionary Sec- Pastor Centre Congregational 
Church, Brattleboro', Vt., 1846-53; Beneficent Church, Providence, R. I., 1855-65. Sec. 
Am. Home Missionary 80c., 1865-78. New York Editor of Boston Congregutionalist. 
Chaplain 10th R. I. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. D.D., Iowa Coll., 1868. 

Rev. William Postell Gready. A'. I. Tuccoa, Ga. 

Pastor M. E. Church since 1871. Evangelist in Madison and Perrv Cos., 1847-56; 
Pickens' Dist., S. C, 1856-71. 

*'*^^f Jacob Stephen Halsey. li.T. New Orleans, La. 

Lawyer. Died at Orange, N. J., September 25, 1853. 

f William Davison Hennen. J. 8. New York City. 

Lawyer. Author of Hennen's Digest of La. Reports. Major on staft' of Gens. 
Buckner and B. R. Johnson, C. 8. A., Tenn. and W. Va. 

* '**'^' Isaac Ellmaker Hiester. E'.A. Lancaster, Pa. 

Lawyer. Atty. for Lancaster Co., 1848-50; U. S. Representative, 18.53-5. Died 
February 6, 1871. 

*'*'^ Rev. William Sidney Huggixs. M.P. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church, 1854-62; preached, 1848-53, at Hatfield, Natick, East 
Medway, Farmington, Mass., Reading, Pa., Beloit and Whitewater, Wis. Died March 
23, 1862. 

Sylvester Larned. B'.FI. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Pres. Mich. Refonn School, 1861 and 1878-9. Author of published orations 
and arguments. Lt. Col. 2d Mich. Inf., U.S.A., 1861-2. 

*i88o Rev. Alexander MacWiiorteu. .V.J. New Haven, Conn. 

Resident and engaged in literary pursuits since 1845. Prof. Metaphysics and English 
Lit., Troy ITniv., 'J'roy, N. Y., 1859-60. Author of Yahveh Christ, or the Memorial 
Name, 1850; contributor to the New Knglander, au article on John Foster, 1847, and to 
SiUimun's Journal on the Divisibility of Magnitude. Died June 28, 1880. 

Yale. 69 

*'*^'^ Samuel BuEL MuLFOKi). A.H, Arurysville, Cal. 

Lawyer. Practised at Montrose, I'a., ]S4:,-'.l. ])jid September 6, 1863. 

*'*«•' Jacob PEiiKiNS. E.M. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Prc8. Cleveland and Mahoiiini? R.U., 18.i3-8. Member of the Ohio Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1850. Died, Havana, ( 'nba, January 12, 18.59. 

John Andrew Petehs. /''. .Y. Bangor, Me. 

Judge Supreme Judicial Court of Me.; State Senator, 1862-3; State Representative, 
18G4; State Atty. Gen., 1864-6; U.S. Representative from Me., 1867-73. Member Me. 
Hist. Soc. 

*'*^ Rev. Leaxder Elmer Wakefield. N.T. JNIonticello, Minn.<jr Baptist Church, Hudson, Mass., 1845-S and 1852-04. Died ^fay 9, 1865. 

*'«^^ Henry Kirke White Welch, LL.B. U'.U. Hartford, 

Member Conn. Senate, 1S62; Conn. House of Representatives, 1864-5. LL.B., Yale, 
1850. Died November 25, 1870. 


Rev. Robert Aikman. l\B. Madison, N. J. 

Pastor First Presbyterian Church. D.D., Coll. of N. J., 1874. 

*'^ Rev. John Jacob Brandegee. ./.6'. Utica, N. Y. 

Rector Grace Cliurch, 1854-64; St. MichaeVs Church, Litchfield, Conn., 1849-54. D.D., 
Hamilton and Hobart CoUs., 1833. Died April 6, 1864. 

David Judson Ely. F'.^. Rochester, N. Y. 

On account of ill health never engaged in business. 

*'^ Rev. Isaac Mills Ely. M.l. Chenango Forks, N. Y. 

Hospital Chaplain, Alexandria, Va.. 1864-5. Prin. Young Ladies' School, 1871-4. Died 
January 7, 1880. 

* '^* Rev. William Henry Goodrich. I.l. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Tutor Yale, 1847. Pastor First Church, Bristol, Conn., 1850-4; Presbyterian Church, 
Ringhamton, N. Y., 1854-8; First Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Ohio, 1858-72. D.D., 
Western Reserve Coll., 1864. Died, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 11, 1874. 

* '^^ Rev. Gordon Hall. N.l. Northampton, Mass. 

Tutor Yale, 1846-8. Pastor Wilton, Conn., 1848-52; Edwards Church, Northampton, 
18.52-79. D.D., Arahi-rst Coll., 1864. Died November 5, 1879. 

* '*'■'* John Myers Huntington. 0. T. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer; practised Cleveland, Ohio, till 1846. Journalist, Cincinnati, 1846-8. Judge of 
Supreme Court, Cal. Capt., U. S. A., Quartermaster's Department. Died October 10, 1864. 

Anthony Quinton Keasbey. F'.P. Newark, N. J. 

Lawver. U. S. Dist. Atty. for N. J. since 1861. Author of many published papers. 
See Biogr. Encycl. of N. J., iS77. 

Sanford Brown Kellogg. A.V. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer, and Pres. St. Louis Lead Mining Co. State Senator of Mo., lS61-;3. Trustee 
Thayer Coll., Kidder, Mo., 1874-6. Private 7th Mo. Inf., U. S. A., 2 years. 

William Lathrop Kingsley. J'../. New Haven, Conn. 

Editor Nexo Englander. Author of Yale College, and many articles. 

70 Yale. 

*'^ John Frederic Nourse. F'.P. Boston, Mass. 

Teacher Beverly Acad., Mass., 1S43-5; Prin. Endicott School and Chapman School, 
Boston, 1845-54. Died January 17, 1854. 

*'^ John Hunter Robb. Y.H. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer, 1845 till death, 1864. 

*'«'« Eli Sims Shorter. E.\. Eufeula, Ala. 

Lawyer and Planter. U. S. Representative from Ala., 1855-9. Died April 29, 1879. 

John Warburton Skinner. PA-). Yonkers, N. Y. 

Supt. Industrial Schools and Agent Children'.s Aid Soc. Lieut. Co. C 10th Mo. Inf., 
U. S. A., one year. 

Henry A STOR Weeks, M.D. P.U. New York City. 

Co.-il Merchant. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1848. Col. 12th X. T. Inf., U. S.A., 1862-5. 

Henry Wadhams Buel, M.D. P.O. Litchfield, Conn. 

Practising medicine since 1854. Plivsician N. Y. Hospital, 1847-9; Insane Asylum, 
Flushing, N. Y., 1849-54. M.D., Columlna Coll., 1847. 

Rev. Charles Whittlesey Camp. Tl'.I. Waukesha, Wis. 

Pastor Congregational Church, Waukesha, since 1868; at Shebovgan and Fond du Lac, 

*'^'* Rev. John Townsend Coit. P.0. Rochester, N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church, Albion, N. Y., 1855-60; St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, 
Rochester, 1860-.3. Died at Albion, N. Y., January 23, 1863. 

* — James Linton Cunningham. I.B, Fayetteville, Ga. 

Lawyer. Died about 1856. 

*i85i Qg^viN Hart Doolittle. P.\. North Haven, Conn. 

Farmer. Member Conn. State Legislature, 1846-9. Died July 11, 1851. 

Rev. John Welsh Dltlles. O.z.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Editorial Sec. Presbyterian Board of Publication since 1857. Missionary at Madras, 
1848-52; Sec. of Missions, Philadelphia, 1853-7. Author of Life in India, 1855; The Ride 
through Palestine, 1881, and of minor works. D.D., Coll. of N. J., 1871. 

*^^^ Henry PosTLETHWAiTE Duncan. E'.E. New York City. 

Planter, Natchez, Miss. Died December 6, 1879. 

*^^' Robert Farris Fisk, LL.B. T.O. Washington, D. C. 

Manufacturer and Merchant, Boston. Mass., 1845-57: St. Paul, Minn., 1857-63. StaU- 
Librarian, Minn., 1860-3. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1846. Died December 16, 1863. 

Charles RoLLiN Lynde. B'.M. Princeton, N. J. 

Lawyer, retired. Founder of the Lynde Prize Debate at the Coll. of N. J. 

Rev. John McLeod. A'.l. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Pastor S. W. Presbyterian Church. 

Rev. Charles Augustus Maison. A. A. West Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Rector St. James' Church, Kingsessing, since 1857. Asst. Rector St. Paul's Church, 
Edenton, S. C, 1847-9; Rector Windsor and Williamstown, N. C., 1849-52; St. Paul's 
Church, Staten Island, N. Y., 1852-57. 

Yale. 7 1 

Howard Smith, M.D. (Kl\ New Orleans, La. 

Prof. Materia Medica and Tlionipciitics New Orleans Scliool of Med.. ISOC-fiO; Hurn.-oii 
Marine Hospital, U. 8. A., durinsj IVes. Pierce's administration. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1847. 
Medical Purveyor, Trans-Mississippi Department, C. S. A. 

*"^''" William Smith. A'.F. Sacramento, Cal. 

Lawyer, practised in Weston, Mo., till 1849; then engaged in mining and business in 
Cal. Died November 6, 1850. 

Jonathan White. PjP. Brockton, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. Legislature, 1864, 1860; State Senator, 18V7-9. 

*"*"- Akchelaus Wilson. A'. J. New York City. 

Lawyer. Practised, Manchester, N. H., 1847-51; Boston, Mass., 1851-8. Died Fel)r(i- 

ary 2(5, 1862. 


*i84« William Augustus Bigelow. ./'.J. Staton Island, N. Y. 

Teacher N. J., 1845. Died February 13, 184G. 

* "*''^ James No AiLLE Brickell. A.0. New Orleans, La. 

Lawyer, 1849-60 and 1866-77. 1st Lieut Ordnance, C. S. A. Died September 26, 1877. 

*'**" Charles Thomas Chester. ^.H. Englcwood, N. J. 

Manufacturer Electric and Magneticlnstruments, New York City. Died April .3, 1880. 

Lemuel Parker Conner. M.l. Convent, La. 

Cotton Planter and Sugar Plantation Manager. Member La. Secession Convention. 
*18(» ^YlLLIAM GUSTINE CoNNER. ./.-'. NatcllCZ, MisS. 

Cotton Planter. Major Jeff Davis Legion, C. S. A. ; killed, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 

Rev. Thomas Kirby Davis. O.A. Wooster, Ohio. 

Financial Sec. Univ. of Wooster since 1871. Pastor Bedford and Schellsburg, 1850-5; 
Cal, lS5.i-7; Middletown, Pa., 1857-62; Mansfield, Ohio, 1862-7. Prof. Languages, Ver- 
million Inst., Hayesville, Ohio, 1867-71. 

Jonathan Sturges Ely. O.U. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Clerk, New York City, Post Office. Lawyer at Poughkcepsie, N. Y., 1852-5. 

*'^* James Gardner Gould. Augusta, Ga. 

Lawyer. Tutor Yale, 1848-9. Died September 21, 1854. 

Rev. John Wheeler Harding. A'.V. Longmeadow, Mass. 

Pastor First Church of Christ since 1850. Editor, contributor and special correspondent, 
Springfield, Mass., Republican, etc.; Lecturer before educational institutes since 1868. 

Alvan PiNNEY Hyde. N.A. Hartford, Conn. 


Francis Ives. F/.f). Bridgeport, Conn. 


*'^'^ Rev. Thomas Kennedy. T.B. Baltimore, Md. 

Died September 8, 1849. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem.. 1848. 

Orrick Metcalf, M.D. P.0. Natchez, Miss. 

Practising medicine since 1870. Prof. Languages, .Jefferson Coll.. Miss., 1840-8; Teacher 
N. Y. Deaf and Dumb Inst., 1867-70. Surgeon, C. S. A. M. D., Univ. of N. Y., 18.53. 

72 Yale. 

Edward Olmstead. A.Z. Wilton, Conn. 

Prin. Wilton Acad, since 1S55. Teacher, Essex, Conn., 1846; Rector, Hopkins Gram- 
mar School, 1849-53. 

♦^^'^ Robert Eaxkin. Z'.M. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer from 1850 till death. Died October 7, 1859. 

*^»^^ Richard Taylor. PA-). Xew Orleans, La. 

Planter. Member La. State Senate, 1856-60; La. Secession Convention, 1860-1. Author 
of Destruction and Reconstruction, 1879 ; contributor to Korth Amtricau lieviexc. Aide-de- 
camp to his father. Gen. Zacharv Taylor, Mexican War; Col. 9th La., C. S. A.; Mai. Gen. 
and Lieut. Gen., C. S. A. Died April 12, 1879. 


*'^^ Rev. William Baxtield Capron. LA. Mana jMadura, India. 

Teacher, Baltimore, Md., 18-17; Prin. Hartford, Conn., High School, 1848-53. Grad. 
Andover Theo. Sem., 1856. Missionary A. B. C. F. M., from 1856 till his death. Died at 
Mana .Madura, India, October 6, 1876. 

fSAMUEL S. Carroll. A.II. Baltimore, Md. 

Miner and Shipper of Coal. 

*''^ Robert Cochrax. O.D. White Plains, N. Y. 

' Lawyer. Judge Westchester County, 1867-71; Dist. Atty., 1874. Died December 
14, 1880. 

James McLarex Breed Dwight, LL.B. Z'.Q, Xew 
. Haven, Conn. 

Retired Lawyer. Tutor Yale, 1849-53. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1861. 

*^^ William Spexcer Eakix. E'.N. Groton, Conn. 

Died December 14, 1880. 

Ziba G-\y. r.J. North Chelmsford, Mass. 

Machinist since 1859. Clerk to Gay, Silon & Co., and Treasurer Wilton Mfg. Co., 
M^iIton,Jf.n., 1847-59. 

Hexry Baldwix Harrison. A.K. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. State Senator of Conn., 18.34; State Representative, 1865 and 1873. Fellow 
of Yale (elected by alumni}, 1872; re-elected, 1877. 

Rev. George Edwards Hill. A. P. Pittsfield, N. H. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Prof. Lincoln Xormal Univ., Marion, Ala., 1879. Author 
of Letters from Abroad in Congregationalist and Boston Traveller, 1853-4. 

*'^ Jeffersox Fraxklin Jacksox. A'.(P. Montgomery, Ala. 

Lawyer. Atty. for Middle Dist., Ala., 1849-50. Died March 27, 1862. 

Rev. Edwix Johxsox. A. 6. New York City. 

Congreg.ational Pastor and Prin., Suburban Sem., since 1879. Trustee 111. Coll. 1855-7. 
Author of th- Poem at the -\ A 4) Convention of 1854; The Month of Gold, 1869, and of 
many articles. 

Stephex Wright Kellogg. I.S. W^aterbuiy, Conn. 

Lawyer since 1354. Practised Naugatuck, Conn., 1848-54. Clerk Conn. Senate, 1851; 
member, 1853, for ath Dist. ; Judge Xew Haven County Court, 1854; Prob.ate Court, Water- 
bury, Conn., seven years; member Conn. House of Representatives, 1856; U. S. Repre- 
sentative, 1871-5. Brig. Gen., Conn. N. G. 


1 . -. > ..|.:.. 1 ' ".; New 

1 - , - . 1 . : , . Si'c. of 

, ,l 

.,.,•,',.., , 1 . i^.^> Vale, 

\\v.l^lu,. Member 

;. 1 

■, 1 i^:il, iv,r,; Sketch of 

• Ml ; 

nM ( , „„cTticUt, N. n., 


^ ;il. ( m11., etc. Member 


.rol' Ccijii. See Leaven- 


U. 1., anil Uepreseutalivc 

Yale. 73 

FuEDEKiciv John KiNfiSHunY. }]'.!. AVatcrbiirv. Conn. 

Pres. Citi/.eirs National Hank: S.-xill \ir . i ,, : | 
EnslandTransportalicin Co. ; Watn-lini , - lil \ 

many otiicr Uailniad, Hankini,'. Maiini:p •• iil '"' 

PreB. Alatlaliick lli-t. S..,-., ami 'I'l,.... I'.i.ii 

of Conn. Ara.l. ..| Sri,,,.-,-. Autlmr ..f Sk.;rl, ,.| .1 
Chicaun. is.r.; 1M,m..,,- in a llepulili.', Sori;!!-!, W. 
Hi8t. So,-. ( nlk, ISM , art. .<uu!l. Mi,Ulle, in Kinu-l-.N - 
ofGenei-al l';i)i.seopal Convi'iilioii 1877, and 'I'lxas. <.l 
worth Gencalosy; Biogr.Encycl. IMh Century ; vol. on 
Manufacturers of N. E., by Van Shiyck. 

*"*'' Stephen Duncan Linton, /v. J. Natchez, Miss. - 

Cotton Planter. Died, Pai-is, France, 18tJ7. 

Elihu Phinney. IhW Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Book Publisher, Buffalo, N. Y., and New York City till 18G4 ; since retired. Author of 
numerous articles, chiefly on Pisciculture. 

Jaked Reid, Jr. Z'.Ji. Hjirtford, Conn. 

Sunt, of Schools since 1874; Teacher, Newport, R. I., 1847-.')-): Stookbnd.sre, Mass., 
1855-63 and 1866-74; New Haven, Conn., 1863-4; Prin. Kagleswood IMihtary Acad., 
Perth Araboy, N. J., 1864-6. 

Henry Thornton Steele. A' .1. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Prin. Bacon Acad., Colchester, Conn., 1846-8. Member Chicago Board of 
Education, 1860-6. Master in Chancery, Superior Court, Cook Co., 111., since 1873. Political 
editor, CouHtantine. Mercury, one year. 

John Butler Talcott. New Britain, Conn. 

Manufacturer. Mayor of New Britain, 1880-2. 

Charles Hooper Trask. I.M. New York City. 

Russia Merchant. Summer residence, Manchester, Mass. 

*'^ Benjamin Wisner Bacon. B.V. New Haven, Conn. 

Died January 8, 1848. 

Charles Thompson Blake. P.X. San Francisco, Cal. 

Merchant. Sec. Oakland Paving Co. 

Henry Martyn Brace. NM. New York City. 


*mi ^YiLj^TAM CtUNTON. P.J. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Director of a plantation, Prince George's Co., Va., 1851-4. Died April 1, 

*'^' Francis Louis Hodges. E'.L Geneva, N. Y. 

Teacher, Pittsfield, Mass., 1847-.')1 ; Tutor Yale, 1851-2. Lawyer, New York City; 
Chief Attorney to the City of New York. Died July 27, 18j3. 

Rev. Nathaniel Alden Hyde. P. 0. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Member City School Board; Pres. State Social Sci. Assoc; Sec. Gen Assoc, of Ind. 
Congregational Churches; Trustee Wabash Coll. and Chicago Iheo. bem. D.D., 
Marietta Coll., 1876. 

Alfred Mills. M.J. Morristown, N. J. 




74 • Yale. 

*'«'° John MuNN. H'.P. Springfield, Mass. 

Lawj'er. Teacher, 1847-9. Died January 30, 1850. 

Charles Augustus Nichols. P. 11. Providence, R. I. 

Lawyer, ISTew York City, 1851-6. Manufacturer, from 1865 till dcatb. Died October 

20, 1877. 

Alfred Plant. J. T. Webster Groves, Mo. 

Pres. Plant Seed Co. 

George Appleton Robbins. P. W. New York Citj. 

Retired. Formerly Banker. 

Charles Frederick Sanford. H'.I. New York City. 

Lawyer. Judge Superior Court, ISTew York City, 1876-81. Died October 21, 1881. 

John Donnell Smith. P.M. Baltimore, Md. 

Lawyer. Treas. Marietta & Cincinnati R.R. Co., 1868-9; Trustee for City of Balti- 
more of McDonough School Farm, 1871-2. Contributor to Bulletin of Torrey Botanical 
Club and to Coulter's Botanical Gazette. Member Med. Acad. Arts and Sciences. C.S.A., 
January, 1862 to May, 1865; Capt. com. Battery A, Huger's Battalion- of Mounted Art., 
1st Corps, Army of N. Va. 

Horatio Wildman. A'. A. Sandusky, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Ex-Mayor and e.x-City Solicitor. 


Rev. Frederick Randolph Abbe. E.I'. Dorchester, Mass. 

Trustee Armenia Coll., E. Turkey. Author of The Temple Rebuilt, a Poem, 1872, 2d 
edition, 1S81. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1857 

*'**^^ Rev. William Aitchison. M.F. Shanghai, China. 

Tutor Yale, 1850-1. Missionary A. B. C. F. M., 1854 till death. Died May 15, 18.59. 

Henry Taylor Blake. A'.X. New Haven, Conn. 


David Samuel Calhoun. A.B. Hartford, Conn. 

Judge of Court of Common Pleas, 1877; re-elected, 1881; State Senator of Conn., 1856 
and 1862 ; Judge of Probate, 1854-66. Fellow Yale, 1862, ex officio. 

*^«^' Charles CoNDiT. B'.Q. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died October, 1877. 

Rev. Samuel Emerson. T. 0. University of Virginia, Va. 

Teacher, Morristown, N. J., 1849; Prin. Shemariak Classical School, Middlebrook, Va., 
1861-9. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1851. 

Rev. Elias Brewster Hillard. P.0. Plymouth, Conn. 

Teacher, Southington, Conn., 1848-50. 

fEDWARD Lippincott. F' . T. Falls of Schuylkill, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Accountant. U. S. A., under Emergency Call, 1863. 

Richard Smith Mesick. A.E. Virginia City, Ne v. 


Yale. 75 

Isaac Sprague Newton. l*.W. Norwich, N. Y. 

Lawyer. District Atty. Chenango Co., 1853-9. 

»i849 FiiANKLiN Lafayette Plimpton. KJ). Sturbridge, Mass. 

Died January 8, 1849. 

Nathaniel Shipman. //. 7'. Hartford, Conn. 

U. S. District JudE;o for District of Conn.; State Representative of Conn., 1857; Kxcc- 
utive Sec. of Gov., 1S5S-02. 

*>*« Edwin Tyler. E.M. Michigan Bluff, Cal. 

Miner, Assaycr and Express Agent, 1849, till death. Died June 21, 1888. 

John Light Atlee, M.D. I'.Ii. Lancaster, Pa. 

Physician to Lancaster Co. Hospital. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1853. 

Rev. Shearjashub Bourne. Z' .X. Paterson, N. J. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1853. 

*i862 William George Chandler. A'. A. Mobile, Ala. 

Exchange and Commission Merchant and Banker, 1850, till death. Died July 3, 1862. 

*'^^f Henry Legran de Conner. A. P. Natchez, Miss. 

Lawyer and Preacher. Died Natchez, May, 1876. 

Rev. Timothy D wight. I.I.K. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Sacred Literature, Yale, since 18-58; Tutor Yale, 18.51-5. One of Editors of the 
Neiv Englander since 1868. Member of Bible Revision Committee. D.D., Chicago Theo. 
Sem., 1869. 

Rev. Franklin Woodbury Fisk. //'. T. Chicago, 111. 

Wisconsin Prof. Sacred Rhetoric, Chicago Theo. Sem., since 18.59; Prof. Rhetoric and 
English Literature, Beloit Coll., 1854-9. Author of The Forces of the Pulpit, 1859; Unity 
of the Professions, 1878, etc., in the Neio Englander. See Johnson's New Univ. Cyclo- 
piedia. D.D., Olivet Coll., 1865. 

Philip Gleason Galpin. A.0. North Temescal, Cal. 

Lawyer, San Francisco. 

«i855 (Charles Rush Goodrich. I.E. Flushing, N. Y. 

Teacher, Louisville, Ky., 1850-1. Associated with Prof. B. Silliman, Jr., in preparing 
the Illustrated Record of the Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, New York City, issued in 
1854; also Annotated Catalogue of same exhibition. Died August 22, 1855. 

*'^ Jacob Brown Kirby. A.X. Brownville, N. Y. 

Farmer, 1849-59. Lumber Merchant, 1852-7. Died .\rarch 9, 1860. 

♦ 18,58 ^AjjoN Lyon. B'.A. Sturbridge, Mass. 

Lawyer. Died August 22, 1858. 

Rev. Edw^ard Dafydd Morris. P. I. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Prof. Theology Lane Theo. Sem., 1874 ; of Church History, 1867-74. Trustee, Western 
Reserve Coll., 1856-68. Author of Outlines of Christian Doctrine, 1880. D.D., Hamilton 
Coll., 1863. 

*•*'''' Hugh Florian Peters. J'.M. Cheshire, Conn. 

Lawyer, Cheshire and New York City, 1852-3. Teacher, Duxbury, Mass., 1853-4. Tidal 
Department, U. S. Coast Survey, 18-54-5; Clerk of Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C., 
1855-6. Died October 4, 1856. 

76 Yale. 

William Frederick Poole. FJ .B. Evanston, III. 

Librarian Public Library, Chicago, 111., since IST-i; A>-l., Boston Athe- 
naeum, 1851; Librarian, Boston Mercantile Library. 1^^J i; V, -t..ii Atljenasum, 1856-69; 
and of Cincinnati Public Library, 1863-74. Autlmi- oi l'M|,h nn ( ol-ii\ . lS'i6; Introduction 
to reprint of Johnson's Wonder- Working Providence di.'a 1^>.7; Mather Papers, pri- 
vately printed, Boston, 1868; Cotton Mather and Salem Witchcraft (from N. A. Review), 
privately printed, Boston, 1869; Notes to Gov. Hutchinson's Witchcraft Delusion, 1692, pri- 
vately printed, Boston, 1S70; Anti-Slavery Opinions before 1830, 1872; Dr. Cutler and Ordi- 
nance of 1787 (from J^^. A. lievifw), 1876; The Organization and Management of Public 
Libraries, U.S. Bureau of Educ. Report; also separate, 1876; Witchcraft in Boston, in 
Memorial History of Boston, 1881; The Construction of Library Buildings, Library Jour- 
nal, 1881 ; also issued by U. S. Bureau of Educ, 1881 ; Index to Periodical Literature, new 
ed., brought down to January, 1880 (in press). Member of the Mass., N. Y., Md., and Vt. 
Hist. Socs. ; Am. Antiquarian Soc, Essex Inst., etc. See AUibone's Diet, of Am. Authors. 

John Rocjiv WELL. ^..Y. Tarry to wn, N. Y. 


*^*'^ Rev. Augustus Walker. //./'. Diarbekir, Turkey. 

Ordained 1852; Missionary A. B. C. F. M., Diarbekir, Turkey, 1853-66. Died of 
cholera September 13, 1866. 

*'«^* Charles Bill Waring. B.N. New York City. 

Lawyer. Died October 12, 1854. 

*'^' ErastusHay Weiser. 'A 77. York, Pa. 

Lawyer. Died July 12, 1872. 


Rev. Leonard Woolsey Bacon, D.D. O.J. Norwich, 

Pastor Park Church. Author of Sunday Hymn and Tune Books; History of the Vati- 
can Council, 1871 ; Life of Mrs. E. B. Gould, 1878; Church Papers, 1876; also many minor 
works and magazine articles. M.D., Yale, 1856; D.D., Yale, 1879. Corr. Member Societe 
des Etudes Theologiques de Geneve. See Johnson's Cycl. and Am. Ed. of Chambers' 

Rev. Edward Warren Bentley. I.E. Ellenville, N. Y. 

Author History of the Classis of Orange, 1875, .ind of Published Sermons, etc. D.D., 
N.Y. Univ., 1877. 

Robert Bliss. P. IT. New York City. 

Dry Goods Merchant since 1852. Teacher, St. Timothy's Hall, Baltimore, Md., 1851. 
Clerk Metropolitan Bank, 1852. 

Henry Chase. F/.A. Lyndon, Vt. 

Lawyer. Pres. National Bank ; Director Vt. Agricultural Soc. Practised law. Syca- 
more, Hi., 1857-9, and at Chicago. Representative Vt. Legislature; Centennial Commis- 
sioner for Vt., 1876; member Vt.'Board of Agriculture since 1876. 

fHENRY Martyn Cheavens, M.D. H'.M. Ashland, ]\Io. 

Teacher and Farmer. A. B., Amherst Coll., 1852. M.D., St. Louis Med. Coll., 1866. 

Albert Pierson Condit. F.J. Newark, N. J. 

Lawyer. Member N. J. State Legislature, 1866-7 and 1871; Speaker of Assembly, 1871. 

Henry Martyn Dechert. A'.F. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer. Prin. Mt. Pleasant, Pa., Sera., 1850-3; Asst. City Solicitor, 1856-8. Member 
Pa. Hist. Soc. 1st Lieut. 40th Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

William Thompson Farnham. i.P. New York City. 

Lawyer. Private 7th Regt. N. Y. S. N. G., 1862-3, 5 months. 

Yah. 77 

* '^" George Loimbaki) Fiiost. II' . <■). Dodgcville, Wis. 

Lawyer, Mineral roint, Wis., ISoS-GO; Dodijeville, 1869-79. Member Wis. Senate, 
1863-4. Died February 15, 1879. 

f Leonard Addison Hendrick. O.J. 

Journalisl, New York Herald. 

Rev. Edward Miles Jerome, LL.B. I\<P. New Haven, 

Kilitor and Proprietor Shore Line. Tlmen, and Preacher Grand St. Baptist (!hurch. 
In business, New York City, \%h?,-b. Pastor Baptist cnuirch, Northampton, Mass., 1860-2; 
M(ri<len. Conn., 1862-6; Westfield, Conn., 1869-71. Editor /Vusonia, Conn., Naugatuck. 
I'd//,)/ Snitinel. LL.B., Yale, 1852. 

* '""' Kiciiard Lamb. J. V. Norfolk, Va. 

Student of Medicine, Columbia Coll., 1851-2. Died October 3, 1852. . 

SiLVANUS Sanford Mulford, M.D. IJ\6. New York City. 

Practising medicine since 1865; I'hysieian New York Hospital, 1855-7; Cherry Valley, 
N. Y., 1857-61. M. D., Columbia Coll., 1855. Asst. Surgeon 35th N. Y. Inf.,"U. S. A.. 


Hubert Anson Newton. J./-'. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Miitlirni.ilic-, Yale, since ]855: Tnl<ir. is,-,:;-.-. .\iiili,,i- ,,r v.iiinii.M scientific 
meni.'irsMiiil \][c Iavj:.]- \':ii-tot Am. Journa/ "/' S, :,;,,, . I, I,. I).. T iii\ . oiM i.h.. IsCiS. Pres. 
Conn. Ar:i,l.>ri ■nn-; Member National Aca.l. .il' S.i.ii.'c IV, mi ii> tMiiii,l.-n p m ; .\>soc. Am. 
Acad.; .\ni. I'liil..-,.plii,-al Soc. of Philadelplii:i ; i; .\sli ,.nnini, Sor.,,f !,( indon,Eng. ; 
Hon. Member British A. A. S. 

Ellis Henry Roberts. 1.1'. Utica, N. Y.^- riic.i Moriii,,,/ ]I, rul'l Awr Is.Mi. Trust,.,' ]l:,niii:..n (',,11. since 1872; 
Utic:i Krmal,. S,-iii., mii,1 \Vliil(:-ln« n S,,,,.. .mm,-,, is,;^; •r,.,,.l,,.r , if l.aiiii I 'l H'a Female 
Seni.. ls.".,i; l'i-in. ru.'ii Af.-ui., iv,r-l. NUmiurX. Y. .<;.•, ir .\"-inl,iv, \s<u ; U.S. 
Representative I'njni N. Y., 1S71-5. AutliDr of IJaUU- uf Oriskany, it.-. Place in History, 
1877; Now York and the' Iroquois, 1S79; Addres.s at Laying of Corner Stone of S.imuel 
Eells Memorial Hall, Hamilton Coll., 1876; Address at A A * Symposium, Koebcstcr. 
N. Y., 1880, and miscellaneous papers, addresses and speeches in Congress. LLvD., Hamilton 
Coll., 1869. 

* — fCriARLES A. Taylor, LL.B. A.(-). New Orleans, La. 

LL.B., Univ. of La., 1850. 

Rev. Henry Martyn Tupper. A'. A. Ontario, 111. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1856. 

f James Andrews Wilcox. A. A. Colnmbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Solicitor C. H. V. & T. Il.R. since 1872; City Solicitor, Columbus, 1854-9. 
Trustee Starling Med. Coll. since 1873. U. S. Commissioner for S. D. of Ohio since 1869. 
Author of Wilcox' Railroad Laws of Ohio, 1874. Col. 113th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., then U. S. 
Prov. Mar. Gen. for Ohio, and Brig.-Gen. Bvt., 1861-5. 


*iHfi3 j^g^. Charles Alfred Baer. li'.J. Norristown, Pa. 

Pastor Lutheran Church, 1S61, till death, September, 1863. 

Rev. Everett Wade Bedix(jei;. I\A. Anchorage, Jef- 
ferson Co., Ky. 

Chaplain and Prof. Moral Science, Bellewood Sera, and Kv- Presbyterian Normal 
School since 1878; Vol. Chaplain 18lb N. C. Inf., C. S. A., 4 months. 

Henry DeAVitt Beman. A'. 11'. Sparta, Ga. 


78 Ya/e. 

fGEORGE Edward Curtis. 0. T. Detroit, Mich. 


William Buck Dana. E'.fl. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 

Editor and Publisher, New York City. Author of Cotton from Seed to Loom; Ediu.r 
IlunCs MerchanW Magazine and Commercial and Financial Ckronicle. 

* '^''' Timothy Campbell Do WNiE. Delavan, Wis. 

Prof. Ancient Lang, and Chemistry, Western Military Inst., Tyrce Springs, Tenn.. 
till 1861. Clerk in a Alanfg. Co., Delavan, 1865-75. Private Ensineer Corps, C. S. A.. 
1861-5. Died May 1.3, 1875. 

* ^"^^ Evan William Evans. H' . 6. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Tutor Yale, 1855-6; Prof. Natural Phil, and Astronomv, Marietta Coll., 1857-64; 
Mathematics, Cornell Univ., 1868-74. Author of an Elementary Geometry, and papers on 
Welsh and other philology. Member of Am. Philological Soc. from its foundation. Died 
May 22, 1874. 

*i8« Byron Hart, M.D. B'.(I>. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Practised medicine, 1854-64. il.I)., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1S54. Died October 7, 1864. 

* '*^'' George Granberry Hastings. E.X. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City, till 1861 and 1866-73. Capt. 1st U. S. Sharpshooters; Juds;e 
Advocate Army of the Potomac ; Brev. Col. U. S. A. Died October 20, 1873. 

George Reginald Heber Hughes. P.O. Chicago, 111. 


Rev. Salmon McCall. FI'. T. East Haddam, Conn. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1872; First Church in Old Saybrook, 1853-71. 
Member Conn. State Legislature, 1876. Author of Culture and the Gospel, 1871 ; History 
of the First Church in E. Haddam, and published sermons, reports and articles. 

f Robert Morris Marshall, LL.B. O.M. Sardis, Ky. 

Farmer. LL.B., Yale, 1853. 

Bennett Warner Morse. B. T. New Haven, Conn. 

Retired Manufacturer. Member Common Council, 1860-1. 

Rev. Thomas Stoughton Potwin. I.N. Hartford, Conn. 

Superintendent Hartford Orphan Asylum since 1875. Tutor Beloit Coll., 1851-3; 
Yale, 1854r-8. 

* ^^'^ Emerson Cogswell Whitney. E.J. Winchendon, Mass. 

Asst. Teacher Middletown, N. Y., Acad. Died November 30, 1851. 

David Skinner Bigelow. Z'.L Westchester, Conn. 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. Representative for Westchester, Conn. Legislature, 1863. 

Lebeus Cornelius Chapin, M.D. O.P. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Physician and lumber dealer since 1867. Teacher, Erie, Pa., and N. H., 1852-4; 
Tutor Yale, 1855-64. Surgeon 28th colored troops, U. S. A. M.D., Yale, 1864. 

William AVallace Crapo. yi.I. New Bedford, Mass. 

U. 8. Representative from Mass. since 1875. Pres. Mechanics' Nat. Bank of New Bed- 
ford since 1870 : Vice-Pres. Flint & Pere Marquette R.R. Co. Member State Legislature of 
Mass., 1857; City Solicitor, 1855-77; Chairman Board of W.ater Commissioners, 1865-75. 
Author of Hist. Address at Bi-Centennial of Dartmouth, Mass., 1864, and Now Bedford. 
July 4, 1876; Address at Symposium of A A cf, Providence, li. I., 1881. 

Yale. 79 

1^)I5Ki:t Klijaii Day. (K)'. lliutford, Conn. 

I'rcs. of the Security Co. 

Rev. Henky Edwin Dwkjiit, M.D. EJL Pliiliidclplii;!,. 

Preacher. Prof, .and Physician. Interne PhiUidclphia Hospital, 1867-9; Kxterne, 
186t)-77 ftret.tod 10.000 patients). Prof. Latin and Greek, Broolvlyn Hisfh School 18a2-55. 
P>*"toV Kir-t CluirVli i;:u.,!nlpli. Mmss., 18.V.I-02. Prof. Anatomy and Physioloiiy, W. 
J ,iMoi 1 " ■ ■ I I',.,.,.,, <t ^,lio..l^ iM\rr ■' 1111(1 niipilsi, isr.;-sl. Secret 

ii;;;r"v -,;, ;■„■:". : - : ;^ ::: ; <:\t:l ,;, :;, nn;,,.,'.^.^;, \u,.„.,- ..■ articles 

Is57; Pl>:i..,'L:niv. ot b.rliM, 180^ aiul Uaiv. ol IMris, ISii:;; M.l>., Uuiv., ut P.,., IS07. 

'«^' Rev. James Harrison DwiCxIit. A'. J. Englewood, N. J. 

Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Cherry Valley, N. Y., 1857-S: Englewood, 1863-7. 
See Palestine Explor.ation Soc; Associate Editor Chrutian Union, Independent and 
Christian at Work. Chap. 66th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-3. Died December 2, 1872. 

Daniel Coit Oilman. A.K. Baltimore, Md. 

Pros. .lohns Hopkins Univ. since 1875. City Supt. of Schools, New Haven, Conn., 

1856-60; State Supt., Conn., 1S65-6. Librarian, Yale, IS.'ie-firi: Prof. Physical _and 

Author ..r ,,,:n,\ mli-a/iii- arlirl,- aiijl a,lur:,l i, .nal i- 

Ili^lMrirM A.l.l.-,-><.s, 1859 

(Bi-cemwnn:n.rN..,-.,.h.(^,,,n,. .,s^^^ 

Am!s.^ial Science Assoc, 1870,1880: Am. Acad, of Arts and Sci.; Am. Pliilos. Soc; Am. 
Oricnt.ll Soc, etc. LL.D., Harvard Univ., 1876. 

*i8^|Rev. Archibald Falconer Gould. A'.N. St. Augustine, 

Protestant Episcopal Clergyman. Died while ChapLiin, C. S. A., at Richmond, Va. 

Edward Houghton. J.. I. Lancaster, Mass. 

Teacher. Practised law, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Marcus Lyon. H'.X.K. Ithaca, N. Y. 

County Judge, Tompkins Co., N. Y., since 1874. Dist. Atty., Schuyler Co., 18.55; 
of Tompkins Co., 1857-64; Postmaster, Ithaca, 1871-3. Pres. A A 0. Corporation, 

*^«^2-|- Henry Watson McNeil. E'.A. Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City, 1857-8. Banker, Pa., 1858-61. Capt. Co. E, 1861, 1862 ; Col. 
42d Pa. Inf., U. S. A. ; killed, Antletam, September 17, 1862. 

Vincent Marmaduke. A'.n. Arrow Rock, Mo. 

Merchant, Farmerand Miner. Col., U. S. A., 1S61-5. 

* i878|^jLLi AM Henry Redavood. A.T. Mobile, Ala. 

Lawyer .ind Accountant. M.aj. Vol., C. S. A., Lt. Col. Flournoy's Texas Kegt., 
1861-5. Died at Mobile, December 25, 1878. 

William Leonard Rowland. /.A. Rockford, 111. 

Librarian Public Library since 1872. 

Rev. GeorCxE Blagden Saeford. IL(I>. Burlington, Vt. 

Pastor Third Congregational Church since 1860. (Jrad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1856. 
D.D., Univ. of Vt., 1878. 

Henry Seymour Sanford. A'. '/'. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lawyer, practising since 1864; New Milford, Conn., 1854-64. 

George Griswold Sill.. Z'.S. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawvcr, practising since 1854. .Judge and Recorder City Court; Lieut. Governor. 
Conn., 1873-7. 

8o Yale. 

William Stanley. l.N. Englewood, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. Asst. U. S. Atty., 186S-72. 

Melaxcthon Storhs, M.D. A. 11. Hartford, Conn. 

Practising medicine since 186G; Colchester, Conn., 1853-61. Surgeon 8th Conu. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861-4. M.D., Yale, 1853. 

George Augustus Wilcox. Z'.Q. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer, practising at Detroit since 1854. Member Board of Edncation, 1861-5. 

*i875 Benjamin Franklin Baer. A.E, Lancaster, Pa. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor, 1859. Capt. Co. F 122d Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. Died 
Jannary 19, 1875. 

George William Baldwin. /.A'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer since 1864. Practised, Chicago, 111., 1856-8; Worcester, Mass., 1858-61. Asst. 
Adj. Gen. 3d Div. 6th Army Corps, U. S. A. 

Rev. William Frederick Vincent Bartlett, D.D. A.S. 
Lexington, Ky. 

Teacher, Natchez, Miss., 1853-5; Pros. Jefferson Coll., Miss., 1859; Prof. Latin, Oak- 
land Coll., Miss., 1870-2. D.D., Central Univ., Richmond, Ky., 1876. 

Henry Silliman Bennett. EA*. New York City. 


Edward Coke Billings, LL.B. P. W. New Orleans, La. 

Lawyer and Judge U. S. Dist. Court since 18S0. Practised some years. New York 
City. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1856. 

Rev. Edson Lyman Clark. M.d. Southampton, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Pastor Dalton, Mass., 1859-64; North Bumford, Conn. 
Author of The Arabs and the Turks, 1876; The Races of European Turkey, 1878. Member 
Am. Oriental Soc. 

Rev. Oliver Ellsworth Cobb. A.K. Fhishing, N. Y. 

Pastor Dutch Reformed Church since 1872; Hopewell Junction, N. Y., 1857-72. 
Recording Sec. Board of Domestic Missions; Director Am. and Foreign Christian Union. 
Author of Pastoral Letters, 1858 ; Memorial of Denis Wortman, M.D., 1864. 

f Edward Robbinson Dickson. H'.E. Mobile, Ala. 

Supt. Pub. Instruction, Mobile, since 1865. Prof. Latin and Greek La Grange Coll. 
and Brownard Inst.; Prof. Univ. of Ala., 1861-4. Author Alabama Edition Eclectic 
Geographies and Latin Philology. 

*^*''f Daniel Reily Empson. A.B. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Editor Hamilton Telegraph. Died June 10, 1857. 

Rev. William Thacher Gilbert. A'. P. Cornwall Bridge, 

Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church. Member Conu. Legislature, 1867. New Orleans 
Correspondent Christian Advocate, 1864. 

Rev. WiLLAM Henry Gleason. /./7. Newark, N. J. 

Pastor First Reformed Dutch Church since 1877. Practised law, Sag Harbor, 1853-64. 
Member of N. Y. Assembly, 1864-5. U. ^. Registrar in Bankruptcy, 1867-70. D.D., Rutgers 
Coll., 1881. 

Yale. 8 1 

*i882 j^EL^vj^-^o Alexander Goddakd. O.T. Boston, Mass. 

Journalist. Editor Boston DaiUi Advertiser, 1869-82; connected, while at Worcester, 
Mass., with Boston Ckronicle, 1855-7; Worcester 'PratiHcript, 1857-9; Asst. Editor 
Worcester Synj, lS.')()-(iS. ^^ember Mass. Ilcmse of Kcprescntatives, 1861-8; Worcester 
School ('..iinni'u..', I-m.I-i;. Author of chai)tors in voliiiiics II. and III. Memorial History 
of Boston; I'r.-- iiiiil 1 .it. rat iiie of the rrovincial I'liioil. .iml I'lilpit, I'ress, and Literature 
of the K. A..luti..i,ai.\ rcii..,!. Member of tlic .Viii. .\iitiqiiari.iii Soc, Mass. Hist. Soc, 
New Eiighiiid nisluiic-tieiualogieal Soc, and Va. Hint. Soc. Died .January 11, 1882. 

*Ksfifi Alfred Grout. A'..\. Boston, Mass. 

Clerk Rock Island, Iowa, 1854-5. Teacher Davenport, Iowa ; Miller St. Clair, Iowa, 
1855-8; Teacher Kingston, Miss., 1858. Lawyer Boston, Mass., 1861, till death. Died 
July 26, 1866. 

*'*''tJA>iES Hamilton. A'.F. Memphis, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Capt. Southern Guards Battery, C. 8. A. Died at (vOluinbus, Ky., October, 

*'*^^ Thomas Prather Nicholas. O.A. Louisville, Ky. 

Lawyer. Col. 2d Ky. Cav., U. 8. A. Died January 27, 1870. 

Edward WooDRtTFF Seymour. J..V. Litchfield, Conn. 

Lawyer. Representative Conn. Legislature, 18.59-60, 1870-1; Conn. State Senator, 

George Shiras, Jr. E.n. Allegheny City, Pa. 

Lawyer Pittsburgh, Pa. Vice Pres. U. S. Bar Association. 

George Washbut^n Smalley. I'/.O. London, Eng. 

Journalist. Practised law Boston, Mass., 1856-61 ; war correspondent for N. Y. 
Tribune, 1861-2; leader writer, 1862-6; manager London Bureau since 1867. Justice of 
Peace and Commissioner of Insolvency for Suflblk Co., Mass., 1858-61. 

fRev. James Oswald Swinney. -.P. Glasgow, Mo. 

Pastor M. E. Church. 

*i878 Luther Goulding Tarbox. A. A. Nashville, Tenn. 

Teacher Memphis, Tenn., 1853-4; Prin. High Scliool, Nashville, Tenn., 18.54-61; Prof. 
Mathematics and Nat. Science, Detroit, Mich., 1861-5; Bank Cashier and member Board of 
Education, Nashville, Tenn., 1865-75. Died November 14, 1878. 

Salathiel Harrison ToBEY. A'.N. New York City. 


*'«" Charles Townsend. li'.Q. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Clerk, 1853-5, and Cashier, 1855-72, Bank of Attica. Died September 1, 1877. 

Rev. Kinsley Twining. Z'.A. Morristown, N. J. 

Literary Editor of The Independent. 

* i*« Edward Walden. E.0. Buffido, N. Y. 

Died July 20, 1854. 

Rev. James Morris Whiton. M.-. Newark, N. J. 

Pastor First Congregational Church. Teacher High School, Worcester, Mass., 1853-4; 
Rector Hopkins Grammar School, New H.iven, Conn., 1854-64; Prin. Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass., 1876-8. Author of Is Eternal Punishment Endless, 1876; An Essay 
on the Gospel according to Matthew, 1880; the Gospel of the Resurrection, 1881, and 
numerous classical text books and treatises. Ph.D., Yale, 1861. 

82 Yale. 


Charles Teipler Alexander, M.D. I.d). West Point, 
N. Y. 

Surgeon U.S.A. since 18.56; Medical Purveyor, St. Louis, Mo., during the war. 
M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1856. 

*^^^ Charles Henry Barrett, M.D. A.n. Detroit, Mich. 

Practised medicine, 1858-70; City Physician, County Physician, and Physician to Mich. 
State Retreat for the Insane, four years. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1858. Died, 1870. 

*'*'" Samuel Curtis Blacioian. M.P. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. Clerk U. 8. Circuit and District Courts, 1865; Clerk to City of oSTew Haven, 
1856-7. Died August 20, 1861. 

Eev. Horatio Woodward Brown. O.R. Willianisport, 

(Stated Supply Second Presbyterian Church. Tutor Yale, 1856-9. Grad. Union Theo. 
Sem., 1868. 

Eev. Carroll Cutler. P.I. Hudson, Ohio. 

Pres. Western Reserve Coll. since 1871; Prof. Mental Science and Rhetoric, 1860-71. 
1st Lieut. 85th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. D.D., Marietta Coll., 1872. 

Edward Charles Du Bois. A. A. Lima, Peru. 

Ci\il Engineer, 21 Calle del Correo, since 1857; connected with Great Western R.R., 
Canada and Detroit, and Milwaukee R.R., Mich., 1855-6. 

Charles An ALDO DuPEE. A.I. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Editor Illinois Teacher, 1855-60. 

Rev. William Buck D^vight. 1.0. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Prof. Vassar Coll. since 1878; Prin. Young Ladies' School, Englewood, N. J., 1860-5. 
Contributor of many papers to Am. Journal of Science. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1857 : 
Ph.B., Yale, 1859. 

Rev. William Henry Fenn. A.Z. Portland, Me. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1866. 

*'^^ Jacob Brown Harris. A.0. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. Legislature, 1857-8, 1863. Died February 8, 1875. 

*''^ Henry Horton. E.M. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lawyer, 1856, till death. Died August 8, 1865. 

*^^f Richard Lawrence Keese. F'.B. New Haven, Conn. 

Died before graduation. 

*^^ Luther Maxwell Lee. A. 6. Meadville, Miss. 

Lawyer. Comm. Officer Miss. Inf., C. S. A. Died February 12, 1869. 

William Augustus Meloy. E'.X. Prince George's Co., Md. 

Lawyer, Washington, D. C. Asst. U. S. Dist. Atty, D. C, 1877 ;U. S. Treas. Dept., 

William Henry Norris. E. ¥. Minneapolis, Minn. 


fCHARLES Hezekiah Pardee. li'.fl. NcAv Havcn, Conn. 

Manufacturer Carriage Trimmings. 

Yah. 8.3 

•|-Ki)WAKi) Aylswohtii Pkim.'V. V.\. Pcnsacola, Fla. 

Lawyer. Col. 2d Fla. Inf., C. S. A.; Biif;. Gen. Fla. Brigade, AnderBon'e Wv., N. l". 
nill's Corps, 1861-5. 

t William Robinson PujNKF/rT. E'.M. Pittsfield, Mas.s. 

Lawyer. Pres. Bcrkslure Life Ins. Co.; Trcag. I'ittsfield Coal Gas Co.; Tnislec 
Berkshire Athenaeuni. Member Maes. House of HepresentativcB, 1860. 

"'" Leander IIubbell Potter. E.S. Galesburg, 111. 

Teaclier, Maryland, Iowa, and Chicago, 111., 1855-9; State Normal Univ.,BloominKton, 
111., 1859-61 ; Prin. High School, Beloit, Wis., 1864-7 ; Pres. 111. Soldiers' Coll. and Mil. Acad., 
l''iillon. 111., 1867-71; Pres. 111. Northern Coll., 1871-3; Teacher Chicago, 1873-6; Prof. 
Khet., Logic, and Eng. Lang, and Lit., Knox Coll., Galesburg, 1876-8. Lieut. Col. 33d 111. 
Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-3. Died July 11, 1879. 

'""" Charles Thomas Purnell. T.H. McNutt, Miss. 

Lawyer and Planter. Died September 26, 1866. 

Thomas Gardiner Ritch. :\.l\ Stamford, Conn. 

Lawyer, New York City, since 1855. 

John Chapin Sanders, M.D. N.Fl. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Pres. and Prof. Obstetrics, Western Homoeopathic Coll., since 1858. Practised 
medicine, Norwalk, Ohio, 1854-7. M.D., Western Reserve Coll., 1848. 

Rev. John Cockeville Shackelford. F' . ¥. Sedalia, Mo. 

Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church since 1881. Formerly at Lexington, Mo. 

"*''t Nathaniel Smith. TjP. AVoodbury, Conn. 

Lawyer. County Commissioner; Representative Conn. Legislature, 1867. Maj. 19th 
Conn. Inf., U. S. A., 1862; Lieut. Col. 2d Conn. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1863. Died August 
26, 1877. 

Robert Eveleigh Taylor. E. Y. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


"^' Samuel Walker. E. T. Tallahassee, Fla. 

Lawyer. Employe U. S. Coast Survey, 1854-66. Mayor of Tallahassee. Judge Leon 
Co., Fla., Court. Member Fla. Legislature. Died at Downingtown, Pa., June 11, 1881. 


William DeWitt Alexander. J. V. Plonolulu, Hawaiian 

Sun'eyor General, Hawaiian Kingdom, since 1871. Prof. Languages, Oahu Coll., 1S58- 
65; President, 1865-71. Author of Review of Bishop Stalcy, in Defence of Am. Missions, 
1865; Synopsis of Hawaiian Grammar, 1871. 

William Ledyard Avery. J'.M. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer and Judge of Common Pleas for Cinn., since 1876. Judge of Court of Common 
Pleas, Ontario Co., Ohio, 1871-6. Major, Aide-de-camp, and Brev. Lieut. Col. N. Y. Inf.. 
U. 8. A., 1862-5. 

'fAoDiN Lewis Bishop. I.T. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. A.B., Trinity Coll., 1855. Died July, 1803. 

William Frederic Causey. E.IE vSt. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer, practising since 1869. Practised Newcastle, Del., 1858-60; 8t. Louis, Mo., 
1860-3; Milford, Del., 1863-9. Deputy Atty. Gen. Del., 1860; member Del. Legislature, 

84 Yale. 

CoRXELius Christie. 0. W. Leonia, N. J, 

Lawyer. Editor and Proprietor New Jersey Citizen, Hackensack, 1871-7. Member 
N. J. Assembly, 1867-8. 

Rev. Henry Nitchie Cobb. E.II. Tarrytown, N. Y. 

ClergjTnan; Congregationalist Missionary A. B. C. F. M., to Persia, 1860-2. D.D., 
Rutgers Coll. ,-1878. Member Am. Oriental Soc. 

Martix Baum EwmG. T. 6. Walnut Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Deputy Collector U. S. Internal Kevenue, since 1878. 2d and 1st Lieut. H Battery, 1st 
Regt., Ohio Light Art.; Senior Maj. and Lieut. Col. 2d Ohio Heavy Art, 1861-5. 

fNATHAX Thomas Fitch, LL.B. E'.A. Chicago, lU. 

Lawyer. Clerk of the Crown Welland Co., Ont., 1856-62. Pres. Canadian Club of 
Chicago. Author of The Law of Real Estate Agency, 18S1. LL.B., Tale, 1855. 

t William Coit Oilman. A.X. Xew York City. 
Rev. Hiram Lowell Howard. H'.I\ Centralia, Kan. 

Pastor, Congregational. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1861. Chaplain 59th Mass. Inf., 
TJ. 8. A., 1864-5. 

f Francis Cltjiing Lathrop. H.J. Le Roy, X. Y. 


Alfred Bolivar Miller. B.FI. Wairen, Pa. 

Prin. Warreu Public Schools since 1874; Instructor Lawrence Acad., Groton, Mass., 
1859-65: Prin., 1S65-7; Tutor Yale, 1868-71; Instructor Maplewood Institute, Pittsfleld, 
Mass., 1871^. 

'f George Taft Parthenope Padelford, M.D. T.J. Sa- 
vannah, Ga. 

Died while Asst. Surgeon C. S. A., at Capon Springs, Va., July 28, 1861. 

Rev. Charles Ray Palmer. H'.Y'. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Pastor, Congregational. Member Salem, Mass., School Board, 10 years; Trustee Tal- 
ladega Coll., Ala., 1879 ; Fellow Yale, 1880. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem. 

John Henry Piatt. O.A. New York City. 

Clerk Register's Office, since 1872. Practised law Cincinnati, Ohio, 1857-61. Clerk 
Freedmen's Bureau, 1866-9. Inspector N. Y. Custom House, 1869-72. Adj. 1st Ohio Cav., 
U. 8. A. ; Capt. Slst U. S. Inf. 

George Pratt. E.P. Chicago, 111. 

Commission Merchant. 

^ George Stuart. E'.O. Sherman, Conn. 

Enlisted 1st Conn. Inf., U. 8. A.; appointed Ist Lieut. 13th U. S. Inf., May 14, 1861. 
Died July 12, 1863. 

Rev. William Howell Taylor. J'.F. St. Augustine, Fla. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Chaplain Soc. Army of the James; 47th N. Y. N. G. ; 48th N. Y. 
Vet. Vol., 1863-5. 

Rev. William Reed Woodbridge. ./. E. Port Henry, N. Y. 

Rector Christ Church since 1871. Clerk in Jessup Coal Mines, Pa., 1856-7; Adirondac 
Iron Furnaces, Port Henry, N. Y., 1857-62. Grad. Gambler, Ohio, 1865. Rector St. Paul's 
Church, Vergennes, Vt., 1865-6; St. Michael's Church, Marblehead, Mass., 1867. 

Stanley [Trott] Woodward. ^.li. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Judge 11th Judicial Dist. Capt. 4th Pa., U. S. A. 

Yale. 85 

William Cutler Wyman. /.//. New York C'ity. 

In business since 1856. Teacher, Brooklyn Hitili Scliool 1855-6. 

Henry Billings Brown. /-*. 0. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Judge U. S. District Court, Eastern District, Mich., since 1875. Aset. U. S. 
Dist. Atty., for Eastern District, Mich., 1861-8 ; Judge Wayne Circuit Court, 1868. Author of 
Brown's Admiralty Reports. Member Am. Social Science Assoc. 

John Mason Brown. M.\. Louisville, Ky. 

M. v., U.S.A.; Commanding 2d Brig., 5th Div., 23d Corps, 

* "^"^ Charles Edwin BuLKELEY. E'.T. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Capt. 1st Conn. Heavy Art., U. S. A. ; Adj. Ist Battalion, Defences of Wash- 
ington. Died, Battery Garesche, Va., February 13, 1864. 

Stephen CoNDiT. E.d. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Supervisor of Census, 1880; Tax Commissioner, 1881. 

Rev. Hasbrouck DuBois. A.X. New York City. 

Pastor St. Paul's Reformed Church since 18S5. 

George Cary Dunham. Middletown, Conn. 

Conductor ontheXew York, New Haven and Hartford R.R. Formerly U. S. Deputy 
Collector of Internal Revenue; U. S. Asst. Assessor, Acting Assessor and (lauger. 

Luke William Finlay. Y.M. Memphis, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Member Tenn. Legislature, 1875-6; Lt., Mai., Lt. Col. 4th Tenn. Inf., C. 8. A., 

Julius Gay. F.A. Farmington, Conn. 

Treas. Farmington Savings-Bank. Ph.B., Yale, 1858. 

Rev. William James Harris, D.D. A.F. Detroit, Mich. 

Rector Christ Church since 1876. Teacher St. Stephens, New Brunswick, 1856-9; 
Prin. Monson Acad., Mass., 1859-61. Pastor, Congregational, Saxton's River, Vt., 1861- 
2; Brandon, Vt., 1862-4. Rector Grace Church, Manchester, N. H.. 1866-8. Instructor 
Harvard Divinity School, 1868-9. Rector Trmity Church, Rutland, Vt., 1871-76. D.D., 
Trinity Coll., 1872. 

Frank Hodge, M.D. O.n. Hudson, Ohio. 

M.D., Buffalo Medical Coll. 

* '^ Roland KiNZER. A../. Lancaster, Pa. 

Lawyer. Chief Clerk, office of Assessor U. S. Internal Revenue. Died September 25, 

John Monteith. Z'.N. Montesano Springs, Kimniswick, 
Mo. ^ ^ 

Sec. and Manager Montesano Springs Co. Supt. Public Instruction of Mo., 1870-t. 

fEuGENE Pope Moore. N.B. Frankfort, Ky. 

Lawyer since 1859. 

*'^^ John Morehead. A'. 6. Frankfort, Ky. 

Lawyer; practised Louisville and Frankfort, Ky., and Richmond, Va. Died near 
Greenville, Miss., about October 26, 1873. 

86 Yale. 

Sidney Edwards Morse. A.M. New York City. 

Real Estate Manager. Editor and Proprietor Observer, 1858-73. 

David Plunket Richardson, J. }'. Angelica, N. Y. 

Lawyer. U. S. Representative from N. Y., 1879-83. Capt. 6th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A. 

*i»'i9 Donald Douglas Shaw. A.A. Hamden, N.Y. 

Lawyer. Member K. Y. Assembly, 1859. Died December 29, 1859. 

John BuFFiNGTON Stickney. A'. A. St. Augustine, Fla. 

Lawyer. Capt. 35th Mass. Inf., U. S. A. 

f George Buckingham St. John. E. T . Norwalk, Conn. 

Sec. and Treas. Norwalk Gas Light Co., and Tax Collector. 


Whittlesey Adams, Warren, Ohio. 

Insurance Agent. Examiner PubUc Schools, Trumbull Co., 1858-68. Paymaster, 
U. S. A., 1864. 

Rev. Augustus Field Beard, D.D. T.P. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Pastor Plymouth Church. Pi-es. N.Y. State Home Miss. Soc, 1874-82. D.D., Syra- 
cuse Univ., 1875. 

Jacob Staats Burnet. P.S. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Joseph Alonzo Christman, LL.B. I.E. Evansburgh, Ky. 

Lawyer. U. S. Dist. Atty., Cal., 1867; LL.B., Louisville Law School, 1865. Private 
6th Ohio'lnf., U. S. A., 1861-2. Discharged for wounds. Clerk, Commissary Dept., 1862-3- 

Frederic Nathaniel Church. /..V. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Died October 4, 1859. 

Rev. Henry Swift De Forest, D.D., Talladega, Ala. 

Pres. Talladega Coll.; Tutor Beloit Coll., 1858-60; Yale, 1861-3; Trustee Iowa Coll., 
1873-80. Chaplain 11th Conn., U'. S. A., 1863-5. D.D., Beloit Coll., 1881. 

Stephen Decatur Doar, M.D. /;. T. McClellanville, S. C. 

Asst. Surgeon C. S. A., 1861-5. M.D., Med. Coll. of S. C, 1860. 

William Emil Doster, LL.B. A.U. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Lawyer. Lecturer on Law Practice, Lehigh Univ. Register in Bankruptcy, 11th Dist., 
Pa. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1859. Col. 4th Pa. Cavalry, U.S.A.; Brev. Brig. Gen., 2d 
Brig., 2d Div., Ai-my of the Potomac. 

Rev. Solomon Johnson Douglass . 0. <P. New Haven , Conn . 

Resident since 1867. Teacher Woolcott, Iowa, 1860-3. Pastor Congregational Church , 
Sherman, Conn., 1863-7. 

Rev. Charles Brockway Dye. B.P. Fonda, N. Y. 

Pastor, Torrington, Conn., 1859; Romulus, N. Y. ; Viueland, N. J., 1865; New Fair 
field. Conn., 1870. Paymaster, U. S. N., two years. 

Edward John Evans. A.S. York, Pa. 

Proprietor Central Nurseries, 1858, till death. Died April 9, 1880. 

Yah. 87 

Rev. Douglas French FoiiKEST, D.l). J.(l>. Wjushin.rton 

Associate Rector Trinity Church. Lawyer, Buffalo, N. Y., 1865-71. Lieut. Co. \\. 
17th Va., C. S. A.; Aid to Brig. Geu. Trimble; Vol. Aid to Adm. -Buchanan, C. S. N. ; 
Paymaster; Aid to Gen. Wallcer, rank of Capt. D.D., William and Mary Univ., 187fi. 

*is59 Edward Thurston Fuller. A'. A. IIiintin<(ton, N. Y. 

Died November 7, 1859. 

AzARiAH Thomas Galt. /. //. Chicago, 111. 

T " 


VoLNEY HiCKOX. .1. 7'. Sprin<rfield, 111. 

Stenographer. Southern Correspondent for the Cincinnati Commercial, 1865-6; New 
Yoric Tribune, 1866-7; Author of Palmetto Pictures, 1863. Aide-de-camp to Gens. Fremont 
and Hunter, U. S. A. 

Lyman Davls Hodge. B'. P. St. Paul, Minn. 

Merchant. Member Miun. Hist. Soc. 

Rev. Henry Strong Huntington. H'.E. Gorham, Me. 

Pastor Gorham Congregational Church since 1877; Congregational Church, Warner, 
N. H., 1863-72 ; First Church, Galesburg, III., 1872-6. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1862. 

fEowARD Janin. //'.J. Washington, D. C. 


* ^^^'^fDENNis Bruce Lyles. E. X. Piscataway, Md. 

Clerlj in L. Johnson & Co.'s Bank, Washington, D. C, since 1860. 

Almon Baxter Merwin. A. 6. Xewark, N. J. 

Prof. High School since 1866. * 

*'^" George Augustus Nolen. J.0. Washington, D. C. 

Tutor Yale, 1860-5. Asst. Examiner, 1866-75; Examiner-m-chief, 1875; U. 8. Paten! 
Office. Died August 7, 1875. 

David Gustavus Porter. f/.E. Waterbury, Conn. 

Retired from active business. Prof. Latin Rochester Univ., 1869; Member Waterbury 
Board of Education. Contributor to the Nation and various reviews. 

*i875 Edwin Francis Sandys. N.X. Pittsfield, Mass. 

Prin. High School. Sec. Berkshire Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Died July 30, 1875. 

Rev. Samuel Scoville. S.Q. Stamford, Conn. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Norwich, N. Y., 1874. 
Chaplain 103d N. Y. and 4th Conn., U. S. A. 

Henry Maurice Seely. £'.//. Honesdale, Pa. 

Lawyer. Vice-Pres. Honesdale Nat. Bank. 

fRev. John Schultes Seibold. A'. A. Dyersville, Iowa. 

Rector Christ Church, Dyersville, and St. George's Church, Farley. Prin. St. John's 
School, Waverly, Md., 1870-1. 

Rev. Storrs Ozias Seyihour. T.A. Litchfield, Conn. 

Clergyman. Member State Board of Education since 1879 ; Trustee Berkeley 
Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 

Rev. Wilder Smith. /. S. Roektbrd, 111. 

Pastor First Cong. Church. Trustee Public Library since 1876; Uockford Sem. 
Author Chrysostom ; Contributor to New Englander and Advance. 

88 Yale. 

Luther Stephex Trowbridge. F.E. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer and U. S. Collector Internal Revenue. Lieut. Col., Col., Bvt. Brig. Gen., Bvt. 
Maj. Gen., Stahl's Di%-., Cav., Army of the Potomac; 1st Brigade, 4th Div., 23d Corps, 
A.rmy of the Ohio; Cav. Div., Army of the Cumberland, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Rev. Moses Coit Titler. F' . T. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Prof. Am. History and Literature Cornell Univ. , since 1881 ; Prof English Language 
and Literature, Univ. of Mich., 1867-81. Literary Editor Christian Union. Author The 
Brawnville Papers, 1869; History of Am. Literature, 1878; Manual of English Literature, 

Nathax Dana Wells. A.J. New York City. 

Lawyer since 1860. Teacher Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1S58-9. 

Arthur Martin Wheeler. Y.P. oS^ew Haven, Conn. 

Prof. History, Yale, since 1868; Tutor, 1861-5. 

Volney Stajips Anderson, LL.B. 0.0. Rockv Bar, 

Practising law since 1862; practised, St. Louis, Mo., 1860-1; Judge Probate Court., 
Atturas Co., 1865-8. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1860. 

*i866 jjobert Marshall Be ale. E'.N. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer; practised 1861-5. Died June 8, 1866. 

Orlando BRO^^^^. ^.A'. Frankfort, Ky. 

Lawyer. State Auditor of Ky. ; Clerk of a Congressional Committee, 1865; U. S. 
Inspector and Gauger, Revenue Service, 7th Dist., Ky., 1869. Adj. 22d Ky. Inf., U. S. A., 
1861-2; Lieut. Col. 14th Ky. Inf , U. S. A., 1862-4. " 

* — f George Bibb Burnley. P.P. Frankfort, Ky. 
f John Milton Davis. O.J. Damdlle, Ky. 

Teacher. Prin. Bethel Acad., 1858; Georgetown Coll. Acad., 1877. Countv Judge, 

Louis De3ibinsb:i. T.Z. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Druggist. Prin. South Norwalk, Conn., Acad., 1854-6; Clinton, La., Acad., 1858-61; 
Teacher Westport, Conn., 1865-7; Prin. Sherburne, Jf. Y., Union School, 1868-75. Ph.G., 
Philadelphia Coll. of Pharmacy, 1877. Private 16th La., C. S. A.. 1861-3. Hospital 
Steward Enterprise, Miss., 1863-4. 

William Russell Frisbie. P.O. Crete, Neb. 


Robert Macy Gallaway. O.M. New York City. 

Vice I'res. Manhattan Elevated Railroad Co., 1881. Dealer in railway supplies. Mer- 
chant and Miner, Cal., 1860-6. 

Frederic Charles Hewitt. P.J. Owego, N. Y. 


Augustus Turner Jones. H'.D. Brockton, Mass. 

Editor and Publisher Brockton Gazette since 1863. Postmaster, 1875-7. 

William Allen MacDowell. Uniontown, Pa. 

Editor Genius of Liberty. Prin. Madison Acad., Uniontown, 1858-60; Tuscarora 
Acad., 1868-70. Lieut, and Asst. Commissary of Subsistence 16th Pa. Cav., U. S. A., 

Yale. 89 

Elawson Caury Moke, LL.r,. II'.IL ( '(.luiuhhi, Mo. 

Farmer, rractiscd law St. I.ouis, Mo., 18r,2-r>: Ih-lciia, Montana, 1805-6; Columbia, 
Mo., 1867. LL.B., Cumberland I'niv., Lebanon, Tenn., 1801. 

Horace Neid^. V.l. Fort Laramie, W. T. 

Capt. Co. K 4th Inf., U. S. A.; Lieut., Capt., and Maj. 2d Pa. Reserve, 1861-2; Capt., 
Mivj., and Lieut. Col., Vet. Rc8. Corps, 1863-4. Appointed to Regular Anny, 1866. 

Eev. Frederic Alphonso Noble. H'..\. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church St. Paul, Minn., 1862-8 ; Third Presbyterian Church, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. Chaplain Minn. Senate, 1864-6. D.D., Western Reserve Coll., 18i2. 

^i«» Dewees Ogden. E'.n. New York City. 

Lawyer. Private Richmond Howitzers, C. S. A. Killed, Gettysburg, July 3, 1803. 

^'»^» Benjamin Franklin Penny, M.l). H'.Y. Greenville, 

M.D., New Orleans Medical School, 1861. Died July 4, 1873. 

Electus Abija Pratt, LL.B. A.U. Washington, D. C. 

Clerk Paymaster General's office. LL.B., Columbian Univ., 1863. Private 93d N. Y., 
1861-3; Capt. 8th U. S. Colored Inf., until discharged for wounds received at Olustee, JMa., 

Henry Andrews Pratt. AS. Gloversville, N. Y. 

Prin. Gloversville Union School, since 1868. 1st Lieut. 1st Conn. Heavy Art. ; Bvt. 
Capt., tr. S. A., 1862-5. 

Channing Richards, LL.B. Glendale, Ohio. 

Lawyer. U. S. Dist. Atty. Southern Dist. Ohio since 18^7; Asst., 1871-7. LL.B., 
• Cincinnati Coll., 1859. Private 6th Ohio Inf., 1861; Ist Lieut. 22dOhto Inf., 1862; Capt., 

Eben Greenough Scott. H' . 6. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Lawyer. Author Commentaries upon the Intestate System of Pennsylvania, etc. 
Ist Lieut. 5th Art., U. S. A. Member Hist. Soc. of Pa. 

jHaydn Kellogg Smith. A.d. Marietta, Wis. 

Bvt. Capt. U. S. Vols. 

William Henry Steele I.TI. Williamstown, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1868. Teacher New Yorli City, 1858-9 ; Camden, X. Y., 1860-1. Prac- 
tised law Roxbury, N. Y., 1865-7. Member N. Y. Assembly, 18(9-81. 

Charles Hornblower Woodruff, LL.B. A.T. Ncav 
York City. 

Practising law smce 1861. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1861. 

Louis Henry Bristol. 0. T. New Haven, Conn. 


* '*"» Robert John Carpenter. P. }'. New York City. 

Dealer in Railway Iron and Steel. Died February 2, 1879. 

fLEONARD Wilkinson Carradine. /:.M. Fayette, Miss. 

Farmer. Private 9th Miss. Inf., C. 8. A.; Asst. Disbursing Officer, C. S. A., for La. 
and Misa., 1861-4. 

90 Yale. 

Joseph A1.DKICH Cooper. 77.(9. Edinboro, Pa. 


Kev. George Whitefield Fisher. O.Z. New Haven, 

Prof. Latin and English Lit., X. Y. Conference Sem., 1859-61 ; Prof. Ancient Lan., Fort 
Edward Inst., 1862. Pastor Church of the Forefathers, Saugerties, X. Y., 1865-8; then 
Peacedale, K. I. Contributor to Providence Join-nal, Congregationalist and Sunday 
School Times. Member Classical and Philological Soc. of Yale. 

Edwin Bancroft FooTE, LL.B. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1871. 

Rev. William Kittrege Hall. A'. T. Newburgh, N. Y. 

Pastor First Presbyterian Church. Board of Visitors, West Point, 1879 ; Moderator 
X. Y. Synod, 1878. Chaplain 17th Conn. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

*i862 DioDATE CusHMAN Hj^NXAHS. A.J. New York City. 

Capt. 6th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A. Killed, Williamsburgh, Va., September 10, 1862. 

Samuel Slawson Hart WELL. H.(P. Unionville, N. Y. 

Prin. Family School for Boys. 

Charles Henry Hatch, LL.B. V.fT. New York City. 

Lawyer. • LL.B.. Columbia Coll., 1862. Maj. Cav., and Bvt. Col. 3d Provisional 
N". Y. Cav. and 13th X. Y. Inf., U. S. A. 

Rev. Elijah Franklin Howe. Newton ville, Mass. 
Rev. James Mascarene Hubbard. E.I. Boston, Mass. 

Pastor, Congreg.ational, BrookUne, Mass., 1863-5; Middletown, 1865-8; Grantville, 

fHoRATio Chee\t:r Newhall. Z'.X. San Francisco, Cal. 


fEDWiN Van Rensselaer Reed. J. T. ]Malden, Mass. 


Rev. William Henry Rice. H'.J. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Teacher New Haven, 1860-1. Pastor Moravian German Mission Church, 1865-7; 
Moravian Church, York, Pa., 1868-70; Delegate from Am. Mor.nvian Synod to General 
Moravian Synod, Saxony, 1869. Chaplain 129th Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 1863. 

fJoHN Wallace Riddle. 0.17. Philadelphia, Pa. 


*i87o "VV^ILLIAM Jay Roberts. J.J. New Milford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Capt. 8th Conn. Inf., U. S. A. Died June 30, 1870. 

* '''- John Onins Slay. P. d. Chestertown, Md. 

Lawyer; practised Dover, Del., 1862-4; Chestertown, Md., 1864, till death. Died 
June 27, 1872. 

Charles Bohn Slingluff. I.X. Towsontown, Md. 

Lawyer; practised law, Baltimore, Md., 1860-3 .ind 1865. Member Md. Legislature 
and Chairman of Committee on Internal Improvements, 1867-8. LL.D., Coll. of Mount St. 
Mary's, 1879. Member Md. Hist. Soc. 

Albert Arnold Sprague. H'.B. Chicago, 111. 



Yale. 9 1 

William Augustus Stiles. E'.U. Deckertown, N. J. 

^tna Life Ins. Co., New York City. 

Joseph Tabor Tatum, LL.B. l.F. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Member House of HoprcscnUitives, Mo. Assembly, 1873^. let Lieut, and 
Adj. 2d Mo. Cav., U. S. A. ; Judge Advocate, Provost Court, New Orleans, La. I,L.B., 
Wasbington Univ., 1866. Member Am. Assoc, for tbe Advancement of Science. 

Alfred Judd Taylor, LL.B. Z'.A. New York City. 

La-vyer. LL.B., Albany Law Scbool, 186L Member N. Y. Hist. See, Am. Acad, of 
Science, Am. Geograpbical Soe., Century Club of New York. 

John Shelly Weinberger. I.M. Collegeville, Pa. 

Prof. Latin and Greek, Ursious Coll., Collegeville, Pa., since 1870; Teacher Ancient 
and Modern Languages, Freeland Sem., Montgomery Co., Pa., 1859-70. Author of various 
addresses in Reformed Monthly. 

Rev. Thomas Bucklin Wells. M. T. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rector St. Mark's Church. Pres. School Board, Painesville, Ohio, 1874-80. A.M., Yale, 
1862; D.D., KenyonColI., 1878. 

Charles Mortimer Wheeleb. P.P. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Capt. 126th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A. Killed, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 

Rev. AsHER Henry Wilcox. I.E. Plainfield, Conn. 

Pastor Congregational Church at Plainfield since 1876; Preston, Conn., 186.5-72; 
Westerly, R. I., 1872-76. Tutor Yale, 1863-4. 

Arthur Burr Wood, LL.B. D.(P. Belfast, Ireland. 

U. S. Consul; Chief of the Consular Bureau, Department of State, 1870-81. Author 
Consular Regulations for the Use of the Consular Service. War Agent of the State of N.Y., 
Washington, 1862-5. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1861. 

Arthur Williams Wright. Z'.d. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Molecular Physics and Chemistry, Yale, since 1872; Tutor Yale, 1863-8; Prof. 
Physics and Chemistry, Williams Coll., 1869-72. Fellow R. .\. 8. of Great Britain ; National 
Acad. Science, U. S. ; N.Y.Acad. Science. Ph.D., 1861. Author of many scientific papers. 
See Yale Book. 


George Waterman Arnold. E.I. Centreville, R. I. 

Sergt. 12th R. I. Inf., U. S. A. Died, Fairfax Sem. Hospital, Va., December 8, 1862. 

Edwin Randolf Barnes, M.D. N.X. Buffalo, JST. Y. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., N. Y., 1863. 

Rev. Henry Elbert Barnes. Haverhill, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational. Chaplain 72d 111., U. 8. A., one year. 

Ferdinand Beach, M.D. J..V. New York City. 

M.D., Yale, 1864. 

George Lewis Beers, M.D. P.0. Allegheny Pa. 

Physician and Surgeon. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1865. 

William Edward Bradley. I.M. New York City. 

Stoci; Broker. Ist Lieut. 13th Conn. Inf., U. S. A. 

t Charles Henry Bunce. B'.F. Hartford, Conn. 

Civil Engineer, New City Hall; City Engineer, Hartford, 1872-3, '76-82. Ph.B., Yale, 
1862. Asst. Engineer, U. 8. A., 1863-5. 

92 Yale. 

George Lynde Catlin. 0. 0. Stuttgart, Germany. 

U.S. Consul. Reporter New Orleans Crescent, 1866-9; Sub-Editor Commercial Ad- 
vertiser, 1873-8. Consul, La Rochelle, 1878-9; Stuttgart, 1880. Pres. Board Education, 
Paterson, N. J., 1875-6. Author The Huguenots of La Rochelle. and Natalie Rev. 
Sergt. 5th N. Y.; Sd and 1st Lieut. 101st N. Y., U.S.A.; Aide-de-Camp in Army of 
Potomac, 1861-5. 

*'*^' Henry Champiox, LL.B. N.fJ. Mankato, Minn. 

Lawyer. Practised New Haven, Conn., 1863-6. Prepared a Catalogue of the Cabinet 
of Coins Belonging to Yale, 1863. LL.B., Yale, 1803. Died January 30, 1867. 

Frederic Henry Colton, M.D. H'.A. Brooklyn, X.Y. 

Demonstrator in Anatomy, Long Island Coll. Hospital, since 1874; Visiting Physician, 
since 1873; Visiting Physician, St. John's Hospital, since 1878. Act. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. 
A., 1863-5. M.D., Long Island Coll. Hospital, 186i. 

Lowndes Henry Davis, LL.B. A.ii. Jackson, Mo. 

Farmer. U. S. Representative from Mo., 1879-83; State Atty., 10th Judicial Dist., 
1869-73. Member Mo. Constitutional Convention of 1875 ; Member General Assembly, Mo., 
1877-8. LL.B., Louisville Law School, 1863. 

Rev. Samuel Dunham. M.P. Binghamton, N.Y. 

Pastor West Presbyterian Church. Commissioner Auburn Theo. Sem. since 1880; 
Trustee Binghamton Presbytery since 1881. Author of An Historical Discourse at Brook- 
field, Mass., October 16, 1867, on the 150th Anniversary of the First Church. 

Rev. Edward Brown Furbish. E.6. Lockport, N.Y. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1879. Pastor New Hartford, N. Y., and 
Potsdam, 1865-80. Chaplain 2oth Me. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Rev. George Hermon Griffin, E'.P. Milford, Conn. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Author From New .York to Jerusalem, and numerous 
articles in religious journals. Member Numismatic and Archaeological Soc, Philadelphia. 

Rev. Lucius Hopkins Higgins. O.F. Huntington, Conn. 

Congregational Pastor. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1863. 

*'**" Rev. William Curtis Johnston. E'.A. Greensburgli, Ky. 

Chaplain 13th Ky. Inf., U. 8. A. Died December 3, 1862. 

*'^ SiDMON Thorne Kjsese, LL.B. 0.0. Jersey City, N.J. 

Practised law, NewYork City, 1862-71 ; Judge Ist District Police Court, Jersey City, 
N. J., 1871-7 ; practised law, Jersey City, 1877-80. Commissioner of Assessments, Bergen, 
N. J., 1869-70. L.L.B., Columbia "Coll., 1862. Died April 3, 1880. 

Rev. Oliver Addison Kingsbury. J.N. Jersey City, N. J. 

Editorial Writer for Am. Tract Soc. ; Preacher to supply vacancies ; Editorial Writer 
tor Illustrated Christian Weekly since 1873; American Messenger, 1874; Child's Paper, 
1875. Author of several tracts, sermons and papers. 

Orlando Leach. A 2'. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Bookseller, New York City. 

William Pennington, LL.B. 11.6. Paterson, N. J. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1863. 

*^^ Rev. James Henry Schneider. A'.B. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Teacher State Normal School, 1863. Lieut, and Chaplain 2d U. S. Inf. Died of yellow 
fever. Key West, Fla., April 25, 1864. , 

Henry Ward Siglar. A'. P. Newburgh, N. Y. 

Prin. Newburgh Institute. Author of Progressive English Exercises in Analysis, 
Composition and Spelling, by the Use of Symbols, 1874. 


Samuel Reed Warren, //^i'. Wnsliington, I). C. 

Statistician U. 8. Census Bureau. 


"'■'fRev. John Wait I^arton. (Kll. Stratford, Conn. 

Oongresationalist. Autlior 8al)batli School Work in I'a., and The Future of Pa. 
Died on the '-ars between Norwalk and Bridgeport, November 21, 1866. 

George Bernard Bonney. I\M. New York City. 

Lawyer. Private 10th R. I. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Franklin Seytmour Bradley. A.Ii. New Haven, Conn. 

Pres. Yale National Bank. 

Hubert Sanford Brown. T.F. Philadelphia, Pa. 

One of the Proprietors Continental Hotel. Capt. and A. A. G.: Corps A. G • Mai 
and Bvt. Lieut. Col., U. S. A., 1865-6. > J- 

^ William Bardwell Clark. I.S'. Granby, Mass. 

Private and non-com. officer 34th Mass. Inf., V. 8. A., 1862-4; Capt. U. S. Colored 
Troops. Killed in battle, October 27, 1864. 

Ebenezer Buckingham Convers, LL.B. Z.E. New 

York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1866. 

MouLTON De Forest. OjIK Wetmore, Kan. 

Farmer. Q. M. Sergt., Ist. Lieut, and Capt. 18th Wis. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-5. 

George Delp. F/.P. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer. Private Pa. Militia, called out to meet Lee's Invasion, 1864. 

Henry Rees Durfee, LL.B. E.A. Palmyra, N. Y. 

Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1871. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1864. 

David William Eaves. J.Ii. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Manufacturer. J.U.D., Heidelberg Univ., 1864. 

Rev. Clarence Eddy. N.FI. Saint Clair, Mich. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1881; Cornwall, N. J., 1864-9; Newark, N. J 
1869-75;Troy,N. Y., 1875-80. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1864. 

Joseph Nelson Flint. O.A. Virginia City, Neb. 

Teacher. Author of History of Ist N. Y. Dragoons, 1865. Private ISOtli N. Y. Vols., 
which became 1st N. Y. Dragoons; 2d and 1st Lieut., Bvt. Capt. 1st N. Y. Draeoous 
U. 8. A., 1862-5. < 

fGEORGE Brett Goodall. O.B. Oakland, Cal. 

Teacher State Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution, Oakland. 

t Samuel Whittemore Hitchcock. Z'.J. Nice, France. 

Resided abroad since 1864. 

James Nevins Hyde, M.I). V.2'. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Dermatology Rush Medical Coll., and Kditor Chicago .l/cf7. Journal and Exam- 
hier. M.D., ad eundem, Hush Medical Coll. Asst. Burgeon, U. 8. N., 1863-8. 

Henry Norton Johnson. H'. T. New Haven, Conn. 

Teacher. Prin. Hopkins Grammar School, 1864-73. 

94 Yale. 

Frederick (Rowland) Jones. A.J. New York City. 

Manufacturer, New York City Roller Flour Mills. 

John Coddington Kixxey. F. T. Hartford, Conn. 

Journalist, editorial staff Hartford, Conn., Courcuit, since 1872; Walerbury, Conn., 
American, 1868-71; X. Y. Tribune, 1871-2. Private, 2d and 1st Lieut. 13th Conn. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861-4; Signal Officer, Admiral Farragut's Fleet, 1864-5. 

Harvey Sheldon Kitchel. P.P. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Lehigh Valley R.R. Co., since 1866. 

*^^f Henry S.aiith Merchant, LL.B. E.Fl. Xassau, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A.B., 1863. LL.B., Alb.inv Law School, 186-5. Q. M. Dept., Arinv of the 
Tennessee, U. S. A., 1865. Died February 9, 1867. 

Rev. Nathan Tibbals Merwin. N.A. Trumbull, Conn. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1865. Grad. Yale Divinity School, 1864. 

Tracy Peck, Jr. 77. J. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Latin, Yale, since 1881; Tutor Yale, 1864-7 and 1869-70; Prof. Latin, Cornell 
Univ., 1871-80. Author Latin Pronunciation Practically Considered, Proc. Univ. Convoc, 
N. Y., 1875; The Authorship of the Dialogue De Oratoribus. Proc. Am. Phllol. Soc, 1879. 

f Henry McClure Post. E.P. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer, practising since admission, 1862. A.B., ill. Coll., 1861. 

*^*^ James Pepper Pratt. E.X. Logansport, Ind. 

Private 19th Inf. ; 2d and 1st Lieut, and Adj. 11th Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. Killed in battle. 
Hanovertown, Va., May 29, 1864. 

*^^^ Charles Robinson. A. P. Beaufort, S. C. 

Studied medicine, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1861-4; Cotton Planter, 1864-9. Died November 

Francis Ritter Scioiucker. N.X. Reading, Pa. 

Lawyer. 1st Lieut, and Capl. 128th Pa. Inf , U. S. A., 1862-3; Adj. and Capt. 42d Pa. 
Militia, 1863. 

WiNTHROP Dudley Sheldon. FI.A. Colorado Springs, 

Prof. Latin and Greek, Col. Coll., since 1876 : Prin. Preparatory Dept. Western Reserve 
Coll., 1869-73. Author of The Twenty-Seventh, a Regiraentaf History, 1S66. S.T.B., 
Yale, 1868. Private, 2d Lieut. 27th Conn. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

*^*^ Gilbert Miles Stocking. F.S. Waterbury, Conn. 

Prin. Schools at Lyme, Conn., and Miller's Plains, N. Y. Private 20th Conn. Inf.. 
U. S. A., 1863-5, in Jefferson Barracks Hospital. Died January 25, 1865. 

George Makepeace Towle, LL.B. £'. }'. Boston, Mass. 

Author and Lecturer. U. S. Consul at Xantes, France, and Bradford, Eng., 
1866-9. Managing Editor, Boston, Mass., Commercial Bulletin, 1870; Foreign Editor 
Boston Post. Author of Glimpses of History, 1865; History of Henry V. of England, 
1866; American Society, London, 1869 ; Heroes of History (series), Vasco de Gania, Pizarro, 
Magellan, Marco Polo; Beaconsfield (Handy Volume series); Modern France (Half Hour 
series) ; Certain Men of Mark; Modern Greece; Roumania and Servia; Bulgaria and Mon- 
tenegro : Editor of Harvey's Reminiscences of Daniel Webster ; Translator of Gaboriau's 
Mystery of Orcival; Violet-le-Duc's Story of a House: Jules Verne's Tour of the World 
in Eighty Days, Doctor Ox, Wreck of the Chancellor. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1863. 

Ralph Olmstead Williams. O.Z. New Haven, Conn. 

Admitted X. Y. Bar,lS65. Firm of Holt & Williams, Publishers, X.Y., 1871-3. Teacher 
in Cal., 1873-80. Private 7th Del. Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

Yale. 95 

Rev. Theodoke Stkpiien Wynkooi'. A. </>. Washington, 

D. C. 

Pastor Western Presbyterian Church since 1878; Huntington, L.I. ,1864-8. Missionary 
Presbyterian Board in India, 1869-77. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sera., 1864. 


Aebekt Egekton Adams. B.d. Davenport, Iowa. 

Hardware Merchant since 1865. Capt. 1st N. Y. Mounted Rifles, U. 8. A. 

" Ika Rush Alexander. UP. Lewiston, Pa. 

Capt. Co. M 16th Pa. Cav., U. S. A. Killed, Mine Itun, Va., November 29, 1863. 

John Wesley Alling. E.E. New Haven, Conn, 

Lawyer. City Atty., New Haven, 1871-3. 

George Miller Beard, M.D. P.Z. New York City. 

Author of Nervous Exhaustion, 1880; American Nervousness, 1881; Sea Sicliness, 
1881 ; and other numerous worlis on hygiene and nervous diseases. Contributor to North 
American Revieio, Popular Science Monthly and Atlantic Monthly. M.D., Columbia 
Coll., 1866. Member Am. Acad, of Medicine, N. Y. Acad, of Medicine, N. Y. Acad, of 
Science, Am. Neurological Assoc, N. Y. Neurological Soc. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. N., 

Rev. James Balloch Chase. H'.I\ Cherokee, Iowa. 

Pastor, Congregational. Grad. Yale Theo. Sera. Prof. German, Congregational Theo. 
Sem., Crete, Neb., two years. 

Rev. Heman Packard DeForest. M.I. Taunton, Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational. Author The Cultivation of Conscience, 1878 ; Sketch of History 
of Westboro', Mass., in History of Worcester Co., 1879; The Duty of Church Members to 
the Regular Meetings of the Church. 

t John Palmer Ellis, LL.B. /. ¥. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Yale, 1863. 

Charles Wright Ely. P.N. Frederick City, Md. 

Prin. Maryland School for Deaf and Dumb; Teacher Ohio Institute Deaf and Dumb. 
1863-70. 2d Lieut. 27th Conn. Inf., U. S. A., nine months. 

t Joseph Lybrand Ferrell. II. li.. Germantown, Pa. 

Hydraulic Engineer. A. A. Paymaster, U. S. N., 1864-5. 

Rev. Elliot Chapin Hall. A'..V. Jamestown, N. Y. 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1865. Administrator Estate of William Hall. 

John Wesley Johnson. I.U. Eugene City, Oreg. 

Prin. High School; High School, Portland, Oreg., 1869-72. 

Henry Phelps Johnston. N. F. New York City. 

Instructor History, Coll. of the City of New York. Author Campaign of 1776 ; Around 
New York and Brooklyn, 1878; Obsei-vations on Judge Jones' Loyalist; History of the Am. 
Revolution, 1880; The Yorktow-n Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis, 1881. 
Lieut. 15th Conn. Inf., U. S. A.; Acting Signal Oflieer and Aid-de-camp to (ion. W. B. 
Hazen. ' 

Albert Francis Judd, LL.B. II'. P. Ilonohihi, Hawaiian 

First Associate Judge Supreme Court, Hawaiian Islands, and Atty. Gen. of the 

Kingdom, since 1874. Practised law, 1864-73. Trustee of Oahu Coll., Honolulu. Author 

of Honolulu; edited 3d vol. Reports. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1864. Grand 
OflScer of the Royal Order of Kalakaua. 

96 Yale. 

Charles Nichols Judson, LL.B. J.//. A'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Univ., 1864. 

Hiram Hollister Kimpton, LL.B. .V.0. Ticonderoffa, 

Banker, New York City. LL.B., Yale, 1864. 

Harrison Maltzbekger, LL.B. /. W. Reading, Pa. 

LL.B., Hai-vard Univ., 1864. Capt. 196th Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 18S4. Register in Bank- 
ruptcy for 8th Dist., Pa., since 1867. 

Marion Francis Mulkey. 0. F. Portland, Oreg. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty., 1866-8 ; Corporation Atty., 1872-4. 

Joseph Fitz Randolph. 77. T. Morristown, N. J. 

Lawyer, Jersey City. Editor Am. edition Yarman on Wills. 

*^^- Francis Norton Sterling. P.A. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1st Lieut. Co. D 12Sth N. Y. Inf., U. S. A. Died on board ship Arago, off Hampton 
Roads, December 6, 1862. 

*^«^^ Edward Collins Stone. P.Z. Hartford, Conn. 

Teacher Ohio Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, Columbus, Ohio, 1862^ ; Am. Asylum, Hartford, 
Conn., 1864-8; Prin. Wis. Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, Delavan, Wis., 1868-71; Prin. Am. 
Asylum, Hartford, Conn., 1871, till death. Died December 21, 1878. 

*^*''' Henry Wolcott Thayer. N.H. Newark, N. J. 

Planter. Ist Lieut. 2d Veteran Cav.,U. S. A. Registrar, Sabine Parish, La. Died 
August 16, 1867. 

Rev. Thomas Gairdner Thurston. T. A . Taylorsville, N. C. 

Preached since 1878. Albion, 111., 1855-6; Wailuku Mani, Hawaiian Islands, 1866-8; 
Grass Valley, Cal., 1867-72. B.D., Union Theo. Sem., 1865. 

Levi Penfield Treadwell. H'.M. Danbmy, Conn. 

Insurance Agent. Sec. and Treas. Union Savings Bank of Danbury. Town Treas., 
1878-81 ; Warden of the Borough, 1880-1. Member Board of Education, 1872-5. 

Pierce Noble Welch. I.Z. New Haven, Conn. 

Treasurer New Haven Rolling Mill Co., since 1871. Banker, 1865-6 ; Wholesale Grocer, 
New York City, 1867-70. 


Rev. Egbert Byron Bingham. PAL Rockville, Conn. 

Pastor, since 1871. Tutor Yale, 1866-8. 

Rev. Erastus Blakeslee. V.L Greenfield, Mass. 

Pastor Second Congi-egational Church. Member Newton School Board, 1872t<5. 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1879. Ist Conn. Cav., U. 8. A., 1861-4, serving in every grade 
from 2d Lieut, to Col.; Brig. Gen. Bvt., June 1, 1864. 

Charles Carroll Blatchley. I. H. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Agent, since 1865. Teacher, Hogansport, N. Y., 1865. 

*'*^^ Harvey Harris Bloom. I.E. Norwich, N. Y. 

Ist Lieut. 5th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2. Died March 18, 1864. 

Edward MuNsoN Booth. P.P. Chicago, 111. 

Instructor in Elocution; Prof. Elocution Chicago Theo. Sem., 1865. 

Yale. 97 

Kev. Horace Bumstead, D.I). /.A. Atlanta, Ga. 

I'l-of. T.atiii anil N;it Sc'icnpc, Atlanta Univ. since 187r). Pastor Second OongreKalional 
<'lnii(li, Miniicapoli-. Minn., !-<;■.' '.. Autlior Tile Biblical Sanction for Wiuc, 1881. and 
itianv ailklcs in (hi.:,-., ,\.i, , ,, , , etc. D.I)., Univ. of the Oity of New York, 1881. \faj. 

4:M (■. S. Cdlorod -l-nM,!,., ImU^.,. 

'"■''fJoiiN Marshall Eldrioge. A. A". Jersey City, N. J. 

Translator and Cotltributor to a German nc\vsi)aii(r. Died February 26, 1865. 

Horace Webster Fowler, LL.I). /'.'/. New York (vity. 

Lawyer. LL.B.. Columbia T'niv., 186^. rapt, and I5vt. Lieut. Col. 16th N. Y. Art., 

Kev. Cyrus West Fraxcis. Z'.]. Atlanta, Ga. 

Librarian and Prof. Ethics and Christian Doctrine in Atlanta Univ. Pastor of the 
( 'hurch of Christ. S.T.B., Yale, lSf.7. 

Edward Brodie Glasgow. I'Jp. Worc-ester, Mass. 

Lawyer since 1878. Instructor Mathematics Pa. Military Acid. ; Eagleswood Military 
Acad., Perth Amboy, N. J. : Highland Military Acad., Worcester, Mass. 

"*^* Rev. Howard Kingsbury. /'.J. Amherst, Mass. 

Pastor Second Presbyterian Church, Newark, O., 1871-7 ; First Cong. Church, Airiher.-it, 
1877-8. Prepared New Songs of Zion, Happy Voices, Echo to Happy Voices, .and Happ) 
Hours. Died September 28, 1878. 

D WIGHT Marcy. E'.li. Eockville, Conn. 

Lawyer. State Atty., Tolland Co., 1867 ; Asst. Clerk, 1867, Clerk, 1868, Conn. House of 

James Buchanan Mitchell. K.E. Los Angeles, ('al. 

Heal Estate Agent since 1875. Teacher, Stratford, Conn., 1864-70. 

"*^"tFRiAH Nelson Parmlee. LP. Gnilford, Cojin. 

Capt. Co. 1 1st Conn. Cav., TT. S. A. Killed, Five Forks, N. C, April 1, 1865. 

John Hyde Peck. N.U. New Britain, Conn. 

Teacher. Pres. Conn. State Teachers' Assoc; Prin. Milford Acad., 18f)3-5; New 
Britain High School, 1865. Alderman, 1878-9. 

Charles Stuart Sheldon, M.D. A'.H. Greenville, Midi. 

Counsellor Detroit Med. Coll. M. D., Buffalo, 1867; Columbia Coll., 1868. 

"^" Walter Hebert Smyth. A.d. Guilford, Conn. 

Died, Fairfield, Iowa, November 27, 1863. 

Rev. Charles Edward SuiMNER. H'.(1>. Spencer, Mass. 

Prin. Walton, N. Y., Acad., 1864-7. Pastor Lincoln Park Church, Chicago, 111., 1871-5 : 
Cong. Church, Lancaster, N. H., 1878-81. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1870. 

fMoSES Hubbard Tuttle. E.\. Carrollton, Miss. 

Cotton Planter. Private and Sergt. 49th Mass. Inf.; Lieut. Col., U. S. C. T., 1861-5. 

Edmund Asa Ware. B'W. Atlanta, Ga. 

Pres. Atlanta Univ., since 1869. 

Rev. Henry Barzillai Wateilman, LL.B. /.J. Clear 
Lake, Iowa. 

Pastor Baptist Church. 1J..B., I'niv. of Chicago, 1865. Grad. Newton Theo Seni.. 
1869. Private 134th 111. Inf., U. S. A., and Aid-de-camp to Gov. Yates, St. Louis, Mo. 


)8 ■ Yale. 

Rev. CoRTLANDT WHITEHEAD. 0. T. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburg since 1881. Formerly Rector Church of the 
Nativity, Bethlehem, Pa. Trustee Lehigh Univ. ; Bishopthorpe School ; Diocesan Military 
School of Pennsylvania ; General Theo. Sem. D.D., Union Coll., 1880. 


^*^-|- Willi A3I Morris Austin, M.D. A'.FI. Camp Concordia, 

Asst. Surgeon U. S. A., 1865-8. Died at Camp Concordia, May 9, 1868. 

Edward Wells Bell, LL.B. A'.K. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City, since 1870. Teaching, 1864-70. LL.B., Columbia Univ., 1870. 

Rev. George Whitefield Benjamin, S.T.B. O.P. New 
Haven, Conn. 

Teacher and Merchant, 1864-7. Preacher, English Chapel, Lucerne, Switzerland, 1874; 
Pastor at Huntington, Conn., 1875 ; Preaching at Lucerne, 1875-6 ; Asst. Chaplain St. Paul's 
Am. Church, Rome, Italy, 1877; Roman Catholic Priest, 1879. M.D., Yale, 1869; S.T.B. , 
Yale, 1874. 

^*^" Charles Edward Booth. A'.M. New York City. 

Merchant, New York City, 1863-70. Left college early in Senior Year; received Bac- 
calaureate Degree in 1866, dating from 1864. Died New York City, September 18, 1870. 

Peter Rouse Cortelyou, M.D. B'.d. Marietta, Ga. 

Planter since 1879. Physician in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1868-75. Invalid, 1875-9. M.D.. 
Bellevue Hospital Medical Coll., 1868. 


Railway business, 1864-6. Killed by an accident at Southbridge, November 19, 1866. 

Samuel Carter Darling, LL.B. }'. T. Somerville, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston, Mass., since 1867; practised, New York City, 1866-7; City Solicitor, 
Somei-ville, since 1876. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1866. 

Orson Gregory Dibble, M.D. 1. 0. Pompey Hill, X. Y. 

Physician, Pompey Hill, sipce 1870. M.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1869. 

Charles Dana Townsend Gibson, M.D. 7''..V. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Fire Insurance Broker, New York City. Physician at Sandusky, Ohio, several years, 
from 1869. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

Edmund Trowbridge Hastings Gibson. Z'. W. New York 

Clerk, since 1874, of 111. Central R.R. Co., New York City. Member N. Y. Stock 
Exchange, 1868-72. 

Rev. Lewis Gregory. LA. Lincoln, Neb. 

Pastor Congregational Church, Lincoln, since 1876; West Amesbury, Mass., 186S-76. 

Timothy Miller Griffing, LL.B. F/.P. Riverhead, N. Y. 

Lawyer at Riverhead since 1876; at Patchogue, N. Y., 1866-76. LL.B., Albany Law 
School, 1866. 

George Nicholas Hitchcock, LL.B. 0. J. SanDiego, Cal. 

County Superintendent of Schools, San Diego; Sec. San Diego Lyceum of Sciencee. 
LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1867. 

Yale. 99 

Daniel Juixson Holden, LL.B. I.X. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1866. 

Thomas Hooker, LL.B. 2'. 7'. New York City. 


David Gilberi Lapiiam. ./.A'. Canandaigua, N. Y. 


George Frederick Lewis, M.D. A'. II. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Sec. and Treas. Bridgeport Hospital. M.D., Yale, 18C6. 

David Brainerd Lyman, LL.B. P.M. La Grange, 111. 

Lawyer, Chicago. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1866. 

Stephen Condit Pierson. I.E'. Meriden, Conn. 

Civil Engineer. City Surveyor of Meriden, 1808-74, 1878-81 ; Fire Marshal of Meriden. 
Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers. 

Charles Greene Rockwood, Jr. I.E. Princeton, N. J. 

Prof. Mathematics, Coll. New Jersey, since 1877. Teacher in New York City, 
1866-8- Prof. Mathematics and Natural Philosophv. Howdoin Coll., 1808-73; Prof. Mathe- 
matics and Astronomy, Rutgers Coll., 1873-7. Author of ISlotion of a Brick Tower by 
Solar Heat, Am. Ass. Proceedings, Vol. xx.; Ten Papers on American Earthquakes, 
American Journal of Science and Arts. Ph.D., Yale, 1866; Fellow Am. Ass. for Adv. 
of Sci.; Member Am. Meteorological Soc, and its Sec, 1873-6. 

Thomas Edward Satterthwaite, M.D. B'.S. New York 

Physician. Surgeon in Franco-Prussian war, being decorated with the Iron Cross 
of Prussia, 1872. Pathologist to St. Luke's and Presbyterian hospitals of New York City; 
Author of BncUria, 3fedical Record, 1875; Structure of Connective Substances, Medical 
Jo2irnal,lS~6; Evidence Concerning Disease Germs, International Medical Congress, 1876; 
Contributions to the Literature of Comparative Medicine, Archives of Comparative Medi- 
cine 1880-1- Rabies and Hydrophobia, Trichinosis and Intestinal Parasites, Am. Supple- 
ment to Ziemssen's Encyclopfedia; Observations on One Hundred Cases of Carcinoma; A 
Manual of Histology, and many other papers. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1S67; Delegate to 
International Medical Congress, London, 1881; Pres. Pathological Soc, N.Y., 1881. 

■j-Edward Humphrey Semple. J.Ii. St: Louis, Mo. 

Importer of Cutlery, St. Louis. Entered coll., 1862 ; left from ill health, same year. 

John William Sterling, LL.B. V.i:. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1867. 

fHENRY Mandeville Still^, M.D. P..1. Sabinas, Mexico. 

Physician. A. A. Surgeon U. S. A., from Cbattanoog.i to Atl.auta and back to Nash- 
ville. Left college 1S62. 

Clarence Lincoln Westcott. ./. T. White Plains, N.Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

Eev. Charles Mills Whittelsey. LP. Saratoga Springs, 


Invalid since 1879. Preached at New Berlin, Utica, and Speneerport, N. Y., 1867-79. 
Author of Sermons, Fellowship with Christ, Gospel Work, and Gospel Truth. Am. Tract 
Boc, 1876. 

Rev. Edward Moore Williams. P.N. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pastor since 1876; at Austin, Minn., 1869-71; Faribault, Minn., 1871-3; First Con- 
gregational Church, Minneapolis, 1875-81. 

loo Yale. 

fGERARDUS H11.LES Wynkoop, M.D. F/.A. New York City. 

Physician. Prof. Phvsiolosfv, Woman's Medical Coll., N.T.,1868; Prof. Surgery, 
1878; Attending Surgeon,' St. Luke's Hospital, 1877. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1866. Mem- 
ber Pathological Soc of N. Y. School Trustee, 1878-81. 


* ^^ Charles Douglas Anthony. /-'. E. Gouverneur, N. Y. 

Died September 3, 1865. 

Arthur Arnold Barroavs, M.D. B.0. New York City. 

Teacher in Grammar School, 1858. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

JosiAH Hooker Bissell, LL.B. A'. J. Chicago, 111. 

OiEcial Reporter U. S. Court, 7th Circuit. Author Bissell's Reports (Vols, i.-vii.). 
Lieut. Engineers, Army of the Tennessee, one year. 

Rev. Thomas Jefferson Browtst. H'.H. Utica, N. Y. 

Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church since 1871. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1868. 
D.D., Hamilton Coll., 1880. 

*''^ TUZAR BULKLEY. P.M. Catskill, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died Noyember 28, 1867. 

Simeon Baldwin Chittenden, LL.B. I.N, Brooklvn, 
N. Y. 

Lawyer, firm of Chittenden & Fiero, New York. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

Henry Churchill. E.K. Herkimer, N. Y. 

Paper Manufacturer. Member Board of Education. 

Everett Howard Converse. P.E. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dry Goods Commission Merchant, New York City. 

Eev. John Lewis Ewell. E.P. Millbiiry, Mass. 

Foi-merly Prof. Latin, Washington Univ., St. Louis. Corp. 60th Mass., U. 8. A., 1864 

f William Lee Forsyth. P.X. Pittsburg, Pa. 

: . Manufacturer, Eagle Cotton Mills, Allegheny, Pa. 

Lyivian DeHuff Gilbert. D'.F. Hanisburg, Pa. 

Lawyer. Deputy Atty. Gen. of Pa., 1873. 

James Glynn Gregory, M.D. M.N. Norwalk, Conn. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1S68. 

Cyrus Austin Lel AND. P.X. El Dorado, Kan. 


Charles Henry Leonard, M.D. H'. T. Providence, R.I. 

M.D., Columbia Coll, 1868. Private Co. A 48th Mass., U. 8. A., 1862. 

*\m Henry Clay McCreary. E'.A. Sacramento, Cal. 

Lawyer. Member Board of Education ; Pres. Sacramento Library. Died November 
10, 1869. 

Rev. Allan McLean. A.E. Litchfield, Conn. 

Pastor First Congregational Church, Litchfield; Grove St. Congregational Church, 
Eost Orange, N. J., 1868-74. Grad. Yale Theo. Sem., 1868. 

Yah. I o I 

Ei)WAi{D Augustus Sak.miilnto Man, LL.l}. I '.I*. Bergen 
Point, N. J. 

Lawyer, Now York City; City Ally., Bayonne, N. J., three yearn. LL.13., Univ. 
of I>a., ]S67. 

Payson Merkill, LL.B. /.J. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., ISOS. I'rivato GOth Mass., U. S. A., four inontliH, 
in 1S61, stutioned at Indianapolis. 

Michael Taylor Xewhold, LL.I). M.E. Jersey City, 

N. J. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Alb.any Law School, 1808. 

James Sager Norton. M.l\ Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer, Chicago. 

Stacy Biddle Shreve. TJ). Jobstown, N. J. 


Charles Henry Smith. B'.V. Brunswick, ]VIe. 

Prof. Mathematics, Bowdoin Coll., since 1873. Tutor Yale, 2 years. 

«i875 ^y^LTER Buchanan Smith. P.L Philadelphia, Pa. 

Analytical Chemist. 

William Stocking. P.cJ>. Detroit, Mich. 

Chief Editor Po.s<a«f? r?-i6iittc since 1877 ; City Editor, Hartford, Conn., Pre»», 1865-7; 
Managing Editor Post and Tribune, 1867-77. Private Co. F 60th Mass., U. S. A., July- 
December, 1864. 

Henry Ellsworth Taintor. H'.A. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Formerly Executive Sec. State, Conn. ; Assoc. Judge Hartford City Court, 
1872-3. Member City Government, 1S73-8. Private, 2d Lieut., Cos. A and B, 1st Conn. 
Heavy Artillery, U. S. A., 1864-5. 

William Clitus Witter, LL.B. A'.N. New York City. 

Lawyer. U. S. Examiner in Equity. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1867. Private 10th 
R. I., U. S. A., 1862; Corp. 1st R. I., 1863. 

John Brandagee Wood, LL.B. ./. '/*. Morristown, N. J. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. Author various articles in N. J. Law Jourmil. 

Edward Marshall Wright, LL.B. li. 6. Kansas City, Mo. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1869. 


Lewis Lowe Abbott. B'.ll. Liverpool, England. 

Queen's Insurance Company, Liverpool ; Metal Merchant. Initiated at Dartniouth. 

Alexander Dwight Anderson, LL.B. A. II. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

U. S. Dist. Atty., St. Louis, since 1869. Author of The New South West. LL.B., 
Univ. Mich., 186S. 

Edward Brown Bennett. E'.X. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer. Judge Hartford City Court since 1878. Member Conn. Hi>use of Representa- 
tives, 1868; Clerk Coun. House, 1869-70; Clerk Senate, 1871; Clerk Hartford City Court, 

I02 Yale. 

William Hexry Bennett, LL.B. B.I. Sterling, 111. 

Lawyer. Mayor of Sterling. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1868. 

Rev. Marcellus Bowen. E.II. Smyrna, Turkey- 
Missionary A. B. C. F. M. 

fALBERTsoN Case, LL.B. P.\. Southolcl, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1866; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

Edward Alexis Caswell. P. A. New York City. 

Metal Broker. 

Sherman Hartwell Chapman, M.D. A. 77. New Haven, 

Lecturer Diseases Throat and Ear, Tale. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

*i876 (Charles Converse Chatfield. A.X. Boston, Mass. 

Editor College Co?/rnn^ New Haven, until 1875; Publisher A'eic England Journal of 
Education, Boston. Died August 22, 1876. 

Hamilton Cole. I.E. New York City. 


Charles Aaery Collin. B.V. Elmira, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Teacher, Norwich, Conn., several years. 

James HE^^-LETT Cornwall. I. T. Patterson, N. Y. 

Farmer; sometime Broker, New York City. 

James Lewis Coa^xes. J'.M. Farmington, Conn. 

Farmer and Manufacturer. 

John Kennedy Creevey. F'. P. New York City. 

Lawyer. Teacher Mt. Auburn Institute, Cincinnati, several years. 

Frederick Nevins Dodge, LL.B. B'. T. Plainfield,N. J. 

Glue Manufacturer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

Eev. Ferdinand Van Deveer Garretson. A'.T. Bos- 
cawen, N. H. 

Employed by American Sunday School Union in Italy, 1869; for a time Foreign Sec. of 
the Union. 

*i88o Edwin Curtiss Gormly. E.X. London, Eng. 

Agent for Westinghouse Air Brake Compan v at Liverpool and London. Dit-d February 
8, 1880. 

Rev. James Taylor Graves. Y. W. Marshall, 111. 

Corp. 52d Mass., U. 8. A., one year. 

John Manning Hall, LL.B. M.A. Willimantic, Conn. 

Lawyer. Member Conn. House of Representatives, 1870-2, ISSl. 

fCHARLES Cornelius Heisler. A.E. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tobacco Commission Merchant. 

*^«^2tE6BERT DusHANE Heisler. P.¥. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Merchant, with his brother. Died November 29, 1872. 

Yale. 103 

Rev. Edwaki) Young Hincks. I'.N. Andover, Mass. 

(?rad. Andover Tlieo. Sem., 1870. Pastor, until recently, State Street ("ongregalioiial 
Church, Portlaud, Me. 

fCnAKLES BuLKLEY Jennings. A. T. New London, Conn. 

Prin. Coit Street Grammar School. 

Frederick Newton Judson, LL.B. A'.J. St. Louis, Mo. 

Pres. Board of Education; Teacher Hopkine Grammar School, New Haven, 1867; 
Prof. Greek, Nashville Univ., 1870. Private Sec. to Gratz Brown, 1871. LL.B., Wash. 
Univ., 1871. 

Rev. Lewis Lampman. r.l\ Jamaica, N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 

Leslie Lewis. E.y. Hyde Park, Chicago, 111. 

Teacher; Supt. of Schools, Hyde Park, 1876. 

Thomas Edwin ]\IcKinlay. ./.J. Ottawa, 111. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Agent. 

Rev. Isaac Pierson. A'.T. Tli-cho, China. 

Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., Pekin. 

Abner Post, M.D. li.N. Boston, Mass. 

Asst. Surgeon U. 8. Marine Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., 1872. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1870. 

Darius Parmalee Sackett. U'.A. Oakland, Cal. 

Prin. Sackett School; Teacher, Genesee, N. Y., Acad., 1868; Prin., Leicester, Mass., 
Acad., 1869; Female Coll. of the Pacific, Oakland, 1872. Admitted at the Hudson Chapter. 

Samuel Benedict St. John, M.D. ly.fJ. Hartford, Conn. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1870; House Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital, 1870; Asst. Demon- 
strator Anatomy, Columbia, 1871-2. 

*i868 i^ichard Edward Smyth. P.P. Guilford, Conn. 

Teacher. Died December 17, 1868. 

Frederick Stanley Thompson. J. '/. Mystic Bridge. 

Prin. High School; Teacher, since 1868, at Needham, Mass.; Mendham, N. J., 1869; 
Guilford, Conn., 1870-1 ; Lyme, Conn., 1872. 

*"^'' Rev. Henry Otis Whitney. N.fT. Elko, Nev. 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1869. Died in service of Presbyterian Board of Home Mis- 
sions, Elko, March 1, 1870. 


Cornelius Lansing Allen, Jr., LL.B. A'. T. Salem, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1869. 

James Monroe Allen. f!.0. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer, in Cal. since 1874; Aurora, 111., 1867-70; Carthage, Mo., 1870-4; Judge San 
Francisco Superior Court since 1880. 

Frank Lee Baldwin, f^.A. Massillon, Ohio. 


f Casper Shrom Bigler. A'. A'. Ilarrisburg, Pa. 


I04 Yah. 

George Cotton Bkaixerd, LL.B. ./'.</'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1871. 

Wallace Bruce. ./', '/'. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Literateur. Author The Land of Burns; The Yosemite; The Hudson. 

Charles Krs SET Canxox, LL.B. A'.M. Hoboken, N. J. 

Lawyer. Corporation Atty., 1877-8. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1S70. 

Jacob Axdeew Cartwright. A'. 6. Nashville, Tenn. 

Lawyer. Corresponding Sec. Tenn. Hist. Soc, 1880. 

Henry Abel Chittexdex, LL.B. P.U. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Journalist. Editor Milwaukee, AVis., Commercial Timea s\xic&\^'\\ Editor Brooklyn 
Union, 1867-9: New York Standard, 1870; Proprietor Milwaukee Journal of Commerce, 
1870-4. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

Elbert Willett Clarke. J. P. Painesville, Ohio. 

Journalist. Editor Painesville Advertiser since 1870. 

Kev. Theodore Lansing Day. J'.0. Talcottville, Conn. 

Tutor Yale, 1870-2. Pastor First Church, Holvoke, Mass., 1872-4. Resident, S. Fra- 
mingham, JIass., 1877. Grad. Yale Theo. Sem., 1871. 

Robert Elliot DeForest. 0. T. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lawyer since 1868. Teacher, Royalton, Vt., 1867-8. Judge Court of Common Pleas, 
Fairfield Co., 187J-8. 

Rev. Ira Seyaiour Dodd. P. W. New York City. 

Missionary Presbyterian Board Home Missions, Garnet, Kan., 1870-2; Pastor, 
Presbyterian, Winnebago City, Minn., 1872-80. 

James Greely Flanders, LL.B. I.X. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Member of Assembly, 1877; School Commissioner, 1875-7. LL.B., Columbia 
Coll., 1869. 

James Matthew Gamble. I.B. Williamsport, Pa. 

Lawyer. Select Councilman, 1881-4. 

Wilder Bennett Harding. A, P. Hatfield, Mass. 

Prin. Smith Acad. 

Nelson Powell Hulst. //.J. ^Milwaukee, Wis. 

Miner, Menomonee Iron Region, Mich., since 1876. Asst. Instructor in Assaying, 
Sheffield Scientific School, 1869-70. Chemist, Metallurgist and Mining Expert to the Mil- 
waukee Iron Co., 1870-6. Ph.D., 1870. 

Henry Gardner Landis, M.D. J'. 11. Columbus, Ohio. 

Prof. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Starling Med. Coll. since 1877. 
Author How to Use the Forceps, 1880. Member Am. Med. Assoc. ; Pathological Soc. of 
Philadelphia. M.D., Jefierson Med. Coll., 1870. 

fCoNSTANT Roberts Marks. A.X. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Member Iowa Legislature, 1870-1; Member School Board of Directors. Pri- 
vate Co. K 8th Mass., U. S. A., three months, 1861. 

fGEORGE Henry Marr. A'. J. Kenosha, Wis. 


George Preston Sheldon, LL.B. .^'.A^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

Yale. 105 

John William Siiowalter. ./'./'. Chicago, 111. 


Frank I.ewis Skeels. ./'. T. Coldwater, Mich. 

LuwytT. Atty. foi" Branch Co., Mich. 

IFkanklix Trumps. l.O. Jersey Shore, Pa. 

Ijumber ^fanufaclurcr. 

Francis Henry Wilson, LL.B. E.O. New York City. 

Lawyer since 1875. Teacher in the Classics, Holbrook's Military School, Sing Sing, 
N. Y.; Proprietor Wilson's Grammar School, liochester, N. Y., four years. LL.B., Co- 
lumbia Coll., 1875. 


Rev. IsBON TiiADDEUS Beckwitii. /9.J. Hartford, Conn. 

Prof. Greek Trinity Coll., since 1879; Instructor Univ. of Eastern Tenn., 1868-70; 
Yale, 1870-2, 1874-9. Ph.D., Yale, 1872. 

"*^' Herbert Boardman, M.D. U.I. Trumansburgh, N. Y. 

M.D., Georgetown, D. C, Univ., 1872. Sometime First Clerk Land Office, 
Dept. of Interior. 

"^"fJoHN Wemple Bowman. P.V. Johnstown, N. Y. 
Edward Green Bradford. A'./. Wilmington, Del. 


"" Timothy Pitkin Chapman, LL.B. E.N. Bridgeport, 
» Conn. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

Horace Stevens Cooper. ./'.J. Cokimbia, Tenn. 

Farmer. Clerk and Master Chancery Court, Maury Co., two years. 

Frank Cramer. A.-. Milwaukee, Wis. 


Rev. John Kinne Hyde De Forest. N.I. Osaka, Japan. 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. S. T. B., Yale, 1871. 28th Conn., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Charles Augustus DE Kay. ./.'/'. New York City. 

Journc-Uist Literary and Art Editor Timesy since 1877. Author of The Bohemian, 
1879; Hesferus and Other Poems, 1880; The Vision of Nimrod, 1881; poems and papers 
in the Atlantic, Harper's, Scribner's, Lippincott's and Penn Monthlies. 

Rev. William DuR ANT. P.X. Albany, N. Y. 

Pastor Sixth Presbyterian Church of Albany. Author of Father Luddcn and the Public 
Schools, a sermon, 187a; Preaching to the Poor; a Centenary Test of Presbyterianism, a 
sermon, 1876; Editor Papers of Charles Hodge, entitled Church Polity, 1878. 

Albert Henry Esty. F/TJ. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Leather Manufacturer. 

fBARTON Darlington Evans. J.M. West Chester, Pa. 

Editor Ckester Countij Village Record. Bank Director, 1872-5; Railroad Director, 
1873-7. tjergl 29th Corp. 192d Pa., U. S. A., during Rebellion. 

io6 Yale. 

William Henry Ferry. M.^. Lake Forest, 111. 

Wholesale Dry Goods Merchant. 

Joseph Warren Greene, LL.B. E.P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

Ira Cole Hall. O.A. Farmer Village, N. Y. 

Agent G. I. and A. R.R. 

fFRANCis Hl'nt Holmes. /./. Williamsburg, Mass. 

Night Editor Philadelphia Press, 1870. 

Eev. Robert Allen Hume. P.J. Ahmednuggar, Western 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. ; Pres. of a college for training native teachers. 

Rev. Edward Alexander Lawrence, Jr. H'.E. Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

Pastor First Congregational Church of Poughkeepsie. Tutor German, Yale, 1873; 
Pastor Presbyterian Church of Champlain, N. Y., 1873-5. 

George Henry Lewis. F.S. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Dean Law Faculty, Drake LTniv., Des Moines. Tutor Iowa Coll., 1868-71. 
Private Co. F. 14th Conn. Inf., U. S.A., 1861-3; wounded, Autietam and Fredericksburg. 

Rev. Donald MacGregor. N.n. Troy, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1873. 

Edward Spencer Mead. B'.K. New York City. 

Publisher, firm of Dodd, Mead & Co. 

David MacGregor Means. K.J. New York City. 

Lawyer. Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., 1876-7; Prof. Middlebury Coll., Vt., 1877-80. 
Author of papers in the Xew Engtander, Bibliotheca Sacra and Mind. 

Rev. Samuel Parry, Jr. I.E. Pluckamin, N. J. 
William Parsons, LL.B. A.E. New Haven, Conn. 

Editor New Haven Register. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1871. 

Thomas Wilson Pierce. T.(P. West Chester, Pa. 


Rev. Edward Kirk Rawson. P. J. Albany, N. Y. 

Chaplain U. S.N. since 1871. Teacher, Coll. and Com. Institute, New Haven, 1868-9. 

Thomas Hamlen RoBBiNS. A.J. Amenia, N. Y. 

Civil Engineer. Teacher Amenia Sem., 1868-72. Sergt. 25th Conn.', U.S.A., 1862-3. 

Julius William Russell. B'.A. Burlington, Yt. 

Lawyer. School Commissioner, 1881. 

William Roumage Shelton. E'.Z. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lawyer. Asst. City Atty. ; Deputy Judge City Court. 

Calvin Daniel Stowell. I.(K Ithaca, N. Y. 

Wholesale Grocer. 

Samuel Tweedy. E. d. Danbury, Conn. 


Yale. 107 

Henry Lucius Washburn. Boston, Mass. 


Eev. Thomas Clayton Welles. 7'../. Waterloo, Iowa. 

Pastor Congregationa' Cluirch. Grad. YaleTheo. Sem., 1872. Prin. Schools in Prairie 
Du Chien.Wis., 186S-9, and Fulton, N. Y., 1870. Author Popular Amusements, a sermon; 
Editor Our Church Letter, Waterloo. 

Roger Butler Williams. P.P. Ithaca, N. Y. 


John Howard Wilson. P. A. Montclair, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

Douglas Dousman Wolcott. A.M. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Invalid, travelling abroad. 


William Gaul Alger, LL.B. /:;'./. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of N. Y., 1876. 

fTHOMAS CoRwiN Anderson. A.J. Side View, Ky. 

Farmer and Breeder of Fancy Cattle. Contributor to agricultural papers. Private 24th 
Ky. Inf., U. S. A., 6 months; Midshipman, U. S. N., 3 years. 

William Wallace Audenried. E.I. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stock Commission Broker. 

Alfred Bartow. P.. I. Chicago, 111. 


Henry Augustin Beers. Z'.E. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. English Literature, Yale, since 1880; Tutor, 1871-6; Asst. Prof. English Liter- 
ature, 1875-80. Author Odds and Ends, 1878 ; A Century of Am. Literature, 1878 ; numerous 
contributions to magazines. 

fWiLLiAM Richardson Belknap. J'.)'. Louisville, Ky. 

Hardware Merchant. Ph.B., Yale, 1861. 

fLEWis Sylvester Bemis. A.\. Chester, Mass. 

Temporary business in Texas. 

Alexander Cameron. H'.I. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

t Angus Cameron, LL.B. A'.B. Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Yale, 1867. 

Rev. Charles Forbes Canedy. ./.2'. NewRochelle, N. Y. 

Rector Trinity Church since 1876; Monticello, N. J., 1873-6. 

Nelson Garrison Carman, LL.B. A. P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. 

t Walter Cook. T. N. New York City. 

Architect. A.B., Harvard Coll., 1869. 

James Horn Gilbert, LL.B. E. S. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1872. 

io8 Yale. 

Charles Edavard Gross. A.M. Hartford, Conn. 


Charles Browx Herrick. A.fJ. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Lawyer. School Commissioner, 1874-6. 

John TexBroeck HiLLHOUSE, M.D. B.0. Trimble, Tenn. 

Cliief Engineer, Chesapeake, Ohio S. W. R.R., New York Citv. M.D., Columhia Coll., 

WiLLL\M Henry Hotchkiss, M.D. J.(I>. New HaYen, 

Demonstrator in Anatomy, Yale Medical School since 1877. M.D., Yale, 1872. 

Charles AuEELius Hlt^l. B'.E. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Sec. Howard Fire Insurance Co., New York. 

Ely Israel Hutchinson. A. T. San Francisco, Cal. 


*"«i Beverly Jones. Y.W. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Lawyer. Died March 29, 1881. 

William Henry Lawrence Lee, LL.B. A'.O. New York 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1871. 

George Stanley Sedgwick. I\A. Imington, N.Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

Rev. Arthur Shirley. B.-. Portland, Me. 
HJENRY Taylor Terry". A. A. Tokio, Japan. 

Lawyer, Saruga Dai, Tokio. Prof. Jurisprudence, Univ. of Tokio, since 1876. Prac- 
tised law and was Justice of the Peace, Hartford, Conn., 1875-6. Author of First Princi- 
ples of Law, Tokio, 1878, and an article in the Xew Englander, October, 1874, entitled, 
A Substitute for the Caucus. 

John Hendrick Traynham. O.F. Austin, Tex. 

U.S. Marshal, Eastern Dist. of Texas, since 1878; Western Dist., 1S75-8. 

Edward Tinker Waite, LL.B. P. A. Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Michigan Univ., 1871. 


Frederick Allis, LL.B. A. P. St. Paul, Minn. 

■ Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1872. 

William Jajies Betts. Z. T. Stamford, Conn. 

Publisher. Prin. Betts' Military Acad., ten years. 

fWiLLiAM Eights Burton. F.T. Waterford, N.Y. 

Manufacturing, Veneering and Sawing. 

Zachary Taylor Carpenter, LL.B. F.A. Washington, 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbian Univ., Washington, 1872. Clerk in State Department, 
Conn., 1870; Treasury Department, Washington, 1871-5. 

Yale. 1 09 

fCHARLES NoYES Chadwick. V.K. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Commission Merchant, firm of Banning, Chadwick & Co., New York City. 

Joshua Milton Fiero. K.A. New York City. 

Lawyer. . 

Daniel Jones Griffith. E.l. New York City. 

Initiated in the Class of 1869. Manufacturer of Beer. 

fCHARLES Mercer Heald. V. fl. New York City. 

Gen. Traffic Manager, I>ong Island R.R., Long Island City. 

George Walker Jenkins. E.FI. Boonton, N. J. 

Lawyer, Morrlstowu, N. J. Clerk of the New Jersey State Senate, 1871-4. 

Frank Fanning Jewett. A.0. Oberlin, Ohio. 

Prof. Chemistry and Mineralogy, Oberlin Coll.; Prof. Chemistry, Imperial Univ., 
Tokio, Japan, 1877-80. 

f Frederick Augustus Keep. F.A. RockEapids, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Clerk Dist. and Circuit County Courts, 1876-81. 

Philip Lindsley. F.A. New York. 

Editorial Staflf of the Tribune. 

f Algernon Sidney Logan. F.A. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henry Elisha Martin. F.A. Menominee, Mich. 

Lumber Merchant. 

Samuel Roseburgh Morrow, M.D. O.A. Albany, N. Y. 

Physician. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1878. Tutor Hopkins Grammar School, New 
Haven, 1870-3; Tutor Yale, 1873-6. 

John IIeed Nicholson, LL.B. I.O. Dover, Del. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

Carrington Phelps. A.(1>. Morris, Minn. 

Lawyer and Farmer. 

fTnoMAS Trezevant Player. H.E. Pueblo, Col. 


Henry Augustus Riley, LL.B. A.I. New York City. 

Lawyer. Editor C/iristian Intelligencer, 1872, LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. 

John Alexander Ross. P.I. Kansas City, Mo. 


James Matson Russell. N. T. Paris, Ky. 

Farmer and Lawyer. 

t James Henry Sands. A.F. Augusta, Kan. 

Sheep Raiser. 

Lauriston Livingston Scaife. I. A. Boston, Mass. 


fFREDERic James Syme. F.A. New Orleans, La. 

Part Proprietor Brook Rice Mill. 


Morris Franklin Tyler, LL.B. AM. New Haven, Conn. 

Executive Sec. to Gov. Bigelow since 1881. Associate Editor of the New Haven 
Palladium, 1871-3. Member New Haven Board of Education, 1875-8, and of ttie Council, 
1879-80. LL.B., Yale, 1873. 

Nathaniel Eugene Wordin, M.D. I. A. Bridgeport, 

M.D., JefTcrson Medical Coll., 1872. Served nearly three years in the 6th Conn. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861-4. Author Examination of the Eye as a Help to the Diagnosis of Extra- 
Ocular Disease. 


Charles Howell Board. H .A. Edenville, N. Y. 

Died August 8, 1871. 

Albert Porter Bradstreet, LL.B. li. F. Thomaston, 

Representative Conn. Legislature, 1877-8. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

Edgar David Coonley, M.D. P.P. West Port Richmond, 

N. y. at Mariner's Harbor, Staten Island. Teacher, Claverack, N. Y., Institute, 

4 r ' Tir -i-A /-i-i T,i~ /T-,11 to'rn t:>-:„.,+,. m .,*■ -NT -xr T^ff TT C! A in .>-./^ 

1874-5. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1877. Private 91st N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 10 

Albert Wakefield Curtis. A.J. Spencer, Mass. 

Lawyer. Town Clerk, 1876-81. 

Charles Benjamin Dudley. A.0. Altoona, Pa. 

Chemist Pa. Railroad Company. Author of two Reports on the Wearing Capacity of 
Steel Rails. Corp. 114th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. Member of the Am. Philosophical 
Soc; Franklin Institute ; Am. Institute of Mining Engineers; Am. Assoc. Advancement 
of Science. Ph.D., 1874. 

Allen Egbert Janvier. E. T. Oakland, Cal. 

Teacher. A.B., Yale, 1881. 

Rev. Warren Bradley Riggs. N. W. Brenham, Tex. 


Lucius Adelno Sherman. T.A. New Haven, Conn. 

Teacher Classics and Modern Languages, Hopkins Grammar Scliool. Translator of 
Frithjof s Saga, 1877. Ph.D., 1875. 

William Townsend, LL.B. A.Q. Utica, N. Y. 

LL.B., Hamilton Coll., 1874. Asst. Dist. Atty., Oneida Co., 1876-8. 

■'fALSOP LocKWOOD Betts. I.K. Stamford, Conn. 

Died December 10, 1869. 

fNELSON Francis Boucher. I.E. Hudson, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Deputy County Clerk since 1880; Civil Justice, Hudson, 1878. 

Frank Thurston Bro^vn. I. T. Norwicli, Conn. 

Teacher Norwich Acad. 

John Knox Brown. I. A. Virginia City, Nev. 


Yale. 1 1 1 

Rev. Howard Saxstone (^lait. .1.1. Wethersfield, Conn. 

Rector Trinity Church since 1875. 

*^*^f Charles French. l\\. New Haven, Conn. 

Died December, 1869. 

tWiLLARD Pkeble Hall. I '.J. 8t. Joseph, Mo. 


Benjamin Leggett Holt, M.D. N.ll. Penu Yan, N. Y. 

Physician. Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1875-7. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1875. 

Greene Kendrick, LL.B. -.J. Waterbuiy, Conn. 

State Auditor, Conn., 1875-80; Member Legislature, 1876-8; City Clerk, 1875-8; 
Mayor, 1881-3. LL.B., Yale, 1875. 

f John Kendrick. 2'.(/>. Chicago, 111. 

Supt. Western Office Bassett Corset Co., Birmingham, Conn. 

Rev. George Edward Martin. 11.0. Brattleboro, Vt. 

Author Decoration Day Address, Brattleboro', 1879. Supt. Schools, 1881. Grad. Yale 
Theo. Sem., 1878. 

•^^"f Robert Wet3I0re O'Brien. li.Ii. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Died November, 1870. 

Frank Douglas Root. K.A. Washington, D.C. 

Journalist, New York Times; Local and Literary Editor New Haven Palladiuin. 

Charles Sherwood, LL.B. A.M. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. Common Councilman, 1878-80; Alderman, 
1881. Director Public Library. 

Rev. Charles CmiMiNGS Stearns. A. I). Crete, Neb. 

Teacher. Missionary at Smyrna, Turkey, 1875-8. Prof. Greek, Doane Coll., Crete, 

*^^ Clement Brook White. 0.0. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer. Died March 20, 1881. 

David Johnson Halsted Willcox, LL.B. -I.iL New 
Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. Pres. of New Brighton 
Village, 1880. 


William Beebe. I.K. New Haven, Conn. 

Tutor Yale since 1875. Author The Comet of 1771, Investigation of Its Orbit, A. A. 
A. 8., 1879. 

Charles Emerson BiGELOAV. B.Ii. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Director Bay State Shoe and Leather Co., New York City. 

William Webb Browning, LL.B. K.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1875. 

*^^' Ebenezer Hartwell Buckingham. 11. H. Omaha, Neb. 

Lawyer. District Atty., 1876. Died November '^8, 1877. 

Edward Sheffield Cowles. LiL Farmington, Conn. 

Teacher Miss Porter's Sem., Farmington, Conn., since 1877; Asst. Yale, 1873-7. 
Ph.D., Yale, 1876. 



Rev. Herbert McKenzie Denslow. 0.0. Fair Haven. 

Rector Grace Church. Tutor Olivet Coll., Mich., 1874-5 ; Yale, 1875-7. Grad. Berkeley 
Divinity School, 1S7S. 

Samuel James Elder. A.M. Boston, Mass. 


Rev. John Calvin Goddard. J. V. Union Park, Chicago, 

Congregational Minister. Grad. Chicago Theo. Sem., 1881. 

f Frank Thurston Hale. M.I. Chicago, 111. 

Grain Commission Merchant. 

Edward RoDOLPH JoHNES, LL.B. O.A. New York City. 

Author of Briefs of a Barrister, 1879; and of poems in Scribner'n. I-L.B., Columbia 
Coll., 1876. 

Eugene Howard Lewis, LL.B. l^.J. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1875. 

Albert Washington McIntyre. A. J. Denver, Col. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Yale, 1875. 

Montgomery Meigs Macomb. A.i:. Washington, D. C. 

iBt Lieut. 4th U. S. Art. ; Commissioned from West Point, 1874. 

Plato Mountjoy. A.J. Riverside, Cal. 


James Andrew Reynolds. i'./i. Anaclarko, Wichita 
Agency, Indian Territory. 

Indian Trader. Lawyer. 

Isaac Reed Saneord, M.D. A.M. West Cornwall, Conn. 

Visiting Physician, New Haven Dispensary, 1875-8. M.D., Yale, 1875. 

John'Ekin Shaw, LL.B. T..I. Pittsburg, Pa. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1875. 

'"'^fRoBERT Hallam Smith. Z'./'.. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Died December 6, 1876, aged 28. 

Seth Thayer Stewart, LL.B. ,t\A'. New York City. 

Lawyer, firm of Stewart & Hawes. LL.B., Columbian Coll., 1875. Instructor Higher 
Mathematics, Friends' Sem., N. Y., 1876. 

Henry Adgate Strong, LL.B. A'./. Cohoes, N. Y. 

City Atty., Cohoes, since 1879. LL.B., Albany Law Scbool, 1874. 
fDoUGLASS RUDD SUTHERLAND, ^I.D. Z.I. ^Mollis, ]\Iinn. 

Farmer and Physician. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1874. 

GusTAVUS Henry'^ Wald, LL.B. J. A. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Editor Am. Edition Pollock's Principles of Contract. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 


Frederick Charles Webster. O./L Litchfield, Conn. 

Lawyer. Member of Board to Revise Joint Stock Laws of Conn., 1879. 

Yale. 113 

t James M Wintp:ks. 11. N. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lawyer, firm of Taylor, Uand & Taylor. 

Hamilton Merger Wright, LL.B. ./. /'. Bay City, Mich. 

Lawyer, practising since 1877. Alderman, Bay City, 1881-3. Author of Revised 
Ordinances, Bay City, 1881. A.B., Yale, 1875; LL.B., Yale, 1877. 


Edward Thomas Bradstreet, ]M.r). //./'. West Meriden. 

Physician. M.D., Coliunbian Coll., 1877. 

tJoHN Ammi Butler. H'.A. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Studied Gbttingen Coll., and Leipzic, Germany, 1873-5. 

William Anderson Coffin. M.F. Paris, France. 

Art Student at Paris since 1877; Yale Art School, 1875-6. 

■f William Lucien Gordon. B. T. Mt. Airy, Ohio. 

Salesman for W. J. M. Gordon, Manufacturing Chemist, Cincinnati. 

Charles Ives, LL.B. I.M. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Yale, 1876. 

t John Vinatti MacDonald. /'. r. West Bridgewater, Pa. 

Teacher of Music and German In Beaver CoU. 

Wayx,and Spaulding. Z'.A'. New Haven, Conn. 

Student of Theology. Prin. Rockville High School, 1874-8; Morris. Acad. Morristown, 

N. J., 1878-81. 

George Woodavard Stone, LL.B. J.V. Cincinnati. 

LL.B., Cincinnati Law School, 1876. 

Edward Emerson Swallow, M.D. J'.O. Waltham. 

Prin. High School, Pottsville, Pa., 1S74-7. M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1880. 

Levi Sanderson Tenney. Y.N. New York City. 


fHENRY Sutherland Vanderburgh, Chicago, 111. 


Arthur Dexter Whittemore. J.J. New York City. 


Ansley Wilcox. M.F. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Author The Causes of CromwcU's Failure, 1875; and of various articles 
in Scribner's Monthly and the Am. Law Review, 1878-9. 

Edmund Zacher, LL.B. P.O. New Haven, Conn. 

Lawyer. Tutor Yale, 1876-81. LL.B., Yale, 1878. 


1837 TO 1885. 


The germ of the Amherst Chapter ol A A ^ was a society known 
as the / // K. This was an association for the study of history, and 
was formed on September 14, 1835, by eleven members of the class 
of 1837. The / // A society flourished, in spite of the opposition of 
the uninitiated, for about a year, until two members of A A (l> from 
Yale, namely, Charles J. Lynde and William B. Peck, came to Amherst 
and opened negotiations with the memliers of / // K for the estab- 
ment of a chapter of our Fraternity. Their propositions met with 
little favor at first ; but one by one the / // A's were gained over 
to A A <l> and continued members of both Fraternities for two or 
three months. During this period there was frequent discussion 
regarding the merits of the two societies, but at last all, except 
two of the local organizations, voted that the constitution of / /7 A 
be held void, and that of A A (P adopted in its stead. 

The first meeting of the Chapter, as such, was held in the room 
of one of its members on January 9, 1837. Soon afterwards, a 
room on the fourth floor of South College was obtained for the use 
of the society, and this continued to be the home of the Chapter 
till the winter of 1841-42, when the society moved to the second 
story of what is now North College, where it had its headquarters 
for more than twent}' years. 

Perhaps the most important event in the early histoiy of the 
Amherst Chapter was its conflict with the Faculty of the College. 
The existence of a secret society had been viewed with suspicion 
for several years, but it was not until 1842 that a formal demand 
was made for an examination of the constitution and records. This 

Amherst. 115 

was refused by the Chapter ; the brothers declaring their wiHingness 
to leave College rather than be false to their pledge. After several 
attempts to gain access to tlie records of the society, the Faculty 
allowed the matter to drop for the time being, thinking that the 
loss of so man}^ students \yould be a serious blow to the College in 
its comparatively feeble state. Three years later the demand was 
again renewed, and, after much discussion, neither side being willing 
to yield, the question was finally set at rest by the initiation of Dr. 
Hitchcock, the President of the College, on November 15, 1845. 
Since that time the relations of the Chapter and the Faculty have 
been always of the most friendh- character. 

During the first five years of the Chapter's history its mem1)ership 
was confined to the Senior and Junior classes. But the advent of 
another Fraternity, in 1841, and the rivalr}' which sprang up between 
the two societies, compelled the admission of Sophomores and Fresh- 
men. Since that time the Chapter has consisted of members of all 
four classes, chosen, for the most part, at the beginning of Fresh- 
man 3'ear. Until 1879, however, the two lower delegations did not 
wear the badge of the Fraternity. 

The growth of the Chapter turned the attention of the brothers, 
in 1857, to the necessity of securing a larger and more convenient 
place for holding their meetings ; but it was several 3-ears before 
sufficient money was raised to enable them to carry out their wishes. 
The upper half of a two-stor}' block located near the post-office, on 
the principal street of the village, was purchased and fitted up for 
the use. of the Chapter. The first meeting in the new hall was held 
on October 30, 1863, and it continued in use until its destruction 
by fire, in 1879. 

Although provided with a comfortaljle place of meeting, the broth- 
ers had long felt the desirability of a liome where a large part of 
the members could lodge together and the social element of Chapter 
life be more fully brought out. According!}', in 1873, they entered 
into negotiations to secure a house and grounds. These efforts re- 

ii6 Amherst. 

suited in the purchase of the present Chapter House, in 1874, and 
the societ}' took possession of its new property in August, 1875. 
This continues to be the home of the greater number of the mem- 
bers, and has been a source of constant benefit to the Chapter. 

The great fire on the morning of July 4, 1879, which swept away 
the business part of Amherst, did not spare A A (P. The hall, 
around which so many pleasant memories had gathered, was entirely 
destroyed : but the Chapter had the good fortune to save all its 
records. The pecuniary loss was largely covered b}' insurance. 
Immediately after the fire the society fitted up its present place of 
meeting, in the Chapter House. 

Up to 1881 the business affairs of the Chapter had been con- 
ducted by the Chapter itself or by trustees whom it appointed ; 
but in July of that year incorporation under the laws of the 
State was secured. The management is now vested in a board 
of directors, elected both from the alumni and the undergraduates. 

Such is a brief outline of the external progress of the Amherst 
Chapter. To its high stand in scholarship the following partial list 
of college awards received abundantly witnesses. Of fifty-four 
valedictory honors (or equivalent in cases where the- valedictorian 
was chosen by lot) , — two or more men having the same rank 
— from 1838 to 1880,* A d <1> has taken twenty-nine; and of 
forty-three salutatorians, in the same period, this society has had 
twenty. At fourteen commencements both valedictorian and saluta- 
torian have come from the same society. A J </> has taken this 
double honor twelve times out of the fourteen. Of the twelve Hyde 
Prizes for Senior Orators given since their commencement with the 
class of 1870, A A (l> has had six. Bond Prizes, for best Commence- 
ment Orations, A A <P has secured four ; no other society more 
than one. Porter Prizes, for best Entrance Examinations, out of 
nineteen given, this Chapter has had eight. Kellogg Prizes, given 
to Sophomores and Freshmen for Declamation at public trial, of a 

*In 1881 Valedictory and Salutatory honors were abolished. 

Amherst. 117 

total of twenty prizes, six have gone to A J '/'. Of one hundred con- 
testants for tliese prizes (cliosen also by competition), twenty-eight 
have been members of this Chai)ter. 

Vahdidorians. — Horace Maynard, '38; F. D. Huntington, '39; G. B. Jewett, 
'40; E. W. Bond, '41 ; Lauren Armsby, '42; David Torrey, '43; F. A. Marcii, '45; 
Leonard Humplirey, "40; Timotliy Stowe, '47 ; W. C. Dickinson, '48; J. M. Em- 
erson, '49; J. E. Sanford, '51; K. S. Storrs, '53; W. W. Fowler, '54; Hasket 
Derby, '55; L. S. llowhmd, '58; J. P. French, '59; F. E. Tower, 'GO; John Avery 
(equal rank with valedictorian), '61 ; B. K. Emerson (by lot), J. H. Sawyer 
(equal rank), 'G5 ; M. B. Blake (by lot), S. J. Dike and R. H. Gage (equal rank) 
'66; C. W. Park (equal rank), '07; J. K. Richardson, '69; E. M. Bliss, '71; W 
B. Ely, '75; A. H. Wellman, '78. 

Salidatorians.—C. E. Washburn, '38; II. M. Spofford, '40; E. K. Alden, '44 
William Rowland, '46 ; Samuel Fisk, '48 ; George Howland, '50 ; M. C. Stebbins 
51; H. D. Root, '52; E. P. Crowell, '53; William Crawford, '57 ; G. S.'Gros 
venor, '58; J. L. H. Ward, '59; C. G. G. Paine, '61; G. M. Reed, '62; J. L 
Bishop, '65; H. B. Richardson, '69; J. N. Blanchard, '71 ; J. L. McElhinney, '72 
W. W. Sleeper, '78; C. S. Lane, '80. 

Hyde Frizes. — yV. C. Brownell, '71; A. F. Skeele, '75; W. O. Weeden, '77 
H. C. Folger, Jr., '79; F. E. Stebbins, '80; W. H. Crittenden, '81. 

Bond Prizes. — W. B. Ely, '75; B. E. Smith, '77; A. L. GiHett, '80; E. G. 
Rand, '81. 


Charter Members. 

LuciAN Barbour. I.Z. 
Edwin Elisha Bliss. N.I. 
Whiting Griswold. li'.X'. 
Nathaniel Lynds Lord. A.M. 
John Alexander McKinstry. O.P. 
Jonathan Bryant Marshall. 0. T. 
Horace Maynard. E'.A'. 
Alexander Montgomery. //. T. 
George Bliss Morris. P. A. 
Joseph Pegkham. A'./i. 
William Barrett Reed. A. A. 
Daniel Rice. E.X. 
Joel Edson Rockwell. E.E. 
Curtis Benjamin Minor Smith. P.F. 
James Smith Thayer. E.A'.K. 
Charles Ellery Washburn. B. V. 
Henry Warren Williams. P.J. 

'^^^ Rev. James Wilson Ward. E'.Z. New York City. 

Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1852-3; State Senator, 1854-6. A.B., Dart 
mouth Coll., 1826. Grad. Yale Theo. Sem., 1832. Died February 1, 1873. 


Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. A' Ef. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Past..,- I'lviuoi.lli ron-rc-.-Uional ri„in-!i.,,1.lvn, X.Y. Oradiiat,.! Lane Tlieo. 
Sem., is;7, aii.l I. ,-an,r I'aslnr „r tlir I'lvsLyLrian (1,„n-l, at I .a wiv„r..Iun-, In,].; 
remiivr.l, in is:;;i. t,, Inilialia|M.lis, Iml., an.l aci'^'pl. d a .all, in 1S|T. Im ilic I'lvmcmlh 
Chmvli. l',r a .klvii, X. V. 'I"iaisi(a AinluT-t -iiic ' isi',, K.litcal. in is;ii. the ( 'in imiati 
JoiiriKil. ami, w liilc at 1 ii(li,nKi|Kilis, an atjripulturnl paper, liis eoiitriluitiniis to wliicli were 
anerwar.l- luiMi-li- d iiihIct tlic title of Fruits, Flower.s, and Fariniii;,'. Kditor Th, hide- 
pfii'liii'. is;: ;, Iiis coniii'iutiDiis to which were published in lsi;."i as Tlic Star Papcr-s; 
The Clii'htimi I'/iloi, 1S70. Author of ten vols, sermons, entitled The I'lynioulb I'ulpit; 
Lectures to Youna Men, 1S50; Industry and Idleness, 185S; Life Thoughts, 1858; Sermons 
on Liberty and War, and Norwood, 1864; Life of Christ, 1871-2; Yale Lectures on 

Amherst. 119 

Rev. Itosicell Uwlght JlUchcock. li. T. New York City. 

Pros, sincu 1880, iind Washburn I'rof. of Church History since 1855, in Union Thco. 
Sotn., New York Citv. Prin. J.iffrcv. N. II., Acad., 1836-7 : entered Andover Thoo. Sem., 
18:!8; Tutor Amherst: 1S:!ll-4-_>: ('(I'llins Pnif. X:itnr;il and l.'evealed Ifeliirion Howdoin 
Coll.. IS.VJ-r,; I'lnt. Clninli Ili-|,,,\ I ni^in Tin ,,. S.n,.. Is:.:.: Tni-lir Ainln r-t since 1869. 
.Autluir l.ilr. WriliiiL,-. :in.l ( \v..v:u-\rv . .) IMuinl 1 ;, ,1., n -. .ii , IM'., Is,;:;; A N.-w and Com. 
plete Aualy.M>,.l-|li:' Hols l;,M,., I s,,;, . >,„x;liMn, IsT;.. Cnnl , il.iil. ,!■ I., i;. .shul, ,-i„n Qvur- 
tirlir, Kdilor aiid Coiilril.ui..r I.. .l,»,,v.-/„ lh,.,l.„i, A'. - „ ,- , lsi,:i-7o. ]).!>., Bowdoin 
Coll., 1865; L1>.1)., WilUams Coll., 187a. Mcmlier N. V. Hist. Soc. and Am. Geographic.-il 

f William Harvey Wells. A.M. Chicago, 111. 

In the Insurance liusiness and Treas. Northwestern Paper Co. Oblisjed to give up his 
coIle<,'e course thniM'.,'h ill healMi. Studied at 'J'eacliers' Sem., .Andover, Mass., .and taught 
there, is:;.-, 47; Piin. riiliiinii Fit,. S,h,„,l, Xewliurvi.ort. Mass.. 1s4S-.-,4: Prin. State 

Ncnn.-il S.l I, \V.>iri. 1,1, M,,~^., !s:.| r,; Sii),t. I'uhlic .-^.-Ih.oIs, < 'hii-iiro, III.. 1856-64. 

Jlenil.,!- ;iM,l Vvr^. (I,,,:, 4,, l;.,:,i,l,,r i:,li,.:i(i, ,n ; 111. Stat.' Honnl (if Kdue.ition, 
twehi- yr.irs. .\iilliiii', hoiil,-- \arii,iis .-irliilrs. ,<cli(i(il (innuni.'ir, 1 S4ii ; I'^lenientary Gram- 
mar, 1S4S; Graded School, 1S02; Shorter Course in Kn<;lish (irammar and Composition, 


LuciAN Barbour. I.Z. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lawyer. Studied law, Madison, Ind., with Steven C. Steven.s, from 1837-39; 
admitted Circuit Court, October, 1838. IT. 8. Representative from Ind. in the 34th Con- 
gress, 1855-7. Edited iind Revised Jnd. Officer's Guide. Author of a Treatise on the 
Practice in Justices' Courts. 

Rev. Edwin Elisha Bliss. N.^. Bible Plouse, Constanti- 
nople, Turkey. 

Grad., Andover, 1842; ordained, 1843. Stationed in Turkey at Trchizond, 1843-52; 
Marsovan, 1852-6 : Constantinople, since 1856. Editor of a weekly newspaper called The 
Mexsenqer, published in Armenian and Turkish. Author Bible Handbook, in Armenian; 
and various secular books and tracts in Armenian and Turkish. D.D., Amherst, 1869. 

f Rev. Aaron Russell LiVERMORE. A. IT. Fair Haven, Conn. 

Pastor, M.ansfield, Conn., 1843-58; Goshen, Conn., 1860-68; Bozrahville, Conn., 1870-73. 
B.D., Lane Theo. Sem., 1837. Grad. Theo. Institute of Conn., 1837. 

Rev. Nathan Lynds Lord. A.M. Rochester, Ind. 

Retired Clergyman. Ordained, 1845; preached at Constableville, N. Y., Slialersville, 
Ohio, Jasper, Ind., and in Marshall and Fulton Cos., Ind., in all '29 years. Prin. Rochester, 
Ind., Public School, 1S61-5; Teacher Rochester High School, 1874-9. 

* '*'*' Rev. Alexander Montgomery. ./. T. Beloit, Wis. 

Studied at Andover .and Union Theo. Sems. ; Ordained, 18.39; preached, Maysvillo, 
N. Y.: Beaver Dam, Wis., 1845-50. Became Agent for Am. Tract Soc, 1850; Agent for 
Am. Board, 1857. Died of apoplexy, Feb. 25, 1859. 

*'«'' George Bliss Morris, LL.B. I\l. Springfield, Mass. 

Clerk of Courts, H.ampden Co., 18.52-72; Commissioner of Insolvency, 184?-51. IJ.,.B., 
Harvard Univ., 1840. Died of hemorrhage, July 7, 1872. 

Rev. Joseph Peckiiam. A'./i. Kingston, Mass. 

Retired Clergyman. Settled and remained at Kingston, Mass., with exception of three 
years in Minn. Member Minn. Constitutional Convention and first St.ate Legislature, 1857-fi. 
Author Lecture on Connection between Learning and Teaching; many school and local 
reports and contributions to newspajiers in Mass., N. Y., Minn., and Cal. Grad. Union 
Theo. Sera., 1842. 

I20 Amherst. 

♦ 1846 w^iLLiAM Barrett Reed, M.D. A.d. Amherst, Mass. 

Studied medicine, Richmond, Va. ; practised, Amherst, Mass., 1S43-6. Died December 
6, 1846. 

Rev. Daniel Rice. A'.V. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Synodical Sec. of Macalister and Albert Lea Colls. Preached, Troy, Ohio, 1842-57. 
Trustee Lane Theo. Sera., and of Wabash Coll.; Pres. Logansport Female Coll., 1872-5. 
B.D., Lane Theo. Sem.; D.D., Marietta Coll., 1866. 

Rev. Joel Edson Rockwell. A. £". Stapleton, Staten 
Island, N. Y. 

Pastor since 1868, First Presbyterian Church, Edirewater, L. I., l!f . T. ; preached, 
Valatie, X. Y., 1841-7; Wilmington, Del. , 1847-51 ; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1851-68. Author 
Sketches of the Presbyterian Church, 1857: Young Christian Warned, 1859 ; Scenes and 
Impressions Abroad, 1860; Sheet Anchor, 1863; Seed Thoughts, 1868; Diamond in the 
Cage, 1873; correspondence with the Prenbyterian Observer; articles for Seaman's 
Magazine, and various published sermons, addresses, etc. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1841. 
D.D., Jefferson Coll., 1859. 

*'^^f Curtis Benjamin Minor Smith. P.T. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Lawyer. Admitted 1842 ; Solicitor of Pittsburg, 1845-77. Died June 18, 1877. 

*'^' Henry Warren Williams. P.J. Pittsburg, Pa., 

Lawyer; admitted, after study with Walter H. Lowrie, 1841; Judge District Court, 
Alleghenj' Co., 1851-68; appointed Judge Pa. Supreme Court, 1868; elected for 15 years, 
1869. Elected Prof. Law in Western Univ. of Pa. , 1863. Author various articles for papers 
and magazines, and several printed addresses. LL.D., Amherst, 1860. 

1838. . 

*'*^ Charles Emerson. F.J. Pittsford, N. Y. 

Teacher, Brookfield, Mass., and Pittsford, N. Y. Died, Savannah, Ga., May 27, 1845. 

*i874 wrjjjTjjfQ GrRiswoLD. B'.X'. Greenfield, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted 1842. Representative Mass. Legislature, 1848, '49 and *50; Mass. 
State Senator, 1851, '52, '62 and '69; Delegate to Democratic National Convention, 1856; 
Presidential Elector in Mass. at Large, 1864. Died October 28, 1874. 

fRev. Daniel March. N.FI. Woburn, Ms 

Ordained 1845 ; Pastor at Nashua, N. H. ; Woburn, Mass. ; Philadelphia, Pa. Author 
of Night Scenes in the Bible; Walks and Hours with Jesus; Home Life in the Bible; From 
Dark to Dawn ; Our Father's House. A.B., Yale Coll., 1840. 

*'^^ Jonathan Bryant Marshall. O.T. Milford, Conn. 

Taught, Milford and Watcrbury, Conn.; New Rochelle, N. Y., and elsewhere. Died 
June 30, 1861. 

Horace Maynard. E'.A'. Knoxville, Knox Co., Tenn. 

Lawyer; admitted 1842. Tutor and Prof. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 
East Tenn. Univ., 1838-44. U. S. Representative from Tenn., 1857-75; appointed U. S. 
Minister to Turkey, 1875; Postmaster General, 1881. LL.D., Amherst, 1862. 

fRev. John Alexander McKiNSTRY. O.P. Richfield, Ohio. 

Preached, Torrington, Conn., 1841-57; Harwinton, Conn., 1858-63; Richfield, Ohio, since 
1864. B.D., Conn. Theo. Institute, 1841. Trustee, 1853-64. 

fRev. Austin Phelps. A.M. Andover, Mass. 

Emeritus Prof. Andover Theo. Sem. since 1879. Pastor, Boston, 1842-S. Prof. 
Andover, 1848-79; Trustee Wellesley Coll. since its foundation, .\uthor of The Sabbath 
Hymn Book; The Still Hour; Tlie New Birth; Hymns and Choirs; The Theory of 
Preaching; Studies in the Old Testament ; Memorial of the Author of Sunnyside ; Sabbath 
Hours; The Solitude of Christ; also sermons, addresses and contributions to the Bibliotheca 
Sacra, Christian Union. A.B., Univ. of Pa. ; D.D., Amherst, 1856. 

Amherst. 121 

Ciiaulp:s Fuller Smith. E'.-. Han Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer; admitted Northampton, Mass. Removed to San Francisco, 1851. Mass. State 
Representative, 1848. State Judge, Oal. Died December 8, 1863. 

James Smith TiiAYER. II. A'. K. New York City. 

Lawyer, admitted 1848; linn Sterlini? & Tliayer, 1848-53; Administrator, New York 
City, 1850-3. Sacliem Tammany Hall. Died, Washington, D. C, January 19, 1881. 

Charles Ellery Washburn, M.D. //. T. Fredonia, N. Y. 

Tutor Amherst, 1841-2; practised, N. Y. Hospitals, 1845-9; Binghamton, 1849-51; 
Fredonia, 1851-62. M.D., Coll. of I'hysicians and Surgeons, 1845. Surgeon 112th N. Y. 
Inf., U. 8. A., 1862 ; Brigade Surgeon and Medical Director, 1862-5. Died, attending Federal 
prisoners, April 10, 1866. 



Rev. Jacob Henry Bancroft. M.I'. Boston, Mass. 

Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1842. Died August 25, 1844. 

18RS j^g^ Dexter Clapp. E'.E. Salem, Mass. 

Pastor First Congregational Church, West Roxbury, Mass., 1846; Asst. Pastor East 
Unitarian Church, Salem, Mass., 1851-64. B.D., Harvard Divinity School, 1842. Died 
July 27, 1868. 

Edward Bates Gillett. E.A. Westfield, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted 1842. Mass. State Senator, 1853. Dist. Atty. for Western Mass., 
1857-72. Presidential Elector, 1856. Member of Mass. Board of Education, 1872-8. Trustee 

t William Colton Goldthwait. Longmeadow, Mass. 

Teacher, Westfield and Long Meadow, Mass., each 11 years. Asso. Editor Mass. 
Teacher several years. Author of Treatise on English Grammar, and addresses on educa- 
tion and agriculture. 

Rev. Augustine Francis He wit. A'. T. New York City. 

Prof. Theo. in Paulist Sem. Ordained 1847. Prof, since 1865. Author of Problems of 
the Age; Light in Darkness: The King's Highway; Contributor to Appleton's Cyclopaedia; 
Editor of Catholic World, 1869-74. D.D., Amherst, 1877. 

Rt. Rev. Frederic Dan Huntington. A'. I. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Central N. Y. since 1869 ; Pastor South Congreg.ational 
Soc, Boston, 1842; Plummer Prof, of Christian Morals and Univ. Preacher, Harvard Oil., 
1855-60; Rector St. Edmunds Church, Boston, 1860-9. Trustee Hobarl Coll. Author of 
Sermons for the People ; Christian Believing and Living ; Divine Aspects of Human Society ; 
Helps to a Holy Lent; Parables of the New Testament; edited seven volumes of Prose 
Literature and Poetry. B.D., Harvard Divinity School, 1842; D.D., Amherst, 1855. 

'**" Rev. Horace Hutchinson. T.J. Burlington, Iowa. 

Ordained 1843 ; Settled Burlington, Iowa. Died March 7, 1846. 

James Willard Preston. 1. T. Boston, Mass. 

Literateur since 1861. Admitted to Ga. bar, 1841 ; practised St. Mary's, Ga., before 
returning to Boston. Chief Clerk National Armory, Springfield, Mass., 1849-59; Deputy 
Collector, Boston, 1860-61. Editor of the Sermons of Willard Preston, D.D., 2 vols., 
1857; Contributor to Boston Poit ; Springfield, Mass., Republican, etc. 

t Samuel Harrison Price. 11. A. Lewisburgh, W. Va. 

General Agent of an Ins. Co. 

fRev. Daniel Shepardson. A.M. Granville, Ohio. 

Pastor, Baptist, Newark, Zanesville, Cincinnati, Piqua, all Ohio. Supt. Public Schools, 
Cincinnati, 16 years; Pres. Young Ladies' Inst., Granville, Ohio, since 1868. 

122 Amherst. 

*^^" Samuel Thomson Spattlding. A.P.K. Northampton, Mass. 

Lawyer; adiiiiti- 1 N -i ili nnpton, 1844; practised Talraer, 1844-6; Ware, 1846-56; 
Northampton, all Ma--.. 1^ '71. Dist. Attv- for Franklin and Hampshire Cos., 1862-71: 
Probate Judge, llaiup-liirr c o., 1873-77. D'ied October 7, 1877. 

Rev. Richard Salter Stores. A.Z. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Pastor Church of the Pilgrims since 1S46; Brookline, Mass., 184.5-6. Trustee 
Amherst since 1863. Associate Editor Independent, 1848-61. Author Report on the 
Revision of the English Version of the Bible, Undertaken by the American Bible 8oc. ; 
Graham Lectures on tlie Wisdom, Power, and Goodness of God as Manifested in the 
Constitution of the Human Soul; The Condition of Success in Preachina; Without Notes; 
Life and Letters of Rev. Daniel Temple. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1845; D.D., Union 
Coll., 1853, and Harvard Univ., 1859; LL.D., Coll. of N. J., 1874. 

*^^' George Sumner, Jr. P.Q'.K. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer; admitted Madison, Ind. ; practised Jackson, Mich.; Detroit, Mich. Died 
October 29, 1852. 


*i852 j)^YiD Reeve Arnell. H'.d. Nashville, Tenn. 

Teacher. Author Fruit of Western Life, Poems. Died, Ot>lumbus, Ohio, July 25, 1852. 

*is79 Qeorge Kimball Crockett. E.-. Springfield, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted 1843; practised, Boston, 184.3-54; retired and travelled, 1854-75: 
lived, Springfield, Mass., 1875-79. Died January 4, 1879. 

Charles Delano. B'.M. Northampton, Mass. 

Lawyer: admitted 1842; removed to Northampton after practice in Amherst, Mass., 
1842-47. County Treas., 1850-9; U. S. Representative from Mass., 1859-63. State Atty. 
for the Troy and Greenfield R.R. and Hoosac Tunnel, since 1878. 

Rev. George Baker Jewett. T.I. Salem, Mass. 

Literateur. Tutor Amherst, 1842-44; taught, Salem, 1844-6; Lowell, 1846-50; Latin Prof. 
Amherst, 1850-5 ; Pastor, Nashua, N. H., 1855-6 ; incapacitated for preaching by railroad ac- 
cident, 1856. Author of Baptism, vs. Emersion, 1869 ; Critique on the Greek Text of the 
Revised Testament of the Bible Union, 1869. D.D., Amherst, 1871. 

*^^ Henry Martyn Spofford. A.T. New Orleans, La. 

Admitted to the La. bar, 1846; practised Shreveport, La., until elected Circuit Judge, 
1853; Associate Justice of State Supreme Court, 1854-8 ; elected to U. S. Senate by the 
Nichols, La.. Legislature, 1877, but not admitted. Author The Louisiana Magistrate. LL.D., 
Amherst, 1877. "Died, Red Sulphur Springs, W. Va., August 20, 1880. 


Ephraim Ward Bond, LL.B. P.E.K. Springfield, Mass. 

Pres. Mass. Mutual Life Insurance Co., and of City Library Association. Was admitted 
to the bar in 1845, practising law in Boston and later in Springfield, Mass., until 1864. 
LL.B., Han'ard Univ., 1845. 

*i«67 Edavin CoBURN. E.iL Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer; admitted 1844; practised Groton, Mass., 1844-8: Indianapolis. Ind., 1848-57 ; 
afterwards at Chicago. Member Fenian Brotherhood. Died in English prison in Ireland, 
about the year 1867. Maj. 23d 111. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

fLEANDER Muzzy Drury. A.M. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Amateur Fish Culturist Interior Dept.,.1861-4; Pension Agent Western N. Y., 1864- 
79. Author articles on Improving Pension System, and Trout Culture. 

Rev. William Ware Rowland. E'.J. Tillypallv, Ceylon. 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. since 1846; ordained 1S45. Grad. Union Tlieo. Sem., 1845. 

Amherst. 123 

M872 Prosper Kimball Hutchinson, M.D. 2.2'. Rice City, K. I. 

Practised Rice (Mty, R. 1. Member R. I. LcgiMature, 1805-6. „^„Vw'7-''^,.F"''' ^**-'^- 
Army Surgeon, 18G2-3. Died of disease contracted m service, November 1, 1872. 

Eev. Ellis James Newlin. A.\. Wilmington, Del. 

Pros. Delaware Coll., Newark, Del. D.D. 

Kev. William AVahd Whipple. M.D. Camp Point, 111. 

Retired. Pri.i. Amherst Acad., 1841-2. Ordained, 1840: Pastor, La Grange, Mo., 1845- 
61 ; GriggsviUe, 111., 1861-6; Clayton, 111., 1866-75; Janesville, Iowa,lb<o-bO. 

*'«^>tWiLLiAM Sherburne WiTHiNGTON. 2'.r. Mcdway, Mass. 

Born at Newbury, Mass., May 4, 1821. Died at Matan/as, Cuba, of yellow fever. 
May 20, 1841. 


Rev. Lauren Armsby. P.A. Council Grove, Kan. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1870. Grad. Andover Th«.. ^C'm m^; 
preached CJhester, Nrn., 1840-56; Faribault, Minn., 1856-62; Cand.a, N. II., lS6..-<0. 
Chaplain 8th Minu.Jnf., U.S. A., 1862-5. 

Rev. Henry Darling. N. T. Clinton, N. Y. 

Pres. of Hamilton Coll. since 1881. Pastor. Hudson NY l-^^^^^; PhiladeljJhia, 
1853-61 'Albany, 1863-81 : Permanent Clerk General Assembly Pre^shytcriau Chuich, IS-i^-M. 
Aulhorof Closit Walk ; Slavery and War; Worship an Element of Sanctuary Service. D.D., 
Union Coll., 1860; LL.D., Hamilton Coll., 1881. 

Rev. Daniel Taggart Fiske. 7'. 77. Newburyport, Mass. 

Pastor Newburyport since 1847. Author of Faith Working by Love, 1869 ; Contributor 
to BibHotheca Sacra. Grad. Audover Theo. Sem., 1846. D.D., Amherst, 1862. 

Charles Capen Hayward. A..Q'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised Springfield, Cbarlestown, and Boston, Mass. 

*i8«|Henry Martyn Humphrey. F/.E. Amherst, ]\rass. 

Died Ja:y 4, ISil. 

*'^ Vincent Henry Smith. I.F. Columbus, Pa. 

Lawyer, but never practised, entering Iron Trade. Died, Reading, August 29, 1868. 

*^«'« Rev. Andrew Wilson. P.l'. jNIontgomery, N. Y. 

Farmer, Wallkill, N. Y., 184.5-76 ; removed, Montgomery, 1876. Died, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y., February 27, 1S7S. 


*i**2tRoswELL PiCKiNSON Cook. P.fL Hadley, Mass. 

Died in coll., June 9, 1842. 

*^^' Rev. Zepiianiah Moore Humphrey. A.I?. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Prof, of Church IH.tory and Polity. Lane Theo. Sem. 187.5-Sl. Pastor R|cinc, 
• Wis., 1850-G: ^nlwaukee. 1856-0; Chicago. 18.59-68; Philadelphia, I86S-.0. U.U.. 
Amherst, 1864. Died November 12, 1881. 

*'^^^tNATHAN Seabury LiNNELL. A'./L Amhcrst, Mass. 

studied law in Amherst, Mass., and Philadelphia, Pa. Died September 10, 1843. 

Rev. David Torre Y. /./v. Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Pastor Pnsbvterian Chmch since 1868. Tutor .Amherst, 1846-7; P"^*.?,'" ^^^^'J?'' 
N.Y., 1849-60; Ithaca, N.Y., 1860-4; Ann Arbor, Mich., 1864-6. D.D., Hamilton Coll., 

24 Atnherst. 

Rev. Thaddeus Wilson. I.X. Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Pastor Presbyterian (Church since 1852; studied Princeton; ordained 1847; Pastor 
Centreville, N. Y., 184T-52. 


^Rev. George Moulton Adams. M. 8. Holliston, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1873; Conway, Mass., 1851-63; Portsmouth, N".H., 
1863-73. Overseer Bowdoin Coll. since 1870. A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1844; Grad. Andovei- 
Theo. Sem., 1850. Author Historical Discourse Bi-Centennial North Church, Portsmouth, 
Is. H., 1871. 

Rev. Edmund Kimball Alden. N.A. Boston, Mass. 

Sec. Am. Board of Foreign Missions. Grad. at Andover Theo. Sem., 1848; Pastor 
Yarmouth, Me., 1850-4; Lenox, Mass., 1854-9; Boston, Mass., 1859-73. Trustee Amherst 
since 1873. D.D., Amherst, 1866. 

'^^ Rev. Richard Salter Storrs Dickinson. A.F. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Preached, New York, 1848-53; Philadelphia, 1853-5. Died, Edinburgh, Scot., August 
28, 1856. 

Rev. John Langdon Dudley. N.Y'. 'Milwaukee, Wis. 

Pastor Middletown, Conn., 1854-58; Milwaukee, Wis., 1868-77. Author of Tides and 
Tendencies, 1873. D.D., Amherst, 1847. 

^^^]Rev. Charles Hammond. A.M. Monson, Mass. 

Teacher Monson, Mass., Acad., 1839-41 and 1845-53; Groton, Mass , 1853-63; Monson, 
q 1863-78. A.B.jYale Coll., 1839; Grad. Andover Tiieo. Sem., 1844; LL.D., Iowa Coll., 1877. 
Died November 7, 1878. 

'^' Rev. Samuel Huntting. T.Q. Easthampton, N. Y. 

Studied Princeton Theo. Sem; ordained 1848; Pastor Presbyterian Church. Died 
September 10, 1849. 

"^'^David Mather Kimball. M.E. Kingston, N. Y. 

Teacber in Brattleboro', Vt. ; Westfield and Chicopee, Mass. Instructor Mathematics, 
Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, Williston Sem.. Easthampton, and elsewhere. A.B., 
Union Coll., 1838. ' Died, "West Brbokfield, October 23, 1857. 

t Jonathan Edw^ards Linnell, M.D. O.FI. Norwich, Conn. 

Author of addresses before medical societies; Contributor to medical journals. M.D., 
Dartmouth, 1845. 

^^ Henry D wight Stone. F.A. Worcester, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted 1846; practised Worcester, 1846-64; New Orleans, La. ,1864-69; 
Solicitor for Mrs. Myra Clark Gaines. Died, New York City, October 27, 1869. 

^Russell 3Iedad Wright. P.B. Easthampton, Mass. 

Teacher at Williston Sem., Easthampton, 1843-7, and since 1863; Prin. Acad. Wash- 
ington, Ga., 1847-58, and of Lucy Cobb Institute, 1858-61. A.B., Williams Coll., 1841. 


^Charles Henry Branscombe. P.^F. Albany Villa, Birk- 
dale Park, Southport, England. 

Manager of British Branch of the Land Department of the Atchison, Topeka, and 
Santa Fe R.R. Co., Liverpool, Eng. Practised law Holyoke, Mass. Agent of the New 
England Emigrant Aid Company in Kan., 1854-9; founded the City of Lawrence, Kan., 
having selected its site August 3, 1854; Member Kan. Territorial Legislature, 1858; 
Leavenworth, Kan., Convention, 1861-5; Special P. O. Agent for Mo., Kan., and Neb., 
1866-8 ; Member Mo. Legislature, 1869-74; U. 8. Consul, Manchester, Eng., 1869-74. A.B., 
Dartmouth Coll., 1845. 

A tnherst. 1 25 

Jerome Ripley Bhkjiiam. ii.l". Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer; admitted, Madison, Wis., 1851. Cleric Village of Madison, 1847-50; Clerk 
Wis. Supreme Court, 1848-51; City Atty. Milwaukee since 1880. Regent Wis. Univ., 

Samuel Julius Learned. E.E. Georgetown, Colo. 

Man.ager Farwell Silver Reducing Works since 1875. Prin. Sem., Sunbury, N. C , for 
three years and a half. J^uinber business, Chicago, 1851. 

*^^^ Rev. Edward Hitchcock. T.E. Amherst, Mass. 

Obliged to reliiifini^li coll.-i;,. c..,ir«c lhr<.iit;b sickncsw. I'riii. Oecrfipld, Mns'^., Acad., 
1815-8. >ast(ir:il < ninvru , \l;,--.. 1 sjl :,. I 'n,!. ('l„nii-liv iiinl Nn( iii:.l I liM..i-v, Amherst, 

1825-45 ;Pre«. An r-l, IM i A; iv.,-iir,l I'lvM.lrih-v .m.l ivmmi..-.1 lii> |■^u^r^-,,l-.l.i|^, which 

he.held until liis (IfMlh. A piM.iiii.ii Siiii.' Cc.h.ui-i o(M.i>-., |s;;ii; in l^iUi, ((.iMmissioned 

to oversee geological Kur\(V nl' the first ilisinct nf N.V., Imi ii>ii_r I tliriiiii;li ill health. 

One of the founders of Mt.' llolvoUc Sum., mikI (iflhc \l:iss. Au'ii'iiliiinii ( ■nil. First Pres. 
of the Am. Geological Sm'. \U- \v:is a very i)rc,imr uril.r, li.i\ini,' i.iil.liKlicd 24 vols., 35 
pamphlets, 94 papers in journals, and 80 newspaper ailii-l.-s, :il)(iia S.odii pages in all. The 
most important were: Report on the Geology of Mass., 1S41; Outlines of the Geology of 
the Globe and of the U. S. in Particular, 1853; Elementary Geology, 1840; The Religion of 
Geology and Its Connected Sciences, 1851; Religious Truths Illustrated from Science, 
1857. LL.D., Harvard Univ., 1840; D.D., Middlebury Coll., 1846. Died February 27, 

Francis Andrew March. F/.A'. Easton, Pa. 

Prof. English Language and Comparative Philology, Lafayette Coll. , since 1856 ; Teacher, 
Leicester, Mass., 1845-7; Tutor Amherst, 1847-9. Admitted to the Bar, 1850. Teacher, 
Fredericksburg, Va., 1852-55; Tutor Lafayette Coll., 1855; Adjunct Prof., 1856; Pres. Am. 
Philological Assoc, 1874; Appointed Lecturer in tlu; Law Dept. Univ. of Pa., 1875; Pres. 
Spelling Reform Association, 1878-80. Author of < 'diiipMiative Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon 
Language, 1869, and Anglo-Saxon Reader; s(m.ii .ii'icr, Ijiitor of Latin Hymns, Eusebius, 
Athenagoras, and TertuUian, in Christian Classi. s Si ri; > , Contributor to many periodicals, 
English, German and American. LL.D., Coil, ol N. J., 1870, and Amherst, 1871. Mem- 
ber of Am. Philological Assoc. ; Am. Educational Assoc; Am. Philosophical Soc. ; Hon. 
Member of The Philological Soc, London, Eng. 

*'^' Rev. Jason Morse. A.W. Brimfield, Mass. 

Pastor, Brimtield, Mass. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1849. Died October 14, 1861. 

*i853 j^g^ George Harrison Newhall. N.M. Walpole, Mass. 

Pastor Walpole, 1848-53. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1845. Died August 24, 1853. 

Rev. Abel Kingman Packard. B.X. Greeley, Colo. 

Pastor Park Congregational Church. Settled Yarmouth, Me., 1850-9; Anoka, Minn., 
after 1860. Trustee and for time Pres. Board of Carletoa Coll., Minn. ; Superintendent of 
Schools, Weld Co., Colo., 1869-71. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1860. 

»i875 g^ALjg Sanford. I.M. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted, Taunton, Mass., 1851; practised, 1851-60; District Atty. Boston, 
1859-60; practised New York City, 1860-9; Boston, 1869-75. 

Henry (Smith) Stockbridge. #.2'. Baltimore, Md. 

Lawyer; admitted, Baltimoi-e, Md., 1848; Solicitor for the Freedman's Bureau. 
Member Md. Legislature, 1864; Constitutional Convention, 1864; Chairman Judiciary Com- 
mittee in both bodies; Judge Circuit Court, Baltimore Co., 1865-6. Contributor to Hunt's 
Merchants' Afagaziiie. Member Md. Hist. Soc. 

Henry Nehemiah Wyman, LL.B. /!'.}'. Sutter's Creek . 

Lawyer and Hotel Keeper. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1847. 

f Edwin Atlee Brooke. A'.//. Bradford, Pa. 

Lawyer. Practised in Philadelphia and Pottsville. A.B., Williams Coll., 1847. 

126 . Amherst. 

*i8.w i^g^, \jy.v\ Alpheus Field. 77../. Marlborough, Mass. 

Pastor First Congregational Church, 1853-9. Grad. Andovcr Theo. Sem., 1849. Died 
October 22, 1859. 

* •^'^ William Rowland. d'J\K. Lynn, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted, Amherst, Mass., 1851. Member Mass. Legislature, 1868. Com- 
missioner U.S. Circuit Court, 1860-80. Teacher Williston Sem., 1846-9; Tutor Amherst, 
1851. Died December 20, 1880. 

*'*'* Leonard Humphrey. J.I. Amherst, Mass. 

Teacher Amherst Acad., 1847-r9 ; Tutor Amherst, 1849-50. Died November 30, 1850. 

*i8ffi j^g.^, Salem Marsh Plimpton. T'.X. Wells River, Vt. 

Pastor, Congregational, Wells River, Vt., 1851-61; Stated Supply, St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
East Douglass, Mass., and Chelsea, Vt., where he died September 14, 1S65; Chaplain 4th 
Vt. Inf., U.S.A., 1861-2. 

Rev. Hern^' Martyn Storrs. A.E. New York City. 

Sec. Am. Home Missionary Soc. since 1872. Pastor Lawrence, Mass., 1852-5; Cin- 
cinnati, 18J5-67; Brooklyn, N.Y., 1867-73. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1851. D.D., 
Western Resei-ve Coll., 1864. 

George Sullivan Woodman, M.D. O.iL XeAvtonville, 

Practised Newtonvifle since 1878; West Cambridge, Mass., 1849—51; Amherst, 
18.51-61; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1861-71; Lynn, Mass., 1871-8; Surgeon, Enrolment Board, 2d 
Dist., N. Y., 1861-4. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1849. 


Rev. Richard Salter Billings. A. P. North Stamford, 

Pastor, Congregational, since 18S0. Resident Licentiate, Andover and New Haven, 
1850-5; PastorShelburne, Mass., 1855-70; Dalton, 1871-80. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 

*^** Rev. Nathaniel Hooper Broughton. I.Q. Boston, Mass. 

Home Missionary, Lincoln Co., Tenn., three years-; Pastor, North Yarmouth, Me., 
1860-1; East Bridgewater, Mass., 1861-6. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1854. Died June 
2, 1866. 

Louis Isidore Fleming. /.//. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lawyer; admitted 1854; State Solicitor, Eastern Judicial Dist., Fla., 1859-68; Coun 
Bel, C. S." conscript cases. 

*i866 ]^g^ Timothy Stoave. I'/. I. New Bedford, Mass. 

Pastor Pacific Congregational Church, 1854-66. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1850. 
Died of disease contracted in service Christian Com., August 11, 1866. 


Rev. William Cowper Dickinson. I/. I. La Fayette, Ind. 

Pastor Congregational, since 1872. Tutor Amherst, 1851-2; Pastor, Middleboro, 
Mass., 1854-6; Prof. Lake Forest, III., 1859-67; Battle Creek, Mich., 1870-2. Grad. 
Andover Theo Sem., 1853. 

«i8C4 jjg^, Samuel Fiske. T.T. Madison, Conn. 

Studied Andover Theo. Sem., 1848-9. Tutor Amherst, 1852-5. Pastor, Madison, Conn., 
1857-64. Author of the Dunn Browne Letters, Springfield, Mass., liepul/licun. Capt. Co. 
G 14th Coun. Inf., U. 8. A. Died of wound received at the Wilderness, May 22, 1864. 

Amherst. 127 

Rev. Francis Homes. ./../. Easton, Mass. 

Farmer. Retired, on account of ill health, since 18G9. Preacher, Carrollton, Mo., 18i4-5 ; 
Westfield, Mass., 1855-6; West Granville, 1856-9; Marblchead, 1859-62; Lynn, 1864-9. 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1854. 

"^'" Samuel Fisheu Miller. 2'. '/'". Amherst, Mass. 

Civil Ensiinoer. Prof. Mathematics, Chioaiio ; Prof M:ithematics and (.'ivil Engineer- 
ing Mass. Agricultural Coll., Amherst. Pied October "iS, 1870. 

'*'' John Laurens Spencer. 0. )''. Amherst, Mass. 

Prin. Amherst Academy, 1848-.50. Died October 12, 1 851 . 

Horace Willard Taylor.. /.A'. Rockford, TIL 

Lawyer; admittbd Rockford, 111., and since practised there. Member III. House of 
Representatives, 19th Dist., 18Tfi-80. 


^'^^ John Milton Emerson. A'. I. New York City. 

Lawyer; admitted Amherst, Mass., 1854; practised there, 1854-6; New York, 18.56-9. 
Tutor Amherst, 1851-3. Died, Westchester, N. Y., August 3, 1869. 

i\m Theodore Francis French. T'J. Amherst, Mass. 

Died, Northampton, Mass., September 21, 1865. 

^ "'^'''f Thomas Ballard Harrington. li.M. Westchester, N. Y. 

Teacher, 1849-61. Died February 16, 1861. 

Edward Hitchcock, M.I). V.Q. Amherst, Mass. 

Prof. Hygiene and Physical Education, Amherst, since 1861. Author of Elementary 
Anatomy and Physiology.' M.D., Harvard Univ., 1853. 

John AYoodbridge. [yjl. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer; practised Chicago, 111., since 1850; admitted New Hartford, Conn., 1850. 

William Austin Dickinson, LL.B. J'.X'. Amherst, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised Amherst, Mass., since 1855. Treas. Amherst Coll. since 1873. 
LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1854. 

Rev, George Henry Gould. /'.//. Worcester, Mass. 

Stated Supply, Imm.anuel Congregational Church; Pastor Olivet Church, Springfield, 
Mass., 1852-4; Center Church, Hartford, Conn., 1854-60; Acting Pastor Piedmont Church, 
Worcester, Mass., 1872-7. Grad. Union Theo. Sera., 1853. D.D., Amherst, 1870. 

t Jacob Hardy. Koloa, Kauai, Hawaiian Islands. 

Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Hawaiian Islands, since 1878, and 1855-63. 

George Howland. E'.O'. Chicago, III. 

Supt. C;iiicago Public Schools since 1880. Tutor Amherst, 1852-5; Instructor Latin 
and French, 18.55-8; Prin. Chicago High School, 1860-80: Trustee Amherst since 1879; 
Member 111. Board of Education, 1881. Author of Translation of Six Books of the .Eneid, 


t Elijah Carter Sir ATTUCK. 2'.r. l*>erlin, Mass. 

Shoe Manufacturer. Member Mass. State Legislature, 1876; Member School Com- 
mittee, twenty years. 

128 Amherst. 

John Rowland Thompson. I'.' . V . Chicago, III. 

Lawyer; practised Chicago since 1854 ; admitted Springfield, Mass., 1S53. Asst. Editor 
Springfie'ld, Mass., Republican, 1853-4. 


Rev. Lucius Delison Chapin. T.E. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1856-63; East Bloomfield, N. Y., 1868-72. Prof. Mental and 
Moral Philosophy, Mich. Univ., 1863-8; Chancellor Ingham Univ., Le Roy, N. Y., 1872-6. 
Invented the Combined Pneumatic Process for Making Wrought Iron. Grrad. Andover 
Theo. Sem., 1855. 

» i878| j^gj,pjj »^E^vER Curtis. I.M. Hadley, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised Green Bay, Wis., where he died May 15, 1878. A.B., Williams C<>11. . 
1852. Enlisted J2th Wis. Inf., U. S. A., January, 1862. 

Edward Parry Darling. P.P. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Lawyer; admitted Reading, Pa., 1853; practised there, 1853-5; Wilkesbarre since 

*^^^ Charles Chaltncey Fowler. A.H. Durham, Conn. 

Instructor Md. Military Acad., Oxford, Md., one year. Studied law, N. Y., 1853-5: 
practised, 1855-61 and 1870-2; interval at Durham, Conn. Died October 28, 1876. 

»i853 "V\" ALTER Huntington Lyon. A.M. Brookfield, Mass. 

Died Groton, N. S., November 13, 18.53. 

*'^^tJAMES Austin Richards, M.D. I'.B. Xew Haven, Conn. 

M.D., Yale Coll., 1856. Died June 4, 1859. 

John Elliot Sanford. N.1\ Taunton, ]\Iass. 

Lawyer; admitted 1856; practised since Taunton, Mass. Tutor Amherst, 185,3-4: 
Trustee since 1874. Member Mass. House of Representatives. 1863, '71, '72 and '73; State 
Senator, 1864 : Speaker Mass. House of Representatives, 1872-3. Mass. Insurance Com- 

Bentley Howard Smith. E.Z. Joanna Furnace, Pa. 

Iron Master. Major 42d Pa. Inf., U. S. A. 

Rev. Milan Cyrus Stebbins. )'. T. Springfield, Mass. 

Retired. Taught Gilmauton, N. H., Acad., and Prin. Hopkinton Acad., 1851-3; Prin. 
Hio-h School, Nashua, N. H., 1853-8; Prin. Clinton, Mass., High School, 1862-4. Pastor 
Congregational Church, Ayer, Mass., 1864-5. Prin. Springfield, Mass., High School, I860- 
74; Springfield Collegiate Institute, 1874-81. 

t Nathan Noyes Withington. T. W. Newbuiyport, Mass. 

Journalist. Editor Newburyport, Mass., Herald. Chairman Town School Board. 


^ Ebenezer Prince Burgess, M.D. .V. T. Dedham, Mass. 

M.D., Jefferson Medical Coll., Philadelphia, 1853; practised Springfield, Mass., 1853-5 : 
Dedham, 1855-75. Died, Paris, France, May 14, 1877. 

Rev. Franklin Perry Chapin. LA. No. AVeymouth, Mass. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1873; First Church, Camden, Me., 1857-67 : 
Second Church, Amherst, Mass., three years and a half. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 185 1 . 

Henry Martyn Cheavens, M.D. H'.M. Ashland, Mo. 

Teacher and Farmer. Initiated at Yale. M.D., St. Louis Medical Coll., 1866. 

Amherst. 129 

William WiNTON Goodhkii. M.E. Piiooklyn, N.Y. 

Lawyer; practised, New York, since 1854. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1866 and 1871 ; 
Sec. Cincinnati Lib. Rep. Nat. Convention, 1872; Chairman Lib. Hep. Committee of New 
York City, 1881. 

'f David Osiieal Hannaford. A.E. Suffolk, Va. 

Teacher Suffolk, Va. ; Yates Acad., Nansemond Co., V;i. : Chuckland Acad., Norfolk 
Co., Va. Died January 19, 1861. 

Brainerd Timothy Harrington. T' JJ' . Westchester, 

Prill. "SVestchester School for Boys, since graduation. 

"" Henry DwiGiiT Root. 7'.^'. l^rooklyn, N.Y. 

Died September 3, 1855. 

GoRii AM Train. O.U. Boston, Mass. 



Rev. Henry Leonidas Boltwood. N. W. Princeton, 111. 

Prin. High School. Author of English Grammar and How to Teach it. Served 
fourteen months in Sanitary Commission, Department of the Gulf. Chaplain 67th Col. 
Inf.,U. S.A.,lS61-5. 

•' Bowman Bigelow Breed, M.D. ^V..V. Lynn, Mass. 

After studying in Boston, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Paris, practised Lynn, 1859-61, '65-6, 
'68-72; Surgeon U.S. Military Asylum, Togus, Me., 18Gli-8. Some time Editor Lynn 
Reporter. Member Lynn School Board, 1866, '69, '71-73; ]5oard of Aldermen, 1870; Com- 
mon Council, 1870-3 ; Mass. State Legislature, 1871-2. M.D.. Harvard Univ., ISoi. Sur- 
geon 8th Mass. Inf., U. S.'i..; Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. Vols., 1861; Surgeon on 
Volunteer Medical Staff; Medical Purveyor 8th Army Corps, 1862-3; Medical Director, 
1863-5. Died December 16, 1873. 

Edward Payson Crowell. II.I.K. Amherst, Mass. 

Moore Prof, of Latin Language and Literature, Amherst, since 1864. Teacher Latin 
and Greek, Williston Sem., 1853-5; Tutor .\iiilui<t. Isv.-C.; Instructor in Latin and Ger- 
man, 18.58. MemberMass. House of Kepl•e^(■Inali^,-. InT'.i. Editor of History of the 1 own 
of Essex, 1868; Cicero de Senectute et de Ami. iti;i. 1v71; Cicero de Officns, 1873 ; Cicero 
de Oratore, 1879, and Terence, 1875; Sekctiou=, Iruiii the Latin Poets, 1882. Member of 
Essex Institute, Salem. D.D., Amherst, 18SU. 

™|Rev. George Dickinson Goodrich. I.Z. East Wmdsor, 

Home Missionary, Denver, Colo., 186.5-7. A.l?., Williams Coll., 1857. Grad. Andover 
Theo. Sem., 1855. Died, Hartford, Conn., July 21!, 1870. 

Rev. John Morton Greene. (KM. Lowell, Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1875; ten years at Ilattield, Mass.; two years at South 
Hadley. Tutor Amherst, 1855-7. D.D., Amherst, ISSl. 

Rev. John Alexander Hamilton. 0. )'. Norwalk, Conn. 

Pa.«tor First Congregational Church since 1874; at Keene, N. H., Stated Supply, 
1858-61 ; Pastor, 1S61-5 ; and of Edwards Church, Davenport, Iowa, 1867-74. Grad. An- 
dover Theo. Sera., 1858. Chaplain 6th Regt. N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

RiCHAitD Salter Storrs. A.I. Longmeadow, Mass. 

Prof. Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Hartford, Conn., since 1865; Teacher Am. Deaf and 
Mute Asvluni, Hartford, Conn., 185.3-64; Prof, of Mental Philosophy and English Phi- 
lology, National Deaf Mute Coll., Washington, D.C., 1864-5. Contributor to American 
Annals of Deaf and Dumb. 

130 Amherst. 

Eev. Henry Vaughan Emmons. .V. 0' . Hallo well, Me. 

Preached Pembroke and Perry, Me., 1859-62 ; Lancaster, N.H., 1865. Grad. Baugor Theo. 
Sem., 1859. Editor ofShepard's Sermons, 1868. Served in Christian Commission, 1863-5. 

*i88i W'lLLiAM WoRTHiNGTON FowLER. A.E' . Durham, Conn. 

Lawyer; admitted, Brooklyn, 1857; practised New York City, 1857-64; afterwards in 
N. Y. and Conn.; 1869-81 in Journalism. Member Conn. State Senate, 1875; House 
Representatives, 1879 ;j Justice Middlesex Co., 1872-81. Chairman Committee of Ortho- 
graphical Commission, 1875-81. Author The Fowlers in England; Ten Years in Wall 
Street, 1870-73, and '80; Fighting, 1873; Woman on the American Frontier, 1876. Member 
Am. Philological Association; Am. Scientific Association. Died September 18, 1881. 

Rev. Edmund Morris Pease, M.D. )/. /. Ebon, Micro- 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. Tutor Amherst, 1856-7. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1862; 
practised New York City, three years, and in Springfield, Mass., five years. Chief 
Medical Official Ist Div. 2.5th Army Corps; Asst. Surgeon, U. 8. A., 1862-65. 

flRA AVelch Pettibone. E.n. Beloit, Wis. 

Prin. Preparatory Dept. Beloit Coll. A.B., Yale Coll., 1854. Member Conn. Legisla- 
ture, 1868. Col. 10th Conn. Inf., U. S. A; discharged on account of sickness, 1862. 

*i»8i Henry Martyn Saville, M.D. M.S. New York City. 

Practised Quincy, Mass., four years; Boston, ten years, and finally New York City. 
M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1857. Surgeon 4th Mass. Inf., U. S. A. Died January 11, 1881. 

*^^'' Rev. Horace Payson Smith. ^^..Y. Huntsville, Ala. 

Studied Union Theo. Sem. Pastor Piedmont Presbyterian Church, Franklin Co., Va., 
1860-7. Prin. Huntsville High School, 1869-77. Died March 12, 1877. 

*'^- Rev. John Winn Underhill. O.F'. N. Amherst, Mass. 

Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1859. Pastor Congregational Church, 1859-62. Died 
October 17, 1862. 


Rev. Joseph Boardman. P.U. Craftsbmy, Yt. 

Actmg Pastor, Congregational, since 1871; preached, Pownal, Me., 1860-5; Hopkinton, 
Mass., 1865-8; Plymouth, 1868-9. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1860. 

Samuel Edward Brown. Davenport, low^a. 

Lawyer, since 1859, at Davenport, after one year at Owego, N. Y. Member Davenport 
Acad, of Science. 

Charles Wentworth Buck. I.P'. Cambridge, Mass. 

Supt. of Mines, Maysville, Colo. Preached Plymouth, Mass., 1862 ; Fall River, 1863-8 ; 
Portland, Me., 1868-79. 

*^^ RuFUS Choate, Jr. A'.E. Dorchester, Mass. 

Lawyer; admitted, Boston, 1858. 2d Lieut., 1861, Capt., 1862, 2d Mass. Inf., U. S. A. 
Died January 15, 1866. 

George Denison. E.l. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer; admitted N. Y., 1857; in St. Louis since 1858. Prin. Sherbrook, Mass., 
Acad., one year. 

Hasket Derby, M.D. E.M. Boston, Mass. 

Oculist since 1861, after studving in Vienna, Berlin, Utrecht, London, Paris; Univ. 
Lecturer on Ophthalmology in Harvard Medical School. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1858. 
Author of a translation of Lectures by Von Grsefe oh Amblyopia and Amaurasis; A 
Lecture on the Modern Operation for the Cataract. 

Amherst. 131 

Rev. William Eastman Dicklnsox. l.Q. Cliicoiicc, 

Pastor, ("ongi-pttationnl, Orloans, Mass., 1860-2; Moutville, Conn., 1865-8; W'alpoli;, 
N. H., 1869-76. Grad. Andover Theo. Scm., 1858. 

Rev. Asa Severance Fisk. 1.1. San Francisco, Cal. 

Pastor Harvard St. Presbyterian Church since 1875; preached St. Paul, Minn., three 
years; llocliville, Conn., six years; Uocliester, N. Y., till 1875. Tutor Amherst, 1857-9. 
(Miaplain 4th Minn. Inf., U. S. A., three and a half years. 

John Long Graves. T.E. Boston, Mass. 

Importer Chinese and Japanese Goods. Ordained 1858; preached 1859-65, Hostoii , 
Mass. ; then left ministry from ill health. 

Rev. Henry Sylvester Kelsey. T.A. New Haven, Conn. 

Pastor College St. Congregational Church since 1876. Tutor and Instructor Amherst, 
1857-60; Prof, of Mathematics and >ratural Philosophy, Beloit Coll., Wis., 1860-3; I'astor 
Granby.Mass., 1863-6; Rockville, (^onn., 1866-8; Holliston, Mass., 1870-3; Woburn, 1873-6. 
Author of Sermons in the Monday Club Series. 


Rev. Walter Barton. A' .Z. Lynn. ^Fass. 

Pastor First Church of Christ since 1865. Teadur \Villi-i..ii Sem., 1856-8. Preached, 
Oxford, Conn., and Grafton, Vt. ; Pastor South Amlu' 1st, M.-i-s., lst;4-6. 

t George Warren Corel and. P .A. Maiden, Mass. 

Mechanical Engineer. Practised law for some time in Boston. Member Mass. State 
Legislature, 1863-5 ; Maiden School Board, 12 years. 

Edward Gay. J. 'V. Maiden, Mass. 

Accountant since 1865. Teacher Quincy School, Boston, 1856-65. 

Thaddeus Graves. A.E. Hatfield, Mass. 

Farmer. Studied law, Albany, 1857; practised, New York City, 1858-67. 

Charles Henry Hitchcock. E.\. Hanover, N. H. 

Prof.of Geology and Mineralogy, Dartninuth Coll., since 1869. Studied Theology. Xew 
Haven, 1856-7, and Andover, 1859-i"i! ; s^i. n, ,• ni the Royal School of Mines and British 
Museum, London, Eng., 1866-7. 1 .. ologist, Vt., 1857-61; Director ^fe. (icol. 
Survey, 1861-2 ; N. H. Survey, 186s-7s; Miniiiu (ieol., New York City, 1865-9; Lecturer 
on Zoology, Amherst, 1858-63; Prul. of Giulugy, r,:if:iyotte Coll., Easton, Pa., 1860-70. 
Author of Report of the Geological Survey of Vt. ; nt'M. .; of X. H.; and over sixtv scicn- 
tific papers. Ph.D., Lafayette Coll., 1869. Mciiii., i- liii|MiiaI Geol. Inst., Austria: 
Appalachian Mountain Club"; Am. Assoc, for the Aii\.uii<iii(iit of Science; Boston !?i)C. of 
Nat. Hist. ; Portland Soc. of Nat. Hist. ; Am. Phil. Soc, Philadelphia. 

Stillman Rice. E.l. Gloucester, Mass. 

Merchant. Teacher Shelburne Falls, Mass. ; Gallipolis,Ohio; Madison, Conn. ; Glouces- 
ter, Mass. 1st Lieut. 27th Conn. Co. G, U. S. A., 1862-3 ; in the Army of the Potomac, in tin- 
battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. 

' Franklin Osgood Stiles. .V. 0. ^Nliddleton, jNIass. 

Died January 26, 1857. 

' Rev. Amherst Lord Tiiomrsox. T. II. Oroomiah, Persia. 

Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1859. Ordained 1860; Missionary of the A. B. C. F. M.. 
Oroomiah, Persia, where he died August 25, 1860. 

Rev. William Hayes Ward. M.P. Newark, N. J. 

Editor of Tfie Iu(lepeniIeiit,lS()S. Preached Ockaloona and Grasshopper FnlN. K.iu., 
1859-60. Taught AVilUston Sem., Utica, N. Y.; Free Acad., 1863-5; Prof. Latin, Kipon 
Coll., Wis., 1865-7. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1859. D.D., Rutgers Coll. and Univ. of 
City of New York, 1873. Contributor to Bibliotheca Sacra, Scribiier's, Harper's, etc. 
Member of Am. Oriental Soc. 


t William Feaxklix Wilder . P.n. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Engaged Stock Raising. Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1865 ; State Senator, 
1866 Agent Elgin Watch Co., New York City, 1870-5; London, Eng., 1875-9. Capt. 46th 
III. Inf., U.S. A., 1861-2. 


William Alaxsox Abbe. J'.FJ. New Bedford, Mass. 

Manufacturer. Studied Harvard Law School aud in Boston, where he practised two 
years. Engaged in Smelting Business in Black Hawk, Colo., 1866-76. Mayor, Black 
Hawk, 1874. 

fTnoMAS Williams Bickxell. [I'.M. Boston, Mass. 

Journalist; Editor New England Journal of Education since 1875; Conductor of 
Educatio7i, an International Magazine. Prin. High School, Bristol, R. I., 1860-4, and 
1868-9; Prin. Arnold St. Grammar School, Providence, R. I., 1864-8; State Commissioner 
Public Schools, R. I., 1869-75. Editor R. I. Schoolmaster, 186.5-75. A.B., Brown Univ., 
1860; LL.D., Drury Coll., 1881. 

fRev. Gilbert E0BBIX8 Brackett. ILE. Charleston, S. C. 

Pastor Second Presbvterian Church since 1871; Third Creek Church, Rowan Co., S.C., 
three years, also Winsboro'. Grad. Columbia, S. C, Theo. Sem., 1862. D.D., Davidson 
Coll., 1877. Author Memorial of Dr. Thomas Smyth. 

*^**^^tDAXiEL Hexry Breed. I.J. Lynn, Mass. 

Died December 13, 1855. 

*^^"^ Fraxcis Burt. P.Z. Xortliampton, Mass. 

Taught, Ala., till close of 1S60, then in Hyde Park, Pa. Died of chills and fever at 
Taymouth, Mich., September 9, 1863. 

Eev. William Crawford. M.E. Green Bay, Wis. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1868; Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1860; preached Clear- 
water, Minn., 1860-2; Danvers Centre, Mass., 1862-3; Central City, Colo., 1863-8. D.D., 
Amherst, 1879. Author of Letters from Abroad, Lectures and Discourses, published in 
Green Bay, Wis. Gazette. 

Rev. .Alvah Lillie Frisbie. T.Ii. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1871; preached, Ansonia, Conn., 1860-5; Danbury, Conn., 
1865-71. Author Siege of Calais, and other Poems, 1880 ; Songs of Sorrow and other 
Pieces. Chaplain 20th Conn. Inf. U. S. A., 1863-4. 

Joseph Kimball. T'.(I>. Andover, Mass. 

Teacher. Prin. Acad., Mifflinburg, Pa., 1857-8; Instructor Phillips Acad., Andover, 
1858-65; Supt. Schools, Massillou, Ohio, 186.5-9; Priu. Emerson Institute, Mobile, Ala., 

Rev. James Pillsbury Laxe. I.Z. Hyde Park, Mass. 

Director R. I. Home Missionary Soc. since 1872. Preached East Weymouth, 
1861-6; Audover, Mass., Free Christian Church, 1866-71; Bristol, R. I., 1871-80. Author 
Hist. Manual of First Church, Bristol, R. I., from 1687-1872 ; Sketches of First Church, 
Bristol. R. I. Member X. E. Genealogical and Hist. Soc; R. I. Hist. Soc; Honorary 
Member Wis. Hist. Soc 

Rev. Hex^ry Daatexport Northrop. A.M. New Haven, 

Acting Pastor Dwight Place Congregational Church since 1879 ; preached Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 1860-2; London, Eng.," 1863-7; Xew York City, 1868-74; Hartford, Conn., 18,4-9. 
Author of Theatre Sermons, London, 1860; Wonders of Grace, Edinburgh, 1866. 

James Hexry Palmer. I. P. Jacksonville, 111. 

Book-keeper. Teacher Languages and Mathematics, 111. Coll., 1866-7; Asst. Supt. 
Public Instruction, 111., 1869-78. 

7'.^'. Oran 

ige, N. J. 

X. .T., since 1872; 
,, X..ul.ur-h, .\..r, 
ion .,f l;,-f..rnir,l 1 
-lion ,.|- S,T.,ii.l A,l 
. Sum., 18i«. D.D. 

Second l'rc,< 
., 1sr,:,-7--'. A 
■rinri|.l,.~, Sli 
\.'nt; lO.litoi- , 
,, liulgLla Coll 

Amherst. 133 

Rev. George Dana Boardman Pepper. E.ll. Upland, Pa. 

Prof. Christian Theology Crozer Thco. Sen.; Pastor Waterville, Me., 1860-5; Prof. 
Ecclesiastical History Newton Thco. Institute, 1865-7. Grad. Newton Thco. Institute, 1860 ; 
D.D., Colby Univ., 1867. Contributor to Christian Review, Baptist Ileeinc, etc. 

■fRev. Theodore Constantine Pratt. I\Z. Oxiuidville, 
N. H. 

Acting Pastor, Oxford, N. II., since 1870; Pastor, ITanipstcad, N. H., 1859-70. Author 
Church Manual, Ilampstcad, N. H. 

Rev. Henry Augustus Stevens. A'./. Boston, Masis. 

Grad. Andover Thco. Sem., 1860; Preached Meh-ose, Mass., 1861-8; Xortli Bridge- 
water, Mass., 1868-74; Brighton, since 1874. 


Rev. George Sayles Bishop. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church, East Orange, 
Church, Trenton, N. J., 1864-5; Calvary Cliunl 
Reprobation, 1869; Doctrine of Grace; Kxpo^i 
Faith; Alleged Contradictions in the Bible; i^iir 
and Gospel Field, 1877-8. Grad. Princeton J'hei 

Rev. Joseph Bourne Clark. 8'.\'. Jamaica Plain, Maes. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1872; Yarmouth, Mass., 1861-8; Newtonville, 
1868-72. Grad. Andover Theo. Sera., 1861. 

»iffi9 Henry Giles Delano. I.fJ. Sunderland, Mass. 

Died, after a year's study of law, February 19, 18.59. 

Horace Smith Fuller, M.D. E. T. Hartford, Conn. 

U.S. Pension Exarainer for several years. Coroner and Chairman Boai-d of Health, 
Hartford, since 1876. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1865. Acting Asst. Surgeon U. 8. A., six 
months, 1865. 

George Suiviner Grosvenor. I. A. Trenton, N. J. 

Lawyer ; admitted 1875. Prin. Ware, Mass., High School, 1858-9 ; Pria. Trenton, N. J., 
Acad., 1859-75. 

Henry Elltah Hutchinson. I\M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Banker; Cashier Brooklyn Bank since 1877. TT. S. Asst. Assessor, New York City, 
1862; Sec. Mechanics Savings-Bank, Brooklyn, 1872-7. 

»is58 Sylvanus Chickering Priest. A.E. Lancaster, Mass. 

Died August 25, 1858. 

Rev. Lyman Sibley Rowland. Ii'.l\ Lee, Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1877. Tutor Amherst, 1860-2; Grad. Andover Theo. 
Sem., 1863. Prof. Rhetoric and English Literature Belolt Coll., 1868-71. 


Rev. William Henry Barrows. I.X. Staeeyville, Iowa. 

Acting Pastor Congregational Church since 1877; Grad. Hartford Theo. .'Jem., 1862; 
Pastor Blandford, Mass., 1863-5; Lempster, N. H., 186.5-7 ; Pottsvillc, Iowa, lsr.!i-9; Cass, 
1869-74; Hampton, 1874-7. 

David Beattie. A. A: Troy, N. Y. 

Supt. Public Schools since 1870; Teacher Franklin Acad., Montgomery, Ala., 1859-61 ; 
Port Jervis, N. Y., 1863-5; Dunkirk, N. Y., 1865-8; Prin. West Pittston, Pa., 1868-70. 

34 A7)iherst. 

James Fitzgerald Claflix. A'.X. Lombard, 111. 

Teacher Chicago High School. Memher 111. State Legislature two years; Pres. 
Village of Lomhard; Pres. Tougoloo Univ. Private Co. I 5th Mass., U. 8. A., for one 

^^'^ James Paulus Feexch. I.I. RaliAvay, N. J. 

Teacher Prot. Epis. Acad., Philadelphia, 1859-65; Prof, of Elocution City Univ., St. 
Louis, Mo., 1865-6. Died Januarj' 13, 186T. 

WiLLiAivi Henby Goddard. /. '/'. Sioux Falls, Dakota 

Farmer, prospecting. 

■ \m Xhomas Augustus Lewis. V.I. Ware, Mass. 

Acting Pastor W. Brookfield, Mass., 1862; Shuteshury, 1864-5. Died July 9, 1865, 
Phillipston, Mass. 

fALEXAXDER Maecy, M.D. F.H. Camden, N. J. 

Practised since 1861. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1861. 

^^'^ Edwaed Willard Pierce. P.E'. New Orleans, La. 

Memher State Board Education, La., 1868; elected Member La. State Senate, 1870; 
Trustee Straight Coll. Died September 13, 1871. 

^^^ JoHX Lord Hayes Ward. A.iL Abington, Mass. 

Died, Amherst, Mass., August 1, 1859. 



Rev. Joiix Otis Barrows. I.I\ Bible House, Constanti- 
nople, Turkey. 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. since 1869. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1863; preached 
North Hampton, N.H., 1863-6; Exeter, 1866-9; Missionary to Cesarea, Asia Minor, 1869- 
75 ; Manisu and Constantinople since 1875. 

Eev. CoRXELius EvARTS DiCKixsox. A.X. Elgin, 111. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1867; Grad. Chicago Theo. Sem., 1863; preached 
Oak Park, 111., 18B2-7. 

Rev. Hexry Martyx Holmes. A'. J'. Ajer, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1878; Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1865; preached 
Lunenburg, Vt., f865-6; Ticonderoga, X. Y., 1866-7; Greenwich, 1868-9; Benson, Vt., 
1870-5 ; Southboro', Mass., 1875-8. Federal Field Commission Agent one year and a half. 

Rev. George Ob ADi AH Little. A'.B. Washington, D. C. 

Pastor Assembly Presbyterian Church since 1873; Grad. Lane Theo. Sem., 1863: 
preached Birmingham, Pa., 1863-4; Fort Wayne, Ind., 1864-70; Connersville, 1871-3. 

Rev. Joseph Brewster Little. 0. T. ]Mankato, Minn. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church since 1869; preached, Lima, Ohio, 1863-7; Dayton, 1867-9. 
Trustee Albert Lee Female Coll. 

Bexjamix Welch Pettiboxe. E.I. Winchester Centre, 

Farmer. Teacher Winchester and Litchfield, Conn. 

Edward Olcott Shepard. A.I. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised since admission, 1867. Pres. Boston Common Council, 1873-5. 1st 
Lieut., Capt., Ma>., and Brev. Lieut. Col. 32d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

A)iiherst. 135 

Rev. Francis Emoky Tower. P.M. Allston Station, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Pastor Brighton Ave. Baptist Church since 1878; Amherst, Mass., 1875-8. Prin. 
Bangor, Me., Boys' High School, 1861^; Instructor in Hebrew, Newton Theo. Sem., 
1867-8. Author of Present Aspects of the Temperance Question, 1874, and other addresses. 

Taught Acad., Guilford, Conn., 1860-2. Preached one year, Brockton, Mass. ; three 


Rev. James Wilsox Ward, Jr. E.E. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 

3 one year, Brockton, Mass. ; three 
1865. Died of paralysis, at Laconia, 
October 30, 1875. 

Rev. Horace Rohbixs Williams. T'.O. Vennontville, 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1879; Grad. Union Theo. Soin., 1864. Stated Supi)ly, 
Almont, Mich., 1864-79. 


John Avery. ./. 5. Brunswick, Me. 

Prof. Greek and Latin, Bowdoin Coll., since 1877; Tutor Amherst, 1862; Sheffield 
Scientific School, 1865-7 ; Prof. Latin and Greek, Iowa Coll. Member Am. Oriental Soc. 

Edward CoMSTOCK. A.F. Rome, N. Y. 

Lumber Merchant. Brev. Maj. 46th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A. 

Rev. Sidney Crawford. J. A'. Lyons, Iowa. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1876; Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1870; preached 
Fair Haven, Vt., 1870-3; Green Bay, Wis , 1873-6. Prin. Walton, N". Y., Acad., 1861-3; 
Barre, Mass., High School, 1863-4. Asst. Paymaster, U. S. A., 1864-5. 

Asa Strong Hardy. A.X. Unionville, Ohio. 

Merchant. Prin. Prairie Sem., Richland, Mich., 1861-2; Prin. Grammar Schools, 
Cleveland, Ohio, 1863-9; Superintendent Graded Schools, Newburgh, Ohio, 1869-79. 

Rev. James Lewis. ./. W. Howell, Mich. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church since 1874; Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1868; Humboldt, 
Kan., 1868-74. Trustee Highland Univ., Kan., 1874-5. Member Board of Visitors, 
West Point Military Acad., 1878. C.-ipt., Lieut. Col., and Col. 144th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 

Charles Goodell Goddard Paine. B.O'. Chicago, 111. 

Merchant. Prin. Grafton High School, 1861-2; Cambridge Classical Institute, 1863-5., 
Superintendent of Schools of Am. Miss. Assoc, for the Freedmen, 1865-6. 

Elliot Sanford, LL.B. I.I. New York City. 

Lawyer; practised in New York City since 1864. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1864. 

George White Waite. (LP. Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Merchant. Superintendent of Schools. 

Aaron Edwards Warner, LL.B. O.K. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised in Boston since 1864. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1864. 


Washington Irving Allen. 1.\. Silver Reef, Utah. 

Maflager Stormont Silver Mining Co. 1st Lieut., Capt., Maj., and Lieut. Col. 31st Mass., 
U. S. A., 1861-5. 

136 Amherst. 

Rev. Fraxcis Joel Fairbanks. A'. P. West Boylston, 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1877; Westminster, Vt., 1864-71; Acting Pastor, 
Ayer, Mass., 1872-4; Paxton, 1874-7. Author of History of Westminster, Vt. 

Samuel Harrixgton. A.TI. Boston, Mass. 

Master Eliot School since 1876; Teacher, 1866-76; Prin. Cohasset, Mass., High School, 
1865-7: Brookfield, 1868-9; Middle St. Grammar School, 1869-71 ; Collins Grammar School, 
Gloucester, Mass., 1871. 1st Lieut., Capt., and Lieut. Col. 2.5th Mass. Inf., U . S. A., 1861-5. 

Zechariah Edwards Lewis, M.D. F.S. Morrisania, 
New York City. 

Asst. Demonstrator of Anatomy, Univ. City of Xew York, 1S65-8. M.D., Univ. City 
of Xew York, 1866. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1864. 

* *^f Edward Mayxard. P.Z. Turk's Island, West Indies. 

U. S. Consul, 1866-8. Lieut. Col. 1st E. Tenn. Inf., U. S. A., 1S62. Died at Grand 
Turk, January 10, 1868. 

Rev. William McGlathery. I.F. Pittslield, Mass. 

Rector, successively, St. Andrew's Church, Lamhertviile, X. J., Christ Church, Tow- 
anda, Pa., and St. Stephen's Church, Pittslield, Mass., the last since 1880. Grad. Prot. 
Epis. Divinity School, Philadelphia, 1866. 

George Milton Reed. l\\. Boston, Mass. 

Laywer, since admission, 1871; Law Reporter Boston Advertiser. 

Luther Dimmick Shepard, D.D.S. A'.B. Boston, Mass. 

Prof. Operative Dentistry, Harvard Univ., since 1879; Asst. Prof., 1S68-79. Vice Pres. 
Am. Dental Assoc: Recording Sec. Am. Acad, of Dental Science. D.D.S., Baltimore 
Coll. Dental Surgery, 1861; D.M.D., Harvard Univ., 1879. 

*i864 Timothy Porter Stone. T.T.K. Lafayette, Ind. 

Died at Princeton Theo. Sem. 

*i866 Xruman Tomson. A.I. Amherst, Mass.. 

Contrihutor to the Xew York Round Table. Died Xovemher 7, 1866. 

*^^ Homer Rollin Barton. A'.T. Granby, Mass. 

Died August 12, 1S63. 

Charles Morris Billings, M.D. P.I. Xasliua, Iowa. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1867. 

|DoN Ferdinand Brigham. I.E. Oxford, X. J. 


Austin Harris. .V.J'. East Machias, Me. 

Lumber Manufacturer and Merchant. Member Me. State Legislature, House, 1869; 
Senate, 1879-80. Trustee Washington Acad., East Machias, Me. 

Walter Morton Howland. T.A'. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer in Chicago since admission, 1869. 

Parker Whittlesey McManus. K.Z. Davenport, Iowa. 

Farmer. Teacher Iron City Commercial Coll., Pittsburg, Pa., 1865. 1st Lieut., Adj., 
Capt. 27th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Amherst. 137 

*'**'^"'tWiLL[AM Piper Montelius. J/.//. Mifflinlnirgli, Pa. 

A.H., Lafayette Coll., 1864. Died June 16, 1865. 

fEi)WARD Combs Robbins. l\ W. St. Louis, Mo. 

Iron Mei-chant. 

Rev. George Francis Stanton. P. A. Soutli Weymouth, 

Pastor Second Congreg.ational Churcli since 1870 ; Gardner, Mass., ] 8G(i-7 ; >r ilford, N. II. , 
1867-8; Fitchburg, Mass., 1868-70. Asst. C'liajjlain, witliout coniinission, 3d Mass. Inf., 
U. S. A. 

Joseph Augustus Titus. A .1. Worcester, Mass. 

Lawyer. Prin. Iligli School, Leicester, Mass., 1863-5. Asst. Justice Worcester 
Municipal Court, 1868-72. Member Mass. House Representatives, 1873. Private 42d Mass. 
Inf., U. S. A.; Lieut. 66th Mass. Inf. 

Rev. George Huntington Wells, T.O. Montreal, P. Q. 

Pastor Am. Presbyterian Church since 1870; .\mboy. 111., 1867-70. B.D., Chicago 
Theo. Sem., 1867. 

*^^ Joseph Eells AViluer. O.B. Hanover, Mass. 

Corp., Sergt., and Q. M. Sergt. 31st Mass. Inf., U.S. A. Fell at Sabine Cross Roads, 
La., April 8, 1864. 


•j-Nelson Freeman Bond. Waltham, Mass. 

Bookkeeper. Private, Sergt , 2d Lieut., Ist Lieut., Capt., and Bvt. Maj. 31st Mass. 
Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. Shot through lung at Port Hudson, La. 

Whiting Sanford Crane. B'.X'. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Carriage Manufacturer. 

Nathan Harrington, LL.B. J'.T. Toledo, Ohio. 

Judge Police Court, 1877-8. LL.B., Toledo Law School, 1871. 

* ''^'^■|- Luther Clark Howell. E.M. Hayneville, Ala. 

2d Lieut, and Capt. 31st Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-5. Died October 16, 1866. 

•fDAViD Albion Irwin. P.Z. Denver, Colo. 

Lieut., Capt. 12th Pa. Cav., U. S. A., 1862-5; Lieut., Capt. 4th U. S. Cav., 1866-78; 
retired, 187<). 

fEBENEZER Burgess Park. S'.E. Osage Mission, Kan. 

County Surveyor, Livingston Co., >[o., 1868-72. Private 42d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., for 
one year. 

•j-Rev. George Harlow Pratt. T. ¥. Medfielcl, INIass. 

P.istor, Congregational, since 1879. Pastor Harvard, Mass., 1866-71; Acting Pastor 
Seabrook, N. H., 1872-4; Agawara,, 187.">-9. 

*'*'^-f- Willi AM Pierce Stone. ././/. Amesburv, Mass. 

Died November 9, 1862. 

Henry Edward Storrs. K.J. Jacksonville, 111. 

Prof, of Natural Science, 111. Coll., since 1871. Author of Presence of .Mcthyltoluol in 
Commercial Xylol, and Some of the Derivatives of Isophthalic Acid. Ph. D., Uottiugen. 

38 Amherst. 

Rev. Edwaed SouTHWORTH TowxE. l.L Plainville, Conn. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1878; at South Windsor, Codu., 1871-8. Member Conn. State 
Legislature, 18S2. 

William Haimimond Whiting. M.Q. St. Albans, Vt 

Editor St. Albans, Vt., Mesnenger, 1865-8. Employed on U. 8. Coast SuiTey < 
Lakes, also Clerk for Chippeway Indian Agency. Died December 29, 1874. 


*^^'' Asa Geoege Abbott. A.M. St. Louis, Mo. 

Prin. Public School, Milwaukee, Mich., 1865-7; Prin.Lafayette School, St. Louis, Mo., 
1867-70. Died July 2, 1870. 

James Lawrence Baeker. A.E. Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Dairy and Stock Farmer. Priu. Public School, Santa Barbara, 1869-70. 

James Loed Bishop, LL.B. s\.I. New York City. 

Lawyer. Author of Bishop on Insolvent Debtors ; Edited Third Edition Burrill on 
Assignments. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

*^*'^^f Alfeed Dwight Clapp. J. 77. Deerfield, Mass. 

Enlisted 40th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. Died of malarial fever, November 22, 1863. 

*^*'' Orrin CooLEY, M.D. P.r. Chicago, 111. 

Asst. Superintendent of Sanitarium for Inebriates, 1869-70. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1869. 
Died January 7, 1S77. 

Benjamin Kendall Emerson. 3/. J. Amherst, Mass. 

Prof, of Geology and Zoology, Amherst, since 1870. Author of Die Lias Mulde von 
Markold.iidr.if, Dorlin, 1870; Review of Von Siebach's Earthquake of March 6, 1872, 
Aiiur'ir,,:, .Iu,,r,n(l of Science, 3d series. Vol. Tin., 1874; j&eology of Frobisher's Bay, in 

Xanativ. Mt s. iid Expedition of C. H. Hall, 1879. Ph. D., Gottingen, 1870. Member of 

German ( ;.■..!, .-ical Soc, Am. Assoc. Ad. Sc, Appalachian Club. 

George Dickman Gray. O.A. Oakland, Cal. 

Lumber Dealer. Mining Engineer in Cal. and Nev., 1866-70. Bookkeeper, San Fran- 
cisco, 1871. 

Daniel March, Jr., M.D. J.-'. Winchester, Mass. 

Late Physician to Mercy Hospital, Penn . St. Dispensary, Pittsburg, Pa. Asst. Surgeon 
on Penn. R'.R. ; Res. Physician in Prot. Epis. Hospital, Philadelphia, 1872; Prin., Cam- 
bridge, N. Y., 1868-70. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1871. 

Francis Warren Rockwell, M.D. P'.(I>. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Consulting Surg, to Sheltering Arms Nursery, Brooklyn, 1871 ; Attending Surg. St. 
John's Hospital, 1873; Lecturer on Materia Medica, Long Island Coll. Hospital, 1874. M.D., 
Columbia Coll., 1868. Pres. Brooklyn Pathological Soc. for 1877-0. 

Joseph Henry Sa^vyer. ZJ2. Easthami)ton, Mass. 

Instructor in Mental Science and English Literature, Williston Sem., since 1866. 
Chairman Easthampton School Board since 1878. Author of Alumni Records of Williston 

Francis Hoffman Saylor. Z.0. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Civil Engineer and Bridge Builder. Asst. Civil Engineer, Philadelphia and Reading 
R.R., 1869; Y'hief Engineer '"Delaware and Bound Brook R.R., 1S74-6; Gen. Manager, 
1876-S. C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1867. 

Almon Underwood Thresher. \.Z. Granville, Ohio. 

Prof. Rhetoric and English Literature, Denison Univ., since 1867. Tutor 1865-7. 

Amherst. 139 

Maurice Benaiaii Blake. A.-. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer in San Francisco since adniisRion, 1870. Author of Blake's Legal Time 

- Rev. George Brayton. T.0. Newark, N. J. 

Grad. Princeton Theo. Scni., 1869. rreached Norwood, X. J., 1870-2; Newark, 
1872-3. Died June 9, 1873. 

Noah Saxtox Cooley. J'.E'. Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Supt. Hosiery Mills. 2d Lieut. 46th >fass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. 

Eev. Perez Dickinson Cowan. 77. ^'^ Wellesley, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Chnrch since 1879; Grad. Union Theo. Sein., 1869; Pastor New 
Market and Rogcrsville, Tenn., 1869-72; Jonesboro', Tenn., 1872-9. Pres. Rogersville, 
Tenn., Female Coll., 1871-2. Editor of The Record and The Tennessee Presbyter, 1873-5. 

Samuel Johnson Dike. A.B. New York City. 

Teacher New York since 1871. Teacher Ellington, Conn., 1866-7 ; Tarrytown, N. Y., 

Joseph Whitcomb Fairbanks. Q.E. Easthampton, Mass. 

Prin. Williston Sem. since 1878. Prin. High School, South Hadley Falls, Mass., 1866-8 ; 
Centre School, Norwalk, Conn., 1868-74; Dis St. Grammar School, Worcester, Mass., 
1874-5; High School, 1875-8. Ph.D., Amherst, 1879. 

"fJoHN French, M.D. A'.FI. Kansas City, Mo. 

Practising Physician Chicago and Kansas City. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1866. Died August 
24, 1879. 

^ Nehemiah Hutchinson Gage. I.E. Hudson, N. H. 

Died July 1,1866. ' 

Rev. George Harris, Jr. l*.0. Providence, R. I. 

Pastor Central Congregational Church since 1872; Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1869; 
Pastor Auburnville, Mass., 1869-72. 

f Andrew Clark Lippitt, Jr., LL.B. A. FT. New London, 

Judge City Court and Police Court, 1875-7. Treas. New London Gas Light Co. since 
1868. LL.B., Yale Coll., 1866. 

Rev. Heman Humphrey Neill. N.X'. Amherst, Mass. 

Prof. Rhetoric, Oratory and English Literature, Amherst, since 1874. 

. Rev. Stephen Dutton Noyes. I.M. Florida, N. Y. 

Presbyterian Stated Supply. Co-editor of Presbyterian Weekly, now Baltimore, Md., 
Presbyterian, 1876-8. 

Rev. Thomas Snell Smith. Tillipally, Jaffna, Ceylon. 

Missionarj' A. B.C. F. M. ; address Kauirysoiitnin'. .Tattna, (^eylon. Sec. Board of 
Directors of Jaft'na Coll. since 1872; Maiiairer .Tattiia I'.cpanI of Kdiication since 1873; Prin. 
Training and Theo. Institute of the .\in. ( cvlnii M is>iciii, rillipallv, Jaftha, Ceylon, since 
1878: Sec. Jaffna Religious Tract Soe. and Editor of Us luiblications since 1874. Author 
of A Review of Bishop CoplestoneV In Ceylon, 1876; and of occasional contributions to the 
Indian Erangelical Review, Bombay. 

*f Hinckley Wright Williams. A'.F. Goshen, Mass. 

Died August 25, 1864. 

140 Amherst. 

'^' Edmund Clllex Braytox, M.D. J. Y. AVhite.<tosvu, X. Y. 

Prin. Cobleskill Acad., X. Y., 1874-5. M.D., Uuiv. of I'a., 1S71. Died September 7, 

JoHX William Burgess. 7.2'. Xe\v York City . 

Prof. Public Law, Columbia Coll., since 1876. Prof. Political Economy Knox Coll., Gales- 
burg, 111., 1869-71 ; History and Political Science Amherst, 187.V6. Contributor to Johnson's 
Encyclopaedia. Member "Harvard Hist. Soc; Columbia Acad, of Political Sciences. 

Fraxcis Ellsworth Burxette. P.M. Houston, Texas. 

Supt. Public Schools. Taught Xichols Acad., Dudley, Mass.; Woodstock, Conn.; 
Bacon Acad., Colchester, Mass.; Putnam, Conn., High School. 

Rev. Michael BuRXH AM. M.Z. Fall River, Mass. 

Pastor Central Congregational Church since 1870. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1870. 

Jeffersox Clark. E. E. Xew York City. 

Lawyer. Practising in Xew York since 1872. Prin. High School Midham, Mass.. 
1868-70. ■ 

Rev. George Frederic Flichtxer. O.I'. Newark, N. J. 

Rector St. Barnabas Church since 1872; Curate Church of the Ascension, 1869-72. 
Assisted Dr. John Cotton Smith in editing Church and State, 1868-72. 

Rev. Frederic William March. A'. P. Zahleh, Syria. 

Missionary Presbyterian Board since 1873. Teacher Williston Sera., Easthampton, 
Mass., 1867-8; Prin. Lebanon Valley Acad., Pa., 1869-70. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 

Rev. Charles Ware Park. E.J'. Bombay, India. 

Missionary A. B. C. F. M. since 1870. Editor of Indian Etangelical Review, 1873-9; 
Publications of Am. Missions, Bombay, 1878-81, mostly in Marathi language. Sec. Bombay 
Tract and Book Soc, 1874-6. 

AYilliam Clark Peckham. LF. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prof. Natural Science Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, X. Y. ; Prin. Leicester Acad., 
Leicester, Mass., 1867-8. Private 23d Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-2. 

f James Frazer Stokes, LL.B. /'. ¥. Terrene, Miss. 

Planter. Member Teuu. State Legislature; Dist. Atty. 7th Tenn. Circuit; Presidential 
Elector 6th Miss. Dist., 1880; Pres. Miss. Levee Board, 1881. Author of The Educated Man 
in America, 1873. LL.B., Cumberland Univ., 1871. 

Rev. William Prescott White. M.A. Plymouth, Pa. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, PlJ^nouth, Pa., since 1870. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1870. 

William Creighton Ball. ./. P. Terre Haute, lud. 

Editor and Proprietor Terre Haute Bailij Gazette since 1872. Member Board of Trustees 
City Schools, 1S79-82. 

Charles Grosvexor Brooks, M.l). B'.l'. East Boston, 

Physician in Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital since 1871. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1871. 



Abneu Thomas Buchanan, M.D. i^.P. St. Lou 


TravellinK Asfciit for Mo. Car and !• 
1869-70. M.D., St. Louis Medical Coll., iscj 
months; Capt. 48th Pa. V. M., three months. 

ndry Co. 'I'laclui 
872. Private Co. 

Washinfjton Univ., St. Li 
E. 122d Pa., U. S. A., 

•fAARON Spooner Cohnisi 

Commission Business. 

Kev. Henry Harrison Hamilton 

Pastor, Congregational, Hinsdale, K. H., sinoe 1878 
intendent Public Schools, three years. Grad. U"="" '"' 

\' .11. Boston, Mass. 

A'..\. Hinsdale, N. PT. 

Westford, Mass., 1872-8. Super- 
heo. Seni., 1871. 

LL.B. A'.M. Pittsfiekl, 

Special Justice Dist. Court of Central Berkshire, 
— = — lo^n. j^ass. State Senator, 3d Berkshire 

E.A. Marblehcad, Mass. 

Submaster, Salem, Mass., High School, 1868-70. 

A'. '/■. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Cliicaoo, 111. 

Francis Williams Rockwell 

Lawyer; practising since 1871 
1873-5. "Member ;M:ass. House of Represenun 
District, 1881-2. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1871 

Rev. John Healy Williams. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1873. 

Isaac Willard Wood, LL.B. 

LL.B., Mich. Univ., 1870. 

LuciEN Gurnee Yoe. y..\'. 



Rev. Elijah Winchester Donald, 

Rector of the Church of the Intercession since 
Divinity School, Philadelphia, 1874. 

Richard Goodman, Jr., LL.B. V.l. Lenox, Mass. 

Farmer, Yokun Farm. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1871. 

William Roscoe Hobbie. LI. Greenwich, N.Y. 

Paper Manufacturer. 

Stephen Holmes Larned. ^'.J 


Francis Draper Lewis, LL.B. 

Lawyer. LL.B , Harvard Univ., 1871. 

Henry Martyt^ Matthews. A'. 

Lawyer; practised Chicago since 1872. 

Charles Ransom Pratt. P.U. 

Lawyer; practised in Elraira since admission, 1872. 

Henry Bullard Richardson. IJ.Z. Amherst, Mass. 



\. New York City. 

Grad. Protestant Episcopal 

Worcester, Mass. 
K.l\ Philadelphia, Pa. 
W. Chicago, 111. 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Asst. Prof. Latin, Instructor German, Amherst, since 1879. Instructor Latin, 1869-73; 
Classical Teacher Springfield, Mass., High School, 1873-6; Instructor Latin Amherst, 
1878-9. Authorof Translation of Bender's Grundriss der " 

John Kendall Richardson. 

{). 0. 

Romischen Literatur, 1880. 


Junior Master Boston Latin School since 1877. Tutor Mathematics Amherst, 1869-, 2 ; 
Classical Teacher Williston Sem., 1873-6. Author of papers on Ancient Am., Doings of 
Newton Nat. Hist. Soc. Private 22d Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4. 

142 Amhet'st. 

* i869|^YiLLiAM Campbell Stokes. J.fl. Lebanon, Tenn. 

Died February 2, 1869. 

Albert Francis Tenney. A.F/. Sing Sing, X. Y. 

Teacher St. John's School, Sing Sing, N. Y., since 1873. Studied Union Theo. Sem., 
two years; taught Philadelphia, Pa., 1869-70; Wilmington, Del., 1872-3. 


Rev. Washington Choate. A. I'. Irvington, N. Y. 

Pastor Preshyteriau Church at Ii-vington since 1880. Taught at Adelphi Acad., 
Brooklyn, X. Y., 1870-3. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1875. 

*^*'- Myron Benjamin Dane. 6'. P. East Whately, Mass. 

Taught at Mobile, Ala., where he died October 12, 1870. 

Samuel Lawrence Graves. 2'. J. Fitchburg, Mass. 

Lawyer; practising Fitchburg since admission, 1873. Member School Board, 1873-SO. 

Appleton Park Lyon. 0. 0. Xew York City. 

Teacher. Prof. Physical and Natural Science National Normal School, Lebanon, 
Ohio, 1861-6. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1873. 

f Charles Augustus March. B'.IT. Chicago, 111. 

Shorthand Clerk. A.B., Uuiv. of Pa., 1870. 

*"^'' Albert Barnes Miller. S'.X. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Died June 7, 1871, while pursuing medical studies. 

Walter Wy:man, M.D. I'.l'. Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Surgeon U. S. Marine Hospital Service since 1876. M.D., St. Louis Med. Coll., 1873. 
Asst. Physician St. Louis City Hospital, 1873-5. Author Paper on River Exposure. 


Rev. Joseph Nathaniel Blanchard, E'.i'. Fordhani, 

Rector St. James Church since 1875. Grad. Berkeley Divinity School, 1874. 

Edwin Munsell Bliss. N.X. Constantinople, Turkey. 

Asst. Agent Am. Bible Soc. for the Levant, Grad. Yale Divinity School, 1>*72. 
Author The Eastern Church, Xew Englan'der, 1877. 

Charles Henry Brownell. W. T. Peru, Ind. 

Banker. Delegate Democratic National Convention, 1880. LL.B., Columbia Law 
School, 1875. 

William Crary Brownell. A'. I. Xew York City. 

Journalist. Literary Editor The Xation since 1879; connected as Reporter, City 
Editor, Literary Editor, with The World, 1871-9. Contributor to Scribner's Monthly. 

Samuel Patterson Butler. B.Z. Washington, D. C. 

Journalist. Washington Critic smce 1880; Washington Correspondent Baltimore 
Gazette and other papers, 1876^80. 

William Henry Chickering, LL.B. I.^'. Oakland, Cal. 

Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. Instructor Oahu Coll., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, 
1871-3. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1875. 

Amherst. 143 

fCtEORGE C'ykil Hall. (KM. Springfield, Ohio. 


Pliny Nelson Haskell, LL.l). V. '/'. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Supt. Hyde Park, 111., Schools, 1871-6. LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 1877. 

jGeorge Spencek Knapp. Chicago, 111. 

Travelling Salesman in Furniture Business. 

Edwin Konigmachek Martin. /. /^ Lancaster, Pa. 

Lawyer; admitted 1876. Private Co. E 79th Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Leonard Morse. A.E. Hartford, Conn. 

Lawyer; admitted, Norwich, Conn., 1875. Taught at Millbury, Mass., 1871-3. 

t Theodore Moody Osborne. J. '/. Peabody, Mass. 

Lawyer, Salem, Mass. A.B., Hai-\'ard Univ., 1871. Librarian Peahody Institute, 

Robert Campbell Rockwell. E.Q. Lenox, Mass. 

Journalist. Proprietor and Editor Lee Gleaner, 1877-81. 

*''''tHARRY Shelby Stokes, LL.B. P. 77. Lebanon, Tenn. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. Died January, 1875. 

fCLARENCE Augustus Burley (Burleigh). Z\ T. Chi- 
cago, 111. 


George Everett Church. Z..Q', Providence, R. I. 

Teacher. Prin. Oxford St. Grammar School since 1872. 

Solon Tenney French. T. W. Chicago, 111. 

Ticket Agent Chicago & N.W. R.R., Wells St. Depot. Asst.Prin. Collegiate School, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1872-3; Prof. Latin and Greek Colorado Coll., 1874-5; Acting Pres., 
1875. Initiated at Rochester. 

Gordon Robert Hall, M.D. & A\ Binghamton, N.Y. 

House Physician, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City, 1880-1 ; since then practising in 
Binghamton, N. Y. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1880. 

Rev. David Leverett Holbrook. J./. Geneva, AVis. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1877. Grad. Chicago Theo. Sem., 1877. 

John William McElhinney, LL.B. E.l. Mt. Olive, Mo. 

Lawyer. Teacher 1872-4. LL.B., St. Louis Law School, 1876. 

Albert George Paine, M.D. J. /A Chicago, 111. 

Lecturer on Dermatology in Chicago Med. Coll. since 1878. M.D., Uuiv. City of New 
York, 1877. Member Chicago Biological Soc. 

Lyman May Paine. A.E. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Prin. Hanoniton, Conn., Acad. ; Shrewsbury, Mass., High School, 1872-3. 

Charles Albert Siebert, J.J. St. Louis, ]\Io. 


144 Amhei'st. 

Timothy Gridley Spauldixg. T.M. Xorthampton, ]\Ia88. 

Lawyer since 1S77. Teacher, Westchester, X. Y., 1S72-3. Member Mass. House of 
Representatives, 1878. 

Eev. Albert Hexry Thompsox. P.I. AVakefield, X.H. 

Acting Pastor, Congregational, since 1880. Grad. Yale Divinity School, 187-5. 

Leverett Bradley. A.O. Gardiner, Me. 

Rector Christ Church since 1879. Trustee Gardiner Public Library. Ordained Deacon, 
March 17, 187S, at Hartford; Asst. Minister at Trinity Church. Boston, Mass., May, 1878; 
Ordained Priest June 13, 1879. 1st Lieut. 1st Mass. Heavy Art., I'. S. A., 1861-6.5. 

Fraxk Williams Damox. A.I. Honolulu, Hawaiian 

Sec. Hawaiian Legation, Berlin, Germany, 1877-Sl. 

Rev. AYiLLiAM Vail Wilsox Davis. A' .X' . ^Manchester, 
N. H. 

Pastor Franklin St. Congregational Church since 1878. Instructor Robert Coll., Con- 
stantinople, 1873-4 ; Instructor Latin Amherst, 1876-7. 

Lymax Beecher Hall. B.A'. Haverford College, Pa. 

Prof. Chemistry Haverford Coll. since 1880. Fellow in Chemistry Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1878-80. Ph.D., Gijttingen, 1875. Author of papers, Ueber Orthonitrosalicj-saure 
nnd einige Abkommllnge derselben, 1875; On the Oxidation of Mesitylene-Sulphonic Acid, 
1877; On the Oxidation of Substitution Products of Mesitylene, 1878; Ueber Oxldations- 
produkte aus Cymosulfamid, 18S0. 

f James Hayward, LL.B. E.!.'. Hannibal, Mo. 

Accountant for Hayward & Co. Editor Hannibal, Mo., Clipper-Herald, 1878-SO. 
Author of Memoir of Jonathan Crane, 1874. A.B., Yale Coll., 1873 ; LL.B., St. Louis Law 
School, 1875. 

Arxold Xelsox Heap, LL.B. A.X. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Prin. Amherst, Mass., High School, 1874-5. Author of work on Illinois 
Liquor Law, 1882. 

JoHX Remixgtox Hobbie, M.D. O.A. New York City. 

Physician; practising. since 1877. M.D. , Columbia Coll., 1877. 

James Humphrey Hoyt, LL.B. M.H'. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer; practicing since 1877. A.B., Brown Univ., 1874; LL B., Harvard Univ., 1877. 

Rev. KixGSLEY Flavel Xorris. A'. dK Manchester, X. H. 

Congregational Minister. 

fRev. John Parsoxs. U.M. X'^orth Woodstock, Conn. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1878. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1874. 

Elljah HA^^^LEY Williams. il.U. Carthage, Mo. 

Lum))er Dealer, firm of S. A. Brown is.Co. 

Talcott Williams. A. A'. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Journalist, Editorial staff The Press, since 1881 ; City Staff New York World, 1873-7 ; 
Washington Correspondent New York Sim, 1877-9; Editorial staff of Springfield, Mass., 
Republican , 1879-81. Contributor to Encyclopaedia of Political Science, 1881 ; and American 
Architect. Editor of the KS^ Semi-Centeuuial Catalogue. 

fJoHN WooDBRiDGE, Jr. N.Z. Chicago, 111. 

Agent for Liverpool, London & Globe lus. Co. 

Amherst. 145 

Charles Ross Dahlinc;, liL.T.. ./. \'. lioston, Mass. 

LL.B., Harvard I'uiv., 1877. 

Frank Fowler Dow. Z'.V. P<'iii, Ind. 

Manufacturer Reapers and Agricultural Todln. 

Alfred Ely, J. /. Vernon, N. J. 

Sec. and Director Loliisrli & Hudwon River R.R. CJo. since I881); Director Warwick 
Valley R.R. Co. I.L.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Frederick Huntington Gillett, LL.B. .V Ji' . l>oston, 

Lawyer; Associate Counsel Boston & Albany R.R. Asst. Atty. (len. Mass.. 1878-81. 
LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1877. 

George Adams Leland, M.D. Z'.A. Boston, Mass. 

Medical Student in Europe since 1881. Physician and Instructor in Physical Culture, 
Schools of Educational Department, Tokio, Japan, 1878-81. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1878. 

fRoBERT Pearmain LoRiNG, M.D. II. E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Prof, of Physiology, Kansas City Medical School. Asst. Surgeon Chicago, Rock Island 
& Pacific R.R. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1875. Corresponding Member GyniBcological Soc, 
Boston, Mass. 

James Maynard. l.P. Washington, D. C. 

Employed in Post Office Department since 1880. U. S. Marshal at Constantinople, 


Leverett Mears, ii. W. Williamstown, Mass. 

Prof. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Physics, Williams Coll., since 1881 ; Instructor Chem- 
istry, Amherst, 1876-81. Ph.D., Gottingen, 1876. 

Charles Sprague Smith. A.S. New York City. 

Gebhard's Prof. Gennan, and Instructor in Italian, Spanish and Scandinavian, Columbia 
Coll., since 1880. Author of Gretli Beowulf, Existence of Anglo-Saxon Legend in Norse 
Literature, New Englander., 1881. 


Stephen Driver Brooks. E.Z. Salem, Mass. 

Student Harvard Medical School. Prin. Acad., Plainfield, Conn., 1875-6; Claswcal 
Asst. Peddie Institute, Iliirhtstown, N. J., 1876; Asst. Acad., Hackensack, N. J., 1876-7 ; 
Priu., 1877-80. 

Charles Albert BuFFUM. W .(K Easthampton, Mass. 

Teacher WilUston Sem. since 1879; Worcester High School, 1876-0. 

"**' Rev. William Brewster Ely. IJ .\. Reading, Mass. 

Studied Union Theo. Sem. Pastor San Frauci.sco. Tutor -Amhei-st, 1878. Pastor, 
Reading, Mass., 1879-80. Died May 11, 1880. 

Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin. J. S. Paris,' France. 

Student of Architecture, ik-olc des Beaux Arts. Teaelier History and Drawing, High 
School and Free Evening Drawing Schools, Worcester, Mass. Special Paris Correspondent 
Hai'tford, Conn., Courant, 1878. 

Rev. Thomas Reeves. r.l\ Kingston, Mass. 

Pastor First I'resbyteriau Church, Kingston, N. Y., since 1878. Grad. Union Theo. 
Sem., 1878. 

146 Amherst. 

Rev. Frank Churchill Scoville. T.A'. Saugerties, N. Y. 

Congregational Minister. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1878. 

Rev. Arthur Fessenden Skeele. Z'.A. East Bloom- 
field, N. Y. 

Acting Pastor Congregational Church. InBtructor Phillips Acad., Andover, 1875-8. 
Grad. Andover Theo. 8em., 1881. 

Rev. Edward Sampson Tead. Z.\. Cumberland Mills, 

Congregational Clergyman. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1878. 

Clifford Rush Bateman. Z' .A. New York City, 

Prof. Columbia Coll., School of Political Science, since 1881. 

fHERBERT FooTE Beecher. li.Z. New Tacoma, Wash- 
ington Ter. 

Capt. in service of Oregon Steam Navigation Co. since 1879. 

Rev. Frank Bowler. A'.(I>. Eastham, Mass. 

Pastor, Methodist, since 1881 ; late Southwick, Mass., and Florence, Mass. 

Arthur Clarke Boyden. 7'. A . Bridgewater, Mass. 

Prof. Mathematics and Chemistry, State Normal School, Bridgewater, Mass., since 1879 ; 
Teacher Mathematics, Cbauncey Hall, Boston, Mass., 1876-9. Author of paper on Metric 
System, 1879. 

Rev. Robert Bruce Clark. P.B. State Centre, Iowa. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1879. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1879. 

William Brewster Clark, M.D. M.O. New York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

Frank Farnum Kimball. K.U, Boston, Mass. 

In business. Dry Goods, care R. H. White & Co. 

Henry Paullin. A.A' . Cherokee, Iowa. 


Edward Robinson Smith. T'W. Chelsea, Mass. 

Sculptor. Prof, and Lecturer, Museum of Fine Arts, since 1882. 

Rev. William Henry Sybrandt. /.A'. South Boston, Mass. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1879. 

William Ives Washburn, LL.B. V .\' . New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

William Herbert Williams. /..I/. Springfield, AIo. 

Lumber Dealer. 


t Collin Armstrong. A'.Z. New York City. 

Journalist, City Staff Sun, since 1879 ; World, 1876-8. Initiated at Williams. 

Amherst. 147 

LuciKN Ii:a Blakk. A.Y. Berlin, Gennaiiy. 

Student Physics, Univ. of Berlin. Prin. Franklin, Mass., Hi.i;h School, 1878-9; Resident 
fJraduate in Physios, Amherst, 1879-80; Student Physics, Gottini?en, 1880-1. Second 
Incunnbent Tyndall Scholarship for Am. Students of Physics in the German TIniv., 1881. 

Thomas James Eddy, li' .J. Fall Tvivt^r, Mass. 

In business. 

Joseph Converse Gray, rJv.l>. 0.1' . Boston, Mass. 

LL.B., Boston Univ., 1881. 

William Orrin Pratt. J.l. Warren, Mass. 

Prin. Warren High School since 1881. 

Sumner Salter M.E. Syracuse, N. Y. 


Abbott Sanford. ./. /. East Bridgewater, Mass. 

Student Medical School, Harvard. Sub-masler High School, Maiden, Mass., 1877-9; 
Prin. High School, Wakefield, since 1879. 

Benjamin Eli Smith. N.N. Baltimore, Md. 

Instructor Philosophy Johns Hopkins Univ. since 1881. Instructor Mathematics, 
Amherst, 1878-80. 

Rev. Rurus Babcock Tobey. IW. Harwich, Mass. 

Congregational Clergyman. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1880. 

William Orne Weeden. \' .11. Providence, R. I. 

Theo. Student in Europe. 


Frank LusK Babbott, LL.B. A.l'. Waterville, New York. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1880. 

William DwiGHT Porter Bliss. 0.S. Hartford, Conn. 

Theo. Student. 

t William Bacon Crittenden. M.U. Bucyrus, Ohio. 

' In business. A. B., Hamilton Coll., 1878. 

Edward Hitchcock, Jr., MD. '/'.U. Amherst, Mass. 

M.D., Dartniotith Coll., 1881. 

William Mead Ladd. N.P. Porthmd, Oreg. 


Walter Bemis Mosman. ./. Y' . Brooklyn, N. Y. 

In business. 

'•■^'^tHENRY Irving Plummer. J. '/'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Died December 30, 1874. 

fORREN Burnham Sanders, M.D. O.E. Boston, Mass. 

M.D., Boston Univ., 1S79. 

William Washburn Sleeper. i?./V. Hartford. Conn. 

Theo. Student. 

1^8 Amherst. 

Arthur Holbroor Wellmax. V. /. ^Maiden, ]\rass. 

Law Student, Harvard Univ. 

Harry Martix Whitney, Jr. tKH. Honolulu, Hawaiian 


George Huntington Willia:ms. Z.l' . Utica, N.Y. 

Student Geology, Heidelberg, Germany. 

Charles Handel Wright. W.U. Springfield, Mass. 

Jounialist since 1879. Editor New £7igland ffomestead,lS19-Sl. Initiated at Hud- 
son Chapter. 


Frank Martin Carson. H'.l'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Correspondent in the house of Joseph Paton & Co., Bankers, New York City. 

George Mooar Chapin. /\H. Chicago, 111. 

In business. 

Henry Clay Folger, Jr. A..V. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Student Columbia Coll. Law School. 

Charles Burton Goold. X.O. Albany, X. Y. 

Studying in Germany. Teacher .-Vlbany Boys' Acad., 1879-81. 

Henry Eyarts Gordon. B.h. Trinidad, Colo. 

Prin. Trinidad Acad, since 18S0. 

Arthur Willard KJelly. 0.X. Auburndale, Mass. 

Student of Theol., Andover, 1879-S2. 

Charles Millard Pratt, //./v. Xew York City. 

In business. 

William Arthuti Sargent, LL.B. A. //. Boston, ^lass. 

LL.B., Boston Univ., 1881. 

Hiram Edward Thurston. .V. </>'. Swansea, ^fass. 

Clerk Mechanics' National Bank. 


Edmund Kimball Alden. T.J. Marshfiold, Mass. 

Teacher. Prin. Acad., McGranville, N. Y., since ISSl. 

t Joseph Bartlett Bisbee. P.J. Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 


Frederick Jones Bliss. J. A'. Beirut. Syria. 

Prin. Acad. Department Syrian-Protestant Coll. since 1880. 

Arthur Lincoln Gillett. 0.1'. Westfield, Mass. 

Student of Theol., Hartford, Conn. 

f Charles Samuel Howard. 0.n. San Francisco, Cal. 

Mining Broker. 

Amherst. I49 

Charles Stoddard I.ANK. E.V. Hartford, Conn. 

Student of Theol. Teacher Adi'lplii Acad., Brooklyn, 1880-81. 

Arthur Norris Millh^en. T. T. Boston, Mass. 

Student Boston Univ. Law School. 

Frank Edwards Packard. J. (P. Beirut, Syria. 

Instructor of Eaglish-Syrian I'rolcstaut Coll. Pri.i. Grammar School, Brockton, 
Mass., 1880-81. 

Frank Edward Stehbins. E.Z. Si)ringfield, Mass. 

Studying abroad. Graduate Student Hopkins Univ. since 1881. 

Frederick Morris Warren. N. T. Hudson, Ohio. 

Instructor Modern Languages Western Reserve Coll., IltidBOU, Ohio. 

Walter Hayden Crittenden. l.l'. Utica, N. Y. 

Student in Columbia Coll. Law Scliool. 

George Foster Fiske. Z'.II. St. Louis, Mo. 
GeorCxE Porter Hilton. //.V. Albany, N. Y. 

Bridge Building. 

Bradford Washburn Hitchcock. /\A. New York City. 

Student Columbia Coll. Law School. 

James Furman Kemp. 2*. J'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Student Columbia Coll. School of Mines. 

Charles Eliott L ADD. ./'.T. Portland, Greg. 


Edward Gillett Rand. A. A". Boston, Mass. 

In business. 

Isaac Chipm AN Smart. E'.O. Pittsiield, Mass. 

Journalist. Editor Pittsfield Daily Jonrnal. 

Thatcher Tpiayer Thurston. J'.f/K New York City. 

In business. 

Philip Mayer A\ackerhagen. J. P. Albany, N. Y. 

In Heaton Emery Works. 


Frederic Austin Bancroft, Galesburgh, Bl. 
Paul Blatchford. //. T. Chicago, 111. 
Howard SwEETZER Bliss. //'.)'. Amherst, Mass. 
Frederic William Greene. P.l'. Amherst, Mass. 
Charles Smith Mills. /i.P. Andovcr, ]Mass. 
Joseph Hartshorn Perry. Z'.h. Worcester, ^Mass. 
John Camp Williams. I'.ri. Utica, N. Y. 

^o Amherst. 

Wallace Clarke Boyden, E.B. Bridgewater, Mass. 
William Claelin. M.Z. Lombard, 111. 
Walter Clayton Clapp. Z. E. New York City. 
Walter Taylor Field. P.F. Chicago, 111. 
Charles Woodman EUmilton. J. T. Fond du Lac, Wis, 
Frank Ballard Marsh. K.M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Alexander Rae. H' . W. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Benjamin Rush Rhees. H'.H. Plainfield, N. J. 
William Bradford Sprout. A'.K'. Worcester, Mass. 
WiLLiSTON Walker. O.E'. Hartford, Conn. 


Alfred Ely Alvord. Nashua, N. H. 
Samuel Edwards Appleton. Manlius, N. Y. 
Charles Jesse Child. Worcester, Mass. 
William Bullock Clark. Brattleboro', Vt. 
Edward Dickinson. Amherst, Mass. 
Arthur Severance Fiske. New Haven, Conn. 
William Gardner. Fayetteville, N. Y. 
Frank Judson Goodwin. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Charles Foster Weeden. Providence, R. I. 
WiLLARD Hayden Wheeler. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Herbert Bro^\ts^ Ames. Montreal, Canada. 
James Best. Kinderhook, N. Y. 
Sanford Lyivian Cutler. Auburndale, Mass. 
George Enos Gardner. Worcester, Mass. 
Frederick Cohoon Gladden. Springfield, Mass. 
William Stanton Gleason. Newark, N. J. 
William George Lamb. South Hadley Falls, Mass. 
Ezra Parmelee Prentice. Chicago, 111. 
Edwin Benjamin Tucker. New York City. 



1836 TO 1885. 


The Brunonian Clmpter places the date of its organization back 
among tlie early years of the Fraternity. The spirit of extension, 
which was active at that period, found in Brown University a field 
worthy of cultivation. In 1836 certain students of Brown petitioned 
for a charter from the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, and presently 
secured the grant. In the autumn of that 3'ear, Giles Mnmford 
Hillycr, Columbia, '3G, Seth Tryon Wilbur, Hamilton, '36, and after- 
wards Yale, '37, and William Alexander Sparks, Yale, '37, came to 
Providence with delegated authority, and formally instituted the 
Brunonian Chapter. Meetings were held weekly on Saturday morn- 
ings, and were of a character to call up most pleasant memories in 
the minds of our alumni who were then active participants. Members 
were chosen only from the three upper classes, and no one was accepted 
until he had proved himself worthy the honor. How just a judgment 
was used in this selection is evidenced by the character of the member- 
ship at that time. It was adherence to this principle, however, which 
ere long interrupted the growth of the Chapter. Other Fraternities in 
a year or two established themselves at Brown, and began to receive 
members from the Freshman class. The alternatives thus offered 
Alpha Delta Phi for increasing her membership were the sacrifice of 
the principle she had adopted, or a choice of men from classes alread}- 
canvassed by rivals. Neither was accepted, and in the autumn of 
1838 it was resolved that no further elections be made. For twelve 
years following no initiations occurred. 

In the latter part of ISoO, however, steps were taken for the 
reorganization of the Chapter. At that time there were located at 

152 Brunonian. 

Williams and at Brown the only two New^ England Chapters of a 
then small Fraternity. Both were of good standing in their respective 
colleges, and decided to change their outer connections. The Chapter 
at Brown took the lead, followed soon after b}' that at Williams, in 
seeking place in the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternit}'. For the ready 
success which rewarded these efforts, the petitioners at Brown were 
indebted to Melanchthon Storrs and Delano Alexander Goddard, 
members of Brown University, and afterwards Alpha Delts at Yale, 
graduating respectiA-ely in the classes of '52 and '.53 ; to the cordial 
assistance of the Yale Chapter ; and finally to the former reputation 
of •' Brunonian," and the heart}' cooperation of its graduates. 

On the evening of April 15, 1851, William Wallace Crapo. Yale, 
'52, b}' authority of the Fraternit}', met in Providence, and initiated as 
members of Alpha Delta Phi the following gentlemen, students in 
Brown University : — 


Samuel Penniman Bates. | Hamilton Barclay Staples. 

Asa Messek Williams. 

Samuel Brooks. | Nathan Wheaton Moore. 

Elijah Perry. 

Frank Standish Bradford. I Edward Thompson Caswell. 

OsBORN Edward Bright. | Francis Marion McAllister. 

Henry Augustus Allen. 

Benjamin Braman. 

Frank Woodbridge Cheney. 

Benjamin Fr.\nklin Davis. 

Walter Hillman. 

Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr. 

Thomas Vernon. 

There grew up almost immediately a thorough sympath}' between 
the new initiates and their predecessors of a dozen years. The aims, 
and largelv the methods, were identical ; the same spirit breathed in 

Brunonian. 153 

tlio rovivod body, so thiit (k's[)ili' llic iutcTval of years tlieiv scciiumI 
to have been no break in the line of succession. Indeed, from the 
bejiinning to the present, nnity of [)urpose — and that a nol)le })nrpose 
— has, we believe, marked the histoiy of '' Brunonian." and our best 
hope for the future lies in the strength of this ruling principle. Of the 
deep, inner life of the Chai)ter no record may be put into words : it is 
elearly written in tlie heart of ever}' true brother Alpha Delt. The 
high resolves iiispin'd, the noble thoughts cherished, the puiv and 
lasting friendships formed, have made fellowship in Alpha Delta Phi 
to man}- in preceding, as may it prove to many in succeeding, classes 
the choicest .treasure of college days. 

Among the honors won for their Chapter and the Fraternity have 
been : — 

Valedictorians. — C. S. Bradley, "38; F. E. Iloppin, '30; N. Morton, '40; 
H. S. Frieze, '41; (Break in Chapter from 1841 to 1851); F. S. Bradford, '53; 
B. Braman, '54; C. B. Goff, '56; I. B. Barlicr, '61; J. H. Remington, '62: W. 
R. Perce, '65; J. B. G. Pidge, '66; F. Coggeshall, '67; W. H. Lyon, '68; ,). S. 
Hutcliinson, '69; E. W. Babcock, '74; W. P. Sheffield, '77. 

Salutatorians. — E. Noyes, '37; W. S. Ames, '38; W. T. Wilson, "3;); K. 
Brooks, '41 ; (Break in Chapter from 1841 to 1851) ; H. B. Staples, '51 : N. W. 
Moore, '52; E. T. Caswell, '53; W. W. Keen, '59; A. N. Drown, '61; H. F. 
Colby, '62; H. B. Miner, '64; M. R. Demming, '65; D. Cole, '67; R. G. Kulin-. 
'69; A. Williams, '70; C. F. Parkhurst, '76; G. S. Goodspeed, '80. 

Third Rank and Classical Oration. — G. W. Samson. '39; F. Wilson, "41; 
(Break in Chapter from 1841 to 1851) ; S. Brooks, '52; F. M. McAllister, '53; I). 
(ioodwin, '57; W. McD. Potter, '59; S. W. Duncan, '60; C. T. Lazcll, '64; E. 
Jiidson, '65; I. N. Smith, 'Qi^; B. I. Wheeler, '75. 

Fourth Rank and the Fhilosophicnl Oration. — M. Morton, '38; S. Glover, '39; 
A. Payne, '40; (Break in Chapter from 1841 to 1851) ; H. N. Slater, '54; E. O. 
Stevens, '61; S. J. Axtell, '64; C. A. G. Thurston, '66; W. C. Poland, -68; T. 
I). Anderson. '74; I. <). Winslow, '78; W. C. Ladd,-'81. 

Of the one hundred and seventy-five members of our Chapter who 
have completed the classical course, one hundred and twenty-one have 
been members of the $ B K ; the total membership of that society in 
the classes hereafter given being four hundred aud sevent3'-nine. 


Charter Members. 

James Wilmer Dallaim. M.K. 
Erasmus Darwin Fish. E. H. 
Edwin Notes. O.B. 
George Washington Peck. P.K. 
Charles William Reding. B'.U. 
William Shaw Ames. MJ\. 
Charles Manning Bowers. II. M. 
Charles Smith Bradley. A.B. 
Alfred Colburn. J. FJ. 
Ezra Williams Howard. P. W. 
Thomas Allen Jenckes. O.H. 
George Van Ness Lothrop. E'.Z. 
Marcus Morton. E'. 3. 
Henry Clay Whitaker. N.F. 
Samuel Glover, Jr. P.H. 
Francis Edwin Hoppin. A^. F. 
George Washington Packard. P .B. 
James Brown Mason Potter. 2'. M. 
George Whitefield Samson. 0. W. 
William Thomas Wilson. ././/. 


Henry Augustus Allen. ./'./. 
Samuel Pennim AN Bates. Ff.B. 
Frank Standish Bradford. /'. </>. 
Benjamin Br am an. P.I'. 
OsBORN Edward Bright. A^'.A. 
Samuel Brooks. 7. V. 

Bnmoniaii. 155 

Edwaiii) Thompson Caswell. i'.V. 

Frank AVoodhkidgk Cheney. VjV. 

Benjamin Franklin Davis. H. 'I'. 

Walter HiLLMAN. LA'. 

Francis Marion McAllister. M.iL 

Nathan Wheaton Moore. A.I. 

Elijah Perry. P.F/. 

Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr. /. d'. 

Hamilton Barclay Staples. A.(K 

Asa Messer Williams. A'.Z. 

Thomas Vernon. I'. I'. 

'*^' James Wilmer Dallam. M.K. Matagorda, Tex. 


'^^ Erasmus Darwin Fish, LL.B. E.H. Thornton, N.H. 

LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1839. 

Edwin No YES. O.B. Water ville. Me. 

Lawyer since 1841. Tutor Colbv Univ., 1837-8. Geu. Supt. of Railroads, Mc. and 
Mich., 18'49-71. Me. State Senator, 1850-1. 

^^'•' George Washington Peck. P.K. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Editor of Am. Review, Boston, Mass. ; Musical Review, Boston Pout, New 
Yorlv Courier and Enquirer; Contributor to Atlantic Monthly. Autlior of Melbourne 
and the Chincha Islands, with Sketches of Lima ; Voyage Around the World ; Sonnets of 
the Sidewalk; Aurifodina, or Adventures iu the Gold Region. Died June 6, 1809. 

Rev. Charles William Reding. B'.Il. Beverly Farms, 

Baptist Clergyman. Mass. St.ate Representative, 1860-1. Author of Historical Discourse 
on the 50th Anniversary of Baptist Church, Webster, Mass., 1864. 


William Shaw Ames. M.K. Providence, R.I. 

Law Student. 

Rev. Charles Manning Bowers. E.M. Clinton, Mass. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1847. Editor Clinton Courant two years; Mass. State Represen- 
tativc, 1864=5. D.D., Brown, 1870. 

Charles Smith Bradley. A.B. Providence, R.I. 

Lawyer. Tutor Brown, 1838-40. Delegate to several national democratic conven- 
tions, including that of 1860. Chief Justice R. I. Supreme Court, 1866-8. Lecturer 
Harvard Law School, 3 years; Prof. Jurisprudence Harvard Law School, 1876-9. Author 
of Addresses before Alumni of Brown, Harvard Chapter of (l> B K, etc. LL.D., Brown, 
1867. Fellow Brown since 1866. 

Rev. Alfred Colburn. J. /7. Worcester, Mass. 




'^ Ezra Williams Howard. R ¥. Providence, R. I. 

Lawyer. Died December 9, 1869. 

^'^^^ Thomas Allen Jexckes. O.H. Cumberlaud, R.I. 

Lawyer. Tutor Mathematics, Brown, 1839-40. Representative from Rhode Island, 
1867-71. Author of Jeuekes Bill, entitled A Bill to Regulate the Civil Service of the United 
States, and to Promote the Efficiency Thereof; and of addresses on various public occasions. 
LL.D., Brown, 1873. Died ISTovember 4, 1875. 

George Yax Ness LoTHEOP. I'/.Z. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Attorney General Mich., 1848-50; General Counsel Michigan Central R.R. 
Co., since 1855. Author of occasional addresses. LL.D., Brown, 1873. 

Marcus Morton, LL.B. E.E. Andover, Mass. 

Chief Justice Mass. since 1882; Member Constitutional Convention, 1853; State 
Representative, 1858; Justice Suffolk Co. Superior Court, 1858-9; Justice Mass. Superior 
Court, 1859-69; Justice Supreme Judicial Court since 1869. LL.B., Harvard I'niv., 1840; 
LL.D., Brown, 1869. 

Henry Clay Whitaker. N.F. Providence, R. I. 

Fire and Marine Insurance Agent. Contributor Providence Daily Journal; Com- 
mercial Editor and Book Critic, 1859-78. Author of several poems. 


*^**^ Samuel Glover, Jr. P.fl. Cambridge, Mass. 

Theo. Student Newton Theo. Sem., 1840-2. Died, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1842. 

*'^ Francis Edwin Hoppin, LL.B. N.F. Providence, R. I. 

Municipal Judge, 1853-8. Author of several published discourses. LL.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1842. After 1858 practised little, and died June 20, 1868. 

* '^ George Washington Packard. P./i. Providence, R. I. 

Student Theology Harvard Univ. 

James Brown Mason Potter. l.M. Washington, D. C. 

Additional Paymaster, U. 8. A., 1861 ; Mai. and Paymaster, U. 8. A., 1864 ; Bvt. Lieut. 
Col., U.S.A., 1865. 

Rev. George Whitefield Samson. 0. W. New York City. 

Clergyman. Pres. Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C, 1859-71 ; Pi . -. TJiii-. i> Female 
Coll., 1871-5. Baptist Clergyman since 1875. Contributor C/irUtiai> L: ,'. ■ . /.■ t,<,/^lical 
Alliance, Baptist Quarterly. Author The Physical in Spiritualism, l^^l ; Spii inialism 
Tested, 1860; To Daimonion, or The Spiritual Medium, 1851 : Element- ..t Ait( ritleisra, 
1866; Abridged, 1868; Atonement, 1878; Creation and Immortality, 1882; The Divine 
Law as to AVines, 1880. D.D., Columbian Univ., 1858. Member Am. Scientific Soc. ; Am. 
Philological Soc. 

*'«^=' William Thojias Wilson, M.D. A.n. Baltimore, INId. 

Prof. Materia Medica Washington, Md., Univ., 1845-9. Died July, 1852. 


t James Burrill Curtis. M. '/'. Edinburgh, ScotLiud. 

Literateur. Went to Europe and took Orders iu the Church of England. M.A. 
Cambridge Univ., England, 1861. 

Rev. Ehexkzki! Dodc.e. I'./. Jlamiltoii. N. Y. 

I'les. ^riu 

lisoli I'l 

[liv. .-ilirr 1><|-.S; 

I -inf. Ihh 

rrw, ('<! 


>ll 'I'hfO 

. Inst., 



Paslor. Niw 

■ \\. N. 11.. I>1T 

"ill; New 1 


.\ .1 1 

., is.'id-:; 

;. I'ro 

f. i;ii,li( 

•al InUT- 


"rnl". CI 


,11 Th.'., 

l<.i;.v. 1 




Miiouy, :^or'cl 


, Conti 


1- riirixl. 

i<ni li<. 


-. D.I)., 

Browu, 1861; 


, Chicago Univ. 

, 1S09. 

Rev. IIeman Lincoln. A.V. Newton Centre, Mass. 

Prof. Kcflcslastii-al History. Xowton TIioo. Inst, since 1868. BapliM l':.^t..i-. Xrw 
Uritain, I'a., lS4.W,o; riiila.lcl|ilii:i, I'a., 1S;,(I-:'.; .lan.aica Plain, Mass., is.",:: '., IV. ■ . hl^ n.r, 
U. I., 1Sr.0-S. Chan. •(.!!. .r Iniv. of I.rwisluir!.', I'a., 18ol-3. Trustee \:y..v.u. Im,;;-si). 
Fellow Brown sincr IS.Sii. lOditor ChrixtUtn rhnmirlr, 1S48-51; \S\iUU>n,t:i <•„,! l;,jl.,t„r, 
1854-67. Coiitribntor lii/j/iot/ieca Sacnt, C/iri-itian /if view, £aptist Quarto-li/, ttc I). 1)., 
Rochester Univ., 1865. Member Pa. Hist. Boc. 

1856 Nathaniel Morton, LL.B-. A'. 77. Tannton, Mass. 

Tutor Brown, 1840-1. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1S4.3. Died February 12, 1856. 

Abraham Payne. A'.//. Providence, R. I. 

Lawyer. Attorney General R. I., 1863; State Representative, 1878-9. Contributor 
Provid«nce </o!»'na/. Member R. I. Hist. Soc. 


Rev. Kendall Broods. A. £. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Pros. Kalamazoo Coll. siiue isr.s; Tutor Columbian Univ., 1841-3. Baptist Pastor, 

EastiiMii, M. .. 1-1- ": I'l-r. M 111. ,11 iii.s and Natural Philosophy, Colby Univ., 1852-5. 
Pa-i-i i I h 1 , )- I 11 Xational Baptint, 1865-8. Member Board of 

Edii. I I ' I, , isl Quarterly, Barnard's Am. Journal of Educa- 

tion, /;./j '/ ' /,■- -■-. '- . I'. I'., l;r..v,.i. !-.;,;. 

^^* Frederick William Coffin. J.B. Edgartown, INIass. 
Henry Simmons Frieze. M.ll.K. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Acting Pres. Univ. of Mich., 1869-70, and since 1881; 'J'utor Brown, 1841-54; Prof. 
Latin Univ. Mich, since 1854. Author of an edition of the /Eneid, 1860; an edition of 
Quintilian, 1867. Contributor to various reviews. TiL.D., Chicago Univ., 1870; LL.D., 
Kalamazoo Coll., 1870. 

Rev. Richard Clarence Hall. A.//. Baltimore, Md. 
tRev. Daniel )Shepardson. 2'./. Granville, Ohio. 

Teacher. Pastor, 1841-55. Prin. Woodward School, 1855-63. Pres. Cincinnati Board 
of Public School Examiners, 16 years; Pres. Granville Young Ladies' Inst, since 1868. 
Author of occasional addresses, etc. A.M., honorary. Brown, 1853. 

Rev. Franklin Wilson. P.M. Baltimore, Md. 

Pastor Waverlv, Md., 1845-7; Baltimore, Md., 1847-52. Editor True Tn/OH, 1850-61 ; 
C/irisiiaii /.V(/f(/'," 1856-7; Maryland BaptiM, 1865. Author of Prize Essay, Duties of 
Churches to their Pastors, 1852; various religious articles; Popular Amusements, 1857; 
Keep the Church Pure, 1856: The Comparative Influence of Baptist and Pedo-baptist Prin 
ciples in the Christian Nurture of Children, 1858; Wealth, Its Investment and Use. D.I)., 
Columbian Univ., 1865. 

185I. • 

Samuel Penmman Bates. II. li. Meadville, Pa. 

Supt. Public Insini.tiMti -ill.-, ■ 1^74; I'rin. Meadville Acad., 18.53-7 ; Supt. Crawford Co. 
Public Schools, 18.-,7 <;<i\ |ie|.iii\ .-upt. I'lii. 11 liisiruction Pa., 1860-6. Slate Historian Pa., 
1866-73; Pres. Pul.lie .\ ~- k iatinii. IsT'i-SO. Author of Di-scourse on Life and 
Public Servie, ..,,!• ,1., In, n.iik.r, |).1>., rie-hl.,ii of .Ml. ^rlieriv Coll. : Metho.l of Teachers' 
Institutes: liiu'.-t .il- l-.o,] l.,\^-: -. ,i,.. ..f ai li. 1. - ..11 I'Iivm.-mI Cultur.', 18r,2-;i : History 
of Pa. V.ihHii. ■■■,-. .'i X..U.. 1-il- v l,i\,-..|ili.(l.a.niMi~..r I'a., 1ST-.': Martial Deeds ..f Pa., 
1875; Battle ..fCttv-l.i.!-, 1^7..; 1 liM..i-y ..I' (r.. \vt..i-.l 1 ■.... Is7s. t.. X'ol. Xll. 
Encyclopaedia Britannica. ],I,.D.. Allegheny C.>ll., 1S65. Meiiibir I'a. Hist. Soe., 1866; 
Crawford Co. Hist. Soc. 

158 Bruiio7iia7i. 

Hamilton Barclay Staples. A.O. Worcester, Mass. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty. Middle Dist., Maes., 1874-81; Justice Mass. Superior Court since 
1881. Author of A Day at Mount Vernon in 1797; and occasional addresses. Member 
Axn. Antiquarian Soc. 

*^^^ Asa Messer Williams. V .Z. Northampton, Mass. 

Studied Theo. Harvard Univ. Tutor Antioch Coll., 1856-9. Died September 2, 1859. 


Rev. Samuel Brooks. ./. Y' . Kalamazoo. Mich. 

Prof. Latin Language and Literature, Kalamazoo Coll , since 1869; Tutor Greek. 
Brown, 1854-5; Instructor Hebrew, Newton Theo. Inst., 1860-1. D.D., Franklin Coll., 

Nathan Wheaton Moore. A' .1' . San Francisco, Cal. 

Prin. Urban School, San Francisco, since 1864. Contributor to various magazines. 

Elijah Perry. (D'.FJ. Rolla, Mo. 

Lawyer. Prin. Plainfield, Conn., Acad., 18.52-3; Curator Mo. Univ., 186.3-74. Mo. 
State Representative, 1863-4. Circuit Atty. 18th Mo. Judicial Circuit, 1866-7; Circuit 
Judge 18th Mo. Judicial Circuit, 1869-75. . 


Frank Standish Bradford, M.D. P.0. New York City. 

Physician and Prof. Theory and Practice of Medicine N. J. Homceopathic Medical 
Coll. since 1869; Prof. Mathematics Miss. Baptist State Coll., 1853-4. Prof. Theory 
and Practice X3f Medicine in N. T. Homceopathic Coll. for Women, 1866-70. M.D. , Jefferson 
Medical Coll., Philadelphia, 1858. Member Am. Inst, of Homoeopathy. Asst. Surgeon 
R. I. Regiment Light Art., U. S. A. 

OsBORN Edward Bright. A^A'. New York City. 

Lawyer. Counsel for several railroad and other corporations. Sergt. Maj. 22d N. Y. 
Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Edward Thoivipson Cas-\vell, M.D. (d' J' . Providence, li. I. 

Physician ; Surgeon R. I. Hospital ; Consulting Physician Providence Dispensary ; 
Pres. Am. Acad, of Medicine ; Pres. R. I. Medical Soc. Author of Translation of Semeleder 
on the Laryngoscope; Addresses before Medical Societies, etc.; Contributor to medical 
journals. M.D., Jefferson Medical Coll., Philadelphia, 1859. Member Am. Acad, of 

Rev. Francis Marion McAllister. .V./?. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Pastor Trinity Church. 


f Henry Augustus Allen, LL.B. V.F. Citv of Jersey- 
ville, 111. 

Teacher. LL.B., Slate and National Law School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1855. 

Benjamin Braman. P.I. New York City. 

Teacher Cooper Union, New York City, since 1875 ; Tutor Latin, Univ. of Mich., 1855-6. 
Corresponding Sec. New York Microscopical Soc, 1881 ; Corresponding Sec. Torrey Botani- 
cal Club, 1881. Member N. Y. Acad, of Science. 



fFiJANK \V(K)i)iu:ii)(4K C'liENKV. I'Jl'. Soutli ^lanclu'stcr, 

Silk Manufucturer. Treas. Cheney Brothers. Pres. South Manchester R.R. Co. 
Iviout. Col. 16th Conn. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862; wotiiided at Battle of Antietam, September 17, 
18(VJ; discharged on account of wounds, December 24, 18G2. 

George William Curtis. I\M. AVct;t New Hri^liton, 
Staten Island, N. Y. 

Kilitor Harpers' Weekly since 1864. Member N. Y. Constitutional Convention, 1867-8. 
Life Kcijont Univ. of N. Y., 1864. Chairman Civil Service Committee, 1871-2. Consul 
Gen. to Egypt, 1861-3. Assoc. Editor Ptitnam'-i Moutlili/ ; Editor Easy Chair of IliirperH' 
Montlih/ since 1853. Author of Nile Notes of a Howadji, N. Y., 1S.J2," London, ISoJ; The 
Howadjiin Syria, N. Y., 1852, London, 18.52; Lotus Eating, a Summer Book. X. Y., 1S.52, 
London, 1852; The Potiphar Papers, 1854; Prue and I, 1856. Pres. X. Y. Civil Service 
Reform Assoc., 1881. LL.D., Madison Univ., ISOS; LL.D., Harvard Univ., 1881. 

t Benjamin Franklin Davis. li. W. Nashville, Tenn. 
Walter Hillman. I. A'. Clinton, Miss. 

Pres. Central Female Inst, since 1856. Prof. Mathematics, Mississippi Coll., 18.54-6; 
Pres. Mississippi Coll., 1867-73. LL.D., Mississippi Coll., 1873. 

Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr. A.W. Providence, R. I. 

Treas. Slater Woollen Co. Trustee Brown since 1870. 

John WiNTHROP Vernon. PAL Providence, R. I. 

Cashier Merchants' National Bank, Providence. 

Thomas Vernon, LL.B. I.I'.K. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Hanard Univ., 1856. Corp. 71st N. Y. V. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-3. 


'fNATHAN Miller Wheaton Abbot. T.U. Warren, R.I. 

Clerk for Commodore Abbot, his father, on U. S. Ship " Macedonian," for a few months 
before his death. Died at sea. May 31, 1853. 

fDAViD Allen Andreavs. (P'.d. Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

Manufacturer of Horse Shoe Nails, W. M. Moonev & Co., since 1876. Sec. Globe Nail 
Co., 1865-77. 

t William Waterman Chapin. H'.K. Providence, R. I. 

Sec. R. I. Board of State Charities and Corrections since 1873. Sec. Providence Board 
of Trade, 1871-73. 

" Cortland Hoppin, M.D. O.F. Providence, R. I. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., N. Y., 1860. Died October 19, 1876. 

Joseph Darwin Long. .fP. Onarga, Illinois. 

Real Estate Agent. Lawyer; Atty. Illinois Central R.R., 20 years. Contributor to 
Illinois Digest of Law Reports ; Good Company. Honorary Member Chicago Philosophical 

* Morris Bar'ker Morgan. 0. T. New Orleans, La. 

Merchant in Providence; later Custom House Oflicial New Orleans. Died October 5 
1874. ■ 

** George Burgess Paine. B'.H". Providence, R. I. 

Stud. Theology Gen. Sem. Protestant Episcopal Church. Travelled in Europe, and died 
at Leghorn, Tuscany, December 9, 1858. 

:6o Brunonian. 

Rev. Albert Hale Plumb. H'.P. Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

Pastor Walnut Ave. Congregational Church. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1858. 

Henry Dudley Williams. .VJl'. Jamaica Plains, Boston, 

Dealer in Paintings and Engravings, William:* & Everett, Boston, Mass. Trustee Dean 
Acad. Trustee Tuft's Coll. since 1880. 


Charles Henry Alden, M.D. H'.Hl'. Washington, D. C. 

Surgeon U. S. A. M.D. T'niv. of Pa., 1858. Corresponding Fellow New York Acad. 
of Medicine, 1880. Asst. Surgeon U. S. A., 1860; Surgeon, 1866. Bvt. Lieut. Col., 1865. 

James Madison Cutts, Jr. , LL.B. B'.A'. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyfer. Prof, of Rhetoric, Oratory, and History, Seton Hall Coll., 1870-6. Associate 
Editor South Western, 1868. Author of A Brief Treatise on Constitutional and Party 
Questions. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1860. Private 1st R. I. Inf , U. S. A., 1861 ; Capt. llth 
Inf., U.S. A., 1861; Judge Advocate on Staff of Major General \. E. Buruside; Bvt. 
Major, U.S. A., 1864; Bvt. Lieut. Col., 1864; Capt. 20th Inf., U. S. A., 1866-8. 

f Thomas Ewing. B'.Y. Lancaster, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Chief Justice Kan. Supi-eme Court, 1860-2. Member National Peace Con- 
ference, 1861; Member Constitutional Convention of Ohio, 1873-4; IT. S. Representative 
from Ohio, 1877-81; Trustee Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, 18T4-S; Trus- 
tee Ohio Univ., 1878-83; Vice President Cincinnati Law Coll.,18sl. ( (iiitriinitiiv t.. \;iii(His 
papers and magazines. LL.D., Georgetown Coll., 1870. Private Fmiitir iIkh i~. \\ ;i-li- 
ington, March and April, 1861 ; Col. llth Kan. Inf., U.S. A., 1862; Uiiu. ( m n. \ . 1-., Im.:;; 
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Vols., March 13, 1865 ; resigned February 23, 1865. A.M., h.jiinrarv, I'.iow n, 

Charles Bradford Goff. A.ii'. Providence, R. I. 

Prin. English and Classical School since 1864. 


Alexander Thompson Britton. E.O'. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Pres. D. C. Board of Metropolitan Police. Commissioned to codify U. S. 
Public Land Laws, 1879-81. Washington Atty. for leading railroads and companies. 
Author of U. 8. Land Laws, General and Permanent; U. S. Land Laws, Local and 
Temporary, 3 vols., 1880. Private Nat. Rifles of D. C, U. S. A., 1861. 

t Charles Henry Childs, Jr. R.A. Providence, R. I. 

Cashier Third Nat. Bank. 

Samuel Coffin Eastman, LL.B. Z'.- . Concord, N. H. 

Lawyer. Concord Citv Treas., 1862-77. Author of White Mountain Guide Book, 1860; 
N. H. Town Officer, 1866." LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1S.59. Member N. H. Hist. 8oc. ; R. I. 
Hist. Soc. 

* "^'''f Charles William Gladding. II'. li. Providence, R. I. 

Died at Providence, R. L, April 10, 1854. 

Rev. Daniel Goodwin. A. A'. East Greenwich. R. L 

Rector St. Luke's Church. 

Charles Hutchins Hapgood. A.K. Alton, 111. 


Brii7wnian. i6i 

*"«" Benjamin Hale Smith. A'.W (Uoiiccsttn-, Mass. 

Lawvor. ^t,■lHs. Stale Reprosentativc, 1863-4. ^r.■r,llM■l■ ( '.Inii. ester School Board, 1867. 
Citv Solfcitor, ISTC; Chainnau Hepublican TownCoiuiHiil,.. ; liiKtoe Public Library Fund. 
FuiilislKT Oloiu-fster. Mas.s., Telegraph, Gape Ann A'l >■.,■' i«r, Gape Arm Bulletin. 
Died November 23, 1880. 

^Rev. Augustus Wbodbari/. II'. Z. Provident'C, R. I. 

Chairman Lowell, Mass., School Committee, 1855-57; Member Providence Srliool 
Committee, 1863-9. State Keprescntative, R. I., 1863-4 and 1874-5. Clianriiiin Mi.te 
Prison Inspectors, R. I., 1876-77. Pres. Alumni Harvard Divinity School, issl Aul hrn- 
of numerous hist, works and commemorative addresses: (Vimpaign First li. L Ditaelied 
Militi:i, 1S(V2 ; Maj. Uen. A. E. Burnside and the Ninili Army < 'orpS, 1867; Sketches ot 
A. K. Buniside,' Wm. H. Reynolds, Wm. B. We,. In,, .\:itl,;,niel Brown, in Bartlett s 
Rhode Island Odioers, 1867; many sermons, addn s>es, ,,iaii,>Ms; Oration at Dedication 
of Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Providence, R. 1., 1S71. Contributor to C/tri.xtian 
Examiner, New Englander, North American Review. B.D., Cambridge Divmity School, 
. 1849. 


RoBEKT Boyle Chapman. /i^2'. Providence, R. I. 

Insurance Agent. Sec. State Mutual Fire Ins. (^o. : Am. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. ; Knter- 
prise Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 

Charles Lewis Colby. B'.I'. • Milwaukee, Wis. 

Pres. Wis. Cen. R.R.; Wis. & Minn. R.R. Co.; Chippewa Falls & Western R.R. Co. 
Wis. State Representative, 1880. Author of published speeches on Railroad Taxation ; 
Railroads and the People ; Against Death Penalty in Wis. Trustee Brown since 1879. 

I Albert Eugene Faxon. A. A. New York City. 


Samuel Turner Harris. A.O'. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Stock Raiser. Formerly Lawyer. 

t William Augustus Mowry. tl'.li. Providence, R. I. 

Founder and Prin. English and Classical School since 1864. Prin. English and Scientific 
Department Providence High School, 1859-64. Author of Richard Mowry, His Ancestors 
anci His Descendants, 1878; The Descendants of Nathaniel Mowry, 1879; Political Edu- 
cation" Who Invented the American Steamboat? Editor Schoolmaster, three years. 
Pres R I Institute of Instruction, 1864-5; Pres. Am. Institute of Instruction, 1881. 
Member R. I. Hist. Soc. ; Soc. for Encouragement of Domestic Industry ; Providence Frank- 
lin Soc • New England Historic-Genealogical Soc. ; Honor.ary Member N. H. Antiquarian 
Soc. Capt. Co. K, 11th R. 1. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. A.M., honorary. Brown, 1866. 

*''*^* Joseph HuRLBUT Patten. O.A'.K. Providence, R. I. 

Bank Teller. Died December 17, 1874. 

tJoHN Meredith Read, Jr., LL.B. M.l\ Albany, N. Y. 

Consul General at Paris, 1869-76; U. S. Minister to Greece, 1876-81. Adj. Gen., N. Y., 
1861. Original Trustee Cornell Hniv Anth..,- of Tnr,uirv Coneerning Hen- 
drick Hudson, 1866; The Keliiiion of tie S ,il 1,. rbmls .-...d Annn.l-; Imi-sI Ainnml Dis- 
course' delivered before the IM. Hi-:. -"•; A Hi-'. Iii|iur> Cm- ■111111- llniiy Hudson 
His Friends, Relatives, and Iv.rlv l.n.. IM- ( ' '.in ,1 i,.,. unli ,!,.■ Mu-,,,s> C.iniK.ny .and 
Discovery of Delaware Bay: Lile ,,i llud-.n. 1 ~7m. M.m'.e,-> In-iuute; Am. Philo- 
sophicalSoc; New England llisi. .•md ( .,,1 .il^.-ied .-,.,.; i •,„•■■ -^iMinding Member Am. 
Ethnological Soc. Honorary, V. N. .\., 1-.; M. l: >■ A , 1m.7. ImIIonv and Founder 
Royal Soc. of Northern Anti(inaries IsDi. Coini.ien.led ).y h reneh Aead., lSb7; Iruatee 
Albany Female Acad. Chairman Albany Dist. ('oMiniitlee. Membi'r Am. Social Scienc- 
Association. Received the thanks of the East India Company and of the Muscovy Company 
1867 ; and of the War Department, U. 8. A., 1861. A.M., honorary. Brown, 1866. 


1 62 B7'uno7iian. 

Adonie AM Brown Judson , M . D . Z' .P . K. New York City . 

Ortbopedic Surgeon to Out-Patient Bepartment, X. T. Hospital, since 1878. Author of 
History of the Am. Epizootic of 1872-3; Epidemic Cholera in the Mississippi Valley in 
1873; "The Cause of Kotation in Lateral Curvature of the Spine. M.D., Jefferson Medical 
Coll., 1865; M.D., ad eundem, Columbia Coll., 1868. Member N. Y. Acad, of Sciences; 
Fellow N. Y. Acad, of Medicine; Am. Acad, of Medicine. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1861 ; 
Passed Asst. Surgeon, 1864; Surgeon, 1866. 

Elnathan Judson. 0'.r. Worcester, Mass. 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1862. 

William Williams Keen, Jr.. M.D. n'.l'. Philadelphia. 

Constituent Trustee Crozer Theo. Sem. since 1S67 ; Prof. Artist Anatomy, Pa. Acad, of 
Fine Arts, since 1875; Lecturer Jefferson Medical Coll., 1867-75; Philadelphia School of 
Anatomy, 1866-75. Author of On Reflex Paralysis, -with Colleagues, 1864 ; Gunshot 
Wounds and Other Injuries of Nerves; Practical Anatomy; A Sketch of the Early History 
of Practical Anatomy; Gunshot Wounds of the Brain; and very many surgical papers. 
M.D., Jefferson Medical Coll., 1862. Fellow Coll. of Physicians of Philadelphia; Member 
Phil Acad Nat. Science; Am. Med. Assoc. Advancement of Science. Trustee Brown, 1873. 
Asst. Surgeon oth Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861; Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1862-1; Asst. 
and Executive Oflicer Eckingtou Hospital, Washington, D. C. 

Samuel Thane Poinier. A.E'. Spartanburg, S. C. 

Postmaster since 1880; U. S. Commissioner since 1867; Chief Super\'isor of Elections 
since 1872. Editor, 1869-71. Chaplain 15th Ky. Inf., U. S. A., 1863-5. 

George LoEiNG Porter, M.D. A'.0. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Physician. Official Visitor Insane Retreat, Hartford, Conn. M.D., Jefferson Medical 
Coll., 1862. Member National Medical Soc; Conn. Medical Soc. Commissioned Asst. 
Surgeon, U. S. A., 1862;.Capt., 1867; Post Surgeon Washington Arsenal, 1864; Bvt. Capt., 
Bvt. Maj., 1865. 

*^^ Rev. Walter McDltfie Potter. P.1\ Cranston, R.I. 

Missionary to Denver City, Colo., and Founder of First Baptist Church. Grad. Theo. 
Sem., Rochester, N. Y. Died April 9, 1866. 

*'*^ Joseph Porter Pratt. B'.Z. Lawrence, Mass. 

Preceptor Suffield Acad., six months. Died May 6, 1863. 


Thomas Williams Bicknell. 6. ¥. Boston, Mass. 

Editor and Publisher. School Commissioner, R. L, 1869-79. R. I. State Representa- 
tive, 1859-60. Prin. Bristol, R. I., High School, 1860-4, and 1867-9; Prin. Providence 
Grammar School, 1865-8. Author of Memorial of William Lord Noyes, 1867; History of 
Barrington, 1870 ; Report R. I. State Schools, 1870-4. Editor N. E. Journal of Education. 
LL.D., Straight Univ. and Drury Coll., 1881. 

Rev. Samuel White Dtos^can. E.I'. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Pastor Ninth St'.' Baptist Church since 1875. Trustee Dcnison Univ.; Rochester 
Theo. Sem. Pres. Ohio Baptist State Convention. Author of Historical Discourse upon 
the Semi Centennial of the Ninth Street Baptist Church. D.D.,Chic.'igo Univ., 187o. Capt. 
50th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Rev. Adoniram Judson Gordon. A'JI''. Boston, Mass. 

Pastor Clarendon St. Baptist Church since 1869. Trustee Brown ; Newton Theo. Inst. 
AuthoroflnChrist, 1872; Grace and Glory, 1881. D.D., Brown, 1878. 

Bruno fiian. 163 

Fkancis Metcalf PoM). /'.//. Providence, R. I. 

Dealer in Musical Inslruinentf. 

IIenky Kikke Pouter. A. 2'. Pittsburg, Pii. 

Manufacturer of Light Locomotives. Trustee CrozerTlieo. Sein., 1S"2-81. Corp. Co. A. 
45th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Howard Malcom Rice. f'.il'.K. l^rovidence, R. I. 

Instructor English and Classical School. 


"^''' Isaac Bowen Barker, li.l'. C^imbridge, Mass. 

Asst. Prof. Ethics and English Literature, I'. 8. Naval Acad., 1861-3; Instructor 
Rhetoric and English Literature Brown, 1867-8 ; Prof. iModern Languages Univ. of E. Tcnn., 
1869-73; Instructor German Harvard Univ., 1870-5. Died March 22, 1875. 

Thomas Thompson Caswell. B'.II. Washington, 1). C. 

Paymaster, U. S. IST. ; Asst. Paymaster, U. 8. X., 1861 ; Paymaster, 1863. 

'"'''tKDWARD Dyer Chamberlain. ['.Z. Boston, Mass. 

Died July 6, 1858. 

Albert Newell Drown. /^ )''. San Francisco, Cal. 


Rev. Edward Oliver Stevens. E.)I. Prome, British 

Missionary Am. Baptist Missionary Union. Contributor to Baptist Missionary Jfagu- 
eine since 1866. Editor Judsou's Burmese and English Dictionary. Author of A Guide 
to Musical Notation, and other works in Burmese. 

Washington Benson Trull, M.D. /./. Brookline, Mass. 

Author of On Gunshot Wounds of the Cranium, Ani. Journal of Medical Science, 
1863. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1863. Asst. Surgeon, U. 8. A., 1863; Bvt. Capt., 1865; Vol. 
Asst. Surgeon, Prussia, 1870-1. 


fTnoMAS Frederic Brown. li'.M. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cotton Merchant. Corp. 1st R. I. Light Art., U. 8. A., 1861; 2d Lieut., 1862; 1st 
Lieut., 1862; Capt., 1864; Bvt. Major, 1864; Bvt. Lieut. Col., 1865; Inspector Gen. Artillery 
Brigade, 2d Army Corps, 1865. 

Rev, Henry Francis Colby. /•:.()'. Dayton, Ohio. 

Pastor First Baptist Church since 1868. Trustee Denisou Univ. Author of Convention 
Poem, Alpha Delta Phi, Geneva, N. Y. ; Memoir of Gardner Colby, 1879 ; Memoir of K. E. 
Barney, 1881 ; and occasional sermons and addresses. 

Joshua INIellen. A'.Z. Wayland, ]Mass. 

James Henry Remington. I'.IJ'. l'>rooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Slate Representative, R. I., 1863. Attv. for Commonwealth in various counties 
of Va., 1868-70; Sec. U. S. Law Assoc, 1872-80; Pres. U. 8. Law Assoc, since 1881. Capt. 
7th R. I. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862; Capt. Vet. Reserve Corps; Bvt. Major. 

John Deshon Thurston. J'. I'. Providence, R. T. 



'run Oman. 


*'^^f Joseph Mantox Bradley. M.[\ Providence, R. I. 

Private let R. I. Light Batterj-, U. 8. A., 1S61. Died Maicli 7, 1879. 

f Charles Ray Brayton. A. T. Providence, R. I. 

Ex-Deputy Collector Internal Revenue, R. I. ; Pension Agent and Postmaster, Provi- 
dence; Postmaster, Port Koyal. 1865. 1st Lieut. 3d R.I. Heavy Art., U. 8. A., 1861; Capt., 
1862; Lieut. Col., 1863; Col., 1864; Bvt. Brig. Gen.; Capt. 17th U. 8. Inf., 1867. 

* '^^^f Gamaliel Lyman Davight. B'.M. Providence, R. 1. 

Corp. Ist R. I. Lisht Art., U. 8. A., 1861; 2d Lieut., 1861; Ist Lieut., 1862; Acting 
Asst. Adj. Gen. Art. Brtgade, 2d Anny Coqis. Died January 19, 1875. 

*'^'-f-WiLLL4M Albert Greene. li'.J. Frostburg, Md. 

Rev. Seth Jones Axtell. ^..\'. New Orleans, La. 

Prin. Leland Univ. since 1878. Grad. Newton Tlieo. Inst. Contributor to the M^atch- 
man, National Baptist, Zion's Advocate, etc. Corp. 5l9t Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. 

Henry Louis Ha^oiond, M.D. fy.P. Killingly, N. Y. 

Physician, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1866. Pres. Washington, 
WaiTen and Saratoga Counties Med. Soc, 1878. Author of Address on Medical Ethics: 
Essay on Tetanus, etc. Acting Asst. Surgeon 2.5th Army Corps, U.S. A., 1865. 

'^° Charles Thurber Lazell. B\F/. Saxton's River, Yt. 

Teacher. Sub-master New Bedford High School, 1869-73 ; Prin. Lawrence, Mass., High 
School, 1873-5 ; Teacher Greek, Agtronomy and History, Vt. Acad., 1876-80. Died No- 
vember 20, 1880. 

Henry Bradley Miner. B.ff. Hyde Park, Mass. 

Prin. Dorchester Everett School since 1875. Prin. Canton, Mass., High School, 1866-9; 
Boston Tileston School, 1869-75. 

Horace Mann Willard. O.X'. Saxton's River, Yt. 

Prin. Vt. Acad. sinc#1876. Prin. Bridgewater, Mass., Acad., 1864-70; Prin. New Lon- 
don Literary and Scientific Institute, 1870-2; Supt. Gloucester, Mass., Public Schools, 
1872-3; Supt. Newton Public Schools, 1873-6. 


fZEPiiANiAH Brown. E.0. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cotton Factor and Commission Merchant, firm of Mellen, Brown & Co. Corporal 
10th R. I. Inf., U.S. A. ,1862; 1st Lieut, lllli Regt. Colored Heavy Art.; Acting Adj. 
Battalion, 1863-5. 

Rev. Minor RuDD Demming. P.P. Boston, Mass. 

General Sec. Boston Y.M.C. Association. Pastor Baptist Church, Marlboro, 1868-71 ; 
First Baptist Church, Green Point, Brooklyn, 1871-3. 

Rev. Edavard Jitdson. li'.P. New York City. 

Pastor Berean Baptist Church since 1881. Prof. Latin and Modern Languages Madison 
Univ., 1868-74. Author of Life of Adoniram Judson, and published sermons. 

Warren Richmond Perce. .t.P. Providence, R.I. 


Bninonian. i^5 

Joseph Edwin Spuink. O.X'.K. I'roviaence, R. I. 

Lawyer. State Representative', 1868-9. 

William Henry Williams, LL.P.. .\' . V • New YorkCily. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1867. 

tWiLLiAM Clitus Witter, LL.B. E' .li' . New York City. 

Lawyer. U. S. Exmniner in Chancery .inee 1878. A. B., Yale Coll., 1865; LL.B., 
Columbia Coll., 1867. Private liUli li. L Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

1 866. 

Hekbert Cutler Hullard, M.D. D' .1' . North Attle- 
boro', Mass. 

Physician. Asst. I'rof. Ethics U. S. Naval School, AnnapoliH, 1866-8. M.D., Columbia 
Coll., 1871. 

*"^' John Burton Mustin, M.D. l\A'. rinladelphia. Pa. 

Physician. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1868. Died May 31, 1871. 

Rev. John Bartholomew Gough Pidge. V.E'. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Pastor Fourth Baptist Church since 1879. Translator of a partof Lange's Commentary, 

Rev. Emery Huntinoton Porter. A'.IL Pawtucket, R.I. 

Rector St. Paul's since 1870. Grad. Philadelphia Divinity School, 1869. 

Rev. Charles Abraham Gardner Thurston. A'.//. 
Laconia, N. H. 

Acting Pastor Congregational Church since 1881.' 

Lab AN Edwards Warren, /v. W. Waterville, Me. 

Prof. Mathematics Colby Univ. since 1875. Teacher Now London (N. H.) Literary 
and Scientific Inst., 1867-75; Pres., 1872-75. 


*"*'tAj.BERT Allin Arnold. B'.ll. Pawtuxet, R. I. 

Retired through ill health. Died February 11, 1882. 

Rev. Freeborn Coggeshall, Jr. H'-i^'^ Boston, Mass. 

Studied General theo. Sem. Episcopal Church, N. Y. --^^f • ^'^'nv^,!!^' Fn"/ ""' 
Advent, Boston, 1872. Died October 6, 1876, while studying at Univ. Oxfo.d, Lng. 

'« Daniel Cole. VJ .K. Walpole, Mass. 

Prin. Leland and Gray Sem., Townsheud, Vt., and at Walpole. Died Nov. 18. 1869. 

fGEORGE Willis Duncan. iP.A. Haverhill, Mass. 


t Edgar Greene DuRFEE. A.Z. Providence, R. I. 

Sec. Franklin Foundry and Machine Co. 

fFRANCis Shubael Goff. P.H. Providence, R. T. 

Commercial Traveller. 


1 66 Bi'unonian. 

f Edward Lewis Osgood. P.K. Boston, Mass. 

Publisher, J. R. Osgood & Co. Banker, Pai-is, France, ten years. Initiated Dartinoutli 


t Willi AM Hexry Benxett, M.D. P. J. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Physician Children's Home, Atlantic City, since 1874; Seaside House for Invalid 
Women since 1878; St. Christopher Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, since 1875; 
Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, since 1877. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1869. Member Phil- 
adelphia Pathological Soc. 

Frank Edward Bliss. X.I'. Xew York City. 

Petroleum Business. 

Rev. William Hexry Lyox. P.T. Roxburj, Mass. 

Pastor, Unitarian, Mount Pleasant Church, since 1880. B.D., Harvard Univ., \%1Z. 

EuGEXE Watermax Masox. B'.0. Providence, R. I. 

Cotton Goods Merchant. 

William Carey Polaxd. P. ()'. Providence, R. I. 

Instructor Latin and Greek, Brown, 1871-6; Assl. Prof, since 1876. Prin. Worcester 
Acad., 1868-70. Member Am. Philological Soc. 

Iram Nelson Smith. 1\I' . Fall River, Mass. 



*'^f Osgood Carxey Baker. A'. J. Providence, R. I. 
Fraxk Wiltox Freeborx. A.E'. Boston, Mass. 

Teacher Boston Latin School since 1875. Prof. Mathematics, Columbian Univ., 1871-2 ; 
Prin. Hyde Park High School, 1872-5. 

Ray Greexe Hltlixg. A.Q'. Fitchburg, Mass. 

Teacher. Asst. Prin. Fall River High School, 1869-75; Prin. Fitchburg High School 
since 1875. Contributor to R. I. Schoolmaster, National Xormal, New England Journal 
of Education, Fall River Monitor, and Barnes' Educational Monthly; Cor. Mem. R. I. 
Hist. Soc. ; Pres. Worcester Co. Teachers' Convention, 1880. 

Rev. JoHX Skinner Hutchinson. K.P. .Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Retired. Teacher Worcester Acad., 1869-70; Asst. Insti-uctor Crozer Theo. Sem., 
1873-5. Grad. Newton Theo. Sem., 1873. 

Rev. Dura Pratt Morgan. 0'.A'. Beverlj, Mass. 

Sec. Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, Colby Acad., since 1879. Private 
11th N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1862; Hospital Steward, U. S. A., 1864-6. 


Rev. Thomas Burgess. 2'./'. St. Albans, Vt. 

Rector St. Luke's Church. Formerly Instructor Dc Veaux Coll. 

Joseph Cady Ely, LL.B. I.I'. Providence, R. I. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1872. 

Rev. John Mahan English. A'.M. Gloucester, Mass. 

Teacher Latin Conn. Literary Institution, SiiflBeld, Conn., 1870-2; Acting Prof. Greek 
Denison Univ., 1874. 

Jyruno7itan. 16"] 

'^■'firENin- Frankltn CJkeene. N.II. Piovidence, K. T. 

Died December 27, 1867. 

ISamuel KosEBURGH Morrow, M.l). .I.J. Albany, N.Y. 

Physician. Tutor Hopkins Grammar School, New Ilaveu, 1870-3; Yale Coll., 187:}-6. 
Bollevue Hospital House StatT, N. Y., 1877-9; Surseon, 1878-9; Surgeon St. Peter's Hom- 
pital, Albany, N. Y., 1881. A.B., Yale Coll., 1870; M.D., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Alonzo Williams. Z.P'. Providence, R. I. 

Prof. Modern T-aiii^uagos, Hrown, since 187fi; Tutor Greek- and Latin, 1870-1; Teacher 
Latin, Greek and Gorman. Friends' School, Providence, R. 1., 1871-5. "id Lieut. 3d U. I. 
Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1861-5. Member Am. Oriental Soc. ; Am. Philoloijical Soc. 


Arthur Forster Bowers. I'.l. New York City. 

•Journalist. City Editor New York Tribune since 1880; on Tribune staff since 1870. 

Rice Arxold Browx. A'. Y'. Blackstone, Mass. 


»is78 ^YiLLiAM Finn Mustin. M./y. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Merchant. Died December 15, 1878. 


Rev. Francis Walter Barnett. M.A'. Wilton, Conn. 

Rector St. Matthews' since 1879. 

Rev. Albert Arnold Bennett. ./'. P. Yokohama, Japan. 

Baptist Missionary since 1880. Pastor Holliston Baptist Church, 1875-80. Author of 
First Baptist Church," Holliston, 1878. B.D., Baptist Theo. Sem., Chicago, 111., 1875. 

Joshua Eddy Crane, Jr. f^.L Bridge water, Mass. 

Instructor; Journalist. Prin. Bridgewater Acad., 1872-5; Prin. Preparatory Depart- 
ment Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut, Syria, 1876-9. 

Arthur Denorv AN Dean. ././*. Scranton, Pa. 


Rev. Edwin Walter Gould. J.l'. Roxbury, Mass. 

Contributor to The Churchman. 

Rev. John Henry Mason. O.X'. Brockport, N. Y. 

Pastor Baptist Church since 1881. 

f Charles John Seaman. Q.II. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Merchant. A.B., Denlson Univ., 1871. 


Rev. Frederick Burgess. J.V. Amherst, ^lasa. 

Hector Grace Church since 1S77. Hector St. Mark's Church, Mendham, N. J., 1877. 

i68 Brunonian. 

Eev. Thomas Davis Anderson, Jr. K. T. Portland, Me. 

Pastor, Portland, Me., First Baptist Church since 1877. 

Rev. Edward Wilcox Babcock. N.H. New Haven, Conn. 

Rector Cliurch of the Ascension. 

Philip Henry Case. Z'.F'. Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Retired because of ill health. 

James Humphrey Hoyt, LL.B. H'.Z. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1877. Initiated by Hudson Chapter. 

t William Lambert HuRD. O.M. McKeesport, Pa. 

Business Correspondent National Tube Co. Private 2d Mass. H. A., U.S.A., 186'l-.5. 

James Edward Leach, LL.B. V.O'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1876. 

Charles Brenton Mathewson, M.D. P.F. Providence, R.I. 

Surg. Second Battalion R. I. Militia. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1878. 

f Henry Mixter Penniman. I. A. Andover, Mass. 

Student Andover Theo. Sem. Teacher Princeton and Rutland, Mass., 1878; Holden, 
Mass., Graded School, 1879. 

Frank Perkins Whitman. B'.V. Troy, N. Y. 

Teacher. Prof. Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, since 1880. Instructor Mowry 
& Goff 's English and Classical High School, 1874-79. 


Benjamin Baker, P.K. Providence, R. I. 

Teacher Providence High School since 1879; Westerly, R. I., High School, 1875-6. 
Prin. Woonsocket, R.I., High School, 1877-9. 

David Sherman Baker, Jr. A'. Y. North Kingston, R. I. 

Lawyer, Providence, R. I. State Representative, 1878-9. 

Albert Davis Bosson. P.I. Chelsea, ]\Iass. 

Lawyer, Boston, Mass. 

Charles Elmer Field, M.D. Z'. T. East Bridgewater, 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1878. 

William Chace Greene. ./../'. Moodus, Conn. 

Cotton Manufacturer. 

Rev. Charles Remington Talbot. A'. I'. Naugatnck, Conn. 

Author of Royal Lowrie ; Royal Lowrie's Last Year at St. Olave's ; Story of Honor 
Bright; History of Miltiades Peterkin Paul. 

Rev. Robert Francis Tolman, Jr. 0.0. Melrose, Mass. 

Pastor Baptist Church since 1878. 

Benjamin Ide Wheeler. M.X'. Providence, R. I. 

Student Philology, Univ. of Lcipsic. Teacher Providence High School, 1875-9; 
Instructor Classics, Brown, 1879-81. Member Am. Philological Soc. 

Bf-unonian. 169 

Henry Lepeelate ALDHicir, Jr. l.ll. Providence. K. T. 

Cotton Broker. 

Charles Value Chapin, M.l). ^.\'. Providence, R. I. 

Physician. Home Phvsioian Bellevuc Hospital, 1879-80. Author of Fiske Fund Prize 
Essay on The Sympathetic Ncrvo, 1881. M.D., Bellevuc Hospital Medical Coll., 1879. 

Clarkson Abel Collins. V.I. Englewood, N. J. 

Lawyer since 1880. Instructor German and Mental Philosophy, Friends' Boardiiiif 
School, Providence, R. I., 1879-80. 

Richard Borden (^omstock. 1.1'/. Providence, R. T. 


'**^^|Percival Bailey Greene. I.I'. Providence, R. T. 

Died November 24, 187.5. 

Rowland Gibson Hazard, 2d. J.IJ. Peace Dale, R. I. 

Asst. Treas. Peace Dale Woolen Manufg. Co. 

'^"t Allan Heman Lincoln. Newton Centre, Mass. 

Died February 5, 1873. 

Christopher Francis Parkiiurst. 0. ¥. Providence, R.I. 


Benjamin Wheeler Steele. 0.0'. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Editor and Publisher The Colorado Springs Gazette. 

'''""fRoswELL Everett Wilbur. P. A. Somerset, Mass. 

Died September, 1876. 


Charles Talbot Aldrich. W.ii'. Providence, R. T. 

Cotton Broker. 

Walter Irving Ballou, LL.B. U^.I. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1879. 

Frank Pierce Capron, M.D. M.K. Providence, R. I. 

Ophthalmic Consultor R. I. Hospital since 1880. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

"'"t William Clifton Hall. .V. E. Westerly, R. I. 

Died November 6, 1874. 

Walter Asa Peck. (I.\. Providence, R. I. 

Wool Merchant. 

William Paine Sheffild, Jr. A..!'. Newport, R. I. 



Abel Chalkley Collins. 7'./'. Great Barrington, Mass. 

Law Student. Prin. Belvidere Acad., N. C, 1879-80; Prin. Peace Dale, R. I., High 
School, 1880-1. 

170 Brunonian. 

fJoHN Alexander Cross. M.Z. Providence, R. I. 

Manufacturer, Valley Worsted :Mill. 

Frank Harris. K.I. Providence, R. I. 

Cotton Broker, Fisher & Harris. 

Elton Hoyt. P.P. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Broker, Colgate Hoyt & Bro. 

Ralph Thrall King. M. V. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lumber Merchant, with Rust, King & Clint. B.P., Brown, 187.9. 

Rev. Charles Henry Pendleton. T.l. Westerly, R. I. 

•Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1881. 

Isaac Oscar Winslow. K.FI. Providence, R. I. 

Prin. Federal St. Grammar School since 1878. 

AViLLiAM Potter Blttfum. I. P. Newport, R. I. 


Edward Pike Greene. M.O'. Providence, R. I. 

Wholesale Shoe Dealer, with Greene, Anthony & Co. 

Albert Granger Harkness. E.X'. Providence, R. I. 

Student Philology, Univ. of Leipsic. Teacher Classics Peddie Classical Inst., Hights- 
town, N. J., 1880-1. 

George Ide Malcom. T. W. New York City. 


William Richmond Tillinghast. 0.1'. Providence, R. I. 

Retired because of ill health. 


*'***^ Edmund Neville Bennett. //. V. Tannton, Mass. 

Died May 28, 1881. 

Zechariah Chafee, Jr. E.T. Providence, R. I. 

Treas. Builder^' Iron Foundry. 

Prescott Orloff Clarke. F/.I\ Providence, R. I. 

Ironworker. B.P., Brown, 1878. 

George Stephen Goodspeed. I'.it'. IMorgan Park, 111. 

Student Baptist Union Theo. Sem. 

Herbert Ide Keen. V.M. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Manufacturer, Clark & Keen. 

Harry Wintroad Kinney. 0.H. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Bank Clerk Commercial Bank. 

Brunonian. ^7^ 

David Fostkk Sladk. A.l. Somerset, Mass. 

Law Student Boston Univ. 

Samuel AVatson Smith, Jr. X.l'. (Cincinnati, Oliio. 

Law Student Cincinnati I-aw School. 


William Cotter Bakek. J'.^). Wickford, R. I. 

Instructor French and Ocrinan, DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, N. Y. 

Benjamin Barker, Jr. //'. T'.A'. Tiverton, E. I. 

Law Student Columbia Law School, New York City. 

John Russell Gladding. (KF/. Providence, R. I. 

With St. Croix Cotton ^lill. 

Frederick Rowland Hazard. J.V. Peace Dale, R. I. 

Manufacturer, Peace Dale Woolen Manufacturing Co. 

fEDWARD Randall Knowles. //'.V. Providence, R. I. 

Theo. Student. A.B., CoU. of N. J., 1881. 

William Coffin L ADD. A'. P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Instructor Latin and Greek, De Veaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, N. Y. 

'■' Edward Williams Taft. li'.h. Pawtuxet, R. I. 

Cotton Manufacturer. Died, after a trip abroad, .January U, 1882. 

William Benezet BoGERT. l^.X. Providence, R. T. 
Simeon Borden, Jr. I.M. Fall River, Mass. 
John Stimson Greene. N.T. Providence, R. I. 
George Rice Ho VEY. B'.O'. Newton Centre, Mass. 
WiNFiELD George Merrill. f'/.0. Lawrence, Mass. 
William Henry Pomeroy. P../'. Springfield, Mass. 
Edward Allen Swain. P. P. Pomfret, Conn. 

1883. ' 

Abram Barker. If'. /I. P'all River, Mass. 
Lewis Dexter, Jr. li'.l''. Nayatt, R. I. 
Elisha Dyer, HI. J.0. Providence, R. L 
Samuel Stuart Greene. J'.H. Providence, R. L 
Charles Melvine Leonard. /i'..i. Middleboro', Mass. 

172 Briinonian. 


Everett Doughty Burr. 1. <P. New York City. 
Claude Joseph Farxsworth. T.Z. Pawtucket, R. I. 
Albert Harris Howard. </>. J. East Providence, R. I. 
Charles Gregory King, Jr. Y.B. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Josiah Howe Vose. X.A. Providence, R. I. 
Allan Temple White. K. W. Winchendon, Mass. 


Harry Olin Alexander. K.M. Bellows Falls, Vt. 
John Nicholas Brown. K.F. Newport, R. I. 
Frank Leslie Day. 11. B. Keene, N. H. 
Charles O^VEN Dexter. M.Z. Nayatt, R. I. 
Frank Mauran, Jr. 0. W. Providence, R. I. 
KJNiGHT Cheney Richmond. A.E. Providence, R. I. 
Andrew McCorrie Warren. A.Z. Providence, R. I. 


1837 TO 1884. 


In 1830 there was in Harvard College no purely literary society 
to which Seniors and Juniors belonged as active members The 
Hasty Pudding, the Porcelllaii, and other clubs were convivial or 
dramatic clubs, and active membership in the Institute and /. D. f/., 
— which were debating societies rather than literary societies — 
ceased with the Sophomore year. There existed at the same time 
a good nucleus for such an organization in the committee of editors 
of Harvardiana^ a College montlily, which was conducted with 
some spirit by the classes of '35, '30, '37 and '38. The editors 
of Hai'vardiana, in '37 and '38, were men of decided ability. They 
were Horatio Emmons Hale, Charles Hay ward, Samuel Tenney 
Hildreth and Charles Stearns Wheeler, of '37, and Nathan Hale, 
Rufus King, George Warren Lippitt, James Russell Lowell and 
Charles Woodman Scates, of '38. The suggestion was made to the 
editors of the class of '37, that they should form a literary society' 
to be affiliated with A J <P. Tliey assented to the proposition, and 
joined to themselves, of their own class. Bacon, Davis, and Eustis, 
all of whom have since been physicians, and Williams, who has 
since been a distinguished instructor in Boston. So slight was the 
communication between one part of the country and another, that 
the idea of connection between the Chapters had but little weight 
in men's interest in the society. The wish of these young men was 
probal)ly to enlarge a little the editorial club, and certainly their 
selections were good. 

The men from '38 chose, as their successors in the society, the 
five editors of Harvardiana, who were to follow them. These 

1 74 Harvard. 

gentlemen added to their number, C'oolidge, now a distinguished 
teacher in Massachusetts, and Eustis, now head of the Scientific 
School at Harvard. This gave them seven members. '37 had 
eight. '39 had nine, and '40 again had but eight. Although 
the iniblication of Harvardiana ceased wnth the class of '38, the 
catalogue shows clearly enough that the rule of selection did not 
change. The rule of selection was to choose the belles-lettres 
men, so to speak, of the several classes. Of all the first four 
classes a person who knew the A J <l> members would sa}^ at once, 
that they were men speciall}- interested in literature, or perhaps in 
music or some other fine art — certainly in the specially liberal 
studies of the "• humanities." 

The club had the decided advantage of being absolutely prohibited 
by the authorities. The Faculty was not fond of any society in 
those days, and would have given no permission for the formation 
of a new one, least of all to the founding of a secret societ}' 
affiliated with other colleges. The consciousness of this prohibition 
gave all the more zest to the meetings. The society hired a room 
in Holyoke Street, and provided the better magazines of the day to 
make it a reading room. They laid out a good deal of literary 
work, and they seem to have done it. The standard was rather 
that of the press than tliat of public speaking, and the papers 
written and criticised were written as if for a magazine or review. 
This was the ideal of the society for many j'ears. 

With the class of '65 the society was discontinued at Harvard. 

In the winter of 1878-9 the desire sprung ui) among several of 
the Juniors and Seniors to reestablish the society Avith very much 
the same wish which had led to its formation at Cambridge. The 
most active members again were the editors of the College news- 
papers, and they proposed the reestablishment of the society. The 
graduate members, who had always looked with regret on its dis- 
continuance, were well pleased at the idea of a revival. The Con- 

HcDuard. 175 

vention of 1<S77, having given powers to ti committee, of giaduatcs 
in February, '70, the chairman of the committee, with the assistance 
of several members of the Fraternity, initiated four gentlemen fiom 
the two upper classes, and gave them power to elect and initiate 
members into the revived chapter of ./ A tl>. 

During the spring of '79 attention was paid chiefly to the elec- 
tion of new members, and to the finding of a house for the Fra- 
ternity to occupy. Unfortunately this latter idea could not be 
carried out. The Fraternity thereupon decided to take tlie two 
rooms in Hilton's block, which they now occupy. Tlie new rooms 
were opened in May, '79, by a reception given to old members of 
the Harvard and other Chapters. 



Ckarte?' Members. 

JoHX Bacon. Z'.U. 

William Augustus Davis. A'. P. 

John Fenwick Eustis. A. J. 

Horatio Emmons Hale. LA. 

Nathan Hale. T.B. 

Samuel Tenney Hildreth. T.f). 

Charles Hayward. V/A. 

RuFUS King. l.E'. 

George Warren Lippitt. Z'.\. 

James Russell Lowell. MAI' . 

Charles Woodman Scates. B . W. 

Charles Stearns Wheeler. P. E. 

Henry Williams. A .F. 

*'*'• John Bacon, M.D. Z'.H. Boston, Mass. 

Prof. Chemistry Harvard, 1857-71. M.D., Harvard, 1840. Member Am. Assoc, for the 
Advancement of Science. Died November 28, 1881. 

William Augustus Davis, M.D. A'J\ Newtown, Va. 

M.D., Harvard, 1840. Surgeon, C. S. A., 1861-.5. 

*''*^' John Fenwick Eustis, M.D. A'. J. Charleston, S. C. 

M.D., Harvard, 1840. 

Horatio (Emmons) Hale. LA. Clinton, Ontario, Canada. 

Lawyer. Pliilologist and Ethnologist, U. S. Exploring Expedition under Lieut. Wilkes, 
1837-44. Editor in part of Hurvardiana. Chairman Trustees Clinton High School since 
1871 ; Pres. Clinton Mechanics lust, and Library Assoc, since 1870. Author of Ethnography 
and Philology in Report of U. S. Exploring Expedition, 1846; Hiawatha and the Iroquois 
Confederation, a Study in Anthropology, 1881. Member Am.' Phil. Soc; Pa. Hist. Soc. ", 
Buffalo Hist. Soc; Am. Assoc, for Advancement of Science. 

*ig» Charles Hayward. P.Z. Boston, Mass. 

***''•' Samuel Tenney Hildreth. T.S. Gloucester, ]\f ass. 

Instructor in Rhetoric and Oiatory, Harvard, 1837-9. 

Charles Stearns ^N^heeler. P.E. Lincoln, Mass. 

Tutor Harvard, 1S38-42. 



Harvard. 177 

Hp^xuv AViLLiAMS. ./'./'. Boston, Mass. 

Piiii. V\\\o\\ I'iiik School for Young Ladies (formeily Toiiiplc Place School) Hincc 1850. 

Rev. James Ivers Tukcotiiick Coolidge. \'.l\ South- 
borough, iNIiiss. 

Rector St. Mark's Church, and Head-master St. Mark's School, since 1,S73. B.I)., Cam- 
bridge Divinity School, 1841 ; D.D., llobart Coll., 1870. 

Henry Lawrence Eustis. ./. T. Cambridge, Mass. 

Prof. Engineering. L.S.S., Harvard, since 1849. Meml)er Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences; Am. Assoctfor Advauceincnt of Sciences. Commissioned 2d I.ieut. Engineers 
from West Point, 1842; resigned, 1849; Col. 10th Mass. Inf , U. S. A., 1862-3; Brig. Gen. 
2d Brigade, 3d Division, 6th Corps, 1863-4. 

Nathan Hale, LL.B. T.B. Boston, Mass. 

LL.B., Harvard, 1840. Prof. Rhetoric and English Literature Union Coll. 

RuFUS King, LL.B. l.lJ. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawj'er. Instructor in Rhetoric, Han'ard, 1840-1. Pres. Ohio Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1874; Cincinnati Board of Education, 1856-66. Dean Cincinnati Law School, 
1875-80. LL.B., Harvard, 1840; LL.D., Rochester Univ., 1876; Kenyon Coll., 1877. 

Rev. George Warren Lippitt. Z'.X. Vienna, Austria. 

U. S. Consul at Vienna, 1855-6; Sec. of Legation, 1856-67. B.D., Cambridge Divinity 
School, 1841. 

James Russell Lowell. MAi'. London, Enghmd. 

U. S. Minister to Great Britain since 1880. Lecturer at Lowell Inst., 18-54-5. Prof. 
Modern Languages and Belles Lettres, Harvard, since 1855. U. S. Minister to Spain, 
1877-80. Author of A Year's Life, 1841 ; Poems, 1844; Conversations on Some of the Old 
Poets, 1845; Vision of Sir Launfal, and The Biglow Papers, 1848; Fireside Travels, 1864; 
Under the Willows and Other Poems, 1863; Among My Books and My Study Windows, 
1870; numerous articles in magazines for last thirty years. Editor Atlantic Monthly, 
1857-62. LL.B., Harvard, 1840; J.C.D., 0.xon., 1873; LL.D., Cantab., 1874. 

Charles Woodman Scates. B. ¥. Dover, N. H. 

Lawyer. Died at Williamsport, Va., March 17, 1873. 

John Clark Adams, LL.B. N.0. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Instructor Elocution, Harvard, 1841-4. LL.B., Harvard, 1843. 

Rev. Thomas Dawes. T.A. Brewster, JVIass. 

Pastor Concrrc Church. School Committee, Fairhaven, Mass., 1846-50; Boston, 
Mass.. 1^.- 1. - . I :ii'i i',„| ( ■onrcri-iicc sinrr IxTi; AuIImi- of Sermons on Social 
luflu. 11 ii , I- , •-• i;i\' ( Mii-t.-iN , I-.'i;'-- Im Nanliicket Soldiers and 

Sailcir-, 1' :. I ' ■ I''' It 1 rii:iiik--ivihLr s..iniMii~: I'^- s.l 1 i;i-|),irt of Boston, 1860. 

Memb.i 1; -I .11 Liiiii - ir -l A»u.-. i;,]).,^v liiviiiity ScIkjoI, IM2. 

Samuel Eliot. A.FJ. Boston, Mass. 

Prof. Trinity Coll., 1856-64; Pres. Trioitv Coll., 1861-4; Univ. Lecturer, Harvard, 
1871-3; Head-master Girls' High School, Boston, 1872-6; Supt. Boston Public Schools, 
1878-80; Trustee St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., since 1858; Overseer Harvard, 
1866-72. Author of I'assagcs from the History of Liberty, 1847; Liberty of Rome, 1849; 
History of Liberty, Parts i. and ir., is.53; History of U. S., 1856; 2d Edition, 1874; Reports 
of Boston Supt. Schools, 1878-80. LL.D., Columbia Coll., 1862; Harvard, 18S0. Member 
of Maes. Hist. Soc. ; Am. Acad. Arte and Sciences. 


1^8 Harvard. 

Ellicott Evans. A'. J. Clinton, N. Y. 

Prof. Law, History, Civil Polity and Political Economy, Hamilton Coll. LL.D., Hobart 
Coll., 1863. Member Social Science Club, and of Cobdeu Club. 

*'«"' Samuel Eliot Guild, LL.B. M.V. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Died at I^ahant, Mass., July 16, 1862. LL.B., Harvard, 1S41. 

Rev. Edward Everett Hale. P.M. Roxbury, Mass. 

Pastor Old South Ciurch, Boston, Mass., since 1856; Church of the Unity, Worce-ster, 
Mass.. lS46-.i6. Overseer Harvard since 1866, except in 1876. Author of The Rosary, 1848 ; 
Mar'_'-iv'-t p.-r'ivrn. lS50;Kansas andXebraska, 18.54; America, 1856: Letters on Irish Immi- 
grati ' 1- J; I ' Man Without a Country, 1861; If, Yes, and Perhaps, 1868; Sybaris and 
Otln 1 I i i - - ' ; PuriUu Politics in England and New England, 1869; Ingham papers, 
1870. I n I 1 ill' - < 'lie are Ten, 1870; Lifeof Sir Ralph Jones ; Transactions Antiq. Soc, Vol. 
V. ; How 1 o i 'o It, 1871 ; His Level Best, and Other Stories, 1872 ; A Summer Vacation, 1874 ; 
Our New Crusade, 1875; The Bible :md Its Revision, 1879; The Life in Common and 
Twenty Other Sermons, 1879; The Kingdom of God, and Twenty Other Sermons, 
1880; Stories of the War, Stories of the Sea, 1881; frequent contributor to many 
periodicals. D.D., Hai-vard, 1879. Member Am. Antiq. Soc; Am. Acad.; Mass. Hist. 
Soc; Am. Phil. Soc. 

*^^ James Gore King. E.V. Nbav York City. 

Lawyer. Judge Sup. Court of New York, 1851-5. 

Rev. Samuel Longfellow. Y.A. Germantown, Pa. 

Pastor Unitarian Church. Author of Vespers, 1858; Hymns and Tunes, 1876; articles 
in The Radical, The Jndev, and Unity, 1860-80. Co-editor of A Book of Hymns, 1846; 
Hymns of the Spirit, 1864. 

Caleb William Loring, LL.B. /.2'. Beverly Farms, 

Lawyer, Boston. LL.B., Harvard, 1841. 

Alexander Calvin Washburn, LL.B. A. A. Norwood, 

Lawyer, Boston. LL.B., Harvard, 1844. 

William Augustus Crafts. A.F. Boston, Mass. 

Sec. to R.R. Commissioners. 

*^^ John Francis Heath. H'.X. Petersburg, Va. 

Died at Wilmington, N. C, September, 1862. 

John Benjamin Henck. Z'.F. Brookline, Mass. 

Prof. Civil and Topographical Engineering, Inst, of Technology, Boston. Author of 
A Field Book for Railroad Engineers, 1854; Contributions to Mathematical Miscellany, 1838; 
Contributions to Cambridge, Mass., Mathematical Monthly, 1859-61. Member Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences. 

Archibald Gracie King. A'.E. New York City. 


*'^^ Edward Brooks Peirson, M.D. B.A. Salem, Mass. 

M.D., Harvard, 1844. Died November 18, 1874. 

William Goodwin Russell, LL.B. A.I. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Overseer Harvard, 1870-81. LL.B., Harvard, 1845; LL.D., 1878. 

*'*" Rev. Joseph Coolidge Shaw. I.Q. Boston, Mass. 

Priest Roman Catholic Church. Died at Frederick, Md., March 10, 1851. 

Harvard. i79 

Rev. William Okne White. dJP. Brookline, Mass. 

P,~l.,i- \V. -t Niwlnii \r:is^ tTMit:iri:iii Clninli. 1S4'* f)! ; K.'ciif. N. H., Unilariau 

Author of ()i:- 

Ohunl,. \<.A T^. Ini.^tir .N.U. Wri 
Strii-.'lr l;i::l,l...u- ill llirSi-lit of ( 
D.I)., ^^'^•.. lli-t.iririil .\,lclrc-.'^s, 4lli . 
1878. ( '(iiitribiitor lo Vniturlitn Iter 

siVJ; AMili." .It iMiiiiral ••! I ;i'V. G. C. IllBtTSoll, 
v.l^T'i; l-'.-nrwi'll >i TMioii lo Koeiie Congregation, 
"li.D., ('imihridLjc Div. .<<-li(iiil, 1845. 


'■'^'^ Rev. James Blodgett. (i.A, Lexington, Mass. 

B.D., Cambridge Div. School, 1843. 

'"""' Edward Hammond Clarke, M.D. ./. '/. Cambridge, Mass. 

M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1846. Prof. Materia Medica, Harvard, 1855-72. 

Samuel Camillus Donaldson. //.J. Baltimore, Md. 

First Asst. Librarian Baltimore Mercantile Library. 

Edwin Augustus Warren Harlow, M.I), /'./v. Boston, 

M.D., Harvard, 1846. 

Wickham HOFF3IAN. A' .E. St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Sec U S Legation, successively, at Paris, London and St. Petersburg, since 1866. 
Author of Camp, Court, and Siege, 1877 ; several articles on Russia and Finland, Pa. Monthly, 
1879-80. Major and Acting Adj. Gen., U. S. Vol., 1862-6. 

Francis Edward Parker, LL.B. LI. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Mass. State Senator, 1865. Overseer Harvard, 1868-79, and since 1880. LL.B., 
Harvard, 1845. 

'^^ Francis Morgan Rotch. ./. 6^. Morris, N. Y. 

Farmer IST. Y. State Senator, 1859. Acting Adj. Gen. of N. Y., 1862. Died from 
exposure on Peninsula of Va., while inspecting N. Y. troops, November 28, 1863. 

"^'t Charles Sedgwick, Jr. I.T. Lenox, Mass. 

Died while in college, March 30, 1841. 

' ^^ Charles Francis Simmons. 1.\. Concord, Mass. 

Lawyer. Adj. 14th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ; resigned, 1862, on account of ill health, 
and saile'd, February 25, 1862, for Cuba, in the ship Gypsey, which has never since been 
heard from. 


William Thomas Davis. I. A. Plymouth, Mass. 

Retired Banker. Member Pilgrim See, and author of Address on 250th Anniversary 
of Landing of the Pilgrims, 1870. 

Horace Appleton Haven. '/J.l\ Portsmouth, N. H. 
fBusHROD Washington Herbeht. LL.Ii. l\H. ^It. Vernon 
on the Potomac, Va. 

LL.B., Harvard, 1841. 

David Randolph Jaques, E'.E. New York City. 

Lawyer ; Prof. Law, Univ. of N. Y., since 1870. Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1860. 
Contributor to Boston Law Reporter and HunV% Merchants' Magazine. LL.B., Harvard, 
1844; LL.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1878. 


* i8(a 

1 80 Harvard. 

*'^**- Rev. Samuel Johnson. A.I. North A ndover, Mass. 

B.D., Cambridge Div. School, 1843. Pastor Unitarian Church, Lynn, Mass., 1853. At 
present of no denomination. Co-editor of A Book of Hymns, 1846; Hymns of the Spirit, 
1864. Died February, 1882. 

* — Chauvet Edmund La Beaume. W . V. St. Louis, Mo. 
James Gushing Mereill, LL.B. I '.A. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Tutor Harvard, 1845-7. LL.B., Harvard, 1845. 

Stephen Henky Phillips, LL.B. F'.B. Salem, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Attorney General Saudwicli Islands, 1857, afterwards Chief Justice. 
LL.B., Harvard, 1844. 

Richard Wenman Swan. /. '/". Grinnell, Iowa. 

Prof. Latin and Librarian Iowa Coll. since 1871. Tutor Latin and Gi-eelv, Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1842-52; Tutor Mod. Lang., Williams Coll., 18.52-4. Prof. Anc. Lang., 
Albany, N. Y., Acad., 1856-68. Member Mass. Legislature, 1855-6. 


Moses Gill Cobb, LL.B. M.l. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. Exec. Council, 1857. School Trustee, Dorchester, Mass., 
1857-60; Stocliton, Cal., 1864-5. LL.B., Harvard, 1846. 

■feJoHN Abbott Emory. H.l]. Springfield, Mass. 

Rev. OcTAVius Brooks Frotiiingham. T.H. New York 

Retired from the mini^trv. l':iMor North Church, Salem, Mass., 1847-59; Third Unita- 
rian Church, New York < it\ . ImIu M. Author of numerous published sermons. Contrib- 
utor to Christian Regis/, r, vU-. l;.l )., Cambridge Divinity School, 1846. 

John Lowell, LL.B. P.M. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Lawyer. Boston, and U. S. Cir. Judge since 1878; U. S. Dist. Judge, 1865-78. LL.B., 
Harvard, 1845; LL.D., 1871; LL.D., Williams'Coll., 1870. 

Thomas Hastings Russell. B.I'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. House Representatives, ]85;5-4, 1857, 1859. Trustee Phillips 
Andover Acad, and Andover Theo. Sem. since 1874. 

Henry Dwight Sedgwick. P.l. New York City. 


Henry Ware, LL.B. N.l\ Cambridge, Mass. 

Retired Lawyer. Military Sec. for Gov. Mass., 1862-5. Maj. and A. A. G. Mass. Vols., 
1864; Lieut. Col., 1865. Legislative Clerk U. S. Senate, 1867-9. Keeper of Bates Hall. 
Boston Public Library, 1875-8. LL.B., Harvard, 1847. 

Seth Webb. E.A. Scituate, Mass. 

Lawyer, practised in New York and Boston. U.S. Agent, Port au Prince, Hayti, 
1861-2. 'Died Angus! 31, 1862. 


James Gordon Clarke, LL.B. 11. E. Nashua, N. H. 

lietired Lawyer. Long resident in Europe. LL.B., Harvard, 1846. 

Harvard. i(Si 

George Sil^bee Hale. I'.l. Boston, Mass. * 

Lawyer. Member Boston Common Council, 1S57 ; I'res., 1863-4; Ovcrheer of I'oor, 
1865-72. Solicitor H. & W. R.R., 1857-67; B. & A. U.K. since 18G7. Trustee I'hillips 
Exeter Acad, since 1870; Mass. (Jcncral since 1870; Perkins Institute and Mass. 
School for r.liiiil, l**!',-,-:!. 'rrcMs. Infant Asylum, 1868-71. Editor Boston Monthly 
Law I'eporhr. 1"^ ''■ •' ; I'.S. liii,' -■!, ls.',i; \\_ Aijilmr of American Secession and Stale 
Rights, I, oil, |i. 11 :i:ir,'.) I.:(ir \li,,,i:l,i. lurl Hrricw, February, 1864; ^^cmoir of 
Joel I'arker, Ain'n.'iii Iji'r A". //r » , .lainiMiy, IsTii; Memoir of Theron Metcalf, Proceed- 
ings Mass. lllst. Soc, 1875-6; Report of Coniniission on Treatment of the Poor in Boston, 
1878. Member N. H. Hist. See, Mass. Hist. Soc, Am. Soc. Sci. Association, Am. Statis- 
tical Association, N. E. Hist, and Geueal. Soc. 

Shattuck Hartwell, LL.B. E'.il. Littleton, Mass. 

Othcial in Boston Custom House. Vol. Aide-de-Camp, U. S. A. Tutor Harvard, 
1846-50. LL.B.. Harvard, 1846. 

Henry Augustine Johnson, LL.1> A'.//. ])raintree, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1848. 

George Francis Parkm ANN, LL.B. ^^.V. Boston, Maes. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1846. 

Horatio Justus Perry. ././'. Madrid, Spain. 

Retired from 

Philip Howes Sears, LL.B. E.l\ Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Boston Common Council, 1859; Member Mass. l^egislature, 1860-1. 
Tutor Mathematics Harvard, 1848-9 ; Overseer Harvard, 1859-66. Trustee Boston Public 
Library, 1859. Solicitor O. C. R.R., 1855-6S. LL.B., Harvard, 1849. Author lieport on the 
Study of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in Harvard College, 1860; Address on Classical 
Studies at the Dedication of the New Academic Hall of Phillips, Andover, Acad., 1886; 
Articles on The Relation of the Fine Arts and Religion, in University Quarterly lieoiew, 
1846-7. Member N. E. Hist, and Genealogical Soc. ; Archaeological Inst, of America. 

'^^ Charles Henry Boylston Snow, LL.B. A.E. Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

Lawyer. Mass. State Senator. LL.B., Harvard. 1846. 

'^' Charles Adams Whitcomb. li .J. San Francisco, Cal. 



'***" George Samuel Emerson. D.J. Boston, Mass. 

Manning Ferguson Force, LL.B. .V. A. ('incinnati, 



Lawyer. .Tiidirc Siipeiior (Vunt (Mncinnati since 1877, and Prof. Eijuily and (Jriminal 
l^aw, Cii"i<iiiii Hi law S.liool. sine- IST.'); Judge Common Pleas, Hamilton Co.. 1867-77. 
Trustee olii- M.I. 1 oil. >iiH«- l-^Tt; Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphivis' Home, 1872-6. 
Author Xoli-^ t.) Till IviiiiMii \\alk,i'> American Law, 1878; Am. Edition Harris Criminal 
Law, 1880; pap. as on Prilii-loi-i.: Man, Darwinism and Deity, The Monnd-lmilders, 187:5; 
papers on Karlv Notices of In. liaii> of 1 ihi,,, T.. What Kac- Di.l the Mouiul-biiilders Belong, 
1879. Pres. Ohio Hist, aii.l riiil. .s, .],lii,-al So,'. .M.anber Hist. Soes. of .Mass., Wis., 
Buffalo, the Western Reserve; .\nlKvo!.i<,' Inst, of .Vnierica; Archa-ological Soc. of 
Ohio ; Cincinnati Natural Historv Sue. ; .Vm. Acad. .Vrts and Sciences. .\laj., Lieut. Col., and 
Col., 20th Ohio Inf., U. S. A. ; Brig. Gen. 2d Brigade, 3d l)iv., 17th Corps, also 1st Brigade, 
Maj. Gen., Bvt., commanding 3d, then 1st Div., 17th Corps, 1861-6; Col. 32d U. S. inf.; 
1866, declined. LL.B.. Harvard, 1848. 

Charles Henry Glover. ./.2'. Ikooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

"*^' Francis William Gi:eenwood. II'. J. Pjoston, Mass. 

1 82 Harvard. 

*v8<M pjjrpj,jj Augustus Porter. T.E. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Memljer N. Y. Assembly, 1861. Col. 129th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862, style of regimeiu 
changed to 8th N. Y. Heavy Artillery. Killed at Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1804. 

Edward J Pringle. A. P. East Oakland, Cal. 

Lawyer, San Francisco. Author Slavery in the Southfjrn States, 1850. 

John Phillips Reynolds, M.D. UAL Boston, Mass. 

Instructor Harvard Med. Coll., 1869-77; Prof. Obstetrics and Med. Jurisprudence 
since 1877. Member Am. Gynaseological Soc. M.D., Harvard, 1852. 

Nicholas Emery Soui.e, M.D. J. 7'. Exeter, N. H. 

M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1851. 


William Davis Bliss. LF. Petaluma, Cal. 


*i879 Francis Augustus Faulkner. N.U. Keene, N. H. 

Lawyer. Member K. H. Constitutional Convention, 1875. Died May 22, 1879. 

George Martin Lane. F'.V. Cambridge, Mass. 

Prof. Latin Language, Harvard, since 1851. Ph.D., Gottingen, 1850. 

Thomas R Rodman. H'.N. New Bedford, Mass. 

Clerk. Pres. New Bedford Common Council, 1878. Trustee Friends Acad, since 1856. 
Author of Historical Sketch of Friends Acad., 1876. Capt. Co. H. 38th Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 

Rev. William Ladd Ropes. ./.J. Andover, Mass. 

Librarian Andover Theo. Sem. since 1866. Grad. Andover Tbeo. 8em., 1852. 

Augustus Lord Soule. Y.K. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Justice Mass. Supreme Judicial Court, 1877-81. Counsel Boston & Albany 
R.R. since 1881. 


Alexander Bliss. E.B. Washington, D. C. 

Sec U 8. Legation at Berlin, 1867-74. Author of Republican or Democrat? 1880. 
Capt. and A. Q. M., then Lieut. Col. and Ch. Q.M., U. S. Vols., 1862-3; Capt. and Bvt.Col.. 
U. S. A., 1863-8. 

*^***^ John Marshall Edgarton. l.P. Shirley, Mass. 

*"*" John Brooks Felton, LL.B. F'.E. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1853. 

*'875 Chester Harding. B'.A. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Col. St. Louis Home Guards; Adj. to Gen. Lyon, 1861 ; Col. 10th Wis. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861-5. Died February 10, 1875. 

*'*^t Andrew Isbell Henshaw. N,Z, Clarke Co., Ala. 

Planter. Approximate date of death given above. 

James McClyjient Lea, LL.B. F. V. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Banker. LL.B., Harvard, 1849. 

Harvard. 1S3 


Rev. Charles Lowe. U.\. Kxetor, N. II. 

Tutor Harvard, ISSO-l. I'iistor Xortli Church, Salem, Mass., 1855-7; Lfic St. Ohurcli, 
Somervillc. Mass., 1859-65. B.I)., Cambridge Div. School, 1851. Died at Swampgcotl, 
Mas.s., June 20, 1874. 

CiiAKLES William Munkoe. 1.0. Cambridge, Mass. 

Manufacturer and Real Estate Afjent since 18.')6. Formerly Congregational Clergyman 
and Pastor of Churches in Appleton aud Fort Howard, "Wis., 1851-R. Audover 
Theo. Sem., 1849. 

(lEORGE William Phillips. I..1. New York City. 

Actuary Equitable Life Assurance Society. 

J.vMES Woodruff Savage. A'./'. Omaha, Neb. 

Lawyer. Judge Dist. Court, 3d Dist., Neb. Regent Neb. State Univ., 1873-5. Author 
of The Discovery of Nebraska, 18S0. Member Neb. Acad. Sciences. Capt., then Major, 
A. D. C, then Col., 12th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Rev. Francis Tiffany. A.I. West Newton, Mass. 

I'astor Unitarian Church. Sometime Prof. English Language and Literature, Antioch 
Coll. B.D., Cambridge Div. School, 1852. 


Nathan Ames. 7'. J. Saugus, Mass. 

Author of Childe Harvard. Died August 17, 1865. 

'J'homas Chase. H'.l. Haverford, Pa. 

Pres. Haverford Coll. since 1875 ; Prof. Philology since 1855. Tutor and Prof, pro tem., 
L.atin, Harvard, 1851-3; Tutor History, Harvard, 1851. Editor of Cicero on Immortality, 
1851: The^Eneid of Virgil, 1868; The Works of Horace, 1869; The First Six Books of 
Virgil, with Notes and a Vocabulary, 1870; Selections from Livy. 1872; Selections from 
Juvenal and Persius, 1876. Author of Hellas, Her Monuments and Scenery, 1863. Con- 
tributor to the North American Revino upon The Homeric Question, etc. Member Am. 
Phil. Soc; Am. Orien. Soc. ; Am. Soc. Bib. Lit. and E.xcgesis; Am. Company of Revisers 
of Translation of New Testament. LL.D., Harvard, 1878; LTT.D., Haverford Coll., 1880. 

Thomas Curtis Clarke. T.I. New York City. 

Civil Engineer and Constructor of Iron Bridges. Member British Inst. Civ. Eng. : Am . 
Soc. Civ. Eng. ; Am. Phi!. Soc. 

Edwin Davenport. J. V. Sing Sing, N. Y. 
Alexander Hale. E.A. Boston, Mass. 

Engineer in Employ of U. S. Gov't. Drowned at Pcnsacola, Fla., while attempting to 
rescue shipwrecked sailors. 

Henry Whitcomb Holm an. E. I\ Bolton, Mass. 

Teacher, Jackson, Miss., 1849-50. Lawyer, New Orleans, La., 1851-3. Died at 
CarroUton, La., October 1, 1853. 

Charles Greely Loring. /'.'/". Boston, Mass. 

Pres. Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Capt. and A. Q. M., U. 8. Vols., then Lieut. Col. 
and A. I. G., 1862; Bvt. Col., 1864; Jivt. Maj. Gen., 1865. 

Simon Greenleaf Sanger. P. J. Chicago, 111. 

Private Teacher. 

Rev. Horatio Stehbixs. A.N. San Francisco, CaL 

Pastor ITirst Unitarian Church. B.D., Cambridge Div. School, 1851. S.T.D., Bowdoiu 
Coll., 1869. 

George Peabody Tiffany. //. /'. Baltimore, Md. 

Pres. Laurel Factory and Baltimore Cotton Exchange. 

184 Harvard. 

Ephraim Wood Young. /.//. Prairie du Sac, Wis, 

Lawyer and County Judge of Sauk Co. 


Charles Francis Choate, LL.B. H.H. Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawyer. Pres. Old Colony Il.R. and Steamboat Co. LL.B., Harvard, 1853. 

*'**'" Francis Buckminster Emerson. ;V,J. Boston, Mass. 

Died at Worcester, Mass., July 10, 1867. 

* ^^'^ Charles Christopher Follen. H'.d. Boston, Mass. 

Private Mass. Vols., 1861, then long a prisoner of war in Tennessee, and from disease 
there contracted died November 7, 1872. 

*'™t George Gray. H'.T. Sauqnoit, N. Y. 

Francis Rowland, LL.B. I.-. New York. City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 18.53. 

*i86o jQjjjg^ LoTHROP KiRKLAND. A.N. Utica, N. Y. 

Lawyer; practised at Palatka, Fla. Died June, 1860. 

Thornton KiRKLAND LoTHROP, LL.B. Fl'.n. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Pres. Eastern R.R. Co. LL.B., Harvard, 1853. 

James Edavard Oliver. 77. V. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Prof. Math. Cornell Univ. 

*'^' James Pierce. M.U. Brooldine, Mass. 

Died on hoard the ship Parliament, while returning from Europe, May 29, 1853. 

Robert Barnwell Rhett. O.F. Hunts ville, Ala. 

Lawyer. Some time Editor New Orleans, La., Picayune. 

*i865 ^^,y Samuel Abbot Smith. A.(IK Arlington, Mass. 
*^^^ Rev. Julius Walker Stuart. I.E. Beaufort, S. C. 

Asst. Rector Grace Church, Charleston, S. C. Died of yellow fever, October 30, 1856. 

*i852 Augustus Warren Whipple. H.Z. Northborough, Mass. 

B.D., Cambridge Theo. Sem., 1852. Killed near Saugertics, N. Y., by the explosion of 
a steamboat boiler, September 4, 1852. 


Joseph Pr^.vost Carr. Z'. T. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member Kansas Legislature, 1857 ; Kansas State Senator, 1858. Major and 
A.D.C., C. S. A., 1861-5. 

James Coolidge Carter, LL.B. H'.tJ. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1853. 

Robert Barnwell Fuller. O.J. Beaufort, S. C. 

County Treas. Beaufort Co. since 1879. Prin. Beaufort Free School, 1868-78. Lieut. 
Rhett's Art. Bat., C. S. A., 1861-5. 

Charles Hale. 2'. 2'. Roxbury, Mass. 

Lawyer, and Speaker Mass. House of Representatives. Diplomatic Agent and Consul 
General of the U. S. in Egypt, 1864-72. Editor Boston Daily AUvtrtixn; 1852-64. Conlril. 
utor to North American Review, Old and New, etc. Member Am. Phil. Soc. 

Ha) vard. 185 

"*" Hknry Edson Hersey. E. '/'. Ilingham, Muss. 

Teacher, Charlestown, X. II., 1S50-2. Lawyer praclisiiiu' in Boston, 1854-63. TruBloi 
Derby, Mass., Acad. Died February 24, 18«3. 

(tEOrge Miller IIobbs, LL.B. V.Z. lioston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1868. Court Reporter for Boston 
«.v, Courier, 
Bankrupt Law. 

Joiix King. (Kll. Kusselh illc Ky. 

Farmer. A.B., Franklin Coll., 1S47. 

Samuel Kirkman. K.Z. Florence, Ala. 

Cotton Buyer. Trustee Florence Synodleal Female College. 

John Noble, LL.B. A. A. Roxbuiy, Mass. 

Clerk Sup. Jud. Court since 1875. Sub-master Boston Latin School, 1850-6. LL.B., 
Harvard, 1858. 

1864 ^Yjlliam Sydney Thayer. I. A. Boston, ]\Iass. 

Editor New York Evening Post, 1853-60. U. S. Consul General at Alexandria. Ksypt, 
(and there died) , 1861-4. 

Rev. LoAJOii GooDENOW Ware. ./.£". Burlington, Vt. 

Pastor Unitarian Church. Sec. Trustees Fletcher Free Library since 1873; Mary 
Fletcher Hospital since 1876. Trustee Park Gallery of Art, Univ. of Vt., since 1873. 
Contributor to Christian Examiner, i'7iitarian Review, etc. 

'** Benjamin Payson Williams. //. V. Koxbuiy, Mass. 

Lawyer. Died May 17, 18.56. 

Frederic Dickinson Williams. A'. J. Paris, France. 

Artist. Art Teacher in Boston Public Schools, 1S59-74. 

AViLLiAM Francis Allen. /J\ Madison, Wis. 

Prof. Latin and Historv, L'niv. of Wis., since 1870; Ancient Languages and History, 
1867-70; Latin and Greek, Antioch Coll., 186.5-6. Asst. Supt. Schools, Charleston, 
S. C, 1865. Editor, with Greenough, of a Classical Series; Cicero's Orations, 1873; 
DeSenectute, 1873; Catiline of Sallust, 1874; Virgil, Eclogues, and Si.Y Books of the ^Eneid, 
1874; C;csar, 1874; Ovid, 1875; Tacitus' Agricola, 18S0; with J. H. Allen, Latin Grammar, 
I-osson.-i, and Reader, 1868-it. Co-editor of Slave Songs, 1867. Author of contributions to 
LipliiiivntVs Magazine, Trans.ictioiis of Wis. Acad., etc., since 1870. Member Am. 
Oriental Soc; Am. Phil. Assoc. ; Wis. Acad. Science, Arts and Letters. 

^'^'''* Rev. George Bradford. H'.N. Duxbury, Mass. 

Pastor Unitarian Church, Watertown, Mass., 1856-9. B.D., Cambridge l)iv. School, 
1856. Died February 17, 1S59. 

William Czar Bradley. A'.l. Brattleborough, Vt. 


Stanford Emerson Chaille, M.I). /'./'. Xew Orleans, La. 

Prof. Phys. and Path. Anat., Univ. of La., since 1867; Demonstrator Anat., 1S5S-65; 
Lecturer on Obstetrics, 1865. Resident Phys. U. S. Marine Hospital, 18.53-4; Acting Surg. 
Gen. of La., 1861-2; Congressional Yellow Fever Expert, 1878-9. Supervisor of Inspec- 
tion at New Orleans for National Board of Health, 1881. Co-editor and Proprietor New- 
Orleans Med. awl Siinj. Jouni'i/. 1S57-67. Author of numerous contributions to Trans- 
a<;tions International .\Ied. < Dni,'., Is7t>: Am. Med. Assoc. ; Am. Public Ikaltli Assoi\ : and 
various reports and bulletins. Mtniber .\m. Med. Assoc, etc. Surireon and Med. In- 
spector, C. S. A., 1802-5. In charge of Hospitals at Atlanta, 1864; Macon, 1865. M.D.. 
Univ. of La., 1853. 

1 86 Harvard. 

Chaeles Fraxklin Dunbar. 1.0, Cambridge, Mass. 

Prof. Polit. Economy, Harvard, since 1871; Dean since 1876. Editor Boston Dailtj 
Advertiser, 18-59-69. Contributor to JS^ort/i Am. Review. Member Am. Acad, of Arts and 
Sciences ; Mass. Hist. Soc. 

Joseph Howard Gray. 77. T. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Lawyer, Xew York City. 

Rev. Edward Henry Hall. 11. E. Worcester, ]\Ia«s. 

Chaplain 44th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Christopher Columbus Langdell, LL.B. 0. >F. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Dane Prof. Law, Harvard, since 1870. LL.B., Harvard, 18.53; LL.D., 1875. 

* '*'^t John NoYES Mead. F.T. Brattleborough, A^t. 

. . Died August 15, 1850. 

George Otis Shattuck, LL.B. T.X. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Boston Common Council, 1S62. Overseer Harvard, 1871-80. LL.B., 
Harvard; 18-54. 

Frederic WiNSOR, M.D. J. A'. AVincliester, Mass. 

Author of School Hygiene, 1874 ; Water Supiily, Drainage and Sewerage of Mass., 1876 ; 
Coal Gas, 1878. M.D., Harvard, 1855. 


Joseph Hodges Choate, LL.B. fJ.O. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1854. 

William Gardner Choate, LL.B. //'. T. New York City. 

Lawyer. U. S. Dist. .Judge Southern Dist. X. Y. , 187S-S1. LL.B., Harvard, 18-54. 

Horace Hopkins Coolidge, LL.B. I*. I. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. Housi- of Representatives, 1865-8; Mass. State Senator, 
1869-72; and Prcs. of Senate, 1870-2. LL.B., Harvard, 1856. 

Thomas James Curtis. B'.(P. Boston, Mass. 

Address care Brown, Shipley & Co., London, Eng. 

*''^'MYiLLiAM Duncan McKiM. J.H. Baltimore, Md. 

Killed at the battle of Chancellorsville, while Capt., C. S. A., May 3, 1863. 

*'^' George AY ALTER NoRRis. P.J. Alilwaukee, AYis. 

Lawyer; practised in New York Cit}'. Died at Mobile, Ala., Januarj' 21, 1857. 

James Bradley Thayer, LL.B. A.Z. Cambridge, Mass. 

Royal Prof. Law, Han'ard, since 1873. Author of The Letters of Chauncey Wright. 
Contributor to Am. Law Revieio. Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. LL.B, Har- 
vard, 1856. 

Samuel Lothrop Thorndike, LL.B. A. 6. Cambridge, 

Lawj-er, Boston. LL.B., Harvard, 1854. 

Darwin Erastus AVare, LL.B. H'.I. Boston, Mass. 

Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1863; Mass. State Senator, 1864-5 : Member 
Mass. Board Harbor Commissioners, 1866-74. U. S. Commissioner for Codification ot 
Customs and Shipping Laws, 1867-8. LL.B., Harvard, 1855. 

Harvard. 187 

AVlLLIAM ROHEKT Wak'e. /'..I. Now York City. 

I'rof. An-l,ii,rtuiv. c, I.i.-i S,l„.,,l „|- Mini's, Kincc Issl; \I:,-m. Im-i, I,, I i,,_.v, 

186r)-81. 'rni-lrr I'hi.Imi, Mnsriini l-i,,.' Arts, isvr,-s]. A ntlioi- ,,f A (-..n, . ^-i \,.|,,:.,- 
tiiral Education, |s.;;,; -ri,,- \l:,,lini,.|\ ,,|- I',, lilies nml l'i-..|...ii ioiini |;, |,n -■ -m li i i, l ,J; 
Report on the Nuiuiiiiitn.u of Ovtrsi crs ol' ll:irv:u-il, IST'J; .M.uioni Ti i-.-| i cIim , Is-^l. 
Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; Am. Archajol. iiist. ; Tlie American :ind Uoyul 
British Institutes of Architects; Soc. Centrale des Architectes. B.S., L.8.S. of Harvard, 

William Henry Waring. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1878 and 1881. 

William Cross Williamson, LL.r>. A.M. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 18.55. 

. 1853. 

Edward Holmes Ammidown. J../. New York City- 

Commission Merchant. 

Elbridge Jefferson Cutler. H.E. Cambridue, Mass. 

Died, while Prof. Mod. Lang., Harvard. 

Rev. Ormond Horace Button. J .l\ New York City. 

After admission to the Bar was Asst. Editor Boston Co!<7-Jer, 1800; then ordained to 
P. E. Ministry. Died while travelling in the south of France. 

Wilder D WIGHT, LL.B. A.X. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1855. Maj. 2d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ; Lieut. Col., 1862. 
Died near Boonesborough, Md., September 19, 1862, of wounds received at Antietam. 

Charles William Eliot. I.Q. Cambridge, Mass. 

Pres. TTarvard Univ. since 1869; Tutor, 18.'34-8; .Asst. Prof. Chem. and Math., 1858-63. 
LL.D., Williams Coll., 1869; Coll. of New Jersey, 1869; Yale Coll., 1870. 

Rev. Edward Chipman Guild. F .Z. Waltham, Mass. 

Pastor Unitarian Churtth. 

Adams Sherman Hill, LL.B. .\.(I>. Cambridge, Mass. 

Boylston Prof. nii<l..iic, Il.iiv.inl, siric<- ISTr,. Asst. Pmf. Khetoric, 1872-6. Night 
Editor New York,,. |s;ii;-:i; A\;,sliiii-i,.ii (■..iir-|i,,iMlriii. ISGl-5; on Staff success- 
ively Boston Advo-f'-or. S|,iiimi;.l,l /;, ),)ii.i;. ,,„, <liir;ii;,, l,i}.itne, 1865-70. Frequent 
contributor to periodical litii.inn-.'. Sic linlcx Im A'. .1. /.'( r/i /r, and List of the Publica- 
tions of the Officers of Harvanl. LI..1!., Harvard, 1S5.5. 

Edward Ho wland. (Ll. New York City. 

Journalist, Staff of New York Tribune. 

Charles Everett Johnson. li'.II. Newton, Mass. 

Manufacturer of Shoes, Boston. 

Joshua Kendall. O.U. Cam bridgeport, Mass. 


Arthur Theodore Lyman. I'.N. Boston, Mass. 

Cotton Afaniifacturer, and Treas. Lowell Mfs. Co. since 1866. Treas. Appleton 
and Hamilton Mfg. Co., 1862-3. Col. and A. D. C. Mass. N. G., 1876-8. 

Samuel Savage Shaw, LL.B. M. '/". Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 18.i5. 

1 88 Harvard. 


Rev.> Benjamin Holloavay Bailey. EJK Marblehead, 


Teacher, and Pastor Unitarian Church since 1873. School Committee of Marblehead 
since 1878. Pastor, Dedham, Mass., 1861-8; Portland, Me., 1868-73. B.D., Cambridge 
Div. School, 1860. 

John Chandler Bancroft. P .A. Milton, Mass. 


Atherton Blight. I '.P. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Retired from business. 

* 1880 Edward William Forbush, LL.B. F.X. Boston, Mass. 

Leather Merchant, and some time Editor Boston fitock Reporter. LL.B., Harvard. 
1856. Died December 18, 1880. 

Horace Howard Furness. Z' . P. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Trustee Univ. of Pa. since 1880. Author of The Variorum Edition of Shakespeare; 
Romeo and Juliet, 1871 ; Macbeth, 1873 ; Hamlet, 1877 ; Lear, 1880. Member Weimar, Ger- 
many, Shakespearean Soc. ; Am. Phil. Soc. Dean of Philadelphia Shakespeare Soc. 
Ph D., Halle, Germany, 1878; LL.D., Univ. of Pa., 1879. 

Richard Fitch Hall. P.P. Troy, N. Y. 

Supt. West Troy Gas Light Co. ; Manager Troy Steam Heating Co. Troy Water 
Commissioner since 1870 ; Fire Commissioner since 1871. Chief Engineer Fire Department. 

*i864 Cjjarles Russell Lowell. fr.I. Boston, Mass. 

Supt. Iron Works, 1855-6, 1860-1. Capt. 6th U. 8. Cav., 1861 ; Col. 2d Mass. Cav., 1863 ; 
Brig. Gen. Vols., 1864. Died at Middletown, Va., October 20, 1864, of wounds received at 
Cedar Creek. 

Rev. William James Potter. fP.AI. New Bedford, Mass. 

Editor of 7'/ie Index since 1880; upon Staff of the same since 1870; Trustee for 
Publication thereof since 1875. Author of The National Tragedy, 1865; and various con- 
tributions to The Radical, and The Radical Revieic. Hosp. Chaplain, U. S. A. 

George Putnam, LL.B. I'.P. Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. LL.B., Harvard, 1858. 

William Thorndike, M.D. J./:. Milwaukee, Wis. 

M.D., Harvard, 1857. Asst. Surgeon 3,Sth Mass. Vols., U. S. A.; Surgeon 39th Mass. 
Vols., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

* "*" Rev. Albra Wadleigii. P.l'. Gcnnantowu, Pa. 

Rector of St. Luke's Church. Died May 25, 1873. 

Joseph Rowe Webster, M.D. P. A. Natick, Mass. 

Member School Committee, Milton, Mass., 1861-5, 1878. Author of Reports of Milton 
School (Jommittee, 1803-5. M.D., Harvard, 1859. 

Francis Channing Barlow. </>. J. New York City. 

Lawyer. On Staff of N. Y. Tribune, 1858. N. Y. Sec. State, 1866-8. U. S. Marshal, 
S. Dist. of N. Y., 1868. Private, then Lieut., 12th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ; Lieut. Col. 
61st N. y. Inf., 1861-2 ; Brig. Gen., September 19, 1862, for gallantry at Fair Oaks. Severely 
wounded at Antietam, and again at Gettysburg; Commanding Brig., Howard's Div., 
1862-3; Maj. Gen. Commaudiag Div., 1863-5. 



Samuel Parkman Blakk. .\.E. Boston. .Mass. 

Real Estate Broker. 

Rev. Phillips Brook .s. J./;, lioston, Mass. 

Rector Trinity Olnirch since ISVO; Church of tlic Ailvnt. IMiilmlelpbia. l.S;J9-62; Holy 
Trinity, Pliiladelphia, 1862-VO. Author of Lectures .n li . .. Iiin-, 1877; Sermons, 1878; 
Bohlcn Lectures on the Influence of Jesus, 1879; 'J"1h ' nii il. .| ih,. Lord, and Other Ser- 
mons, 18S1. Member Am. Acid. Arts and Sciences , M.i~-. Ili^i. Society. Grad. P. K. 
Theo. Sem., Alexandria, Va., 1859. D.D., Union Coll., J^iu ; H:,rv.ird, 1877. 

Charles Augustus Chase. E.A. Worcester, Mass. 

Treas. Worcester Co. Savings Institution. Treas. Worcester Co., 1865-7.5; Register of 
Deeds, 1876. Formerly on Start' Boston Daily Advertiser. Member Am. Antiq. 8oc. 
Author of History of Worcester, 1879. 

Channing Clapp. A'..Y. Boston, Mass. 

Merchant. Lieut. 1st Mass. C.w., U.S.A., 1861-2; Capt., 1863; Capt. Engineers and 
A.A.G., 1863-5. 

- Edward Barry Daltox, M.D. /'. V. \ew York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1858. 

fHENRY Lee HiGGiNSON. N.I\ Boston, Mass. 

Banker and Broker. Lieut. 3d Mass. Inf., 1861 ; Capt. and Maj. 1st Mass. Cav., 1862-.5. 

Benjamin Smith Lyman. I.E. Northampton, Mass. 

Geologist and Mining Engineer, mucb engaged in surveys under British and Japanese 

James Tyndale Mitchell, LL.B. M. II. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer .-md JudL,'e of Common Fleas, No. 2, Philadelphia Co., since 1871. Chief Editor 
Am.I.air R,,i!' > -' ' ' i-- Ti r Williams on Real Property, 1866; Co-editor Troubat 
and Halv's I'im I .7. Author of Mitchell on Motions and Rules, 1879. 

Member Pa. ili ~ 1 ; - i il Science Assoc. LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1860; LL.D., 

.lefferson Coll., 1^7-. rii\:.i. vl, I'a. Inf. 

Edwin Morton. i'.S. Boston, Mass. 

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn. P.T. Concord, Mass. 

Journalist, Litterateur and Philanthropist. On Staft" of Springfield, Mass., liepubtican, 
since 1868. Ins. of Mass. Board of State Charities since 1879; Sec. and organizer of Am. 
Social Science Assoc. Author of reports of Mass. State Board of Charities, and of many 
special reports and contributions. Editor of reports Social Science Assoc, 1873-82, and 
Prayers of Theodore Parker, 18S2. 

George Carleton Sawyer. P.J. Utica, N. Y. 

Princ. Utica Free Acad, since 1858. Instructor Phillips, Exeter, Acad.,' 1855-8. 

John Boies Tileston. II. J. Concord, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 


Charles Francis, Jr. I.E. Quiiicy, Mass. 

Arbitrator Joint Executive Committee R.R. Comj)anies, since 1879. Member ^rass. Board 
R.R. Commissioners, 1869-79 ; Govt. Director U. P. li.R., 1878. School Committee, (^nincv, 
1872-80. Author of Chapters of Erie; Railroads, Their Origin and I'roblems, 1S7.S; Notes 
on R;iilroad Accidents, 1879; The New Departure in the Common Schools of yuiney, 1879. 
Member Mass. Hist. Soc. ; Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. Col. 5th Mass. Vol. Cav., 
U. S. A., Brig. Gen. Bvt., 1861-5. 

George Bancroft. li.W Agen, Lot et (Jaroime, France. 


William Wirt Buurage, LL.B. /.2'. Camhrid-e, Mass. 

r,a\vyer, Boston. LL.B., nar\'ard, 1858. 

190 Harvard. 

Thomas Emerson. O.A. New York City. 

With Harper Brothers. 

John Edward Gardner. J. H'. Exeter, N. H. 

Hardware Dealer. 

Benjamin Morgan Harrod. A.ii. New Orleans, La. 

Civil Engineer and Member Miss. Commission ; Chief Engineer of La. ; Capt. and Maj. 
of Engineers, C. S. A., 1861-5. 

George Osgood Holyoke. 2'. '/''. Ncav York City. 

Merchandise Brolier. 

*is82 Xhomas Kinnicutt, LL.B. M.IL Worcester, Mass. 

Lawyer ; retired on account of ill health. LL.B., Harvard, 1S60. Died January 21, 


*i.«2 g-TEPHEN George Perkins. U.B. Boston, Mass. 

Student Lawrence Scientific School at outbreak of war. 2d Lieut. Co. H 2d Mass. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861. Killed at Cedar Mountain, Va., August 9, 1862. 

Jeremiah Smith. M.0. Dover, N. H. 


Richard Harding Weld. /. 5. West Roxbury, Mass. 

Commission Merchant, Boston. 

Daniel Webster Wilder. A.I. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Editor St. Joseph Daily Herald. Founder Leavenworth, Kan., Conservative, 1861. 
Probate Judge, Doniphan Co., Kan., ISrp.i ; <'it\ Attv., Elwood, Kan., 1859. Surveyor 
Oen. Kan. and Neb., 1863-4. Pres. Kan. iml N.'h. A-sociated Press, 1869-70. Kan. State 
Auditor, 1872-6. Author of Annals of K:ui., isTi; Coutributions to Kan. Magazine, 
1870-1. Member Kan. Hist. Soc. ; Kan. SockiI Scic ikc Assoc. 


Stanton Blake. Z'.N. Brookline, Mass. 

Sec. N. E. Mutual Life Ins. Co., Boston. 

Shepherd Brooks. I. P. Boston, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 

Ezra Dyer, M.D. Z'.F. Swissvale, Pa. 

Office, Pittsburg. Author Contributions to International Ophthalmological Soc. 
Reports, 1876; Am. Ophthalmological Soc. Reports, 1862-5, 1874-9; Transactions Pa. >Ied. 
Soc, 1879. Member Am. and International Ophthalmological Soc, Am. and International 
Otological Soc, etc. Acting Asst. Surg., U. S. A., 1861-5. M.D., Harvard, 1859. 

Joseph Augustine Hale. I. P. Boston, Mass. 

Capt. U. 8. A., and A. D. C. to Gen. McDowell, 1S63-4. 

Franklin Haven. I\\. Boston, Mass. 

Actuary N. E. Trust Co. U. S. Sub-Treasurer .at Boston, 1868-79. Capt., U. 
A. D. C, and Lieut. Col. Cal. Cav., 1862-5. 

James Jackson Higginson. l.M. New York City. 

Broker. Lieut., Capt., Bvt. Maj., 1st Mass. Cav., U. S. A., 1863-5. 

Solomon Lincoln, Jr., LL.B. [\Q. Salem, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Tutor Harvard, 18.58-63. LL.B., Harvard, 1864. 


Harvard. 191 

Kev. Joseph May. .\.1. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Pastor First Vnitarian Cliurcli. H.l)., Cambridge Divinity ycliool, 1865. 

James Amory Perkins. .\.l\ Boston, Mass. 

Kast India Murchant. 1st Lieut. 2-ttli Mass. Inf., U. B. A., 1861. Killed a( .Morrin 
Island, 8. C, August 26, 1863. 

John CoDM AN Ropes, LL.B. (KK. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Overseer Harvard, 1S68-76. Member Mass. Hist. Soe. ; Military Hist. Hoe. 
of Mass. LL.B., Harvard, 1861. 

Arthur John Clark Sowdon, LL.B. T.l. Bof^ton, 

Retired. Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1S79-S0. Author of Address on 
Political Duties, 1878, and numerous contributions to newspapers. Member N. E. Hist, and 
Genealogical Soc. LL.B., Harvard, 1861. 

Samuel Wells. l.N. Boston, Mass. 



John Otis Burt, M.D. P. 8. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Adj. Prof. Chemistry and Prof. Materia Medica, Syracuse Univ., 1872-9. M.D., 
Columbia Coll., 1864. Asst. Surg., U. S. N., 1861-3. 

Jonathan Longfellow Cilley, M.]). O.U. Cincinnati, 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, Med. Coll. of Ohio, since 1878; Miami Med. Coll., 1871-8. 
Prof. Physioloiry Ohio Med. Coll., 1873-80. Contributor to various medical journals. 
M.D., Miami Med. Coll., 1S66. Hosp. Steward, U.S. A., and Master's Mate in Gunboat 
Service, 1861. 

James Clarke Davis. ././/. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Asst. Atty. Gen. Mass., 1868-73. Trusteeand Sec. Adams Nei-vine Asylum, 
Boston, since 1877. Author of Digest of Municipal Decisions of Sup. Jud. Court of Mass., 

Henry Walker Frost. V.(I>. Boston, Mass. 


James Stevenson Hall. E.Z. Troy, N. Y. 


Alfred Houston Haven, M.D. ./. 7'. Portsmouth, N. H. 

A. A. Surg., U.S.A., and Asst. Surg. 35th U. S. C. T., 1862-6. In charge (Jen. 
Hospitals near Washington, D.C.. 1862-3; Alexandria and Fairfax Seminary Hospitals, 
1864-5 ; Post Hospital Summcrville, S. C, 1865-6. M.D., Harvard, 1861. 

William Frederic Milton. /. '/". Pittsfiekl, Mass. 

Farmer. Capt. 1st Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

Seth Miller Murdock, LL.B. M.r. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1861. 

Rev. Edward Griffin Porter. VjP. Lexinoton. Mass. 

Pastor Hnncdik < .kui - lii.iial Church. Pres. Trustees Cary Library. Chairman 
Lexington School I; : i i- 7'.. Trustee Lawrence and Abbott Acails". Author of 
Souvenir of Lexiiiih ' r \!clrcss on Death of Rev. W. H. Adam,'. (Harvard, '60), 
1880; Ch. i., Vol. iii . M. ;m > i ,1 History of Boston, 1S81 ; Pres. Garfield's Ancestry. 1881. 
Member N. E. and Hist. Soc; Am. Antiq. Soc; Mass. Hist. Soc .Airent in the 
field of U. 8. San. Com., 1863-4. 

Frank Howard Shokey. P.S. Dedham, Mass. 

Lawyer; practised in Bjstoa. DiedJanuary 24, 1S62. 

Robert NoxonToppan,LL.B. E'.E. Ne wbuiy port, Mass. 

Author of various pamphlets on International Coinase. Member Antiq. and Numis. 
Soc. of Fhila. ; Am. Social Science Assoc. ; International Arbitration Soc. LL.B., Colum- 
bia Coll., 1861. 


John Torrey Morse, Jr. Beverly, Mass. 

Lawyer (retired from practice) , and Editor Internatiorial Ueview. Member Mass. House 
of Representatives, 1874. Overseer Harvard since 1879. Author of Banks and Banking; 
Arbitration and Award ; Life of Alexander Hamilton; various contributions to Prater's 
Magazine and Saturday Reeieio (London, England), Atlantic ifontlUy, North Am. Review, 
etc. Member Mass. Hist. Soc. 

Stephen Minot Weld. T. Y. • Dedham, Mass. 

Cotton Buyer. Lieut., then Capt., 18th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., Lieut. Col., then Col., 56th 
Mass., Brig. Gen., Bvt., 1861-5. 


Herman Francis Brashear, LL.B. A'../-. Cincinnati, 

Lawyer. Member Ohio House of Representatives, 1873-4. LL.B., Cincinnati Coll., 

John Lincoln Bullard. H .Z. New Brighton, N. Y. 

Cotton Broker, New York City. Commissary of Subsistence, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Samuel Franklin Emmons. A.B. Boston, Mass. 

Connected with U. S. Geological Survey since 1867. In charge Rocky Mountain 
Division, 1881. Now completing .\ Report on the Leadville Mining Region. 

Henry Weld Farrar. .V.i?. Chicago, 111. 

Merchant. Business Manager Chicago Daily Evening Journal, 1869-80. A. D. C. to 
Maj. Gen. Sedgwick, 1863; 2d and Ist Lieut. 7th Me. Inf., U. S. A., 1863-4; Capt. and A. 
D. C. to Maj. Gen. Wright, 1864-5. Died April 17, 1881. 

William Yates Gholson. //./)/. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Student at Law at outbi-eak of war. Capt. 108th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., and A. A. A. G. 
39th Brigade, 14th Corps, 1862. Killed at Hartsville, Tenn., December 7, 1862. 

Norwood Penrose Hallowell. P.I. West Medford, 

Wool Hroker. Vice Pres. Mass. Infant Asylum, and Pres. Medford Branch since 1881). 
Associate Editor The Erodus. 1st Lieut, and Capt. 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-3. 
Lieut. CoL 54tli and Col. 55th Mass. Inf., 1863. Resigned on account of disability from 
wounds, >«ovember 2, 1863. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., LL.B. I.\. Boston, 

Lawyer. Author of The Common Law, 1881. Editor of 12th ed. Kent's Commentaries; 
The American Law Review, vols, v-vii. Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. LL.B., 
Harvard, 1866. Capt. and Bvt. Col. 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

Charles Duncan Lamb. A.J. Boston, Mass. 

Architect, and some time Broker in Merchandise. Private Pa. Home Guard (under 
Emergency Call), and 2d Lieut. 2d Mass. Heavy Art., 1863; Capt., 1864; severely wounded 
at Wcldon R.R. August 19, 1864, and obliged to resign. Died September 2, 1871. 

Harvai'd. 193 

fFRANK William Lawrence. I'.ll. Longwood, Mass. 

Chairman Brookline Park Commissioners. Planter, Port Uoyal, S. C, 1863-0. A. A. 
Surgeon, U. S. A., 1S62-3. 

1863 Xhomas JosErii Leavitt. T.O. Woburn, Mass. 

In employ Burlington and Mo. R.R., 1861-2. Private and Ser^. Major 6th Iowa Cav., 
U. 8. -A.., 1862; 2d Lieut., 1863. Died at White Stone Ilill, D. T., Scptemher 4, 1863, of 
wounds received in battle with Sioux Indians. 

jEdward Greely Loring, M.D. J. W. New York City. 

M.D., Harvard, 1864. 

'*^ Thomas Eodman Robeson. 2'. /v. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

2d and Ist Lieut. 2d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 18G1 ; Capt., 1862. Died July 6, 1863, of 
wounds received at Gettysburg. 

'^t James McBride Vanderpoel. VS. New York City. 

Died December 27, 1860. 


Arthur Amory. ./'../. Longwood, Mass. 

Dry Goods Commission Merchant. 

Charles Boyden. H'.li. Boston, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 

Thomas BucKMiNSTER Curtis, M.D. 0.0. Boston, Mass. 

Surgeon Mass. General Hospital since 1875. Clinical Instructor on Diseases of Urinary 
Organs, Harvard, since 1881. Associate Editor Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 
Trustee Boston Athenaeum. Author of Du Traitement des Kctrecissements de I'Urfethre 
par la Dilatation Progressive (Prize Thesis), Paris, 1873; Report on the Sanitary Condition 
of Boston, 1875 ; Chapters on Infant Mortality and Vital Statistics in Buch's 1 reatise on 
Hygiene and Public Health, 1879. Member Am. Statistical Soc; Anat. Soc, Paris, etc. 
M.D., Paris, France, 1873. 

^^'IFrancis Lowell Gardner. P. A. Boston, Mass. 

Died at Cotuit Point, Mass., February 10, 1861. 

^^ James Ingersoll Grafton. M.iL New York City. 

2d Lieut. 2d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861; 1st Lieut, and Capt., 1862. Killed at Averys- 
borough, N. C, March 16, 1865. 

Charles Edward Grinnell, LL.B. P. )'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer, and Editor Am. Law RevietP. B.D., Cambridge Divinity School, I860 ; LL.B. , 
Hai-vardl' 1876. 

Mayo Williamson Hazeltine. M.X. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Literary Editor New York Sun since 1878; formerly Lawyer. Author Universities at 
Home and Abroad; The American Woman in Europe; Chats about New Books; Sent to 
Coventry; A Queen of Spades, etc. 

Henry Upham Jeffries. A'. J. ^fanilla, E. Indies. 

Merchant, with Russell & Sturgis. 

fJoHN CiiECKLEY Keighler. J' . 0' . Baltimore, Md. 

Insurance Agent. 

' — f William Henry Kerr. ./.T. Natchez, Miss. 

Said to have been killed while in C. 8. A. 




fJoHN WiTHERSPOON Labouisse. H .A. New Orleans, La. 

Cotton Broker. Capt. Co. H 13th La. Inf., C. S. A., and Acting Asst. Insp. Gen. 
Cav. Corps, 1861-5. 

Henry Horton McBurney. N.h. Roxbiiiy, Mass, 

Machinist. Died at Bournemouth, Eng., February 20, 1875. 

Herbert Cowpland Mason. B.H. Boston, Mass. 

Treasurer Ipswich Mills. Maj., Bvt., 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

*'**" Benjamin Crowninshield Mifflin. H'.Z. Boston, Maes. 

Broker. Adj. 49th Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-5. Died June 16, 1880. 

Gilbert EussELL Payson. J.-. Watertown, Mass. 

Merchant, White, Paj-son & Co., Boston. Director Hamilton N:itional Bank; Suffolk 
Savings Bank. 

Charles Burnham Porter, M.D. l\M. Boston, Mass. 

M.D., Harvard, 1865. 

Henry Parker Quincy, M.D. VJL Dedham, Mass. 

M.D., Harvard, 1867. 

John Read. O.A. 

Merchant. Paymaster, U. S. N., 1862-5. 

*i863 jJenry Ropes. P.Y. Boston, Mass. 

2d Lieut. 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861; Ist Lieut., 1862. Killed at Gettysburg, July 
.3, 1863. 


Charles Walter Amory. W .1. Brookline, Mass. 

Treas. Amory Manufacturing Co., Boston. Lieut., then Capt., 2d Mass. Cav., U. S. A., 

Robert Amory, M.D. O.A. Brookline, Mass. 

Sec. Brookline School Committee, 1868-75. Trustee Public Library, 1869-76. Annual 
Instructor, Harvard, 1870-1 ; Prof. Physiol., Bowdoin Coll., 1873-4. Author of Physiological 
Action of Bromides of Potassium and Ammonium, 1872; 3d Edition Wharton and Stille'.- 
Medical Jurisprudence, 1873; Experiments on Action of Chloral Hydrate, 1872; Translator 
of Lectures on Physiology by Prof. Kiiss of Strasbourg, 1870. Reporter on Progress of 
Therapeutics for Boston Medical and Surgical Journal since 1876. Member Am. Acad. 
Arts and Sciences ; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. ; Mass. Med. Soc, etc. M.D., Harvard, 1866. 

Edward Darley Boit. A. 8. Paris, France. 
John Murray Brown. A.B. Belmont, Mass. 

Publisher and Bookseller, Little, Brown & Co., Boston. 

Charles Emerson. A.E. Concord, Mass. 

Clerk. Private 7th N. Y. 8. M., 1862 ; 2d Lieut. 174th N. Y. Inf., 1862-4 ; 1st Lieut, and 
Capt. 162d N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1864-5. 

Charles Stebbins Fairchild, LL.B. J.V. New York City. 

Lawyer. Deputy Atty. Gen. N. Y., 1874-5; Atty. Gen., 1875-7. LL.B., Harvard, 

John Davis Williams French. A'.K. Boston, Mass. 

Stock Raiser since 1876. Sec. Ayrshire Breeders' Association. Treas. Prot. Epis. 
Charitable Corporation since 1872. Author of Ayrshire Record Herd Book for \ ears 1876, 
1878,1880; Information Concerning the Ayrshire Breed of Cattle, 1878. U. 8. Christian 
Commissioner in Va., Ala., 1864-5. 

Harvard. 195 

William Gheknough. A .A. New York City. 

Manufacturer of Woollen Fabrics. 

Edward Sturgis Grew. li'.M. liostou, Mass. 

Dry Goods ConimisRion Merchant. 

Francis Lee Higginson. A.N. Boston, Mass. 

Banker and Broker. Capt. 5th Mass. Cav., U. 8. A., 18G2-5. 

Charles Cabot Jackson. P.O. Boston, Mass. 

Stock Broker. 

James Truesdell Kilbretii, LIj.B. M.I\ New York City. 

Lawyer and Police Justice since 1873. Judge Advocate, N.Y., 1868-74. School Tru8t«e, 
New York City, 1873. Author of Annual Reports of Police Justices of New York City, 
1874-6. LL.B., Harvard, 1865. 

Rev. Arthur Lawrence. 7'. 2'. Stockbridge, Mass, 

Rector St. Paul's Church. B.D., Epis. Theo. School, Cambridge, 1871. A. D. C. to 
Gen. Howard, 1864. 

Arthur Lincoln, LL.B. Ilingham, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Member Mass. Legislature, 1879-80. LL.B., Harvard, 1866. 

Francis Caleb Loring. A.F. Boston, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 

Amos Lawrence Mason, M.D. l.ii. Boston, Mass. 

M.D., Harvard, 1872. 

James Lewis Pearce. E.ll. St. Louis, Mo. 

Sec. Asphaltum Paving Block Co. 

John Collins Warren, M.D. N.0. Boston, Mass. 

Instructor Surgery, Harvard, since 1872; Surgeon Mass. Gen. Hospital. M.D., Harvard. 
1866. Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences; Phil. Acad. Surgery, etc. 


Rev. Russell Nevins Bellows. -.6. New York City. 

Pastor Fourth Unitarian Church. PMitor The Liberal Christian and The Inquirer, 
1868-78. Author of The Channing Centenary in America, 1881. Pacific Coast Agent, U. 8. 
San. Com., 1864-5. Grad. Union Theo. Bern., 1866. 

Rev. John Binney. N.M. Middletown, Conn. 

Prof. Hebrew, Berkeley I)iv. School, since 1874. Ist Lieut. 52d Pa. Inf., U. S. A., 

Rev. Franklin Leonard Bush. K.O. Lenoir, N. C. 

Rector St. James' Church. 

Richard Codman. /'.J. West Roxbury, Mass. 

Edward Russell Cogswell, M.D. J. A. New York City. 

Retired from practice. U.T)., Harvard, 1867. Sergt. Co. F 44th Mass. Inf., U. S. A. 

"**^ Constant Freeman Davis, LL.B. 2.2'. Cambridge, 

Died (while clerk to his father. Admiral Davis) on board U. S. S. GuerriSre. in Kio 
Janeiro Bay, December 12, 1867. LL.B., Harvard, 1866. 

igS Harvard. 

Richard Henry Derby, ]M.D. l\ W. New York City. 

Surgeon New York Eye and Ear Infirmary since 1874. M.D., Harvard, 1867. 

John Alvarez Dillon, f .A, St. Louis, Mo. 

Retired from business. Asst. Editor St. Louis Globe and Globe -Democrat, 1872-8; 
Editor St. Louis Evening Post, 1878-80. 

* '^t James Xeville Hedges. M.Z. Circleville, Ohio. 

A. D. C. to Col. 114th Ohio Inf., L'. S. A., 1862. Died of disease contracted in service, 
February 16, 1863. 

♦ ^»"-|- Richard Jones Meconkey. J'.0. West Chester, Pa. 

Prevented by ill health from engaging in business. Died February 3, 1873. 

Peter Butler Olney, LL.B. T.Q. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard, 1866. 

*^^" Robert Shaw Perkins. li.A . Boston, Mass. 

Shipping Merchant. Died June 1, 1873. 

Charles CooLiDGE Read, LL.B. P.N. Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Member Cambridge Common Council, 1872-3. LL.B., Harvard, 

William Rotch Robeson, .Tr. , LL.B. J.(I>. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Hai-vard, 1868. 

Arthur George Sedgwick, LL.B. T.X. New York City. 

Journalist on Staff of Kew York Evening Post. Editor Am. Late Review; formerly on 
Staff of The muion, and Correspondent London (England) Pall Jfall Gazette; Editor 5th 
ed. Sedg^vick on Damages. Author of numerous contributions to The Atlantic 3fonthli/, 
The Galaxy, etc. LL.B., Harvard, 1866. 1st Lieut. 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

William Phillips AY ALLEY, LL.B. .4./:. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B, Harvard, 1866. 


Robert Hale Bancroft. B'.F. Boston, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 

♦ '^■' George Blight. P. T. Philadelphia, Pa. 

James Read Chadwick, ^SI.D. M. Y. Boston, Mass. 

Instructor in Gynaecologj-, Harvard, 1875-8. M.D., Harvard, 1871. 

Horatio Greenough Curtis. O.Q. Boston, Mass. 

Merchandise Broker. 

♦ 1880 ^y^LTER Henry Dorr. J..V. Boston, ^lass. 

Died May 12, 1880. 

Alfred Greenough. E. W. Boston, Mass. 

Connected with Suffolk Savings Bank. 

Jabez Silas Holmes. Z..4. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Author of U. S. Circuit Court Reports, 1877. 

Walter Hunne WELL. T.I. Wellesley, ^Nlass. 

Merchant, Boston. 

Harvard. 197 

George Hakkison Mifflin. E.V. Boston, Mass. 

PubliBher (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.), Riverside I'lesn, Cambridge. 

Robert Ralston Newell, LL.B. li.A. Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. LL.B., Harvard, 1808. 

Kev. Charles Arthur Rand. l\l. Haverhill, Mass. 

Haverliill School Director, 1874-7. let Lieut, and Adjt., Bvt. Capt. and Capt., 20tii 
Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., and A. A. D. C. to Gen. Macy, 18G1-5. 

William Lawrence Tucker, LL.B. /. 7'. Boston, Mass. 

LL B., Harvard, 1875. 

Henry BiGELow Williams. N.O. Boston, Mass. 

Not engaged in business. 


Arthur Astor Carey. J. '/'. New York City. 

Travelling abroad. 

Glendower Evans. //.//. Boston, Mass. 

Student at Law. 

Edward Hale. P.L Rome, Italy. 

Private Tutor. 

Henry Chapman Mej^cer. E.E. Doylestown, Pa. 

Travelling abroad. 

Edward Clifford Perkins. PM. New York City. 

Student at Law. 

Francis William Taussig. A'.Z. Cambridg( , Mass. 
John Joseph Townsend. .V.A'. New York City. 

Lawyer. Corporation Counsel's Office. 

Henry Bainbridge Chapin. li.r. New London, Conn. 

Travelling in Europe. 

Samuel Cotton Gilbert. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harvard Law School. 

Henry Eliot Guild. /. //. Roslindale, Mass. 

Harvard Law School. 

Arthur Hall. TjP. Boston, Mass. 

Overseer Bleaching Dept., Meniinore Mfg. Co., Lowell, Maes. 

Charles Dudley ALvrch. H'.M. Staatsburg on Hudson. 

Travelling in Europe. 

Leonard Eckstein Opdyke. E. '/". New York City. 

Har\'ard Law School. 

William George Pellew. AM. New York City. 

Harvard Law School. 

JosiAH Quixcr. A'.B. Wollaston, Mass. 

Harvard Law School. 

Walter HoETOX Rhett. VS. Philadelphia; Pa. 

Intructor DeVaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, X. Y. 

Theodore Roosevelt. J../. New York City. 

Member New York Assembly, 1881. 

Howard To WNSEND. 7'. A. Albany, N. Y. 

Harvard Law School. 

Charles Grenfill Washburx. F.Z. Worcester, Mass. 
Richard Ward Greexe Wellixg. J..V. New York City 

Harvard Law School. 


Joseph Hexry Adams. /Z./v'. Washington, D. C. 
Walter Van Rensselaer Berry. A.M. Boston, Mass. 
George Albert BuRDETT. P.W. Cambridge, Mass. 
Charles Allerton Cooledge. B'.Jl. Boston, Mass. 
Prescott Evarts. 0. W. Concord, N. H. 

Teacher in St. PauVs School. 

Eugene Dexter Hawkins. New York City. 

Columbia Law School, New York City. 

Arthur Orcutt Jameson. P.B. East Medway, Mass. 

Died August, 1881. 

Gardiner Martin Lane. N.F. Cambridge, Mass. 
James Bettner Ludlow. l.H. Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvard Law School. 

James Kearsley Mitchell. A.Z. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Morris HiCKY Morgan. LM. Boston, Mass. 
Edavard Reynolds. P.U. Boston, Mass. 

Har%'ard Medical School. 

Carleton Sprague. p. >F. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Travelling in Europe. 

Richard Clipstone Sturgis. J. 7'. Boston, Mass. 

Architect's office, Sturgis & Brigham. 

John Roscoe Suter. P.M. Cambridge, Mass. 

Theo. School. 

Harvard. 199 

Charles Adolpiie Baldwin. A'.E. New York City. 
lliCHAKDS Merry Bradley. I.l\ Brattlcborough, Vt. 
John Eliot Bull ARD. (KIL Boston, Mass. 
Robert CoDMAN. P.M. Boston, IMast;. 
Charles Denstox Dickey. l\ 0. New York City. 
Joseph Peabody Gardner. E.H. Boston, Mass. 
Frederic Norton GoDD ARD. A'.//. New York City. 
William Hobbs Manning. 7. T. Cambridge, Mass. 
Robert Treat Paine. T.U. Boston, Mass. 
Henry D WIGHT Sedgeavick. A.//. Milton, Mass. 
Eliot Dawes Stetson. /. '/. New Bedford, Mass. 
Frederic Mather Stone. A'.E. New Bedford, Mass. 
John Humphreys Storer. E' .11. Newpoi-t, R. I. 
Stephen Van Rensselaer TowNSEND. F..U. Albany, N. Y. 
GuSTAVUS TucKERMAN. 1. V. Gloncester, Mass. 
Henry Eldridge Warner. J. 7. Cambridge, Mass. 
Philip Moen Washburn. A. A. Worcester, Mass. 
John Sydney Webb. /'. W. Washington, D. C. 
Evert Jansen Wendell. K.-. New York City. 
Owen Wister. E. H. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Horace Binney. A. A. Providence, R. I. 
Edward Twisleton Cabot. A.U. Brookline, Mass. 
Henry Bromfield Cabot. E' .F. Brookline, Mass. 
Henry Grafton Chapman. N.X. New York City. 
Joseph Randolph Coolidge. A.H. Boston, Mass. 
Henry Howl and Crapo. P.M. New Bedford, Mass. 
William Crowninshield Endicott. A. A. Salem, Mass. 
Edward Everett Hale. H'.A. Roxbury, Mass. 
Joseph Lee. A.U. Boston, Mass. 
George Emerson Lowell. P.Z. Chestnnt Hill, Mass. 
Frederick Nichols. E.T . Boston. 
Edward Perry Warren. /. '/'. Boston, iNIass. 



John Jay Chapman. ./. F. New York City. 
John Gardnek Coolidge. F.H. Boston, Mass. 
A1.LEN Curtis. Z'.fl. Boston, Mass. 
Will AM Am ORY Gardner. M.H. Boston, Mass 
Egbert Shaw Minturn. P.II. New York City. 
Thomas Mott Osborne. M.F. Auburn, N. Y. 
Fiske Warren. P.M. Boston, Mass. 


1840 TO 1876. 


On the evening of the 23d of March, 1.S40, Mr. George Underwood 
and Mr. James W. Taylor, members of the Hamilton Chapter, organ- 
ized the Geneva Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi, initiating the following 
men : Walter Aj-rault and Augustns B. Cotes from the Senior Class, 
Egbert Bagg and George L. Pratt from the Jnnior Class, and Isaiah 
Horton McCollum from the Sophomore Class, together with Mr. Morse 
Stewart, a medical student of Penn Yan, and formerly a member of 
Hamilton College. "At the first regular meeting officers were duly 
elected, and, at a subse(}uent meeting, John N. Whiting and Charles 
H. Piatt, both of Geneva, and members of the last graduating class, 
were initiated. 

It seems to have been the custom of that time for secret societies to 
obtain charters, wherever established, from the College authorities, 
and. in this case, objection having been made by the Frtculty, that 
the specific objects of the society' were unknown to any of their body, 
in May, Rev. Benjamin Hale, D.D., President of the College, was 
invited to become a member. This invitation was accepted, and, on 
August 4th, President Hale was duh' initiated, and ever remained 
deeply interested in the Chapter and the society. 

The day following Dr. Hale's initiation the first Commencement 
exercises after the establishment of the Chapter were held, the vale- 
dictory oration, the only honor assigned in that class, being pronounced 
by our Brother Walter Ayrault, — a name now well known in the 
society as it is in the church. From that day till the closing of the 
Chapter in May, 1876, the history of the Geneva Chapter of Alpha 

202 Geneva. 

Delta Phi is, with unimportant exceptions, a record of continued and 
gratifying success. The Honor List, appended to this sketch, A-erifies 
this assertion in part ; but it does not show — what all friends of the 
College are willing to admit — the uprightness, the manliness, the affec- 
tionate interest in their Alma Mater which characterized, as a whole, 
the members of the Geneva Chapter. 

The early rule of the society, that no elections or initiations could 
be made till the third term Sophomore, was soon felt by this Chapter 
to be a drag. In 1S42 we find the Chapter earnestly agitating for a 
repeal of the rule, and the adoption of one which would leave each 
Chapter to judge for itself of the time of election and initiation. That 
the old rule worked disadvantageously to the Chapter in at least one 
particular, a glance at the Honor Roll will show. Fortunate^, the rule 
was ultimately modified, and the Chapter soon won its way to that 
position of honorable and enviable prominence in College affairs which 
it vigorously maintained during the last twenty or twenty -five 3'ears of 
its career. 

What the position of the Chapter was in the matter of College 
Honors and Prizes wall be gathered from a study of the complete lists 
which accompany this history. The members of the Chapter deem the 
record one of which they have no reason to be ashamed. While it 
never was the policy of the Chapter to take a man sim[)ly for his class 
standing, it is felt to be a matter of congratulation that the ability to 
win College honors was so often found conjoined with those other 
characteristics sought for in the choice of members. It is but fitting 
to record here that the Master's Oration was first made a part of the 
Commencement exercises in this College in 1842, and was on that 
occasion pronounced by Charles Henr}' Piatt, of blessed memory, as 
loyal to Alpha Delta Phi as he was eloquent, lovable, and manly. 

Possibly the most endearing recollections of the membei's of the 
Chapter are associated with the Commencement reunions. To the 
members of the ■ Chapter, the Chapter was known as " Our Lady of 
the Lake," and, by a pleasant fiction, it was in honor of " Our Lady " 

Geneva. 203 

that these reunions were held. These I'eimions gj-ew in interest, 
strengthening in every lienrt the'love of Alpha Delta Phi, an<l stii-ring in 
all the most laudable ambition. At the last naniion, wliicli was held 
in 1S7'), the year before the closing of the Chai)ter, over sixty brothers 
sat around the board. Tt will undoubtedly interest the later members 
of the Chapter to know that the designation of the Chapter as "Our 
Lady of the Lake" is probably as old as the Chapter. In a letter, 
written early in 1842, the designation is used as one long current. 

From 1864 to 1873 the Chapter indulged in a navy; and on the 
w^aters of the silver Seneca was waged many a contest with "hostile 
friends " and others. It was a period of great interest in the history 
of the Chapter. The Alpha Delta Phi navy survived its rivals, and 
(lied at last from want of a foeman. The champion tlag is to-day 
among the treasures of the Chapter. 

This seems the most fitting place to pause and put on record, not a 
claim of special triumphs, won by the brothers in the social woi'ld of 
Geneva, but a note of sincere acknowledgment of the pleasure with 
which the members of this Chapter recall the unvarying courtesy and 
kindness with which they were received in the hospitable homes which 
grace this College town. 

With sister Chapters the Geneva Chapter ever cultivated the most 
cordial relations ; but it felt itself especially bound to Hamilton as its 
parent, and to Cornell as its child. 

The Chapter was closed in May, 1876. It did not die out. On 
account of unhappy dissensions in the Board of Trustees, a sudden 
and great reduction in the number of students attending the College 
took place that year, and, after consultation, it was deemed best to 
suspend the Chapter. "Our Lady" looks forwnrd, howeA'er, to the 
day when she shall again open her doors and take her place in the 
golden circle. 

Valedictorians. — James Rood Doolittle, '34 ; WaUer Ayrault, '40; William 
Clarkson Johnson, '41; P. F. Cooper, '44; A. S. Wheeler, '51; W. H. Wilkin- 
son, '53; Thomas Wickliam Mizner, '54 ; (divided) James Armstrong, '5(> ; Wil- 

204 Geneva. 

liam Watts Fohvell, '57; George Herbert Patterson, '58: John Tyler Wheeler, 
'59; Robert Murray Duff, '61; Charles Jacobus, 'G4 ; (divided) R. A. Olin. '65; 
E. M. Southgate, '67; E. B. Bostwick, 68; C. H. Smith, '70; G. N. Hale, '71. 

Second Honor.— G. L. Piatt. '41; S. W. Salisbury, '49; C. R. Remington. 
'54; C. D. Vail, '59; J. L. Hale, '60; L. R. Brewer, 'G3 ; H. R. Lockwood, '64; 
Thos. Foot, '68; W. M. Hughes, '71; C. A. Bragden, '73. 

Master's Oration.— C. H. Piatt, '42; W. C. Johnson, '44; W. T. Gibson, 
'45 ; A. S. Wheeler, '54 ; W. H. Wilkinson, '56 ; T. W. Mizner, '57 ; E. H. 
Jewett, '58; James Armstrong, '59; W. W. Fohvell, '60; G. H. Patterson, '61. 

Third Honor. —G. W. Watson, '50; William Woodwprth, '62; H. J. W. 
Allen, '63; J. Van Voast, '68; A. B. Jackson, '70; R. T. Clarke, '75. 

White Rhetorical Medalists, awarded annually to that member of the two 
upper classes who delivers the best oration; instituted 1857. — C. D. Vail, '59; 
E. A. Conger, '62; Thomas Foot, '67; C. N. Allen, '69; A. B. Jackson, '70; W. 
M. Hughes, '71; William Perez Conger, '72; Chilion Paul Conger, '74; Edward 
Harolil Bancroft, '75. 

Horace White Medalists, awarded to the writers of the best two English essays 
at the end of each academic year; instituted 1852. — 2d, R. M. Harison, '52; 
2d, William Henry Wilkinson, '53; 1st, Thomas Wickham Mizner, '54; 1st, 
Edward Hart Jewett, '55; 1st, Charles Delamater Vail, '58; 1st, Charles Dela- 
mater Vail, '59; 1st, Leigh Richmond Brewer, '63 ; 2d, Edward Marj' Southgate, 
'66; 1st, Edward Mary Southgate, '67; 1st, William Mortimer Hughes, '70; 1st, 
George Natt Hale, '71 ; 1st, Richard Torris Clarke, 2d, Howard Edwin 
Jones, '75. 

Cobb Prize Medalists, awarded annually to the writers of the best two essays 
on some subject connected with English literature; established 1862. — 1st, 
Benjamin Weston Woodward, '62 ; 1st, William Henry H. Anderson, 2d, Leigh 
Richmond Brewer, '63 ; 1st, James Van Voast, '67 ; 2d, James Van Voast, '68 ; 
2d, James Tracy Hale, '69; 1st, George Natt Hale, '70; 1st, Richard Torris 
Clarke, '74 ; 1st, Chilion Paul Conger, '75. 

Sophomore Exhibition Prize Men, awarded annually for the best two declama- 
tions by members of the Sophomore class. Thirty-eight awards were made from 
1851 to 1876. — 1st, William Henry Moffett, 2d, John Tyler Wheeler, '56; 2d, 
Robert Murray Duff, '58 ; 1st, Edward Allis Conger, '60 ; 2d, Charles Leonard 
Wells, '62; 2d, Frank Clarence Coolbaugh, '63;. 2d, William Joshua Cleve- 
land, '66; 1st, George Natt Hale, 2d, Benjamin Whiting Franklin, '68; 1st, 
William Perez Conger, '70; 2d, Richard Torris Clarke, '72; 1st, William Birch 
Rankine, '74. 


Charter Members. 

Walter Ayrault. //'. 7'. 
Augustus Brown Cotes. 7'./. 
George Lewis Platt. 0.1. 
Egbert Bagg. I\E. 
Isaiah Horton McCollum. ./. V. 
jNIorse Stewart 7'. J. 

* ''^''ti?ev. Benjamin Hale. H .A. Newburyport, Mass. 

Pres. and Prof. Evidences of Christiauitv, Hobart Coll., 1836-58. A.B., Bowdoiu 
Coll., 1818 ; D.D., Columbia Coll., 1836. Died July 15, 1863. 


James Rood Doolittle. .V.(f>. Racine, Wis. 

Lawyer. Judge Supremo Court of Wis., 1852-6. U. 8. Senator from Wis., 1857-69. 
Pres. Univ. of Chicago, 1873. LL.D., Hobart Coll., 1857. 


* '«■- Thomas Rush Spencer, M. D. M. 6. New York City. 

Prof. Pathology, Willowbough Coll., 1845-6. Division Surgeon 33d Kegt., U. S. A., 
1861; Brigade Surgeon and Medical Director 5th Array Corps., 1861-70. M.D., Univ. of 
Pa., 1840. Died at Santa Fe,N. M., June 19, 1872. 


*^^' Rev. Charles Henry Platt. B .0. Binghamton, N. Y. 

Author Sermons. Died February 24, 1869. 

John Nicholas Whiting, (f.i. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.D., Hobart Coll., 1881. 


Rev. Walter Ayrault, //./'. Geneva, N. Y. 

Protestant Episcopal Clergyman. Trustee Hobart Coll. since 1860 ; Chaplain and In- 
structoi Philosophy and Ethics since 1875. D.D., Hobart Coll., 1867. 

»i875 Augustus Brown Cotes. ?'./. Chicago, Til. 

Lawyer. Died March 11, 1875. 

2o6 Geneva. 

William Clarkson Johnson. i'J.S. Newburyport, Mass. 


Eev. George Lewis Platt. O.I. Tivoli, N. Y. 

Rector St. Paul's Church. 

fMoRSE Stewart, M.D. T.J. Detroit, Mich. 

A.B., Hamilton Coll., 18.55 ; M.D., Geneva Med. Coll., 1841. 

|Egbert Bagg. P.E. Utica, N. Y. 

Civil Engineer. City Surveyor, Utica, N. Y., 1878. 1st Lieut., Capt. and Major 117lh 
K. Y. Inf., U. 8. A.; Bvt. Lieut. Col., U. 8. Vols., 1862-5. 

•{•Arthur M. Beardsley. T.fl. Utica, N. Y. 


f Rev. Joshua Cooke. A.(I). Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. 

^««' Edward Rees Dox. J.^V. BufFalo, N. Y. 

Died, Geneva, N. Y., April 15, 1862. 

|Rev. Frederic Gardiner. 1.8. Middletown, Conn. 

Protestant Epispopal Clerijyman. Prof. Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1842; DD., 1869. 

Rev. William Thomas Gibson. 7'. }'. Utica, N. Y. 

Rector St. George's Church since 1863; Waterville, N. Y., 1854-8; Asst. Rector 
Grace Church, Utica, 1858-63. Editor Geneva Courier, 1843-5. Lawyer, 1845-7. Prin. 
Waterloo Acad., Waterloo, N. Y., 1847-52. Editor Ooipel Messenger, 1861-72; Asso. 
Editor Church Journal, 1872-4; Editor Church Eclectic since 1873. Trustee Gen. Theo. 
Sem., N. Y., since 1870. Chaplain N". Y. State Lunatic Asylum since 1867. Contributor to 
Journal of Insanity. D.D., Hobart Coll., 1882. 

Isaiah Horton McCollum. O'.M. Ludington, Mich. 

Insurance Agent. County Clerk, Hillsdale Co., Mich. Trustee Hillsdale Coll. Editur 
Hillsdale Gazette, 1845-6. 


Martin Luther Bellows. A.Q. Gwynedd, Pa. 

Farmer and Lawyer. 

Edward Floyd de Lancey. F.A. Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. Trustee Prot. Epis. Gen. Theo. Sem., 1863-81 ; Prot. Epis. 
Public Schools, 1862-81. Author of Memoir James de Lancey, Chief Justice and Lieut. 
Gov. of the Province of N. Y. ; True Origin of the Church in Conn.; The Capture of Mt. 
Washington, Nov. 16, 1776, the Result of Treason ; Memoir of James W. Beekman ; History 
of N. Y. during the Revolutionary War and of the Leading Events in the Other Colonies at 
that Period, by Thomas Jones, Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province, Edited 
by Edward F. de Lancey ; Biographical Sketches in Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Rt. Rev. 
William H. de Lancey, D.D., D.C.L., O.Kon., First Bishop of Western N. Y. ; Sir William 
Johnson, Bart.; Jacob Leister; Sir Hudson Lowe, Gov. of St. Helena; John Loudon 
McAdam, the Originator of McAdamized Roads. Member N. Y. Hist. Soc. ; N. Y. 
Genealogical and Biographical Soc. ; St. Nicholas Soc. of N. Y. ; Am. Ethnological Soc: 
Wis. Hist. Soc; Fellow Royal Hist. Soc, Loudon. 

Geneva. 207 

^ ''^^t^^^iLLiAM Addison Fitzhugh. /./'. (azcnovia, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1851. 

Rev. William Agur Matson. A'.E. Ixklimond Hill, L. I. 

Editor Utica Gospel Messenger, 1S49-59; Editor Church Journal, 1S72-S. 1)1)., Hobjirt, 

fNiCHOLAS King Wade. ^.Z. Columbus ' Ohio. 

Mecbanical Engineer. M.S., Washington and Ji-fiVrson Coll.; A.B., Univ. of I'a 
1843. " 


Paul Fenimoke Cooper. l.Z, Albany, N. Y. 


fCiiARLES Albion TuTTLE. B.(I>. Oakland, Cal. 

Lawyer. Member Cal. State Senate, 1854-5: Reporter Cal. Supreme Court, 1863-7; 
Member Cal. Legislature, 1 867-8 ; Commissioner to Kevise Code, 1872-3 ; Code Commissioner, 
1873; Reporter Cal. Supreme Court, 1873-9. Editor of 21 Vols. Reports S. C. of Cal., 
vols, xxiii.-xxxii. and xli.-lii. 


Alexander Horton. N.F. Nbav York City. 

Office N. Y. C. and H. R. R.R. Co. 

Thomas Fortescue Rochester, M.D. ^'.f. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Prof, and Dean Medical Dept. Univ. of Buffalo; Pres. N. Y. State Medical Soc. 

Bartholomew Ska ATS. O.A. New York City. 


Samuel Russell Welles, M.D. A.E'. Waterloo, X. Y. 

Member ISr. Y. Assembly, 1867 and 1881. Trustee Willard Asylum for Insane since 
1869; Trustee Ilobart Coll. since 1878. M.D., Buffalo Med. School, 18'48. Corresponding 
Member Albany Institute. Surgeon 61st N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 


^'^-f James Watson Averill. '/'.£". New York City. 

Wholesale Merchant. Died August, 1878. 

'^'fWiLLiAM Coleman. A'. T. York, Pa. 

Iron Master. Died May, 1861. 

'^^^'tNiCHOLAS Boon Spink Eldred. UP. Auburn, N. Y. 

Retired from ill health for many years. Died July 3, 1878. 

fMATTHEW Griswold, M.D. '/'..v. Placerville, Cal. 

fHENRY Beach Horton. K.I. Oak Park, 111. 

Asst. Sec. Miller's National Insurance Co. Mayor, Clinton, Iowa, 1862. Editor Clinton, 
Iowa, Herald, 1858-63. A.B., Williams Coll., 1847. 

2o8 Geneva. 

Richard Henry Lawrence. J.-. Baltimore Co., Md. 

Retired Lawyer. 

Samuel Holuen Torre y. E.i2. Geneva, N. Y. 

Prof. Matliematics Coll. of La. State Superin- 

f Frederic Augustus Whittlesey. P.P. Rochester, N. Y. 



jHenry Gary Bankhead. P.I. New York Gity. 

Lieut., tiien Capt., 5tli U. S. Inf., comtnissioued from West Point, 18.50-70; transferred 
to Cav., 1870; retired as ^[aj. 4tli Cav., 1879; Bvt. Brig. Gen. Vols., 1865; Bvt. Brig. Gen. 
U. 8. Reg. Army, 1868, for gallant conduct during an Indian campaign. 

"t Jacob Brown Kirby. ././7. Brownville, N. Y. 

A.B., Yale Coll., 1849. 

^ Rev. Carlton Peters Maples. A.F. Pomeroy, Ohio. 

Died February 3, 1879. 

Rev. Robert Nathan Parke. B'.A. Binghamton, N. Y. 

Rector Christ Cliurch. Trustee Hobart Coll., 1877-81. D.D., Hobart Coll., 1874. 

Clarence Armstrong Seward. //. T. New York City. 

Lawyer. Lieut. Co!. 19th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861. Acting Asst. Sec. of State 
U. 8., 1865. LL.D., Hobart Coll., 1876. 

IGeorge Hand Smith, M.D. E'.E. South Kensington, 

Engaged in scientltic pursuits. 


fAzEL Backus, M.D. A'.J. Rochester, N. Y. 

Physician to Western House of Refuge, 1865-81; Monroe County Hospital since 1867. 
Monroe County Insane Asylum, 1867-9. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1852.' Federal Surgeon in 
charge General Hospital, Rochester, N. Y. ; and Surgeon Board of Enrolment 28th Dist. 
ofN.Y., 1861-5. 

■{■Frank Chamberlain. N.J. Albany, N. Y. 

Commission Mercliant. Lieut. Col. 177th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3; Com. Gen. o; 
Ord., ranking as Brig. Gen., 1865. 

^IEdward Payson Clarke. P. 8. Franklin, N.Y. 

A.B., Yale Coll., 1850. Litterateur. Died September 1, 1853. 

^t George Murray Horton. E.FI. Geneva, N. Y. 

Editor Geneva Advertiser, 1844; Geneva Gazette, 1849-53. Postmaster Geneva, 1845-9. 
Died October 9, 1S59. 

Samuel Wilder Salisbury. ./. /. Kansas City, Mo. 


t John Lansing Sutherland. I.M. New York City. 


Geneva. 209 


fEoAVAKD II Avery. J.Z. New York City, 
*>**^tWiLLiAM Henry Chukcii. L\. Belviderc, N. Y. 

Btiulont Geneva Med. Coll., 1847-8, then studied medicine privately. Surgeon New 
York Hospital, 1850-4; Nfedieal Director U. S. A. (BurnsideV Division), 1861-5. Died at 
Pau, France, of disease contracted from exposure in the line of duty, Scptciiiber 26, 1866. 

Rev. George William Watson. l\.l. Red Wing, Minn. 

Rector Christ Church. Trustee Griswold Coll., Davenport, Iowa, 1860-75. D.D., Oris- 
wold Coll., 1874. 

Rt. Rev. Edward Randolph Welles. A'.O. Milwaukee, 

Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Wisconsin. Author of addresses before Diocesan 
Councils of Wisconsin, 1ST4-S1 ; Consecration Sermons, Chicago, 111., and Cohoes, N. Y., 
1875. Member of Wisconsin Hist. 8oc. D.D., liacine Coll., 1874. 


fEowARD CuTBUSH DeZexg. A. A. New York City. 

Superintendent Debenture Department, Custom House, New York City. 

*i8^6|DeWitt Clinton Peters, M.D. /./7. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Asst. Surgeon, U. 8. A., 1854; resided, 1856; reappointed, 1801; Surgeon and Major, 
1864; Major and Lieut. Col., Bvt., 1865. Author of Kit Carson, 1855. Died April 22, 

*'^f Horace Webster, Jr. A.F. Shanghai, China. 

Customs Official under Chinese Government. Died March 22, 1865. 

Albert Sproull Wheeler. K.T.K. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. German in Sheffield Scientific School. Tutor, 1853-5; Adj. Prof. Languages, 
1855-6; Prof. Rhetoric and Elocution, 1857-9; Pl'of. Greek Language and Literature, 
Hobart Coll., 1860-8. 


Richard Morley Harison, LL.B. d.I. Astoria, N. Y. 

Laxvyer. Tutor Mathematics, Hobart Coll., 1855-6. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1859. 

* '^* Augustine Boyer Hawley, M.D. ¥. iL Red Wing, :Minn. 

Demonstrator Anatomy, Geneva Med. Coll., 1854-5. M.D., Geneva Med. Coll., 186'), 
Died September 20, 1878. 

f John Lansing Dox ^Iercer. N.Z. New York City. 


t John Hague Swaby. Philadelphia, Pa. 



*'«^tNoAH Ashley Hoze. T.J. Penn Yan, N. Y. 

William Henry Wilkinson. M.FI. Southwick, Mass. 

Sec. Am. Logotype Publishing Co., Boston, Mass. Prin. Franklin Acad., Montsomery. 
Ala., 1857-61. 

2IO Ge7ieva. 

Frederick Collins Goodwin. V . T. Chicago, 111. 


Thomas Wickham Mizner. LA. Howell, Mich. 


'^*t William NiSBET. LS. Auburn, N. Y. 
'fMEREDiTH Ludlow Ogden. P.X. Waddington, N. Y. 

Died in the late war, January 1, 1864. 

Charles Kollin Remington. //. .V. Watertown, N. Y 

Paper Manufacturer. 

1864 J 

*'^' Charles Henry Beardsley. B'.l. Elmira, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died February 17, 1859. 

fSAMUEL Birdsall. A.E. Washington, D. C. 

Asst. Atty. General of Wis., 1858-60. Supt. Amnesty Oathe under U. S. Dept. of State. 
Member Hist. Soo. of Wis. Capt. 6th Wis. Vol., U. S. A., 1863-4. 

* '*^'t Charles Ap-Arthijr Bowen, M.D. I.N. St. Catherines, 

Demonstrator Anatomy, 1853. Prof. Anatomy and Physiology, Geneva Med. Coll., 

Rev. Edward Hart Jewett. A'.M. Norwich, Conn. 

Rector Trinity Church. D.D., Racine Coll., 1877. 

*i868 Xhomas Loomis Knapp. A.E. New Berlin, N. Y. 

Supt. Toledo and Wabash R.R., 1860. Died November 23, 1868. 

Rev. Erastus WoosTER Spalding. H.A. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dean of All Saints Cathedral. Sec. Standing Committee and Registrar of Diocese of 
Wis. since 1872. D.D., Hobart, 1877. 

^'^'^fWiLSON Sturges. T.Z. Waverly, N. Y. 

Teacher. Died September 14, 1857. 


James Armstrong. 2'. 6. New York City. 

Lawyer. Tutor Ancient Languages, Hobart Coll., 1850-7. 

*>«'* Henry Hayes. P.l. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Died at Aiken, S. C, January 27, 1859. 

Charles Nathaniel Hewitt, M.D. N.Q. Red Wing, 

Demonstrator Anatomy, Geneva Med. Coll., 1855-6. Sec. State Board of Health of 
Minn., 1872-81 ; Prof. Public Health, Univ. of Minn., 1872-81 ; Pres. State Med. Soc, 1881-2. 
Author of Minn. Slate Board of Health Reports. Contributor to Transactions of Am. Pub. 
Health Assoc. M.D., Albany Med. Coll., 1857. Member .Am. Pub. Health Assoc. Surgeon 
50th N. Y. Engineers, U. S. A., and Surgeon in Chief, Engineer Brigade, Army of the Poto- 
mac, 1861-5. 

Geneva. 2 1 1 

(iEOUGE Pkkry Lord. A'./. Dundee, N. Y. 

(Ji-;.i!i Doalor and Funuor. MiinbtT N. Y. Assembly, 1870-1. N. Y. State SenaU.r 
sinoo 1880. 

* i»««f William Hull 8eavp:r. A.V. New York City. 

Staff of The. C/iurchman, 1859. Clerk New York Post Office ; then Supt. Agency Dept. 
Adriatic Fire Ins. Co. Died at Mt. Vernon, N. Y., May lo, 1866. 

William Watts Folwell. M.S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pres. Minn. State Univ. since 1869. Adj. Prof. Mathematics, Coll., 1858-60. 
LL.D., Hobart, 1878. Member Minn. State Hist. Soc. Major and Lieut. Col., Bvt., 50tl. 
N. Y. Engineers, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Charles Edward Parker. J./L Owcgo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Delegate N. Y. Const. Convention, 1867-8. 

Rev. Alexander Hamilton Eogers. ./. /. Candor, N. Y. 

Rector St. Mark's Church. 

*''"' James Hervey Tinkham, M.D. M./:. Owego, N. Y. 

M.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1859. Ex.amining Surgeon, U. 8. A., 1862-5. Died June 2, 1879. 

*'*''^t'ToHN Sullivan Caverno. A'. 6*. Lockport, N. Y. 

Died, Geneva, N. Y., May 31, 1S55. 

Rev. George Leonard Chase. H.A. Faribault, Minn. 

Warden and Prof. Se.ibury Divinity School, Faribault, Minn. D.D., Hobart Coll., 1879. 

t William Evans Grove. /.J. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lawyer. Justice of the Peace, 2d Ward, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1860-4; County Atty., 
Woodson Co., Kan., 1868-72. 

Rev. George Herbert Patterson. r.<9. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Head Master St. Mark's School, Southborough, Mass., 1866-9; Vice Pres. and Pres. 
DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, N. Y., 1869-81. Cor. Member of New Knghand Hist, 
and Geneal. Society. LL.B., Harvard Coll., 1863. 

fPniLO Mark Patterson. M.X. Detroit, Mich. 


Rev. John Armitage Staunton. f\P. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rector Trinity Church. Trustee General Theo. Seni., 1877-81. 

Rev. William Henry Van Antwerp. LS. Rahway, N. J. 

Rector St. Paul's Church. 


*'**'' George Frederick Lee. A'. '/". Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died at Savannah, Ga., February 9, 1 S74. 

tRev. AYilliam Henry Moffett. L1\ Newton, N. J. 

Rector Christ Church. 


2 Geneva. 

f Horace Hills Morgan. PA2. St. Louis, Mo. 

Instructor. A.B., Williams Coll., 1859. 

fLuTHER Burr Pearsall. '/'.//. Hooper's Valley, N. Y. 

Lumber Dealer and Farmer. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1860. 

fHuGH Woodruff Taylor. PAL Stockton, Cal. 

Sec. State Asylum for Insane, Stockton, Cal., since 1872. 

Charles Delamater Vail. I.E. Geneva, N. Y. 

Tutor, 1869; Adj. Prof. Rhetoric and Elocution and English Language and Literature, 
Hobart Coll., since 1872; Librarian since 1873. 

fJoHN Knill Warnick. r.n. Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Manufacturer Knit Underwear. Director First National Bank, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

" tToHN Tyler Wheeler. 7'. '/. Concord, N. H. 

Master St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., 1860-73. Died, New York City, September 
16, 1873. 


IDaniel Henry Caverno, LL.B. A. A. Lockport, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1860; LL.B., Albany Law School, 1862. Died, 
Cairo, 111., March 18, 1867. 

JosiAH Little Hale, M.D. O.Q. Boston, Mass. 

Medical Inspector, Boston, 1872-3; Physician Boston Dispensary, 1872-81. M.D., 
Hai-vard Univ., 1868. Member Boston Soc. Natural History; New England Hist, and 
Genealogical Soc. 

t Augustus C^sar Huff. Watkins, N. Y. 

Prin. Watkins Acad. School Commissioner, Schuyler Co., N. Y., 1379-81 . 

*.868 ^rjLLiAM GouRLAY MiLLER, M.D. ././/. Lewiston, N. Y. 

M.D., Albany Med. Coll., 1862. Died, San Francisco, Cal., April 22, 1868. 

George Whitney. E.A. Binghamton, N. Y. 

Lawyer., Binghamton, N. Y., 1870-2. Member Board of Education, 
Binghamton, N. Y., 1877-81. 


Rev. Robert Murray Duff. E.l' . Helena, M. T. 

Rector St. Peter's Church. 

Mahlon Bainbridge Folwell, M.D. A. A. Buffalo, 

N. Y. . 

M.D., Univ. of Buffalo, 1867. Member Buffalo Soc. Natural Science. Capt. and Bvt. 
Maj. Co. I 50th N. Y. Engineers, U. 8. A., 1862-5. 

* '^^f Edmund Wellington Hodgkinson. K.(^. Portland, 

L.-iwyer. Prosecuting: Atty. 4th District, Oregon, 1864-6. Died of consumption, 
New York City, January "9, 1875. 

Alfred Barton Hough. A. P. Leadville, Colo. 

Lawyer. Capt. 60th N. Y. Engineers, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Geneva. 213 

Rev. Charles Talcott Ogden. /'./'. Owego, N. Y. 

Clergyiiiau Protestant Episcopal Church. 

* "«'' William Orton Carson. A. T. Geneva, N. Y. 

Died, Canandaigua, N. Y., August 11, 1862. 

Rev. Francis Solomon Dunham. I'.U. Terre Hautr. 

Rector St. Stephen's Church. Ph.D., Univ. Heidelberg. 

jJoHN Palmer Ellis. ff.E. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Yale Coll., 18G3. 

jAsA Gray Folwell. 2'.iV. Kendaia, N. Y. 

Farmer. Recruiting Officer 50th N. Y. Engineers, U. S. A., 1861. 

* '«" Edward Maco^ib, M.D. P. 1'. New York City. 

Asst. Surgeon, U.S. A. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1866. Died, Fort Duncan, Texa^ 
January 14, 1873. 

Charles Brother Schuyler. A.F. Newark, N. J. 

0rg.anist and Music Teacher. M.D., Buffalo Med. Coll., 1867. 

Benjamin Weston Woodwari?. N. T. Watkins, N. Y. 

Lawyer. County Judge, Schuyler Co., N. Y., 1867-70. LL.B., Albany Law School, 

*"«» William Woodworth. I./y. Lodi, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died January 24, 1809. 


Rev. Henry John Whitehouse Allen. H.I. Darby, Pa 

Clergyman Protestant Episcopal Church. 

William Henry Harrison Anderson. A. 6. Baltimore, Md. 


Rt. Rev. Leigh Richmond Brewer. P.f. Helena, M. T. 

Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Montana. D.D., Hobart Coll., 1880. 

George Gordon Brooks, FJJ. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Manufacturer of Ranges, New York City. 

Edward Allis Conger. /'../.A'. Cleveland, Ohio. 


Sutherland Douglass Smith. 2'.<1P. New York City. 


Cornelius Van Schaack. (K/\. Chicago, 111. 



tFRANCis Ralph Delano. A'..\. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Cashier Cataract Bank. A.B., Trinity Coll., 1865 ; LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1867. 

214 Geneva. 

Charles Jacobus. E.A. Matawan, N. J. 

Prin. Glonwood Institute since 1874; Naples Acad., Xaples, N. Y., 1866-9; Kenwood 
School, New Brighton, I'a., 1869-74. 

Rev. Hexry Roswell Lockwood. OAL Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rector St. Paul's Church. Tutor Hohart Coll., 1864-7 ; Trustee since 1876. 

'^^^fTHEODORE HaAVKS PiXCKXEY. B.U, Phelps, N. Y. 

Died August 25, 1865. 

•«^t William Penx Smith. E.X. Phelps, N. Y. 

Private 148th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A.; Lieut, and Adj. 38th U. 8. Colored Troops, 1862-4. 
Died in camp near Portsmouth, Va., April 19, 1864. 


James Milnor Coit. E.F. Concord, N. H. 

Master St. Paul's School, Concord, X. H., since 1877. Ph.D., Dartmouth Coll., 1881. 

Henry Sprong Davis, LL.B. E.E. Jersey City, N. J. 


fRoBERT MoRTOX Drixker. B.l. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rev. Russell Asa Olix. Y.B. Watertown, N. Y. 

Rector Trinity Church. Head Vaster DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, X.Y., 1865-6. 
Adj. Prof. Latin, 'Hobart Coll., 1867-8; Rector St. John's School, Manlius, N. Y., 1872-3. 
Corp. loth Penn. Cav., U. S. A., 1861. 

Charles Leoxard Wells, M.D. A.IL Minneapolis, Minn. 

Prof. Diseases of Children and Dermatology, Minn. Coll. Hospital, since 1874. 
Teacher Classics, Burlington Coll., 1865-6. 1st Asst. Physician Willard Asylum for Insane, 
1869-74. M.D., Geneva Med. Coll., 1869. 


George Briggs. E.P. Brandon, Vt. 

Lawj-er. Member Vt. Legislature, 18S0-1. Director First Nat. Bank, 1874-81. 

Thaddeus Mixer Chapmax. A.M. Middlebury, Yt. 

Merchant. Private 5th Vt. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Rev. Fraxk Clarexce Coolbaugh. A.B. Grand Rapids, 

B.D., Seabury Mission, Faribault, Minn., 1871. 

Anthoxy jAiiES Blaxchard Ross. T.0. Essex, N. Y. 



Horatio Bridge, M.D. T.B. Augusta, Me. 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1871. 

fRoBERT Ebexezer Foot. P.E. Denver, Colo. 

Lawyer. Special U. 8. Dist. Atty., Fla., 1874; Register in Bankruptcy, Colo., since 
1876. Private Co. B 40th Wis. Inf., U. B. A., 1864. 

Geneva. 215 

Rev. Edward Mary Soutiigate. /:. V. l^Hicott City, Md. 

Prof. St. Charles Coll. 

Edward Breck BosTWicK. AA\ Barrytown, N. Y. 

Teacher. Instructor St. Mark's School, Southboro', Mass., 1868-74; St. John's, Sing 
Sing, N.Y., 1874-5. 

*^*" Thomas Foot. //.'/'. Geneva, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died December 14, 1872. 

fJoHN Sawyer Koiball Gordon. /.2'. Woodside, N. J. 

Merchant, New York City. 

*!«"« Rev. James Van Voast. A.N. Johnstown, N. Y. 

Head Master DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, N. Y., 1872-6. Died July 29, 1876. 

»i89o j^g^, Cii\RLES Nelson Allen. 1. T. Geneva, N. Y. 

Head Master DeVeaux Coll., 8u.spension Bridge, N. Y., 1870-1. Died at Burlington. 
Iowa, May 4, 1880. 

Rev. William Joshua Cleveland. A.M. Rosebud Indian 
A";encv, D- T. 

Missionary to Sioux Indians. Prin. St. Paul's School for Indian Young Men Yorkton 
Agency! DT, 1878-9. Editor of Arpao, newspaper in Sioux language, since 18/8. 

James Tracy Hale. 1' . S. New York City. 


■j-HoBART HuTTON. T.U. Brookville, Md. 

Lawyer and Farmer. Prof. Agriculture, Md. Agric. Coll., 1872-5. 

Charles Huston Sturdevant. A.0. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 


t John Morehead YouNGLOVE. ^..V. Nashville, Tenn. 



Edward Hamilton Burdick. J. i:. Syracuse, N. Y. 


Anson Blake Jackson, LL.B. 1\ T. ISIinneapolis, Minn. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

Armon Frank Kelley, M.D. Z'. 0. Elkhart, Ind. 

Physician and Druggist. M.D., Wooster Univ., 1872. 

Rev. Walter North. 7'./V. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hector St. Luke's Church. Master DeVeaux Coll., Suspension Bridge, N. Y., 1873-4. 

Rev. Charles Henry Smith. A^.^. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rector St. James Church. . 




fHALSEY Lathrop Wood, M.D. ./. W. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

AsBt. Physician MichiKan Asylum for Insane since 1878; Prin. Mayville Acad., May- 
ville, N. y., 1872. A.B.Hamilton Coll., 1870; M.D., Columbia Coll., 1875. Author "of 
Is Alcohol a Food? Editor Medical Record, 1876. 


fFREDERiCK William Barker. I. [J. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Cashier The Robert Gere Bank. Receiver City Bank of Oswego, N. Y., 1879-81 ; 
Treas. Syracuse, Chenango and N. Y. R.R., 1879-81. 

Guy Buttles Case, M.D. T.B. Cleveland, Ohio. 

79. Health Officer of Cleveland, 1878-9. M.D., 

T.I. Baltimore, Md. 

Ernest Cleveland Coxe, M.D. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

Benjamin Whiting Franklin, LL.B 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. 

»t William Foot. A. P. Geneva, N. Y. 

Died, Denver, Colo., October 26,1870. 

George Natt Hale, LL.B. A.I. 

Lawyer. Maj. and A. D. C, N. G., Pa., 1873-7. 

Rev. William jMortimer Hughes 

Rector St. John's Church. 


Appleton Jewett Ide. O.A. Columbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Member City Council, 1876-8 ; 1879-81. 

iV. n. Xew York 

Bellefonte, Pa. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1875. 

A.F. Buffido, X. Y 

George Powis Bellows. F.A. Geneva, N. Y. 


Rev. Charles Arthur Bragdon. A.0. Au Sable Forks, 
N. Y. 

Rector St. James Church. 

fHENRY Stiles Comstock. T. 6. New York City. 


William Perez Conger, LL.B. A'. A. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1876. 

fGEORGE Herbert Day. 6.Z. Hartford, Conn. 

Sec. Weed Sewing Machine Co. 

Frank Coe Hubbard. O.A. Columbus, Ohio. 


Geneva. 217 

John Gkaham Gibson. l\A. Utica, N. Y. 


Hiram Augustus Torrey. A.K. Geneva, N. Y. 

Farmer. M.I)., Detroit Medical Coll., 1877. 

Edward Harold Bancroft. V.A. Port Huron, Mich. 

Merc.intile. Genl. Purcliasing Agent Chicago and Lake Huron R.K., 1875-7. Trcas. 
Arctic Ice Machine Co., Augusta, Ga., 1880-1. 

Frederic Dumont Barto. P.B. Trumansburgh, N. Y. 

Banker. Pres. H. D. Barto & Co.'s Bank since 1880. 

Richard Torris Clarke. P. T. Columbus, Ohio. 


Chilion P ALT. Conger. I.F. Port Huron, Mich. 

Lawyer. Clerk Committee on Manufactures, U. 8. Senate, 1880. 

fWiLLiAM Henderson Hampton. A.K. Frankfort, Ky. 

Lay Reader, St. John's in Wilderness, near Frankfort, Ky. 

'»«' Jonas Turney Hulse. I.E. Circleville, Ohio. 

Farmer. Died at Abilene, Kan., October 26th, 1881. 

Howard Edwin Jones, M.D. A'. T. Circleville, Ohio. 

M.D., Ohio Medical Coll., 1876- Author of the Test in Illustrations of the Nests and 
Eggs of the Birds of Ohio. 


fREGiNALD Cleveland Coxe. F.A. Paris, France. 

Artist. JSleve of M. Bonuat. 

fWiLLiAM Birch Rankine. A'. P. New York City. 

Lawyer. A.B., Union Coll., 1877. 


fHARRisoN Hancock Bowes. I.<I>. Michigan City, lud. 

Lawyer. A.B., Racine Coll., 1878. 


fHENRY Howard Ross. N.F. Essex, N. Y. 



IGeorge Field Conger. O.N. Cleveland, Ohio. 



184I TO 1885. 


The Hudson Chapter was founded Jul}^ 1, 1841, by Samuel 
Eells and Joseph FewSmith. The Charter members were Walter 
S. Barber, George C. Bristol, Rufus Patch and Henry W. Williams, 
of the class of '41, and Charles F. Hudson and Henry A. Swift, 
of the class of '42. At the second meeting Professors Elias 
Loomis and Samuel St. John were made members, so that the 
Chapter really started with two graduate and six undergraduate 
members. Before the founding of A A (P, there had been no secret 
fraternity at Western Reserve, but the favor with which its coming 
was regarded bj- the Faculty- of the College is shown by the fact 
that several of its members became members of the Chapter. 

The Chapter continued to flourish, counting among its number 
many" of the strongest and most able men of the College until 
the 3'ears 1857 and 1858, when it became reduced to two or 
three members on account of the very small number of students 
then in the College. The charter, however, was not forfeited, and 
the affairs of the College again brightening, the Chapter once more 
increased to its former strength, and has since maintained a foremost 
place among the fraternities at Western Reserve College. Of the 
forty-one valedictories delivered since the year 1840, twenty-one 
have been by members of Alpha Delta Phi, besides a corresponding 
share of salutatories, and other college honors. This year closes the 
historj' of the Chapter in Hudson. 

The College is to become a part of the Western Reserve Univer- 
sity of Cleveland, and at the commencement of next year the 

Hudson. 219 

Hudson Chapter will I10 cstal)lis!ic(l in its new qnaiters in that 

Valedictorians. — Grosvenor W. llcacock, '40; George C. Bristol, '41 ; Charles 
F. Hudson, '42; Samuel T. Soelye, '43; Cliristoplier M. Cordley, '44; Nathan S. 
Hiirton, '46; Ezekiel C. Scudder, '."iO; William S. Austin, '51; Horace B. Foster, 
'52; Jacob Chamberlain, '5(; ; William (i. Williams, T.l ; Charles T. Williams, 'C2 ; 
Sidney Strong, 'G3 ; Elmore T. Caruthers, '05; William II. Perkins, 'C8 ; Thomas 
D. Seymour, '70; William II. Baldwin, '71 ; Charles A. Gates, '73 ; William E. 
Gushing, '75; Arthur II, Talmer, '79; Charles A. Shaw, '81, 



Charter Members. 

Walter Sessions Barber. B.A. 
George Carmi Bristol. O.I. 
RuFus Patch. 77.7. 
Henry AVarren AVilliams. .7. Y. 
Charles Frederic Hudson. Z.l. 
Henry Adoniram Swift. 7,'. J. 

\Rev. Henry Noble Day. A' .E. New Haven, Conn. 

Author. Prof. Rhetoric and Practical Theolosty, Western Reserve, 1840-58; Pres. Ohio 
Female Coll., 1858-64. Pres. Clinton Line R.R. Co., 1853-7; Pres. Clinton Line Extension 
R.R. Co., 1854-6. Author of Art of Elocution, 1844; Art of Rhetoric, 1860; Rhetorical 
Proxies, 1860; Art of Pnokktciiitiir, 1861; Hamilton's Logic Reduced, 1863; Elements of 
Logic; Art of Discoursi an.i Ait of English Composition, 1867 ; Introduction to English 
Literature, 1869; Youii- i .iiii.n^n-, ]S70; The Science of Esthetics, 1872; Logical Proxies, 
1872; Elements of Psvclir.lM-v , l^Tti; The Science of Ethics, 1876; Outlines of Ontological 
Science, 1878. A.B., Yale Coll., 1828; D.D., Farmer's Coll., 1861 ; LL.D., Ingham Univ., 
1861. Member of Am. Oriental Soc, and Am. Philological Association. 

'\ Timothy Dwight Eells. F.A.K. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Merchant. Died April 19, 1876. 


]Elias Loomis. O.X. New Haven, Conn. 

Tutor Yale Coll., 1833-6; Prof. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Western Reserve, 
1836-44 ; Univ. of the City of Kew York, 1844-60 ; Prof. Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, 
Yale Coll., since 1860. Author of Practical Astronomy; Analytical Geometry and 
Calculus; and of numerous other mathematical textbooks; also of .articles in the Transac- 
tions of the American Philological Soc. ; A7n. Journal of Science; Gould's Astronomical 
Journal ; and in the publications of the Conn. Acad, and Smithsonian Institution. A.B., 
Yale Coll., 1S30; LL.B., Univ. of the City of New York, 1839. Member of the Am. 
Philosophical Soc, Philadelphia, since 1839: of the Am. Acad, of Arts and Sciences, Bos- 
ton, since 1850; Corresponding Member of the British Scientific Association since 1857; 
Honorary Member of the Philosophical Soc. of Glasgow since 1860 ; Member of the National 
Acad, of Science, Washington, since 1873; Honorary Member of the Meteorological Soc. of 
London since 1874. 


^Samuel St. John, M.D. Z'.I. New York City. 

Prof. Medical Dep.-irtment, Western Reserve, 1843-56; Prof Chemistry and Geology, 
Kenyon Coll., 1857-9; Prof. Chemistry, Columbia Coll., 1860-76. B.A. , Yale Coll , 1834; 
M.D., Univ. of Vt., 1839; LL.D., Univ. Georgetown, Ky., 1S49. Died at New Canaan, 
Conn., September 9, 1876. 

Hudson. 2 2 1 

\JSFathan Perkins Seymour. I'.iL Hudson, Ohio. 

Lecturer English Literature, Western Uescrve; Greek and Latin, 1840-70. A.B., Ynlc 
Coll., 1834; LL.D., Kenyon Coll., 1867. 


\ James N^ooney. O.E. Fernandina, Fla. 

Uctircd. Prof. Mathematics and Physics, Western Reserve Coll., 1844-8; Prof. 111. 
Coll. A.B., Yale Coll., 1838. 


Darius Lyman. H'.P. Parkman, Ohio. 

Clerk U. S. Treasury since 1863. Head of Navigation l>ivision, Washington, D. C. 
Tutor East Tenn. Univ., 1847; Prof. English Language and Literature, Miami Univ., 
0.\ford, Ohio, 1850-3 ; Trustee Western Reserve, 1842-55. Author of I'ubliuB Lyrus, 1856 ; 
Lessons for Dough Faces, 1S56. 


'^^ Rev. Grosvenor Williams Heacock. H'.0. Buffalo, 

N. Y. 

D.I)., Hamilton Coll., 1856. Pastor, Congregational, at Buffalo. Died May 6, 1877. 

Charles Kent. A.I. Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer, firm of Kent, Newton & Pugsley. ^ 

'^'^ Rev. Horace Sedgwick Taylor. H'.B. India. 

Missionary. Died at Kodi Karnal, on Pulncy Mountains, February 3, 1871. 

'^- Rev. Samuel Wright. Z . ¥. Toledo, Ohio. 

Pastor and Missionary A. H. M. S., 1846-52. 
I 84 I. 

1845 "VValter Sessions Barber. li.A. Harwinton, Conn. 
'^' George Carmi Bristol. (I.-. Farmington, 111. 

Died September 3, 1841. 

Jerome Buckingham. Ii.£. Newark, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 1869-70. 

Rev. RuFUS Patch. /7./. Lathrop, Mo. 

Editor Lathrop .Vo»itor since 1878. Tutor Western Reserve, 1S41-2. Prin. LaGrangc 
Inst., Ontario, lud., 1844-78. Clergyman six years. Member Board of Visitors, Chicago 
Theo. Sem., Congregational, 1869-75. 

Henry Warren Williams, ISl.D. I. ?*. Batavia, 111. 

Physician. M.D., Cleveland Med. Coll., 1843. 

^^ Rev. Charles Frederic Hudson. Z.l'. Haddonfield, 

Author The Annihilation of the Wicked and A Critical Greek and English Concord 
ancc of the New Testament. Died May, 1867. 

222 Hudson. 

*i8C9 jJenry Adoniram Swift. E.J. St. Peter, Minn. 

Lawyer, Ravenna, Ohio. Deputy Clerk Ohio House of llepresentativeB, 1845-6; 
Clerk, 1S47-8; Clerk Ohio Senate, 1850-1; Member and Pres. Minn. Senate, 1861, by the 
resignation of the Gov., and Lieut. Gov. of Minn. ; State Sen.ator, 1861. Commissioned CoU, 
by Gov. of Minn., for military service in the Indian massacre of 1862. Died February, 1869. 


* '^' CuYLER Leonard. K.X. Sandusky, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Tutor Western Reserve, 1844-6. Car Manufacturer. 

Rev. RuFUS Nutting. T.K. Carlinsville, 111. 

Prof. Greek and Latin Languages in Blackburn Univ. ; Tutor Western Reserve, 1845- 
9; Prof. Greek, Illinois Coll., .Jacksonville, 1853-66. 

*"*^' RuFUS Hawley St. John. T.A. Warsaw, 111. 


Rev. Samuel, Taylor Seelye. I.f). Easthampton, Mass. 

Banker. Member Mass. Board of Education. Pres. First N.ational Bank of Easthamp- 
ton ; Pres. Glendale Elastic Fabrics Co. ; Pres. Easthampton Public Library Assoc. Trustee 
Williston Sem. Pastor Wolcottville, Conn., 184.5-55 ; Fourth Presbyterian Church, Albany, 
N. T., 1855-63; Congregational, Easthampton, Mass., 1863-1877. Author several sermons. 
D.D., Hamilton Coll., 1860. 


*"*^Rev. Christopher Minta Cordley. T.l. Lawrence, 

Clergyman, Congregational. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1849. Pastor, Hopkinton, 
N. H., 1849-52; First Church, Randolph, Mass., 18.52-7; West Brookfield, Mass., 
1859-62; Central Church, Lawrence, Mass., 1862-6. Died June 30, 1866. 

Homer Goodwin. A'.(I>. Sandusky, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Private 145th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1862. 

Rev. Eleroy Curtis. A.F. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Pastor South Presbyterian Church since 1867. Chaplain Northern Ohio Insane Asylum. 
Trustee Western Resei-ve Coll. Pastor, Middlebury, Ohio, 1848-54; Fort Wayne, Ind., 
1850-60; Sherburne, N. Y., 1860-7. Grad: Theo. Western Reserve, 1848. D.D., Marietta 
Coll., 1881. 

Rev. William Davis Sanders. A.l. Jacksonville, 111. 

Supt. Illinois Conservatory of Music since 1871. Prof. Rhetoric and English Literature. 
Illinois Coll., fifteen years; Pres. Young Ladies' Atheuoeura, sixteen years. Grad. Theo. 
Western Reserve, 1850. D.D., Hamilton Coll., 1865. 


Rev. Nathan Smyth Burton. M.l. Akron, Ohio. 

Pastor Baptist Church. Tutor AVestern Reserve Coll., 1849-50; Trustee Denison 
Univ., 1856-66, .and since 1879; Prln. Young Ladies' Inst., Granville, Ohio, 1859-61; Prof. 
Philosophy, Kalamazoo Coll., 1875-7. D.D., Denison Univ., 1864. 

Julian Harmon, M.D. ./.J. Warren, Ohio. 

Physician. IJ. S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions for Trumbull Co. since 1862. 
Trustee Western Reserve, 1879-80. M.D., Cleveland Med. Coll., 1849. 

Hudson. 223 

*^^^ Rev. William Sloan Kennedy. J'.iV. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Pastor, PreHbyterian, Rrccksville, 1848-52; Handunky, 1852-9; Cincinnati, 1859-61. 
Author I'lan of Union; Messianic Prophesies and Life of Christ. Died June 30, 1801. 

Timothy Dwigiit Nutting. A.N. Jacksonville, 111. 

Prof, in 111. Conservatory of Music. In 1861 resided in Jackson, Miss. ; conscripted in 
C. S. A., in charge of Hrigade Band, Barksdale's Brigade (Longstreet's Corps), till 1864, 
when escaped. 

*'^'-* Rev. Joseph Higley Scott. P. A. Metropolis, 111. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, Twinsburgh, 1851-S; West Liberty, Iowa, 1859-62; Mineral 
Ridge, Ohio., 1862-4; Metropolis, 1866-79. Grad. Theo. Western Reserve, 1851. Died 
February 26, 1879. 

»i8Tj jjg^, Cornelius Hector Taylor. A'.f). Cincinnati, 

Pastor, Presbvterian. Grad. Theo. Western Reserve, 1849. D.D., Shurtliff, 111., 
Coll., 1863. Died February 26, 1875. 


*''*** Rev. Nathan Lynde Lord, ^NI.D. //.A'. New York 

Financial Agent Western Ileser\-o. Missionary to Jafna, Coylon, 1852-9; in U. H., 
1859-63; Madura Mission, India, 1803-7. Grad. Theo. Western Ueserve, 1850. Died 
January 24, 1S6S. 

John Manning, M.D. M.A. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Druggist. Mayor, Youngstown, 1863-4. M.D., Cleveland Med. Coll., 1852. 

Rev. Armon Spencer. 11. B. Newark, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian (now retired), and Teacher Acad, at Elmira, X. Y., two years; 
Rushville, X. Y., two years. Pastor, Williamson, Ohio, 1860-9; Dansville, Mich., 1871-2; 
Byron, Mich., 1872-4. " Grad. Auburn Theo. Sem., 1850. 


*'*■" Rev. Erastus Chester. Z.K. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Tutor Western Reserve, 1850-2. Pastor at Newton Falls, Newburg, and Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., 18.52-60. Merchant, Cleveland, 1860-70. Grad. Theo. Western Reserve, 1851. 
Died September 28, 1870. 

**'*' Hil AND Reese HuLBURD. A.W. New York City. 

Lawyer at Columbus, Ohio. Banker at New York City, 1872-80. Asst. Comptroller 
U. S. Currency, Washington, D. O. ; Comptroller, 1872. Died July, 1880. 

Matthew Canfield Read. A.l.K. Hudson, Ohio. 

Lawyer and Practical Geologist. Editor Family Vinitor, 1853-4. Lecturer on Practical 
Geologv and Zoology, Western Reserve, since 1869. Member Ohio Geological Corps., 1869-78. 
Author of contributions to Ohio Geological Reports; contributions to Am. Katuralist, 
Anti'/uari<iii, Orientid (iiid Biblical Journal; Ohio Agricultural Reports; Geology of 
Ohio; Smithsonian Institute Reports, etc. Member Am. Anthropological Soc; Ohio 
Archajological Soc; N. Y. Acad, of Sciences; Kirtland Soc. of Natural Sciences; Wis. 
ilorlieultural Soc; Phila. Acad, of Science, etc. 

*^«" Joel Swain Sawyer. I'.K. Chatfield, Minn. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Agent. Died May 24, 1875. 

t Stephen Buckingham Sturges. N. ¥. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Treas Brush Electric Light Co. of New England and Brush Illuminating Co. of N. Y. 
Banker since graduation. Mayor, Mansfield, Ohio, 1857. A.B., Kenyon Coll. Lieut. 
Col. Ist Ohio Light Art., U. 8. A., 1861. 

224 Hudson. 

Rev. Levi Bodly "Wilson, D.D. H' .1. Colorado Springs, 

Pastor, Presbyterian, at Grasshopper Falls, Kan., since 1872; Windhani, Ohio, 1855-9; 
Younestown, 18o9-69 ; Atchison, Kan., 1869-72. Trustee Western Reserve, 1856-70; Wash 
burn Coll. since 1870. Prin. Ohio Central Coll., 1850-5. D.D., Western lieserve Coll., 1870. 

»i849 Tunis Van Houten AVilson. /.T. Plymouth, Ohio. 

Grad. Theo. Western Reserve, 1*48. Died March 6, 1849. 

Rev. James "Witherspoon Kerr, M.D. ./. U. Yaldosta, Ga. 

Pastor, Preebvterian (South), since 1879. Practised medicine until 1857; preached, 
1861-8; taught, 186S-70. Prin. Female Seni., Yazoo City, Miss., 1870-3; taught, 1870-9. 
Author of The Discipline of Dancing, and sermons. M.D., ColumbiaColl., 1853. Grad. 
Princeton Theo. Sera., 1859. 

Rev. Samuel Loomis. V.K. Chester, S. C. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1857. Agent Am. Tract Soc., .Athens, Ga., 1853-4. Preaching, 
Grinnell, Iowa, "185-5-7; Roseville, Ohio, 1857-8. Pastor, Rensselaerville, X. Y., 1859-63; 
Vineland, N. J., 1563-5; Home Missionary, Chester, S. C, since 1866. 

Axmox Sa3ISON. H' .Z. Richmond, Ind. 

Postmaster. Prin. High School, Columbus, Ohio, 1851-4; Supt. Schools, Zanesville, 
Ohio, 1854-7. 


fAViLLiAM Boyd Allison. A'. W, Dubuque, Iowa. 

U. S. Senator from Iowa since 1872; present term expires 1885. Lawyer in Ohio; 
removed to Iowa 1857. U. S. Representative from Iowa, 1863-71. 

Nathan Barrows, M.D. F'.S. Meriden, N. H. 

Teacher. Prin. High School, 1880-1. Prof, of Mathematics in Kimball Union Acad., 
Meriden, X. H., 1871-80. M.D., Cleveland Medical Coll., 1855, and Univ. of New York, 1856. 

fHoRACE Benton. H'.P. Cleveland, Ohio. 


fLEAViTT Field BissELL. /..V. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lawj'er. At present travelling on business. 

*'^« Rev. William Dempsey. J.B. Middlebury, Vt. 

Grad. Theo. Western Reserve, 1850. Died, Medina, Ohio. 

#i8r.-? Lorenzo Gates. O.A. Gatesville, Kan. 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. Tutor Westeni Kesen-e, 1852-3. Postmaster, 1862-6. State 
Representative, Kan., 1868-70. Private, U. S. A., during I'rice's raid. Died May 24, 1S73. 

Rev. Ezekiel Carman Scudder, M. D. E.I. Upper Red 
Hook, N. y. 

Pastor St. John's Reformed Church. Teacher Granville Seminary, 1851. Sec. and 
Treas. of Am. Areot Mission, 1856-8, 1870-6; Supt. Arcot Seminary, 1872-6. Author of 
Papers before Gen. Missionary Conference, at India, 1873; Street Preaching 
in India, Evangelical Review, July, 1873. M.D., Long Island Med. Coll., 18d9. 

Rev. Jared Waterbury Scudder, M.D. Z'.I. Velloie, 

Missionary to S. India of Am. Arcot Mission at Vellore, India. Minister and iniysician 
at Chittoor, Madras Presidency, till 1875. Translator of Heidelberg Catechism into Tamil, 
and Spiritual Teaching from the Tamil. M.D., Long Island Med. Coll., 1S65. 

Iluchoii. 225 


\m \YiLLiAM Samuel Austin. E' .1. Memphis, T 


Practised law in Cleveland till 1860; in Memphis till 18G5. Chief Clerk Quartermnit. 
ter's Dept., U. 8. A., New Orleans, 1800-5. Died, New Orleans, April 23, 1865. 

f George Hunt. II. II. Chicago, 111. 

Commission Merchant. 

^fMoRRis Hunt. LA. Lawrence, Kan. 

Lawyer and Judgre Common Pleas. 

^ Virgil Louis OviATT. /^.V. llichfield, Ohio. 

Teacher, Richtield, Ohio, 18.i2. 


f Lucius Harwood Foote. ii. \. Sacramento, Cal. 

Lawyer. U. S. Consul Valparaiso, Chili, since 1878. Police Justice for Sacramento. 
Adjt. Gen., Cal., 1871-5. 

Horace Burnham Foster. O.J. Hudson, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Tutor Western Reserve, 18.53-55; Supt. Puh. Schools, Akron, Ohio. Mayor, 
Hudson, Ohio, since 1881. 

fEDWiisr Smith Gregory. N.I. Hudson, Ohio. 

Justice of the Peace. Asst. Prof. Latin, Western Reserve, 1860-6; Prin. Rayen 
School, Youngstown, Ohio, 1866-79. Trustee Western Reserve since 1870. A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1852. 

Rev. Nathaniel McConaughy. A.0. Somerville, N. J. 

Civil Engineer on Seaboard, Pittsburg and Great Westero R.R.; Civil Engineer, 
Ohio, 1852-4. Tan^ht, New York City and Tenn., 1854-5. Pastor, Presbyterian, N. J., 
18-58-71. Grad. Princeton Theo. Seminary, 1858. 

Rev. George Barron Pierce. P.O. Pleasanton, Mich. 

Fanner. Postmaster, 1865-75. Prin. Acad., 1859-61; Teacher in Manistee, 187.5-80. 

fRussELL Mortimer Williams. J'.i". White Cloud, Kan. 

Lawyer and Real Estate Asjent. Acting Ensign, U. S. N., Miss. Squadron, 1862-4. 
Member Kan. Ter. Legislature, 1860t1 ; State Senate since 1876. 


fTnoMAS H. Armstrong. 7. A. Giinnell, Towa. 


f David Wheelock Brooks. A.M. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Member Detroit Board of Education, 1866-74. 

•fRev. Amzi Barzillai Lyon. 1.0. West Newbury, Vt. 

Acting Pastor Congregational Church. Studied Andover Theo. Sem., 1857; Pastor, 
Strongville, Ohio, 18.58; Sylvania, 1859 ; Vermillion, 1860-3; Strongville, 1864; Salisbury, 
Vt., 186.5-7 ; Bristol, 1867-9. 


Rev. James Wilson. ./. '/'. Ruggles, Ohio. 

Studied Lane Theo. Sem., 1857-9. Died at Youngstown, Ohio, July 13, 1860. 

2 26 Hudson. 


Rev. Jacob Chamberlain, M.D. A'.U. Mudnai)illy, S. 

Missionary and Physician, ArcotMission, Soutli India; Superintendent Med. Dispensary 
under British Government, India. M.D. (honorary), Cleveland Med. Coll., 1868; D.D., 
Western Reserve, Union, Rutgers Colls., 1876. 


- Elwood Potts Haines, M.D. K.L Elyria, Ohio. 

Practised medicine at Ortville and Elyria. Hospital Steward and Surgeon, U. S. A. 

William Whiting Andrews. A'M. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Member Board of Education, Cleveland, 1S62-3. 

Gilbert Saltonst ALL Carpenter. E.I. Salt Lake City, 

Capt., U. 8. A. Address care Adjt. Gen. U. S. A., AVashington, D. C. Lieut, and 
Capt. ISth Inf., II. S. A., 1S61-5 ; in Regular Army since 1861 ; commanding camp on Snake 
Lines, Colo., 1881. Lawyer, Ohio, 1859-60. 

George Harvey Christy. //'. Y. Sewicldey, Pa. 

Lawyer, Pittsburg, Pa. Prof. Mathematics, Western Univ. of Pa., 1861-3; Trustee 
Western Reserve since 1877. Vice Pres. Westinghouse Air Brake Co., 1873-4. Private, 
Q. M. Sergt., Knap's Artillery, 1st Lieut, and Adjt. 22d U. S. Colored Troops, 1864-5. 

Henry Mills Day. N.l. New York City. 

Banker. Lawyer at Cincinnati four years. 

fFRANK Brown Hamilton. A. 77. Fort McHenry, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Commanding Battery I 2d U. S. Art. ; Commissioned, from West Point, 1862, as 2d 
Lieut. 3d Art.; Bvt. 1st Lieut, 1862; Bvt. Capt., 1863; 1st Lieut. 3d Art., 1864; Capt. 
14th Inf., 1866; 2d Art. since 1870. General address care Adjt. Gen. U. S. A., Washing- 
ton, D. C. Asst. Prof. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, West Point, 186-3-8. 

Brain ARD Spencer Higley, LL.B. J../'. Youngstown, 

Lawyer. Mayor, Youngstown, 1864-5. LL.B., Cleveland Law School, 1S61. Corp. 
155th Ohio Inf.. U. S. A., 1864. 

Thomas Jefferson McLain, Jr. I.\. Warren, Ohio. 

U. 8. Consul Nassau, N. P., Bahama Is., since 1877. Member Ohio Legislature, 1874-7. 

fEDWARD Francis Adams. Z ,r. San Francisco, Cal. 

Merchant. Occasional contributor to The Nation, Sun, c\^c. Private 41st Ohio Inf., 
U. 8. A., 1861-2. 

Samuel Cheney Williamson. M.ll. Akron, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Probate Judge Summit Co. since 1876. Priv:ite liUh Ohio Inf., U.S. A., 
1861 ; 2d and Ist Lieut. 18th Inf., Capt. 42d and 0th Inf., U. S. A., 1861-70. 

Hudson. 227 


Rev. Allen Campbell Bakkow.s. I'.V. Kent, Ohio. 

Pastor, Consircwtioual, at Kent, since 1871. Teacher Latin, Pliillips Acad., Andovtr, 
18fi4-G; I'rof. Mathematics and Physics, Western Reserve, 1860-7; Latin, 1870-1. Private 
and Scr,!,'t. M.aj. ISth Inf., ,U. S. A., 1861^. 

Horace John Clark. O.U, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Sunt. Public Schools, OhcrUn Co., since 1878. . Member Board Ex.iminep Maboninsr 
Co., Ohio, 1869-77. Prin. Poland Union Sera., 1869-76; Prin. Shaw Acad., CoUanner, 
Ohio, two years. 

jDavid Lygurgus Dlmmock. 1. 1. Oberlin, Ohio. 
tlRA Cole Terry. P.I. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. A.B., Uuion Coll., 1861. Lieut. Col. 22d U. S. Vols. 

'^- Edward Sayle AVatterson. A.(I>. Warrensville, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Private Co. B 85th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. Died June S, 1872. 

Edwin Lester Webber. iV. W. Worthington, Ind. 

Lumber Merchant since 1 869. Lawyer at Ravenna Ohio 186.5-9 ; Pros. Atty Portap.- 
Co., Ohio, 1S6S-9. Private 85th Ohio Inf. and Lieut. Col. 8Sth Ohio Int., U. b. A., 1862-5. 

William George Williams. M.l. Cleveland, Ohio. 



Charles Enoch Clark. A.B. Granite Falls, Minn. 

Co Sunt, of Schools and Farmer. Private 19th Ohio Inf. ; Co. B 85th Ohio Inf. ; 
Orderly Sergt. 86lh Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

Edward Whittlesey Stuart. J.*/*. Akron, Ohio. 

Lawyer Prin. Shaw Acad., CoUamer, Ohio, 1864-5. M.iyor, Kent, Ohio, 1869. City 
Solicitor, Akron, Ohio, 1871-7. Pros. Atty., Summit Co., Ohio, 1877-81. IMv.atc Co. B 
85th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Charles Tudor Williams. 7'. V. Kent, Ohio. 

Glass Manufijcturcr. Tutor Westej-n Resei-ve, 1863-4. Private Soth Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 
May-September, 1862. 

Simon Perkins Wolcott. iV.//. Kent, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Mayor of Kent, Ohio, 1870-4. Member of School Board, 1866-76. Member 
State Senate since" 1881. 


fP^MMET Denio Dodge. K.V. Akron, Ohio. 

Travelling Salesman. 

Rev. John Calvin Elliott. J. A'. Seville, Ohio. 

I'-istor Presbyterian, since 1880. Tile Manufacturer. Real Estate Speculator. Editor 
>MlioX«// P?4or !S\-b"aska City, Neb.. 1867-9. Prin. Otol Univ., 1879-70. Stated 
Supply. GuilfoS Ohio 18n-9. G^Ad. Princeton Theo. Sem.. 1866. Private Co. B 85th 
Ohio Inf., May-September, 1862. 

t William Henry Harvey. H'.U. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sec. and Treas. Ohio Commonwealth Iron Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 

jMerrill Nathaniel Hutchinson. T.A. New York City. 

Private, Sergt., 1st Lieut. 18th Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4; Bvt. Capt. for gallant and merilo- 
rious service in the battle of Chickamauga. 

2 28 Hudson. 

Sidney Strong. /. V. Youngstown, Ohio. 

I^awyer. Tutor Western Reserve, 1864-6. Priv.ite Co. B 8.5th Ohio Inf., May- 
September, 1862. 

*'*^' Henry Robert Watterson. E'.S. Warrensville, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Private Co. B 85th Ohio Inf., May-September, 1862. Died August 31, 1865. 

Reginald Heber Wright. /.J. Akron, Ohio. 

Cashier for Aultraan, Miller &: Co. Ord. Sergt. Co. B S-^th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Samuel Mansfield Eddy. K.H. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Asst. Pros. Attv., 1873-7; Pros. Atty. 1877-8. 2d Sergt. Co. B 85th Ohio 
Inf., U. S. A., May-September, 1862. 

Rev. George Trumbull Ladd. H. Y. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Nfental and Moral Philosophy in Yale Coll. Member Board of Visitors for 
Chicago Theo. Sem., 1877-9. Lecturer on Congregationalism, Andover Theo. Sera., 1879-81, 
on Systematic Theology, 1881. Contributor to Bibliotheca Sacra, January and April, 
1869, January, 1876, January and October, 1877, October, 1878, Janu.ary and October, 1879, 
October, 1880; to New Eng/ander, April, 1874, October, 1876, September, 1879. Autlior 
Lectures in Review of Spencer and Tyndall. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1869. D.I)., 
AVestern Reserve, 1881. 

jCharles Edgar Poe, M.D. A.Z. Ravenna, Ohio. 

Dry Goods Merchant. M.D., Starling Med. Coll., Columbus, Ohio, 1864. Asst. Surg. 
43d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

f Charles Seymour. A'. .V. Knoxville, Tenn. 


Edward Porter Williams. A'../. (Heveland, Ohio. 

Manufacturer. Corp. 85th Ohio Inf , IT. S. A., May-September, 1862. 

Rev. Richard Lloyd Williams. A.Z. Baraboo, Wis. 

Pastor (First) Presbyterian Church. Grad. Lane Theo. Sem., 1867. Private 85th Ohio 
Inf., U. S. A., May-September, 1862. 


*'^*' Elmore Perry Caruthers. fl.l'. Little Rock, Ark. 

Teacher for Deaf and Dumb, Columbus, 1865-70; Prin. State Inst, for Deaf 
Mutes, Little Rock, Ark., 1870. Private Co. B 85th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., May-September, 
1862. Died September 3, 1876. 

fRev. George Thojias Le Boutillier. (K.\. Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 

Rector Grace Church : Rector DeLancey School, Oneida, N. Y., 1874-7. Trustee Jar^-is 
Hall and Wolfe Hall Schools, Denver. Contributor to T/ie Churchman, Living Chwch, 

IDarius Parmalee Sackett. a. a. Oakland, Cal. 

Teacher at the Genesee Acad., K. Y., 1868; Prin. Leicester Acad., Mass., 1869; Prin. 
of the Female Coll. of the Pacific at Oakland, of the Sackett School in Oakland since 
1872. A.B., Yale, 1866. 

James George Shedd. A.E. Danville, 111. 

Lumber Merchant. Prin. Kinsman Acad., 1865-6; Teacher Prep. Dept. Western 
Reserve, 1866-7; Teacher Select Sdiool, Chicnffo, 111., 1867-8; Supt. Pub. Schools, Dan- 
ville, 111., 1869-74 and 1877-80, and at Macomb, III., 1874-76. Corp. S5th Ohio Inf, U. 8. A., 

Hudson. 229 

fllAHHis Elias Smith. ./. .V. Wyandotte, Kan. 

Druggist and StatioiuT. Kansas ("itv. Mo, Director Kan. State Normal School, 
1874-6. City Editor I<\)n Waviic, Iml.. "/.r, „/,-./ Ct-illc, 1808; Kditor Irving, Kan., 
Recorder, 1869-72; Kditor CoMcor.liM, K;iii., /,„//.;,.. 1872-80. Scrgt. 123d Ohio Inf., 
U. S. A., 1862-4; Lieut, and Adj. i:!tli (.-olored An., isc,4-r). 


"^^^fHENRY Allen Hahvey. (I>.N. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Of the Commonwealtl) Irou Co. Died at Cleveland, February 16, 1881. 

t Ralph Osborne. E. W. Toledo, Ohio. 

Teller 2d Nat. Bank. Private S4tli Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Albert Peter Tallman. ./.J. Bridgeport, Ohio. 

Cashier 1st Nat. Bank of Bellairc. Ohio. 


Stiles Henry Curtiss. T.F. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Wholesale Dealer Tea, Coft'ce and Spices. 

'"'''tELiJAH Arthur Ellsworth. P.X. Hudson, Ohio. 

Edward Hooker Harvey, M. D. J. V. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Merchant. M.D., Cleveland Med. Coll.. 1869. Private 1.50th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

t William Russell Merrick. M.ll. Youugstown, Ohio. 


James Schuyler Oviatt. A.J. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Asst. City Civil Engineer since 1872. Teacher Kinsman Acad., 1867; Richfield, 1868. 

Rev. John Henry House. P.B. Eski Zagra, Turkey. 

Missionary since 1872. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 187L 

Andrew Jackson Mack, LL.B. .V. A. Columbus, Ohio. 

Editor since 1873. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1873. 

Frank Forrest Morrill. P.X. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Lawyer, and Sec. and Treas. Railway Car Building Co. Student at Berlin and Heidel- 
berg, 1869-72. 

William Rufus Perkins. P. T. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Asst. Prof, of Greek and Latin, Cornell Univ., since 1880. Tutor Greek, Wester!; 
Reserve, 1869-72. Member Am. Philological Assoc. 


Andrew Holland Hunker. V. A. Chicago, 111. 

Asst. Div. Supt. Pullman Palace Car Co. 

t James White Moore, M.D. f.P. Lynn, Mass. 

M.D., Dartmouth, 1872. Fellow Mass. Med. Soc. 

230 H2lds07l. 


* '^"t Charles Clark Caruthers. A.U. Talmadge, Ohio. 
John Charles Coffey. X.0. AV. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Law)-er, Cleveland, eiuco 1873. Teacher State Reform School, 1870-2; West Side, 
Cleveland, 1872-3. Private 46th and S9th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

*'*"* Charles Frederick Harrington. (I>.A. Warren, Ohio. 

Tutor Western Resci-\e, 1870-1. U. S. Lake Siir\'ey, March to August, 1871. Private 
196th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1865. Died October 8, 1871. 

fPLiNY Nelson Haskell, LL.B. A.B. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Supt. of Schools, Hyde Park, 111., 1871-6. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1871 ; LL.B., 
Union Coll. of Law, 1877. 

fTnoMAS Kinsman Perkins. -/.i2. Akron, Ohio. 

Lumber Manufacturer. About to remove to California. 

Tho:nl4S Day Seyiviour. l.I. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Greek Yale Coll. since 1880; Western Reserve, 1872-80. Student at Leipsic and 
Berlin, 1870-2. Author of Papers on the Cynegeticus of Xenophon and on the date of the 
Prometheus of ^Eschvlus, in the Transactions of the Am. Philological Assoc. ; Selected 
Odes of Pindar, Edited with Notes, 1881. A.B., Yale Coll., 1870. 

Charles Josiah Smith. F.W. Hudson, Ohio. 

Prof. Mathematics and Physics, Western Reserve, since 1S70. Member Am. Assoc, 
for the Advancement of Science. 

f James Houghton. To WNSHEND. .V..V. Avon, Ohio, 
f Myron Converse Wick. ]'. 7'. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Sec, Treas. and General Manager Corns Iron Co. and Rolling Mill, Girard, Ohio. 

Frank Ira Young. K.E. Toledo, Ohio. 

Grain Commission Merchant. 


William Henry Baldwin. /.J. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Cashier 1st Nat. Bank since 1877. 

Rev. Henry Melville Curtis. A.Z. Flint, Mich. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Grad. Auburn, N. Y., Theo. Sem. 

fWiLLiAM Eleroy Curtis. .\.0. Chicago, 111. 

Managing Editor Chicago Inter-Ocean; formerly Washington Correspondent. Author 
Tibbleses Folks, a Novel, 1874; Old Snarley's Christmas, and many shorter stories. 

Charles Francis House, M.D. 0.P. Painesville, Ohio. 

M.D., Cleveland Med. Coll. 

fjAY Hamilton Jewett. A.I. Scotland, Minn. 

Prin. ; County Supt., 1875-9. A.B., Hamilton Coll., 1872. 

Charles Houston Tallman. H.S. Bridgeport, Ohio. 


fCHARLES Robinson Truesdale. A.(I>. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atty., Mahoning Co., 1876-8. Private 2d Ohio Cav., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Hudson. 231 

tGEORGE Mitchell Wkiciit. /. '/'•. Tallnmdge, Ohio. 

Lawyer, Akron, Ohio. 


t Warner Arms. A'.E. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Iron Manufacturer. 

Martyn Bonnell. ./..'/. Clovchmd, Ohio. 

Iron Mercliant. 

t James Humphrey HoYT, LL.B. M.W. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. A.B., Brown Univ., 1S74; LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1877. 

IPerley Martin Cummings. M.(I>. Fulton, Ark. 

Pros. Fulton Lumber Co. Sergt. Co. O 11th N. H. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-5. 

Charles Alexander Gates. E.I. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Confidential Clerk, Miller Bros. Tutor Western Reserve, 1873. 

Charles Mirigk Russell. M.I. Massillon, Ohio. 

Manufacturer Agricultural Implements. 

t James Davis Smyth. M.Z. Burlington, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Tutor and Acting Prof. Greek, Trinity Coll., 1870-9. Author of a Greek text 
book. A. B., Trinity Coll., 1874. 

fEev. William Coit Stevens. A. /9. Bismarck, Dak. 

Presbyterian Clergyman. 

fWiLLiAM McClure Wilson. /.//. Chicago, 111. 

With Calumet Iron and Steel Works. 


tWiLLTAM Howard Brett. H'. T. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bookseller. Private 171st and 196th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1864-5. 

fAsHBEL Carey. A. A. Bay City, Mich. 

Journalist. On &iiv^ of Evening Prens. 

George Franklin Smytiie. P. W.K. Williamstown, Mass. 

Teacher Greylock Institute, since 1S80. Tutor Western Reserve. 

Matthew Hale Byles. T.X. Bradford, Pa. 


William Erastus Cushing, LL.B. A'.E.K. Cleveland, 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1878. 

232 Hudson. 

Herman Beverley Drown. Ellicottville, X. Y. 


Israel Holly King, LL.B. E. ¥. Hudson's Hot Springs, 
N. Mex. 

Rancher. LL.B., Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C, 1S78. 

John Sheldon Maxwell. ^.I\ Columbus, Wis. 


George Walter Shumway. F.Q'. Glenville, Ohio. 

Lawyer, Cleveland, Ohio. 


George Washington Coon. E.P. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sec. Cleveland Herdic Co. Instructor Cleveland Acad., 1873-5; Prin. Detroit Acad., 
1876-7; Instructor Mich. Military Acad., 1877-8. 

William Tyndall Gibson. I.Z. Youngstown, Ohio. 


t Jacob Bishop Perkins. A.J. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Merchant. A.B., Williams Coll., 1877. 

Julius Whiting, Jr. ' Q.U. Canton, Ohio. 



George Herbert Cornell. P.(I). Youngstown, Ohio. 

Supt. Himrod Furnaces. 

Myron Maynard Drury. M'. 6. Chicago, 111. 


William Clark Stinaff. I'.iL Collamer, Ohio. 

Prin. Shaw Acad. 

t Charles Handel Wright. FLO. Springfield, Mass. 

Journalist. Editor J^eio England Homestead, Springfield, Mass , 1879-81. A.B., 
Amherst Coll., 1878. 


fLEWis Reeves Dawson. P.E. Warren, Ohio. 

Medical Student Univ. of Mich. Teacher Warren Grammar School, 1876-9. 

t Frank David McLain. N.B. Warren, Ohio. 



Charles Theodore Ely. K.A. Elyria, Ohio. 

Manufacturer. Sec. U. S. Commission to Paris Exposition, 1878. 

James Gordon Fitch. P.I. Cleveland, Ohio. 


Hudson. 233 

FhAiNK Wales Hakrinoton. I'.' .ii. Wanen, Oliio. 


Arthur III nBr:LL Palmer. Y.ii. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Student in Kuropo. Teacher in West Side High School, Cleveland, 1879; Tutor 
"Western Reserve, 18S0. 

Sheldon Parks. ^''.A'. Salem, Ohio. 

Law Student. 

Hallet KiLBOURN Taylor. A.l\ Youngstown, Ohio. 



William George King. ./..V. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Iron Dealer. 


t Henry Clarence Bates. P. A. Bellevue, Ohio. 


f James Dalgleish Campbell. M.Q. Youngstown, Ohio. 

Orange Grower at Micanopy, Ga. 

f Frederick Hayes Gates. A. A. Chicago, 111. 

In General Office of the Mutual Union Telegraph Co. A.B., Williams Coll., 1881. 

Charles Allison Shaw. Z'.l. Cleveland, Ohio. 

In Brush Electric Works, Medina, Ohio. 

fEowARDS Platt Ingersoll. N.P. WicklifFe, Ohio. 

Student Williams Coll., 1882. 

Frank Herbert Jones. 2'. 2'. Bellevue, Ohio. 
f Robert McCuRDY WooDBRiDGE. I.F. Ft. Peck, Mont. 

Dept. Clerk Poplar Creek Agency, Mont. 

Ralph Steele Ambler. A'.E. Salem, Ohio. 
Arthur Wellesley Barber. A. W. Cleveland, Ohio, 
f Charles Francis Day. 0. T. Ravenna, Ohio. 

.Williams Coll., 1883. 

fBuRTON Parks Foster. ^^. V. Elyria, Ohio. 

Manager Columbia Quarries. 

BuRT EsTES Howard. ./'.2'. Collamer, Ohio. 

234 Hudson. 

fHARRY Erastus LooMis. J. X Wadswortli, Oluo. 

Bookkeeper. Supt. Silver Creek Mining and R.R. Co., one year. 

t Arthur Henry AValker. P.N,. Akron, Ohio. 

Williams Coll., 18S3. 

fCLAUDE Hazeltine AYetmore. P.X. Rio Janeiro, Brazil, 

S. A. 

fCHARLES Herbert Booth. J.(I>. Youngstown, Ohio. 


Sage Coe. Y.M. Cleveland, Ohio. 
John Beecher Pattox. A. (J). Kent, Ohio, 
f Hamilton Schuyler. B, ¥. Belle vue, Ohio. 

Asst. Civil Engineer. 


Albert Mortimer Harman Growl. O.Q. Cleveland, Ohio. 
George Edwin Fouts. M.B. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Henry Morrison AVaite. J. 6>. Ravenna, Ohio. 


I 84 I TO 1885. 


It was on a Saturday night in October, 1841, that the Bowdoin 
Chapter of A J <l> was established. A. letter from one of the principal 
actors says: "The first Initiation of A J <P was held, I think, 
in a little building on the west side of the road running in front 
of the College. This building went among the students by the 
name of the Gothic — sometimes, perhaps, Gothic Hall." It was 
built during President Allen's time for an academy, and was a 
unique specimen of Gothic architecture. Here, then, the A d (P o^ 
Bowdoin came into life. The Charter Members were four : Gardiner, 
Boody, Clark, Trask, all of the class of 1842. Bro. Gardiner, it 
appears, had been initiated by the Geneva Chapter ; but, as the 
Harvard Chapter was nearer, he obtained from it authority to establish 
a Chapter at Bowdoin. He says : " Coming to Bowdoin at the open- 
ing of my Senior year, I felt much need of the society. I found 
several of my classmates disposed to join, and also some from the 
previous class." It has been thought that the Faculty of the College 
were opposed to the establisliment of secret societies ; but they were 
consulted at the beginning, and they offered no objection. It 
happened that several of the brothers roomed in the old Gothic, 
or " Chateau," as it was afterwards called, and from the seclusion 
of the place this at once became the A A <P headquarters. The 
high standing of the society in its fii'st years can be shown in no 
better way than by mentioning the names of some of the graduates 
who became members at that time. Such men as John Orr Fiske, 
Geo. W. Fields, Gideon S. Palmer, Elijah Kellogg, Ilonry B. Smith, 
Geo. F. Magoun, and a score of others, must have "iven the hioh- 

236 Bowdoin. 

est chtiractei- to the society. It can be truly said of our Chapter 
that it reached its full manhood in the first five j'ears of its exist- 
ence. The last meeting held in the Chateau bears the date of July 
28, 1845. The meeting of October 1(5, following, was held in what 
had already been secured and fitted up as the regular Society Hall, 
the room over James Gary's jewelry store, opposite the Universalist 
Church. Great pains were taken to secure secrecy with regard to 
both place and time of meeting. It was intended that nothing 
should be known of the society except the badges worn by the 
members. The remoteness of the place was not, therefore, con- 
sidered unfavorable. But the new hall did not take the place of 
the old Chateau. A brother writes: "I know that I but speak the 
feelings of the hearts of man}' of you, when I say that I still look 
back, as the pilgrim does to the home of his childhood, to that old 
Chateau. 'Twas there our Chapter was formed, and often in days 
of yore have those old rooms been the scene of thoughts and words 
and feelings which pass away, and leave their impress forever on 
the heart. 

" And oft in my future years, 
I'll sit and shut my eyes, 
And my heart will travel back again 
Where those pointed arches rise." 

About 1855 the society removed to a room nearer College, situ- 
ated over the store now occupied b}' E. Smith. In October, 1874, 
the hall which we now occupy was dedicated. 

In the fall of 1845 Freshmen were first admitted. Previous to this 
the society had been a Junior society, initiating its members 
regularl}' at the close of the Sophomore 3'ear, just as the Seniors 
were taking their leave. But in the meantime other secret societies 
had sprung up, and the rivalrj- that existed made the new step ad- 

Before secret societies were introduced into Bowdoin, there had 
existed two literary societies — the Pencinian and Athensean. They 
had exerted a great influence in the early days of the College, and 

Bo~vdoin. 237 

were very dear to many of tlie gradnales. As secret societies in- 
creased iu number and inlluiMU'c. tlie interest in these old institu- 
tions diminislied. It >vas long evident that a severe contest would 
come sooner or later, and it did coine in the fall of 1.S57. The 
opponents of secret societies used every means in their power 
against A J </' and like institutions. One of the brothers writes : 
"The movement tiireatened tlie greatest evil — imperilling the very 
existence of A J '/^ in Uowdoin." l>ut the old standard was raised 
b}' the few loyal ones, and help came from every quarter, giving 
complete victoiy. 

Forty-one years have passed, more than the average time of 
a generation of men, since A J "Z* was established in Bowdoin. 
As we have had occasion during the past year to review the lives 
and deeds of our predecessors in the society, we have been deeply 
gratified to see the honorable positions which they are holding iu the 
world. Not a few have attained eminence. Looking over the list 
we find four College Presidents, and twenty-five College Professors. 
In the late war the Bowdoin Chapter was represented by over forty 
men who, almost without exception, were officers. In scholarship 
we have stood on a level with any other society — ceitainly far 
ahead of some. The societ}^ has never been a hindrance to schol- 
arh' attainments, but has alwa3S encouraged them. The smallness of 
our College, and the quietness of the town in which our institution 
is situated, cause us to seek our enjoyment among ourselves. The 
social influences in the College must, therefore, mould the student 
to a great degree. Long years ago a brother gave us a maxim, 
which seems to have been kept supreme: "It takes a head and a 
heart to make a man, and he who has but one of these is at best 
but half a man." The influence which A J (p exerts over her sons 
is second to none in the College, and this influence has always 
been ennobling. 


Charter Members. 

Henry Hill Boody. FJ.A'. 
John Craig Clark. N.A. 
Frederic Gardiner. 
Samuel Trask. E.Z. 

liev. Henry Boynton Smith, fl'. W. New York City. 

Tutor Bowdoin, 1837 and 1S40. Pastor Amesbury, Mass., Corii^regational Churcli, 
1841-7. Prof. Intellectual and Moral PliilosopViy, Amherst Coll., 1847-r)0; Prof. Ecclesias- 
tical History, N. Y. Union Theo. Sem., 1851-3; Systematic Theology, 1854-64; Apologetics, 
1864-77. Author of History of the Church in Chronological Tables; Discourses and 
Addresses ; Contributor to Appleton's Cyclopsedia. D.D., Univ. of Vt., 1850, and Harvard 
Univ., 1858; LL.D., Western Reserve Coll., 1864. Died February 7, 1877. 


John Lewis Cutler. A. T. Quitman, Ga. 

Cotton Planter. Lawyerin ISte., 1840-61. Me. State Senator, 1854; Member Ua. State 
Constitutional Convention, 1868. Member Me. Hist. Soc. 

Bev. George Warren Field. I.J. Bangor, Me. 

Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1846. D.D., Bowdoin, 1869. 

Bev. John Orr Fiske. F.J. Bath, Me. 

Overseer Bowdoin, 1851-8 ; Trustee since 1858. Author of several published sermons. 
Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1841. D.D., Bowdoin, 1868. Member Me. Hist. Soc. 


Gideon Stinson Palmer, M.T>. A'. A'. Washington, D. C 

Surgeon Frecdmen's U. S. Hospital since 1881. Member Me. State Legislature, 1868-9. 
Prof. Physiology and Hygiene and Dean of Medical Faculty, Howard Univ., 1875-81. 
M.D., Bowdoin, 1841. Slember Am. Med. Assoc. Asst. Surgeon 3d Me. Inf., U. S. A., 
later Surgeon, with rank of Col., 1861-5. 


Be7ija7nin Apthorp Gould Fuller. X.f). Concord, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Judge Augusta, Me., Municipal Court, 1S50-4. Member Me. 
State Legislature, 1856. Editor Augusta, Mo., Age, 1855-7. Contributor to various 

Boivdoin. 239 

*'*"•' Ichahod Goodwin. O.W. South Berwick, Me. 

Tiilof Howdoin, 1841-2; sometime Lawyer and Civil Kiiginecr. I>rin. Berwick Acad., 
ISoS-Gl. Government employee, Washington, D. C, 1862-9. Died December 7, 1869. 


Rev. Elijah Kellogg. H'.P. Harpswell, Me. 

Congregational Clergyman, retired since 1868. Pastor, llarpswell. Me., 1844-54; Sup- 
ply, Mariner's Church, Boston, Mass., 18.5.5-6. Author of .\ Strong Arm and a Mother's 
Blessing; I.ion IVn ; Cli.ulic Bell; The .\rk of Klni Island: Tlie Young Sliiphiiildcrs of 
Elm Isiaiul; Bov Fanners: llavdsc-niblile : Arthur Brown: ^•(Hiiig Dclivirers of I'lcasant 
Cove; Spark of' ('..■nius : S..i.lioinorcs of l;.-idclill'c : The Wlii.-jxring IMius Cliild of the 
Island (il.^n: Cruise of the Caseo: .Inlin (JikIs.k's I.egaey; Fisher Boys of IMeasant 
Cove: 'rurning of llie'l'iiU-: WinMiuir IlisSiuirs: .\ Stout Heart; Sowed by the Wind; 
Brought to the Front: WoH' liun: lM,n>t (ilm, or llie Mohawk's Friendship; The 
Mission of Black Bitle; Burying the lliitclu I : (inoil Old Times; poems, contributions, etc. 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem.,"lS4a. Member Me. Hist. Soc. 

*"**' Albert Gallatin Upham, M.D. /'.'/'. Eochester, Mass. 

Prof. Anatomy, Castleton, Vt., Medical Coll. M.D., Castleton Medical Coll., 1842. 

Henry In galls. E'.0'. Wiscasset, Me. 

Lawyer. Pres. 1st Nat. Bank since 1865. Member Me. State Legislature, 1880. 

*''"' Rev. Francis Dudley Ladd. E'.d. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Presbyterian. Grad. Bangor Theo. Seminary, 1846. Chaplain V. S. Cliristian Coniinis 
slon. Died of disease contracted in the service attending wounded at Battle of Fair Oaks. 

Rev. George Frederick Magoun. H'.A. Grinnell, Iowa. 

Pres. and Prof. :Mental and Moral Seienee, Towa Coll. since 1865; Trustee since 1856. 
Preached Shullsberg, Wis.,lSi7-S; Oah na. 111., lsfS-51 ; Dayeuport,Iowa, 1855-60; Lyons, 
1860-4. Editor Chicago, 111., Conrjriijutin.nil R, rii ir, 1870-1. Author of Lecture I., Boston 
Lectures on Skeptieiem, vol. II.; Contribvitur to Bibliotheca Sacra, X(io Knglander, 
Scribntr's, Journal of Speculative Philosophy, etc., etc. (Jrad. Andover Theo. Sem., 
1844. D.D., Amherst Coll., 1867. Member Am. Assoc, for the Adv. orSciencc; Am. 
Philological Soc, etc. 


Henry Hill Boody. E'.A'. New York City. 

P.ailroad Agent. Tutor Bowdoin, 1842-5; Prof. Elocution and Khetoric, 184?-54; Me. 
State Senator, IS.U; Member State Legislature, 1S57; Financial Agent Chicago and North- 
western K.U., 1861-8; Pres. Delaware and Raritan Bay U.K., 1864. 

*'«^' John Ceaig Clark. N.A. New York City. 

Died, Montclair, N. J., September 16, 1873. 

Rev. Frederic Gardiner. E.Q. JNIiddletown, Conn. 

Prof. Old Testament I-iterature and Interpretation, Berkeley Divinitj- School, since 
1868. Prof. Biblical Literature and Interpretation, Gambit r, Ohio, Tluo. Sem., 186.5-7. 
Author of The Island of Life, 1851; Commentary on the (icninil Kpistle of St. Jude, 
1856; A Harmony of the Four Gospels, 1876; Diatessar.iii, \^',>\: r'in.-iples of Textual 
Criticism, 1876; Commentary on the Book of Leviticus ( - - ; 1 ; Commentary on 
the Book of Kzekiel; Hermeneutics; (>)ntributor to Cltuf ' i: / '/iol/itcn Sacra, 

etc. D.D. , Bowdoin, 1869. Member Me. Historical Soc. : Am ' m m i ,-..e. ; Am. Assoc. 
for the Advancement of Science; Fellow of the Soc. of Bil)lual Literature and Exegesis. 

Rev. William Lyman Hyde. H'.X. Ovid, N. Y. 

Prin. Union School since 1879. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 184S. Author of History of 
the 112th Reg. N. Y. Vohmteera, 1866. Chap. 112th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., ISiVJ-S. 

240 Boivdoin. 

Jesse William Page, M.D. K.S. Bath, Me. 

Lecturer ou Phvsiology and Xatural Philosophy, Rutgers Female Institute, N. Y., 
1858-9. M.D., Univ. Md., 184S. U. 8. Sanitary Inspector and Superintendent of Whit* 
Refugees, X. C, 1862-5. On Staff Gen. I. N. Palmer, 1S64-5. U. S. Pension Agent, N. C, 

Samuel Trask. E.Z. Portland, Me. 
George Wells. P. A. New York City. 

Commission Merchant. 


*'*^ Rev. Wheelock Craig. A. I. New Bedford, Mass. 

Sometime Tutor in Portland, Me., Acad. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1847. Died at 
Neufchatel, Switzerland, November, 1868. 

Joseph Dane. 0.Q>. Kennebimk, Me. 

Lawyer. Pres. Ocean Nat. Bank. 

AViLLiAM Augustus Goodwin. A.F. Portland, Me. 

Portland City Engineer since 1871. Asst. Engineer Atlantic & St. Lawrence R.R., 
1846-S and 1850-3; Richmond & Danville R.R., 1849; Chief Engineer Penobscot R.R., 
1853-4; Clerk of Works, U. S. Lighthouse Department, 1855-61; Acting Engineer, 1861-70. 
Contributor Atlantic Monthly. 

♦ I860 j^g^ George Barker Little. ./'.]'. West Newton, 

Pastor First Congregational Church, Bangor, Me., 1849-.57; West Newton, 1857-60. 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1849. Died July 20, 1860. 

Rev. John Oliver Means. FJ .1. Boston, MassI 

Corresponding Sec. Am. Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions since 1880; 
Recording Sec, 1866-81. Trustee Koxl.uiv. Mass., Latin School since 1865; Member 
BostonSchool Board, 1S65-72. Chaplain Nra-. State Senate, 1870. Contributor Bihliotheca 
Sacra, CoiigregationalUt, etc., etc. M. miMr H > al Geographical Soc, Eng., Mitglied der 
Afrikanischea Gesellschaft in DeutsclilainL B rlin. D.D., Bowdoin, 1871. 

George Payson. Fl.d. Chicago, 111. 

General Counsellor to Western R.R. Association since 1873. 

Joseph Titcomb. A'. A. Kennebimk, Me. 

Pres. Savings Bank since 1878. Me. State Senator, 18-50-1 ; Member State Legislature, 
1853. Pres. Ocean Bank, 1854-78. Trustee Bowdoin since 186S. State Bank Examiner, 
1879. Author of several addresses, etc. Member Me. Hist. Soc. 


Henry Knight Bradbury. E.B. • HolHs, Me. 

Lawyer. Member House of Representatives Me., 1864-8. 

Rev. Henry Kinsman Craig. E.8. Falmouth, ]\Iass. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1871. Tutor Bowdoin, 1847-9; sometime Overseer. 
Author Memorial of Wheelock Craig, 1869. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1855. 

«i872 ^YiLLiA^i Henry Farnham. A'. A. San Francisco, Cal. 

\fter twenty- years' residence in California, removed South. Private 3d Cal. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1S61-4. Died Selma, Ala., July 27, 1872. 

fRev. George DeForest Folsom. (Kl\ San ^Mateo, 

Tutor Elocution St. Matthew's Hall. Contributor New Haven, Conn., Journal and 
Chronicle, and San Francisco, Cal., Pacific. A.B., Yale Coll., 1845. 

Bovjdoin. 241 

Joshua Seaks Palmer. O.A. Portland, Me. 

In businesB. City Treas., 1856-60. 

Charles Edward Swan, M.D. I.L Calais, Me. 

M.D., Bowdoin, 1847. Member Mc. Hist. Soc. 

Rev. Arthur Swazey. A.I. Chicagoi 111. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, Forty-first St. Church. Scientific Editor Chicago Timeii since 
1876. Trustee Knox Coll., 1869-SO. D.D., Hamilton Coll., 1871. Member Chicago Acad. 

WiNTHROP Tappan. li'.X. Florence, Italy. 

Priu. Young Ladies' Sem., Auburn, N. Y., 1854-6; Young Ladies' Hem., Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1857-65. 

fHoRACE WiLLLVMS. ./. '/'. CHnton, Iowa. 

Pres. Chicago, Iowa and Neb. K.H. 

*'*^^ Moses Morrill Butler. E.dK Portland, Me. 

Lawyer. City Mayor, 1877-S ; Member Me. State Legislature, 1879. Died October, 1879. 

James Henry Deering. A'.Z. San Francisco, Cal. 

Retired Merchant. Tutor in Lowndes Co. Acad., Ala., 1845-8; School Director, San 
Francisco, 1872-3. City Supen'isor, 1874-5. 

George Henry Kingsbury. E.I. Boston, Mass. 


*'««' Rev. John Parker Skeele. I\A. East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Dist. Sec. A. B. C. F. M., Hartford, Conn., 1854-70. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1860. 
Died April 23, 1881. 


*i8«7 Frederic Augustus Deane. H'.Q. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lieut. 1st Cal. Cav., U. S. A., 18G1-3; Private and 1st Lieut. 30th Me. Vols., U. S. A., 

*^^^ James William Hanscom. A.W. Saco, Me. 
*iftw jjg^ DoNATUS Merrill. V.B. Westbrook, Me. 

Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1850. Died at Woodbuni, III., while Stated Supply, August 
17, 1853. 

»i875 j^oses Leland Morse. F/.A. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Supt. Schools, Stoneham, Mass., 1864-6. Died, Charlestown, Mass., October 
27, 1875. 

*'^ Rev. Ben-iamin Galen Snow. H'.X. Brewer, Me. 

Missionary A. B. C. P. M. to Micronesia, 1851-79. Author of First Kusaien Grammar; 
Kusaien Traiislalione of New Testament. Psalms, Book of Kuth, Hymns, etc. Grad. 
Bangor Theo. Sem., 1849. Died May 1, 1880. 

Thomas Hammond Talbot. T.I. Brookline, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston, Mass. Asst. U. S. Atty. Gen., 1869-71. Author of Argument 
on the Constitutionality of the Fugitive Slave Law. Lieut. Col. ISth Me. Inf., later Ist Me. 
Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1862-4; Bvt. Brig. Gen., 1862. 


John Anderson Watekman. F'JfK Gorham, Me, 

Lawyer. Treas. Cumberland Co., Me., 1857-S; Judge Cumberland Co. Probate Court, 
1863-76. Director and Trustee Portland and Rochester R.R since 1875. Overseer Bowdoin 
since 1880. Treas. (xorham Savings Bank since 1868u Author of Revised Edition of Luce's 
Probate Practice, 1880. 


'*** AL^^N BooDY. W. V. Hudson, Wis. 

Real Estate Business, 1856-8. Sometime Prin. Auburn and Fr3-eburg Acads. 

Rev. Ebenezer Stevens Jordan. F'. T. Brownfield, Me. 

Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1855. 

'^^ Rev. George Jarvis Means. [I. I. ' Howells, N. Y. 

Am. Sunday School Union Missionary in Tenn., 1853-6. Died, .Augusta, Me., May 30, 

Frank Benjamin Merrill, M.D. F.N. Alfred, Me. 

U. S. Medical Examiner for Pensions since 1869. M.D., Jefferson Medical Coll., 1852. 

Henry Baker Neil. K.J. Tie Siding, Wyo. 

Railway Contractor, Notary Public, School Director and Postmaster since 1S80. In 
Australia, i853-6S. 

^""f Frank Vose. K.8. New Orleans, La. 

Merchant. In 1875 removed to Denver, Colo., and there died. 

Rev. Thomas Hill Rich. l.F. Auburn, Me. 

Prof. Hebrew, Bates Coll., Lewiston, Me., since 1872. Asst. Prof., Bangor Theo. Sera., 
1852-3 and 1S66-72; Tutor Conference Sem., Bucksjjort, Me., 18.53-6. Author of A Study 
of Nahum, 1879. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem. ,1852. Member See. of Biblical Literature and 
Exegesis; Am. Oriental Soc, etc. 

Rev. Jotham Bradbury Sewall. f.l\ S. Braintree, Mass. 

Head Master Thayer Acad, since 1877. Tutor Bowdoin, 1851-2. Pastor, Congregational, 
Lynn, Mass , 1855-65. Prof. Ancient Languages, Bowdoin, 1865-7. Author of Evenings 
With the Bible and Science, 1864. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1854. Contributor to 
Bibliotheca Sacra, etc. Member Am. Philological Assoc. 

'*" Rev. Benjamin Stanton. /../. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Prin. New Hampton, N. H., Sem., 1853-5; Brown High School, Newburyport. 
Mass., 1855-7; Prof. Latin, Union Coll., 1857-72; Prin. Union Collegiate Institute, 1872^, 
Died July 18, 1874. 


Charles Franklin Henry Greene. A.F/. Athens, Me. 

Died June 23, 1875. 

f James L. Hoole. I.B. Lynn, Mass. 

fRev. Edward S. Palmer. A.0. Westhampton, Mass. 

Retired. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sera., 1855. A.B., I'nion Coll., 1849. 

John Thomas Stanley. O.S. Chapel Hill, Tex. 

Tutor Chapel Hill, Tex., Female Seminary, 1862-8. Lawyer, 1866-8. Died November, 


Bowdoin. 243 

WiLiJAM Nelson Nailing Bell. J'./. Dresden, I'enn. 
Samuel Preble Buck, M.D. //./'• Woolwidi, Me. 

M.D.,Bowdoin, 1853. 

WiLLLVM Sewall Gardner. /;'./• Newton, Mass. 

Associate Justice Mass. Superior Court siiiCL- 1875. 'I'rustce I'rotestanL Kp.scopai 
Gen. Theo. Sein. since 1874. 

Rev. John Smith Sew all. l'.^^ Bangor, Me. 

I'rof. ■ H„iniletii-s. l?:.i, 
Frigat,. S.ra,,,,.., ls.;,i.-4 ' 


Tlieo. Seni., since 1S75 
r, Wenliiiin, MasH., is.v.i t.,. 

tlic (Jliililrcn's ( \ \\\i\i\ l^-'i '• 

Comninndcr's Clerk, U. S. 
rn.l". IMuluric, Oratory and 
anil llii- l'ilL;i-ini8,1860; Uow 

EngliNli'ralui-.', r...».l..i 


. 1 ,,iiliil'iitar to NeiB Eng 

to t'nllU- to C Inl^t, I'M''- ; ' 

tont/fr, etc. (iiMil. li.iiiKor 

■ I'he 

u. Seiii., 18.08; D.l)., I'.'.w.loi 

11, l^Ts. ( 'liaplain 8lh Mass. 

V. M. Inf., U.S. A., 1864. 

; 1874 

'«*» George Harvey Snell. E.\. Unity, Me. 

Philip Henry Broavn. /.2'. Portland, Me. 

Banker. I'res. Ligonia Iron Co., 1879-81 . Member Me. Historical Soc. 

'«" William Martin Luther Marshall. A'.U. Baltimore, Md. 
William Henry Owen. E'J). San Antonio, Tex. 

Civil Engineer. 1st Lieut. 3d Me. Inf U. 8. A., 1861; Capt. A. Q. M. Vols., 1801 ; 
Lieut. Col. and Chief Q. M., 1863; Col. and Ens. Q. M. D., li564-5. 

^'*«^tGriLBERT CarrTebbets. '/'• V. Lisbon, ISIe. 

Died July 20, 1867. 

Joseph Ashur Ware. F.A. Washington, D.C. 

Lawyer. Managing Editor Forney's Washington P/;«.« ; Assl. Editor WaBhi-Kton 
ChroniJe. Solicitor UrS. Post Office Dept., 1864-9. Died May 25, 1874. 


Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. //'. V. Brnnswick, Me. 

Pres. and Lecturer Public Law, Bowdoin since 1871. ^^^of. Rhetouc and rat^^^^^^ 
Bowdoin, 1856; Modern Languages, 18.^7-9. «"^'- ''^ V'^ril? ^:; oruUm- u Z'^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Paris Exposition 1878. A"""-;^.-;:;;;:-;:;; ^^:xt n ' ^^ u '■' -^^^IvU'r S'l^ 

among others: The Red Crnh.. A i.-n .itn u . p w 1 ''"'■' ■,i,j..,,|,,i,,i,i., |s,;r,- The 

Corps, U. S. A., at Arlingtim, \ a., mm ; '';,>?:1\> '"' '\Y'\:.''; •'',•'• ' ' 

Service of the Citizen at Hmnr, l'oi-llaii,l ISbh. 1 >.'a. "■'',',,,, ,V,' 

Orphans' Home the Best Monument to the •allu-r, .X.Klie^s -U t h . 

and Naval Orphan Asylum, Bath, ISbb; Ihe -V^I'^;"! '.''^r,; "' .', 

Soc. of the .\riny of the Pntcmar, New ^ ork ( .it> . I.S..1. i< l,i\ 

talltv, 186.1; lvespon>e (Hi M < . 1 

(ieorge Pe.-ilMiily, Portlan.l, 1-^7 

town, Mass., 1^7iK The ;i'..\vns 11, tln' I 

the Slruc;i,'le I'nr Ameriraii ■■i''<'j>- 

History, (i:eMteniiial < •.Irluatiuii al 1 liil 

1877; Society ami Societies. Orali-. 11 hi 

Differences llaniioiiiz.-d, 'I'lii- Mn-mrtl 

ments, Boolhbay, 1S7',»; Modern,-ii 

Army of Potomlic, 1865; designated to receive formal surrender of Lee s Arn.y, l*6o. 

' portlan.l, IsTc; NVliv'Wr Honor ili.' Drail. M. 


■ Ho 


r, ISCr,; The 


Ithc Military 



..s iK'fore the 


• Ol 


rs is Immor- 


A, 11 



tlii- Body of 
.- .,1 1 liarlcs- 

■| ; ' 


.■ ( . .Il<'i,-.'s in 




llri- !Mar>. in 
. o,lTo,„.rty. 
lla I'lii. 1^78; 



-■ P. 


on- of \loiiu- 
It. iHsu; TI.e 

244 Bowdoin. 

Charles (Usher) Chesley. A.F. Washington, D. C. 

Solicitor of Internal Revenue since 1871; Solicitor Carroll Co., N. H., 1861-4. 

*''*^' Joseph Dana Howard. F'.I. New York City. 

Lawyer. Contributor to North Am. Review, Atlantic Monthly, etc. Died January 
15, 1871. 

John Walker May. r.S. Auburn, Me. 

Lawyer. . 


* '^'*t Ralph Wardlaw Cumminos, M.D. A.J. San Francisco, Cal. 

Editor and Publisher Me. Medical and Surgical Journal, 1858. Life Insurance and 
Claim Agent, Knoxville, Tenn., 1867. Druggist, Minneapolis, Minn., 1870. Associate 
Editor, Minneapolis Evening Times and Nercs, 1873. M.D., IN.\. Med. Coll., 185b 
Private, Sergt., Asst. Surgeon iRt Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4; Surgeon IstU. 8. Colored 
Heavy Art., 1864-6. Died August 17, 1880. 

fRev. James Holavell Kidder. /'./7. Owego, N. Y. 

Rector St. Paul's Church since 1868. Contributor Utica, N. Y., Church Eclectic 
Magazine. Grad. Gen. Theo. Seiu., New York City, 1860. 

*'»»' Joseph McKeen, Jr., M.D. IJ.E. Topsham, Me. 

M.D., Me. Medical School, 1856. Surgeon General Hospital, U. S. A., 1862. Died 
in New York City, January 15, 1881. 


*'»^' John Frederic Deane. O.A. New Orleans, La. 

Tutor Bangor, Me., High School, 1855-9. Register in Bankruptcy, New Orleans, La., 
1867-9. Clerk La. Supreme Court, 1868-9. Died December, 1869. 

Council Greeley. E'.d. Chicago, 111. 


John Wesley Simonds. A.I. jNIanchester, Vt. 

Prin Burr and Burton Sem., Manchester, Vt., since 1881. School Supervisor, Franklin, 
N H 1864-9 ; N. H. State Supt. Public Instruction, 1871-6 ; Supt. Public Schools, Milford, 
Mass' 1877-80; Prin. and Trustee New England Christian Institute, Andover, N. H., 
1857-63; Supt. N. H. Educational Exhibit, U. S. Centennial Exhibition, 1876; Trustee 
N. H. State Normal School since 1877. Member N. H. Hist. Soc. 

John Gliddon Stetson, LL.B. iV. J. Boston, Mass. 

Clerk U. 8. Circuit Court, Mass. District, since 1866; U. S. Commissioner for Mass. 
since 1872. Prin. Bedford, Ohio, Acad., 1854; Cedarville, Ohio, Grove School, 18o5; 
Columbus, Ohio, High School, 1856; Supt. Walnut Hill, Ohio, Public School, 1857-9. 
LL.B., H.arvard Univ., 1860. 

Franklin Augustus Wilson. P.I. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer. Representative Me. State Legislature, 1874-6. 

Samuel Spring Gardner. M.U. Washington, D. C. 

Clerk U S Treasury Dept. since 1872. Member .Ma. State Constitutional Convention, 
1868; Probate Judge, Butler Co., Ala., 1869-70. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1861. 

*'^' John WiNGATE, Jr. E'.I. St. Louis, Mo. 

* Lawyer. School Commissioner, Carroll Co., N.H., T862-3; Prin. Wolfborough, N. H., 
Acad., 1854-65. Died October 10, 1881. 

Bowdoin. 245 

"** Rev. Thomas Lyford Amhrose. H'J1>. OssIjk'c, N. H. 

Missionary to the Nestoriaiis, 1858-61. Chaplain 12th N. H. Inf., U.S. A., 1862-4. 
Died in service, August 19, 1864. 

'*" James Olcott Brown. A'. 2'. Portland, Me. 
fViRGiL Lafayette Craig. J. V. Farmington, Me. 

Farmer since 1856. Supervisor Schools, Franklin Co., Me., 1857-9. 

Prentiss Loring. //'./'. Portland, ]\Ie. 

Fire and Marine Insurance Agent. Business Editor Portland Daily rre.iH and Me. 
State PrenH, 1862-5. Representative Me. State Legislature, 1873. 

Galen Clapp Moses. N.K. Bath, Me. 

Treas. Worumbo Mfg. Co. Overseer Bowdoin since 1880. 

Rev. Lewis Orsmond Brastow. A.Ii. Burlington, Vt. 

Pastor, Congregational. Member Vt. State Constitutional Convention, 1870. Orad. 
Bangor Theo. Sem., 1860. D.D., Bowdoin, 1880. Chaplain 12th Vt. Inf., U. S. A., ten months. 

'**^^ Horace Beriah Chamberlain. I\\. Brewer, Isle. 
'*^ Edward Thurston Chapman. ./../. Unity, ISIe. 

Tutor Gardiner, Me., High School, 1858-60. Paymaster, U. S. N., Gunboat Commodore 
Perry. Killed in action, summer of 1864. 

Thomas Uph AM CoE, M.D. II. 0. Bangor, Me. 

M.D., Jefferson Medical Coll., 1861. 

Rev. Henry Ripley Howard. l\r. Potsdam, N. Y. 

Rector Trinity Church. D.D., St. Stephen's Coll., 1878. 

Thomas Freeman Moses, M.D. M.I. Urbana, Ohio. 

Prof. Natural Science, Urbana Univ., since 1870. Author of Spiritual Nature of Force, 
1871; Unity of Natural Plienomena, 1874; contributions, etc. M.D., Jefferson Medical 
Coll., 1861. Member Am. Assoc, for the Advancement of Science; Cincinnati Soc. of 
Natural Hist. ; Me. Hist. Soc, etc. Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. 8. A., 1862-4. 

Rev. Benjamin Wisner Pond. II. li. Falls Church., Va. 

Prin. Examiner U. 8. Patent Office, Washington, D. C, since 1877 ; Asst. Examiner, 
1873-7. Retired Congregational Clergyman. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1861. 

Nathaniel Augustus- Robbins. K'.A. Washington, D. C. 

Clerk U. S. Treasury Dept. since 1865. Prin. Rockland City, Me.. High School and 
Thomaston, Me., Acad., 1858-60. Private to Capt. Co. II 4th Me. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Gustavus Augustus Stanley. .1.0. Peneacola, Fla. 

Lawyer. Judae Ist Judicial Circuit of Fla., one year. Capt. 28th Me. Inf., U. S. A., 
1861-2; Capt. 2d Me. Cav., 1863-4. 

Rev. Samuel Barrett Stewart. M.H. Lvnn, Mass. 

Pastor, Unitarian, Second Congregational Church, since 1865; Nashua, N. H., 18ti3-.S. 
Prin. Francestown, N. H., Acad., 1858-9. B.D., Harvard Univ., 1862. 

Abner Chase Stockin. E.X. Watertown, Mas^. 

Gen. Agent for Harper Bros., Boston, Mass. 

246 Bowdoin. 

Nathan Cleaves. K'.Y. Portland, Me. 

Probate Judge, Cumberland Co., Me., 

RuFUS Washburn Deering. F' . T. Washington, D. C. 

Clerk with U. S. Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. 

John Wyman Phillips. N. 6. Oirington, Me. 

Teacher and Farmer. Prof. Ancient Languages, Eastern Conference Sem., Bucks- 
port, Me., 1860-4; Prlu. Hampden, Me., Acad., 1864-66. Representative Me. State Legisla- 
ture, 1872 and 1876; State Senator, 1877-8. 

Rev. Frank Sewall. N.I. Urbana, Ohio. 

Pres. Urbana Univ. since 1870. Pastor New Church, Glendale, Ohio, 1862-70. Author 
of Angelo, the Circus Boy ; Moody Mike; Pillar of Stones ; The Hem of His Garment; A 
Prayer Book and Hymnal"; Christian Hymnal; Daily Bread; The Latin Speaker; Heligion 
and Science in the New Church, 1868; A Talk About Swedenborg. Cor. Member Me. 
Hist. Soc. 


John DuGUiD Anderson. N.W. Gray, Me. 

Lawyer. School Supervisor, 13 years ; Town Agent, Treasurer and'Chairman Board 
of Selectmen. Judge Advocate Gea., State of Me., 1880-1. 1st Lieut. Wis. Battery, 1st 
Sergt. 32d Me. Inf., 1st Lieut. 3d Md. Vet. Vol., U. S. A. 

^^ Rev. John Calhoun Chamberlain. Brewer, Me. 

Chaplain 11th Me., U. S. A. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1864. Died at Castiue, Me.. 
August, 1867. 

"*^^ George Newton Jackson. I'.H. Chicago, 111. 

Sec. Bi-Metallic League. Died, 1879. 

Rev. Henry Melville King. P.X. Albany, N. Y. 

Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church since 1882. Asst. Instructor Hebrew, Newton, 
Mass., Theo. Institution, 1862-3; Trustee since*1871. Author of Mission of the Baptists, 
1876; Swedenborg and His Teachings, 1879; Early Baptists Defended, 1880; orations, 
addre'sses, etc. D.D., Colby Univ., 1877. 

'^' Samuel Henry King. H'F. Monmouth, Me. 

Rev. Horatio Oliver Ladd. H'.Q. Santa Fe, N. Mex. 

Pres. N. Mex. Univ. since 1880. Prin. Farmlngton.Me., Acad., 1867-9; Prin. N. H. 
State Normal School, 1873-6; Prin. Santa Fe Acad., 1880. Contributor to Lexlie'i) Sundaif 
Magazine ; Boston, Mass., Literary World, etc.' Chaplain iu service U. 8. Christian Com- 

'*" Francis Wallingford Sabine. N.l'. Bangor, Me. 

2d Lieut., Ist Lieut, and Capt. (promoted for gallant conduct), 11th Me. Inf., U. S. A., 
1861-4. Wounded at Deep Bottom, Va., and died in the service at Chesapeake Hospital, 
September, 1864. 

George Webster. E.fl. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer. 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut, aud Capt. 11th Me. Inf., and Mai. U. 8. Col. Troop?, 

John William Weeks. V./;. Bolivar, N. Y. 

Civil Engineerhig and Real Estate. 

Bow do 1 71. 247 

^^'° John Francis Appleton. 11'.^. Bangor, Me. 

Studied Law. Capt., Col., Bvt. Brig. Gen. 12th Mc. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. Dl«d 
August, 1870. 

Joiix Marshall Brown. P. 2'. Falmouth, Me. 

Banker, Portland, Me. Overseer Bowdoin since 1866. Inspector General State of 
Me., 1>*G7-71. Member llist. goes, of Me., N. H., Mass., N. Y. and Wis.; Fellow Roynl 
Hist. Soc, England. 1st Lieut, and Ad.i. 20th Me. Inf.; Capt. and Aast. Adj. Gen., U. H. 
Vols.; Lieut. Col. and Bvt. Brig. Gen. 32d Me. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

George Barrett Emery. fl'.A. Gorham, Me. 


Jacob Hale Thompson. A.I. New York City. 

Journalist; Editorial St.aflf New York Times. 

Francis Willard Webster. P.Z. jNIilwaiikee, Wis. 

Sec. and Treas. Milwaukee Fuel Saving Co. Private 18th Me., 1862-3; Capt. 3d 
;U. S. C. T.; Military Gov. Palatka, Fla., 1863-5. 

''^'^fEDWARD Larke Appleton. P.J. Bangor, Me. 

In business, 1S65-8. 2d Lieut, and Ist Lieut. 1st U. 8. Art., 1861-5. 

Edward Eastman Fogg, M.D. I.X. Limington, Me. 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1869. 

Charles Oliver Hl^t, M.D. O.A. " Portland, Me. 

Resident Phvsiciau and Supt. Me. General Hospital since 1874. Lecturer Materia 
Sfedica, Bowdoin" Medical School, since 1S81. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1S63. Bergt., 2d Lieut.! 
1st Lieut. 5th Me. Battery, U. 8. A., 1861-5. 

'^ John Rich. 0. T. Farmingdale, Me. 

Studied Theology. 

Edward Stanwood. J.l'. Brookline, Mass. 

Chief Editor Boston, Mass., Daily Advertiser since 1882; Asst. Editor, 1867-82; Asst. 
Editor Augusta, Me., Journal, 1862-7. Contributor to North American Review, Banker's 
Magazine, etc. 


Melville Augustus Cochrane. I.F. Prescott, Ariz. 

Capt. 16th U. S. Inf., 1862; Major, Bvt., 1863; transferred to 2d Inf., 1869; Major 12th 
Inf. Eince 1879. 

William Ellingwood Donnell. A'. I. New York City. 

Journalist; Financial Editor, Staff" of Daili/ Tribune, since 1878. Adj.. Bvt. Capt., and 
Major 20lh Me.; A. D. C, Prov. Marshal, aiid Chief of Ordnance Staff of Maj. Gen. 
Chamberlain, 1st Div., 5th Corps, U. S. A., lS!63-5. 

Henry Hastings Hunt, M.D. P. T. Gorham, Me. 

M.D.. Bowdoin, 1867. Private 5th Battery, Mc. Light Art., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

George Adams Mark. O.I. Washington, D. C. 

Asst. U. S. Congressional Library since 1870. 

248 Bowdoin. 

Isaac Warren Starbird, M.D. T.A. Richmond, Me. 

Medical Director, G. A. R , Dept. of Me., since 1879. Clerk of Customs, Richmond, 
Me., 1839-77. M.D.. D.irtmoutIi Coll., 1878. Capt. 19th Me. Inf., U. S. A., 1862; Brigade 
Inspector, Staff of Brig. Gen. Mott, 1864; Major, 1864; Col., 1864; Bvt. Brig. Gen., 1865. 


Joseph Clement Bates. O.E. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Prof. Mathematics, San Francisco City Coll., 1863. Author of Forms and 
Use of Blanks, and Ilawes' Will Case. 

fNATHAN Henry Wood. Z'.M. Windham, JVle. 

Farmer. Supt. School Committee, 1877-80. 

Frederick Hunt Appleton. P. T. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor, 1878. Editor of The Maine Digest, 1880. 

*'*'*' Samuel Shannon Caswell. E.A. Stratford, N. H. 

In business. Priv.ate Ist N. H. Heavy Art., 1863; 1st Lieut, and Adj. 18th N^. H. Inf., 
1864. Killed while travelling in Kansas, by highwaymen, October 17, 1870. 

* ^^^'tHENRY Brown Emery. E.0. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer, Puget's Sound, Me., 1867-79. Died at Mass. General Hospital, May 26, 1880. 

Augustus Frost Libby. H'. 17. Summit, N. J. 

Dry Goods Merchant, New York Citj'. 

Charles Freeman Libby, LL.B. A.I. Portland, Me. 

Lawyer. Citv Solicitor, 1872-3; State Atty. for Cumberland Co., Me., 1874-9. LL.B., 
Columbia Coll., 1866. 

fFRANK WiLLWARD Libby. A'.B. Portland, Me. . 

Insurance Agent. 

* '*®* James Henry Maxwell. F'.A. Portland, i\Ie. 

Private 20th Me. Inf., U. S. A. Died at Washington, D.C., April, 1865. 

Charles Augustus Robbins, M.D. F.l'. Summit, N. J. 

Transportation Agent, New York City. Payma.ster, U. S. N., on board Monitor 
Montauk, 18 months. M.D., Bowdoin, 1867. 

Thomas Herbert White. 0. }'. Chicago, 111. 

Gen. Agent Boston Marine Ins. Co , and Shoe and Leather Ins. Co., etc. 

David Augustus Easton. J. A'. New York City. 

Banker and Broker, with Boody, McLellan and Co. 

Charles Fuller, M.D. B. T. Lincoln, Me. 

Lawyer and U. S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions, 1875-9. M.D., Bowdoin, 1869. 

jPrince Albert Gatchell. II. M. Pembina, Dak. 

Merchant. 2d Lieut., Ist Lieut, and Capt. 1st Me. Art., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Bo7udoi?i. 249 

'*^fJuAN Bautiata Saviol. AjI>. Havunu, Ciiha. 
fXiiOMAS Shepakd. II'.i:. Baltimore, Md. 

ABst. Manager IJaltimore Nalatoriuni. Clerk U. H. Treas. Dopt., Wu«liint{t<>n, I). ('., 

'^"tHouATio Fox Smith. A.J. Goiliam, Me. 

Sergt. 3l8t Me. Inf., U. B. A., ]8t'4. J)ioJ ScpUMubcr 20, 1804. 

Henry Leland Chapjian. N.^. Brunswick, Me. 

Prof. Rlictorio, Oratory and EngUHb Literature, Bdwdoin, wince 1875. Member Am. 
Philological Association. 

Frederic Henry Gerrish, M.D. l.iL Portland, Me. 

Prof. Ifateria Medica and Therapeutics, IJowdoin, since 1873. 8urgeou Me. Gen. 
Hospital (iince 1879. Associate Editor, Boston, Mass., Medical and Surgical Journal 
since 1881. Prof. Physiology, Univ. of Mich., 1874-5. Author of Hanitary Condition of 
Portland, 1877; Duties'of the Medical Profession Concerning I'rostitution, 1878; Prescription 
Writing, 1878; Antiseptic Surgery, 1881. M.D., Bowdoin, 1869. 

Charles King Hinkley, M.D. /■!./*. Boston, Mass. 

Wholesale Druggist. M.D., Bowdoin, 1870. 

Rev. George William Kelly. P.f-:. Eastport, Me. 

Pastor Central Congregational Church. Qrad. Bangor Theo. Seni., 1869. 

Charles Edwin Webster, M.D. P./f. Portland, Me. 

Physician to Me. State Reform School since 1880. City Phyeician, 1874-6. M.I)., 
Bowdoin, 1869. 

t Albert Wright. P.J. Healdsburg, Cal. 

Postmaster since 1873. Druggist. Pres. Board of Education since 1879. Political 
Editor /Russian liiver Flag, 1880. 


Benjamin Briarly Eaton. li.O. St. Paul, Minn. 

Civil Engineer. 

'*^f George Franklin Hubbard, r.fl. Winterport, Me. 
WiNFiELD Scott Hutchinson. I.l'. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Tutor Farmington, Me,. Boys' School, 1867-71 ; Instructor in Penmanship, 
Evening High School, Boston, Mass., 1872-81. 

Richard Greenleaf Merriman. r.l'. Brunswick, Me. 

Went to California several years ago. 

Joseph Colburn Wilson. A'./. Orono, Me. 

Lawyer. Trial Justice, Penobscot Co., Me., since 1879. 

t Joseph Scribner Burns, M.D. II. A. Worcester, Mass. 

Tutor Highland Military Acad., 1880-1 ; I'rin. since 1881. A.B., Yale Coll., 1868; M.D.. 
Columbia Coll., 1873. 

250 Boivdoin. 

Charles Jarvis Chapman. A, T. Portland, Me. 

Commission Merchant. Member School Board, 1872-5 ; Common Council, 1877-9 ; Board 
of Aldermen, 1880-1. 

George Winslow Foster, M.D. LI. Washington, D. C. 

Surgeon Government Hospital for Insane. P1;.D., Bowdoin, 1870; M.D., 1871. 

John Adams Hinkley. O.I. Gorham, Me. 

Leather Merchant. Prin. Bluehill, Me., Acad., 1868-9; Superinleudent Gorham School 
Committee since 1831. 

fJoHN Rogers Mason, LL.B. P. W. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1869; LL.B., 1872. 

William Francis Shepard, M.D. A'. I. Bangor, Me. 

Resident Physician, Philadelphia, Pa., Homoeopathic Hospital, 1871-2. M.D., Bowdoin, 

fJoHN Irving Sturgis, M.D. N.A. New Gloucester, Me. 

M.D., Bowdoin, 1868. Private 12th Me. Inf , U. B. A., 1865-6. 


James Dike. l.A. Durham, N. C. 

Merchant. Tutor Boston, Mass., Latin School, 1873-6. 

THo:i;AS Henry Eaton. B' .M. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Frederic Augustine Fogg. F'.A. St. Paul, Minn. 

Prin. Jefferson School, 1871-7; Superintendent Schools, 1877-8; Prin. and Proprietor 
English and Classical School, 1877-81. Member of St. Paul Acad, of Natural Science. 

George Frank Mosher. P. A. Dover, N. H. 

Editor Morning Star. Member Board of Education, 1875-7. Member N. H. State Leg- 
islature, 1877-8. Trustee Bates Coll. since 1877. 

^ WiLLARD Humphrey Perley, LL.B. LZ. Detroit, Mich. 

LL.B., Univ. Mich., 1871. Drowned in LakeHuron on his way to Detroit, September, 


^f Henry Darling Barnard. J..V. Bucksport, Me. 

Pres. First National Bank, Sullivan, Ind., 1871-5. Died December 25, 1877. 

■{•Frank Mason Brown. K.X. Chippeta, Colo. 

Manager Farwell Consolidated Mining Co., Le.idville, Colo. Asst. Special Agent for 
Alaska, V. S. Treas. Dept., 1869-70. General Manager Amador Canal and- Mining Co., 
1873-9. Cal. State Senator, 1877-8. 

Caleb Alexander Page. B. W. Groton, Mass. 

Teacher. Prin. Fryeburg, Me., Acad., 1870-73; Calais, Me., High School, 187-1-9. 

fSAMUEL Sprigg. 1.6. San Francisco, Cal. 
Edward BuRBANK Weston, M.D. B.0. Highland Park, 111. 

Lecturer on Natural Science, Highland Hall, 1S76-S1. M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1873. 

Boivdoin. 25 1 

fRev. Frank Tai'I'an Bavley. //.//. Detroit, Mich. 

Pastor Westiuiuster rresbyteriaii Cluiioh. I'rivate 6tli Mass. Inf., U. S. A., four 

f Edward Thomas Rrowx. ./.J. St. Augustine, Fla. 

Lieut. 5th U. S. Art.; comniissioaetl from West Point, 1873; U. S. Art. School, 
Fortress Monroe, Va., 1873-6. 

William Sawyer Dennett, Jr.-, M.D. A. 11. Boston, Mass. 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1874. 

fGEORGE MiNOT Garland, M.D. FJ.E. Boston, Mass. 

City Editor Saturclui/ Evening Gazette, 1871. Asst. Prof. Physiology, Harvard Univ., 
1877; Prof. Thoracic Diseases, Univ. of Vt., 1878. Author I'neumonoDynainics, 1878; 
contributor to various nied. journals. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1871 ; M.I)., 1874. 

William Sullivan Pattee. 1.0. Nortlifield , Minn. 

Lawyer. Superintendent Schools, Brunswick, Me., 1871-2; Prof. Natural Sciences, 
Lake Forest, 111., Univ., 1873-4; Superintendent Schools, Northfield, Minn., 1875-8; Trus- 
tee and Attorney Carlctou Coll. since 1878. 

t Edward Waldo Pendleton. A.(I>. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Superintendent Schools, Owosso, Mich., 1872-3; Tutor Classics, Detroit 
Hii,'h Seliool, 187-1-6. A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1872. 

fWiLLiAM Fiske Sandford. J'. T. St. Louis, Mo. 

Priu. Polytechnic Branch High School since ISSO. A.B., Yale Coll., 1872. 

Charles Lord Shepard. P.H. Helena, Mont. 

Chief Clerk Quartermaster's Dept., U. S. A. Teacher, 1871-6. 

Samuel Lane Gross, LL.B. ./.A'. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1876. 

Herbert Harris. H.H. South Boston, Mass. 

Musical Instructor. 

fJoHN Lewis Rich Hincks. I'.E. Augusta, Me. 
fFRANK Pierce Ireland. A. J. Nebraska City, Neh. 


Frank Wood Spaulding, M.D. n.0. Epping, N. H. 

Supt. Schools' since 1878. Asst. Physician Vt. State Insane Asylum, 1876-7. M.D., 
New York City Univ., 1875. 


'^ William Augustine Blake, LL.B. LA. Bangor, Me. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1875. Died November 26, 1875. 

Benjamin Tappan Deering. U .0. Paris, France. 

Prof. Languagesd I'Amiociation Polytechnique de Parin. .Author /.e.f £cole.iaur lttat\ 
Unis, 1879. Member Kan. Hist. 8oc. 

252 Bozvdoin. 

William Oilman Reed, M.D. A.S. Sturbridge, Mass. 

M.D., Bowdoin, 1878. 

Daniel Arthur Robinson, M.D. A.l. Bangor, Me. 

Prin. Hampden, Me., High School, 1S74; Brewer, Me., High School, 1874-6; Bangor 
Grammar School, 1^76-8; Asst. Prof. XIathematics and Director of Gymnasium, Bowdoin, 
since 1878. M.D., Bowdoin, 1881. 

Fraiiklin Clement Robinson. A.F. Brunswick, Me. 

Prof. Natural Science, Bowdoin, since 1878 ; Instructor Analytical Chemistry, Bowdoin, 
1874r-8. Member Am. .\ssoc. for the Adv. of Science. 

Frank Shepard Waterhouse, LL.B. E.0. Portland. 

Aest. Attorney for Cumberland Co., Me. LL.B., Hai-vard Univ., 1876. 

Frederick Eugene Whitney. H'.ii. Tokio, Japan. 

Instructor in English, Univ. of Tokio (Daigaku), since 1878. 

Frederic Arthur Wilson. E.B, Orono, Me. 

Student Bangor Theo. Sem. Prin. Fryeburg, Me., Acad., 1873-5; Instructor Mathe- 
matics and Natural Science, Hallowell, Me., Acad., 1875-9. 


Samuel Vau:ntine Cole. H'.\. South Williamstown, 

Instructor Latin, Greylock Inst., since 1881. Tutor Rhetoric, Bowdoin, 1874-5; Teacher 
Classics, Bath, Me., High School, 1875-7; Instructor Bowdoin, 1878-81. 

Hannibal Hamlin Emery. A.M. Boston, Mass. 

Business Manager Post since 1878. 

fCHARLES Frederick Kimball. H'.Q. Chicago, HI. 

Carriage Builder aud Manufacturer. 

L(evi) Houghton Kimball, M.D. E.I. Bath, Me. 

Member City Council, 1880-1. Superintendent Schools, 1881. M.D., Boston 
Univ., 1877. 

Thomas Charles Simpson, LL.B. B' .A. Newburyport, Mass. 

Member School Board, 1879-80. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1877. 

Henry Gardiner White. A.l. Gardiner, Me. 

Lawyer. Prin. Gardiner High School, 1874-6. Director, 1879-80. Member City Coun- 
cil, 1880-1 ; City Solicitor since 1881. 


Seth May Carter. E.E. Auburn, Me. 


t George Fulton McQuillan. H'.S. Porthmd, Me. 

Lawyer. Town Clerk. Casco, Mc., 1877. Prin. Free High Schools, Cumberland Co., 
1876-9. Judge Advocate General, Me., 1881-2. 

*'^'® Horace Reed Patten. 0.1. Brunswick, Me. 

Died at San Francisco, Cal., October 13, 1876. 

Bowdoin. 253 

Woodbury PuLSiFKR. V.U. Lewiston, Me. 

Supremo Judicial Court Stenograplicr. 

William Edgar Rice, M.D. /. '/'. Bath, Me. 

City I'hysician, 1880-1. M.D., Columbian Univ., Washin>,'ton, D. C. 

t Joseph McKeen Rogers. J.//. Buchanan, Mich. 

Commercial Agent. 

Dudley Allen Sargent, M.D. A.O. Cambridge, Mass. 

Prof. Pliysical Traiuing. Harvard Univ., since 1879. M.D., Yale C .11., 1878. 

Robert Given Stanwood, M.D. LI. Waterbury, Conn. 

Merchant. Prin. Boys* Uigb School, 1S79-80. M.D., Bowdoin, 1878. 

Arlo Bates. 7'. 7'. Boston, Mass. 

Editor Sunday Courier since 1880; Editor Broadside, 1878-9. Author of Fattie's Per- 
versitles, 1881 ; and many review and magazme articles. 

Charles Davis Jameson. B'.A. City of Mexico, Mex. 

Civil Engineer Mexico Central R.R. since 1880; Engineer Memphis and Charleston 
R.R., 1878-80. 

Edward Hazen Kimball. J./. Bath, Me. 


John Howard Payne , . M .D . . /. 2'. Roxbury , Mass . 

M.D., Boston Univ., 1879. 

Walter Augustine Robinson. ./. 7'. Bangor, Me. 

Prin. Washington Acad., E. Machias, Me., since 1880. Prin. Fryeburg, Me., Acad.. 
1876-7; Orange, Mass., High School, 1877-80. 

t Joseph Ellis Sewall. ./..V. Bath, Me. 

Captain ship Oriental, of Bath. 

t Williams Souther. LA. Fryeburgh, Me. 



fEDWARD Harward Blake. B.^. Bangor, Me, 


John Eliphaz Chapman. E.J. Cambridge, :Mas8. 

Law Student, Harvard Univ. 

Rev. George Arthur Holbrook. E.O. Bellevue, Ohio. 

Rector since 1881. B.D.. Protestant Episcopal Theo. Sem., Cambridge, Mass., 1880. 

fWiLL Herbert Sanborn. LA. Raleigh, N. C. 

Musical Instructor, St. Mary's School, since 187T. 

Henry Dwight Wiggin. E.J. Winthrop, Me. 


254 Bozvdoin. 

• 1878. 
fSxEPHEN Deblois Fessexden. /7. T. Cambridge, Mass. 

Clerk U. 8. Census Bureau, "Washington, D. C, since 1880. 

*i877|Q,j,jg ^ARD Garland. T.\. Gloucester, Mass. 
George Colby Purington. r'.0. Auburn, Me. 

Prin. Auburn High School since 1881; Prin. Brunswick, Me., High School, 1877-81. 

fNATHAN Clifford Brown. K.F. Portland, Me. 

Student of Ornithology. Contributor to UppincoW a Magazine, Bulletin of theNuttall 
Ornithological Society, etc. 

fEDWARD Ellis Hastings. J. W. Fryeburgh, Me. 


Seward Smith Stearns. E.H. Lovell Centre, Me. 

Lawyer. School Supervisor, 1881. 


Walter Lee Dane. P. A. Kennebunk, Me. 

Law Student. 

fNATHANiEL Waldo Emerson, M.D. N.A. Dorchester, Mas.s. 

Dernoustr.itor .Vnatomv, Boston Univ., since 1831. House Surgeon Mass. Honiffiopathic 
Hospital, 1S80-1. M.D., Boston Univ., 1881. 

RoswELL Chase Gilbert. A' .1. Kennebunk, Me. 

Tutor Grammar School. 

Franklin Goulding. A' .0' . LcAviston, Me. 


t William Pierce Martin. /.J. Medford, Mass. 

Law Student. A.B., Bates Coll., 1880. 

Frank Orrin Purington. iLA. Topsham, Me. 

Prin. High School. 

tTnoMAS Harrison Riley. M. T. Brunswick, Me. 

Music Dealer. 


Harold Wyllys Chamberlain. I\J. Brunswick, Me. 
William Isaac Cole. H'.^. Marion, Mass. 

Tutor Tabor Acad, since 1881. 

Charles Herrick Cutler. H'.E. Brunswick, Me. 

Tutor Hhctoric, Bowdoin, since 1881. 

Bo7vdoin. 255 

John Dike. ii.A. Brunswick, Me. 

Editor Herald. 

'«^^tAr/rEMUS Fisher Gregg. // . T. Bm-kfield, Me. 

Died at Brunswick, Me., April 17, 1879. 

Horace Burleigh Hathaway. \.-. Hallowell, Me. 
Alfred Hitchcock. Strono-, Me. 

Medical Student. 

Ferdinand Byron Merrill. A'. (-). Yarmouth, Me. 

Civil Engineer, Dover, Me. 

William Warren Towle. UL Frycburgh, IVIe. 

Law Student. 


Edward Rountree Jewett. T'.J. Chicago, 111. 
Wallace Edward Mason. F'. T. North Conway, N. H. 
William Curtis Merryman. LI. Brunswick, Me. 
William Albion Moody. J. '/'. Kenncbunkport, Me. 
Charles Eben Stinchfield. Ii\ A. Brunswick, Me. 


Arthur Collis Gibson. F.M. Bangor, Me. 
Charles Clifford Hutchins. E.B. Canton, Me. 
Edward Albert Packard. E.F. Auburn, ]\Ie. 
William Stacey Pearson. E' .A. Bangor, Me. 
Arthur Joseph Russell. H'.N. Hallowell, Me. 
Benson Sewall. B. T. Bangor, Me. 
Charles Henry Stetson. ./'. T. East Sumner, Me. 


SajVipson Reed Child. J. V. Rumford, Me. 
Horace Coleman Phinney. 12. A. Thomaston, Me. 
Charles Cutler Torrey. ./'.//. Yarmouth, Me. 
Joseph Torrey, Jr. ./L Yarmouth, ^le. 
Sherman Warren Walker. A. IE Conway Centre, N. H. 
John Anderson Waterman, Jr. /i. 7'. Gorham, Me. 
fWiLLiAM Preston AVatson. J'./'. Hallowell, Me. 

256 Bozudoin. 


Orlando Dyer. A.T . Topsham, Me. 
Ralph Spofford French. P.B. Thomaston, Me. 
Daniel Goodenow. LJJ. Bangor, Me. 
William Pope Nealley. A.N. Bath, Me. 
Marshall Hagar PuRRiNGTON. E.X, Topsham, Me. 
Eugene Thomas. E.M. Topsham, Me. 


1845 TO 1884. 

Anil a Is. 

During the College year 1842-3, the 7' J W Society was organized 
with fourteen members, all Irom the Sophomore Class. In the autumn 
of 1844 this society entered into correspondence with the Amherst 
Chapter of A J (^, with a view of converting the T J 9 into a 
Chapter of the A J (P. Mr. George H. Palmer, of the Chiss of '45, 
was sefit to Amherst to confer upon the subject. The Amherst Chap- 
ter seemed to favor such a change ; but no definite results were reached. 
After the Class of '45 had been graduated, the matter was taken in 
hand by Isaac W. Smith, of the Class of '46, now Judge of the 
Supreme Court of New Hampshire. 

Mr. Smith secured the active cooperation of a personal friend, INIr. 
William B. Capron, a member of the Yale Chapter of A J <l>. A 
correspondence with Mr. Capron resulted in securing a charter for the 
Dartmouth Chapter, through the influence of the Yale Chapter. In 
March, 1846, Mr. Henry T. Steele and Mr. Charles A. Nichols, of 
Yale, came to Hanover, organized the Dartmouth Chapter, and initiated 
the charter members. The initiation took place at tlie house of Prof. 
E. D. Sanborn, in tlie room which he has now for many years occupied 
as a study. 

Soon after its organization, the new Chapter fitted up rooms on the 
third floor of Dartmouth Hall, and these it continued to occupy until 
September, 1872, when it took possession of the new and beautiful 
Chapter House built by the Alumni. The rooms in Dartmouth Hall 
were neat and convenient ; but with the growth of the College other 
societies located in larger and more elegant quarters, one of them 

258 Dartmouth. 

building a handsome hall for its exclusive use. On this account tlu; 
Chapter suffered somewhat in comparison with other societies. This 
fact becoming known to the graduate brothers, a movement was in- 
augurated to build a hall which should furnish elegant and amph; 
accommodations for the Chapter, and be its permanent home. 

This movement awakened a lively interest and elicited liberal con- 
tributions, so that the local committee soon felt authorized in laying 
the foundations of the new Chapter House. Generous contributions 
were made by many of the brethren ; but the largest individual sub- 
scribers to the building fund were Brother Horatio N. Twombly, of 
New York, of the Class of '54, whose subscription at the outset 
decided the question of building, and who has since increased his 
gift ; and Brother William W. I^iles, of New York, of the class of 
'45, who has recently given largely to cancel the debt. 

To the untiring perseverance of Piof. Charles F. Emerson, of 
the class of '68, who has had the matter in cluirge from the 
first, the Chapter is largely indebted for the success of the enter- 

The Chapter House is a handsome brick structure, two stories in 
height, the first floor being divided into four suites of rooms, occupied 
by brothers of the Chapter, the entire second floor being taken up by 
tlie hall and anterooms. The hall is large, handsomely decorated 
and furnished, and admirably adapted to the purposes for which it was 
intended. The building is supplied with water, heated by furnaces, 
and lighted by gas. It is located near Culver Hall, a little east of the 
spot where the Burke House formerl}' stood. 

It has been the aim of the Chapter from the beginning not so much 
to secure numbers as to bring in 3'oung men of manly character and 
high scholarship. It has always been, and is to-day, a scholarly and 
manly society. 

Since the erection of the new Chapter House, A J ^l> at Dartmouth 
has received a new impulse, and is to-day on the high tide of prosperity, 
full of brilliant promise for the future. 

Dart7)Wiith. 259 

Tt supplements, in the best way, the training afforded by the College, 
and this fact is clearly recognized alike by fticulty, alninni and students. 
Oiii- graduate brothers look back with joy and i)ride to the days of 
.1 J </'. feeling that they are largely its debtors, not only for literary 
training, but for a powerful impulse towards nobler living, and friend- 
ship that shall never end. 

The following partial list of the honors won by the members of the 
Dartmouth Chapter before graduation begins at 18G5, no prizes 
liaving been given before that date, and the prizes since then having 
varied in number and importance during different years. 

Honor List, first assigned in 1865. — C. T. Adams, '65, fourth honor; C. H. 
Chandler, '68, valedictory; C. F. Emerson, '68, salutatory; F. Brown, '70, vale- 
dictory; M. O. Adams, '71, fourth honor; G. D. Bigelow, '73, valedictory; C. F. 
Mradley, '73, third honor; S. A. Thompson, '7G, third honor; H. H. Piper, '76, 
fourth honor; A. F. Andrews, '78, third honor; E. A. K. Willard, '79, valedic- 
tory; O. P. Conant, '79, salutatory; G. O. Mitchell, '80, fourth honor. 

Prize List. — Oratorical Prizes. —A. A. Thomas, '67, 1st; J. A. D. Hughes, 
"68, 1st; A. B. Cook, '68, 2d; W. H. Colgate, '70, 1st; J. H. Hardy, '70, 1st; F. 
Brown, '70, 2d; C. E. Hill, '71, 2d; M. O. Adams, '71, 1st; F. A. Thayer, '73, 
1st; A. F. Taylor, '74, 1st; 0. P. Maxson, '78, 2d in '75 and also '76; A. F. 
Andrews, '78, 2d in '77 and 1st in '78; C. M. Hough, '79, 3d; A. L. Spring, 
'80, 2d; W. E. Strong, '82, -1th. 

Sophomore Latin Prizes. — F. Brown, '70, 1st; G. D. Bigelow, '73, 1st; T. 
Flint, '76, 2d; A. F. Andrews, '78, 2d; E. A. R. Willard, '79, 1st; O. P. Conant, 
'79, 2d; F. A. Pease, '82, 2d; O. H. Gates, '83, 1st. 

Junior Latin Ode Prizes.— C. M. Hough, '79, 2d; F. M. Hayward. '80, .1st; C. 
\V. Spring, '80, 2d; G. T. Aldrich, '81, 2d. 

Greek Prize. — F. A. Pease, '82, 2d. 

Sophomore Mathematical Prizes. —C. E. Quimhy, '74, 1st; B. A. R. Willard. 
'79, 1st; O. H. Gates, '83, 1st. 

Senior and Junior Essay Prizes. —C. H. Chandler, '68, 2d; H. AV. Smith, '75, 
2d; G. H. Tripp, '76, 1st; L. S. Cohen, '78, 1st; C. M. Hough, '79, 2d; J. R. Smith. 
'79, 2d; A. L. Spring, 1st Junior in '79 and 1st Senior in '80; F. M. Hayward 
'80, 2d; W. A. Bartlett, '82, 1st; A. F. Rice, '82, 2d. 

.Grvduatinr/ Prize, awarded to that merahcr of the Senior Class who has most 
improved during the entire course. — H. M. Silver, '72; F. L. Allen, '74: W. C. 
Frost, H. H. Piper, '76, declared equal ; W. N. Cohen, '79. 


Charter Members. 

George Thoendike Angjell. E.B. 

JosiAH Whitney Barstow. I.U. 

Joseph Mills Cavis. A'.Q. 

Arthur Ward Marshall. H.\. 

Roger Moses Sargent. Z',\, 

Isaac William Smith. E.I. 

Asa Weeks. E. W. 

Barton Walker Chase. N.Z. 

Lyivl^^ Cutler. A. P. 

John Clark Dore. N.I. 

Hiram Houston. P.X. 

Luther Johnson. T.I. 

Benjamin Franklin Moses. J'. A. 

John Paul. A'.Z. 

Artemas Wyman Sawyer. H.i2. 

Stephen Gale Taylor. E'.E. 

George Tenney. E'.H. 

George Eichard Underhill. E.6. 

*'*'•■' Salmon Portland Chase. 0.6. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Teacher and Student at Law with Hon. "SViUiara Wirt, Washington, D. C, 
1827-9. U. S. Senator from Ohio, 1849-55; Gov. Ohio. lS56-«0; U. S. Sec. Treasury, 1861- 
4; Chief Justice U. S. Supreme Court, 1865-73. Author of An Address on the History of 
Slaverjs 1845. Editor Revised Statutes of Ohio. Frequent contributor to X A. ReTieiff; 
Western Monthly Magazine, etc. LL.D., Dartmouth, 18.75. Died at Washington, D. C, 
May T, 1873. 


William Henry Duncan. A.K. Hanover, N. H. 

Lawyer; admitted originally to Bar of 8. C. Member N. H. Legislature, 1840. 

Lawyer. Prin. Black River Aca.l., Ludlow, Vt., 1842-5 State Atty., Vt, 1853-4; Vt 
State Senator, 1858-9. Member Constitutional Convention, 1857. Register ol 1 iob.<ite for 

D a H mouth. 261 

Abner Jones Phipps. r.l\ Lewiston, Me. 

Supt. of Schools. Tutor I>lullips, Audover Acad., 1838-47 ; i;7"^^±?tntMf " 111^ 
. Bedford, Mass.. 1847-61. Has been Supt. Schools in New ^'dford and Lowell, Mase. 
Member Mass. State Board of Kducation, 1862-70. Ph.D., Dartmouth, 18,2. 

^Bt. Rev. William Bacon Stevens. M.IL Philadelphia, Pa. 

Protestant Kpiscopal Bishop of Pa. since 1865; Aest. Bishop, 1862-5. M.D., Dart- 
mouth, 1838; D.D., Univ. Pa., 1848; LL.D., Union Coll., 1869. 


Ranslure Weld Clarke. 11. T. Brattleborough, Vt. 

Lawyer. Prin. 
State Senator, 1858- 
Windham Co., 1861 


* '"^'^ Zachariah Boody Caverly. E' . T. Lowell, Mass. 

Lawyer. U. S. Sec. of Legation to Peru. A.B., Waterville Coll., 1844. Died at Beau- 
fort, S. C, May 24, 1862. 


*'^ Henry Snow Baktlett. F/.Il. Lyndon, Vt. 

Lawyer, Lyndon, 1848-53; Providence, R. I., 1853-63. ' Teacher, 1845,8. Vt. Btaf* 
Atty., 1851-3. 'A.B., Dartmouth, 1849. 

Amos Adams Blanchakd. A.O. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Clerk Superior Court of Buffalo, 1863-75. 

RuFUS Dudley Chase. 2'./y. Orange, Mass. 


Robert (Lake) Colby. E'.W. New York City. 

Broker. Formerly "Lawyer in Boston and New York. Mass. State Senator, 1851-'2. 

Broughton Davis Harris. F. W. Brattleborough, Vt. 

Railroad Contractor. Kditor Brattleborough EagU, 1846-50. Sec. Utah Ter., 1850-1. 
State Senator Vermont, 1861-2. 

William Watson Niles. !.(■). Fordham Hill, New York 

Lawver and Farmer. Member N. Y. Assembly, 1872 and 1881. Prin. of several New 
England Acads. Ksteusive contributor to N. Y. Tribune, both in prose and poetry. En- 
dowed W. W. Niles Scholarship, Dartmouth, 1881. Member N. Y. Hist. Soc. , U. S. 
Geographical Soc. 

George Harrison Palmer. /'./. Fairhaven, Mass. 

Lawyer, New Bedford, Mass. Surgeon's Mate, U. S. N., 1864-6. 

William Henry Leland Smith, LL.B. M.A. Dorchester, 

Manager Downer Kerosene Oil Co. since 1860. Practised law, Boston, 1848-60. First 
Mayor of Corry, Pa. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1848. 

262 Dartfuouth. 

George Thorndike Angell. K.B. Boston, Mass. 

Pros. Mass. S. P. C. A. ; Director Am. Social Science Assoc, and Ch. Ex. Comra. Am. 
Humane Assoc. Formerly Lawyer. Author of Protection of Animals ; Transportation of 
Animals; Five Questions Answered; The Check Rein; The Labor Question; The Preven 
tion of Crime ; The Manufacture and Sale of Poisonously Adulterated Articles, etc. Member 
of American, European and Asiatic Societies. 

JosiAH Whitney Barstow, M.D. l.ll. Flushino-, Long 
Island, N. Y. 

Resident Physician, Sanford Hall, since 1854. Author of Essays. Fellow N. Y. Acad, 
of Medicine; Member of Am. Assoc, of Superintendents of Asylums. M.D., Dartmouth. 

Joseph Mills Cayis. A'.S. Stockton, Cal. 

Postmaster and Lawyer. Cal. State Senator, 1862-3. Judge of 5th Judicial Dist. 
Court, Cal., 1864-9. 

Arthur Ward Marshall. //. /. Metuchen, N. J. 

Teacher since 1849. Ten years in Valparaiso, Chili. 

Rev. Roger Moses Sargent. Z'.X. Illini, 111. 

Congregational Pastor, Harristown, 111. Sec. N. H. State Board of Education, 1864-7. 
Trustee Gilraanton, N. H., Acad. Author of Educational Reports, and contributor to 
Quarterly lieview. Grad. Andover Theo. Sera., 1849. 

Isaac William Smith. E.I. Manchester, N. H. 

Lawyer. Associate Justice Supreme Court of N. H. ; Judge Police Court, 1855-6 
Member N. H. Legislature, 1859-61; State Senator, 1862-3. Maj-or, Manchester, X. H., 
1869. Member N. H. Hist. Soc. 

Asa Weeks. E. W. Washington, D. C. 

Engaged in Perfecting the System of Submarine Torpedo Warfare, U. S. Navy Yard. 
Formerly Lawyer; practised in Minneapolis, Minn. Tutor Moor's Charity School, 1846-9 ; 
Usher Mather School, Boston, Mass., 1849-56. 


Barton Walker Chase, M.D. N.Z. Detroit, Mich. 

Dealer in Real Estate. Formerly practised medicine at Eau Claire, Wis. Prof. Math- 
ematics, Clinton Liberal Inst., 1847-9. Asst. Physican Vt. Insane Asylum, 1850-2. Member 
Detroit Scientific Assoc. ; Griffith Club of Microscopy. M.D., Vt. Med. Coll., 1850. 

Rev. Lyivian Cutler. A. P. Newton, Mass. 

Pastor Eliot Congregational Church, Newton, 1854-5 ; Pcpperell, Mass., 1851-3. Grad. 
Andover Theo. Sem., 1850. Died April 28, 1855. 

John Clark Dore. N.I. Chicago, 111. 


Rev. Hiram Houston. P.N. Deer Isle, Me. 

Pastor, Deer Isle, since 1868; Orland and Stockton, Me., 1850-67. Grad. Bangor Theo. 
Sem., 1850. 

Luther Johnson, M.D. T.I. Bradford, Mass. 

Manufacturer. Justice of Peace, 1858-62. Prin. Boys' School, Bradford, Mass., 1847-8 ; 
High School, Haverhill, Mass., 1848-9. Cashier First National Bank, Haverhill, Mass. 
M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1850. Drowned, Haverhill, Mass., December 25, 1862. 

Dartmouth. 263 

Benjamin Franklin Moses. A' .A. Lake Inna, P'la. 

Orange Grower. Cotton Merchant, 1865-76. 

John Paul. V.Z. East Unity, N. II. 

Farmer. Jiislicc of Peace since 1861. Member N. H. LcgiRlaturc, 1874-5. Prin. 
Peacliam, Vt., Acad., 1847-3; Prof. Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Central Masonic 
Inst., Selnia, Ala.. 1849-52; Prin. Chelsea, Vt., Acad., 1859-61). 

Rev. Artemas Wyman Sawyer. H.Q. Wolfville, N. 8. 

Pres. Acadia Coll. since 1869. Prof. Ancient Languages, 1855-61 ; Prin. Windsor, Vt , 
High School. 1847-50. Pastor Baptist Church, Lawrence, Mass., 1853-5. Grad. Newton 
Theo. Inst., 1853. D.D., Colby Univ., 1868. 

Stephen Gale Taylor. E'.E. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Prin. and Pres. of Faculty Adelphi .Vcad. of Brooklyn. Ph.D., Univ. State of N. Y., 

George Tenney. K'.ll. Hartford, Vt. 

Lawyer and Supt. of Schools. Died April, 18S0. 

George Richard Underhill, LL.B. A. (9. Pensacola, Fla. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ , 1850. Died at Saguna, Fla., -January 5, 1855. 


Austin Adams. Z'.I. Dubuque, Iowa. . 

Chief .Justice of Iowa since 1880. Judge Iowa Supreme Court, 1876-80. Prin. West 
Randolph, Vt., Acad., 1849-53; Lecturer on Domestic Relations, Insurance and Corpora- 
tions, Iowa State Univ. Law School, since 1877 ; Pres. Dubuque Board of Education, 1865 ; 
Regent Iowa State Univ., 1870-7; Trustee Humboldt, Iowa, Coll., 1870-8. 

^^^ Isaac Lewis Clarke. LI. Waukegan, III. 

Prin. Waukegan Acad., 1848-51. Lawyer, 18.')-2-62. Capt., afterwards Lieut. Col., 96th 
111. Inf., U. S. A. Died October 1, 1863, from wounds at battle of Chickamauga. 

1848 ^YiLLiAM Strong Cogswell. ./.J. Gilmantou, N. H. 

Died April 6, 1848. A.B., pout obit, 

'^•^ Benjamin Willey Dean. A'./. Grafton, Vt. 

Lawyer. Admitted 1852, practised at EIraira, N. Y., Bellows Falls and Grafton, Vt. 
Member Vt. Legislature, 1856-7; Vt. Sec. State, 1857-61. Died July 6, 1863. 

Rev. Charles Hutchinson. A'. J. New Albany, Ind. 

Pastor Third Presbyterian Church since 1853. Prin. Bartholomew Co., Ind., Sem., 
1849; Edinburgh, Ind., Acad., 1851-3; Trustee W.abash Coll. since 1860; Director D.anvillc, 
Ky., Theo. Sem. since 18T6. Author of occasionally published sermons and discourses. 
Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1851. D.D. Hanover, Ind., Coll., 1873. 

Oliver IMiLLER. I.O. Annapolis, Md. 

Lawyer; and Chief Justice Md. Court of Appeals since 1867. Speaker Md. House of 
Delegates, 1866. 

Rev. Charles Frederick Mussey. H'.X. Cincinnati, 

Pastor Westmoor Presbyterian Church since 1881; Westfield and Batavia, N. Y., 
1855-69; Blue Rapids and Leavenworth, Kan., 1870-80. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1852. 
D.D., Highland Univ., 1875. 

'\Rev. Pluuj Holton White. //.T. Coventry, Vt. 

Congregational Clergyman. Died April 24, 186J. 

264 Dartmouth, 

Edward Ruth YEN WiGGiN. N.ll. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Pres. Charter Oak Life Ins. Co., 1876-7. State Atty., York Co., Me., 
1S55-8. Me. State Senator, 1803. 


* ^^^^ Robert William C ARE. E.W. Hebron, Me. 
Charles Henry Chapin. P. A. St. Louis, Mo, 

Lawyer, practising in St. Louis since 1860. Prin. Newport, X. H., Acad., 1850-1 ; 
Tauglu in K. C. and S. C, 1851-4. 

DeWitt Clinton Cram. J. V. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Prin. Troy, N.Y., High School, 1850-2. Admitted to the Bar in Troy. Capt. 
and Major 6th Iowa Cav., U. S. A., 1862-5 ; Bvt. Col., U. 8. A. 

*^««^tDAViD Clark Hill. ./../. Farmington, N. H. 


*'^^t William Henry Harrison Richardson, M.D. H'.J. 
Corinth, Vt. 

Died June 3, 1874. 

William Felloavs Swain. A.l. Columbia, Texas. 

Druggist. U. S. Deputy Marshal. Editor democratic paper, 1853-62. 


Francis Erasmus Clarke. /../. Waukegan, 111. 

Lawyer; admitted in 1856. Master iu Chancery and Judge Lake Co. Court. 

William Cutting Grant. LP. Chicago, 111. 


'^^ Charles Hitchcock. A.E. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Taught, Washington, D. C, 1852-3. Admitted to Bar of Boston, Mass., 1854 ; 
practised, Chicago, 1854-81. Pres. 111. Constitutional Convention, 1870. County Commis- 
sioner, 1871. Died May 6, 1881. 

Gilbert Edwin Hood. A. 8. Lawrence, Mass. 

Banker. Admitted to the Bar, 1854. Prin. Thetford, Vt., Acad., 1855-8. 

Nathan Lord. 7'. A. Riverside, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Manufiicturer Iron ; formerly Lawyer. Ohio State Senator, 1869-71. Mayor, Riverside, 
since 1878. Col. 6th Vt. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2. 

Daniel Putnam. Y.P. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Prof. Principles of Teaching in Mich. State Normal School since 1869. Trustee 
Kalamazoo Coll.; for seven years Prof. Kalamazoo, Mich., Coll. ; one year Acting Pres. ; 
Supt. Kalamazoo Schools seven years. Chaplain Mich. Asylum for Insane twenty-two 
years. Author of Sunbeams Through the Clouds, a Devotional Book for Asylums ; History 
Mich. State Teacl^ers' Assoc; Geography of Mich.; educational addresses, lectures, 

Elihu Thayer Quimby. T.B. Hanover, N. H. 

Engaged in U. 8. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Prin. Appleton Acad., New Ipswich, 
N. n., 1851-64; Prof. Mathematics and Civil Engineering, Dartmouth, 1864-78. Author of 
Collegiate Algebra, 1879. Member Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences. 


Dartmouth. 265 

Edward Ashton Rollins. A.l. Philiulelphia, Pa. 

Prc8 rontennial Nat. Bank. Practised Law, Somerswoith, N. H , lSr,4-02. M^mt>^r 
N II Ic-iu"aune 1860-2; Speaker. 1861-2. Casbiur U. S. Internal Revenue, 1803-4; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1864-5; Commissioner, 180o-9. 

Jonathan Ross. 0. ¥. St. Johnsbuiy, Vt. 

Lawyer, and Judge Supreme Court of Vt. since 1870. State Atty. for Caledonia 
Co., 1862-3. Vt. State Senator, 1870. 

Daniel Lewis SiioKEY. A'.r. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. City Atty., Davenport, Iowa, 1862-5. Free. Chicago Public Library, 
1876-8*0. Alderman, Chicago, 1880. 

Charles Wesley Willard. P.-Q. :\Iontpelier, Vt. 

T awver Sec State of Vt., 1855-6; State Senator, 1860-1 ; U. S. Representative from 
Vt.,\K5: c'^.SonerTo Revise Laws of Vt., 1879-80 Kditor -fJ'PJ-etor 6W.« 
Mountai?i Freeman, 1861-72 ; Editor of Mihcaukee Sentinel, I860-6. Died June 8, 1880. 


Lorenzo Sayles Fairbanks. N. T. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer -Vuthor of a Tieatise on Book-keeping, 1866; Practical Business Arith- 
metic, 1871 ; and The Divorce Laws of Massachusetts, 18, ( . 

Rev. George Warren Gardner. 0.1'. Pella, Iowa. 

Prea Central Univ since 1881. Prin. New London, N. H., Inst., 18.i3-61. Pastor 
Firsfsapf^r Chtch "f Charlestown, Mass., 1861-72. Cor Sec.. A- BapUst Mjs.onary 
Union 1872-6. Bditor Baptist Misxionary Magazine, Ui 2--^. Membei .N. H. lioara oi 
Education, 1858-9. Contributor to Illu^ Christian Weekly Author of b.lence of the 
Scriptures, etc., in Baptist Quarterly. D.D., Dartmouth, 18b7. 

Osgood Johnson. J. 2'. Andover, Mass. 

Taught in Woburn and Worcester, and died at Cambridge, Mass., while Master of the 
High School, April 13, 1857. 

John Johnson L ADD. N.I. Staunton, Va. 

Inst. Lecturer. Supt. Public Schools of Staunton eight ycaVs. Editor R. I. School- 
master, 1859. Paymaster, U. S. A., 1864-5. 

*t James Franklin Mowe, M.D. O.d. Charleston, S. C. 

Died in Florida in the winter of 1868. 

Daniel Henry Ordway. A.E. Hampstead, N. H. 

Died July 14, 1854. A.B., post obit., 1854. 

t James AVhitman. ././7. New York City. 

Alpheus Benning Crosby, M.D. J'. T. New York City. 

Lon^I-^;^oli.!SXi.^8?^c^^ |jSe|\^;l^E 



Jonathan Brewer Farns WORTH. 0.6. Chester, Vt. 

Farmer, and Lawyer, practising at Windsor Vt. .since 1 ?«•*• T""*" ^^^ 6T"'^chooi\'om' 
Washington, D. C, 1853-4. Practised law in Detroit and Chicago. Ibo. -64 School Cora- 
mi tee and Superintendent, Windsor, 1865-75. Member \ t. Legislature, lb69-.l. 

266 Dart7)iotith. 

* ^'^ William Wallace HoAVARD. A'.l. Woodstock, Vt. 

Teacher and Lawyer. Died Januarj- 8, 1 864. 

* '^^ John Keis^d ALL. T'.l'. Washington, D. C. 

Supt. N. Y. and Washington Telegraph Co., stationed at New York City. Died 
December 7, 1861. 

Rev. Nathan Jackson MoRRisox. Z'.U. Springfield, Mo. 

Pres. Drury Coll. since 1872. Tutor Oherliu Coll., 1854-7; Prof. Anc. Lang., Olivet 
Coll., 1859-65; Pres. Olivet Coll., 1865-72. Author of several published sermons, addresses, 
etc. Grad. Oberlin Theo. Sem., 1857. D.D., Dartmouth, 186S. 

Isaac Augustus Parker. P.E. Galesburg, 111. 

Williamson Prof, of Greek, Lombard Univ.. since 186S. Prin. Orleans Liberal Inst., 
Glover, Vt., 1853-8; Prof. Anc. Lang., Lombard Univ., 1858-68. 

Henry Martyn Perrin. E.U. Greenbush, St. Johns, 

Lawyer and Judgi' of Probate. 

*"*^" John Seth Washburn. O.M. New York City. 

Lawyer; practised New York, 1857-80; admitted to Bar of Rutland, Vt., 1856. Prin. 
Black River Acad., Ludlow, Vt., 1853. Died October 18, 18S0. 

John Fletcher Wight. 7'. W. Todd's Point, Ky. 

Farmer. Member Ky. Legislature, 1869-71. 

Charles Augustus Young. A.J. Piinceton, N. J. 

Prof. Astronomy, Coll. of N. J., since 1877. Asst. in Classics, Phillips, Andover, Acad., 
1853-6; Prof. Nat. Phil., Astron. and Math., Western Reserve Coll., 1857-66; Appleton 
Prof. Nat. Phil, and Astronomy, Dartmouth, 1866-77. Author of The Sun (International 
Science Series), and of various papers, principally astronomical, in American Journal of 
Science, Nature, etc. Member National Acad. Sci". ; Am. Phil. Soc. ; Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences; Royal Astron. Soc, Great Britain. Ph.D., L'niv. of Pa., 1870; Hamilton Coll., 
1871 ; LL.D., Wesleyan Univ., 1)576. Capt. Co. B 85th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 


John WiNSLOW All ARD. /./7. Milton, Mass. 

Supt. of Schools. Has taught in many high schools, etc., in both Mass. and N. H. 
School Commissioner Stratibrd Co., N. H., 1864. 

Rev. Charles Caverno. E.J. Lombard, 111. 

Pastor First Congregational Church since 1874. Supt. of Schools, Niagara Co., N. Y., 
1856-7. Member Wis. Assembly, 1861. Author of various theo. papers in Congregational 
Review and Good Companij; social science papers in Transactions Wis. Acad. Sci. ; 
Twelve Lectures on Morals, published in Chicago Times, 1881. 

Edwin AzRO Charlton. I.l'. Brodhead, Wis. 

Journalist. Supt. of Schools, Schenectady, N. Y. ; Prin. of Haverhill Acad., 1854-5. 
Author of History of New York. 

George Anthony Coll AMORE, M.D. J. 6. Toledo, Ohio. 

Coroner Lucas Co., Ohio, 1872-5"; Health Officer of Toledo, 1879. Editor Toledo 
Medical and Surgical Journal, 1878-80. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1859. Surgeon 100th Ohio 
Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Daniel Hall. E.I. Dover, N. H. 

Lawver. Naval Officer, Boston, Mass., since 1877. U. 8. Provost Marshal, N. H., 
1864-5. Clerk of Courts, Strafford Co., N. H. Chairman Republican State Committee, 
1873-7. Capt., A. D. C, U. S. A., Army of Potomac, 1861-3. 

Dartmoulh. 267 

William Augustus Hkrkick. I'.'. II. Cambridge, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Instructor Pliillips, Andovi^r, Acad., 1854-5. Autlior of Ucrrick's 
Town and Parish Officer. Editor of Kerr ou Injunctions. 

"'-' Edwin Nathaniel Matties. J. '/. Poitsinouth, N. II. 

Lawyer. Clerk and Deputy Collector, I'ortsmoutli, N. H., 1857-61. Died at Concord, 
N. H., September 28, 18G3. 

Jedediah Harris Reed. l). Y. Dorchester, Mass. 

Sec. Mt. Auburn Cemetery Assoc., Boston. Engaged in business, Boston and Balti- 
more, since graduation. 

'^'^t John Adams Smith. MjV. Tlictford, Vt. 

Died in college. 

Horatio Nelson Twombly. V.F. New York City. 

Merchant. Member IST. Y. Learislature, 1872. Lieut. Col. Wis. Militia, two years. Dist. 
Atty., Pierce Co., Wis. Editor Prescott, Wis., Transcript, 1857-8. Trustee K. Y. Homoe- 
opathic Coll. 

Rev. Horace Bliss "Woodworth. ./'.//. Decorab, Iowa. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Prin. Gilmauton, N. II., Acad., 1854-5; Thetford, Vt., 
Acad., 1855-7. Grad. Theo. Inst., Conn , 1861. 


Samuel Robert Bond. MJL Wasbington, D. C. 

Lawyer; Claim and Pension Agent; sometime City Atty., St. Paul, Minn. Formerly 
Teacher, Paris, Tenn. 

f Edward Henry Chase. P. A. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Lawyer. U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue since 1874. Po.stmaster, Wilkesbarre, 
1865-6; City Clerk and Atty., 1868-74. Private Co. E 8th Pa. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861. Prisoner 
of war, 1861-2. 

William Dexter Dow. M.X. Wilmington, Del. 

Lawyer. Editor Phila., Pa., Home Newa, .and The Practical Farmer. Formerly Real 
Estate Business, Lynchburg, Va. ; successively Clerk of Hustings Court and Supreme 
Court of Appeals of Va. 

'*^ RiCHERAND Howe. LS. Sbelburne, N. H. 

Teacher and Engineer at Clinton, Iowa. Died, Chicago, 111., March 8, 18(53. 

William Spencer Ladd. J'. I. Lancaster, N. H. 

Lawyer. Judge Supreme Judicial Court, N. H., 1S70-4; and of Superior Court, N. H., 

'*"tSAMUEL Sherburne Marston. //'. / '. Ossipee Centre, N. H. 
fSYLVESTER Slack Preston. B'.^. Grinnoll, Iowa. 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. Merchant, 1870-80. Master of Tninsportation and Superin- 
tendent of Stores Q. M. D., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

Frank(lin) Marvin Robinson. A'. '/. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Studied Law at Woodstock, Vt., 1856; admitted to Dubuque Bar, 1857. 

■'"''' Jacob Edwin Taylor. ./../. Cbarleston, 111. 

Merchant. Teacher and Student at Law, Woodstock, Vt., 1855-30; admitted to 111. 
Bar, 1860. 

268 Dartmouth. 

»i873 Qeorge Washington Bartlett. F.X. Greenfield, Mass. 

Lawyer. Prin. Deerfield, Me., Acad., 18.56-7. Studied Law, Albany Law School. 
Adj. and'Capt. 2Tth Mass. Inf., U. S. A. 

*'^^^ Rev. Ambrose Wayiland Clarke. .V./7. Concord, N. H. 

Prof. Mathematics and Xatural Philosophy in Washington Coll., Md. Rector of St. 
Paul's, Chestertown, Md. "Warden of Church Home and Infirmary, Baltunore, Md. 

Abraham Burbank Coffin. T'./Z. Winchester, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Memher Mass. Legislature, 1875; State Senator, 1877-S. 

Sullivan M. Cutcheon. LA. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. U. S. Diet. Atty. since 1877. Teacher, Ypsilanti, Mich., 1856-8. Superin- 
tendent Schools, Springfield, 111. Speaker Mich. House of Representatives, 1863. 

Rev. (John) Calvin Cutler. O.E. Newton, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church, Auburndale, Mass., since 1867. School Committee, 
Newton, 1867-70; Trustee Appleton Acad., Xew Ipswich, N. H., 1864-7; Prin. St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., Acad., 1S56-S. Author of occasionally published sermons, etc. Grad. Andover 
Theo. Sem., 1861. 

*'««^ Mark Davis, LL.B. Z'.X. Townsend, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston, 1858-65. Teacher, Acton, Mass., 1856. LL.B., Law School, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., 1858. Died August 22, 1865. 

AzRO Dyer, LL.B. P.l. Evansville, Ind. 

Lawyer. Judge Superior Court, Vanderburgh Co., since 1877. LL.B., Louisrtlle, Ky., 
Univ. LaV Scliool, 1858. Initiated by Rochester Chapter. 

Rev. Leonard Zenas Ferris. Z.l. Rockland, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Prin. High School, Gloucester, Mass., 1858-9. Studied 
Andover Theo. Sem. Initiated by Rochester Chapter. 

■j-AViLLiAM Eddy Fuller. A'.F. Taunton, Mass. 

Lawyer. Prin. Taunton High School, 1856-60. Register of Probate and Insolvency 
since 1868. Author of Ancient Paths and Places in Cohannet, 1879. Member Old Colony 
Hist. Soc. 

f John Cutler Gage. Y.B. Kansas City, Mo. 

Lawyer. Sometime Member Mo. Legislature. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1856. 

Lyiman Gillett Hinckley. M. 0. Chelsea, Vt. 

Lawyer. County Clerk since 1861. Member Vt. Legislature, 1862-3, 1868-70,1880: 
State Senator, 1872-5; Lieut. Gov., 1874-5. Justice of Peace since 1871. 

f Joseph AVilkins Howe. 77. J. Xew York City. 

Lawyer. A.M., Dartmouth, 1864. ' , 

f Arthur Alavyn Putnam. A.U. Uxbridge, Mass. 

Lawyer. Judge 2d Dist. Court, Soutliern Worcester, siuce 1872. Member Mass. 
Legislature, 1857, 1860. School Committee, Danvers, Blackstone, Uxbridge, 1858-62, 1867, 
and since 1879. Atty. for Blackstone Manfg. Co. since 1866. Trustee Uxbridge Savings 
Bank since 1873. Editor Danvers UVeard, 1862-3; T/if Flag, published by Soldiers in 
Plymouth, X. C, 1864. Author of A Critical History of Danvers Village Bank, 1863; A 
Letter to the Chief of the Mass. Constabulary, 1869; Sketch of Dr. A. A. Robbins, 1879; 
History of the Town of Blackstone, 1879; and of contributions to Harper's Magazine, 
published speecltes and papers, political and biographical, etc. Capt. 14th Mass. Inf., 
U. S. A., 1861 ; 1st Lieut, and Capt. 2d Mass. Heavy Art. ; Judge Advocate and Provost 
Marshal Dist. of N. C, 1862-5. 

f Charles Woodbury Thrasher. P. '/. Springfield, Mo. 

Lawyer. Capt. 11th R. I. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. A. M., Dartmouth, 1864. 

Dartmouth. 269 


John Howe Clark, M.D. O.S. Amherst, N. II. 

Surgeon, U. 8. N., since 1867; Aset. Surgeon, U. S. N., 1861-5; Passed Anst. Surgeon, 
1865-7. M.D., Harvard Univ.. 1862. 

John Atwood Follette, M.D. P .A. Boston, Mass. 

Dean Boston Dental Coll., and Prof. Anatomy and Physiology; Medical Director, New 
England Mutual Aid Soc. M.D., Alb.iny Med. Coll., 1858. Surgeon 3'Jth Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 
1861-5; Med. Inspector of 17tb Army Corps. 

Rev. Henry Anthony Goodhue. N.X. West Barnstable, 

Pastor Congregational Church. Prin. Plympton, Mass., Acad., 1857-9. Qrad. Andover 
Theo. Sem., 186'2. 

John Cushman Hale. E.Z. Elyria, Ohio. 

Judge of Court of Common Pleas, 4th Judicial Dist., since 1877. Prosecuting Atty., 
Lorain Co., 1864-70. Member of Third Constitutional Convention of Ohio, 1873. 

1863 ]y[QgES KiTTREDGE Haselton. E'.E. Exeter, N. H. 

Lawyer. Maj. 9th 111. Inf. and Paymaster, U. S. A., 1861-3. Died at Memphis, Tenn., 
August 3, 1863. 

George Edward Horne. Z' .1. New York City. 

Lawyer. Admitted to the Bar at Watertown, N. Y., 1859. 

1868 ivouY White Richardson Marsh. 7.^'. Newport, R. I. 

Prin. Newport High School, and was preparing for the Bar at time of death. 

Edward Follansbee Noyes, LL.B. ./. Y. Mt. Auburn, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor, Cincinnati, 1865-7; Probate Judge, 1867-70. Governor of Ohio, 
1873-4; U. S. Minister to France, 1877-81. Authorofv-arious published political addresses. 
LL.B., Cincinnati Law School, 1858; LL.D. Western Reserve Coll., 1872; Marietta Coll., 
1872; Dartmouth, 1877. Major, Lieut. Col. and Col. 36th Ohio Inf., Brig. Gen., Bvt., 
U. 8. A., 1861-5. 

Ezra Kjnight Parker. A. J. Providence, R. I. 

Member School Committee twelve years; State Board Education six years. Pres. 
Town Council one year. Private, 2d and Ist Lieut. Ist R. I. Light Art., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

James Bailey Richardson. /../. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. Legislature, 1866. 

1862 ^Yarren Elias Richmond. N.U. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Died at Mar3'8ville, Cal., September 17, 1862. 

Rev. William BuRNET Wright. A.F. Boston, Mass. 

Pastor Berkeley Street Church. Matriculated at Univs. Berlin and Halle, Germany, and 
there studied, 1860-2; Ordained Pastor South Congregational Church, Chicago, 111., 1862. 


Harrison Everett Chadwick, .\.W. Bradford, Mass. 

Clerk and Assessor, Chief Clerk U. 8. Internal Revenue, 6th Mass. Diet., 1862-8, and 
Deputy Collector, 1868-75. Taught in III. and Mass., 1858-62. Author of Centennial 
Address, Bradford, July 4, 1876. 

270 Da7'tmouth. 

John Theodore Clarke. E.U. Chicopee, Mass. 

Supt. Chicopee Schools. Has been teaebiug at Ilopkinton, N. H., Dudley, Mass., etc., 
since 1858. 

Rev. Alfred Brooks Dascomb. H'.P. Westminster, Vt. 

Actint; I'astov Congregational Church, Bellows Falls, Vt. Author of a Memorial 
Record of Soldiers from the Town of Waitsfield, Vt., and various published sermons, etc. 

George Washingtox Emery, LL.B. T'./Z. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Governor Utah, 1875-80. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1859. 

Walter Gibson. /.J. New York City. 

Temporarily in Concord, JvT. H., on account of 111 health. I'rin. Chelsea, Vt., Acad.. 
1858-9. Auditor U. 8. A. Ordnance Agency, New York City, 1861-5. Director Standard 
Life Insurance Co., 1869. Editor and Publisher Harlem, N. Y., Local, 1872. Author of 
Historical Sketch of Hillsboro', N. H., from 1741-5, with Genealogy of Samuel and Ann 
(McAffee) Gibson, the First Settlers, 1S80. 

Samuel Mills Gleason. A'. (K Thetford Centre, Vt. 

Lawyer. State Atty., Orange Co., and Member Vt. Legislature, 1864. 

*i86i Willard Spauldixg Heath. l\I]. Groton, N. H. 

Died while preparing for the Bar, March 31, 1861. 

fHENRY Elijah Hutchinson. X'.Z. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Banker. Cashier Brooklyn Bank since 1877. U. S. Asst. Assessor, Xew York Cilv. 
1862. Sec. Mechanics' Savings Bank, Brooklyn, 1872-7. A. B., Amherst Coll., 1858. 

* "^ William Frederick DuRANT Kimball. /..V. Kickapoc*. 


Teacher. Clerk in U. 8. Land Office, Monroe, La.; Commissary of Subsistence. 
C. S. A., 1861-5. Died January 6, 1865. 

* '^-fFRANK Howard Shorey. ./. W. Dedham, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1858. Died January 24, 1862. 

Charles Oliver Thompson. (K1. Worcester, JNIass. 

Prin. Worcester Free Inst. Trustee Gushing Acad., Asbburnham, Mass., since 1876; 
Worcester Free Library, 1870-6; Lecturer on Chemistry, Mt. Holyoke Female Sem., since 
1872; Mismber Worcester School Board, 1870-3; Pres. Board of Visitors, U. S. M. A., 1877. 
Author of Hints Towards a Profession of Teaching, 1867; Scope and Method of Physical 
Science in Common Schools, 1873 ; Place of Polytechnic Schools in American Education. 
1876 ; Handicrafts in Public Schools, 1880 ; Manual Labor and Use of Tools, 1871 ; Effect of 
Sewage on Iron ; and many other papers on education and science, published in American 
Jouriial of Education, Proceedings of Inst, of Mining Engineers, etc. Member Am. 
Antiq. 80c. , Am. Assoc. Advancement of Science, Am. Inst. Mining Engineers. Ph.D., 
Dartmouth, 1879; Willi.ims Coll., 1880. 


Fisher Ames Baker, LL.B. A'. Y. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1860. 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut, 
and Adjt., Lieut. Col. 18th Maes. Inf.. U. 8. A.. 1861-4. 

Isaac Newton Carleton. A.B. New Britain, Conn. 

Prin. Conn. State Normal School since 1869. Prof, in Phillips Acad., 18.59-63; Prin. 
South Danvers, Mass., High School, 1863-4; Prin. Young Ladies' School, Lexington, Mass., 

*'^- Charles Whiting Carroll. IJL Dedham, Mass. 

Lawyer. Ist Lieut, and Capt. 18th Mass. Inf., I'. S. A. Killed at second b.ittle of 
Bull Run, August 31, 1862. 

Dart moil Ih. 


Phineas Sanborn Conner, M.l). /.^'. Cincinnati, Oliio. 

Prof. Sui-ijery, Dartmouth, since 1878; Cinciiinali (.'oil. Med. and .Sink., IbOC,--; Chem- 
istry, Med. foil. Ohio, 1867-9; Anatomy and Clinical Snrg., Med. Coll. Ohio, Hincc 1869. 
Author of numerous contributions to medical journals. M.I)., Jeft'erson Med. Coll., 1861. 
Asst. Surgeon and Bvt. Major, U. S. A., 1801-5. 

Edward Cowles, M.I). Z'.Il. Somcrville, Mass. 

Medical Supt. McLean Asylum for the Insane since 1879. Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 
1863-72; ItcshUnt IMiysician and Supt. Boston City Hospital, 1872-79. Autlior of Treatment 
of theSick in ICnls, 1S74 ; Contributions to the Study of Vcntihtion, 1878. M.U., Dartmouth, 
1802; Cohimliia ( '..11., 1803. Asst. Surgeon, rank Ist Lieut., Capt., and Bvt. Maj., Hegular 
Brigade, otli Army (Jorps, U. 8. A., 1863-5. 

Scott French. B'.8. Pittsficld, N. H. 

Lawyer. Priu. Pittsficld Acad., 1859-60. Died October 30, 1863. 

Alfred PaysO?? Gage. P.N. Charlcstown, Mass. 

Master in English Higli School since 1876. Prin. Bunker Hill Grammar School five years ; 
Master Charlcstown High School five years. Author of Elements of I'hysics, 1872. 

Charles HosFORD, M.D. II'. I'. Fairhaven, Mass. 

M.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1863. 

Charles Dummer Moody. J..Y. Webster Groves, Mo. 

Lawyer, St. Louis. 

William NiLES. 7.2'. La Porte, Ind. 

Manufacturer and Parmer. 

Samuel Aiken Notes. M.F. New York City. 


Edward Rush Ruggles. Hanover, N. H. 

Chandler Prof. Mod. Lang, and Eug. Lit., Dartmouth, since 1866. Student, Lausanne, 
Switzerland, and Leipsic, Germany, 1861-4. 

Rev. James Augustus Sanderson. J.fl. Plymouth, Mass. 

OfHciatuig in Christ Church. B.D., Berkeley Divinity Scliool, 1862. 

Rev. Cecil Franklin Patch Bancroft. F'.l. Andovcr, 

Prin. Phillips, Andover, Acad, since 1873; Mt. Vernon, N. H., Acad., 1860-4; Lookout 
Mountain, Tenn., Educational lust., 1867-72. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1807. Ph.D., 
Univ. State of N. Y., 1874. Member Am. Phil. Soc, etc. 

David Augustine Caldwell. 1.8. New Bedford, Mass. 

Retired. Formerly Teacher Deer Island Reform School. 

Daniel Henry Caverno, LL.B. A.J. Lockport, N. Y. 

Lawyer, Lockport, N. Y., 1802-3. On Stafl" Lockport Union, 1863-5. Engaged in 
business in Illinois, 1865-7. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1862. Initiated by"^Gcneva 
Chapter. Died very suddenly, at Cairo, 111., March 18, 1867. 

Frederic Chase, LL.B. /.//. Hanover, N. H. 

Lawyer. Probate Judge, Grafton Co., N. II., since 1876. Treasurer Dartmouth since 
1875. LL.B., Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C, 1867. 

John William Hayes, LL.B., 7.2'. Kenosha, Wis. 

Lawyer, and Editor Kenosha Union. Dint. .Vtty. for Kenosha Co., 1879-81. .\uthor 
of Course of Study for Wisconsin Schools. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1802. 

272 Dai'tmouth. 

Lyman Bartlett How, j\LD. Z'.\. Manchester, N. H. 

Prof. Anatomy and Physiology, DarUnouth, since 1869. Pres. Board of Pension Sur- 
geons in Manchester since 1871. Treas. N. H. Med. Soc. since 1878. M.D., Dartmouth, 

•j-Frederic Van Houten Hudson. E.A. Hartford, Conn. 

Sec. Conn. Gen. Life Ins. Co. since 1876. 

Ralph Izard Middleton. A. W. Charleston, S. C. 

Organist and Teacher of Music. Private Charleston Marion Art., C. 8. A., 1863-5. 

JoAB Nelson Patterson. N.d. Concord, N.H. 

U. S. Marshal for N. H. since 1867. MemhSr N. H. Legislature, 1866. Col. 3d Uegt. 
N. H. N. G; 1st Lieut., Capt., Lieut. Col. and Col. 2d N. H. Inf., U. S. A.; Bvl. Brig. 
Gen. Vols., 1861-5. , 

Luther Burr Pearsall. F.FI. Hooper's Valley, N.Y. 

Farmer and Lumber Dealer. Initiated by Geneva Chapter. 

Edward Savage, LL.B, H'.J. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lawyer; firm of Savage & Woodman. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1862. 

*i875 Rev. William Augustus Thompson. ./'./. Hartford, Conn. 

Pastor First Congregational Church, Reading, Mass. Grad. Theo. Inst., Conn., 1863. 
Died September 15, 1875. 

Earl Webster Westgate. 1!.6. Lebanon, N. H. 

Prin. Lebanon, X. H., High School. Formerly of Appleton Acad., New Ipswich, N.H. ; 
and of Montpelier, Vt., High School. 

Charles Wheeler. A'.X. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member of Boston Common Council, 1878-81. 

George Wilcox. P. A. New York City. 


Rev. William Wallace Dow. UL Douglass, Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational ; also Private Teacher. U. S. Christian Commissioner, 1865. 
Frequent contributor to religious press. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1863. 

Rev. George Leroy Gleason. F.E. Andover, Mass. 

Attending Post-Grad. Theo. Lectures. Pastor, Congregational. Andover Theo. 
Sem., 1864. 

Nathaniel Tenney Kimball. E'.A. Bradford, Mass. 

Merchant. Assessor, 1874. Justiceof Peace, 1878. Town Clei'k and Collector of Taxes, 
1875-81. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1866. 

Henry Kingsbury Moore. N.^. Oakland, Cal. 

Lawyer, San Francisco. 

John Palmer Olney. O.H. Hollybush Farm, Wickford, 


•f- Edwin Phelps. P.W. San Francisco, Cal. 

Civil Engineer. 

Dartmouth. 273 

James Franklin Allen, LL.B. ./'. V. Washington, I). C. 

Clerk in Aiijt. Oencrara OfUce, War Dcpnrlmoiit. LI^.H., Colnmbian Univ., Wasli- 
ingtou, D. C, 1866. 

William Frederick Bailey, LL.B. E'.O. East Jaffrey, 
N. H. 

Lawyer. Justice of the Peace, Clicsliire, Co., N. II. , 1SG5-7. School Committee, 
Jaffrey, "iSST-O. Member N. II. Legislature, ISti-i-'J. LL.B., All>any Law School, 1S65. 
Died iu Keene, N. U., April 27, 1870. 

' David Emery Boutelle. A.M. Tully, N. Y. 

Teacher in Liverpool, N. Y., and Uuionville, Conn. I'rof. M.atli., Cortlandt Acad., 
Homer, N. Y. Died July 5, 1871. 

Amos Waters Crane. . /. ^9. P^ast Toledo, Ohio. 


Grosvenor Silliman Hubbard, LL.B. P.l. New York 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 18G7. 

Arthur Sewall Lake. T.A. Shenandoali, Iowa. 

Treas. Council Bluffs Ins. Co. since 1881. I'rin. Thomaston, Conn., Acad., 1865-70. 
Mayor, Shenandoali, 1874. 

Benjamin McLeran. E.F. New Orleans, La. 

. Engineer in office of U. 8. Surveyor General . 

Rev. Charles Myron Palmer. ./.J. Meriden, N. H. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Grad. Andovcr Tlieo. Sem., 1867. 

fALVAH Kimball Potter. IJ .Z. I^ckpoi-t, N. Y. 

Lawyer. City Counsel, 1875-7. Author of occasionally published- scientific lectures. 
Ist Lieut. 7th N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3; Maj. 18th N. II. Inf., 1864-5. 

fJoHN Jay Sanborn. E'.fJ. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer. At present employed in Pension Bureau. 

John Sanborn Stevens, li.l. Peoria, 111. 

Lawyer and Postmaster. 

" George Harvey Taylor. P.\. Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Prin. Amsterdam Aead. ; Classical Tutor Phillips, Andover, Acad., 1807-75. Judge 
Police Court, Nasliua, N. H., 1875-7. Prin. Kinderlioolt, N. Y., Acad., 1877-81. Author 
Translation of Kiihner's Greek Grammar, completing tlie work of Dr. 8. H. Taylor, 
Dartmouth, 1832. Lieut. Co. C 73d U. S. C. T., 1864-5. Died June 19, 1881. 


jAmos Wilson Abbott, M.D. A.Z. Minneapolis, Min. 

Member Minn. Acad. Natural Science. M.D., Colmnbia Coll., 1869. Private Co. C 
16th N. H. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-15. 

^'^fSAMUEL JuDSON ALEXANDER. !.(!>. CoiK'Old, N. H. 

Capt. Co. B 9th N. H. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. Died near Haines Bluff, Miss., of wounds 
received in action at Jackson, Miss., July 23, 1863. 

274 Dartmouth. 

Barton Fisk Blake. /. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Superintendent of the Bradstreet Co. Priu. Walpole, Mass., Acad., 1865-6. Manager 
Y. M. C. A., Philadelphia. 

David Emery Bradley. E.J. Chicago, 111. 

Wholesale Grocer. 

William Lapham Flagg. A'. I. Summit, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. Sergt. 7th R. I. Cav., U. S. A., 1862. 

Addison Howard Foster, M.D. N.E. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Surgery, Woman's Med. Coll., Chicago, 1870-5. Director of Chicago Med. Press 
Assoc, since 1874. Consulting Physician Woman's Hospital since 1872. M.D., Columbia 
Coll., 1866. 

William Prevost Goodelle. A. T. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lawyer. District Atty., Onondaga Co., 1871-4. Counsel JST. Y. C. & H. R. R.R. Co. 
since 187-5. Prin. Moravia Acad., 1864-5, and of Onondaga Acad., 1865-8. 

Thomas GtOOdwillie, M.D. F.F. Yeruon, Vt. 

M.D., Dartmouth, 1866. 

Jesse Johnsox. A'. J. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Asst. Corporation Counsel, 1869-77. 

Gardner Carpenter Pierce, M.D. Z'.0. Ashland, 

School Committee of Ashland since 1869. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1866. 

Stephen Rand. T.X. Charlestown, Mass. 

Passed Asst. Paymaster U. S. N. ; passed through grade of Asst. Paymaster. Entered 
service, 1869; Asst. Engineer U. S. N., 1863-9; Private U. S. Sharpshooters, 1861-3. 
A.B., 1879. 

Frank Austin Spencer, LL.B. A'. T. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Solicitor Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C, 1864-7. LL.B., Columbian 
Univ., Washington, D. C, 1867. 

Rev. HoLLis Smith Westgate. 0. T. Westfield, N. Y. 

Supt. Baptist Missions for W3-o., Colo, and X. M. Teacher Columbus, Ohio, High 
School, 1864-6; Prin., 1866-8. Studied Heidelberg and Berlin, Germany. 1869-70. Grad. 
Rochester Theo. Sem., 1871. 


''•"t Daniel Austin. J.0. Chicago, 111. 

Died in college. 

^^ Samuel Newton Bartlett. A.N. Townsend, Mass. 

Died December 28, 1864. 

Charles Caldwell, M.D. ./'. 7'. Chicago, 111. 

Prtvate 7th R. I. Cav., U. S. A., 1862; Surgeons' Mate, U. S. N., 1864-5. M.D., Har- 
vard Univ., 1867. 

Albert Priest Charles, f'.l'. Seymour, Ind. 

Lawyer. Mayor, Seymour, 1870-2 and 1874-8. Sec. and Treas. Seymour Gae Co. 
School Trustee, Seymour, 1880-3. 

fCALViN Webster Fitch. I'.K. St. Louis, Mo. 

Asst. Supt. Money Order Div., St. Louis Post Office, since 1873. City Editor St. Louis 
Tribune, 1869-70. Private Co. A 45th Mass. Inf., U.S.A., 1862-3; 2d Lieut. Co. H 
76th U. S. Inf., 1863-5. 


John Luther Fostkr. (K\. Lisbon, N. IL 


John Tyler Gibson. 7'.0. Janmica Plain, Mass. 

Prill. Central School for Boys, IJoston, since 1872. Has l)ei'n I'rin. IIif?li HcIiooIh 
Southboro', Mass. ; E.vctor, N. H. ; Supt. Schools, Peru, Ind. 

t John Henry ITeisel. N.H. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Refiner of Petroleum. 

John Lewis IIiLDRETH, M.l). AJi. Cambridge, Mass. 

U. S. San. Commission, 1861-5. M.D., Dartmouth, 186S. 

IcHABOD Goodwin IIoBBs. LP. North Berwick, INIe. 

Paymaster U. S. N. since 1869; Acting Asst. Paymaster U. S. N., 1864-5; Asst. Pay- 
master, 1867; Passed Asst., 1868. 

Elias Wilkins Howe. A.M. North Bennington, Vt. 

Prin. North Bennington Graded School. Q. M. Sorgt. 1st Battalion Mass. Heavy Art., 
U. 8. A., 1864-5. 

Edward Francis Johnson. Z'.O. Marlborough, Mass. 

Lawyer, Marlborough and Boston. 

fCHARLES Webster Kimball. V.A. Haddonfield, N. J. 

Collector, Philadelphia. Private Co. H 22d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-3. 

* •^'■{•Leonard S Kimball. (KH'. Lowell, Mass. 

Died at Hanover, October, 1801 . 

fC'HARLES Amos Merrill, LL.B. B' .F. Worcester, Mass. 

Lawyer. Prin. Haddara, Conn., Acad., 1864-5; Paymaster's Clerk; Clerk to Sergt. al 
Arms, U. S. Senate, 1867-S. Practised in Minneapolis, Minn., 1871. A.B., Wesleyan 
Univ., 1864; LL.B., Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C, 1868; Harvard Univ., 1869. 
Winner of Prize Essay upon graduation at Harvard Univ., published in Bench and Bar, 

George Howard Malcolm Rowe, M.D. A'. 2'../. Boston, 


Resident Physician and Supt. Boston City Hospital since 1879; Asst. Phys., Pa. 
Hospital for Insane, 1869-70; Boston Lunatic Asylum, 1870-9. Member Boston Medico. 
Psychological Soc, etc. M. D., Harvard Univ., 1868. 

John Calvin Webster, M.D. <K6. Chicago, 111. 

Member III. Med. Soc, etc. M.D., Harvard Univ., 1867. Private Co. K IstBattalion 
Mass. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1864-5. 


« 1877 

Charles True Adams. 7.^'. Newton, Mass. 


James Henry Bodge, M.l). Z'.li. Newton Centre, Mass. 

Asst. City Physician, Boston, one year. M.D., Harvard, 1867. 

fGEORGE Washington Britton. V.Z. Newport, N. H. 

General Agent for Whiteley, Fasslcr and Kellv, Si)ringtifld, Ohio. Private 16tli N. H. 
Inf., U. S. A. ' 

"*■* Walter Wells Chase, LL.B. Z'.J. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. Died December 5, 1874. 

2^6 Dartmouth. 

John Sanborn Conner. O.V. North Bend, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judsc of Common Pleas,lst Ohio Dist., since 1882 ; Asst, Solicitor, Ciuclnnati, 
1869-73 ; Clerk and Treas., North Bend, 1875-80 ; Trustee, 1880-1. Member Board of Edu- 
cation, 1876-80. 

Rev. Henry Irving Cushman. LI. Providence, R. I. 

Pastor Universalist Church. Trustee Dean Acad., Franklin, Mass., since 1873, and Sec. 
of Trustees since 1875. Member R. I. Hist. Soc. 

Frank James Drake. P.N. Manchester, N. H. 

Wholesale Flour and Grain Merchant, firm of Drake & Carpenter. 

Richard Kimball. P.(IK Kimball, Tex. 

Lawyer and Planter. 

Frank Banvard Modica. N.ii. Henniker, N. H. 

Engineer. Engaged in South America. 1st Lieut. 16th N. H. Inf., U. S. A. 

Leonard Wilcox. ./.A'. St. Louis, Mo. 

Lawyer. Prin. High School, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1865-6. 

f Joshua Plummer Abbott. Y. T. Antioch, Cal. 

Editor Antioch LeOger, and Publisher since 1870. Deputy Collector Internal Revenue, 
1877-9 ; District Atty. and Justice of Peace. 

fLEWis Lowe Abbott. (i'.S. Liverpool, England. 

Metal Merchant, Dickerson & Co., Queen's Insurance Co. Building, Liverpool. 
A.B., Yale Coll., 1866. 

George Edward Chickering. /'.//. Lawrence, Mass. 

Druggist and Chemist. Formerly Associate Editor Boston Commercial Bulletin. 

Schiller Hosford. A.J. Clinton, Iowa. 

Sec. and Treas. Clinton Lumber Co. 

"*"' Edward Augustus Kelley. J.Z. Boston, Mass. 

Dealer in Books and Stationery. 

Eugene Peck Kingsley. V.f). New York City. 


Chester Wright Merrill. P.P. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer ; and Librarian Cincinnati Public Library since 1870. Member Cincinnati Board 
of Education, 1872-8; Board of E.xaminers since 1876. Editor Ordinances of Cincmnati, 


"^" Joseph Perkins Neal. //.//. Hanover, N. H. 

Teacher, Suffield, Conn.; Westerly, R I. Editor Fort Wayne, Ind., Odzette, 1870. 
Died May 9, 1871. 

Waldemer Otis, LL.B. .\. W. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1871. 

fJoHN Metcalf Pierce. (KK. Abington, Mass. 

Mercantile. Present address. Pension Office, Chicago, 111. 

James Alfred Spalding, M.D. M.P. Portland, Me. 

Contributor to Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, etc. Member Am. Opthal. Soc. 
M.D., Harvard Univ., 1870. 

Dartmouth. 277 

fGEORGE Dallas Stackpolk. l'.)L Hill, N. H. 

Merchant and Postmaster. Scliool Committee of Hill tlirec years. 

Henry Wiiittemore. U.K. Westborough, Mass. 

Prin. Higli School siuce 1874; Supt. Schools since 1875. 

fALFRED AVells Abbott, M.D. a.m. Laconia, N. H. 

M.D., Dartmouth, 186S. 

Frederic Gregory Mather. l\\. Albany, N. Y. 

Journalist; Asst. Editor Albany Journal since 1880. Staff of Binijhamton, N. Y. 
Times, 1873-4; Chief Editor Binghamton liepublican, 1875-8; Correspondent N. Y. 
Tribune,\%19. Author of various articles in The Atlantic, Harpers, Lippincott, K. A. Rev., 

George Abijah MosHER. V..N. Troy, N.Y. 

Lawyer. Prin. Chainplain, N. Y., Acad., 1867-8. 

■(•Edward Louis Osgood. 0.<J>. Dorchester, Mass. 

Publisher; firm of Houghton, Osgood & Co., Boston. In 1864 entered Brown Univ., 
class '67. 

f John Augustus Skinner. O.F. Vincennes, Ind. 


Alfred Addison Thomas. V'.n. Dayton, Ohio. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor, Dayton, 1872-7. Atty. Cine, and St. Louis R.R. Initiated by 
Miami Chapter. Private 4th Bat. Ohio Cav., U. 8. A., 1864. 

James Richard Willard. /.J. Erie, Pa. 

Editor and Proprietor Erie Despatch since 1878, part owner since 1869. On Staff Fort 
Wavne, Ind., Gazette, 186S-9. Bearer of Despatches, U. S. to Denmark, 1873. Collector 
of Customs, Erie, Pa., 1874-8. 

Albert Gallatin Wilson. P. A. Xenia, Ohio. 


Amos Willets Wright. 0. V. St. Louis, Mo. 

Associate Editor St. Louis Globe-Democrat since 1881. Editor Ft. Wayne, Ind., 
Gazette, 1868-71. Lecturer on Eng. Lit., Miami Valley Coll., 1874-6. Ed. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Sentinel, 1880-1. Initiated by Miami Chapter. 

David Allen Anderson. li'.W Xorth Adams, Mass. 


t Arthur Marcus Burbank. J.O. Winchester, N. H. 

Temporarily in business in Denver, Colo. 

Charles Henry Chandler. 2'. 2'. Ripon, Wis. 

Prof, of Physics and Mathematics, Ripon Coll., since 1881. Prof. Phys. and Math., 
Antioch Coll., 1875-81; Prof. Kimball Union Acad., 1868-9; Prin. St. Johnsbury Acad., 
1869-71. Member of Am. Assoc. Adv. of Science. 

Frederic Gove Cochran. St. Louis, Mo. 

Pork Packer. 

278 Dartmouth. 

Asa Bro^\ts^ Cook, Jr. A'.F. Petei-sburgh , Va. 

Real Estate Agent. 

Ekskine Chambeelin Curtis. KjP. St. Louis, Mo. 

Manufacturer of Stoves, firm M. & E. C. Curtis. 

Charles Franklin Emersox. H'.O'.K. Hanover, N. H. 

Prof. Nat. Phil, and Inst. Astronomj-, Dartmouth, since 1878; Inst. Math., N. H. Aj;r. 
Coll., 1868-72; Tutor Dartmouth, 1869-72, and Assoc. Prof, ^"■at. Phil, and Math., 1872-78. 

Charles Goodwin Hale. A'.F. Chicago, 111. 


Rev. James Alexander DuPEE Hughes. 2". ?'*. Walker, Mo. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. B.D., Phila. Div. School, 1874. 

Edwin Everett Smith, M.D. P. A. Morris Plains, N.J. 

Asst. Physician State .Asylum for the Insane since 1876. Resident Surg. L. I. Hos- 
pital, 1871-2 ;"of Emigrant Hospital, N. T., 1873-i; of Insane Asylum, Utica, N. Y., 1874-6. 
M.D., Long Island Coll. Hoep., 1871. 


*i875 \Yjlh45j Johnston Bradley. ^..V. Fryeburgh, Me. 


*'874 Edward Hall am Currier. H'.B. St. Louis, Mo. 


Jaimes McEwen Drake. J.F. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Agent Educational Department Eagle Pencil Co., New York City. Prin. High Schools, 
Franklin, Mass., 1871-3; Framingham, Mass., 1873-4; Westerly, R. I., 1874-6. Supervising 
Prin., Southern School Dist., Hartford, Conn, 187&-80. Contributor to N. E. Journal of 

t Jacob Francis Foltz. P. J. Boston, Mass. 

Dentist, and Demonstrator in Boston Dental Coll. 

Edwin Peabodt Gerry, M.D. V.Z. Jamaica Plain, 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1874. 

*'^* John White Griffin. E'.A. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Gen. Western Agent of Pub. House. Member of N. H. State Legislature. Author of 
Geography of Kansas. Died March 15, 1878. 

*'''' Frank Hiland. A'..V. Manchester, N. H. 

Lawyer. Member of X. H. State Legislature, 1875-7. Died November 25, 1879. 

Edwin Ruthven Hill Hodgman. A.M. Kansas City, Mo. 


Frederic William Jones, M.D. /.//. New Ipswich, N. H. 

Instructor Appleton Acad., 1874-80. Author of History of Appleton Academy ; Jones' 
Parsing Foi-ms. M.D., N. Y. Univ., 1881. 

Hiram Eugene McNutt, M.D. A.l\ Milwaukee, Wis. 

M.D., Dartmouth, 1872. 

James Means. P.Y. Lawrence, Kan. 

Dartmouth. 279 

t James White MooiiE, M.D. Z' .V. Lynn, Mass. 

Initiated by Hiulson Cliapter. M.D., Dartinoulh, 1872. 

t Joseph Benjamin Pakkek. U.A. Nashua, N. H. 

Lawyer and Real Kstatc Agent. Editor of Nashua Renl Entate Journal. 

Sidney Atwood Phillips. /.'/'. So. Framingham, Mass. 

Lawyer. Trial Jii.stice ; Clerk of Dist. Court. Formerly Trin. Belknap School, Dover, 
N. IL, aiid Framingham Acad. 

''^''tllENKr Foster Pratt. I'.Z. Winchester, N. H. 

Corp. Co. F 14th N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. Died October 1, 1866. 

t Samuel Edward Wood. M.N. Rondout, N. Y. 



Robert Miller Bolenius, M.D. K.dK Lancaster, Pa. 

Physician Lancaster Co. Hospital and Asylum. Associate Editor Lancaster Co. Med. 
Transactions, published quarterly. M.D., Univ. of Md., 1873. 

Rev. Francis Brown. N.M. New York City. 

Prof. Union Theo. Sem. since 1879. Tutor Greek, Dartmouth, 1872-4. Grad. Union 
Theo. Sem., 1877. 

James William Cheney, Jr. M.P. North Sewickley, Pa. 

Prin. N. Sewicklev Acad, since 1879. Prin Hartford Acad. Inst Ohio, 1871-2; 
Hampton Acad., N. H., 1874-6; and Merrimacpoit, Mass., High school, 1376-9. 

William Hoyt Colgate. .F.J. Winfield, Kan. 


George Stephen Edgell. P.l'. St. Louis, Mo. 

Manufacturer of Iron. Treas. St. Louis Bolt and Iron Co. since 1873. 

John Henry Hardy. O.M. Arlington, Mass. 

L.awver, Boston. Trial Justice for Middlesex Co. Member Boston Hist, and Geneal. 
Soc. Private iDth N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Albert Love Plummer. P.Z. Clarksburgli, Tenn. 

Adj. Prof. Ancient Languages, Univ. of Tenn., 1870, and Prof. Greek, 1870-1. Pres. 
Manchester Coll., 1873-4. 

(Eustace) Ballard Smith. T. ^/. New York City. 

Journalist ; Staff New York Herald. 

tNEWTON Harris Wilson. Z'.H. Manchester, N. H. 

Lawyer; Justice of the Peace and Notary Public. Associate Justice Police Court, 

Franklin Worcester. A. J. Hollis, N. H. 

Merchant and Manufacturer, Cambridge, Mass. Men>ber N. H. Legislature. 1877-8. 

Albert Armstrong Abbott. B.I. Steele City, Neb. 

stock Raiser. Treas., Nashua, N. H. Teacher for six years. 

2 8o Dartmouth. 

Melvin Ohio Adams, LL.B. A.N. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. Asst. Dist. Atty., Suffolk Dist., Mass., since 1877. LL.B., Boston Univ., 

Charles Henry Conant. P.l. Lowell, Mass. 


George Eugene Davis, M.D. O.Q. San Francisco, Cal. 

Examining Physician I. O. O. F. since 1878. Prof, in Cal. Military Acad., 1871-2. 
Author of general papers on medical subjects. M.D., Hahneman Med. Coll., Philadelphia, 

fWiLLiAM Wesley French. I.E. Gloucester, Mass. 

Lawyer. City Solicitor, Gloucester, since 1880. Member Common Council, 1879. Prin. 
Sandwich, Mass., Grammar School, 1872-3; Kingsland, N. J., School, 1873-4. A.B., Dart- 
mouth, 1872. 

I Frank Eugene Greenwood. K. W. Newport, Ohio. 

Farmer. Private 148th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

John Herbert. Soraerville, Mass. 

Lawyer. Prin. Applolon Acad., New Ipswich, N. H., 1871-4. Author of monthly 
contributions to Church Mirror since 1880. 

fCHARLES Ebenezer Hill. A. A. Baltimore, Md. 

Lawyer. Asst. Prof. U. S. Naval Acad., 1871-5. 

Thomas (Henry) Martin. 0. T. Mclndoes Falls, Vt. 

Prin. Lyndon, Vt., Graded School, since 1880. Supt. of Schools, Barnet, Vt., 1873-5; 
Prin. Mclndoes Falls Acad., 1871-3 and 1876-8, and of Bradford, Vt., Acad., 1873-5. 

James Brackett Mason. M.K. Westmoreland, N. H. 

Farmer and Licensed Preacher. Presided over Westmoreland Congregational Churcli, 

jEdward Annis Merrill, LL.B. /'.J. Concord, N. H. 

Lawyer. Entered Wesleyan Univ., Class '71. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1881. 

Albert Augustus Osgood. />'.//. Parsons, Kan. 


Andrew Fairfield Reed, M.I). J'.0. Holyoke, Mass. 

City Physician, 1878. Author of p.apers on Diphtheritic Paralysis. M.D., Harvard 
Univ., 1874.' 


William Webster Evans. J'../. Chicago, 111. 


Lewis Grieve Farmer. T. 7. Boston, Mass. 


William Plumer FoA^^:.ER. li'.I. Boston, Mass. 


Fred Harvey Gould. J.0. Concord, N. H. 


William Jarvis. /V. ^. Claremont, N. H. 

D.D.S., Boston Dental Coll., 1876. 

Dartmouth. 2cSi 

Albert Emerson Lakk. Z.A. Lyons, Neb. 

Prin. Lyons Graded School. 

Henry Mann Silver, M.D. J.V. New York City. 

JI.D., Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 1875. 

James Francis Savage. J'. '^ Lowell, ^lass. 

Lawyer; firm of Savage and Savage (""4). 

t Alfred E. Spalding. A. \. LyndeI)oiougli, X. H. 
Robert William Welch. 0.1. Carrara, Italy. 

U. S. Consul since 1879. Has been on the Staff of Boston Globe, New York TivKn, 
New York Tribune. Editor Whiteside Sentinel, Morrison, 111., 1877-9. 

George Frederick Williams. /'./.^. Dcdham, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Prin. Brewster, Mass., Grammar School, 1872-3. Reporter Boston 
Globe, 1873. Author of Williams' Mass. Citations, 1878. EditorU. S. Digest, vols. XL, XII., 


tRev. Albert Franklin Baxter. H.T. Central Fallt<,R. I. 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, belonging to X. II. Conference. 

George Dexter Bigelow. (>.J. Boston, Mass. 


Rev. Charles Fred Bradley. A'.'. Hamline, :\Iinn. 

Prof. Greek, Hamline Univ. Tutor Greek, Dartmouth, 1874-6. 

Frank Albert Bradley. '. ". Chicago, 111. 

Cashier Anglo-American Packing and Provision Co., Union Stock Yards. 

Isaiah Raymond Clark. l'.(P. Boston, Mass. 


Rev. Pitt Dillingham. J./i. Charlestown, Mass. 

Pastor Harvard Church, Unitarian. B.D., Cambridge Div. School, 1876. 

fRev. George Harlan Dunlap. (f.r. Ilarrisville, N. H. 

Pastor, Congregational. 

George Henry Fitts, LL.B. /'.A. Cohoes, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1874. 

Douglas Carr Griffing. )'..V. Rodney, Miss. 

Miss. State Senator, 1876. Land Agent in Kansas, 1878. Now detained by ill health in 
New Orleans, La. 

William Guthrie, LL.B. /. '/'. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1880. 

Rev. Fred. Albert Thayer. .7.:^'. Westborough, Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1880. Reporter; Correspondent N. Y. Tribune, 1873-5; 
Night Editor N. Y. Titnes, 1875-8. Grad. Andover Theo. teem., 1880. 

James Henry Willoughby. A'.//. Middleborough, Mass. 

Master Middleborough High School. 

Rev. Alexander WiswALL. £.1. Norway, Me. 

Pastor, Congregational. Prin. High School, Jaffrey. N. H., 1S74. Grad. Bangor Theo. 
Sera., 1879. 

282 Dartmouth. 

Rev. Fred Lyman Allen. ./ ./. Walpole, N. H. 

Pastor Congreg.itional Church. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1877. 

fDANiEL Brackett. E.N. Limerick, Me. 


Henry Green Brainerd, M.D. J.J. LKlependence, Iowa. 

Asst. Physician Iowa Hospital for Insane. Supt. of Schools, Independence, 1874-5. 
M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1878. 

Parker Dickson. J./. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Asst. U. S. Atty., So. Dist. Ohio, 1877-82. Initiated by Miami Chapter. 

Albert Eaton. B.ii. Grinnell, Iowa. 

Engaged on railroad. 

Charles Otls Gates, LL.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Teacher Adelphi Acad. LL.B., N. Y. Univ. 

GeoIige William Lee. H'.A. Des IMoines, Iowa. 


Rev. Albert Francis Newton. J.A^ Townsend, Mass. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1877. 

Charles Elihu Quimby, M.D. E.I. Great Falls, N.H. 

Prin. Gardner, Mass., High School, 1874-5. House Surgeon Bellevue Hospital, 1879. 
M.D., N. Y. Univ., 1878. 

ICharles Wesley Savage. A.0. Lowell, Mass. 

Lawyer. A.B., Harvard Univ., 1874. 

Arthur Fairbanks Taylor. Z.X. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Prof. Chemistry, Case School of Applied Sciences. Instructor Physics, Univ. of Pa., 
1878-81. Ph.D., Univ. of Gottingeu. Member of Berlin Chem. Soc. 

Daniel Frederick Webster. ./. W. Waterbury, Conn. 

Lawyer. Clerk Dist. Court since 1880. 


Fred Henry Crafts. E.i}. Atchison, Kan. 

Engineer. Initiated by Middletown Chapter. 

Charles Woodman Emery. /. W. Canterbury, N. H. 


*'^*fALViN Page Estey. Manchester, N. H. 

Died at Hanover, N. H., March, 1875. 

Charles Andrew Hatch, M.D. N.M. Newark, Ohio. 

Member City Council, 1880-2. Visiting Physician, Licking Co., Ohio, Children's Homo 
since 1881. M.I)., Mo. Med. Coll., St. Louis, 1877. 

fHENRY Herbert Hough. Dover, N. H. 

Cashier in Bank. 

Dartmouth. 283 

Truman Bishop Raxsom Rice. /. /'. Ilanovcr, N. II. 

Farmer. Asst. Prin. Barre, Vt., Acad., 18V2-:J; Prin. High School, Groveland, Mush. , 

Rev. Jarvis Richards. IW. Windsor, Vt. 

Congregational Pastor. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1878. 

Theodore Siiorey Slafter. T. J. Munich, Bavaria. 


Henry Warren Smith. 0'..\. Troy, N. Y. 


Henry Webster Stevens, LL.B. /'.J. Concord, N. H. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1877. 

Samuel Bradley Wiggin. Z. W. San Francisco, Cal. 



Rev. Justin Edavards Abbott. A'. W. Norwood, N. Y. 

Pastor Congregational Church. Grad. Union Theo. Sein., 1879. 

Herbert Jewett Barton. A.E'. Waukegan, III. 

Prin. High School since 1878, and City Supt. Schools since 1879. Prin. Newport, N.H., 
High School, 1876-8. 

Rev. Carter Eastman Gate. V.S. Lake Village, N. H. 

Pastor Free Will Baptist Church since 1880. 

Lot Curran Clark. A.N. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Thomas Flint. T.A. Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Instructor Ury House School since 1876; Headmaster since 1880. 

Walter Clarence Frost. 0.E: NeAvton Upper Fall.-. 

Master Prospect School since 1880. Examiner of Teachers, Windsor Co., Vt., 1877-81 ; 
Prin. High School, Woodstock, Vt., 1877-9. 

Frank Herbert Hardison. E. ¥. Greenfield, Mass. 

Journalist. On StaflF of Gazette and Courier since 1877. 

Frank Moses McCutchins. f.i'. Gilmanton, N. H. 

Preceptor in Gilmanton Acad, since 1877. 

Henry Hildreth Piper. n'.E. Milford, N. H. 

Licensed Preacher. 

Herbert Daniel Ryder. F.I. Springfield, Vt. 

Lawyer. Prin. Springfield High School, 1876-9. 

''' Samuel Arthur Thompson. Z.A. Nashua, N. H. 

Asst. Prin. Nashua High School, 1876-7. Accidentally killed while Student in Tal- 
Divinity School, Dec. 1, 1S77. 

George Henry Tripp. Z.A. Fairhaven, iSIass. 

Prin. New Bedford, Mass., Grammar School. 

284 Dartmouth. 

*'**" George Elwyn Atkinson. Z.Y. Hudson, Mass. 

Journalist. Died at Littleton, N. H., May 10, 1880. 

Charles Hermance Cooper. TjP. Brimfield, Mass. 

Prin. Hitchcock Free High School since 1879. 

*i8-9 Charles Lombard Day, LL.B. A. A. Grinnell, Iowa. 

LL.B., Iowa State Univ., 1879. Died September 20, 1879. 

Fred WiNSLOAV Farns WORTH. F.ll. Red Wing, Minn. 

Prin. High School since 1877. 

Charles Bartlett Hammond, M.D. A. Y. Nashua, N. H. 

M.D., Harvard Univ., 1880. 

* .^^'^f Albert Parker Sanborn, i?../. Lake Village, N. H. 

Died August 26, 1876. 

George William Saunderson. 9. A. Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston Univ., 1880. 

William Franklin Temple, Jr., M.D. 0.8. Boston, 

Herbert Hart Walker. A.Q. New York City. 

Teacher in House of Refuge, Randall's Island. 

Addison Fletcher Andrews. A.V. New York City. 

City Staff New York Tribune. Prof. Elocution and Latin in Columbia Grammar 
School, N.Y., 1879-80. 

Lewis Solomon Cohen. M.O. New York City. 

Temporarily at Colorado Springs, Colo., on account of ill health. 

Henry Sweetser Dewey. Z. T. Boston, Mass. 

Student Boston Univ. Law School. 

James Wheaton Henry. A'.//. Joplin, Mo. 


*'*^' Charles Henry Webster Howe. /^J. Hanover, N. H. 

student of Medicine. Initiated with '77. Died at New York City, Apiil 25, 1881. 

fORRiN Prescott Maxson, LL.B. f.A. Leipsic, Germany. 

Student of Zoology, Univ. of Leipsic. LL.B., North Western Univ., 1880. 

Alvah Stryker Newgomb. M.JQ. Kingston, N. Y. 

Lawyer; firm of Fowler & Newcomb. 

Albert Francis Norcross. IP. T. Rindge, N. H. 

Theo. Student, Andover Theo. Sem. 

William Henry Ray. 0..\. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Prin. Yonker« Gram. School. Prin. MeCollom Institute. Mt. Vernon, N.H.. 1878-81. 
Initiated with '77. 

Dartmouth. 2<S5 

Edwin Webster Sanbokn. VJK St. Paul, Minn. 

Teacher aud Student at Law. luiliated with '77. 

Alfred Patten Sawyer, LL.B. J./' Lowell. Mass. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Boston UnU'., 188L 

Charles Morse Stevens. A.K. Herman, Minn. 


Wilberforce Sully, LL.B. //./'. New York City. 

Sec Ohio Southern R.R. Co., and Asst. Sec. Indiana, Bloomington & Western U.K. 
Co. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1881. 


William Nathaniel Cohen, LL.B. fiJiK New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1881. 

Leonard Levi Conant. A.U. Mankato, Minn. 

I'rin. High School. 

OsMYN Perkins Conant. J'../. Saxonville, Mass. 

Prin. Framingham, Mass., High School. Teacher Weston Military Inst., 1880-1. 

Ladoit Derby. B. )"• Grand Junction, Iowa. 

Prin. Schools, since ISSl ; at Wauconda and Barrington, HI., 1879-81. 

Charles Merrill Hough. A'.0. Philadelphia, Pa. 

student at Law. Instructor Holdcrness School, Plymouth, N. IL, 1879-80. Associate- 
Editor Alpha Delta Phi Semi-Centeunial Catalogue. 

David KiLBURN. T.Y. Chelsea, Vt. 

Licentiate, Methodist Episcopal. 

Thomas William Proctor. .V.J. Hollis, N. H. 

Student at Law, Boston, Mass. 

Joseph Richardson Smith. </>.A'. Hollis, N. H. 

Student at Law, Nashua, N. H. Prin. Hollis High School, 1879-81. 

Alfred Matthias Spalding. U.A. Greenup, Ky. 

Student of Medicine, Columbia Coll. 

(Edw^ard) Ashton Rollins Willard. fi.l. Montpelier, Vt. 

Student at Law, Harvard. 


Frank Morse Hayward. V../. AValpole, N. H. 

Student, Harvard Law School. 

George Otis Mitchell. /•:./. Ralerghr-N^O. 

Prof, of Matheraatbics, Phy.sics and Chemistry, Peace Inst., since 18S1. Asst. Physics. 
Dartmouth, 1880-1. 

Edwin Gould Moore. /.J. Gilmanton, N. H. 


286 Dartmouth. 

Samuel Sinclair Perry. M. 'F. ^lanchester, N. H. 

Law Student. 

Frederick Jerome Ripley. J. A. North Easton, Masy. 

Medical Student. 

William Isaac Smith, A'.0. Manchester, N. H. 

Law Student. Prin. Chester, N. H., Acad., 18S0-1. 

Arthur Langdon Sprixg. A.E. Lebanon, N. H. 

Student at Law, Boston Univ. Justice of the Peace since 1880 ; term expires 18S.5. 

Clarence Walter Spring. P.I. Lebanon, N. H. 

Student of Medicine, Harvard Univ. Prof. Mathematics, Kimball Union Acad., 
Meriden.N.H., 1880-1. 

George Thompson Aldrich. Walpole, N. H. 

Teacher, Cutler's School for Boys, Xew York City. 

Hurlburt Erastus Cole. A.Ii. Oberlhi, Ohio. 

Teacher, Litchfield, Ohio. 

Charles Gipson Dewey. l\A. Hanover, N. H. 

Teacher, Barton Landing, Vt. 

George Washington Graham, r.2''. Manchester, N. H. 

Clerk, Boston, Mass. 

Ephraim Gardner Kimball. ././. Xashua, N. H. 

Prin. High School, Seymour, Conn. 

Francis Ransome Lane. ./. V. Ashburnham, INIass. 

Teacher, Washington, D. C. 

Edward Henry Trowbridge. I*. I. Portland, Me. 

Student, Portland Med. School. 


William Alfred Bartlett. A'.l. Hanover, N. H. 
Joseph Gilmore Chandler. 77. T. Concord, N. H. 
Lyiwan Demerritt Cook. A'..Y. Nashua, N. H. 
Herbert Llewellyn Luques. A'.X. Biddoford, Me. 
Frank Alvin Pease. P.O. Aliddleborough, Mass. 
William Perry Quimby. J'.M. Hanover, N. H. 
Arthur Frederick Rice. P.M. Springfield, Vt. 
Herbert Llewellyn Smith. F.A. Hudson Centre, N. H. 
William Ellsworth Strong. ./.A'. Waltham, Mass. 
John Franklin Thompson. A . '/". Portland, Ale. 

Dart mouth . 287 

Arthur Wells Tirrell. ././'. \\ . ('iuiiiniiint,,ii, Mas*;. 
William Wiiitino. J'.U. Spi-innHckl, Vt. 

fERNEST Berkeley Balcii. //.'/'. Plymouth, X. H. 

Studying in New York City. 

fJoHN Barstow. Haverhill, X. II. 

Teaching St. Jolinsbury Acad., St. .Tohnsbury, Vt. 

George Frank Blake. E.H. Athol, Mass. 
James Major Colson, Jr. MM. Petersbingh, Va. 
William Edward CusHiM AN. ././/. Mklclleborough, Masn. 
fWALTER Taylor Field. A.M. Chicago, 111. 

Amherst Coll., '83. 

Owen Hamilton Gates. ././/. St. Johuslnnv, Vt. 
f Charles Woodman Hamilton. /'.//. Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Amherst Coll., '83. 

John McCrillis. M.\. Xewport, N. H. 
Arthitr Aaron Maxwell. W.J. Wells, Me. 
William White Niles. A.l\ New York City. 
Charles Weston Oakes. F. W. South Berwick, Me. 
John Williams Rogers. V./Z. Tilton, N. H. 
Travis DeShon Wells, Lake Forest, 111. 


Charles Eldridge. J.//. Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Arthur Montgomery Elliot. J.'/'. Norwich, Conn. 
Josiah French Hill. A.B. Concord, N. II. 
John Hoxie Hinckley. V. //. Bangor, jNIe. 
Lewis Elmer Carleton Hinckley. /.A. Bangor. Me. 
Arthur AViiipple Jenks. P.B. Concord, X. II. 
Fletcher Ladd. P .M. Lancaster, N. II. 
Fred Henry Nettleton. E.U. Newport, N, II. 
Alfred Edward Xutt. A.M. Glencoe, 111. 
William P^rvin Sargent. A.Z. Union Village, X. II. 


1846 TO 1885. 


On the 12th of June, 184G, a letter was written M' William H. 
Goodrich, Yale. '43, who was at that time the Secretar}^ of the Council, 
to Rufus Nutting, Jr., Hudson, '43, authorizing him to establish a 
Chapter of A J <P at the University of Michigan . Brother Xutting doubt- 
less delegated his authorit}- to others ; for we learn that on the afternoon 
of the 5th of August, 1846, directl}^ after the conferring of diplomas, 
Henry A. Swift, Hudson, '42, in company with Rev. Robert R. Kellogg, 
Urban, '35, headed the most important procession that aspirants to 
membership in the Peninsular Chapter of A J ^ ever formed, and led 
it to a little office just off the College grounds. There our forefathers 
were duly initiated, and the Peninsular Chapter of our Fraternity was 

The Charter Members are, Charles A. Clark, '45 ; Edmund Fish, '45 ; 
Hon. Winfield Smith, '46; Hon. Adonijah S. Welch, '46; Samuel S. 
Hall, '47 ; James A. Duncan, '48 ; and Wells R. Marsh, '48. For 
some years thereafter the members of the Chapter continued to hold 
meetings about once a month, but with little regularit}- as to their 
recurrence apparently, until 1858, when the members began to gather 
together with the same frequency' and regularity as are now observed. 

The brothers seem to have assembled at first wherever a place was 
available, usuall}- in one of the dormitories, and occasionally in some 
room in the hotel, until Charles W. Becker, '52, kindh' allowed them 
the use of a room in his house at Ann Arbor. About 1854 the members 
of the Chapter rented a session room, and have continued to do so ever 
since, with three or four changes in its locality. We were finally es- 
tablished in our present quarters in 1864. 

Peninsular. 289 

Tlio internal eeonomv of the Chapter, however, was of minor im- 
portance in its early years, in comparison with its long and successful 
struggle for existence with the authorities of the University, from 1H47 
to lHo2. a contest carried on with unflagging courage l»y our i)rede- 
cessors, into whose labors we enter. Unable to obtain definite consent 
to the existence of the Chapter in connection with the University. Dr. 
Kellogg advised that a branch of the Chapter be established in Ann 
Arbor, independent of the College, — advice followed in the organiza- 
tion. In the College year lH4r)-(;. however, the Faculty passed a law, 
providing, among other things, that no student could be admitted into 
any class without signing a pledge that he would not be a member of 
any secret societ}' not approved by the Faculty. The brothers realized 
the invalidity of this proscription, both on account of our non-identifi- 
cation with the University, and as terms of admission to that institu- 
tion could be qualified onl}- by the Legislnture and Board of Regents, 
and did not hesitate to swell their ranks with newly initiated men. 

An attempt to enfoi'ce this regulation in the spring of 1847, under 
threat of expulsion, was followed by a compromise, under which the 
Chapter waived its claim to non-connection with the University, and 
acknowledged the twentieth rule passed by the Regents, which demanded 
that a secret society's existence should depend upon the Faculty's 
approval, and the Faculty determined that it " had no power to legalize 
the Fraternity under the rules," thus confessing its lack of authority 
over tiie Chapter. The compromise did not long continue, and, after 
the class of '49 was graduated, the contest was renewed by expelling all 
the members of secret societies in College. The struggle which followed 
engaged the attention of the State and its press, and ended in the 
restoration of the expelled students to the University. 

Frequent assertions of its rights on the part of the Chapter, and as 
frequent denials of the same by the Faculty, occupied the fall of 1851) 
and the wnnter of 1850-1. In the early part of the spring the Faculty 
again resorted to the extremity of expelling the undergraduates, and 
readmitted thorn only on their consenting to refrain from exercising 



their rights of raehibership until after graduation. Our numbers were 
thus reduced to three ; but these were as good as a host, strengthened 
as they were by their resolute determination and a decided public 
sentiment in their favor. The Faculty demanded tlie privilege of in- 
specting the constitution ; the Chai)ter refused, and the struggle ended 
in the full and complete recognition of the Chapter by the Faculty as 
of legal and regular standing in the University, with the single reserva- 
tion that the College authorities should be informed of the time of 
meeting and the name of tiie president. 

The next twenty years passed away quietly and prosperously. We 
find the delegations larger, the society work well attended to, and all 
the marks of general prosperity. The general convention of the 
Fraternity was held with Peninsular Chapter in 1872. In 1873 the 
Chapter began to agitate the matter of building a lodge, and at that 
time a decided step was taken, many subscriptions being made both 
by the active members and by the graduate brothers. The financial 
panic, which immediately followed, made it impossible to proceed further, 
and nothing of importance was done in this regard till 1879. Early in 
this year the " Peninsular Society," consisting principally of graduate 
members, received a charter from the State, and the members began 
work in earnest once more. In 1880 enough had been collected to 
purchase a lot, which is now held by the Chapter as a building site. 

A new departure in Ann Arbor society life was made in the fall of 
1875, when the Chapter rented as a Chapter House the so-called 
'' Octagon." Since that time, with the exception of a month or two 
in 1877, most of the active members have lived together, making 
the most of the advantages possessed, hoping some time to have a 
house, the properly of the Chapter. 

The last thirty years of our history have l)een uneventful; but. 
perhaps, on that account the more happy and prosperous. May the 
future, in broader usefulness and more abundant prosperity, repeat the 
achievements, the acquirements, and the grateful intimacy of the past 
in Alpha Delta Phi. 

A A * House, Ann Arbor, Mich., November 18, 18SI. 


Charter Members. 

Charles Alexander Clark. A' .A. 
James Ariosto Duncan. P. A'. 
Edmund Fish. Z'JV. 
Samuel Shaler Hall. l.FJ. 
Wells Ransom Marsh. E.I. 
Winfield Smith. J.T. 
Adonijah Strong Welch. P.E. 

]^' Charles Alexander Clarh. A'. J. Freeport, III. 

Lawyer. Prin. Monroe Branch, Univ. of Mich., 1845-S. 

Edmund Fish. Z'.0. Hillsborough, 111. 

Surveyor, Montgomery Co., 111. 


George Pomeroy Androus. 0. ¥. Fort Lcc, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

'^^ James Sheldon Mitchell. Z'JL Grecmvich, Ohio. 

Died heforc entering any business. 

Winfield Smith. A. P. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer. Atty. Gen. Wis., 1862-5. Member Wis. Assembly, 1872. Pres. Crcaiu 
City Street Railroad Co. 

Adonijah Strong Welch. F'.E. Ames, Iowa. 

Pres Iowa Agricultural Coll. since 1869. U. S. Senator for Florida 1868-{KMemb^^^^ 
1854; Object Lessons, 1861. LL.D., Iowa Univ., 18<o, and Univ. of Mith., ISn. 

James Olin AVhittemore. A.H. Tawas City, Mich. 

Postmaster since 1857. County Clerk. Iosco Co., Mich.. 1857-78; Judge of Probate, 
1864-8 and 1873-84. 


*'«« Samuel Shaler Hall. :^.E'. East Hampton, Conn. 




Rev. Theodoric Romeyn (Beck) Palmer. /'. Y. Boulder, 

Prof. Mathematics, Univ. of Colorado; Latin, Kalamazoo Coll., 1859-61 ; Franklin Coll., 
1875-6. Ordained Baptist Minister, 1851. D.D., Franklin Coll., 1873. 


Alfred Du Bois. P.iL Leadville, Colo. 

Assayer and Chemist, Iron Silver Mine. Tutor Chemistry, Univ. of Mich., 1855-7 ; Asnt. 
Prof., 18o7-63. 

|Divie Bethune Duffield. E. 8. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Member Detroit Board of Education thirteen years; Michigan State 
Board of Education, 1856; State Board of Control of Railroads, 1867. Author of The 
Battle of Lake Erie, 1855; Education a State Duty, 1856; Undeveloped Resources of 
Michigan, 1867; The Lawyer's Oath, 1867; Law and Liberty, a Poem, 1863, and of Poems 
in Poets and Poetry of the'West. 

" James Ariosto Duncan. P.V. Kalamazoo, Mich, 
f Jacob Houghton. Z'.P. Detroit, Mich. 

Mining and Civil Engineer. Construetiu? Engineer, Detroit M'ater Works, 1852-60; 
Chief Engineer, Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagon R.R., 1871-2; Asst. Engineer 
Mich. Central, Mich. Southern, and Harlem R.R. Author of Mineral Regions of Lake 
Superior, 1846; Ancient Copper Mines of Lake Superior, in Swineford's Mineral Resources 
of Lake Superior, 1877. 

* Wells Ransom Marsh, M.D. E.I. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Chemistry and Pharmacy, Iowa Univ., 1854. M.D., La Porte Med. Coll., 1850. 
Division Surgeon, U. S. A., 1862-5. 


Edmund Andrews, M.D. ././. Chicago, 111. 

Lecturer on Anatomy, Univ. of Mich., 1851-5; Prof. Comparative Anatomy, 1854-6; 
Lecturer Anatomy, Rush Medical Coll.; Prof. Surgery, Lind Univ., and Chicago Medical 
Coll. M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1852. Mem. A. A. A. S. Surgeon 1st 111. Light Art., 
U.S.A., 1862-3. 

Rev. Park Shattuck DoNELSON. P.F. Lima, Ohio. 

Pastor Trinity M. E. Church. Prof. Languages, Albion Coll., 1851-4; Pres. Ohio 
Wesleyan Female Coll., 1856-73. Member Ecumenical Council, London, 1881. D.D., 
Asbury University, 1862. 

^ William Justus Goodwin. /../. Fort Lincoln, Texas. 

Farmer and Editor. 

t John Baxter HuTCHiNS. (KIT. Ionia, Mich. 

Insurance Agent. Town Supt. Schools, Walworth, Wis., 1856-8; Prin. Union School, 
Monroeville, Ohio, 1851-2; Delavan, Wis., 1856-7; Muskegon, Mich., 1860. 

HosMER Allen Johnson, M.D. A. A. Chicago, 111. 

Physician. Member Chicago Board of Health, 1867-73; Nat. Board of Health since 
1879. Prof. Physiology, Rush Medical Coll., 1855-9 ; Prof. Physiology and Histology, Lind 
Univ.; Pres. Faculty of Chicago Medical Coll., 1859-67; Pres. Board of Trustees, Chicago 
Medical Coll., since 1867. Member A. A. A. S., Chicago Academy of Science; Davenport, 
111., Academy of Science; State Microscopical Societv, etc. Director Dearborn Observatory. 
Author of Life, What Do We Know About It? and many articles and pamphlets. M.D., 
Rush Medical Coll., 1852. 

Calvin Schloatt Kingsley. J'. I. Idaho City, Idaho. 

Lawyer. School Supt. Multnomah Co., Oregon, 1857-8; Boise Co., Idaho, 1869-70; 
Prin. Portland Academy, 1851-8. Presiding Elder, WaWamctte Dist., Oregon, M. E. Con- 

Peninsular. 293 

"^ DwiGHT May. E' . 0' . Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Lawyer. Siipt. Kalamazoo Schools, 18.")3-8; rrosecutini; Atty., ISSS-fil ; Lieut Gov 
Micb., 1866-8; and Atty. Gen., 1808-70. Private and (lapt. 2il Mich. Inf., Lieut f'ol 12th 
Mich. Inf.; Col. and Bvt. Brig. Gen., U. S. A., 1801-15. 

\Bev. Elijah Homes Pilcher, M.D. /..V. Hamilton, Ont. 

Pastor, M. E. Regent of Univ. of Mich., 1846-52. Author of ProtcsUntlsm in 
Michigan, 1878. M.V>., Univ. Mich., 1859; D.D., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1864. 

Rev. George Phillips TiNDALL. II. I. Placcrville, C'al. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church. Grad. Union Theo. Sein., 18.i2. 

Rev. Lewis Ransom Fiske. E.l. Albion, Mich. 

Pres. Albion Coll. since 1877. Prof., 18.50-3; Mich. State Nornial School, 1853-6; 
Mich. Agricultural Coll., 1856-63. Editor Mich. Ghrixtian Advocate, 1874-8. Member 
A. A. A. S. LL.D., Univ. of Mich.; D.D., Albion Coll. 

't James White TixDALL. F'.S. Tecumseh, Mich. 

Rev. Joseph Webb Bancroft. Z'.J. Hastings, Mich. 

Rector Emmanuel Clmrch since 1865. Asst. Prof. Olivet College. 1851-2. Prin. Public 
Schools, Jonesville, Mich., 1856-9; Hastings, Mich., 1861-5. Editor Annual Journal of 
Western Diocese of Michigan. 

Chauncey Marvin Cady. //'. Y'. Atlanta, Ga. 

Music Dealer; Manager Estey Organ Co. iCayor of Hyde Park, 111., 1867-74. Editor 
New York Mnmcal Review, 1851-6: Founder, Financial Editor and Auditor of the Chicago 
Advance, 1867-70. Author of Minnehaha Glee Book, 1857 ; Parlor Gems, 1875. 

fRev. Elias Cooley. AJ!. Niles, Mich. 

Pastor M.E. Church. Prin. Public Schools, Paw Paw, Mich., 1858-9; Colon Sem., 

fRoBERT Clark Kedzie, M.D. Z'.O. Lansing, Mich. 

Prof, of Chemistry, Mich. Agric Coll., since 1863. State Representative of Mich., 
1867. Member State Board of Health, 1873-81; Pres., 1877-81 ; Pree. Sanitary Council 
of Miss. Valley. Author of Handbook of Chemical Analysis. Asst. Surg, and Surg. 12th 
Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-3. A.B., Oberlin Coll., 1847 ; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1851. 

Byron Gray Stout. P. A. Pontiac, Mich. 

Farmer. Manager of three road companies. Supt. Public Schools, Pontiac, Mich., 
1851-4. Member Mich. Legislature, 1854-60; Speaker of Mich. House, 1857-8; StJite Sena- 
tor, 1861-2. 


t James H.\le Bates. ]/./: Brooklyn, X. Y. 

L>r and Publisher Hearth ami Home, 

] Witter Johnson Baxter. T.0. Jonesville, Mich. 

Lawyer. Sec. Mich. Board of Corrections and Cliarities, and of Mich. Board of Geo- 
logical Survey; Member Mich. Board of Education since 1855, Pres. since 1863. State 
Senator of Mich., 1876-8. 

294 Peninsular. 

* '**^ Sidney Alfred Bean. l.Y. Waukesha, Wis. 

Teacher and Editor. I'rof. Mathematics, Carroll Coll., Wis., 1854-61. Editor, 1859-61. 
Lieut. Col. and Col. 4th Wis. Inf., U. S. A. Died in service at Fort Hudson, Miss. 

* '*^ Walker LiNDSLEY Bean. K.l. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Banker. 1st Lieut. 28th Wis. Inf., 1861-3. Died in hospital. 

* '^^''f Charles Walter Becker. E. //. Ann Arbor, Mich. 
*'^'"'tRev. Clark Titus Hinman. LA. Chicago, 111. 

Alfred Gideon Otis, LL.B. l.fJ. Atchison, Kan. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atchison Savings Bank. Judge Second District of Kan., 1877-81. 
General Alty. Central Branch U. P. R.R. Co., 1863-76. LL.B., Louisville Law School, 1854. 

fRev. Sylvenus Adon Taft. jV. W. Santa Rosa, Cal. 

D.D., LaGrangeColl., Mo. Pres. Cal. Coll., 1877-9. Authorof Outline of the Gospel. 

t M ART yn Taylor, M.D. 7j'.B. Sciotoville, Ohio. 

Practising Physician. M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1852. Private 33d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 
1863; Asst. Surgeon, 1863-7. 

Rev. Tillman Con KLiNG Trowbridge. T.E. Aintab, Cen- 
tral Turkey. 

Am. Address : A. B. C. F. M., Congregational House, Boston, Mass. Missionary and 
Pres. Central Turkey Coll., since 1876. U. S. Vice Consul, 1878. Author of Physical 
Geography of Turkey, in New Ent/lander; The Early History of the Ottoman Turks; 
Armenia and the Armenians; The Education of a Native Minister in the Turkish Empire, 
1877, British Quarterly Revitw; Occasional Papers in regard to Turkej', 1874. LL.D., 
Univ. of Mich., 1880. 


* ^*" John Fillmore Becker. N.I. Ann Arbor, Mich. 


t Benjamin Elias Hart. E.F. Lapeer, Mich. 

Retired Real Estate Agent. 

* "^^-j-Danforth Alvin Hart. P.0. Lapeer, Mich. 

Died while studying for the ministry. 

Jay Abel HuBBELL. B.Q. Houghton, Mich. 

U. S. Representative from Mich, since 1873. Constructor Houghton & L'Anse R.R. 
District Atty. Upper Peninsula, 1857-61 ; Prosecuting Atty. Houghton Co., 1861-7 ; State 
Commissioner, Centennial Exhibition, 1876; Chairman Republican Congressional Commit- 
tee, campaign of 1880. 

fCHARLES White Tozer. P. W. San Francisco, Cal. 

Mining Superintendent in Mexico. 


* '*''t Arthur Blackwood. J. W. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

France Chandler. 1\I. St. Louis, Mo. 

General Passenger and Ticket Agent Mo. Pacific R.R. 

*""■' William Chandler. A'.N. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Oil Refiner. Capt. 1st III. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-4. 

Peninsular. 295 

Edward Payson Evans. //'./'. Munich, liuvaria. 

Literary work. Prof. Mod. Lung., Carroll Coll., 1855 : Instructor Univ. of Mich., 1862-3; 
Prof., 1863-70. Tr.inslator Stain's Life of Lessini;, 1867, and Works of Lessing, 1869; 
Epitome of the History of German Literature, 1868; Progressive German Header, 1870. 
Contributor to the North Am. liecieic of many articles, 180«)-9, and to The Nation, 1H67-9; 
Hours at Jfome,W6--10; Wexterii Monthly, imi; The Herald of Health; Obi and New, 
1872; The Unitarian lieviexF, 1877-81. Member Am. Oriental Soc. ; Deutsche Morgen- 
liindische Gesellschaft. Ph.D., Gottingen, 1858. 

IHenry Strong, LL.B. H.A, Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Pres. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R.R., 1873-7. Trustee Univ. of 
Chicago, 1877-81. A.B., Rochester Univ., 1854; LL.B., Albany Law School, 1856; LL.D., 
Univ. of Iowa, 1877. 

Daniel Leonard Wood. /../. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Life Insurance Agent. 

James B(ruce) Eldridge. I.F. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Atty. and Judge of Probate since 1877. Member Mich. Legislature, 1863-4. Prose- 
cuting Atty., Macomb Co., 1871-6. 

Charles Hewitt. P.P. Knightstown, Ind. 

Teacher; Prin. Knightstown Acad, since 1870. Private 132d Ind. Inf., U. S. A., four 

Alexander Martin, LL.B. A.l. Pattonville, Mo. 

Lawyer, St. Louis, Mo. Prof. Law, Washington Univ., 1857-78. Asst. Mo. Editor 
Am. Law Register. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1858. 

Edwin Willits. F.O. Monroe, Mich. 

Lawyer, and U. S. Representative from Mich, since 1877. Editor Monroe, Mich., 
Commercial, 1856-61. Trustee Union School, 1859-76. Member State Board of Education, 
1861-73. Prosecuting Atty. Monroe Co., 1861-3. 


Datus Chase Brooks. A.1\ Omaha, Neb. 

Managing Editor Omaha Republican since 1876. Instructor Rhetoric, Univ. of Mich., 
1856-8; Asst. Prof., 1858-63; Librarian, 1863-4. Lit. and Dram. Editor Chicago Timet, 
1864-6; Editor Chicago Post, 1866-8; Contributor to North American Review. 

John Emory Clark. Z'.6. New Haven, Conn. 

Prof. Mathematics, Yale Coll., since 1872; Asst. Prof., Univ. of Mich., 1857-9; Prof. 
Math, and Physics, Antioch Coll., 1866-72. Capt. and Maj. 5th Mich. Cav., U. S. A. ; Bvt. 
Lieut. Col., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Mason Gibbs. N..Q. Homer, Mich. 

Manufacturer. Prin. Homer Acad., 1857-8; Asst. Hopkinsville, Ky., Acad., 1860-1. 

Milton William Reynolds. Z'.E. Parsons, Kan. 

Editor Evening Star. Member Neb. Legislature, 1858-9; Kan. Legislature, 1876. 
Receiver U. 8. Land Office No. 5, 1871-3. Regent Kan. Univ., 1877-9. Supt. Parsons City 
Schools, 1876. 

fKev. Moses Coit Tyler. F'.P. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Prof. Am. History and I-iterature, Cornell Univ., since 1881. Prof. English Language 
■ind Literature, Univ. of Mich., 1867-81. Literary Editor Christian Union. Author of 
The Brawnville Papers, 186U; History of Am. Literature, 1878; Manual of English 
Literature, 1879. A.B., Yale Coll., 1857. 




^Joseph Estabrook. H'.A. Olivet, Mich. 

Prill. Normal Departmeut, Olivet Coll.; Prin. Sem., Ypsilanti, Mich., fifteen years; 
Supt. Schools, Saginaw; and Prin. Mich. State Normal School. Contributor to 
educational periodicals. 

Lewis Whitney James. 2'. J. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Retired Wliolesale Merchant. 

George McQueen Laxdon. F.I. Monroe, Mich. 

Lawyer. Prosecuting Atty. Monroe Co., four years. Grad. Chicago Theo. Sem., 1868. 
Capt. 4th Mich. Cav., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

John Richards. 0. T. Flint, Mich. 

Teacher. Prof. Ancient Lang., Alhion Coll., 1857-63. Grad. Cambridge Div. School, 

fJoAn Mahlem Berry Sill. P.J. Detroit, Mich. 

Supt. Schools since 1875, and 1863-5. Regent Mich. Univ., 1867-70; Prof. English 
Lang, and Lit., Mich. Normal School, 1854r-63 ; Prin. Detroit Female Sem., 1865-75. Author 
of Synthesis of the EngUsh Sentence, 1856; Practical Lessons in English, 1879. Member 
Detroit Scientific Assoc. 

Edwin Buckiminster Wight. P. A'. Detroit, Mich. 

Merchant. Capt. and Maj. 24th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 


John Graves, LL.B.- H'. W. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer and Clerk U. S. Court; IT. S. Commissioner. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1860. 

John Wesley Horner. A'. I. Lawrence, Kan. 

Prof Moral Philosophy and Belles Lettres, Kan. Univ. Col. 18th Mich., U. S. A., 1862. 

fRev. Walcott Littlejohn. E'.0. Allegan, Mich. 

Author Religious Amendment to the Constitution; The Seventh Part of Time Theory; 
The Position and Work of the True People of God Under the Third Angel's Message ; 
The Rejected Ordii 

Charles Rollin Miller, LL.B. B'.n. Adrian, Mich. 

Prosecuting Atty., 1868-72. Trustee Adrian Public Schools, 1866-78; Trustee and 
Member Board" of Control, Mich. Reform School for Girls, since 1880. LL.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1860. Capt. 18th Mich. Inf , U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Robert Starr Moore. P'.d. Chillicothe, !Mo. 

Lawyer. Mayor, Chillicothe, 1863. Member Mo. Legislature, 1868-71. Col. lOlh Mo. 
Inf, U. S. A., 1862-3. 

William Emory Quinby. LB. Detroit, Mich. 

Editor Detroit Free Press since 1861. 

Rev. James Worthington Stark. P.I. Jerseyville, 111. 

Pastor First Presbyterian Church since 1873. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1861. 

^Edward Carey Walker. Z'.0. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Member Mich. Legislature, 1867-8. Regent Univ. of Mich., 1864-82. Memr 
her Detroit Board of Education, 1855-9. 

Peninsular. 297 

FiTCii Heed AVilt.iams. A'.Y, Klk Kiipids, MIcli. 

LHWj'er. Instructor Latin, rniv. of Mich., 1858-00; I'rof. Ancient Lanj^tuaKc-H, Albion 
Coll., two yeavs. Prosecuting .Mtv., Antrim Co., Mich., 1870-7; rrobato Judge, 1874-7. 
State Senator, 1877-9. 'IVustee Asylum for Insane, Kalamazoo, 1879-83. 


James Hiciiakdson Cary. l.Z. A\'i.snor, Neb. 


^Thomas Mclntyre Cooley. li.ll. Ann Arbor, Midi. 

Judge Supreme Court of Mich, since 1864. Prof. Law, Univ. of Mich., since 1859; 
Lecturer on Constitutional Law, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1877-9. Compiler of tlie (Jencral 
Laws of Mich., 1857. State Reporter Sui)reme C^ourt, 1858-64. Author Mich. Supreme 
Court Reports, 1858-64; Treatise on Constitutional Limitation, 1868; Treatise on the Law 
of Taxation, 1876; Treatise on tlie Law of Torts, 1S7S; Principles of Constitutional Law, 
1880; edition of Blackstone's Commentaries, lS7o; edition of Story on the Constitution, 
1873; Digest of Mich. Reports, 18(50. LL.l)., Tniv. of Mich. 

*'^ Charles Bird Hankinson. 2'.?'. AVoodstock, Ont. 

Prof. Mathematics, Woodstock Coll. 

Rodney J. Hathaway. l\J. Bedford, Ohio. 

Pomologist and Apiarian. Ist Lieut, and Adj. 67th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., three years. 

fSoLOMON Claiborn Martin, M.D. J', .v. St. Louis, Mo. 

Director St. Louis Public Schools, 1875-8. M.D., Univ. of La., 1862. Surgeon with 
Adams Cav. Reg., Forrest's Div., C. S. A., 1862-5. 

Edward Walker McGraw. P.I. San Fnineisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. U. S. Dist. Atty., Oregon, 1862-5; City Atty., Portland, Oregon, 1863-4. 

Theodore Axdreavs McGraw, M.D. li'.F. Detroit, 

Prof. Surgery, Detroit Med. Coll. since 1869. Lecturer, Univ. of Mich., 1871-2. Mem- 
ber Mich. Med. Soc. and Am. Med. Assoc. M.D., Columbian Univ., 1803. Acting Asst. 
Surgeon and Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1863-5. 

fEpHRAia: Allen Otis, LL.B. /. 6. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Judge Chancery Court, Nashville, Tenn., 1868-9. LL.B., Poughkeepsie Law 
School, 1857. Capt. and Asst. Adj. Gen., Army of the Cumberland, U. S. A., 1861-6. 

Orrin Parsons. A.iL Lodi, Mich. 

Lumber Dealer. P. O. Address, Saline, Mich. Capt. 3d Mich. Cav., U. S. A., 1862-6. 

^Charles Irish Walker. Ii'.¥. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Chairman Board of State Charities, 1871-Sl. Circuit Judge, 1867-8. Prof. 
Law, Univ. of Mich., 1859-74, and since 1879. LL.D., Univ. of Mich. 

Albert Hamilton Wilkinson. I\0. Detroit, jNIich. 

Lawyer. Member. Detroit Board of Education one term. Judge of Probate, 187.3-7. 
Atty. Mich Savings Bank; Mi('h. Mutu;d Life Insurance Co., and .\Iich. Fire ic Marine 
Insurance Co. 


f Stuart Carkener. 7'. A. Loiiisiiina, Mo. 

Lawyer. Circuit Atty. 3d Circuit, 1868. Capt. 33d Mo. Inf. ; Jndge Advocate Ist Div. 
16th Corps, U. S. A., 1862.-5. 

298 Peninsular. 

Silas Wright Duxning. LI. New York City. 

Editor ^ai^roarf Gazette since 1867. Instructor Latin, Univ. of Mich., 1860; Prin. N. 
Port Huron Union School, 1861. Suiff Chicago Times, 186.5-6; Citv Editor Chicago Eveninq 
Post, 1866-7. M.A. (after post-graduate etudv), 1861. Private an'd Corp. 124th III. Inf.. 
U. S. A., 1862-5. 

t George Henry Gould. O.A. Henderson, Tex. 

Lawyer. Rusk County Judge, 1869-73. Member Tex. Legislature, 1880-1. Prin. 
Masonic Inst., 1865-6. Trustee Henderson Coll. Founder Henderson Times, 186;i. 
Ordnance Sergt. 17th Tex. Cav., C. S. A., 1862-4. 

fSuLLiVAN Dexter Greex. J'. P. Berlin Falls, N. H. 

Town Clerk since 1878. Editor and Publisher Temperauce Paper, 1859-62; Staff of 
Detroit Free Pres.f, 1865-73. Supt. School Committee, Berlin, X. H., 1875-9; Chairman 
Selectmen, Berlin, 1876-9. Private 24th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

*^^ Allex William Howard Zacharias. N.I. Monroe, Mich. 

Prof. Mathematics, Miss. Military Inst., 1860; Pres., 1861. 1st Lieut, and Capt. 7tb 
Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2. Died of wounds at Antietam, 1862. 


t William Hexry Barxum. J.J. Chicago, 111. 

Lawver; and Judge Cook Co. Circuit Court since 1879. Master in Chancery of Ran- 
dolph Co. Circuit Court, 1863-6. 

*^^ Goodwin Stoddard Beaver. I'.B. Albion, Mich. 

Prof. Ancient Languages, Albion Coll. Q. M. Sergt. 1st Mich. Sharpshooters, U. S. A. 

Benjamix Franklin Blair. B.X. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, Xew York City. Capt. 123d Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. Prisoner, June, 1863. 
to Xovember, 1864. 

*^^'^ Allen Jeremiah Curtis. P.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

A.B., Kalamazoo Coll., 1860; M.A., Univ. of Mich., 1861. Asst. Prof. Latin and 
Natural Sciences, Kalamazoo Coll., 1862; Instructor Rhetoric and Mathematics, Univ. of 
Mich., 1863-4; Asst. Prof. Rhetoric and EngUsh Literature, 1865-8. 

Byron M. Cutcheon, LL.B. P.I. Manistee, Mich. 

Lawyer; and Postmaster since 1877. Member Mich. State Board of Control of Rail- 
roads since 1866. Presidential Elector, 1868. Alderman, Manistee, 1869; City Attv., 1870: 
Prosecuting Atty., 1873-4. Regent Univ. of Mich, since 1875. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1866. 
LieTit., Capt., Maj., Lieut. Col. •and Col. 20th Mich. Inf. ; Col. 27th Mich. Inf. ; Bvt. Col. and 
Bvt. Brig. Gen. 2d Brig., 1st Div., 9th Army Corps, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Charles Halbert Denison, LL.B. I.N. New York City. 

Patent Lawver Prosecuting Attv., Bay Co., Mich., 1871-2; City Attv.. Bay City, 
Mich.. 1877; Asst. U. S. Atty. for E. Dist. of Mich. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 'l864. Lieut. 
5th Mich., U. S. A., 1862. 

Edward Seymour Jackson. J. 6. Scranton, Pa. 

Teller First Nat. Bank. Sergt. 151st Pa. Inf., U. S. A., nine months. 

Henry Bishop Landon, M.D. E'.l. Bay City, Mich. 

Physician. Div. Surgeon Mich. Central R.R. M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1865. Adj. and 
Asst. Surgeon 7th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1863-4. 

fHENRY Dwight Merrill, LL.B. LA. Fairbuiy, Neb. 

Stock Raiser and Dealer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1866. Private 45th 111. Inf., U. S. 
three years. 

°f Erasmus Darwin Nichols. /'.//. Ann Arbor, Mich, 

Pe/n'fisnia?'. 299 

IIoYT Post, LL.B. A'.S. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Reporter Midi. Supreme Court, 1872-8. Aullior of Michigan Keports, Vols. 
x.\iii.-.\.xvi. LL.B., Univ. of Midi., 18G3. 

James Alexis Post, M.D. ./. T. Birmingham, ^fich. 

M.D., Univ. of Midi., 1865. Surgeon 28th Ky. Inf., U. 8. A., 1S62-5. 

*^ Charles Henry Stocking, M.D. li'.X. Freeport, III. 

M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1866. Maj. and Surgeon 10th Ky., U. S. A., 1862-5. Died Janu- 
ary 24, 1881. 

Henry Munson Utley. M.ll. Detroit, Mich. 

Sec. Board of Education since 1831. City Editor Detroit PoH and Tribune, 1861-80. 

RiENZi Hiram Baker. F'.l. Chicago, 111. 

Clerk Supts. Office, L.S. & M. S. R.K. Private 1st Mich. Inf.: Private, Sergt., 2d 
Lieut. 18th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

HiRAM Austin Burt. M..\. INIarqiiette, Mich. 

Merchant and M.inufacturer. Regent Univ. of Mich., 1SG7-75. Pres. Corp. Iron Co., 


Charles Chandler, LL.B. A.J. Grand Rapids, ]\Iich. 

Lawyer. Supt. of Schools, Grand Haven, Mich., 1863-5 ; at Hastings, 1865-6 ; Prin. Cen- 
tral Oram. School, Grand R.ipids, 1S66-77 ; Member Board of Education since 1880. LL.B., 
Univ. of Mich., 1865. 

f Edward Gavion Clark. J. A. Chicago, 111. 

Cashier, Hibbard, Spencer & Co. Private 18th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Edward Allen Fay. F'.l. Washington, D. C. 

Prof. History and Languages, National Deaf-Mute Coll., since 1836. Ph.D., Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1881. Instructor New York Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, 1862-5. Editor 
Amrrican Annalu of the Deaf and Dumb since 1870. Author of Imperfect and Pluperfect 
Subjunctive in the Roman Folk-Speech, American Journal of Philology, Vol. I., No. 3; 
Member Anthropological Soc, Washington; D.ante Soc, Boston. 

Harmon Dewey Follett, LL.B. O.N. Brainerd, Minn, 

Lawyer; and Judge of Probate. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1866. 

f James Henry Goodsell. 1. 1*. New York City. 

Editor and Managing Director of the Daily Graphic since 1873. City Editor Chicago 
TimeH, 1861-5, and Managing Editor, 1865-6; Asst. Managing Editor Chicago Tribune, 
1867-8 ; Pres. Nat. Associated Press since 1878. Vice Pres. Crown Prince Mining Co. since 
1880. Fellow Ain. Geographical Society. 

'^^'tCHARLES Morse Hunt, M.D. IW. Washington, D.C. 

Lieut. N. Y. Vols. Surgeon, U. S. A., 1S65. 

|David.Brainard Sturges. J. 6'. San Bernardino, Cal. 


Edwin Fuller UiiL. J./7. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lawyer. Pres. Grand Rapids Nat. Bank. Prosecuting .-Vtty., AVashtennw Co., 1871-2. 
Sec. and Counsel, Detroit, Hillsdale, Indiana R.R., and Detroit, Eel River and 111. R.R., 
1871-3. Receiver and Manager D. H. and I. R.R., 1873^. 


James Clement Ambrose, LL.B. -.A. Evanston, 111. 

Journalist and Magazine Writer. Register in Hankruptcv, Omalia, Neb., 1868-72. Staff 
Chicago Times, 1872-4; Associate Editor Chicago /'y.v<, 1S74-8. LL.B., Univ. of Midi., 1866. 

300 Peninsular. 

LixcoLN TiBBALS Farr. O.A. Oakland, Cal. 

Mining Broker, Tucson, Ariz. Asst. Supt. Foreign Mails of Japan, 1874-80. 

William Smith Harroun, M.D. I.E. Chicago, 111. 

Cook Co. Phys., 1879. M.D., Georgetown Coll., 1865. A. A. Surg., U. S. A., 1865. 

* '^'-f Frank Hendricks. P.Z. Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Stephen Powers. T.l. Waterford, Oliio. 

Farmer. Special U. S. Commissioner for Indian Collections, 1875. Correspondent 
Cincinnati Commercial and IN'ew York Timf-i, 1864-75. Vice Pres. IJoard of Trustees, 
Beverly Coll., since 1881. Contributor to Overland, Lakeside, Atlantic, and Lippincott'x. 
Author of Muskingum Legends, 1871 ; Afoot and Alone, 1872 ; Tribes of California, Vol. IIT. 
of Powell's Contributions to American Ethnology. Member A. A. A. S. and Cal. Acad, of 

*^^'tGEORGE Sherman. E.B. New York City. 

Insurance Actuary. 

Edward Reed Slawson, LL.B. E.f, Bay City, Mich. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1868. 

fCASPER Enoch Yost. A'. H. Omaha, Nel). 

Manager Omaha Republican since 1877. U. S. Marshal, Neb., 1865-9. Postmaster, 
Omaha, 1874-9. 


George Sumner Albee. 1\ f. Oshkosh, AVis. 

Pres. Wis. Slate Normal School since 1871. Prof. Natural Sciences, Rushford Acad., 
1859-61; Prin. High School, Peoria, 111., 1861-5; at Kenosha, Wis., 1865-8; Supt. of 
Schools, Racine, Wis., """" "" 

t Levant William Barnh ART. I.IJ. St. Louis. Mo. 

Solicitor Southern and Adams Express Companies. 2d Lieut., Ist Lieut., Capt. 6tli 
Mich. Cavalry, 1862-3: Capt. and Asst. Adjt. Gen. of Volunteers on Staff Major Gen. G. A. 
Custer, 1864-5; Bvt. Major, Ist Lieut. 4th U. S. Cav., 1865-7. 

William Douglass Hitchcock. J.F:. Alpena, Mich. 

Postmaster of Alpena, 1867-77. 

f James Harvey Kidd. I.A. Ionia, Mich. 

Editor and Publisher, Ionia Daily and Weekly Sentinel. Register of Land Office at 
Ionia, 1867-79. Capt. 6th Mich. Cav., Maj., Col. and Bvt. Brig. Gen., U. S. A., 1861-5. 

^*^f William Channing Moore. P. A. ]Medina, Mich. 

Capt. 1st and 18th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1S61-4. 

f Henry Kirk Ro^vTLEY. F/.K. Topeka, Kan. 

Druggist. Adjt. 18th Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4. 

IHenry Daniel Smith. f^.B. Appleton, Wis. 

Treas. and Gen. Manager Appleton Furnace Co., and Pres. National Furnace Co., 
De Pere, Wis. 

fJoHN Dempster Town. F.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. 


f James Milton Wilkinson, LL.B. I.A. Marquette, Mich. 

Banker. Receiver of Public Monevs, U. S. Land Office, Marquette, Mich., since 1869. 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1S64. 






fllENRY Root Austin. /'.J. Momoe, Mich. 

Clerk Railway Mail Service New York and Chicago P. (). Private I81I1 Mich. Inf., 
U. S. A., fourteen months; Ist Lieut. 14th U. S. Colored Inf., sixteen months. 

Rev. Gabriel Campbell. J../. Brunswick, Me. 

Prof. Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Bowdoin Coll., since 1881. Vice Pres. and 
Prof. Mental and Moral Philosophy, Minn. Univ., 1867-80; Lecturer on Fine Arte and 
Comparative Philology, 1872-80. Editor The. CUizen, an educational and religious journal, 
1874-5. Author of War Pictures, 1865; Xew German Course, 1867; Reminiscences of 
Europe, 1874; Future Retribution, 1877; Man and the Invisible liod, 1880. Orad. Chicago 
Thco. Sem., 1868. Member Philosophical Soc. of Berlin. Cant. 17th Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 

Charles Ashman Dudley. .7.6'. Des Moines, Iowa. 


Charles Morgan Goodsell. A.]\ New York City. 

Manager The Grapliic Co. 

fGEORGE William Harmon, r.0. Detroit, Mich. 

Dairy Farmer, Hamtramick, Mich. Ist Lieut. 17th Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-5. 

^fSAMUEL Russell McLean. ^'.J. Greenville, Ky. 
Delos Phillips. J. /7. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Manufacturer of Pianos and Organs. State Senator of Mich., 1868-9. Presidential 
Elector and Messenger to Washington, 1876. Supervisor Kalamazoo Township, 1881. 
Author of War Glimpses (1877), and other lectures and addresses. Private, 2d .ind 1st 
Lieut., Capt. 17th Mich., U. 8. A., 1862-4; Lieut. Col. 28th Mich., 1864. 

fALFRED Nathan Smith. J. T. Adrian, Mich. 

Sergt. 18th Mich. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. Died in the serWce, Jime 24, 1S63. 

tRev. Samuel Vincent. I.Z. Southport, Lancashire, Eng. 

Clergyman, Baptist. 

Charles Gilmore Williams. A'. I. Chicago, 111. 

1 866. 
Fred Walter Becker. A'. T. Chicago, 111. 

■ Lawyer. 

^ Eleazer Darrow. J.J, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Prin. High School, Monroe, Mich., 1806-7; Prof, (ireek and Latin, Mich. Normal 
School, 1868-71. 

Oliver Partridge Dickinson. /■:.!'. Chicago, 111. 

Fire Insurance Agent. 

Emory Levi Grant, ^f.^^. Kenoslia, Wis. 

Lumber Merchant. 

t James Thompson Larmouth. T.J. Jiuncstown, N. Y. 

Petroleum Producer. Prin. Union School, Sandy Creek, N. Y., 1864-5. 

Joseph Very Quarles. //.A'. Kenosha, Wis. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty. Kenosha Co. Mayor, Kenosha, 1876. Member State Assembly , 
1879; State Senator, 1880-1. let Lieut. 39th Wis. Inf., U. 8. A. 

302 Peninsular. 

Edgar Rexford. J. W. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Merchant. Member Mich. State Board of Education since 1874, and of Board of Control, 
State Normal School, since 1875. 

fFRED Julian Simmons. J. A'. Detroit, Mich. 

Grain Commission Merchant. 

Rev. AViLLiAM Wallace Washburn. A.V. Detroit, Mich. 

Presiding Elder. Detroit Dist. of M. E. Church, since 1880. Trustee Northwestern 
Univ. since 1875; Supt. Public Schools, Adrian, Mich., 1866-7; Pres. Minn. Stale Univ., 

George Snow White. F.A'. Jackson, ]\Iich. 

Prin. High School since 1868; at Ypsilanti, 1866-7; Northville, 1867-8. Ist Lieut. 1st 
Mich. Cav., 1862-5. 


*^®'^f Moses Talleyrand DeWitt. I'/JP. Chicago, 111. 

Prin. Public Schools, Blue Island, 111., 1867-73. Lieut. 40th Wis. Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

t George Fairchild Edwards. T.A'. Mies, Mich. 

Lawyer. Director Public Schools since 1874; Supt. Public Schools, Niles, 1869-71 ; 
Prin. High School, Ypsilanti, Mich., 1865-6 and 1868-9; of AVest Side High School, Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1871-2. Member State Board of Education since 1879. Member Mich. Legis- 
lature, 1877. 

*'*^-|- Schuyler Hodges Williams. E.E. Owosso, Mich. 
fGEORGE Bliss Woodman, r.l. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wholesale Grocer. 


*^^^ James Hayden Chapin. M.V. Detroit, IMich. 

Editorial Staff Detroit Free Press. 

Henry Rogers Durkee. 0.0'. St. Louis, Mo. 

Pig Iron Commission Merchant. M.E., Univ. of Mich., 1868. 

John Charles Freeman. P.B. Madison, Wis. 

Prof. English Literature, Univ. of Wis., since 1S79. Grad. Union Theo. Sem.. Chicago, 
1872. LL.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1880. Tutor Greek, Univ. of Chicago, 1868-71; Asso- 
ciate Prof. Ancient Languages, 1871-4; Prof. Latin, 1874-8; Rhetoric and History, 
1878-9. Author of editions of Xenophou's Memorabilia, 1872; Timon ofLucian. Member 
Wis. Hist. Soc. and Wis. Acad, of Sciences, Art and Letters. Private 27th and 168th 
N. Y. Inf., Capt. IstN". Y. Cav., Inspector Gen. let Cav. Brii?., Dept. of W. Va., U. S. A., 

*i868 jjoselle Nichols Jenne. 0. ¥. Keokuk, Iowa. 
Henry William Lord, Jr. A.0. Detroit, Mich. 


Frank Henry Lyman, tl.l. Kenosha, Wis. 

Merchant. Corp. 39th Wis. Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

Albert Henderson Pattengill. T.J. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

AsBt. Prof. Greek, Univ. of Mich., since 1870; Prin. Ann Arbor High School, 1868-9. 

t Charles QuARLES. P.K. Kenosha, Wis. 


Pe?i insular. 303 

William Johnson Cocker. ./. /. Adrian, Mich. 

Sunt. Public Schools since 1880; Prin. Adrian High School, 1869-79. Author Ha.i.i 
Book of Punctuation, 1878 ; Civil Government of MichiLtan, 1880. 

William Cokwin Johns, LL.B. 1.0'. Decatur, 111. 

Lawyer. State Atty., Macon Co., 111. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1870. Private 
145th 111. Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

f Edwin Taylor. I. A. Wyandotte, Kan. 

Farmer. P. O. Address, Armstrong, Kan. 

t Stanley Waterloo. E. T. St. Louis, Mo. 

Editor and Publisher St. Louis Evening Chronicle, since 1880. Reporter Chicago 
Tribune, Times and Pout; Asst. Editor Wis. Spectator; Editor Amei-ican Builder; Staff 
St. Louis Journal; City Editor St. Louis /?ep«6;ican, 1869-80. 

fWiLLiAM Henry ^ells. E'.F. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Editorial Staff Philadelphia Ttem. Circuit Court Commissioner of Livingston t;o., 
Mich., 1869-73. 'I'own Clerk, Howell, Mich., 1866-72. 


Oscar James Campbell, LL.B. 2'./. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Paymaster's Clerk, Washington, 1863-5. Instructor in Mathematics, Ann 
Arbor, Mich., High School, 1870-1. Deputy Clerk of Court, Cleveland, 1873-4. LL.B., 
Univ. of Mich., 1872. 

William Rufus Day. /. /. Canton, Ohio. 


Robert Newton Fearon. 0.(P. East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Supt. Schools. Prin. High School, Minneapolis, Minn.; Supt. Schools, Ionia, Mich. 

Edwin Fleming. (I>.J. Washington, D. C. 

W^ashington Correspondent N. Y. Journal of Commerce, Detroit /'»r«Pr<'*.sBuffiilo 
Courier, Missouri Republican, since 1874. Editor Kalamazoo, Mich., lelegraph, 18il, 
Jackson, Mich.. Citizen, 1872. 

Owen Edgar LeFevre. E. W. Denver, Colo. 

Corporation Lawyer. Private 184th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., eight months. Ph.H.. Univ. 
■ of Mich.. 1870. 

John Scott Maltman, LL.B. I. T. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1871. Ist Lieut. 17th Mich. Inf., U. S. A., 1863-6. 

Alfred Noble. A. J. Sault de St. Marie, INIich. 

Civil Engineer. Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. Sergt. 24th Mich. Inf., U. S A., 

RuFUS HiLDRETH Thayer, LL.B. r. E. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer and Law Clerk, oflice of Supervising Architect U. S. Treasury Department. 
LL.B., Columbian Univ., 1873. 

James Fisher Tweedy, (fi.^). New York City. 

Banker, Twccdj", Imbrio & Co. 

3 ©4 Pe n insu la r. 

fFRANK Arthur Crittendex. }*.([>. Evanston, 111. 

Commission Merchant, Chicago, 111. 

"*"tRev. Frank Brown Gilbert. B. ¥. Cairo, 111. 
f Giles J Holbrook. H.X. Jersey City, N.J. 

Proprietary Roofing. Prin. Union School, Brighton, Mich., 1869-70. 

Harry Burns Hutchins. A. A. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

I>awyer. Supt. Schools, Owosso, Mich., 1871-2; Instructor in Rhetoric and History, 
I'niv. of Mich., 1872-3; Asst. Prof., 1873-6. Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 1871, 

Henry Watson Montrose. A'.Fl. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Staff Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, 1871-3. 

jIsAAC Harwood Pedrick, LL.B. 2. J. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1870. 

Horace Phillips. iL-. Grand Haven, Mich. 

Bupt. Schools since 1877 ; Supt. Schools, St. Clair, Mich., 1874-7. 

RuFUS Emerson Phinney. J'. J. Monroe, Mich. 

Lawyer. Judge of Probate since 1876. Prin. High School, Flint, Mich., 1872-4; 
Supt. Public Schools, Monroe, 1875-6. 

fFREDERic Julius Picard. J. 77. Hillsborough, Ohio. 

Engineer and Supt. of Columbus & Maysville K.R. Lieut. Col. 13th Inf., Ohio N. G., 
since 1878. 

James Avery Satterlee Warden. ./. Y'. Frankfort, 


Charles Melvin Wilkinson. //. 7'. Detroit, ]\lich. 



Edgar Arthur Cooley. F'.O. Bay City, Mich. 

Lawyer. Author of Mich. Digest, 1872. 

Frederick Lyman Geddes. F. 6. Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Author of Compilation of Collection Laws of Ohio, 1876, 1878 and 1881. 

William James Herdman, M.D. A'. J. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Asst. Prof. Anatomy, Univ. of Mich. Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 1872; M.D., 1875. Private 
Co. A 198th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., one year. 

Joseph Maodonald McGrath. A. T. Corunna, Mich. 

Lawyer. Supt. of Schools, Greenville, Fenton, and Corunna, Mich. 

Samuel George Milner. A.I. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Prin. Union School since 1872. 

Edward Waldo Pendleton. J.(I>. Detroit, Mich. 

Lawyer. Supt. Public Schools, Owosso, Mich., 1872-3; Instructor Classics, Detroit 
High School, 1874-6. 

Peninsular. 305 

DwiGiiT Carveii Rexfouu, LL.U. ( Detroit, Midi. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich , 1874. 

"«*' Charles King Turner, LL.B. H' .\. Kalniiiazoo, Mid.. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Uuiv. of Mich., 1873. 

George Philemon VooRHEis, LL.B. ILH. Port Huron, 

Lawyer. Clerk Judieiarv Committee Mich. House of Ueprescntatives, 1873; Clerk of 
Atty. Gen. Mich., 1874. LL.ii., Univ. of Mich., 1874. 


Horace Greeley Burt. E.V. Tama City, Iowa. 

Civil Engineer. 

Henry Reed Cocker. E.A. St. Paul, Minn. 

Of Northwest Fuel and Iron Co. 

'*^' Edavin Jacob Ferdon. iLU. Detroit, Mich. 

Wholesale Lumber Merchant. Died November, 1881. 

Rltus Fleming. 0.\. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Associate Editor Cincinnati Times-Star. 

Elias Durfee Galloway. T.P. Howell, ^Nlich. 

Wholesale Lumber Merchant, Big Rapids, Mich. 

Charles Butler Keeler, LL.B. P. W. Cedar Rapids, 

Lawyer. LL.B., Union Coll. of I^iw, 1875. 

Charles Edward King. A'. A. Ypsilanti, Midi. 


JuDSON Gregory PattengIll. Wli. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Priu. High School since 1876. Tutor Ancient Languages, Denison Univ., Ohio, 1873-4 ; 
Prin. High School, Pontiac, Micb., 1874-6. 

Harry Otk Perley, M.D. ./.J. Fort Assinaboine, M. T. 

Asst. Surgeon, U. 8. A., since 1876. M.D., Detroit Medical Coll., 1876. Address, Care 
War Department, Washington, D.C. 

William Brown Williams, LL.B. .'/. 7'. Lapeer, Mich. 

Lawyer. Prin. High School, Lapeer, 1873-5. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1877. 

Charles Scotto Wilson. ./.2'. Denver, Colo. 

Lawyer. Author of Patent Laws and Amendments Proposed, Chicago Legal Keicx. 
January, 1879 ; Manual of Mining Laws for Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. 


Louis Ross Fiske, Jr. A.M. Black Kivcr, Midi. 


Lyman Decatur Follett. A. /'. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lawyer. Circuit Court Commissioner, Kent Co., since 1881. 

3o6 Penirisular. 

Charles Marshall Lungrex. RJ. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Staff Popular Science Monthly and Am. Cyclopaedia, Xew York City. C.E., Univ. 
ofMich., 1S74. 

Dox Aloxzo Matthews. N.I. St. Paul, Minn. 

Whole-sale Druggist. 

Henry Wade Eogers. T.A. ^Minneapolis, ]\Iinn. 

Lawyer. Master Scientific Department Heathcofe School, Buffalo, N. Y., 1874-6. 
Author of Illinois Citations, 1881; contributor to law journals and to the Princeton 
Revietc. Temporary address, Pennington, N. J. 

WiLBERT Wesley Smith. E. W. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Wholesale Lumber Merchant. 

James Dickixson Warxer. J. 6. Silver City, N. M. 

Merchant, Miner and Real Estate Operator. 

Charles Alexaxder Clark. E. W. Colorado Springs, 

Paymaster Denver and Rio Grande R.R. 

* '^' James Clemext Eatox. E.0. Tecumseh, Mich. 

Civil Engineer. C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1875. 

EuGEXE Ralph Hutchixs, LL.B. ]*../. Owosso, Mich. 

Lawyer. Trustee Union School. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1878. 

Edwix Forrest Laible. 0.J. Detroit, Mich. 


Horace Aloxzo Jaques Uph AM. .F./i. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lawyer; lirm of Wells, Brigham and Uphara. 

Edjiuxd Drixax Barry. N.E. Grand Rapids, ]Mich. 

Supf. of Schools since 1S77. Prin. Tliiih School, Port Huron, Mich., 187C-7. Admitted 
to Bar, 1880. 

Charles A Blair. B'.A. Jackson, ISIich. 


Clarexce Shepard Browx. P.\. Milwaukee, Wis. 


^Frederick Rice Bl-ell. /. T. Buffiilo, N. Y. 

Deputy Collector U."S. Internal Revenue since 1878. 

Fred Lee Formax. E.Z. Harvard, Xcb. 

Prin. Public Schools. 

James Keeler Ilsley. ./.'/'. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Banker; linn of Marshall and Ilslej'. 

JoHx Hexry Reynolds, LL.B. O.I. Patcrson, X. J. 

Law3cr. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Peninsular. 3*^7 

AI.BEKT Clarke Stevens. 'WA. New York City. 

Staff, BrudstreeVs. ^ , -, ^ ., • 

Charles (Lbe) Van Pelt, M.D. II'. V- Toled,,, Oluo. 

M.D., UuffaloUuiv., 1878. 


William Cakpenter, LL.B. MJK ISluskogon, Mich. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1880. 

» >«^' Ogden Winner Ferdon. K. M. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Lawyer. Died March 9, 1881. 

*^«^^ William Barton Ferris. M.^- Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lumber Merchant. Died November 19. 1879. 

Carlton Frederick, M.D. N.J. Buffalo N.T. 
Thomas Martin Hunter. M.F. Adrian, Mich. 

0"* ., L».we. CO. .,.ce «... |<.>.^ Teeu™*, Mick., K.i.<» F<,«, «.c«^. 

1875, and Assoc. Editor Adrian Ttmea, 1876-80. 

Ortive E Latham, M.D. E. T. Washington, D. C. 

Physician. Supt. of Schools, Monroeville, Ohio, 1877-80. 

MiLO Lewis. O.E. Greenville, INIich. 

Lawyer. tvt- I 

*^««'t James Alonzo Stacy, LL.B. EJL Adrian, Mich 

^ CUy Atty., Adrian, 1878-80, and Mayor, 1880-1. LL.B.. Univ. of Mich., 187. 

April 9, 1881. . Tv^. 1 

tFREDERicK Kimball Stearns. EJ^. Detroit, Mich. 

Supt. Stearns' Laboratory. A r- 1 

t\BRAM Mills Stephenson, M.D. /V.T. Adrian, Mich 

^student of Medicine abroad. City Physician. Adrian. 1879. M.D.. Detroit Med. Col.., 



William Henry Butts. M.J. Orchard Lake, Mich. 

Prof. Greek and Mathematics, Mich. Military Acad., since 1879. 

William Claflin Johnson. /.J. Detroit, ^Iich. 

Manufacturing Pharmacist. 

Harry Pierce Myrick. /^ A- Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Editor Ann Arbor .Re</j.s<fr. 

tTHOMAS Henry Noble, Elk Kapids, Mich. 

Foreman Elk Kapida Iron Co. 

FvFRT Van Pelt. T.IL Williams ville, N. 1 . 

cl En^ueer for Leavenworth and Topeka Southwest Construction Company. C .E. 
Univ. of Mich., 1878. 

3o8 Peninsular. 

fJosiAH Bond, Jr. H.K. Kenosha, Wis. 

Real Estate Agent. 

James Padelford Brown. J.iV. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ranehero. Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 1879. 

t Cornelius Van Cleve Ganson. O.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. 


Frank Day Mead. N.V. Negaunee, Mich. 


Mark NoRRis. A. 6. Grand Eapids, Mich. 


John Hubbard Tweedy, Jr. N.I, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Banker, of Belcher and Co. 

Enoch Clark White. .V.A'. Lapeer, Mich. 

Hardware Merchant. 


fRiCHARD Bayard Bancroft. A.Z. Port Hvu-on, Mich. 

Pharmaceutical Chemist. Ph.D., Univ. of Mich., 1881. 

^■{•Frederick Clemens Myrick. P.S. Detroit, Mich. 

Bookkeeper. Died August 13, 1881. 

Frank Fremont Reed. E.A'. Warren, Ohio. 


William Doav Washburn. l.M. Hyde Park, 111. 

Lawyer. Prin. Muskegon, Mich., High School, 1880-1. 

John Haven Willard. O.Q'. Chicago, 111. 

Frank Pardee Boughton. K.V. Detroit, Mich. 


Edward Harvey Bowman. P.E. St. Charles, 111. 

Law Student, Cambridge, Mass. 

George Brown Daniels. E.I. Grand Rapids, ^Mich. 

Law Student. 

DuANE Edwin Fox. E'.M. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Law Student. 

Charles Watson Goodrich. I'.0. ^lilwaukee. Wis. 

Pe?iinsular. 3<^9 

tSciiuYLKK Colfax Graves, M.D. K.ll. Grand Kapids, 

M.D., Univ. of Midi., 1881. 

tADOLPH Burton Mason. J. W. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lawyer. Register of Probate since 1880. 

■|-Frank Carle Bobbins. ./. T. Niles, Ohio. 

Dry Goods. 

Frank Taylor Terry. A.J. Milwaukee, Wis. 

tWiLLiAM Herbert Graham. A.0. Grand Rapids, Mich. 


tCHARLES Edward Ilsley. li'.J. IVIilwaukee, Wis. 

Wholes.ale Grocer. 

William Hunter McEwan. M.Z. Bay City, :Slich. 
Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin. .V. 2'. Muskegon, 

William Elmore Martin. /.2'. Milwaukee, \\ is. 
Charles Watson TiNSMAN. A.H. Romeo, Mich. 

tWiLLARD Irving Brigham. A'. 11. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Law Student, 

John JosiAH CoMSTOCK. E.X. Colona, lU. 
Ralph Gray. E. T. Marysville, Mich. 
Norman D wight Hinsdale. A.r. Ottawa, Dl. 
tREiNHARDT Rahr. P. A. Manitowoc, AVis. 

Maltster. Member 111. State Microscopical 8oc. Ph.C. Chicago Coll. of PbimMcy, 
1878. Af U 

Homer ElswDrth Tinsman. E. W. Romeo, Mich. 


Charles Edwin Ferguson. A'. (P. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Thomas Spencer Jerome. A.A. Saginaw, Mich. 
AViLLiAM Savidge. A.Z. Spring Lake, Mich. 
Arthur Henry Williams. /^ //• Buffalo, N. Y. 

3IO Peni7isular. 


Frank Forrest Bumps. K. T. Shelby, Mich. 

Frank Warner M. Cutcheon. A'.F. Manistee, Mich. 

Ebenezer Oliver Grosvenor. E.P. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Samuel Frederick Ha^vley. Y. W. Shelby, Mich. 

George Waith Lee. EjP. Buffalo, N. Y. 

James Edward SLOcmi. A'. T. Chicago, 111. 

Harry Bergen Wheelock. E.I7. Chicao-o,IlL 


1850 TO 1885. 


In the winter of 1849-50 the Ali)ha Delta IMii Fraternity deeidod to 
ostal)lish a Chapter at Madison University, located at Hamilton, N. Y. 
A charter was granted, and twelve students of Madison University 
were initiated, by the Hamilton Chapter, into the mysteries of Alpha 
Delta Phi. They rode over from Hamilton to Clinton one evening in 
a sleigh, were initiated, and got back the next morning in time 
for early ehnpel. The new Chapter began holding regular meetings, 
and seemed destined to a prosperous future. Many of the friends of 
Madison University, however, thought its location, for many reasons, 
unfortunate ; and this, combined with other causes, induced a majority 
of the professors and students of Madison University to secede from the 
College, and, coming to Rochester, to found the institution known 
as the University of Rochester. All l)ut two (who had graduated) of 
the members of the newly formed Chapter wei'c among the students 
who left INIadison for Rochester. An application was immediately 
made to the society for a charter for a Chapter at the new University, 
and regular meetings were held, though no new members were initiated. 
After much trouble and delay a charter was obtained ; and, under the 
name of the Empire Chapter, the Alpha Delta Phi Society was formally 
established at the University of Rochester, in the spring of the year 1851 . 
Some opposition on the part of the Faculty, who had passed an anti-secret 
society resolution, was at first experienced ; but when it was discovered 
that a Chapter was already in active operation, they gracefully 
yielded ; the acting President', Dr. A. C. Kendrick, in announcing their 
decision, paying a glowing tribute to the memory of Samuel EcUs, 
who had been his classmate and room-mate at Hamilton College. 

3 1 2 Rochester. 

The first meetings were hiild in the parlor of the old National Hotel, 
on the corner of Buffalo (now West Main) and Fitzhugh Streets, which 
was used as a Chapter Hall until the Chapter became strong enough to 
rent a suitable hall of its own. A room was final!}- obtained on Buffalo 
Street, near the old University building, which was used as a Chapter 
Hall until 18G1, when the hall now occupied by the Chapter was rented, 
and especialh' constructed for the Chapter, in the building then being 
erected on the corner of East Main and South St. Paul Streets. 

The career of the Chapter has, on the whole, been extremely prosper- 
ous. During the first 3'ears of its existence, the College being poor 
and there being comparatively few students, it suffered many hardships, 
being reduced at one time to an active membership of three men. 
As the College became richer and more prosperous the Chapter became 
stronger in proportion, and now occupies a secure and honorable posi- 
tion among the institutions of the University of Rochester. 

The Chapter was at first called the Empire Chapter, and this name 
was retained until about 1860, when it was changed to the present 
name of the Rochester Chapter. 

Two conventions of the Fraternity have been held with the Rochester 
Chapter, — a special Convention in 1804, and the General Convention 
of 1880. The latter was one of the great events in the history of the 
Chapter, and will long be remembered b}- those who took part in it. 
On the evening preceding the public exercises a reception was 
given the delegates from the various Chapters, in Powers' Art Gallery, 
by the wives of the Alpha Delta Phi resident in Rochester. Twelve 
hundred invitations were issued, and the result was a most brilliant 
affair. The public exercises were held in the Corinthian Acadeni}' of 
Music, and were under the charge of the Rt. Rev. A. C. Coxe, D.D., 
Urban, 1838. Besides Bishop Coxe, the society was addressed by the 
Hon. Francis A. Macomber, Rochester, 1859 ; the Rev. Walter Aj-rault, 
D.D., Geneva, 1840; the Hon. Joseph M. Bailey, LL.D., Rochester, 
1854 ; and the Hon. Ellis H. Roberts, LL.D., Yale, 1850. 

In the Faculty of the University the Society has been represented 

Rochestei'. 3 1 3 

by tho late President John II. Riiymond, of Vassar College (18oO-5G), 
Hamilton, 1837; Prof. Otis H. Robinson (18G4), Rochester, 186 1 ; 
Prof. Adonirara J. Sage (1870-2), Rochester, 18G0 ; and Prof. William 
C. Morey (1872), Rochester, 18G8. 

Sociall}^ the Chapter has always striven to maintain the i)rinciplc.s of 
the society ; and, while not neglecting its literary work, has made the 
social side of the society life a thing to be looked back to Avith pleasure 
by all its members. 

As the University of Rochester has never appointed Salutatorians or 
Valedictorians, and the class averages of the students are kept secret, 
the onl}' means of obtaining a knowledge of the scholarship of the 
Chapter is from a comparison of the prizes taken by it. In this respect 
the Alpha Delta Phi Society at Rochester is, without dispute, the first. 
Oat of the whole number of prizes awarded by the Universit}', more 
than two-fifths of all have been taken by Alpha Delta Phi. A summary 
of all the prizes awarded by the University is appended, together with a 
list of all the prizes taken by Alpha Delta Phi. 

Senior Prizes. — Senior Essay Prize (1855-81). — '55, Manton Marble, 1st; 
'58, Cephas B. Crane, Ist; '60, A. J. Sage, 1st; '60, E. W. Mundy, T. W. 
Sheppard, 2d; '61, M. B. Comfort, 1st; '63, E. H. Pierce, 1st; '65, J. E. Doo- 
little, Jr., 1st; '67, E. H. Satterlee, 1st; '70, M. E. Gates, 1st; '71, R. B. Hull, 
H. P. Emerson, 1st; '72, J. M. Hudnut, 1st; '73, G. D. Olds, 1st; '75, J. S. 
Fassett, 1st; '76, F. J. Bellamy, 1st; '77, F. T. Gates, 1st; '78, C. S. Wilbur, 
1st; '80, M. T. Bly, 1st; '81, S. W. Stevens, 2d. Whole number awarded: 1st, 
23 ; 2d, 10 ; total, 33. Number taken by Alpha Delta Phi : 1st, 16 ; 2d, 2 ; total, 18. 

Davis Prize Medal (1865-81). {Oratorical Prize.) — 'm, A. K. Parker, 1st; 
'68, W. C. Morey, 1st; '68, J. M. Taylor, 2d; '72, J. M. Hudnut, 1st; '73, E. 
W. Hunt, 1st; '73, G. D. Olds, 2d; '74, R. W. Whelan, 1st; '76, H. H. Hunt, 
1st; '77, L. M. Hair, 2d; '80, J. M. Hunt, 1st; '81, S. W. Stevens, 2d. Whole 
number awarded : 1st, 17 ; 2d, 17 ; total, 31. Number taken by Alpha Delta Plii : 
1st, 7; 2d, 4; total, 11. 

Stoddard Prize Medal (1870-81) . {Mathematical Prize.) — '70, M. G. Kellogg, 
1st; '73; G. D. Olds, 1st; '75, S. H. Freeman, 1st; '78, R. Harvey, 1st; '80, 
J. M. Hunt, 1st; '81, R. Babcock, 1st. Whole number awarded: 1st, 11. Num- 
ber taken by Alpha Delta Phi : 1st, 6. 

Junior Vku.h^. — Junior Greek Prize (1857-81). — "58, J. C. C. Clarke, 1st; 
'59, E. W. Mundy, 1st; '59, A. J. Sage, 2d; '06, W. P. Bisseli, 2d; '69; M. E. 
Gates, 1st; '09, M. G. Kellogg, 2d; '73, G. D. Olds, 1st; '78, M. Minot, 1st; 
'79, J. M. Hunt, 2d; '80, R. Babcock, 1st. Wliole number awarded: 1st, 19; 

314 Rochester. 

2d, 13; total, 31. Number of prizes taken by Alpha Delta Phi: 1st, 6; 2d, 4; 
total, 10. 

Sophomore Prizes. — Sophomore Declamation Prize (1851-81). — '51, E. J. 
Good.speed, 1st; '51, J. W. Christopher, 2d; '56, W. O. Stoddard; '57, F. A. 
Macomber, 2d; '58, E. W. Mundy, 1st; '58, C. E. Smith, 2d; '59, O. H. Robin- 
son, one-half 2d; '60, E. H. Johnson, 1st; '60, E. H. Pancost, J. H. West, 3d; 
'62, G. P. Ludlam, 1st: '62, M. G. Potter, A. J. Taylor, 2d; '62, T. J. Backus, 
3d; '66, W. C. Morey, 1st; '(Sd, W. J. Milne, 2d; '67, Z. P. Taylor, I. I). Fowler, 
2d; '68, J. K. Fowler, 2d; '69, E,. B. Hull, 2d; '70, J. M. Hudnut, 3d; '71, E. 
W. Hunt, 1st; '72, R. W. Whelan, 1st; '73, F. H. Rowley, 3d; '74, H. H. Hunt, 
1st; '75, L. M. Hair, 2d; '76, R. Harvey, 1st; '77, M. Hirshfield, 3d; '78, J. M. 
Hunt, 1st; '79, S. W. Stevens, 1st; '81, H. S. Peltz, 1st. Whole number 
awarded: 1st, 28; 2d, 27; 3d, 14; total, 69. Number taken by Alpha Delta Phi : 
1st, 12 ; 2d, 104 ; 3d, 5 ; total, 27^. 

Sophomore Latin Prize (1856-81). —'57, J. C. C. Clarke, 2d; '58, E. W. 
Mundy, 1st; '59, M. B. Comfort, 1st; '59, R. Mackwood, 3d; '60, J. H. Brook- 
ing, 1st; '60, J. H. West, 2d; '62, H. C. Bosley, 1st; '64, A. K. Parker, one-half 
1st; '68, M. E. Gates, 1st; '70, J. M. Hudnut, 1st; '73, J. S. Fassett, one-half 2d; 
'74, F. J. Bellamy, 1st; '74, H. H. Hunt, 2d; '76, R. Harvey, 2d; '77, H. B. 
Olin, 2d; '78, J. M. Hunt, 2d; '79, R. Babcock, 2d; '81, C. J. Wood, 1st. Whole 
number aAvarded : 1st, 25; 2d, 17; 3d, 1; total, 43. Number taken by Alpha 
Delta Phi: 1st, 8^ ; 2d, 7i ; 3d, 1; total, 17. 

Freshman Prizes. — Freshman Mathematical Prize (1857-81). — '58, O. H. 
Robinson, 1st; '59, W. J. Leonard, 1st; '61, M. G. Potter, 1st; '61, H. C. Bosley, 
one-half 2d; '62, J. H. Bissell, 1st; '64, W. P. Bissell, one-half 1st; '65, J. M. 
Taylor, 1st; '69, E. P. Glass, 2d; '67, M. E. Gates, 1st; '67, M. G. Kellogg, one- 
half 2d; '&%, W. S. Hubbell, 1st; '69, J. M. Hudnut, one-half 1st; '70, G. D. 
Olds, one-half 1st; '72, G. R. Stearns, 2d; '75, R. Harvey, one-half 1st; '77, J. 
M. Hunt, 2d; '78, R. Babcock, 1st; '81, E. W. Hunt, one-half 1st. Whole num- 
ber awarded: 1st, 25; 2d, 11; total, 36. Number taken by Alpha Delta Phi: 1st, 
lOi; 2d, 4; total, 14^. 


Total number of Senior Prizes awarded 1st, 56; 2d, 32; 3d, 

Junior " 1st, 19 ; 2d, 13; 3d, 

Sophomore " 1st, 28 ; 2d, 27 ; 3d, 15 

Freshman " 1st, 25; 2d, 11; 3d, 

Total number of prizes awarded 128 83 15 

Total number of Senior Prizes taken by Alpha Delta Phi, 1st, 29 ; 2d, 6; 3d, 

Junior " '' 1st, 6 ; 2d, 4; 3d, 

Sophomore " " 1st, 20-^ ; 2d, 18; 3d, 6 

Freshman " " 1st, 10i;2d, 4; 3d, 

Total number of prizes taken by Alplui Delta Phi . 66 32 6 

Grand total of j)rizes awarded 226 

taken by Ali.ha Delta Phi •. ... 104 


Charter Members. 

George Byuon Brand. FJ . T. 
Stephen Haskins Carpenter.^ F'.X. 
George Sheppard Ciiace. r.B. 
James Wallace Christopher. 2'.yV. 
Andrew Longye ar Freeman . fl' • /i • 
Edgar Johnson Goodspeed. J.i^- 


Edwin Oren Sage. J. A. 
James Manning Savage. A. ¥. 
James Vanpelt Schofield. /'. 0. 
John Byington Smith. iV. J. 
James Edmunds Spencer. M.A. 
Simon Perry Webster. 

y V 

^1- Rev. Charles Keyser. K.S. AVakefield, Mass. 

C.e;iyn,an, Baptist. A.B., Madison Univ.. 1S40; D.D., Univ. of Lew.sburg. 187.. 
Died September, 18 1 7. 


»'«^> George Byron Brand. FJ. T. Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died February 10, 1S71. ,> j XT V 

Rev. Andrew Longyear Freeman. W.A. Mumfoi-d, N. Y 

Pastor.Baptist. Grad.RocheBterTheo.8em 1854 Pa^tor^^ 
Ann Avbo>^ Mich 1869; Bep^B>t N^_Y., 1S^61^, ^g's'-o .rMumford, N. Y. Supt. Pubhe 
Conn., 1864-(3, 1 ennciu, i>. i., ^^ , 

Schools, Southington, Conn., 1868-7^. AT T 

Rev William DuNLOP Hedden. ./. T. East Orange, N. J. 

Clouds, 1877. Grad. Rochester llieo.bem.,lS&^. u-^ , 

••« James EnMUNDS Spencer, ff.l. li<"=''f '^'•:„ f •J-„,„.. „„, 

November, 1880. 

^l6 Rochestei'. 

^^.^ Stephen Haskins Carpenter. F' .X. Madison, Wis. 

Tutor Uni%^ of Wis., 1852^; Asst. Supt. Public Instruction, Wis., 1858-60; Prof. 8t. 
Paul Coll., Mo., 1860-1 ; Prof. Univ. of Wis., 1868-78. Author of English in the Fourteenth 
Century; An Introduction to the Study of Anglo-Saxon, etc. LL.D., Univ. of Rochester, 
1871. Died at Geneva, N. Y., December 6, 1878. 

^^^ Rev. George Sheppard Chace. F.B. Middletown, Conn. 

Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1854. Pastor, 1856-71. Died at New Bedford, Mass., 
June 27, 1871. 

^^ James Manning Savage. A. W. Waynesborough, Ga. 

Prin. Waynesborough, Ga., Acad., 1852-4. Lawyer, 1854-61. Died, C. S. A., 1864. 

Eev. James Vanpelt Schofield. A'.S. St. Louis, Mo. 

Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 18-54. Pastor since 1854; at St. Louis since 1876. Editor 
Mo. Dept. Cathcart's Am. Bapt. Encyclopaedia. D.D., Lagrange Coll., Mo., 1880; Univ. 
of Chicago, 1880. 

Rev. John Byington Smith. N.A. Olean, N. Y. 

Pastor Baptist Church since 1881. Chaplain Sing Sing Prison, iST. Y., 1866-9. Author 
of Prison Hymn Book, 1867; Children's Savings, 1873, etc. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 
1854. D.D.; Univ. of Chicago, 1873. 

Rev. Syl VENUS Adon Taft. E. P. Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1854, and Pastor at Santa Rosa since 1879. Pres. Coll. 
of California, 1877-9. Author of An Epitome of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. D.D., La 
Grange Coll., Mo., 1876. 

Simon Perry Webster. I.I. Lockport, N. Y. 

Lawyer. 2d Lieut. 8th]Sr.Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1862-4; 1st Lieut., 1864; Capt., 1864-5. 


f James Wallace Christopher. I.N. New York City. 


^ Rev. Edgar Johnson Goodspeed. A.Q. Columbia, S. C. 

Pres. Benedict. Inst., Columbia, S. C, 1879-81. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1856. 
Pastor, Poughkeepsie, IST. Y., 1856-8; Janesville, Wis., 1858-65; Chicago, 1865-76; Syracuse, 
N.Y., 1877-9. Trustee Univ. of Chicago, 1866-76 ; Union Bapt. Theo. Sem., 1867-76. Author 
of The Great Fires in Chicago and the West; History of the Centennial; Career of Moody 
andSankey; Life of Jesus; Lives of the Apostles. D.D., Rochester, 1863. Died at Co- 
lumbia, June, 1881. 

Edwin Oren Sage. A.A.K. Rochester, N. Y. 

Pancost, Sage & Morse, Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. Trustee Univ. of Rochester, 


Joseph Mead Bailey. FI.A. Freeport, 111. 

Lawyer. Member 111. Legislature, 1866-70; Presidential Elector, 1876; Judge Circuit 
Courtof 111., 13th Circuit, 1877; Judge Appellate Court of 111., 1st Dist., 1878. Trustee 
Univ. of Chicago since 1878. LL.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1879 ; Rochester, 1879. 

Robert Hughes Fenn. Z'.I. Rochester, N. Y. 

Litterateur and Inventor. Blind since 1853. 

Rochester. 3 1 7 

Norman Robinson. l\l. Louisville, Ky. 

A88t. Editor WeHtern Recorder since 1873. Editor and Proprietor, 1856-8 ; Asst. Editor 
New York Chronicle, 1860-2. Prof. Bethel Coll., 1858-60; Prin. Holyoke Acad., Loui«- 
ville, since 1868. 

fHoYES Lloyd Snowdon. A'. II. Montreal, Quebec, 


Henry Strong, LL.B. E.I. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R.R., 1873-7. Trustee Univ. of 
Chicago, 1877-81. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1856; LL.D., Univ. of Iowa, 1877. 


^^^ Rev. Milton Adams Brown. J.J. Palmyra, N. Y. 

Grad. Auburn Theo. Sem., 1858. Chaplain, Auburn, N. Y., State Prison, 1858. Died 
at Woodstock, N. Y., August 9, 1858. 

Sylvenus Adon Ellis. E.I\ Rochester, N. Y. 

Teacher, Western N. Y. Inst, for Deaf Mutes, Rochester, since 1878. Supt. Public 
Schools, 1869-75. 

Rev. William Thomas Fagan. A'.E. Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Baptist Clergyman. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1858. 

Manton (M alone) Marble. N.O'. New York City. 

Retired Journalist. Asst. Editor Boston t/owr/ia;, 1850-7 ;_Editor Boston Traveller, 
3-8; Asst. Editor New York JFeerein^ Po?<, 18.58-9; I 
1860-2 ; Editor and Proprietor New York World, 1862-76. 

1856-8: Asst. Editor New York Evening Po.?<, 18.58-9 ; Asst. Editor New York World, 
- ->rk- 


fBERNARD Montgomery Dewey, M.D. A.F. Nashua, Iowa. 

Acting Surgeon U. S. A., Brown General Hospital, Louisville, Ky. Author of Special 
Hygiene and Medicine for Parents; Kitchen and Dining Room Hygiene and Etiquette. 

fAzRO Dyer, LL.B. J.N. Evans ville, Ind. 

Judge Superior Court, V.anderburgh Co., Ind., since 1877. LL.B., Louisville Law 
School, 1858; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1856. 

f Rev. Leonard Zenas Ferris. H'.B. Rockland, Mass. 

Pastor Congreeational Church since 1880. Prin. Wreutham, Gloucester and Plymonlh, 
Mass., High Schools. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 18.56. 

Edmund Lewis Joy. A'..^'. Newark, N. J. 

Curer of Provisions. Member N. J. Legislature, 1871-2. Pros. Newark Board of 
Trade, 1875-6. Capt. 36th Iowa Inf., U. S. A., 1862. Judge Advocate 7th Army Corps and 
Dept. of the Arkansas, 1864. 

'^fWiLLiAM Ludernay Merriss. A.S. Homer, N. Y. 

Died at Rochester, 1854. 

'^f William Henry Moore, F/.H. Rochester, N. Y. 

Died at Rochester, December, 1852. 

•^^t Henry Walworth Smith. ./'./'. New York City, 
f Ira Damon Van DuzEE. K'.M. Iloneoye Fall.<. X. Y. 


] Rochester, 

Isaac Esleeck Sheldon. A. A'. New York City. 

Bookseller and Publisber, Sheldon & Co. 

WiLLARD Abbott. /. 0. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cashier Consolidated Coal and Mining Co. Capt. 13th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3; 140th, 
1S63-5; Major 140th, 1865. 

fRev. George Sayles Bishop. V.B. East Orange, N. J. 

Pastor First Reformed Church since 187.5. Editor of the Sower nnd Gospel Field, 
1877-8. Author of The Doctrine of Grace; Exhibition of Reformed Trinciples; Alleged Con- 
tradictions of the Bible : Shut Up to Eaith, etc. D.D., Rutgers Coll., 1877 ; A.B., Amherst • 
• Coll., 1858. 

Rev. Cephas Bennett Crane. //'./. Boston, Mass. 

Pastor First Baptist Church since 1878; Hartford, Conn., 1860-78. Grad. Rochester 
Theo. Sem., 1860. Trustee Conn. Literary Assoc, 1861-78; Newton Theo. Sem. since 1879. 
Member E.t;ecutive Committee Am. Bapt. Missionary Union since 1878. D.D., Rochester, 

William Osborn Stoddard. A.I. New York City. 

Author and Journalist. Sec. of President Lincoln, 1861-4. Grand Cor. Sec. Union 
Leacrue of America, 1862-3. U. S. Marshal, Ark., 1864-6. Chief Clerk Eng. Bureau 
Depl.. of Docks, New York City, 1S73-5. Sec. Tehuantepec R.R. Co., 1869-72; Sec. Am. 
Atlantic Cable Co., 18ti7-80. Asst. Editor N. Y. Kraminer and Chronicle, 1869-79. Author 
of Scandaroon, 1869; Verses of Many Days, 1875: The Heart of It, 1880; Dab Kinzer, 
1881 ; The Quartette, and Elan Harding, 1881. Private 3d Bat. D. C. Vol., U. S. A.. 1861. 

fMYRON Hopkins Strong. M.I\ Yonkers, N. Y. 

Gas Chemist and Engineer. Pres. Am. Gas Light and Fuel Co., N. Y., and Managing 
Director of Strong Gas, Fuel and Light Co., N. Y., since 1879. 


Rev. John Caldwell Calhoun Clarke. A'. I. Upper 
Alton, 111. 

Prof Greek, Shurtleff Coll., since 1875; Univ. of Chicago, 186.5-6; Sacred Languages 
and Exegesis, Union Bapt. Theo. Sem., Chicago, 1866-7. Author of Plato and Platomsm, 
Bapt. Qunrterlii Review, Jan., 1867; Platonism and Early Christianity, July, 1867; Ihe 
Pioneer B.aptist Statesman, 1876; History in Alphabet, Bibliotheca Sacra, April, 1874. 
Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1861. 

'' Oscar Folsom. P.I. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Asst. U. S. Dist. Atty.,' 1867-70. Died July 23, 1S75. 

fWiLLiAM Henry Goddard. E'.N. Sioux Falls, Dak. 

Farmer. A. B., Amherst Coll., 1859. 

Rev. John Herbert Griffith. l.Q. Troy, N. Y. 

Pastor, B.iptist, at Troy since 1878; Detroit, 1861-7; Galesburg, 111., 1867-73; 
Milwaukee, 1873-8. Trustee Chicago Univ. D.D., Knox Coll., 111., 1873. Grad. Rochester 
Theo. Sem., 1861. 

Francis Allen Macomber. F'.A. Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge Supreme Court, 7th Dist., N. Y., since 1879. Trustee Univ. of 
Rochester since 1871. 

Rochester. 3i9 

AuTiiuK RvKEu Katiibone. F'.IL Oakfiokl,N. Y. 

Hardware Mc.rcbant_.n<l Fruit Grower. Pros. Gary Village. 1S74-81. 1 Gary 
Collegiate Sem. siuce 18(5. 


FkuVNKLin Christopher Dekr. AAi. Danville, Pa. 

Prin. Danville, Pa., High School, since 1861 . Private 28th Reg. Pa. Vols. (Emergency.) 

Rev. Ezekiel Wilson Muxdy. V.l. Syracuse, N. Y 

Pastor First Baptist Church, Syracuse, IBf-G; -d Independent Church since 18G6. 
I ibrarian Central Library. Grad. Kochester Theo. feem., 1863. 

t Joseph Augustus Peters, M.D. E.e. New York City. 

?863-T resSned on account of disability contracted in the service. 

Rev Adoniram Judson Sage. AAL Hartford, Conn. 


Rev. Theodore Warren Sheppard. K.l. Providence. 

-p T 

Baptist Supply since 18S0; at Phenix, R. I., 1868-80. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem.. 
1863. „ 

Rev Charles Edward Smith. H' .E. Syracuse, N. i . 

irad. Rochester Tl^o. Setn 1863 Pastor, P-^^^eUyiL^J^^^^r ^'S 
^;^:r.S'^;n:i«T0rTh^i^P^m^^Fir^^- 1^1; IB the Bible the word of 
God? 1881. 


Rev. Milton Bookstaver Comfort. LA, Belleville, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, at Belleville, since ISSl; at Pulaski ISTo-Sl. Missionary. Gowhatty. 
Assam, India, 1866-74. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1S04. 

Oliver Beisell Leonard. l\\'. Plaiufield, N. J. 

Insurance Agent. City Clerk, Plainfield, since 1880. 

Robert Mackwood. T.E. Newcastle, Pa. 


^>«^^' Alonzo Tru^ian Mason. MJ\ Greenwich, N.Y. 

Lawyer. 1st Lieut. 123d N. Y. Inf., U. B. A., 1862-3; Gapt., 1863-^.; Bvt. Maj.. 1S65. 
Died April 7, 1872. 

Walter Burritt Moore. 7'.]'. East Aurora, N. i . 

Farmer. Asst. Editor and Business Mana.ey>f -Hie History and Vj^ ^^^^ 

Otis Hall Robinson. O.A. Rochester, N.Y^ 

Librarian since 1868, and Prof. MathemaUcs since ^sC9rniv^o^^ 
Ubrarir.n, 1^66-8; 186^9 A^^^^^^^^ /,3. ^d. Sci. 

1869 and 1877 ; in Government Report on L,iDraric8, lo.o, li^. 

320 Rochester. 

Eev. Augustus Chesterman Shaw. ./.:V. Fulton, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, at Fulton, since 1870; Clavville, N.Y., 1865-70. Grad. Auburn 
Theo. Sem., 1864. D.D., Franklin Coll., 1877. 


George Albert Allin. P.H. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Merchant, Xew York City. 

*'*^'tJoHN HuRRELL Brookixg. N.P. Dundas, Ontario, Can. 

Lawyer. Died at Santa Clara, Cal., 1867. 

fCHARLES Gould Clark, M.D. A. P. Troy, N. Y. 

School Commissioner, 1872-8. Alderman, 1880. Prin. Waterford Public Schools, 
1864-5. A.B., Union Univ., 1863. M.D. , Bellevue Hosp. Med Coll., 1866. 

Rev. Elias Henry Johnson. N.l. Providence, R.I. 

Pastor Baptist Church, Providence, since 1875. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1871. 
D.D., Univ. of Rochester, 1878. 

William James Leonard. J'../. Plainfield, N. J. 

Assoc. Ed. Denver, Col., Tribune, 1872; Ed. Chicagt) Illustrated Journal, 1872-3; 
Editor and Publisher Central N.J. Times since 1875. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1865. 
Pastor, Evanstown, 111., 1865-8. 

* '*^ Edwin Henry Pancost. /. T. Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died at Santa Clara, Cal., January 15, 1865. 

*'«^ John Henry West. N.Q'. Williamsburg, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died at St. Paul, Minn., December 5, 1868. 


MoREAU Stephen Crosby. A.I'. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Insurance, Real Estate and Loan Agent. Lieut. Gov. Mich., 1881-3. Member Mich. 
State Senate, 1873-5; Mich. State Board Charities, 1875-81. Trustee Kalamazoo Coll., 
1871-S. Pres. State Y. M. C. A., 1871 and 1878. 

f Wesley Crouch. F/. T. Rochester, X. Y. 

Hotel Proprietor. 

Rev. Thomas Wakefield Goodspeed. A. 12. Morgan 
Park, 111. 

Financial Sec. Bapt. Union Theo. Sem. since 1876. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1866. 
Pastor at Chicago and Quincy, 111., until 1876. D.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1881. 

Edward Henry Pierce, LL.B. P.l'. Newton, Mass. 

Lawyer, Boston. Member Mass. Legislature, 1868. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1864. 

f John Forbes Tryon. F/.B. Dowagiac, Mich. 


fD avid Wing. F'..\\ Rochester, N. Y. 

Wholesale Fruit Dealer. 

Rochester. 321 

Trumax Jay Backus. A.l'J. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Prof. Euglish Literature, Vaesar Coll., since 1868. Author of A Manual of Engligli 
Literature, 1872 and 1881. Asst. Sec. Am. Bai)t. Home Mission Soc., 1867-8. Studied 
Kocbester Tlieo. Sera., 1864-5. 

Henry Clay Bosley. E'.Ii. Bradford, Pa. 

Supt. Bradford Schools. Oil Producer and Broker, Bradford, Pa., 1879-80; Titusvillc, 
1869-79. Teacher Central Scliool, Buffalo, N. Y., 1865-9. 

George Fraxcis Davis. FJ . T. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Pork Packer. 

William Henry Dickinson. F/.^. Chester, Pa. 


Leonard Jarvis Gaylord. A.N. Rochester, N. Y. 

Kctired, from ill health. Bookkeeper. 

Rev. AYiLLiAM Potts Hellings. I'/.S. Lockport, N. Y. 

Pastor Baptist Church at Lockport since 1877; Scrauton, Pa., 1870-1 ; Gennantown, 
1867-70. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1867. 

George P Ludlam. II. 0. New York City. 

Supt. K. Y. Hospital. 

Milton Grosvenor Potter, M.D. 0.^. Buffalo, N.Y. 

Prof. Anatomy and of Faculty, Buffalo Medical Coll., 1873-8. M.D., Buffalo 
Univ., 1867. Died January 28, 1878. 

Albert Judson Taylor. l\J. St. Paul, Minn. 

Commission Merchant in New York, and Iron Furnace, St. Paul, Minn. Died at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., May 5, 1870. 


f James Lord Bishop, LL.B. I.D. New York City. 

Lawyer. Author of Bishop On Insolvent Dehtors ; edited Third Edition BuiTill On 
Assignments. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1865; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1SG9. 

fJosiAH Hooker Bissell. A.M. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Reporter U. S. Courts, Seventh Circuit. A.B., Yale Coll., 1865. 

Ja3ies Reuben Doolittle. I. A. Chicago, 111. 


Charles Ja:mes Glass. I\ Y'. Syracuse, X. Y. 

Merchant Miller. 

Joseph Holcomb SiiErPAiiD. //./. Camden, N. J. 


f Charles DuFFiELD Wrenn. A.I'. Middletown, Ohio. 

Paper Manufacturer. 



Rev. Albert CoiT. P.P. Wellsville, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1870. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sera., 18G9. 

James Franklin Keeney. I. A. Wa Keeney, Kan. 

Real Estate Dealer, Chicago, 111. Member Kan. Board of Agriculture; Kan. Legisla- 
ture, 1880-1. Pres. Western National Fair, 18S0. 

Rev. Alon2o Ketcham Parker. Z.E. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor Centennial Baptist Church since 1879. Grad. Rochester Thco. Sem., 1870. 

fAMANDON Manly Piersons. M.D. A. A. New York City. 

M.D.,New York Homosopathic Med. Coll., 1803. Author of articles in Med. Times, etc. 

•j-OscAR Frederic Thomas, M.D. P.B. Lawton, Mich. 
Rev. Adam Henry Todd. E'.ii. Greene, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1S81; at Tioga Center, 1879-81. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 


' WiLLARD Parker Bissell. //./'. Richmond, Va. 

Nurseryman. Died at Rochester, N. Y., 1878. 

James Edward Cheney, Jr. I.B. Rochester, N. Y. 


Edward Taylor Hunt. P.P. New York City. 

Not engaged in active business. 

Eugene HuDNUT Satterlee, LL.B. A^}'. Rochester, N.Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1872. Studied law at Heidelberg, Berlin and 
Paris, 1868-70. 

fWiLLiAM Henry Stelle. PJ.A. Stelton, N. J. 
^fHoRACE Lapham Strong. P'.d). La Grange, N. Y. 

Teacher. Died November, 1873. 


Frank Sumner Capen. K.A. Cortland, N. Y. 

Prof. Mathematics, Cortland State Normal School, since 1869. Prof. Languages, James- 
town, N. Y., Inst., 1868-9. Private 75th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 18G5. 

fONCKEN WiLLARD CoLE. E.A. Carmcl, N. Y. 

Teller Puluam Co. National Bank. 

William Henry Davis. E'.Q. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Commission Merchant. Private, Corp. .and Sergt. Co. K 83d Ohio Inf., U. 8. A. 

Frank Huntington. K.P. New York City. 

AssooLate Editor Appleton's Annual Encyclopajdia since 1S7J; Johnson's Encyclo- 
paedia, 1872-5. In Europe, 1869-72. 

Rev. Henry TiiADDEUS Miller. E'.^. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor Sixth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, since 1875; Victor and Medina, N". Y., 
1871-4. Grad. Auburn Theo. Sem., 187i. 

Rochester. 3^3 

WiiLiAM J\MES Milne. I'J.M. Geneseo, N. Y. 

j;;;;;';:;-;';;' L';!;.s":f Mathematical tLi Booke. Ph.D.. Umv. of KochcBter. 18.9, LL.D.. 

Ind!"Asbury Tuiv., 1880. AT V 

Willi \M Carey Morey. /^'.//. Rochestei-, JN. 1. 


Tssf ^.fL/;fut!"9tlfN''Y!M^:uT^^^^^^^^ 1«^^- Y- I^^^'^'^""^' 

lSt)4^rBvt!Wj.,Bvt.Coi., 1S65. 

Rev. JoiES Monroe Taylor. 2'.2'. Providence, R 1. 

settled over irou.U,Bap;UtChu.lj^^den«^^^^ 

Isaac Dubois Fowler. E' .l\ Lansing, Iowa. 

Druggist. AT V 

Edgar Pattison Glass. A/'', byracnse, N. Y. 

Lawyer. .^ 

Horace Fidelio Kendall. 7:'.:^. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Real Estate Agent. 

Alonzo Clayton Raymond. Z.\. Detroit, Mich. 

Grain Commission Merchant. 

Zachary Philo Taylor. ^M'- Cleveland, Ohio. 

LatyeT. afport Wayne. Ind., 1ST3-5. Teacher, a. Buffalo and Cleveland. 1869-73 and 



HByron Winfield BUELL. ;V.r. Ro^^>'^^*^^*'f'J' ^, ,3-3 

^ Lawver, New York City. A.B., Harvard Univ., 18T1 ; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 18.3. 

DiedatSlt.Clair.N. J., Maylo. ISTo. ^ , Til 

Rev. John Kennedy Fo^vler. K.I. Rockford, 111. 

ialr. Presbyterian, at Rockford since 1878; at Caledonia. K. Y., 1873-S. Grad. Un.on 
Theo. Seni.. 1873. • i XT T 

Merrill Edwards Gates. LO' . New Brunswick, N J. 

Pros. Rutgers Col.,1882; Prin. fbany Ac^-.^:^- A^^^^ 
atory Scho jIs, 1873 ; Kndowme,,t o\;},?^'denu.s 18^6 Coi ks|^ ^^^^ Uarper'^, May, 1881. 

MiLO GiFFORD Kellogg. F.A. Chicago, 111. 

Supt. Manufacturing Dept. Western Electric Manufacturing Co. 

Charles Herbert Taylor. A.1. New York City. 

Banker and Stock Broker. 


Franklin Backus Bishop. AM. Rochester, N. Y. 

Banking, Monroe Co. Savings Bank. 

324 Rochestei'. 

Henry Pendexter Emerson. hJ.l. Buffiilo, N. Y. 

Prof. Ancient Languages, Central High School, since 1874. Prin. Potsdam State Nor- 
mal School, 1S71-4. Author of pamphlet, Latin in High Schools. 

Walter Sage Hubbell. Eochester, X. Y. 

Lawyer since 1873. Teacher Alhany Acad., 1871-3. 

Eev. Robert Bruce Hull. E. 0. New York City. 

Pastor Tabernacle Baptist Church since 1877 ; Lockport, N. Y., 1874-7. Grad. Roches- 
ter Theo. Sem., 1874. 


Frank Sheldon Fosdick. K.P. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Prin. in Public School since 1873: Buftalo Classical School, 1872-3. 

t Solon Tenney French. N.F. Chicago, 111. 

Asst. Ticket Agent Gen. Passenger Station, C. & N. W. Ry. Prof. Colorado Coll., 
Colorado Springs, Colo., 1874-5. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1872. 

Rev. Isaiah Burroughs Hudnut. E'.P. Wilson, N. Y. 

Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church since 1880. 

James Monroe Hudnut. E'..\. Ncav York City. 

Asst. Editor N. T. Bxaminer and Chronicle, 1S72-.5; Editor of the Publications 
of the N. Y. Life Ins. Co. since 1875. Author of The Bible Catechism, 1879. Private 
129th N. Y. Inf. and Sth N. Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

*''™ Rev. David Fay Stewart. E'.0. Hamilton, Minn. 

Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1876. Died at Hamilton, October, 1879. 

* ^^^ Charles Mortimer Warren. A.M. Chicago, 111. 

Died at Colorado Springs, Colo., November, 1879. 


f James Edward Baker. 1.0. Chicago, 111. 
Rev. Frank Thompson Ellison. K.I. Charlotte, N. Y. 

Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church since 1881 . 

Rev. Ebexezer Warren Hunt. E'. A. Fall River, INIass. 

Pastor Second Baptist Church since 1880. Grad. Newton Theo. Sem., 1880. Lawyer, 
Syracuse, N. Y., 1875-7. 

As AHEL Wellington Norton. E'.-. Elmira, N. Y. 

Prin. Grammar School since 1877. 

George Daniel Olds. E/.i}. Holley, N. Y. 

Studying Heidelberg, Gennany, since 1879. Prof. French and Asst. Prof. Greek, 
Albany Acad., 1873-9. 

f Clifford Wals WORTH Parsons. E'.\. Detroit, Mich. 

Commercial Traveller, D. M. Ferry & Co. 

t George Francis Yeoman. E'.E. Rochester, N. Y. 


Rochester'. 325 

Rev. John Qi^incy Adainis. I'.'.V. Boulder, Colo. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1881 ; at Mexico, N". Y., 1877-8 ; at Evansville, Iiid., 1878-81 . 
Qrad. Auburn Theo. Seni., 18.77. 

fLEvi Jesse Putnam Bishop. E'.l'. Clevelaml, Ohio. 

Lawyer; firm Adams & Bishop. 

tCHARLES Albert Capwell. AA\ Dallas, Tex. 

Music Dealer and General Merchant. 

Rev. RuTGER Dox. E.N. Corning, N. Y. 

Pastor Baptist Church since 1881; Ransomville, N. Y., 1877-81. Grad. Rochester 
Theo. Sem., 1877. 

'*''"f Eugene Sanford Loomis. I'J A. Potsdam, N. Y. 

Prof. Potsdam State Normal School. Died January, 1870. 

f George Herbert Raymond. E' . T. Brockport, N. Y. 

Commission Merchant. 

Ralph Waldo Whel AN. E.i^'. Chicago, 111. 



fEowARD LeGrand Adams. P.B. Elmira, N. Y. 

Editor Elmira Advertiaer since 1882; Bradford Sunday Star, 1879-82; City Editor 
Rochester Democrat and Chi-onicle, 1874-9. 

fRev. John P Campbell. II.A. Baltimore, Md. 

Presbyterian Clergyman, in charge Chapel First Presbyterian Church since 1878. A.B., 
Princetou'Coll., 1875. 

Jacob Slo AT Fassett. A.E'. Elmira, N. Y. 


Spencer He DDEN Freeman. E'.X. Mnmford, N. Y. 

Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Instructor Mathematics, Dennison Univ., 
Ohio, 1876-7. 

Marcus HiRSHFiELD. )"../. Rochester, N. Y. 


John Morgan Milne. M.N. Geneseo, N. Y. 

Prof. Geneseo State Normal School. A.B.. Univ. of Rochester, 1879. 

Rev. Frank Harold Rowley. K.ii'. Titusville, Pa. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1879. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1878. 

George Raynolds Stearns, M.D. E'.T. Buffalo, N. Y. 

M.B., Homceopathic Med. Coll., N. Y., 1878. District Health Otlicer, 1880-1. On SUiff 
W^ard's Island, N. Y., Ilomoeopathic Hospital, 1878-9. 

Rev. James William White. I.I. Berkshire, X. Y. 

Pastor Congregational Church since 1881. Grad. Auburn Theo. Sem., 1878. 

326 Rochester. 

Charles Wisner Adams, M.D. A.Z. Kansas City, Mo. 

Prof. Diseases of Children, Univ. of Kansas City. M.D., Colnmbia Coll., 1879. 

Rev. Francis Julius Bellamy. KM'. Little Falls, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1S79. Grad. Rochester Theo. Seni., 187S. 

fFRANK Fillmore Davis. K. T. Lyons, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A.B., Hamilton Coll., 1876. 

Rev. Horace Holmes Huxt. E'.I'. Amenia, N. Y. 

Baptist Pastor since 1879. Grad. Newton Theo. Inst., 1879. 

Fletcher Joshua Sherman, M.D. E'.F. Lyons, N. Y. 

M.D., Univ. of City of New York. 

William Hall Wamsley. F/.J. Rochester, N. Y. 

Medical Student. 

Fred Potter Wilcox, LL.B. FI.P. Rochester, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1878. 


f Charles White Bishop. A.B. New York City. 

Oil Broker. 

fWiLLiAM Gideon Brownell, M.D. F/.J. Chicopee, Mass. 
fRev. Frederick Campbell. E'.F. Painted Post, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, at Painted Post since 1880. A.B., Coll. of N. J., 1877. 

Charles Erastus Darrow, M.D. A.Q'. Rochester, N. Y. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1881. 

Rev. Fred Taylor Gates. T.N. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pastor Baptist Church since 1880. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1879. 

Luther Madison Hair. E'.A. Dundee, N. Y. 


Henry Harrison. E'.I. Brockport, N. Y. 

Grain Merchant. 

t Walter Locke Smith. ^..V. ' Elmira, N. Y. 

Lawyer. A.B., Coll. of N. J., 1877. 

fRev. Wilton JNIerle Smith. E.M. Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1881. A.B., Coll. of N. J., 1877. Grad. Auburn Theo. 
Sem., 1881. 

Charles Perly Work. A.FI. Rochester, N. Y. 

Agent E. and N. S. Despatch Line. 

Rochester. 327 

\I{ev. Thomas Edwin Broion. A.J. Providence, R. I. 

Pastor First IJajitist Cluircli, I'mvidoncf. R. I. D.I)., Univ. of Koeliestcr, 1875. A.B. 
Columbian Univ., isei. Tutor Columbian Univ., l.SOl-2. 

fGEOKGE MooAU CiiAPiN. F/.J. Clucago, 111. 

Clerk Commercial National Bank. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1879. 

fGiLMAN Robinson Davis, M.D. A.N. Cinciuuati, Ohio. 


f Edwin Trumax de Bell. N.Ii. Coventry, N. Y. 


Rev. Ransom Harvey. O.P. Jamestown, N. Y. 

Pastor First Baptist Church since 1882. Grad. Rochester Thco. Scm., 1881. 

Morton Mixot. E'. Y'. Brockport, N. Y. 

Bank Clerk. 

fELECTUs Backus Litchfield Taylor. 7'. 7'. Riclimond, 

Business, with Franklin, Davis & Co., Kurserj-mcn. 

Charles Smith Wilbur. A.I. Rochester, N. Y. 



f John Beach Abbott. B.N. Rochester, N. Y. 


Lemuel Warner Bowen. F/.I. Detroit, Mich. 

Salesman, with D. M. Ferry & Co., Seedsmen. 

Selden Stanley Brown. E'.B. Scottsville, N. Y. 

Law Student at Rochester. 

Moses Hirshfield. O.A'. Muskegon, Mich. 


fOLiN Daniel Leisenring. A.X. Canton, Ohio. 

Civil Engineer, with Valley R.R. 

Hiram Belmaii Olin. M. P. Kansas City, Mo. 

,A8st. Supt. Pullman Palace Car Co. 

{William Wayland Simpson. F'. T. Canisteo, N. Y. 

Commercial Traveller. 


Charles Olin Bailey. A.I. Chicago, 111. 

Clerk Law Dcpt. C. & N. W. Ry. 

328 Rochester. 

Myron TuTHiLL Bly. NM. Rochester, N. Y. 

Law Student. Editor Rochester Sunday Morning Herald, 1880-1. 

William Poole Goodrich. E'.A. Rochester, N. Y. 

Manufacturer Ivory Buttons. 

fEDWARD Stanley Grigg. P. T. Denver, Colo. 

Sunday School Missionary since 1882. 

James INIonroe Hunt. I.I. New York City. 

Law Student. 

Lemuel Barrows Marcy. FJ.N. Rochester, N. Y. 

Law Student. 


Robert Babcock. /.''../''. Albany, N. Y. 

Medical Student. 

f Thomas Emmet Deavey. A.N. Abilene, Kan. 


fHENRY Trevor Drake. E'. T. St. Paul, jNIinn. 

Manufacturer of Hats, Caps and Straw Goods. 

fHiRAM Wallace Hayes. M.B. Kansas City, Mo. 


Herve Isbell, E\I. Amenia, N. Y. 

Prin. Amenia Acad. 

fRev. John Wesley Le Seur. F/.P. East Pembroke, N.Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1878. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1878. ' 

Charles Wion Smith. A. P. Kendall, N. Y. 

Medical Student. 

SuiviNER Wynne Stevens. E'.ii. Rochester, N. Y. 

Theological Student. 


George Byron Adams. E'.Q. Geneseo, N. Y. 

Arthur G Clement. E'. Batavia, N. Y. 

John M Hu-ll. M.A. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Arthur Wadsworth Pulver. E'. Rochester, N. Y. 


Fred Delmar Andrew. E'.I'. Ontario, N. Y. 
fLEWis Edwards Gates. I. Albany, N. Y. 

Harvard Univ., 1884. 

Rochester. 329 

George Ladd Munx. E'.l. Freejjort, 111. 
Hamilton Salmon Pkltz. J. Philii(lcl[)hia, Pa. 
Arthur Toole y. E' . Brockport, N. Y. 
Calvin Pardee Hull Varv. /. Newark, N. Y. 
Cyrus J Wood. 1. ]Moravia, N. Y. 

tGi:oRGE Pal:mer Decker. E' . Brockport, N. Y. 

Law Student. 

Henry Lewis Fassett. E' . Elmira, N. Y. 
Thomas Morey Hodg.Man, Jr. ./. Kochestcr, N. Y. 
Emory William Hunt. E' . East Clarence, N. Y. 
William Palmer Kinney. E' . Milwaukee, Wis. 
William MACOiiBER. E' . Rochester, N. Y. 


James ^NIead Bailey, Jr. //. Freeport, 111. 
William L Baicer. E' . Mt. Morris, N. Y. 
Abram Mills Fanning, Jr. M. New York City. 
William N Hubbell. FJ , San Diego, Cal. 
Herbert James Menzie. EJ . Bero-en, N. Y. 


185 1 TO 1859. 


The Alabama Chapter was established at the Uuiversit}' of Alabama, 
in 1851, by members of the Senior Class, and remained for seven 
years an active and flourishing Chapter of the Fraternity, doing 
its appointed work, although at a distance from other Chapters 
and removed from immediate and frequent contact with them. 
The lively interest felt in the Chapter, and its firm hold upon the 
affections of its members, have been sufficiently attested in the 
correspondence of the compiler with its surviving members, whose 
result is apparent in the full record of the Chapter inscribed below. 
In 1858 the Faculty of the College prohibited secret societies, and the 
Chapter suspended its active functions. The graduate members of the 
Chapter met immediately after this occurrence at Shelb}' Springs, Ala., 
and organized a graduate association ; but the war, in which nearly everj^ 
member of the Chapter served under the Confederate colors, early 
brought the annual reunions to a close. As the buildings, records 
and librarj' of the University were burned b}' Federal troops during 
the war, these sources of information as to the College honors won by 
the Chapter are cut off, and the record below, even where it indicates 
the University degrees of the members, has been compiled by diligent 
personal inquiry. 

The arrangement of members by classes, as originallj' furnished by 
the Chapter to the Alpha Delta Phi Catalogue committees in charge of 
the catalogues of 1854, 1857 and 18G0, is retained below, although it 
does not agree with the University Register. As the latter was largely 
compiled from memory, it was felt to be safer to follow the written 



roconl, Avhich has survived the war. The cle<^reos, as recorded in tlie 
Register, are, however, given under each name where tli.e year stated 
there differs from the class year in this catalogue. 

To the friends and kin of our deceased brothers the thanks of the 
Chapter are due for the information, whose results are given below, 
Tiie special acknowledgment of the FraternitN' is also due to Prof. 
John M. Martin, of Alabama University, for assistance in tracing the 
records of the deceased and the living. Brother Somerville, whose 
connection with the Chapter was intimate, has also been of constant 
aid in compiling this record. 


Charter Members. 

Thomas Francis BuGBEE. O.T. 
William Theodore Gates. M.B. 
John Samuel Meriwether. O.A. 

^ Thomas Francis BuGBEE. O.F. Montgomeiy, Ala. 

Lawyer. A.B., Ala. Univ., 1S50. Died October 9, 1859. 

\Rev. George Francis Oushman. E.J. Brool<Jyn, N. Y. 

Clergyman and Journalist Editorial Staff of T/ie Churchman, New York, since 1880; 
Editorial Staff of The Lhiiiig Church, Chicago, 1878. Deputy to General Convention from 
Ala., 18.56. Pres. Standing Committee, Illinois, 1874-7. Trustee of Jubilee Coll., 111. 
A.B., Amherst Coll., 1840; D.D., Univ. of Ala., 1860. Author of numerous occaBional 
and addresses. 

' — f William Theodore Gates. M.B. La Grange, Texas. 

Lawyer. After practising law for some time in the office of A. R. Gates, La Grange, 
Tex., he went, in 1852, to Honduras, Central America. As he has never been heard from, 
he is supposed to have died there. 

'^^^ John Samuel Meriwether, M.D. O.A. Eutaw, Ala. 

A.B., Ala. Univ., 1850. Surgeon 40th Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1862-4. Died May 26, 1879. 


* 18,53 John Henry Hobart Glassell. O.A. Mobile, Ala. 


*^^^tRoBERT Edward Herndon. P.B. Green Co., Ala. 

Merchant. Was killed in a rencounter in Texas. 

*'«<^ John Ramsay McDow, M.D. 0. T.K. Gainesville, Ala. 

Physician. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1855; then studied at New Orleans Med. School. 
Practised in Gainesville, Ala., until fall of 185!», when he removed to Fayette Co., Texas, 
remaining until 1861. Private 36th Ala. Inf., C. S.A. ; transferred to Trans-Mississippi 
Dept. as Surgeon, 1863. Died at Harrisburg, Quachita River, La., Feb. 15, 1864. 

*^^* RoscoE Peck. P.O. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Was about to be ordained a Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church, when he 
died of consumption, April 23, 1854. 

* ^^^^fEpHRAiM Alexander Pharr. J'. I. Camden, Ala. 

Planter. Private 2d Ala. Cav., C. 8. A. Died Nov. 29, 1869, from rheumatism con- 
tracted in the service. 

. 18C9 

Alabama. 333 

Wii Li XM Appling Wynne. II'. T. Greensborough, Ala. 

La^vyer. Ren>ovcd from Greene Co. to Greensborough. where he died, 1869. 

-t William S. Chapman. A'.I:- Los Angeles Cal 

Died at San Gabriel, Cal., November 3, 1881. 

^«<» Thomas George Chilton. 7'. }'. Montgomery, Ala. 

Lawyer. Removed from Tuekegee to Montgomery, where he died, 1860. 

-«» James Osgood Andrew Clopton. A'.iL Tuskegee, Ala. 
WiLmlli Adams GuNTER,LL.B. /.//• ^^-^^S^^Y' f t' 

Lawyer. LL. B., Univ. of Va., 1856. Lieut, let Ala. Cav., 2oth Ala. Inf., C. S. A.. 


t Jacob Hunter Sharp. 2'. r. Columbus, Miss 

Planter. Col. 44th Miss. Inf., 1862 ; Brig. Gen. Army of the 1 ennessee. C. S. A., 1864-d. 

John Webster Bishop. O.E. Talladega, Ala. 

Lawyer. Private Co. F 51st Ala. Cav., C. S. A. 

Taul Bradford. VJ. Talladega, Ala. 


*_|WiLLiAM Tennel Cochran. J'.H- Pickens Co., Ala. 


tBuRRELL I. Curry. A.l. Huntsville, Ala. ^^ . , 

Lorenzo C. Fisher. E.F. Lowndes Co., Ala. 

Emigrated to Texas before the war. 

* '^^t James Madison Fitzpatrick. /. /7. Autauga Co. , Ala. 

Died at the University, Tuscaloosa, April 30, 18.52. 

*- Walter Emmet Winn, LL.B. EA\ Marengo Co .Ala. 
tKev. Thomas Jefferson Beard. 2'..V. Mobile, Ala. 

' Rector St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church since 1872. Enlisted in C. K A. 

but was discharged for physical disability. 

tWiLLiAM Henry Benson, M.D. I.J. AVaynesborough, \ a 

^ Physician. M.D., Univ. of Md. Private Co. D 3d Ala. Inf.. 1861 ; Asst. Surgeon and 

Capt. 10th Ga. Batty., C. S. A., 1802-a. 

334 Alabama. 

Joseph Pickens Clark, U.Z. Eutaw, Ala. 

Lawyer. Clerk Circuit Court, Greene Co. 

Rev. EiCHARD Hooker Cobbs. /../. Greensborough, Ala. 

Rector St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church since 1861. D.D., Centre ColL, Ky.,1878. 

f Joseph Hardie. ./'. }'. Selma, Ala. 

Cotton Factor. A.B., Coll. of X. J., 1855. ilaj., C. S. A., two years. 

f Willi AM Jemtson MiMS. LI. Birmingham, Ala. 

Tax Collector, Jefferson Co. Capt. Co. G 43d Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1882-4; Maj., 1864-5; 
Lieut. Col. in command at close of war. 

*'^^f Henry St. John Peck. A'.JJ. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Died during his Sophomore year, February 8, 1853. 

•j-Daniel Webster Woodruff. E. W. Savannah, Ga. 

Bookkeeper, with Walter & Hart. Private, Corporal, Co. H 5th Ala. Inf., Battles' 
Brigade, Rodes' Div., A. N. V., 1861-5, C. S. A. Surrendered at Appomattox C. H., Va. 


*^^^t James Churchill Blakey, M.D. M.F. Tuskegee, Ala. 

M.D., Medical School, Charleston, S. C. Died in Meon Co., Ala., September, 1859. 

f Charles Joseph Bryan. P. 8. Tuskegee, Ala. 

Cotton Planter. Member Ala. State Legislature, 1859-63. Contributed to local press, 
1878-80. 3d Lieut., 2d Lieut., Capt., Co. C 3d Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1861. Discharged for 
wounds received in the service. 

* i^t James Deas NoTT, M.D. A.E. Mobile, Ala. , 

:NLD., Univ. Pa., 1858; A.B., S. C. Coll. at Columbia, 1857. Went abroad and pursued 
medical studies in Paris and Berlin for three years, returning in 1861 to enter the Con- 
federate service. Capt. 22d Ala. Inf., C. 8. A., 1861-3. Shot at the Battle of Chickamauga, 
Tenu., Sept. 20, 1863. 

t Samuel W. Pegues. A.n. Brown's, Ala. 


Henderson Middleton Someryille, LL.B. E'.Q'.K. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Associate Justice Supreme Court, Ala., 1880-6. Lecturer Common and Statute Law, 
Univ. Ala., since 1873. Member StateDem. Ex. Com., 1872-6. Editor Memphis, Tenn., Daily 
Appen/., 1S59~02. Instructor M.ithematics and Languages, Ala. Univ., 1S62-5. Associate 
Editor Southern Law Journal, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1878-80. LL.B., Cumberland Univ., 1859; 
LL.D., Georgetown Coll., Ky., 1877. Member Ala. Hist. Soc. Resides at Tuscaloosa, 

IHenry Jasper Winn, M.D. E.l. Birmingham, Ala. 

Physician. Occasional contributions on medical subjects in medical journals. M.D., 
Univ. Pa., 1858. Private 7th Ala. Cav., one year; Asst. Surgeon 50th Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 
two years. 


■''"^ Jacob Bryant. H'.P.. Clarke Co., Ala. 

Teacher. Killed while in C. S. A., at battle of the Wilderness, Va. 

^***«tSAMUEL T. Carpenter. A.I. Eutaw, Ala. 

Killed while in C. S. A., at New Hope Chapel, May 27, 1864. 





Rev. Cornelius Mahion IIutton. }'. T. Pleasant Ridtre, 
Ala. ^ 

Pastor Bethol Presbyterian Chiircli (South), 18C0-G; Bethesda Cliurcli, 1866-9; 
Pleasiint Ridijc Cliiirch, 1866-81. Principal Male and Female School, Pleasant Kidgc, 1870- 
2. Chaplain 36th Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1861-5. 

■fHENRY Junius Nott. P.A. Mobile, Ala. 

A.B., S. C. Coll., 1857. Studied in Paris for three years; returning in 1801, entered Con- 
federate service. Lieut. Co. B 22d Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1861-2. iJied at Mobile. May 8, 
1862, from typhoid fever, contracted through fatigue and exposure at the battle of Shiloh. 

William Frederick Withers. //'.//. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Appointed Capt. of Regul.irs from Miss., C. S. A., 1861. 

Junius Kincaid Battle. Y.F. Tuskcgec, Ala. 
fREGiNALD Heber Dawson. E.U. Caniden, Ala. 

Lawyer. Served two terms as State Solicitor of Ala. Capt., Mai , Lieut. Col.. 
Co. A 13th Ala. Inf., C. S. A., 1861-5. 

* ^^'^ John RANDOLrri Griffin. P. 6. Bellevue, La. 

Lawyer. Member La. General Assembly, 1863. 

fBENJAMiN Mock. A'.N. Columbia, S. C. 

Asst. General Passenger Agt. C. C. & A. R.R. Semple's Art., 1862; Battery Gladden, 
Heavy Art., C. S. A., at Mobile, 1864-5. 

* ^««' Lemuel Gaston Spiva. K. 1\ Wilcox Co. , Ala. 

Lawyer. 35th Miss. Inf., 1861-2. Died in C. S. A. military service at Crawfordsville, 
Miss., August, 1862. 

t John James Steele. O.J. Benton, Ala. 

Merchant. Until recently a Cotton Planter. County Supt. Education, 1876-80. Private, 
Corporal, Semple's Ala. Battery, 1862-3 ; Battery Gladden, Heavy Art., C. 8. A., at Mobile. 

*^««- Joseph Bacon Thornton, M.D. O.Z. Eufaula, Ala. 

M.D., Univ. La., 1861. Died in C. S. A. military service, at Manassas, Va., 1862. 

fWiLLiAM Parish Chilton, fy. E. Montgomery, Ala. 

Lawyer. Solicitor for 9th Judicial Dist. Ala., two years; elected to Ala. Legislature, 
1861. Author of two vols, of poems. Mansions of the Skies, and Columbia; and of History 
of the Administrations (in press). Col. on Special StalT Service, C. S. A., 1801-5. 

Rt. Rev. Samuel Smith Harris. Detroit, Mich. 

Prol. Epis. Bishop of Mich. D.D., William and Mary Coll., 1875; LL.D., Univ. Ala., 
1879. Member Chicago Hist. Soc. Served in 0. S. A. in various positions, chiefly on Staff of 
General Bragg. 

* ^*^ William Inge HoGAN. I.I. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

After taking the second honor in his class, was studying for the ministry .it Columbia, 
S. C, Theo. Sem., where he died, during the winter of 1864-5, from overwork. 

f Frank Strother Morrisett. P.O. Unioutown, Ala. 

Planter. A.B., S. C. Coll., Columbia, S. C. 


185 I TO 1885. 


Like Brunonian, the Williams Chapter succeeded a Chapter of a 
western college Fraternity whose other Chapters, all in western 
colleges, enjoyed a high position and an excellent reputation. After 
conference with Brunonian, and acting upon a common understandings 
application was made for a charter in Alpha Delta Phi. About 
the middle of December, 1850, the Brown Chapter petitioned for ad- 
mission, and in March, 1851, was admitted. Owing to unaA'oid- 
able circumstances the Chapter here could not send in its petition till 
after the Brown Chapter had been admitted. 

Meantime there had been formed in this College a union of worth}* 
men, and a petition from them for admission into the Alpha Delta 
Phi Society had been laid before the Yale Chapter a little before the 
petition from those who had constituted the Chapter of the Western 
Fraternity, and to the first petition a favorable reception was im- 
mediatel}" given. At this juncture the action of the two organiza- 
tions became known to each other, and proposals were at once made 
for union, which, however, was not effected till the Yale Chapter had 
sent Mr. W. W. Crapo as a delegate, to make a definite arrangement 
between the two, and then a new petition was drawn up and signed 
by individuals of both organizations. An answer to this petition was 
long expected with great impatience, but on account of some de- 
lays it was not till the 1st of July that it was received. On the 
evening of that day Messrs. W. W. Crapo and D. C. Oilman, dele- 
gates from the Alpha Delta Phi at Yale,- unexpectedly arrived, bringing 
with them the charter empowering the formation of a Chapter in 

Williams. 337 

AVilliains College. On the suinc night, iit a late hour, the following 
persons were duly initiated and formed into a Chaptei-, under the 
name of the Williams Chapter : — 

5e„,„,-<,. —George EUeiy Clarke, Seth Mooar Dunnniji, Saimiel Buslinell 
GoodiiU', James Kellogg Mills, George Mooar, Charles Newman, Jackson Temple, 
Samuel Williams. 

Juniors.— io\\n Stockman Batclielder, John Woodbridge Dickinson, Henry 
Martyn Hazeltine, Arthur Latham Perry, Charles Perry. 

^c)i>7i07?io>-es. — Erastus Newton Bates, James Lawrence Clarke, Theodore 
Adolphus Gardner, Harvey William Milligan, Charles Augustus Walters, Robert 
Henry Williamson. 

i?'/fs/()HeH. —George Lapham Ames, Charles Robinson Bliss, James Richard 
Dewey, Henry Martyn Grout, Edward Payson Hudson, Abbott Eliot Kittredge. 

Afterwards, on the evening of July 8, Hiram LaMottc; Lewis, Junior, 
and Charles Franklin Gilson, Sophomore, wdio w^ere absent at the 
formation of the Chapter, were initiated at a special meeting. 

Owing to the lack of a sufficient number of badges, the society did 
not "swing" until July 9. Tradition says that a College meeting 
had been called for the morning of that day, in which. twenty-seven 
A A (I> badges were displayed. This was the first intimation in 
College of what had been done, and so amazed and bewildered 
were the students at the formation among them, and without their 
knowledge, of a Chapter of so strong and powerful a Fraternity as 
A A '/>, that the meeting broke up without attending to the business for 
which it had been called, and the absorbing topic of the day 
throughout the College was the new society. 

The society had had various lodges np to 18G5, when the subject of 
the erection of a hall was broached. Nothing was done until the 
reunion of 1866, when three thousand dollars were subscribed, and 
a committee appointed to take the matter in charge. Active measures 
were taken, but it was not until the fall of 1868 that ground for the 
present structure was broken. The work was pushed along, until, 
in October, 1869, the permanent home of the Chapter was com- 
pleted. On the fifth day of Noveml)er the hall was dedicated to A A <lK 

338 Williams. , 

The undergraduates of sueceediug classes, not being wholly satisfied 
with the internal arrangement of the building, offered, at the Com- 
mencement of 1875, to make such alterations as would make it satis- 
factory, on condition that the alumni would furnish and decorate 
the building. The proposition was accepted. In 1880 a handsome 
porch was erected to the memory of James Ruthven Adriance, '78, 
by his family and members of A A associated with him in College. 
The principal honors have been won by : — 

George Mooar, '51, Valedictory ; Charles Newman, '51, Phil. Oraiioti ; J. W. 
Dickinson, '52. Classical Oratioji ; H. M. Hazeltine, '52, Phil. Oration ; A. L. 
Perry, '52, Metaphysical Oration; H. R. Murdock, '54, Phil. Oration; G. L. 
Ames, '54, Geological Oration; J. R. Dewey, '54, Ethical Oration; G. D. Good- 
rich, '57, Honorary Oration; H. B. Stevens, '57, Salutatory; Alexander Hutch- 
ins, '57, Valedictory; J.G.Ames, '58, Salutatory; Justin Dewey, '58, Phil. 
Oration; H. M. Lyman, '58, Valedictory ; H. H. Morgan, '59, Classical Oration; 
E. T. Hooker, '60, Classical Oration; J. F. Stone, '61, Classical Oration; G. F. 
Miller, '62, Salutatory; W. H. Swift, '63, Valedictory; C. T. F. Spoor, '65, 
Salutatory; E. W. Rice, '68, Valedictory; David Campbell, '74, Salutatory; 
C. M. Demond, '81, Valedictory. 


Charter Members. 

George Lapham Ames. A. 0. 
John Stockman Batchelder. A'. A. 
Erastus Newton Bates. P.N. 
Charles Robinson Bliss. li'.A. 
George Ellery Clarke. A. 6. 
James Lawrence Clarke. A.B. 
James Richard Dewey. //'.//. 
John Woodbridge Dickinson. /:'. 0. 
Seth Mooar Dunning. E.J. 
Theodore Adolphus Gardner. T. 6. 
Charles Franklin Gilsost. P.-. 
Samuel Busiinell Goodale. E.K. 

Henry Martyn Grout. H'.X. 

Henry Martyn Hazeltine . P. I. 

Edward Payson Hudson. 77. 0. 

Abbott Eliot Kittredge. P. A. 

Hiram LaMotte Lewis. /. T. 

Harvey AYilliam Milligan. /. E. K. 

James Kellogg Mills. 2'. /7. 

George Mooar. F.X. 

Charles Newman. I. A. 

Arthur Latham Perry . //' . A . 

Charles Perry. A.l. 

Jackson Temple. T.A. 

Charles Augustus Walters. .1. ?'. 

Robert Henry Williamson. //'. //• 

Samuel Williams. M. E. 

340 Williams. 


George Ellery Clarke. A.S. Falmouth, Mass. 

Cashier Falmouth ^rational Bank. Prin. Lawrence Acad, eleven years. Principal 
Clerk, Office U. S. Lighthouse Dept., Boston. 

Seth Mooar Dunnixg. E.A. Chicago, 111. 


Samuel BusHNELL Good ALE. E.K. New York City. 

Real Estate Broker. 

*'""* James Kellogg Mills. l.U. Davenport, Iowa. 

Lawyer. Commissioned Brig. Gen. U. S. Vols., March 13, 1865. Died Dec. 20, 1874, 
aged 44. 

Rev. George Mooar. V.X. Oakland, Cal. 

Prof., Congregational Clergj-man and Editor. Pastor South Church, Andover, Mass., 
1855-61; First Congregational Church, Oakland, Cal., 1861-72; Plymouth Avenue Church, 
Oakland, Cal., since 1874. Prof. Systematic Theology, Pacific Theo. Sem., Oakland, Cal., 
1870-81. Editor San Francisco, Cal., Pacifii:, 1863-81. Author of The Enduring and 
Varyin" Beauty of a Good Man's Life, 1859 (discourse) ; Historical Manual of the South 
Church, Andover, Mass., 1859; The Religion of Loyalty (discourse), 1865; The Promi- 
nent Characteristics of the Congiegational Churches (lecture), 1866; Hand Book of the 
Congregational Churches of California, 1st edition, 1863; 2d, 1871; 3d, 1875. D.D., Wil- 
liams, 1868. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1855. 

* ^^''^ Rev. Charles Newman. -.A. Lanesboro', Mass. 

Pastor, Congregational, Torringford, Conn., 1858-62; New Lebanon, N. Y., 1863; 
Lanesboro', Mass., 1863-74. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1857. Died in 1874, aged 43. 

Jackson Temple. T. J. Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Superior Judge since 1880. Justice Superior Court, 1870-1; District Judge 22d 
Dist., Cal., 1S77-9. 

*'^' Samuel Williams. * M.F. San Francisco, Cal. 

Journalist. Editor Utica Herald, 1851-61; Editorial Staff Albany Evening Joitrnal, 
1861-5 ; Editor San Francisco Evening Bulletin, 1865-81. Died June 30, 1881. 


Rev. John Stockman Batchelder. A'. A. Stratham, N. H. 

Pastor, Congregational. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1855. 

John WooDBRiDGE Dickinson. E'.H. Newtonville, Mass. 

Sec. Mass. State Board of Education since 1876. Prin. We^tfield Is^ormal School, 1852- 
76. Author of Annual Educational Reports, 1876-80; Methods of Teaching, 1879; Oral 
Teaching, ISSO; and contributions to Massachusetts Teacher since 1860. 

Rev. Henry Martyn Hazeltine. P.F. West Stockbridge, 

Pastor, Congregational. Grad. Union Theo. Sera., 1858. 

Hiram LaMotte Lew'is. /. }'. Chicago, 111. 


Rev. Arthur Latham Perry. fP.A. AYilliamstown, Mass. 

Prof. History and Political.Economv. Williams. Congregational Clergyman. Prof, in 
Williams since 1853. Author of Elements of Political Economy, 1866-81 ; Introduction to 
Political Economy, 1877-81. LL.D., Union Coll., 1874. 

Charles Perry. A.l'. Geneseo, 111. 

Coal Mining. 

Williams. 341 

Erastus Newton Bates. /^.V. Riverside, 111. 

Wholesale Grocer, Chicago, 111. Lawyer and Asst. Atty. III. Central R.R. Member 
of Constitutional ('onvcntion, Minn., 1857; State Senator of Minn., 1858-9; Member III. 
LeKislaturc, 1860-7. Treas. State 111., 1809-72. Maj., Lieut. Col. and Col. 80th 111. Inf.; 
Brig. Gen. Vols., March 13, 1864, U. S. A. 

*^*^ James Laavkence Clakke. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Teacher in Pa. Inst, for Deaf .ind Dumb. Died November 6, 1863, aged 33. 

*'^' Rev. Theodore Adolpiius Gardner. 7'. '9. Faribault, 

Congregational Clergyman. Died June 29, 1880, aged 50. 

*'^' Charles Franklin Gilson. P.l. Williamstown, Mass. 

Prof. Modern Languages, Williams, 1868-81. Died June 8, 1881, aged liZ. 

Harvey William Milligan, M.D. I.E.K. Jacksonville, 

Teacher. Supt. Wis. Inst. Deaf and Dumb, 1805-7. Trustee III. Coll. nince 1875. 
M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1803. 

*i877 Charles Augustus Walters. ./.}'. Williamstown, Mass. 

Teacher. Died June 18, 1877, aged 50. 

Robert Henry Williamson, M.D. //'.//. McGregor, 

Physician. Preached, 1858-74. M.D., Rush :Mcdical Coll., Chiengo, 111., 1877. Grad. 
Union Theo. Scm., 1858. Member Mihv.iukee Co. Med. Soc. ; Wis. State Med. Soc; Mil- 
waukee Popular Science Soc. 


*'^ George Lapham Ames, M.D. A. 6. Manchester, Vt. 

Examining Surgeon for Pensions Vt. State, 1862. Pres. Bennington Co. Med. Soc., 1864. 
M.D., Univ. Louisville, Ky., 1857. Died April 3, 1869, aged 37. 

Rev. Charles Robinson Bliss. //'../. Chicago, 111. 

Congregational Clergyman. Sec. New West Education Commission since 1S77. Grad. 
Andover Theo. Sem., 1858. Pastor, Presbyterian, Beverly, N. J., 18.59-62; Congregational, 
Wakefield, Mass., 1862-77. Member of School Board, Wakefield, Mass., 1867-77; Trustee 
of Trinidad, Las Vegas and Albuquerque Acads., and Univ. of New Mexico. 

James Richard Dewey. H'JI. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Greek, Chicago High School, since 1865. 

Rev. Henry Martyn Grout. H.X. Concord, Mass. 

I'astor, Congregational. Asst. Editor Conijrerjatioualist, 1870-2; Boston Correspondent 
^f?!;aH(r, 1872-0; Editor S. S. Dept. New York Ohxerver since 188L Author of The 
Gospel Invitation, 1877; Commemoration of Edward Southworlh, 1869; Trinitarianism 
in Concord, 1876; Discourses in Sermons by the Monday Club, 1876-81. D.D., Williame, 

*i88o i^pwARD Payson Hudson. H.O. New York City. 

Editor rron Merchant. Capt. 6th Conn. Inf., U. S. A. Died June 13, 1880, aged 48. 

Rev. Abbott Eliot Kittredge. P.J. Chicago, 111. 

Pastor Third Presbyterian Church since 1.»!70. Pastor, Congregational, Chiirlestown, 
M.-iss., 1859-04; EleventJi Presbyterian, New York City, 1805-70. Pres. Board of Trustees, 
Lake Forest Univ. Grad. Andover Theo. Scm., 1859. D.l)., Williams, 1S78. 

342 Williams. 

HoLLis Read Murdock. LK. Stillwater, Minn. 

Lawyer and Dealer in Real Estate. Probate Judge, Washington Co., Minn., 1859-67; 
City Attorney, Stillwater. Member of Minn. House of Representatives, 1872. 


Rev. John Pursel Haire. E'.I'. Beloit, Wis. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church since 1S78. Prin. Wis. Female Coll., 1870-3; Prof. Latin 
Lang, and Lit., Ripon Coll., 1873-5; Prin. Janesville Classical Acad., 1875-8; Member Board 
Trustees, Wis. Fem. Coll., 1870-5. Initiated at Miami. 

«i88i Phineas Warriner Hitchcock. E.T.K. Omaha, Neb. 

Lawyer. Member of National Republican Convention, ISGO; U. S. Marshal, 1861^; 
Territorial Delegate, 186^-7; U. S. Surveyor General, 1867-71; U. S. Senator, 1871-7, all 
from or in Nebraska. Died July 10, 18S1, aged 50. 

* '*^ Edward Jerome Hooker, M.D. A.I. SouthHadley, Mass. 

Died April 26, 1858, aged 23. 

Charles Jemison. A.E. Clarksburgh, N. J. 

Teacher in New York City. 

*'^f Henry Erw^x Mixer. E'.Z. Manchester, Vt. 

Left Williams, 1854. A.B., Middlebury Coll., 1857. Died Dec. 30, 1863. 

William Alfred Nettleton. A'.B. Stockbridge, Mass. 

Manufacturer, Bridgeport, Conn. 

*'*^* Rev. Cyrus Austin Snow. I. A. Lampasas, Texas. 

Teacher. Congregational Clergj'man. Died July 16, 1878, aged 46. 
1856. . 

f Oliver Keese Lapham. A.S. New York City. 

Merchant and Manufacturer. 

Robert Jay Mitchell. B.I. Baltimore, ]Md. 

Second Comptroller's office, U. 8. Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C. Capt. Co. G. 
128th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. 

Rev. George Benton Neavcomb. 0. ¥. New York City. 

Prof. Philosophy in Coll. of Citv of New York since 1879. Pastor, Congregational, 
Bloomfield, Conn., 1861-6; Wolcottville, 1866-9; New Haven, 1869-78. Ph.D., Williams, 


* '^-f William Van Yoorhis Rapalje, M.D. /./7. Newtown, 

Physician. Died March 28, 1872. 

Rev. Charles Whittier. E.Q. Dennysville, Me. 

Pa.stor, Congregational, since 1860. Grad. Bangor Theo. Sem., 1860. 

Valentine Burt Chamberlain. N.K. New Britain, Conn. 

Lawyer. Asst. Clerk Conn. House of Representatives, 1861. Member Rep. Nat.Conv., 
Chicago, 1868, from Florida; Member Conn. House of Representatives, 1865 and 1872. 
Judge New Britain City Court. 1868-73, 1877 to term ending 18S3; Judge of Probate since 
1879. 2d Lieut. 7th Conn. Inf., 1861; Capt., 1862. 

Williams. 343 

tRev. Gabriel Havens DeBevoise. K. E. Leominster, Mass. 

raster, Congregational, since 18S0. Grad. Audovcr Thco. Scni., 1864. Honorary A. 15., 
Williams, 1868. 

'*'" Rev. George Dickinsox Goodrich. /'.//. Denver, Colo. 

Congregational Clergyman. Died in 1870, aged 36. 

William Greenougii Harding. ./.A'. Pittsficld, Mass. 

Glass Manufacturer. Justice of Peace. Postmaster at IJerksliirc, Mass., since 18.58. 

^^^ Rev. Elias Cornelius Hooker, /v. J. Stockbridge, Mass. 

Congregational Clergyman. Died December 5, 1873, aged 41. 

Alexander Hutciiins, j\I.D. U'.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Visiting Physician to Brooklyn Citv Hospital; Consulting Physician at East Brooklyn 
Dispensary. M.D., New York "Med. "Coll., 1800. Pres. Kings Co. Med. Soc., 1877-80; 
Permanent Member N. Y. State Med. Soc. and American Aled. Assoc. Surgeon U. 8. 
Navy, 1801-3. 

Homer Bemis Stevens. U'.Q, Westfield, Mass. 

Lawyer. Trial Justice Hampden Co., Mass., since 1S73. Prin. 'Westfield High School, 

t Nathan Dana Wells. ./.J. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

L.iwyer, New York City. Com. for Licensing Sailors' Hotels and Boarding Houses, 
New York and Brooklyn, since 1874. Head Asst. Classical Dept., Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass., 18")9-G1; I'rof.Cooper Inst., New York City, 1861-.'); Counsellor Brooklyn Soc. 
Prevention Cruelty to Children since 1880. Left Williams, 1853. A.B., Yale Coll., 1857. 


Rev. John Grifeith Ames. O.A. AYashington, D. C. 

Episcopal Clergyman. Supt. of Documents, Dept. of Interior, since 1874; Librarian 
Dept. of Int., 1874-7. Head of House of the Evangelists, New York City, 1870-3. Pres. 
Y. M. C. A., Washington, D. C, since 1878. Grad. Episcopal Theo. Scm., Gambler, Ohio, 

George Henry Beckwith. F.TI. Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Dist. Atty. of Clinton Co., 1865-8. Life Trustee Plattsburgh Acad. Mem- 
ber Board Educ.-itiou, P"latt.sburgli High School. 

Justin Dewey. /. Y. Great Barrington, Mass. 

Lawyer. Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1863, 1877 ; Mass. State Senator, 1879. 

Arthur Broavn Graves. F'.S. New York City. 

Merchant. Pres. St. Nicholas Nat. Bank, 1878-81 ; Pres. N. Y. Cotton Exchange, 
1874-5. Trustee Williams. 

Benjamin Franklin Lee, LL.B. A.K. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1861. 

Henry Munson Lyman, M.D. Wl. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Chemistry, Rush Med. Coll., 1870-6; Prof. Physiology, Rush Med. Coll., since 
1876; Prof. Theory and Practice of Woman's Med. Coll., Chicago, since 1878. Author 
of AusBslhesia and Anaesthetics, 1881. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1861. Acting Asst. Surgeon, 
U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Rev. Benjamin Franklin Parsons. //'./. Hawkinsvillo, 

Congregational Clergyman. Merchant and Parmer in Ga., since 1878. Prln. Bacon 
Acad., Colchester, Ct., 1'858-61 ; South Berkshire Inst., New Marlboro', Mass., 1862-71; 
Peters High School, Southboro', Mass., 1873-6. 

344 Williams. 

*i8«»-|-WilliamTildenPelton.- A.U. New York City. 

I^ft Coll., 1857; in business, Chicago and Xew York, to 1874. Military Sec, Gov. of 
N. Y., 1870-6. Vice Pros. N. Y. Elevated K.R. Co., 1877-9. Died July 7, 1880. 

f Rev. Edward Griffin Porter. F'.(^, Lexington, Mass. 

Pastor Hancock Congregational Church since 1868. Chairman Lexington School 
Board, 1S69-73; Member Board Visitors, Harv.ard Coll., since 1875; Trustee Lawrence 
Acad., Groton, Mass., since 1877; Trustee Abbot Acad., Andover, Mass., since 1878; 
Member Board Visitors Kcw Bedford Acad, since 1870. Author of Souvenir of Lexing- 
ton, 1875, and Proceedings Centennial Celebration of the Battle of Lexington, 1875. 
Member of New Eng. Historic-Genealogical Soc; Am. Antiquarian Soc. and Mass. Hist. 
Soc. A.B., Harvard, 1858. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1864. 

Joseph Eobie Putman. P. W. Chicago, 111. 

Real Estate Broker. Lieut. Col. commanding 42d Colored Lif., U. S. A., 1864-6. 

fRoBERT Hayes Antes. B.A. Geneseo, 111. 

Dentist. D.D S., Pa. College of Dental Surgery, 1863. 

John Wells James, M.D. P. 77. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Indigo and Spice Merchant, New York City. M.D., Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 1866. 

Horace Hills Morgan. P.Q'.K. St. Louis, Mo. 

Instructor, Editor and Author. Editor of the St. Louis, Mo., Wextern. Principal of 
High School; Director and Chairman Cora. Books and Donations, Public School Library. 
Director of Univ. Club. Author of Representative Names in History of English Literature, 
187,'), 1876 and ISSO; Topical Shakespeariana, 1879; Liter.ary Studies from the Great British 
Authors, 18S0; Premium Essays, N. E. Journal of Education, 1830. Member of St. Louis 
Acad, of Sciences; Social Science Assoc. ; Am. Assoc, for the Advancement of Science; 
Virginia Hist. Soc. ; Soc. of Pedagogy. 

Clark Esek King Royce. A. T. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Lieut. 44thN. Y. Vols., 1861-3; Capt. 44th N. Y. Vols., 1863; Lieut. Col. 6th 
Colored Inf., U. 8. A., 1863-5; Col. 29th Colored Inf., U. S. A., 1865. 


Henry Tay^lor Antes. H'.A. Geneseo, 111. 

Phvsician and Surgeon. M.D., Long Island Med. Coll. Hosp. Asst. Surg. C. R. I. 
& P. R.'R. ; 33d 111. Inf., 1862-5 ; Surg. 47th 111. luf , 1805-6. 

*i865 William Francis DiMMiCK. A.E. Falmouth, Mass. 

Merchant. Director Falmouth Bank. Member School Com. Died January 1, 1865, 
aged 26. 

James Carruthers Greenough. M.D. Providence, R. I. 

Prin. R. I. State Normal School since 1871. First Asst. Prin. State Normal School, 
Westficld, Mass., 1856-71; Member Board of Examiners, Brown Univ.; Member Board of 
Visitors, Wellesley Coll. 

Rev. Edward Trumbull Hooker. O.X. Charleston, S.C. 

Pastor, Congreg.itional, since 1881 ; Castleton, Vt., 1875-81. Grad. Chicago Thco. Sem., 
1867. Private Co. A 8th Vt. Inf., U. S. A. (Vermont Veteran Volunteers) , from December, 
1863, to close of war. 

Rev. Charles Weston Jenkins. E.I.K. Stuttgart, Ger- 

Dentist. Retired Congregational Clergyman. Christian Commission in South. Editorial 
Staff Christian, Union, N. Y. 

WiUiams. 345 

David Wkicmt Ji dd. J. A'.' New P,riohton, N. Y. 

riililislior Vico I'n- .n.) 'I"r. >- o, in '. .Tiuld I'lib. ( 'o., Xuw Vork City. Mcinber 

X. Y. Lriiislature. 1872; m ■ , ' ' inc, ls-:i-81 As-o KJ. M,t/<odht,S. Y. 

Times, ^.Y. Commer,;., i .1 '. A..1 ...r of Two ^ cars ( ampa>gn.i.« in 

Vi.-!;inm, 1863. Editor Hi. i ; In .!.■ nil I :i > . U.i.adia, 18.4. Member Am. Assoc, of 
Science. Private, U. B. A., Isoi-J. 

'•■^''tRev. SniuLOCK Andrews Newkikk. A.//. Oswego, N.Y. 

Clergyman. Died June 21 , 18G3. 

t John Gkant Otis. r.6. Topeka, Kan. 


"■'fGEORGE McElwaine Wkigiit. /y. T. San Franeiseo, Cal. 

City Editor Alta California. 2d Lieut. 3d Art., U. S. A., 1862-4. Died July 8, 1870. 


Benjamin Franklin Hastings, M.D. B.A. South Abing- 
ton, Mass. 

U. S. Examining Surg, for Pensions. M.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1803. Asst. Surg. 18tb Mass. 
Inf., U. S. A., 1863-4. 

Edward Payson Nichols. ' //'.//. Syracuse, N. Y. 


George Anthony Sanders. O.J. Springfield, 111. 

Lawyer. Asst. State Treas. 111., 1869-75. Kcpublican Presidential Elector, 1863. 

James Farrar Stone, M.D. <lKli. Philadephia, Pa. 

U. S. Pension Exam., 1866-7, Mancbester, Vt. Prin. Staten Island Inst., 1862-3. 
M.D., Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 1866. 

James Brainerd Taylor Tupper. li'. K. Washington, D.C. 

Clerk Treas. Department. Private 31st Reg. Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-3. 

fEBENEZER Wright. A'. J. Bloomington, 111. 

Agent of the New York Juvenile Asylum. 

*"^'"f Edward Dexter Brigham. J.Ii. Saugus, Mass. 

Died May 1, 1859. 

Rev. John Henry Denison. l\iL Boston, Mass. 

Congregational Clergyman. Missionary, Hampton, Va., 1866-7 and 1S7S-80; Pastor, 
Soutli Williamstown, 1867-78. Grad. Andover Tbeo. Sem., 1866. 

flloRACE Benjamin Fitch. 0..\. Auburn, N. Y. 

Business, Dealer in Builders' and Painters' Supplies. 2d and 1st Lieut. 75tb N. Y. Inf., 
Capt. 139tb, 1861-3 ;'Capt and A. D. C, U. S. A., 1864; Bat. Col. and A. D. C, L. S. A., 

fBEXJAMiN Franklin jSIather, Jr. A'.X. Williamstown, 

■ Mercbant. Town Clerk of Williamstown, 1801-7. Member Mass. House of Kepresen- 

346 Williams. 

George Franklin Mills. E.E.K. So. AVilliamstown, Mass. 

Teacher. Asst. Prin. Greylock Inst. Bince 1862. 

f Frederick William Mitchell. A'.1\ Washington, D. C. 

Pension Office, Interior Dept. Lieut, and Capt. 12tli 111. Cav., U. S. A., December, 1862, 
to March, 1835. 

Eev. Charles Pinckney Holbrook Nason. //. 6. Chelsea, 


Pastor Central Congregational Church since 1874; Acting Pastor Lafayette St. Pres- 
byterian Church, Buffalo, X. Y., 1872-4. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1872. School 
Committee, Chelsea, 1877-80. Interior Dept., 1864-5. lus. Agent Chicago and Cincinnati, 
1866-71. Author of Aim in Life, 1874 ; Self Sacrifice, 1878 (discourses) . Member X. E. 
Historic-G-enealogical Soc. Vol. Aid Art. Brig., 5th Corps, Army of Potomac, 1863-4. 

* '^'^ Samuel Edgar Wells. A.K. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Flour Merchant. Died at Xashville, Tenn., June IS, 1876, aged 36. 

Edward Stanley Atwood. E.TI. East Orange, N. J. 

Merchant, New York City. Member Am. Assoc, for Advancement of Science. 

Eev. Charles Hume Baldwin. E.J. Amsterdam, N.Y. 

Pastor, Prcsb3-terian, since 1881; Peekskill, X. Y., 1867-9; Johnstown, 1869-72; Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1872-4; Medford, Mass., 1875-81. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1866. 

Joseph Sidntey INIitchell, M.D. A'. I. Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Physiology, Habneman Med. Coll. ; Theory and Practice, Hahneman Med. Coll. 
and Chicago Horaceopathic Coll; Pres. 111. State Med. Assoc; Chicago Homccopathic 
Coll. since 1876; Chicago Acad. Homosopathic Physicians and Surgeons. M.D., Bellevue 
Hospital Med. Coll., 1865. 

William Henry Savift. E'.O. Chicago, 111. 


*i88o Alfred Otis Treat, M.D. A.I. Boston, Mass. 

Missionary Physician, attached to North China Mission of Am. Board of Foreign 
Missions, 1867-74. M.D., Bellevue Med. Coll., 1866. Surgeon N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1863-4. 
Died at Luzerne, N. Y., June 20, 1880, aged 40 years. 

Rev. Charles Russell Treat. E.A. Greenwich, Conn. 

Congregational Clergyman. Prof. Physical and Vocal Training, Williams, 1865-9; 
Prof. Vocal Training, Scho'ol of Oratory, Bos'ton Univ., 1873-5. Chaplain Mariner's Institute, 
Antwerp, Belgium, 18S0-1. 


*"^^f Charles Rollin Bissell. A. A. Southampton, Mass. 

Died November 5, 1861. 

Charles Gardner. Fl'.F. Chicago, 111. 

Real Estate Dealer. Prof. Greek, Chicago Univ., three years; Latin, two years longer. 
Asst. Editor Lakenide .Vont/ily ; Pub. and Editor of Chicago, 111., Record, afterwards the 
IlUmtrated Journal; Editor of Chicago, HI., X;/e ^o«<. 

Rev. Charles Augustus Kingsbury. I. A. West AVin- 
field, N. Y. 

Pastor, Congregational, since 1880. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1867. 

* 1830 

Williams. 347 

Samuel Seward Benedict. A.-. Giiilforfl, Kan. 

Farmer and Stock Kaiser. Member Kan. Legislature, 1871-6; State Senator Kan., 1876, 
term expires 1884. Regent Kan. State Univ., 1880; term expires 1883. 

George Towner Goodrich Holavill. A'../. Shaughai, 

Official in Chinese Imp. >[ar. Custom Service ; Cliineso Civil Service since 1867. 
Aullior of two Reports on Trade at Shanghai, 1875 and 1878. Member Royal Asiatic See, 

' John Woodbridqe Hawley. H'. T. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Private 8th Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3; Capt. Co. D 1st Regt. 111. National 
Guard, 1875. Died December 20, 1881, aged 38. 

f Richard Nickerson Oakman, Jr. I.F. Turner's Falls, Mass. 

Cutlery Manufacturer. Auditor U.S. Customs, Charleston, S. C, 1869-70; Deputy 
Collector Customs, Charleston, 1870-2. Cashier Crocker National Bank and Treas. Crocker 
Institution for Savings at Turner's Falls, 1872-4; Treas. Montague Paper Co., Turner's Falls, 
1873-4 ; Treas. John liussell Cutlery Co. since 1874. 

Charles Talmadge Fairchild Spoor. E.A. Albany, N.Y. 

Lawyer. Lecturer on Practice and Pleading, Albany Law School, since 1876. 

William Talcott. A.I. Jersey City, N. J. 

Lawyer. Editor of Fifth Am. Edition of Jarraan on Wills. Vol. I and II, 1880; Vol. 
Ill, ISSl. Lawyer since 1868; practising, Jersey City, 1S68-71 ; Chicago, III., 1871-6; Jersey 
City since 1S76. 

fEDMOND Lewis Wyman, M.D. J.E. Manchester, Vt. 

Physician at Factory Point. M.D., N. Y. Tlomfeop. Med. Coll., 1875. 

John Milton Bigelow, ^I.D. M.E'. Albany, N. Y. 

Prof. Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Albany Med. Coll., since 1870. Attending 
Physician to Albany Hospital, St. Peter's Hospital and Old Men's Home, since 1870. Pres. 
Albany Co. Med. Soc, 1879-80; Young Men's Assoc, of Albany, 1879-80. Author of 
Peritonitis, in Lancet, 1873. M.D., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, 1870; Honorary M.D., 
Albany Med. Coll., 1870. 

Virgil Polk Kline. F.Q. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Author of The Currency Question (address). 

Granville Stanley Hall. I'.O. Somerville, Mass. 

Harvard Univ. Lecturer on Contemporary German Philosophy and Pedagogy ; Prof. 
Philosophy, Antioch Coll., Ohio, 1872-6; Instructor at Harvard, 1S76-7; Lecturer at 
Johns Hopkins Univ. and Williams. Author of Translation of Hegel as the National 
Philosopher of Germany, 1874; and Aspects of German Culture, 18S1 ; Associate Authorof 
Die AVillkiirliche Muskelaction, 15erlin, 1879; and Die Abhiingigkeit der Reactiouszeiten 
vom Ort des Reizes. Grad. Union Theo. Scm., 1871. Ph.D., Harvard Coll., 1878. 

Rev. Frederick Augustus Hand. li'.I. Boston, Mass. 

Congregational Clergyman. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1870. Died October 4, 1880, 
aged 38. 

Henry Augustus Harman, LL.B. /.J. A'. Bennington, Vt. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1871. 

34^ Williams. 

Hamilton Weight Mabie, LL.B. A. P. Greenwich, Conn. 

Editoi-, New York City. Literary Editor of Christian ['iiion. Autlior of New Edition 
Michaud's History of Crusades, and Hints for Home Reading. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 

Francis Lynde Stetson, LL.B. P.l\ New York City. 

Asst. Corporation Counsel New York City, 1875-80. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

fCHARLES Sherwood West. P.M. Plainfield, N. J. 

Newspaper Advertisement Agency, firm of Daucliy & Co., New York City. 

't Walter Denison Brooks. A. P. Boston, Mass. 

Publisber. Died April 5, 1877. 

Francis Edmiston Cook. A. W. St. Louis, Mo. 

Teacher. Prin. Douglas and Mullanphy Schools; \Vebster School, 1869-70; Douglas 
Branch High School, 1870-81. Associate Editor of the St. Louis, Mo., Western. 1st Lieut. 
7th Mo. Enrolled Militia, U. S. A., 1862; Private to 1st Lieut. 7th Mo. Cav., U. S. A., 

flssACHAR Price Fell. I'.d. Bloomington, 111. 

Sec. and" Treas. Bloomington Furniture Manufacturing Co. Internal Revenue Bureau, 
Washington, D. C, 1863-1. 

Osee Matson Hall. M.l'. Eed Wing, Minn. 


WoRTHiNGTON LaGrange. (K )'. Albany, N. Y. 

Maltster. A. D. C. to Lieut. Col. and Chief of Staff on Brigade Staff, 1871-8, N. Y. 8. 


Rev. Hamilton (Rowland) Lee. N.I. East Oakland, Cal. 

Rector Church of the Advent since ISSl ; As.«ociate Rector, New Brighton, N. Y., 
1872-6; Missionary, Santa Barbara, Cal., 1876-7. P. O., Brooklyn, Cal. Grad. Gen. P. E. 
Theo. Sem., 1872. 

Edward Walter Rice. J. 77. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Teacher in New York City. 

t Jasper Stansbury Ross. II. A. Brace ville, Ohio. 


John Kingsbury West. N. E. Detroit, Minn. 

Lumber Merchant. 


Alfred Clark Chapin, LL.B. P. A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harvard Univ., 1871. Member N. Y. Assembly, 

Edward Herman Cole. P.Q. Nyack, N. Y. 


Rev. Joseph Henry AYhitehead. O.I. Pompton Plains, 

Pastor Reformed Church since 1872. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1872. 

Williams. 3*49 

f Samuel Stevens Bailey. H'.\. Springfield, Mass. 


Thomas Hope Biiooks. //'.2'. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Iron Founder. 

Rev. Joseph Hohsfall Johnson. U. )'. West Chester, 
N. Y. 

Rector since 1881. Grad. General Theo. Scm., 1ST3. 

Lemuel Carrington Mygatt. /v'.A'. New York City. 

Teacher, Inwood-on-Hudson. 

fMoRTON Shattuck Pakmelee. /'. 'f. Malone, N. Y. 

Lumber Manufacturer. 

AzARi AH Smith Storm. I.E. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Tea Merchant, New York City. 


Charles Winchester Doty. A.h. West Monterey, Pa. 

Bookkeeper and Manager Mineral Ridge Coal Co. 

Herbert Russell GiBBS. F.O. Cambridge, Mass. 

Clerk, with Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Cambridgeport, :Mass. 

Charles Hall Hooker. ././, Dorchester, Mass. 


fHARRYKEEN. P.E. San Francisco, Cal. 


fJoHN QuiNCY Wells. .V. ¥. Riverside, 111. 

Real Estate Dealer, Chicago. 


fFREDERiCK Samuel Anable. /\/\. Arlington Heights, 

Claim Clerk Gen. Freight Office, Fitchburg R.R., Boston, Mas.s. 

fSoLON Tenney French. IJ.M. Chicago, 111. 

Ticket Agent, Chicago & N. W. Ry., Wells St. Depot. Asst. Prin. Collegiate School, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1872-3; Prof. Latin and Greek, Colorado Coll., 1874-5; Acting Pres., 
1875. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1872. Initiated at Rochester. 

t Joseph Warren Homer. (KM. Boston Higlilands, Mass. 

Prin. R. I. Scliool for Deaf and Dumb since 1S77. 

William Henry Harrison Tuttle, LL.B. /. )''. F)oston, 

Lawyer. Master of IIi),'li School, .Vrllngton, Mass., 1872-t>. LL.B.. Harvard Univ., 

SS'O Williams. 

Frank Eliot West, M.D. P.E. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Asst. to Prof. Practice of Med., Long Island Coll. Hospital. M.D., Long Island 
Hospital Med. Coll., 1876. 


t Arthur Thomas Boxd. TjI). Medford, Mass. 

Manufacturer of Worsted Knit Goods. 

EoBERT Meech Chamberlaix. F' . 0. Detroit, Mich. 


IFrederick Williams Crocker. P.0. New York City. 


fGEORGE Emerson, M.D. /;.//. Winfield, Kan. 

M.D., Albany Med. Coll., 1874. 

Charles May, LL.B. F.(I>. New York City. 

Lawyer. Teacher Greylock Inst., 1873-5. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Charles Barker Wheeler. K.A. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member Buffalo Soc. Xat. Science. 

Melchior Coxrad Gerhard Witte, Jr. M.A. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Business, Xew York City. 


Louis Edmuxd Allex. O.A. Acton, Mass. 

Medical Student. 

JoHX HiGGixs Barxhart. 0.1. Logansport, Ind. 

Dealer in House Furnishing Goods. 

David Campbell. K.A. Chicago, 111. 


Frank White Morrison. P. Y. Indianapolis, Ind. 



Elmer Edson Finxt^y. A'. A'. Kansas City, Mo. 

Real Estate Dealer. 

fEowARD BicKNELL WoosTER. J. 77. Albany, N.Y. 

Dealer in Furniture. 


fCoLLiN Armstrong. J. 0. New York City. 

Journalist. Financial Reporter on Staff of The Sim since 1879; World, 1876-8. 

Harry Asahel Barker. P.F/. New York City. 

Salesman, with Amidon, Lane & Co. Asst. Master Vt. Episcopal Inst., Burlington, 
Vt., 1871-3 and 187G-80. 

Williams. 351 

RoswELL Park Collin, M.l). J'.O. New York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

John Peck Lane. 0.1\ Pitt.^fickl, Mass. 


Rev. John Joseph Rankin. N.6. Denison, Iowa, 

Pastor, I'rosbytei'ian, since 18S1. Grad. Princeton Thco. Scm., 1880. 

William Lawrence Adam, LL.B. I.Q. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1880. 

Samuel Douglas Dodge, LL.B. E.r. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

Robert Washburn Gilbert, LL.B. I\II. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

John Platt McLaren. O.J. Glendale, Ohio. 

Medical Student. Initiated at the Miami Chapter. 

Jacob Bishop Perkins. ././. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Business. Initiated at the Hudson Chapter. 

fliENRY Parker Witte, M.D. E.F. Stamford, Conn. 



*'*"^ James Ruthven Adriance. K.P. Poiighkeepsie, N. Y. 

Died April 21, 1879. 

George Anthony Bates. P.O. Springfield, 111. 

Manufacturer, III. Watch Co. Director 111. Watch Co. since February, 1881. 

William Lewis Brown. /../. North Adams, Mass. 


Carlton Putnam Mills. K.J. So. Williamstown, Mass. 


f Lansing Russell. I.(I>. Cleveland, Ohio. 

James Billings Atwater. B.F. New York City. 

Medical Student. 

Charles North Do WD. A.M. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Studying Sciences in Europe. 

Walter Mead Rankin. ./../. Newark, N. J. 


352 Willi a JUS. 

Julius Hubbell Seymour. A.ii'. St. Albans, Vt. 

Student in Columbia Coll. Law School, New York City. 

Hexry William Stevexs. /.J. Saratoga Springs, N. Y 

Student Columbia Aled. Coll.,^ew York City. 

fWiLLiAM Gardner Hempstead. /..V. Evanston, 111. 

Lead Business. 

Arthur Kixg Laflix. )".J. Chicago, 111. 

Law Student. 

Hermaxx Lewis Matz. AM' . Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 

Office of Walter A. Wood Mowing Machine Co. 

Thomas Dowse Peck. (Kl . Pittsfield, Mass. 

Manufacturer Cotton and Woollen Goods. 

fLAXSixG Warren. I.B. Chicago, 111. 

Sporting Editor for The Inter-Ocean, on city Stafl' since 1881. 
1881. . 

Austin Bradley Bassett. Y.I. Albany, N. Y. 

Teacher, Saratoga Springs, X. Y. 

Charles Mason Demond. A'.Q'. Easthampton, Mass. 

Teacher in Williston Sera. 

Henry Willia3I King, Jr. E.X. Chicago, 111. 

Wholesale Clothing Business. 

Augustus Hall Vanderpoel. A. A'. New York City. 

Student at Law. 

Alfred Ely Buell. [l.O'. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Rudolph Matz. A.^. Chicago, 111. 
Joseph Perkins, Jr. O.A. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Edmund Seymour. I. T. St. Albans, Vt. 


Harris Ely Adriance. H.1\ Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Joseph Warner Bott. O.A. Holyoke, ^lass. 
George Carl Fitch Bratenahl. /M'. Riverside, Conn. 
Edward Roby Crowell. A. A. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Williams. 353 

Charles Francis Day. ^'.J. I^avenna, Ohio. 

Initiated at the Hudson (!ha[)tor. 

Samuel Van Vranken Holmes. ^.M. Albany, N. Y. 

fABRAM WiNNE LaNSING. li.J. CohoCS, N. Y. 

Arthur Henry Walker. I'. T. Akron, Ohio. 

Initiated at tlio Hudson Chapter. 

James Denison Colt. J\ T. Pittefield, Mass. 

Leonard Yeltiwans Gardiner, Jr. N.F. Amsterdam, 

N. Y. 
Herbert Oakey Hall. B./\ New York City. 
Francis King. I'JP. Chicago, 111. 
William Wolcott Seymour. I./L St. Albans, Vt. 
Frederick Clifford Squier. J./L Buffalo, N. Y. 
Grosvenor Eeuben Trowbridge. 1\B. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Arthur Dudley Dowd. ,/\J. Saratoga Springs, N, Y. 
Harry Augustus Garfield. A. P. Cleveland, Ohio. 
James Rudolph Garfield. E.M. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Edward Man. A.N. New York City. 

Initiated at the Manhattan Chapter. 

Henry Donnel Rockwell. .f.J. Washington, D. C. 
Bentley AYirt Warren, /l. T. Brighton, Mass. 


1855 to 1885. 

On the evening of March 9, 1855, eleven members of the New 
York Free Academy assembled at the Collamore House, Broadway, 
and there met Messrs. Henry D. Koot and William W. Goodrich, then 
graduates of the Amherst Chapter, who avowed themselves so much 
pleased with the spirit manifested by the men there assembled, that 
they pledged themselves to use their whole influence with their own 
and other Chapters to obtain a charter for the petitioners. 

As a consequence of this meeting an application for membership 
in the Fraternity was drawn up b}' William H. Abel and Franklin S. 
Rising — a committee "appointed for that purpose — and presented to 
the Amherst Chapter. The affirmative answer of that Chapter was 
received on April 6, 1855, and the other Chapters having signified 
their approbation, a charter was issued, dated Juh* 9, 1855, and the 
evening of Monday, July 9, 1855, was chosen for the initiation of 
the new Chapter, at which time the ceremon}' was performed ; and 
Manhattan Chapter held its first regular meeting on Thursday, July 
12, 1855, at the residence of Brother Simeon Baldwin, Jr., No. 48 
East 25th Street. 

The appearance of Brothers Rising and Baldwin at the next Con- 
vention, at Cambridge, was the signal for a most gratifying reception 
to the delegates from the new Chapter. The fact that the inaugura- 
tion of the Chapter was so long delaj-ed after the application was 
a most unfortunate one, as eight of the eleven founders, as well as the 
only member yet initiated by them, Brother Benjamin F. Lee, graduated 
at the following Commencement, leaving only Brothers F. S. Rising, 

Manhatta?!. 355 

Russell Sturgis, Jr., and J. L. Van Uurcn as active niembers. But 
the brothers worked hard ;uk1 earnestly, and at the next initiation, 
which took place on Friday-, October 11, 1855, seven new brothers, 
of the classes of '54, '55, '57 and '59, were admitted into the bonds 
of our Fraternity. 

From this time onward the Chapter prospered, and on February 
19, 185G, held its first meeting in its new rooms. No. 809 Broad- 
way, as yet not entirely furnished. After the completion of 
the hall a special dedicatory meeting was held May 29, 1856, at 
wliich brothers from the Hamilton, Columbia, Urban, Yale, Amherst, 
Harvard, Williams, Dartmouth and (ieneva Chapters were present. 
Further on, the rooms were completely furnished ; a comfortable 
retreat was furnished to the ardent Alpha Delts, who were not 
slow to embrace the opportunity, and afternoon social gatherings 
became a regular feature of the Fraternity life. 

On June 24 and 25, 1857, the Twenty-fifth Annual Convention 
was held in New York City. The occasion was a great one in 
the Fraternity, and Manhattan Chapter received great benefit 
thereby. Her part in the ceremonies of the occasion was no slight 
one, and she saw, as a Chapter, for the first time, what the true 
Alpha Delt spirit was. 

At the meeting of March 10, 1858, the Chapter mourned the first 
gap in its ranks, made by the death of one of its most devoted 
brothers — Matthew James Blakeley, of the class of '58 — and appro- 
priate resolutions were passed. The Chapter in a body attended 
the funeral on the next day, ten brothers acting as pall-bearers. 

For a long time the Chapter held the even tenor of its way, 
nothing especially worthy of note occurring until in May, 1859, it 
received notice that the initiation of the Union Chapter was to be 
entrusted to Manhattan. Bros. James Weir Mason, Adolph Werner 
and Henry Kirke White were the Committee for the Chapter, and on 
the 8th of July seventeen men of that College were duly initiated. 
In the latter part of this year tlie Graduate Chapter in New York, 

356 Alanhattan. 

so long a noted, useful, and helpful body of brothers, first met as 
an organized body. 

From this time onward no event of great moment has broken 
the quiet and beauty of our fraternal life. The Chapter has been 
in the most prosperous condition. Assisted, overlooked and advised 
by the Graduate Chapter, and sustained by its thorough and uni- 
versal fraternal spirit, it is in the present, as it always has been in 
the past, a Chapter acting, as far as possible, up to the aims of 
Samuel Eells, and one with a hearty love and sincere admiration 
for Alpha Delta Phi. 

Manhattan Chapter has taken nine Valedictories, seven Saluta- 
tories and twent3'-four Honor Orations, besides many other Honorary 
Orations and Dissertations, in its twenty-six years of existence. 
The Pell Medals, for general proficiency, were taken thirteen 
times. The Burr Medals (Mathematics) were taken ten times. 
The Riggs Medals, for composition (established in 1865), have been 
taken b}- Senior A J ^/''s seven times, and by Juniors five times. 
The Sophomore Cromwell Medals have been taken fourteen times, 
eleven of them firsts. The Kelly Prize Critique has been competed 
for five times, and four times have A J ^'s won it. Alpha Delts 
have taken first prizes twice, and second twice, in the Kelh' Prize 
Debates. In Prize Speaking we have taken eleven prizes. The 
Lockwood Prize has been won six times. Seven Claflin Prizes 
have l)een awarded to us. When money prizes (for a few years 
only) were awarded, mam' more than our fair share were taken \>\; 
A A (f's. Of the twent}' "Ward Medals, awarded each j-ear since '59, 
we have taken a great number ; besides other special prizes. 

Her nine Valedictorians are : William H. Abel, '55 ; Charles H. Pratt, '56 ; 
Adolph Werner, '57 ; Charles L. Balcli, '60; Charles Roberts, .Tr., '62; Clinton 
J. Hartt, '6-1; John A. Knapp, 'G5 ; Edward C. Henderson, '76; Charles H. 
Wilson, '77. 

Ifer seven Salidatoricnis are: Lewis C. Bayk's. '55; John S. Roberts, '57; 
John P. Appleton, '59; Henry K. White, '60; William C. Kimball, '61; E. F. 
Enrich, '66; Edward M. Shepard, '69. 

Manhattan. 357 

Other Honor Men, and the principal Prize Winners are: W. H. Abel, '55; 
C. H. Pratt, 'ofi; F. S. Risinj,', '5(5; J. S. Roberts, '57; Adolph Werner, '57; 
J. P. Appleton, '69; C. L. Balcli, '00; M. E. Dwight, '60; II. K. White, '60; 

E. F. Young, '60; W. C. Kimball, '61; E. F. Hyde, '61; Chas. Roberts, '62; 
J. M. Trippe, '62; Wm. L. Bull, '64; C. J. Ilartt, '64; J. H. Knapp, '65; Wm. 
H. Larie, 'Go; E. F. Enrich, '66; H. P. Talmadge, '67; S. E. Seaman, '67; R. 
R. Bowker, '68; R. B. McMaster, '68; E. M. Shepard, '69; Graham McAdam, 
'70; W. DeF. Edwards, '71; J. L. Woodward, '72; L. E. Jones, '73; W. R. 
Dix, '74 ; R. L. Sweezy, '74 ; E. C. Henderson, '76 ; D. M. Hunter, '77 ; C. H. 
Wilson, '77; W. W. Smith, '78; E. S. Doubleday, '79; besides many others: 
(honor men) — L. Fernandez, '55; J. W. Mason, '55; E. P. Wheeler, '56; D. 
(J. Fanning, '57; H. K. Sloane, '58; W. R. Sands, '58; S. B. Patterson, '64; H. 

F. Cliapman, '67; E. T. Hiscox, '69; C. H. Nettleton, '70; E. T. Rice, '80. 

Manhattan Chapter has been represented in the Faculty of the 
College of the City of New York, as follows : Horace Webster, M.D., 
LL.D., first President; J. Graeff Barton, LL.D., Prof. English 
Literature; Adolph Werner, M.S., Prof, of German ; Russell Sturgis, 
Jr., A.M., Prof, of Architecture and Arts of Design ; James 
Weir Mason, A.IM., Prof. Mathematics; Rev. George B. Newcomb, 
A.M. (Williams, 'o6). Prof, of Philosophy. Tutors: Wm. Henry 
Abel, Lewis Condit Bayles, Franklin S. Rising, Alex. P. Ketchum, 
David G. Fanning, Wm. H. Hallock, Ch. Roberts, Jr., Henry P. 
Johnston (Yale, 18G2), Wm. W. Smith. 


Charter Membe7's. 

William Henry Abel. H'.A. 
Simeon Baldwin, Jr. O.TI. 
Lewis Condit Bayles. A.E. 
Luis Fernandez. £'.J. 
Francis Asbury Mason. P. W. 
James Weir Mason. A. V. 
Henry Albertson Post. NA\ 
Franklin Samuel Rising. H'.A'. 
Dayton Wyckoff Searle. Z'.\. 
Russell Sturgis, Jr. l.I. 
James Lyman Van Buren. M.E. 

* "^^^ Horace Webster, M.D. H.A. New York City. 

Commissioned 2d Lieut, from West Point Military Acad., 1818. Asst. Prof. Mathe- 
matics, West Point, 1818-25. Resigned from Ai-my, 1825. Prof. Mathematics, Hobart Coll., 
1825-48; Pres. and Prof. Moral and Intellectuar Philosophy, Coll. of City of New York, 
1848-69; Emeritus Prof., 1869-71. M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1850; LL.D., Kenyon Coll., 1849; 
Columbia Coll., 1849. Died at Geneva, N. Y., July 12, 1871. 


* '""'"^ Rev. John Graeff Barton. 1.6. New York City. 

Prof. English Language and Literature, Coll. of City of New York, 1852-77 ; Taught 
St. James Coll. as Prof., Vice Rector and Rector, from graduation to 1850. A.B., St. James 
Coll., {circa) 1831. Studied Gen. Protestant Episcopal Theo. Sem., New York City. LL.D., 
Columbia Coll., 1872. 


Rodney Glentworth Kimhall. P. 8. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prof. Applied Math., Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst., since 1869. Asst. Prof. Math., N. Y. 
State Normal School, 1855-9; Prof. Math., N. Y. State Normal School, 1859-62 and 1863-9. 
Capt. 44th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., September 6, 1862, to April 16, 1863. 


William Henry Abel. H'.A. New York City. 

Retired from business. Tutor Coll. of City of New York, 1855-56. Sec. Am. Telegraph 
Co., 1858-66. Auditor W. U. Telegraph Co., 1866-72. 


Simeon Baldwin. (K II. New York City. 

Banker and Broker. 

*^*" Rev. Lewis Condit Bayles. .I.E. San Francisco, Cal. 

TutorColl. of Citv of New York, 1856-8. Grad. Princeton Thco. Sem., 1861. Pastor, 
PresMJ'tcrian, 84th Street Church, New York City, 1862-4. Died August 15, 1864. 

Elihu Dwight Church. E.O. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Manufacturer, New York City. Private 7th N. Y. S. N. G., U. 8. A., 1861-3. 

* — Luis Fernandez, M.D. E.J. New York City. 

M.D., N. Y. Univ., 1859. 

Benjamin Franklin Lee, LL.B. A.K'. New York Citv. 

Lawyer. A.B., Williams Coll., 1858; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1861. 

Rev. Francis Asbury Mason. P. W. South Orange, N, J. 

Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal, ordained 1867; present charge since 1881. Trustee 
Central Tennessee Coll., 1871-6. Author of published sermons, What Shall I Give; Prayer 
as a Force, etc. 

James Weir ^Lvson. ./. Y. K. Ncav York City. 

Prof. Pure Math., Coll. of City of New York, since 1879. School Teacher, 1855-63; 
Priu. Union Free School, Dist. No. 6, Yonkers, N. Y., 1863-8; Albany Acad., 1869-72. 
Actuary Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1872-9; Pa. Life Ins. Co., 1879. 

*^^^ Rev. Henry Albertson Post. N.F. Warrensburgh, N. Y. 

Studied Union Tlieo. Sera., 1855-6; ordained Presbvterian, 1860; preached, Warrens- 
burgh, X. Y., 1860-1. Died November 12, ISOl. 

Dayton Wyckoff Searle, M.D. Z'.X. New York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1866. 


Rev. Charles Henry Pratt. A.M. Minneapolis, Minn, 

Real Estate Dealer since 1870. Preached, Lisbon, 111., 1862-4; Brookfiold.Mo., 1864-9. 
Retired from ministry because of ill health. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1861. 

*^*^ Rev. Franklin Samuel Rising. .11. A'. New York City. 

Tutor Coll. City of New York, 1856-8. 

Russell Sturgis, Jr. I.I. New York City. 

Prof. Architecture and Arts of Design, Coll. City of New York, since 1878. Tutor, 

* ^^ James Lyman Van Buren. M. E. New York City. 

2d Lieut. D'Epineuil Zouaves, 1861. Transferred to U. S. Signal Sen-ice, 1862. 
Major, Bvt. Ijeut. Col., Bvt. Col., Bvt. Brig. Gen., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Everett Pepperrell Wheeler, LL.B. T.(-\K. New 
York City. 

Lawyer. Counsel for Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co. since 1S70, and for Oceanic 
Steam Nav. Co. since 1872. Pros. Associate Alumni Coll. City of New York, 186.5-75. 
Author of The Supreme Court, a Coordinate Branch of the U. S. Government, 1860; The 
Character and Conduct of the War, 1863; Popular Education in the Citv of New York; 
Address before Associate Alumni, 1866; Reports of Board of Education for 1878 and 1879; 
Report on Art Department, 1877; Address before Senate Com. on Civil Service Ucform, 
1881; Address before N. Y. Senate Com. on I'nderground Telegraphs. ISSl ; Kejjort on 
Elevated Railroads, 1876; Argument on Edison's Quadruijlex, 1S77; .Vrijunienl on Tele- 
graph Consolidation, 1881. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1S.V.1. Honorary Member New York 
Hist. Soc. and New York Geographical Soc. ; Member New York Board of Education, 
1877-9. Cora. New York Elevated li.R., 1876. Chairman Exec. Com. Civil Service Reform 
Assoc, 1880. Pres. New York Free Trade Club, 1881. 



Clevelaxd Abbe. A. 11, Washington, D. C. 

Meteorologist, Office Chief Signal Officer, IT. S. A., since 1871. Director Observatory, 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1868-71. Proposer and projector of collecting and coordinating meteoro- 
logical observations for the purpose of making weather predictions, in 1869. Author of over 
eighty papers on meteorological and astronomical subjects, published in 1863-81 in Aitrono- 
mische Xachrichten, Monthly Notes Royal Astronomical Soc, Bulletin Hebdomadaire 
Association Scientijique de France, Am. Journal of Science, Trans. Assoc, for Adv. 
Science, Journal of Franklin Institute, Smithsonian Reports, Colton's Geographical Jour- 
nal, Reports of Chief Signal Officer, U. S. A., and daily papers of Cincinnati and Chicago. 
Contributor to Appleton's Am. Cyclopaedia on Dew, Earthquake, Echo, Electricity, 
Fog, and twelve other subjects; to Johnson's Encyclopaedia on Hail, Halo, Meteorology, 
Nebulae, and five other subjects, and to Baird'a Annual Summary of Progress on 
Mathematics, Astronomy, etc. 

^*^* Smith Bloomfield, LL.B. I.B. Alexandria, Minn. 

Lawver. Member Now York Board of Education, 1866; Supt. Douglass Co., Minn., 
Schools, 1869-70. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1860. Judge Probate, Douglass Co., Minn. 

David Green Fanning, /.i'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bank Clerk. Manufacturer, Chicago, 111., 1857. Assoc. Priu. Utica High School, 
1857-8; Tutor Coll. City of New York, 1858-9. 

'"^ George Elias Hawes, M.D. P. W. Montclair, N. J. 

Dentist. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1866. 

Charles Henry Kitchel. A'. 6. Xew York City. 

Lawyer. Asst. U. S. Assessor, 1868-70. Author of occasional papers. 

Rev. John Sinclair Roberts. O.A. Morristown, N, J. 

Presbyterian Clergyman, retired, without charge. Missionary in China, 1861-5; 
preached IBrooklvn, N. Y., 1865-7. Prof. Mathematics and Astronomy,"Washington and Jef- 
ferson Coll., Washington, Pa., 1868-9. Preached, 1869-71. Taught, Bellefonte, Pa., 1871-4. 
Missionary to China, 1874-8. 

Adolph Werner. E.Q. New York City. 

Prof. German, Coll. of City of New York, since 1861. Tutor, 1857-61. Ph.D., Rutgers 
Female Coll., 1881. 


* '^^t Matthew James Blakely. M.B. Xew York City. 

Died in college. 

* — William Kingsland Hallock, M.D. J'.fl. Xew York 

Tutor Coll. of City of New York, 1862-3. 

Alexander Phcenix Ketchum, LL.B. A.I. New York 

Lawyer. Pres. Mt. Morris Bank. Tutor Coll. of City of New York, 1858-9. Assessor 
U. S. Internal Revenue, 1869-72; Collector, 1872-4; Gene'ral Appraiser of Customs, N. Y., 
1874-81. Pres. Alumni Assoc. Coll. of Citv of New York, 1876-80. 1st Lieut. 56th N. Y. 
Inf., U.S.A., 1864-5: Capt. 128th U. S. Colored Troops, 1865; Bvt. Col.. U. S. Vols., 
1861-4. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1860. 

J(ohn) Wesley Pullman. 0.8. JenkintoAvn, Pa. 

Iron Manufacturer and Miner, Philadelphia. Sec. and Treas. Hibernia Mine R.R. Co. 
since 1866; Chester Iron Co., Mining Co., N. J. ; West Point Furnace Co.'s Iron Blast 
Furnace, Cold Spring, N. Y. Author of occasional contributions to the Iron Age. Mem- 
ber Am. Inst. Mining Engineers. 

Manhatta7i. 361 

Walter Seabury Sands, LT..B. /:../. rarkcrshuroh, W. 

Lawytr. LL.I?., Columbia Coll., ISGO. 

*'*'"' Henry King Sloan. A'./'. New York City. 

Before adopting any profession, died February 2, 18G1. 

Rev. John Perrin Appleton. //..V. Boonton, N. J. 

Rector St. John's Protestant Episcopal Cburch since 1874. Grad. General Theo. 
Sem., New York City, 1863. 

Oscar Brown Ireland. Z' .1. Springfield, ISIass. 

Actuary Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co. since 1872. Mercantile pursuits, New York City 
and U. 8. of Colombia, IS.W-G'.); Asst. in Cousultiui;; Aoliiary's office, New Y(jrk (Jity, 
1870-2. 2d Lieut. U. S. Signal C^orps, 18G3-5. 

Benjamin Ellis Martin, M.D. A'.H. Englewood, N. J. 

Author. At present working in London, Eng. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1861. Editor 
U. S. Service Magazine, 186R-7. Surgeon racirtc Mail S.S. Co., 1867-70; Port Surgeon, 
1869-70. Contributor Scrilmers' and other magazines, San Francisco Netcs Letter. Author of 
In and Out of London AVith Dickens. Correspondent for New York papers. Asst. Surgeon 
5th N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A. (Duryea's Zouaves) ; mentioned "for gallant and meritorious con 
duct in the field," at Big Bethel. Va. 

James Alfred Seaman. V.l.K. New York City. 


*i87c LocKWOOD DeForest Woodruef, M.D. J'. 2'. New 
York City. 

House and Visiting Surgeon of various hospitals. Surgeon 1st Brigade, N. G. S. X. Y. 
M.D., Columbia Coll., 1863. Died July 9, 1876. 


* '*'^ JRev. Charles Leland Balch. A.T. Jancsville, Wis. 

Prof. Ancient Languages, Norwich, Vt., Univ., 1863-4. 

Rev. Melatiah Everett DwiGTiT, jNI.D. M.E. Fairfield, 

Clergyman ; settled over Church since 1879. if.D.,Bellevue Med. Coll., 
1864. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem. ,'1866. \ 

fWiLLiAM Ellsworth, Jr. A'. 6. New York City. 

Pres. Montauk Fire Ins. Co. 

Frederick HoBART. A'. J. Newark, N. J. 

Journalist. Asst. Editor Kuilway Gazette, New York City; Contributor to Graphic. 
Private 2d N. J. Inf., U. S. A., 1861; 9th N. J. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4; Capt., 1864. 

*i864 Charles Clarence Tracy Keith. P. A. NeAv York City. 

Capt. Signal Corps, U. 8. A., 1863-4. 

fCHARLES McLean Knox, LL.B. li'.ll. riiiladi'lphia, Pa. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1860. Major 9th N. Y. Cav., IT. S. A., 1862-4. 

f Frederick Robert. New York City. 

Pres. Eastern Transportation Line. 

362 Manliatfan. 

Henry Edwin Tremain, LL.B. E'. ¥. New York City. 

Aest. U. S. Disl. Atty., 1873-0. Special Counsel for Governmeut in revenue cases, 
1877. Author of various pamphlets and articles in periodicals. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 
1867. Private 7th N. Y. Inf., 1861; 1st Lieut, and Capt. 73d N. Y. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-3; 
Major, A. D. C. and Bvt. Brig. Gen. Inf., U. 8. A., 3d Corps and 2d Corps, Cav. Corps, 

Henry Kirke White, LL.B. 75:. 2'. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Commissioner U. 8. Circuit Court, Mo. Dist., 1866-78; Clerk 5th Mo. Dist. Court. 
1866-70. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1862. 

t Albert Young. A.X. New York City. 

Broker. Member New York Stock Exchange. 

*i863 Edward Francis Young. A.T. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Major 4th N. Y. Art., U. 8. A. Killed near Washington, December 22, 1863. 

t Joseph Benson Barnum. O.A. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Edwin Francis Hyde, LL.B. I\I. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1863. Private 22d N. Y. 8. N. G., U. S. A., 1862. 

William Cargill Kimball. I.M. New York City. 

Stock Broker. 

EoLAND Green Mitchell, Jr. UJ). Great Neck, N. Y. 

Manufacturer, New York City. 

* '®*^ James Henry Pullman. K. S. New York City. 

Secretary Trenton Iron Company. 

Frederick Jarvis Slade. Z'.B. Trenton, N. J. 

Engineer and Treasurer N. J. Steel and Iron Co. Author of a part of Locomotive 
Engineering, Glasgow, 1867, and of professional papers. Member Inst. Miuinsr Engineers. 
Private 22d N. Y. S. N. G., U. S. A., 1862. 


Charles Roberts, Jr., LL.B. A.F. Ncav York City. 

Instructor of Elocution, Union Theo. Sem., since 1879, and Public Reader. Tutor Coll. 
of City of New York, 1866-77. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. Lieut. Signal Corps, U. 8. A., 

t Albert Dodge Smith. A.Fl. Orange, N. J. 

Dry Goods Commission Merchant, New York City. 

*^" James Matthews Trippe. I.X. Orange, N. J. 

Lieut. Col. 24th Colored Troops, U. 8. A., 186.i. 

Henry Ashton Crosby. F.Q. New York City. 

Asst. Sec. St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute R.R. 

John Elihu Dwight. A'. W. New York City. 

Alanhailan. i^^t^ 

f Washington White Ellsworth. 1.(I>. Redden, Del. 


fHENRY Walton Grinnell. N.d. New Roclielle, N. Y. 

Retired Inspector General Imperial Jnpanege Navy, lS68-"0; Naval Adviser to Repub- 
lic of Ecuador, 1871-2. Aiitlior of Notes on a Journey to Corea and tliroutrli Manchuria, 
Am. Geo. Soc. Journal; also Notes on Patagonia. A. \'. Lieut. U. S.N., 1861-8. 

Gilbert Livingston Morse. B.J. Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

Manufacturer of Composite iletals. Alderman and Pros. Yonkers Common Council, 
1876-8 ; Acting Mayor, 1878. School Trustee, 1874-80. Contributor to N. Y. Observer, etc. 

t Charles Henry O'Connor. //.//'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Merchant; firm of O'Connor, Kimball & Co., Paper Dealers, New York City. Private 
22d N. Y. Inf.; 1st Lieut. 2d R. I. Inf.; detailed on -Statfof Brij;. Gen. Wheaton, 1864. 

Edward Livingston Owen, LL.B. A. 6. New York City. 


fWiLLiAM James Slauson. A'. A. New York City. 


IAppleton Sturgis. n.Z. New York City. 

Agent. Lieut, and Aide-de-Camp U. 8. A. 

William Lanman Bull. Z'. 0. Montclair, N. J. 

Broker, New York City. 

George Francis Demarest. Z'.F. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Attorney-ln-charge of Bureau of Titles, Mutual Life Ins. Co., New York 

fRicHARD Booth Greenwood, LL.B. O.P. Brooklvn, 

N. Y. 

Lawyer. Member L. I. Hist. Soc. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1865. Private 22d N. G. S. 
N. Y., U. 8. A., 1861. 

Clinton Jones Hartt. A'..^. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Clerk Life Ins. Co., New York City. Instructor Norwich, Vt., Univ., 1864. 

Erasmus Darwin Hudson, Jr. , M.D. I'. I. New York City. 

Health Inspector, 1869-71; House Surgeon, Bollevue Hospital, 1867-8; Physician to 
Northwestern Dispensary, 1870-2; Prof. Practice of Medicine, Woman's Med. CoU.of N.Y. 
Infirmary, 1873-82 ; Librarian N. Y. Acad, of Medicine, 1880-2. Author of PatholoKy 
and Etiology of Phthisis, 1875; Doctors' Hygiene and Therapeutics, 1876. Member N. \ . 
Acad, of Science. Contributor to Johnson's Cyclopaedia, 1877-8. M.D., Columbia Coll., 

George Frederick Mayer. P. W. Marshall, Tex. 

Agent Union Pacific R.K. Co. 

t Albert Mansfield Patterson. E.J. New York City. 

Woollen Manufacturer. 

Seely Benedict Patterson. A. ¥. Ironton, Mich. 

Supt. Furnaces of Pine Lake Iron Co. 

fSAMUEL Sweetser. V . 11' . Orange, N. J. 

With Metropolitan Steamship Co., New York City. 

364 Manhattan. 

*'^^ JoHX Player Crosby. O.J. Xew York City. 

Clerk in employ Equitable Trust Co. Died May 10, 1S76. 

fFREDERic Neyixs Dodge, LL.B. H' . T. Plainfield, N. J. 

Manufacturer Ground Glue, Xew YorkCitv. A.B., Yale Coll., 1866: LL.B., Columbia 
Coll., 1869. 

Daniel Trimble Gilman. A.\'. Sioux City, Iowa. 

Real Estate Broker. 

fWiLLiAM Greenwood. P.X. Xew York City. 


f John Bromham Hawes. ./'.//. Montclair, X. J. 


Urban Gillespie Hitchcock, M.D. ././/. Xew York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

fFRANCLS Mankin Jenks. N.F. New York City. 


* i^t Archibald Duncan Kennedy. J.(I>. Yail's Mills, N. Y. 

Died while on leave of absence from college. 

John Augustus Knapp. A.E. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Mining Engineer. E.M., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

William Henry Lane. J'.Q. Xew York City. 

Sec. Pacific Mail Steamship Co. since 1876. 

William Maitland Murray. J'.M. Xew York City. 

Stock Broker. 

*^^tEDWARD Sturgis. Y. T. New York City. 

Ist Lieut. 20th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-4. Killed at Spottsylvania, May 10, 1864, 
while leading the regiment, all superior officers being disabled. 

Charles Edward Tracy, LL.B. U'. T. XeAv York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

William Henry Van Arsdale. IJ.l'. Xew York City. 

Mining Engineer. E.M., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

Ernst Ferdinand Eurich. A'.. 4. Tarrytown, X. Y. 

Mining Engineer, New York City. 

*'*"tWiLLiAM Ay^iar Kissam, M.D. A' . K' . Xew York City. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1867. Died April 12, 1877. 

fDANFORD Henry Knoavlton. A'. 1\ Xew York City. 

Merchant. Member N. Y. Acad, of Sciences. 

* '^'^ Henry Newton. A'. T'. New York City. 

Mining Engineer and Geologist. E.M., Columbia Coll., 1869. 

JSfanhatlan. 365 

f Charles Broughton Souttek. .\'.y. New York City. 

Produce and Packing Merchant. 

fERNESt Werner. .\'.l". Now York City. 



Henry Fowler Chapman. A'.I/. New York City. 


• Rev. Charles Edward IIiscox. F.N. Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1874. Prin. High School, Bristol, 
Conn., 1868-9. 

fJoHN HuRBARD HowELL. 0.K'. Springfield, Mo, 

General Insurance Agent. 

"'^ Daniel Phoenix Ketchum. AjIK New York City. 


LuQius Henry Nutting. . A.A' . riushing-, N. Y, 

Gen. Eastern Agent Missouri Pacific R.R., New York City. 

Franklin Bayard Patterson. A'JP. Parkville, N. Y. 

Lithographer and Publisher. Advertiser's Publishing Co., New York City. 

Samuel Edmund Seaman. 1.1%. New York City. 

Teller Fulton Nat. B.-ink. 

"^^f Lorenzo Brighton Shepard. A.K'. New York City. 

Midshipman iu U. S. Navy. Died at Havana, Cuba, August 12, 1868. 

"*^'tGEORGE Stephens. W. W . Dubuque, Iowa. 

In business at Dubuque, 1865-82. At death. Sec, Treas. and chief stockholder 
Norwegian Plough Co. Died February 9, 1882. 

fHENRY Pearl I'almadge. Y. W. Netlierwood, N. J. 

Banker, New York City. A.B., Harvard Coll., 1868. 

t Joseph Solace Bosworth, Jr. J.B. New York City. 


Richard Rogers Bowker. A'./. Clarence Gate, Regent's 
Park, London, Eng. 

Litterateur. Representative for Haqier Bros, abroad. Contributor to Maeazines and 
Quarterlies. Member Cobden Club, England. 

Rev. Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers. S'.r. Decker- 
town, N. J. 

Paf-tor, Presbyterian, shice 1876; Oakl;\nd, X. J., 1872-6. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 

Albert Delafield, LL.B. 6.l\ New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

Z^^ Manhattan. 

Frederick Hinman Hamlin. P. 6. New York City. 

Civil Engineer. Deputy Com. Pub. Works, New York City, since 1879. Asst Engineer 
Dept. Pub. Works, 1872; Engineer in Chief of Roads and Avenues, 1876-9. 

fMiXER Rockwell Kxowltox. II.H. Montclair, N. J. 

Sugar Merchant, Jfew York City. 

Robert Bach McMaster, LL.B. AjP. Xew York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

fFRANCis HuxTiXGTOX Raxkix, M.D. A'.X. Newport, R. I. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1871. 

fWiLLiAM Allex Smith. M'. T. Boonton, X. J. 

Mining Engineer. 

*'^tHEXRY JoHXSOX AYiLLiAMS. E.0. New York City. 

Died in college. 

Fraxklix Emersox Woodford. 6. A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George Augustus Baker, LL.B. 0'.1\ New York City. 

Author of Point Lace and Diamonds; Bad Habits of Good Society. Contributor to 
Galaxy, Scribner's, Frank Leslie's, X. Y. Evening Post. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 
Menroer X. Y. Hist. Society. 

Rev. Edwix Thomas Hiscox. K.A'. Winona, Minn. 

Clergyman, Baptist. Grad. Rochester Theo. Sem., 1872. 

fNEiLSOX Olcott. 0.x. Inwood, New York City. 

Banker, Xational Bank of Commerce. 

Hexry TuRXER Pattersox. \.B. New York City. 


t James Thomas Pettus, Jr. i?. }'. New York City. 

Medical Student. 

Edward Morse Shepard. I'.A.K. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, Xew York City. 

fSTEPHEX WiLSOX Vax Schaik. ZJJ'. Florence, Italy. 

Artist and Teacher of Art. 

Howard Paysox Wilds, LL.B. A'. A. NeAv York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1871. Honorary Sec. U. S. Assoc, for Refoi-m and 
Codification of the Law of Xations. Member Exec. Com. International Code Com. of 

Fraxk Ll^siax Wixg. M. W. New York City. 

See. Cromwell Iron Co. since 1880. 


Graham McAdam. F. T. New York City. 

Cashier City Revenue Bureau, Finance Dept. Pres. Cromwell Iron Co. Editor 
Brooklyn, X. Y., Times, 1875-7, Evening Express, 1877-8. Author of An Alphabet in 
Fin.-mce, 1876; Banking and Trade, 18S1; The Protective System. What it Costs the 
American Farmer, 1880; Express System for Collection of Bank Paper, 1880; articles on 
the English Land Questiou. in Evening Post, etc. 

Manhattan. 3^7 

t Abbot Lawhence Mills. lJl>. Ohicngo, Til. 

Grain Hrokor,H..:u-a of Tiadu. 

'■•fJoiiN SiDMAN MooKE. M.E. Ncw York City. 

Difd at IScUevillc, N. J. 

Charles Hine Nettleton. (').A. Birmingham, Conn. 

Agent and Superintendent Gas and Water Works. 

Frank Anderson, M.D. A. 2'. Staploton, N. Y. 

Passed ■^sst Sinm-on, U. S. N., since 1875. P. O. Address. Navy Dept Washington, 
D. C House SurVeonN.'Y. Charily Hospital. 1873-4. M.D., Columbia Coll., 18,4. 

WheelerDeForest Edwards, LL.B. /i'./-;. New York City. 

. Lawyer. Ph. B., Yale Coll., 1872; LL.B., Columbia" Coll., 1874. 

fWiLLiAM Edwards Fulton. /..V. Waterbury, Conn. 

Sec. and Treas. Waterbury Farrtl Foundry and Machine Company. 

t Shirley Mc Andrew. H'JP. Tarragona, Spain. 

Merchant. British Vice Consul since 1879. 

fRoGER MiNOTT Sherman. N.d. Stamford, Conn. 

Lawyer, New York City. Asst. District Atty., 1873-9; Special Asst. to CJ. 8. 
Atty. General in several suits, since 1872. 

Herbert Edgar Smith. K' . T. Middletown, Conn. 

Sec. and Treas. J. O. Smith Manufacturing Co. 

Daniel Kissam Young. ./. 0. New York City. 

Coffee Merchant. 


fEDWARD Daniel Falkner. JjD. New York City. 


jNewberry Davenport Lawton, LL.B. B'.P. New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

Rev. William Otis Ruston. I.E'. West Union, Iowa. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Author of History of Presbyterian Church of Fairmount, N. J., 
1876. Gra'd. Union Theo. Sem., 1875. 

James Lawrence Woodward, LL.B. Ji'.//. Bergen 
Point, N. J. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1874. 


William Sylvester Church. /. 7'. New York City. 


Edward Martin Colie. H'.O'. East Orange, N. J. 

Lawyer, Newark, N. J. 

368 Manhattan. 

fAVALTER Ashley Hamlix. I. T. New York City. 

Grain Broker. 

fCoLERiDGE Allex Hart, LL.B. P.P. Peekskill, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 1S73; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

Lynds Eugene Jones. B'.A'. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Editorial Staff X.Y. Evening 3fail,lS~i-o; Publishers' Tr(?<'A7y,Xew York Citj', 187.5-6. 
Compiler of The American Catalogue, 2 vols., 1880-1. Conlrihuior to Library Journal. 
Joint-author of Books of All Time, 1881. 

fHENRY Clifford Miller. E.S. NeAv York City. 


fEBEN Erskine Olcott. 1\.1. New York City. 

Mining Engineer. Supt. and Agent Orinoco Ex. & Mining Co., 1878-9. Contributor 
to Transactions Am. lust. Mining Engineers. E.M., Columbia Coll., 1874. 

jHenry Williams Reddington. P.P. San Francisco, Cal. 

Merchandise Broker. 

Edward Marshall Wray. P. P. New York City. 



AYarren Rogers Dix, LL.B. J. T. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

f William Harris Douglass. /7.J. New York City. 

Shipping and Commission Merchant. 

fHEMAN DowD. X.r. New York City. 

1st Lieut., U. S. A., since 1881; 2d Lieut., IT. S. A., commissioned from West Point, 

jHenry Butler Dwight. F/. 0. New York City. 

Agent for Rossie Iron Ore Paint Co. 

tWiLLiAM Porter Jenkins. .1.1'. Chicago, 111. 

Commission Merchant. 

f George Livingston. P.J. New York City. 

Representative for Downs & Adams Silk Manfg Co., Boston, Mass. Contributor to 
the press. 

Henry Hubbell Man, LL.B. P'..\. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1876. 

Richard Leland Saveezy. ./. ¥. New York City. 

Lawyer, practising since 1876. 

f Dexter Oliver Tiffany. /./. Richmond, Ya. 

Wholesale Clothier. 


fCHARLES ]\IiLNOR Baker. r.0. New York City. 

Manhattan. 3^9 

fGEORGE David IIenokkn. A'.X. Kansas City, Mo. 


fGEORGE Jeremiah. /'.2''. New York City. 

Fire Insurance Agent. 

Wilbur Larremore, LL.B. /.//. New ^Oik City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

t^NEAS MciVNDREW. A.ii. Butte City, Montana. 

Assayer, Colorado and Montana Smelting Co. 

Spencer Gill McNary, LL.B. W.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

George Nichols Messiter, LL.B. A".i?. Arlinfrton, N. J. 

Lawyer, New York City. On City Staff of Tribune, 1875-6; Editorial Staff Evening 
Mail, 1876. ' LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

fHARRiE Gates Newton. K.A. Nyack, N. Y. 

Paint Manufacturer. 

Nelson Stanley Srencer. A''. '/. New York City. 

Lawyer; admitted to practice in 1881. 


fFRANKLiN Butler Dwight. ./. 0' . New York City. 

student of Theology. 

Edward Cairns Henderson, LL.B. V.A. New York 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1878. 

Charles Israel Henry. P. U' . New York City. 


John Ward Hopper, M.D. A. A. Hackensack, N. J. 

studying abro.-xd in Giittingen and Vienna Medical Schools. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

t Jacob Van Vechten Olcott, LL.B. U.^l. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

t Albert Julien Philip, LL.B. V.L Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1879. 

t James McGregor Smith. 1. V. New York City. 


Rev. George Blood Smyth. F'.B. Linden, N. J. 

Clergyman Methodist Episcopal Church. Drew Tlieo. Sem., 1880. 

Joseph Do WD. A.Ii. New York City. 



37^ Manhattan. 

flSAAC Wyiman DRtnvmoND. E.A' . New York City. 

Chemist. E.M., Columbia Coll., 1878 ; Ph.D., 1879. 

fEDMUND DwiGHT, Jr. W.P. New York City. 

Insurance Agent. 

fCLARENCE Henry Eagle. Z'.A. New York City. 

Banker, H. "W. Jackson & Co. Sec. N. Y. Linnean Soc. 

Frank Henry Gilbert. P.F. New York City. 

Treas. Gilbert Manufacturing Co. 

Emile Andrew Huber. l.N'. New York City. 

Music Teacher. 

Rev. David Moore Hunter. A.E. Salem, N. Y. 

Pastor, Presbyterian. Grad. Union Theo. Sem., 1880. 

fNEWBOLD Trotter Lawrence. Y.E. New York City. 

Real Estate Agent. 

Charles Seymour Shepard. P.O. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brass Manufacturer, New York City. 

Charles Howard Wilson. N.X. Montclair, N. J. 

Prin. Montclair School. Residence, New York City. 

William John Campbell, LL.B. Z .E. New York City. 

LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1880. 

Eugene Yancey Cohen. S.A. NeAv York City. 

Law Student, Columbia Coll. Contributor to Savannah, Ga., Morning Newa, etc. 
A.B., Harvard Univ., 1881. 

Robert John Devlin, M.D. A'.U. New York City. 

Resident Physician, St. Luke's Hospital, 1881-3. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1881. 

fARTHUR Franklin Hawes. V. S. Montclair, N. J. 

Dentist, New York City. 

William Wickham Smith, LL.B. 0.Q. New York City. 

Lawyer ; and Tutor English Language and Literature, Coll. of City of New York, since 
1878. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1880. 


John Frelinghuysen Chambers, LL.B. 8'. I. New York 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1881. 

William Adam Frederick Pentz MuLFORD. M.0. New 
York City. 

Law Student, Columbia Coll. 

fCHARLES Howard Patterson. (I>,.\. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Shade Mauufactiirer, New York City. 

Frederick Alden Powers, l.ll. New York City. 


Bartow Sumter Weeks. H. V . New York City. 

Law Student. 


Edwin Snow Doubleday. O.U. New York City. 


fWiLLiAM Charles Hill. S.\ Brooklyn, N. Y. 


George Henry Keim. S.Q. New York City. 

Clerk in Naval Office, Custom House, New York City, since 1880. 

Edwin Thomas Rice, Jr. O.A. New York City. 

Law Student. 

fLiNCOLN Alexander Stuart. .Y. P. New York City. 

Bank Clerk. 

Frank Tucker. A'. '/. New York City. 


t Alfred Edward V ass. W.M. Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Broker, New York City. 

t Edgar Ketchilni Brown. K.E. New York City. 

Student of Law, Columbia Coll. 

t Walter Clayton Clapp. Z. E. New York City. 

Student at Amherst Coll. 

t Maurice Ludlum Cowl. I.B. New York City. 

Student at Trinity Coll., Hartford, Conn. 

AYilliam Warren Giles. H' .B. New York City. 

Student, Union Theo. Sem. 

George Roe Lockwood, Jr. Z'Ji. New York City. 

Student of Medicine, Columbia Coll. 

Daniel Hoffman Martin, ii. U. New York City. 

Student, Union Theo. Sem. 

William Morrow Knox Olcott. K'.A. New York City. 

Law Student, Columbia Coll. 

fCiiARLES Harry Richardson, Jr. I. P. New York City. 

Medical Student, Columbia Coll. 

372 Manhattan. 

f George Howard Abeel. E.X. New York City. 

Student, Columbia Coll. School of Mines. 

f Henry Harland. H'.A. New York City. 

Divinity Student. 

fEDWARD Man. A.F. New York City. 

Student at Williams Coll. 

William Howard Rachau. A' .Y' . New York City. 
James Drummond Sinclair. J. 77. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
* ^^'t George William TuTTLE. E'.F. New York City. 

Died August 16, 1881. 


Ronald Edgar Ketchum Brown. New York City. 
f Leslie Giffen Cauldwell. New York City. 

Cashier Sunday Mercury. 

fJosiAH Huntington Fitch. Z.M. New York City. 

Student at Columbia Coll. School of Mines. 

fJoHN Ellsworth Hyde. New York City. 


John Albert Lane. New York City. 
Lewis Freeman Mott. New York City. 
Theodore Martindale Purdy. New York City. 
fiRA Alexander Shaler. Ridgefield, N. J. 

Student at Cornell Univ. 

f Edgar Nelson Sidman. New York City. 


fED^VIN Benjamin Tucker. New York City. 

student at Amherst Coll. 


fFRANCis Seguine Bayles. Orange, N. J. 


Edgar Ketchuim Bourne. New York City. 
Hilary Ranald Chambers. New York City. 
George Edward Debevoise. New York City. 
f Russell Wadsworth Hildreth. New York City. 

Student, Columbia Coll. School of Mines. 

Manhattan. 373 

f Ralph Lane. New York City. 

Student, Columbia Coll. School of MincB. 

j-Edward Jackson Newell. New York City. 

WiLLL\M Henry Reed. New York City. 
f Edward Fields Slayback. New York City. 


Theodore Eugene Smith. New York City. 
Myna Allison Vosburgh. New York City. 


Ralph David Parsons Brown. New York City. 

William Frederick Decker. New* York City. 

Percy Stearns Hildreth. New York City. 

Alfred Watts Kiddle. New York City. 
fEDMUND Young Nelson. New York City. 

William Morgan Savin. New York City. 
•j-Charles Wilson Smith. New York City. 

JuDSON Newman Smith. New York City. 


1856 TO 1885. 

Attn a Is. 

The Middle town Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi was the eighteenth in 
order of establishment, receiving its Charter on the 31st of July, 1856, 
and holding its first regular meeting on Saturday evening, August 2. 
It sprang from the union of two local societies, the Betrians and 
Lebanians. The Betrian Society was organized in 1847, from an 
older association, the Alpha Psi ; and tlie Lebanian Society owed its 
formation chiefly to the efforts of Rev. John Emory Round, '55, and 
Orville Watson Powers, '56. This latter societ}^ began in 1854 with 
four members, adding to its roll eight more names during the first 
year. Its existence was for a time kept secret ; but the excellent in- 
fluence exerted by it upon its members, stimulating them to increased 
effort, ultimately led to the discovery of the organization. Early in 
1856 both the Lebanians and the Betrians forwarded a petition to the 
annual convention, holden that 3'ear with the Yale Chapter, asking for 
the grant of a charter. The committee to whom these petitions were 
referred fouud it exceedingly diflTicult to decide between the two bodies 
of petitioners. It soon became evident, indeed, that, since either 
party was powerful enough to defeat the other, neither could succeed 
of itself. At this juncture a union was proposed b}" Rev. David Hough 
Ela, '57, Hiram Pliny Shepard, '58, and Rev. George Henry Whitney, 
'58, of the Betrians, and Orville AYatson Powei'S, '56, and Joseph Whit- 
comb Ellis, '58, of the Lebanians. This was finally effected. The 
united societies were initiated into the Fraternity of Alpha Delta Phi 
at the McDonough House, in Middletown, Conn., on the evening of 
July 31, 1856. 

Middhtown. 375 

The subsequont liistorv of the Chapter has beon, in a Inr<2;e measure, 
wliat its auspicious l)irth predicted. It lias inaiutaiufMl a hiijjh rank 
at Wesleyau University. The number of men received from each 
class averages nine, and the roll for any single 3'ear has rarely 
included over thirty names. The aggregate membership now reaches 
nearly two hundred and eight}'. Of this number a fair proportion 
are in high positions. Some have become presidents of educational 
institutions, others are college professors, a few excel in letters, 
and many are successfully puisuing the various professions. 

In 1876 there was an enthusiastic, movement toward the erection 
of a Chapter house, the need of which was becoming more and more 
apparent. The methods adopted, however, were such as to accomplish 
little beyond the initiation of the enterprise. Two years later more 
S3-stematic efforts brought better results ; and, at the twenty-tifth 
anniversary of the Chapter, in 1881, the generous action of the mem- 
bers made the speedy erection of the hall a matter of certainty. 
Ground was at once broken upon the site already purchased, and 
plans were perfected for building in the spring of 1882. 

Of the College honors won by members of the Chapter a complete 
list will not be attempted. AVhile the system w%as in vogue that gave 
to men at Commencement positions according to their rank in scholar- 
ship, there is little doubt that more than her proportion was awarded 
to Alpha Delta Phi. That system has been abolished for some years, 
but the various prizes are so awarded as to afford to men of all tastes 
opportunities of distinguishing themselves in their several departments. 

1S60. — Adams Mathematical Prize, George Carr Round, '66. 

1862. — Parker Rhetorical Prize, Henrj' Ward Bennett, '62. 

156^. —Parker Rhetorical Prize, John Joseph Reed, Jr., '64 ; Calef Elocution 
Prize, Granville Yager, '66. 

1866. — Rich Oratorical Prize, George Carr Round, '66; Parker Rhetorical 
Prize, Granville Yager, '66; Miller Junior Debate Prize, Edward Cunningham, 

1867. — Dean Sophomore Debate Prize, Jonathan Edwards Richards, '69. 

1868. — Avres Entrance Prize, Silas William Kent, '72. 

376 AliddletoTvii. 

1869. — Walsh Greek Prize, Theodore E Hancock, '71 ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Prize, Theodore E Hancock, 71. 

1870. — Calef Elocution Prize, Eldon Benjamin Birdsey, '71; Miller Junior 
Debate Prize, William Frederick Whitcher, '71 ; North Mathematical Prize, Silas 
William Kent, '72. 

1871. — Rich Oratorical Prize, William Frederick Whitcher, '71; Parker 
Rhetorical Prize, Robert James Round, '72; North Mathematical Prize, Wilbur 
Merton Palmer, '7i5. 

1872. — Walsh Greek Prize, Archie Emerson Palmer, '74. 

1873. — Van Benschoten Greek Prize, Archie Emerson Palmer, '7'4; Cutts 
Mental Philosophy Prize, Archie Emerson Palmer, '7-4 ; Pierce Natural Science 
Prize, Archie Emerson Palmer, '74; North Mathematical Prize, Clarence Morgan 
Skeel, '75. 

1874. — Wise Moral Philosophy 'Prize, Archie Emerson Palmer, '74 ; Miller 
Junior Debate Prize, Wilbur Samuel Raymond, '75. 

1875. — Olin Essay Prize, William Channing Kellogg, '75; Rich Oratorical 
Prize, William Channing Kellogg, '75; Peirce Natural Science Prize, Clarence 
Abiathar Waldo, '75; Sherman Mathematical Prize, William Ezra Scofield, '78. 

1876. — Olin Essay Prize, Wilbert Celestus Blakeman, '76 ; Parker Rhetorical 
Prize, George Grimston Cookman, '77 ; Spinney Greek Prize, William Ezra Sco- 
field, '78 ; Hibbard Elocution Prize, Seldon Lester Brown, '79 ; Ayres Entrance 
Prize, Charles Sumner Chapin, '80. 

iS77. —Calef Elocution Prize, William Day Leonard, '78; 2d Ferry Oratorical 
Prize, William Day Leonard, '78 ; Peirce Natural Science Prize, William Ezra 
Scofield, '78 ; Rice Mathematical Prize, Alfred Cookman Bruner, '79 ; Sherman 
Greek Prize, Charles Sumner Chapin, '80. 

1878. — Rich Oratorical Prize, William Day Leonard, '78 ; 2d Ferry Oratorical 
Prize, Seldon Lester Brown, '79 ; Miller Junior Debate Prize, Seldon Lester 
Brown, '79; Phi Beta Kappa Prize, Charles Sumner Chapin, '80; Rice Mathe- 
matical Prize, Abram Winegardner Harris, '80; Peirce Natural Science Prize, 
Charles Noah Dixon Jones, '80. 

1879. — Peirce Natural Science Prize, Lahman Forrest Bower, '79; 1st Ferry 
Oratorical Prize, Charles Sumner Chapin, '80; Spinney Greek Prize, AVilliam 
Adelbert Jones, '81. 

1880. — Wise Moral Philosophy Prize, Charles Sumner Chapin, '80; 2d Ferry 
Oratorical Prize, William Adelbert Jones, '81 ; Hibbard Elocution Prize, John 
McCarthy, '83. 

2S52. — Rich Oratorical Prize, William Adelbert Jones, '81 ; Taylor Poetry 
Prize, Valentine Hallenbeck, '82. 


Charter Meinbers. 

Alexander Diego McVoy. l.N. 
Orville Watson Powers. E.A. 
Charles Wesley Brooks. A'.S. 
S0L0310N Chapin. F'.A. 
George Flsk Comfort. (KV. 
David Hough El a. A.iLK. 
Andrew Eoe. O.P. 
John Wheaton S^iith. P.U. 
Joseph Whitcomb Ellis. Z'.l. 
Thomas Eussell Ercanbrack. A.X. 
Hiram Pliny Shepard. I.I'.K. 
George Hussey Tracy. P. A. 
George Henry Whitney. F.Y. 
Stephen Brooks Davis. T.l. 
Wesley Curtis Ginn. E'AL 
Samuel Jackson. A'. I.. 
John Sanborn. A'. W. 
Francis Asbury Smith. A.d. 
Horace Sumner Tarbell. J. '/'. 
Benjamin Horton White. A. A. 

^ Rev. Daniel Denison Wliedon. A. 6. New York City. 

Mothodist Minister since 18-13. Editor Methoilht Quarterli/ Rei-inc since 1856. Teacher, 
Cazenovia, X. Y., Sera., 1830-1; Tutor Latin and Greek, Hamilton Coll., 1831-2; Prof. An- 
cient Lanfcuatjes and Literature, Wesleyan, 1833-12; Klietoric, Loeic and History, Univ. 
of Jlicb., 1842-52. A.B., Hamilton Coll, 1828; D.D., Henry and Emory Coll., Va., 1850: 
LL.l)., Wesleyan, 1867. 


Rev. John Wesley Merrill. I'.N. Concoi'd, X. H. 

Methodist Minister since 18:?7. Pres. McKendree Coll., Lebanon, 111., 1837-41; Prof. 
Ethicsand Metaphysics, Biblical Inst., Concord, X. H., 1854-68. Grad. .■VndoverTheo. 8em., 
1837. D.D., McKendree Coll., Lebanon, 111., 1844. 

378 Middhtown. 


John Philander Grijfin. liJP. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Business Manager Northern Christian Advocate since 1875. Teaclier Mathematics 
and Natural Science, Fairfield, N. Y., Acad., 1848-50; Associate Prin., 1850-3; Teacher, 
Bloomfield, N. J., Inst., 1853-6; Prin. Falley Seni., Fulton, N". Y., 1856-69; Librarian, 
Registrar and Business Manager, Syracuse Univ., 1871-5. 


William Roe. E'.P. Wolcott, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1862. 

Rev. John Emory Round. P.F. Baltimore, Md. 

Pres. Centenary Biblical Inst, since 1872. Teacher Falley Sem., Fulton, N. Y., 1856-7. 
Methodist Minister since 1857. Asst. Editor Boston, Mass., Zion's Herald, 1862. Capt. 
43d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 


Rev. Alexander Diego McVoy. I.N. Aberdeen, Miss. 

Pres. Aberdeen Female Coll. since 1880. Tutor Barton Acad., Mobile, Ala., 1855-9. 
Methodist Minister since 1859. Prof. Matliciiiatics and Aucieut Languages, Stonewall Inst., 
Selma, Ala., 1865; Prin. Peabody Inst., T.illa.l.-a, Ala., 1806-8; Prof. Moml Science, East 
Ala. Coll., Auburn, Ala., 1868-71 ; Pres. Oenti ii.irv Female Coll., Summerlield, Ala., 1871-80. 
Chaplain 38th and 40th Ala Inf., C. S. A., 1801-5. 

Orville Watson Powers. E.A. London, Eng. 

General European Manager for Wilcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. since 1867. 
Prin. Rhinebeck, N. Y., Acad., 1858; Prof. English Literature, Lawrence Univ., Appleton, 
Wis., 1859-60; Teacher Physical Culture, Chicago, 111., 1864. Asst. Sec. and Actuary, 
Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn., 1865-6. 


Rev. Charles Wesley Brooks. A'.S. Turin, N. Y. 

Prin. Lodi, 111., Public School, 1858-9. Methodist Minister since 1861. Grad. Garrett 
Biblical Inst., Evanston, 111., 1861. 

-'®^^ Solomon Chapin, M.D. F'.A. Connersville, Ind. 

Tutor Mathematics, Wesleyan, 1857. Methodist Minister, 1858-67. A.M., Wesleyan, 
1860; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Philadelphia, Pa., 1869. Died February 24, 1881. 

George Fisk Comfort. 0. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Prof. Modern Languages and Esthetics, Syracuse Univ., since 1872 ; Dean Coll. of Fine 
Arts since 1873; Teacher. Natural Science and German, Amenia, N. Y., Sem., 1857-8; 
Natural Science, Fort Plain, N. Y., Sem., 1858-60 ; Natural Science and Latin, Van Norman's 
Inst., New York City, 1860; Prof. Modern Languages and .Ksthetics, Allegheny Coll., 
Meadville, Pa., 1865-8. Secretary Am. Philological Assoc, 1869-73. Author of a series of 
German text hooks ; Art Museums in America ; ^Esthetics in Collegiate Education ; Fine 
Arts in American Colleges; Woman's Education and M'oman's Health; Land Troubles in 
Ireland. Contributor to various reviews, etc. Member European A rch<BO logical Inst., 
Rome, Paris and Berlin; Am. Philological Soc, etc., etc. 

Rev. David Hough Ela. A.iJ.K. Springfield, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1857. Prin. E. Greenwich, R. I., Sem., 1871-3. D.D., Cor- 
nell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1876. 

Middletoiv7i. 379 

Kev. Andrew Roe. 0.1\ Skaneatcles, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since lSr>8. TeaclicrMatliematics and Natural Sciences, Gouverneur, 
N. Y., Sem., 1857-60; Vrin., 18G0-3. 

'*•" John Wheaton Smith. P.B. Warren, R. I. 

Lawyer. Died June 18, 18G3. 


Rev. Anson Tuller Copeland. H'.Il. Canfield, Ohio. 

Methodist Minister since 1859. Teacher Poland, Ohio, Female Coll., 1858. 

Joseph Whitcomb Ellis. Z'.I. Whitestown, N. Y. 

Teacher Mathematics and Latin, Whitestown Sem., since 1809; High School, Middle- 
town, Conn., 1839; ^[atllematics, Fairfield, X. Y., Sem., 1860-7; Mathematics and Natural 
Science, Oneida, N. Y., Sem., 1868. 

Thomas Russell Ercanbrack, LL.B. /..V. Anamosa, 

Lawyer since 1808. Prin. Ward Grammar School, Peoria, 111., 1860; Marengo, 111., 
High School, 1861-5; Supt. Schools, McHenry Co., 111., 1861-5; Prin. North Missouri 
Collegiate Inst., Louisiana, Mo., 1866; Trustee Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1870-9. 
City Mayor, Anamosa, Iowa, 1874-6. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1859. 

Rev. Arza Hill. ./.</>. South Norwalk, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1858. 

f Edward Bruce MuNSELL. M.S. Paris, 111. 

Lawyer since 1863. Prof. Greek, Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, 1857-60. 

William Romer. F.J. White Plains, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1861. 

Hiram Pliny Shepard. I.F.K. Forestville, N. Y. 

Merchant since 1871. Prof. Languages, Bellesville, Out., Sera., 1858-65. Methodist 
Minister, 1859-70. Prof. Greek and Mathematics, Baker Univ., Baldwin City, Kan., 

Rev. Henry Taylor Staats. ./'..'/. Bristol, Conn. 

Congregational Minister since 1860. Methodist Minister, 1858-9. 

"^'^ George Hussey Tracy. P. A. Mobile, Ala. 

On Staff of Hartford, Conn., Pout, and Norwich, Conn., Aurora, 1860. Chief Freed- 
men's Bureau, Mobile, Ala., 1866-7. 1st Lieut. 1st Conn. Reg., U. S. A., 1861-5. Died 
September 17, 1867. 

Rev. George Henry Whitney. F. T. Hackettstown, N. J. 

Pres. Centenary Collegiate Inst, since 1874; Prin. Macedon Centre, N. Y., Acad., 1858; 
Oneida, N. Y., Sera., 1859-61. Methodist Minister since 1860. Trustee Wesleyan since 
1880. Author Trinity Hynins, 1868 ; Handbook of Bible Geography, 1871. Contributor 
to Christian Advocate, etc., etc. D.D., Mt. Union, Ohio, Coll., 1873. 


David Allison. F.I. Halifax, N. S. 

Supt. Education, Province of Nova Scotia, since 1878. Prin. Stanstead, Quebec, Acad., 
1859-60; Tutor Classics, Mt. Allison Acad., Sackville, N. B., 1860-1 ; Prof. Classics, Mount 
Allison Coll., Sackville, N. B., 1862-9; Pres., 1870-8; Meraber of Senate, Univ. of Halifax, 
since 1876. LL.D., Victoria Univ., Coburg, Ont., 1873. 

380 Middleto w n . 

Asa BooTHBY, Jr. T.N. Fulton, N. Y. 

Teacher Natural Science, Falley Scm., 1859-65, and since 1879. Druggist, Phoenix, 
N. Y., 1865-7. Teacher Natural Science, Wilbraham, Mass., Acad., 1867-74. Manufacturer, 
Phoenix, N. Y., 1874-9. Author of Nomenclature of Chemistry, 1862. 

*i865 j^oBERT Pagan Bucknam. P.J. Bangor, Me. 

Prin. Bucksport, Me., Sem., 1859-62; Bangor, Me., High School, 1862-5. Died 
February 23, 1865. 

Stephen Brooks Davis. T.I. Middletown, Conn. 

Coal Merchant since 1869. Lawyer, 1862. Member City Council, 1875-6; Member 
Board of Education since 1880. Chief Clerk Q. M. Dept., 4th Army Corps, U. S. A., 

*^"^ Rev. Spencer Eiland Fuller. IT. IV. Watertown, N. Y. 

. Methodist'Minister, 1861-70. Prin. Genesee Wesleyan Sem., Lima, N.Y., 1866-7. Died 
September 16. 1870. 

Wesley Curtis Ginn. E.^. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Prin. Syracuse Classical School since 1875; Bristol, Conn., High School, 1859-61; 
Vice Prin. Hartford, Conn., High School, 1861-3 ; Prin. Stamford, Conn., High School, 1864- 
5; Home Boarding School, Stamford, Conn., 1865-9; Ithaca, N. Y., Acad., 1869-75. 
Author of Co-relation of Academies and Colleges, 1870. 

Rev. Samuel Jackson. A.1\ Webster, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1859. 

John Sanborn. A'. W. Tilton, N. H. 

Farmer since 1879. Teacher Mathematics, Sanbornton Bridge, N. H., Sem., 1859-60; 
Prof. Mathematics, Upper Iowa Univ., Fayette, Iowa, 1860-6 and 1868-72; Prin. Janesville, 
Iowa, Acad., 1866-8; Prof. Mathematics, Albion, Iowa, Sem., 1873-5; Prin., 1875-9. 

Francis Asbury Smith. A. 6. Elizabethtown, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1861; Judge and Surrog.ate, Essex Co., N. Y., since 1878. Private 3d 
N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2; 1st Lieut., 1862-3. 

Watson Carvosso Squire, LL.B. A.J. Ilion, N. Y. 

Railroad and Real Estate Agent since 1879. Prin. Moravia, N. Y., Inst., 1859-60. Judge 
Advocate, District of Tenn., 1864-5. Trustee, Secretary and Manager, Remington Arms 
Co., New York City, 1868-78. Trustee Wesleyan since 1875. LL.B., Cleveland, Ohio, Law 
Scliool, 1862. Ist Lieut. 19th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861; Capt. 7th Independent Co. Ohio 
Sharpshooters, 1863. 

Horace Sumner Tarbell. N. W. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Supt. Public Schools since 1878. Teacher Belleville, Ont., Sem., 1859-62; Head Master 
Farmersville, Ont., Grammar School, 1863-6; Prin. McGrawville, N. Y., Acad., 1866-7; 
Prin. Detroit, Mich., Public Schools, 1867-71; Supt. Schools, East Saginaw, Mich., 1871-7; 
Mich. State Supt. Instruction, 1877-8. 

fBENJAMiN HoRTON White. A. A. Clarendon, Tex. 

Lawyer since 1860. Trustee and Treas. Clarendon Collegiate Inst. Ist Lieut. 5th 
Iowa Cav., U. S. A., 1861-5. 


fELiAS RiGGS Carey, M.D. E.X. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Manufacturer. M.D., Buffalo, N. Y., Univ., 1859. A. A. Surgeon, Army of the 
Potomac, U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Rev. George Clarke. A.B. Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1860. 

Rev. Sylvanus Gale Gale. S.d. Faribault, Minn. 

Methodist Minister since 1860. Teacher Charlotteville, N. Y., Sem., 1860 and 1863; 
Prin., 1864-5. Chaplain Minn. State Senate, 1878-9. let Lieut. 48th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 

JMiddleto-Lvn. :y^^ 

Samuel Martin Stiles. ./.2'. Hartford, Conn. 

Stenogrnpher .-Etna Life Ins. Co. since 1876. Metliodist i[ini«tci-, 18t>(>-7. 

Kev. CiiAKLES Nelson Stowers. A'./. Faribault, Minn. 

Methodist Minister since 1862. Teacher Matliem.iticB, Wilbrahiun.Miiss-. Acad., 1862-3; 
Actin- iC Upp^^^^^^ Univ., Fayette, Iowa, 1806; Pres., 186'.; I'rof. .emal>c«, 

Lawrence Univ.: Appleton, Wis., 1867-9. U. S. Indian Agent, Fort Len.hi, Idaho, 18,7. 

Sylvester Emory Strong, M.D. H'.^. Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. 

\ssociate Proprietor Remedial Inst, since 1863. >r.D., Univ. of New York. 1861. 
Acting Medical Director, U.S.A., 1862. 

John Gollicar Williams. F'.\. Holland Patent, X. Y. 

Frin. Cambridge, N. Y., Acad., since 1879. TeaehcT C1m>m,>, Mol^nvU, ^ \'.. rm..n 
School, 1860; I'rin. Moravia, N. Y., Inst^., 1861-2; \ ice Pnn. .\h„M;.l.m N \ . A,.ul., s ... 
Priu. VVahvorth, N. Y., Acad., ISO-l-.'i ; Jordan, ^. 1 ., Acad In ., N...;« ''.'''•> ■,\--\';';' 
1869-71; Holland Patent, X. Y., Union School, 18il-3; Sandy Creek, .N. \ ., Lmon >cli<.ol, 
1875-6; SchuyUrville, X. Y., Union School, 1879. 

t Alfred Lor is Allen. H' S. Whippany, N. J. 

Accountant, Danville, X. J., L. and H. K.R. since 1881. Prin. Troy, N. Y., Select 
School, 1861-6. 

Rev. eJoHN Wesley Barnhart. H'.YI. Sag Harbor, N.Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1867. Prin. Philadelphia, Pa., Female Sem., 1863-4; Pres. 
Fairmount Female Coll., Philadelphia, Pa., 1864-7. 

f Rev. GusTAVUS Benson Chadwick. 1\B. China, Me. 

Methodist Minister since 1874. Tutor Classics, Bucksport, Me., Sem., 18.59-60 ; S;uper- 
viBor Schools, China, Me., 1861-2. Paymaster's Clerk, S. S. Rhode Island, U. S. X., 1864-5. 

^«^t James Nelson Garatt. l\ W. Plymouth, N.Y. 

Private Scott's Life Guards, U.S.A., 1S61 ; 89th X. Y. Inf., 1864. Died in service, 
July 2.5, 1864. 

Wilbur Fisk Johnston. Z.M. Clifton, N. Y. 

Manufacturer Dental Materials, New York City, since 1868. 

Rev. Aaron RiTTENHOUSE. T.A, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Methodist Minister since 1861. D.D., Dickinson Coll., Carlisle, Pa., 1878. 

fRev. Charles RiDGWAY Snyder. A.(I>. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Methodist Minister since 1862. 

fFRANK AsiiURY SrRiNGER. l\A. Washington, I). C. 

Clerk U S. P. O. Dept. since 1881. A.B., North Western Univ., Evanston, 111., 1860. 
Prof. Ancient Languages: Rock River Sem 1861-2; Prin. West End A c^d., Washington. 
D. C, 1869-72; Supervising Prin. PubUc Schools, Washmgton, D. C, 18(6-7. 

Rev. Nathan Willis Wilder. NA). Fairfax, Vt. 

Methodist Minister since 1862. Prin. Meriden, Conn., Inst., 1861. 


John Emory Andrus. .\'.=.. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Treas. X. Y. Pharm. Assoc, Xew Vork City, since 1877. Prin. Schuylersville, 
N. Y. Acad., 1865. 

382 Middletoivn. 

Rev. Henry Ward Bennett. B.Q. Fulton, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1865. Teacher Languages, Belleville, Ont., 1862; Fair- 
field, K. Y., Sem., 1863-5; Trustee Wesleyan, 1874-8. 

William Francis Comfort. V.J. Horseheads, N. Y. 

Teacher, Chemung Co., N. Y., Schools since 1877. Prin. and Proprietor Commercial 
Coll., Jersey City, N. J., 1862-8; Prin. Vernon, N. Y., Classical Inst., 1868-71; Mill- 
port, N. Y., High School, 1872; Corning, N. Y., Public School, 1875-7. 

Samuel Stephen Etheridge. ./. '/'. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Lawyer since 1871. Teacher Dover, 111., Acad., 1862-3. Deputy Clerk U. S. Circuit 
Court, Iowa, 1865; U.S. Commissioner, Dist. of Iowa, 1867. Sergt. 47th Iowa Inf., 
U.S.A., 1864. 

*'^tHENRY Johnson, M.D. P.J. New Bedford, Mass. 

Mass. State Medical Examiner, New Bedford Dist., 1877-80. M.D., Harvard Univ., 
1865. Died April 19, 1880. 

Enos Young Landis. N.A. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lithographer since 1873. Teacher Mathematics and Natural Science, Charlotteville, 
N. Y., Acad., 1862-3; Prin., 1863-4; Vice Prin. Alexander Military Inst., White Plains, 
N. Y., 1865-6. Private 91st N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1S64-5. 

* '*''f Charles Henry Lothrop. H'.U. Portland, Me. 

Died September 4, 1862. 

f John Wesley Narraway. A'.B. Oshawa, Ont. 

Prin. Centre Street Public School since 1867. 

fRev. Hiram Charles Sexton. P.Q. Columbus, Ohio. 

Methodist Minister since 1859; at Columbus since 1881. Life Ins. Agent at Albany, 
18S0-1. A.B., Syracuse Univ., 1876. 


f Robert Carswell. A. P. Edinburgh, Scotland. 


* ^^'^f James Augustus Church. A'.d. Arrington, Me. 

Died at Middletown, Conn., November 2, 1859. 

Rev. Oliver Haley Fernald. A. A. Portland, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1870. Teacher Languages, Scholfield's Commercial Coll., 
Providence, R. I., 1863-70. 

Rev. Charles Thurston Johnson. A'.X. Newton, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1863. 

Melville Morton Johnston. Z'.ii. Clffton, N. Y. 

Manufacturer of Dental Materials, New York City, since 1868. 

*^«^«tRev. James Robinson Moore. A.Z. Nicholville, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister, 1862-79. Sergt. 13th Conn. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-2. Died nt 
Soldiers' Home, Dayton, Ohio, Febraary 8, 1879. 

Rev. Joseph Pullman. 0A\ West Winsted, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1863. 

Rev. Isaac Edward Smith. A'.X. Huntington, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1865. Teacher Natural Science, Cazenovia, N. Y., Sem., 
1863-4; Prin. Ansonia, Conn., Public Schools, 1864-5. 

Middhtown. 383 

feTosEni I.vnuANi) ToiMiAM. //./'. Newark, N.J. 

Ins \t;eiit, with Knu-korbocker Life Ins. Co., New York City. I'livuf' 4th Conn. 
Inf., I'. S. A., ISGl ; Lieut, 'id N. J. Oav., ISO'J. 

\Ilev. Wilbur Fish Watlcins. ./'.J. New York City. 

Episcopal Minister since 1871. Methodist Minister, 1859-70. D.I>., Cull, of William 
and Mary, 1878. 


Rev. Benjamin Wiiittemore Chase. iV.2'. Cecilton, Md. 

Methodist Minister since 1861. Teacher Latin and German, Tilton, N. IL, Sem., 1870. 

Charles Wasiibuun Church. E.A. Middletown, Conn. 

Editor and Proprietor Con.ttitution since 1877. 

Charles Amos Merrill, LL.B. A'.O'. Worcester, Mass. 

LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1869. Taymaster's Clerk, U. S. A., at Fortress Monroe, 1865. 
Initiated by Dartmouth Chapter. 

Rev. John Joseph Reed, Jr. r:.Z. New York City. 

Methodist Minister since 1869. Teacher of Languages, West Chester, Pa., Military 
Acad., 1864-9. 

Rev. George Louis Thompson. E.d. Hartford, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1864. Chaplain Conn. State Legislature, 1881. 

Rev. John Swinburne Whedon. F'.ff. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1864. Teacher Ancient Languages, Wilbraham, Mass., Acad., 


Rev. Theodore Charles Beach. T.t. Northport, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1865. 

*'*^f Ho WARD Chandler Be ALE. A'.M. Hudson, Me. 

Died November 21, 1864. 

f Albert William Chapin. /.V. Worcester, Mass. 

Bookkeeper, with Garland and Lincoln. 

*"'''t Andrew Jackson Groves. I:.^. Langhorne, Pa. 

Teacher Mathematics, Crittenden's Commercial Coll., Philadelphia, Pa., 1836; Prin. 
Salisbury, Md., Acad., 1868-70; Friends' Acad., Langhorne, Pa., 1871. Private 29tb 1 a. 
Inf., II. S. A., 1863. Died December 13, 1871. 

t James Henry Groves. A'. II. Smyrna, Del. 

State Supt. Schools since 1875. Prin. Attleboro', Md., Inst., 1871-4; Smyrna, Del., 
Sem., 1874-5. Author of History of Free Schools in Del. 

Rev. Albert Overton Hammond. A'./'. Hackettstown, 
N. J. 

Tutor Greek and Latin, Centenary Inst.., since 1878. Teacher Latin, Chilton Hill Acad., 
Elizabeth, X. J., 1865. Methodist Minister, 1867-70. Prof. Greek and Mathematics, Mont- 
pelier Vt., Female Coll., 1870-2; Teacher Greek and Latin, I-ort Edward, N. 1 ., Jnst., 
1872-5; Vice Prin., 1873-5; Teacher Ancient Languages, Pittsburt;, Pa- J'f '"=*'«', i<^;"-> 
1876; Prin. Bound Brook, N. J., Inst., 1877-8. Private 6th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

fBENJAMiN Franklin Holden. ./. 7'. Bristol, N. H. 

Woollen Manufacturer. Member N. II. State Legisl.-iture, 1879-80. 

384 MiddletoTvn. 

Rev. Siegfried Kristeller. Y.0. Bethlehem, Conn. 

Methodist Minister siQce IS61. 

Israel Augustus Xea\ti ALL. Lynn, Mass. 

Manufacturer Boots and Shoes since 1875. 

William Robixson. A. T. Boston, Mass. 

Merchant since 1875. Prin. Ansonia, Conn., High School, 1865-6; Teacher Sta-uford, 
Conn., Classical School, 1867; Prin. Spring Vallejs X. T., Acad., 1867-9; Pres. and 
General Manager Robinson Electric R.R. Signal Co., 1873. 

Rev. Sydney Ketcham Smith. 1' .1. Westville, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1865. Grad. Concord, N. H., Biblical Inst., 1868. 

Rev. Nicholas Tillixghast "\Yhitaker. J.l. Lowell, 

Methodist Minister since 1867. Teacher Mathematics, Sanboruton Bridge, X. H., Sem., 
1866. Grad. Concord, N. H., Biblical Inst., 1867. 

Rev. Charles Wesley Wilder. //..V. Webster, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1865. Teacher Latin, Xewburv, Vt., Sem., 1866-7 ; Latin and 
Natural Science, Montpelier, Vt., Female Coll., 1868-9; Prin., 1870-2. Private 6th Mass. 
Reg., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

t John Wicklifee Jackson. F.O. Wilmington, Del. 

Teacher since 1866. Contributor to X. T. Pictorial War Record. 

'^^fjAiVLES Leahy. I. T. Middletown, Conn. 

Died at Visalia, Cal., Febrtiary 4, 1865. 

^»"tELi Weston PARK3IAN. I. P. Charleston, Me. 

Ist Lieut. 1st D. C. Cav., U. S. A., 1863-4. Died in service, at- Petersburg, Va., June, 1864. 

George Carr Rou'nd, LL.B. /'.i?'. Manassas, Va. 

Commonwealth's Attv., Prince "William Co., Va., 1869-70. Member Va. State Legis- 
lature, 1873-5. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. Private 1st Conn. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-4; 
. Lieut. Signal Corps, 1864-5. 

Herbert Joel Stevens. F/.1\ Wellesley, Mass. 

Farmer since 1876. 

fALBAN John Wilson, M.D. O.II. Philadelphia, Pa. 

M.D., Homoeopathic Coll. of Pa., 1865. 

Rev. Granville Yager. F.t. Cohasset, Mass. 

Congregational Minister since 1878. Teacher Latin, Fallej- Sem., Fulton, X. Y., 1866-9 ; 
English Literature and Rhetoric, Chester, Pa., Militarj- Acad'.j 1869-76. 


t Albert MiRON Bigelow. A.K. Worcester, Mass. 

Picture Dealer since 1873. 

t Jefferson Clark. A\ E. New York City. 

Lawyer. Prin. Needham, Mass., High School, 1869. 

Middletovjn. 385 

Kev. Edward Cunningham. A' JJ. Belfast, Me. 

Methodist Minister since 1807. 

'^''tMELViLLE Cox Elliott. A'. 2'. Corinna, Mc. 

Teacher Methodist Episcopal Board, l.uckiiow, Monulabad, Haliricli, \%m-1\. Died at 
Almorah, India, August 26, 1871. 

fRoBERT Lauder, M.D. A. A. Bridgeport, Conn. 

M.D., Yale Coll., 1871. Corp. 11th R. I. Inf., 1862-3. 

Wilbur Fisk Sanford, M.D. B.Q'. Webster, Mass. 

Teacher Greenwich, K. I., Seiu., 1867-8; Prin. Sandwich, Mass., High School, 1869-70. 
Methodist Minister, 1873-7. U.D., Boston, Mass., Univ., 1873; M.D., 1878. Private 29th 
Mass. Art., 186i-5. 

t Joseph William Stover. ^^A'. East Boston, Mass. 

Druggist since 1871. 

f Augustus Whitney Weeks. 1' .M. Lowell, Mass. 

Accountant since 1868. Chief Clerk Freedmen's Bureau, Hampton, Va., 1864-8. 
Author of Reminiscences of the Campaign of Co. G, 6th Mass. Inf., U. 8. A., 1882. Private 
6th Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

^'»««t Adams Brock Wilson, M.D. 1. W. Littleton, N. H. 

M.D., Dartmouth Coll., 1867. Died at Br.idford, Vt., August 31, 1869. 

■j-Hamline James Andrus. V.\. Yonkers, N. Y. 

I^awyer, New York City, since 1872. 

f Frank Howard Beale. ./'.</>. Hudson, Me. 

Died November, 1868. 

Rev. George Blauvelt Dusinberre. A.E. Simsbury. 

Methodist Minister since 1868. Prin. Colliusville, Conn., High School, 1869-70.. 

Rev. Henry Warren Flint. K. T. East Elmore, Vt. 

Methodist Minister since 1879. Farmer, Bethel, Vt., 1873-9. Private 16th Vt. Inf., 
U. 8. A., 1861. 

f George Hollis Hammond, ]\LD. 0.1\ Freeport, N. Y. 

M.D., Univ. of N. Y., 1872. 

fRev. Morris Watson Prince. /. /7. Bucksport, Me. 

Methodist Minister since 1871. Prin. Bucksport, Me., Sem., since 1881 ; Warren, Mc., 
.\, 1866-8; Thomaston, Me., High School, 1868-9; Mt. Pleasant Gr.ammar School, 
Nashua, N. H., 1869-71. 

Rev. Joseph Emerson Robins. M.O. Lebanon, N. H. 

Methodist Minister since 1868. Teacher Latin, Tilton, N. H., Sem., 1868; Mathe- 
matics and Natural Science, Drew Ladies' Sem., Carmel, N. Y., 1869-71. 

f Julius William Russell. V.B. Burlington, Vt. 


fHENRY Lucius Washburn. ./. '/'. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City, sinoe 1871. A.B., Yale Coll., 1868. 


386 Middletown. 

t George Foster Cady. F.X. Hartford, Conn. 

Renewal Clerk Continental Life Ins. Co. since 1869. 

Rev. Wilbur Fisk Crafts. A.I. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Congregational Minister since 1880. Methodist Minister, 1870-9. Author of The 
Rescue of Child Souls ; Plain Uses of the Blackboard ; Fireside Talks on Genesis ; Talks and 
Stories of Prayer. Contributor to Christian at l^o?•^■, etc. B.D., Boston, Mass., Univ., 

Edson Warburton Davis. E. T. Oneida, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1880. Teacher Mathematics, Antwei-p, N. T., Bern., 1869-70; Prin. 
Irvington, JT. Y., Free School, 1871-2; Oneida, N. Y., Sem., 1873-5; Vernon, N. Y., Union 
School, 1875-6. 

fEoBERT Newton Fearon. P.P. East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Supt. Schools since 1880. Supt. Schools, Ionia, Mich., 1871-2; Prin. Minneapolis, 
Minn., High School, 1872-3. A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1870. 

Samuel Emery Holden. F/.H. Napa, Cal. 

Tanner and Wool Dealer since 1880. Private 16th N. H. Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. 

Albert Gillet Jepson. A.N. ISIuskegon, Mich. 

Druggist since 1875. Prin. Northville, Mich., Schools, 1869-71 ; Supt. Roscoe., 111., 
Schools, 1871-3; Romeo, Mich., Schools, 1873-5. 

Eev. David Eugene Miller. J.J. ISIontpelier, Yt. 

Methodist Minister since 1869. Supt. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Schools, 1875-7; Brat- 
tleborough, Vt., Schools, 1880. 

Eev. Alfred Noon. P.I. Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1868. Private 42d Mass. Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 

Eev. Jonathan Edwards Eichards. J'. J. St. John's, 

Congregational Minister since 1877. Methodist Minister, 1869-76. 

Eev. Harvey Woodward. J'.Z. Fishersville, N. H. 

Methodist Minister since 1870. Teacher Mathematics, Falley Bem., Fulton, N. Y., 
1869. Private 9th N. H. Inf., U. S. A., 1864. 


*'*^tFRANK Edward Barrett. N.J. Middletown, Conn. 

Died September 17, 1867. 

Charles Sherman Edgerton. A.B. Albany, N. Y. 

Architect since 1880. 

Eev. John Hessie Emerson. E. W. Maple wood, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1874. Vice Prin. Middletown, Conn., High School, 1870-1. 
B.D., Boston, Mass., Univ., 1874. 

Eev. Charles Wesley Gallagher. B'.X. Fall Eiver, 

Methodist Minister since 1870. Private 4th Mass. Unattached Co., U. 8. A., 1865. 

Middletoivn. 387 

fHARRY Burns Hutchins. A'.H. Mount Clemens, Mich. 

Lawyer since 1876. Sunt. Owosso, Mich., Public Schools, 1871-2; Instructor Rhetoric 
and English Literature, Univ. of Mich., 1872-3; Asst. Prof., 1873-6. Ph.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1871. 

Rev. George Preston Mains. FjP. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1870. On steamer Valley City, U. S. N., 1864-5. 

fEowARD Annis Merrill, LL.B. l\ T. Concord, N. H. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1881. 

Alfred Seelye Roe. E.P. Worcester, Mass. 

Prin. High School since 1880. Prin. Ashland, Mass., High School, 1870-5; Master 
Worcester, Mass., Higli School, 1875-80. Private 9th N. Y. Art., U. 8. A., 1864-5. 

Joseph B. Thomas, Jr. A'.I.K. Boston, Mass. 

Sugar Refiner since 1870. 

ICharles Merrill Wilson, M.D. B.Il. Gouverneur, N. Y. 

County Coroner, St. Lawrence Co., since 1881. M.D., Bellevue Hospital, 1871. 

Daniel Stillman Alford. J.N. Lawrence, Kan. 

Lawyer since 1872. Asst. Editor Spirit of Kansas, since 1873. 

Eldon Benjamin BiRDSEY, LL.B. I. P. Middletown, Conn. 

City Prosecuting Atty. since 1879. LL.B., Albany, Law School, 1872. 

Byron Alden Brooks. P.S. Flushing, N. Y. 

Author, etc., since 1873. Prin. Ives Sera., Antwerp, N. Y., 1866-7; Union Free 
School, Dobbs' Ferry, N. Y., 1871-2. Asst. Editor Xatlonal Qairtei-ly Review, 1873. Sec. 
N. Y. Fetter Screw Co., 1880. Author of King Saul, 1876. Contributor to Christian 
Advocate, etc. 

Albert Barnard Crafts. P. T. Westerly, R. I. 

Lawyer since 1875. 

fFRED Henry Crafts. E.M. Atchison, Kan. 

Engineer. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1875. 

Watson Thomas DuNxMORE, LL.B. M.N. Utica, N. Y. 

Prin. Bradford, Vt., High School, 1871-3; Susquehanna Depot, Pa., High School, 1874; 
Supt. Schools, Hornellsville, N. Y., 1874-5. LL.B., Hamilton Coll., 1875. 

t Charles Amzi Genung. B'.Z. White Plains, N. Y. 

Prin. Public School since 1874. 

Theodore E Hancock, LL.B. J.J. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

flsAiAH William Lore, LL.B. M.J. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1872. 

Edward Amasa Ransom. J.N. Jersey City, N. J. 

Lawyer since 1873. 

f French Albert Sawyer. ./'. 7'. Napa, Cal. 

Tanner and Wool Dealer since 1880. 

388 Middletoivn. 

William Frederick Whitcher. /. B. Maiden, Mass. 

Asst. Editor Boston, Mass., Traveller, since 1881. Methodist Minister, 1872-81. 


Delos Richard Baker. O.K. Ludlow, 'Kj. 

stenographer since 1880. On Staflf of Cincinnati, Ohio, Gazette, 1872-3. Methodist 
Minister, 187-1-9. Reporter Cincinnati, Ohio, Daily Tunes, 1879-80. 

Joseph Henry Beale. E.K. New Haven, Conn. 

Asst. Editor Loo/nis's yfusical and Masonic Journal since 1879. Messenger Me. State 
Legislature, 1857-62. Teacher Bucksport, Me., Sem., 1863. Methodist Minister, 1868-79. 
Contributor to lion's Herald, Christian Advocate, etc., etc. Lieut. 31st Me. Inf., U. 8. A., 

James Madison Beede. E. T. Orange, N, J. 

Teacher Natural Science, Drew Ladies' Sem., Carrael, N. Y., 1872-5. Asst. Prin. 
Orange, N. J., High School, 1875-81. Died January 6, 1881. 

Silas William Kent. Z'.II. West Meriden, Conn. 

Manufacturer since 1872. 

Rev. Watson Lyivian Phillips. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1873. Contributor to Zion's Herald, etc. 

Robert James Round. O.Z. BaldAvinsville, N. Y. 

' Prin. Baldwinsville .Acad, since 1876. Teacher Latin and Greek, Cokesbury, S. C, 
Inst., 1873-4; Latiu and Natural Science, Davenport Female Coll., Lenoir, N. C, 1875-6. 

Allen Rosencranse Shay. A. P. Newton, N. J. 

Lawyer since 1877. Prin. Hamburgh, N. J., Public Schools, 1874-5. 

Charles Wesley Young. F.F. New Castle, Wash. 

Bookkeeper for Seattle Coal and Transportation Co. since 1878. Prof Ancient 
Languages, Olympia, Wash., Female Sem., 1874-5. 


Herbert Hull Coston. J.^V. Scranton, Pa. 

Lawyer since 1875. Court Stenographer, Lackawanna Co., Pa., since 1880. 

William Henry Eustis, LL.B. A'. T. Minneapolis, INIinn. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1S74. 

Coleridge Allen Hart, LL.B. 0.A._ Peekskill, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. 

Rev. George Asbury ^McLaughlin. J..V. Littleton, 
N. H. 

Methodist Minister since 1875. Prin. Newmarket, N. U., High School, 1873-4. 

Rev. Hinckley Gilbert Thomas Mitchell. </>. T. j\Iid- 
dletown. Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1879. Tutor Latin and Hebrew, Wesleyan, since 1880. Author 
of Final Constructions of Biblical Hebrew, 1879. B.D., Boston, .Mass., Uuiv., 1876; Ph.D., 
Leipzic Univ., 1879. Member Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. 

Middhtcnvn. 3^9 

Wilbur ]\Ieuton Palmkii. //. 7'. Flatbush, N. Y. 

Reporter New York Tribune since 1878. Prin. Richville, N. Y., Public Schools, 
1873-4; Scarsdale, N. Y., Public Schools, 1875; Southington, Conn., Public fechooU, 

tEDWiN Richard Redhead. 0. T. Fulton, N. Y. 

P.iper Manufacturer since 1875. A.B., Syr.icuse Univ., 1874. 

George Washington SiioxK. I'.K. Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

Lawyer since 1876. 


George Russell Emerson. (P.. I. ' West Somerville, 

Manufacturer Table Sauces since 1874. 

John Edward EusTis, LL.B. (P.i. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1877. Private 20th N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

fFRANKLiN Harris Griffin. A. 6. Evanston, Wyo. 

Prin. Evanston Select School since 1881. City Editor Wheeling, W. Va., Evening 
Standard, 1876-7. Prin. Ogden, Utah, Sem., 1878-81. 

Archie Emerson Palmer. J.N. Flatbush, N. Y. 

Asst. Night City Editor N. Y. Tribu7ie since 1880; Reporter N. Y. Tribune, 1874-80. 

t George Mortimer Roe. P.X. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Asst. Editor Enquirer since 1877. 

Rev. Byram Green Sanford. E.dK Boston, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1877; Theo. Student, Boston, Mass., Univ., since 1881. 
Teacher Elocution, Poultney, Vt., Acad., 1875-6. 

Rev. Joseph Battell Shepard. A.E. New York City. 

Methodist Minister since 1874. Prin. Lee's Acad., Madison, Conn., 1876. 

Albert Marion Tallmadge, LL.B. J..^. Bridgeport, 

Lawyer. Deputy Judge City Court since 1879. LL.B., Yale Coll., 1877. 

Rev. Bushrod Shelden Taylor. B.l'. Aspinwall, U. S. 
Colombia, S. A. 

Methodist Minister since 1875. Prof. Mathematics, Johnson Coll., Quincy, 111., 1874-5. 
Contributor to Albany, N. Y., Zion's Watchman. 


fMiLLARD Fillmore Brown. ./. 6. Binghamton, N. Y. 

Lawyer since 1876. 

fRev. Morris De Veau Church. M.P. Newark, N. J. 

Methodist Minister since 1881. Reformed Episcopal Minister, 1876-80. 

Rev, Ashton Chauncey Eddy. 1'.0. La Fargeville, N. Y. 

Metliodist Minister since 1875. 

jAlfred May Gramman, M.D. J.V. Corning, N. Y. 

M.D., New York Homoeopatliic Medical Coll., 1876. 

390 Middletoivn. 

Harry Clay Heermaxs. A' .E. Corning, N. Y. 

Druggist since 1877. Acting Prin., Corning, X. T., Free Acad., 1875-6. 

fEev. George Newell Kellogg. E.0. Griswold, Conn. 

Congregational Minister since 1870. P. O., Jewett City, Conn. 

WiLLL4M Channixg Kellogg. A.X. Yarmouth, Mass. 

Lawyer since 1880. Prin. High School since 1878. 

Wilbur Samuel Eaymoxd. F.S. St. Elmo, Colo. 

Hardware Merchant since 1879. Editor American Educational Monthly, 1876. 

*^^^ Clarexce Morgax Skeel. Z^.B. Denver, Colo. 

Methodist Minister, 1878-9. Clerk, Colo. Dept. of State, 1879-80. Died August 9, 

Fraxklin Deuel Skeel, M.D. I.fJ. New York City. 

Post Office Clerk since 1878. M.D., Univ. of the City of Xew York, 1881. 

Clarexce Abiathar Waldo. I'.P. Hackettstown, N. J. 

Teacher Centenary Inst., 1876-7 and since 1881 ; Natural Science and Mathematics, 
Drew Female Sem., Carmel, N. Y., 1875-6; Tutor Mathematics, and Registrar Wesleyan, 

•j-Cyrus Everett Waterbury. P.0. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Retired hecause of ill health. 


Rev. Joseph Fithiax Axdrew. 1\P. Roselle, N. J. 

Methodist Minister since 1876. Grad. Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J., 1878. 

jHerbert Jewett Bartox. 0.J. Waukegan, 111. 

Prin. High School since 1878. Prin. Newport, N. H., High School, 1876-8; Supt. 
Schools, Waukegan, 111., 1879-81. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1876. 

Rev. WiLBERT Celestus Blakemax. A.E. Parkville, 
N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1877. 

fRev. Carter Eastmax Cate. B.B. Lake Village, N. H. 

Pastor Free Will Baptist Church. A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1876. 

fRev. William Westox Cox. 2M.6. Ketcluim's Corners, 
N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1876. 

Rev. Stephex Olix Garrisox. J.B. Catasauqua, Pa. 

Methodist Minister since 1876. Grad. Reformed Church Theo. Sem., Lancaster, Pa., 

f Charles Adelbert Lyox. B.B. Biughamton, N. Y. 

Mercantile Agent since 1880. 

fWARREX Jarrott Reese. A'. 7'. Boston, Mass. 

Bookkeeper, with Welch & Griffiths. 

Rev. Fraxk Rosevelt Sherwood. ^. A'. West Chazv, 
N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1876. 

jMiihUctow n. 391 

fLEVi LeForkkst IIaydkn Taylok. :\.~. ILiverhill, 

Hardware Merchant Bincc 1879. 

John AVilliam Whitney. U.M. Gouverneur, N. Y. 

Tutor Matliematics and Natural Science, Wcsleyan, since 1880. Master Saratnija, 
N. Y., High School, 1876-9; Teaclier Natural Science, Ives Sem., Antwerp, N. Y., 1879-80. 


•f-Rev. John Atwood Bowler. l.P. Hillsborough, N. II. 

Methodist Minister since 1879. Trin. IVpperell, Mass., High School, 1876-8; Supt. 
Schools, Goshen, N. H., 1879. 

Rev. Olin Burr Coit. 7'. J. Alpine, N. J. 

Methodist Minister since 1880. Teacher Latin, Shaw Univ., Holly Springs, Miss., 
1877-8. A.M., Wesleyan, 1880. Grad. Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J., 1881. 

t Joseph Colter. V.I. Chicago, 111. 

Dry Goods Merchant since 1881. 

George Grimston Cookman. ./.(/>. rOiiladelphia, Pa. 

Lawyer since 1880. Teacher Oratory, Pennington, N. J., Sem., 1877-8. 

fWiLLiAM Howe Crane, LL.B. A. 7'. Port Jervis, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Prof. Mathematics, State Normal School, Holly Springe, Miss., 1878-9. 
LL.B., Albany Law School, 1880. 

Elwood Stokes Gerard. K.T. East Hartford, Conn. 

Prin. North-Eastern Public School, Hartford, Conn., since 1878. Teacher, Southington, 
Conn., Public School, 1877-8. 

t William Dudley Goewey. P.I. Albany, N.Y. 

Teacher Latin and Greek, High School, since 1875. 

t George Powers Rayiniond. (P.\. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Queen City Shirt Co. since 1881. Formerly Druggist at Lockport, N. Y. 

Rev. AA^ATSON Tranter. A.H. Chicago, 111. 

Methodist Minister since 1880. Grad. Garrett Biblical lust., Evanston, 111., 1880. 


f John Nicholl Brown. X. 0. Trenton, N. J. 

Instructor Music, Pennington, N. J., Sem., since 1879. Prof. Mental and Moral Phi- 
losophy, Pennington, N. J., Sem., 1S78-9. Composer of Alpha Delta Phi Waltz, 1881, 
etc., etc. 

James Boucher DiLKS. T.I. Bayonne, N. J. 

Teacher since 1878. 

Rev. Edward Sylvester Ferry. 0.A. Chester, N.J. 

Methodist Minister since 1878. 

George AA^atson James. 0.1. AVilkes Barre, Pa. 

392 Middletow n . 

Lorenzo Giles La Bar. K. T. Scranton, Pa. 

Prin. High School since 1878. 

William Day Leonard. 0..L New York City. 

Lawyer since 1880. 

fRev. Frank Theodore Pomeroy. J..V. Pittsfield, Mass. 

Methodist Minister since 1878. 

William Ezra Scofield. J..V. Woburn, Mass. 

Prin. High School since 1881. Teacher Latin and Greek, Tilton, N. H., Sem., 1878-80. 

f Frank Edward Stebbins. J. A'. Springfield, Mass. 

Studying abroad. A.B., Amherst Coll., 1880. 

f Robert Bowne Suckley. J. P. New York City. 

Lawyer since 1881. 

fCoRNTiLL Martin Walsworth. 1.P. Euclid, N. Y. 

Prin. Public Schools since 1880. 


Lakman Forrest Bower. J. A'. Berwick, Pa. 

Merchant since 1879. 

Seldon Lester Brown. .4.0. Lancaster, Mass. 

Prin. High School since 1881. Prin. High School, Brookfield, Mass., 1879-81. 

Alfred Cookman Brltner. 1\I7. Columbia, Pa. 

Keal Estate and Ins. Agent since 1879. 

Frank Simpson Cookman. T.J. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Student at Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J. 

* ^^'■'f Bayard Taylor Eddy. T.I. Gouverneur, N.Y. 

Died April 13, 1879. 

t Augustus Philip Hann. T.J. Washington, N. J. 

Asst. Cashier First National Bank since 1879. Member City Council and City Treasurer 
since 1880. 

Rev. Elbert Clay Hoag. K.0. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Methodist Minister since 1881. B.D., Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J., 1881. 

Rev. Albert Mann, Jr. M.I. Tacony, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Methodist Minister since 1880. 

Warren Augustus Miner. J.B. North Tarry to wn, N. Y. 

Medical Student, Univ. of the City of New York. 

f Edwin Newcomb. A.K. Scranton, Pa. 

Lawyer since 1879. 

f Howard Mudge Newhall. J.B. Lynn, Mass. 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. 

Rev. WiLMOT Woodruff Van Deusen. J.B. Madrid, 
N. Y. 

Methodist Miniater since 1879. 

Middletoxvn. 393 

fCiiARLES Olin Buamiiall. 0.^. Apalacliin, N. Y. 

Teacher Public School siuce 1881. 

CiiAiii.ES Sumner Chapin. U'.K. Brookfield, Mass. 

Trin. High School since 1881. 

Arthur Midwinter Freeman. M.S. llackettstown, N. J. 

Teacher Centenary Collegiate Inst, since 1880. 

Abram Winegardner Harris. A.O'.K. Middletown,Conn. 

Tutor Mathematics and Registrar, Wesleyan, since 1881. Teacher Higher Mathe- 
matics, Dickinson Scm., Williamsport, Pa., 1880-1. 

Charles Noah Dixon Jones. I. (P. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Medical fitudcnt at Columbia Coll. . 

fHENRY John Jones. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Instructor Elocution, Harvard Univ., since 1881. Prof. Gesture, National School of 
Elocution and Oratory, Philadelphia, Pa., 1877-9 ; Teacher Elocution, Newark, Del., Acad., 
1879-80. A.B., Delaware Coll., 1879 ; Harvard Univ., 1881. 

fEowiN Bailey Olmstead. E.Z. Holton, Kan. 

Historical writer since 1880. Author of History of Riley Co., Kan., 1881. 

Rev. James Martin Yeager. E.I. Carmel, N. Y. 

Teacher Greek, Drew Ladies' Sem., since 1880. Methodist Minister since 1880. 

>«»'tSAMUEL Ford Blair. i:.i\ Bath, Me. 

Died at sea, January 31, 1881. 

Fred AsBURY Jackson. B.A'. Pennington, N. J. 

Teacher Natural Science, Pennington Sera., since 1881. 

William Adelbert Jones. VJ.Q'. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 

Prof. Latin and Greek, Iowa Wesleyan Univ., since 1881. 

John Bell Scott. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Medical Student, Univ. of Pa. 


t Albert Hunt Chase. Z'.i-). Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bookkeeper, with Chase and Comstock. 

William Wilberforce Cookman. A'.Q). Philadelphia, 

Student at Drew Theo. Sem., Madison, N. J. 

t Charles Van Loon Gabriel. J..V. Plymouth, Pa. 

Student at Princeton Coll. 

Joseph Gerard. /'.A'. Hackettstown, N. J. 

394 Middleto-wn. 

Valentine Hallenbeck. A.l. Glenville, N. Y. 
John LaM'onte Hurst. O.ii. .Des Moines, Iowa. 
William Smith Pearsall. M.A. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
•f-DouGLAS Eugene Petit. J. '/. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Law Student at Columbia Coll. 

f Isaac Billings Allen Taylor. Z'.l. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Clerk, with Kenyon and Potter. 

Cornelius Fitch Van Dervoort. N.A. Paterson,N. J. 

George Prentice Carson. E.I. Westchester, Pa. 
Charles Edmund Coffin. I.X. Haverhill, Mass. 
John McCarthy. A. A. Buffalo, N. Y. 
fTnoMAS Key Niedringhaus. K.A. St. Louis, Mo. 

Bookkeeper, with St. Louis Stamping Co. 

f Addison Dougherty O'Neill. N.Z. New York City. 

Clerk Erie Grain Elevator, Jersey City, N. J., eince 1880. 

f Robert Davison Petty. E' .B. Vienna, N. J. 

Student at Princeton Coll. 

f Charles Marinus Roe. P.Ih Worcester, Mass. 

Clerk, with Deholm & McKay. 

Augustus Ledyard Smith. Z'.N. Appleton, Wis. 
William Walls Wood. A'. I. Philadelphia, Pa. 

jRev. William Henry Barnhart. H'.A. Sardinia, N. Y. 

Methodist Minister since 1879. 

Paul Francis El a. P.F. Springfield, Mass. 
f Herbert Brigham Hayden. B.N. Cobalt, Conn. 

Teacher Public School since 1880. 

Lorenzo Nickerson Johnson. Z'.(I>. Easton, Conn. 

George Mason LaMonte. . F.A. Bound Brook, N. J. 
fLESTER BuRCHARD LocKWOOD. E' .Y\ Bridgeport, Conn, 
f David James Thistleton Oldham. Z'.M. Stapleton, 
N. Y. 

Gary A Roe. A'. >F. Waterloo, N. Y. 

MiddletoTVJi. 395 

FiiAXK Rollins. F'.P. Livermoiv Falls, Me. 
FiiANK Taylou Smitii. iV. /'. Api»lctou, Wis. 


Edward Dally Bassett. ll'.n. Ansonia, Conn. 
Saul Ober Curtice. IjIK Concord, N. H. 
Howard Percy Denison. A'.Z. Euclid, N. Y. 
William Scott Foster. .7'./^. South Windsor, Conn. 
Frank Siegel Howard. K.A. Worcester, Mass. 
Jacob Clinton Lange. Z'. ¥. Scranton, Pa. 
Robert Francklyn Norton. T.J. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
fCLiNTON John Richards. A. P. Salem, Me. 

Teacher English, Dickinson Seni., Willlamsport, Pa., since 1881. 

DeAVitt Burton Thompson. li.B. Newburgh, N. Y. 
George Phelps Wardell. F'.6. New Britain, Conn. 


1858 TO 1885. 

A finals. 

The Kenyon Chapter received its charter iu the year 1858. 
Tradition tells us that we are chiefly indebted to the old Yale 
Chapter for this blessing. The first meeting of the Chapter was 
held in the parlors of the Kenyon House, at which time our 
charter members were initiated by Brothers McDonald and Webb, 
of the Miami Chapter. Succeeding meetings were held for a time 
in the rooms of the different members, but soon a hall was 
secured for the exclusive use of the Chapter. Not content with 
this, steps were shortly taken towards building a lodge, to be 
owned in fee simple by the Chapter ; and soon the structure 
was completed, which is now owned and used by the Chapter for 
lodge purposes. 

The episode of most marked interest in the Chapter's other- 
•wise adventureless life occurred in 1870, when the lodge was 
entered b}' members of two other Fraternities. Entrance was 
effected through the floor by means of an auger and a saw. 
After gaining admittance the intruders indulged in the most un- 
scrupulous vandalism. The carpet was cut to pieces, chairs 
reduced to a size suitable for kindling wood, and a numlier of 
pictures were destroyed. Fortunately no valuable papers were in 
the building at the time. Nothing was removed except a catalogue 
and some correspondence. The catalogue was recovered immediately 
after its loss, and the correspondence was returned iu 1879. It is 

Kenyon. ' 397 


satisfactory to add. in conclusion, that the offendera'were speedily 
brought to justice tlirough tlie efforts of tlie then undergraduate 
members and the worlv of a sl<ilful detective. Damages in full 
were recovered, and the culprits themselves were expelled fr(Mn 
' The Kenyon Chapter has not quite completed its first quarter 
of a century, and yet, as surely ought to be the case where the 
true spirit of .1 J ^ has continued thus long, we have an alumni 
list of which we are proud. 

But eight brothers have been lost to us by death. The Chapter 
has ever enjoyed the cordial support of the Faculty, and was once 
the means of preventing the abolition of Fraternities from this 
College. She has gained more than her full share of College honors, 
as is shown by the following statements. Since the time of her 
establishment twenty per cent, of Kenyon's valedictorians have 
been Alpha Delts. Thirty-six per cent, of the orators elected 
by the College have stood in the same rank. Of honor men 
twenty-three per cent, have been from our number. It has not 
been possible to ascertain with equal exactness our proportion 
of Phi Beta Kappa men ; but as election to this body is here 
l)ased almost wholly upon considerations of scholarship, favorable 
inference is alone possible. The active membership has numl)ered 
as high as eighteen, but the average has been about twelve. 

Murray Davis, whose death occurred not long ago in California , 
wrote the song popular throughout the 1^'raternity, '-When the 
Evening Shadows Gather," and one other. Of Prof. Strong, another 
contributor to our Song Book, a brother member writes that ''He 
was an ardent and useful member. He wrote us two A A <l) songs, 
and was poet at the convention." 

An account of 'the Kenyon Chapter would be incomplete without 
a passing reference to the proposed new lodge, and the measures 
already taken to obtain it. The new structure will be of stone, 
and will be arranged for social meetings as well as for the usual 

39^ Ke?iyo7i. 

purposes of a lodge. More than one-half the amount required for 
its erection has been subscribed. 

We are confident of success through perseverance and the general 
interest shown by graduate brothers as the subject is being brought 
to their attention, and believe that the time is close at hand when 
an A A ^ lodge will add one grace the more to our College park. 


Charter Members. 

Henry Whiteiiouse Ciiu'man. Z.l. 
William D'Orville Doty. A'.Q'. 
Francis Sutherland Dunham. J. W. 
James Denton Hancock. M.l. 
John Arunah Harper. PM. 
George Edward Mann. Z'.X. 
Albert Bronson Payne. 7'. Y' . 
Timothy Henry Rearden. H'.A. 
Robert Clinton Smith. E'.l. 
Matthew Trimble. A.K. 

^Hamilton LoMjihere Smith. O.K. Geneva, N. Y. 

Prof. Natural Philosophy and Astronomy at Hobart Coll. since 1868; Natural 
Philosophy and Astronomy, Kenyon, 1853-68. Author Natural Philosophy, 1847, re- 
published 1850-1 ; and various papers in Silliman's Journal, Quarterly Journal of Micro- 
tcopy, London Monthly Microscopical Journal and Am. Microscopical Journal. Article 
Microscope, in Appleton's Cyclopaedia, and Pyramids, in Johnson's CyclopEedia. A.B., 
Yale, 1839; LL.D., Trinity Coll., 1871. F. M. R. 8., and Member New York Lyceum, Bos- 
ton Acad, of Natural Sciences, Connecticut Acad. Arts and Sciences, Belgian Microscopic 
Society and Edinburgh Microscopic Society. 


Benjamin Locke Lang. I .K. Ottiimwa, Iowa. 

Retired. Prof. Mathematics, Kenyon Coll., 1856-67; Acting Pres. Kenyon Coll., 1861-4; 
Pres. Portsmouth, Ohio, Female Coll., 1867-71. Private Sec. to President Hayes to sign 
Land Patents, 1877-9. 


Rev. George Augustus Strong. A.K. New Bedford, Mass. 

Rector Grace Church since 1879. Prof. English Literature and History, Kenyon Coll., 
1868-79. Grad. Alexandria, Va., Theo. Sem., 1859. 


Rev. Richard Leo Ganter. F'.hl. Akron, Ohio. 

Rector St. Paul's Church. Supt. Schools, Johnson Co., Iowa, 1868-9. Member Iowa 
Bute Historical Soc. Private and Chaplain 15th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1861. 

400 Kenyon. 


Henry 8pa7'row Mitchell. N.IJ. Nor walk, Ohio. 

Merchant. City Clerk, City Treas. and Member Board of Education. Admitted to tlie 
Bar in 1860. 

Lewis Paine. 1\J. Rutland, Ohio. 

Lawyer since 1860. Also Farmer. Prosecuting Atty. Meigs Co., 1863-7. Supl. 
Public Schools, Pomeroy, Ohio, 1858-9. 


George Smith Allen. 1\ W. Mont Clair, N. J. 

Dentist, New York City. Prof, of Histology in the New York Homceopathic Med. 
Coll., 1872-5. DD.S., Ohio Dental Coll., Cincinnati, 1861. 

^*" Charles Bierce Guthrie. A. V. Titusville, Pa. 

Lawyer. Drowned September 19, 1879. 

James Denton Hancock. M.I. Franklin, Pa. 

Lawyer. Prof. Mathematics in the Western Univ. at Pittsburg, Pa., 1859-61. Solicitor 
of the Allegheny Valley R.R. Co. ; General Solicitor for the Pittsburg, Titusville and 
Buffalo R.R. Co., since 1878. 

\Rev. John Mills Kendrick. N.0. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Superintendent of Protestant Episcopal Missions. Trustee of Kenyon Coll. and of 
Theo. Sem. of Ohio from 1876. Editor of the Cleveland, Ohio, Standard of the Cro-is, 
1876-7. A.B., Marietta Coll.; Grad. Gambier, Ohio, Theo. Sem., 1864. Adj. 33d Ohio 
Inf., U. S. A., 1863-5; Capt., A. A. G., 1865. 

William Smedes Marshall. J'.Ii. Denver, Colo. 

Hardware Merchant. 1st Sergt., then Capt., 8th 111. Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ; 1st Lieut, and 
Adjt. 1st 111. Cav., 1861-2. 

1880 Edward Hanson Mayo. J.l'. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Banker. Prin. Union School, Greensville, Ohio, 1859-60. 1st Sergt. and Sergt. Maj. 
11th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1861. Died of consumption, April 14, 1880. 

Timothy Henry Rearden. //'.//. San Francisco, Cal. 

Lawyer. Private 84th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862. 

Robert Clinton Smith, f!.l'. Glenville, Md. 

Ijawyer and Correspondent. 


Henry Whitehouse Chipman. Z.1\ Chicago, 111. 

Real Estate Dealer. Died of consumption at Bocrne, Tex., July 7, 1880. 

John Arunah Harper. F'.iJ. Pittsburg, Pa. 


" John "Adams Norris. ff'.fT. Columbus, Ohio. 

U. S. Pension Agent. Provost Marshal 10th Dist., 1864-5. State School Coramiseloncr, 
1866-72. Maj. 9Sth Regt., 2d Brigade, 2d Div., 14th Corps, Ohio Inf., U. S. A.. 1862-4. 
Died January 19, 1877. 

Matthew Trimble, LL.B. I.E. Wasliington, D. C. 

Lawyer. Member Legislature of the Dist. of Columbia, 1870-3. Atty. for several 
States in the settlement of war claims before the Depts. LL.B., Columbian Law School, 


Kenyon. 401 

" Murray Davis, Y.V . San Franci.sco, Cal. 

Clock Dealer. Private 95th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1801 ; Lieut., 1863; Regimental Adj., 
18G3; talcen prisoner, August, 1862; paroled, November, 1862; wounded at Guntown, July 
13, 1864. He saved the rcgimenUil colors, and for this was promoted Capt. and A.A.G., in 
August, 1864; Ma.), and A. A. G., February 22, 1865; brevetted Maj. U. S. A., March 2, 
1867. Resigned 1870, and entered firm of Ilaviland, Hooper & Co., San Francisco. Died 
of consumption, July 25, 1877. 

Albert Bronson Payne. T. Y'. Nashville, Tenn. 

Wholesale Stationer. Federal Paymaster, Q M. Service. 

Rev. Yung Kiung Yen. H'.O. Shanghai, China. 

Prof. Mathematics and Physics and Instructor English Language, St. John's Coll. 
Missionary Protestant Kpiscopal Church, 1866-79. 


Rev. Alexander Viets Griswold Allen. H'.l'. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Prof. Ecclesiastical History in Episcopal Theo. School since 1867. Rector St. John's, 
Lawrence, Mass., 1865-7. Grad. Andover Theo. Sem., 1865. D.D., Kenyon, 1878. 

Rev. William D'Orville Doty. A'.Q'. Rochester, N. Y. 

Rector Christ Church. 

|Rev. Francis Sutherland Dunham. J. W. Ten-e Haute, 

Rector St. Stephen's Church since 1872. Ph.D., Heidelberg Univ., 1879. Grad. Gen. 
Theo. Sem., New York City, 1865. 

fEDWARD Augustus KiTZMiLLER. F'.II. Hawkins Station, 
Pa. R.R., Pa. 

Merchant at Pittsburg, Pa. Private 31st Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1861 ; 1st Lieut, and Adj. 
191st Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1864; Capt. and A. A. G., 2d Brigade, 2d Div., Army of Shenan- 
doah, U. S. A., 1864-5. 

fGEORGE Edward Mann. Z'.X. Galveston, Texas. 

Lawyer. Judge 5th Dist. Court of Te.xas, 1869. Private Howitzer Battalion of Rich- 
mond, Va.: Capt. 3d Va. Cav., C. S. A. 

fORONHYATEKHA, M.D. A'. ¥. London, Ont. 

Pres. Grand Council of Chiefs of Canada, 1874. Consulting Physician to the Indians 
since 1873. G. W. Chief Templar of G. Lodge of Canada, for 1869, 1872 and 1876. High Chief 
Ranger of High Court of Foresters of Ontario since 1879. Editor of The Independent For- 
ester. M.D., Toronto Univ., 1867. Member Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, Canada. 

John Randolph Vance. O.J. Marshall, Mo. 

Lawyer. Pros. Atty., 1870-3. 


fCnARLES Heber Mendenhall. 1. '/". Chicago, 111. 

Hydraulic Engineer. Surgeon 6th Ohio Cav., U. S. A., 1S64-5. 

"tWiLLiAM Pryer Payne. F/.H. Richmond, Ind. 

Private Co. F. 36th Ind. Inf., U. 8. A., 1861-3 ; 1st Lieut. 124th Ind. Inf., U. 8. A., 1863-4 ; 
Ist Lieut. 9th Ind. Cav., U. S. A., 1864-5. Died October 2, 1867, New Orleans, La. 

402 Kenyan . 

fALPHONSO David Rockwell, M.D. J'.M. New York 


Electro Therapeutist, New York State Woman's Hospital, since 1874. Author 
of A Practical Treatise on the Medical and Surgical Uses of Electricity; Lectures on the 
Relation of Electricity to Disease; Papers: The Relation of Electro Therapeutics to Electro 
Physiology ; On the Sequelae of Acute Diseases and their Treatment ; Functional Diseases 
of the Nervous System ; Simulating Organic Heart Disease, etc. M.D., Bellevue Hospital 
Med. Coll., 1864. Member of the Am. Acad, of Medicine, Am. Neurological Assoc, etc. 
Asst. Surg. 6th Ohio Cav., U. S. A., 1864; Surg. 6th Ohio Cav., U. S. A., 1865. 

fEDGAR Sharpe. r.B. Evansville, Ind. 

In the employ of the Eugene Ice CJo. 2d Lieut. 5th Ind. Cav., U. S. A. 

■f-BuFORD TwYMAN. 0.6. Louisville, Ky. 

Lawyer. Private Co. E 9th Va. Cav., C. S. A., 1861; Capt. 5th Ky. Cav., C. 8. A. 


Rev. (William) Percy Browne. A. 7^'. Boston, Mass. 

Rector St. James Protestant Episcopal Church since 1872. B.D., Philadelphia Divinity 
School, 1866. 

Rev. George Galen Carter. E.Y. New York City. 

Head of the Preparatory Department, Nashotah Theo. Sem., 1868-79. Rector St. John 
Chrysostom, Delatield, Wisconsin, 1871-81. Grad. Berkeley Div. School, 1867. 

'^fRoBERT Bethell Claxton, Jr. E.H. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Banker. Enlisted in 1st N. Y. Cav., U. S. A., 1864, dis.ibled .and transferred to Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; commissioned 2d Lieut. 4th N. Y. Art. ; Bvt. 1st Lieut., in service until 1865. 
Died May 5, 1879. 

Frank Winfield Hubby. K.E'. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sec. and Treas. of the Powell Tool Co.; Treas. Jamestown and Frankliu R.R. Co., 
and General Accountant for Mercer Iron and Coal Co., 1865-6. 

jShrewsbury Darneal Hurst. 2'. 7'. Versailles, Ky. 


fjAMES Miles Marshall. A.J. Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

Capt. and A. Q. M., U. S. A. Commissioned from West Point. 

f Burton Conyers Mitchell. N.0. Richmond, Ind. 

Of Mitchell Lumber Co., Asheville, N. C. 1st Lieut. 94th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1862-3. 

fWiLLiAM Watts Taylor. II'. A. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Of Taylor Bros., Commission Merchants. 

fPLiNY (Edwin) Watson. E.IL Toledo, Ohio. 

Grocery Merchant. Private Co. G 55th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1862; Q. M. Sergt. 
Co. G 55th Ohio Inf., U. S. A., 1863; 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut., Co. G uoth Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 


fJoHN Creighton Ball. E.II. San Francisco, Cal. 

Banker. Connected with Wells Fargo Express Co. Corporal, Q. M. Sergt., 1st 
Lieut., Co. E 7l8t Ind. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5. 

Kenyon. 403 

Charles Edward Hurk, Jr. A.Y. Columbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Truetec Kenyon, 1876-83. 

t James Sager Norton. A.S. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. A.B., Yale Coll., 1865. 

George Jones Peet, LL.B. K ..V. New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1868. 

John Kimble Woodward. N.l. AV^ilkcs Barre, Pa. 

Clerk Luzerne House. 

^ George Pendleton Bowler. F'.A'. Clifton, Ohio. 

Supt. Kentucky Central R.R. Died at Paris, France, March 24, 1878. 

Nathaniel Pendleton Dandridge, M.D. EJi'. Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

fEoMUND Norton. Z' .X. Chicago, 111. 

Milling, of Norton Bros. 

Rev. Edward Bentley Church. H' A. San Mateo, Cal. 

Teacher, 1869-71 ; Head Master St. Matthew's Hall Military School for Boys since 1877 ; 
Rector of Laurel Hill Young Ladies' Sem., San Mateo, Cal., 1875-7. 

fFREDERiCK Henry Medary. Columbus, Ohio. 

Treas. Columbus and Toledo R.R. 

fEowARD William Reynolds. J. </>. Oakland, Cal. 


VuNG PiAN SuvoONG, M.D. H' JK Shanghai, China. 

M.D., Columbia Coll., 1873. 

t William Harrison Donaldson. l/.J. St. Louis, Mo. 

U. S. Internal Revenue Gauger, 1876-81. Private Co. D 1.33d Ind. Inf., U. S. A., May- 
September, 1864. 

Rev. John Gregson. //'./'. Laporte, Pa. 

District Missionary since ISSl. B.D., Episcopal Theo. School, Cambridge, M.iss., 1871. 

Henry Clay Hart, Jr. ]'. T. St. Louis, Mo. 


John McCorkle McDonald. M.I. Piqua, Ohio. 

Lawyer. First Aest. U. S. Dist. Atty., South Dist., Ohio, 1877-8; Asst. Atty. Kiin. 
Pacific R.R. Co., 1870-6. 

404 Kenyan. 

fFRANKLiN Shaw Nicholson. N.U. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Clerk, Mechanical Department Wisconsin Central R.R. Co. 

jNevil Whitesides. A.I. Mount Vernon, Ohio. 

Manufacturer of Engines and Mills. Taught in Rev. J. H. Waterman's Collegiate 
Inst., Henderson, Kj%, 1863-4; in Kenyon Grammar School, 1866; in Public Schools, 
Frankfort, Ky., 1869. 

Charles Granville Wilson, LL.B. J. I'. Toledo, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Coll., 1871. 


t Walker McCorkle Dorsey. M.F. Piqua, Ohio. 

Bank Teller. 

Albert Leicester Hayden. P.\. Chicago, III. 


fEDWARD Ross Lang, M.D. A.F- . Ottumwa, Iowa. 

M.D., Wooster Univ., Cleveland, Ohio, 1871. 

Charles Djalma Leggett. 1.(P. Faii-field, Iowa. 

Lawyer. City School Board, 1875-81 ; Trustee of Parsons Coll. and Member of its 
Executive Committee since 1876. 

Charles Webb Sadler, LL.B. Sandusky, Ohio. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1870. 

Charles Henry Wetmore. J.^'. Columbus, Ohio. 

Real Estate and Stock Broker. Sec. and Sujit. of the Local Am. Dist. Telegraph Co. 


t Arthur Frank Kelley, M.D. Z'.d). Elkhart, Ind. 

Physician and Druggist. A.B., Hobart Coll., 1870; M.D., Wooster Univ . Cleveland 
Ohio, 1872. 

Henry Johns Peet, LL.B. l\ W. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1872. Private 47th Iowa Inf., U. S. A., May-Novem- 
ber, 1864. ' 

tRev. Bernard Sciiult^. H.Z. Utica, N. Y. 

Rector St. Joseph's Memorial Church. A.B., Hobart Coll., 1870. 

Rev. Charles Tullidge Stout. 0. T. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Rector St. John's Church since 1878. ( Jrad. Davenport, Iowa, Theo. Sera. , 1873. Trustee 
Diocesan Assoc. 

Harry Eugene Wilson. T.F. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Lawyer; admitted in 1873. 

John ScOTT Wilson. Ji'.V. San Francisco, Cal. 

Banker and Broker. 

Russell Jones Wilson. 11. Z. San Francisco, Cal. 


Kenyon. 405 

Edson Black Cartmell. \.iL Lancaster, Ohio. 

Sec. Hocking Valley Maiifg. Co. 

tGuY Buttles Case, M.D. 2'.//. Cleveland, Ohio. 

Physiciau. A.B., Hobart Coll., 1871; M.D., Wooster Univ., 1873. Health Ofljcer, 
Cleveland, 1878-9. Surgeon U. S. Marine Hospital Service, Cleveland, since 1879. 

fELi PiNNEY Evans. E'.l\ Columbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer. Judge Court of Common Pleas, Franklin Co., Ohio, 1878-83. 

tRcv. William Mortimer Hughes. A. I*. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rector St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church since 187-'). Grail. Gen. Theo. Bern., 
Now York City, 1875. 

•j-Watterson Show ALTER. ./'.J. Laredo, Tex. 


IAlbert Buttles Smith. B. (-). Geneva, N. Y. 

Lumber Dealer. 


Albert Douglas, Jr., LL.B. ./.A. Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Prosecuting Atty. of Ross Co., Ohio, 1877-Sl. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1874. 

jRev. JoHX Lightner Egbert. H.N. Vineland, N. J. 

Rector Trinity Church since 1876: St. Peter's, Bainbridge, N. Y., 1876-81. Commis- 
sioner of Deeds for Kentucky, in 111., 1871-5. Grad. Gen. Theo. Sera., New York City, 1874. 

Rayiviond Holmes. O.A. Bodie, Cal. 

Notary Public. 

John DeWitt Hart McKinley. A'.K. Gambicr, Ohio. 

Prin. Harcourt Place Acad, since 1875. 

f Frederick Augustus Otte. A.(IK Shelbjville, Ind. 


Rev. John Hazen White. I.F/. Joliet, 111. 

Rector Christ Church since 1878. Teacher Latin, St. Margaret's Diocesan School, 
Waterbury, Conn., 1877-8. 


t Samuel Davis. T.X. Santa Fe, N. Mex. 

Mining at Turquoise City. 

fBiiocKW AY Kinney. K.P. Nebraska City, Neb. 

Lawyer. Police Judge,_ Nebraska City, 1876-7. 

George Franklin Southard. F'.A. Titusville, Pa. 

Oil Refiner. Sec. Acme Oil Co. since 1879. 



f William St. Clair Creightox. A.M. New York City. 

Stenographer and Lawyer. Private Sec. to Sec. Mutual Union Telegraph Co. Official 
Stenographer, Clinton Co. Courts, for three years. Teacher Phonography. 



Richard Clough Anderson Flourxoy. 
Iowa. • 

Real Estate Agent. 

Charles Modiset Ixgraham. H'.l. Kansas City, Mo. 


fDwiGHT Stone, Jr. T.S. Water Proof, La. 

Cotton Planter. 

Joseph Richard Turney. V.I. Marion, Ohio. 

Watchmaker and Jeweller. 


f Joseph Willey Miller. A'.^i. 

Commission Merchant. 

Frank Hardick Morrison, LL.B, 

Broker. LL.B., Columbia Law School, 1877. 

Robert Miller O'Ferrall, M.D. 

Resident Physician Cincinnati Hospital, 1879-80. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
A. J. Plainfiekl, N. J. 
O.I. Piqua, Ohio. 

M.D.,;!iIed. Coll. of Ohio, 1879. 

fPETER Wilson Strader, Jr. 

Manufacturer of Carriage Hardware. 

P.r. Ashtabula, Ohio. 


f Charles Winder Masox. 
Cheyenne City, Wyo. 

2d Lieut. 4th Inf., U. S. A., since 1875. 

Frank Pope Wilsox. A.F. 

Stock Broker. 

A.(P. Fort D. A. Russell, 

San Francisco, Cal. 

fCHARLES Bates Ellis. A'. A. Lincoln, Neb. 

Clerk Superintendent's Office, Burlington and Missouri River R.R. 

LoRiN Hall, M.D. P.I'. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Assist. Prof, of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Univ. of Mich. 
M.D., Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 1880. 

jJoHX Saxford ]\L\sox, Jr. 

2d Lieut. l8t Inf., U. S. A., since 1879. 

O.r. San Antonio, Tex. 

Kenyan. 407 

Henry Deane Page. A'..V. Wickliffe, Va. 

Theo. Sera., Va. 


Henry Damerel Aves. A'.E. Monroeville, Ohio. 

Theo. Student, Q.imbier, Ohio. German Prof, at Harcourt Place Acad., Gambler, Ohio. 

fMouNTFORD Samuel Wilson. N.Q. San Francisco, Cal. 

Student at Law. A.B., Yale Coll., 1879. 


I Jackson Whipps Showalter. K.M. Dover, Ky. 

Law Student, Laredo, Tex., since 1881. A.B. and B.E., Kentucky Military Inst., 1881- 

Francis Wharton Blake. l.A. Columbus, Ohio. 

Student in Medicine. 

Asahel Amos Bresee. 1.0'. Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Student Theo. Sem., Gambler, Ohio. Teacher Harcourt Place Acad., Gamhier, Ohio, 

Abner Lord Frazer, Jr. U.E'. Mt. Auburn, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 


IGeorge Mason. (KM. Catlettsburgh, Ky. 


Thomas Stokely Wood. A. A. Steubenville, Ohio. 

Student; and Aset. Librarian in Law School, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Henry Sellers Gregg. l.V. Gambier, Ohio. 


Theodore Murdock Livesay. li'.A' . Ironton, Ohio. 

Law Student at Columbus, Ohio. 

Thomas Carter Page. T.A. Wickliffe, Ya. 


John Trafford Brasee. A'.l]. Lancaster, Ohio. 
Irving Bedell Dudley,' . Milwaukee, Wis. 

4^8 Keiiyon. 

fFRANK Elmer Edavaeds. N,P. Columbus, Ohio. 


Elliott Marfield. 1.\'. Circleville, Ohio. 
Thompsox Barrette Wright. 7'. J. Circleville, Ohio. 

t William Mather Bolles. M'.M. Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Furnace Store Keeper. 

Charles Lawrence Cole, Jr. J.J. Allegheny, Pa. 
tWiLBUR Garret Conover. A. W. Piqua, Ohio. 

Treasurer of Cono%er Opera Housp. 

Joshua Herbert Douglas. J'.0. Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Edwin May Mancourt. J.FI. Terre Haute, Ind. 


1859 TO 1885. 


Previous to the year 1859 there existed in Union College a local 
association known as the Fraternal Society. It was of twenty-live 
years' standing, of good repiite, being held in especial esteem for 
the moral and intellectual worth of its members. The " Frats," re- 
alizing the beneiits to be derived from an affiliated Fraternity, and 
believing that the aims and principles of Alpha Delta Phi most nearly 
accorded with what they desired, determined to petition for a Chapter. 
One tutor and sixteen undergraduates signed the petition in the early 
part of 1859. On the 14th of June a charter, under the hand of 
Richard S. Storrs, Jr., then President of the Fraternity, was granted 
the petitioners. Soon after the Chapter was duly instituted under the 
auspices of the Manhattan Chapter, representatives from nearl}- all the 
other chapters being present. 

The first meeting was held on Juh' 15, 1859. Notwithstanding the 
high standing of the graduates of the Fraternal Society, the election of 
many graduate members was not deemed advisable, and but four 
were chosen. With the estal)lishment of the Chapter the " F. S." 
ceased to exist. 

The thirty-first Annual Convention of the Fraternity was held in 
Schenectady, and the forty-second in the Senate Chamber at Albany. 
N. Y., both under tlu; auspices of this Chapter. 

The membership of the Chapter has averaged five in a class, 
the aim being rather to secure the best men than large numbers. The 
active meml)ership now averages four in a class. At first Ww Cluqiter 
retained the old rooms of the ''Frats," but in a few vears obtained 

4IO Union. 

the pleasant rooms the}- now oceiip}-. We have no Chapter house, 
because at present we do not need one. As soon as the time for 
building comes, however, we are sure that our efforts will be heartil}' 
seconded b}' our alumni. 

We have always kept up the Annual Reunions, and they have 
been a source of great pleasure and profit to the Chapter. During the 
twenty-two years of its existence the career of the Chapter has been 
u prosperous one. 

A partial list of the honors taken by the Chapter is appended : — 

Valedictory. — S. C. Beach, '63 ; George Alexander, '66. 

Prize Scholar. — C. H. Peck, '59; J. D. S. Cook, '59; C. E. Sprague, '60; B. 
F. Wright, '62; A. P. Strong, '64; D. C. Robinson, '65; George Alexander, '66; 
W. P. McLaury, '69 ; A. Smith, '70 ; W. J. Kline, '72 ; A. W. Archibald, '72 ; E. 
L. Mapes, '73. 

Blatchford. — 1st, C. G. Clark, '63 ; 1st, F. H. Smith, '65 ; 2d, A. H. McFarland, 
'68; 1st, A. A. Archibald, '72; 2d, E. L. Mapes, '73; 1st, C. B. King, '75; 1st, F. 
J. Bassett, '77. 

Junior Oratorical Prize. — 1st, W. B. Lyons, '65; 1st, C. E. Hollenback, '71; 
1st, B. I. Stanton, '73 ; 2d, W. B. Roper, '79. 

Ingham. — George Alexander, '66 ; F. J. Bassett, '77 ; R. Johnston, '77. 

Clark Prize. — Ut, W. P. Riidd, '73; 1st, F. J. Bassett, '77; 2d, W. P. 
Adams, '79. 

Sojjhomore Oratorical Prize. — 1st, A. H. McFarland, '68 ; 2d, H. A. AYaldron, 
'74 ; 2d, C. B. King, '75 ; 1st, A. V. V. Raj-mond, '75 ; 1st, F. J. Bassett, '77 ; 1st, 
J. D. Craig, '80 ; 2d, W. P. Williams, '81 ; 1st, G. "V. P. Lansing, '83. 

Warner Cup. — A. A. Archibald, '72 ; F. J. Bassett, '77. 

Allen Prize. — 2d, W. P. Adams, '79; 1st, E. L. Hutchinson, '79; 3d, W. F. 
Watkins, Jr., '81. 

Centennial Prize. — R. Johnston, '77. 


Charter Members. 

Elbridge Gerry Root Adams. J. V. 

Charles Edward Baldwin. li'.:\. 

John Baldwin. //.//• 

Joseph Bell. //. /• 

Samuel Adams Bowen. J.V. 

George William Brooks. /'. 7'. 

John Henry Dennis. A'. I. 

John A DeRemer. II. A. K. 

John Lindsay Hill. F.K. 

Wilson Marcy Powell. N.Z. 

Charles Horton Peck. E.W. 

Peter Van Schaack Pruyn. K.(I>. 

CoLTON Joseph Reed. A'.S. 

Everett Reuben Saavyer. A'. V. 

Charles Henry Sears. A.S. 

Henry Louis Smith. N.P. 

James Pattison Viele. V.A. 

George Adlington Brandreth. E.Z. Sing Sing, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Supervisor Westchester Co.', 1855-7. Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1864-6. 
Pres. Porous Plaster Co., Bing Slug. 

William Root Adams. M.\. Lowvillc, N. Y. 

Prin. Lowvillc Acad. 

Lewis Collins. F'.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Teacher in Brooklyn since 1877. Instructor Fergusonville Acad., "SS^^: J°%^'"/ 
Acad., 1854-5 ; Troy Conference Acad., 1855 ; Prin., 1856-7 ; Private School, Albany, 18o8-77. 

412 Union. 

John A DeRemer. E.A.K. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Lawyer ; and Postmaster of Schenectady. Tutor and Adjunct Prof. Mathematics, Union, 
18-58-66. Trustee Union Coll., 1871. Supervisor 10th Census. 

Rev. Alexander McAllister Thorburn. H'.F. Spencer- 
port, N. Y. 

Pastor Presbyterian Church since 186.5 ; Malta, N. Y., 1860-4. Grad. Princeton Theo. 
Sera., 1859. Chaplain 9l8t N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1863-4. 


Charles Edward Baldwin, LL.B. B .A. Great Bend, 

Retired. Lawyer. Town Clerk, Derhv, Conn., 1868; Justice of the Peace, Great 
Bend, 1877-82; Burgess, Great Bend Borough, 1880. Author (with Rev. A. J. Parker) of 
Revised Edition Reeve's Domestic Relations, 1862. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1859. 

^«'^ John Baldavin. B.U. New York City. 

Lawyer. Died October 29, 1872. 

George William Brooks. F. T. Cooperstown, N. Y. 


John Darwin Shepard Cook. J.X. Kansas City, Mo. 


Charles Horton Peck. E. ¥. Albany, N. Y. 

Botanist, in chai-ge of State Hei-barium since 1867. Teacher Sandlake Collegiate Inst., 
1859-62; Private School, Albany, 1862-7. Author of contributions to the Regents' Annual 
Reports on the N. Y. State Cabinet and State Museum of Natural History, 1865-80; article 
on Fungi, Hayden's Sixth Rdport, 1873 ; Flora of Colorado, Porter and Coulter, Washing- 
ton, 1874 ; Plants of the Summit of Mt. Marcy, Seventh Report Adirondack Survey, 1879. 
Contributor to the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, New York; Crawfordsville, Ind., 
Botanical Gazette; Transactions of the Albany Inst. Corresponding Member Buffalo Soc. 
Natural Science; Syracuse Botanical Club; Albany Nature Club. 

Wilson Marcy Powell. N.Z. Ncay York City. 


^^ Charles Henry Sears. A. 6. INIechanicsville, N. Y. 

Died September 14, 1860. 


Joseph Bell. TJ.A. New York City. 

Chief Justice of N. Mex., 1882-5. Asst. U. S. Dist. Atty. for Southern Dist. of N. Y., 
1863-9; Asst. Dist. Atty. New York City and County, 1875-82. 

Samuel Adams Bowen. A.X. Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Judge Otsego Co. since 1878; Dist. Atty., 1872-8; County Judge since 1878. 

Peter Van Schaack Pruyn, M.D. A'. 0. Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Director National Union Bank since 1877. Pres. Board of Trustees, Kinderhook Acad., 
since 1879. M.D., Columbia Coll., 1863. Member N. Y. State Med. Soc. 

Union. 413 

CoLTON Joseph Reed. .\'J-). I'lunk Roiul, N. Y. 

Fanner. Was in Federal Army. 

Rev. Francis Fenelon Rice. A'.N. Havana, N. Y. 

Rector of St. Paul's since 1881 ; at Waverly, N. J., 1863-5 ; Mott Haven, 180.5-70 ; Addi- 
son, 1871-81. Grad. Geu. Theo. Sem., 1863. 

Rev. Everett Reuben Sa^\^eh. A'. V. Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

Pastor, Baptist, since 1870. Ordained, ISta. 

Henry Louis Smith. N. P. New York City. 

Lawyer. Member Am. Assoc, for the Advancement of Science; Life Member Long 
Island Hist. Soe. Capt. 5th N. Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1862-3. 

Charles Ezra Sprague. A', 2'. New York City. 

See. Union Dime Savings Institution. Commandant Yonkers Military Inst., 1864-6; 
Peekskill Mililarj' Acad., 1867-8; Poughkeepsie Military Inst., 1866-7 and 1868-70. Editor 
of The Bookkeeper. Author of The Algebra of Accounts, 1880; Logical Symbolism, 
1881. Private 44th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-4 ; Bvt. Col. N. Y. Vols. 

Elbridge Gerry Root Adams. J. '/'. Lee Centre, N. Y. 

Prin. Union School. 

John Lindsay Hill. F.K. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. Dist. Atty., Schenectady Co., N". Y., 1866-9. Supt. Water- 
ford, N. Y., Public Schools, 1861-2. 

Ira Cole Terry. J../. St. Louis, Mo. 


Rev. James Pattison Viele. }'../. Sand Lake, N. Y. . 

Pre.sbyterian Clergyman since 1876. Preached, Presbyterian, Caldwell, N. Y., 1865-6; 
Pillstown, 1867-9; Reformed, Schagticoke, 1869-72; Middle Granville, 1872-3. Grad. 
Princeton Theo. Sem., 1864. 

Timothy Erastus Wilcox, M.D. F.U. Boise City, 

Capt. and Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., appointed, 1867; resigned, 1868; reappointed, 1874. 
Author of occasional notes and papers in medical and other journals. Cor. Member Tonx-y 
Botanical Club. Asst. Surgeon 6th N. Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1864-6. 


James Loave Botiiwell. V J. Albany, N. Y. 

Prin. Public School, No. 14. 

-fJoiiN Henry Dennis. V .1. Waterfbrd, N. Y. 

Lawyer and Insurance Agent. Died September 11, 1872. 

Samuel Burnett Howe. 1..\. Schenectady, N. Y, 

Supt. Schools since 1879. 

Oliver Penoyar Steves. //.//. Trenton, N. ,1. 

Supt. State Model School since 1879. Prof. Ancient Languages, Fort Kdward InBt., 
1862-5; Vice Pres. Fort Plain Sem., 1866-7; Prin. Gale School, Troy.N. Y., 1867-71; Supt. 
Cohoes Schools, 1871-9. Contributor to local papers. 

414 Unio7i. 

Benjamin Franklin Wright. E.X. St Paul, Minn. 

Supt. Public Schools. 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut, and Capt. 146th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1862-5 ; 
Bvt. Maj., 1865. 


f William Penn Bard, LL.B. I.F. Reading, Pa. 


Rev. Seth Curtis Beach. IjP. Dedham, Mass. 

Pastor, Unitarian, since 1875; Augusta, Me., 1867-8; Xewton, Mass., 1873-5. B.D., 
Harvard Univ., 1866. 

*'**fHENPtY Nehemiah Beckwith. K.P. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Died December 2, 1863. 

Charles Gould Clark, M.D. B'.I. Troy, N. Y. 

M.D., Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 1866. Prin. Waterford Public Schools, 1861-5. 
School Commissioner, Troy, N. Y., 1872-8. Alderman, 1880. Initiated at Rochester. 

Charles Locke Easton. E.S. Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer mill, since 1867; admitted, Syracuse, N. T., 1865. Member 111. Assembly, 


fGEORGE Simmons Stevens. P. 11. Catskill, N. Y. 

Editor Catskill Recorder. Member N. Y. State Assembly, 1879. 

Rev. David Newlands Vanderveer. A.X. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Pastor, Reformed, since 1878; Kingston, N. Y., 1867-76; Union Park, Congiegational, 
Chicago, 111., 1876-8. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1866. 


*^*'^ I Charles George Albert Dreyer. H.S. Hoboken, N. J. 
*^«'«tHENRY Clay Sanborn. P.J. Plattsbnrgh, N. Y. 

Asst. Postmaster. Died June 16, 1878. 

*i*'^f William Henry Sanborn, M.D. A.X. Morristown, N. Y. 

Physician. Died April 22, 1874. 

Alonzo Paige Strong, LL.B. fJ.I. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Harvard Univ., 1866. 


fRoBERT Jones Gregg, M.D. I.J. San Diego, Cal. 

M.D., Jeflferson Med. Coll., 1868. 

■ f William Barr Lynn. /. 6. Canollton, 111. 

Lawyer. Clerk, Collector's Office, Xew York, 1870; Clerk 111. House of Representa- 
tives, 1880-1. 

David Codwise Robinson. J.I. Elmira, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Private Sec. to Governor of N. Y., 1877-9. Trustee Union Coll. siuce 1879. 

Lewis Henry Rockwell. I.I. Albany, N. Y. 

Prin. Grammar School No. 2. Tutor Mathematics, Union Coll., 1868-70. 

*^*^''f Edwin Russell. I.B. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died September 9, 1870. 

Union. 415 

Warren Grover Sayer. \.Z. Wubiu^h, lud. 

Lawyer. Mayor, City of Wabash, 1868-76. Ind. State Senator, 1880-4. 

Freling H Smith. P.N, New York City. 



Rev. George Alexander. O.A. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Prof. Logic and Rhetoric, Union Coll., since 1877. Pastor East Avenue I'resbyterian 
Church since 1870. Grad. Princeton Theo. Sem., 1870. 

*^^ John Alexander. N.1..\. Johnstown, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Died September 29, 186S. 

f Matthew Bender. 7'.^'. Albany, N. Y. 

Not in active business. 

Augustus Elisha Curtis. Y.M. Adrian, Mich. 

Prin. High School since 1879; Saginaw, Mich., High School, six years. 

George Hammeken Kearny. A'. 77. Annapolis, Md. 

Instructor U. S. Naval Acad., 1872-3. and since 1878. Entered U. S. N., 1866; com- 
missioned from U. S. Naval Acad, as 3d Asst. Engineer, 1868; id Asst. Engineer, 1869 ; 
Passed Asst. Engineer, 1876. 

Henry Coombs Littlefield, LL.B. E.0. Albany, N. Y. 

Iron Founder. A.B., Union Coll., 1867; LL.B., Albany Law School, 1867. 

Daniel Lewis Smith. A, A. Mechanicsville, N. Y. 

^Lanufacturer. Retired from business on account of ill health. 

*i^t William Crosby Stevens. A. A. Poun;hkeep8ifj, N. Y. 

Died December 6, 1865. 

fBARNET Wager. N.P. Hot Springs, Ark. 

1st Lieut. 'Jd Art., U. S. A. ; commissioned from West Point, 1867. 

Joseph Alsop Lockwood. 0. T. Yonkers, X. Y. 

Civil Engineer. C.E., Union, 1867. 

Rev. Alfonso Rosolphe Olney. N.A. Ballston Spa, 
N. Y. 

I'astor Presbyterian Church since 1881. Grad. Union Theo. Sera., 1869. 

fJoHN Davis Parsons, Jr. 1.6. Albany, N. Y. 

Law Book Publisher. 

f Frederick Whittlesey Seward, M.D. A.(I>. Silent, 

M.D., Univ. of Vermont, 1866. 

Rev. Horace Coffin Stanton. E.X. Albany, N. Y. 

Pastor Clinton Square Presbyterian Church. B.D., Princeton, 1873. 

4i6 Union. 

Henry A Harmon, I!.!'.. I. Detroit, Mich. 


Eugene Kincard Herrick. E.B. Chicago, 111. 

Live Stock Commission Trade, Union Stocli Yards. 

William Valentine KiRKE, M.D. .i.0. Niverville, N. Y. 

M.D., Homceopathic Coll., New York, 1867; Medical Coll., Burlington, Vt., 1S67. 
Member Am. Inst, of Homceopathy. Died April 16, 1870. 

Arthur Howl AND McFarland. 3f.P. Brooklyn, N, Y. 
Theodore Eobert Shear, LL.B. E. L New York City. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1870. 


Wesley Samuel Birch. E.fT. Chicago, 111. 


fJoHN Henry Clapp. S.F. Portchcster, N. Y. 


Louis Henry Knapp. K.P. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chief Engineer St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada, and Suspension Bridge Water Works ; 
Buffalo Water Works, 187^7; Deputy City Engineer, Buffiilo, 1880-1. Member Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers. CET., Union, 1869. 

William Platt McLaury, M.D. A.l'. Catskill, N. Y. 

Health Officer, Calskill. Prin. Catskill Free Acad., 1869-73. M.D., N. Y. Coll. of 
Phys. and Surg., 1875. Private 144th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1864-5. 

Theodore John Oxenbridge Thacher. J.Z. Hornells- 
ville, N. Y. 

Farmer, Dealer in Lumber and Manufacturer of Brick. 


t Albert Lester Gibbs. /LE. Bath, N. Y. 

Hardware Merchant. 

*i87r William Fisher Gray. P.B. Albany, N. Y. 

Died July 10, 1871. 

James Betts Lock WOOD. 1/. V. White Plains, N. Y. 

Lawyer, New York City. 

William Edwin Mapes. A./L Goshen, N. Y. 

County Treas. since 1879. County Clerk, 1871-7. C.apt. and Bvt. Major l'J4th N. Y. 
Inf., U.S. A., 1862-4. 

Friend Fernando Merriman. /!. )'. Pittstown, N. Y. 

U?iio?i. 417 

Charles Ni: WELL Matson. I'.iL Cliicago, 111. 

Lawyer. Tolice Justice, Owego, N. Y., 1874-6. 

Albert Smith, li. ¥. Troy, N. Y. 




Clerk to Judges of the Court of Appeals. 

Charles Edward HoLLENBACK. AJK Owego, N. Y. 


William Wallax Jenks. ./'.J. Ngav York City. 


Gabriel W Wisner. li.f). Syracuse, N. Y. 



Eev. Andrew Webster Archibald. AJ-). Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Congregational Clergyman. Prof. Languages .lud Natural Science, Pulaski, N. Y., 
Acad., 1872-3. Grad. Yale Theo. Sera., 1876. 

William Jay I^ine. A.I'. Amsterdam, X. Y. 

Editor and Publisher Amsterdam Daily Democrat. Postmaster, Amsterdam, 1876-81. 

George Clinton Rider. O.K. Pekin, 111. 

Lawyer. City Alty. since 1874. 

John jNIelvin Thomas. II. T. Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Manufacturer of Knit Goods. 

fDANiEL Burton Wood. N.Z. Allentowu, Pa. 

Rev. Newton Dexter. F'.J. Albany, N. Y. 

Protestant Episcopal Clergyman. Grad. Yale Theo. Sem., 18S1. 

Austin Ward Dunham. I.<I>. Burlington, Vt. 

Lumber Merchant. 

Henry Oscar Hill. I'/. I. East Dempster, N. H. 

Priu. Marlow, N. 11., Acad. 

Rev. Eugene Luzette Mapes. E.J. New York City. 

Pastor, Presbyterian, since 1881. Prin. School N. Y. Juvenile Asylum, 1876-9. Grad. 
Union Theo. Sem., 1876. 

AViLLiAM Platt Rudd, LL.B. Z'.V. Albany, N. Y. 

Lawyer. LL.B., Albany Law Scliool, 187.i. Member Albany Inst. 

Benjamin Irving Stanton, LD.B. li.iL Albany, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Prin. Union Classical lust., Schenectady, N. Y., 1874-5. LL.P., Harvard 
Univ., 1881. 

4i8 Union. 

Tracy Chatfield Becker, LL.B. E.A'. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Second Asst. Dist. Atty., Erie Co., since 1881. Prof. Med. Jurisprudence, • 
Coll. of 'Physicians and Surgeons, Buffalo, since 1879. Author of several articles on 
medico-legal" suhjects in Buffalo, N. T., Phywiansi' and Surgeons' Investigator. Member 
Am. Social Science Assoc; Executive Com. of N. Y. State Bar Assoc. LL.B., Albany 
Law School, 1876. 

fljRi BuET. r. 6. LondonviUe, N. Y. 

Maltster, Albany, N. Y. 

Milton Whites^g Stickxey. B. Y. Albany, N. Y. 

Coffee and Spice Manufacturer. 

fANSOX Paesoxs Thomas. I'.K. Stamford, N. Y. 

Not in active business. 

Henry Adams Waldrox, M.D. J. 6. New York City. 

M.D., Albany Med. Coll., 1877. 


f Samuel Albert Clarke. A.^. Colioes, N. Y.